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W' S553 WM 1-aw, gyr , V ,LL 'P I, U ,, ---'Q-A." 'N4,. f , "' ,735 wb 4. ,ah . ,gl ,Digg 0 iff JEAN I-IOAGLAND, Editor STANLEY WALSH, Business Manager V . A ' . 5'5f:iZ51LE?i15S4s'N?3?' t V l V , XC: fr 1 , , , A , N 1,1,biL.,bLw'vi.5y:,:r4. '. ,' ' ' 25,4-fi , 'I W I, - 121.-6-H! I . .YW 4,1 f N D i X Y '.-! X X. I X xv, J 9 ,X ffm L Q QV 1 mf ,ff i, K sf J I M MW L ww rfwff' mi. wz. Q vw, was .. ,' f , U, Ahngf V.. ' J .Q , ,, v 5 filo 'an . f W , -fbfl? I' I .v N 4 'iw V'-few ' " 91 v k s...,.i1 , , , ff - wi. f "fQn'w":, , ' " ,ff ,-",Vn.f,V,. ,, ' 53913 W - ,, Jay , M355 xr' 4 5 v KQV A KH, x .w ' ,, VV, " V V A fgfgf. f-2. x. ' I " -. 1 V 4 ' E' W, 1- . ' wa A '7'fQi'5. , . Q , ,.,, .,V- - V wh ., . ,, . V ' W if 2' 7" , 4,55-fx? f "H f' - 'K ff --My, f Y -Qt Y' ' ww .... - -M K' , '. W' ' ,, 7 .04 ' f . -A - wir- ' fv,wMw',,' , , , A-f., ,. w,3VVVw1V,: IVVIVZVQ V A M VVV1. QV ,.4 , ,j .V , , ffgg-'fwfm V, , 'ff , , K1 N -- .-f--Q 49" , ' 0 ' , ,., 'Y' l.,xj"f-:"3' . Q 72 "'. s"f'::3xf . 4 2 .V 4.5 y Vwj.f2Z,,- Jw.-. - .V ... x,,vV. , .,.-:Vw ., s hV V 1 A ' "' w 5'wl3 "ff vi aa 'f W " ,Q .L J. ' 75573 . 'l 4 WX' 1 27 if . ,V V V . gg V ,',.,,VV.1 V. k ' ,Q V, f Q . pf Y Q., . VV , ' V5 . 5 5 Avi 1' vm Y.. , V. Vi V Q W ep .. .Q ...p f- . N - , -?QRl14V?.3'E6V4-. VV. ,Vx A , 2 V. . .1 , . A P 5 RB Q-f ' 7 f . ' Q ' . . V . 4-V W 05 ' il. . G' " ' X A K - . ' Y ' ' N' ' ' I ' 4 5 . , A :fx .,' EW V' , 'Vrg V 'C . Wulf .. 1.. V ,V 4 ,, .1 .s.,,V ff ,N X 1 Rx .gs :. .3 -s .- .N ' NL .- .- Q 5 Yi . 4 49' QF. A.. xv O W, VR,,5,Q , Q I ir ,. ,fx .,V, I , , , x , .. V 5 .s ll ll ll ll li aww' mann--WM-fm 411 To qll fhose,s1'uxje nts, yho wyearinggdvparyd gown, 7ir f 1 'f0VeT13f2 Ce iV9d1 ' Wai' ffiiefsfw 'dfr M North Dakota, w4e dedi1ca, ',Xfh i-.wil939yfDqcotah. ' To fhat fffst small groq p,qfAggqdn16lfQ5, wjhyffidlf 'df cen-fulgy ago doffed thgig Qbwnsigtmtqkeftheif , , N... ,xgffk-' ff-3, 75 'f,, QF, ,-"g , Q H -',, 4 Xh-, MTW' e. fb ,ff --"' ,Na ",,, 6 . , p la c eg 1.fj5?,i': f. ?the,k struggle q 6'tu ns if ffie Avf'C4ssn ifild es qf , ,, i , , 'A 1 f , 4 i ' A . , if 0 TW V, nga it- G.. K 4,,f V.x, Qfigllirz. ,Xv, ,. 5 , -i kitb ff' Vitjlg V1 qt Ziff ,,tV A l L xV,,. we ' 4 - 4' V -- f- Q ., wa Q ' Hd QffleHdf'N9SSi'.fQ21Gf'f fff 'v" by " f .", " .Q , .- 5 fhe5rad'uai'es 'Qf f0h10flf1?b5fH! f ' ' . " , xwfe-g,f f 1 A A Q :ff Nw X , . A LAW , ,, . AX fgdglfy ofvcarrylnggon all thqt J M m f whale m , ', H31 Q Q , f4 :V ,-,, ls, 'xi I v, ' gvfilf 'f ,fzif--i,4H,155'ix ,0 farm ' Q ,, gi , t gg . r r Vl::, 5,i, P ' . I ,V A A . f-fm 2W, ff ?,gQ :5hef.,tradNI0 nsQhande and who w1ll 1 f9bQf g , . V, mn, ,.,l i , Jth yxgxg 1 , K ,Jw LV X xkrq gi' .HRV wx ,vflwy Ibxy Mgglkz, 5 1 A K, ,in 5 .rv I .-:,. I. I: Q ,t V 31? Q Q P 'ces f Q ,, ' 4- 4, l Q , ,A1 x'., I ,L . Sa K, P -'ir l?ff1ifk ,Q gS?'4f 'QQ x' X' ,X , gig Q' i ii5i E - fl ,jg ,s is 1 1 'A"' A Q' ' ,"' g ' rt' S-.M g J Q Q fix 'R :X ,,.k .QW ' THE T939 DACOTAH CCNTAINS I 'lg I , , ., ,, '. H IU' --'Lf I T. VAT C I I II. A S S Is S f - 72? s C f , 5f o I. I. I F W 'x ,J , as 0 I2 ca A N I ZZIJA T I o N A C T I v I I E ALI N lc: A T I4 I. E T Ip? VX I 'TQ as ,4 mm, an yme f., - . Y. QW.-,.x,,,. SK -I A. N -V i!QS'51fZS'i2ef av - 1 " "-'vw 32' 7455 if " -5' 'Wfaf V ' P ' A ,. ' 4 v hz, , 41' ll, - J " .- 1 .xx X, UN- , , -my-,., ,f :,- 5 if ,A 1:-5 --it.g,+ 1.1: aff-:fm ws'Q..w- 2 Q .. i My :w,g?ax.-15:24 5:-2:--, ,,g4g 51, 9'- ' 'gift' irtsfitf ey - - . ,wi , me 'QWQUZ 5 3 'X xxx 45' F 5 fo a N x- 'gw H .4, "'x'Uw-aff-M. . . M J V '65,-ay: . wig, V- ' . . P9 -' rf .'mQ5gg5y,':,.3g55,55X,a 3.5 N. .s-,M , Gaufee W5 QUIZ Z. M0401 USKY, 1ll1S11y-1,J1'L1XVt'I1 vlfrillll Moses, six-f1Q1111t-fu111' guveriiur uf North Dnlv 1tz1, grziiluzitetl from the University in IQI3. lintirely S611-Sll1J1Jlf11't11lQ' while at school, Guveriiur Kluses g'1'Z1ClI.12l1Cf,1 with ll 111. .X.. Zlllll in IQIS receirecl Z1 1. D. degree fgiven fur excellency in legal sc11u1z1rs11i111, ,xltllhtlgll 11e wurkeml t11ree liours Z1 Kllly u11 ll mluwntuwn 111 11 1k1cee11i11g juh, in ziclclitiun tu being' hnsiness ll121llHg'Cl' uf the Dalai 1t21 Stnclent. he was sucially active, ,X Slglllil Nu. John Muses was :11su a member uf Phi .Xlphzi Delta, legal fI'E11C1'111TQj', secretary uf the lll1t'I'1l'2l1ICl'll11j' Cl 111neil, IUZIIIEIQCI' uf the truck team, SCCl'C1Zll'y uf the Athletic Fluzircl uf Cuntrul, Zlllfl Z1 rlehater uf nu 51112111 merit. tiuvernur Muses recently wrute uf 11is years at t11e University, "1 never 111111 21 hetter tinie-mzule lllilllj' line friends and kept must uf tlienifworked hnriler than l ever have before ur since. accuinplislierl suinethiiig. and was unly 313200 wurse oft when l left cullege than l was when l entereclf' Board of Administration M 11:11 units Board ol: Higher Education M iimiiisiiizs hluclge bl. D. Harris Mark l'iUl'lillC1' P. ul. Murphy Mrs. xlillt L'r11wley R, H. SllCl'll'lZlIl lAilHXVZll'Cl ul. Henry 1.2113 O. lf1'e1le1'ielcs1,111 .-Xrtliur li. 'l'l11.1111ps1111 tex-wlhcio IllCllllJCl'l Merle Kichler lf. .l. 'liI'Zlf'llUl' Mutt Dahl lex-ohiciu llllfllllliffl Roy hlrilinsrrn gdddjdfaqifhw ' IN APPROVING 21 e1111stituti1,11121l 21111e111l111e11t 111116 28, 1958, tl1e electors of North Dakota est21blishe1l 21 State Bozircl uf Higher Education, 2111cl tr2111sfe1're1l all powers rle21li11g' with lffl1lC21tlHllEll i11stituti1111s fl'l.?l1l the B11211'1l of Atl- 111i11istr21ti1111 to the newly-c1'e21te1'l ho211'fl. Unrler the 3.1J1Jl'UX'CLl act, 21 1121111es are sub- mitterl to tl1e gove1'111,11' by tl1e presicleut of tl1e North lj21li0fEl Eflue21tio1121l Assoei21ti1'111, the Chief .lustice of the 511131131116 Court. 211111 the Superiuteiitleiit of Public I11st1'11eti11111. F115111 this list the g'o1'e1'11111' E11J1JOl1ltS seven 111e111he1's to tl1e Boartl of Higher Eclue21tio11 with tl1e consent of tl1e senate. tl1eir terms to be 1'Ot21tl1'l0' b. hluly 1. 1939, the 11ew l,111211'1l will he o1liei21lly i11st21lle1l. 21111l the B1i1211'1l of 1hllll1llll5'E1'E1tiOllvS s11pe1'1'iso1'y powers from tl121t ti111e will he li111ite1l to el1211'it21hle 211111 1JC1'l21l i11stit11ti1.111s.. lfr11111 211111111g its meriihers the liHZl1'1l of Higher l2rl11e21ti1111 will elect a presiileut 21111l Z1 S6C1'6iZ11'j'. The l'7llZll'fl will 21ls11 appoint E1 State C11111111issi1111e1' of Higher EflL1CEltl4D1l, wlio will serve El term of th1'ee years, acting' as Chief executive of the h1121r1l. Due tu the f21et tl121t these 21pp11i11t111e11ts were 11121fle just before the Dac11t21h went to press. we were llI12llJlC tu include E1 picture. M hemp ' Wal' llli l'XlX'lilQSl'l'Y Ulf XUlQ'I'ltl l31XKU'l'A was cstahlishetl i11 1883 Illlll t'1111c1i1111c1l fur six years :ts Il tc1'1'it111'111l uiiiversity. The c'lipl11111z1s receiveil hy the lirst class were issucml fluriug the last year of te1'1'ito1'if1l days, lifty years ugh. This lJ1x1'11'11x11 pays triliuite not 1111ly tn the class of 11139, but to the luiig liuc uf grzultlfltcsftliliuszuiils 111 1111111l1er4u'l111 liave been llOllOl'C4l hy the ll11ix'e1'sity :mt ClllllIllUllCClllClll sc:1s1111s iluriug tl1is half century. They luirc czlst lllllltrl' :mul rlistiiictiim llll their Jxllllll lXlEl.ft'l' 111 every walk of lifC, i11 tl1is state. i11 wur 11z1ti1111, zuul i11 p1':1ctic:1lly every f1ll't'lQ,'l1 C0llllll'y. My-:1s111'e1l hy the st11111l:11-ils .lf thc Great 'llL'?lCllCl' :is cxpressecl 111- "Ry ywur lriiits, yu shrill lciiwu' them," Nwrth llzikutzfs stzlr has been i11 thc :isrciiilciicy tl11'f111g'l11111t this cutirc periwl. As the lifticth class passes hy i11 1lL'2lflL'lllIC pri 101-ssiuii 1111 their way tw receive their degrees a111l tw carry 1111 El life uf scrvicc :is l'11ix'crsity g'l'2lIlll2ll6S, let us pause :uul salute those other g'1'+11111s, whii llZlX'L' gwiuc lit-liire :mil who h11x'c' 6XE'l'lll'Jlll:lCIl i11 their lives of sci-vit-Q, thy 11111101 uf the l'11ix'e1'sit5' - "I-11.r ut f.C.1',"' -Light :mtl Law. Thr- lJ.XL'U'l'.XlI 11111311 liulcs thc z1cl1iex'Q111c11ts wt the past tw Z1 hope Zllltl :1 1letc1'111i11:1ti1111 thzit thc ZlL'lllCX'6lllClllS uf thc future justify i11 full iueasurc thc pi-uiiiisc ul' thc past, - lly .linux Lf XY1is'r, f1'v.1'1'1f1'11f. Left to right: Dean Hanson, Dean Towne, Mr. Hun'dIey, Dean Bek, IVIr.TeIford, Dean Harrington, Mr. Boyd, Dr. Wheeler, Dean Breitwieser, Dean French, Mr. Wilson. SUPREME governing hody at the University is the Administrative committee. Headed by President ll'est, the group considers matters of a highly controversial nature. grzuluzttion requirements, additions to University catalog, and all matters ztffecting' the policy of the school. The law of the lAf,llllllllSl.l'ZlllYC committee is the law of the University. Its decisions may he overruled only hy the State l'lozn'4,l of Achninistration. Committee members are john C. XYest, University presidentg Xvllliillll G. Belt, dean of the College of Science, Literature and Arts: ul. Y. Breitwieser, dean of the School of Education: Harley li. French, dean of the School of Medicine: Alice N. Hanson, dean of women: L. C. Hzlrrington, dean of the College of Engineering: O. lol. Thormiidsgzlrd, dean of the School of Lgtwg E. T. Towne, dean of tthe School of Commerce: Alfred Boyd, -lohn L. Hundley, C. XY. Telford and George C. XYheeler, faculty memhers at large. R. B. lVitmer, freshman adviser, and XY. E. Bridge, freshman engineers' adviser, are non-voting' memhers. R. O. Xllilson, registrzlr. serves as non-voting secretary of the committee. ll7l 1,iYH'w,-?4', DEAN ALICE HANSON Rf 111. e111111111s 1Y11111e11. s1111le11ts, XHLY t11e 11111st i11te1'esti11g 11f11ce 1i111 t11e is 11el11 by Alice H1111s1 111, Dean of lt is her -11511, 141 111lvise 111111 e111111sel t11e 1111111 111011 111111 11'11111e11. "'I'l1e i1111i1'11111111 st1111e11t's 1,1pi11i1111s are 111 p111'11111111111t i11111111't1111ce t11 this 11t11ee." Dean 11211151111 1111s s11i11. '1'1111, sl1e 1x'1111ts 111 keep 111e "1111'lc-step" 11111 111 e1111e111i1111. A1111 s11e is suc- Ceecling. lt IS El 11211111111 service 111111 is l'Cl111Cl'61,l by t11e 1102111 111 1Y11111e11's 11Hiee 11ee1111se it is l'C11f'lC1't'll 111 111116 111 110611-211111 there is 1111tl1i11g' 11e1111ite 111111111 111111 ti111e 111 11ee11. 1111 ll lJ11Sf' 11211 the Demi 111Zlj' see 50 S1111lCl11S, 11111s1 111 them C11l111I1Q' 1111 their 111111 v1111t11111. lj:2lC1l 11111' 111'111g's new 131.1111- 161115 141 s1.11x'e. new 11111'iee 111 11e given. 5111116 111 llCl' st111111111'11ize11 1111ties 111'e: liCCl7ll1g' 1111i1y Il11Cl1llZll1CC 1'ee111'11s, l111i11g the L111ive1's1ty's Reading the daily news Sophomores ballot in the library Stark beauty 1131 225 W s11ei11l e11le111l111'. se1'1'i11g HS el1ai1'1111111 of t11e S111- 11e11t .X1111i1's e11111111ittee, 111111 1111111i11ati11g 111e11111e1's 1111- the St1lC16l1t B1J111'1l 11f P11hlie11ti11115, i11 111111itio11 111 se1'1'i11g 1,111 1111111e1'1111s other e11111111ittees. She might 111s11 11e eallecl t11e a111'is111'y 1i111c between the L1lllY6l'Slfy 1111111 the f1'11te1'11ities and s131'o1'ities. De1111 1111115011 -111111611 t11e faculty i11 1938, s11eeee11i11g' Beatrice Xl. 01511111 She 1'eeeive11 her 11. A degree 1111111 t11e L'11ive1'sity 1,11 Mi1111es0tZ1. 111111 11e1' Xl. A. 11-11111 'l1e11e11e1's C1 11leg'e 1511 Colum- l1i11 U11i1'e1'sity, New York City. eaffege of Science, ' amldfuix HE COLLEGE UI" LIBERAL ARTS, nuw the College of Science, Literature anul Arts, in 1884 was the main tlepartnient uf the infant University of North Dakota. Dr. AVillia1n Blaclchurn, the lirst president, served as professor of metaphysics. Henry AiOIltgOl1lC1'A' taught natural sciences, AYebster Merrifield taught Greek and Latin, and Mrs. E. H. Scott was instructor in niatheniatics anrl English. These fuur faculty menihers served the seventy-nine stnclents that niacle up the Univer- DEAN WNI. G. BEK sity's twtal enrtilhnent. This was the heginning nf the Cwllege of Science, Literature anil Arts ancl, inmleeil, uf the entire University. Pre-requisites in law, cwnnnercc, clentistry anrl inerlicine are taught, as the sturlent wht: enters une uf these heltls inust cumplete twu years in Science, literature anal Arts. The schtml grants three unilergrafluate tlegrees - llacheliir inf Arts. Bachelur uf Science, anfl Bachelwr of Pliilusmpliy. A Alaster's clegree in Arts nr Science is grantecl upwn the g'ratluatc's cunipletirin uf a S21TiSfZlCfU1'A' year's xyiwk. Dean AA'illian1 fl. liek, heatl uf the ctillege, receiyerl his ll. A. ilegree ancl his Al. A. frinn the University uf Alissnuri. The University tif Pennsylvania granted hini his Ph.lJ. Dean liek succeetlerl Dean Yeriitui Squires, veteran faculty nieniher, in IQAO. Merrifield in summer Pearl Riveland helps out in geology A mathematician in the crowd? f19l DEAN E. T. TOWNE lellilili was a time when the nations future business men, large and small, received their Commercial training in the form of an apprentice- ship behind the corner stores cracker barrel and on the seat of a delivery bicycle. But times have changed. and with thc cracker barrel has gone this type of business preparation. lfor years the doctors. lawyers and engineers have had compulsory higher education, and today the insurance or business man is just as much in need of a college education as is the profes- sional man. 'lihe Unix'ersity's tfoinmerce School prepares the student for general business, accounting, banking and finance. insurance, merchandising, public administration, consular service, foreign trade and the teaching of commercial subjects. Gunderson ponders Prexy's house Just so simple School af e Dean of the school since its foundation as a separate unit in T925 has been li. T. 'liou'ue, who is also the author of several widely used text books on economics. Dean Towne graduated from State Normal at Oshkosh, XYiscousiu, received a B. L. degree from the University of XYisconsin. and did graduate work at the New York School of Philanthropy and the University of Nllisconsiu. He received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Halle. Germany. His fraternities are Phi Beta Kappa, scholarship, and lfleta ,Gamma Sigma, commerce. sczmzaf MillQl'Q and more "little red school houses," once the symbol of the prairie states. are disap- pearing trom Xorth Dakota. lhey are being replaced by both consolidated and single school systems. The teachers have changed, too. lt is no longer possible for a high school graduate to enter the teaching field. Largely responsible for these changes have been the teachers colleges at Minot, Mayville. Dickinson and Valley City. But the pioneer in DEAN J. V. BREITWIESER North llalcota was the School of Education at the University, which was established in the school's charter in 1885. Graduates of the school today receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. and the Bachelor's Diploma in Teaching. This diploma is accredited by the State Superintendent of Public lnstruction and is a lirst grade profes- sional certihcate in this state. The public high school, through an arrange- ment with the city of Grand Forks, serves as a laboratory for the department of education, aifording an excellent chance for practice and observation. bl. V. Breitwieser, dean of the school, is also director of the graduate division and the summer session Dean lireitxvieser, known for his work in educational psycliolog-y, has been xvith the University since IQ27. Registration for Education profs Prof. Rowland and his Nladrigai singers Know how to bind a book? l2l DEAN H. E. FRENCH U lilil,IliYlf the snliteriiig uf mzm. whether in il spirituztl wr physical wav. is vane wt the highest mmf the pimfessifnizil callings. Pri vl.mz1lJlv thc two hest friends uf Z1 ctvnnnnnitv are its tlwctm' and its minister. Nfwrth Ilztlwtzt, El rnrztl state. has mzinv Il town :ind village that has 110 phvsicizm. l'12llT1illCS in cwuntless smzill twxvns must rely in time nf need un it ductwr who lives in at l1Clg'lllNil'lllg' city, miles distzmt. Since 1905 the L'niversitv has been striving tw Iill this need for ductrirs. Altliwiigli the school dives nwt grunt :tn M. D. degree. it dues offer the lirst tive lztlim'z1tm'v veztrs int the crvmplete medical cwnrse. 'lb civmplete their training' and tn receive their M. ll. degrees, students must Qu to medical scliimls in clinical centers. After classes in Science She's holding that mouse In the dead of winter 22 I l Sahara! of ' 'ne livery vcztr, hmvever, iiiure than twice the number that can he ztcctinnnudztted apply for ztdinissicin. The sclicml has at faculty of twelve, headed bv Dean H. E. French. Born at Delhi, Indiana. Dean French has been head of the Scliool of Medicine since IQII. He received his A. B. at Nlhsliington State college, his M. S. from the Umvei-Sify of Chicago. and his M. D. from Nwrtlnvestern. Scfzaal of IDHMUCRA-'XCY'S FORT is the School of Law. XYords made timely by the European crises of today were xvritten for the 1937 Dacotah by Dean O. H. Thormodsgard. They bear repeating. "In an autocracy or dictatorship the need for lawyers is limited. In a representative form of government, however, democracy cannot survive xvithout layvyers, for the spirit of a free republic is laxv. The object of this laxv is to secure liberty for the individual and at the same time to control DEAN O. H. THORMODSGARD it, to give security and equal rights to all. Under a representative government, the individual should be protected against uncontrolled discre- tion on the part of government officials: he should have the right to be tried before independent judges and unbiased jurors: and he should have the opportunity to secure the counsel ul- trained men in lan '... An orderly government cannot exist ivithout this reign." This, wrote Dean Thormodsgard, is the func- tion of the law school - to train those men and women whose work it is to protect the individual in his personal and civil rights. A member of the Association of ,Nmericrui Law Schools. the University Law School is also approved by the Council on Legal Education of the American Bar Association. Veryl Clark and posters Gamma Ph! house at sunset Cannon in the coulee T23 DEAN L. C. HARRINGTON RANSPORTATIOX and connnunication. tl1ose magic words of Illt,Mlt.'1'lllfy, are calling to the college men of toclay. Aviation, raclio and television, hovvever, are only a sniall part of that extensive lielcl, engineering. The engineer! In college life he is the chaniois-jacketecl, corfluroyeml youth who has one of llltf toughest of study scl1etlules. He is, anfl has to he. an exceptionally liartl-working student. But when he leaves school he becomes :1 niotlern Merlin. He spans wide bays with mighty bridges, he dams the surging rivers, he brings electricity across states and into l1o111es, he lays the highways anfl pushes skyscrapers above the cities, he pnrilies thc water, he constructs the engine, he builtls the planes that ily tl1e oceans. Boulder Dani, the Clippers, the Empire State huillling- all are products of the engineer. Gene Reed at the forge It's the "Martian Men" At work in the lab 24 Cwefwf Z . . Tmlav tl1e L'niversity of North Dakota grants seven Bachelor of Science flegrees in engineering: mining. civil, electrical, n1echanical, cheniical, ceramic antl engineering. Dean of the school is L. C. Harrington, with the University since 1931. He received a Bachelor of Science ill Civil Engineering and a Mechanical Engineering clegree froni tl1e University Of 11it111g-1111. waxy, eazzege PRESIDENT C. L. WALLACE UXIQUIS in educational history as the pioneer example of an affiliation of church School and tax-supported institution. Wesley College was linked with the University in 1905. President Rohertson in that year drtw up the famous "Memorandum" with President Merrifield. ' Red River Valley University. in accordance with the plan. was moved from lVahpeton. N. Dak., to Grand Forks, and its name changed to Wlesley College. Provisions were made for an interchange of credits and Students. This agreement has operated successfully to this day. President of Wesley is C. L. XYallace. heading a faculty of eighteen. He and his staff maintain the Scliool of Religion, the Co1isei'vatory of Music. the Department of Speech and two dormitories. Students may receive a Bachelor's or a Master's degree from the School of Religion, in addition to the degree of Bachelor of Music. Sayre hall in summertime Daylight in the swamp! M R. O. WILSON R. Q. XYils-+n's experience at Northwestern. Rlrwntana, and Smith Daknta equipped him well f0r his position as registrar and secretary 0f the faculty, which he accepted in 1927. XVOrking under XYils0n is Miss Ruby M. Rlclienzie, assistant registrar. lfirst librarian uf the University was Professor Merriheld, later president of the schnnl. ln 1888 the library was a small one, lwcaled Hll the secnnd lliinr ul' Old Main. Today Miss Della Matliys has charge of the I20,000 y0lumes that c0mprise the University library. ,X member nf the faculty since 1903, .l. XV. XYillcers0n t00lc the newly- created position nf business manager in IQO6. He had been sssistant t0 the registrar. XYilkers0n. a C. P. A.. is in charge 0f all nnancial transactions of the sclimil, including student l0ans and accounts. He is assisted by Miss Ele0n0re Sk0n, cashier and ottice manager. DELLA MATHYS J. W. WILKERSON As superintendent of building and grounds, E. G. Felt is responsible for the University campus' reputation as a beauty spot in spring and sunnner. Felt's large staff maintains the buildings, golf course. football stadium and grounds, in addition to all the campus roads. His chief assistant is.Mrs. Velma Norton, xvho also directs the University telephone exchange. More than Soo students in seventeen states receive their education through the Division of Correspondence Study. Students in SI of the 53 North Dakota counties study under the direction of Miss M. Beatrice Johnstone, division director. J. V. lflreitwieser, dean of the School of lfducation, organized the Graduate Division of the University in its present forin. The school confers seven 1ll2lStC'1'iS and docto1"s degrees upon graduate students. The prograln of this division meets the standards set forth by the 3 American Association of Universities. 3 A M. BEATRICE JOHNSTONE J. V. BREITWIESER E. G. FELT Mabel Davies Dale Nordquist S 8 z' A TRIBUTE was paid the Student Eniploynient bureau at the 1938 conunencement exercises. Of the graduates, one-third had received federal aid at some time during their college lives. And of the 69 honors listed, 34 Capproxiniately one-halffl were awarded to students who had received federal aid. National Youth Administration students have consistently been above the University scholarship average. Another interesting' fact is that the last two Rhodes scholarship winners have been students who received NYA assistance. The Student Einploynient bureau is headed by Mabel S. Davies, who is also NYA director. An important division of the bureau is directed by Dale Nordquist, Director of Downtown lfniployinent. In addition to the 220 students on the NYA roles, 190 hold downtown jobs. Camp Depression houses 38 boys who work for their rooni. lf-281 my . 4 , 'U' rl 'i llr Roney Mr. Mason Mr. Webb Foss Nordquist Dean Hanson Mr. Boyd Mr. Eaton Szfpwlwz' Aga RUl3lo.EMS and decisions concerning campus activities and organizations are the business of the Student .Xffairs committee. ,X representative body, both students and faculty members have a voice. Four faculty members are appointed by the President of the University. and three students are named by the presidents of representative campus organizations, the Interfraternity Council, the Panhellenic Council and the Independent organization. Present members of the committee are Dean Alice M. Hanson, chairman: Frank bl. XVebb, Prof. R. H. Eaton, Prof. Sewell Mason, and Prof. Alfred Boyd, faculty rep1'esentatix'es: Don Roney, Interfraternity Council: Peggy Foss, Panhellenic Council: and Dale Nordquist, Independent students. Questions of a highly controversial nature that come before the committee may be appealed to the Aflniinistrative committee. Topics affecting L'nix'ersity policy or concerning the school in general are often referred to the .'Xdminis- trative committee for its consideration. Permanent chairman of Student Affairs is the Dean of XYomen. I 29 l dh wwf Mr. Robinson re-photographing to add to his already complete files. Dean Breitwieser and Dr. Selke exhibit some superior steak frying technique while Mr. Gill supervises. Dr. Oliver takes tlme out to look over his interesting set of slides, while Dr. Lodmell goes back to work with the microscope. Mr. Weber relaxes a minute. Professor Bjornson, journalism department head, takes over the sound effects for his weekly radio program. They're never too young, thinks Professor Howard. Dr. Russell relaxes to carve another pipe, his hobby. Mr. lVlcNaughton at work: Dr. Gillette ready to lecture. Next is Dr. Abbott followed by Miss Scott, busy weaving. Dr. Sayre makes a notation. F." ' 'Yi Vit? ' f .- .' . V- .K Mr?-L' '5.f, , f,,,r7w '- :ga f' "'- 195. 1 1 1, ,gfivzu ' .Vi 1,-my .fl..:,2m.M , " fu- 'K Q.:',,,-T' ', ,, 'I' . ' fa ,- 1' '-,YR , gym 1 A 2, ' '1'1'ft.-1 'x q QM I f4j1Q,, H53-if-:Q W xf:i3v jx-W-,,.n, 1.23, L' -1 i fHT'.R'1fff-' X A il Y f 425 , 1 1 1 1 1 , I 'I x 9 ,- ' I A 1 4 f V 1 - F. 11, f 'f -' K . 'di 1 vii . X3 , , gf: , , w ',l'. I -'lf 1 114' c-' - Z' fff N ,',:,. X f,- ,- "' r .' V , A ef X, ,X Sf fi.. .. 21 .:j,' x , ' ,Q --I, 1 - , ,, '- '-'fx wx- fgw 1.-1 f., A gr , , V Q7'?if3i,3 2 .rg-ff fr' r , f 1?1f'1'-f1'1 ' 1 4? w X Q,-'. 1: --.. , V A 'X ' A N ' ," 4 ' ' 1 Ganiwh Class Officers Senior Class Whds Who QW f ETTER ORGANIZATION was the keynote which marked the activities of all four classes at the University this year. Throughout the divisions there seeinecl to be a stronger tendency toward cooperation. both within and between classes, than there has been in previous years. This point was most strongly emphasized in the union of the two upper classes to give to the stuclents a "bigger and betteru junior-senior prom. In other years, two spring proms were helfl, with rather unsatisfactory results. This spring, with the combination of the two classes. it was possible to contract a larger banrl to play for the prom. This markeil the hrst time in seven years that a "big name" bancl hacl playecl for a University flance. X Sophomores gainerl recognition this year by sponsoring an all-campus informal in March. Lialleml the Silo Stomp. the party stressed infor- mality in contrast to the spring formal season. Plannell as an annual alifair, the Stomp gives sturlents who feel proms are too expensive an opportunity to attend one all-campus spring party. .luniors macle a clean sweep of Carney this year, The class won First prize at the annual February song fest, and Grant Herreicl, junior choregus, reeeiverl the awarml for the best original song. 1, lfrosh XYeek early in May. gave the freshman class a ghance to prove their existence on the campus. The week was a new irlea, conceived by this year's class council. The week eombinecl freshman honors anwl activities. Two banquets were helll at which honors were given to out- stancling first-year stuclents. .Xctivities for the week eenterecl about a hobnob and a night at the Yarsity club clevoterl to the freshmen.. Torfto bottom: Senior class officers Nlcl.ellan, McCosh. King and Walsh step gaily off. Svare chats with three coeds who head the junior class - Fursteneau, Oppegard and Rodger. Sophomores Johnson. Dragge, Allen and Cogh- Iarr plan the Sophomore Stomp. Frosh council meets to plan "Freshman Week." Seated are Bakke, Brainard, Heen, l-lage. Standing, Heen, Ness, Staley. l3+l f A X c -..4 B i.,.?l 5.5, B 3, Lawyers NlcLellan and Nordquist leave the campus for a Roman holiday a la Kleveland Grocery. That "robot" is George Vaughan, engineer in disguise, caught by the camera. Birdeen Gibson, student and painter, with a self portrait and some of her other work. lt's filling the kiln in the ceramics department for this student, and learning housewifely duties for "Barb" Norman pictured in the practise house kitchen. Anna Peterson, only woman engineer, in action, followed by the memorable "Kaptain and the Kid." Registration daze fa la Timmy. A working day for journalists Dill, Auerbach, Timm and Asleson QHerald officey. A Camp Depression bull session. Tommy Kleveland - he forsook the Dacotah for this. E351 tl i' ilu 2.5, 4. t 'S Dorwin Aas Law New Rockford .Xlpha Tau UIWWHH- KHP' pa Kappa Psi, Phi Delta Phi. C'oi1cr'rt hand. lntra- mural vulleyhall, base- ball. basketball. Hazel Alexander Education Jamestown tlamtna Phi Beta. Y. XV. C. .X., Arts antl Crafts. Toast of the Regiment TSS. Helen Anderson Commerce Grand Forks l'hi Chi The-ta. Y. XY. ti .t.. L. S. A. William B. Armstrong Medicine Fargo Alpha Tau filflltlgfl., N. D. .X. t'. Benjamin Bakkegard Education Fullerton Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Delta Kappa, llanrl. Xlatlrigal cluli. ilreliestra, Fllt-ntlalc Normal. R0bEI'f Baumann Law Westhope .tlplva 'l'au tlnn-ga. Mad- rigal t-lull. Leo Bell Commerce Cavalier alilit-ta Chi. Beta Alpha 'si. Kenneth Berg Commerce Grand Forks Phi lfta Fiuma, Reta .Xl- pha Psi. Dc-lta Sigma Pi, Kappa Kappa Psi. llcta tiamma Sigma, Concert ltantl. Concert orchestra. Alatlrigal. l..S.A., Spring Tour soloist. Nlaflan Albertson S., L., A. Rugby A. D. T.. XV. A. A., Glee cluli. Pittsliurg l'nirersity. Edward L.. Alm Commerce Fargo Sigma Chi, Beta Alpha Psi. N, D, .t. C. John A. Anderson Law St. Thomas Edith Asheim Education Buxton tlanuna l'hi lleta, ltlnr- tar llnartl. Playmaker president, National Col- legiate Playmakers, Zeta Phi Fla. Rarlin Playrnak- ers. Horntumtiiig Queen '37. Vice-president Junior class, L. S. A, James D. Barger Medicine Linton Kappa Sigma. Newman rluli. llonicemninf: Com- initttw. Track. Frttsh traek. Michael W. Beckman S.. L., A. Lakota , . . . , lln .Xlpha lzpsil-tn, Bew- man club, tieolttgy Club. Byerg Benson Education Upham Nu Delta l'i, Madrigal cluli, Pcnates, N. D. Schnttl of For:-stry. Doris Berquist S.. L., A. Crookston, Minn. Delta Gamma president, French club, Dacotalt liusincss staff, Y. XV. C. A. vice president. Y. XV. C. A. financial chairman '37. 0 William Aldrich Law Hankinson Phi Delta Phi. State School of Science. Elmer Anderson Education St. Thomas Lamhda Chi Alpha. Rlaclrigal club president. Senior choregus. Erwin Anzjon Commerce Jamestown Tau Kappa Epsilttn, Scallllartl anrl lllaclc, R. 4 l. T. C., Hockey. Osmond Baggenstoss Medicine Dickinson l'hi Delta Theta. Intra- mural liaskctball. touch- lwall. Lenore Baukol S., L., A. Noorran Kappa .Xlpha 'l'ht'ta, St. tllaf tltllegt-. Theodore Beeman LEW JHl1'1eS'lOWf1 Delta 'llau Delta president. llelta hignia Pi. llesperia, Scalmliard and lllade, assistant Ilmneconiing chairman, fluninr prom tnanznqer. Sigrid Benson S., L., A. Upham l'hi'l'lieta Kappzulladrigal cluli, N. D. School of Forestry. Arley Ft. Bjella Law Epplng Theta Chi, Beta Sigma Alpha. of 1939 r .,.. l .. X H K' -ski d ' is - NX ,ie ,,., . i -'flora ul 2' g A"': X Flobert Blatherwick Medicine Van Hook Sigma Chi, Iowa U. John D. Bonzer Medicine Lidgerwood Sigma Chi, Tennis team. Willis J. Brown Commerce Ellendale Sigma Chi, Beta Alpha Psi Mildred Burns Law Grand Forks Delta Delta Delta, De- bate team, Delta Sigma Rho, Mortar Board '38, XYho's XVho '3. Bernard Carter S., L., A. Grand Forks A. D. T.. Madrigal. George A. Clayton Commerce Grand Forks Sigma Chi. Scabbard and Blade, president. R.O.'1'.C. William H. Connolly Commerce Devils Lake Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Sigma Pi. Mary Lou DeMouIly Law Flasher Delta Delta Delta, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Kappa Beta Pi, Law school queen. Edmund Bolstad Education Fertile, Minn. Intramural basketball, A. S. C., Bethany College. Montelle Boone Engineering Grafton Theta Chi, Sigma Tau, A. C: E., Rifie team, R. 0. 'I. C. Alta Burdick S., L., A. Grand Forks Delta Zeta. Beverly Ann Bushaw Education' Grand Forks Delta Delta Delta, presi- dent, Delta Phi Delta, president. Y. AY .C. A., president, Dean's council, Grey Gown, VVho's XVho. Joyce B. Cawley Education lnkster Penates, XY. A.. A., Pi Lambda Theta, Nu Delta Pi. Zeta Phi Eta, Play- niakers. Radio Playmakers. Ross Colberg Commerce Bismarck Kappa Sigma, William L. Cox Commerce Edmore Theta Chi, Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi, Play- makers, R. O, T. C., In- tramural sports, L. S. A. John J. Devich Engineering Buhl. Minn. Phi Alpha Epsilon, Blue Key, Sigma Tau. AIEE. Football, Track, Virginia College. Erling Bolstad Engineering Fertile, Minn. Blue Key, Phi Eta Sigma, Editor, N. D. Engineer, Sigma Tau, Sigma Xi. Sigma Tau Award, Boise Award. Ordean L. Brekke Engineering Blaisdell l'l-i Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Tau. A. I. C. E.. Minot State Teachers College. Peter R. Burich Law Grand Forks Sigma Alpha Epsilon, laskethall. Greely State Teachers College. Clerorr J. Carpenter Commerce Crockston, Minn. Kappa Kappa Psi, Band. l'. of Minnesota. Roy W. Christtiarison Education Edmore Boxing, Marie Coman S., L., A. Bismarck Chi Omega. Phi Chi Theta. president, Y, XV. C. A., secretary, Panhel- lenic, Dean's council. Ruth Davies Commerce Grand Forks Pi Beta Phi, Dacotah board, Womens League, vice president. Walter Lee Dunbar S., L., A. Grand Forks Vamhda Chi Alpha, R. O. T. C. - .fiat J' I l i ful I t ii as .-.s C ,. I P-1, . if Lil Y t I 5, w 5 i i Hazel Durfee Education Reeder lizippzi .Xlqphn Theta. I' I.:imhrlu lin-tn, XX, 1X. .X Margaret Erickson S., L., A. Sheyenne lie-ilfigy cluli. seen,-t:ii'X' Louis G. Eschenberg Education Wooster, Ohio .Xlplizi lzin tinn-gn. litm- ing tunxn, Kvnt State. Frances Follis S., L., A. Botiineau N. li. Srlnlnl ..l 11.,l-Q-.iw Larry Forest Law Brinsmade Nigmu .Xlphzi lzpsili,-n. Arthur R. Friesz Commerce iviandan lietzl 'lihi-in l'i, Ilultzl Sigma Rho, Nziliiinzil L'iillt'gi:xlL' l'l:1yt'1's, Plzly- niziki-rs. R. ll, T. V., Sczililwzirtl :intl lilzule. In- ti':lmui':il liqisullglll. lloinu- cmniilg riiinlnlttcc, 'Z!N. Wilbur Gardner Engineering Kenmare S-ignin 'l':iii, l'hi Tlwtri lxzlppn, liiwillg, N. ll. Sch- ml til I1 -li'vsi1'y. Birdeen Gibson S., L., A. Neche ilcitzl l'hi licltzl. Malford Eid Commerce Grand Forks Naomi Erickson Commerce McGregor XX. .X. .X.. X. XX. t. .X.. Ili-:in s Council, Earl Ferry Education Manvel Ira V. Fordyce S.. L.. A. Oakes Sigma .Xlphzi lipsiliin. R. Il, 'l'. Lf, Rillt- li-mn. Peggy Foss Education Christine lxzippxl .Xlphri 'l'ht'l:i. Klint' im. Nu Iiultzi l'i. l'i lgimliilzi 'l'ht-txi, lk'fin's 1" uncil. Stuilt-in .Xi'i':ii1's. Xitlfllll' lliialwl. prcsiilcni. l'cn:iius, pix-siiln-iii, llinnc- L'-iining Qliui-11.'I5li, XX'ho's XX'l1n. Lawrence C. Gaebe Medicine New Salem Iiignizi .Xlphn Izpsilun. Helen Gavere Commerce Grand Forks l'lli L'lii 'l'lii-lil, .X. lJ.'l'.. Y. XX'. tfr .X., l.:i1'in1ori' hull. presuli-nt. Eva Gilbertson Medicine Maddock tliiicoi-lliri Ctilli-gc. O Grace Erickson Education Grand Forks lleltri tizirnnia, Playmak- ers. Ilancc club, president, XXI .X. .X. Ann Ertresvaag S., L., A. Bottineau Iizippu .Xlphn Theta, Nu llcltzi l'i. Y. XV. C. A. sunitii' Cziliinct. Pennies. .Xrts :intl t"i'afiS, N. D. Sclitinl of i'AOl'SSl1'X'. Eleanor Flett Education Winnipeg, Manitoba .Xlphzl l'hi. XVomcn's Langue. pry-si-.lent. French chili. IR-iizites, Pnnhellcnic tlclcgzitu tn natiiinzil con- it-niinn. TIN, XX', A. li-izml. lk-xiii! council. Y, XX'. C. .X. Matthew L. Foreman Engineering Columbus .X. S, Rl. lf.. Newman chili. Morris N. Friedman Engineering Grand Forks l'hi litzi Sigma, Sigma Tau, .X. l.C.E. presitlcnt. Charles Gairror Commerce Milnor 'limi lizippri Epsilon, Blue Key, lfniillizill. co-criptain. TEN. .Xll Conference '37, 'l'1':ick. Wilbur J. Gehrke Commerce Crosby 'liziu Kzippil lfpsilrnl, Finit- ball. Jane Gilbertson S., L., A. Devils Lake Kappa .Xlphn Theta, XX'mncn's. League board, Y. XV. C. A., Carleton Col- lege. of 1939 John Glslason Medlclne Grand Forks Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Isappa Psi, Phi Beta Ixappa, Blue Key, Con- cert band, Board of Publications, Y. M. C. A., president, German club, Sophomore class presi- dent. Enid Godwin Commerce Mandan Pi Beta Phi, Phi Chi 'l'heta, Barnard College. Clarice Granrud Education Crosby Chi Omega, A. D. T. Robert Gunderson S., L., A. Aneta Sigma Nu, Dakota Stu- dent business manager, lnterfraternity council. Evelyn Hager Education Grand Forks Y, NY. C. A., L. S. A. Jeanette Halvorson Commerce Crookston, Minn. Delta Gamma. Leonard Hardland Engineering Petersburg A. I. E. E. Cecille Henry S., L., A. Jamestown Gamma Phi Beta, presi- dent, Playmakers, Pan- hellenic, president. Thomas Glasscock Medicine Hawarden, Iowa Phi Delta Theta, Inter- fraternity glee club, Track. Myron Goughnour Medicine Hazelton State School of Science. Marian Griffith S., L., A. Grand Forks Delta Gamma. Edward Hagan, Jr. Medicine Williston Kappa Sigma, Intramural sports, Newman club, German club. U. of Min- nesota. J. Thomas Haigh S., L., A, Golva Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vrchestra, Homecoming committee '33, St. Nor- bert College. Chester N. Halvorson Commerce Northwood Delta Tau Delta, Kappa Kappa Psi, Concert band, Y. M. C. A. Edith Harris S., L., A. Grand Forks Nu Delta Pi, Penates, Phi Beta Kappa. Lorraine Highum S., L., A. Grand Forks Alpha Phi. James Glyer S., L., A. Grand Forks Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sig- ma, Oratory, Hesperia, Y. M. C. A., secretary, Grey Gown. Blue Key, Peace council, president, XVho's NVho, Rhodes Fin- alist. Donald Grarigaard Law Willmar, Minn. Wayne Grimm Law Hurdsfield l'hi Delta Phi. Dorothy Hagen Education Ray Gamma Phi Beta, presi- dent, Maflrigal accompan- ist, Glee club accompan- ist. Dean! council, Arts and Crafts. Junior Carney accrnnpanist. Eloise J. Halvorsen Education Granid Forks Chi flmega. Sigma Alpha lota, llrchestra. Weyman Hanson S., L., A. Rhame l'hi Alpha Epsilon. John B. Hart Law Mylo Theta Chi. Jean Hoagland S., L., A. New Rockford l'i Beta Phi. Associate editor, Dakota Student. YRS. Matrix, president, Zeta Phi Eta, president. '38, Y. XV. C. A. Big Sis- ter chairman. '38, Dean's council, Grey Gown, '38. Editor-in-chief 1939 Daco- tah yearbook, NVho's XVho. I ll Y Qi! of 1939 ,lfgqhggjfsrl in N:,ag,,g.Ti'Vt' .....4f,i' ,H 1 Q if N,-4 of ' A 1 C-I I . '- 5 1 l Herbert J. Hoff Engineering Bismarck Helen Hulick Education Grand Forks Delta Zeta. Marguerite E. lsakson S., L., A. Northwood Gamma Pl1i Beta, Nor- wegian club. president. Penates, Arts and Crafts. Harvey J. Johnson Engineering Grand Forks A. S. C. E. Robert M. Johnson S., L., A. Minot l'hi Della Theta, Debate, Nlinnt State Teachers Col- lege. Donald Jorgenson Commerce Grand Forks Delta Tau Delta, Kappa Kappa Psi, president. Concert band, vice presi- llent. Edward M. Kavanaugh Engineering Crary Sigma Tau, A. I. E. E., Newman club. Jeanne M. King Education Langdon Gamma Phi lleta. Mortar Iloarcl, Playmakers, Mad- rizal, Senior class, treas- urer, Dean's council. XVomen's League board, Y.XV. C.A. senior cabinet. Hollis B. Hoff S., L., A. Cooperstown Sigma Nu, Sigma Delta Chi, Dakota student, Da- cotah stalt, Radio news commentator, U of Colo- rado. John Humphrey Engineering Bismarck Kappa Sigma. Donald Jacobson Commerce Crosby Kappa Sigma. Football. Horace Johnson S., L., A. Cheyenne, Wyo. lglaslcetball, Football, '1 'ra ck. Vern Johnson Commerce Grand Forks Joseph W. Jurrgers Engineering Regent Lowell E. Kees Commerce Beulah Beta Sigma Alpha, Da- kota Student staff. Erling Knapp Commerce Binford Sigma Chi, president, lllue Key, Alumni Rea view. business manager. Dakota Student. business manager, '38, Hobnob committee. 0 Angela Hogan S.. L., A. Minot Kappa Alpha Theta. Delta Phi Delta. Oscar C. Isaacson Commerce Middle River, Minn. A. D. T., International Relations club, L. S. A. Emll Johnejack Law Grand Forks Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Martha Lou Johnson Commerce Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta. Phi Chi Theta, Playmakers, Y. XV. C. A., St. Olaf College. Kenneth Johnson Commerce Center Kappa Sigma. Beta Alpha l'si, Montana School of Mines. Kathleen M. Kane S., L., A. Grand Forks Sigma Epsilon Sigma. tlrev Gown, Board of Publications, secretary, XV. A, A., Newman Club. Merlin Kilen S., L., A. Stanley Lambda Chi Alpha. presia dent, Sigma Delta Chi. Hand, Intramural hockey, Touclhball, Basketball, Homecoming committee, Carney committee, '38, Tnterfraternity council. William Knezevich Law Beach l'hi Alpha Epsilon. Vir- ginia Junior College. l Leslie A. Kremer Medicine Linton Kappa Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, C-erman club, Interfra- ternity glee club, Student Board of Publications, Intramural sports, Y. M. C. A. Gordon Lee Engineering Fingal Sigma Tau, A. I. M. E., lloxing. lntramural base- hall. Doris Lemke S., L., A. Devils Lake Chi Umega, Nu Delta Pi, Penates, Panliellenic, Y. XY. C. A. Bruce McArthur Engineering Enderlin Sigma Tau. North Dakota Engineer, bus. mgr., En- gineers council, president, A. l. M. E. Bill McCosh S., L., A. Valley City Sigma Chi, Blue Key, Basketball, co-captain '33, Intramural board, Iron Mask. Homecoming chair- man. Grey flown, lVho's lYlm. Tommy McGrath s., l.., A. Sheldon Phi lleta Kappa, Quill club, Peace council, A. S. V., Rhodes scholar. Adrian McLellan Law Larimore Blue Key. past president, '37, Regional Director, Iron Mask, Debate Team. lfratory, lYinner King anrl Merrilield contests. Dacotah yearbook. busi- ness manager, '37, '3S. Delta Sigma Rho. presis dent. Junior class. presi- dent, lYho's lVh0, '37, Grey Gown, '37, Hohnoh committee chairman. Charlotte Maloney S., L., A. Grand Forks Penates, Nu Delta Pi, ll'eElS'Lll'el'. lvy Kvernstoen Commerce Sanish Delta Zeta, Phi Chi Theta, XV. A. A., Y. XV. C. A. Pep club. Howard I. Lee Commerce Eau Claire, Wis. lleta Theta Pi, Delta Sigma Pi. William C. Lontz S., L., A. Fargo Siguia thi. William R. McArton Education Johnstown Mayville State Teachers College. Ross H. McEnroe Law Grand Forks Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ln- terfraternity council. Hugh A. Mclntosh S., L.. A. Mohall James McNeil Commerce Mirrnewaukan Theta Chi, R. O. T. C., Delta Sigma Pi, Intra- mural hasehall. Francis W. Maxwell Engineering Belcourt Sigma Tau. R. U, T. C.. captain. 1939 Archie Kuoppala Law Brocket Ely Junior College, Irene C. Legge Education East Grand Forks Playmakers. Madrigal. Sterling Loomis Commerce Houston, Texas Jauiestmyn College. Thomas McCarty Commerce Forest River 'l'au Kappa Epsilon. i James E. McGrath Commerce Emerado liantl. Norma McKenzie Commerce Crookston, Minn. Pi Beta Phi, Phi Chi Theta. Curtis R. Malm Commerce Grand Forks Sigma Chi, Beta Alpha Psi. Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, flrcliestra. Ralph Molbert Commerce Tappen l'l1i Alpha Epsilon, State School of Science. 1 if 1 'zz . 1 l s . .. Y. ,i . ' 'll ' . y . ., X ' 4 l .,l 1 , 1 iw, '..- Q-ful., 1. if iii li '.. qw' AI Monico Education Nashwauk, Minn. l'hi Alpha Epsilon, Foot- li:iIl, lifrestling, Hiblningf ,lunnir College. Perry W. Moothart Law Carrdo Tau Kappa Epsilon, pri-siilc-nl. Phi Della Phi. Bill Murray Law Bismarck Sigma Nu, Phi Delta Phi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band. llrclit-stra. Dakota Stu- ilt-nt. Y. M. C, A. cabinet, lntt-rfratcrnity council, Carlton Nelson Law Fargo Sigma tihi. Sealilmrii and lilailc. Wilmer Newton Law Sheldon Kappa Kappa Psi, secre- tary, l"rt-sliinan Law Class. tim-zisiirrr. liaml, lilirarizin, lntrxunnrzil sports. Milton Nugent Medicine Aberdeen. S. D. Iii-ta Theta Pi, Band. Nilrtlii-rn Slate Teachers liwllugv. M. Lorraine O'Keefe S., L., A. Grand Forks Kappa ,Xlplia Theta. Herbert A. Patenaude Commerce Crookston, Minn. Eleanore R. Moore S., L., A. Grand Forks lbcllzi Gamma. Harry O. Mowery Law Fargo Kappa Sigma. Pi Epsilon liulta, Phi Delta Phi. I'laymakcrs, Radio Play- inakers, lnterfraternily 4-lliinril, president. Hope Myklebust Commerce Fairdale Helen Claire Nelson S., L., A. Rugby lit-ltgi liammfi. lf. of Klin- llvhilriil. Dale Nordquist Law Underwood l'lii lit-ta Kappa, Blue Key. lriin mask. Delta Signia Rho, Grey timvn iiiurslial, XYho's XVho, Varsity ilulmte. Republic- an iii-atilrical contest, 3rd in nxitilinal. Schafer prize, llligiril of Publications, president, Hesperia, XX'liil's XYho uf American l'nivt-rr-ities and Colleges, lnilt-pi-nilent chairman, liirt-ctor of Student Em- plliyinent. James F. O'Brler1' Commerce Grafton Signin .Xlpha Epsilon. in- lrsilillirril spliriS. Lyle Omdahl Commerce Devils Lake liuta .Xlpha Psi. president. Kappa Kappa Psi. Hes- peria. l.. S. A., Delta Sigina Pi, Concert band, lnlrantui-al sports, Inde- pi-nilvnt council. Donn Pepke S., L., A. Minot Sigma Chi, Scabhard and Illzidc, Basketball captain, IM.-tlizill. R. U, T. C. G' George Montelth S., L., A. Hazelton lit-ta Theta Pi. Alphonse V. Muggle Engineering Glen Ullin A, S. C. E., R. O. T. C. Don Nabseth Medicine Butte Sigina l'l1i, Jamestown tiiillcgc. Jeanne Nelson Education Grand Forks Rl ailrigal, Radio Play- niaki-rs. Jeannette Norris S-, L., A. Grand Forks l'lii Beta Kappa, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Grey iiiiwn, Clee club. Ruth Elaine Odegard S., L., A. Grand Forks Sigma Alpha Iota, Mor- tar Board, Big Sister, Grey liown. Carney committee, Y. XV. C. A. Harris R. Owens Commerce Bismarck Stale Sclmfil of Science. Erik D. Peterson Engineering Jamestown l', of liilinnesnta. of 1939 mm 49 '4 .," . ' - 5- MYNY-2M4P"? e 4? v-, .S wi Violet V. Peterson Education East Grand Forks Chi Omega, Sigma Alpha Iota, XVomen's glee club, flrchestra, NV. A. A, Dorothy Ramler S., L., A. Grand Forks Delta Gamma. Mary Rector Education Langdon Kappa Kappa llamiua. N. ll, AX. LI Harvey Rice Engineering Crary A. S. C. R. U. T. C. Phyllis Roethke Commerce Towner .Xlpha Phi. Henry Ruemmele Law Ashley Kappa Sigma, Phi Delta Phi, King of Law school '37, Queen of Law school '36, Junior class secretary. intramural Board of Con- trol. Lois Ryan S., L., A. Grand Forks Gamma Phi Beta. Penates. Plavmakers, Newman club. vice president. Paul W. Scharnmel S., L., A. Kenmare Lambda Chi Alpha, New- man club, International Relations club, Dacotah statt, Intramural sports. Bob Plunkett Engineering Grand Forks Kappa Sigma. Ruth A. Rand Education Bismarck Sigma Alpha Iota. NVQ- men's glee club, Univer- sity orchestra. Carney sting committee, Arnold Rice Commerce Grand Forks R fl T K' Millicent Richter S., L., A. Grand Forks Nu Delta Pi, Playmakers, Madrigal, Bemidji Teach- ers College. Anita Roisum Education Grand Forks Delta Zeta, Pi Lambda Theta. KV. A. A. president, Dean's council, Panhel- li'l1lC. Myron H. Russ Engineering St. John Theta Chi, R. O. T. C., A. S, C. vice president. Engineers council, North Dakota Engineer, associ- ate eilitor. Harvey B. Saldin Engineering St. Thomas Sigma Tau, Engineering council, A. S. ll. E., En- gineers Day chairman. Kenneth Schlasinger S., L., A. Streeter Sigma Delta Chi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Concert band, associate editor of the Student, Homecoming committee, Sayre hall, vice president. 1939 Frederick D. Pollard Education Chicago, Ill. XVh0's Wiho, Football, All Conference, '37, Track, Boxing, Cllympic hurdler, Conference record, hur- dles, Brown University. Margaret Ray S., L., A. Dickinson .Xlpha l'hi, College of St. filthcrinc. Harry Rice Commerce Grand Forks .Xlpha Tau Umega, Beta .Xlpha Psi, Scabbard and lilade, Dacotah staff, '38, TEH, Student stadf, Intra- mural S1101'IS. Bruce Rinker Law New Rockford bigma .Xlpha Epsilon. Percy T. Rudlang Education Abercrombie Valley City State Teach- ers College. Jean Ruud S., L., A. Grand Forks Delta Gamma. Grace Sands Education Alvarado, Minn. Pi Lambda Theta, presi- dent, Penates, Nu Delta I'i. Band. Rachel Schoenig Education Adams Peuates, Pep club, XY. A. A., vice president, XYomen's League board, Urchesis, secretary. .Vrv . 'is 51 1' rg , Q' . : -. fw- .f' ti ' Iv . ' A 'Q QT' --.A F1 . I' .if k Ji 31i5,1i':iS4' --1,1 , I g .' il' Pak .' f, 'MZ , .- I t Mat . Charles E. Schroeder Commerce Westhope Alpha Tau Omega, Intra- mural sports, R. U. T. C-. lntei-fraternity glee club, Newman club. Robert Sebbo Education Milwaukee, Wls. Beta Theta Pi, Delta Phi Delta, Scabbard and lllade. Football, Track. XYrestling, U. of Minne- -alta. Jelmer B. Shjeflo Engineering Medora Sigma Alpha Epsilon, In- tramural sports, Dickin- sl.mStatc-Teacliers College. Vivienne Skadsdamen Education Arlene Skredsvig Education Powers Lake liamma Phi Helix. Ruth Sorlie Commerce Grand Forks 1. Alpha l hi. Madelon Stephenson Education Williston l'i lleta Phi. Delta Phi llelta. Fredericksburg College for XVomen. Bjarne N. Svare Law Grenora Kappa Sigma. Marion E. Schutt Education Grand Forks Delta Gamma, Y. W. C. A., XV. A. A.. Orchesis, Moor- head F-tate Teachers Col- lege. Albert G. Selke S., L., A. Grand Forks Phi Beta Kappa, Blue Key. Phi Delta Kappa, Y. M. C. A., president, lndependent chairman, Mayville State Teachers College. Sam Silverman Law Grand Forks Phi Eta Sigma, Debate, Stockwell prize, Quill Club. Peggy Jane Skeels S., L., A. Bismarck Delta Gamma, Phi Beta Kappa. Rlortar board. Playmakers, Y. XV. C. A. Senior cabinet, Deans council, Dacntah staff. Chester Sorenson Commerce Lakota Ralph Stearns Engineering Antler Gilman A. Strand S., L., A. Portland Theta Chi, Scalmbarcl and lilaclc, l nterfraternity glee Club, Blatlrigal. R. O.T. C. Russell Swendseid Commerce Marmarth 'l'het:1t'l1i.PhiEta Sigma, lleta iiamma Sigma, Hes- peria. president, Dacotah stall, lleta Alpha Psi, llulta Sigma Rho, Blue Key, Y. M. C. A., Grey Gown. Shaeffer award, lletalian1maSigma awarrl, llehate. Gilbert Schwartz Commerce Mandan Delta Sigma Pi, Band Alaririgal. Mary Kathryn Sell S., L., A. Grafton Alpha Phi, Nu Delta Pi, Sigma Epsilon Sigma French club, Penates Newman cluh, Y. XV. C. A Virginia Ann Sinner S., L., A. Grand Forks Alpha Phi, Newman club. TFSSSLITEF. Alex W. Skoropat Law Wilton 'l'au Kappa Epsilon, New- man eluh. George Sorlie Law Buxton l'hi Alpha Epsilon, De hate. Marvin E. Steffen Commerce Parshall Lamlmcla Chi Alpha N. D. A, C. Paul B. Stratte Medicine Grand Forks Sigma Chi, Track. Doris B. Swenson Commerce Thompson nf 7939 is S ,x , X , - . xt ,. , ,p hr sv is ' .,,., 'M' .. ...Y,, Q, 5 Y - , . . , . Q. Rx S ' Gi Merton E. Swenson Commerce Crookston, Minn. Kappa Kappa Psi, Concert band, president, Concert orchestra, Hubert D. Thomte S., L., A. Lisbon Scahhartl and Blade. Rifle team, fail:-t Colonel. H. Harper Thorpe Medicine New Rockford Sigma Chi. Playmakers, Radio Playmakers, Inter- fraternity glee Club, Intra- mural sports. Warren A. Tripp S., L., A. Marmarth Daclilali siaH', William C. Van Horne Commerce Minot Sigma Alpha Epsilon, lieta .Xlphri Psi, Play- niakers. Robert Vogel Law Bismarck Phi Delta Theta, Delta Sigma Rho, Hesperia, past president. Janet Wallace S., L., A. Grand Forks Chi ilmega. president, Zeta Phi Eta, secretary. Playmakers. secretary, Radio Playmakers, Macl- rrigal, I Zrchestra, secretary, ljlee club, Panhellenic, !4QLIA?iZl'I'y. Loraine Whitcome Commerce Jamestown Gamma Phi Beta, Play- makers, Radio Playinak- mrs, -laiiiustowii College. Eldred M. Swingen Commerce Hannaford Sigma Chi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma. Delta Sigma Pi, Dacotah staff, Homecoming com- mittee Ruth Thoreson S., L., A. York Delia firnnina, Penates, Y XY C' X Bert Timm S., L., A. Wishek Sigma Delta Chi. Student editor, lilnc Key, XVho's Who, P'hi Beta Kappa. lron Mask. Phi Eta Sig- ma, president, Grey Gown marshal, Soplioiiioie class presirleiil. Joyce Umlauf Commerce Grand Forks l'i lie-ta Phi, l'hi Chi 'l'ln-la. Adrian J. Vaksvik Engineering Grand Forks Sigma Tau. A. l, E. E.. N. ll. Engineer, adver- tising inanagrr. Paul H. Wachter Law Bismarck Phi Delta Theta. Arthur Walper Commerce Grand Forks Kappa Kappa Psi, Band. Helen Wilson S., L., A. Frederick, S. D. l'hi Iieia Kappa, Sigma Yi " . . .X. IJ, l. 1939 Orpha Thompson Education Grand Forks Pi Lambda Theta, secre- tary, Nu Delta Pi. Mrs. M. Thorleifson Education Grand Forks XYon1ei1's glee club, W, A. A. secretary, Ur- chesis, Darrel G. Topp Commerce Grace City Phi Alpha Epsilon, In- ternational Relations chili, vice president. Gordon A. Utke S., L, A. Enderlin Delta Tau Delta. Seab- hard and Blade, Junior prom committee, Interna- tional Relations club. Edgar Vie Engineering Braddock .X. S. l'. lf. Verone Wagness Education Lakota Kappa Alpha Theta, Madrigal. Y. XV. C. A., ilrchesis. Stanley Walsh Law KCDSBI A. T, Cl., president. Blue key, president, Dacotah annual, business manage er, NYho's Xtho, Hobnob committee. Cavaliers, Senior class, Secretary, lnterfraternity council. Newman club. XVho's Xtho in .Xmerican Col- 'rges anil l'niversities. Muriel Wynne Education St. Thomas l"layn1ake-rs, Madrigal, secretary, Davis hall. president. XV. A. A. board, St.'l'homas ClLllJ,lJ'l'ESlCl6.'l'lt. National Intercollegiate Players. ' I. -' 334. l T . J' ui' 1 l . ..i i ' Tommy McGrath, University Rhodes Scholar lVIcGrath and Glyer, runner-up, R S THIS FALL Tommy McGrath of Sheldon will board a liner from New York to England to be the tenth University Rhodes scholar to study at Oxford since Henry Hinds Went across the water in 1904. McGrath was elected this year's scholar last fall after a series of examinations here, at Fargo and in XYashington, where the regional iinals were held. Interested in literature, Tommy expects to spend his time at Oxford continuing his studies of English literature. XYhen he has finished his two-year course there he will either teach, enter the journalism profession or devote his time to writing. 461 after examination During his studies at the University, McGrath has written several poems and short sketches of prose. Last year he had one of his poems pub- lished in an anthology of verse, "Best Poems of 1937" 'l'homas Moulton, an Englishman, edited the volume. The activities in which McGrath was interested at the University include an active part in Quill club, a campus literary organization. He was president of the group and contributed to the-club's annual publication, The Shaft. which is a collection of literary works contributed by the college students. McGrath is also :1 member of the American Student union. He will join Leigh Gerdin in Oxford in the fall. Gerdin was sent from the University as last year's Rhodes scholar, and he is finishing his work in music composition there. -x 1 w r Wim Wim Beverly Bushaw Smiling her way through numerous campus activities, Bev has presided at all Y. W. C. A. arrd Delta Phi Delta meetings, headed her social sorority, Tri-Delta. Her major is art, with minors in industrial arts and ceramics. K9 ' Si 'Mi -wma v '- N, K, .,, A .1 V, X , X 6 N-,sv QR + wig - --.i .M X.-. - - ' v :T--55: 5.51:- -- . K- X-,V A. N 4. N21 - in 1 X X Q X N , :-V-Q ' 9 mf.. .,,, X N X like 'm Qswilil it Q 'iX.., ,-' A , l wo he NF' N ar .W Fritz Pollard Sioux football star, All-Conference halfback. Olympic hurdler and Nodak track star is Fritz Pollard, athletic wonder who came to the University from Chicago. Blue Key honored him this fall for his service to the school. Fritz will graduate with a major in physical education. ww-,gy 2 an 'REE , ,:3v 'swfqms-:'2f MQW Q . r if , . K Q is , 3 ' 3 4: M' Mv- - .mmf-N 11 H? 4, sg ll N WAQ..... 2,40 y 235 ' 1 - A ' ' I " ff v A A'f'fwQ9..,.Q.:,. . I . ,W . A , .4 "J '-451'-' V , 1 1 1 5, 9,Jv1k,,,L4 -,K l , .. .q.M.M,-.- M, W ,J , , . i 5 1 iff.-7 34333, ,-1 , 1 1 . fi'-1 f5A1g'5'C.,ff",,,r, , Y, .' uf ' ' " ""' " -V4""'-A-44-"A-A ' , lizwy Di 5 J , W5 1. A ' - 1 '.' - 9 ' X. 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QE 5 f f. - alffgx,-, 9 V' ' Y, up v W , Q- if " 4'f"Qfi' I ' ' - lv' 'mv' f- ,. 5 , 1 Ag y '-H if A ,U 2 lf ff?3l?'f. p ' F ,Elica '32 f , - if 31- fl' ,, -- lg, 3.-Xl J. ,W mi, 5 ., Q Q. 5 . i., ' ,. S Q .wail f,'S,s,A3-il.,-agi,. Us f ., 4. ,g w 5 ,, A Q 1 , F ' It kg WM, ,I gt A' -' eq V-p g, 7 , ,Q , . l A W, vzvn if- 4- pf "-4' 'SY ...--'ff-if-izzy-,S?Tgif, ' J ,.. ,,.., . - 1 . 1 af 6 ,digg , ,. ,.,.Q , fe, I 2 'fitfg f -15155 ww X I W v '2 . ,, , . . 4 . , 'L , , 2 .. 'f 2- ,fmtii -.Q N. ix 1.- , . . .Ww....g.G, , i s X , . ,, xx 5 Pi 'N , ' 'S X .. x .-,, 1.9 I XNQNS f 'S iv , f , X 1 ' W-X " giraawz 12 " S A -. X A . Q x N 9 ' Q X ' V , A . N Y +fsQW.,,i,M 4 --W fw. -, X. , x- ' , . . -'--gg:1- wa M .ax-,v ' .w-.... x 'A 4 -, -g y A ' . '..s,w'5wrww-S V, M 'V-Wx Xxx-wf-'-1:5 " as X55 , ' Hs, 634' -A ,Q-1--,ff :Q H f - xQw1x.:Ns gikqww N.. ' X . gig? N-- NX ,I zo.. I ,gf 2214- sf, - 2-A21 , I f , .- .' ' f xfriklafex--f1Rj3,1: N, " - 15 ,- .ia I ' L3 5 I 4.11 V fwxf it T. X- gx we 2 - - ' -- W 2 , X x -. A ' ' , N '- , X ' , fax ' .Q x N .5 gi ,fx . -fumk, by A E, -, Y , . A ' f- f X MN! . ,gge-Sf,1 SQXQS . I L'- . ' 'S rx t,. ' ' UM- ' x N ' . - ff f " v '. 1' A W" W , . -- XVVWX -fx xx" ' . .NT 4' vii , 3 wg, ,, 2 .mgwggj Y- N ' W, mr? Qwfgskg 'U 2 N 'Riu " 'N ' . H 555: 44 ' W "' -5 'L -1 lf. :N " 6' 'Y 351 f 1' K -x ' 'N 'N X3 - V' QSK xyixxf X N QQ X 1. X Y- s.fHfA"1iJf"'- " v . Y'-'RTN 5 ' x- .. , w W- - x ' " X ' f - 'FQ X ' X 1 w , ,, X . 'f - - wgxggk an-1 . 'fi Al - U' - l , 1 k ABS: . 'Q' v - 'U 1 . ,I I . .1 '?1 A' , ,A . - vi. , E4 I .147 5 52: :fd -5 ' c, E it X :WH annum- 5 V in I I 2 , i Q . Z! 5 xt- , , . Q2 . , 's. f 1 A . n ' . 1 9 , -' -M , X sv I 3-mu-ary' 1 E " W 'H' fx ,4 mf ' 'Q' x 5 . .- . 3 .. ' 5' 2 rj Q , - K1 ' W V mar - " f Q ' AT E Q ' - 5 .., ge f S , ,L I' ' ff- Q 'M :Q 5 3 s ' 'F . fi . 2. S 'A' X, " I Q E f -1. g l .xg 5. - Q fm an his S x .gf ,ri 4 sm , X- -S. 1-fa -2 .X . X. 5 ,. 1 wi 'X x AQ X 2 Q. 2aQ umm-ww, 3 s 3 'asv .N gh, . ffl 4... 'ww vw jf imma MJ vfh-Huw n I --ww .XLT M... 535133 , jpg, :"".'-iii" - W WLM" V 44411 . ' ma awww 'aamw ff' W ,,.,..4 mwww i :av 4 I vm V 4' 'Q .. ff W ilk 4119 l' z 'V S S N -Q k 3 2 a 5 1 Nl ' 1" - rj N Cv Q. el 4,5 2 ' v'g5.q:9," fi g! lag ' M ' -'32-2.54 N I' , 1 1- mal v 'J' , ,U , .1f??,5,.f,,i. ,bg 3.5, 3. 53' , eawfenh Homecoming Follies Carney Convocations Commencement Varsity Club Artist Series Parties Even!! 14!Vaaj!af25 Cross Section of the Day The Chi O's were right for the Sioux d'd t k I a e the Grizzlies as the look on Homecoming Queen LeNore Ulvedahl will testify. The Beta house decorations, the Tri-Delt and Gamma Phi floats are three of the day's prize winners. The three principal characters of the day, overshadowed by C. A. West, who was honored for his ten years' service. The homecoming queen and her two attendants in the Sioux canoe, with the stadium all ready for the big moment. Sioux cheerleaders on parade, followed by C. A. receiving the scroll of recognition. Gamma Phi Beta's winning house decoration. E :id .. K 1 l e swf all T Those 'T N x gt ,, 71 . 'x YDS Directing LeNore Ulvedahl, Homecoming Queen, smiles a Sioux smile HE BEAR didn't get over the mountain. No sir - the Montana Grizzlies were pushed otf the hill as the Sioux defeated them 7-0 in the climax event of the twenty-third annual Homecoming. Festivities, under the direction of Alumni Chairman Frank bl. XVebb and Student Chairman Hill McCwsh, he-gan Thursday night. Octoher 20, with a big pep rally in the arinory. Mayor ui. liarl Mcliadden gave the main address uf the evening. Friday night a student rally, snake dance and bonfire was held. The animal alumni hancluet with Paul Griliith presiding was held in the Dacotah hotel. Later in the evening, house decorations were inspected. Gamma Phi Beta and Beta Theta Pi won first prizes, with Chi Omega and Alpha Tau Omega taking second places. Gamma Phi Beta and Theta Chi won lirst prizes in the float competition in the parade Saturday morning. while Delta Delta Delta and Alpha Tau Omega took second places. l.eNure Ulvedahl xvas crfnvned the sixth lioineconiing queen of thc civilized Sioux by Governor Langer between halves of the game. Coach C. A. VVest received recognition for his ten years of service as Sioux mentor, and the four team captains, XYest, Gainor, McCosh and Pepke, were honored at the same time. Top to bottom: Bill McCosh, chairman, assisted by Theodore 1 Beeman, Ruth Davies and ' George Vaughan l61J Russell Asleson, 1939 Follies chairman Foi.1.IEs 1 H Aching heads and tired feetfwearied bodies and sleepy minds. But exultant hearts for those who won and a deep sense of satisfaction for those who lost. Fvery year, after months of hard practice, fraternities and sororities present the best of their singing. dancing and acting talent in the ever-entertaining Flickertail Follies. And every "Behind Scenes" year the public returns home satisfied with having seen a hue show of the tops in ability at the University. The Follies represent the result of intra- chapter cooperation and inter-Greek competition -the biggest entertainment event of the year. Russell Asleson directed the IQ3Q edition of the F1 illies, while Professors G. Bjorn Bjornson and -Iohn E. Howard acted as ifaculty directors for the production. The 1939 Follies proved to be the "tops" in entertainment as twelve fine acts were presented. .Xlpha Tau Omega and Kappa Alpha Theta's "Swiss Lflialetu number won lirst prize in the combined act division of the show. Delta liZllll1llZl'S "XYonian in the Shoe" made a hit With the audience and topped the long sorority act competition. The long fraternity act prize was taken by the Phi Delta Theta's "Follies of 'O1," while in the short act division, "The Monks Supperu by Kappa Sigma won top honors. Tri-Delts put on their broadest smiles The S. A. E. barvd swings into action as the Follles date draws nearer - with opening night closer 62 0 I W "Opening Night" Pictures come to life in Alpha Phi's "Rain on the Roof" fan- tasy. That canvas really turns on the smiles. Tri delts come truckin' on down through their "swing trial." Zeet Bacheller makes "My Man" fairly sizzle against a back- ground of D. G. choristers. Bad luck to open an umbrella in'- doors, but it's "Rain on the Roof" again. Finlay. Saylor, Sarles, and company trying to smile those clouds away. The Sig "Butcher Shop." Porky Rorvig's feet steal the picture in a scene from their hospital act. Lambda Chi capitalizes on the depression to costume their boys for the "School of Foo-oIogy." Page Jack Benny-he must be doing the "Flight of the Bumble Bee." Those eyes, that hair, that fiddle-Lambda Chi's Stolberg saws one out. The A. T. O.'s quartet goes to town on' "Sweet Adeline" just before Augustine makes history in a bar room scene. T' ' W ,... 4 S - 'G-.xy ,. Q' 5 " :fi ,W is 1 33 if if ."" '- li gilt? EQ - 1 upv , ' jaw sly- ' , N, .. .. . . ,,. Q! i 1t,. , a ' u The seniors sing their last song as Elmer Anderson, choregus, puts on the quietus. It's an old story for Sophomore Choregus Bob Kerns-he also directed his class last year. Grant Herreicl, junior choregus, receives the check for his original song-a bit enthusiastically, too. The winners in action. Peter Haug, frosh director, does his best with the white-shirted frosh. C' OR the twenty-ninth yezir the presilling ollicer fficefl Il lllll'l'Zlg't' of hoots and howls, wise cracks ancl cheers as he opcnetl the zinnuel Carney sing contest. liounmlecl in lijll by li. flziucle Carney for the purpose of intensifying clzlss spirit :incl school cf 1-1 iperzition, the sing has become il school trzulition, full of color, noise zlnrl entertztininent. liach year competition is keen as the classes compete for "that lifty bucks," the prize oilerecl by Nr. Carney. linch class sings ,Xlnm Kl2ltCl'Zt1lll tour original songs coinposefl by nienibers of 64 its clzlss. .luclging is bzisell on interpretation :tncl choral ehfect of the Songs. The Junior class, lecl by Grant Herreitl. got the nod from Judges R. S. Dunham, T. NY. Thorson and Robert NYz1lls and walked ol? with first prize. Herreiil also coppetl the prize for the best original song' with his "Sioux llC1'il2lQ'C.U Choregi for the three classes were lihner Anderson, seniors: Robert Kerns, sophomores: anfl Peter llllllgll, freshmen. Paul B. Grirlith, '08, presiclent of the alumni association, presitlell :lt the sing and haul trouble getting a wortl in eilgewise :is the singers stonipetl rlncl shouted. 140 ROM glass blowing to religion, froni foreign relations to Indian dancing, the regular all-University convocations vary over the greatest fields of educational and enter- taining subjects conceivable. Educational leaders consider this niethod of instruc- tion to be about the best possible for the broadening of one's general knowledge. Here at the University, convo- cations form a regular part of a student's instruction. At periods when "convos" are scheduled, all classes are dismissed to enable the whole student body to attend. Various canipus organizations are allowed to sponsor speakers to present subjects in which they are interested. Some of the speakers at convos this year were: H. N. XYheeler, a United States forester: former Governor Langer: Reverend Rutledge lieale of the Peoples Church of St. Paul, Minnesota: Ralph Montonna of the Uni- versity of Minnesota faculty: Reverend H. R. Harrington of Grand Forks: Mercer McLeod, radio drainatist from XYinnipeg: Gerhard Schacher, Prague correspondent: R. .-X. Trubey, ineniber of the state board of education: Frank McVey, president of University of Kentucky: Reverend XY. XY. Strahle of Minot: 'lack McMichael. YM student from China: Dr. Norbert Holi' of the University of Notre Dame: and Judge Crimson, of Rugby. l65l Convocatiohs hold much interest for the faculty and students of the University. Mr. Gillette, Dr. Frank Mcvey, former president of the University. and Dean Bek talk over old times. Merton Swenson, president of the University band, receives recognition' from John Howard, director of the band. President West and President Eversull of the A. C. participated in the Honors Day convocation. The Nladrigal club is a frequent entertainer at the University convocations. Those people who have served the University for twenty- five years were honored at the Founder's Day convocation at which R. A. Trubey of Fargo was the speaker. Seniors line up for the academic procession. The band tunes up for their part in the ceremony. T h e f a c u I t y members pass through the line. The Grey Gown marshal leads the procession. The Glee club furnishes the music at the ex- ercises. Faculty members pro- ceed to the Armory. ll7'llY years :ig-v six slnilents receivcil their Dr. Lfmil Sniitli King, now practicing' melli- iliplfmizis fiwnn the L'nivei'sity nf North llalwtzi, cinc in l'lnllyxx'nml, :incl Dr. Frances Sllaw ot tlien zi sinzill Sll'1'lQQllllQ' sclinnl nn tlie ll1'Zlil'i6. lfzist l.IlllSi1'lg', Klicliigzin, are the only s11i'x'iYOi's nl' that class. Hn ,innc 7, tlie liftietli gizicliizitiiig class, nninlmuriiig Jim, will pass the portals nl' their Deceuseil nieinlrcrs :ire Clinton lJeG1'wz1t. Mrs l'nivci'si1y for the last time. C. S. liniery nnil lien lnwalclson. 0 RADUATION! End of college days-and the beginning of-. Thundred and sixty-twn students will leave their Alina Mater on June 7. as the fiftieth graduating class receives its degrees. Royalty will head the cuinnienceinent 1Jl'OCCS5l0ll-C11 twn Prince Olav of Norway, heir to the crown, will receive an liwnora1'y doctor nf laws degree frnin the University, and will deliver the cnnnnenceinent address. As has been the tradition, the Grey ljmviis will act as ushers at the exercises. Those elected as Grey Gowns this year are: Tracy Barber. Russell .Xslesmr Edwin Siinpslm. Cheryl Rwdg'er, Helen Qppegard, Rebecca Qnstad, Robert Ruvelstad. Adelaide lelanson, Ann liittel, Merle Lovell, Ormiston Iierinott and Marvin Lonimen. Cuininenceinent exercises beffin Sunday, 'une , with the University Baccalaureate service. une 6 5 , . . - has been declared Alumni and Parents Day. The graduating' class uf 1889 will receive special lioiiors at these exercises. The Alumni banquet will be held at 6 and'the presidents reception at 9 p. in. Members of Grey Gown, who ushered at the 1938 ceremonies, reading from left to right, include Elaine Oclegard, Jean Hoag- land, John' Gislason, Peggy Foss, Bert Timm, Beverly Bushaw, Bill lVlcCosh, James Glyer, Albert Selke, Jeannette Norris, Russell Swendseid and Kathleen Kane. These people were chosen from the Junior class on the basis of service, scholarship and campus activity. l67l Zl.!V.25. Wm' Glad lgfjllxviilg'l1'l+fOl1l'llllSf1lllXlVCll'lll1tZIf lego ilireeterl llle 1'e1n1,11leling. equipping zinrl Varsity L4llllD+I'CSlllt-21 swell evening. wpeiiing of the "Ynl1." A Tl1:1t's ll regular scene :it tlie reininlelell top 'lllie entire top lliliir of tlie 0111111111115 was llwiir of tlie Lllllllllllllll .X sniwirtli Hour, goiul fowl given over, the front two riwins being' ilivne in :it Zl rleeent price and Zl eivllegiate z1t1ni1spl1ere :1 szinrl sliacle, wliile the lniclrlle rollin was IJZlllltCll lizire lreen einnliinefl to inulce tlie "Ynli1" the niost :1 llZll'li blue. lfive life size wzill inurals painteil llfllllllfll' spf 11 -in tlie eznnpns. lw Lymlia l,.2lllg't'1', ilepiet college life in e:1riez1tnre. During' :1 flisenssion at tlie full YNY retreat. Money for tlie reinmleling' Zlllfl ll1JCl'Zltlllg' the ifleu of tlie Club was iirsl l1r11ng'l1t np. rllllli expenses of tlie elul1 was olmtziinecl lw tlie sale uf plan was snggesteil to tlie YH zinil the two liver live linnilrell nieinbersliips gif one clollzir lll'Q2llllZZltl'lllS jirineil lizimls in spiinsivring the apiece. Regular llimr sliirws :mil features were elnl1. .xllfllfy lailflilll, D111'11tl1e:1 Stinson, lielmeeezi presenteil every week. lh1stz11l,.Iz1ineslilyer.l.elQ1w.l11l1iis11iiz1n1lL'li11rles Lydia Langer's artistic touch adds a bit of life, which is being enjoyed by "thippers" Evie O'Keefe and Don Smith. Toar Johnson and Mary Jean lVlcFadden watch the fun of Nlrs. Selke. Ellen Bek and AI Selke. Gerry Klefstad and Bob Peterson strike a pose while Aaron Prondzinski and Martha Lou Johnson blow their horns. The Selkes and the Eatons have much 'fun the opening night. Looking at George Vaughanl Joanne Nliller, Tiny Guss and Wayne Kelly, you can see it's great fun. l6Sl 14 ,Gsm 16112 SECOND 21111111211 Artists' Series 111 he p1'e5e11te11 i11 C11'Zl1l11 1:l11'1iS gave the 51111161115 111 t11e L'11i1'e1'sit1' 2111 l1lJ1Jl11't1llliQ' t11 see :11111 1lC2l1' artists 11f l'CC11g'1liZ611 i11te1'11z1ti1111z1l iz1111e. S11eeiz11 e1'111si11e1'z1ti1111 was s111111'11 t11e st1111e11ts 111' the C111111111111ily Music .Xss11eiz1ti1111 11'11e11 it f11111111'e11 last 1'ez11"s practice 111: g'1'Zl.l11il1g special rates 1111" 2111 U11i1'e1'sity st1111e11ts. 1"i1'e 1'1lllCSfl'tS 11'e1'e 111'ese11te11 111' 11111 .Xss111'i:1- ti1,111 111111e1' the g'e11e1'z11 C1l1l1l'l11ZlllS1liIJ 11f P1'11fess111' -1111111 E. H1Q111'z11'11. LY11i1'e1'si1y 1lZ11ll11l12lSt61'. Lauritz l1e1e11i111' 1e1f the R161Il'4llJl1111Zlll Opera COlll1l211lj' i11 New Y111'1i City 1112311611 t11e series. l1e1e11i111', 1c111111'11 as the "Client 1511116 111 S1111g'." has the 1'e111111'11 411 being t11e greatest living 1Yz1g'11e1'iz111 te111Q11'. '1'11e 511111111 C1111 11 111 s1111s p11s111 Mischa 1,e1'ilski, 1'1 111111e1 1111 11 the Y111'k e1111ee1'1 stage X1Zl1'1IlI1 ,X1111e1's1 ll 1 L1 . t1e 11.1 1 1i1'i11g c1111t1'z11t11, 11111 Ll 1 1 111.111t1 111111161111 fs slie ZlPlJC'ZlI'L'11 1111 1111 1111111 111111 11 fz11111111s 1'i11li111sl 1 1 s11111 11s X1111111. 111-11111 i11 11111. 12111 1 1 ls Q1 11 1 1'1l11'1iS C'111C1'1'1-Q'1161"w 1 s 1111116 111 111 s 111 1l62ll' :1 great 1'i11 Ill P61'1l?l11S 111e best 111611 e11 111 t11 111111e1ts X1 as t11e sz1ti1'iez11 11z111et 111 1111111 S ll 16 Q11 Q 111i111ie1'1' 111- 1lCl' t1l11 1 11111111 .111 LXLC 1'1111e111si1111 f111' t11e 1 11101 s1111s Included irr the varied program of the Artists' Series was the violin virtuoso, Efrern Zim- balist, and Contralto, Marian Anderson. Striking the noncha- Iant pose is the comic dancer, Trudi Schoop, who was well received by all. Music lovers thrilled to the playing of Pi- anlst Mischa Levitski and the singing of Tenor Lauritz Mel- Cl'liOI'. Gilwi Zaauii Kappa Sigma poses for the photog- rapher after winning the animal 1958 lnterfraternity Sing, held each year on the coulee bank. Pete Hoehl, direct- or, crouches behind the trophy. lintertaining the little ones is a lot of fun for Dale Nordquist attending the animal Kiddies party giren by the combined efforts of Mortar Board, lllue Key. YXYCA and YMCA at Christmas time for needy children. The past and present presidents of the lnterfraternity council get together to discuss plans for Fraternity XVeek. On the left is Don Roney. the right, lelarry Mowery. .X cross section of the banquet. climaxing Fraternity XY:-felt, where members gathered to hear some of the prominent Greeks who had been brought to the campus for the occasion. XYe found seven fraternities represent- ed on this one picture. The second week in May means High School week, and housing prob- lems. These boys. lodged only a fexr doors down from the printing press, accept the noise more than cheerfully. .Xn olli-cainpus tap dancer entertains freshmen during orientation. ' ' Ball H12 "SfJ1,131lili BOYS" 111 the U11i1'e1'si1y 116111 their 21111111211 Military 112111 111 the Q121S11llbYZ1, 1VJt'C6ll11Jt'1' 9, 111111 'l111e111111re 12661112111 111 C1lEll'gC as lllZ11l2lgC1'. 1110 c111111111ss11111111g 111 s1x c11e11 s111111s11rs, trz1111t11111z11 cere1111111y 111 1111: ball, was ll6l'lHl'1ll6l1 by llrig'a11ier fiencral llelmer L. 1f11XY2ll'l1S. 1Q1lSll1Ell'C1i H1:11CCl'. Umler 2111 2ll'C1l of cr11sse11 s11'11r11s, Grace Sands, c111111111ss11111e11 1lUl1ll1'E11'y 11e11te11a11t-Q1 111111e1. 1641 1116 llllllfll' 111arcl1 NY1111 Hubert T1111111te, 11e11te11z111t-C11111111-1, 'A Hazel Alexander, Toast of the Regiment C1111c11111i11g' the c111111'f111 Ct'l't'lll11ll5' was 111e pre- se11t111i1111 lmy tl1e ball lllilllilgdl' 111 lflazcl .sX1exa111le1' as 1116 "'l111:1st 111 the 1Qegi111e111." As a t111ce11 111 1lt'l' 1111111111 s11e receive-11 a 131111111161 of roses 211111 Ll bracelet 111111111116-1'1 with 1110 crest 111 SC2l1lllE1l'11 111111 1l1a11e, the 1,11:1:lCC'1'Sl fl'El1C'l'1l11V Ivy W1111111 s11e was C1l1,lS611. .X lmat11e11e111 setting was 115611 111 carry 11111 the 1lUlll1lE11'l1111Cll1 111C'111e, with Cllillgflllg' sulcliers si1111Q111ette11 1111 1110 wall panels. l:t'Z11Lll'C11 1111 the lJl'1lg,f'l'2l1ll were -lackie 1Q1ll1l1j', 1'1YG-YCZII'-H111 tap clanccr, 211111 a 111111111561 1ri11 Clll1ll11'1St'l1 llf lQ,11l1e1't lierus, 51211111113 'lll'lll1l2llll1 111111 li11r111,111 Xxvlllgfl' Time out for a bit of relaxation. The girls and boys don best bib and tucker for the ball. Those first in line were Ted Beeman, Irene Legge, Grace Sands and Hubert Thomte. Getting a slant on the presenta- tion of commissions. Flowers for the "Toast of the Regiment," Hazel Alexander. XVO HUNIJIQEID LYlllVCl'Sltf' couples 1121110611 t11 t11e 1121ti1111211ly l'Cl'lOXVl1CLl music of Al K211'eli11 211111 his "C21se2111i11g' Cl'lOl'C1SH at the 21111111211 .llll1if'1l'- Senior Pl'4Plll. May 19. i11 t11e .Xl'lll0l'y. The 1121te ll1Zll'lCCtl the iirst e11g'21ge111e11t 111 El big'-11211116 111'e11estr21 for El e211111111s party. N111 111111 the Yllyflllll for t11e f11r11121l, 11111 21ls11 its theme XYZIS 11r111'icle11 111' lia1'eli11's g'l'lP1ll7. l3el1i1111 the 11re11estr21 1111 Z1 w21ll 112111131 21 huge waterfall w21s 1121i11te1l. setting tl1e keynote for the rest of t11e 11ee11rati1111s, .X forest setting was cre21te11 hy the trees 211161 w111111l21111,1 scenes 1lepiete11 1111 112111els. XYith 1l2lllClllg' lasting 11411111 11 11. 111. 1111ti1 1 21. 111., twelve 11ZlllCC5 211111 t1Yl1 extras were liste11. P1'Ug'1'Zl1llS were of green s11e11e st2111111e11 wit11 the g1111l se21l uf the LY11ix'e1'sity. Ill 1112106 llf the 11s1121l fe21t11res, El 112111 1111111' H11111' sl111w was 11rese11te11 hy Cll1Cl'12llllCl'S 1I'21YCl1llQ' with li211'eli11. 'l'e11 UCC1llZlll, 11r11111i11e11t 1111 the Clllllllllfl 21s 1102111 111 11121113' other parties. l1e2111e11 Zll'l'ZlllQ"t'1llCll1S for the 111121111 as lllZlllZlg61', with Yern ,l111111s1111 21s H11111' 1llE1llZ1g'C1'. lJee11r21t11i111s were 1112111111211 hy l3llXY1ll Si111ps1111 211111 his 21ssist2111ts. 211111 ticket sziles were SlllJt'l'Y1SC1l by M21111'iee llutler. Russell Swe1111sei11 was i11 ehzirge of l1r1111erties 211111 -lziclc Harris of publicity. In line at the ball-reading left to right: Vern Johnson, floor manager, with his guest, Ruth Fursteneau: Ted Beemarr, ball manager, with Irene Leggeg and Bill McCosh. senior president, and Phyllis Roethke. Managing proms has become an everyday affair for Ted Beeman, manager of the first combination ' Junior-Senior formal. He has headed such parties as the Mills tary and the lnterfraternity ball. Ted Kavelin-for your approval -director of the band that played for combination prom. Kavelin brought with him a half-hour floor show. v fd!! 0 pcafzjied X .X L'21si1111x'21 1J2l11l'1Nllll c1eeo1'21te11 with huge f1111t112111s. 31111161115 211111 visiti11g2111111111i swung out ill the L'11ix'e1'sity's hrst hig party of the year, the 111io1'111211 1111111ee11111111g 112111. Q'1i11121xi11g' the activities of 1"r21ter11ity week. t11e seeonmi 21111111211 Il116l'f1'2l1Cl'1l11y 112111 was he111 i11 the ,Xl'IllH1'f' NHX'C1ll1JC1' II. 112111 1l1Zl11ZlgC1' was '111lC1l11H1'C 11ee1112111. ,11l'El111111ll1 was reversecl 21t the Spinster Skip Xoveiiiher 19. Coefis 11111 the iiivitiug, the escort- ing' 211111 the p21yi11g, 2111c1 then. at the f.1E11lCC. witnessecl the C1'lf1XV1l111g of D. Se1111y as their Ht1l'CZ1l1l 111611.11 A f21shio11 theme gave the decora- tions Il fe111i11i11e 2111g'1e. Peggy Foss was 1112111ager of the Mort211' B1121111 5190115-l'l1'CL1 party. Yes, that's right - twin Dream men - the Scullys with Mortar Board prexy, Peggy Foss. We're out for a good time. Drummer Gordy Erickson goes through his paces. Homecoming ball officials, Don Roney and Bill Mc- Cosh. Whirl her around again! is We're enjoying ourselves immensely. The Delta - Gamma trio warbles for ., Q11 "ft-,I the dancers. uf." N fi? 'A . Q Don Hiestand's band is regular entertainment. The violin trio plays a melody at the Sweetheart Ball. Women's League members watch their guests enjoy themselves. Gather 'round for the program at the Band Blare. Have a heart and give us some punch. Dancing is our favorite recreatiorr. ,GHG AXNDSMEN chose an arctic setting for their annual Band Blare in the NVOl1lt'll'S gyinnasinin. January 14. Don Hiestanil, lqanel lealler, was also Blare manager. Valentine time found University girls the hostesses at the Sweetheart hall, put on by the XVO1l161l'5 league, liebruary 1 I. Hearts, white lace, and silhouetted on the wall panels, girls in old-fashioned costumes, carried out a sentimental motif. Arrangeinents for the party were inaile p . hy lileanur lflett. presiclent ui the XY1nnen's League lmuaril. Siiplitvinirres set a new preeeilent the next niwnth when they helcl their nrst annual Silo Stump in the Arinfiry March 24. Sripliiiiii1+i'e Presimlent il. Allen tlireetecl plans for the allair. Ctinelntliiig fivrinals of the year were the Mati'ix-spoiismerl Sliacltiw ball, invitations tu which are extenclecl to only one huntlrecl girls, anil the ltngineers hall heltl May 13. Hobnob Committeemen Adrian IVlcLeIlan, chairman, Stanley Walsh, Erling Knapp Jabwia Al' HOlINOllS, helcl :1t two-xveelc i11ter1'r1ls. C?llll1JllS couples spend the evening i11 lllfO1'lllZ1l rla11ei11g. fXLll'lZlll AlCl.Cll2l1l as cl1air111a11, assisted by lfrling Knapp and Stanley Xyaliill. has bee11 respfnisible for :1ll 2l1'l'Zlllg'ClllEllfS for tl1e parties. lleg'i1111i11g' last fall, Hobn11bs were heltl i11 tl1e 11'o111t-11's gy11111:1si11111 1'ZlfllCl' lllilll the Arlnory. H obnobbers 76 Directing l1iS eleven-piece l,Dl'CllCStl'2l, Don Hiestantl has provicletl all the dance music. His group is nizule up almost entirely of college students and is tl1e only one of its kincl on the cz1n1p115. Soloists with tl1e orchestra have been Anders Sweetlantl and Esther Gortler. One of the most Plllllllill' entertainers of tl1e year has bee11 lV:1y11e Zlllllll6l'1ll2ll'l, who has zlppearecl several times. Other U11i1'ersity students who have bee11 fez1t11recl at Hohnobs are song- stresses 'lane Hoy and Alice Marsli. lilorenee SCllllllIlf and lxllll'-lUl'f' 'lllll1l'X'll4lSHll, piano soloists, Illlll lilsie lfclgur :1111l pltlvlflllix llage, lZl.llll2lllCCl'S. Three special l'l11l111obs, one i11 NUY6llllJGl' Zllltl one in May, were helcl. The lirst was plannenl for NIPA clelegates, while tl1e second welcometl students here tll1l'lll0' lfli-1'l1 School weel: b h X V x M122 X ' 1 f X "f X X , f' X ...w , x , 7' . Q ' Q? F, 1-2' il 4 QW' 13 II? V' 4 Tv. xi ' ,, -9 U23 . 1 mgfn "' ' V, ,-1.w':'1w.- mln.,-. ,M xx uv- -wpiwiff' F27 . A ,.,, ' 1 af 1 '1 if R 1 I v-4 1 1 ,vf 1' f 74 ,M 1 ' L .x I - X f :L w 6-IPX, x l r' r -N 1 4 ' ,, , 1 M . ,f e 124' .Aux 1 4 .1 fa X .- ff 1 ... I An: lf: A ,c'- ., ' , -1-fu 751 14 4 'J A 1- ' V325 r ,Q ,J -5 . il , vi S v e" 7.1 eanienii Sororities Fraternities Dormitories Saaaaiiia 2626 University Avenue L1FF1t'1iRS 1Xl1lI'gZ1l'C1lQflj' - 1111111501110 - lJ11r11t11y Snrles h1IlI'11ll'l K1:1this1111 l'1'1'.vi111'11l 1 111' l'1'1'.1f1111'11! .Y1'1'1'cf111',1' X l r1'11.r111'1'1' 11112 1111 1111311 1 N 1'fxc1'1.'1'Y Mus 12111111 XlC1L'11 1X1"1'1x' Iss Phyllis RLlL'111liE Nlurgaret Ray E11-:111o1' lflett l.11rrai11e H1g'llll1ll l31'1r1,1t11y 1,11'1tlg'L'l112ll1 Li12ll'C K111rphy A121l'1Z1ll M:1t11is1'111 xvillfillill 511111111- 1111111 S4'1l'l1k' xvL'l'l1Il Blcfiregnr .Xrdith l'1:11s1- P1.1i11G1cs 1111111 1111151111 A1!l1'Q1l1'L'f Gr:1111e Nlnry ,-'Xndrce Schmitz -1:11113 Ray ,lane Hurst jenn HZlWX'li1I1S jenn Baker '1CflI1 Frissell lJ111'otl1y 1'l1-lg:1:1s N11r1n:1 Nk'1K'I'l 11111-11tl1y Surles Sj'lX'11l Li11111M'l' R1111c1'111 lfinlzn R121 111-1 Hutchei Xl:11'1:111 Helgzms 1iIl111I'j'I1 Scl1l111q11icr X11rn1:1 H:1ns11n 1V1Il1l r1-Q11 14111111 R1Ill'lilIll1C 1'l:1l1'111'sr111 1ilk'l1t' XY11it111'5 111 11l:1111's L:11's1111 lzsth liny cr L11sl:1s1111 1.C'l1G1'1Z l-1111isc 1":111ls1111 X1!ll' M111' bigtr 111fll' 1,1 11s 111 g'1l1'U1 111111 "'ll'k'1 -X1111 ,1 . 111 lieishns QIIIAU1 K1:1c1 Kirk Surles idx' Erlune 1301 nwmn' H12 LILAC BALL at t11e Alphi Phi chapter l11111se sets Z1 11ew high in s11r1'1rity spring f1J1'n1- z1ls. The fl'ZiQ'l'21l'lCC 111 lilacs hlls the living room 211111 t11e dancers are silhr111ettecl ag'z1i11st a lavish 11111111 1i1ackg1'11111111. This party is traditi011al wit11 Pi chapter, the first national XV0lH6l1'S fl'Zl1Cl'1111y 1111 the cz1n1p11s. The 1121111311211 Greek fl'Zl1Cl'1111'f' was fO1ll1C1CC1 October IO, IS72. and since that ti111e 36 active chapters have come i11t11 existence. H11n1i1r r1,1ll activities for t11is X chapter i11cl1111e the presidency 1111 XVOIHCILS 1,CIlg'l1C 211111 t11e 1121111111211 Pz111helle11ic delegate. Xf7Zll'1U11S cz1111p11s activities have z1tt1'z1cte1l Alpha Phis, 211111 sisters 111: the silver and 111Q11'deaux are 111111111 in Rz1d111, PlZlyl11El1iC1'S, Orchestra. Band, Y. XY. 5111111111 Cz1l,1i11et. and t11e De511's Advis- 111ry C1Q11111cil. L'011g'1'z1t11l21ti1t111s were i11 order at the Alpha Phi h1'111se XVl1Cl1 two pmpulir s1,1p11o- 11111re c1'1e11s were elected Coed Cadet Captain 211111 t11e Sweetheart 111 Siginzt Chi. Preparation for District spring c011ve11ti1j1n of Alpha Phi were made early i11 t11e semester. At t11is c1J11x'e11tic111 t11e chapter will 1J1'Ol1il1y display five recently pledged 111611113613 which boosted their pledge g'1'1111p 111 t11e largest on t11e CHIHIJIIS. Lorraine Highum Mary Kathryn Sell Marianne Halvorson Sylvia Cooper Elene Whitney Norma Hanson Occupied Audree Schmitz Florence Goll Dorothy Sarles Kathryn Schlukbier Roberta Finlay Margaret Ray Being a bit chummy Ruth Sorlie Mabel Hatcher Clare Murphy Maureen Lamb Virginia Sinner Phyllis Rnethke Verna McGregor Eleanor Flett Marion Helgaas Marian Mathison Dorothy Bridgeman 000 x00 Q Qi mu- no vw 4 f ' Lorna HlliI'l'lel" lt's Saturday a. m. coffee Marie Ccman Janet Wallace Alice Albertson Lorraine Briggs Marian Albertson Caroline Halldorson Eloise J. Halvorsen That apple a day- Phyllis Jongeward Going up? Clarice Granrud Doris Lemke - 0 IN THE LIGHT of the dim green eyes of a hoot owl. the Chi Omegas danced at one of their parties this season at the chapter house. Only a few weeks later, Chi Omegas were seen in their front yard creating a novel house decoration which placed second in homesoming decorations. Chi Omega coeds have been a willing audience this year to their sisters, active in Zeta Phi Eta and Playmakers, when lines were being rehearsed for forthcoming plays. The commerce sorority, Phi Chi Theta, has depended on two active Chi Omegas this last year who have acted as president and secretary f f.,i 1' the group. Serving on the Y. XV. C. A. council and senior cabinet is the corresponding secretary who wears the "Chi O" badge. Often seen at the Deans teas is the Chi Omega member of the Dean's Council, while home economics Open House :finds a Nu Delta Pi member weighing out candy for her com- mittee. The sorority at 2912 University avenue was founded nationally at Fayettes- ville, Arkansas, on April 5, 1895. The local chapter was installed on this campus I6 years ago as Psi Gamma chapter of Chi Omega. 2912 University Avenue QITFICERS ,lanet XYallace - - Presidenz Doris Lemke - - Vice Prrriduuf Phyllis ,longeward - - Si'r1'p1a1'y Marie tiunzm - - Treasurw' ATEMBER IN FACULTY Yernice M. Aldrich Acrivizs .-Xlice Albertson Doris Lenike Marian Albertson janet Wallace Xlarie Coman Lurrziine Hriggs Phyllis ,longexvard Eloise -I, l-lalvnrsen I.nrnrl Hillmer Caroline Halltlni-erm Clarice Grimrual Pi,EDGEs Violet Peterson Marjorie Bruce 831 Marv .-Xlice McDonald Margaret Cervenka 2620 University Avenue Beverly Bushaw Phyllis Deitrich Mildred Burns - Dorothy Stewart Mildred Burns Francis Dryburgh Beverly Bushaw Phyllis Deitrich Alice Powell Jeanne Reff Katherine Dmering Francis Boese ,luanita Erwin Ellen Bakke- Ruth Coghlan Geraldine Klefstad June Crandall Flora McKay Phyllis Rrainard Margaret Lund Orrrcms - PI't't9lLfFJlf ' - -SL'L'f'L'fUV'l' - Vim Pl't'.Yfdt'lIf - - - T1'i'f1.v111't'r ACTIVES Inez Muriel Ulve Klary Lou DcXloully Dorothy Stewart Mildred Hein Lorraine MCl.4ill1g'llli11 Luella Rapp Peggy Paupst Lois Simpson PLEDGES Melody Dodd Elsie Edgar Eleanor Simmons Betty jane Ninlse Herdcs gXl1IlC'l'50ll Iflorcuce Schmidt Dorothy Christianson Lois Peterson Betty Calnan Drusilla Deis T84 fb E25 Edin TTQI DELTS turned out en masse on Home- coming day to see their float pass the Governor's stand and be awarded second place for sorority Hoats. Especially did they wait eagerly for the half to watch their two petite. high-stepping sorority sisters parade in front of the University band as they whirled their shiny batons -two Tri Delt pledges in white satin uniforms making very attractive feminine drum majors. At the Pansy breakfast each year the chapter bids farewell to senior girls. This spring outstanding senior girls in XVho's XVho. Grey Gown, and holding presidency of Y. XV. C. A., Delta Phi Delta -not to forget the Queen of the Law School and an associate editor of the Dakota Student will all be missed by Theta Sigma chapter. Last fall the Tri Delt pledges chatted over chocolate cups with pledges from all sororities at their slumber party at the House. Already these pledges are active in campus affairs-two having been elected to the Freshman council. Thanksgiving eve at Boston, Massachusetts, marked the founding of Delta Delta Delta 51 years ago. which has since expanded into S7 chapters. Posln' Pledges Geraldlne Klefstad Mary Lou DeMoulIy Beverly Bushaw Frances Dryburgh Lols Simpson Mildred Burns Phyllis Dietrich Dorothy Stewart Mildred Hein Mother Forsythe jolns in Alice Powell Kaye Doering Jeanne Fleff Peggy Paupst Inez Muriel Ulve lt's Sunday dinner Lorraine McLaughlin Luella Rapp IIS N ij, mvfbvwa A. x .1-P: Q , N 29.453 HEI! J J ' Betty Jane Swendiman Katherine Day Darlyne Stinson Dorothea Stinson Margery Nelson Ina Mae Guss Time out for chatater Jeanette Halvorsen Q "Figure" it out? Marian Schutt Claire Nelson Grace Erickson Mary Jean McFadden Eleanore Moore Helen Oppegard Jean Ruud Dorothy Flamler Anne Louise Bacheller Doris Bergquist Betty Aaker Eileen Madsen Jean Beth McKay Ruth Fursteneau We seniors-! Audrey Larkin Ruth Thoreson Betty Borene Glenna Mae Sad Merle Lovell Louise Loomis Peggy Jane Skeels Marian Griffith 1 :mazda SEEN at the Varsity Club, campus parties and University functions this year, was the Delta Gamma trio, which has become a by-word in University entertainment. Also wearing an anchor is the vivacious little "Rooter Kingn who so effectively organized the Pep club. Delta Gamma has been head- quarters for many campus journalists including' assistant advertising' manager of the Student, N. l. P. A. director, associate editor of the Dacotah. associate business manager of the Dacotah and secretary of Matrix. Scholastic- ally D. G.s boast one Phi Beta Kappa. five members of Sigma Epsilon Sigma, while second rank in sorority scholarship is held by this chapter. Participating actively in campus affairs are also Senior and Junior Y. XV. C. A. cabinet members, an active Mortar Board. Junior class president and secretary: and members in XVomen's League, Dean's Council and Peace Council. The D. G. House was once more turned into a rehearsal hall for Follies this spring, with last year's trophy an incentive to repeated achievement. Alpha Theta chapter's national founding took place at Oxford Institute 65 years ago. and today 48 active chapters exist. 87 2630 U n iversity Avenue OFF1cERs Helen Uppegard - - - - - - Pre5idt'11I Jean Ruud - - - I"ivc Presidgul Dorothea Stinson ' Q 5gC"5fllI'y Zona Heggen - - T1'f'asurcr Miixiisisit IN FACULTY Bertha M. Johnstone AcT1vEs betty Aaker .-Xnne Louise Haclieller Doris lrlergquist Betty Horene Kathleen Day Grace Erickson Ruth Fursteneau Marion Griffith Jeanette Halvorsen Audrey Larkin Louise L i rmis Merle Lovell Mary Jean McFadden Jean Beth McKay Eleanor Moore Lydia Langer Margaret Rinker Joanne Miller .-Xlice McFadden Claire Nelson Margery Nelson Helen Oppegard Dorothy Ramler Eileen Madsen Jean Ruud Marion Schutt Peggy Jane Skeels Darlyne Stinson Dorothea Stinson Betty Jane Sxvendi Ruth Thoreson Ina Mae Guss Glenna Mae Sad Zona Heggen PLEDGES Jean Morrow Harriet Schutt lvis Hvinden Bette Locklin IH ryp, 2724 U niversity Aven ue Anita IQUiSllll1 - Margaret -iUl1l1Sflll Alta Burdick Frances Lynch :Xlta Burdick Margaret ,l11l111sf111 Frances Lynch Virginia Li1lllllClAS Helen Hulick lvy Kver11stoe11 Hope Myklehust Grace Alphson Twila Smith fjl"lfICliRS - f'1'1's1'de11f - - Virv P1'vridc11! - .S'vr1'vfa1'y - T1'vc1,11z1'U1' Actives .Xnita Roisuln Kiill'jUl'iL' liirkelie R11hc1'la Caruth Phyllis lialkanger lilisc .Xnderson Ruth IDCLIUIO Charlotte Brand P1,1iDG1-:s Marjorie Thorvilsou Bethel Larson I,fl1'l'Elj'llC Grassell l33l :zaza 5.42 fx Al,UBlS rate high in tl1e estimation of the Delta Zetas who have given two banquets this past year ill l1ono1' of them. The combined fouliders and l1o111eco111ing' banquet held in the fall made lllillly Delta Zeta alums proud of their yUllllgCl' sisters who have taken over tl1e reins ill re111arkable fashion. XVhen tl1is chap- ter's i.Zll'll0Ll5 alum, a noted New York designer, was on tl1e campus last fall. a banquet held in her lllblltil' lll2l1'k6fl another social success for tl1e Cl 1eds at 2724 Ll'lliYCl'Sl'Q'. During' tl1e Week ullllllllwl' l7gOH is kept busy with Delta Zetas 1JEll'ilCiIJ2liillQ" i11 so many campus activities. Their weekly calendar is well filled with meet- ings of Zeta Pl1i Eta, Nu Delta Pi. Pi Lambda Theta, Playmakers. Y. XV. C, A. Junior cabinet. Pl1i Chi Theta a11d Delta Phi Delta. lJisti11g'11isl1i11g tl1e111sel1'es in the held of speech are two Delta Zeta sisters actiye i11 debate. while radio play111akers from this house are kept busy reading' script. LvlJSllOll cl1apter is one of the 5l national chapters of this fraternity foulirled at Miami Ulnyersity, Oxford. Ohio, in IQO3. The local chapter, 11ortl1er11most chapter of Delta Zeta i11 tl1e United States, was illiilflliefl on this campus just 20 years ago. Charlotte Brand Real "Life" Anita Roisum Ivy Kvernstoen Virginia Conners Helen Hullck Frances Lynch Ruth DeLarro Disturbing?- Marjory Kirkelie Elise Anderson Margaret Johnson Roberta Caruth Phyllis Falkanger Pledge duties? Trio tries a tune Alta Burdick Hope Myklebust ,AZ jf! . 'UW ul II l Enpllf me C W 4 SN e Q t 'R 'N x 1-, 3 K +34 L 'Y' if :Ty s..'.k - '- S DH Dorothy Jerome Lorraine Kjorvestad Lorraine Whitcome Dorothy Hagen Dorothy Hogan Lois Forbes Artistically speaking LeNore Ulvedahl Edith Asheim Arlene Skredsvig Jeanne King Lois Ryan Margaret Isakson Cecelie Henry Barbara West Helen Gust Beth Hartman Bluin' the blues Barbara Shafer Sports LaVerne Middlemas Elaine Johnson Jane Hoy hiked, ALL Homeconiing llO1lO1'S were captured by the Gamma Phis last fall. An all-campus election voted a charming Gamma Pl1i sopho- more Homecoming Queen. Busy hours spent on third door in the chapter house were rewarded when both hrst place in house decorations and float were awarded the Gamma Phis, Gamma Phi began its existence November II, 1874. when the national sorority was founded at Syracuse University in New York. In their beautiful chapter house on the banks of the English coulee, this chapter holds their Snow Ball party eacl1 year when their living room is converted into a veritable winter wonderland. Qther social events sponsored by these coeds are the Spinster Skip dinner, Brother and Sweetheart dinner, and the Presentation din- ner, at which the outstanding Freshman girl on the campus is awarded a cup. Gamma Phi's striking prexy is president of Panhellenic. Presidency of Dakota Playmakers is also held by a Gamma Phi. Holding high campus honors are two Gamma Phi Mortar Boards who act as secretary Zlllfl treasurer for the organization. Honors also in line for the Gamma Phis are membership in lVomen's League Board, treas- urer of the Senior class, assistant Homecoming chairman and senior Carney accompanist. 91 3300 U n iversity Avenue OFFICERS Liecilie Henry - - - P1'1',riduu! Ruth McDonald - - Vim' Pl'f'X1-dfllf Helen Gust - - lJ0l'0tl1y Hinngglli - - SC4.'I'i'fcII'y Trmszfrei' MEMBER IN FACULTY Miss Edith Kay Dgirotliy Hagen Jeanne King Liccilie Henry Dorothy Jermaine Dorothy Hogan Marguerite lsakson Beth Hartman Lois Ryan Barbara Shafer LaYerne Middlemas lrene Castle Harriet King Ruth lX'lcDonald Shirley Boylan ,Tennie Marie Davis Mary Helen Donnelly Lillian Froiland Acrrvizs PLEDGES Helen Gust Elaine johnson LeXorc Ulvedal Barbara XYest Loraine XYllltCOl'llC Mary Gale XYilliams Edith .-Xsheiin Arlene Skredsvig Betty Peterson Lorraine Kjorvestad Jane Hoy Dorothy Garner Marian Lynch .lean Thompson Roberta Purviance Dona McDonald Lois Forbes jean Stebbins - Rosalyn Nielsen Thoricc Sveen - Elizabeth Taylor 2500 University Avenue fril-'FICERS Y - l'l'C.Y1il UH! - lllifi' PI'i'Slzfl Ill - - .X m'rt'ii IVV - T1'0a1J1m'1' AlliA1BliR IN l' .Xt'L'I-TY Lenorc Haukol lflorence Dicker Hazel llurfee iXnnc lfrtresvaag Alice lforkner llelores liruh Jane fiillzertson :Xdclaiilc Hanson Angela Hogan Margaret Hee Acrivizs Klartha Lou johnson Marian Lund Betty Erickson Marla lippler ,lean Harris Mildred Lonnncn Ruth Collinso Pi.EnGi3s Pat l-lealey de Rosalyn Nielsen Loraine 0'lfeefC .lt-an Stebbins Yerone XYagness Peggy l'oss Thorice Sveen Elizabeth Taylor Patricia Tisdale Eleanor NYolrl Margaret Cashel lloretta Peterson n lioris Klclntosh Helen Rice lleverly Schneckcr Ca role Sveen K 92 naw mfg OP HQNORS in scholarship went to the Thetas for the second consecutive year when the prized cup was presented to them at the Panhellenic banquet in February. They were also winners in the combined Follies Act of '38, and now exhibit the splendid trophy in their living room. Last March six Theta coeds went on the Madrigal trip -the largest repre- sentation from any House. Home economics has many followers who are wearers of the kite: Penates president, vice president, and treasurer: Nu Delta Pi vice president: and chairman of home economics open house this spring. Qther Theta representatives include Mortar Board president, XYho's Wlho, Junior cabinet president, outstanding freshman girl, winner of the Mortar Board scholarship award. three Sigma Epsilon Sigmas, two XVomen's League board members, member of senior cabinet, and Coed Sponsor. Social activities at the red brick house heading Fraternity Row were begun in grand style last December with a dinner preceding the Military Ball on Friday night. The following night Thetas and their guests attended the winter formal at the chap- ter house. preceded by a steak dinner. Theta chapters number 63 today, the original chapter being founded in 1870 at DePauw University. Loraine O'Keefe Peggy Foss Margaret Cashel Adelaide Hanson Patricia Tisdale Sunny- in the sunroorn Eleanore Vold Carole Sveen Jane Gilbertson Martha Lou Johnson Lerrore Baukol Elizabeth Taylor Rosalyn Neilsen Angela Hogan Ruth Collinson Ann Ertresvaag Jean Stebbins Alice Forkner Hazel Durfee Florence Dicker Verone Wagness Doretta Peterson Sunday smiles Marian Lund x, .Xiu I Sl, Q T X ' X ' I1' M ,Q , , 5 w ' .A 1 44' I-I ,,f 5 .W lx- Ja., Jean Hoagland Cheryl Rodger Alba Halvorsen Joyce Tarbell Blanche Stephenson Chink checkers "is" the thing! Phyllis Sweetland The chapter chatters Joyce Umlauf Donna Clayburgh Betty Sallberg Betty O'Keefe Enid Godwin Norma McKenzie Madelon Stephenson Norma Byram Dorothy Flynn Hazel Ellsworth Anne Kittel Rebecca Onstad Alice Marsh Ruth Davies Alice Fox PJBJQP' MLTSICS usually resounds from the four walls in the Pi Phi house on Cambridge street. Con- tributions come from talented members who are active in S. A. I., Madrigal club, Orches- tra. and Concert band. Chosen as Coed Band Sponsor for the trip this spring was an attractive Pi Phi Junior. Another Junior girl often found at the keyboard has twice accom- panied her class in the Carney song contest. XYearers of the golden arrow are looking forward to the spring conference to be held at the chapter house, with all oflicers of Grand Council to be in attendance. At this time Pi Phis can point with pride to the many indi- vidual achievements of its members. Ranking high among the women of the campus is their senior member elected to XVho's XVho. Her highest honors include editorship of the Dacotah, an appointment rarely received by a woman: presidency of Matrix and Zeta Phi Etag associate editorship of the Student: Big Sister chairman and Y. XY. C. A. council, and Grey Gown. Gther organizations which have drafted many of their members from the ranks of Pi Beta Phi are Junior and Senior Y. XY. cabinets, Pi Lambda Theta, Nu Delta Pi, XYomen's League board, Sigma Epsilon Sigma. Dean's Advisory Council, Delta Phi Delta, Peace Council, Board of Publications and Phi Chi Theta. The Founder's Day banquet, April 28, reminded Pi Phis that 72 years ago the national fraternity was founded at Monmouth College. T95 403 Cambridge Street CJFFICERS Cheryl Rodger - - - - - A President Alice Marsh - - - Vice President Phyllis Sweetland - - - Secretary Betty Sallberg - - Treasurer MEMBER IN FACULTY Mrs. Carol Miles Humpstone ACTIVES Norma Byram Norma McKenzie Donna Clayburgh Ruth Davies Hazel Ellsworth Dorothy Flynn Alice Fox Enid Godwin Alba Halvorson lean Hoagland Anne Kittel Alice Marsh Betty O'Keefe Rebecca Onstad Cheryl Rodger Betty Sallberg Blanche H. Stephenson Madelon Stephenson Phyllis Sweetland Joyce Tarbell Ioyce Umlauf PLEDGES Mary Helen Anderson Frances Mahoxvald' Patricia Cuddigan Donna Norman Alice Danuser Marjorie Stenson Durfee Onstad E. Johnson Ulve Bushaw Fursteneau Aldrich Nielsen Humpstone Robinson Johnston Lemke Nl. Johnson Voedisch Finlay Umlauf Henry Wallace Flett Skeels Roisum P HE PANHELLENIC CQUNCIL consist- ing of members from each campus sorority has as its purpose the upholding of rules of the national Panhellenic Congress. Last spring the group cooperated with the Interfraternity council to put out a booklet called "Fraternity Life at the University of North Dakota." This publication was sent out to all prospective Uni- versity students during the summer months. Innovating a system of "mixing up" the vari- ous members of sororities proved more than successful at this year's Panhellenic scholarship dinner, sponsored each spring by the members of city Panhellenic. At this time announce- ments are made concerning the various scholastic standings of the womens groups on the campus. Awards are made to the chapters with the highest active average, highest pledge average and the highest combined average. 'ea 96 L1-cilie Henry - 'lUj'CC Umlauf - Janet Hiallzice - ALPHA PHI Eleanor Flett Roberta Finlay CHI GMEGA Janet XYallace Doris Lemlce DELTA DELTA DELT.A Beverly Bushaxv Inez Muriel Ulve DELT.A GAMMA Peggy ,lane Sl-:eels Ruth Fursteneau OFFICERS - President - Vice P1'e.v1'de1zz' Srrivfirry-T1'ea.szrrer BIEMBERS DELT,-I ZETA Margaret Johnson Anita Roisuin GAXMRIA PHI BETA Cecilie Henry Elaine johnson K.xPP.x :XLPHA THETA Rosalyn Nielsen Hazel Durfee PI BETA PHI Joyce Uinlauf Rebecca Onstad Qaajezmiiieyi 3000 U niversity Avenue 0Fr1cERs Stanley I Xlialsh - - - P1'l'5ft7'C1lf Orville Bergren - - Virc Prrsidcnz' S. Leroy Johnson ' - - Svvrcfrlry Graham S. Lund - - Tl'L'lIXllI'6I' MEM BERS IN FACULTY E. Maxwell Benton XYilliam E. Budge llenry A. Doak Frank I. XX-'ebb Actives Dorxvin Aus Hoxvarcl Alphson William Armstrong Yerne Augustine Charles Baker Orville Berggren Howard Bcrget XYilliani Connolly Elwood Fngemoen James Glyer Raymond Hitchcock S. Leroy -Iolinson Vern johnson Robert Kennedy Evan Lips Graham Lund Rollei-t McCumber Harry Rice Donald Roney Edward Ruud Charles Schroeder Robert Shapland liudmunn Sjue Stanley XYalsh Roy Heen juel Schroeder George Talhert Bruce Herman Michael Feeney ,Iack Arnold Robert Baumann james Bridge XVillia1n Charlesxvorth Robert Davies Carl Flcstrom Roger Emanuel Louis Eschenberg Xliilliam Gillespie Yictor Hamilton Roy Hausauer Robert Heen lYilliani Grundy XYilliam Mills Ptunoes Harry Hilclebrc-clit XYilliam Hill XVilliam James Harry Kern Carlyle Loverud Robert Lynch Gordon Lyons Gayton Merrill Norman Neuenschxvander ,lack Nevin james Palmer Fred Rau Thomas Roney lYj'l'l'll'1l'l Thompson l1Varren Tripp E981 High 7m0 I PRoUDLY wearing the maltese cross on the U campus this year are three of senior class' most popular members. All three are members of Blue Key and were elected to XVho's IVho in the fall. Included in this trio is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Iron Mask, past and present president of Blue Key, Dacotah busi- ness manager and YM secretary. In the realm of sports, A. T. 0. points proudly to its captain-elect of the football team, two student coaches and a student manager in Varsity boxing, and the five freshman members of the football team. This same fraternity also holds the Intramural hockey title for this year. Making themselves known on the campus are other members of A. T. O. who are prominent in Scabbard and Blade, as assistant Follies Manager, an Honorary Cavalier, in Madrigal, as one North Dakota nominee for Rhodes scholar. secretary of the senior class, sopho- more class and one member of the Frosh council. Capturing the cup in the fraternity long-act division of the Follies of 1938 is another honor to add to this group's list. They also won second in both fioat and decorations during the 1938 I-Iomecoming. Delta Nu chapter was host at the national convention this spring when XVillard M. Benton, national president, was here. These fraternity activities recalled the founding of the fraternity on September II, 1865, at Richmond, Virginia. Donald Floney Bruce Hermann Stanley Walsh William Connolly Robert lVlcCumber Graham Lund Prexy leads grace Verne Augustine Edward Ruud Gudmunn Sjue Evan Lips Vernon Johnson Roy Heen Darwin Aas Ray Hitchcock Elwood Engemoen Orville Bergren George Talbert Howard Alphson Michael Feeney Charles Schroeder Roney recollectsff William Armstrong Harry Rice Robert Kennedy Juel Schroeder Howard Berget LeRoy Johnson ,L ' X vu F 5 a ,f ' 3 Y Q Q Ex N also Q 'Z AM rl -X Y 3 am PM llll fli M H V 1 Wm 'I 4 4 . Q H , g fa' 1 'dr -i" H , " L E All i X P Y s , N g X , t 3 'r x X .,.r.f Will! iii L 1 B II CluJ7x3 0 f James Hoesley Lounging Donald Dahl George Monteith Howard Lee Robert Sebbo Arthur Friesz Vernon Lager Maestro? Milton Nugent Oliver Austinson "Lesson" two minutes Leland Dell Charles Christianson Donald Hansen Don Smith Mark Clayburgh Neil Perkins Kent Westley George Hankey Arthur Holt Ben Patterson Beta 7402 Pa I'IOMl-ICOMING time has been a gala time for the boys "who wear the diamondv for two years, having captured first place in house decorations in '37 and '38 One of their mem- bers has had a berth on the Varsity team this year in football, also. Looking around at most any basketball game, on could find a Beta dressed in the Varsity basketball uniform, while in action at frosh games was another boy from that particular house on the avenue. The R. O. T. C. draws three of its members of Scabbard and Blade from the Beta house, with one of them making the trip to the coast last winter as delegate to national convention. This same prominent Beta has been a regular member of the football team, president of Delta Phi Delta, and much in demand as "the" campus artist. Looking to the stage and the speech department, another Beta, prominent in Playmaker activities, can be found. He acts as rice president of this group, and is also a member of National Intercollegiate players. Making the band trip to Chicago were three members of this chapter, while found in the group of sophomores in the chapter is a member of Phi Eta Sigma. Colored by inter- esting tradition is the annual Mallory party given in the fall of each year, as well as the Miami Triad, at which Betas are partial hosts, when one is reminded of the founding of the chapter in 1839 at Miami University. lOl 2600 University Avenue OFFICERS Don Smith - - - Prmxvidmzf Kent XYestley - - Vim' Prxzridcni Arthur Friesz - - .biL't'l't'ftlI'j'-Tl'CtT.fIt7't'l' MEMBERs IN FACULTY Dr, G. A. Talbert Thomas Thorliefson Acrives Oliver Austinson Charles Christianson Donald Dahl Arthur R. lfriesz Donald Hansen Howard LCC George Monteith Vernon Lager Robert Sebbo Don Smith lient XYestley Leland Dell Mark Clayburgh Neil Perkins Arthur Holt George Hankey Ben Patterson Milton Nugent James Hoesley PLEDGES Luke Braxmeier XValter Craychee Robert Hagerty Fred Hoesley Maurice lXlcFarlin George Naramore Gordon Peterson . .Y 2700 U niversity Averrue Theodore Iieeman CTFFICERS - Q l"1't'.vid4'11f President Don Hiestand - - View Ralph liekkcn - lfhester l'lalvorson - - - .Tvrrvlary - T1'fi1.v11ri'i' ATEN msn IN l7.xcL'L'rx' Theodore lit-einaii Lynn Byrne Ralph Bekken Maurice lilutler Don -lorgeuson lion Hicstanrl Gorclon Utkc lfrancis Tiinlin XValter Buck ,lack VVellcr Tcfl Keller Norman Peterson Douglas Lindberg blames Cussons Robert Wlill Leonard Griffiin Clarence Natterson ACT1vIf:s Rod Rosaacn Louis .lolniston Douglas Stewart Chester l'lalx'orsou XX'illiam Xliicsc .Xllan Railkc Louis Thotnpsou lihnei- Gratton PLEDGIES Lorcn Xliaxlcr Robert Ycssey Magnus lljalincrson Larry Gill XYarrcn Iliestaanrl George Olsen xyllliillll Harris Glen Carlson Huster Roclfstacl H021 Delia '7wf25 LXVAYS on hancl at R. O. T. C. functions are four members of Delta Tau Delta, one of them seconr:cl-in-commancl of the local units anal another who serves as secretary of Scab- barcl anrl Hlacle. honorary military fraternity. One of these fellows was also president of the chapter, assistant homecoming chairman, man- ager of the Military ball, the Tnterfraternity hall, anrl the combined Junior-Senior prom. Xlusically speaking. the Delts are pretty well in control with the Us popular clance hand in charge of one of the members with two of his fraternity brothers inclutlerl in its members. The presicleucy of Kappa Kappa Psi, honorary banml fraternity, is also in the hands of a Delt. anfl incluales four other members. XVhen the concert baml left on its trip this spring' for "all points east." Five of the members were wearing the pin of Delta Tau Delta. This house also has one member of Phi Eta Sigma, scholarship. two members of Delta Sigma Pi. commerce, anil tive members of Playmakers. .X large part of the Homecoming festivities were in the hands of three Delt chairmen. lfach Christmas hnfls the Delts going' festive with their annual Kris Kringle party to which two members of every campus fraternity are inviterl. Each year the chapter cele- hratcs the national founding, March 3, 1859. Maurice Butler' Lewis Johnston Louis Thompson Douglas Stewart Serious business Don Jorgenson Don Hiestand William Wiese Theodore Beeman Check and double check Melodiers Lynn Byrne Allan Radke Gordon Utke 'ft Y A Q , L x 1 mar. Wwe' xl in-av" ,Ngo ATA nr -ff f""""-x QGCOQ CGC fa 'Qs 46 KZ5' 6 'Ss lb Raymond Check James Barger Henry Ruemmele Donald Jacobson Edward Hagan Robert Plunkett Before the trophy Harry Mowery Edward Donovan Kenneth Johnston Russell Chesrown Singing a son-g Vernon Nelson Grant Herreid Ross Colberg Kenneth Keyes A friendly game Lowell Fiskum Jack Humphreys Robert Kerrrs Keith Crawford Bjarne Svare Leslie Kremer Howard Nelson Eddie Lawson Donald Goldhammer Fraternity recreation HEADLTNING the Carney song contest were two members of Kappa Sig, one leading the victorious Junior class and also winning the individual prize for the best original song sung by any one of the classes. These same two men are members of the concert band, Kappa Kappa Psi and the all-campuus dance band. Found heading Interfraternity council meetings as president of the group was a Kappa Sig. This same man was in charge of activities during Fraternity NYeek, and also takes an active part in Playmakers and National Collegiate players. Dropping into the Law library, one could find the president of the active chapter, who is also a member of the Intramural board and has been elected to honorary oflices i'n the law school. On the banks of the natural English coulee last spring. the chapter again won the award in the annual Tnterfraternity sing. Clad in white Hannels and dark coats. the group was led by a graduating member of the Law school. Each year members of Kappa Sigma gather for celebration of the founding of the national organization on December ro, 1869. in Virginia. The local charter was granted September 25, IQ26, Tra- ditional parties in the Kappa Sig house include the annual country frolic when decorations are in accordance with the theme. and the chapter really puts on a fall costume party. Later in the year is the Thanksgiving break- fast followed by the annual spring formal. IIOSI L .L., . . 'l, 2510 University Avenue X Henry G. Ruemmele Edward Hagan - Vernon Nelson - Grant F. Herreid - OFFICERS - P!'0SIidUIll' - Vice President - Saw-ufa1'y - Trcaszrrcr Mmiisiiie IN FACULTY Harry Mowery Vernon Nelson Edward Hagan Grant E Herreid Henry G. Ruemmele Lowell Fiskum Leslie Kremer James Barger John Humphreys Eddie Lawson Edward Donovan .-X. Xi. Cooley Acrrviis Howard Nelson Raymond Check Kenneth Keyes Russell Chesrown Keith Crawford Robert Kerns Ross Colberg Kenneth Johnston Donald Jacobson Bjarne Svare James P. Craven Robert Plunkett james Gronna Robert Petersen Dennis Solberg Jay Arnold Irvin Schutt Hugh Shaw Tom Cliford Walt Dobler XVilliam Chalcroft PLEDGES Curtis Jacobson Gregg Dahlen Robert Brownawell LaVern Paul Evan Digby Ray Ferguson Henry W'ildfang Jerry Riley Don Goldammer Merlin Kilen f Paul Schannncl 303 Oxford Street O ifific ifiks linger Stolllcfg - Xeil Quast - - l'l't'sla1't'r1I - lflrz' f'I'4'.Yllli'lll - .biL't'l't'flIl'j' Y'l'ct1s1zrc1' Miziviizifks IN l'iACl'L'l'Y .X, Russell Oliver lfrank Foley lilmcr fXiulersoii Xlfalter Lee llunlrai Merlin Kilen Russell Kilcn llcrnartl Lyons Norman Ions Neil Quast Max Bryan XY1 14 mlrow llj erlien XYallace Bjerlien Charles Cleveland Myron Erickson .-Xclrian Dunn Garvin Murray llarold Potter Actives PLEDGIES l.. C Harrington Neal Xlielicl' l'aul Schannnel Leo Schannnel lfrancis Slieal Roger Stulherg -lnhn Smith llouglas llenclrickson Ralph ,lunean liolnt-rt Ruflh Marvin Stctlfen Steffen George Tollefson Robert 'liomlinson Conrad llagcr 'liini Murphy Donald Hiney .E ll06l e -aww l'l'H the musical activities in the headlines in the spring' of this year, Lambda Chi Alphas were likewise news. Leading the Senior class in Carney in February was an active senior Lainliila Chi. He also actecl as Maclrigal club presimlent for the year. singing tenor in the club. Down in the journalism rlepartment. two Lambila Chis can be founcl at almost any time of the clay. They a1'e active in journalistic projects ancl are members of Sigma Delta Chi. journalism professional. These two men also act as presiclent anrl vice presiclent of the l.ambfla Chi active chapter. Out on the football lielrl this fall were two freshmen from this same chapter who were numeral winners. Other members are active in Beta Alpha Psi, commerce group, anrl Delta Sigma Pi, Epsilon Zeta-Zeta chapter was given national recog- nition in scholarship when it won second place ainong the active chapters for the second semester of 1938. Each year lands the chapter giving their annual parent's Clay banquet, as well as a party for the sisters of the chapter. The chapter also celebrates each year its found- ing- in Boston in 1909. Campus social activities lincl the Lanibmla Chis in full swing' with their tratlitional fall frolic. annual spring formal, antl mlinner clance given at the Dacotah hotel. Elmer Anderson Prexy presides Paul Schammel Douglas Hendrickson John Smith Francis Sheaf Roger Stolberg Normarr Joos Plenty of help Neil Quast Trio in action Merlin Kilen Walter Dunbar Russell Kilen Ralph Juneau Leo Schammel Theodore Bjerken Somebody's wisecrack Marvin Steffen as, .V C3 oi' ,oi 'Q E. . bf . bo.. A fe. . TT E L Paddlin' the preps Wilbur Young ldean Locken Ralph Nlolbert Richard Thronson Weyman Hanson Gordon Dokken Darrell Topp Relaxing by the radio Ray Larson What's trump John Devich Harold Williams Albert lvlonico William Knezevich Cyrus Lyche Fireside chat George Sorlie Ordean Brekke Michael Beckman . LOOIQING around the engineering buildings one is sure to iind one of the most outstanding members of Phi Alpha Epsilon who is not only a student, being president of Sigma Tau. but is also a member of Blue Key, honorary service group, a Varsity football man and chairman of A. I. E. E. Another engineer from the Phi Alph abode is also numbered in the members of Sigma Tau, engineering scholastic honor- ary. The former president of the chapter and a third year lawyer was elected King of the Law school this year. Another man has been elected to Beta Alpha Psi, commerce group, still another finding a spot for himself on the U debate team. Cn the football held this fall was a Varsity player who wears the Phi Alph badge. Other men are active in radio play- makers. with still another a pledge ot Sigma Delta Chi. journalism group, and an active member of the sports start on the Dakota Student. Each year the active chapter is enter- tained at a radio party by the pledges. An annual Christmas frolic is also given previous to the Christmas holidays, with the spring formal slated sometime in the late spring. H091 2908 U n iversity Avenue OFFICERS George E. Sorlie - - Presidezzt ldean Locken - - - Virc President Arthur Kolstad - - Secretary XYC'j'lllfll'l Hanson - - TI'L't7SIII'El' MEMBERs IN FACULTY H. C. Rowland Sewell Mason AcT1vEs Qrdean Brekke Albert Monico John Devich Richard Thronson Joseph Gaffery Robert Graham Xlleyman Hanson W'illiam Knezevich Arthur Kolstad Idean Locken George E, Sorlie Harold W'illiams Cyrus Lyche Charles Shipley Elmer Granrud Harold Wlhalen Gordon Dokken Michael Beckman Algot Johnson Norman Lee Ralph Molbert Allan Severson W'ilbu1' Young Ray Larson Darrel Topp P1.15oGEs Ed Oiseth Otto Hang Glenn Hanson Y Campus CDFFICERS ,lack ll. Harris - George Vaughan - lXfEMm2Rs IN FA .X. XY. Gill john Kehoe H. li, Klcfiregor A i "r I v ics john Bacon Osmond Baggenstoss Arnold Boyum james Eide James Fair Robert Fair Robert Gilliland Curran Cwlasscock Jack llarris Robert Harshbarger Thomas McElroy Chadwick Mclseofl Roluwt johnson Rohr-rt Yog If'1.1f3nt:12s .Xrnold .Xlger John Benno Gordon Caldis Robert Evans Clifford Fering Dean Gililland Louis Hagen Douglas Heen XVayne Kelly - Prcsidrfzt - Sfc1'vfr11'y CULTY Philip Bangs H, F. Jones -lnlin Page Robert Penncr .Xrnold Nice Gilbert Saxowsky Keith fevison Donald Sheridan Dave Smelly Thomas Sollum Wiilliam Spear Bruce Stcvens Neal Sutton George Yaughani Patrick Traynor Stanley Yozik el Carlyle Hoagland Bernard Morris Milton Mykelthun Byrne Sands Edward Seeba George Smeby XVilliam Stenson Paul XVachter Dennis Huntley rnoj Azfbella '7!wZ'a CDRIGINATING from the Varsity Bachel- or's club, Alpha Chapter of Phi Delta Theta was installed on this campus in 1913. Enthusi- astic Phi Delts cheered their brothers on to victory last fall in the touchball games, gaining the title of '38 Touchball Champs for the chapter. Also last fall the Phi Delt Barn Dance was in full swing- the "castle on the coulee" being alive with lights, straw, music - and noise! Phi Delt's president makes a very hand- some soldier in his role as First Lieutenant in Scabbard and Blade. Haunting the Engineering building is a young Phi Delt sophomore who has been elected secretary and treasurer of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He was also elected to Phi Eta Sigma and acted as Campus Brother last fall. Another engineer who hails from the Phi Delt House has found time to write for the Sports Section of the Student, as well as being an active member of lntramural Board and serving as assistant chairman on the Homecoming committee. Three fellows known on the campus for their linguistic ability are wearers of the sword and shield. Two are active members of the debate squad. scoring honors in this field. The third was elected vice president of Hesperia. In decided contrast to their fall break-down party is the spring formal at the chapter house. Banked flowers shadowed by indirect lighting lend atmosphere for this annual party. William Spear Keith Sevison Gilbert Saxowsky Robert Penner Arnold Rice Round of rummy Robert Vogel Neal Sutton Piano mood Robert Harshbarger Patrick Traynor Bruce Stevens James Osgard George Vaughan James Eide Osmond Baggenstoss Robert Johnson Chadwick McL.eod Jack Harris Donald Sheridan The more we get together Paul Wachter Smoke rings Stanley Voak Robert Fair Robert Gilliland Thomas Glasscock James Fair John Rice -. 'il 1 YZ' OO .QQ ' Q og C ' Q 1, P fm 0067 ' , a . '57 3 o :ga - 0 ' -67 o 0 ra, 7 'fa' 4' f 1 is Q 12533 00 39 GH Thomas Haigh Earl Elznic Eugene Reed John Taylor Richard iVlcGee Orran Homme An all night session Tobias Casey Ira Fordyce Floss lVlcEnroe Lawrence Gaebe James 0'Brien Jelmer Shjeflo Emil Johnejack Alton Shjeflo William Van Horne Bruce Rirrker Andrew Froelich Larry Forest Gordon Homme Charles Pagenkopf Charles Nelson Peter Burich 5' Arwe- IN THE blue smoke of the den, S. A. E.s are often found discussing the plays of the last basketball game. Three Varsity basketball players hail from 306 Hamline. Another sports honor for the S. A. E,s came in the spring of '38 when they copped the baseball champion- ship of the campus. Beer and cheese sandwiches are indispensable at the "Dutch Lunch',-- S. A. Efs traditional fall party. The formal which follows in the spring affords S. A. E. brothers a more dignilied social event. March ninth each year is the annual Founder-'s Day banquet for the chapter when the founding- University of Alabama, 1856-is celebrated. The blue diamond is showing its front in the Law School of late. An S. A. E. holds the presidency of the Freshman law class, and another brother, the chairmanship of the an- nual Law School banquet. Last year fraternity brothers congratulated their Stockwell Ora- torical contest winner. Responsibility of the Homecoming parade rested on the shoulders of an S. A. E., who acted as chairman of this all-important committee. Representing the S. A. E.s the afternoon of Homecoming was a Varsity Squad letterman. Qther chapter honors during the past year include election of mem- bers into Beta Alpha Psi and Delta Sigma Pi. rnsj 306 Hamline Street T OFFICERS james O'Brien ---- - Prpgidgnz Charles Pagenkopf - A Vice President Gordon Homme - - - 5110-pfgry XVilliam C. VanHorne - - TI'L'U5IlV6'I' MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. H. Telford U, 11. Libby E. D. Coon Alfred Boyd -lanics Hein Acr1vEs Paul Smith Larry Forrest -Ianies OlBrien Charles Pagenkopf Peter Burich Eugene Reed Ross McEnroc XYilliam Van Horne Richard McGee Emil Iohnejack Tobias Casey Earl Elznic Thomas Haigh Lawrence Gaebc ,lack Taylor ,lehner Shjetlo Alton Shjeflo Gordon Homme Bob Armstrong Peter Boa Pat Beandry Hill Carlson Dale Eosness Angelo Engle Fred Gran Art Jensen Bill Retzlaff Leo Schweigert Bruce Stevenson Urran Homn PL1zDGEs Charles Nelson Charles Thompson llruce Rinker Andrew lfrochlich IL' Gerald Taylor Manyille Trenmann Donald XYilniont joseph Donovan Donald Duck Darrel jackson Clarence Kretchmer Edward Miluch Ira Fordyce John Muus Bill Orclway Edward Stevenson 2820 University Avenue Erling Knapp - Jack Lynch - Allan Dragge - W'illiam 1lcCosh OFFICEIQS - - Preridcllz' V Vice Prrsidcizt - Sv 011' fa 1' y v T"L'l7XIll't'I' ATEMBERS IN FACULTY Roswell H. Eaton john Bonzer Harper Thorpe Erling Knapp Bill Lontz Bill McCosh Eldred Swingen Ormiston Kermott Morrell Sexton Harold Piltingsrud Wallace Paulson XYyner Roryig Jack Scully Pershing lloc Marvin Solien Loran Miller Donald Nahscth ,lack Lynch Robert Solberg 'l1llll'l Hi1FfL'l't Francis Bycrly Ernest Christianson Everett Dezell john Hagen Roy L. ireland, Ir. TACTIVES Pi.EnGEs Pershing Carls jt ,lin L. Rezatto Nelder Hefte Kenneth Gzirxvoosl Joe Hegge Edward :Xlm Carlton Soclerholm Robert Blatherwick ,lay Allen Philip Kjelinyr Bill Scully XX'oodrou' Hansen Bud Brown Allen Dragge Jack XYest Carlton Nelson Phil Poppler George Clayton Curtis Malin Vllilliam Bridge nzn XYarren Bennett l Rilie R. Klorgan, J Ordcan Olson Paul Sell Richard Shafer XVilliam McLeod on 51141 S' 0' THE ATHLETIC prowess of the campus seems to be centered at the Sigma Chi house for the '38-'39 sports season. Co-captains of the basketball team and a football co-captain all wear the white cross. while two sophomore ball players, also Sigs. promise to be good material for next fall's Varsity line-up. Sigs have taken the lead this past year in Intramural track and Intramural basketball to complete their sports program. Sophomore and Senior class affairs have been managed by three likable Sigs - presidents of the two classes, and vice president of the sophomores. Honors have been steadily increasing this year at the Sig house. Three members of Blue Key. a lVho's XVho, Iron Mask member, Homecoming chairman, a Phi Beta Kappa, two Sigma Tau members, three members of Beta Gamma Sigma, Winner of Bye Award, and two members of Kappa Kappa Psi are all Sigma Chi distinctions. Executive ability is also seen in Sigs who act as prexies for Phi Delta Phi and Delta 'Sigma Pi. journalistic talent is found in this chapter in the persons of associate editor of the Daco- tah and associate editor of the North Dakota Engineer, And completing the honor list is the Sigma Chi captain of Scabbard and Blade. The school year ends in grand style for the Sigs. A Bemidji lakeside hotel serves as quarters for the annual house party where Sigs and guests enjoy a hnal 'fling' before summer vacation. Nelder Hefte Ormiston Kermott Donald Nabseth Blll McCosh Joe Hegge Allen Dragge Jay Allen Third from the left? Harold Piltingsrud Carlton Soderholm Erling Knapp Jack Scully Jack Lynch John Hoffert Pershing Boe Philip Kjelmyr Bill Scully Don Pepke Bill Lontz Eldred Swingen Dragge-and company Ken neth Ga rwood Paul Stratte George Clayton Edward Alm Robert Blatherwick Bud Brown Harper Thorpe Curtis lvlalm William Bridgeman Warren Bennett Loran lVliIIer John Bonzer Marvin Solien CDQ ,X J ff' XOQQQQ X U- r X lfjb- I ' K ll 5 X I 41 -dug W .:- -wvt , 3 Q ...aug ,wg 1 'W' 1 .3 41 -L , an ez' db 2- .4-f ivfsk S K- . Xb., X 5?-1 ' .-1. 1,Q- Z ,X V6 1 I , f,,,x l 1 L- X QQ? J x, Mike Brenkus Ardell Tiedeman LaVall Thompson Alan Purdon Robert Becker Nice trophies- Charles Conrrer Casting shadows Hollis Hoff Robert Gunderson William Murray Kermit Oksendahl Roger Reynolds Edwin Simpson Heads or tails? David McLean Charles Ego Alfred Skrede Robert Rovelstad John MacEnroe Virgil Banning Nu LooKrNo fm- El sigma Nu? You win probably find him either down in the journal- ism department or over in the radio station somewhere. XVearing the white star is the business manager of the Dakota Student who was also president of the active chapter, and the assistant advertising manager of the same publication. On the editorial "side of the fence" are live other members of Sigma Nu. two of them members of Sigma Delta Chi. journalism professional, one of the publications and radio editor of the IQSQ Dacotali. XYhen the University station is on the air, an active Sigma Nu is supervising the program with another of the brothers taking over the news- cast from the same station. XVhen Varsity athletics are the thing, one can find two wearers of the white star on the track and football teams. Other activities in which the chapter has members are radio playmakers. Beta Alpha Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Delta Phi. and Kappa Kappa Psi. The Sigma Nu bowling team has rolled its way to victory for two years. par- ticipating in the campus intramural setup. Each year the chapter celebrates its founding at V. M. I. in 1869 with a banquet at the chapter house. Every year means also the "Break- down," costume party, for the Sigma Nus with decorations supreme. A winter formal dinner dance is given each February followed by the annual spring formal at the chapter house. 2808 University Avenue Charles Ego - Robert Rovelstail Virgil Banning .Xsle Lewis - Orrrciaizs MEM BERS IN E.xcULTv lionner XYitiner Virgil Banning Charles Ego Hollis Hoff Robert Gunderson KL-rniit Oksendahl It wlin 1lcEn roe Xxilllllllll Murray llavid McLean Alan Purdon Robert Rovelstad Edwin Simpson lfred XVolfe Mike Hrenkus Asle Lewis -lesse Arnold Odin McEnroe David Blair Richard Hanley Robert Carter XVilliam Swanson Pl'L'J'ltiL'IIf P1'rsir1i'r1! Truasirrcr 5Uc1'c1'a1'y Melvin Koons ACTIVES .Xlfred Skredc Truman Lyford Lyle Staynor Paul ,lones Lynn Everson Xlayo Erickson Charles Conner Robert Becker Leon Becker Richard Rausch Hilo XYestrnm .-Xrdell Tiedeman XYoodrow Fisher LaVall Thompson Roger Reynolds PLEDGES james Gerlach Carroll Carlson Dale Dietz Henry Rassier Jesse Lankford Gale Richardson Lyle Mctioy 315 Cambridge Street l l1f1fIL'1C1:S Halvor ll:1lvo1'so11 - Vlaiues li4'l'Cl'f91Yll lk-1'1'x' M1iotl1a1'l - f f'r'1'.ri11l1'lli - I 'im' Pi'1'.vi'z1'v11f .5l1'1'l'1'l1I 111' - T1'uusi1rt'1' Mmiisizies uv lT.XCUI,'l'Y llr. ll. H, Russell llr. li. 11. North Dean 11. H. Tlioriiioclsgaril tharles Cizuuor AC'r1v ics l,LllX Nlu1hll1Lll Xwrou lJl'l1114l illsli Z Erwin .Xuyjoii lYilliur Cielirlie jzuues lla llcu .x lrlalvor ll:1lx'orso11 lXt13" Roy NUSIL' ' ltit Vlizitlieltl .Xlex Slmiwipat , . Xxlllliillll ltiuliarrl Lt-oiiarrl St-uec lloualml Lllllllllli l1o11al1l turrau Lyle Mctioy Huy L aiu' ilu-ll lfiigeiie Shaw lil rl1L'1'l lli ulelsull lf: nl1C1'l 15111-lg hal ell Nliltf P11 llurkee Noriuau liilauml XX'a1'1't-11 fn-lirlce 1211 Rossu ,. . lull julisi lffl Rupp. illler 111 l'lx'1u lxristjausou lQ1vl1L'1'l lit-ll P1.Ei+111es Yeruou l.uurllmL-rg N. Keiiut-ily Dysart lfreil Zaharee NYillia111 llairml licuueth -lakes .Xllau Liuillioliii lfrliug' Hlsou Xorliert Rupp l'loy4'l Sevolil Erliug Siueflsliauuuer Ralph lk-rgeu :X1't liulnsim Tliouias Nlcfariy Leoiiarrl Larson -lack Rlackeurotli Jaiues llartl -l1llllC4 lQ1ll1Ql'tN11il Cliarlcs ljllfklfllhlij' L'la3'1o1i liolicrls lay fieriuaiu Leo lireclil liayiuoiiml Seliwartz Kfilie lloyle lfllis Seueelial Chester 5-iiycler Leslie Luualsteu 7m K Zpazlan 118 ITOUTB.Xl,l, is the by-word you waut to use wheu seeking' eutrauee to the Teke ahorle - or perhaps merely, athleties. Heaflliuiug tl1e Sioux football season was one of tl1e eo-captains, a iueiuber of Tau Kappa Epsilon aucl also of Blue Key. aucl was also last year's wiuuer of the .luuior Athletic scholarship awarcl. fX11Otl'l61' uieiuher of the Chapter is a past football eo- captaiu aucl 1116111lJt'1' of Blue Key aufl playerl pro football with the Detroit Lions the Hrst semester. Also to he fouucl iu the Teke shack are meiubers of Phi Delta Phi, president of the Frosh council, last year's Senior prom Hom' iuauager aufl several football letteru1eu. Active ou the sports page of the Student is a Teke journalist who has also takeu over a eolumu of his owu recently. Hanging' ou the wall at this same house is the 1938 trophy for Intra- mural volleyball ehampioiisg last year they took the hockey ehampiouship. Tau Kappa lfpsilou is the uewest uatioual fraternity on the campus, this Charter being' grautecl only last spring' to what was formerly eallefl Tau Sigma Rho. Alpha Sigma chapter eeleliratecl its lirst uatioual fouu1ler's clay with a liauquet 1111 .lauuary IO. ,X three-clay eouelave aucl iuitiatiou was helml last spriug' at the time that the chapter was formally iustallecl by uatioual oHieers. Ou the social sicle of the ealeuclar, the Telces are hosts every spring at their spring' formal helml iu a rlowutowu hotel, Guy Campbell Irwin Anzjon Donald Curran Robert Bell Donald Campbell Charles Gainor A bit of recreation William Richards Bull session Vernon Lundberg Eugene Shaw Kennedy Dysart Robert Rupp Wilbur Gehrke Perry Moothart Lyle McCoy Art Robson Alex Skoropat Kenneth Jakes James Robertson Ray Neste James Hallen Leonard Senechal Heroes of today and yesterday Halvor Halvorson James Hartl Fred Zaharee Jack Mackenroth Aaron Prondzinski Robert Chatfield William Baird Thomas McCarty fi ' 2 I I -U I W z ff ,M Q. c' ov 'og 'SQA' voQQg9Y Z1 4' HW 9' we I 9 ,4- 1' in if I ' ,N ' -as ziggy: A VV x: Q..-, fi? .9 H y q ,:.T Ei,,v' Q get ' 1' a-4un-94' A I W-G -I., K , A.: 5 .-v NZ' X X y E I Q - FS Iiri gg " Z,-:Life 'Qw' I if , jqgx Y fi A2,. 4,5 Q 8 if ,,'A N' ws W walk ' gb James McNeil Leo Campion Neil Wells John Moreland Alvin Kruchten Lewis Beall Study hour? Clayton McCartney Time out John Hart Robert Callan Vernon Cooper Edward Frye Edwin Madsen Perry Brakke Montelle Boone Gilman Strand Robert Hammes William Cox Charles Dahl Chris Sand Maurice Runnestrand Myron Russ Russell Swendseid Paul Herzig Sigurd Swenson Arley Bjella Wallace Maercklein William Fearn Robert Dahl Jam session '7!wz'a GM HET.-X CHI points proudly to its record of scholarship within the past few years, being winners of the combined and active scholarship trophy for 1958. thus receiving every scholastic trophy offered on the campus since 1923. Not only has the chapter won campus recognition. but it has been in possession of the Leland Stanford national award for the past two years. Looking at other all-chapter activities. one finds that Theta Chi took first place in Hoats in the 1Q3vS Homecoming and placed second in the Tnterfraternity sing last spring. Eight members from this chapter are members of Phi Eta Sigma, freshman scholarship hon- orary. while one is a member of Blue Key. service group. On the side of athletics the chapter has three football team members and letter winners and a inemher of the frosh basketball squad. Other activities in which Theta Chis are active include Beta Alpha Psi, commerce: the Dacotah yearbook, four mem- bers of the staff: the Dakota Student, a member of the lntramural board and president of Tnterfraternity council. Looking again to scholarship. we iind a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, commerce, and two members of Sigma Tau, engineering. Every April IO. members of Theta Chi celebrate their founding in 1856 at Norwich University. Vermont. with a ban- quet and a formal party. Other traditional social activities include the "Limehouse" party given in the fall. and the Winter snowball. H211 2924 University Avenue Robert Callan - Myron Russ - Sigurd Swenson Neil XXI-lls - - fDl"FICl5RS P1'vrz'dul1f - Vim' IJI'L'.YI.dClIf - .S'CrVvfflf'y - 7'1'ct151z1'vV 3lEMBERS IN Exc'L'I.'rv Dean E. T. Towne Herbert Sand Montelle lioone Robert Callan NYilIiani Cox Edward Frye Lewis lieall Robert Dahl Chajes Dahl Myron Russ john More-land XYalter Kelly lames McNiel Robert Hammes XYallacc Haercklein Francis Maxwell Clyde Roclningen Paul Herzig Russell Swendscid Neil XYells Harlan .Xrnold Edward Anderson Nl'ilhur Bentz Jack Connoly Donald Bertusen Robert Borgerson Dan Foster Jack Gray Ross Gustafson Richard Hoye Virgil Johnson Evans Karpenko John Koehmstedt -lohn Kavanaugh .FXCTIVES Prigooiss Perry Brakkc Yernon Cooper lVillia1n Fearn Clayton McCartney Edward Madsen Sydney Stcnrodden ,lolin Hart Gilman Strand John Morrison Clifford NYorner .Xrley fljella Klaurice Runncstranil XYarren Hedlin Leo Campion Sigurcl Swenson Sherman Hoganson Alvin Krnchten Chris Sands :Xrman Kraemer Elroy Lee James Peterson Clifford Oleson Gordon Salness ,Xlbert Sandsmarck Stanley Sorenson Clinton Thomas joseph XYoell Cletus Henning Pt-ter Buchetick Lars :Xgneberg George Bertelson Selmer Rodning Stewart Gunderson Knapp Kennedy Quast Been-ian Swenson O'Brien L. Schammel Westley Boe Walsh Friesz Ruemmele Kolstad Sorlie Banning Callan. Moothart Harris Nlowery Vaughan Neste Smith UYIQRNIXIS lwtly uf tl1e twelve l.l'IltCl'lll- ties llll the C2lllllJllS. the lllfCI'fl'2lTt'l'lllly c111111cil llili 1111 CllX'l2llllC ree111'1l nf service tu it?- lllt'lllllCl'S 11111l tn the Ll11iversity. X11 stunlent 111'g1111iz11ti1111 xveiltls 11s great ll sphere nf i11H11enee. Hnlrling the p11xve1' tn 1't'Q'lll2lft' the f1'2llCl'lllllCS, the l11te1'tr11ter11ity cuuncil flecitles 1111 l'llSlllllgA rules, s11ci11l l'CQ'lllZlfltlllS. Zllltl, ill Q't'llL'l'2ll. 1lfllllllliStCl'i the ill:l.Illl'S uf its twelve niemlrer Q'l'HLl1'JS. The tirst elvuneil xv11s llfgllll- izetl in 11125, Zlllfl since th:1t time l111s IlSStllllL'tl 1111 i1111111rt1111t rifle i11 snlvintf th: lJl'lllllQlllS uf Greek letter lll'Q"IllllZZllltlllS, lts list ul' 11ehieve- ments inclnrle the 111'g1111iz11ti.1'1 nf une 111' the must etiieient lll'El'2lllllll'Ill uthlttir systems i11 the eunntry 11111l the s111111s111'sl1ip uf the l11ter- ll'IltCl'llllf' sing, 1111 eve11t helfl e11ch spring xvhieh ll2lS lweenme Zl L,vlliX'CI'Sltf' trztllitinn. l.11st year the grntip l'lZl1'llCllJ2ltCll in the lirst l'il'2l- ternitv XXI-ek helwl 1111 this c111111111s. .Xlwavs really tn mlvertise the Llniversitv anal l-l'ZllCl'lllllCS themselves, the llltt'1'fl'ZltCl'l'Illj' e111111eil ll1l5 Zl xveelclv r111li11 lll'tlg'l'Illll Illltl 1111l1l1sl1es 1111 11ttr11et1ve llillllltllllft eztlletl l'l'Il- lernities 11t the University ul. North ljlllilttitmi 11221 Si'-111r1,l Sxveiisuii - PI Chztrles Cl1ri5ti1111s1,111 Virgil H111111i11g - lllll l.lliI.T.X 'l'H1a'11x ,luck Hlll'l'lS liL'1lI'g'C xvllllgllll l..xx11:111x LQHI ALPHA Neil Quzist X11r1111111 ,Toms A1.P11,x T,-w ClMEti.X Stanley xVlllSll Rnlmert Kennedy 'l'.x1' Ii.xP1'.x EPs1Lt1N Perry Mootlmrt Lyle McCoy 'liHli'I'.X CHI Iinlmert C11ll1111 Signrcl Swenson l"111 1-X11-HA EPs11.0N tienrge Sorlie Wey1111111 Hanson . .K O 1f1f1c15Rs CM HE - P1'1'.v1'dC11f - lvlL't'Pl't'SZAdfIlf - 5115111!111'y-T1'1'a.t11rm' RS 51111111 C1-11 Frling lillllllll Persliing line Sinn .'X1.1'H.x EPs11.ox -lumes CJiHI'lL'll Russ Klelfnroe Shana Xl' Hola fil.1llilCl'SO11 Virgil Billlllillg D1:1.r.x TAL' DE1.'1',1 Ted Beeman Douglas Stewart EETA THI-ITA P1 Don Smith Charles Cl1ristians0n K.x11P,x SIGMA Harry Mowery Henry Ruemmle 2 .Z .I 1125. ,X Eide Barber Jacobson Simensen Loomls Heen Nordquist Sands .Xlhert Selke ,lnvee llurnett - Grace Sands lleverlv Heen Owen Eide Lvle llnulahl Selke QUFFICERS MEM Belts Adrian McLellan Dale Xurdquist Ilelures Keugh Tracy Barlzer ESPONSIBILITY for the maintenance nf interest and the advaneenient uf stude l'ltS ll! lt arhliated xvith a fraternity or sfmwitv in eanipus affairs rests with the Independent enuneil. Evi- dence uf the iine jul: this grnup dues is shmvn hv the inanv independent students in tnp gnvernnient positions, in litlnnr societies University service nrg'anizati:+us. 'l'hrnu niediuni nf the ellneient nrganizatifln uf its the rather large and sninewhat unxvieldv uf Independents have heen welded intn a student and in gh the leaders group potent tml Burnett McLellan Omdahl - - - Clmirmun A ll 'u111t'11'5 C,llIfl'Hlt1lI - - - Scrrettlry Sterling Lnmuis Carletnn Siniensen Elaine jaetlhsen furee nn this campus. In nearly everv held Inde- pendents are numerous. Their names grace the 1'HllS of Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Eta Sigma. and Sigma Tau, hnnnr sneieties. The editor of the Dakota Student and the R. O. T. C. cadet colonel also come fruin Independent ranks. Numbered also among them are XYho's XYho and Iron Mask members. Individually and in its entirety, the Independent Council has devoted faithful service tn the gruup of students it represents and leads. Kees Cox Norling Evans Duea Timm Boone Omdahl Trlpp Gahr Edge ,M I GFFICERS Lyle Omdahl PI'i'51idE'I1l XYarrt-n Tripp ----------- Scfrrfziry 7 Klontelle Boone, XX illiain Gahr, Leonard Xorling, Robert Duea, llert Tinim, Kennctli Kees, YVilliani Cox, Donald Evans - - Cozuicilmmi BUDGE HALL is the hub around which the wheel of college life whirls. Situated in the center of the campus this building was erected as the iirst men's dormitory. The hall is now a center of social activity, as it has been since its founding, for it not only houses sixty-seven men, but also the campus Y. M. C. A., which furnishes 'S H251 much of the between-class entertainment as Well as sponsoring tournaments of all sorts for the men who live on the campus. Through its organ- ization the boys who reside there enter into Intramural athletics and conduct the usual run of social affairs. They are also well represented in iields of leadership, scholarship, and service. Keogh Burnett Cowley Schoenig Wynne Wilson 10410460 X O1-irreiclcs Muriel XYynnt- - - - l'f'cJia'v11i ,lwycv fzixvlev, Ilelwrus Iiengli - - Vim' f,1'r'Xfdl'Ilf.V llclcn lllilswn - - - - Sr'l'1't'fiI1'y -lwyu' lliirnctt - - - 7'n'i1.v1m'V lizwliel Sell:-wig' S.-l1nlf1f'xl11'fi Qvfllll-VIIIUII ,XVlS ll.-Xl.l.. lfniversitv spmismeml xvfnnen's rlm'111itm'y, is nznneil in lnmrn' uf Hzinnali Ii. avis, the lirst inritrwn. lt is zittrzictivelv lweziteil 1 un the lmnks ol the lunglisli cuulee. wltlnn ll hurt tlistzinee of all tlic campus lmniltlings. ln ulflition to being' Z1 florinitury, llzivis lizill houses the XX7fl1llCl1yS League 1'mniis :incl tlie home H261 euniwiiiies l:1lmm'z1tm'ies anal the practice liunse. Girls lroin Davis lizill are zietive participants in ztll uf tlie crunpns activities. They present El well nniiifleil P1'Ug'1'Zl11l of open liwnses and par- ties wliieli inzilce tlie cmnpus life of tlie seventy girls xvlio live tlierc 21 pleasant rinflfzletive one. Maloney Samson Gavere Tjornhom .L" Jia!! Helen Gavere - Charlotte Maloney - Natalie Tjornhom - Kathleen Samson - x IJARIMORE HALL, aiumugii not Sifuufai on the University campus, plays a part in campus life. It houses fifty girls, who take a prominent place in the social affairs and activities of the campus. This hall is one of the newer buildings. and is operated under the direction of XVesley College. The girls entertain at a number of social OFFICERS f H271 - - Pl'UXllt1lCllf - I nw' PrU,v1'dc11f - T1'm1.vurcr .qt'fl'L'fl1I'j' functions each year. including open houses and formals. They hold an annual tea for their patron- ess, to which are invited representatives of other residence halls and SOl'Ol'ltlCS on the campus. As members of many varied organizations, the resi- dents of this hall contribute their share toward making the life on this campus a rounded one. Sterling Loomis Kenneth Schlasinger Cleron Carpenter Sapa 4-Hall- Sterling Loomis - Kenneth Sehlasiiigei' lfleroii CIll'fJCl1l6l' - Eclwaiwl llarlscn - S.XYRl.i HALL, erecteil in IQOS, is located on the XX'esley college campus. lt is the University home of lilty-two 1llC1l. The hall is named in lllllllll' of Lt. llarold Sayre, who lost l1is life :hiring the Xvtlflll lVa1'. Residents of the hall are active i11 many lieltls of campus activity. ,lllll'Ullgll organization, the hall has been able OF1f1c151es i12s1 - PI'F,Y1'dCIIf - him P1'cxia'c11f - .Yv1'f'vf11V-x'-TV4'11.mr1'r Cmiziril C1llIlI'lllll1I to present and put forth 11lEl1lY things as a unit that would he thought impossible for the average cloriiiitory. Its athletic teams are among tl1e best competitors i11 the campus leagues. Social life is not neglected. Numerous open houses and tl1e annual spring dance highlight tl1e society life of Sayre hall. ,N PM dx ,r 3 rg. 3.51 ,. -sv . N- F. T, 'FM .' in' - ' .,.f..' Ax W,-.1 . , W7 fjjfnw-r, ' Tx li . f-,,, f7f"'f3.. ' ' " ?E: xl' ' .lr . E: it tw? 5, Ng 11.5 .A . J :Q vi'vje'tf',3 aa ' E4 f:.Q,7..Q.L5' r, Y VY-zfg-AQ? wg Ufgilil 5 . , ' LF- 141 X if 'zzz v 5..1f.m,, RQ' df, Q V.. ,Ig igtfeifn Qfpxd ,U vi 441Tn"f a , ,414 K. , l If I ., 'Lab iv... ' f f f,f 1'! r 4, k ,wg 'f wa- ' 'TEV ini-X ' 5 'Ya 'Se - 'W-.W--"rs , . . ,. X153-91? 3-.f -f , ,I" x V L r .' " r, If 9 T' '. 1-1:1 X A Q '. -. 1, f 5,,i,N-A-?f-A' 4 'L M ' 4 ,A E1 u jx fig! fvvbg g gg .5 JE - 'Z 1 N LL ,M X -4, x, xxx 4 if ' ,Fx 4 7' 'RTMI1-,. - '- if Him?- x N ,A.,. .1 fr?-. -' f , ,JJ 13-gg.',VVI nl.-,Ay , ts '12 M M ,arrqgmm A 4 E5 V f 1- UPF.. G wr , Z 1' ff . X, ol ' :E f :HP f. L ta . KX 'Vwf' , 4 QR hx X x KX XX X153 '43 Q f H5-1. sf," 'N-. iifij-V 'f'Z1Q'.k ' ,ni , QJ.,.E3Qi A N li' W ,A ,U ,lb ,V . 4' .'1.-,AQ Eats .L N " '51 Qv"?'f if 17 11 i- 3f5 l , I ,ga ' - 12 f, g.:5v ' .4 1. -lm V" K' 'P'-:' 'vu . A-'VAX ' fvliifzggi-'E ' ' -I 2 f!"'L- fl' , f fx , J 1 . I , i ' , 4 'Q-,ak K, ,1i.,..,gv.f 4 , Www, X '- C-24:1 X ff"2?-1:15 X ,, ,. - , 'Z-3422 5 ' 'i,4f'i,? N . Ag, LQLQ. -: am..'..,. .QE , T5 i'fX"'1 T5 P 1 "if, QrQ,m+vf:"4 K. ri 1. W Hug X 2 11:13 ',J.,.iLf1:L.1 wif L,-, MP1 XV-5-IFN ,... D fp, 3. ,. 21 I: i ,,g,,., . X., 'Q 'gfagffff HQ Ll' 1': Us me lf ff1Qf15 gy, W ff. Y'iV1,1f?iE' ,-rv, : s,, -1-1 4 4 21 Y ff 1 'ieblg rf. . r 1 ., 1 fr, i':ff'X"lii"'x.,1': I .' . I Afdifw' :A:'i31.:- ' -"1-1f'i-fr 755'?,fH5Q2-4sf,':Ex , ' ' 10" 2 3232113 .,,"fw:1 f,?,"."g 1 1-MC' Cyn kl.?7Qfq'q.3f'Qg1'Ej5'?i,.-Q." , 1 ' :bf z 1.5 ' -, .!35a!4...:.zhQ' .-frgisvnl. 1 ' f'4?I4,Q5avW'E:' c fl f 1 1 ,J. L, Ganiemb Publications Speech and Music Military l-lonoraries Professionals Clubs Pulalicdiam ,:,, gm Dicker Kermott Rodger Davies Kane Gislason Nordqulst lVlr. Bjornson Kremer Ducharme Eaafzcf of P ' ' lYlFl"lCliR5 h"lliMBliRS Dale Nordquist - ' President Kathleen Kane - - Secretary lil. lijorn Bjurnson A - lltltlllfliv fldifisel' SLlPlilQX'lF-10N of the Dakota Student and the lilacotah F'earlJook. student owned and con- trolled publications. is directed hy the lloaril of Pulwlicatioiis. Since 14334, when the two were placed under control of one hoard, the puhlica- tions have lweeu Q'tlYCl'llCll hy the grolip which acts on all pertinent matters. such as hnancial policies. stall' appoiutiuents and other iuajor issues. Ifiye incnihers holil positioiis on the Student puhlicatiou lioai-fl, while tour extra students hecoine acting' inenihers when policies concerning' the lilacotah are discussed. Miss Dicker replaced 51321 STUDENT BOARD Cheryl Rodger Paul Ducharine Leslie Kremer DACOTAH BOARD tlrinistnn Kerinott Ruth Davies ,lohn Gislasou Florence lilicker lildrecl Swingen when the latter was chosen associate editor of the 1939 yearbook. Faculty member of the hoard is G. Bjorn l-ljoihson, head of the journalism department. who acts as adviser to the group. He is serving' his second year in that capacity. l Vacancies left hy graduating' or resigning nieinhers are elected hy the board itself from a group ot undergraduate conclidates submitted by the Dean of hYOlll6ll. The Student board gets together for monthly Sessions and the important meeting of the Dacotah group was held last fall to supervise setting up the annual budget. fittiiltizi, 4 GI 1. ia i XTX l t -A l. xl- V .aaxifiifbe Um REVIEW , J' A X 4 .-2 4' -mf ! b . , -hjyr 4. T 'JG A V . - . lf i, i ,vm Qc., -fr .A C 4, fn -KF A. ailftlif' . 'X . ' X Xl Yiwu N k F f-'Fang li 1 X X " Q. 2:35 Rx jf-ef' .gfdl g N gi --51 it w' fx A ,4 J A2 IDA! XFX I t I g ,- D Frank J. we lfrank J. XVebb - Russell Asleson ---A STA rr - - - Edilur - - - rlluuugiug Editor Orville Berggren, Robert Hammes, Leslie Gruber - V Erling Knapp ------ HE ALUMNI REVIEXV has as its purpose the binding together of the tie between the University and her alumni. First issued in IQ26, the publication has grown into a modern maga- zine, largely through the eitorts of Editor Erank XVebb. director of the Alumni bureau, who tirst sponsored the Review. Official publication of the Alumni association, it is published four times during the year under the direction of Russell Asleson. '40, inanaging editor. Alumni clubs are located in New York City, XVashington, D. C., Pittsburgh, Cleveland. Detroit, Chicago. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Mil- waukee, Portland. Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. North Dakota cities having clubs L1331 .'l.v.v0ciafc Editors - .-1 dzlertising include: NYilliston, Minot, Dickinson, Bismarck Nandan. liottineau, Jamestown, Valley City. Devils Lake, XYahpeton. Fargo, New Salem. Grand Forks and New Rockford. Oihcers of the Alumni association are: Paul Gritlitli. '08, president: O. B. Burtness. '06, vice president: Frank XYebb, '22, secretary: and bl. XV. lYilkerson, treasurer. Included in the Review are campus news. sports, general and alumni happenings. Special emphasis is laid on news of former students, and approxiinately one-half the magazine is devoted to alumni information. Helen Oppegard, Director APPR11XlMAf1'l2l.Y 2011 delegates, :111 all-time high, :1tte1111e11 the eig'htee11t11 21111111111 e11111'e11ti1,111 of the N4PI'1llt'l'll I11le1'e11lleg'iate Press ass11eiatim1 Nl'PYCllllJCl' 3, 4 a111l 5. Sp1111s11re1l 111' t11e f161'J21l'l1HC1lt of j11l1l'1lZll1Slll, Sigma Delta Chi Illlll Xlatrix for t11e p1'111111'1ti1111 of high 9C1111l11 p1111lie:1ti1111s, four states s11l1111itte1l entries. llelegates Cllllli' 1171111 Nl,l1'tll l3z1k1'1ta, S1'111t11 1311111 nta. 11111111681 1ta and iX'lO1lt?lllZl. 'l'r1'1p11ies 211111 a11'ar1ls were g'i1'e11 for t11e 0lltSt2lllCl1I1Q' p1'i11te11 11e11'spapers, lll1lll6VlQ'l'Z1l3l1C11 11e11'spapers. best se1't11111 111: :1 111XYll paper, :1111111:11s a111l lllIlQ'?lZlllCS. '1'he tiallatin High News, pri11te11 paper pf l111ze111a11, Rllbllfflllfl. 11'1111 t11e sweepstalces trpphy. xV1llllCl' 111' the 1Xl:1trix C1111 1111' the hest 111011121115 XV. 5. P. 14. erlitefl paper as well as the Dakota Student trophy 'lglll' t11e lmest 111i111e111g'rap11ecl sheet was the Aurora l1111'ea1is 1,11 Aurora, B'1ll1I16SOtZ1. The Hope Student Times, Hope, N. D., rated t11e Sigma Delta Chi :111':1r11 for the hest section pf a town paper. Helen Oppegarcl, assistant last year to Bruce XYe-stley, clireetefl the 1938 e11111'e11tio11 with the assistance of 1Vil1ia111 Fear11, Mari11111 L1'11Cl1. lfJ11r11tl1y NcC11111l,1er 211111 bl-05111116 Miller. G. B,10l'l1 lzxilfl-1151111 was faculty a111'ise1'. Pr11g'ra111 11pe11e11 '1illlll'S41ZIY with President '11-11111 C. XX'est gi1'i11g the a1l111'ess of 1ve1e0111e f111l1111'e1l by a11 explanation of the c:o111'e11tio11 by B-101'l1SOll. Pr11111i11e11t speakers incluclecl Harry O'l'lrie11 of Park River, 1Jl1l311S116l' Of the XY:1lsl1 f111111ty Press, Zlllfl 191. XV. Comlit 01' Mayville. p11l11isher 411- the '1'rail1 C111111ty rlll'll11l11C. Others 11'h11 spoke 111 the high seh1111l .lUlll'llZl1lS1S were llr11l'. XY. il. RlCNfl11g'll10Il, 111 the U11i1'ersit1' faculty, Mrs. 12111111 F. 'I'1111111pso11, sfwciety eclitm' of the Lirantl l:U1'liS Heraltl, and KFIM sports announcer. llilwarcl Butler. lfeatnres nn the three-tlay n'wf1'a1n inehuleil . Pu newswriting, ailyertising writing an npen fnruni nn news prnhlenis, news quizzes an Iunx. Variwus htafls nf the Dalwta S nn phases uf jnurnalisin, which il the eelitorial anal business relatinns uf The annual "coke and hut dug given by Matrix 'l'hurstlay evening nalism lab fur all visiting stuclents tl a rluestinn tntlent spoke ielntleil bwiitli newspapers. " party was in the jour- whu might he interestetl in seeing the l,Jaliota Sturlent gn tw press. lfflitnr Bert 'l'inun explained the mechan- ics nf putting a Stumlent nut. anrl then inyitecl all the high seliwml stutlents tn jwin in anfl write heaillines 'fur the next tlay's issue. liegistratiun fur the annual ennyentiun was hehl on 'llhursclay night in the Stuclent mfhee with Helen Oppegarfl in charge, anil continued the next :lay fur the late emners. Chief assistant ilnring this tiine was Bill Fearn. suplimiime in -lHLll'llLlllS1ll. An all-University lltilqiitili was helfl in con- junctitin with the euiiyeiitifm, anrl all visitors were inyiteml as lioiitfweml guests to flance to the niusie of Dun Hiestantls nrehestra. The annual ewiiyeiitirni hanquet was helml in the Daewtah hwtel lfritlay at 6:30 p. ni. XXII awarils fin' the various fliyisinns were annwuneeil anfl presentefl by N1 IQ P, AX. lflireetni' Helen Oppegarcl, with 50 special guests trnni the University and tfrannl l'lH1'liS being in attentlance. .Xs a finale tn the two ilay sessinn, a complete trip tlirwugli the Grand Forks Herald plant was euiultictefl nn Saturilay morning. Lynch Fearn Nliller H351 Stanley Walsh cing budget for this year's yearb work of Stanley Wals ' 1939 D Balan ook is the h, business acotah St manager . an acted manager u of the as assistant business nder Adrian McLellan on the 1938 book. 746 7939 Jean Hoagland Editor-in-chief of the Dacotah, heads a staff of 14 students, each of whom has been responsible for a specific section of this book. The 1939 Dacotah is unique in its use of a specific art theme, the 50th Anniversary of Commencement. jean Hoagland EDITORIAI, S'1f,x1fF BUSINESS S'rAifif - 4- Ifaiilm' Peggy ,lane Skeels, lflilreml Swingen - -Iv.rm'1uti' llll'lfHl'.Y Orville Hergren Rebecca Onstad Joyce Burnett Hollis Hoff - NVilliam Fearn Elise Anderson Robert Hammes Jeanne Reff - Harry Rice - Robert Callan Al Greenberg - Sigurd Swenson Doris Krueger .5'pm't.r Editnr' Orgaiiisufimis - A Classes - Plllififflfl-0l1,Y and Radin .-ldmii1i51'ra!1'n1i - - Society Ctllllffllj Ezfvufs lllilsif and Dranm - - - - Military - llnimmi'-v 171'0fi2ri1itiex - ---- Clubx f'rnfl'.rxin11u1 Fmlvi'l11'Iiv.v ll 70111171115 Sflllffx Stanley XX':ilsli Helen Hppegznxl, XY:1rren Tripp Artlinr Grunke Dorothea Stinson Alice Danuser - .-'Xllen Dragge - -lack Nevin - Russell Asleson lisxzklnizf B11.vn1c'.r,v Illaiiugm' Hirxiizvss illmiagcrxv - Ojfice Manager - Sales Manager - Oigaiiizatioizx - fld'Uerii.vi11g - Collectioizx - Publifif-v Left to right: top row, Skeels, Swingen, Oppegard, Tripp, second row. Bergren, Onstad, Burnett, Fearn, Stinson, Dragge: third row, Reff, Hoff, Anderson, Hammes, Grunke, Aslesong bottom row, Callan, Rice, Greenberg, Swenson, Danuser, Nevin. .1-nf 'Q Q UQ? qi. .. ,V fs , . s, ef L , 3 Jw if 49 3 we .il Robert Gunderson Directing the business policies of the Student Robert Gunderson heads a busirress staff number- ing 10. During his term of office, the press room has been improved with the purchase ' and new type. of an Iinotype Elbert Timm Has the Ia rge task of seeing that the Dakota Student, campus newspaper, leaves the presses every week. He heads a staff that was completel re-organized at the time of h' ' spring. Y is appointment last .-S' lin1'1'uR1AI, S'1'A1f1f lcrt Timm ---------- lfrlilur lsrzlcl LXllCI'll1lCII icflitwizllsb, Kanye I7fml'i11pL' Km-wsl. Klfllllj' SClllIlSiIIgL'I' ispfwrlsb - - ,AI.v.vm'iulv lf1l'ilm'x iusscll .Xxlus4u1 ----- - .lluku-up lfflilwr Imac llurnclt - ,S'm'Iul-v lfu'ilur llnllis Iluff - - lx'uu'm lfflflffr lczumc RL-IT - - lf.rffluHgv lfdilvr Iimlwiu Sinmrsmw - - --"-- Curlfw1li.v! Xl lil'L'L'llI!Cl'g', LL-slic firulwcr, llClL'll llppcgzml, Sigurd Swenson -----A Dusk If11'ifur.v xvillilllll Fezlru, IQf1lmc1't Hammes, Riclmrcl Hoya - ci0I1lIlllIi.Vf.Y XYilIiam Baird, Rol1c1't Czlllau, Leo CQllll'lIIil'll1, Leeward Leu, john RICEIITUC - .Alxxixlulzf Dusk l5dI.f1Il'N XY:15'11c Kelly. lluris Krucger, Rml Rcynfvlcls, Put T1'ay11m', Gefwgc X7Z1l1gllIll1 - - Sfwrls H'1'1lvl'.x' lflirsc .'XIlClCl'SHll, l'!cx'L-rly Hccn. Doris Hennessy. Ivis HX'ill1,ICl1. Jxlillllll? Miller, Ruth Mcljunalfl - - Snrivly H'rflvr.v K-:un llzllu-1', Ella-11 Iizlkkv. -Iulm Cfmmvlly, l.lwy4I L'1n111ufm,lhvlmlfl IJ1ll1l,Iix'erct1 lDCZL'H,'I4l-IQIIIL' llzlgc. Iflnim- Vlwlllmnm, Yixizmm- jwlnmwn, Now Lzmnc, Kay'1'tz, XYilter Inmk, Klzlry .Xlivu NlZ'1CI3Hll2lI4I. l"l1w1'zx llclisly, XYilli:ml Nlillf, fTl'llL'ZlII Now, liclly 1xL'lL'l'5lvll - - lx'1'j'nllL'l.x BUSINESS ST.xx-'lf Holm-l'l fQlllHlL'l'5lgPll - - - - H1r.v1'm'.v.v .llumzgvr IDUIUIIICZI Stinslm - - ,'fX,Vf.Vf4Illl l411xif1v,v5 Jltllltlglfl' Purmllm ------ . 111-:'m'!iJ1'r1g Jlulzugur In-ssc .XrnoIcl, J. XY. Uwlgluzicr, Lenny -Iullllsoml, 1021110 Nmwmv, llill Swzmson Peter XVIICIICHCII ---- .111-z'v1'li.v1'11g Solirilnrs Left to right: top row, Auerbach. Doering. Schlasinger. Purdorrg second row, Asleson. Oppegard, Swenson, Stinsong bottom row: Greenberg. Burnett, Hammes, Fearn. I I 1 l 1 fe--igfzif' V 'saw QHQ North Dakota EER Eyq lli. sf, it i -eti- Ernng Bolstad ,.,-ill' if na Um ' ' Bruce McArthur '7!zefVau'hf25 Z' EDITORIAI Q1 , .0 'AFF lfrling Bolstad - - Paul l Jucharme. Ormiston liermott - .- Sterling Mitchell --'-f Amer Stump - lfrancis l.r.v1,x'lrllll ElllfO1'.V - Nu'w.v Editor - llnlum' Editor hlaxwell - - ."lfllllII1fEllll0I' HE NORTH DAKOTA ENGINEER released four times yearly, is a self-supporting magazine which pertains solely to the engineering' profession and seeks to pulilieize activities ol University engineers. 1 The Constitution governiiig the Engineer reveals that the purpose of publication is to pro- mote a favorable attitude toward the College of l2l1g3,'lllG6l'lllQ'Zl114.l to stimulate interest ' in that lield. liditor is lfrling' Xl. llolstad while directing lvusiness policies is il-truce McArthur. Bolstad succeeded Gordon lflmhe while YI i e.Xrthur r l .lack Lammi ' ep aeed ng. Under their direction, approxi- f I-lilll - - Editor llusmizss STAFF llruce Me.-Xrtlnu' - - Hizxizmss Jllanagef ,Xdrian Valcsvili ' A nId7'P1'tisi11g lliilliam Gahr - - C1'I't'Ill0fl0I1 mately 500 copies are published for each issue with the hgure soaring to 6000 Engineers Day. Alumni news and activities have played a prom- inent part in the publication this year. B lemhers of the faculty board are Professors D. R. jenkins, XV. li. Budge and Alfred Boyd, who choose important stat? positions each April. Assisting llolstad on the editorial side are Paul Dueharme and Ormiston Kermott, assistant editors: Sterling' Mitchell, news editorg Amer Stump, humor editor: and Francis Maxwell, alumni editor. MeArtliur's aides on the business stall' are Adrian Vaksvik, advertising, and Xllilliam Gahr, circulation. E. D. SCHONBERGER 1QtJV11DlNfi 1l1'21l1l2LllC ex11erie11ee 1'11r st1111e11t I1Cll1l'S 111111 l-l1l'1li4ll111g' e11tert11i11111e11t 1111' the e111111111s111111e111111111111ityistl1e11'11rli11ft11e 1J11k11t11 PlElj'1l12lli61'S, largest 111'g1111iz11ti1111 1111 the Cillllllllts. This gr11u11. 1lireete11 by E. D. SC1111lllJSl'g6l', he1111 111 the 1111l11ie s11e11l4i11g' 11e11111't111e11t, e1111t11i11s 170 l1lC1l1lJt'1'S, 1011 111 these heiug 11eti1'es 211111 75 TCSCVYCS. 1Je1'i11ti11g' this YCZLI' fl'l1l11 their Q,'L'11Q1'2ll 15111- ee1111re, tl1e 13111111111 PlZly111ZLli8I'S lD1'6St'11lI6t1 three plays i11ste1111 111 their 11s1111l 1111111 This w11s 111111e 111 111111111 11 e1111l11et with the l'l1el iC1'lZ s,mz1 fb 'l'l1e three plays 11rese11te11 were "'1'he Night 111 -12ll1l12'l1'1' IG," Z1 Ct,JLl1'fl'Hll11l 11111111211 "Far-OH Hills," 1111 lrish lllityl 111111 UXYUL1 Cilllvf '1'11lce It 111111 Y1111." Il CtJl11Cf1Y prese11te11 t1Ll1'l1lg' High SCllll11l week 1111 llllf University e111111111s. lC11it11 .Xsheim is PlZlj'11lllliC1'1916511161111 .Xl'lQl1tl1' lfriesz, viee 1J1'CSltlC11t1 ,11111et XY11l111ee, St3C1'6tZll'f'- ll'CllSt1l't'l'. 111111 'l'l1e11111i1re 1iCC111Z1ll, 111e11111er 111 large Zllltl 1162111 111 publicity. 1ileete1l 11,1 N11ti1J1111l C11llegi11te Pl2lf'I1lZllit'1'S t11is YCIII' were vloyee Cztwley, .Xl'll1t1l P1Z1lS6tl1, Muriel Xvyllllli, .1e111111e Ne1s1111, l'J11rly11e Sti11s11111 Zlllll -131161 xxyZl1lZlCt'. 1Yith the 111l11itio11 of these I11C111lJ6l'S, 21 t1'1tz1l of QQ st1111e11ts have been elected t11 t11is 1111ti1111111 11rg1111iz11ti1111 si11ee its ii1stit11ti1'111 1111 tl1e Uiiiversity CZllN1JtlS i11 1935. Janet Wallace Harry lvlowery Edith Asheim Ardith Halseth as 1 Ne sx Q Earl Nlundt 'Q 147'P P Student tickets admit patrons to the production of FAR-OFF HILLS. Co-ed ushers show ticket- holders to their seats. The audience eagerly awaits the opening curtain, while backstage the cast cooperates in the application of grease paint. We catch a glimpse of one of the main scenes of the play, the action of which centers around Joyce Cawley, Mabel Hatcher, and Darlyne Stinson. The whole cast gathers for a picture after a triumphant performance. Leading lady, Darlyne Stinson, poses for the photographer after the performance. W. S. SCHRIER .-XMPUS debatinlf and forensics, besides bein-" Cn 13 two of the niost active and interesting activities for student participation, build inuch good will between the University and the organizations before Whoni they appear. Under the direction of XVilliam Schrier, associate professor of public speaking, debating and forensics have given valuable contributions to the student body. lfach year various tournaments and debating contests are participated in by nienibers of the Wmemzca squad. Notable ainong those in which they appeared this year were the Red River Valley tournament, the Delta Sigma Rho tournainent. liorensic day Zllltl their annual Good lVill tour. Besides these contests, nienibers of the squad inade appearances before such downtown organ- izations as Kiwanis, Rotary, A. O. U. XV., Lions, Toxvnsencl Club, Knights of Columbus and Cen- tral lligh School. Representatives of the debate squad attended the National Delta Sigina Rho Student Congress held this spring in lVashington, D. C. The nieinbers of the debate squad for the current year are Robert Vogel. Russell Swend- seid, Robert johnson, George Sorlie, George Myrant, blames Leo, Charles Dahl, Ordean Ness, lfrancis Haxo, Shirley Boylan and Frances l,ynch. Prominent and extremely active on the U debate squad are Robert Vogel, James Leo and Russell Swendseid. i 11441 contest. Phil Poppler was winner of the event last year. The only oratory contest exclusively for freshmen is the James Glyer Robert vase' ' Stockwell contest held in Mav of each Dale Nordquist Tobias Casey ' year. Xlfalter L. Stockwell of Fargo donates the prizes of 5510 and S5 to first JANIES GLXIER WON H1-St place this War in and second place winners. XVinners of the 1938 annual Merrifield contest and Lowell O'Grady took second place. The late Dr. XVebster Merri- lield, professor and president of the University, established the annual prizes of S30 and 320. Using the topic "New Deal," Robert Vogel won lirst place and blames Leo took second place in the King lixteinporaneous contest. Prizes of 55.20 and 5515. nlade possible by a 551000 endow- ment left by the late Dr. Frank bl. King. were awarded the winners. Lyle Huseby won the annual Peace contest this year. This contest does not have a cash award, but the winner is sent to the State Peace H451 contest were Russell Hall and Virgil Banning. The second annual Min Hin Li contest was held in April under the joint auspices of the Department of Public Speaking and the Inter- national Relations club. The subject of the contest was "tfhina." The King Verse reading contest. an animal event uf the speech contest usually held in May, was won by Ruth lfursteneau. A lirst prize of 3520 and a second prize of S15 are awarded the winners. Prize money comes from a fund established for that purpose by Dr. Frank King, deceased St. Thomas physician. Contest participants are selected on the basis of tryouts. Anderson Wynne wi .... - 1 . we is 523 H. C. ROWLAND Mic fb 111:111e 21111111211 111111's 111- L'a11:111z1 211111 N01't11e1'11 L'111te11 States. '1'11e best singers of t11e group are se1ecte11 1111- t11e tours, w111c11 this year 111c111c1e11 ZllJlJCZlI'ZlllCt'S 111 f31'Z111f1 1'1H1'1iS, Devils Lake, 11:11'11esx'111e, 1'12ll'g'1l, XYE!1llJC1H11. St. Paul. C1l1CZlg0, ll:11'z1111111, xxv1SC1111S11.1. L'11i11pe11'f1 Falls, XYis.. 211111 LX1111111. '1'11ey were 1I1Y1fCl1 to take part 111 t11e H12 111111'e1's1ty of N111't11 Ifiakota K12l1'11'1g'Zl1 ce1e111':1t11111 :lt XY1I1l11l'JCQ" 111 X1z1y '1111' t11e visiting' C11l1J. 111111e1' t11e 1111'cct11111 111 Hywel Lf 1i11w1z11111. King 111111 Queen 411. 1'1llg'1Zl1111. IH 1'111e 111 t11e best 1i11lPNV11 111 st1111e11t C11t'111'S 111 t11e 11111't11west. R1C11l1JCl'51111J is 111111te11 111 HO Sing'- 11111CQ1'S 111 t11e C11l11 1I1C1l1l1C 1i1111e1' A1111e1's1'111, ers w1t11 t11e 11l111111t'I' 111 1111-11 111111 w11111c11 z111011t c1111:111y 111v111eC1. p1'es111e11t: L'1z1yt1111 N1l111111, vice p1'es111e11t3 B1:Ll1'1C1 XX'y1111e, SCC1'tf1l1l'j'Q Alice x1Zl1'S11. t1'e?1s111'e1': C111- f111'11 1:Cl'1l1g, 13115111655 1112l11Z1g'C1'I :11111 fi1T6g'01'j' Since 1ts 111'g:1111z:1t11111 111 111.28 1116 g'1'1111p 1121s ,.Qe.e X .,4 'iff if 1J2l1l1L'l1 111111 Ye1':1 Mac XY1,1ll11Q". 1i111'z11'1z111s. Left to right, top row: Dahl, Haug, E. Mundt. Anderson, Young, Tisdale, Hiatt, Wynne. Peterson Richter, Johnson, Loomis, Sveen, Dahlen, C. IVlundt, Schroeder: bottom row: Hove, Johnston Fering, Svare, Buttz, Taylor, Austfjord, Forkner, Mr. Rowland. Marsh, Wold, IVlathisor1.xRowIand Nelson, Carter, Baumann, Benson. Thompson. , ?9??'3S"fg Top row, Selke, Erickson, Lommen, Cashel, Paxman. Homme, Steil. Schnecker: second row, Donnelly, Lynch, Miller, Thorliefson, Ryan, Jacobsen, Brainerd, Brown: third row, Baker, Sands, Freegard, Glaserud, Harris, King, Brock. Estensrud, Matteson, Bunde: bottom row, Schmidt, Grande, Sandstrom, Nlrs. Humpstone, Davis, Sande, Thorvilson, Peterson. zu 'qzeeezw OF1rICygRg BIEMRERS -,lean llakei' Patricia Jzitwiliseii Phyllis l'3r:tinerml llarriet King - - llattit' llrwcli lit-tlit-l Larsuii .,, . . Q - v.,. . Q 4 'IUML Sdmlgtlmn 1"s"'i"" l.ayt'rne l-hmwnlielrl Milrlrefl Luininen Margaret Cashel Xlariwn Lynch . . . . ,. . junniu Marie llayis Margaret Matteson .lemme Mane Davis ' ' I "V Plmldmlr Xlary llonnelly L':irwl Morelantl llnrntliy Fi'eegz1i'fl llt-tty Paxman 1 N Cora filaserutl lieatrice Petersfin Mf11'gflff'f GVHWIC ' ' 54'V"Vff"'3"l"W-W"f"' Margaret Grantlc lilwreiice Ryan ,lean Harris Lrirna Sancle lfthel lltnnnie lone Sands lieverly SCllllL'CliR'l' ,lwycv Sanclstrnni lfliyalu-Ili St-llfv Lnella Steil Estrnl lustciisiwiil HE XVQMTCNS GLEE CLUB, efnnposeml primarily of l'reslnnan women interesterl in vocal work, is tlireetetl by Carol lXliles Hnnipsttine. professor of music. The club is urganizecl the tirst week in the fall term. and try-outs are lielcl for all girls who are interestecl in lieemning' members. First appearance of the glee club this year was mafle when the girls sang a lialf-lirrur concert over the L'niversity station at Liliristinas time. lfnllowingr this in the spring, the group was presented in its animal cm11cei't lay the XVomen's League board. The prog-1-ain was tmiiipnsefl uf clinrns innnbers, solos and two sextets fruni the group. Climaxing' the year, the lVmnen's Glee elnli is always the University choral grmmp which sings for gracluation exercises in ulnne. Ifltweiicc Schmidt has lreen acting as accompanist fur the gruiip clnring' this selmnl year. Carol Miles Humpstone rmi Kun.-.W JOHN E. HOWARD ss 1 , H 1Y1N11 11, .1,17P1111. JX1111 g'6I11Il1, 5141111111 51411111 111111711171 1111169 1113 111111 111111 51111165 1111 1116 11111111. 1'1111w11111. IIS 1116 111'1ys Slly, "is 1l11XE'C,1 1111 111 6v61'y111111g1" 116 11116615 1116 L1l11YCl'S11Qj' ROTC 1lZl11f1. 1116 RUTH 1l1lll'C111l1g' 11211111, 1116 UND L'H11L'C1'1 11111111, 111111 111C Cl'll1CC1'1 l'l1'C11CS11'Z1. L1l111C1' 1115 f11l1f' 16111161's11111, 1116 11111111 1111s 116611 111116 1111 111146 1Hl11'S 111. 1116 L'l1l1l11Il'Y, g'11111g' 111 C111L'?1Q'1'1. N11111'11111c66, 1116 'I'11'111 C1111CS. 616. L'1111s1s161111y. YCZII' 111161 XCIIY, 1116 611116611 H1'C11C'S11'l1 1116561115 Z1 I,1111S11C11 161161111116 11111611 s111111's 1116 16s1111s 111' , . . . . 111111'11111s 1111111 11s 11116611111 11118 16111161s11111 111 1'111111111s 111111 1111151116 1111-Zl1l'S 61111 116 .11l11Q,'C11 115' 1116 IlL'11Yl1lCh 116 l1I111CI'11l1iL'S. 116 IS 4111'CL'11II' 111 111111115 114s1 gan!! 111111 111-C11e5t1-HS, C1111Y41lC:lt11V511 C11I111'l11Zll1, 61111111161166- 1116111 L'11211l'111Zll1, 1.:lj11111f1C1'S 11Zly 6111111111a11, Nf1t11'11-1111 s111116111 111111561 111 1116 Nf1.t11111f11 1761161111i1i111 111 B11lS1C 611111s, C111-ectllll 111 11111916 111 I17 111s11161s R1QD1ZlI'5' 1'l1tt'l'l1?111VlllZl1 111111 1111661111 1111 1116 Presby- 16112111 611011. For several years 116 11115 1161611 as CO-1'11l'CC1IO1' 111 1116 F1i6k61'1z1i1 1713111651 ACCO11113I11lj'111g' 1116 611116611 11111111 011 its Q1111l.'Zlg'l1 111111. A1166 K121l'511, 11139 6111-611 sponsor, 1111111611 1116 1111g'6 Z1l1111Cl1CC'S 111111 1161 5111361-11 5171111111111 111166. A j11111111 111 61111621111111, 5116 is lllfl-1H1'1llg 111 11111s16. S116 is 211511 Z1 11161111361 of 1116 C1111CC1'1 O1'C11CSfI'2l, 1116 Ma111'1g111 611113, Pi 1421111191111 r1i1lC1ll, S1g'll1ll 11115111111 S1g'l112l 111111 1116 XX'61111611's 112166 611111. 1 15 SDOUSOF R01 0. Bam! Al7IflLlA'l'ED with the military department of the University is the R. O. T. C. band led by Drum Majors Henry Gotzian, Ruth Coghlan and Elsie Edgar, and directed by -lohn E. Howard, professor of music. The band, which includes players from all 1 four classes, stresses marches and bugle calls in preparation for parades both in downtown Grand lforks and on the campus. A fifty-piece marching band was ordered for the spring review this year. and the other for the last game in the basketball series between the University and the A. C. Director -lohn E. Howard, who is responsible for the success of the band, lists as his activities for the year: director of bands and orchestras, chairman of Convocation, Commencement. and Founders Day, National Student Adviser ul- National Federation of Music clubs, president of Northern Lights district of the National Federation of Music clubs in the Dakotas and Minnesota. director of music of 117 districts uf Rotary and International, director of the Presby- terian choir and co-director of the Flickertail schedule, one for Howard Alphson Robert Armstrong Manfred Arnold Verne Augustine Benjamin Bakkegard Tracy Barber George Beck Kenneth Berg Robert Bjoring Robert Borgerson George Boutrous Reuben Brakken John Burgum Cleron Carpenter Leonard Cersonsky Raymond Check Kenneth Crossman John Dahl Two trips to Fargo were on the 1938-39 the A. C. Homecoming game, Joseph Donovan Charles Ego Russell Ellingson Earl Elznic Angelo Engel Gordon Erickson Lynn Everson Maurice Feinstein Victor Hamilton Robert Hardy VVarren Harpster Robert Heen John Hegvik Cletus Hennings Bruce Herman Grant Herreid Raymond Fergusson Don Hiestand Daniel Foster Bruce Frazer Edward Frye Kenneth Garwood Larry Gill Robert Goodman James Gronna Louis Hagen Vhester Halvorson Warren Hiestand Harry Hildebrecht Sherman Hoganson Paul Jones Norman Joos Donald Jorgenson Bert Kampf Evans Karpenko Robert Kerns Follies. Members are: Eugene Kilgore Merlin Kilen Richard King Elvin Kristjanson Russell Lake Harry Lee Truman Lyford Curtis Malm Ralph Maxwell Thomas Mcliennett WVilbur Monroe Oscar Monson Jack Moreland George Naramore Roy Neste W'ilmer Newton Stuart Nortlquist Milton Nugent THE R. O. T. C. BAND STEPS OFF Lyle Omdahl Norman Peterson Horace Porten XVillian1 Pratt Gale Richardson Clyde Rodningen Gordon Rulien Norbert Rupp Gordon Salness Kenneth Schlasinger Donald Sheridan Lester Shook Edwin Simpson Howard Smith Carlton Soderholm Stanley Sorenson Ervin Sptizer Andrew Stephens Douglas Stewart Leo Swanson Phyllis Sweetland Merton Swenson Bernard Thielges Palmer Thielges Marvin Thompson Manville Treumzinli George Vaughan Arthur XVHIIIEI' Kent YVestley Milo VVestrum 'lordon VVinger Arthur XVinterneld Sherman XVright H491 lli-rl-m Swciinriii - - First row: Herreid, Hiestand, Malm. Swenscn, Naramore, Feinstein, Winger, Kernsg second row, Goodman. Lee, Schlasinger, Halvorsen, Walper, Schmitz, Check, Thompson. Wesiley, Jorgensen, Sands, Stewart, Newton, Beck, Carpenter, Henningsg third row, Simpson, Halvorson. Vaughan, Alphsong fourth row, C. Halvorson, W. Hiestand. Peterson, Barber. Erickson, Sheridan, Thielges, Burgurn, Berg, Ego. Lyford, Murray, Jones, Soderholm. Christiansen, Hildebrecht. Gancwl' Ban! O ifri cicks I'f'u.vidrl1l llnnzilil .IiiI'gt'llsnili ' I'l'rv l'r'l'xiil'ri1I luv llullwxilll - Y .3ii'l'1'Ul41l'j' tirziu- Snmls - 'l'rl'f1.v11rrr llli UNlYlfRSl'l'Y'S L'+f11ce1't lkmcl takes wer :L triple rcspimsiliility in sclmnl fiiiictifms by playing for zltliletic umtcsts, making' up 21 part ni' tlic military ilcpzirtineiit. especially :luring the spring review. :mil prfivifliiig ll cimct-1'l wrgzuiizzi- llwll in llic music ilcpzirtiiiciit. lt also plzlvs im' tlic zmimzil ll1l.Cl'l.l'ZllCI'lllly Sing iii thc spring mil assists in Klcmurizil zmtl Ariiiislicc Day zirzulcs. Miss Alice Klznrsli is this year's uicil spmism, wlw was it-zlturcil :it hlmic coiiiiiiciicciiiciil exer- tists, :it tlic PI'CSi4lL'lll'S concert zmrl -in the spring' timr, Hpuiiiiig' with il cimccrt in fiflllltl Ifurlis on Xlzircli :Stir spiiiismcil ln' the liotriiw' clulm :mil Elm- Key, coiiipliiiieiitziiy In residents ui' iirziml Ifwrlfs, ilie lirmml cfmtiimcrl tu lfnrgw, Szmlc Center, Xliiiiiczrpwlis, l'lllllS4PIl, XYiS., lizm illilill' :mil t'liic:igii. 'llicrc its inzijm' ciigzigieiiiqiit was for ilu- 1 liimiqwr ll. X. IJ. .Xlimmi vliili. f 1501 llwwzirfl .Xllilisml Ycriiu ,-Xiigiisiiiiu 'l'r:iuv l'lzirl'er iiL'1v1'y,'C liecli lit-miclli llcrg -lnlm l'illI'g1llN Rflcrim L':irpentcr lqllylllibllll Clic-ck tilinrles Egfr iillflllill Ericlisim lVl:im'icu Ft-instcin l.:irry Gill liulicrt Gumlii1:nii .Xllm Ilznlxwwwii lilicstvr l lzilxwiwfii Nlnriimm- Hzilwirs Clt-tus lluimings ilrunt Herreifl Ulm Hiestimil lV:irrc11 Hin-Stzmil llzirry l-lilflulircrlil l':ml 'limes Ilimgilil -lui-gt-iismi liulicrt Kcrns lflvin lirietjziiimii Triimfm l-5'fm'il lflliny Loc Curtis Rlnlm iicurgc Nxirziimirc XYilim-r Ncwtwii Ntiflllflll Prlersmi lfilwiii Slll'lPSUll 1 lull QM IZERS liunm-Ili Sclilnsiiigui firncc Szmwls lima Szmcls .'Xllfll'CB Schmitz liimnlal Slicrimlxm Lixrleinn Smlerliolin lliiiiglzia Sit-w:1i'i Klcruiii Swciismi l-lcriirirrl lliiclgcs ilwi'ge Yzuiglizin .Xrtlmr Wzilper lfum Xltstlcy' Merton Swenson, president Back row, Swenson, Feinstein, Hiestand, Berg, Halvorsen, Mr. Howard, Erickson, Soderholm, Christiansen, Hen- nirrgs: second row, Haug, Anderson, Stalberg, Harris, Bakkegard, Shook, front row, Marsh, Wallace, Hiatt, Jorgenson, Helgaas, Hendrickson. I 6' 0 HE UNIVERSITY Concert Orchestra is directed by John E. I-Ioward. University band director, and is composed of students from the band and those playing stringed instruments. Practice is held each week in XVoodworth hall. In March of every year, the orchestra is presented in its formal concert in the Presbyterian church of Grand Forks. A varied program is given, interspersed with solo work from various members of the group. The program is varied and always well received. A Playmaker play automatically means the appearance of the orchestra. which all gives a pre-curtain program, as well as playing between acts of the performance. Each spring at COl'll1llC11C6lllCllI the University orchestra is featured. together with the XVOIIICITS Glee club. The group makes other appearances during the year, appearing at conventions held in Greater Grand Forks and going on short trips when possible. Small groups from the orchestra often play at large University and downtown banquets. Kenneth Berg .Xlice Marsh - janet Wfallace - Marian llelgaas Robert JXl'lll5ll'lJ1lg Elise Anderson Benjamin Bakkegard Kenneth Berg Elvin Christianson Gordon Erickson Maurice Feinstein Robert Garlock Eloise Halvorsen Peter l-lang jack lilarris Marian Helgzlas Loran Hendrickson Llletns Hennings Betty Hiatt Don Hiestand Alice lylarsh 1511 Ol4'Ii'ICER5 - f"1'c.vidr11l - l'irt' l'7I'CSIdt"II1' - - .S'ccr'cn1r'y - TI'L'llSIll'U1' MEM Disks lxslel' Sllimli Roger Stollmerg Janet Wallace Kenneth Berg, president adm Radio Playmakers put on a thriller N1Y1i1QS1'l'Y 111'11z1c11':1sii11g has 111211-C11Ci1 l'111'11'z11'11. This yczii' the 1'cg'111:11' schcihile S1llP1J1611lCl11Cf1 with special events 1't'ZlC11CC1 Z1 t11iz1l l11Zll'1i of 1.1 111.11113 11'1fek1y. Y11'g'11 1'1z11111i11g' is lJ1'4iQ1'21111 l111'6C1iIl' of XY111111x1'1,11't11 stuihws 211111 directs :111 limailcrists w11ic11 i11c111r1e 111':1111z1, science, music, 1ite1'z1t111'e. 111c11ici11e. 211111 11111sic app1'eciatio11. A1111ii11111cc1's i11c1111'1e11 Russ 11'e1z11111. 17z1x'e 1X1C1.CH11 and :X11g'e1o Engel. 111111is Hoff is c:1111p11s news Ci'i111l11Cl1f?11H1' P11111 publicity l'111'6CtO1', while sports are 11:1111'11er'1 hy O1'1'i11e 11e1'g1'e11, c'11'z1111:1lics by -1ez11111e Nelson a1111 script by A1Ill'j01'16 Tavcs. 1505111 1. Y. 1T1'eitwicsc1' 11c:111s thc 0311111111106 in C11Zl1'g'C of the radio siziiinn. f1'1111111iticc 1l1t'1111JL'l'S :ire 1'11'11'1'1 C. Riiwlziml. who s1111e1'v1scs ll1'i 1g1':1111s, R. 11. .1c11ki11s, 'I171111 1,. 1'11111111ey 2ll1f.1 Miss X1. Beatrice -1+11111st011e. Staff announcers who carry the burden of U. N. D. broadcasts are Virgil Banning, student director of the station, Orville Bergren, sports commentator, and Russ Ireland. Radio Playmakers play a big part in radio activities. The members are as follows: Left to right, top row, Garwood. Lewis, Hankey, Friesz. lVlcLaren, Cawley, Briggs, Wallace, Boyland, Heen. Buttz, Lane, Baker, Thompson, Helgaasg bottom row, Hanson, Dicker, Karpenko, Mundt, Casey. Ireland, Nelson, Fursteneau, Carter, Dryburgh, Halseth. Hollis Hoff strikes a pose characteristic to his duties of newscasting. Mdliliwf . .D I' X 1 s 'lo . ' ' . ,........ i I' V' . s ,g-x Richter LaFor'ce Powell Whiting Weaver dill' E25 lllt Ii. tl, I. K . liitie teani this 5't'1ll'L'lPllllIllCli the lille 1'L'Ull'lillfXYillllillQfllllll't'iilllll lilty percent nf its niatehes. These matches are ewnthieteml hy exelianging anfl emnpariiig' the sewres marie by the Cli1iiPCtilig' teams nn their nwn ranges. Captain nf the ritle team this year was Liawlet Lieutenant Lf-wlmiel lluhert ll. Thonite, whose average tliwwtiglintit the seaswn was slightly hetter than 37i out nf a pnssilmle 400. The statif of instructors is hezulefl hy the Pmtessm' uf Military Science :intl Tactics, Cnlntiel George XY. C. XYhiting, wliw came here in Qetoher, 1958. The other emiiiiiissiniiecl rlliieers on the staff are Major Amlrew tl. Powell and Major Lahlar Xlfeaver, hrwth nf whmnn have been with the unit for four years. Sergeant M. C. Lalfnree and Sergeant G. lf. Richter complete the Staff. THE .RIFLE TEAM 51541 second row. Swenson, Sand, Chatfield, Paulson, Simensen, Hanson-, Svare, Lohse, Swanke, Swartz, lllf Reserve Unicers' 'liztining Corps has for its purpose "z1ll'in'cliiig inilitary CtlllCZllQlOll Zllltl inlln'inztti1in tw stnclents in preparing for the conntry's wlefensef' The tirst two years of the course is known as the hasic training. during' which time the stnllent learns preliininary rifie niarlqsinzinsliip. eleinentftry drill zlnrl cfiimnianrl, hrst ztifl :intl heginning inilitary principles anfl tactics. Those that slimy aptitncle, unfl are rlesir- ous of cluing so, are enrolled in the ziflyancecl course. Junior drill members include: top row, left to right: Netcher, Lynch, Sutton. Solberg, West, Svare, Lommerr, Sjue: Kruchten. Rosaaen, Her-zig, Stump, Banning, bottom row, Walden. Abelson, Plaggmeir, Ritter. ln this pzirt ul the snlmicct, snch things is lnilitzlry liistory, inilitzlrv lzny, :ulyznicetl nnhtznx tzlctics, cure :intl fipcrzttion 1 are stnflietl. 'lilll'tltlgllt,ltll the ticztl llrill is cunllnctetl once ln the Ul'Q'ZllllZ2llltlll of lirst year znlvznicctl stntlents tions of niin-clvininissilinerl sg-confl amlyancell curry on the coniniissionecl officers. il inlztntry xyezlpu wliole course. IJl'1lt ll week. the ctnnpztnies, tht :ire given the lil fitncers. while tht functions of regn Senior drill members are: top row, A. Rice, Bengson, Webster, Anderson, Tauer, Murphy, Christiansen. Butler: second rcw. NlcNeil, Johnson, Pepke, H. Rice, Smith, Russ, Harris Cox, Goldammerg bottom row, Peterson, Schroeder, Harner, Clayton, Thomte, Beeman, Maxwell, Anzjon, Nluggle, Utke, Fordyce. H551 Grace Sands, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Hubert Thomte, Lieutenant Colonel Nucn ' 1: I 1 ' A 19? . . 1 B Fw- ' N3 Q 6 ' . 1 ' 419' .' ' 1112 L1XD1'.1 U1'1'1L1f.1i5 111 the L111x'c1's1ty 111 North Dakota A W 11. U. T. C. 111111 are 11cz1c1e11 111' Czulct Lie11te11:111t 011111161 Hubert D. 4853. '3 ' , c , l,1111111te. He IS the CH111l112111C16l' 111 the 1.1z1ttz111o11 NY11lC11 15 01'gE1111ZCC1 1 ' - , I 'H . . - , - . . . - 1 ' ' yi XVl111111 1116 umt. 1116 seco111,1 111 c11111111r11111 IS L:111et Major r111eoc1o1'e ' 1 17. 11ce111z111. The x':1ri1111s czulet capt:1i11s 211111 the c11111pz111ies w11ic11 they 1, 33.9, - L-11111111z11111 mc. 1'12lI1Clh K1.1x11c11, Lo. A, 11111111 .'X11L-1o11, Lo. 11: 1301111 153' , g 1 XA " 3 'Q 1141 r x - . Wy ' Pcpkc, Lo. L1 111111 tmorgc L1Zlj'1Ul1. Lo. 17. 111e 13z1ttz111o11 AAL1-111121111 . 1 , Z i." X ' 'X' IS Czulet 1:ll'5t 1.ie11te11z111t Nern 12. .1111111s1111. At the 1JCQ'1l1l11l1g' of t11C second SC'lllCS16l' the Cl 1111112111165 211111 p1ato1111s are o1'ga11ize11 111 p1'ep:11'a- sm 5: tion for the p1z1t111111 111111 Cillllllillly cs 1l1ll7K:'1111l'J11S XY1l1C11 are two of the . Q' M Y 11ig111ig11ts of the Sl3l'1llg drill season. Beeman Legge Pepke Fruh Clayton Coop Anzjon Rectgr 1 1 Maxwell Kane X Jfanaacwia 'BeZ'aK t lIflflL'IiItS Lit-eil XY. llycrs - l'f'i'.viilt'f1! lia5ii19mlStalcy - .Yi'H'Ul4l1'y Bliaiiisicits IN l".xcLii.'rx' licwrge .X, .Xlilmtt llenry lf, llaxn Yernice M, .Xlelricli lhvrutln Vl. llnghes Margaret lieeile tinttfriewl Hnlt Xxillllillll G, Heli blnhn l., llunslley ticcil XY. llyers NI. lieatrice Vlnlinstnnc Klalrel S. Davies Orin ti. Lilvlry George NY. Feinstein XX'alter ll. Moran Harley E. lfrencli Llarence Perkins blnhn M. Gillette tienrge li. Price fflll leavel Philip ul. Green .Xrtlnir Saastxul liicharrl U. Hale .lnhn C. Sim lfreisla l,. lflannners Ra-xiiiniiil tf. Staley l.i!l'Il 'lf 'll in ne lil l3li'l'.X IQAPPQX, hnnnrary scholarship snciety in the Cwllege nf Science, Literature, and the Arts, aiiml the nlclest wt the tireelc-letter fraternities, has helil t9 its nriginal purpose since its fnuiirling. "Lure nf wistlwin the lielnisinan nf lite was the inwttn wriginally aclwptell hy the fraternity anil engravefl till its ineilal. Phi Heta Kappa has set fnr itself the nnlile taslq nf encntir- aging' true sch9larship anfl practical iclealisin in the schnnls lllI'lPllg'llHlll the cnnntry. lfach year ten tn htteen percent ut the twtal nunilier nt graduates are electeil tn Phi lieta lxappa. Peiiple xrhn have slimrn theniselres nntstaniling' in learning anal lcailcrship are given the taslc nl' carrying nn the xx'9rtliy tranlitinns 91' the grmip. New incnilmers are aihnitteml tn an illustrious cninpanyi the recnrtl inafle hy its eminent meni- liers, hrvth living' :intl fleatl, caniiiit hut stimulate in every wearer of the key a clesire tn realize his 5155 5'rt'iii-:x'i' Nlicxnziaits ix lfl5SIlJliNCE Llass tit 1955 Class uf 1956 .lwhn lf. llacrvn ,lane Lil'j'klt'1'lll2ll1Il Class nl' 1938 ltllen ll. llel: Marian Xl. Puints Hale Bl. Nurilfniist Marian E. Sxremlseiml lislniel lf, Ziex' Llass nt 1939 lin!! lflccfinil ti, Vlnlni liislasnn 'llllUlll2lS Xlctjratli ,laines .X. tilyer ,leanette li. Xurris Leslie .X. Krenier l"eggy il. Slieels llc-rt tf 'liiinin bifll'I'll.Q' Elccnnli NUI ert Iilzitlieiwriclc .Xlliert G. Selke lfelith llarris llnllcrt ll. ililiuliite I lelen XX ilsivn highest pnssiliilities in lmrith tliinking and doing. lftll' further enc9urageme1it nf scholarship. Alplia Cliapter of Nirrth Dalinta has, cluring the past years, sharetl with Sigma Xi fraternity the hwnnr nf enaging' a speaker fur the Xurth Dakota .Xcatleiny nf Science. The Hunnrs Day CUIIYOCZI- tinn is spnnsiireil hy Phi lfleti Kappa ancl each year the grwtip awartls a schnlarship plaque to the Class .X anml Class ll high sclirmls whose gratltiates secure the highest schnlastic ranking while enrulleil as freshinen in the L'nix'ersity of Nnrth llaknta. lefl if han Maw MEMBERS Hale Nordquist Xxvllllillll Mcfosh .'Xtl1'lIlIl McLellan Iilbert 'lfimm President J. tl. West X RECQGNIZING a select few, Iron Mask annually elects members to this senior men's honorary. As part of its program the society has dedicated itself to uphold the traditions of the University of North Dakota. The limited number of activities of the society are carefully withheld from the publicity medi- ums, and no attempt at personal gain is made by the members, The organization attempts through united eltorts to be a vital force on the campus, Qualiticatious for membership in thi ssociety H591 differ from those of the other societies on the campus but are below none, and membership is considered the highest honor to be received. The membership has not exceeded live stu- dents during the past four years. Two new members have been elected each year. President john C. XYest and XVilliam Holland were elected to the group in 1935. In the following' year Robert Campbell and Robert Kunkel were hon- ored with membership. Adrian McLellan and llale Nordquist. who are still active in the group. were elected in 1937. In the IQSS election lVilliam Xlcthsb and lilbert Timm were elected. Ul5l'IL'l iRS I 'n-ggy' Foss - P1'c.v1'f1'v11l lk-ggy hlzmc Skcels - l'1'V0 P1'0s1'u'v11f -IUZIHIIC King - - SL1l.l'lqflYl'-X' Iiflith .Xslu-ilu V - 'l'1'm.v11rv1' KIICRIBIZR IN FACULTY Miss Tihln Nnlwick NIICNIHTQRS Peggy F1 rss Alczmue King lkggy jam- Ska-els IVHHII1 .Xslmeim lflninc Ollcgzlnl Skeels Odegard Foss Asheim King 1111 XURT11 DA1i11J'1'A 0111111101 was 111511111011 111 11132 by 1110 1111111111111 111051110111 1711 N11111211- 1,111:11'l1. 5111. CZl111C1'1I14i' C11101111111, 211111 1111111 UYC14 1110 w011c 111 Q1111 XvZ1111S, Z1 1110111 1 110111 1111 11119 L'Z11111J11S 111 01,111j11110t11111 with 131116 Key. 1E1CC111111 111 1110 01111111 is 11115011 11111111 s011111111s11111, 1Q1l11C1'S1111'J 111111 SL'1'Y1L'C, 211141 1110 XV11111L'11 ?iL'1.QL'11'11 111111101111110 111 Il 1011011111 s011'11'1- 1111 1g'1-111.11 011011 162111 1i21C11 S1J1'111g' 1110 SC111111- girls 141111Cf1 111 01111 111111 0111111 pass 1111 1110 11'11111111111s 111111 10s111111s111111110s 1,11 1110 X111111 13111111111 0111111101 111 1111 1l1l1Jl't'SS1X'C 11111111110 CCl'Cl11011f' 51110011 I1 1110 xYU111L'll'S 1.6Ilg,'1lC '1l1l111j11'-Sl3l11U1' 111Hl1f11lCt. 1110 C11OSL'll 11111111115 2'11'6 1011 110115110 1110 11171161 0111ss 1111111011 111111 l11Cl1g4C11 111 1110 lll'Q'fl1l1ZEl1f1f111. S0011-1 11111111111111 111141-S 1'J1llCC 111101 111 1110 S1l1'111Q '1'111s s1111111 QM1'1l111, 111- 01115 1111111 1110 50111111 011153 011011 XQZN' IS 1110 1110111 10111050-11111111'0 111 fl 1111111111211 1111111131-111-BY SC1'Y1CC 1.1'Il161'1111f' 11.1111111611 111 Sy1'11011s 0 L1111Yt'l'S11Y 111 114118. 11s 111s1111y 1DCgE1l1 11111011 1110 1'C1'D1'CS6I1fZlI1X'CS 11.11111 1110 S1-1111111s 111111111 111211 13111'11OSt'S 1,11 1l1Cf11 g'1'l'11l1JS XYCTC X'C1'y 51111111111 111111 111111 111111 C11 1110 g1111111s CYC11 111111 1111111151 111011110111 LX1111-1111- 1111111.11 131115. 61 Peggy Foss, president 1 ww Ka, IJm1R1mcy - .lnlm Devivll - Bill MCCOSI1 - lwlm fhiiSl1lS4PIl - hlwlm Devicll Q1l1Zll'lE'S Gniuor blwlm Gislason XYilli:1m Kll'c1USll ,Xflrizm KIl'lA'HIl11 Dale Nordquist l+'rc1le1'ick Pwllrml Ihbllilltl Rwncy HIf'lfH 'FRS - P1'm1'1lv11f - I wc Pruviflclzf - S6L'I'6'fCI'l':V - 7'1'm,v111'f1' M ITMFSFRS Nlc-lviu Ruflel' Russell Swemlseiml Elbert Timm Jnnws Glycl' .luck Nlzlukelmmtlm Frliug' Holstacl Stanley XYAISI1 Alix-1'1 Svlkv Frling' Knapp -gf 'Q' Glyer Ruder Swendseid Gislason McLellan Devich Bolstad Timm Pollard Knapp lVlcCosh Walsh Roney Selke Nordquist NATION.-XL men's honorary service fraternity, Blue Key was founded at the University of Florida in 1934. The University of North Dakota chapter was installed in 1926. Election to membership is based on scholarship. leadership, character and service to the University. Foremost among the worthy projects of the group this year was the banquet in honor of the employees of the University who had served the school for 25 years or more. Blue Key also worked with Mortar Board to present the convocation program honoring these people. The Eielson Memorial tree to be planted on the campus is sponsored by this group, while a bookcase in Merriheld hall containing all of the books published by the members of the faculty. which was established last year, was maintained and improved this year by Blue Key. The fraternity cooperates annually with Mortar Board in sponsoring Parents' Day. The fraternity also presents an award to the senior athlete with the highest scholastic average each year. Members usher at all convocations and act as guides for campus yisistors. Present oigficers are: Stanley XYalsh, president: Erling Bolstatl. yice president: Albert Selke, secretary: Erling Don Roney, President Txllflpp, ll'6Z1Sl1l't3l'. 51633 :INV 6 'Fm gl wf 43: .Nb '9' .li ,Qs McFadden Oppegard Larkin Rodger Kittel Ulve Marsh Stinson Ohnstad Kent Tisdale S . O lflflflfks lin-tty Tzxylur - - f'1'F5fl17V1If HQII15' lrllmglgul - - IvI'l'L' Pfvxlrffllf lfilcvn Rznlkt' ' X LYLQ W""'.l'-YQWLIXIIVCI' .Xlifu l:l'L'llC'f4lPll - - fl1'.l'iu1'frI1l Sngnx ICPSIIA IX snznrx is it lllltlllllfll 11011- llrztry srlwlzlstic sfmn'ity fur freshmen women. ll was llulllflecl at the Univcrsily of XYisconSin in will :lnsl has CITZIIJIGVS :lt many of thc large 11nix'c1'silies. llcltzl chapter was cstzxlmlislml :lt thc l'nix'crsily uf Xlvrth llzllcuul in 11230 nnllcr the gnilluncc ul' l.Ul'lllCl' llcun uf XY1nne11 llcntricc Ulsrrn :lnnl llczm Xxvlllllllll G. lit-lf. - II6-ll Taylor Bredesen Radke 3. M EMEERS llthf-I Nortenson Helen Oppegard Cheryl Rodger Jean Stelvhins linrothezl Stinson Inez Muriel Ulve Mary Lon DeMm1lly Kathleen Kane ,lczlnnettr Norris Vzltricizl Tisclzlle llelny Uhnftxul .Xliru Urcllislm liiluvn Rzulke I..-is Kenna Nutty 'lwzxylnr .Xnnc Iiittcl .Xlnlrcy Larkin Marry 'lt-:ln RICFIICIIIQII Xhcc' Marsh The pnrpwse uf the surority is to further sclwlzlrsllip znnfmg' thc wmnen at the University. 'Ib he eligihle fur membership, 21 girl must obtain :ln :1x'e1'11g't- ul' :lt least 3.5 in thirty 1101113 of wwwlc during her frcslnnun year. Klemhership is Q"l'Illllt'll llnring' :1 girls sopllmnlwe year. Top row, left to right: Thomford, Lommen, D. Dahl, lvlaercklein. Berg, Sorstckke, Ruud, Grunkeg second row: Kermott, Haxo, Ginsberg, R. Dahl, Field, Karpenko, Kelley, lvlitchell, Borgerson, Greenberg, third row: Olson, Glyer, Duea, Beck, Gislasorr, Swendseid, Madsen. Sogard. Swenson: bottom row: Severson, Saustad, lvlason, Dean Bek, Schroeder, Witmer, Nordquist, Feinstein. MZ S' 0 ifificims jucl Scliroeflcr - 1'1'i'sidv1iI Robert Duea - - lift' f'i'r.riii01zl Xnriiizui Petcrwu - ' Sri'Vt'fil1'y-'l'i'vii.vzrrm' BIEMBERS FUN ElCL'f1'011 George Beck Hurolrl Ficlil l'5ou:ilcl Dahl lirzmcis T. llnxo Rrilit-i't Kcrus Hli L'uivci'sity chapter of Phi Eta Sigiua. freslimzui scholastic frziternity. was fiiuuileil O11 May 23, 1930. Phi Eta Sigma was foriueil with a two-folrl purpose: to recognize cmiceiitiriteil hzircl work and ability zuicl to stimulate freslimeu twwzircl coutiuuerl high eucleavor. :tml to hriug men uf high scliolzistic stautlarils tngetlier. lflectirms to this lioiiw1':u'y group :irc uizicle twice each year. Freshmen who maiiitziiii nu ziverzige of at least 2.5 while czirryiug' :it least lifteeii hours uf aczulemic work iluring' either the Liesi M mi mins .S'jw'1'11-Q' Iifwfilfli Xliltiiu .Xut-rlizicli llrrluziu Ness llwrzice Cars-,ni XX1ll1s Pzigul Roy Hiwliuquist .Xlfwrll Siiiipsoii Curtis -lziculiseii Keuucth Smith .Xlziu ,loliiisivii Rivlicrt Smith Virgil joliuswii liziyiiioiiil Staley, ull: lk-iijzuiiiii liirsclieumziu Milton XXlIlClllk'l ' l-ihii 5, XX right ln-i ir-fe Xl x rzuit N . . lll'Sl UI' SC'L'llllll S-C'lllL'5lC1' ot lllt' ll't'SlllllZll1 Xtfll' :irc eligihlc lui' mciuhcrsliip. A uieetiug of the gimriip is held twice each iiiiiuth to iliscuss projects of thc fraternity and to trzuiszict any uecessaryy husiuess. lu the past Z1 Phi lftzn Sigiiia ziwzirtl has hceu uizule to four of thc uutstziiiiliiig' frcslimcii iii their srvpliimiiiiv yczirs. The first cliziptei' of Phi lltzi Siguizi was lliiiiiileil sit the L'uivei'sity uf Illinois un March 33, IQ23, whcii it wus rezilizeil that such ciiilearwi' was worthy of reci'vg'iiitiuii. Cawley Miss Peterson Onstad Ulve Roisum Mrs. Johnston Miss Richardson Mynster Foss Vold Miss Natwick Shirk Thompson Sands Durfee Marsh I9 ' .fcunfcfa 7fzeZ'a'. 1V1FFICERS Mm1121zRs f11'111'1- 81111415 ' l'1'1'.1'11i1'11t '1111'c11 Cnwley .Xlicc K1:11's11 111111-1 1111111111 - - - l'1'1'1' 1511111111111 i 4 V 7 Q A i 1'c-ggy 1' oss 13.11-1111111 XX 1'11d IJr111111 1111111111s1111 ' - lV1'1'111'11'111g .51'1'1'1'I111'y 1it111'1 511111111111 - - - C'111'1'1x1'f1111111'i11g .Y1'111'v1'111'y Mari, M1-,1gt1.r yel-lm Shil-k Mrs. 51111111 K-1c1'st:111 - ---- T1'1'115111'1'1' 1111111 Xzltwick - -A-- .-11l'i'ix1'1' 41111111 11111111111 Gfllfe Samlg Miss 1411'1111r11s1111 ' ' lx'1'1'f11'1' nf N11' I1'1'1'11rdx Incl Muriel Ulve Hazel Durfee AIEM HER5 IN ICAXL-L1Il,I,Y 1fC11L'CC1l 1111512111 111l'111lfl '1'1111111ps1111 '1'111111 N11t11'1c1z X111111- 111-te-rs1Q111 121111-I S1-31111111 15111 S1-1111111-1' 1N11's,1'1l1'1111N1111'S 1111111pst1111c 1 1,,'XMB1JgX '1'1111l'1'A, 11at11'111111 11Q111c11'111'y c1111c11ti1111111 s111'111'1ty, 11'11s i11st11111-11 1111 the UII1- 1'1:1'sit1' 01111111115 111 11135 11s '111111 1'111111te1'. 1110111611 11'1111 111116 111g'11 s1'11111111's11111 111111 give 0111161106 111 111'111ess11111111 1I11C1'L'S1. 11ll1S1Ill1111I1g' 1e1111e1's11111 111111 1111111111111 111111111511 111 111c 1111111 111 c11111'11ti1111 f11'C se1c1'tc11 111' 1111- g1'111111. '1'11 110 elcctc-11 to 111c11111e1'- 511111 Il 111111111111 1111191 1'Z1111i 11111111-1:Q' 1111- highest Oli? 111111111 of those 11'11111e11 l'Cg'1S161'Cl'1 111 the N1 100 111 121111c11t11 111. 111116 1'11'g'11111z11t11111 f11stc1's p1'0fess1111111 51311 211111 1111- 111g1111st st111111111'11s of SC1101111'S1l1lJ 111111 111'111css11111111 11'lll11ll1g'. 11s well HS c11c11111"1-1'111f1' Lb bv g'1'Z1l1llf1fC 11'1111'1c 111111 n fc111111's11111 :11111111g' the 11'11111c11 111 1111- l,1.l1fCSS1l111. 16 1 Tiltla N2lUViCii Ulve Harris Lemke Benson Foss Vold Miss Natwick Ertresvaag Conners Dicker Miss Scott Anderson Thompson Gross Byram Lund Sands Cawley Richter Onstad Hanson Hagen Sweetland Rodger Na fbeffa 196 O1-'ifieuits Rebecca Onstzul - - I'r'1'.v1'11'1'n! .Xrlelaide Hzuismi - - Vim' Prv.v1'd1'11f Millicent Richter - - ,S'1'1'1'1'l11ry-Y'1'r11.ii11'1'1' Mmiisicics IN F.xcU1,'1'1' E111 Schziircr Jessie Scott NU DIiL'l'1'X Pl is illl iwgziiiizzititiil for XVOIHCII inzijoriiig' ill Hnnie lieimoiiiics and exhibiting the qualities of leadership, personality, zinrl high scl101a1'ship. The aiin of the o1'ga11izatim11 is to stiinulate interest in the various seientihc. social. 51671 'iii1L'I'L'Si2l fiI'llllCfClCiCI' Xlillieent Richter Grace Szinrls Urplizi 'Iil1m11ps1'n1 Joyce Czxwley Chztrliiite Klaliviicy llyerg' Iiensnn .Xnn iil'lI'L'SYllIlg Peggy Voss llwris Leinkc Edith llzirris Ruth .-X11rlc1's1111 Virginia L'+1l111ers M1511 units i'iiHI'L'llL'6 Dicker Lorraine Gross I,1,rr:1i11u Hagen Kilt-l:1iflc Hziiisrni Riilflilll Lnnrl IQt'l1w.'c:1 Hnstzicl k'i1CI'j'i Rodger Phyllis Swectlzlml Inu Klnriel Ulve ifivillirvl' Yrvhi N111-n1:1 llyrani Rnslluiiil Xt-iisuii Siqricl Reishns Bzirlmm Shxifer cnlttirzil 111111 pimfessiiniizil :ispeets of 11141116 eewiiniiiics, Every year Nu Delta Pi awzirsls Z1 scholarship prize to the jllllilibl' 111ajui'i11g' i11 l1wi11e economies who inziintziins the highest z11'e1'ag'e ch1ri11g her first two years. Left to right, top row, Kermott, Lommen, Stump, Sorens on, Mitchell, Saldin, Vaksvikg middle row, Boone, Fried- man, Donovan, Kavanaugh, Gardner, Ducharme, Savage: bottom row, Maxwell. Saldin, IVIcArthur, Devich, Bolstad, NIP. Boyd. S' '7 K Tl"IfILfliRS RlEA1 1212145 Xl-llmf' Sfvxel-W" ' - ,f f1f'1""I1fffff ,hilm llcvich XIm'i'is lfrieclmali kzirl Mxlrhii - - - I lm' Plvszdmit in U Q l d Iklul ljm-lim-mg Y - 5,-L-1-gig,-y XX ilhzim Liamlnci' ,Xl'I11l' P. btump 1,"Am'ft"" IF'-"4m"H -f"f'f'-Wf""' H:i1'x'u5' Sxllilin AlZlI'X'ill I.0lHlllCl'l 5lL'l'illig'1XTitL'liL'il - - fll.YfUI'IUiI Ilrucc NlC.Xl'Ihlll' Mfgniu-llc Homme X114-XI mme IX, If H-I-I TY Ifilxwml Stcveiiwli .Xd1'i:1u Yuksvik Ifmlwzml lNiilX'IlIiZlllg'll Curl Salrliu lluuii IilIlL'l'illlN li, V, filillifufjl' Irvin I.:ix'ii1c . . , 1 licilll L, Lf 1l:i1'i'i11gt1n1 .Xicxis Ilinkrwff Xmmh Mllmubll ixlthm bumbml Lf XX'. Ilyurs ,Iunics H4-in Louis Szivzigu Paul Duchurme XX'. li. liuilgc .Xi'1lm1'li4itl1 , A .K K v I ,XH11-il 1341511 IQ. ll, XX'itmui' X""'li'H LW XJIXUINUPIX Ixuimmtt IJ. li. ,ivnkim Erliug llmlsizicl Sterling' Mitchell HUNIJICIJ in miur :it thc LXlliX'CI'SilX' of L-:ich score. lizich yum' thc I-l'2ltCI'llilX' 2lXX'2ll'llS Il Xclwziskzi, F-igiiizi Tziu was cstzihlishcil un thc mcrizll tw thc sfiplwiiiwe engineer who lnziilltzliuenl XYlliX'CI'SiIX' cziiiipus in 1933 :is Pi chziplcr. It is the highest :lverzlgc :is ll 1-i'CShll12l1l in the school El iizitiwiizll liilllHl'IlI'X' fl'ZllL'i'liifX' fm' 6Iig'iliCCl'il1Q' uf 6IiQ'illC61'ilig'. stumiums. Ui-imiiitlily meetings are held and papers Xlcmlmcrs :irc ch-clcrl frfmi thu jiillilvl' :mil :mil ilisrussiims nm X'Zll'iOLl5 CllgillC6l'iI1g' subjects seuiwi' Classes wh thc Irzisis wi' scliulziiwliip, przlc- :lic held. liczlhilily :mal sfvcigihility, with high Stiiiulziwls mi I 1681 1 , m .., 1 Am , ,J , 3 1 i i "ff- 4415.1 '19 Marsh Mrs. Harrington Schroeder Peterson Bondelid Rodger Rand Sullivan Odegard Halvorsen S. ill-'lfICliRS lE11rotl1yS11llivz111 - - - I'1'1'.v1'1f1'11l llllllllk' iJ1lcg111':l - - I :cc Pr'1'.vi1I1'I1f liuih lizuul - - .S'1'1'1'1'1111'y El1wiseHalve1'f1111 A - Y'1'1'11.v111'1'1' K I mi 1:11:11 ix llxc lf lim' Klrsi ll J, Huinpstwnc N 1915. thc Nurth Dakota chapter uf Signia Alpha Iota was installefl on the Xlcsley Cullcgc campus. This fraternity is 21 iiatimizil l113111f11'a1'y music group for women. Only girls uf out- standing musical talent and ability with high scliularsliip are taken into the lnelnbersliip. 41,14 Jain 51693 Miimisiins .Xlicc lfwrliiicr .Xlicc Marsli llclty Hiatt lflicryl liurlgci' Hlwc-11 lQHXX'lLlllll Mrs, ll:11'1'i11gt011 Xlarinn Klatliiswii M1-rlc Janice Sclirocmlci' lrcuc Il1wnflCli1Ll Yiwlcl l'cte1's1wn lilainc llclcgarrl lfluisc ll:1lx'111'scu Ruth lizmtl lfJ111'11tI1y Sullivan ca Yll ff 1111 1c'1' V11-1 'Q 11' ' 1 ' ln " 1'1" 1 15 t ll 1 1 ,1 un l 1 the yen 1llCllll7CI'S uf this fl'2llCl'1'Illj'. assistcfl by thcii alumni, plan fm' an :umual c1111v1,1c:1ti1111 i11 which they clisplay thc talent Of the chapter. an1l fm thc lllflllfllly rccitals held at thc liwines of thc Cl12llJlCl' patmiiesses. .few fi..t"'u Peterson Ego Simpson Erickson Alphson Berg Kerns Beck Barber Hiestarid Nlalm Walper Carpenter Winger Stewart B. Thielges Goodman Moreland Soderholm Sheridan Feinstein P. Thielges Schlasinger Prof. Howard Halvorson Swenson Jorgensen Newton Omdahl If K 1941 U1f1f1l'lil:S MEM miles ,Til llfl -lui'gci1s1ii1 Swciiw in Ncwtiiii Fl:1Ixw-will XII I Iowzml l'r'l'.vi1i'c'i1i P1'v.vi4fv111' .fl'l'l'4'l'lIl'j' Tl'ri1.v11l'ci' iwlzuiil 'NFPA li.XPPiX PSI is 11 iizitiimzil limiw1':1i'y li ittinilx' lm' lwzinmlsincn. lfuiiiiilcil all Ulclziliwmlzi ixlisity in 111111. llic ll'ZllCl'llllf' pimiiiutes . er, innsiczil zilmilily, pcmiiiizilily :incl service ling lizniflsnicn. Blu clmptei' :lt thc LvlllYCl'Sllf' wi Nmlli lhilwtzi was ustzilllislierl in IIJJQ. Xl' lllCllllJCl'S Ell'C ClCClC4l lflilll lllt' L'lillCCl'l . ifl Lzivli yt-:n', l'ZlL'l1llj' iiisiiilmrs niclnilc ll. C. 'llrzicy Bznelvci' licnnctli llcrg llunjaniin Ilqilclqcgfilml fll2l1'lC5 Ego Clit-stef Halverson Don Hiestzlnsl lltllifllil ,loigciisivii Curtis Malin ,luck Morelzinsl XYllll1Cl' Ncwtwii Lylg llinclzilil licnnctli Sclilzisingci' Eflwin Siinpwn lhiiiglilais Sin-wzirl Xlcrtrwii Swciiwii ijt-urge Vriuglizni ,Xrtliur Xllilpei' l'low1u'cl A-Xlplison Verne Augustine Rfulmerl BcCli flu-mil Carpenter Gordon Erickmn Maurice Feinstein Robert Grwiclinnn Robert Kerns Nfirnmli Pctwsriii Donzilfl Sliericlzni Cgifltgnl Si'nlQl'l11vlii1 l!c1'nzi1w.l Tliiclgcs Vuliner Tliivlgcs Limwlmi Xxilligtl' IQmx'lziiirl :nirl .lulin lf. ll+m'z11'll. wliw is past iizitimizil prcsiflcnt of tlic fwgziiiizzitiuii. Tlic local gmiip pimiiioles severzil zictivilics iluring' tlic sclilwl yczir. zniwiig' wliicli is the zinnuzil lrzniqnet lielrl for the frrileriiity meinliers fiwun the .X. C. mlnring' tlic lwzislcctlmzill series between the NYU Stlluwls. Smith Pepke Rice Goldhammer Friesz Thomte Utke Butler Weaver Clayton Whiting Powell Harris Beeman S it 11fif1Ci5RS Geiwge Claylfm - - Cafviain ,lack l-larris - Filzrf L1-Cltfflltlllf Vern iluliiismi - .5 i'iA4v nd Llt'1lfC'lIl1IIf Maurice Butler - - Srrgctzizf RIEMBIZRS IN lTAC'UI.'l'Y Cwlonel XYhiling Klajfvr Xlieavel' Xlaiwz' l'wwcll CABBARD AND BLADE, an honorary military fraternity, is cuinpnserl uf ineinhers elected frmnn the senior clivisinn of military science anfl tactics. The electiuns are niacle on the basis uf military ability antl lcaclership. The organization was fuunrlecl at the University of lYisc0nsin in IQO4. while the chapter at the University of North Dakota was established in IQZI. mtiklade AiEMl3.ERS lhwrluii Utke Hnlmert Tlifnnte 'l'l1t-mlwre RCCIIIZIII Harry Rice Diillillfl Pepke Llmrlcs Christianson ,Xrthnr Friesz Paul Smith Erwin Anzjnn Chester Petersen Donald Gnlflliznnmer Limn-ge Claytoii -lack Harris Vern -lulniswn Maurice llutlcr ' The purpose of Scalmliarml ancl Rlamle is to develop ancl foster patriwtic icleals among its lnenihers anfl tn assist in the wiwlc of the Reserve Ullicers training corps. The chapter takes active part in the annual spring tlrill, ancl also spOnswrs a spring formal each year. ll7ll mia ' 04 U'l'S'l'ANl.JlNti in the field of forensics, Russell Swendseid has been awarded the George Shafer prize otlered by Hesperia literary society for excellence in that held. The prize is offered by Alumnus George Shafer. one time governor of North Dakota. Swendseid has participated in University oratorical events, in addition to being one of the "Iron Man" debaters on the team which went to XVashington this vear. lildrcd Swingen has been announced the H9312 winner of the .-Xlfa Eugene Hye award, highest distinction in the entire School of Commerce. The award is given annuallv to the senior in Commerce whose record 1 . Russell Swendseid most nearly approaches the standards of character. leadership and E'dfedSWff19eH scholarship attained bv the late Alfa Eugene Bve. course in Edwin Madsen ' ' Commerce. 1924. Swingen is one of the few students who have attained straight A averages and is a leader in the School of Commerce honor societies. Each year Beta Gamma Sigma, commerce and business honorary, awards to the student entering the Commerce course who has the highest average for his two years of pre-commerce study a 325.00 prize. XYinner in 1939 was Edwin Madsen. llfladsen is another straight :X student. lfle is active in music in addition to his scholastic attainments. Harold Sorstokke and Frederick Olson are winners of the Sigma Tau engineering medals this year. The medals are awarded annually to sophomores in engineering who maintain the highest M freshman scholastic average. Sigma Tau, engineering honorary, makes the selection. Normally only one candidate is selected. This year. because both winners were so nearly equal in abilities. the duplicate award was made. Mortar Board, women's service honorary, engraves on a special plaque the name of the freshman girl who maintains the highest scholastic average her hrst semester here. This year the award went all to Elaine -lacobson. It is interesting to note, that to win tlns honor the recipient must ff. be well nigh perfect. Since the plaque was first put into use in 1956 ' .- only girls with straight :X averages have their names engraved there. is -it The Baukol-Noonan engineering scholarship was awarded to I 5. by is--1 Sterling Mitchell for 1939. The scholarship is tenable for one year and has a cash value of Sloo. Its award is basedon scholarship. general aptitude for engineering work. leadership, and personality. rim vi? W6 pwmh Schammel Kilen Auerbach Hoff Fiuder' Bergren Asleson Dill Timm Schlasinger' Mr. Bjornson Mr. Sim S' fbelfca GM Hifi-'lolitas KL-iiiiulll SL'l1lIlSillg01' - - l'f'u,x'1'zll'11l lliiwull .Xslcwii - - lim' l'1'i',viilc11I lwrzlt-l .Xiu-i'lmuli - - 'l'l'l'll.v111Aur it-rt Timm - .hit'l'l'L'flIl'.X' Kliaxiisi-:us ix l".xt'L'L'1'Y li, lliwrii lljmwiwii rl, KiIllllC'l'4f!ll Sim l"i':mlq Al, Uvulilm Slfiklk l'Jlil.'l',X Clfll, imtimizil pmfcssimizil iwiiriizilisiii frzitcriiitv. has spwiislriul zi pi'og1'ziii1 lliiriiig' thc scliwwl yt-:ir lvl' f2llliS Illlll c1viiv1vcZ1ti1viiS lluziliiig XX'llll llll6l'lI1lllUll1ll zillziirs. fill l'iCl!l'llIll'f' 3, the llfcul chziptci' lmivviiglil lJi'. fit-1'li:ii'4l Scliziclier. Przigiic jwui'ii:1list :mil :mth- writy lui l'.1ii'1lpc:lii zlltziirs. tim thc L iiivcrsity iii its xnmiizil mviixwwczitiliii. Utlici' plwifcssifwiizil meet- ings wcrc hclll :tt which cziiiiptis iiisli'uct1vi's spuke Hll x':li'11r1is phases ul iiilcriizltifliizil prwlrlciiis. fini AC'1'1x'1i5 Yurliui' Dill Kcimctli Scliluiiiigei' Riisscll .Xslesmi Ellmcrt Timm PLi2imtsES lililwwt Lixillzm ,lulm Klclfiiroc Leslie Griihcr Xylllllllll lfuzirii Rlilmurt llzimmux Ecl 4 Jiscth lwrasl ,Xuerluicli Hollis Hoff Phil lluppler Klclviii Rurlcr XYilli:im lfairil Sigmwl Sweiismi lloiirilll Dahl l.L-ewzml Lu- Xlerliii Kilcii Ui'X'illc HCl'Q'l'L'l1 l':uil Sclizmtnicl The lfliclcertriil Fullics of 1939 were again prcseiiteal umlci' the clivcctioii Of Sigiiia Delta Chi. This all-cziiiipus pimlltictilm ll21S lxcii given each year lm' tivclvc yczirs Ullfltll' the spwiismsliip wt' this meifs .iuuiiizilisiii lwgziiiizzitioii. Xwrth ljillitlfil chziptei' wmm thirfl place in iizitiwiial cflicieiicy cfmtcst at the SDK coiiveiitioii iii Klaclismi this tzill. lieimetli Sclilasiligei' was ufticizil alclegzilc. Krueger Reff Burnett Oppegard Hoagland Foss OFIPICERS ,lean Ho:ig'l:mcl - P1'v.vidi'11f Helen Oppegard - - Vim Prvsidmif Peggy Foss - .YMr'i'ii11'y-T1'mi.v1ircr RGANIZED for women in journalism who maintain a C average in their inajor work, the purpose of Matrix is to further women's journal- ism on the campus. During the fall meeting of the N. I. P. A., members of this group serve a lunch and put on an informal party in the journalism lab for high school stumlents attending' the convention. In past years, Matrix has put out a humor paper eallecl the Lily the night of Carney, anal taken charge of publicity work for the Stuflent Cubin H751 NIEMBERS ,lfvyce liurnelt lloris Krueger ,lean Neff ,lean lloaglanrl Kaye lloering llclvn Uppegaril Peggy Foss Union building. The annual Shadow ll-all to which loo of the most popular ancl representative campus coemls are invited, is sponsored each year by this same group. Invitations are sent only to this select group of women. Manager of the 1939 party was llelen Oppegaril. vice presitlcnt of the group. liach spring Matrix entertains its brother organization, Sigma Delta Chi, at a picnic. .Xt this time, the Baby Lily, which contains mlepart- ment g'ossip,is eilitecl by the group ancl ilistributeil. br' .an 1:1 .ag Left to right: top row. Swenson, Berg, Bell, Kruchten. Van Horne: second row, Nesset, Madsen, Kolstad, Thielges, Grunke, Ivlarting third row, Ego, Alm, Swendseid, Johnston, Cox, Prof. Thorliefsonp bottom row, Dean Towne, Prof. Eaton, Rice, Omdahl, Ivlalm. Brown. Prof. Koppenhaver. Bda Alpha Pu l11f11'11'1i11s 1,1'11- 111111121111 l'1'1'.111l1'11l 11. ll, 111111111 Y - I 111' l'1'1's11l1'11t l'11r111 31111111 M K11a111:1-ins IN 1f111:1'1.'1'1' 131-1111 T1'111'11e 11. IJ. 1x1111111'1111111111' 11111111111 ll, 151111111 Y11114I1112lS 'l'11111'11-1fs1111 C1 31X1'1131fX'I' 111111 1111-1111'11e11s111g111'est1g1-111 the 1'1111'c1's1t1' IlL'C4l11l11111Q' 111'11111'1111c11t 11:15 111111 1111- g1'1111'111 111. 1,1L'11V1 .X1ll111l Psi, 111111111'111'1' z11'C1,11111t 111g f1'11te1'111t1'. 511111 11133. 11'11c11 t111' Q'1'l111Il 11'11s 111S12111C11,1111 111111111111 11:15 1AUS1C1'L'41 t111' 1111-111s 111 1111L'g'1'11f' 111111 sc1'1'1c1- 11'1111'11 1111l1'1i l11c :11'1'1111111111g' 111'11f1'ss11111. .Xl1111'1- :11'1-1'11g'1- 1'1111'1c111'1' 111 111'1'1111111111g 111111 fl - ,X1'1'I'1'l1ll'1'- l1'1'11.1-111'1'1' 11761 M 12311212115 1L1l11'111'11 111111 11111121111 111111111 1,Cl1 111'11 11111111111 Lf11X Ku11111't11 llcrg 1-11l1l'1t'S Ego 1116111111111 j1,11111st1J11 L'111'11s 111211111 Lyle 111111111111 1'11ll'l'j' R101- I1e1-1111111 S11g'111-11 Russell Swe111lse1d 1Y1111:1111 Xvllll Htifllk' 1i111'11ic KI11t111asso11 :X1't1111r G1'11111iL' 11111-11111 l1I1l'11l1 1111111111 A11l11SL'l1 .X1X'1l'I 1i1'l1C11TL'll 911111111 K1'11stz111 H111-11111 Ncssuih Sigurrl S116-1151111 1JZl1111L'1' '1'1116'1g'cS 11121-1111' 111 t1111t g1'11111'1 111 the 5111151111 1'1f Co111111e1'1e :11'e 1'c1111is1tes 11,114 111L'11l1,1t1'S111lJ 1111111111 1111111 11iSL'11SS11Y111S 1311 1J1'01J161U5 ot 1111s111css, 111111 talks 111' 1111s111css 111011 111:11'k the 111-111411111111 111CC1111g'S 111 1116 g'1'U111D. This yefn 1211111 .X1111111 1's1 11111111s111-11 11111 111'st 1111'cct111'1' 111 g'I'Zl4111Zl1L'S 111111 S1l1l1C111S 111 thc f11'c111111ti11Q 111111111't111c11t. Hillmer Anderson Johnson Coman OFFICERS Marie Coman - - Pl'6,Vldt'IIf lvy Kvernstoen - - - l'1'rr' Prrsidcnl Martha Lou Johnson - - Lorna Hillmer - - BIEMBER IN l'iACL'LTY Edith Kay A NATIONAL womens commerce fraternity. Phi Chi Theta was founded at the University of Chicago in 1924. Une year later, Kappa chapter was installed on this campus. It purpose is: "To foster high ideals for women in business careers, to encourage the fraternity co-operations among women preparing' for such careers and to stimulate the spirit of sacriiice and unselhsh devotion to the attainment of such ends." Charters are granted only to colleges and Svt'r'vfr11'y - T1'vuszr1'c1' H771 Gavere Kvernstoen Miss Kay Aouvlzs .Rlarie Coman Helen Gavere Lorna Hillmer lvy Kvernstoen Helen .-Xnrlerson Klartha Lon johnson Enid Godwin PLEDGES Margaret Carroll lnez Erickson Roberta Finlay universities having' Elaine Lykken Lorraine XYhitcome Ruth Collinson business schools of recognized standing. On this campus, Phi Chi Theta has been active in holding discussions on womens oppor- tunities in business and commerce. Its members direct the ceramics sale held at the University every spring. To be elected a woman student must be above the average in scholarship and show particular aptitude for work in the business held. ff "Sf Ego Boe Duea Isaacson Beeman Alm Bertheuson Schwartz Connolly Omdahl Dean Towne Swingen Cox McNeil Peterson fbelza S' Pa OFFICERS lilclrecl Swingen - - PI'L'.YI-dfllf Lyle Oinflalil - Vim Prcxideln' XVilliam Cox: - - Svrrrfary ,Iaines McNeil - T1'easzu'cr N1liMBliR IN FACULTY llean 'l'owne FLTA SIGMA Pl, an international profes- sional commerce and business aclminstration fraternity, was installed at the University of North Dakota in 1935. It was founclcrl at New York University in 1907. The University chapter is active in bringing' together business students for fliscussiou of problems confronting business. This year the group sponsorecl a raclio quiz prograin which answered specific questions dealing' with business, banking anil linance. H781 Charles Ego Ted lleeinan james McNeil XVilliam Cox Gilbert Schwartz John Rule XVillian1 Connolly Oscar lsaacson MEBIBERS Pershing' Roe Lyle Omclahl Carl Peterson Donald Roney Eldrecl Swingen Robert Krogfoss Eclwarcl :Xlm Robert Duea lilonalil llcrtheuson Delta Sigma Pi further increases ie opportunity uf its members by maintaining 'ni employment service. liach year the fraternity awarnls a g Q scholarship key to the senior man in Commerce who, on graclnation, ranks highest in scholarship for the course. The name of the winner is engrayecl on a wall plaque which hangs in the halls of the Law buililing. Helgaas Schnecker Hoagland Johnson Hogan Byram Nelson Halseth Briggs Wailace ASHSIITI Cawley Jacobsen fda Nu L' 4 hflflvl-:les janet XYHIIHQQ f - Pnxvidelli .-Xi-rlith Halseth - - Vi 4'L' Pnnvidczzf ,ifwyce Cnwlcy - - .?vi'1'Cfu1'y i.m'1'Ili1ie Briggs - - TI'i'41.vrH'1'I' Ifrlilh .Xsheim - - .1lf'rlllfpr-fr!-l,i1f',qi' ZETA PHI ETA, liatiimal limi-n'a1'y speech 1-l'?lf6l'l'Iity fm' women, was established at the Unix'Q1'Sity mf North Dakuta in IQ26. its purpose is to 'Stimulate in wouien an interest iii speech. rlrrmmties, :mil the forensic arts. 10 e1ic1+ii1'ng'e speech zletivities. T0 achieve this curl the Nvvrth Dzilwtzi chziptei' has spwiismeil mime1'm1s speech and fhmiiatiu elTm'ts mi this czimpusi Each Friclrly evening' memhers pzirtieiprite in :1 Vadim pmginlii 2-,ws mf lqwr' my mm 96 Lett to right, top row: Pozarnsky, Lindberg, Bengson, Germaine, Swanke. Hjalrnarson, Plunkett, Brown: center row: Johnson. Koth, Dean Harrington, Prof. Budge, Dr. Foley, Biorklund. Setterlundg bottom row: Garnley, Lee, Bolstad, Ducharme, Ritter, Sorenson, Nero, Nelson. 14. 9. M. M. 8. 4 TF1"ltfliltS ICMUIQRS Wallace Bcngsou jwlm Humphreys H735 Stunrt l'Ijurkl:m1l .xftllllf Kwtll I , V I P' id, I lirling llulstml Gunlulm Loc llmg 'uhhul V Y lf, l,Iltfl.L,UlI Lcstcl' Ihmwul Ktwscil I.il1tHlCl'g twllulun QLUCI K Q' I Mil ,llhxiillllll Willizun Umlgc Iluwzml Nelson 'Mull 1'l'HH'5V ' K Mlllhlljr 'MHHH I':t11l llucllztrmc Nlnrk Xt-rn A l'.I'1ll1k Iflvlex' Idwlmt-rt l'I1mkt-tt lmygq . T . , ' -My ht-1'111gum' 1 lmrlex ttrZlll'I1Skj' I'u1l Imvl1:1l'lm- - - l,l'4'.Yl-4ft'llf IVIWI f3Vfl"I1'3' 'm"'5"1 'iillvf ,llhwm Hmm. Y Y ffm, l'f,.m.fdt,,,, I V. lI:u'1'ing1.n1 titmItu1 St-Itt-rluml ,mlcv S,m,,N,,, - . Y 5'rt'l't'z'411'y Nlzxunux HjZlllU2ll'Nllll SIIIIIIQX S'1l'L'l1i4ll1 Xlwk NW., 'j',,U,,,,,,,-W lit-11114111 F-w:u1I4v 'Ili UNlylQRgl'I'y'g gm,1t.m L'1ml,t,.,- ,,f gtml I'cIl1m'sl1ipz1111lhigh cthicztl stztnrlztrmls ztnwng t- A111e1'it'z111 Instituto uf Minimal :tml Klctul- IINWC WIN' IWW fl1t'51'U lllilmti "V "C'1?1fC'f1 MVIS lt11'g'iv:1l l':llQ't11L'L'l'S was ustxtlrlishctl in 14334. The I-"V NTU" MWF Wufk- MUmlW1'5hil' iltflllllw YIWSC lil1I'lHvSt' nl' thc society is lu I-lH'tl1t'1' IiI11lXYIL'llQ't' SIINICHIS who are intt-rcstcal ill IWIUNHI RAU"I"M'Y pcrt:1i11i11g'lu ilu- mincrznl i114lt1st1'icsz1n1I tw Ilrstcl' 111111 5'SS"V'5'U"l l'1'l'lS' H301 Glam Left to rightntop row, Larkin, King, Ertresvaag, McLaughlin, Ckeels, Hoagland, Stinson, Brandeg second row, Byram, Swendiman, Coman, Fox: third row, Nelson. Mrs. Johnstone. Bushaw, Berquistp bottom row, Onstad, Dryburgh, Ulve, Rodger. zf.c1f.e.,4.s ' cum: iliflfiviiits lit-vcriy ilnslizivv - - l'i''c11l llnrit ilci-ilnist - - l'i't'c l'l'i'.virfV1Il Kllfgj IFUX - v f-" .Nlt'c'i't'ftIl'y Xlgirio Lkiiiiztii - ' LIn-1't'xfmiiir'i'i1,q St'rl't'ft1ry Ilchcccri Unstzifl - ---- 7l1't'tINIil't'7' ,icuii lliiztglzititl 7 - Fig Sixlci' ClfItllI'lilt7Il l7ACl7l.'I'Y ,Xisvlstiu licrllin M, -ltvlinstiiii Ill? 'I'.XSli wi' assisting :intl ilitllilg in thc tiricntzntiiin iii' l.l't'SlllllZlil XY4'llllCll rin this cztmpus frills tw thc scnirir czihinct of thc Yoniig' XYUIIICIIQS Christizin ,Nssfriciatiiiii tliriingh its Rig Sister lH'IIg'l'Illli. 'lihc chztirniztn ui' that gnnip :intl It grczitcr nnnihcr Ui' thc liig Sistcrs citiiic iritni thc YXW 'X nicinhcrsliip. Scrvicc is thc xv:itcl1xv1ii'sl im' thc YXYLQX. tlntstuniling :niiinig this vc:ir's ztchicvcnicnts was thc iwgztiiizzitiiiii wi' thc Ynraitv Clnh, stnilcnt 7 N ii in nicks M1ll'Q'v1'y NUl50ll Lorraine 1XIcLaughlin Peggy Jane Skeels ,lcannc King Inez Muriel Ulve Frances Dryburgh Ann lirtrcsvaztg lic-tty ,lane Svvcnrliinztn Cheryl li-iclgcr .Miclrc-v l.:trkin lJui'utltn'Jl Stlltsrnl fliglrlottg 121-and Nnrnm 'Flvrzini night chili. Plans for this rtctivitv wcrc initizitcil I'rmn within thc YXV group. Otltcr activities inclntlc thc sprviiSO1'iiig' of cwnvnczltions, the Kitltlics party, and the direction iii' rcligirius services :intl rzuliri progrmns. Thc l'nivcrsitv YXYCA nicnihcrs :tlsn assist thc tlinvntmvn YXXT.-'X hy serving :ls mlvisc-rs tw girl rcscrvc grntips. lunch nicnihcr wi' thc scniur cztlnnct scrvcs :tt thc hcml of sonic Snlicnt cnniniittec in the work. Hrs. llcrthri .lnlinstnn is mlviscr. Left to right: top row, Anderson. Bacheller, Day, Sallberg, Kittel, Johnson, Hein, Paupst. Lynch, Hagen, Domrese, Tisdaleg bottom row, Loomis, Dicker, Madsen, Berquist, Hanson, Sarles, Hatcher, Taylor. .MIQIQIIIIC Hams, Eileen RIHLISCII 'll zf.w.e.,4.,v ' e - U 1-' Ifl 1312 les 1'1'uxidu11r 'U Pl'v.f1'4Iu11l Elise AXIHICVSUII Y 5'g,-1-g1,1,-y AfilI'g'IlI'Cf VI1'lhl1SUl1 - Twlyylfy,-y l3Hl'iS I:Cl'flllibT - - Allf-fffypp' KOYIXG GROUND for lmvcl' class xvmngn intcrcsterl in Xvfillllg xXYl'lI'l'lCl1.S L.l1l'iSIiZ1N assugin- tifm wfvrlq is the YXYQX hlunim' cabinet, Iis 1nc1nlrc1'sl1ip is cfmllmscrl 411- f.l'CShl11fl1l :lull swplmwlmlmlwfs. AICINIJCYS xwrk umler the supcrvisimu zmfl in C1111-iLl1lCtiUl1 with the senior YNY group. Fm' zu I 183 Nllmlzllilcs KJlllllL'k'll IJQ15' l'1ll1'iv1z1 'lklxillv lfrzulcw lhwisc lwllllol' In-n11ix Milnlrwl HL-in Xlixlrcl Hlxtdlcl' Iilzlim- -IHl1l1w11 I'sl'Zl1lCL'N Lynch l.wvl'1':1i11u Ilxlgcn .X1'lcm- llfvllllwslg .Xnnu Hzlulu-lle1' .xllll Killtll ih-tix Tzulm' lk-llx S:llUH:1'u l'l'-1'wm- Ili.-Ia-1' part wi thc f'L'ZlI' lNCIUbCl'5 .llw func .ls sub' CllZlil'lNCl1 on 'mc of the senior cfmlllmittces. The Iuuim' culwiucl ii in cl1z11'U'c of the X'L'S1JL'l' . X 5 scrviucs, the llluc Xlfnnlzly tens. :mul its 111c111Iw1's scrvc on thc Cilst uf "'l'wiligl1t Klc4litzLtifv11s," the YXYLHX p1'ugrz1n1. Miss Doris Ile1'g'q11ist. vim- p1'esi4lc11t of the SCl1ilil' caljvilwt, served as aflviscr to the juuim' group this year. Left to right: top row, Miller. Johnson, Timlin, Ego, L. Johnson, Casey: second row, Rovelstad, Pepple, Sands, Herzig. Homme, Jacobson, Karpenko: bottom row, Barber, Bentz, Selke, Glyer, Simpson, Robeson, Duea. .fl'L0.,4. 5 ' Gamez' 1 11f1f1151f:11s .X1111-1'1 S1-Ike - - l'ru.vi111'11l 1i11w111 Si11111s1,111 - - - 1'11'1' l'1'1'5in'1'11I jz1111cs G1ye1' - lf.1'1'1'1rii-21' S1'4'1'1'f111'y 111111611 13111321 - I R1'1'111'a'i11,g .S11'f1'1'fa1'y 1".x1f1'1,'1'1' 1'XI1X'1S1iRS 1Q1,1swe11 H, 12111111 .X, KI. 1i111'1'1s1:111 51111111 1,. 111:1s1111 li IJ, 1111111 1'11111'11-R If. X1-511111 1112 UN1Y1l1QS1',1'Y Y111111g' Mens C111'iStia11 ,Xss11ci:1t11e111 was 111'g:111ize11 111 11134. Since that lime, t111'1111g'11 its 111s11111e1's11i11, it 1121s c1111t1'i1111te11 111l1C1I 111 1111- 11C11L'1'l11CI11 111 t1111 Iivcs 111 U11ive1'5ity st1111e11t5. 11e11c1'z11 c111'istiz111 211111 1'111'z11i1111z11 g11i11z111c1' f111' 111811 is i11itiz11e11 t111'1111g11 the service of the YMCA. 122lC11 year it 513111131113 ll series of v11cz1ti1T111r11 g'11i11:111ce 1cc1111'cs i11 111111111 1ez111i11g 1111'c11pz11i1111111 11121111115 111 11111 111111111 11'111'1cs Zl1'CZl 1I2lll1 111'11s1111 1,1'IQ11y '1o1111s1111 11s111'g'1' 10111151111 T11111' ,1111111s1i111 12111115 K111-pe-1111131 -11111 B1111111' 1i11wi11 S111111s1'111 V111'IlCj' 1i1F11'11e1' S111-111:1'1' K11'L41':11' 111111611 R11x'1'1sl:111 .X1'11-v 11101111 11111151 mike 11111121141 1111111 151-111 51111111111 Hz11'1:1111 1516111 11161 Scliroedei' ,'X111e1-1 Sclke 11111165 G15-1-1' Robert 1311651 1112111615 Haxfv Tobias Casey 1'11a1'1cs Ifgu 1111115 111111'cs1 111 11isc11ss 1111p111't1111ities 11,11 w1e11'k 111111 1111x'z111ce111 111 their 1111111 1JZ1l'11C1112l1' 1101115 with st1111e11ts rIX11t3 YMLIX z11s11 111'1l1g'S 111 1'11c 11111113115 1111 11111s1z11111i11g' s111':11cc1's. It 11'111'1cs i11 1'1111-111111 1 111111 1111- YXWQX 1111 1'111'tz1i11 111'11jccts, 111111111Q 1114181 i11111111'1z111t t11is your being' the '1A4l1'l111. 111 1110 X'v211'S11f' L' It 111511 111z1111tz1111s 11 11111111 111111 1'cc1'1:z1ti1111 11111 1111- 111611 111 t111' 11z1se111c11l 1111 1-Z1111gc 111111. T Left to right: top row, Breitwieser, Ness, Johnson, Heinzen, Auerbach. Heen: second row, Cussons, Talbert, Clifford, Tiedeman, Roneyg bottom row, Schroeder, Glyer, Staley, Nevin, Colglazier, Robson. .Me.,4.f ' ewan 1 P1-'1f1C1a11s ,laeli Nevin - P1'1151'1l1'l1f nl. XY. Colglazier - - l'1'1'1' Prcxidcuf lflllllllilltl C. Staley, vlr. S1'cr1'l111'y XYENTY fl'CSlllllCll, chosen hecause of their interest and service 1111 the C2l1'lllJllS, make up the YMCA -lll11lOl' cahiiiet. Tl1e first cahiuet was officially installed 011 the cz1111p11s April 6, 19511. The cabinet was co-sp011s111' of the lirst l:l'C5ll11lHll Week held 15111 the 02111111115 this spring. I11 addition, the g1'o11p has laid plans to plav a 5 Klillurll .XLlCl'l,12lCl1 liolaiiil llreitwiesei' Tlilll Lillfiiffl ,lames C11sso11s lpllllglllb Heen l.l11y1'l llei11z1-11 l.l11y1l .lensen .Xlziii hltlllllfililll ATILMISERS l'llllT ,lowes XX'illiz1111 Mills lll'l,lL'Zlll Ness llllfulrl PUTICI' .Xrthur Ruhsiiii 'lil11'5!llil5 Rf-iiey Lester Slnmlc lie11l'gc Tilllrcfl .Xr1lcll llL'1lL'lll2lll hig' part i11 the fall lI't'Slll1l2lll o1'ie11tz11i1,111 pr1i1g1'a111. Special speakers discuss priilwlehis with 111e111- hers at their 1'Cg'Ul21l' meetiiigs, 211 which the sfvcizil as well as the lbllSl1lt'SS side of YMCA work is given c1111siclerati1111, The grmip is aliili- ated with the Peace e111111cil, and tl1r1i111g'l1 this c1j11111ecti1i111 they work as part of the drive to secure aid for Chinese students. Sarles Larkin Fursteneau Danuser Johnson Gilbertson Flett Dean Hanson Davies King W ' f Eaaacf ii rifificuies B1EAlI5ERS Wl""" Icltlt ' ' P""-'idf"f Iam- Gilin-1'ts1'i11 ,XIILIYCY Larkin Iumm, Km! , , lj'-L. p,.FSjdl.,,, Iiltiliilll' Iflctt .icuii Stebbins I I, Q .in-ziiim' King iflxiim- -1011115011 IN uuumdu - v ' FULIHU' liulli l'1liI'5lE'iitilli i,Jmmll1ySz11'lcs limi F-li-ivliiiis l'1'ufr.v1m'1' .Xlicc lkiiiiiwi' YICRY wniiziii suiilciit ini thc campus is Il tlicm is the l'xi'GSl1liiZlli'S4llJllHill1DVC banquet. tn iiieiiilmci' 111' thc XY1nncii's League, fiHYCi'IiillQ,' limim' wfmicii clccteii tw Sigma iipsilim Sigma. lnwly inf thc grwiip is the XYu111c-11's lmziglic lmwzml the XYw1i1e11's League hull. :mil the Seiiiui'-tliiiiim' uviiiimwwl wwf mic frcsliiiizui, tww swpl1wii1f1i'cS. iiziiiilucl. iielcl czicll Spring. wlierc lirmm' swcictics linux juiiifwrs :mil fwur sciiifws. imc mcmimci' is Liiimmiicc wimicu iiieiiilwqrs mul utfiiccls. Llucluil fmiii every class auch XCZIV, :mil slic l1wlfiS iici' pusitifm tlmvrigliimt IICI' cullcgizltc czirccr. Umm' l""'m"U"Ufll ?lVf'V'UL'5 WV L WWVSHB' lmuttcrilieut :irc spwiismml :md C2li'I'iCli out by the Thu 134 l21l'f1 sccs to the wrigziiiizzltirwii nf wwmcu g'l'llLlP. in iliilcrcm campus piwjccts. Nftzilulc zliwmg fiscal Top row: left to right, Verland. Tollegson, Gislason, C. Sveen, Froilarrd, Birkland, Smith, A. Johnson, Swanson, Rolfstad, Lingle, Haugen, Thompson, E. Johnson, T. Nelson, Jare, Lee: second row. Jorgenson, Rowley, Cooper, Christianson, Foss, Hanson, Lykken, Johnson, Stensrud, Larson, Ashelm, Riveland, Ellingson, Thompsong third row, Ness, Hardland, Lcmmen, Bjella, Cox, Falkanger, Angeberg, Hanson, Skadsdanien, Sorenson, Alphson, Free- gard. Sands, Nerseth, Svare, Sogard, Granrudg fourth row, L. Nelson, Sveen. Domrese, Loiland, Brekke, Rodning, Bunde, Ohnstad, Reishus, Sands, Davis, Peterson, Sande, Sorenson. O. Sorenson, Homme, Gilbertson. Eide, fifth row, Sundby. Erlendson, Griffin, Griffin, Glaserud, Gislason, Grangaard, Anderson, Berg, Nelson, Johnson, Spar- row, Sandstrom, Stensrud, Heen, Steen, bottom row, Mundt, Johnson, Bakkegard, English, Bakke, Isaacson, Anderson, Carlson, Larson. .13 S 14 ' ' VDFFICERS Lyle Omdalil - - P1'rx1'dv1il liennetli llerg . .9'rr1'i'Iui'y l'i.XL'l'I.'l'Y .Xiwlslgics AX, Al, lqlwelsluml C. L. lNjL'I'Nl2lll OL'lli'l'Y and fellowship Zllllilllg' Lutlieran is the pnlmliczltion ol' the "l.ull1erzin Student," Il students is tlie :mini of tlie l.ntlierz1n Students llllllw'-'3i1Aill'lWl lffllfcl' Wlllfll C"'m'5 H111 lWl'1"'dlC' A - f- . - - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' nmiil -rx '15 i wliz1t's wlrit in ,Xssoeizitioir .llie group draws its nienilaerslnp dnl mf+'11N"is L K S A H L . . . . cluli circles. from the largest religion preference group on tlie campus, and strives to build in that group Z1 The ,lW,Ci,ltiml WN m.,,.,mi7e,1 in HB6 at . . N. . .L CIUSS1' C'5U11eCll'fm with the Chulfh- the Universitv. Fzleultx' zidvisers are Dr. A. M. Rovelstad and Dr. C, L. li-ierstzul. Meetings are Important in its drive to keep interest strong held in the United l,UtllCl'2lll Church parlors. 51871 1: -0' wk Harnett Ryan Hammes Father Dawson Campion Lyons !V 1.1'11 1111111111-11 - 1.1115 1111111 - X1ll1'j' 11:11'111'lI - 121-1'11:11'11 1.111113 1i111:1'1't 11:11111111'N 11111 n Glad tlc. 1'1'llII1x 11111111 - - l'11 15111111-1' 11JlXX'NIl11 - 1'l f - PI'L'Sl'dUllf l'1'1'1' P1'1'J111'1'11f f S1'1'I'1'f11l'y - Tl'L'1IXll1'L'l' - - f'l1l1l11'ilj' 1l1'n1l11'r 111' 1.1Il'.Q1' - - .1ll"I'1Xl'I' HUK1fJ'1'1f'lN 111' the 1'1'11g11111s 111111 s111'1111 scrviccs 111 the p111'1111's 411 this 11111l11111g. 4-Xlx c1'cs1s 111' 1111- L'111111111c 51111161115 is 1111- 11115511111 111111su11 111 the 1l111lf1111g, is 1111- NC'XY1l12ll1 111J1'Zll'f' 111 1111- X1'11'1111111 111111, 'I'11c 111.gV11111Z:l11'111 was 1'L'11Q'1Hl1S 111111 111111-1' w111'11s 11111111111111c11 ICH1' 1116111 1l1111111L'f1 111 111011, 111111 11s l11Cl111PL'1'S1111l 1111'11111cs 11u1's. 11I L'11t1111111' S11111Cl11S 1111 t111' 1'111111111s. g'1C1Zl1 1llt't?11I1g'S 111- 11111 L1111YC1'S11y QITJIIIJ 1 111 1111111111111, the Ne11'1111111 11111111111111111. 1111- 111-111 111 11111w11t1111'11 112111141116 c11111'c11es. The g1'11111 11111c11 111C R1-v1-1'1-1111 1f11t11e1' 13111151111 is 11111'ise1'. 111s11 p111111s11es Il news 1ett111' 111111 sp1111so1's 1 111 11111211115 ll 1'111111111s 1'1's11,1e11c1' 1111 112111111110 street. 11111111111 c11111'oCat1o11. 1111- g1'111111 1111111s its 111eet111gs Ill1l1 51111111 111 its ssj 1 ' " iggzr, ' I ff-,Q , N .f9.g, Moreland Frye Swendseid Mahoney Vogel French P. Sand Grunke Campion Kruchten Koehmstedt O F1-'lcizus l,.eUCL11npif+n - - P1'c.v1'a'vi1l lluznie Rice - - lim' I'1'i'.vi11i'11l liuliert Dulil .Yvrzwlti1'-v-T1't'f1xi1rw' lfSPlfRl.X, literziry society fur inen. is inzltle up iii' stntlents wlinse interest lies in the liclil ul clelizne :tml 1il'lllHl'y, ln order to lie zulinitteil to inenibersliip the stnclent cumlitlzite is rempiirecl to llllllitf Zlll Cllll'Zll'1Ct' SlJCCCll. High spnts in the clulfs activities include the spniismiiig' of the Min l-lin Li oratoriczil contest -, L Iwi Mmiisizks Willis Brown Holi Dahl l'lj:n'ne Svnrc llnli Dnezi 'licil lizilil vlznnes Mziliinivy ,lullll lfiwlllllslefll liml .l' rye Heil! Vi'ugCl Russell Swenilseitl Lowell O'Grzidy EYHIIS Kzn'pc-iikfji Dnznit- Rice tlmclwiclc Mclmnil Leo Cznnpiun .Xlvin Krucliten nn "LfIiiiizl," :incl the anmial ilelwzite with A. D. l rival campus literziry society. lQZlCll year fwriner Gm'e1'npr llewge Slut nf North Dzlkritzl awzirtls fl 1530. prize to t L speaker who has shown inpst lllll'll'1lYClllClll in tie year. Officers are electeil for semester ternis, lwlm llmxniml - lt was fmigzliiizccl iii 1899. L zuiiliflzltcs lm' mciulmcrsliip zlrc l'Ctlllll'k'1l lu niulqc 'ywuts are liclnl oucc cflcli Scmcstcr. Q 1 55 R, RN 49 as: G? Lake Johnson Hanson Field Carter Buttz Granrud Gavere Simpson Calnan McKay Bakke Nerseth Wilson Hagen Kinsala 14,125.7 l Fifi-'icizias Inga Mavic Nersetli lflzniiic -lZlL'HliSOll ll:1l'1vlrl l7iL'lslS llusscll Lzilcc lfrxiiiccs l.j'11Cl'1 - l'l'c.vidc11l ,. , , llclcli lllilwni - - I nu' flvxiilclll '- llclcil XX ilscni Xl:i1'.im'ic lllillf l ixmccs l.j'1ILill ,Nlwff'lfrf'y llziiwlil XX illlJlIllN lqlllll lluglilsul l"l1-rzi Mcliuy l.DlQS'li czunpus litcrziry swcicly is JX. D, 'lf K l li A1 1312115 Ellen Brtlckc Lois Simpsoii Flcrtiartl Carter Hcleii GZlX'L'l'L' lictty Caluzm lmi'1'z1iiic llugcu Xlziriwii l'wiiiti ,lwlni llifwzml Oxczu' ls:izlc:.wii ,luck liiuslsi wliicli :irc liclcl in the XY-micifs League mmiis of Davis Hull. lfzicli YCIII' A-X. ll. T. takes part in zi flclmlc on Smile cu1'1'c1it sulijcct with tlic mcm- Klciiiliersliip is opt-ii tw lwlli iiicu :incl wwiucu. trwiul Qpccclics lmclnrc tlicx' :ire zulmillcil. Tlicsc licrs nf llcsperiu. mcifs litcrziry society. llc-cause the society was 1v1'g'zmizccl only If vczirs zittcr the twumliug of the 'L'uivci'sity its Guest Spezikcrs on CU11tClHIJfr1'Zi1'y :mil classic lcrziture liigliliglit the meetings of thc group. L will iiieut state 13t'1'SOi1Zlg'CS. alumni roll cmituiiis tlic names of mzmy proin- 9 '? Grady Wilson Finlay Froiland Smith Brand Reishus Dryburgh Hanson Sveen Hulick 14aL1amZ0wfZi OFFICERS Adelaide Hanson - - Pl'C'SfdL'Jlf Frances Dryhurgh - .hiL'L'1'L'fL7l'.X' 'I'hm'ice Sveen 'lir'm1.v11r'vr NIQUE in its purpmgise :mtl activities is the Arts and Crafts club, which seeks self expression for its members through the medium of the paint In-11511, palette, woorlwmkiiig' tools, fmrl Craft mf1t'ci'i:tIs. The chih was organized in 1934. Since that time its name has heen synonyinmis with its til I BIEMBERS Dolly XYiIsu11 Sigritl Reishus Iifwhcrtzi Finlay lfrzmees Dryhurgll Lillifm Fruiluml Kilt-lxiide Hzmsoii Thiiriee Sveen I.c-:nh Grmly Ifvleii Hiiliek 'l'wiI:i Smith lfhflrlwfte iirznlitlcf zictivities. Its memhership is made of those students engzigecl in imlustrizxl arts, art, :md uerztmies. Ilemliug the ehilfs roster :ire Paul F. Parr, Zll't 4lepm'ti1iei1t hezul, A. V. Uveru :mtl Julia .Xl:ntlsm1, wthci' llteiilty memhers. 5 ZI4 The Budge hall little German band breaks into a tune. flgnore the dachshund.J John Howard's boys give the bus driver a little aid while on the annual trip. You can read too-it's "G-allopie." Phi Delt reflection. Bert Timm, member of the official "Dinner Club," listens to another member in action. Mr. A in a typical YM pose. Shhh for Eddie-and the poor lad's only 10 miles out of Grand Forks. qThat band trip again.J We couIdn't resist Dr. Foley's Asta-can you? Bound for the AC series. Veteran printer Eric bends over the stone. N -.ea ,..'a'f5f1 ,nf 5 . -V g I1 -R Egifjakz '!f 1' 1, A , . . nr 4 , J- -.r - ,V ,x 5 :ug L ,I -L , - -'1,:fnQ,1,1flf',A-'WA -," 3.51. YY-k',2':Lzf f 2: .WV N "fl-4 wi Q:-,.f3f15.J,f::r fi. 'v',+'U ' ""4I"w"ff 5 my., "' "f.J74'gA:,x vw .143-., -J 1 1-,Qf. 14Z:2,'43.-I N 43,1 ,, ' -21.-1.-lv., fy, ,N - FK A L -. Q I . ,s -up , 11- Ahsp l . iw V55-ra, Ji:-Af?" X'-' '- kxw' x.J1'9gIf v ' x -1-E: ,.',- ,INVQV r X -N ,xg-ff? uf,"'CW:v.-nw-' 'E rf' " rx ,-MJ. N W A , "1 "'4l:'A ' -f, , 'Ax N' ' :Xu .-W,-K ...A 1. X , vk ., 1 X ' X . H 1 ,' . . ,nlixcv F 5- , Q , ' '-'vXl,3fg':'5-:,p-f-,,,- lf. , 1 f , ich N'-4-LI.LgLi-.g:, A 4 f' I ' Vg ,,, ..' ,-194, ,hu I ,. ,gf ,A U ' -1,1 aw4,,qv.-33?Lgvz,1,-,V.,1 V - ., , . W-A-X,-V --GL 511.1 f"':7'i f' 1 ,ig 11544:-qu -1-1-P 1 '-":'1- -v, . ., - . 1 'F-' M -' ,ff aff .. 'l'7u". 75 ,- ',1 'am ' 'fx.-1552! 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'i??f-4'Eff 1 1.:2'i42'-.YU fff ,Q f 4.,,.,.1,-.sf N 1.3 5. ffffzv f, , ,',4-7'3wf.A.'.H,x'H ' N g-.,f', PQ: Ama ,i.1,e,,. Mfr V . 6 4- N w x . - --. . ' , wma, 7, X, .!' 1 1 f,-,g- - fg-1s4,:.!:K "van, ' . f?'fz-ilfnmn-1 1, as Q Se' ilk. vs ,S .1 gf: :Eff 391 '.'l'C'I 1 I, Qanfenh Major Sports Minor Sports Women's Athletics fb Afl' 'l'Hl2 HELKI of the Nodak athletic ship is Athletic Director C. A. XfVest. His is the job of active super- vision of all phases of University athletic activity. His, also, is the job i of moulding North Dakota football teams. A thorough and admirable job ' C, A, West, Director of Ath,et,Cs he does at both. HC. Af, graduated from Coe College, Iowa, where he was a star athlete. Football was his favorite sport, and he still lives for it. His coaching career started in a Mason City, Iowa, high school. His debut into the coaching field was an auspicious one, as his team established a national high school scoring record that year with a total of 534 points to their opponents' 7. The next year found him coaching the Shattuck Military Academy and once again he put out a tough team. After one year, he was head grid coach at South Dakota State college at Brookings, S. D. In his six years there, his 'lackrabbit teams won three conference championships, an average of a championship every other year. In IQ28 he accepted the coaching job at the University. His tenth year as the Nodak coach was celebrated and recognized in the Homecoming activities this fall. Continuing his successful ways in conference football, begun at South Dakota State, NVest began grinding out conference champions at the University. In his io years here. "C, A." has produced seven champions. Liked and appreciated by students, townspeople and his "coachees," VVest has indeed compiled an enviable record, and judging by that record, successful teams at UND will contimie with XVest at the helm. 51951 Zf.fV..Z. ,mai Klefnsh :mil Klieliaelsmi jump Center iu the AlHl'lll1lg'SlllC game. Thzifs slime recwgui- tiuu lm' mu' liritz. The subs rmfl Clem f1llXl1QlllSly watch their lezuu-mules l'Ill'l'j' mu lm' U, N. D. The Drum Nlzijui' zmel his lemiuiue flicles, Ruth Lhglilziu :mil lilsie Ecglgniy halt fluriug hzmil flrill. The fuullizill terim fmiii a new 'm0'le c 6 , The lmucl iu ffwiuzltifvii fm' the presenting of the lfloiuecmuiiig queen for eorouatiou. Cheer lezulers llzilieiy Purvis :md Laugei' dis- play the lf N. ll, eheei' teeliuique. The uewly orgzuiizeil Pep Club turns out with full memhership to cheer the Varsity team Ull to x'iel1u'y'. L'lieerlemlers spell Sioux I i:1elcw:u'ils l s , M.. i' fl, ,, is Cheerleaders Langer, Gilbertson, Lawrence, Baker, and Pep King Swendiman fllacfdz Ghm fwdm AX lN'l'EGRgXl, PART of any Nnflztlc fmvtlmll nr lmslcetlmall contest is the pep squznl. An rtthletie ewntest withunt the cheer lezulers wnnlcl he tint fi v1ev tl without spice nr l'lZlYOl'lllg'. lt is their juli tn see that there is plenty of noise ont there . . . that the ernwtl hzielcs the teznn with all the pwwer that their lungs pnssess. Diniinntiye liill Pnryis, snpliniiio1'e hnnclle nf energy, was the Rooter King' clnring the runtlmztll seztson. :intl was sneceetletl by lletty -lztne Swen- tliniztn, the tirst enetl Pep King' in inzlny years. Kleinlmers nf the :ill-girl sqnzltl were Lyrliu Langer. 'lean llnlcer. llareellzt Gilhertsnn nnfl lintherint lgiwrenee. Hztrwltl "Tilly" Slwyen tliil swine lint wnrk the lust half of the lontlmll seusnn. XYm'ki1ig' in euiijtiiietirm with the Pep flu the cheer leatlers have vastly iniprnyenl sehfvf spirit this year. They have inztngnrzttetl seyerzt UCXV ehztn yells, several nf which niziy he perinzinent ts at BRD. lu try tn get inztny ynenl out hnrsts f1'4t111 crwwmls :tt Nnclzik :tthletie ewntests is ll telllgill juli in nmny instzinees, :intl the eheti leznlers nierit prztise fnr their line wnrlf the pzist yea r. St JNHS AND X lf,l.l,S l.fwmin'1'iy12 S'11xN1j LYP iwn Cieiisiait l"it:ii'r ON, Sintfx lizth lizth lizih llzih Stzlnfl np :intl cheer, 'l'h:tt wt-'re the tnngliest trihe ht-tween the ptiles. Xnrth llzllqntgt Stznnl up ztntl cheer for Nwrth l,l:ilmt:t lfight nn, Siunxl Here :ill fm' yun Kill lwllllqillll 'ml' , . - . 'l I ' ll l?le1lgt' your luyrilty 5 XX e re 'El1Oll5illltlS ul strnnggt ztnll lrvyrtl swnls, IQNIIWQIJI1 Rim' 'Zim lwwr she s yunr .-Xlniu Miner true. XX e linww yfvn ll win everything ynn re in. Nurlh Iyukmil Hur lmys are lighting X11 inzitter h-Jw slistnnt the gnzxls. Yexulstl .Xntl we will help them see it tliwmgli. .Xnml :is we gn we'll shnw ezteh foe ,Q f Wt-'ve grit the teznng wt-'ye got the stefnn, XX'e're the lighting Sinnx frnni Nnrth 5lUlWUX"1l Sw. Nnrth llnlwtzt, heres to yon. ljlllirxlll l' Sewgsegsgsg Immun! flrlll Ytilfllfll Xmlzilqsl Crt! Gang! Cn! filiffrrlf ll'l7l AX:t:t:l:t:1:1:t:1:t:n:tl1h, Rrrrrrrr K':t'l1i.vllU? Yi l4l'll'il . .x.. li umm- H' Tollefsorr Kelly lvlagill King Ellsworth Keogh Alphson pep Glad 6 'Z MEM mares Henrge ililllltlillll, C'lm1'1'11mu Grace :Xlphsnn Delorer- Keogh Hazel ll:llSXYlll'lll llarriel King lY:nyne Kelly Xxvlllllllll Magill .XlQlilCl.Y tlirwiigli the ell'm'1s nl' the limiter Qing. lletty .lane S-wenwliinan, there was nrgan- lzefl this lall an urganizatinn to prfulnnte the LT. N. IJ. spirit at flmthall anfl haslcethall gaines, Xin' stuflent uf the l'nix'ersit5' was eligihle liar inenilwerslnp, anml as plans inateriahzeil the nieni' liership lieeanie very large. llesifles allfling inneh spirit tw the gznnes, the vlnli has aililell enlwr hx' xrearnig' the sweaters from xrhieh the ineinhers ul' the elnh pnrehaseil. linter- tainnlent lmetween halves is furnished by the elnh. nnrler the clireetiwjin of the live en-ecl cheer leaclers. New songs and yells have heen learneil tw aaltl sninething new to eaeh game. The elnh innrefl llwirn to lfarew en masse for the l'nix'ersity anml State College series. XYith the Pep elnlw, mlireeleil hy the seven ervnneil ineinhers. tw wrvrli np the ulil spirit we expect lmigger anfl lmetter ganies. Co-captain Jack West Vl'lliN tfoacli Lf -X. XVest inaugurated his :oth season at the University last fall, the Noflaks were scl1eduled for anything but a successful season. The 1938 club was without the services of nine regulars from the previous year and many good reserves l1ad also graduated friini the ranks, lint this was not to stop the fighting Sioux. l'11'4llll tl1e opening whistle in Septeniher at NYinnipeg to the linal seconds of the ieillllillill game the Nodaks were truly a line teani. .lay Allen, fullback 7!w 7939 The Sioux were paced by such outstanding conference performers as Fritz Pollard and co-captains -lack XVest and Chuck Gainor. All three of these boys were named on the all-con- ference teani a11d it was Pollard's third successive year on it. Others receiving conference mention were "Lefty" Hallen, Norman Leafe, Bill Urd- way, and Mike llrenkus. This years team averaged only 175 pou11ds from end to end and the backlield averaged only 178 pounds per nian. Thus the Sioux took ter- rific beatings in tl1eir games. But week after week they ca111e hack for more and at the e11d Bill Ordway fullback Mike Brenkus, halfback "C. A." and his ace backs: Johnson, Brenkus, Lips, Ordway, and Pollard. Bernard White halfback 1 5. of the sezlsim had piled up six wins Zlg2llllSl. two ltvsses, Zlll CllX'lZllJlC record for amy eollege team. The lllue Bouibers of XYlIlllllJCg'. a profes- si1v11z1l eluh, llll'lllSll61l the lirst 11pp11sitiQ11 of the year fm' the Nmlzilis, The l11,1111he1's were witliimt the services nf several uf their players hut they 11ex'er hzul ll ehzuiee :is the Siuux put 011 El wilil 1'111111i11g exl1ihiti1v11 lCZltlll'lllg Pullzlrml, Bl'6lllillS, 11111l XYhite to win llillltllly. 31-7. Fur the lirst home game of the sezismi the Sioux e11gagecl tl1e South Dakota 'lZlClil'EllDlJltS. It was a s111'p1'ise1,l l1f'w111e crowd that saw the Notlziks mu Co-captain Chuck Gainor Vllll 1-1111g'l1sl1111l iwer the liLllllllCS Us they pleziseil tw win. 37-0. ,X Xwclzik line thzit was UlllXX'ClQ,'llCil iz lJHl1llllS per 1111111 put 1111 the shww wi' the QX'CIllllg as they wpe11e1l large hwles hir the hz1lle:1r1'ie1's. Pwllziril. UND's ez1111li1l:1le fur exll-JXlllCl'lL'Zlll l1u11u1's, put 1111 his best llCl'fHl'lll2lllCC 111' the year zigziinst Mo1'11i11g'sicle as he 11111 back 111111ts and broke into the clear Illilllf' times tw thrill the clvvwd and Hnish the ga111e with three tOl1CllllOXVllS Norman Leafe, end Len- Senechal, guard Br-enkus sweeping the Bison end, as Senechal, Lips and Gehrke "mow 'em down." an ,M Wilbur Gehrke, tackle Jim Hallen, guard BCCJ 1151 3,agEj1.1, z, f. - 4 , 561311113 51111111111 111-' 1938 S-11111511111 ll., .1 A b ' .:,.',,X:1,,2,:.. V: I 1'1lllI .51'111'C U NU ' XX111111116g 111lIk' 11111111161's - 1: IQ ' , . ,:.Q'f.L5Qf'f si! 5"11l11 1721140111 51310 ' 0 37 fzmsli,2211:-11+ 1 - ,fn "" . . , ""'fif M""'1"12N"1f ' ' ' 13 gf 111:-2:-:5,-.-Egg.. - - wg- 1,6-gz, .,.. 'g:g2:r,r1f:1n11.-.- y , 7 U11 11111 f 1- 5- -K K111111111111 - - - - 0 7 MM' N111-111 11111111111 511116 - 17 I3 . --'- 13611-1111 L1l1lX'CI'Sltj' - Y 33 7 - 1- . -1 ' 1- - 1 'a sa' ' ' -R ug: 171111111121 1.1l1lYCl'S1ty LL 7 1.11. II ? ff! , aimibv .-gi , 5: - 1.12 - :::i f"j11- 1 1 , 21:2 Fritz Pollard, All Conference 111 1118 CYC1111. 1'ZXCL'lJ1 1111' 111111. 1116 N1,111111is 1111g111 1111x'6 111111111 1116111s611'6s 1111 1116 s11111'1 61111 111s162111 s1611111116ss 111- 1Q11Q Fi1111x was 111C 1.llC1HI' 111111 11661111111611 1111' 1116 W111. 111 XVIHIHIIQ' .ZX-12. 4 1 XY1111 ll 11'66k's 1'1-sl 1,1U1l1I1l1 111L'111, 1116 S11111x 1216141611 11161321111 U111x'61's11y 111 111611 111's1 111111- 61111161'611c6 t6s1 111 1116 561151111 1161111111 1116 811116111 11117C1f111g'11f Evan 1.111s, 1,611 SCI1CC112l1, 111111 1qZl11Cl1, 1110 N1,111Zl1i5 61111' 1161'11ss 1111 1116 11111gA 11616 st1'1111g 111 6v61'y 116p111't111611t 111 1312151 13111 the AI Dragge, end Jim Eide, center Q QQ . an 'lb iii? ' ' - Y if .1 111 111 ll 11111116-611111111g g'111116 11111g' 111 116 161116111- 1161'611, 1116 S11111x 11x'61'6111116 111611' 51l'l1l1Q' 1'1x'111s 11.11111 A111l11?ll1Z1, 1116 Grizzlies, 7-O. 12161611 111611 1161'1111'111611 110 11111111165 1111' 1116 Sioux 111211 Satur- 112151 111t61'11111111 111111 11 was truly Z1 great N111111 again S6111 t11611' 111111 6111'1'161's repeat- D11k1Q1t11 1611111 111211 1311511611 11s way up H1111 down t1'lC11' r1p1111116111s' goal 11116 111 111111511 1116 1:16111 1161 SCOT6 111166 12116 111 1116 1111111 p61'111c1 and 61111 111 Z1 3:-12 S61J1'6. T116 Demons 111611 11Zlllg' 1111 g'l'1l111y 111 1116 61111 to make 111211 t11116111111w11 ll 111111'g111 131 1'1Cto1'y. Don Jacobson, end "Snakehips" Pollard away on a long dash against Montana Ed Rupp, guard S S x x Q1 x 1 A 1938 C1.1N1.f151115Ne13 S'1uxNu1Ncss T1'1r111 Slllllll 13111411111 U Nurlli 11111111121 U - North Dzlkolzl Slate SiiuthDz1kutz1Sl111e - - Miiriiiiigsidc Qjlllllllll - - I11wz1'l'ez1c11e1's - PII U ri 1 1 5 3 3 3 .11 Tiuu' Pri. 771. Opp. 0 1.000 73 1 0 .750 SJ, 29 U -750 44 46 0 ' ,400 48 69 1 .250 28 61 1 1 .ooo 6 4: 0 .ooo .10 ZQ 1 l Evan Lips, Captain-elect With hopes of a perfect sez1s1111 111111 Il cou- fereiiee c11z1111pi1,111s11ip in 111i1111. the N1111z1ks trz11'e1ed to l7z11'g1Q1 to play iii the .NCS Home- c11111i11g. But t11e Sioux ree1,1r11 did not frighten the 15151111 211111 the Nodzlks were s11111111e11 fur the iirst time, 17-15. NVit11 this game went the chances uf El c11z1111pio11s11ip 211111 211511 those of 21 perfect se:1sm1. 1-lowever, 110 discredit C2111 be given the Sioux as t11e Bisou ruse to great heights and played C11z1111pi011511ip ball for El day. Riddled with injuries f1V1l11,1wi11g three weeks Al Nlonico, tackle Bob Chatfield, tackle . tif terrific battle, the 162111115 e1.111li1.1e11ce 211111 1111,11':11e were at 21 low ebb for their gaiue with the 'l'itz111s of Detruit. The Sioux put up El game battle but it wus 111,1t their 112151 Zlllkl they iiiiished behind 21 38-7 score. To put t11e linishiiig touches 1911 El gootl sezisoii. the Nodaks returiled to the CO11fC1'6l1C6 211111 defeated Omaha riuiversity, 7-0. But the damage had bee11 done and t11e Sioux 1:11115-11CC1 the season second 111 t11e co11fere11ce stzmdiiigs. Bill Richards tackle Gehrke leads Brenkus around Morrtana's right end Phil Poppler, fullback pruhalily replace liainor at left enilg Ed Ross- lfvery year seniors niust grailnale. Never niiller, star freshman tackle, will take Gehrke's again will UND fans witness the line perfnrin- place: licl Rupp is a good bet to replace Hallen ances of such players as Pnllarml, tiainnr, XVest, at guaril: anrl either Freshman Burl Monnes. Orilway. Gelirke, Hallen, anil Horace blnlnison. Reserve 'lim liiile nr Captain lfvan Lips will be They were all truly great in their ilepartinent of playing the center position. the ganie anil hail niuch til ilu with the success ill Nnilak learns in the past few years. tqlill' lYivrner and Chet Snyiler. lwiv experi- cnceil hlncking hacks, will he hack in schnnl, anal The 11139 season will linil lfvan Lips at the sii Lips may he switchecl to center, his olrl hehn as captain Lips has heen regular for twn position. nr to left halfbaclc. where his harcl years antl is cu1isii,le1'eil the hest lwliiclqer on the running' will cnnie in handy, Other reserves whn learn. This voiiiiff nian frnin llisniarck is a crin- . 6 will help are klaenlisnii, Richards, Sand, Lynch, sistent player anil shnulcl priwe a very capable leailer next fall. Les -llillllhlllll. Dim anil Guy Campbell, Setterluntl. tiliathelil anil Swenson. 'l'he Iljjljj Nnilak agg'i'egatinii will prubalwly Many freshinen lmqlcefl gnrwil in spring grill he the lightest teani in history, at least as long practice. Dacklielil nien who may gn places in as XYest has lieen coaching' here. The loss of varsity fnnthall are Dnliler, Styles, Calclis and Pnllaril ancl Orilway in the lmacklielil will he llausauer. Ontstaniling' frosli line prospects are tnugli on the Sioux, lint nn worse than the loss Rossiniller, linianuel, Paul, Nlichaelsun, Shafer, of Xlest, Gainnr. Hallen anil liehrke in the line. Klwnnes anll Murray, Coach West will neerl all the ahle replacements he can get. hecause next llernaril lYhite anil .lay Allen, promising' year's schetlule looks to he just as tough a rnafl sopliiniiiwes, will prnhahly lie the replacements as the IQSS season. at left lialllmaclt anil fullback. ,Xl Dragge will Left to right: back row, Raschick, Pollard, Harshbarger, Holodnick, H.Johnson, Goodman, Setferlund, D. Campbell: middle row, Bye, Lynch, G.CampbelI. Allen, Jacobson, Rupp, Lips, White, Brenkus, Senechalg front row, Leafe. L.Johnscn, lvlonico, Ordway, Dragge, Lyford, Gainor, West, Chatfield, Eide. Swenson, Glehrke, HaIIen', Richards. l 3 c.. ar QW, W mf4z2w CLEIVI LETICH SINCE coming to the University as head basketball coach in 1925. Clem Letich, "Silent Clem" to his Nodak followers, has formed the habit of producing teams that never finish below a second place tie in conference competition. The past T4 years have seen CllElHlS Sioux quints come forward with five undisputed league chain- pionships and nine runner-up trophies. Aside from his basketball duties, Letich coaches the track and golf teams and serves as assistant football mentor. His records in all four sports have marked him as one of the outstanding coaches in the North Central conference. Year a ftcr year he has consistently produced winners in all the sports lie heads. His 1938-59 basketball team, after suffering a number of early season defeats and despite the loss of its two leading l 205 l B scorers, linished in a tie for second place to uphold the Letich precedent. Letich, possessor of a friendly personality, has become a familiar and beloved character to North Dakota students and aluins. In basketball the Sioux owe their greatness ltr one factor-Clem Letich. Co-captains IVIcCosh and Pepke talk it over with Coach Letich ff . . 2 . if , ,, As, Bill lVlcCosh Chuck Nelson' Orran Homme Arnold Alger Donn Pepke Bernie White Jim Eide Evan Lips Pete Burlch Phil Nlaclvlillan Carl Simensen Norman Leafe I xv. . It A WW lflOSli game and lighting Sioux, ignored by many. and backed by only a few of the pre-season predictors as a possible conference title contender, again landed in second place, sharing the honors with Iowa State Teachers. Al the start of the cage season. Coach Cleni Letich was confronted with the perplexing prob- lein ol' linding replacenients for 'Donn Robertson. Harold l.e-niaire and Vern Kittleson, all regulars on the IQA7-38 outiit. However, with a nucleus of co-captains Bill MeCosh and Donn Pepke. Letich moulded a team that was good enough for a second place tie in the evenly matched North Central loop. Pete Burich and Chuck Nelson were litted into the front line with all-conference McCosh, and the veteran Pepke paired np with sophomore Bernie XVhite at guard to round out a Scrappy. hard driving team. 'Nonxit Rizcoim 10938-39 UNI? Ojvfwm'i1l.s -13 - - Jamestown - - 35 33 - - Mayville Teachers - - 30 45 - - - Hamline - - ZS 30 - Carleton College - 36 RI - - lllinois - - 61 34 - Loyola - 50 35 - - lmva State Teachers - 35 58 - - - tlniaha - - 35 53 ' - S. ll. L'niversily - - 26 4: - N. ll. ,X. C. - - 40 30 - S. D. State - 32 31 - - S. D. State Y - .il ZS - A Morningside - 36 42 - - N. D. A. C. - - 40 36 - N. D. A. C. - 32 ,EI - - N. D. A. C. - - 38 -33 ' ,lZllllCSl0XN'll - 23 32 Montana Slate E3 tljl 075 B ll Reserves Q1l'l'2lll 11Kl111lllC 111111 ,lim 12i11e 1111114 over li1'st string' 1,lC1'1Q1lS XV1lCl'l Z1l5lJCl1l11Ci115 1111e1'11- 1i1111s fm-QQ11 KIQQ1 1sh 111111 1i1ll'1C1l o11tf1f the 1i11e11p. 11lg1l1lg'1ll ul the se11s1111 wus. Ol cmirse. the 11111111111 Simix-ljiswii series which saw the N1111111cs 1l11iL' the lirsl three st1'11ig'ht uvei' the 1111w11st11le1's. Nl,ll'l1l 191110-1:1 State Cl1lllC 1111c1c the 1IlS1' g11111e 111 win over the Sioux, 38 to 31. X1cCos11 111111 Pepke 111'e the l1ll1j' eagers gl'2ll1U- 1'11i11g' this spring 111111 their ahseiiee wi11 he 1cee111y felt next YCZII' when the NO11111cs p1'ep111'e fm' their 1939-.LO 11111'c1w1j11111 Clllllplligll. XYith eight experi- C11CCl1 men 1111,111g with 21 wealth of 11111te1'i111 from the f14t'S1111'IZl11 511111111 11v11il11111e, North 1521140121 will likely he i11 the thick of the ClilllfC1't'llCC SCl'2l1ll151C Zlgllill next season. FINA1. Cuxlfliluaxciz F-'ixxxnixfzs 1111111 Lux! l71'1'1'1'11l11gr 84111111 13111411111 L'11i1'e1'si1y - - I1 3 .750 North 15111411111 1.'11i1'e1'si1y 5 3 ,615 11.11111 State '1'e11e11e1's - -. 3 .635 South Dakota State - 5 4 .556 3Io1'11i11gSic1e - - - .1 5 .445 Nr-1"'l1 13111111111 State - 3 6 .350 0111211111 - - - - 3 K1 .350 Qfl.XL'11li51 .X1,1.-Cox1f151115N1'1z S121,1Qc'1'1oN IFORXXQXRDS K1QLi11s11 - - - UllfZ'1'l'.1'iI-1' nf ,X'1r1'lfl1 jhlktlfil Ingalls - - U1l1'z'1'r.1ity uf .hitlllffl D11kul11 L11fq11i+1 - - - - lffmz T1'111'111'1'5 CENTERS 1.2lllCl' - - ---- Stlllffl Dakota Stats 11ic11z1e1so11 - - - J1ItH'Illillg.S'fdC ' GUARDS ifcrgeii - 51111111 Dakota 511110 Iinliserg - - .Ynulll D11k11l11 U111'-z'1'rsiIy Sehneiclci' - - - - .'1l0I'llflIgXidL' Larson, Bison forward, nets a short one as Homme closes in. A scramble under the basket in the A. C. fieldhouse. Pepke 1333 and Nelson 1315 are in the thick of it as lVlacMilIan 1385 waits for a break. All-conference Bill NlcCosh slips in for a short shot as two Bison cagers try to stop him. Another fracas in the wild A. C. series. Whalen 11113 tries to calm teammate Larson as Nodaks McCosh and Nelson calmly look on. Johnson scores two points for the Bison as Nodaks close in too late. 7wcfzcmcZ ide! Frltz Pollard, Phlllp Kjelmyr, Vern Kittleson, Horace Johnson, Nodak track stars 1-wr? . . 5 .. S..- S Q ,Q 5 S ...X . X? 4 I - 1 Q lf- 35 ff. mana 4 4 Kun "W" ,, unnrn , 'vom in rum ,a . - M Q Wann umm ,mon - l'fl,'l,l1'1 l. V mm ,- , Q, min +, F 2 - - - mon V K- 9 X A x YN , 1 1 " ij.lf"" ' . . " '45 . .. - V ' l ' :?, i Ax: , '19, Q' ., ,. A A- i ,f e 'U , , . , , " " 4 ' 1938 Squad Alp'l'HOUGI-I Paul so-me, ei-me quarter-miler and captain of the 1938 track squad, didn't compete because of heavy scholastic duties and Fritz Pollard. who was conceded high hurdle victories because of his performance on the 1936 Olympic team, wasn't in school, the North Dakota track team won the conference meet for the second successive year. lllinning 0f the conference and state intercollegiate titles was probably due to the efforts of Horace Johnson, perennial winner in the 100 and 230 yard dashes. johnson, lijelmyr and liittleson taking first, second and third places in the 100 and 320 in the conference meet aided materially in the Sioux winning the title. Although the team was small, those men who were on the squad were almost certain point-getters in conference and state competition. Johnson, Kjelmyr, liittleson and Sexton, the half-mile relay team, were responsible for most of the Nodak points. Phillips, who placed second in the conference two-mile: Tauer, a pole vaulter: Lilasscoclc, a half-milerg and Banning, quarter-miler, rounded out the point-getters. Mima Spook 4fw4A4 Glenn Jarrett assistant coach I-IEN last year's assistant coach, the jovial Arro Antilla. resigned to accept a position as head coach of the XVhiting, Indiana, high school, Glen "Red, Jarrett got his chance to return to his alma mater. Leaving his job as football coach at Minot high school, where for several years his teams had dominated North Dakota prep football, Jarrett took over his duties as assistant football coach, freshman basketball coach and intramural athletic director here at UND last fall. .lax-rett's name is near the top of those in the North Dakota athletic Hall of Fame. The Heet half-back of 1929, '50 and '51 will long be remembered for his gridiron deeds, and now he is out to emulate his success in the field with equal success on the sidelines. Possessor of a likable personality, -larrett is off to a good start in his coaching career. 'lihe Sioux frosh gridders. under the guidance of Clem l.etich, freshman football coach, improved greatly during the season. Opening the season on September 29, the Sioux yearlings held the Virginia, Minn., Teachers college to a scoreless tie. Next the baby Bison invaded the Sioux camp and upset the dope as they defeated the Nodak frosh, I3-o, ln a return game, the Nodak freshmen went to Fargo and once again were beaten by one touchdown, 6-O. Allhougli handicapped by injuries. the Papooses were threatening all the way. Particularly promising grid men turned out were: Bud llonnes at center. XYalt Dobler and Gordon Caldis, a pair of halfbacksg Reinhold Zwicker and Ro-fer lfmanuel at -ruards, lid R1 wssmiller at tackle and Garvin Murray at end. l2l0l 4 B GLEN "RED" JARRETT, former Sioux athletic great, now assistant coach, tutored the freshman basketeers throughout the season. Starting out with approximately So iaspirants, "Red" pared the squad down to IO members: The Baby Sioux got off to a heartbreaking start by dropping their hrst two games: both with Mayville Teachers College. These losses were by narrow margins however, the first one by one lJZ1Sli6t-25-25, and the second by an edge of 50-25. The pea-greeners then handed the power- ful Grand Forks high school Maroons a 28-19 defeat to win back their confidence. 011 February 24 the Nodaks tackled the Bison Frosh on the Armory Hoor, but lost the battle 33-36 in an 'TZ' overtime "sudden death" decision. XVith tradition- al determination, the Sioux Yearlings tramped down to Fargo on March 3 to change the tone ol' things by beating the Bison Frosh ,Lo-38 in another overtime game. Sioux stellar cage men included Fred Gran and Lewis "Bud" Beale, Iiorwardsg Bud Monnes and Bob Peterson, guardsg and Ordean Olson, center. The second team had Bruce Stevenson at centerg Gordon Caldis and LeRoy Hausauer at forwardsg and lien Lutgen and Wfalt Dobler at the guard posi- tions. Most of these boys bear all-state labels, and many of them are expected to hnd places on the varsity squad next year. Q i Dobler Cald is Peterson Olson- Beal! T211 ,A Hausauer Nlonnes Lutgen 1 5 Swenson Jarrett IVIcCosh Vaughan Ruemmele Y Beam! 1J."X1'H LKILEXX "1Q1i1Y' h11XRlQ1i'1l'1', 111 1'1111l:11:i11g' 1X1'x'1'1 Antilla, 111513 51911111-11 11111111161l1l'CC1l,11'Sl111D1lf 11111'z1111111':11 111111111115 111111 1162111 111 1116 l1l111'Z1111l11'Z1l 11021111 111 L'1'111t1'1Q1l, 11111 this 1111:11'11 z11'e 11111 R1C1l115l1, cl1:1i1'111:111, Gc1g11'ge Xvilllgllflll, Sig Swe11s1111, wl111 was 11111111611 :1 yczu' 21311, 211111 C1111 S1111e11s1111, W11111 1'eplf11'C11 1111111 S1e1'1'11s11111 111 1"clJ1'11z11'y. ,,. . . . . ,V . 11115 111121111 was es1:1l,111sl11111 111 1110 s111'111g 111 19311, :11111 1161s 1111z11'gc 111 :11'1'z111gi11g 511111-111111-S, 1ll411xYlllg4 1111 1'11lL'S 111111 1'eg11lz11i1111s 1111' the cligilaility, 1'egis11'z1ti011, 111111 111111111111 111 11lZlf'C1'S, 111111 111:ci1li11g' 1l1sp11tcs l361XYt'C1l l1lC1Tl1,1Cl'S 111 the league. :XS :1 new 5111111111111 211151-S, new rules :11'e 11111 111111 etfect which will 1111w 111111 :1l11111st 21111 111165111111 111111 is ll1'41l1g'll1 before 1116111 111'gz111ize1l 111' the l111C1'1l'Z11t'l'l111j' c1111111'1l. 111c 1111-111111-1's 1111111 S1:1gg'1'1'1'11 1111'111s 111 1w11 years. 1111c 111e11111u1' l'C111'111Q' 1:11'11 sc111este1', 111111 new 111e11111u1's :11'1- 1-11-C1611 111' 1111- L'111111ci1. '1'11c 111121111 is 1111w i1111is11c11s:1111c 111 1116 i1111'z1111111':11 l1l'11gAl.:1lll, 111111 111111-1' 1111111111 l1:1x'c 11111 s11111'1s 1111 1111- CZll11ll115 11c1111 111111011 s111'11 31111111 1'11I11l'Ol. 12121 9 C' TOUCH BALL Pi-ll DELTA THETA Sand Gilliland Spear Boyum Heen Harris Stevens Benno Baggenstoss Bacon Traynor VOLLEYBALL TAU KAPPA EPSILON Halvorson Bergen Hallen Olson Lundberg Robertson Smedshammer Skoropat lvloothart BASKETBALL SIGMA CHI Mathieu Zimmerman Allen Bennet Solberg Dragge Rorvig Sexton West X BOWLING SIGMA NU Reynolds Brenkus Carter Swanson HOCKEY ALPHA 'rAu OMEGA Kennedy Mills Charlesworth Roney Baker Rau Heen Berget Bergren ls, G 29 ,gm ..- "' Nw QQ' 'C ff Q. N' I .ga Ke . 2 ra V , - Tea unsvw, A P Ag. ,AJ .. 'ha' ., , ' ,,, 'vc . L L I .: wmv if 4v'L X ,, :X ix Q g i w ' 'Q SRE. W' . es wx 5 Vx Rh Q K xl M.. mtv , me. Mme efzampd DIAMONDBALL INDEPENDENTS Brinkley Olscn Hanson Loken Haykel Sateren Peterson Ness Soga rd Lohse BASEBALL SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Top, Van Horne, Haigh, Forrest, Taylor, Pagenkopf, Rinker: bottom, Johnejack, Burich, Stevenson, Donovan. IVlcEnroe, Shjeflo. TRACK SIGMA CHI Lontz Ireland Solberg Mathieu Sexton Pepke Sollen HIS YEARS University wrestling team had experienced men but no oppon- ents. Student Coach John Goodman had no luck in arranging matches with con- ference foes or outside schools so the wrestlers had to be content with inter- squad matches. Gther standout grapplers were Horald Peterson, Don Brinkley and Chuck Frissell. a transfer from Minne- sota. Wlrestling is expected to pick up next year and several veterans will be back. Last spring, the University golf team won the state collegiate championship in the tournament here. Representing the Nodaks were Al Rindy, Sonny Lemaire, Ralph Asleson and Paul Stratte. Rindy won the state singles crown. Cn the southern trip, Orv Bergren and Norman XVahl replaced Stratte and Asleson and despite playing good golf, the team lost close decisions to Carleton and St. Olaf. QA z 0 f 23' ' zif s 'i . f .M- ',f.l"lf.1 ,365 ' l 5 Lf! -- kj 4'9- 'Y -...Q v -, . muy ,An-0' ,,-.U--.,.. . , ,wwf- Varsity Golf: Paul Stratte, Orv Bergren, Al Rindy. 9 -sv -ali. me Varsity Tennis: Olson, Kennedy. Greenberg. Vondracek, Doak Brinkley tangles with a Minnesota man. The Nodaks had three 75,5 and a 72 but still finished behind the Carls. Lemaire was the only man lost by graduation and prospects for the IQSQ team are good. Handicapped by a late spring and wet courts, the UND tennis team played only one match last Year, defeating Jamestown college, 3-2. John Bonzer, Ralph Bekken, Bob Kling and Bob Kennedy composed the team. Bonzer was the only man lost by graduation, and Coach lfelix Vnndracek looks for a good season, with Vern Olson, l,eo Greenberg, Phil Doak and Bill james up from the freshman team. l2l5j B . HE University boxing team finished its second year as a student-coached, student-managed unit this season. Cully Ekstrom and Carlyle Loverud. veteran Sioux Fighters, teamed to coach the squad and Louis Eschenberg handled all man- agerial duties, including the scheduling of six matches during the season. The Sioux split with a team of lVinnipeg, Manitoba, amateurs, losing the first match at XVinnipeg, 5-3, and winning the second at Grand Forks, J,-3. A group of Devils Lake amateurs also lost to the University mittmen in a match held at the Lake city, While the University of Idaho defeated the Sioux at Moscow, as did the State School of Science at llfahpeton and the Superior State Teachers at Superior, iVisconsin. likstrom again went to the National Intercollegiate tournament in an attempt to regain the featherweight crown he held in 1936, but was decisioned in the iinals hy ldaho's Ted Kara. who captained the 1956 United States Olympic boxing team. Besides Ekstrom, 'Loverud and Esch- enherg, the squad included Co-captains Gordy Lee and Roy Christianson. Fred llffloutgomery, John Holodnik and Vern Johnson. Top row, Student Coaches Ekstrom and Loverudg second row, Co-captains Lee and Christiansen: third row, Vern Johnson, John Holodnickg bottom row, Fred Montgomery, Louis Eschenberg. Zyamenfi 572,043 2,,, W I 3 fufdfical 8 ' we NN ..x Della Marie Clark ISS lJlil,l..X MARIIZ CIARIQ with her assistants, Xliss Phyllis .lack anil Miss Maxine Munt, clirect all coeils specializing in physical eilncation in an athletic prograin of four major unil eleven ininor sports, illajor sports are soccer. volleylmztll, lvasketliall :intl lcittenlmztll, anil the niinor events are pingpong, archery. golf, tennis, horseshoe. traclc, hailtninton. hiking, shnllle linartl. roller anil ice skating' anfl hasehall. Dancing' is also incluilefl. The XVf'lll1Cll'S .-Xthletic .Xssocizttion axvarils point towarcl meni- lmership into the association or an athletic sweater :uvaril for participation in these sports. liitty points are required for pledging into XV. A. A. ancl IOO points are necessary for initiation. The freshmen successfully clefenclecl their winning reputation by taking lirst honors in both the year's basketball and volleyball class tourna- ments. Davis Hall girls cante to the front in the intranntral volleyball tournaincnt, while Delta Zeta sorority won the intratnural baslcethall tour- nainent. Top athletic awards for 1938-39 went to Glatlys Arveson as senior high point winner and most athletic coed. and to Anita Roisutn who won the apparatus trophy. Top row, Durkin, Freegard, Bruce, Briggs, Keogh, Richardson, Desautels, Carter, Schoenig, Alphson, Sorerrson, Hulick, Loiland, Cervankag middle row. IVIcCrea, Caru'th, Hatt, Schnecker, Brekke, McPherson, Wynne, Matteson, Erickson. Burnett, D.Austfjord, Homme, Gross, Brownfield, bottom row, Bunde. Flern, Crockett, Christianson, Ftoisum. Miss Jack. Thorliefson. Glaserud. Swerrdiman, Lawrence, Gilbertson. Anita Roisum, president RYXYORID tw lun for Llllirersity em-mls is the XV. A. A. The three letters stand for XVOn1en's Athletic Association, which Offers a long' list Ot major anml minor sports. They are soccer, volley- hall, haskethall, kittenhall, gulf, tennis, piiigpmig. archery. liiwsesliue, track, hiking, haflinintnn. hasehall, shulile luwzml. and rwller ancl ice skating. For those hent tuwarml the artistic. there is Orchesis tclance chihl which has gone wholly nioflern this year uncler the Stipeiwisirm Ht a new fiance iiiSt1'uctw1', Miss Maxine Hunt, The group preseniecl a nimlern clance rleiiwnstratifin in lfeh- ruary anti elimaxefl their work with a iinishefl recital the last of Nay. The XYrv1iie1i's .Xthletie .Xssociatiwn has en- terecl with spirit into campus activities fruni which it has gained high reccignitiun. Listerl to its credit are the l"reshmen welcmne party in the fall, intraniural volleyball and haskethall teiurnaiiients, a inixeil intrainural volleylwall tour- nament, a play mlay fur high schools in the spring, and an annual awarcls hanquet in May. The dancing class is doirrg a bit of interpretative dancing. Badminton and pingpong are favorite sports in the Women's Gym. Limber up, girls, before the work begins. W 1qlf1leiic 14 ' ' 14 KN1111' 1 N1 1 111111 11111111111 the gC11Cl'1Vll1S e111111e1'11111111 211111 s1111111,1r1 111 those 1111111 111110 con- t1'i11111e11 111 111e 111311 1,J21Cl1t21.11 11121111 things 111011111 1111t 11211e 11ee11 1111ss1111e, we 121140 this 111111111'11111i11' 111 111211111 those 112l1'11C111Z1l' 11e11111e I111' 1111111 11101 1111111 1111111- 1111' 115 111111 the 111111 1e21r111111k: '1'1"11C P:X1i1,C P1i1N'1'1N1i L'11MP.XNY 11211- their 1i11l1,1 e111111er21t11111 211111 1lC1l11111llCSS 111 1112l1'i11lg 111e 14,1311 111111111 1111111 11 is. 1281560121111 1111 we 111211114 X111 Lf 1511111 Page, ,Xl121111 Seller, .-X111'12111 1,11we. 11111 1'11'6f1 11211131 1111111er 111. the 11111111. ,11111'i ULVKIQXL' 1119 1CN1i1i1XV1N1i, A1111- 11C21lJ1111S, 1111- their excellent C1lg1'Z1V1l1gS 11se11 111 this 111111k, 111111 es11eeiz1111 Mr. Art Segal, 13111'e1111 1e111'ese111111i1e, 1111- his 1111111 111 XV111'1i111g 11111 111e 1111111 1111' t111sye111's 1111111c. K1 1i1,X'1N IQUIJICR, 11111111215 S1l1i1l1111yQ'1YC11 115 21c1'ess 1111116 greztter l1l11l117E1'11f 0211111111 pictures 115611 111 2111 SCL'11l1I1S 1111 1111s 1621118 IJ11111f, 211111 111111 is 111511 1'CSl14111S11J1t' 1111' the excellent 111111111g1'1111111 111 the Xx11l1S XX 1111 SCL'1ll1I1, 111111 111Z11lX' 111 the 1'e11i1' shots. S. li. SX11111 CU, 111111 1111111e the e111e1's 1111- 1114 114139 191101112111 i11 11eeo1'111111ce with 111111' 111z111s. 1 2211 COGPER, LEE 211111 HOFF STUDIOS for their close e1i1oper2111o11 111 O1Dt31l11l'lg' 111d1v1dua1 111111 g'I'0l11J pictures: especially Mr, Sam Cooper. 111111 has 111111e a big' part of the eo111111erc1211 111111111g1'1111111' 1-111' the 11231, 1,ZlCO1?l11. 1i1iNN,1i'1'1-1 SL'.111-AS1QNG1'i1Q. JXNDIQRS SXY1'f12'1i1.AND, XXL COOLEY 1111' pictures 1151-311 1111'1111g11o111 the hook: the 111211111 F111-ks He1'21111 for 1111111111111211 sports pictures, 11s 11e11 as those people XV1l1'1 COl11l'11J11t611 e11111p11s shots 111 111e 11111111211 1'11111est. '1'H1f S'1'AF1'iS 111 the 11139 13110111111 111111 h111e s11,11111 111 11l1'1'111g11 21 year 111111e11 1111111 1ro11111es 211111 pleasure, 2l1XVE1j'S 111,1i11g their job e11t1111siast11:- 11111 211111 eiiieiently. 1'JX'1'RONS 111. this 1e11r's 111,1111q, 111111 11re s11 11e1'ess111'y 1111' the success 1,11 Ztlly 1e211'11111,11i, for their CXCC1l1Q14.1l1Zl1 e111'1l1e1'21t11111. A1111111er D3L'1'1t2l1l h11s left the presses: 11116 11111re staff 1111s 112111 the l11,J1J111'1111111Iy 111 1111rk 111 C111SC 21ss11ei11t11111 111111 11116 1111111he1' t11XY1,11.f1 E1 0111111111111 611111 2111 e111111r 211111 1111s111ess 111Zlll21g'C1' 11111e 112111 ll great ex11e1'ie111'ce-111111' 111511 1J11c11t1111. -1152111 H11,11s1..1N11, E11'1'1'111' STANL151' XV.11.s11. B1fJx1'l1L7,f,N1 ,1f111111g1'1' P The following' Greater Grand Forks business and professional men have bee11 responsible to a large extent, for the success of the 1939 Dacotah, and have expended their money to show their 'faith i University. XYe. in turn. can return that faith by our constant patronage of their enterprises. lbr. l.. rl. Alger J. A. Alphson .Xinerican Bottling Xvorks .Xmerican Cleaners American Crystal Sugar Co .Xnnex Cafe .XOUXV E. A. Arhart N Go. Bangs, Hamilton, Bangs Belmont Cafe Blacks Purity Sweet Shop Blacksmith Shop Hobbies Cafe Bray's Ready-to-XYear Bridgeman-Russell Co. Busy Bee Cleaners Drs. Campbell, Xliilliainson, Sz Vance Campus Cave Central Lumber Co. Cities Service Oil Co. Club Cigar Store Colhorn Stationery Service Congress Candy Co. Cooper Studio Cox Bakery Daeotah Hotel Dakota Auto Co. Dakota Sales Co. Dakota Theater Carroll Day Denison Chevrolet Liu. Dryburgh Investment Co. Dnnlevy lee X Fuel Co. Ehby's Service Station N00 Service Electric Construction lienxvell First Federal Savings N Loan Assn. First National Bank Forx Motor Sales, Inc. lforx Theater Frederick Hotel Friedman Fur Co. Gamble Robinson lra Gaulke Giese Hardware Co. Grand Forks Building S1 Loan Grand Forks Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Grand Forks Grocery Co. Grand Forks Herald Cirznnl Forks'lcc X Fuel Co. lirand Forks Mercantile tio. Grand Forks Seed Co. Grand Forks Transportation Co. Great Xiiest Life Assurance R. ll. Griftitli Co. l-lanson-:Xndersrin Mortuary l'lavig's Tailoring K Halaerdashery Healy, Law, Woutat, Moore Clinic George Hegstrom Held Burkhardt Herbergefs, lne. HoFf's Studio linplement Dealers Mutual Fire Insurance Co. International Harvester Co. lreland Lumber S1 Fuel Co. ,lack Monument Xtorks Karnes X: Xkialski Kedney Xlfarehouse Co. i KFJM M. D. Knox Co. Madora Knox Millinery S. S, Kresge Co. E. I. Lander K Co. Larson K Toreeson. Druggists The Leader Store Lealos' Cafe Lee's Studio Dr. XY. .-X. Liebeler Dr. R, E, Leigh The Luggage Shop :Xdolph Lund Lunseth Plumling X Heating Co. Lyon's Garage Lystad S: Redick Klcllonald Clothing Co. Klclilroy's Flower Shop Klclioeyfs Electrical Serxice Mahoxvald H:n'du'are Co. Mandel Furs Mares Optical Co. Maytag Sales K Service Co. Minneapolis Moline Retail Store Minnesota Dairy Minnesota National Bank Model Steam Laundry Murphy Finance Co. Murphy S: Murray IZZIT llr. tl. ll. Mnns Nash Stone New Frederick Calc Norliy Department Store Nordby Upholstering Co. Northern Packing Co. Northern States Power Co. Sig Odlaug Hardware IIS Club Clntario Beauty Shop Ontario Grocery Co. C. H, Opsahl Co. Paul filwens Floral Co. Panovitz Furniture Sz Carpet Paramount Theater J. C. Penney Co. Pioneer Coffee CU. I1 OU l' Co. Poppler Piano X Furniture Co. Rand Shoe Co. Red River National Bank Red River Produce Co. Red River Valley Brick Corp. Robertson Lumber Co, Roller Ortice Supply Co. Rose Beauty Shop The Rose Shop Rudh Bros. -l. H. Ruettell Co. Russell-Miller Milling Co. john E. Ruud, Equitable Li fe Drs. Ruud S Ruud Ryan Beauty Shop Ryan Hotel S S1 L Company Harold Shaft Star Troy Laundry States Cleaners States Theater Thorns Florist Trepanier's Pllklflllilfy Fniversity Bookstore Valley Barber Shop Valley Motor Co. Yold Drug Co. Walman Qptical Co. Frank XYaterbury Co. XYentz Confectionary XYhitey's Cafe F. XV. Wfoolworth Co. Zedlick K Martin 7!ze'Zl' ' !Vaf1j!zf25 l2s'm1s1,rs111iD IN li:lGIlT1ilCN IIUNIDRIED EIGHTY-'I'1e1Rl5E ...Qi .II PIIN Li. XYIQSI, ffrf. ll., l,l'4'.Yl'lIf'III 4.- , leznling tw tlle mlegree uf Flziclielnr uf .Xrts zincl Fiziclielur of Science. Il. THF SCIIOI DL OF CUXIRIFRCF. Zl cnnrse in business aflininistrn- tinn, lezuls tn the ilegree nf lilziclielm' nf Science in Cnnimerce. Ill, llllf SCIIOUI- Ulf l2lJUL'.X'l'l0X prepares fur the profession of tezicliing in secnnilziry :intl liigli sclin-wls. Its grzulnzites receive the ilegree nf Ilflclielnr nf Science in IEQILICIIIIUII :incl the lilaclielnfs Diplninzi in Teztcliingi IY. 'Illlf F-CIIUOI. fill? IQAXXY offers :1 three-year cnnrse nn twn years nf cnllege wnrk anil grants tlie flegrees of Bztclielur uf Laws anil ,lnris lbnctni-, Y. 'VHF CfJl.l,ICCli Oli IQXGINEITIQINC utters cwnrses nf stnrly in Mining. Civil. Necliziniczil, lflectricul :incl Iienerzll lfngineering, leznling In lingincering' degrees. YI 'I III2 SL I ICN ll. UI' KIlul5lL IXIz prnvnles instrnctinn nt lngli nrfler Inu' twn years in Kleclicine lmziseil nn twn years nf cnllege xvwlc. lezulingi In tlie IEPICITGIHI' nf Science mlcgrce. YII. 'llllli 12lQ.XI5L'.X'l'li l3liP.XlQ'l'KIIfXT presents zulvziliceil cwurses nf stnily leznling' in the clegrees nf Muster of Arts, Rlzister wi Science. llnctnr nf Pliilnsnpliy, unil llnctnr nf liclnczitiwn. YIII. 'I Illz SI Nlklluli 5I'.b5ICJX piwwnles college cnnrses fur stnilenls Illltl tezicliers. IX 'I Illu l'.X I l'.X5Il JN IJIX ISIIJX utters University lectures Zlllll c-frrespnnwlence slinly cnnrscs Iwr pcrswns wtlierwise nnzilwle tn receive zicnileniic training. l1lfUl'lJlIIlItlIl Vt'-Q'tll'tIIlllg cnllvgvx um! fivfu11'f111v11f.v Illny ln' tllllldlilltflf by ni!fl1'v.v.v1'11g Nic kIi'gI.Yf1'II1' ir! I'11i-:'c1'.v1'I.x' ,S'fi1Iiu11, 621111111 l7m'lc.v, X. Daft. l'IlIC CI7IQl,ITIlIC Ol" I.lIllCR,XI. QXRTS fillers cnnrses of stufly Www 901169 .I-11'1'l1'11!1'1l '11'1'1'!1 flu' .S'i11t1' V111-:'1'1'.v11-1' 111 CIIIUIIKII l5111'k.1' C. 1.. XY,X1,l,,XL'12, l'!1.H., BMI., l7.l7.. .5'.'l',l9.. l'1'1'.1'1'1l1'11l 1.1 SCIIHUI. Ulf lClfl.lCIl1IX-'l'111- 1111't'll1 '1'1'11c11c1' is 11ccc1111-11 as 1111'111c1. 111' 1111111011 111111 1-101211611 1111- 111I111I1Q'S 1-1.11111 1111 111'111s11f 11111111111 1c1111w1c11g'1' 111111 11111- s11p1'c111e 1J1X'1I1L'-11111111111 1111-1111111g', 1116 v11c11t11111 111' 111'111g'. 1.1 51,'l'lUUl, UI" .111'SIC4-1f1111c21l11111 111 l11l1S1L' l't'1'1l1CS 111111 e111'1c11cs 0116.5 1110 211111 Hts 11111- 1111 1Z1l'Q'CI' servicms 111 11t11e1's. AX 1131111-11 11111s1c11111 111 Q'IA21C1H1lS s111111 1s Ll 111L'SS1l1g' 111 Zlllf' 11111116 111' c1111111111111ty. 1,1 SCHUUI. U!" E.Yl'l6lf.S'SfCIX-12x111'css11111 ZIP- 111't 1111111165 1'11111v11t11111 111' 1'111cc 31111 111:11111e1' 111 e1111111e 11116 111 1'e1111 111' spgak 17Cf4l1'C' 111t11e1's 1111111 ease 111111 g-111111 eifect. 1.1 IQICSIIJEXCE 1111X1,1.S 1'12ll'H1l1 511111: 1111111 1111 Men. 1.111'1111111'e 111111 11114 XY11111.e11. 1511's P1'111,11 111111 K11111e1'11, Open 111 st1111e11ts 411 State L'111ve1'si1y 111111 XYes1ey L'1,111eg'e. 1.1 .11!1!1'1'.1'.1' l1111l1.11'11'.v 111 NIYERSITY STATION GRAND 1"URIi5. NURTII DfXK1J'1'1X C'11f11111g 151111 FVU1' l'f1111z R1'11111'sf ..A,. Aaker, Betty VV,V. --be -V 'V .315 Aas, Darwin ,,,,,,,,, ....... 3 tw 99 Arknowledgments . ---- Y -72211 Activities ,,,,.....YVV.,,....,VVV...-. .- '-------- Administration ..vv,,,Y,.........V,,,... vvrrr 1 -21 Administrative committee ...,. .... .... 1 7 ,v D, '1' ,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,A,,,, 1 .,,,,.,,., ,.,. , ,,...Y 1 90 A. I. M. M. E .,Y....,. ,,v,,,--...... ------- 1 3 1' Alhertson, Alice ,,,..... VVV.,..---YV V S2 Alhertson, Marian .,...,, 36 82 Aldrich, XVilliam .... ...vv VVVYVVV 3 1 5 Alexander, Hazel ,... ....... 3 6. 73 Alger, Arnold ...... v,,Yv,Vv.... 2 011 Allen, J. l,,,,,,,..,., . A... ,..v 1 15. 20" Aim, Edward ..,.,,,,,, ,, .. ..,. 36, 115 Allnhson, Howard ., ,, VVV..,,,V .119 Alpha Phi ...,..,,,,,.,,,,,, VVV.,.. 3 0. 31 Alpha 'I'au Omega, .,,,. 98-99 Alumni Review .... ,,,.,,,. . ,v,... . .133 Anderson, Elise ., .......,,..,,,. 39, 137 Anderson, Elmer ,v,,,, ,,,.... 3 6, 107, 146 Anderson, Helen ,..,.... ............,,,,...... 3 6 Anderson, Magnus ,.,, .,...,,.,.......... 3 6 Anderson, Marian ,, ,,,,.......,.., H69 Anzjon, Erwin ........... l.., 2 36, 119, 156 Armory ...,,,,,,,...,,,.,..,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,.... 1 0 Armstrong, XVilliam ,... .....,..,, , 36, 99 Artist Series ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,, , , ,,,,,, 6 9 Arts and Crafts ..,.,,,... ,.,..,.......,..........,,,, 1 91 Asheim, Edith ,,,...., .,,...,,..,,....,, 3 6, 90, 1-12 Asleson, llussell, ,,,, , ,,,,,, 62, 133, 137, 139 Athletin' Department ,,,,,,,,,,,l,,, ,W ,, .,,11l5 Auerliauli, lsrael ,, , ,,,.. ,. .. . ,IIIO Ailsllstiiie, Vernon ,, ..,... 99 Austinson, Oliver ,.,,, ,, ,, 100 Bzwheller, Anne Louise ....,. .,,.......,., 8 li Baazgenstoss, Osmond ..... ,,,,, Z 16, 111 Balckega rd, Benjamin ..., , ,.....,,.., 30 Baird, NVilliam ....,,,,, W. ...119 Band Sponsor ...... , ....... 1-18 Banning, Virgil .,,.,,,,,,. .116 Barger, .lames .... 36, 104 Basketball ,,..,,,,.... .,.. 2 05-207 Baukol, Lenore ...,. .... , .... 3 6 93 Baumann, llobert , . ,,,.. M116 Beall, Lewis ..,.1.,,, W ,, ,. . ,120 lie-vker, Leon . ....,... .,.,........,... ..,. 1 1 ti Hes-liinaii, Michael, ,, ,,,.,,.,,..,..., 36, 108 Beeman. Tlieodore ...... ,.,,, 3 6 61, 103, 156 Bek, YY. G .,.,,1.,,,,,,,,.,, ,.,,,,.11.,,........,, ..,. 1 T l Bell, Leo ,,,, .,,,,.., ,,., ,1,.,,,,,,, , , ,,.,,,,, 3 6 Bell, liollert ,,,,.,.... ...119 Bennett, VVarren ,........ 115 Benson, Sigurd .,.... ,,,, ,...... ll 6 Berg, Kenneth ,.,,.. , .... 36, 151 Berget, Howard ..,.. ,,,. ...,,..,, ! 1 9 Bergquist, Doris ..,. , ....,,. 36 86 Bergren, Orville ...... ,...... S 19, 1217 Beta Alpha Psi, .,,.... ,...,., 1 70 Beta 'llheta l"i., ...,, ....... 1 00-101 Bjella, Arley .......,....., ,. ,, U36, 120 Bjerken, VVoodrow ,, , M107 Blallierwiuli, Robert , ..... ,.... I 37, 115 Blue KPN .. ,..,,,, , ,,.,, ,.....,, . .... 1 62-1621 Board of Administration ...,,, , V15 Board of Publications ..., , , .,,,... 132 Hoe, l't'I'Slllll2,' ,, .,... 115 Bolstanl, Edmund ,,,.,... . ,... . 37 Bolstad, Erling . ,, ,37, 110 Bonzer, .lohn , ,,,,21T, 115 Boone, Montelle, .. . 37, 120 Horenc-, Betty .,,, ,,,,.. R ti Boxing ,...,.,. ., N216 Boyum, Arnold .,., ,, 111 Brakke, Perry , ,,,, ,120 Brand, Uharlotte . ,, ,,,,,,,, 811 Breitwieser, .I. VV .. .,.. 21, 27 Brekke, Urdean ,,.,..,. . ...,, 37. 108 Brenkus, Miken. ....,.,. . ,,116, 200 Bridgeman. Dorothy ,.... .... . . , N81 Bridgeman. NYilliam , , ,. .,.. 115 Briggs, Lorraine ,..... .. ....,, S2 Index UJCCUJ'O17CUU3LT'.ECEl7.1 "I'4Z'CEZCCC"5 -1'-':r-'vi-1-:-1'-130 :EE'?'F:E'EUQ5 HFZPQFQQP ,-, nw' 5, .1372 .- 11 :Fe :"DggZlLvfu3,:if1 ZSCQLEELH- -"1-1 '12 H.: :iaimweezm :'-1'm'1Q"m: 1 1. i::'f3EfE5 5 V1"i'U""" ..Q.. fallzin, llolrert ,, ,1H.l'I1Illlt'll, Donald .,,. 'am11l1ell, Guy ......... amnion. Leo ......... arney .. ,....... ........ . .. arpenter, Cleron ..,, , Carter, Bernard .,... Caruth, Bernard ..,,. Casey, Tobias ...... Uasliel, Margaret Fawley, Joyce ............ Phatfield, Robert .,.,,... Pheck, Ray ,,,.....,,...,. Uheer Leaders ...,...., Phesrown, Russell ...... Chi Omega 17111 Uhristianson, Roy .,,..,,,, Flark, Della ,.,,,,......,,..., Classes , ..,.....,.....,., , Ulass Gfficers .......... ,. layhurgh, Donna ...1 Ulayhurgh, Mark Ulayton, George ,.....1 Polherg, Ross ,,,, 1,.,, Collinson, Ruth ,. Uoman, Marie ..,.... t'ommeneement .... Concert Band .,...,.. Uonner, Charles Vonners, Virginia ....., Connolly, W'illiam ..,. . f, 4-1 I 1 ontents .,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, onvocation . Cooper, Sylvia Poulee .......,.,,,,,,,,,,. Vox, XVilliam .........., fra w fo rd, Keith ..... , . urran, Donald .... llat-otah ., ,,,,,.. ,, Dahl, Pliarles .,..,. Dahl, Donald Dahl, Robert .,..,.., Dakota Student .... Danuser, Alice .... Davies, Mabel .,.. Davies, Ruth .,... Davis Hall .,,,,, ,,,, llay, Kathleen ,... lledication ,......... lu-Lano. Ruth ,,,,,, Ilell, Lee .. . Delta llelta Delta .,.,,, ,2l7, 115 ,125 237, 89 J 17, 112, 206 ,,,,,.137, 1314 ,,.. 37, 85 37 48. , ,,... , 85 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1flZi . ,,.,, 103 ,120, 1:17 , ...,,,, 119 1111 7757120 .....,64 ,...37 112 ,,.,.,,93 ,37 ,,,...l19, 203 104 , ......,,,, 197 104 ,282-S3 100 ,,,,.,37 219 ,HH33 94 37, 115, 156 104 ,,,,,,.37, 82 . ,,.... 150 .......l16 89 ,, , ,,37. 99 ,, ,,, ,65 .,...,8l, 156 ,, ..,... 11 5.1211 104 , , 119 ,,,,1Ii6-137 H120 ,,,...,.,100 .,,,138-139 , ,,,,,,,,,, 137 ..,,37, fil, 94 ,,....,.,...126 ,. H86 .,,,,.89 100 ,HWS4-S5 Delta Gamma , ,,,,.,, . Delta Sigma P1 ...... Delta Tau Delta ..,....,, llella Zeta ,,,. ...,,,,,,,,,,, , Dehloully, Maiy Lou.. Q6-S7 . ,,,,, 116 102-103 ,88-89 ., 37, 85 "7 1 S llevicll, John, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 01 0 Dietrich. Phyllis , ,.,,, ,, .,.. 85 Diclier, Florence ,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,.,,. 9 3 Doering, Katherine ...., ...,. . 85, 139 llollen, Gordon ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.... 1 0 8 Donovan, Edward .,,,. ,.,, H, 104 llormitories ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,.. 1 2 3 llragge, Allan ..........,,, .,...,, 1 15, 137, 202 Dryburgli, Frances ,,,. ..,,,.,..,.,.,.,.......,, 8 5 12241 Dunbar, NValter ..... .. H37. 1117 Durfee, Hazel ......... .... 5 13. 93 Dysart, Kennedy ....1. .119 ..F.. iam, Malford .. .... .. -. -f -. .gf---1115 Eide, James ........,.,.. ,,,,, 1 11, 202, 200 Ego, Vharles ,,.,....,,, ...,,, ,,... , , .. 116 Ellsworth, Hazel ,, .,, ,,,, 94 Elznie, Earl ................ ----- 1 12 Erickson, Margaret ..--..Y 313 Iflrickson. Naomi ...... . .-.fff-"" -111 Ertresvaag, Ann ....., 158. 5'-1 Eshenberg, Louis .,,... --....Y, 3 13 Events ,................... .. ----'- 51' ..F.. Fair, James ...........1. - f ---111 Fair, nobert ............................ ..-.--..---- - --111 Falkanger, Phyllis . . ..-. .. .1,-- A - -731' Fearn, VVil1iam ................ 1211. 135. 131. 1311 Feeney. Michael ...,. ,,....,,,,, ,,,,.,,,,.....,..... 9 9 Felt, E. G. .............. .. ........1-11-- .1127 Ferry. Earl ............... "---- 3 8 Finlay. Roberta ..... f----'--- 3 1 Fiskum. Lowell .,,, ...-. I 'f-- 1 114 Flett, Eleanor .... .--V-33. S1 Flynn, Dorothy .--- ,f-" 1 111 Ponies ..........,......... -.-... b 2-fi-1 Follis, Frances . .--fff,1---" A-13 Football ............... ---200-204 Forbes, Lois 1,--- ,,,...,,, 90 Fordyce, Ira ..,......... -VVVV 3 3, 112 Forensics ........ ...... ..... .... ..-,--"'- 1 4 2 Forest, Lawrence ,,,,,. .. 233. 112 Forkner, Alice .,,,,, ..............------YY 9 T1 Forman, Matthew .. ,..,,,,,,..,...,,..,,,... 38 F055, Peggy ,,,,,,,,1, ,,,,, 3 8 49, 93. 161 Fox, Alice .,,,,.11. . ..... .............-,.. 9 -1 Fraternities ........., ............ .....---. 9 7 French, H. E ............ ............-. 2 2 Freshman Sports ,, Friedman, Morris .. Friesz. Arthur ,,.,..,., F roelich, Andrew .. Fruh, Deloris ,,,..... Frye, Edward ,,,,,,,, Fursteneau, Ruth -G Gaebe, Lawrence ..,,. ,- - yainor, lharles ..,.. .,,,.. Gamma Phi Beta ,,,, Gardner, VVilbur .... Harwood, Kenneth Gavere. Helen ,..,.. Geh rli e, VVilbur ...,,,,. Gihson, Birdeen .... Gilhertson, Eva ,,,, Gilbertson, .lane .,,.,, Gilliland, Robert .. Gislason, John ....,, Ulasscock, Thomas. ,. Godwin, Enid .,..,, Uoldammer, Donald 1 t oll. Florence .,,.,. , oughnour, Myron 4"raduation ,,,,,,, , ,.,.,, Grangaard, Donald I w ranrud, Clarice flyer. James ....,,..,,,,,, treenberg. Alvin .... , 1" rey Gown .............. 1 riffith, Marian ,..., Grumm, XVayne G runke, Arthur ..,, Gunderson. Robert ,...... 1 uss, Ina Mae ,,,,,,,,,, Gust, Helen .....,...,.. .......210-211 , ..,,38 100 H33. 38, 119, 1 90-91 112 1511 120 ,811 112 20 .115 38, 119, ......,3S, 201 ,238 .238 93 ,,,,,,,..l11 111 , ,,Il9. 50 94 .,,,,,.10-1 ,,..,,81 .,...,39 82 .,,,,137, 139 86 39, 116. 138 ,H- Hagan, Edward ,... Hagen, Dorothy ..,,,. Hager, Evelyn .....,,,,, Haig,'l1, Thomas ....,,, YY,, Halldorson, Carolyn Hallen, James ........'..., Halseth, Ardith Halvorsen Alba ..,.... Kane, Kathleen ............, Hanson, Kees, Lowell .....,....... ...... 4 0 ......39, 104 90 ...11.39, 112 201 .,....119, go Halvorsen Eloise .vY,,Y,V-, ----- 3 9, - Halvorsen Jeanette.. ....-- 39, S6 Halvorson, Chester .Y,VV --Vv4----, 3 9 Halvorson Halvor .,,Y... Y..---------------- 1 19 Halvorson Marianne ,,,. ,....,,..,,.w',V-. -.--- 3 1 Hammes, Robert ........VVvYl 120, 137, 139 Hankey, George .,,,.... ..l..........wv.,VV,, 1 00 Hansen. Donald ,....Y.. VVVV...V.,VVV---- 1 U0 Hanson, Adelaide .... --vV- - .93 Hanson, Alice Y,,l,,, .,,Y--,-- 1 3 Hanson, Norma ....,... ,.......,, . -81 VVeyman ,,.,..,, Hardland, Leonard ,..,, Harrington. L. C. Harris, Edith ......,..... Harris, John ....,,.......,,,... Harsh barger, Robert ,,,.. Hart, John .........,,.....,,,,,,, . Hartl, James ........ . Hartman, Beth Hatcher, Mabel ..... Heen, Roy ,.,..,...... Hefte, Neldor Hegge, Joseph ,,., Hein, Mildred ,,.,........... . Helgaas, Marian ,,,vl,,,,.,.,,, . Hendrickson., Douglas .,... Hen ry, Cecllie ........,,,,,,,,,,,. Hermann, Bruce ....,..,... Herreid, Grant ...,. Herzig, Paul ....,, Hesperia ....,,...,,.,,..,.., Hiestand, Donald ,,.,,,, Highum, Lorraine ....... Hillmer, Lorna .,,,,,,. Hitchcock, Ray ,.... Hoagland, Jean ..,,,, Hobnobs ,,..,...,.,,,, Hoesley. John Hoff. Herbert .,,.. Hoff. Hollis ,,.,,,.. Hoffert, John ..... .. Hogan, Angela ,,,...,, Hogan, Dorothy Holt, Arthur .,.,,, Homecoming .,..,,.., Homme. Gordon . Home, Orran ....... Honoraries .....,,. 1-loward, John ..,. Hoy. Jane ,..,.,...,, ..,. Hulick, Helen ,,,l,,,,,,, 1. Humphreys, John ..,,,, . -1- Independents ,...,,l,,,,,,,,,,,,, ., lnterfraternity Council ln tramural Board ,,,.,,,,, Iron Mask ,,,,.........,,,,,,,, , Isaacson, Oscar ,,,,...,.., lsakson, Marguerite ...... Ll? Jacobson, Donald ...,,,,, Jakes, Kenneth .,,,,,., Ja rrett, Glenn ,,..,.. Jerome, Dorothy ,,,. Johnejack, Emil .... Johnson Elaine ..,.,, Johnson Harvey .,,.,. Johnson Horace ,... .. Johnson LeRoy .,,.l,.., Johnson Johnson, Johnson Margaret ,,,,. Martha Lou ..,., Robert ..,,,,.,,,... .....39, 108 ....,..111 ,.........111 ......39, 120 .......119 .......00 . ,.l... 81 .,.....115 .......115 ....,,.85 ....,.....107 90 ...,...104 .......120 ..,...189 ..........103 .....39, 81 my .....39, 51, 94, 136 .. ,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,..,.... 76 ....,..-40, 116, 131 .....-10, 93 ..........100 ...,.....60-61 ......121, 206 ..........148 .,......1.9o 89 ....,.40, 104 ......121 ,......122 .......212 .......150 ...,..-10, 00 40, 104, 202 ....,.4O, 112 .90 ......40, 208 0 1.......40, 93 .....40, 111 Johnson, Vernon ........... Johnston, Kenneth 1 .... .. Johnston. Lewis ............ Johnstone. M. Beatrice ...,,. Jongeward, Phyllis ...... Joos, Norman ........,...... Jorgenson, Donald ....... Junear, Ralph ........... Jungers, Joseph ..,..... . Junior-Senior Prom .... . ........... 8... ...40, 99 .....40, 104 .........103 0 ...40. ik- Kappa Alpha Theta ...... Kappa Kappa Psi ..,.. Kappa Sigma ............. Kavanaugh, Edward .... Kearns, Robert ,.,........ Kennedy, Robert ........ Kermott, Ormiston ...... Keyes, Kenneth ....... Kilen, Merlin ........... Hilen, Russell ........ King, Jeanne .............. . Kirkelie, Marjorie ..... Kittel, Ann . ..4........... .. Kittleson, Vernon ....... 103 107 ...........40 ......73 40, 150 ,.,,....!i2-03 160 104-105 ..-10 .........104 ..........!i1I 1 04 .......-10, 101 107 ' 90 .......40. 89 94 lqelmyr, Philip ............... ...... 1 15, 208 Kjorvestad, Lorraine ..... ................. 9 0 Klefstad, Geraldine ....,. .................... 8 5 Knapp, Erling .................. ....... 4 0. 75, 115 Knezevich, XVilliam ....,.. .......... 4 0, 103 Kremer, Leslie ............ ...... . 41, 104 Kruchten, Alvin ....... .........,.. 1 20 Kuoppola, Archie ..... ........... 4 1 Kvernstoen, lvy ...,. . ..... 41, 80 -L- Lager, Vernon ,'..,.. . Lamb, lvlaureen .......,. Lambda Chi Alpha ..... Larimore Hall ., ....,.,, . Larkin, Audrey Larsen, Ray ...... Late Flashes ....... Lawson, Eddis ..... Leafe, Norman .... Lee. Gordon ...... Lee. Howard ..... Legge, Irene ..... ...... 100 .......106-107 127 .........10S 228 ..,.......,104 2111, 206 .....41, 100 .....41, 156 Lemke, Doris .... ...... 4 1, 82 Leo, James ........ ......... 1 4-1 Letich, Clem ...,...,. ...... , ,, ..,. 205 Levitski, Mischa .... ...................... 6 0 Lips, Evan ...,,,,.,...., ......, S 159, 202, 206 Locken, Idean ..,,, ,,,,,, ,,,...,,.,, 1 I 18 Lontz, VVilliam ...,. ....... 4 1, 115 Loomis, Louise , ..... ..,,,.,,,....,... 8 6 Loomis, Sterling ,.,.. ...41, 128 Lovell, Merle ..1.... .,.........,.. 8 6 Lund, Graham ...,,,,, Y,,,,,,,,,, 5 19 Lund, Marian ,,......,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 5 12: Lundberg, Vernon l,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,Y,,Y,,,vv 1 19 Lutheran Students Association. ,.... ..... 1 87 Lycbe, C'yrus ...,............,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 08 Lynch, Frances ...,..,,.,..,...,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 8 9 Lynch, Jack ,.,.l.,,, ,v,,v,, 1 15 Lynch, Marian ..... ,,,,,,, 1 35 McArthur, Bruce ...,.. Mc.-Xrton, William McCartney, Clayton .... McCarty, Thomas ......... McLellan, Adrian ........... McCosh, XVilliam .... 41.5 McCoy, Lyle .1..,.,......... lllcCumber, Robert ........ Mc-Enroe, John ,.,...... . McEnroe, Ross .,,Y1Yo,,,,,,,, McFar1alen, Mary Jenn 12251 -11, 1-10 ...,41 120 . .............. 41, 119 -11, 716 161.115, 205. 200 .. ....... 41, 112 81- McGee, Richard ..... . McGrath, James ..... McGrath, Thomas.. ,.. McGregor, Verna ...... ffffflidf 112 .41 46 McIntosh, H. C ,......... ....... 4 1 McKay, Jean Beth ......... ..........,.. 8 6 McKenzie, Norma ............... ...... 4 1. 04 McLaughlin, Lorraine ...... .......... 3 5 McLean, David ..........,..., ..... 1 16 MoLeLod, Chadwick ..... ........ 1 11 McMillan, Philip ........... ........... 2 06 McNie1, James 1........... ....... 4 1, 120 Mackenroth, Jack ...... ......1..... 1 19 Madrigal ................... ........... . ...146 Madsen, Edwin ...,....., ........ 1 20. 172 Madsen, Eileen ....... ..... ............ . . S6 Maerc-klein. Wiallace ..... ........... 1 20 Major Sports ................ ......... 1 951 Malm, Curtis ...1....1........ ..,....- 1 1. 115 Maloney, Charlotte ..... ......... .... 1 1 Marsh, Alice ............... ....,.. 1 1-1, 1-18 Mathison, Marian ..,,.. .... ,,...... 8 1 Mathys, Delia ......... .......... 2 6 Matrix ........,...,...... ........... 1 75 Maxwell, Francis ..... ....... 4 1. 150 Melchior, Lauritz 1....... ...... . .60 Merrifield ...........11............ ....1.... . .12 Middle-mas, Laverne ...., ............ . .90 Military ....,............ ,....... . 153 154 Military Ball .......... ......... ..72 Miller, Joanne 1,.,.. 135 Miller, Loran ..,,. ...... 1 15 Minor parties ................ ....... 7 4-75 Minor sports ....... ,..,,.. . .. ................ 201+ Miscellaneous events ..................... 70 Molbert, Ralph .. ......,.. ......,.... .... 4 1 , 108 Monico. Al ..... .............. ....... 4 3 , 108, 203 Monteith, George ..... ..........,, 4 2, 100 Moore, Eleanor ..,... ...42, 86 Moothart, Perry .... .1.... 4 2, 1151 Moreland, Jack ............ .......1...... 1 20 Mortar Board , ...............,,. ,........ 1 60-161 Moses, Governor John. .... ......1........ ...., 1 4 Mowery, Harry .....,........... ....,, 4 Z, 104, 142 Muggli, Alphonse . ..... ..............,,..,.. -1 2 Mundt, Earl ..,..... ,,,1.. .... 1 -1 2 Murphy, Clare .1.. . ,,,,, N81 Murray, 1Villi:im.. .. ....... -12, 110 lllyklebnsl, Hope . .,.42, Riu ,N- Nabseth, Donald ....... -12, 115 Neilson, Rosalyn ..... . ,........... 93 Nelson, Carlton 1... ,.,............1... 4 2 Nelson, Charles .,... .1..... 1 12, 206 Nelson, Helen ........., ......... 4 2, 86 Nelson, Howard ..... ..,....... 1 04 Nelson. Jeanne .... ........ 4 2 Nelson, Margery ....1 ..,,,,, S 6 Nelson, Vernon .... ..... 1 04 Neste, Roy ......... ...., 1 10 Nevin, Jack ..,..,.... ,,1,,,,. 1 S17 Newman Club ,... ,.,. . ,,....,. 1 RS Newton, Vifilmer ..... .,,,,,,,,,11 , ,,-12 N. I. P. A ........ ..... .... ,,,,,, 1 3 4 -135 Norrlquist. Dale .... . . ....., 28 -12 Norris, .Jeanette .... ...,,.1.......,,............,...,. -1 2 North Dakota 1Cl'l,9,'1llGF'l', The .....1........ 140 Nugent, Milton .... . ..... ...,..,....... 4 2, 100 -9- 0'Brien, James ..... ..42, 112 Udegfard, Elaine ............. 42 O'Ke-efe, Betty . 1.1.1...... U94 O'Keefe, Loraine .. ...... 42, 03 Oksendahl, Kermit .... ,....... 1 16 Omdahl, Lyle ...... ..., . . ......,.........1......... 42 Onstad, Rebecca .,................. 94, 137 Oppegard, Helen. .. ..,... 86, 134, 137, 130 Oratory ......11......,.,. .. ....,,........ 1.....,,.... 1 45 Orchestra ............. ........,..... ,....,..... 1 5 1 Ordway, 1Villiam .. ...., 200 Organizations ..., ,...... 7 7 Os-gard, James 1.1..111 Owens, Harris .... . ..,.. 42 -P.. Pagenkopf, Charles ,.... Panhellenic Council ,.,. Patenaude, Herbert .,..,, Patrons ....YYVVYVV.....VVVVVVVV - Patterson, Benjamin ,,,, Paupst, Peggy ......v,,,..Y Penner, Robert .,,......... .. Pep Club ......v..,,......---, ----- Pepke, Dann .....'.Y,,.,.. 42. Perkins, Neal Y,.......,vv. ...., Peterson, Doretta ....,,, Peterson, Erik ..,,,,., Peterson, Violet ..,,.. Phi Alpha Epsilon ..,.... Phi Beta Kappa ........ Chi Theta ....,,,, 1 Delta Theta Phi Phi 1"l i Eta Sigma ....,, l'i Beta Phi .........A..,Y.. Pi Lambda Theta .,..,,.... Piltingsrud, Harold .,.,,, Plnymakers .,.....,,,, . .... . Plunkett, Robert ...., Pollard, Fritz ..,,. ...,., . .. Poppler, Philip ..,,,, Potpourri ....,,,,..... Powell, Alice ...,....,,,. Professors ,,,,...,.....,,,... Prondzinski. Aaron Publications .. ,......A., .. Pnrclon, Al ,,,,.,,,...... .....-12, 115, 156, 205. 112 H96 H42 221 100 ..85 111 198 206 100 V93 .,.ffilie'l ff'f1ii6'l ..43 109 158 177 111 165 ......04-515 43 3 J ,5 , 213. ' "" Hfflfs. ......116. KQ, Qnasl, Neil ,,,,,. ,..... ..R.. Radio ...,,,,,,, ,,..,,.... . Radke, Allan .......1,. Ramler, Dorothy ..,.. Rand, Ruth .,.... .. ,... .. Rapp, Luella ...,,,. Ray, Margaret .... Rector, Mary .,... Reed, Gene ...,.... Reff, Jeanne .....,...,, Reynolds. Roger .... Rhodes Scholar Rice, Arnold ,,,,,,,, Rice, Harry ,.....,. Rice , Harvey ..,,..,.,. Rice, John ,,...........l..,, Ricliards, 1Vil1iam ..,,,, Ric-liter, June ,,,......... Rinker, Bruce .....,,,,,. Robertson, James .... Robson, Arthur ,...,. Rodger, Cheryl ....,, Roethke, Phyllis ....,, Roisum, Anita ,,,...... Roney, Donald ,...,,.,,,,, R. U, T. C. Band .,,.,....,, Rovelstad, Robert .,... Rowland, Hywel .... Rndlau g, Perry ,,..,,,,.,,,,, Ruemmele, Henry .....,... Ru nnestra nld, Maurice Rupp, Edwin ,,..,,,,,,..,,,,,, Rupp, Robert ....,,,..,,,....,, Russ, Myron ........ Ruud. Edward .. .. Ruud, .lean ..,,..... Ryan. Lois ,,,., . ..1.f45. 166 115 143 10-1 208 20': '10 5 30 1154 131 139 107 152 103 S6 81 43 -5- Sad, Glenna Mae ...... Salberg, Betty Saldin, Harvey ,,.,,, Sarles, Dorothy ....,... Sands, Grace ,,..,,,,,,,,,,,, Saxowsky, Gilbert ,.,.. Sayre Hall .,....,., .. .156 ..,.........112 . ,.,..., 85, 137 ,,,,,,,,,,, ....46 111 .......43, 99, 137 ......111 ......110, 203 ......43, 112 ....110 ..11:1 ,,,,,,i,,,,,, 04 S1 89, 2151 .......54, 09, 163 ,. ,,,,. H116 .. ...146 ,,,,, 43. 104 .......120 .. ,,... 202 ............11E1 120 . 43, 80 431 110 R11 ...,. 04 45 156 111 ies Scabbard and Blade .... ,,,,, 1 71 Schammel Leo ,,,...,,.,.... ...........,,,,.. 1 07 Schammel, Paul ,,,........... ....,,,,,,,, 4 3. 107 Schlasinger, Kenneth ,,,,,,,,, ...43, 128, 130 Schlukbier, Kathryn ..... ,,,.. ....,,,,,,,,,,,, 8 1 Schmitz, Audree .,,,,,, .. .......,,,,..., .81 Schoenig, Rachel ,,,.,,,.. ,,..,.. 4 3 Schonberger, E. D. .....142 Sehoop, Trudi .,,...,..... 654 Schrier, William ....,. ..... ........... 1 4 4 Schroeder. Charles ...... 44, EMI Schroeder, Juel .......... 1,..,,....,,, f 'El Schutt, Marian ,,...,,..., ,.,,,. 4 4, 86 Schwartz, Gilbert ,..... ......., . 44 Science Hall ,,,,,..,,,,,, ...., 1 1 Scully, Bill ...,........ ........ 1 15 Scully, Jack ..,.,,l,..,,,,.. . ,,,,,,, ...115 Sebbo, Robert ....,..,,.,.,,, ,,.,,.. 4 4, 100 Selke, Albert ,.................. ..l,............ 4 4 Sell, Mary Katherine .. ,,,, .4-1, S1 Senechal, Leonard ...... .....,, 1 151, 201 Sevison, Keith .,.......... ,,,,,,,,, .111 Shafer, Barbara .l.,. ...,........, 9 0 Shaw, Eugene ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 151 Sheaf, Francis ............ ..,,,.,, 1 07 Sheridan, Donald ,,,.,, ......... . .111 Shjefio, Alton ............,,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 12 Shjeflo. Jelmer ...,,,....,,.... ,,,,,,, 4 4, 112 Sigma Alpha Epsilon ..,,.... ,,,,, 1 12 113 Sigma Alpha Iota .......,,,. ,,,,,, ,,,,,, 1 6 8 Sigma Chi .....,,..,.,.....,,,,, ,,,,,, 1 14-115 Sigma Delta Chi .......,.., ,,,,,,,,,,, 1 74 Sigma Epsilon Sigma . .. . 164 Sigma Nu ,,,l,,,.,,,,.....,,... ....11G-117 Sigma Tau ......,........... ,,,, 1 67 Silverman. Sam ..,. ..,. ,... 4 4 Simpson, Edwin ....,.., ,,,, 1 16 Simpson, Lois ....,........,. ,,,.,,, S 5 Simensen, Carleton ,.... ..,....,,,, 2 06 Sinner, Virginia .......... ,,,, . 44, 81 Sjue, Goodman ..,.,..,..,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 5 1 El Skadsdamen, Vivianne .,.. ,,.,,,,,,.,,,, . .44 Skeels, Peggy Jane ,... ..,., ,,,, 4 4 , 86, 137 Skoropat, Alex ........ ,v-,., 4 4, 110 Skrede, Alfred ,.....,..... .. .,,,,,, 1111 Skredsvig, Arlene . .. 44, 90 Smith, Donald .. ,,,,,, .. 100 Smith, John ,,,,.... fr 107 Society ,,,,,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, N N71 Soderliolm, Carlton ,.., . 115 Solien, Marvin ...... 44, 108 Sorenson, Chester .... , ,,,,,,, ,,,,, 4 4 Sorlie, George .,l,,.,,,. . 44, 108 Sorlie, Ruth ..,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , 44, R1 Sororities ...,........ ,,,. 79 Spear. 1Villiam .... .... 1 ll Special Honors ,...... ,,,,, 1 72 Speech and Music ...... .. 141 Speech Department .. .. 142 Sports .,............,...,,,,,,,,,, , 1513 Stearns, Ralph .,,,.., Stebbins, Jean ......l, E13 Steffen, Marvin ..,....... .. . ,,,. 44, 107 Stephenson, Blanche .. .. ....,....,,, .94 Stephenson, Madelon ..., 44, 04 Stevens, Bruce ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 1 11 Stewart, Dorothy ,,,,,, ,,,,,, 3 5 Stewart, Douglas .,.. . ,..., ,,,,,. . 103 Stinson, Darlyne ,,,,, H ,v,,,,A,,,,,, ,311 Stinson, Dorotheo . .,.. ,,... 8 6, 137, 130 Stolberg, Roger ,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,, VVVVVIVIQ 1 1 1 7 Strand, Gilman ,,,,i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 4 4, 1211 Stratte, Paul ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,, v,.,--,A. A 44' 115 Sllldellf Affairs Committee ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 S1 Student Employment ...,,, .. .......... 28 Sutton, Neal . ,,,,,,,l,,4,,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, 1 1 1 Svflre. Bjarne .....,,.....,,,.,. ,,,,,,, 4 4, 10.1 Sveen. Thorice .......,,,....,,,,,,,, ,,,i,,,,,,,,,, , 11:1 Swendiman, Betty Jane ,,.,.,, ,,,, ,,,.... . . 86 Sweetland, Phyllis ,...,.,,,..,, ,,,, ...,, . ,,,l,.,. 5 1 1 Swendseid, Russell .... 44, 120, 144, 172 Swenson, Doris ,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, H ,,-,,,, --11 Swenson. Merton ....,, ,,,,,,,,,, . .. 45, 1511 Swenson, Sigurd .,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 1 211 127, 1351 Swingen, Elflrecl ,,... ....45 115, 1217, 172 -T- Talbert, George ...,, Tarbell, Joyce .....,.., Taylor, Elizabeth' ..,,.. 12261 .......9!l .....El-1 19.1 Taylor, John .....,....,,... Tau Kappa Epsilon ,.,,,, Fheta Chl .................... Thompson. Louis ...,... Thompson, Lowell ...., Thompson, Orpha .... Thomte, Hubert .......,,,,,, Th oreson, Ruth .,,..,......,... Thorleifson, Margaret Thormodsgard, O. H ........ Thorpe, Harper ...........,,,. Thronson, Richard Tiedeman, Ardell .... Timlin, Fritz ..... ...,, Timm, Bert .,ll..,,,,,,,,,,,,,4,,, Tisdale, Patricia ..., Toast of the Regiment Topp, Darrell ,,,,.,.,..,.....,.,, Towne, E. T. . ,.......,...,,. .. 'Fra yn or, Patrick .... '1Nl'111ll. 1X7kll'l'9l1 ,,,,,,,, -U- 1'lve, lnez Muriel ..., Ulvedahl, LeNore .,.,. Umlauf, Joyce .,..... V. X. D. Spirit ,,,, Vtke, Gordon -V- Yaksvik, Adrian .. Van Horne, XYilliam Varsity Club ,,.......... .. Vaughan, George .. .. Vie, Edgar ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Voak, Stanley ..,., Vogel, 1-ir'1119I'1 ....., 1112. NV. A. A. ..... ...... . .. 1Yachte1'. Paul .. XYagness, Verone .... 1N'allace. Charles L... 1Yallace, Janet ,,,., . XValper. Arthur ...... XValsh, Stanley ..... ,,,,. Vie-bb, Frank ,,,, 11 ells, Neil .....,,.... XYesley College ...., 1Vest. Barbara ..,...,, 1Vest, C. A. ,....,,,,,,,,.,,,, . YVest. Jack ............ .. ..., .. 1Vest, President J. C ...,, 'NVE-stley, Kent .. .,,,,,,. 1VhitCome, Loraine . 1Vhite, Bernard .,,,,,, VVhitney, Elene ...... YVho's Wlio ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1Vill-terson, J. VV. W'ilson, Helen ,....... NV1lson, R. O. .,,,,,.,,,., .. 1Vold, Eleanore ......, .. 1Yomen's Glee Club vVOl'l1El1' s Gym .......... 1Yomen's League 11'onien 1Yood xv 1Yynne, Muriel .,,, KY ' 45, S Sports ..,,......, .. .. orth ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , -,1.Z Y. M. C. A. Junior Cabinet Y. M. C. A. Senior Cabinet... Young, 1Yilber ............ . .......... . Y. XV. C. A. Junior Cabinet... Y. YV. C. A. Senior Cabinet. . Zaharee, Fred ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Zeta Phi Eta . ............ . Zimhalist, Efrem .... 118- 120- ......45. .45 45, 55, .....45, 4.., .'f0'1' ..45, 45, 45, .6l, 11, 45, ..4.1, 82, 2121, ......45 -1 00, 45, 112 1111 121 103 116 ..45 156 86 ..-45 N23 115 108 116 103 138 .93 H72 108 H211 lll l"7 N85 HIC! 94 196 103 .45 112 ..6S 111. H45 111 144 211 111 S13 H25 142 45 136 133 120 H25 .410 195 200 116 1011 S10 206 H81 ..47 ..27 N45 ..26 H93 147 ....7 186 217 ....S 146 185 184 103 183 182 1151 179 611 .Eaje.-'S' MORTAR BOARD ELECTS Rebecca Onstad, Helen Oppegard, .Ioyce Burnett, Dorothea Stinson, Cheryl Rodger and -lean Stebbins. BLUE KEY HONORS Russell Asleson, Robert Gunderson, Sigurd Swenson, Paul Ducharme, Tracy Barber. lflubert Thomte, Donn Pepke, Eldred Sxvingen. DAKOTA STUDENT OFFICIALS Russell Asleson elected editor: Robert Gunderson re-elected business manager. DACOTAH YEARBOOK HEADS Sigurd Swenson will edit the 1040 Dacotah, with Helen Oppegard acting as business manager. MORE FIOURNALISM Bob Hammes will succeed Russell Asleson as managing editor of the Alumni Re- view. HEAD OF THE CLASS XVhen 260 seniors receive their diplomas on 'Iune 7, Leslie Kremer will be valedictorian with -lohn Gislason, salutatorian. SDN AXVARD THIS YEAR Goes to Bert Timm, past editor of the Student, for high scholarship in journalism. NEXV MEMBERS OF COIF Highest honors in scholarship in the law school went to Mildred Burns. Sam Silverman and Henry Ruemmele in a recent election. J! EDITING THE N D. ENGINEER XVill be Paul Ducharme, with IVilliam Gahr assisting him as business manager for the next year. AT HONORS DAY CONVO 'Iudge Grimson of Rugby was granted an honorary Ll.D. by the University of North Dakota. GREY GOXYNS SELECTED Juniors elected to the honorary position of Grey Gown include: Tracy Barber, Russell Asleson, Marvin Lommen, Helen Oppegard, Cheryl Rod- ger, Ann Kittel, Adelaide Hanson, Ormiston Kermott, Merle Lovell, Rebecca Onstad, Robert Rovelstad, Edwin Simpson. NEXY MEMBERS OF SIGMA NI Recently elected to the honorary science fraterni- ty are: Erling Bolstad, Ordean Breklce, Morris Friedman, Robert Gunderson, Leonard Hard- land, Kathleen Kane. Edward Kavanaugh, Harvey Kees, Bruce McArthur, .Ieannette Norris, Helen IYilson. AND IN ATHLETICS Bill Spear, Nodak trackman, broke the javelin record of the Aberdeen Relays with a throw of over 169 feet. AT TH E DRAGON RELAYS llorace johnson, dashman. broke a record in the 100 yard dash with 10.1. IN Tllli IIONING XYORLD Cully Eclcstrom, featherweight boxer. progressed to the hnals in the Northern Intercollegiate Boxing championship. uZM6baQwq!WuZfMwMbZZH CHORUS 2 1 i 4J mgwaxdji fu QLWPH You North Du-ko- ta U 1.-.1 That we sing, your S0115 Ellldditllgh-ll'l'S gif fig f' 5 3 QrfQ FFQEKJJJW me l. cheer-ing our Com - rades to vie - to - ry .1 Re - Egu35i63Bj5i5ELsj?g'fiJfEgH 2 4 . D A A I I I - if 5 'E' 3-4 I Q5 55 qi 'vi in gig M JL! QE 8 z J A J -E jp ip 3 i 1 E? ww H3EiE?Ewi1FE' Wgg g. V Q 1 3 gFs .L ., 14' 1 I' '-1 V ' 4'-"ff.'- . 4 K., V V,lV1, I A 'F , MP3 ,1L'W1--N ,,..- I 1 4 -. .x . ,. . .xv . 1, V, V O", V , VV V f 1. .N V V.,,', V V J I VV ,- 7 ue, 4, 1 .r- fu. 11 '.': C V-V ,V. .A ,. , A , I ,XV . u - 1,V!',. 1, W. ,V 4 ,V M V V ' I V L V ft , , . .f 1- . V .l J VN ,V Iaj 1? V V' 4, f ' 'JIHM 2 -,..1-'gf AV, . V 1.7.-J" V V , V ML- , 1 , V V, ,V " L34 X. V I- ig: fr-ww Wwwwwfaf me s : x .S mv M 1 . .Ot 1 Q ww lil 'QQ' -JW :mu-il 4.4.- x ...nv- ,f ,Q g., -N.. .3 V 12.3113 , 351 ,gg , l . if 1' A W .?.' W' S553 WM 1-aw, gyr , V ,LL 'P I, U ,, ---'Q-A." 'N4,. f , "' ,735 wb 4. ,ah . ,gl ,Digg

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