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7-if V YUQQ Y .... Q, , 'wgk i' I k f 1 2 '54 n4""' -"iw A if-, s-will H: 5 uk GWR was Conv ws C Lisfen, America! Tha+'s my boy, Johnny fhe One, my pride and joy. Ah, how my hear+ leaps up +o +he sky When Johnny, my son, comes marching by. Johnny's a whisper, Johnny's a spark, Johnny's a beacon piercing +he dark. Johnny's a hundred and +hir+y-'I'wo million, Bu'l' Johnny's +he firsi' and +he lasi' of my children N x up.--.,-... ,ZF ' -P- C, ...,,,.. V ii' f -vain ' x T l"l?ml7'-53.5 S xovs Annual Pu blica+ion of Norfh Texas S+a+e Teachers College Denfon, Texas ""'?ii--- ' Xi- X xx -0-wav ' ,'.,'a.,. ' r' -,.-.-fg . ,Jay - W -fr' -t:w,,,,1,,-- fe .-2 - r wt. f , Q Johnny camelmqrfhing. over The hill, Down 'From +he wafer gaps, up from +he mill, Oul' of fhe 'loresl and over +he ranges, Johnny wasucoming 'lo malce a few changes. w www . H 'Fw . We fe Q 1, F Q, , , es. we JE ,Q GTREWORD NineTeen hundred and TorTy-Three will go down in The pages of hisTory as a year when America was aT war-noT only miliTary America, buT civilian America as well. lT will be re- membered as a year whose beginning saw Americans com- ing Trom every wallc oT liTe--"over The hill, down Trom The waTer gaps, up from The mill, ouT oT The ToresT, and over The ranges"-To join The march To lceep America Tree. As sTu- denTs of NorTh Texas STaTe Teachers College you, Too, have joined This march, and iT is your parT in iT ThaT we have Tried To recapTure Tor you here in The pages oT The l943 Yucca- your war Yucca. T To geT This yearbook ready To place in your hands was noT an easy Task, Tor The war eTTorT has noT Tailed To Talce iTs Toll oT prinTers, phoTographers, sTaTT members, and maTerials involved in The publicaTion oT The boolc. We hope, however, ThaT iT will become one oT your mosT cherished possessions, because iT may conTain The only available record oT ThaT porTion oT your liTe spenT wiTh many Triends you will never see again. IT is ThereTore wiTh The purpose oT preserving The memory oT NorTh Texas STaTe Teachers College during war years ThaT we place in your hands This, The I94-3 Yucca. Keep iT: enjoy iT, value iT-iT may be The lasT Tor The duraTion! ff! J!"" Xa J f ....,.,,NX if -sm. ' .av . fri EDlcATloN Throughoul Jrhe I943 Yucca are reprinled lines from "The Sa a of Johnny lhe One " 'rh Q , e slory of a young kid, laughing and sl'rong, like your lorolher or boy friend or former schoolmale, who is coura- geously, unsellishly fighling for America and for you. Since The fale of America depends on lhem and Their abililry 'ro lceep alive lhis "never-say-die" spiril, we dedicale lhe I943 Yucca lo all Jrhe "Johnny lhe Ones" who once were sludenls al Norlh Texas Slafe Teachers College. for- "Johnny, my son, is Johnny Jrhe One Wh 'll ' o wi win lhe lighl as il should be won, Bul Johnny, my son is Johnny Jrhe On I el Who won'+ march home lill lhe job is done." ' Q Y- J, , ,a -AW W ...1 -2'-f'i",'V ., .- f 1 is " 'R , GNTENTS Aclminis1'ra'l'ion 0 Classes 0 Personali+ies Q 'Y' Afhlefics 0 Aclivifies 0 Organizaiions 0 C The cry of lhe eagle ringing clear ls +he only bugle 'I'ha+ Johnny can hear, Calling +he wa'I'chword, ligh+ing 1'he lamps In millions of ships and planes and camps. ui 'WE f Bred Bred Bred Bred 'rr er of her rivers and lakes and seas, of her flowers and shrubs and +rees, of her earfh and grass and rocks, of her valleys and mounfainfops. V fc ,r, 11 Cooperajring wirn Hwe Slrarf . Teachers College Press . Kingskraff Covers Kingsport Tenn. Soufnwesrern Engraving Forr Worrlw, Texas 0 Shaw Srudio 0 Cluck Srudio 1 I . gangs: Na+- s , as Q s V " -Q ,' 1 Q' .13 if ' A , . V ' ' 1 " - 'rf-Q Q- + ' , , ,. V if -. ' , , 'sf fl. ' . ! VI 3 , 'V , M , 'fn " 5 -772 377' V ,QV Q, , V , . 4 - V- : Q 1 V A K V' A ,. xi rg? 1 - V 1 3,1-1 2 nV V - ' A , AV.- I . ., v QV,-w., V '. . Kuff? 4 , , . .tl I 5 , . . at , X ,ffl ffm w, V Y, 3 ' " 'K A V fry? ... . ,, 'W y 'I ' , . Ni' If lf. M' . , , X , V . - ,.,. V VV H ,M 1: ,J . ' -, 5' . ' af-Q, 4 ,-ff ,Q ' V fu ,fi .71 4' , . I , -A 'x Qe:E'i07'Qf 1 . V 'H ' iw 3 ' bg-. 2 Vi , 'Vg V , , ,. ks Q: z 'Qt 1? f . iv sf , -Q' , 1-X , A V 'FI xv, x, 354, gg-4, rf., ' "' " V V , V . vfixzplv ' N: . V V, ,ai . Vtiwgkh, ' 5, fi 5 g 5 A 1 V , uf- A LV ,Fm 'J . ., " mf .3 ' , ' 1' 3 " ml J,,,V' ,7',,.' N 3-'K " N' , V Vx, gs. . V-rl I V V up ' 44 1 , A g H , Y-L, g -K F' 5 'i X , ' ' 'W 2 ' aff? ' - 'TV x 'm . V? ,, V V ,QV 3 ...Q w ,. . .15 - ' Y W 1"-f .- 7 'A -'ifyh K Rixl 1 ' . - ' V. . , 9 -JJ" .' V ff' , -My 12 . 51 ' . , g .. jV " , -Wy 2' , A ' .5 V ' ',f'5"' ?' 'Q nw V7,A'J ll ' ' :ST . A 1' f Y' I g-1 SV 'N - Q. . ' , X., .Qg:q,f'f'1 ,L Lf ' f M ,V .z . . sw, . ,. Q M '9Q5gy,i,'1gf?1y if -4, 4, ,e'1fg,f3, V -V 4 ,A 1 I 1 x V, ,V .-- V , fl V Q7 V, .. . is . V , 1, M1 ' 5 R Q' -wi 9' 'fix in 'l ,' -2' 'ex-1 ' ' 3i"3'fziL.z. -H M , 1-A . I H ' VA' , . KV 4V . A Ex HV- V.. V41 , V, 29 5 5 isp gq,VVV ' fb '.,. Vi!-25 V ef . V 343211, VV, V,f1f', V if, . . YQQQQ3. fx V Qixgff 15 4,39 1 is ' gf! iff . 1 :Y 'lg nf' af? A, f' ,E xi ' , P22 'L 3 Q ,-'V Q. V, A ' -Q ' ' V f 45,7 YES' N34 463-X A + K . 5- , '-1, ,S , - irq, , ,-Vit, 1 5, fy Q3 Q, . ,M , nf, fi 1.1. .' Kari, ' - V '- . V ":ag3,VzQ, wf i xw 5,4 1 ,f-fu f' 45-,fe M , . V V , A . YN 4 , - V , ,VVS VL, , V V V- I l ' V . ,cd 1 5 R Egg, QV! .4 .V 6 ff Rf A, ,, V, " 3 .egg A Wy., ,fa F ' V V , M fi v- ' f ng . ?Qf - x ' 1 T'-' '-' ' LP fi ysghag 43 f f a X ' 'V T3 ' ' .iff if -254i PM if ,, -f ' 'V - -3 1' 1 E ,ig F Vg V:x M 'W ,Q Q, .1 f '13 5 ,.s5W-YWJIQ. 'vi?ffg,wmo,,,,fE.B . 'f' il A ' - V 31 5 'R ' 'A' ' 91 "LA,'N3' Y' if 2. ' "' .L . A Tie i X f 1 T5 'Jig f gvf w ' '- k l Q , 5 5' ,a 5 ' ,Lv " A 1 . - , A Q 1 ' 7' . - . IZ- ' A M Q 'ig t T . 'V 3 V jf ' ni 5 M' - if ' " - I W? L X , V 5. 4 QV' " 4' wx- " A -- 1 .1 ,. .3 ' Vwgay 'K v " ' A'-: W." ' . , vw- . ,V - . -f I , -' , ' 5 ,:, -1 H 4, J' 1 ' A 'i '. 522-'tg ' al A , " Q Qs . 5 . , i Av ws-. W A" M L' - f-.41-ex , .. , Va-W1-,. I ,-fa. . My I W ,V Vgw, K N, . .X . VV, ,V Zi . , 75? V - ., 5, 1 '11 , . A , ., ,J A V V V ,.,VV,, ,fi 1 Ms' . mit! kgs Q, V , g 'Si kk . , . " 5 .gif if I .. N . xi ' , an-P 'I . V, v XQVN " V . L1 ,W .W I-V A5QVVV,,,,,,, :Myer .-,N W,AQfgrV:Q'f, ' 7 V, ' f . Q" 'I H. W 5 wgfsf , W. 1 K- '. M, ""?M J mix II-H' -1 Wx " Q VM, . V V N JV V. ' f -. A .Q 1 f ' K ' ' ' ,. 'M ' vikfiuv 1' k Irv, ,VL ' i l gl:a.L4,,Q A. ff,,.,..ze:g-H,- f V, , V 5 5 33:2--3 Above, Marquis Hall, oldesl of fhe girls' resi- dence halls, is lhe cenler of formal ac+ivil'ies on fhe campus. Few privale homes can compele wilh lhe beauly of fhe modern furnishings of Marquis Hall living room, rlghf. .114 ':" eg aa, fi? it .1172 , W., T! L ,::, V Dances, bolh formal and informal, epilomlze memories of l'l'1e Greal' Hall of Terrill Hall, piclurecl right A side view of Terrill Hall, below. reveals +l1e picluresque qualify of Hs beauly. 4,0 'S ,q 8 7 wgglw, I ,K ,, 5 ' I l.,, L , My' .. 'f- M l 2' .eil 2 me L 221 f--F1245 Mia' ' ff' A fig. l""' "H 49.44. 'NV 3, 3,4 . W The Home-like appearance of Oak Sires-f Half, above. reffecis fhe homey spirit which pervades fhere. The living room, righf, is Hue scene of many informai gafherings. Musicians spend The maiorify of every fwenfyyfour Hours in eifher fhe Music HAH, opposife page above, or Orchels- 'rra Hall, bfflow. F f .. 15.1 vw. X., W N. A 1 mg YQ ,L -f mfws-b wa, Vi 5 N im wiv Q? Jw Lx 'M' ka lx M b .. ' x wi 1m,, ' 1 5 U4 -.g m ' + Y , 2 1 '15, 4: ff ff ,f Q . Q-N ' x . M, A V Y N' - I f Y 'vw M. L. 10 , 'f ' 3? ' Q 1 ' Y ff - W. K af: mime K ffl I Q Q. Lg '-M ,. YQ , I wi wi, Km MQ. yW"xQ K A Ls QM . Hr ,vi N, . f Hn zjfsgi 'K E 3 o f v my H rg ., , N if Q, .. fm 6 Wx 1 . v. - "4 , figfgifuf , L A NW W . .Tj 5 "',40'?:'2f 'if - f APM L, "Wi ,Zinn 'E' k i ' 7 -1 iiil :- - 4 P . 'Q f. 55" J ' - J Q? f A Y.-iii.: 1 I f fg 'f A""'?' .2 I Eb , ig! ' igggfizf , . ..nw 5 S ll ing ,W-+'ii1"" :t ' :A L-' VF ' , N5.e'ffl Yi ,sc The mosf Us befw crowded Spay, on , nbook leafn' . + kheir . EconomiCS malors PuMana9er0enl House enior rlorgaetice at The Home In 9 Typical of fhe sacrifices macle by +he college loward +he war efforl is +he old Science Hall, cen+er, which mus+ suffice for 'lhe cluraiion, when plans for a new building, now on paper, can be pu+ in+o s'rone. lnsel' leH', one of fhe olclesl' buildings on +he campus, +he Hisforical Build- ing is fhe home of +he Museum and Texfboolc Library. een classes is 1. 1'l1e C he Posf am- Office wwf' 4r""'Wk H5 5335 5 . ,gk ,gg ,M . X7 ,ff W. G, h Q Ai? ' Qs if JY Fr, wa- .1 4'-4 A k I . ft nys mpus N ovlard We ca ' We Ubrarxl 'c bu'xXdKnq on YK semesker xs Buskes cl of eac We en BuKXdXnq, above. Fronl row: J. E. Hill, James G. Ulmer, lvlrs. Sallie Ward Berella, J. E. Josey, V. A. Collins Baclc row: H. fx. Turner lsecrelary lo boardl, R, T. Craig, W. B. Bales, R. l.. Tlnomas, Melvin C. Eiclson Bocurcl of Regents Jolwn E. l-lill, presidenl, ., . .. R. L. Tlwomas, vice-presidenl . . James G. Ulmer, .. Sallie Ward Berella , V. A. Collins W. B. Bales, R. T. Craig. Melvin C. Eidson, . J. E. Josey ..,. . .... , l-l. A. Turner, secrelary lo llwe board .. Amarillo , . Dallas Tyler San Anlonio Livingslon . l-lousron Alliens . . , Luling l-louslon Auslin JOHN E. HILL fr. az g,.'WLcf1mmlL, 41 ' Once more The YUCCA, wiTh iTs noTeworThy record as a superior college annual, makes iTs appearance on The campus To presenT in word, picTure and color The paTTern oT college liTe Tor The currenT session. Once more The EdiTor-in-ChieT and oTher mem- bers oT The ediTorial sTaTT view The producT oT Their handiwork, which is The resulT oT monThs oT planning and execuTion, in The lighT oT iTs recepTion by Their Tellow sTudenTs. The Session I942-43 has been marked by a succession oT educaTional seTbacks, as was The session which preceded iT. lT is The hope oT all, even Though iT may noT be The expecTaTion oT all, ThaT ere anoTher session has drawn To a close, war clouds will have given way To clear skies and ThaT sober ThoughT will have begun To lay The Toun- daTion Tor inTernaTional relaTions which will noT again be broken by armed conTlicT oT world proporTions. l congraTulaTe The sTudenT body and The TaculTy upon The way each has carried on in The Tace oT disrupTing Torces oT boTh an emoTional and a physical naTure. Of The anxieTies you have individually experienced, l have noT Tor a day been unmindTul, and Tor your spiriT oT cooperaTion l have aT all Times been proToundly graTeTul. The adminisTraTion has been guided by Two obiecTives during These Trying days: one, To conTribuTe To The maximum Trom The resources oT The College To The end ThaT This world conTlicT may be broughT To a speedy and proper TerminaTion7 The oTher, To preserve To The TullesT possible degree The power oT The College To respond wiTh vigor To The demands which will righTTully be made upon iT when This conTlicT has ended. WheTher you are a member oT The TaculTy or oT The sTudenT body, and wheTher iT may Tall To your loT To serve your counTry as a civilian or as one oT Those in The armed Torces, I TrusT ThaT, when peace shall have been resTored, each oT you may be able To say ThaT you have made a deTiniTe and measurable conTribuTion Tor The good oT all. Sincerely, W. J. lv1cCONNEl.l., PresidenT The President Poses in His Office Dixie Boyd T Ememus P T . Bruce UW- ' ADMINISTRATW Dr. W. l-l. Bruce, presidenT oT NorTh Texas Trom l906 To l923, s+ill waTches The progress oT The insTiTuTion he used To direcT. AlThough he is noT as physically acTive now as Tormerly, he is s+iII a Tamiliar, well-loved Tigure on The campus. "Making ends meeT" is The giganTic Task oT Dixie Boyd, business manager oT The college. Since This iob depends on paTience and eTTiciency, The college has no worries wiTh lvlr. Boyd aT The wheel. Keeping expenses aT a minimum is a Thankless responsibiliTy, buT he handles The iob wiThouT criTicism. A good impression oT The college is assured all prospecTive sTudenTs ThaT come in conTacT wi+h The regisTrar, Alex Dickie. For The second year he also holds The TiTle oT DirecTor oT The Teachers' College uniT oT The Women's DeTense Corps. Because oT his Triendly personaliTy, Dr. Dickie is one oT The mosT popular oT The "higher ups." Dean B. B. l-larris holds Two imporTanT TiTles aT lNlorTh Texas STaTe, Dean oT The College and DirecTor oT The DeparTmenT oT Biology. l-lis special educaTional inTeresTs lie in The conservaTion and use oT our naTural resources Tor The general social welTare. l-lunTing and Tishing, his hobbies, consume a large porTion oT his leisure hours. Theron J. l:ouTs, Dean oT Men aT NorTh Texas, has wide and varied duTies, as he is also DirecTor oT l-lealTh and Physical EducaTion. ln These posiTions he becomes associaTed wiTh mosT oT The men oT The college, all oT whom agree ThaT he is a "lVlan's Man." Perhaps no oTher one woman has as much inTluence upon a girl's college career as does The Dean oT Women. AT NorTh Texas This responsibiliTy is ably Tilled by Miss EdiTh L. Clark. A naTionally known educaTional Tigure and The "l:irsT Lady" oT The campus Tor years, lvliss Clark has become an invaluable inTluence in The social, inTellecTual, and religious liTe oT our college. Business Manager will Regisfrar Alex Dickie DFFICERS Dean offhe Colle B. B, Harris ge Dean of Women Dean of Men Edi+h L. Clark Theron J. Foufs gifting or Teacher TI an GMU, Difector thews. lflmgel n on We 5 C Met . Ortant me aghefi Dr. ' ' tr imp X t9 is the mos s ot Sluden haS Won pus. Us .m ,klne ext? .mq reachers in Calnnpb'ility at illafron. Hls 5 -de him 'Vt Director of Plocement Filling orders that may come in in the form of calls for teachers, selecting teachers in the light of their qualifications and the prob- lems and conditions of the field, and rec- ommending such teachers to school officials is the responsibility of E. H. Farrington. Director of the Placement Office, he has given many a potential teacher his first "break," Director of Groduote School The administrative phase of education is the chief interest of L. A. Sharp, head of the Graduate Office at North Texas. t-le lilces to "test" classes on mentality and in- telligence. The Graduate Office can now boast that during the seven years in which the college has been offering graduate worlc, 695 advanced degrees havevbeen conferred. Agriculture Agriculture, tlwe latest department addi- tion to Teacliers College, is under tlie di- rection ot J. l-l. Leggett, pictured above. Tlie Agricultural division, instituted in l94l, instructs students in time various animal, poul- try, and dairy liusbandries, crop production, soil conservation, and agrarian metliods. Art Dr. Cora Staftord, center, directs tlwe Department ot Art. Assisting her in time teaclwing ot subjects, wliicli range from mod- ernistic designs to tigure drawing, are Car- los Merida, Mrs. Bliss McManus, James Pres- tini and Miss Martlia Axley. Bible Dr. W. T. Rouse, lower riglwt, Beads tlwe Bible Department. Dr. Rouse instructs a varied group ot biblical courses, time subiect matter ot vvliicli begins in tlwe Old Testa- ment and concludes with tlie study ot tun- damental principles ot iustiTication by taitlw. Depcirtmentcil Directors . '-mmm-f Business Educofion Pofenfial businessmen and rivafe secre . , p ' faries false fheir froubles fo W. A. Lari- mer, direcfor of business educafion. ln- sfrucfion in shorfhand, fyping, filing, and commercial subiecfs equips fhe modern miss fo do her parf in nafional defense. The 'reaching sfaff includes A. A. Miller, Tom Rose, C. B. Tafe, Miss Caroline Cur- rie, Miss Opal Wrighf, Miss Kafhleen Flood, and Mrs. Floyd Graham. Biology l-lead man in fhe Deparfmenf of Biology is Dr. B. B. l-larris. The de- parfmenf offers courses in general bofany, eemenfary science. ani- mal ecology, ancl ofher biological subiecfs fo sfudenfs inferesfed in fhe sfudy of living forms. Supple- menfing fhe feaching of Dr. l-larris are Dr. Ola Johnsfon, Dr. James McBride, and Dr. J. K. G. Silvey. Chemistry The Deparfmenf of Chemisfry, direcfed by Dr. J. L. Carrico, offers in addifion fo courses in general chemisfry a variefy of pre-medical and chemurgical subiecfs. Sfu- denfs who lilce fo play wifh fesf Tubes, or- ganic eguafions, and sulphuric acid loolc fo Dr. J. l.. Spurloclc l.. P. Floyd, Miss Addie Mae Curbo, and T. A. Vlfillard for insfruc- fion. Educofion The DeparTmenT of EducaTion, direcTed by Dr. G. A. Odam, is composed oT Dr. l-larold BrenholTz,x Dr. V. Y. Craig, Dr. Alex Dickie, Miss Nellie GriTTiThs, Dr. J. C. MaT- Thews, Dr. I.. A. Sharp, Dr. J. E. Webb, Dr. Merl Bonney, Dr. R. l.. Marguisfk Max l-lueb- ner, A. G. Koenig, Miss Carolyn McMullan Miss Annabelle PriTchard, William G Woods, Sidney l-lamilTon, Dr. E. C. Snow, James l-l. DougherTy, and J. B. BoynTon. iln The Service. Sociology Concerned wiTh The producTion, dis- TribuTion, and consumpTion oT wealTh, The sTudy oT economics is a promising Tield during warTime. Sociology also plays a leading role in The presenT emergency. lnsTrucTion in The Two Tields is given by Dr. Jacls Johnson, direcTor, Ross Comp- Ton, and Dr. F. C. Snow. English The English DeparTmenT under The direc Tion oT Dr. Floyd STovall, includes Dr. E. C Brodie, Dr. E. M. Darnall, Dr. A. M. Sampley B. E. Looney, Miss Mary PaTchell, Miss Bessie Shook, Miss Mamie SmiTh, Miss Mary SweeT, Dr. M. P. Vlfells, Miss Nellie Cleveland, Dr. E. S. CliTTon, Miss Virginia l-laile, Logue, Miss Mary Tom Osborne, and Miss Anne Birdwell. History The vasT amounT aT hisTory in The malcing as well as ThaT already in The boolc lceeps The his Torian on his Toes in an eTTorT noT To miss any Thing. Giving The hisToric:al sTudenTs a baos+ are Dr. l.. W. NewTon, direcTor, Dr. J. l.. Kingsbury Dr. Anna Powell, Dr. C. A. Bridges, and Miss Cora Belle Wilson. Government PoTenTial poliTicians learn The arT OT "hyp noTizing The boobs wiTh blah" as well as Th more sc:ienTiTic phases aT The c:onsTiTuTio when They sTudy governmenT. Serving The poliTical dishes are J. W. Pender, direcTor Dr. Joe Ray, Yorls Willbern, and Dr. C. A Bridges. Geography Maps climaTe mounTains rivers and weaThe , , , , r inTeresT The geographer. The P's and Q's oT The TorTy-eighT sTaTes and The wesTern hemisphere are TaughT The poTenTia elemenTary schoo Teacher by Dr. WalTer l-lansen, direcTor. Foreign Languages Modern "yes" men and women abandon The good old English Tor "oui, oui's" and "si, si's" when They enroll in The DeparTmenT aT Foreign Languages, German, PorTuguese, and l-aTin also come in Tor Their share oT The honors under The insTruc3Tion oT Dr. l-lenry Dannelley, direcTor, J. N. Brown, J. R. Smiley, and Miss Virginia Calloway. -AN Home Economics Embryonic cooks, dressmakers, and home- makers receive encouragemenl from Dr. Florence Scoular, direcror, Dr. Edilha Lueke, Miss Muriel Williams, Miss Jessie Acker, Miss Clara Dodson, Miss Myra Sowell, Miss Mariorie Acheson, Miss Luella Williams, Miss Mary Louise Johnson, and Miss Margarer Middleron. lndusfricil Arts Training war workers in mechanical drawing, sheer melal work, and orher skills viral io The defense program is Jrhe principal job of The Deparlmeni of lndusrrial Arrs. The siaii consisrs of Dr. S, A. Blackburn, direclorg Wayne Adams, C. C. Davis, and J. D. l-lall, Jr. Journalism Journalism enrhusiasls gel inslruclion, borh praciical and lheoreiical, in lhe manipulalion oi rhe five W's, leads, and heads. Reporring, fea- Jrure wriring, copyreading, and crearive wriring are among rhe variery oi subiecrs raughr by Miss Virginia Paly, direcror. Librciry Service Guidance in reading books and magazines for borh pleasure and cullural iniormarion is given by Dr. W. S. l-loole, direcror, Miss Elaine Cunningham, Mrs. George Medders, Miss Anna l-larrier l-leyer, Miss Dorolhy Thomas, and Miss Mabel Wilkerson. A ., Ni ' ',r,'M. Music lnslruclion in sharps, Tlals, and "la- la's" is The job ol Dr. Wilired C. Bain, direcror, Miss Mary Anderson, William Friesen, Floyd Graham, Dr. l-lelen Flew- ill, Waller l-lolgson, Miss Gladys Kelso George Leedham, Miss Nadine Lind- guisi, l-lugh M. Miller, Miss Rurh Lahee l-larry Parshall, Silvio Scionli, Diclc Smil- ile, Myron Taylor, Roy Will, and Dr. Peler W. Dykema. Mathematics The mosl popular of The Three R's among college sludenis al presenl, 'rilhmeric rales high on The lisl of sub- iecls viral To The war program. Inslrucl- ing in pi's, cosines, and square rools are Amos Barlcsdale, direciorg Miss Myrlle Brown, William Edwin Beeman, and Bill Townsend. Physiccil Educcifion Emphasizing a program of physical Tirness, Jrhe Deparrmenl of l-leallh and Physical Educaiion assumes paramounl imporlance in The nalional de-Tense ef- iori. Srancl includes T. J. Fouls, direc- ior, Fred Cobb, l-lenry G. Shands, Lloyd Russell, W. A. Cooper, Miss Donnie Coiieral, Miss Beulah l-larriss, Miss Edilh Kubeclc, Miss Margarel Mellon, and Miss Faye Thompson. T Xx..,,,, ,- Physics The demand Tor physicisTs has greaTly increased The number oT sTudenTs en- rolled To sTudy elecTriciTy, sound, and heaT. Radio and phoTography are in- cluded in The courses oTTered by L. L. Miller, direcTor, G. A. TiTTeringTon, Ira A. RoberTs, Wayne Taylor, and A. G. Koenig. . "MQ Teachers College High Advanced sTudenTs in educaTion puT Theory inTo pracTice aT The T. C. I-ligh School. Under The supervision oT a corps OT Trained Teachers, They Them- selves become eTTicienT pedagogues. Dr. J. C. MaTThews is principal oT The school, and Miss Jean Walsh is regisTrar. M Speech Would-be BernhardTs concenTraTe Their eTTorTs in The Speech DeparTmenT. Those who have grease painT in Their blood or desire To roclc The world wiTh silver-Tongued oraTory will Tind insTruc- Tion in public speaking, oral inTerpreTa- Tion, and dramaTics among The subiecTs TaughT by Mrs. Olive M. Johnson, direc- Tor, and Mrs. MyrTle l-lardy. swwkh -s-. , 1 Z v Oh, Johnny was young and s+rong and free, Holding his head courageously: America's youngesi' son was he, Marching +o keep her liberfy. .,: . Q fm? y wi- I 'il xg LASSES Wayne Hargrove, circle, looks very nafural af his desk in +he Dean of Men's office, bu'l' he finds enough +ime oFF from supervising NYA posi+ions +o hold down 'rhe job of graduafe presiden'I'. A NVQ YOU' i on n usuawi bjxfs Concep ifyeii end Ca omebo '15 io' s Owns vi S xanfaen ' ear a ENN T - 0 A . ' Y og sinemho an ma Q We qra ' 'S . , N O vvllieii as Woe Pre Hgures lon ,O b .ld is Hof The 1 Sec . n addlyfefarfal He On f Sir, a he 9'Gdif" Shari? 'The fo M es' gwl "Frid ery MCDO I ay, " sh Na d e keeps gs S X' 3 Q' I ... WV ern-,Y Y Avi? I 9 . ' if , , it L-:E-A . if L iii if i L :-f. fi . Q Bryan H. Barrister ........ Physical Education ....... Thalia Talonsg Greenbelt Clubg lntramurals Physical Education Professional Clubg Baslcetballg Beulah Mae Bartell ..,.... Speech ....,...... Wichita Falls House Presidents' Clubg Quintilliansg Radio Players William C. Bass. . . . . .Economics . . . . . .Whitesboro Carrie T. Bier .... . . .Music . . .... Denton Amos Caldwell. . . . . .Music . . . . . ,Rockwood A Cappella Choir Almarie Carr, . . . .English . . , . .Newpor'l', Arlc. Spanish Club Natalie B. Carter ........ Home Economics. . . . .Troy Graduate assistant in home economics Winton Lee Coleman ,.... Chemistry and Biology. . .Kermit W. N, Masters Chemical Societyg Aesculapians E. L. Douglas, Jr. ...... . . .Industrial Education, .... Vernon Alpha Phi Omega: Tennis team '423 Industrial Arts Clubg Chemistry Clubg Mathematics Cluby Eagle Band Margaret Frisby ....,.. ,Education ..i..,..... Hubbard Assistant in speech departmentg Sponsor Quintillian Club Wayne Hargrove ,,...... Public School Admistration, . . ..,...............Stamford Gamrnadionsp Kappa Delta Pig Pi Omega Pi, president '4I-'42g Alpha Chi, president '4l-'42g Phi Delta Kappag Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities: president graduate class, '42-'43 Marjorie Harshbarger .... Chemistry ........... Pottsboro W. N. Masters Chemical Society: Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Chig Gamma- dionsq student assistant in chemistry departmentg Girls' Religious Training Class Edwin HoeFFner ..... ...Industrial Arts ...,, Wichita Falls Dorothy Jane Lindsay ..... Home Economics ..., . . .Tyler Senior Mary Ardensg Phoreffsp Ellen H. Richards Club Marie Mitchell. . . . .Spanish . . . . .Barry Martha Moriee Moore .... Home Economics. . . . .Roane Ellen H. Richards Clubp Baptist Student Union Mary McDonald ..... . . .Business Education ...... Denton Tom Mcllvain, ........... lndustrial Arts ........... Pecos Mayerick Clubg Press Clubg Psychology Cluby Industrial Arts Clubg Phys- ical Education Professional Club Louise Self .............. Biology ....,.......... Denton Delta Psi Kappa, president '42-'43g Kappa Delta Pig Green Jackets, presi- dent, summer '42g Junior and Senior Current Literature Club: Texas Asso- ciate Sciericeg Physical Education Professional Club: assistant in biology department Cameron Stallings ...,.... Chemistry ........ Breckenridge Vlg. N. Masters Chemical Societyg assistant in chemistry department, '4 -'43 Bill B. Townsend .......... Mathematics-Chemistry .Nocona Alpha Chi: Kappa Delta Pig Mathematics Club: W. N. Masters Chemical Soicetyg assistant in mathematics departmentg vice-president of graduate class Atter this class, Conrod changed his title from "Dr." to "Captain," "av, -ax . lx ' ., ,E 3.4. ..,, g im Bill Menefee, circle. relaxes belween Foremos+ of +l1e BMOC, he adds senior class prexy +o his long lisf of campus achievemenfs. baslce+ball 'I'il+s. XX wow o,Wi9 Sem 1400 lille wlXO"'s' ol' we Ga" X011 'i gel W" wk . S0 c.v.nwS Q- lo ,mf Gai' ,6 l S 3 ix QW ve X Co 1' hu X im 35 Cui: 8 Xjgce W 0 v ,took bal . olf- AG am. X was ke ball Beduf Bufl y am.o"9 flve s - her Sr. fsemof Secref emor officers i uhes af +I, ,ary-freasur 5 'ePr'esef,f e P""f sho er' She fair 'ed by 55111 e 1 P fo Pose for H: 'hme off rom 6 Cameraman Music, '42-'43 Lucille Armsfrong. Maxine Arnold. . . Psychology Clubg Billie Jean Allcins. . .lean Ayres .... Kaghlirs Eleanor Jo Barrow. . . Ganwrnadionsg Junior Carlysle M. Bass. Phi Mu Alpha Billie Berkle Lorena Black .... Joe Charles Ashby ...... Emma Lou Boafwrighl' .... Billy Karl Adams ,...., . . ,Chemis'rry .,......,.,..,. Paris Aesculaplansg W. N. Masiers Chemical Socielyg Camera Clubg Paris Club: Maior in Women's Defense Corps Dora Kalherine Adams .... Elemenfary Educafion ,... Ellcharl' Elerrieniary Council: W. R. A.: Junior Curreni Liieralure Club1 Senior Curreni Lileialure Club presiclenl, '42-'43g Green Jackels, vice-presidenl, '42-'43g Psychology Club Richey Adams ........... lnduslrial Ar+s. . . .Juslin Orville Aldridge. . . . . .Business Educafion. . . .Monfalba Paul Anderson. . . ........ Music ............. Chicago, Ill. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, president, '42-'43g Who's Who in American Col- leges and Uniyersiiiesg Pil Alpha Chig Orcheslrag Radio Orcheslrag Who's Who in Business Educafion. . .Greenwood Elemenfary Edu. ..... Greenwood .Business Educa'l'ion and Economics ...............Breckenridge Pi Omega Pi Home Economics ...... .Slidell Green Jaclcefsj Junior Curreni Lileraiure Clubg Ellen H. Richards Club and Se Y ............ House Presidenls' Clubg Phys Ari' . . . . .Paris Elemenfary Eclucafion .... Marlin nior Mary Ardeng Elemenlary Council Economics . .... Marshall Physical Educalion. . .Gainesville ical Educalion Professional Clubg W. R. A. Home Economics ..... lowa Parlc Senior Current Liferalure Club: Ellen H. Richards Club Margarefle Alice Blake. . Baplisl Sludenf Uniong Ellen .Home Economics ..... Arlinglon H. Richards Club .Business Educafion. ...... Dallas Phoreflsg l-louse Presidenis' Club A Charles E. Bounds. ..,... A Cappella Choirg Oralorio James Beniamin Bounds.. A Cappella Choirg Oralorio .Music ......... . . .Winnsboro Soicefyg Phi Mu Alpha .Governmenf . . . . . .Winnsboro Socielyg Troians Engiqn Bowen Evans, ex-Chai edilor, visils wiih Dameron ancl Mr. Hall. 5if4'lQiTT.pf9l-1?fi3lSJ'JY " ,,.- " 3 il-Z' :V 53, i -,cr A' 1 .,,,, -r-'la Qifqviss-:ff 60.61-, v 'Eaf,fgs,,s.y,-4.5: 1--'--.,f'::.7 . .- -, f - rugywnsrfef- 3 as , ' 'QE' 'ma-1 ,. . af ,I Q N' V ,TP ' ff' " psig? L, fi.-'C' 'air ' fb? . fT1?2i" my' . sf1v4.,gg awp. r.J4:'5 ,ea-'ff' lls- af:.g,,1,g , 4, ta . if 1-T' - 1-3.5 - iifrrirggiig, fc, ' uw . . -L 55 :52-ri? g, , ..1:-- g -'f,'::i,.,,- ,, ,f-- ,T V -.-11' -C i ojg fnaff- no UV NYJ,-ii' -' ' wifi, Qll 5 " Ziff, CO5 Neva Bourland, . . . . .Music . . .ltasca 5? erik", -,H . . Dorothy 'Box ...., , ....... History , 5 .... I . .I ..... 4. . .Hico F" '5+jiflJ,5'jQ'f Senior Current Literature Club, E. D. Criddle Historical Society, secre- ',iiif,g" tary-treasurer, Who's Who in History w ,f Frances Bradford ..,....,. Music .............. Longview Ei-1'-i Sigma Alpha lota, vice-president, '43, Senior Mary Arden, Symphony lk ,AL af . awfikif' Orchestra, Symphony Band, Pit Orchestra, Oratorio Society 2754-Yg':r, L Sf?" 'T 'iii 'TJ' ' 5- - . ,,.. . ..,, ,L .1 .t r Margaret Brigman Music Maypearl ,.,g,.:,:u,!-qlzlg-, ... -3 wi' i '3-'f J ii D B Ch '+ G b ,j,,:?,4g5S' BC . rown ..,........ EYTIIS ry . .,.,....,, ran Ury Alpha Chi, Alpha Phi Omega, W. N. Masters Chemical Society, Mathe- 'f:""" 'M i matics Club, secretary treasurer, '41-'43, Ciammadions, assistant in chem- 38 istry department Kathryn Brown ,....,..... Business Education .Throckmorton Mavericks Club, Pi Omega Pi, reporter, '42 Dorothy Marie Brunner .... Chemistry ......... I. . .Mineola Gamrnadions, Aesculapians, W. N. Masters Chemical Society,.Alpha Chi, assistant in physics department I Helen Mae Bulloclc ...,... S eech .,......... '.For+ Worth P Kappa Kappa Kappa, secretary, '4l-'42, Senior Mary Ardens, president, 'Lil-'42, Ouintillians, secretary, '4I-'42, College Players, Student Religious Council, secretary, '4l-'42, Radio Players, Psychology Club C. W. Burnam .,...,..... Chemistry and Math. ..... Dallas Gammadions, Pi Kappa Delta, W, N. Masters Chemical Society, Mathe- matics Club, Baptist Student Union Council, Business Manager ot the Campus Chat, Ayesta, and '43 Yucca, Forensics, '40-'4I Ruth Burnam ......., .. .Elementary Education.Big Spring Elementary Council Nadyne Bussey ,........, Home Economics ...... Longview Ellen H, Richards Club, Psychology Club, Senior Current Literature Club Vi Marie Buster Taylor .... English ...,........... Denton Junior Mary Ardens, sponsor, '4l-'42, Senior Mary Ardens, secretary, '42f '43, Radio Guild, Debate, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, Psychology Club, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, '42- '43, Pi Kappa Delta, Camera Club Jennie Lee Butcher ......, Bus. Education .... .Wichita Falls House Presidents' Club Butler ............. Business Education .... . . .Howe Kaghlirs, treasurer, '42-'43, Gammadions, Junior Mary Ardens, reporter, '40-'4I, Senior Mary Ardens, Alpha Chi, Pi Omega Pi, vice-president, '4I- '42, Kappa Delta Pi, president, '42-'43, secretary of senior class Calhoun , .......... English ............,... Dallas Phorett, president, '42, Press Club, Senior Mary Ardens, sponsor ot Junior Mary Ardens, '42A'43, Chat Columnist, House Presidents' Club, Inter- sorority Council, '42-'43, Dallas Club V Bobbie Campbell ........ Music ..... ' ......... -. . .Marlin Junior and Senior Mary Ardens, Gammadlons, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Radio Orchestra, Pit Orchestra, Sigma Alpha lota Nellie-B. Chandler ...,.... Elementary Education. .Mobeetie Junior and Senior Current Literature Club, Elementary Council, Girls Religious Training Class Carlsen Business Education Port Arthur Club G-xmmadions Student Religious Council ,1r,eaiT6Pv1" ' '5 v .,,5r 3 'fn ' F Q "'f"f"'if"'B' 'Zig' v 5 'M N ff? fr' " -.W . E 4 :WS tk 9 445? XS'Ei-,qi-4 fc fr. gf. A k.5:e.Q:-.-1-'.,q, -,, I., aa ,, .U ,Wh -A! -1. ' ' iinw t "" 'P.'?fg?,, r fe fi?-f Y L f my -ae s , T S t www .c, X?- .gi . ' I-.1 QM 'wp fs- 4'-vc.: ,Mfg .gf f , , 5 g V, .W r 'YA 3 9-' 'P-If F .tat-rfrws , I 0- f . '-'.- ' ' .1-ir-f - . " W -'sw-"' ' 5 "'1'Z?'Y'-"f'fa. ,' SM' - '.-"A"'?F-9l - i 17I.,,fP3?'..2C""?vtSa'?,?g'-'. . . qw: .V -',,T'L-Vbixi " 1.':f:iff-'f H .g1f's4.. .121 'ever y ". e1ah.sff..'.AQ?+:-pf. .feahwm V11 fa F,-fwlerf-gHvl'if'r.:f.'sPn - r - 15' -. .- -' - ,,. ie ' , ff.. fi 5:1x?5frv,ff-4:wg,ff:.N:g::.sf:.:1:,1''1f5fJ?fa 'ff' ' -'c'eM- . aff:-a ' ' ' " . G-1'2'?- ' 5KgC'J"i-1P?-1rf7?fifEi?.'fe"iTffbfiff'J' - V . ,eq-r-..f -jfgygq-4, -,.f--pffzgtf fs . 'Sci - - , . 1 4-ral. "3uQSf"Sfse':-.fzfef ' ' P -1 ..,..e3?..rg,'D-gvsbgr. g . - 5 fiwqqexv -,,1,fzrL':e: er - V fypgea-'A-fa J fern ' ' - .. ., ..:.r5,l,s,5l, odleil . . .Art . . , . . Leonard . Pm -Pi, Phi C. L. Carr. . , ....... .... l ndustrial Arts ......... Rockwall Talons, vice-president, '4I, lndustrial Arts Club, Physical Education Pro- fessional Club, T-Club, president, '40-'4l, Football, captain, '42, vice- president ot senior class, lnterfraternity Council, vice-president, College Favorite, '43, assistant in industrial arts department James D. Carr ........... Music ,..... .... .... B i g Spring Stage Band, Eagle Band, Symphonic Band, Phi Mu Alpha, secretary, Radio Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra -vw . B ,ogg-5: ,,.- ft-'si,.., is: J. ,ff , verse. s .'1.'3f"FL QE: , . 'yg,55... 2 45:5 .1 J:-.f ef. , 4, 51, Qfgggff as A EQ. Sltfr A4 ff Z JF -Y ' is iguggsfila ix , x Z ' 1 l 5 - r ., ,, . r ' P ' '- ,'- E, 1 . ', i5s...5'1s., 1 'T' 1 'fr' XS- pg Ax fl., 1 - I B ' i - , ' .- 'wie v -f- ,' 5 vt: Q, I , -.l- uf' V ,J ggi, If . if . - .3 Y .Q -' ' Lx Leola Chapman ........., Physical Education . . . . .Kilgore Senior Current Literature Club, W. R. A. Alicia J. Cole ....... . . .Spanish. . . . .Porto Rico Spanish Club Sara Frances Colley ,..... Music . . . . Denton Glee Club - Emmilou Collins ...,.....i Home Economics ........ Waco 7 , Junior and Senior Current Literature Club, Ellen H. Richards Club, K .. -. Baptist Student Union Council, Alpha Chi s. ., , Esther Finkner Colville .... Home Economics .... . .Floydada , siren H. Richards Club if M., K Frances Cook .... . . ,Business Education . .Gladewater P 'Crit' lkkbxx, Norene Cook ......... . . .Home Economics .,..... Bullard Ellen H. Richards Club, Junior and Senior Current Literature Club, House Presidents' Club, W. R. A. Richmond Cook. . . . .Business Education . . . .Dallas Pi Omega Pi Barbara Helen Cooper .... Spanish .......... Waxahachie Senior Mary Ardens, Student Religious Council, Alpha Chi, Phorefts, treasurer, '43, House Presidents' Club, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Psychology Club, College Favorite '43 Gordon Corbett. . . , . .Music . . . .Dallas Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Wynnie Lee Corbett ..... Home Economics. . .Breckenridge Ellen H. Richards Club, Gammadions, Junior Current Literature Club Lois Counts ...... ..Business Education ...... Dalhart Camera Club Mary Louise Cox ......... Elementary Education ..... Olney Girls Religious Training Class, Student Religious Council, Elementary Council, C-ammadions, Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Pi Jack Crout ...,.,........ Economics ............ Denton Pan American Student Forum, president, '40-'4l Calvin Cumbie .......... Business Education ...... Athens Phi Delta Kappa, Pi Omega Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, reporter, '40-'4I, secretary, '4l-'42, ldes Club, Henderson County Club, vice-president, '40- '4l, Baptist Student Union, Psychology Club, Elementary Council A new way ot telling the Nativity story was born at the M.T.O. Christmas party. I A 'Lim 'r 'lifi-5313442 "2':z'rPti" 'rr A ' .fgfixg ff?f'f figif' if .Kev ., viii fy. . I' IL , .-'fry if ,, .Q- Jyir P . A-ffgf ' 4 3 - fs, 4. iii .arg if ' .fi.1"2. "1 "ee r.j'fIp4 . 41' ', ."' -Huff, 7544 4' f . 4 gag. 5 if 7 img Q "5 za 1 wld 'Tv ,ggi Q 'Cz In .. af! gg.ar5"rg 4125195 rg? 52 7 , ws, , :fa 1. If A in 5,5 Q ,1- .ft ' 39 ".f'ii 4 IrfxZ'"a:a,1-0' . . ,. 1- irf l' -f6Sv3!1 g. r:.p.:: 5.-.fjfai-5-'17 1 ifa"1"'15 sz,-my ' r e 'f' Wai. " fnj,A,-- ,argl :life M. . we-fa Sfjilf ' ggzfc. -bi' L4 Z, -. . uqg ,vp 1 -63?-iQ'l: ' . viii-5 I9 1-If . ".iI',-.A'ek ' . ' 'Q ":I:'!'g!" 1' D- -4 ' ' 'X ' ' iff. IZ., ,qss:'e.Yf'fac'if - 2 5 Mem0l'5 Oi Helen Cunningham ....... Speech ............ Forl' Wor+h College Players, Ouinlillian Club, Psychology Club, Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi 365' 15? -fl' EJ' 'rilififrgf " H. F. Cunningham, ....... Business Educalion. . . . .Lakeview Pi Omega Pi, lreasurer, Gammadions ' - affix' kf:3f12:5Pr3f,1gf" 511525211-" . , Janalynn Davis .... . .... English . . . . . Slephenville Psychology Club'::- , , -f?"-"b..1 - ': HK70 7'-L' '. ' :Y -,h.N!'.HC.n? .,."'- .c.'1e:'.R -' , . Q.--me , Gloria Dawson. . . , ....... Music .,......,....... Denlon wg., ,.,,,,,,, A Cappella Choir, Symphony Orchesrra, Sigma Alpha lola, Junior Mary Araens Lula Jane Dean ..... . . .Physical Educalion . . , . . .Frosl Maryvonne de Kinslcy ..... Physical Educalion Columbia, S. A. Della Psi Kappa, Green Jackefs, Physical Educalion Professional Club, W. R. A., assisianl in physical educalion deparfmenr, Senior Mary Ardens, House Presidents' Club, Newman Club, Pan American Sfudenf l Forum 40 . . . . . Luvada Dickinson ..,..... Business Educahon . . .Grandview Gammadions, House Presidenis' Club, Pi Omega Pi, Hill Couniy Club Willie Mae Donnelly ..... W Sigma Tau Della, Alpha Chi, Treasurer, '42-'43, Kappa Della Pi, Junior i Currenf Liierafure Club .English , ........... Gainesville , Mary Elizabelh Dooley. . . .Business Educa'l'ion ..... Longview Mabel Dou lass g .......... Business Educalion .... Charlo'H'e Senior Currenl Lileralure ' Club, McCracken Club Anne Dry ......... ..... E nglish ....... . . .De Leon Sigma Tau Della William Alslon Duggan. . .Governmenf and Economics Dallas Publicalions Council, '40-'4l, Camera Club, lnlernafional Relalions Club, president '42-'43, Debale, '40-'43, Pi Kappa Delfa, assisiani in educaiion deparfmeni, '4I-'42. Mary Elizabe'l'h Duvall ..... Business Educalion . . . . .Dallas Pi Omega Pi Rurh Dyer ..... . . .Elemenfary Educalion. . .Milford Joy Jean Ealon ......,... Music . ........... Comanche Kappa Kappa Kappa, Sigma Alpha lola, Senior Mary Ardens, Kappa N1 4 Delia Pi, Alpha Chi, A Cappella Choir, Chapel Choir, Eagle Band Moda 3,521 ern Dance Club, Mavericks Club, Oralorio Sociery Ru'l'h Elder ,.... . ....... Heallh ancl Physical Educalion Forl' Worlh Della Psi Kappa, Chaplain, Alpha Chi, Kappa Delia Pi' Pi Omega Pi' 957 Arif? " , N. Green Jackers, W. R A., executive council, Physical Educafion Profes: ' sional Club, Gammadions, Junior Currenl Lilerafure Club, Caprain in ' . Women's Defense Corps 'Hr-Qc,-'-fl-'. ' - r f Ao c HMM -'sparse we .5-,:.w- As. .-- . V -' ' .:--a ffm, . . .0- .- Q Q.. - V - -.1 -e ,. A s , 5,-:j J x ' ,F -x " .f Z . It-gf, 1 -955,1 lgare"1,3gs5gE5Qg55:g,flf,g:5iL5- 5,-.-5 -' .H :. - f sy: -:,g -1-,jg-'. f1.':'-'.'-- ,fre pf . 'S N 9, . , mc.-a , .f '- K :ff -' ,-F -,ia g, ga, roqh., --- -eifsifa-r ' 4 1+Ce1 F95 H-, 4. -'G' if www . aw A E, . l we as -A H "'-. A ea - iih ,A sl ,J do 4 X ni'-gb, . i .X - : id I, . 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Criddle Hisforical Sociely Margarel' Francis ......... Business Eclucafion .... McKinney Twins Club, Garnmadions Marie Francis ........... Business Educafion .... McKinney Twins Club, Gamniadions Noel Francis ............. Speech ............... Denfon College Players: A Cappella Choir, Ouinlillian Club, Kappa Thefa Pig Junior and Senior Mary Arclens, Fine Arls Commiliee, '40-'4l Maysel Fuller ............ Physical Educafion ...... El Paso Physical Educalion Professional Club, Della Psi Kappa, reporferg Psychol- ogy Clubg W. R. A., executive council, Aesculapiansg Green Jackels Raymond Funlc. . . . . .lnclusfrial Arfs .... Duncan, Olcla. Pi Phi Pi Ru'I'h Gage. . . , . ,Business Educalion ...... Decafur Bel"l'y Gale .............. Physical Eclucalion ...... Denfon Delia Psi Kappa, Green Jackeisg W. R. 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Richards Club, W.R,A. L. M. Graham, Jr., .. . 42 Charles Graves. . Glenn Griffin ..,.. Geezles, president, '42 Rosalie Grimes ..,..... Phoretfs' Si ma Al ha lotag ,. Q, D Oratorio Society Virginia Gurney ........ Radio PlayersgQuin1illians Vir inia Halbert g ...,... Elementary Council, Senior Dixie Gaye Hall ..... . Dorothy Louise Hall .... Junior and Senior Current Literature Club, Industrial Arts . . . , .Sherman Business Education. . , . . .Anson Business Education . . . . . .Dallas Music ,..,...,......., Abilene House Presidents' Club, A Cappella Choir, Speech . . . . .Colorado City Elementar Education. .Franlcston . . y Current Literature Club ..Home Economics . . . . . .Tyler Physical Education. . .Fort Worth 'lClbBt'tStdtU"W.R.A., Physical Education Professlona u 5 apis u en nlon, historian, '4I-'42, Student Religious Council Elaine Hampton ..... . . 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Nocona Psychology Clubg Camera Clubj Maverick Club: W. R. A.g Ellen H. Richards Club Marlha F. Higginbolham. .Library Service .,.... Chllllcolhe Gamrnadionsg Junior and Senior Mary Ardensg Mavericks Club: Psychol- ogy Clubg Alpha Lambda Sigma, correspondence secrelaryg McCracken Club: House Presidenls' Club Johne++e Highsmifh ....... English ,..,..,.,.. Wichi+a Falls Sigma Tau Della: E. D. Cviddle Hislorical Sociely Helen Hodges .,....,.... Physical Educalion .,.,.. Denison Phoreflsg Green Jaclcelsj Junior Mary Ardens Joyce Gene Holl ........ Home Economics ......, Haskell Gamrnaoionsg Ellen H. Richards Club: W. N. Maslers Chemical Socielyg Junior Mary Ardensg Alpha Chip Kappa Della Pi Henry Malhew Hood ,.... Music .... ,.,,.,..... B orger Oralorio Socielyq Phi Mu Alpha Sinioniag A Cappella Choirj College Players Bonnie Bill Hopkins. . . . . .English . . . , .McKinney Sigma Tau Della Billy Hubbard .,......... Chemis+ry . . . . .Grapevine Aesculapiansj W. N. Maslers Chemical Sociely Jewell Hunler ....,.,.... Physical Educalion . , McKinney Rhuie Hu+chins ........,. Home Economics. . . . . .Harrold Ellen H. Richards Club Elza Hulchinson ,........ .English ........,. ...., D eKalb House Presidenls' Club: Gammaclionsj Sigma Tau Della, secrelary-lreas urer, '42-'43' Alpha Chip Kappa Della Pig Senior Currenl Lileralure Club: VV. R. A, Sidney James. . . .. .lndus+rial Arfs. . . . . .Denlon Eleanor Jeler. . . . . .Elemen+ary Educalion Ben Wheeler Gwendolyn Johnson ...... Elemenlary Educalion Porf Arfhur Phoreffs Elernenlarv Councilj Senior Mary Ardensg Girls Forum Council '40-'4l James W. Johnson ....... Music . ....... . . . Denlon Slage Band: A Cappella Choirg Phi Mu Alpha Jewella Johnson .......... Home Economics ...... Kaufman Ellen H. Richards Clubj Chemislry Club: Kaghlirsj Senior Mary Ardens Imogene Jones .,........ Home Economics ..... Crawford Ellen H. Richards Club: Green Jaclcelsg Junior Currenl Lileralure Club, vice-presidenlg Senior Currenl Lileralure Club: W. R. A. Maxine Keahey .......... Music ......,.. Forf Smilh, Arlr. Junior and Senior Mary Ardensj Gammadionsg Chapel Choir g malerial in lhe lavorile eleclion. ,f-:va A7 Hosie- . the v'ict'if0 Oi wp Tamer ls Helen Jack Keen ......... Library Service .,.,....., Olney Psychology Club: Junior and Senior Current Literature Club: Alpha Lambda Sigma, vice-president: Captain, Women's Defense Corps Marie Kelsay ............ Music ...,4........... Denton Symphonic Band: Oratorio Society: Symphonic Orchestra: Eagle Band Margy Kemplin .......... Physical Education . . .Gainesville Physical Education Professional Club: Delta Psi Kappa: W. R. A. Hearthal King ........... Home Economics. . . . .Rockwood Junior and Senior Current Literature Club: Ellen H. Richards Club: Baptist Student Union: House Presidents' Club . ' 4 V .ali , ,- 'Y , Marvis King ......... . . .Music . . .... Handley Symphony Orchestra A. K. Lacy. . . . . .Economics . . , . . .Elysian Fields Pi Phi Pi Doris Lambert .,......... Spanish . . . . Terrell Senior Mary Ardens: Paris Club M. Eloise Lane ........... Speech ............ Cross Plains College Players: Quintillians, president: W. R. A.: Green Jackets: House Presidents' Club . .Arlington Ray Leonard ............ Spanish ...... Senior Mary Ardens: Alpha Chi: Psychology Club Aleatha Matie Liles ....... Elementary Education. . .Weinert Kaghlirs: Senior Current Literature Club: Mavericks Club Charlene Lindsay ......... Home Economics ........ Dallas College Players, president, '42-'43: Quintillians: Radio Guild: Ellen H. Richards Club: Psychology Club: Dallas Club Emma Lou Long ......... Elementary Education .... Denton Kappa Theta Pi, vice-president: Elementary Council, president, '4I-'-42: Green Jackets: Senior Mary Ardens: Alpha Chi: Kappa Delta Pi: Inter- sorority Council, '4l-'42: Forum Council, '42-'43: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities: Who's Who in Education Department Edward Lamar Mahon ..... Biology ...... . .Kerrville Aesculapians: W. N. Masters Chemical Society Frances Mailison ......... Sociology ............., Dallas Psychology Club, vice-president, '42: Wesley Players: Wesley Foundation Dewey Marlc ............. Chemistry ............. Denton W. N. Masters Chemical Society: Mathematics Club: Golf Team, '4I: assistant in chemistry department Dorothy Dean Martin ..... Business Education.Throclcmorton Physical Education Professional Club: Mavericks Club: House Presidents' Club: W. R. A. ff! :QQ werfn tai N. .L-4' f 1 'Q I Qin Doyce Massey .......... .Chemistry . 5 ........ Granbury W. N. 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Richards Club: lnlersororily Council, '43 Doris Larue Mercer ....... Music ......,,.,....,. Kilgore A Cappella Choir: Senior Currenl Lileralure Club: Oralorio Sociely Janie Mercer .,..... . . .Business Educalion ..... Sherman Angeline Meredrlh ..,.... Physical Educahon ....,. Albany Della Psi Kappa: Green Jaclfels: Physical Educalion Professional Club: W. R. A., presidenl, '43: Senior Currenl Lileralure Club: House Presi- denls' Club: assislanl in physical educarion deparlrrienl Dolores Michael. , .... Elemenlary Educalion Wichifa Falls Senior Mary Arde-ns: Elerrienlary Council: House Presidents' Club: Psy- chology Club: Green Belr Club Mary Frances Miller ,..... Home Economics .... Comanche Gamrnadions: Ellen H. Richards Club: W. N. Maslers Chernical Socielyg Senior Mary Ardens Charles Mizell ...., lnduslrial Arls Club Florence Monerie, . Elemenlary Council Laverne Monroe. . . Sigrna Alpha Iola: Senior Choir: Orarorio Sociely Edna Mae Moore ....... Baplisl Sludenf Union Counci lndus'l'rial Arls ...... . . .Denlon Band: Alpha Phi Omega Elemen+ary Educalion Por+ Arlhur Music ,,........,.,.... Ra nlcin Mary Arflons: Chapel Choir: A Cappella .Business Eclucalion ,.... Bellevue lg Gamrnadionsg Alpha Chi: Kappa Della Pi Nalalie Moore ,.,........ Elemenfary Ed ucalion ,... Anson Junior and Senior Mary Ardens: Elernenlary Council, reporler, '42: Green Jackers, corresponding secrclary, '42 Anna Sue Morgan ,....... Business Educafion . . . . ,Denlon Pi Omega Pi: Garnrnadions Belly Morgan .,... Ellen H. Richards Club T. C. Morgan .,,.. Geezles, yice-presidenl, '43 Belle Morris. . . Home Economics . , . .Abboff Business Educa+ion . , ,Dallas . , .Sociology . . . . Brownwood Landon Morrison, .. . . ,Hislory . . . , .Dallas Drinks were in order in an almospheric selling al The Pi Phi blaclcoul dance. saw' .., esqaegm .f9.5-v.s,aas'f fifff X- ary' ': 1z 1,f. ,af - ' s-- - ' ""-' 'pfff frail ' 2-vigil T f rife ref' ,ge,:f . 5.1, I, V. 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Senior Mary Ardensg Women's Glee Clubg Elementary Council, '4l-'42 Betty .lane McCormick .... Biology ...,........ Carrollton Gammadionsg Junior Current Literature Clubg W. N. Masters Chemical Societyi Aesculapiansg Mathematics Clubg Green Jackets: Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Chig assistant in biology department, '42-'43 Frances McGibboney .,... Elementary Education .Texarkana Symphony Orchestrag Elementary Councilg Organ Club Virginia McKee ...,...... Biology ............ Fort Worth Senior Mary Ardensg House Presidents' Clubg Aesculapians Jane McWhorter ..,,..., English ..........,... Roanoke International Relations Clubg House Presidents' Club: Sigma Tau Delta Merle Nelson ............ History .......... Wichita Falls E, D. Criddle Historical Societyg Sigma Tau Delta Anne Newton ....,.. ,... B usiness Education . . .. .Dallas Kaghlirsg Senior Mary Ardens Leeman Norman. . . . . .Business Administration . Floydada Pi Phi Pi William H. Nunn ......... Government .......... Bonham International Relations Club '42-'43g Mathematics Clubg Who's Who in Riliggous Activities, '42g Student Religious Council. '4l-'43, president, '4 -'4 Bettye Rhea Ortmeyer. . . .Home Economics ...... . .Dallas Kappa Theta Phig Senior Mary Ardensg Ellen H. Richards Club Helen Lucile Paclon, ...... Elementary Education . .Sherman Junior and Senior Current Literature Clubg Oratorio Societyg Glee Club 55'5fi5ff9ff"5ff1J'ig4f"- "' Lucille Palmer ........... Music .........,.,... Amarillo xii" .1 - "3-.j5:f, Q A , 205.gif I i'iD6niece Parker .......... Home Economics ...... Eastland Sigma Alpha lotag assistant in music department arzoefia 1- me ees-'-+r"W7 'M' egg? ei. :F 7--if tif" Ajgfwr' .. .!':'u X.. a,,-fu, L- .-1 T., -- ,., - , - "2 ,, , fs 'M-i. X - 'LF Neva-:'9--1' X .ge-' 'TW' 1. 5 " Q A - in ' 'Qi-fff-l7f': ' -ire ci 7 'V i3"""LQl.-ii'-'a'f'f ' A . -,,-JP W: mi? I K, , ,Meir-- ,ggy5..,. , --1 -Q .,. ,QQ 55. Q, ev . L . , Q - , . 4.-.f -f 1. ,. . ggi., -14 , s. 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Masters Chemical Socielyj Aesculapiansg Texas Academy of Science Mae Frances Peferman. , .Business Educafion. , .For+ Wor+l1 W. R. A. Mildred Pl1ilpo+ ..,....... Englislx ....,,. ,..., A llen Gammadionsg Senior Current Lnleralure Club Por'rer Louis Piclcard ..,.., Chemisfry. . . . .... Porf Ar+l1ur W. N. Masters Cliernical Sorlelyg Alplm Chip assislanl in clwenlislry department Jess Pickrell . ,. .. .Business Educafion . . Jaclcsboro Wynnell Pierson ..,..,.... Elemen+ary Educalion ,..,. Wesl lnlernational Relafions Clubg Elenienlary Councilg Psychology Clubq W. R. A. Bryan'r Pippin. ,..... . .Business Educa1'ion . Aubrey lnduslrlal Avis Cluln Peggy Pool ...,.......... Home Economics .... Valley Mills Kappa Kappa Kappag Ellen H. Richards Clubq W. N. Mash-rs Cneniinal Socielyg Garnrnadionsg Junior and Senior Mary Ardens Paula Powell ...,.. . .... Music . . . ..,. . Kamay Hershel Prindle .....,.... Chemisfry . . . . . Hamlin Clwrrwislry Club: Malnemalirs Club' Camera Club Ruby B. Purkapil. . . . ..Elemen+ary Educa+ion San Angelo Emmeff Quafflebaum ..... Clnemisfry . . .Collinsville W. N. Maslers Chemical Sociely Carmen Ramsey ......... Library Service ........... Mari Kappa Kappa Kappa, vice presidenl, '42q Senior Mary Avflensj Ga", 'r'ac1ionsgAIpna Lambda Sig:-'a, oresiaenl, '42 .V ii . . Jessilu Rafliff. . . . . .Elemenfary Educafion. .Lewisville , Pearl Raymond .......... Home Economics ...... Sain? Jo " 4 Ellen H. Richards Club: Senior Currenl Lileralure Club , Belle Reed ..... . ........ Biology ......,.. . . .Gainesville 'gm' W. N. Maslers Chemical Socielyg Aescjulaoiansg assislanl in biology ,YZ .K E a . . S deoarlmenl f 'J 2 Ll. Jack Siscco, former coach, relurns lo give llwe '42 eleven llne once-over. Ella 'iiillfisfii' 1 T.. Dork Reedy ............. Physical Education .Wichita Falls Green Jackets, Delta Psi Kappa, Psychology Club, W. R. A., Physical Education Professional Club Belle Rice ....,..... Elementary Education.Collinsville Junior and Senior Mary Ardens, Gammadions, House Presidents' Club, secretary, '4l, Elementary Council, vice-president, '42, Psychology Club, secretary, '42, E. D. Criddle Historical Society Lerabeth Rice ........... Home Economics ,........ Ferris Kappa Kappa Kappa, secretary, '41, vice-president, '42-'43, Ellen H. f Richards Club, president, '42-'43, Junior Current Literature Club, Girls W 3 F 4 orum Council, '4l-' 3, lntersorority Council, '42-'43, Who's Who -in American Colleges and Universities, Honor Council ot Girls Dormitories Althea Richardson ........ Elementary Education and Geography ........... Dallas Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, Elementary Council Alice Richeson ........... Biology .............. Manlcins Gammadions, Aesculapians, W. N. Masters Chemical Society, House Presidents' Club Ardath Riel: .... . . . ..Speech . . . . . .Krum Margaret Riley .......... Sociology .............. Dallas Kappa Delta Pi, treasurer, '42-'43, Junior and Senior Mary Ardens, College Players, Kappa Theta Pi, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Pi Kappa Delta Winnie David Robbins .... Business Education . . . .Denton Pi Kappa Delta, Garnmadions, Alpha Chi Bonnie Bess Roberts ...... Music ............ San Antonio Sigma Alpha lota, Symphony Band, Stage Band, Symphony Orchestra, Radio Ensemble Eva K. Robertson. .. ...English and Business Education El Campo Junior Current Literature Club, Student Religious Council, W. R. A. Emma Joe Robinson ...... Elementary Education , .Denton Elementary Council, secretary, '42, Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi Francis Robinson ......... Music ............. Gainesville Sigma Alpha lota, Green Jackets, Senior Mary Ardens Maria l.. Rodriquez ....... Spanish ............ Puerto Rico Junior and Senior Mary Ardens, Green Jackets, Gammadions, Pan- American Forum Maurice Roth ............ Music ............ Chicago lll. Symphony Orchestra, String Quartet, Pit Orchestra, Phi Mu Alpha, Stage Band, Radio Orchestra, Orchestra Librarian Rutherford ......... Physical Education .... Gatesville Green Jackets, Delta Psi Kappa, '42, Physical Education Professional Club, Baptist Student Union Council, W. R. A. Rutledge ........... S eech p . . . . Denton College Players, Quintillians Sanders ............ Elementary Education Port Arthur Kappa Delta Pi,' Psychology Club, Senior Current Literature Club, Elementary Council, House Presidents' Club Sawyers ........... Elementary Education .... Denton Junior and Senior Current Literature Club, E. D. Criddle Historical Society, Elementary Council, Psychology Club ,gfa 11 ' .lflvillr lc Q Lx' ir!-,L A.lli',1r.wr 1 viwlilu Belly Jean Scarbrough .... Elemen+ary Educa+ion .... Kamay House Presidenrs' Club, W, R. A. Rufh Schaefer ........... Hisfory .,...,.,. Roswell, N. M. Senior Mary Ardens, Alpha Chi, Wesley Foundarion I 1 E15 Quia, ff ii 'Vmiq' Pernal Scoggin .,........ Physical Educafion . .M'r. Springs Val Selz ........... . . .Chemislry .,..,., , . .Pilo+ Poinl' V. Rufh Shaclcelforcl ..... ,Business Educafion ...., Nocona Junior Currerrl Lilerarure Club, secrciary of yearbook, '40, Carnera Club, secrclary, '40-'4I, vice-presidenl, 'fll-'42, House Presidenls' Club, Senior Currenr Lileraiure Club, W. R. A, "Wx . , -L LA-,YHA -t . A . V , Lena Faye Shawn ........ Music ...........,... Vineyard Gamrnadions, Women's Glee Club, Alpha Chi, Siorna Alpha lofa, Kappa Della Pi Evelyn Shirley ........... Library Service .......,... l'l'aly Junior and Senior Currenl Liierarure Club, Garnmadions, Alpha Chi, House Presidenls' Club, Pan-American Forurn Arda+h Singlelary ........ Music ....,. .. Henderson Phoreiis, Senior Mary Ardens, A Cappella Choir Gordon Skinner .......... Chemislfry . . , . . .Carrolllon W. N. Maslers Chemical Sociely, Ganirw-adions KiHy Smifh ........,..,. Physical Educafion. . .Forl' Worfh Della Psi Kappa, Green Jackers, Physical Eaacarion Professional Club, Junior and Sonia' Currenr Lirerafure Club Roger F. Smifh .......... Governmenr . . . . .Denfon Tennis Tearn, '40-'42, Bela Alpha Rho Bela Jaclr Spencer ............ Chemisfry ............,. Dallas W. -N, Masrers Chemical Sociery, Goll Tearn, caprain, assisranl in physical educarron deparrnenr Juanila Spurrier, ......... Music . . . . . . , . . Longview Women! Giles Club, Ofalorio Sociery Grace E. Sfapp. . ........ Elemenlary Educafion .... Andice House Presidenls' Club, Wornen's Glee Club Lois Ellen Sfell .... ...... H ome Economics ....... Hamlin Kappa Kappa Kappa, Junior Currenr Lileralure Club, Green Jackers, Ellen H. Richards Club Opal Jean Sfephens ...... Library Service .... ...Denfon Alpha Lambda Sigma, secrelary, Junior Mary Ardens Genevieve Slewarl' ....... Music ..,...... . . Denfon Orarorio Sociely, Organ Club, Choral Club Helen Sfewarf. .... ...... H ome Economics. . , . . .Snyder , Senior Currenl Lireralure Club, Ellen H. Richards "K Arai -N The Carrs rake lime our lor a char al The Phi Mu Alpha formal. g""""" T - 71 V . gg: 'Cc ,Qs-5'-r gigs' if'-Til-7 ' 'Y-JV: z -' 'WQQJQ -' -' ' :xv - . 'Q-42' 255595 -f ' -aiiierg-1 ,1l,'QL-" .1 ' 'Q of ...V 1 .se ilffi ,, .144 ---.,, fs -v .,, , -2531-'59-1 1 ,A I 536-i..2'z-.V 5 -fame. . A 'Eb'-ga ps W s?55?:gg...' .gaze we -A ' ---tg?-F 1. . 4-51' -11954. orriifi-gil? F- " "-J iff.: fi" 515. 'P '- V fjfgflg-E,-F, . 1. - Egegyj. 50 ' . 1-aj,-A ibifit Sgt:- ga-f:,n. - sag!-2. 3Ti?7fl'i"' I-.evra-if 5513 :Cj ,Z Q3:131,g LI: 5 , z. .-91.35 .J . ,.. La ' X' if 'fivgcfa . E555 793' 'QE-: S .pai . . 'fs5:"?j.1Qlgz'fQ.w.. Q... 4 , 1 M... ,,. f.',Q,.v P. 1412.9-'V ffea f-4 4 4:.. ,- Efiiel, is 4 .wr vu,-gf , egg? ff' A -es. - -f-fly- '-H112 ff fs' . 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Business Education . . .Richardson lntramural Basketball and Football, Physical Education Protessional Club Dorothy Ruth Thomas. . . . .English ............. Big Spring Gamrnadions, Junior Current Literature Club, reporter, '41, Pan-Amen ican Forum, Sigma Tau Delta Elizabeth Ann Thomas ..... Home Economics. . . . . Arlington f -. Phi Kappa Theta, House Presidents' Club' Ellen H. Richards Club, ' Psychology Club, W, N. Masters Chemical Society, Wesley Players Opal Maye Thorp ........ Music . . . . . . Overton , Y is QF: so? Symphonic Band, Sym phony Orchestra 1 iii, , .,,' , ii' , .Egg Truloclc ............ Business Education ........ Paris Phoretts, corresponding secretary, '42-'43, Senior Mary Ardens, Paris Club, reporter, '42 Jane Mary Lou Turner ......... Home Economics . . .Stephenville Ka hlirs, W. N. Masters ' i ' ' ' . Richards Club Chemical Society, Senior Mary Ardens, Ellen H Dorlene Underwood ...... Home Economics. . . . . .Dublin Ellen H. Richards Club Betty Ann Vanhoove. .... Speech .............,. Electra Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, '42, Honor Council, '42, Ouintillians, College Players, Junior and Senior Mary Ardens, Radio Guild, Radio Players, Radio Orchestra, Oratorio Society, Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra W. E. Vaughn. . . . . .Industrial Arts. . . . . .Denton Charles H. Vick .......... Music ................ Denton Eagle Band, '39-'42, Symphony Band, '39-'42, Beta Alpha Rho Beta, Phi Mu Alpha, Modern Dance Club Claudia Walker .......... Elementary Education ..., Temple - -I Elementary Council, Senior Current Literature Club . is M. B. Ward, Jr. ...... .... P hysics and Mathematics . .Alvin B 1 A ' .sfiiii 'ls . :ei 5 iz ..N-'QU 'fi , K . " ,' P S ic... .r -Q . t LM. , 5 M5125-15 ,-" .,.-ec... Mathematics Club, assistant in physics department ,- ,','1Warnock ........ Business Education . . ,L .y--Z fr' a,v,q5.g 1 a 'jF,,z.3:1Q'jLf:: -". -' l - nt I Clu '--f- ,wh- s fx fg N fl e ' ,fQ'sQQ'-' 3 XJR -it 'xg X .YJ ak is ses fttwif r fri 'nil li' ai :f ,'1,,.. 2 'Ln' 'v 'x fig. ,. y",, . ii. ..1I.if . .- - -J . iii!! .i ' AE . ., . . - . . , . . . - ...We-i.4..:w J.. fi A so i..- .J ., .. r - - 1 S e- .Q 17 .... . 1 sms in er. .esJ"?'1fi1fffefa. ,.,. -...- :ef-:ii A -1' A-:Mr vim. bkiggnq .A vigwlza. tsgicejjv I Cu.. Avyqid , :Fi . 4.. Wim.-, iifsgfi un gkvggh,-4'4g1a,?3f inizlgkbfw .SAL Q J.. Hd! , G4 -.1 if- , .A it-,A-,QT ..,. -, - V ll, 5 Ii s,,Q.l'a.i l 1,5-ZMQJK -. .7 ,Q-W...-I ,AR . x' v x Sim.. 5, ' '- T "f'J' - 9 L 1'-" E KAR' "'1:1 1.' 'sill a x Nfl-JA.Y'3gB.""5itiX X31 M"-171. . 'JEL SKY' x 1 :-V . uf -..- I , f-: a ve 1 is an Thomas E. Watkins ....... Chemistry .......... Seagoville W. N. Masters Chemical Society, Mathematics Club Edwina Watt .... ........ S Feech ..,. ........ M cGregor Ouintillians, Gammadions, Gir s Religious Training Class,' Radio Players, Debate Club, Senior Current Literature Club, International Relations Club Reberta Webb .......... Business Education ,.... Sherman Junior Current Literature Club, lnternational Relations Club, House Presidents' Club Elmer T. Welch .......... Chemistry . ........... Graham W. N. Masters Chemical Society, reporter, '4l-'42, president, '42-'43, Aesculapians, reporter, '42-'43, assistant in chemistry departrnent, '4l-'43 Marie Wells ....... .... H ome Economics ...... Weinert Ed Wester .... .... l ndustrial Arts . . . . .Floydada Pi Phi Pi Elnora Westmoreland ..... Speech ........,. Elysian Fields Who's Who in Dramatics, '42, Kaghlirs, College Players, Quintillians, Senior Mary Ardens Herbert Wheeler. ....... Chemistry . . . .Dallas W. N. Masters Chemical Society Avyce Whigham ......... Elementary Education .... Denton Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi Wilma Whigham. ........ Home Economics ......... Thrift Gammadions, House Presidents' Club, Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, Ellen H. Richards, W. N. Masters Chemical Society Wilma White ........... Home Economics ....... Abilene Ellen H. Richards, House Presidents' Club, Senior Current Literature Club Virginia Sue Williamson. . .Music . . . . . Russellville Alpha Chi, Sigma Alpha lota Gayle Wilson. .......... Chemistry ..... , ...... Wheeler Mathematics Club, W. N. Masters Chemical Society, Gammadions Ann Winstel ............ Elementary Education Port Arthur Elementary Council, Honor Council Elaine Witt ............. Home Economics ........ Frisco Ellen H. Richards Club, W. N. Masters Chemical Society, Gammadions Billie Virginia Wolfe. ..... Home Economics. ....... Forney Junior and Senior Literature Club, Ellen H. Richards Club, Gammadions, Green Jackets, Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, Yucca Favorite, '42, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Student Religious Council lla Bea Womack ......... Elementary Education .. .Dawson sbemkentgry Council, Senior Current Literature Club, Camera Club, Bill Wood ............... Mathematics . .... ...... M erkel College Players, Alpha Phi Omega, Mathematics Club Betty Woodard .......... Business Education .... Glen Rose Pi Omega Pi, Psychology Club Guys swing out "wid de goil triend" at 'the annual Talons Bowery Brawl. ...ix 'hurt I Junior prexy Bill Janes, circle, can usually be found in one of +he shops. An induslrial arfs major, he lakes a few minules 'lo calch up on his mechanical drawing. . W' a maXo' sew '0 he x .lane 30359 mesxilfevi Eixflon OR vxavl eavoag a Npxx 903 9 buixveivenk je' xo El 915 V46 , X git- Ygmelixgnpfesxde Ko, yialf 0 a As H969 X org Xlfxasxxxx Yxvxm. 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Who's winning, Janie? Wilh This loursome, il musl be a no-Trump hand. . . . Dallas . Brooks+on .. Houslon .. Elec+ra . . Temple .. Fulbrighl' . . . . . Tolar . . McKinney .. Vernon ., . . . Holliday ., Clarendon, Ark. .. Clarendon, Ark. . Cameron . Grapevine . , Whifesboro ., Hamlin . Decafur .. A+hens . . , , . Eleclra . . Honey Grove . . . , , Nevada . , Roswell, N. M. , . . . Dublin . Big Spring X N , gg' ,. .f:. ..:, T -1 -S Q... ll ' ' . H i -.,, 1 , . N 'ar 'efff"" f i A -- .. A -Q .gigwfa ':5'f',-, 1-'fgtgf H95 'fflga-'iiQj?4-1311?-4 f, Q ,Il - ' ' ' V A:,.i-i'-451.6 . JA.-., Q, .A 5- ' liar"-'?':2' ' f L -A z. -Yi?" 1 Qfiiifggg f' H. . . gpm, 5.-Ffspx Q - - -zff--ff f' ' ,.::f.ezfewN " 'jfz-iggif' , ,ami af-ry A 9- f -"" rj:- ,ne4...J ,gg 5. mx-f -+X' 14" 41' E , as 5 lx 3. NPI ,if .- i ii- :- 1 ,7f ' .,. Y xx -9 A 1 :nk X. '- F pai,-' X-.F :Jimi ' "A'xli,,'il,l:1 w 1 1- .fa-my ' 5 gn. . ,. ,, . -'ffl Aff! . 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Howard Cox ...... Jack Lloyd Crabiree Wilma Lois Crain .. Dalfon Criswell ,.,. k allk 5 dence' WO i an . , . . Kilgore . . . Dallas . . . . Den'l'on . , . McKinney , . , Weafherford Lipan . . . . Wichifa Falls . . . . San Angelo . . . Dallas . 4 , Rankin . , . Anson ,. . Kaufman . . , . Lancasler . . . Dallas . . . Deca'l'ur . . . Imperial . .. Rising Siar . . . . . , . Van . . . Gainesville . . , Elec'l'ra . . . . . Dallas , . . Blue Ridge Denfon , . . . Throckmorion .L- 'SQ X-HA-Iggy? .' X ,K ,X , ik ,. f , ,:.. S , Q I i X Q l gf '71 . 'E I fl. ' j f .3541-we :faves ,-29?--'::wasg2Mfafn-Jrqfi. .ig :'53g'::g .a,w1',ffE3f'f"? ', -'J' s51fs2QQGfa:girxFe'ig+E:1?f-sf'r' f :cf W, vs.. ,V .,'. f .uw ...VA U ,wwf K 1.f.,',:f5.3 .41 ,saws-gvA,., gr-,if " -.'.-f- fe 1 ,J 'rv -Q Jig.-1' -1, 1-. . .v 'tix ' 'J fs ,, eff -fc' p4 . X ,ff,,,.w1,e-1.agf?-3. 34 rf. ..114?,3I41,.y7l ,- , .,..,,, -any , Elverna Criswell . . . . . . Throclcmorlon Helen Cruse .,.. ,... B arry Wilburn CurnuH' . . . Canadian Dorolhy Curfis . . . . . Bynum Richard Dalrymple . . . Kilgore Laiuana Danfor'l'h . , . Temple Harold Davis ..,. . . . Denfon Harris Davis . . . , , , Roby Louise Davis . . . . . l'I'asca Mary Davis , . . ... Temple Nell Davis ..,.. . . . Dennis Oma Lee Davis . , Archer Cily Ralph Waldo Davis .... Vernon Frances Davison .. McCaulley Gladis Dawson , . ..... Frisco Jerry Deavenporl' . . . , , Duncan, Olcla. Maurice Deussen .... . . . Ponder Erminfrude Dickinson . . . , . . Denlon Helen Dobbins .... . .. Denlon Frances Doclcery . .. Evelyn Dunn . .. Edi+h Echols ..... O. K. Edmondson . .. Johnny Elders .... Looks as if lhis Eagle will malce lhal louchdown in spile of lhe laclclers opposilion. is X Xen ' Ag X . ix: l fo. , Y I ., . . Trenfon Foresfburg . . . Caddo .. Quanah . . . Millsap ' -L , yy 245 Q K ,fn . jf! 1 2-2 .-if I' .sv 5' ,ji-1.4, its , .Ma '.'Jf.fv A1 1 ,rm iz 'J 1 wQ'?ff-'Yi' 1 l- :rg-iii? 'Ji w ' fiffi P, ,z '23- GJ 55 X aff, . 9 N .X b 1 X 5 " '- ' , . ' - -. 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Por+ Ar+l1ur W X359 K ' ,:?f'?fV w ' " " c 9 1 is V in "v- I ,,:3 4 f-: 'E'!-.-, . ,, A",', by . P - gf is .'AA: 1 ffl F 1'- "A- if I '.iff f , 1 ,f 2 'Q ,Z Mi 5' 3 4 Q 'Q ,, 74 ,. . .. ...... ,. . . ff rkak - 1, -Mei ' w e -.-: :f.m ,ue::5s22l1vHm11' ::1' a if 2? 1 1 + gh -F e A17 A 45 lv 'awf- . ' Q W? l dz Paul F. Glass .... Kafie Sue Good ,.,... Dorofhy Neville Graves Kafhryn Green ....... Louise Green ,,... Dorofhy Fay Hall Mary Hall ....,.. Frances Hamplon . .. BeH'y Harlan ...,. Margare+ Harvey . .. Sadalyn Harvey Eddie Lou Haug , .. Mable Hawley .,4. Neva Rufh Hayes Everma Jo Hedrick . ,. . . .. Be++y Hegboum . .. Annie Kafherine Hennen Dorofhy Grace Hibbifls Frankie Jean Hill ...., Doris Adele Hi++ . .. Joyce Holder . .. Doris Holland .,.,, Alberl' C. Hollinger . . . Frances Holman . .. Reaching +he final OK. line reqislraiion day means coming up lhe home slrelch. . . Forf Worfh . . Roberl Lee . . . . . Anson .. . Oglesby , . . . . Oglesby Corpus Chris'I'i . . . Megargel , . . Comanche .. . San Salsa . . . . Denlon . . . Newcaslle . , Forl Worih . . Denlon , ..... Elec'l'ra Corpus Chris+i . . . . Wichifa Falls . . . Sherman , . . Seymour , , . Garland . . . Dallas Wichi+a Falls .. ,. . McAllen .. Kifchener, On+ario .. . Frederick, Okla. Swmqmq O Mar'l'ha Jane Holi' . Billie Hopper .... Doyle Horsley Thomas Houser .. Mary E. Hunl' .... Roberfa Hu+chinson Eugenia Jackson .. Hazel Johansen . Ilona Johnson ..... Margie Nell Johnson Juanifa Jones ..... Mary Jane Jones . . Paul F. Jones .... Kayo Kamiiaki . .. Alice Rufh Kea+on . Dillie M. Kelley . .. . Mary Lois Kelso Monnie Kemp . ., Mary Ann Kerby . . Rufh Kirk ...... i ai a rfx'aa4f'if3w' U iifiibfmal' . . . . Haskell . . Rising Siar . . . Dallas .. Chil'l'on . . . . Lone Oak . , . Dallas . . . . Cisco . . . Ringgold Hardes'I'y, Okla. . . . . . Cleburne . . Den'I'on . . . . Anson .. . For'l' Worfh Kahului, Hawaii Argyle . . . Palesiine . . . Anson Vernon . . . Farmersville .. Waxahachie . . . . l'l'asca 9 Ffa ei! Eleanor Kyle . .. Doris Lacewell . .. . Wayne Laird .. Jim Lawrence ..... . . . For'I' Worlh . . . Haskell Baird Q v- ' vi' f W v rf if mr ff 'C- Sli' f wtf: E y Q, Qtr ,XXX - x l 3-af .f. K, g, Marvin Cecil Lee . . James N. Lewis Juanila Rulh Liggell Billie Rufh Loving . . Maxine Fosler Lowe Johnnie Manloolh . Joe H. Marlin Mary Louise Marlin F. C. Maseles ,... Lillie Lou May Ludine May ,.,. Pal' H. Mayfield . .. Charles Meeks . .. Winnilred Merrill .. Amp Miller ...... Frances Jean Miller Dennie Modise'H'e . Lois Monk ..... Eloise Moore ..... Adalene Doris Moreland Vernon H. Morrill . .. Evelyn Morris . .. Helen Mullins . .. Margie Munden These co-eds oughl lo malce any soldier happy al The college U.S.O. clance. ' iivi A 'ielzezkiliiiii Q six? X-Wea .- -. .4 N5k.2.3,5-.1,-.eM..uc -- l sr 5 Q: N 5:.' W" QF' M'-.-' il-3.i'1 Q. ' , .s...,,,.' ,,,, , V K, .1 3:'p':1,w ,XTX 4 A 11 fx if WH'-f"f: ff? 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Frances Pierce , ., Damon Wade Poll: Audrey Ragsdale Willyne Ragsdale . Rachel Inez Raines Aubrey Reves . I . Laura Jo Rhea I . e E642-leg' . McKinney .. Woodson . Comanche . . . Denlon Pecos Wichila Falls . . , Junc'I'ion . . . Munday , Springlown .. Bluff Dale A . . . Cliflon . .. . Mar+ Wichila Falls , . . Collinsville Chicago, lll. . . . Porl' Lavaca ,. . Irving Dallas . Sa nla Anna Waxahachie . Sanfa Anna . . . Whilney . . . Nocona . . . Childress W 1, . -vs 5 . .ow Sn Y... ' wx' - ' 1' 1-J: , asv- 1, , if - -f. we Q Y gf f M433 Rx Q I F evr- u if Q--V L KA A is f "W i l 6 . Wynifred E. Rich Mildred Riclcs .A Evelyn Riley AA A Billy Mac Ri+cl1ie Ranel Roberfson Caroline Robinson Claude Robinson Paul Robinson Huberi' Rogers A Owela Ross A Samuel Rude A A Lucille Rumsey AA Doro+l1y Seely AA Geraldine Shaw AA Darwin Shipman Billie Jo Shrum A A Ellie Sl1ul+s A A Donna Silsby A A A Oscar Sifzes A Ruby Lee Slayden Mildred Sloman A Mary Grace Smi+h M. Ray Smilh A AA Be'H'y Smi+l1er A Ex prexres ol llwe Falcons pose willw 'rlneir dales al a lral lunclion. A AA A Luflcin A A Ennis A A Ponder A A Denlon Frederick, Okla. A A A A A Ranger Roswell, N. M. A A A Big Sandy Ennis A A A A Cleburne A A A Dallas A A A A Miles A A A Dallas A A A A Abilene A A A A A A A Vera A A A Burkburneh' A A AAAAA May AA Albia, Iowa A A Pilol' Poinf Aflon A A Merlzel A A A A Den+on A A A A Denlon A A A Dallas . 1' Glu was Re gxlvexl Ca kclfmg a on SM Mary Rullw Holmes Sonnenburg . .. Dave C. Spencer ........... Frank Cole Spencer J. C. Spencer, Jr. . .. Marjorie S+aggs ., Benialee S'l'ailey . .. Chloe Dell S+alcup Cl1ris'I'ine Siallings Jean S+allings , .. W. F. S+a+ser .,... Harold V. Sfavlo . .. Dick R. Sfead Doro+l1y S+epl1ens . . , Mariory Sfewarl' ,.,. Sarah Ann Srowe ..,, Mary Frances Shoup ,.., Polly Sweel ,...,.. Mauvalene Tacki'H' .... Ru+l'1 Tackifl ,.... Tommy Talley . . . BeHy Tannahill .,., Joan Taylor , .. Maurice Taylor ..,. 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Janice Baird . ., Rebecca Barham Opal Barlow . .. Mary K. BarneH' Ouida Beard . .. Jake Beckham . Emma Bernal , .. Anne Bierschwale Elizabefh Biggs . Marqueri'H'e Bird Mabel Birdsong .. Mary Birfcher . Virginia Blair .. BeHy Blanlon . 4 Edna Blanlon . , Audrey Borden . . Mabel Boren . . Charles Bowen ., . . . . Travis .. Megargel . . . May A , Graham .. Sfephenville ,. Kaufman . Slamford .. Deporl' . ., Bowie . . Forl' Worfh . Breckenridge ,. Brownsboro Soulh America , . Junc+ion .. McKinney .. Vernon . . Longview . . . Texarkana . Wealherford . . Forl' Worlh .. Bowie . . . Junc'l'ion .. Blue Ridge . . . Gunler I ffjf, 4, . 'N 'P Q ff' -f, I f f.-L' ' " 253' 1 1 g Clif - A 117' 1:61 Qrgf' ? ffl: i R' -gs if z Mm .,,,i.,a r '. . .Ar 3-.,,,M,2f V ,Y ' '?4efu"'47' 1 page ,, ,em ' . ,,L.,,:, , 1 ef 1:5 1. JT 3 m fg- ' V 9 1 init I 5' Ki flbjzf 1 . sn 4 O' N ,ht l ,, ,gsf .V si tl 'R l 1' 1- ,v J 1 gg' lt? is if-3-3,111 ., P 1 1, if Y n ,ziggy A 4 5 N, ' 4 1 1' 4 -3, 'f ,I Q I L? J af Ji 65 ee any familiar laces IN lhns crowd of Eagle loolball fans? .Jx3."SI'f'!'W - . fyfffijjfb, Spilfcfve Charles Bradley .. Dorolhy A. Braly , Melba Breedlove . A . Mary Bridendall . .. Conway M. BriH'on BeHy Brock . ,. ,. . Lorna D. Broolce . . EllioH' Browder , Merlyn Brown ., Dorolhy Buchanan Miriam Bucy .,... lda Mae BurneH . Imogene Bu+'rrill ,, Lola Mae Burrow . Hoyl' Byrd ,.... Hugh Calhoun Roberf Callaway . Tida Camp ..... Mary Carlisle ..., John Carr . .. J. G. Carler . Noah Carier A Floreine Casey . . 4 Margarei Cafanach r arflli adam 5-X Sv Gul up XuSSe5' Mineral Wells . . . , . Denion Honey Grove . , . , Quanah Bolivar, N. Y. . Forl' Worlh . . . . Houslon . . . . Bangs Whi'lewrigh+ . . . . . Den'I'on . Kermil' Waxahachie , . Grapevine Tulia .. Cross Cul' . , . , Dallas , . , , . Vernon . Sweefwaler . Farmersville . F'or+ Worfh . . Collinsville Ailanfa Monl Belvieu , Porf Arlhur s -13 -Q 'sk w . ,I xg -,Dv-.gy5?,k ..3if3'lf?va,Tfgt.:,Yf- .vlytrrjk 3, w. 1,4 .ix x xx gi, ja,3.Lf an Pt 61.1 'fr dwg?-r'. 1-. ff? .a rag 5 x. fr X-. jig: N WW W - , rf 5: is 5 :LE Sunny Clarke , , , s , McGregor Ani+a Cole . . . . . . Waxahachie Earl Collins . .. ..,.. Dallas Jacob Cook .... , . . Brownsboro Tad Copeland . .. . . . Caddo Dixie Cosfon . .. .... Kaufman Helen Craig , . . . . . Denfon Lillian Cross .... . . . Megargel Polly Cummings .... .. . Alvarado Billy Daniel .... .. Kerens Veda M. Davis .. Collinsville Roberi' E. Day . .. .... Kaufman Marcelle DeLejeu . . . Wea'l'l'ierford J. D. Denman ..., .... B reclcenridge Doris E. Dillehay .... ..... V ernon Kaihleen Diller . . . . . . Albany Peggy Dixon . .. .... Gorman BeHy Dorsey . . , . . . Forl' WOFH1 Evelyn Dozier . ,. .... Dallas Edwin Duffel . . . . . . Dallas Maryann Duggan Harold DuHadway Joe Dunn ,,,,,l.. Mary L. Dyer , .. Say HAH." The liospiial receives lrequem' visiiors during winler monilws. Dallas . . . Tulsa, Olcla. . . . . Blue Ridge . . . Den'I'on .R M.. NVQ V' Q ,QL M S v,.T.sfQ-1,3 Q32?1,'ivs 'RFE Q.: 5631, .' X jim A QE, ,,::?iL.. if: nw, - -+ f QS 1? i-wf'X'wgA lffxg ff l inwg A ,132 G i 2 fee iii qw I Q '3L2f.iwkfg.NQ M0056 Q BOW' ali, Cel Madeline Ellio'H' ,.., James England . .. J. R. Enloe .... Marcia Erickson Linnie Evans .... Roberi' Evans, Jr. .. Hugh Fagg ...... Leon Fanning Kafhrine Farringfon Clwarline Field ...., Helen Finnell .,,. Ru'rh Firebaugh .,.. Dorofhy Fiich . .. Bobbie Folley . .. Dorofhy Fouls . , . Pafricia Fowler .. Ray Fry . .. Renell Fuller . .. Loris Galloway ..., Elva Gamble Roberi' GanH' . .. Ruih Gardemal .... H. Bruce Ga+es Dorofhy GarreH' .. ebiale cxmsimag' . , . Tolar . . . Crawford . , . Vernon .. Dallas Wes+mins+er . . . . . . Pl1arr Blue Ridge . . . Roanoke , , . Denion . , . Plainview , . , . Dallas .. . . Palesiine , . , . Den+on . Groesbeclc . , . Den+on , . . Denfon Throckmorion , . . Jay'l'on Winnsboro . , . Elec'l'ra . . . Princeron . Porl' Arl'l1ur . Huniingion .. Meriens Palsy Gibson .... Sarah Gilbrealh . Marguerile Giles . Charily Gilliland . Ru+h Gilsirap ,... Charles Goode, Jr. . Virginia Goode .. Charles Gooclrum Billie Grable . , D. Jean Green Marlhella Green Jerry Greer A Tommye Grisham . .. . Bill Hall ...,.,., Donnie Hall . .. Gusolyn Hall . .. Lewis Hamm .... Evelyn Hardin .. Jack Hardy . .. Eunice Hare . Jean Harman .. Virginia Harmon Lou Ella Harrell .. Barbara Harringlon Those crazy Creed slslers provide The comedy relief in "Ladies in Reliremenlf' . . . Kaufman . Winnsboro . . , Celina . . . . Baird . . . . Denlon , . . Goree . . . Goree . , . Weldon Throclcmorfon Mound, . . . Eliasville . . . Holliday . . , . Abilene Whifesboro , . . . Rio Visfa . . . Baird . . , . . Bowie .. Woodson Arp Denfon . . Copperas Cove Dallas . . . ..... Slamford . . . . . Throclcmorron Sundaxl Doris Harris .... Virginia Harlman . Virginia Haug .,.. Mary Hawfhorne Hilda Haynes . Bill Henderson Mary Henderson . , Gladys Herring . .. Virginia Henry .,.. xoalel s lollll im Norma Jo Henslee . . Howard Hicks .... Dick Hill ..,.. Twyman Hill ..., Frances Hodge . .. Selma Hoeffner . .. BeH'y Holiferek . .. Gerald Holley .... Jeanne Holloway . .. Kalie Lee Holmes . .. Neil HoneycuH . .. Bud Hopkins .... Bobbie Horne ,... Doris Howell ...., Marguerife Hudgins ., ..,.i. Oak SM' eel Ha ' . . . Henrie'l"ra Forl' Wor'l'l1 Waco . . . Mari' . , . . A+l16hS . . , . Sherman . . . For+ Worlh Krum Wink Farmersville . . . . Den'l'on , . . Dallas . . . Denlon . . . Den'I'on . , . HenrieH'a Krum . . . Mineola . Jonesboro . . . , . Byrds . . . Big Sandy Krum . . . . Coleman .. . Munday .. . Krum xx y f Q ,, Edna Hunfer . ., Margarei' Irby , .. Mary Jo Irvin . Rufh Isbell . .. Doris Jenkins Gladys Jenkins . Eloise Johnson Glenna Johnson Oliver Johnsion Anneva KeIIey . Efna KeIIum . .. Cherry Kemble . . , . . Joseph Kennedy Frances King I , . Marjorie King .. Esfher Kirk .. June Knox ,, Corinne Koehier Renee Labai' . .. Connie Lanning ..,. . , Harold Larimer MaH'hew La Roe Varina Le Beau , Eloise Lemon . The phoiog caughi The Scioniis before ihey wen? onsiaqe Ior a piano duei. . . . Dallas . . . . , Maud .. De Leon I . . Cenier . , . Caddo , , . Dallas . . . Denion . . Easfiand . Cleburne . . . Denion . , . Decaiur Fori Worih , . , AbboH' . . . Denion . Rockwood Waxahachie . . , Ponder Pori' Arihur ., Housion . Jacksboro . . . Den+on . , Leonard , . , Denfon . I . Harrold km?-,, ,,'e,,,.-A--fvsy, .-- - - 35: Y , ,I Q A I-3.5, Q -1 5 :Lay you - I V v, -, .- JU -F,-7-V - ,F . - vi-uf .- - df. we ""7,:i?L -ew . . ignefi' '21 N r wa- fee, ,gk 7' mf- "n e - eg-,efaisf c -.ei-uf L., ,f irsflw ,QM J sg'?.5fQJE aff ! - -' P xydrffa-,-S-. ff 5+ M H 1-:. w. 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Eunice Marfin , .. af . - - , Sf ! 1 3 vgifiiifgg' 'F - -1- - -TT ',.1f ,ff-1' yzffzmf Le'H'y Jo Mar'I'in . ,. Pauline Marfin .. William Mariin , , Trammell Mays .. Bill Meads ...,.. Mary Bob Means Doroihy Meridefh Joan Merrill' , ., Doroihy Meyer . . Carl Meyers ..., , . For+ Worih . . . Denion . . , . Collinsville Corpus Chris+i .. Denion , . , Tyler .. Jus+in .. Slidell .. Denfon . . . . , Alvarado Farmers Branch Kingfisher, Olcla. , . San Angelo . . . Nocona ., Vernon .. Denion .. Whifesboro .. Seymour , . 4 Abilene .. Mabanlc ., Jacksonville .. Tipfon, Kans. . . . Texas Ciiy 511 as Q as W A QQQQ MiddIe+on ,T Dallas 'f f jk --xs c XX , N 1 in .X-1" w if E' ' iligr Pg l " RQ 1, .viiff , ij ,,., 171 'LB -Wi I' 'K ' J K ., ' ' y 4 X. X I I , "ski,-gi I .aiflvqt 519 gF",7E,Qv+ I 'ggi fjlfl' -3,154-,g. ' ni f ' -f an f f Y Q nl engigy gnilu V ' . '- - ' L.. v '- . -' ', - 'ii' -' 31 - . i , 'Ns "N fd- ,.- ' -.4 14 'K' 2 ,f'...' I 1 ii- ' - ve .yay 4 3 4 - -14 1gx...fe ,. 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Weinerl' Marrha McClellan .... Siamford Margarel' McClin'l'ock . . . ..., Haskell Lois McClung ..... . . . Anson Mary Lou McClurg ..... Troup Peggy McComb .... Aurora, Colo. Anna McCoy . ,. ...... Eleclra The social eihics class puls Theory info praclice al' a formal coffee. 1 c. mug-l Eclna McDougal ,... Marggie McDougal Ruby McFall ..,..... Marguerife McLeroy . .. Pafsy McNeel , .... . Myra McReynolcls Merle Mcspadden Sara Neale .... Chrisfeel Neves . Dillie Newion . . George New+on .. Mary Newion . . Eugenia Nichols .. Frances T. Noles . . Marfha Norman . John Nunnally ... Joan O'Brien .. Eloise Oclam 4 .. Bill Oglesby . .. Doris Okerson . . Mar'l'ha O'Neal .... Ouicla Owen . ., Dorolhy Owens Wannell Pain+er . Ga e -lane sefenad Q X . xg Sxreel CY' S . , . . Wink . . . . Wink .. . Abilene . .. Munclay . . . Cross Plains . . . Seymour . . Nevada . , . . Den'l'on . . . . Roby . , , Marshall , . . . Denlon . , A Marshall .. . Lafaye++e, La. Den'l'on . 4 , Trenfon .. Rising Sfar . . . Holliday Denfon . . . . Wichifa Falls Spring Lalce, N. J. . . Alvord . . . Malalcoff . , . Alhens . , . . Lewisville 1 if rf - I fn'-'? ' 'E X. ff f if 5 'K if wi Q sr . s Q 1 5 . -.,.: 1. iigxy S i .rw S 1 2,5 Y .iw- 'chi .. . 5133311 f'i,g:'f'if . F1 - fig :f . f M -. 52 5 l S 1 1 Gordon Palm . .. .... lowa Parlc Joann Parlc . .. . . . Kaufman June Palferson . . . Trenlon Maxine Perdue . ,. , . Bowie E+l1yl Pelrie . . . . . . Denlon AnneHe Phillips , . , ..., Denlon Sue Phillips . .. , . , Micllo'll'1ian Louis Pi+cock .... ..., G raham Robbie PiH'man . . . ,. . Albany K ' ' 'G JeaneH'e PiH's .. ..... Sadler sy - Lawrence Porler . . ..,, Jaclcsboro Jenny J. Poss , .. .... Avery Annelle Poslon . . . . . Trinidad Leonard Pufnam ,4.. .... J oseplwine -1- Jimmie Powell . .. ..... Azle Henry Pyle . . , ,. Kaufman Faye Ralsfon , . .A . lowa Parlc Mary Randle ...,. .,.,. G ranbury Marian Rawlings .... .... W a+er Valley Willene Reasl' ..., . . . Wlwifesboro Marian Reese , , . . . McKinney Vivian Reese ..... . , . McKinney Mary Sue Reeves . .. .,.. Aubrey Morris Renfro . . ..., Dawson Grin a lillle bigger lor Daisy Mae, Troian Li'l Aloner Mellon. Tommy Ribbink . .. Forresi' Richards .. Kaiie Richardson . Rebecca Risier . .. Marjorie Rodgers . Mary Rodgers . , Lucy Rowell ..... BeHy K. Russell . . Doris E. Saunders . Wayne Scarbrough ldaleene Scheu . . . Gussie Jo Schieffer Dorofhy Schroeder lnez Scifres .... S. E. Sc:o'H' Elizabefh Scull . ,. Cafherine Seal' .. Lila Fay Self . .. Earl Senfer . ..,. . Mary Ann Shaun'I'y Kafye Sheffield . . Owen Shipp, Jr. . Alma Shrader .. Earline Sillix . . ain Soldl d c. We ers. Fori Worlh . . . . Bonham Honey Grove . . , . . Hawley Wichi'I'a Falls . Forf Worfh . . . . Anson . . . Sherman . . . Coleman . . . Kamay . . . Sanger . . . . Dallas , Burlcburneil' . . . . Gilliland .. Posfoalc . . . Sherman Wesi Mineral Wells . . . Alvarado . . . Alvord . . . Penelope .. Lueders . . . Scranion . 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Dorches+er . . . . Killeen ... .. New Yorlc, N. Y. . . Dallas . . Denlon . . Denfon . . McKinney ., Irving .. Aubrey CharloH'e Thompson .. .. Waco Mildred Thompson ,. , Morgan swg -ara?--3 ' R ' . rule A - , wer-sf, , W. Q. 7 iifgiiizf? In-1 34 I. '?'-153 1, .11 - L-5517: ,..-X210 T frirffi- , fy my Q. p.72341fs emu. 2152? -5 5 ., ff? ' 523 .Um ' ffl? 4 Pi I fl ,Zi 3 ' QQ A , 1:95 Tjkgfll I ' N 4? ' , ' A .-25351, T .s.3a-v- I 'a ki if '-"ig, - K-ez. Ezriw - ' :af -241.,?,Hfs0'f, 1,94 ,Lf 3 9. Wg -zu. 3... ' ff , fxfgfe --wake 4 - -42 A , ...A .A '1 - f .'!,":' - . T- 52751. V ,,,537,f ' Z-JUG . i f'flv7' 'Q 75,53-f:+-"' ' vflmis. 7725 , . 8. 1 ,Mg f .1 vi 'u fx I, .j 77 ll"s lime oul for a bil ol low lallcinq al a Bela dance. Pardon The inlrusion. Aummxx nur- ' We il Dae WW Mary J. Thomson . Rowena Thorn'I'on . Doris Timmons .... Anifa Traweek .... Denie Tucker . Edi+h Tucker .. Jean Tucker . . Johnie Tucker , . Dorofhy Tudor . . Lillie Tunnell . .. Jo Turney .,..... Edna Underwood . .. Marjorie Vanderhoff , 4. Margarel' Van Winkle Paula Vaughn ...,.,. Billy Wagonseller . Jimmie WainscoH .... Russell C. Walker , Dolores Wall . Perry Wallis , Mac Walsh , . . Margie Wal'I'on ,. Pauline Wal+on T Jon L. Ware . .. rsk kfesllm 'KST' rx ko YQQXS a ,. . , San Angelo , . . . Denlon . . , , McKinney . . Foard Ci+y . , . Waxahachie .. . M'I'. Pleasani' Dallas , , , Waxahachie Las Cruces, N. M. . . . . Ben Wheeler . . . Kaufman . . . Denion , . Denion A , , T A . Pefrolia A . . . Red Springs Bowie . . . . Olney . , . . Dallas . . , Hillsboro . . , Richardson . ., Wichiia Falls . . . Gouldbusk . , . . For+ Wor+h . . . De Leon KX s iff: 3 ' Aff"A.i1 H, Z W +1 Us 'a 1 AA, V 'SA lx -AI. , f75Q.1'-'X - sA'3i-any 3' , :.Ai3if11--EAA' ' 41- si AXA, KA f. I , A uw , A-V A, .I A. 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Qwyffi 'i"'f'-,A 'ii--,e-nffvf' ' Z" ' Fiwfiiif If-'v Ti, ' .GA mm. .- -. Surrounded by Nor+h Texas beau+ies, Jack Bayless, cen- +er, finds if diFFicul+ +o keep his mind on +he business of being presideni' of +he freshmen. Molly Skinner, lefi, +akes a +urn a+ +he mike. Freshman vice-prexy, she also siands ou+ as an adress of no mean abiliiy. Reading clockwise, +he o'l'her beau+ies are Bessye George Cooper, secreiary, who responds wi'I'h a friendly grin To fhe name "Cookie," and Evelyn Pyle, +reasurer, caugh+ by 'rhe cameraman while looking for a leHer al' +he P. O. be+ween classes. E A if A '+ 5YG-1"-2 fl- - , 1.1-. H 9-'72K?.fffK5:T: NJQTL , i.- 5 : 'iiurff' f iff L-:,3f'f".i" foswwf' " W ' 1 .-9595.173-, li ' L.---is 'Z' ' 'f .-3 -J Qxffg-" g a :"i 'il - 'Q-fr. J ,. we ,J .A.. V . ,M -Y -yy.. , .. 1 . ,A We 2? M ' 1W'f"i'M"a"ffQf'H .- kn ew - B rf -f 4' was .- V. . . ""f".L..leq:f+xs flfi-:S-124.15,112-f?iifi--1-dffi ,, Ag .ff-wwe?-fi 1 -fx . 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Denfon H - 'f . i. , ..f'-if J" F?-5' '. - ,Y T" Q ,- , jfs . , ,-kd X . I 3 J -.I 5465- 41" 'ima fl if? L ' i V1 'ffm '. ,l . 11 1 E: . ' -'gg 2 A QSM L 'PF QM? 9f9'f1s, 5 l g ers ' -I f -J' 1 U 1' ,Q M af I , fn? X ll I 41 e sv, ff at-3-Q z . r 1 , Q' Ji '-., ' as K1 5 -w 'Q .425 , 1.4-ff, X' ,E 1' - .T."5 He?3f'-- -E fggAE,'. ,J.,.L. . .fjz ffl :Q F - J ..1i:l"e ' ' M .Km 1 3 ff 'J of J? X vi 3 D 7 ' 4.- as if BI The musical one baked wuin Jrhese ungredienfs musl be delicious ' N A . ks Gill gil!-XUSXGS View an Sarah Benion ....,. X S nxft 'the ox! ed Frances Marie Berry . , . .... a . Ernes+ Bier ..,..... Mary Ann Biggers . . , Doro+hy Bodovsky , , . Doris Bohannon ,... Carl Beverly Bolin Lois Bol+on ,,... Sarah B. Boorman . James Borfh . .. Pafricia Bo'H'oms . .. John Bouldin . .. Roberi Bourland . ,. Jal, Lewis Bowdiich .... Cenler Mo Madison Box .. Doras Bragg . .. Margarei Brannen .. Jeanie Brannon . .. Gwendolyn Brazeal .... Louie C. Brech+, Jr. . . , Dorofhy Jane Brian .... Mary Brisfol .4.... Dan Brock , .. Lou Brock . . . 'xxx hoe FWS' Breckenridge . Edgewood New Mexico Waxahachie , 4 , . Tioga . . . Abilene Alvin Jacksonville ,. Princefon . . . Kaufman . , . Quanah r . . Troy Anna riches, N. Y. . . , . . Dublin , , . Den+on . A , Peacock . . . . Dallas . . . Newporl' .. Dallas . . . , Winiers ., Corsicana . . For+ Worih . . Abilene A -:FQ 'f ' f . .. M 2 6 B se ' as 1 2 L 1 1s -w fe SF . ii c 'tw W PV .xx . M Qu Q . L25 H Q' We x y- : Q , ies. HY I . a ,X if Miriam Alma Brock . Dorofha Brooks .. Fran Brooks .... Mildred Brooks . .. John Lee Brown , .. Marie Brufon . .. Dale Bryani' ....,.... Nell Sherwood Brya nf Jack Buchanan .. Jane Buckley . .. June Bunnell .... Doroihy Burch .... Be'Hy Lou BurdeH'e Clyfee Burdick .... La Rue Burgess . .. Wilma Jo Burkman . . Mary Jane Burns .,.. Grace Burfis .,.. Evelyn Byars ........ Calherine Calloway . Louise Campbell .... Dolly Campen . . Lilybess Carrico . Naomi Carringfon .. The Chrislmas sealed Jrea spells good eais and lols of lun" +o Mary Ardens. . . . Hous+on . . . . Plano . . . . Bagwell . . . La Feria Throckmorfon . . , . . Elberi' .. Denfon .. . Kopperl . . Longview . . . . Longview . . . . Den'I'on . . . . Odell . . . . Den+on . . . Loving . . . Gilliland . . . Lueders ... Elecfra For'I' Worfh . . 4 . Forf Worfh Fori' Worfh . . . . Denfon . . . Ausfin . . . . Denfon .. James Bold Eva Carler .....,. Doro+hy Fay Cale . . Mildred Cafes ,.,. Joyce Cauble . . . Marjorie Chamberlain Marianna Chandler . Dorofhy Chapman Myrlle Childre . ., Jack Chrismon . . Claire Chrisiian .. Leonard Claunch .. Edward Clepper . . Ann Cobb . .. Nan Coclcrell . . . Bill CoFFey Doro+hy L. Cole . .. Frances L. Coleman . Rufh Alma Coleman Joe ColleHe ....... Doris Jane Colley ,... Billie Sue Collins . . Louise Colvin . .. Marilou Conner . .. Bessye G. Cooper . was , QR92' ,Q Oi Dallas . , . Van Alsfyne . . Groesbeclc . . . . Den+on A . , Dallas . . . Mexia Menard . , Mounl Calm . . . . Den'l'on . . . . Vernon . . . Maypearl . . . . Briscoe . . , . . Friona . . . . . . Cleburne ,. . Colorado Cify . . . . Mesqui+e Mari' . . . . . Kermii . . . Dallas .. Denfon . . . Breckenridge . . . . Denron .. Cleburne 4 . . , Kerrville i 7 E l l r l l rad. l l if W. .8 . . fa sl' fi 'ii' f G 15? 1? Charles H. Cooper . Johnnye Louise Cope Ellen Copeland . .. ,. Margarer Cox .. Mary Lou Cox .... Jewel N. Craif .... Elizabeih Crawford . Mariha Creagh ..... Warren Criswell .. J. B. Cross, Jr. . . BeH'y Crouch ..,..,. Minnie A. Croxdale . Marie Crump ,..,. Margarei' Cumbie . . Jean Cunningham .. James R. Curbo ,. Royce Curfis . ,, . Elizabeih Dale . .. Annie P. Dasch .,.. Joe Davidson . .. Ediih Davies ..,. Ediih M. Davis Nell Davis ...... Edward Dawson , ,. ' 1 I, A LV The masculine coniingeni oi The I943 Yucca iavoriles came from +h rs -'E .E-of ' . .gg i 'i' 15 QLQPQ ' lf ' 7 '- H ,, I b f T15 1-ff? .1 Cixi is group. Waxahachie . Pain'I' Rock . . , Mexia .. Denron . . . Anson . . . . Melissa . , . . Lewisville Breckenridge Throclcmorfon Archer Cify .. McKinney . Fori' Worih .. Woodson . . . . Afhens . . . Kerrville .. Greggion . . . Decarur . . . Faliurrias . . . Dallas ,. Elecira Fori' Worfh . , . Canion . . . Bellevue Waxahachie we 'pssims Qveisg. 'ff WG . R. o n AX, :ef i f ? Q P Q 2 , vu i ff rn 542951. 1. Q f. W Gladys l. Day , .. Jackie Debenham Mar+in Delgado , William Denman . Sue Denson .,.... Doris N. DeWees H. C. Dial Charles Dickey .. Lois Nell Diclceson Sarah Jane Dillon Jeanne Dodds . ., Lilla Belle Dodson Virginia DoggeH' Jane Do'ly ...,. Earlena Doyle .. Alvis C. Dudley . Eddie Dunn ..... Marylynn Durham Odessa Elledge . Maxine Ellioff , .4 Willard S. Ellio+ . Craigolene Elmore Joanne Eubanlc , Bill Ezell ...... da lends a hand ll a llopelul' 0 . , . Denlon . . A . . Denlon . . . . Texas Cify Henderson Dunn . . . . Roclcwall , . . . Dallas . . , Po+'l'sboro .. , Valley View . . . Forl' Worlh . . , Honey Grove . . . . . Can'l'on , i . Den'l'on . . . Ferris , . . A , Denion Springlown , . Odessa . . . . Sherman . . , . Aihens , . . . Vernon . . . Forl' Worlh . . . . Hamlin A. Roclcwall . . . . Alvarado .gxi ,'-i - -'-w:.':wfQ,,., A ,K x,,M.7f fi 5-..,,--A, 1' 'j?.g,.j.3,1Qff .fda ?'u:g4?if"'V".,., ffgzfax, ,ng-U 525, 74.2,4:,,L1.:lg4m,j5':2lxd'uvr..gj1,..:mEw gf-3+ -.,v,,fv..AA ,,..,A ,mb .,,, J... "v'1it:a-M ' .p1""1:c-sz - -sky,-c,4Q.:w,g rx mv- - 1-...ugh fa , .'.fq'Q5Q,7fp.'.va.'f .""-1iX'fI.fZRzA-will:,1,7c5m3'w 'Zi ' -A.fv:".if Pijiiiffsgl, 'TY "' 'A - "i 'SZY31-cf if-U:A1Q:f'?AS'1f ',.""f 4--A,,f.,,,A ,ja , -V l .1-.nA.f,.,,.-1. views. -'lyk-..41::.+zA':igf. - 4 f . ,gi L A-:A-zA'T""'i fif, ,.A,J3 51,131-gf. ' - ,mcgfr-,A fr ,fs : . Rosalyn Faw DeEva Fergason AA Berry P. Fisher . . Richard Fle'I'cher , A Winsfon Florence , A Lurher B. Forbes . A Geneva Fos+er AA Billie J. Fowler A Sue Fowler .A Charles Franks . Cornelia Frazier , A A Wallace G. Frazior . Lillian French .A Barbara Fros+ . Roberi' S. Fudge . . Marchefa Galloway A Gayle Gandy .,.,. Norma J. Gardenhire Mary Ann Garner A . Myra Faye GarreH' . Frances Garrison A A Nolen D. Geddie A .. Dororhy Ann Genrry Frances Gibbins . . . Young hopefuls gel 'rheir hrsi breaks In lhe series ol Workshop Plays. ,. Denfon . A . Saginaw Grand Saline .A Den'I'on . . A Overron . Rising Sfar . A Roanoke A. Denlon A Jay+on A. Denfon , Big Spring A, Jacksboro .. Rockwood . A A A Dallas . Housfon . Elecfra A. Lufkin . A . Sherman . For+ Worrh .. Merrens . Winnslaoro .A A'l'hens . Denlon A Denfon sigma.,-A14 .fn 1- A5 A5 ' fi'-,..j".1:.T. ' , :Wifmf ' 'f. 5 ' 3 X .142 fit. - ,JU Elf: ' ff UZ J26' "xii 1216? :!Ag2?e -':'q?" Flkrfff, ,I g A Azjzefg- A 5-QHPZ' . 3' 9 f n, 7. s.2n"3M.+ is "iv f"2'5-F4 ' A W 0 V -g?-:Suki 5225-9J AA'? 'J 54 l " Sf . ii" I 3 A ' 3265? 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Wichifa Falls Max Hancock . . . . . . Kamay lrene Hanson .,., .. Abilene Thelma Hardesfy . .. ..... Den+on Dena Harmon ..,. . . . For'l' Worl'h "i l ?w'1 NW 4'lx'l' 1 2 -El 7' !'k7'iSf ZA X I ' l-. X smear in ':. RT' i 6 , is , f ya- , Q me ,gr K xi em fig use sz : I ' 5 an Conner Harringion Bessie Harris . . . Harriel' Harris .. Joe Allen Harris .. Rena Harrison Zella Harroun .. Harold Harfline .. Hershell HaH'er . .. lrene Havran . Be'Hye Hawkins . .. MiH'ie Lee Hawkins Weldon Heifner .. Wayne Hendrick .. Marion Henning . ,. Rosemary Henson . Helen Hes+er .. Dan Hickman ..... Emma Jo Holcomb Arclis Holland ...... . . . , Plano .. Giclclings Grandview . Iowa Park . . . Decafur . . . Winnie . Carrollfon Recl Springs . Knox Ciiy Archer Ci'I'y . . . Aihens . McKinney . McKinney . . . . Bowie . . . . Dallas . . . . Dallas Whifesboro Rule Era Mary Rufh Holland Alhens Max Holloway . . ..,.... . . . Jonesboro Doroihy Jane Honeycu'H' .... . . . Marshall Jessie Rhea Hoo'ren Denfon Mae M. 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Henderson ., MarieHa, Olcla. . . . Richardson . . . Temple .. Alvarado ,. Tren+on . . . Ponder .. Blue Ridge . Dallas .. Cliflon ,. Roxlon , Granger ., Bryson 4 is -X Q diffs-.... ' 1 X. v 393- 3 J- ' f H' 2 ? lil. - Y gin' i A31 ...V .1 X 'I 's - , '-Q 3 WG 'E 'HE if W' 1, aa 4 XA R N' .X,. X ,A Q E, A lbs ,,,, . . an are-, gm if wr Lrrqgggfisiigqffiwsif S11 ?i12 'Eu:,wG, M 2, 'z '- ,A .T X 4 X I xx 1 N l K :gina X , X p Qs I - - B is s s- is as if a s 1- L Q- 'vfllgyyili'?1iy"l7 N I X Q' i? RN' N? ilk 'vgm 1 tigplfi F' Str' 3 ll - lj-a j-wx le n, if .-,g f '- f an , x x x 2, t J ' , ,Fin 52!f:x 5??aQ. J is ? ai ' r ,fm 434 D ,,1",, ':-se ig Q V X si!! -,I lg-.A 4. ,JF I lf, -Qeygvez vo, 531, , 3, ,lv-Ba.. A L ri ,, -.:.-A-3, F J - ,j I, :lg , X., v,f-. :ann --,- 1 Y 5.21 ff!1l'l-- ,Gigi-'- g-- -N '- we - .. 1 'fig-skill - - 3:5 f i.. - L- . ss! an g , a ......... fl or i ala 5 f if K. QUE ISL .dil- ,Q . ' f:e"f2ks5s, . s- 335 4. 5 Joe C. Johnsfon . Mack L. Keck . 4. LaVerne Keeler .,,. . . . Eva M. Kennarcl . Chrysfal M. Kerby Roberl' Kiger .,,. Lynn Kirby .,.. Walker Kirkes .. Earl Kohlman . Barbara Koonce . ,. . lmarose Kusch . .. Mary Kuykendall , Ru+h Lam .. , Kafhleen Lane .. Mary Jo Lassi+er . John E. Lawson . Mary Leafherwoocl Wanda A. Leslie Peggy R. Lewis ,. Joyce Lilly .... Mary Jo Links ... James Li'H'le ...., Mary L. Lockharf . Janice Loeffler . .. Dr Cllilon and Frank peclclle around Jrhe campus, wilh lhe puppy lagging along. V- J'e'TsLil.'51uZ.irY?i9Q: YEL , Cleburne . , Seymour . . . Zephyr Forl' Worlh . . . Elec+ra , . Den'l'on . Malakoff . , . Dallas .. Elec+ra . . , . Dallas Hagerman .. Den+on Comanche . . . Overfon .. Housfon . Princeion . 4 . ..... Dallas Iowa Park Seagoville . . , Elberl' Gainesville Comanche . . . Denlon . . Junc'I'ion Chg ck Wilma J. Loggins .... Richard Loper ..... Helen Love . .. .. Kennefh W. Lowe .... Elisaloe+h Luckman . Clara B. Lynn . . Woodie Mackey . .. Alice Magee .... Marion Magness . Cliflon Maley .... Sherman Maley . .. Edward Malle'H' .... Theda Mangrum .. Hoyi' Mann .... Nell Mann . . . Doris Manzer . . . Rulh Marshall . .. Clydine Mar+in ,... Margarel' A. Mar'l'in Johnnie Mason .... Mary Mason . .. Mary E. Massey Beverly Malloclc ..... X1 e acfxvvfxl klclg x OS HenrieHa MaH'hews QA 5' ek5x Remax . . . . Hempsiead . . . Glen Rose . . . . Cleburne . , . . Dallas Poplar Bluff, Mo. ........ Ballinger . . . . Longview . . . Moniague . . . . . Alvord . . . . Woodson . . . . Woodson . . . . Arcadia . . . Leonard . . . Foreslburg . , , Housfon , . . . Garland . . . Comanche Vernon . . . . Forl Worfh . . . . Den'l'on . . . Denlon .. . Denl'on . . . . Dallas . . . . Dallas X l r U f, I A A ii' ' . IQ - WH , -V . Aw,-on wus'-1:,,4fg1.v.,w.,,m -Avy -.-,,.,,. , , 1 ry fm" ' '.. .av -'----'.fK1'f-.1 ,..,' .V :fill-5 Sfizsa-.rvffw :limi-Siren , fc. , fs . me . , ,. - . . .A . . .:- ,e.-w,:f. f3mf4:5sx+- y A -,.a,.f1-.4 4 -'w..f.-sa..Av, .LJW-' Mwo, -..X . , HIV- 155 jx. 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Edna Pearson A, Q Bill Penry ....... L. Norman Perkins . Roberf Perkins . A. Q "-' r Eloise Phillips A . 'A J Q Q Q lvzy P' Maxine Phillips . P N-QQ V Di La Claire Pierce . . . X Q 3 Qi Sue Pinckley . A . ,Qi A A iw fy kg A Jo Pi'H's .,.... me A Av X Marvin Pollard AA Jane E. Pollock . . Ouida Porfer A Jillerbugs will remember Jimmy Miller as lhe "King oi lhe Jukebox." . -lu. ,- A, 1 l A. Merkel .. Abilene . . Coleman .. Big Spring . . Alvord A . . Coolidge .. Gordonville . A Ben Wheeler . Novice .A Eas+land A Trinidad .. Denfon .. Dallas . A . Denfon .A Hillsboro . A A Sherman A. Bonham . iowa Park .. Dallas . Merkel A . A Sadler A . . Rockpori' . . For+ Wor+h A . Prosper cxiffafielsva ef N SL : A. --game 6-1- . QFD P' - -For A-.W D sal'-Qgsaw A ,- J V -' f.: ff ':: I rfb?-gS'J" 1 :".1P!2.',s1' W A - ff s.,1 fi?-ff .lllfvfgxpfgr 'ft' V . 7 2139- P52 ig:-3 jig. .JZ-fix 113.- 1 iiigif . - gi 4.53. 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Peggy Sue Rogers Charlo++e Rondeau Rex Rowland .... glowed 'x VX llilils NN orkshop lglaxl i . .,... Dallas . , , . Glen Rose . . . Grandview , . . . Kaufman . . . DeLeon . . , . Perry'ron , . , A+hens . . McKinney . . , Throclcmor+on ,. McKinney , . . Wesl' .. Dallas Allen . . , Desdemona , . . Nocona . . A Denlon , . . Whi+esboro . ..,. Sherman . . . , Breckenridge Denfon . .. Sainf Jo , . . Ennis ,. Dallas .. . Canfon .A . f-.EXE E-, X- ei A, is ' A ' Beriha Ann Ruble A Jean Rule .A BeHy F. Russell .... Fayrene Sammons A Louise Sanders Gwynn Sandlin A AA Billie J. Scheihagen Winnifred Scherffius Michael Schumclwylx Evelyn Sears ...... Nancy A. Sears A AA LaVerne Seawrighf Nancy Sensibaugh A Earlene Senfer A .A Mary Jo Sessums A A Lawanda Sewell A A Margie P. Shipp A A Marfha Shively ..., Molly Skinner A AA Shula Slaughier A AA A A A A LoH A A A Mineola A A A A Gainesville A A A A Lyford AA A Luflcin A A A Denison A A A Bryan AA Housfon Bridgeporf, Conn. Merkel A A A McKinney A A A Chillicoihe A A A A Bridgepor-I' Wink A A A Greggfon A A A A Midloihian A A A A A Pefrolia A A A Fori' Worfh A A A A Elecfra A A A Denion leaclier Jack looks for Ted Small A Margaref Smalley A Earl H. Smari AAAAA Campbell Smi+h, Jr. and such in lime la A A A Brownwood A A A Gun+er ...AA Gusfine A A A Forf Worfh Wonder Wh Elie Smi+h . ...,. . George H. Smi'I'h 4 . Jolie Smi+h ,,... Nefa Jo Smi+l1 .... Ru+h Smifh . .. Virginia Smi'l'l'1 ..... William Sidney Smi+h BeHe G. Spealce 4 . Doris Springfield , . . Doro+liy Sfanford . . Kennefh S+. Clair . . Polly Sfriclclin . . Ca+l1erine S+uarf . , . Marian Tanner . . Davy Ta+e ..., Luan Tale .... Helen Taylor . ., Jesfina Taylor . .. Marlha N. Taylor . , Phil Taylor .,.. Roy C. Taylor, Jr. 4 . Terrill N. Taylor . . . Jimmie D. Teague . .. Bob Joe Tedford 4 . 'xx me pxaufe W ai look Wei . . . 4 Luflcin ., Kaufman .. Mabanlc , , . Aubrey 4 . Mabank . . . . Edgewood , 4 . Denion Gainesville 4 .,,.. Lol'+ Forl' Worili 4 . Andrews Forf Worih 4 . Cleburne Gainesville Van Alsfyne 4 . , , Casey .4 Saginaw . , . Denfon . , Hous'I'on .. Marshall . . . 4 Elecfra Brownsville Daingerfield 4... lowa Park Q T he fa .1,4 ri 12 Polly E. Terrill . . , Winifred Terry .... Billie Thayer .. John Thigpen . .. Roberf Thigpen . .. J. W. Thomas .,.. Laura F. Thomas i ,. Jacqueline Thompson Leon Thompson . ,, Zana Thompson . .. Greichen Timmis. .. Frances Tirk .... Juani+a M. Traweelc . Palsy Tucker .,,... Winona Tullos .. Mary Tune . Lena M. Tunnell . .. Cleo Turner . ,. Dorris B. Turner . , . Rowena V. Tu rney .... Lorraine Tyner . ,, Marfha B. UH's Margare+ A. Via , ,. Fern Vick ...... Ezra sound your A The pil orcheslra Tunes up loaclisiage al 7:59 ppm. .. De Leon New Bos+on . . . . . Irving . . . Chilfon . . . Chilfon . . . Manlcins .. Everman , . . . Brownfield . . . Denion , ..... Dallas . . . . Gainesville . , , Smifhfield . . . . , Foard Cify .. Sherman , . . Mineola . . . Big Sandy Grand Saline Girard . . . Sanra Anna Tulia Dallas . . . BurlcburneH . . . . . Dallas . . . Bryson N.. XaS'3eS' c cl Proiik in ioods ku 95 X Home ec S Ca'I'l1erine Voiglnf .... .. . Galvesfon Be+l1a Helen Wadley , . . , . . Denion Denion Olive Wadley ..,.A, W. J. Waldrip , . . , A . Wicliifa Falls Gracie Walker , . . , Harlingen Eflwel B. Waller . ..... Dallas Mary Jo Walley ..... ..,. P rince'I'on Doroihy Ruih Ward .... ..., L indale Forrerl' Elmer Ward .... Velasco Geraldine Ward .. .... Delia Vernell Warringion ...... Trenion Vivian Wa+son . Waxahachie Willie Mae Waison .. . Leonard Dale Weems ,,.,... .,,. D enfon Philip Weinlrraniz .... . . . Dallas Billie Weisiger .... .... M arf Caffey Welch ,... . . . Anson Nora Mae Whiie . .... Pefrolia Jimmie Whiimire . .,.. Pefrolia June Whifmire . . . . . . Elberl' BeH'ie Alice Wl'1iH'le , . . De Leon LaNelle Wighf . . . ..., Den'ron Mary Ann Wilkes , , .... Dallas Billie L. Williams , . . . . . Meridian ' MY l Gb M . N 3 N W J nl- is.x'k-QQ! ZW Z., J Y f' is vii Joyce -Williams .... Joyce G. Williams . . . . . Thomas E. Williams Anna F. Wilson .... Dor+ha Lou Wilson . Rebecca Wilson . .. Wilma Willon . .. Billye Jo Wood , . Mariorie Wood . .. Maxine Wynn . . . Ben Young ...... Anna Jo Yarbrough Warren Blaclcmon . Billy Gene Brooks , . Marlha Ann Bruce Marlha Buder .... Elizabe+h Jane Croul' Virginia Nell Erney . Belle Jo l'lel'zler . 4 , Wayburn Je'l'er . . Jack Morgan .,... Billie Marie Tanner Alva Rufh Wesi' . . , Marilyn Yarrell i , Dancing lo slow, sweei music, ihe Geezles all seem io be having quile a lime. . H I f"" 'L' K' i Qi, . -it X wax, 0, . V. J '- .wgfflln N. .1 Qu? in N +-if-' fi" A f, .ff 1 .1 Q. T.: 'Li E -'ii JS? 15.336-3-'fi' M1.3Q"?r"i f,. TS' ai ,, EQ. Q 31.1 Alhens Waxahachie . . . Aihens Forl' Worfh . . . Denlon Iowa Park .. Jermyn . . . Elec'I'ra . . . . Dallas . . . Bellevue . . . Blanlcei' Edgewood . . . Celina HenrieH'a ., Dallas .. Dallas . . . Denfon . . , . . Dallas . . . Sulphur, Olcla. 4 . . Bonham .. Bonham . , . ..,.. Dallas . , . Wes+minsl'er . . . . , Dallas , X- s b-Nab if Jia kkfwf-flag-., I B if QXQEJYNY l J f 1 fdfcvs , X . , , , N . .- an We v' is-B" ' ,Mies A 'yif I K FJ 35 T F 1.,fipY?2g?i5f , I. YA 2,2 , I2 X. gli--.i 1.1-V, ' SN: l iii' 'Kimi ,1,?2f'kf 'ifigyi ' i ' ' f E LSE: :.,- N n f,, li '5 qv a .- 1 , gif ' in ff"7i1,,"?-f' -1 "' ' Av va ' ,- milf' A ' 5 'Ai Si'-L51 'f w 1 ,X if a 2: sf X -4 , , , ,X 45 J me - -A r F fiiflf ii: l 1- .ii9'5fJ A ' 1 Zen, N ff eil Wigan U Johnny came marching, s+iII he comes, Sounding +l1e bugles and lifes and drums, Wi+l1 planes and ships ancl ianlcs ancl guns, Wi+l1 millions o'F o+l1erfa+l'1ers' sons. M 'F 1. -Y , Q A .wxwwwnwe x INOIM- WK? MQW Q, Q M Wa ERSCDNALITIES - The Yucco Queen Is Crowned . Queen of fhe Yucca Jane Trulock prepares +o de- scend 'From her fhrone afler being crowned by Bill Mene- fee, senior prexy. The grand march aHer fhe coronafion is led by Bill Menefee and Yucca Queen Jane Truloclc, 'followed by fhe lrain-bearers, +he Mudd iwinsg lhe royal cour'l', 'rhe princesses and +heir escorfsg and +he college favoriles, +o whom 'the Queen presenfed cer+i'lica+es. Buller, Goodman, Smilh, and Jones. ...Af The Second Annucil Coroncifion Ball Jusl as Uncle Sam has been lhe guiding slar in lhe lives of college sludenls lhis year, so did he influence Jrhe eleclion of lhe IQ43 Yucca Queen. Candidales in The conlesl were sponsored by Jrhe various sororilies and girls' dormilories, and The gueen was elecled by lhe sale of war bonds and slamps. ln order lo gualily in lhe pre! liminary eleclion, each candidale was required lo have SI8.75 in bonds or slamps boughl in her behalf. When lhe smolce oi ballle had cleared away, Jane Trulock was proclaimed gueen and crowned by Bill Menelee, senior prexy, al The second annual coronalion ball. Runners-up in lhe conlesl, who served as princesses in lhe royal courl, were Geraldine Goodman, Reela Nell Smilh, lvlary Jane Jones, and Edilh Buller. ollege avorites Q' Barbara Cooper as Y S aw www im S Jack Alexander X f Janie Miaaland ,QW - ,qw ' N I ,, Q Z -1'-fi x ' Z5 5 J ,ww , ffivjngkgff .y ,lf M . , . , 1 fa w nfs ix gwgx .1 N ,:, XM Q 'FLW 1 ' ' f 3 Q i ' r S fu . ,, , -sm, 4- I .f V x ' iw 3 .AMN ' W WW A Ng f mf A V x S 1' Q ,Q Aj 3 XA wi' SYM? ' W 'fi ,MQ 'MSFT .,..... s Yam SN f Y ,. -ff My sw 54W-, "A 'Am v Am:-a:sa.: 1 f41ffw'M ,:. A -"' r fi , J' X? , 1 , A-'iiikgi V V15 :Q VQIQM T gs E fa LL V ' ' I . J . w ,gffaw ,S x gh A V ' gg Wm 3 Bill Menefee ,523 k wg ,J K 3 yy' N 5 NJ , X x 4, ,, ,M '4 Qfiiif, ,. -Q W 4 f fy, :N 'Wi' . ', Y V . S M H 3 gg g,Q, .,:5:isg:,. l ,Q ,.,:: - x 5 Q ,X , ESQ, ' M ffxf fzq, as ' M 73 A 1 W 2450 ag ' km "1Q '5:::5"1'.f,,a:siSs ' N n 5 '2::.,::a-j.,g X ' ' .z:a,:, ,V if fgw REX 1 lg, f 1 , 4 'Z 5:51 N Q 4 A C L Carr Thomas Hardie ,K f ' 2 'M J -1 vm: . x 4 , awgdw 9? H. 5 f X, , av! is f ,, fy sr A ff 5 Lx f ij? Bob Brady W5 , gglggx 5 255, fi N. ,Q w ,K I f Q Ng Ny W W +, 'Mig' ,Jw , , m, j:ass:2 2 ew QM 55? Q ' A W1 "3'W,, ,mix .... , x 74? 2 '- .,.,, , 375, , il M 55:2 , ..,. Q LW: W' Velma Rae Bafeman ln a TavoriTe elecTion sTreamlined To TiT war Times, NorTh Texas elecTed Tive girls and Tive boys as college TavoriTes wiTh less TricTion Than campus poliTics has aroused in many years. Amid yards oT red Tape in The prelim- inaries The local parTies nominaTed Jo Turney, BeTTy Berry, LerabeTh Rice, Hilda Haynes, Sarah Ann Ferguson, Rosalie Grimes, Barbara Cooper, Mary Frances Gardner, Janie lvliaaland, Velma Rae BaTeman, Thomas Hardie, Bill lv1eneTee, Charles Dameron, C. L. Carr, KenneTh Eason, Ross Collins, Jack Alexander, T. G. Davis, Bob Brady, and Ben Walker. Final vicTors among These were Velma Rae BaTeman, BeTTy Berry, Barbara Cooper, Janie Miaa- land, Jo Turney, Jack Alexander, Bob Brady, C. L. Carr, Thomas Hardie, and Bill MeneTee. For The TirsT Time This year The Yucca is including in iTs PersonaliTies secTion The TwenTy sTudenTs who were selecTed Tor represenTaTion in The publicaTion, "Who's Who Among STudenTs in American Colleges and Uni- versiTies." Biographies oT sTudenTs Trom various campuses over The LlniTed STaTes chosen Tor scholarship, leadership, and conTribuTions To The exTra- curricular liTe oT The campus appear in The book, which is published aT Uni- versiTy, Alabama. The l943 represenTaTives Trom NorTh Texas are Marie AusTin, Velma Rae BaTeman, Vi Marie BusTer, Barbara Cooper, MarTha Harmon, Emma Lou Long, Virginia PaxTon, LerabeTh Rice, BeTTy Rodriguez, lvlargareT Riley, BeTTy Ann Vanhoove, Billie WolTe, Paul Anderson, Thomas Hardie, Wayne Hargrove, William Janes, Oscar LenTz, Bill MeneTee, David Robbins, and Ben Walker. PicTured in Who's Who aT N. T. S. T. C. are TwenTy-Tive sTudenTs who have done ouTsTanding work in The various deparTmenTs and speciTic exTra- curricular work on The campus. These sTudenTs were picked by heads oT deparTmenTs and TaculTy members Tor scholarship, leadership, personaliTy, and exTracurricular acTiviTies. The sTudenTs picked and The deparTmenT or acTiviTy which They represenT are as Tollows: DoroThy Box, hisTory: Paul Anderson, music: ErnesT Edwards, biology: BeTTy June Turner, educaTion: Charles Dameron, publicaTions: John Cham- bers, indusTrial arTs: Margie Munden, arT: Bill MeneTee, physical educaTion: Carlysle Bass, economics: BeTTy Jane Timblin, English: Henry Amlin, gov- ernmenT: Billie WolTe, home economics: James ProThro, debaTe: M. B. Ward, physics: AlThea Richardson, geography: Louis Pickard, chemisTry: Frances HigginboTham, library service: Harris Davis, A Cappela Choir: Bill Townsend, maThemaTics: Helen Mae Bullock, speech: Sarah Ann Ferguson, business educaTion: Ray Leonard, Toreign languages: Frank Allison, radio: Elnora WesTmoreland, dramaTics: and Ellen Hopkins, religious acTiviTies. Davkd Pwbbms Barbara C:o 0Per 4' M f ,. We Q' 2 "f"fe3Y -w me v 1 -Q za.: .J .wa :dy M be 5 I Jigig W, if U Paul Anderson ff, Q Whom 60 We 'dr we ,,. ' Q In American Colleges And Universiti EES f, ,Wy A.,-e fb VV- fm, , ,Y -Q , sag: . sw, Q' ., ,g ,Q . .M Marie Busfer T 'Q aylor Margaref Riley E mme Lou L 099 'H- Gscaf Len Mar' I6 AUSHH Z, Cf! In American Colleges And Universities Bill Mehefee -ff!! as Ben Waxker wfwz, who i In American Colleges i And Universities Bill W Ha, grove Janes fff.'ff,IfI"fiff.fS'f B + e fy Ann Vanhoove We W X W. Krq Krda Paxion Lerabeih R309 M 61--I-he H errno fl whol why In Am - erlcqn C Olle Qes A . nd Universities Beiky Roddquez Vehna Rae Baieman who, who ln Physics In Relfgio US Acffvfffe Ellen H opkins Frank viCe In LibrafY Se' , 5 E S . . b fham Frances H'gg'n O Allison In M. B. Ward ,fl Engfsly Be Hy Jane Tl' mblin Economics Wm Home We nquaQGS Bane NN 0 oreiqn La hw? why' Xn A Capp Xn Debaie James Proihro at Harris Da eonard Ray L In Chefnisivry P0 f r er Louis Pickard wha, wha In Eco nomics Carlysle Bass In Spe ech ln Business Educa Sarah Ann Ferguson ln Mu ae Bullock In BioIo9Y E esf Edwa rds rn Paul Anderson af NTSTC S Xn Geoq raphy fx Ldlwf who Physicax Educahon Xn h 5 Richardson ahcs PM e Xn Dram Xn Xnd ush'KaX A vis Johnny Chambers NTSTC BN Menefee rehand f Hnora W eskmo I n Ed uCa+i on Be++Y June Turner why, who ln Ari f ln Publicafions Margie Mu nden Biff Townsend I Governmerd n Hef1'Y Amlin Q Ni ln Mafhemafics Cfrarl es Dameron i Doro fr'1y Box ak TSTC ln Hfsf Ory U Johnny came marching, yes, he did, Laughing end sfrong, like any young kid, Johnny, my son, is Johnny lhel One Who will win lhe figh+ as i+ should be won. . - 1 ...vw'm1.rLs1Lfx-,ffnlx.,:f11.1:Sz5Lw:ifr1Lzy5sm1f,:,rc3.,SAx:1JaL:a3i5,7:nis':wf3ti-:Sax-rz'fv:uY"1'-Q-yf.zgLZxzf T -J, nam 5 3,3 'rt' 11 uf '- A W "Sfvrsalf-Alias'HiJ.:W'-'J-,:'2" 41"n,1L:22'1.5cfs.z 1,'yg.,m:ux:'x.:4-,ng-.x wi. ., . 1' Q :Q ,Q ,. .f..:f mm -f J 'iff121.1,: f zz Pq1fQ?X ,Ny if J -' ,N V 'e z 2: fx x ' f'Tv""si: 2 'S , ,Q fwfigf Q r""'?B'iAs COACH LLOYD RUSSELL Russell Tokes Over As Eogle Mentor When lNlorTh Texas gridsTers appeared in Eagle STadium SepTember I To don Their pracTice uniTorms Tor The TirsT season workouT, They were meT by a small, smiling new coach, Lloyd Russell. AlThough Russell was a greenhorn aT NorTh Texas, he was no new hand aT The game. l-le had won Tame in high school as a sTellar back, and aT college carved his name along wiTh The oTher greaT players in The annals oT Baylor hisTory by being named on The All- SouThwesT Team in his lasT Two years oT college compeTiTion. fXTTer graduaTion and a Tew seasons oT pro baseball, Russell wenT back To his alma maTer To assisT Morley Jennings wiTh The backTield duTies. There, The Tormer "singing guarTerback," as he was called in college days, served as an assisTanT Tor Three years. From Baylor, in I94l, The new Eagle menTor wenT To ST. lVlary's UniversiTy To coach The RaTTlers in a successTul gridiron season. When Russell Took over The reins oT NorTh Texas' TooTball machine in I942, he proceeded immediaTely, wiTh The help oT Bill Cooper, Tormer Eagle sTar, To Tashion a winning Team. This he accomplished, Tor The Eagles, under his skillTul managemenT, succeeded in gaining a Third-place sTanding in The Lone STar Con- Terence againsT sTiTT compeTiTion and luckless cir- cumsTances. ron ow: C ain, ie F TR M C 6 b, Barbeffini, Keck, Collie, K bl B S Th R b T H S Th N yl N lT Sh . Second Row: H d Richardson, Shoemaker, Scarb h B M T d C Sh J b M M ick, Cook. D C ll C ii OQl bl' ar ing, R R Il Mk k H 9 QQ p Th d ATk Ch B QM Sh p M gg G b S lf R STewarT, W. Criswell B kh G B ll C p Lone STar ConTerence STanclings Team Won LosT PCT. NorTh Texas 4 2 .666 EasT Texas 3 3 .500 S. F. A. 3 3 .500 San Marcos 4 4 .500 Eagles Drop LS Crown To Lions The warTime NorTh Texas Eagles, hard hiT by The draTT and suTTering Trom The loss oT Their coach and several sTellar players, sTepped blindly inTo The l942 TooTball season wiTh a brand-new -coach and a squad oT inexperienced men and came ouT wiTh Their weak- esT season record in several years. The Eagles, piloTed by Coach Lloyd Russell, Tormer Baylor UniversiTy sTar, wound up Third in The Lone STar ConTerence race aTTer a luckless season. Dropping Their TirsT Tour games, The NorTh Texans hiT Their sTride abouT mid-season, racking Camp l-lood, AusTin Col- lege, and San Marcos in order. Turning inTo The home sTreTch as The season's lasT game approached, The Eagles clung To a maThemaTical chance aT The TiTle, buT EasT Texas erased all hopes by puTTing The Eagles ouT oT The running wiTh a l7-6 deTeaT. Winning Three ouT oT eighT games, Russell's l942 conTin- genT was Tairly successTul. Russell, Taced wiTh The Task oT Tilling Jack Sisco's shoes and Turning ouT a winning Team wiTh only a handTul oT The Tormer gridiron maTerial, won ad- miraTion Trom The Tans by placing on The Tield one oT The scrappiesT elevens ever To pass Through The doors oT NorTh Texas' hallowed Tield house. hr ASST. COACH BILL COOPER S X... .,,,W ' ff ii ? , . 1 an The EasT Texas ball carrier in The Commerce STadium. Beclcham, CurnuTT, and Gibson have Their eyes on .loclcets Down Eagles, TA-O SMU SeTs NT Bock, 26-7 Back Trom deTeaT aT The hands oT The Howard Opening Their T942 gridiron season againsT The Howard Payne Yellow .laclceTs, NorTh Texas Eagles Payne Yellow JaclceTs, The green-and-whiTe Eagles re- were deTeaTed by a score oT l4-O. The Yellow Jacl4eTs ceived anoTher hard seTbaclc, 2b-7, Trom The TasT-moving presenTed no serious ThreaT in The iniTial guarTer, buT, SouThern MeThodisT NlusTang eleven. Though The score in The second and Third Trames, They opened up wiTh indicaTes a heavy deTeaT, The acTion Tells a diTTerenT a cliclcing aerial aTTacle which paved The way Tor Two sTory. Touchdowns and The ball game. ln The iniTial guarTer, The lvlusTangs scored only The only serious Eagle ThreaT came in The Third once, garnering seven poinTs. JusT beTore The gun sound- guarTer when Treshman Hal Curry rambled 76 yards ed ending The TirsT halT, Ered McCain connecTed wi'Th on a pun'T reTurn, buT Tailed To score. STarring in NT line Paul Richardson Tor The Eagles, and DenTon Tans wenT , play was big Bob Brady. Brady carried The load along wild as The Eagles pulled alongside The lvleThodisTs, 7-7. wiTh CapTain "Chu Chu" Carr as The Brownwood war- SMU goT busy in The second halT, however, and riors pounded The Eagle Torward wall. Paul Richardson ran up Three more Touchdowns. Though The Russellmen displayed his educaTed Toe and booTed The Eagles ouT were ouTplayed, They showed superioriTy in The air, Trom Their goal line more Than once. ThroughouT The eve- compleTing 3 passes Tor a 'ToTal oT 53 yards, while The ning The passing machine oT The Brownwood gridders lvlusTangs musTered only 47 yards Trom 6 compleTed was The chieT headache oT Russells inexperienced war- aerials. Bob Brady Turned in a Tine perTormance aT his riors. guard posiTion. I ,yi B 'l S 'Th, B lc CapTain C. L. Carr, Taclsle ag' ml ac Bob Brady, Guard WiTburn CurnuTT, Guard es oT AbiTene Cowboys DeTeoT EogT PxTTer Two iniTiaT Tosses, The EagTes iourneyed To PxbiTene, where They TangTed wiTh a sTrong and decepTive A n Coming ouT on The shorT end d a bar Hardin Simmons eTeve . T s TaiTed To wiThsTan - ' ' "Doc" oT a 34-O score, NorTh exa T sses and end-skirTing by swiveT-hipped rage o pa TvTobTey oT The Cowboys. The EagTe deTense was shaTTered earTy in The Tray hen Bob Brady, sTeTTar guard, TeTT The conTesT wiTh an Taced by one oT The EagTe ever W iniured ankTe and was rep ' The EagTe machine, once sTowed down, n ' T oT The game. subsTiTuTes. T ed ThroughouT The res ' ' TT The way, NorTh resumed Tu.T spe Though iT was T-'Tardin Simmons a Texas presenTed severaT miTd ThreaTs ThroughouT The ' T back, sTarTed hiTTing pass- ' ' buT Fred Tviccain, Eage Tor consisTenT gains, game. receivers in The second quarTer ' hTened Their deTense near The goaT Ti 'The Cowboys Tig ' ring PxTberT Mikeska, End Fred McCain, Back Tor EogTes TonkbusTers Eosy Prey Sparked by backs Joe Gieb and T'TaroTd Shoemaker, The EagTes unTeashed a briTTianT oTTensive in Their TourTh conTesT oT The season, and racked The Camp T"Tood Tank- busTers 4740 in EagTe sTadium. 'T n sTarTed on Their way in The opening ' d Tor a 'Touch- The resT wiTh The The Tlussenme rninuTes when Gieb skirTed around righT en ' Th EagTe drive. During down, cTimaxing a Teng y oT The Tray, The DenTon eTeven scored aT wiTT, ' rs being run inTo The game aT TreguenT prevenhng any sco . ' yardage againsT The AusTin gk 'Hz Smiih Takes off around righT end To gain second-sTringe TnTervaTs. Gieb, Shoemaker, and McCain accounTed Tor haTT oT The EagTesi TaTTies as They Tugged The baTT up and down The TieTd Tor TengThy gains. McCain Tikewise Tigured heaviTy in The aeriaT oTTensTve, CapTain "Chu Chu" Carr, EagTe TackTe, and guard Bob Brady Turned in Tine per- Tormances as The Russehmen wenT on The deTensive. CoTTege Kangaroos. ix , -4 n , 'I N Irs QT? W xl '91, Z, . . X Maurice Walers, Guard Barrell Reeves, End DSU GGFZG, End A ' . - 'gg::f,.aQ11E . 25315 E? 113 .2 - if 1 'A . ' "emi Q Scafback Basil Smith does some nee? hip-swaying fo swerve oul of the hands of two Auslin College facklers. J. QQ...-- - 1 il F. Cook, Guard 2 Joe Sharp, Back Joe Gieb, Back ,eagles Nipped by Beorkots ln Their iniTial conTerence opener on OcTo- r 30, The NorTh Texans were nipped by The m l-lousTon BearkaTs ZI-20. Leading 20-7 in 3 Third sTanza, The Eagles Tailed To score again Their opponenTs piled up I4 poinTs in The JrTh guarTer. Fred McCain, versaTile Eagle back, sTarTed 5 Tireworks in The TirsT guarTer when he pulled guarTerback sneak and sprinTed 75 yards 'ough The cenTer oT The line Tor a Touchdown. Ter his brillianT run, McCain Took To 'The air d divided his passes among Joe Gieb, Paul zhardson, and "Gabby" Mikeska, keeping The gle Team ouT in TronT Tor 'Three guarTers by :ring Two six-poinTers and Two exTra poinTs. In The TourTh guarTer, The inTuriaTed Bear- 's, spirifed by Their homecoming, Took charge ring The Tinal minuTes, unleashed a series oT sses, and piled up Two Touchdowns and Two icemenTs To annex The game by one poinT. Paul Richardson and "Gabby" Mikeska rred Tor The Eagle oTTense, bofh doing ex- rT pass-receiving in The cluTches. CapTain Zhu Chul' Carr and Bob Brady Tigured heavily The NorTh Texas deTense, Tor They piled up ny oT The oTTensive's plays on 'The line oT immage. Coach Russell made wise use oT shmen and subsTiTuTes alike ThroughouT The me. CommenTing on The game, Russell said, 'eshrnen piTTed againsT a veTeran Sam l-lous- l-lomer l-Tall, CenTer Eagles DeTec1T Son Morcos The Eagles, humiliaTed Trom Their deTeaT in The iniTial conTerence Tracas, came back wiTh a TasT-moving oTTensive The Tollowing week and clipped The San Marcos BobcaTs IO-6 in Their second conTerence conTesT oT The season. Early in The second guarTer, Sonny Kemble, Eagle back, sTarTed an Eagle march, buT a Tumble losT The ball, and San Marcos sTruck a lighTning blow wiTh an aerial Trom Brademan To Shirley which neTTed Them a Touchdown and 6 poinTs. The T ry Tor exTra poinT was no good, and The BobcaTs were leading when The TirsT halT ended 6-O. The Russellmen came back sTrong in The second halT, scoring IO poinTs To win The ball game. Kicking To The BobcaTs, The Eagles held Them deep in Their own TerriTory and on a cosTly Tumble Took possession oT The ball. The Rus- sellmen made a ThrusT inTo The San Marcos line, buT To no avail. When The Third quarTer ended, The Eagles were geTTing ready Tor anoTher oTTensive. Near The middle oT The TourTh sTanza, NorTh Texas scored again when Fred McCain passed To Paul Richardson, who was broughT down on The l. McCain made The necessary disTance in The very nexT play. Shoemaker kicked The exTra poinT and The scoring Tor The aTTernoon was over, ex- cepT Tor a Tew plays laTer when The Eagles, again deep in enemy TerriTory, senT a McCain pass To Raul Richardson, who wenT over. The Bill Oglesby, End wsu.. l Paul Richardson, Back i line called Tor Too much. The Eagles were T ready--The BearkaTs were." play was called back, however, because oT il- legal moTion in The Eagle line. ValTer SelT, Tackle Jake Beckham, CenTer l.eRoy Gibson, Tackle sinh... i' W. Jim s ' , . J., ' ,'., ' , ,.. fm mms' ' s .sr . ' . wx i ,bf rf - 6.3-aiu Richardson, CurnuTT, and Carr combine To bring This Lion down in The l'grudge" game againsT Eas'T Texas STaTe. North Texas Smears Kangaroos ConTinuing Their winning sTrealc, The NorTh Texans Thrashed The AusTin College Kangaroos 32-I2 on The Eagles' home gridiron. In a slow TirsT halT, 'The DenTon eleven scored only one Touchdown, ending The sTanza 6-O. Eireworlcs sTarTed in The Third guarTer when versaTile Eagle baclc Ered Mc- Cain passed To Joe Gieb Tor a second Touchdown. Two more counTers were raclced up by The green-and-whiTe warriors in The Third round. LaTe in The lasT guarTer, 'The Russellmen made a drive on The opponenTls goal line and scored, buT The de- Termined visiTors ruTTled The Eagles by scoring on Two aerials, Madison To Earmer and l-lesTan To Arnold. Ex- cepT Tor The Two lasT-minuTe AusTin rallies, Eagle sub- sTiTuTes had a Tield day during The resT oT The aTTernoon. The l942 meeTing was The eighTh encoun'Ter oT The Two squads. The Eagles have won 6, Tied I, and lasT only l, challcing up T85 poinTs againsT AusTin Collegels 26. The lone Eagle deTeaT came in l937, when The Kangaroos nosed NorTh Texas wiTh a 6-O score. Russellmen Lose To Lions, 16-7 Playing The lasT game oT The season in Lion STadium againsT Their long-Time enemy, The EasT Texas Lions, The NorTh Texans bowed I6-7, allowing The EasT Texas conf TingenT To Talce home undispuTed conTerence laurels. CapTain llChu Chuu Carr, playing his lasT game on The college gridiron, Turned in a Tine perTormance aT his regular Taclcle posiTion and led The Eagles in The con- TesT. AlThough showing plenTy OT spiriT and puTTing up a good TighT, The Eagles presenTed no serious ThreaT 'To The sTrong Commerce lads, who held a lead ThroughouT The game. Coach Lloyd Russell, serving ouT his TirsT year as coach oT The Eagle gridders, walked oTT The Tield aT The end oT The game beTween Carr and Ered McCain, and said, "They were iusT Too much Tor us." l-lis Two com- panions nodded Their heads in approval. Thus ended The Eagle I942 gridiron season-noT in a blaze oT glory Tor The NorTh Texas Tans, buT in a Tine sporTsmanlilce manner Tor NorTh Texas STaTe Teachers College. TwenTy-EighT Men .Awarded LeTTers ATTer Tinishing The gridiron season in Third place, 28 Eagles who carried The brunT oT The aTTack were awarded leTTers. In The backTield, along wiTh Fred McCain, all-conference end, IO backs: Hal Curry, Joe Gieb, Horace Kemble, MilTon Musick, H. C. NolTe, Paul Richardson, Joe Sharp, Harold Shoemaker, Basil SmiTh, and Bruce Shaw Tilled in The Il leTTermen's shoes. AT The end posiTion, receiving honors, were Dan Garza, ArTie Hansen, AlberT Mikeska, Bill Oglesby, and BarreTT Reeves, while Their sidekick leTTermen, The Tackles, numbered 5: capTain C. L. Carr, DalTon Criswell, Le Roy Gibson, Garvin lvlugg, and W. B. SelT. Guards Bob Brady, J. F. Cook, Wilburn CornuTT, Maurice WaTers, and cenTers Jake Beckham, Homer Hall, and J. B. Kuehl made up The cenTer oT The line represenTaTives by conTribuTing 7 men To The ToTal. Harold Shoemaker, Back Bruce Shaw, Back DalTon Criswell, Guard Hal Curry, Back MilTon Musick, Back sig, BOB BRADY I 1-if qw FRED McCAlN .::::,:.:g::1' U" H f E if fi QQ 1 f Q... ,fa :Q Q. i ' s 8 l , ri E E lil ii? L season, four slellar Norlh exans, "Chu Chu Carr, faclcleg Bob Brady and Willaurn Cur- nuff, guards: and6F-red McCain, back, were selecled on flue rnyrlwical All-Conference eleven. Q I Brady, Carr, and CurnuH' assumed heavy duly innearl every gridiron encounler and Hgured heavily in fearing up fhe offensive? plays whenever The opponenf came +l1eir way. McCain sparked rhe Eagles' scoring power wiih his near aerial ladies and fine running abilly. ,: CHU CHU" CARR WILBURN CORNUTT 'U' Rigl'1+, 'lliree cheers are in order for 1 1 Q II gy 3956 boys who did more +l'1an +l1eir sl-mare fo keep school spiri+ alive 'rlwis year. Lel+ lo right +l1ey are Bill Wood, "Skipper" Shipp, and Harold Davis. Below lefl, +l1e flag goes up before +l1e opening gun fires a+ Eagle Sfadi- um. Below rigl'1+, "CoHon" Jacks res'rs 'from dufies as "wa+er boy." McCain sfiff-arms a would-be fackler, sidesfeps anoiher, and shoofs ouf in +he clear for a several yard gain againsf 'l'he San Marcos Bobcafs. Gieb wres+les wifh an Easi' Tex- as Lion for possession of a long aerial. CapT. Bill Menefee All American BASKETBALL IQ!-+3 Assuming The duTies oT Dan Yarbro, Tormer baskeTball coach now I miliTary service, Lloyd C. Russell Took The IQ43 Eagle cage squad in hanc and despiTe The lack oT experienced maTerial, ran Them Through a Touc in The conTerence championship a 25-game schedule, which saw Them well as Third place in The Kansas CiTy lnviTaTion TournamenT. STarTing oTT The season againsT The ever-powerTul Texas Wesleyan Rams, The Eagles were deTeaTed in a Two-game series buT came back sTrong The same week To spliT a pair wiTh The T. C. U. quinTeT. ln Their nexT six games The luckless Russellmen won only one Tray, losing all Tive by comparaTively small scores. Lone STar Conference STandings Team Won LosT PCT. Norfh Texas 4 2 666 EasT Texas 3 3 500 S. F. A. 3 3 500 San Marcos 4 4 500 ATTer The TirsT IO conTlicTs, The Eagles sTarTed on Their conTerenc iourney. EirsT They engaged The STephen F. AusTin Lumberiacks, Took on game by I2 poinTs, and losT The oTher by a mere Tield goal. lNlexT The Took on and deTeaTed The San Marcos crew in a Two-game series, Tollowe by Two engagemenTs wiTh Their old rivals, The EasT Texas Lions, wher The Eagles won one and losT one, Taking wiTh The win Tull possession cl The Lone STar ConTerence crown. WiTh recenT conTerence laurels in Their hands and wiTh The loss Ross Collins, speedy Eagle mainsTay, To The Air Corps, The Eagles e barked Tor Kansas CiTy. Winding up The season There, The Russellm played a rugged 5-game schedule, and came back home wiTh Third pla honors. LeTTermen Tor The I943 conTerence champs include J. D. Lane, B MeneTee, Manley Cooper, KenneTh Eason, l-lerman l-lopkins, Georg Beggs, l-loward Shannon, Ted Carley, Ross Collins, and Philip Price FirsT row: Carley, Davis, Collins, Russell, Price, Beggs, Shannon Second row: McKnighT, Hopkins, Eason, Cooper, MeneTee, Lane ilk --7 . I1 Eagle sI1oTs That oewaw The ban goes OM of 5ighT in one oT T e Lumberiaclcs Bow To T.C FnTering conTerence cornpeTiTion Tor The TirsT Time oT The I943 season, The INIorTh Texas cage crew downed The STephen F. fXusTin Lumberiaclcs 52-40 in The Lumberiaclc gym January 2 I. The INIorTh Texans had The siTuaTion well in hand Trorn The beginning and held a 9-poinT lead aT The halT when The score s+ood 25-I6 in The Eagles Tavor. Ross Collins paced The Eagle aTTaclc by racking up I9 poinTs To Take Top scoring honors Tor The nighT. Johnson OT STephen F. AusTin scored I5 Tallies Tor second place honors. Garvin Mugg, Manager v--Y I942-43 Cage Scores DaTe Op. Where NT Op. Dec. I TWC DenTon 3I 37 Dec. 2 TWC DenTon 38 44 Dec. 4 TCU DenTon 43 35 Dec. 5 TCU DenTon 34 46 Dec. 9 TCU FT. WorTh 40 49 Dec. I0 TCU FT. WorTh 34 43 Dec. I5 SMU DenTon 35 36 Dec. 29 SMU Dallas 37 40 Jan. I3 Howard Payne Brownwood 53 50 Jan. I4 Howard Payne Brownwood 64 69 Jan. I8 TWC FT. WorTh 39 49 Jan. I9 TWC FT. WorTh 29 40 Jan. ZI SFA Nacogdoches 52 40 Jan. 22 SFA Nacogdoches 43 45 Jan. 29 Camp Howze DenTon 69 36 Feb. 8 San Marcos DenTon 72 49 Feb. 9 San Marcos DenTon 57 45 Feb. I2 DuranT Tchrs. DenTon 55 34 Feb. I3 DuranT Tchrs. DuranT, Olrla. 39 50 Feb. I5 Dr. Pepper DenTon 53 56 Feb. 22 EasT Texas DenTon 37 38 Feb. 23 EasT Texas DenTon 43 32 Feb.27 Grand Prairie Grand Prairie 62 39 To+aI I ,059 I ,002 Bill Menefee, Top Ross Collins, CenTer J. D. Lane, BoTTom Meneliee Takes Tip-off from a SE Oklahoma lad. Lumberiaclcs DeTeaT N.T. Five ATTer Thoroughly Thrashing The STephen F. AusTin crew 52-40 in Their iniTial conference encounTer, The Eagles were nipped by The Lumberiaclqs The Tollowing nighT in a hard-ToughT Tray 45-43. From The opening whisTle To The Tinal gun-blasT, The game progressed aT a TerriTic pace, wiTh boTh Teams Taking The lead aT various inTervals and relinquishing iT a Tew minuTes laTer when The opposiTion, aTTer Tre- quenT ThrusTs, sTormed The baslceT Tor a Tieldgoal or a Tree Toss. The Tray saw boTh coaches use a large number oT players and scores were Tairly well divided among The players. George Beggs, Eagle speedy guard, and Lumberiaclc, Sheppard, piTched in ll Talleys To Tie Tor high poinT honors. Carley oT NorTh Texas and JohnsTon oT STephen F. AusTin Tollowed close behind conTribuTing 9 poinTs each To The Teams' cause. Manley C00Per Ted Carley George 39995 T S Carley grapples for fie ball wi'rh an SMU player. Carley sinks a shoi' as San Marcos players loolc on. Locals Overwhelm Bobcafs in Dual Encounfers Affer frailing for fhree guarfers, Coach Lloyd Russell's Eagle cagers shoved ahead in fhe lasf frame fo win a second conference game from fhe Bobcafs by a 57-45 score. The Eagles were off fo a slow sfarf and fell behind fhe invading Bobcafs in fhe firsf few minufes of play, buf iusf before fhe firsf half was over, Ross Collins led fhe Norfh Texans in a lasf minufe spurf and pulled wifhin four poinfs of fhe leaders, 24-28. Opening The second half, fhe Bobcafs again furned on fhe heaf and iumped ahead, buf fhe Eagles soon found fheir sfride and foolc fhe lead affer 8 minufes of play. Following fhe fwo-game Lumberiaclc series, fhe Eagle five mef and defeafed fhe San Marcos cage crew 72-49 on Feb. 8, fo falce over fhe fop spof in fhe Lone Sfar Conference cage race. The Norfh Texans, improved by fhe addifion of Howard Shannon, speedy N. T. A. C. frans- fer, showed plenfy of speed and decepfion fo lceep well ouf of reach of fhe Bobcaf cagers. Af half fime fhe scoreboard read 37-25 wifh fhe Eagles clinging fo a I2 poinf lead. Veferan Bill Menefee, Eagle capfain, led fhe scoring wifh 22 falleys, followed by feammafe Howard Shannon, who raclqed up I8 poinfs dur- ing fhe melee. 1 I ,.. if .. . --" A Z' .I. P. Kennefh Eason Plulp rice Sh V1 Herman Hopkins Howard anno Lions Down Russellmen Coming inTo The home sTreTch oT The bas- keTbaII season wiTh soaring hopes oT a con- Terence championship, The Eagles engaged Their long-Time rivals, The Commerce Lions, on The local courT, and were deTeaTed in The TirsT oT Two Torrid games by a score OT 38-37. The Lions sTarTed Hue scoring wiTh a quick 9-2 lead in Hue TirsT 8 minuTes, buT The Eagles, noT To be ouTdone, sTormed The Commerce baskeT and scored I7 To The invaders' 6 poinTs To lead I9-I5 aT The haIT. During The second haIT, The Lions Took charge and wiTh The Eagles dogging Their heels, shoved in 23 TaIIeys, while The Den- Ton crew racked up I8 To ToTal The eve- ning score. Referee Ziggy" Sears reprimands boisTerous EasT Texas Tan. Towards a Teammafe. Eagles Take L.S.Crown The INIorTh Texas cagemen, perucorming in championship sTyIe, ouTmaneuvered The EasT Texans in Their second encounTer, and de- TeaTed The Lions 43-32, Taking over undis- puTed possession oT The I943 Lone STar crown. Coach Lloyd RusseII's TasT-sTepping Tive quickly grabbed The lead in The TirsT 9 min- uTes, buT The surging Commerce lads pulled alongside Them aT IO all aTTer I4 minuTes oT The game had elapsed. The Eagles Then increased Their pace, Tallied I3 poinTs To end The haIT 23-I9. During The second haIT, The old grudge Tire was rekindled, buT The INIorTh Texans seized The oTTensive and pulled ouT in TronT To score 20 poinTs in The Tinale and The ball- game. EasT Texas Tans chaTTer iubiIanTIy aT half-Time LeTT, Russell explains a biT of sTraTegy To sTarTing five beTween halves of NT-ET Tray Top, Shannon leaps high To shove The ball A Lion T Eagles Take Third Place ln Kansas CiTy TournamenT ATTer w Championship, The NorTh Texas a re T' gg ga ion journeyed To Kansas CiTy and, aT The conclusion oT a Ti ' ve-game series, Tound Themselves holding d . . own a Third-place loerTh in The InTercollegiaTe TournamenT. ln Their iniTial TilT, The Eagles deTeaTed The STouT lnsTiTuTe Tive oT Wisconsin 60 37 B l- - . o sTered by Their previous nighT win, The Russell- men T d ' re urne in The nexT Two encounTers and nosed ouT LiTTle York College, Nebraska, 5l- 49, and Hamline UniversiTy oT ST. Paul 45-4I To enTer The semi-Tinals. ln The semi-Tinals, The Ea- gles meT deTeaT aT The hands oT a sTron lvl inning The Lone STar ConTerence g arys- ville, Mo., Teachers Tive 47-3l. WiTh The Two Teams evened up in won and losTs NorTh Texas h Ten deTeaTed Murray Ky. STaTe 59-54 Tor Third-place honors. - ll To l1i+ H5 me K 4, walf Tor The ba shooTs Tor The baskeT G3 Cjller Cagemoi rk. Coach Russell explains plan of aTTack before The cla sh wiTh E. T. 1 QRTH TEX 5 sm sk , 4 -s,., Hmm,,,...-J Fronf row leading from lefT: Vaughn, Scarbrough, Jones, CoguaT, Campbell, Collins, Browning. Back row: Gilberf, Gibson, Shann Roberfson, Schumchyk, Smifh, Womack, Clepper. TRACK SEASON '43 Faced wiTh The Task of organizing a winning warfime Track Team and The lack of experienced maferial, Coach Lloyd Russell enTered The IQ43 Lone Sfar Conference cinder race wiTh dim hopes of a highly successful season. Taking The maferial aT hand, Russell began To mold a championship Team around The seven refurning experienced men. Showing up well in The TirsT few weeks of prac'Tice and confinuing on as sTellar cogs in The Eagle machine were CapTain Boyd Vaughn, veferan half-milerg fleeT-fooTed Bobby Jones, IOO- and 200-yard dash arTisT7 Ripper Collins, former Dallas high-sprinT sfarq and I-loward Shannon, N. T. A. C. Transfer, who broad- and high-lumped in winning sTyle. Russell sTarTed off The season by enTering his Tracksfers in The Border Olympics meeT, and, despife pre-season indicafions of a weak cinder Team, The Eagles, againsT a wide field of sTiTf compeTiTion, scored 6 poinTs To raise The hopes of The Norfh Texas Track men'Tor. NexT came The Texas Relays, where The Eagles were nosed ouT by How- ard Payne in The collegiafe division. Following The Relays came Two meefs wiTh The Oklahoma Universify Trackmen. The Eagles, affer polishing up Their weak poin'Ts in The previous losses, hif Their sfride and won bofh encounfers wiTh a convincing margin. Following These Tour meefs, Russell engaged The Howard Payne Track- sTers for a dual rneef. The Norfh Texans again showed improvemenf in Taking a 74-5I vicTory, and sTrained Their eyes Toward The LSC fray. Enfering The Lone STar meeT on May I, 'The Russellmen complefely overwhelmed Their opponenfs To Take The ninfh conference Track TiTle ouT of l2 meefs. CapT. Boyd Vaughn ...,, OPI Locals Second BesT in Relays Preparing his Traclcmen Tor The grueling 'Traclc season ThaT lay ahead, Coach Lloyd Russell enTered The Eagles in The Tamed Texas Relays aT AusTin, April 3, and won second place in The collegiaTe division by scoring a ToTal oT l I poinTs in The meeT. Leading The NorTh Texas STaTe aTTacl1 was The sprinT medley Team composed oT l-lam SmiTh, Bob Jones, Earl Collins, and Boyd Vaughn, which Toolc TirsT in The TasT-sTepping aTTair. ConTribuTing To The Eagle cause was The mile and Two-mile relay Teams, which grabbed oTT Third places in each evenT. Also adding To The Russellmens ToTal was Bobby Jones, NorTh Texas speedsTer, who placed TourTh Tor one poinT in The cenTury dash, and The 440 relay Team, which rallied Tor a TourTh place and anoTher poinT. waqk Top, winning sprinT medley Team of The Texas Relays is composed of, leTT To righT, Vaughn, Collins, Jones, and SmiTh. CenTer, Bobby Jones, NorTh Texas dash arTisT, who won The I00-yard dash in LSC meeT. BoTTom, leading leTT To righT, Shannon, SmiTh, Scar- brough, and Jones, 440 relayers. . as - A ,-.WW...T Russellmen EnTer Olympics Opening The Track season aT The Border Olympics MeeT in Laredo March I2, The Eagle cindermen, led by capTain Boyd Vaughn, scored 7 poin'Ts To come away wiTh a sixTh-place win. EnTering a six-man squad in The aTTair, Coach PeTe Shands. subsTiTuTing in The absence oT Coach Lloyd Russell, who was wiTh The baskeTeers in Kansas CiTy, placed Teams in Tour evenTs To ToTal The score Tor The evening. Scoring Three poin'Ts was Vaughn, who placed second in The halT mile. Following him were The 880 relay Team, The mile relay Team, and Ray Womack wiTh a TourTh in The high hurdles. , NWN' Top, Howard Shannon leaps The hurdle in winning Torm. CenTer, Mike Schumchyk, 440 man, geTs in shape Tor LSC meeT. BoTTom, MilTon Musick broadiumps in The Telegraphic reserve meeT. NorTh Texans Down OU Twice S kin inTo The win column Tor The TirsT Time oT The season, nea g The NorTh Texas STaTe Track Team deTeaTed The Oklahoma UniversiTy ' ' ' ' Th S ners Sooners 72-69 in a dual Track meeT March Zl. VisiTing e oo on The Oklahoma Tield April IO, The Eagles again downed Their h T wiTh a 75V -54lf2 win os s 2 . ln The TirsT encounTer, The Eagles, on Their home Track, showed power and speed in The dashes, relays, and hurdles, To Talley The maioriTy oT Their poinTs. Bobby Jones, Eagle speedsTer, paced The NorTh Texas crew wiTh IO poinTs. Journeying To Oklahoma Tor Their second conTesT, The local crew scored IO TirsT places in The running, hurdle, high iump, and iavelin even'Ts To run up a 2I-poinT margin win. l-loward Shannon, Eagle broad iumper, led The Russellmen in The meeT by accounTing Tor I2 Tallies. Ray Womack Tollowed close be- hind wiTh IO poinTs by Taking TirsT in boTh hurdle evenTs. Ea oward Payne Having been deTeaTed Twice by The Howard Payne Yel lowiaclceTs, in The Border Olympics, and The Texas Relays, The NorTh Texas STaTe Traclc squad downed The YellowiaclceTs in a dual Traclc meeT, April I7, wiTh a 74-5l win. The NorTh Texas crew, led by Howard Shannon, h and high jumper who scored I6 poinT T places and a series oT poinT ' ' gles BeaT H urdler s, raclced up Tive Tirs second and Third places To gain a 23- margin vncTory, AlThough The opposiTion oTTered sTrong compeTiTion in The dash evenTs, The NorTh Texans came Through wiTh second and Third places in These evenTs To even The counT. Th lied 27 poinTs in The 880, mile, and e Eagles Tal- low hurdle evenTs. Top, DalTon Ca mpbell, miler and cross-counTry man, rounds The oval in a daily workouT. CenTer, Leroy Gibson geTs ready To give The shoT-puT a heTTy heave. BoTTom, Ray Womack Tops The hurdle. gf, Us 0 Eagles Win LSC Track Crown EnTering The Lone STar ConTerence Traclc !vleeT as slighT Tavor- iTes, The NorTh Texas STaTe Eagles overwhelmed Their opponenTs by scoring 92'f2 poinTs aT San Marcos May l and Talcing Tull possession oT The Lone STar ConTerence crown. San lvlarcos and STephen P. AusTin, The only oTher compeTing Teams, Tallied 45lf2 and 25 poinT respecTively. Sweeping The Tield in Three e several poinTs in Th mil s venTs, The NorTh Texans piled up e 440-yard dash, 320-yard low hurdles, and The e run by regisTering TirsT places in each evenT Tvlilc Howard Shannon, and Boyd Vaughn w The leading perTo lank E . e Schumchylc, on each respecTive evenT. rmer Tor The aTTernoon was Howard Shannon, y agle Traclcman, who Toolc Tirsl' in The broad iump, 220- hurdles, Tied Tor Tirs'T in The high iump, plac d high hurdles, and TourTh ' I8 poinTs. yard low e second in The I20-yard in The IOO-yard dash To score a ToTal oT Denton lnii.-fates Physical Fitness Program Nor+h Texas PE program has one of +he mosi rigorous 'lraining schedules in fhe Uniled S+a+es. Me+l'1ods ranging from calis+henics, boxing, and wresfling +o cross-coun+ry races, obsiacle course, and agilily race comprise ihe major parl' of 'lhe fi+ness program. Al+hough class ins+ruc'l'ions occupy mos'r of +he lime ol' 'rhe fif- ness schedule, a period of "pu1'-in-prac+ice" is exercised in a +wo- Fred Cobb, Direcior hour weekly inframural coniesl' schedule on Friday aHernoons from 4 io 6 o'clock. ln 'rhe Friday alfernoon period, all male s+uden1's +urn ou+ en masse, form fheir companies, go ihrough a series of calisihenics, run off a+hle+ic con+es+s, and march back and liorlh across +he pracfice field, all lhe while becoming physically fi+ and learning how +o keep +ime +o mililary commands plus ihe fundamenials of marching. 9' To lhe coun+ of I-2, I-2, college boys execu'l'e 'lhe side-s'rrad- dle hop in calislhenics class laughf by Bobby Jones, cen+er. Carl lv1on+gomery, Sfudenl' PE lns+ruc'ror 48576 Texas The obsfacle course, consrrucfed for 'lhe pur- pose of building s+amina and speed in a person, is one of +he main cogs figuring in +he Nor+h Texas S+a+e physical 'firness fraining program. The course is made up of a series of obsracles 'Formed in a curve around +he gridiron. Such diffi- culfies as leaping hurdles, handwalking across a chin bar, walking a narrow pole, scaling a IO-fool' wall, and climbing over a I4-fool pole ladder con- s+i'ru+e +he larger par+ of +he course. :... Obsf l k' ace course includes climb. 1' 'ng 0Ve glw Q K ? r Pole ladders n scramble over 'rhe screened wire difficulfy wi+h ease. Handwalking across iron bars builds muscles. Q35 To scamper over H7 e b oard wall r ' eq'-lifes sh. englih and . . Gglllfy, Norfh Texas PE program has one of +he mos+ rigorous rraining sched- ules in +he Uni'I'ed S+a'l'es. Mefhods ranging from calis+henics, boxing, and wresrling +o cross-couniry races, obsracle course, and agilify race com- prise +he maior parf of +he fifness program. Alfhough class ins'l'ruc+ions occupy mos+ of +he +ime of +he firness schedule, a period of "pu+-in-prac+ice" is exercised in a +wo-hour weekly inrramural conlesf schedule on Friday affernoons from 4 'ro 6 o'clock. In fhe Friday aflernoon period, all male sfudenls +urn ou+ en masse, form 'Their companies, go rhrough a series of calis+henics, run off a+hle+ic con+es+s, and march back and forrh across 'lhe pracrice field, all rhe while becoming physically 'fir and learning how +o keep rime 'ro mililary com- mands plu: +he fundamentals of marching. i CuH'ing up on 'fhe handbars is Fred Cobb, Teachers College physical educa+ion ins+ruc+or. Cobb is showing some of his s1'uden'r insfruciors how cer+ain muscular move- men+s on fhe bars aid "geH'ing-in-shape" ac+ivi+ies. ,as f , S, 5 sie V 1 'Mil pgs , I ,S gf-ite 5 M mf ' '14 Q S3 3 1 .S W is Q 3 vw , A s 'TWTVV lwisasff . sw v . A if 1 fi avi ' H5 w ww? ,i gigs? ,X gs .SM Q, 5. .fmss T T l+'s noi' all work in Norfh Texas S+a+e's physical fifness lraining. Lying a+ resf is one of fhe ins+rucfion classes of lhe PE program be- iween sirenuous calisfhenics 'lhaf are given by fhe various s+uden'r ins+ruc+ors of fhe college. Milifary also invades +he fiiness program as Norfh Texas young men prepare for Uncle Sam and +he Army. J. D. Lane puis parficipanfs 'Through various milifary drills, which include flank movemenfs and various o1'her forms of mili- fary fraining. Boyd Vaughn, Eagle half-miler and disfance man, in- s+ruc'rs his PE class in The iechnique of handing 'rhe slick fo relay runners. The dislance and relay frack even'l's figure heavily in geH'ing sfudenis in excellen+ physical condilion. Q li To build s'rrong arms and legs, +he push-up is one of 'lhe besf mefhods. Wi+h hands and feel' on +he 'floor and +he body sianding rigidly, PE men push up and down +o fhe ins+ruc+or's counl' of I, 23 l, 2. Leg exercises occupy a large amouni of calis+henics hme in 'ihe 'lifness iraining. Wi+h backs on +he floor and feel' in 'lhe air, PE par+icipan+s fashion s+rong bodies lhal' will sland up under rigid Army lraining. "if,l ' The pole fhrow, 'rhoughi' +o be one of fhe mosi iiring and siraining eFFor+s of l'he commando 'rraining by fifness sludenis, is s+ressed in Norlh Texas' PE program as a means of fur+her developing ihe arm, leg, and s+omach muscles Six+y s+ep-ups per class meefing supple- menl' +he lraining of fhe commando program. W'hile 'rhe exercise builds slamina and agiliiy in +he hands and fee+, if likewise ieaches fu'l'ure pilois fhe skill of moving precision. These lumblers look like lugilives from Ringling Brolhers. a lasl Qam e ol baffeball' Fern . -ne Babe Rullls enloy ini Women's Alhlelics Women's alhlelics in Norlh Texas are carried on exlracurricularly lhrough lhe Women's Recrealion Asso- cialion. The organizalion is nol limiled lo physical edu- calion maiors and minors bul is open lo any girl inler- esled in alhlelics. The W. R. A. is organized inlo several individual clubs lo lil lhe varied inleresls in lhe alhlelic lield. Thd managers ol each ol lhese seclions are as lollows: vol- leyball, Vivien Reecey lield hockey, Maysel Fuller: baskel- ball, Marian Rawlings: sollball, Dorolhy lvlurrellq bridge, Rulh Kirk: lumbling, Rulh Elder: badminlon, Dorolhy l-lall: lencing, lvlaryvonne de Kinskyi lennis, Kalye Shel- lieldg archery, Belly Gale: horsebac Criswell, and bowling, Dorolhy Tudor Ollicers ol lhe general club are presidenlg Belly Reedy, vice-presidenl relary: Mildred Sloman and lvlargarel resenlalives-al-large: Rulh Rulherlord. hislorianq and Angelina lvleredilh, song leader. k riding, Elverna lvlarlha l-larmon, I Killy Smilh, sec- lV1cClinlock, rep- Whal Texan W ouldn'l like +0 io in lheS9 equeshla ns? ,,,.--re' . games like ihese in P'0q'eSS nnlS 'l' SPrinQ dalls See e Above, modern Annie Oakieys preseni' good form in archery. Righr, fencing is one of ihe newer sporfs engaged in by Norrh Texas co- eds. Below, bridge enfhusiasis can always be found, and four+i1s are in abundance ai W. R. A. meefings. W.R.A sew p0m'i'el'5 5 cers 6 iTed Shawn Qave modem an Volleyball is a sporl in which all co-eds may engage. One of lhe oldesl' of 'rhe recrealional aclivifies for women, i+ has been a source of friendly compelilion 'rhroughoul' 'lhe years al' Norfh Texas Slale. In recem' years, as in o+her parls of 'l'he coun+ry, bowling has swepl' lhe campus by s+orm. The bowling division of W. R. A. meels on Mondays +o give girls a chance +o exercise +heir skill. , I , l Sealed: Reese, Ard, Harmon, Elder, l-'lall Slanding: Srnilh, Meredilh, Tudor, Ready, Mcclinloclc, Kirlc, Gale, Rawlin s, Sl . , Rulh rl d g Oman e or ,de Kinslry, Criswell, Kubeclc Eersl row: Rape, Criswell, Reedy, Smilh, Rulherlord, Harmon, Campen, Hopkins, Holerek, Sloman. Kubec Second row: Harlan, Slewarl, Monk, Holcomb, Love Cooper, Moore. Reid, L. Grublos Third row: Elder, Thompson, Tirk, Rawlings, Calloway, Kemplin, Hall, Henry Relerman, B. Grubbs Fourlh row: Brack, Taylor, Murrell, Mcclinlock, Hegbcun, Reese, Kirk, Marlin, Meredilh Women s Recrealion Associalion Members ol lhe W. R. A. are Earline Ard, Dorolhy Brian, Mariam Brock, Mollie Buder, Calherine Callaway, Dolly Campen, Eva Carler, Bessye George Cooper, Mary Lou Cox, Elverna Criswell, Virginia Croul, Mary Nell Davis, Lula Jane Dean, Maryvonne de Kinsky, Rulh Elder, Rulh Eirebaugh, Maysel Fuller, Belly Gale, Marie Giddens, Delealh Gordon, Marian Goush, Elizabelh Gvrubbs, Lille Grubbs, Dorolhy Hall, Belly Harlan, Dena Harmon, Marlha Harmon, Belly Heglooun, Virginia Henry, Norma Jo Henslee, Johnelle Highsmilh, Emma Jo Holcomb, Margarel Hopkins, Elza Hulchenson, Elna Kellum, Rulh Kirk, Corinne Koehler, Beverly Lake, Winona Mae Lewis, Helen Love, Millie Lynch, Alice Magee, Theda Mangrum, Eunice Marlin, Ludine May, Angelina Meredilh, Lois Monk, Miriam Moore, Lula Margarel Morris, Alice Mraz, Dorolhy Murrell, Bonnie McAninch, Margarel McClinlock, Marggie McDougal, Melva Doyce Nivens, Dorolhy Owens, Alice Rulh Pape, Mae Pelerman, Jane Ellen Pollack, Audrey Ragsdale, Marian Rawlings, Belly Reedy, Vivian Reese, Mary Sue Reeves, lris June Reid, Lucille Rumsey, Rulh Rulherlord, Belly Jean Scarborough, Rulh Shackellord, Kalye Shellield, Novella Sim- mons, Mildred Sloman, Doris Smilh, Killy Smilh, Chrisline Slallings, Anora Sleadman, Marjorie Slewarl, Jeslina Taylor, Zana Thompson, Frances Tirk, Dorolhy Tudor, Jerry Voss, and Ann Wilkes. Marlha Harmon C Johnny has gone onwings of nighi' In ships on horizons ou+ of sighi, ' Down in seas where 'ihere is no Iigh+, Marching on wi+h +he mighi of right wt' ,JM .....--v.-..-.,..- . N .. f .1'.,'f-'f1W?.fNk'xS"f'f . ,.,-vw mn!-,.,,,1,s'f ,px --5-.-v-, , .A .. I"-'W Xuan' '1 ' i ,,,,,,.,,,-m...,,..N,.n ,QQ V - , ,,.f,qa-L,g.,....L,..4L-.-,, 1 'fi y"3'.- j - ,, ,. ,. N... ,,..-,. u. ...fu V.. ,.,,--.w-f-,,-.-,...--:f'p-m-g,s.vfpp-w.4q1qg3- -iw 5 A , 1 lbsfqvfgypvyqfyv-ff.fq5:y9:gyw.-if W4 Nw .1 - 'H .wh - . f 1 va, . . .,,,A.,,k,, X r , .Eb .., , ,qi MV "Mir-xv -..g"'w.., 57 Nm lxngk ., 3. -nv... Nr, ' F'-'wha nf Q.-fJl"'7""' .,. J M wi 'gy gm Q. I , ,. 1 Q. J.,.xa-rfirssfkinfbyg , nf CTIVITIES ff- 1. ' 'er Jfrnw, 5... y .f-bw Thumb-Nail Sketches of Life AT N.T.S.T.C., T942-T943 ln The nexT ThirTy-eighT pages you will Tind a cross-secTion oT liTe aT NorTh Texas during war years. You will noTice as you Turn Through The pages ThaT some oT The acTiviTies which you have seen recorded in Tormer annuals are missing Trom This one. The very TacT ThaT They are missing Tells a sTory, Too-a sTory oT The guieTer, more serious spiriT which pervaded The campus and excluded many social acTiviTies. NeverTheless, iT is The belieT oT The sTaTT ThaT in years To come This sec- Tion oT The book will be your TavoriTe. The picTures here will recall oTher picTures To your mind-The shirT-Tail parade . . . The age-old rivalry gen- eraTed by The E. T. game . . .school dances, boTh Tormal and informal . . . sororiTy and TraTerniTy acTiviTies . . , The SaTurday nighT sTage shows wiTh 'Fessor and The gang . . . bull sessions in The dorms . . . The TavoriTe elecTion ...hours spenT in labs and classes ...The college deTense program . .. Those aching TeeT aT The end oT regisTraTion day . . . sTudenT assemblies and Tine arTs numbers-all will Torm a viTal parT oT your sTore oT college memories. Loolc Through This secTion, and as you recall The various acTiviTies and relive Them, pick ouT The Taces oT your Triends. Many oT Them you may never see again. For This reason The l943 Yucca will become one oT your mosT cherished possessions. wx 1 V7 4 if 5 ,ga R li. gi -E 1 5, , . ef W 'W' Mgr, Qu, ,Q lk f XA, 4'-'iw 'F A 9. is ygffef , ie? if f 2 i1A., iff ii-If ,V , .E Yiiih A bl - A X H- E - ef ' - L3il55?iE35 f l 'E:?'A?3l :f7f':TQ-LQ ,gi - fefhss fgygpigi 5 "?ifAfS'?i 7, Q .avi-z'f ',:, -ifeigw :fs gsmsf elfi M' ' 322' 5511, fhfi - viflkikii A ' ' P' ??iJ": f , j Q32 Q 'iii siff' 1 M wx Qs n ,ze QQ 5 if 4 X his S. x x 412 A .n a 1-011 d leads The siudenl' bo Y i BMWOO S o o Sideline Stuff of Russell grins approval s'l'anding in fron+ of a hanged "Lion." Sign-pain+ers decorafed +he campus whi+ewashed signs +o "Bear Commer sin9 cheer' The E. T. Game The feafhers of +he Eagles drooped a bi+ 'This year as Nor+h Texans bowed +0 'l'he Easl' Texas Lions on +he gridiron. Regardless of 'rhe oufcome of The game, however, The usual fricfion befween 'lhe lwo groups of 'Fans pervaded, and The Eagle supporfers furned ou+ en masse +o wi+ness +he balfle on 'The Commerce field. On +he eve of +he long-awai'l'ed encoun- +er, +he sfuclenf body gave evidence of fheir supporf a+ a pre- game rally a+ 'l'he Texas Theafer. There was also fhe yearly all-nigh+ wa+ch 'ro preven+ Lion invaders from 'raking over +he campus. Careful, Chowning--you migh+ bursl' a vocal cord. 1 2 N9 X S-F? A 15353 W N .Sf 1- 'rw 112,32- ,X 1554 1 wx J - N ' L -311 Q ., . if Sw wr ix 3 E ff 34? - ..- Haw , e ai ,, Nmfwfki, 5 , .W W .V . ,M . , yn' qi S 5 Q KM a fx x-C, K . ' ' Wd Wm -1lv' M f , 3552? ,. HSV ww gk 'gm .Mi y 4' 4.. he sf v S V ff? 'E mv P' 'E i x S' V Q45 ff , 'f F5- W as 35,45 .,.. :I , Q 4' B 1319, 421 NM W uw asf? X A1.f 5 Q4 mf is 'A' 1 if fwatfm Befa formal was s+aged a+ 'l'l1e old T S C W College Club SORCRITIES Set The Social' Pace A bomb shelfer furnished +l1e background for 'rhe Pi Phi blaclcou+ dance. 'Twas many a bond Kappas sold a+ +l1e Ad Building bool' 2 Ask +l1is Falcon pledge for 'I'l1e lime and +emperafure. Phoreffs ga+l'ier a+ fheir house +o shoof 1'l1e bull. y Filgo, wha? iine are you using +onigh+? FRATERNITIES :or Campus Acfivities Be+ fhese Geezles saw 'rhe pl1o+ographer coming. Ti1e+as add up rhe day's i'o+als afier a successful bond drive. l , Has Carmen Miranda +urned Kaghlir? Honor fo fhe corner and swing your lady, podnah! Our Pan-American ahles Tormed The Theme Tor The Qfuand Enaxe oT The ChrisTmas show sTaqed by The NPN' Ph' Omeqas' About A-1-2-3 Bon I H 9 ld ercx s Saturday Night Stage Sh Ow Fessor conTers wiTh "Jubby" be Tore TirsT curTain. TT couTdnT be ThaT bad, Th . e Pri orchesha Opens e Bch sh If 'fu I? fi A S ga? i ,gi .way , ,Wfim'i'Q'f:,, 1 InL,,,w3w?e'1gHg2f'fQSgsseLffifyfiisv f f fi l 1,,21w , 5 el lfif w Q5 E226 Q ! X 1 if hile wa lk Slreel Qlrls dance W Ga b .ghls sludenls AWP Y dav "' gn Tues Girls who live in eifher Marquis, Terrill, or Oak S+ree+ Hall find a varie+y of ac- +ivi+ies fo keep 'rhem from geffing homesick. Hos+esses in all of +he halls are sympafhefic and undersfanding of all problems fhe girls bring +o fhem. A buzzer sys+em in fhe halls calls girls fo fhe phone or +o 'I'heir visifors down- sfairs. Social evenfs include informal bull sessions af+er hours, Tuesday nighl' dances a+ Terrill Hall, paiama pariies for 'I'he girls, and a score of dances ar- ranged by fhe Honor Council. mmf! lo' m eaxs -ko beg Terrill io dance in- The lo X Y lo' os coxxeqeland P 8 Aces e buzzers in Terrill oFFice are always busy ' i -1" mal dances r ,M Mldleglblllgs il? ilcjilwes and Cll"lY laces an DCRM LIFE l lor a nlql' h ir dales iurned hoboesk a dance. Guess who? These would-be Veronicas and Heclys provided laughs a+ +he Cl1ris+mas par+y lhis year. Don"l' gel exciled. Tl1ey're no+ really nylons, bul iusl a Chrislmas par+y s+un+. F L On Thanksgiving Day, Aggie and Longhorn fans in Oak S+ree+ Hall 'Followed ihe 'Fooi' ball fracas from 'rhe radio and chose sides fo roof for fheir favoriie +eam. Qian M Arafat-ff fm Ei e whiie Jean M. T. O. C-5' RLS MAKI Jane Caiches up looks Of'- c on correSPonden Mrs. A . - h Q au We QMS "' we J' 'ee cker is "Moii1e"n + Q r f "rogue's gallery Above, bel lew girls' rooms can boasl of a ' ' lvl 'l' O. girls inlenlly walclm llwe enlerlainmenl' like l'l'us. Rnglwl, . . al lheir Clirislmas parly. ORMS HCJME-LIKE il some man is responsible lor llial lar-away loolc in l1er eyes? Belly lends a liar! L cl lo groom .lanie's lresses 'X Firsf-aid 5+ d u en+s learned how +0 k ma e egeclnv e 5Plin+s. Dr. MCC Onnell gpoke 6+ assernb 'Y , A F: 'bw-w ,:gH7::gfg. W., ' S924 M r: ., ery X ..,, A w 9' gy ..,.. . 2:w,5-gf X y A , 53513. i ,V ,,. ' ,., 5 ..,.., . F' hiers invaded We drN iower To give His FemaXe Fire- ug ' of iheir work. Wlih such demonshahon T943 FINDS NORTH TEXAS UNITED FOR lational Defens Wi+h mos+ of + 'vice of 'lheir counfry, sluclenfs who remained in school he boys being called in+o 'rhe ac+ive 9 . es. ed nurses' ala ve been doing +heir parf in classes and exlra-curricular fivilies lo supporl' +he boys a+ lhe fronf On 'I'h . ese ur pages you see picfures of Norlh Texas Slale al' war. . io lump' . A haVlflQ ardw mm would Tl The nel- one The hospikal ham Eirsl ala' . me in . .hon c0 I . pira Ctal reS Pomlers on arhii Soldiers came in for lheir share of en'l'er+ain- menl when co-eds gave a dance for fhem. EDS, Co-EDS , 0 , news wariime courses Bo and Tommy herahi H Xooks as H "Rosie We R ive+er" Weni' io T. The Mudd f - . wlns did fheir parf by helping in H1 b e ond drive Miss Clark gh aperoneg fha U S . . O, dance o nigh? drawnq dasses. Girls Hacked 1 C. .q-8 hand in ihe war eqorr. Above, ihe Red Cross room gave ihe gids a chance ro Kend a Above righr, inspiraHonaK speakers rold srudenrs ar speciaX assernbhes how rhev coukl Gr info rhe na+lonaX scheme. ' cl uesrions of boys ehgibXe io enhsi in reserve unirs. Below righr, naval officers answe.e q Marching was a phase or ihe boys' rraining. r Corps. Parriohc women ioined ihe Moro - - . GO TO W ' One of fhe ou+s+ Srafe OPA Admi JW' Miss P - ni uv vax- 'oe' .gg aP9'o mem vH"x" I RGCUXRWXOOMS on Pmok:icCoYmexX anding visi+ors +o fhe campus was nis+ra+or Mark Magee. a1'Y fnierviews HI bers bf ' re f "li'Hle Sic"?"7 fhexl leave 11 faociuhi' mem- a Club- "n Uncles ui-nun-1 x Mr. Merida observes fhe progress of ar'I' sfuclenis in 'fhe deparfmeni' workshop. 'l' 'l'l'1e mp Wolfers soldiers. I ' '5 quarfef was quizzed ole bean +0 work gals' Th. aaii- gns I ,, ,,,,-h --- vl llld ny Summer SUMMER SESSIGN As have all o'l'l1er American colleges +l1is year, Nor+l1 Texas wenf all oui' for nafional defense. On +l1ese four pages you see Nor+l1 Texans a+ war in classes, exhacurricular acfivifies, and social even+s. Grouped around 'I'l1e council fable are co- eds discussing fuiure workshop aciivifies. Kenheih Red fo fhe dy. wh P his planceafT1Pus fo vlfliflglfreo' heavfl crashed. wffh his frdfy IN 6, Jap t brofhers-aaa raid' came b W fhonfhs dc befor e lr The band boys "kno cked oFt" tor a tew minutes at retrears at to pose wr y 'th Nano . Can't you grin a little bxgger, boys? Starlet Returns To North Texas Ptccoto Pete" Lucrtte Patrner turntstwed the hot swtnq- Th G Vocal quintet. sf- Q her gy-owingn liesponse lo c i 0 ' n Fgrcazious bovcaucille .Hnued 699 For The Symphony in Swing Veferan sfage show fans hold a special place in fheir memory for sweef-singing Nancy Jane Gales, who sparked 'rhe Salurday nighr shows for many years wifh her voice. Afler her success in Hollywood, Nancy relurned +o fhe campus lhis year lo be lea+urecl wifh fhe sfage band in +heir symphony in swing. Anolher slage show lavorife, Ralph Daniel, relurned From Camp Wollers To accompany her on 'lhe piano. Also lealured in fhe show were Lucille Palmer, a sfring ensemble, and a quin+e+. The program in- cluded swing music from "Piccolo Pe're" fo "Rhapsody in Blue." . ' H115 opulafllxl ls on. A famil' render lil 5227--Ralph 6+ me pian . . o wil-h Nancy beside him +0 A salule +o lhe colors is given baclcslage during +he singing of "The S+ar- Spangled Banner." Shy ., 5,3 W4 .. M Y XA Tu L, Z, Q W f Q 1, , rs ,, . .. ,. W '14 Q? rf I pw- Q' Y Y ,ky I 4 gy f 1 ,ix , 1 f '25 ,, w Y sf, ., , 15' 11, 'if .mf ov, 'U W' N Ri' 'J' Nwsxfliuli' f" 'Tix z if V5 Y in 31.1 n ....-.....,,f-W 16 ggi' 3 ,.., 5 P ww -M fm, fig m 22 s 33, 1 fu , ,Rf . f kmwr W iff . M2374 z Q w fi JK :mqf A L W . 5 if 4' L, J H 4 "' 1 1' ff 1 'Sa 5 fs X s L 5 ' 5? pr A A w .Ki Q 51 Qs? ww ,Q-ms wi, Z, KW! 5 1 5 f 'ww ,MAMA ,rf K., w ff? .1 X sf 1- One of +l'1e mos+ promising fields for feminine speech maiors is raclio KAI ' I ' I I ' I ll ' Easels and painfs s+ill hold in+eres'r for 'rhe ar+is+. ' ns. ds Rn Eashxo esenk hen X95 Ser P' exfe Pee veevs an Swme desyqn dass This G0 Washingfon should be safisfied wifh +his corps of 'trained sfenographers. 'Fessor Teaches his class a+ aboui' a-I-2 l. 5 B 0 fm QQ, ii, , 0. Eu RIS Ewa J mm ig 5. 1 . ' ,wmv 1 3 . 5, 1. ii Q? A 5 ,QA X if , U O r"-- f .V ,..-fr ---...Q .swag 14" Q . 3 3 J 1 i4 A R fi W W I A A raw Q fs S Mi: :Lg --,. , ,- ,4 . pge f , .QV fix gh- -Q 1 ax Y L ww' X -wfagef A f ff an ,Q ,KTA ' , , x J . Q -Wszs gin' 3? U X gg 1-6' ,V AM. 5 E 2 E E Sy. P E i These sorority members listen and watch intently as their pledges entertain them with original stunts. As sorority pledges are presented, members and their dates look on. You have to stand in line to get in tor stage shows. V-.. CCM Warts dress up and put on a style show tor Green Jacket members. Excerpts from College Lite Reveal Varied Activities If the stereotyped phrase, "Variety is the spice ot lite," be true, then the lives ot North Texans ought to be well spiced. On these pages, you see shots taken at random at dances, assemblies, the blood bank, and a stunt night, with the 'Familiar tace ot Mr. Starr added to make the whole thing seem natural. No matter what type ot entertain- ment you enioy, there is always something at T. C. to satisty your social appetite. "Doc" enjoys "rug-cutting" at the lntertrat dance . Q txvv 2' f The College Capers were called off, buf fhese gals fried out Hell Week affec+s pledges fhe sfranges+ w Campus Ccmdids From Here And There Vlilh fhe whole campus on a warfime schedule, many hereiofore annual ac+ivi+ies, such as Sadie Hawkins Day, fhe Halloween carnival, and a varsiiy show, were omiHed from +he social calendar +his year. In +heir place in fhe feafures seciion we are including o+her sho+s of campus life faken a+ random from work and play. Snafches of hell week, dances, picnics, Marquis office, and o+her snaps have slipped in+o 'the ongravers and on+o The prin+cd page info your hands. K. Familiar +o bofh boys and girls is fhis scene from Marquis Hall office. Congra+ula+ions go +o Lucille Palmer af+er +he Beeihoven Fe Nor+h Texans invaded a C ommefcg Cafe f a+er 'Pho Eagle-Lion fray n ha Phi ood rakioninq can'i siop ihese Mp eXow, wonder whai FenoqXio and Co Ms inieresie are saying Thai keep The g 'Tl' Af+cr assembly, Hckeis w VY-1590 ere given oui for a da NCS j., l ,, These Junior MBTYS lumed dude "anChe"5 for 5 "l9l"f- Cowgirl coslumes and ranch-s+yle beans were fhe vogue. THE SOCIAL WH Every weelc lhe calendar in + Dean of Women's office is filled w various social ac+ivi+ies. There is ne +ies, ieas, and dances 'fo fake care +hose leisure momenls. The whirl even+s gives eds and co-eds alike welcome change from hours spenl classes. 6 'fea' . s seam Chrwima . HW . 'UNOTS B 4. Nl Ns honored Well l . a Semo' . 7-v-Y Tw.-wi V Dance fans never miss a Friday nighl' informal. A The Kelly House swings out a dull momem' oufside class, wilh pa - ,ff W Nw if 1 . ,M . Q V. A' s ,-' x, lfnffg ,qw , WM' "+. .' - 1, 1.51 K 4 A ,, W M. M A A-f yr T H , v 4X 'R X if :'f ' L ' fs f - 2 MAB,,,,,..,:,,p-nv-T-:M A , f Hmm f 'P Q T? n 5 . gf ' an Mai , 95 I, N .AJ fa., ,A ,, nr, 5 F' 5 2 9 -:E IM, f,, A ,Zz ff Q H 4, f"13ifL 'A W., mv JU' i 6 55.9 it Vik QQ Reaching lhe llna lh Sh ,X OK une Eyes a load off e 'l'. oulclers-'and llle lee Lefl, paying fees 'lakes lhir 'ry-six dollars of Dacl's mon ey. Below leH, i+'s many a good hour +ha+'s spen+ in regis'rra+ion lines. A+ righl, below, lasi' mile of regislra- Hon is geffing lexlboolcs. Th " en l+s home +0 soak +he feel ancl 'lake II a we -earned nap. REGISTRATICN DAY To fhe freshman enfering col- lege for fhe firsf fime, regisfrafion day looms up as worse fhan a day af fhe denfis+'s. H' is fhaf dreaded day filled wifh sfanding in fhe English line all morning, only fo find fhaf fhe class you wanfed was already filled. having fo change your schedule all around fo gef fhaf lab you hadn'f figured on, reaching fhe final OK line, where fhe checker sends you back fo schedule fhaf P. E. course you were frying fo evade, and nu- merous ofher hazards. Somehow or ofher, fhough, you always manage fo live fhrough if, and affer aching muscles, sore feef, and wounded feelings have mended, you're ready fo sfarf fhe yoar's work. Above, wafch fhe birdie for an acflvufy fickef pic- fure. Leff, Dad Pender schedules sfudenfs for classes in governmenf. All girls musf fill ouf residence cards for fhe Dean of Women. Receipfs musf be sfamped by fhe Dean of Men 44 f Vwfya .1.,:.:,.,,, if 7 4 E fs A if A 281 x W.: fks W ,x gf' 1? 'iw +- ' mug, X .. QE' Q V Y .. ,Q 55 , ' 2 Qi N , qi f 'T'yf-it ug, W:- , "MQ x ' - 7 fi! fgfwgig 3? k h W do You 'los CS: a . M lda Mae Burnell ol l e P resenhnq 'Ss E rliilal Sororilies loin forces al +he ln+ersorori+y dance Afler preserdalion +he led Sorority Pledges Make Debuts Af Annuol lnfersororify Donc Sororify pledges for each semesier are presenfed a+ an ln+ersorori+y danl held abouf 1'he second weelc of pledgeship. Amid fluffy dresses, flowery decor +ions. and music by fhe Aces of Collegeland, +he prospec+ive members make debui' +ha+ would equal The "coming ou?" of a socialife. Each sorori'ry presen Hs pledges wilh nosegays, and +he ln+ersorori+y presid 'd enl' 'For 'lhe semesler pr SI es al fhe in+ermission feslivifies. ih e's Hme lor a liille moonligl . rl er Her The ball 'S Ove bers A . gald- h lhe sororllY mem I slufl 65 9006 mglllls are Th dance floor 'S Crowded W en e A-Q-nsf.w.4....,.,,, Committees Administrcitors And Secretories Dr. W. J. McConnell ........... President ot the College Dr. B. B. l-larris . . . . Dean ot the College Alex Dickie . . .... Registrar Edith L. Clark . . Dean ot Women T.J. Eouts . . . . . Dean ot Men Dixie Boyd . . . . Business Manager E. l-l. Farrington . .... Placement Director Dr. L. A. Sharp .... . . . . Dean ot Graduate Division Dr. J. C. Matthews ........... Director ot Teacher-Training Others: Katie l-lenley, Executive Secretary: Inez Ray, Secretary to the Dean ot the College: Eleanore Rideout, Secretary, Ottice ot the Dean ot the College: Gladys Bates, Assistant Registrar: Edith Walker, Recorder: Mary B. Wesson, Assistant to the Dean ot Women: A. l-l. Word, Assistant to the Dean ot Men: Georgia E. Collins, Secretary to the Dean ot Men: Wayne l-largrove, Assistant to Business Manager: Mary McDonald, Secretary to Dean ot Graduate Division: Agnes Smith, Secretary to the Business Manager: Doris Whiteside, Secretary to Placement Director: Jean Walsh, Registrar, Demonstration School: Louise Evans, Secretary to Librarian. E st row: Oftutt, Clark, Rideout, Ray, Smith, Lyles, Bates. S cond row: McConnell, l-larris, Henley, Walker, Whiteside, McDonald Third Row: Walsh, Fouts, Hargrove, Matthews, Sharp, Wesson, Collins, Evans E urth row: Dickie, Boyd, hloole, Farrington, Caldwell WV' me Qmwwra. vain' W-49' fvf sa-sf, Wight M sf-M-i.'f?"7"'YQs-'I i f fill" B - is am: .Q Qs ...M ,,,, - ...5F..Q. M., Y .5 , .ls . .X- V :u5'i'6, iS.m-x'gd'Q- 155224 "N- l 3 Firsl row: McCain, Colmenares, l-larris, Brady, Dawson, Pender Second row: Farrinqlon, Fouls, l-larriss, Boyd Athletic Council The awarding ol lelrers and arhlelic honors, lhe supervision ol me-n's inlercollegiale alhlelics, and delermining 'rhe eligilailily of alhleles are The worlcs ol rhe Alhle-lic: Council. lr is made up ol live lacully and four sludenl members, as follows: J. W. Pender .................... chairman Miss Beulah l-larriss Dixie Boyd . . E. l-l. Farringlon . T. J. Fouls . . Bob Brady . . Felix Colmenares . Fred McCain . Edward Dawson . . . secrelary . lacully advisor . lacully advisor . . lacully advisor . senior represenlalive . . junior represenlalive sophomore represenlalive . freshman represenlalive Fine Arts Committee The Fine Arts Committee has the iob ot scheduling the tine arts numbers tor the year. This Committee is composed ot a chairman, tive taculty advisors, and tour student representatives, one tor each college class, Members are as tollows: Dr. E. S. Clitton ................... chairman Miss Virginia Paty . . . taculty advisor Dr. W. C. Bain . . . . . taculty advisor Miss Donnie Cotteral . . . taculty advisor Mrs. Myrtle l-lardy . . . . taculty advisor Dixie Boyd . . . . . business manager Thomas l-lardie . . . senior representative Sarah Ann Stowe . . . junior representative Cherry Kemble . . . sophomore representative l-lelen Finnell . . . treshman representative First row: Hardy, Kemble, Clifton, Paty Second row: Taylor, Stowe, Boyd, Cotteral, Finnell FirsT row: McConnell, Johnson, McDonald, STaTTord, l-loole, Sharp Second row: MaTThews, T-larris, STovall, Dickie, Odam GrciduciTe Council This Council works in The sole inTeresT oT The graduaTe sTudenTs. IT is composed oT The Dean oT The GraduaTe Division, eighT direcTors oT deparTmenTs, and Two ex-oTTicio members. They are as Tollows: Lawrence Alexander Sharp, Ph.D. ..... Dean oT The CvraduaTe Division James Leon Carrico, Ph.D. . . . . . DirecTor oT ChemisTry William STanley l-loole, F'h.D. . . DirecTor oT Library Service James Carl lvlaTThews, Ph.D. . . . DirecTor oT Teacher Training Samuel BerTram lvlcAlisTer, Ph.D. . . ProTessor oT CiovernmenT Lewis William NewTon, Ph.D. . . . DirecTor oT l-lisTory George Allen Odam, Ph.D. . . DirecTor OT EducaTion Cora Elder STaTTord, Ph.D. . . . DirecTor oT ArT Floyd STovall, Ph.D. . . . . .... . DirecTor oT English Ex-Officio Members Benjamin Bee I-larris, Ph.D. . . . Dean oT The College Alex Dickie, Ph.D ..... ..... R egisTrar The Girls' Forum Council is sponsored by The Dean oT Women and is composed oT elecTed oTTicers ancl represenTaTives Trom each of The classes. This group helps To plan The social liTe oT The college, ancl every girl in The college is auTomaTically a member oT The Girls' Forum. Members are as Tollows: BeTTy Jane Timblin Marie AusTin . . Gene Clark . . BeTTy Berry . . . BeTTy K. Russell . . Sarah Ann Ferguson Emma Lou Long . l.erabeTh Rice . . Noel Francis . . . Velma Rae BaTeman Virginia PaxTon . . Benialee STailey . . PaT Fowler . . RuTh Long . BeTTy SmiTher . Eclna Jo Allen . Peggy Lewis . . Vera Merrell . . . . . . . . . - . . . - . . - . senior . senior . senior . senior . iunior . . junior . . iunior sophomore sophomore sophomore . Treshman . Treshman . Treshman . . presiolenT vice-presidenT . . secreTary . . Treasurer . . reporTer represenTaTive represenTaTive represenTaTive represenTaTive represenTaTive represenTaTive represenTaTive represenTaTive represenTaTive represenTaTive represenTaTive represenTaTive represenTaTive FirsT row: Wesson, Timblin, Lewis, Clark, Allen, Berry, Rice, Smilher Second row: Clark, Russell, AusTin, BaTeman, F. Long, PaxTon, R. Long, Ferguson, Fowler, STailey Firsl row: l-laile, Grablc, Balernan, Clark, Blakemore, Paly Second row: l-lall, Boyd, Sampley, Burnam, Darneron Publiccilions Council The Publicalions Council is responsible lor lhe general publicalions policies ol lhe school. Anolher imporlanl duly is lhe elecling ol lhe edilors ol lhe lhree campus publicalions. This spring, Dr. M. P. Wells succeeded Dr. A. lvl. Sampley as chair- man ol lhis Council. The members are as lollows: Dr. lvl. P. Wells ........... Dixie Boyd . . . Miss Virginia Paly . J. D. l-lall .... Dr. F. lvl. Darnell . . lvliss Virginia l-laile Nancy Roberls . . Velma Rae Baleman Gene Clark . . . . . . . Elmora lvlesser . . . . . chairman . . . business manager . Campus Chal sponsor . Campus Chal sponsor . . . . Avesla sponsor Yucca sponsor . sludenl business manager Yucca i i i I :Campus Chal Campus Chal associale Vernelle Grable . . .... . . lvlary Evelyn Gould Jimmy Carlisle . . Mack l-lammond . Belly Jo Blakemore . . senior . . iunior . sophomore . lreshman Avesla edilor edilor edilor edilor represenlalive represenlalive represenlalive represenlalive Interfrofernity Council The lnlerlralernily Council is lhe governing body for The social lralernilies on The campus. Two represenlalives from each of lhe six organizalions compose ils mem- bership. Members are as follows: Paul Robinson Bob l-larris . James Nicholson Slanley Wilson Kennelh Eason C. L. Carr . . Felix Colmenares Glenn Griiclin Ralph Miller . Joe Kennedy . Ray Langford Pal Miller . . Sealed: Brooks, R. Millef, Hams, R. Miller, I.. G Sfandinq: Carr, Lanqford, Robinson, G. Sri in, rilli Bela Alpha Rho Bela, presidenl Bela Alpha Rho Bela .....PiPhiPi . Pi Phi Pi . . Talons . . Talons . Geezles . Geezles . Falcons . Falcons . Trojans . . Trojans n, Word Colrnenares Fl Nicholson, Eason represenlrafive represenlalive represenlalive represenlalive represenlalive represenlalive represenlalive represenlalive represenlalive represenlalive represenlalive lv-X Frch, Rice, Frosl, Boafwrigh., Jones, Paxlon, Wilcoxen, Aushn Infersororify Council Two represenlarives from each of lhe four sororilies on Jrhe campus compose Jrhe membership of rhis Council. Hs job is lo be in charge ol all rush acliviiies of These organizarions. Miss Edi+h L. Clark, Dean of Women, is sponsor. Members are as follows: Virginia Paxlon . Melba Wilcoxen . Mary Jane Jones . Lerabelrh Rice . Frances Filch . Shirley Frosl . . Marie Auslin . . Emma Lou Boalwrighr . . Kappa Thela Pi, presidenl Kappa Thela Pi Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kaghlir Kaqhlir Phoreicl Phoreici represenlalrive represenlarive represenlarive represenlalive represenlalive represenlalive represenlalrive STudenT Religious Council The STudenT Religious Council on The Teachers College campus is sponsored by Tour TaculTy members, and iTs membership includes Two delegaTes Trom each oT The DenTon churches. The Council's purpose is To direcT religious acTiviTies oT all The sTudenTs on The campus. Every year iT sponsors a widely-lcnown spealcer To lecTure Tor The whole sTudenT body. Mrs. Jessie B. lfubanlc was The spealcer spon- sored by The Council This year during The weelc oT OcTober 26. Billy Nunn is presi- denT This year. Members are as Tollows: Nelda Mae Babb, l-lelen Mae Bulloclc, Barbara Cooper, Mary Louise Cox, RoberT Day, Twyman T-lill, BeTTy l-larlan, Ellen l-lopldns, Doris l-lowell, Joseph Jones, RolT MaalcesTead, Lillie Lou May, Billy Nunn, Sidney PeveTo, Marvin Pollard, Eva RoberTson, Rosanne Syron, CaTherine VoigT, Billie WolTe, Marion WrighT, Jewell Newman, Mary Kuykendall, Ann WhiTeside, Jean Brannon. FaculTy sponsors are as Tollows: Miss MyrTle Brown, Dr. W. T. Rouse, Miss Bessie Shook, Mrs. George Medders. STudenT secreTaries are as Tollows: Mrs. Jack PiTTs, Mrs. T. C. Cunningham. FirsT row: VoigT, RoberTson, Cooper, Nunn, l-loplcins, Brown. Cunningham, T-larlan Second row: Day, Jones, Babb, MaalcesTead, Bulloclc, Pollard, WolTe. PeveTo, May, Howell, Cox Stage And Platform v f Xand W eSfmore Eynora 'SJ 4 fi The full Cask of N Ladies in Rerlremenfx' fake Hwcir pieces for as curfew caH. As Louxsa Creed Moffy Sl,- . , A Inner As Ellen Qeed Y nn Va nhoove As L: . 'Tilly Creed 1-mv, 'ff TTTTFTTGVT lfkalqs OHW grab as BeTTy Ann caTcheg U in b . Q acxsiage for fheu, CUSS My Ne... '-'mls T. c l Tx T f lace as MVS- Hardly 'f TO SY p W - 5 The drGS3lnq TOOTTTTTTETOTTQ TirsT curlain C309 makes UP The Cai Ladies in Retirement The Three-acT drama wriTTen by Edward Percy and Reginald Denham ThaT was successTul on Broadway in T940 and as a movie in I942 proved To be a success on The Teachers College sTage lasT Tall in The iniTial producTion oT The College Players, direcTed by Mrs. MyrTle l-lardy, head oT dramaTics aT The college. The ploT deals wiTh a guieT, digniTied murder in an old counTry coTTage on The Thames esTuary in England. The coTTage is owned by Miss Leonora Fiske, a reTired chorus girl who is Tond oT sweeTmeaTs and red wigs. Ellen Creed, oTherwise a Tailure in liTe, has been engaged as com- panion and houselceeper To Miss Fislce. AcTion begins when Miss Creed's Two mildly lunaTic sisTers come Tor a visiT To The coTTage. Then upon The scene, already Tilled wiTh psychopaThic cases, appears handsome buT unscrupulous AlberT l3eaTher To inTerTere wiTh well-made plans. STage manager Tor The murder mysTery was Bill lnlcman, and prompTer was Billie SmiTh RuTledge. 55 fs L :Te To eaT while WGN. P The news and DOF Reb Doro'fhy Milburn ndef ears6i5 were U As Lucy Gilham X ' C3 X wiiiw We prompier suPPY1n way Gary' Jimmy Byrnes iines ihai Siipped A if As Alberf Feafher he memory' Doro+hy Ann Braly As Leonora Fiske ,ni , f-lz, 7 rr GSW Ge ' or lla ,ie lor relardllm be W - +G oul WW X' 'X V +6165 5 mlnuw Tlwe slafie Crew l nl Noel Francis The Casl Ellen Creed , Belly Ann Vanlwooye l Emily Creed , Molly Slclnner M555 Leonora lilsle . A Dorollwy Ann Braly Louisa Creed, Elnora Vfeslmoreland Alloerr Fealner Jimmy Byrnes Lucy Qlllwanw Dorollvy Milburn Slsler llueresa , Noel Francis TECHMCAL STAFF Bm lnlcman . A Slaqe Manager L. Jolwnson Furnlslwlng' 5 Clay Newlon , Sel Conslruollon Q else Lane, Elaine lnlarnllron, Elolse - Jolwnson , . , Properlles X nn. - ' de Up- Slsfer THGFGSG lg me r , Holder ol llwe Boolc A5 Sisfer Theresa 1 Marlan lanne Coke! pmlhro. SCUW lufney. A X Duqqan, Johnson, hl k r Brock Blakemore, Smilhi Haynes . ' 5 9 . ' Liiiii if ilkiiwliin, Robbins arf! I The Some Old Slory--Debolers Win Agciin The T. C. Debale Squaol won lhe Svveepslakes Tro h T V IO Y I OP Honorsl al every lournamenl il allended during lhe I942-I943 season, as lollowsz Ada, Qklahoma .... ..,..A. ..., N o vember 27-28 Baylor Universily .... .... J anuary 22A23 Duranl, Oklahoma ...........,....,...... ..... M arch 2-3 Pi Kappa Della Province .,,.....,.. .,........ March 26-27 Winning Teams al Ada Tournamenl James Prolhro and Belly Jo Blakemore .........A Isl Mixed Division Rulh N. Whilaker and Mary IZ. Harris ... Isl Senior Women I-Iilda l-Iaynes and Elizabelh Scull . .., ... Isl Junior Women I-Ienry Amlin and VV. A. Duggan ..., ... 2nd Senior Men Mary Ann Duggan and Anila Cole ..........., 2ncI Junior Women Vi Marie Busler Taylor and Jo Turney .....,.,.. 3rd Senior Women Winning Teams al Baylor Tournamenl Belly J. Blakemore and Belly J. Timblin ....,... Isl Senior Women Rulh N. Whilaker and Mary F. I-Iarris .......... 2nd Senior Women James Prolhro and Ben I-Iearne .,..,..... ...,., . Isl Senior Men Winning Teams al Duranl Tournamenl Rulh N. Whilaker and Mary F. I-Iarris ,,..,,.,.. Isl Senior Women Belly J. Blakemore and Belly J. Timblin ,...,... 2ncI Senior Women Winning Teams al Pi Kappa Della Province Tournamenl I-Ienry Amlin and W. A. Duggan ........... .,.. I sl Senior Men I-Iilcla I-Iaynes and Elizabelh Scull . .. .,.. Isl Junior Division Rulh N. Wh'l k d ' ' I a er an Mary F. I-Iarris ..,. 3rd Senior Women R is Hlllllw -sxhNvX Nor+l'1 Texas debalers played lwosl' 'l'l'1is spring 'ro +l'xe Lower Mississippi province of Pi Kappa Della. Pic+ured above, lef+ and rigl1+, are informal sl1o+s from +l1e banquel al wl'1icl1 +l'1e visi+ors were enlerlainecl. Rigl1+, debalers look over lheir noles be- fore going in+o a pracfice debale. Below, as lheir colleagues and opponen+s lallc, debafers lis'ren in+en+ly lo gel' poin+ers. FORENSICS .4114 l The Radio Players gafher a+ confrols and milces +o presen+ +he weekly "Cap and Bells" program. Virginia Gurney wafches 'For ihe cue for music. Rciclio Players The Radio Players conclucl a workshop in which all phases of radio work are praclicecl. Some of lheir aclivilies are announcing, aci- inq, conlinuily wrifinq, news broaclcasiinq, and conlrol room lechniques. Members lake lurns in direclinq ihe weelcly Cap and Bells dramalic programs. Music Above, Nadine Lind- quisl' is direclor of 'Phe Women's Glee Club. Below righ+, Dr. Bain direcfs 'ihe A Cap- pella Choir in Sunday morning broadcast 3? S1 Qi, N is ,B v.. Women's Glee Club Despi+e heavy raids of Mars and Cupid on +he personnel during l942-43, +he A Cappella Choir s'rill main+ains +he high s+andard of musical performance of former years. The ra+ioning of 'lravel confined +he choir +0 presenling con- cer+s in army camps and ci+ies adiacen+ +o such camps. The program of music sung by +he choir +his season lisled many composi+ions of popular appeal from 'rhe programs of former years, including Earl Robinson's "Ballad 'for Americans." Harris Davis, iunior from Roby, sang 'rhe difficuli solo par+. To dale, fhe choir has performed no+ less +han 250 conneris in +he five s+a+es of fhe Sou+hwes+, lraveling noi' less 'lhan l5,000 miles. Music Department Features Bach Cantatas As an additional project, the A Cappella choir presented a series ot church Cantatas by the great Johann Sebastian Bach, presenting twenty during the year. These were pertormed each Sunday morning at lO:3O over radio sta- tion KGKO. ln all, some twenty student soloists pertormed the solo parts in the Cantatas. W Dr. Wilfred C. Bain, Conductor The A Cappella Choir lc Band The 5YmPhon The Symphony Orches+ra , S 1 S 2 , Floyd Graham Directs Instrumental Groups From Symphony Orchestra To Stage Band Floyd Graham, genial and tun-malcing master ot cere- monies on the Saturday night stage shows, is one ot the busiest people on the North Texas campus. One ot his numerous other iolos is directing the symphony orchestra and broadcasting on the radio every weelc. C5raham's hot swing band, the "Aces ot Collegelandf' plays at all important dances on the campus trom the swanlcy traternity and sorority dances to the traditional Sadie l-lawlqins iamsession. The symphony orchestra starred in the Beethoven Festival this year. Sclonh Directs Plonlsfs in Beethoven Fesfivci Complefion of fhe fhree-year cy- cle of music fesfiyals, Bach, Brahms, and Beefhoven, by fhe cleparfmenf of music has gone a long way foward making Denfon fhe musical capifol of Texas. The Fesfival offered a remarlca- bly safisfying performance of Beefho- ven's Thirfy-fwo Sonafas for piano ancl five concerfos for piano and orches- fra. Soloisfs sharecl credif wifh fhe un- usually well-fraineol NTSTC Symphony wifh Silvio Scionfi as guesf clirecfor. These sfuclenfs displayed fheir abilify as planlsfs in fhe Beefhoven Fesfival. Publications Campus Chaf Sfaff Charles Dameron ..,. A A A A A A A ..... Edifor Gene Clark A A A, ..,. AA , A A Edifor Elmora Messer A A A A A . Associafe Edifor Nancy Roberfs A A AA . A Business Manager A , A ,..,. Sporfs Edifor A . A Associafe Sporfs Edifor Irene Bagley AAAAA . A,AA, AAAAA N ews Edifor Mildred Walker AAAAAAA AAAAAAA, S ociefy Edifor Melvin Fenoglio T. J. Colleffe A A Columnisfsz Vernelle Grable, Elmora Messer, Anne Calhoun, Sam McClure Reporfers: Edna Jo Allen, Gloria Andrews, Irene Bagley, Tim Benge, Sarah Benfon, Anne Bier- schwale, Jeanne Brannon, Virginia Caldwell, Bill Coffey, Earl Collins, Leroy Duewall, Maxine Ellioff, James D. Epprighf, Melvin Fenoglio, Jack Harris, Sam McClure, Jeanne Morris, Ines Norwick, Joan O'Brien, Kafye Sheffield, Aline Smifh, Chris- fine Williams, Lillian Young. Edifor Gene Clark falks over a Iayouf wifh sponsors J. D. Hall and Miss Virginia Pafy, and gafhers ideas fo help Chaf "dummying." Sponsors: Miss Virginia Pafy and J. D. Hall, Jr. Elmora Messer Mildred Walker Charles Dameron, Edifor Irene Bagley Melvin Fenoglio, T. J. Colleffe .M.,..s.,.:.. The Campus Chat, an All-American Beginning The year under The capable ediTorship oT Charles Dameron, The Campus ChaT was in I943 awarded All-American honor raTing Tor The TourTh consecuTive year. ln February, when Dameron was called inTo The Navy, Gene Clark, who had been serving as associaTe ed- iTor, sTepped inTo The ediTor's shoes To compleTe The year. The Campus ChaT, oTTicial newspaper oT NorTh Texas STaTe Teachers College, operaT- ing in iTs TwenTy-sevenTh year oT publicaTion, is wriTTen and ediTed by journalism sTudenTs and is prinTed by sTudenT labor in The Teachers College PrinT Shop, locaTed in The basemenr oT The manual arTs building. Every Friday morning The Chai' is disTribuTed To all sTudenTs and TaculTy members, and a large number oT issues are senT all over The counTry and To Toreign porTs To ex- sTudenTs and Triends oT The college who subscribe. The purpose oT The paper is noT only To keep The sTudenTs on The campus up-To-daTe on whaT is happening and whaT is To happen in campus acTiviTies, buT also To keep ex-sTudenTs in- Tormed abouT presenT acTiviTies, IT carries an exes column each week To help Them To keep up wiTh oTher exes. fXssisTing The ediTor in Turning ouT a TirsT-Class ChaT were Elmora lvlesser, associaTe ediTor who replaced Gene Clark in Februaryg Mildred Walker, socieTy ediTor, lvlelvin Fenoglio, sporTs ediTorg and Irene Bagley, news ediTor. The ChaT This year has builT up a sTrong sTaTT oT beaT reporTers, recruiTed Trom iournalism classes and Those iournalisTically minded, wiTh The aim oT The paper To have Thorough campus coverage. h maioriTy of The Cha'r sTaTT meeT and manage To look happy as They assume various cluTies while geTTing copy ready Tor a deadline Jus+ fo prove 'I'ha+ ihe Yucca siaff are hard workers, s+uden+ members repori' and garner ideas for fhe annual. Yucca S+aH Edi+or A . . ............, ...., V elma Rae Bafeman Pholographers . . David Johnson, Elmar Gish Marsion Sla+e Classes ..,,.. , . V ., , Juani+a LiggeH, Maxine EllioH Who's Who . . , .... ...... L ois Nell Diclceson Acriviiies ..,.., .,,..4....., R osanne Syron Organizalions ......... ........ ...,.... M a rs+on Slaie A+hle+ics , .4........ .,........,,..,.i M elvin Fenoglio Ofher s+aFF members: Jesfina Taylor, Jean Cunningham, Lois Miss Virginia Haile, Sponsor Coun+s, Irene Bagley, Peggy Sue Rogers, Jack Maseles Facul+y Sponsor ..,.... .,...,,...,... M iss Virginia Haile Juanila LiggeH and Maxine Ellio'H YUCCA '43 Tina Taylor and Jean Cunningham To say lhal il was easy lo pul oul lhe I943 Yucca would be a ranlc prevaricalion. As in all olher businesses lhal slrive lo operale during warlimes, pulling oul an annual had Hs problems, Hs snags, ils limes when lhe edi- lor and ils whole slall were ready lo lhrow up a while llag. We have had lo sacrilice space, conlenl, and qual- ily ol workmanship, bul you have a boolc, and lhe slall aslcs lhal you lalce inlo consideralion lhe adverse con- dilions under which H was produced and undersland lhal any reduclion in quanlily or qualily occurs only as a necessily. Yuccas in lhe pasl have gained renown lor lheir splendid qualily ol pholography, lor lriclcy shols, and original layouls. A scarcily ol pholographic equipmenl and a conslanl demand by Uncle Sam on lhe supply ol pholoqraphers has necessarily changed 'lhe qualily some- whal, bul lhe very lacl lhal lhe piclures prinled here were hard lo gel should make lhem even more valuable lo you. To lhose, lherelore, who made lhe boolc possible s-lhe various pholographers, 'lhe cover manulaclurers and binders, lhe engravers, and parlicularly lhe prinlers -we, lhe slall, are proloundly gralelul. 5 , z u Mafslon Sla+e Melvin Fenoglio ,gulf x , X -H 1 R. S' Nell Di Ckeson 6 nd Ros lin,-I e Syforp Glennis Sayers Moxie Craus Avesta Staff Eciiior . , , , , A ..,,...., , . . . , , Vernelie Grable Associa+e Eciiiors , . , Elmora Messer, Moxie Craus Ar+is+s ....,,.. , , . Glennis Sayers, Margie Munden Phofographers ., . David Johnson, Eimar Gisi' FacuH'y Sponsor ........,, Dr. F. M. Darnall Margie Munden SK... Dr. F. M. Darnail, Sponsor EIITWOFB MGSSGF The Avesta The AvesTa, liTerary magazine oT N. T. S. T. C., was changed This year To a semi-annual publicaTion. WarTimo condi'Tions were such ThaT There were Tewer sTudenTs To wriTe and less money To spend on The issues: so iT was decided by The ediTor and sponsor To have Two large issues raTher Than Three or Tour smaller ones. For The TirsT Time -this year, a duograph was used Tor The cover, wiTh design in keeping wiTh The general Theme oT The Tall issue, which was The college during warTimes. IT was noT inTended as a publicaTion oT The war, nor was iT inTended To malce The reader TorgeT 'The Wareeif was merely an expression by The sTudenTs in wriTing oT Their Teelings, moods, and views during These Times. The purpose oT The AvesTa is To serve as a medium Tor puTTing inTo prinT The worlcs OT prospecTive wriTers. Each year To TurTher This purpose a conTesT is held in which TirsT-place winners are awarded prizes oT Ten dollars each. Winners in The conTesT, which lasTed Trom November Through December, were Tex Lewis, Tor his shorT s'Tory "SeparaTion": Elmora Messer, Tor her essay llBuT There's PlenTy RighT WiTh IT, Tooif and Moxie Craus, Tor his poem "ViolanTa.l' Vernelle Grable, Edi+or The one Time The AvesTa sTaFf go+ +oge+her aT The same Time-They seem To believe in reading Tor inspiraTion. Ma rsTon SIa+e When Nancy RoberTs Toolc over as business manager, she macle The Teminine conTingenT unanimous in publicaTions, CooperaTing wiTh Teminine ediTors OT The Yucca, Cl'1aT, and d h IT a ca able businesswoman. AvesTa, she rove erse T7 5 Staff Photographers P bl' Tons have had almosT as many phoTographers This year as Trees have u ical leaves in The springTime. AT 'The beginning oT The year Charles Cox, veTeran publicaTions phoTog, Tools over his old posT. When Cox leTT a Tew weelss larer, ' ' ' ' T El GisT and "Doc'l Johnson very ably Took over This posihon wiTh The help o mar Jaclc lvlaseles. Then when The Army claimed 'lDoc," Elmar was leTT wiTh The ' f T d w'Th whole iob on his shoulders. Jus'T as he was geTTing Thoroughly ,aTura e i developer and hypo, Uncle Sam decided he needed GisT, Too: so The Yucca was ' T an Tinally Tinished wiTh lv1arsTon SlaTe aT The phoTographic helm. The success o y annual depends upon The phoTography. 'lFhereTore, To These boys goes The malor crediT Tor The I943 Yucca. Elma' Gm David Johnson Business Managers ln SepTember, C. W. Burnam, elecTed lasl spring To The posiTion oT business manager, resumed his Tormer posi- Tion. Uncle Sam Tool4 his Toll oT business managers Too, howeverg so Burnam was replaced in The spring by Nancy Roberls. ,pw sql' Ss... Presses Roll ond Typewriters Click in Print Shop ond Publicity Office iviosi imporiani iecior in The cornpleiion oi The 1943 Yucca was The cooperaiion and exceiieni work oi The prini shop. To Mr. Hail and his corps oi workers, we can oniy say iiwanics, bui Thai Thanks comes from The boiiom oi our lwearis. Puiiing Noriii Texas on The map is ine iob oi The publiciiy oiiice. Wiien you see your name or piciure in your iiomeiown paper, The credii goes io Miss Virginia Paiy and Iver siaii, Ines Norwicic, Bili Coffey, Muriel Maiiwews, and oihers who click Types wriiers Thai send oui iniormeiion eboui N. T. S. T. C. vw : gig? 'K MXFL-. xv Q ' ifiivy i d""l5 A gilr C Bul' Johnny, my son, is Johnny 1'he One Who won'+ march home +ill +he iob is clone, For Johnny's a hundred and 'I'hir+y-+wo million, And Johnny's +he 'firsi' and +he las'I' of my children. Wy, 2 ,A I i 4? ' ."' ,il 1' , awfli ' Q-an P I Q4,:, :1 ' Av, f 1 ,gag if V , ,ng 4. Sororities fr ,E .... Us Q7 Firsl row: M, Jclnnsc n, Ramsey Secorcl row: Seaberry, Tunnell, Pros? J. Jolinson, Dullon Tliird row: Bard, Giles, Wlwilalcer Buller wg--r Above, spring pledges were, lell lo riqlwl, Floreine Casey, Pauline Wallon, Nancy Roberls, Mary K. Barnell, Frances Williams, Midge Wallcer, Marilyn Smillw, Aleallma Liles, and Kallileen Benlon. Kaghlirs "The K-Klub" provided a background Tor The Kaghlir spring Tormal April 9 aT The T. S. C. W. Rose Room. Shirley FrosT, presldenT, gave The welcoming ad- dress and RuTh Nell WhiTaker enTerTained wiTh an aTTer-dinner speech, while The hisTory oT The club was given by Flnora WesTmoreland. Edirh BuTler was presenTed as The ouTsTanding Kaghlir OT The year. Kaghlirs enTerTained The Treshman girls wiTh a picnic The TirsT week OT The Tall semesTer. OTher social evenTs included a ChrisTmas dance, an open house Tor Tra- TerniTies and sororiTies, a masquerade dance aT The Womanls Club, and inTormal dances. Each semesTer rushees were enTerTained wiTh coclcTails and a dance. A Mexican supper The TiriT scmesTor and a buTTeT supper The second semesTer prof vided TurTher enTerTainmenT Tor rushees. OTTicers Tor The Tall semesTer were Shirley FrosT, president Frances FiTch, vice- presidenT7 Tempie Tunnell, secreTaryy Edirh BuTler, Treasurer: Verna Bard, rush cap- Tainy Mary Jo DuTTon, parliamen'Tarian7 and Mary Evelyn Gould, reporTer. AT The helm The second sernesTer were Shirley FrosT, presidenT, Frances FiTch, vice-presi- denT, RuTh Nell V!hiTal4er, secreTary3 FcliTh BuTler, Treasurer: Judy Johnson, rush capTain, Mary Jo DuTTon. parliamenTarian: and Mary Evelyn Gould, reporTer, Members are Jean Ayres, Frances Bach, Verna Bard, Mary KaThryn BarneTT, Kalhleen BenTon, Mary T. BryanT, Edifh BuTler, Floreine Casey, Wilma Lois Crane, Mary Jo DuTTon, YveTTe Fubanks, DoroThy FlTch, Frances FiTch, Virginia French Shirley FrosT, Marian GilberT, Mary Giles, Mary Fvelyn Gould, Marilyn Johnson Nancy RoberTs, Reva Seaberry, Marilyn SmiTh, Tempie Tunnell, Mary Lou Turner Midge VVallcer, Pauline WalTon, Flnora WesTmoreland, lQuTh Nell WhiTalcer, and Frances Williams The Kaghlirs pledged Ten new members in The spring. They were Mary K. Bar neTT, KaThleen BenTon, Mary T. BryanT, Floreine Casey, AleaTha Liles, Nancy Rob erTs, Marilyn SmiTh, Midge Wallcer. Pauline WalTon, and Frances Williams Frosf if jf FirsT row: French, Gould Second row: D. FiTch, Fubanks, F. FiTch, Newfon, Crane Third row: GilberT, Turner, Milburn, WesTmoreland . ' fg ,V,. .1 5 ,. ffzfgs f Fire? row: Siowe, Flippo, Rice Jones, Ramsey, Pool, Thomas Second row: CrisweNl, BuHock. Johwsion, Freeland, Berry, Park Wm Above, spring pledges we-re, frorfr row, leff +0 right Ida Mae BurneH, Edifh Eclwols, and Everma Jo Hedrick. Back row: Clwarline Field, Ruflw Peier- son, Grace Fryslnger, and June Girouard. Kappa Kappa Kappa The Kappa Kappa Kappa sororily held ils spring lormal May 7, decoraling wirh silhouerres in a 'Sophislicared Spring" Theme. Aller The dinner al The Crysral Room in Marquis Hall, rhe dance was held a+ The Woman's Club. The rush luncrions borh semesrers were lrhe rradirional Sunday morning coffee and formal dance. A parrioric Jrheme was carried our during Jrhe fall semesrer, and Hawaiian decoralions provided a background for Jrhe spring semesler. lnformal acrivilies included a dance The Tirsl semesler, a kid parly dance, a masquerade, and a picnic. Open house for all college srudenrs was held in February when The Kappas moved info lheir new house a+ IO2 Avenue B. Officers for rhe fall semesrer were Mary Jane Jones, presidenrq Lerabelh Rice, vice-presidenrq Sarah Ann Srowe, recording secreraryg Helen Mae Bullock, corresponding secrelaryq Peggy Pool, Treasurer: and Carmen Ramsey, rush cap- Jrain. Spring officers were Carmen Ramsey, president Jo Ann Park, vice-presidenl: Sarah Ann Srowe, recording secrelaryq Jean Banks, corresponding secrelaryq Ruby McFall, reporrerq Jane Gibbons, scrapbook chairman: Peggy Pool, Jrreasurerg and Mary Jane Jones, rush caplain. Members are Jean Banks, Berry Kennedy Bell, Belly Berry, Helen Mae Bul- lock, lda Mae Burnell, Peggy Caranach, Evelyn Dunn, Joy Faron, Edilh Echols, Ann Evererr, Charlene Field, Rurh Firebaugh Flippo, Marilyn Freeland, Grace Fry- singer, Craig Gammon, Rulh Gardemal, Jane Gibbons, June Girouard, Karhleen Harringron Criswell, Everma Jo Hedrick, Margarel Harvey, Mary Jane Jones, Ruby McFall, Jo Ann, Park, Rurh Peferson, Peggy Pool, Carmen Ramsey, Sarah Ann Sfowe, Jean Thomas, and Jo Turney. The Kappas pledged seven new members in The spring. They were lda Mae Burnerr, Edilh Echols, Charlene Field, Grace Frysinger, June Girouard, Everma Jo Hedrick, and Rurh Pelerson. Mary Jane Jones .4 . p ,Qi V was ik- 1.5 .ff ' it Firsl row: Calanach, Gammon, Freeman, Everell, McFall, Slell Second row: Bell, Banks, Carrico, Harvey, Gardemal, Turney Flrsf row: Owen, Beskow, Robinson, Baer, Wilcoxen Second row: Parfon. I.yWes, Rncy, Lorenzen, E. Long, Francis, Sfevens, Hun? Above, spring pledges were, fronf row, fef+ To right Frances Sflgh, Dorojrlwy Ann Braly, and Verna Ross Cook. Back row: Lorraine Tyner, Sara Larnun. Kappa Theta Pi Formal acTiviTies oT The Kappa TheTa Pi sororiTy included The annual spring Tor- mal aT Marquis l-lall and The Womans Club April 23 and The birThday dinner- dance January 3 aT T. S. C. W. College Club. The annual Rose Tea during rush week oT boTh semesTers highlighTed rush acTiviTies. Rushees were also enTerTained boTh semesTers wiTh Tormal dances held aT The Womans Club. OTher social TuncTions were a circus dance aT The Mary Arden Lodge, a caricaTure dance, and several inTormal dances, held aT various Times ThroughouT The year. TheTa oTTicers Tor The Tall semesTer were Virginia PaxTon, presidenT: Melba VVilcoxen, vice-presidenT7 Sarah Ann Ferguson, secreTary: Mary Faye Beskow, Treasurer: Barbara ParTon, parliamenlrariang Jerry Robinson, rush capTain: and Emma Lou Long, corresponding secreTary. Spring semesTer oTTicers were Virginia PaxTon, presidenT7 Melba Wilcoxen, vice-presidenT: Sarah Ann Ferguson, secreTary: Claudie Park, Treasurer: RuTh Dodds, reporTer: Ouida Beard, corresponding sec- reTaryg and Barbara ParTon, rush capTain. Members are Ellen Baer, Mary Faye Beskow, Ouida Beard, DoroThy Ann Braly, Verna Ross Cook, RuTh Dodds, PaTricia Fowler, Noel Francis, Sarah Ann Ferguson, l-lilda l-laynes, Mary l'lunT, RoberTa l'luTchinson, Mary JohnsTon, Sara Lamun, Em- ma Lou Long, RuTh Long, Peggy Lorenzen, Billie Lyles, Eloise Odam, BeTTy Rhea OrTmeyer, Ouida Owen, Claudie Park, Doniece Parker, Barbara ParTon, Virginia Pax'Ton, MargareT Riley, Jerry Robinson, Frances Sligh, Gloria STevens, ReeTa SmiTh, Dale SmiTh, Lorraine Tyner, and Melba VVilcoxen. TheTa pledges Tor The spring semesTer numbered six. They were DoroThy Ann Braly, Verna Ross Cook, RoberTa l-luTchinson, Sara Lamun, Frances Sligh, and Lor- raine Tyner. Virginia PaxTon T A V+ W4 we ,. ,,,,. D X . t f . ...yf X FirsT row: Dodds, Parker, Park. Ferguson, l-laynes Second row: JohnsTon, Beard, Pardon, Odam, SmiTh, R. Long, Fowler, Orffneyer Firsl row: Craig. Maylielcl, C. Caldwell, Srnillw, Ellell Secmnd rcw: Gardner, l-lodqes, lvl. Kenwble, Smiley, C. Kennlzie Clive-A Tlwird row: Calnoun, Truiock, Carlcr, Errebo, Cooper, Cosby wiffrm 'Sw gk. Q Above, spring pledges were, fronl row, lei? To I riglil, Renee Label, Dorollwy Owens, ano Helen Finnell. Back row: Derolrlwy Fouls, Billye Berl Weeks. Phorelifs George Gershwin's 'Rhapsody in Blue" was The Theme oT The annual Phorellf spring Tormal in honor oT Tormer sororiTy members April Io. The enTire moTiT oT The evening was dominanTly blue, and aT inTermission Paul Whi'Teman's arrange- menT oT The Theme song Tor The evening was played by Renee LabaT. The sororiTy's eigh+h anniversary was celebraTed by a birThday dinner aT The SouThern l-loTel November 7. The Tall pledges enTerTained wi'Th an inTormal buTleT supper aT The home oT Lois Taylor, and a Mexican supper Tor The members was giv- en by The spring pledges aT The home oT DoroThy FouTs. The annual shipwreck dance in May and an inTormal dance provided TurTher enTerTainmenT Tor The year. Rush week acTiviTies included a seaTed 'Tea aT The PhoreTT house and a Tormal dance aT The Womans Club. PresidenT Tor The Tall semesTer was Marie AusTin. OTTicers Tor The spring se- mesTer were Anne Calhoun, presidenT: Mary Jo MayTield, TirsT vice-presidenT7 Marion Kemble, second vice-presidenT: Jewel Mullins, secreTary1 l-lelen Craig, cor- responding secreTaryg Barbara Cooper, Treasurer: Virginia Caldwell, reporTerg Rosalie Grimes, parliamenTariang and MargareT Ann CarTer, rush capTain. Members are Marie AusTin, Emma Lou BoaTwrighT, CaTherine Caldwell, Vir- ginia Caldwell, Anne Calhoun, MargareT Ann CarTer, Barbara Cooper, l-lelen Craig, Kay ElleTT, Mary l-lelen Errebo, Rosalie Grimes, Doris T-Tolland, Marion Kemble, Mary Bob Means, DoroThy Jane Lindsay, Mary Jo MayTield, Jewel Mul- lins, ArdaTh SingleTary, BeTTy SmiTher, Jean STallings, Benialie STailey, Annie V. STallcup, Chloe STalcup, RuTh SmiTh, Lois Taylor, Jane Trulock, Jean Tucker, and EdiTh Tucker. The PhoreTTs pledged Tive The second semesTer. They were Billye BerT Weeks, l-lelen Finnell, DoroThy Owens, DoroThy FouTs, and Renee LabaT. Marie AusTm 1uf!r'9f"1H 5 'tim is P . H l FirsT row: Grimes, C. STalcup, AusTin V. Caldwell Second row: Mullins, l-Tolland, SingleTary, SrniTher, BoaTwrighT, Taylor Third row: Means, STallings, A. STalcup, E. Tucker, J. Tucker. Fraternities PaTTon Cha pman Beta Alpha Rho Beta Company Maneuvers: Maior maneuvers oT BeTa Company were The annual Tor- mal dinner-dance aT T. S. C. W. Tea room December 5 and The spring semi- Tormal April I7. OTher acTion included a rush dance each semesTer, The Tradi- Tional "WhiTe SuiT" dance Tor pledges, and oTher inTormal dances ThroughouT The year. Brass HaTs: Those in command The Tall semesTer were PaTTon Chapman, presi- denT: Harold CarTwrighT, vice-presidenT7 W. H. McLarTy, secreTaryg VicTor Har'T, Treasurer: and Bill Young, corresponding secreTary. AT The beginning oT The spring semesTer, J. D. Lane became vice-president and Bob Harris was elecTed secreTary. As members were called inTo The service laTer in The year, re- placemenTs were made so ThaT oTTicers aT The end oT The sernesTer were Henry Amlin, presidenTg J. D. Lane, vice-president Bob Harris, secreTaryg Wilson STarlc, Treasurer: and Bill Janes, corresponding secreTary. EnlisTees: Henry Amlin, Bill Bragg, RoberT Caldwell, Harold CarTwrighT, BaT- Ton Chapman, Clifford Gibbs, Thomas Hardie, Bob Harris, VicTor HarT, Mercer Henderson, Bill HighTower, Bill Janes, J. D. Lane, Bob Massey, W. H. McLarTy, Bill MeneTee, Marion Ponder, BarreTT Reeves, Morris RenTro, Paul Robinson, S. E. ScoTT, Ray SmiTh, Bill Snider, Wilson STarlc, Dan WadsworTh, A. B. WilleTord, Charles Vick, and Bill Young. Spring RecruiTs: MilTon BeaTy, Lee Brown, Jack Bayless, Manley Cooper, Jimmie Cook, Richard Loper, Bill Penry, Tommy ParTain, Elie SmiTh, Tommy STone, El- mer Ward, Jimmy WhiTmire, Roy Taylor, and ArThur Young. FirsT row: Harris, Robinson, Young, MeneTee, Chapman, Lane Second row: Thurman, Gibb, STarlc, SmiTh, Reeves, HarT, RenTro, Willeliord, Amlin rm e Betas Spring recruils were, ironi row, leil To riglwl, Richard Loper, Lee Brown, Elie Smillw, and Manley Cooper. Baclc row: Bill Penry, Jack Bayless, Jimmie Cook, Arllnur Young, Jimmie Wliilmire, lvlillon Bealy, Tommy Parlain, Tommy Slone, and Elmer Ward. HVTUGI danceh eld during pledgeshi F3 SlaTe and Hall Falcons Company Maneuvers: Maior maneuver oT Falcon Company was The annual spring Tormal dinner-dance April I5. Ex-members were honored aT The maneu- vers, and sponsors oT The company were TeaTured speakers aT The dinner. A ChrisTmas Tormal enTerTained members and Their daTes in The Tall. On 'The in- Tormal side oT acTiviTies were The annual hobo dance and a Tall picnic. Brass HaTs: The company changed commanding oTlicers Three Times during The year. In The Tall MarsTon SlaTe was in command, while aT The beginning oT The spring semesTer Bill Hall had This posT, being replaced laTer in The semesTer by Harville Gibson. OTher oliicers aT The end oT The semesTer were Tex l-lamn, vice-presidenTq Bob Calloway, secrefaryz W. F. STaTser, Treasurer: Orville Al- dridge, secreTary To The Treasurer: lvlarsTon SlaTe, reporTer: and Wallace Fra- zior, sergeanT-aT-arms. EnlisTees: l-larville Gibson, J. B. Kennedy, Ralph lvliller, Jimmy Miller, C. L. lVlcCarson, l3orresT Richards, Wallace lzrazior, Lawrence PorTer, J. W. l'larsTon, Lucian Young, l-l. C. BurneTT, Jaclc Jones, Eugene Spencer, Lloyd Bass, W. F. Sl'aTser, Bill l-lall, Tex l-lamn, lVlarsTon SlaTe, Qrville Aldridge, John WhiTe, Jess Piclcrell, and Bob Calloway, Spring RecruiTs: C. L. lVlcCarson, Wallace Frazior, Lawrence PorTer, Lucian Young, l-l. C. BurneTT, Jaclc Jones, and Orville Aldridge. 'Lelvi ,.H" 5il,a-si 1ffnf'5ri"1z W i? 'c f ' -" fs-fs" wwf E ... , .. . ., .. . , .- , .. ,. . . ,. V f . f Q Q -- ' M .. ' ,- f 1 , ' 1, Q, - -V Y ln 4 .il Q ... FirsT row: CarTer Broolcs, l-larnm, Slale, BoynTon, Brodie, Gibson, R. Miller, STaTser ' ' A' k ll Wh'T J h R'ch d , Callowa Second row: l-Tall, Bass, J. Miller, Kennedy, Rich. l-larsTon, Spencer, lic re , i e, o nson, i ar s y Q enrerraimed da-les d , ,, an ex members wrrlw a dance , Falcons Spring recruils were, lell lo riglrrl, Jack Jeans, C. L. lvlcfiarson, Lawrence Porler, Lucian Young, Orville Aldridge, l-l. C. Bur- nerl, and Wallace Frazier. 'Si CurnuH' and Griffin rx NA . MK" ra, lis a- i f A Am ' Q " 1 f 7 3 fy ,V A an ' ,-,: -ii ' , as c a SQ w Q 1: f'Q Geezles Company maneuvers: To promore good will among 'Hue orher companies, Geezle Company enrerrained visiring officers wiih a loanquer in rhe spring. The whole area was enlerlained wilh a dance aller The Easl Texas-Norlh Texas balrle. Ma- ior maneuver ol Hwe year was The annual formal banguer and dance. Orher ac- rion included a spring picnic and various iniormal dances, Brass Hafsz Uncle Sam's "Grearer Social Fralerniryw did nor make so many de- mands on The commanding personnel oi Geezle Company as was made on orher companies. Those in command al The end ol The spring semesler were Wilburn Curnurr, president Felix Colmenares, vice-presidenrg Dave Spencer, secrelaryq Basel Smirh, Jrreasurerg Garvin Mugg, sergeanr-alfarms: and Bob Brady, reporier. Enlisieesz Jeff Beavers, Jake Beckham, M. W. Bell, Bob Brady, Winsron Chance, Dalion Criswell, Warren Criswell, Felix Colmenares, Wilburn Curnuil, Ed Daw- son, Johnnie Elder, Max Goldsmilh, Glenn Griffin, Neil l-loneycullr, Bud Hop- kins, Mack Keck, Wayne Laird, Bill Marcom, Millon Milchell, Carl Monlgomery, Roberlr Morgan, T. C. Morgan, Garvin Mugg, l-larvey Pailerson, Teague Rob- erlrs, W, B. Sell, Bruce Shaw, Joe Sharp, Darwin Shipman, Basel Smilh, Dave Spencer, J. C. Spencer, Oscar Slewari, T. Norval Taylor, and Maurice Walers. Spring Recrui+s: Jeff Beavers, M. W. Bell, Winsron Chance, Ed Dawson, Johnnie Elder, Mack Keck, Milron Mirchell, Teague Roberls, Bruce Shaw, Oscar Srewarr, and T. Norval Taylor. Fronr row: Shipman, Goldsmirh, Smirh, D. Spencer, R. Morgan, Marcom, Gales Second row: D. Criswell, Beckham, Warers, Colmenares, Grihfin, Parlerson, T. Morgan, Curnulr, Self, l-loneycuii, Hopkins, J. Spencer Mugg, Laird, W. Criswell, Sharp ! ' l -.5 ,H ...W 'J T -, K Q., ---f-"' ' A 1 ,umm Werbufafalnfl Anything lo wallllmg was llqe bill ol rare ar We 9 eezre Sport dance Geezles lpring recruifs were, fronr row, Iefl lo ghl, Teague Roberls, Johnny Elder, Mil- Ln Milclmell, Jeff Beavers, and M. W. Bell. lack row: Bruce Shaw, Oscar Slewarl, T. ll. Taylor, Ed Dawson, and lvlaclc Keck. James Nicholson .QT 99561 xg? l ,.-X A gi I ' .,w"'Laa:--V .- Tu. ' 44 if ii Pi Phi Pi Company Maneuvers: On April I7 Pi Phi Company held i'Ts annual Spring LeaT Prolic, maior maneuver Tor The year. Formal acTion Tor The Tall semesTer was a ChrisTmas semi-Tormal dinner-dance. Each semesTer The pledges were enTer- Tained wiTh a picnic, and pledges in Turn enTerTained The members and Their dares wiTh dances each semesTer. The annual blackouT dance and The Pi Phi- sponsored all-college barn dance completed The acTion Tor The year. Brass HaTs: Pall semesTer oTlicers were Loren GriTTin, president James Nichol- son, chancellor: KeiTh WickliTle, secre'Taryp Claude Robinson, Treasurer: Norman Bagwell, reporTer7 and Crval Browning, rush capTain. ln The spring, oTTicers were James Nicholson, president Claude Robinson, chancellor: Ed WesTer, secreTary: STanley Wilson, Treasurer: Norman Bagwell, reporTer1 and Bob CheaTham, rush capTain. EnlisTees: Jack Alexander, Richie Adams, PeTe Brownlee, Orval Browning, Bob CheaTham, Qdell CarpenTer, Doc Davis, Loren GriTTin, Jack l-lardy, Dick l'lill, Gerald l-lolley, A, K. Lacy, David Lewis, l-larry lVliTchell, Jack lvliTchell, Prank McDaniel, James Nicholson, Leeman Norman, Charles OnsTead, Claude Robinson, Campbell ScoTT, Bruce Terrill, Chick Taylor, RoberT Van Norman, Babe WesTer, KeiTh WickliTTe, STanley Wilson, David Zachry, Norman Bagwell, George Blackburn, Raymond Punk, Chris Hanson, and Bill Cook. Spring RecruiTs: Jack Boorman, John Lee Brown, James EpprighT, Dyer Moore, Bill Neale, Owen Shipp, Bob STevenson, Phil Taylor, and George WolTord. Pirsl row: Wilson. l-lanson, Chealharn, Taylor, l-lardy, H, Mitchell, J. VVesTer, Zachry, Nicholson Second row: Cobb, Davis, Browning, CliTTon, CarpenTer, Alexander, J. Mirchell, E, WesTer, Norman, Funk, Cook, GriTTin, Robin- son Wren Third rolw: Hill, Wyclilife, Terrill, Blackburn, Lewis, Van Norman, McDaniel, Adams, Brownlee, Onsfead, Lacy, Holley :I Hn O . rclwrds adorned flue Head of eaclw po Pho Po Spring recruils were, lronl row, lell lo riglwl, John Lee Brown, James Eppriglnl, and Phil Taylor. Back row: George Wole d B'll lord, Dyer Moore, Jack Boorman, an I Neale. girl ar 'rlwe annual pi ph. S 1 prfng Leaf FFOHC. I ssftlf ..e:fz:n J, . X ,xx A rr-N'--'G-z...,..,, 1, ...J 1-.- Ben Brooks .fri T. r Z. ' rs. Q I ' 6. moss ak if lf- i is Talons Company Maneuvers: lvlaior maneuver ol Talons Company was lhe sevenleenlh annual lormal dinner-dance Eebruary lo al T. S. C, W. Smokers each semesler enlerlained prospeclive recruils, and pledge dances each semesler enlerlained lhe members. Olher aclion included lhe annual Bowery Brawl in The Tall and an ambilion dance in The spring. Brass l"la+s: Ollicers lor The Tall semesler were Charles Dameron, presidenlq Ben S. Brooks, vicefpresidenl: Mills Parker, secrelary-lreasurerq Ray Womack, corresponding secrelary, l-lamilron Smilh, she-rillq Bobby Jones, pledge caplain. Those in command Tor The spring were Ben S. Brooks, presidenr: l-lamillon Smilh, vice-presidenl, LeRoy Gibson, secrelary-lreasurerp Ray Womack, corresponding secrelaryp Bobby Jones, sherill: and Kennelh Eason, pledge caplain. Enlisleesz Bryan Bannisler, Ben S. Brooks, Dallon Campbell, C. L. Carr, Earl Collins, l-larold Davis, Kennelh Eason, J. R. Enloe, Roberf Evans, Ray Eilgo, Le- Roy Gibson, Joe Gieb, Paul Graves, l-lomer l-lall, Bobby Jones, Paul Jones, Fred McCain, Bill Oglesby, Wade Polk, Kennelh Precise, Leon Richardson, Paul Rich- ardson, Wayne Scarbrough, Plamillon Smilh, Joe Spechl, Ray Womack, and Roy Wyall. Spring Recruilsz l-lenry Barlow, George Beggs, John Bouldin, Ted Carley, John Carr, Bill Colley, Bill Ezell, Dan Garza, Jack l-larris, Cecil Lee, Bill McDonald, Edward lvlallell, lvlillon Musick, Wendell Palmer, Philip Price, W. L. Rupe, and Ray Taylor. Firsl row: Brooks, l-lall, Wyall, Collins, Srnilh, Campbell, Enloe, Eason Second row: lvlcBryde, Rogers, McCain, Graves, Spechl, Evans, P. Richardson, Davis, Polk, B. Jones, P, Jones, Rose Third row: Womack, Precise, L. Richardson, Oglesby, Carr, Scarbrough, Gieb, Filgo, Bannister, Gibson -,1 a , . K- like ,Q 4 N11,.,x ,Wa I GUYS and gals heed +56 can of H1 Talons Spring recruils were, ironl row, lell lo righl, Henry Barlow, W. I.. Rupe, Cecil Lee, and Millon Musick. Second row: Ray Taylor, Ted Carley, George Beqqs, Dan Garza, Wendell Palrner, Philip Price, Bill Ezell. Third row: Bill Colley, Jaclc l-larris D ld, John Carr John Bouldin, Bill Mc ona G GGY N f ine ies af lhe annual Teionb B Jackson and Chambers x N ::,.:....::,2., 1 'fn :: iE .11111,, ,,,,, y In ,,,,:. .,:,, A1.i.i, y :E : :- - "' WA is ,N . ,.,.:::,.: - , ' ":1. lili- 1 -fig 'i' T'fi'!?o5Pf?'4 - 0: vw! ,off Troianis Company Maneuvers: The annual spring formal dinneredance May I4 was fhe maior maneuver of Troian Company for fhe year. Formal acfion for fhe firsf semesfer was held af Soufhern l-lofel in fhe form of a dinner-dance. Prospec- five recruifs were enferfainecl fhe firsf semesfer wifh a dinner and smoker and fhe second semesfer wifh a smoker and dance. Troian l.i'l Abners and fheir Daisy Maes enioyed an annual dance af fhe Woman's Club in fhe fall, while dude ranchers gof fheir chance on fhe dance floor in fhe spring. Ofher acfion included a cosfume dance and an informal sporf dance. Brass Hafs: Commanding officer for fhe fall semesfer was Howard Jackson. ln fhe spring John Chambers fook over fhis posf. Ofher officers af fhe end of fhe year were Edwin Duffel, vice-presidenfq W. S. Tyson, secrefary: Howard Jack- son, freasurer: Paf Mayfield, sergeanf-affarmsq and Paf Miller, rush capfain and chaplain. Spring Recruifsz Charles Whife, Shelfon Boofh, David Roberfs, Brice Davis, Car- fer Murphy, Harris Davis, Joe Colleffe, James Bounds, and John Adams. Firsf row: Allison, Cooper, Cook, Mayfield, Jackson, Lanqford, Wighf, Miller Second row: Word, Colleffe, Tyson, Chambers, Deefs, Duhladway, COlllUSr Dllllelr COV1"Odi Loff Trojans Spring recruiis were, from row, Ieif +o right Charies Whiie, David Roberis, James Bounds, Harris Davis, and Brice Davis. Back row: Carier Murphy, Joe Col- ieife, Shelfon Booih, arid John Adams. E is W I-lonoraries Lena Faye Shawn Alpha Chi as Q' fi ",f'.e B.m"'P"ifif-' ' "PH The Alpha Chi SocieTy, esTablished on The campus ini IQZ3, iskgade up oT The ranking TenTh oT The iunior and senior classes. The ouTsTai'T'i ing so- cial evenT given by The socieTy during The year was an iniTiaTion-- angueT aT The CrysTal Room oT Marguis I-lall, in which paTrioTisrn,was The'Theme. GTTicers Tor The Tall'semesTer were Lena Faye Shawn gresidenT, Dan Peacock, vice presidenT, Wilma Whigham, secreTary am,reporTerg and Willie Mae Donnelly, Treasurer. Spring semesTer oTTicers were Lena Faye Shawn, presidenTq Dan Peacock, vice presidenT, Vi Marie Taylor, secre- Taryg Ray Leonard, Treasurer, and Mary Frances l-larris, reporTer. Members oT The organizaTion are Joe Charles Ashby, Qliver Ballew, Velma Rae BaTeman, Jack Brown, DorThy Bruner, EdiTh BuTler, W. L. BuTTon, Emmilou Collins, DoroThy Nann Cook, Barbara Cooper, Mary Louise Cox, MaTilda Cummings, l-lelen Cunningham, Gladys Dawson, Willie Mae Donnelly, Joy Jean EaTon, RuTh Elder. Mary Frances Giles, June Girouard, Vernelle Grable, Mary Frances l-larris. Frankie Jean l-Till, Joyce Jean l-lolT, Charles l-luey, Elza l-luTchinson. William Jones, J. C. Kemplin, Ray Leonard, Emma Lou Long, Billie RuTh Loving, BeTTy McCor- mick, Dana MerediTh, Elmora Messer, Edna Mae Moore, Lurline Olson, Charles OnsTead, Dan Peacock, Louis Pickard, Myra Jo PresTon, AlThea Richardson, Mildred Ricks, Eleanore RideouT, David Robbins, Emma Jo Robinson, l-luberT Rogers, Billie Sanders, RuTh Lois SchaeTer, Lean Faye Shawn, Mary RuTh Sonnenburg, MyrTie Taylor, Vi Marie Taylor, Bill Town- send, Margy Jo Webb, Avyce RuTh Whigham, Wilma Whigham, Vir- ginia Sue Williamson, Billie WolTe, Evelyn Shirly Wood, and R. C. WyaTT. Spring iniTiaTes are Eleanor Jo Barrow, RuTh Lee Calloway, Laveda Dickin- son, Maurice MaakesTad, Lillie Lou May, Cleora Joan Taylor, Edwina WaTT, lnda Lanice Webb, and Frances Willard. Sponsors are Miss Bessie Shook, Miss MyrTle Brown, and Dr. L. W. lNlewTon. FirsT ro Second Third r FourTh FiTTh row SixTh r BuTl J ,Giles, Huey, Sanders, Olson, Pickard VOWZ er, anes Peacock, EaTon, T-luTchinson, MayTield, Cooper, Cook, Leonard, Richardson, Donnelly Shawn, BusTer, A. Whigham, W, Whigham, Wood, Williamson, WyaTT, MerediTh, Bruner, M. Brown, Ricks. FlolT : Shook, Cummings, Girouard, Collins, Griddle, Elder, Long, Robinson, Cunningham, Taylor, Dawson Ball l-lull, NewTon, BuTTon, Kemplin, J. Brown, Cox GW, McCormick, Hargrove, Messer, Sonnenburg, Webb, Loving, BaTeman. Rogers , , . L Harmon b ily! H rlan. Eldely x YK beclf -X V a Ei Q Pirsi rilw-figiighiilieiredillii. SelT. Hgrrlig' isf5SiyRuTiherTord, Webb, McClirTcC Secon rn. Thgmpson, 95 ' ' ' row: Fuller. RhoCh T TDI ap er o e Ta Psi Kappa was insTalled in The lNlorTh Texas STaTe Teachers College in March i978 This or anizaT' . - . g ion promoTes The inTer- i esT oT physical educ T' a ion among women, and candidaTes Tor member- ship musT oTTer physical educaTion eiTher as a maior or as a minor, musT have sophomore sTanding, musT have a "B" average in all academic work, musT have compleTed Three numbered courses in physical educaTion, and Their characTer musT be above reproach. f AcTiviTies included a Kappa Karnival given in The l-larriss Gymnasium or mayors and minors in physical educaTion, healTh, and recreaTion, a ChrisTmas Tea in The Mary Arden Lodge honoring all The honorary Tra- TerniTies and sororiTies on The campus, and The annual ChrisTmas parTy held aT Miss l-larriss' home. Spring acTiviTies included The Psi Kap Gymbo- ree in The T-larriss Gymnasium March I I in which a m'l'T Th , , ii ary eme was carried ouT, and The annual Psi Kappa Homecoming March 27 OTT' T ' ' icers or The Tall semesTer were Louise SelT, presidenTg BeTTy Reedy, vice presidenTg RuTh Elder, chaplain' Mary Jo Webb recordin sec - . . Q re Taryg BeTTy l-larlan, corresponding secreTaryg Miss Beulah A. T-larriss Treasurer d ' ' ' an sponsor, MarTha Jo l-larmon and Angelina MerediTh, his- Toriansg Maryvonne de Kinslcy and Lula Jane Dean, sergeanTs-aT-arms' RuTh RuTherTord, chapTer reporTer' MargareT McClinTocl4 Toil T , , repor ery Mr. and Mrs. George M. T-loplcins and Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Cooper, pa- T d ' ' ' rons an paTronesses, and Mrs. G. M. MarrioT, chapTer s moTher. New oTTicers Tor The spring semesTer were DoroThy Murrell, recording secre- Tary, and MargareT McClinTocl4, sergeanT-aT-arms. Members are Miss Mary RuTh Coolc, Lula Jane Dean Maryvonne de Kinsl4y, RuTh Elder, Maysel Puller, BeTTy Gale, BeTTy l-lalrlan, MarTha Jo T-larmon, Miss Beulah A. T-larriss, Margy Kemplin, Miss EdiTh Kubeclc MargareT McClinToclc, Angelina MerediTh, DoroThy Murrell, BeTTy Reedy R h . . . . uT RuTherTord, Louise SelT, KiTTy SmiTh, Miss Faye Thompson, and Margy Jo Webb. k Gi d Kinslfy Delta Psi Koppo Louise Self - A! . The Gammadions, iunior honorary sociely Tor lreshmen and sophomores having a PBM average, had as ils officers 'lor lhe year Rulh Long, presidenlq Eslelle Mock, vicefpresidenl7 Ann Eslabrook, recording secrelaryq Doris Dillehay, corresponding secrelaryg Doris Alexander, lreasurer: Eloise Gdam, reporler. Sophomore members are Doris Alexander, Earline Ard, Grandon Allen Bacon, Guida Beard, Marguerille Virginia Bird, Belly Sue Blanlon, Mrs. Eloise Slovall Blondell, Melba Jeanne Breedlove, Merlyn Brown, Margarel Calanach, Raymond Edward Chrislal, Sunny Clarke, Billie Jean Covinglon, Helen Craig, Moreene Crum- ley, Howard Cox, Doris Elaine Dillehay, Kalhleen Diller, Helen Eranoes Dockery, Rae Nelle Ellis, J. R. Enloe, Jr., Marcia Erickson, Billie Ann Eslabrook, Rulh Eirebaugh, Rulh Mildred Gardemal, Charily Gilliland, Vifilliam Erancis Gipson, Dorolhy Jean Green, Chesler Guerry, Jr., Doris Evelyn Hardin, Belly Ann Harlan, Thelma Lorraine Harris, J. W. Harslon, Virginia Rulh Harlman, Howard Arlrhur Hicks, Gladys Juanila Jenkins, Glenna Johnson, Mary Ann Kerby, Lelha Eay Kersey, June Elizabelh Knox, Guila Eloyd Lain, Rulh Long, Lois Corrinne McClung, Peggy Lenore McComb, Nancy McMahan, Myra Nell McReynolds, Dorolhy Belly Meyer, Jeannelle Middle- , lon, Doris Clyde Miller, Eslelle Mock, Marlha Lee Norman, Eloise Odam, Ouida -- Owen, Wannell Painler, Claudie Park, lnes Allon Parris, Marjorie Mae Rodgers, Doris Elaine Saunders, Gussie Jo Schieller, Elizabelh Scull, Marilyn Jean Smilh, Rulh Rulh Long Edna Smilh, Prank Cole Spencer, Annie V. Slallcup, Lois Elnora Taylor, Ouila Winona . Taylor, Charlolle Ann Thompson, Rowena Rulh Thornion, Edilh Maurine Tucker, Mary Jo Turney, and Russell Walker. Freshman members are Mary Lou Adcock, Glenda Alexander, Helen Alexander, Sarah Helen Bills, Belly Jo Blakemore, Carl Beverly Bolin, Eunice Mildred Brooks, June Arlene Bunnell, Lilybess Carrico, Marianna Chandler, Erancis Louise Coleman, Johnnye Louise Cope, Elizabelh Anne Crawlord, Nell Davis, Jeanne Dodds, Virginia Claire Doggell, Belly Pauline Eisher, Barbara Erosl, Myra. Eaye Garrell, Annie Belle Goosby, Doris Graham, George Graham, Elizabelh Grubbs, Lilla Grubbs, Bellye Jane Hailey, Bill Hall, l-larold Leonard Harlline, Marion Ellis Henning, Rosemary Henson, Mrs. Jane Kinney Hill, Mary Rulh Holland, Dorolhy Jane Honeyculr, George Millon Hopkins, Marion Howell, Jan Marie lrvine, Adrian Jackson, Evelyn Jacobs, Marcella Jacobs, Peggie James, Laverne Keeler, Eva Marie Kennard, Barbara Koonce, Rulh Lam, John Eber Lawson, Eloise Lemon, Janice Loelfler, Jesse Murray, Clara Belh Lynn, Rulh Marshall, Lucy Ann McCrary, Lewis Jeanne McKee, Wanda Grace McLain, Doris Mudd, Jimmie Nelherlon, James Louis Odle, Mary Page, Rulh Evelyn Parks, Berry Rulh Richards, Jean Richardson, Peggy Sue Rogers, Rolene Gwynn Sandlin, Winnifred Ann Scherhcius, Nancy Ann Sears, Ear- lene Senler, Molly Virginia Skinner, Shula Slaughler, Billie Jean Sprall, Dororhy Ann Slanlord, Marion L. Tanner, Helen F. Tay- lor, Polly E. Terrill, Billie E. Thayer, J. W. Thomas, Laura Erances Thomas, Zana Roe, Juanila Maye Traweek, Berlha Helen Wad- ley, and William Wilkerson. Eirsl row: Middlelon, Taylor, Long, Eslabrook, Lain, Knox Second row: Scull, Calanach, Miller, Schieller, Gardemal, Guerry, Harslon, Walker, Dockery, Clarke, Taylor, Hardin, Mock Third row: Beard, Park, Owen, Odam, Dillehay, McClung, Saunders, Gilliland, Slallcup, Firebaugh, Thornlcn, Thompson, Harlman, Meyer, Erickson Eourlh row: Harlan, Currie, M. Smilh, Craig, Tucker, Blondell, Alexander, Ellis, Blanlon, Breedlove, McReynolds, Kirby N Ton, B lfluey Messer, Shawfli Smnh' Dawsoni CN Third VOW: ' - ones, Welle , S dew RUS Taylor. BBLBTTTWT Bli.isTir5WRrideouT, Clark Olson' an Fourirh rowi U 9" Eive Tree "A's" above a "B" avera e T g or seniors or Three Tree "Ns" Tor iuniors is The reguiremenT Tor membership in Kappa DelTa Pi, naTional honorary socieTy in educaTion. The main evenT oT The year was The iniTia- Tion bangueT held December IO in The CrysTal Room oT Marquis l-lall wiTh "A SaluTe To Our Allies" as The Theme. Fall semesTer oTTicers were Edi+h BuTler, presidenT, Emma Lou Long, vice presidenTg Eleanore RideouT, corresponding secreTaryg Wilma Mae Whigham, recording secreTaryg and MargareT Riley, Treasurer. New spring semesTer oTTicers were R. C. WyaTT, vice presidenTg Gladis Daw- son, recording secreTary7 and fXlThea Richardson, Treasurer. Sponsors are Miss Bessie Shook, Miss MyrTle Brown, and Dr. L. W. NewTon. Members are Velma Rae BaTeman, EdiTh BuTler, Gene Clark, Mary Louise Cox, l-lelen Cunningham, Gladis Dawson, Willie Mae Donnelly, Joy EaTon, RuTh Elder, Mary Giles, Joyce T-lolT, Charles l-luey Elza l-luTchinson Crump, Bill Janes Emma Lou L , ong, Dana RuTh MerediTh, El- mora Messer, Edna Mae Moore, BeTTy McCormick, Lurline Olson, Dan Peacock. AlThea Richardson, Mildred Ricks, Eleanore RideouT, MargareT Riley, Emma Joe Robinson, Billie Sanders, Louise SelT, Lena Eaye Shawn, MyrTie Taylor, Bill Townsend, Margy Jo Webb, Avyce Whigham, Wilma Whigham, Billie WolTe, and R. C. WyaTT. Spring semesTer pled e g s were Eleanor Jo Barrow, RuTh Lee Callaway Lillie Lou May, Edwina WaTT, Lanice Br anT W y ebb, and Erances Willardi Moore, Jar1S5 w 7 'lr Wekvlh ie ' mmm Gm . aTeman. WyaTT. COX. Ealoni ' d r any semi R li ,Rl v C lf r H rgmmn, DOW . A Whigham, Meledlilii BSLLQMT TOWUSWG' MECOE M U Fired fir' B Shook HOTT, W.Wl"qBBm' I O ms T Secon VOM ' Kcippci Delta Pi EdiTh BuTler v-n- . STudy oT and parTicipaTion in Two years oT inTercollegiiaTe debaTing on The naTional debaTe guesTion enTiTles one To membership Kappa DelTa, naTional honorary Torensic sociefffyf. ,I 1 f ' N' 8' H T it OTTicers Tor This year were Henry Amlin, ipQsidenT,i'anid Mary Fran ces l-larris, secreTary. Mrs. O. M. Johnson is sponsor oT The organizaTion fXcTiviTies Tor The year included parTicipaTion in Tive Torensic meeTs dur- ing The school Term held aT Commerce, Dallas, Waco, Ada, Oklahoma, and DuranT, Olclahoma. AT Baylor UniversiTy, EasT CenTral Teachers, and SouTheasTern College The members broughT home The sweepsTal4es Trophy, oTTered To The school winning The greaTesT number oT eyenTs. ln addiTion To winning These honors, The organizaTion sponsored The biennial Province oT Lower Mississippi debaTe TournamenT on The campus in The spring. During This Time They were hosTs aT a bangueT in Marquis l-lall Tor visiTors To The convenTions. STudenT members include C. W. Burnam, l-lenry Amlin, Mary Frances Harris, RuTh Nell WhiTalcer, l-lilda l-laynes, ElizabeTh Scull, Vi Marie Tay- lor, W. A. Duggan, BeTTy Jane Timblin, David Robbins, Norman Bagwell, Koppo and Maurice Jacleson ldeceasedl. FaculTy members Y Delta are . Y. Willbern, Ross CompTon, and Dr. L. W. NewTon. James ProThro ' ' blin, JohnSOU . A k ,l'lsf"5uT'm - Th Flrsl lgwovxlxililllaaclcesbn, Robbins, Amlin, Pro 'O Secon V ' PM is? ' , IQ' .-fi . : x,,! 1 ' M .Y ' 'gr-4 .. Q.. ., V .. ,H JN V 4 .L I qu.. 'v ' 'M :'9"f3- V5 K , . . J. i Que dard , Baqlexli WOO W hit' Hayei . er Currie, BrO0li5Pei3rr Ciiriiswbie, Eldefi Webb F' frow' Ferguson, Grftlvaw- l9ierce. Croui, Bul e . urs - . XAf5rr1OC i SeCO"'d row' 931 Business Educalion maiors and lirsr minors wirh ar leasr a "B" average in rhar deparrmeni compose lhe membership of Pi Omega Pi, a nalional organizalion, The local chapler is sponsored by W. A. Larimer, The inirialion banquer for The fall pledges was held in Jrhe Cryslal Room ar Marquis l-lall. Slunrs were given by The pledges and Genevieve Slew- arl' was lhe guesr pianisr. Spring pledges were iniriared ar a banguel April I4 in +he Crysral Room ar Marguis l-lall. Spring Flowers were used for decoralions and informal speeches and slunrs by Jrhe pledges made up 'rhe program. The annual Pi Omega Pi picnic was held ar Jrhe cily parlc in May. Oiliicers were Anna Virginia Croulr, presidenlg Richmond Coolc. vice presidenlg Anna Sue Morgan, secreraryg l-l. F. Cunningham, 'rreasurerq Kalherine Brown, reporler, iirsr semeslerq and Frances Pierce, reporier, second semesrer. Members are I-l. F. Cunningham, Miss Opal Wrighr, Richmond Coolc, Anna Virginia Croulr, Mr. C. B. Tale, Edirh Buller, Myra Joe Presron, Karheryn Brown, Luvada Diclcinson, Loren Griffin, Calvin Cumbie, Anna Sue Morgan, Parricia Graham, Miss Caroline Currie, Mr. Broolcshear, Mr. A. A. Miller, Mr. Tom Rose, Eleanor Rideoul, Sarah Ann Ferguson, Irene Bagley, Elza Mae Neal. Frances Pierce, Dororhy Warnoclc, John Webb, Berry Woodward, Mary Elizabelh Duvall, Neva Ruih l-layes, Mary l-lall, J. B. Ourlaw and Rurh Elder. Spring pledges were Jennie Lee Burcher, Elverna Criswell, Charles Graves, Gladis Dawson, l-luberr Robers, Emma Lou Boarwrighl, Charles Chowning, and Laura Bess Ramsey. Pi Omega Pi Virginia Croui' Roy Anderson Alpha Phi Omega 4 vw' 5 1 -pw .kv , , Ax, 'hw T O' 45' . 2 i ,. Service is The waTchword oT The Alpa PhiiOmegas. NewesT oT The honorary organizaTions on The campus, iTs aim is To be oT service To The college and T Th ' ' O e communiTy and To conTinue TurTher The kind oT work ThaT The Boy ScouTs perTorm. This year The A.P.O.'s rendered special aid in keeping order aT Th e TavoriTe elecTion polls. The scope oT The year's work also included selling bonds and sTamps in The Yucca Queen elecTion. Corresponding To The G . . reen JackeT organizaTion Tor girls, The boys cooperaTed wiTh Their sisTer organizaTion on many proiecTs. An iniTiaTion ceremony Tor new members was held aT The clubhouse each semesTer. FaculTy advisers res T T h p en a T ese ceremonies were Presi- denT McConnell, Dad Pender, J. L. Carrico, and Dean l-larris. Social TuncTions Tor The year included a barbecue picnic, Two iniTiaTion smokers, Three inTormal dances, and Two Torm al dances. OuTsTanding Bill lvlerTin PVGST i U Al he Phi Omesa meellnq' . . y a' 5 lo -dedicaT'OV' Ceremon deg ai- 5 T: " .F A- ga aw ,C .. k A A , .f' 'A' SBE' J "' , Q" , Q"..+ 5 visa ai 1 3 sf J "' - i ' , M. .V , A 'fp i ., iii, i " i . , ii' lg. . ' , ,,,....'- . K - .4 fi-wi ' i 1.- H in Q' "1 li 'Za - -' ' " ' K QI 'lil ,J V' l , .-A-'-""'!-C , if F, Cl 17 59556, Johnson' Taylor, XAfallis,f,3jg3OElroSLnOH1 CD, ey, Reddcn, Mc ii Firsl rowi Boyd' Spencerlieves. Hopkins' Guliqcliliin Larimer, Cumble' Palm SeCOnd roi: Miijeijiyersi l-iarrinQlO"' Daw 5 L Third FOW5 aws ' evenl of lhe spring semesler was a formal dinner-dance. Fall semesler officers were Roberr Day, presidenrq Roy Anderson, vice- presidenlg and Melvin Fenoglio, secrelary. New presidenl for Jrhe spring semesler was Billy Joe Smilh. Spring pledges were Orval Aldrich, Jim Banks, Joe Davidson, O. K. Edmondson, Carl Giloson, Jaclc Gulhrie, Conner l-larringlon, George l-lopkins, John Knox, James McConnell, Frank Meredilrh, George Meyers, l-lorace Reyes, S. E. Scoll, Benny Waller, Perry Wallis, and M. B. Ward. Members are Roy Anderson, Jaclc Brown, Charles Bush, Gerald Bren- hollz, Bill Corley, Roberi Day, Melvin Fenoglio, Winsron Florence, Bobby Ganl, l-larold Larimer, Johnny Lawson, James Lillle, Bill Marlin, Jimmy McNeese, Jimmy Morris, Gordon Palm, Billy Penry, David Redden, Owen Shipp, Billy Joe Smilh, Frank Spencer, and A. B. Willelord. re, Fen0GllO Smllh Alpha Phi Cmego Smi+h D eaven porT and Bass Phi Mu Alpha gf' Gamma TheTa ChapTer oT Phi Mu Alpha Sinionia FraTerniTy oT Americ is one oT sevenTy-Tive chapTers making up The naTional proTessional Tri TerniTy. Membership in The TraTerniTy may be conierred "upon any me who shall show a love Tor music eiTher by adopTing music as his proTessic or by working To advance The cause oT music in America." Gamma TheTa ChapTer was Tounded in May oT i940 under The spo sorship oT Dr. Wilfred C. Bain and wiTh The guidance oT TaculTy membe who were SinTonians wiTh membership in oTher chapTers. lT assumed ne obligaTions This year in iTs policy oT adopTing a TraTerniTy house. AcTiviTies Tor The year have included a rush smolcer and a pledq brealcTasT in Marquis l-lall each semesTer and a welcome breal4TasT Tollo' ing perTormance oT The iniTiaTion riTual each semesTer. An inTormal dani was held in OrchesTra T-lall in November, and in December The Compo Tion conTesT was announced. The Tormal dinner-dance aT T.S.C.W. in February began The sprii acTiviTiesg Phi Mu Alpha Then sponsored The lNl.T.S.-l.C. symphony's cc cerT oT American Music, and on March IO had an inTormal dance aT T Mary Arden Lodge. March 2l saw The TraTerniTy presenT a reciTal oT muf TeaTuring worlcs oT American composers. Picnics and imformal socii K if N., 4 i i l - uw X 4, ' d .Campbell V Myer M in. oundS. Har rown, 'iall9Y' Sigma am B - osele , Muiplw' ESQ Johnson. Davlsicg rieSen,Clarl1iL99dlq Y ii. p h nlVicl1,lVl C Wfjgr I , Yelag, Flrsi row: Anclileailorllifliiiibigi, RoTh'L!-Zfiljfirimgdqiiiin, Harris, Davis B555 SeC0"d low: TM rs Meeks, 'CV ' R ve Third FUW3 G i. .LWQQWJQ ,,:3QAfgii,:A 12's '41 A , i T s c. W. iiaqliliqlqled The S A dinner-dame 5 ' ' were planned Tor The lasT oT The year as The miliTary service called more and more SinTonians To The colors. OTTicers are Paul Anderson supreme cou 'l , nci man, CarTer Murphy, presi- denTg Joseph Moseley, vice presidenT, Tommy Talley, secreTaryg Thomas STone, Treasurer, Charles Meelcs, hisToriang Carlyle Bass, alumni secreTar Gene l-l ll, l d ' ' ' Yi a pe ge masTer, Dr. WilTred C. Bain, sponsor. AcTive membership includes Paul Anderson, Carlyle Bass, Charles Brown, Douglas Campbell, J. D. Carr, l3ounT Clarlc, Gordon CorbeTT, Jerry DeayenporT, l-larris Davis, Ral h Da ' R l p vis, au Glass, Gene l-lall, Burnis l-larris, J. W. Johnson, Orland Johnson, Don Mclver, Charles Meeks, Carl Meyers, Ed Meyers, Joseph Moseley, CarTer Murphy, Au bre R M ' y eeves, aurice RoTh, Thomas STone, Tommy Talley, Charles Viclci RoberT WhiTTord, and MiTchell ZabloTny. Spring pledges are Dean Baker Carl Bolin Conwa BriTT R b , , y on, o erT BurdeTTe, Willard EllioT, RoberT Ellis, Hugh KirlcpaTriclc, James McCon- nell, Jim McConnell, Jean Richardson, and Philip WeinlcranTz. FaculTy members who are SinTonians are Dr WilTred C B ' . . ann, Mr. Wil- liam Friesen, Mr. Floyd Graham, Mr. George Leedham, Dr. l-lugh Miller, Mr. Silvio ScionTi, Mr. Richard SmiTTle, Mr. Myron Taylor, and Mr. Mer rell Sherburn. ocial calendaf ior llqe Year' Phi Mu Alpha Anderson and Murphy Frances Davison Green .lockers ve" vt, Gi-1-fm .-.-.f 4 .H . ,X . , . -V ,-, ,Q-.. Ollicers lor lliis year were Frances Davison, presidgnlq Der5'5jD,all1erine Adams, vice presidenl: Malilda Cummings, secfargfy Fahd lreasurerg Nalalie Moore, corresponding secrelary, Evelyn Uunin, reporlerg Rullw l-leiser,,song leader-5' Angelina Meredilli, rusli caplaing Belly Gale, ser- geanl-al:arms,g,-jfgl Mi5ss"Beulal1 l-larris, sponsor. New secrelary-lreasurer lor llie springifssglnesler was Belly June Turner. Green Jaclcel spring pledges were Jerry Voss, Frances Tirlc, Jeanelle lsbon, Polly Cummings, Belly Wlwillle, Mary Jo Dullon, Anne Bierscliwale, Birdie Tunnell, Berllia A. Ruble, Tida Camp, Lucy McCrary, Dorollwy Tu- dor, Billie Loving, Monnie Kemp, l-lelen Ford, Maxine Perdue, Nanon Moore, Frances Garrison, Velma Rae Baleman, Elverna Criswell, Jo Ann Parlc, Bessie George Cooper, l-lelen Love, and Bernice Bonner. Members ol llie club are Dora Kallwerine Adams, Earline Ard, Billie Jean Allcins, lrene Bagley, Audrey Borden, l-lelen Craig, Malilda Cum- mings, Frances Davison, Maryvonne de Kinslcy, Evelyn Dunn, Rulli Elder, Mrs. Rulli Firebauglw Flippo, Maysel Fuller, Belly Gale, Marian Gilberl, Virginia Goode, Marllia l-larmon, l-lilda l-laynes, Rulli l-leiser, Belly June l-liclcey, Belly l-larlan, l-lelen l-lodges, Mary Rulli l-lolland, Imogene Jones, Emma Lou Long, Eloise Lane, Margarel McClinloclc, Belly McCormick, Angelina Meredilli, Verna Lou Moore, Nalalie Moore, Lula Margarel Morriss, Dorollwy Murrell, Lurline Olson, Guida Owen, Dorolliy Owens, Robbie Pillman, Belly Reedy, Frances Robinson, Lucy Rowell, Belly Rodriguez, Rullw Rullwerlord, Reva Seaberry, Louise Sell, Killy Smillw, Annie V. Slallcup, Lois Ellen Slell, Tlieo Ann Slory, Conslance Teague, Callwerine Trimble, Belly June Turner, Doris Timmons, Mary Jo Webb, and Billie Wolle. l 59. I .lg nson, . ,Ny H I Sfeii! Moore, RC ' k l-l'clcey, McClin .- i millw Trimble, BCBFZTUVD dams, Webb' Owensirebauqhi Meow MCCOVWC I l V i i vQ51Elder,54' VS+O,,a-GWB -kvl-'lOll3f'dF A I Harmon ml Ardsililliwi Craiq' Glllberf deSelTlllTVlYeredillw, Beedxf irs FOW' - ara F l H l i'T-,TOd'ldFdy,CiXilT:'lanBldTwSs. Rodrliluiil L6 Rull'ierlol'Cli Umar' 'V ' Dunn, . Qwen. Foufllq 'OW' o e, ana' sf .gf- 5 ,,. v Blalce, SCl1l9l'C T T r Bradiofd Qbbons, Fverolli iq K- by Fos G T . TSTOWG- ' Gb ci MC bo oi nac . U ' ' w' Robinson, Gflmesl Gairdelgiialiri. Flarris, MilCl"9ll'M.NffnMorFro3e, 5 Om ' AWSOPT .Simi hid row- Bain Smith Roger Si 5 Kelso WilliarTiS0'l l ' ' eco ' ATl4inson, ussaf i ' " Third row: Shawn, Girls maioring in music are gualiTied Tor membership in Sigma Alpha loTa, naTional honorary music sororiTy Tor women. Members musT have aT leasT a "B" average in music. Social TuncTions included a Tea given in Phi Mu l-Tall in SepTember, a Tea given aT The Mary Arden Lodge on February I4 in honor oT Myron C. Taylor, a dinner in Marguis l-Tall Grill and a recepTion in The Music Hall given in honor oT Miss Annelle Chandler, visiTing province presidenT and an inTormal dance aT The M A ary rden Lodge in honor oT The naval air cadeTs. QTTicers Tor The Tall semesTer were Lena Faye Shawn, presidenTQ PaT Monarch, vice presidenTg Jerry Camp, secreTaryg Joy FaTon, Treasurerq LaVerne Monroe, sergeanT-aT-arms, Sarah Ann STowe, ediTor3 and Arline SmiTh, chaplain. ReplacemenTs Tor The spring semesTer were Jane Gib- bons, secreTary3 Frances BradTord, vice presidenTg LaVerne Monroe, Treas- urerq and Peggy McComb, sergeanT-aT-arms. Members are RuTh ATl4inson, Janice Baird, Frances BradTord, Delores BridenThal, DoroThy BridenThal, Sue Bussard, MargareT CaTanach, Gloria Dawson, Joy FaTon, Ann FsTabroolc, Ann EvereTT, l-ielen Finnell, MargareT FosTer, RuTh Gardemal, Jane Gibbons, Rosalie Grimes, Mary ElizabeTh l-learn, Glenna Johnson, Gladys Kelso, FsTher Kerr, Mary Ann Kerby, GuiTa Lain, Emma KaTherine LoveTT, Peggy McComb, Mary Louise Mar- Tin, Clyde Miller, Theo MiTchell, LaVerne Monroe, Doris Glrerson, Lucille Palmer, Joyce Ross, Myra Jo PresTon, Jacgueline Ray, Bonnie Bess Rob- erTs, Frances Robinson, Gussie Jo SchieTTer, Lena Faye Shawn, Arline SmiTh, Sarah A S ' ' nn Towe, RuTh Taylor, Paula Vaughn, Virginia Sue Wil- liamson, and Billie YaTes. Sigma Alpha Iota Lena Faye Shawn 2.- Elmora Messer Sigma Tau DelTci T T ,Ye T Til' i T 4 ' a ,QQ-1' -' V ' ff-'f-"ET ,H ,Q ,Z L V ,.v..3f:' J - I. 1 - V L -:fi V' Q, 55, . df Sigma Tau DelTa is inTeiT1icled, fifimarily Tor sTu,denTs rhiaioriinig in English, buT sTudenTs maio-ringiin,EoTheTa-gleparTmenTs, noT To exceed 25 per cenT oT The ToTal membership, be admiTTed iT They meeT The chapTer quali- TicaTions. These qualiTic5Tions are sophomore sTanding and aT leasT a B average in all English worlc. QuTsTanding social evenT oT The year was The Tall iniTiaTion aT The home oT Dr. Floyd STovall, Tollowed by a Tormal dinner aT The home oT Dr ArThur M. Sampley. Dr. STovall and Dr.San'1pley are sponsors oT The club OTTicers Tor The year included Elmora Messer, presidenTg Polly SweeT, vice presidenTq Elza T-luTchinson Crump, secreTary and Treasurer. The membership is composed oT Gene Clark, Anne Dry, Leroy Duvall Vernelle Grable, Nancy Graham, Mary Anna Graves, WalTer GigsTad JohneTTe T-lighsmiTh, Elza T-luTchinson Crump, Mary Cafherine Juricls, Billie RuTh Loving, Elmora Messer, Marie MiTchell, ElizabeTh Ann Mizell Merle Nelson, Aline SmiTh, Polly SweeT, RuTh Thomas, CharloTTe Thomp son, BeTTy Jane Timblin, Vi Marie Taylor, R. C. WyaTT, Lillian Young, and Jane McWhorTer. ,... iv?" M 556.-, Nelson, i-iigns -i.-- L-wing, Smilh, ivicvv..V--- - u G bl Y T I V H pTQTfTS, DPY Erfoifiiwfffliiovaii, Sample C . he , ra e,SweeTi V ,m in, wh Crganizations 3, i A ...wit-QT c.. , I ,fu Hia: rift' , A 1 'A V 'S ,fy i if fi- A A T ' L ,,, 5' T' igfsf- ' T'l5"T' T PaT TroTTer , - if 9" 'dy ' '1 4 ay, mer Welch, PaT l'roTTer, l:orresT Richards, C. F. Sloarger, BeTTy McCormick, lvl Finis Robbins, Lamar Mahon, C. S. C l L o eman, ila Ann SelT, Alice Richeson, and PaTTi Polonoe. arqareT Cox, AI Anderson, DoroThy Bruner, Aesculopions p ae. Sell , Srefel M Corrniclc, Reed RicEErdsoEiO5,dOXk- giyemantwogiggggunnehahonl Mciqay, Anderson i F' sT FQW3 C , k W lcl'1,RO ms' iC,C lemdfli ' T ir? miziiss ma, O , ir F0 - F Any sTudenT in:TeiesiTediin The various Tields oTfriiiedicine'isigi?cjible To membership in The Vhesculapian SocieTy. The orqanizaTion seelcs To sTimu- laTe inTeresT in scienTiTic sTudy. A fl 'sis ' OTTicers Tor The year were PaT lroTTer, presidenT, Jack McKay, vice- president Virginia McKee, secreTary-Treasurer, and Elmer Welch, re- porTer. Sponsor oT The club is L. P. Floyd. Members are WinTon Lee Coleman, RuTh Coleman, Red Dudley, Billy l-lubbard, BeTTy Reed, Dan Peacock, l-larry STieTel, Virginia McKee, Ben EsTes, Jack lVlcK El - , Q ' gif ' , K. , 155 Y ,,. . , gdfrvxifrl 17 ,WWW ., .wma ,L fr 'QL ' 2 ' F 394 i Y.. Keen, urisw...-. Ramsey. - ' b0Tham. Tumey' Hawley. l'l'9'3'n The Alpha Lambda Sigma was reorganized in The Tall oT l942 aTTer a lapse oT Three years oT inacTiviTy. The members are selecTed Trom Library Service majors who mainTain a high scholasTic raTing. l-lighlighT oT The year was The iniTiaTion oT new members Tor The spring semesTer aT a Tormal dinner in The CrysTal Room aT Marquis l-lall. The group plans To enTerTain ex-sTudenTs who were Library Service majors aT a dinner during The weelc oT The library clinic in June. OTTicers were Carmen Ramsey, presidenTg l-lelen Jaclc Keen, vice presi- denTg Opal Jean STephens, recording secreTaryg Frances l-ligginboTham, corresponding secreTaryg KaThleen l-larringTon Criswell, Treasurer: and Mrs. Lady KaTe Medders, sponsor. The members are Carmen Ramsey, l-lelen Jaclc Keen, Opal Jean STephens, Frances l'ligginboTham, KaThleen l-larringTon Criswell, Evelyn Shirley Wood, Jo Turney, Mable l-lawley. Eugenia Jackson, and Mary Giles. Alpha Lambda Sigma Carmen Ramsey Ellen Hopkin Bo ptis STudenT Union Q-15-B - .ah . .. Any sTudenT who is a member oT The BapTisT organy oT'ifTs aTTili- aTed organizaTions Tor young people is a memTJerQo'f"Tiii' "'i' pTisT STudenT Union. The B. S. U. council is composed oT represenTaTive's"' Ted by This body oT young people... u , gi fy w The TeaTured Tormal actigfyafspgzjforeiiikiyiiTherBapTisT STudenT Union during The I9-42-43 schoolly 'ar waasg Tormal bangueT held in The T S C W caTeTeria. ThroughouT The year many inTormal acTiviTies in lud' i i i ll - ,4 , c ing a we come parTy, a Thanksgiving breakTasT, reTreaTs, picnics, Sungay School and Training Union socials were held. ' A YouTh Revival was conducTed in The spring under The leadership oT W. 0. VaughT, pasTor oT The l:irsT BapTisT Church in Abilene. OTher guesT speakers during The year were William l-l. PresTon and Mrs. Jessie B. Eubank. Fall and spring semesTer oTTicers were Ellen l-lopkins, presidenTg Billy Mac Richie and Inez SciTres, enlisTmenT vice presidenTsg l-lelen Alexander and Donald Earl Williams, second vice presidenTsg Frances T-lolman, Third vice presidenTg RuTh RuTherTord, secreTaryq l-learThal King, Treasurer: James BenneTT, chorisTerg C. W. Burnam, reporTerp Bill Mahaney, BapTisT STudenT Magazine represenTaTive, JeaneTTe Musick, Y. W. A.g Ranel Rob- erTson, Lillian Cross, MargueriTTe Blake, Bill Mahaney, Mary E. l-learn, Sunday School represenTaTivesg Velma Rae BaTeman, Raymond ChrisTal, Training Union represenTaTivesg KenneTh l-lannah, phoTographerg Ben EsTes, Alcohol EducaTion represenTaTiveg Mrs. Jack PiTTs, sTudenT secre- Taryp l.. P. Floyd, TaculTy adviser. T f T, 1 ,1 ii: i X Firsi' rowi Plllg' Second TCW' 5 1 T2 r,, ,. - ' Blake h T Cl S 'T es, Richie- , Robinson. Flora Rink elliiiill Holman' Clogs' Cl F . der, Hannah - M haney, usic - Chrisleli Alexam Pl rn Hopkins. 5 Williams. 95 ' T ffl 3 GU' 431. ., pas' ' f ya. ,. nf-'F G dl A . + row' Dickeson. VL Taylor' Cugxis Rijlilhson, Colglwn'RZaqners,nMiller, Slale, BVYMT irs ' ' B a E l F d W. Johansen, Counlii 'H Ta' n oe, Owen' la' S ro - i S - Trio? W- W Tavlflfl Wad' GQ ir FO - ' Comero Membership in lhe Camera Club is open lo all sludenls inleresled in pholography. Aclivilies for lhe year included a field lrip lo T. S. C. W.. programs wilh Miss Gladys Bales and Dr J J Spurloclc as uesl s eak- . . . g p ers, and a salon showing by members of lhe club. Officers of lhe club are Dale Bryanl, presidenlg l-luberl Rogers, vice presidenlp Lois Counls, secrelary-lreasurer, and Marslon Slale, reporler. Members are Mr. L. L. Miller, Mr. Wayne Taylor, Vi Marie Taylor, l-lu- berl Rogers. l-l. C. Dial, Lois Nell Diclceson, Rulh Coleman, l-lazel Jo- hansen, Charlie Bowen, l-lelen l-lahn, Gwyn Sandlin, Jean Green, Caroline Robinson, J. R. Enloe, Waller Gigslad, Lois Counls, Wanda l-larris, Jean Ray, Dorolhy Curlis, M. B. Ward, and Marslon Slale. Dale Brya nl' N Charlene Lindsey College Ployers W- "i.........-.-nf - Sludenls who have dramalic abilily are Chosen lor membership in lhe College Players. The lwomaior produclions presenled by lhe organiza- lion lhis year were "Ladies in Reliremenlu and "The l-learl ol a Cily." Ollicers lor lhe year were Charlene Lindsey, presidenlg Barney Miller, vice presidenl, Belly Ann Vanhoove, secrelary-lreasurer, and Mrs. Myrlle l-lardy, sponsor. 1 The membership includes Jessie Alexander, Winona Allen, Marie Ausf lin, Jim Banlcs, Dorolhy Braly, Elliol Browder, l-lelen Bulloclc, Charles Q Bush, Jimmy Byrnes, Tida Camp, Charles Chowning, Noel Francis, Mar- garel Erisby, Carl Gibson, Mary Evelyn Gould, l-lenry l-lood, Bill lnlcman, Eloise Johnson, Eloise Lane, Wanda Liles, Charlene Lindsey, Nell Mann, Bill Meads, Dorolhy Milburn, Barney Miller, Quilla Moulder, Margie Mun- der, Molly Skinner, Marian Tanner, Polly Terrell, Lorraine Tyner, Tempie Tunnell, Belly Ann Vanhoove, Elnora Weslmoreland, Ruby Lee Willcinson, and Ed Walkins. 4.4 l l in---' The ooueqe P We l rs under ll19 Cllrecl lon O1 iviin- -"1 .gr 15 A if Ziff' . Vg :.i -ga Firsl row: Nelson, BOX' ldllglqsrlqlhlqlpeielo. Fenoqllo' Huey' CNS 6 Second row: l4inQ5burY' ew O The E. D. Criddle l-lislorical Sociely was organized in l924 lo slimulale inleresl in hislory and To form a ,means of social inlercourse among The sludenls and facully working in The hislorical lielol. Qualilicalions 'For membership are lo have compleleol Jrwelve semesler hours in hislrory wilh an average grade of "B" and ro be eilher a major or a lirsl minor in hisfory. i Officers are Merle Nelson resid l S S , p en 3 ara ue Fowler, vice presidenlg Dorolhy Box, secrelary-Treasurer: Raymond Cryslal, reporlerg and John elle l-lighsmilh, relreshmenl chairman. Facully members of lhe sociely are Dr. and Mrs. L. W. Newlon, Mrs. E. D. Criddle, Dr. Kingsbury, Dr. Anna Powell, Miss Cora Belle Wilson, and Dr. Bridges. Sludenl members are Merle Nelson, Dorolhy Box, Sara Sue Fowler. Johnelle l-lighsmilh, Raymond Cryslal, Sidney Pevelo. Mrs. Myrlie Tay- lor, Alic B II R' ' e e ice, Mrs. Oma Goodgaim, and Mae Dell Yorlc. Spring pledges were Charles l-luey and Melvin Fenoglio. E. D. Cricldle Historical Society Merle Nelson Dorothy Meyer Junior Current Literoture Club x Y L - Qtticers tor the tall term ot the Ju Hrent Literature Club we Virginia l-lartman, presidentg Dorotiiyi feyek, vice president: Marior Ruth King, secretaryg Dixie Coston, treasurer: Miss Anna Altord and Mrs. Phoebe Mizell, sponsors. New otticers tor the s ' bara l-l ' ' pring semester were Bar- arrington, president, and Katie Lee l-lolmes, treasurer. Spring pledges were Jessie Alexander, Maybelle Meyer, Edith Davie Marion l-lenning, Bonnie Green, Sue Pinclcley, June Whitmire, Doroth Jane t-loneycutt, Elizabeth Gfrubbs, Dorothy Cate, Margie Pauline Shipp, Doras Bragg, Dorothy Gentry, Billie Babb, Jessie Ranlsins, Eva Marie Ken- nard, Mary Tune, Lilla Grubbs, Betty McKinney, Bobbie l-lorne, Miriam Moore, Nora Mae White, Katie Ruth Knighten. The membership includes Virginia l-lartman, Lillian Cross, Dixie Cos- ton, Barbara l-larrington, Billie J. Grable, Mariorie Ruth King, Katie Lee l-lolmes, Betty l-larden, Annie L. Thomas, Maxine Perdue, Patsy McNeel. Earline Sillix, Mary Conner, Inez Willoughby, Dorothy Meyer, Margaret Brannon, Ithadean McKinzie, Frances Mossman, lris June Reid, Jacquelyn Martin, Ouita Taylor Ruth Pirebau h Pl' , g ippo, Millie Lynch, Bobby June Smith, Veda Davis, Monnie Kemp. re ie S. Y L M aaa mms,wi'iiOUqht1YiS'lll' wi if f . ,T ,- nc, ' Nei. 'PJ . i Cross, Pxltcffl ' A i l-lOlrW85i MP H-rr nczifit' PM LZVVLWY Taylor, McKin2l9M6Ifii-Dlecoston Meyer, Kemp G l Seflw V ' G' ' Third row: Hartman, FBPPO W 4- A J , it t v if .., - tor . t rirnefll ms and social activities provide enter ai Literary Proqra t'Otticers ot the Senior Current Literature Club are Dora Katherine Adams, president, Ruth Gilstrap, vice president: Dorothy Buchanan, sec- retary: Ruth Gage, treasurer, Aleatha Liles, mistress ot the yearbook: Juanita Jones and Doris Mercer, reporters, Virginia Halbert and Billye Sawyers, sergeants-at-arms, Miss Anna Alford, sponsor, and Mrs. Phoebe Mizell, co-sponsor. Members are Dora Katherine Adams, Jane Belew, Lorena Blaclc, Dor- oth Box, N d B y a yne ussey, Dorothy Buchanan, Dorothy Butler, Zena Bolin, Leola Chapman, Stella Clarlc, Norene Coolc, Elverna Chriswell, Emmilou Collins, Mary Connor, Mary Davis, Mabel Douglass, Katherine Embree, Evelyn Elston, Georgia Elliott, Charlie L. Elliott, Ruth Gage, Eaye Gra- ham, Ruth Gilstrap, Katie Good, Kathryn Green, Violet Holland, Virginia l-lalbert, Kathleen l-larrington, Elza l-lutchinson, Wanda l-larris, Sadalyn l-larvey, Clarine l-lightower, Ruth l-leiser, Bettye l-legboum, Martha l-larman, Eugenia Jackson, Juanita Jones, l-learthal King, Aleatha Liles, Eloise Lane, Doris Mercer, Wanda May, Martha Moore, Lois Monlc, Mu- riel Matthews, lflelen Padon, Mae Frances Peterman, Pearl Raymond, Betty Reedy, Eleanor Rideout, Audrey Ragsdale, Billye Sawyers, Ruth Shackeltord, Evelyn Shirley, Ellie Shults, Kitty Smith, Doris Elaine Saun- ders Clair Thigpen Mar T D l , , y rew, arene Underwood, Edwina Watt, Claudia Wallcer, Billye Wolt, Jean Young. the Senior Current Literature Senior Current Literature Club Dora Katherine Adams Helen Finnell Dallas Club , A ,, '5 f 1 MQW 95331, c, 5 , asis eligiibfeggforilmembersli,-ii,.in +heiiDallas Club. The club was s rf fri T fr' ' ' ' pogfgsog , ihas year Miss Virginia P is The officers were E" 'll "'4 f ' T T , i 1 , . , - ,J , ,. . Y ,rx A T ge? f . i V V V gf ' " Q g Mg' r iw , ' T AnY Sludenl who liv'i,',f'9' l A I linnei, presififanlgi RayVgW-omack, vice-presi- denlg Jean Thomas, secrelaryfq Grrace Er' inger, social chairman, Rosanne Syron, hislorian, Peggy Lewis, lreasurer. The members are Zana Thompson, Jean Brannon, Mariory Chamber- lain, Billie Berl Weeks, Jeanerle Middlelon, Anna Pauline Dash, Edna Pearson, Dorolhy Lynn Cole, Sidney Pevelo, Samuel Levine, Celia Mal- lhewson, Philip Weinkranlz, l-lugh Calhoun, Peggy Lewis, Rosanne Syron, Marlha Buder, Jean Thomas, Mariory McMillan, Tina Taylor, Gussie Jo Scheiicler, Frances Pierce, La Claire Pierce, l-lelen Finnell, Gracie Ery- singer, Roberla l-lulchinson, Virginia Paly, Dorolhy Buller, Joe Collelle, Jack McKay, Edwin Dulllle, Jack Alexander, l-l. C. Dial, Ray Womaclc, Jane Carmichael, l-lelen l-lesler, Lee Darley, Marilyn Yarrell, Marcia Erich- son, Jack Moore, Anne Calhoun, Charles Meeks, Burnis l-larris, and Leslie Wrighl. ddl T Dasch Pearson, Cole . I Thomas - I Weeks, Mi e on, . V Syron, Buder. B H 'College n Brannon- Clwmberlalhifleinkranlz,'CalhOUV" Legs, Hulchinson, PEW' U er F' Jr row: Thampso . . 9 Markhewson, . lim,-iell, Frysmq Irs d row: PevelO. Lawn 'Scheirien Plame' Plame' Tiiiiilifow- MCMiiian.TavlO" d Dial 1 . lexan ef. . Kay. Dulqel' A Fourth FOW- MC 2512" ' A ilffifw sv Q. , "5 . , ,., K if . , YQ 'P u - ' fm A ' W wi: ,Eg . ,, 9 A '-,'- , ..-:Qs - ,gi qanaf. I W . .-I 'vi' , Y :il I I LM , I g . V - 1 4 4 . . ai vw ,':...',.L 5 -,gg , ' i fin. ' A M fem llgoleriltg-school marmS W' "" ' , The Elemenlary Council is a club lor elemenlary educalion maiors and anyone else who is inleresled in child developmenl. The sponsors ol lhe orrganizalion are Miss Nellie L. Grillilhs and Miss Annabelle Prilchard. The ollicers ol lhe club are Belly June Turner, presidenlg Alice Belle Rice, vice presidenlg Billye Sawyers, secrelary, Eleanor Jo Barrow, corre- sponding secrelaryg Jean Young, lreasurerg and Nalalie Moore, reporler. Members ol lhe organizalion are Dora Kalherine Adams, Jean Banks, Eleanor Jo Barrow, Eloise Blondell, Joy Gerald Boyer, Dorolhy Buchanan, Dorolhy Bulller, Berlha Burnell, Mrs. Rulhie Lee Callaway, Margarel Ann Carler, Mary Louise Cox, Evelyn Dunn, Madeline Ellioll, Rae Nelle Ellis, Kalherine Green, Killy N. Green, Marlhella Green, Dorolhy Graves, Vir- ginia l-lalberl, Sadalyn l-larvey, Dorolhy Grace l-libbils, Marlha Jane l-loll, Juanila Jones, Elna Kellum, Anneva Kelly, Vivien Kirby, Alealha Liles, Emma Lou Long, Marggie McDougal, Frances McGibbony, Lelly Jo Marlin, Dorolhy Meyer, Delores Michael, Elorence Moncriel, Lois Monk, Nalalie Moore, Neva Chloe Mosley, Jewel Newman, l-lelen Radon, Jo Ann Park, Robbie Pillman, Alice Belle Rice, Wynilred Rich, Allhea Richardson, Billye Sawyers, Jan Scalller, Chloe Slalcup, Annie V. Slalcup, Belly June Turner, Claudia Walker, Charlene Welsel, and Jean Young. Ekmemow Coundl N Belly June Turner Marian GilberT Ellen H. Richards Club - .. 'xi' .5 A 4!,f:I"',-T . ., 2, 2 , '55 T an r ,W - 3 ,vi-. I f ..', '-Q i...3,f 'F ', , , if Q Richards club. Ollficersiis - ,ie year were Marian GilberT, presidenT: BeTTy K. Russell, vice preside 3 MaTilda Cummings, secreTary-Treasurer, Polly Cummings, reporTerg and Grace Prysinger, program chairman. Peggy Pool was secreTary-Treasurer Tor The spring semesTer. The main acTiyiTies Tor The year were picnics, parTies and a Tormal seaTed Tea in The CrysTal Room oT Marguis l-Tall honoring The Seniors. The club held mosT oT iTs second semesTer meeTings in The Red Cross Sur- gical Dressing Room, making bandages insTead oT having The usual pro- gram. Members oT The organizaTion are Pauline Anderson, Billie Jean ATkins Frances Back, Lorena Black, MargareT Blake, Doris Bragg, Mary Brinde- dall, Mary BrisTol, Lorena Day Brook, Mary Ann Brown, Lanice BryanT, Nell Sherwood BryanT, Wilma Jo Burkman, La Rue Burgess, Nadyne Bus- sey, Doris Nell CaTe, DoroTha Nan Cook, Norene Cook, Emma Lou Col- lins, Winnie Lee CorbeTT, l-lelen Craig, Lillian Cross, MaTilda Cummings Polly Cummings, Luella DapslauT, Doris Nell De Wees, Doris Dillehay Mary Jo DuTTon, Lucille Eagan, Georgia Nell EllioTT, Charlie Lee EllioTT T r ,s if Home Economics ,fifiiose The membership of The Ellen l-l. ,,,,..W f .. . J 5 , ,.,, ,, ,,,, g ,,V,g5y,55 , kk g ' ,,,,,,,c,Qp:p,,QffTwMiw r1T"',i . . 'ii P ' P' ' C ok Anderson, l'lOPPel . O imeyer, O ' .N .Haynes ' - llyain, Mackey' Elllcihl STbll, Rowell' Qorbeil FosTer, MC-COllilel Nil are Sh ard MUCiClTi Rlce' MC Turner BUTTON' Pcblel lT PeTersori. Dlllglqay' Neiii Moore' O 5 , . - . i, , i A , A Y R sey Flrsi row: MGB' Tcjpgpealmanl KmqlCAillirlis McCluf1Qi Elinor? T-laiiqi Pearson, Ewmq um Second raw, rms Wh' ham. Blake- O li uf Foyer, MGYI Third rowi Sowell' SlCalrbrouQl'- Ellen' Oops a l PourTh row: MullinSi P 1,3 1, W? sf :M . 5 W , . .r N il ,A ...Q wi P ii c fa cj D w E b limwsii' L wi-ii-or Manoir FSO ,V Tl nf. ess ll B B Y l W . .Wallon, Spams' B Cl d R Calle, ?2ools,YR 1.9 if d iragfegll' MgiCL'liCl Y Flall, JOP rl' B Fl Y U Cl pi,-ow, J 5,Blac, '51, 5V'm 9, Sieiond rOW1Ga-llaqher,St2CvZVy Mills. Ma ,H Tsgrfghamy ri ei'vv,o , mm Third VOM FlSqliFlnqtlAOcnllleel, Cross, Liqqell' 5 i p Hi OM VOW1 ,ix, Craigolene Elmore, Evelyn Elslon, Joanne Eubanlc, Nell Ewing, Rulh Fos- ler, Dorolhy Fouls, Lillian Fosler, Grace Frysinger, Maxine Gallagher, Craig Gammon, Marian Gilberl, Dixie l-lall, Donnie I-Iall, Dorolhy I-Iall, Virginia l-laug, Irene l-lavran, l-lilda l-laynes, Barbara l-larringlon, Gene l-loll, Billie l-lopper, Peggy James, Jewella Johnson, Margionell Johnson, Mary Johnslon, lmogene Jones, l-learlhal King, Rulh Lamb, Juanila Lig- gell, Bealrice Limon, Dorolhy Jane Lindsay, Loudine May, Lilly Lou May, Wanda May, Pauline McBelh, Eva Lee McCorl4le, Rulh McCorlcle, Lois McClung, Margie McDonald, Ruby McFall, Sarah Mcllvain, Palsy Mc- Neel, Dona Meredilh, Margarel Millard, Mary Miller, Neva Mills, Verna Lou Moore, Laura Morrow, l-lelen Mullins, Janel Musiclc, Jeanelle Nell, Eloise Gdam, Bellye Orlmeyer, Donelle Owen, Rulh Pelerson, Sue Phil- lips, Peggy Pool, Pearl Raymond, Larabelh Rice, Owela Rose, Lucy Rowell, Lucille Rumsey, Belly Frances Russell, Belly K. Russell, Eddie Mae Scarbrough, Evelyn Sears, Earline Sillix, Chrisline Sheppard, Frances Sni- der, Elizabelh Sparlcs, Lydia Spearman, Lois Ellen Slell, l-lelen Slewarl, Rulh Taclcell, Wanda Thompson, Ouila Traweelc, Mary Trew, Mary Lou Turner, Dorlene Underwood, Pauline Wallon, Ada Belle Ward, Geraldine Ward, Loral Wells, Wilma Whigham, Wilma While, Dorolhy Winlord, Elaine Will, and Billie Wolle. ,fi sa, Ellen H. Richards Club Belly K. Russell Emma Lou Boalwriqhl House Presidents' Club A s ss,, ., We L e-e,, i or , Tia-If . ' 1-'i4?2i5lfw',, lf' , L 3 4, 5 2 ,i Q V if ,L...b. 3 -' f M -' L ' Q' ff' a li ..-A -- A fi ' n . g , skis, 3554, V A U :V , Olliciers ol lhe l-louse Presidenls' Club are f'E f'a,,Lou Boalwri hl . presidenlig Eloise Lane, vice-presidenlg Evkelyn Elslonfr secrelaryslreasurerg and Anne -Qyalhoun. glial reporlerg P' Membersfvarei Kaihleen l-larringflQiv?iEunice Marlin, Mildred Olson D iii W' k 'is' H ' ' ' oro y arnoc , Francis Oliver, Laura Jo Rhea, Luella Dopslaul, Anila Cole, Ranel Roberlson, Evelyn Shirley Evelyn Elslon Dorolh Curlis, T - - Y Virginia Paxlon, Marginell Johnson, Anila Traweek, Mary Jane Jones B ll J T' ' ' e y ane imblin, Rela Smilh, Marlha l-larmon, Beulah Barlell, lnes Norwick, Jimmie Glendenning, Bellye Newlon Mae Dell York Mar a l . , g re Van Winkle, Dorolhy Cook, Belly Jane l-lill, Rose Anna Lewis, Lydia S . . . loearman, Janel Musick, Delores Michael, Gladys Jenkins Marlha Lee Norman, Sarah Ann Ferguson, Owela Boss, Doris Alexander Luan Tal i ei Vealrice McCoy, Mary Flall, Alice Richeson, Anne Calhoun, Gloria B . . assell, Violel Marie l-lolland, Gwen Flowers, Eva Lee McCorkle, Jean Cunningham, Jennie Lee Bulcher Mary Trew, Maryvonne de Kinsk El' . y, iza- belh Briggs, Ellie Shulls, Monnie Kemp, Reberla Nlfebb, June Pallerson Frances l-ligginbolham, Dorolhy Garren, Bonnie Belle Green, Jewell Emery, Eloise Lane, Shirley Frosl, Billie Sanders Sue Maxey Emma L . . ou Boalwrighl, Jo Pills, Dorolhy Dean Marlin, Virginia McKee Sunny Clarke Elverna Criswell, Alealha Liles, Yvelle Eubanks, Doris Fassell, lmogene Bullrill, Eugenia Jackson, Corinne Koehler Billie Sue Collin Dol Sle h . . p ens, Mrs. Edwards, lla Bee Womack, Mildred Thompson, Mary Conner, Vir- ginia Giddens, Billie Loving, Mary Giles, and Jeanne Miller. r an ke Spearm i, I Cook, BF00 ' . Gardemal. Kellexf' Sisphxilyiigdii Flask, LileS- WESSsAnCCorkle Elslon, Boalwriqhl k Harmon 5 ' , - - hli ' 'k,T wee' . l,N man . Shulls, Hill, Warnoc I d Webb, Del4lI'iSl4Y' Koa el-Rhea, McCOYi Muslcd rrT.ane, Lovinqi Olson or .Q le Pills. iq CkellOf - if Newlofi- f-Xlexari 9- Fronl gow- TxAcl4ee Clark, Clarke- S in Biggs, Bassell, vassal Q,-nilh Jones. Roberlson, sewn row: - VanWirikle. Omps kson Kemp.FefQU5On' ' Thi d row: Oliver' . ' l-ieson. -lac ' F ll. R C Foiirlh row: Hall' Cdswe l i Blaclibufmi DGWS - i smfi. CHGWWS' ' - i er D4 Cmwel' ive: ll , n . riswell, Spencer' Brooks' Mays Firsi rowi Adams' alingilalirn, Calilr, MUQ95' Pallerso lw C Second l'OWi Farm ' The lnduslrial Arls Club is composed of maiors and minors in lnduslrrial Arfs who have compleled six hours of worlr in The deparlmenl and have a "C" average in all worlq al lhe college. The social life of Jrhe club includes picnics and informal dances given lhroughoul' The year. Orclicers for lhe fall semesler were Ben Broolcs, presidenlq L. M. Graham, secrelary-Treasurer, Wade Pollc, sergeanl-al-armsp Charles Mizell, pledge caprain. Officers lor rhe spring semesler were Wade Pollc, presidenlq Bill Janes, secrelary-Treasurer: Warren Criswell, sergeanl-al-arms, Dallon Criswell, pledge caplain. Spring pledges were Joe l-larris, Wayne Phillips, Elwood Broolcs, Calvin Raines, Lurher Forbes. Members are Wayne Adams, Bill Janes, "Red" Oliver, Ralph Miller, Dallon Criswell, Earl Smarlr, Johnny Chambers, Dr. S. A. Blackburn, C. C. Davis, l-larold Farmer, L. M. Graham, C. L. Carr, Ciarvin Muggs, l-larry Pallerson, Warren Criswell, Dave Spencer, Ben Broolcs, Trammell M Earl Senler, Wade P Ik Ch ' ays, o , arles Mizell, Bob Chealham, and Paul Graves. Indfl us rio Arts Club Ben Brooks W. A. Duggan International Relations Club 8 has it .. .3-fy 1 . 3 F , y . 1, ,nn -g, .. 'vig " ""' , . , ,q .L s., I M , I , . , Q . a l, 'N ' A , . fx , f,,li1.5gE,ff ' it -.32 J L 1' ew,-w. E f., , 13 i :five N 4 QL, ffl, .t,,,,, ,- , -M i i "4 ' ' A is 1-J' 5 ,. 2 I. X K. ,W A , M ' - '.. 4: .' '-:H . '- I 's'2"- 1 1 'I I i - 1 Zi? VA. ,. . '1 The International Relations Clubifacneated in I93O, is composed ot college students interested in internationql attairs. A library donated by the Carnegie Fngtowment tor Intvflnational Peace is maintained in the otticeiietwthe cltfbi sponsor, it Kingsbury, in the museum in the I-Iistoriclalbuildingi.,'isSnigtirfElude panel discussions, boolc reviews, tormal speeches, open toiFurn7or round table discussions, and debates on national and international attairs. The club ioined the Fine Arts Committee in sponsorin the a g ppearance ot Upton Close, world news commentator, on the campus April I3. W. A Du ggan represented the club at the I943 conterence held at Normani Clqlahoma, March I2 and I3. The IQ44 conterence will be held at S. M. U. Clu dentp Mary Frances I-Iarris, vice-president: Frances Pierce., secretaty, and Fmsy Swaim, reporter. b otticers were Dr. J. I.. Kingsbury, sponsor' W A Duggan presi Members ot the club are Mary Frances I-larris Fms Lorr ' S ' , y anne waim, Wynnell Pierson, Frances Garrison, Mary Ruth I-lolland Myra McRey ld no s, Charlotte Thompson, Edwina Watt, Jean I-larman, Ruth Nell Whitaker, David Wright, Opal I-till, Sidney Peveto Raymond Christal, William I-I. Nunn, Mary Virginia Newton, Anita Cole, I-lazel Johansen, William Al t D J ' s on uggan, ames W. Prothro, Maurice Jaclcson, Ben I-learn, Cody Jones, Frances Pierce, Merle Nelson, Johnette I-Iighsmith. . n ' arris, Whitaker, GGVVISOII' Duqqa FI . W tt, PiersOV1i Swam- Front row: Piexre' Klnqliglieto, I-till, Holland, Wrifilql Second FOW5 Mmm' Q .. V xAivl 4,Ar.i? J if I. ,sa ..:,i5, IA.. 1 4.31 -up f.. ., -' '.4..jf-4 ra. gi. . 4 xf fi' - iifj l' His --fi -. . ' WA 1 - v ,, . ., ' h u . "3" average on SM A . 1, ,wilh 6 S d ls who maior or minor in Cllemls ry lu BIT Membership in lhe W N Maslers Ch . . emical Sociely is open lo lhose who have compleled al leasl six hours ol chemislry wilh a "B" average and al leasl a "C" average in all olher subiecls. The purpose ol lhe club is lo promole inleresl in lhe lield ol chemisl ry. Ollicers lor lhe year were Margarel Cox, presidenlq Elmer Welch, vice presidenlg Erminlrude Dick' inson, secrelary-lreasurerg Bill Townsend, parliamenlariang and Dr. J. L. Carrico, sponsor. M b em ers are Doyce Massey, Tom Walkins, Dick Slead, Billy Adams Belly McCormick, Bill Townsend, J. C. Kemplin, Charles Drew Billy l-lub bard, Jack Brown Cameron Sl ll' , a ings, C. W. Burnam, Emmell Qualllei baum, Louis Pickard, Erminlrude Dickinson, Mary Lou Turner, Lamar Mahon, Wilma Whigham Ada Bell Wand J A T , , o nn aylor, Gayle Wilson, Elmer Welch, l-lenry Owsley, Elizabelh Thomas, Virginia l-laug, Freeman Weger, Roberl Van Norman, Pal M ' sy cNoel, l-lenry McCreighl, Belly Kennedy, Gordon Palm, Frank Spencer, Virginia Goode, Charles Goode, J. W. l-larlson, Dale Bryanl Doris Dillehe Dor' S d , y, is aun ers, Lily Lou May. Lois McClung, Billy Joe Smilh, lva Lee Sell, Pauline Walker, Francis Wil- lard, Marlha Norman, Jack Jeanes, Eva Lee McCorkle, Mary Ann Dug- gan, and Margarel Cox. lub. leus Qi Thls C lorm lhe HUC ours. W. N. Mcislers Chemical Society Margarel Cox Hilda Haynes Junior Mory Arden Milli" YL 'Qs 'M 'il - 'Viz :Til i v 'iJ?32i:Q l Y -L-. g l- pljm' '- riwruu 'X Yi . " . ' ' Q 54' ' wvggw ,hw ' l , 1 rg -2 . f Q fe s- - ,. .' 'Ka ., . .1 ,, -i A 1 3 ' ' 'ul 1 .ii E , JU," . -as . l 4 - ' . . 4 .- W H l""'?.if- fi A -1. i i lo Q, fi: Q, .Il -' - -9 'f . L-- . ' .1 7 V 5 p, ' A my , ' 1' ng' A W V i ' , V Y Elini? Q The'gJuniorliM.ary ik, 1 illub, a ledidraled lilerary-social organizalion, was organized invlhei sigringgsfol !935 bqgulhe Senior Mary Ardens. lls mem- bership is composed ol second-lerm lreshmen and sophomores. Pledge leas on Oclobeizo and Eebrnl y I7 inauguraled each semesler's social aclivilies. Eall aclivilies inclu Z a dance November 20 and a Chrislmas sealed lea wilh lhe Senior Marys on December I4. l-lighlighl ol lhe spring semesler was a chuclc wagon supper March IB. Ollicers lor lhe year were l-lilda l-laynes, presidenlq Eloise Odam, vice- presidenl, Rulh Smilh, secrelaryg Belly Berry, lreasurerg Claudie Park, reporler. Members are Edna Jo Allen, Ouida Beard, Sara Benlon, Belly Berry, Belly Blakemore, Audrey Borden, Dorolhy Braly, Grace Burlis, Florence Burlis, Elorence Bryan, Virginia Caldwell, Eloreine Casey, Margarel Cala- nach, Claire Chrislian, Bessye George Cooper, l-lelen Craig, Belly Crouch, Moreene Crumley, Doris Elaine Dillehay, Rulh Dodd, Virginia Doggell, Mariorie Dye, Maxine Ellioll, Ann Eslabrook, Kalhrine l-lelen ...A .H 'V' """'WWf 'T-Ml' kt gjgruv-"Wi . in rr E n Ear 'nQlon. -l-Umey' Ciari olhi Borden' vlMililiiiburriiul.eB95U ri Eirsl row: HGTZBSSR Briixjiller, l.annif1Qr '5OWeli'Tii,liji?eii Craifii Robei S' i S O FT! C nd I Wg i nell. b Har On' Qor . Tliiljd row: Shrader, Kel' Y eff ,ffsf '22 ,age-5 . rr eg?-"'l' .-33 - -, xgfrgjgaf T , ' i '11 . F J Ti - . iw", ' . 9, -P . H . ,. A ,.. ' ..i K ,. ...--:Q Y Hauqy Ullleiiuyi Kembie. m,,oz:y V MCC,-,mb. P T 'Qaldwe . Firsl row: Russell- EATQOCBeli'nfTiTEllFeeland. B'3'mg'STlggii,EjSi-Q,fT-231,Slzowleri Owen' Beard Second fowigfgih ,Bell Dodds, Odaml Slieve ' Third POW: l ' i Finnell, Dorolhy Filch, Dorolhy Fouls, Palricia Fowler, Marilynn Freeland, Barbara Frosl, Rulh Gardemal, Geraldine Goodman, Doris Graham, Evelyn I-lardin, Belly l-larlan, Virginia l-larmon, Virginia l-laug, l-lilda Haynes, Marion Howell, Jan Irvine, Evelyn Jacobs, Jane Jagoe, Glenna Johnson, l-lelen Jones, Mary Jordan, Cherry Kemble, Belly Kennedy, Mary Ann Kerby, Corinne Koehler, Renee Labal, Ouila Lain, Connie Lanning, Varina Le Beau, Rulh Long, Johnnie Manloolh, l-lenriella Mal- lhews, Jeannelle Middlelon, Dorolhy Millourn, Clyde Miller, Neva Mills, Verna Lou Moore, Doris Mudd, Dorolhy Mudd, Peggy McComb, Eloise Gdam, Guida Owen, Dorolhy Owens, Claudie Park, Nancy Roloerls, Peggy Sue Rogers, Lucy Rowell, Belly K. Russell, Gwyn Sandlin, Elizabelh Scull, Frances Shrader, Molly Skinner, Rulh Smilh, Mariorie Slaggs, Gloria Slevens, Nina Swope, Rosanne Syron, Lois Taylor, Polly Terrell, Jean Thomas, Rowena Thorlon, Grelchen Timmis, Jean Tuclcer, Jo Turney, Lorraine Tyner, Margarel Via, Frances Willard, Marjorie Wood. Junior Mary Arden Eloise Oclam Lrirldr 7 3513, 5' xy- , Aff., A- ,ai g,Igsu5.q,g5:,. f fuqf . t f 1, a , Mg.'g:i: 1- gm . 5+ - f"f 1- '11 'V '94, X . L, . 1' 2' L. .iii : . V - --Marr A . 1.-. ' ", M . H ,Z , . -1-5 , , Q I Y Vik? M C . :afar . . . . Helen Mae Bullock Senior Mciry Arden The Senior Mary Arden Club is composed ol iuniors and seniors pledged by girls who are already members ol rho organizarion. The club is sponsored by Miss Edirh L. Clark and Mrs. Mary B. Wesson and is associaled wirh rhe Narional Federared Women's Clubs. "Our Principal Allies" was The rheme ol The meerings for The year. The social calendar included pledge Jreas each semeslrer, a coriee, The Chrisrmas sealed lea, and a Mexican supper. Officers lor The year were l-lelen Mae Bullock, presidenr: Sarah Ann Ferguson, vice-presidenlg Vi Marie Busier, secrelaryg Emma Lou Long. Jrreasurerg Rurh Oliver, reporlerp and June Girouard, pianisr. Spring pledges were Rurh Alkinson, Bernice Bonner, Deloris Bridenrhal, Dororhy Bridenlhal, Dorolha Cook, Verna Ross Cook, Marie Giddens, Frances l-lampron, Beairice Limon, Nanon Moore, Laura Jo Rhea, Mil- dred Sloman, Dale Smirh, Mildred Walker, and Billye Berl Weeks. Members are Marie Ausrin, Nelda Mae Babb, Frances Back, Verna Bard, Eleanor Jo Barrow, Velma Rae Bareman, Mary Fay Beskow, Bobbie Campbell Blake, Frances Bradford, Lanice Bryanl, l-lelen Mae Bullock, Vi Marie Busler, Edirh Buller, Kalhryn Caldwell, Anne Calhoun, Gene Clark, Margarer Ann Carlrer, Barbara Cooper, Marilda Cummings, Maryvonne ol hilh s,-. A -rg ygjgrk, Vvricw- . v er! Jones. i-' ' Qigywimwiww T' blin Turner, GilberrghRobrn53:g3iij!yTyres, Seellr' Siowe, Or may L mbefi Rodriquel. Rice, Rrlev im i un, , a i Fronl rOWi Mcclglmkzil Seaberryi B-alelnanlPCSouij Nev-fron, lUVmell'. Pyiriglliver. Johnson, verroore Second rOW1 W ll G Cj'GradYr WB'ieSlde'. a Parker. Miller' Maybe l Jollmon' Fong' M Kee, Merrill,S'fall1nqS- Third rowl Monroe' C - 'Arr "if ' ' -. P M fQV35?3l'1:7f ' i' 71 - ,J vp, , - ". ,,f4' -J l' " A f '5",' , I -K H-Q ik " - I ig ' 1 ' 1 . -'U i- 'Z Vfl' ' .- - ' w , X . , A , ' w f v ' ' . If , . 1- 1 f ,- " v - ' " . C - 1 aw . , V, , f firm, 9:2 , ,,.......,..-:nl ji? - F uson, USSKOW' FFF i Campbell' Fouls"-I lh m, row: uslin, Bullosll FULFFP SWF anl, l'l5YeS' Fwsmqelil anlcs, Buller. Hlqqmbo 6 Fronl A . k Cummu C3 1 P V rr nd, Frosl, E b .de Kms y, Carler, l-lo G Second row' 'l Girouard, Taylor, Third I-Oyuj Flil, dejKinslcy, Evelyn Dunn, Mary Jo Dulron, Joy Jean Faron, Mary l-lelen Frnebo, Yvelle Fubanlqs, Sarah Ann Ferguson, Frances Filch, Margarel Fosrer, Noel Francis, Shirley Frosr, Gracie Frysinger, Craig Gammon, Jean Garrelr, Edna Pearl Gheen, Jane Gibbons, Virginia Giddens, Marian Gilberr, Mary Frances Giles, June Girouard, Mary Fyelyn Gould, Mary Frances l-larris, Neva Rurh l-layes, Annie Karherine l-lennen, Frances l-ligginborham, Franlcie l-lill, Doris l-lolland, Billie l-lopper, Gwendolyn Johnson, Jewella Johnson, Mary Jane Jones, Maxine Keahey, Doris Lam- berr, Ray Leonard, Dororhy Jane Lindsay, Emma Lou Long, Peggy Lorenzen, Billie Lyles, Mary Jo Mayfield, Dolores Michael, Mary Frances Miller, Winnilred Merrill, Elizabelh Ann Mizell, La Verne Monroe, Nalalie Moore, Jewel Mullins, Annie B. McClenny, Virginia McKee, Anne Newlon, Ferrell O'Grady, Rurh Oliver, Bellye Rhea Orlmeyer, Doniece Parker, Barbara Parron, Joy Parlron, Virginia Paxlon, Peggy Pool, Carmen Ramsey, Alice Belle Rice, Margarer Riley, Frances Robinson, Berry Rodriguez, Rurh Schaefer, Reva Seaberry, Dororhy Seely, Ardarh Singlelary, Reela Smilh, Benalee Srailey, Jean Srallings, Sara Ann Slowe, Polly Sweer, Berry Jane Timblin, Jane Truloclc, Temple Tunnell, Mary Lou Turner, Belly Ann Vanhoove, Flnora Weslmoreland, Rurh Nell Whiralcer, Doris Whireside, and Melba Wilcoxen. B5riOWi I-welll-sf-H Senior Mc ry Arden Sarah Ann Ferguson Kennelh Hannah Mathematics Club 3-A ir,W'Tl" .u.,w,Y-K I A WE? 'B 'I v r Neg. 1 ' eil N 1,xf,,.,- f ,, SEE' 'bf '- ' "isis r 'i "'fsr:ff3f-sp, f f"5j . . 5 " 1' if , r K, . 453.15 I in L I D . 52. s ' ' , U' One semesler of campus-residence, a maior or minor in maih, and eiiher a "B" average on al-liiafsteigkfive semesler h'ours or an "A" average on Three semesferj, ours enlililes one lo membership' in The Malhemaiics Club. ' f' 'foffi'-. .A I ' -' Officers lor iheaear were William E. Beerliign, sponsor, Kenneih l-lan- nah, presidenl, Nick Vaughan, vice presidenlq Jack Brown, secreiaryg Vernon Morrill, Jrreasurer and reporler, M. B. Ward, parliamenlarian Elza Mae Neal was secrelary for lhe spring semesler. Members are Charles Bowen, Jim Bill Brooks, Jack Brown, Marie Carl- sen, Margarel Cox, J. R. Enloe, Ben Esies, Florine Forbes, Chesler Guerry, Kenneih l-lannah, Jack Jeanes, Gladys Jenkins, Belly Kennedy, l-lazel Mason, Vernon Morrill, Elza Mae Neal, Bill Nunn, Dan Peacock, Doris E. Saunders, Nancy Sensibaugh, Bill Townsend, Nick Vaughan, M. B. Ward, Tom Walkins, Gayle Wilson, Bill Wood. Spring pledges were Melba Breedlove, Marianna Chandler, Mary Davis, Erminlrude Dickinson, Connor l-larringlon, l-lershel l-laller, Ruih Kealon, J. C. Kemplin, John E. Lawson, Dewey Mark, Louis Odle, Gor- don Palm, Michael J. Schumchyk, Joan Taylor, Russell Walker, Wilma Willon. Y, grad!!-,,,,. i ,,, . 'ff' "J" Y d H nah Ward-Walking n i P + BsmiOi33i2.g.nm ,fs row Second F ow: O , gg, .kj-it -9 4 H rne. Rliclwle' M J V--. ff'-A "" Si ' ardesly K Lemgnl Kempl, Wilson, o L.,,4p,,,.,.,k" - I ar e i Y L El H cl Y K amun, een. Vghowrnnq. T H- Mbolwam. . nin ham, Hawlewh TlqOmX7jillouC3lWbYi Douglass' lqgl Farsi row' Egfr Ly, Riley- Holmes' Secoilgbxiovgarrison, Hollafldi Glpscn The McCracken Club was named T M or rs. Pearl McCracken, who slarled Jrhe T. C. library and is now Librarian Emerilus. The purpose of The club is lo provide opporlunil T l y or coser fellowship in, school and lo slimulale inleresl in library service. The officers are K , owning, vice presidenlg Annie Thomas secrelar , Bobb l-l , y' y orne, reporler, and Mable l-lawley, lreasurer. Miss Elaine Cunningham is lhe sponsor. The members are Barbara Broolce, John Carr, Charles Chowning, Mabel Douglass, Rulh Eirebaugh Elippo, Mary Giles, Bill Cripson, Annie B. Goosby, Kyle l-lardesly, Thelma l-lardesly, Mable l-lavvley, Frances l-lig ginbolham, Mary l-lolland, Kalie l-lolmes, Bobbie l-lorne, Margarel lrby, Peggy Keen, Monnie Kemp, Sarah Lamun, Eloise Lemon, Carmen Ram- sey, Evelyn Riley, Margarel Rilchie Mar L R d , y . o gers, Annie Thomas, Inez Willoughby, Dorlha Wilson, Geraldine Wray. yle l-lardesly, presidenl' Charles Ch ' McCracken Club Charles Chowning -.. -H .1 r ,in f ht m ,- 3!", K. :-2 gnil,-J" ' ., -we ,i . ,mar V, H " I 'Q I A . :.,,,Tig,-Jig-lf,3g.f' -if wirfggf, J, -f f ,: , ,V 1' V-.,:.,, in n .32 - f , '7'i" " ' i " -- ' ' ' ' QF, . .,,.,' J 1' 1: , , Ag,-4-',,' 4. ' Tlie membership .offsllne Nalives Club com osed oi co d li H , -e s w o live in Denron. ln order ro claim Denron as llreiir, , melown, llie girls musl lfiave lived lfiere al leasl one year prior lo enlering college. Social evenls for rlie iirsl semesrer included a formal dance al llwe Woman's Club and a liayride. ln May a spring dinner-dance was given in rlie T.S.C.W. dining room. Tlie year's orlicers were Waneese Maclcey, presidenlg Varina LeBeau, vice-presidenl, Lo ' C uise raven, secrelary-lreasurer, and Pal Fowler, re- porler. Spring pledges were Jane Jagoe, Farlena Doyle, Frances King Virginia Doggell, Berry Ann Meadows and Lanelle W' hr Wa neese Mackey , ig . Members are Pal Fowler, Louise Craven, Waneese Maclcey, Lois Taylor, Varina l.eBeau, Virginia Caldwell, Dorolliy Fouls, Frances Tobin Noles, Eloise Cdam, Mariorie Vand li if ' ' er o , l-lelen Craig, and Sidney l-lamillon, sponsor. Natives , Club . www ii ii if , Fowler. Y Clldwe , .d 5, DOQQG Firsi rcizlwi -iaq8Fa2FZillMOancl49Y'TaYlOrCljaBrF1alilanderlioFi, Cfalq' Med OW Socon TCW: i i A Th- Cl row- Doyle. Kin? Pours. N0-95' lr ' '11 if , . if , iafniffs fe . f52rfi,1T,,gga-1 s fs f T' . .5 sa We . , .A A ,gf ., , if . Y A eircrl J? Q , 2 sr is v 1.0 fail.: pk.-X21 , -4 .rf,"' , it ' , .51 -. , ' fa-sf' - I i h . k Bass. '5- IS nhl K,,kpaTric . TT Davies Sloan. McGibb0'l9Y' Meadows m Love . ' There are no scholasTic Club. Organized This year, The club is open To all Those inTeresTed in organ. requiremenTs Tor membership in The Organ AcTiviTies Tor The year included aTTending Three organ reciTals given by Alexander Schreiner, Charles Courboin, and Carl Wiesemann a d , n Two parTies given aT The home oT BeTTy Ann Meadows. Programs Tor The e y ar were conducTed by l-lugh Kirl4paTricl4 Bill STe hens a d R b A , p , n o erT Ellis. OTTicers Tor The year were Myra Jo PresTon, presidenTg l-lugh Kirk- paTriclc, vice presidenTg Bill STephens, secreTary-Treasurer, and Dr. l-lelen l-lewiTT, sponsor. Members are RoberT Ellis, BeTTy Ann Meadows, KaThleen Sloan, Joe Moseley, James McConnell, l-lugh KirlcpaTriclc, Bill STephens Carlyle Bass, Emma KaTherine LoveTT, Frances McOibboney EdiTh D I' M , avies, yra Jo PresTon, Clara BeTh Lynn, Paula Powell, Amos Caldwell, Campbell SmiTh, Nelda Mae Babb, Sarah Ann STowe. ii P ll Lynn STePhens, Moselell-MCCO Organ Club HewiTT and PresTon is isis is 'QR Angelina Meredilh P. E. Professional Clu b v-f..,vffj1g,X . , .. ,, e, Q, , ,ww . wif.: Q, . ' 1 -, - gg. .,, , ,. 4951365 E K ab , Facully members are Mr. Fred Cobb, Mr. A. C . F r . r a ooper, M,g,,rT. J. ouls, Miss Beulah A. I-larriss Miss Edilh K b iq . ,u ec , Miss Marga.ref?iR7iellon, Qi Mr. Lloyd Russell, and Miss Faye Thompson. Olher membersfe Earline Ard, Bryan Banisler, l-larry Barham, Jeli Beavers, flie Berkley, Margarel Brannen, Dorolhy Brian, Miriam Broclg, Ben Broolcsf '-' i ,Bloughlon, Marlha Buder, Calherine Calloway, Dallon,,Campbell, , iam Eva Rulh Car- ler, Leola Chapman, Bill Collie, Ross Collins, Q 13 Criswell, Wilburn Curnull, Bessye Cooper, Joe Cogual, bxjary 'nfs Frances Davison, Jane Dean, Maryyonne de Kinslcy, Keninelh Eason, O. K. Edmondson, Rulh Elder, J. C. Flderson, Sweel Esles, Maysel Fuller, Belly Gale, Roberl Ganl, Sam Cnanl, Jack Gilberl, Max Goldsmilh, Dan Garza, Paul Graves, Melba Dean Green, Dorolhy l-lall, l-lomer l-lall, Maclc l-lammond, Belly l-larlan, Dena l-larmon, Marlha l-larmon, Virginia l-larmon, Jack l-larris, Belly l-legboum, Virginia l-lenry, Jewell l-lunler, Frnesl Jacobi, Bobby Jones, Sonny Kemble, Margy Kemplin, Rulh Kirk, Joyce Lilly, l-lelen Love, Winona Lewis, Theda Mangrum, Dorolhy Dean Marlin, Eunice Marlin, Angelina Meredilh, Janice Mercer, Alberl Milceslca, Miriam Moore, Rulus Moore, Margarel McClinloclc, Pal McLeod, Bill Menelee, Dorolhy Mur- rell, Bill Oglesby, Sammy Payne, Jane Pollock, Audrey Ragsdale, Marion Rawlings, Belly Reedy, Vivian Reese, Paul Rogers, Rulh Rulherlord, Morriss Renlro, Pernal Scoggins, S. E. Scoll, Louise Sell, Dorman Sewell, Bruce Shaw, Darwin Shipman, Novella Simmons, Doris Smilh, Killy Smilh, Chrisline Slallings, Billy Slephens, Mariorie Slewarl, Tina Taylor, Novella Taylor, Roy Taylor, Mack Terry, Leon Thompson, Frances Tirlc, Dorolhy Tudor, W. E. Vaughn, Elmer Ward, Margy Jo Webb, Ann W'lk R W . . I es, ay omaclc, Roy Wyall, Bill Young, and Lucian Young. irs + . V ere , , M rel Smmvh, arruss F l row. Kubeclc, Mzgrriiz livlnlsoii, ColLA6gSHn+-Ock, Reedy, Cooper, og H H b oun , owe, . M ell, Reese. 9 ' eq Second row: Llarlani grill wayaRawlinCJS. Tlflfi Slminoniil Mueilon. Scoll, Elder. Gale Third fowl T-lgfrngiililail lgirii, Slewarl, ThOVf1P5On' Crlswe l Faurlh rOW1 O ' Q 5.-ffi , " -'J-es, , , "f y ' "m ' 1. 6 '- Q - ' "" .1-H523 ' ' 'Q . ,l. A , S . E, in gh., , ,A 1 8 . , .-4' . wx ? U .3 fr: . A '. ,ff-"' x r,-'Jil-,!,Zf"""T 3'2551f'+: K -in :fy-iJf',,.5'C X . . . M ,g V- A ' T TMTTA lil' ld, Dameron L.. ' ' W . . 'ff' M Clarlc Tye Allen She le i ' 'liamsOf1 , ' .'. l H , Lewis. Wll EWOH Bierschwale Marlin, Andrews, esseaxl ' la, Williams. Cole G l ' ' OfWlC Firsl row: ' Brannon' Eppdghl, Caldwell, Mullendore Second row. Fenoglio, Paly The Norlh Texas Press Club, aclive member of lhe Texas lnlercollegiale Press Associalion, is made up of lhose sludenls inleresled in college publicalions. Each year Jrhal lhe Easl Texas-Norlh Texas foolball game is played in Denlon, lhe club is hosl lo lhe Easl Texas Press Club al an annual luncheon preceding lhe game. Officers for lh is year were Elmora Messer, presidenlg Gene Clarlc, vice- presidenl, and lrene Bagley, secrelary. Members are Maxine Ellioll, Edna Jo Allen, Sarah Louise Benlon, lrene Bagley, Jean Brannon, James Epprighl, Joan O'Brien, Chrisline Williams, Kalye Rulh Sheffield, Jeanne Morris, Anne Bierschwale, Gloria Andrews, Melvin Penoglio, T. J. Collelle, Mildred Walker, Vernelle Grable, Anne Calhoun, Ines Norwiclc, Bill Coffey, Lillian Young, Gene Clarlc, Elmora Messer, Virginia Caldwell, Jaclc l-larris, Nancy Roberls, Velma Rae Bale- man. J. D. l-lall and Miss Virginia Paly are sponsors. Press Club Elmore Messer ,,.f- Barney Miller Psychology Club . Q"5zli"39va20f?'ff 'f .N .TL "EY, 's ifzilz' 4' 'L-'fi , jg A -- .wu s l' 4 .. N' 1 ,gy .4 ii sir , - .A , . 1 Q ' , . as Ollicers olflflhe Psychologyiadliub lor lhis year i , . M " U erelgarney Millerf plesi- denl, Mary lnus DaviQi iC',-prnejsidenlg Alii? BellRiceiificrelaryilleasurer' Bill Snow. Pile ra -lii"?i- ' "" i G m y A' . Es.93Q,,gsocial chairman. .Members are Dora,gj " fine Ad ' q mfc ga- gud Bilyli R A V M ams, Lharlies Chowning, Barbara Csoper Mar arel Ca! b ii . Q um r Mildres if ol4s, Ben.iBroolcs, Dale Bryanl, Dorolhy Bulller, Laiauna Danlorlh, May Davis, Kalherine Embree, Maxine Ellioll, Mary l-lelen Errebo, Doris Fassell, Jean Faullcner, Maysel Fuller, Emily M. Gardiner, Dorolhy Nell Garren, Eslher J. Garrell, Faye Garrell, Rulh Gelslralo, Frances l-ligginbolham, Juanila Jones, Ray Leonard, Charlene Lindsay, Muriel Mallhews, Marlha Mayes, Barney Miller, Tom Mcllvain, Lois Monlc, Jeanne Moyer, J. B. Oullaw, Belly Reedy, Eugene Revier, Belly K. Russell, Billye Sawyers, Glenodine Siebman, Earl l-lenry Smarl, Bill Snow, Marion Tanner, Myrlie Taylor, Wayne Taylor, Vi Marie Busler Taylor, Elizabelh Thomas, Ben Tisinqer, Ed Walldns, Dorolhy Welch, Chrisline Williams M L ' ' , ary ouise Wisnewslci, Belly Woodard, and Jean Young. F ll Rice Woodard ll V Vx! mock. Bul GV. D - DouQherlY BonneY, Miller, 65,56 ' W lldns- Damiorilli ar s llioll. 5 .- . yi Jones, E Firsl row: Garren- Gill V B ol4s, N'VisneWSl'i Mon Brydfll Chowninq- VO ' Leonard, Coopefi Second row- Y wg, Davis. Garrell. O l 'F was V 5, w,T.V,,YVv,-. J , . ,. ,,.- , , A ., ,. .. .L A .F rv fi . Sv .- ' A V H, V ., f-. 4 ,-, . , f ' J. f- 1 J ' ' M 1 if igiw ' :mi 1 11:1 , if ' i . , if 5- fm: A ' fs 0 ' '1s1f "'f-1 .- 1 Q, g'rf1.: ' ' .xeif if - - ., r . ,, 4 " AjggY,, fel, if P 2, 'rims ...--.Q ll ad, Maxweu, ww-W 'H mmorld. UWGH' if' F ' by' Nllllef- -JV "" '4 . d E Urs row' Alllson' Waiil Grill? Biixll?:Fiil0ljl? Zbelqoodevfillljnliiixizllliekliamli' ShullS"e?T-Blriie liXllilier,rlianhOOV9' Henman' lm Say , . . , , I . . f Hall Y , 5+ e Mud :M rim, , Q lSenlGf. ion. 0 iii-jnCiioiNO:WMgKiinn9YgEZ:!,iSOBnrlaFyElSililium, Wesimoreland, l'l6fV'P Fourth POW: Moms' i Speech maiors compose Jrhe membership of lhe Quinlilian Club, which is sponsored by Mrs. Olive M. Johnson. Olrlicers for lhe year were Annie K. l-lennen, presidenlg Anila Cole, vice presidenl, and l-lelen Mae Bullock, secrelary-lreasurer. Members are Jessie Alexander, Winona Allen, Frank Allison, Marie Auslin, Beaula Barlell, Gloria Basselr, Sara Benlon, Mabel Birdsong, Vir- ginia Blair, Dorolhy Braly, l-lelen Bullock, James Byrnes, Tida Camp, Louise Campbell, Anila Cole, Euline Cook, Helen Cunningham, Noel Francis, Ray L. Fry, Margarel Frisby, Mary Ann Gardner, Mary Evelyn Gould, Melbadean Greene, Virginia Gurney, Elaine l-lamplon, Dorolhy l-lalslead, Fay l-lammond, Annie K. l-lennen, Emma l-lerring, Jeanne l-lolloway, Nora Jane l-louse, Charles l-lughes, Mary Jo lrvin, Maurice Jackson ldeceasedl, Eloise Lane, Charlene Lindsey, Kalherine Marlin, Cecil Maxwell, Elhel Mclnlosh, Belly McKinney, Bill Meeds, Dorolhy Mil- burn, Amp Miller, Barney Miller, Jeanne Miller, Jeanne Morris, Quilla June Moulder, Joan O'Brien, Dolores Osgood, Ardalh Reik, Ranell Roberlson, Billie Rulledge, Elizaberh Scull, Earline Senler, ldalene Scheu, Billie Jo Shrum, Ellie Shulls, Molly Skinner, Gloria Slevens, Inez Scilres, Vi Marie Busler Taylor, Elwanda Tedrow, Polly Terrill, Belly Ann Vanhoove, Mar- garel A. Via, Edwina Wall, and Elnora Weslmoreland. Quintilicms Eloise Lane I K Q! --arvrrjj' 'f 1:-ff fm tp-ing. J +.i...F I 1- L , gig-: vm K 4. , - . 2 - 'rg-3 ,. an I ' wi, f' be 1 , , ss C. L. Carr T-Club T-Club is"ci?linguished'asg lhei men s" service orqanizalion "on The and is composed exclusively ol men wh,o have 'lellereid in one of e rh 1' Each 54eai4l'li'lhi5Qclub holds a reunion al e . bers who have worn lhe "T" for Carr, presidenr, Fred McCain, vice presidenl, and Members are Basil Smilh, Dallon Criswell, Jimmy Coolc Fred McCain, Joe Sharp, Leroy Gibson, Ardie Hanson, l-larold Shoemalcer, Joe Gieb. lvlillon lvlusic, l-l. C. Nolle, l-lal Curry, Billy Oglesby, Carllon Lee Carr, Bruce Shaw, Dan Garza, Jalse Beclcman, Wilburn Curnull, l-lorace Kemble. Paul Richardson, Garvin lvluggs, Waller Self, Pxlberl lvlilceslqa, Barrell Reeves, Bob Brady, Maurice Walers, Ross Collins, J. D. Lane, Bill Mene- lee, l-loward Shannon, Phillip Price, Herman l-loplxins, Ted Carley, George Beqgs, Manly Cooper, Kennelh Eason, l-lomer l-lall, Bobby Jones, Earl Collins, l-lamillon Smilh, Jessey Wayne Scarbrouqh, Ray Womack, Boyd Vaughn, Dallon Campbell, Jack Gilberl, and Pernal Scoggin. l l rowz bhiifpi UMW" C rley, Lfalillwvu' Y' Garla, YFWC- WB - 'Gi b, COOK-15' Sleloncl roweglglgiglgbivzll, Elurnullplegjl Cfibllgliam, Milceslca, Nllcaln' 6 d W' ' M 9' ' Em llloroiw Monlfiomely' UQ our - ..": ' ' '. -. 3- - t 'fa 335- Hr-,Q - as -L r 'rf ' ' QQ it ' s , 451633 ,E H , .3 if 'lf L 2? 9? ,. filer li d, COX' L09 -i A Qi-sy Bughanalm Baqlfyklgfnivij Dlembiss, Dyer' Ha' QV Firsl row: Greeu- GaqeiElal Tuirie, WilloUQl'l3Yi " ' Second POW- Raymond' K The Girls' Religious Training Class was b organized in Sepiember, l938, y Mrs. Luiher Savage, a graduaie of Abilene Chrisiian College, who did her mas+er's degree worlc here lhajr fall, and is now under The sponsor- ship of The Church of Chrisl li' h . :si e work of lhe class io sludy The char- aclerislics of "Ideal Womanhood" and a "Ch if risi-like Rersonaliiyu in an e ori To slrengihen Jrhe developmenl of such in Those girls who ailend. Class leader for ihe iirsl semesier was Mary Louise Dyer and for lhe second semesier, Rulh Shaclcellord. Sponsors are Mrs. l-l. J. Dyer and Mrs. C. A. Buchanan. Members of The class ar R e urh Burnam, Nellie B. Candler, Emma Jo Roberlson, Kalye Rulh Sheffield M T , ary une, Bonnie Belle Green, Annie Loriece Thomas, Lilla Grubbs, Elizabelh Grubbs, Emma Lou Long, Ruih Long, Pearl Raymond, Byna Bass, lrene Bagley, Doroihy Buchanan, Mary Louise Cox, Rulh Gage, Mariorie l-larshbarger, Mary Louise Dyer, Janice Loefiler, Daisy Belle Lyles, Ludine May, Wanda May, Edwina Wall I Willoughby Rulh Shaclcelio d , nez , r , Lorena Blaclc, Peggy Lee Simpson, and Ellen Nelson. .Thomfii Weil Girls Religious Trciining Class Ru+h Shaclcelforcl --ff-f 7 - raw , 'MW " fi' fig 3, 55 ? 1 ,if 1-iggul -' ,avr f 1 A ',. , ., ' . ' -, . 'rl ' 'va 5 ' '1 . . ll A ll' . ii? , 's - ' a-I 1 W ,Q , if it it -26,1 dsx? veg . 1 -f 1. . , -. - M ,I,,,e, .. . . , 1 a + 1 -.., .Q .."-1'-1 ,I a Q ii . J' A u XI a ' f' t fa" i , VA- '- - .4 ,B 4 ij V R., M Thie kgagrai o1gJohnny +he':One .1 lpkouji, -Slggkprinted by flbecial permission of The Saturday Evening Post, copyright 1942 by the Curtis Publishing Company. Lisfen, America! Thai"s my boy: Johnny fhe One, my pride and icy. Ah, how my hearf leaps up fo fhe sky When Johnny, my son, comes marching by. Johnny's a whisper, Johnny's a spark, Johnny's a beacon piercing ihe dark, Johnny's a hundred and 'I'hir1'y-'I'wo million, Buf Johnny's 'lhe firsl' and +he Ias+ of my children. Johnny has gone on wings of nighi' ln ships on horizons ou'l' of sighf, Down in seas where +here is no ligh+, Marching on wifh fhe rnighf of right The cry! of fhe eagle ringing clear ls +he only bugle +ha'I' Johnny can hear, Calling ihe wafchword, lighiing fhe lamps In millions of ships and planes and camps. Johnny came marching over 'lhe hill, Down 'From fhe wafer gaps, up from fhe mill, Oul' of fhe foresf and over 'lhe ranges, Johnny was coming +o make a few changes. Oh, Johnny was young and s+rong and free, Holding his head courageously: America's youngesf son was he, Marching 'lo keep her liber'I'y. Bred of her rivers and lakes and seas, Bred of her flowers and shrubs and +rees, Bred of her ear+h and grass and rocks, Bred of her valleys and mouniainfops, Johnny came marching, s+ill he comes, Sounding 'Phe bugles and fifes and drums, Wifh planes and ships and fanks and guns, Wifh millions of ofher fafhers' sons. Johnny came marching, yes, he did, Laughing and sfrong, like any young kid, Johnny, my son, is Johnny ihe One Who will win fhe figh+ ad if should be won, Bu'I' Johnny, my son, is Johnny fhe One Who won'1' march home fill 'lhe job is done, For Johnny's a hundred and 'I'hir'I'y-+wo million, And Johnny's 'I'he firsf and fhe lasl' of my childre D. . '14 M -' Advertising Autographs Swag g,First State, Bank e ., This bank, one ot Dentons institutions and a member ot The Federal Co., is the Triend and protector 'ma- iority ot the accounts ot townspeople body, and Taculty. i T ' iw T X -. . .gh T. C. taculty members who hold positions in The First State Bank are shown with other executives in the picture. They are, lett to right, Dr. S. Blackburn, inactive vice-president and head ot The industrial arts department ot Teachers College: Mr. W. N. Masters, president ot the bank and Tor- mer head ot the T. C. chemistry department: Mr. R. W. Bass, cashier: and Mr. W. C. Orr, active vice-president ot the bank. The Burr Store Roommates Mary Lou Turner and Marian Gil- bert shop in Burns newly enlarged hat department Tor spring bonnets. One ot The triendly, well-in- Tormed clerks helps Marian decide between a blue straw and aqwhite beret. With all departments re- cently redecorated, completely stocked, and addi- 'tional ones added, the Burr Store in Denton is in- deed continuing to prove itselt one ot our Tastest growing stores. The Boston Store These Teachers College students are wisely spending their No. I7 ration stamp at The Boston Store shoe department, Tor they know that now, when we have Tewer shoes, we must select better quality merchandise. In the picture, a WAVE and a lieutenant in The Air Corps wait to be Titted also. The Boston Store also carries well-stocked ready- To-wear and dry goods departments. l if f 'Duke 8g Ayres , LocaTed convenienrly on The square, The eco- nomical place Tonk- ' fl is Dulce and Ayres, where everyThing To f' . ,,IJ'i sTudenT's need in school " .- A Vyiir gf . 'irr-pliesin ' 'oTher necessary arTicles can be . a re ' ' 1 ou nd. -', f 2 5' M111 ' Teachers College Press PhoToengravings by 'The hundred musT be pieced TogeTher-To make The 320-page Yucca. Ray Taylor and Earl SenTer are shownpreparing an eighT-page secTion Tor The press. ATTer The pages have been prinTed, numerous xhand-operaTions are necessary beTore all oT The pages are gaThered inTo a compleTe copy. llglcip- perll Gould, Jo DuTTon, Kay Collins, Virginia CrouT, Bo Allen, and Gladys Day are shown bind- ing The TirsT secTion To The cover. They know iT 'lby he-arT" buT There is a Thrill To viewing The compleTed Yucca. Vernelle Grable, linoTypisT, EdiTh BuTler, prooTreader and secreTary, KenneTh Precise, handyman, and Rowena Thorn- Ton, linoTypisT, are shown. Everyone buT Precise appears To be inTeresTed in The Yucca. ..,.v-"" S i ry? 2,1 hub, AJ ,. ' 'IQ 1 .. The Vonity Shop lviulls Vanily Shop a familiar place of business lo collegc girl.. its complete line ol lhe lalesl iashionns' calches lheyeye oi every'shopper. Clolhing needs irorn slacks lo lorrnals may beesalis- lied al reasonable prices. ' Choosing a new oullil is a pleasure amid such pleasani surroundings as are iound al lvlulfs. l-lere Renee Labal views a dress in The mirror provided. Prompl and courleous service are synonymous wilh lVlu+l's. Dixie Troilwoys Busiesl place in Denlon during Jrhese limes is lhe Dixie Trailways Depol. Civilians and soldiers alilce can depend on a saie arrival al lheir deslina- lion when lhey lravel by Trailways. Gas and lire ralioning have made sludenls especially graleiul lo lhe bus service given by Dixie. Each week-end will iind lhe slalion crowded and buses loaded wilh Teachers College sludenls. ,. -. A M i ' is ' . my 1 Voertmo n's Teochers College Store 'lhe'convenien+ locarion' ol lf'oerlman's, di- reclly across from lhe .AidminislraJrion".B"uilding, has made il popular vvilh porh sludenls ands lacully alike. lrs -.omplele line cl fiool supplies, books, and gills and ils conlinuoui, ,i 'ice make il' an ideal place in which To shop. Voerlmans lounlain is a galhering place for college sludenifs who have a minure lor a llcoke dale! ll also has a complele line of slalionery 'lor use in wriring rhe boy friend in rhe service. Show Studio Famous lor making 'rhe class piclures lor lhe Yucca lor several years, Mr. O. P. Grandy is lhe very ewclicienl proprielor ol Shaw's Sludios. Srudenls who have seen lheir class piclures llock lo Mr. Grandy lor enlargemenls. Pholographs lor applicalion needs, gills, or personal use may be purchased al Shawls lor reasonable prices. ,f if .F JP NTSQQ em Ms is ,ii fs it ., 15 1 Cocoa-Coio Bottling Co. The mosl popular college beverage is lhe pro- clucl' of Jrhe Coca-Cola Bollling Company. in spile fofgall lhe priorifei, manager C. E. l-laslings slill pnovides lhe sruderri body wilh "cok'es.l' The plan? is al -Jrhe corner oi Qalcland and McKinney. Theatre Row The line forms lo 'rhe righl along 'lhealer Row, noir an uncommon sighl in Denlon. College slu- denls, solcliers, sailors, marines, and WAACs find relaxalion ancl lun seeing lhe newesl ancl besl in movie enlerlainmenl al any one of lhe lhree ln- lerslale ilhealers. fxnolher eager crowd gafhers lo spend pleas- anl and inexpensive hours seeing one of lhe lop- ranlcing shows along Thealer Row, llwhere happi- ness cosls so lilllef' Nc1sh's 5 8g IO Jusr a few "dashes" ol'F rhe college campus, Nashls 5 34 IO has everylhing from candy lo school supplies, from bow ribbons lo piclure iframes. They are palronized by all The T. C. srudenls and many of Jrhe resiclemlg ol This parr of Jrown. - .U f .r:."f. H. I. .- . . Q 4. .-, I , -...arm . 9 'T' T 5 TT WE ai " 's Hc1miITon's Drug Store Qne oT The TayoriTe shopping and meeTing cenTcrs on The campus, HarnilTcn's holds a special place in every T. C. sTudenT's nearff The manigvers and The sTu,denT help Try In way To segivei Townspeople, TaculTy, and ,fudenTs wiTh smiling courTesy. bp . A Tull house is The naTural way in which we Tind HamilTonls mosT any hour oT The day and all hours oT The nighT. STudenTs Tind This an ideal place To geT TasTy sandwiches and Their TayoriTe drinlcs while They keep a rendezvous. The exTensiye line oT drugs, cosrneTics, school supplies, and oTher sTudenT needs is always compleTe. Varsity Alleys lVlarTha l-larrnon expecTs To bowl a sTril4e on This one. ln a large newly modern locaTion iusT OTT The square, The VarsiTy Bowling Alley conTinues To do booming business. The T. C. sTudenTs Tind ouTleT Tor Their energy wiTh inexpensive, healThy Tun here day and nighT. Eagle Drug STudenTs gaTher aT The Eagle Tor Those re- Treshing ice cream mixTures and pep-up drinlqs during chemisTry lab inTermission, aTTer TooTball and baslceTball TilTs, or Tollowing The Tra'TerniTy or all-college dances. l-lere are Ted Corley and Phil- lip Price in a "bull session" oyer a cup oT coTTee wiTh a Triend. .2 , K I , Aki, u.-5-v,c.,V-,,,, - . ,, ,, A Y- . .Ei A K TTT' fi'XNiT'TTfl?usselE s cornpleTef 'A - ,collei cloThef To'r bothfifds and co'eds, T 1 denlrsineed ri' . go To,Pv8'fTfWorTh or Dallas Tor Their clojrhing needs. DenTon"s l6ading'depa'r'TrnenT sTo"Fb', iT has become a symbol oT courTesy.gud saTisT:cTion To iTs many oaTrons. is The compleTe line oT shoes Tea'Tured loy Rus- sells is a source oT delighT, especially To college girls. Any need Trom "Sunday besT" To everyday play shoes can be saTisTied There. Russells is noT limiTed To The needs OT girls, Tor boys also Tind The leading masculine Tashions in The nnen's deparTmenT. l-lere Ted Carley loolcs aT The line oT shirTs oTTered. The College Shop is The deparTmenT rnosT Tre- guenTed by The Teminine conTingenT. The laTesT sTyles in sweaTers, slcirTs, sTreeT dresses, and Torf mais are enough To swell any girls lisT OT "wanTs." n Q13 b ,F --V - p. f Penders Store Across The sTreeT Trom Marquis and Terrill T-lalls, This college supply slrore is lmown Tor Th Triendlyg-aTmosphere, iTs good homemade sand wiches, delicious hoT coTTee, cold drinlcs, and oT course iTs unTailing sTocl4 oT scholasTic maTerials Tor all classes. STudenTs and TaculTy alike TreguenT Pen- derls booThs and " 2 advanTage oT Their excellenT servVce. . ""f'r T. Tinney's Beauty Saloni The modern Tacade oT The Tinney BeauTy Salon is exTernal prooT oT The modernly smarT work done inside by iTs compeTenTly skilled operaTors. The co- ed soon learns ThaT lovely grooming in preparaTion Tor a special daTe or imporTanT dance where she musT look her preTTiesT always means an appoinT- menT wiTh Tinney. Heorf of ca City The dressing room oT an English TheaTer amid The noise and exciTemenT oT The presenT war was The seTTing Tor The acTion in "l-learT OT a CiTy," spring producTion oT The College Players. The play was based upon The old TradiTion oT The TheaTer, 'lThe show musT go on." l-lere The casT gaThers on- sTage Tor a rehearsal. The TirsT curTain wenT up on 'This chorusls ine TerpreTaTion oT l'lTls a Long Way To Tipperaryf' The sTory involved chorus girls who made The Thea- Ter Their home and conTinued To give perTormances aT The Windmill TheaTer when every oTher show in London had been Torced by The war To close. Aufog rczphs ' 1 MY? h af, Q E Autographs .X. I L ---w-gm A .,+'f"" "' nw'

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