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Mary Elizabeth Searle and the UNC Media Board, 1980 The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library of Congress Catalog Number 13-17244 All rights reserved. No portion of this work covered by the copyrights hereon may lx reproduced in any form or by any means without written permission of the editor and the individual author, photographer or artist. Inquiries may be addressed to Post Office Box 9767, Asheville, North Carolina 28815 Hunter Publishing Company • 2505 Empire Drive • Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103THE YACKETY YACK 1980 CONCERNS 144 CELEBRATIONS 182 SPORTS 276 ADMINISTRATION ORGANIZATIONS 364 HOUSES 400 PORTRAITS 506 HONORARIES 561 GALLERY 596FOREWORD This is a book of surfaces. A collection of images and sensations, in an attempt to retain the immediacy, the intensity, the color of Chapel Hill. Recent changes in the size and orientation of the University have stirred this “sleepy little village touched by a strange magic,” transforming it into a community without boundaries. No longer a primarily regional institution, UNC’s faculty is international and its student body diverse. As its interests broaden, the purpose and duty of the University is constantly being called into question. Yet the Tar Heel spirit has not changed. In many North Carolinians, it is instilled at birth and carried to the grave. The true Carolina Blue remains as varied as the people who profess it, however. Found in the most unexpected places, in even less expected forms, the contenance of Carolina has engaged us here. Not only the sky, but everything in this part of the state seems to be tinted a light shade of blue. Surfaces? Yes, we did go deeper. Each one of us sees UNC before a different background of ideas, attitudes, and experiences—these cannot be isolated from the University itself. This variety of interpretation fascinated us, and we sought to retain it. Therefore, do not expect our descriptions to be totally impartial—strong impressions and opinions cannot exist without some degree of bias. It is the associations of the images within this book that made them important to the individual artists. You will not Find the University conveniently packaged. You may not agree with everything you see here, but do not ignore it; remember where it came from. It is up to you to draw the conclusions. Go to the source—the University, the town—and decide for yourself what is real, here, on -wr "the cutting edge of tomorrow." 5686111315BILL MURRAY • PETER BOYLE -VJHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM" co-starring BRUNO KIRBY anc RENE AUBERJONOIS • Screenplay by JOHN KAYE Music by NEIL YOUNG . Produced and Directed by ART LINSC soroirwACKAVMiJvaiJtoKiMciwiKKirr Atv-n.v •u..-r:: =- uca wwokec wtatw “I hat© to advocate weird chemicals. alcohol.violence or insanity to anyone but they've always worked for me 17192021222324252627 lwtion juocm K iris the J “HF ! w h I TKt LOBO I  -w O33 lf»T " T35363738Am I imagining things or could one not ask for a more-beautiful morning and place to be than in Chapel Hill? How could I express it more than in that thought? The blues, the greens, the quiet people moving about. I have seen every kind of beautiful today. The starry night, the campfire: now here, mute, absorbing the beauty. 1 wave to people but do not talk. Right now. I am not one of them. I am not a part of this academic functioning. Yes. I do have my DTli, but look at the way he watches her shukc. Mmmm. I see why—but it is a friend who got crutches yesterday and is walking at warp speed today. I say my first words of the morning. "Very good." I am comfortable. At 9:30, I will be student again, catching up with responsibilities, but till then . . .. I'll still walk on the sidewalks. Yes. watch the dogs playing, wrestling, sniffing, standing off and advancing. No Thornton Wilder, there is not enough time to dental floss. It is 8:30 Tuesday in the year of our Lord something. I am not going to deal with people until the last possible moment. Except maybe Kitty: what a beautiful day for a mellow girlfriend, like Kitty. Yes. this is a letter to you Kitty, ok. That makes it less personal. Forget it, sorry Kitty. Trees, birds, cars on Franklin Street, buildings, roofs, squirrels hiding nuts. Birdcalls 1,2,3, must be mockingbirds up there. I would be just waking up now. Ebcling414344474951"It never ceases to amaze me," Hank told me one time, "the way they all come back." We were sitting on the steps of the Ackland eating Blimpies and watching the alums come in. The Alums Come Slumming he called it that year, the year he would finally graduate. "How many Carolina Blue Lincolns can you count?" Leaning back on his elbows with his eyes half closed, he looked like a swamp turtle sunning on a log. "Jesus!" He sat up and dropped a tomato on his tennis shoe. "Look at that Jag. Must be a Rams-header." And so every home game we'd eat Blimpies and watch them drive in. Then we'd walk around the parking lots trying to decide which tail-gate picnic looked the best that morning. One time we actually spotted a pair of crystal candelabra on the hood of a blue and white LTD. "Chandeliers on the front of a limousine." He raved about it for weeks. "I just can't figure it out. Can you?" he asked, and so began our pre-game catechism — "What?" "Why they do it." "Do what?" "Get all dressed up like they were going to a wedding, cram into a car full of pimento cheese and chicken legs, ride God only knows how far to sit in the rain or the hot sun — one or the other — and inevitably get ripped?" He shook his head and poured bourbon into my Coke. "Then they go stand around at the court party hoping they'll run into that great guy what's-his-name, or at least see someone who looks kind of familiar. Somehow they always reminded me of the pigeons in the pit. They know they belong here, but they can't quite figure it out. What's the purpose anyway?" Although I never said so, I wasn't at all sure they needed one. He swore he'd never do it himself, become one of the True Blue. But that was three years ago. Now he's back for the game. At eleven I meet him at the Coffee Shoppe. He leans against the cigarette machine just inside the door. "Well, you do look nice, sir," I say. I have seen him in a coat and tie only once before. He grins and pins a mum onto the collar of my coat. "Got to go all out for the sake of the Blue and White, you know. What'll it be?" He looks at the menu and whistles "Hark the Sound" softly through his teeth. We have good seats, right on the 45 and even though the umbrellas go up and down throughout the game, it is a good one. Lots of action, lots of noise, lots of liquor. "... across the field our foe has fled." "Go Heels! Jesus, Lizzie, did you see that pass?" He jostles my elbow. 'They're hot! God, look at that son of a bitch run." Bourbon and Coke on the mum. "TD! All right!" He grabs me around the neck nearly knocking me off the bench, and all the while we are singing, "I'm a Tar Heel bom. I'm a Tar Heel bred ..." And when we leave Kenan Stadium I steer him through the yellow trees and around the wet spots in the pine straw. The sun is out bright now and the water on the trees makes them sparkle. He pulls a leaf off a maple limb and sticks it in his button-hole. "Do you know what I like best about ball games?" "The majorettes?" "Nope." "The big blue plastic cups?" "Nope." "Okay, so tell me." "I love the way everything gets a glow about it. The sun's out and the sky's blue and the leaves look like they ought to feel warm when you touch them." "That's the glow in you." I pull the empty pint bottle out of my coat pocket. "No, really. Nothing else glows quite the way a Carolina home game Saturday glows." We stop and look up. Through the thin yellow leaves and pine needles the sky is solid blue. "The perfect color of October," he says softly, still gazing up through the branches. "Now I see why." He pulls my arm through his and winks. "Shall we go to the court party?" VT, ■ 1 Cooley 52535556 586061As soon as the phone rang, Marleen jumped on her bed and pulled the blue and white afgan over her head. “If that’s a guy, I'm in the shower. Find out who it is and . . Sally held the receiver out to her, balancing it on two fingers. “It’s female,” she said, and opened the bottle of “Luscious Rose” nail polish she had just gotten out of Marleen’s top drawer. She folded herself neatly knees-to-chin on my desk top and began to paint her toe nails. Her feet looked like two slices of spice cake, sweetly tan; a nice smooth wedge from arch to toe. I had never met anyone with perfect feet before I met Sally. Crunching on stale sunflower seeds I reflected — perfect knees, perfect thumbs, perfect earlobes .... “Anyway, the reason we don’t want to go to the mixer tonight is because that dorm is full of Geeks. ’’She found the conversation where she had left it when the phone rang and picked it up again. “Now what we ought to do is go to that All-Campus Party out on Finley. There definitely will be some Hunks there.” For almost two semesters she had been trying to impress upon Marleen and me the vast difference between Nerds, Geeks and Wimps as opposed to Hunks, Bods and Real Ca-uties. He is so-o-o-o ca-ute she would say, sighing and looking at the sky. And Marleen would sigh too, and chew on one of her gold necklaces. Marleen caught on to things quickly. “But we haven’t a way out there,” I reminded them, mumbling slightly. I’d just taken a big bite of banana. “I’ll get us a ride, don’t worry about that!” She swung her smooth bare legs off the desk and casually inspected her gum-drop toes. “You two just be ready in a couple of hours. Get really spiffed. No jeans tonight.” She looked at me smiling, “And God, don’t wear that purple print skirt, okay?” Smiling still she walked out of our room with Marleen’s bottle of “Luscious Rose.” In two hours we still didn’t have a ride. “What's wrong with this hall? Nobody here knows how to party!” Sally slouched gracefully on her bed, pouting among her cross-stitch pillows and stuffed rabbits. “Did you tell Kathy about it?” Marleen asked. “She’s playing student tonight.” “Becky?” “Went to the library to see if she could find that cute lacrosse player.” “Lois?” ‘ ‘Got a date. ’ ’ Sally went to her mirror and put on her mascara for the third time since we’d been in there. "There’s got to be a car somewhere!” She reminded me vaguely of a late-night movie actress. "We could always just go on down to the basement here and drink a couple of beers ...” I should have known better. Sally turned from the mirror and pointed her mascara wand at me. “If you think, after I had to drag that ironing board all the way from Second East, just to press my skirt. I’m going to go down and waste my Thursday evening with a bunch of Nerds — ” “Really,” Marleen echoed, and made sure all the clasps of her necklaces were in the back. I couldn’t figure out what she was so upset about. She hadn’t spent any time ironing her skirt. “If Daddy had just let me bring my car back . . .” Sally put an album on her stereo and turned up the volume. Marleen sat on the bed with her arms crossed and stared at the floor. “Well ...” I stood up and stretched my arms assertively. “Well?” “Well, suit yourselves.” I slipped the tan skirt Sally had told me to borrow over my head and dropped it on the bed. I was in the mood to wear weird purple. “I’m going down to get a beer.” On the way out I took Marleen’s nail polish off Sally’s dresser and carried it back to our room.The next afternoon Sally came into our room with a carton of yogurt and a Tab. "Oh, I’m in love!" “Really?" Marleen was on the floor in front of the TV. The Young and the Restless was on and I knew she hadn't heard a word of what Sally said. "He is so-o-o-o ca-ute!" "Really?" "His name is Jim. He’s a junior and in accounting. and he’s going to rush about three of the really good fraternities this spring; and oh, he’s such a Bod ...” "So where did you meet him?” I asked, since Marleen still couldn’t hear anyone but Chris and Snapper. “Downstairs last night." She pulled the cardboard box out from under my bed and began rummaging through the cans of chicken noodle soup and tuna fish. “Have you got any popcorn?" “Yeah, the popper’s in the closet.” She was waiting for me to ask more. "So the party wasn’t that bad?" “Well Jim is definitely an exception. An exception to the dorm-rat rule, I mean." She set the corn popper in the middle of the floor and plugged it in. “He’ll call?" She wrapped herself around the popcorn popper like a slick Siamese Cat. "Oh yes, I’m sure of it,” and watched the corn burst into rigid __ little clouds inside the plastic dome. J [CooleM65676869 7172rr-. r-747576I know I have studied too much History 77 when the words of Theodore Ropp’s War in the Modern World begin to float off the page into the air. This is the fourth straight hour of reading, but only now is it beginning to make sense. “I don’t care if Ropp was Leutze’s teacher. This book is junk. . . . Actually it is quite a convenient little volume. If you’ll notice, the pages come loose from the Elmer’s glue binding. Scan a page and then —. "I pull the next page and send it sailing into the trash. 78Kevin looks up from his chemistry. "You shouldn’t treat your books that way.” "Tis a better fate than this one deserves. It was banned in Boston and everyone’s grades rose.” “You should try spontaneous reactions, or something else important.” "Bruce Springsteen,” I yell, running onto the balcony. “I’m a teenage werewolf!” "And they shouldn't have let you out of your cage.” I turn around. Waynard, wearing a crumpled black cowboy hat and a dirty leather jacket, is grinning through his red beard. Gary sticks his head out of the suite door. "Waynard, they tell me you’re not taking any exams.” Waynard laughs. "I’m protesting grade inflation.” Gary steps out onto the balcony. "That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard.” He grabs the cowboy hat and sends it flying down ten stories to the volleyball court. Waynard seizes him by the shoulder. “Okay, Gary, we’re going to get that hat.” Kevin comes out of his room still holding his chem book. “Great opportunity for a water balloon. Where’s the hat?” I point to it and we position ourselves for the drop. A few minutes later two shadows appear on the court and Kevin flips the balloon. A scream echoes between the wings. I point to it and we position ourselves for the drop. A few minutes later two shadows appear on the court and Kevin flips the balloon. A scream echoes between the wings. "Come on, Kevin,” I say, picking up the trash can just inside our door. "Lets dampen their spirits.” We fill it and two others with water and lean them against the elevator doors. "We’re covered.” From the lounge, we hear an elevator open and a girl scream, "My sneakers!" Waynard’s and Gary’s laughter follows. We walk into the hall to find our RA with wet feet; Gary and Waynard are waiting with the other two cans and vengeful grins. Gary throws at Kevin, but he slips and hits me instead. Waynard dumps the other can on Kevin to even the score — for tonight at least. The four of us retreat to our respective suites. "Are you going to do any more studying?” Kevin asks. "No, I’d go crazy. I’ve put in my time and if it isn’t enough, then it’s just too bad.” "Hey,” he jumps off his bed and runs to the window. "Gary is at the door. Wonder what he’s up to?” I scare him away, but find a note attached to the black cowboy hat: Death to all members of this suite. Hawg Hall will reap revenge in a waterfight tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. Be There and Die!!! Incredibly I forget my glasses for the exam the next morning, so the maps Dr. Leutze projects onto Hamilton 100’s screen look like Jackson Pollack drip paintings. Upon finishing, I turn in the exam and then sprint back to Morrison. There I ceremoniously pour rubbing alcohol on the remainder of Ropp’s pages; they make a wonderful blaze. Kevin and I skip dinner at Chase to prepare for the battle. We are at a disadvantage: our suitemates are too smart to get involved, and the guys of the BUZ suite next door are still at the training table. Alone, at 6 p.m. we face the ranks of Hawg Hall, heavily armed and chewing Skoal. Outnumbered six to two, Kevin and I do what any smart Yankee would do —run. All the way down to the second floor before taking an elevator back to the tenth. This is a mistake. Gary and his cousin are waiting in the hallway. “To the lounge!” Kevin shouts. The lounge is a designated demilitarized zone, but the Hawgs like to ignore the complexities of limited warfare. Waynard and Gary grab us as the rest line up single file to dump their cans. When they finish, Kevin and I are soaked and the lounge is flooded. “Don’t panic.” Kevin’s tone isn’t reassuring. "It ain’t over til it’s over. Fill up a can and don't turn back until you’ve hit someone.” We have plenty of targets. Nearly everyone on the two wings joins the chaos. A few of the girls battle in shower caps and raincoats, those soon run back screaming to their rooms. A small waterfall forms outside our suite, ending in a puddle ten stories down. When everyone is drenched, we turn on the crowd of spectators below. This continues past the 7 o'clock deadline and stops only when members of the ninth floor notice that areas of the tenth floor are leaking. Silently mops and brooms are brought out and carpets flung over the balconies to dry. Night brings peace to Morrison. Finding it impossible to study amidst the silence, I take my math book to the lounge. Kevin is already there, sailing a Coke cup in the water. I wade across the pond and sit next to him. "We ruined a lot of people today,” Kevin says. “And a few stereos,” I add. "Yeah, that’s too bad. Mine was off the ground, but most of my clothes got wet.” "That will teach you not to throw them on the floor.” “That will teach me not to live in a front room.” Hours later I walk back to the suite and find the door locked by rope, tied securely to the railing. A sign hangs from the doorknob: Hawg Hall Strikes Again! Too tired to laugh, I untie the rope and go to bed. Jy u 79■mum8182858687r 3T - 919397101£01104She wore a light blue pullover this time. I’d seen her the night before and the one before that and even, I believe and say, last week, and each time, I say and believe, the male companion was new. She always made sure that the help noticed her versatility. Don’t ask why. I’m as sober as dishwater by law and inclination. There’s a permanent pot of mud behind the bar. I make regular calls. By the devil’s heart, women who frequent my place with as frequent changes of venue catch my eye when they enter, while they’re making Lothario’s fingertips burn in their palms, and when they set their course for the street four sheets to the wind. They respect my right to notice. She was foaming blond, skirted, sweet as a dancer from the School of the Arts. Her preferences, however, were clear as gin: tall, fair, moustached — male. The routine: drink after summer drink way past the time this week’s is hanging onto the edge of the seat with his free hand, white-knuckled. That far and further she would trace him, round on round and derry down ’till time to lead him out the door wavering; were his goal to be attained (I know not whether not or so) it was assuredly sloppy in execution. Such is life among the laity. And she, of course, totters not, as sober as Silent Sam. So tonight I ruled a modification in the ground rules. The ticket arrived via barmaid and commanded two gins and tonics; he got the standard 1.5 ounces of gin. She got 2.0. The dishwasher smoked at the bar and snickered. “Practice your specialty,” I said. “Wash a dish?” “Maybe two.” Another Camel came to light in his eggsplattered paw. "I’d rather watch.” He stepped behind the bar, pilfered a cup of coffee and shoved a Led Zeppelin tape into the stereo. Your time is gonna come. Their left and right hands were respectively laced together and her Pearl Drop teeth reflected his eyes. He seemed all her world. From time to time his eyes dropped to her cashmere bosom and eye contact broke off. Then she would give me and the dishwasher an unsmiling look, turning when she saw us looking back. I began to watch them in the mirror. Rounds two and three demanded my licensed attention: 1.5 and 2.0. Footsie broke out beneath the board and a run ravaged her stocking. He unfastened his top button. She doffed the pullover: white blouse, quilted white bra beneath even whiter. Red face and rumpled hair. Round four and out. Dazed and confused, she let him help her up. Three soundings helped them to the cash register and out the door. She paid the check. She left no tip. T7 jL Deal 105106 107108109What else is new? It’s raining because I didn’t bring my umbrella and the bus is late. That’s the way it always is and by the time I find a seat, my Shakespeare notebook is soaking wet and I try not to even get a glimpse of my reflection in the window. The only time waterproof mascara works is when you try to take it off. It doesn’t faze the bus driver that it is raining or that the road is still under construction. He is a frustrated demolition derby driver who gets his practice with the transit company. We zoom down the roads, over hills and I know where all of the familiar faces get off. Finally it is my turn to ring the bell and I have to push up and between all of those unfortunates who didn’t get a seat. I step in several puddles but by that time I really don’t care; I always wear tennis shoes on rainy days just like I never carry an umbrella. Where the hell is that blue sky everyone always talks about? People run up to their apartments or cars but I really don’t mind getting wet. As a matter of fact it’s the best thing that has happened to me all day. I really can't help hoping that no one is in the apartment but good things like that just don't happen; they have to be planned. Besides, it’s three o’clock so there is no question as to whether or not Jenny is watching General Hospital; she’s practically on staff and more than likely, yep there’s Brad’s car. He will either be in the kitchen watching Clare fix him something to eat or they will be in her bedroom with the stereo full blast so that no other sounds can be detected. I would almost rather see the scene full force in technicolor than to know exactly what’s going on and pretend that I am completely ignorant when they come out and say, “We have an econ exam.” They accomplish a lot, or so Clare admits when she drinks a few too many, but I know that it is not related to economics. Jenny loves to get in on those conversations and I can’t figure out why Jenny and Clare don’t decide to share a room and leave me out of it. Jenny is sitting on the couch in her bathrobe eating an ice cream sandwich. “God, you look awful.” She looks back at the TV. “You must have had a bad day.” She always knows the right thing to say. “Where’s Clare?” I go into the kitchen with my heart set on an ice cream sandwich and as usual, the last one is at that minute being devoured. No cheese, no bread, no peanut butter-just one Budweiser and a can of cream style com. Thank goodness I have an emergency stash under my bed except that it is hard to smuggle things into the kitchen since Jenny is always on pattrol in the living room. “Where do you think?” She gets up and moves around during the commercial to do a few exercises —“No sense wasting time,” she always says. “I’m so sick of him being over all the time.” I just shrug because Jenny is always sick of something. “I mean he ought to pay rent.” She is touching her toes and I have a strong urge to kick her over. “I think we ought to say something about it.” “You say something.” I go into our room and pull my box out from under the bed. Jenny’s dirty clothes are all over the floor and her bed is unmade. I hate it but what I hate worse is that someone has discovered my box and everything is either stale or gone. A can of chicken noodle soup is the only thing worthwhile and I figure that I better go ahead and eat it before Jenny gets tuned into the Tuesday Night Movie. “What are you going to do?” she asks. “Eat.” "God I’m so mad. There’s nothing to eat.” She follows me into the kitchen. “That’s another thing, Brad should help pay for our groceries, too.” She hops up on the counter and rubs the toe of her athletic sock around the sink of dishes. "Where did you get that?” “You must know.” I say and watch her face turn red while she asks, “How should I know?” “I did the dishes last week.” I say. “Whose turn is it.” “I’m sure it’s Clare’s,” she says. “Clare can’t think about anything except Brad these days. She used to be a good roommate.” "Yeah,” I say and almost envy Clare locked away in the room of her own. Of course she does pay a little bit more rent but who wouldn’t? I pour some of the soup into a bowl while Jenny watches to see how much is going to be left in the pot. “Would you like some?” I ask. “Oh no, I hate to eat your food. I mean only if you decide you don’t want it.” "I don’t” I say, “I don’t even want this.” I shove the bowl over to where she is sitting. “I’m going to take a bath.” “Is something wrong? You can tell me.” She stops with the spoon aimed for her mouth. I can also call the radio station or just open the window and tell the complex, stomp it out to the people below in Morse code — and what would I say? Leave me alone.“You take more baths than anyone I know.” She says and it’s true. I learned a long time ago that more than likely, you can be in the bathroom alone. I’ll take a hot bath, use every bit of hot water. The lock on the side that runs into Clare’s bathroom area is broken but she’s not going to be out for awhile. Again — hair in the tub and there is nothing that I hate worse than having to touch someone else’s hair especially when it is that unwanted hair that is no longer attached to anything except the drain. I equally hate having to flush for someone and it seems that I am becoming a full time hair picker, commode flusher. Nobody cares. "Telephone!” Jenny sticks her head in the tub area. "I’m not here.” "But it’s a guy!” "Find out who it is and I’ll call back.” "You’re so boring. Aren’t you curious?” Jenny is fanning the door back and forth and the air causes the hairs on my legs to bristle and Jenny makes me bristle all over. I face her full technicolor. "Do you mind?” "Okay. Okay. You don’t have to be so bitchy.” She slams the door and keeps talking. "I was just trying to do you a favor,” and I know that I would rather that no one ever did me a favor —no thank you —no favors. The water is so hot and feels so good that I decide to sit there until I am totally shriveled. Then I’ll take a nap before studying and try to forget that I share a room with Jenny. I will try to forget that Clare’s bed squeaks spasmodically through the night and I will forget that I have a very important exam in two days and I'll forget that "Whoops!” Surprised Brad, in the nude steps back from the room. "Sorry, I was going to take a quick shower.” "It’s all right.” I say and -wr I think I’ll spend the night. jy McCorklc 111115116117118119120121122125 I don't appreciate being called Sugar by a female nurse when I myself am a female, thank you. That's nice, bang my arm on the bed railing there. Oh, I'm plenty warm —you just make me glow. I can hardly wait for my EEG — will you escort me? I guess we 'll both be wearing basic hospital white. The only thing I would really like is .. . you got it. Bye-bye Sugar. Even heaven couldn’t be as white as this room —it’s incredible. I’ve never seen a place so clean and disinfected; you would never guess the messy things that go on in here. The light shines through the window and reflects off the top light to the bed railing and sparkles into my eyes. I wonder if any elementary school pupil has ever bothered to count the dots in this ceiling. Ah, there’s a trace of color out in the hallway — bright green and orange stripes. Thank God it’s out there. I’ll take my whiteness any day, thank you, at least it doesn’t scream at you like the stripes. The whiteness is neat and tidy, and everything’s germ-free and in its place. If I sneeze I might ruin it all. Better just to sit and not move and blend in with the sanctified environment and God, my mind is really going. This room definitely needs a touch of darkness and disorder to bring it down to earth. Let’s see what we can do. There, that’s perfect. Nothing like a little graffiti to make a place more comfortable. You see, I couldn’t write it about my mother, because it’s not really true. So I wrote it about your mother —youdon’t mind, do you? I mean, I know your mother doesn’t usually wear combat boots, but somebody’s mother does. Maybe that nurse’s mother does and maybe someday she’ll find this note and know it was meant for her. Obviously if lam in the student infirmary, I go to Carolina, right? If I knew why I fainted, then I wouldn't be here. Probably an emotional reaction to the lecture — supply versus demand is pretty upsetting stuff. Do they send nurses like you to charm school? Well, I guess Michigan Blue Cross cards have different numbers or something from North Carolina cards. Forms aren't your forte, eh? Oh, you have heard of the state of Michigan then? Yes, I said I was a junior —an old, corrupted, cynical junior. Bye-bye, Glucose. This is not the part of the world for a diabetic, I’ll tell you that. At first I was overwhelmed by the sweet smiles and long, drawn-out "heys” and just loving someone ‘‘to death.” And the make-up globs and mixers. I feel a definite repugnance for the word “mixer.” Not only does it sound like something from 1910, but it always makes me think of chocolate chip cookies. If we’re really going to a mixer, we should all come out in one big glob of doughy flesh. Sounds a lot more interesting than some of the mixers I’ve been to. Everything overwhelmed me at first; it all seemed so appropriate for a fluffy pillow. Even the iced tea had sugar, whether you asked for it or not. That’s kind of how the whole campus struck me. Isn 't that a polite euphemism, “to lose control of one's bladder?" Must we explore all the gory details? Even if I did remember, I'm not sure I'd tell you, honey. Well, what do you know, it's EEG time. OK, how about if you let me get out of bed by myself so we both don't end up in a heap on the floor. Thank you. It's you and me together now. Sugar, we're a team. Over the linoleum and through the halls ... So tell me, was your mother ever in ROTC? I used to think the ROTC people looked so official and out-of-place in their neat, creased uniforms and hats. But enough afternoons spent procrastinating on Greenlaw Wall changed my mind. I slowly realized Carolina wasn’t just a sugar mountain; there are more than just a few odd raisins thrown in. I kept a mental score of passers-by — on some days the ’60s holdovers with long hair and defiant expressions numbered the most. Once in a while the guys with letter jackets and slow, respectable walks won out. More often, the winners were the big conglomerations of pink, and khaki, and add-a-beads, and top-siders. Of course, there were always those who must have posed for the “Are You A Nerd?” poster. My favorite category was always the dogs — they never won in numbers but they had the most character. Oh no, these pins piercing my skull don't hurt a bit. Relax my jaw and teeth ? OK, if you explain to me how to relax my teeth. I'll make us both millionaires. My name's Nancy but you can call me Sugar, and I'm a callous, bitter junior. Oh please, you 're not really going to blink lights in my face, arc you? Oh, come on. This makes the funniest black and orange patterns. God, this is driving me crazy. If you don't slow it down, I'm going to lose it all in a minute. Oh God, I'm trying to relax my eyeballs, it's not easy, you know. Oh Lord —oh boy. There we go, slow it down a touch. That's it, oh, that's better. Fewer and fewer flashes — there we go. Slower, slower. Now just turn it off. All black, no more orange. Don't worry, there's nothing I would rather do than rest. This kid's had enough. I’ve never liked blinking lights in discos or old movies or when your little brother is annoying you when you’re trying to fall asleep. It’s funny because sunlight fascinates me — the patterns of light and shade on the sidewalk beneath the trees. Like in McCorkle Place on a late Friday afternoon in the spring. The sun dapples you, and plays on the face of whomever you’re walking with, spotting on and off slowly. The deep greens and browns of the trees alternate light and dark. Two or three stereos are blasting through windows; frisbees glide overhead. There’s a faint scent of magnolia blossoms at one spot. The next step smells like barbeque, the next like cut grass —the odor alternates like the sunlight. And you walk slowly and inhale this Chapel Hill because there are no papers due tomorrow and there is nothing to do right now but relax. Rush hour traffic is speeding and jerking stopped in the streets, and there’s nowhere you have to be or you'd rather be. Runners and sweat fly past and you resolve once more that you’ve got to start running again. Some people are reading outside and some are coming back from the library and some are already on their way downtown for the evening. And you don’t care who’s in which category or how they’re all dressing and acting, because nobody else cares. This Chapel Hill doesn’t care if you drink plain or sugared iced tea or whether you like mixers or think they’re trivial. Or whether you spend your Friday afternoons studying or playing frisbee or dancing nude on a table. Or even whether your mother wears combat boots. Because in Chapel Hill there are few white walls, neat categories or sanitized wastebaskets. And everything is not in its place and everything is not clear-cut, but it deserves to be tasted and rolled over the tongue and savored. And doggone it, please don’t wake me up now, I’m in the middle of a beautifully corny, philosophical dreamworld and I don’t want to come back to Tuesday morning. Well, you’ve done it now, it's too late. I've been restored to reality. Oh yes — I enjoyed it immensely having flashing lights zonk my brain. The wit in this place overwhelms me. No, my head isn't stinging, just aching and throbbing with pain. OK, you run down the hall for a minute; I don't mind waiting at all. This wall is just too white—I think it's violating some sort of law. The problem is, this isn't really true about my brother, so I've got to write it about yours, OK? I mean, don't be offended. Joe Namath wore them. That was your usual grace in helping me up, Sugar, thanks for another bruise. Oh boy — back to my warm sterile room that has probably been re-sprayed with disinfectant three times since I left. We 're off. Sugar, watch out for those striped walls. Graffiti? I think -wj it's an abomination. Jv„, , 127 129131135It was like almost being killed by a falling rafter (which mixed the coke with plaster dust so thoroughly that there was just no way) but for having gone to Psych 26 for once It was like bellowing Hello Out There as the lights cut out and the audience fades It was like standing in line for food books computer cards and No-nox and knowing everybody there It was like playing the oboe cadenza from Beethovon’s Fifth one hundred and sixty-eight times It was like never sleeping alone It was like giving up poesy to build tipis and baubles It was like almost killing with a knife that had a Japanese stainless steel blade as long as your index finger because you didn't get homy as often as he did It was like taking the risk of the roll to attack Kamchatka from Alaska It was like riding to Charlotte for the August Jam in a ’72 Gremlin that featured genuine sawdust gremlins and was jammed full of bloodshot imps who transversed all the traffic jams between Pittsboro and Harrisburg and getting ferociously laid and forgetting about it It was like talking late night hours behind you with him by phone and audition and taking his apparently undying love for every meal and backrub you could get saying no and no and no It was like meeting your new roommate and saying no thank you to a few hits from his new Christmas bong until the third query and finally telling him you don't have any money and seeing him say Money? It was like telling the little runt in the dress infantry jacket to leave her alone or you’ll break his head It was like walking on a stage to a mike shaped like an onion and requesting the members of the audience to please allow the outstanding representative of the Ku Klux Klan to speak It was like watching your house bum down with your hat collection It was like scratching his denim knee under the table and wondering whether or not he noticed It was like giving that regular his twentieth refill in three hours and watching him watching you watching him not tip It was like putting late night hours behind you with him by audition and saying no and no and yes for the first time in his life It was like getting paid to write bad plays It was like laying your own personal carcass on the asphalt pentangle of death and inscribing your outline there with an economy-size can of Day-Glo white It was like trying to break into the bigtime musical bucks with a thorough background in marketing and adultery It was like writing Great Toons without a friend in the world to distract you It was like finding god in time to give up the guitar before it’s too late It was like crawling under the fence around the water tower to foil the concertina wire lace around the barbed wire on top and tying a useless Ked onto the end of a ball of twine and trying for an hour to throw it through the first rung of the ladder twenty feet above your head before it works and tying a rope to the twine and pulling it into the loop and tightening it down and shinnying up to the ladder and waiting for your buddy to scramble up behind you and up you’re finally aiming to go and hearing him say I’m going to fall and he does It was like baking bread overtime so you can afford a mate for your dog It was like saying no because friends are rare It was like drinking beer and grilling sirloin steaks as big as hubcaps and telling them all about how bad it is It was like sitting in the southeast room of the KD house and flying through Wakowski’s Magellenic Clouds with him It was like learning Albanian prepositions It was like coming to hate each and every member of the opposite race that you don’t know It was like returning from the American occupation of West Germany and being heavy bored It was like packing a blood-spattered copy of the Cantos next to your spine It was like hearing the minister interrupt your homemade vows to inteiject the sentiment that suffering is the tic rod of marriage It was like holding six thousand dollars in gold in the open palm of your hand It was like getting home at last from the graveyard shift in intensive care and washing the randomly flung fluids out of your uniform It was like a posterior carpet burn It was like peanuts and organic Coca-Cola at a private six-ring circus It was like shaking your head from the dust of the first to the dust of the last of the clay of every everyday day It was a testimonial to the disadvantages of peace and the desirability of the necessity of war 7 j Deal138139141CONCERNSA 1 lUi- ill nil bIbIb1b i,Iesli''-'pPd iiiuiuiiiiiiiJri jai!iji!ili!ip|iji|i| MM ■IbIbMb1bIb8b,41b ■ isigiSiSiSi-fSisisiiiWhat America needs is an Educational Creed ... a schooling concretely conscious of its aims .... Our state universities must envision a much larger role, quantitatively, as well as qualitatively, for higher education in the life of the state and nation .... They must be instruments by which every citizen, youth and adult, is enabled and encouraged to carry his formal and informal education as far as his inherent capabilities permit. We simply cannot afford to let our precious human resources go undiscovered and undeveloped . . .. We must teach our people how to live, as well as how to make a living. —Dr. Frank Porter Graham, 1948 In the critical light of history, Frank Porter Graham shines out as perhaps the University’s most farsighted leader in this century, a concerned and articulate individual a generation ahead of his time. But his vision of the University, of education, of progressive leadership, has not been sustained by his successors. Undeniably, the University today is very different from what it was thirty years ago. The student body, faculty, and facilities are many times larger; the primarily regional institution of Dr. Graham’s time has grown to national promi-nance. Yet in its rapid growth has the University lost sight of its traditional responsibility as a progressive force in the state and nation? It seems that the University, in expanding its concerns, has lost much of its cogency. UNC was once a powerful force in major issues affecting the southeastern United States. Committed to the pursuit of truth, the University provided support and protection for those who did not agree with the social and political majority. It often spoke out against established practices of this region, and the University Press produced controversial books that had been denied publication elsewhere. Today, the University is recognized nationally for its participation in research and government consultation, but its faculty seem immersed in their individual publications and contributions. Without strong native ties, it seems that the University’s international faculty no longer has the time, nor the inclination, to address the immediate problems of the state and region. The social role much in evidence during Dr. Graham’s days earned this University recognition as a progressive institution. The state once looked to the University, as the proving ground for new ideas, for leadership in all areas of life; it now must be content with statistical excellence based on individual publications and discoveries. The University, still considered the center for the great minds of this state, is no longer willing to transfer its insight and knowledge directly to the people. During the 1970s, the University administration seemed to focus more upon the business of education than upon education itself, insuring its future with new buildings rather than new ideas. The University became a year-round construction site, with financial stability assured as the administration carefully avoided controversy, and commitment. The University seems content to live on past accomplishments rather than living up to them. In 1968, at the suggestion of a faculty advisory committee, the University pledged its commitment to increased recruitment and retention of minority students. This commitment has been periodically reaffirmed, but the dedication has not been accompanied by much tangible progress. Recent University decisions raise the disturbing possibility that, on such a faculty of international caliber, women still do not receive equal opportunity for tenure.The past ten years saw the realities of the marketplace challenge UNC’s traditional role as the state’s premier liberal arts institution. As the economy lurched from one crisis to another, a large number of students shifted away from the liberal arts in pursuit of more “practical” degrees, such as business administration, nursing and pharmacy. Concern with the quality of undergraduate education grew as did the University’s stated priorities as a research institution. University incentives for excellence in teaching were felt to be inadequate, as many feared that committed researchers were not equally concerned with their roles as instructors. However, this soon proved to be an unnecessary conflict. Evaluation continued with a prolonged study of UNC’s undergraduate curriculum. The proposed curricular reforms stressed a tightening of basic skills requirements in English composition, foreign language, and mathematics, as well as a greater emphasis on general education and the development of new courses. Yet the rudimentary problem remains virtually untouched. Preparation for living, as well as making a living, would require a radical shift in educational methods and curricular planning, but also a reevaluation of the concept of education itself. Priority must be given to analysis over memorization. Graduates must be able to do more than repeat information; they must have the ability to use this information logically to solve daily problems. Students have begun to view the right answer as the one that will earn them an A from a given professor on the final exam. Unchallenged, they learn with little questioning, confident that they need only return to their notebooks for the solution of future problems. The University’s misguided emphasis on measurable success is perhaps more evident in its athletic program. Athletes are intensely recruited, and those admitted with substandard academic credentials receive tutorial assistance throughout their University careers. With carefully monitored schedules, one wonders whether this additional assistance succeeds in aiding the students’ rise to Carolina’s standards, or merely in compromising these standards. Athletic competition often appears to overshadow education, but the generation of revenue and national prominence seems even more important. While the men’s basketball team was awash in money and facilities, the women’s team was forced to beg for money to attend an international tournament in London, where they finished first —a showing considerably better than that of their male counterparts. Despite Title IX, inequities persist in athletic funding. One wonders why alumni are not recruited to the cause of education as much as they are to the cause of athletics. Solic- itation of the three million dollars required for the proposed student activities center began in July 1980; its 22,000 seat basketball arena is the fourth largest University facility of its kind in the nation, and the largest to be built through private funding. Perhaps the University is not entirely at fault. The Carolina Challenge, a three-year program to increase the University’s endowment, recently ended far short of its originally targeted goal, despite a single donation of 11 Inillion dollars. The satisfaction of a winning football or basketball team seems far greater than the satisfaction of educating young men and women, with Carolina Fever regulating priorities even after the last seat is sold .... There are more blacks and women in the University’s student body than at any time in its history, certainly this represents a change for the better. Yet the diversity they could introduce remains potential. Only one in five black students participate in the Black Student Movement. At the 1980 Black Arts and Women’s Festivals, performers often outnumbered the spectators. So many of today’s students look the same; does their conformity of dress reflect conformity of thought, or the lack of thought altogether? The Greek system is definitely on the rebound, although almost completely segregated racially. Brown v. The Board of Education has yet to influence some corners of the campus; both students and administration seem unconcerned. Important legal victories for civil rights seem to have changed little more than laws. Self-satisfied reformers turned to celebration, ignoring the deeply rooted prejudices that continue to plague society. The students of the '70s seemed to recognize little need for change; what student activism that remains is “properly channelled” into campus organizations and “properly” reflected on an individual’s resume. The majority of student interest in social and political issues seems to have been replaced by narrow self-interest, not inconsistent with the “me” generation, and its pursuit of material success and immediate gratification. The resumption of student protest during the past year is heartening, yet it remains to be seen whether the cause or the novelty of these small scale marches inflamed participants. As we enter the 1980s, the University’s spirit and vision seem weakened by a lack of strong leadership, misguided priorities, and complacency at all levels. It is hoped that under the guidance of newly-appointed Chancellor Fordham, the University will once again realize its responsibilities to itself, the state, -mr and the nation, xj 147October 9 Edward Villela Speakers 1979 September 11 Sir Harold Wilson "There's a 'goodies and baddies' formula and it goes like this: The Russians are the enemies so they are the baddies. The Russians hate the Chinese and the Chinese hate the Russians. Since Western countries also hate the Russians, they reason that the Chinese must be the goodies .... Many take Chinese expansion too softly, however, I don't trust them; they are Communists." September 27 Howard Morland "Dissemination of information will allow us to take meaningful steps toward disarmament .... What I wanted to do was make the H-bomb real, to explain how the mystique concerning nuclear weapons started with the trial of the Rosenbergs and continued through McCarthyism to today." "Great art is a series of simplicities juxtaposed to create complexity. To be clear, logical, and simple is for a dancer to make great art. "There is nothing like the stage. You are in conversation with the audience. There is nothing like the spontaneity and immediacy of it; I dance for the sheer joy of it." October 31 Howard Jarvis "People who vote for bond issues today are crazy; they are supplying the money for everybody and the people who own property are paying for it. "The state has got to arrange for money for schools. Everybody who wants free education should put his money where his mouth is. "Private employment is how you have a strong economy, a strong country." December 3 Coretta Scott King "Involvement is important because it is not the acts of bad people that are so frightening but the appalling silence of good people. "In the 80's human rights will focus on economic justice ... (which] will be a more difficult struggle because it will cost the nation. "You can vote and be blind and not meet the changes needed to be made ... we should watch the voting records of our representatives and senators in our districts and if not representative of our point of view, let them know ... ." Sir Harold Wilson is the former prime minister of Great Britain. Through writing his article on the hydrogen bomb for The Progressive magazine, freelance writer Hou ard Morland caused a federal court to issue an injunction for prior restraint for the first time in U.S. history. Edivard Villela has been the principal dancer for the Neiv York City Ballet since 1959. Hoivard Jarvis is a California tax rei olt leader and u as chief proponent of that state's controversial bill to cut taxes. Proposition 13. Coretta Scott King, president of the Marlin Luther King Jr. Center for Social Change, ivas a public delegate to the fall 1977 session of the United Nations General Assembly and is a leading spokesperson for minorities. 1481980 March 19 Jill Godmilow January 30 Andrew Young “In the 1960's I thought this whole state of North Carolina was in the Klan. Now this region of the U.S. far surpasses in race relations that of any other part of the nation. “I think the Soviets went into Afghanistan because they thought we had sense enough to know we shouldn't go to war .... Whatever the Russians think, they cannot bury us; however, they can annoy us terribly." “It is difficult to make a good documentary today because people are so media conscious. It is hard to find people who will be honest in front of a camera. Usually they are more concerned with putting on airs that will impress the viewer. My goal as a filmmaker is to put a clear, less sold-out picture of the world on the screen without becoming lost in the industry or too political. The quality of the subject presentation and the script is more important than the cause or political theory it supports." February 15 Marilyn French April 14 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. “All our lives are a prison. You choose a form to live in, and all forms are constraining. Some prisons are worse than others . . . men usually get to choose theirs more than women do." 'The Carter administration thinks that the country's problems are a matter of statistics, but the problems are more than just statistics. They represent the broken aspirations of his presidency. Concerning matters of state Carter has never drawn .a line on the ground and stood by it; his foreign policy depends on what side of bed he gets up on in the morning." Former United Nations ambassador Andrew Young delivered the third annual Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Lecture. Freelance film producer and editor Jill Godmilow was nominated for an Oscar for her documentary Antonia, Portrait of a Woman. Marilyn French is a best-selling feminist author whose Iwoks include The Women's Room and The Bleeding Heart. The son of the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy and a law student of the University of Virginia, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was an ardent campaigner in his uncle Edivard M. Kennedy's 1980 presidential bid. 149"America was not established principally for the development of moral excellence but for liberty, equality, and the promotion of self-preservation; not for human perfection, but for improving the lot of man politically, spiritually, and materially." "Universities are not democratic and are not supposed to sound democratic — it's a question of truth and taking a vote is not the best way to determine truth. Students don't come to college because they are educated, but because they are deficient. Consequently, by virtue of ignorance and immaturity, students stand in need of enhancement by the institution. Universities are not, and should not be, any more democratic than hospitals." William J. Bennett, director of the National Humanities John Silber is President of Boston University. Center in Research Triangle Park, delivered the Keynote address in the 1980 Carolina Symposium. 150A CRISIS IN AMERICAN VALUES "I am neither right-wing nor left-wing. I'm mid-dle-of-the-bird. If you tend to the right or the left too much you fly around in circles. "Solutions are not the answer; what this country needs from its politicians are more promises. "As far as I'm concerned, the future lies ahead of us; it always has, and it will in the future." During the presidential campaigns of 1968 and 1972 Pat Paulsen made frequent television appearances as the "Almost President of the United States.""Energy is indeed an ethical issue because it concerns future generations; if only for the sake of their safety, we should oppose nuclear power. "The predictions that nuclear power would be cheap and efficient have not come true; nuclear power is a dangerous, expensive and unnecessary way to essentially boil water." Richard Munson is coordinator for the Center for Reuse-able Resources and staff member of the Washington-based solar lobby. "The challenge is not to find a single source of energy or to detect a winner, but to choose one. One of the most difficult problems in the coming years will be finding an energy source that makes sense and using it sensibly." Dr. Thomas Elleman is vice president of Nuclear Safety and Research for Carolina Power and Light and former head of the nuclear engineering department at North Carolina State University."The new mode of consciousness is the realization that the world isn't made of matter; it's made of concepts. "Each individual is a holograph of the universe; every microcosm mirrors the macrocosm. "To see the moment in which you are living, you must look to the subconscious expressions of that moment, such as art and mythology. Artists are an early warning system of a culture, and are much fuller vehicles for expressing trends than historians." The Undisfame Institute, of which Dr. William Irwin Thompson is the founder, has been influential in the thinking of Governor Jerry Brown and others concerned with symbolism and political change. Thomas SYMPOSIUM ’80 "In America now, women earn 59 cents for every dollar earned by a male worker. In the 1980's, the standard should be equal pay for work of equal value. "We women cannot ask for equality and then ask to be let out of the responsibility of military jobs that we already do well. "There is no person whose life is unaffected by the women's movement. "Sexism is a dangerous disease, and you can catch it in the public schools." Sarah Weddington is assistant to the president on women's affairs. 153"What is needed is a reduction in the rewards associated with success and the punishment associated with failure. The moral level of society would be tremendously increased if we took decisions away from the necessity of the purse. "I think our challenge is finding an ethic for the 21st century; in this matter, we have no other choice than to look to human solidarity." Michael Harrington is a professor of political science at Queens College and Chairman of the Democratic Socialist Party of America. "The policy of redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor through a progressive income tax is defeating its own purpose. The rich will find ways to avoid paying taxes, using more expensive methods of production, which will increase the price of goods and services for rich and poor alike. "A decrease in the tax rate leads to an increase in the tax base, which leads to greater output, employment and production." University of Southern California economics professor, Arthur Laffer has served as an economist with the Office of Budget and Management and the U.S. Treasury Department."The policies most important for a great society are those that minimize the threat of force and interference in the freedom of individuals. The coercion possible through the economy is nothing compared to that of the government. "Capitalism everywhere has helped the poorest the most; the miracle of capitalism is that it channels man's strongest individual motives for the common good." "In the 1960's we believed that the government cared about this country's needs. We believed that our politicians were fair, but they let us down. The point where college students felt it was up to them to save America. The government used every means it had to try and stop the peace movement among the youth. The bullets that were fired at Kent State University were fired at the next generation. "The American economy today is our Vietnam. "In the 80's, we can combine the solidarity and unity of the 60's with the openness of the 70's, so that we can once again realize that we as individuals can make a difference, and that each of us matters. "This generation will be the one to decide whether or not the world survives." It Allen Wallis is chancellor of Rochester Universiti and former dean of the Universiti of Chicago Business School. Former political activist, ex-Yippie. and Chicago Seven defendant Jerry Rubin is currently working on a book dealing with male-female relations. 155Whither goest thou, Carolina? In four years, we grow from the vision of Carolina as a maze of registration forms and lines snaking from every building to a newer maze of buildings that spurt up around us. C'mon . . . really. We all know Carolina isn’t really changing; it’s not going anywhere. We just think it is. We’re the ones changing; we’re the ones that are goesting whither. Terrible and awesome is the pact we’ve made to keep this University the same, older but ageless, different but not changed. We consume gallons of strange brew; we perform mystifying rituals in sanctuary of Kenan or Carmichael; we congregate daily (well, almost) in the conclaves of classrooms. All as part of our pact with the powers that be. Thomas (O-great-Carolina-alumnus-and-writer-who-never-won-the-Nobel-Prize) Wolfe wrote that you can’t go home again. Sure we can. We can go any time; it’s just that it’s never the same as when we left. Try though they might, universities can’t defy that principle. They grow slowly, but they grow. Oh, C’mon ... is it really all that ominous? A cursory glance at the decade past would probably result in a resounding “Yes!” Not to be melodramatic or anything such as that, but Chapel Hill has done some quixotic flip-flops in the past 10 years. Chapel Hill, the famed “sleepy little village touched by a strange magic,” had managed to stay mostly unchanged since William R. Davie found his way to sit under The Poplar Tree. The town, and the University that gave it so much life, grew quietly. It was so quiet that the paving of a road as late as the ’60’s drew big crowds that marveled at all the noise. The noise got louder by the end of the decade —Vietnam, student strikes and other trifles —and by the 70’s, noise was a way of life. To most people, the sleepy little village looked like paradise, a haven from the outside world. During the 70’s, people came to Chapel Hill and Carolina in droves; the ripple of change of the ’60’s became a floodtide, and some fool forgot to shut the gates of the city. City? Did we say city? Afraid we did. The flood of people that came to Carolina in the '70’s didn’t just rush through; it settled here and then dribbled over the campus walls into the town. A lot of those people in that deluge thought they would clean up the few things they didn’t like. They didn’t want to go home again; they wanted to stay here and make it a little more like their native habitat. Vile creatures, those. The town had been so sleepily peaceful, locals never heard them coming. When the interlopers first came in the '60’s, Chapel Hillians thought they’d just go away. No such luck. The ’70’s newcomers succeeded in sweeping Chapel Hill clean of some of its more enchanting traditions. '.TSfS "' ‘ —— a5Off-campus housing changed from small houses to gargantuan apartment complexes. The award-winning Chapel Hill Weekly metamorphosed to the simple Newspaper. Flower Ladies on Franklin looked so happy and secure, other vendors decided to camp out next to them, and got everybody thrown off the street. And since the University was inseparable from the village, Carolina also had to change. Jubilee, the annual spring festival of music, grew too large to handle and died like a dinosaur. Classes, formerly the quiet rooms of learning, became lecture halls of 450 students, with professors using microphones to be heard. Dorms, the blessed isles of social life and study, became triple-packed tiers. The ’70’s influx created the unthinkable. (No, they didn’t convert the Old Well into a deuterium plant.) Chapel Hill finally cut the umbilical cord from Carolina. In past years, you could tell people you were going to Chapel Hill and they knew you were going to Carolina. In the ’70’s if you told people that you were going to Chapel Hill, they thought you were going just for a drink. It’s almost impossible to assess at what discrete point that severing came; Chapel Hill-sans-Carolina just seemed to appear, springing full-grown as if from someone’s brain. We just awoke one day to the whoosh of the departing ’60’s sweeping the ’70’s into town. Maybe it was the resignation of Richard Nixon; maybe it was the fall of Vietnam, but something made the townspeople as irritable as a drunk the morning after a bender. The townspeople did not like what they saw through bleary eyes. Unlike their beer-drinking predecessors, students that went to the early '70’s Jubilees smoked dope and threw rocks at the campus rent-a-cops. Peaceful protesters became militant marchers; karma and vibrations gave way to demands for space and alternative life-styles. So, somewhere in that cacophony of the '70’s, Chapel Hill broke away. The town, like the University, had its own toys to play with: a bus system, liquor-by-the-drink, white wine with a twist, condominiums. It continued to play for most of the '70’s, while people continued to pour into Chapel Hill. Eventually, the ’70's had to end and there was no more room to play. Chapel Hill became so filled that people had to prepare for the end of the decade and the limitation of space. They were finally ready to shut the city gates on the immigrants trying to squeeze in. There was “just one thing’’ that needed to be changed as we entered the hard-line ’80’s from the soft ’70’s. Townspeople and Carolina students finally realized that changing things for the sake of change altered the little paradise we had found. We suspected that Carolina was better the way it was, where it changed and taught us, not where we had the naivete to think we were changing it. Springfest bore resemblance to the Jubilee of old, not the ’70’s. Enforced noise ordinances required us to find our diversions at lower decibels. Proposed changes in the curriculum would give students a classical education much more than a “progressive” one. And we decided we like the old, sleepy Chapel Hill. We have liquor-by-the-drink, but we’re still drinking beer. We have apartment complexes, but we’d rather live in small houses. We're educated enough to know that years from now we’ll want to be able to come _ _ home again to Carolina. JV- Wamock 157158159BSM coordinates student action supporting Sonja Stone ... in her struggle for tenure 161163164Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade . . . voices predicament of America's working class 165167169Mademoiselle beauty editors inspire Carolina women . . . Hamilton 100 overflows with “undiscovered cover material” March 28, 1980 170Daily Tar Heel notes stark contrast with attendance of hearing on status of University women, prompting examination of women's priorities. 171fty-T-- March 22, 1980 Washington, D.C Nation rallies to oppose draft registration . . . protests revive the ’60s173An Office for Minorities It is exceedingly difficult for individuals of the majority to empathize with those of the minority. This continued lack of understanding has prevented the institution of an Office of Minority Affairs at UNC. Such an office is crucial to the development of minority students, who are often in need of problem-solvers aware of their unique situation and frustrations. This office would also provide necessary services which are currently inadequate or unavailable, ranging from the coordination of campus events and activities to the establishment of sound methods of consistent minority recruitment and retention. An advisory committee to the Chancellor recommended in 1968 that an office be established to help “increase minority enrollment and presence.” For 12 years, minority students at this University have petitioned, demanded, and protested in favor of the creation of an office that would address the special needs of those living in an environment in which 90% of the culture is different from their own. In 1980, action has finally been taken. A new Vice-Chancellor of University Affairs will serve to "advise and assist the Chancellor on means to increase minority presence and enrollment.” Although belated, this is a commendable attempt to insure successful matriculation of minority students. Unfortunately, it may not be enough to solve the diverse problems of high attrition rates, cultural shock, and psychological stress facing minority students. The continued absence of an office specifically designed and sufficiently empowered to meet the needs of the minorities can only be attributed to a pervasive lack of understanding. Most students do not face the statistical average of 17% attrition, nor do they expect to face a roommate’s parents’ demands that they move out because of their skin color. Similarly, few acknowledge, much less care, that less than ten black students belong to fraternities that have houses. Currently, no branch of the University dedicates itself to remedying problems and hardships plaguing minorities. Nor does any office concern itself foremost with increasing and improving racial interaction. Finally, no office adequately counsels students in matters of racial prejudice and bigotry. The functions of an Office of Minority Affairs would only be limited by the willingness of the office itself to improve and increase race relations. Through the establishment of this office, the University has an opportunity to answer the rapidly compounding needs of minority students. Within 20 years, the aggregate minorities in this nation will comprise over 50% of the total population. It is therefore imperative that we, as members of society, become more sensitive towards the needs of all people. An Office of Minority Affairs is not just something desirable for minorities, it is a necessity for us all. Mark Canady Chairperson, Black Student Movement 174Undergraduate Curriculum Review The Report of the Committee to Review the Undergraduate Curriculum, better known as the Thornton Report, is a proposal for undergraduate curriculum reform at UNC. The report was presented to College of Arts and Sciences Dean, Samuel R. Williamson, in June 1979. Early in the fall semester the report, which was generally perceived as a “tightening up” of General College requirements, emerged as the focus of campus wide debate among students, faculty and administrators. In the beginning, Student Government took an active role in studying, critiqueing and publicizing the content of the report. Individual proposals, such as the four semester foreign language requirement, were analyzed for their educational purpose as well as their practicality of implementation. In the spring of 1980, Dean Williamson appointed nine faculty subcommittees to study various aspects of the Thornton Report with particular attention to implementation and resource questions. Student Government protested the failure of the dean to systematically include student input in the deliberations of these committees. This was to be the beginning of continued pressure to slow down the review of the report, in order to include more student input and to allow time for a campus wide consensus to develop. By the end of the spring semester, Student Government’s position on the Thornton Report was one of caution. Any academic policy change that would tend to restrict student freedom would have to be very carefully scrutinized by the current administration, which had been elected on a platform that the University should function as an advisor to the student rather than as a supervisor. This is not to say that nothing positive was seen in the Report. First, an acceptable rationale for the current General College requirements (English, a math foreign language option, and divisional distribution requirements) did not exist. Certainly a justification of any required curriculum was desirable. Second, the Thornton Report grouped courses into “per- spectives” based on approach and subject matter, rather than categorizing courses along departmental lines, thus implying that the development of multi- and inter-disciplinary courses would be encouraged and that such courses would fulfill the Perspective requirements. The new curriculum would encourage departments to create much needed general education courses for non-majors. Finally, so-called “capstone” courses — small group special interest seminars for seniors — would be developed and offered as part of the upper division curriculum. All these innovations would merit student support, especially if freedom of choice within each category were maintained. But the promise of a fundamental education, through the Thornton Report, is a potential threat to student freedom. At the most basic level, a requirement is a requirement, and will be viewed as such by students. Courses taken to fulfill requirements elicit less than optimal student enthusiasm, somewhat lessening course quality. Second, there is the danger that any set of requirements can evolve into a meaningless obstacle course, circumvented by motivated students aware of the courses they need to take. This would be intensified by students in specialized degree programs who have additional prerequisite courses. Further, students admitted with academic deficiencies would be hard pressed to complete both remedial work and general education requirements in eight semesters. Finally, the imposition of new requirements does not guarantee the creation of an adequate number of desirable courses to fulfill such requirements. For example, what assurance is there that departments will voluntarily shift from their majors and graduate students to provide quality general education courses? Student Government realizes the students’ responsibility in the development of quality undergraduate education, and will continue to solicit response in representing the student interest. Frances Seymour Educational Policy CoordinatorApatheticus SiuJerfcus te.ros. A large, Swift-W:o3, gutless bird living bctfi on and off campus. This ratite, small" brainexl -fowl will when dhtealened by registration. If attending Carolina is supposed to be a practice scrimmage for the game of life, then perhaps the Class of 1980 entered the real world slightly confused. Why? Simple explanation: the ‘79-'80 year at Carolina was as varied and filled with disparate events as any student could over dare hope or fully understand. Some standards faded away while others withstood attempts to change them. Some students noticed changes at the University by the first football game —the Athletic Department had decided to ban all metal and glass containers from Kenan Stadium. The intent of the order was to eliminate the Carolina tradition of heavy drinking at football games, but fans simply revived the old standby of sneaking alcohol past ushers. By the way. those of you who might have been a bit tipsy during the Homecoming game, and cared enough to notice — there was indeed a dog named Space, sponsored by the TEP fraternity, on the Homecoming Court. The Town Board of Chape) Hill, not to be outdone by the UNC Athletic Department, revived obscure local laws concerning public displays of alcohol. Why anyone would really want to flagrantly drink beer in the middle, of Franklin Street was lost on most Carolinians. Nevertheless, it couldn't be done anymore. Many other changes in downtown Chapel Hill seemed more important. The fate of the Crook’s Barbcque glowing pink pig hung in the balance between good taste and good advertising. (Good advertising won out—the pig stayed.) A cinder block wall sprang up overnight, separating the disco-dancers of Mayo’s from the hard-core consumers at Ho’s Not Hero. Four Comers, a new bar and restaurant, soon became so crowded that even Dean Smith was sometimes turned away. Mad Hatter (a.k.a. Town Hall) died. In the midst of a confusion about who was fooling around with whom, and on whose land. Elliot's Nest was moved to a now location. Trivialities galore of civic nature were enough to dominate any student's thoughts, but campus frivolities provided amusement a-plenty for the less venturesome. The Personals of the DTH classi- fied ads topped UNC students' reading list; messages both cryptic and crass were featured daily. But the DTH Letters section remained required reading. Reactions and responses to reactions, and reactions to responses regarding a Mademoiselle magazine sponsored evening of make-up and fashion for Carolina females filled the Letters pages. Other, more administrative concerns vied for students' attentions. Ferebee Taylor resigned as UNC Chancellor because of waning health, replaced by Christopher Fordham of the medical school. (Late in 1980, Fordham was hospitalized with what doctors tormed "a slight stroke.”) James Weaver, head waiter of the Carolina Inn. retired in May. Having worked at the Inn through the terms of six chancellors and four University presidents, ho was honored by nearly as many dinners and interviews as the retiring Chancellor. Fordham's first months in the post went as smoothly as any honeymoon, and he soon acted with the assuredness of a man born to the role. In the wake of Hayden Renwick’s charges of University discrimination against minority students, and amidst the hulabaloo between UNC and HEW, Fordham announced the creation of an Office of University Affairs. Name notwithstanding, the office seemed intended to be the Office of Minority Affairs long called for by the Black Student Movement and several University administrators. Sonja Stone eventually won her fight for tenure. The University finally got wise to the old student ploy of signing up for 21 hours of courses during pre-registration, then dropping the undcsired. extra courses during the semester. South Building's solution was to limit individuals to 17 hours of pre-registration. Students weren’t to worry however—the drop period was extended from four weeks to six. With proposed curriculum changes of the Thornton Report, dropping certain courses equated with dropping the idea of graduation. Seniors in 1980 could still breathe easy; the math-foreign language option was still viable for the Class of '80. Clouds from outside storms often created discussions within the confines of Carolina's walls, but usually nothing more. A proposed nuclear power plant near Raleigh compelled some students to congeal into protest groups, but most paid littlo notice. Neither did the 176protesters of draft registration give much pause to the young men of Carolina, who filed into post offices to fill out forms. Some did listen to Revolutionary Communist Party members, ranting from tho steps of Lenior Hall; raised eyebrows and occasional laughter met the revolutionary dogma. The laughter was drowned out by gunshots of Nazi and KKK membors who loathsomely took the law into their hands, killing five Communist Workers Party organizers in Greensboro. Clouds from more distant storms were even darker. The taking of American hostages by Iranians was a world away, but it still dimmed Carolina's mood, and moved students to react with a fury unseen since the early seventies. Afghanistan's invasion by the Soviet Union did nothing to lift Carolina's spirits. Not every real-world intrusion garnered such attention, and the University's own were more than capable of creating problems themselves. Some amusing characters found it diverting to phone in bomb threats, particularly on days tests were pending. Other fun types, thinking toga parties weren't nearly enough to liven up slow nights, decided to reinstitute hazing. (The administration decided to rcinstitute censure and suspensions.) Rationality often seemed to be taking a holiday, so students often seemed to be taking no notice of campus concerns. Despite escort services for women wishing to foil would-be rapists, the number of reported assaults continued to rise. Accusations of racism within the fraternity system circulated the campus for a time; IFC president Tim Lucido advised minority students wishing to pledge exclusively white fraternities that they were merely “barking up a dead end wall." The matter soon died. Arguments about 24-hour visitation rights in dorms achieved some note, but no substantial policy change was affected. End result—visits between friends would still have to be carried on . . . well . . . undercover. Special prizes in tho field of apathy should have boon awarded to the Campus Governing Council. Voters stayed away in droves from the CGC spring elections. Upon initial declaration, roughly a third of tho council seats were sought by only one candidate, and a comparable number of offices had no seekers at all. Despite this, tho CGC audaciously continued to exist, and perservered in making mince- meat out of several organizations' budget requests. Somo forgiveness of sins was happily granted to the council, however, when enough money remained to revive Jubilee on an apparently permanent basis. The name was changed to Chapel Thrill to protect the guilty. Ahh, yes. Money. Now there was a real-world concern. Was there enough money to increase the number of city bus routes for students? Sure. Was there enough money to send the women’s varsity basketball team to London, so they could join the men's team for a tournament? Yes, but only after a protracted debate, with the women having earned a large portion themselves. Carolina students found enough money in their own pockets to buy escape from collegiate worries. Roller-skate rentals did a booming business, as did the village’s new toy, liquor by the drink bars—although authorities frowned on mixing drinking and skating. Computer games sold nearly as fast as beer; so did copies of Dungeons and Dragons. Cable television finally burrowed its way into town, and a lot of quarters intended for laundry paid for Home Box Office movies. In the end. however, the greatest escapism for Carolina students could be found in the cheapest show in town —UNC athletics. Carolina blasted both N.C. State and Duke at football, then went on to stun Michigan and just about everybody else in the Gator Bowl. The Tar Heels glided through another 20-win season of basketball before falling to Texas A M in the NCAA playoffs. As long as Carolina was playing, there was always an escape. Uh-oh. There was the glitch in the programming. Carolina couldn't play forever. The world continued to spin, no matter how spasmodically or how slowly, and the clock continued to run. For seniors who had spent four years circling calmly within Carolina's walls, final seconds ticked away. A few last classes. A finished incomplete. A final final exam. A graduation diploma . . . and the scrimmage was over. '%7 The real game had to begin. JVWa 7toc 177BOOKS The Establishment Howard Fast Triple Ken Follet The Bleeding Heart Marilyn French The White House Years Henry Kissinger Smiley's People John Le Carre The Executioner's Song Norman Mailer Cruel Shoes Steve Martin How to Prosper During the Coming Bad Years Howard Ruff Sophie's Choice William Styron Jailbird Kurt Vonncgut The Brethren Bob Woodward Scott Armstrong War and Remembrance Herman Wouk MUSIC Damn the Torpedoes Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Slow Train Coming Bob Dylan In Through the Out Door Led Zeppelin Off the Wall Michael Jackson Rust Hover Sleeps Neil Young Tusk Fleetwood Mac Get the Knack The Knack The Wall Pink Floyd The Long Run The Eagles Mad Love Linda Rondstadt Glass Houses Billy Joel No Nukes No Nukes Concert On November 2, tho cancer-stricken Shah of Iran was admitted to a Now York hospital for treatment. Two days later militant Iranian students stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and took its personnel hostago. Although the students released most of the black and female hostages, they vowed to hold tho remaining 53 captive until the United States returned the Shah to Iran and apologized for interfering with Iran’s internal affairs. Despite constant negotiations and an aborted military rescue attempt, the fate of the 53 American hostages remained uncertain when tho semester ended. Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass in Yankee Stadium in early October. During his tour, he spoke to enthusiastic crowds in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago. Iowa, and Washington D.C. Although the Pope's message of world peace, faith and anti-materialism was welcomed by Americans, many Catholics were disturbed by the Pope's conservatism on issues such as sexual freedom, contraception and the ordination of women. On Novombor 4. an anti-Ku Klux Klan rally in Greensboro resulted in the shooting deaths of five persons and drew approximately 100 participants. The march was organized by the Com-unist Workers Viewpoint Organization. The rally was interrupted by a carful of Klansmen who opened fire on the marchers. One woman and three men were killed, and 10 were wounded. Police arrested two marchers and charged 12 Klansmen with murder. Deteriorating Sovict-American relations resulted in an arousal of national and international anxiety. During a crucial moment in the Senate’s SALT II debates. President Carter learned there were 2,000 to 3,000 Soviet combat troops in Cuba. Premier Fidel Castro claimed the troops were for training purposes only; American intelligence officials indicated otherwise, but the troops were not removed at President Carter's demand. In December, 50,000 Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan and replaced one Soviet puppet ruler with another. Although the Soviets claimed their invasion was merely military intervention, it was condemned by tho Unit Nations. At homo, tho Afghanistan crisis killed SALT II and prompted President Carter to reinstate draft registration and declare a boycott of | the Summer Olympics in Moscow. News occasionally focused on the Cambodia famine. Chronic food shortages were caused by internal troubles following tho expulsion of the despotic ruler, Pol Pat. Pol Pat had executed most of Cambodia’s educated citizens; at the | onset of the famine, there was only one pediatrician left alive in Phnom Penh. The United Na-1 tions and the United States jointly sponsored a massive rice lift, and many other nations res-| ponded with doctors, medicine and food. 178The 1980 presidential primaries started with a heated battle for delegates among the 10 initial candidates and ended with Ronald Reagan and President Jimmy Carter virtually uncontested for their parties' nominations. The primaries still hold many surprises, however. Senator Edward Kennedy had a large lead in the polls prior to the New Hampshire primary, but failed to win any of the key early states. After a strong start in Iowa, former CIA director George Bush fell behind as Ronald Reagan swept the South and the West. Dark horse Republican John Andorson gained media attention when he decided to run as an independent. Although many voters had ox-pressed dissatisfaction with their choice of candidates, Reagan seemed to have strong support from GOP members. After an unsuccessful attempt to get Gerald Ford as his running mato. Reagan chose George Bush. The Democratic Party, however, went divided to its convention. Although President Carter won enough delegates to receive the nomination, Senator Kennedy refused to withdraw his candidacy and vowed to battle Carter for the nomination on the convention floor. The economy was a major campaign issue throughout the 1980 presidential primary elections. In March the inflation rate hit 19%, causing near-panic among economic advisers. The prime interest rate peaked at 20%, and credit was tightened in hopes of halting the inflationary spiral. Lack of confidence in currency pushed gold prices to a record $835 per ounce in early 1980. President Carter asked Congress for a balanced budget and proposed a ten cent per gallon tax on gasoline, already at $1.20 a gallon. The federal government granted a $1.5 billion loan guarantee to the fading Chrysler Corporation. Despite a slowing inflation rate, rising unemployment had plunged the nation into a mild recession by the end of the semester. MOVIES All That Jazz American Gigolo Apocalypse Now Being There Breaking Away Cruising The Jerk Kramer vs. Kramer Life of Brian Star Trek Starting Over “10"CELEBRATIONSGraduation185187189 University Day193194197Women’s Festival Toad the Mime 200201riKA Beat Dook Parade 2032052072092101980 Black Arts Festival 211- I V HRC 213215Step Shows217219221AOE Balloon Ascension 223Greek Week 225227229Apple Chill Festival 230231235237238Springthang ...Chapel Thrill 1980 239241247 Mass ProductionMothers Finest 249251Nantucket% 255256 David Bromberg 257Doc and Merle Watson 258259David Gasman Stephane Grapelli 260Sea Level263Chuck Mangione 265Playmakers Repertory Company Of Mice and Men Sherman the Peacemaker Side by Side by Sondheim The Gin Game Othello No Time for ComedyBroadway on Tour Chapter Two Death Trap Ain't Misbehavih Eubie 269North Carolina Symphony Chicago String Quartet 270SPORTS277The University of North Carolina's basketbull and football teams have been making money and making headlines across the country for a number of years. Recently, however, increased participation and performance in the non-revenue sports has made Tar Heel Athletics "season-less.'’ On almost any given day in Chapel Hill, we may expect to walk to an event and see an exciting contest, not to mention a Carolina victory. Tar Heel Athletics in 1979-80 was no exception. If you measure success by the margin of victories over losses, you will be happy to know that against all opponents Tar Heel teams won 312 games, matches, meets and tournaments, lost 108, and tied 7. That’s a winning percentage of a little better than 73 percent, Ooo and Ahhl If you measure success by the Carmichael Cup, a visit to the trophy case in Carmichael Auditorium (appropriately enough) will bring a smile to your face. For the fourth straight year Carolina has proven its overall excellence in sports in the Atlantic Coast Conference race; the cup has now been in Tar Heel possession for nearly half of it’s twenty-year existance. The following teams were named ACC champions: men’s cross country, women’s tennis, wrestling, men’s fencing (ranked 19th nationally), and women’s fencing (13th nationally). Capturing the state titles were: field hockey, women’s cross country, women’s golf, women’s soccer, women’s tennis, and gymnastics. The bascbull team was named the regular season champions, while the lacrosse team made it to the NCAA semifinals. The women’s swimming team, as the most successful women’s sport, ranked seventh nationally, having stayed within the top ten for the past five years. The women’s basketball team went to the first round of the National Invitational Tournament, and came away with first place in the London Invitational. And, of course, the football team defeated Michigan in the Gator Bowl, 17-15. The following 18 Tar Heels wore on the All-America rolls: Gary Hofstctter, the outstanding cross-country and distance runner was an All-America: Frank Fuhrer, the individual medalist of the Iron Duke Classic was an honorable mention All-America: Ken Ireland, the school record holder in virtually every swimming event he specialized in, was an All-America; as was Bonnie Brown, winner of the Patterson Medal for the outstanding senior athlete, and eight other women on the swimming team: Lauren Dupree, Barb Harris. Nancy Huddoch, Cindy Shirey, Nance Thompson, Cynthia Chilcott, Gayle Hegel and Liz Mes-mer. Standout slugger Scott Bradley was on the baseball All-America second team; Kevin Griswold paced the lacrosse team with a spot on the first team All-America squad, while teammates Gary Burns, Pete Voelkel, Terrence Murray and Mike Burnott gained honorable mention. But if you are a hedonist, an action freak, a total Tar Heel, you measure the success of this year’s teams by the excitement, the release, and the many opportunities for celebration they yielded. Why nothing could be finer than the post-card sunny, fall afternoons in the student section of Kenan Stadium, with libation in your hand and spectacle on the field ... a breathing-room-only crowd in Carmichael, the heart-stopping overtimes of conference games, a 2,000 decibel cheer . . . catching the rays with a six-pack and a chaw in Boshamer Stadium, the body-spelling of T-A-R-H-E-E-L-S by UNC’s edition of Wild Bill, and eliminating Duke from the tournament... a hot spring afternoon at Fetzer Field, acting knowledgeable about lacrosse until usked what the ref just called, loving it because it’s fast and we’re damn good, icing down joggers and cheering for the dog with the ball . . . Carolina Athletics is a good time.This year’s success can also be measured by the skill of individuals who make their sport their art: Matt Kupec in the pocket passing deep to Phil Farris who dives for a circus catch into the end-zone for six; Gary Hofstetter accelerating through the woods to lead a tight group of Tar Heels to another cross country win; David Blum deftly intercepting a midfield pass, driving to the goal and booting the ball past the goalie's outstretched hands into the net; Ann Donio controlling a pass, speeding past a defenders stick, and slapping the ball to a teammate for an assist; Jackie Kimbro diving to dig a spike out of the floor then perfectly sotting up an unretumable Terri Wallace spike; Nancy Radford running doggedly on the heels of another harrier; Rosemary Carbery booting a comer kick that curves nicely toward the goal mouth; a lashing serve and cross-court winner by Jennifer Balent; a lightning quick reversal and pin by the amazing C.D. Mock; a backcourt steal by Mike O’Koren followed by a left-handed dunk: Bernio McGlade wrenching down a rebound, forcing it back up, and drawing the foul; a flowing parry-touch by the quick wrist of Stan Shulman; tho graceful lunge of Mary Beth Forsyth; the powerful stroke and strong kick of Ken Ireland as he swims to a backstroke victory; a fast, yet smooth, backhandspring on the beam in a typically strong Tia Walker exercise; the fluid motion of Bonny Brown in all four strokes of the individual medley; Scott Bradley punishing a baseball over tho right field wall, again; Kevin Griswold running across the goal mouth, spinning 360® on his hcol around a defender, and whipping the ball into the lax goal with the snap of his wrists; Frank Fuhrcr pounding a drive high into the middle of the fairway while maintaining the tournament lead; a hard topspin backhand right down the line to broak service for Gary Taxman; Lee Shuler hoisting his body into the air and clearing the bar as he snaps his feet over by an inch; Stephanie Kornegay blasting out of a trap to within inches of the cup; the swift release of Sharon Speer sending the softball in a high arc that catches the outside comer of the plato; and the graceful power of Lisa Staton thrusting her body out of the blocks toward tho tape in record time. All are representative of the men and women who contribute to the splendid spectacle of Carolina sports. They sharo credit with thoir teammates, coaches, tho Athletic Department staffs . . . and thousands of Carolina fans whose proud support brings superiority to V the colors Carolina blue and white. 279281Football Chapel Hill in the fall is a town full of expectations. The calm and quiet of a deflated summer population is soon replaced by long lines, parking tickets, and the more serious aspects of the season — football weekends. Pound a few beers and last year's losses to Miami and Richmond are ancient history; and the disappointment of the 5-6 record is negligible. Thoughts are consumed by the two-touchdown, record-setting, four-minute classic finale over Dook. Pound another one and the mind swims in anticipation. p rty .«,. H‘OVr°°yom V'SIT TONITE OR ANYTIME 285Following the incubation period of Dick Crum's debut season, he hatches a team he can call his own. No longer will the players bear the stamp of the Dooley mold, no longer will coach-player relations be uncomfortable, and, after a year of Civil War, there would be unity in the players' ranks. Proven talent, youthful speed, strong senior leadership, and pride will be the strong suits. One more beer and, staggering out of Troll's, you can hardly wait for the season opener. On September 7, the Tar Heel football team proved that they couldn’t wait either. Against a pre-season top 20 ranked, revenge-seeking South Carolina football team, the Heels put on a well-balanced gridiron show that was two penalties and one fumble from being perfect. Against 18 returning USC starters, Carolina ran up 332 total yards (a 5.0 yard per play averago) and four touchdowns while holding the Gamecocks scoreless. The game’s standouts were many: Buddy Curry led the spirited defense and had 16 tackles; Ricky Barden set up a touchdown with an interception, recovered a fumble, and had 5 tackles (including a sack) on his way to being named ACC player of the week; Amos Lawrence carried the ball 26 times for 139 yards and two touchdowns, and Matt Kupcc threw nine completions in 14 tries for 94 yards, including a 43 yard touchdown strike to Phil Farris. Remember that. Rupee's statistics don’t show it, but he was the difference, leading the team with such poise, skill and confidence that USC coach Jim Carlcn called him “the best quarterback in the South.” With an open date the following Saturday, Dick Crum’s second season premier was one sweet win to be savored for two weeks. While fans toasted the victory, the team was working hard, preparing for the 13th-ranked Pittsburgh Panthers who had thrashed Kansas 24-0 in an opening victory of their own. Rain fell throughout the morning of the 21st. When the sun finally broke through, it cooked Kenan Stadium into a massive, muggy, hot tub, which was just what Pitt coach Jackie Sherrill didn't want. His team was to rely on speed and passing, and his boys were not used to balmy Chapel Hill. Fittingly, it was Carolina that supplied the speed and passing. Remember the play that scored against USC in the fourth quarter? Woll, Kupec loaded up another perfect 43-yard bomb to Phil Farris that put the Heels on top for good. Following a Jeff Gray P.A.T. the tone of the gome became defensive. Buddy Curry had a super-dcluxc-fantastic game. He corralled one of Pittsburgh’s five fumbles, he snared two of the four interceptions that ruined the usually golden armed Rick Trocano’s day, he had nine solo tackles, five assists, and was named the National Defensive player of the week by Sports Illustrated. All in a day's work; Carolina 17 —Pitt 7, 'nuff said. The following weekend the offensive unit stole the show and everybody got into the act. Kelvin Bryant, the leading rusher the week before, ran well in his third game until he injured his shoulder, ending a promising freshman season; Doug Paschal gained 90 yards on the ground and 32 in the air to stay the leading receiver as a fullback: Kupcc was 10 of 16 for 125 yards passing; and Famous Amos picked up 214 yards in just 29 carries for two touchdowns. That yardage gave him a 141.3 yard average per game which made him the leading rusher in the nation. Ron Wooten, Rick Donnelley, and the rest of the offensive line hod a picnic on tho field while opening mammoth holes for the backs. When it was over Carolina had made 27 first downs and amassed 534 total yards for a classy 41-3 victory. Already scouts from the Liborty and Garden State bowls were in attendance.On October 5, the University of Cincinnati ventured into Kenan Stadium to face the nation's leading rusher and one of the top scoring defenses in the country. When they left, the Bearcats knew they had faced a very solid ball club. Famous Amos scored three touchdowns for the first time in his career; tight-end Mike Chatham, in his last game as a "reserve” pulled down three catches for 75 yards and his first TD (a 58-yarder); and Doug Paschal got his first 100-yard game of the season. As the Kupec-guided offense was rushing and bombing for yardage and points, a crowd of 49.000-plus soaked up the plays, the rays and the beverages as if the fun would never end. Four games into the season we were undefeated and ranked 14th in the nation; just a year ago we were 1-3 and looking for another head coach. At this high point in Crum’s career at Carolina, the coach himself was characteristically a tad less than ebullient. "Football is a game of mistakes,” he said. "The team that makes the fewest, wins.” This was right bofore Wake Forest, when the Tar Heels gave up four fumbles, an interception and 101 yards in penalties on their way to losing 19-24 in a gruelling rainsoaked game. Error-prone as we were, Carolina still gained more yardage and seven more first downs than the Deacs, who later won a bowl bid and celebrated their best year in a very long time. Against a passing team, Kupec showed his aerial prowess and set a Carolina record by completing 24 passes in 41 attempts for an impressive 267 yards and two TDs. Ten of his completions, 144 of his yards, and both of his scores were made possible by the sure hands of budding star Mike Chatham. Despite the heroics, the Heels learned early in the conference schedule that ACC teams were having a banner year in football. 288 The next week the team travelled to Raleigh for the annual showdown with N.C. State. This regionally televised game proved a very tough win for Carolina, despite a lead of 28-7 at the half. Doug Paschal, shifted to halfback because of Amos Lawrence’s ailing hamstring muscle, still performed spectacularly. He rushed for three touchdowns and a career-high 117 yards on his way to being picked as the ACC player week. Aside from some lapses in the secondary the defense played exceptionally. After two un answered Wolfpack touchdowns in the thirc quarter, when outside linebacker Lawrenc Taylor broke through the line and nailed State' QB Scott Smith hard enough to cause a fumble Tar Heel Jeff Pierce landed on the ball and fiv plays later Paschal dove in from one yard out t At College Park, Md., the Tar Heels' lackluster, mistake-ridden performance caused them to lose 14-17 and "make” the Terps’ season. With six seconds left in the game we had the ball on the Tcrp 21 yard line, third down and two to go. Kupec dropped back to pass deep but saw good coverage and dumped off a short pass to Billy "the Horse” Johnson who ran out of bounds at the 14 yard line with 1 ' i seconds left. In a classic case of the homefield advantage, the timekeeper let the clock run out. Bummer. The Clemson game yielded no alibis and left us 1-3 in the conference race. The Tar Heels dropped passes, jumped offside, and turned the ball over five times, making Homecoming the low point of the year. Tossing cups at pigeons was fouund to be more fun than watching the players on the fiold. Most had given up hope for any bowl invitation. Then came the Virginia game and a dominating win that wasn't reflected in the 13-7 final score. More important than the conference win was the post-game bid to the Gator Bowl, which the team voted to accept: 92-0. That turned an already heated rivalry between Duke and Carolina into a proving ground for doubters, and a clincher for three players destined for the record books. Mott Kupec connected with Mike Chatham in the second quarter for his 18th TD pass and new ACC record. The catch was Chatham’s eighth TD, which tied the conference mark and set a school record. And a healed Amos Lawrence ran for 19 yards more than he needed to complete his third 1,000 yard season, giving the rising senior a chance to join Tony Dorsett as the only men to havo four consecutive kiloyard years. session on our 30-yard line with 1:11 remaining. With half a minute left, Kupec hit Paschal (who had a career-high 151 yards rushing) with a pass at the EC 31. Three incomplete passes later Jeff Gray was sent in to kick the three points to tie. Embarassing and disappointing, yes, but a loss would have felt much worse, as we found out the noxt two games. eal the win 35-21. The victory in the sixth game it the Tar Heels at a comfortable 5-1 record and 1 in the ACC, leaving only conference games id LEast Carolina. ECU has always been a ugh opponent for ACC teams and October 27 as no exception. In a game with few mistakes e Pirates took the lead in the fourth quarter tor trailing tho Heels throughout the first reo. After two stalled drives we regained pos- 289TEAM UNC OPP South Carolina 28 0 Pittsburgh 17 7 Army 41 3 Cincinnati 35 14 Wake Forest 19 24 N.C. State 35 21 East Carolina 24 24 Maryland 14 17 Clcmson 10 19 Virginia 13 7 Duke 37 16 Final Record: 7-3-1; ACC 3-3 291 ft.295299301V UK -December 28, 1979, Carolina vs. Michigan. Ranked 14th nationally. Michigan had been the only team in the country to finish in the AP top 10 final poll in each of the last 10 seasons. They were big, fast, well-coached. and hungry, after having lost in six straight bowl appearances. Make that seven, Carolina was hungrier. After a week of practice and sight-seeing, the Tar Heels entered the Gator Bowl with composure, a relaxed intensity. Using a jazzy version of the basic I formation we'd seen all year, the Heels fought back from a nine point deficit to beat the Wolverines 17-15 in front of 70,407 fans, most of whom sported Carolina Blue pompoms. Co-MVPs Matt Kupec and Amos Lawrence sparkled in both halves. Kupec was 19 of 28 passing, and guided the motion offense with expert precision. A TD strike to Phil Farris may well have been the most exciting play of the year, as he made a one-handed circus catch. Famous Amos, the first player of the season to gain more than 100 yards against Michigan, had 23 carries for 118 yards and made five pass receptions. The offense appeared to dominate the field but the defense was equally magnificent. When Carolina wont ahead 14-9 in the 4th quarter, the defensive unit forced four straight turnovers to frustrate a Michigan come back, leaving the way clear for an offensive clincher: a 33-yard Jeff Hayes field goal with 7:31 left in the game. Jeff had missed 6 of 12 during the season and two in the first half of the bowl game, but his toe put the ball dead through the uprights with yards to spare when it counted most. When the fat lady had sung, Carolina had thoroughly outplayed Michigan and replaced them as the 14th ranked team in the final poll. How sweet it is! Tar Heel fans celebrated across the nation, and in Jacksonville we painted the town blue. Both students and alumni hailed it as Carolina’s finest win, but Coach Crum modestly called it "a very good win.” That must mean he's planning something - r bigger, and I like the idea. K{ _. i307309It would have boon a good season anywhere else — but not in Chapel Hill. Twenty-one victories, eight losses and a second place finish in the regular season conference race were not enough. By Carolina standards, the season was OK at best. But that only showed how great the past has been. Only two of Carolina's eight ACC tournament championships have come in even numbered years (1968 and 1972), and this was. after all, 1980. But it was the first season since 1974 that a Carolina team did not add at least one trophy to the glitter in Carmichael, and it was the first time ever that the boys in blue began the ACC season 0 and 2. The Associated Press’s pre-season poll hnd ranked Carolina sixth in the nation. Returning from the 1979 ACC championship team were 11 lettermen, five soniors. and four starters. Secretary of Defense Dudley Bradloy had been drafted in the first round of the NBA. Carolina was shooting for an unprecedented fifth consecutive first-place finish in the always tough Atlantic Coast Conference. Tar Heel fans expected great things from All-American Mike O’Korcn, the total eager; A1 Wood, the smoothost-shooting forward in the South; and James Worthy, tho ballyhooed freshman from Gastonia. Seniors Davo Colc-scott, John Virgil, Jeff Wolf, and Rich "Chickee” Yonakor were to provide experience and consistency — valuable assets in the Dean Smith basketball system. Rumors wero rampant. It would be another great season. After an Athlete's-in-Action appetizer in Anaheim, California, the entree was soon served. The Big Four Tournament arrived amid rumors that it was being killed to stop the cancer of too many games among the Big Four schools. Tho fact that three of the four teams had to lose at least one game early in the season was a minor consideration. Carolina waited until the championship game to become one of those teams. The Heels handled State easily tho first night, winning by thirteen. James Worthy dobuted with 12 points and ten rebounds. The next evening, however, not even the team’s now bluo high-topped shoes could stem the tide as Duko flooded Carolina in tho second half to win 86-74. It would be the closest the team came to winning a championship the entire season. Three more games against non-ACC opponents exposed both strengths and weaknesses, but a winning edge in all. The fans and the team had been looking ahead to a nationally televised match with Bobby Knight's "Hoos-iers’’. Sports Illustrated had picked Indiana to win tho national championship. On 22 December, they had slipped to fourth and lost two of their starters. Carolina had dropped to eighth in tho country, and as Mike O’Koren admitted, "Nothing had been accomplished before the Indiana game. We wanted to prove some things to ourselves.” The game was a classic chess match. With a crowd of 17,311 "Hoosier Hysteria” fans cheering against them, the Tar Heels battled to a 31-31 halftime score. Defense was the name of the game. Carolina surged slightly ahead midway through the second half. Dean Smith raised four fingers. An exotic version of cut and pass four comers bloomed as Worthy worked his way to 18 points and nine rebounds. Another chapter of the King James version of Carolina basketball was written. Dave Colescott provided tho moral to the story as the former "Mr. Basketball” of Indiana hit two free throws with 30 seconds left to push the Heels to a 61-57 victory. The tide changed again, this time along the River Thames. The Heels dropped one of three exhibition gamos while vacationing in London during the Christmas holidays, as injuries dropped several players. The return to the colonies resulted in jet lag and two quick losses to Clemson and Virginia. The march began anew in Georgia. Mercer proved to be a timely win which primed Tar Heels for Wake Forost two nights later. A resounding 15-point blowout of Duke left that Durham "Cuckoo’s Nest” looking like 8,000 lobotomy patients. A one-point squeaker over Georgia Tech in the first meeting as conference opponents and nnolher satisfying victory over State put the Heels back in tho race with a 4-2 record.. Carolina, having defeated Maryland in the nino previous meetings, needed to keep the league-leading Terps honest in the ACC. Maryland was much improved, as was their player-coach, Albert King. The Heels, however, could not stop King's brilliant passing and shooting. As Carolina's own king, James Worthy, looked to be leading the Heels on a come back, he slipped on a wet spot. The fast-break failed, and so did tho bones in his ankle, abruptly ending James’ season. 314Adversity tends to breed success in Blue Heaven, and it appeared to do the trick once more. A tougher defense and more deliberate offense carried the Heels through the next seven games with a string of six wins before a disappointing one-point loss to Maryland in College Park. Carolina slashed through Georgia Tech in Atlanta, then beat Rutgers in Madison Square Garden on the strength of O’Korcn’s overall play and Mike Pepper’s clutch shooting. The game typified Mike O’Korcn’s years at Carolina. Upon leaving Chapel Hill, he joined his good friend Walter Davis as the second Tar Heel to rank among the top ten in career scoring, rebounding and assists. Jeff Wolf, O’Koren's roommate, welcomed Ralph Sampson and Virginia to Chapel Hill. Carolina applied relentless pressure on the Cavaliers, with O’Koren shutting down high-scoring Joff Lamp. Meanwhile, Wolf was getting down and throwing down. Carmichael rocked and the Tar Heol bench rolled as "Wolfie” raced around Sampson and rammed home two thunderous dunks. Terry Holland put his wunderkind on the bench after Wolf had collected 12 points, six rebounds, two assists, and the Holly Farms’ MVP award in less than 30 minutes of play. The only thunder four nights later came from Hawkeye Whitney in Raleigh as he and Clyde Austin closed out their careers with a 13 point win over the Heels. Carolina's seniors got their chance on 23 Fobruary 1980 as Colescott, Virgil, O’Koren, Wolf, and Yonakor belted Duke in a 96-71 rout. Virgil set the pace with the first three buckets of the game. The Heels were hot, and they smoked North Carolina’s Yankee Day-Care Center (Duke) by 20 in the first half. The last game in Blue Heaven is always a special moment, and this one was destined to become one of the most memorable. 315The Heels opened the ACC tournament as if they planned to atone for the inconsistent season. A 13-point victory over Wake Forest provided hope that Carolina was on the right track. The team had struggled all season to put together two great games. Duke, however, had not forgotten tho humiliation at Carmichael six days earlier. Miko Gminski and Gone Banks led Duke to a hcllacious 75-61 victory over Carolina in tho semifinals. The Heels were forced to depend upon an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament, in Carolina’s sixth straight invitation to compete for the national championship. The tournament slate pitted Carolina against Texas A M in Denton, Texas, on 9 March. In their tenth appearance in that NCAA field in 14 years, the Heels faced a team they had never played before. Carolina was 10-0 for tho season against non-ACC teams, and Mike O'Korcn led a thrilling come back as the Heels tied the Red Raiders late in the game. Jimmy Black missed a 21 foot shot at the buzzer. Two overtimes later, Carolina lost by 17. The season ended. "If anything, we tried too hard,” Coach Smith explained after the game. If anything, the fans expected too much. But then, in Chapel Hill, it is always reasonable to expect. Mason317319TEAM UNC OPP N.C. State 97 84 Duke 74 86 South Florida 93 62 Cincinnati 63 63 Detroit 90 72 Indiana 61 57 Clemson 76 93 Virginia 82 88 Mercer 81 63 Wake Forest 72 68 Duke 82 67 Georgia Tech 54 53 N.C. State 67 64 Maryland 86 92 Wake Forest 73 61 Clemson 73 70 William Mary 71 61 The Citadel 51 40 Furman 75 63 Yale 85 74 Maryland 69 70 Georgia Tech 60 50 Rutgers 73 70 Virginia 68 51 N.C. State 50 63 Duke 96 71 Wake Forest 75 62 Duke 61 75 Texas A M 61 78 Final Record: 21-8; ACC 9-5 321 323327TEAM UNC OPP Eastern Kentucky 57 62 West Virginia 95 56 Mississippi 72 69 Appalachian State 96 55 Virginia Tech 82 73 Tennessee 55 66 N.C. State 66 89 Duke 91 58 East Tennessee 64 54 Northern Kentucky 65 64 Mercer 100 79 Clcmson 77 80 Maryland 64 62 Virginia 66 65 Clcmson 75 76 Georgia Tech 93 71 Georgia State 59 38 Connecticut 84 51 Wake Forest 101 73 East Carolina 68 71 N.C. State 68 85 Stetson 91 55 Minnesota 78 80 Old Dominion 53 74 East Carolina 85 71 Duke 85 63 N.C. State 63 90 Appalachian State 107 76 Duke 61 66 South Carolina 62 94 Duke 83 59 N.C. State 59 81 Old Dominion 61 89 Illinois State 84 73 Virginia 68 61 Oregon State 62 71 Final Record: 25-15; ACC 5-2TEAM UNC OPP East Carolina 28 21 Navy 26 13 N.C. State 21 18 Old Dominion 30 11 Duke 44 3 Clemson 25 15 Maryland 28 14 N.C. State 27 15 Syracuse 33 8 Virginia Tech 22 19 Virginia 23 17 Georgia Tech 32 12 Lehigh Invitational — 4th of 8 teams Midlands — 19th of 55 teams ACC Championship — 1st of 7 teams Final Record: 12-0; ACC 7-0Wrestling 333TEAM UNC OPP Men's Penn State 8 1 Virginia Tech 6 3 West Virginia 9 0 Georgia 5 4 Furman 6 3 Florida 4 5 Florida State 7 2 High Point 9 0 Alabama 5 4 Guilford 8 1 Richmond 8 1 Davidson 8 1 Presbyterian 7 2 William Mary 8 1 South Carolina 5 4 N.C. State 5 4 Georgia Tech 8 1 Iowa 5 4 MIT 9 0 Minnesota 5 4 Maryland 5 4 Washington Lee 9 0 Clcmson 9 0 Virginia 6 3 Wake Forest 5 4 East Carolina 6 0 Duke 5 4 ACC Championships — 4th of 8 teams Women's Wake Forest 9 0 Virginia 6 3 Yale 9 0 Maryland 9 0 Duke 7 2 Clcmson 4 5 N.C. State 9 0 Louisiana S 4 Tulane 6 3 Miami 0 6 Texas 4 5 N.C. State 9 0 Wisconsin 5 4 Furman 9 0 South Carolina 3 6 Indiana 5 4 Florida State 3 6 Wake Forest 3 6 Tennessee 7 2 Virginia 8 1 Duke 5 4 William and Mary 9 0 Blue Raider Tournament — 2nd of 7 teams ACC Championships — 1st of 7 teams Catherine Sample Memorial Tournament — 6th of 8 teams Indiana Penn Invitational — 1st of 8 teams NCAIAW State Tournament — 1st of 5 teams AIAW Southern Region II — 3rd place 335 Men's Final Record: 23-5; ACC 4-3 Women's Final Record: 25-5W MMWM nt j». f yr rv ; WMw MmA 336TEAM UNC OPP Citadel 4 3 4 1 High Point 10 9 Elon 4 3 Georgia Southern 6 8 Jacksonville 5 6 Stetson 4 0 1 6 South Florida 3 6 5 8 Florida Southern 4 15 Baptist College 8 2 Western Carolina 12 1 5 1 Connecticut 3 5 5 2 Duke 4 1 N.C. State 7 4 South Carolina 2 7 Massachusetts 12 5 Eastern Connecticut 4 1 Campbell 8 13 Virginia 11 6 Maryland 13 14 Ohio 11 8 Wake Forest 9 2 High Point 9 3 Pfeiffer 12 7 Howard 6 2 Georgia Tech 5 4 Fairfield 6 5 Towson State 5 0 Fairfield 10 9 N.C. State 5 3 East Carolina 3 10 Clemson 14 3 Georgia Tech 20 6 South Carolina 5 8 Duke 9 3 East Carolina 12 8 Clemson 4 3 UNC-Charlottc 15 0 UNC-Wilmington 10 3 Wake Forest 8 4 Campbell 20 1 Eastern Connecticut 10 11 9 2 Connecticut 8 7 Duke 13 6 N.C. State 1 3 Maryland 7 2 N.C. State 8 4 Clemson 3 12 East Tennessee 3 8 5 6 11 5 ACC Tournament — 2nd place Final Record: 39-17; ACC 11-1 337 BaseballSoftball Final Record: 17-6 TEAM UNC OPP N.C. Central 13 3 15 1 Guilford 14 3 8 3 Campbell 4 0 12 5 Western Carolina 19 6 Appalachian 7 0 East Carolina 0 9 East Carolina 8 0 3 11 Campbell 2 1 4 5 N.C. Central 13 1 13 6 UNC-Greensboro 3 2 4 2 N.C. State 10 2 2 7 Elon 0 10 6 8 Catawba 10 0 8 6 Appalachian State Invitational — 2nd of 7 teams NCAIAW State Tournament — 3rd of 7 teams 338TEAM RECORD Catawba W 15-2,15-2,15-5 Elon w 15-3,15-6 UNC-Greensboro w 15-6,15-2 High Point vv 15-1,15-4,15-10 N.C. State w 15-12,9-15,15-17,15-7,15-11 Appalachian w 15-4,15-7 East Carolina w 15-4,15-2 UNC-Charlottc w 15-4,15-10 UNC-Greensboro w 15-7,15-3 Duke w 15-4,15-7,15-8 East Carolina w 15-3,9-15,15-5,15-13 N.C. State w 15-7,15-8.15-9 Duke w 15-4,15-8,15-6 Lenoir Rhyne w 15-2,8-15,15-7 Appalachian w 15-9,15-8 Guilford w 15-2,15-7,15-12 Wake Forest w 15-4,15-8 Virginia Tech w 15-7,15-5 Eastern Kentucky Invitational — 5th of 16 teams South Carolina Invitational — 1st of 10 teams Florida State Invitational — 4th of 16 teams Maryland Invitational — 5th of 20 teams NCAIAVV State Tournament — 2nd of 5 teams Final Record: 43-13 339TEAM UNC OPP UNC-Charlotte 2 1 Belmont Abbey 8 0 N.C. State 0 1 East Carolina 2 1 UNC-Wilmington 1 1 American 2 2 Lynchburg 1 1 UNC-Crevnsboro 4 3 Towson State 6 0 Appalachian 1 0 George Washington 0 1 Virginia Tech 6 0 Old Dominion 1 1 Guilford 3 1 Campbell 2 0 High Point 2 1 Virginia 1 1 Clcmson 2 6 Duke 2 1 East Carolina 2 1 Maryland 1 0 N.C. State 2 0 Davidson 3 1 N.C. Wesleyan 7 0 Soccer Final Record: 16-3-5; ACC 3-1-1341TEAM Virginia Towson State Georgia Tech Delaware Maryland Duke UMBC Roanoke N.C. State Washington Lee Navy Virginia OPP Final Record: 8-4; ACC 2-2 UNC 14 14 23 13 12 10 9 14 15 7 18 10 342343 TEAM UNC OPP Madison 0 1 Davis Elkins 1 1 Catawba 4 0 East Carolina 7 1 Pfeiffer 2 0 Virginia 0 1 Old Dominion 2 0 Davidson 3 0 High Point 1 0 Wake Forest 6 0 Duke 2 1 Appalachian 4 2 Hollins 0 1 Virginia Tech 0 2 NCAIAW Tournament — 1st of 3 teams AIAW Southern Region II — 3rd of 6 teams Final Record: 9-4-1 345TEAM UNC OPP Men's Alabama 45 67 Maryland 73 40 Wake Forest 87 26 Pittsburgh 42 71 Tennessee 45 67 South Carolina 65 48 Georgia 57 56 Clemson 48 65 Virginia 57 56 East Carolina 69 44 Duke 73 40 N.C. State 58 55 Pittsburgh Relays — 2nd of 9 teams ACC Championships — 2nd of 6 teams AIAW Nationals — 7th place Women's Alabama 84 56 Duke 82 48 Pittsburgh 72 59 Eastern Michigan 102 29 South Carolina 37 94 Clemson 79 52 Virginia 96 44 East Carolina 89 51 N.C. State 60 71 Penn State Relays — 2nd of 12 teams ACC Championships — • 2nd of 8 teams NCAA — 22nd place Men's Final Record: 8-4; ACC 5-1 Women's Final Record: 7-2; ACC 3-1Gymnastics UNC 122.65, East Carolina 106.65 UNC 127.70, Alabama 125.60, Tow son State 120.75 UNC 127.15, Jacksonville State 141.05, Colorado 124.80 UNC 123.85, Maryland 117.10 UNC 128.65, James Madison 120.35 UNC 131.00, Duke 127.45 UNC 127.00, South Carolina 117.00, Georgia College 115.00 NCA1AW State Meet — 1st of 4 teams AIAW Southern Region II — Second place Final Record: 10-1Fencing TEAM n's UNC OPP N.C. State 16 11 MIT 12 15 Bowling Green 26 1 Illinois 10 17 Miami 23 4 Ohio State 15 12 Duke 20 7 Maryland 13 14 Clcmson 9 18 Virginia 21 6 Clcmson 12 15 Columbia 13 14 Pennsylvania 12 15 N.C. State 12 15 Duke 17 10 ACC Championships — 1st of 6 teams NCAA — 13th place Women's N.C. State 11 5 MIT 12 4 Bowling Green 14 2 Miami 14 2 Ohio State 10 6 Duke 14 2 Virginia 16 0 California State 9 7 Clcmson 11 5 Barnard 4 12 Pennsylvania 2 14 N.C. State 9 7 Duke 11 5 Carolina Invitation Women's Collegiate Championships — 1st of -1 teams NIWFA Championships — 13th place Men's Final Record: 7-8; ACC -1-4 Women's Final Record: 11-2 349Men's Pan American Invitational — 13th of 2-1 teams Gator Invitational — 6th of 22 teams Palmetto Classic — 2nd of 20 teams Pinchurst Intercollegiate — 3rd of 18 teams Iron Duke Classic — -1th of 21 teams Furman Intercollegiate — 2nd of 21 teams Houston All-American Classic — 8»h of 18 teams ACC Championships — 4th of 8 teams Women's Blue Ridge Mountaineer Lady Golf Invitational — 2nd of 14 teams Big Four Tournament — 2nd of 4 teams Lady Seminole Invitational-lOth of IS teams Duke Fall Invitational — 3rd of 9 teams Lady Tar Heel Invitational — 1st of 21 teams NCAIAW Tournament — 1st of 6 teams Peggy Kirk Bell Invitational — 6th of 12 teams Tiger-Tide Invitational — 4th of 8 teams Duke Spring Invitational — 6th of 16 teams Lady Paladin Invitational — 13th of 24 teams Lady Buckeye Invitational — 1st of 3 teams Lady Kat Invitational — 1st of 3 teams Southern Intercollegiate Championship — 8th of 27 teams 351Men's Track Field Virginia Invitational — 4th of 8 teams ACC Tournament — 5th of 8 teams Women's Track Field Virginia Invitational — 11th of 18 teams NCAIAW Championships — 1st place Track Men's Indoor Track (12-1; ACC 4-1) UNC 83, S. Carolina 46, E. Carolina 16 NC State 74, UNC 63, Duke 10 UNC 75.5, ASU 40.5. Richmond 25, NC Central 10 UNC 74.5, Western 30.5, Wake Forest 23, Duke 22 UNC 88, Campbell 28, Wake Forest 22, NC Central 20 ACC Championships — 3rd of 8 teams Women's Indoor Track (8-1; ACC 2-1) Virginia 50, UNC 39 UNC 47, St. Augustine's 27, NC State 25 UNC 57.5, Madison 57, Richmond 31.5, ASU 13 UNC 58, St. Augustine's 23, Duke 5TEAM UNC OPP Men's Cross Country NC State 26 30 Virginia 21 37 Maryland 20 39 Duke 18 45 Furman invitational — 3rd of 11 teams North Carolina State Championships — 1st of 10 teams ACC Championships — 1st of 8 teams District III — 8th of 21 teams Women's Cross Country NC State 47 15 Virginia 46 lo Maryland 42 18 Richmond 30 25 Georgetown 22 36 NC State Lady Invitational — 2nd of 4 teams NCAIAW Invitational — 1st of 4 teams ACC Championship — 4th of 6 teams Men's Record: 4-0; ACC 4-0 Women's Record: 1-4; ACC 0-3 353UNC-CH Sports Club Council Crew Club Fencing Club Godiva Track Club Ice Hockey Club Karate Club Women's Lacrosse Club Outing Club Parachute Club Racquetball Club Rugby Club Sailing Club Scuba Club Shooting Team Ski Club Women's Soccer Club Table Tennis Club Volleyball Club Water Polo Club 355Intramural Sports Top Ten Top Ten Residence Halls Fraternities Lewis 897 Delta Upsilon 681 Teague A 792 Pi Kappa Alpha 640 Manly 626 Pi Kappa Phi 501 Everett 556 Chi Phi 492 Granville DW 551 Beta Theta Pi 484 Granville CW 508 Sigma Nu 455 Avery 487 Chi Psi 328 Stacy 465 Tau Epsilon Phi 313 Teague B 448 Phi Delta Theta 299 Mangum 440 Sigma Phi Epsilon 269 Intramural rankings are based on the number of teams entered, play-off success, and forfeits. Manager of the Year Rick Magee, Fraternity Don Dyer, Grad-Independent 357 John Swaringen and Virginia Hobson, Residence HallADMINISTRATION ORGANIZATIONS 363WILLIAM FRIDAY President of the University of North Carolina . .... - -■St.Tv •' rr -'.JT.'fAT'' 1" 364365CHRISTOPHER FORDHAM Appointed Chancellor. 1980 366 FEREBEE TAYLOR Chancellor Emeritus Retired. 1980 367369WILLIAM COBEY Athletic Director. 1976-1980 JOHN SWAFFORD Appointed Athletic Director. 1980 370DONALD BOULTON Vice Chancellor of St a dent Affairs 371TANNER AWARDS 373375UNIVERSITY AWARD CARLYLE SITTERSON Chancellor Emeritus Kenan Professor of History 377Student Body President J.B. Kelly, this sneaker of a different color, humming his own tunes, has raised student government to its position as a vocal and respected mediator and activator, in touch with students and establishing contact with administrators. He described his job simply as that of the students’ advocate, with goals of improving student input on campus issues and improving student life by representing their concerns. An initial improvement of communication was Action Line — an airing of student gripes, aiming at positive results. Students’ interest was faithfully served as Kelly and his staff voiced strong opposition to increases in students’ expenses, gaining a 25% relief from a S20 per semester increase for health services. Multiplying the working ears and hands of the Suite C bureaucracy, J.B. and his expanded cabinet were able to respond more effectively to a wider range of campus activities and issues: The uncertain heaved a collective sigh of relief as an extended drop add period afforded them another two weeks of hopeful indecision. Sardined students received increased rent rebates as canning benefits for living tripled in dorm rooms. Chapel Hill Town Council housing proposals were squelched in an attempt to maintain student habitation of its shaded streets. Credit vs. load odds-makers had a better opportunity for preparation and anxiety by previewing exam schedules before making the commitment of preregistration. Perspectives of the Thornton Report, the proposed curriculum revision, were given a thorough airing, and the increased student input was guaranteed to be heard. Kelly broadcast common opinions on a larger scale as he organized a meeting between student body presidents and officials of the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, to discuss desegregation disputes. And the quality of Tar Heel student life? It must be admitted that he gave the group some class when he passed out kazoos as a satisfying and unique alternative to Duke’s “bleacher banshee-ism.” STUDENT GOVERNMENT J.B. Kelly, president Bob Saunders, president-elect 381Election Night Candidates Student Body President Bob Saunders Kevin Garrity Clive Stafford Smith DAILY TAR HEEL George Shadroui Ken Roberts Residence Hall Association Peggy Leight Janis Francis Carolina Athletic Association Charlie Brown Graduate Professional Student Federation Carolyn Smith Senior Class Lisa Goodwin Anna Watson Steve Gubin Bab Keys Jim Eaker Frank Callison 383Black Student Movement William Bynum, chairperson 384385 THE DAILY TAR HEEL David Stacks, editor WXYC-FM Tim Maloney, station manager THE YACKETY YACK Mary Beth Searle, editor THE CAROLINA QUARTERLY Dorothy Hill, editor THE CELLAR DOOR Elizabeth Moose, editor BLACK INK James Alexander, Theresa Williams, co-editors UNC Readers Theatre 387Campus Y Steve DeVine, Debbie Gupton, co-chairmen Student Consumer Action Union Sharon Parker, chairperson Orientation Commission Bert Johnson, chairperson Residence Hall Association William Porterfield, chairperson Rape Assault Prevention Escorts Joe Buckner, founder Intrafraternity Council Tim Lucido, president Panhellenic Council Cindy Cox, president 389Association for Women Students Alice Thomasson, chairperson UNC Young Democrats Mary Lewis Ellis, chairperson UNC College Republicans Mark D. Bardhill, chairperson Carolina Gay Association Patricia Carlisle, chairperson Association of International Students Robert Frimmel, chairperson Carolina Indian Circle Eric Paul Locklear, chairperson Graduate Professional Student Federation Roy A. Rocklin, chairperson392Navy ROTC Air Force ROTC Toronto Exchange C. Smith Hanes III, chairperson UNC College Bowl Bruce Graver, Matt Kupstas, Jeff Loomis winners of the 1980 Emory National Invitational UNC-CH Chess Club Tom Galloway, president Association to Counteract the Influence of Disco Richard Williams, Brenda Pennell, co-chairmen 393Officers of the General Alumni Association: Dr. Dewey J. Dorsett Jr. '47, president; James B. Brame Jr '67. vice-president; John T. Church '42. president-elect; Dr. James A. Harrell Sr. '44. vice-president-elect George L. Coxhead '42, treasurer; Clarence E. White field '44, director of alumni affairs. ►I ► ►! ►! ►! ►! ►5 ►Ion Alumni Association Clarence Whitefield, director UNC Marching Band Major ]ohn Yesulaitis, director UNC Orchestra David Serrins, director Carolina Choir Carl Starn, director UNC Jazz Band James Ketch, director Opera Theatre Mara jean Marvin, director New Music Ensemble Roger Hannay, director Brass Ensemble Edward Bostley, director Percussion Ensemble Lynn Glassock, director Wind Ensemble David Reed, director Men's Women's Glee Clubs C. Starn, D. Johnson, directors Collegium Musicum Jon Finson, director 39$Ok Or Hal Holbrook as Mark TwainThe Carolina Union Carolina Forum Committee Peter Mallinson, chairperson Film Committee Russell Flinchum, chairperson Gallery Committee Mike Haire, chairperson Human Relations Committee Jennifer Weiss, chairperson Information Committee David Carlton, chairperson Performing Arts Committee Nick Manos, chairperson Recreation Committee Rich Dest, chairperson Social Committee Bill Steigerzvald, chairperson Special Projects Committee Marcy Dean, chairperson Videotape Committee Rick Caldivell, chairperson 397HOUSES401403405Growing interest in the Greek way of life has been accompanied by increasing concern over the racism and sexism evidenced in its operation. It is debatable whether the Greek system is fostering a regression into the ways of the Old South, or is simply “reflecting the times.” Calling to mind the undenied racial discrimination within its rush procedures, the withdrawal of University recognition of one fraternity resulting from its crude treatment of women guests, and the recent reinstitution of hazing, however, one is forced to wonder just what is beneath the neatly starched surface. 406407 m 0 These two pages have been sponsored by the Interfraternity and Panhellenic councils. Interfraternity Council Tim Lucido, president; Jeff Beach, executive vice president; Britt Lassiter, secretary; Frank Spencer, treasurer; Sam Belk; Johnny F.llinjiton; Walton Joyner; Brad Osborne; Stedman Stevens; and Fred Vlasis. Panhellenic Council Cindy Cox, president; Nancy Aycock, vice presidcnt rush chairman; Shay Pittman, secretary; Jenny Steinbrcnner, treasurer; Robin Bass; Jane Durney; Debbie Gupton; Mary Ann Rickert; Lisa Romanoff; Melinda Roseman; Beth Schofield; and Betsy Schwartz. 409uuuww Alpha Chi Omega Marie Joseph, president For group identification see house roster on page 620 410411Alpha Phi Alpha Bernard Alston,president For group identification see how ' roster on page 620. 413 Alpha Delta Pi Sue Blaug, president 414The Campus Chest, sponsored by the brothers of Alpha Phi Omega, raised $3,500 during 1979-80. Fund raising events of the fall semester centered around the Christmas Stocking Raffle, which was held in conjunction with APO’s Christmas tree lighting on December 3. The spring Campus Chest drive began with thousands of balloons for the ZBT Mile of Pennies, and continued with the annual auction featuring Woody Durham and Ron Stutts of WCHL at the podium. The Campus Chest Carnival brought everyone out on April 17, for 50 kegs of beer and an afternoon of philanthropy. The $3,500 raised was distributed within the community. Campus leaders, faculty, and community representatives chose NEEDS, Campus Y, North Town, Janus House, Interfaith Council, Women's Health Counseling Center, Golden Age Happy Circle, Rape Crisis Center, Victory Village Day Care Center, Community School for People Under Six, International Student’s Emergency Fund, Chapel Hill Library, Tree House, and Golden Fleece Scholarship to receive assistance. 417Iw group identification sec house roster on page 621. 419Beta Theta Pi Mike El 1 iott, president Hot group identification sec house roster on pqgc 620. 421Iw urcxip identification see house roster on jxij$e 621. 425aa M Delta Kappa Epsilon Mac Hoak, president For group identification see house roster on page 621 426See page 621 for house roster. 427For group iik'ratification see house roster on page (25. 429Delta Sigma Pi Sharon Williamson, president 430 For group identification see house roster on page 622Kappa Epsilon Stephanie Durham, president Por group identification see house roster on page 623. 431Lambda Chi Alpha David Nail,president Far group identification see house Ulster on page 623. 433435Kappa Alpha Psi Wayne Davis,president Rw group identification see house roster on page 622Omega Psi Phi Reuben Blackwell,president For group identification sec Ixmisc roster on page 623. 437lor group identification see Ivousc roster on page 622. 439Kappa Delta B.J. Fiser, president 441Kappa Kappa Gamma Ginny Walker, president 443■ fix group identification sec house roster on page G23. 445I x group identification see house roster on (24. 447For group identification see house roster on page G23. 449 Kappa Alpha Order Jeff Morrison,president 451llllUliiiuuffitii.uu.iuu.muumn.u,;,R r group identification see house roster on page 623. 453For group identification nr house roster on pugc 24. 455For group identification see house roster on page 624. 457Pi Kappa Alpha Terry Wayne, president For group identification see lwusc roster on page 624 458459Pi Kappa Phi Britt Lassiter, president Ixw group identihention see house roster on page G24. 460463Sigma Nu Tom Daly, president 465Sigma Phi Epsilon Ned Rockecharlie, president Ibr group identification see louse roster on page (525 466Golden Hearts Sara Honey Janet Brendle Dwan Browning Wanda Bunch Jaunita Creech Carol Day Anne Johnson Jana Johnson Terri Minor Carol McMurry Robin Oberdorfer Audrey Rich Martha Shotwell Amanda Sloop Tammy Tyson Kalen V ughn Elise Ward Gena Dodson Karen Gray Karen I lensley, president Ix’slie Hollowcll Elizabeth 1 lunter 467fix group identification see house roster on pige 622. 469r oistepCoH2 N°Z£SPtm f U-NC TPS :. "Iihr tti r »«GSJMHOH! NO DRAFT! NO WAR For jjroup identification see house roster on page 0O- 470 Tau Epsilon Phi Joe Harber, presidentZeta Beta Tau James Hamilton,president fWy For group identification see house roster on jxjge 625. 471Zeta Tau Alpha Jan Musten, president l-'or group klonti fiction see house roster on page 625 472For group identification see house roster on page 62o. WWVvWV Zeta Psi Harry Gauss, president V475477BARFS 479Granville Towers T.J. Coates, governor Granville South David Warlick, president 480 Granville East Laura Wood, president Granville West Jim Nichols, presidentThis page has been sponsored by the members of Sigma Tau Delta (l-r): Bobby Goldberg, Bill McDonald. Tom Vitt, Randy Holmes, Kenny Morgan, Jim Wheeler, Barron Parker, and Joe Callaway. Ehringhaus 481482 Morrison Residence Eddy Camp, governor College Ehringhaus Residence College Tom Vitt,govemer 483Henderson Residence College Peggy Leight, governor Connor Ramona Tie, president485Morehead Confederation McRay Simmons, governor 487Stacy Jim Leggette, president 489Olde Campus Confederation Jim Eaker, RHA representative Aycock Shari Raymond, president491 ►i'll' oit».m vAm kazLm --|£3 B0 wmnat tm 'timn ml r 1l bACJRJifc 5 _..l S6w5$5£ 492 Lewis Cary Beavers, president493 'ji ij: i)l Hi ManRuffin Elaine Spencer, presidentScott Residence College Mark Brown, governor Parker Sara Holliday, president 497I Teague Doug Haynes, president 499Stow Residence College Don Honbarrier, RHA representative Kenan Beth Wrenn, president 501503PORTRAITSJill Denise Austin Catherine Lynne Cousins Cynthia Marie Cox Diane DiGisi Orlando Cepeda Dobbin Judith Carol Emken Deborah Jane Gupton Kathleen Gay Harris Eva Jeanette Heyward Senior Class Officers 1980 Janet Marie Moss Michael David Holesh Barbara Ann Huffman Vicki R. Jones Besse Jordan Robert Allen Long Jr. David Steven MacMahon Mary Eloise McCain Joseph Royal Newton Jr. Albert James Osbahr Elizabeth Anne Patton Albert Ray Phelps Jr. Marthann Michelle Sloan Kenna Lee Stephenson Laura Elizabeth Stuart Karen Lee Tagalos David Thomas Warlick Heather Hope Helen Weir Phillip Dexter WoodsMl W Debbie D. Aboles Michelle Aceti Judith Adams Laura M. Adams Sam Adams William E. Adams Martha R. Adcock Beverly K. Adkins Seth W. Ahlborn Mitchel J. Aiken George I. Aldridge BethR Alford James B. Allen Joan B. Allen Paula S. Allen Raymond I. Allen Rita C. Allen Warren B. Allen Donna M. Alridge Shelley E. Alstatt Cynthia Alston Martha R. Amburn Jenifer Amling Judith A. Ammer Michael Amos Denise C. Anderson Joy L. Anderson Laura N. Anderson Mark S. Anderson Kayren C. Andrews Rodney L. Ange John Angle James M. Annas Nancy C. Anthony Evan Appel Paula B. Appleby John K. Aragon Andrew J. Arico Glenn Arnette Brenda F. Arnold Donna K, Arnold Jill Austin Tony Austin Mona Y. Avery Romulus H. Avery John D. Ayers Carla D. Bagley Becky N. Bailey Rene R. Bailey Robin R. Bailey Mary S. Bain Donald H. Baker Merl F. Baldwin Wanda A. Ballard Steven A. Banks Vernon T. Banks Cathy Barbano Karen L. Barber Sherry A. Barbour Pamela B. Barefoot Marquita Barker Mary K. Barnes Luther E. Barnhardt Nina D. Barnhill Pamela Barrier Deborah Barrington William A. Barris David L. Bass Tim Bass Robert W. Batchelor Barbara G. Baucom Jill D. Baucom Janet Baumheckel Barbara E. Baxter Susan A. Beal Fonda R. Beam Celia J. Beaman Sally Beamer Cynthia M. Beard William H. Beard 507Katherine Black Theresa E. Black Tracy S. Black Joel E. Blackwelder Tony L. Blalock Sherry L. Blevins Andrew S. Blum Richard J. Boada Jennifer S. Boggs ithia A. Bolton i S. Bosso Eva Bost Douglas Botting Shari Bowden Susanna J. Bowen Hurley A. Bowers Sue L. Bowers Jan M. Bowles Cynthia A. Bowman David Bowman Karen Bowman Rick Bowman Frank L. Boyd Catherine E. Boykin Wayne Boyles Robert P. Boynton Rita R. Brackeen Susan Bradford Robert S. Bradham Daryl Bradshaw John Brady Cynthia M, Brafford Joan M. Brafford Terry Bragg Betsy J. Branch Stephen M. Branch John Brandenburg Stacey W. Brandt Diane Brann William Branson Stephen G. Brantley Mark W. Braswell Beverly G. Braxton Willie E. Breeze Shannon Brennan Van M.Brenner Wanda J. Brewer William A. Bricky Elaine Bridger Bettina L. Bridges Janis M. Bridges Christopher Brinkley Juli S. Brisson Brian L. Brooks Donna L. Brooks Nancy Brooks Glenda D. Beasley Gary W. Beavers Pamela I. Beckendorf John T. Behm James R. Belcher Calvin A. Bell James Bell Milton D. Bell Marty G. Belle Constance S. Bencini Karen E. Benfiold Ann M. Benjamin Bob P. Bennett Barbara K. Bentley Janet Benton Gabriella Bergen Phyllis M. Berger Carol A. 8erry Susan Best Michael G. Bigham John S. Billingsley Maria Biro David M. Bishop Elizabeth A. BivensPenny D. Brooks Peggy Brotherton Joseph L. Browder Barry S. Brown Beanie Brown Betty J. Brown Beverty A. Brown Bonny J. Brown Carlene D. Brown Elizabeth L. Brown Janet E. Brown Jennifer A. Brown Kyte N. Brown Margaret M. Brown Patsy D. Brown Rachel J. Brown Wanda E. Brown Ann A. Brueckner Pamela S. Bryant Bob E. Brymor Jay H. Bryson Lonnie T. Buff Elizabeth Buie Alma Bullock Corbi Bullock David P. Bullock Kim A. Bullock Mary E. Bunch Anne W. Bunker Melanie D. Burch Elizabeth K. Burke Susan Burkheimer Robert L. Burney Frances P. Burns Kim Burrell Mary Jane Burroughs Shannon K. Burroughs Wimberley Burton E.S. Bush Deborah L. Butz John W. Byers William J. Bynum Cindy E. Byrd John A. Byrd Peter Byrd Linda M. Cabe Dana Cagle Lisa D. Caldwell David P. Camacho Eddy Camp Catherine J. Campbell Aaron Canada John Canipe Mary T. Cantwell Jim Caporaso Joel M. Carey Edna C. Carmichael Joyce A. Carmichael Jeffrey Carnes Alan Carpenter Elizabeth Carpenter Marla Carpentor Walter Carpenter Catherine Carr Floyd Carr Jane M. Carroll Betty Carter Charlie Carter Cindy Carter Sandra Carter Toi Y. Carter Lisa F. Cartwright Susan Cary Martin W. Case Lavonne Casey Cindy E. Cates Helen M. Catoe Michael W. Caudle Keith Caviness Tim D. Champion 509Michael R. Chandler Cynthia A. Chapman William C. Chapman Jeff Cheek Lisa Cherry Russell Cherry Yvonne A. Cherry Leslio C. Chilton Elizabeth Christian Waliaco Clapp Lt. R. Clark Sarah Clark Kim Clarke Janet M. Clayton Donald J. Clelland Joseph W. Coates Tommie J. Coatos A. Cobb David C. Cobb Harold J. Cobb A.E. Coboy Marie A. Cochran Cindy Coe Gretchen E. Coofield Paul Cole Rebel Cole Fredrick Colson Buel S. Combs Mary L. Compton Patrick A. Connolly Carolyn Cook Nancy Cook Sue A. Cook Vailie Cook G.C. Coombs Artie Cooper Judson A. Cooper Marla S. Cooper Dudley R. Coppage Dwight P. Cornell Janice V. Coulter Mark A. Coulter William T. Council Judie L. Covington Michael T. Cox Miriam L. Crabtree Nancy L. Craig Robert Cramer Marie E. Crooke Lisa K. Crouso Vick Crumpler Berryman T. Cudd Elizabeth M. Cummings Isaiah J. Cummings Mark S. Cummings Thomas Cunningham Kathleen M. Curry Kim Curry Randy C. Dabbs Manan B. Daily Wheeler J. Dale Cheryl L. Dalpiaz Patricia W. Dalton Christine C. Daniel Deborah A. Daniel Dorothy Daniel Florida Daniels Sharon Daniles Jane E. Darb uaroy . Dark Les e A Lynn M. Darnell Patricia A. Dart Katherine J. Davenport Pamola Davenport Mary L. Davidson Angela D. Davis Page Davis Regina D. Davis Sarah E. Davis Scott B. Davis 510Vanessa E. Davis Wayne Davis Diana E. Dawley Denzil Daye Don DeMott John B. DeVette Carla L. Dean Paul R. Dean Connie Dearmon Cynthia A. Dearmon Amelia B. Dees Eric H. Dellinger George J. Demetri Jr. Helen D. Dennis Ronda L. Dennis Wanda E. Dennis Richard Dest John W. Deyton III Bruce Dickerson Kimberly S. Dietz Diane Dig Si Deana Dillingham Thomas P. Dillon B.S. Dinkins Dawn M. Dixon David A. Dodd Mark Dodd James W. Doggett Robert S. Donnan Elizabeth A. Dooley John D. Dorsett Renita C. Dortch Mary B. Dowdall Suzann M. Doyle Alan C. Dunn Andrea D. Dunn Sandra K. Durham Ann R. Duvall Karen L. Duvier Bevorty A. Dyer Grace V. Eakes Terry S. Earley David Earnhardt Ginger M. Eckard Catherine A. Eckles Jackie Edmonds Charles G. Edmundson Laura Edmundson Jan Edwards Mary E. Edwards Rebecca Edwards Keith Ellenberg Betsy Ellington Kathryn Elliott Patti Elliott Bruco S. Ellis Clarence D. Ellis Strib Ellison Allison S. Elsee Judith Emken Cindi C. Emory Pamela J. Engel Ka Entwistle jaret R. Esquivel Steve Eudy Edwin G. tvorett Faye Everhart Debra S. Everton Robert F. Fabiszak Elizabeth B. Fahl Carey A. Faillace James E. Faircloth Amy Farabow Arnold W. Farlow Deborah J. Farmer Harold L. Farthing Steven J. Fauser Sandra Fearrington Steve Felts Patricia Ferrell 511Missy Fick Bonnie Fields Darlene G. Fields Cindy B. Fink Kathleen M. Fischer B.J. Fiser Brian Fisher Monique Fisscher Nancy S. Fitzgerald Joseph w. Flair Charlotte A. Fleck Suzie B. Flowers Kathy E. Floyd Bill A. Flynn John A. Fonville Deborah F. Ford Jim E. Ford Nina J. Ford James D. Fortenberry Elizabeth K. Fortune Ralph Fortune Carlton T. Foster Ben E. Fountain Nancy D. Fountain Clarence M. Foust Patricia M. Fowler Nancy I. Fowler Kimberly E. Fox Kim R, Franklin David D. Fraser Joseph G. Frazier Elijah T. Freeman Michael D. Freeman Kenneth J. Frier Carol J. Fry Carole H. Frye Ruth C. Fulghum Annette M. Fuller Elizabeth B. Fuller Robert W. Fuller Charles W. Gable Tom Gahagan Trudy Gale Virginia Gantt Randall K. Garner Frank D. Garrison Flerbert Garrison Graig R. Garvin Stephen B. Gaskins Carol E. Gates Tom Gawronski Julie D. Gay Paul B. Gay Janet F. Geddie Gary J. Gelo Jann E. Gentry Graig George Pamela B. George Dorrie Gibson Winston L. Gibson Beverly M. Giddens Catherine G. Gilbert Gloria G. Gilbert Laura Gilberti Randy P. Giles Sue Gilliland Marianne Gillow Pete Giordano Paula Gizzie Al Godley John P. Goforth Lilburn A. Goodson Janice C. Goss Lawrin Goulston Bruce Gow Jennie D. Graham Mark S. Graham Donald W. Gray Dusty Gray Robin E. Gray iiM Eleanor Greene Jane Green Julie K. Green Pam Green Tammy Green Paul Greene Arlee Griffin Carol A. Griffin David R. Griffin Louise D. Griffin Sandra K. Griffin James B. Groce Glenna M. Groomes Jane A. Grote Mary Ann Grotland Maureen B. Grove Deborah J. Gupton Paul B. Guthery Jean Hackney Hunter B. Hadley Danny M. Haire James F. Hall Janice M. Hamby Sandra G. Hamby Cindy Hamilton Kathy L. Hamilton Kelly E. Hamilton Michael A. Hamilton Lisa L. Hammann Lisa D. Hampton Peggy L. Hampton George T. Hamrick Sarah E. Hamrick Carol L. Hannor Kate D. Hannigan Victor Hanson David Hapke April L. Hardison Rusty Hardwick Ronald P. Hargrove Janis R. Harper John Harrelson Troy C. Harrington Amy A. Harris Betn A. Harris Cynthia B. Harris G.G. Harris Kathleen Harris Susan Harris William Harris Fabra Hart Jeremy J. Harwood Thomas P. Hastings Anne C. Hawkins Steve Hawley Sandra Hayes Melinda Haynie Robert D. Hays David R. Heath Kriston A. Hebbe Jacquolin E. Hedrick William A. Heisel Carol A. Held Jean Henderson Mac Henderson Mary A. Hendrickson Robert W. Henley Sue A. Henson Mark I. Herman Charles L. Herring Mark Herring Marla R. Hersh Junnie T. Hester E. Heyward Leslie C. Hicks Mary J. Hicks Steven E. Hight B. Hill Lydia K. Hill Nancy Hill 513Wally N. Hlnkelman David Hinson Scott M. Hinson Tamara R. Hipp Yung C. Ho William M. Hoak Laura P. Hobby Gray C. Hodgos Judith A. Hodges Scott E. Hoehn Patricia A. Hotfman Shelley Hoffman Saundra K, Hoffner John C. Hoke Michaol Holesh James Holland Raymond H. Holland Robin Holland Lisa A. Hollingsworth Martha S. Honinshed Thomas Holloman Jacqueline F. Holmes Anne C. Holshouser Hugh E. Holt 514 Susan B. Holt Mary P. Holzer Brent R. Honeycutt Karen Honeystuffle David Hopkins Varonda A. Hopkins Roy L. Horney Jon B. Hornsby Dale M. Horton Bo Houff Talmadge W. House Jane R. Howard Melinda A. Howard Deborah Howell Gary Howell Teresa Howie Jane Hubbard Cherie Hubble Peggy A. Hudson Darleno Huggins Charles R. Hughes Paul Hughes Michael Hugo Gary A. Hull Theodoro R. Humphrey Cynthia R. Hunnings William Hunsucker Pamela J. Hunt David Hunter Elizabeth A. Huskey Mark Hyman Barbara A. Igoo Patricia M. Irish Lewis R. Irvin Jr. Donnie N. Isley Caroline E. Ives William A. Ivey Susan Jackson Annette L. Jacobs Sarah J. James Gregg E. Jarvies Susan P. Jeffries Brent G. Jossup Joyce A. Jessup Joy D. Jester Martha J. Johnsen Brenda Johnson Carolyn D. Johnson Cynthia L. Johnson Daniel W. Johnson Darrell Johnson Drake E. Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Jan E. Johnson Jana L. Johnson Jennifer M. JohnsonStacey A. Johnson Al L. Jones Betty S. Jones Cathryn D. Jones Dena Jones Elizabeth C. Jones Emmett M. Jones Glenda F. Jones Joan A. Jones Joy A. Jones Julius Jones Margaret E. Jones Martha J. Jones Russell W. Jones W. Jones Patricia A. Jonges Jep C. Jonson Laura C. Jordan Joey Jordan Alison M. Jordan Brenda L. Jorgensen Marie L. Joseph Nancy Joyce Vencmt D. Joyce Susan J. Joyner Benny D. Judd Matthew B. Judson Joy E. Justus William Kallam Ellen G. Kaminsky Michael J. Kanak Donald O. Kay Randy J. Keel Tamira L. Keeter Deborah J. Keller Cherfyn G. Kelley Linda A. Kelley Lisa A. Kelly Ricard Kelly Michaol Kelsh Joyce A. Kephart Pamela A. Kepley Betsy Kerr Ronnie M. Kidd Kimberly S. Kietz Toni D. Kimer Carol J. King Frank W. King Michael King Bradley Kintner Elisabeth T. Kintner Lori S. Kirchgessner Karen Kirk William G. Kirkman Kelly Kissiah Jody Kittner Sandra J. Kline Robin A. Kluttz Marsha Knott Thomas M. Knowlton Jack L. Koford Betty K. Korner Edward G. Kramer Laurie J. Kreindler Nancy R. Krossin Mark E. Kroeger Phillip C. L'Hommedieu Robert F. Lackey Virginia Lackey Mark D. Lacky Susan K. Ladd Barbara E. Lambert Karon P. Lammey Clinton W. Lancaster James H. Lancaster Rosemary W. Langley Susan F. Langley Pam J. Lanning Geraldino A. Laplaca Leslie K. Larsen 515Tom Lasitter Talley A. Lattimore Robert Laws Randy Lawson Deborah A. Lay James E. Lebow Pamela A. Ledford Cynthia D. Lee Bob Leeds Nancy L. Leonard Lewis E. Lepper Robert W. Leslie Betsey Lovy Mary Anne Lewallen Alison E. Lewis Joyee Lewis Mae L. Liau Virginia Undley Laura V. Lindsay Robert Uneberger Charlotte Linobcrry Melissa E. Little Alice A. Livingston Timothy Lockett Jennifer H. Lockhart Cindy Love Julie A. Lowrance Cammie Lowry Tim Lucido Geri L. Lyles Bruce Lynch Gerald C. Lynch Nancy R. Lyon Steven R. Lyon Peggy S. Mackie Benjamin L. Maddrey Jamos L. Mader Tracy S. Madigan Marina L. Maggio Leslie T. Magnusson R. Keith Mallard David T. Manly Charles Mantootn Ginger Lee Maples John T. Maples Marian Maready Roger D. Marion Robert E. Marks William T. Markushewski Theresa A. Marlowe Blake Martin Janet Martin John Martin Suzanne Martin Ann M. Martinelli Donna G. Mason Keith A. Mason Jeffrey D. Mathis Cheryl Matthews David L. Matthews Karen B. Matthews Pat A. Matthews Timothy J. McBride Mary E. McCain Sharon McCann Robin McCarter Brenda C. McCauley Ana McClanahan Julia A. McCombs Robin A. McCourt William F. McCoy Gregory McCraw Debra J. McCray Chris A. McDonald Ian K. McDowell Connie M. McElroy Francis S. McElroy Kathleen McEntee Doris L. McFadyen Robert C. McGaffin 516Debra L McGhee Kelly C. McGough Elexsis S. McGowan Donna G. McIntyre Cathy A. McJunkin Audrey H. McKay Joyce D. McKenzie Susan McKenzie Janice O. McKinne Mark W. McKnight Margie A. McLeod John M. McManus Lauren A. McMurry Ruth T. McNeill Marci A. Meade Michele C. Mecke Mary A. Medicus James A. Meisel Denise Melton Steve E. Melton Susan M. Merkel Steven C. Messinger Andrew Michael Greg Michaels Kenneth Michal Jason S. Midgett Robin Miele Carol C. Miles Michael R. Milos David W. Miller Margaret P. Miller Neil Miller Stephen P. Miller Pamela Mills Brenda Mincey Nicole A. Mincey Cathy Mintz Mark E. Mintz Forest O. Mixon Lisa D. Mock Maria Moessem Karen J. Molina Lisa Moore Lois F. Moore Rhonda G. Moore Robert F. Moore Susan Moore Frank J. Mooring Jefferson Morgan Tammy A. Morgan Barbara E. Monarty James B. Morris Nicole J. Morris Amanda S. Morrison David A. Morrison Cornelia Morton Leslie J. Moss Martha H. Moss Lawrence A. Moye Jim Muldrow Wendell Mull Robert F. Muller Julia L. Munden Joel T. Murphy Alan Murray Donna M. Murray Ricky V. Murray Sheila Murray Meg K. Musgrave Vicicie Mussiewhite Cynthia G. Myer Lee Myers Tim Nader David Nail Margery E. Nailor Dharley Nash Harriet Neas risti L. Nelson Ward W. Nelson Singer A. Newman 517Michael K. Newnam Joseph Newton Jane E. Nielsen Richard C. Noble Robin A. Norman Judith M. Norris Allison R. Northcutt Nancy K. Northington Elizabeth G. Norwood Donna S. O'Dell Paula O'Kelley Alvin C. Oakley Gave Obermayr Leslie Ogden David L. Ormond Albert J. Osbahr Conrad E. Ostwalt Jill E. Otto Kelly J. Overby Catherine A. Page Susan C. Page Leslie K. Painter Patricia A. Palmer Robert Pannell John E. Papanastasiou Gregory S. Pape David Parker Michael G. Parker Clifton W. Parrish B. Susan Parrish Elizabeth K. Parsons Debra L. Patrick Carla Patterson Cassandra S. Patterson Kathy A. Patterson Larry S. Patterson Penny J. Patterson Emilio F. Patton Lisa C. Patton Margaret S. Patton Patricia S. Payne Stephen Poacock Clalro E. Peeler Laura Peeler Nuri A. Perez-Reyes Jesse Perkins Rex Perkins Cheryl D. Perry Alan M. Peters Grady F. Peterson Kimberly J. Peterson Albert Phelps Debra Phifer Steven W. Phillips Christine J. Pickard Debra J. Pickrel Bert C. Piggott Gregory B. Pittman Joseph T. Pittman William R. Plonefisch Joseph P. Poats Michael Podeil Thomas S. Poindexter Nancy R. Polinsky Terri M. Poison Jan Poole Janice Poole Fred Pope Carol L. Porter Martin H. Posey Carol Powell Donna H. Powell Kenna Powell Shori R. Prather James E. Pratt Lawrence T. Prevatte Jennifer Price Philip R. Price Timothy S. Price Michael M. Pridgen 518 Tommy Primm Eve Prince Leslie A. Pritchard Hazel E. Proctor Wayne Promislow Vernon W. Pugh Caroline G. Purser Mark W. Puterbaugh Harry L. Putnam Gillian Quadlin Charlton T. Quaile Henry H. Ralston Rodnck D. Randolph Mario E. Rankin Bill Ray Annamarie Reddin Carolyn Reece Mark Reed Richard Reese Susan L. Reesman Tom Register James Reid Stanley M. Reid Bruce Reinoso Debbie D. Remsburger Mary Rench Bill Rendleman Virginia M. Revelle Larry Rhodes Nancy A. Rhyne Thomas L. Richards Stephan B. Richter David S. Pickard Chris Riggs Patricia D. Ritchie Barry J. Roach Helen G. Roach James T. Roach Byron Roberts Cynthia J. Roberts Denise Roberts Manley W. Roberts Mary M. Roberts Daniel G. Robertson Andrew W. Robinson Dillon Robinson Jeffrey N. Robinson Wanda G. Rogers Dorothy A. Rompalske Jane t. Ronner Melinda J. Roseman Jim Rosenberger C. Ross Jeanne D. Ross Karon E. Ross Kelly L. Ross Anna B. Rosser Jim Rouse Susan Rowe Donald W. Royal Nanci Rubinsohn Steven Ruff David A. Rushing M. Carry Russ Patricia D. Rutchie Laine Sachsenmaier Lillian Slacines Mary B. Saltzgiver Elizabeth S. Samonds Suzanne G. Sampson Kenneth R. Samuelson Greg J. Sanchez David P. Sanderson Ann Saravalli Paul W. Sasser Charles L. Saunders III Binay Sawhney Carolyn P. Saylor Yolanda Scarlett James Schrum 519Robert N. Schwartz Donna L. Scott Jeffrey R. Seal James R. Seals Randy Sears Georganne Sebastian Dof! Susan E. Sole Carl D. Semmlar John B. Senter las A. Shackelford mothy J. Sheehan Frank G. Shell Greg K. Shell Tracy Shellabarger Mike Shelton Tim Shelton Carole Shepherd Trudy Sherman Mollie W. Sherrin Pamela L. Shivar Marianne Shoaf Elliott A. Shoenthal Alison F. Shoulars Carol E. Shrum Lawrence A. Shuford Clayton L. Shugart Leigh A. Shumate Sarah K. Shutt Emilio Siddle Bruce Simel Robert W. Simmons Gaiv Simon Beverly J. Simpson Curtis Simpson Ethelyn H. Simpson Natalie J. Simpson Rhonda J. Simpson Amar P. Singh David W. Singley Julia L. Sink Julian L. Sisk Margaret R. Sites William P. Skinner Thomas F. Skipper Susan J. Slack Mark A. Slater Melody F. Slaughter Cheryl D. Sloan Roxanne M. Small Joy E. Smawley 8ecky P. Smith Brenda J. Smith Elizabeth Smith Elizabeth T. Smith Jane H. Smith Lynda C. Smith Lynda M. Smith Mark Smith Michael Smith Nancy V. Smith Phyllis M. Smith Wanda Smith David R. Sneed Lee C. Snyder Cathy M. SokJato Susan M. Solomon Pamela J. Sondey Cathy Sorgi William Sorrells Karen D. Southern Charles Sowers Lori A. Spangler Anthony P. Sparrow Cora E. Speight Terry R. Spence Terri L. Spencer Elizabeth Spicer Tom R. Spiekerman 520Conor M. Storey Sandra G. Strader Wanda C. Strater William Strickland Gerald Striph Jeremy Strong Jerri E Stronzier Stuart R. Strum Stacy E. Stubbs Bryan D. Sturkey Allen W. Stutts Nancy K. Stutts Susan R. Summerell Charles G. Summers Kelli Summers Laura Sump Marie L. Sutton Suzanne E. Sutton Steven M. Swaim Thomas A. Swain C. Vanhook Swepston Cindy C. Swofford Allison L. Sykes Karen L. Tagalos Marcia D. Tallent Susan S. Tart Denny C. Tate Karen R. Tate Gary W. Taxman Ellen Taylor Robert E. Taylor Rosiyn Taylor Scott Taylor Tammie L. Taylor Stephen Teague Anne M. Teffeisen Philip Temple Janice M. Temples Elizabeth C. Tennent Paul Teske John C. Theobald Doyle M. Thigpen Betsy N. Thomas Daniel F. Thomas Karen L. Thomas Kelly S. Thomas Ruth E. Thomas Anne B. Thompson B. J. Thompson Diana Thompson Steven C. Thompson Jenny Thorne William D. Thurman Ramona Tie Joan Timmons Marian E. Timothy Darryl Spivey Linda Spivey Mickey Spivey Carolyn L. Springs Deborah J. Springs Karen P. Springs Lisa J. Spurrier David R. Squires Barbara J. Staab Debbie S. Stadiem Frank O. Stallings Michael C. Stamey Walter L. Stanfield Scott Stanford Janet A. Stava Leslie Stefan Joan R. Stephens Kenna L. Stephenson Janice A. Stett Aaron D. Stevenson Terrence E. Stinson Emily Stockard Catherine C. Stocks Sarah Stocks 521Tony Tingen Karen E. Toreson Mary E. Toreson Lisa 6. Townsend Susan M. Townsend Kalha Treanor Rebecca L. Trexler Mark Troutman Laurie S. Truesdell Leanne Tucker Samuel P. Tucker Norbert E. Turek Carolyn J. Turlington M. J. Turlington Marc C. Turner Glenn A. Tuttle Kenneth T. Tyndall Carolyn Underhill Eric Upton Charles T. Urban Pattie C. Urquhart Karon Vanco Renee Vance John W. Vanderburg Samuol H. Vann Mitchell L. Varner John M. Vaughn Kathleen Vaughn Samuel F. Vaught Anne E. Voazoy Dottie Venable Carl V. Venters Philip W. Viverette Christophor T. Voigt Robert Volkor David N. Von Storch Lisa Vulinec Beverly L. Wagner Loretta C. Walker Norman Walker Susan F. Walker William H. Walker Sara B. Wall Rolf B. Wallin Robert Walsh Wendy Walsh Bill R. Waltor A. M. Warren Douglas W. Warren Leo V. Warshauer David L. Wasserman Anita K. Waters Catherine A. Watkins James A. Watkins Mary E. Watkins Steve Watkins Kathryn Watson Kimberly A. Watson Susan D. Watts Terry Wayne David L. Weary Carl Weatherly Gloria Webster Johanna R. Wedlock Ralph Weeks Virginia A. Weems Wendy B. Weinberg Richard K. Welch Robert A. Welch Deborah A. Wellons John Wells Robert C. Wells Shawn M. West Carol A. Weynand Ann M. White Beniamin C. White Marian H. White Mary E. White Thomas White W. W. Whito 522William White Robert T. Whitfield Ebbie J. Whitley Sheila M. Whitley Susan C. Whitley Teresa A. Whitted Robert E. Wiggins Martha Wilkerson Robin P. Wilkerson James S. Wilkinson Charles A. Williams Charles A. Williams Kathy F. Williams Kimberly K. Williams Patrick A. Williams Theresa A. Williams Yvonne L Wiliams Blanche S. Williamson Joy Williamson Craig Williard Todd C. Williford Anthony R. Wilson Antoinette D. Wilson Barbara J. Wilson Barbara S. Wilson David C. Wilson Jane E. Wilson Joni E. Wilson Tim Wilson Cecelia C. Winslow Marsha D. Winstead Donna Winston Alice J. Wire Josephine K. Witt Frances B. Wolf James Wolfe Karen L. Wollner Elmer C. Womack Brenda L. Womble Heide T. Wood Michael L. Wood Bert Woodard Margaret L. Woodson Steve D. Woody John H. Wollard Kemp Woollen Sherry L. Wooten Susan D. Worth James H. Wrenn III David Wright Mark C. Wright Nancy Wright Peggy C. Wyatt Sandra J. Wyke Barbara L Wyman K. Bryan Wyrick Mary Yadusky Norman G. Yates Douglas W. Yeargins Molly D. Yelton Paul Yoder Don C. Youse Jr. Michael N. Zarzar Henry S. Zaytoun 523Samuol Bclk Judith U. Bergman Sharon K. Bingham William J. Camp Alison Daniels Richard Davidson Charles S. Englert Nestor Fitzgerald Lisa Gorachty Elizabeth A. Guentert Pamela J. Gunter Sharon A. Hico Clarence High. Jr. Carmen Hoyle Kathy J. Jacobs Forest Jamagin Donald D. Joyner Cassandra F. Lyons Robert W. Mann Mary J. McDaniel Jonathan S. Nance Caroline Allen Joan P. Balde Paul Barfield Kniuip oan Patricia A. Binder Harry G. Braun 3 ary Brown Muhammad A. Buraey Donald R. Carmichael Mitzi Cherry Louise Coggins Lisa D. Collins Michel Cotonna Robert I. Davidson Vann W. Donaldson David F. Fraley Margie M. Franck George R. Franke Marian C. Girouard Craig Gourley Patrick J. Grace Stewari E. Hankins Victor Hanson W.K. Harris Timothy R. Harvey Mike W. Hickman Joseph D. Hobbs Vivian J. Holloway 524 Randall Sauls George K. Walker Susan E. Wallace Melinda K. Wheeling Clinton L. White Marshall L. Williams Steven WilliamsDavid Holmes Carolyn L. Howard Eric L. Hyman Mary R. Jowoll Carolyn E. Johnson Marde E. Jones Jane L. Joynor Barbara Keyworth Michael G. Kinnaird Randall K. Kloko David Knight Eugene E. Labarre Teresa M. Lazzaro Ann Leftwich Theresa Little Sharon K. Long Robert Lyerly Dorothy Marlow Mary B. Martin Madora D. Matava Ninta Matthews Brenda McClain Carmichael B. McIntyre James B. McLain Franklin C. Merryman Terrell Morgan Adriano Moz Susan G. Navey Francis L. Newton Kevin F. O'Brien Ann M. O'Hale Klaus-Diete Pomiluek George B. Raysay Julie Robinson James C. Schleter Robin R. Sogall Brad Shinaman Sue A. Sims Craig A. Smith Elizabeth H. Smith Linwood Stone Cathy Strange Robert Struba Susan B. Terry L. Thornburg Don E. Tootnman David H. Tyner Donnell Van Noppen Wilbur L. Walker Peter D. Wallens James W. Whiteside James Whitley Stanton D. Wilhelm Teresa L. Wilson Randy Woodland Judy A. Woolard 525Kimbertoo Adams, 82 Patricia Adams, 82 Refcy Adams, 81 V rdy Adams. 82 Sarah Adcock. 81 Nicholas Addison. 83 Etoino Agapion. '82 John Agor. 83 Molodyo Aiken. '81 Jamos Anslte. '83 Mary Attar. '83 Jeromo Ataooic, '83 Noil Aderman. '83 Bradoy Aloxandor. '82 Divnyno Aloxandor. '83 Jarico Aloxandor. '83 Kenneth Aloxandor. '83 Laura Aloxandor. '81 Torry Aloxandor. '83 Tina Aloxandor. '81 Susan Alton. 83 Cothorno Alrod. '82 Cola Aired. 83 Eizabolh Aflsbroofc. 81 Kovn Almond, 82 Loretta Almond. 82 Teresa Almond. 81 Robert AJphm, 83 Martha Aitpaugh. 82 Loeis Alston. 83 Lydian Altman. 81 Richard ARman. '83 JoanRa Amaya. "82 John Amoin. 83 Annotlo Amerson. S3 Mark Ancona. S3 Carolyn Ardorson. S2 Choryt Ardorson, S3 Kart Ardorson. 62 Usa Ardorson 82 Lon Ardorson. S3 Mog Andorson. SI Sara Andorson. 81 Todd Andorson. S3 Vicky Ardorson. SI Lisa Ard-accho. S3 Carolo Andrews. SI Carolyn A-drows. 82 Stephanie Andrews. S3 Suianno Ardrows. 82 Davd Annas. 82 Roborl Anthony. S3 Urdy Appon. S2 Joy A«ro. S3 Cynthia Apploehto. 82 Cane Aronds. S3 Molnda Artodgo. SI Amy Armte'd. SI Julia Armttod. SI A Ann Armstrong. S3 Grant Armstrong, '82 Noel Arrington. '81 Tammi Arsnoau, '81 Etiadoth Arthur. '83 Kathy Arts. '82 Toresa Arts. '83 8nan Ascher. '82 Nancy Aschonbrenn. '83 Usa Asho. 83 Jennttor Ash.'ord. 82 Paul Ashworth. 82 Usa Allans. S3 Pamo'a Atkinson, S2 Myra Auman. '81 Shernn Auman. St Nathanid Austin. '82 Cynthia Avery. S3 Elbert Avory. S2 Pamola Avory. '82 Vera Avery. '82 Maryann Ayers. 8t Norman Aycock. S3 Usa Ayer. 82 dm Ayers. '83 phoebo Aiar. '82 Amber Babb. 83 Johnson Baok. 81 Cynthia 8addOur. S3 Card Bader. SI Loo Baor. 83 526Dorothy B« Frederfck i Lisa BoiWry. ’81 Molesn Bai'ey. '83 Civvies Baker, S3 Doedoo Bakor. '83 Monica Bakor. '82 r Baldwin. 82 t Ballard. '83 Joy Ballonbno. '83 Anne Ballinger. '82 Kent Bandy. '82 Kimberly Banks. -82 Linnette Banks. '83 Torosa Banks. '83 Laura Banner. '82 Lorraine Barbee, S3 Dobbio Barbour. 83 Shannon Barbour. 'S3 John Barfield. '81 Janet Barger. 81 Jack Barker. '82 Tracy Barker. '82 Charlotte Baridey. 82 Constance Barkley. '83 John Barkloy. '81 Kimberly Bartowo, 81 Natal o Barlowo. 81 Tony 8arnard. '81 Wiliam Barnard. '83 AJbort Barnos. '82 Betsy Barnos. '82 C f» Barnes. '82 James Barnos ill. '83 Mchaei Barnes. '83 Roben Barnes. 83 WJiam Barnes. 84 Kim Barnette. '81 Lori Bametto. 81 Jackio Barnhardt. '83 Keiy Barren. '83 Koty Barren. 81 Martha Barron. 81 Beth. Barringor. '84 Brent Barringer. 81 Catherine Barrow. '82 Alyson BarHotL 81 Barbara Barton. '83 Jooby Bass. 81 Ricky Bass. 83 Ronda Bass. 82 Vickie Bass. 83 Roy Batchelor. 81 Vaiene Bateman. 83 Vincent Salomon, 81 Sheri Bates. 82 Anna Battoaoli. '82 Anne Batten, '82 Marguerite Baumeister. 81 Mono Baomolstor. 82 Diana Banter. 81 Susan Baromoro. '83 David Boom. 82 John Beam. '83 Michaol Beam. '83 Jorry Boamor. '83 Al'en Bean. '83 Juie Boon. '83 Valono Boon, 82 Hamiton Beanblossom. 81 Karon Beaver, 83 Scarlott Boaver. 83 Carol Beck. 82 r Beck.'83 I Bock. 83 Monica 8eek. 83 Frank Bedot. 82 Deborah Bodtord. 81 Jerrei Bedford. '82 Thereso Boobe. '83 Anne Beeson. 83 Donald Booson. 82 Bob 8egfn. 81 Emsy I Leigh I 8ronda Behringer, ih Bets. 81 82 Doboreh I Stanley Belk. '83 Bernard Bel. '82 Scott Bell. 83 Helen Beiar. 81 Oano BedriL '83 Angela Bellamy. 83 Toressa Bonder. 82 Carter Bennott. 82 David Bonneci. 81 John Bennott. '83 Nancy Bennett. 81 Rosalind Bennott. 81 Susan Bennott. 81 Alan Bonot 83 Susan Boroken. 82 Myra Bentley. 83 Ralph Bentley. 83 Torosa Borton. 82 Patti 8erty. 81 Cheryl Berrior. '83 Molisa Berry. 82 Carol BerryruD. 82 Frank Best. 82 Laura Bethjne. 83 Robert SnncN. 82 Deborah Bigby. 83 Dcrone Bigolow. 82 Danny Biggs. 82 Paula BJirgsiey. 81 Bruco Blow. 83 Patrice Bty. 81 Bobby Bmda. 83 i Bmgham. 83 Joan Birch. 83 Steven Birch. 83 Amy Brke. 81 John Bishop, 81 Paulo Bshcp. '83 527Mchael Branort. 81 Cathy 8ransccm. 83 Joanna Brantloy. 'S' Rebecca Brantfey. 82 Dr J Braswell. 83 Jennifer Bratcher. 83 Becky Brawiey. "82 Richard Bray. 83 Atsa Breedcve. 82 Lands Breeze. 81 Lisa Braaia. 82 RcOn Broozo. 83 Lori Braidantnai. 82 Larry Brertkeutz. 83 janat Brando. 82 Aeeen Brennan. 83 Barbara Brea. 83 B.K. Brewer. 81 Oaera Brewer. 82 Beverly 8ncker, 83 Mary Bndger. 82 Pares Bndger. 82 Elen Bndgors. 82 Angela Bruges. 83 O G Bridges. 84 Luka BrO} C1. 83 Lynda BridCkas. 83 Amanda Briggs. '83 8d Briaa . 83 Donna Briggs, 82 Susan Brags. 82 Robert BrSey. 83 David Bril. 82 Kim Bmcle. 82 Lin Brtrriey. 83 Dnda Bnnson. 83 Carolyn Bnntnafl, 83 Jennifer Bnfl. 82 Nancy Britt. 82 Freeman Broedwe . 83 Keith Brockhouse. 81 Jeanne Brockmann. 81 Jeffrey Bronnenberg. 82 Usa Brook. 83 Mary Lee Brooks, 81 Nora Brooks. 82 Ame Brookshro 81 John Broome '83 Ronald Broome Jr. 83 AH. Brown. 82 Anta Brown. 82 Cyrrha Brown. '83 Oand Brown. '82 Oouglas Brown. 83 E en Brown. 81 Jennifer Brown. 83 John Brown. 82 Keith Brown. 81 Kenneth Brown. 81 Linda Brown. 82 Marjono Brown. 83 Martin 8rown. 81 Mchael R. Brown. 82 Mchael W. Brown. 82 Mchefie Brown. 81 Patricia 8rown. 83 PMt Brown. 83 Shan Brown. 83 Sharon 8rown. '82 Sherry Brown. 82 Steven Brown. '83 Vainda Brown. 83 Dena Bruce. 82 Kevin Bruce. 82 Evelyn Bruton. 81 Charles Bryan. 82 Vanessa Bryan. '82 Bern Bryant. 83 Bath Bryant. 83 Darla Bryar . 83 Karon Bryant '83 Shernetta Bryant. 81 Dan Bryson. 83 Charles Buchanan. 83 Elizabeth Buchanan. 83 Jason Buchanan. 83 Thomas Buckman. 82 Candace Buff. 83 Fam Bugg. '82 Bnan BugnL 82 Graham Buie. 82 Shari Buie. 82 Don Bula. 82 KeoBufa. 82 Annotlo Bullard. 83 Donna Bulard. 83 Mary 8ullard. 83 Wayne Bulard. 83 Amy Bunco. 83 Leslie Bunco. 81 Mary Bunch. 83 Wanda Bunch. 83 Jolt Bundy, 82 Metanie Bums. 83 Duncan Buoyer. '82 Ernest Burchel. 81 Thorrvssa Burchheld. 83 Kmberty Burge. 83 Robert Burgess. 82 Tim Borges. 81 Carol Burke. 83 Leigh Burleson. 82 Richard Bumiske. 82 Emty Bums. '83 Bern 8urraO. 82 Gary Burrs. 83 Torronco Burroughs. 81 8urges Burrows. 83 Angela Burton. 82Anno-Alison Burton. 83 Marti Burton, 83 Pamoln Burned. '81 Coteen Bosch. 82 Elizabeth BwSS. '83 Um Bustor. '81 Linda Budor. 83 Booamn Byarty. 83 J i wyan. 81 Amy Byrd. 81 Pamela Byrd. 81 John Cago, 82 Brtan Cax). 83 Gary Cain. 81 Usa Cain. 82 Gaylo CaVJef, 81 Derek Cakfwei. 81 A'ex Cafvoun. 81 Steven Call. 82 Kamieen Callahan. 82 Pew Callahan. 82 Joyce Callaway. 82 AJison CaAccct. 82 Frank CaAson. 81 Jana Calloway. 83 Donna Cameron. 81 Rchard Cameron. 83 Etzabeih Camfli. 83 Cantro Camp. 82 Mary Camp. «2 Andrea Campbell. 83 Angola Campbell. 83 Carol Campbell. 82 Carole CampboS. 83 Francos Campboll. '83 Jarw Campbell. 82 Robert CampboH. 81 Sand. Campbell. 83 Susan C Campbe . 81 Susan L CampboB. 81 Terosa Campboll. 82 Aaron Canada. 81 Jennilor Canaday. 83 Mart Canady. 83 Angela Cartpe. 81 TcOo Cannarty, 83 Kimberly Capps. 83 Rono Caputo. 82 Rchard CapwoH. 83 Wanda Carbaugh. 81 Roeemary Carbary. 81 Lorlo Carlisle. 83 Date Carlson. 81 Robort Carison. 82 WWam Carlton. 81 Jenny Cameal. 81 Androa CarpooW. 82 Mark Carpenlor. 82 Rex Carpenter. 83 Amy Carr. 82 Brenda Carr. 83 Kimberly Carr. 82 Mary Carr. 81 Andrea CarncK 83 Donna Carrou. 82 ChrtstoMO Carson. 83 Bodi Conor. 81 Carol Cartor. 83 Cathy Cartor. '83 Kathy Carter. 81 Laura Carter. 82 Paula Cartor. 83 M«hoio Contend. '83 Marsha Carry. 83 G Carver. 82 Frances Cassda. 81 Josaph Casioen. 81 Jennilor Casleh . 81 Shon Castle. 82 Jana Casboborry. 81 Bo«y Catos. 83 Eteaboth CaUoy. 81 Sarah Causey. 82 Gary Cavanaugh. '82 Wayne Coe . 81 Oris Chambors. 81 Karen ChandW. 81 Lyneoe ChandW. 81 Alston Chapman. 82 Ronnia Chapman. 82 Sheila Chapman. 83 Sarah ChappoA 82 Clark Chant on. 81 Luann Charlton. 83 Miko Chatham. 81 Ricky Cheek. 81 Mary Cherry. 83 Eva Choss. 82 Fred Chowcn. 83 Laura Chesson.'83 Leslie Chesson HI. '82 Jamos Chestnut. ‘83 J Chodain, 83 Bob Child. 82 Terry Childers. '83 Cothome Chitty. 82 Susan Crtrty, 83 Kadjol Choudhury, '83 Carol Christian.'83 Shorn Oistopher. 83 Paei Chubb. 81 Charles Chuno. 83 Chirs Church. '83 Eteen Church. 81 KonrWh Chsrch. '83 Lon Church. '82 Bgao CJogiu. 83 Jen Curdy. '82 Colleen ClarVt. 83 David Clark. 81 Marcia Dark, '81 StophaWo Clark. '81 France Clarkson. 82 Jorry Clay. 82 M hael Clay. 82 Frank Oaylon. 81 Ua Oaylon. '83 Paul Oaylon. 83 Thoaosaus Oaylon. 81 Danei Omani. 81 Margaret dement. 83 Broni Oevonger. 81 Christy Ctck. 81 Stxrtoy O.tlon. 84 U a«nard.83 KettyCIna. 82 PNlip C no, 81 Linda Oppa-d. 83 Bern Oonmgor. 82 John Clonu. 83 Steven Cloud. 82 Ma-ia Coadey. 81 Lori Coata . 83 BobbyCobb. 83 Cana ce Cobb. 81 Gregory Cobb. 83 Karen Cobb. 83 Laura Cobb. 83 Heaiher Cochran. 83 Richard Cochran, 83 Km Cocke. 83 Harry COCOtas. 81 Mark Cody. 83 Christy Co«ay. 8 Kevin Cofloy. 8: Sharon Coney. 82 Wflam Cotfey. 82 Ban Coggm. 81 Km Coggins. 83 Kaffvy Cohan. 81 Rachel Cohan. 83 Jeanne Colby. 82 Laura Cofcry. 81 Jamas Cola. 8i Rick Cola. 83 Cyrflka Coleman. 83 Theresa Coleman. 82 Jamas Colaun. 82 Mary CoHetie. 81 Roy Cdletlo. 82 Jemrtor Cottoy. 83 Susan Cotte, 81 a Cotier. 82 »Collar. 81 Mahan Collar. 82 Mark Cooler. 83 Thomas Co er. 83 Wohnl Coaler, 82 J.S. Conns. 82 James Colins. 81 Robn Coons. 83 Jennilor 81 Marsha Colwell. 81 Oara Combs. 82 Tmoffry Combs. 82 Cheryl Comer. 81 Donna Comer. 83 Jody Comer. '82 Gayle Compton. 82 Barbara Cooe. 82 Sury Conner. 81 Donald Cook.'83 Kendall Cook. 83 Rdgley Cook. 81 Teny Cook. 82 Carolyn Cooko. 81 Davis Cooko. 83 KoflhCocAe. 83 Richard Cooko. 81 Susan Cooks. 83 Chnsta Cooper. 81 Edward Cooper. 81 James Cooper. 81 Mary Ccpe'and. 83 Angina Copetn. 83 VxSi Coppodgo. 81 Calhonno Corbett. 83 Craig Corbin. 82 Kondra Cormack, 82 Sandra Com. 81 Richard Comelus. 83 Chris Comwot. 81 John Corperkng, 82 Carol Costa. 83 Mary Ann CoslaMe. 83 WJlam Costner. 83 Josoph Colton. 82 Lrsa Cottrell. 82 Anne Courts. 81 Frank Covington. 83 Laura Covington. 82 Betsy Cowan. 81 Beth Coward. 82 Jm Cox. 81 Kenco Cox. 82 Kris Cox. 81 Lea Cox. 83 Renta Cox. 83 Stophirto Cox. 83 Susan Co . 81 Tamara Cox. 82 Timothy Cox. 82 Witam Cotart. 82 C nd CraWroe. 83 Kimberly Crabtree. 82 Dennis Craft. 83 Luam Craft. 83 Caran Craig. 81 Donald Craig. 82 531Kin Crag. 63 Nancy Crag. 82 Cathy Cramor. 83 Cathy Cramor. 83 Vicki Crano. 61 Cynthia Cranford, 62 Grog Cranford. 81 Kali Crawford. 63 Cindy Creasy. 83 Diene Crooch. 83 Dane Crooch. 83 Juarxa Crooch. 62 Sara Crown. 62 Donna Crudup. 82 Sow Crump. 82 Anno Crumplor, 83 Batty Crumplor. 82 Toroso Crumplor, 83 Raymond Cucumber, 83 Robocco Cuddy. 81 Ooon Codo. '83 Rosa Cuonca. '82 Ruth Cubed son. 81 Dennis CUm. '83 Dano Cummings, '82 Michael Cumpsiy. '83 Josse Curefon. 62 Darrod Current. 61 Grogory Current. 61 Atrod Currie. 62 Cynthia Currin, 61 ffoUy Currin. 61 Brian Cusack. 62 Karon CuthreA 62 Joo Dabbs. 61 Johtyn Dale. 63 Juie Dalton. 63 Dand Oaly. 62 Mauroon Oaly. 63 Carl Daniel. 63 Euta Danel. 61 Run Cartel. 83 Torri Dane!. 83 Valerio Danel. 81 Undo Oaniels. 83 Wiliam Daniels, 83 Rita Danrer. '83 Clara Danger, '83 Phi Dark. 61 Joanna Damon. 62 John Daugherty. 61 Mergerot Daugherty. '83 Ccnrte Daughtry, '83 Amy Daum. '83 Evzabelh Davonport. 63 Kimberly Davonport. '83 Tyrono Oavonport. '83 Dew Davoy. 62 Detde Davidson. 83 Martha Davdson. 63 Sandra Davdson. 63 Angela Davis. 82 Ann Davis. 62 Beth Dans. 83 Bronda Davis. 61 Clarence Davis. 63 Cynfta Davis. 61 Dobra Davis. 63 Dana Davis. 64 Dorothy Davis. 82 Edward Davis. 61 Eva Dsns. 62 Gta Davis. 83 Jack Davis. '82 James A. Dans. '83 James K. Davis. 83 Jan Davis. 61 Jane Davis. 61 John Davis. '83 Karen Davis. 63 Mark Davis. 61 Mark E. Davis. '83 Many Davis. 81 Mellarry Davis. 61 Michaol Davis. 82 Ophoka Davis. 82 Pamela Davis. 82 Randall Dams. 61 Ricky Davis. 61 Tina Davis. 62 W.O. Davis. 63 Usa Davison. 83 Elaine Dawkins. '83 Wham Dawkins. 62 Roz Dawson. '83 Cheryl Oayo. '83 Teresa Oayo. '83 Jorry Do Berry. '63 Stophon Ooal, 82 Wanda Ooal, 63 Paul Oeano, 61 Oawn Doorman. 62EMabedi Devaney. 83 Judy Dew. 83 Susan Ocenio. '82 Susan DiCfcerson. 82 Teresa Oekarson. 82 Poly Dickson. 81 Glenn Dwtnch. '83 Jody Dielrlch. 81 JaneDOon.81 Robert Divine. '82 Chna Ox on. 82 Cynthia Dixon. 81 Dawn Dixon, 82 Mchaai Ox on. 82 Rebecca Oxon. 83 Steven Dearos. 82 Steven Dob n,. 83 Donyoa DocXary. 83 Ranoafl Dodd. 82 Jo Dodgson. 83 George Dodson. 82 Jenny OoeUng. 82 Russel Doggott. 81 Carta Ddce. 82 Donna Doles. 82 AlVod Dolgo. 83 Wfcam Dodoy. 83 Angola Dorman. 81 Brent Dorman. 81 Mary Dorton. 83 Kan Oosser. 82 Pattio Ocub. 81 Good Oougias. 83 Jotlroy Douthit. '82 Emfy Dover. 83 Gna Dowd. 83 Sarah Dowo). 83 Vann. Dowon. 83 Slavon Downoy. 81 Partene Dozer. 83 yjSJ ' 81 Jackjo Drapor, 82 Jf s ca Oalo. 82 Mary Drew r. 81 J 2 £•». 83 K %Drew»., W Paanda Ooxlor, 83 Card Qrtrftard. 62 9J™3 OubowjJu. 83 Dudley. 82 RgNnDiAe. 82 W“am Dul. 83 P m Duncan. 83 Ronny Ounean 81 •OflDurfcip. 83 Sco« Dunlap. 81 Card Dunn. 81 Denial Ounn. 83 SSoSS"«M Sites Iteter.r Sssssw? •asas, airs Jans Eakor, 81 gses S fc?.. £rffrey Eason. 83 K r«n Echerd. 83 J®“ ne Eckard. 81 gpsr Z Swan Edmistoo, 83 Arthur Edward , 82 SB— •tohn Syde. 83 Edward,. 82 «M 1 Edwards. 81 Km Edwa ds. 83 iKia:S 2SS.EtSS,MM Timothy Edwa-ds. 82 533Sarah Eliott. '81 David Ella. 83 lauran Ells. '81 Lawonco Ells. '83 f Ck Elis, '81 Tom Etta. 82 Rebecca ESdon. 81 Thomas Eldon. 82 Donald Elmore. 81 Laurie Eknore. 82 Robert Elmore. 82 Tracy Elmore. 83 Lisa Ely. 83 Graco Emorson. 83 Ann Emery. 81 Davd Emoty, 83 Frauko Emget. 81 Donna Engte. '83 Mchaet Englsh, 83 Eizaboth Emen, '83 Carl Espy. 83 Alison Essen. 81 John Estos. 81 lynn Ellers. 83 8ennie Eure. 81 Alison Evans. 83 Audrey Evans. 82 CynTia Evans. 81 JuSson Evans. 81 Lisa Evans. 83 Michael Evans. 81 Murphy Evans. 83 Patricia Evans. 83 Jamos Evorhart 81 Sarah Ewing. 81 Ulan EyrKh. 83 Pamela Erie . 82 Gna Faggart. 83 Julia Farckxh. 82 Paul Fartoigh. 81 Evelyn Faison. '83 Terosa Fadcn. 81 Jenrtfer Falk. 83 Pamela Fakenbury. 83 Dotbo Falls. 83 Marta. Fails. 83 Rick Fannin. 81 Mane Fargls. 83 Oobbio Fallow. 82 David Farmer. '82 Elzaboth Farnngton. 82 Mary Far riot. 82 BA Farthing. 82 Bonnio Pass. 83 Jay Foucette. 82 Moaan Faughl 81 Cyrth Facikner. 83 Jodie Faust, 83 Margaret Faust. 83 Jolt Fonyvos. 81 Lynn Forebee. 83 Evelyn Forguson. 83 F.b. Forouson. '83 F.D. Ferguson. '83 Jamos Forguscn. '83 Lewis Ferguson. 81 Linda Forguson. 81 Usa Ferguson. 82 Annabeie Fernandez. 82 Bryan Forree. 81 n Fosporman. 83 Joh Fosporman. 83 Jackie Felds. 83 Joann Felds. 83 l.'-t-oy Finn. 81 nne Fischer. '83 Anno Fischer. 83 Karen Fischier, 81 Anderson. Fisher, 83 Bronda Fisher, 83 Gas Fisher. 81 Gary Fcsner, 83 Jennifer Fnher. 82 Juke Fdhor. 83 Mark Fdhor. 83 Fdhor. Powell. 81 Tony Fdhor. 81 Valerio Fdhor. 02 Victor Fdhor. '83 Dan Fitt. 81 Jamos Fitzgerald. 81 mo FitzgoraCd. 83 ChartosTtack. 83 Charles Ttack. 83 Frank Flanagan, 81 Janet Flee nor. 82 Gina Flomlng, 82 Marshas Fleming. 81 Pam Fleming. '83 Krdtle Fleshman. 81 Pavtoa Flmehjm. 83 Jan Flowers, 82 Walton Floyd. 81 Oaruet Ftye. 83 Graham Flwrt. '83 Ke y Fogseman. 81 Linda Fogfia. 82 Maty Foltz. 83 oh Fcrbos. '81 Joseph Fcrbos. 81 Bront Ford. 82 Cyntha Ford. 83 Regina Ford. 83 ShenyLynn Ford. 83 Tracv Ford. 83 Tracy Ford. 83 ValOflO Ford. '82 Denee Fortune. 81 Anta Foster. 83 David Foster. 81 Leo Ann Foster. 83Hobart FoStar. 81 Joan Foust. 82 WuiW Foust “83 Jan Fowttr, 81 Noal Fowl . 83 Chesea Fox. 82 Cndy Fox. -81 Jut Fox. 83 Spore Fox. 81 OonnaFoy.83 Karon Frady. 83 Janis Franos. 81 Craig Frank . 83 Karon Frenklrt. 83 Kov Frankin. 82 Pacnda Frankln. 83 Kannoot Frazier. 81 Pamela Frar or. ‘82 Sandra Frazier. 83 Marvn Freody. 82 Amy Freoman. 81 Seen Frooman, 82 E!uat n Freshwater. 81 Wtton FreyermuTt. 83 W am Fmjay. 83 Tarry Fft Jlo. 82 JcZm Friedberg. 83 Eric Fret. 81 Cnnsiopher Fromen. 81 Dave) Frost 81 Claud Fry. 82 Trudy Fry. 81 CirH Fryo. 83 | V FundOttoork. 82 Annono Furr. 81 Ua Furr. '82 Shorn Furr. 84 ssrww sassy iS»Gj«Se ri Gaby ,, K Ersssr” sK R." Susan Gann. 83 Gr«0 Garber. 81 SttES . Gardner. 83 Stovon Gardnor. 83 VtaortaGjrdn .S JWrny Gamor. 82 Stuart Gnrr, 83 Potor Garrabrani. '83 Oarrjro. 82 carol Garrett, 82 P v1d Garrott. 82 ter “'"KSSg »KSr%?» swssa:; gjS ’l, en o Goba 82 Ntorman Gocrgo. 83 ®SjS)82M gStt? ate Vi §EqS££ G'OW G.©ort. 82 te, ftor GiIiati, 8i Kathy Garr JuGate . Ieoh GAam. 83 WaSor GJUcn, 82 Marva GAs. 82 Anno Comoro. 81 Jon Gsmoro. 83 Pamo'a Gnsburg. 83 Dobbio Grdharry. 82 Jottroy Gians, 81 Zoda Class. 83 ShoHoy Gloalon. 83 Barbara Cloavos. 83 Becky Glenn. 83 Kafry donn. 83 Ellon Gidowol. 81 AkeoGtovor, 82 Torosa dovor. 83 Esther Gtnndor, 82Randal Mai. 3 Susan Hal. "82 Adrian Hal pom. 82 Stwon Hahoy. 84 Margaret Ham. 83 Martha Hamit. 83 Tony Hanvlton, 83 Kim Hamlet. 81 Jony Hammonds. 81 Chock Hamolitz. 83 Florence Hamrick. '81 John Hamrck. 83 Mark Hamrick. 83 Roland Hamnck. 83 Dotxxah Hancock. 81 Scott Hardsoi, 83 Kim Hanorian, 82 Kevtn Hanoy. '81 Robert Hanoy. 81 Knovol Hankins. 83 Jon Hanna. 81 Kaiherino Hanna. 81 Pamela Hanna. 82 Mary Hanson. 81 Randall Hansen. '83 Joy Hardee, 82 Rhonda Hardoe. 81 James Hardn. '83 Kmeron Hardn. 83 Shari Hardman. 83 Frederick Hardy. 81 Nash Hardy. 82 Rebecca Hargis. 83 Herman Hargrove, 82 Andy Harkey. 81 Laura Harman. 82 Marsha Harmon. 83 Robert Hamed. '82 Crao Harper. 82 Samuel Harper. 83 Joseph Hanoi. 83 Paul Harre . 81 Shelia Harrell. 82 Wa«em Harrei. 83 Martha Harrolson. 83 Janet Harr , '83 John Harrtl. '82 EHen Harris. 81 James Harne. 83 Joyce Harris. 83 Juka Harris. 83 Kart Harris. 81 Ke-rin Harris. 83 Leu-a Harris. 82 Leurio Harris. 83 Martha Harris. 81 kWcent Harris. 81 Myra Harris. 82 Sandra Harris. 81 Tony Harris. 83 Tmoffiy Harris. 83 Charles Harrison. 81 Conne Harrison. 82 David Harrison. 82 Joyce Harrison. 83 Kim Harrison. 83 Randolph Harry. 81 Janet Hart. 83 Stanley Hart. 83 Hartgrovo. 82 Kim Harterovo. 82 Cherylynn Hart. 81 Beth Hansen. 83 Janet Harvey. 83 Robort Harvey, 81 PaU Harwood. 81 Erora Hash. 82 Andrew Hassell. '83 Mchael Hasty. '82 Re Hatem. 81 Scott HavMand. 81 Elizabeth Hawkins, 81 Pamela Hawkns. 82 Leon Hawtey Jr.. 81 Anna Hawn. 82 Eric Hayes. 81 .83 . 2 Mary Hayos. 81 Sherri Hayes. '83 Aaron Haynes. 81 Donna Haynes. 81 Randy Haynes. 82 Pamela Hays. 81 Carla Haywood. 83 Karon Waywood. 83 Laura Hayworth. 83 Martha Hayworth. 82 Rosanna Hayworth. 81 Toresa Head. 83 Elizabeth Heath. 83 Joy Heath, 83 Susan Heath, 82 Susan Heath. 81 Helen HoObo. 83 Susan Hedrick. 83 Renee Modenboro. 83 Homer Hedgocock. 83 Davd Hedrick. '83 Gregory Hodrick. 82 Susan Hodrick. 83 Virginia Haga. 81 Alyson Haggle. '83 Miriam Herirtehs, 83 Kevin Ho-slor. 83 0 1 Harmink. 81 Betsy Helms. 82 Doooe Helms. 83 Deborah Helms, 82 Douglas Hekn . 83 537Jamos H nv . 82 Kim Helms, '83 Shem Holms. 83 Robert Motion. 81 Sharon Motion. 83 Crag Hom-nons. '83 JiAo Hondorson. '81 Slophanio Hondorson. 83 Cindy Hendren. '81 Kalhy Hendrix. "83 Denso Henkel 83 Wsli Honnessee. '81 WtSam Henoossoe. 83 John Horbort. 81 Liz Horbert. 81 Pal Morbert. 83 Barbara HorbMer. 81 Janneke Harmans. 83 Burgank Herndon. 83 Charles Homdon. 82 Ph p Morotd. 81 Bocky Honing. 83 Gray Marring. 81 Paula Honing. 81 Robert Horr nglon. 83 Carrillo Harsh. 82 July Her . 83 ran Mosso, 82 Joan Mosso. 82 Chart® Hester. 83 Samuol Herrtl. 81 Deborah Hrckerton. 83 Maureen Hickman. 81 Nancy Hickman. 82 Onion Hicks, 81 David Micks. 81 Manlyn Hicks, 83 Mary Hick . 83 Nation Hicks. 81 Patricia Micks. 82 Susan Micks. 81 Nancy Hggnboffiam. '83 Susan Hogonbomam. '83 Alon Hoh. 83 Samuel Kghsmdh. 83 Wllarn Hiohl, 81 Gal Htdobran. 82 Pamela Htdobran, 81 Holon Hfl. 81 Jennrter Ha. 82 Kon Mfl. '83 Unda Hit, 82 Margarot Ha. 82 Mchaeia mu. 82 Thorosa Ha. 81 Thomas Ha. 81 Wanda Mfl, 83 Doutoas Hflard, 83 Bud HiXor. 83 Winam Hflos. 83 David Hfisgrovo. 83 TimcrSiy Hinds, 82 Mary Hmos. '82 Mrke Hines. 81 Robort Mines. 81 Dorm Kmart. 81 Loo Hmart. 83 Russel Hnsahw. 81 Debbie Hinson. '83 Grogory Hinson. 83 John Hinson. 81 Loann Hnson. '83 RegnaJd Hnson. '82 Tamara Hinson. 82 Marta Hrton. 82 Frank Hirsch. 83 Charles Mee. 81 Juka Hx. 82 Amy Hobbs. 83 Angela Hobbs. 81 Grog Hobbs. 83 Robert Hobbs. 83 Lynn Hobgood. 82 Virginia Hobson. 82 Joamo Hock. 81 John Modda. '83 Brenda Modgo. 82 David Hodgo. 83 Laura Hodgo, 83 Etrabeth Hodges. 83 Cyrthd Hodgns. 81 David Hodgkns. 83 Ko«h Honman. 81 Cindy Hofliner. 81 Ellon Moimann. 83 Kimborty Hogan. 83 Susan Hogan. 81 Deborah Horton. 83 Susan Hoko. 82 Cameron Holbrook. 83 Davd Holbrook. 81 Laura J. Holland. 83 Michael Holland. '83 Scrtl Moiand. 82 Amy Hollar. 83 Oavid Hoflar. 82 Donna Hoiley. 82 Sara Hoihday. 81 Thomas Honngseorth. 83 Wtson Moils. 83 Samuol Hoioway. 81Am HoUoweV. 'SI Carta Hovno . -82 Cttariotto Holmos, '83 Chris Holmos. 01 Laura Holmes. '83 Lesita Motmas. 83 L«- dsay Heines. "82 Mchcell Holmos. '81 VWbort Holmes. 83 David Hotahouser. 83 Hugh Holston. 82 Baniara HoS. 82 Krarg Hot 82 Poppy Hofrworth. 83 CtAon HomesJoy. '82 Doma Hcrbamer, '82 Lou Honayoct. '83 Mary Honeyeuh. 83 Bonnlo Hood, '81 Karan Hood. '81 Lucy Hood. 83 Joan Hook. '82 Samuel Hooks. 82 Afyson Hookwny. '82 EHiabeth Hooray, 83 Wondy Hopfonbcrg. '83 Jeffrey Hopper. '83 Gary Homaday. 83 Jana Homaday. '82 Edith Home. 81 Tony Homo, 81 Lynda Homey. 82 Tnna Houga. 83 Audroy Houso. 83 Mary House. 83 Mary Houston. 81 Sarah Houston, 81 Kathryn Houte. 81 8ryan Hovey, 81 Am Howard. 81 Sarah Howey. 81 Theres Howland. 81 CaroAne Hubbard. 82 LO. Hubbard. 81 Robert Hubbard. 81 Bam Huber. 82 Diana Hudson. 81 Julia Hudson. 83 Kamam Hudson. 83 Rek Hudson. 81 Jeff Hull. 83 Robn Huffinas. 82 Dane! Huffman. 83 Mart Huffman. 82 David Mutlsteear. 81 Gregory Hughes. 81 Larry Hughes. 81 Leri Hughes. 83 Rhonda Htae. 82 Anna Mul. 81 Susan Mid.'82 Susan M. Hut. 81 AsNey Mosley, 83 Roxanna Humphries. '82 Tom Hungate. 81 Amy Hunsucker, 82 Etzabeth Hunsockor. 83 Ettabeih Huniar. 83 Moly Murder. 81 Stephen Hunting. 81 Lnda Hurday. 82 WBaml Hurd. 83 H. Hussey. '82 Leah Hutchens. 82 Lisa Muiehens. 83 Jack Hutcherson. 81 Ooma HuKNns. '82 Tania Hutchins. 82 Susanno Hux. 81 Hayes Hymen. 83 Dense Imen. 82 Mary mabnC. 82 Elaine mtnger. 82 Diame Ingram. 81 Sherry Inman. 83 Steven ipocA. 83 David Irvin. 81 Sharon Isoeft. 81 Rhonda taSiy. 83 Robert bley. 81 Susan Ives. 82 Sarah hey. 83 KhaN Jaber. 82 Chariono Jackson. 83 Charles Jackson. 83 Mae Jackson. 82 Mary Ama Jackson. 81 Sandra Jackson. 83 Susan Jackson. 82 Mart Jacobson. '83 Andrew James. 81 Charles James. '83 Mary James. 81 Robin James. 83 Alexander Jamison. 83 Greta Jamison, 83 Mchael Janete. 83 Jeanne Jarman. 82 David Jarre . 83 539John Jaynes. 83 Diane Jeftonos. 82 Maim Joftones. 82 Gorry joHones. 83 Us Joltnes. 82 Shofcah Joitrtes. 81 ESnor Jotters. '83 Cary JoN. 81 8 !ty Jen'ons. 83 Bronda Jensons, 81 Date Jon'dns. 82 Stevon Jsrtuns. 83 Susan Jennings. 82 Susan Jennings. '83 Oeborah Jem an. '81 Thomas Joss-man. 83 Angela Jessup. 83 Brenda Jewed. 83 Qauda J.amochoflo. 81 Usa Jindra. '82 Rachel Jobe. 83 Robert. Jobe. 83 A8ee Johnson. '83 Barbara Johnson. 83 Cardmo Johnson. 81 Cecl Johnson. 63 Charios Johnson. 82 Cynlhia Johnson. '81 Dane! Johnson. 82 Oarryl Johnson. '82 Eioatecn Johnson. 82 Gayle Johnson. 83 Gil Johnson. '81 Martha Johnson. 81 Mary Johnson. 83 Sh n Johnson. 81 Stephan Johnson. 83 Susan Johnson. 83 Susan H Johnson. 82 Susan L- Johnson, '83 Teresa Johnson. '81 Ten Johnson. '82 Thomas Johnson, '82 W am Johnson. 83 Deborah JohnsSon, 83 BMM Johnston. 82 John Johnsson. '83 Deborah Jo oy. 83 Brantley Joty.'83 Ant Jones. 83 Barbara Jones. 82 Botsy Jonos. '81 Charios H. Jones. '81 Charles R. Jones. '81 Crawtord. Jones. 83 David Jones. 82 Elizabeth Jonos. '82 Gramm Jones. 83 Greg Jones. '81 Jacky Jonos. 83 James Jones. 83 Lamar Jones. 83 Lanetta Jonos. 82 Lees Jonos. '83 Usa Jonos. 81 Lou Jonos. 83 Norman Jonos. '81 Randall Jones. 82 Robert Jonos. 82 Sanora Jonos. '82 Sherry Jones. 81 Susan Jonos. '82 Susan Jonos. 82 Tate Jones. 83 Teresa Jones. '83 Terto Jones. '81 Wand Jones. 83 Wiliam-Jones. 81 Botsy Jordan. 81 Charles Jordan. '81 Dobbo Jordan. 83 Kathryn Jordan. 81 Jo JoseHon. 83 Daryll Joyner. 81 David Joynor. 82 Denise Joynor. 83 Gary Joyner. 82 Wanda Joynor. 81 Peter Judoo. 82 June Juelts. 83 Jade Jurek. 81 Chris Justice. 83 Jon Kadorti. 83 John Kaiianos. '82 Laura Kamtan. 82 Sandra KanoUkJos. 82 Mamson Kaplan. 81 Karl Kapp, 82 Stovo Kapp. 81 Gary Karesh. 83 Charios Karnes. 83 Chip Kames. 83 Julo Kasper. 83 Karen Kalian. 83 Molnd Kaytor. 82 Diano Koamey. 81 James Koams. 81 Mark Koarso. 82 Claudia KesA 81 Stophane Koor. 83 Wosley Keonor. 83 Carolyn Kooler. 83 John Kesor. 81 Oonnis Ko«i. 81 UMam Koith, '81 Terry KeJaghor, 83 Dawn Kety. '82 Hopo Kely. 83 MoMn Kety. 83 Richard Kety. '81Cheryl Kendrick. 'SI Thom KonJon. 81 Jarre Kemedy. SI John Kermedy. 83 L S»d Kennedy 81 Jeffrey Kennemur. '81 Rooen Kent. 82 Trecy Koccp. S3 Kennem Keep . Si V n Kemstnn . 82 Kim Kerr. 82 louda Kanh, 82 Ken Kesiar. 82 Leslie Kesler. S3 Danny Kesler. 83 Davis Kesler. 81 Sh rcn Kosier, 82 Wttam Kesler. S3 Candace Keicham. 83 Barbara Key . Si Wanda Kiker. S3 Grog Mo. 82 Catherine Kaerv. 82 Sang Km. 81 Randy Km . 81 Ame Kriard. 83 Sally Kinard. 81 Tamar Kmdlay. 82 Angela King. S3 James lOng. S2 Jot. King. 81 Konnoth Kmg, 82 L=sa King. 82 Michael King. S3 Mechel King. S3 Randall Kmg. 81 Tammy Kmg. 63 Wa m King, 83 Karen Krchman. 81 Heather Kmdiam. S3 Mchaol Kirseh. 83 Janet Kes.'82 Tram Kiziah. 82 Chris Kiages. 81 Kay Klein. 83 Sarah KJemmer. '83 R hard Kurkiema. 81 64 tOuOz. 81 Lucy Kk ttz. 82 tod KneuB. 81 Use Knelson. 82 Marie Knelton. 81 PhyUs Knight'82 Valeria Knght 83 Kimberly Knowiea. 83 Kimberly Know! . 83 Gerry Knox. 82 Sara Knox. 83 Oebbie Koach. 81 Susan Kochel. 81 John Koenig. S3 Joffrey Koore. 82 Joanne Kohl. S3 Jan Kdbay. 83 Neeri Kotahma. 83 Eric Koslelch. 81 Kathy Krego, 83 Chris Kramer. 82 Sandra Krentz. 82 Jeffrey Krosg . 81 Kathryn Krimmmger. 83 Potor Krogh. 83 Kard Kruogor. '82 Jamas Krutak. S3 Bradley Kutrerw, SI Manka Kuzma. 81 Jem La Marre 83 Joan Labbre. 82 Susan Lach. 81 Doborah Lackey. 83 Learme Lackey. 82 Mies Lackey. 82 Pamete Lackey. 81 Mark Ladd. 82 Stuart Lamb. 82 Ter ace Lamb. 81 Jamie Lambert. 83 Patsy Lambert. 83 Arthur Lamboth. 83 David Lambeth. 81 Kenneth Lamm. 83 Monica Lamm S3 Richard Lamm. 82 Gwendolyn Lancaster. S Johanna Lancaster. Si Chris Lancaster. SI Nancy Lane. 83 Rosland Lane. 83 James Laney. 82 n Langdon. S3 Dana Langdoo. S2 Davd Lange. S3 Meanda Langley. 82 Robert Langston. SI Susan Lanier, 83 Chip lansden.'83 Wflam Larsen. 83 wtam Lesley. 81 Glenn Lassrter. 83 Chock Latham. 83 Vicki Latham. 83 Undo Lathan. 83 Anthony ladvop. 83 Mana Latino. 82 Donald Laion. 81 Richard LaSon. '82 Laura Lauck. 82 Marry Laver. 83 Kevin Levin. 82 541Waytand Lennon. '83 Goorgo Lentz. ‘81 Water Lentz. 82 Susan Leonard. 83 Wayne Leonard. 82 Toby LeonhardL 82 Robin Lear . 82 Kenna Letsch. 83 Tarvnara Levey. 81 Deborah Lovne. 83 Howard Levine. 81 Sara Levy. 81 Dosdomona Lewis. 83 Evelyn Lewis. 81 James Lewis. 83 Usa Lewis. 83 Reger Lewis. 83 Sherry Lewis, 82 Wilis Lewis. 82 Unda Uoborman, 82 Laura Uoben. '82 Le a Login. '83 Lucy Lton. 81 Denso Lies. 83 JoUtty. 83 Am L»y. 83 Loreeta Under. 81 Lori Under. '83 Susan Under. 82 Wondy Undner, 83 Cheryl Lndsley. 83 Debra Undsay. 83 Sharon Undsay. 83 CaroVn Uneberger. '81 Patncia Unthicum. '83 SyMa Uppord. 83 Stuart Uppman, '81 W.«am Leaker. '81 Barry Uttlo. 82 Loonard Uttlo. 83 Mart UBJe, 82 Shawna UWe. 83 W. U«o. 83 Diane Utttoliotd, 83 John Uoyd. 82 Anthony Locklear. 81 Janice Loddearn. 83 Nan Loddoar. 83 Lue en Lofm. 81 Kalhotyn LolquisL 81 W. Lotus. 82 Samuel Lohr. S3 Suzanne Lohr. 83 Carol Lomu. 81 Laura Lomax. 81 Daniel Long. 81 Horace Long. 81 Karen Long, 83 Katherine Long. 83 Unda Long, 83 Marta Long. '83 Randy Long. '82 Steve Long. 82 Katherine Long. 82 Wa»y Long. 83 Mary Lonon. 83 Russell Lookedoo. S3 Laura Looney. 81 Lorentz. 83 ILOrman. '83 Barbie Losa. 81 Russell loske. 82 Glenn Love, 81 James Love. 82 Marguonto Love.'81 Sarah LOVO. 83 Crag Lovetlo. 81 Grog Lovlns. 81 Perry Lowe. 81 Wy»e Lowery. 81 Wayne I ogi ( Usa Law. 83 Susan Law. 83 Pad Lowing, 82 Carol Lawronce. 83 Robort Lawronce. 83 Sharon Lawrence. 82 Steven Lawrence. 81 Susan Lawronce. 83 Thomas Lawrence. S3 Vanja Lawrence. 82 Witam Laws. 81 Deborah Lawson. 83 Lauri Lawson. 83 Robin Lawlher. 83 Sloven Laymon. 83 Meissa Lovina. 81 David Leadbetlor. 81 Derek Leadbetier. 83 JeHLeaL 82 Evolyn Leaver. 82 Harvey Leavin. 81 Cyndy Leazer. 81 Michael Ledbetter. 81 Penny Lodford. 83 Crag Lodwefl. 81 Brian tee. 81 Joy Lee. '83 Mary Lee. 82 Lee. 83 Lee. 83 WAam Lee. 81 Doma Leech. '83 Suo Loouworburg. 81 Stave Legged. 81 Rosemary Leggotle. 82 Robin Lehman. 82 Peggy Loghi. 8i Wham Leland, 83 Mary Lemmon . 83 Anna Lemons. 81 Nancy RandattAlison Lynch. 81 Jerry Lynch. 82 Katherine Lynch. 83 Le«jh Lynch. '81 Patricia Lynch. 83 Thomas Lynn. 83 Jl o Lytle. 83 Rebecca LyOe. 83 Alan Mabry. '83 Vctona Mabry. 83 Usa MacIntyre. 82 Marva MacKIn. 82 Bonn MecManus. '83 Deeann Mecomson. 83 Robrene Maddoi. 83 Lee Maddrey. 82 Mary Maddrey. 83 Tammy Magyienti. 83 Joso MaNque . Vi Led Maisvd. 83 Terry Malgren. 83 Peter Mattnson. 81 Charles MaBonee. 83 Erma Manory. 82 Use Malone. 83 George Maipess. 82 Monca Ma'pass. 83 Mchaol Mancuso. 81 Myra Mande-nte. 82 Norma Mangum. 83 Goorgo Mart, 83 Cyntrta Mann, 82 Jonrtlor Mann. 82 Penny Mann. '82 Robeoea Mann. 82 Robort Mann. 83 W am Mann. '81 Edna Manning. 83 KrttUJ Manrvng. 81 Lnda Manning. 82 Mary Mannng. 81 Nicholas Manos. 81 Jud Manuel. 82 Attn Maryland, 81 W am Mart . Jr. 82 Mart Marque . 82 Seed Mann. 81 Afcson Marshall. 82 Janet Marshal. 81 Jean Marshal. 83 Sharoyn Marshal. 81 wraam Marshal. 81 Martha Marshhanks. 83 J R. Mancanu. 81 Andrea Martn. 81 Brian Martm. 82 Elehmo Martin. 83 Ga Martin. 82 Kenneth Martin. 82 Mary A. Martn. 81 Wary A. Martn. 81 Nancy Martn. 81 Palnei Martn. 81 Richard Martin. 83 Sandra Martn. 83 Sherry Martn. 81 Theresa Martn. 81 Lora Marvin. 81 Ricky Marvin. 82 W am MaK 83 Rebecca Mason. 83 Tracey Mason. 82 James Mason. 83 Lota Massed. 83 Oertse Matsoy.'83 Henry Massey. 83 WftamMass . 82 Charione Matheny. 84 Ricky Mathedy. 81 Joy Mathis. 83 Karen Maths. 82 Kama Maths. 82 Beverly Matthews. 82 Edward Matthews. 83 Eloabeth Matthews. 83 Lasse Mar-hews, 83 Susan Matthews. 81 Emty Mamvs. 83 Kenny Maunoy. 81 Susan Mauney. 82 Douglas Maxwoi. 81 Trecoy Maxwel. 83 LarueMav. 84 John Mayberry. 83 Paul Mayborry. 81 Thompson Mayes. 81 W»em Mayes. 81 Rebecca Mayfcefc . 82 Ann Maynard. 81 RKky Maynard. 83 Stephane Maynor, 82 Wanda Mayo. 81 Dianne Maso. 81 Jay Manocch. 81 Del McAdams. 83 Rchard McAdams. 82 Chad McArver. 83 Joy McAuloy. 83 Rebekah McAuiey. 81 Pamela McSnde. 83 543Tracy McGuire. 82 Chrrstophe- Mdsaac. 82 Ango Mcher. 81 Trent McKay. '81 Larry McKoot. 00 Mary McKool. 82 Lauron McKeever. 83 Eleanor McKelar. 82 Mary McKenna. 83 Ocnna McKenzie. 83 Heather McKenz-e. 82 Maggie McKbbn. 83 Chris McKinney. 83 Douglas MdOiney. 83 Judy McKmey. 81 :l ti McKisiC"., 83 Fieri McKissck. 83 PMrlda McKissick. 82 MetiM McKneely. 83 Michael McKowol. 83 ftdcyo McKcry. 81 Oon McLamb. 81 Jan McLamb. 83 JO Ellen McLamO. 82 John McLaughln. 81 Lucinda McLaughln. 83 Mary McLaughln. 82 Dolores McLean. 82 Donna McLean. 81 Prod McLean. 82 Wiliam McLean. 82 Craig McLemoro. 83 E D McLemoro. 82 E 0 McLemoro. 82 Laura McLeod. 81 R.K. McLeod. 82 Jula McManus. 82 Alexandra McMIlan. 83 Margery McM.1an III. 81 Samuel McMIlan. 82 Samuel McMIlan. 82 Alison. McMIlan. 83 Marisa McMOjin, 83 Sharon McMd n. 83 Wllam McNairy. 83 Michael McNamara. 81 Martha McNeil, 82 Paul no McNoll, 82 Barbara MeNuti. '83 Robert McPartand. 82 John McOuaid. 81 Karyl. Me Rainey. 81 Melody McSwan. 83 Michael McSwain, '83 Jim Moadcrns. 83 Kaihartno Medoaft . 82 Ralph Meefcins. 83 Mary Meggs. 83 Norman MeMa. 81 Steven Meis. 83 Steven Menakor. 81 Kamerlno Mendle. 82 KaiNeen Merritt. 83 Roy Massinger. 82 Cffton Metcalt. 83 Midoo Mothony, 83 Mary Anna Meyer. '83 Laura Meyers. 83 Meiony Meyers. 83 M P. M.chie, 81 Mike Mickey. '83 Andrea Middo. '82 Tim Middleton. 83 Drjogan Mdsailovtch. 83 Mae Mikefl. 82 Jane MAkelson. 82 Tom Modes. 81 Lois Mies, 83 Aaron Miller. 83 Andrea Miller. 81 Boniamtn Miter. 82 Carton M-ter. 83 Cheryl Miter, 83 81 83 83 82 82 81 82 83 83 S3 W«. m McOain. 81 Robyn McClure. 82 Lou Am McCohum, 83 Kelly McConnell. 83 James McCormick. 81 Miko. McCormick. 81 Renee McConn. 83 Margaret McCoy. 83 Patricia McCracken. 82 Karen WoCroady, 81 Efc McCullough, 81 Kathleen McCurcugh. 83 Carmo McCurry. 81 Frodroa McOanieL 83 Mary MeOermcc. 83 Arthur McDonald. 81 Ctyde McDonald. 81 Sandra McDonald. 83 Shirley McDonald. 83 Wham McDonald. 81 Patricia McDonough. 83 Mark McOoogal. 82 Jano McOoeeii. 82 Linda McEntro. 82 Edmund McPadden. 83 Glenn McFarland. 83 Rchard McFarland. 83 Rebocca McGmn. 83 Wlbam McGcugh'.n. 83 Sheda McGregory. 83Mary Miler. 83 Me'ooo Mtor, S3 v.«0 kM«. 81 Monoa M« f. "81 Nancy Miter. 81 Rhonda M.lor. 81 Sandra Miter. 83 Sharon Miter.'82 Sheia Miier. 83 Deanna Mibgan. 83 Donald Mii an 83 Debbie MB . 83 Jama MB . 83 Kim M W. 81 Sandra MV . 81 Susan MBs. 83 Ted MJspaugh. 83 Meg Mdroy. 81 Jenmi y. 83 Barbara Mnderman. '82 Stephan Mmol . 82 Tern Minor, 82 Harold Mnsk, 81 Konnoth Mcchell. 82 Laura Mochefl. 81 Lonora Mrtchea. 83 Marion M«eh u. 82 S.E. Mrtchnor. 82 Debra Mixon. 82 Aralu Mobley. 83 Swann Mobley. 82 Robert Mocaba. 83 Charlotte mock. 83 Gooflrey Mock. 82 Kay Moddy. 81 Patrcia Morttl. 82 Rob Monadi. 82 Kimberly Monroe. 82 Malcolm Montgomery, 81 Nanette Momgorneny. 83 Tana Monsgomory. 81 Steve Moody. 83 David Moon. 83 Debra Mooney. 8i Kevin Mooney. 83 Becky Moore. 82 Carolyn Moor . 83 Oebbre Moore. 81 Mamet Moor . 82 Jacqueline Moor . 83 Jamie Moore. 82 Jam Moore. 81 Jam C. Moore. 81 Jerome Moore. 81 Jo Moore. 82 JO eph Moore. 83 Karen Mcoro. 83 Kathleen Moore. 83 Kathy Moore, 81 Kont Moore. 81 Lee Moore. 83 Lesley Moore. 83 Linda Moore. 83 Mac Moore. 83 Patnoa Moore. '83 R Moore. 83 Rebecca Moore. 82 Stophanie Moore. 82 Tab Moore. 82 Watar Mooro, 81 Sam Moorhead. 83 Judy Mooting. 81 Chns Moraka. 81 Alee Morgan. 82 Oanrta Morgan. 81 FranUm Morgan. 81 Lonnie Morgan. 82 Mo'a vo Morgan. 81 Metes Morgan. 83 »Ck Morgan. 83 Sandra kfcrgan. 81 Staphan Morgan. 84 Tart Morgan. 81 Thomas Morgan. 81 Nancy Morgara. 83 Richard Morrel. 83 Anne Morna. 83 David Morn . 81 E D. Morn . 81 Ginny Moms, 83 Ua Morns. 83 No. Morra. 81 Ruth Moms, 81 Sh B y Morris. 81 Harnett Morrison. 82 Juki Morraon. 82 Lisa Morrtton. '82 Mary Anne Momsoo. 83 Nicholas Momaon. 82 Robert Morrison. 82 Sonny Morton. 81 Marian Mcae oy. 81 Patsey Moseley. 81 Mark Moser. 82 Rebecca Mot '. 83 Charles Moss. 81 Richard Moss. 81 Km Motsnger. 81 Laa Mdtsmger. 82 Tarpley Mcc 82 Andre Mottesheard. 83 Andrew Mousmoul . 82 Valeri Moyer. 81 545Diana Mukamai. '83 Karoiyn Muter. 83 Mary MulLgan. '81 Rondy Mut. . '82 Oar-WWijrxJy. 82 Abort Muon. '81 Jeffrey Morph. '81 Sharon Murphey. 83 David Murphy. 81 Kim Murphy, 82 Not ©on Murphy. 81 Tamara Murphy. Jr„ '81 Watson Murphy, 83 Deborah Murray, '82 K ry Murray. '81 ancos Mur rail. 81 Francos Murrat. '81 Jo llrey Musler. 83 Nancy Mu-ssolwhr.o. '83 Khtfd Mustaia. '82 Both Myers, '82 David Myers. '82 John Myers. '82 Jonno Myers. '81 Wiliam My'eti. '81 Paul Nader. '81 Kim Nail. '81 Carolyn Naior. 81 Darvo Napoitano. '82 Cindy Mash. 83 Lori Mash. '83 Molanlo Nasser. '83 Sandra Nay. '81 Dawn Naylor. 83 Susan Naylor. 81 Mary Meal. 81 Mary Neal. 81 Thomas Neal. 82 Ronald Nealy. 83 SMpehn Noe. 82 Vanessa Needham. 82 Oavd Noeiy. 81 Caiherino Mel. '82 Feida Nelson. 81 WJiam Nelson, '82 Philip NtHe . '82 Cora NoWlo, 83 Michaol Novrlo. 81 Wifeam Newcomb. 81 Graham Newel. 82 Lonoro Nowns, 81 Anri NowWrtc. 83 Don Newman. 83 WJiam Newman. 83 Borl Newsomo. 82 John Noisome. 82 Chrisino NewlOh. 81 Ooborah Newton. 83 Mary Anna Newton. 82 Jamos Nchols. 82 Shot la Nchols. 83 Wiliam Nchols. 82 Lori Mcholson. 82 Rodnoy MchoHcn. '83 Sharon Nchdson. '83 Janot NCkolsOn, '83 Timothy N-ekons. 83 Pame'j Niven. 81 Lee Nixon, 82 UvJa Mxon. 82 James Node. 83 Francis Noel. 81 Robert Nortoy. 82 Elen Nordstrom. 81 Thomas NorLuS. 81 Charles Norman. 81 Laurie Norman. 83 Carolyn Norris. 83 Laura Norris. 81 Robot! Norris, 81 Honry Nortbaffl. 81 Ruth Ann Norton, 82 Shorty Nunn. '83 David 6 Brlon. 82 Kimberly O'Brien. 83 Wesley O'Bnon. 82 John O'Connor. 81 Mary O Donnel. 83 Patricia O Mat gan. 82 Sh»yn O Nod. 81 Kathleen O'NHL 82 Celia Oakley. 82 Pamela Oakley. 81 Wlinm OaWoy. Jr.. 03 Chrlsiophor Oalos. '83 Robn Oberdortor, 81 Terry Odom. '83 Thomas Odom. '83 Robot! Ogdon, 83 Karin Ogron. 83 Barbara Olasov. 82 Lauronco Olrro. 83 Robert Owe. '83 Allan Olson. 81 Hanan Omran, 81 UsaOrr. '84 James Osborn. '83 Shara Osborn. 81 David Osnoo. 82 John Oil. 81 Kandy Orerc-ssh. 82 Richard Overman. 81 Susan Overman. 83 John Ovortcn. 82 Wiliam Owen, 81 David Owens. 81 Donna Owens. 81 Wllam Owens. 81 Donald Oxondino, 82 Glenda Oxondino. 83 Ricky Oxendme, 81 Wiham Oxford, 83Tamera 0«tey. '83 Clifton. Padoncfc. -83 Can Padged 82 Dudley Padgett. '83 Eiaabeth Padged -83 James Page. Bamara PaVnor. 82 Gordon Palmer. '82 Kayo Palmer. 81 Sharon Palmer. '83 Susan Palmer. '82 Mike PnrxJkh, '81 R,ta Panoscha. 82 Nan Paras.'Si Jan Parham. -81 Sieve Parham. 81 Susan Parham. 81 David Parker, 81 Donald Parker. '81 Enc Parker. 82 Garena Parker. 83 Gwenevoro Parker. 83 Karon Parker, '83 Lagurta Parker. '83 Mchaol Parker. 83 Reefttf Parker. 81 Ralph Parks, '81 Oavkl Parr. 82 Crawtord Parrish. 81 Marianna Partrick. 81 Patricia Paschal 82 Janice Panon. 81 Beth Patterson. 83 Joy Patterson. '83 loch Paftorson. 83 MeCtsa Patterson. 82 Robert Pattorson. 82 Tamara Patterson. 81 Frances Patten. 81 Laura Patton. 83 Kathleen Paul 81 Susan Paul. 83 Nancy Payne. 83 Laura Peaco. '81 Majotio Pear sai. 81 Bnan Podve'es. 81 Douglas Peck. 83 Susan Peekham. 82 L«sa Pedorson. '83 Kety Peed . 82 Murphy Poele. 81 Theresa Peete. 82 Ellen Peeler. 83 torn Pelech. '83 Roy Pet ey. 83 Mary Peloquin. 82 Suzanno Pendergrass. Susie Penley. 83 Donald Pennol. 82 Susan Pennell. '83 Boverty Penninger. 83 Patrcia Pore . 82 Louise Perkins. 81 Allred Pony. 83 Ashley Perry. 83 Sarah Perry. 81 Sheila Perry. 82 Ann Peters. 83 McGierrre Peters. 82 ROh Potorsen. '83 Jolfrey Petorson. 81 John Peterson. 82 Angela Petroe, 83 Jocelyn Petstxme. 81 Hoi Phan.'83 Tim Phelps. 81 Dawn PhiBps. 81 John PMn. 83 Leisha Philps. 82 Mane PhAps, 81 Pamela Philips. 82 Raymond PMpe. 83 Seed Philos, SO Mary Picc.neo. 82 leoa Pickard. 82 Keiy Pckering. 81 Ann Pickett. 81 Ingrtd Picton. 81 Mark Picton. 83 Amy Pierce. 82 Katierine Pierce. 83 Penny. Perce. 82 Nancy Petroski. 82 Feieoa Ptogod 83 Cynthia Pikhnor. 83 Debra PHher. 81 Kelly Piner. 82 Gary Pmketon. 81 Pamola Pinkston. 83 Laroea Pinrkx. 81 Edward Prskura. '83 Lynda Pdard. 83 Jonmtor P«man. 81 Kathryn Petrnan. 81 Sharon Pets. 82 Michael Piaa. 82 Sandy Pleasants. 83 Mark Ptemmons. 82 Eric Plod 83 Wayne Plummer. 83 James Poetzmgor, '82 David PON. 81 Donna Pott. 82 Betsy Potard. 83 BridMt PoJard. '83 Lee PWard. 82 Terosa Pollard. 82 Donna Poole. 83 Gary Poole. 8i Kathy Poole. 81 82 547Hamby Royal. S3 Robert RoyaRy. S3 Ellon Rudd. 81 Jonmlor Rodman. 83 Wondy Rutfm. '82 Yvor.o Ruffin. 82 Angola Runyon. '81 Sha-oo Ruppe. 82 Lylo Rushng. '83 Barbara Rushtoo. 'SI Torok Sammakj. S3 Susan Sams. '82 Windy Sairuo'. S3 Corny Sandors. S3 Daphney Sandors. 82 Usa Sandors. S3 HSda Santo-Tomas. S3 Mm Sapp. 82 Startoy Sapp. 83 Joffioy Sargoam. '83 Nancy Soldon. 82 Gregory Solors. SI Pamela Sells. SI Gordon Somonnjk. 81 Jay Senorcffia. '83 imboi1y Sossoms. '83 Karon Soffitl. 83 Deanna Settor. 83 John Set?or. 81 Martha Setter, 81 Ruin Setter. 82 P. Seven. '83 Joan Sotfon. 81 Francos Soymoor. 81 Vieklo Soymoor. 83 Jure Shackelford. 82 Rohard Shaffer. '82 Ranjan Sharma, 82 Curbs Sharpo. 82 Oonny Sharpo. Si Jannfer Sharpo, 84 Joy Shvpo. Si Loonorn Sharpo. 82 Ronoo Sharpo. Si Thomas Sharpo. S3 Kylo Shotted . '82 Danny Shavor. SI Androa Shaw. '83 Danny Shaw. 83 Phyllis L. Shaw. SI Phyllis W. Shaw. 82 Sandra Shaw. "83 Susan Shear or. 82 Bovortey Shear os. 82 Erleon Sheehan. '81 TlmOTry Shoohy. 83 Caihohne Shoots. 81 Laura Shoots. '83 Ruth Shoots. 81 Dana Shoffiold. '82 550Ronald Sherwood. S3 Coy Shield . 83 Kathy Shields, 81 Myra Shields. 83 Gemo Shvor. S3 Bony Jo Shoal. 83 Stephen Shoal. '83 Karan Shohner. 83 Laura Shortner. "83 Barto a Shoro. 3 Bon Shoro. 81 KatWoon Short. 82 Lort Short. 83 Gona Shrovo. 82 Kirk ShUor. 82 Sherrt SrOU. 83 Cnartono Shumalo. 82 Mana Satacai. 83 E en Soman. 83 DOOM Somon. 83 Kenneth Siminglon. 83 Carl Simmons, 82 Gwon Simmon . 83 McRay Simons. 81 Wayn Smmonj, 82 Li a S«non. 82 Nancy Simon. 82 David Srroson. '81 Frodonck Simpson, 82 Stephanie Simpson. 83 Susan Simpson. 83 KalNyn S m . 83 Sluan Sm0i. '83 Susam Smith. 83 Susame Smith. 83 Teresa Smith. 83 Thomas Smth. '83 Timothy Smith. 82 Tmothy M. Smth. 82 Travt Sm . 82 Yvonne Smth. 83 Karen Smoa'.. '82 Jonathan Smy e. '82 Janco Snker. 83 Cindy Snipes. 8t John Smpes, 82 Susan Srvpes. '83 Wpna Snow, 83 Adele Snyder. 81 Karon Snyder. 81 Cynthia Sobol. 81 ToddSobo. 82 Warron Soto. 81 DeCorah Solomon. 82 Charles SouJiem. 83 Robin Sowol. 81 Shawn Sowers, 83 Dalas Spemhour. 82 Chris Spark . 83 Eluaboth Sparks. 83 551Barbara Statdor. 82 Amber Staley. '82 Priscrla Stallard. 81 Laa Swing . 81 Ricky SWUngs.'82 Aran Stamoy. 82 Cassandra Stamey. 83 Roxanne Scanard. 82 Froley Slang. S3 James Stanley. 82 Susan Stanley. 83 Jano Suntei. 82 KimCeOy Staring, 83 »amo Starnos. 83 Jutto Starnos. 82 Elen Starr. '83 Steven StasheM. 83 Cheryl Steele. 83 James $tetanad . 83 Gretchcm Stergor. 82 Jemfer Stembrennor. 81 Grelehen Stolgor. 83 Janet Stephen . 83 Lori Stephens. 83 Molssa Stephons. 82 Susan Stephen . 83 Vdu Stephen . 82 David Stephenson. 81 Hale Stophenscn. 82 Mart Stephenson. 81 Alttson Steven . 83 Bonnie Staven . 82 Brenda Stevens. 81 Joyce Stevens. 83 Lynn Steven . 81 PhyOi Steven . 81 Mi non Stewart. 8 Kevin Stewman. 82 G )ie syteei. 82 Tria StirwaK. 83 Sytvia Sml 83 Tammy Stocks, 83 Charte Stoeiker. 81 Patricia Stomer. 81 Scottstown. 8i Daisy Slone. 83 Susan Stone. 82 Susan Stoodt. 83 Jon Storper. 82 Brooks Story. 83 Juta Stout. 82 Josoph Stoval. 83 Linda Stowo, 82 Sabnna Strasnicsa . 83 Susan Strayhorn. 81 Robert Strebie, 82 Oartono Strickland. 83 Janie Strickland. 83 Jetlrey Strieidand. 81 Melissa Strieidand. 82 Daniel Stnogteid. 81 me Stuber.' , 84 Wftam Sludeoc. 83 Russell Sturm. 81 Nan Stuttman. 81 EB n Slyer . 83 Susan Slyer . 81 Kathryn Soddreth, 82 Robert Suddreth. 83 Cynthia Suggs. 83 Kovn Suggs. 83 Kendal Suh. 81 Lee Sultvan. 83 Bobby Summortin, 81 Kirt Summer . '83 Beverly Summey. 81 Lynda Sumner. 81 Mac Sumner. 82 Reginald Sumner, 81 Derrick Surratt. 81 Kay Surratt. 81 Kathy Sorter. 81 Wiliam Suitor. 81 Use Sutton. 83 WRam Sutton. 83 Alda Swanngon. 83 Ctarenco Sweorngan. 83 John Sweeney. 81 Reneo Swtnfc. 82 Alex Sykes. 83ggttv J 1? . 81 SSff s asw 32%T«m.11 H® Hsf Si" 2?? T 0r. 82 gffiw saw - @S5$- §M” rt Lynne' Kathy 1 R«k Thacker. 82 Betiy Thane. 82 Amen Ja Thomas. 82 Ctosandra Thomas. 83 Unda Thomas. 81 Wajr Thomas. 81 MiCheOo Thomas, 83 Mx Thomas. 81 Pamela Thomas. 81 Rotwrt Thomas, 81 Shoryl Thomas. 83 Susan Thomas. 83 Wayno Thomas. '83 Ann Thompson. 81 8' r,? ? n Thompson. 82 Chock Thompson. 82 Davd Thompson. 82 O Thompson, 82 Donald Thompson. 81 E en Thompson. 81 Many Thompson. 82 James Thompson. 83 Jahce Thompson. 82 Katherne Thompson, 81 lisa Thompson. 81 ■ ?n3 Thompson. 81 SandyThompsoa 81 Tyre Thompson. 81 Dorothy Thoms. 81 Jeanino Thomson. 83 • Thomson. 83 1 Thornton. 81 Rosatod Thornioo. 83 Pamela Thorpe. 81 Kim Thrasher. 81 Shery Threetooi. 83 Davd Thrower. 81 Royce Thrower. 83 Sam Thrower, 83 Laura T.loy, 81 Rohort Tirey. 81 Usa Taman, 82 Wndy Tivnan. 81 Patroa Timko. 82 sssjK? Golnda Todd. 81 Gootqo Todd. 81 John Todd. 83 Usaboth Tott. 81 Michael Todd. 83 Gena Tolbert. 83 Wham Toler. 83 ’SSSXZS”-" Susie Tofmie, '83 Karth Tome rim. 82 Donna Tompkins. 81 Ran? Toney. 83 Antoinette Toppin. 83 »eph Toran. '82 Dorothy Toreson. 81 Charles Tcrwery. 83 Caines Townsend. 81 Susan Townsond. 81 Gerald Tracey. '83 Anthony Trade 83 Cynthia Tranthim. 81 BJ Treynor, 81 Gina Trentadue. 81 iPUSS' TroSor- 83 Luonda Trew. 81 Edwin Tnce. 81 Robert Tritunovie, 81 M y Tnpp. 81 X“ m Tripp. 81 Dayna Trhrotte. 81 Joe Troslel. '83 El Troon. 81 Emma Trout. 81 553Aotoro Ulrich. 82 AKscnlJnderwood.'83 David Upchurch. '81 Glbort Upchurch. 82 Botsey Urquhart. '82 Andre Utsery. 83 Doborah Uadi. 83 Karta UhoB. '81 Rachoi Vail. 81 Richard Va'itutto. 81 Alina Valleoto. 82 Jm Va sarr.o, 83 8ei.nda Vane . 82 Kenneth Varie . 83 Stovo Vanco. 83 David Vanderbergh. 81 Michael Vanderbergh. 83 Fran Vandortord. 82 Barbara Vanow. 82 Angela Vann. 83 Donna Vann. 82 Andrew Vanoro. 82 Scott Vaughn. 83 Doborah Veasey, 83 Glona VOlasqoe . 82 Tna Vonabo, 81 Margeory Vomart. 83 Charios Vornon. 82 Harriot Voss. 82 Donna A. Venal, 82 Donna L. Venal. 83 Pamota Vestal. 83 Sherry Vestal. 81 Erwan Vianes. 81 Martha Vinson. 82 Thomas Vrtt. 81 Paris Vogel. '83 C.ndy Vog'er. 83 M cheie vorers. 83 Oavd Von Gunoen. '83 Ronald Voorhoos. '83 Wanda Wado, 81 Mary Wagner. 81 Shelley Wagner. 83 Lynne Wagoner. 81 Joy WaVdon. 83 Kara Wakdman. 83 Talbert Waldrop. 83 Andrea Walker. 83 Benea Walker. 82 Beverly Walker. 83 Carol Walker. 81 Cooira Walkor. 82 Kelley Walker. 82 M haei Waiter. '82 Myra Walker, 81 Robert Walker. 81 0.0 walker. '82 Timothy Walter, 82 Melissa W i. 81 Phyils Was. 83 Etaine Waiace. 83 Remo Waiaco. 82 Thomas Waiaco. 82 Cynthia Walsh. 82 Joel Waiiors. 81 Susan Watters. 82 Wendy Waflors. 83 Yvonno Wallors. 83 Steven Walton. 81 Meissa wanaand. 82 Bertha Ward. 83 Elise ward. 81 Gina Ward. 81 Jute Ward. 81 Margaret Ward. 81 Nora Ward. 82 Robed Ward. 83 Kathonne WarieL 83 Dawn Wartck. 83 Wibam Trowel. 83 Susan Trucbtood. 83 Sarah Truelove. 81 Dobbie TruB. 82 Rhonda TrUI. 81 Shorry TruB. 83 Virginia TruB. 82 Evan Trutove. 83 Kern Tsantes. 82 DoVy os Tuck. 82 Laura To . 83 Paul Tuck. 82 Becky Tucker. 82 Chris Tucker. 83 Cory Tucker. 83 Euabeth Tucker. 83 Jim Tucker. '82 Rand Tucker. 82 Rochetlo Tucker. 81 Bynum Tudor. 82 Mark Tulbert. 81 John Turtngwn. '83 Tracy Turnbull. 83 Amy Tumor. 83 EUabeth Turner. 81 James Turner. 82 Joe Tumor. 81 Joseph Turner Larry Turner. 81 Lawrence Tumor. 82 Lisa Turner. 83 Peter Turner. 83 Smith Turner. 83 Donna TuBJ . 81 Kevin Twine. 82 Prudence Tyndal. 82 " " i Tyva. 83 i Tyson. 83 KaEhryn April T' Carolyn Tj Tyson. 83 Tyson.' Tammy Tyson. 81Salty WWW . '82 L ry Warnor. 83 Sherry Waronker. 82 Charles Warren. 82 an Wafer 81 Harold Warren. 81 LaMi Warron. 82 Ned Warren. 82 Teresa G. Warren, 82 Toresa L. Warren. 81 Uaa Washburn. 83 Vanessa Washington. 81 hum wasimon. 83 Gary Waters. 83 Karen Waters. 81 Michael Waters. 81 CaChertno Watkins. 81 Nancy Watkins 83 Patnca Watkrvs. 82 Anna Watson. 81 Dianne Watson. 82 Jetlrey Watson. 83 Jennifer Watson. 82 Joan Watson. 82 Jonathan Walton. 81 Kathryn Watson. 81 Kanberty Watson. 83 Susan Watson. 83 Worth Watson, 81 Deborah Watts. 82 Larry Watts. 83 Vicky Wautord. 83 Franktn Waugh. 81 Wiliam Way. 82 Beverty weaver. 82 Carhenne Weaver. 81 Carolyn Webster. 83 Leske Webster. 82 Softy Webster. 82 Stacey Webster. 81 KSttS James Wes . 82 Lawrence Weiss. 82 Mcluiol Wortnauer. 82 ®5»l Weftorn. 82 Mark Wolker. 83 Oororhy Wettord. 82 Frank Weds. 82 Scott Weds. 83 “•Or Wens . 83 ■homas Work. 83 Kirk Wemer. 81 sw “£9 ; west. 81 Robn west. 83 Sandra West 83 £fy Wesanoreiand. 82 Ekjabeth Whaley. 81 Whom Whoofor. 83 Rhonda Whicker. '82 Sandra Whicker. 81 Sandra Whinory. 83 iu5£ vw» «nNxvL 83 LWhsnant.'83 Rfhard WNsnanL 81 Donna Whtaker. 82 JwJy VSTitby. 82 Nancy Whcchurch Lpf«ta Wh coomb Dana wnto, 82 asats aaaaaw' awv3 Shann Whdo, 83 Teresa WTvte. 82 Tony IVhee. '83 Vlcke Whce. 81 Wendy White. 83 9a'°‘n Whoehoad. 82 barren Whitonor, '82 OanaWtrtener. 83 FaUa Whtene'. 84 David WtvmokJ. 82 Jwry WhtfefcJ. 83 Jolmse Whetefcj. 83 SEr ftS ga? Kmberly Whitman. 81 No»y Whrtmorc. '83 Dana Whrtner. 83 Brooks Whitney, 82 Jotsiea WhitseS, 83 JfthM Whitt, 81 Nova Whrn. 8i gSSSS Doug Whitworth, 82 ViCkl Wicker. 81 Dbneld Wddows. 81 gK Stephen Wtes. 83 F wa££iaw 555r. t GroooryW. i Kmborty1 Susan E. Wiliams, 83 Oarcy Wfliamsen, '81 Bony WKamaon. 81 Deana Wlliamson. 83 Ooborah Wiliamson. 82 Evelyn Wfldmson. 83 Linda Wfliamson. 81 Rhonda Wfliamson. 83 Yvonne Wfliamsen. 83 Caroline Wflis. 83 G-'ego-y P. Wins. 83 -----(W. Wilis. 82 f was. 83 LWda was . 83 VlraMa Wfls. 82 EMo WSoughby. "82 Tom Wilson. 82 Bevotly Wilson. 82 David Wilson. 83 Doborah Wilson. 83 Donna Wilson. 81 Ed Wilson. 83 Elizabeth Wilson. 82 Jacguetyn Wilson. 81 Jamos Wilson. 82 Jean wason. 83 Joan Wilson. 81 John Wftsoo. 83 Monica Wilson. 81 Ofln Wason. 81 Palnoa wason. 83 Robort wason. 83 Susan wason. 81 Sus Wison. 83 W a« Wason. 82 Saly Wmdo. 82 Jodrey Wngletd. 82 Carol Winkler. 82 Jamos WnMtr, 82 Sandy Winn. 82 Linda WmsMp. 81 Donna Wir ow. 83 Vicki Wnslow. 82 Janie WAston. 81 Mads Wns»n. 83 Warren Woo. 82 Dariai Wiser. 83 Brian Wsmar. 83 Joyce Wrthonngton, 81 Deborah Wither . 82 Demecta Witherspoon. 82 Loa WONbruCfc. 82 Angela Wore. 83 James WomWe. 82 Glenda Wonderty. 84 Carolyn Wood. 83 Laura Wood. 82 Lesley Wood. 83 Margaret Wood. 83 Mchaol Wood. 83 Patricia Wood. 82 Virgrva H. Wood. 82 vroirtaa L. Wood. 83 Wendai Wood. '83 Pamela Woodall. 82 Frank Woodard. '82 Susan Woodard. 82 Mche« Woodbom. 83 Gail Woodrud. 82 Brent Woods. 83 Claudia Woods. 82 Grace woods. 83 Rud. Woodward. 83 Alison Woolen. 83 Store Worrel. 83 r Worsham. 83 I WorsJey. 81 f Wort-nan. 83 i Wronn, 81 Deborah Wrenn. 83 Martha Wilkorson. 82 Charles Wilkins. 83 Christopher Whins. '81 Dwain Wihins. '82 Ernest Wfldns. 82 Stephen Wiluns. 81 Twana Wfltins. 82 Botsy Wiknson. 83 Eton Wfla-d. 81 Mary Wilcox. 82 Henry Willey. 82 Bryan Wliams. 82 Cathy Wiuams. 83 Ceosfla WBams. 83 Charlos Wnams, 83 Cindy Wiliams, '81 Clawson Wiliams. 81 Darryl Wiliams. '83 Gary Witiams. 82 Gom Wiliams. 82 Hugh Wiliams, 81 Jamos Wfliams. 81 Jonathan Wfl ms. 82 John Wfliams. 83 Jo Wfliams. 82 Kalhonne Wfliams. ‘83 Kathryn Wihams. 82 Kenneth Wfliams. 82 Lynda Wfliams. 82 Mona Wfliams. 82 Page Wflams. 83 Paul A. Wflarms. 81 Paul S. Wilams. 83 Phflis Wflams. 83 Roba Wilams. 83 Rcky Wiflams. 83 Sara G. Wiliams. 82 Sara H. Wiflams. 81 Shernrtetla WBams, 82 Susan Wliams. 82Bryan Wright. '83 Johfoy WnoM. '81 Lu Anne Wright. 83 M h lo Wroht, '83 Tamm)- Wright. 83 Vnlorio Wr«ght, '8t Wes Wright. 83 K««y wVan. 82 Valor Wyke. 82 Anta Wym. 82 Kathy Wyriek. 81 Anno Yanoschak. 83 Mark Yarbrough. 82 Richard Yarbrough. 83 Wfliam Yarnoll 2 Carolyn Yoagor. 82 Looann Yoattes. 83 Larry Yeiton. 81 Errriy York. 83 Mezi York. 81 GrotChon Yost. 81 Sce« Young. 81 Whonoy Young. 83 Donald Yount. 83 Loo Yount. '83 Martn Yount. 81 Frank Zang. 83 Nicholas Zarzar, 82 Patsy ZOgior. 83 Linda Zorot, '83 Jool Zougnor. 82 Laura Z tfer. '81 Carol ZMrad. 82 Davk) ZiTimorman. 83 Loslo Zinn. 83 Zobol, 81 557HONORARIESFRANK PORTER GRAHAM AWARD Rosalind Runae Fuse The Frank Porter Graham Award honors one member of the graduating class who has exhibited outstanding dedication within the University community to the realization of Dr. Graham's ideals of equality, dignity, and peace among men. Presented under the sponsorship of the YACKETY YACK, it is considered to be the highest undergraduate honor. 561 V . Kenan Professors E.M. Adams Department of Philosophy William B. Aycock School of Law S.B. Baxter Department of History F.P. Brooks, Jr. Department of Computer Science Robert E. Gallman Department of Economics Carl W. Gottschalk Department of Medicine and Physiology Bernard G. Greenberg Department of Biostatistics Hugh Holman Department of English J. Logan Irvin Department of Biochemistry Nutrition Mary Ellen Jones Department of Biochemistry Nutrition Henry N. Kirkman, Jr. Department of Pediatrics George P. Manire Department of Bacteriology Immunology Eugen Merzbacher Department of Physics Astronomy Royce Murray Department of Chemistry Daniel A. Okum Department of Environmental Sciences Engineering E.D. Palmatier Department of Physics Astronomy C.N. Reilley Department of Chemistry Richard L. Simpson Department of Sociology J.C. Sitterson Department of History G.B. Tindall Department of History Judson J. Van Wyk Department of Pediatrics Donald Warren Department of Dental Ecology William Rand Kenan Jr. Professors established l y members of the Kenan family to aid the University in attracting, retaining and recognising outstanding faculty Graham Kenan Professors Henry Brandeis, Jr. Frank W. Hanft Daniel H. Pollitt John W. Scott Emeritus, School of Law Emeritus, School of Law School of Law School of Law Lester E. Asheim Juan B. Avalle-Arce V. Lee Bounds Willard T. Carle ton John B. Carroll Ernest L. Elicl James J. Gallagher Lawrence Gilbert Eugene Gressman James Haar Nelson G. I lairston Jay R. Judson George J. Kane Charles H. Long J. Ross Macdonald Duncan MacRae, Jr. Robert G. Parr John J.W. Rogers Aldo D. Scaglione John B. Turner Gerhard L. Weinberg Paul Ziff School of Library Science Department of Romance Languages Department of Political Science School of Business Administration Department of Psychology Department of Chemistry School of Education Department of Zoology School of Law Department of Music Department of Zoology Department of Art Department of English Department of Religion Department of Physics Astronomy Department of Political Science Sociology Department of Chemistry Department of Geology Department of Romance Languages School of Social Work Department of History Department of Philosophy Sarah Graham Kenan Professors H. Stanley Bennett Thomas W. Farmer Morris A. Lipton Paul L. Munson Department of Anatomy Department of Neurology Medicine Department of Psychiatry Department of Pharmacology Endocrinolgy 562W.B. Aycock School of Law S.H. Baron Department of History Doris W. Betts Department of English William J. Cromartie Department of Bacteriology Medicine Norman L. Johnson Department of Statistics L.V.Jones Department of Psychology Gopinath Kallianpur Department of Statistics G.E. Lenski Department of Sociology J.W. Prothro Department of Political Science Louis D. Roberts Department of Physics J.D. Seelye Department of English J.W. Thibaut Department of Psychology Herman A. Tyroler Department of Epidemiology University Distinguished Professors R.H. Fogle Department of English W.F. Little Department of Chemistry L.S. Olive Department of Botany Louis Rubin Department of English C.S. Smith Department of Physics Astronomy Alumni Distinguished Professors Distinguished University Professor Otis Graham Morehead Astronomy Professor M.S. Davis Bowman Cray Professors Laurence Slifkin Joel Schwartz James A. Cray Professor John Van Seters Frank C. Hanes Professor Howard Smlther Paddison Professors G.A. Kennedy Jerzy Linderski Burton Craige Professor Richard J. Richardson Marcel Bataillon Professor E.H. Falk Smith Professor David Whitten Bowman Gray Associate Professor William J. Peck Oliver R. Rowe Associate Professor Roger E. Salisbury Eunice Bernhard Professor Robert L. Ncy Henry A. Foscue Professor Ernest Craige Joseph Palmer Riddle Associate Professor William P. Biggers Robert A. Ross Professor Charles H. Hendricks Roscoe Bennett Gray Cowper Professor Department of History Department of Physics Astronomy Department of Physics Astronomy Department of Political Science Department of Religion Department of Music Department of Classics Department of Classics Department of Political Science Department of Romance Languages Department of Chemistry Department of Religion Department of Surgery Department of Medicine Department of Medicine Department of Surgery Department of Obstetrics Gynecology George Jonnson, Jr. Thomas J. Dark Distinguished Professor Newton D. Fischer Upjohn Distinguished Professor William E. Brenner H. Houston Merritt Distinguished Professor James N. Hayward Taylor Crandy Distinguished Professor Cecil G. Sheps R.J. Reynolds Professor J. Stacy Adams Luther Hodges Distinguished Professor Jack N. Behrman Willard . Graham Professor R.L. Brummet Burton Craige Professor Robert G. Byrd Burlington Industries Professor G.D. Hughes Peat. Marwick, Mitchell Professor Harold Q. Langenderfer Julian Price Professor J. Finley Lee, Jr. Cory C. Boshamer Distinguished Professors Maurice W. Lee Nelson Taylor Paul B. Eaton Professor William Murphy Aubrey L. Brooks Professor Donaid F. Clifford Albert Coates Professor Phillip P. Green, Jr. Department of Surgery Department of Surgery Department of Obstetrics Gynecology Department of Neurology Department of Social Administrative Medicine School of Business Administration School of Business Administration School of Business Administration School of Law School of Business Administration School of Business Administration School of Business Administration School of Business Administration School of Law School of Law School of Law 563 Institute of GovernmentUNDERGRADUATE AWARDS Kenneth C. Royal 1 Academic Award Michael Raeford Cooke Harry Anthony Bernard Academic Award Lawrence Kenneth Grubbs Peter C. Baxter Prize Paul Frederick Duckworth Jr. John Honigmann Prize in Anthropology Timothy John McMillan Undergraduate Prize in Art History Linda Marie Cabe William Chambers Coker Fellowship Paul Sackman Marx Francis . LeClair Award David Franklin McCarn Merck Index Award Stephen Davis Harris Eric Abwer Hendrickson David Stewart Morrison Harry Lawson Putnam Eben Alexander Prize in Creek Paul Boezi Lanford Albert Suskin Prize in Latin Margaret Robson Graver Hartsell Teaching Award for Teaching Assistants in English Mark Thornton Lucas fames Lawrence Whitfield Prize in English Benjamin Eagles Fountain 111 George C. Bunker Award Gerald Eugene Speitel Environmental Sciences Achievement Award Geoffrey Gabriel Back Andrew McNally IV Award for Excellence in Geography Thomas Ralph Spiekerman Op White Prize in Geology Lesley Louise Myers Scott Daniel Stanford Delta Phi Alpha Award James William Wert Jr. Archibald Henderson Prize in Mathematics Samuel Ernest Landsberger Worth Award Frank Farnum Brown Jr. Daniel C. fohnson Memorial Award Linda Irene Winkler Terry Sanford Auard for Excellence Robert Daniel Hays Dashiell-Thurstone Prize in Psychology Shelagh Ann Gallagher fefferson Pilot Broadcasting Company Scholarships Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Stephen Michael Stock Ruth Lynne Daniel Martin Karl Reidinger Nancy Ruth Polinsky Harold D. Meyer Award Gary Phillip Baker Bernard Boyd Memorial Prize William Lyn Sorrells French Government Atoards Janan Lane Barksdale Lisa Carol Patton Urban Tigner Holmes Jr. Graduate Award in Mcdicivl Studies and Romance Philology Sharon Guinn Scinicariello Camoes Prize in Portuguese Mary Virginia Chambers Sterling A. Stoudemire Au trd for Excellence in Spanish Timothy John Lucido Hou ard W. Odum Undergraduate Sociology Award Trudy Lorena Mills Wilson Auxtrd Gregor)' Scott Pape Coker Awtrd Anne Elizabeth Cobey Martin Harold Posey 564The Richard Levin Band Auxird presented to the graduating member of the University Bands who has been most outstanding in musical ability, academic excellence and school spirit: Susan Diane Burkheimer The Edward McGowan Hedgepeth Auxird presented to that member of Alpha Epsilon Delta who is voted most outstanding in service to the campus and community: Albert James Osbahr III The George Lives Auxird presented to that member of the senior class of the School of Nursing who is judged most outstanding in the combined qualities of scholarship, leadership and professional performance: Joan Blakeney Warner The Pharmacy Student Body Award presented to the member of the graduating class of the School of Pharmacy who has demonstrated the highest qualities of character, deportment, scholarship, fxirticipation in extracurricular activities and the qualities and characteristics that would distinguish him or her in the profession of Pharmacy: Cecil Raymond Burke III The Robert While Linker Award presented by the Society of Janus to the most outstanding freshman or sophomore residence hall officer, based on the criteria of initiative, creativity and effectiveness, and lasting contributions to residence hall living: Linda Carol Howey The International Leadership Au ard presented to the undergraduate student who has made the most significant contribution during his or her academic career to increasing international awareness and understanding: Martha Susan F.hrsam The Willie P. Mangum Medal in Oratory awarded to that member of the graduating class who, in the opinion of a group of judges, gives the best original oration at an annual oratorical competition: Mary Eloise McCain The Robert B. House Distinguished Service Award presented to the undergraduate student who best exemplifies the spirit of unselfish commitment through service to the University and the surrounding community: Catherine Jeanne Campbell The Jane Craige Gray Memorial Auxtrd presented to the woman of the junior class ivted most outstanding in character, scholarship, and leadership: Frances Jayne Seymour The Ernest L. Mackie Auxird presented to the man of the junior class who has been voted most outstanding in character, scholarship and leadership: James Edward Grogan Jr. The Roger A. Davis Memorial Auxird presented by the Residence Hall Association to the student judged to hair given outstanding service to the University, especially in the residence hall program: Donald Eugene Honbarrier Jr. The Emest H. Abemethy Prize in Student Publication Work presented annually to the student adjudged by a committee to haw done the most distinctive uxyrk during the current year in the field of student publications: Elizabeth Elaine Moose The Inlerfralernily Council — Panhellenic Council Outstanding Senior Awards presented to the two seniors who have made the most outstanding contributions to their individual houses and to the Greek System as a whole: Timothy John Lucido Cynthia Marie Cox The John Johnston Parker Jr. Medal for Unique Leadership in Student Government awarded to that member of the graduating class who. in the judgement of a committee of faculty and students, has demonstrated the highest qualities of leadership in perpetuating the spirit and honor of student self-government: John Brendan Kelly The Irene F. Lee Award presented to the woman of the graduating class who. in the judgement of a committee of faculty and students, is the most outstanding in leadership, character, and scholarship: Heather Hope Helen Weir The William P. Jacocks Memorial Auxird presented to the outstanding man in the graduating class awarded on the basis of versatility: Stephen Ward DeVine The Patterson Award awarded to the senior athlete in the Uniiersily who is judged l y a committee of faculty, administrators, and students to Ixr most outstanding in athletic ability, sportsmanship, morale, leadership, and general conduct: Bonny Jane Brown The Jim Tatum Memorial Auxird presented to the athlete who has performed with distinction in his or her sport and has also contributed to the University community through constructive participation in extracurricular activities: Joan Hastings Zabriskie The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Auxird bestowed upon one man and one woman of the graduating class who, in the judgement of a committee of faculty and students, hate best demonstrated unselfish interest in the welfare of their fellowmen, with emphasis on humanitarian contribution. Richard Gregory Michaels Julie King Thomasson 565 MUSIC AWARDS Sigma Alpha lota College Honor Award Sigma Alpha Iota Academic Honor Award Martha Susan Townsend Jill Denise Austin University Orchestra Awards Marcia Lynn Blackburn Eric Henry Dellinger Amy Suzanne Glass Adam Paul Holtzman Margaret Elizabeth Jones James David McChesney Kenneth Alan Michal Dorothy Jeanne Ross William Reid Thompson Bruce Douglas Reinoso Katha Marie Treanor Sharon Lynett Wellington Wind Ensemble Awards Calvin Edward Coghill John Samuel Davis III Amy Suzanne Glass Anne Cranford Hawkins James David McChesney Kenneth Alan Michal Bruce Douglas Reinoso Roland Dock Sawyer III Marian Elisabeth Timothy Carolina Choir Awards Thomas Eugene Brown, Jr. Pamela Jean Engel Amy Suzanne Glass Kathleen Gay Harris Kennette Culbrcth Nowell Grace Jacqueline Parker Laura Elizabeth Patton Sandra Claire Ridge John Robert Simpson Martha Susan Townsend Philip Dexter Woods Nancy Elaine Wright Paul Marshal) Yoder Chamber Singers Awards Thomas Eugene Brown, Jr. Laura Elizabeth Patton Sandra Claire Ridge Phillip Dexter Woods Women's Glee Club Award Anne Louise None man Kennette Nowell Jane Hicks Pittman Nancy Elaine Wroght Men's Glee Club Award Walter Taylor Balckwell, Jr. Robert Claire Briskin Gene Craig Coombs Charles Alan Ross Steven Mark Swaim Phillip Dexter Woods Paul Marshall YoderACC Senior Scholarship Auvrd Dick Jamerson Outstanding Swimming Award Most Valuable Swimmer Most Outstanding Swimmer Most Improved Swimmer E. Carrington Smith Trophy Most Valuable (Foothill) Player (Basketball) Outstanding Senior Award (Basketball) Martha Jordan Award (Basketball) Foy Roberson Award (Basketball) Butch Bennett Award (Freshman Basketball) Carmichael-Cobb Award (Basketball) Coaches' Atoard (Basketball) Oscar Vatz Award (Basketball) Mary Frances Andrews Aioard (Basketball) William F. Prouly Memorial Award (Football) Bill Arnold Memorial Auvrd (Football) Cary Boshamer Auvrd (Football) Louis Craves Auvrd (Football) S.H. Basnight Auvrd (Baseball) E.J. Evans Atcvrd (Track) E.J. Evans Auvrd (Freshman Track) Grover Wilhoit Auvrd (Freshman Wrestling) Neil Wester Auvrd (Baseball) Patterson Medal Jeffrey Cowell Memorial Trophy David L. Wall Wrestling Auvrd Jim Tatum Award E.V. Patterson Auvrd (Track) Walter Rabb Auvrd (Most Improved Player) ATHLETIC AWARDS Mar)' Beth Elrod Jeffrey Neil Robinson Bonny Jane Brown Carl David Hansen Gayle Hegel Kenneth Clark Ireland Mary Ann Dempster Jeffrey Allen Schenk Matthew George Kupec Michael F. O'Koren Michael F. O'Koren Martin Alphonzo Wood John Sidney Virgil James Agner Worthy Michael F. O'Koren Michael F. O'Koren Michael F. O'Koren Sam Barnes Award (Wrestling) Mike McLeod Memorial Auvrd (Coif) Most Improved Offensive Player (Football) Most Improved Defensive Player (Football) Comeback Player of Year (Football) Outstanding Specialty Team Player (Football) Outstanding Senior (Foothill) Outstanding Defensive Back (Foothill) Spencer Marsh Pierce Frank Bernard Fuhrer III Hugh Michael Chatham Robert Clifford Duncan Phillip Alan Farris Moncie Lee Daniels III Ricky Antonio Barden Ricky Antonio Barden James Agner Worthy Douglas Clyde Paschal Ronald John Wooten George Jessel Curry Jr. Douglas Clyde Paschal James Douglas Parks Gary Paul Hofstetter Christopher Charles Mand Joseph Anthony Michaels Scott William Bradley Bonny Jane Brown Larry Doncll Winters David Craig Cooke Joan Hastings Zabriskie Samuel Lamar Brown Walter LaVeme Shuler, Jr. Paul Beasley Gay ORDER OF THE GOLDEN FLEECE Active Order Dana Lynn Cagle Stephen Ward Devine William Bain Jones Gary Durward Jones Bradley Robert Lamb Kathleen Parker Lamb Nicholas Long, Jr. Ann Mario Martinelli William David Porterfield Althea Gail Segal Martha Elizabeth Sellers Honorary Members Dorothy Cochrane Bernholz Doris Waugh Betts Walter Royal Davis Initiates Ronald Gail Boatwright Linda Marie Cabe Catherine Jeanne Campbell Roy Asberry Cooper Cynthia Marie Cox Paul Frederick Duckworth Adele Denise Ellis Rosalind Runae Fuse Deborah Charleen Gray Eva Jeannette Heyward Donald Eugene Honbarrier John Brendan Kelly Robert Allen Long, Jr. Sharon Lee Parker Robin Gilles Pulver Robert Walter Saunders William Richard Steigerwald Heather Hope Helen Weir Jennifer Weiss Dana Lynn Cagle, hyparchos Stephen Ward Devine, granwiateus Ann Mario Martinelli, jason William David Porterfield, chrystopher The Order of the Golden Fleece was founded in 1903 to honor exceptional leadership, inspirational character, and loyiilty to the ideals of the Unii'ersity. It is considered to be the highest honorary on campus.ORDER OF THE OLD WELL Initiates Active Members Thf Order of the Old Well recognizes academic and extra-curricular excellence. Created in 1949, the Order honors students for their unselfish contributions to the University community. Richard David Bostic Catherine jeann Campbell Cynthia Marie Cox Rosalind Runae Fuse Deborah Charleen Gray Eleanor Duff Green Deborah Jane Gupton Lisa Marie Harper Eva Jeannette Heyward Thomas Antony Jessiman Marie Louise Joseph Sonya Jene Lewis Richard Gregory Michaels Ricky Vcrlin Murray Gale Marjorie Osborne Sharon Lee Parker William Andrew Hamilton Rhodes Mary Elizabeth Searle Frances Jane Seymour George Phillip Shadroui William Richard Steigerwald Reginald Anthony Sumner Reid Zachary Tuvim Heather Hope Helen Weir Jennifer Weiss Sarah Elizabeth West Richard Byron Whisnant Charles Edward Allen Rhonda Lynch Black Gary Durward Jones Matthew Bowditch Judson John Brendan Kelly Jean lone Linker Robert Allen Long Jr. Timothy John Lucido William David Porterfield Martha Elizabeth Sellers Stephen Ward DeVine, president Chrisann Ohter, vice president Ann Mario Martinclli, treasurer Robert Walter Saunders, secretary James Edward Grogan Jr., member-at-large 569 ORDER OF THE GRAIL Members Ronald Gail Boatwright Craig Burdeen Brown William Cavanaugh Chapman Roy Asberry Cooper III David Langston Covington Stephen Ward DeVine Vann Williams Donaldson Dennis Neill Jacokes William Bain Jones Jr. John Brendan Kelly Bradley Robert Lamb Nicholas Long Jr. Robert Allen Long Timothy John Lucido Richard Gregory Michaels Charles Franklin Miller Ricky Verlin Murray Manley Woolfolk Roberts William Richard Steigerwald William Elliott Warnock Richard Byron Whisnant Gary Dunvard Jones, delegate Robert Walter Saunders, exehequer David Leon Matthews II, scribe Initiates James Henry Alexander Jr. Louis Adams Bledsoe III Richard David Bostic Edward Charles Camp Leslie Warren Collier IV Dudley Ross Coppage II Robert Wayne Cramer Richard Glenn Cutler Paul Frederick Duckworth Charles Lothrop Gardiner Herbert Gaston Garrison III Donald Eugene Honbarrier Thomas Antony Jessiman Matthew Bowditch Judson Jeffrey Scott Koeze Bradley Reid Kutrow David Thomas Lambeth Jr. Jeffrey Don Mathis Scott Fredrik Norberg William David Porterfield William Andrew Hamilton Rhodes George Phillip Shadroui Clive Adrian Stafford-Smith Reginald Anthony Sumner Reid Zachary Tuvim 570ORDER OF Initiates Helen Rose Bellar Lisa Elizabeth Callaghan Catherine Jeanne Campbell Catherine Lynne Cousins Judith Carol Emken Bennie Lea Eure Betty Jane Fiser Rosalind Runae Fuse Elizabeth Stuart Goodwin Deborah Charleen Gray Eleanor Duff Green Barbara Ann Huffman Mary Eloise McCain Bernadette Virginia McGlade Mary Louise McMaster Elizabeth Elaine Moose Gale Marjorie Osborne Sharon Lee Parker Joanna Radwanska Yolanda Valjene Scarlett Emilie Vanessa Siddlc Gloria Estelle Webster Heather Hope Helen Weir Jennifer Weiss Sarah Elizabeth West THE VALKYRIES Members Dana Lynn Cagle Stephanie Yvonne Crawford Pamela Lynn Farmer Deborah Jane Gupton Lisa Marie Saylor Susan Elizabeth Self Mary Claire Sherrill Honorary Members Anne Drury Hall Mary Casey Jacob Karen Lee Peterson Penny Rue Emily Florence Untermeyer Esther Houston Vassar Eva Jeanette Heyward, president Cynthia Marie Cox, vice president Ann Mario Martinelli, treasurer Martha Elizabeth Sellers, secretary Chrisann Ohler, alumnae secretary The Order of the GraillValkyries recognizes undergraduate students and other members of the community who have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, sen ice to the University, and outstanding character. The Order seeks to honor those individuals who hat exhibited unselfish and dynamic leadership through the initiation of innovative projects confronting the problems of the university community. 571Lesa Jane Edwards, president Mark Aaron Ladd, vice president Ann Wendy Roscnwasser, secretory Barbara Joyce Boling, treasurer Karen Lynn Abrahams Nicholas Peter Addison Mary Elizabeth Aitken Elizabeth Hayes Aldridge Terry Ralph Alexander Kathy Ann Allen Mary Jane Amaya John Michael Amein Suzanne Elaine Andrews James Michael Arrowood Bruce Paul Ashley Lee Anne Baer Lisa Michele Bannister Shannon Marie Barbour Thomas Henry Barge II Duane Eddy Barrett Peter Jay Baughan Anne Milton Beeson John Mark Bennett Todd Andrew Berger Lisa Marie Bonaventura Petra Susanne Bonitz William Clayton Bordley Rosemarie Borkowski Karen Louise Bowers Elizabeth Magruder Bowie James David Boyd Lawrence Richard Breitkreutz David Harold Briles, Jr. Blon Dean Brown, Jr. Camellia Deane Brown Elizabeth Marie Bryant Mary Ashley Bryant Elizabeth Gwenn Buchanan Theta Annette Bullard Ashley Laughlin Burnham William Brian Bush, Jr. Sara Kathryn Butler Lynn Carol Cadmus Manuel Salvador Campano Mark Howard Canady Lone Jean Carlisle Kathy Page Carter Sheri Lynn Castle Shirley Anne Clifton Thomas Casher Collier, Jr. Timothy Donald Conder Stephanie Ann Cox Patricia Ann Cramer Jennifer Cheryle Cresimore Charles Alan Crows James Clarence Crew, Jr. James Craig Crutchfield William Russell Cumpston Julie Ann Dalton Elizabeth Barry Daniel Rita Delene Danner Robert Wharton Darnell Luara Amy Daum Dorothy Patricia Davis James Karnes Davis, Jr. John Todd Davis Robert Bryan Davis Susan Michelle Davis William John Davis III Stephen Edgar Deal Carla Ann Detchon William Matthew Detmer John Ben Diamantstein Susan Elizabeth Dickerson Allen David Dixon Cynthia Renee Dixon Rebecca Ann Dixon William Morgan Dull Jerold Lee Edwards Lawrence Thomas Ellis, Jr. Thomas Scott Ellison Grace Ann Emerson David Thomas Emery Elizabeth Leigh Ennen Marie Dixon Fargis Leighton Sandys Ford, Jr. Tracy Marie Ford John Andrew Frank Lucy Hilda Fried Roger Mitchell Friedensen Sherri Jo FurrPHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma honors academic excellence during the freshman year. Freshmen achieving a quality point average of 3.5 or better during their first tico semesters of study are eligible for membership. Members of Phi Eta Sigma publish the Course Description, an aid to students in pre registering for classes. Melissa Bayne Garrette Benjamin Wesley Garrou, Jr. Maria Anne Gerakios Joy Randy Giltin Kathryn Strader Glenn Elizabeth Ann Gold Glenn David Good Dwight Tod Goodnight lisa Lee Gourley Scott Michael Granowski William Joe Green, Jr. Vicki Elizabeth Grey Holly Geralyn Griffin Tina Marie Griffin Christine Marie Gruber Aaron Lester Hagler James Small Hagood Amy Leigh Hair Julia Ann Hall Randy Morris Hall William Wade Harrell Martha Jo Harrelson Connis Marie Harrison Kelly Elizabeth Hawkins Robert Dodd Haynes Susan Ann Heath Miriam Ailccn Heinrichs Jennifer Lynn Heller Janneka Hermans Holly Jan Hickman David Curtis Hillsgrove Amy Frances Hobbs Wilson Gary Hollis, Jr. Lucy Baldwin Holman Mar ' Anne House Julie Gwyn Hudson John Edward Jaynes Anne Patricia Johnson James Clifton Johnson Jennifer Michelle Johnson Deborah Jo Johnston Granville Ragland Jones Harley Harrell Jones Asha Rosalind Kallianpur Robert Neal Kaplan Karl William Kapp Gar)' Howard Karesh James George Kerr Kimberly Dawn Kleman David Lawrence Kouri Kathryn Lynne Krege Julie Ann Lally Kenneth Wayne Lamm Charles Daigh Lansden David Harry LaTowsky Carol Jackson Lawrence Eleanor Carroll Lee Michael Edward Lee Sarah Elizabeth Lee William Joseph Leland Deborah Anne Levine Rolv Craig Lind James Randall Long Gregory Thomas Lowery, Jr. Wylie Donald Lowery, Jr. Tammy Anne Magnanti Robert Edward Mallemee Peter Glynn Mallinson Monica Michelle Malpass Linda Rae Manning Martha Lynn Marshbanks Candace Elizabeth Martin Kenneth Plato Martin James Derek Mason Thomas Fleming Mattox John David Mayberry Mary Stuart McCamy Elaine Patricia McClatchey Patricia Ann McGonegal Christopher Clark Mclsaac Alison Jeanette McMillian William Wyatt McNairy Robert Joseph McParland William Battle McQueen Steven James Meis Midge Melissa Metheny Carlton David Miller Glenn Ray Miller Mark Dwayne Miller Thomas Edwin Millspaugh David Glenn Mint . Stephen Mark Moore Mary Anne Morrison Mary Frances Moss Jennifer Hope Moyer Deana Ann Nail Nancy Jean Nailor Mar)' Margaret Ncilson Albert Summey Orr HI Dudley Randolph Padgett Elizabeth Smith Patterson Susan Gillorie Paul Kim Elizabeth Pclcch Ruth Petersen Jennifer Lynne Phillips Nancy Ann Pietroski David Matthew Poole Anna Maria Poulos Genie Adele Pridgen John Paul Ragland Ellen Mary Rak Gerri Lynn Ratliff Ruth Suzanne Raudebaugh Bennett Lyle Rea Cynthia Elizabeth Register Michael Sheldo Richardson Deborah Ruth Ritchie Joseph Baxter Roberson, Jr. Karen Ann Rosen Albert Rosenthal John Carlos Rossitch Pamela Laveme Rountree Robert Malcolm Royalty, Jr. Abigail Saltonstali Stanley Cris Sapp Nora Jane Satterfield Carol Lynne Scales Jacqueline Louise Seism Susan Tamela Shearer Laura Carole Shoffner Charlotte Gail Shumate Robert Andrew Singer David Arthur Skeel, Jr. Elizabeth Jean Skerkoske Michael Eric Smith William Carr Smith, Jr. Harold Stanley Speight David Eugene Spivey, Jr. Charles Lincoln Stafford Donna Lynne Stancil Mary Denise Stanford Gregory Brent Starnes Joanne Mackorell Starnes Steven F. Stasheff Lori Suzanne Stephens Gayle Lynn Stillwell Susan Frances Stone Susan Helen Stoodt Brooks James Story Brian Scott Strauss Pamela Joyce Suits William Roger Sutton Christine Jay Swardson Johannes Bonifatius Tax John Timothy Terrell Darryl Bray Thompson Cory Carson Tucker Elizabeth Holmes Tucker Arthur Edward Turbyfill, Jr. Joseph Spoor Turner III William Wilson Turner Michael Paul Vandenbergh Joy Susanne Walden Robert Forrest Walden Lisa Katheryn Washburn Carolyn Marie Watcrson Nancy Patricia Watkins Michael Alan Welker Robin Kay West Sandra Arlene West Herbert Charles IVhinna Tyler Goodrich White Mary Helen Whitehurst Dennis Bryan Whittle Elizabeth Anne Wilcrson Margot Elizabeth Williams Paige Leigh Williams Richard Frederick Williams Mary Wilmer Kimberley Dianne Wood Grace Frances Woods Michelle Rhea Wright William Sidney Yamell Lori Anne Zink 573PHI BETA KAPPA Election to Phi Beta Kappa is a recognition of intellectual capacities well employed, especially in the acquiring of an education in the liberal arts and sciences. The objectives of humane learning encouraged by Phi Beta Kappa include intellectual honesty and tolerance, range of intellectual interests, insight and understanding. Julie Abbott Byron Clifford Abels Jr. G. Norman Acker HI Jefferson Hodges Adams Charles Martin Adcock Sally Patricia Agner Meredith Lucile Albright Charles Clark Alston Robert Gwathmey Badgett Rebecca Nan Bailey Clyde Lowell Ball jr. Mitchell Kyle Barnes Luther Emest Barnhardt III Deborah Ward Bedford Morris Leo Benator Steven George Bender Louis Dean Bilionis Lisa Ann Blue Charles Edward Bogle III Laura Anne Bolen Maurice John Bolus John Earl Brady Stacey Wassum Brandt Christopher Lewis Brinkley Jennifer Ann Brown William Hardy Bryan James Bruce Buchan Sarah Strother Bunting Stephen Timothy Byrd Malvina Lourdes Camejo Charles Francis Carpenter Anthony Glenn Carraway Betty Ruth Carter Kenneth Lee Carter Jr. Paul Thayer Chapman William Cavanaugh Chapman Allan Thomas Chiulli Carolyn Jo Christman Nancy Lynn Cook Teresa Harris Cook David Langston Covington Judie Lynne Covington Christine Cedlc Daniel Gregg Robert Daugherty Barney Mark Davidson Gary Wayne Davis Beth Louise Deppe Stephen Ward DeVine Elizabeth Anne Dickson Robert Joel Dunn Donald Leroy Dyer Sharon Luann Edwards Richard Irving Eisenstadt Mary Elizabeth Elrod Margaret Griffin Evans James Lowell Everette Jr. Thad Harrison Faison Jon Wallace Floyd Jane Foley James Donald Fortenberry Benjamin Eagles Fountain III Catherine Ann Frank Leesa Childress Frankel Jean Rose Freedman Kenneth John Frier Mary Elizabeth Froelich Carol Jean Fry Julia Estelle Fulghum Robert Walker Fuller HI Charles Harwood Funderburk Jr. Dawn Elizabeth Gantt Virginia Lynn Gantt Robert Nevill Gates Thomas Tracy Giduz Mary Kay Gillcland Nancy Ann Glickman Bruce Earl Gordon Jennie Donnell Graham Robert Lorenza Green William Olin Green Richard Michael Guzewicz Karen Anne Hall Kathy Louise Hamilton Kristen Irene Hammett Sharon Leigh Harmon Cynthia Lynn Hartman Greville Jefferys Lee Haslam Belinda Gail Hastings William Amos Hciscl HI Peter Niels Heller Ellen Bryce Hendrix Sharon Ann Hice Mary Lise Hildebrandt Ronald Gray Hodge II Cynthia Lynn Holder Katrina Karriker Holshouser Adam Paul Holtzman Melinda Lee Hunter Sherry Lynne Hutchinson Lynettc lezzoni Stephen Brian Irvin Michael Thomas Jacobs Steven William Jacobson Carol Ann Jardinc Alvin Lewis Jones Debra Leigh Jones Brenda Lynn Jorgensen Marie Louise Joseph Vencint Dwayne Joyce Patricia Jeannine Joyner Carolyn Ruth Jursa Robert John Kendall David Shope Kennett Pamela Ann Kepley Phillip Earl King Eric John Kostelich Jan Kres Josephine Jenson Kurtz Marika Christine Kuzma Karen Patricia Lammey Kimberly Dene Lane Kathryn Alford Lawrence Kathryn Ann Lawrence David Longstrccl Lewis Roy Taylor Lilley Laura Elizabeth Logan Elizabeth Ann Longley Mar)1 Lucinda Love Bruce Alan Magnusson Janet Lynn McCauley Elizabeth Burgess McCormick Patricia Michel McHugh Jonathan Gregory McKenzie Robert Wilson McMurray Jr. Michael James Mullen Jennifer Louise Murphy Joel Thomas Murphy Virginia Arlene Newman Edward McDowell Newsom Joseph Royal Newton Jr. Keith Cameron Nichols Richard Claiborne Noble Laurie Jean O'Callaghan Chrisann Ohler Virginia Dianne Ormand Richard Chapman Owens Jr. Susan Anne Pacenta Frederick Oscar Palmdahl Gregory Scott Pape Gary Wilton Parr Craig Kaiser Pendergrast Brenda Karen Pennell Wade Hampton Penny III Joseph Hunter Phillips Laura Jean Pistole Cranford Oliver Plyler ill Barry Lee Pope Susan Marie Presti Thomas Michael Price Randall Brooks Pridgen 574Adam Holtzman, president Peter Heller, vice president Jon Floyd, secretary Jo Anne Pulliam Henry Hamilton Ralston Bernadette Irene Ransbottom Carol Quillian Reeves Robert Michael Regan Jr. Thomas Eugene Register Jr. Dana Powers Reinhold Sherry Lee Reynolds Robert Lee Rich Jr. Nancy Diane Robb Jeffrey Neil Robinson Denise Bunn Rock Gabriella Rosenthal Robert Louis Rosiello John Ferris Lowe Ross Eugene Rossitch Alan Harrison Rumph Agnes Foy Sabiston Sally Elliott Sackett Paul William Sasser Mika Zella Savir Elizabeth Gaines Schofield Martha Elizabeth Sellers Frances Jane Seymour Douglas Alan Shackelford Susan Virginia Sheely William Roy Shelton Leigh Ann Shumate Robert Wayne Simmons Julia Leigh Sink Randy Dean Smith Samuel Thomas Sockwell Charles Martin Sowers Lori Ann Spangler Marvin Mitchel Spivey Jr. Randal Jeneil Stewart Carol Minor Strickland Laura Elizabeth Stuart Paul Boksuk Suh Cantey Venable Sutton Thomas Allen Swain Robert Earle Taylor Jr. Paul Eric Teske Lee Thomas Adam Tredwell Thorp IV William David Thurman John F. Tsantcs Mary Anne Twomey Julie Beth Unger Kay Harward Upchurch Monte Raymond Uzzell Jay Russell Versteeg Rowan Georges Vianes Paul Edward Viser John Vann Vogel Nelie Virginia Waller Timothy David Ware Carol Laird Weatherly Heather Hope Helen Weir James William Wert Jr. Richard Byron Whisnant Alice Dickey White Ellen Andrea White Patricia Lynn Whitesell Linda Irene Winkler Josephine Kneale Witt James Alan Wolfe Sue Elizabeth Womble Ashley Woodiwiss Sherry Leigh Wooten Issac Clark Wright Jr. Don C. Youse Jr. Laura Anne Ziegler 575Donald Holmes Baker Jr. Luther Ernest Barnhardt III James Andrew Bell Barry Stephen Brown Martha Corbi Bulluck David Christopher Chance Kim Stafford Clarke Julia McMillan Cline Joseph Wayne Coates Anne Elizabeth Cobev Robert Wayne Cramer Scott Bradford Davis Marcia Louise Dean Stephen Ward DeVine Elizabeth Anne Dooley Paul Frederick Duckworth Jr. Michael Frank Elliott George Steven Felts Virginia Lynn Gantt Teresa Anne Gardner William O'Daniel Gray III Eleanor Duff Green Jeremy John Olivier Harwood Robert Daniel Hays Jr. William McDowell Hoak David Montgomery Hunter Besse Jordan Nancy Catherine Joyce Christopher Shaw Lambert Robert Alan Long Jr. Michael Wesley Lord Mary Louise McMaster Ann Mario Martinclli Jeffrey Don Mathis Richard Gregory Michaels Janet Marie Moss Andrew Kenneth William Powell Gustavo Antonia Riera Manley Woolfolk Roberts Charles Alan Ross "... It is my ardent desire to perpetuate as far as possible the great service which that institution (The University of North Carolina) has rendered to the State of North Carolina, the South and the Nation, and I can think of no better way of extending its influence and increasing its prestige than by attracting youth of the character and ability I have mentioned to become students thereat. In this way I feel I will render a service not only to the students themselves and to the University, but also to the people of the State and Nation through the accomplishments and leadership of these students ..." John Motley Morehead The Indenture Julius Addison Rousseau III Robert Wayne Simmons Thomas Flake Skipper Rebecca Faye Smith Andrew Carroll Spencer Gerald Glenn Striph Stacy Elizabeth Stubbs Charles Glenn Summers William Reid Thompson III Charles Thomas Urban III David Nichols von Storch Gloria Estalle Webster James Alan Wolfe Phillip Dexter Woods David Calep Wright III Class of 1981 Byron Clifford Abels Jr. Charles Edward Aldrich II Laura Kathryn Alexander Charles Edward Allen Cathy Ann Alston Karen Patricia Bailey Pamela Anne Bath Deborah Ward Bedford Louis Adams Bledsoe III Ronald Gail Boatwright Brian Charles Bunch Benic Monta Clark, III Randall Allen Davis Bennie Lea Eure Brian MacDonald Goray James Edward Grogan, Jr. Randolph Herman Harry Mark Reid Hewett Cindy Ygeme Hoffner Christopher Michael Holmes Mary Bennett Houston Linda Dianne Hubbard Joel Walter Hylton Jr. Dinita LeAnne James Gregor)1 Hollins Kats Theodore Charles Kerner Jr. Caleb Kimball King Eric John Kostelich Mary Christine Kuzma Loretta Kay Linder Nicholas Frazier Manos Kimberly Anne Marshall Stephen Graham Nathan Mendel Elizabeth Anne Mendenhall Thomas Wentworth Morss Terrence Dewitt Morton Jr. Stephen Carter Parham Rachel Hamilton Parker Frances Elizabeth Patton Rodney Eric Phillips Robert Michael Regan Jr. Franklin Thomas Roberts Catherine Lynn Robinson Eugene Rossitch Jr. Barry- Ferguson Saunders Elizabeth Gaines Schofield Frances Jane Seymour Timothy Joseph Sheehy Taylor Howard Smisson James Brundin Snider Warren Michael Sobol Jennifer Lynn Steinbrenner Richard Green Terrell David John Vandenbcrgh Vanessa Lynn Washington Richard Byron Whisnant Richard Algernon Melville Williams Ernest Arnold Youhouse Jr. 576MOREHEAD SCHOLARS Class of 1982 Elbert Lee Avery Jack MeFaddin Barker Jr. Jacqueline Marie Blount William Clayton Bordley William Arthur Branner III Peter Francis Breakey Allen Curtis Brotherton Kevin Rene Bruce Charles Alan Bryan Elizabeth Marie Bryant Richard William Bumiske Jr. Mary Merwin Camp Robert Law Child Lee Andrew Clark III Charles Neal Coker Thomas Vincent Daily William Matthew Dctmcr Robert Carter Divine Lesa Jane Edwards John Eric Elliott Dominic Lawrence C. Fry Charles Lothrop Gardiner Jeffrey Eugene Gray Kelvin Crews Harris Tracy D. Hill Kraig Jarrett Holt Thomas Antony Jessiman Jeffrey Scott Koeze Evelyn Ruth Leaver Sonja Lynn McCarter Christopher Clark Mclsaac Peter Glyn C. Mallinson Edwin Hugh Martin Jr. Beverly Doreen Matthews Martha Agnew Mattingly Geoffrey Hugh Chalfant Mock Thomas Cornelius Monroe III Nicholas Edward Morrison Donald William John Munro William James Murphy Mary Lucille Piccirillo Genie Adele Pridgen Edward John Rak Jr. William Andrew Hamilton Rhodes Lauren Elizabeth Richards Michael Sheldon Richardson Mary Elizabeth Searle Eric David Shimabukuro Timothy Marcus Smith Jefferson Maurice Sommers Frank Clark Spencer Clive Adrian Stafford-Smith Hale Hampton Stephenson Patricia Alison Timko Robert Rand Tucker Joni Lynn Walser Jennifer Darrow Watson Sheila Helen Whitfield David Gareth Winfield Warren Earle Wise Cary Eugene Wolfe Class of 1983 Nicholas Peter Addison Michael Richard Bennett Nadine Marie Bourgeois Sandra Dianne Braswell Mark Howard Canady Charles Jihun Chung Penelope Jane Bamum Cox Jennifer Cheryl Cresimore John Michael Cumpsty Alison Lynn Darden Linda Hilliard Eglin Lawrence Thomas Ellis Jr. Grace Ann Emerson Elizabeth Lee Ennen David Murphy Evans Anne Crowe Fischer Scott Michael Granowski Renee Hedenberg Samuel Thomas Hillers Frank Arthur Hirsch Jr. Mark Alan Jacobson Lisa Lorraine Jeffries John Tally Johnston, III Brantley Tilman Jolly Jr. Debbie Lynne Jordan William Hugo Kimball Sarah Colman Klemmer Vicki LeGrand Latham Michael Edward Lee Wendy Sayles Lindner Russell Walker Lookadoo Wylie Donald Lowery Jr. William Wyatt McNairy El Chino Miro Martin Carlton David Miller Glenn Ray Miller Thomas Edwin D. Millspaugh Robert James Mocatta Thomas Samuel Nelson Moorhead William Vincent Oxford Alfred Clinton Perry Richard Joseph Perry Jr. Ellen Mary Rak Katharine Hencken Reid Jonathan Post Rich Douglas Scott Richardson Barbara Lynn Rosser John Carlos Rossitch Robert Malcolm Royalty Jr. Abigail Saltonstall Marlon Sellers Eileen Frances Sheehan Ellen Coleman Stan-Frank Charles Sullivan Darryl Bray Thompson Michael Paul Vandenbergh David Clark von Gunten Wendy Lynn Walters Mark Frederick Welker Michael Wayne Whisenhunt Dennis Bryan Whittle MOREHEAD FELLOWS Business School Dental School Jayne McGuire Booker David Earl Frost William Carpenter Buxton Eugene Edward LaBarre Karen Denise Fox James Bruce McLain Stanley Montgomery Nicholas Joseph Richard Steedle Alyce Patterson Parker Robert Carl Steele David Knox Tinkler Graduate School Carolyn Dale Bourne Mary Beth Humphrey Broom Jeffrey Scott Carnes Patrick Bruce Duncan David Michael Giltinan Eric Lee Hyman Edward Martin Kober Patrick David Lamb Richard Elmer Lcnski JoAnn Luehring Emily Stough Murphree Ralph Connor Reid Medical School John Stewart Adams Stephanie Rae Bennett Arlene Susan Bierman Scott Allen Boone Catherine Ann Cordero Phillip Sheridan Dickey Stanley Spencer Hamaker Constance Mary Kalinowski Kathi Jill Kemper Peter Tomaz Remee Mark Douglas Smith George David Zoret Law School Patricia Annette Binder Frank Edward Emory Jr. Nancy Marie King Francis William LaChance Penni Leigh Pearson Gregory Douglas Porter Jonathan Drew Sasser Herman Spence III Donnell Van Noppen III Planetarium Interns Robert Charles Hoyle Robert Daniel VanGundy 577Tamela Gay Clayton Russell Enoch Clift Rachel Lubel Cohen Rebel Allen Cole Thomas Casher Collier Jr. Angelia Terita Copelin Melvin Timothy Corbett Alyson Ann Corcoran Judie Lynn Covington Douglas Eugene Cowan Kimberly Sue Cox Janet Marie Cress Berryman Theaudore Cudd Billy Gray Culbertson II Elizabeth Barry Daniel Eula Mae Daniel Ruth Lynne Daniel Paul Douglas Deane Gary John Deval John Ben Diamantstein Jody Marie Dietrich Karol Idell Doster Jeffrey Jerome Douthit Mar)' Moses Dresser Sherry Michelle Dudley Melissa Gay Eanes Alice Lynn Earley Mary Ellen Edwards Terri Lane Ellis Lora Elizabeth Evans Deborah Jo Farmer Patricia Ann Ferrell David Wayne Fisher Jo Ann Forbes Jennings Cleveland Fort Elizabeth Kaye Fortune Robert Wilson Freyermuth Jr. Jeffrey Charles Fussell Mark Allen Gallop Gregor)' Allen Gardner Lawrence Edward Gates Yvonne Gillikin G. Norman Acker III Charles Martin Adcock Mary Elizabeth Allen Michael Callais Allen David Eugene Annas Nathaniel Terl Austin Carla Diane Bagiev Laura Denise Baier Rebecca Nan Bailey Karen Lynn Barber Sheri Ruth Bates Charles Alan Bennett Jr. Dorene Lanette Bigelow Ruth Bea Bizzell Billie Dale Blackman Sara Charlene Boykin Dan Patrick Brady John Earl Brady Mark Keane Brown Sherry Devonne Brown Jill Adelia Bryan Karen Anita Bryant Wanda Carol Bunch Tammy Jeannine Bunn Christopher James Burns John Anthony Byrd Charles William Caldwell Malvina Lourdes Came jo Rene Dominique Caputo Rosemary Eileen Carbery Larry Charles Carpenter Betty Ruth Carter Elisabeth Michelle Cartland Eileen Patricia Clark Leigh Allen ClawsonJOHNSTON UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARS The lames M. Johnston Award Program is made possible through the generosity of the James M. Johnston Trust for Charitable and Educational Purposes. Trustees of the fund hate stipulated that academically superior young men and women be extended awards to recognize scholarly merit and to provide financial assistance in their achievement of educational goals. Janice Catherine Goss Patricia Catherine Gossett Mark Stewart Graham Patricia Field Gregory Angela Dianne Griffin Andrea Kay Grinbergs Christopher Robert Gurley Mary Kathryn Hoggins Kathy Louise I iamilton Terry Jo Hamilton Pamela Gayle Hanna Bette Walden Hardwick Sharon Leigh Harmon Kathleen Gay Harris Jane Theresa I lecker Eric Abwer Henrickson Misti Ladonna Hennessee Patrick Michael Herbert Lilo Alfreida Hester Sharon Ann Hice William Thomas Hight III Michaela Rae Hill Rita Tone Hill Jacqueline Holmes Michael Eric Hopper Ronald Carlisle Hudson Jeffrey Gene Huff Winifred Ceinwen Hughes Gregory Alan Huskey Lynn Marie Her Dina Rose Johnson Janet Johnson Jennifer Mary Johnson Jennifer Michelle Johnson Susan Ramona Johnson Randall Dean Jones Sherry Elaine Jones Vicki Renee Jones Brenda Lynn Jorgensen Patrick James Kelley William Henry King Ingrid Dorothy Kinney Bradley Stephen Kintner Lois Ann Knauff Gregor)’ Leon Knight Claudia C. Kondratick Theodore Kenneth Kyle Kenneth Lam Paul Boezi Langford Thomas Earl Lawrence Heidi Anke Lawton Eleanor Carroll Lee Heidi Ann Leverenz Cheri Lynn Lovell Tammy Lum Elizabeth Anne MacDonald Kathrine Elizabeth MacKinnon George Mani Brian Thomas Marlev Gail Ann Martin Jeffrey Todd Martin Kenneth Plato Martin William Kenneth Mask Charlene Magaki Mason Joann Theresa Matone William I lenry Matthews Kelly Raye Mays Patricia Anne McCracken Brenda Susan McGlamery Mary Lynn McKeel John Timothy McKenzie Rickye Ann McKoy Pauline McNeill Bryant Hiller Mende Kathleen Ann Merritt Theodore Clayton Michie Donna Marie Miller Michael Ray Miller Debra Anne Mooney Wistar Moore III Elizabeth Elaine Moose Stephen Derek Morgan Anne Victoria Moriarty Joseph Maryon Morris Harriett Elizabeth Morrison Mar)' Frances Moss Noreen Mar)’ Murphy Lesley Louise Myers Margery Ellen Nailor Nancy Jean Nailor Charles Frederick Nash Martha Ann Noble John Joseph O'Connor III Chrisann Ohler Patricia Elaine Owens William Lee Owens Robert Anthony Patterson Susan Callorie Paul Patricia Lee Perez Jean Marie Perry Gregor)’ Wade Pittman Robert Wayne Plummer Marjorie Lee Poe Mar)’ Joan Proctor Cynthia Lynn Redmond Danny Ray Reid Lisa Karen Riggs Deborah Ruth Ritchie Jeffrey Neil Robinson Karen Ann Rosen Pamela Laverne Rountree Susan Louise Rowe Jane Carol Sasser Nora Jane Satterfield Roby Blake Sawyers Reginald Lee Schloss Scott George Schoedler Debra Sue Shaw Susan Tarnela Shearer Iris Jo Sheehan Laura Carole Shoffner Michael Talmadge Shumate John Anthony Sipp Gary Gene Smalley Constance Joyc Smith Mark Odell Smith Phillip Ray Smith Randy Dean Smith Teresa Dawn Smith Agnes Marie Speight Louise Crosby Spieler David Eugene Spivey Angela Jolene Stanley Carole Joyce Stemkowski David Andrew Stephenson Brooks James Story Susan Elaine Strayhorn Lisa Carol Sutton Alicia Anne Swaringen Isabel Marie Sykes Sandra Faye Tate Michael Keith Taylor Tammie Lynn Taylor Paul Eric Teske Cynthia Lea Thompson William David Thurman Gerald Anthony Tingen Wanda Kay Wade Robert Forrest Waldon Janiffer Yuan Wang Elise Rose Ward Dianne Carolle Watson Catherine Jean Weaver James Peter Wheeler Regina Jay Wheeler Jeffrey Scott Whisenant Ernest Edwin White Sheila Lanina Whitehead Amy Elizabeth Whitley Susan Claire Whitley Ellen Marie Willard Gregory Devon Williams Elizabeth Nanette Wilson Demetta Lenee Witherspoon Susan Carol Wobbleton William Sidney Yarnell Mitzi York Tracey Orren Yount 579JOHNSTON NURSING SCHOLARS Jenoese Priscilla Adams Judith Rose Oakley Adams Jenifer Lee Amling Myra Elizabeth Auman Sandra Bradley Baden Rebecca Barfield Kimberly Jean Bariowe Janet Lynn Baumheckel Tammy Elizabeth Berrier Carolyn Veronica Billings Jan Marie Bowles Wanda Joy Brewer Alma Kay Bullock Deena Kay Cain Janet Lynn Campbell Terri Cameron Capps Mary Ann Carr Eleanor Fordham Cash Deborah Clark Marion Holmes Cobb James Onderdonk Cole Jr. Cheryl Lynn Coleman Lclia Jeanette Cornatzer Marie Elaine Crooke Mary Cusham Wanda Ellen Dennis Rebecca Atkins Dodson Debbie Lynn Elliott Dori Eliott Dana Carol Fennell Bonnie Jane Fields Steven Wayne Calyon Betsy Bea Gaskins Jane Randall Gibson Sadie Hannah Gillespie Marian Claire Girouard Carole Anne Glasson Micky L. Gonzales Penny Lynn Gordon Catherine Roberts Grill Mary Ann Grotland Elizabeth Maynard Harrington Julia Ann Hayes Leslie Carolyn Hicks Hilda Cates Holloway Susan Baker Holt Karen Marie Hosack Lois Ann Huddleston Diane Carol Hudson Darlene Huggins Deborah Lynne Jemigan Jean A. Liechty Jordan Karen Landolina Kanoy Leslie Joyce Kelsh Joan Marie Kozel Mark Edwin Kroeger Man' Ellen Kuhn Johnanna Lynne Lancaster Melissa Dixon Levine Maura Louise MacPhee Wanda Mitchell Malone Cheryl Jean Marcus Josie Allen Martin Amanda Lynn Matthews Judith Ann McCarthy Ronald Charles McCarthy Laura Elizabeth McGeachy Janet Rebecca Meckler Kathryn Suzanne Miller Melodie Alpha Miller Shelia Elaine Murray Carolyn Beth Nailor I lortense Dennyzade Redd Deborah Dent Rew Lois Marie Richards Kenace Felgar Sanders Ellen Marie Saunders Yolanda Valjene Scarlett Marilee Schmelzer Cynthia Jane Schmidt Charles Edward Schunior Elizabeth Anne Shortliffe Gail Rhodes Shue Patricia Ann Simpson Joanna Lynn Southern Susan Nadine Shaw Stamper Christine Gale Strickland Catherine Elizabeth Striplin Frederick Lee Sullivan Linda Louise Swallow Carolyn Den Taylor Barbara McMillan Thomas Lawrence Howard Truver Karen Elizabeth Waiker Anna Katherine Watson Charlene Yvonne Webb Barbaretta Anita Welch Pamela Elaine Whitlow Joan Marie Williams Joyce Havanick WoodV. SOCIETY OF SCABBARD AND BLADE Midshipman Kenneth E. Floyd Midshipman William E. Harris Midshipman William L. Lawing Midshipman Francis S. McElroy Midshipman Alden D. Pritchard Midshipman James M. Provo Midshipman Charles Summers Midshipman Frances B. Wolf The National Society of Scabbard and Blade was founded in 1904 to develop and honor the essential qualities of good officers: leadership, patriotism, efficiency, loyalty, courage, obedience, and good fellowship. 581DISTINGUISHED UNIVERSITY SCHOLARS Alston-Pleasants Scholars Charles Perry Ellington III William Otha Calloway Carl Preston Simmons William Gregory Tripp Wendy Gail Weisner Anna Frances Wood Herbert W. Jackson Scholars Terry Ralph Alexander Myra Susan Creed Joseph Patrick Daly Stephen Brian Irvin David Alan Jarrett Ricky Eugene Stallings J.D. Elizabeth Blanchard Scholars George Elliott Benedict IV Martin Todd Brown Marianne Katherine Choman Kenneth Raynor Ellington Mary Anna Fonvielle Cameron Britt Holbrook George Michael Hugo Annette Louise Jacobs Marietta Lynne Jones Alfred Paul Leroy Clyde Russell Mason Linda Lou Moore Johnnie Lee Myers Janine Venita Schulz Trudell Gear Simpson Elizabeth Kline Jordan Scholars Anthony Glen Carraway Lynn Casey Richard Glen Cutler Cynthia Rebecca Deal Debra Dean Lucas Kenneth Culbreth Nowell Milton Barry Randall Jay Myers Temple Betsy Norwood Thomas Laurie Susan Truesdell Curtis Brian Venable Cynthia Lynn Walker Quentin David Walker Paul Lee Williams David Charles Wilson Kelly Rae Womack Mark R. Braswell Scholars Mark Douglas Bardill Jerry Worrell DeBerry Mary Anne House Lisa Hammond Law James Daniel Stewart Gigi Anne Strunk Lucinda Ann Ticchurst Charles Patrick Warren Herbert Dale Maymie Carter Pegg Scholars James Smith Horne George William Kircher Jr. Jeffrey Louis Leal Rodney Dwight Nichalson Amanda Leigh Sink Marvin B. Smith Scholars Martin Wright Amerson Paul Douglas Bullard Susan Anne Gibby Stephen Clarke Griffin Steve O'Neal Harrison Douglas Carlton Johnson Benjamin Lawrence Maddrey Karen Gaye Odom Daniel Owen Shackelford Thomas Wayne White Josephus Daniels Scholars Dennis Christopher Goss Rhonda Kaye Hardee John Jackson Wells William McNcal Wilkins William A. Whitaker Scholars Phillip D. Bebber Rhonda Vinetta Bennett Ashley Laughlin Burnham Leslie Ruffin Carter Teresa Kay Cloninger Dana Elizabeth Coyle Kim Rennee Curry Parker Bennett Dodd Mark Alan Edwards Patricia Margaret Fowler Derek Trowbridge Frost Marc Tomas Galloway Herbert Gaston Garrison Rctha Ellen Glidewcll Joel Lee Greene Martha Harrison Greene Glenda Lee Harbin Kathryn Kimberly Hardison Gloria Elaine Hargett Jeffrey Scott Heier Kenneth Eugene Holton Julie Annette Hopkins Donna Sue Jackson Charles Allen Jacobs III James Clifton Johnson Wanda Lucrctia Johnson Joy Elizabeth Justus Jerrc Lynn Kennedy Gwendolyn Kaye Lancaster Malinda Anne Lee Rodney Owen Lowery George Lloyd Malpass Maureen Patricia McCann George Scott Melton Freeman Layuars Moore Tammy Allison Morgan James Bradley Moser Rhea Michelle Owens Leslie Kathryn Painter Tamara Dane Patterson Debra Ann Phifer Orven Russell Phipps Jennifer Rueann Price Sharon Dmise Ridge Cherie Ellilee Rigsbee Cynthia Lee Seagroves Kimberly Diane Smith Linda Constance Smith Jill Scott Spivey Sherry Faye Vestal Jeong Sim Wilson John Thomas Wilson Jr. Lionel Joseph Winchester Ronald Jackson Winstead Donna Lee WrightTHE ORDER OF THE SILVER KEY Members Kathleen Theresa Allen Paula Beth Appleby Sean Balia ntine John Black Dana Lynn Cagle Marian Kay Collier Buel Slater Combs Joel Lowdermilk Deaton Willuam Christopher Draper Timothy Vernon Fulton Catherine Ginn Gilbert William Alphus Godley Jr. Charles Gary Hampton Margaret Claire Haswell Kathleen Anne Hearsey Theresa Ellen Hill George Michael Hugo Martha Jenifer Johnsen Melanie Ann Morgan Andrea Alane Mullins Susan Marie Naylor Nan Elizabeth Parati Jim Ptaszynski Rochelle Riley Bonitia LuAnn Ring Sarah Kathryn Shutt Heather Laurie Spicer Randy Franklin Spivey Harold O'Keef Warren Marian Hart White Soozie Williams Anthony Robin Wilson Initiates Cathy Ann Barbour James Robert Brenner Donald Anthony Craig Orlando Cepeda Dobbin Angela Diane Dorman Keith Ray Edwards Jr. Barbara Ann Huffman Eli Junior McCullough Ann Forsyth Michie Jennifer Newton LaQuinta Arnee Parker Kellie Elizabeth Pfaff Dana Renee Sheffield Karen Marie Sloane Vance Bert Spinks Cassandra Lee Stamey Loretta Gale Walker Honoraries James D. Condie Henry Downey Thomas H. Griffin Jr. Sarah Marsh Russell N. Perry Timothy Richard Rafferty Lauren C. Stevens Elizabeth Dawn Fulbright, verger Jeanna Rena Ring, sacrist The Order of the Silver Key was founded to recognize outstanding service to Hinton James Residence College. 583SOCIETY OF JANUS Active Praetors Tina Lynn Alexander Jan Yvonne Bolick Edward Charles Camp Vann William Donaldson Elizabeth Dawn Fulbright Jeri Lynn Galbraith Randy Garris Holmes Donald Eugene Honbarricr Glenda Faye Jones William Bain Jones, Jr. Nicholas Long, Jr David Loen Matthews, II Paul Worsley Mayberry Ricky Verlin Murray William David Porterfield James Gamer Ptaszynski William Allen Reep Daniel Owen Shackelford Carolyn Jean Spivey Laurel Adams Swann Thomas Stanley Vitt Martha Elizabeth Sellers, praeceps Lisa Maria Saylor, vice praeceps Janie Lee Francis, notarius Vernon Thomas Banks, quaestor Advenae Sean Joseph Ballentine Wanda Renee Brackett Dana Lynn Cagle Catherine Lynne Cousins Julia Ann Dedmond Robert Francis Fabiszak Deborah Lynne Ford Robert Erwin Frimmel Herbert Gaston Garrison, HI Sandra Lynn Hayes Kathleen Anne Hearsey Linda Carol Howey Jane Marie Hornaday Terr)- Dewayne Home Margaret Graham Leight Mary Ann Martin Jefferson Dale Morgan Jeffrey David Murph Harriet Ncas Henrietta Elizabeth Rue Karen Ann Sederstrom Ervin McRay Simmons, Jr. Charles Winfred Tripp Wendy Jane Umholtz Anna Katherine Watson Nora Louise Wilikinson Elizabeth Ann Wrenn Honoraries Iris Ellis Burgess Dr. James Condie Adele Denise Ellis George Franklin HarpstCr Doris George Kaneklides Dorothy M. Murray Sherry M. Nesmith Russell N. Perry Melvyn Rinfret Glen Alan Ward Ronald Allison Wilson 584 The Society of {anus teas founded in 1956 to honor members of the University community who have contributed to the improvement of residence hall life.SOCIETY OF HELLENAS Inductees Patricia Ruth Berrier Sherry Lynn Bethune Susan Robinson Bitier Rhonda Lynch Black Suzanne Btaug Nancy Margaret Brooks Ashley Ellen Brown Bonnie Lue Brown Angela Kay Butler Deborah Louise Butz Kim Stafford Clarke Amy Susan Colgan Stephanie Yvonne Crawford Kim Rennee Curry Kimberly Ann Davis Kathleen Mary Fischer Brenda Lou Forrest Deborah Ann Goldsmith Linda Dianne Goldstein Teresa Louise Goodwin Eugenia Ann Greer Nancy Elizabeth Gregg Bonnie Lou Grizzard Deborah Jane Gupton Patricia Tierney Hackney Ann Holladay Harris Roxanna Louise Hayworth Martha Dobie Hennessy Joanne Means Hock Maiy Bess Jarrard Mary Louise Joseph Joyce Ann Kephart Sally Gamer Kinard Charlotta Rhea King Mary Elizabeth Kirk Leigh Ann Lynch Molly Elizabeth Martin Mar)' Ellen Meighan Gale Marjorie Osborne Ellen Chrisabelle Redmond Mar)’ Ann Rickert Helen Wannamaker Rogers Elizabeth Susan Schwartz Martha Elizabeth Sellers Marthann Michelle Sloan Catherine Carter Stocks Stacy Elizabeth Stubbs Margaret Harrison Suppler Kelly Susan Thomas Lisabeth Bowen Todd Nancy Lynn Wallace Heather Hope Helen Weir Susan Elizabeth Williams Elizabeth Nanette Wilson Laura Anne Ziegler The Society of Hellenas honors outstanding service by sorority women to the Creek system within the Panhellenic Council or individual sororities. Outstanding and innovative service, character and scholarship are the criteria for membership. Abigail Alexander Dowd, president Eleanor Duff Green, vice president Elhelyn Nightingale Simpson, secretary Active Members Nancy Oneida Aycock Linda Sharon Blasbalg Leslie Ann Bunce Katherine Louise Cannon Cynthia Louise Coe Cynthia Marie Cox Jane Rafferty Durney Judith Carol Emken Melissa Fick Betty Jane Fiser Anne Cranford Hawkins Ramona Spencer Jones Besse Jordan Geanne Wendy Ncvlicht Kathryn Clay Pinson Karen Ruth Tate Susan Anita Trcecc Nelie Virginia Waller Honorary Members Sharon Mitchell Ann Bonner Nebel Barbara Jo Polk Virginia Easley Pridgen Suzanne Wilkins Shirley A. Wilson 585 m THE ORDER OF GIMGHOUL 942 John Cross Williams Jr. Rex 938 Carl Frederick Carlson II, K.D.S. 947 Lee Crecscy Smith Jr., W.S.S. 939 William McDowell Hoak, K.M.K. 943 Carl C. Wooten Jr., N.C.P. VXLFL GZONVBUC OBGG FVGS O WUIV WFVDV KU SIEIA VHUF.l EPATHFWSG NCTQTDYIIITSATJ CUR .V STCYSQ PIQWSETP KU SIEIA VUUEIIPATHFWSG IIIVBSF VALMAR XCIV 365 George Watts Hill 442 Robert Burton House 490 Fletcher Melvin Green 492 Charles Milton Schaffer 528 Joseph Planner Patterson Jr. 540 Ernest Craige 546 1 larry Kittson Russell 634 Lyman Atkinson Cotten 650 Roy Walter Holsten 663 Frank Wysor Klingberg 664 Henry Wilkins Lewis 665 Robert Boyd Lindsay 673 Benson Reid Wilcox 678 Herbert Ralph Baer 741 Richard Hill Robinson Jr. 763 I lugh Talmadge Leflcr 796 Joseph Maryon Sanders 815 Stephen Bartow Baxter 816 Peter Franklin Walker 823 Lee Roy Wells Armstrong 835 William Clyde Friday 836 Rollie Tillman Jr. 912 James Logan Godfrey 914 Joseph Carlyle Sitterson 935 William James McCoy 929 Kenneth Cole Wagner 940 John Loring Threshie Jr. 944 John David Black 945 James L. Ford 946 Stuart Mays Frantz 948 Ralph Nichols Strayhorn III 586ORDER OF THE GORGON'S HEAD Nathan Johnson Bissett Bradley Hirsch Feiman Walter Wellman Jameson John Hymen Woolard Robert Andrew Cochran, princeps Robert Daniel Hays, sensor Andrew Carroll Spencer, quaestor The Order of the Gorgon's Head Lodge aw$ founded in 1876. Its founding fathers sought fellowship with others to wage war against untruth, disloyalty and the evils surrounding the myth of Medusa and Perseus. All members are sworn to secrecy and dedication to the ideals of the founding fathers. 587 X r„iKo n m ORDER OF THE GINGKO Four Tops Jeffrey M. Cheek, Omniscient Omnipotent Grandest Supreme Mutch II L. Warren Collier IV, Superior Extreme Grandest High Mulch II Bowen C. Houff, Extra Extreme Grandest Mulch Excelsior II W. Gregor)' Tripp, Extreme Exalted High Mulch Excelsior II kV Pips James F. Campbell, Keeper of the Rake G. Steven Felts, Extreme Under Mulch Fred D. Lassiter, Keeper of the Golden Leaf David L. Matthews, Grand Imperial Chain Saw Interceptor Gregory L. McCraw, Extreme Grand Mulch Grady K. Snyder Jr., Keeper of the Golden Nectar Walter C. White, Keeper of the Papyrus Root Little Squirrels Catherine L. Cousins, Den Mother Tonja L. Jordan, Head Nut Cracker Robin J. McCarter, Grand Imperial Bushy-tailed Flying Squirrel Kenna L. Stephenson, Grand Imperial Bushy-tailed Ground Squirrel Ground Squirrels E. Renee Cauley M. Catherine Collette Jackie F. Edmonds Barbara L. Minderman P. Catherine Soomsawasdi Laura E. Stuart Cynthia L. Wright Flying Squirrels Bennie L. Eure Florence A. Hamrick Rachel H. Parker Nora J. Russ Martha J. Waggoner Carol A. Weynand M S I « I yin-ko yu fa o-chou te yeh O'Jays Mitchel J. Aiken Michael J. Kanak The Golden Crease Award Mary C. Crawford Debra D. Lucas Charles T. Worthy Honoraries Dr. William J. Koch 588STYX Isabel Blount Worthy Elizabeth Stuart Crawford Ann Dillard Field Claudia Hamlet Fort Caroline Elizabeth Ives Ruth Blythe Boyd Lisa Dodson Threshic 589ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Candidate Members Lynda Blodwyn liridickas Rudolf Wezinski Cisco III judson Holt Evans II Debbie Devi Girdharry Herman Colridge Gist Darrell Ernest Hester Hannah Christine Holland David Watson Hollar Jr. Gayle Marie Johnson Vicki LcGrand Latham Mary Sue Miller Mark Timothy Moore Cynthia Marie Pilcher Nancy Lynn Reas Grayson Knox Rodgers Gcrric Michelle Shiver Robert Andrew Singer Kathryn Anne Tyra Sandra Faye Whinery Full Members Byron Clifford Abels Jr. Charles Martin Adcock Dana Mark Allen Sebastian Roosevelt Alston Len Auman James Andrew Bell HI Robert Dean Blackwell Kim Allison Bullock Anthony Glenn Carraway Bryan Dee Cobb Edward Isaac Cole Jr. Buel Slater Combs George John Demetri Jr. Bennie Lea Eure Stephen Dexter Ferguson Karen Elizabeth Fischer Jon Wallace Floyd Brent Adams Ford Robert Marvin Freedy Roy Paul Gallinger Marc Tomas Galloway Herbert Gaston Garrison Joy Randy Gittin Sandra Ann Gorry Michael Anthony Hamilton Pamela Gayle Hanna Rhonda Kaye Hardee James Joseph Hardy Ronald Paul Hargrave Helen Easter Harmon Kenneth Holton Mark Edward Hyman Timothy Charles Isley Paul Arthur James Matthew Steven Karres Susan Ann Kidwell Full Members (cont.) James Donald Kinard Lois Ann Knauff Philip Constant L-Hommedieu William Mundy Litakcr Bruce Golden Lynch Gerald Craig Lynch James Elbert Manning Jeffrey Todd Martin Douglas Irving Maxwell III Robert Wilson McMurray Michael Ray Miller Albert James Osbahr III Linda Marie Raines Milton Barry Randall Christopher Neal Reese Diane Erwin Riley Eugene Rossitch Alexandra Catherine Sakata Paul William Sasser Gary Michael Smith Deborah Sara Stadiem Anthony Chris Stevens Warren Michael Sobol Robert Daniel Trifunovic Henry Franklin Tripp Jr. Dayna Denise Trivette Zane Thomas Walsh Jr. Catherine Ann Watkins Anjuelle Denise Weeks Ann Wharton Robert Earl Wiggins Michael Wilcox Johnathon Deleon Williams Michael Nakhleh Zarzar Carol Lynne Zoret James Andrew Bell HI, president Robert Dean Blackwell, vice president Catherine Ann Watkins, secretary Ronald Paul Hargrave, treasurer Rhonda Kaye Hardee, historian Herbert Gaston Garrison, Scapel reporter Alpha Epsilon Delta is an international pre-medical, pre-dental honor society. Founded in 1936. the North Carolina Beta Chapter conducts regular programs, extra-curricular activities, and service projects designed to aid students in the pursuit of health careers.RHO CHI SOCIETY Initiates, 1979 Initiates, 1980 The fundamental objective of Rho Chi is to promote the adwncement of the pharmaceutical sciences through Ike encouragement and recognition of sound scholarship. Rho Chi seeks to increase public awareness of the ethical ami social responsibilities of the profession. Janet Lynn Alexander Michael Callais Allen Edwin Lyon Ball, Jr. Joni Ingram Berry Kathleen Irene Cahill Sarah Key Clark Gregory Alan Conway David Ralph Coppala Danny Ray Dalton Benjamin Scott Dinkins Herbert Hoover Parrish, Jr. Patricia Ann Ferrell Sarah Libscomb Fesperman Janice Catherine Goss Karen Knox Hayes Marala Rene Hersh Rita Tony Hill Benjamin M. Holder, Jr. Cynthia Lynn Hoover Laura Christine Jordan Kathryn Kemp Earl Wendell Key, Jr. Robin Annette Kluttz Winston Earl Lane III Earle William Lingle, Jr. Patsy Elizabeth Millar Gail Cecilia Molic Donna Taylor Moseley Hani M. Sadek Susan Cronin Scott Georganne Sebastian Mary Claire Sherrill Joey Kent Sigmon Paul Robert Webster Wallace Leon Williams Suzanne Blaug Sally Shannon Boyce Larry Charles Carpenter Billie Spruill Chapman Carlisle Chenault Sherry Lynn Childress Ann Marie Covington Eula Mae Daniel Charles Lanier Flynn Sonja Lynn Girard Rodney Slopp Gordon Debra Loral Groshans Paul Wayne Guthrie Kathryn Kimberly Hardison Julie Anne Holshouser Elizabeth Ann Lofquist Ronald Eric Lyerly Marina Lynn Maggio Gloria Jill Maness Donna Marguerite Marguis Joseph Owen McDowell Martha Helen Measamer Nancy Virginia Melin Bradley Lee Moss Susan Elizabeth Self Jo Marlene Travis Janet Hope Wester Benjamin Scott Dinkins, president Mary Claire Sherrill, vice president Sarah Key Clark, secretary-treasurer Gail Cecilia Molic, historian 591GAMMA BETA EPSILON Margaret Lillie Aiken James Christopher Boone Catherine Sterling Cassidy Robert Andrew Cochrane Elizabeth Moss Davis Ann Dillard Field Mabel Peele Geoghegan Elizabeth Randolph Hardy Robert Daniel Hays Caroline Elizabeth Ives Walter Wellman Jameson Margaret Dillon Robinson Isabel Blount Worthy Carl Frederick Carlson, zeus Leslie Anne Pritchard, pandora Andrew Carroll Spencer, baechus Members of Gamma Bela Epsilon pledge total secrecy regarding their society and its purpose.300GALLERY597599601603605607613 618GREEK HOUSE ROSTERS AXQ 1- Brill Mark 2- Angrla Bullrr 3- Calherinr Muff 4- Chriatle llugr.rlll 5- Cliri. Wage 6- Judv llau.rr 7- SuniUiKr K-I.inda Doerr 9- Jan Rnnrll 10- KalHir King 11- l.ihhy Hough 12- alxth Johnwn 13- Jamie Otbora I l-Huthir Norton IMaunnr bro» 16- Carolme Jnhnioti 17- Sha Brad.ha 18- Jeri Bowdi.h 19- Drborah Helm. 20- SalK Warned 21- li.a Adcock 22- Marlha Varnrr 23- Cinda Chamber. 24- Donna Pur.ley 25- Carolinr Purwr 26- Kim Clarke 27- Molly Barrio 28- Tammv Weatmorrland 29- Tina Venable 30- l)rbbir Rlark 31- Su annr Mourk 32- Marir Jowph 33- I’juIj « right 34- Prudy Tyndall 35- LNelyn Bruton 36- Sand, Grate. 37- Shay Pittman 38- |argarct Scott 39- Kaki Hartman 40- lji llrnni. 11-I.y nn Slirrrill 42- l.inda Gold.tcin 43- Natalic Ka.»n 44- Donna Taylor 45- KUeti Tavlor 46- MiUi York 47- Lynn Tulbrrt 48- laura Norri. 49- Janr Stanwl 50- Pat Rond 51- CUe Barbour 52- landa Slow 53- laur a Harm 51-Rob... Kllgo 35-Kalhy Manna 56-Be-,crH Brntlry 37-1., nn Collin. SS-Ramona Jonr. 59- Page 60- Carol llugbra fcl-Julir Clrayrr 62- lleth Mold.. 63- Annc Johnwn 61- Amanda Baxter 63-Mary Albion Rurh 66-Sherri Christopher NoC Pictured: JiU Auatin Cryaty Brady Kathleen Brennan Amy Carroll Kelly Alary l-ouiw Kllrr Samira Pairrloth Karrn Fi.her Terr .a Clovrr Nancy Gowarty Kathy Hamilton Kim Ilamlcl Alary Hopkins Gina Howell Satan Iluilwin Kelly Kia.ial. Kim Koury Bey la-arli Jane lillie Mareen Long Cindy Lose Margie Method Mary Mclxod Jamie Moore Jeannie Moore Noreen Murphy Mimi Peel Klu a bet h Pinckney Kim Pippin Debbie Pugh Wien Skuria Kathy Surlea Carla Swart Swindell Cuidy Walker AXL 1- l-ii Moore 2- laia Smith 3- Craig l.yneh 4- l)al Crolt. 5- Mike Greene 6- l)aiid Alorriaon 7- Tammy Bowman 8- Bill McCoy 9- Jav Groce 10- Don Y'ouae I l-leigh Clawaon 12- Janet Mar.hall 13- Dan Coomb. 14- Gerry I’errel 15- l.ouiw Perkin. 16- Er»c Rivera 17- Jeff titan 18- Phil Cline 19- Cathy Walkin. 20- lj llunne 21- To ld Brown 22- Ykki Stephen. 23- Ann Wharton 24- Sharon Rroadwrll 23-Sonya lawi. 26-Sherry lluw ak D-Dltid Baker 28- U.a McNew 29- June Taylor 30- lamla Aloore 31- John.on 32- lalioaa Pinn.y 33- Phylli. Robinaon 31-Karen Snyder 33-Tim Champion 36- l)uncan lluoyer 37- Jamri Wcimhle 38- Greg Kinrli 39- Kreedy Bl-John llarrebon 41-Daxid Nuttall Not Pictured: Jane Boriack Warren Collier Joaeph Cotton Debbie Jordan Ted Keener Tamara McCann Ron Multi. Tamara Murphy Rachel Parker Koiahnd Robinson Joe Sw an.on Kirk % alkie AAn 1 -Ellen Starr 2- Alitty Garrett 3- A.hlin Thoma. 4- Arden Dowdy 5- Sue Blaug 6- Cindy Jonr. 7- Cindy Hamilton 8- Fabra Mart 9- Kim Trimble 10- Michelle Sloan 11- Pain Beekedorf 12- laurie Owen. 13- Jean Kou.l 14- Sandra Krentt I3-Carla Horton 16- Jrnning. 17- l.vnn KenneRy 18- Aiarv Vincent 19- Judy Tuttle 20- Rene Sloaman 21- Um Low 22- Jane Dumey 23- Aahlry Brown 24- Pam May. 23-Cary Clow 26- Sandy Winn 27- Diane Wallace 28- lii Kenan 29- Angela Campbell 30- Cynthia Chiller. 31- l-eigh Yellon 32- Annr Sattrrwhite 33- Cindv llardegree 31- l.ynn Fanner 33-Gail Shelton 36- Virginia Conway 37- Amy Atkin. 38- Karrn I-a in me. 39- Phtlli. Sch.ff.nan UI.SI.dle, Wake 41- l-i.a long 42- Nancy Sel.lon Jame. 4-1-Pat leighton 43- Debbie Newton 46- Cathy MaeFarlane 47- Jennifer Stephen. 48- Suaan Campbell 49- Joy Slone 30- Janrt Wm.trad 51-l.ynn Hickey 32- Charlene Mauin 53-ljhby Heath 31- Marianna I’artriek 33- Kelly Wyatt 36- Aliton White 37- Mary Brail.haw 38- Molly Martin 59- A my Colgan 60- Albion Steven 61- Carolr Caldwell 62- Mary Ibi.lic 63- lee Vl'atsun 61-Page Buchanan 63-Suun Kuhn 66- Ginnv Gibb. 67- Bet.y Crouae 68- Bonnie llinnant 69- Janr Broadwater 70- Kelly Clow Not Pictured: Julie Armfwld Bet.y Barry Mary Bowen Mirliele Brown Patti Brxining Debbie Burnette Cindy Coe Connie Crockett Nancy Da.i. Paula DrWalt Iaiirie Frrrrira Fran Flanagan Melissa Garrettr Maria Gcrakio Laurie Gilbert! lamia Goodion Margaret Goa Uu Grime. Marilou Heavner Nancy Held Bet.y Helm. Charlotte Holme. Beth Jrnkin. Anne Jmnrllr Joan lobbie Amy lalbhridge Allison Mar.hall Ginn. Martin lari Ma.w. Suii Metcalfe Donna Morrr Sally Murphy France. McClure Anne Pait Catherine Pritchard Lucy Purcrll Sor Roy Myra Shore I it Skerkoake Julie Smith Karen Smoak Annie Steward Judy Tuttlr AOA 1- Gregory Pittman 2- Frreman Moore 3- Jamca Moore 4- Cariton Peace 5- Bcrnard Ston 6- llcrycrt Tarri.h 7- Luther Fall. Jr. (alum.) 8- Grorgr Form (alum.) 9- Thomaa John.on (alum.) 10-Ronald Tillman (alum.) 11 -Elion Lloyd (alum.) 12- Kenneth Yinion I alum.) 13- Rayyon William. 14- Bryant Moore lalum.) 15- Skergon Field. 16- Gurti Barker 17- Groege Newby 18- Steae W hite Not Pictured: Brian Delany Brian John. Michael Morale. Jame Reid Gregory Whined Kenneth William. A DQ 1- Robin McCarter 2- Grrg 3- Alike Kanak 4- Ckuck Worthy 5- Tim Mux-11 6- Strvr Frit. 7- Eva Jane Da.i. 8- Handy llaynm 9- Karl llarri. 10- Cathv Hubbard I l-Jrff Cheek 12- Bob Wal.on 13- Warren Collier 14- Brnnie Eure 13-Wall White 16- Cathy Collette 17- Alary Crawford 18- Barbara Alimlrrman 19- Nora Hu.. 20- Alclanir II. Joiaea 21- Rulkie leaver 22- Kari Sehoplrr 23- Curl Todd 24- Joyce Green 25- Barbara Palmer 26 Karrn Hood 27- Calkrrine Soom.awa.di 28- Debbie Gentry 29- Beck. Alaaon 30- Tririi Wood 31- A.vcie Runyon 32- Kathv Sue Miller 33- Cindv Sbrllry 34- l.ynn Heep 33-Dianc Arrnd. 36- Jean Gossett 37- l.ynne Sehoehner 38- Don. Chin 39- Leigh Ann Shumate 40- Ken Friar 41- Cheryl llouw 42- Jamea Campbell 43- Bet.y Branch 44- Rciace Cauley 43-Ann Brucckner 46- Eliinbcth C. June. 47- $u an ll.nley 48- Elaine Boyette 49- Linda WUliamaon 30- Iauri AleCormiek 31- Dcedee Gavlick 52-Suii Self 33- Carol Weynard 34- Paul A’iaor 33-Cathy Campbell 56-Terry Horne 5?-Lrria Pickard 38-Donna Dawaon 59- Catby Couain 60- Judith Shumate 61- Debbie l.ucaa 62- Alitehell Aiken 63- Don Elmore 64- Loui.e Griffin 63-Sucannr Pendergrass 66- Cindy Wright 67- Walter Harrell 68- Rachel Parker 69- Bill Aloe.aou 70- Grcg Tripp 71- Mark Anderaon 72- Matt Matthew. 73- Lewi. Collier 74- Libby Johnson 75- Terry Bragg ATQ 1- Creg Ingram 2- Daa r MeSpaddcn 3- Ned Alanning 4- Tom Turpin 5- Dav, "ChieT Barbee 6- M»ke Coyne 7- Reid Cumminga 8- Rick Gm.r 9- Ken Alountra.tlr 10- Tommy Dor wit 11- Brian ttateraon 12- Stark Radcliff 13- Rrarc Henning 14- Eddie Nowell 15- Pete Keenc-v 16- Erank Clarkaon 17- Allen Wolfe 18- John Strxipp 19- Paul Stock 20- John Bouie 21- Dewev Doraell 22- Charlie Cooper 23- Page Dettor 24- Jobnnie Ratcliff 23-Doug Maxwell 26- John Alareua 27- Kedar G. Bryan 28- l.ynch Bennett 29- Sam Alorebrod 30- Wbil Jame Not Pictured: Chuck Detsomme Debra Jo Fondrcn Bill Hardin Date Hobble Sterling Jonea Tommy Atiller Art Stctaon Woody Turner Shepard Yate Emir Y'ouhouw B©n 1- Datid Howell 2- H.lph Whitfield 3- Bdl Footer 1-Rick Gunn 3-Glcnn Benton 6- Butch Coo| er 7- Mlle Elliott 8- Ed Walt 9- Mike Cnthba 10- Ron Hodge I l-Datid AleAlahan 12- Wdl Chapman 13- Alar hall Eaana 14- Dee Robinson 13-Alex Calhoun 16- Jim Taylor 17- larry Yeltnn 18- Paul Krogh 19- Loui. Bledwie 20- Riehard Blanket..hip 21- Torn Reddiu 22- Jim Kuyk 23- Ronnie Gwvn 24- Bobby Jone. 25- Todd Blair 26- Sle.e Parham 27- Brian Alorri. 28- Rirhard Fountain 29- Tony lathrop 30- Sam Hiller. 31- Alike McCall 32- Bill McKenzie 33- Stuirt Hartley 34- Khabd Mustafa 33-Kill Kimball 36- Alrl Kell, 37- Kill Teague 38- Da,id Rurnhardl 39- Alike Ranaon 40- Jim Shaffner 41- Roger lane 42- Til Jolly 43- Charlet Mil. Ilarbee 44- Chria Froman 43-Charle Royal 46-Ed Holme. Not Pictured: Tiger Buford Sandy Cockrell Pell Cooper Scott DeGuiman George Deliiache Chip Dillon John Drew her Jim Flournoy John Goforth Jim Han Robert Herrington Rob lline Mark Landit John Mitehener Stan Aloore Steae Patty 620Gu» Ricra Dan Sloan John Sn.drr Jeff Sommer. D-"ul Trent Tim White Ed Youn«[ XQ 1- A.hley Hulsey 2- Cathy Vnyda 3- Joan Zahrt.kie -1-Kohin llouell 5- Klizabelh Mau«y 6- MOBecnt HtUn 7- Alli.on Copeland 8- Ann Mr Miller 9- Ann Kmrry 10- Chri. Redmond 1 l-J»ni« llaitr 12- Rrcnda Forrest 13- Suzannr Stephen! 14- Anne Marshall 15- Karen Duvier 16- Martha Wilkrrson IT-Ann Dinan 18- Liz Wright 19- la Arehihalil 20- Ann D.llar.l 21- 1 jura Held 22- Mary Kaiton 23- Shannon N.imicz 24- Charlotla Kin)! 25- Jake Kelly 26- ISrth Crum 27- Julir Cranberry 28- Anne Kim .ey 29- Ro.alind Morton 30- lxiri Collin. 31- Mary llnr.ey 32- Poppy Holiwortli 33- Marlcne Fuller 34- Anne Jo cph 35- Sharn Payne 36- l.iz Timothy 37- Sally Flowe 38- Julie Hawk. 39- Mvra Walker 40- Alicc Cwyn 41- lmnie Harry 42- Klizabrth Aldridge 43- Hell. Ilurrell 41-Sally Wlnde 45- Cheryl llartl 46- Luey llaiie. 47- Jill Koocnkranz 48- Kay Sprinkle 49- Mary Beth Pazdnn 50- Chrl. Skinner 51- Ktl.elyn Simpion 52- Jenny Wade 53- Carol Fraser 51-Kim Jo eph 55- Pam Hath 56- Tracy Cleveland 57- libl.a Jolin.lon 58- He.. Hart 59- Cinnv Ander.on 60- Con.tance l.add 61- Suiie Paul 62- Anne Pender 63- Sally Pelletier 61-llope Gravely 65- Diane Cupton 66- Karen Cordrn 67- Kohin Oberdorfcr 68- Mra. Mary Sammel 69- U.a Gunn 70- Kim Dupree 71- Traey Harrell 72- Klizabetl. Mitehener 73- Hunter Dortch ?4-Suian Hall 75- Marlha Mika 76- Beth Schofield 77- S| encer la-e 78- li.a Collin. 79- l.aurn Wcallirr.ponti 80- Jone Bratton 81- l-auren Dupree 82- Hc.ter Gregory 83- Dee Dee Dorroll 84- Cantry Sutton 85- la.lie Barry 86- Debbie Gold.mith 87- Ann Patrick A'ol Pictured: Peggy Aiken Margaret Alexander Lethe Henning Maicr Browne Laura Collin. Carolyn Crockett Beth Gardner Rebecca Karen llrn.ley lib Holding Hride Hooper Karen Howell Anne Hull Malinda llulchimon Sandra Kirkland Jane Redeeker lye Scott Julie Smith Kim Tiiomp.iHi Sallie Tomlin.on Tou.vaint Joni Heather Weir Molly Wilmer Gerlinil Yount. X D 1- Fred Ballard 2- Strib Klli.on 3- Joe McMurry 4- Peter Kiffnev 5- Walt GOlikan 6- Phil Ijne 7- Fred Vla.i» 8- Rob Sink 9- AI Cole 10- Jim Klli.on 11- Tom Thoma. 12- Ronnie Freeman 13- Tommv King 14- Bruce Herman 15- Steve Winn 16- Mac McMillan 17- Sandy Thomp»on 18- Crew. Walden 19- Joe Cherry 20- Kddie (Carlton 21- John Pipp 22- John Pyecha 23- Scott Klli.on 24- Jeff Covington 25- Bill Puckett 26- Jnc Edward. 27- Terrv Friddle 28- l) Irvin 29- Da. id Zimmerman 30- Andy Move 31- Johnt Ellington 32- William Fragaki. 33- Frank Bert 34- Charles Bryan 35- Courtcnay Miller 35-Mike Ritter 37- William Holer 38- Doug McDowell 39- Jeff Jonr. -10-Mike llarrill 41- Geran Robin.on 42- Joe Dahlia 43- Joey Harrell -U-Thad We.t 45- Ric Payne 46- Curtie Faircloth 47- Bill Edward. -18-Lee Borden 49- Seott Vaughn 50- Jeff Sargeant 51- Bill Fennell. .Vol Pictured: Mike Clement Harry Hamilton Alan Hornaday Frank Jone. (Jurntin lyggett Cliarle. Mouror Will Monroe Joe Poat. Billy Sutton XT 1- Mark Jacobton 2- Bob Cramer 3- Jim Mei.el 4- Garrity 5- Bob l-ong 6- Steve Hunting 7- Brent Litter 8- Bob Royalty 9- Ward Bondurant 10-Glenn Cutler 11- Davr Pence 12- Trev Monroe 13- Richard W hi.nant 14- Stan Evan. 15- Jimmy Everhart 16- Shaw Kenion 17- Petcr E.telle 18- O'Brien 19- Smitty Richard.on 20- Brad Rutrow 21- Ru.wll Flinchum 22- Bill Turner 23- der Klau. 24- John Pearl 25- Doug Richard.on 26- Mark Welder 27- Richard Terrell 28- Alrx Rouiteh 29- John Goodwin 30- Gene Hov.ilch 31 -John Maa.t 32-Mike Devine 33 Marlon Seller. 31- Mike Yanitenberg 35- Bill Heirtl 36- John Rooiteh 37- Shawn Poole 38- Richard Valilutto 39- J.B. Kelly 40- Matt Jud.on 41- Donald llcoon 42- T.m Taylor 43- Ernie John.ton 44- John Tafrl -15-Rodnev Rice -16-Gerry Striph 47- Krith Eflenberg 48- Jack Deyton 49- Roland jone. 50- Don VanDerVart 51- Mark McW Kinney 53- Manly Robert. 54- Alex Erwin 55- l)avid Vandrrhergh 56- Rodney Phillip. 57- Cary Bower. 58- Rand Tueker 59- Rick Blank. Sol Pictured: Cliff Abel. Seth Ahlbom Charlie Allen Tandy Brown Graham Buie Jud.on Cooper Covington Strve DeVine Dave Diekton Theodore DuBcue John Dusettburv Steve Felt. Tony Forna.ier Chick Gardiner Scott Jimmy Grogan Hoi. Horned Hand.- Harry Mike Hatty Jordic Hawley Kevin Ihnen Greg Kat. Jeff Koeze Nick Mano. Dannv McKeithan Phil Mo.c. Scott Norberg John Bagland Hand Hal.ton Ed Hak John Rich Barry Saundert Tim Smith Chuck Summer. Tim Terrell Tim Rnben Peter Winfrey AAA 1- Barber 2- l-auren Bate. 3- Peggv Beuen 4- l.aura Binder 5- Stacy Blount 6- Ret.y Brady 7- Mary Blake Bradv 8- E. Brakeb.ll 9- Pam Bralton 10-Lucy Brewer I l-Tricia Brook. 12- Mary Bruce 13- Jran Bryant 14- MoIlv Burton 15- Gayle Calder 16- Kra Capri 17- Dale Carbon 18- Cartedy 19- Sterling Oawidy 20- Raebel Chapman 21- Docker.- Clark 22- Grav Clark 23- Kelly Cobb 24- ( jroline Coekrell 25- Kathrrine Cow per 26- 1 jine Cox 27- Caroline Crook 28- Derby Daniel. 29- Mimi Deaton 30- Molly Dewar 31- Prineie Dixon 32- Sallv Duckett 33- Carol Ann Dunn 34- Mary Helen Dunn 35- Sue E.mi.ton 36- Kathy Fear 37- Margaret Felt. 38- Karen Fi.her 39- Janel Gantt 40- Parkie Gentry 41 -Marge Gilmore 42- Gwrn Graham 43- Naney Grave. 4t-Marion Green 45- Gini Greer 46- Wynn Gregory 47- Bonnie Griiiard 48- lx.u Hackney 49- Sally Haekney 50- Sunny Harvey 51- Gwvnne Hathaway 52- llrggir 53- Margarrt H.ll 54- Tricia Hobton 55- Kathrrine Hogan 56- L.C. Home. 57- Carrie Jehl 58- Mary |jb John.ton 59- Leigh Kearn. 60- Tricia Kell. 61- Kathrrinr Kimball 62- liz lear 63- Mar. l-ee 64- Penn lolly 65- Nina Magaino 66- Ann McCall 67- lleathcr McClain 68- Dawn McGee 69- l)onna McKenzie 70- Barbara McNeil 71- Knlhering Medcnri 72- Stephanie Moore 73- Doane Mot.inger 74- 1 j.o Move 75- Annc Mvnntt 76- l.aurn Northern 77- Dia Ormand 78- Kendall Page 79- Sarah Page 80- Elizaheth Pattertin Kl-I.vdia Payne 82- Michel Pratro.. 83- A.hely Perry 84- Clayton I'lumler 85- la-thca Qu in 86- Elizahetli Ha.berry 87- Joan Katcliffe 88- Eileen Reardon 89- Elizabeth Reynold. 90- Tina Rick. 91- Duvall Schultz 92- Nancy Scott 93- lx.u Shore 91-Belty Smith 95- Camcron Smith 96- N'an Smith 97- Suzanne Smith 93-Joanne Stornc. 99- Jenny Steinbrenner 100- Ann Stoke. 101- Mary Slrayhorn 102- Sullivan 103- Cnmille Taylor IW-Mary Hooker Taylor 105- Gina Templeton 106- Wendy Tillman 107- Sarnh Trulove 108- Evnn Trulove 109- Suaan Tucker 110- Boo Tyler 111- Molly Valentine I I2-Martha Vetter 113- Anne Wall 114- Terry W allace 115- Patti W ard 116- Grace Warren 117- Caroline Webb I IS-Cina Wichard 119-Margaret William. AKE 1- Bruee Gow 2- John llannon 3- Bill Blair 4- B.1I Smith 5- Hugh Mattox 6- John W oolard 7- Ward W illiam. 8- Joel Murphy 9- Bruz Clark 10- Paul Site. 11- Henrx Toler 12- Rol. Huffakrr 13- Albert Butler 14- Bob Badgetl 15- Winder Hugh. 16- B.ron Strata. 17- Joe Call 18- llugh McCall 19- Cooper Peel 20- Frank 21- Charle. Wickham 22- Brad Feiman 23- Rol ert Divine 24- Ire King 25- Brac McKee 26- Andy Spencer 27- Penn Agnew 28- Sle.e Peacock 29- Pete 1-o.ta 30- Jim Maynard 31- Biff Ni.m 32- Truman Itobb. 33- Robert Ma.on Sot Pictured: Jeff Aiken Tom Bailey Jack Barker Peter Baughan Bill Baynard Tom Benjamin Jack Blount Bolton Boncy Clay Bordley Tom Brown Bill Kelly Clair Rountree Collett Tim Cooper Fred Duckworth Bill Flovd Jock Folley Hunter Franri. Robert llav. Mac lloak Jimho Izlar Comer Jenning. Trip John.ton Bill Ijppincolt Gever l-ongeneckcr Mike Marr Bo Ma.on Firming Maltoz Pete McMUKan Steve Mullen Charlie Owen George Payne Hou.ton Payne Norwood Smith Scott Smith Burton Stewart Chri. Stoke. Skip Stoke. Gcorgr White Dave Zook AOE 1- Joy Apple 2- Karen Brook 3- Shcryl Solomnn 4- l.ucy Fried 5- Li.a Romanoff 6- Barhara OIbmiv 7- Ann Ro.enwa.rtr 8- Joyce Krpliarl 9- N'a.therg 10- Amv Schwortz 11- Coliren Clark 12- Dehbie Parker 13- llridi Rotenfrld 14- locri lander 15- N'ancy Brook. 16- Cindy Holder Sot Pictured: Kathy Cohen Suzanne Cox Ellen Goldberg Jodi l.avin 621IJl l,evy Janet Segal A'P 1- Kliiabeth A her Wat.on 2- Carolinr Saun Harris 3- Suzanne Marie Sampton 4- Laura Sir. Gemroe Thoma» on 5- Cary Eugene Wolfe 6- Chrialophrr Clark McBaal 7- Valrrir Lynne Moyer 8- Timothv John Prriton. Jr. 9- Edward Charir Kittling 10- Jamr llornrr Hinilon 11- John Holli Simona 12- Michral Mdanrraon 13- Sara Collier Kllioti I l-Douglai Frederick Slone 15- Edward Franklin Tavlor Jr. 16- Elizabeth Howell Hardaway 17- Michael Anthonv Da via 18- Robe rt Tobia. Con.idine 19.Nikola Svtozar Tieie 20- Joel Martin Carer 21- Edward CUywell Irvine 22- John Sherwood Dieeonaon 23- Marianne Cillow 24- Katharine Fairfax Cornell 25- John North Hinkle 26- Anne Lewi Hooper 27- Loretta Ann laiwaon 28- Hritt Ixmite Sjoerd.ina 29- Paul DuRelle Fairtrigh Sot Pictured: Sarah Klifaheth Rnggrll Deborah Ward Bedford l.ydia Hitchcock Rodman Suaan Carroll Brady Roaemary Eileen Carberry Katherine Titika Chrittophrr Virginia l,re Creech Janet Kim Entwhiitle Joanne Johnion Filler Deborah Ann Hanna Mieharl Eugene llarkin Thomai .Nathan Harriion Raehael Keefe llorovili William Earl Hunter 1-aura Kuy l-auk Victoria Clark Lvneh Stephen Phillip .Miller l uren Stuart Muller Donna Maureen Murray lino Carv Nailling Nancy Polintky Liue Roaenbloom Adam David Schwabacker Taylor Saaitaon leonard 'I a ion Smith. Jr. Robert Spencer Aliton Clarke Swift Paul Eric Teike Julie King Thomanon Frank Randolph Wall l ro Wanhaur Arnold Watkin Ain 1- Cindi Brafford 2- Laura Paylor 3- Juliau Murdoch 4- Ann White 5- Olga Culn 6- Bet y Branch 7- Connie Harrison H S Jicllcy Abut! 9- Nancy W'ainer 10- Cwen Laneaiter 11- Tamray Patterson 12- Brook 13- Jame. Unev 14- Jill tjuadlin 15- Brent Barringer 16- Rick Kcever 17- Rkhard Lamm 18- Steve Lyon 19- Rrnita Dortch Council 20- Sam Hewitt 21- Rochelle Tucker 22- Annette Teah 23- Frank Shell 21-Jennifer Ray 23-lee Mvera 26- Surie Mower 27- Reginald Sumner 28- Hank Steinberg 29- f.reg BUke 39-Kevin Haney 31- Ed Newsom 32- Deb MacDonald 33- Kathleen Houlihan 34- Andra Moore 35- Don Sparrow 36- Phil Smith 37- Lee Carter Sol Pictured: Kayren Andrew Don Baker Stacey Brandt Cindy Brewer Brian Bugni Brian Bunch Harry Creekmuir lonnie Dawe Angela Davi John Kite. Denee Fortune Lydia Fu e Shuck Gallman Sue Gilliland Li a Hall David llarri Bet»y Jone Kathv laughter lata laeberman Rick Mo Stan Quinby Jane Rotier Robin Stacy Chrit Thomanon Fohliette William Keith William Tony Wilson ATA 1- Robert Norby 2- Roger Whitlrmore 3- Poncc De I eon I-Brian Monday 5- Pam lackey 6- Mark Abe 7- Sy Berger 8- Jill (Jundlin 9- Penny Lyle 10- Suian Debrunner I Mac Messick 12- Buddv Rider 13- Carl Kirby M-Butch Weston 15- Dork 16- Millard Smith 17- Rachel Mc.iick 18- Mario Bible.-an 19- Ru.ty Mill. 20- Creg Meeker 21- David Ba . 22- Ronnie Ga »awav 23- Laith Wilton 24- Rik White 25- Beth Futrell 26- Jira Carleton 27- Ronnie Duncan Not Pictured: Larry Johnion Ruucll Proop Uncle Robert lee Smith Phil Stver Don Sullivan Ar 1- Chrit Powell 2- Garv Howell 3- Tim Wyriek 4- Nugget 3-Bert Woodard 6- Mark Collier 7- Dan Flu 5- David Foiter 9- Ken Samuelton 10- Chri Rigg 11- Trent McKav 12- Kevin Meleod 13- Scott Hinton 14- Mark Mann 15- Tommy Keeler 16- Bodie Rci.ig 17- Terry Dodton 18- Rum Priee 19- Doug Ruff 20- Mark lattlr 21- Bill Meet 22- Johnnv Stephenton 23-Richard Hauler 2-t-Joteph Newton 25- Creg SheU 26- John Newtome 27- John Hamrick 28- Don Shaw 29- Tim Burgi 30- Bart Riddick 31- Mike Godlev 32- Ricky Byrd 33- Jim Owen 34- Joey Barne. 35- Joei Hilton 36- Ken Mill. 37- Rob McNeill 38- Jimmv Mock 39- Le.lie Bovd 40- Jeff Pinktton 41- Spence Scott 42- Ian.l Hite 43- Bryan Bratwell 44- Mike lloffer 45- Bruee Bulling 46- Joe Brank 47- Ricky Summerlin Sot Pictured: Mcrl Baldwin Mark Baratta Ed Boynton Glenn Burge Robby Campbell Clay Collier Clark Daugherty Hank Edward Jeff Edward Chic Hipp Mark Hubbard Denni Jone Chuck Muon lee May Rickv May David Moore Mack Moore David Mo . Jeff Mott Jeff Murph Steve Rom Barr Simmon. Phil Thoma. KA 1- B.II Dixon 2- Matt Wood 3- John Earnhardt 4- Doug Towrucnd 5- Rurt Newtome 6- Jone Perry 7- Skip Smith 8- Roger Gant 9- Hovt Taylor 10- Mark W right 11- Bob Murphy 12- Dean Amo 13- Willie 14- Bill Hugh. 15- Tom Loftla 16- Brook Barne 17- Jim McDuffie 18- Dave Jone 19- Mar.hall Hart 20- Bob Simmon 21- Franci Izurirla 22- Mark Banning 23- Jack Holbrook 24- Charlton Burn Sot Pictured: John Barry Frank Beddcll Doug Brewer Edward Dwight Bill Elli J.D. Ilrnderaon Todd Krllv John Koenig Jeff Mathi Jeff Morriton Tarplev Mott Chip Peetr Mike Regan John Steel Hank Stewart Raiford Tra.k KA 1- Richard Cooper III 2- Wayne H. Davi. 3- Andre Holtton 4- William Bynum 5- Ixmnic Dawet 6- Lee B. William Jr. 7- Derrick S. Boone 8- Jack S. Brayboy HI 9- Barry S. Stanback 10- Elbert L. Avery 11- Kirk S. Holtton 12- Mackcy E. Purvi 13- Bvron Rawlinton 14- Kelvin C. Harri. KA0 1- Debbie But 2- Pattv Dart 3- Kellv Carr 4- Canilt Butler 5- Carol Held 6- Jenny Mann 7- Charlotte Barkley 8- Katie Gilbert 9- Marcia Penrv 10- Debbie Elliot 11- Jenny Amling 12- Kathy Harri. 13- Anne Patton 14- Maryo Rankin 15- Pam Carter 16- Bcttv Schwartz 17- Neva W hitt 18- Carol Gordon 19- Tammy Mtlhollen 20- Catherine Howard 21- Donna Fultz 22- Julie Harri 23- U.a Croute 24- Carol Garret 25- Kat Mercer 26- Jan Bohler 27- Uura Alexander 28- Su an W ell. 29- Cindy Smart 30- Mdiua little 31- Marv Anne Kirby 32- Liu Butter 33- Becky Teirell 31- Chervl Rav 35- Rhonda Miller 36- Janirr Hall 37- Jane llarke . 38- Lr lir llrartingrr 39- Janet W hitt 40- Kaailv Moore 41- Daphne W hite 42- Sallv Hammond 43- Jo Real 44- Jenny Sherman 45- Karen Sehnrll 46- Petev Bailev 47- Tcrri William. 48- Shaun Sibley 49- Gretchen Coefield 50- Carolee Eake 51- Jill Lewi. 32- Beth Meyer 53- Edna Denton 54- Jeanne Brockmann 55- Robin Boineau 56- Donna Fullerton 57- Latvetta Jone 38-Leigh l.vnch 59- Kathy Simra. 60- Shclley Bloomqui.t 61- Cathy Brown 62- Jenny Eiienmenger 63- Whitnev Young 64- Carla Jackton 65- HiIlary Roger 66- Lynne Her 67- Lynne Trcloar 68- Jean llarri 69- Elizabrlh Farrington 70- Julie Icedhetter 71- Geni Greer 72- Su an Smart 73- AneUi Zeck 74- Sue DeCamp 75- Aliee Wire 76- Pam Have. 77- Bevrrlv Simpton Not Pictured: Pam Bowen Anne Bunker Hrrnan Caih Colleen Clark Suian Clinard Sharon Darling Donna Fox liz Fuller Karen Crime Kimberly Holt Jane Janelle Amanda Jone Donna Lawrence lata Maultahv Eloiie McCain Kate Miller lata Motiinger Vicki Nye Kathy Payne Edwina Raliton Barb Robin Grace Shaw Lt a Spinnenweher Mary Beth Starr Suiie Wataon Greta Wharton Beth Wilton Marie ZuH KA 1- Claay Davi. 2- Liia Preston 3- Martha Amburn 4- Ginny Gardner 5- Beth Hemingway 6- Rebrkah Ayer 7- Nancy Tharp 8- Patti Moffitt 9- Bclh Whilcncr 10- Iindi Field. 11- Amanda Stephen 12- Le.lie Dark 13- Kelly McKee 14- Patrice Malone 15- Jane Hollm.hed 16- Blanche William.on 17- Georgeanne Tolley 18- l.ynette Maxwell 19- Janke Waihburn 20- Elaine Agapion 21- Peggy Lane 22- Martha Ann Kimball 23- Camille llrr.h 24- Kargr Page 25- la.a Delaney 26- Julie Daniel 27- Jill Mane» 28- Mary Ben Craven 29- Brenda Carr 30- Donna Brook 31- Margaret Barlier 32- Bet.v Reade Allen 33- Mart ha Seller. 34- la.a McCoy 35- Heather Ryon 36- Arlene Avcock 37- Julir Ward 38- Connie Dunklev 39- Charlotte Wan) 40- F.milie lamb 41- Mary Dowd all 42- Molly Yelton 43- Debbie Rrra.burger 44- Gail Baucom 45- Marv Beth Saltzgiver 46- Eatman 47- Su an Davi. •48-Kathrvn Yale 49- Iaura Adam 50- Mollie Sherrin 51- Marian Dailv 52- B.J. 33-Marilyn Trainor 54- Suian Collin 55- I-aur Bethunr 56- Sandra Braiwell 57- Caroline Whitehead 58- 1-auric Roger 59- Edith Wooten 60- Cindv Ox 61- Janir Battle 62- Beekv Hine 63- Suzanne Saiced 64- l.i.a Sehomburgrr 65- Marv Be . Jarrard 66- Beth Enoch. 67- Cindi Johnion 68- Pam Seher 69- Alli «n Alderman 70- Betiy Roger on 71- Margaret Seitter 72- Linda Mane . Sot Pictured: Sherry Bethnne Su an Brtnxomr Pat Bridger Kim Davi Mary Manhall Dillon June Fleming 622B»tk Fre.h water Cooka Garrett Maraha Gilea Alice Clover Wendy Goff Stephanie Graham Carol Griffin Marlha Harria Spot Hawfaeld Melanie Hood Kathy Ibaeh Gail Ivaacaon Vicki Johnaon Mary Katherine Kennedy Beth Kirkland Bert Kittner Tinnie lumber! Laura Meighan Mary Meichan Margaret Moaa Martha Moaa Melinda Murray Kathy Ann Peek Alice Rapoport Aahley Richard. Tereaa Seronee Alice Smith Belay Stephenaon Liaa Tate Salina Thom peon Cayie Weddington Mindy White Suaan Williama Doltie Woraham KE 1- Marguita Weal 2- Laura McLeod 3- Rebyn Olmatead 4- Tammv Everetle 5- Martha Bennett 6- Jo Travia 7- Phyllia Cawthorne 8- Paula Barfield 9- Rozi Robertaon 10- Gloria Hargett 11- Kav Zobel 12- Suii Self 13- Patti Tarlton 14- Kelly Overby 15- Sharon Ia(tett 16- Diane Warren 17- Sandra Wei born 18- Debbie Edward. 19- Jana Durham Sot Pictured: Barbara Adama Elaine Adama Una Adham Janet Alexander Kathy Cahill Cindy Cloninger Sharon Conley Miriam Crabtree Stephanie Crawford Eula Daniela Suaan Decker Stephanie Durham Megan Faught Patty Ferrell Diana Fowler Janet Fowler l-iaa Fulbright Wonda Garner Dianne Goodwin Kim Mangrove Jean Heaae Suaan Johnaon Cheryl Kendniek Donna l-ee liaa Morriaon Gloria Murray Karen Sampaon Georgeanne Sebaation Cramer Smith Suranne Venezia Dana White Dura Wood KKX 1- Belli Simmona 2- Kalhy Park. 3- Page Midair 4- Helen Rogera 5- Kathy Weaver 6- Anne Courta 7- Roxanna Hayworth 8- Bet Brandon 9- Clementa 10- Gina Trentadue 11- Nancy Barnea 12- Patty Berner 13- Dottie Venable 14- Jeanette Arthur 15- Brenda Bagiev 16- Joanne Syrokwaah 17- Ruth Culbertaon 18- lee Bennett 19- N’aney Lyon 20- Liaa Hoover 21- Janet Shanda 22- Mary Evelyn McKinney 23- Mary Anna Jaekaon 21-Ann Hotlowell 25- Jody Jonea 26- Jana Johnaon 27- Catherine Stock. 28- Annelte Weaver 29- Margie Robertaon 30- Suaan Jaekaon 31- Bettv Machado 32- Debbic Gray 33- Carla Detchon 34- Patti Timko 35- Miaay Wbedon Sot Pictured: Beth Adler Kathy Alexander Martha Anthony Shannon Barbour Conatanee Barkley Anne Bceaon Helen Bladea Flo Boyette Lynn Bovette Kim Bullock Anne Burton Mary Camp Rebecca Carroll Page Caraon Heather Cockran Belay Cowan liaa Daviaon Chriatine Deener Beth DeVaney Jenny Doelling Ann Doraett Jan Edwarda Judy Emken Jennifer Falk Betav Ferrell Charlotte Fiacher Claudia Fort Suaie Fridl Elizabeth Green Julie Green Debbie Gupton Chrrir Hall Betty Hawkina Mary Henderaon Martha Henneaav Judy Hacks Carolvn Hill Tracy Hill Bennett Houaton Belay Hughe. Beaae Jordan Stephanie Komegav Ruth lineberger I-aura Looney Judy Lvon Julie Lytle linn Mangano Becky Mayfield Mary Mrdicua Leigh Michie Anne Middleton Lucy Miller Joan McCloakey Heather McKenzie Merry Newell Anne Noneman Holly Palmer Georganne Reece Carol Reevea Kim Reevea Jan Ritterinorn l-ori Ruaaell Suaan Sacha Beth Salyera l-ealie Smith Gretehen Steiger Miaay Stephen. Betav Swartrbaugh l-rgarr Thackaton Ann Thoma. Nance Thompaon Cinny Waller Jenny Wataon Laura Webb E.C. Whitner Jo Witt KNP 1- Scott Sexton 2- Cindy Hunninga 3- Mary Davia 4- Renee Cauley 5- Sandra Welborn 6- Mart ha McNeil 7- Parka Thoma. 8- Alton Johnaon 9- Eric Locklear 10- Alan Knight 11- Joe Singletary 12- Paul Aahworth 13- Harry Cocolaa 14- Suaan Sitteraon 15- Princeoa 16- Gary Oakley 17- Ben Howard 18- Paul White 19- Greg Shull 20- Bob I-ee la 21- Donna Harria 22- R.W. Weaver 23- Ray Burke 24- Ted Michie 25- Julie Weaver 26- Debbie Gentry 27- Rhonda Miller 28- Donnie Davia 29- liaa Flynn 30- I.eigh Mynn 31- Chuck Flynn 32- Suaan McGlamety 33- Eric llayea 34- Gary Harden 33-Mike Carrrlb 36- David Beam 37- Randy Ball 38- l)rnnia Fowler 39- David Spivey 40- Ellia Murehiaon 41- Earl l-ane 42- Keith Brewer 43- Danny Rivenbark 44- Steve Cobb 45- Debbie Baker 46- Andv Tingen 47- Becky High Sot Pictured: Belay Baravea Miram Crabtree Richard Creckmore Chria Dav Liaa Flower. Scott Gibaon Dan Gray Jana Green Reg Hardy Jack Koford Mike l-ong Carol Muae Pam Niven Ruai Phippa Steve Potter Joe Saundera Ruaaell Smith Phil Stafford Kcnnv Tatum Make Venable Suaan Wobbleton Chuck Zimmerman KI 1- Spencer Hackney 2- Craig llamlct 3- Barry Granger 4- I)arrell John ton 5- Vanee Knight 6- Keith Strickland 7- Lec Baxley 8- Mike Gentry 9- Eric Rodger 10- Ioarry Gatea 11- John Snipea 12- l-con Stockton 13- Kevin Stewman 14- Danny Ragga Sot Pictured: Dann Baker Jeff Bircher Paul Here hen Kobbv Kirby Kirbv Matthew. Bill (’rice Tom Willaon AXA 1- David Waaaerman 2- Mark Fitzaimmona 3- Jamea Sulton 4- David Nail 5- Stcve Woody 6- Barry Roach 7- Ron l.yerly 8- Barrv Brown 9- David Cowell 10- Ed Caulfield 11- Patriek Fulton 12- Craig WiUiard 13- Louia Alaton 14- Paul Williama 13-Paul Chandlev 16- Craig Hahn 17- Jeff Griffin 18- Marouf Haaaian 19- Eric Koatelkh 20- Glcnn Cuatafaon Sot Pictured: Don Coley Mike Janelle Mike McFall Dan Skrzynaki Steve Tracey 1- Donell Frederick Jonea 2- Kraneth Bruce Stewart 3- Gregory 1-eon Knight 4- Anthony Pierre Cromartie 5- Kraig Jarnett Holt 6- John Robert Dave 7- Gregory Keith Williama 8- Jaanea Henrv Alexander Jr. 9- Larry Sam rallcraon Sot Pictured: Charlea Edward Aldrich Reuben Cooper Blackwell Kelvin Lynn Rurrougha Terrence Vanl-oren Burroughv Darryl Blake Henderaon Thomaa I-ee Hill Billy Michael Nicholt Michael Quinton Parker Reginald Anthony Sumner Curtia l-ec Sutton Samuel Phillip Tucker Phillip Dexter Wood. MX 1- Randy Angel 2- Steve Archbell 3- Sleve Bedford 4- Bob Booze 5- ADn Boyd 6- Chuck Buchanan 7- Coleman Burge.. 8- Alec deltand 9- Brent Clevenger 10- David Coe 11- Mark Davia 12- Richard Deal 13- Jeff Duvall 14- Ed Earnhardt 15- Randv Epley 16- W ayne Fiaher 17- Spencer Fox 18- Keggie Gilleapie 19- Eddv Hemingway 20- Brad llu.ary 21- Clvde John.ton 22- Woodv King 23- Ritchie King 24- Garry Kootz 25- Gary law 26- Doug I-awing 27- llomer I-re 28- Daryl McCollum 29- Chria Maditon 36-Dieter Mauch 31- Alan Miller 32- Tony Mitchum 33- Gerald Miiellr 31-Tim Morgan 35- Brad Mover 36- AI Munday 37- Ron Norria 38- Dana Outten 39- Eric Parker 40- Jimmy Perkin. 41- Doyle Power. 42- David Preaton 43- Brian Richard 44- Tim Rogera 45- Kent Sigmon 46- J a me. Smith 47- Barry Southern 48- John Stancil 49- Sleve Tripp 50- David Upchurch 51- Chria Wilkin. 52- Harrell Wood 53- Mike Ydverton 54- Mart Yount d A0 l Hunter Hadley 2- Lee Smith 3- Chria Boone 4- Chria Wooten 5- David Jonea 6- Pat Corey 7- David Von Storeh 8- David Manly 9- Freeman Parlor 10- John Belk 11- Jeff Beach 12- Henry Zaytoun 13- Tom lamheth l l-Rachard Malloy 15- Steve Raper 16- John Baaev 17- Chip Duckett 18- Jim Clement 19- Doug Gay 20- Rob Frazier 21- Chuck Duckett 22- Drew Clark 23- John Pace 24- John Cornick 25- Will Head 26- Tom Moore 27- Jeff Brown 28- Franklin Roberta 29- William Howe 30- Mike l-ewi. 31- Taylor Pare 32- Peter Pace 33- Snvder Garriaon 34- Rick Perry 35- Jimmy Glover 36- Tammy Thoma. 37- Bill Cooper 38- BUnton Hamilton 39- Billy Cone 40- Frank Buie 41- Riek llutehin. 42- Jeff Szvperaki 43- Thorton Wither. 44- l-awrrnrr Walt. 45- Hooper llardiaon 46- Walt Alaton 47- David Neill Not Pictured: Chalk Broughton David Coleacolt I-cm Doaa David Hardy Jimbo Harrell Peter llitehrnv Hilly Kelly Tommy l-ong Ted Mil.paugh Patrick Naah Ward Nelion Bailev Patrick Jeff Pierce Jay Spruill Hale Strphen.on Croaa Williama Barden Winvton Tucker York t rA 1- Buckley Strandlierg 2- Jcff Fcrcbce 3- Rol. Kelly 4- Rick Barnhardt 5- Charlir Du how 6- Rob Holme. 7- Billv W illiam. 8- TKoma. Royall 9- Ru.« Kornegay 16-Hugh Jonr. 623VZ9 4tio« ofl IVK U«tlipl 0)| “•1 11 3 ■ ,Jd OJ “«" Z •w«in ui°r-8i J»U11|JI1A( •••“no V“D-9i UO«luf«l{X UOMOII V“H3 tl w u»»d »°r-n j UJnX »r-ZI Minis-11 HiM 8-0l ““".ft "If 6 X«iuo|| uui-|-g vw«iK nnX.. 1J»13 S n «a H I».ft 1nS W-J i4qn $ png-l X3 poo ip ft lK l|».ft I'O'I • unpljK nno-| • n4««ls Wd ••lipid M"H ■ “HK “"IF ft ia. 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DavU 52- Chuck Croat 53- Creic Chalk 54- Gregg Wade 55- Brent Barringer 56- John Blumfcerg 57- Kennv Krppel 58- Mark land a 59- Pete Babimki 60- Vijav Singh Sot Pictured: Rick Allen Chri Boulton Dixon Byrd Rudy Citco Greg Current Charlie Egger Kdalie Cibtoll Jim Howard Danny Johnton Jon Richardton Bob Kobenon Amr Satnmakia Charlie Thompton I-cotiar.I Traftcanli Brook Whitney Clenn Whitney IN 1- David Janrway 2- Fog Bacon 3- Bohbv Ball 4- Rudi Snell 5- Wallv Dunn 6- Scoe Snipe 7- Bouie McDonald 8- Peter Hooter 9- Totn Daly 10- D.R. Bovkin 11 -Tim Kngliih 12- Del Kali nan 13- Randy Taylor 14- Jim Gooding 15- Matt Snell 16- Mark Bujold 17- Kcn llall 18- Scoll lleinhly 19- l c Vaughn 20- Tom Water 21- Porter Karrtrt 22- Alan Ho 23- Pau! Thonia 24- Paul Hughe. 25- Cliff Hayworth 26- Clailde I've. 27- John Graham 28- Pup-trnt I Jtla 29- David Brownlow 30- Quick Cobb 31- C.D. Itup| ert 32- Joc Smith 33- Bur. Whatley 34- Mont Hamrick 35- Nad Stoioff 36- Hager Rand 37- S |uirrel Robbin 38- Gu Purdy 39- Flog Law •40-Clif Clay ton 41- Mooxe Steven 42- Bill Bullock 43- Karl llarri 44- Brian Peache 45- Bad-rap llarrivon 46- Doofv Pear.all 47- Derek Surratt 48- Johnnv Cucumber 49- Rutteli Loteke 50- Fred McMurrv 51- Pat Warren 52- Ward Weiincr 53- Rotcher Watkuu 54- Six-paek Vaughn 55- Page llarri Sot Pictured: Mark Bor Mike Bor Steve Byrd llymir Clarkenheiaaer Stacy Cothield Charlie Davcg J.T. Floyd Doug llazelncwf Polo Kennedy California Miller Chri Moite General Netbil Public Part low Ku.vrll Damn Smith John Spenkelink Lynn Thomeburg Burt Wamp Dempvey Wilcox Reid Woodard IOE 1- Kohbv Carlton 2- Mark Talbert 3- l avid Weary 4- Chip Hunter 5- Eric Kenny 6- Bill Stark 7- Bobby Unebaek 8- Tim l.uca 9- Jeff Glance 10- Byron Creech I l-Karl Kapp 12- C.I-. Herring 13- Tim Jone 11- Ned RiKkecliarlie 15- Wick Smith 16- Don l-aton 17- l’aul Harrell 18- Ben Miller 19- R.ll. Avery 20- Wayne Warren 21- Steve Watt 22- Bill llollyday 23- Michael Undtay 24- David Carter 25- Doug Ruley 26- Grcg Pittman 27- Daviil Unge 28- Doug Scott 29- Joey Roberaon 30- Ty Milieu 31- Tom Swanaon 32- Carr MeCatkill 33- Paul Goldman Not Pictured: Chuck Court Billy Culber1 on Glen Dorman JefT llaye. Cliarle Better Mocllwinen Garv Johnton Lea Mill. Kenny Morton Tom Odum letter Pace Steve Scott U iffy Smith III 1- Brtli Greg 2- Alecia Myer 3- William 4- Kliiabcth Home 5- Cindy Johnton 6- Ann Sweet 7- Beth Wilton 8- Karen Rot 9- Nancy Aycock 10- Peg Baggett 11- Kimberly Mode 12- Dee Ann Macomton 13- Ronnie Brown l l-Patrieia Grace 15-Debliie Owen 16- Sharon Broad well 17- l.uAnn Moody 18- Kell,e ITaff 19- Sharla Kerr 2(X-Su an lline 21- Barbara Boling 22- Jan Nowell 23- Jane Edward. 24- Tammy Pattenon 25- Karen Chandler 26- Terry White Not Pictured: Uta Bowie Barbara Brett Wendy Butler Katie Cole Maureen Daly Alary Farmer Sutan Gibby Chri Cruller landa Hall Sutan Heath Karyl Pitxer Jeanna King Kathy Schmulbng Terri Simpton Ijta Smith Kathv Smitherman Cindy Sobel Kellie Thoma Kalha Treanor Carol Veneria Deni e U hittington laura Zicglar TE0 3- Jay Barber 4- Jim Hamilton 5- Eric Sklul 6- Van Brenner 7- Pete Radiloff 8- Marty Sower 9- John Zourxouki 10- Andy Blum 11- Chri White 12- David Crohrn 13- Grcg Rooen 14.Warren Sobol 15- Joel Schneider 16- Bruee Simel 17- Char lie Ferguton 18- Drew l etin on 19- Sleve Block 20- latrry Kolierton 21- Neil ft arren 22- Joel Rulun.trin 23- Hank Matthew. 24- Mike Platt 25- Bobby Wainer 26- Rav Bowman 27- Todd Sobol 28- Howard la-vine Not Pictured: Peter Breaker Boli Davit Rolicrt Kingoff Neil Kronovet John I-rune Rodnc Mangum Kill Ab'Njin Harold Min.k Robbie Morriton Jeff Mu.tler Bob Singer Wayne ft hitcTteld 1- Alhert ( Alliiel Ko.rnthal 2- Pa eo (Ditcol Stroph 3- Daviil (Firriel Block 4- Koland l orrol Bedi 5- Mark (Fill! Schewe 6- Joe llarber Chancellor 7- Steve (Yam I Jacobton 8- llank Steinberg 9- Scot t Twery 10- Mitch Varner 11- Bob (GW Goldwatter 12- Mike (Toy) Ke.der 13- Hugh Brown 14- Gary (Grouchu) Marx 15- Sleve (Dr. Lev) la-venlhal 16- Roger (George Mamb Jr.| Frieilen en 17- Dai id Byck 18- l.indtav Farrcr 19- Sieve Shillcr 20- Hoy I Boat l Roatwater 21- Neil Strum 22- Rriau Strum. 23- Jnhn Kothl aum 24- Gordon Rutherford 25- Craig Frankd 26- Scth (Twig) Twery 27- Rich Schneidcrman 28- Adrian (Che) llalprrn 29- Steve (Cobenl Cohen Not Pictured: Scott Cohen Jame Dowd Stuard Garr l.ynken Ghote Danny (Bagel) Heiman Craig (Rear) Intro Drew Kantrr Chip (Polatoe) Karne David lapton Jan Paul Miller Warren Morriton Barry Odell Paul Putter Rich (Slix) Rotcnaweig Andy Kotthal Carv Kiata RobSebald Yot.i Shapiro Joel Smurkier Space (ilive Stafford-Sroilh Joe Turner Beth Wiggin Jeff Zalron ZBT 1- Mark Clean 2- Gary Kamintky zv I .(.lnp Royal 2- David Pulliam 3- llarry Archer 4- Tommy Stoughton 5- Parham McNair 6- Jimmy Jame 7- llarry Gau . 8- David Carlton 9- Bill Hughe 10-Jack ttiggin 11 -Maitland Barnet 12- Brant Suavely 13- Walton Joiner 14- Bill Ragland 15- (-eorge T. Smith 16- William Gretham 17- Brad ley McCall 18- Jim Thorne 19- Williain Hadley 20- Dan Sapp 21- William Smith 22- Edward Ka.lierry 23- Brail Steed 24- Lee Gregory 25- Karl Johnum 26- Tom MclJoyd Not Pictured: Gut Barber Micharl Barite Johnton Bi elt David Cole Jamey Gulhridge Ruddy Perry Nubv Thom Edward Thome Jimbo Thorpe J.T. Tomlinton Runyan Tyler ZTA 1- Rlionda Wicker 2- Jill Brady 3- Karen Jefferton 4- Marcic Blackburn 5- Ro»emary ft bitten 6- Para Price 7- Deb Good ion 8- Vicki Roger 9- Su an 1-eahy 10- Barbara Cutler I 1-l-ori Coate 12- Gail Woodruff 13- Kathy ll.ll bt-Sandra June 15- Debra Bradther 16- Donna Tuttle 17- Carol Canwrll IK-Ellen Hofmann I9-Su an Tow mend 26-lattle Griff 21- Robin Cohen 22- Judy Goodnim 23- 1 aura l.arnhin 24- Phylli % all 25- Jill Stafford 26- luta Toild 27- Narvcv Bernhoft 28- Kim Mill. 29- U l e Ogilen 30- Anne Veaiey 31- Jan Poole 32- Karen Tate 33- Cindi Bolt 34- Sommer» Parker 35- Vicki Dadaoa 36- Aray Pierce 37- Robhie Mattox 38- lamia Winthip 39- Anne Pre» on 40- Nancy Atehenbrmner 41- Ubby Gorman 42- Sharon Alaiurek 43- Pre «lent Snatch 44- l.ydia North 45- Anne Haw kin 46- Celia Beaman 47- Jcnnie J.l). Dollar 48- Winn Price 49- Su an McKenzie 50- l.aura Carter 51- Kalhrrine DuKcne 52- Margery McMillan 53- Barbara Baxter 34-Sutan Peacock 55- Joanne Ambrote llock 56- Jane Galloway 57- Strphanie Foran Not Pictured: Tina Alexander Betty Ath Robin Ra Sutan Beaman Barbara Cone Rita Dickerton Diane DiGiti Martha Etkridge Bonnie Fat Gail Either Sue Gilliland la a Cold fa rb lata llainmann Stephanir Hill Naney lludton Eve Jrnkint Julia Kim Sally Kinard Sara l.a itlrr Brenda IJoyd Pam Uiwrance Andrea Marlin Sebia Midveltr Vicki Morion Jan Muttra Marie Phillip. Pal Pruitt Gigi Senior Mary Beth Sylvr»trr l.vnne Tbompton Beth Vail Jane Wilton 625Administration Donald Boulton Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs 371 William Cobey Athletic Director 1976-19SO 370 Christopher Fordham Chancellor 366 William Friday President. The University of North Carolina 364-365 William Geer Director of Student Aid 369 John Swafford Athletic Director 19S0 370 Fercbcc Taylor Chancellor Emeritus 367 James A. Taylor Director of Student Health Services 368 Carolina Symposium see concerns Carolina Union 396-397 Celebrations 182-273 Apple Chill 230-237 Balloon Ascension 223 Beat Dook Parade 203 Black Arts Festival 210-211 Carolina Home Game Saturdays 204-207 Derby Day 202 Festifall 192-195 Graduation 182-187 Greek Week 224-225 Halloween 196-199 I Love HRC Celebration 213 Mile of Pennies 222 Mud Sling 218-219 Olde Campus Day 212 Springfest 226-229 Step Shows 216-217 Trader Vix 215 University Day 188-191 Viking Party 214 Women's Festival 200-201 Classes 506-557 Concerns 144-179 Anti-draft demonstrations 172-173 Carolina Symposium 150-155 William J. Bennett 150 Thomas Elleman 152-153 Michael Harrington 154, 155 Arthur Laffer 151 Richard Munson 152 Pat Paulson 151 Jerry Rubin 155 John Sitber 150 William Irwin Thompson 153 Allen Wallis 155 Sarah Weddington 153 Chapel Hill, town of 156-157 Construction 158-159 Iran, student demonstration protesting captivity of Americans 162-163 Mademoiselle magazine visits the campus 170-171 Minority Affairs, proposed Office of 174 National events 178-179 Pi Kappa Alpha brothers rate UNC women 168-169 Bob Sheldon of the Communist Youth Brigade 164-165 Jed Smock, campus evangelist 166-167 Speakers 156-157 Marilyn French 157 Jill Godmilow 157 Howard Jarvis 156 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 157 Corretta Scott King 156 Howard Morland 156 Edward Villela 156 Sir Harold Wilson 156 Andrew Young 157 Dr. Sonja Stone, BSM demonstration in support of 160-161 Thornton Report 175 December 1979 graduates 524 Gallery 596-619 Graduate Students 525 Greeks see Houses Honoraries 560-593 Alpha Epsilon Delta 590 Alumni Distinguished Professorships 563 Athletic Awards 567 Distinguished University Scholars 582 Endowed Professorships 562-563 Gamma Beta Epsilon 592 Order of the Gimghoul 586 Order of the Gingko 588 Order of the Golden Fleece 568 Order of the Gorgon's Head 587 Frank Porter Graham Award 561 Order of the Grail 570 Society of 1 lellenas 585 Society of Janus 584 Johnston Nursing Scholars 580 Johnston Undergraduate Scholars 578-579 Kenan Professorships 562 Morehead Scholars 576-577 Music Awards 566 Order of the Old Well 569 Phi Beta Kappa 574-575 Phi Heta Sigma 572-573 Rho Chi 591 Salgo Award Michael Zcnge 376 Society of Scabbard and Blade 581 Order of the Silver Key 583 Styx 589 Tanner Awards 372-375 James Butler 372 Martha Hardy 373 Peter Phialas 374 Gilbert Joseph 375 Undergraduate Awards 564-565 University Award Carlyle Sitterson 377 University Distinguished Professors 563 Order of the Valkyries 571 Houses 400-503 Greeks 202-203, 214-225, -MXM75 Alpha Chi Sigma 412 Alpha Chi Omega 410 Alpha Delta Pi 414 Alpha Phi Alpha 413 Alpha Phi Omega 416 Alpha Tau Omega 214, 418 Beta Theta Pi 420, 220-221 Campus Chest 417 Chi Psi 215, 424 Chi Omega 419 Chi Phi 422 Delta Delta Delta 426 Delta Kappa Epsilon 218-219, 427 Delta Phi Epsilon 223, 428 Delta Upsilon 434 Delta Sigma Pi 430 Delta Tau Delta 432 Kappa Alpha 451 Kappa Alpha Psi 216-217, 436 Kappa Alpha Theta 438 Kappa Delta 440 Kappa Psi 444 Kappa Epsilon 431 Kappa Kappa Gamma 442 Kappa Sigma 446 Lambda Chi Alpha 433 Omega Psi Phi 216-217, 437 Phi Delta Chi 448 Phi Delta Theta 450 Phi Gamma Delta 452 Phi Mu 454 Pi Beta Phi 456 Pi Kappa Alpha 168-169, 203, 458 Pi Kappa Phi 460 Pi Lambda Phi 447 Saint Anthony Hall 468 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 462 Sigma Chi 202, 457 Sigma Nu 464 Sigma Phi Epsilon 466 Sigma Sigma Sigma 429 Sigma Tau Delta 481 Tau Epsilon Phi 470 Zeta Beta Tau 222, 471 Zeta Tau Alpha 472 Zeta Psi 474 Residence Halls 212-213, 226-229, 476-503 Alderman 500 Aver)' 4% Aycock 490 Cobb 486 Conner 484 Ehringhaus Residence College 481, 483 Everett 491 Graham 487 Granville Towers 480 Henderson Residence College 213,226-229, 484-485 Joyner 488 Lewis 492 Mangum 495 Manly 493 Morehead Confederation 486-4S9 Morrison Residence College 482 Olde Campus Confederation 212, 490-495 Old East 502 Old West 503 Parker 497 Ruffin 494 Scott Residence College 496-499 Stacy 489 STOW Residence College 500-503 Teague 499 Whitehead 498 Winston 485 Organizations 378-395 Air Force ROTC 392-393 Alumni Association 394-395 Association for Women Students 200-201, 390-391 Association of International Students 390-391 Black Student Movement 160-161, 174, 210-211, 384-385 Campus Y 388-389 Carolina Gay Association 390-391 Carolina Indian Circle 390-391 Chess Club 392-393 College Bowl 392-393 College Republicans 390-391 Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies 386-387 Graduate Professional Student Federation 390-391 Intrafraternity Council 388-389, 409 Navy ROTC 392-393 Orientation 388-389 Panhellenic Council 388-389, 408 Readers' Theatre 386-387 Residence Hall Association 388-389 Student Consumer Action Union 388-389 Student Government 175, 380-383 The Carolina Quarterly 386-387 The Cellar Door 386-387 The Daily Tar Heel 386-387 Toronto Exchange 392-393 WXYC 386-387 Young Democrats 390-391 UNC Marching Band 205, 274, 293, 308, 395 Music Department 394-395 UNC Brass Ensemble 395 Carolina Choir 395 Collegium Musicum 395 Glee Club 395 UNC Jazz Band 395 New Music Ensemble 395 UNC Opera Theatre 395 UNC Orchestra 394-395 Percussion Ensemble 395 UNC Wind Ensemble 394-395 Patrons 630-631 Performances 238-273 Broadway on Tour 269 Carolina Dancers 266-267 Chapel Thrill 238-245 Chicago String Quartet 270 The Beach Boys 238-245 David Bromberg 257 Eastern Seaboard 238-248 David Gris man Stephon Grappelli 260-261 Arlo Guthrie 263 The Fabulous Knobs 220-221 Little River Band 262 McGuinn, Clark Hillman 256 Mothers' Finest 249-251 Molly Hatchet 252 Chuck Mangione 264-265 Nantucket 253 Mass Production 247 Sea Level 262 Bonnie Raitt 238-245 Sky 248 Sister Sledge 246 George Thorogood 254-255 Doc Merle Watson 258-259 North Carolina Symphony 270-271 Opeyo Dancers 210-211 Haymakers Repertory Company 268 Step Shows 216-217 Toad the Mime 200-201 Salgo Award see Honoraries Seniors 506-523 Specifications 628-629 Speakers see Concerns Sports 274-361 Baseball 336-337 Basketball, men's 310-329 Basketball, women's 330-331 Fencing 349 Field Hockey 344-345 Football 204-207, 284-309 Gator Bowl 306-309 Golf 350-351 Gymnastics 348 Lacrosse 342-343 Soccer 340-341 Softball 338 Swimming 346-347 Tennis 334-335 Track 352-353 Volley ball 339 Wrestling 332-333 Club Sports 354-355 Intramural Sports 356-357 Tanner Awards see Honoraries Undergraduates 526-557 University Award see Honoraries Photography Credits lettered clockwise from top left photo 6 4-TM: 74-TM; 84-I3D. NBD. 9uCD. MM; I0MM. MM. MM. 11 (CD; I2u-PK; U CH. NAS; 14 (CD. 15 4-CD 16..CD. NPK: 17-.CD. NPK. eJT lSu-AS. NPK. .-CD; lltCI); 10 MW; il JT; 22 MW, MW. 23 4-PK. 24 -fT; 25MW; VMS. 264-AS. VCD, 27 MM. MM. cPK; 28 MW. I-AS. 29 MW. VCD. MW; 30 MM. VCD. .-CD. J-AS; 31 .t CD. 32 MW; 33 -CD. MW; 34 MW, MW, r-PK; 35 MW; J6u-CO. J7MTV:J8MTV; J9MW. 40u-AS. NBD. r-PK. 41 4-IT. NAS. 42 U-JT. NAS. (-CD. 43 MW. NAS. 44 (CD. NCD. 45 (CD. NGD. .-AS; 46 CD. MW. cTTV; 47 4 PK; 4 MW; 49 MW. NAS; 50 j BO. NBD; 51 - MS; S3 a AS. 54 MM.NMS;S5»-IW.MW;564-AS,NAS;57 4-BD.NJT..-CD..MMSSu-TM.59j fT.MM;60 4-PK. MM. (MS; 61 4-PK: 63 4-AS: 64 -:-AS. NPK. r-MS: 65 MW. NBD. 66 j-AS. NAS; 67 -AS. NCD. 68 MW. NTW. MW; 69 MW; 704.RH.714-MS. NBD. r-KW. J-KW. 72 4-AS. NMS. 73 4-IW. NKW. 74 4-BD. 7S4-AS. NRH; 76---T3V. RH; 77 4-BD. 78 4-PK; 80 MW. NTW; 81 4-AS. NCD. 82 MM. NTM. MM; 83 4-JT. NAS. (-AS. 81 4-PK. NBD. cPK. 85 4-BD. NAS. cPK 66 4-nv. NMS. MM. MM. 87..-AS, NAS. 884CD. NPK. 894-AS. NrW;904-BD. MM. MW;91 4-BD. NCH. (-AS; 92 4-AS. NTW. (-PK.9J4-TTV: 94MW. NBD. (•ir.954-AS.96.t-IM, NTW. 97 (CD, NTTV; 904-PK; 994-AS, NAS. MW; 100 4-BD. 1014-TM. NAS;1024-AS. NAS. cTW; 103 4-BD. NTW. MW. 1044-CD. 106 4-T3V. NBD. 107 (-PK. 1» 4-IW. NBD 109 4-BD. NPK; 111 4-TW; 112 4-TM. NBD; 113 4-BD. 114 4-TTV. NPK. 115 4-AS. NTW; 1164-TW. NRH 1I7.I-CD. NCD. 118 4-TM. NCD. 119 u-CD. NTM. 120 4-BO. MM; 121 MW. NKW; 122 4-JT. NJT; 123 4-MS: 124 4-PK. 125 4-TM. NCH. 1264-MS; 128 MTV. NBD. 129 -CD. NCD. 130-t CD. NCD. (CD. 131 4-AS. NCD. 132 4-TM. NTM. .-BD. 133 4CD. 134 4-CD. NPK. cTM; 135 4-TW; 136 4-TW; 138 4-TM. 139 4-TM. NBD. 140 4-AS. 1414-BD. 142 4-PK; 144 4-BD. NAS. 145 4-TW. NAS; 150 -.CD, 151 4-PK. NJT: 152 4-SS; 153 u-SS; 154 J-CD. NCD. 155 (CD. NCD. (CD; 156 .t UD. NAS; 157 4-IW. 158 4CD. NCD. 159 4-TW; 160 4-MS. NAS. (-AS; 161 4-AS. NAS 162 4-TW, NTW; 1634-TW, NTW. MW; 164 4-TW, NPK. cTW; 165(CD. NJT; 166u-AS. MM. ( AS; 167 4-TW.NAS. 1684-KW. NKW; 169u-KTV. NKW; ITOu-JT. NJT.cJT; 171 ,t-JT. NJT..-IT. 1724-PK. NPK. cPK 1734 BD. NBD. 1764-XX; 1774 XX; 1784-TW; 179u-AS. 1804-BD. 1824-BO. NAS; 183 4-BD. 184 4-TW. MW. ( BD. 1SS .i-BD. NTW; 186 .-BO. NAS. ( AS. 187 4-BD. 188 -BD. NBD.MW; 189 (CD. 1904-BD. 191 MW.MTV.(CD. 1924-JT. NPK. 1934-PK. I-AS.(-AS. 1 4 4-AS. NAS. (AS. 195 4-jr. 196 4-AS. NJT. (FT; 1974-JT. MW; 198,1-AS. 199 4-AS; 200..-JT. NJT; 2014-TTV. NTW; 2024-AS. NAS; 203 u-IM. 204 4-JT. 205 (BD. NIT, MM; 206-i-CD. NTM. (AS. 207 4CD. NCD. 208 4-TW. NTW; 2094-TW; 2104-BD. NBD. cBD. 2114-BD; 212,-BO. NAS. 213 4-AS. NAS. (-AS; 214 4-TTV. MW, MW; 21S4-TM. NTM. MM; 2I6(-BD. 2174-BD. NBD. cBD. 218 4-TM, NTM. cTM. 219 4-TM. NMF. 220 j-PK. 221 ( MS, NMS. ( MS. 222 4-BD. NBD. 223 4CD. 224 4-TW. MTV, MW; 225 4-TTV. 226 4-TM. 227 4-TM. NMS. cTM: 228 4-TM; 229 4-TM. NTM. 230 4-PK; 2314-MF. NAS. (-PK; 232 4-TM. NBD. MM. J-MS; 233 4 H; 234 4-AS. NMF; 2354-MF; 236.1-AS: 237 4-AS; 238 4-AS; MTV. 239 4-BD. 240 4-TW. MTV; 2414-TTV. NPK. MTV; 242 4-BD. NAS; 243 4-AS. NAS. 244 4-BD. NBD. (-TW; 24$ ( BO. 245 4-BD. 246 4-BD. NBD. 247 4-BD. NBD; 248,-8D. NBD. 249 .-AS. NAS. 250u-BD. NAS; 2514-BD 252 -t-TM: 253-i-TM. NTM; 2544 PK. NAS; 2554-PK; 256MM. NTM. (CD. 2S74-CO. NCD; 2584-BD. 2594-MS. NBD 260 4-BD. 261 4-CH. NBD. 262 4-01. NMS; 263 4-TW. NTW; 264 4-BD. NBD. 265 4-BD. 266 4-MS. NMS; 267 4-MS. 268 -AS. NBD; 269 4-AS, NAS. 270 4-TTV. BCD. 2714-CD. 273 (RH; 274..CD. 2764 BO. NSA: 2774-BD. 2794-KW. 2804-SA. NTM. MM; 281 -i-BD. 2824-AJ. NIK: 2834-TM. NTM; 284 4CD. N MS. (-JT; 285 CD; MTV 286 4 CD. NCD. 287 4 AS. NfT. ( PK. 288 4 CD. NCD. 289 -i-TM. NCD. MTV; 290 - -AS. NPK. 2914-TM. NAS 292 (CD. NAS. (CD. 2934-TW, NPK.(-AS;2944-BD.NBD.MM;295u-JT; 296(-BO. 2974-AS.NTM;2984-TM. NTM.299.f-JT. NTM. 300 4-AI. 301 ( AS. NAS; 3024-AS. 3034-KW.NAS.cBD. .(-AS. 304 4-AS. NBD. 305( BD. 306 4-AS. NBD, 3074-AJ. NAS. JO84-BD NBD. 309 4-BD. NAS. r-BD 310 4-TTV; 3114-TTV. NBD 3124-TM. MTV;31 Ju-JT. NCD. 314 (CD 315 MTV. NBD. 316(-PK. 3174-BD. NCD.cAS;318 4-BD. NAS. (CD. 319(CD; 3204-KTV. J-MS. (-RIJ: 321 (-CD. 322-i-BD. NBD..-KW. 323 4-KW; 324 ( BD. 325 ( BD. NCD. 326 4-KW; 327 4-TTV. NCD; S28(-AS. NBD. 329 -i-BD. J30.r-BD. 331 4-BO. NBD. (BD. 32 u-TM. MID. 3334-80. NBD. 334 4-BD; 3$5(-BR. 3364-SM. NAS. cAS; 337 4-MS. NAS. 338 4-TM. NTM. JJ9 4-TM. NT M. cTM; 340 4-MS. NBD. cBD: 3414-MS. NMS. 342 4-MS. MM. (-AS. 343 4-A». NAS; 344 4-TTV. NTM. (-TM. 345 4-TM. MM; 346MTV. NTM: 347 4-TM. NTM. 3484-TM, MM. 3494-TM. NTM. 350.r-BD. NBD. ( BD; 351 4-BD. 352 4-BD. MID 353 4 BD. NBD. ( AS: 354 4-PK. NAS. 35$ 4-PK. MTV. 356 4-AS. 358 4 BD. 359 4-CH: N BD: 3404-TM. 361 (CD. 362 4-JT. 36$ u-BD; 366(CD. NCD. 3674-AS. NBD. 3684-CD. NCD. 369 (-CD, NCD. 370 4-BO. NCD. 371 (CD; NCD. 3724CD. NCD; 373 -.CD. NCD. 374 (CD. NCD. 37$ (CD. NCD 377 aCD. NCD 379 4-TW. NBD. c-CD. 4-TW; 39) 4-TTV. NTW. MTV; 381 4 TM; 382 4-TM. NTM. MM; 383 4-PK. NTM. 384 4-JT: 38$ (-BD. NAS. (-AS. 386 4-TTV. MM. ( AS. 4-TTV. (CD, 387 «-AS. NBD. 38S -MS. NPK. (-JT. 4-TTV. MTV, f-MS. jf-BD 3894-AS; 3904-KW. NCD. f-KTV. 4-AS; 3914-KTV; 392 (CD. NJT. (-80.4-PK. 393 ( AS 394 MTV. NBD. (-TM; 395 4-TTV. NTW. 396MTV. NTW. MTV. 4-BD; 397u-AS. MTV'; 398 u-TM; 400 u-BD. NJT. 4014-KW, NIT. 4024-KW. NAS. 4034-PK. NAS.404u-CD. 4054-JT. NCD. (TM. MM: 406 (BO. MM. 407 4-TM. NTM.cm4084-AS. NAS.cBD.4-AS 4094-BD.NCD;410(11.NTW;411 (CD. MM. MM. 412 (CD. NCD. 413 ( BD. NBD. cBD. 414..-MS. NMS. cBO. 4-MS; 415 4-BD. MTV 416 4-TTV. NAS; 4174-TW. NMS. MTV. 41S4-TTV. NBD. 419( BD. NPK. 420,1-MS. NAS: 421 4.AS NCD 422 4-JT. NCD 423 -.-PK. NJT. r-PK; 424 4-TM, NTM; 425 (CD, MM. cTM. 426MM, NAS. 427 u-MS. NTM. ( TM. 428 4-AS. NMS. 429 ..-KTV. NKW; 430( AS 431 4., S. 432 -. HD. NBD 433 ( BD. MTV. 434 4-KH. NCD. 435 (-KH, NMS. cKl J; 436 ( BD. NAS. cBD 437 u-AS MTV; 438 4-MS. NTW; 439(CD. NBD. 4104-TTV. NMS; 441 4-AS. NBD. 442 MM. NIW 443 4-JT. NCD. (CD. 444 u-AS; 4454-KH. NKH, cKH; 416 MM. NBD. r-BD;447(CD. NCD. MTV 448 (-KW: 449 4-KW, NKW. (-KW; 450 ..-MS. NTTV. (CD. 451 4-TT. NBD. 452.HI. NBD. 453 4-JT. MM. (-TM. 454 4-PK. NPK. 4SS(- ITV. NPK. cl TV. 4S6u-PK: NJT. (-TTV. 457 ..CD. MM, cJT. 458 4-KW. NKW.cTM; 459 4-KW. MTV; 460 4-JT. NJT. cPK; 4614-PK. NBD: 462-.-TTV;463 4-TTV. 464 4-AS. NAS. (CD. 46$ 4-AS. 466 4-TM. NTTV; 467 4-TM. NTM. 468 4-AS. NAS; 469 4-PK. NPK; 4704-TTV. NJT. r-PK, MT. 471 ullD. NAS. (BD 472 (BD. NJT. CAS.473..-TM; 474 4-JT. NTTV; 4764-AS. NCD. 477--PK. NBD. 478u-rT. NBD. 4794-PK. NBD. (-AS; 480 u-AS. NAS CAS. 481 4-KH. NBD. (-KH. 482 u PK. NAS. ( BD; 483 4-AS. NAS. (-AS. 4 4 4-JT. NAS 485 4-KW. NTM. cAS: 486 u-TM. NTM. 4 74-TTV. N-JT: 4884-TTV, NBD. 489-i-TM. NCD. 4904-KW NJT. cAS; 491 4-PK. NAS. ( KW. 492 4-BD. NKW; 493 .CD. I-AS. (CD. 494 4-AS, l-KTT 495 4-JI. NKW-. 496(CD. NMS. cTW; 497 MW, MTV. cA»: 498- TW. NJT; 499-.-KW. NTW r-BD; 500 -i-BD. NBD. r-KTV; SOI 4-TM. NIH . r-BD. 502.1 HO. NMS. ( AS $03 (-MS. NBD $04 4-BD$064-BD55S..C :5944CDS964CD.NJT;$97u-TTV. $98u-CD;599A-BI). 600..-AS toi 4-A$.NCD;6024-m603MM;60«4‘BD BD;6054-BD606uA$;6074jT;6084-PK;609.i-AS 6104-CH; 611 u-MS. 6l2u-PK; 6134-BD 614 ..-MS;615(CD. 6164 AS; 617,1-AS. 618MTV 619 4-JT; 629 MTV: 632 -i-TTV 6271980 YACKETY YACK Mary Beth Searle, editor Bob Donnan, photography editor Elise Ward, associate editor Amy Sharpe, copy editor Debbie Goodson, staff manager Martha Eskridge, business manager photographers Aaron Stevenson Thaddeus Watkins Greg Dinkins Peter Krogh Trey Monroe Monica Stevenson Joe Turner writers Beth Cooley Brett Deal Nancy Plant Geoffrey Mock Jill McCorkle Elliott Warnock Ed Ebeling contributors pholography — Keith Worrell, Rutty Hardwick, Chip Hoover, Mark Frautschi, Andy )am«, Kurt Hacfcli, Scott Sharpe. Seth Ahlborn. 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The following people cannot go unrecognized for their unique contributions to "Yackness": Thaddcus, foremost, for his gracious development and distribution of the factor; Aaron, for his confidence, but also for his boldness and quick action in the face of sizeable annoyances (pickup trucks notwithstanding); Greg, for his mellow groovincss; Peter, who taught us the art of giving without receiving; Trey, for his sincerity, and for his appreciation of quality; Joe, for his expert advice, coupled with his innate ability to mix his chemicals; Cathy, for keeping us all Carolina Blue; and Elise, for reminding us all what it is like on the other side. Outside the inner staff, but nonetheless influential: Dick and Steve, for their infectuous modesty; Chrisann, for her unselfishness; Lisa, for proving once again that, if you want something done right, you should ask a busy person; and the 1979 Campus Governing Council, for honing our forensic and documentary skills in their judicious attempts to establish us as volunteer, full-time fund raisers. This book begins with the surface, that which immediately activates the senses-it is only through attention to this sensory detail that one may go deeper. We began with the surface of Carolina, intense, fragmented shades of blue, which at close range seem to have no strong relation or order. At a distance, they seem to blend into the Carolina Blue so familiar to those outside the University. Somewhere between these two points the University breathes. It is the interaction of individuals that gives Carolina its personality; only by taking into consideration both the individuals and the whole can it begin to be understood. This can be likened to the technique of the Impressionist painter, who, fascinated by properties of light and intent on recreating them, painted with strokes of pure color. When viewed at a specific distance, the two stable states of fragmented color and blended tones achieve a precarious balance. At this point, as the painting topples between the two states, the viewer is involved and the image becomes more than a representation. It was through this approach that we felt best equipped to portray the intense variety of Carolina life. In expressing what we as individuals have seen, we supplied the canvas, the colors, but we cannot supply the viewer. Yy This edition of the Yackcly Yack has been an uphill battle since its beginning—these pages arc the result of the stubbornness of each of the central staff members, who refused to quit until his part was done. Also instrumental were the many staff members who knocked on doors, dialed telephones, and stuffed envelopes to raise the $88,000 necessary for publication. A few people deserve special recognition for their realization of what the Yackely Yack should be: Debbie, whose infinite enthusiasm fueled us all; Elise, whose critical and exacting nature convinced me that I did not have to do everything myself; Cathy, who consistently did more than was required; and those photographers whose dedication carried the staff, and later the book. Other members of the staff who set high standards for themselves, and went out of their way: Amy Sharpe, who had no more time than the rest of us, but managed to create it; Earl Black; Beth Cooley; Danny Kestcr; Paula Rasor; Penny Mann; Jonathan Watson; Howard Ray; Lee Anne Baer; Jennifer Dykes; Jeff Bowers; and Kim Ray. The Yackcty Yack would sincerely like to thank Dot and Bill Harrison, Don Nelson, Dr. and Mrs. Krogh, Bruce Buckley, Chip Hoover, Howard Henry, Charlie Davis, Dave Bianci, Bill LaPier, Andrew Vanorc, and Dottic Bcrnholtz (unofficially). We would also like to thank, and remember, Jimmy Everhart, who made CGC budget hearings more bearable, the future of the Media Board more promising, and life in general a bit more fun. The extent of our indebtedness to Hunter Publishing Company, and Rod, should be evident; its professional standards of excellence have realized the quality that we worked so hard to achieve, and his capability and personal interest provided the missing link. Personal thanks arc owed to those of my professors to whom accomplishment meant much more than scheduled due dates; my father, who, after eighteen months of accusing me of compulsive perfectionism, proved that it was hereditary; Jackie, who always listened, and worried, and said a lot through what she didn't say; and Anthony, who brought back the mountains when I thought 1 didn’t have the time. And finally, Allen Ollovc deserves a marked place within Yackdom; his continuing concern and assistance has been invaluable in the development of the photojoumalistic potential of this publication. loc Turner 17c; 21a; 24a; 41a; 42a; 576; 59a; 83a; 94c; 122a,6; 1516 1656; 170a,6,c; 171a,6,c; 192a; 195a; 1966.C, 197a 200u.6; 204a; 2056; 284c; 285a; 2876; 295a; 299a; 313a 362a; 384a; 388c; 3926; 4006; 4016; 405a; 410a; 422a 4236; 443a; 451a; 452a; 453a; 4566; 457c; 460a.6 4706.d; 4726; 474a; 478a; 484a; 4876; 4906; 495a; 4981' 5966; 607a; 619a. Monica Stevenson 256; 51a; 546; 60c; 64c; 71a; 726; 866; 123a; 126a; 160a 221a,6,c; 2276; 232d. 259a; 2626; 266a,6; 267a; 2846 3206; 337a; 340u; 34la.6; 342a; 388a. ; 414a,M; 4176 420a; 427a; 4286; 4356; 438a; 4401'. 450a; 4966; 5026 503a; 611a; 614a. 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