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University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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Mecklenburg County and Y R A R B L m L B u P of Charlotte ., mu..." wmver y?" y p . . ' . '1 'M':War2m 9w whx a . . $211 13.1; ;. 11:111.... ,1 .I' Iru JR! E$ouH4utnthVGl. Nurlcgv'whdmiw iu X I . u. ; . . .. ! pill: .y . . v. , . . . . . 1.x $9 :1 . .V r: ??rticili.91 .5. iii mluwrilx 3 ...V , 1'. $31K: .. a . 31H n.3,..5v113. , . .r v.11 . w I .1: 32.9.4:..!.3$i.24nu.twamamw.u.wmw WM M , -.-.-;7 -w-...u..r.v,h..: N.j..;-,.4. .ngagpkzgna WWW E; E? axggg, , I V"; yxuawwwvra thwt w i MWEDIIUH I'N EHlEF- PRESENTED BY THE STUDENTS 0F :1? UY.I3 ,, '5 "5-.tta h.- Nan L? t: .. f . QW5 V'EP' mm... A . . ; y. A little town somewhere in the country, with nothing much in it but the college. An old town, with traces of buildings that have been standing since the 17903, and new modern buildings that substantially serve the several sciences and arts. A nice town, with fOur thousand students who manage to find a way of life for themselves in the verdant grace of old trees and new courses and hundreds of outside activities. A new town, where honest progress and valid learning is spread- ing out to the state and the region. But, for our memories and nostalgic senior recollections, call it just Chapel Hill, a little town somewhere in the country, with nothing much in it but the college. .V. .3... v, .4. . t V v .51., , .We',-a;....,r , , -41; .hyt.,.........1. .--e..t-. THE UNIVERSITY Including Views, Administration, Student Govern- ment, Classes, and Professional Schools. . . .Page 13 mmmw; ? a I ACTIVITIES tra-Curricula Activities and mm. Page 201 X E ary Organizat 8 udin Incl Honor 2 119,52, 2157?; , a V ATHLETICS Including V and Women 7 r6511m an 4 I Sports and Intramurals. . . . 7 arsity 255 ....Page SOCIAL 1221- Social Organ , Including Fraternities Page 323 ', and Dances. . . . ICS , Beaut tions II 'III $7 X? PREFACE In this book we wish to present a pic- turization of life'in Chapeerill. To each student may this annual serve as a per- manent tie to the experiences of the past years, and keep alive the Carolina Spirit which was his because he was a part of it. To others who read this book, may they gain a panoramic sketch of Carolina and all sides of the academic and social life at Chapel Hill. May it serve to give them an insight into the significance of the Uni- versity and the part that it plays in the development of the state. waw 4m"; - IIZX ' x Vx$X xx X $in , X- 1- - , X y x 12R X L . X X: 54me $ ugh z ' X AXIX , x, , . X v y . , l . w v x WI X . I m WNW X . WWWXWw W-mm '11"wa gmwm ll-mw - 1w 9,,X MM. Wmmw 4,. giv x X , . x 21w x X N. ', , ' X H' , - X ' x, , L ,X ; , , V ,1 :1 , X , . , W, I , X X X XX x $ , gay XEX ciwlkV: WX j 1A V XVNy x... X W, SW y, N m N rev u..,,- The University of North Carolina is wide- ly known throughout the economically and politically conservative SOuth, as well as in the allegedly more enlightened North, for its liberalism. The term and the school are as inevitable associated in the SOuthern Mind as are breakfast grits and bacon. T0 friendly critics, liberalism connotes a grasp of the changing needs of rhen inva changing world. . . . It came into being simultaneously with the pronouncement of the doctrine of the Rights of Man and the Declaration of Inde- pendence on this side of the Atlantic, and 'with the French Revolutionecreated in part 'by'these doctrines-40n the other side of the ocean . . . There are tangible achievements which are measurable by experts in the field of edu- cation. The intangible achievements of the University are perhaps greater. They lie in an unremitting and successful struggle for academic freedom in an area Where the weight of lethargy, as well as the dynamics of industrial opposition and inherited pre- judices, operates against academic freedom. They consist in teaching students the truth g a .. A $ VWX . z, .V?XX2 HORACE WILLIAMS 13 yaw imam Sn? . . , V 8.! .: mm; $59 , ngx XwM ON THE CAMPUS VK av. 2.22m 3 22 2. cm la n a y m, J f O 722 42, zwr, l, wax kax WMMMMIM - WWW Warming yAZaKK . . oar 150 ralLam emoriaz. . . COVL$J6POLtQ gallue --. ; 5 8 43,; 5$ . , MW NW4 1 W, M W24 z W "I 9 aunalerj . . . nuance to 5 d pencer .Alazzu. Manning 4441M x3 WXxmx ' mmwzw, . ?WWMI W mex xv . xx ' , VWWW Carogna jnn rgoretum . . . uneragfe .Alajf OZ! Wm M! 51ml; am A - A 1A 1 g A : v . .w r ..t..l . 1 me - . 1M,- 4 A A 1 1 1. 1. ' - ' - an: M w, . .a o -', .A . k a ""m A . A x . .1 . f x. 1.4 3 . ,, A "1'; 11 1 v '-. - rt ,. r. L . i 71a l 1 t! x 3; V 5$hyin THE UNIVERSITY AND NATIONAL DEFENSE The development of the whole life of each student is part of the development of the whole life of the University and is a part of the program of the total defense of the freedom ' and democracy which gave birth to our University and our nation. In our conCeption of national defense as total defense, we hold that every student, every Citizen, every farm,.indus- try, business, institution, and agency of the peoples life can make their best contribution to national defense by being their optimum selves. The universities can make their maximum contributions by being the best possible universities. To train thoroughly soldiers? sailors, and aviators, and fail to train thoroughly scientists, technologists, dietitians, social workers, nurses, doctors, journalists, masters of language, draftsmen, accountants, artists, philosophers, profes- sional experts, and agricultural, industrial, political, civic, educational, and religious leaders, is to develop a lopsided defense and disorganize the nation for collapse behind the lines. As a part of total defense we hold that American democracy would preserve the Precious liberties of worship, assembly, speech, the press, suffrage, and lawful process for person and property, regardless of creed, race, color, or economic position, and would preserve the free- dom to study and discuss all sides of all questions. Wherein we believe that American democracy would enlarge the historic Bill of Rights to include, as basic to all: provision for more equal educational opportunity of all the children in all the states; provision for farmers as equal partners in our now lopsided economic society; for equality of bargaining power through the organization of workers, the cooperation of farmers and the information of con- sumers; for the right to work and decent terms and conditions of the working life; for higher levels of social security to lift the levels of human liberty against the hazards of modern society; for intelligent production as a way of abundance and decent Consumption as a Way of life; and for a more abundant distribution of the good life for all people. For this fairer hope the men and women of this old, yet yOung, University will do well their day 5 work, hold clearer than their lives the American dream of freedom and democracy in the eternal adVenture toward the Kingdom of God. a V. 11wrwgv ., "ll 1." .M u JOHN GROVER BEARD Dam of tlae Sciaool of Pharmacy Z x E. sjlll WALTER REECE BERRYHILL Dean of the Scloool of Med 2716 16' 8 WREIM ml. ,. . 30.: .99. 3;!.'1'5 . In .E. m u r .. ,. . 9 . . . irkha ugiuxaniagmgfamgahgoisf E, u K4 KL H,Il. m0 V10 Rm 010 HS A6 Tm E mic! Rn mm MUD ..., V. WILLIAM WHATLEY PIERSON 1 14 11031 Dam 0f the Graduate School 51 wmmmmwm zz g? Z E. J. WoodhoUse Sherman Smith Harry K. Russell Harry Wolf Ernest Mackie r Ie S e F S e m .d J w a In s d a r B F. .m C n a r F ,9! $1", ll PERSONALITIES , , x k2?! SOME FACULTY M i ? ,Z mmmxxw , , George Coffin Taylor J. C. Lyons Rex Winslow James T. Dobbins English Bagby HSkipperH Coffin and Morrison Hugh Lefler 33 V 99-11: A w 3!th A .v. 2-: WE" iumuyyyg tala-A. 3. . .. ewkMMau-nhy .1f-5;5' .v ks;- . eggpw; i". '.t; ,. V -01...- ---V GOVERNOR J. MELVILLE BROUGHTON CLYDE A. ERWIN A. B. ANDREWS THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES The ofhcers of the Board of Trustees of the Uni- versity of North Carolina are Governor J Melville Broughton, President ex 0Jj562'0; Clyde A. Erwin, Superintendent of Public Instmction, member ex officio of the Board; and A. B. Andrews, Secretary of the Board. Led by these men, the Board consists of one hundred members, Miss Annie Moore Cherry, fames Edward Butler, Hayden Clement, Josephus Daniels, Craydon Cornelius Efird, John C. Blucher iEhringhaus, Reuben Oscar Everett, Richard Tille man Fountain, Jones Fuller, James Alexander Gray, Junius Daniel Grimes, Reginald Lee Harris, Robert Eugene Little, Mrs. Lily C. Morehead Mebane, Cameron Morrison, Harriss Newman, Clarence Poe, Julian Hawley Poole, Marvin Lee Ritch, Miss Easdale Shaw, Mrs. May Lovelace Tomlinson, Irvin Burchard Tucker, George Robert Ward, John Kenyon Wilson, Graham Woodard. Alexander BOyd Andrews, Dudley Bagley, Walt- er Dorsey Barbee, Kemp Davis Battle, James A1.- bert Bridger, Mrs. Minnie McIver Brown, Charles Fletcher Cates, Richard Thurman Chatham, Wil- liam Grimes Clark, Arthur Mills Dixon, Rufus Alexander Doughton, Thomas Crawford Hoyle, Jr., Robert Grady Johnson, Andrew Hall Johnston, Charles Andrew Jonas, Kemp Plummet Lewis, Arthur Hill London, Mrs. Gertrude Willis McKee, James Edward Millis, Andrew Lee Monroe, Kemp Battle Nixon, John Johnston Parker, Richard Joshua Reynolds, Miss Leila Styron, Samuel Farris Teague. Samuel Masters Blount, Victor Silas Bryan, John Washington Clark, Mrs. Laura Weill Cone, Henry Groves Connor, JL, Isaac Peter Davis, John Gilmer Dawson, Carl Thomas Durham, Raymond Rowe Eagle, John Bartlett Fearing, Alonzo Dillard Fogler, George Chancellor Greene; Edwin Clarke Gregory, John Sprunt Hill, Henry Lewis Ingram, Benjamin Kittrell Lassiter, Mrs. Daisy Hanes Las- siter, George Bason Mason, Edwin Pate, James Carlton Pittman, John Benton Stacy, Kenneth Spencer Tanner, Leslie Weil, Francis Donnell Winston. Mrs. Katherine Pendleton Arrir??gtor1, Herbert Dalton Bateman, Emmett Hargrove Bellamy, Bur- ton Craige, William EatOn Fenner, Oliver Max Gardner, Harry Percy Grier, Jr., Ira Thomas John- ston, John Hosea Kerr, Mark C. Lassiter, Willie Lee Lumpkin, George Lafayette Lyerly, Lennox Polk McLendon, Henry Burwell Marrow, William Daniel Merritt, Walter Murphy, Charles Benjamin Park, JL, Haywood Parker, James Turner Prichett, Carl A. Rudisill, George Stephens, Fred Islet Sut- ton, Hoyt Patrick Taylor, John Wesle , y Umstead, JL, Charles Whedbee. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION . ,, thcets 1940-41: Fred 1. Sutton, Kinston, President; Lenoir Chambers, Norfolk, Va., Fitgt Vice-President; W. A. Dees, Goldsboro, Seconde V-ice-President; George Watts Hill, . Durham, Trezts-urergh Charles W Tillett, T 1,; Charlotte, Past President; J. Maryon Saun- ders, Chapel Hill, Executive Secretary. When a student leaves the University of North Carolina his name is put upon the alumni roster, maintained in the Alumni Office in the Carolina Innat Chapel Hill. "Henceforth this name and mailing address become the connecting link between the for- mer student and the University. 35 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The Alumni Office maintains several complete lists of all former students. First, there is a master alpha- betical file, which is an all-University alumni directory where any former student can be quickly identified or located by reference to his data card. Lists are main- tained also by classes, and geographically, by states, counties, cities, and towns. 'If, for example, the alumni club of Greensbotolor New York wishes to arrange an alumni meeting, its officers secure an up-to-date mailing list:.f0r their city from the Alumni thce to issue their LENOIR CHAMBERS '14 W. A. DEES ,11 invitations. When the Athletic Association wishes to mail football reservation cards to all alumni, it gets the Alumni OffIce to address envelopes to everyone on its address roster. XWhen a class is arranging for one of its periodic reunions, the address lists maintained in the Alumni Offlce are available for ready use. FRED I. SUTTON '08 Thus it is that onels correct address, main- tained in the files of the Alumni Office, con- stitutes a constant and continuing tie between alumni and the University and between alumni and each other. Records of some 25,000 living former students thus are kept. Left to Right: GEORGE GORDON BATTLE H GRAHAM, AND DR. RONDTHALIEIEESIDENI The Alumni Association sponsors and assists With class reunions, local club meetings, and such public occasions as Commencement, Homecoming, and Uni- versity Day. The Alumni thce carries on corres- pondence With thousands of alumni, receiving re- quests for assistance ranging fromepersonal inquiries to projects concerning the entire University. Membership in the Alumni Association is limited to those alumni Who pay annual dues. Members receive gratis the Associatiorfs monthly magazine, GEORGE WATTS HILL ,2 37 The Alumni Review, and through its columns are enabled to keep up With the affairs on the campus, in the University, and in the big alumni family. Members also are the only alumni entitled to vote in the annual elections of the Association. General in its serviee to the University and per- sonal in its relationship to former students, the Alumni Association constantly fosters a program en- deavoring to link the Past with the Present for the Future of Alma Mater. CHARLES W. TILLETT 09 J. MARYON SAUNDERS '25 . V. Avilzat STUDENT GOVERNMENT Student government at Carolina has by its rapid advance and development established it- self not only as a student organization, but also as an institution. This institution, made to func- tion successfully by the cooperation and interest of every student, is a powerful and effective form of democratic government. This form of student democracy has not al- ways existed at Carolina. It is, rather, the result of the efforts of an energetic student body plus the help of a cooperative faculty. Our govern- ment here at Carolina has thus risen from the stude'hts, themselves; today it takes its place arhong the most progressive in the nation. The judicial and executive powers and duties of student government are in the hands of the GATES KIMBALL X s BILL SHUFORD DAVE MORRISON Student Council. This body, elected by the students at large, formerly exercised legislative powers as well. Two years ago, however, that power was vested in a newly created organization known as the Student Legisla- ture. The two groups, the most 1mportant units of student gov- ernment, are assisted by a num- ber of other organizations, notably the four class honor councils, the Interdormitory and Interfraternity Councils, and the Publications Union Board. The t e r m llgovernmental" should not be confused or misa Interpreted. The students at the University are not actually governed" as the term would b$ DEBS KIZER STUDENT COUNCIL GAYLORD MARTIN immediatelysimply. They have but twore- quirements to meet. First, a student is on his honor not to lie, cheat, or steal-ea simple rule Which necessarily puts every'Student on his personal honor and in part explains our Honor System. Second, a student is asked to conduct himself at all times as a gentle- , man. It is under these two general statements that Carolina students find the freedom every collegiate student body seeks. HEWITT HOBBS MCKEEVER WHITLEY 41 All breaches of, the Honor System and 0f the Campus Code are handled by the, Student- Council. This group strives in every way to be constructively cOrrective rather than puni- tive. It is the desired objective of the Ceun- ,cil to guide the students to a higher concept. Of honor, to further interest in student gov- ernment, and to give every student the privi- legefof taking part in a genuinely democratic. program. JANE McMASTERS i The officers of the Woman's Association are: Jane McMaster, President; Ann Williams, Vice-President; Sara - Sawyer, Secretary; and Mary Velna Winslow, Treasurer. Mrs. M. H. Stacy, the Dean of Women, acts as adviser to the organization. ANNE WILLIAMS SARAH SAWYER THE WOMAN'S ASSOCIATION The Womads Association, an organization which in- cludes every woman student enrolled at the University, is the governing body of the women students. The Asisociation Was Organized in 1917 "to enable the women students to keep in closer touch with one another, to create a spirit of loyalty to the college, and to further the interests of women students at the University." Its specific purpose has become two-fold: to provide self- government for the women students, and to promote women's activities on the campus. A general meeting of the Women's Student Body is held at least once a quarter at which any student has a right to put before the Association any proposal Which she feels mightvbe of interest to the women students. Through legislation in this body policies are formed and womenis activities are promoted. The Womanis Council, the executive body, has judi- A cial and quasi-legislative powers. It has jurisdiction in all matters pertaining to the Honor System, the Campus Code, and social regulations for women. The Council attempts to put the individualtfirst always, realizing the rehabilitation of the individual is of prime importance MARY VELNA WINSLOW .,. to the welfare of the entire group of women students and t0 the student body as a whole. The Council is composed of 12 representatives: the four officers of the Woman's Association, the House- President of each of the dormitories, a Graduate Repre- sentative elected at large, the President of the Town Women Students, and the Junior Representative. The Woman's Association promotes women's activities in comprising the Athletic Association, the Y.M.C.A., the Interdormitory Council, and The Valkyries. It contributes to the campus social calendar in providing the annual May Day pageant, alumnae Homecoming program, and the Woman's Association Dance. This is the first year of the Interdormitory Council, an honorary service organization which fosters better inter- and intra-dormtory relations. It aids in the orienta- tion of new students and serves them as a guidance, advisory group throughout the year. There are three national women's fraternities: Alpha Delta Pi, Chi Omega, and Pi Beta Phi. Each has its own residence home. The Woman's PanrHellenic Council, composed of representatives of the fraternities, governs and regulates their activities. The Valkyries, a local honorary fraternity, fosters high ideals and standards by recognizing women excelling in leadership, scholarship, and character. Since the admission of a few women students into the graduate school in 1897, the enrollment has grown so that now women are admitted into all fields of scholar- ship. Their widespread interests range from the realm of the hue arts to politics, front social life and participa- tion in campus activities to distinguished scholastic work and professions. With a membership of over six hundred women the Womanis Association is growing year by year. Entering wholeheartedly into the life at the University which they have done much to Create, the women realize that Caro- lina expects of each woman student something positive and creative in preserving and adding to her traditions. Bade Row: YEATMAN, CLINARD, GUILL, ROBERTSON, CALDWELL, WOLF, PARKER, Front Row: SAWYER, MCMASTERS, WILLIAMS, WINSLOW. 511-;:-.. .4 t . STUDENT LEGISLATURE Ojj'icem: Bill Cochrane, Speaker; Johnny French, Parliamentarian; Ridley Whitaker, Reading Clerk; George Hayes, Sergeant-At- Arms. 1 The Student Legislature rounds out. its first year under the new constitution adopted foreit by the stildent body in the spring of 1940: The broad pbWers granted to it were exercised to 3 their fullest ektent during the fall quarter, whena. vigorous campaign'by Campus leaders to solve. thewperenvnial humor magazine prob? lem culminated inilegislative abolition of the Catalina Buccaneer. Six weeks later TM. amt ' Fe'atlyeit; was horn,' and" began its.- career undet a charter which dedicated thenew publication to clean humOr. Over-shadOWed perhaps by .theagitation about the Buccaneer question, but 6f major; signifi- cance as an unprecedented attempt to organize and ascertain student opinion on recurring cam- pus problems, was the Campus Organization Bill, sponsored in its passage through the legis- lature by" a special committee of student leaders. Less sensational from the standpoint of Tar Heel headlines, anti less fun for the lawmakers, were the numerous finance bills passed by the legislature, .as it exercised its new function of 44 mandatory review over the budgets of all cam- pus-wide - fee-collecting organizations. As a new departure in student government, however, budget review proved its value as a means of more complete student SUPCIViSiOH OVCI fees collected and funds appropriated. The judicious exercise of its plenary powers during its three years of existence indicates that the legislature, as the modern counterpart of the ancient Di-Phi sOciety system of student government, is well omits way toward becom; ing traditional. BILL COCHRANE vay 1 y H 0 w m R, .. .1 .1 n . Mum m T mm A ML$ P m Qw n m wan, d BM ai ORT E , hW 601 n e C FM 7 aL Ems kc m n da MAJ u r O rP N.L. D .MB 3 a N.SW hi. W H. Es, Y CW Mk 0mm m H m yNI fa 7 mNm J em YP Kh. m aoba Lulv, m,B a 6W u.1 Fms, W L B m Nwm R DM E. u t S 7 T D,w a m mMa ;DM ID mm 0 U UBM A L f E DBS a UC L W U . k .I. E O IHQWR 1 R1 r D,Rm e mm mm RSES B AEDB WWNE 5 LowW 4 CH8, T,D,,m pH w, HRmA .m e ,M .PAIW 1h c MEN 1 C H Br Ch meL ., L ,M , CmmA d m WYEW f a TAK 0 mm m R AR H .nd BDIPO a w L. yR;T SL. 1 6AM, Y C mwom f m a RAom a a 1m BHMu T8 m mmuT, a ..t, m HMMR f 51h... I 5 R0 6 N P C EHEH ID A m . ,T,MA m E ah 1m mHL,T e Mluu a Wifwxxwhx EmED; M C m TIJ xs 2; T; ER 6 h . L MAW LAMT H AHTJ C 0H ,8 .1 a . N n sMw mnwm m M m D EY ., 7 - AmLE O W nu nu C,M C 8.1 ARm m r HwF B TERRY SANFORD JAMES GARLAND JOHN FRENCH RIDLEY WHITTAKER .STUDENT LEGISLATURE Members of the Student Legislature of the University of North Carolina: Sophomore Representatives: Bucky Harward, Howard Hodges, W. J. Smith; Junior Representatives: Ridley Whitaker, Bill Croom, Ferebee Taylor; Senior Representatives: A1 Hughes, Jack Garland, JohnnylFrench; Freshmen Representatives: John Hackney, Terrell Webster, Ray Goodman; Don Bishop, Editor of the Tar H eel ; Andy Gennett, P. U. Board Rep- resentative; Interdormitory Council Representatives: Al Stewart, George Hayes, Piggie Briggs, Harry Belk, Terry Sanford, Ben Tillett, Bill Wall, Aubrey Moore, Coleman Finkel, Red Sand- ers, Charlie Savarese, Roy Parker, Bill Lankford, Elwood Dunn; Interfraternity Council Rep- resentatives: Billy Hand, Byrd Merrill, Jim Hambright, Don Torrey, Ed Penick; Sam Leager, Law School Representative; Marcus Aderholt, Medical School Representative; Wilson Lewis, Pharmacy School Representative; Martha Clampitt, Womerfs Association Representative; XWomenk Dormitory Representatives: Grace Rutledge, Louise Steifelmeyer, Rachel Sides, Mary Emily Parker; Judy Duke, Pan-Hellenic Council Representative; Hal Jennings, Vice- President Athletic Council; Town Representatives: Roy Stroud, XWarren Mengel, Mitchell Britt, Ed Hubbard, Bill Smith, and Pat Winston; Bill Ward, Debate Council Representative. IN MEMORIAM JOHN HINTON PAGE November 12,1921-January 25,1941 wmw V1; 7-:- . .f , 4 '-,.'mA MAg-k, -. "U 1- ::;.5. $ 4-..5 ray. .1 r , .. g... .g-sn .1: ,,. - k . , . .. u" h -. N; 'AV.r$:m4AIhvmV xgr: ....... .-.- ng OFFICERS Herbert Hardy, President; Donald Baker, Vice-President; Stacy Crockett, Secretary; Stephen Forrest, Treasurer; and Louis Gay- lord, Student Council Representative. HONOR COUNCIL Christian Siewers, Kenan Williams, Louis Gaylord, Noel XWoodhouse, William Wall, Winston Broadfoot, and Charles Idol. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Kenan Williams, Chairman; Members: Walter Sheffleld, William Conley, Walter Hargroves, George Frisby, Joseph Neely, Gene Witten, David Sessoms, William Smith, Perrin Quarles, Oliver Ransom, Rod- ney Snow, Hargrove Bowles, Lawrence Tom- linson, Harry Winkler, Henly Ogburn, Robert Neuman, James McAden, Thomas 4Edwards, Pickett Hamlin, Anne Williams, Jane Moody, Grace Rutledge, Marjorie John- son, Reddy Grubbs, Rufus Brown, Roger Grant, SheltonrDugger, Edwin Hubbard, James Howard, J'oseph Welborn, Malcomb McNaughton, Isaac Grainger, B 0 n n e r Thomason, J056ph Zaytoun, Albert Jossel- son, Collins Dawson, William Allen, and Noel Woodhouse. DANCE COMMITTEE Hugh Byrd, Aubrey Moore, Ed McGoogan, Sidney Saydoff, Charles Barrett, Allen Wills, Elwood Dunn, Hughes Roberts, John Mc- Cormick, Frank Reynolds, Mike Bobbitt, and Luther Hodges. SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE Carroll McGaughey, Chairman; Members: Maxine Beeston, William Hand, Paul Mc- Ginty, Edgar. Taylor, Sol Fligel, Thomas Nash, Benjamine Tillett, Benjamine Heath, Muriel Neville, and Edmund Erickson. RING COMMITTEE: William Wall, Chair- man. SENIOR REGALIA COMMITTEE: Charles Barker, Chairman. CAPS AND GOWNS COMMITTEE: Coleman Finkel and Allen Grimes, CosChairmen. GIFT COMMITTEE: Archie McIntosh, Chairman. UNIVERSITY DANCE COMMITTEE REPRE- SENTATIVE: Jack Towell. Fm; Row: RANSON, MOODY, RUTLEDGE, CROCKETT, JOHNSON, WILLIAMS, A., HAMLIN, ZAYTOUN, MAISiR. IN Second Raw: GRANT, WILLIAMS, K, HARGROVE, SHEFFIELD, SESSONS, D., SMITH, JOSSELSON, HOWARD. ELBO . HARDY. Third Row: FOREST, WHITTEN, GRAINGER, DAWSON, C., MCNAUGHTON. OGBURN. BROWN, R., WOODHOUSE. CONLEY, BAKER. l ,1 g... 7 .. 2;- 53 ,, v -am..,zv . m m4 7 .. ' mn A 4f .15 First Row Norman McKee Agnew, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. A E II A 1P Q Candidate for B.S. Degree. Ben Warren Aiken Creedmoor, N. C. Candidate for Rs. Degree; Interdormi- tory Council 00; Monogram Club; Basketball Manager a, 4L Sydenham Benoni Alexander Charlotte, N. C. A K E A E A Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee UN Class Honor Council UM Class Offlcer QM Sheiks; Student Legislature WM Y.M.C.A. u. 2. 3L Pres. m. Paul Alford Raleigh, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; ClaSS Exec- utive Committee On; Di Senate 9, 3. 4M Town BoysV Club CH. Seromi Row Colton Calvin Allen Middlesey, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. William Allen Wilmington, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Carolina Magazine CZ. 3L Bus. Mgr. 00; Class Executive Committee MM Student Ad- visory Committee HM University Club CD: Class Dance Committee m. 3L Oliver Holt Allen Reidsville, N. C. 4, B K Candidate for B.S. Degree; Interdormi- tory Council QM Cross Country L2. 3. M; Track 0. 2, 3, M; Town Boys Club. William James Allran, Jr. Cherryville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Band GD. 54 Third Rom Harold Lindsay Amoss, Jr. Greenwich, Conn. A 1' Candidate for A.B. Degreg; Gimghgul w. :0; Football U. 2, 2D; Frack U, A. Claywell Mitchell Anderson Statesville, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Interdor- mitory Council HM Football 0. 2, :0: Track UL Margaret Cornell Arnold Fort Bragg, N. C. H B lIi A K F Di Senate 05, M; YACKETY YACK 00.: EY.C'A. w. 4M Pan-Hellenic Councll Roy Douglas Asch Long Island, N. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree: Interdmu mitory Council NJ: Phi Assembly UM Basketball HM Y.M.C.A. U. 2. 3. 4M I.R.C. GM; Young Republicans Club U. 2. 3L -.. First Row James Harold Austin Charlotte, N. C. K2 Candidate for A.B. Degree; Baseball 0. 2. 3, 4M Basketball 0, 2M Foot- ball 0, 2M Y.M.C.A. UL Josephine Austin Hatteras, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree: Phi Assem- MY 8. M: Sound and Fury 6N. Ransom Hinton Austin Raleigh, N. C. Candidate fur AB. Degree: Daily Tm Heel UL Joseph Woodrow Baggett Lillington, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Second Row James Ruffln Bailey Raleigh, N. C. H K A Candidate for A.B. Degree; Interdor- mitory Council QM Interfmternity 05k Cross Country 0, 2M Y.VI.C.A 0 2. 3L Donald Charles Baker WCstbury, N. C. E X Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex ecutive Committee a, 3. 4M Class Of ticer HQ: Interdormitory Council HM Monogram Club: Football U, 2, 3, 0: Truck 0. 2. 3. H. - Horace Mitchell Baker Lumberton, N. C. $ P A Candidate for A.B. Degree. Harry Cline Ballard Nashville, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. 55 L 7 , Third Row Charles Thomas Barker New Bern, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree: Bucca- neer 9, 3M Class Dance Committee GD; Interdormitory Council 0D; Phi ?ssegnbly; Y.M.C.A.; Sound and Fury 3, AL . Charles F. Barrett Raleigh, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Hon- or Council GD; Daily Tar Heel, Man- aging Editor HM Interdormitory Council w, 4L Martin C. Barringer Mt. Pleasant, N. C. Candidate for BS. Degree. Clark Bartlett Jacksonville, Fla. E A E Candidate for B.S. Degree; 'German Club Executive 0M Gorgmrs Head: aning 0, 3L v 7,- -- H;u.,w.p Phoebe Elizabeth Bashore Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Y.W.C.A W- Anne Caswell Bates Shelbyville, Tenn. X 9 Candidate for A.B. Degree; Carolina Magazine CD; Glee Club w. n; YACK- rz'n' YACK b0. Britton Ferebee Beasley Fountain, N. C. K 2 Candidate for A.B. Degree; Daily Tar Heel UM German Club Executive 00: Y.M.C.A. Maxine Claire Beeston Greensboro, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Dsgree: Interdor- mitory Council 00: University Club. Julius Berger Wilmington, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Daily Tar Heel UM Phi Assembly MO; N. C. Club; Class Executive Committee UH; Debate Council. Harry R; Billica Muncie, Indiana . 4 E K 1, B K YACKETY YACK U. 2. 3M Y.M.C.A. UL Mary Burnham Bason Chapel Hill, N. C. A A H Candidate for A.B. Degree; Carolina Magazine 0D; Di Senate QM Glee Club QM Y.W.C.A. HM Sound and Fury WM Pan Hellenic 00. Charles Hoomes Beale, Jr. Hague, Va. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Jack Bsdea South Orange, N. J. KID K 2 Candidate-for A.B. Degree; Tennis Q, 3, L0. Harry Logan Belk Asheville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Interdor- mitory Council. Martin Berger Hewlett, New York Candidate for B.S. Degree. Donald Edwin Bishop New Bern, N. C; Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Hon- or Council QM Daily Tar Heel U. 2. :0, Editor UH: Golden Fleece; Grail; Publications Union Board, Treasurer Cw; Student Legislature MM Univer- sity Club UN. Thomas Ruffin Bledsoe Greensboro, N. C. B 6 n Candidate for B.S. Degree. Stanley Blum . 9 Elizabeth, N. J. q; B K B F E Candidate for B.S. Degree. Hermann Joseph Boemanns Wilmington, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Fencing 0, 2h Y.VI.C.A. Q, 3M Town BoysS Club 90. . A , Norman Marshall Boligk Conover, N. C. " 1 SP K 2 Candidate for BS. Degree. Floyd Patton Bost C. , . Shelby, N. C. . CaHdidate for A.B. Degree. Thelma Mae Brammer 'Basseft, Virginia Candidate for A.B.SDegree; Phi Asa sembly MM'Y.W.C.A, m, 40; Sound and Fury Us. '40; LR-C- Ci, 4W ' 57 Daniel Thomas Blue Laurinburg, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Maurice Eugene Bobbitt Greensboro, N. C. S? K E Candidate for A.B. Degree; Monogram Club; University Dance Committee 00; Baseball U, 40; Boxing w. an; Foot- ball a, 2S 3, 49; Y.M.C.A. Q, 3, 4L William B. Boles Carolina Beach, N. C. Candidate for BS. Degree; Sound and Fury S3, 4L William Gayle Borders Upper Marlboro, Maryland Candidate for A.B. Degree; American Student Union wk - Hargrove Bowles, Jr; Greensboro, N. C. B 9 II A Q Q Candidate for A.B. Degree; Buccaneer a, 3M Class Executive Committee 0. 2, 3, 20; Class Honor Council a, 2, 3, M; Class thcer QM Student Legislature uh Chairman Freshman D a n c 6 Committee: Commencement Marshal QM Board Directors Graham Memorial QM Tar and Feathers 00. Francis Arnold Brandon .C Carrboro, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. AWN ,- "kaswmm.n. .A. -mmuu.vmmpeu v wmvrwv-c-ma rhwv-v . Aanwvibw 144w ,'.-'u1w.w Asz-JA. A. utl Julian Thweatt Brantley Greensboro, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Monogram Club; Football M, 2, 3L James Shober Brawley, Salisbury, N. C. A K E Candidate for A.B. Degree; Gimghoul. Ray Harris Bridgers W'ilmington, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Monogram Club A3, M. Winston Broadfoot Wilmington, N. C. 2 A E Candidate for A.B. Degree. Elizabeth Brown Raleigh, N. C. A A II Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee ax v Pinckney Rufus Brown Atlanta, Ga. A X CI3 Canglidate for B.S. Degree; Class Ex, egutlve Committee A3. 4h Interfrater- mty Council GD: University Club. Bche Albert Brawley Mooresville, N. C. K E Candidate for A.B. Degree; Dailhy Tar Heel CD; Interfratermty Connell 010. Mary LOuise Breazeale Greenville, S. C. A A II Candidate for B.S. Degree; Sound and Fury 03, AD. VWilIiam Gillies Broadfoot, Jr. Wllmmgton, N. C. 2 A E Candidate for A.B. Degree; Interdor- mitory Council an; Interfraternity Council 019; Monogram Club; Phi ASA sembly a, 2M Student Entertainment Committee 8, AU; Student Legislature WM University Club; Lacrosse u, 2, 3, 10; Wrestling u. 2, 3, An; YACKETY YACK u, 2, 3, M; Y.M.C.A. u, 2, 3, 4L Eleanore Morath Brown Asheville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Helen Rogers Brown Leicester, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Robert Emmett Brown Charlotte, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree: Band 0 9 ,3. 40; Buccaneer cw; Y.M.C.A. Q. h? University Orchestra 0, 2. 3L tary-Treasurer 0U. Secre- Q Seymour Brown Goldsboro, N. C. T E t? Candidate for B.S. Degree; Cross Coun- try, Manager 00. Benjamin Howard Browning Littleton, N. C. Z if Candidate for B.S. Degree; Monogram Club; Baseball QL Pattye Rachel Bryant Chatham, Va. " X 9 Candidate for A.B. Degree; Phi As- sembly QM Y.W.C.A. A3, 4M Wonlank Athletic Association an. Benjamin Oliver Burns Fairmont, N. C. A 2 H Candidate for B.S. Degree; Phi As- sembly QM Y.M.C.A. a, 2L Barbara Florence Burroughs Hoboken, N. J. A A H Candidate for A.B. Degree. Ottway Bernard Burton Milton, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee L9,, 40; Class Oflicer A3, :0; Interdormitory Council GS, Q; Phi Assembly A2, 3, M; UniverSIty Club; Y.M.C.A. U, 2, 3, 40. Thurston Cross Brown Charlestown, R. I. A W Candidate for A.B. Degree. William Wallace Brunet Columbia, 8. C. E N Q B K B F 2 Candidate for B.S. Degree; Daily Tar Heel 0, 2, 3L Bus. Mgr. 0D; Grail; Interfraternity Council; 13 Club; Uni- versity Club. Mary Anne Buchan Henderson, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. William Thomas Burns Aberdeen, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. ' Marjorie Lovelace Burrus Canton, N. C. X 9 Candidate for A.B. Degree; Buccaneer QM Carolina. Magazine GM Y.W.C.A. 6, AD. Hugh DeWitt' Byrd Mount Olive, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. 59 Firs! Row Second Row TM", ROW May Hampton Caldwell Ladye Barnard Carpenter Virginia Dare Cates Chapel Hill, N. C. Rolling Fork, Miss. Raleigh, N. C. Candidate for AB. Degree. X 52 Candidate for A.B. Degree; Buccaneer ' t ' Pl Aw-mbl GD; YACKETY YACK Cimdldme MY 13-5- DOS'NO: Y.W.C.A. 8;: Fluingglub SE3, M; Womzufs Ath- C3. 49; VVOIIIIIIFS Athletic Association lctic" Cotuncil CD- CD. Lester Lawrence Callzm, Jr. Derewn Star Carroll Frances Cauble New York, N. Y. Fayetteville, N. C. Mt. Pleasant, N. C. B P E Candidate for A.B. Degree. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Candidate for B.S. Degree: Interdor- mitory Council Ln. Philip Rahm Carlton Alexander Henry Carver, Jr. Fred A. Cazel, Jr. Greensboro, N C. Wynnewood, Pennsylvania Asheville, N. C. A K E 1 A G $ B K Candidate for B.S. Degree; Di Senate Candidate for AB. Degree; Boxing Candidate for A.B. Degree; Daily Tar mgn; Track a, 2. 3M Y.M.C.A. U, 2. LU; Football 0 m; Tennis U. 2. Heel u, 2, 3, 4M Phi Assembly UM 3! M. 3. 40. Y.M.C.A. U, 2. 3, 49. Spencer Carlyle Hugh Cash, Jr. Hallie Chandler Hendersonville, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. Sumter, S. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Candidate for B.S. Degree. A A H Candidate for A.B. Degree; Daily Tar Heel CD; Di Senate C3. M; Glee Club 23, 4;; YACKETY YACK GD; Y.W.C.A. 3, 4 . xvrm a f , u x. V IOREQClnss - MK First Row Second Row Third Row f Y Robert Chapman Martha Bryan Clampitt Robert Cohn Red Springs, N. C. St. Petersburg, Fla. Viinston-Salem, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. A A H Candidate for B.S. Degree; YACKETY Candidate for A.B. Degree: Buccaneer YACK U, 2 3L QM Daily Tar Heel 00; Student Legislature CD; Swimming 019; Y.VV. C.A. M, Treasurew; Sound and Fury 00. Everette-Charles Mary Alan Clinard Charles Lindsay Colby Wmston-Salem, N. C- High Point, N. C. Asheville, N. C. W Candidirlte for A.B. Degree; Band 0, A A U A K F Candidate for A.B Degree- Buccaneer 2,3,4. . .- 'mn , Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Hour 2 3L Calohna Mabazme ML . or Council pm: Student Legislature ' HQ; University Club. Russell Drewry Cherry Willis Edwin Cobb, Jr. James Rountree Collett Draper, N. C. Pinetops, N. C. Morganton, N. C. Candidate for 13.8. Degree. K Q5 B G D Candidate for 13.5. Degl'eL: Interdor- Candidate for A.B. Degree. - I mitory Council CU; University Club. 1 Wade Thomas Choate Joseph Robert Cohen . William Tate Conley I Sparta, N. C. New York, N. Y. Marion, N. C. , Candidate for A.B. Degree. A E H . H K A A t? 9 . Calldidflte for A.B. Degree; Carolin?- Candidate for B.S. Degree; Class Ex 7 Magazine; Intel'fraternity Club a, 3M ecutivc Committee 0, 3. AD: Interfra YACKHTY YACK UL ternity Council 0D: University Club: YACKETY YACK U, 2L 61 . 21,152, CHARLIE BARRETT S E, n L A N O S R E P MARY ALAN CLINARD BILL SHUFORD JANE McMASTERS PAUL SEVERIN ADRIAN SPIES 111314111111: 111121. 1x... ?Nilyl; 1 Naps. .21LYM92W1? .N. 14.. i2 SID SADOFF GENE WHITTEN mevvw A GEORGE GLAMACK SID ALEXANDER Firsf Row Jeannie Connell Fairmont, W. Va. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Y.VV.C.A. Ci. 0. George Marion Cooper, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Q K E Candidate for A.B. Degree; Buccaneer UM Wrestling U, 2L Manager MD; YACK 101W YACK 1 . John R. Cooper New Haven, Conn. X Q Candidate for B.S. Degree: University Club. Edward Augustus Council Morehead City, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Band. Second Row Robert Harward Council Raleigh, N. C. E X Candidate for 13.8. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee LU. William Riddick Cowper, Jr. Gatesville, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Monogram Club; Swimming m. . Herbert Walton Cox .Clarkton, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Robert Ferree Carver High Point, N. C. Q P A Candidate for B.S. Degree. TI: iwl 110w Mary Stacy Crockett Bluefield, Va. II B 5b B F E Candidate for B.S. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee CH; Class Officer UM Y.W.C.A. CD. Irvin Dewey Crouse Thomasville, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. John William Curtis Liberty, N. C. Q K 2 Candidate for A.B. Degree. Mary Jane Daffm Gerrardstown, W. Va. Candidate for A.B. Degree. First Row Caroline Lardon Dalton Lexington, Mass. AAH Candidate for A.B. Degree; Universiiy Club UM VVomaWs Athletic Associa- tion. Masten Rufus Dalton Winston-Salem, N. C. K 2 Candidate for B.S. Degree; Monogram Club; Football Manager U, 2. 3, 40. Edgar S. W. Dameron Burlington, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Di Senate C3, AU; Tennis 02, 3. 4L Gertrude Person Darden Annapolis, Maryland A A H Candidate for A.B. Degree; Di Senate C3. M; Y.W. A. a, 4L Second Row James Henry Darden Farmville, N. C. El: r A ' Candidate for A.B. Degree. William Moye Darden Annapolis, Md. 2 A E Candidate for A.B. Degree; Lacrosse 03. M; Swimming MO. . Bill T. Davenport Charlotte, N. C. A T O. , Candidate for B.S. Degree; German Club Executive; Phi Assembly UM Sheiks: YACKETY YACK UM Y.M.C.A. UM Flying Club. Edward Palmer Davis, Jr. Dunn, N. C. Z W Candidate for B.S. Degree; Cross Coun' try m. Third Row Marjorie Hayward Davis Binghamton, N. Y. H B Q ??ndidate for A.B. Degree; Glee Club ., ID. Collins Taylor Dawsbn Jamaica, N. Y. E X Candidate for B.S. Degree: Class Ex- ecutive Committee 00; Y.M.C.A. UL George Robert Dawsonr Jamaica, N. Y. 2 X Candidate for Country UL A.B. Degree; Cross Franks E. Deaver River Edge, N. J. A 2 H Candidate for B.S. Degree; Baseball 0D- William Archie Decs, Jr. Goldsboro, N. C. E N Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class 1-1011 or Council 0. 2M German Club Ex ecutive HM Golden Fleece: Grml; Student Council 2. 3, 4y Daniel Bosko Desich St. Lorain, Ohio Candidate for A.B. Degree. George Elting Deyo Fairfield, Conn. , 4, F A Candidate for B.S. Degree; Glee Club 0. 2, 3. President HM Phi Assembly 0h YACKETY YACK 0, 2L Meta Lois Diffenderfer Pensacola, Fla. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Christine Marie Dobbins Chapel Hill, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Student Council WM Student Legislature BM YJV.C.A. MM Town Girlsa Associa tion, President QL Shelton Dugger Vilas, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex ecutive Committee 03. M; Di Senate U. 2M Interdonnitory Council BM Student Legislature GD: Lacrosse m. 3. U: Wrestling VD. Frank D,Elia Bridgeport, Conn. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Harry Tillinghast Dewey Chapel Hill, N. C. 1 A 9 Candidate for A.B. Degree; Buccaneer UM Phi Assembly UL Randolph McLeod Dick Sumter, S. C. A x1! Candidate for A.B. Degree; Gimghoul Ci, Q; Baseball UM Football H 2. 3M Track Q, 3, AD; Y.M.C.A. U. 2, 3L Betty Eaton Dixon Atlanta, Ga. X 9 Candidate for A.B. Degree; Glee Club 00. Dorothy Rebecca Drake Atlanta, Ga. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Judy Duke Springfleld, Missouri H B 4 Caqdidate for A.B. Degree; Pun Hel- lenlc Council. 66 xxx? . g7 4-. w Jean Goddin Duncan Forest City, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Louis Justus Dupree Kinston, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Radio Club 0, 2M Gymnastic Team 9, 3. 4M Wrestling m. Maurice Niles Edwards Goldsboro, N. C. Z B T Candidate for B.S. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee wk Interfraternity .Council 010; Playmakers 0M Uni- vel'sity C1ub QM Wig and Mask 0L Fred Kingsley Elder, Jr. Montreat, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Y.M.C.A. O, 2, 3, AD. Elinor Olive Elliott Brooklyn, N. Y. H B 4D A $ A Candidate for A.B. Degree; Daily Tar Heel; Di Senate; Y.W.C.A.; YACKETY YACK G3, 40. Martha Jean Emery Charlotte, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. 67 ff 1111953. . Elwood McDonald Dunn, Jr. New Bern, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Interdor mitory Council a. 3, 4N Student Legr islature on; Senior Dance Committee MO. F rances Louise Dyckman Short Hills, N. J. A A II Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee an Sound and Fury 6, 40. Thomas C. Edwards, Jr. Bronxville, N. Y. 2 X tID B K -, Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee 010; Interfraternity Council 00: University Club; Baseball UM Swimming QM Y.M.C.A. U, D. Edgar Worth Ellington, Ir. Chapel Hill, N. C. h Candidate for B.S. Degree; Town Boys Club 8, L0. Bruce A. Elmore Bryson City, N. C. X i? Candidate for A.B. Degree; Boxing 010; Young Democrats Club 00. June Rose Epstein Savannah, Ga. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Interna tional Relations Club w, 40. c.gmi. . -v V Edmund Eugene Erickson Oak Park, Ill. Candidate for B.S. Degree: Student Entertainment Committee; University Dance Committee 6, 4L Paul Hayes Etheridge, Jr. Kenly, N. C. Candidate for 13.8. Degree; Wgestling UM Photography Club MM Radxo Club 6L Elaine Palmer Ewald Baltimore, Md. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Robert Arthur Farris Wilson, N. C. , - - Candidate for B.S. Degree; Interdor- mitory Council GM Monogram Club: Phi Assembly 0, 2. 3, 10; Boxing u. 2, 3, Ln; Track OD: Y.M.C.A. U, 2', 3, 10; Class Dance Committee GD. Francis Fatell Bronx, N. Y. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Band m, 3. 4M Orchestra Q, 4y. ' Joan Clinard Finch Lexington, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Buccaneer EianthQA; QM Town B0ys Club Elenore Marie Erickson Waxhaw, N. C. II B Q Candidate for A.B. Degree; Play- makers 8, 4M YACKETY YACK w, M; Sound and Fury 03, M. Sally Anna Evans Bluefield, W. Va. II B 1? Candidate for A.B. Degree. Woodrow Wilson Exum Snow Hill, N. C. s? A G Candidate for B.S. Degree. William Clayton Farris, Jr. East Orange, N. J. X x1: ' Candidate for A.B. Degree; Fencing U, 2, 3. 4O: Lacrosse Q, 3, 40; YJW. CA. 0. 2. 3. ID. Lawrence Ferling Bronxville, N. Y. K 2 Candidate for A.B. Degree; Buccaneer 0.. 2. 3M Carolina Magazine CL 4M Dally Tar Heel 0, 2. 3, 4M Sheiks. John William Finch, Jr. Stantonsburg, N. C. Candidate for'-B.S. Degree: Fencinn u. 2, :0, Captain m; Y.M.C.A. m. 2, 44 A ,4 VA; Coleman Lee F inkel Baltimore, Md. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Glee Club a, 2M Interdormitory Council a. 3, M: Playmakers Uh Boxing Oh La- crosse U, 2, 3L Captain 00. Charlotte F itz Seattle, Washington Candidate for A.B. Degree; Carolina Political Union B, 4M Y.W.C.A. Bernard Joseph Flatow Far Rockaway, N. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Pan-Ameri- can Club. Ann Hall Flowe Concord, N . C. A A II Candidate for A.B. Degree. Sarah Foushee Fore Chapel Hill, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Glee Club 03, 40. Porter Lee Fortune, Jr. Old Fort, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Di Senate 0, 2M Track my Kenneth James Fishbach Brooklyn, N. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Interdor- mltory Council BL Robert Banks Fitzgerald Pelham, N. C. Sandgdate for A.B. Degree; Basketball 1, 2 . . - ; Sol Sidney Fligel Charlotte, N. C. Q B K 7 B F 2 Candidate for B.S. Degree; Interfra- ternity Council 3L Diana Harrison F oote' Chapel Hill, N. C. A A II dahdidate 'lf'o? A.B.-LL.B.. Degree; Di Senate a,- 10: Y.W.C.A. GD. Stephen Taylor Forres't' Winston-Salem, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee 0, 2, 3, 10; Class Ofiicer, Secretary GU, Treasurer 0D; Interdormitory Council w, :0; Mono gram Club a, 3, 4M Student Legisla- ture GD; University Club; Wrestling U. 2. 3, AD; Commencement Marshal. Arthur James Foster Statesville, N. C. Candidate for,B.S. Degree; Interdor- mitory Council an Y.VI.C.A. Q. 3. :10. 69 :4 y: 1 r A -....,.. -A-qhylyuu a A.- 7 A Firs! Row Robert Gilmer Foster Winston-Salem, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. John Eugene French Chapel Hill, N. C. d: A 8 Candidate for A.B Degree; Class Hon- or Council GU; Monogrmn Club; Stu- dent Legislature LU; Cross Country U. 2. H; Track U, 2 3. JO. George Rohatsch Frisby Elizabeth City, N. C. K d? Candidate for A.B. Degree: Class Ex- ecutive Committee CE. AD; Interdor mitory Council CU. Mary Marshall F rye Asheville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Glee Club K3. a0: Y.W.C.A. w, :0. Second Row Laurence XWilson Futch Burgaw, N. C. Candidate for AB. Degree. George Henry Gammans Newport, R. I. Candidate for B.S. Degree. David Foulke Gardiner Bryn Mawr, Pa. X xI' Candidate for A.B. Degree; Track 0. 2, 3, 40. Bunk Gardner, III. Mayfield, Ky. 2 X Candidate for A.B. Degree; Glee Club UM Track my Tl: ird 130w Jean Dorothy Gardner Staten Island, N. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Play- nmkm's CD. Iames Boyce Garland Gastonia, N. C. B G U ' l Candidate for B.S. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee QM Class omcel 00: Daily Tar Heel 0. 2M Gerl'nan Club Executive MM Student I-Jegls-la- ture HM University Club; Umvermty Dance Committee LU; Y.M.C.A. U. 2, in. Porn Stanley Garrison Asheville, N. C. , Candidate for A.B. Degree. Weller Kays Gary Fallston, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Glee Club H0: Interdm'mitory Council 00. First Row Andrew Gennett, Jr. Asheville, N. C. J? A 9 Candidate for B.S. Degree: Daily Tar Heel 0. 2, 3M Monogram Club m. 3. U; Publications Union Board UH; Slleiks; Student Legislature HM Boxv ing 0 2. 3. D. Paul Harding DeWitt Gerhardt St. Vinita, Oklahoma Candidate for B.S. Degree; Band 0. 9 Frances Gertrude Gibson Tallahassee, F121. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Cmnmittee GD: Glee Club CH: Phi Assembly CD; Pluymukers CL M: University Club UJ; Tennis CD: YACKETY YACK 0;, M; YJV.C.A. CB. M; Sound and Fury 0;, AD. Joseph Emmett Giddings Mount Olive, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Second Row Vivian Sarratt Gillespie Fort Bragg, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Daily Tar Heel U. 2M Y.XV.C.A. 0. 2M Sound and Fury U. N. William Lee Gilliam, Jr. Richmond, Va. 2 N A E II Candidate for AB. Degree: Daily Tar 1106! U. 2M Phi Assembly U, 2M YAI.CA.; Young: Republicans Club H. .'D. Frank Monroe Givan Charlotte, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Grover Cleveland Godwin, Jr. Roanoke, Va. H K A Candidate for B.S. Degree. 71 Third Row Ruth Jean Golbey Brooklyn, N. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Babs Lois Goodrich Chapel Hill, N. C. X 9 Candidate for A.B. Degree: Glee Club HO: Phi Assembly CD; Y.W.C.A2 U. 2, 3, 10; Flying Club; Pan-Hellenic Asso- ciation. ' Junius John Goodwin Lumberton, N. C. KP B K Candidate for 13.8. Degree. Elizabeth Byrd Gordon South Hill, Va. Candidate for A.B. Degree. IKE GRAINGER I I PERSONALITIES SON L L E N N 0 $ M m L U I DAVE MORRI BRUNER JIM LALANNE BILL Mp 11.31..i;.it$sf,xz,ifi M WMWMLWNH L M14 7, , 4? iv $.12? $2 M??? x 27 5 it 05.x CARROLL MCGAUGHEY BILL DEBS M A S MM xxx vac M 1 MBALL TES KI GA First Row Isaac Bates Grainger Wilmington, N. C. E A E Candidate for A.B. Degree: Class Ex" vcutivc Committee m. H: German Clul: Executive U. n; Gimghoul: Interdor- mitnry Council CD: Shciks: Student Legislature UH: University Dance Com- mittee 05. U: Baseball UM Y.M.C.A. U, 2. :5. n; Sound and Fury Cl. H. Roger Alpine Grant, Jr. Asheville, N. C. B 0 II Candidate for B.S. Degree; Class Exec- utive Committee UL James Alexander Gray, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. E A E ED B K Candidate for A.B. Dsgree: Amphoter- uthen: Carolina Political Union U. 2. :5. D; Class Executive Committee wn Class Honor Council CD: Gimghoul: Sheiks: Manager Freshmen football and varsity football p0. William Wills Green, Jr. Tarboro, N. C. A K E Candidate for A.B. Degree. Second Row Irwin Greenbaum Far Rockaway, L. 1., N. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree. LOuis Henry Greenburg Louisburg, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Smilie Alexander Gregg, Jr. Laurinburg, N. C. K 2 Candidate for B.S. Degree: Class Exec- utive Committee 02M Sheiks; Football U. 2M W'restling UL William Carrington Gretter, Jr. Waterbury, Corin. TTnmlidate for A.B. Degree: Di Senate Cl, 3. H. Third Row John Charles Grier Gnstonia, N. C. A T Q Candidate for B.S. Detrrcc; Phi Assem- bly UH YACKICTY YASK UM Y.M.C.A. U. 2L Alan Pendleton Grimes Staten Island, N. Y. Candidate for A,B. Degreez. Buccaneer UM Class Executive Commlttee Ci. tn: Intenlm'mitory Council CD; Playma- kcrs UL Julius Alfred Grisette Valdese, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Chester Walter Grochola Jamaica, L. I. ?zgndidate for B.S. Degree; Y.M.C.A. 2 . First Row ' Henry McCormick Gross, Jr. Harrisburg, Pa. A x1! Candidate for A.B. Degree; German Club Executive; Gorgows Head. Willard Bertram Grossmawn Stamford, Conn. Candidate for A.B. Degree. William Lester Groves, Jr. A Winston-Salem, N. C. A X 2 Candidate for B.S. Degree; Monogram ' Club B, 3, V.-Pres. 10; Track 0, 2, 3L Co-Capt. 00. Reddy Gatewood Grubbs Charlotte, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Class Exec- utive Committee 0. 2. 3. 19; Class Honor Council 0, 2M University Club. Pres.; University Dance Committee CU: Y.M.C.A. UL Second Row Charles Walker Gunter, Jr. Gastonia, N. C. K E Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive fommittee QM Daily Tar Heel 0, 2, 3 . Ernest Gordon Guy Harmony, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Thomas Jennings Hackney, Jr. Wilson, N. C. Z q, Candidate for BS. Degree; Gorgmfs Head; 13 Club; Universny Club. Phil Wiley Haigh Fayetteville, N. C. A T Q Candidate for 13.5. Degree: Daily Tar Heel m, :D; Phi Assembly; 13 Club. Third Row Wallace Vann Hall Yanceyville, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. James Carl Hambright, Jr. Rock Hill, 8. C K 2 Candidate for B.S. Degree: Class Exec utive Committee UM Intenlormitory Council on: Interfmternity Council GS. 4d; Student Legislature 00; Univer- sity Club GD. Harvey Hamilton Morehead City, N. C. Candidate for BS. Degree. William Pickett Hamlin High Point, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree: Interdorm- itory Council C;, M; VVrestIing m, 31 AU; Y.M.C.A. U, 2. 3, 49. John Ray Hampton Leaksville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Buccaneer QM Interdormitory Council 00; In- ternational Relations Club O. 2, 3, 40. Lou Alice Hamrick Fallston, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Playma- kers. Shirley Tweed Hansen Hendersonville, N. C. Z T A Candidate for A.B. Degree. Herbert Wallace Hardy Sanford, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Class Exec- utive Committee w, M; Class thcer Wresident 4M Grail; Interdormitory Council w Vice-PresidenD; Student Legislature GD; Y.M.C.A. 0, 2M Com- mencement Marshal. Walter Clark Hargrove Tarboro, N. C. Xi, Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee 6, 4M Interdormi- tory Council On; Y.M.C.A. U, 2. 3, 4L Henry Craig Harrelson Cherryville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Katherine Champion Hamrick Boiling Springs, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. William L. Hand, Jr. New Bern, N. C. A K E Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Hon- or Council an Class Officer 0M Gimghoul; Interfraternity Council Md; Student Legislature HM Y.M.C.A. u, 2, 3, 4M Class Executive Committee CD; Senior Week Committee 00. Thomas Chandler Hardwic Pinehurst, N. C. ' Canglidate for B.S. Degree; Track 0, 2. 3, 4- . Vaughan Theodore Harford, Jr. Washington, D. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Tennis UD- Charles Elmer Harnden, Jr. Narberth, Pa. X i! Candidate for A.B. Degree; Monogram Club: Basketball 0. 2. 3. M; Tennis 0, 2, 3, 4L Warren Blake Harrelson LIullins, S. C. X B q; Candidate for A.B. Degree; Buccaneer HM YACKETY YACK w. 4H Sound and Fury HM I. R. C. UL m: K ?W Robert Charles Harrington, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. A i, A oCagdLSate for B.S. Degree; Fencing 0. Thomas Holt Haywood, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Z KI! $ B K BFE Candidate for B.S. Degree: Bulls: NI Assembly 0h YACKETY YACK UM Gunghoul. Hunter Heath . Kinston, N. C. Q B K Candidate for B.S. Degree. Russell Hebbard New York City 2 X Candidate for B.S. Degree; 13 Club: Cheerleader U0- Hubert Platt Henderson Chase City, Va. iii M A Candidate for A.B. Degree; Band 0. 2. 3L President 0H: Orchestra 0, 2. 3. ID; Master Bell-Ringer 0Q. Rusk Griffin Henry Hickory, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Debate Squad Cl, AD: Di Senate MM Inter- dormitory Council m. 77 cmss Thomas Clifton Hayes Charlotte, N. C. K A Candidate for B.S. Degree: 13 Club; University Club; Golf K3. 4L Ben Ross Heath Kinston, N. C. A 2 H Candidate for B.S. Degree; Interdormi tory Council CD. Mary Frances Heath Waynesboro, Ga. X 9 Candidate for A.B. Degree. Cynthia Jane KHemke Lebanon, N. J. Candidate for' AB. Degree: Glee Club Wk Playmakers 8, 4M Y.W.C.A. 0H. John Richard Henderson Charlotte, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree: Cross Coun- try UM Track an Y.M.C.A. UM Aviation Club On. Robert Edward Hermson Brooklyn, N. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree: Monogram Club; Baseball m. 3, 4M Boxing 03. 4h Football w. 3, U. 1 Av guru's wwm arggzsm$x Daniel Albert Hewitt Asheville, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Peter Sterling Hitchcock Menton, Ohio A K E , candidate ,f0r A.B. ?Degree; 'Playmak- ers w, M; Football GU; Lacrosse G0; Y.M.C.A. 6, A0. Ernestine Ragsdale Hobgood Greenville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree;' Di Senate MM Glee Club BM YACKETY YACK MD; Y.W.C.A. w, 4L Roland Graham Hodges Kinston, N. C. K E Candidate for B.S. Degree. Norman Frederick Hogue Painted Post, N. Y. ' Candidate for B.S. Degree. Woodrow Wilson Holland Greensboro, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Basketball U, 2, 3. 4L v Richard Burgan H-olcombe Harrell Bruce Hill Reidsville, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Ann Shirley Hobbs Newport News, Va. Candidate for A.B. Degree: Carolina Magazine; Daily Tar Heel; Phi Assem- bly; YACKETY YACK. Luther Hodges Leaksville, N. C. Candidate for AiB. Degree. J. Harry Hoffman, Jr. Doylestown, Pa. A E II Candidate for B.S. Degree; Daily Tar Heel MJ; Glee Club a, 3, 4H. Candler, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Town B0ys Club a, M; Young Democratic Club ML Helen White Hblt Warrenton, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. 3', David Woodall Hooks Smithfield, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Playmak- ers QM Sound and Fury. - Robert Burton House Chapel Hill, N. C. $Ae AXE Candidate for B.S. Degree. Edwin Archibald Hubbard . Sanford, N. C. B 6 H Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee a, 2, 4M Monogram Club; Student Legislature NJ; Boxing U, 2. 3, 4h Football 0. 2M Track u, 2, 3. An; Y.M.C.A. U, 2, 3, 40. Mary Tudor Hudson Heftford, N. C. H B q? Candidate for A.B. Degfee. John Edward Hughes, Jr. Elizabeth City, N. C. 2 A E Candidate for B.S. Degree; Track an YACKETY YACK UL Charles William'ldol High Point, N. C. q? T A Candidate for A.B. Degree; Football My 2, 3M Class Officer QM Student Legislature mp Class Executive Com- mittee CD; Sound and Fury CSMM; University Dance Committee Md ; Class Honor Council 0D. Russell McPherson Homday ' Snow Camp, N. C. Candidate for 13.8. Degree. James Arthur Howard Chapel Hill, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee Q0; Grail; Mono- gram Club; University Club; Baseball EZL, 3, D; BasketballA a, 3L Co-Capt. Emily Douglas Hubbardl Waynesboro, Va. Candidate for A .B. Degree. Alfred Herman Hughes Hampton, Va. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Student Legislature UH; Boxing 0, 2L Charles Oliver Humphries , Asheville, N. C. B G H Candidate for A.B. Degree. Ernest Merrick Ilean Greensboro, N. C. . A X A 7 Candidate for A.B. Degree; Track a, 3. Ln; Carolina Magazine 00; Mono- gram Club MM Y.M.C.A. 0D. 79 Wpap First Row Roy Lee Ingram Maners, N. C. 1 B K E F E Candidate for BS. Degree: Y.M.C.A. UM Intculormitory Council CD. Ralph Thompson Isley Mebane, N. C. E F E Candidafc for 13.5. Degree. Cleveland Deugne Jackson Salemburg, N. C. Candidatve for' 13.5. Degree. . Mary Carlton Jackson St. Petersburg, Florida X 9 Candidate for A.B. Degree: Buccaneer. Second Row Irene James Paterson, New Jersey Candidate for A.B. Degree. Harold Frederick Jennings Mamaroneck, N. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Intertlor- mitory Council Ci. AD: Monogram Club 02, 3, :0; Student Legislature HQ; Baseball 0, 2, $10; Basketball 0M Track a. 40. Joseph Malphus 'Jenrette, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. 2 X Candidate for B.S. Degree. William Archibald Johnson Lillington, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Interdor- mltory Council; Phi Assembly. Third Row Albert Sherwood Johnston Smithfield, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Glee Club 0 : Interdormitors7 Council UM Young Democrats Club at Marjorie Elizabethljohnston Hartford City, Inaiana X Q A K I' Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex ecutive Committee L3. 4M Playmakers; Sound and Fury: Womelfs Athletic Association myPresident M. Thdma Johnston Statesville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Daily Tar Heel 019; Playmakers ML Eleanor McLure Jones Cambridge, Mass. Candidate for A.B, Degr'ce; Playmak- ers CS, M. First Row Harry M. Jones Winston-Salem, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Buccaneer U. 2, 3M Class Executive Committee QL Paul E. Jones, Jr. Farmville, N. C. 2 A E Candidate for A.B. Degree. William Erwin Jones Charlotte, N. C. A T Q Candidate for B.S. Degree; Phi Assem- lglx; UM YACKETY YACK UM Y.M.C.A. 1 . William Joslin Raleigh, N. C. E N Q B K A E A Candidate for A.B. Degree: Amphotpr- othen Ci, 4M Bulls m, 3. M; Carolma Political Union m, 3, Chairman 4M Class Honor Council UH; Golden Fleece Ci. H; YACKETY YACK U. 2. 1D: Y.M.C.A. U. 2. 3. Secretary H. Second Row Albert Joseph Josselson Ahoskie, N. C. Q B K Candidate for A.B. Degree: Class 'Ex- ecutive Committee 00; Di Senate 00; Young Democrats Club 010. -Maurice Joseph Jumey Olin, N . C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Edward Lewis Kantrowitz Asheville, N. C. T E q? Candidate for B.S. Degree; 'Alllphotffl:- othen, President 00; Carolma Polm: '31 Union BL Vice-Chzlirman 00:- D1 Senate 0, 2, 3M Fencing U. 2M Hlllel Cabinet.' President HM .Institute 011 Human Relations, Co-Clmlrman 00. Milton Leon Kantrowitz West Hartford, Conn. Candidate for A.B. Degree: Balyl U. 2. 1D; Fencing CD; Town Boys Club ML 81 Third Row 'Leo Maurice Karpeles Washington, D. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree: Phi As- sembly m, 3, M. Lionel Melvin Katz Miami, Fla. T E Q Candidate for A.B. Degree: Swimming QM Track UM Hi'llgl Cabinet 00. Acton Perry Keats Plandoine, N. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Interdor- mitory Council CL ID. Elizabeth Anne Keesee BlueHeld, W. Va. H B $ Candidate for A.B. Degree; Y.W.C.A. U, 2L mummm ,, 4 M CID C13 ' c:- September 23, 1940, UNC Opens 147th year, expands airport, re- quires physical education, gets naval ROTC . . . 4,035 students enroll . . . University gets coed drum majorette . . . Wake Forest beats Carolina football team for the first time in 15 years . . . Buccaneer is banned, 00A YEAR Tm; A124 Feather: takes its place . Poll shows studmts favor entry in war to save Britain . . . IRC presents Assistant U. 8. Secretary of State Adolph H. Berle . . . CPU, IRC argue as to Which Will be biggest ll speaker-presenting group . . . Registration for draft affects 1,000 stu- IN REVIEW dents . . . Freddie Johnsons orchestra broadcasts over coast-tO-coast 4 network every Friday afternoon . . . Football team beats Texas Chris tian, 21-14, on University Day . . . 68 girls pledge sororities, 256 boys sign up with frats . . . Bob Chester and orchestra play for Fall Ger- mans and Homecoming crowd, Tulane grabs last minute Victory in football game . . . Oswald Ryan, head of CAA, tells University it will have natiorfs best college airport . . . CPU presents Dr. A. J. Muste, gms x , 74x5 S . Ferebee Taylor outstanding paciflst . leads caravan of 1,000 students to New ,WMAWW . W m r . .If .t W..Oowm1mw m..msngw afnaWSAL .,o.W,nmom eagmmlmmgmw nmambo WmMC gpqu V1.11me maano nwmV aa...uew .116 hmwm .mnm mmmhh.amm Ummmcmsmooa 6 cschmfm Irkuh a DVJ rmrmaf .dooar Slww .CHVJU. krde.M.1mndF re nngrd De.leaL h 7 qubn YC Cmeha of 350 applicants . . . Saturday, November 16, 1940, Carolina beats Duke, 6-3 . . . , grab 11th conference championship . . . ISOH led by Dave .Morr Harriers, First Row Margie Spainhour Keiger Winston-Salem, N. C Candidate for A.B. Degree; Glee Club 03, 0. Richard Kemper Larchmont, N. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree: XVl'estIing U, 2, 3, CU. Clyde Gates Kimball Winston-Salem, N. C. A K E Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee QM Class Honor Council 80; Class Officer KPresident 3M Golden Fleece; Grail: Monogram Club w, 3, 10; Student Council 00: Student Legislatufe Uh; University, Club: Boxing K3, AD; Football 0. 2, 3. E? :1Lacrosse K3, 10; Vice-Pres. Student oty. Willis Holt Kimrey Raleigh, N. C. H K A Candidate for 13.5. Degree: Interdor- n;itory Council U, :0; Student Activi- tles Committee K3, 40; Y.M.C.A. Cl, 3, Second Row Paul Noble King Greensboro, N. C. Candidate for 13.5. Degree; Band 0, 2, 8. AD; University Club. William Albert Kirksey Fayetteville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Susan Klaber , Highland Park, Illinois Candidate for A.B. Degree; Phi As- sembly 05, Reading Clerk M; Y.W.C.A. Cs. Secreta'ry M. Thomas Battle Koonce, Jr. Jacksonville, N. C Candidate for B.S. Degree. Third Row Robert Theron Komegay Mount Olive, N. C. Candidate for 13.5. Degree; Interdor- mitory Council UM Basketball GU. George Eli Koury Burlington, N. C; Candidate for A.B.' Degree: Y.M.C.A. CH. C Hannah Lacob Chapel Hill, N. C. Candidate for A.13. Degree. James Francis Lalanne Lafayette, La. 7 K 2 Candidate for A.B. Degree; Monogram Club Cl, 3, 0; Football 0. 2. 3. 4L First Row Wilnah Carolyn Lambeth Elon College, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Glee Club .3. 40; Playmakers CD; Orchestra 63. D. Greynrd Byrne Lhmm Maxton, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Buccaneer U. 2. 3M Carolina Magazine C1D: In- terdormitory Council HM Track U. 2. 3M YAvKHTY YACK U. 2. 3. H. Nelson Large Rocky Mount, N. C. Cnmlidnte for AB. Degree. Harry M. Laskep Trumbull, Conn. 7. B T Candidate for AB. Degree: Amphoter- uthon 0H: Carolina Magazine UM Glee Club U. 2. Set'retnry. Vice-l'resi- dent in: Interfmturnity Council HM: Plnymukcrs H. 2. 2H: Carolina Club W. Second Row F rank M. Ledbetter Robbinsville, N. C. Candidate'for A.B. Degree. Francis Jones Lee Virgilina, V21. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Gliae Club 03. .0: Y.W.C.A. L3H W.A.A. GD. James Hardly Lee Asheville, N. C. Umrlillaio fur A.B. Degrvv. Martha Kirby LeF6vre Chevy Cllnse, Md. II R W Candidate for A.B. Degree; Daily Tar Heel UH; YACKICTY YACK CH: .3011qu and Fury ML 85 Third Row Robert Zelden Lerner New York, N. Y. H A Q Candidate for B.S. Degree: Daily Tar Eigel 0. 2M Di Senate UM Football 1 . . 1: Harry Travers Lewis, Jr. Proctorville, N. C. 4 Candidate for AB. Degree: Band 0. 2. 3. M; Di Senate Q. 3M Interdormi- tory Council OJ; Phi Assembly Q. 3H Y.M.C.A. U, 2. 3. 4d: Sound and Fury UL John Henry Lewis Statesville, N. C. Candidate fur A.B. Degree. Robert Edward Lewis ' Lumberton, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degrue. .4,ny.1,""uy :1: m 2: 2:4, if? : x ; Inn ch nss i i Wellington Harrill Lewis Archie Lindsay F Fallston, N. C. Arlington, N. J. ' ' i A 2 II x xxx Cnmlidute for 13.5. Degree; Class Hon- Candidate for 13.5. Degree. or Council HM Grail: Monogram Club a. 3. 4M Cross Country U, 2. 3, 4M Truck U, 2 3. M; I. R. C. m, 3. L0. -' 4 Jean McGregor Lindsay , . Kathleen Elizabeth Lineback Lumberton, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. l Candidate for A.B. Degree; Unixersitx . X9 , ! Club 3. AD: Babeball 3 50' lenm: Candidate for A.B. Degree; Phi Assem- 03, 4M YNV.C.A. w, M; W.A.A-. US- Secretary n. bly 0U. t" V . . : ' 1 Arthur S. Lmk . Raymond Otho-Llnker. ii if Mt. Pleasant, N. C. , Charlotte, N. C. x , ,i j Candidate for A.B. Degree; Iglail Tar A K E A E A : ' 1 - - r . 2 . , ;; . ?fgsug? $14 $$nat1ie gilub egg, 3;; Candldate for A.B. DegreeaBand 0X3 . .. YM.C.A. 0 2 3L Di Senate 0, 2, 3, AD; Shelks; Tenms 3, ' ' m; Y.M.C.A. u, 2, 3, n. V7 Jean Morse Littell , , William Hartwell Little 1 Rehoboth, Delaware Asheville, N. C. X 9 B 9 H .- Elandidate for A.B. Degree: Phi Assem- Candidate for A.B, Degree, 3'- 1 Genie Loaring-Clark Leonard Kohlman Lobred Huntsville, Ala. Washington, D. C.. 1 X9 A K P Candidate for A.B. Degree; Daily Tar Candidate for A.B. Degree; Glee Club Heel 0.. 2' 3: Sports Editor HM Car- 3 PreW'delt 4 z I te 't , Qlina .Magazine .HU Interdormitory iil 4 :IPlz:ymg1kerIs1 gpign: $R$gug C0unc11 CD ; Pubhcahons Union Board. 03. H: Sound and Fury L3, 4L President 00: YACKETY YACK m. Henrietta Bryan Logan Charles Bradley Long Chapel HilL N. C. Bahama, N. C. II B Q Candidate for A.B. Degree. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Glee .Clu! UN: Interdormitory Council UL Robert Long Statesville, N. C. K 2 Candidate for A.B. Degree. Wade Dean Love Stanfield, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Glee Club 0. 2M Y.W.C.A. Julius Alexander Lowrance, Jrr Statesville, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. F rancis Borden Mace Beaufort, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Moses M. Malkin Brookline, Mass. Candidate; for A.B. Degree; Phi .As- sembly UN American Student Umon. Lillian Alaine Marsh Onley,Va. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Interdor- mitory Council OJ: Phi Assembly 03. H; Y.W.C.A. w, H- Aaron North Longlield Washington, D. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Archibald Lovin Shannon, N. C. cIJB K B I' E Candidate for B.S. Degree; Interdur mitory Council 00. Risden Allen Lyon Wadesboro, N. C. K A Candidate for, B,S. Degree: Y.M.C.A m, M; University Flying Club 6, 4L John Chetwood Mahler Raleigh, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Edwin Napoleon Manet Savannah, Ga. A K E Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee 0h Class Honm Council 0, 2, 3. M; Debate Squad 9. 3, M; GorgoWs Head; Grail; Phi As- sembly 0. 2D; Baseball UM Y.M.C.A. u. 2, 3, 4L Charles Edwin Mashburn Marshall, N. C. K t1l Candidate for A.B. Degree; Interfru- ternity Council MN Phi Assembly cs. 0. WW mi'wvioimawxickgif x9 .m 2.... . bnu-Ng. Rubineal Cora Mason Angier, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Y-.W.C.A. G3, 4L Albert Henry Mathes Newark, N. J. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee MA; Interdormitory Council GD; Monogram Club: Baseball U. 3, M; Basketball 0, 2, 3, an. Ruth Elinore Mayer Erie, Pa. Candidate for A.B. Degree. George Philip Means Trenton, N. J. Candidate for 83. Degree.- Anson Angus Merrick, Jr. Tryon, N. C. Candidate for BS. Degree. William Newton Middleton Jacksonville, Fla. K A Candidate for A.B. Degree: Y.M.C.A. UM Sound and Fury Gk. 4L J. Lewis Masten WinstomSalem, N. C. A X A Candidate for B.S. Degree. Preston Few Matthews '1 Southern Pines, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. William Linville Maynard Chapel Hill, N. c. Candidate for B;S. Degree; Town Boys Club 00. . Mary Gail Menius New Bern, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Y.W.C.A. w, M; 'Glee Club BL Byrd Farmer Merrill ' r Dothan, Ala. Q A 9 A E A Candidate for A.B. Degree; Interfra- teruity Council 00; Student Legisla- 'ture 00; YACKETY YACK 0,2. 3M Ed- 1t0r GU. Herbert Mark Miller East Brody, Pa. Candidate for A.B. Degree. ' n Irving J. Miller, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Mariana Farrell Milner Aiken, S. C. , X 9 Candidate for A.B. Degree; Phi As- sembly LU Alexander Charles Mitchell New York City, N.IY. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Univer- sity Symphony Orchestra u, 2, 3, 4L Jane Moody Larkinsville, Ala. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee 00: Playmakers Wm M: Sound and Fury C3: 4L Betty Gentry Moore Talladega, Ala. A A H A K F Candidate for A.B. Degree: Interdor- mitory Council Wres. M; Y.W.C.A. LU. - William Kermit Morefleld Statesville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Nell Edwards Mills Statesville, N. C, Candidate for A.B. Degree. Jane Mish Rochester, N. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Dwight Evans M0ody Henrico, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Aubrey Haskings Moore, Jr. Oxford, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Interdormi' tory Council 00; Phi Assembly GD; Student Legislature 00; Class Dance Committee m. Mary Lily Moore Raleigh, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. John Edwin Morgan Canton, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. 89 vfw First ROU' Richard Egerton Morris Henderson, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Daily Tar Heel H.130. Dav1d James Morrlson Plamfield, N. J. tDI'A de K BFE Candidate for B.S. Degree: Class ExA eculive Committee On; Class Honor Council GN' Class Officer CD: Golden Fleece; Grail: Interdormitory Council GD; Monogram Club m. 3, Pres. LU; Student Council 3 4a; University Club: Cross Country 0. 2, 3. M ; Track U. 2, 3L Co-Captain HM Freshman Friendship Council; President Student Body; Athletic Council 00; President of Dormitory QL Edward Emerson Murray Baltimore, Md. 23 N Candidate for A.B. Degree. William Gray Murray Greensboro, N. C. A E A Candidate for A.B. Degree. Second Row James Thomas McAden Charlotte, N. C. X W Candidate for A.B. Degree: Buccaneer 0. 2M Carolina Political Union U, 2. :0; Class Executive Committee Q. n: Daily Tar Heel U. 2. 50. Marie McClelland Chapel Hill, N. C. A A n Candidate for AB. Degree; Fencing GiL Grover Cleveland McClure, Jr. Shelby, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Daily Tar Heel C5. :0; Phi Assembly CD; Town Boyy Club 00. Julia McConnell Talladega, Ala. H B $ A K F Candidate for AB. Degree: Student heagislature L90: Y.W.C.A. 8L Pres. Th I'rd Row William Tecumseh McDaniel Rutherfordton, N. C. E F E Candidate for B.S. Degree. George McDuffie Atlanta, Ga. 2 A E Candidate for AB. Degree; Bulls; Uimghoul; YACKETY YACK g1. 2, 50. Carroll B. McGaughey, Jr. Dunwoody, Ga. Q A 9 Candidate for A.B. Degree; Amphoter- nthen 03. AU; Buccaneer m. :0; Daily Tar Heel 0. 2. 3M Debate Squad; Di Senate UM Golden Fleece HI: Grail: Sound and Fury QL Pres. OD. Emagene McGibony Greensboro, Georgia X 9 Candidate for A.B. Degree. First Row Ed McGoogan Mowen, N. C. K A Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee 00; Baseball UM Y.M.C.A. U, 2N Dance Committee 00. Archie Nock McIntosh Old Fort, N. C. X i! X B Q Candidate for A.B. Degree; University Club m. Florence Millicent McKendry New Canaan, Conn. H B 49 Candidate for A.B. Degree; Daily Tar Heel w, M; Di Senate Us, M; YACKETY YACK 6,0;1. R. C. Cf, An. David Alex McLemore Parkersburg, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Second Row Jane Marshall McMaster Winnsboro, S. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; President of Womarfs Association 00. Malcolm Donald McNaughton Hendersonville, N. C. 2 N I Candidate for B.S. Degree: Track 0. 2M Wrestling 0. m; Class Executive Committee 00. Emerald Baxter McNeer Athens, W. Va. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Daily Tar Heel UL Thomas Palmer Nash, III Memphis, Tenn. Z q' 43 B K Candidate for A.B. Degree: Daily Tar Heel U, 2. 3M Gurgon's Head; 13 Club; Track U. D. Third Row William Benton Nash Wingate, N. C. ?andgdate for B.S. Degree; Y.M.C.A. 3, 4 . Sarah Jeannette Nathan Chapel Hill, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree: Carufina Magazine 00; Daily Tar Heel Cs. H: Y.W.C.A. UU- Martha Kathryn Navy Mars Hill, N. C: Candidate for A.B. Degree. Joe B. Neely chdcrsonville, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Class Ext ccutive Committee Mk Interfmternity Council Hi. 4M Pres. Donn. 00. 1 ..xi. ,. . ' 1A .1 ; ,Ag-W1 ,x .. -..Vr.--1 -..--.V -M rum" 211.14": . :4 .,,- 1 v . 1 I 1 l I .r-'1. 11A YEAR IN REVIEW" Powe elected president of Freshman class . Paul Sever1n,J1m Lalanne, Gates Kimball, Bob Smith and 81d Sadoff play 111 last c01- legiate football game as V11g1n1a bows to Carol1na . . . Senator P6pper of Florida comes to campus under ausp1ces of CPU and urges unre- served aid to Britain . . . ""H dorm boys move out and let g1rls move 111 for house party week-end . . . Paul Severin named on AP1s All- American flrst team, flve other sources g1ve him highest rank . . . Kay Kyser changes theme song to 11Tar Heels on Hand" . . . University cafeteria faces crisis as costs rise, sales fall . . . George Glamack gets tremendous ovation at Madison Square Garden as Fordham beats Carolina, 42-41, 1n last seconds of play . . . IRC br1ngs Ambassador Bullitt to campus and students hear plea for unlimited aid to democ- racies . . . State board of educat10n rejects history textbook by Professors Newsome and LefHer over recommendation by textbook advisory com- m1ss1on. . . W 1 Airport burns, hangar and seven CAA planes destroyed . . . Jim Lalanne chosen most valuable" football player of 1940 . . . State advisory budget commission cuts President Grahamk budget request for the Greater University of North Carolina . . . Flu epidemic affects nearly 100 students, inflrmary beds flll G r ah am Memorial lounge, Smith dormitory . . . University welcomes 110 South Americans for six- Week "summer school" . . . Coeds Change rules for nomination of offlccirs, secret nominating committee loses power as en- tries are made from the Floor . . . Jussi Bjoerling, youngest leading tenor in Metropolitan Opera Company, is presented by Student Entertainment Committee . . . 93 mmbwwx .. w am y, ww- a First Row Donald Holmes Neill Forty Fort, Penn. X W Candidate for AB. Degree; UH Swimming pm. ankch l I Robert Bullin Neuman Washington, D. C. Z B F Candidate for B.S. Degree: Class Ex- ecutive Committee HM Intcrfraternity Council CD; University Club; Y.M.C.A. U. 2, 3. 0. Muriel Grace Neville Jamaica, N. Y. K K F Candidate for A.B. Degree. Mary Sue Newell Henderson, N. C. ?andgdate for A.B. Degree; Y.VV.C.A. 1 3. 4- . Scumd R0117 Naomi Golda Newman Danville, V21. andidnfo fur AB. Hillel Cabinet CD. Degree: Charles Roland Nipe Frankfort, N. Y. Candidate for B.S. chrcc. Ernestine Irene Noe Mt. Clemens, Mich. X 9 Candidate for A.B. Degree. Winford Walter Norman Ararat, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee on; Di Senate UM Interdormitory Council 00; Young Democrats Club 00; President Third Row Henly Moir Ogburn, Jr. Clemmons, N. C. Candidate for 8.5. Degree: Class Ex- ecutive Cmnmiftcc HO. Alton XVebster Parker Murfreesboro, N. C. Degree; l'laymak- Candidate for AB. ers CL M. Elton Claxton Parker 4 Murfreesboro, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Playmak- 4 ers. , John Webster Parker Wilmington, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. 5 ,, First Row Roy Turnage Parker' Pinetops,.N. C. 7 Candidate for ABNbegree; Interdor- mitory Council $3, 4h Student Legis- lature Us, 19; Y.M.C.A. 0, 2L Ralph Clinton Patrick, Jr Gastonia, N. C. L A T Q Candidate for B.S. Degree? Interdor- mitory Council an FM Assembly 0. 2M 97ACKETY YACK UM Y.M.C.A. U, 2, 3. 4' . Eunice Patten ' Louisburg, N. C. II B 1 . Candidate for A.B.I Degree; University Club: YACKETY YAFK 43. H: Y.XV.C.A. Ci, AD; Sound and Fury U5. AD. Howard Carlton Patterson Burlington, N. C. -- Candidate for A.B. Degree. Second Row Lorne Cameron Payne Gastonia, N. C. Candidate. f0r A.B. Degree; Fencing, U, 2. 3, ID. Edwin Anderson Penick; Jf. Raleigh; N. C. ' Z xIr ' tP B K Candidate for A.B. Degree: Inteffn- ternity Council U0; Student Legisla- ture 00. Georgiana Louise Pentlarge Montclair, N. J. A A H Candidate for AB. Degree; Di Senate on n :' Y.W.C.A. m. Garland Burruss Peterson Norfolk, Va. Candidate for AB. Degree. Third Row ' Alfred Edward Phelps Long Island, N. Y. X cp . Candidate for 13.5. Degree. Calvin Bynum Phillips Lincolnton, N. C. $ A 9 Candidate for B.S. Degree: Sheiks: University Club; Wrestling G3. 4M Dance Committee CD. James W. Pickard Randleman, N: C. A E II Candidate for US. Degree. Edmund Lloyd Pincoffs Houston, Texas $ A 0 Candidate for A.B. Degree: Boxing Latest. Mgr. 3L m .r.- ...,...n .- ,V 4V- , i A- v' Aw;r4rrAW w-v---::r' Helen Virginia Plyler Lancaster, S. C. A A H fundidutc for A.B. Degree: Bucuneer .31. Mahlon Joseph Pophal St. Pauls, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Dorothy Pratt Sumter, S. C. A A TI Candidate for A.B. Degree: Pgm Hel- lenic Council. William Mooresfield Puckett Fuquay Springs, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Whit Coffleld Purvis Williamston, N. C. H K A Candidilte for B.S. Degree. James Perrin Quarles, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. A K E Candidate for B.S. Degree: Class Exec- utive Committee UH Duily Tar Heel UM Di Senate 0. 2, 3. M: Glee Club 0. 2M Sheiks: Student Entertainment Com. C3. H: Student Legislature GD: University Club: Golf UM Truck U, 2, 3, .0; Y.M.C.A. U. 9 ' 10. -.'n James Cecil Pointer Blanche, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Curtis James. Potter Chapel Hill, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degrec. Jesna Elizabeth Prevatte Darlington, S. C. Candidate for AB. Degree; Y.W. C,A. 3,4. John William Pullen Chapel Hill, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Sara Jane Putman B6Ckley, W. Va. X 9 Candidate for A.B. Degree. William Trent Ragland Raleigh, N. C. Z W E F E Candidate for B.S. Degree; Gimghoul m. H; Phi Assembly UM Y.M.C.A. UM Interfmternity Council. 96 SSH Thomas David Ramsey Bryn Mawr, Pa. q, T A Candidate for AB. chl-n. B; . Wrestling UL W. 1nd UL Rush McClure Rankin Belmont, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Henry Grady Reagan Asheville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Daily Tar Heel B, :0; Di Senate 03. 40: Glee Club Ci, 10; Town Boys' Club ML Pembroke Graves Rees Chapel Hill, N. C. Z q! Candidate for B.S. Degree; Swimming a, 3L Manager 0D; Y.XI.C.A. UM Flying Club ML Treas. 0U. Olivia Rhodes Asheville, N. C. A A H Candidate for AD. Degree; Interdor- mirory Council GD; Sound and Fury 0;, .0. William Robert Richardson Birmingham, A13. 3 A E A E A Candidate for A.B.' Degree: Intcrdor- mitory Council CD. 97 John Frank Randall Barnard, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Jack Rorison Rawls Asheville, N. C. 1 A G Candidate for 13.5. Degree; Buccaneex U. 2. 3. 49. William Brady Reed, Jr. Spencer, W. Va. A X E Candidate for 13.5. Degree. Frank Russell Reynolds Wilmington, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree: Class Ex- ecutive Committee an; Interdormitory Council NJ: Phi Assembly QM Y.M. CA. 0, 2, 3, 4M Class Dance Commit- tee Ud- Charles A. Rich Frankfort, N. Y. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Monogram Club; Baseball U. 2, 3. .D. john Torrey Riel LaGrange, Ill. H K A Candidate for A.B. Degree. rcramvw er . ?:x. n:nawsww v . akacmkwxs. ua- Awuau g 41 1?.14 A 4:w-.,.. .- .-,,fr.- Mona Faye Riley Dunn, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Leon Whitfield Robertson Wake Forest, N. C. Candidate for A3. Degree. Philip Frank Robinson Augusta, Georgia. A T Q Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee 00; Di Senate A2, 3M Y.M.C.A. A2, 3, M. Frank Mandeville Rogers Florence, S. C. 4? A 9 Candidate for A.B. Degree; Band 0. 2.. 3M Monogram Club A3, 40; Gyri'xnasA txc Team A2, 3, 40- Edward Matheson Rollins Bristol, Tenn. ?gngidate for B.S. Degree; Glee Club Sarah F rances Ruark Raleigh, N. C. A A II Candidate for A.B. Degree; YACKETY YACK QM Y.W.C.A. A3. 1A; Sound and Eufy ABM WomenAs Athletic Council 98 Hughes Roberts, Jr. Atlanta, Ga. 2 A E Candidate for B.S. Degree: University Club; Senior Dance Committee; YACK- ETY YACK U. 2, 3M Track, Manager 0L Mary Susan Robertson Hillsboro, N. C. H B Cb Candidate for A.B. Degree; Daily Tar Heel L90; Di Senate A3. 4M WomenAs Association US, 40; Y.W.C.A. A3, 4L Benjamin H. Roebuck, Jr. Washington, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Daily Tar Heel 0, 2, 3, 4M Phi Assembly Lo; Y.M.C.A. A3, ID; Sound and Fury A3. M; Town BoysA Club 00y Brewster Rogerson Chapel Hill, N. C. ' X9 q, M A Candidate for A.B. Degree. James MCCausland Ross Charlotte, N. C. B G H A Candidate for A.B. Degree; Bulls: Ger- man Club Executive BM GorgonVs Head. Florence Jane Rumsey Moyock, N. C. Candldajce for A.B. Degree; Buccaneer GD; Ph1 Assembly GD; Basketball A3. 40: Sound and Fury A3, M; Head Cheerleader ML m4 - A-4 -na : . M'wr 3-5.... -Q-. $.V.. Alvin C. Russell Asheville, N. C. A X E Candidate for B.S. Degree. Grace Goldyn Rutledge Yadkinville, N. C. ' Candidate for A.B. Degree: Class Ex- ecutive Committee 0U: Daily Tar Heel L3, 10; Y.W'.C.A.' as, :0. Sidney Sadoff ' Brooklyn, N. Y. 4? A Candidate for B.S. Degrtie: Class Hon- or Council on Grail; Interfraternity Council L3. M: Monogram Club. Presi dent MM University Dance Commlttee LU; Football 0, 2, 3, M; Track U 2L Durward Elson Sanders Rlchlands, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Interdor- mitory Council 6, 4D ; 'Monogram Club w, 3, M; Student Legislature OJ; Baseball UM Boxing O, 2, 3L Co-Cap- tain CD; Track QL Charles Joseph Savarese, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. ' Candidate for A.B. Degree; Interdor- mitory Council; Student Legislature. Ewing E. Schleeter Charleston, 5. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Nina Lou Rustin Penrose, N. C. Candidate for A .B. De ree; Glee Club GD; Y.W.C.A. m, M. g Robert Carl Rutter Chatham, N. J tID K 2 Candidate for A.B. Degree; Interfra- ternity Council, Treas. 0D; Phi Assem- bly 0, 2M University Club. William Salowe Plainfleld, N. J. Q B K B F 2 Candidate fol" B.S. Degree; Football Oh Town Boyy Club LN. , William Guthrie Sasser Takoma Park, Md. A E H ???ndidate for B.S. Degree; Y.M.C.A. Sarah Pears'on' S'a'wyer Windsor, N. C. X .0 Candidate for A.B. Degree; Glee Club UM; Womews Association, Sect. 00. Leonard James Schleifer New York, N. Y. H A i1 Candidate for A.B. Degree: Daily Tar Heel 0. 2, 3M Interfraternity Council Gk AD; Playmakers a. 2M University Club; Sound and Fury w, M. 99 First Row Conrad Campbell Schrimpe Woodbridge, N. J. A X E . Candidate for B.S. Degree: Band 0; 3. 0: Orchestra 0. m. Elaine Alice SchWinge Tarboro, N. C. r ' Candidate for A.B. Degree. Ross Edward ScroggE Chapel Hill, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. quen Sarah Scars 'Binghamton, N. Y. H B cIJ .Candidate for A.B.'Degree. Second Ron,- Littleton Cole Selden Jackson, N. C. Candidate for AB. Degree; Baseball UL David James Sessoms, Jr. Chapel Hill, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree: Class Ex- ecutive Committee Ci. 10: Phi Assem- bly 2 ; Y.M.C.A. U, 2, 3, D; Town B0ys Club Ci, M. Frederfck Page SeymOur Philadelphia, Penna. ' X qr Candidate for B.S. Degree; Di Senate u, 2M Cross Country UM Track my Laura Maie Shaver Albemarle, N. C. A A. H Candidate for A.B. Degree; Sound and Fuljy w, 40. - Th ird Row Walter Lincoln Sheffield, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. K A Candidate for B.S. Degree: Class Ex- ecutive Committee CU: Interdormitory Council CD; Y.M.C.A. BL Daniel Russell Shields, Jr. Gastonia, N. C. ' Candidate for A.B. Degree; Glee Club 0, 2, 3, 40. Harold Milton Short Charlotte, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. William Melvin Shuford Asheville, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee BM Golden Fleece; Grail: Interdormitory Council QM Student Council 00: University Club; Sect. Student Body 00. First Row Clarence Leroy Shuping, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. A T Q Candidate for B.S. Degree: Band 0. 2, 3, AH; Di Senate UM Y.M.C.A. u, 2L Richard Charles Sieck Glendale, N. Y. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Monogram Club; Football 0, 2, 3, 40 Christian Fogle Siewers Winston-Salem, N. C. B 9 II V Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee 0, 2. 3M Class Honor Council 0. 2, M; Class omcer, Pres. 0 ; Interfraternity Council. Pres. 00; Student Legislature Ch; Football 0, 2, 3M Graham Memorial Director MJ. Robert Williams Sills, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. K 2 Candidate for 8.8. Degree. Second Row Eugene Silverstein Gastonia, N. C. T E qa CandidatE for B.S. Degree. Clarence Hammond Sinclhir East Flat Rock, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. n Norma Slatoff New York, N. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Political Union ca, M. Robert Stanley Sloan Atlanta, Ga. X IP Candidate for A.B. Degree; sembly, President 00. Phi Carolina As- Th'ird Row Henfy George SmernoH New Haven, Conn. Candidate fqr B.S. Degree; Fencing v Billy C. Smith Pittsboro, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee 00; Di Senate CL 3. 4M Student Legislature .MX; Town 4,Boys Club '6, :0. . Charles Aurelius Smithv Greenville, S. C. E A E Candidate for A.B. Degree. John Wilson Smith, jr. Charlotte, N. C. X t? . Candidate for B. S. Degree: Band: .Or- chestra. h- .. .0," -. ---... -M H4 - ht'j-u:1t" .,- .- Fun g.-- mhe. hA YEAR IN REVIEW" . . . UP nominates Ferebee Taylor for president of student body, SP puts up Truman Hobbs . . . State legislature holds joint session in Chapel Hill in honor of South Americans, Governor Brough- ton is guest speaker . . . AKG cuts ties with national body, becomes local under name of Valkyries . . . Jimmy Lunceford plays for Inter- dorms . . . Sylvia Goich, from Chile, reigns as Student-Faculty Day queen with King Archibald Henderson; Alice Marble, Mary Hardwick, Bill Tilden and Donald Budge demonstrate to Chapel Hill fans the art of the net game . . . Basketball team beats Duke, 51-53, Jack Teagarden plays for Mid-Winters to make full week-end . . . Wrestlers end W8ths 11-year supremacy . . . Boxers take Penn State for first time in history . . . Hans Kindler brings his National Symphony orchestra t0 Chapel Hill under the auspices of the Student Entertainment committee Glamackrsets new scoring mark at 45 points, only six below the world 7A 102 record . . . Carolina Wins Southern Con- ference indoor track meet for seventh time in ten years . . . Daily Tar Heel celebrates 48th birthday but must change its slogan from NThe only college daily in the South- eastH to "The iirst college daily in the Southeast" . . . Carroll McGaughey re- hearses Sound and Fury cast Til wee small hours in order to produce outstanding shows . . . Wave of politics descends upon campus . . . May Frolics breaks tradition by being held in May . . . Crowds, rain and Junior-Seniors come all at once to Chapel Hill . . . May 10, worried seniors take comprehensives, some pass . . . Over 500 students receive degrees. 7 V W "Wm anti; First Row Louise Dudley Smith Charlotte, N. C. X S? Candidate for AB. Degree; YACKETY YACK Gk. 4M Y.W.C.A. HM Pan-Hel- lenic Council 00. Robert Braxton Smith Chapel Hill, N. C. $ K E Candidate for A.B. Degree; Monogram Club; Baseball; Football. Robert McDavid Smith Birmingham, Ala. E A E Candidate for A.B. Degree; Bulls; Sound and Fury C3. 4L Samuel Milton Smith Pilot Mountain, N. C. Candidate fof A.B. Degree. Second Row Winfield Davis Smith Chapel Hill, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree: Playmnk- ers GE. 0. William Davis Snider Salisbury, N. C. '2 N Candidate for A.B. Degree; Carolina Magazine; Carolina Political Union 03, U: Daily Tar Heel 0, 2, 3. M; Y.M. C.A. 03, 0. Rodney English Snow, Jr. High Point, N. C. $ P A Candidate for A.B. Degree: Class Ex-i ecutive Committee a. An; Class Officer CD; Monogram Club; Student Legis- lature GD; 13 Club; University Club; Golf 0. 2, 3, :0. - Bruce Wellington Snyder, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. H K A ' Candidate for A.B. Degree: Band; Class Executive Committee UM Daily Tar Heel 0, 2k Class Dance Commit- tee ML Tl: i277 Row Roger Alexander Snyder Winston-Salem, N. C. 1 B K B I' E Candidate for 13.8. Degree; Glee Club CD: Y.M.C.A. UL Ernest P. Spence Goldsboro, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Interdor- mitory Council 60: Football Uh Track 0, 2M Flying Club Ci. L0. Charles Flavius Spencer Washington, D. C. K A Candidate for AB. Degree. Adrian Charles Spies Newark, N. J. Z B T Candidate for A.B. Degree; Carolina Magazine 0, 2, 3. 4O; Daily Tar Heel 0, 2. 3. AD; I. R. C. First Row Laurence Tilson Sprinkle Weaverville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Howard Raymond Stadiem Greensboro, N. C. T E CF Candidate for B.S. Degree. Herbert Irving Stang Lawrence, N. Y. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Daily Tar Heel On Track, Manager UM YACK- E'I'Y YACK UL Mortimer Stang Lawrence, N . Y. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Second Row Ella-Keen Steel Fayetteville, N. C. X 9 Candidate for A.B. Degree. Arlene Steinbach ' Carrollton, G21. Cmadiddte for A.B. Degree. Albert Stewart, Jr. Fayetteville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Interdor- mitory Council GB. 10: Student Legise lature 010; Y.M.C.A. W. 3, 4L Ernest Stich New York, N. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Orchestra 0. 2. AD. Third Row Louise Stiefelmeyer Cullman, Ala. X9 ' Candidate for A.B. Degree; Phi As- sembly CD; Playmakers e3, M; Stu- dent Legislature 00,, Norman Vaughn Stockton, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. B 9 II Candidate for A.B. Degree; Band u. 2. in: Buccaneer u, 2. 3M Carolina Po- litical Union e2, 3, M; YACKETY YACK U, 2, 3L Business Manager HM Y.M. C.A. U, 2, 3, 4L - Ralph Howard Stollmack New York, N. Y. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Grady E. Stone King, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. A u - uuM..n. w. rum 4' '- Nygv. WM: 2...; . . Ev: . . ' --.-.i . .J .. Stancill McLeod Stroud Southern Pines, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Nancy Barbara Suiter Weldon, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Arthur Thomas Sweet, Jr. Spencer, N. C. , $ B K Ganglidate for B.S. Degree; Band 0. 2, 3. 4 . John Thomas Talton Clayton, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Frank B. Taylor Signal Mountain, Tenn. Candidate for B.S.-LL.B. Degree; Car- olina Magazine mL Sam Farris Teague, Jr. Raleigh, N. c. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Interdor- mitory Council LU: University Club; Y.M.C.A. U. 2. 3. M. Algie Maurice Stuart, Jr. High Point, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Billie MC Sutherland Grundy, Va. Candidate for A.B-. Degree. Susan Swift Atmore, Ala. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Interdor- mitory Council ML Edgar Suggs Taylor, Jr. Walstonburg, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree: Interdor- mitory Council w, 40; Student Enter- tainment Committee 00; Baseball 0, D; Young Democrats Club w. 40. Nancy Scull Taylor Harrellsville, N. C. X 9 Candidate for A.B. Degree. Harry Gordon Thigpen, Jr. Scotland Neck, N. C. Candidate for AB. Degree. 106 y John Lexie Thomas Sanford, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. William Manley Thompson Mountain Lakes, N. J. CPAG Candidate for B.S. Degree; Band 0, 2M D1 Senate 0M Monogram Club; Basketball UM Swimming Q, 3, AD; Sound and Fury 0Q; University Sym- phony m, 3, 4L William Green Thofne Enfield, N. C. q: B K B F E Candidate for B.S. Degree. Frances Scott Tilley , Chapel Hill, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Margaret Carolyn Tipto Maiden, N. C. ' Candidate for A.B. Degree; Glee Club 0;. 0. Leslie Daniel Tomlinson, Jr. Black Creek, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. 107 Bonner Havens Thomason, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. K A Candidate for B.S. Degree; Class Exec utive Committee HM University Club ML Ann Pluymert. Thornburgh Carnegie, Pa. X 9. Candidate for A.B. Degree: Interdor- Initory Council On; Y.XV.C.A. CL 4M Sound and Fury 03. 4L Benjamine Wyche Tillett Timberlake, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Di Senate UM Interdormitory Council w, 4M Student Legislature on. Joseph W. Timberlake, Jr. Gastonia, N. C. E N Candidate for A.B. Degree; Daily Tar Heel 00; Interdormitory Council UH: YACKETY YACK QM Y.M.C.A. HQ: Sound and Fury 6, 4L Lawrence A. Tomlinson, Jr. Durham, N. C. 2 A E Candidate for A.B. D:gree; Carolina Magazine; Class Executive Commlttee HM Phi Assembly UM Tennis U. 2. 3. H: YAI.C.A. CL 40. Elizabeth Ann Torpin Augusta, Ga. Candidate for A.B. Degree: Glee Club NJ: Phi Assembly OJ; Playmakers G3. H: Y.W.C.A. 00. . - . - $VIIA R H vow... . -...m; -wr.swv--'a - ' Donald Fuller Torrey, Jr. Wynnewood, Pa. A 4' Candidate for AB. Degree; Inte'rfra- ternity Council HM Monogram Club; Student Legislature 00: 13 Club: Foqt- bull UM Wrestling 0, 2. 3. 40. Captam UL James Henry Toy Waynesville, N. C. Q B K B F E Candidate for B.S. Degree; CrossCoun- try 03, M; Track Cl, 0. William Deaderick VanDyke Memphis, Tenn. ' E A E Candidate for A.B. Degree. . Chester Bruce VaanChoick New Hyde Park, N. Y. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Hubert L. Veazey Creedmoor, N. C; Candidate for B.S. Degree" - Lewis Donald Vickers Chapel Hill, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. 108 Jack Venoid Towell Mooresville, N. C. Candidate for A3. Degree; Interdor- mitory Council Ci, M; Young Demo- crats Club 00. Morton Lawrence Turtletaub Brooklyn, N. Y. Q A Candidate for B.S. Degreez'Band HM Track a, Manager and ActlveL Thomas Huske Vance Winston-Salem, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Di Senate GM Fencing C3. 10 ; YACKETY YACK 0. 2h Y.M.C.A.KU. - William Dennis Vaughan, III. Townsville, N. C. Saydidate for A.B. Degree; Glee Club 3 . Nelle Moore Vestal Greenville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. William Neilsen Vogler Winston-Salem, N. C. Z q! Qandidate for A.B. Degree: German Club Executive 00; Track 0, 2, 3, 4L Magda Kjellesvig Watering Jacksonville, Fla. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Pan-Amer- ican Club. Nicholas Misplee Walker Ardmore, Pa. A xI' Candidate for A.B. Degree; Gym Team a, 3. 4L .- William Leonard Wall Siler City, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Class Hon- or Council Oh Interdormitory Council UM Student Legislature UL Mary Spencer Watkins ' Greensboro, N. C. II B CID Candidate for A.B. Degree: Tennis Gs, 4h YACKETY YACK 0D; Y.W.C.A. CZ, Jack Watson Wingate, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; Y.M.C.A. Q, 3, AD. William Allen Watts Statesville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Walter Charles Wagner Clinton, Conn. A E II Candidate for B.S. Degree; Interdor- mitory Council an Monorrram 1 ' Cross Country 0, 2M Traci: UL C Ub, William James Walker Winsted, Conn. X ii Candidate for B.S. Degree. William-Freeny Ward Warrenton, N. C. K Q Candidate for B-'S-, Degree; Debate ' Squad 00; Phi Assembly G3, 4M Y.M. CA. 0, 2, 3, M- George William Watson - Narberth, Pa. X xII Candidate for B.S. Degree; Interfra-. ternity Council a, 4M Monogram Club; Basketball 0, 2, 3. Janet Mary Watson Punta, Gorda, Fla. Candidate for. A.B. Degreg. Herbert Weber Hillside, N. J. ' A E II Candidate for B.S. Degree. 109 First Row Doris Sylvia Weinkle Atlanta, Ga. Candidate for A.B. Degree. Joseph Also'n Welborn High Point, N. c. Candidate for 3.5. Degree: Class Ex- ecutive Committee 00: Grail; Univer- sity Club; University Dance Committee UU- Alice and Wells Parkersburg, W. Va. A A II Elnndidate for A.B. Degree: Y.W.C.A. 3, ID. Alton Wright Wells Rocky Mount, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Dzegree. Second Row Dorothy Peace Wendel Rochester, N. Y. Candidate for AB. Degree. Anna Belle White Chapel Hill, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree. William Alpheus White Jamestown, N. C. Candidritefor B.S. Degree. Lee Manning XWiggins Hartsville, S. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree: Amphoter- " othen 03. M: Carolina Magazine: Car- olina Political Union 6. AD: Debate Squad 0, 2M Glee Club 0. 2M Golden Fleece; Grail; Symphony Orchestra UL President CD; American Student Union QL President 6L 110 Third Ruw Thomas Chester Wiggins Bartow, Fla. 2 P E Candidate for BS. Degree; Band B. 3. AH. Charles Baynes Wilkerson, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. ch K E Candidate for A.B. Degree: Class Ex- ecutive Committee UM Di Senate UL George Lantz Wilkinson Newton, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Ann Elizabeth Williams Clarksdale, Miss. X 9 A K I' Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Ex- ecutive Committee HM Student Coun- cil, Vice-President 00: University Club; Wommfs Athletic Council. Vice- President CD. k First Row Eugene Bomberger Williams Winston-Salem, N1 C. iIJ F A q, B K B P 2 Candidate for B.S. Degree; Daily Tar Heel a, 3M Phi Assembly UM Y.M. C.A. u, 2. 3. 4M Sound and Fury 05. M: Freshman Handbook Committee m, Editor 3M Student Government Com- mlttee 03. 4A. Kenan Banks Williams Sanford, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Amphoter- othen w, 0: Carolina Political Union 0. 2. 3, AD: Class Executive Committee Q30. Chairman LU; Class Honor Coun- c1l 0D; Golf Hy Lewis James Williams Lewisville, N. C. Candidate for AB. Degree. m. " Harry Allen Wills Long Island, N. Y. X 1 Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class Dance Committee. Senior 'mpx' ...u .-,, -,.- ,t . V Second Row Donald Keith Wilson Fort Pierce, Fla. Cfmdidate for B.S. Degree; Band X3, 4- . Mary Louise'Wilson Chicago, 111. H B t? Candidate for A.B. Degree; Buccaneer 00; Daily Tar Heel OD; Glee Club 3 ; Playmakers v 4 ; YACKETY YACK 00; Sound and Fury 6, M; Tar and Feathers 09. ' Harry Winkler Charlotte, N. C. B G H Candidate. for A.B. Degree; Clasx Ex- ecutive Committee 00. Mary Velma Winslow Raleigh, N. C; Candidate for A.B. Degree. Third Row George Stacy Withers V Davidson, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Eugene; Roy Witten Ne'w Yogk, N. Y. Candidate for B.S. Degree: Buccaneer U, 2, 3M Tar and Feathers. Editor on; Class Executive Committee ML Mary TIsabelle Wolf Chapel Hill, N. C. X 9 Candidate for A.B. Degree: Glee Club G3, ID. James Frederick Wood, Jr. Monroe, N. C. Candidate for 3.5. Degree; Band 0. 2, 3 M; Di Senate UL . AVEK- .m-. I J'A. -..,.g-1A-l v-g V117 I i ,7. f2" 45:1 3! First Row Noel Robert S. WoodhOuse Chapel Hill, N. C. K E Candidate for AB. Degree: Class Hon- or Council 00: Monogram Club: Uni- versity Club: Swimming 2, 3, ,0; YACKETY YACK U, 2, 3L Edward Woodman New Haven, Conn. 45 A G Candidate for AB. Degree. Charles Whitehead Woodson Salisbury, N. C. ?andgdate for A.B. Degree; Di Senate 3, 4 . William Blackmer Woodson Salisbury, N. C. Candidate for 13.5. Degree; Band 03, D; D1 Senate GD, President 00. Second Row Wescott Roberson Woollen Chapel Hill, N. C. A K E Candidate for B.S. Degree; Bulls: YM'KMY YACK 0M Town BuysV Club 60. Cecil William Wooten, Jr. Kinston, N. C. K E Candidate for A.B. Degree; Baseball M, 2, 3L Sarah Frances Wright Macon, Ga. Candidate for A.B. Degree: Interdor- mitory Council m; Y.W.C.A. m, 2D. Thomas Archibald Wright, Jr. Plainfield, N. J. X Q; A Eilmlidate for B.SLDegree; Glee Club U; Enterflormitory Council 00; Y.M. . 1, 2 . C. 112 Third Row Thomas Henry Wright, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. AKE Candidate for A.B. Degree: Bulls: German Club Executive Committee m, 3, 4L Chairman Md; Gimghoul; Monogram Club; University Dance Cmnmittee; Varsity Football Manager 00. Vincent Brown Wright, Jr. Fayetteville, N. C. A T Q Candidate for A.B. Degree. David Gustav Wurreschke Winston-Salem, N. C. KI, B K B F 2 Candidate for B.S. Degree. John Thomas Yelverton Fremont, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. First Row Phyllis Diana Younginer Asheville, N. C. ?gndidate for A.B. Degree; Y.W.C.A. Joseph Ellis Zaytoun New Bern, N. C. Candidate for BS. Degree; Circulation Manager University Publications 00; Claslexecutive Committee 00; Inter- dormltory Council Q, 3M Phi Assem- bly u, 2, :0; University Club. Second Row James McKee Zealy Goldsboro, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degrcie. Oscar Charles Zimmerman Charlotte, N. C. T E CD Candidate for B.S.- Degree; Band U, 2. 40. 113 3me .;....-..L.- ,. .,y4 Third Row George Eno Zink Ballard Vale, Mass. Candidate for A.B. Degree; Class ExA ecutive Committee QM Class.0fiicer m, M; Interdormitory Council an Mono- gram Club: Cross Country UM Track UM Wrestling 0, 2, 3, ID. Irwin Arthur 'Zuckerman Far Rockaway, N. Y. 1 B K Candidate for A.B. Degree. W ' , ,mixxxw , 4 1M W 1 , , , , ' , ,bwzzmxwl mg; L . Nwmw ng V , W t I . ,J , , , WMMW ,, , , w l x w JHMW I ' $7, m... kxmm w, W w 1;, 2VW x NW -:-.;-.,. v- 1 JOHN DREW ELLIOT Left to Right: MAC McLENDON, GEORGE COX- HEAD, AL ROSE, AND TRUMAN HOBBS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS -. : , I ,HONOR COUNCIL John Drew ElliotgzPresident; Mae Mcien- A - TfumahHbes, Chairman; Charlie Tillett, don, Vice-President; George Coxheaa, Treas- G. I. Kiri15axll, Wade Reynolds,. Bill'A'1 ex- urer; Al Rose,Setretary. - ji . . ' f ander, Robert. Bobbitt, Pat Winston, Dick :- .3, - , , K endriCkn Q EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - r Erwin Bowie, Chairman; Jimmy Ham's; GfJI. Kimballgl-Irorace Benton, Bill: McKini- non, Deever Biggerstaff, George Hayes,' Sltan- ley Leary; Johh SIhith, Julian Hawkins, Ann Pexytori, Morty Ulman, Lloyd Hollingsworth, Ellen Wimberly, Charles Pyle, Gwynn Now- ell, Erlene Clayton, Bill Felts, Carl Sunt- heimer, Betty Lou Fletcher, Mack Murphy, and Blaine Stroupe. HONOR DANCE COMMITTEE Bill Alexander,'Chairman; John Jordan, Stewart Richardson, Robert Bobbitt, Adrian Wise, John Diffcnd-al, Bill Faircloth, Remus Turner, Bob Hutchigon, Geofge FO'Ote,Etf1d 1, Bob Stoinoff. d COUNCIL Seated: KIMBALL, HOBBS, KENDRICK. Standing: TILLETT, REYNOLDS, ALEXANDER, BOBBITT, WINSTON. 117 First Row Annie F rances Abernethy Hickory, N. C. Rayford Kennedy Adams Skillman, N. J. E N Stephen Shepherd Adams Biltmore, N. C. E A E Thomas Floyd Adams, Jr. Willow Spring, N. C. William Cress Alexander Mooresville, N. C. K 2 John B. Anderson Danville, Va. Second Row Burette Newman Andrews Charlotte, N. C. James Crandall Andrews Chapel Hill, N. C. Leon Polk Andrews, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. $ P A Bert Hampton Angel Stokesdale, N. C. Martha Ann Angel Haines City, Fla. H B 43' Ann Anthony Evington, Va. til M Third Row Marvin Pope Anthony West Palm Beach, Fla. A T 9 Anita Georgia Appel New York City Ruth Pendleton Applewhite Newport News, Va. John Vincent Arey Gold Hill, N. C. Jack Dalton Armstrong Asheville, N. C. Dorothy Aronson Bronx, N. Y. Fourth Row Robert Edward Ashby, Jr. Mount Airy, N. C. q? K E Thomas Arrington Avera, Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. fb A 9 Benjamin Franklin Aycock, Jr. Fremont, N. C. A X E ' Claude Fletcher Bailey Elizabeth City, N. C. Bruce Sullivan Bales Tapoco, N. C. A tF 9 Gilbert Sylvester Ballance Elizabeth City, N. C. First Row James Arnold Barclay Spring Valley, N. Y. Ottis Rutley Barham Leaksville, N. C. Aiden Emmett Barnes, III Macon, Ga. 3 A E Gladys Faye Barnes Kenly, N. C. Barbara Ann Barrington Clayton, N. C. Joe Hill Barrington Lumberton, N. C. $ K 2 Second Row Cornelia Elizabeth Bass Hopkinsville, Ky. X 9 Nell Covington Bass Hopkinsville, Ky. X 9 Douglas deVane Batchelor Coral Gables, Fla. K 2 Walter Winfred Baucom Monroe, N. C. Cyrus Simmonds Beard Greensboro, N. C. E X Jean Clardy Beeks Richmond, Va. Third Row James Rush Beeler Burnsville, N. C. Elizabeth McLin Bell Pittsboro, N. C. Juanita Bell Asheville, N. C. Hugh Hammond Bennett, Jr. Washington, D. C. Horace Pope Benton Wilson, N. C. Harold Jay Berk Red Bank, N. J. Fourth Row Eleanor Harriet Bernert West Hartford, Conn. Warren Howard Bernstein New York City T E 43 Thomas Seabrook Biebigheiser Winston-Salem, N. C. Oscar McArthur Bizzell Newton Grove, N. C. Haywood Gilbert Bland, Jr. Kelford, N. C. 5P K 2 Franklin Dickinson Blanton Troutmans, N. C. UNIORS First Row Elizabeth Howle Boatwright Richmond, Va. AAH . Eva Komegay Boatwright Richmond, Va. A A H Robert Lee Bobbitt Rocky Mount, N. C. A K E Frances Estaline Boggs Statesville, N. C. Frances Bonkemeyer Chadbbum, N. C. Julia Thruston Booker Chapel Hill, N. C. H B t1, Second Row Mary Bowen BurgaW, N. C. Ervin Thomas Bowie Statesville, N. C. Ralph Irving Bowman North Wilkesboro, N. C. Mary Guy Boyd Durham, N. C. Raymond West Bradley, Jr. Chapel Hill, N. C. Henry Branch, 11 Macon, Ga. A W Third Row Edwin Briggs Washington, D. C. James Norment Britt Lumberton, N. C. Q K 2 Frederick Lee Broad, Jr. Mountain Lakes, N. J. Glenn Brooks, Jr. St. Petersburg, Fla. B G H Virginia Marion Brooms Atlanta, Ga. George Rowland Brown Jacksonville, Fla. 2 A E Fourth Row Grace Alene Brown Hendersonville, N. C. Lucy Matthews Brown Holly Springs, Miss. A A A Oran Kline Brown New York, N. Y. Robert Frederick Brown, Jr. Asheville, N. C. William Cobb Bullock, Jr. Roxboro, N. C. U K A Henry King Burgwyn Woodland, N. C. A T .Q First Row Archie Raymond Burnette, Jr. Tarboro, N. C. X $ Ralph Edwin Burnette Richmond, Va. Robert Lynn Bursley Charlotte, N. C. Edward K. Burton Milton, N. C. Trent Busby Salisbury, N. C. Mary Elizabeth Byers St. Petersburg, Fla. Second Row Mary LOuise Caldwell Tallahassee, Fla. II B Q William Cozart Calhoun Augusta, Ga. K A David Martin Callaway State Road, N. C. George Franklin Cameron, Jr. Beaumont, Texas Orton Jasper Cameron Carthage, N. C. Elizabeth Boswell Campbell Canastota, N. Y. A A II 7'1: ird Row Orville Bentley Campbell Hickory, N. C. Jean Cardwell Madison, N. C. Austin Heaton Carr Durham, N. C. E A E Dudley DeWitt Carroll, Jr. Chapel Hill, N. C. George Hill Carter Lenoir, N. C. William Hiner Carter Greensboro, N. C. Fourth Row Robert Manly Cashwell Ingold, N. C. Roy Mutton Cathey, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. John Randolph Chambliss Rocky Mount, N. C. E N A E A Wallace W. Chappell Elgabeth City, N. C. K Kathryn Crews Charles Aberdeen, N. C. R 9 John Lewis Cheshire Wilmington, N. C. JUNIORS Eh .w rr W;- First Row Cornelia Josey Clark Scotland'Neck, N. C. Carolyn Earlene Clayton JUNIORS 4 William Thomas Clifton Louisburg, N. C. Dudley DuBose Cocke Norfolk, Va. 2 N Helen Anna Laura Cole Asheville, N. C. LOuise Palmer Coleman Asheville, N. C. Second Row Lyman Pelton Collins, Jr. Hempstead, N. Y. Olive Conescu Brooklyn, N. Y. Audrey Bernice Conley Franklin, N. C. Jack Lane Connelly Morganton, N. C. Roy Lee Connor Shelby, N. C. Cecil Knox CounciL Jr. Wilmington, N. C. 122 Third Roy: Richard Lawrence Cowhig Charlotte, N. C. B 6 H James Trammell Cox Lynchburg, Va. Noe Cox Chapel Hill, N. C. rWilliam Clarke Cox Drexel, N. C. George Coxhead St. Petersburg, Fla. 2 N Anne Taylor Craft Gate City, Va. Fourth Row Ann Elizabeth Crago Gainesville, Fla. X 9 , ' Junius Atwood Craven Mocksville, N. C. Henry Foil Craver Winston-Salem, N. C. James Ralph Crawford North Wilkesboro, N. C. John Littlefield Crawford Franklin, N. C. Bennett Rudolph Creech Raleigh, N. C. X B 43 Firs! Row Theodore Cremic Harrisburg Pa. Anne Douglas Cromartie Elizabethtown, N. C. A A ll james Clarence Crone Goldsbom, N. C. . jayne Elizabeth Crosby Savannah, Ga. X 9 Lucile Lytton Culbert Marion, Va. Charles Dixon Cunningham Chapel Hill, N. C. Second Row .-- Dorothy Roueche Cutting Statesville, N. C. Sarah Beth Dail Dunn, N. C. Sam Spach Dalton " Winston-Salem, N. C. K E Charles Lee Daniels Williamston, N. C. Theodor M. G. Danziger Chapel Hill, N. C. Lucille Shirley Darvin New City, N. Y. Third Row Eugene Milbum Davant Charlotte, N. C. A K E Dorothy Lee Davenport Asheville, N. C. William Leonard Davey, Jr. Concord N C. H K A Gail Davidson Linden, N. J. A A H Richard Emerson Davis Durham, N. C. Robert Lang Davis Farmville, N. C. A K E Fourth Row Melissa Elizabeth Dean Cleveland Heights, Ohio Lawrence Edward Deans Selma, N. C. Louis H6Ct0t DeArmas Tampa, Fla. Danny Logan Deaver River Edge, N. J. V v Joseph Paul Demeri Brooklyn, N. Y. David E. Denby Brooklyn, N. Y. new JUNI First Row Theodore Dichter New York, N. Y. Martha Jane Dickinson Washington, D. C. K A Nora Thompson Dicks Rockingham, N. C. H B 43 John Walker Diffendal High Point, N. C. A T 9 Benjamin Francis Dinkins Winston-Salem, N. C. Arthur Wilson Dixon Gastonia, N. C. K A Second Row Nancy Craig Dixon Belmont, N. C. Drewry Lanier Donnell, Jr. Oak Ridge, N. C. K 2 Jane Hamilton Duming Louisville, Ky. Elizabeth Cary Eames Berkeley, Cal. james Sydney Earle Oyster Bay, L. 1., N. Y. Cary Moore Early Aulander, N. C. 124 Third Row Richard Langston Eddy Port Washington, N. Y. Thomas Russell Edehs Lumberton, N. C. A x11 Keith Seymour Edmister Lisle, N. Y. Betty Philmore Edwards Guilford College, N. C. Richard Pierpont Edwards Lisle, N. Y. Richard Walter Edwards Seaboard, N. C. Fourth Row Joseph Bivens Efird, Jr. gliarlotte, N. C. .4 N Richard Vaughn Ehrick Findlay, Ohio John Drew Elliot Charlotte, N. C. Charles Sadalson Elliott Charlotte, N. C. Joseph Miller Elkins Nfurphy, N. C. Bernice Eltinge Fort Lauderdale, Fla. First Row Robert Whitaker Elwell Camden, N. J. Jesse Estroff Brooklyn, N. Y. Lester Philip Etter Lebanon, Pa. T E T Harris Weldon Everett Jacksonville, Fla. William Holt Faircloth Clinton, N. C. K E Richard Henry Farley Ashbury Park, N. J. K J3 Second Row Guy Cone Farmer Bailey, N. C. Edward Garrason Farrow New Bern, N. C. Henry Ross Feimster Scotts, N. C. Joe Andrew Felmet Asheville, N. C. William Lacy F elts Charlotte, N. C. B 9 H Samuel Edgar Fennegan, Jr. Fairmont, N. C. '2 ?? 6;V2 w A x Third Row Charles W'illiam Feuchtenberger Bluefield, W. Va. KP A 9 Walter Geddie Fields, Jr. Chapel Hill, N C. John Alan Finn Carneys Point, N. J. Eugenia Hoyt Fishel Sumter, S. C. A A H Dolphus Taylor Fisher Rocky Mount, N. C. Robert Castle Fishsr New York City Fourth Row Julie Middleton FitzSimons Atlanta, Ga. Floyd Fitzler Fleming Middleburg, N. C. Betty L0u Fletcher Raleigh, N. C. . Morton Paul Flower Forest Hills, N. Y. Holt Elam Flynt Germanton, N. C. George Anderson Foote Portsmouth, Va. K A x . x x vv awww 724g t xyg! Aw x , . Virginia Stanard Forbes Atlanta, Ga. Reuben Ford Lincolnton, N. C. A T Q Edmund Conger Forehand Edenton, N. C. E N William Ray Frazier High Point,'N. C. N w A T 9 Claire Elizabeth Freeman Raleigh, N. C. George Milton French Bluefield, W. Va. Second Row Marion Beth Freschel New York, N. Y. Edith Beatrice Fromme Brooklyn, N. Y. Joseph Frank Fulk Spencer, N. C. X $ ' Rebecca Jane Fulk Pilot Mountain, N. C. Marion Miot Fuller Raleigh, N. C. Z x11 Ray Funderburk Chapel Hill, N. C. Third Row Walter Hawley Funke Scarsdale, N. Y. Katherine Elizabeth Gaither Statesville, N. C. William Everett Garwood Salem, N. J. Albert Clarke Gaskill New Bern, N. C. Lee Edward Gaskins Ayden, N. C. William Cortell Gay Rocky Mount, N. C. Fourth Row Robert Allen George Mount Airy, N. C. TI K 2 Robert Gersten Long Beach, N. Y. Laura Ruth Gholson Wilmington, N. C. Fred Bernard Gillman New Haven, Conn. joshua Goldberg Norwich, Conn. Frank Morton Goldsmith Scarsdale, N. Y. 7 NVAPVLN U vi'NJ " "- NK.W..V -.-...--.- 5 "Hr . First Row ..- Herbert Wesley Gooding Hookerton, N. C. Katharine Newbold Goold Raleigh, N. C. Irving Gordon Plainfield, N. J. Robert Coningsby Gordon Norfolk, Va. Jean Barbara Gott Chattanooga, Tenn. Hundley Rankin Gover Charlotte, N. C. E A E Second Row Betty Ellen Gragg Bainbridge, Ga. Anna Jean Grant Murphy, N. C. Richard Franklin GreEn Morrisville, N. C. Joseph Harold Greenberg Brooklyn, N. Y. James Brooks Greenwood Charlotte, N. C. 1 F A A E A James Sherrill Gregory Hays, N. C. Third Row x Sam Thome Gregory Halifax, N. C. K A John Hawkins Gribbin fisheville, N. C. x A Thomas Brooks Griffin Monroe, N. C. 4, M A George Grotz, III New York, N. Y. X CF Rudolf Grun NEW Rochelle, N: Y. Francis Albert Gugcrt Chapel Hill, N. C. X xI' James Woodrow Guy Stony Point, N. C. Martha Eleanor Guy Newland, N. C. Norma Diana Haber New York, N. Y. ' Jean Hahn Wyomissing, Pa. Robert Cecil Haldeman Doylgestown, Pa. Helen Pope Hall Tarboro, N. C. g$gx , I JUNIORS OUR BOOKS . . ." ER'S HORROR HOUSEMOTH BEAT DUKL IZAH, WE x! m Tm Hm 6 EE H T+xMA m0 NB 1m N 0m U Q S $x kiRkaxxi , Q ,, ??7 , + , xxxxxxxxwxxmexMVx ix , ,5 FIELD TRIP FATIGUI AMPLIGHT ORTUNF, BY L F I$wwkxm x x 4, ACQUIRING POLISH + AND THE GREEN WAVE CAME + . HOW TO TAKE ON FOUR COEDS AT ONCE + TEN-FI FTY-FIVE ' WW4 m First Row James Montgomery Hall Asheville, N. C. Thomas Livingston Hallett New York, N. Y. Eleanor Ham Clarksdale, Miss. H B Q George Edloe Ham Goldsboro, N. C. Emma Rebecca Hamilton Morehead City, N. C. Roswell Woodrow Hamlett Durham, N. C. Second Row Oliver Paul Hamrick, Jr. Boiling Springs, N. C. Frank Borden Hanes Wfinston-Salern, N. C. E AE Jarvis Aubrey Hanes Winston-Salem, N. C. Z 9' Eugene Ramsey Hardin Lumberton, N. C. QD T A Joseph Norman Harper Rocky Mount, N. C. Paul E. Harper, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Third Row Arthur Miller Harris, Jr. Durham, N. C. F rederick Gentry Harris Spartanburg, S. C. John Lindsay Harris Louisburg, N. C. ; Louis Smith Harris New Haven, Conn. T E Q Virginia Harrison Little Rock, Ark. H B t? Jane Coombs Hartt Avon Park, Fla. Fourth Row Holstein Harvey Bellevue, Del. A x1! Robert William Harwell Mooresville, N. C. Audrey Lee Hawkins Canton, N. C. Walter Borden Hawkins Jacksonville, Fla. $ A 9 Agnes Robinette Hayes Hillsboro, N. C. Garland Carey Hayes Hartwell, Ga. . .9 First Row George Hayes Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Charles Allen Headlee Wilkinsburg, Pa. 1 T A James Robert Helms Monroe, N. C. Chester Joseph Helsabeck, Jr. Walnut Cove, N. C. Albert Brockney Hendricks Cristobal, Canal Zone Homer Hunter Henry Waynesville, N. C. mmd Row Gordon dePencier Hicks Middletown, N. Y. James Albert Highsmith Greensboro, N. C. Chester Wilson Hill Ahoskie, N. C. Mildred Holloway Hill Murphy, N. C. Charles Clifton Hinds South Bend, Ind. Truman McGill Hobbs Selma, Ala. A K E Third Row g Louis Edward Hodges, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Lucie Vanstory Hodges New Bern, N. C. Troy Crews Hodges Leaksville, N. C. Cyrus Dunlap Hogue Wilmington, N. C. A K E Hugh Stanley Hole Greensboro, N. C. B 9 H Eugene Matthew Holland China Grove, N. C. Fourth Row James Burwell Holland Statesville, N. C. K 2 Martha Alice Holland Holland, Va. Harry DeWitt Hollingsworth , Goldsboro, N. C. Lloyd Dixon Hollingsworth, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. V7illiam Kern Holoman Raleigh, N. C. Corrie Vernon Holt Burlington, N. C. K A 131 JUNIORS CH 7 .v r First Row Etheldred Henry Holt Princeton, N. C. A E TI Annah Gray Hoover Owensboro, Ky. John Sylvester Hopkins Durham, N. C. 1P K 2 Curtis William Howard, Jr. Kinston, N. CA Z J, Robert Webb Howard Mooresville, N. C. Webb Caldwell Howell, Jr. Cherryville, N. C. Scrum! Row Sherman Hubbard Thomasville, N. C. Ellen Noah Hudson Chapel Hill, N. C. X 51 Arnold Beltrain Huff, jr. High Point, N. C. Tom Hughes Durham, N. C. Joseph Strange Huske, Jr. Fayetteville, N. C. Charles Edward Hussey Tarboro, N. C. q? T A Third Row Robert Stuart Hutchison, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. 1 F A William Stanley Hyatt Dillingham, N. C. Bickett Idol High Point, N. C. q, T A William Braxton Ingram Norwood, N. C. Horace B. Ives Maribel, N. C. Dorothy Louise Jackson High Point, N. C. Fourth Row Elizabeth Bell Jackson Tryon, N. C. Rebecca Byers Jackson Hendersonville, N. C. Arthur Winston Jacogks Norfolk, Va. K A Royal D. James, Jr. Derita, N. C. Arthur Lincoln Jansen White Plains, N. Y. q; T A Rhodes Nelson Jennette Wlashington, N. C. Third Row First Rn w V. 6 n r H J L n J m m m m h L J T r n, MC 3 a .h... W 4m .mN d 0C. Rn, E J mi . . nnyx LN hiI ., 0W1 en J I WomA OS e.mE GKA n O S n 0 ho m J n d h n O C J w n 1G n 0 E O B h S L . n 8C P hc. a. w b. FN p SN Vida VJxH UN 0 n nm km: GG Wilmington, N. C. Salem, N. C. mston Frank Ross Just Rale E W 1n C. Arnold Kanter N. N 7 ICC C EqJ N Edward Lazarus Kal Hendersonville igh, T X Johnson Conn. , Johnson C. Elsie rtford 16 N L1 1mes Lesl Buies Creek, Marion West H L ,1 ICE Maur Ralph Emerson Johnson J. assaic, P rg, N. C. zlntonsbu St 'ourtlL Row Lawrence S. Brooklyn, N 1' 'm-oml Row Johnston John Clinton Catawissa, Pa Karger Y 16 Kayser Janet Mar mes Harrell Cheek Jo N.Y , Harold Hard White Plains .C. N , Sparta 1th Inge Ke. Charles Goodman Jones Va. Bluetield, W. Q A 9 Asheville, N. C JUNIORS k C .n y d . k mC d KNA m 3E ma. RQA W dum dV, Mm Elm haE er C.nK Su .11 nh REA wC mw HN s m a b? n a 0 MG J. 0 , me. Hm mN mow ee, uU rH RA FWA LAH Joe Wollett KennEdy N. C. 7 Durham Jr. Arthur Melville Jordan, Chapel Hill, N. C. A xII 7N x7 133 . MM..a-QA t-azmw' wudm A UNIORS -- '4. . First Row Rowland Bellamy Kennedy Raleigh, N. C. H K A John Price Kerr Mooresville, N. C. Maury W. Kershaw Jamaica, N. Y. Gip 1. Kimball Winston-Salem, N. C. Preston R. King Leesburg, Fla. James Russell Kirby Lucama, N. C. Second Rou- Jane Knight Chapel HilK1,N. C. II B 6b Mary Wellons Knowles Wallace, N. C. Hal Kohn, Jr. Newberry, S. C. XVilliam Andrew Krusen Zephyrhills, F121. K 9' T Boston McGee Lackey, Jr. Lenoir, N. C. 4; AI A. Robert Stansbury Lambert Rutherford, NA J. 134 Third R ow Walter Moore Lambeth Charlotte, N. C. B 9 H Edward Robert Lamson Hopewell, N. J. A X 2 Stephen Bruce Langfeld Philadelphia, Pa. Ethel Geraldine Lawner BrooklynLN. Y. F rank Mathewson Lawrence, Jr. Glenridge, N. J. II K A Herman Dewey LaWson Kinston, N. C. Fourth Row James Stanley Leary, Jr. Ahoskie, N. C. Joan Lucinda Lee Port Washington, L. 1., N. Y. Mary Elizabeth Leech Live Oak, Fla. A A TI Whitlock Lees Asheville, N. C. II A 1 Elizabeth LefHer Sanford, Fla. IT B dB Rose Eleanor Lefkowitz Winston-Salem, N. C. First Row John Rosser LeGmnde Mehane, N. C. Lawrence Lerner Brooklyn, N. C. Ralph Z. Levy Nashville, Tenn Z R T Elwyn Charles Lewis Tomahawk, N. C. Stanley JESSE Lieber Gastonia, N. C. Marion Eleanor Lippincott Ridgewood, N. J. Second Row Robert I. Lipton Wilmington, N. C. George Deaver Long Morganton, N. C. K 3 Walter Franklin Long, III Rockingham, N. C. A T 9 William Arthur Loock, Jr. New Rochelle, N. Y. V T Fred William Love Delray Beach, Fla. A T Q Sadie June Love Asheville, N. C. w VX NNN w k, ,W Th z'rd Row w- Walter Bennett Love, Jr Monroe, N. C. Gwmdolyn Emma Jean Lowder Mt. Pleasant, N. C. Louise Laurie Lupton New Bern, N. C. Elsie Schurler Lyon Grand Beach, Mich. Muriel Edith Mallison Lafayette, La. Fletcher Cullen Mann Pittsboro, N. C. Fourth Row Roger Cornwell Mann Rye, N. Y. Harry Corpening Martin Lenoir, N. C. William Augustus Martin Smithfield, N. C. William T. Martin Raleigh, N. C. Joseph LOuis Marymont New York, N. Y. Constance Alicia Mason Forest Hills, L. I., N. Y. x 4 2 N'h-KN xVxxxNV N x NV V wanv 135 JUNIORS F irst Row Lola Eleanor Mason Montezuma, Ga. Joe Hugh Mathis Rural Hall, N. C. S. Roger Matthews Thomasville, N. C. A 2 II Leonard John Matte Luzerne, Pa. Henry Stratford May Haw River, N. C. ' K E Richard Alvis May Burlington, N. C. K2 Second Row Hilah RuthA Mayer Raleigh, N. C. Armando Mayorga New York, N. Y. A W Fernando Mayorga New York, N. Y. A W Thomas Samuel Means Spartanburg, S. C. E A E Randy Sloan Mebanfr Blowing Rock, N. C. Marvin Raymond Mendelsohn Far Rockaway, N. Y. H A KI; 136 Third Row Moyer Mendenhall, Jr. 'Thomasville, N. C. A E H Joseph Warren Mengel Greensboro, N. C. Edward Clifton Merrill Asheville, N. C. William Joseph Merritt Woodsdale, N. C. George Wright Meyer Chapel Hill, N. C. X x1, Helen Vivian MAilam Jacksonville, Fla. A A H , Fourth Row Julian Sydney Miller, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Lewis Felton Mitchell Greensboro, N. C. David Carlton Mock Lexington, N. C. Henry Mario Moll Chapel Hill, N. C. William Woodrow Montgomery, III Radnor, P11. Ali K E Charles Dennis Moody Waynesville, N. C. Firwf Row Douglas Alderman Moody Lexington, Ky. Alice Harby Moore Sumter, N. C. John McDowell Moore, Jr. Lexington, N. C. Mary Winn Moore Kinston, N. C. Sewell Trezevant Moore Weldon, N. C. Edward C. Mooring La Grange, N. C. Semnd Row Ernest Howard Morris Chapel Hill, N. C. James Eugene Morrison, Jr. Maxton, N. C. Joe Mottsman Hendersonville, N. C. Gene Neal Munves New Rochelle, N. Y. Z B T Cameron Murchison Washington, D. C. A T .Q Cyrus Mack Murphy Charlotte, N. C. V X Third Row Claude Allen Myers Newton, N. C. Helen Elaine MaCKay Orlando, F121. James Nelson McAbee High P0ir1t,N, C. A 2 11 Joseph David McAlister Cerro Gordo, N. C. Ruth Matie McCants Norfolk, Va. A q, 9 Julia Marie McClure Lancaster, P21. 11 B 4, Fourth Row Floyd Brown McCombs, Jr. Kannapolis, N. C. Mary Thompson McCormic Rowland, N. C. John Maglerm McCormick Sanford, N. C. Betty Burnette McCracken Canton, N. C. Julian Hiram McDaniel Marysville, N. C. Mildred Clark McElmurray Augusta, Ga. H B d? 137 JUNIORS . . . WE WERE VERSATILE II T RECALCITRANT RIDER + TRAID 80 + Vn-.m......a.w FLASH BULB FLINCHERS POSIN' M M H OUT-DOOR TYPE WHERE ARE THE BETAW fig Xx ?, 138 i. Sw T MIND US DON' WE JUST EAT HERE OH KAY LET'S GET AWAY FROM IT ALL + n HALLAH IS ALL-MIGHTY , A24 139 First Row Martin Craft MCGilvary Marshville, N. C. Kenneth H. McIntyre Hampton, Va. John Jones Mclver Sanford, N. C. Nancy MCIver Charlotte, N. C. Jean Gregory McKenzie West Palm Beach, F121. X :2 William Louis McKinnon WXadesboro N. C. A E II Scrmld Row Lennox Polk McLendon Greensboro, N. C. E A E Norman McLeod Sanford, N. C. Joseph Hamilton McLeskey, jr. C11;11'10tte,N.C. Richard Greyard McMillan MCDunnld. N. C. Herbert Steed McNairy Ldurinburg, N. C. . Kathryn L0uise McNamec Bloomsbury, Pa. Th ird Row Fred Wilder McNeil, Jr. Ferguson, N. C. Mary J. Nackos Wilson, N. C. Mary Elizabeth Nash Alexandria, Va. Eva Mae Nee Norfolk, Va. William Collins Neely Wynnewood, Pa. X XI' Charlie Stephen Ndson Charlotte, N. C. X q3 Iv'u u I'Hl ?nllf Rhoda Danish Nelson Charlotte, N. C. Mary Harriett Nesbit Washington, D. C. Elizabeth Ellen New Gastonia, N. C. JCnni6 XWells Newsome Chapel Hill, N. C. H B 49 Talmage Edward Navton Kinston, N. C. K 2 Harriet XWilliford Noell Goldsboro, N. C. jv'irsf Row '... George McIntosh Norwood Raleigh, N. C. A. Gwen Nowell Raleigh, N. C. X W Dorothy Oakes Portland, Maine Robert Milton Olive, Jr. Fayetteville, N. C. A T 9 John MOultrie Oliver Fayetteville, N. C. X 1 John Wilkinson-Steele Ord Union, N. J. Scrum! Row ; Oliver Hamilton Orr, Jr. Brevard, N. C. William Chase Orr, Jr. Bay Shore, N. Y. 23 X Harriet Cecile Osment Mount Olive, N. C. Marvin Ostrowsky Far Rockaway, N. Y. H A Q Jonas G. Owens Pinetops, N. C. Oscar Lindsey Owens, Jr. Elizabeth City, N. C. H K A xxx WA Third, Row ' Thaddeus Claude Parham Marietta, N. C. Benjamin Franklin Park Raleigh, N. C. E N Walter Linton Parsley Wilmington, N. C. q; T A Elbert Randolph Partridge, Jr. Atlanta, Ga. ii A 9 Guy Warren Paul Highlands, N. C. David Pearlman Asheville, N. C. T E Q Fourth Row Elizabeth Woodley Peery Kinston, N. C. William Pettway Jones Peete Warrenton, N. C. A K E George Starling Pelletier Maysville, N. C. H K q? Morton Irving Petuske Reidsville, N. C. 1 A 7 Ann Moon Peyton Concord, N. C. X 9 Claude Robert Pfaff Winston-Salem, N. C. .k - 4n, ' F'iLrsf R011,- Charles Speas Phillips Southern Pines, N. C. Kenneth D. Pigf'ord, Jr. Willard, N. C. Louis Julien Poisson Wilmington, N. C. E N Mary Alyce Pollard Yazoo City, Miss. IT B $ Georgia Stith Poole M u1lins, S. C. A A IT T. Harold James Pope Greensboro, N. C. Sprawl Rou- Edwin Smith Pou Raleigh, N. C B 9 H Robert William Powers Atlanta, Ga. q; A e - Joel Earnest Presson Wl'ingate, i T. C. XWilliam Jam65 Price XWinston-Salem, N. CA Ieter Conley Pritchard Asheville, N. C. K 4 . William St. Clair Pugh Smithfleld, N. C. Third Row James Frederick Pullen Chapel Hill, N. C. Charles Gilded Pyle Bronxville, N. Y. $ K 2 Hugh Pemberton Quimby Columbia, S. C. A Q 9. A 2 H Aaron Solomon Raisin I Charleston,S. C. Shirley T. Raisler New York City Hannah Pickett Rancke Rockingham, N. C. Fourth Row James Gamble RattcrrEe Kings Mountain, N. C. ' William Alec Rawls, Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Peter B. Raymond New York, N. Y. Catherine Jane Rehn Columbus, 0. A A A . Dave S. Reid Winston-Salem, N. C. B 9 H Henry Wade Reynolder. - gigbstown, N. J. , 7 First Row XVert Baxter Rhync Jr. Cherryvillc, N. C. X 1 Enoch Blair Rice, jr. Bclton, S. C. 1 A H Clarence Dixon Richardson Black Mountain, N. C. Steward Shaw Richardson Macon, Ga. 1 A 9 David Burton Ricks Hunts, N. C. K A John Alexander Riely New York, N. Y. vamul Hum .- Zennie Lawrence Riggs Maysvillc N. C. James Benjamin Ritchie High Point, N. C. Charles Austin Robbins I Rocky Mount, N. C. 23 N Landon Haynes Roberts Marshall, N. C. B 9 TI Richard Dow Roberts Ashcville, N. C. Hafry Str0ud Robertson Tampa, Fla. Third Row David WHlkinson Robinson New Bern, N. C. Arthur Hamilton Rogers, Jr. Society Hill, 8. C. James O Brien Rogers Charlotte, N. C. Jordan Thomas Rogers Hartsville, S. C. Manfred Paul Rogers Richmond, Va. Russell Rogers San Antonio, Texas Fourth Row x Max Hanson Rohn Baltimore, Md. Albert A. Rose Durham, N. C. T E 1 Robert Lloyd :Rose Smithfleld, N. C. K 2 Betty S. Rosenblum Daytona Beach, Fla. George Robert ROuiller Baltimore, Md Richard Randall ROundy Camaguey, Cuba 143 JUNIORS First Row John Lawrence Rowe Aberdeen, N. C. $ . i -' Henry Latimer Rudolph . Asheville,N.C. 1 A e V Clarence Lee Ruffm Tarboro, N. C. $ T A Virginia Faith Russell Lincolnton, N. C. Barbara Carr San St. Petersburg, Fla. Charles Glenn Sawy6r New Bern, N. C. Sprawl Hrm' Frank Edward Saylor XWinston-Snlem, N. C. Charles Foster Scarborough. Jr. Mt. Gilead, N. C. Louis Jay Scheinmzm New York, N. Y. Fred K. Schmidt Plainfxcld, N, J. K 1' Edward A. Schroeder, III B'Inplewood, N. J, James Richard Schurz Pennington, N. J. ' 144 Third Row William B. Schwartz, Jr. Atlanta, Ga. Z B T Zena Schwartz ' Charlotte, N. C. Robert Franklin Sears Elmhurst, L. 1., N. Y. tID A J. Emmett Sebrell Charlotte, N. C. K A Murray Richard Secher Brooklyn, N. Y. H A $ William Henry Seeman Durham, N. C. B 9 H Ft; urth Row Arthur Frank Settlemyer, Jr. Kannapolis, N. C. Sylvia Shaffer Spruce Pine, N. C. Donald Lloyd Shanor Butler, Pa. 'Iames Murdoch Shaw, Jr. Fort Mill, 8. C. Dorothy Elisabeth Sheldon Hoodsville, N. H. Rufus Shelkoff Greenwood, S. C. T A ..,,-. - First Row -' Smmcl bol erman Bessemer City, N. C. lean Ln mun Sherwood KV;1511ingtotLD.C. II R J1 L. Hampton Short Charlottex N. CA Joseph Edward Shytle Hendersonville, N. C, Stephen XVhite Siddle, Jr. Reidsville N. C. X 1 Rachel Catherine Sides Mount Airy, N. C. Second Row --' Stanley Auerbach Siegel Chapel Hill, N. C. Irvin M. Sigal W765t Hartford, Conn. David Silver Durham, N. C. Richard EmanuEl Silverman New York, N. Y. Carl Julien Simon Augusta, Ga. Peter John Simone Elizabeth, N. J. A X E ;W , W , .w WM WMW Third Row Paul Warren Simpson Washington D. C. q, M A Ernest Frederick Skillman Williamsburg, Va. James E. Skipper Chapel Hill, N. C. Bernard Slavin Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Charles Henry Sloan, Jr. Belmont, N. C. II K A Harold Thomas Sloan Franklin, N. C. Fourth Row Armistead Burwell Smith Gastonia, N. C. A T 0 Edward Albert Smith gaworth, N. J. K E Eileen M. Smith Asheville, N. C. Hubert Heam Smith Oriental, N. C. Julian L. Smith Farmville, N. C. Rogers Terrell Smith Bowman, 8. C. 4 145 UNIORS K .- an 2-7;. N. JUNIORS First Row I 7' William T. Snypes Goldsboro, N. C. Daniel Creighton Sossombn Chapel Hill, N. "C. Eleanor Sylvia Soule Tacoma, Wash. t. II B Q , Harold Ingram Spainhour Winston-Salem, N. C. David Thomas Sparrow Aurora, N. C. Randolph Louis Speight Wilson, N. C. B 6 II Second Row Charles Frost Speissegger Charleston, 8'. C. K A Reynold P. Spence La Grange, N. C. Williams Spicer, Jr. Goldsboro, N. C. A E A George Grower Spransy Durham, N. C. Alonzo G. Squires Kelly, N. C. Clyde Morton Stallings Morehead City, N. C. 146 Third Row . Richard Oates Steele Charlotte, N. C. Louis Cornelius Stephens Dunn, N. C. Robert Hugh Stephenson Severn, N. C. Hilda Stern Chapel Hill, N. C. ' James William Stewart, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Robert Ralph Stoinoff Sanford, Fla. Fourth Row Joan Lucille Stoker Albemarle, N. C. Alice Frances Stokes Newsom, N. C. William Donald Stone Raleigh, N. C. X B q, Grover Cleveland Stowe, Jr. Gaffney, S. C. Margery Arm Strass Baltimore, Md. Blaine T. Stroupe Charlotte, N. C. First Row Myrtle Louise Stumberg Tall-assee, Ala. William Owen Sheppard Sutherland, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Jesse F rancis Swan Palm Beach, Fla. 2 X 49 M A Margaret Catherine Swanton Washington, D. C. George Webster Swicegood Spencer, N. C. ' William Jennings Swink Miami, Fla. X 45 Second Row Harrison Matthews Symmes, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Nelson Ferebee Taylor Oxford, N. C. Z W Robert Leonard Taylon Brooklyn, N. Y. . Sarah Alice Taylor Charlotte, N. C. ; Virginia Bowman Terry Hamlet, N. C. C. D. Thomas Charlotte, N. C. E X. X" '3 1 m Third Row William Clark Thomassou Hamptonville, N. C. Boots Marie Thompson Summit, Miss. H 13 q; Melmuth Wilson Thompson ' Winston-Salem, N. C. William Holladay Thornton Wilmington, N. c. 2 A E James Preston Thorp Fries, Va. Z if John Daniel Thorp Fries, Va. Z if Fourth Row Charles Walter Tillett, 111 Charlotte, N. C. E A E Claude Augustus Tillman, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Walter'Carr Timberlake Durham, N. C. Robert Scott Tolmach Bethel, Conn. Robert Dutilh Torrey Philadelphia, Pa. A W A William Roy Totherow Asheville, N. C. 147 JUNIORS First Row George Roy Trammell Canton, N. C. Grace Wilbur Trout Jacksonville, Fla. A A A Arthur Vaughn Tucker Greensboro, N. C. Charles Jackson Tucker Warrenton, N. C. 2 X Harry Tucker, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. A Q A Remus Strather Turner Wilson, N. C. Second Row Morton Bruce Ulman Kew Gardens, N. Y. T E ii? Adolph Joseph Urban Newark, N. J. Robert Manning Vail Rutherford, N. J. 2 X Thomas Carroll Vail Pikeville, N. C. John Robert Van Hecke Chapel Hill, N. C. Bennie Vatz Kinston, N. C. Third Row James Elliott Vawter , Winston-Salem, N. C. Howard Crawford Vick Tarboro, N. C. CD K A A 2 H Thomas Clifton Wagstaff Roxboro, N. C. Paul William Wall Morganton, N. C. Peter Ambrose Wallenborn, Jr. Charlottesville, Va. Moses Albert Walker Newport, N. C. Fourth Row Kathryne S. Walsh Savannah, Ga. Hubert Cozart Walston Wilson, N. C. Z XII Ira Albert Ward Chapel Hill, N. C. Jane Sparkman Ward Chapel Hill, N. c. William 1. Ward, Jr. Graham, N. C. t? A 9 Wendell Robert Ware St. Petersburg, Fla. First Row Billy Anne Warren Sumter, S. C. F rederick Monroe Waters Hendersonville, N. C. Nancy Waters Garden City, N. Y. Larkin DOuglass Watson Barnesville, Ga. Robert Edward Watson Murfreesboro, N. C. Sidney Phoenix Watson Ahoskie, N. C. Second Row Ramsey Weathersbee Wilmington, N. C. Allan W. Webb Harrison, N. Y. 4D F A Luther Addison Weddington Concord, N. C. Roger Weil New York, N. Y. Robert Walter Weis New York, N. Y. t? M A Charles Cecil Wells Washington, D. C. Third Row N Harold Wescott Wells Wilson, N. C. Robert Conrad Werner Drexel Hill, Pa. Hannah Carter Weskett New Bern, N. C. Cameron West Walstonburg, N. C. Douglas Halling West Montclair, N. J. q, K 2 Robert Marshall West Salisbury, N. C. Fourth Row Jack Sherard Wharton Goldsboro, N. C. Richard Lindsey Wharton Greensboro, N. C. i, A 9 Virginia Lewis Whipple Vienna, Ga. F rank Ridley Whitaker, Jr. Goldsboro, N. C. Walter Jefferson Whitaker Andrews, N. C. Fred Henry White Hamden, Conn. H K A JUNIORS . VAM'A .- ' JUNIORS FirstA Row Gayla Christine White Birmingham, Ala. Gale Marganette White Roper, N. C. John Warner White Nashville, Tenn. V, t? A 9 Gerald Rodman Whitley, Jr. Morehead City, N. C. ' Floyd Gilbert Whitney, Jr. Atlanta, Ga. Q A 9 ' Paul Laster Wicker, Jr. Sanford, N. C. Second Row Ara Stacy Wilburn Waynesville, N. C. Kenneth Worth Wilkins Mt. Olive, N. C. Abe Willa: Worcester, Mass. Raymond Frederick Willeford Charleston, 8. C. q; A 9 Dean Lester Williams Atlanta, Ga. A E H John Stuart Williams Winnetka, Ill. 2 F E 150 xxxxxwix A A A 1 4 ?A x AKWWWXWA 7 y V Thomas Franklin Williams Landis, N. C. William Wright Williams, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. K A Elizabeth Greenfield Wilson Batavia, N. Y. Steward Leigh Wilson Raleigh, N. C. 2 N Margaret Ellen Wimberly Waynesboro, Ga. Patrick Henry Winston Chapel Hill, N. C. Fourth Row Jean Cecelia Wire Denver, Colo. Adrian Lee Wise Charlotte, N. C. Bettye Osborne Withers Atlanta, Ga. A A H Joseph Maurice Wolfson White Plains, N. Y. Elizabeth Henderson Wood Asheville, N. C. F red Lamay Wood Gibsonville, N. C. Betty Frost Woodhouse inogrlldon Bridge, Va. A Q A A TRIBUTE TO CHAPEL HILL By President Frank Graham among a friendly folk, this old University, the first state University to open its doors, stands on a hill set in the midst of beautiful forests under the skies that give their color and their charm to the life of youth gathered here. Traditions grow here with the ivy 0n the historic buildings and the moss on the ancient oaks. Friend- ships form here for the human pilgrimage. There is music in the air of the place. To the artist's touch flowers grow beautifully from the soil and plays come simply from the life of the people. Above the traffic of the hour, church spires reach toward the life of the spirit. Into this life, with its ideals, failures, and high c0urage, comes youth with his body and his mind, his hopes and his dreams. Scholars muster here the intellectual and spiritual resources of the race for the development of the whole personality of the poorest boy, and would make the University of North Carolina a stronghold of liberal learning With outposts of research along all frontiers of the world. Great teachers on this hill kindle the fires that burn for him and light up the hem'ens of the commonwealth with the hopes of light and liberty for all mankind. ln Chapel Hill I H I m . m S O L h R P Rt TI . m gm A T I I T IP H mm, m mm W U N Em w R ,1 w w G m m , G mm .. E x1 N , um. Tc A E p n um m+DH+D+m+s+m " m M mo w o o D n M I E R L mun T I v H R YE U T , H o A NN M R m p I w mm y A m B T N Y E rm x w T T S 5?? 2x .? R i. x x x KKX DIAL 13-2051 + DOWN TO THE SHOWERS OR . . . + CHEWING THE RAG + HELL, I KNOW TM HEALTHY m g yMw w wagswg , Av g w mwamx w $3M .. 1' $ U,WMM,,,WW 4 Xi JOHN HEARN 1x MOYER HENDRIX LEM GIBBONS DAN THQMASON HOBART MCKEEVER SOPHOMORE CLASS ' OFFICERS Johh Barrett Hearn, Jr;, President; MQyEr PinkstOn 'Hendrix, Vice-President; Lemuel Hardy Gibbons, Secretary; Dan Richardson. Thomason, Treasurer; Hobart: Loring Mc- Keever, Student Council Representative. HONOR COUNCIL Hobart Loring McKeever, Robert Saun- 'de;s,' EdwardHenry Hobbs, Floyd Cohoon, Jr., Bert Lester Bennett Charles Edward Barrier, Jack Edward Markham, Henry Flant Osborne, Jr. EXEC UTIVE COMMITTEE Jabie Heyward, Chairman; Samuel Garn- bill, Charles Hancock, Haskell Porcher, For- est Long, Horton Roundtree, Sylvan Meyer, C. C. Brewer, Harry Shalett, Robert Spence, Joseph Davis, Steve Karres, Daniel Wolf, Thomas White, Lattie Brown, Jr., William Sigler, Marie Waters. DANCE COMMITTEE Bert Bennett, Chairman; Steve Pec k, Charles Neaves, Jack Markham, Felix Har- vey, Don Nicholson, George McCachren, Alonzo Folger, Brock Lyon, Joe Nelson, George Smith. FINANCE COMMITTEE William Lackey, Chairman; John Pecora, William Young, George Paine, William Thomas; Will Merrill, Samuel Williams, XWilliam Gambi11,-Yates Poieat, Lee Giavely, 1 George; Adams, Brooks, Williarhs, jEdward Michaels, Leonard chvine, Robert Page, Wil- liam Honan. Lei, ,0 Right; sAUNDERS, HOBBS COHOON, MCKEEVER, BENNETT, BARRIER 155 -A'$.tt' , Clarence Leonidas Adams Raleigh, N. C. George Hackney Adams Wilson. N. C. Z q! Richard Adler New York. N. Y. Harry H. Allen Cherryville. N. C. K xII John F. Allison Concord. N. C. Robert Jackson Andrews Wilmington. N. C. Thomas Eliot Andrews Newton Centre, Mass. X XII Edward John Antolini Rutherford, N. J . E X David Michael Amer Wilson. N. C. - T E Q QJ M A Joseph Bedford Arrington, Jr. Asheville. N. C. Theodore Beresford Austin Media. Pa. Mary Ruth Aycock Princeton. N. C. Thomas Benjamin Baden Waszglngton. D. C. Wesley Marvin Bagby Elk Park. N. C. David Coleman Bailey Asheville. N. C. Henry Gibson Barnard, Jr. Chattanooga. Tenn. A q! Jack Watson Barnes Ahoskie, N. C. E X William Faison Barnes Pinetops. N. C. Edgar Dalton Bamwell Edneyville. N. C. Charles Edward Barrier Concord. N. C. Irving Alperin Long Branch, N. J. Maurice J. Alpert Walden. N. Y. J. Herbert Altschull York. Pa. Dudley Reece Anderson Yadkinville. N. C. Roger W. Anderson Westfield, N. J. Sam Jennings Asbury Washington. D. C. Ludwig Ash, Jr. Statesville, N. C. Russell Dean Atkins Vilas, N. C. Donald Bruce Atran New York, N. Y. Joseph Jordan Austin Badin. N. C. 2 X Maylon Sumner Baker, Jr. Ahoskie, N. C. Harry Leslie Baldwin Liberty. N. C. tID K 2 Joe W. Bales Thomasville, N. C. E X David Armistead Barksdale Whiteville. N. C. Cyril B. Barlow Grosse Point. Michigan CD I' A SOPHOMORES 156 157 Clyde Ritchie Bell Asheville. N. C. Holley Mack Bell Windsor. N. C. K A Rlchard Samuel Bell Burlington, N. C. K A Thomas Rollins Bell Shawboro. N. C. K '13 Alan Belmarsh Brookline, Mass. A David B. Bershtein Hamden, Conn. Richard Ernest Bernstein Mt. Vernon, N. Y. T E CI? Charles Collins Beyer, II Overbrook, Pa. 4? A e Merkle Maxum Bingham Thomasville. N. C. Frederick Lionel Bloch Brooklyn, N. Y. Allen Borsky Hillside. N. J. Lloyd Cleveland Bost Shelby. N. C. John Robert Bourne Raleigh, N. C. 49 F A Tom Willis Bowling Elm City. N. C. Charles William Bradshaw Raleigh, N. C. K A Edward Martin Barrier Concord. N. C. Charles Clifford Barringer Conover. N. C. Charles Columbus Bean Rocky Mount. N. C. CI, I' A Bryce Parker Beard, Jr. Salisbury. N. C. CD K E Wllllam Moore Beckham Statesville. N. C. K E Bert Lester Bennett Winston-Salem. N. C. K 2 Charles Richard Bennett Asheville. N. C. Truett Vann Bennett Asheville, N. C. Lawrence S. Berluti Waterbury, Conn. Lynn Richmond Bernhardt Lenoir. N. C. Richard Sol Bloch Cleveland. Ohio Z B T Herman Blumberg New Rochelle. N. Y. Glenn Edwards Bogasse Raleigh, N. C. Elbert Willis G. Boogher, Jr. Mergliltville. N. J. Paul Leon Bomet Washington, D. C. Bill Dalton Brady Siler City. N. C. Frank Lanier Branson, Jr. Aiken. S. C. A ii William Otto Brasmer Evanston, Illinois Curtis Claude Brewer, Jr. Siler City, N. C. K 1? Royce Everett Brewer WinstonASalem, N. C. vttzi; A . 73:3 '93:! WA" 'jWVg-I- ' - Charles Nathaniel Briley Greenville, N. C. David Lofton Britt Bladenboro, N. C. Alfred Carter Broad Mountain Lakes. N. J. Alex Brody Sumter. S. C. T E in John Roger Brooks, Jr. Kinston. N. C. 2 X Daniel Davis Bruton, Jr. Chadbourn. N. C. Hoyle Sanders Bruton Thomasville, N. C. Edward Kedar Bryan Shanghai, China Z q, Harry Miller Bryant Gastonia. N. C. A T 9 Dillard Bulluck Rocky Mount, N. C. Dell Bush Chapel Hill. N. C. Leonard Martin Byan Pelham. N. Y. Guy Lee Byerly Mount Airy. N. C. CD K 2 James Byrd, Jr. Chadbourn, N. C. Robert Bryant Bvrd Greensboro, N. C. David Russ Carroll Pensacola, Fla. 2 N Hayden Carruth Pleasantville, N. Y. Morrison Rankin Caruthers Graham, N. C. Henry Poor Chandler, Jr. Ithan. Pa. A x11 Leon Clarence Cheek, Jr. Chapel Hill, N. C. L. Balfour Brookshire Asheville. N. C. Chauncey Brown Broome Peachland. N. C. . Lattie Hamer Brown, Jr. Norfolk. Va. 2 N T homas Preston Brown Wilmington, N. C. William Thomas Brown Hamlet, N. C. Cale Burgess Raleigh. N. C. X if Louis Dow Burkhead Asheboro. N.- C. Ralph Burkley Raneveas, N. J. John Paul Burnett, Jr. Whitakers, N. C. Norman C. Burwen Wakefield. Mass. Fred Scott Caligan Waterbury, Conn. Lindsey Drayton Campbell Asheville, N. C. Frank Winfred Capel Greensboro, N. C. Graham Maxwell Carlton Salisbury. N. C, A K E Abby Carroll Brooklyn, N. Y. OPHOMORES 159 Philip Hatfield Clegg Dayton, Ohio A X A Alton Moese Clodfelter Thomasville, N. C. Harold Burgess Cohen Greenwich, Conn. Jerome Ernest Cohencious New York, N. Y. Howard Cohn Rochester, N. Y. Z B T Leonard Elkins Copen Boston. Mass. $ A Henry Leon Cox, Jr. Charleston, W. Va. Philip Ross Craver Lexington, N. C. Arthur Fleece Crenshaw St. Petersburg, Fla. Mebane Fearrington Croom Winston-Salem. N. C. Kenneth Currier Pacific Grove. Cal. 21 N Preston A. Cuthbertson, Jr. Chapel Hill, N. C. Larry Loughridge Dale Hornell. N. Y. Robert Frank Dalton High Point, N. C. B 9 H Wilton Evans Damon Greensboro. N. C. William Robert Cherry Ahoskie. N. C. Charles Everard Childs, Jr. Balsz-Cynwyd, Pa. x1! Clarence Burns Clark Albemarle. N. C. Oliver Clinton Clark Snow Camp, N. C. David Arvine Clarke Doylestown. Pa. Floyd E. Cohoon Columbia, N. C. E N Edward Barrett Colby Montclair, N. J. Louis Mercer Connor, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. AID F A William Douglas Conrad Winston-Salem, N. C. A X A Michael james Cooke Childs, Pa. Fred L. Crowson Fayetteville, N. C. Thomas Henry Crudup A Henderson, N. C. A K E Sell Lunsford Culp, Jr. Charlotte. N. C. Harry Hartsell Curl Creedmoor, N. C. Donald A. Currie Pinehurst. N. C. Maurice Van Hoesen Dann Elmira. N. Y. Alexander Shuford Davis Henderson. N. C. Z x1! Joe Carpenter Dams Asheville, N. C. X x1! Joe Vance Davis ; Waynesville, N. C. John Franklin Davis Greensboro. N. C. . '19.: J? ' A..,.A,J "'A 'T' K' TKVHA Junius Weeks Davis, Jr. Edenton. N. C. A K E Thomas Searle Deering Philadelphia, Pa. Fred Dees, Jr. - Burgaw, N' C- Thomas Green D111 q, A X New Bern. N. C. A K E Frederick William Dock Wilmington, N. C. Beecher Tate Denton Charlotte. N. C. Wallace deWitt Erie, Pa. Charles Joseph Donovan Richmond Hill. N. Y. X CID Hugh Dortch, Jr. Goldsboro, N. C. Z x1! Richard Calvin Dreyfuss New York. N. Y. Vernon Stanley Drewry Roanoke, Va. Gerald David Drucker Astoria. L. I., N. Y. Reid Davis Drum Catawba, N' 0 Joseph Barnelle Earnhardt . Greensboro, N. C. Jackson Elhott Dube New York, N- Y' Charles Metivier Easter H A CD Baltimore. Md. Hugh Hammond DuBose CClumblaK 5- C-A Irwin Stutz Ebel 2 A E Brooklyn. N. Y. Thomas Henry Edens Hampstead. N. C. Thomas Murray Edmondson Tarboro, N. C. Elton Edwards Goldsboro, N. C. Rubin Vance Eller Salisbury. N. C. Tom F. Ellis Wilmington, Del. Z KI' leliam Edward Elmore, Jr. Lumberton. N. C. CD T A Augustus George English Charlotte. N. C. Frances Aida Epps Chapel Hill. N. C. Jack Evans Miami Beach, Fla. John Wesley Evans Charlotte. N. C. Kenneth Norman Evensen Floral Park, N. Y. Evan Ira Farber Great Neck. N. Y. Robert Cecil Farris ' Swagersville, Pa. John Andrew Feuchtenberger Bluefield, W. Va. 119 A 9 - Arthur Fischer Brooklyn, N. Y. David Allen Fiske, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Felix Arthur Fletcher Chicago, Ill. i1 K 4.4 SOPHOMORES 160 Alonzo Dillard Folger Mt. Airy. N. C. K 2 Edith Jackson Fore Chapel Hill, N. C. William L. Foster Abraham Freedman ASheVlnev N C- Mount VernoxL N. Y. Rufus Wade Fox Richard W. Freeman Greensboro, N- C- Moline, Ill. 2 X Roberg Perrv .Frankel Samuel Rinehart Freeman Phxladelphla, Pa. Rocky Mount. N. C. Theodore Roger Frucht Raleigh, N. C. Walter Eugene Furr Franklin, N. C. William Hinson Gallagher Charlotte. N. . Donald Alfred Gallant Charlotte. N. C. Ben Thomas Galloway Marcellus Craig Garner Momma Ga. Asheville. N. C. Ira Samuel Gambill, Jr. Henry Martin Garwes Elkm' N' C- Savannah. Ga. . . . 2 A E Wllham Gentry Gambxll Charles M. Gaylord Elkm' N- C. Leland. N. C. K 45 Harold Wayne Gee Winston-Salem. N. C. Claude S. George Reidsville, N. C. Lemuel Hardy Gibbons Hamlet. N. C. AKE Wallace Duncan Gibbs, Jr. Charlotte. N. C. K 2 Robert M. Gilbreth Robert Raymond Glikin Montclair. N- J- N Y k C't . . . ew or 1y Jack Wllllam Gmsberg Sanford Goldberg Greensboro, N- C- B kl . N. Y. . rOEI X11613 Haskell Bertrand Glexcher Morton Herbert Golby Brooklyn. N- Y- Brooklyn, N. Y. H A CI; George Harris Gooch Henderson, N. C. Raymond Holt Goodrich, Jr. Woodbridge, Conn. Donald Thomas GraleHr Queens Villiage. N. Y. Harrell Myers Graham Columbia. S. C. E A E . Samuel Page Graham Cleveland. N. C. Lloyd Lee Gravely, Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Z Q! Phillip Arden Greene Chapel Hill. N. C. K. 4 ? a: a SOPHOMORES 161 Quentin Gregory Halifax, N. C. K A Thomas S. Greyard, Jr. McDonald. N. C. Bruce 8. Grice Calypso. N' 0 Ralph Oliver Griffm Spindzlle. N. C. Jeremiah Devel Griesemer Chevy Chase. Md. James Irvin Groome A T 9, . High Point. N. c. Harry FranCIS Grlen q, P A Frand Farvier Groseclose, Jr. Raleigh N. C. Elizabeth City. N. C. Margaret Virginia Groves Chapel Hill. N. C. Samuel Ervin Hall Richmond. Va. 2 A E Dan Kirk Hamilton Chapel Hill. N. C. X B C? Burton Blaine Hampton Clemmons. N. C. Charles Hamlin Hancock OXfOZrCEI; N' C' Lonnie Clayton Harrell . , , . . Stantonsburg, N. C. Phlllp Wllllgim Hardle, Jr. Chapel H111. N' C' Charlie Cooper Harris, Jr. . Rocky Mount, N. C. I Coy Harqlm Bal'nesvme' N- 0 Milton Bernard Harris Providence, R. 1. Walker Harris, Jr. Forest City. N. C. Lloyd Bratton Harrison Washington. D. C. C. Felix Harvey Kinston. N. C. K 2 Vernon Judson Harward, Jr. Durham, N. C. q? A G Hurst Bunn Hatch, Jr; Ra'agig E- C- J. Garland Hendrix Winston-Salem. N. C. John BarretFHeam WHSOH' N- C. Mover Pinkston Hendrix Winston-Salem, N. C. Robert Miles Heitzeberg Great Neck N' Y' John Tanner Henle X XI, Cary, N. 3g: y K q; Joseph Baylor Henninger Chapel Hill, N. C. Joseph Bascom Henson Walstonburg. N. C. William Frederick Herpel West Palm Beaeh Fla. 2 X Rufus McPhail Herring Clinton. N. C. d? A X E. Vernon Heughan Charlotte, N. C. James Smith Heyward Goldsboro. N. C. B 0 11 George Franklin Hill, Jr. Elizabeth City. N. C. 162 , SOPHOMORES 16i Townsend Stanley Holland, Jr. Chevy Chase. Maryland v - William Laughin Holliday Siler City. N. C. Elmer P. Hollingshead. Jr. Scarsdale, N. Y. A K E Imla Cresson Holloway, Jr. Newton. N. C. Victor Boyce Hollowell Elizabeth City, N. C. Charles Clifton Hopkins, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Joseph House Beaufort, N. C. Thomas Allen Howard Mooresville, N. C. Charles Alfred Howe St. Utica. N. Y. Phil Hughes Tabor City. N. C. K 2 James Laurence Hutton, Jr. Greensboro. N. C. Howard Imbrey New York, N. Y. H A CD George Campbell Irving Burlington, N. C. $ A 9 Sinclair Jacobs, Jr. Atlanta, Ga. Z B T Jack Russell Jarvis, Jr. Elizabeth City, N. C. Edward Henry Hobbs Selma. Alabama A K E Samuel Huntington Hobbs, III Chapel Hill, N. C. A K E Howard Latham Hodges Greenville. N. C. 2 A E Robert Lee Hoke Williamsburg. Virginia K1, A Otis Lewis Holland Greensboro, N. C. James Eugene Holmes, Jr. Leaksville. N. C Mary Cleland Holmes Chapel Hill. N. C. Lawrence Holzman Brooklyn, N. Y. William Joseph Honan Brooklyn, N. Y. William Harris Hooks Whiteville. N. C. Walter C. Humphreys, Jr. Greenville. S. C. K A Curtis Buck Hunter Burlington. N. C. Henry Blount Hunter, Jr. Norfolk. Va. Z J! Lawrence Edzgar Hutchins Yadkinvil , N. C. Bruce King Hutchinson Oxford. N. C. K I? Hugh Powell Jenkins, Jr. Washington, D. C. Rupert Watson Jernigan Chapel Hill. N. C. A $ 9 Edward Davis Joel Montclair, N. J. B 9 II Alcy Daniel Johnson Benson, N. C. James Henry Johnson Winston-Salem. N. C. Robert Eley ohnson Wythevil e. Va. 2 A E George Browne Johnston Kelford. N. C. K A John E. Johnston Bradford. Pa. Zebulon Vance Jones, Jr. Norfolk, Va. Richard Jemson Jones, Jr. Henderson, N' 0' Frederick B. Joyner Kinston. N. C. Thomas Curry Jones Enka. N' 0 Stanley Jay Kallman New York City Arnold Jules Kantrowitz West Hartford. Conn. Steve Matthew Karres Charlotte, N. C. Edward Hollis Keator San Antonio Texas Iames Bonner Kelly Washington. N. C. John Thomas Kendrick Leaksvula N- 0- Robert Gilliam Kittrell Henderson. N. C. Bruce Kessler Z x1! Leaksville. N. C. R. W. King Me??? Conn. Benjamin Granade Koonce, Jr. Hertford. Conn. Job Hansell .Koon Asheville, N. C. John Stanley Kulczycki Sag Harbor, N. Y. Harold N. Kushin Philadelphia. Pa. db A Vernon H. Lackey, Jr. Hickory, N. C. 4D K 2 William Ray Lackey Statesville. N. C. Beverly Walter Landstreet Nashville. Tennessee Charles Watson Lawhon Fayetteville. N. C. Charles Samuel Landy New York. N. Y. Edna Earle Leggett . Chapel Hill, N. C. Franklm Davenport Laurens NewA ?Ifleans' La' Gamewell Lemmon Sumter. S. C. CID A 9 Martin Harold Lenitz New York, N. Y. Joseph Alexander Leslie, III Norglg, Va. Joel L. Lester Paterson. N. J. Lee Richard Levine Brooklyn, N. Y. Leonard Mark Levine Brooklyn, N. Y. Phillip Alston Lewis Jackson. N. C. A T 9 Robert Henry Lewis Mount Olive. N. C. SOPHOMORES 164 165 Harold William Lloyd Plainfield. N. J. K 4' Albert Samuel Loewenson Baltimore. Maryland Forrest Battle Long NeWtOILQN. C. ; William Maxwell Lowenstein Detroit. Michigan T E q; Seymour A. Lubman Arlington, N. J. CarIVIe Thomas Mangum, Jr. Winston-Salem. N. C. James Hollowell Manly, Jr. Goldsboro. N. C. William Lee Mann Albemarle. N. C. K 2 Jacob Margolis Durham. N. C. Jack E. Markham Durham. N. C. Merlin Francis Martin Scotia, N. Y. Charles Elbert Massey Dover, Del. K A Frank Alexander Masters Greensboro. N. C. Richard Downing Maynor Winston-Salem, N. C. Reuben Elbert Mayo Plymouth, N. C. Gerard George Liebenguth Mamaroneck. N. Y. Louis Ogden Lineberger Charlotte, N. C. Robert Lippmann New YOIk. N. Y. i, A Jim Robert Little Charlotte, N. C. Isaac Thomas Littleton Hartsville. Tenn. Brockton Reynolds Lyon Greensboro. N. C. A K E Erwin Mack New York. N. Y. 11 A i, Robert Glenn Macleod Lumberton, N. C. Orrin Rankin MagiIl White Plains, N. Y. Charles Donald Mahoney Brooklyn, N. Y. Dan W. Marks Chapel Hill. N. C. Henry Burwell Marrow, Jr. Smithfield, N. C. Alfred Marshall Beaver Falls, Ga. Dan S. Martin Lakeland. Fla. Harrv Little Martin Upper Montclair, N. .1. Z x1, William C. MehaHey, Jr. Washington, N. C. II, F A William DeLacy Mendenhall Greensboro, N. C. Sylvan Meyer Atlanta. Ga. T E 42 Edward Michaels Rockaway Beach, N. Y. T E d, Clarence M. Miller Wallace. N. C. RELAXATION IS AN ART" UNCOMFORTABLY NONCHALANT AND SCENERY STOOGES, a WOODHOUSE K. A. INTELLECTUALS THE FROG LOOKS PLEASANT + HOME SWEET HOME + POLITiCIAN' SPARADISE + COMFO'RTABLY BURNING THE MID-NIGHT OIL , , Qtvvxaltifx s mmwu: me M75"! , Z L W77? , WMWAN Lib. 3K allinuaxn 3y 2? n? xXxJV Lw L N L H$x W $. KKK KLW 6. w ,4 MwiMwm$Wi 'VtW , John DifHey Miller Lansdowne. Pa. Robert Brice Miiler Charlotte. N. C. Forbes Travis Milliken Hastings-on-Hudson. N. Y. Isidore Mininsohn Hightstown, N. J . T E ':P Marvin O'Neill Mitchell Greensboro, N. C. Frank Faison Mordecai Raleigh. N. C. Z xIf Edward Hallet Morley Bronxville, N. Y. CI? P A John William Morrison Ocean City, N. J . d? K 2 Boyce Clinton Morrow Gastonia, N. C. Hugh MacRae Morton Wilmington, N. C. A K E Charles Patrick Murray, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. George Ennis McCachren Charlotte, N. C. William Jefferson McClure Goldsboro, N. C. Edwin Stuart McCoach, Jr. Rosgm nt, Pa. Bradford Forbes McCuen Forest, Hills, N. Y. 49 F A Oliver Perry McKinnon Maxton, N. C. Robert Johnstone McLean Greensboro, N. C. QB P A Randall A. McLeod Maxton. N. C. Charles Monroe McMillan Laurinburg, N. C. Robert Avery McNaughton Hengelg'sonville. N. C. Harry Holmes Mizelle Newport. N. C. Harry Langdon Montgomery Winston-Salem. N. C. Arthur Kirby Moore, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Charles B. Moore Forest City, N. C. L. L. Ardrey Moore, Jr. Clinton. N. C. Stuart Campbell Morton Hamden. Conn. X CID Bernard R. Moser Newark, N. J. Morris Moskow Whiteville, N. C. Charles Rushworth Munder Springfield, Mass.. Donald Munroe Owego, N. Y. Arthur Allen McDonald, Jr. Durham, N. C. Aubrey'William McDonald Hoffman, N. C. Robert Lee McGinn, Jr. Charlotte. N. C. Stuart Betts McIver Sanford. N. C. Hobart LoringVMcKeever Greensboro, N. C. X B q; SOPHOMORES 168 NARA? AM, mgk SOPHOMORES 169 Lawrence Ervin Neese Burlington, N. C. K 2 Joseph Nelson Daytona Beach, Fla. Henry Clay Newsome, Jr. XVinRtnn-Snlem, N. C. AP K 23 Don Gilliam Nicholson Tarboro. N C. Q2 P A James Edgar Nimmons Elizabeth. N. J. X AP Henry Plant Osborne, Jr. Jacksonville. Fla. 2 A E William Dillon O'Shea Durham. N. C. Thomas Oswald Warren. Ohio Robert Melvin Ousley North Canton, Ohio Franklin L. Overcarsh Charlotte, N. C. James Quincy Parnell, Jr. Porkton, N. C. 4D K 2 Benjamin N. Patterson Hendersonville, N. C. Donald Flanner Patterson New Bern, N. C. A K E George Lee Peabody Syracuse, N. Y. A A1! Harold M. Peacock Benson, N. C. Jesse Nalle, III Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania Joe B. Nathan Chapel Hill, N. C. Simeon Aaron Nathan, Jr. Chapel Hill, N. C. Charles Mitchell Neaves Elkin. N. C. K E William Stewart Neel Mooresville. N. C. Fagg Bernard Newlan Pleasant Garden. N. C. Taylor O'Bryan Beaufort. N. C. X xII Russell Dean O'Dell Jacksonville, Fla. 2 A E Henry Frederick Oehler Sanford, N. C. Joseph Charles O'Kelley Statesville, N. C. Raymond William Owens, Jr. Edgewood, Pa. CI; F A John Hinton Page Alexandria. Va. K A tP M A Robert Newton Page, III Aberdeen, N. C. K A Charles Albert Palioca Marlboro. Mass. Graham Hartwell Parks Pilot Mountain, N. C. Sigmund S. Pearl Greensboro. N. C. William Wallace Pearson Sumner. Miss. James Stevenson Peck Wilmington, N. C. Johnnie Louis Pecora Bowden. N. C. H K A Philip Hiatt Pell Pilot Mountain. N. C. George Dial Penick Raleigh. N. C. Z x11 Glenn Richard Penny Durham. N. C. 43 Charles Lee Perks Greensboro. N. C. Herbert A. Perlberg New York. N. Y. CI, A Gales Pickard Perry Chapel Hill. N. C. John Edward Pope, Jr. Williamston. N. C. H K A William Haskell Porcher, Jr. l Chafilogte, N. C. John James Post Greensboro, N. C. Otis Yates Poteat Spindale, N. C. Davis Bryan Powell, Jr. Rocky Mount. N. C. Morris Wiley Pully Kinston. N. C. 1 Richard Edward Railey Murfreesboro, N. C. Joseph Gray Reddeck Lenoir. N. C. William A. Redfern Norfolk. Va Z 4' Hubert Hampton Redmon Asheville. N. C. Emanuel Rivkin Brooklyn. N. Y. Jack William Roberts Cedar Grove. N. C. Richard Horper Robertson Leaksvil e. N. C. Frank I. Robinson, Jr. 1 Weldon, N. C. Norwood Everett Robinson Washington, N. C. Richard B. Pethick Southern Pines. N. C. A James Britt Petty Charlotte. N. C. 2 X Andrew Craig Phillips Chapel Hill. N. C. Stephen John Piller, Jr. Long Island. N. Y. K A Ernest Harold Pittman Whitakers. N. C. A q? William Fulton Poythress Chapel Hill, N. C. Norman J. Primack Far Rockaway, L. 1.. N. Y. Carl Prior South Orange, N. J. Walter Reynolds Privette Chapel Hill, N. C. George Oliver Pruette Swannanoa. N. C. Stephen Wilhelm Reiss Cedarhurst,.N. Y. Eugene Miner ReQua, Jr. Charlotte. N. C. A K E Daniel David Retchin Wilmington. N. C. harles Otto Rhyme Chapel Hill, N. C. George Ewart Rives Goldston, N. C. 170 Camillus Holiday Rodman L . . L - ', , V . . . . . . Washington, N. C. x, . , , , , V , , , John David Roeder New York, N. Y. William Leslie Ro ers, Jr. . J. David Rosenthal Merchantvme. Trenton, N. J. K A Edward Tyler Rollins ' , . . , V . Jimmy K. Rosser Durham. N. C. r ,. , , , , , , - . . - , . . ' ' , . Fuyetteville. NJ'. a , ; ' ' ' , v Robert Henry Rose John Harrington Rosser New York, N Y' Vass, N. C. Coman Wendell Rothrock, Jr. Asheville. N. C. Herbert Horton Rountree Farmville. N. C. $ David McKenzie Rumph Montezuma. Ga. 23 A E Noland Haynes Ryan Washington. D. C. 1, A 9 John Wilson Sachs . Howard Samo Wi minvgton. Del. J Irvington. N. J. $k2 Donald Lee Sa'ge'r . James Charles Sandilos Dam'lue. Vlrglma Ambler. Pa. B 0 H Arnold M. Salzburg ohn Robert Satterfield, r. Paterson, N- J. J Spencer. N. C. J T E $ ti: M A Albert Saunders Asbury Park. N. J. Charles Lawrence Saunders Reidsville. N. C. John Baker Saunders : , , . V. ' . ' " Williamston. N. C. W ' , . H ,y . ,, AKE , . . ; , . John Henry Saunders Troy. N. C. Robert Mills Saunders Louis Schelpers, Jr. Memphis' Tenn' Southern Pines, N. C. 2 AE Ernest Nev1!le Scarborough Paul Wilfong Schenck, Jr. Annapohs, Md. Greensboro. N. C. B 911 Leon I. Schafer Donald Selick Schlenger Chapel Hill. N- C- South Orange. N. J. II A q; Karl Schwartz, III Fort Bragg N. C. A K E William Schwartz Wilmington, N. C. T E $ Charles Blackwell Scoggin Reidsville. N. C. John Raymond Sears Norfolk. Va. E N Howard S. Sexton Grassy Creek, N. C. Harry GriHith Shalett New London. Conn. Iunius Page Shamburger V Aberdeen. N. C. K A 171 Lawrence Charles Shapiro Charlotte. N. C. Linford Lee Shaw Richlands, N. C. Frank Wesley Shelton Port Washington, N. Y. X 1' Martin Frederick Shenker Bronx, N. Y. Joel Herbert Sherman, Jr. Fayetteville, N. C. Raymond A. Silbiger Kew Gardens. N. Y. Morton S. Silverstein Winston-Salem, N. C. John Dillon Simpson Mount Airy, N. C. Martin Bland Simpson Elizabeth City, N. C. H K A James Howard Sims Asheville, N. C. George Dosser Smith Wilson, N. C. Griswold Smith Atlanta. Ga. 2 A E Howard Lincoln Smith Swannanoa, N. C. Wilbum Jackson Smith Charlotte, N. C. Wade Harvey Snell Westbury. N. Y. Iohn Mitchell Sorrow Charlotte, N. C. Charles Edward Spaugh Winston-Salem, N. C. Simms Memory Spears Whiteville. N. C. Robert Atwell Spence LaGrange, N. C. Irving Leonard Spiegel Fords. N. J. Charlotte Shields Chapel Hill, N. C. X 0 Lenoir Gwyn Shook Tarboro. N. C. Richard Tatum Shugart Elkin. N. C. K 2 Hampton Shupin Greensboro, . C. K A William Monta ue Sigler Milwaukee, is. K 2 Don B. Sittman Arlington, Va. William Henry Sloan, Jr. Garland, N. C. Alton Lacy Smith, Jr. Lemon Spring, N. C. Aubrev LealQn Smith Greensboro,.N. C. Eugene Gray Smith, Jr. Mt; Airy. N. C. Macon St. Clair Snowden Beaufort. N. C. Ben McClellan Snyder, III Wayne, Pa. 49 F A Roy Kendall Snyder Natrona Heights, Pa. Marshall Henry Solomon Highland Park, N. J. Z B T William D. Somervell, Jr. Durham. N. C. W SOPHOMORE 172 173 Charles M. Stancell, Jr. Enfield. N. C. Robert F. Steed Thomasville, N. C. Warren George Steel Brooklyn, N. Y. E J Joseph Flake Steelman Wilkesboro, N. C. Richard Franklin Stemberg Brooklyn. N. Y. Richard E. Stroupe Cherryville, N. C. Roy Errin- Strowd Chapel Hill, N. C. Jack Bryan Stubbs Fayetteville. N. C. Reid Suggs Thomasville, N. C. Tommy Sullivan Mount Olive. N. C. M. Burton Taylor Walstonburg, N. C. W. Leo Tew Roseboro, N. C. John Hawkins Thomas Wadesboro. N. C. William Benfield Thomas Winston-Salem. N. C. Dan Richardson Thomason Wilmington. N. C. II? A 9 Bin Spruill Plymouth, N. C. Kenneth Murchison Sprunt Wilmington, N. C. 2 A E Parke Austin Staley, Jr. Greeneboro, N. C. George Henrv Stammler Summit. N. J. A 1, 9 William Charles Stanback Salisbury. N. C. E N Emory Clavton Stevenson Charlotte. N. C. Donald Roper Stewart Laurinburg. N. C. Jesse Southerland Stewart Wallace. N. C. Harold V. Stirling, Jr. Chevy Chase, Md. Hugh Monroe Stroud Kinston. N. C. Morton Paul Svigals White Plains. N. Y. Frederick Leroy Swindal Jacksonville, N. C. E A E Stafford LeRoy Swing Lexington, N. C. Stephen Clark Taber Bloomtield, N. J. Isaac Montrose Taylor Morganton, N. C. KE Samuel A. Thompson, Jr. Mt. Olive. N. C. Bard Townsley Tischer Dover. Del. ' X 4 Billy Jefferson Tope Upper Darby. P21. William Wallis Torrens Terre Haute. Ind. V X: 4.44 John Zacharias Touloupas Burlington, N. C. Peyton Giles Townes Wilmington. N. C. Jesse Caleb Trott, Jr. Charlotte. N. C. CliHorchfloui? Euttle Fox . ape ' 3' Bur es Ur uhart, Jr. R q, Eewistgn, N. C. Earl Holland Tyndall K A Kmstom N. 0- William Charles Vail Rutherford, N. J. E X John R. Van nggoner, Jr. Sayville. N. . d, P A Livingston Vernon Morganton. N. C. . K 2 Harry M. Vinokur Fayetteville, N. .C. Jacob Astor Viverette, Jr: Battleboro, N. C. Ralph. Cannon Voik lemmgton, N' C' Harold Jerome Wa ger High Point, N. . Thomas Wadden Washington, D- C- Wilson McCall Wagner Z q' - Hickory, N. C.. lb K 2 Duncan Devane Walker Macon. Ga. - Cb A 6 Howard Oldham Walker Hillsboro. N. C. James Wilson Walker Burlington, N. C. Samuel Reuben Wallace Charlotte, N. C. Lewis Skidmore Waller Leaksv111e, N. C. Lloyd Henry Warren' ' Hi h Point. N. C. Abel McRae Warren g Garland- N. C- William Downing Watkins Morganton. N. C-. A T 9 Marie Jacquelin P. Watters ChapelQHill, N. C. X Albert Thomas Weatherly, Jr. Durham, N. C. Henry Thomas Webb Tarboro. N. C. Alan Maurice Weisberg Great Neck, N. Y. Andrew M. Weiss New York. N. Y. OPHOMO 174 175 Wyckliffe Trotman White Ayden. N. C. Henry Adams Whitfield, Jr. Chapel Hill. N. C. Robert Estes Whitten Roxboro, N. C. 11 K A Jack Russell Wilkinson, Jr. Chattanooga. Tenn. d? F A David Carlyle Willis Rocky Mount, N. C. Alton D. Wilson Asheville, N. C. Wilbur Edward Wilson Hillsboro. N. C. Dewey Hobson Winchester Rosman. N. C. Frank C. Wooten Rome. Ga. George W. Worth Raleigh: N. C. 2 A E Sam Martm Wright Fayetteville, N, C. A T 9 Gordon Vincent Wyche Weldon. N. C. Charles Finch Whicker North XVilkesboro. J. C. Robert F. White Charlotte. N. C. Thomas Jose h White Norfolk, 3. Walter Preston White Winston-Salem. N. C. 4D K 2 Henry Kirk Williams Leejimrg. Fla. John Brooks Williams Hendersonville. N. C. Samuel Asbury Williams Warrenton. N. C. Walter Henton Williams Old Fort. N. C. Robert Maurice Wise New York, N. Y. A T 9 William Isaac Witkin' New York. N. Y. Joseph Lawrence Wolf Roxborough, Pa. Daniel Howard Wolfe Charlotte. N. C. XVilliam Edward York Statesville. N. C. John Davis Young Durham. N. C. William Caldwell Young Wilson. N. C. A K E James Locke Yount Newton. N. C. T Q 35 OF WAR 3 GETTING TIED UP PI PHI PUBLICITY POTASH + INTERESTING BUT SAD- + S TROPHII + FAR AWAY . . ." SOUTH AMERICAN COMMEMORATION DICKENSON N $ 25,; 31.3.. .1? 176 .4 :srw -u m, I I'f l 4 I A - 9;.V .ug; . mm. $x.'t'y THE A. T. 0.8 RELAX + SUNSET SERENADE IN KENAN + "THREE ARE A MATCH + THE COP ON THE CORNER Mvmw, MWM xx , 5 Wm L y' W k Mx- uw Ian . , W","$ m 'me ,M . ' m,v I i . I u I :I -I ,I I I; ..1I XI .81; 'I III I T I7 I I ? 5 I I In I! Ii! i I l , + FRESHMAN CLASS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ' I OFFICERS E.;K. POWe, PreSident; Hansoh Hall, Vice; F; McLendon. Andrews? Robert Schwartz, President; Mike Carr, Secretary; and Fred DenmanHamfnond;Charles Clark, MalicOlm I E. Rutledge, Treasurer. , Shearr'in, Marvin RosenI Samuel Nicholson, I II ' John-Wood, John Byers; Johri Emack, JR, . I I I I . .. Malcolm Sherman, Wade Weatherford; In, t I I HONOR COUNCIL , -, ' ' I . v " II - . . .. VfThomas LYIteg-Spencer Bass, J11, Richard I Jack Emack, Wade WegtherfordgHowarId , IKnight, LAEdmurId "Tigidalle-Ignfy Alspaugh, Willrjyar-ni deyirs; thid Rankim I Starnes, MacI Sherman, Jack Milne, Arthur 'and NOrris I: I . '- I , f ' . I . , I II I Wllhams, and Jun Prxtchettj I ' j Snow. 7- I I , ' I . . g I I I I T: . .7 I I , . I I . I I I I w: I'I :1 I ,- ' . . III 1 I I; m I I I v V . . I I 178 FINANCE COMMITTEE 7 I DANCE COMMITTEE Joseph Ferguson, Chairman; Bahnson Charles Harris, Chairman; Robert Stock- Grey, Norman Waters, Alfred Levin, HOW- ton, Peter Beaudry, Stuart Campbell, Robert 21rd Dawson, William Covington, Graham Cowan, Jr., John Dorsett, James Pritchett, Hobbs, J11, and Harold Alderson. J12, James Cox, Alexander Wilson, II. EMACK, SHERMAN, PRITCHETT, WILLIAMS, KIMBALL, MILNE. 179 , , t 't T "f: rl FRESHMAN CLASS Berry AbeyOunis, Frank Adams, Leon Adams, Robert Adams, John Albea, Harold Alderson, William Alexander, Charles Allen, Ira Allgood, J. Frank Alspaugh, Dudley Amoss, Ernest Anderson, Vincent Anderson, William Anderson, F. M. Andrews, Donald Asay, Daphne Athas, Edward Austin, Leslie Austin, Francis Awalt. ' William Badgett, Stuart Baesel, Josiah Bailey, Herman Baker, Wiley Ballard, Robert Banks, Richard Baron, Roscoe Barber, Julius Barefoot, Thomas Barnard, Waltef Barnes, Jim Barr, Lawrence Bartell, Richard Bates, Spencer Bass, William Beam, DaVId Beard, Peter Beaudry, Edgar Beddingfield, Henry Beecher, William Beery, John Begley, John Bell, Robert Bell, William Bell, William Bellamy, Stephen Bennett, Joseph Bergstfem, Robert Bernstein, Henry Berryhill, Robert Bettmann, John Black, Boyd Blackney, Wllham Blades, Mott Blair, Julian Blalock, Don Blanton, Frank Blocksidge, Erwin Bloom, W11- liam Blue, John Booraem, Selma Bonkemeyer, Sion Boney, William Boseman, James Boyce, James Boyd, Edwin Boyle, Hal Boyles, Winfred Brady, William Brandon, James Brannock, Harold Brantley, Alliene Brawley, Edward Brennan, James Briggs, Stanley Briggs, Billy- Britt, Henry Brooks, Harvey Brooks, John Brown, V. Stanley Brown, Wil- liam C. Brown, William F. Brown, Earl Bruton, William Bryant, Miriam Buice, Clayton Bullock, Emmett Burden, William Burg, Robert Burleigh, Julian Burroughs, Mike Buss, John Byers, Zachary Bynum, Jennings Byrd, Thomas Byrum. Stuart Cahn, Jay Caldwell, Walter Call, William Callahan, Stuart Campbell, Merwin Canaday, Frank Cantrell, Julius Carden, Robert Carlan, Kenneth Carpenter, Michael Carr, Bernard Carroll, John Carter, Milton Cash, Wayland Cato, Morton Canter, Marshall Chambers, Everett Cheek, Marvin Cheek, John Chisholm, Norman Civic, Charles Clark, Robert Clark, Philip Clay, Carney Clegg, Cecil Clement, Charles Clinard, William Cobb, William Collie, Clyde Collins, Arthur Conescu, Robert Cook, William Cooley, Sheldon Coons, Barnaby Conrad, Edward Coppala, Thomas Coppedge, Calvin Corey, Lovick Corn, Earl Correll, Rex Coston, Charles Cothan, Richard Cotton, Edgar Council, William Covington, Robert Cowan, James Cox, Samuel Cox, William Cox, Robert Cozart, Bynum Crabtree, John Currin. Paul D Elia, Maurice Damn, Hugh Daughtry, Bob Davis, Everett Davis, Jack Davis, James Davis, Louie Davis, Lucian Davis, Russell Davis, Rene Davis, Cheburn Dawson, Howard Dawson, Edwin Deal, Wade Denning, Charles Derrick, Dick Doeschler, Leonard Dodd, John Dorsett, Paul Dulin. Edwm Easter, Charles Edge, Phil Edmonds, Joseph Edney, Charles Edwards, James Edwards, Gaston Efird, John Emack, Robert Epple, Robert Ervin, John Eshelman, Eugene Esleeck, George Estaver, Joseph Estes, Robert Ettenger, John Evans, LOuis Evans, Tom vans. David Falconer, Julius Fallick, Robert Feinberg, James Fennell, James Ferebee, Joseph Ferguson, John Ferguson, John Field, Roland Fields, Howard 'Finkelstein, Ray Fisch, 7 . yM 7y 2,; FRESHMAN CLASS William Fisher, Thomas Fitz, Jack Fitzgerald, Robert Fitzgerald, Ralph Fore Robert Forster, William Foster, John Fowler, William Fowler, Ernest Frankel, William, Frazier Ellis Freedman, William Freeland, James Freeman, William Fullenweider, Donald Ful: ler, John Funderburg. Daniel Garan, DOuglas Gardner, Norman Garner, Robert Gamer, David Garrison, John Gaul, Malcolm Geddis, Samuel Gibb, Andrew Gibbons, Lacy Gilbert, Sterling Gilliam, Charles Gilmore, Edmond Glidewell, Paul Godfrey, David Goell, Arthur Golby, Seymour Goldberg, Charles Gooch, Edward Goodman, Raymond Goodman, Robert Good- man, Irving Goodwin, Charles Gordon, George Graham, Robert Grant, Ben Grantham, Bahnson Gray, William Green, Jay Greenberg, T. M. Greene, Ross Grey, Elbert Griffm, Mark Griffm, Philip Grifflth, Daniel Gross, William Guy. Walter Haas, John Hackney, Joseph Hale, Hanson Hall, Jasper Hall, Russell Hall, Robert Hamburger, G. Denman Hammond, E. Willard Hamrick, Roy Hankin, Milton Harding, Frank Hardy, Graham Hargrove, James Harrell, Jack Harrill, Charles Harris, Max Harris, Tyndall Harris, Thomas Harris, Zach Harris, Attilus Hatsell, Edwin Hart- shom, Alan Hayes, Raymond Hayes, Lewis Hayworth, James Heame, George Helms, Arthur Henderson, Wyatt Henderson, William Henderson, Francis Hennessee, Irving Herman, Joseph Hicks, Lyman Higdon, David Hill, James Hill, Nathaniel Hill, Yancey Hill, Herbert Hix, Graham Hobbs, Richard Hobbs, Chester Hocker, Ralph Hodges, Marvin Hogan, Thomas Holder, Griffm Holland, Richard Hollander, Nolia Hollowell, Frank Holman, Manuel Holthouser, Mary Hood, Robert Hopkins, Dwight Hord, Rel- mond Horton, Lee Howard, Paul Huber, Kenneth Huddleston, Sterling Hudson, Carl Huffman, Helen Hufham, Carlyle Hughes, William Hunter, Jack Hussey. John Inskeep. Richard Jaffe, Edwin James, Charles Jamesson, Lerf Jensen, Joe Jerger, Thomas Jewett, Ira Johnson, James Johnson, William Johnson, Walter Johnson, Williamson Johnson, Clyde Johnston, Josephine Johnston, Lee Johnston, Albert Jones, Charles Jones, John Jones, James Jones, Raymond Jordan, David Josephs, Robert Joyce, Arthur Joyner, Carl Justice. Edgar Kale, Edwin Kaplan, Richard Kaskel, Frank Kastner, Edward Katzinger, Gordon Kelley, Jack Kelly, Richard Kemp, David Kendall, John Kendrick, Samuel Ken- nedy, Robert Kenney, George Kenyon, Charles Kessler, Cyrus King, Francis King, Robert Kirkland, Harry Kittner, Edward Knight, Eppie Knight, Richard Knight, Paul Komisarik, LIOyd Koppel, Emanuel Krulwich, Jack Kurtz. Vera Lacob, William Lally, Jack Lamm, Claude Lancaster, W'allace Lane, Ben Laney, Frank Laney, L. Edward Lashman, Zeigler Latham, George Latshaw, Arthur Lavine, Richard Lawrencs, James Leaming, Lee LeBlanc, Permillas Lee, Ralph Lee, Charles LeHer, Joe Lehman, Mervyn Lentz, Richard Lessler, Lionel Levey, Alfred Levin, Frederic wa er FRESHMAN CLASS ; y ' Lewis, Richard Lewis, John Lindsay, Joe Linker, Justin Lipman, Carroll Lippard, Rich'ar-d 2 Lisk, Robert Little, James Lockhart, james Loeb, Charles Lollar, LOuise Long, Wllhe Long, Morris Lumpkin, Thomas Lytle. Harold Maass, Robert Mabe, Lewis MacBrayer, John MacDowell, John MacRae, james Mangum, Waltsr Mangum, Isaac Manly, Gerard Marder, Charles Marler, Richard "4hfgfr 1" ' ,4 ; ' 1 Marston, Dudley Martin, Ern6st Martin, David Maser, James Mason, Percy Masten, "V 5 ' Craig Maston, Byron Matthews, Edward McCallum, Leon MCCaskill, Horace McCauley, L i1 - ; Josephine MCCauley, Robert McCalry, Clifford McClellan, Robert McConnaughey, Fred : , McCoy, Norfleet McDowell, Richard McElroy, James McEwen, Zebulon McGirt, Angus f.',- . McKellar, Robert McKinnon, Charles McLendon, Frederick McNair, Clarence McRae, 'f 1 , ' Marshal McRae, Fred Metcalf, Albert Metzger, John Millar, John Miller, Joseph Miller, Fred Mills, Jack Milne, James Mitchener, John Monroe, Arthur Montgomery, Mary Montjoy, Clifton Moore, Henry Moore, Myron Moore, Robert Moore, John Moorhead, Grady Morgan, Julius Morris. Oliver Morris, XWilliam Morris, Ben Morton, William Morton, Harris Munns, Jack Munns, Robert Musgrove, Charles Myers. f George Nassef, John Neal, R0b6ft Nelson, Julius Nesbit, Otto Neuhaus, William Newman, James Newsome, John Newton, Samuel Nicholdson, John Nicolin, Charles Nixon, Jack Noneman, Thomas Norris, Nelson Norwood. John O'Neal, Jim Oliver, Henry Ortland, John OtterbOurg, Willie Outlaw, Henry Owen, David Owens. James Pace, Hermann Packard, Dotson Palmer, Hugh Palmer, John Palmer, David Pardue, WHIbum Parker, Mercer Parrott, Theodore Partrick, Charles Patch, Harold Pat- : ; : terson. Richard Patterson, Ruth Patterson, John Paty, Frank Payne, Elbert Peel, Forrest I : Peeler, Lackey Peeler, Frank Pellirsy, Philip P6nce, Harman Perkins, James P6rrin, Wil- liam Petrec Charles Phillips, Richard Phillips, XWilliam Phillips, Hubert Philpott, Jeffer- son Pickard, Joseph Pickard, Margaret Pickard, Spencer Pierce, Joseph Pleasant, Robert Pleuthner, Clarence Plonk, Richard Pollock, Johnnki P0136, Robert Porter, John Potter, . j Tlmodore Potter, Edward Powe, Carol Powell, Robert Quincy. XVilliam Rabil, Donald Ralston, David Rankin, Robert Rantz, Robert Rascoe, Hay- den Ratledge, Melba Ray, XVilliam Reavis, Eugene Reilley, Stanley Ribak, James Ribet, Robert Richards, Audrey Richardson, John Richardson, Charles Richmond, Alfred Rid- dle. Edwin Riggsbec John Robinson, James Rogers, Oron Rogers, Milton Romary, Aldert Root Marvin Rosen. Robert Rosemst, SeymOur Rosenblatt, Robert Rosmthal, Joseph I: Ross, Morris Ross. Hartley Rowe, joseph Rowlett, Edward Royal, Robert Rche, Eser '51 Rubenstein, Joseph Rubenstone, Seymour Rubin, Louis Rubinsohn, Richard Ruby, George I Rue James Russell, Fred Rutledge, Arnold Ryder, Oliver Ryder. k ; John Sadlik, .Iohrl1 Sands, Marvin Sands, Albert Sasso, Rob6rt Sauer, Frank Saunders, i Morton thdap. Marum VSchafer, Robert Schenkcl, Frederick Scherr, Edward Schl65ingcr, mfg! Jerome bchnmder. DLlVld Shorr Gregory Schultz. Martin Schwab, Joseph Schwakrtz, l m .5; Q: . $-,-. FRESHMAN CLASS Robert Schwartz, Harry Scully, Harvey Segal, Emil Serlich Charles Shalleck Srlvm 22:33:, fggglasngisiarkgf; Malscgm Shmmfgna Malcolm Sherrin, Clarence Shields, Rabat :Fh0m1; Shumate PChiirlesc rSrybla lpman, Wllllam Shorgs, Ralph Slhort, Robert Shuford, f , . l Cy, JOhn 81.6021, Walter Sllcr, Paul Slmxnons, Murray Sims, Roy Smgleton, Charles Skmner, Tom Skmner Irwin Sklarsky joe 810m GeOr ,. 3 Ad- . . . . i , c , ng mc berg, jullus Smlth, Nancy Smlth, Roger Smlth, Robert Smith Rita Smith Thomas Smith William Smith, Zachary Smith, William Smoak, Elliott Sinolen Calxjin Smyth 10hr; Snell, Lee Snow, Norris Snow, Mame Snyder, Norman Sommers: Richard Soskix; Wil- liam Soyars, Robert Spain, Ralph Spainhour, Wlalter Spencer, Philip Stamm N,orm2m Staples, Howard Starnes, Eustace Stathacos, John Stedman, Howard Stein, Petgr Stevens, William Stewart, Vance Stine, Robert Stockton, john Stoddart, James Stokley, Ferris Stout, David Strain, Daniel Strauss, V. Ray Stutts, George Summer, Julian Sutton, Isom Swaim, Beverly Sullivan. Ralph Tate, Charles Tatum, Benjamin Taylor, Edgar Taylor, William Taylor, Claude Teague, James Teague, Burlwell Temple, john Temple, Verman Topper, Frederick Thompson, Lee Thompson, Paul Thompson, William Thompson, John Twaits, JeromE Tichner, John Tillett, Mabel Tilley, W. Carr Timberlake, Edmund Tisdale, John Titchener, Delma Todd, Morty Tomashoff, Frederick TOuton, Bea Townsend, Otway Trail, Astor Trogdon, Benjamin Trotter, Paul Trueblood, Robert Tucker, Robert Turner, Raymond TurrentinE, Charler Tyner. Kent Upchurch, Muriel Upchurch, Richard Upchurch. Mart VanKirk, Julius Varady, Masuin Veronee, Wesley Viall, John Vogler. Riley Wade, Thomas Wadsworth, Willard XWagner, Melvin Waldfogel, Thomas Walkman, James Wallace, John Walker, Hez. Walters, Ernest Ward, Marshall Ward, Xenophon Ward, George Warmbold, Benjamin Warner, Albert Warshaver, Norman Waters, Wade Weatherford, Willis W6atherford, Hilda Weaver, Charles Webb, Wil- liam Webb, William Webster, Terrell Webster, Robert Weinberg, Maurice Weinstein, Walter Watheim, Bryant Weth6rell, Harry Whidbee, Al Whitaker, Robert Whitaker, Lee Whitcomb, Buxton White, Floyd White, James White, Clarence Whitefield, Francis Whiteheart, Owen Whitfield, Arthur Williams, Don Williams, Edwin Williams, William Williamson, Wendell Wilhide, Forrest Wilkerson, Thaddeus Wilkerson, John Wilkin- son, Kendall Willis, William Wilmording, Alexander Wilson, Donald Wilson, Flora Wilson, Paul Wilson, William Wilson, Edward Winslow, Joe Winslow, Rhett Winters, William Woestendick, Hilliard Wolfe, John Wood, Stanley Wood, Stuart Woodman, Joe Woody, Byron XWoolley, Raymond Works, Franklin Wertman, Carl Wray, Dallas Wright, Chalmers Wyatt, Gordon Wyche. . Terry Yarger, William Yates, Harry Yeatman, Herman Yoos, Leon YOung, Rlchard Young, John Yount. Henry Zaytoun. AND ALSO WE PLAYED" XVITH KEROSENE FOR SWEETNING HOUSE UFFIN ROUGH- R WE WERE FRESHMEN ONCE, TOO -YARD LINE ! TWO GERMAN CLUB JIVE THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT PAN-AMERICAN RELATIONS WE THREE xxiriiisgggigggk N ix? R an. , man a 24111 x gig , c , ?4 a , DWAYNE IRWIN OFFICERS l Dwayne Irwin, President; J. Carter Wat- kins, Vice-President; Edwarcl Hamlet, Secre- t tary-Treasurer; W. K. .Lewis, Student Legislature; Ray Alexander Kiser, Student Council; Edwin Fuller, N.C.P.A. Presidentj Blanche Burrus, N.C.P.A.. Vice-President. The school year 1940-41 began with orien- tation of the new prospective pharmacists to campus life, and by the time upper-classmen arrived operations were ink full sWing. How- ever it was not long until bright eyes assumed CARTER WATKINS ED HAMLET W. K. LEWIS RAY KISER THEPHARMACY SCHOOL 21 mystified look, and there followed a series of misfortunes. But even after taking into account all the confusion brought on by influenza, i'mposed physical exercise, and the draft bill, the School of Pharmacy now in its 44th year of operation finds itself with 135 members. For 121 while it looked as though operations would have to be suspended clue to low at- tendance. However a few students of sound constitution under the guidance of able pro- fessors held the fort until the crisis passed. 1 Dr. E. A. Brecht is successfully carrying on the duties assumed here last year, and Dr. Jacob's load has been lessened by the inval- uable assistance of South Carolinats contri- bution'to organic chemistryeC. K. hBert" XVheeler. Dean Beard is back on duty after a long rest, Dr. Rose is catching up on his golf, and Dr. Burlage is concentrating on hpopyt quizzes. As for social highlights of the yeaf we recall speeches on Pharmacy and Public 187 Health, a weiner roast in Battle Park, "Fish" Wforley's party, the trip to Indianapolis, the dances, and the camaraderie enjoyed by all through the Visit of the N.C.P.A. convention to our campus. Our well 7 known student organizations such as the student N.C.P.A., and Rho Chi are still 'Hourishing; and the Pharmacy Senate organized 'last year has attracted much stu- dent interest and 1's sefying a good'purpose. by enabling students to eatpress their opin- ions on al.11- phases of Pharmacy iri' open forum discussion. EDWIN FULLER BLANCHE BURRUS DAVID MCGOWAN JOHN TERRELL W3-X.MAX--....-MA -...-- .. X.X.....-.- . William Walton Allgood Roxboro, N. C. H K A Candidate for B.S. Degree. George Edward Clark Pittsboro, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Sherwood Mac Edwards Ayden, N. C. K 2 Candidate for B..S Degree; Interdon- YW.C. A. mit01y Council 01; Ralph Emerson Foster, Jr. Leaksv1lle, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Edwin Rudolph F uller Louisburg, N. C. 49 A X Candidate for B;.S Degree: NCPA i1 2 3 41; Senate 131, Pres. M1. Marion Sims Harner . Lenoir, N. C. CI, A X1 Candidate for B.S. Degree. 188 Blanche Evelyn Burrus Canton, N. C. X Q K E P X Candidate for B. S. Degree; Class Offi- cer 031; Y...WCA. i1, 2 3 41; N.C. RA. 0 2 31 V. Pres. 011. Jack Alexander Creech , Salemburg, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree; YACKETY YACK M1; Pharmacy Senate i3, 41; N.C.P.A. i2, 3, 41. Claudia Josephine Eldridge Carrboro, N. C. i Y K E P X Candidate for B.S. Degree; Pharmacy Class Officer 121; N.C.P.A. 0, 2, 3, 41; Senate i31. ' Junius Claude Fox Randleman, N. C. IID A X Candidate for B..S Degree: Swimming M1; N....CPA i2, 3, 4-1. Henry Wilson Greene Roanoke Rapids, N. C. K 1! Candidate for B.S. Degree; Class 0111- K, c'er; University Dance Committee. Joe Edward Hamlet Hollister, N. C. K xII Candidate for B.S. Degree; Class 0111- g1 4321; N.C...PA i3, 41; Di Senate 5 .1,',,,,,Mww " SE : NM Xv Thomas Marshall Holland Mount Holly, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Dwayne Alton Irwin Wilkesboro, N. C. K XII Candidate for B.S. Degree; Class Offl- cer XPresidenU. Ray Alexander Kiser Lincolnton, N. C. P X Candidate for B.S. Degree: St CoXuncil UM Di Senate QM N. X3 . - Wyndale, Va. K A P X Candidate for B.S. Degree; Di 03. 4M N.C.P.A. m, 3, 40. Calvin Sneid Oakley Mebane, N. C. X Candidate for B.S. Degree. John Milton Pickard Durham, N. C: CD A X , Candidate for B.S. Degree: Class 0m. Ger m: N.C.P.A. U. 2, 3, 4m Di, Sen- ate 03L Pres. OD. George Graham Inman Fairmont, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. Arthur Richardson Johnson Kerr, N. C. P X Candidate for B.S. Devree; N.C.P.A.: Class Officer m. O Wilson Knowles Lewis Q9: Class om Council MM Y.M.C.A. OD: ce Committee James Edward Perry. Franklin, N. C. X XIX CAndidate for B.S. Degree. Latane Wright Potter Chapel Hill; N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree. 189 vlcbowan larter. N. C. effield nmons r1 Alfred Simmons 1-SalemuN. CX Farrell vi... 3; 32 .f a1 ' '1! ea; $ ,1 3 .ng s;c.-mum.. ink. George Edwin Royall, Jr. Elkin, N. C. 4i A X Candidate for B.S. Degree: N.C.P. U. 2, 3. L0. Edwin Harrison Smith, Jr. Weldon, N. C. K W Class Officer 00. Rose Pittman Stacy ' Chapel Hill, N. C. K E P X Candidate for B.S. Degree; Y.W'.C.A. U, 2. 3 4M N.C.P.A. Pres. GD. . Hamilton Polk Underwood Fayetteyille, N. C. ATO PX Candidate for B.S. Degree; Phi Assem- bly UM N.C.P.A. Q, 3, 4L Bryan Henry Whitford Washington, N. C. $ A X Candidate for B.S. Degree: N.C.P.A. u. 2, 3, H- SENIORS Bernard C. Sheffleld, Jr. 3r .. - -,. II. : N.C.P.A. Candidate for B.S. Degree: Class Offl- cer 00; N.C.P.A. UM Y.W.C.A. UL PinknEy LaWson Trotter Pilot MOuntairi, N. C. Candidate for B.S.- Degree. Julian Carter Watkins Emporia, Va. K 4' ' Candidate for B.S. Degree. George Henry Windecker Ridgefxeld Park, N. J. Candidate for B.S. Degree: Class Honor Council QL 190 B.S. VDegree; Interdorz 0M Y.W.C.A. m Foster, Jr. . C. . I.S.- Degree. sg, m Kw V 3; ,- ? 11'1er Ho 111 Iohn NWalle1 8111111110011 Biggs W :1shil1gt1111. N. C. 1l1 A X Iohn T111111111el Cl1111ch S: 1lisl1111' 1 N. Ix A Kcnmth 111'D111gl11 M11111",csxill1' 1. C Constance D11B1se 110891111111. N. C. A A H Frank A1tl111r Greene,J1'. Suffern N. Y. 1b A X David Henry Hood 11111111. N. C. Third I?UIU Leoma Erastus lVICnght F 1111111111111 N C. Otto Stevens Matthews Roseboro. N. C. Albert McLean Mattocks Greensboro. N. C. Raymond Eugene Pethel China Grove. N. C. '11 A X Gershon Leonard Rubin Kinston. N. C. Joe Terrell Russell 1:111t011 N. C. Ix 1' Herbert Palmer Scoggm Louisburg. N. C. '11 A X 8151301111 Row A Alfred Hende1son ng Du111:1111 N. C 1DAX Margmet Thomas Lloyd Cl1.1;11'l Hill N. C. Bernard Otis Lockhart Sultville. V:1. K 11' Jack Webster McAdams Bu1li111rtm1 N. C. 111A 1 AX Dan G1ier McCrImmon Hemp N. C. David McGowan :111Q11111'te1' N. C. '1: AX Fr; In'fll Rn m A Whlliam Johnson ShefEeld N;1ti1'k ALMS. 111A X Foster Joel Summons Conover N. C. 111 A X William Alfred Simmons Winst011-Sale1n.N. C. Harry Cleveland Tee Harrington. Del. KDAX John Arthur Terrell Chapel Hill. N. C. '11 A X James D. Williams Gate City. Vz. K 1' Sherrod N. Wood 14111119111, N. C. SOPHOMORE CLASS : Fm; Row: Kerr, Aycock, Crew, Summerlin, Third Row: Boone, Britt, Shields, Carswell, Simmons, Tart. Irwin, Brittv u Second Row: Burnette, Williamson, Johnson, Fomib Row: Jowdy, Hollowell, Wyche, Ros- Henly, Sessons. ser, Carswell, Sivens. Fin! Row: Huffman, TriplettJPattersOn, Upf ' ' LFom'tlo Raw; Anderson, Mitchner, Crabtree, 2 church, CanAday, Beam, Gilbert. ,. BroWn,.Gamer. Second Row: Richardson, VPickard, White, 1 Fifth Row: MCDOWCHV Latham, Helms, : '- Knight. , Estes, Johnson, Bettingfield. Third Row: Barnard, Blackney, ,Barnesr, Munns, Viall. 192 ulry MELLx H1UFVPaGLIA 1 .Hh4 , , W v , . ,. . , , c . V . ,, ., 2J1 9 . 1 H , . . ; i, x. , x xxx; $2 ?Af , X ,,, , ,7 . x . 9'11;- SCHOOL OF LAW OFFICERS LAW ASSOCIATION: Al Walker, President; Claude Wheatly, Vice-President; Owen Cooke, Secretary-Treasurer; D. P. Whitley, Student COuncil Representative; Sam Leager, Student Legislator. Third Year C1455: Hector McGeachy, President; Dula Hawkins, Vice-President; Paul Barnwell, Secretary; Red Meehan, Treasurer. Second Year Cldjjl Pete Waering, President; Bill Cole, Vice-President; Bill Allen, Secretary; Phyllis Campbell, TreaSurer. Pint Year Clam: W. W. Powell, President; Joe Leonard, ViCe-President; L0uis Gaylord, Secretary; James Lawrence, Treasurer. Third Year Clem, 1940: James H. P. Bailey, Paul K. Barnwell, Henry C. Blair, J Henry Blalock, Mrs. Caroline Ward Carr, Joseph B. Cheshire, William A. Cobb, William M. Cochrane, William O. Cooke, James K. Dorsett, Harry Gahderson, Don Gillam, Alex H. Graham, Curtis Hawkins, Lewis Sneed High, Samuel R. Le'ager, Robert J. Lovill, Philip E. Lucas, 0. Hester McGeachy, Robert Craig MCInnes, William Ellis Me'ehan, William S. Mitchell, William R. Morris, Thomas P. Ravenel, George B. Riddle, Edgar L. Roebuck, Hal H. Walker, Julien K. Warren, Claude R. Wheatly, Dan P. Whitley, Vaughn Winbome, Julian D. Winslow, Arthur R. Woods, and Frank M. Wooten. , F. - mt Row. CLAUDE WHEATLY, C. DULA HAWKINS, FRANK M. WOOTEN. LEWIS SNEED HIGH CAROLINE WARD CARR WILLIAM S MITCHELL, JOHN HENRY BLALOCK, A. H. GRAHAM, JR., N. HECTOR MCGEACHY. Second R010; THOMAS RAVENEL, JAMES K. DORSETT, SAMUEL LEAGER, WILLIAM COCHRAN, GILBERT C HINE J D WINSLOW HA1 WALKER, W. A. COBB, PAUI. K. BARNWELL. 7174 R010. JAMES H. Pou BAILEY, EDWARD HARDING SEAWELL, HARRY GANDERSON, ROBERT JONES LOVILL JR ELLIS MEF A , .. H N VAUGHAN S. WINBORNE. PAUL LUCAS. 194 HAL WALKER D. P. WHITNEY Fin! Row: J. E. MITCHENER. HAYDEN HAYES, JOEL DENTON, MARGARET FAW, GEORGE HARRELSON, JOE LEONARD, DIANNA FOOTE, LEROY SHUPING MILTON SHORT, J. V. MORGAN. Sermzd Rou': JAY HUBBELL, PETE WAERING, THAD T. MOSER, BOB RUTTER, LEWIS GAYLORD, GEORGE SHIPP, OWEN RODMAN, FRED EDNEY. PETE BURKHEIMER, JAMES LAWRENCE, JACK SHUFORD, FRANK HAEZEL, JOHN BRIGGS, JAMES B. GARLAND, SARAH NATHAN, WALTER POWELL. Third Rour: DWIGHT MORGAN, THOMAS B. NORDAN, JOHN KILPATRICK, HENRY HARKEY, CLIFF PACE, HARVEY JONAS, BILL COLE, JAMES PERRIN, P. D. KENNEDY, J. 5. PAGE, DAVE ARMSTRONG, S. B. BRADLEY, JAMES LAMONT, MILTON JULIEN. Family Row: EDWARD HINSDALE, HYMAN PHILLIPS, HUNTER MARSHALL, PHYLLIS CAMPBELL, WILLIAM RENDLEMAN, KENYON WIL- SON, ARTHUR JONES, FRED B'ATEMAN. HECTOR MCGEACHY PETER WAERING W. H. POWELL Second Year Clair, 1940: William A. Allen, David H. Armstrong, Fred W. Bateman, Phyllis J. Campbell, Wil- liam B. Campbell, Enser W. Cole, Nonne L. Gudger, Henry L. Harkgy, Gilbert C. Hine, Chas. E. Hinsdale, Frank P. Holton, Charlton E. Huntley, Harvey A. Jonas, Milton Julian, Philip D. Kennedy, Howard M. Kiss, James G. Lamont, T. W. M. Long, Hunter Marshall, Joseph E. Mitchiner, James V. Morgan, L. Dwight Morgan, Clifford E. Pace, James W. Perrin, Henry H. Philips, Terry San- ford, de. H. Seawell, Wm. Dennie Spry, Peter K. Waering, John K. Wilson. 195 Pint Year Clam, 1940: S. B. Bradley, John H. Briggs, W. P. Burkhimer, Miss Mary D. Cannon, Joel Denton, Fred Edney, Bennett M. Edwards, Beverly A. Faison, Miss Margaret M. Faw, Miss Diana H. Foote, James B. Garland, Louis XV. Gaylord, George D. Harrelson, Hayden B. Hayes, Francis J Heazel, Jay B. Hubbell, Arthur C. Jones, John T. Kilpatrick, James F. Lawrence, Joe H. Leonard, William Mitchell, Thad T. Moser, Miss Sarah J. Nathan, Thomas B. Nordan, Julius S. Page, Walter H. Powdl, William J Rendleman, Owen G. Rodman, Robert C. Rutter, George Wm. Shipp, Harold M. Short, John F. Shuford, C. L. Shup- Jing, Charles Swarm, III, Frank B. Taylor. JSMA .' SCHOOL OF MEDICINE OFFICERS WHITEHEAD MEDICAL SOCIETY: J. A. Taylor, President; Fred Tunick, Vice President; Ernest Yeldon, Secretary and Treasurer. Second Year Clary, 1940-41: Robert M. Hall, President; C. L. Pressly, Vice- President; R. M. Wheeler, Secretary and TreaSurer; W. C. Hewitt, Student Council Representative. Fin! Yam: Clam, 1940-41: J Harry Allen, President; I. W. Rose, Vice-Presi- dent; Alfred Costner, Treasurer; John F. Lynch, Jr., Secretary. MEMBERS Second Year Clam: M. L. Aderholdt, L. F. Cruze, A. B. Dickson, W. A. Erwin, G. E. Forbes, Miss Lois Frayser, Geo. E. Gutman, T. H. Holmes, John D. H0yle,' Jack Hughes, W. R. Jenkins, R. F. Keadle, J. W. McLean, Frank M. Nifong, A. R. Parham, Miss Jean LuiPhipps, E. C. Richardson, C. E. Ridenhour, J. B. Riggsbee, Clark Rodman, LesterW. Rose, R. G. Rosser, Miss Rowena Sidbuty, Foyell P. Smith, J. A. Taylor, F. L. Tunick, C. G. Watkins, O. W; Williamson, Ernest Yelton. J. A. TAYLOR . WILLIARD C. HEWITT Firrt Ron" CARLETON GUNTER W J . ATKINS GUS E FORBES DR GRANT L WILLIA , . , . ESTER DONNELLY ERNEST C SechgangoEiflgilivifiAngERv DR. JAMES BELL BULLITT, MARCUS LAFAYETTE ADERHOLTIJR RAYMERNISTlsdeXEVR RICHARDSON. JR" DR. 4 I . INS DR R L H R AYNE WILLIAMSON, JEAN LUI PHIPPS, ASA RICHMOND PARl-IAM CLAyRK ROD . HEELER' , TX '. JR . 3LMANkFRANK MILLER NIFONG, GEORGE ERWIN GUTMANN , MAN, WILLIAM ROMULUS JENKJ er our: ULIA OWENA SIDBURY EVAN ALEXANDER E I , J RWIN ALVIS B. DICKSON DR. 2V. 1; gONNOLLY, CSVARLES EDWARD RIDENHOUR. JOHN DECAJOR HOYLE 5 FRED LIONEL TUNICK' JOHN BUNYAN RIGGSBEE' Oilf 9 010: AM . ' J ' UN KEADLE, WILLLRDFEHAngl-EOLI: ?.IICLEAN, I15013 FRAYSER, CLAUDE LOWRY PRESSLY, SMITH FOYELL. ERNEST H Y FRT McCUF HAIL B S AEWITT. R. WALTER REECE BERRYHILL. THOMAS HAL! HOLMEQ L A . ELTON, ROBERT FRANK- J , . , . J. CHAAF, JnCK HUGHES, LESSLIE W. ROSE. JR., JAMES ALEXANDFR TAYLOR M AWRENCE FRANKLIN CRUZF' ROB- 196 - , u w "zwrmzavam'rh , , . , :..w.".m,,mm. :T-fi'm "A w" 7' DJ: 'w' 41' '3 Wm lvm 3 em- CAM,- Geo. Budalas, Wm. O. Beavers, Robt. L. Long, John B. McDevitt, Wm. H. M6roney, R. A. Mc- B. Beckwith. Edmund D. Bennett, F. A. BIOunt, Henry Lcmore, J. H. Millet, T. L. Morrow, T. L. Murphy, Isaac Boone O. XVatts Booth, W. C. Cames, James E. Davis, Floyd Nesbitt, 13' G' Noble, T S. Perrin, J' D' Piver, C. H. Edwards, Thos. W. Ellis, Hillard Gold, Jerry Gavce George D' Plonk, C' L Putzd, John H. R66d, Carlos J Ross, Wm. Henry Shull, B. W. Sitterson, Hugh Smith, . . H. W. Sparrow, J T. Stegall, R. E. Sumner, B. R. Swan mk, Wm. Edwm Hoy, Wm. F. Hutson, Worth Kirby, Wm. Wm. Tenenblatt, R. B, Williams. H. W. Harris, L. D. Hayman, Hunter Heath, Richard E. Hed- FRED FRENCH ROBERT M. HALL .I. HARRY ALLEN Fin; Raw: WORTH KIRBY, WOODALL ROSE, JOHN B. MCDEVITT, JERRY GAFSIE, GEORGE BEDALIS, WILLIAM C. CARNES, WILLIAM no SHAUL, B. R. BECKWITH, HILLARD GOLD, EDMUND BENNETT. Seromz' Row: HUNTER HEATH, GEORGE PLONK, JAMES E. DAVIS, TED BLOUNT, WILLIAM HAY, LACY MORROW, WILLIAM BEAVERS, WILLIAM HARRIS, ROBERT MCLEMORE. Third Row: CHARLES EDWARDS, HENRY BOONE, HUDSON, R. E. HEDRICK, FLOYD NESBIT, BAXTER NOBLE, WILLIAM TENENBLATT, DR. WESLEY CRITZ GEORGE, HARRY ALLEN. 1:011er Row: WATTS BOOTH, LYNCH MURPHY, ROBERT SUMNER, LOUIS HAYMAN. THOMAS ELLIS. JAMES PIVER, J. KEITH BORLAND. Fiftb Row: JOHN MILLER, DR. GRANVIL CHARLES KYKER, DR. E. C. PLISKE, DR. A. T. MILLER. JR., DR! WALTER REECE BERRYHILLV JOHN STEGALL, BERNARD SWAN, HUGH SMITH, ALFRED COSTNER, JACK LYNCH. Sixlb Rou': HARRY SPARROW LUNCEFORD LONG, CARLOS R053, R. B. WILLIAMS, THOMAS PERRIN, JOHN REED, CHARLES PUTZEL, BEECHER SITTERSON, WILLIAM MERONEY. 197 xzxiixxxxu 7MX x?? NUGGLE PUPPIES S HE STOOPS TO CONQUER LATE DATE IN THE MAKING II 0 O T :D.. M D N A . . . AND PHARMACY, LAW, XW BOO! DISTL'RBING INFLUENCES STEADY! EASY DOES IT ANALYTIC IKE m MW ' MMWM ,, u. 199 4 , , v44hulm1whahll v.1: 1. fqalnnwhuyl'HF , , , .Irlltqbll'rlvllltrlivrival;p!lv , N NE? 7 Xx L L4?z4n97wmww igM I y? f L x; , , , , L myig, fa , ,L L L L L L L , L L , . , , ?Wignau , , . , L . , L , , L ,, L .L 2,45, CURRICULAR EXTRA V??? x xxxxxxxx xAX xx ANNVk Z, Y W W T C A K m D A C A G W T N E w. IL P P U S memwr M ,mme S E N m, M. Y R R A H GENE XVITTEN Bmineu 114mm ger Editor-z'n-Cbz'ef ,p xx Editoria! Staff: Jak Armstron Hobbs, Feature Editor; G. B. Lamm, Photography Editor. g, Managing Editor; Hunt Charles Colby, Cartoon Editor; Editor; St. Clair Pugh, Exchange Carrommx Tom Biebigheiser, Barnab Moll, Lynn Bernhardt, Bill Seeman Stallings, St. Clair Pugh. y Conrad, Henry , Ken Currier, Clyde Featzxrerr: Clint Newton, Art Clark, Helen Plyler, Jabie Heyward, Skipper Bowles, Jean Wire, Orville Campbell, Brad McCuen. Photography: Hugh Morton, Ross Craver, J. B. Henson. Bllrfilleff Sfajf: Bob Marshburn, Howard Cohn, Jack Rawls, Martin Schwab, Murry Sims. Coed Staff: Helen Plyler, Manager; Jean Beeks, Nancy Mclver, Gail Davidson, Grace Gilbert. This year as every year in the past, the Buccaneer was the problem child of the Publications Board. However campus reformers took the matter out of the hands of the P. U. Board by abolishing the humor magazine. T0 re- WITTEN TAR AN' FEATHERS place the Bzzccmzeer the P. U. Board ordained a successor called Tar 47f Featherr. After the November issue campus reformers again tried to step in, but Editor Witten com- plied with their wishes by putting out a clean but unhu- morOus humor publication. The legislature set up the new Tar 47f Feather; with a censor board of five editors who were to pass on all ma- terial that was to be usedean editor for each department Whose duty was to keep his section Clean, or something. Editor Witten was to choose these editors and invest in them his council; but it availed nothing. To quote the editor, le the only censor around here." This year the "humor mag" presented campus life in a new way. Lots of snapshots and picture stories were used. The written features took a turn toward satire. Campus policies and institutions were hit, taking the place of the fiction of previous years. The cartoons this year come out of the gutter and, leaving sex behind, encompassed a more eosmopolitan field. The policy of this new publication can be summed up in the words of Somzd G Fwy: llNOt funnyebut clean!" .- 14 : BISHOP BARRETT 7a DAILY TAR HEEL I "Common sense liberalism," the Daily Tar Heel terms its edi- torial policy. It is liberal within reason; thus, neither rextionaries nor radicals Will countenance us. But honest, rational; thinking people usually either agree with us or at least give us credit for thinking about the things that happen around us, This "common sense liberalism" permits the Tar Heel to uphold the right of a free student press, yet oppose a dirty humor magazine ; to believe that America shOuld not enter the war, yet allow the expression of the opposing viewpoints in its public column; tq spearhead the demands of students for better dormitory furniture, yet insist that they must accept responsibility for protection of that which they have; to defend the right of alleged iiSuper-libera? faculty members to have their say, yet impress upon them the nec- essity of exercising a little common sense also; to advocate greater student participation in affairs of curriculum, readmissions, athletics, and student welfare, yet constantly remind them of responsibilities that accompany power. On the news end of the paper the purpose has been to present all the news, in proportion to its news worthiness, With fairness to every organization and shade of opinion. We have SOught to dig out and. present the truth, yet not intentionally hurt individuals. The series of stories on the action of the North Carolina Board of Education in rejecting for text and supplementary use the fifth grade history book of Professors Albert Newsome and Hugh LeHer, was the best bit of work done by the Tar Heel. The work of the editorial staff in behalf of a course on the history of the University should some day prove to be its most noteworthy achievement. STAFF Don Bishop, Editor; Charles Barrett, Managing Editor; William Brunet, Business Manager; Joseph Zayton, Circulation Manager. Bill Snider, Associate Editor. Louis Harris, Simons Roof, George Simpson, Orville Campbell, Editorial Board. Martha Clampitt, Barnaby Conrad, Columnists. BRUNER Henry Moll, Cartoomst. Harry Hollingsworth, Ernie Frankel, Paul Komisaruk, Jinl :NICEVVCH, Shirley HObbS- M'Iinfl Li ' w nght Sports Editors. . , r pplncott, Faye R1137, Constance Mason, Kathryn Charles, Feature Board. Ben Snyder Abby Cohen Earle Hellen, Steve Reiss, Fred Cazel, Rush Hamrick, City Editors. , Sports Reporters. Ed Rollins, Wire Editor. Bill Schwartz, Morty Ulman, Local Advertising Managers. Didi Young, Sylvan Meyer, BOb HOkE, Night EditOrs. Bill Stanback, Jack Dube, Durham Representatives. Bruce Snyder, Baxter McNeer, G. C. McClure, Assist- 'mts Bill Stanback, Ditzi Buice, Jimmy Norris, Marvin RoserL Farris Stout, Robert Bettmann, Local Assistants. Bucky Harward Philip Carden Ransom Austin Mar ' ' ' ' x , , J Y Mort Golb , M r B0 6 , Elmor Elllott, M111 cent M0 gal'dwell, Grady Reagan, Ernest Frankel, Paul Komisaruk, Kehdryy Rose ggefkixzitz E6221 Schwartz Collecticlms 111-516 Lyon, V1Vlan Glllesple, Larry Dale, Grace Rutledge, ' , , ' B111 XVebb, Reporters. Jack Holland, Offxce Manager. Jack Mitchell, Staff Photographer; Sarah Nathan, Office Assistant. Leonard Lobred, Sports Editor. Henry Zaytoun, Joe Schwartz, Circulation Office Staff. xxxxxW Wk V 1 KW ; , g, fww WW w vi bred, SPIES. ALLEN This year we raised a few eyebrows, dented the armor of a few olld-timers and fell Victims of the modern passion for stream-lining by changing our name from Magazine to HMagii. This was of course a superficial part of a policy to offer a neater literary and journalistic package to the campus. We were helped by the additions of a two-color cover and Officery: Adrian Spies, Editor; William Allen, Business 5 Manager; Jack HOlland, Assistant Business Manager; Henry M011, Editorial Amiitantx: James COX, Paul Quinn, Leonard L0- Advewiyz'ng A55i514nt5: Harold Berk, George Leder, Charlie Harris, Mary Jane Daffln, Jayne Crosby. 71w CAROLINA MAGAZINE Art Editor; Joe Zaytoun, Circulation Manager. Louis Harris, Barnaby Conrad, Office: Sara Sheppard. cartoons. Our contributions, although never reach- ing the point of swamping us and usually the chil- dren of several rewrites, attempted to deal with im- portant matters in a way which would be of interest to the student body at large. And we tried to aug- ment our liberal principles by including fewer of them in a publication that offered a readable variety. 208 The Carolina Mag has consistently gained national recog- nition for the absolute freedom Which every editor has had, Without faculty or alumni censorship, editors have always been able to preserve an honest and courageous publication. And throughout the country, wherever the Mag is recognized, the university has maintained its just reputation for liberalism. In past years this recognition has more often been off of the cam- pus than on it. This year we have attempted to retain the 01d principles and enhance our campus standing. If future editors will keep alive a variety of interests and, most important, a sense of humor, the Carolina Mag may eventually become the accepted tag that its inherent purpose commands. . XX m N w BYRD MERRILL Editor-in-Cbief - ' Biuz'nem Staff Louis Stephens, David AReid, Bahgson Gray, George Stammler, Fra'nkDaklton, Dick Kaskel, Dean Williams, Frances Gibson, Eleanor' Saule, llRusty Earnes, Jean Sherwood, Ruth Mayer, Zack Smith. Editmial Staff: G. I. Kimball, Sectional Editor; Billy Peete, Divisional Editor; John Thorp, Editorial Editor; and' Charlie Tillett, Engraving Editor. Photography Staff: Hugh Morton, Editor; G. B. Lamm, Jack Fields, Jack Mitchell, Ross Craver, J. B. Henson, Stanley Holland. knior Sectimz: Stuart McCoach, Editor; Mary Caldwell, , Spencer Watkins, Lattie Brown, Arthur Joyner, Bennett Creech. junior Secfz'onx J'ack Page, Editor; Sonny Awalt, Stuart VBaaslal, Vernon Godfrey, Sonny Boney. Sopbmzor? Section: Wert Rhyme, Editor; Vincent Ander; son, George Smedberg, George Summer, Kendall Willis. Bmineu Maizager meemity Section: 'William 'Watkins, Editor; James 'Thorp, Paul Huber, Bobby Cranord, Edward Boyle, Josiah Bailey. Coed Sectioizy: Louise Dudley Smith, Editor; Elinor E1- liott, zEunice Patton. Atbletic Section: Hunt Hobbs, Editor; Jack Saunders, Sterling Gillian, Karl Swartz. Honorary Section: Henry Newsom, Editor; Jim Yount, Bill Frazier. Extracmv'iczzlar Sectiom G. A. Lemmon, Editor; Irwin Henderson, Richard McElroy, Carrington Guy. Introdmtory Section: Floyd Cahoon, Editor; John Byers, Torn Gibbons, Martha LeFevre. ' Dame'sation: BillBroadfoot, Editof. a TypiJLr: Ann Bates, Mary Louise Wilson, Millicent McKen'dry. , NORMAN STOCKTON, JR. Wax Although an annual only has one edition, the tears and toll of accumulating together the mass of material, photographs, writeups begin in September and do not end until the book is out in May. The annual goes to press by sections and not a week passes during the year in which there is not some type of lldeadline" to meet. This years YACKETY YACK was built around the obvious theme of "Chapel Hill, 1941." Besides the formal and orthodox parts of the annual, the staff has tried to build up as complete a picture of the University and its life here and now on the campus in an informal manner. With the cooperation of the Publications Union Board, the quality of the annual has been improved so that, it is not only the largest YACKETY YACK ever printed, but also color has been added in design and kodachrome engravings. Much credit for this years book goes to: the fine cooperation of the staff without whose help, the 1941 YACKETY YACK would never become a reality. 1W PUBLICATIONS l UNION BOARD The Officers of the 1940-41 P.U. Board are: Leonard Lobred, President; Andrew Gennett, Secretary; William Seeman, Treasurer; George F. Homer, Faculty Member; i Earl H. Hartsell, Faculty Member; and J M. Lear, Faculty Adviser. M XXfith complete fmancial control of the four student publicationsrethe Daily Tar Heel, YACKETY YACK, TM , 472i Feathers, and the Catolimz Magazine-ethe Publications ' LOBRED GENNETT Union Board promotes cooperation among publications l SEEMAN LEAR Without influencing their policies. The Board appoints and fixes the salaries of all paid workers excebt the elected editors; makes contracts for printing and engraving; and controls the expenditure of all publications funds. Although the fee may be raised only by campus vote, the Board may lower it; this was done this spring. y There are five men on the Board. Three students are elected by campus-Wide vote of the Publications Union, Which is composed of every student at the University. The Dean of Administration appoints the two faculty members for staggered two-year terms. A financial adviser from the faculty also sits With the Board h but has no vote. ' l Left to Right: SEEMAN, GENNETT, LOBRED, HORNER, HARTSELL, AND LEAR. 212 BEESTON CULLUM FOOTE LOARING-CLARK LOGAN MCMASTER MARSH RHODES . SWIFT WRIGHT WOMEN'S INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL The purpose of the committee is to arouse and stimulate interest in extra- curricula activities, the Womarfs Student Government, and better dormitory relations. t The duties of this council are: to help the new students get acquainted with Carolina, to interest the new students in activities throughout the year, and to counsel With them, and to improve inter-dormitory and intra-dormitory rela- tions. MEMBERS 0 I k I E E I ,3 -z .5: Betty Moore, President; Ann Thornburgh, Secretary; Susan Swift, Sarah Wright, Ann Moore, Olivia Rhodes, Genie Loaring-Clark, Alaine Marsh, Maxine Beeston, Sylvia Cullum, Diana rFoote, Henrietta Logan, Louise Hall, Ann Adler, Mildred Brown, Jane McMaster, Ex-offlcio. MOORE THORNBURGH 213 Fim Row: BRIGGS, TAYLOR, HEATH, STEWART, DUNN, SAVARESE. Second Row: HEWITT, POPE, LANGFORD, NEGAY. HEATH INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL OfflCCI'S'Of the Interdormitory Council: Ben Heath, Members of the Interdormitory Council: President; Albert Stewart, Vice-President; Ed Taylor, Secretary; Elwood Dunn, Treasurerf Council of Dormitory Presidents: Robert Kome- gay, Grimes; Aubrey Moore, Mahly; Charles Sava- rese, Old East; Harry Belk, NH; Hal Pope, Aycock; BELK, MOORE, PARKER, EDWARDS, KOR- Grz'mes: George Hayes, Earnest Spence, Wfilson Lewis, Ben Aiken, Frank Green, Jack Conley. Manly: Lester Callan, Steve Peck, Archie Lovin, Bob Heyman, Albert Johnson, Page Shamburger. Ed Emckson, Lewis; ROY Parker, Old West; Mack Old Emi: Charles Barker, Ervin Hall, Harry Lewis, Edwards, Steele; Bill Johnson, Everett; Eldon Sand- Jim Hambright Eugene Davant ers, MK; Pat Witherington, Graham; Edwin Briggs, Ruffm; Bill Lankford, BVP; Albert Hewitt, Man- H Dorm: Keith Edmister, Garland Hendrix, Jim gum. Shaw, Charles Spaugh, Arthur Foster. 214 A ycock .' Bob Lambert, Tom Dill, Dave Barksdale. Ed Duke, Ben Tillett. I Lawn: Don Baker, Hal Jennings, Boyce Clinton Morrow, Marshall Parker, Roy Asch. OM 1176th John Hampton, Charles Barrett, Mike Roberts, Tom Wright, George Worth. Steele: Walter Clark Hargrovcs, Dolphus Taylorr Fisher, Frank Reynolds, Gene Smith, Sam Teague. Everett: Bill Johnson, Ed Shytle, Samuel Gambill, Terry Sanford, Dick Silverman. ' . fwff" ... Y'TYR"?:'W1" i , v a K Dorm: Pick Hamlin, John McCormick, Bill Brown, Martin Berger, Ralph Crawford. Graham: Hill Carter, John Powell, A1 JOWdy, Hu- bert Smith, John Touloupas. RZIJWQ: Buck Timberlake, Joe Halsaback, John Johnston, Jack Towell, Kays Gary. BVP: Bernis Slavia, Ed Council, Archie Tomlin- son, Claywell Anderson, Mac Mqrphy. Mmgzmz: Bill Wa11 , Steve Forrest, Tommy Spar- row, Wesley Gooding, G. B. Lamm, Acton Keats. Pint Row: HAMPTON, HARGROVE, COUNCIL, DUNNK HEATH, TAYLOR, DAVANT, BRIGGS, SAVARESE. Second Row: CALLAN, FISHER, EDWARDS, HOLMES, REYNOLDS, TEAGUE, HAMBRIGHT, ERICKSON. Third Row: JOHNSON, LEWIS, BARKER, HALSABACK, POWELL, WITHERINGTON, GOODING, CARTER, TILLETT, JOHNSTON. Fourzfa Row: PARKER, CRAWFORD, MOORE, BAKER, ASCH, JENNINGS, HALL, Filea Row: SILVERMAN, HENDRIX, EDMISTER, SPAUGH, FOSTER, BARKSDALE, HAMLIN. Sixtb Row: BROWN, SANDERS, SHAMBURGER, SMITH, PECK, WALL, FORREST, RATLEDGE. Seventh Row: GAMBILL, TIMBERLAKE, POPE, LAMBERT, MORROW. 215 $.17? 1w 474;. 4 . 0. -.. TAYLOR DIFFENDAL HAYES SEBRELL BARHAM BEESTON f BRIGGS T CHAMBLISS DALTON DAVANT DIFFENDAL g FELTS ELLIOT FREDRICK GIBSON HAYES HOBBS H. HOLLINGSWORTH L. HOLLINGSWORTH IDOL g HOLLAND KIMBALL LACKEY LINDSEY MARTIN MENDELSOHN PATTEN MURPHEY RICHARDSON OWENS PYLE , ? RHYNE ROSE SCHMIDT SCHWARTZ SEBRELL SHYTLE SHELKOFF SPRANZY TAYLOR TILLETT TORREY TUCKER WHITAKER A. WILLIAMS F. WILLIAMS UNIVERSITY CLUB OFFICERS Ferebee Taylor, President; Geonge Hayes, Vice- President; John Diffendal, Secretary; Emmett Sebrell, Treasurer. MEMBERS Rufus S. Shelkoff, Phi Alpha; Ed Shytle, Everett; George Spransy, K"; Bill Felts, Beta Theta Pi; Bill Schwartz, Z. B. T.; Ferebee Taylor, Zeta Psi; Charles Tillett, S. A. E.; Robert Torrey, Delta Psi; Charlie Tucker, Sigma Chi; Ernest Skillman, Manly; Anne Williams, Chi Omega; Gene Davant, Old East; Pinky Elliot; W. T. Martin; Lloyd Hollingsworth, Piggy Briggs, Ruffm; Boston Lackey, Aycock; John Chambliss, Sigma Nu; Caroline Dalton, Alpha Delta Phi; John Diffendal, A. T. 0.; O. R. Barham, Lewis; George Hayes, Grimes; Truman Hobbs, D. K. 13.; Jack Holland, Kappa Sigma; Harry Hollingsworth, NH D0rm.; Bickett Idol, Phi Gamma Delta; Pat Witherington, Graham; G. I. Kimball, Mangum; Jean Lindsay, Spencer; Ridley Whitaker, Steele; Marvin Mendelsohn, Phi Lambda Pi; Eddie Minges. Lambda Chi Alpha; Frank Williams, Old West; Max- ine Beeston, Womenk Dorm. 2; Mac Murphy, B. V. x P.; Oscar Owens, Pi Kappa Alpha; Eunice Patten, Pi Beta Phi; Charles Pyle, Phi Kappa Alpha; Frances Gibson, Wometfs Dorm. 1; Wert Rhyme, Chi Phi; Stewart Richardson, Phi Delta Theta; A1 Rose, T. E. P.; Freddy Schmidt, Chi Psi; Emmett Sebrell, Kappa Alpha. The University Club is composed of a junior-class representative from each melfs dormitory and fra- temity and a senior-class representative from each girlsT dormitory and sorority. Having direct contact with almost every undergraduate on the campus it, therefore, is a most representative group. The Club is primarily a service organization and all of its functions are carried through in the interest of the student body and the University. The motto of the Clubefor the University-eis self-explanatory of the purposes of the Club. The functions of the Club are many and varied. Through its cooperation With the Athletic Associa- tion, the Club seeks to promote and maintain en- thusiasm and good sportsmanship in all University events and contests by sponsoring pep rallies, enter- taining visiting teams, etc. In cooperation With the General Alumni Offlce, the Club tries to maintain In addition, the Club seeks to inter- University, it seeks to alumni interest. est prospective students in the improve intra-school relations, and it assists other organizations in carrying out projects Which will benefit the student body and the University. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Ojj'icem: Christian Siewers, President; George Simpson, Vice-President; Bill Broadfoot, Secre- tary; Bob Rutter, Treasurer. Metnbem: George Simpson, Alpha Tau Ome- ga; wlChristi-an Siewers, Beta Theta Pi; Bob Sloan, Chi Phi; Francis Gugert, Chi Psi; Wil- liam Hand, Delta Kappa Epsilon; Don Torrey, Delta Psi; Torn Long, Kappa Alpha; Ed Mash- bugn? Kappa Phi; CharlesWood, Kappa Sigtna; Neil Thompson, Lambda Chi Alpha; Sidney BROADFOOT, SIEWERS, AND RUTTER 218 Sadoff, Phi Alpha; Byrd Merrill, Phi Delta Theta, Charles Idol, Phi Gamma Delta; Bob Rutter, Phi Kappa Sigma; Bill Conley, Pi Kap- pa Alpha; Jim Schleiffer, Pi Lambda Phi; Bill rBroadfoot, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Torn Ed- wards, Sigma Chi; Bill Brunet, Sigma Nu; Oscar Zimmerman, Tau Epsilon Phi; Maurice Edwards, Zeta Beta Tau; Edward Penick, Zeta Psi. The Interfraternity Council has as its func- tion the governing of all the men,s Greek letter organizations on the campus. The Presidents of each Houg'e make up the membership of the group. This Council has the power to try breaches of its by-laws and to punish such breaches by fines 0; other means which it may deem Wise. The Council enforces a plan whereby each Hnuse is to see that there' are no Violations of the coed-fraternity agreement rather than leav- ing the execution Of theeplan up to the individ- ual coed. Fraternities are held responsible to the' Interfraternity COuncil rather than to the administration of any other body. Permission for House Parties or other social functions Pint Row: GUGERT, IDOL, BROADFOOT, SIEWERS, RUTTERL EDWARDS, T . Second Row: EDWARDS, M., CONLEY, ZIMMERMAN, RAGLAND, HAND, MERRILL, SCHLEIFFER, MASHBURN, BRUNER. comes directly from the President of the Cohn- Cil. - The Council controls rushing regulations and all other matters Which pertain to the frater- nities as a group. This year the Council: took a defmite forward step by abolishing the objec-, tionable practices of the so-called Hell Week. This Governing body works closely With the- Dean of Students, the Faculty Committee on Fraternities, and the Student Council. - This year the Chuncil'esent two'de-legates, Chris Siewerslandt Bill Bro'adfoot; to the Na- tional. Interfraternity Conference in New York City; I " For the first time the Council is publishing and Sending to incoming freshmen a booklet; on fraternities at the University. The organiza- - tion also donates several scholarships to boys each year and contributes to worthy campusy organizations. 219 E. t I y 5 Pledgeyx Grady Britt, John Henley, Mike Borders, Joe Russel; Wesley R. Vial, Joe Estes, John Thornton, Frank Pickard, Harry Allen, KAPPA PSI Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical fraternity was fOunded at the Medical ' College of Virginia on December 15, 1879. The organization was the flrst Greek-letter society established in the colleges of Pharmacy in the United States. It is the one and only strictly Pharmaceutical fra- ' temity which limits its chapters to colleges of Pharmacy holding mem- bership in the American Association of colleges of Pharmacy. This, the Beta Xi chapter, was established at the University of Notth Carolina in 1915, embodying the following charter members: Dean J. G. Beard, R. A. McDuffie, E. D. Kyser, R. H. Andrews, J. L. Beach, F. N. Patterson, R. H. Mann, G. G. Blackwelder. ' Kappa Psi, since its origin, has sought to attain the highest ideals in the profession of Pharmacy, and surrounds its members in an atmos- WATKINS . . . , , . phere of compamonshlp, congenlahty, and mtegrxty. 0$cerw Julian Carter Watkins, Regent; A. L. McLean, Vice- Regent; Edwin Harrison Smith, JL, Secretary-Treasurer; M. L. Jacobs, FaCulty Adviser. Memben: Thomas Boone, Joe Edward Hamlet, Dwayne Alton Irwin, A. L. McLean, Bernard Sheffield, Edwin Harrison Smith, Julian Sam Beavans, BillMorton, Jefferson Whitehead, Carter Watkins, J. D. Williams, Henry Green, Louis Irwin, Bernard NorHeet McDowell, S. N. Wood. Lockhart, Paul Tart. BRITT GREEN HAMLET IRVIN , McLEAN SHEFFIELD SMITH IRWIN LOCIXHART TART WILLIAMS CAROLINA POLITICAL UNION The ar . 2 . ' ' . ' ' . C 01111.1 Pohtlcal Umon IS an orgamzatxon of twenty-flve mldents who brmg t0 the campus outstanding representatives of vary- ing political and social Viewpoints in an effort to stimulate student thmkmg. The Union itself is a nonpartisan group, although it in- cludes within its ranks members of all major political parties. During the past year the Union presented to the campus a number of outstanding political leaders. Included on its programs were: Serm- tor Claude Pepper and Rev. A. J. Muste in the fall quarter; Speaker Sam Rayburn, Senator Gerald Nye, and Secretary of Commerce Jesse Jones, Major George Fielding Elliot, and National Democratic Chair- man Ed Flynn. The Officers of the Union elected last spring are WiilIiam Joslin, Chairman; Edward Kantrowitz, Vice-Chairman; Arthur Dixon, Secre- tary; Charles Tillett, Treasurer. The members of the Carolina Political Union are: Bill Cochrane, Lucille Darvin, Arthur Dixon, Charlotte Fitz, Lee Gravely, Jim Gray, Louis Harris, Jabie Heyward, Truman Hobbs, Bill Joslin, Ed Kantro- witz, Maury Kershaw, Mac McLendon, Helen Milan, George Peabody, Richard Railey, Norma Slatoff, Bill Snider, Norman Stockton, Ferebee Taylor, Ike Taylor, Ridley Whitaker, Lee Wiggins, Frank Williams, Kenan Williams, and Dr. E. J Woodhouse, Faculty Adviser. JOSLIN Faculty advisers are: Frank Porter Graham, Francis Bradshaw, M. S. Breckenridge, Lee M. Brooks, W. E. Caldwell, Dudley DeWitt Car- roll, Harry F. Comer, E. E. Ericson, George M. McKie, W. A. Olsen, J. Maryon Saunders, Howard K. Beale, Louis 0. Kattsoff. '1 R015: ERICSON, BREC ENRI G , y N l S d R IGGINS DARVIN GRAh EL 1 . NIILAIVI, IEIKBODI ; IIOBBS; IIIZ; 1H1 LOR; SLAKIOI I ' COCHRAN , K RS , 81072 01F: 06 , ' E YEX HAeW 3 ?ER l ' IlARRIS ,6le I x ILLIMIVIS; I-, CC III IHIhER; LICLEIJDONv I'M TILE 1; cc ILLIAIVIS, Ix. S ITTCK l T TN; I I E 50 AR D :1 .7174 16011,: , , ; 221 i ,1 m x r S hank; e A ; '..47A WOMEN'S GRADUATE ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Josephine Andoe, President; Mary Jane Yeatman, Graduate Representative-at-large; Mary Emily Parker, Student Legis- lature; Louise Hall, Anne Adler, Mildred Brown, Inter-dormi- xx- W tory Council representatives; Emily Siler, Social Committee Chairman; Vera Mae Lanning, Finance Committee Chairman. 177T! RUU'.' VIARIAN kIASCHIN. DRAIVIAIIC ARIS; NIARY EMILY IARKER HISIORY. ' ; 56501262, RUZK'.' 11A!EI. 82H OIVH2N. FRINCH, DORO l HY R2?SPN SOCIAL MARGARET KENNETTE. PHYSICAL EDUCATION. WORK- MARGARET SMITH S ,. , . OCIAL W - 2 , LUM. SOCIAL WORK, JANE ZIMMERMAN. HISTORY; LEAH R. C. YOFHE. SOCIOLOGY. ORK, MARGUERITE MCCOL- Third Rolf: ELSIF, SETZER. BOTANY; OSCIE SANDERS. SOCIOLOGY; ANNE MEWBORNE, MATHEMATICS. MARY M. TEMPLETON. MATHEMATICS; ANN DAWSON. ENGLISH 222 Sine the e ' ' . . . .. . . L completion and Occupation of the new ficers and its Widespread activ1ties it has taken its dormitory for graduate and professional women, this place in University life. During the past year, the group of students has developed a unity and sig- graduate co-eds have participated in the plans and mhcance heretofore nonexistent on this campus. In- celebration for Homecoming, Student-Faculty Day, dicative Of this growmg uniflcation of spirit is the the dorms variOus formal social activities, as well desire of the group to have recognition as a centraliz- as being valuable in both their scholarly and collegi- ed body. Through its organization of dormitory of- ate activities. i i I i I t i x 1.21 x5 .Ayeg... 7r; r;l......u. " RARY SCIENCE" MARTHA ' IN SOCIAL WORK, MAGGIE SARAH JONES, LIB , ' ' ED BROWN, MAY GIBSON BA , Fmrt Row: LOUISE HALL, MILDR CIENCE. 1 " i DN TON, Li- HARRISI LIBRARY 5 ANDOP MUSIC' ANNE ADLER. ECONOMICS; MARGARET BRIGGS. SOCIAL WORK, GFEKTRUDE EELDOQEGFRENCH 56mm RaliilfxiOSEpglNErR LIBRARY SCIiFNCE' RUTH ELLISt BOTANY; VIRGINIA BiRKBY, LIBRARY SCIENCE, RANCES , . BRARY SCIENCE; ARY ULLt , A , I i ' . EDUCA ION. t d R V N A GrIIiFlN ZOOI OGY' NIARIAN GARWOOD. BO I ANY; VIRhINIA HAX ES. DRAIVIA I R S , SUE B RNS, T 9157' 01l'.' IRGI I t i . . a l t A 11 T 223 DEBATE COUNCIL The Universityts Debate Council is organized to promote forensic activity on the Carolina campus, and in such a role it has entered several fields of ac-A tivity. ' In its most important work, that of debating Prop- er, it has met in Chapel Hill; Randolph-Ma-con Col- lege fOr Men, Randolph-Macon Womenk College? the University of. Pennsylvania, the College of .Wil- liamh and Mary, Erskine College, Tulane University, the University Of Vermont; Swarthmore College, Haverford College, Carnegie Tech, New York Uni- versity, and Cornell University. On Match the 7th or 8th a team traveled to Char- lottesville, Washington, ,and Baltimore to meet the University of eVirginia; ,George eWashington Uni- versity, and Loyola College in Baltimore. , Then during thehSpring Holidays most Of the teams weretdebated at Chapel Hill that had been previously met elsewhere. Also it is hoped to include 'Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, and possibly MCGill University in Montreal. Particular emphasis has been put on Freshman wotk for the first time this year. They had tWO de- bates with Wake Forest there and one with Emory U niversity here. It has long been the policy to have men debqte questions according to their beliefs. In Other Words an attempt is made to eliminate the sophistry which 4 e3; - , ' , ,' . . m uld luult fiom debating against one s own con- Victions. This year also marked the first time that there has been active work on the squad from coeds. The first debate in which a coed participated was With the University Of Pennsylvania when Elsie Lyon and Gra- ham Carlton represented Carolina. In addition to the debating work, the Council has fostered Other types Ofespeech activity on the campus through its contributions to the Carolina Political Union, the International Relations Club, and the Di and the Phi. Fm; R020: LYON, WARD, MANER; BAGBY! BURKHIMEK LEE' 56mm! Rou': MCLENDON, COBB, JOHNSON, CI NASH Tbird Row.- CROUCH, HENRY, FERGUSON. FRANKEL, t, Slzldeizf Membem: T. W. M. Long, J11, President; E. N. Manet, J12, Executive Secretary; Wesley Bagby, Wtilliam Freeny XWard. qumd: Elsie Lyon, William F. Ward, L. P. Mc- Lendon, R. G. Henry, Charles E. Johnson, J11, W. B. Cobb, Jr Jack M. Hamill, William J. Woestendick, Robert P. Frankel, Tom Nash, Randall McLeod, Joe E. Ferguson, Curry Jones, Richard Railey, Lucinda Lee, W. P. Burkhimer, Bob Rosenast, Paul Ruben- stein, Norman Civic, Wesley Bagby, Lem Gibbons, Graham M. Carlton. Family Membem: W'. A. Olsen, George McKie, E. J Woodhouse. Witt VIC GIBBONS, CARLTON, RUBENSTEIN, ROSENAST! RAILEV JONES' l MC LEOD. WILLIAMSON. 225 4' . . .L'w KMPX ,! f: 1r! 5w." 7 , g' '2; 33 W Pint Row: NEWSOME, COLLINS, ROGERS, APPEL'DOORN, LEWIS, EPSTEIN. Second Row: OLSEN, GRUN, EDDY, REID, BRAMMER, MANN, GRIMES, WARD, LERNER, MOODY. Third Row: HALLETT, MCLEOD, LAMSON, ELLIOTT, EDWARDS, HARRELSON, MENGEL. OijwN: Manfred Rogers, President; Thomas HaL lett, Vice-President; Lyman Collins, Secretary; John Hampton, Treasurer. I Membem: William Alexander, LWesley Bagby, Jean Becks, Thelma Brgmmer, Orin r-Brown, Kedar Bryan, Anne Cromartie, Gale Davidson, Richard Eddy, Alton Edwards, Elinor Elliott; Charles Elliott, June EpStein, Vivian Gillespie, Denman Hammond, Charles Johnson. Robert Lamson, Roger Mann, Craig Maston, Millicent McKendry, Randall McLeocL Dyer M00r6, Grady Morgan, Jennie Wells Newsome, Annie Peyton, Louis Poisson, Shirley Raisler, Zennie Riggs, Mary Susan Robertson, Noland Ryan, Grace Trout, Nancy Smith, Jane Ward, and W. B. Olsen, Faculty Advisor. ROGERS COLLINS H ALLETT HAM PTON The International Relations Club is a non-partisan and non-political organization composed of forty stu- dents who endeavor to study current international affairs and to promote the interest of the students of the University iri international relations. The IRC fulfills its puvrposeyby a threefold program; The first phase of Club work is the'heated and constructive 'tlbull, sessionsll held every business meeting. These discussions are open to all the students and a good time is had by all attending. These programs are generally held in Gerrard Hall and are of a all student, all faculty, or student and faculty nature, and are presented by the IRC in the hopes of stimulating student interest in the international field. The third phase of IRC work is the presentation of famed ambassadors and distinguished statesmen to speak before the University, state, and the nation on the Vital happenings in the international scene. In fulfillment of this phase of IRC work, many distinguished internationalists have appearedi'hereethis past school year? including such men as Assistant United States Secretary of State Adolph A; Berle, Civil AviatiOn Chaiiman Oswald Ryan, and former United States Ambassador to France XWilliarn C. Bullitt. Mr. Bullittls address was broadcast over a nation Wide hookup and later shortwaved to London and the rest of the world. I-Tis appearance here filled the spacious Memorial Hall to its capacity 7 rib-- . Y. M. C. A. . JUNIOR-SENIOR CABINET 01756613: Sydenham Alexander, Presi- dent; John Oliver,' Vice-President; 'Wil- liam Joslin, Secretary; Ed Manet, Treas- urer. Pint Row: QUIMBY, TEAGUE, OLIVER, ALEXANDER, LEWIS. Second Row: KANTROWITZ, WALLENBORN, BROAD, CARLTON, STALLINGS, ROEBUCK. Tbird Row: LEDBETTER, SESSOMS, SANDERS, COMER. Membem: William Joslin, Ed Manet, Samuel Teague, Fred Broad, High Quimby, William Peete, William Snyder, Orville Campbell, Philip Carlton, LOuis Harris, Trez Yeat- ma-n, Troy Hodges, Max Rohm, Frank Ledbetter, David Sessoms, Arthur Link, Richard Kendrick, Ralph Bowman, Arthur Dixon, Charles PutzeLIke Grainger, W. T. Martin, Charles Philips, Fred Cazel, Frank Williams, Peter Wallen- born, Willis Weatherford, Ed. Kantrowitz, Harry Lasker, Edwin Hubbard, D. E. Sanders, Herman Boemann5, George Coxhead, Otho Linker, Eugene XVilliams. SOPHOMORE CABINET 01956643: Graham Carlton, President; William Stanback, Vice-President; Hmry Newsome, Secre- tary; Peyton Townes, Treasurer. Membemx Dave Ashburn, Ed. Austin, Dave Bailey, Mack Bell, Richard Bell, Ritchie Bell, Richard Bernstein, Law- rence Britt, Carter Broad, Norman Burwen, Guy Beverly, L. D. Campbell, Ross Craver, Donald Currie, Elton Ed- wards, William Elmore, David .Fiske, Wade Fox, HafOId Gee, Lemuel Gibbons, Donald Graeff, Bucky Harward, juncs Heyward, Chester Hill, Ed. Hobbs, Hunt Hobbs, Herbert Hollowell, Sinclair Jacobs, Charles Johnston, Rus- sell Kirby, G. A. Lemmon, Orrin Magill, Mike Mangum, Merlin Martin, Hobart McKeever, Randall McLeod, Sylvan Meyer, Sim Nathan, Robert Page, Jack Page, Steve Peck, Glen Penney, Steve Filler, D. B. Powell, Gene ReQua, Frank Robinson, Robert Saunders, Page Shamburger, Dill Simpson, XV. J. Smith, Richard Strauss, William Thomas, James Walker, Preston White, Samuel Williams, John Young. FRESHMAN FRIENDSHIP COUNCIL 01756613! Wade Weatherford, President; Bob Shu- ford, Vice-President; Arthur Williams, Secretary. Membem: Harry Kittner, Cyrus King, Eppie Knight, Carroll Lippard, James Mangum, James Mason, Bob Moore, Mack Morris, Charlie Nixon, Frank Payne, Robert Sauer, Bob Shuford, Howard Starnes, James Stokesly, Wade Weatherford, Terrell Webster, Caldwell Ward, Thad Wil- kerson, Rhett Wfinters, Frank Wortman, Henry Zaytoun, Walter Crouch, Harry Creech, Billy Rabil, Jack Lamm, Stuart Campbell, Zion Boney, Shep Bryan, Willie Long, John Hackney, Bill Webb, Vincent Anderson, Tom Skin- ner, Howard Stein, Roscoe Barber, John Bell, James Boyce, Edwin Boyle, Frank Cantrell, Mike Carr, Julius Carden, Charlie Clinard, Bill Cobb, Jimmy Davis, Dewey Dorsett, Sterling Gilliam, Ed Hartshom, Frank Holman, Lee HOW- ard, Garrison Freeman, Tom Jewett, Jim Johnson, Warren Johnson, Leon Adams, George Latshaw, Jack Lindsay, Billy Lancaster, Leon Young, Joe Winslow, Billy Parker, Carl Huffman. WW? xxm z M...,w .w .w.,. -w Wgw wwm-wa I t . Y I ' CLARK, CLAMPITT, MOORE, MCCONNELL, JORDAN, FITZ. Y. w.. c. 'A. ' Ojj'icem: Julia McConnell, President; Charlotte Fitz, Vice-Presi- dent; Susan Klaber', Secretary; Martha Clampitt, Treasurer. - .A.:" 2 . McCONNELL . , . - ' , Cabmet: BCtty M00re;VC0rnelia Clark; Muriel Mallison; Mary ' Gail Menius; Christine Dobbins; Louise Jordan, Graduate Adviser; Mrs. Walter Spearman, Chairman of Advisory Board. 230 THE HILLEL FOUNDATION Offiwzzrx Rabbi Samuel Sandmel, Director; Ed- ward Kantrowitz, President; Albert Rose, Vice-Presi- dent; June Epstein, Secretary. 0162sz Membw'x: Joshua Goldberg, Abe Willar, Mortimer Stang, Harry Vinokur, Howard Finkel- stein. Harry Kittner, Aaron Raisin, James Loeb, Coleman Finkel, Doris Weinkle, Norman Primack, Louis Scheinman, Arlene Steinbach, Bennie Vatz, Irvin Fleischman, Albert Josselson, Lucille Darvin, Zena Schwartz, Rose Lefkowitz, Shirley Raisler, Ralph Levy, Dorothy Aronson, Maurice Kanter, Mel Katz, Jimmie Schliefer, Frank Fatell, Irvin Sigal, Ber- nard Moser, Eleanor Bernert, Rhoda Nelson, Sam XVallace, David Amer, Harry Lasker. Fm; Rou': STEINBACH, WEINKLE, EPSTEIN, KANTROWITZ, SCHWARTZ, RAISLER, LEFKOWITZ. Second Row: SCHEINMAN, WALLACE, FINKELSTEIN, VATz, JOSSELSON, KATz, LEVY, ARNER. The Bhnai B'rith Hillel Foundation was organized at Chapel Hill in 1936. It is a unit in a national organization devoted to cultural and religious work among jewish students in some sixty American colleges and universities. Religious services are held weekly in both Ortho- dox and Reforrh rituals. There is an extensive cul- tural program designed to stimulate and educate. The Foundation also offers a medium of cooperating with other religious and campus groups. All organizational activities of. the Foundation are carried out by a cabinet Which includes a nucleus of interested students from which a smaller group Will be selected in the spring. KANTROWITZ EPSTEIN Third Row: STANG, KITTNER, PRIMACK, WILLAR, SIGAL, GOLDBERG, RAISIN, MOSER. . F --.v-Z.'-.....A'.s;-:: , s MA; - mm: m4- . -....-.-A -s V 4-. -ALW, 7A3 BAND Band Ojfigem- Hubert Henderson, President; Boots Thompson, Charles Moore, Richard Bennett, Warren Simpson, Vice-President; Brooks Griffm, Drum Majors. Secretary-Treasurer; Don Wilson, Business Man- 15! Row: Maurice Weinstein, Charles Moore, ager; Ed Keator, Assistant Business Manager; Bob Richard Bennett, Joe Jerger, Thomas Wfiggins, Da- Reed, Librarian; David Amer, Assistant Librarian; vid Bershtein, Leroy Shuping, John Satterfield, Hurst Boston Lackey, Editor of Band Notes; Oscar Zim- Hatch, Henry Beecher, Bill COX, Marie Thompson, merman Publicity Manager; Earl Slocum, Director; Earl Slocum, Edward Keator, Milton Kantrowitz. HENDERSON SIMPSON GRIFFIN WI LSON SLOCUM ARNER LACKEY ZIMMERMAN 2nd Row: Hubert Henderson, Warren Simpson, Louis Evans, James Helms, Wade Denning, Raymond Goodman, Melmuth Thompson, Clarence Ruffm, Charles Nixon, Wilbur Spruill, Gip Kimball, Charles Speissegger, Boyd Blackney, Robert Weis, Joe Linker, Spruill Spain, Everett Charles, Gor- don Kelley, Boston Lackey, Harry Shipman, George Stammler, Bruce Snyder, Trent Busby, Robert Hamburger, Aaron Raisin, William Thompson, Haywood Wyatt, Conrad Schrimpe, Kim- ball Harriman. Iv W Iv 3M Rnu': Hurry Martin, Fr zmk Green, Henry Mar- row. William XVoodson, Dwight Price, Charles Pa- lingo. James Pace Oron Rogers, Morton Turtletaub Richard Ruby Oscar Zimmerman, Roger Anderson , Paul King, Zachary Bynum Marshall Stine, XWalter Love. XVillizlm Stewart, Tom Baden, David Amer, David Josephs, Frederick Thompson. 471? Row: Robert Fitzgerald, Harry Lewis, Hamp- ton Shuping, David Hill, John Black, Louis Rubin- solm. Edward Council, Harvey Hamilton, Charles Johnson, Donald Wilson, Jack Wharton, Carl Prid- gen, Emory Stevenson, Thomas Smith, James Ed- wards, Brooks Griffm, Thomas Farr, Robert Mc- Clary, Chester Hill, Ben Galloway, Robert Reed, Rex Coston, David Maser, Langdon Montgomery. IMembem N 0t 272 the Picture: Paul Dulin, Francis Fatell, Max Harris, B. C. Morrow, Harris Munns, David Rankin, Peter Simone, Arthur Sweet, Fred- erick Wood. DEYO MEHAFFEY HATCH WINSTON MEN'S GLEE CLUB Ojj5661'5.' George E. Deyo, President; William C. Mehaffey, Vice-President; Hurst B. Hatch, Libra- rian; Pat Winston, Treasurer and Business Manager. MEMBERS First Ron's Don Blanton, Arthur Jansen, William Mehaffey, Hurst Hatch, George Deyo, Pat Winston, Stuart Morton, Robert Rantz, Albert Johnston. Second Row: Robert Hopkins, Arthur Joyner, Harry Hoffman, Hays Gary, George Jordan, Boston Lackey, Joe Felmet, A. Trog- den, Glen Bogasse, Rex Coston. Tlaird Row: J. B. Titchener, Lewis MacBrayer, William Elmore, John Carter, Robert Matthews, Scott Smither, William Lowenstein, Julian Burroughs, William Stewart, Roger Anderson, Charles Phil- Iips, Charles Hussey, Tom Baden. Family Row: Harold Keith, Joe Wolfson, James Edwards, Hal Kohn, Ed Rollins, Burton Hampton, Paul Dulin, James BOyd, Ben Snyder, Clarence Ruffin, William Snypes, Ben Park, Jimmy Pritchett, James B. Petty, Thomas Vail, Robert Gordon, Barry Clark. Member; 7201 in Picture: Jim Barr, Robert Bettman, S. B. Brad- ley, Arthur Colby, Arthur Conescu, Torn Coppedge, James Craw- ford, Larry Dale, James Earle, Charles Gaylord, Robert Goodman, Francis B. Graw, Ed Greer, Brooks Griffin, Gedrge Ham, Charles Hussey, Richard Jaffe, Scott Johnson, William Kirkpatrick, Em- manuel Kinbirch, Roger King, Douglas Moody, Warren McHenry, Albert Sasso, Dan Shields, William Snypes, Samuel Thompson, Julian Varody, W. R. Webb, Jack Wharton, Evan Farber, Lee Howard. WOMEN'S GLEE CLUB Ojfivwzr: Genie Loaring-Clark, President; Ann Bates Vice- President; Mary Isabelle Wolf, Secretary-Treasurer Mmzlmxu Genie Louring-Clark, Betty Phil Edwards, Martha Holland Doruthy Jackson, HortIense Kelly, Randy Mebane, Louise Patrick, Betty L01; Bolcc, Arm Bates, Jean Hahn, Mary Winslow, Ellen New, Mary Isabelle Wolf, Hilda XWcuvmx IVIJI'garct Tipton, Rebecca Fulk, Irene James, Edith Fore, Wade Love, Betty Eaton Dixon, Marjorie Keiger, Marion Masehiri, Beth Torpin, Mary Guy Boyd, Kay James, Jane During, Eleanor Souls, Eleanore Brown, Katharine Gould Mary Elizabeth Nash, Pan Peyton, Jane Hartt, June Love Bell Jackson Elingcth W'ilson, Ruth Jones, Bea Withers, Virginia Whipple, Bernice Eltinge, Durothy Aronson. Sarah Fore, Virginia Terry, Rachel Sides, Carolyn Lambeth, Mary Liles Moore, Marjorie Davis, Frances Lee, Dorothy Sheldon, Babs Good- LOARING-CLARK rich Sarah Grippith, Beth Dail, Sarah Sealey, Mary Marshall Frye, Nina Lou Rustin. Firm Raw: NASH. KELLY, LOARING-CLARK, BATES, WOLF, LOVE, W., BROWN, DIXON, WHIPPLE, FORE, E., LOVE, 8. J., BOYD, JANES, FORE, S. LDON, WARD, GOODRICH, FAULK, GRIFFITH, WINSLOW, DURNING, TERRY. GOOLD, SOULE, LEE, RUSTIN, WILSON, PEYTON, EDWARDS, NEW. Second Rou': JACKSON, DAIL, Third Row: HOLLAND, HAHN, SHE Fourth Rau': LAMBETH, ARONSON, ELTINGE, PHI ASSEMBLY Ojj'icen: Fall Quarter: Bob Sloan, Speaker; Jimmis Pittman, Speaker Pro-Tem; Charles Tucker, Ser- geant-at-Arms; Susan Klaber, Reading Clerk; Arthur Clark, Treasurer; Mac Sherman, Assistant Treasurer; Leo Karpeles, Parliamentarian; Jimmie Pittman, Alaine Marsh, William Ward, Jean Littell, Ways and Means Committee. Winter Quarter: Jimmie Pitt- man, Speaker; Jean Littell, Speaker PrO-Tem; Horace Ives, Sergeant-at-Arms; Kathleen Lineback, Reading Clerk, William Webb, Assistant Treasurer; Jean Lit- tell, Lewis. Waller, Elton Edwards, Mac Sherman, Ways and Means Committee. Memkem: GladystlBarnes, Thelma Brammer, Pete Burkheimer, Orton Cameron, Arthur Clark, Howardv Cohn, Elton Edwards, Joe Ferguson, Garrison Free- man, Jean Gardner, Robert Gilbreath, Shirley Hobbs, Horace Ives, Leo Karpeles, Susan Klaber, Gamewell Lemmon, Kathleen Lineback, Jean Littell, James 236 Lieb, Alaine 'Marsh, Stuart McCoach, Jimmie Pitt- man, Jeter Pritchard, Richard-Railey, Bob Rosenast, Barbara San, Ma; Sherman, Bob Sloan, Beth Tarpin, Ann Thornburgh, Charles Tucker, Skid Waller, Wilg ham Ward, William Webb, Robert Wright. .L. ..a e U. NC. FLYING CLUB Membem: Ris Lyon, Dave Pearlman, Sam Gregory, Howard Bounds, Roy Hutchinson, Chester Van Schoick, Fred Dees, Perry Ballard, Bill Davenport, Jack Mitchell, Peter Lendamood, Randy Partridge, William Chamber- 1ain,KJ0hn Henderson, Virginia Broome, Ed Keator, KRUSEN Zan Carver, Joe Taylor, James Darden, Coman Roth- rockgjack Milne, Jimv Stillwell, E. P. Spence, Bill See- man, Frank Rogers, James Sandilos, Bill Cowper, W. E. Ojjrwem: William Krusen, President; Babs Cobb, Reddy Grubbs, Martin Barringer, Elwood Pierce, 1 I u I r L . . . u h Goodrlch, VICE: - Preadent; Tempe Newsom, . Sue Newellearold Austm, John McCorrmck, Vlrgmla Secretary; Pembroke Rees, Treasurer. ' Cates. AUSTIN BARRINGER BROOM CARVER CATES COBB COWPER DARDEN DAVENPORT DEBS GOODRICH GREGORY GRUBBS HENDERSON KEATOR MCCORMICK NEWELL PARTRIDGE REES ROGERS ROTHROCK SANDILOS SEEMAN SPENCE VAN SCHOICK eh '. 237 H... .q.E; DIALECTIC SENATE QFFICERS Fall Quarter: James Perrin Quarles, President; Truman Hobbs, Pzesident Pro Tem; Noland Ryan, Critic; Randall McLeod, Sergeant at Arms; Diana' Foote, Clerk, and Louis Poisson, Treasurer. IVz'Izter Quarter: William Woodson, President; Arthur Link, President , , Pro Tem; Carrington Gretter, Critic; Grady Reagan, Sergeant at Arms; Elinor Elliott, Clerk; and Louis Poisson, Treasurer. , , Spring Qaarler: Arthur Stanley Link, President; Manfred Rogers, President Pro Tem; Wesley Bagby, Critic; Albert Josselson, Sergeant at Arms; Randall McLeod, Clerk; and Louis Poisson, Treasurer. , Pint Row: ROGERS, NEWSOME, POISSON, MOLLISON, WOODSON, ELLIOTT, JOSSELSON Secomi Row: HENRY, CLARK, DAVIDSON, MCKENDRY, STEVENS, WESKETT, BUICE Third Row: HOBBS, HOBGOOD, GUY, QUARLES, BROWN Family Row: WARD, RECHIN, REAGAN 238 MEMBERS Wesley Bagby, Josiah Bailey, JL, Grace Brown, Ditzi Buice, Cornelia Clark, Rob- ert Cook, Lewis Cotton, Hal Crane, Jose-l phus Daniels, Gail Davidson, Gen e Devant, Dewey Dorsett, Elinor Elliott, Lem Gibbons, Carrington Gretter, Mark Griffm, Martha Guy, Rusk Henry, Ed Hobbs, Hunt Hobbs, Truman Hobbs, Er- nestine. Hobgood, Albert Josselson, Ar- thur Link, Orrin Magill, Muriel Mallison, Mack Murphy, Randall McLeod, Henry Newsome, Jennie Newsome, Louis Pois- SOD. Perrin Quarles, Oliver Ranson, Grady - Reagan, Manfred Rogers, Milton Short, Louis Stephens, William Ward, Wade Weatherford, Terrell Webster, Hannah Weskett, Lewis Williams, Frank Wil- liams, Betty Woodhouse, and William Woodson. The Dialectic Senate holds the unique position of being v But the members of the uDi" believe that they should the oldest organization on the campus of theUnivetsity , . be of service to the people at large and consequently it haying been organized JuneS, 1795. For a continuOus - sponsors inter-campus debates, panel discussions, and is the period since that time, the bDi" has offered valuable co-sponsor for the North Carblina High School debate training in democratic parliamentary law, Dialecticism, and tournament held every springvzilt Chapel Hilln The Senate public speaking. I I , is looking forward to a well balanced progtamof worke balanced on the one hand by training its members in Dialecticismethe training of minds in constrnctive; . ' public speaking and service, and on the other by oftenng logical reasoning is one of the most important functions of . . . . t0 the campus 'and public 1ts serwces and good W111. the Senate. It encourages free, yet intelligent and thorough discussion on important questions of the day; and it offers The social life'of the Senate is not neglected, the ttDi" to any individual the privilege of expressing his Views on sponsoring intermittently socials, receptions, and an annual the Hoor. banquet. 239 PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL BASON, SMITH, DUKE, BROWN, ARNOLD, JOHNSTON, MCCONNELL, PRATT, GOODRICH. Ojjzicem: DorOthy Pratt, President, Alpha Delta' Pi; Julia McConnell, Vice-President, Pi Beta Phi; Barbara Goodrich, secretary-Treasurer, Chi- Omega. Membem: Dorothy Pratt, Alpha Delta- Pi; Julia McConnell, Pi Beta Phi; Babs Gobdrich, Chi Omega; Mary Bason, Alpha Delta Pi; Betty Brown, Alpha Delta Pi; Margaret Arnold, Pi Beta Phi; Julia Duke, Pi Beta Phi; 'Louise Smith, Chi Omega; Marjorie Johnston, Chi Omega. t The Pan Hellenic Council 0f the University Of North Carolina is composed of three representatives from each of the sororities 0n the campus. It is an organization established "To maintain on a high plane fraternity life and inter-fraternity relationship, to cooperate With college authorities in their effort to maintain high social and scholastic standards throughout the Whole college, and to be a forum for the discussions of questions of interest to the college and the fraternity world." It has been the work of the present Pan Hellenic to organize a new system of rushing, to formulate a policy governing the rules of admission of both national and local sororities, and to sponsor for the first time an all-sorority dance in honor of its new officers. It has endeavored to emphasize Pan Hellenic values by showing its worth to the fraternity through inter-fraternity relationships and mutual apprecia- tion, and to foster a spirit of cooperation and interest in college activities for the common good of fra- ternity and non-fraternity women. The Society was formed in 1937 with the intent to promote a more active in- terest in accounting at the University; to bridge the gap between accounting theory and accounting practice; and to promote a more intimate relationship between faculty and students. 01hrew: Professor E E. Peacock, Honorary Executive Chairman; Sol Fligel, Executive Chairman; William Woodson, Vice-Chairman; Junius Good- win, Secretary; Fred Wood, Treasurer; Archibald Lovin, Executive Committee Chairman. Memben: Walter Baucom, Grace Brown, Philip Carlton, Sol Fligel, Wil- liam Frazier, Harry Ganderson, Harrell Hill. James Helms, Walter Love, Archi- bald Lovin, Joe Mathis, Edward Moor- ing, Wiilliam Salowe, Ewing Schleeter, Roget Snyder, Reynold Spence, William Thornet James Toy, Thomas Vance, James Wood. William Woodson, Wil- liam Maynard. Fin! Rozz': LOVE, WOOD, SPENCE, SCHIEETER, FLIGEL, WOODSON, SNYDER. Semnd Row: MATHIS, CARLTON, LOVIN, HILL, FRAZIER. Tlaz'rd Row: MAYNARD, V A N c E , THORNE, SALOWE. Fom-Ilv Row: TOY, HELMS, BAUCOM. PAN AMERICAN CLUB FLATOW, FINCH, WAERING OijterJ: Bernard J. Flatow, Presi- dent; John Finch, JL, Vice-President; and Magda Djellesvig Watering, Secre- tary-Treasurer. The Pan American Club was orga- nized last year by Bernard Flatow who has since served as its president. Its main purpose is to bring to the campus the latest and most authoritative infor- mation in regards to inter-American relations and Latin America. The pic- ture above was taken at a special meet- ing held in honor of the Chilean delegation to the Inter-American Insti- tute held from January 18th to March 2nd. PHI' BETA KAPPA - joomalecl at fAe CoZXege o ng'am anal Wary, $ecem$er 5, I 776 Ojjacem: Irwin Arthur Zuckerman, President; William Jos- lin, Vice-President; Edwin AndErson Penick, JL, Recording Secretary; Thomas James Wilson, IL, Secretary-Treasurer. Student Membem: Jerry Harry Allen-,v01iver Holt Allen, Adele Austin, Harry Robert Billica, Joseph Henry' Blickman, Stanley Bertram Bhim, Henry Boone, Earle Wingo Brockman, Jr., William Wallace Brunet, Lester Lawrence Callan, JL, Fred Augustus Cazel, Jr., James Richard Chiles, Melville Fort Cor- bett, Nestore Di Costanzo, William Thomson Dye, JL, Thomas Cunningham Edwards, JL, Fred Kingsley Elder, JL, Alfred Garvin Engstrom, Sol Sidney Fligel, jetty Winston Gavce, Junius John Goodwin, Edgar Hunt iGoold, IL, Alexander Haw- ZUCKERMAN JOSLIN PENICK WILSON , a g , , i WW ? X kins Graham, Jr., James Alexander Gray, Jr., John Wadsworth Gunter, Robert Charles Harrington, JL, Henry William Harris, Louis de Marco Hayman: IL, Thomas Holt, Hajrwood, Jr., Hunter Heath, John I Steele Henderson, III, Charles Edwin Hinsdale, Rob- ert Kemp Horton, Roy Lee Ingram, Louise Huske Jordan, William Joslin, Acton Perry Keats, Robert Alan Koch, James William Little, William Lunsford . X4467, CAapter 0K Iflae ..Silate 0X WOPtA CCLPOZWLCL Murphy, Thomas Palmer Nash, III, Baxter Gardner Noble, Lindsay Shepherd Olive, John Burrell Oliver, Catherine Groves Peele, Edwin Anderson Penick, Jr., William Salowe, Edward Harding Seawell, Roger Alexander Snyder, Sanford Ivan Stein, Bernard Rob- er't Swan, Arthur Thbmas Sweet, Jr., James Alexan- derlTay10r, William Green Thorne, Mary Lindsay Long, Jr., Archibald King Lovin, James William ' MacCallum, Wilton Elman Mason, William Sunday Mitchell, David James Morrison, Joseph Lederman Morrison, Edward Francis Moyer, Jr., Thomas Lynch Thornton, James Henry Toy, Eugene Bomberger Williams, Flora Prevatte Wilson, David Gustave Wurreschke, Harry Clay Yeatman, Irwin Arthur Zuckerman. 24S HARRELSON GREGORY STONE SEI FERT CREECH r CHI BETA PHI OFFICERS Warren Blake Harrelson, President; James Sherrill Gregory, Vice-President; David Walter Seifert, Recording Secretary; Bennett Rudolph Creech, Corres- ponding Secretary; William Donald Stone, Treasurer. MEMBERS William James Allran, JL, Claude Fletcher Bailey, John Trammel Church, Bennett Rudolph Creech, James Sherrill Gregory, Warren Blake Harrelson, James Benjamin Ritchie, David Walter Seifert, William Donald Stone. PLEDGES Daniel Hamilton, Hobart Loring McKeever, Archie Nock McIntosh, Dick- son McLean Regan. RICHARDSON MERRILL KENDRICK CHAMBLISS ALPHA EPSILON DELTA OFFICERS William Robert Richardson, President; Byrd Farmer Merrill, Vice-Presi- dent; Richard Leon Kendrick, Secretary; John R. Chambliss, Treasurer; George L. Jordan, JL, Scapel Reporter. MEMBERS Sydenham Benoni Alexander, Hugh Hammond Bennett, Jr., John R. Chambliss, William Clay Croom, James Brooks Greenwood, George L. Jordan, Jr., William Joslin, Richard Leon Kendrick, Byrd Farmer Merrill, William Gray Murray, William Robert Richardson, Glenn C. Sawyer, William Spicer, Jr. 247 ROGERSON SIMPSON SWAN GRIFFIN PHI MU ALPHA OFFICERS Earl A. Slocum, Southern Province Governor; Hubert Platt Henderson, Su- preme Councilman; L. Brewster Rogerson, President; P. Warren Simpson, Vice- President; Jesse Francis Swan, Secretary; Thomas Brooks Griffm, Treasurer; Robert Walter Weis, Warden. ' ' MEMBERS . Robert Sumter Brawley, Robert Walter Weis, Thomas Brooks Griffln, David Michael Amer, Earl A. Slocum, Hubert Platt Henderson, Paul Warren Simpson, Boston McGee Lackey, Robert Morrison Reed, Jesse Francis Swan, L. Brewster Rogerson, Jefferson Bruce Young, John Roberts Satterfleld, Wil- liam Chambers Mehaffey. PLEDGES Hurst Bunn Hatch, Robert Comingsby G0rd0n, Harry George Shipman, Harry Langdon Montgomery, Lynn Richmond Bernhardt, Donald Elbert Wil- son, Emory Clayton Stevenson, Maurice Morton Weinstein, Richard Sydney Ruby, David Standeford Maser, Isaac Arthur Lindsey. ALUMNI MEMBERS Joseph Kimball Harriman, Wilton Elman Mason, Herbert Stauton Living- ston, Dr. Glen Haydon, Dr. Benjamin F. Swalin, Dr. Jan P. Schinhan. 24S vv, 1 ,... - ,4. WURRESCHKE WOOSLEY TAYLOR ' TOY BETA GAMMA SIGMA Founded at the University of Wisconsin, May 18, 1907 .449lm CZapter 0X Worm, Carozina Established February 20, 1933 FACULTY MEMBERS Edward Morris Bernstein, Ph.D., Dudley Dewitt Carroll, A.M., Robert Willingham Crutchfield, Clarence Heer, Ph.D., Richard Junius Mendenhall Hobbs, A.B., LL.B., Erle Ewart Peacock, M.B.A., C.P.A., Gustav Theodor Schwenning, Ph.D., Robert Howard Sherrill, M.A., C.P.A., Malcolm Dean Taylor, A.B., M.B.A., Harry deMerle Wolf, Ph.D., John Brooks Woosley, Ph.D. OFFICERS David G. Wurreschke, President; John B. Woosley, Honorary President; Malcolm D. Taylor, Secretary; James Henry Toy, Treasurer. STUDENT MEMBERS Stanley Bertram Blum, William W. Brunet, Lester Lawrence Callan, J13, Mary Stacy Crockett, Sol 8. Fligel, ThOmas Holt Haywood, Archibald K. Lovin, David James Morrison, William Green Thorns, James Henry Toy, Eugene B. Williams, David Gustave Wurreschke. GRADUATE STUDENTS James Cyril Dickson Blaine, Tom Woodley Heath, Jr., James William Mc- Callum, Robert Lee Stallings. 249 . " . .Aw.-. :. -,. 1.x 5v MARYALANCLINARD mm... " ELUZABETHGENTR 1' . timifa . r JouaManhallMcMostar - - Martha .5 1mEnnbothwmaams ; i .. Getoiec'k 'rumzberhMchen Harmcmb N am A 4 ij f H HARRIS WILLIAM JOSLIN HARRY M. LASKER CHARLES . AL RLET' .. L- GINS 252 1'2 .x. GILLIAM WILLIAMS LEWIS SASSER DELTA SIGMA Pl OFFICERS William L. Gilliam, JL, Chancellor; Dean L. Williams, Headmaster; Wel- lington H. Lewis, Senior W'arden; Norman Agnew, JL, Junior Warden; Wil- liam G. Sasser, Treasurer; 8. Roger Matthews, Scribe. MEMBERS C. Robert Pfaff, William Benton Nash, XWalter B. Love, Jr., James H. Toy, Hugh P. Quimby, Theodore Creznie, John W. Finch, JL, Norman Agnew, Jr., William L. Gilliam, Jr., J. Harry Hoffman, Etheldred H. Holt, Wellington H. Lewis, Moyer Mendenhall, JL, S. Roger Matthews, William G. Sasser, Howard C. Vick, Dean L. Williams, James W. Pickard, J. Nelson McAbee. PLEDGES Charles Elliot, William Edward York, Philip R. Carlton, Frank E. Deaver, William L. McKinnon. 253 Wm ' ma; K 2:; :a o-v a-wwwm;m.Aa-rw".; .b 5 1 ' Left to Right: JAMERSON, ERICKSON, WOLF, VAUGHT, LANGE, -AND TRAINER QUINLAN. .. z ' . CO-CAPTAINS KIMBALL AND SEVERIN WITH COACHVWOLF mtg; , Full credit must go to Coach Wolfland his staff of coaches and scouts for a team which played clean, hard foot- ball all fall. 258 FOOTBALL Carolinals football team did not Win as many games as uSual last fall, in spite of pre- season dope that the 1940 eleven was the best in years. Bad luck dogged the squad all season, as Coach Wolfls men lost two games by one point. COACH RAY WOLF - s Wt, SEASON at U.N.C. Biggest thrill of the season came when the Tar Heels upset a favored Duke team, 6-3, in perhaps the best game ever played. in Kenan Stadium. CONNOR, DUNKLE, SADOFF, LALANNE m W MWM williMMwNR xxx yQMRRxxxxxwy$amw,WA-w mlwm m WWIWM nmewrm w W CO-CAPTAIN KIMBLALL GREETS WINTERSON OF DUKE Co-Captains Gates Kimball an d Paul Severin led a strong Carolina line on the field this year and were the mainstays when Tar Heel defenses temporarily weak- ened. Front Row: BERKLEY, WEBB, STALLINGS, PECORA, MYERS, RIVKEN, BEERS, HERMSON, OHARE i " L Second Rour- COACH JAMERSON, SUNTHEIMER, DUNKLE, SIECK, LALANNF, Co- CAPTAINS KIMBALL AND SEVERIN, NOWFLL, SMITH, RICHARDSON, FAIRCLOTH LINE COACH VAUGHT 4 T bud Row. COACH ERICKSON, COACH LANGE, GLAMACK, BOBBITT, CONNOR, DOTY, ELLIOT, D BAKER, SADOFF, WHITE, C BAKER, MICHAELS, HEAD COACH WOLF Fourth Row: HEIMOVITCH, REMY, AUSTIN, BENTON, WHITTEN, SIGLER, SAYLOR, BULLOCK, CRONE, MARSHALL, BARKSDALE Back Row: MANAGERS GRAY AND WRIGHT, GRAHAM HEYMANN, LEVINE, COOKE, JOHNSTON, Assr. TRAINER MASON, SNYDER, WOLF, SFRANSY, LEAMING, LEWIS, HODGES, TRAINER QUINLAN 259 ON THE GRIDIRON WITH yielded to superior power, and Carolina led by 28-0 at half time. Four more touchdowns in the last quarter completed the rout, but Appalachian was able to score a lone tally in the last quarter on Safritts pass into the end zone. Johnny Pecora, sophomore tailback, scored for Caro- lina on the first play of his varsity career, a 34 yard run. His ball-carrying throughout the day was excellent, along With the running of Roy Conner and Don Baker. Jim Lalanne and Frank O,Hare divided the quarterback- ing, and scored two touchdowns apiece, Paul Severin and Baker gained much yardage 0n end-arounds, and I PinkytElliott scored on a similar play. Horace Benton, reserve center, inter- cepted an Appalachian aerial, and ran the ball over for a score. .The defensive leaders were Bill Fair- cloth and Carl Suntheirner, Who were SEVERIN ably backed by the entire first string line. CAROLINA 56, APPALACHIAN 6 The first appearance of Coach Wolfts eleven saw tiny Appalachian buried under a 56-6 score. After holding the Tar Heels scoreless during the flrst quarter, the Mountaineers SUNTHEIMER RETURNS INTERCEPTED PASS ELEVEN YARDS 260 THE CAROLINA TAR HEELS WAKE FOREST 12-CAROLINA O KIMBALL The widely-heralded Tar Heels hit their first snag y when Wake Forests inspired Demon Deacons out- played Carolina, to win 12-0 in Kenan Stadium. Led by quarterback Pruitt, the Deacs kept the Carolina .. attack throttled all afternoon, while their own offense gained 331 yards on the grOund with a running at tack that was unstopable. Early in the second quarter Wake recovered a blocked punt and carried the ball to the two-yard line, where a gallant Carolina line held for four downs. The Visitors recovered a fumble on the UNC fourteen yard line seconds later, and scored on a fourth-down pass to Jett. The second score came at the end of a 99-yard march, Pruitt and John Polanski moving the ball to the Carolina 22, from where Tony Gallovich went around end for the tally. CarolinaTs lone scoring threat came late in the first half on a long pass to Severin, but a pass Hurry failed as the half ended. It was the first Wake Forest g M a , x , , ,. . K a , .y Victory over the Tar Heels since 1927, and Carolina 7- , x ' ' me . V K: was never able to get started, in spite of the fine , ' ' 0 t line play of Severin, Kimball and Suntheimer. The Deacons guarded their lead carefully, for Caroliha was unable to pass the Wake Forest 46-yard line 1n the last half. PECORA SKIRTS RIGHT END AGAINST WAKE FOREST 261 CAROLINA 27- DAVIDSON 7 A spirited Davidson football team, held the faltering Caro- lina attack in check for the first half, 'but found the Tar Heel power too much over the stretch, losing 27-7 in a ragged game at Winston-Salem. In the hrst quarter Carolina lost two scoring chances when the officials called back a 64-yard dash by Johnny Pecora and when Carolina fumbled on the Davidson 5-yard line. Davidsonts little Davey Spencer returned a Carolina punt 42 yards through a broken field to put the Wildcats ahead, but before the half was Over Frank OHare led a 40-yard advance and plunged through the line to tie the score. The Tar Heels got under way in the next quarter when Pecora intercepted a Davidson pass and dashed 21 yards for a touchdown. He set up another score a few minutes later by intercepting another pass; this time O,Hare pushed the ball over. The ,Cats were too tired to stop Pinky Elliott from scoring on an end-arOund at the climax of a 75-yard drive near the games end. NOBODY HURT 262 NNNX DON BAKER DOWN THE SIDELINES FOR CAROLINA'S SECOND TOUCHDOWN CAROLINA 21 -TEXAS CHRISTIAN , 14 ' Flashing a11 unstopable attack led by Jim Lalanne, Catolina came out of the doldrums and won a convincing 21- 14 victory over the Horned Frogs of THC U. In the second quarter the Tar Heel l111e blocked as never before and paved the way for three quick touchdowns that put the game on ice. . After a first quarter which seemed mainly for warming up; Lalanne brought the crowd to 1ts feet by fakmg to the right and then scoot1'11g 59 yards around left end for a touchdown. Dunkle kicked the extra point Several minutes later Don Baker took the ball on a reverse and dashed 70 yards down the left Sidelines beh111d perfect blocking tot'cross the goal line standing up; The third Catalina score was hot as spectacular, coming after a 37 yard drive follow- Ing Co-Captain KimbalTs '.reeovery of a T-CHU fumble.Lalanr1e directed the attack down to w1th111 a yard of the goal line and then plunged over for I i E 1 the score. 5 i As the second half began T.C.U.,s Kyle Gillespie and Rusty Cowart put on a passing exhibition that scared many a Tar Heel rooter. The Frogs scored after only four minutes, band their low, bullet passes netted them another touchdown, in the last quarter. With the T.C.U. aerial game as hot as it was, the hnal whistle came none too soon for the Tar Heel team. LALANNE NOWELL 263 Wt iWiwrmz ww; myMw, emmnyQ - , 4', , ngg 71 W X r, w $1 X x x 0 w my 2A , W CAROLINA 13-N. c. STATE 7 Carolinats Tar Heels suffered a temporary relapse against N. C. State over in Raleigh and barely eked out a 13-7 Victory against the Wolfpack. State came close to tying the score late in the fourth quar- ter on a spectacular play: Fehley, State fullback, passed from behind his goal line on a fake kick to Dick Watts, Who ran abOut 30 yards and then lateraled back to Fehley. Had it not been for Jim Lalanne, ' who broke through the interference to stop Fehley on the Tar Heel 16-yard line, the Victory might have belonged to the Wolfpack. Lalanne and Sid Sadoff sparked two Carolina drives of over 50 yards for the Tar Heel scores. Blocking back Harry Dunkle booted the extra point after Lalanne plunged over the first time. Severin carried the ball on the second touchdown play. Rainy weather kept the Tar Heel passing game under cover, and Carolina made its yardage along the ground. States score came on a pass from Watts t0 Hucka- bee after a State punt had touched a Carolina backer and been recovered by the Wolfpack. SIECK SUNTHEIMER TULANE 14-CAROLINA 13 With victory for Carolina almost a certainty, man broke through about two minutes from t game and blocked Harry Dunkle's kick. E picked the ball up and raced 45 yards for a the successful conversion of the extra Wave a 14-13 advantage. ' x "'Tmr'l'f'v'memW, A , ,WVVTPEWW ., a1 i" 1 1" u " "'t a Tulane line- he end of the nd Al Bodney tOuchdown, and point gave the Green SMITH DUNKLE Both teams displayed crushing attacks, with a total of 24 first downs. The Green Wave was unstopable at midheld but often bogged down in Carolina territory. Tulane scored first when Grush covered a team mates fumble in the Carolina end zone. Carolina passed its way dOwn the field for its first t0uch- down, Severin tallying on a heave from Lalanne. Later Carolina recovered a Tulane fumble and Lalanne plunged over to score three plays later. Carolina seemed to have the game sewed up until the blocked punt near the end of the game turned the tables. f The Tar Heels, outweighed by more than 10 pounds per man, were unable to jcope with the powerful Green Wave offense, and Tulane fdund just as much tr0uble in halting the diversified Carolina attack. The Tar Heels might have won the game anyway if any one of several passes from theTulane 7-yard line had connected. 267 13K A A. .. mwv mm.... m1. CAROLINA O -FORDHAM 14 Carolina suffered its flrst defeat in five games in New York City when Fordham,s Rams, headed for the Cotton Bowl, push- I ed over two quick first- period touchdowns and then held the Tar Heel of- fense in check on the rain- soaked turf of the Polo Grounds to win 14-0. LALANNE IS STOPPED ONE YARD SHORT OF A FIRST DOWN ON THE FORDHAM FIVE YARD LINE SEVERIN CAUGHT THIS PASS FROM LALANNE FOR FOURTEEN YARDS The Rams had a touchdown after two minutes of play when Blumenstock scampered 28 yards around his left end for the score. A 72 yard drive later in the period was Climaxed when Filipowicz passed to Dennery in the end zone. Fordham did not threaten after the htst quarter. The closest Carolina came was to Fordhamts 15, where Howard Hodges recovered a fumble with four minutes of play remaining. A pass interception on the next play killed the only serious Tar Heel threat of the day. Two drives ended on the Ram 27- yard lineeone sparked by Johnny Pecora, sophomore tailback who ran and passed Carolina from its own thirty-one, the other led by Jim Lalanne, who ran for 23 yards and then passed to Severin for 14. CONNOR FAIRCLOTH From the hot Saturdays of September to somber November deeds.0f a Carolina football team that will be hard to forget. Head managers for the Tar Heels last fall were Tom Wright and Jim Gray. Assisting them down on the field every afternoon were Cy Hogue, Buck Brown, and North Hinkle, juniors, and sophomores, .Graham Carlton, Cam Rodman, Dan Thomason, and Joe Conger. There were losses, bitter losses, but even more Victories . . . We watched in shirt-sleeves as valiant little Appalachian was over-run in the opener . . . Then came the first great blow when an inspired Wake Forest team won axdeserved Victory, despite sparkling play by Kimball, Severin, Suntheimer and Pecora . . The natural letdown the next week against scrappy Davidson, OtHare leading the Tar Heels to a last-half Victory . . . Texas Christian defeated, 21-14, in the biggest game of the early season, with Jim Lalanne and Don Baker bringing the crowd to its feet with two long touchdown dashes . . . Another close call from State with Nowell, SadoH, and Dunkle sharing honors . . A Homecoming gathering seeing Tulane grab a last-minute .one- point victory in a storybook finish . . . Ford- ' ham, destined for the Cotton Bowl, disappoint- ing a thousand Carolina visitors, to New York by turning back the Tar Heels . . .r qus dark- est before the dawn"e the fiasco at Richmond bringing two Duke dollars for one . . . That glorious day: the Devils prohibitive favorites, U. N. C. followers hopeful but not very conh- week-ends Carolina students and alumni thrilled to the dent . . . iiTouChdown for Dunkle," Lalanne to Austin . . . Kimball everywhere, holding the Tar Heels together . . . Severin, Richardson, Sieck, Nowell, Faircloth, Sadoff, Connor, Sun- theimer, Barksdale, O,Hare,. Smith, Wolf e names that brought joy to many thousands of people for a whole year . . . The seniors finish- ing by edging a tricky Virginia team . . . Severin, the States first All-American repeater . . . He and Jim and Gates and Coach Wolf leading the Southern stars against the N orth at Montgomery. . . . Well get tern all next year, Coach. ' Harry Dunkle, blocki'rig' back from Lock Haven, Pa., and Carl Suntheimer, center of Hatboro, Pa., are co-captains for 1941. :71 M7 WW $$N ' , izmwvmg SADOFF OtHARE RICHARDSON "CAROLINA 13-RlCHMOND14 .' t 1 Xi Richmond University previded' the biggest upset of the sea- . son in handingCarolina its third straight defeat and second by oneepoint, winning 14-13 before an astonished'Richmond .7; City Stadium growd. v I h Arthur Jones gave the inspired and vastly underrated Spiders t ' l their margin of victorY'when' he hpassed fifteen yards to Dick V Humbert and then kicked the; deciding extra Point. Jones I i , passed to Erickson in the first quarter... for the initial touch- 7 down of the! game, and added the 'pointtafter. Frank OtHare and Sid Sadotf alternated in carrying the ball in an 83-yard march that brought Carolina to within one point at; the half. O,Hare ran it over from the nine. In the third period the Tar Heels Went ahead 13-7 with a . 76-yard drive that saw Sid Sadoff and end John Miller bear Two RICHMOND DEFENDERS FAIL TO STOP e e most of the burden. Sadotf scored from the three, Dunkle - " e .O'HARE FROM SCORING . kicking the point. Carolina. had three regulars out of the game, and before the contest wastover two others were out with injuries. Jim Lalanne, Paul Severin and 'Carl Suhtheimer didrft play at all; and Fred Mar- shall and Bill Faircloth were removed with hurts. O'HARE DRIVES FOR EXTRA YARDAGE AGAINST RICHMOND '9 HODGES BOBBIVTT t t 270 SEVERIN GAINS TEN YARDS ON A PASS FROM PECORA x w x$ ex 9V xxxxxx w wt 'K e gtxtxxgw tk ittht y, CAROLINA 10 eVIRGINIA 7 Harry Dunkle's third quarter held goal . gave the Tar Heels 21 10-7 victory over Vire ginia in the season-closer at Scott Stadium, and enabled Carolina to even the long series with the Cavaliers for the first time. Carolina and Virginia both tallied their touchdowns early in the second period, the ', 7 Tar Heels on the end of a 66 yard advance and the Cavaliers topping OH: 21 55 yard march. For Carolina, Johnny Pecora scored from the one foot line after three successive first downs, While Bill Dudley,s 14 yard pass to Nick Gianakos accounted for Virginia's . score. t MA; g5? 45?? 271 7 Xl LALANNE TO DUNKLE FOR SEVENTEEN YARDS CAROLINA 6-DUKE 3 Ray Wolfs 1940 eleven added another brilliant chapter to the most unpredictable rivalry in the SOuth When it arose to smash favored Duke, 6-3, With a display of raw c0urage and sound football that thrilled more than 41,000 Kenan Stadium fans. Behind by 3-0 during more than half of the game, Carolina drove 75 yards in five first downs in the third and fOurth AUSTIN 9 h fl; ELLIOT PRE-GAME ENTHUSIASM ON THE CAROLINA-DUKE XWEliK-END ?H 272 SADOFF WAITS FOR AN OPENING IN quarters for a touchdown that wouldnt be denied. Jim La- lanne, playing the greatest game of his career, carried the ball on 16 of 18 plays of the march, and capped it by tossing a ten yard pass to Joe Austin for the score. Six Tar Heels played the entire game, and substitutions were made only for injured players. Lalanne, Co-Captains Gates Kimball and Paul Sevetin, Bob Smith, and Sid Sadoff all gave valiant performances in their last appearance against the Blue Devils. AUSTIN OUTSPRINTS DUKE DEFENDERS TO THE GoAL LINE 275 PECORA .ttw A i s ! i at .5 5 As! tat A... 3?.4 ,... . ., . . . F11. . ! , . r, . hum , . x . 7 I . J , .2 , V . . . : .. 41$ 1. la, 391.353....9 $5. I , , . bu. , . . , .v,.y.: wiifp .1... .:P F? . I:RirAplli . i t Mm nay up COACH LANG ' winners by, from hfteen -to twenty points, the White Phantoms led the circuit the entire Winter and cap- tured the Big Five title. In 28 contests, including tourna- ments and four pre-season affairs, Carolina was the loser only nine tirnes, and five of these defeats were by one point. The one point jinx set-in early in the season, Fordham and St. Josephs Winning by iden- tical 42-41 Scores. In the opener, Glamack dtopped in 33 points as Lehigh was defeated 62-58 in a thriller. A short Virginia trip 'Fz'm Row: PAiNE;' HARNDEN, SHYTLE, ANTOLINL Second Row: PESSAR, ROSE, CO-CAP- TAIN-s GLAMACK AND HOWARD, GER- STEN, SEVERIN. Tiaird Row: LOOCK, SNYDER, SMITH, NELSON, FEIMSTER, LEWIS, SUGGS. BASKETBALL The toast of the SOuthern Conference for two months, the basketball team ' be Carolinds greatest cage combination of a long line of ound of the loop tournament. The that was destined to champions came to grief in the opening I . White Phantoms, led by Carolinats greatest basketball player, All-Amencan GeOrge Glamack, won fourteen of hfteen conference games, thirteen of them in a row, only to be detoured by Duke when the blue Chips were down. Often CO-CAPTAIN GLAMACK " mam v- j Emma; 276 furdnished the first conference wins W 86L falling 42 39 an VMI 55-30. Glamack Went w I. 'i '- , ' c 11d again, nearl si 51 handedly drubbing Wake Forest 61-45, as he got 32ypoilrigtse A capacity crowd saw sharp-shooting New York Uni- versity end the Tar Heels win streak, 53-49. The score in the same slump, but were defeated in the last. minute 43-40, when Co-Captain Jimmy Howard connected with three quick long shots. Three more victories against mediocre opposition followed, Virginia Tech falling 60-35, Maryland 44-29, and Davidson 3-8-30. Unprophetic of things to come, the first Duke game saw Carolina in its best form of the season, smothering theBlue Devils 51-33. Ahead by 28-17 at the half, the Phantoms won goingrraway before 6,000 fans. Glamack got 22; Howard, 10.. i was knotted at 24-2111 at half time, but NYU s urted ' the final minute and a half to win. Glamackpwith 2n; pomts, and Smith with 10, were Carolina's scoring leaders . Back in the conference, State and Maryland fell 47-26 anci + 55-36. Navy then handed Carolina its worst. defeat of the , season, a 42-36 setback SuEered-at Annapolis. Glamack was held to 17 points. Wake Forest caught the Phantoms Glamack set a new conference scering retord anciicarne near a worlds record when he hooked in'4'5 pointsias Caro- lina routed Clemson, 76-53. Scoring 261poihnts in the first SEVERIN ROSE GERSTEN F? 1 half, Blind George was a sensation until he fouled out With" three, min- W utesleft to play. Bob Rose, overshadowed by Glamack, racked up 20, 4; points, 14 in the hrst halt. Glamaek continued his rampage against State with 31 markers as the Tar Heels doubled the score, at 60-30. .- In the last game in Woolen Gyrn, Glamack scored 30-points telbring his season total to 500 as W. 8:- L.iwas rOut'ed 65-32; Bobby Gersten held Dick Pinck, former high-score holder, Scoreless for the first time in twelve years. From that date on the Phantoms seemed to decline. Duke handed them their first defeat in twenty conference starts over'a ton-year- period, and, ruined a undefeated loop record by winning 35-33 in, Durham. Ahead when Glamack fouled out, Carolina failed to score without him and lost when the Devils successfully froze-itheiball the last two minutes. Davidson lost, 39-31,'in an a'nti-climax. At the PESSAR 277 PRE-GAME PEP TALK tourney in Raleigh Duke stopped Glamack and Caro- lina, 38-37. George scored when he got his hands on the ball, but those times were few. Rose flipped in 14 points in sensational manner, for which he was named on the All-Tourney team. Despite their untimely end, the Phantoms were selected from teams over twelve southeastern states to compete in the NCAA championship play-offs at Madison, Wisconsin. Showing its worst exhibition of the year, Carolina lost to Pittsburgh 26-20 in the first round, but came back the next night to thrill mm,,yw'r,; ti. , xw w twrW , H; a imwsxm , LAYS IN A GOAL AGAINST W. 8t L. SMITH SHYTLE SUGGS NELSON 14,000 spectators with a sterling display of southern basketball in losing to DartmOuth, 60-59, in the last few seconds. Glamack demonstrated his All-America ability by hooking in 51 points and playing mightily on defense. He led the tournament in scoring with 40 points, which raised his season total for all games to 578, an average of 20.6 per game. On fourteen occasions he went over 20 points, and six times he got 30 or more. Bob Rose was second in scoring, and was elected captain for 1942. Jimmy Howard, Hank Pessar, Paul Severin, and Bobby Gersten were next, in that order. AMBIDEXTROUS GEORGE PUSHES IN A GOAL LEFT-HANDED GLAMACK AND ROSE GRAB THE BALL AS DUKE MAN WATCHES $$AOW4 4 v :x : .32; $34, WNN t m xx x xxxxxkxx BASEBALL, Carolinis 1940 baseball'team experienced its best season in seven years, tying with Wake Forest for the Big Five championship, finishing second to Rich- mond for the Southern Conference crown, and win- ning sixteen of twentyeone contests, including two victories over Duke. COACH HEARN; CO-CAPTAINS STIRNWEISS AND TOPKINS 33m .5. RADM-ANePITCHER AND OUTFIELD RICHeTHIRD BASE After dropping three successive tilts to northern teams, the, Tar Heels rallied hibehind ,CO-Calptains - . Geerge Stimweiss and Matty Top- kins and sophomore hurler John uLefty" Cheshire to run up a Win .' ' streak that reached thirteen games. ., '7 V - . After edging Marjzl'and, 8-7, in - .3 N e 4 t e j I I h , the OPener, the Tar Heels fell to MALLORY-eOUTFIELD CHESHIREHPITCHER er e Perm, 9-8, When the Quakers had i + to catch a tfain, With the winning runs for Carolina on base; Harvard and Cornell batted out triumphs be- ; fore the locals were able to rebound with a 15-12 slugfest win over W Michigan. lV'IYERS- - CATCHER HOWARD-JFHIRD BASE The Tar Heel bats awoke with full vengeance against Bunn Heames charges mopped up Virginia, 6-3, Mary- W. 8: L. and V.M.I., those two falling 18-1.and 14-2. ' land; 2-0, and Navy 2-1, on a northern tour- Cheshire turned in a two-hitter in the first game. Dav? Three days later Carolina shattered the Wake Forest- b idson was Cheshire's next victim, 7-2, and then COzich" Lefty Byrne myth With a thril-lirig: 4-L23Wir1m featuring 283 .w Cheshirels six-hitter, and a batting outburst that shelled Byrne from the mound in three innings. Jim Mallory's big bat knocked in three runs to insure the Win, and a day later he singled in the ninth to best State, 5-4. Virginia, State, and Davidson all were defeated for the second time to run the UNC win streak to a dozen, Wmmw Cheshire pitching all three of the victories. Clemson fell beneath a 20-hit assault and Cheshirels hurling. 10-4, for the last triumph of the string before Wake Forest stopped Carolina, 6-3, on three- hit pitching by Jim Denning. MATHESeOUTFIELD 1A A CAROLINA HIT AGAINST THE BLUE DEVILS A Mu...-.. A A Carolma came back to end a Duke reign over UNC baseball teams that had run uninterrupted for 10 games, raking six Duke hurlers for 17 hits and 20 walks to drub the Devils by a record 26-3 count. Cheshire limited the Methodists to three hits and struck out 10. Carolina continued its record of never having won a night game from Duke, however, when the Devils came from behind to count five runs in the eighth inning to win, 6-3, at Greensboro. The Tar Heels wrapped up a tie for the state title by easily turning back the Blue Devils 8-2, when Cheshire, pitching his third game in five days, limited the Dukes t0 fOur hits before 3,500 spectators. In the pitching department Cheshire won nine, lost three; Horace Benton won four, lost one; George Ralston won three, lost none. Stirnweiss led in runs scored, extra- base hits, stolen bases, and was second to Mallory in runs-batted-in. George Radman led the hitters with an even .400. BROWNINGeFIRST BASE REYNOLDSeOUTFIELD RALSTONe-PITCHER BENTONePITCHER J'ENNINGS-OUTFIELD MWW N W TRACK , l The 1940 Carolina track team upheld the tradition of Tar Heel cinder squads l by Winning the Southern Conference Championship for the third consecutive l year, and triumphing in frve of six dual meets. Carolina defeated Princeton, .L Virginia, Duke and Georgia, and won the AAU meet. A loss to Navy was the ! first defeat in a dual meet since the first meet 0f the 1938 season. Harry March, the one-man track team, led the individual scoring With 78 oints for five meets. He performed in the high and low hurdles, and broad andl-high jumps,.w0n the 400-meter hurdles at the Penn relays, and was unde- feated in hurdles all season. Sophomore Warren Mengel finished second in the , scorers' parade with 34 points garnered from the high and low hurdles, broad jump, and discus. Torn Crockett, distance man, frnished first in every one of his races, save the mile against Duke when he finished behind Jim Davis. He had 31 points, While Norman McLeod took fourth With 25 points in the pole vault. Fred HardyL Chuck Slagle and Jim Davis were the only others to score over twenty points. i tfRi ., R0931! HARDY, TWO MILE MARCH, HURDLES CROCKETT, TWO MILE JENNINGS, QUARTER MILE m x W 6' $0127?! ; U wRTfi m? NWRM W RULINA? GEM "90W YAROLINAW' xx TI? HA 12.01.qu ; .ARGLIHVJ j , g .3369 rkRGLINA Firm Ryan's GARDINER, LEWIS, ILLMAN, WISE, PATTERSON, HAIGH, ALLEN, GROVES, CATHEY Smma Rou': COACH Momuss, SLAGLE, WALKER, MORRISON, VAWTER, HARDY, DAVIS, MARCH, JENNINGS, HOFFMAN, CROCKETT, Voc- LER, MANAGER BRAFFORD Dm-d Rozz': COACH QUINI.AN, COACH RANSON, HUBBARD, TOY, MCLEOD, BRANCH, MENGEL, GORDON, PARTRIDGE, LANE, HARDWICK, FRENCH, COACH FETZER , mam Ron's MANAGER BROWN, BROOKS, DIAMOND, JONES, ADAMS, GRoss, WOOD, HUTCHISON, WEIL, CARLETON, MCDANIEL; MAN- t AGER QUARLES The opening meet with Princeton was a severe test, but the Tar Heels squeezed by, winning 66 2H to 59 US. Virginia was left far behind the next week, 75-51. March beat Frank Fuller in the hurdles, and other old reliables who won were Julian Lane, Randy Partridge, Royce Jennings, Co- Captain Fred Hardy, Crockett, and Davis. memwwwx .,wxxW The streak was continued with a scund trOunc- ing of Duke, 72 M2 to 58 U2, but Carolina lost the services of Co-Captain Davis for the remainder 1 0f the season following a foot infection. March scored 15 U2 points, and Dave Morrison took the half mile run. The Tar Heels next won the AAU meet going away, rolling up 73 U2 points to Dukes 63, followed by several other teams. McLEOD SOARS OVER 12'6" MARCH WINS LOW HURDLES AGAINST PRINCETON ! CAROLINATS CRACK HURDLERS WORK OUT mt? lg: M "aw t A vow xv? kt ,wai CAROLINA MIDDLE-DISTANCE RUNNERS ROUND A CURVE DISTANCE MEN ON A TRIAL RUN , ES HUBBARD, WEIGHT MAN, AND PATTERSON, HIGH JUMP JENNINGS, MARCH, VOGLER, 8i MENGEL OUT OF STARTING HOL Navy took a clear-cut decision 77-49, ending the three-year win streak. Hampered by the loss of Davis and soggy track, the Tar Heels clearly lost to a better team. In the last dual meet a h I . 0f the year Carolina had little trouble in felling Georgia, 82 1,I'2 to 43 U2. WAAWW M h The all-round strength of Coach Fetzefs squad won the con- x, , W x eyelxgh X ,, ' ference meet for the third time in as many years. Carolina scored 65 points, to 57 for Marylahd and 41 for Duke. March won the high and 16w hurdles and broad jump, and McLeod vaulted 15 feet to tie for hrst in that event. Winning second places were Richardson, Morrison, Mengcl, Crockett, and Slagle. MENGEL, HURDLES AND JUMPS 3W , Wm a'xk-uzm tn...- - 7mma INDOOR TRACK Trailing Duke by three points before the mile relay, last event on the program, Carolina's relay team of Wise, Groves, Cathey, and Mor- rison outfought a strong Maryland quartet to score the points that won the SOuthern Con- ference Indoor meet. Though Duke took six first places Out of twelve events, the all-round strength of the Tar Heel team enabled it to score 40 18 points to the Blue Devil's 58 U6. Dave Morrison won the half-mile and Mike Mangum the high hurdles for the only Catoe lI'na individual crowns. Warren Mengel took two seconds and a fourth in the hurdles events and the broad jump for seven poihts. Gardiner pulled a surprise by taking second in the high jump and third in the high hurdles. Mike Wise ran second in the quarter-mile event, while Henry Branch in the 880 yard run and Van Wagoner in the mile captured medals for Hh- ishing third. In winning the meet in the last event Caro- lina provided the most stirring fmish since the meet was inaugurated twelve years ago. 2 z $ BREAKING THE TAPE IN THE LOW HURDLES 201 START OF THE HALF-MILE Fin: Row: MANAGER MURPHY, CO-CAPTAINS RAWLINGS 8c RIDER, COACH KENFIEID. 1; Second Row: MESEROLE, EVERETT, CARVER, ANTHONY ' " Third Rouv: HARNDEN, BEADLESh RICE TENNIS- Carolinahs 1940 tennis team upheld the almost miraculous record of past Tar Heel court squads by going through a to u g h schedule undefeated last spring. Coach John Ken- heldhs team smothered all southern competition and then invaded the northern tennis strongholds, defeating some of the nation's best tal- ent on the tour. At the end of the season Coach Kenfleld could look back on 171 vic- tories by his teams since 1929, as compared with only fOur 105565. CO-CAPTAIN RAWLINGS CO-CAPTAIN RIDER 13V ERETT The Tar Heels gave future opponents warning of a brilli- ant team the previous fall, when, led by Co-Captain Bill Rawlings, they dominated the Middle Atlantic College tourna- ment. Later, on Thanksgiving day, Carolina blasted Virginia's netters off the courts 9-0. A number of prominent northern squads, including Haverford College, Colby, Dartmouth, and Williams, came South early in April to give the Tar Heels their first tests. The invaders found the Carolina racqueteers p o 0 r hosts, however, and departed without winning a single indi- vidual match, as Carolina blanked each team, and Wil- liams twice. h MWM 4an e xwx Cornell drew first blo 0 d when the Ithacans' Randall de- feated both Carolinats Co-Cap- tains, Charlie Rider and Raw- lings, in a two-day series that the Tar Heels won, 8-1 and 6-3. ? 1 ' E S t t . X Carolina players and alumni swept the North-South TOurna- BUDGE AND HENDERSON TALK WITH COACH KENFIELD BEFORE EXHIBITION MATCH HARDWICK AND BUDGE PLAY MARBLE AND TILDEN IN WOOLLEN GYM ment at Pinehurst in mid-April. Graduate Archie Hendersog defeated Rider in the singles, and Harris Everett teamed w1th Martm Buxby, of Florida, to cop the doubles title from Henderson and Alec Guerry. About forty Carolina racqueteers participated m the tourney. A week later Don Buftington led Duke in puttmg up a stlff battle before suc- cumbing, 6-3, to the victorious Carolina players. "M , 4W 5 Playing in characteristic fashion, the Tar Heels next took two easy breathers against N. C. State and Washington St Lee, smothering both M We teams by a score 0f 90. . Early in May a strong Presbyterian Coltege team. came to Chapel Hlldl MESEROIF and almost broke the long Carolma string of v1ctor1es. Everett an ZAN CARVER HAM ANTHONY COACH KENFIELD LARGEST TENNIS CROWD ON U.N.C. COURTS WATCH DON BUDGE DEFEAT ARCHIE HENDERSON Ham Anthony each won their singles matches and then teamed in a dOubles victory for three points. Zan Carver blasted his opponent and, With Walt Meserole as a partner, pulled an upset over the number one P: C. dOubles combination to clinch the match, 5-4. After this close shave the Carolina team, with Blair Rice as alternate, went on the annual northern tour. Virginia fell first, 8-1, before Carolina barely nosed out a strong Yale squad, 3-4, in a thrill-packed match. Princeton took two matches out of nine from the Tar Heels the following day. and then-the team stopped at Annapolis for a match with Navy. There Carolina sank the Middies, 8-1, but only after Navyls Joe Hunt, one of the best half dozen players in the country, had given the Visitors a lesson in trimming Rider, 6-0, 6-2. Back on home courts once again, Carolinals racqueteers swept all the honors at the Southern Conference net tourney in Raleigh. Harris Everett won the singles title from Zan Carver in a terrific five-set all-afternoon encounter that left both players near collapse. The next day Carver lost another heart-breaker when he and Meserole bowed to Rider and Rawlings in a gruelling five-set match for the doubles crown. - After the season was over Coach Kenfield looked forward to a 1941 sea- son without the services of Rider, Raw- lings, and Meserole, and with no great wealth of coming reserves and freshmen. It would be hard to duplicate the 1940 record this spring. ta m. 5mm , HARNDEN 297 NEILL BEADLES N. x9? u? 4 s-ar yr "b ,r "anagram! M'lmtwv- v-Yr-m'at3a4m' ' t SANDERS STEPS ASIDE FROM A POWERFUL LEFT THE WINNAH '. BOXING Second in the conference, automatic State Champions, and possessor of two conference champs, Carolinds mitt team had its most successful year in recent times. Coach Mike Ronmants pupils defeated Penn State for the first time in history and tagged Virginia with a defeat for the initial Carolina win over the Cavaliers in a decade. They gained an even break in a hard six match schedule. Co- Captains Andy Gennett, 127, and Eldon Sanders, 165, both won loop titles in the tournament, the Tar Heels fmishing second. Carolina was sIOWvgetting Started, and dropped the opener to Virginia Tech, 4 t0 :3. Redemption came the next week, however, when the Tar Heels swatted Virginia 5-3. Gennett, Bob Farris, and Morris Moskow won, and Sanders won a grudge battle to inSure at least a tie. Kimball KOtd Rathbum in the second round to insure the Victory. 'CO-CAPTAIN GENNETT CO-CAPTAIN SANDERS 300 , -.ur..t.,r 3m JP?"WII"$WWn ,7: , V 'l'xxu'elhng to Nmy, Carolina suffered 21 letdown, losing 51 3 to 31, '3. XVins by Moskow and Gennett 11nd Kimlull's draw with Hebron produced the points. A week ther Penn State was defeated 4V: to NA, Hubert XValstom Sanders, Gennett, and Kimball won, .md Bobbitt earned ;1 tie before 21 large Mid-Winters crowd. Wtith Farris and Kimball unable to com- pete Carolina lost to Maryland 4V3 to 3V3. Gennett, Moskow. .md Sanders registered TKO's, and W211- ston drew. The last dual match saw Carolina upset The Cita- delt also by 495 to 3V3. Gennett, Moskow, Bobbitt, .md Kimball won, and Sanders was held to a draw. Kimball and Sanders Went to the finals in the National Intercollegiate Boxing Tournament at the last of the season. CARBLINA .,:x .,,, t ' BOBBITT. KIMBALL IN erzzv' WAHTON JONH FARRIS CO-CAPTAINS SANDERS AND GENNIgSENgISSKOW. 'H' I . , t , ,H , V Swluzd Razr- MANAGER 1.17m: WHLHAMS. JOHNSTON, HARRIS, COACH ...I 301 MOSKOW ewwt L qus . .- .. A ;. -.. Fim Rout: FERRAND, HAYES, CAPTAIN BOYD, SNOW Second Row: J. DIFFENDAL, SEVERIN, CARR, HERRING, C. DIFFENDAL, COACH ERICKsON ., co LF Playing through a short schedule which allowed them to reach their peak Only at the end of the season, Carolinefs golf team won three matches last year and tied in twotof the other three. , The squad took its first reai Workout at the Southern Intercollegiate tomm- ment, coming out in sixth position. Frosty Snow and Al Carr led the links team to an 8V2-V2 Victory over, Maryland, before Virginia tied Caroliha, 4V2-4V3 in a match won only by rain and darkness; Navy was the next Tar Heel victim. Carolina reached its best form intdiefeating Georgia on the home links. Dukeis crack team won over Coach Eiicksorfs fighting squad by a score of 10V2-7V2, after which the 9-2111 stalemate with Davidson was just an anticlimax. Duke again proved the nemesis 0f the Carolina golfers when they led the second Place Tar Heels by 15 strokes in the conference meet at Sedgeiield. Hudson Boyd, Neal Herring, and Csrrx are not back for the 1941 team, but Snow and Charlie Diffendal form the riucleus 6f a promising squad which is out to beat its perennial conqueror, Duke. SNOVU ,HJH .-.-.H..-.. , W, -irav-Hvrttfwv. v, ,V t t WT...,FW -Tevww w ,-. . ,J ,u' . 'J' . x CROSSCOUNTRY The Carolina cross Country team went through the fall lowed by Tar Heels Dave Morrison in second place; Wise of 1940 undefeated and finished the season by winning in fourth; and Captain Wimpy Lewis in fifth. the Southern Conference Championship. Coach Dale Ransom's squad Opened the season by out- iMorrison led the Carolina barriers to a convincing 18-42 running Marylandts crack Terrapins, 22-55. Individual e Victory over Duke's Blue Devils. Morrison ledthe fleld honors xygnt t0 veteran Tommy Fields Of Maryland, Who across the finish line in 26.26. XWiSC was second Whlle covered the flve mile course in 27.53. He .was closely fol- "Lewis, Branch, and Van Wagoner tied for fourth place. Carolina won the forty-seventh annual Southern Conference cross country. meet from a field composed of Virginia, Maryland, Duke, and VMI entries. In the closest conference finish since 1925, Maryland's Fields edged outtMorrisyon to finish flrst in 26.06. Morrison was second, and Van Wagoner pulled the surprise of the meet by placing third. Captain Lewis came in sixth, anct other Carolina scorers were Wise, in tenth place, and Branch; in eleventh. CAPTAIN LEWIS ZQAROLINA? ' BRANCH Fm! Row: ALLEN, WISE, LEWIS, MORRISON, Second Rau': TOY, DREWRY, VAN WAGONER, NATHAN, EDDY, BRASMER Third Rnu': MORROW, HOWE, GROVES, HUTCHISON, MCDANIEI., TURTLETAUB Family Rau': FRENCH, CATHEY, EARLE, WOOD 303 .A A... : 2.2-4.1 7, Maw 7XM Fin! Row: MANAGER REES, MITCHELL, LEEs, MEYER, ASST. MANAGER TOWNE Second Rou': SCHEINMAN, STONE, BARCLAY, WOODHOUSE, COXHEAD, ASST. MANAGER DAVIS Tbird Rozt': COACH JAMERSON, WEISS, ELMORE, PEABODY, PRIMACK, OUSLEY, THOMPSON Foln'lb Rau': GROSS, NICHOLSON, OSTROWSKY, ROSE, MAHONEY, GIBSON, HOBBS A Carolina Blue Dolphin swimming team that is just three years old retained honors for the second straight year by winning eight of nine dual meets, capturing the Southern Conference, Big Five, and Carolinas AAU championships. The Dolphins knocked off William and Mary, Virginia, VMI, XVash- ington and Lee, Virginia Tech, Duke, Georgia Tech, and N. C. State, and were beaten only by Navy. The six Victories over conference foes extended the Carolina record to 12 consecutive triumphs over loops squads. Captain Jim Barclay and George Coxhead were awarded the Coach Dick Jamerson trophies as being most valuable, and were named CO- captains for the 1942 season. In the backstroke Roy Gibson and LOuis t Schemman were the N0. 1 and 2 men all season, while Southern COH- ference Champion Bob Ousley was tops in breaststroke. XVhit Lees W215 the outstanding sprint man, and Don Nicholson and John Feuchtenberga P were the regular divers. Other dependables included Andy WeiSS, BOb Rose, Buzz Mitchell, and Henry Gross. CAPTAIN BARCLAY WRESTLING MWMM x Wm:1. 151w 7 4 Z w g t E, 4 Z '5 WV-" . n-u-v Firtrf Rou': DAVANT, COACH QUINLAN, LAMBETH Second Rou': MANAGER TAYLOR, TILLETT, SOMERVELL, WEIL, CO-CAPTAINS TORREY AND FORREST, GREGORY, MCKEEVER, HAMLIN Tbird Row: MCLENDON, DAVIS, ELDER, ROHN, WILKINSON, MORDECAI, KEMPER, PENICK, GLEICHER, REDFERN, FOWLER Coach Chuck Quinlan's 1941 wrestling team gave the best varsity mat performance in recent years, winning the Big Five title and scoring two major upsets over heralded opponents. After an easy 19-11 win over Davidson, the Carolina grapplers were handed their only loss when Navy won over the Tar Heels 24-8. Duke fell next 28-6, before Carolina fought VMI to a 14-14 tie for the Cadetls first close call since 1934. Co-Captain Don Tbrryls win pulled the Tar Heels up in the last bout. W. 81 L. suffered its first conference loss in eleven years when Caro- lina captured all the heavier boutsl to win 15-12. The next week the Tar Heels won over VPI 25-6, and then defeated State 18-6. Bill Somervell won the 145 pOund championship, and Hobart Mc- Keever and Roger W'eil took runner-up honors as Carolina took third ' in the Southern Conference meet. CO-CAPTAINS TORREY AND FORREST 305 .. ,w.-.4a..s......n . Fim Row: PAYNE, CO-CAPT. FINCH, COACH LAWSON, HARRINGTON Second Rou': CO-CAPT. SMERNOFF, TOLMACK, HULTON; IMBREY, VINOKUR leird Rou': DEERING, FLETCHER, SPICER, FARRIS, FOYLE VARSITY FENCING CO-CAPTAIN FINCH The Carolina team failed to live up to expecta- tions in the South Atlantic fencing tOurnament and finished midway in a nine-team field. The Carolina fencers enjoyed a good season last winter, losing only two matches, both to the strongest teams in the North. Coach Robert Lawsonts squad opened the season With a 17-7 win over W. 8: L. The Tar Heel. foil men started with three conSecutive wins, and victories in the epee and saber events gave Carolina a comfortable lead. Virginia! fell next to the Tar Heel swordsmen 20-7. The Carolina epee squad lost only one match out of nine in leading the team against the Cavaliers. Against the Winston-Salem YMCA fencers the Tar Heel foilists barely came out ahead, but the saber and epee men ran the score up to 18V2-8V2 for a decisive victory. In the closest matcheof the year the Carolina squad barely eked out a 14-13 decision over a strong William and Mary squad. Taking on two teams in one day, Carolina defeated South Carolina in'the morning 14-3, and then turned back VMI 17-10 that same afternoon.- Seton Hallts Eastern Intercollegiate champions racked up their 55th consecutive Victory in defeating Carolina ZOVZ-GVZ. The City College of New York swordsmen made it two in a row for the Yankees in Winning a decisive victory over the Tar Heels. 306 MWWMAy-WW WINSTEAD, ALSPAUGH, KIRKPATRICK, WEATHERFORD GYMNASTICS The Carolina gymnasts have been working out inter- mittently all year in preparation for a meet this spring.' Star of the muscle-men, cOachedvby Dr. R.-B. Lawson, is Ed Winstead, who is one of the outstanding all-around gym men in the East. Duke and Davidson were defeated by the Carolina team in a short meet. LACROSSE Lacrosse at Carolina, althOugh only recently organiZed and still not recognized as an official sport, last year de- veloped the fnost improvedzteam in the Dixie League. Coach Al Cornsweetls ten wori Victories over Duke, 5-4; W. 86 L, 6-3; and Virginia, 8-3 and 12-4. Losses Were to the Washington Lacrosse club, 9-4; Duke, 15-8; L0yola, 15-3; and W181 L, 6-4. .. ,5. With Co-Captain Coleman Finkle leading eithost of re- turning regulars, the Indians are expecting a banner yeat in 1941. ' ' Firrt anr: SINGLFTARY, R. ROSENBLOOM. STERNBERY, CO-CAPTAINS BFRDAN AND FINKEL, HARRIS, CLARK, CAROL Serum! Rozw: ASST. MANAGER STRAUSS, HITCHCOCK, GAY, GUGERT, FARRIS, ROUILLER, LOFWENSON, BEERS, DARDEN, MANAGER SUNSTEIN Third Rou': DUBE GRAHAM, COHN, DUGGFR, KIMBAI.L, DESICH, SPRANSY, B. ROSENBIOOM, GORDON 307 1' Ar;- - 43; gmu ..I..;;.;...V-..v 421 .1 SID SADOFF BILLY GROVES s xmxxxsxxx MONOGRAM CLUB The officers of the Monogram Club for the year 1940-41 were: Sid Sadoff, President; Billy Groves, Vice-President; Frosty Snow, Secretary; Steve Forrest, Treasurer; and Stewart Richardson, Representative to the Athletic Council. The Carolina Monogram Club is composed of varsity lettermen. Its purpose is to further athletic interest and fellowship on the campus and among its members. This year aside from its usual activities the club has taken another. step forward. The added feature is the new club room into which the.Fetzer Field house has been converted. It Will serve for some of the social activities and will be available to Monogram alumni as well as members. The club year started with the "Know Your Coachesii freshman smoker last fall, in which the freshmen met the Carolina coaches and prominent monogram men. The gridgraph 0f the Fordham game from New York was sponsored by the lettermen. At the end of the Winter, members and their dates were entertained at a banquet. Monogram awards were made at the end of each quarter. 308 3",...- -- t - M m gF-Wiffmguy 3.. n CHEERLEADERS In 104041 came :1 new era in cheerleading on the Caro- lim c.lmpus as co-ed cheerleaders helped arouse Carolina spirit for the first time in the Universitys history. Head erabble-musers Charlie Nelson and Jane Rumsey did 21 fine job of whooping it up at athletic events during the season, ably backed up by Jeanne Connell, George Coxhead, Tom Avem. Frank Alspnugh, Johnny Feuchtenberger, and Her- schel Snuggs. Acrobatic yells played an important part in the Success of this year's cheerleaders. Alsbaugh and Feuchtenberger kept the crowd entertained during dull moments with their gymnastics. The yells ttAh Rameses" and "Blue and XVhite" featured acrobatics. Card displays were used at several football games. "Yackety Yack", originated by Kay Kyser, was revived and became a great favorite of the student body. The new locomotive yell vied for popularity with the old "Let's Go, Carolina" standby. he e4 ,Jz tef , t g 'WkAFW" " ' GO! GO! GO! CHEERLEADERS MANEUVER BEFORE DUKE-CAROLINA CROWD 309 , .xx .l I w FRESHMAN FOOTBALL sessing hardly a half-dozenpplayers capable of develop- Winner of only one game of five and pos 40 freshman football team was definitely not up to ing into varsity material by next fall, Carolinals 19 the standard set by yearling elevens of the past. ous injuries and an undermanned squad contributed much to the spotty Tar best form of the year. Some of the most outstanding performers were John Sadlik, fullback; Emil Serlich, blocking back; Hugh Cox and Leo LeBlanc, tailbacks; Clay Croom and Jack Emack, wingbacks; Jack Hussy, Craven Turner, and Lovick Corn, ends; Tom Byrum and Frank'Clement, tackles; Vance MCGirt and Charlie Gordon, guards; and John Wood, and Dick Bates, centers. A late start, numer , Baby record, and at the end of the season the unit was showing its FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Coach Doc Siewertls: f reshmanr basketball squad outdid all expectations this winter and went through a tough 12 game schedule with only two defeats. Dubbed 'lgreenlf as the season started, the Tar Babies smothered, Fayetteville High 53-9 and went on to take Victories from such strong lives as Campbell Col- lege and the State and Duke freshmen. 7 In defeating the vaunted Duke squad the Tar Babies came from behind to take a thrilling 44-40 victory. Carolina also won' Victories over the Wake Forest and Davidson freshmen, Chattanooga, Oak Ridge, and Durham high sehool. The only losses came at the hands of State and a revengeful Blue Imp team. ' T , Don Wilson led the scoring with 120 points in the 12 games. Captain Freedman, Hayworth, Andrews, White, and Chambers were the other leaders on the squad. '"FRESHMAN BASEBALL Coaches Jim Tatum and Hammond Strayhorn put out one of the best freshman baseball teams in years last spring, winninglthe state championship hands down. ' The Tar Babies won eight games and lost three, with Joe Nelson and Charlie Moore pitching seven of the wins. State and Duke were defeated twice, while the losses OCCurred at the hands of Oak Ridge and Raleigh High. Several promising men were uncovered for future varsity use, including Nelson and Moore; Jack Roberts, outf1eld batting leader; Bob Miller, outfield; and Bob Saunders, Bill Honan and Johnny Pecora inlielders. . , , The main yearling weapon was a powerful batting attack, although the defense improved as the season progressed. 312 u. - slaw , 313 W $ 2 ? i, Firm Run: RIBET Cox, TURNER, CROOM. HASSEY, EDMONDS, M C R A F. CORN, IVIANAGER POWELL. SLLYHZd RUM." CHEEK, CANTRELL, SHUFORD, HOLTHOWSER, SER- LICK, LEBLANC. MCGIRT. EMACK. DAVIS, ALDERSON. '1 bird Rrur: WRIGHT, PICKARD, BASS, LYTTLE, GORDON, BY- RUM, COZART PHILPOTT, WOOD, FREEIAND, JOHNSON, GALIL, NORWOOD. Fum-IXJ Row: MANAGER LOCK- HART, BATES, CLEMENT, HACK- NEY. SADLIK. JORDAN. LITTLE. BELL THWAITS, RICHMOND, WILSON Firrt Rou': COACH SIEWART, QUINCY, HICKS, LEE, HAY- WORTH, CHAMBERS, WILSON, CLAY, GILLIAM, ROMARY, COACH MULLIS. $ Second Rou': MANAGER DORSETT, WHITE, SMITH, BROWN, MC- ELROY, GEDDIS, MILLAR, PEEL, FREEDMAN. Fin! Ruu': BLACKSTONE, pECORA, NICHOLSON, CARTER, DEAN, O'HEDY, BOWLIN, MACK. Sumnd Rou': BARNER, SNELL, OSWALD, MILLER, C U R R I N , WOLF, KOLOVSON, HEARN. 1'121'1-d Row: COACH STRAYHORN, HODGFS, MOORE, BARKSDALE, SAUNDERS, WHITE, ROBERTS, CHILDFRS, HONAN, COACH TATUM. -- a:vq 23 .53 5.1. :4 52 it E i! l; :1 $ 5; , r h yIm-uwx .m FRESHMAN GOLF n Coach Chuck Ericksonts freshman golfers went undefeated in a two-meet season, blanking the Da- vidson yearlings, 18-0, and turning back Durham High, lOVZ t0 7V2. Dave Rumph, Mike Nolan, Graydon Lile-s, and Larry Neese W6fe the quartet that stood out. Liles was medalist against Davidson, and shared honors with Rumph against Durham. . FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY + Undefeated in two dual meets and a three-team meet, the freshman cross country had a perfect slate for 1940; Jack Milne, elected captain after the 5621- son Closed, came in first in all three races. Carolina defeated Duke three times, twice in dual meets, and , once in a meet with Jefferson High of Roanoke. FOREHAND DOWN THE LINE KEEN EYE POOL FOOLINt FRESHMAN FENCING TEAM FRESHMAN WRESTLING The Freshman wrestlers enjoyed only mediocre success this winter, winning but two matches Out of live. The Tar Baby grapplers started out the season with a decisive 23-9 win over Davidson. They next took a close match with W. 8.: L, as Shapiro pinned his opponent in the last contest for an 18-16 Carolina win. The V.M.I. freshmen defeated the Tar Babies 26-6, and the next week Carolinals only winner was Stockton against V.P.I. State won the last match of the season, 22-8. The outstanding wrestlers 0n the squad appeared to be John Robinson, John Tillett, Bob Richards, and Sylvan Shapiro. FRESHMAN SWIMMING The 1941 freshman swimming team had a very success- ful season this winter in winning all of its meets and estab- lishing numerous new records. Coach Ralph Caseyls squad took wins over such promi- nent prep school teams as Staunton Military Academy, and defeated all the freshmen and high school talent in the state. Denmand Hammond established several local and na- tional records in the backstroke, and Jack Eshelman turned in consistently fast performances in the freestyle sprints. Ed Shumate was outstanding in the sprints and the breast- stroke. These three won the National Junior 150 yard medley relay. FRESHMAN SWIMMING TEAM 515 Fm; Row: BRASMER, BLOOM- V v . BERG, MANGUM, TAYLOR, PEN- v - ' ' , , DERGRAFT, PHILLIPS, TORRENS, v k $yog ISENHOUR, JONES, SANDILOS. , Second Row: VAN WAGONER, CRUDUP, THOMAS, EDKINS, WRIGHT, NATHAN, DUBOSE, SOHLENGER. DREWRY, BUR- GESS. 7,, Tlaz'rd Row: CONRAD, MARTIN, BOUTYETTE, HOLZMAN, BEN- NETT, HUTCHINSON, LESTER, PECK, MCNAUGHTON, MC- LEAN, DENTON, PRUITT, GRAFF, MANAGER DAVIS. Fourtla Row: EDWARDS, CAMP- BELL, BELL, FLETCHER, LITTLE- TON, TAYLOR, SAUNDERS, MICHAELS, H 0 w E , GIBSON, MANAGER TURNER. Fin: Row: HOBBS, ANTOLINI, WITKIN. Second Row: MARKHAM, EVEN- SON, MANCHESTER, TUTTLE, COHEN, WADDEN, HENDRIX, MANAGER DRUCKER. mym, Pint Row: FENNELL, WATERS, SOYARs, WHITE, THOMPSON. Second Row: COACH DESICH, BOYLE, BELL, PALMER, BROWN SHERMAN, CONRAD, JAMES. a Tbird Row: MANAGERS CAMP- BELL, BLADES, COHN, MASTEN, AND SILVERMAN. XWW mmmw 4t -,.ax- . in two dual meets and winning the Junior FRESHMAN TRACK The earlin . y g track team showed that it possessed some potential varsity material by breaking even AAU meet" by a wide margin. The Tar Babies beat Duke, 64-621 IOSt to Navy '90 U3 to 26 2743, and breezedeinto the AAU title with 66 273 points, almost double their nearest competitor. V OutsItDandmg in this rneet were Mike Mangum and Joe Taylor, who each won two first places, and ernori K rewry. G01r1g intow the last event against Duke, Carolina needed arisecond place, worth three POIHtS, t0 Wm, and Mlke M.Emgum' came through With the needed points. Drewry and Mangum gained L the only 134W places against:.Na.vy, as the Plebes-dominated in every event. L FRESHMAN T,ENNIS The freshmari tennis team extended, the record of Carolinais first year racqueteers, who have not lost a match in about a decade, by completely overwhelming-eVe-ry oppopent lastsspring. Among the los- ing teams, who did not 'win at single point allsseason, were college freshman teams and several prom- inent northern prep school squads. " ' None of the players were extremely outstanding, but pliaying 'consistenly on the first six were Man- chester, Evenson, Wadden, Markham, Hendrix, and Hobbs. Also; given a ,chance to make good some day on the varsity were Salzberg; MarknguttIe, Witkin, Cohen, arid Antolini. FRESHMANTBOXING ' Coach Dan Des'ichys freshman boxing team had a "limited bu't, rigOrous 1941 season. The three meets scheduledi were packed full of competition and the freshmen hadiampie opportunity to show their abilities. , . s . . L The first rnee't with V.P.Ii; reSulted in a disheartening 4-31055. Through a technicality Thompsons fight at 120 and Shermarfs at 145 were drawn in the first round. HAt 127 .White decisioned Wisnan, and Techis Wingfield crowded Boyle 'to win the 155 class. James drew Spital 1n the 165, and Palmer drew Diggs at 175. At heavyweight, Harding won over Bell. Carolina outpointed Virginia 5V2 to 2V2. Thompson decisionedJStevens at 120, and at 127 White won over- 'Mclver. Sherman drew BroOks at 145. 'Brown decisioned Semler, 155. James Outboxed Cam- i blos 165 as- did Palmer against McNeaI at 175. Heavyweight Parker'liost a good fight to Parlow. The third-match, scheduled to be with the strong Staunton Military Academy, was not held. 317 59,??42 KAPPA SIGMA FRATERNITY FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS MR. DURHAM, BASKET ROOM HOST INTRAMURALS The Carolina intramural sports program gives every student a chance to participate in competitive sports. It stimulates healthy intramural campus rivalry and encourages the devel- opment of sport skills among those not able to make the varsity grade. Winners have 136602 In major sports 8 m W u B n w Name LMLTK. mam HH mmm,.H SSSL. aaaDSLQ PPP P PPPmi aaaeh KKKZC gm. HQHahb akba. lmctek faOfS oroWa STF B .Town Boys iPsi............ .Ch Volley Ball. EXPECTANT BALL-HAWKS PHYSICAL ED ORDEAL owmmww mdea. rat I I t LJLJLJLJLJ r LJJDLJ npr wqpqprw r1 LJL.J ' 1? I a r-u-v-rar' 1r th qpr LJLJLJLJ JP F.W r kJLJLJLJLJ JFW JLJLJLJLJLJUU J gr I r q; ?HFGF npqpqprw qpqpqprw JLJLJLJLJLJL " r , J 1r 5 ' r JUDGE 1r1r .JL' 1r qpra '- MILNIi, FRIinMAX ' ' DIS 1 ANCE RUNNER : ND XWILSOB. AN CAGERD FRELDIVIAN A FRESHlVI 319 x . -WAM MARJORIE JOHNSTON DALTON POISED FOR THE KILL PRESIDENT OF THE W.A.A. WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCATlON The officers of the Woments Athletic Association are: Mar- jorie Johnston, President; Ann Williams, Vice-President; jean Lindsay, Secretary; Caroline Dalton, Treasurer; and Mrs. J. B. Beard, Advisor. During the past school year the Womenk Athletic Associa- tion has greatly expanded its activities in its effort to give the Carolina CQ-ed a healthy, well-rounded program. During'Orientation week a hTruth and Consequences" party for the new coeds was sponsored, as an introduction to the WAA .and its place in the Carolina girfs life. NO NEED OF "FOREH WERE LOOKING ANYHOW! ,t . A Seated: DALTON, WILLIAMS, PRES. JOHNSTON, LINDSAY, MRS. BEARD. Stamimg: MEBANE, RUARK, JACKSON, MOORE, MRS. MCINTOSH, KELLY BREAZEALE , , STEINBACH, STEELE, GIBSON, NEE. BACK FLIP-FLOPS The fall quarter was especially active with. tennis, archery, swimming, hockey, dancing, golf, and fencing ranking high in popularity. During this quarter there were several Nplay nights" in the Tin Can, as well as a swimming party with the varsity team. These mixed parties prOved so popular that they were continued with the cooperation of the Monogram Club throughout the winter and spring quarters. In the winter the Red and Blue Leagues participated in a basketball tournament, and enjoyed fencing. During the spring the Co-eds held tournaments in softball, tennis, and badminton, besides playing golf, swimming, and archery. In mid-April the XWAA played host to the three-day State Conference of the Athletic Federation of College Women here on the campus. At the end of each quarter banquets were given in honor of All Carolina Co-ed teams and individual awards. FOIL PLAY JEAN HAHN CHAMPION GIRL ARCHER FOUL PLAY 93?; L x, x f, ,V K?Ly f . , 7i L L xxwwvw ax, sz . 701$ 6; LL , DANCES AND 5, 2 A L KwN z 13, L ,x , K M m vam$ amyxvc , .x4$z...l..;$$3.2.i:$3.5, 4$ q. Z? .. L LAN x L .Kxx SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS l FRATERNITIES rm W 1613. age," g4, V JWX 1M X , x$xs x R mks APPLEWHITE BASON BOATWRIGHT, E. H. BOATWRIGHT, EVA BREAZEALE BROOME BROWN BURROUGHS CHANDLER CLAMPITT CLAYTON CLINARD CRAFT CROMARTIE DALTON DARDEN DAVIDSON DYCKMAN FISHEL F LETCHER FLOWE FOOTE FUTRELLE JOHNSON LEECH LOVE MALLISON MCCLELLAND MILAM MOORE PENTLARGE PLYLER POOLE PRATT RHODES RUARK SHAVER SUITOR WELLS WIMBERLY WIRE WITHERS ' , 6 . M 3, , , GANIZATIONQ BETA UPSILON CHAPTER xxvm xx 4.; f Kelly Cornwell, Gwynne Harris Daggett, Charles Perry Erickson, JaJ 'vIelvin Green, Howard Russell Huse, Dougald MacMillan, Gerald 1?" HO" prhprgnn Flnvrl Thendnrp Q;pnnU-1- TI ' GRADUATE SCHOOL: Ina Jean, ClausSen, Margaret Henderson, Mary Emily Parker. SENIORS: Mary Bason, Mary Louise Br5azeale, Betty Brown, Barbara Burroughs, Hallie Chandler, Martha Clampitt, Mary Alan Clinard, Cafoline Dalton, Gertrude Darden, Frances Dyckman, Diana Foote, Betty Moore, Marie McClelland, Georgiaria xPentlarge, Helen Plyler, Dorothy Pratt, Sarah Ruark, Laura Maie Shaver, Alice Wells. JUNIORS: Earlene Clayton, Ann Cromartic, Mary Elizabeth Leech, Helen Milam. - PLEDGES: Ruth Applewvhite, Betty Boatwright, Eva Boatwright, Virginia Broome, Elizabeth Campbell, Arm Craft,'Gail Davi'dson, Constance DuBose, Eugenia FishelLBetty LOul Fletcher, Ann Flowe, Peggy Lou Futrelle, Mary Hawkins, Helen Holt, Marion Johnson, Marion Lippincott, June Love, NancngCIver, Muriel Mallison, Frances Moose, Georgia Poole, Olivia Rhodes, Nancy Suitef, Choline Taylor, Huldah warrEn, Nancyr Waters, Jean Wire, Ellen Wimberley, Bettye Withers. -.-.. . ........ ..--A - .- .-.-.. u... va ..A Awu. 1: writ. ANTHONY, M. P. ASHBY BRYANT BURGWYN DAVENPORT DIFFENDAL DORSETT ETTENGER FORD FRAZIER GRIER GRIESEMER GUY HAIGH HALL JONES LEWIS LONG, F. B. LONG, W. F. LOVE, F. W. MURCHISON OLIVE PATRICK SIMPSON SMITH THOMPSON TOLAR UNDERWOOD WATKINS WEBSTER WILLIAMS WISE WRIGHT, s. M. WRIGHT, V. B. YOUNT, J. L. YOUNT, J. M. ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER 328 5 FACULTY: Oliver Kelly Cornwell, Gwynne Harris Daggett, Charles Perry Erickson, James Gilbert Evans, Keener Chap- man Frazer, Fletcher Melvin Green, Howard Russell Huse, Dougald MacMillan, Gerald Raleigh McCarthy, Atwell Campbell McIntosh, Danield Allen McPherson, Floyd Theodore Siewart, Thomas James Wilson, JL, Rex Sheiton Winslow. LAW SCHOOL: James Hinton Pou Bailey, Thadeus Tuttle Moser, George William Shipp, JL, Clarence Leroy Shuping. MEDICAL SCHOOL: James Evans Davis, Alvis Barnes Dickson, John Franklin Lynch. GRADUATE SCHOOL: Charles Edward Diffendal, Jr. SENIORS: Robert Strange Bridges, William Trammel Davenport, John Charles Grier, Phillip Wiley Haigh, William Erwin Jones, Ralph Clinton Patrick, George Lee Simpson, JL, Ralph Chalmers Tolar, Hamilton Polk Underwood, Vincent Brown Wright. ' JUNIORS: Marvin Pope Anthony, Percy Rudolph Ashby, Henry King Burgwyn, James Washington Crews, John Walker Diffendal, Walter Franklin Long, Cameron Murchison, Robert Milton Olive, Armistead Burwell Smith, Jr., John Franklin Thompson. ' SOPHOMORES: Harry Miller Bryant, jeremiah Devel Griesemer, George Pickard Hogan, Phillip Alston Lewis, Forrest Battle Long, Ernest Grier Lord, Robert Lee Saunders, William Downing Watkins, Henry Williams, Robert Maurice Wise, Sam Martin Wright. PLEDGES: Josiah William Bailey, Harold Davis Cranford, John Dewey Dorsett, Robert Lee Ettenger, III, Reuben Ford, William Ray Frazier, Elbert Allen Griffin, William Carrington Guy, Hanson Chenney Hall; Jr., Richard Mendenhall Hobbs, Edwin Samuel James, Fred William Love, Robert Gardner Royce, David Leroy Strain, JL, Thomas Johnston Wads- worth, William Terrell Webster, Jr., James Locke YOunt, John Milton Yount. ;a;..';. 4;-3;-.J ...Jv .4 BLEDSOE BROOKS COLLETT COWHIG COZART DALTON DAVIS, L. L. DAVIS, R. s. FELTS GARLAND GRANT EYWARD H HOLE HUMPHRIES JOEL LITTLE MATTHEWS RANKIN REID RICHMOND ROSS RYDER SAGER SCHENCK SHARKEY SIEWERS SOYARS STOCKTON STOCKTON TRAIL N. R. 7 $ TROTTER WEBB WERTHEIM WHITE WILLIAMSON WINKLER ETA CHAPTER Iheim, Thomas William Williamson. I K FACULTY: Kent James Brown, William iange, Edwin Shephard Miller, Robert Sharpe. ; LAW SCHOOL: James Boyce Garland. - V t MEDICAL SCHOOL: Edward Walter Markey, James B0urke McDevitt. GRADUATE SCHOOL: William Walker. Hines. SENIORS: Thomas Ruffln Bledsoe, Walter Francis Cole, James Roundtree Collett, Roger Alpine Grant, Charles Oliver Humphries, Walter Moore Lambeth, William Hartsell Little, Frank Reid Penn, 111, James McCausland Ross, Christian Fogle Siewers, Randolph LOuis Speight, Norman Vaughn Stockton, JL, Harry Winkler. JUNIORS: Glenn Brooks, Richard Lawrence Cowhig, William Lacy Felts, Hugh Stanley Hole, David Settle Reid, III, Wilmer Webb, Richard Allen White. I SOPHOMORES: Robert Frank Dalton, III, Edwin Smith Pou, Landon Haynes Roberts, Donald Lee Sager, Paul Wilfong I Schenck. PLEDGES: Robert Cozart, Rene Sheldon Davis, Lucian Latham Davis, Daniel Louis Garen, I Charles Marc Gilmore, James Smith Heyward, Edward Davis Joel, Harold Harding Keith, Byron Matthews, David Holland Rankin, Charles Daniel Richmond, Oliver Allison Ryder, William Lawrence Sharkey, Thomas Noble Shelton, Zachary Taylor Smith, 11, William I Bernard Soyars, Robert Gray Stockton, Benjamin Oliver Townsend, Steele Trail, Benjamin Trotter, Walter Robert Wert- I BRYANT BURROS, B. E. BURROS, M. L, CARPENTER CHARLES CRAGO CROSBY DIXON EDWARDS HAHN HEATH HOOVER HUDSON JACKSON JOHNSTON KELLEY LINEBACK LITTELL LOARING-CLARK McGIBONY MCKENZIE McIVER MOODY NOE PEYTON SAWYER SHIELDS SMITH . STEEL STIEFELMEYER TAYLOR THORNBURG WALSH WATTERS WHIPPLE WILLIAMS WOLF WOODHOUSE ,. .V. EPSILON BETA CHAPTER GRADUATES: Mary Dick Cannon. SENIORS: Anne Caswell Bates, Pattye Rachel Bryant, Blanche Evelyn Burrus, Marjorie Lovelace Burrus, Ladye Bar- nard Carpenter, Mary Frances Heath, Mary Carlton Jackson, Marjorie Elizabeth Johnston, Jean Morse Littell, Genie Loaring-Clark, Mariana Milner, Emogene McGibony, Ernestine Irene Noe, Sarah Pearson Sawyer, LOuise Dudley Smith, Martha Ann Speight, Ella-Keen Steel, LOuise Olga Stiefelmeyer, Nancy Scull Taylor, Ann Pluymert Thornburgh, Ann Elizabeth Williams, Mary Isobelle Wolf. JUNIORS: Fairfax Bates, Ann Elizabeth Crago, Jean Gregory McKenzie, Ann Moon Peyton. PLEDGES: Cornelia Elizabeth Bass, Nelle Covington Bass, Kathryn Crews Charles, Jayne Elizabeth Crosby, Ann Bright Dawson, Betty Eaton Dixon, Elizabeth Philmore Edwards, Jean Hahn, Virginia Hayes, Annah Gray Hoover, Ellen Noah Hudson, Hortense Edwina Kelley, Kathleen Elizabeth Lineback, Jane Moody, Charlotte Shields, Ida Norris Snow, Sarah Kathryne Walsh, Marie Jaqueline Watters, Virginia Lewis Whipple, Katharine Lumpkin Wicker, Betty Frost Woodhouse. ANDRP 307 .' BPOW? COOPH' DULUVA? HMOR Ii VAR HcY FISH! HLR FliLK ORO'I'Z KING LINDSAY MOORE; MORTON NELSON NIMMONS U'l IARI'L PENNY Pl HiI.PS PHil JTHNIiR RALSTON RHYNl-J .stua smAN swemuam; SMITHJ. SMITH, R. SWINK WALKER WILLIS WILLS , 4y , V 7 m, y! M Z ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER GRADUATE SCHOOL: Joseph Kimball Harriman, Phillip Edward Lucas. SENIORS: Pinkney Rufus Brown, John Raymond Cooper, Bruce A. Elmore, James Edward Perry, JL, Alfred Edward Phelps, Robert Stanley Sloan, John Wilson Smith, Wil1iam James Walker. ' JUNIORS: John Porter Cooper, Richard Henry Farley, George Grotz, III, Charles Stephen Nelson, Frank Vincent O Hare, Wert Baxter Rhyne, james Sheek, Stephen White Siddle, JL, Rogers Terrell Smith, William Jennings Swink, Allen Wills. SOPHOMORES: Charles Joseph Donovari, Bard Townsley Fischer, Roger Wilkinson King, Stewart Campbell Morton, James Nimmons, Glen Richard Penny. PLEDGES: William McLeesAlexander, Vincent Howard Anderson, Mott Parks Blair, Boyd R. Blackney, Robert Griffity Evans Epple,'George Wrenn Estover, Jr., Robert Mitchell Forster, Joseph Frank Fulk, John Weldon Lindsay, Henry Dyer Moore, III, Robert Warren Pleuthner, Donald Neely Ralston, Gregory Lee Schultz, George Andrew Smedberg, Kendall .' Willis. ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER 356 G N R S NE L H O R ws N EB L Y s s SLNK KT NT mmmsm mmmnm mmmnm mmYLm 3me mmmmwm D WW RGRH IDY N LuH OWRHR L TIR NmmAA MUAEM mNmmm ammEm moemm awwARA ABCDD FGHHK KKLLM MMNNN NNOPP psswwy ..ll .0 3V Snip Pi! LEM. g n w INHIu in, 9 y h, ha" Frank M IDIVIVFFEV. Wdlmm T. Flehwn D1114 '1 "'H FACULTY: Robert Erwin Coker, William Chambers Coker, Arthur Russel Hollet, William Gardner Morgan Walter Spearman, George Coffin Taylor. LAW SCHOOL: Wayne Alexander Fonvielle, Jr., Samuel Richardson Leager, James Wardlaw Perrin, Jr. SENIORS: Hal Byerly Armentrout, Harrison Porter Baker, Brooks Francis Burttz Ben Bentley Dilworth, William Clay- ton Farris, Charles Elmer Harnden, In, Robert Warren Judd, Archie Lindsay, James Thomas McAden, Archibald Nock McIntosh, Donald Holmes Neill, Frederick Page Seymour, George William Watson, Thomas Archibald Wright, Jr. JUNIORS: John Allen Eddy, Francis Albert Gugert, George Wright Meyer, William Collins Neely, Alton Gwynne Nowell, Fr6derick Kenneth Schmidt. SOPHOMORES: Thomas Eliot Andrews, Cale Kight Burgess, Jr., Robert Miles Heitzeberg, Edward Hollis Kcator, John Fawcett Kenfield, Jr., Taylor O1Bryan, Richard Bliss Pethick. PLEDGES: William Olds Cooley, Joe Carpenter Davis, Howard Athalone Dawson, David Matthew Kendall, Jr., Richard Holmes Knight Harold William Lloyd, Samuel Timothy N1cholson, John DeZOuche Nicolls Spencer Edward Pierce Richard Heath Pollock, Terry Frank Yarger. ALEXANDER BOBBITT BRAWLEY CARLTON, G. WALKER CARLTON, P. R. DAVANT DAVIS, J. . DAVIS, R. L. DILL. GIBBONS GRIFFIN GREEN HAND HITCHCOCK HOBBS, E. H. HOBBS, H. HOBBS, T. M. HOGUE ' HOLLINGSHEAD KENDRICK KIMBALL LINKER" MAASS . MANER MORTON PATTERSON PEETE QUARLES RODMAN RUTLEDGE . SAUNDERS SCHWARTZ WOOLEN WRIGHT YOUNG BETA CHAPTER FACULTY: William Morton Dey, Frank M. Duffey, William L. Fleming, Rogers Dey Whichard. LAW SCHOOL: Donnell Gilliam, IL, J056ph Bunn Ramsey, Jr., Owen Guion Rodman, Julien Knox Warren. MEDICAL SCHOOL: Clark Rodman. GRADUATE SCHOOL: Philip Camill Schinhan. SENIORS: Sydenham Benoni Alexander, James Shober Brawle'y, Philip Rahm Carlton, Benjamin Robert Carroll; Wil- liam Wills Green, Jr., William Luther Hand, Peter Sterling Hitchcock, Clyde Gates Kimball, Raymond Otho Linker, Edwin Napoleon Manet, JL, James Perrin Quarles, JL, Wescott Roberson Woolen, Thomas Henry Vfright, Jr. JUNIORS: Robert Lee Bobbitt, Blackwell Markham Brogden, Eugene Milburn Davant, Robert Lang Davis, Truman McGill Hobbs, Cyrus Dunlop Hogue, Richard Leon Kendrick, Calvin Blackwell Morrisette, Jr., William Pettway Jones Peete. SOPHOMORBS: Graham Maxwell Carlton, Thomas Henry Crudu'p, Junius Weeks Davis, J11, Lemuel Hardy Gibbons, Edward Henry Hobbs, Samuel Huntington Hobbs, III, Elmer Percy Hollingshead, JL, Brockton Reynolds Lyon, Hugh MacRae Morton, Donald Flanner Patterson, Eugene Minor ReQua, Camillus Holliday Rodman, John Baker Saunders, Her; ! bert Barrow Turner, William Caldwell YOung. PLEDGES: William Benjamin Blades, James Barrow Boyce, Stuart Caldwell Campbell, Thomas Green Dill, John Stuart Gaul, Mark Alexander Griffin, James Andrew Harrell, Arthur Cummings Jones, In, Richard Fletcher Kemp, Harold Gus- tav Maass, Fred Reeves Rutledge, Karl M. Schwartz, III, John Denley Walker, William Robert Webb. . 4......2. a-.: :m- - ... .A m m AMOSS, D. M. AMOSS H. 1,. AVVALT BRANCH BRANSON BROWN CHANDLER CRITTENDEN DICK EDENS EMACK GROSS HARVEY JORDAN LAURENS MASTON MAYORGA, A. MAYORGA, F. NALLE PACKARD PEABODY PILLING STAPLES TAYLOR TORREY, D. F. TORREY, R, D. XVALKER NVZKVN x ., x,'w Q 4a? A XI CHAPTER a b... 2 -AEU SH FACULTY: Harry Kitsun Russell, Herman Walker Schnell." l. SENIORS: Harold Lindsay Amoss, Thurston Cross Brown, Butler Parnell Crittenden, JL, Randolph McLeod Dick, John William Ryan, Donald Fuller Torrey, JL, Nicholas Misplee Walker, Hubert Brooks Wheeler, Edwin Godley Win- stead. ' JUNIORS: Henry Branch, 11, Thomas Russell Edens, Henry McCormick Gross, JL, Holstein Harvey, III, Michael Ernest Jenkins, JL, Arthur Melville Jordan, JL, Armando Mayorga, Fernando Mayorga, Robert Dutilh Torrey. SOPHOMORES: Henry Gibson Barnard, JL, Frank Lanier'Bransonrer Henry Po'or Chandler, JL, Jesse Nalle, III, Franklin Davenport Laurens, George Lee Peabody, John Hartman Staples. PLEDGES: Dudley Moore Amoss, Francis Cloyd Awalt, John Beresford Emack, JL, Herman Denckla Packard, Charles Evarard Childs, John Keating Sands, Norman Appleton Staples, Craig Adair Maston, Frank Bachman Filling, Benjamin Loyall Taylor. ' 'W 222mg 2?"? r: if BELL,H.hL BELL Ris BOOGHER BRADSHAVU CALHOUN CHURCH DIXON FOOTE GREGORY Q. GREGORY S. GRHMMN HAYES HOLT , HUMPHREYS JOHNSTON JACOCKS LEGGETT LYON ; H MASSEY !4 NHDDLETON " NHNDHCK !?q thOOGAN L i PAGEJIH. g,a PAGEJL J, W 8 ! f . IHLLAR 1 RANSON ' ;3L IUCKS ; ROGERS ;3 ' SEBRELL 1H SHAMBURGER 6T1 SHEFHELD m n SHUMNG 3' THOMAqu w? URQUHART I 13 VAN KIRK AV' VVHJJABE 5 .74 M M: ?M : !4 I A w L- .li! .- 3! J! i 1 i , ' UPSILON CHAPTER , ' - J3 342 , ' ' , .. ,. 4:5: . f-j: 2? , .. iiff 3?:2'; WM gym": 123:: .. 1 -.. . "-1. .v n. year c . FACULTY: J G. deRoth-ac Hamilton, E W.Kn1ght . LAW SCHOOL: Th0111as William Mason Lohg, J1V,IR0bertJD11es L0v1ll J1., Hal Ha111me1 Walker. GRADUATE SCHOOL:Melvi11 Merce1. q , I, PUBLIC HEALTH SCHOOL: William Hugh Sessoms H611 F Wyh1a11,J1.1 L SENIORS: Howa1d Vincent Bounds, J1.,Th0111a5 Cliftoh Hayes, J1.,Risder1 AIleh Lyon, Edwin Graham McGoogan, WiIIia111 Newt011 Middleton, Robert Query Ranson,Walt61 Lincoln Shefheld, J1., Bonher Havens Thomason. JUNIORS: WaIIace A11cI1ew B10w11,WiIIia1n-Coza1t Calhoun, John Trammel Chu1,ch Arthur Wilson Dixon, George Anderson Foote,Sa111 Thorne Gregory, John Hawkins G1ibbir1,Corey Vernon Holt,J1.,A1thu1 Winston Jacocks,E1nest Hodges Leggett, William KendaII Minnick, David Burtqn Ricks, Joseph Emrhett- SebreII, David Walter Seifert, J1., Marshall Boyer Sher1ir1, J1, Burges U1quhaft,J1,Ja1nes David Van Kirk,WilI1am Wright Williams, J1 SOPHHOMORES: Richard Samuel Hell, Holley Mack Bell, EIbe1t Boogher, J1., Charles WilIiam B1adshaw,Quentir1 Gregory, J1., George Browne Johnstoh, Cha1les Elbert Massey, Robert NeWton Page, Joh11 Hinton Page, Junius Page Sham- burge1 Hampton Shuping PLEDGES: William Borderi Cobb, Robert Barry Clark, William Robinson F1azier,WaIter Calhoun Humphreys,J1,Ma1t WaIter Van Kirk, H0h11 Ralph Lamm,Rob61t Alexande1 Musgrove, James Henry McEwen, J1., Stephen John PilIe1,J1., William Leine Rogers, J1., Malcolm Andrew Sherrin, Charles Flavius Spence1,Edmund Tisdale . , 1 . I - M-..A--:-c;; . A i KAPPA PHI FRATERNITY 5 EE ELL ROUNDTR VUARD LI. CHAPPI COBB FRISBY GAYLORD HUTCHINSON MASHBURN PRITCHARD BI 2; V r v llu . 11.11.: . 1 ?:an- . z "W m. A. if, A A '-,,$- -u A' A' Marvin Allen, John Grover Beard, William D. Carmichael, JL, Samuel TI 4 A LMF M. P. Jacobs, Sturgis Elleno Leavitt, John Morris, Marcus SENIORS: George R. Frisby, Charles Edwin Mashbum, William Freeny Ward. JUNIORS: Wallace White Chappell, Willis Edwin Cobb, Jeter Conley Pritchard. SOPHOMORES: Thomas Rallins Bell, Charles Meredith Gaylord, Bruce King Hutchinson, Herbert Horton Rountree, Richard Leonidas YOung. ! 4.- Mn;- u.N...-.-r- , :4 mnefguu- .mnH-sasv- . ALEXANDER AUSTIN BATCHELOR BEASLEY BENNETT BRAWIJEY DALTON EDWARDS FAIRCLOTH FERLING GREGG GUNTER HAMBRIGHT HARVEY, C. F. HARVEY, T. HODGES HOLLAND LALANNE LONG, G. D. LONG, R. MAY, H. MAY, R. MITCHELL NEAVES NEESE NEWTON PORCHER REYNOLDS ROSE SHUGART SIGLER SILLS TAYLOR VERNON WOODHOUSE WOOTEN .44 w .--;.. a Av w- , W- a-h- v a, . ALPHA MU CHAPTER ..,-.4.4 yr L's maryrr'fmguiw . , FACULTY: Ernest Marvin Allen, John Grover Beard, William D. Carmichael, JL, Samuel Thomas Emory, Robert Alli- son Fetzer, Harold Benedlct Gotaas, M. P. Jacobs, Sturgis Elleno Leavitt, John Morris, Marcus Cicero S. Noble, George Shepard, Edward James Woodhouse. LAW SCHOOL: William Anderson Allen, Frank Petty Holton, Neill Hector McGeachy. MEDICAL SCHOOL: Robert Ernest Sumner. GRADUATE SCHOOL: Thomas Woodley Heath, George Washington Murphy, Duett Thompson Teal, Jr. SENIORS: James Harold Austin, Britton Ferebee Beasley, Boyce Albert Brawley, Masten Rufus Dalton, Drewry Lanier Donnell, JL, Sherwood MacDonald Edwards, Lawrence M. Ferling, Smilie Alexander Gregg, 111, Charles Walker Gunter, Jr., James Carl Hambright, JL, Roland Graham Hodges, James Francis Lalanne, Robert Long, Courtney Mitchell, Jr., Robert William Sills, Charles Edward Wood, III, Noel Robert S. Woodhouse, Cecil William Wooten, Jr. JUNIORS: William Cress Alexander, Douglas DeVane Batchelor, William Holt Faircloth, Tom Harvey, James Burwell Holland, Henry Stratford May, Richard Alvis May, Talmadge Edward N6wton, Jr., Abram Hewitt Rose, Robert Lloyd Rose, Henry Wade Reynolds, James Taylor Vernon. SOPHOMORES: William Moore Beckham, Bertrum Lester Bennett, Alonzo Dillard Folger, Jr., Robert Dedrick God- win, Dorman Thompson Hall, Felix Harvey, JL, Phil Hughes, William Lee Mann, Charles Mitchell Neaves, Lawrenm Erwin Neese, William Haskell Porcher, William Sigler, Isaac Montrose Taylor, Livingston Vernon. PLEDGES: William Franklin Brown, Robert Henry King, Jr., Sam Spoch Dalton, Charles Griffm Harris, James Vernor Johnson, George Deaver Long, Joseph Alexander Leslie, 111, Mercer Cranor Parrott, JL, Hubert Julian Philpott, Whid Powell, Jr., William Graham Reavis, Oren Julian Rogers, Emil Albert Serlich, Jr., Robert John Shields, Richard Tatum Shu- gart, Ferris Meigs Stout, Alonzo R. Whitaker, J11, john Louis Wilkerson, Jr. ABEYOUNIS ANDERSON BIGGS BROWN DEIZS FOX FULLER GARVER GREENE HAMER HERRING KING LATHAM McADAMS MCGOWAN PETHEL PICKARD ROYALL SCOGGIN SESSOMS ; SHEFFIELD .j SIMMONS '. u TEAGUE ' TEE i TERRELL WHITFORD $$me mm $4 erN Iames Fesler; I. C. Griffin, JL, Thomas Felix Hickerson, WNW ' '4 Bryce Parker, Iames Allen wmun.-- SENIORS: Junius Claude Fox, JL, Edwin Rudolf Fuller, Marion Sims Harmer, George Edwin Royall, JL, Bryan ya, Henry Whitford, Jr. JUNIORS: John W. S. Biggs, Frank Arthur Greene, JL, Alfred Henderson King, Jack Webster McAdams, David Foy McGowan, Herbeft Palmer Scoggin, William Johnson SheHicld, Harry Cleveland Tee. SOPHOMORES: Fred Dees, Jr. PLEDGES: Zeigler Benjamin Latham, Raymond Eugene Pethel, John Milton Pickard, Stuart Maguire Sessoms, Foster Joel Simmons, , '7 Berry George Abeyounis, JL, Ernest Ruffln Anderson, Jr., William Colfax Brown, Robert Glcnwood Garner, ; James Ralph Teague, John Arthur Terrel, Jr. w wJ-uu-J m: wnem: .- . um... 3 AVERA BEYER CARVER CLARK FEUCHTENBERGER, FEUCHTENBERGER, FRENCH GENNETT HARWARD HOKE HOUSE IRVING LANDSTREET LEMMON MCGAUGHEY MERRILL, B. F. MERRILL, C. K. PARTRIDGE A .. .......,...- w?ai..$.,-.,; A PEARSON PH I LLI PS PINCOFFS POWERS RAWLS RICE RICHARDSON ROGERS RYAN THOMASON THOMPSON XWALKER WARD WHARTON WHITE WHITNEY WILLIFORD WOODMAN NORTH CAROLINA BETA CHAPTER 330 f! "'1' '. Johnson, XWilliam Frederick Prouty, Roland Bryce ParkeraJames All6n Williams. LAW SCHOOL: William Blount Campbell; Lewis Sneed High, Edward Harding Seawell. MEDIC AL SCHOOL: Orin Watts Booth, John Hamilton Reedw ' SENIORS: Alexgmder' Henry Carver, JL, Walter Clark, 111, John Eugene French, Andrew Gennett, Jr., Robert Burton House, JL, Carroll Bradford McGaughey, Byrd Farmer Merrill, Calvin Bynum Phillips, Edmund LIOyd Pincoffs, John Rorison Rawls, Frank Mandeville Rogers, William Manley Thompson, Edward Woodman. , JUNIORS: Thomas Arririgton Avera, Charles William Feuchtenberger, Cowdery Kent Merrill, Elbert Randolph Par- tridge, Jr., Robert William Powers, Enoch Blair Rice, JL, Stuart Shaw Richardson, William Ira Ward, Jr., Richard Lind- sey Whariton, John Warner White, Floyd Gilbert Whitney, Raymond Frederick XWilliford. SOPHOMORES: Charles Collins Beyen, H, William Choice Cleveland, John Andrew Feuchtenberger, Robert Lee Hoke, George Campbell Irving, Charles Blake Jones, BeV6rly Walter Landstreet, Gamewell Alexander Lemmon, William Hoadly Merrill, William Wallace Pearson, Noland. Haynes lean, Byron Grant Sherman, Dan Richardson Thomason, Duncan Devane Walker, Fletcher Merritt Winstead. ' PLEDGES: Wiley Perry Ballard, John Welboum Byers, Stuart Oliver Baesel, Lovick Pierce Corn, Hal Parsons Cran'e, Jr., John Clary Currin, William Hilliard Foster, JL, Paul Vernon Godfrey, Denman George. Hammond, Arthur Irwm Hendsrson, JL, Edwin Stephen Hartshom, Vernon Judson Harward, Jr., Walter Borden Hawk'ms, Charles Goodman 10965, Samuel Bowman Wheeler Kennedy, Henry Ortland, Hugh Alston Palmer, James Turner Prltchett, Jr., Robert Wnlllam Sauer, Stuart Cramer Woodman. FACULTYi Alfred Beerbaum, James Fesler, I. C. Griffm, JL, Thomas Felix Hickerson, William Irwin, Rosselle Parker l 1 1 l I A :4, Anal d.-m- -. ANDREWS BARLOW BEAN BOURNIZ CONNER CRAVER DARDEN DEYO ELMORE GREENWOOD GROOME HARDIN HEADLEE HOBBS HUSSEY HUTCHISON IDOL, B. IDOL, C. W. MCCUEN McLEAN MEHAFFEY MORLEY MORRISON NICHOLSON OWENS PARSLEY RAMSEY RUFFIN SNOXV SNYDER VAN WAGONER WEBB VUILKINSON XVI LLIAMS EPSILON CHAPTER IFACULTY MEMBERS: James Bell Bullitt, Robert Ernst, John Warfield Huddle, Ernest LIOyd Mackie, A. W. Pierpont, Sterlmg Aubrey StOudemire, Irvin Zimmerman. LAW SCHOOL: Robert Craig McInnes, James Kaye Dorsett, William Owen Cooke. MEDICAL SCHOOL: Thomas LaCy Morrow. SENIORS: Robert Ferree Craver, James Henry Darden, George Elting Deyo, Charles William Idol, Arthur Lincoln Jansen, David James Morrison, Thomas David Ramsey, Paul Vincent Severin, Rodney English Snow, Eugene Bomberger ; Williams. JUNIORS: Horace Mitchell Baker, DOuglas Dillard, James Brooks Greenwood, Jn, Eugene Ramsey Hardin, Charles Allen Headlee, Charles Edward Hussey, Robert Stuart Hutchison, J11, Clarence Bickettl Idol, Joseph Gordon King, Walter Linton Parsley, Robert Pullin Perrin, Clarence Lee Ruffln, Allan Wright Webb. SOPHOMORES: Charles Columbus Bean, John Robert BOurne, William Edward Elmore, IL, James Irving Groome, JL, i Bradford Forbes McCuen, Robert Johnston McLean, William Chambers Mehaffey, Edward Hallet Morley, Raymond Wil- liam Owens, Ben McClellan Snyder, Raynold Adam Tucker, Jack Russell Wilkinson, Jr., John Richmond Van Wagoner. PLEDGES: William Irving Anderson, Leon Polk Andrews, Cyril B. Barlow, Charles Kemp Boren, Milton Blair Cash, Marshall Chambers, LOuis Mercer Connor, Robert Hunter Davis, Tom Carher Evans, John Clifford Evans, Donald Charles Fairbaim, Russell Franklin Hall, Chester Earl Hocker, Graham. Carr Hobbs, Kenneth Leon Huddleston, Wallace Oscar Lane, Morris Carmichael Lumpkin, John Howard Munroe, Donald Gilliam Nicholsona Jack Watson .Noneman, Thomfls Atticus Norris, John Collins Paty, Milton Wesley Romary, Paul Franklin Simmqns, Juhus Clarence Smlth, III, John DaVld Titchner, Raymond Clifton Turrentine, Jn, Walter Charles James Wagner, Hilhard Hudson Wolf. ASHLEY BALDWIN BARRINGTON BEARD BEDEA BILLICA BLAND BOBBITT BOLICK BRITT BYERLY COOPER CURTIS ER FLETCH GEORG GIBBS S HOPKIN LACKEY MORRISON PARNELL PYLE RUTTER SACHS E MITH, SMITH, R S WAGNER WEST WHITE LAMBDA CHAPTER FACULTY: English Bagby, Donald Cade Hicks, Jr., Joseph Merritt Lear, James William MacCallum, Isaac Hall Man- ning, Donald Frazer Martin, Gregory Lansing Paine, Samuel Seldom, Robert Howard Sherrill, Henry Horace Williams. SENIORS: Jack Pershing Bedea, Harry Robert Billica, Maurice Eugene Bobbitt, Norman Marshall Bolick, Carney Blake Carter, George Marion Cooper, Jr., John William Curtis, James Baugh Mallory, Robert Wilkinson Montgomery, Robert Carl Rutter, Robert Braxton Smith. JUNIORS: Joseph Hill Barrington, Heywood Gilbert Bland, James Norment Britt, Felix Arthur Fletcher, Robert Allen George, John Sylvester Hopkins, Miles Smith King, Russell Hayes Livermore, JL, Charles Gidea Pyle, Edward Albert Smith, Douglas Halling West. SOPHOMORES: Guy Lee Byerly, JL, Wzillace Duncan Gibbs, Jr., John Harold Huber, William Henry Krauss, Verrion Horace Lackey, In, John William Morrison, John Wilson Sachs, Benjamin Davis Shifiet, James Henry Stillwell, Wilson McCall Wagner. PLEDGES: Robert Edward Ashley, William Elmo Baker, Harry Leslie Baldwin, Bryce Parker Beard, John Joseph Beg- ley, Mike Comer Buss, Edgar Lee Council, Edwin Thornely Deal, David Allan Garrison, Andrew Joseph Gibbons, William Thomas Henderson, Jr., Joseph Jerger, J1, Lee Stradford Johnston, Robert Arthur Nelson, Henry Clay Newsome, James Quincy Parnell; James Rennie Perrin, Joseph Alexander Stedman, Robert Preston White. ' , .MWM "v--- ?'T m rm-v aL-r ;:x ARNOLD ANGEL BOOKER BOYD CALDWELL CARDWELL CLARK CROCKETT DAVIS DEAN DICKS DUKE DURRING ELLIOT ERICKSON EVANS HALd HARTT HARRBON HUDgnq JACKSON KAYSER KEESEE KBHGHT LE FEVRE LEFFLER IXDGAdq LUPTON MacKAY McCLURE MCCONNELL MCKENDRY NASH NEWSOME PATTEN POLLARD ROBERTSON SEARS SHERWOOD SOULE THOMPSON WATKINS WILSON a 1 iA xxw 356 ALPHA CHAPTER GRADUATE SCHOOL: Mary Janice Cobb, Melville Fort Corbett, Sarah Clement Grifflth, Louise McGwigan Hall, Mary Matilda Hines, Ann Worthy Johnson, Mary Jane Yeatman. LAW SCHOOL: Phyllis Jane Campbell. SENIORS: Margaret Cornell Arnold, Mary Stacy Crockett, Marjorie Hayward Davis, Julia Elizabeth Duke, Elinor Olive Elliott, Elenore Marie Erickson, Sally Anna Evans, Mary Tudor Hudson, Elizabeth Anne Keesee, Martha Kirby LeFevre, Henrietta Bryan Logan, Julia Elizabeth McConnell, Millicent McKendry, Eunice Patten, Mary Susan Robertson, Helen Sarah Sears, Mary Spencer Watkins, Mary Louise Wilson, Roberta Winton. JUNIORS: Martha Ann Angel, Mary LOuise Caldwell, Eleanor Ham, Jane Knight, Renie Elizabeth Leffier, Eleanor Sylvia Soule. SOPHOMORES: Sara Adolpha Summerlin. PLEDGES: Julia Thruston Booker, Mary Guy Boyd, Jean Cardwell, Cornelia Clark, Melissa Elizabeth Dean, Nora Thompson Dicks, Jane Hamilton Duming, Virginia Harrison, Jane C. Hartt, Lucie Vanstory Hodges, Mary Cleland Holmes, Dorothy LOuise Jackson, Janet Marie Kayser, Louise Laurie Lupton, Helen Elaine MacKay, Julia Marie McClure, Mildred Clark McElmurray, Mary Elizabeth Nash, Jennie Wells Newsome, Mary Alyce Pollard, Jean Larman Sherwood, Marie Boots Thompson. .. w-m -..... --.. .a--... w .L. .: ALLGOOD BAILEY CONLEY DAVEY EARLE GODWIN GOODMAN HARRIS HATCH JONES JORDAN KENNEDY KIMREY LAWRENCE LYTLE MASTEN NEWSOME OWENS PECORA POPE PURVIS QUINCY RIEL SCHEIPERS SIMPSON SLOAN SNYDER TROUTMAN VICK WATERS WHITE WHITTEN - .FW ---....'-nu-N F" .V. A 4m FACULTY: John Erwin Carroll. LAW SCHOOL: Charlton Ellebe Huntley, David Harrison Armstrong. GRADUATE SCHOOL: John Fletcher Miller, William Aldo Maggie, SENIORS: William Walton Allgood, James Ruffin Bailey, William Tate Conley, James Gordon DeLoach, Grover Cleveland Godwin, Jr., Willis H. Kimrey, Whit Cofflelld Purvis, In, John Torrey Riel, John' Leon Rogers. JUNIORsz. William Cobb Bullock, Jr., William Leonard Davey, Jr., James Fremont Jones, Rowland Bellamy Ken- nedy, JL, Frank Matthewson Lawrence, J12, Oscar Lindsey OWens, JL, Louis Scheipers, Jr. SOPHOMORES: Hurst Bunn Hatch, JL, Henry Newsome, Martin Bland Simpson, Jr. PLEDGES: Bill Clark Cox, James Hugh Cox, James Sidney Earle, Raymond Hales Goodmon, Zach Harris, Jr., John Richard Jordan, JL, Willis Holt Kimrey, Thomas Elmore Lytle, Percy Raymond Masten, 111, Clifton Goodwin Moore, Charles Sumner Patch, Jr., John LOuis Pecora, John Edward Pope, Jr., Robert Gordon Quincy, Charles Henry Sloan, JL, Bruce Wellington Snyder, Melmuth XWilson Thompson, Coit Ray TrOutman, Robert Craven Turner, Howard Crawford Vick, Norman Brant W7aters, Fred White, Robert Estes Whitten. W. M4... BERNSTEIN, J. BERNSTEIN, R. BETTMANN DUBE FISCH GOLBY GOLDBERG GOODWIN GREENBERG IMBREY LEES LERNER LEVIN LIPMAN MACK MENDELSOHN OSTROWSKY ROSEN SCHLEI FER SCHLENGER SCHWARTZ SECHER SHAPIRO SOSKIN 3' Kw ,? xi . OMEGA BETA CHAPTER 360 ?rge Frederick Homer, Almont Howell, Edward Mack, JL, Olin Terril MOuzon, ' 'Wpttach. W1 Winborne, Walter Hogue Powell. SENIORS: Robert Zelden Lerner, Leonard James Schleifer. JUNIORS: Whitlock Lees, Marvin Mendelsohn, Marvin Ostrowsky, Murray Secher. SOPHOMORES: Morton Herbert Golby, Sandford Goldberg, Donald Selig Schlenger, Howard Imbrey, Jackson Elliott Dube, Erwin Mack. PLEDGES: SeymOur Krim, Joseph Bernstein, Robert Bernstein, Robert Edward Bettman, David Goell, Irving Goodwin, Jay M. Greenberg, Ray Fisch, Mervyn Lentz, Justin Lipman, Alfred C. Levin, Marvin Rosen, Sylvan Shapiro, Richard R. Soskin, Robert G. Schwartz. 3 A 1:;; rate: : - '-: . ADAMS E BARNES i BARTLETT BROADFOOT, M. W. BROADFOOT, w. G. BROWN CARR CROOM DARDEN GARWES GRAINGER GRAY i ? HALL ! HANES HODGES HOLLAND JONES McDUFFIE ' McLENDON ' MEANS NICE ' O'DELL OSBORNE . RICHARDSON i ROBERTS RUMPH SAUNDERS SMITH, C. A. SMITH, R. M, SPRUNT STRANGE : 'r THORNTON TILLETT I TOMLINSON VAN DYKE i : WORTH . :3 l, XI CHAPTER 9 362 . foCULTY: George Frederick Homer, Almont Howell, Edward Mack, JL, Olin Terril Mouzon, George Mowry, Wil- llam PICISOI'I, Charles VVettach. LAW SCHOOL: Vaughn Sharp Winbome, Walter Hogue Powell. MEDICAL SCHOOL: William Lunsford Long, JL, Hugh Smith, JL, Ira Woodall Rose, Jr. GRADUATE SCHOOL: Alexander Guerry, JL, Allen Johnston Going. SENIORS: Clark Bartlett, William Gillies Broadfoot, JL, Winston Broadfoiot, William Moye Darden, Isaac Bates Grainger, Jr., James Alexander Gray, JL, Paul Erastus Jones, Jr., George MCDuffle, William Robert Richardson, Hughes Roberts, JL, Charles Aurelius Smith, Robert McDaVid Smith, Lawrence Archdale Tomlinson, Jr., William Deaderick Van Dyke. ; JUNIORS: Stephen Shepherd Adams, Aiden Emmett Barnes, 111, George Rowland Brown, 111, Austin Heaton Carr, Jr., William Church Croom, JL, Murdock McRae Dunn, Hundley Rankin Gover, Frank Bordon Hanes, James Truman Holland, Lennox Polk McLendon, JL, Thomas Samud Means, JL, Clayton Moore, JL, Charles McKinney Nice, Jr., Michael Corbett Stovall, Robert Strange, Jr., William Holladay Thornton, Charles Walter Tillett, III. SOPHOMORES: Hugh Hammond DuBose, Henry Martin Garwes, Jr., Robert Strudwick Glenn, Harrell Myers Graham, JL, Samuel Ervin Hall, Howard Latham Hodges, JL, Harry Perryman Horton, Michael McCormack Nolan, JL, Russel Dean O DelI, Henry Plant Osturne, Jr., David McKenzie Rumph, Robert Mills Saunders, Griswold Smith, Kenneth Murchison Sprunt, Fr6derick Leroy Swindal, George Williams Worth. PLEDGES: John Austin Carter, Robert Hope Crawford, Richard Doeschler, John Brownback Eshelman, Donald Ray Fuller, Bahnson Gray, Paul Speer Huber, James Alexander Lockhart, Charles Aycqck McLendon, Arthur Lowndes Mont- gomery, William Truslow Newman, Edward Knox Powe, III, John Mosely Robmson, In, John Tlllett, JL, Lee Peck Whitcomb, John Dalziel Wood, Alexander Dickson Wilson, II. wa' - o... -" ... A- ANTOLINI AUSTIN BAKER BALES BARNES BEARD, C. S. BROOKS COUNCIL DAWSON, C. T. DAWSON, G. R. DEAVER EDWARDS FREEMAN GARDNER HEBBARD HERPEL HOLLAND, G. B. HOLLAND, T. S. HUFF JENRETTE JUSTICE O'NEILL NEWELL PAYNE PETTY RANTZ ROBINSON RUE STEEL SWAN THOMAS TORRENS TUCKER VAIL, R. M. VAIL, W. C. FACULTY: Herman Glenn Baity, Welsey Critz George, James Logan Godfrey, Frederick Henry Koch, John Wayne Lasley, JL, Frederick Bays McCall, Roland Prince McClamrock, Earl Anderson Slocum, Delos Wickens. MEDICAL SCHOOL: Jack Hughes, George Webb Plonk. GRADUATE SCHOOL: John Alexander, Harold P. Dobbs, William F. Dukes. SENIORS: Donald Charles Bak6r, Robert Harwood Council, Collins Taylor Dawson, George Robert Dawson, JL, Thomas Cunningham Edwards, JL, Bunk Gardmr, III, Russell Edgar Hebbard, Jr., Joseph Malphus Jenrette, George M215- ten Millaway, Philip Frank Robinson. JUNIORS: Jack Watson Barnes, Cyrus Simmonds Beard; Danny Logan Deaver, Burton Myron Newell, William Charles Orr, Benjamin Carl Parker, Jesse Swan, Cornelius Dickinson Thomas Jr., Charles Jackson Tucker, Robert Manning Vail. SOPHOMORBS: Edward John Antolini, Joseph Austin, Joseph Willard Bales, John Roger Brooks, Richard Walter Free- man, William Frederick Herpel, Townsend Stanley Holland, 112, Warren George Steele, William Charles Vail, Stephen Williamson. PLEDGES: David Herring Beard, John Leslie Bell, Robert Gordon Carlan, Wade Fulton Denning, William Sloan Fisher, Robert Eugene Grant, Griffm Bryan Holland, Arnold Beltrain Huff, Frank Ross Justice, Frederick Lee McCoy, John Bigelow O,Neal, Frank Hannan Payne, Clarence Samuel Plonk, Philip David Pence, James Britt Petty, Robert Her- man Rantz, Paul Warren Simpson, George Welsh Rue, jr., William Ennis Tayloe, Hohn Howard Thwaits, William Wallis Torrens, Richard Maurice Upchurch. -A 7,... .A --,l... ADAMS, R. K. BADEN BEAUDRY BROWN BRUNER COHOON CARROLL CHAMBLISS CLARK COCKE COXHEAD CURRIER DEES DUNKLE EFIRD FOREHAND GILLIAM GLIDEWELL HINKLE JOSLIN LEAMING LITTLE LOOCK MCCOACH MCNAUGHTON, M. MCNAUGHTON, R. MURRAY PARK POISSON ' ROBBINS SEARS SNIDER STANBACK TIMBERLAKE TUCKER WILSON PSI; CHAPTER 366 FACULTY: Arnold Borden, Millard Breckenbridge, Walter-Creech, IL, Edward McGowan Hedgepeth, Archibald Hen- derson, John Coriden Lyons, William DeB. MacNider, Earle Ewart Peacock, John Brooks Woosley, Trezevant Player Yeatman. I MEDICAL SCHOOL: Frederick Alexander Blount, Thomas Lynch Murphy. GRADUATE SCHOOL: Harry Clay Yeatxhan. SENIORS: William Wallace Bruner, William Archie Dees, Jr., William Lee Gilliam, XWilliam Joslin, Malcolm Donald McNaughton, Edward Emerson Murray, William Davis Snider, Joseph Winston Timberlake, Garland Scott Tucker. JUNIORS: Rayford Kennedy Adams, John Randolph Chambliss, Dudley DuBosef Cocke, George Leavell Coxh'ead, Harry Newton Dunkle, Joseph Bivens Efird, Edmund Conger Forehand, North Smith Hinkle, James Francis Learning, William Arfhur Loock, JL, Benjamin Franklin Park, Louis Julian Poisson,IJr., Charles Austin Robbins. SOPHOMORES: Thomas Benjamin Baden, Floyd Edward Cohoon, Jr., David Russ Carroll, J056ph Harold Conger, JL, Kenneth William Currier, Edwin Stuart McCoach, Jr., Robert Avery McNaughton, John Raymond Sears, John Barham Spilman,VWilliam Charles Stanback, Stewart Leigh Wilson. PLEDGES: Frank Elmer AdamsLPeter Thomas Beaudry, Lattie Hamer Brown, J11, Thomas Campbell Byrum, Donald Clement, jn, Charles Richard Clark, Robert Alson Crews, Edmund Thomas Glidewelln Tyndall Peacock Harris, Arthur Forbes Joyner, ?Robert William Little. ' Ag..,i..,,.",...'i2 a :m' g W -.. ....- -. . ARNER BARON BERNSTEIN, R. E BERNSTEIN, W. BLOOM BROWN ETTER FRANKEL GOODMAN HARRIS KALIN KANTROWITZ KATZ KURTZ LAVINE LOWERSTEIN MEYER MICHAELS MININSOHN PEARLMAN ROSE ROSENTHAL RUBY SANDS SALZBERG SCHWARTZ, J. M. SCHWARTZ, w. SHALLECK SILVERSTEIN STADIEM ULMAN WALDFOGEL WEINBERG YOUNG ZIMMERMAN Ix We'FW " r 368 OMEGA CHAPTER I 1 39;? - v -, . 1 ? I 1 I I , . . .President ,'1 GRADUATE SCHOOL: Sydney Cooper. ' i "I ' I SENIORS: Seymour Brown, Edward Lewis Kantrowitz, Lionel Melvin Katz, Eugene Silverstein, Howard Raymond Stadiem, Oscar Charles Zimmerman. JUNIORS: Warren Howard Bernstein, Lester Philip Etter, Stanley Edward Fuchs, Louis Smith Harris, Edward Lazarus i , Kalin, David Pearlman, Albert R056, Morton Bruce Ulman. i f 1 SOPHOMORES: David Michad Amer, Richard Ernest Bernstein, William Maxwell Lowenstein, Sylvan Meyer, William Schwartz, Arnold Salzberg. PLEDGES: Richard Warren Baron, Erwin Knmow Bloom, Ernest Frankel, Edward Goodman, Jack Marvin Kurtz, Arthur Eli Lavine, Gerard Marder, Edward Michaels, Isadore Mininsohn, Robert Leonard Rosenthal, Richard Sidney Ruby, . -, Marvin Sands, Joseph Max Schwartz, Charles Shalleck, Jersme Bert Tichner, Melvin Waldfogel, Robert Louis Wein- be rg, Leon Young. BLACK COHN . EDWARDS 1 JACOBS . LASKER ; -... --. .. .... LEVY .' LOEB j MUNVES NEUMAN ROSENBLOOM RUBENSTONE RUBINSOHN SCHWAB " SCHWARTZ . SIMS 5 - SMOLLEN . SOLOMON , . SPIES STROUSE ALPHA Pl CHAPTER A 37o ' . . H: A...President SENIORS: Maurice Niles Edwards, Harold Lasker, Robert Ballin Neuman, Adrian Charles Spies. JUNIORS: Ralph Levy, Eugene Neal Munves, Raymond Martin Rosenbloom, William Bernstein Schwartz. SOPHOMORES: Richard Sol Bloch, Howard Cohen, Sinclair Sartorius Jacobs, Marshall Henry Solomon, Sylvan Paul Stein. PLEDGES: Ellis Lester Freedman, James Lucieri Loeb, Joseph Rubenstone, LOuis Rubinsohn, Martin Jay Schwab, Mur- ray Si'mms, Elliott Edwin smouengDavid Strouse. yrmr WWW W WM, -., wk- , .. ADAMS BROWNING BRYON, E. K. DAVIS, A. DAVIS, E. P. DORTCH ELLIS FULLER GRAVELY HACKNEY, J. N. HACKNEY, T. J. HANCOCK HANES HAYWOOD HOWARD H UNTER KITTRELL MARTIN MORDECAI, F. MORDECAI, s. NASH PENICK, E. PENICK, G. RAGLAND REDFERN REECE REES SASSER SELF TAYLOR THORP, J. D. THORP, J. P. VOGLER WADDEN WALSTON WRIGHT PAPVF ....PresidenT FACULTY: Edward Tankard Brown. LAW SCHOOL: Joseph Blount Cheshire, IV, Alexander Hawkins Graham, JL, Henry Hyman Philips, Jr., John Kenyon Wilson, Jr. MEDICAL SCHOOL: Gus Evans Forbes, JL, Asa Richmond Parham. GRADUATE SCHOOL: Herbert Stacy McKay. SENIORS: Benjamin Howard Browning, JL, Edward Palmer Davis, Jr., Thomas Jennings Hackney, JL, Thomas Holt Haywood, JL, Thomas Palmer Nash, IL, Edwin Anderson Penick, Jr., William Trent Ragland, JL, PembrokeAGraves Rees, William Neilson Vogler, Jr., George Alexander Wilkinson, Jr. JUNIORS: Marion Miot Fuller, J11, Jarvis Aubrey Hanes, Curtis William Howard, JL, Harry Little Martin, JL, Samuel Fox Mordecai, Charles Parks Reece, John William Sasser, James Alfred Self, Nelson Ferebee Taylor, James Preston Thorp, John Daniel Thorp, Hubert Cozart Walston, Isaac Clark Wright. SOPHOMORES: George Hackney Adams, Alexander Shuford Davis, Hugh Dortch, Jr., John chod Foreman, Lloyd Lee Gravely, JL, Charles Hamlin Hancock, Henry Blount Hunter, Jr., Robert Gillian Kittrell, Jr., Frank Faison Mordecai, George Dial Penick, William Albert Redfem, Jr., Marion Jackson Trotman, Thomas Anthony Wadden, Jr. PLEDGES: F. M. Simmons Andrews, Spencer Pippen Bass, Jr., Edwin Boyle, Edward Kedar Bryan, Joseph Shepard Bryan, JL, Thomas Francis Ellis, John Needham Hackney, Nathaniel Maurice Hill, In, Lee Johnson Howard, Wiley Long, Francis Parker King, Richard Cavanagh McElroy, John Frank Miller, Jr., Sumner Malone Parham, Elbert Sldney Peel, Aldert Swedes Root, Charles Robertson Skinner, JL, Thomas Gregory Skinner, Lee Overman Snow. ADAMS BROWNING BRYON, E. K. DAVIS, A. DAVIS, E. P. DORTCH ELLIS FULLER GRAVELY HACKNEY, J. N. HACKNEY, T. J H ANCOCK HANES HAYWOOD HOWARD H UNTER KITTRELL MARTIN MORDECAI, F . MORDECAI, S. N ASH DENIFK F. -.- 1. ...;.M.....--A.-.- 1311 DUDLEY DUBOSE COCKE ...... President WILLIAM CHURCH CROOM.SeC.-Treos. . . V, ,. . -.: v- , 'fTWTT'F-w' - TFTW'IW'Z mT:f.f..p.f.m,:mTT77 CLUB THOMAS BENJAMIN BADEN CYRUS SIMMONDS BEARD HOWARD VINCENT BOUNDS CHARLES WILLIAM BRADSHAW GEORGE ROWLAND BROWN WILLIAM WALLACE BRUNER JOHN RANDOLPH CHAMBLISS DUDLEY DuBOSE COCKE FLOYD EDWARD COHOON, JR. WILLIAM CHURCH CROOM HUGH H. DuBOSE JOHN WOOD FOREMAN TOM JENNINGS HACKNEY PHILLIP WILEY HAIGH THOMAS CLIFTON HAYES RUSSELL EDWARD HEBBARD ROBERT STUART HUTCHINSON BEVERLY WALTER LANDSTREET FORREST BATTLE LONG JOHN FRANKLIN LYNCH, JR. CHARLES ELBERT MASSEY 575 THOMAS LACY MORROW TOM PALMER NASH HENRY HYMAN PHILLIPS JOHN WILLlAM SASSER EMMETT SEBRELL BYRON GRANT SHERMAN ARMISTEAD BURWELL SMITH, JR. RODNEY ENGLISH SNOW, JR. WARREN GEORGE STEEL JESSE FRANCIS SWAN JOHN D. THORPE DONALD FULLER TORREY MARION JACK TROTMAN BURGES URQUHART WILLIAM CHARLES VAIL RICHARD JOHN VAN WAGONER, JR. WILLIAM DOWNING WATKINS ALLAN WRIGHT WEBB JOHN WARNER WHITE JACK RUSSELL WILKINSON, JR. , . . , I'vw. , I . ;. "MM; u. , 14 . ,1' 4 " ' H .mJHQLn " p" mgfggn 'V'LV'; UV LLOYD L ,HUBE '- T ' JAMES ALEXANDER GR ., ALEXANDER GREGG, JR. CHARLES w HOWARD'LATHAM:HOPGES. ISAAC CLARK WRIGHT K $ ' : 1; 376 ; 'Y ORDER OF THE MINATAURS OFFICERS - K- FRANK BORDEN HANES ......... ; ....... . . .- ........ M. w. H. RICHARD LEON HENDRICK ....................... M. w. U. CHARLES JACKSON TUCKER ............. . ..... B. T. ACTIVE MEMBERS JACK WATSON BARNES WINSTON BROADFOOT JAMES ROUNDTREE COLLETT MASTERS RUFUS DALTON EDMUND CONGER FORHAND BUNK GARDNER, JR: THOMAS HOLT HAYWOOD WILLIAM WALKER HINES WILLIAM JOSLIN GEORGE McDUFFIE TALMADGE EDWARDLNEWTON BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PARK CHARLES PEAK REECE JAMES McCAUSLAND ROSS WILLIAM HENRY SEEMAN ROBERT MCDAVID SMITH ROBERT ERNESTJSUMNER JAMES PRESTON THORP GARLAND SCOTT TUCKER WESCOTT ROBERSON WOLLER THOMAS HENRY WRIGHT, JR. HUTS ' DAVlD Russ CARROLL JOSEPH HAROLD CONGER THOMAS HENRY CRUDUP ROBERT FRANK DALTON JUNIUS WEEKS DAVIS RICHARD WALTER FREEMAN ROBERT. STRUDWICK GLENN FELIX HARVEY HENRY BLUNT HUNTER ROBERT KITTRELL HENRY FLANT OSBORNE ISAAC MONTROSE TAYLOR 377 VRAWF KRLTQT VALMAR U 565 WT NTAAA TRENT RAGLAND HT" ' 5166 JAMES 6H666TT BRAWLEY 666 JAMES ALEXANDER GRAY 576T- THQAAAS HENRY W6 6HT, JR 566 6AA6 BATES GRAT NGER 3,315 Robert W WeTTach V .. ,- y 1.319.. Wliimm W Pierson -. 73., z 561 Thomas Henry Wrughf JT'yg... .328 Francas F Bradshaw 3 2:1?- - 1565 WIHmm Tran? RugEand J I ' 'Q566 James Shlober BrawleyJI-Ttlg. 439 J Penrose Hafland 442 RobertBiHousew , HENRY MCCORMQCK GROSS CLARK BARTLETT PRiNCiPS QUAESTOR THOMAS JENNINGS HACKNEY, JR, SCRIP TOE CHARLES EDWARD DIFFENDAL, JR, M, CORBETT STOVALL JOHN, WALKER DIFFENDAL CLAYTON MOORE, JR. AUSTIN HEATON CARR meum WALKER mags LMSR NASH EDWIN NAPOLEON MANER ,A ,x, 9AM55 MACAUSLMD was L $11meme RAY; 14 m c: wt; 9., mm 2 2: 1 R L: MMY " f2; :13 L. AA AA fie , P34 .!:". .3 .lcu 31. . WW , WWXXNv ng NVWM wen A W V W V w K fN x A xi N ?f'yr; waver 2w. - W14" ?WVWFW fF an? ; Wary jnne padclta 7 g E g .0 .-- ""' -1-6' 1v-V . -.. . w; -. x x W7 pencer athng W xx WWW W. W WWWWW W W XXAV WW ggwa WAwWAWWWW WW WW xx xm y Cx x W ' x $ 1 xx, 4 , , VA A v , z ?$;?:2 , x $7, , i 49V wk , rvx $ 2; 7 $?4 I n WA$ I . .v. $V2 b 7? , , , . , : . x V 'Wz$ kw, 4V . nggg . a gxxx $ W$ kx g g ranced a. TV. yarn Z -n .mw xxAAxxxxfoe xxx w xxxx? ?mxwkzi tax , z; xxxxxx xxxxxxyyvxwxxx x . , x . W xx xiv xmxmxxkxwxv, x mex? V. $$$ka x ?kax x ?,xaw xv SUSAN SWIFT L 1,; x ANN FOUNTAIN MELVILLE CORBETT 390 f wwwxxmxxx$v ??Ii ELINOR MAYER PEGGY PARSLEY FAVORITES BETTYE WITHERS JUDY DUKE MARGARET HOWLAND HAMP CALDWELL STACY CROCKETT MARGARET PRESTON 1 39 t VJ f S t LL 6 LL . e 9 1D 3 . k . 1m 0 .m .m m .m a .m .m .m m m .m m $ n m 0 m b r n m 0 a W . e e a . C .1 D. a n C n X 1m h e e m r Mm 0 J u s m u . a t u b m ,5 .6. W C IR , O U P E M .H w d w m m t n m s m n m m R a m e S 9 m n m .m G1 a m 1v. a n m ,m MJ a .h m w W n a e B .m M d m u M d w; A m e r01 6 e h n W e S B n d d C 6 h t 6 W a M h hLL t d d C C 57 d .. n m ..L S CU. m C n S D ID 0 s I a Do . d a n e m .1. a n O a 1m 0 7 e W :1 .1 W S ..D S a C u n W 10 l 0 d b r h e a a 0 .1 n u n l e m o m g J J n b M Le a r O .H m n B O u . O r a r S S u . e m 0 H... n S 0 a h d d 0 e c o h r n e .1 n c .m e W S u 0 A 0 e t n Y m H a f m e 1m o B c R s m B .W . ,d n e s a I C t LL J n u d .1 g Y . m b e r n t .1 0 .1 x n b 1. b f H u s e a P .m L m e .0 0 cm ,5 O. O .C a .n. H u M n a M m e H. n B a b, 1w .01 , e C 6 Y a G s u w d. s b 1m r r d h a m a. u n. a o u w h e a w M .m c b a1 a c C R w h m m Continuing the custom of an annual pag- eant presented by the women students for y the entire university, the coeds presented a musical fiesta, ttMexicana", written by San- ford Stein with at musical score by Jack Page and Jim Byrd. The fiesta was sponsored by Alpha Kappa Gamma, now Valkeries, honorary women's organization Which has directed the program for the last fOur years. - Only once a year do the coeds come Out whole-heartedly for the purpose of display of their beauty and the entertainment of the campus, but when they do shineeethey really shine. me u nn H e a .. a. , . . ,. , n .. . . .irt-T. .r . e ., . ,. s"v.'.-e'i'. t7it ' i Name; "t a W ., e , ,v 4 .v x .i ,i 9,.,w... J emf; . . ' '7, wmv ,j a , 1 UNIVERSITY DANCE COMMITTEE In 1925 dances at the University were suspended by the Executive Committee of the FaCuIty because of their rough character. Several members of the faculty, seeing the injustice of this, sought to inaugu- rate some method of continuing dances. As a reSult of their efforts a dance committee was formed, com- posed of fifteen students and three faculty members. Dr. W. 8. Bernard was asked by President Chase to head this committee. In order to accept this position, which he deemed a high honor, Dr. Bernard resigned from the ExeCutive Committee of the Faculty. President Chase thus granted the University Dance Committee its charter with the provisions that the ExeCutive Committee of the Faculty and the Student Council shOuld have no jurisdiction over it. The main object of this committee was, and is, to maintain order at all University dances and see that they are conducted on the highest possible level. At present the committee consists of sixteen students and three faculty members. Those student members are George Coxhead, Edmund Erickson, Leon Galloway, Sam Gambill, .James Garland, 1. B. Grainger, Henry Greene, Thomas Heath, Charlie Idol, Red Meehan, Bob Rose, Sid SadoH, Sam Teague, Jack Towell, Joe Welborn, and Tom Wright. The members of the faculty committee on dances are Dr. E. L. Mackie, Chairman; Dr. H. K. Russell, and Herman Schnell. Today the University Dance Committee is one of the most representative organizations on the campus as well as one of the most successful. Its members are elected by the var10us organizations to represent them on the committee. i R COXHEAD ERICKSON GALLOWAY GAMBILL GARLAND GRAINGE EVE HEATH IDOI. MEEHAN ROSE bADOFF GRE ii , . . I M NELL AGUE TOWELL WELBORN WRIGHT MAChIt RUbSLLL bCH TE 395 .i... ...-. ,vw-n Ivvv- . - .s we GRAINGER GERMAN .CLUB EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - A4'm ' .1; '- , - DIFFENDALE I t; BARTLETT E GARLAN D LONG GERMAN CLUB 'The German Club is the organization responsible fer the three main dance sets of the yeare-Fall Germans, Mid-Winters, and Finals. Having undergone a reorganization this last year, the Club was able to select better bands for better dances and ,. not4fear going into the red. The new officers every year are inStalled at the last dance of Finals with due-ceremony. This year the Club shOuld be commended Oh the fine week- ends for which they are responsible. For Fall Germans we tripped the light fantastic to melodies of Bob Chester at Home- coming. The drab winter quarter was brightened up with an influx of imports and coeds to participate in the Mid-Winter danges. Jack Teagatden rendered harmonious inspiration to the gala occasion. As every Finals is dear to the heart of every parting senior, the German Club does its part in making out exitva glorious one. ' - For this year the officers of the German Club were: I. B. tGrainger, President; James Garland, Vice-Psresideht; Frank Robinson, Secretary; John Diffendal, Treasurer, and Tom Wright, Chairman of the Executive Committee. The members of the Executive Committee are Bill Dees, Clark Bartlett, Britton Beasley, Henry Gross, Bill Vogler, and Tom Long; BEASLEY DAVENPORT DEES ROBINSON 396 WRIGHT r41 "5.1 ?vry'y , ".11 COHOON GARLAND GRAINGER OSBORNE XWRIGHT MISS BOND MISS APPLEWHITE MISS MISS MISS TAYLOR DYRENFORTH CHISOLM IFaIl Germans week-end this Year-VWas in- deed a busywone. Not only did wezhavel th; usual set of dances, with Bob ChesteIr" play- ing, but ,also 21 homecoming football! game With Iular16.1IWeIc01ne-,Back11 s1gns to homeComing 3111111111 greeted many a return- 111g promtrotter t0 Carol1nas first German Club dance ' of the year. ' Seen in therfigure 011 Friday night were: Charles Neaves W1th1Miss Nan Daniels; Bucky Osborne with Miss Dottie Dyren- forth; Graham CarIton W1th Miss Della Murdock; George Adams with Miss Hermie Green Wallace; John Staples with Miss Arm .GarIt; Floyd Cohoon W1th M135 Ruth Bond; Eddie Anitcshni With MissnLlewIlyn Hann. ' Those partitipatiyng 1n theISaturday'night Iiggre 'W1erg; Ben Broning W1th Miss Ma- 11011 Boyd; Harry Winkler'with Miss Kaye WalSh, I. B. Grainger W1th lMiss Margaret Tay101; Thomas H. Wright,Jr., with Miss Felicia Chisolm; James Garland with Miss Ruth AppleWhitg; Hehry Gross with Miss Jer- ry Pendleton? George Millaway with Miss Geraldine White; 13111 Vogler W1th Miss Edna Sprunt; B111 beeswithkMiss Marion ' OkeII; Tbm Long W1th Miss Margaret John- Adams; Paul Schenck with Miss Vlirginia' Sawyer; Austin Lewis with Miss Jean Dick- inson; Richard Bell with Miss Catherine 397 ston; B111 Davenport with Miss Lib Thrower; Britt Beasley with Miss Emilie Smith; and Clark Bartlett with Miss Myra Blount. 1.. inv"a-. g; '7 FALL GERMANS MIDWINTERS MAY FROLICS S I.. A N H Zas a BARNES MISS MCKENZIE BURGWYN MISS BURGWYN .AMISS JOHNSTON WRIGHT MISS ELLIS . MISS BENNETT MIDWINTERS Midwinters in the icy air of the Tin Can have become as much a part of the Caro- lina Tradition as Rameses and theOId'Well; this year was certainly no exception. But, as usual, the attractive pride of the South came to Chapel Hill in furs and sleeved evening gowns t0 enjoyia whirlinglweek-end'With . Jack Teagarden and, the-man of their choice. 7 In the Friday night figure the leaders were: Hehry Burgwyn With Miss Margaret Bur- gwyn; Billy Peete With Miss Laura Ellis;- Emmett Barnes with Miss Claire McKenzie; , ' Billy Webb Withi Miss Bobbie Williams; Holstein Harvey with Miss Dagmar Cooke; Ike Wright With Miss Betty Winborhe; Em- mett Sebrell With Miss Millie Brenizer; - Wade Reynolds With Miss Helen McGhee; Charlie Tucker with Miss Betsy Rodwell; Bill Looke with Miss Deedee Murray; . 'Those participatihg Saturday hight were: Ike Grainger With rMiVss- .Mertha Anne speight; Thomas H. Wright, Jr., with Miss Louise .Beimett; James. Garland With Miss Ruth Applewhite; Fr'ahk Robinson With Miss Frances Ravenel; Bili Deesiwitht'Miss Mar- ..joiie Johnston, Bill Davenport with Miss Helen Byrd Harris; Britt Beasley With Miss Eniily Smith; Clark Bartlett with Miss Fair- fax Bates; and William Hines With Miss Margaret Taylor. 1.1 May Frolics in May is an unheard of thing ebut this year "we done it? On the first week-end in :May; Tommy Dorsey returned to Chapel Hill to play for Carolinats fayorite set of dances; All the customary breakfasts, beer parties, champagne dinners, and open houses were held With all the customary frol- BRUNER MISS WADDELL MAY FROLICS FERLING MISS RANDOLPH HACKNEY MISS FLEMING dance sets of the year; V1 x g t 1: HAND JENRETTE LAMBETH MISS MISS MISS DUFFY PEGRAM LAMBETH 401 MEANS MISS CHAPMAN icking. Hats off to the committee of Larry Ferling, Tom Hackney, Sam Means, Bill Brunet, Sonny Lambeth, Billy Hand, and Jtoseph Jenrette, and all those beautiful gals again making May Frolics one of the better WRIGHT gs 7x m 1 7 MN N O S R E H mu N ?vaQ. m T U S L A D N E F m C D H H m h 7 1 . . LIL . d a e S7 1? h a k C O .1 I L a n m m .m m d y e a m m m u Mo .m m m e C E w W V 1m U. H a rm Y o .hL a n m m d D , G .m a n M S S a f m n m a m m a d m m a m. m I . C S n .1 U C C C S a ..L C C .1 u m S d h a a r m m 8 W o S H r. T C C 6 a ,r. L h P O V LAM f: y a a R L . h m C a C O h WW I U 10 W way 0 W 1 k V t .1 $ 3 1 S O r M .1 S M o m w h e .w n h M E .d e .m b m t h $ m e C m n m. a .m .LH h .1 H N m am 6 gm .m Mo m a W mu M m n o m. w d 0 a a e w m H I e t g n n N d .U .1 C h rm 0 W a r r h n W N - e .U 6 d e O S e O W C ID C V .r... V C 1 H S . m 1m u e a n e d h .w 0 M M p C d O W C W 1 C .1 uu R S .m .t d O . O V,. F u 0 1 00 n t C u h LL C S M m .m a C n h H a n .m rU Ln 5 .1 d m m m t C 1W T d a .W. F d a d m. a m N u 0 m 0 .w; G e P m .h w La G S L ; v,VW Luann... . .Lii N$hl31 111.. .. 11.1 111l11v1kla , . V . .. I , , . I'lr Murphy with Miss Helen Redfern, Warren Smith with Miss Bette Orr, Tom XWi-ight with Miss Louise Bennett, Jimmie Ross with Miss Mary Power Frazier, Sam McPherson with Miss Helen McDuffie, and Julian Cog- hill, Charles Diffendal, and Dave Morrison. The incoming German Club leaders were Ike Grainger with Miss Margaret Taylor, 403 james Garland with Miss Caroline Miller, Henry Gross with Miss Ellen Lambeth, George Millaway with Miss Gerry White, Bill Bogler With Miss Frances Manning, Tom Long With Miss Margaret Johnson, Bill Dees with Miss Ozella Woodward, Bill Davenport with Miss Helen Harris, and Clark Bartlett and Britton Beasely. +- "A A. -hwu v. e:--..- A m t. 441.99....a L...,;;..-...v,;.'.: . ALEXANDER HODGES BARRETT HUTCHISON BOBBITT JORDAN JUNIOR-SENIOR DANCES Climaxing a week of Senior hilarity, the Juniors joined forces With the Seniors and put over a highly successful Junior-Senior Week-end. Tony Pastor and his boys were on the band stand surrounded by the usual crowd of swing fans and footsore lotharios. Many a Senior drank to the dregs his last B URTON BYRD DUNN FAIRCLOTH FOOTE HARDY MCCORMACK MCGOOGAN MOORE RICHARDSON TURNER WIILLS 404 'nx- -v "VF - ...THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE SPRING formal dance before fmal examinations and long after the band had packed and gone, groups lingered around the hat check booth talking of the good times they had. The elected leaders for both the Junior and Senior class were Bill Alexander, Charles Barrett, Robert Lee Bobbitt, Ottway Burton, Hugh Byrd, Elwood Dunn, Bill Faircloth, George Foote, Herbert Hardy, Luther Hod- ges, Robert Hutchison, John Jordan, John McCormick, Ed McGoogan, Aubrey Moore, Stewart Shaw Richardson, Remus Turner, and Allen Wills. WA. ...e .e-u-n-Awg w-vve - m-o-rm e t A ..e uww i i i i r E w 'INTERDORMITORY DANCES Inyefdorms this year were probably the lbesf ever held: at. Carolina. An unusually 'large bevy of beauties descended ori Chapel Hill t0 trip "the light fantasticewith Jimmy Luh'sford patting but the ,rhythmi-lyRou'nding out the. .Weic'ek-endl program was ari open 1;.h.0use held by' Gra-harrf1','Memo ria1 and sev- eral parties given by fraternities for the dormitories. e, Those participating in the flgure were ,;MisAs Janice Cobb With Edward Taylor, Ellen Wimberlyewith Bill Wall, Margaret Mer- rill WithlPick Hamlin, Katherin Traynham with George Hayes, Catherine Gray With Buck Timberlake, JQ Baker with Sam Gam- bill, Bladehe Burrus",wifh Ben Tillet, Jane Legrant with Frank Reynolds, and Elsie Har- rison with Elwood Dunn. HEATH BELK HAYES PARKER SAVARESSE e TILLETT 406 N Pu HEARN FOLGER HARVEY MCCACHREN NEAVES NICHOLSON PECK SMITH SOPHOMORE DANCE The social season of the Spring Quarter wars rushered inby the annual Sophomore'week- end. As typical it rained. The raih and Orchestrarvmix-up, however, didtnotwdampen the. spirits at the crowded danees. The set was held in Woollen gym on the week-end of April 4th anci 5th which was begun by a tea dance on the Friday zifternbon which was followed'Friday night by a formal dance. The music was furnished by FreddieJohnson and, his band. Saturday night the Grail gave the dance honoring the Sophomores and their dates; Ehoch Lite rendered the harmony for the occasion. - , t ' A T he 'leaders for the dance set representing the sophomore class were Alonzo Folger, Felix; . Harvey, Johnny Hearn, George McCachren, Charles Neaves, Den Nicholsen, Steve Peck, and: George Smith. 407 :h...4 n .o-sww-u-a-nAFQ v V" -SENIORS JUNIOR INTERDORMS a, SOPHOMORE DANCE FRESHMAN DANCE 408 TW FRESHMAN DANCES Competing with the characteristic week-end drizzle, Dean Hudson and his Florida Clubmen started off the freshman dance set with a concert Open to the campus. The week-end as a whole was composed of the usual concert, Friday night dance, Saturday afternoon tea dance and night dance. The Saturday night dance was jointly sponsored by the Grail and Freshman class. Those who strolled nonchalantly through the figure were Miss Norris Snow with E. K. Powe, Miss Frances Clark with Hanson Hall, Miss EStelle Darrow with Mike Carr, and MISS Anne Sheridan with Fred Sheridan. Committee chairan and members of the dance committee who took part in the festivities were Miss Dot Brogden with Charlie Harris, Miss Mary Alice King with Joe Ferguson, Miss Mary Anne Wynne with Stuart Campbell, Miss Janet Browning with Bob Cowan, Miss Tay Muller with Dewey Dorsett, Miss Ann 'Mills with Hugh Cox, Miss Sebie Midgett with Bobby Stockton, and Miss Gloria Boney with Jim Pritchett. BEAUDRY CAMPBELL COWAN COX HARRIS PRITCHETT STOCKTON WILSON 410 xix td' .41, d voh' '0 it FINIS With tbif: We Put a finiy on the 1941 YACKETY YACK. You will find that in 507726 way: it i; only another routine annual. We hope, although, that you will find enough individuality in the hook to mean more than 7'th another edition. Belzeznnglzn giving credit where credit it due, we feel that we JhOtlld give recognition to tome of thoJe who have contrihuted to whatever Juccem thiJ hooh will have. Puhliyh- mg a yearbook, even though it only come; out once a year, i; no eaxy job and require; concentrated work the entire Jehool year. Of eoume the moxt inditpentihle group i; the xtaf itjelf without whoxe help, often- times unrewarded, the YACKETY YACK would never become a reality. We would like to particularly mention a few name; whose Jeroicex have been mwt ualuahle a; Iohn Thorp, Charlie Tillett, Billy Peete, G. I. Kinzhall, Hugh Morton, Dave Reid, LouiJ Stephem, Bahmon Gray, and France; Gihton. We could mention other name; which would include not only the tection head; hut alxo the underclamnen ytaff memhen. The 1941 YACKETY YACK would 4110 like to expreu it; deep appreciation to Ray- mond Bailey and Buck Shelton of the Charlotte Engraving Company along with Mr. Frank Fleming of the Laniter Preu and the whole Jtaff of Wootten-Moulton. Their ' cooperation ha; been more than we c'ould ath for and their Jeruice; have meant much to the ItlfCeH of the hook. We would like to mention Fred Weaver for hi5 fine dedication to Horace WilliamI and Sam Hood of Raleigh fot" the laxt picture; taken of Mr. Williams. We hope you like the hook. We hope that it will mean Iomething to you a; you leaue Chapel Hill, tome for the lat time. We hope that thi; hooh can Jeroe to help perpetuate th05e thing; whith Horaie William; and the Unioenity of North Carolina are. We hope that in future year; you will not jurt have a tie that recall; a few memoriex of college, hut alto that you will have a puhlication through whicha way of life at the Uniuerxity of North Carolina tan again hetome a reality, BYRD AND NORMAN 411 :- wwv-i- 31:7" 5;;,:,1 '- 1 'r r av... av..." . A .; 1-4 .er. :c w; r' :r' "7:5:7-wzgw o 3 u 51:. A e :. .n 4'4 A ,1:- w x ???wa 3:? bf, x .. ,, ,3 174 , A n? l PATRICIA MORISON Chesterfield's Girl of the Month currently appearing in Paramounf's llThe Roundup" 9x 5 ES, you Will quickly like overythlng about Chesterfields. . .they7re cooler and nnlder w1th.plonfty ofgood taste. You are entitled. to all these thing'sOE: a cigarette and you get them 111 Cllesterfield s 1C1D combination of the worldas best c1garette tobaccos. EVERYWHERE YOU GO. . . usuu k L? J llu. AN Kl lm!!l A COfl t vll4I4IlellLK l Al ww-,5 wwv - 4a . , . . M , , . ; ,. . ; . . ., L k , . . . . , . x , ,. . . . . . n . V. x . , .. . , i , 1 , , r : , a , V, . . J I , 4 .. r r. p F , .. . r z I 4 . . v, ., . . . ,v . ., . .V . l. . , .. 5V x Vt a . . 1 1y R m ; .,. O EEK. l , y ,s V . ,, . y . ,. . h I Y N I ; . U . In 4 . 0 K 1 Y 4 , w . . m : , ,. u ,. 4. , .K w v u l 1 1 v w A .p . . n , , :H. . r , r . .V. , .7 ,A a . . 1;: . . .. x p y ., . , , a x L , r . x x . ; . , 7 4, J N , .. xx. p; 5 h? n f . 7.. . I . ,w. v 1. . .5 . : - . Vs , ; . , , H L J .. w s . , ,. r v. ! h ,9 . , g .V 1r. . , y :1 , u n . a a , ,a Mr a u Z . 1 . an I, . r v 1 IL! 16,? 4 ;, .1v 0. v V L . A , 4 . . . A ,h 1 r x , r 1w J y . Iv x , ,. V. . y , q. 1 . H. . JABIE HAYWARD :7, RUSTY SMITH III N '1 llllIlIEig-l :. W UH I g :W' v MCGAUGHEY 415 JOHNSON 0w 5 W Every Manhattan Shirt is Size-Fixt-average fabric shrinkage 196 or less. Every Manhattan Shirt is Man-formed and collar perfect. See the new Man- hattans in white or color. $2.00 up. fine WHEN YOU LOOK LIKE A WINNER . .. 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CQuncil, Manager Printed or Engrqved Cards Advertising Novelties 430 CAROLINA PHARMACY The REXALL Drug Store PHILIP LLOYD Owner TO the class of '41 goes our heartiest Con- gratulations and best wishes for future success. 9h: IDELITY chja DURHAM, NORTH CAROLI NA BISHOP 4i "5" w .ru 0.. Bart of Luck TO All My 131719;sz AGGIE FRATERNITY JEWELRY omcmi Badges Party Favors Keys and Charms Dance Programs Trophies Stationery Awards Crested Gifts i C. R. YEAGER, Representative Washington-Duke Hotel . . . Durham, N. C. L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro, Massachusetts 0K0! m .499 and 6091421st Strong in Resources THE BANK OF CHAPEL HILL M. C. s. Noble w. E Thompson PRESIDENT CASHIER MERRILL 431 STROWD MOTOR CO. BRUCE STROWD TROY S. HERNDON GEO. B. HELLEN Ass't Mgr. . Sales Mgr. AUTHORIZED .DEALER SINCE 1914 CHAPEL HILL, N. c. We Appreciate Your Business WATCH THE FORDS GO BY THE'1'9f41 YACKETY YACK IS BOUND IN A 'KINGSKRAFT COVER DESIGNED AND PRODUCED BY THE KI'NGSPORT PRESS, INC, KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE. THE WORLD'S LARGEST COVER MANUFACTURER. "THE ORANGE PRINTSHOP A Complete Printing Service WW W . Rosemary Lane CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA 1E $1 lTlPAYS To PLAY W '- 5 - THvE-SEALVOF , ' W.'., QUALITY . . . JOHN KENFIELD'S Durham Dairy Products CWJWJW "CHAPEL HILL'S COMPLETE DAIRY" 432 Ozzciaz pltotogmpAemz or Me 1941' yacht? yacA Q1 $ TWQOTTEN- MOULTON photographers HOME PORTRAITS COLLEGE ANNUALS PQRTRAFF M iLLUSTRATIONS ILLUSTRATED TALKS NEW BERN, N. c. 433 . CHAPEL HILL, N- C- w -...-. w V-u V'V-M' -, V - H '2. , M J , Iy 6V WV V'V'I Iii w 3i 4w: . .. . . f i- z s .' xx 'WX V V. V I ' VEVW $7, . V x x ' . . 3 . V V ' V iV . - V T Q, V V . , 1 - l? - ,V E . W ; . t .7 V V , , 1 ;; . x. g V; ?:f 'JV I; Whl lf i? I . t m; w i' i. . iIV V IE' ,5, 1! , ,1, I H! I 5,, ? i! V :W .15 KW? J Y; :1-w H 1' M l l$V 1m . 434 ? 1S 1;? y 1 1'11 $ 2 , , 1V3? a.... ,..u Aggie ...................................... 431 Arden Farm Store ............................ 416 Atlantic Marble and Tile Co .................... 428 Bank of Chapel I-1i11 ........................... 431 L. G. Balfour Co .............................. 431 B'elk Leggett Co .............................. 425 Bireley3s Fruit Juices .......................... 418 Book Exchange .............................. 429 Carolina Iron and Steel Co ...................... 422 Carplina Inn ................................. 423 CarolinaandPickTheatres...................;. 424 -Carolina' Pharmacy ............. .............. 430 Carolina Soda Shop ..................... . ...... 424 1 Charlotte Engraving C0 ........................ 436- Chatham Mfg. Co ............................. 419 Bob Chester and His Orchestra ..... ; ............ 424 . Coca-Cola Bottling Cor ......................... 427 Danzigefs .................................. 430 ' Durham Dairy . . . . .. ........................ 432 Durham Road Dairy. . z ........................ 429 Euro Shirt C0........;: ....................... 416 Fidelity Bank ................................ 430 Einchley ............................... ' ..... 421' Foister Photo Co .............................. 428 The Follin Co. ................. ' .............. 4 25 -The Hill Bakery .............................. 429 Iiome Savings Bank.............f ............. 428 Home Security Life Insurance Co ................ 427 quera Mills ......................... . ........ ' 423 Johnson Motof Co ............................. 424 Kenfield Sport Shop ........................... 432 INDEX FOR ADVERTISERS Kingskraft Covers ............................ 432 Knox Hats ........... 3 ........................ 417 S. H. Kress 8z Co .............................. 3424 Kay Kyser ............................ ...... 414 Lance Sandwiches ............................. 421 Lassiter Press ........................ I ........ 435 Laundry Dept ................................. 427 Robert E. Lee Hotel ................ 3 ........... 423 Liggett and Myel's Tobacco C01. . . ............ 413 lVIanhattan Shirt C0 ............................ 416 Model Market and Grocery Co ................... 430.3 8 Orange Printshop ................... . .......... 432 Pender Food Store ........ 9 .................. 428 Pepsi-Cola ............... .. .. ...... . ........... 425 The Pines ............................. t ....... 416 Pritchard-Bright 8: Co ...... I ................. 417 Provident Mutual Life Insurance Co .............. 422 R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.. . . . . . . . . . . . . .' ....... 419 SeemanPrintery ......... ..... 7.428 Seven-Up Bottling Co ................. V. . . L . . . 432 Norman Stockton, Inc .......................... 417 Stfowd Motor Co. ........................... Z 431 Thames Clothing Co ...................... '. . . . . 1415 Underwood Elliott Fisher Co .................... 418 University Cafeteria. . . . .................. 3. . . . 421 University P'rintery ............... 1 ............. 430 Vanstory Clothing Co ....... . ................... '422 Walgreen Drug Co ............................ 428 Winston-Salem Journal . . . . . . . . . . . . L ........... 418 Wlootten-MoultOn ........... . ...... ' ..... I ...... 4 33 1, 1M ' z .1 E E; n... -...,4

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