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Q g V: The Yucca VOLUME X MCMXVI COLLEGE YEL L Boom-a-lackal Boom-a lackal Bow, wow, wow! Chink-a-lacka! Chink-a-lackal Chow, chow, chow! Boom-a-lackal Chink-a-lackal Who are we? We are the students of the T. -N. C. COLORS! Green ana' W kite PUBLISHED BY The Students of the North Texas State Normal College Denton, Texas PEI: U 3 l i I l l ll! ai H li !. 'J li ,gl gf l: Q, 1. ITL ug WI 'fl 7' -I-P Th Y 1916 Dedication 60 our beloved teacher, Miss Edith Lanier Clark, ' we dedicate this, the tenth volume of the Yucca, in appreciation of her high, noble, and devout prin- ciples, her sympathizing friendship, and her devotion to the students and to the College. 4 lf' 'Ol 91 I 9 6 ui O 'C H, . -.-E-y.... ,. ,H W O . .... '-"fl-'I . , The Yucca 1916 Editor's Foreword IN PRlQs1CN'r1No this issue of our Annual, we have endeavored to include between its covers a record of the year's happenings, as Well as such matter as will give the general public an idea of the work we do in our College. VVe have labored earnestly to make this volume as attractive and representative as possibleg to present something that will, in after years, recall to the mind of the alumnus the scenes of his college life. XVith all its faults, this book represents much work and care, and its compilation and arrangement have been to us a real joy and pride. lf, at some time in the future, when you turn from your busy and fruitful life, you are made to feel better by turning the pages of the 1916 YUCCA and if you recall pleas- ant memories of your past college days at the North Texas State Normal College, we shall feel fully repaid for our efforts. lfVe hope that you will give credit to whatever merit you may find herein and will cover the defects with a mantle of charity. Our sincere thanks are extended to the many without whose cordial and unselfish co-operation this Annual could never have been edited. 6 ""l' -4. ,,,. ., , ,, , A V WY W Y YW 1 '1 lr .i.i - -,--- r""" 4, 4 t Q T- The Yucca 1916 T, jx Q E 41? 6' f lil 7.- I llumn mf Rl-:m':N'1's fm. Om:.xN1z.-x'l'mNs Cul-:Nlmlz 7. .l,1'1'1-ZR.-xlw QDliI'AR'l'Ml'2N'I' 3. F,x,QUL'rx' S. COLLEGIQ .LIFE 4. C0I,r,1-14:1-5 9. FACTS AND FOLLIES 5. Cr,.fxssl':s 10. lXDVl'IR'1'lSl'2MENTS 7 IO Ol V9 The Yucca 1916 Board of Regents HON. SAM SPARKS, President AUSTIN, TEXAS. HON. A. C. GOETH, Vice President AUSTIN, TEXAS. HON. H. A. TURNER, Secretary AUSTIN, TEXAS HON. VVALTER J. CRAWFORD BI'I.XUMON'I', TEXAS HON. J. S. KENDALL DALLAS, TEXAS HON. A. B. MARTIN PLAINVIICW, TEXAS HON. ROBERT J. ECKHARDT TAYLOR, TEXAS S . WI Q3 El Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. jan. to Feb. 15 19 25. 2. 5. 21. 23. 7. 12 15 15 25 29 30 13. 19. 21. 4. 13 22. ' .I The Yucca 1916 Organization of Sketch Club. Lyceum: Peter MacQueen. Organization of Glee Club. Lyceum: Dr. Thomas E. Green. Reception for University Ball Press Club Entertainment. Lyceum: Helen Keller. Visit of W. J. Bryan to Nor- Baseball Game N. T. S. N. C. Inter-Collegiate Debates. Current Literature Play. I : , . x Q ' If.. - . I' f 1 .'. f Q-. K ft ' A h 1 - W I 9 6 6 7 7 C a l e n cl a r Opening of School Session. Jan, Reagan Literary Society Re- Jan, ception. Jan. Opening Meeting of Current Jan. Literature Club. Jan Lee Literary Society Reception. ' B0 S Opening Meeting of Mary Ar- F b y' den Club. N? Q Organization of County Clubs. al Peace Contest- "Normal Day" at Dallas Fair. Maf- Organization of Camp Fire Mal'- Girls. mal. Election of Editor-in-Chief of Mar. Mary Arden Play. Yucca. Mar Freshman Reception. Visit of the Liberty Bell. Mar. Lyceum: Madam Sapinand Ra- ' vs. S. M. U, fael Diaz. Apr. Foot Ball Season Closes. Apr. Lyceum: Servant in the House. Apr. Field Day. Lecture: Dr. McBrien of Bu- May Glee Club, reau of Education. May Girls' Cantata, Inter-Collegiate Debate Try-out. Senior Banquet. "Kid Partyfl May Inter-Society Debate. Choral Club Concert. May Alumni Day. Lyceum: Metropolitan Quartette Basket Ball Season. May May May May Faculty Recital. Baccalaureate Address. May Festival. Commencement Day. on RTI The Yucca 1916 Faculty North Texas State Normal College E, L, jXNDIQRSON--,, ,.,...,.......... - ......, .......... C lcrman, Spanish ,I,,1LLr.xN M. PARRILI, .......... .. ...... .. ...... ..................... Nl .uSiC J, XV, SMITH .,,.,,,,,,,,,....... .. ................ Secretary, Mathematics MARY C, SNVIQIVI' ............ ,--.,, .................................. E1lg'llSl'l j, VV, ST CLAIR .............. ,.-,. ................. . ..... Physical Education Colm B1Qr,r,lc xfVILSflN---, ...... ................. ............... Hi:-ztory I, P, DowN1-:R ...... .. ........ -. ---..--..---.- ..... .... .- ....... Mathematics ' rx ' rw f ' 1 EUL1X Goslc .................... -.----- ........n Icacher in ll'2l.11l1llg' bchool A, C. MCGINNIS ............ .---.---.--- ........... -. .............. Registrar CLARA M. Panic:-:R ............ ................ ,. ....,.......... English 'll E. P1Q'r1':RS ........ -.-..-. ........... ,.-- ........ ............ Nlathematics iR0s.xLn': V. RA'1'1l110N1-2 ...... .- ....... .. .............. . ..... Home Economics XV. N. lVlAS'l'lCRS ...... ..--..-- ..... ..-..---.---,. ................... Chemistry ANNIE XVI-im: Br,,xN'1'oN---,---.--------M ...,,,,,,.,,.......,,,,,. ,English L. P. FLOYD ................................ Principal of 'llraining School MRS. lllC.'XRT, Cixluylix lVlcCRfxcK1-:N ..... ,----,--,,-, ..,...,,-,,..... Lilmn-ian EMMA G, Ml'l'CIlliI,l, ................,,,,....,...,,,-,...,,.,,,,,, History M. ANNE MOORE .... --.- ........ .. .......H........ .. ............. Education BURTIIC tl. ATWIQLL ..... ,.- ................., .--,-.,,,. ........,....,. English I. VV. PIQNDER ............. -. .............. ........ o . ............ Civics Nl,XRY ANl'JlCliSON ,..., ...... , , ,.,....., H--. ,-,, M-, ,,,,,,,,-,,,,,-,,- Piano I- AR. SWICNSON .......... .- .-... --..-..--.. ........................ Education XVILLTIC M. FLOYD-. ........... .,-.---- ......... .-'l'cacher in Training School E. D. CRTDDLl5--r ..... -,---.--...--.. ..... ...,,,,,. 4, ,.., ,,,,.,,..... I flistory Emtrr Ill,-XNIICR Cmnnq ,,..,- ,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,.,g-, M., ,,-,,,-,,,,,---, Eng-1igl1 P. E. MCDfJNiXI,l5--,,-, -,-, , ,,,, --,-, -,----- A , --------,hm----- Latin MRS- CURA M. MARTIN ...... ..- ..... .- .......... 'lleachcr in 'lfraining School BLANCIIIC E. STIAl'lfl'2R--. ..... ..-. .... .----.---,- .... --. ...... l-lomc Economics ,l- HH- lJ'3f?l9'l"l' ----............ .... . .......... . ..--..-,- .,...... Agriculture BICULMI A- HARRIS ................... - ....... - ...... 'Physical Education C- L- DAVIS ------------... .----..----.-.---... ..... .. ............ Agriculture M.'Xllfi1XlilC'l' VVALKICR PRTCIQ .,,,-- M.,---U-, ----- --------- N -----n--- I-Reading' VV- D' BU'l'TJ'5R -------..... - .... ......... ---.. ......... Nlatliematics lv- E- JIMIWZS ----. .. -...... -.------.. -... ....... Teacher in Training School lJ'3'lUN BROOKS --------..... ..--..-... .... . --- ...... 'Vcachcr in Training School HUGO P- VITZ --------- ----- ---... .. ........ ,.----...- .... Manual Training HIXUC Pf'l"l'M-NN ------- -- ------- ..--..- .-.----.- ..... - .... Assistant Librarian Gl'3R'l'RUDl'l VVEAR ............ ..---.-.,. ,..... ..,,-,,,, ,,---,,,-,,-- StC11Og1'apl'lC'l' EL1z.w11:'1'1r Ami-:R IfIrr,r,vAw ...,, M, ,,,,.., ,,-,,,-, ,,,,.,------ D1'g1Wi11g' MAUW9 L- FHCRO ------.-... .. ...... .. . ........ Director of 'llraining' School l,. D. Bolmlcx ..,,,,,,,- ,, ,,,,--A- -W --u----- N- !------------ Iihysics 19 on llgl 5-ll: lil 1' The Yucca 1916 T- WIIQIQTAINI lflERSCI'lEI4I, BRUCE. I'lr. D. President. Il - .L li n IQ! Ol I0 ucca19 xg 4 '7 WI 'lil vp lil T-, -4. The Yucca 1916 ,. 'wg i ' N 1 L 47 . ' 1 J' 4 ' 4 4.115 4.5 x W5 Q' fm' If ' ' um., 1,11 I 1 "fe Jw- 9 , , . K '11 .... V 'Q A-,X . .H ,Q . 'J 13 -uu- r-1 ITL Wo' 0 I l 3' ll X!5 1 . 14' 'I Q i D W il E i ,Ig 15 I: !i if ls IQ F. i IT I I Q 9 EIL I0 Ol ITI h Y -pq ja, 15' I7 I I 'I -v1, -1 I I l f i w 5 . kim. Ol ' 1M Th Y 1916 The College' -p 17 .L EL Q1 Ol lg ITI lil on lil The Yucca 191 M4XIN AND SCIENCE BUILDINGS NIAIN BUILDING if 19 -- it WL 'il Fl lil The Yucca 1916 SQUCNCIQ BUILDING I A I, ,mul A- 'Vilma' 20' me FUUN'l','XIN I- WJ on 131 T" The Yucca 1916 SCIENCIC BUILDING MANUAL ARTS BUILDING 21 7.- l?'L 'SJ on lf! The Yucca- 1916 LIBRARY BUILDING 22' IT! I 0 wi 1:1 The Yucca 1916 T111-3 CAMPUS SCLIQNCE BUILDING l 1 23 ITL I9 I IT! ff The Yucca 1916 .Q 1' . 1 M'M,,,f-"'T'6Tf! , , - I' , . . HEATING PLANT AND LIURARY 24' 'l'1,u': Druv1iwAv in lol TI! 131 9 L31 I-j 0 i :I The Yucca 1916 26' if' x .X Q .R I 3. I , I kr , . .. vT!.,i -V h , ,iv a., Tw-' ' , qc. ,. I r , -ai' ,2 , 'I "M P .. WI lil TI: ug " 1- The Yucca 1916 27 ITI 121 0 I -I The Yucca 1916 MODEL TRAINING SCHOOL 28 Hr':A'1'1Nc PLAN1' El lil on 131 7- 7' The Yucca 1916 Pmf:s1n1f:N'1"s RICSIDICNCIC 29 15 The Yucca 19 1eLLe houms of-'Va-I1 i.d.Le, ST-'Q-G-Gffi 'ga , ' Hiakory Cree-:K jDerxlFq. m 30 fin llzl e Yucca I9 M. -. SNHW Sum:-3 Lrlrlmlu' ND Ill-3.-vrlwz 'lxllli MAIN l3u1r,mNu L1 lxluln' ANU Sul ICNCIC lllxm, fx gg- :vr,:vff.""'fj"' w"5"U,zr3,'1X I ,. x I I ,if A ,Q J ,j-min 1 ei .r1fjy:1, . V.,7i"nvL'J' ' R, M, 1 dw 31 0 ILE! nfl III Th Y 1916 X 32 IT! IIQ on ml The Yucca 1916 Senior Class OFFICERS JACK PHILLIPS ..... ........ I T,1'CSidCllt DAPHNE HIXON .... ..... ' Vice President MIRIAM MORRONV .... ---- - -Secretary rm 121 OI iQ e Yucca 1916 NELL ALEXANDER CUMBY, TEXAS. Current Literature Clubg i l ET'rA ALFORD 1-rico, TexAs Current Literature Club. LAURA ALLEN FRISCO, TEXAS Mary Arden Clubg Cam Collin County Club. ALMA ARMSTRONG FLINT, TEXAS Current Literature Clubg Texas Progressive, l9l5-I6. CH ESTER BALCH BOYD, TEXAS Current Literature Clubg Clubg Y. W. C. A. 34 Y. W. C. A. p Fire Girlsg President East Wise County lil '21 on Igj The Yucca 9 ZULA BALLEW EMORY, TEXAS Associate Editor-in-Chief of Journal 1914-15, 1915-163 President of Y. W. C. A. 1914-15, 1915-16g Current Literature Club: Guardian of Camp Fire Girlsg Pres- ident of Mendelssohn Club 1914-15g Pres- ident of Choral Club 1915-163 Orchestrag Athletic Associationg Tennis Clubg Rains Van Zandt County Club. MARY BATES nENToN, rExAs Mary Ardeng Denton County Club. CHENEYVILLE, LA. LYLE BOONE Mary Arden. J. S. BOYLE BENTONVILLE, ARK Out of State Clubg Preacher Boys' Club. SAMNUE BOREN ENNIS, rExAs Press Clubg Ellis County Clubg Mis- Lick Tennis Clubg Treasurer of Y. W. C. A. 1914-15, 1915-16g President of Cur- rent Literature Club 19l5-16g Yucca Staff Artist 1914-15. ECL 'Lil Tl lil e Yucca 1916 MINNIE LEE BORDEN DENTON, TEXAS President Senior Two Classy Choral Clubg Secretary-Treasurer Cross Racket Tfnnis Club. LOUISE BLACK BLOSSOM, TEXAS Current Literature Clubg Athletic As- sociation. j. M, BLACKBURN BRECKENRIDC-E, TEXAS Reagan Literary Societyg West Texas l Clubg Glee Clubg Choral club. FLORRIE Bmscoe GROVETON, TEXAS Current Literature Club. E. M. BRALLEY' DENTON, TEXAS Robert E. Lee Literary Societyg Y. M. C. A. 36 IH I-Qj on Tj The Yuc 9 C. L. BROWN DELIA, TEXAS President R. E. Lee Literary Societyg Editor-in-Chief of Yucca 1912-133 Tennis Clubg President Limestone County Clubg President Press Club: Editor-in-Chief Journal 1915-16. NELL BURKE NVKTNNEY, TEXAS ' Athletic Associationg President Mary Arden Club 1915-16g Y. W. C. A.g Collin County Club. V MRS. PEARL CAMPBELL NORMANGEE, TEXAS Y. W. C. A. Cabinetg Treasurer Cur- rent Literature Clubg Mendelssohn Club 1914-15g President Current Literature Clubg Scribes: Camp Fire Girlsg Free- stone-Navarro-Leon County Clubs. ORA CARTER cr-nLnREss, TEXAS Y. W. C. A.3 Camp Fire Girlsg Mary Ardeng President Panhandle Club 1915-16. MYRTLE CLARK GREENVILLE, TEXAS German Clubg Hunt County Clubg Cur- rent Literature Club. ITI llgl I7 i 171 e Yucca 38 1916 MARY ELLEN CONLEY DENTON, TEXAS Denton County Club. B. L. COVEY MT. PLEASANT, TEXAS. R. E. Lee Literary Societyg Normal Bandg Fire Companyg East Texas Club. BLANCHE CUNNINGHAM MANSFIELD, TEXAS Mary Arden Clubg Captain First Basket Ball Teamg Staff Artistg Press Clubg Tar- rant County Clubg Tennis Club. ,IUANITA CUNNINGHAM MANSFIELD, TExAs Tarrant-Parker County Clubg Secretary Scribesg Athletic Association 1914-l5g Mary Arden Club 1915-16. NELL CURD CHILDRESS, TEXAS Secretary-Treasurer Senior Two Classy Mary Arden Clubg Scribesg Camp Fire Girlsg Y. W. C. A. in ug IT l The Yucca 19 MATTIE DANIEL GRANDVIEW, TEXAS Current Literature Clubg johnson-Ellis County Clubg Secretary Senior Four Class. W1LLrAM COLE DARNELL GRAND SALINE, TEXAS R. E. Lee Literary Societyg Y. M. C. A.g Tri-County Club. SAM DAVIS PRINCETON, TEXAS President Collin County Club 1914-153 Fire Departmentg Tennis Clubg Scribesg Class Foot Ball Team l9l5-l6. FAYE DONOHEY AURORA, ILL. Y. W. C. A. Cabinetg Choral Club: German Club: Girls' Chorusg Secretary Out-of-State Club. RUBY MAE DURHAM DENTON, TEXAS Denton County Club. 39 on III e Yucca 1916 W . ONIE EASLEY DENTON, TEXAS Y. W. C. A.g Denton County Clubg Current Literature Club. OSCAR EMERY LEWISVILLE, TEXAS Normal Bandg Orchestrag R. E. Lee Literary Societyg Y. M. C. A.g Denton County Clubg Senior Foot Ball Team. A. E. EVANS t KRUM, TEXAS R. E. Lee Literary Societyg Y. M. C. A.g Spanish Clubg Inter-Society Debate. RUBY FARMER LAMESA, TEXAS West Texas Club. P. M. FAULKNER ALvoRD, TEXAS Secretary R. E. Lee Literary Societyg Y. M. C. A.g Tennis Club. 40 IT' IOI 6 T11 -I The Yucca W. B. FERGUSON BOGOTA, TEXAS Editor-in-Chief Yuccag Intercollegiate Debateg Secretary Athletic Ass-ociationg Y. M. C. A., 1914-155 R. E. Lee Literary Societyg Intercollegiate Debateg Tennis Clubg Athletic Committee VICTOR FIELDS fmarriedj STEPHENVILLE, TEXAS Reagan Literary Societyg President Erath County Club. MRS. VIDA FIELDS STEPHENVILLE, TEXAS LINA FRAZlER H FORT WORTH, TEXAS. Current Literature Clubg Y. W. C. A.g Tarrant County Club. MARY GALBRAITH BON I-IAM, TEXAS Athletic Association 1914-155 Current Literature Club 1915-16. 41 .-....... , T" .1. 13. on IGI The Yucca 1916 W. E. GEORGE AUBREY, TEXAS President junior Four Classg Y. M. C A.: Reagan Literary Societyg Athletic Associationg Tennis Club, 1914-155 Vice- President Y. M. C. A., 1915-16. W. B. GRAHAM DENTON, TEXAS Reagan Literary Societyg Denton Coun- ty Club: Basket Ball Squad, 1915-163 Foot Ball Squadg Class Foot Ball Team 1915-16. GUSSYE GOLDBERG MARSHALL, TEXAS Mary Arden Clubg Mendelssohn Clubg Athletic Association 1914-15g President Mary Arden Clubg East Texas Club 1915-16. PHOEBE GOODE . DENTON, TEXAS Current Literature Clubg Y. W. C. A. Cabinetg President Junior Six Classy Sketch Club. PET GILES WESTMINSTER, TEXAS Current Literature Clubg Collin County Clubg Camp Fire Girls. li 1 I 31 Ol 'lj The Yucca EDITH M. HALL COYANOSA, TEXAS Panhandle Clubg Mary Arden Club. MAYSEL HANKINS GORMAN, TEXAS Current Literature Clubg Y. W. C. A.g Secretary Eastland-Callahan County Club. NELL HARVEY Four woRrH, TEXAS Current Literature Clubg Choral Clubg Cross Racket Club. NoRA E. HAWKINS DALLAS, TEXAS Current Literature Clubg Dallas County Club. MAY HILL M'K1NN EY, TEXAS Athletic Association 1914-153 Y. W. C. A.g Mary Arden Club. l -1 3 WI IO OI I0 e Yucca 1916 O. A. HINSON Reagan Literary Societyg Normal Band Hill County Club. F. C. HIRSCHI IOWA PARK, TEXAS DAPHNE H1xoN DALLAS, TEXAS. Current Literature Clubg Y. W. C. A. Scribesg Sketch Club. ZBLLA HOLMAN GAINESVILLE, TEXAS Current-Literature Clubg Y. W. C. A. Correspondence Clubg Athletic Associa tiong President Staff Artists 1914-15 Secretary Press Clubg Associate Editor in-Chief ,Iournalg Sketch Club 1915-16. W. L. HUNTER ROANOKE, 'rExAs Y. M. C. A.g Lee Literary Society. 44 F71 llgl Tl I!-I 7' A I' The Yucca 1 BESSIE IRWIN ERADSHAW, TEXAS Scribesg Taylor County Club. H. G. JAMES MILFORD, TEXAS Reagan Literary Societyg Fire Com- panyg Foot Ball Team, 1915-163 Ellis- ,Iohnson County Clubg Y. M. C. A. TRAVIS JONES WICHITA EAI.I.s, TEXAS Y. W. C. A. L. L. KING LEESBURC, TEXAS President R. E. Lee Literary Societyg President Northeast Texas County Clubg President Scribesg Y. M. C. A. P. D. KING GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS y Y. M. C. A. lil IL,- l I 6 W "I e Yucca 1916 ELENITA KIRKPATRICK PARIS, TEXAS H. D. LEWIS BURKBURNETT, TEXAS R. E. Lee Literary Societyg Tennis Team, 1914-15, 1915-163 Base Ball Teamg President Wichita County Clubg Athletic Association. LAURA LEE LILLY GAINESVILLE, TExAs Secretary Senior Il Classg Staff Artist 1914-153 Press Club 1915-16g Y. W. C. A.: Sketch Club. KINCI-IAI.ow LINDLEY MERTZON, TEXAS Current Literature Club. KATIE M. LIPSCOMB BURKBURNETT, TEXAS Mary Arden Clubg Wichita-Wilbarger County Club. 46 -u-n 11. li-'l 'lOl 01 Q!-I The Yucca PAULINE LrPscoMB DENTON, TEXAS Sketch Club. J. T. LONG RANGER, TEXAS Reagan Literary Societyg Normal Bancig Press Club. G. D. LOVELL PETROLIA, TEXAS Athletic Association 1914-155 R. E. Lee Literary Societyg Orchestrag President Clay County Club. MAY LYLES DALLAS, TExAs Athletic Associationg Dallas County Clubg Mary Arden Clubg Choral Clubg Tennis Club, MAE DELLE LYNCH M,KlNNEY, TEXAS Y. W. C. A.g Choral Clubg Collin Coun- ty Club. 47 -.1 11. ITI 1 Ol 'Tn 171 The Yucca 1916 QI. M. MAGILL DENTON, TEXAS Foot Ball Team 1914-15g 1915-16. EMMA L. MAIN THALIA, TexAs Athletic Associationg West Texas Clubg Mary Arden Clubg Correspondence Clubg Hardeman-Wilbarger-Foard County Club. W. B. MAJORS BURKBURNETT, TEXAS Reagan Literary Societyg Wichita Coun- ty Clubg Class Foot Ball Teamg Tennis Clubg Athletic Association. LILLTE MARTIN , GRAND sA1.1NE, TEXAS Current Literature Clubg Van Zandt County Clubg Y. W. C. A. A. T. MCCARTY iowA PARK, TEXAS Press Club 1914-155 1915-16g President Wichita-Wilbarger County Clubg Athletic Associationg Journal Staffg Fire Com- panyg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg President R. E. Lee Literary Society. 48 -h on ll' The Yucca 1916 BUENA VISTA MCGUIRE COMANCHE, TEXAS Y. W. C. A.g President Current Lit- erature Clubg Scribeg Orchestrag Men- delssohn Clubg Camp Fire Girlsg Choral Clubg Peace Contest. PATTIE V. McPH ERSON Y. M. C. A.g Cross Racket Clubg Cur- rent Literature Club. C. D. MEADOR ST. jo, TEXAS R. E. Lee Literary Societyg Y. M. C. Q14 Montague County Clubg Basket Ball eam. ADDIE L. MELSON DENTON, TEXAS Mary Arden Clubg Secretary Latin- American Club. W. F. MILAM CANTON, TEXAS R. E. Lee Literary Societyg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg inter-Collegiate Debater 1914 155 1915-16. 49 IT: I-gl WI 171 c Yucca 1916 R. A. MITCHELL ELKHART, TEXAS Glee Clubg Normal Quartetteg Reagan Literary Societyg Inter-Society Debater 1915-16. MIRIAM BELLE MoRRow HOUSTON, TExAs Current Literature Clubg Athletic As- sociationg Midget Basket Ball Team 1914- 15g Orchestrag Vice-President of Senior ll Classg Secretary Senior Class. H. W.. NASH sPR1NcTowN, TExAs Glee Clubg Secretary Oratorical Asso- ciationg Associate Editor of ,Iournalg Y. M. C. A.g Reagan Literary Society. W. A. OLIVER DENTON, TEXAS Reagan Literary Societyg Central Texas Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Scribesg Choral Clubg Latin-American Club. J. H. ORR NORMANGEE, TExAs Vice-President R. E. Lee Literary So- cietyg Inter-Collegiate Debater 1915-163 President Tennis Clubg Y. M. C. A. El lil 711 IEE! The Yucca 1916 LUCILE PAILLET WAXAHACHIE, TEXAS President Ellis County Club 1914-153 President Girls' Basket Ball Club 1914- 153 Athletic Associationg Staff Artist 1913-145 1914-155 President Current Lit- erature Club 1915. A ZULA PARKER ROBERT LEE, TEXAS Y. W. C. A.g Current Literature Clubg West Texas Clubg Sketch Clubg Camp Fire Girlsg Cross Racket Club. BEss PARRISH BELLEVUE, TEXAS Y. W. C. A.g Mary Arden Clubg Basket Ball Teamg Scribesg Clay County Club. A 'w .Ll 2' x LILLYE PENNINGTON LADONIA, TEXAS German Clubg Choral Club. LOLA BELLE PERKINS SHERMAN, TEXAS Athletic Associationg Mary Arden Clubg President of Grayson-Cook County Club. , -unn- .-. S1 ITI lf!! 01 171 The Yucca 1916 EDNA PHELPS QUINLAN, TEXAS Y. W. C. A.g Current Literature Clubg Scribesg Fannin-Hunt County Clubg Camp Fire Girls. JACK PHILLIPS DENTON, TEXAS R. E. Lee Literary Societyg Journal Staff 1914-153 First Tennis Team 1914-153 1915-165 Assistant Business Manager Pub- lications 1914-153 President Tennis Clubg President Denton County Club 1915-16g Athletic Associationg President Senior Classy Business Manager of Publicationsg Y. M. C. A.g Senior Basket Ball Team. RUTH POTEET HOLLAND, TEXAS Y. W. C. A.g Current Literature Clubg Central Texas Club. J. W. POWLEDGE AUBREY, TEXAS Letter Man Foot Ball Team 1915-16. RENE RAMSEY BON HAM, TEXAS. Current Literature Clubg Y. W. C. A. 52 lil lil The Yucca 1916 ERA RUSHING CENTER, TEXAS Pine-Burr Clubg Camp Fire Girls. NETTlE MAE SAUNDERS FRANKsroN, TEXAS Current Literature Clubg Y. W. C. A.g East Texas Progressive Clubg Scribes: Cross Racket Club. LILLIAN SHANE MARSHALL, TEXAS Mary Arden Clubg Y. W. C. A.g Press Clubg Cross Racket Club. W. H. SHIRLEY GRAND SALINE, TEXAS R. E. Lee Literary Societyg Y. M. C. A. WILLIE MAE SLAUGHTER DENTON, TEXAS Current Literature Clubg Y. W. C. A.g Secretary Denton County Clubg Presi- dent Cross Racket Clubg Sketch Clubg Camp Fire Girls. 5.3 Ill -F- ot lil ITI 2 l . The Yucca 1916 LYDIA SPARKS WEATHERFORD, TEXAS Mary Arden Clubg Y. W. C. A.g Par- ker County Clubg German Club. MRS. EI.IzABETI-I STANLEY GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS Mary Arden Clubg Athletic Associationg Camp Fire Girlsg Press Clubg Y. W. C. A.g Dallas County Club. OLA STOVER I.I2wIsvII.I.Iz, TEXAS Current Literature Clubg Choral Clubg Denton County Clubg Mit-Uns Club. LILLIAN E. SMITI-I QUINLAN, TEXAS Current Literature Club. Y. W. C. A.g Cross Racket Clubg Camp Fire Girls. M. K. SMITH Spanish Clubg Tennis Clubg East Tex- as Progressive Clubg Reagan Literary So- cietyg Y. M. C. A.g Normal Bandg Glee Club. Ol Tl: lil The Yucca 1 f E. B. TOBIN AUBREY, TEXAS President Senior IV. CLARA TUCKER DENTON, TEXAS Denton County Clubg Tennis Clubg Y. W. C. A. LYNN E Tu RNER WOODSON, TEXAS Mary Arden Club: West Texas Clubg Camp Fire Girls. MARCELLA E. TURPIN ,, COLLINSVILLE, TExAs Grayson County Clubg Current Litera- ture Club. MAY VAUGHAN WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS Vice-President Scribesg Camp Fire Girlsg Mary Arden Clubg Secretary Wichita , County Clubg Tennis Club. 55 ITL ll fl Tl IQ eYu 56 cca 1916 R. J. VERNON . srRAwN, rexAs R. E. Lee Literary Societyg Tennis Clubg Fire Departmentg Athletic Asso- ciationg Staff Artistg Class Foot Ball Teamg Press Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Latin- American Clubg Palo-Pinto County Club. Nerrle WATKINS DENTON, TEXAS Athletic Associationg Mary Arden Clubg Tennis Clubg Camp Fire Girlsg Denton County Clubg City Federated Club. MRS. PEARL WATKINS DENTON, rExAs Y. W. C. A. R. E. WARDELL PARIS, 'rExAs R. E. Lee Literary Societyg Y. M. C. A. E. H. WHITEH EAD R. E. Lee Literary Societyg Fire Com- panyg Senior Foot Ball Teamg Winner in One and in Two Mile Raceg lnter-Col- legiate Debater 1915-16. IOII A ug! 01 7' The Yucca 91 WHEAT WILLIAMS LEWISVILLE, TExAs President Y. M. C. A. 1915-163 Vice- President Denton County C1ub3 Presi- dent of R. E. Lee Literary Society 1914- 153 President of Oratorical Association 1915-163 Winner in Peace Contest 1915- l6Q Inter-Society Debater 1915-163 Edi- tor-in-Chief of Yucca 1915-16. Zu LA WIN KLER DALLAS, TEXAS Secretary Mary Arden Clubg Dallas County C1ub3 Choral C1ub3 Press Clubg Mendelssohn Club. C. L. YARBROUGH R. E. Lee Literary Society3 Y. M. C. A.3 Senior Foot Ball Team3 Senior Bas- ket Ball Team. B. F. LOWRIE I TERRELL, TEXAS Editor-in-Chief Journal 1914-153 lnter- Collegiate Debater 1914-153 Vice-Presi- dent Oratorical Association 1915-163 Pres- ident Reagan Literary Society 1914-15. Ol IGI The Yucca 1916 Summer Session 1915 Students 'Receiving Old Three Year Course. ljCl'lTl2l!lCl1t Ccrtiticatcs and Diplomas under the ADAMS, l3IQR'1',xl0 E ................. -- .... -, ........... .... C randell, Texas IXRNUIM, .l4:XUlCNl'Z ................. ........... Q fwleinau. Texas, Route No. 2 Bl7'I'Ll'fR, Manual'mu-:'i"1'i-I .............. .- N... .. .......... ..... I Denton, Texas Dummm, 'Bl'fRN.'XRI! .........., ,. .... ............,.,.,,,,. Dentun, Texan Emvmens, l,, C. .... .--., ....... ,--,,.-,. ...,......,,,,-,..-- ,, -,,..nd,- nu GRACIC, CUNA ........ . ......... .- ........... -. ........ hluhuson City. Texas MARTIN .l4lI,I.Y -.... .-- ............. .- ................ Grand Saline, Texas lVlCl3R.'XYliR, l'l. 'll. ..............,.,,,,...,,.,,.-,,,,-,,,,,,,, Gean, Texas S'l'lCl"lHiNSON, R. l.. ........................ .----.fXln1a, Texas, Route No. 4 S'rR.xNc:lC, Um-:ss.x .... --..- 'VURNl'tR. JL R. .......... .- ................ ....... ...... - - Leesburg, l'VlI.LlAMS, Mies. Em .....,.,-.. ,,,- , , -,,,,,h,-,,,,,,, Fm-t Xvorth, Yfmiixmzwoim, j. R, -,--.-,,- hm ,x-- ,A ---------------- --------- 1 gong, Students Receiving' Permanent Certiticates anal New Four Year Course. Diplomas unfl Texas P1 I exas Texas er the BAIJ-ZY, lVl.Xl3l'fL .............. -.. .... ---. -- ...... Tyler. Texas. Route No 7. BR.xn1-iN, Blf3U1,.xl1 T. ..... --.. .... , -,--..--...--- ..,,,,,,,,.,, Jefferson, Texas, limlnfoim, l9'1,muxr-:-- ............a ..a..---.. ........... -Pilot Point, Texag l'iLUYl1, lf. l'... -.-.... - ....... .. ..... ..-.. ....... .. ............. Denton, Texas l"l.VI'I.IiY, R. U. ..... .- ....... ..--,---..----.-. ............ Aclamsville, Texas LOW, E. L. ................. 4 ........................ Grapevine, Texas NTORTUN, EMMA .... .---- ..... ...... ................. Lancaster, 'Texas S,mI,, CLARA ....................................... ...... l Dallas, Texas SNIITII, FLORIIC ................ .- ....................... Crosbyton, Texas STRQUD, lVl.'XR'l'lI',X---. .................... ..---. ........ --l-lenclerson, Texas 58 on ug Ol IZ! Th Y 1916 fd! V, 'unus- 245 f JUNIOR CLASS -- on H2 0 I I The Yucca 1916 Junior One Agriculture OIPIPICERS EI Cflwuxrz-- ........ Presiclcnt XV I ,KICI'I'Il-.--.. ...... Vice President I IIII II' B.xl'rs-..-- ---Secretary-Treasurcr XX D 'I'. S'rnlu-EY--- .... Class Representative III IZ' 'QI N IO The Yucca 19 PHILIP BAITS DECATUR, TEXAS "Pluck and perseverance will find a way." L. E. CowI.INc MINERAL WELLS, TExAs "Let me live in a house by the side of the road and be a friend to man." E. S. GUEST PITTSBURC, TEXAS "Good nature and good sense must ever join." W. F. KEITH COOKVILLE, TEXAS "His common sense is an indication of a sound mind." L. P. HODCES CHATFIELD, TEXAS "Life gives nothing to men without great labor." A. P. SIMPSON EDNA, TEXAS "To be learned in all the wisdom of the farmer." s P. A. STRANGE PITTSBURG, TEXAS "He is a gentleman on whom I build absolute trust." W. D. T. STOREY ANNONA, TEXAS "Manners must adorn knowledge and smooth its way through the world." F. C. Woon TOLBERT, TEXAS "True Worth is being, not seeming." 61 0 u W The Yucca 1915 J u n i o r T w o Home Economics tJ'l7l7lCERS Rrrxll-3 S'l'.XNIf0Rlb .... ........... l jl'C5iLlCl1t GIQNI-2'l',l'.x C3l7f.f,l'fIllll'f- ..... .... C lass vRC1Jl'CSClltZltiVC Motto-"Ha also serves who only stands and waits," '-P 'Y' I-6-I 62 The Yucca 19 LETA BAKER ANSON, TEXAS "1 am lost in Normal mysteries." EVA LEE BALL "Little but not least." Lois BELLAH ANGE BRAY GAINESVILLE, TEXAS "With a light heart, gay and free." BEss1E B. BURGOON DENTON, TEXAS "Like a drowsy summer's day." EVELYN BURGOON DENTON, TEXAS "Happy go luck Come what may, . - y. I can't be worried." BESSIE CASWELL MARSHALL, TEXAS "Who never knew misfortune and mos heartily did laugh." BERTIE COOPER CLEBURNE, TEXAS "She loves to go to school and learn, To read and write and spellg She loves her teachefs smile to gain, And learn her lessons well." VEDA VALERA Donn NASH, TEXAS "She is n1ild and temperate as a sum mer day." IDA C. ENGLISH MAY, TEXAS I "Her lively looks a sprightly mind dis- close." Tn no 5- e Yucca 1916 MITTIE JARRELI. HENDERSON, TEXAS clouded ray day." Lois HOLLOWAY WEATH ERFORD, TEXAS "The easiest, freest, happiest girl in all the world." KATHARINE HILTON IIACKSBORO, TEXAS "Thinks lots but says little." FREDA H EN DERsoN BRECKENRIDGE, TEXAS "The soul of joy, Bright metal and without alloy." ANISE HARBOR SAN sAaA, TEXAS "Things of value come in small packages." DEBBIE HARRIS EECKVILLE, TEXAS "Free from all deceit her f'ace, and full as free her heart." JENETTA GLILLEDGE MJGREGOR, TEXAS "Yet graceful ease and sweetness void of pride, Might hide her faults, if faults she had to hide." EMMA CANDY LoRA1NE, TEXAS "Silent and thoughtful." MYRTLE FOWLER MANSFIELD, TEXAS "A womazfs hair is her crowning glory."' CAROLIN E EVANS DALLAS, TEXAS "lf to her share some female errors fall, Look on her face and you'll forget them all." lu? I 64 I 'O' "Oh hIess'd with a temper whose un- ! Can make tomorrow cheerful as to- Ol IGI The Yucca BESSIE LESTER LoNc BRANCH, TEXAS MYRTLE LovELAcE JONESBORO, TExAs "Grace was in all her steps, heav'n in her eye,' In every gesture, dignity and love." KALITA LYON BUFFALO, TEXAS "A heart that feels and eyes that smile, Are the dearest gifts that Heaven sup- plies." MARY MAHoN LORAINE, TEXAS "Her modest looks the cottage might adorn, Sweet as the primrose that peeps be- neath the thorn." HATTIE MARTIN MURRAY, TEXAS "She is gentle, she is shy, But tlzere's mischief in her eye." EULA MORSE CUTHAND, TExAs "A friend who knows and dares to say The brave, sweet words, that cheer the way." ,IANIE MCCALL DOUGLASVILLE, TEXAS "A face with gladness overspread, Soft smiles of human gladness bred." HELEN MCGAUGHEY VERA, TEXAS "Thoroughly dependable and wholesome." CLARA MCREYNOLDS LITTLE ELM, TEXAS "Pm not as bashful as I look." REUBIE POSEY MIDLOTHIAN, TEXAS "She is a bright and shining light to more than one." 65 TQ 41 tx p IM. A, ny- ITI ATE! W fn .l . The Yucca 1916 DELLA M. SMITH BRYSON, TEXAS "But you had the look of one who threatened many excellent things." LELA SMITH NACOCDOCHES, TEXAS "Hast labored, but with purpose." FREJA SORENSON WHEELER, TEXAS "Her cheek's soft bloom is unimpairedf' LULA B. SPEIR Bowls, TEXAS "Ever cheerful and willing? LELA SPROWLES HASKELL, TEXAS "The deepest rivers flow with the least noise." Roxls STANFORD, CANTON, TEXAS "lt's the songs ye sing and the smiles ye wear, That's a'making the sunshine every- where." NANCY D. STATON GRAND SALINE, TEXAS "Like sunshine her glances so tenderly fell." Louisa SUDDUTH WELVIEW, TEXAS "Sober, steadfast, and demuref' CAROL VADEN SANGER, TEXAS "Speech is great, but silence is greater." VIRGINIA Woob BALLINGER, TEXAS "And my heart, my heart is an ever- green." ALICE Wooos DENTON, TEXAS "I shall tower to the skies with exalted head." 'ii' to 7 I lil The Y 1916 55 ll ' e ,I J 7 " 1 if i ,iqgssssiw 2 'Li 'f' 5551 N Ms Junior Three Manual Training UFFICERS President. .... -.- ....... DI. P. MOORE 'Vice-President .... ..... X V. B. CLEMENT Secretary .......... ...... C . O. MANIRl'I Class Representative ........ .---- ....... MARY MUsc:1aAv1c CLASS COLURS: Red zmcl Green CLASS F1,owI-tu: iwcmdbine CLASS Mo'1"1'0: "XVo1'k while you work, and play while you play." 67 L I 0 F7 1 T2 e Yucca 1916 V P. S. CORBIN GRAPEVINE, TEXAS "Like Patience on a monument." Z. T. HAMILTON GRAPEVINE, TEXAS "His music caused iron tears to flow down Pluto's cheek." C. P. MANIRE DENTON, TEXAS "Ideas trouble me even more than women." JOE MOORE FORT WORTH, TEXAS "Shun love? How can 1, when she has wings and I have only feet?" MARY MUSORAVE DENTON, TEXAS "lf the ladder of fame is ever turned topsy-turvy, I will occupy the top round." J. P. NOAH LINOLEVTLLE, TEXAS "1 am not handsome, but l'll declare, I have a distinguished look." J. H. PETTER 68 lil: .131 The Yucca 1916 f-5 Junior Four Language 0l"l"lCEKS President ..... ---ll. H. I-Imnxma Yicc-Prcsiclc-11t ....... ..... F 1. XV. Em-ZRSUN Secrctzwy-'l'rcz1surcr-- - ---K.x'rl11eYN l l.x Ncuvla Class Rcprescntntivc .............. ..--- ......... llfxzl-il. IQING CLASS l"'1-LR: .-Xmcriczm Beauty Ruse CLASS Mu'r'm: "Climb thu' thc moles llc rug'gcrl." CLASS Comics: Old Ruse :xml Silver 69 'Q :L ITL '31 I I3-I I7 The Yucc 70 a 1916 W. M. ALLEN . A RANGER, TEXAS "One upon whom the world can depend." RUTH BAIRD DENTON, TEXAS "Highest and best is her goal." MAE CARR GAINESVILLE, TEXAS "She is very cool and self-contained." HATTYE CHANEY DENTON, TEXAS "Life without laughing is a dreary blank." MYRTLE CHANEY GARMON, TEXAS FLORENCE CHANCELOR GRAND SALINE, TEXAS "She just shows what beauty culture will do for one." GRACE DODD GAINESVILLE, TEXAS "Slzarp's the word with her." QI. O. DUKE FANNIN COUNTY "He does not suit himself to circum- stances, but makes the world comply with his wishes." FRANCIS EMERSON MJKINNEY, TEXAS "Girls! Their phantoms play upon his conscience like images upon a mirror." 5' IGI QI 'fl The Yucca 1 E. S. ESKRIDGE VENUS, TEXAS "He hasnt time for frivolitiesf' J ETTA FINNELL nENToN, TEXAS "Equal to every occasion." WINNIE DRAI-IN Eom' WORTH, TEXAS "An ardent supporter of woman suf- fragef' ,IEWELL GRAY FLOYD, TEXAS "She was the quiet kind." MOLLIE M. GORMAN WINNSBORO, TEXAS "Noted for her gift of speech, but doesn't care to vote." ALLEN CRAY FLOYD, TEXAS "A trim, little Puritan maid." FLOSSIE GREEN HENRIETTA, TEXAS "She is not lacking in determination." RENA HAILE GORMAN, TEXAS m resolved to grow fat, and look young 'till forty." H11 KATHRYN HANCOCK PARIS, TEXAS "That which is worth doing, is worth doing well." 71 IZ 1 9 I I gl ff Ii' e Yucca 1916 IRMA HAWKINS . GOLDTHWAITE, TEXAS "You can make yourself what you will." NELLIE HEARN MABANK, TEXAS "A swish, a giggle and a jerk, and here she comes." S. W. HICKEY DENTON, TEXAS KARL HORTON DENTON, TEXAS "1 see plenty of big words, but I should prefer a few small facts." H. B. HOWARD PARADISE, TEXA'S . "I find you want me to furnish you with argument and intellect too." Q HAZEL KING GRAND PRAIRIE, -TEXAS "A trump card in the game of Psych- ologyf' ELLA KosAN KE H ENRIETTA, TEXAS "Poetic eyes and placid brow." ROWENE LAYNE I COMANCHE, TEXAS "She has a rich and well trained voice." MISS J. D. LESLIE SLILPI-IUR SPRINGS, TEXAS "She just can't make her eyes behave." 72 I I-gl The Yucca 19 GRACE LOCKHART SH ERWOOD, TEXAS "No bachelor's life for her." F. O. MCBRAYER GEAN, TEXAS "A safe depository for Normal books." - E. J. MARTIN GORMAN, TEXAS "He has tasted of knowledge and is N hungering for knowledge." MARY PATTERSON BRENHAM, TEXAS "Pleasant, treats all people just the same." . IWYRTE RICE MABANK, TEXAS "Her ambition-Pedagogy." MYRTE RICE MABANK, TEXAS . "A little girl with big ideas." CARRIE ROBERTS . DENTON, TEXAS "Her future is bright, and her themes excellent." I LORAINE STEPHENSON suI.PI-IUR SPRINGS, TEXAS "Poetic temperament." I 73 OI ITI The Yucc 74 a 1916 LILLIAN STRUVIE CADWELL, TEXAS "A winsome lass, noted for her beauty." MARY TEVIS DENTON, TEXAS "Keep smiling," is her motto. MELBA TILLIE ENNIS, TEXAS "She finds moving pictures more inter- esting than library work. W. H. VOGIL BURKBURNETT, TEXAS "Every hour must yield some return." TOMMIE WALKER LEWISVILLE, TEXAS B. M. WILLIAMS WOLFE CITY, TEXAS "The Aurora Borealis of junior Four." ELLA WILSON BLUM, TEXAS "She is bashful, spinsterhoodf' but not doomed to IWARY ZVESPER WEST, TEXAS "Patience and perseverance conquers all things." I In-P ITI Il The Yucca 19 Vt' 6, ..+ fffp. jllf 1 I lf ffl I Tl QM ,. ffl' 4 livin V-4 np' 11 Junior FIVE Science fll"l'AlClfliN President ..... Vice-President.---- ,. Socrctzu'y-'l'1'casuvcr--- Class lQcp1'csG11t:1tix'c--- NlfJ'I"l'fJZ NYC will llml :L path HI m ml L 11 Cowles: l,:u'cnrl:u :mal Olll C nlml l+'r,4m'l-llc: 75 l':1 OI -I " ff' The Yucc 76 a 1916 K. B. ADAIR CHICO, TEXAS "One whose heart aspires to noble deeds." T. H. AIKEN CROSS PLAINS, TExAs "One boy who thinks original thoughts." J. A. ARWINE BRIDGEPORT, TEXAS "'No grind here. j. A. studies when lze must and that must be emphasized. LILLY BAIRD HUNTINGTON, TEXAS "Lilly is a tall, slender blonde. An ideal junior. She is conscientious in her studies and a quiet, sweet classmate." O. L. BARKER VALIJGSTA, TEXAS "Earnestness and seriousness are his cardinal virtues. He has all those sterl- ing qualities." J. H. BASS CANTON, TEXAS . "A real smart fellow, we all like." G. W. BLANKENSHIP VERNON, TEXAS "G. W. is one of those queer kinds of fellows who says little but says much." D. U. BUGKNER LEWISVILLE, TEXAS "One look at Dellos convinces you of his importance. He is one of our hand- some classmates." A. L. BUCY RISING STAR, TEXAS "Archie has the opportunity of looking down on most of us." WI li Tn :Tl - The Yucca 1916 O'r'r1s BURNETT l ' CARLTON, TEXAS "'0ttis is a jolly little girl who doesn't waste her breath on anybody. RETHA CHAMBERS BALLINGER, TEXAS "She is jolly, too! And we all like her."' DOUGLAS CHURCHILL LEWISVILLE, TEXAS "Douglas has been into almost every thing but is noted for his talking abilities." R. C. COFFEE, PARADISE, TEXAS "Sensible, alert and humorous, charac- terize him best." E. E. CORNELIUS EUSTACE, TEXAS "A quiet boy we think we would like very much." L. W. CORNELILIS EUSTACE, TEXAS "A young man much liked by all." H. C. CURL TOLAR, TEXAS "He is one of the talkless, do more kind, always bright and cheerful." j. E. FALIST GRAPEVINE, TEXAS "A jolly boy liked by many." A. P. FOWLER GARDEN VALLEY, TEXAS "Preston's pleasant smile and bright i mind have won for him the friendship and admiration of all his classmates." N J.. 77 Tl IOI on ITI e Yucca 1916 RAYMOND GARRISON SULPIIUR SPRINGS, TEXAS "Raymond probably has fewer enemies than any other member of the class." D. B. GILLILAND SPRINGTOWN, TEXAS "Gilliland is as bright as he looks and his interest has mostly been along ath- letic lines." S. B. GRAHAM EUSTACE, TEXAS "A nice looking boy who thinks he is in love." M. C. HARRISS LEWISVILLE, TEXAS "'He is fond of arguments and always begins them with the determination to have the last word." R. W. HELMS CELINA, TEXAS "His popularity is high with both stu- dents and teachers." W. E. HENDRIX MAYPEARL, TEXAS "The greatest ladies' man in the class." W. D. HUNTER ALLEN, TEXAS "Walter is a friend to any and all people." W. H. JOHNSON COOKVILLE, TEXAS "Babe is one of our society leaders and is a shark among tlze girls." O. B. JORDAN PILOT POINT, TEXAS "A little smart boy who keeps the good will of all." 78 ITI Il Ol IQ A 5' The Yucca C. P. LEGATE PATTONVILLE, TEXAS "A quiet, industrious fellow, but thought much of by his classmates." R. B. LESTER LEWISVILLE, TEXAS "Ray's happy-go-lucky ways have won him many friends." W. E. MEADOR SAINT Jo, TEXAS "Willis is one of those jolly fellows liked by all." BLANCHE MooDY MART, TEXAS "A little girl we all like." G. L. MooDY MART, TEXAS "A good looking boy, whom all the girls f like." A. A. MOSER PETROLIA, TEXAS "Albert is somewhat of an athlete and one of our bcst students." J. W. MCCRACKEN SPRINGTOWN, TEXAS "He is the sort of fellow who always does what he starts out to do." R. D. MCCRUM LONE OAK, TEXAS "He is a quick thinker and is charac- terized by his incessant flow of hot air." ANNIE MCKINNEY ARLINGTON, TEXAS A "Ann has succeeded in finding a warm spot in most of our hearts." 79 W! Ill on nfl e Yucca 1916 W. R. NEWSONIE CROSS CUT, TEXAS ' "He has a serious turn to his nature that has made him a very efficient stu- dent." M. L. NOLON BRYANS MILL, TEXAS "A quiet boy, not much known by most of us." DELLA PARKER BOWIE, TExAs "She has a big heart and mind, and stands well among her classmates." W. W. PATTERSON NEWPORT, TEXAS "'To understand him, you must know him." MARY PERSONS I-IIcO, TExAs "Mary was never known to fail when the success of an undertaking was at stake." W. M. PIERCE PILOT POINT, TEXAS "His profession, studyg a smart boy with a smile." AUSTIN ROSS PRINCETON, TEXAS "He is a very apt student in his chosen profession." E. H. SHARP WORTHAM, TEXAS "1 don't think any of us will soon forget our red-headed classmate." E. A. SIGLER LEWISVILLE, TEXAS "Emery is Charlie Chaplin the II and is really a good singer." 80 WI lil TI '31 q- The Yucca 1 C. D. SIMMONS DENTON, TEXAS "A born mathematician ,' at least it seems that way to some of us poor people." J. E. SIMMONS DENTON, TEXAS "One of our best looking boys and a wonder in mathematics." B. B. SMITI-I CANTON, TEXAS "Bougie is one of those plain, honest, open-hearted kind of fellows who is liked by everyone." E. G. SMITH DALLAS, TEXAS "A don'f care kind of a fellow, yet good in class work." E. A. STANFORD CANTON, TExAs "A jolly fellow, but he can be serious when the occasion demands." CI-II.oIz STRIPLING BIG SPRINGS, TEXAS "A girl we will all remember for her excellent playing in chapel." BAscoM SWINNEY DENTON, TEXAS "We can all see Bascom, even when he is afar off, for the bright bald spot on the top of his head." M. S. THACKERS CENTER, TexAs F. H. TOOMBS EASTLAND, TEXAS "An enthusiast when it comes to ath- letics and a great ladies' man." l l 81 -- .1 V61 " 0 IT! lil The Yue 82 1916 J. E. TYSON NEW BOSTON, TEXAS "joe is a regular Dutchman and even makes love in German." . Lois WATKINS DENTON, TEXAS "A girl loved and admired by all and capable of making friends with everyone she meets." J. C. WESTER SULPHUR SPRINGS, TEXAS "A little boy much liked by all." O. D. WHITE CORSICANA, TExAs "A fellow who is sincere in what he thinks and says, and he has won many friends." SARAH WITT WHEELER, TExAs "A quiet, dignified girl, who has won the friendship of all." CARTUS WEDGEWORTH TIMPSON "A leader in everything." C. H. WHYBURN LEWISVILLE, TEXAS "His greatest ambition is to be a ladies' manf' O. D. WYATT CANTON, TEXAS "A real smart fellow, but especially noted for his kinky hair and admiration of blondes." El all The Yucca 1915 I x :L Junior Six Primary Arts OFFICERS President ...... ---Ili-:ssm HliI,I,lf R'llfRZI!.XCliI'fR Vice-President ....... ..- ............. Im Simxiqs Secretary and '.lll'CZlSl1l'Cl'-..- ---l,UI,.x llixiuzisox Class Rcprcsciitativc--- ---M.xm:.xiu-:'l' XVIIITIQ CLASS Cowksz Ycllnw zuicl White CLASS FI,mvl':1:: Daisy CLASS NlU'l'T02 'llim' little cliilclrcii cx'ci'ywl1ci'c, A juyous season still wc make." 83 III lil Fl E lil e Yucca 1916 E' U if HETTIE ARMSTRONG PIONEER, TEXAS "1 would, make reason my guide." CARRIE ALLEN VALLEY MILLS, TEXAS "I 'lowed that when I first driv' up." GEORGIE BASSETT KEMP, TEXAS RUTI-I BEAVERS VERNON, TEXAS WILLIE MAE BECKEN CLIFTON, TEXAS LIVENIA BLOCKER MARSHALL, TExAS DIXIE BRATCHER DENTON, TEXAS ZELMA BREWER ARLINGTON, TEXAS .VF .- KW' NORMA BROWN ,1AcKsEoRo. TEXAS VIVIAN BRYAN DALLAS, TExAs S4 WI lj "just wait 'till I get- home." I T I 41 VERA CADDEL DENTON, TEXAS "'Cute as mud." JESSIE CAMPBELL OGLESBY, TEXAS BOBBY CAMPBELL OGLESBY, TEXAS JULIA ETTA Cosa LEw1svILLE, TEXAS MARY COLVARD GORDON, TEXAS GENEVA DAVIS cisco, TEXAS "1 don't understand why it is." LILLIAN DILL ROSSTON, TEXAS "'Tis not what you want that ways get." LILLIAN Donn BOGATA, TEXAS RUTH DovE BUFFALO, TEXAS "1 like Hershey chocolate." LUCILE DUCKETT ARLINGTON, TEXAS "We had better hand on, or w late." it The Yucc you al- will be 85 a 1915 III 'lil IT! 'EI e Yucca 1916 RosA LEE ELBERT QUANNAH, TEXAS ALDA ELDER DENTON, TEXAS ARLIE EMORY 1.Ew1svu.LE, TEXAS FAIRES FRANKLIN M,KlNNEY, TEXAS Lucxua GASSAWAY wAco, TEXAS "Well, children, its like these." JEWELL GODFREY DENTON, TEXAS "Girls, its just my nature to be quietf RUTH GRAY P1LoT POINT, TEXAS " Well l'll say." MABURN HANCOCK PARIS, TEXAS "I don't no more care than noth . in: U LULA HARRISON wAco, TEXAS "I am willing to try anything ance." FLORYE HARWELL YOAKUM, TEXAS B6 lil lil The Yucca 19 AVA HELTON wEsT, TEXAS "I wish the postmarz would come." MARY HENLEY MARSHALL, TEXAS MARY BELLE HILTON JACKSBORO, TEXAS "Siehe!" AGNES HODGIN VAN ALSTYNE, TEXAS OUIDA HOLMES cARTHAcE, TEXAS uohf Pifflef' BARDWELL, TEXAS X ,X 1! Q xx, U- , . FLOY JONES "li sure is." EDITH KNox KRUM, TEXAS "Oh, Gee! Was that call for me?" EURMA LAMM KRUM, TEXAS "A letter! Do you really mean it?" CHERRY LAUDERDALE ENNIS, TExAs FLORA LOVELL FORT WORTH, TEXAS 87 1 A J Y X e' ' 31 'ET Tn 171 T' The Yucca 1916 DOROTHY LYLE QUINLAN, TEXAS BYROIE MARTIN DENTON, TEXAS LELA MAYES WEST, TEXAS "I am so glad." SCHELL MERRELL COLORADO, TEXAS ' " Well, my land." FAYE MILLS VALLEY VIEW, TEXAS VERA MCCOLLUM RISING STAR, TEXAS LEILA MCMURRAY DALLAS, TExAs "If I don't succeed this time, l'll trv again." BETTIE MOMURRAY ARLINGTON, TEXAS KATHRYN NIECE . STAN FORD, TEXAS "Say, Bill, what ya' got to eat on your table?" 'X LUCILE NUTTING GAINESVILLE, TEXAS "Great goodness." 88 In lzl on 'gl Th MANIIE POWELL PARIS, TExAs nsayuu RUTH REED I TEM PLE, TEXAS EDITH REEDER CLIFTON, TEXAS MAE DILL ROBINSON DALLAS, TEXAS ' GERTHA ROGERS ARLINGTON, TEXAS "Well, yes, I think so." NONA RHYAN DENTON, TEXAS "Well, 1 have got to go and study." DELPHA RUSSELL DUFFAN, TEXAS "But have you thought about what we'uns got to do P" RoSE RUSSELL IvI'KINNEY, TEXAS "Well, the funniest thing." VELNIA RYAN HOUSTON, TEXAS Q CHARLTON SANGSTER MARSHALL, TEXAS e Yucca 19 89 WI Will ff I ITI e Yucca 1916 ,IOSEPHINE ScoTT ABILENE, TEXAS "Oh! I forgot my tattingf' ETHEL SELF FARMER, TEXAS "I think -." IDA SHANKS DENTON, TEXAS U "HonestP Well I'll say." GLADYS S HAW ENNIS, TEXAS "That's good." WINNIE SHAW ENNIS, TEXAS "Well I do know." PERSIS SH EARER LUFKIN TEXAS "0h! but Pm so sleepy." x Lois SM1TH QUINLAN, TEXAS ESTHER STEINMAN DENTON, TEXAS CLYDINE STICKNEY WOODLAND, TEXAS ffoh, all fight, well!" TINA STON E 1.Ewlsv1LLE, TEXAS 90 q- Fil ISI 0 I I 0 Th LURA STRANGE BRUCEVILLE, TEXAS "Kind to all, yet reserved to allf' ADA STRIBLING NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS RUBY STROUD LARELLE, TEXAS "Don't bother me I have to study." NTABEL TERRY RISING STAR, TEXAS "Oh, I must go study." LETHA THOMAS OSCEOLA, TEXAS "Oh, say!" CALLTE THOMPSON DALLAS, TEXAS "Perhaps," GLADYS TURNEY WTLMER, TEXAS "This week's been about a million days long." ExA TYSON DENTON, TEXAS ,IESSIE VARNER ' NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS 0' 1 JJ X I cant be worried about grades. e YucCa19 91 WI I5-I WI IE e Yucca 1916 VINIA VAN LANDINC-HAM SULPI-IUR SPRINGS, TEXAS WILLIE VEAzEY I-IASKELL, TExAs "My! but I am starving for something to eat." MARGARET WHITE BONHANI, TEXAS "Have you anything to readP" CAROLYNE WHITTEN BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS AILEEN WILLIAMS som WORTH, TEXAS. ELLA MAE WILLIAMSON BONA, TEXAS LILLIAN WILLIAMS WEATHERFORD, TEXAS NONA WILLIAMS SULPHUR SPRINGS, TEXAS "Oh, have you seen Josephine?" ROSE WORD SONORA, TEXAS "1 want to be happy but it depends on l myself." 92 1,- I5 'lil Tia 1 lil The Yucca 1916 :f4"WwN"w?,.eEQHE' ,mm 4 M' ' I . 5 Q99 , N Ji?-:'Z?Z: 'if-fqmh V' V -5- af . .I U ' A, .ta A 352 4. o L .ai ' e f T.. .. .na Q., xx N .gn -Q: ' crnxai K 2. I 1 X 5 , ww Hrqlfu'-fm f 5: g,-mm I 1HuiLY'fQlA M'l1fIL5Lq'lWIlliiltlm'9L' tl ,J .... fnlfmgfilbllxtmliflb A'- 1 DWHT1 N v1Snv.6 I J u nl o r S e V e n History-English President ....... ---,I. H. ,lillfcurmzrrmr Vice-Presiclent .... -.-, -.-,, JAM las P. I'o'l."rs Sec1'eta1'y-'Ix1'cz1sL1rel' -,.- ....... Lrzzui XVQINICS Class Representative ---. .---M.xm' XV.X'l'I,lNC'I'tlB' 93 I? 1 I-I fin Lol The Yucca 1916 I i LORTNE BALL TEMPLE, TEXAS "Speech in human silence is divine." LORA BARNES MART, TEXAS "She is cute, she is coy, she has strings on many a boy." J. H. BUCKINGHAM DENTON, TEXAS "A hearty grasp, an honest eye, a voice which means the thing it says." LAURA BURRTS PETROLIA, TEXAS "Slow, calm and sedate. J! JOE LEEROY BUSH NOCONA, TEXAS "You can't erase that smile." RUTH COMER GORMAN, TEXAS "Kind-hearted and true-blue." W. V. COURSEY GILES, TEXAS "He is thinking deep and mighty thoughts, but as yet has said nothing." EMMA Cox GROESBECK, TEXAS "Her intelligence and sweet disposition make her a beloved classmate. ROSA DANIEL GRANDVIEW, TEXAS "Ornament of a gentle and noble spirit." HUBERT DEAL MERTZON, TEXAS "He combs his hair straight back and A talks to all the girls." 94 l"i lil TI I A pl The Y LILLIE DILLARD LOCKNEY, TEXAS "Our blondy will be going when the world is gone." RECTUS FARLOW SHERMAN, TExAs "Her gentleness hath made her great." T. G. FLEMING MT. PLEASANT, TEXAS "We grant altho he hath much wit, he's shy of using it." E. O. HOOPER DENTON, TEXAS JIMMIE HUNTER MARGARET, TEXAS "Life without laughing is a dreary blank." OPAL JONES DENTON, TEXAS "She is a bonny wee thing, but wisdom compensates size." LoLA LEATH PETROLIA, TExAs "A pattern of patience." WALTER S. LEVERETT DENTON, TEXAS "None but himself can be his parallel." V1o1.A MAY MAXWELL LOMETA, TEXAS "1 have a talent for basket-ball." RENA IWARVIS H ENRIETTA, TEXAS "A ll is vanity." ll cc'a 1916 I7 I Lg Ol IGI e Yucca 1916 l T H. C. MOSELY EUSTACE, TEXAS MADELINE NXCADAMS LORENA, TEXAS "An open-hearted maiden, pure and true." BERTHA MCCLENDON GROVETON, TEXAS WILLIARD MCDANIEL FRANKLIN, TExAs "High as she is her thoughts are higher." GEORGE L. MCGHEE VERNON, TEXAS "And still the wonder grew, that one small head could carry all he knew." J. F. OGLESBY MERTZON, TEXAS CECIL PONDER MINERAL. WELLS, TEXAS "She goes about her daily task, with all the poise that one could ask." MABEL PRYOR LONGVIEW, TEXAS 'Modesty is my motto." J. J. RHODES COLORADO, TEXAS ELLIE ROBERTSON LEWISVILLE, TEXAS "A girl worth while." 96 17' 'M I I fl The Yucca 19 W. C. ROGERS PILOT POINT. TEXAS E. E. RUTLEDGE CHILLICOTHE, TEXAS CLYDE SAVAGE SH ERMAN, TEXAS "In spite of her wit, her jokes, and good looks: Slze's ahead of us all in the subject of' books." CLARA MAY SMITH CALDWELL, TEXAS "Still waters run deep." LEATA SMITH WOLFE CITY, TExAs "As merry as the days are long." ORA STALLINGS TERRELL, TEXAS "A very superior being." J. H. TRICKEY SANGER, TEXAS "Not as 'trickey' as his name would imply." HATTIE TRIPLETT CI-I ICO, TEXAS "In the realm of thought her minds at best, but out of the class she's as jolly as the rest." LUCILE WARD REAGAN, TEXAS "A lady fair, with golden hair." 97 VI IIQI Ol III The Yucca 1916 MARY WATLIIIGTON TEXARKANA, TEXAS "lt's the song ye sing and the smile ye wear, that makes the sun shine every- where." L. G. WIIITEHOIIN ATLANTA, TEXAS DAVIS WILLIAMS BURKBURNETT, TEXAS L. V. WILLIAMS QUITMAN, TEXAS "Wal, now, as I understand it." LIZZIE WINES VERNON, TEXAS "intoxicating by name and nature." OLA LEE WINzER REAGAN, TEXAS "Her statue tall,' I hate a dnrnpy wo- man? ZELMA Woon THORP SPRING, TEXAS "She is a student in the truest sense." LIZZIE LEE WRIGHT WEATHERFORD, TEXAS "Her thoughts are not on lowly things." 98 III lil on IQ The Yucca 1916 Z-I SOPHOVIOHE CLASS .-L ITL llgj 0 I I V' fl The Yucca 1916 'lll1l' Row: llruee fllzlrpole. li. IE. 'l'nclcer, Orion Goens, Lee Czlthey, X 'll btune ' 1 ' is, R. l,. llamilton. l4u'r'rmm Row: li. Green, O. ll". Allen, l. ll. 'l'nrncy, Ben Hooker, l, XV. Spivey, bl. l,. llull. Sophomore One I. .' C 1l"l'llCE,RS lfxusr 'IW-:len l 1Ch1llC11l. .... .. .......... - ....... - .............. -. Yiee-l'resialent,...,--- Secretary .... - --..- -------------------------- --.I. ll. LIGUN SIQCUNIJ .xxn 'llnnm 'l'l'31ms l'1es1clen1- .... - ........ - .......... - ........... -- L. W. Sl'1v1'3x'- CDRIN Gorixs Vice-'l'resiclent .................. .............. , A, 'l', S'r,xRNr5s Scvretzwy .......... .. ........................ I.. R. ll.'XMl1,'I'lJN Class Representative ....... ....... ...... I . H. Tnlwlcx' Comus: Iiluck and Gold ,l:1,lJXYIfR :A Suntlower Nlo'r'rn: " I 'repzLreclness" 100 J. l.. ll.-11,14 IT' lil I7 I 'il The Yucxca 1916 Sophomore Two Home Ecomomics UFFICERS Presicle11t---.---- ...., Om Kim.: N XLiCC-AI,,1'CSif1Cl1t..-- ---jmxl IIC Ruzums Secretary .......... .. ---ZXUIZRICY C.xUm1 Class Rcprcsclltafivc ................ ......... I QU'l'll DICNIS CLASS Cowles: Purple :md Gold Cmss l'il,UWI-flil Violct CLASS IXlfJ'I"I'tl1 "Ho sharp :mcl he nzmturnl, but never he Hutf, IU! I5-JL IDI I7 1 1 31 The Yucca 1916 'IY11' Row: Agnes Stoker, Marie Sears, XX7i1111ie Davis. Mrs. Milclrerl Brock, Jimmie Riggim, Ura liillen. Ruth IJe11iso11, Vital XV:1tso11. Mary l31'y:111t. Bc1'1"1'11x1 Rmv: Allllil ll1111'e1', X'e1':1 ll:11'1'is, lillllll You11g', X'lSl2l Qllllllll Jewell Lucas, l.,ZlllllllC A11cle1'sc111, Jxllllll l,ou Mil:1111. T011 Row: lla Cooper, Vern Cl111lJCl'. Callie llzlrwell. lclu l.'o1ve1's, Ruth Griffill. Hf1'1"1'm1 Row: Minnie l,C1lL'll. lllzulys l.1111'e, Allin l,CZll'lC Corlmell, Viola Jones, Jewell Si111111o11s. Cecil Lee. 102 I5 1 1 lo Til 'll The Yucca 1916 'Fm' Row: l.c Ollie Scott. ala Rawlings. lN'lzu'ic Porter. Etta jasper, Octie Ogle lVl1nm,1c Row: Gladys Lzmgforrl, Leona llilair, Aubrey Caucllc, Louva Kiker, Aminette X'VZll'lllZ1XV. Ro'r'roM Row : Lydia Youngblood. Lillizm Picrsfm, Mcclrie Cuckrcll, Nannie Loc XVZ1l'KllI1XV 103 I' '31 I7 i IT! The Yucca 1916 Class Poem 'l'cll me not in countless numbers College life is but a dream, For the one will Hunk who slumbers, lf by teachers he is seen. Life is real and lessons pressing, And exam, day is the goal. 'llhen each one, his book caressing, Xlionld not give it for his soul. Periods long, but days are fleeting, And our hearts are stout and brave, Though we shudder at the beating, 'llrying hard our grades to save. 'llrust no teacher, how e'er pleasant, He will llunk you if he can: l,earn! Learn! In his awful presence, Or face failure like a man. Lines of others oft remind us. Wfe can live lives as sublime. But, departing, leave behind us. lVorlc to do some other time. Labor that perhaps another. Struggling through the course with pain Though he be a fallen brother. Knows will cause a llunk again. Yes but in the thickest battle Of the four years' hopeless storm, Be not like dumb, driven cattle. Study some, 'twill do no harm! ANNA Bowliiz, Soph 2 104 V51 is on lil The Yucnca 1916 Sophomore Three Manual Training OFFICERS president -------- U ----, ,,,. - , .... -..- ........ W1L1.1.m BRUNI-3 Vice-President ...... ..... ------ C - C- IVIIVW3 Secretary and TI'CZlFl.ll'Cl'--- --- --- ---- ---- X ----- I - L- BOWEN Class Representative ........ ----. ----- -- ----- -- ---- ---- I XU'l'1ll'3LlJ'5 ElfLlU'l"l' Corousz Pink and White FLowl2R: Carnation Sophomore Three Class Prophecy One evening as I was taking my usual evening stroll I stopped to rest in the shade of an oak. The position was so comfortable that I soon fell asleep and dreamed a dream. . It seemed that I was making a tour of the United States. VVhen I got off the train at New Orleans. imagine my surprise at meeting Mr. L. M. Cook. at that time the leading physician of New Orleans. It began to rain, and so I walked into a dry goods store to buy an umbrella. There I met Mr. C. M. McI'herson, who was proprietor of the store. From New Orleans I took a steamship to St. Louis. WVhi1e here I came upon a beautiful sign, on which were the familiar names, "Cook Sz Davis, Attorneys at Law." I hurried into the office, and sure enough, there were my old classmates. NV. S. Cook and V. G. Davis. I went from St. Louis to Chicago. On the train I met R. M. McElya, who was chief cook for the International K Great Northern Rail- way Company. It was in this town. too, that I accidentally met a beautiful young lady who said she was the wife of V. T. Adrian and her husband was the principal of the Manual Training Department of the Central Ward School. While in Philadelphia, I met DI. I.. Bower, leader of the Grand Har monie Orchestra. In New York I ran across C. VV. Crockett in a large touring car. He said he was proprietor of the Crockett Garage on Broadway. Mr. Crockett invited me to take a ride with him in the country, and I was indeed delighted. W'hile in the country we came upon a one-teacher school, where R. L. Yarbrough was teaching. A few days later I walked into the Senate Chamber at Washington. I found the Speaker of the House to be Mr. C. C. NVhite. From VVashington I took a trans-continental car to San Francisco. On the train I met Miss Ruthelle Elliott, who had become a great suffra- gette leader and was on her way to Texas to take part in the work there. In San Francisco, I came upon Mr. C. I.. XVilkinson, who told me he was to leave the next day as foreign missionary to India. I was awakened from my pleasant dream by the ringing of the curfew. I was very sorry, but was also glad to get back to the dear old N. T. S. N. C. 105 VL Bl OI ffl The Yucca 1916 Tru' Row: I... M, Cook. XVilliZlI'l1 Hrune. Y. 'l'. .'Xlll'iZlI'I, il. I.. Bower. R. M. McElyea. B0'l"I'0Nl Row: C. M. R1CI'hCI'SU1'l, XV. S. Cfmlc, Ruthcllc Marie Elliott. C. C. White. R. L. X72ll'lJl'0Ugl1. 106 Viv 'EI on Jig The Yucca 1916 Sophomore Four Language CJl7l"lCERS Vrcsiclcnt ............. ..--- ..--ljllI7:RNfJY l4If:XVlS Scc1'ctzn'y :nnl 'I'reusnrer--- -- .... RUTIIIC l.',x1u,gUN Class Represcnt:1tix'e-----.- --- ...... W. M. XvIl,l,l.'XAlS Colxllesz Purple zlncl Gold l'4l.OWl'fR1 Pansy Cmss Mo'r'ro: "Green but ffrowi1w'." h Pi Yl5l.l,: Supllsl Sfmplwl Soplwl PN ' l V lell ll ner :mal ucr. We are the Sophs of ull the Suphs, 'llhc Soplm111m'C lfmnt 'lull' Row: llloycl Ncwlmerry. R. N. X'Vcst, XV. M. Williznns.. Gertruflc Owens, P. R. XVl1cele1'. 1 B'lIlbDl.l'f Row: Lacy Ielnll. Verna Glenn, Una Curry, Alva Morrow, Camille Shelton. HU'l"I'UAl Row: Alma Closncy, Emma Frcsc, J. A. Hilllllfll. Leona Ballarcl. Mary Reeves. 107 WL lm 0 l I 0 The Yucca 1916 'Fm' Row: l'l1crimy Lewis. lfzmiiic Yziugliii. ll. Il. XX'cllmurii, lone liczul. Sara Zncliry. Nilllllllf Row: Nlziry Suu licitli, Nlzu'g'iicritlc Squires, Lcfurcs lfccmstcr Nlzilmcl Yziuglm, Clnrzi Clirismzm. Nlyrtlu l'2ll'lillZll'Il. l3o'l"mM Row: May Wilson, Sallie Curlmcl. l':u1linc 'l':1ll:i11g'tui1, A. U. list, Ruth l':u1lsfm. .Xlic Nlzu: llcmpliill. llilll' limi: Nl. Y. Cklllllllilll, .l. li.. hlmwcluii, C. XY. Huck. l5u'r'i'mi Row: llcltic Stzlllcup. l'c:1rl l'z1ttcrsun, Nlzu'g'zu'ct llullowz Nlnucl llzlrris, l,zLurc:u1 Clirislizm. IHS ITI Ill LO The Yucca 1916 "When Soph Four Will Be Forgot" When all knowledge ol' Latin has drifted away, And the world forgets Caesar and the events of his day, Wlhen Geometry soothes like the snmmer's soll hreeze, And can always he proved with comfort and ease: lVhen ignorance and knowledge stroll on, arm-in-arm, And final exams. cause no one alarm, lVhen myriads of D's, hig' and little, galore, Cease to swarm like hoes after each Sophomore: lVhen the present great year, nineteen hundred sixteen, Is forgot by a world that is far too serene: W'hen the Normal has fallen in blackened decay, And o'er its debris nymphs ol ignorance swayg XfVhen miracles similar to these come to pass, lfVhen Doctor no longer says: "Keep oil' the Grassf' 'l'hen, yes then, lint never hefore. lVill the world forget each Sophomore Four. IRl'iNlf Riino, Soph. 4 109 -u-u ILE Tl III ,- The Yucca 1916 Sophomore Five Science Ul'xl'tlCERS Vrcsislcnt ............. .. ............ - ....... XY. 'lf Fuxxclsco Yicc-I'rcsiclcnt ........ .. ...... .--.'-M-----. ....... W. IQ. l'l':'r'rl'r Sccrctmy-'I'1'c:1surcr-H-..-, ................. lim Nl.Xl1l'INIi l,l2oN,xlen Ulnss Rc1n'csc11t:1tix'c ........................... R. 'l'. NIMH-IRS CUINIQSZ lllzlck mul Chwlrl l"l,mx'l-ik: White Cauwmutilm MoT'ro: " BZ" 'Vol' Row: XY. E. Lystcr, -I. XY. I-loscoc, UI. ll. Reeves, Roy 8111111111115 NIIIJDLIC Row: Nlnud Lilthillll, lic-ssic Czlrtcr, C. Il. 'lxl'lllI'll'l2ll1., Grzuc rtcr, Roberta Pace. Bu'1"l'mm Row: 'l'. Gore. AI. Il. jones, -loc llulmzzgzm, XV. R. Pettit 110 15' Ilzl To lil I? The Yucca 1916 'Vol' Row: Il. I.. I'm'tc1'IIcIrI, IC. .X. IIcnucg'cr, Ilnrvcy Ilzmys, G, M 4 , Clmipnmn. Ip. II. IIc1'cIm'cl. N mmm: Rwv: II. I. EUIIIISHII, U. XY. Tuwlcy, Iiunicc I'. Hostic .I x , I list! I X ' ' wr K c. Iistcr, A. II. Sills. C. C. Iiurclcn. IIH'I"l'UAI Row: IQ. 'If IXl:Ig'c1's. U. II. King, Ifmmzn Gum- I,cm1:u'ml 1 x x ' , XY I. I'1':1m'1scw, II. .X. I!:lrcIzlw:1y. 'IW' Huw: C. IC. Pcrkins, Roy Silnnluns. IA1u'l"mM Now! Ilcssic CJII'lL'l'. XIZIUKI I,:1tI1:lm, Ilrzwc Carter. 111 I I O WI IE 1 'I-P The Yucca 1916 L'Ile Sans Souci My theme is of an ideal school, In perfect clime, sequestered, cool, An island place, in tropic seasg Kissed by the sweet, unwearied breeze. Here, from the North and South and East, All plowing through the foamy yeast, Fast come the ships, with treasures bright, With cargoes rich, of maid and knight. This school comprises all the isle, l-'or entrance-nothing but a smile. Teachers are versed in every art, Ot' teaching youths to win the heart, Of shy coquettes. The president, Francisco-e'er on pleasure bent, Cares not for rules-no loud curfew Shall make his pupils fret and stew. Here naught is said of hard exams, No days of study, nights of crams. Of tinal tests they have no fear, Vacation lasts throughout the year. The secretary of our school, Miss Leonard-to be sure's no fool: Yet she, indeed, with thoughts of play, Forgets her work from day to day. In truth, the faculty as a whole, Is seeking that felicitous goal, Where pleasure only can be had: For there none ever dare be sad. There White's so happy that he's meek, And even Burden's forced to speak. And Magers with an orator's zest, Declares he'll win who works the least. Then Sllls is caused perforce to smile. Which gives new light to all the isle. Inspired by this, with one consent, The entire school, on pleasure bent, Starts for a picnic on the beach, Along the shell-strewn glimmering reach Of golden sand. Far in the West Pauses the Evening Star, to rest, Upon the green wave's misty crest, And smiles upon the truly blest. My song is sung-my harp is still, All things that must be, surely will. This school, indeed, shall be alive, For every member of Soph'more Five, The gibes of teachers shall survive, To found this school in '25. CLAUDE H. THURMANT, SODII. 5 112 IT: IO The Yucca 1916 I A if l l Q Jr N' ' f Et' ' 'q'+S B 7 I Sophomore Six Primary and Arts Hl"l+'IClYRS resident ....... ............. - --M,x1u1-3 Omni X ice-l'rcsiflcl1t .... ..-..- - ..... - -hlnnllc H.x11 Secretary :mul 'lxl'C2lSlll'Cl'--- ....... Hass l,.'X'l"l'lQR5 Lluss RClJl'CSClllZlflYC ..... ......--.. ........... M.xlu:.x1:1-3'1' EAXIII-:Axlil Comms: Yule lllue and Gold l'AI.1lXVlCRZ Violet C'l..x5s Mu'r'ru: "Conquerecl Yet to CUllllllCl'.U Yell: uliiff! Hang! Zippety! Zee! Soplummre Class is the one fm' me. See our eulurs, blue :mal gold, XVC IIIXVZIYS flu :ls we are told." IIA I I O I7 Il The Yucca 19l6 'Vol' Row: Mary 'l'ownslcy, May Ilcaslcy. Nannic .'Xllman, llrzlcu liatlill. Mlnnm-2 Row: Ilcrtha Smith, Yiola llcath. Mrs. tl. ll. llarvcy, 'l'rc1: Turpin, Mary Baker. .llU'l"l'0XI Row: Nora Morrison, .Icssic Hoskins, Vera Goforth, Catherine Harvey, llcrtic Clayton, Mary Molson. Maggie Matlock. Tor Row: 'llhctus llolmcs, 'Hcnrictta -lolmson, liuna Gates. llcssic llill, Nita llrannon, Lois Nelson, Mac 'l'unncll. AllIJl7I,l'I Row: Cccil llavcnport. .Xllic Meacham. Margaret Morris, llcsa McCauley. Sallie McCall, Alcnc Stuart, Mrs. Eula llaskcll. ll0'l"I'UAl Row: Anna Hella llakcr. Mac Stubbs, Ellen Coleman, Gladys Porter, Stella .lYUllllSUl1, Gladys England. 114 liz: ug TI 10 1 I1 The Yucca 1916 'IW' Ron? Lulu llnclsun, Rlzuule Green, Cunnie Yinsun, Ethel llerring, H:u'riet Catlin, llerthn llzlrgis, Marie Oliver. ixllllllhlf Row: Mae llzmlzmwiy. Al2lI'g'1ll'Ct lE2lllC2ll't, Yern Chaney, Elon lflhutt, Eunice lirmvn, XX"innie Davis. XYillie Cmvling. liu'l"1'ml Row: Gu nelle llnnnzun. Eunice Innes, Cnrneliu 'Knox Dena 1 4 Q 'Q ' J llrmvn. Qlurn lfoley, hertrucle Melglyezl. 'Vin' Row: .Nlplin Gillespie. Ifinurene -lennings, Corn Czlrter. .l3rn'1"1'ux1 Row: Mattie Smith. linlu XX'ez1x'er. Sue Dean, Ethel l'1'eeise. IIS QL lil IT! 'fl The Yucca 1916 illtll' Row: l,wlz1 Euglisli, Annie Peuuiugttm, Ruby .'Xllm'rl, lie ':ltte1'suu, Axie 'l2ll'l'Cll. NllllllI,l-I Row: Yzissie llezuler. Ethel RlL'BllllIlll. Yiulzt Se:u'ln-mlg' fernzt X'Vlllt2lCl'C,' Ileulzili llullins, Serena lhlrlml, l311'l"l'1m Row: Luis Nleliuiglit. Yinlzt XX'est, Helm Lung, Mollie 'l'l1tn'p CllZll'llC Hclmn. Class Poem Slmulcl you :tslc me wlieuee this poem, Wlieuee this pmcluct ul my lzmcy. l slumulcl zmswer. l slmulfl tell you. In the great lmrzul State ul lexus, lu the N. 'lf S. N. College, XVllCl'C we clriuk great rl1'z1ug'l1ts of kumvleclge, Dwell tlie teaeliers of the tezteliers. ll6 El lil on i lil The Yucca 1916 Many things have here been taught us, Cf the beauty of the poets, Of the heroes of the nation, NVho on earth did live, then perished, And their great names left hehind them. Learn we ways of the professors And their favorite questions cram us. Skilled we grow in all the line arts, ln the folk songs and the dances, Out of awlcwardness into grace . NVQ have grown through youthful sports: Face to face in Ed. we wait there, For the spirit hrave to move us fllut the words they will not tlowg So we sit in awful silence, XVaiting for the gong' so joyous 'llo relieve us from our woe. Yet in spite of tasks neglected, Spite of fears and dangers met with, NVQ Shall win the looked-for victory, And next year with hearts ol' gladness Sit among the mighty juniors, And he called hy that great title. And so you who love a student, Love his mad career to follow. Listen to this song of promise, Full of hope and joyous gladness. From the land of the hrave "Sophies," Wlho next year will he the Juniors. CLARA Fomtv, Soph, 6 ll7 ff' Ig The Yucca 1916 Sophomore Seven OFl.'.,lCERS Vresiclent .......... .--- ....... S. A. NVAITS Secretary and 'l'1'e:1su1'e1'--- ..,. NIARY L1-11-1 MILLS Class Representative .... ......... , , .... --'lxlM5lll-Z HASKTN l"'1-21:2 Mzlrclml Neil .Rose CLASS lXlo'r'ru: "Green but Grmvinwf' is H3 on III The Yucca 1916 'POI' Row: M. McConnell, C. VV. Evans, C. l-fl. Starncs, XV. H. Kosanke Strickland, L. B. Brown. litJ'l"I'URI Row: Mary lQii'lqvatrick. Eula Mac 'lil'lUl1ll7S0ll, Bertha Naylor lllary Louise llarrctt. Gcrtruclc Gullerlgc. Vcrcla llullaml, Flossic White. Tm' Row: Lutliei' lflokc, 'If S. lilmmclt S. A. NVaits, llenry Cllilplllllll. BOW-ml ROW: Qlulmic Christian, Mary Lee Mills, Lillian Lee, Vivian Parks, ,lll111l1l1C Baskin. I H9 Vin lil Vf' 'Z Tl Y 1916 ' fb' X, A N FRESHMAN I 0 on IGI 7ll lil 'F' The Yucca 1916 Freshman One or-'IPICERS .If'1'esiclcnt ............... .... N flluzlr, ITHQLIJS Sec-rct:u'y and 'lql'C7lF11l'Cl'--- .... C. I.. MULLINS Class Rep1'escntativc .... --- - .......... XV. C. M.xR'1'rN Cowles: Purple and Gold CLXSS N10'I"l'0Z "X'Vo1'k, Watch, NWN." 121 11. L 'li OI I0 The Yucca 1916 1' Row: Lynn XValkc1'. E. NV. -lzuniscm. A. G. XVz1lkcr. HU'l"I'HKI Row: I.. sl. Hzlrklcy. XV. C. Martin. Chas. Moore, C. I.. Hrzmx 122 I- 'lil on Ig! T' The Yucca 1916 Class History of Freshman One September the fifteenth. nineteen hundred and lifteen, marks an epoch in the annals of The North Texas State Normal. Un that day there gathered from the four corners of the compass the best collection of raw, unsophisticated greenness that ever sought admission to the classic halls of this or any other institution of higher learning. Those who managed either to pass or to elude the entrance examinations. constitute this well known and worthily renowned 'lfreshman class. On October the seventh we met lirst as a class, and after electing officers. came out with a growing sense of our importance and a deeper appreciation of the grave responsibilities that devolve upon us. "l.iish," we were dubbed. But "XVhat's in a name?', lVho of them. let us ask, did more for the band than Fish Gains? As a class we pride ourselves not only upon athletic achievements, but upon our mental prowess as well. NVhile as yet none of us has developed into an intellectual whatnot, some have made themselves eminently conspicuous with members of the Faculty on account of undue exercise, one way or another, of the intricate mechanism of their fertile brains. Here our interesting history ends-for the time, at least-but we have lost no courage: we are always on the go. 'llhough just starting, we expect to write our names high on the pillar of fame. XVe might drop a helping hint to the classes that follow us, to consider well our example, for we intend to go on "still achieving, still pursuing"' the rules and maxims set forth by our worthy predecessors--'llhe Sophs. Cmunri lXfI.xR'rrN, lfresh, 1 123 'ISI 0 l l 0 Th: Yucca 1916 FreShman Two Home Economics Ul.fl"lCll:lQS l'1-csiclcnt- ......... ............. - --.---.--K.x'1'111,lc1f:N ZllAlW.XI,'l' Sccrctzu' zuul 'll'1'c:1s111'c1',,-- ........ lRlCNlC ,Hlwolis Y Class Rcmesulltzltivc ......... . ............. ---li.X'I'l'I BROWN Cumusz lllzlclc and Gold If1,mvlcle: Pansy CLASS Nlo'r'1'o: "Nu Excellence witlwut l,zLlmm'." llrl II IIE. on lil The Yucca 1916 Tm- Row: lq2ltlllCCll Zumwult. Elaine l'm'ter. lie Alma Price, Minnie .l0llllS0ll, :Xrlclie l'e:u'l hllbllllblilll. Ethel llustecl. llu'1"1'uxl Row: Lzlurzllmelle liuvkemlzxll, Pzluline l'll'lCllil. Eunice Lucas Ruby Mcl'l1ers1m. Nellie Riclumlsmm, .Xmm Mnufl Fritz. Tm- Row: Ollie l.ewe, llillflil l'Cr11'Sfv11. Ywlzl Williams, lrcne lh-wlcs. Hottie XVzu'ml, NVillie Day. M,,,m',.g Row: ,'Xl'll'I0lll' llrmvn. "l'l1e11:L Mae lleclc, Ruth .-'Xll1er1, Ralf N Albert Mamie lllcmlrix, Myrtle C. C:1s'rzulme, Kale llmwn, R0,I.'1'rmAr Row: .llulzy ,l,uwe, lvzm Culemzm, May llzlrlcley, Ummm Sills, Clzlm llrzmn. 125 lf: ll: Ol QQ The Yucca 1916 Class Prophesy On September 15, 1920, I stepped from my radio-monoplane onto the beautiful campus of the N. 'lf S. C.. having been drawn back by a longing to see once more the old familiar sights of my school days. The greatest change that had taken place was the erection, on the only vacant corner on the campus, of a new building for a Model Train-- ing School. XVhile walking around the campus, I chanced to come upon Kathleen Zumwalt. our class president. 'llo my surprise, she informed me that she was teacher of the second grade in the training school. XVhile I was talking to her, she told me that Elaine Porter and Murial Allgood were teachers in the ward schools of Denton. l-laving spent three days at the College, I resumed my journey to Austin. While at that place, I listened to a forceful lecture on woman suffrage, given by Miss lVilliams. 'llhis was not a surprise for me, as I had often heard Viola express her opinion about this matter. WVhile I was talking to Miss W'i1liams, she told me that I. V. Taylor, Genevieve Garnett, and Alma l-lolt were married. I left this place for Groesbeck. There 1 found Betty NVard and Irene Brooks teaching in the Groesbeck I-ligh School. Having come so near, I thought I would spend a few days with home folks. Imagine my surprise when Myrtle C. Carradine, my beloved roommate, blushi-ugly asked me to be best maid at her wedding. I could not be at home long, and so l was denied the pleasure. After learning that a well known former student of the Normal was to be the lucky man, I departed, knowing that all would be well. lVhile in llarrison County, I heard that Nellie Richardson, after having taught a year, had drifted out on the sea of matrimony. I went to see her and, while talking with her, learned that Elmo Reed, her chum and companion during normal days, had also married. lfrom this place l came back to Dallas and thence to Mesquite, where 1 found Ruby Mcl'herson principal of the one-teacher school. She told me she had "got her dip" and was doing well linancially. She seemed to know all about the members of olr old class of 1916, for she told me "the German Twins" were in Germany, studying music. the johnson sisters were in Austin taking State work, and lvan Coleman, May llarkley and Clara llrann were in 'lf N. C. taking a special course in music and expression. Armour llrown, XVillie Day and Miss lfritts were teachers, while Mrytle lflerschi, Lola Nlay lloward and Mamie llendrix were successful housewives for three happy men. llaving tired of my tour of our broad State, l turned toward the little town of Otto, where dwelt my chum, Theo Unercash, the queen of the house of a former graduate of the normal. Here I knew I had a wel- come that would last, and an opportunity to think and talk of those of the Freshman Two Class of 1916. iKA'l'lC BROWN, Fresh. 2 126 0 ni Ol I0 The Yucca 1916 Freshman Three Manual Training 01" FICE RS l'rcsiclent--..--- --..-.-- ...... ..... l 2. l,. Boom-3 Vice-l'1'csiclc11t,. .......... -- ---X1V. H. ,l,.xss1'rrQ1q Secretary zmcl 'lll'CZlSlll'CI'--.. ..... ---M.wm-3 ,l,l'f.XCIl Class lQClJl'CSClllQ2ltlVC .... ................- - UL, R, S'm1ql-gy Ccmmlcz Gold :mrl XVl1ite l'lI.uwIf3le: Cape 'Iusminc CLASS .NlU'l"I'0f "Mun without lzmlnn' is ncecllcssg lmlam' 'xvitlmut skill is usclcssf' llllll' Row: l.. .'X. Rulucrts. E. l,. RUHIIC, l,. ll. Storey, G. M. Knnx, llU'l"l'UAl Row: Chas. l". Walker, Mzlymc l,c:Lcl1, XY. lj. I,g155i1C1-, 127 IT' e1EI I7 I I2 The Yucca 1916 Class Prophesy On .Iune 20, 1920. after graduating from the North 'llexas State Normal, 1 went to the foreign countries for a pleasure trip. Having been absent from my natixe land three years. l returned to America on the White Steamer. After the ship left the harbor and l saw that my luggage had been taken to my room. l went upon declc. 'llo my surprise, I met Mr. linox. a classmate in our lireslnnan year of 1916, at the Normal, who introduced me to his bride, and informed me that they had bee11 touring the Orient on their honeymoon. As we talked, our minds naturally went back to our old school days and to the other six members of our class. l. learned that Mr. Knox had become a renowned singer and had traveled through the most import- ant parts of the United States with Mr. .l,assiter, who had become a great evangelistg thus he had met the other members of the class from time to time. Q ,llc informed me that Mr. Storey and Mr. lleters had been gradu- ated from llarvard with high honors, and that Mr. Storey was now teaching Manual 'llraining in the Texas University and Mr. Peters was teaching Mathematics in the Southwestern University. Mr. Roberts had become a doctor and was in a medical university in England, where he was soon to be graduated and was later to have charge of the .l,ondon llospital. Mr. lloon had become a great ball player, had joined the New York Giants, and was "making good" there. Mr. XValker was teaching in one of the colleges of Oxford University. Of course 1 was delighted to hear of the great success and good fortune of each member of the old class. lVlAYMlC l4lCALTll. 128 V51 ul 0 on 471 The Yucca 1916 Freshman Four Language Ul9I'xlCl.fRS Prcsiclcnt .............. -- ............... D. H. CUNNINGIIAM Secretary and ,l1I'CZlSlll'Cl' ..M................ Fmlclaxcl-1 llUx'r1f31q Class Kcp1'csc11tz1tix'c---,. .................... .'XI.lC'Ixll.X Amis Comic: lllzlck and Gulcl Class l"1.mvlcl:: Mngmwlin CLASS Mu'r'ru: "l'zu':1 Ins flClN2lS.N 'IMI' Row: l. C. Mzmirc, R. IJ. Hwcns, .I. QX. Mzmirc. .HU'I"l'lJM Row: XV. ll. Sims, C. li. CIlI'lCl', .Xlctlm Amis, ID li Illlillghillll, Gow. Il. Hutlcy. 120 --p 4. on 'BJ I7 l II The Yucca 1916 Class Prophesy ln the summer of the year 1925, after a busy and very trying year on my farm near Gainesville, Texas, I resolved to make a trip to Gal- veston in my new aeroplane. 'l'he new aeroplane was of the modern type. having a cabin of sufficient capacity to hold a small sized family, but, as l am a confirmed old bachelor, I invited Dr. Sims and his wife, formerly Miss Ellis to accompany me. They lived in NVhitesboro, where he was the most important physician. All of his patients seemed to be in the best of health, so he accepted my invitation. VVC decided that our first tlight should be to XVacog however, we had hardly reached Dallas when my machine began to show signs of engine trouble. 'llhere was nothing to do but to stop for some minor repairs. All over the city we saw bill boards announcing the world's most famous soprano, Miss Florence Hunter, who was to make her first appearance in Grand Opera during the coming week. While strolling around, we noticed on a side street a large and excited crowd of people. As we drew nearer, whom should we see causing so much excitement? No one but Miss Key, who was delivering a "scorching" speech on the proposed amendments of the Dallas Charter. She closed her discourse by saying, "I beg of you all to think twice before casting your vote for our next mayor for Dallas, and then to cast it for me." As it was about time for the mechanics to have our machine in order again and we were making our way back, suddenly we saw a drunken man stagger in the path of a fast moving trolley car and fall to the pavement. At the same time a tall man rushed across to the track and snatched the drunken wretch clear of the rails, just in time to let the fast moving car pass. "Bravo!" exclaimed Dr. Sims: "I wonder who that handsome man could be. By jove! If it isn't 1. C. Maniref' Congratu- lations were soon in order, Mr. Manire said that he was doing well in the practice of law and that his brother, E., had secured the principalship of a one-teacher school near Fulton, Texas. After bidding Mr. Manire good-bye we left Dallas. Having no further trouble, we arrived in XVaco just about dinner time. Our thoughts were naturally upon some good cafe. Upon inquiring, we learned that .I-latley's Cafe was the best in town. lndeed it was. That wasn't all, either, George would take us out to his new home that he had recently completed. As we drove up to the gate of the beautiful grounds of the mansion, I saw and at once recognized Aletha Amis, now a stately matron and the wife of this happy man. MVC left them wishing us a merry time, and arrived in Galveston late in the afternoon of the same day. XVe immediately made our way to the wharves, for we heard that the big ship, which had been chartered by the New York Giants for a cruise around the world, would leave in an hour. We walked up just in time to see the famous pitcher, Mr. Owens, lead the champions on board. After two days ol' pleasure at the seashore. we decided to go home by way of Austin, for we wanted to see our old schoolmate. Claude Carter. Governor of the Lone Star State. 'He and his brother, Shelby. entertained us royally during our short visit at Austin. , U. lk. CUNNiNcuM1, Fresh. 4 U0 F51 ig T I lf! -pu The Yucca 1916 Freshman Five Science UFFICERS President ..........---- - ------- ----V. -------. . -.----.-.......... Rox' Onoixf Vice-President ................. -. ..... ..- ---. ................ C. F. Riu-gtvlau Secretary .................. .. .... .------..-. ......N.......... XV. C. Bvxum Assistant Secretary--. .-......... -. ...- .. ..--.................. C. tl. Younn Class Representative ........ ...--.. ............................ XV. E. VVARD I:I.OWl'iRZ Sunllower Co1,o1as: Maroon and White Mo'r'ro: Uiscemus agere agendo X7lfI.l.C "XVc're so far ahead xve're lonesome." Class History We can conceive of our college existing without the Sophomore, the Junior and the Senior, but the I:l'CSi'llllZlll is an essential. especially the class of Freshman Five for ,15-'l6. No one would attempt to compare any other Freshman class with this one, because it is the largest of its kind in the history of the school. It is large in many ways. In the First place, its members are affected with a well developed case of enlargement of the upper extremity of their anatomyg but, being inlormecl that most of our predecessors have been so aftiicted, we are constrained to believe that this will prove neither serious nor detrimental to our progress and our longevity. In the second place, we are large ill achievements. NVe have been represented in all the atheltics of the school, from football to baseball, and we claim. with pride, one of the best basketball players, not only in the Normal, but also in Texas. In our ranks are many literary geniuses, to say nothing ol' orators and debators of no mean ability. INC are also distinguished by the intelligence ol the girls and the beauty of the boys. In the third place, we are large in numbers. Yet every one is very congenial and is happily looking forward to catch a glimpse of himself in the important role of Sophomore, NVQ genuinely hope you will follow us there. so that you may'read the second installment of our history, which will be published in the next volume of the Yuccix. 1 y 4 - XV. IL. XXf.xRn, ltresh. n I3l -u-r 14. il Il!! ITI III 7- ...- The Yucca 1916 'IWW Row: 'I'. I.. SuwcIc1's, 'If C. Sottlc. XY. NI. Crow. U. C. Mczulmvs, XY. If. XYzu'rI. IIll'I"l'HAI Row: If. NI. XX'I1itwcII. XY. I.. Ilulluck, I,iIIi:u1 Nlczulmvs. -Iulm Mays. U. 'lI. Mzllmw. r x f - x 1 1 x 4 lm' Huw: U. I.. Ixmg'I1t, Cf. C. Scutt, C. I'. Ilrcwcr, Roy Udmml. E. NI, KuykcmIz1II, Ii. M. wlmmcs. I'IIJ'I"l'lJNI Row: ID. IQ. Moslcv. I. I.. Iiorcn, C. IV. Izl'CClIIIIg, IQ. Ii. Bmlrlzmcl, C. bl. Young, W. C. Iiyxfuln. me lil' '21 on III The Yucca 1916 Freshman Six Class History Amid the mixture of books, slatcs, tablets and pencils, this inevitable Freshman class entered the mysterious rooms of the North Texas State Normal College. This was the realization ol the long cherished dream to be big enough to go away to college, although during the first few days there were a few who had a battle to light to keep the tears back and to learn not to call lor nlVl2ll'l111lll.H Yale advanced rapidly, and before the lirst term was up, we were well acquainted and prided ourselves on being one of the largest classes in school, On the thirteenth of last September, when we lirst entered the No1'mal, we did not know much about the doings oi real college students, but again we showed our ability to learn, and before many days we could do almost anything that we were called upon to do. XVC have learned all the rules, and obey them: that is, we have never been called to visit the Discipline Committee-Oh, horrors!! Wfe have learned to sit up in Chapel with an intelligent look ou our faces, even if things are a little vague. 'Doubtless the future will lead some of us over prosperous paths and even up the VVhite llouse steps. Oh, no, we are not suffragists, but we mean, perhaps one of us will be lucky enough to be the President's wife. Others may lead the more settled life of the country school teacher. llut, wherever we may go, we will always look back on these past days of College life as the most pleasant of all, and join in the glad refrain of: "School days. dear old golden rule days." .lo'1rNNili 'll.fxvLoR, Fresh. 6 iss W I I The Yucca 1916 Top Row: Josie Bell, Eva Hul'l'zxher, Alma Howe, Vera Hemphill, Olivia Pickle Pearl Bryant. Middle Row: Viola Heath, Mattie House, Margaret Bass, Ernestine Johnson Am D. CllI1llllll1gS, Lula Henry, Ruth Hamni. Bottom Row: liliie Bultllrop, Nannie Male Peters, lflvu Lee Archer, Dal Earnest Top Row: Ollie Whito, Ruth Tlioinus, Annie Smith Middle Row: Thulzt Kittorman, Allie Walton, Deliah Thomas, Johnnie Taylor Currie Dumas. Bottom Row: Tommie Jones, Myrtle 1-lirschi, Elizabeth Thurman, Lela Nowlin Ethel Vance. 13-l lil l-QI fin lil The Yucca 1916 Freshman Seven History-English Ul+'l"lClilQS V1-esillem ..... .. .... .. ....... 4 ..-............ - .... l'iRl'fIl GAINICS Vice-l'i'esiclen1 .............. ......... ........ .... R f l .xl-2 NANCI-1 Secretary- ...... -, ..... -- ........... ....----i----l3x'.x Rum Mi1,1,s Class lQC1ll'CSClllZltlX'C- ..... -. ................ ZUAIA l,IClC Cuolfl-:R Cowles: lllue zmcl Silver l'll,UWI'fRZ lilue llyzleintli lNlo'1"1'o: .Iuclge us lay our work 'llcw Row-Mu1'y Ella Snow, Mzluclc Reeves, lirecl Gaines, Eclitli NN7ll'lflSOl', Mac Nance. l3fJ'l"l'OM Rim'--l,izzie Kate Lovelace, Fvzi Rita Mills, 4 XV. 14. Amli-CWS, Frzmees Iloreaere. Zunia Lee Cimper. 135 lp- Ol 1.21 Ol LO The Yucca 1916 Class Prophesy ln 1922, while touring the Southern States, making speeches in favor of woman suffrage, I happened to pass through Denton during commence- ment, and stopped over to see if any of my old classmates of 1916 were there. just before the train stopped at Denton, I was interested in reading a book, when my attention was attracted by someone calling to me from the other side of the car. On raising my eyes, I found the person to be Alta Cole. She told me she had tinished her course in the Normal in 1920 and had since been teaching in the I-ligh School of Houston, and was now on her way to North Dakota to visit. After arriving at Denton, I met Fred Gaines, who had been in school here ever since I left in 1916 and was only in the junior class. I asked him what was his trouble, and this was his reply. "VVell, just can't get otli English 1 and 2 under Miss Blantong and besides I have been so busy going with the girls, I haven't had time to study." I-Ie also told me that Lizzie Kate Lovelace graduated in 1919, and now belongs to the Red Socks, a famous girls' basket ball team of New York, which was touring the lrVest. As I walked into Miss Atwell's room, I found Maude Reeves. She had finished at the Normal and also the State University, with high honors, and was preparing to teach English in the High School of Fort IVortli. She said she had visited Frances Foreacre recently. After she told me where Frances was, I went out to see her, and found that she lived all alone in a pretty little bungalow, covered with Flowers. I-Ter main fad seemed to be to have plenty of pets. After my stay in Denton, I decided to make a visit to Galveston. As the train stopped at a small station, T looked out the window and saw two women sitting in a little hack, with a big white umbrella over it. I thought I recognized the red hair of one of them, and, upon seeing their faces, I knew it was Mae Nance and Mary Snow. They said they were trying to make housework easier for the women. 'llhey were peddling mops, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and bath tubs. Wfhen I got to Austin, I missed my train, and while waiting here, I went to the capitol. As I was going up the steps. I met VV. L. Andrews, dressed in a high topped hat and a frock coat. I-Ie was representing his home countv in the Senate. He told me that Edith VVindsor's husband was Speaker of the House: so T went in and met him. He took me out to see Edith. They lived in a beautiful home and entertained me royally. I learned while here that Ethel Bennett was in Chicago University. 1 now went on my way to Galveston and as it was Sunday when I got there. I went to church. To my surprise, C. I. Rogers was the preacher. T-Te had been pastor here for two years. From Galveston I boarded a steamer for New Orleans and was sur- prised to see Eva Rita Mills on board. She had been to Paris studying art. and had been very successful. but was back in .America on a visit Eva Rita and I snent several days together in New Orleans. We had many pleasant talks of the year 1016 which we spent in the North Texas State Normal. Zona Lim COOPER, Fresh. 7 136 IT! IGI 0 7 I The Yucca 1916 ,f ' , v ll f f - 'WMQ . in l I e r 1 rw N, - ,gg l, f -- il " my tl A ll F V 'W f ' 'flw"" - N fi xii ff NM , f. fu +5--,y f X--.. , Q , , . Y. hw ll! KX. X 50, IL 1 A: W X 2,7 i X ' M f ' W- 4 N ,. ., A " 'Q l d 'I WM me 'll'lllY W jj fp! , , :ff '1 D f f! -ci. , . Km" ' A lfshslv xL,f5lfX P99 I 1 ww' L me ,f .l p ' x , Wk, , f UL' ,QW 1,-V-haf f ' l""x,NM iw ,M N45 -, . 5-gm, ,,,, rf ggggeqggg 3 ,-- --Vb :- X af-fy, - 1-f""ilLfIl 'l"., ,, uf: xi., ' evililgilllllllllllh 7 - 7 ..1 tll, lv, mfwymwuuum Model Training School The Bugle Song The SlJlCllCl0l' falls on castle walls Anfl snowv summits, olfl in story, Tl '. ' . . , . ie long light shalfes acioss the lakes, Anfl the wllfl cataract leaps in glory. . Blow, bugle, blow: set the wilfl echoes flying. Blow, bugleg answer, cchoesg flying, flying. flying. O, hark: O, hear! how thin anfl clear, Allil thinner, clearer, farther going! O, sweet Zlllll far, from cliff anfl scar The horns of Elflanfl faintly blowing! Blow: let us hear the purple glens replying. Blow, bugleg answer, echoes, flying, flying. qlymg-I O love, they flie, in yon rich sky, They faint on hill or Hclfl or river, Our echoes roll, from soul to soul, Anfl grow forever anfl forever. Blow, bngle, blow: set the wilfl echoes flying, fhllfl answer, echoes, answer, flying, flying, flying. 'TENNYSON 137 T' lil IE! on WI The Yucca 1916 Training School Faculty MISS MALID L. FILRO ....... . ...,.. Director MRS. CoRA MARTIN ....... ............. G rude I MISS EULA GOSE ........ Grades II-III MISS LETA BROOKS ...... ............................................ , .,..... G fades IV-V GRADES VI, VII, VIII MISS WILLIE FLOYD ..................... ................................ ....... D e partmental MR. W. E. JAMES ........ ....... D epartmentul MR. L. P. FLOYD ......... I,,.,,, D cpartmental I I I ROLL OF STUDENTS OF NORMAL TRAINING SCHOOL FIRST GRADE Top row, left to right: IZIIII IC. IIr:Ikc, I'I':IIIcis NIIIIIIIII, I'-l'llIIl'CS Smclscr, ICIIIIIIIU Wright, lilmlrcclgc I IIIIII', QXIYIIC GIIIIII, Rlznurivm- XVIIIIIIIIIS, Ga-I':IIIliIIc UgIclI'0c, Dunn Ilukc. Bottom row, left to right: I.:IIII'cm'I- IIIIIIIII Svllwccr. ,ln-well IIrIopcI', Richzxrml Christal, IIIIICIIIIII CIIICIII, jesse Ln-gctl, C:ItIIuI'iIIc II:II'vcy, ,l:IIIIcs NUWIUII R:Iyzor, Ollie Myers. 138 El 'Ill Tit Fil The Yucca 1916 SECOND AND Tmnn Gmxmas Top row, left to right: l,:lt11't't1cc Pool, Il:nrw1.'ll SllL'l!!ll'll, llc-ls-11 XYillis, tirvsgg Simmons lhmuin' 1 . Smith, Uwslt-y .lum-s. Nt-ll lottitt, llrlmnc lltflltlcll, llorris llUlIlSlN'l'l'V. lxlit-11 Klztrrintt. V , Middle l'QWI.l,tll'1l l-lztirz l'lI'CflUI'lClExllll1lCI'Wl70ll, Rlnricf Rlyurs. iXlyrcm Stunt, I,m1ist' llntvs. llztrrv l,l't'Sl!lIl, Nlttrmn Lztrlnlcll, li. lx. Rtllltvi. lllt'lIllIl Urr, llurn l'luvtl. Bottom row: XYinnit- Skztgpgs, Ruhvrt l,um:1x. Iilln NI:u'g:irt-t L'I:1ytm1, Wt-lmlnu Yvznrhy, Ifttnicc Sul . . . X - . I I. ltvzm, Hill l',tlXV1lIitlF, Lztsstu Nlrty ll:lt'1'uw, I,utl .X, 5p4'c', ',YCXIl I:xll:tfcrrn, lhxrutlty Smith. 4 ll 1 3' l FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADES Top row, left to right: Ilum-I Xlnhzmj Riajlmrwl Ilzttgs, Cnssn l't-tt-rs. .Xulntru tlvurrnll, Ruth L'rnw1'm'tI, ,'Xl'llIlll' jmws, Pflizitlwtlt XVrigl1t, lit-11 U, Sims, llclt-11 lI:ttlt:yZ,l:1l11t's Simmons. Middle row: l'ill:t llrzulsliztw, l:l'1lllUL'S XVuu1lw:trtl, XX'tll1s Smith, l:l'llIlL'l'S Hut' Lung, l,. ll, liurtlcii, Iilizztlrt-tI1 l,tlll1llX, .lurk L'l':twi'1n'tl. Xl:ll'g:1t'ct Ccmlcv. Ilufurtl Iltllqgtvcmlt, rltllizl xYilllJlIIlS, ll:trt'v Cmlrlvll. Bottom row: 'llllUl11llS Ilznvis, Ruth Smith, Nancy: Uliristftl, Cnrluss 'I':1ylm', ltfluittc Smnot, -lXlJll'j1'Ill'l2l Smith, 'I't-rry I'rt-s-tim, Mary livynnlwls, tltls ,llJllHll', Num lllznr, Rohn-rt Nlycrs. 139 7- Ol Ili-.l I-5-I lil The Yucca 1916 .Al l I : l SlxT1-1 AND SEVENTH GRADES Top row. left to right: Gcrtrnslc Mcllrirlc, john llnvis, Yuln lfullingim, i:l'l'li!l l'nmlcrwoo4l, NYilliu XYilli:nns. Rzmymonml llrzulslmw, Carol Cox, VV:1ll:1cc llnvis, Christa! l'ool. Middle row: Louisa' Preston, lY:xllci' Slnnot. Louise Stout, .lznnrs Pruslon, Virginia lirlwzmls. lzuslc llirislnl, Vclcln M:n'1'io!l, lvnn Olivcr. Glnrlys lllcwult, l'lriL' Fox, Xlnyniu ,luck llmlllcy, 1lolVill Nlyvrs. Bottom row: XVillis lllcwctl, Will lirwin, XVilli:nn Iluvizlson, C. A. Williznns, XV:nvnc Pcllil, llcnrv rliwrcr lnlin Smith, l,uon 'l':lli:1l'ci'ro, .luck Cnlc, Nlanw' .Xlicv l'nclcl'woo4l, L':n'l l'1nlLi1'woo1l. Y 1 . . I,- i, , . I. EIGHTH AND NlNTH GRADES Trop row, left to right: Ulu blonvs, XYilli:nn XYilli:nns, l,orinu Ilcnncn, Curtis 'l':iylor, Viola l'nrlp.1cl!, Xfllllc .lou Slullworlli, Ifrnxiuis .llnllm'ml, Marion Fox. l Midclld row: Uzro llcnncn, Mary Stout, Marion Rowlzlnll, Rollcn lrcston, llclvn lfruncis, .lannus lill- xvmls, lllxic llzlilcy, llyron lVl1ilL', Ruth Rillllilll. Bottom row: .Nona Malone, Clifton Simmons. llclcn Hass, llulrncy Lipscomb, Donnie Marriott, Iluralison l'l-mlcr, llnxul lfloyal, lfrncsl Criwllllc, Nlnry 'l':1nncr. 140 El 'QI o I ' Q, QQ Ubrganizatinnz ITL 'El 0 -us IT: I'-fl The Yucca 1916 Press Club' OFFICERS C, L. B1aowN ................. .......... - -- ........... .-- ---Presiclent Zi-:Lm l'loLM.rxN ................... ..-- .... ....... ...... S e cretary VV11lQ,x'r NViL1,i.xxis--- .......... .- ................... Eclitor-in-Chief C, L, B1mwN ......... ....... ............... E c litor-in-Chief of journal Z1cLL.x 1nIo1,M.xN ......... - ......... Associate Eclitm'-in-Chief of jourmtl .TACK Pll1L1,ws ........ ....... ....... ............ B 1 1 siness -Manager R. VV. H IQLMS ........... .......... ........... . ' Xssistant Business Manager .fXSSOCI'A'l'E EDITORS Zum BAI.I.1f:w .......... ....... ...... C 1 irrcnt Literature Club Br,.xNcn1-3 CLJNNINGLIAAI .... ---- -. ........... Mary Arden Club H. VV. NASH ......... .-- --..- .... Reagzni Literary Society A. T. 1WCC.'XR'l'Y ........ .........,........ I Q. E. Lee Literary Society MEM HERS X'VIll'I.X'I' x'VILI.I.XM.S Zum 'B.xLLEw A. T. MCCAIWY JACK P1ilI.I.Il's R. W. H1-:LMS ' Br,.xNcm-3 CUNNINGIIAIXI C. L.'BiemvN Zl':l.1,.x HrmI.M.xN 1-l. NV. NASH QI. 'IX LUNG, Sr. 5 MARY XV.x'l'LINc:'mN, Jr. 7 NI.xRc:.x1uf3'r XVIIITIC, jr. 6 XV. D. 'l'. S'l'oul9r, jr. 1 'I'iMMlif: BASKIN, Soph. 6 L.xUR.x Lian-3 L1LI.Y, Sr. 2 Zum NVINIQLI-QR, Sr, -4 .IJLLIAN SIIANIQ, Sr. 6 lrlmzlcr, ICING, jr. 4 XV. C. DARN1-:I.r., Sr. 1 .Lois XfV.x'rKINs, Jr. 5 M.xRc:.x1ui'1' E.xi1.xR'rSopl1.6 R. tl. VERNON, Sr. 7 K.x'rl-3 BROWN, F. 2 XV. E. XV.x1m, F. 5 W. M. Wn.I.l.xms, S114 'I'mco. Uvlclztuxslr, F. 2 RU'l'llICI.I.lC'r'r, Su. 3 1Vl.xRx' Muscziuvl-is, jr. 3 R. 'IX M.u:1-iles, So. 5 AI,lf'I'lI.'X Ants, F. 4 'IOIINNIIC 'iA.XYL0R, F. 6 XV. C. M.xR'rrN, F. 1 Zmm Com-I-ik, F. 7 L. R. S'ro1uiY, F. 3 142 IT' 'lil V5 e Yucca 19 141 VI lil 9 ITM I0 ll Tl I 1- IC Yucca 1916 l-I S 'EJ E' fl IO The Yucca 1916 Sketch Club lZ:XHl'f'I'll lIlI,l,Y.'x1: .... U R.,..,..,,..,... .- .....-....H,.. Critic M EBI HERS llxvllxlc lllxux KI.x1uz.x1:1-:'r E.XllI'I.XR'I' I'IllJl'IIil-1 Comma .-Xiu-:I-:N XVll,l,I.XNIS Zu-3x,1,.x llol.M.xx 'IHSl':l'lll':NI': Scu'r'r l'.xL'1,lNl-5 l,u-scum: l,l'1.Lf XfVuc.xx'l-:R l,.xl'1:.x 1XI,l,l'2N UIOIINIIC 'l'.xv1,1m Zvm l',x1u:1cR 'l'lYRN1iY G1,.xm's l,xlf1e,x Lycra 'LILLY I':cnsxs Slumxlucle XY11,l,11c Mme Sr,.xL'u1l'rxi1: LI-1'l'll,X Sxwru 146 W Ol 171 The Yucca 1916 President ......... Vice-President ..,..... Secretary ......... ABERNATHY, J. C. ADRIAN, V. T. AIKEN, T. H. ALLEN, O. F. ALLEN, LAURA AMIS, ALETHA ARCHER, EVA LEE ARMSTRONG, ALMA ARNN, ELSIE ARNOLD, H. D. AUSTIN, NELLIE BALCH, CHESTER BALLARD, J. A. BALLEW, ZULA BASKIN, TIMMIE BASS, KATHERINE BEASLEY, MAE BELLAH, LOIS The Scribes OFFICERS ROLL OF MEMBERS BLANKENSHIP, B. M. BLOCKER, OLIVIA BOONE, E. L. BOREN, SAMMIE BOURLAND, RAY BOWER, ANNA BRANN, CLARA BRANNON, NITA BRATTON, CARRIE BRAY, ANGIE BROOKS, IRENE BROWN, ANNIE MAY BROWN, J. M. BROWN, KATE BRYANT, MARY BUCK, CURTIS BUCK, C. W. BUCKNER, BLANCHE 147 L. KING T. LONG ........ZULA BALLOW BURNETT, OTTICE BUCY, A. L. BUSH, LEROY BYNUM, C. W. CAMPBELL, JESSIE CAMPBELL, MRS. PEARL CARRADINE, MYRTLE CARTER, GRACE CATHEY, LEE CAUDLE, AUBREY CLARK, MYRTLE CLAY, BERTIE COCKRELL, MEDRIE COMPTON, M. V. COVEY, B. L. Cox, EMMA CUMMINGS, M. CUNNINGHAM, BLANCHE -I-r 1. Lg 'EJ I7 I I Q The Yucca 1916 THE SCRIBES-Continued CUNNINGHAM, JUANITA CURD, NELL DANIELS, MISS DAVIS, SAM DELLIS, C. S. DILLARD, LOLLIE DONAHAY, FAYE DUKE, J. O. DUNHAM, GAYNELLE EMORY, OSCAR ELLIOTT, ELAN FALKNER, A. M. FARLOW, RETUS FOWLER, MONTIE GAINES, F. GATES, BUENA GIBSON, MARY GALBRAITH, MARY GOENS, ORION GREEN, FLOSSIE GROGAN, MAELE GUINN, VISTA HAGGARD, T. R. HAMM, RUTH HARRIS, DEBBIE HARVEY, MRS. J. D. HARWELL, FLORRIE HASKELL, MRS. EULA HEATH, VIOLA HEMPHILL, VERA HENDRIx, W. E. HENRY, LOLA HENSON, REN HERSCHI, F. HINSON, O. A. HIXON, DAPHNE HODGE, L. P. HODGIN, AGNES HOLLAND, VERDA HOLMES, THETA HOOKER, B. HOWELL, EUNIGE HUEY, PHIL IRWIN, JAMES, H. G. JARRELL, ACHSA JOHNSON. ERNESTINE JONES. FLOY KAY, MINNIE ROLL OF MEMBERS KING, G. B. KING, L. L. KIRKPATRICK, ELINITA LANE. ROWENA LEACH LEE, CECIL LESLIE, J. D. JR. LEWIS, E. P. LINDLEY, KINCHALOW LONG, J. T. LUCAS, EUNICE LUCAS, JEWELL LYON, KALETA MALONE, MAUDE MATLOCK, MAGGIE MILLS, MAIIY LEE MCALLISTER, T. E. MCCAULEY, BETH MCCONNELLH, M. MCCRUM,. R. D. MITCHELL, CHESTER MOORE, CHARLIE MORSE, EULA MCGAUHEY, HELEN MCLEAN, ANN ROSE MCGEE, G. L. MCGREGOR, ANTOINETTE MCPHERSON, RUBY MONSON, NORA MORRISON, MAGGIE NELSON, LOIS NEWSON, W. R. NIX, GERTRUDE OLIVER, W. A., JR. OLIVER, MARIE PACE, ROBERTA PARK, DELLA PARRISH, BESS M. PATTERSON, MARY PAULSON, RUTH E. PENNINGTON, ANNIE PENNINGTON, LILLYE PERSONS, MARY PIERCE, ANNE POSEY, REUBIE PRECISE, ETHEL RAMSEY, RENE REED, RUTH RHYNE, NONA I-IS RICE, JOHNNIE ROSS, A. ROWLETT, E. RUSSELL, DELFA RU'l'LEDGE, E. E. SOWDERS, T. L. SAVAGE, CLYDE SCOTT, J. C. SHARP, E. F. SILLS, A. SMITH, E. SMITH, LILLLIAN SMITH, LETA SMITH, C. M. STAMFORD, E. STANLEY, MRS. STALLINGS, ORA STATON, NANCY STOKER, AGNES STONE, EVA THOMPSON, EULA THURMAN, E. H. TOOMBS, F. H. TURNEY, I. H. TURNEY, GLADYS TURPIN, MARCELLA TUREIN. R. M. TRIPLETT, HATTIE' TYSON, J. E. WARD, BETTIE WATSON, L. L. WILLIAMS, LO WILLIAMS, D. A. WILSON, E. WHEELER, O. R. WHITEHORN, L. G. WHITEHEAD, E. H. WHITE, MARGARET WHITE, M. WHITE, J. C. WHITE, O. D. WOOD, ZELMA WYATT, O. D. YARBROUGH, R. L. YOUNG, EDNA ZACHERY, KATY SARA ZUMWALT, KATHLEEN ZVESPER, MARY l'?I IQ-I I7 I 'V Th e Yucca 19 REAGAN LITERARY SGCIETY Inter-Societ R. C. COFFEE y Debaters R. A. Ml'I'CHliLL OFFICERS FIRST TERM President ...,........... ........ O . A. HINSON C 'fu . . Vice-Prusidenf ....,..... ........... H . W. NASH """'AA 'wwb E' GIZORGI' Secretary .................................. R. W. HELMS U """"""""" Assistant Secretary .............. W. D. HUNTER Tellers ..........,..... ,T R. 1-W . .T. STOREY Cllapluin ..........,..,,,,,,,,, C ' LAUDE H. THURMAN C. COFFEE C. B. JONES .I lfl IOI The Yucca 1916 -----R. NV. I-litmus Vice-President ...... XV. A. OLIV1-Zu -----R. R. M1r.r.s.xv Ass't, Secretary-- President ...... Secrctary ...... f N 1 rcasurer ...... - - - - E. A. I-I ICN1-icuii Siccoxn 'l'i-tml XV. M. NV1I.I.IAA1s T I-I mu Tm: M Critic ...... CI1aplz1in--- Sergeant-2 Tcllcrs ..... --------JV. E. Gzconmi -----I.. G. XVHITI-ZIIORN it-Arms ..,, 1 7. A. HINSON R. 'l'. MAGICRS " XV. T. FR.xNc1sm O I'residcut ........,.. R. R. NIILLSAI' Critic--- --------- O, A, Hixsmv Vice-i'rcsirlent.-.. ...---. FI. O. 'DUK1-L Chaplain ----.-------- XV. M. CROW Secretary -.--.-.. W. M. Scrgczmt-at-Arms ------ .lmm NIAYS Ass't. Secretary ------ R. C. Colfiflil-I Tellcrq CARI, HORTON 'Frczisurcr --------.- E. A. I-TICNICGAR ' """"' R, XM I-Tif5r,Ms Asso. Ed. of Journal--Il. XV. NASH Asst. Reporter ----- -H. H. Ilmv.-xmw 150 I I gl T I The Yucca 19 illllarg Arhvn Glluh V - ,1.. I ,gn --g.. ,,,v 'Q- "-1. ly-'-."'3-' , . LAURA ALLEN RUTH ANDERSON MARY BATES LYLE BOONE NELL BURKS ORA CARTER OTIS COCKE MARY COLVARD BLANCHE CUNNINCHANI JUANITA CUNNINCHAM NELL CURD LOIS DAVIS LOUISE DUNCAN CAROLINE EVANS ALDA ELDER COLOR: ORANGE FLOWER: WHITE ROSE Leader: MISS EDITH CLARK MEMBERS MYRTLE FOWLER RICCA FRIELANDER GUSSYE GOLDBERG MAYRLE GROCAN QIENETTA GULLEDCE EDITH HALL KATHLYN HANCOCK NXAY HILL KATIE LIPSCOME MAY LYLES LENA MALONE EMMA MAIN LOIS MAHAFFEY ADDIE MELSON ELLEN NORWOOD 151 BESS PARISH LOLA BELLE PERKINS ANNE PIERCE REUBIE POSEY HAZEL REED LILLIAN SHANE LYDIA SPARKS MRS. ELIZABETH STANLEY LYNN TURNER MAY VAUCHN NETTIE WATKINS ROSA MAYE WALTON MARY WATLINCTON ZULA WINKLER MARGARET WHITE 0 ff' 'Y The Yucca 1916 ..-...........r, IS' Ol I0 I I O The Yucca 1916 J I f-""' 'WSI' f tx. 7- , 'I I TF, I rag , I . 'pf ','Q ' V ,Q VX . I .ff S ., 6 .I , Ik o5 l- 1915-HQEJ-EE-1916 LWEBARY SQCIET Inter-Society Debaters A. E. EVANS and WHEAT WILLIAMS QUESTION: Rvsolvcd, that our legislation should be shaped towards the gradual abandonment of the protective tariff. 153 0 Ol I0 The Yucca 1916 R. E. Lee Literary Society M IIlIJl,l'l Row: liU'l"l'UAl limi Vrcsirlcnt ..... .... Vicc-llrcsiclcnt-- Secretary ........ 'l'm' Row: Orr, Pliillips. l:CI'Q'l1S0ll. llruwn. llrmncr. llucy. Mczulur, Lewis. limvcrs. l'ilCI11l11lIlQ', llcmlrix, Mosley, lluckncr. llall. Mullins, .lN:lllg'llf, .lUl'fl2ll'l, .Xmlri:m. Siglcr. XX'zircl, I,cstcr. R. E. l.EE Ul"lfICElQS -4 W. ll. lfiimzvsux -----.l. H. Om: A. M. lf.xUI.KN1f314 Asst. SCC.-'lll'CZlS. .... A. l'. lTUWl,l'fR Cnr. Secretary..- --Osc.xR Emmy Clmplain ............. A. E. Ar,r,1QN Presiclcnt .......... Vicc- Prcsiclcnt-- Secretary ....... .'Xss't, SCC.-'lll'C2l.S I' news' 'lllilm llZll'llZl1TlCHtill'l2ll'l :mal Critic .... Srtcoxn 'lliiiul A. 'lf McC.xR'rx' -A. P. Emvmcic XVILLIA xl Blum .--li U. lVlcI3u.xw:lz Cnr. Sccrctary-- ..... il, ll. QJRR Clizlplain .............. I.. l.. lq.lNfl '.l'll11m President ............ 'l'. S. BUNNICR Vice-I'rcsimlcnt-- -G. C. I I l'3s'r1Cl-1 Secretary ....... Asst. Scc.-'Vrcus .... E. ll. ll'1'21uQ1foim Cor. Secretary- -Oscxu Em ICRY Clmplain ............ A. P. FOWLICR tl. R 1 rom-is . --------,,------X'V. F. Mmxu Scrg'cz1nt-at-1Xr111s ...... l.. l.. IQING ,lullxrw R, il. VI-ilexrm L L h"""""' Xvll,l,l.XRl ISRUN ',-Xssociutc Editor .... A. 'l'. McC.AxR'1'Y ll2ll'llZll1'IClltilflilll :incl Critic .... --..-.. ....... E. il-1. XVlTl'I'EllI'f.XD Sergeant-ut-Arms .... O. lg. Hxiucitn ,VCHCN -l. ll. ,lfl-3'r'1'lf31: ""-"' J. l.. NlcRl':YNor.ins Tiilul lililfll2ll1'lCl1t2ll'l2ll'l and Critic .... "X li EVANS ----------------, . 4. Scrgczmt-at-,fXrms .... U. l.. Kximrr Tcllcrs ...... --- A. T. lVIcC.xR'rY XV11.1.i.xM, BRUN 154 If I .I IT: IZ! IZ The Yucca 1916 'Ilw Huw: l'ct1c1', Shirluy, YZlI'IJl'llUQ'l1, Milam, SlI'1lHg'C, lizmlcll. NIIIJIJLIC Rmvi Umlum, l'41lIlHillCI'. lfvzms, 'lZll11CSlbIl. King. Nliilll. linux. HfVI"I'lJXI Row: Wzlitcs. . . Guest. Bynum. Ycrmm, xl1llIil'L'. 'Fm' Row: 'lxLlCkCl',Sil11S, llcslcr. llinsun, Siunpslm, Cnwlin, llgrxwfmwl, AIIIJIQLIC Huw: llzlrkcr. 'Vl1IL'j'. Yfmgcl. Rlll!Ctlg'L'.Clllll'CIlill, I':1l1CI'y, 'Rlmmh-s. H0'l"I'1JNI Row: Mclhrty, Mvlilyczl. lirun. liuszmkc, l,:1ccstc1', C1ll'lCI', Williams. Iss 1- 1 IQ 0 The Yucca 1916 Current Literature Club CLU1: Colmeszu l,aveudcr and White Cwn F1.ow1':u: Primrose Morro: "Our roach should exceed our grasp." 156 V Ill 0 Ol IJQI The Yucca 1916 Current Literature Club OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR MISS MOORE ........ ........,.--.----------------.-4-4------ ----.-..--...-........................................ L c adar ZULA BALLEW ....... -.-------..--------------4-.,..., -4 3301316110 Edifor of the jourIIa,' FIRST TERM Pfesidenf ,.,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,..,. S AMMIE BOREN Secrctarg ...,.,..... .,,,,, F LORRIE BRISCQF Vige.Presideni .,,.,,,.,, ..... L INA FRAZIEP TfL'llSllI'lJf ,.............,.......,,,,..,, DAPHNE HIXON Sergeant-at-Arms ........ .. ............-----------------v---.------------ LILLYE MARTIN AND NORA HAVVKINS SECOND TERM President .................. MRS. PEARL CAMPBELL Secretary ..... ....... J OSEIAHINE SCOTT Vice-President ...................... MIRIAM MORROW Treasurer ........,................. LAVINIA BLOCKER Sergeant-at-Arms ........ ........................................... L ILLIAN SMITH AND KINCHALOW LINDLEY THIRD TERM .- President .............. ....., B UENA MCGUIIQE Secretary ..... ........ D APHNE HIxoN Vice-President ..........,..... FLORRYE HARWELL Treasurer '.... ,,,,..,,,,,,..,,,,,,,. M ARCELLA TURPIN Sergeant-at-Arms ....... ................ ...........,.A..,...............,.. R E NE RAMSEY AND ZELLA HOLMAN MEMBERS NELLE ALExANDER ETTA ALFORD CARRIE ALLEN PAULINE ANDERSON ALMA ARMSTRONG ELSIE ARNE ZULA BALLEW CHESTER BALCH RUTH BEAVERS THENA MAE BECK WILLIE MAE BEKKEN LOUISE BLACK LAVINIA BLOCKER SAMMIE BOREN CARRIE BRATTON FLORRIE BRISCOE MRS. MILDRED BROCK BLANCHE BUCKNER MRS. PEARL CAMPBELL EMMA Cox MATTIE DANIEL ROSA DANIEL SUE DEAN DAL EARNEST ONIE EASLEY MARY FLEMINC LINA FRAZIER MARY GALERAITH LUCILE GASSAWAY BUNA GATES PET GILES PHOEBE GOODE ALENE GRAY JEWEL GRAY MAUDE GREEN JAMIE HALE LULU HARRISON FLORRYE HARWELL LUCILE WORD NELL HARVEY MAYSEL HANKINS NORA HAWKINS NEELIE HEARNE MARY BELLE HILTON DAPHNE HIXON ZELLA HOLMAN OUIDA HOLMES ALMA HOLT MITTIE JARRELL ETTA JASPER BEULAH JONES MINTA JONES VIOLA JONES GRACE KENDRICK ELENITA KIRKP.-XTRICK ROWENA LAYNE JO LEACH KINCHALOW LINDLEY BESSIE LISTER EUNICE LUCAS MAUDE MALONE LILLYE MARTIN LILLA MAYES ANNE ROSE MCLEAN ALICE MCDOWELL HELEN MCGAUGHEY ANTOINETTE IHCGREGOR BUENA VISTA MCGUIRE .IACK MCMINN LEILA MCMUNCY PATTIE MCPHERSON SCHELL MERRELL BESSIE BELLE MERZBACHER MIRIAM MORROW MAGGIE MORRIS 157 EULA MORSE LUCINDA NUTTING MAIQIE OLIVER LUCILLE PAILLET ZULA PARKER BESS PATTERSON RUTH PAULSON NANNIE MAE PETERS EDNA PHELPS ETHEL PRECISE RUTH POTEET RENE RAMSEY RUTH REED EDITH REEDER EVA REYNOLDS NONA RHYNE DELFA RUSSELL NETTIE MAE SAUNDERS JOSEPHINE SCOTT MIIS, CALLIE SHANNON WILLIE MAE SLAUGHTER DELLA MAE SMITH LILLIAN SMITH NANCY D. STATON ESTHER STEINMAN OLA STOVER MOLLIE THORPH GLADYS TURNEY MARCEI.LA TURPIN LULA WEAVER OLLIE WHITE LILLIAN WILLIAMS OLA WINZER SARAH WITT ROSE WOOD ALICE WOODS LUCY WOODS OI IIO WI lil The Yucca 1916 Oratorical Association OFFICERS OF ORATORICAL ASSOCIATION President ,.,.,,,,,,.,,, ........, W HEAT WILLIAMS Vice-President ,....... .,....... B EN F- I-OWRIH Secretary .......... .......... H . W. NASH Treasurer ......... ........ A . E. EVANS Chaplain ........ ...,......... .............,.., .,..... O . A . HINSON MEMBERSHIP All members of the Reagan and the Lee Literary Societies. RESOLVED! That foreign immigration to the United States should be further restricted by the imposition of a literacy test. 158 Q A :lol fig IGI L2 n Th Y 1916 Intercollegiate . I .7-S. . J, I 9 Debaters S. W. 'l'. S. N. C. 'VCFSIIS N. 'l'. S. N. C. J. H. ORR W. B. FERGUSON Negative 8.1-LS. N. I. VBVSHS N. T. S. N. C. E. H. WHITEHEAD R. T. MAGERS Affirmative DU RANT NORIVIAI 'VUFSUS N. 'l'. S. N. C. W. F. MILAM ELBERT Hoomau N vga tiv c The Yucca 1916 4 HLUGIOUS OFGANUZWQNS 160 IT! vl The Yucca 19 The Young Women' s Christian Association -V , CABINET MEMBERS President ............... Vice-President .......... Treasurer .......A............... ..................... ......,.... Secretary. Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman of Social Service Committee ...,..... Social Committee ...........i.....,.... of Bible Study Committee .......,, of Program Committee ........... of Mission Study Committee ..... IGI ..........ZULA BALLEW ........BUENA McGu1RE .,..........SAMMIE BOREN ...,.....RUTH ANDERSON MRS. PEARL CAMPBELL BURNS ...RENE RAMSEY .....,.PHOEBE Goonu .......FAYE DONAHEY on ulgj Ol lil The Yucca 1916 Religious Organizations The Young Mcn's Christian Association and the Young lYomen's Christian Association were organized in March of 191-lg and today these organizations are wielding an influence that is felt throughout the entire school. However, even though such progress has already been made, neither organization has yet realized the fullness of its expectations in ways of usefulness. Each association has conducted membership campaigns: has sent dele- gates to the State Convention: has organized Mission Study Classesg and. at some time during the year, has been visited by both State and National officials. Besides regular weekly meetings, one of the chief features of the worlc done by the Y. M. C. A. has been the evangelistic campaigns held at some convenient time during the regular session. llowever, the association this year also entertained the men of the college with a social, the first of its kind in the history of the school. A This year the Y. NV. C. has celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the organization in the United States with a jubilee programg has contrib- uted to the support of the Y. XV. C. A. missionary in Chinag and has endeared itself to the hearts of the faculty and the student body by raising one thousand dollars with which to employ a student secretary for the girls. Such a secretary will greatly strengthen the efforts now being made to attain the highest possible social and moral standards, and will also mean much in the development of religious life among the students. The membership of the two organizations totals about three hundred and seventy-tive persons, two hundred of whom are members of the Y. XV. C. A. 'llhesc organizations purpose to unite our men and women in loyalty to the Great Teacher, and to lead them to accept Him as their personal Friend and Saviorg to build them up in the knowledge of His tC2lClllllgQ and to associate them with the students of the world for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. 162 on ug on 'il -- The Yucca 1916 The Young Men's Christian Association R. W. H lCI,AlS---- A. 'l'. MeC.xic'n'x'--- I M. i'i.Xl'I,liNlCR-.,- I.. C.. XX1ll'rr-:Molex XVIII-:,x'r XX'l1.1.1.xms L. I.. Kxxo, .... .. XIV. lf. M H,.x M - -- XV. E. ci'l'2URGl':--- ilsexia EMURY---n f.JI"l"lCERS -.----Chz1i1'mz1n Publicity Committee ---Clmirmzm Missiomlry Committee ---Chairmzm i,l'Og'I'2ll11 Committee ----------------------Seei'etzu'y --- --- .... ii1'CSiCiCl1i li -------------------1reasurer --- ---Clmirmzm Social Committee -----------------------Vice-Presicleiit ----Ci1Zlil'lNilll Bible Study Committee 163 .L 'Ill I7 0 I ,I The Yucca 19 16 'Wesb Ch:,u'c h, 150-p1LST Ch pu' C F11 Y , ChY'LgELh.Y1 Chu.r'c!h Vldhociisi' Chiu-ch Tix-ST i Chvl STCQYL , cum-eh ..,,-gc' S byfer ian Chu r-oh H15 I1 I LI I7 illluziral Ubrgmxizzzltinnz WI IS-I 0 w IT! -pu The Yucca 1916 LILLIAN M. PARRILL.. SOPRANO CARRIE ALLEN EVA LEE ARCHER ELSIE ARNN TIMMIE BASKIN THENA MAE BECK LOIS BELLAH MINNIE LEE BORDEN ANNA BOWER ANNIE MAE BROWN VIVIAN BRYAN FLORENCE CHANCELLOR HATTYE CHANEY BIRDYE CLAYTON RUTH COMER SUE DEAN FAYE DONAHEY HOLLIE ELLIS JOSEPHINE FULCHER ALPHA GILLESPIE MAUDE GREEN JENETTA GULLEDGE NELLIE HEARN VIOLA HEATH BESSIE HILL OUIDA HOLMES LOLA HUDSON EVA HUFFAKER FLORENCE HUNTER MARY SUE KEITH CORNELTA KNox MAYE LYLES MARY NELSON MARY LEE MILLS Choral Club MEMBERS RENA MORRIS EULA MORSE WILLIARD MCDANIEL JOSEPHINE ROWELL MATTIE SMITH ROXIE STANFORD BETTIE STALLCUP AGNES STOKER OLA STOVER DELIA THOMAS HATTIE TRIPLETT CONNIE VINSON MARGARET WHITE KATHERINE ZUMWALT ALTO ZULA BALLEW PEARL CAMPBELL UNA CURRY NELL HARVEY EMORENE JENNINGS BEULAH JONES CHERRY LAUDERDALE ANNA LOU MILAM BESS PATTERSON GRACE PERKINS CECIL PONDER DELEA RUSSEL OLIVE SCOTT IDA SHANKS CLOE STRIPLING CAROL VADEN MARY WATLINGTON OLLIE WHITE DAVIS WILLIAMS IO7 TENOR PHILIP BATES J. M. BLACKBURN D. U. BUCKNER G. B. HATLEY R. W. HELMS S. W. HICKEY J. F. JORDAN W. L. KNIGHT ROBERT PERKINS WILLIAM PETITT BEN ROBERTS J. E. ROWLETT J. C. WHITE BASS J. O. DUKE W. B. FERGUSON T. G. FLEMING B. L. HALL W. E. HENDRIX B. L. JOHNSON R. T. MA-IORS W. A. OLIVER CLYDE PERKINS W. C. ROGERS E. F. SHARP EMORY SIGLER EARNEST SIMMONS A. P. SIMPSON P. R. WHEELER W. M. WILLIAMS Director EJ I I7 I ITI 51 The Yucca 1916 ' , .. lf: . ,f , -T I W . LILLIAN M. PARRILL .... ELsIIa ARNN ZULA BALLEW THENA MAE BECK MINNIE LEE BORDEN ANNIE NIAY BROWN HATTIE CHANEY BYRDIE CLAYTON RUTH CONIER HoLI.IE ELLIS GUSSIE GOLITBERG MAUIIE GREEN NELL HARVEY VIOLA HEATH I.,,., yy. C, ' Q Girls' Chorus MEMBERS EVA HUFEAKER EMOZENE ,IENNINGS MARY SUE KEITH CURNELIA KNox ROENA LANE CHERRY LAUDERDALE VIOLA MAXWELL MARY NELSON MARY LEE MILLS WILLARD MCDANIEL MARIE OLIVER LoLA HUDSON CECIL PONDER NIR .,....,.DirL'ctor DELFA RUSSELL MATTIEI SMITH RoxIE STANFORD AGNES STOKES OLA STOVER CLOE STRIPLING HATTIE TRIPLETT CONNIE VINSON MARY WATLINGTON CARROLL VADEN MARGARET Wl1lTli ZULA WINKLER EVELYN WOODWARD ISI If I The Yucca 1916 ' """"" I LILLIAN M. PARRILL.. O. F. ALEN W. L. ANDREWS PHILIP BAITS O. L. BARKER MACK BROOKS D. W. BUCKNER A. L. BUCY S. L. BUTLER J. D. CHURCHILL E. E. CORNELIUS W. V. COURSEY W. N. CROW W. B. CUMMINCS Glee Club MEMBERS J. F. HARRIS G. B. HATLEY R. W. HELNIS W. E. HENDRIX T. C. HUGHES W. D. HUNTER B, L. JOHNSON G. M. KNOX W. S. LEVERETT I. C. MANIRE J. A. MANIRE ROY MILLSAP R. A. MITCHELL ........Dircctor E. G. MOREHEAD W. R. PERKINS J.' H. PETTER J. J. RHODES BEN ROBERTS W. C. ROGERS E. E. RUTLEDGE E. F. SHARP E. A. SIGLER J. E. SIIvIIvIO'NS M. K. SMITH F. F. TOONIES PERCY TRIBBLE J. L. DUKE A. A. MOSER RHEA J. VERNON T. G. FLEMMING G. L. MCGHEE A, L, WALKER A. P. FOWLER ROY ODOM C, WEDGEWORI-H Z. T. HAMILTON W. A. OLIVER, JR. W, M, WILLIAMS Im lil ILQI I I 0 If II The Yucca 19l6 The Normal Orchestra LILLIAN M. PARRILL .,..... .......,.,.......... . ...... D ircctur MEMBERS FIRST VIOLIN ANNIE MAIi BROWN MARCARIe'r BASS MIRIAM MORROW G. D. LOVEL SECOND VIOLIN J. H. PIs'I'TuR DRUMS Z. T. HAMILTON E. L. BOON CORNIET W. If. KIIITII J. L. BRIawIsR CLARINET DOUGLAS CHURCHILL ERIC STANFORD TRONIBONE OSCAR ENIERY ENIORINI3 ,IIENNINCS ........ ....... P IANO IMI ITII I 0 O IT' 'Q Th Y 116 9 TQ? ADV" The North Texas State Normal CoHege Band J. W PENDER .......,........................ Director The Second Band Lil 'lil 0 I I 0 e Yucca 19 16 The Independent Volunteer Fire Company INF-- ---- M C Rl-EY Nouns IIUCY SM Vru Sl xl MUNS jQxm1'ts XVII l'l'I': I I .nexus NI .xlvrl N XVI'fl.I,IlORN 'IIURNIQR 'I.m1suN 'I'uul,lcY SM I'l'lI ,I I INSQN Cu URQHILL MIQNIIIERS IH M .xml,l, Enom' Gll,I,IL.XNl! Ruscoli ,lmrNsoN Smmoxs M cCk.xclu-:N NI Axmx Ii IYll,l,1.x M S IVUUIJS I..xsl'r1cu XVlIl'fI'fl,lCR YI-Zlexux R LY'l'l.lClJGI'l YICRNI IT: :IQ Th e Yucca 1916 The Spanish Club OFFICERS President ........,,....... ......................, ......... W . A. OLIVER, JR Vice-President .......,....... .. ........ W. S. LEVERETI' Secretary Treasurer .,.....,. ......... A DDIE MELSON Sergeant-At-Arms ,.,,. .... A..... ....,..........,. ......... C A R L Os AMOS MEMBERS CARL AMOS W. L. ANDREWS J. A. BALLARD L. B. BROWN M. V. COMPTON D. B. CUNNINGHAM A. R. EDWARDS NORA HAWKINS ELENITA KIRKPATRICK ROWENA LAYNE W. S. LEVERETT ADDIE MELSON CLIFTON MOSELY W. A. OLIVER, JR. VIVIAN A. PARKS E. M. REEDER BEN H. ROBERTS M. K. SNIITI-I TOM STANDIFER CLOE STRIPLING EULA MAE THOMA RI-IEA J. VERNON P. R. WHEELER 173 SON O -L on TLQJ 171 IZ! Th Y 1916 The German Club Pr dent ..... . ............... ,,....,.. .... M les. hL1zABuTH STANLEY tary-Trcasun ,. .....,.,............ C. G. STARNHS Advanced German Class WI ll!! WI V51 e Yucca 1916 Fannin-Hunt County Club President A.... Secretary ...... MYRTLE CLARK ALICE ALLENE GRAY WINNIE JEWEL GRAY MARY LEE MILLS RITA MILLS ANNIE PENNINGTON LILLYE PENNINGTON ,......,.,,......EDNA PHELPS ..,,...LILLYE PENNINGTON MEMBERS EIJNA LILLIAN PI-IELPS RENE RAMSEY L. A. ROBERTS BELILAII ROLLINS LEATA SMITH LILLIAN SMITH EULA MAE TIIoIvIAsoN 175 ITL 'lil WI WI Th e Yucca 19 Wichita County Club OFFICERS President ........., .................... .......... H . D. LEWIS Secretary ,,.,,. ...........,,.......,....... .,...,.... K A TIE LIPSCOMB MEMBERS ' W. B. MAJoRs R. D. OWENS DAvIs WILLIAMS WALTER VOGEL FRED HERSHEY EDITH WINDSON MYRTLE I-IERsI-IEY H. D. LEWIS A. L. MCCARTY KA'IlIE LIPSCOMB 176 o I I gl - ..Annn-14... on vl The Yucca 1916 l"'i" h Leon-Navarro-Freestone County Club OFFICERS President .,...,.....,.. ........................ ........ L . P. HODGE Vice-President ........ ..,.... E . F. SHARP Secretary .............. ...................,,... ........ J E WELL LUcAs MEMBERS LEON COUNTY RUTH DovE PEARL CAMPBELL KALETA LYON J. W. RAsco J. H. AWL , FREESTONE COUNTY JEWELL LUCAS E. F. SHARP NAVARRO COUNTY L. P. HODGE EVA LEE ARCHER EULA HASKELL O. D. WHITE WILLIE LASSITER J. C. WHITE 177 :L 1.2! vi 131 Z. The Yu cca 1916 Palo Pinto County Club MOTTO: "Lei us fail in trying to do something raflzer than sit still and do FLOWER: Wild Hollyhock COLORS: Purple and gold OFFICERS President ...........,. ...,...,,.............. ........ M A RY Vice-President ....... ........ R HEA J. Secretary ............ ........ L . E. Treasurer ......... .....,, ............................A...... ........ E . A ROLL OF MEMBERS MARY COLVARD E. A. HENEGAR R. M. JONES L. E. COWLINC CLAUDE BRANNAN "Our hand is few R. H. BRANNAN RHEA J. VERNON CECIL PONDER A. C. WALKER buf true and tried." nothing." COLVARD VERNON COWLING HENEGAR 178 I I O on IT! The Yucca 1916 Central Texas Club OFFICERS Presiden! ................ .............,...,..... ..,.,,. W . M. WILLIAMS Vice-President ....... ...,,...... G . B. HATLEY Secretary ........,... ..A..... T INA EVANS Yell Leader ........ ............................................... ......, V 1 OLA MAXWELL COLORS: Green and gold FLOWER: Sun-flower MoTTo: "Not at the top but coming onf' CLUB YELL: Coyoteg Cayause! La la Paloose! Central Texas! Central Texas! Turn her loose! 179 IT! IOI IT: 10 The Yucca 1 9 16 V, The Hub County Club BELL, BOSQUE, FALLS, IWCLENNAN FLOWER! Bluebonnet COLOR: Blue and White OFFICERS President ...........,. .................. .... .....4.. ,I I M MLE Rxccws Vice-President .,..... ...... L ILA MAYES Secretary ............. ...... C ARRIE ALLL-N Correspondent ...... ..,.... , ......................... ...... .....,... R U T H REED A MEMBERS LORA BARNES RUTH POTEAT WILLIE MAE BEKKON EDYTH REEDER EMMA FREESE LURA STRANGE JENETTA GULLEDGE LUCILE WARD LUCILE GASSOWAY A OLA W1NzER LULA HARRISON MARY ZVESPER AVA HELTON MADELINE MCADAMS FAY MILES ISO III 1.2! IT I II The Yucca 1916 Pine Burr Club PlLSldLl1f,.. ..... ...............,. ,...., ........ M . K . SM RUBY BEALI. ALFORD WINIFRED BICKHAM HARVEY HAYS FRED HUGHES ASGAI-I JARREL MITTIE JARREL MAGGIE KAY REBA LONG MALISSIE LOVING T. J. MENEEEE ......AGNES MRS. T. J. MENEFEE MIRIANI B. MORROW LOIS MCKNIGHT M. K. SMITH AGNES STOKER ERA ToIvI RUSHING MILTON THACKER DELLE TURNER C. WEDGWGRTI-I H. H. WEI.I.RoRN I IW 7 I I 0 The Yucca 1916 Montague County Club OFFICERS MOTTO: "Onward and Upward" CLUB COLORS: Green and Gold CLUB EMBLEM: The Grassburr MEMBERS MURIAL ALLGOOD JOE LEEROY BUsI-I HENRY CHAPMAN WILLIE DAY VERDA HOLLAND C. O. MANIRE ,l. A. MANIRE J. C. MANIRE AILLEEN WILLIAMS LULA B. SPEIR 182 LOIS BELLAI-I DONNA CALLOWAY IVON COLEMAN ' VISTA GUINN EFFIE ,IEEERES WILLIS E. MEAIJOR DELLA PARK L. W. SPIVEY R. S. YARBOROUGH C. D. MEAIJOR C. D. MEADOR ..LULU B. SPEIR O I ISI lg' I0 as "T The Yucca 1916 Ellis-Johnson County Club Hill County Club OFFICERS President ..................... .................. .,.... ........ R 0 Y MILLSAI' Vice-President ............ ..A.,........... I ONE READ Secretary ................ ................. ,... ...,.......,, C L A RA CHRISMAN Assistant Secretary ,... ........................,............................,..........,..... E DNA YOUNG Correspondenfs ......... .......... O . B. KING, ROBERTA PACE and ELLA WILSON lil lla lil WI IW The Yucca 1916 Wise County Club OFFICERS President.. A.............. ,......... ...., ..........A.......... ....... H . B . HOWARD Vice-President ..,..............,.......... ...... . F. M. STANDLEY Secretary and Treasurer ....... ........,...., P HILLIP BAITS Correspondkrzt ..............,..,......, ......... H ATTIE TRIPLETT South Texas Club OFFICERS President .............. ................. , ......... .,............. A . P. SIMPSON Vice-President ........ ,.... ................ ........,.....,.. L 1 L LIAN STR:-:wa Secretary .............. .......... M Rs. MILDRED BROCK 134 W' lil I7 I II The Yucca 19 16 East Texas Progressive Club O FF I C E RS President ....A........ ,,,,,,.,,,,,..,,.,,A,,4 Vice-President ....... Svcretary ........,.AA .............,......... MEMBERS MRS. CHASTEEN Mlss JACK MCMINN GRACE 'KENDRICK GENEVIVE GARNETT MR. CUMMINGS MR. HARPOOLE M. K. SMITH BELLE BAKER NETTIE MAE SAUNDERS FLORENCE BURTIS CHESTER MITCHELL 185 . ......... ALMA ARMSIRCNC .......PRESTON R. WHEELI R .........MRS. STELLA BROWN MARIE OLIVER SUE DEAN DALL ERNEST J. A. BALLARD E. E. CORNELIUS L. W. CORNELIUS S. B. GRAHAM G. W. EVANS H. C. MOSLEY CHARLIE ODoM LQ' I7 u I "I The Yucca 1916 Limestone County Club OFFICERS President ...,,,.,.. Secreiary ............................... Corresponding Secretary ....... .................,..... MEMBERS J. L. BOWER IRENE BROOKS KATE BROWN F. C. CAVALRY MYRTLE C. CARRODINE MABLE GROGAN , 186 L. BROWN .........EMMA Cox ......ANNA BOWER MAMIE HENDRIX ERNESTINE JOHNSON BLANCHE MOODY HAzEL REED BETTIE WARD Ill lil Tl lil T h e Y u c c a 191 6 Denton County Club OFFICERS President ............. .,................... .......,........ ,I A CK PHILLIPS Vice-President ....... .......,,..... W HEAT WILLIAMS Secretary ......... ....... W ILLIE MAE SLAUGHTER 187 . Q I IQ-I 0 I l 0 The Yucca 1916 Northeast Texas Club OFFICERS President ...., ,.....,...........,.... ..,......,.., L . L. KING Secretary ....... ,....... L OIS MAHAFFEY Treasurer ....,.. ....................... ....... T H os. FLEMING MEMBERS BOWIE COUNTY LOLA HART, Simms JOE E. TYSON, New Boston VEOA VALERA Donn, Nash LOIS MAHAEEEY, Texarkana IVA WELCH, DeKalb MARY WATLINGTON, Texarkana CASS COUNTY S. H. NOLEN, Bryans Mill M. L. NOLEN, Bryans Mill GERTRUDE DANIEL, Cusseta JOSEPHINE FULCHER, Cusseta RUTH MOCALL, Douglassville JANIE MCCALL, Douglassville M. E. LYSTER, Naples SALLIE MCCALL, Douglassville CHRISTINE LOVELADY, Atlanta ETHEI. REE McMII.I.AN, LUCY KILLINGSWORTH, Atlanta Hughes Springs lNEz WEBSTER, Douglassville VASSIE REEDER, Hughes Springs L. G. WHITEHORN, Atlanta MARION COUNTY JOSEPHINE ROWELL, Jefferson SARA ZACHRY, jefferson ' TITUS' COUNTY L. B. BROWN, Mt. Pleasant W. H. JOHNSON, Cookville LUTHER COOK, Cason STELLA JOHNSON, Cookville B. L. COVEY, Mt. Pleasant HENRIETTA JOHNSON, Cookville THOS. FLEMING, Mt. Pleasant N. R. SHANKLE, Winfield THETUS HOLMES, Winheld L. T. SUNINIERLIN, Winfield W. F. KEITH, Cookville "T Ill IT: no Grayson County Club Erath County Club I in nj on F61 Dallas County Club Collin county Club N O I no on If Van Zandt County H. C. M. Club Lu 'Z on ITI Central West Texas Club Tarrant Ceunty Club I7 I I fl Tl 175 -.-,- Th Y 1916 ATHLETICS Ill- Il!! Ol ITI e Yucca 916 Ie'o'r'rs: Captain. Full-backg at his hest this year. Known at home and abroad as "the human ram" and "the good-natured full-back." No matter how hard he was tackled he always got up smiling at his op- ponent for not tackling harder. Great on line plunges and long op- en-tield runs. "judge" has a warm. spot in the heart of every student, and we are glad he will be with us again next fall. I. XV. PONVLICINZICI Tackle. "Bronch" was "some tacklerf' They were never known to make a gain through his position. He will be missed sorely. Griggs fDallas U.j will verify these statements. S'l'ANDll7l'fRZ Guard. "Toni" was the team's Sphinx. He said nothing but hit them hard. He will he needed next year. Form OGY1'.1Csl.w: Tackle. "Little Ogen is known for his machine gun tackling. His specialty was throw- ing the enemy for a loss. I-Ie will he an asset to next year's team. IT! lil Ol IT! The Yucca 9 Coi,l.lNs: Ilalf. "Hill" is known all over Texas for his speed. His specialty is making twenty-yard rnns around end. lle was a tower of strength to the team. Speed. brains and grit is what it takes, and "Rig Hill" has them all. M.xn11,r,: Center. This towering giant will be missed on next year's eleven. .llis work at center is far above par, starring in every game. llis specialty was intercepting passes and tearing down interfer- ence. Without a doubt he is one of the best centers 'llexas has ever pro- duced. C. ll. S'I'.XRNl'fSI 'l'ackle. "Pecan" is from the hills ol' Arkansas. .lle was always in the game. He was the tcam's all-round man, played all the way from lull to end. lle will be with us next year. Ii. U. fbomislzvz End. "Big Hge" was a consistent player from the first whistle to the last. liew are the gains that have been made around his end. lle will be missed next year. on 'ig IDE I7 I Il e Y fr A ucca 1916 196 ltl1mI,i.1cY Ccaptaiu electj: llalf "Tack" was a favorite among his team-mates. He is alwaysi there with the goods, and moves with the ease and speed of a Sioux warrior. ln tackling, his weight and strength increases seventy-fold. He will be back ,next fall to pilot another winning team. tl. ll. liil'k'IiINl2ll.XNlZ llalt'-hack. "Huck" was a hard tackler, con- sistent gainerg his defensive work was excellent. lle especially dis- tinguished himself in the Dallas University game. NVQ are looking' forward to his playing next year. ll. C. .lull-ls: Quarter-hack. blames has all it takes to make a quarter- hack. His wit was a stimulant to the team. lfle had the headwork, and to him we must give credit for this year's success. XVe realize that we have lost a good man. E. lQlVl'1,l-flllllil Guard. A good man. .fklways in the game. lle is steady. a hard hitter, and a good stayer. lflis superiors are noneg his equals few. il 1.2! on W . "'V T- The Yucca 1916 Junior Foot Ball Team Class Champions 'FUI' Row: Huscoln Swinncy, XV. IJ. l'lllI1t01'. U. D. XVyutt, Joe Moore, ID. McC1'um. NIIDDLIC Row: M. C. ,l'lzu'ris, .Izuncs Potts, Ren llinson. . HU'I"l'UD.l Row: Cowli11g,O. D. XX'l1ite. il. XV. McCracken, l.. I.. XYutson, 1 O. Duke, Douglass Churvhill. 197 nga lil I-:I IT' The Yucca 1916 i P ' - ' Philip Butts ' . Capiaim Basket Ball Letter Men C. bl. YOUNG, Guard-l-lis cletermination to wing his quickness of action and his bull-dog tenacity, won for him a reputation as an efficient guard. l,Ill1.l1' B.xl'l's, Captain-lllis cool-hcacleclness, his ability to encourage his fellow team-mates, his accurate short passing, his effective basket tossing and knowlcclge of the game, macle him a great asset to the Normal live. XV. E. lXlI'f.XDUR, Guarrl-A man to be clepenclecl upon at all stages of the gameg his defensive work, together with his ability to work signals, makes him one of the fastest guards. 198 ITI V2 our lil The Yucca 1916 NV. B. GRMIAM, Forward-l-lis willingness to co-operate with his team-mates, his cheerful endurance. his effective long passing and accurate long goal shooting made lum a very valuable forward. C. D. l.VlIiADOR, Guard--l-lis cool, consistent playing, his alertness, his persistent effort and endurance, contributed toward making him the star guard of the Normal live. . ' F. I. JEORDON, Center-His lengthy statue, his high jumping, his willingness to work and take coaching, made him a very valuable man for the Normal five. F. l-T. Toomns, Forward--His accurate goal tossing, his quickness of action, his willingness to do his best at all times, made 'for the college a star forward. 199 ll 1 lil I7 n IW The Yucca 1916 Basket Ball GIRLS l?nes'r llmxun-3 CUxNlNf:11,m-,--- ........ E--- 'l'm' Row: lizzie Kate l,uvel:u'e, Viola Maxwell, Guzlrclg Ethel llerring, '.l'l5.xM Center: M11 Gnzml -,----,----------..-Captain rie l'orte1', l+'cn'wzu'rl: llu'l"l'1m Row: llynelle llunnznn. Center: Yerzl lVlCCl1llL1l'l1, l?orwzu'cl: lll2lllL'llC Clllllllllgllillll, l7u1'wzn'cl: Hess l':n'1'1sl1, Center: Glzulys Langlorrl, N Cluzm 2011 FEI' 'gl Lg: lil The Yucca 1916 . i Sophomore Basket Ball Team Captain - NIZIIIZIQCI' Guard ...... Center-.- Guard .... Class Champions --- .................... ml, A. l5.xI.1..x1m --------HuNN1Cl: ----IUIINSON ----AnRmN - - - - S'l',x1zN 155 Guard ..... --XVll ICICLICR Forward--- -H ARlJ.XNN,XV Fm'warcl---.-- ---B.xLL,xRn FOI'WZl1'fl .... BROWN 201 sos I lil I I Tl E' The Yucca 1916 2 Base Ball Squad DU KI-3 ...... -- .... - - ..... --Cuptain 'IWW Row 1 I-!o'l"l'm1 Row: FIJQMING Snzrmxz jon NSON 'lfoom ns Llcwls GJLLILAND COLLINS HUN'r1Cn D U 1:15 'R r 1-iv ms P O'l"1'S C00 K Ross TURNICY JAMES :oz I7 I il EKSTIEHHIS Tgf-:fl ,- V WNHERS 1316 Champions 1914-15 1915-16 I. .J I ll' .. Ffa 0 I I O The Yucca 1916 Champion Tennis Club S'I'.'XNDINGI A. I.. Bucy, R. XV. Helms, j. H. Orr, XV. B. Ferguscm, H. D. Lewis, Jack Phillips. S1'1"1'1Nc:: B. l,. johnson, I. H. Turxley, F. O. McBrayer. 204 IT' Ill 'S 1 7 The Yucca 1916 Cross Racket Club CJFITTCERS President ................................. .- ...... xfNI1L1,11': MM-3 S1 1111 11111 Secretary 211111 ,1tl'C2lSll!'Cl' ........ - ........ ., ........... NIINNIIC 1,1-31 1311111 1 N Manager ...... E1,o1s1i ARNN RU111 B mv 11:14 l,11,1x 131111111 Nolum BROWN O'1'1s BU1cN1-t'1"1' .lo 1311511 UNA CURRY 1'1.X'1"1'11C G1x'1'1.1N 1711135115 Gm-:1f:N 1X'I1.xU1,,1': C 3111-31-:N N1':L1, 1-1.x1zv1'3v 1Nr1.x14U1:N If1.'xNcoc1: Am H 121.11 JN E'1'111Q1. 1"1l91z111Nm: MEMBERS IJ1x1f11N1i 1-11xsoN CuRN1i1.1.x KN11x 171111111 IQNOX EL711N.x 1,.xNM X7I01,.X M.xxwlC1.1. Es'r111Q1e MCAl.l.1S'1'1CIi W11.1..x1u1 MCIJ.-XNll'I1. A N101 N 1c'1"1'1-2 1V1cG1uf:c:o1z 1'.X'1'1l1IlC MCP111-:Rs UN R U nv M.x1c M CPU 1c1:s11N 1V1.x1z112 CJ1.1v1f2R Ro111QR'1'.x PAQIQ XV11.1,11C 1Vl,w 111110113 1X'11x1:1c1, 11'1zmu 205 -----B1ftU1..x11 A 1111111 C.x11111li 1111111-311'1's j'uslCv11lfZN1Q Rowl 1 N1i'1"1'11-3 MMS SAUN111 Gmmfs SHAW XV1NN11-3 SIIANV DI'Z1,1,.x MMD SM L1C.1x'1',fx S 11 I'l'11 14lL1,1.XN S1x11'1'11 Roxll-3 S'l'.XN1f0R Mm' V.w1:11.xN Rosli X'Vmm V11:c:1N1.x Woman NoN.x W'11,1.1.xM ll on IQ f jr Q5 5- 3 M ,Wife VL' M R m rniF f "!lSfsfe COLLEGE LIFE IT' 'il Lil 'EJ me Yucca 1916 207 I2 I I Igj I7 Tl 11: Yu Fil Ilzl on III The Vuc exams, mmm of bng fealb, H ..,,.. . , A4310 zghfbtfh .lg Gills Nm-ma.L lnfan-CTS 7 brLu1'n1.LU.y Idle? brew wijst U1 J CFL- rmlok Y-PS lil 1L?.I we Yucca 19 he ohllf zen 0 I was age m.nnL,u' ham d.S QF' K' .Lua ,Q 1 'ff 'il '35 Tl Yuc 1916 Q - 'ff ' M JUS Q ,x lf' 2-' .Y -'W . "5 ' Q1 I w 1 ,I 'lv 'T 1 vp no 6 X , ir A A, TIJT 'T i ' T ,g " 1 'vfy' 1' ' 63 .211 ...A 0 'QI rin nfl 9 IZ' 'EJ Q I 3 T Y LITERATURE Ill llum:1uity's sm'i'w.v in luc:u'tlu'cz1lcs :incl so on I7l The Yucca 1916 Contrasts ,X glitter bl' bluc. at rilt ul light Spliutcriug' thc blue iutfm myrizul stzu'-rzlys 'lllmt sliimmcrg X burst ul sun. :tml rzulizmt. bright. fx ' - Illc wurlrl is imc glory ul glzul rlnys 'lillilt glimmer. lam comes tlwrc ll clay wbcu ull lilc's sulilc ls clruwuccl in SllJlllUXX'S that 'biclc zlwliilc 'lllic bill-tmp is gziiuccl. success is won. Rose-liuiug' life witli pmiuisc bl clrczlms Come true: lut sun-crmvnccl punks :md clcccls uuclou Still bcclwu like wiuking' Still'-Q'lC2ll11S lu thc blue. 1'lmve'er tlic pczlk towers ffci' the snow, Its c1':lg'g'y paths lczul to a valley below. X lilt of song. il xtipttimiis tllcmc. 'lllmt lifts the Sfllll to wiclc spaces All ringing: Music that swells 'till tlic souucl seems IN llic vast cvlio of ages :xml races All singing: But 'uezltb thc glzul ufuc clully tlu-bbs Zum B.x1,1,1-iw, Scuibr 2:4 Vin so bs The Yucca 1916 Dad Is Convinced By Margaret XN'hite, hlr., 6, 116. "W'ell, dad, ililll mighty sorry you feel that way about fraternities. 1 don't see why-" "NVell, haven't l had 111011 right here in this tow11 tell 1ne they were nothing on earth but boys who met together to drink, gamble, and have a good time in general?,' "But times have changed, Dad. and besides the me11 who told you never went to college, much less joined a--" "1 don't want to hear any more of this fraternity business, jack. I thought we had settled that before we left the house. 'llherels your train! Yes, fill tell mother about your umbrella f'l'hat boy's just like me for the world. 'l' never would carry itll umbrella when l was a kid. f thought it was 'sissy'D." Three days later lX'lr. Cordon got a letter from jack, telling of his room-mate, his studies, etc., but mostly begging him to 1'econsider his decision about fraternities. "VVhy, Dadfl Mr. Gordon read. "some of the nicest boys I've met belong to fraternities and they're crazy for me to join. Can't T?" In ZIHSXVCI' to this Mr. Cordon sent the following emphatic telegram: "Don,t write another word about fraternities. Still stick to my 'first decision." Mr. Gordon went home that night highly elated, for he knew his son would not join a fraternity without his permission. Mrs. Gordon and Katherine. her daughte1', had always taken Iack's I3Z'll't in his arguments about fraternities, for fllflllyt Rex. flillie, and all the other boys Katherine had met belong to one fraternity or the other? And "Daddy knew they were perfectly lovely." A week passed and lVfr. Gordon was just congratulating himself on having a son who would obey his father's wishes so implicitity, when his secretary handed him a letter, addressed in his son's well-known hand, T-Tastily tearing open the envelope. he found this letter: College Station, Nov. 3, 1911. "Dear Dad: "fAfomesick? T bet no girl was ever so homesick as T am right now. That may sound 'sissyf but, Dad, Vve been 'dropped,' 'ostracized,' or anything you want to call it. As soon as the boys 'found out T couldn't go into any fraternities, I was immediately exiled and left out of all the bunches. 215 I7 I IU The Yucca 1916 "1 may pack up for home pretty soon, unless you could come down here and investigate matters. Can't you? l'd jolly well like to see you. and tl1Cl'C,S nothing' like being' right on the field and seeing for yourself what's up. "Say, Dad, my room-mate belongs to a dandy club, and he wants me to be a member. You don't object lo clubs, do you? XVhat do you say to 1ny going into that? "Guess llll see you at the end of this wcek, for if you don't come down here. l'm certainly going to leave for home. "Give my love to mother and Sis. "Remember, 'l'm expecting' you and don't fail. "Your son. "jACK." Mrs. Gordon read it that night and she began at once-"Now, lfenry. there is no excuse for you not going: You wouldn't let the boy have any fun and l don't wonder he's homesick. You owe it to him to go down and investigate things in general and fraternities in particular." "Dad, you must go," Katherine joined in. "Oh, there's no use making sucb a to-do about it! l had already decided to go anyhow." Mr. Gordon said, as he crossed his fingers behind his back. 'Two days later, Mr. Gordon's arm was being pumped up and down as lack almost shouted. "Dad, I knew you'd come! T'fow's mother and 'Kat'? Come on out of the car, liather. T want you to meet my room-mate, Dan Dix. All right, Dan, crank her up!" Mr. Gordon didn't get his breath for the next fifteen minutes. for Dan drove through the town about sixty miles per. "This car is our club's special property," -lack told his father. "Oh, 'l forgot to tell you l joined the club, XVC spin around in this a good deal. l'faven't been hned for speeding but four times this week!" "Is that all?" gasped Mr. Cordon. "For goodness sake. how far is it to the college?" "Oh, we passed the building some time ago. T thought you'd like to sec some of Dan's expert driving: Vfe are on our way to a little inn that our club patronizes exclusively. illere we are. Dan. bring us three 'Blue Ribbonsf will you ?" , "lack, you don't mean your club allows you to drink, and chase around in a car?" ' "W'hy, sure, Dad. lt's true the 'Frats' wouldn't stand for anything like that. but our club does. You don't object to clubs. you know. Dan, run cancel the order, then, and we'll take Dad up to our room." 216 lil nfl or lgj The Yucca 1916 "NVho are those boys going into that building, son?,' "Oh, those are the E. B. lf. 'Frat fellows going to Chapel 'llhe Dean found a case of 'Sehlitz' with the club's name on it in the pulpit the other day and since then we've been under lock and key-not even allowed to go to Chapel." Mr. Gordon was hurried into the dormitory and up a long flight of stairs, to a door marked "l3." jack threw open the door. 'lille air in the room was heavy with stale tobacco smoke and Mr. Cordon coughed. "Dan, sail up those windows. llerc, Till just chuck these things in the drawer. You see, Dad," explained lack, "a bunch of the club members were here till pretty late last night and we didn't have time to clean up this morning." "W7ere any of them fraternity men?" asked Mr. Gordon. "XVell, hardly. They were all attending the lecture last night. lfour of us pretended sickness and so spent a jolly night here." Things went on like this for about two days. Every day Mr. Gordon discovered new evils in the club to which his son belonged and failed absolutely to End anything wrong with any of the fraternities. He was sincerely sorry he had been so unreliably informed. XN7hat on earth did anybody mean by letting his son belong to a club and keeping him out of a fraternity? Mr. Gordon couldn't understand. At the end of the second day he called .lack to him and said, "Look here, jack, l'm tired of all this tomfoolery. T want you to send in your resignation to that club this very night and join the best fraternity you can. VVhy. they are ten times more benehcial to your health, intellect, and everything else, than this good-for-nothing club. Somebody must have gotten their words mixed when they were running down fraternities. I always did believe they were pretty good things, and now f know it. You be sure and join one tomorrow, and don't ever tell me I advised you to keep out of a fraternity. You understand ?" "Yes, Dad, and you can just bet Till join in a hurry, too." 'flhe next afternoon Dan and jack were carefully studying a sheet of paper with figures on it. "Let's see, jack was saying, "here's hve dollars for the automobile. Tfow much did you have to pay those fellows for walking across the campus into the Chapel? Who did you borrow that deck of cards from? Pete Smith? VV'ell, be sure and get'em out of our room. You certainly smoked up our room, all right.: and you carried out your part of the program simply dandy! Poor old Dad. ft's a shame to work him so, but he never would have let me join a fraternity if we hadn't pretended the members were regular Sunday School people." 217 lil LI 0 The Yucca 1916 -T To-Day QAlumni Poemj Let the yesterdays sleep. lfor today is thine own! The fingers that yesterday struck the wrong' chord May today from their hlundering lethargy wake. Give forth sweetest music! 'llodayls thine to take! Today is thine own- Let the yesterdays sleep. The fingers that fashioned the crude or false line May today. strong and skillful and vibrant with powei Give a treasure to ages! Today! It is thine. Today! lt is thine! Let the yesterdays go! The fingers that blindly have touched hut to wound. May today. sweet with gentleness, comfort again! Let the yesterdays go! Today! lt is thine! OLIVE Mari l'iuics'r, 1912 218 Qin iw If-I lil The Yucca 1916 Inna pk , 5- .. f- l 'aka l deg '37 ef af N if-41-'ifiygm - ,D AQ i-faf' Y , gf K .'Sx.V 'Si 'wx K 'w ' 11 Xl :qi f' MA lg! -x X V-H 1 mm.5v.z.. x. ""- - A ---if-ff.T:gAiLf If You But Knew ll' you but only knew my rlear, ,lf you but knew 'How often in the House of Drezuns l meet the soul of you- l rezul with tender eyes. my dear, l rezul the soul of you- ,Xncl yet you never know, my clear! lf you but knew! ll you coulrl only see, my clear, Coulcl you but sec Wlhcn to the llouse of Drezuus 1 go 'llo find the heart of you, I think-could you but see, 1ny clear, Coulcl rezul the heart ol me- You'rl turn and take the 'flowers l luring, Could you but see! CLIVE Mn: llRll'1S'l', 1912 219 lil lil Ol I0 The Yucca 1916 The Raggedy Man "I say l wants out of this dark place, mamma. lemme out! 1'll be good all time!" wailed little Mary, pounding vigorously on the cellar door with her fists. "Lemme ont! l,emme out!" She screamed the louder. Hut no one came near the door. At last she sank, almost exhausted. to the floor, sobbing' quietly. Soon her sobs lessened and she gradually became quiet. But her little brain was active. "Mamma hadn't orter locked me in this nasty old cellar. 1 never done nothin' 'cept wring them ehieken's necks off. I heard her say she wished Uncle llenry'd kill her some for dinner. lle ain't at home: so l done it in place o' him. 1 had a hard time doin' it. 'cause that old hen Ilapped her wings 'ginst the coop and most skeerecl me to death. I 'spect she hated for her babies to get they heads wrung off so soon. 'l'hen mamma came and shooked me and said l's naughty and allers gittin' into sumpinf Then she put me in this here dirty old cellar ,till father comes home. But I shan't stay l'll jump clean up to the sky o' this cellar, 'fore l'll stay. l"raps they's brownies in here. My story book says they hide under big lumps o' coal." lfler eyes roamed around. "P'raps they's one under that great big old lump under the window." Her eyes grew blacker and rounder. "l 'spect he's a mean old brownie what'll git me if l rlon't git out o' here!" She looked around wildly for some means of escape. 'l'he sunlight poured in at the little window. Maybe she could climb out there. She approached it tremulously. She raised one foot to step on the lump of coal. "l"r'aps l'll make the brownie mad if I mash him, and he'll git me!" She shivered slightly. 'l'hen a happy thought struck her. "l'll step hard and smash him all to jelly." She set her foot flown with all her strength on the big lump and stood there for a moment. lsler heart pounded violently, and she held her breath. Suddenly, with a spring, she landed in the window and jumped out. Summoning all her courage. she cautiously peeped in the window. All was still. She had smashed the mean old brownie dead. 'llurning away. she thoughtfully brushed the coal dust from her dress. She must go somewhere where mamma could not see her. 220 Fil Ill The Yucca 1916 Hut where should it be? Still undecided, she cautiously crossed tl1e yard. and climbed over the lence. Hy this tin1e she had determined to go "clear oft where 111211111118 wouldn't IICVCI' lind l1er no more and 'nd be so sorry she locked her up." Shaking out l1er curls, sl1e darted oft down tl1e dusty road as last as her legs could carry her. She soon became tired. however, and slackened her pace. Still the sun streamed down on l1er bare head, and her feet grew weary and heavy. yet she trudged on. Hut suddenly all her troubles were forgotten in the discovery of a new object of interest. Sitting' on a stile nearby was a 1112111 whose clothes were greatly soiled and torn. 'l'hroug'h the l1oles i11 l1is hat locks of hair stuck out. Drawing 1lCZlI'Cl', she gazed curiously at l1i1n. From beneath all tl1e dirt Zlllll beard on his face, a pair of kind eyes shone. Advancing slowly, she stuck out her hand and said boldly, "Good eveninf sir. .l.,1TI awful glad to see you. X1Vhere do you live?,' "Nowhere in particular,,' was the reply, in somewhat gruil tones. "W'hy ain't you at home, milkin' the cows for Lizbeth Ann?', she inquired. A puzzled look stole over thc manls face. Drawing her 11ear hint, l1e asked gently, "XN'ho is Lizbeth Ann? XfVho do you think I am ?" "XV'y, ainlt you the 11ice old raggedy 111an lTlZlI111112l reads to me about? lle knocks green apples outer the tree for l1is children and n1ilks the cows for Lizbeth Ann. "l'le's a 11ice old raggedy 111a11. Ain't you him?" sl1e asked i11 disappointn1ent. Hastily wiping away a tear, the man replied, "Yes, 1,111 tl1e old raggedy man." "Oh, goodylu clapping her l'lZlllllS and jumping up and down. "Now you'll tell me some stories, won't you?" "jump up o11 1ny knee then, Now what shall it be about?" "Bout bears Zlllll rabbits and all kinds o' animals." She listened as if entranced. as he told l1er of l1is experiences in tl1e woods. But l1is thoughts turned lar away, to a home of his own, where l1is wife a11d little daughter lived in poverty and want. Occasionally a tear rolled dow11 his cheek. '.l'hus, each busy with their OXVII thoughts, 11either the child nor tl1e man 11oticed tl1at tl1e Sllll was sinking gradually from sight. 'llhe old man linished his tale and sat silently gazing into space. Suddenly little Mary jumped 'l.l'Ul11 his knee and looked arou11d. It was 2lll'llUSt dark. lfler niannna would wonder where sl1e was. She clasped the old I1l2l11'S llllllil in hers and said, piteously, "Uh, thank you, 221 IT1 171 The Yucca 1916 11ice raggedy man, but now won't you please take 111e home to my l11Z1l11IllZl.?,' She l3CQ'2ll1 to sob. 'l'he 1111111 11rose and. l1a11d i11 hand, they walked up the road together. "Have you got 21 little girl like 111e at home?" asked tl1e child, calmed again by l1er perfect conlidcnce i11 the raggedy 111811. "Yes, just abo11t your size." was tl1e broken reply. "ls she 11a11gl1ty sonietimes Zlllil crawls o11t cellar windows and Sinashes 111ea11 old lJl'UXVlllCS dead?" she inquired anxiously. "I Cltlllill know. l ha1'en't seen 111y little girl for two years," was the a11swer i11 I'l'llllllCfl tones. "I wisl1 l had a 11ice old raggedy 1111111 to k11ock apples outer the tree for me Zlllll tell 111c nice stories," she said wistlully. 'l'he 1111111 was sile11t. but the cl1ild prattled on i11 tl1e Sillllti Stfillll. As they 2llJIJl'02lCllCil a large white house, tl1e child exclaimed. uYUllilCl',S home. 1 wonder where 111y Illllllllllll is?" Then, witl1 a sudden change. she wl1ispe1'ed. "Do you reckon the 11102111 old brownie is smashed llllllllll dead?', A wo111a11 was walking up and fl0VVll tl1e porch, wringing her l1a11ds. Seeing the strange-looking pair, she l'Zlll to l1lCCt tl1e111 and clasped tl1e cl1ild i11 llCl' arms. "My d11rli11g. where have you been?" "l've llCCll talking to the 11ice old raggedy man." "Hut l1ow did you get out of tl1e cellar?" "I sniashed tl1e wicked old brownie and jumped out of tl1e window." 'l'he raggedy 1111111 lea11ed down, kissed the little girl o11 tl1e forel1ead. Zlllil turned away. "NVhere you goinf raggcdy man?" sl1e 11sked. 'Tm going l1o111e to knock tl1e apples Ullt of tl1e tree for 111y little girl a11d n1ilk the cows for 'Lizbeth .-Xnnf' And l1e walked off i11to tl1e night. EMMA E.u11'3s. junior 2 l,ittle lJlLlC bonnet, so dainty Zlllll sweet, Reflecting tl1e beauty of tl1e azure sky, Ever nod i11 tl1e meadows where the fairies meet, And beckon yo11 on as they gaily trip by. ' Om S'ro1'1-311, Senior 4 222 li-'I 1131 The Yucca 1916 Stratford-on-Avon On the banks of silvery Avon, ln the golden age of song, Nestles England's quaint old city, XfVorld renowned through ages long. lVarlick castle in the distance Looms its pround dome to the skyg Massive arch and ivied turrets, Charming every passerby. X'Varxvickshire, the pride of England, Heauteous land, the heart beguilesg Dreaming mid these bowers of beauty. Stratford-1an-the-Avon smiles. Humble city, blessed forever, Mid your scenes of toil and care, Native home of XfVilliam Shakespeare, "lVlyriad-minded" genuis rare. Golden dreams from leafy bowers, XfVinged fancies lloat alongg Un the sunlit waves of Avon, 'llo that peerless prince of song. llere. he sees the ghost of Hamlet: Yonder from that silent dell, 'I'he weird sisters frown and vanish, Yet they leave a tale to tell. 'l'here, beneath that hawthorne bower, Romeo and .luliet smile: From yon cliff falls mighty Caesar! Now behold Otl1ello's guile! Haunting every nook and cranny, Of this quaint old English town, Ever live the dreams of Shakespeare, Sacred with his great renown. Mvurxm Momzow, Senior 2 223 'fl lil o 1 7 - 'I The Yucca 1916 0 cl e t o W i n t e r Winter, winter, winter! Days of -ice and sleet and snow. llays of painting' by the Blaster Artist. When lle clothes the world in white. 'lllie tiny twigs of the giant oaks. Against the cold gray sky are seen In delicate. icy traeery. 'l'l1e swaying' rose vines modestly liow. XYrapped in their sparkling robes. 'l'lie grass, all covered in glistening' ice. Spreads lieauty everywhere. Days ol' wonder, splendor, majesty, Days divine. XYinter, winter, winter! l',x'r'rv NlL'l,Ill'lRSUN, Senior 6 3:4 IT! Ilgl on I7l The Yucca 1916 A French Hop Emile stood in the door of the tumble-down barn near the bayou. fingering a worn out saddle girth. wondering whether it would stand one more using without having to be mended. At the sharp "put-put" of a motor boat, he looked up quickly, in time to see the boat, with a skiff trailing behind, skimming along the sunlit water. He saluted the man at the eiiine. who was a tall, unkempt fellow with a very dirty and vaguely unpleasant countenance, but received no reply. Emile shrugged his shoulders, with the thought: l'Mus' be huntin' a place to hide, if his business is as ugly as his face," and promptly forgot the matter. There was a sound of hoofbeats from the road on the other side and a slim youth galloped up to the barnyard gate, on a wiry little pony. and flung himself from the saddle with a merry "Bon jour, jolie, petite Emile!" W'ith a mocking glint in his eyes, Emile smiled back. "Ha, why such a hurry, Gaston? lt is not night yet and no wolves howl that 1 hearf, Gaston reddened at this reference to his well-known cowarclice in crossing the marsh prairie after dark, but hastened to say: "But it is to hurry. I have to make the engagement with your sistair for Eluse. You are not going to the danse tonight, is it?" "No, my saddle-you see. ls it not sorrow? And walk-no! I can not," replied Emile, with mock sadness. "But the petite Letrice? Her jolie white dress? Is it to be all for nothing that she await your coming?" protested Gaston, with wailing despair and a laughing twinkle. "For shame to spoil the dance for Letriee! To me she will say, 'Dance wit' you? XfVell, no, clubfoot, it was only las' week that you tear the yards and yards of lace from off my newest dress wit' your clumsy stumping. lla! I'll guess nol' To Eluse she will say, wit' head toss-'Dance? Stupid! Cannot you see that I am all breathing an' ver' tire'? But to Emile she bow wit' dimple an' say, 'Ah oui, Monsieur, this lovely music, is it not mos' grande? 'Tis all my pleasure, not yours,' and putting his hand over his heart, Gaston, with a grandiose sweep of his hat, bowed low to the grinning Emile. "Eef you want to see my sistair you will have to 'dance Jim Crowf for she's nearly to Legair's by this time," said Emile carelessly, as he turned to his saddle again. Gaston turned in dismay and saw a pink sunbonnet just disappearing over the top of a low hill in the road beyond. lVith a rush he mounted his pony and went flying after the vanishing sunbonnet to make the coveted engagement with Emile's "sistair." That night the old warehouse on the bayou was crowded with merry-- makers from a.ll over the little French settlement. 'llhe big, barnlike room 225 QI I0 on IU The Yucca 1916 had been converted into a ballroom by the industrious efforts of a few gallants, who never exerted themselves except for pleasure. 'lfhe floor was given a highly satisfactory waxing by a liberal sprinkling on of corn meal and candle shavings. Hcnches were placed around the sides of the room for the convenience ol' the grandfathcrs and mothers who did not care to dance. At one end hung a quilt, behind which were pallet beds for the sleepy babies, and here also hung the inevitable mirror for the use of the fair coquettes who needed comb or poudre. Emile entered the room with the smiling Letrice and joining Eluse and the black-eyed sister, Celevonee, in the chatting group, added his teasing wit and ready laughter to the general merriment. "Ah, Monsieur Legair an' where is the Madame? 'Foo busy! Ah, yes, it is to be busy to cut cane the entire day, as I saw her this morning. Perchance you lei' her still cutting. No? 'llhen wood, perhaps, for the morrow's dejeuner? No? Eef she be half so cutting in her stroke as you in your glance, hlessieur. it is a sharp blade she haf. Hello, Eluse, has not Gaston come yet? lt is time we should beging surely it is more than the howl of a wolf that would make him late now, for nex' to Anna, Gaston loves -the dansef, As Emile spoke. the sole musician of the occasion gave a few vigorous and warning pulls at the accordian which he held on his knees and the dance was on. Flickering shadows raced up and down the shining boards as the smoky lamps shivered in their brackets, keeping time to the slip and slide of joyous feet. XYith the grace of old-time courtiers, the men whi1'lcd their sparkling-eyed partners through the many mazes of the old time figures. llere glided a mother and father, tripping and heeling with the airy lightness of long practice in the dizzy turns of "Dance 'lim Crow." There, a young brother and sister clumsily stumped along, the latter punctuating every whirl with the tap-tap of a loose dancing pump that refused to stay on her tiny foot. Emile and Letrice were watched with glowing pride, by their mothers in the corner, as the lissoine figures, like feathers in the wind, swayed and skimmed in rythmic motion to the beat of the music. Babies clapped their chubby hands in glee at the wailing of the accordian as it spasmodically inhaled and exhaled in the nimble hands of the red-lippcd, dark haired boy near the door. lfaster and faster he pushed and pulled at the complaining instrument, madder and madder grew the pat of twinkling feet. Shriller and louder grew the tinkle of teasing laughter as the fun loving devotees of the dance answered the call of the wild. wierd melody. At last. with a gasp for- breath the perspiring musician stopped the cries of the "push-fiddle," the breathless crowd on the floor came to an 226 -f 1. C Wil TI Wi -pu The Yucca 1916 abrupt halt, and with racing blood and Hashing smiles gaily called out, "Saud bon oui!" "Emile, your toes are as light as your heart," laughed Eluse, as the chatter broke forth again, but Emile had walked to the door for a breath of air. At a loud ery from the outside, everybody turned with startled looks toward the door and for a moment nothing could be heard in the tense silence but the soft lap-lap of the water against the piling of the warehouse. Emile had disappeared. Eluse leaped to the door and out into the darkness, stumbling blindly as he did so over a body that lay a few feet from the steps. "Holy Mary !" he gasped. making the sign of the cross, f'W'hat is it?" The dancers had crowded about him and in the light of a lamp held by old Monsieur Croutin, they beheld the missing Gaston, with a long, livid mark across his upturned face. "VVho has done this?" cried M. Croutin, as he bent anxiously over Gaston and scanned the sinister wound. Hlfle has only friends and none others have been here tonight. l'Vhat does it mean?" , "Where is Emile?', asked one youth. "Emilei Respondez, Emile!" called Eluse out into the night, but no reply came and a murmur of dismay and suspicion passed through the white-faced group. - Anna knelt by the unconscious Gaston and with trembling hands made a pillow of her wraps and pushed it under the dark head. "Ah, Monsieur, what shall we do? How awful to be so far away from a doctor." As she took the limp hand of Gaston in her own, she exclaimed, "My ring! It is gone! Gaston was wearing it. Emile has done this, for yesterday it was that he ask for it 'from Gaston. 1s not Emile beset that he should so treat Gaston, when there is nothing but a paltry ring for gain? To think that he should prove so false an' then run, the coward!" 'fAh oui, petite lille, it is of a sadness to think it of Emile." replied Monsieur Croutin, as he chafed the hands and bathed the face of the unconscious boy. "l:'oor Gaston, it is fear that he cannot be move' yet for long but we mus' only stay wit' him and do the bes' we knowf' "jus' wait!" interrupted Letrice, with a fierce little sob, "it will be prove' that Emile did not so. 1 am dusgusting wit' you, Anna, that for any moment you believe it of him. He did not soln She ended with a stamp of her foot and a flash of black eyes that dried the tears. But Letrice was the only one loyal to the absent Emile. lflis erstwhile friends stood with hearts hot against him and spoke grimly of the swift punish-- ment that should be meted out to him at the Erst opportunity. In the meantime, Emile was in the boat he had found at the little wharf and was slipping swiftly along with the current, farther and farther 227 LQ: lil on V51 The Yucca 1916 away from thc scene of excitement. 'I'hcre was a star light retlected from the water and barely enabled him to avoid the ugly snags and out- standing cypress roots along the sides of the narrow stream. The shadows loomed black and gloomy among the trees on the bank, softened here and there to a velvety grayness by the drooping festoons of Spanish moss that hung over the water's edge. Iflere and there a fringed spider lily gleamed faintly white in the star glow from out the marsh reeds, and the stillness was unbroken save by the drip of the water from the sweeping oars, as Emile cautiously made his way along, peering into the shadows on every side and listening intently for any sound. At last, with a quick intake of breath, he stopped rowing and shifted around toward the right bank into a great d1'ift of shadows where he had sighted a faint gleam of light. lt was as he had expected. The gleam came from a lantern and he could now plainly see the outlined bulk of a man in its light. Keeping in the shadows he went up a few yards above the other boat, turned and came creeping silently back, cutting off escape from that direction. Drawing his revolver, the constant companion at every dance, he called out peremptorily, 'Yllands up, there!" lfVith a start and frightened exclamation, the figure grabbed for his gun in the bow of the boat, but a shot from the revolver brought forth a cry of pain and one arm dropped, limp and useless, the man finally falling in a crumpled heap to the bottom of the boat. Emile -quickly brought his craft alongside the other, took out the gun, and by the light of the lantern, lashed the two together by their dock chains. Then with his eyes still on the groaning man in the other boat, he took the way back upstream, with quick, light strokes. ' "Ah, Monsieur," said Emile, mockingly, "you nevair looked back to see if you were followed. lt was well that l saw you this morning when so courteously you answer my greeting, and again tonight when you take so quick farewell of my friend. Eef you haf keel him!" he gritted. "I will-" but the thought silenced him and he spoke no more to the prostrate figure until he reached the warehouse landing. llere he fastened his craft and with impatient jerks got his wounded and almost unconscious passenger out upon the bank. Then, half-support- ing the heavy form with one hand and holding the revolver against his side with the other, Emile came slowly into view of the group which was silently preparing to leave for home with Gaston, who had at last recovered sufficiently to sit up. "Mon Dieu!" shrieked Madame Croutin, with staring eyes. "It is Emile! VVhere is it, Emile, that you have been hidden, and what is it you have there? Oh, the fear we have had over the poor Gaston. Po' you, po' you," she moaned as the others gathered around, exclaiming and wondering. 228 O IT i IZ! 7- The Yucca 19 "lt is the great capture," explainecl lfmile. "I saw him run when he hit Gaston wit' the gun stock an' l nevair stop to see how harrl, but follow in the boat when he strike out up the lmayou. an' here it is, all an, every thing," he linishecl prouflly. Stepping' tothe other sifle of the captive, liluse, with a sly movement ran his hancl into the flirty coat pocket ancl clrew forth the missing ring. Unohservecl hy Emile. he gave the company a signilieant look, pleclging' eternal silence concerning' events, and slipped the ring' to Gaston. Wfith the congratulations of his friencls warming his heart, Emile gave the sullen thief a push toward a wagon, saying, "A chariot to eoncluet you to your palaee, the gaol. ma eheri " .-Ns l,etriee clrove away with her father, she sang hack triumphantly. "Did l not tell it so. Messienrs? lt was ol' a trnenessf' Zum ,ltl.xi,l,iiw, Senior fi in- 2-5 'ss' :zo lol: O! WI I0 The Yucca 1916 Puff ancl Blow Puff :incl blow. puff anrl blow, Ye members of Senior Four: lllow, blow. pull' and blow, Ye members of Senior Four. Over thy English theme long porej You're written live pagesg there Must be three more. 'llry o'er and o'er, Oh my weary one: oh, my rlrezlry one, pore! Sleep and rest: sleep and restg Morning' will come to thee soon: Rest, rest. rest thy best, Morning will come too soon. Tell Bliss Clark yon've clone your bestg If she thinks so, she'll do the rest, Themes are clue tomorrow noong Uh, my weary one: oh. my dreary one, sleep! Ruin' ITARIXIIQR, Senior 230 IH I0 Vin 'Q Th Wm ANQ mms -n- ' - -1 befioocle 6.6 on '3-I I7 i IT! The Yucca 1916 The HD" Little "D," who made thee? Dost thou know who made thee? Drew your picture on my card, Caused my teeth to gnash so hard: Failed and labored for thy sake: Made my mother's heart 'most break' Gave to thee those liendish looks: Took away my love for books? 1 Little "D," who made thee? 'Dost thou know who made thee? Little "D," l'll tell thee: Little "D," l'll tell thee: llc is called a Normalite Makes no "A.'s" hut tries his might. Ile is angry, he is madg l'le's a senior, yes a grad. I a Senior, thou a "D," Thou hast caused humility. Little HD," l hate thee! Little "D," I hate thee! 1-I. G. jniifts, Senior 5 nb .. A f 1 ui! i 1 -, ' . , , 5. Q94 ' 'Yi - " ' 'xo-.. ' ' u....,. s. Ave... S+-7 232 0 l 0 12 7 I 11 The Yucca 1916 To the 'lBESHiEllSoPn.-jlLJuN ical ' ur why Hui 1? 'ht S s ! if Mis xi l A 41' QQ F Q Q A-6 ' A kt . : 4'Q1i'7fvg ' 4 7"'-, '-, V " " gig TQ- ' . . IN 3" V i ' '41 -if Z " 91 . 'SDISVN -'N . ' : ' 'tw' A f ri " f' ' if fe 4 l ' M nc. S5 R .nlIluu:n."Q- -fmt! l'lIllIA 21:1-mulls The Situation lfiltit summer sister had fl he: Student Gaither ye knoxvlemlge while ye muy: Ulcl 'lliine is still 11-flying, .Xml lor opportunity lost today, 'llomorrow you may be crying. lI.xz1-11, Rl-:I-Zn, Senior, 6 l,ittle hits ol knowleclge llzxrcl lessons leurnccl. Repziy the erring' Senior, Iior the niiclnight oil hc's burned. w Long' questions ZlllSXVCl'CCl, lluzzling' quizzes passed. Listen to the Senior- "l"x'e won my 'permf :Lt last." RUTII l'o'i'1-11-:'r, Senior 7 Ill. His name was 'llonnny llrowng Anrl he and Sue lennenl on our gale 'llill it was busted clown. ,Hill is in the parlor, now. A-wearing out our ehairg Wfhile iiitblll, to hust some other gate, Is doing' his lull share. LIQNA iXfi.Xl.UNlC, Semi 2.33 ol' 2 o I T The Yucca 1916 A Normal Tragedy Une cold winter eve as the eloek struck tive, ln his room fell a Ifreshman, just barely alive. Ilis eyes were Imoth hlaekened, face covered with blood, ,-Xnd upon his whole body were traces of mud. Ilis roommate at this sprang' up in alarm, Saying: "IIow on earth did you come to sueh harm? XX'as it hull light, runaway, tire, free-for-all?" Ilnt the Iireshman said weakly, ""llwas pure Ilasket Ball. "l went out to play. but I stayed there to iight, "For the Ref. was almost devoid of all sight. Anil Ihey have Inlaelcened my eyes and hroken my nose And hruised np my Iiody with many hard hlows. "I Imrolce up a doulmle but saw all the stars, Among' which were jupiter. r ' Xenus and Mars. Ilut my heart fails within me: I'm passing away." 'I'he roommate rushed to him, the 'lfreshie said "Stayg "XYhen lilll gone. raise a stone up over my head, "And on it have written in letters of red- "IIerc below lies a martyr to Physical Ed." 334 'vx.EAXx',A'A I !.I The Yucca 1916 'iii ft? . V9 9 lxn ll!!! i l V iw I5 is lx I l'1i.!.'chnLL Quu.l'Ce E.Ee . My Laundry 'llh Are as a red, red rag to meg I count them e hours I've raged about my wash. over with a tempered "Gee!" My laundry! my laundry! Each skirt a sight, each collar cracked, And handkerehiefs all scorched and torn, I count them o'er, forlorn and limp and racked, And then to mourn! Oh! Everything you ever heard! Oh! barren swear! Oh! bitter pill! To choke,' at last, to still each angry word. And pay the bill, ye gods! To pay the bill! 235 il 'S' The Yucca 1916 , "Q Miss Fischer, well-known as 71 -, fisher, I" l n u YT-"a Was fishing for hsh near a fissure: !,,g'f2k,,.f5 When EI cod, with a grin, If QNX X Pulled the fishermzud ing X fl 'H Now they're fishing the fissure for ff W ' .. 41 .. JJ, q 5M----M V , R I jU.xNu.x LUNN1M.lmM, Sr. 4 A Q M- A f .- 'l'here was il young' man at the Normal. AQ" Who thought that the rules were too formal, Su hy cutting' his classes .Nnd flirting with lusses 'fi' Ile got himself sent from the Nor- U ' mul. 34224 " 'Q "' X CI.ALrol'2 C.'XR'l'l'iR, Fresh. 4 . J l ,. ,. ,w 'f:jf' 7f , I il - -' " I. I 0, no A, . f 1 if 4 lr 5 .5 1 I s 1 ' 5' ,.,f 4 f , X ,. -1 ' fy" .' ' . ff' M6 .M I 'Q f I ' 'f"' V- nf i I Q , 1 . , 'ir l 75 I I 'I ,, , , . I 4 ,V , 1 rl y" 'f ' f i . 7 , fll . ZEN " I! , .- ' -' ff'I5kX lf ' ' 'Al-4 . '. " YQQAZQ. , frlif. ,X 1 L 1 age- " 'S ' '- ff f - 4,-A , xfiswwl, ,, V, ,-f -1 f 'cs , -- Qs.-24.45-,l2Q.' '1 - M . 1---4,-h:',:.,, - Needed Reform In Basket Bnll Uniform. Rock-21-hye Senior, on :1 tree trop, As long as you study, the cradle will rocky But if you stop digging. the cradle will fall, And down will come Senior, diploma :md ull. Nlfblllli 'lllIflRl', Soph. 6 B 'l'here was Z1 young maid of Belle Isle, lfVho had :in exceeding swell styleg NVhen :L man she did see. Said she, "l'le's for me." Then gave him :1 fetching sweet smile. CICCII, I.:-inc, Soph. 2 236 0 I 6 I 'r The Yucca 1916 Love Making in the Normal QAs Seen by a Training School Boy? I 1 live in beautiful Denton, xlVllCI'C many fair clainsels roamg l Ifhey come from all over Texas, Representing many a home. 'l'hey come, to go to the Normal, ln teaching' to get a good start. I l'he hoys of Denton do love them. And sigh when'er they depart. 'l'he boys will promise to write them, 'llhey know of no others so fairg Iiut soon there is a new session, :Xml former love-makers clespair. Next year they look for anotherg And on the old story keeps going: Each year they all are admired liy eyes that always are glowing. Now, ffirls, clon't think of the olcl ho , s Y lvho to your heart lmroug'ht saclnessg Hut think which one it may X on TQ , be . Was-Q-A, home clay may lynwng' you f A glaclness. K -2' fr- o hui? QQ? nag? I know. you now are won- 1 , " - - ' 1 , gig? c cring- e 5 'fy , ' XVhieh of the many you'x'e N M m met - A 4 " F4 D ' . f" N S ' XVIII march clown the - J Mm' Q' 1 -1 '1 'tl f' 1,3 sa,-25157 ' euuei als e wi 1 you, S X'Vltll collar all wet with lf' Sweat. .9 I -' 'W EleNlis'r CRIIJIJLIC, N. 'l'. S. Q f F e. Q v 1 Q 9 o D.H. I-tem r' 237 121 ITI 171 -- 1-P The Yucca 1916 An Ocle to Outlines On the shining' black expanse Of hoard surrounding' all, Creep like drunken butterflies Drowsed with sweets from flower eyes, Tiny, tipsy letters acrawl, Through novel, poem and romance On the slipp'ry, black expanse. NVee. winkin', dear little things, Dainty, lmlinkinf crooked elves, One's lost an "i" and one a dot, Another "t" his cross forgot. XYohbly "g's" do trip themselves Drooping, dewy, wiggling wings, 4Blinkin,' drunken little things. On the shining black expanse Of board surrounding all, ,,1. Group long tailed kites and blocks, Cubes and squares for hill and rocks, Queer lines like sentinels tall, p l Mark off England, hem in France, On the fringed black expanse. Funny square and round things. Sunny isles of spice and gold, Pictured deeds, imaginary seas, 'neu' f-fnrq eaamosom I' K IVIQIN : i ' 1 rrIvW.Wi7i4In Over which come silks and teas. A straight mark here's a country old, In circle there a battle rings, Funny square and scalloped things. Zum B.xI.r.i-iw, Senior, 6 Q ,ALL r-nope ABANDON YE wr-no ENTER meme.-JM 238 .- -I- an Ile WI 171 The Yucca 1916 I sometimes wonder what's the use Of squaring' the hypnthenuse, Ur why, unless it he to tease, 'llhings must he called isosceles. Of course l know that mathematics Are mental stunts and aerohaties, And make gray matter more elastic- ls that why Euclid has employed 'l'rapezium and trapeznid? X l' wfmder-yet it seems to me 'llhat all of Plane Geometry ' One needs, is just this simple feat, i XVhat,e1' your line. make hoth ends meet. I r I,Ur,U ll. S1-lille, junior 2 fi: L Last night l lay a dreaming, I dreamed a dream so rareg I dreamed an "AH was on my card. But alas! it wasn't there. l:I,0RRllC ,llluscnlg Senior 5 ii9'El? -Q 'a'bs?fLf1B'if'f'L2"e risivmft 5 'I 'Inj 4 in f:FfsQ65.f ' ' ,"N-gal' Arif. by - g N I ' , , V Wm f' we f ww 'lf t f f .GQ ' ' ' in 1. X Q' 'wil 'ff A 'ft it t -QW'-ri! 'Q' i f + 'A P' X ' A A H. , ,,H Y '1 Z V - A .ie l 121 lim H if ff' -wff' 2.10 IOII I ol IT! IE! Th Y 1916 Finis 40 lil 'QI nvf nmrs on nil E have enjoyed a most generous patronage U from the students of the Normal the past ll scholastic year. For this we thank you. We have tried at all times to show our appreciation of this patronage by giving careful attention to your wants, dependable merchandise and the best store service possible, and in asking for the opportunity to again serve you, we do so on the principal of good business. E'ZJ67'9!l'l?Zi77g to Wear Wilson-Hann Co. When you live elsewhere you will know that our schools are BETTER When you live here you know that Denton people are the BEST Wherever you live,'you will eventually know that Denton is the home of VERABEST flour The first will always produce the second but it takes sound, clean ' ' If . wheat, modern machinery, a good miller and an everlastmgly at it" determination to excell in your line, to produce the third- WE ARE AT IT VERABEST There's a reason for the namef-you will find it inside the sack. Specify a sack in your next order, DENTON MILLING CO. 242 WI Wil IT! IE! THE YUCC WAS PRINTED AND BOUND BY US fSlDE from Catalogue work, we do Lithographing, Embossing, Make to Order Blank Books, S Special Rulings, Legal Blanks, etc. A Complete Line of Ofiice Supplies Engraved Wedding Invitations, Announcements, At Home and Visiting Cards, Dance Programs Fancy Box Papers, Score, Tally and Place Cards, Picture Framing, Kodak Finishing, etc. I 26YEf1RSIN DALLAS Hargreaves Printing Co. THE HOUSE OF SERVICE 1012 Elm Street DALLAS, TEXAS 1013 Main Street' 43 I7 I IIOI TI :I COURTEOUS ATTENTION TO ACCOUNTS OF STUDENTS Exchange National Bank Depository of the North Texas State Normal College Special Attention to Accounts of Students. OFFICERS: y A. J. NANCE - - - President J. R. CHRISTAL - - Vice President 1. C. COIT - - - Cashier U E. D. CURTIS - - Assistant Cashier If You Will Pardon Us but we believe it is unusual to find a store in a town the size of Denton that is as thorough in every department. Where a service for taking care of our trade is so carefully consid- cred at all times. Where the little things that make for shopping satisfaction are so closely studied. You will find that we show standard lines of merchandise- goods whose intrinsic merit has established their reputation. Brands that are familiar to you-that are known by you to be good. A store old in existance but young in ideas. Keeping in touch with fashions trend and humoring the present-day taste at the time that you'want them, has made this store a most popular shopping place. Ask for things. THE WILLIAMS STORE 244 6 ll '21 Vi 1 Cjjv7l6 ENGRAVINGS FOR THIS BOOK BY The Zglectric Qfitg ifngvabing mln. BUFFALO - 245 " lo n I QI If u 'I Jas. Goode-Transfer OLD PHONE 13l - - New PHONE 123 Bur, Cab, and Iizqggzzge 1'nzf1.gfQv-. Service Car We are in business and at your service thc year round, day and night, in good weather and bad. CALL US FOR PROMPI' SERVICE SNZHEN you come to visit the college, on athletic teams or otherwise, stay at the- CITY HOTEL REASONABLE RATES AND ALL CONVENIENCES Ol mpia Confectionery HOME MADE CANDIES MADE FRESH EVERY DAY DRINKS THAT OUR CUSTOMERS LIKE 01-dvr: Dvlifuezzvl 15-00. Phone us your wrlfzlx-New 458, Old 196 NORTHWEST CORNER or THE SQUARE "C Sc B" Athletic Tradg with goods are used by IZ the best Universi- I 6 'Wore ties and Colleges fildll in the Southwest. Sold and guaran- teed by your home dealer. Cullum 3Boren Co. IDISTRIBUTORS DALLAS, TEXA S A--gives you a square deal and carries a full line of the best goods on the market, viz: Chocolates, Ice Creams Cold Drinks, Toilet Artici es, Stationery in IQZCZL efvefjfihzrqq zz .fllllfkllf 7lL'L'ffJ' The Normal Store J. M. JOHNSON, PROP. ON T H E C O R N E R E, S46 '31 The chemical action of the sun on the pigment of the skin is akin to actual burning. The residue is tan or freckle. The only way to get rid of tan is to stimulate the skin to healthy activity, and thus dispel the discolored pigment. FLORAL LOTION I-IEALS This dainty face lotion removes tan as nothing else can. It smoothes and heals and feeds the skin. It should be kept In every house for use the year round. ' PRICE 25c M""li,9NLY J. A. MIN N IS f""i"i"l?liS'?'E'.'f3E?2UDRHG"'S"'j Ilmfm, Yyfxfu I.?D. Hodges E? Sons CONFECTIONERY, COLD DRINKS TOILET GOODS and SCHOOL SUPPLIES "Hallett weight: and 111mxurv.v, 'well Mainz ff0'LU77,,, our polzqv-whirh is ,2'00ff all the world around. THE LEADING FURNITURE PEOPLE gf DENTON Magill E5 Shepard FURNITURE, GAS RANGES Gi UNDERTAKING CASH OR CREDIT-EASY PAYMENTS When you get our prices, we sell the goods. Magill E5 Shepard FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND EMBALMERS AUTOMOBILE AMBULANCE Both phones, day and night. 1 z : West Side Square. : : Remember the place. 47 I2 QI hnlphun Glhnrnlatrz BEAUTIFUL BOXES OVERFLOWING WITH LUSCIOUS LITTLE BITS OF RARE CANDIES, THAT MAKE THEM VERY ACCEPTABLE GIFTS. fbi' Safe Efzlefjffzvhere NEW ORIENTAL HOTEL EUROPEAN PLAN 551.00 AND UP AMERICAN PLAN 82.50 AND UP RENOIVNED FOR THE EXCELLENCE OFOUR TABLE F ield-Lippman G- W- MWW "Tm: INDEPENDENT Lummzk MAN" Piano Stores Right Prices and Fair High-Class Pianos and Players Dealings, ' Victrolas and Records 1021 Efll! .Dflffdi See My BWI? Buying -N 0 En a I0 -a great ea tertaia er Hearing the greatest artists is an every-day pleasure with a VICTROLA. It enables every one to enjoy at will all that is best in music. It is -a great educator If SANGER BROTIQERS Denton Steam Laundry Co. LAUNDERERS EE? DRY CLEANERS BOTH PHONES 8 "ALL WORK GUARANTEEDH til 'lil laRINCI-ISS THEATRE Puts forth every effort to secure the very best Photo-plays to be had. The followingnoted actors and actresses are shown: Francis X. Bushman, Bryant Washburn, Maurice Cost- ello, Irvin Cummins, G. M. Anderson, Anita Stewart, Bessie Eyton, Clara Kimball Young, Edna Mayo, Julia Svvayne Gordon, Ruth Stonehouse, Lillian Walker, and many others just as noted. Tbzn' pfztromqgre har A0071 and 1017160 zzpfwecfkztvff. J. M . V I V I A N , Owner and M fzmqqcr J B Wilson 8 CO j. G. Hissrsn jr-io. T. BAKER The Arkansas LUMBER, PAINTS C OILS, ETC. 1 1 mg 0- -will .be furnish your require- ffflfff of F6607 and WUW! ments in building material of any kind. STUFF. Gu our e:f1'r11r1lf.v bww you PROMPT DELIVERY DENTON, TEXAS QUALITY AND QUANTITY YOUR YESTERDAYS ARE MADE TODAYS WI ul-Iowdy" is but the stepping-stone to ugood-bye," but the light, gay heart that spoke first is slow and sad to say the good-bye. Oh, throw your head back and say "we are glad to have met, and we hope to meet again." 11 We make mistakes. Who does'nt? And by the loss we will gaing for only he who crawled first walks, and stumbled, learned to climb the "rugged" path. 1l Our School Closing Flowers will be Peonies for the boysg Roses, Carnations and Lilies for the girls. We will try to do our best in this lust effort of your nine womb: toil. Sincerel , KANADY SEED C6 TLORAL HOUSE 250 Qi D r e a m l a n d "Zoe Feature Home" We cater -to those who appreciate High-Class Photo-Plays W e are programr selected from the Paramount, World, Equitable, Metro, ana' General The coolest place in Denton Always a good show The H. H. Hardin Lumber Company Can furnish the best building material at the right price. TRY US When You Need Sporting Goods and Cutlery You will be pleased with our quality, service and prices Evers Hardware Co. It Has No Competitor There has not been neither is there now a commodity that can compete with NATURAL GAS lnclispensable to the home-Sanitary, Eco- nomical and Eflicient. N ortlz Texas Gas Co. West Oak Street New Phone 45 Old Phone 74 'S' 6 Bunn BY JOHN F. JOHNSON, GENERAI, CONTRACTOR An Enterta' Eiatunnh Jlemelrh lgrvriainn mainly The watch that will always rank high in perfection and performance for generations to come. Wheels run on ruby and diamond bearings, adjusted to heat and cold, runs equally in five different positions. All the new Hat styles. Solid Gold Case .... S85 25-year Gold Filled Case . S50 Arthur A. Enterta Gln. NEAIN Asn Mum-in' Srnrmrs. DALLAS When Going to Build- let us figure your bill Agezztxjbr Sherwin-VVi1liams Paints and Varnishes Lyon Gray Lumber Co. I want the Students of the North Texas State Normal to think of my store as the Students' Drug Store Get the habit of making it your up-town calling- point. O. R. DYCHE South Side Square The San-Tox Store Phone S9 A Business Education There is an unlimited demand for young: men and women who :ire well Irninenl lor business employment. We have la dl lrl th l'h t llc l l p ee num arson c nu way o success. :nr :tn tone same for yuu. Write for catalogue, stating whether you desire a husiness or srenouraphie course. METROPOLITAN BUSINESS COLLEGE 0 Ev 52 Ill on HI T, .. NORMAL STUDENTS- We the undersigned wish to say that we are glad N. T. S. N. C. has had another "banner yearn for other reasons than commercial. We wish continued success to N. T. S. N. C. and her students. We give here our addresses so , K that prospective students may correspond with us in regard to rooming and board- ing places for the summer and future terms. MRS, V. H. KNOW ............................. ......... 1 93 West Sycamore Street MRS. O. Q. PETTY ............... .. ......... 201 West Sycamore Street MRS. ROBT. B. HARRIS ......... ......... 1 .90 West Sycamore Street MRS. ROSA GRAHAM ......... ...r.... 1 81 West Chesnut Street MRS, L. B. BRATCHER ........... ........ 1 79 West Chesnut Street MRS. J. W. BALTHROP ......... ....... 1 87 West Chesnut Street MRS, j. D. PORTER ............. ......... 1 93 West Mulberry Street MRS. TOM SMITH ........ ......................................... MRS. M. M. BELL ........ ....... 1 1. Ave. B MRS. CLAUDE BELL ...... ............................ 2 1. Ave. B MRS. M. KINARD ............ .................................. 4 9Ave. A MRS. J. W. SMITH ......... 182 West Sycamore Street MRS. A. T. BOLES. ........ 143 West Sycamore Street MRS. J. S. HINTON ......,...... ......... 1 42 .West Sycamore Street MRS. G. I-I. M. SMITH ........ ........ 1 32 West Sycamore Street MRS. T. C. MCCORMICK ....... ......... 1 02 West Hickory Street MRS. W. A. KLEPPER ................. ......... 1 43 West Hickory Street MRS. C. G. YARBROUGH ......... ......... 1 SS West Chesnut Street MRS GERTRU DE HAYES ...... ......... 1 53 West Chesnut Street MRS. J. A. PATRICK .......... . ..... ......... 1 57 West Chesnut Street MRS. G. M. MARRIOTT ........ ........ 1 81 West Hickory Street MRS, J. A. ROSE .................... ......... 1 90 West Hickory Street MRS. W. D. SUTTON ........ ........ ......... 1 9 6 West Hickory Street MRS. W. R. RICHARDSON ........ ........... 1 93 West Oak Street MRS. L. M. TUCKER .............. ........ 1 80 West Oak Street MRS. R. L. BASS .......... ...- --.- ........ 1 7 9 West Oak Street MRS. R. CASKEY ...... ........ 1 77 West Oak Street MRS. DR. THOMAS ........ ........ 1 75 West Oak Street MRS. M. I. EDGIL ....... ........ 1 76 West Oak Street MRS. LULA EADES ........ ........ 1 82 West Oak Street MRS. J. B. TABOR .... ......... ........ 1 8 5 West Oak Street MRS. A. J. KITTRELL ........ .. .. .................. 40 Fry Street MRS. W B. CARSON ...............- ....... 1 70 West Sycamore Street MRS. J. M. GALLAGHER ------ ........... 1 91 West Oak Street IQ: Nl TI Om' Eyes Are to the Future To our friends of the Faculty and Student-body it is in- spiring to know that you are appreciative of the wonderful values and service we have offered you this past season. We are planning great things for you during the coming session of 1916-17. Every department including ready- to-wear, millinery, footwear, and gents wear will be looked after by our discriminating buyers. HONES1' VALUES, COURTEOUS SERVICE, AN AT-HOME A'l'MOSl'HERE1tllCSC are the things that make shopping here pleasant and profitable for Faculty and Student-body alike. W..B. MCCLURKAN 85 CO. "IN TI-IE CENTER OF SHOPPING ACYYVITIESH Need a Yard Fence? Builders' Hardware Cutlery I ' T I A . g 5 I . T ' - lfiliiiiiifiiiiffiiiiiliiiiiii'i'i'i'if Iszszzzfzfiszszizszzzizsiszszszfzezzali Alummumwafe 5lilIlllililIllliIll1lflIl:l:lIlililal'l:l' Enamelware I50101010201oZvi'IOZOZOIOZOIOIQIQIQZQBIf 5 t F Q - ' A my ' Queensware ' 4 Wagons Our fences last a lifetimeg Buggies look well all the time. Cheaper thannwood-no F d 1 repzurs. Wrlte us for A ELHCY an Stap C particulars. G1-0961-ies Texas Wire Fence C T. W. Leverett 5500. ompany DENTON - TEXAS BOtll Pl1OI1CS 254 ..- ..- o i IIOI IW I7 I -1 P R I OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY HE Quality of printed matter depends largely on the style and originality displayed in the compo- sition. Mechanical linish and good workmanship are obtainable only through the use of proper equipment- which we have. If you desire genuine quality use our printing. W e Prhzt Me Norma! Coffege fourmzf LET US FIGURE ON YOUR ANNUALS CATALOGUES AND PUBLICATIONS Record-Chronicle Printery 37 West Hickory Street Either Six-four 255 O IT' I 112 'Y WI UTI lu- -1 PALMER'S A RT S H o P The :Heal ggf' More gf Denton NO INCREASE IN PRICE s MONTHS and months ago we realized that goods were, on account of conditions uncontrollable, bound to advance, Anticipating this we made purchases far in advance. We are therefore able to offer you our line of salable merchandise at extremely good prices. Remember, dependable Jewelry is our line. Good f goods at a lesser price. 1.1. MCCRAY-JEWELER SOUTH SIDE or SQUARE 22 YEARS IN DENTON Q 256 1 I7 I IIOI on 171 A THoUGH - x ,t It 23' ez thought 1 , x cmvj' N rx , . 5 lx' Allllllrllmu 31, Eu, if 'tn I ' , Q ,-is :L W' :- X '- .eV 25, IMA ,ft W t D 5- A W xx, t o worth remembering 1 X ' 'A A" . - ' ,," hmnqyx E t- t that your frz'euu'.v ' 'll gigs! . ,U uggli .eau buy ezuythmg t Q X , ' ' ,ik I ' 1 you oem gzwe them Q: qs Qt D gl 1 ' ' 423' f "':' t exee t -'---e -e-- our 'f ff l A? p y fyxjffgxx photograph I ' " '4f ' " P f I ?5 W 'WW ff f f ly ff ' ff-f"L.' T he Shuzo Studio I 8 Court Square Deutou, Texas The Shaw Studio Annex 11 Fry Street '57 0 I l 6 The Jollege Tailoring Co. ONE-HALF BLOCK FROM N.T. S. N. CAMPUS--CUNNINGHAM BLOCK j. li. CUNNINGHAM, ja., Paovxu-:'roR I NoT1oNs, FURNISHINGS, ETC. OUR CREED We believe in our school. We believe that it's the best school of its size in the state. We' re here to help make it so. VVe believe in our neighbors-they're royal good fellows. NVe believe in boosting, not knocking. We believe in the square deal and are trying to live - up to our belief. We believe in good clothes--they put heart into the man who wears them. We believe in putting the best foot foremost, in boosting instead of knocking-in spreading good cheer instead of calamity. We believe in finding out what our trade wants- and then giving it to them. We appreciate the past year's patronage and believe that "our c-reed," our service and our up-to-date stock will merit its continuation. Students and alumni of the college are always welcome. They will always find our work and prices right. Tm, BUILD FOR THE CENTURIES Acme Brick Acme Pressed BrickCo. Grucrul Oflifcz FT.WORTH, TEXAS Owens -Turner Company FANCY GROCIQRIES FRUITS and CANDIICS South Side Square : : Both Phones 25 Plants: Denton and Millsap, Texas 258 .1 Fl' 'il ft' If i i Wi Lighten Your Burdens Whether you are in school or visiting in Denton. You will always find the hurden of shopping light- ened if you will visit our Store. We take a pleasure in showingyou every line of merchandise we carry and feel sure that you will not be disappointed. In Men's wear we have the famous Hart, Shaffner 8C Marx Clothes----Prices S16 TM' noted Spera fldirliiel Co. Clotdirrg, Pl'I'L'ES 37.50 to 817370, in La1f1'r,r Wear. Our Store is headquarters. It is our pleasure to excell all others. Shoe Department, the Largest in the Country. Guaranteed Cadet Hosiery. Guaranteed Shoes. .50 to S25 .larrell-Evans Dry Goods Company EAST SIDE SQUARE QcCQ'?1QT1QCi1Q'CSQ'iWQ'E1Q'DQ'?1ilQfU5?1Dc?1D53i1Q'DQc21 QYZCQCQQQUQQUQUQUQQUQUWQQYZCUQIZ First National Bank DENTON, TEXAS Wants Your Business Capital and Surplus 8100,000 QCf1mCiCQi5wDi7Qif5QiUQUQiUQ'UQZQ'UDf5CiZlilQifW Q7Qi2QQ,UiQQ'CQDf2,GlQfiUf1Diii5,GimQ,Uf5QfX1 SJ I7 THIS SPACE IS YDYKEN BY THE LIVE OAK GRCCERY To show its appreciation of the trade of the N. T. S. N. C. students and of the patronage of those who trade for them. The Live Oak Grocery boosts the -IOURNAL, the YUCCA, and every activity of the school. The good patronage of the college students is what makes this possible. We solicit its continuation. L E E P OO L E Shoes, Dry Goods Get the lzabit 1 d' 'zh and Nofiom of Nl mtg wi w-.-,lift-1-.-.-b-.Q Hnllf- D e se o tsscasgliiise ut st or V 1' I Thank I ou Dalia, 'fbi' Mr !1'6f'1:11f fJl1fl'07l1lQ'1? you have KQ'wff11 fm' Mir J'e'lIJ'0ll mmf J'0flC'l? Mr 1111110 for Mr 4'0111111gf .f1'.l'J'l-011. lffrv Rrxprrlflzflv, . ' A ' . r Sol. lf.. L. VANNOY, .nfwm Afff f0 ll 'nr Xiflr -Wmlrv' Menon C11 fe NO. 1, NU, 2 IZEU6 lVIAlN S'I'RElC'I' 1801 MAIN S'rR12E'r DALLAS While in Dallas visit us. Tables for Ladies at No. Z ' to IT! 'fl O ELGI -BUTLER BMCK AND TILE COMPAN Y -AUSTIN, TEXAS MANUFACTURERS HIGHEST GRADE FACE BRICK of a Lafjgfo Vllfltfjl QF Shaffer EIN... DRY PRESS CSmoothD, EL-BUT-TEX CRoughD TEXTURE FIRE CLAY PRODUCTS bkwral U'tln' Norlllal School Building: are Hated with Our Brilfl' MAY WE HAVE THE PLEASURE ov YoUR INQUIRY? First Gaaranty 'State Banle Appreciates thc accounts of the Students of the N. T. S. N. We can handle your checks on out-of-town points with- out cost to you. You will find us willing at all times to extend every accom- modation to thc students and their friends T' Q V +' 9 f TI'IE BANK WITH THE PERSONAL SERVICE .North Sth Square Denton, Ylfxaf 61 1 lil 0 I I O Fires and Tornadoes Ojfce .' -destroy each year about a quarter as much as America builds, and the If n law of averages says your tzme may come next!" V Consider the peril that surI'oIInds your business and your home every hour. A fire proof building Inay protect itself, but not its contents-remember that. And l'Cl1lC'lll- ber that science now leaves you no excuse if some day soon only ashes remain of your property. A policy held in aIIy one of the strong aIId well managed companies which Irepresent will give you adequate protection. OIIr facilities Zll'8 at your command and ready to do something for you. G1m1'fuzLvBanl'-Bold Phones J. P. Gt'7lc'7'!Ifl7lJll1'1l7IL'L' ORTH TEXAS TATE ORMAL - ' COLLEG ' ' lJENTON, TEXAS Effflbllkheffbzl90lfb1'MeP'1z1?1z?zg yfiuzchers COURSES. Seven distinct courses are offered: Agriculture, Manual Training, Home Economics, Language, Science, Primary and Arts, and History-English. EQUIPMENT. Splendid library, excellent laboratories, beautiful illltl comfortable buildings, and a well-kept campus tlIat is a delight and an inspiration. TRAINING SCHOOL. Our Tl'Illllll1g' School is an educational laboratory iII wlIiclI the students of the Normal College have tlIe opportunity of observation and practice work under expert teachers. ICXPENSFS. Tuition is free. Fees only 315.00 for session of nine months. Excellent board in modern, well equipped homes iII close proximity to the Normal College at from 3415.00 to 9518.00 per month. STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS. Literary Societies for both young meII and young women, Musical Organizations, Athletic Associations, Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A., Band and Orchestra and other student activities. New Couase or STUDY. The course of study now provides for two years High School work and two years of strictly College work. Graduates from afliliztted High Schools enter our junior Class. CREDITS. Our graduates are now given junior entrance to tlIe University of Texas and other standard Universities. Bulletin giving detailed information sent upon request Address, W. H. BRUCE, PH. D., President. 262 IT! all on ITI "T il BlISilESS EDUCATION TO Y S BUSINESS cours: CIIIRTEREII, 350,000.00 CIPITII. Waco, Texas Bookkeeping, Banking Shorthnnd.'l'ypewriting, Penmanship und Academic Departments The lliyih Grade S c h n ol l"orlIigl1Grudo Students CiilHlUE F1'BB'El1lBI AIIY Tllllll l'VFQ'549H.5lL!".'l Bookkaepingf S hort- hnnd, Touch ypewrit- ing1,Penmunship, Busi- nas5Arithmotic,SimpIi- fied English, Commer- cinl Luw and Business Letter Writing. SPECIAL DISCOUNT 'ro Tlmcincns lili--11 Kodak Prints of Good Quality at Three Cents Each. Films developed free. Mail Orders Solicited. B E C K H A M'S sHoEs ARE RIGHT Correct Styles, Expert Fitting, and your money hack if not sntished. Try Us. BECKI-IAM SHOE CO. Dr. J. RW. Fralin DENTIST oiflflcli OVER OWENS-TURN ICR CO. SC South Side Square DEN'l'0N, 'TEXAS P. O. Box 431 WITH DYCHI5 DRUG STORE The "Such Unexpected Flavor Combinations" ls the verdict of every one who eats Texas Girl Chocolates "Sweetest in 48 States" 15 DIFFERENT ASSOR'l'MENTS, 86 D1s'r1Nc1' VARxE'r1Es comprising real fruits, nuts and creams all delightful surprises. ARISTOCRACY ASSORTMENT AND CREME DE LA CREME ASSORTMENT contain the choicest goodies of Texas Girl Chocolates Ask your Llruggist or Confectioner for them, If he can't supply you, write us. OUR GUARANTEE WITHEVERYBOX BROWNSD NEW GROCERY STORE has the reputation of being one of the cleanest in the city. During the Summer Session '16 and the future terms we wish to serve you. J. B. C O X, GROCERIES BEYETT'S Every one Young and old Enjoy the service That we give- There can he no better See us for all kinds of CONFECTIONS 2 O I l 31

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