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1 , ; 'l' ; : . , ' ; ' d w , , I , . . : . - I A . 5 . . 7 93-397 PROLOGUE This is your 1968. Yackety Yack, to cherish and to keep. It is an honest attempt to cap- ture, in prose and in pictures, the few years you have spent at the University of North Caro- lina. At the same time it will explore the attitudes of your fellow students and the moods Which affect them in the envi- ronment of Chapel Hill and the University e- the exhilarations, the depressions, the loves, the apathy. We trust that you, the reader, Will find the Yack a mirror, in some small way, of your own experience at this school. Hope- fully it Will even teach you something about yourself as an individual. If not, we' have failed. Failure to communicate is not f orgetfulness, howeVer. You can surely take solace in the fact if in no'other, that your picture appears at least once in this book. And even if it does not, the resultant sense of loss of alienation is perhaps what the 1968 Yackety Yack is all about. THE YEARBOOK OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VOLUME 78 0 1968 NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL . aim. . : 54 ?QWQ 3 s m 513.. Copyrighl 1m$3 by lcffery T, Kucsel and lhe Publications Board 0mm University niNurHI Camlina at Chapel Hill. All righls reserved No pan of um book may he mpmduo'cd in any rum wimoul the express prior miner. permission lo1: editor. Primed in Ihc Unned Slates uf America by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas Texas. Library a! Cungxcss Calnlng Card Number. 1347244 4 Yackety Yack TABLE OF 7 CONTENTS 66 76 Academics Seniors 00802 32279 120222 s u a P .n sms .1 e .msn gatkr mChew 1...;hea oftrr COAGF . 0 ,. lake x $3 .. ...!0ll ...Q$W$. .9 u. E; .f Professiona'1 363 378 400 Fraternities Honoraries Beatuties 418 462 . v ; Organizations ine Arts F Professiona'l 478 Sch0015 101' Sen 6 Yackety Yack . .w imamviumv 3;, ckety Yack 7 Ya M nmwx .mwm Wm L-wtw w MJIW V M" ii iii In all its expanse of old and new, Ifelt the University of North Carolina was a good place to further my high school as- pirations to grandeur and social and in- tellectual attainment. The vitality of na- ture lived by the side of the man-made and created an environment stimulating t0 the growth and challenge of my four year stint. Anyway, thafs idealistically the way I felt in 1964. An overview of life in Chapel Hill during my years here will constitute the subject matter of the Yackts introduction. Almost immediately I was awed by the sprawling newness of so many of the buildings. They were architecturally functional, and some even won prizes for design, but they left me cold. And I found it hard to make friends in these sterile surroundings. It seemed as if ev- eryone was but an anxiously waiting face in front of the mailbox, or a room number in Craige dormitory. Even my sui'te-mates were virtual strangers. Yackety Yack 9 UNC has various antidotes t0 loneli- ness, however. I searched for something to do in my spare time - and became a joiner. A campus political party was graced by my presence for half a semes- ter, while the Tempo Room proved to be a daily retreat from the outside world. A budding residence college program in- terested me for awhile but it did not rise above the level of the politicking found in a party convention. The only time I really felt part of the whole was when screaming, NGive tern Hell, Heelsrt Ev- eryone was bound to me by the electric cheerleader and for brief moments I was not alone. This group empathy came but once a week though, and the screaming was as much out of frustra- tion as of school spirit. '10 Yackcty Yuck Yackety Yuck 11 v .4 n i4.u-..4EA s ' 12 Yackely Yack I even wondered sometimes if being aloof was such a bad thing. Many people actually seemed to enjoy a type of personal freedom when alone. I envied them and turned to reading in an attempt to emulate them. I remember going through two novels a day one soli- tary week in October. This was ex- citing and gave me a feeling of ace complishment, but characters in a book are only fictional. I craved a group of real friends, or at least one jolly, browneeyed lover of a girl who could be mine and not simply an unapproachable campus queen, seen from afar and on display to all. Yackety Yack 13 14 Yackoly Yack Yackety Yack 15 Everything turned into transient happians when I discovered that the ABC store didntt care how old I was and that Kenan stadium degen- erated to the orgy level on football weekends. There were other excit- ing times which rallied the students together .. not in terms of physical quantity and presence but hopefully at least in a collective of minds; the activists on campus treated these as their personal ttcausest, and cru- sades. There have been a few over the years - the Speaker Ban and the resultant Free Speech Movement, Women's Rules, the Goodykoontz and Paull controversies. Yackety Yack 17 Whatever steered me towards relevant ac- tion in those freshman years was tinged with a new reality upon going through rush and pledg- ing a fraternity. The other side of the campus opened its doors and immediately informed me that having fun should be ones sole purpose in life. While seeing friends every day, talking to them, and studying with them, the campus took on a brighter, more colorful hue through my road-mapped eyes. Especially at five in the morning on a spring day, the headache and pass out of the night before all gone. 18 Yackety Yack r-n'h Yackety Yack 19 20 Yackety Yack There was group activity for me now, gosh, Greek Week and the Campus Chest Carnival, wow! The girls were more abundant and more available dur- ing these days, even though the admin- istration still did not accept liberal arts freshman women. They were a new- found luxury which I almost found use- less. Just as girls were a novelty, so was the fraternity-sorority bag disturbing in its complete opposition to dorm life. Re- gimentation and increased responsibili- ty budgeted my time more stringently. I welcomed this change from the previ- ous vegetation in the impersonal dormi- tory. In a way, I was glad having some- body tell me what to do. Yackety Yack 21 k C a Y V. t e k c a Y 2 2 a3"? VV- t . ' w ?AM' UNC was friendly then, as was the wom- ents campus at Greensboro. I basked in a life which fascinated me with its silent, des- erted snows changing into the renewal of scentefilled dogwood days. The afternoons of rugby 0r lacrosse left me with a fighter's edge of tenseness though, which contrasted with an otherwise peaceful time. In general, Ibegan to see life less in terms of definitive absolutes but as a jumble of motley circum- stances and people. The Choices to be made were more difficult but still not dependent on a formulated ethical system. I usually Chose the easiest or most pleasurable alter- native to any situation. u r. I Eu: 1.3x, 24 Yackety Yack Yackety Yack 25 The placid entertainment of an art show could replace the fury of big time sports. Even when the teams were winning, Ithrew out the cult of the athletic super-star. This is one of the few choices I made which I have stuck to ever since. 26 Yackety Yack Yackety Yack 27 28 Yackety Yack Instead of the group identity routine, I found Chapel Hill more alive in a flow- er lady on East Franklin Street, or when I took a colorful, if sometimes melan- choly, walk through the quiet woods surrounding the town. I think I was finally being struck by a seriousness during sophomore year which attacked the youthful and immature tendencies of the freshman. In retrospect, my values were changing, or at least the old ones being questioned. In all, I was searching for a permanence to replace the transitory nature of fads and most ideas. Little did I think at the time that this search for absolutes would be a never-ending one. Eventually my harried graduate instructors gave way to real professors. If given a chance, they became people like anyone else, and on the whole, good, interesting men to talk with. At times their wisdom and scholarship were re- pulsive since I had so little, but I found that with practice most students can argue and discuss a point with a profes- sor and find a receptive listener in him. The opposite was true with the bureaucratic general college advisor. He did indirectly teach me, however, that any academic plans and goals I might have were to be set forth completely by myself. The G. C. advisor symbolized the system this Uni- versity has to live under, the State and its Trustees. 30 Yackety Yack Yackety .Yack 31 k c a Y V. t e k C a Y Z 3 Just as in a lovers' embrace, the University is undeniably linked to the State government. But it often comes as a surprise to realize that the University and the students must wear the shoe the State picks from its rack. We are allowed to p01ishit,t0 shine it any color we please, but the shoe still belongs to the State. Sometimes a pinched toe or a tight fit must be unfortunately worn in relative silence. I was capable of forgetting the State- University relationship just as easily as I might be reminded of it, simply because a more im- mediate rapport with the Carolina coed was presented to me. And I started taking advan- tage of it - with a will. Yackety Yack 33 k C a Y Y t e k C a Y 4 3 I could not wax poetic over girls simply because there were variegated emotions running through me at once. They were delightful creatures, these nubile wenches, and distracted me from my every thought when they made me turn and fawn on them. They were contradictory, mad- dening, puzzling, and yet I could not do without them. The University was accepting more girls by junior year but there still seemed to be a dearth of femininity on campus. They were objects to be loved and cherished so that they would love in return. But their ambivalent nature could not help but come to the fore, and as always, especially when I encountered sex. It was in the aftermath of sexual encounter that girls were the most perplexing and in turn caused me to learn about myself, to dig and probe my mind for inner knowledge. Yackety Yack 35 I have chain smoked many a pack of cigarettes, wondering who and what the hell I was, what possible purpose did this life hold. There were times of relax- ation and fun, with no cares or worries, when questioning had no place, and that is the way it should be. But always, I would return to the basic anxiety of the self. It would have been possible to find a mold to model myself after - to choose one of the all-time great persona alities and strive to emulate him. That was the easy way out, and by then I had less taste for dropping into the facile so- lution. More and more I realized that the role I must play had to be my own. In at- tempting to find one, I was certain that it would be a long and arduous search, but a necessary one. I had to work at it, even if the lack of results would leave me anguished and drawn by the hard Yackety Yack 37 There were so many extraneous Cir- cumstances to choose from in my explo- ration, and so many faces around me, y, L each intent on his own problems, that i- ' WWW" eww- again I was struck by the fact that I was i ' , i alone. Trying to talk to friends, or my e1- ders was little help in this decisione making experience. The little things in life cluttered everyday existence and precluded my reaching a viable manner of operation, one on which I could build a permanent base of thought. Deciding what to major in; should I study for to- morrow,s quiz or go drink with the guys; is it worth it getting up for class today; is she good or is she a one-night stand; should I read the book or the out- line; were all questions that I had to meet everyday. And I was preoccupied with time. The weeks flew faster into years. 38 Yackety Yack Yackety Yack 39 40 Yackcty Yack Ii In the idealized world of Chapel Hill I found myself assuming a warped sense of values. By God, I knew I would take a one-night stand any day of the week - no questions asked. Religion was swept to the wayside, more or less. It was a pain waking up on Sunday morning, and even if I did, church was meaningless ritual which served nothing but a social function. Laziness became a habit. Escapist sleep, a way of life. Even art did not move me. Presumably univer- sal, painting and sculpture only mirrored a lim- ited and twisted view of reality which had no place for beauty and form but for visual shock. My auditory sense was assailed by the disso- nant vibrations of the psychedelic sixties. I was able to know nothing except that the long hand of my alarm clock or that of the bell tower, moved inexorably forward, still leaving me vir- tually purposeless and at loose ends with life. There seemed to be no answer to the quest for self-knowledge in the mundane atmosphere around me. I turned to experimentation in order to find what I was seeking. Following Norman Mailers edict that drinking was a morally uplifting exercise, I became a quasi- alcoholic, at least on weekends. General abuse with stimulants or depressants was no answer. It was a period of frustration for me. Yackety Yack 41 42 Yackety Yack There were attempts to be genuine, to be a self-actualized individual. In a way, I was des- perate to find myself, whatever that means. A much-publicized Be-in evolved as a gigantic party of campus wide proportions. But certain- ly not for me, and I doubt for anyone else who Was there, did the Be-in portray individuals as they really are. It, too, must have been an Yackety Yack 43 44 Yackely Yack I had no desire to immerse myself in the precise world of science. It only pro- vided absolutes of a measurable and de- fined nature, which were no absolutes at all. The age of mechanization, yester- day symbolized by the automobile en- gine, today by computer technology, left me with the dry taste of fear cloying to my tongue. Not only could I eventually be out of a job at the push of a button, but my basically romantic nature cringed at the possibility of life pro- grammed t0 the tune of a minority of ex- perts and technocrats. Does the mae Chine allow for emotion? Yuckuly Yack 45. 46 Yuckely Yuck Frustrated or not, I had no excuse for turning into the recluse I became. I did not want to talk to people and consequently people rapidly learned not to talk to me. In my enforced alienation, the nature which I had once found beautiful was completely lost. I was turned inward, selfish, opi- nionated, and capable of mouthing off on any subjects save those of real meaning. Rows of lonely seats were a heaven where I could stare at emptiness for hours, contem- plating everything and getting nowhere. There was no doubt that I was unhappy with my lot; but I found help in nothing but my own introspective stagnation. Yackely Yack 47 m! UN AL i I imagined myself in a perpetual state of ponderous musing much like Rodints ttThe Thinker." Stal- wart and imperturable, I felt the weight of many problems resting on my shoulders. In view of the fact that most of these were only my own private fictions, I slowly began to stand tall once again and shed many of these illusory problems. There were also too many people around me still caught up in their sublime seriousness for me to remain in that camp. Instead, the avenue of the ri- diculous and the risible opened it- self and I set about finding, ways of playing a role which would find favor in the eyes of my peer group, as well as my own. 48 Yackety Yaok M a:: J. m . H w m .V Yuckcty Yuck 49 50 Yackety Yack There was reality in dramatical representation even if all the players were masked. This reality was pushed to its highest form on the stage, but yet there was an everyday drama for me, an act to put on for the audience. In rejecting serious things, I assumed the role of a semi- animalistic buffoon, a jaded liber- tine, quite like Falstaff I was told. I became the clown, in other words, and reveled in an act which caused people to laugh as much as I laughed at myself. That was a good feeling at the time. I felt accepted by my friends and took up too many pre- cious moments expanding upon and repeating my ridiculous buffoonery to worry about the quest for self- knowledge. 1 5 :m m V1 W C k C H Y 52 Yackety Yack Being on stage, figuratively speaking, was strenuous work, however. It demanded a complete attention to minute detail and a dedication to ones external image, which grew boring. I did not see how the profes- sional entertainers maintained their inces- sant front, with a happy smile or an elec- trifying song. Most of them could please the crowd but I wondered when they ever found time to be really themselves. I sup- posed that success had made the stage a way of life for many of them. But at times I noticed the strained look of a belly dancer or the sweaty tiredness of a cheap combo and knew that I could no longer play the role demanded. I threw my lever into reverse and wheeled right back to where I had original- ly started - to the period of questioning and anxiety, to the bear-like hibernation. I went through numerous such changes, many times so rapidly that I would be a different individual at night than in the day. It was a schizoid way of life. Yackely Yack 53 I am a senior now and not much has changed. Life follows along in a series of troughs and crests, almost exactly like the preceding three years. There is so much activity going on for me that the trauma of a perpetual search is left be- hind. The questioning still remains within me but it does not affect me no- ticeably. Instead I take part in the usual humdrum activities that every other student undergoes. Everything points to the fact of my ability in leading a double life of outward normalcy and inner complexity. This duality is not a bother as it used to be; but rather an accepted mode of existence. Yackety Yack 55 56 Yackely Yack I feel this relative calm 0f the last year at Carolina is symptomatic of the gener- al growth and change I have exper- ienced. I have lost much idealistic exub- erance and replaced it with what I think is a measured tread of maturity. It will seem presumptuous of me to feel so confident in my maturity, but it is only of a qualified sort. I do not believe that the maturation process has ended for me. At the same time I do think that I have now realized a stable and workable mode of thought with which to guide my life. I am attracted to a sys- tem called ttsituation ethics" in which decisions are made depending on par- ticular circumstances and from an ideal of brotherly love, or agape. Colloquially speaking, I play everything by ear. Yackety Yack 57 IE: H MEI HI Coming out of the dark winter of the past to the spring of the Arboretum or that of new libraries and student unions there is ample time for reflection. In fact, the cycle of the seasons and the continual growth of the University mirror my own development. I think it to be one which has by- passed in the main any attempts at serious scholarship. In- stead I conclude that my education is a spiral continuum of chance relationships with other students that affects me in either a negative or positive sense. My classes are but exercises in discipline. Any creativity I display comes as a result of emotional reaction to people and occurrences. This idea of education will greatly differ from the impres- sion that the University should be a fountain of scholar- ship, or a state-run degree mill preparing its students for a practical trade in future life. I have not become a scholar tnor a Carolina gentlemanI, nor a CPA. But Ipositively feel that my four years association with the University has left me with a mind open to new ideas, a questioning and skep- tical optimism, and the ability to face the future. 58 Yackety Yack mama IE 27-4: Ea at I IN EKII 'W 1 1E Ihhh h xiii: mx' at m n in wax Yackcly Yuck 59 60 Yackety Yack k61 Yackely Ym Life in Chapel Hill is often replete with the trite, the cliched, and the Chil- dish. I cannot buy that act, and I feel sorry for those people who only know that aspect of existence. But I will at- tempt to universalize, in the closing m0- ments of this introduction, the body of my private thought for all readers. I feel that no matter how fun-loving 0r ridiculous one is, he or she must oc- casionally take time out for serious reflection. We must all face the black robes of graduation with a View which will have to be fairly similar in outlook. 62 Yuekely Yuck Yzmkuly Yuck 63 I feel we must all be aware of our indivi- duality and strive to find an identity. With- in this framework there is ample room for controversy and divergence. I will soon be a graduate of the University of North Carolina. I know that I have been indelibly formed by the Southern atmo- sphere of the campue, by the twentieth cen- tury American consciousness, and by the solid growth of a community which reflects todayls accelerating pace. I am concerned but not scared by the dark outlook of Viet- nam. And I anticipate the question of my future with anxious optimism. For these reasons I think all readers should be able to relate to this introduction to a book intimately concerned With the Studentls Lot at Carolina. If they still find it impossible 'to do after a careful reading of these first sixty-five pages, let them write their own and learn about themselves by contrasting my views With their contrary visions. I. F. G. Yackety Yack 65 MICS ACADEMICS ACADEMICS ACADEMICS 68 Academics WILLIAM C. FRIDAY Mu...w-, Few students realize where the Consolidated University offices are, across from the Planetarium parking lot; I certainly did not until I looked on a map. This is perhaps due to the greater amount of press coverage afforded South Building in the local and state news. But get an interview with WIL- LIAM C. FRIDAY, President of the University of North Carolina, and the narrow perspective imme- diately changes. The people who work with him in the CU office do not look like professors. They have the toughened air of big business consultants and lawyers. The secretaries are professionals, cer- tainly not student wives. There is a hum of efficient urgency running throughout the building, rather un-Chapel Hillian. I felt the interview started strangely. The Presi- dent asked all the questions and knew all about me and my hometown within five minutes. It was only when he drew a pencil out of the immaculately neat desk and used it to drum his answers into my head that the interview really started. "During the last 10 years, this University has become a miloh bigger operation. We have a budget of nearly a quarter of a billion dollars, and a building program of 150 million. We have doubled the size of the UNC faculty, to the point where this is a national and international operation? Awesome as these figures may be, it was refresh- ing to learn that the University of North Carolina will remain the smallest of the major state universi- ties in the nation. And that the need for higher edu- : cation will be served by an increasingly complete system of community colleges, complementing the four campuses now within the university wide context. When 5mm of the money for all this comes from the state, the President must look elsewhere for the rest. tiI think we will eventually see some universities receiving basic and unrestricted grants from the federal government. The State regulations are perhaps too stringent here. But the federal government has got to do more." President Fridayls biography reads as a succes- sion of various national councils set up by the Pres- ident of the United States, and he will continue to act in this capacity as long as he can. He has recent- ly been appointed to a yet unnamed special com- mission of Lyndon Iohnsonls. He is a licensed law- yer who has avowedly never tried a case, but the fact that he has been on the job for over ten years now attests to the continuity and national emi- nence which this man's leadership provides to the University of North Carolina. From his final words, it is easy to tell that he looks upon Carolinais progress in a rather optimis- tic light. iiWhat has been done by the faculty and students here is a remarkable and significant achievement." Under his direction, and with a stu- dent body which he terms lithe most serious mind- ed and personally committed of any in the recent generations? this university can count on a contin- ued growth in prestige and stature. The office in the southeast corner of the first floor of South Building is a large and airy one. A small man stands behind his desk, rearranging the numerous piles of letters and memos. In fact, he smiles and apologizes for the apparent disorder. ilYou see, I spend quite a lot of time answering cor- respondence? he says. The couch, the dark com- fortable leather arm chairs, and the busy desk would seem to represent what I imagine a typical Chancellorls office should be. But the warm, south- ern accent of JOSEPH CARLYLE SITTERSON transforms the room into one filled with a unique, humane personality. live got my questions all ready to ask during the interview, most of them I hope serious and topical. The Chancellor's reaction to the barrage is enlight- ening. It is as if he really enjoyed answering all the questions, not only very competently, but more than pleased to have an eager ear to take it all down. llThere was once a chancellor who wanted his own newspaper to set forth his personal point of view." Eventually, the whole interview becomes a dialogue on the problem of communication. The furious editorial pen of the Daily Tar Heel is dis- cussed. And as the man at the top, Chancellor Sit- terson has to maintain his feelers to all levels of the Stat: and University. This includes the Yackety Yac . He smiles softly at the mention of the Legislature and defines his position "as one of continually in- terpreting the role of the public university within the context of the society it works for. The process is time consuming, but rewarding, especially if reasonably effective communication can be main- tained? 1,11 bet you didn't know that Lyle, as he has been nicknamed from birth, only found time to hunt six times last semester. ill wish I could do more, but I have to get most of my exercise walking," he ex- plains wistfully. He also manages to teach and enjoy one history class each semester to keep in touch with the students. Even with his numerous administrative duties, he will never give up teach- ing and plans to continue to find compensation at both jobs. I really feel at ease during the interview. The Chancellor's office is certainly no ivory tower, completely removed from the rest of the world. And Dr. Sittersonls views on the size of the univer- sity, deferred fraternity rush, and the absence of a campus drug problem mirror my growing percep- tion of his vast fund of knowledge and informa- tion. He even strikes an optimistic note for better interaction of men and women in Residence Col- leges. In all, he is a good representative of what he calls lithis residential cosmopolitan university? His final words, ilItls certainly not dull; its an inter- esting worldf' go beautifully with his parting wave. Sic Semper Populo, Sitterson. I. CARLYLE SITTERS ON Academics 69 F ACULTY SAMUEL F. WELLS, IR., Assistant Professor of History, in- forms us that the rough hewn individual appeals to him, especiale ly after he spent what was then a fruitful three year interlude in the Marine Corps. A native of Reidsville, North Carolina, he was an undergraduate here and returned home after doctoral and teaching experience at Harvard and Wellesley. Dr. Gallacher will attest to the efficiency of this man, especially on the handball court. And even though our talk started late, the impression con- veyed by Dr. Wells is best seen from his own words. ttl am. by and large, satisfied here, while the students are more intellectual than in the 1950s but there is room for improvement. The attractive thing is that the student has a good background but has gone no further - he is not broadly read. His mind is OK. but he is culturally undernourished. This could be disappointing, but instead Challenges me to do what I want with him; assist him in making great strides in learning. In all there is a less frenetic intel- lectuality here than at Harvard, say." t'History shouldn't tell us how to solve problems. but it is rele- vant in a nonvproblem solving sort of way. It vicariously broad- ensyyour experience and you can understand after studying histo- ry. "We have gotten seriously over-extended in Vietnam for the wrong reasons. Our President's concern with his position in his- tory, his compulsion to carve his own niche, and his quest for im- mortality mean that de-escalation would for him equal defeat - So henwont change. It will be interesting to see how Kennedy oes. 70 Academics This strong. sensitive woman is representative of a rapidly growing field of study at the University, the creative writing branch of the English department. She commutes from Sanford, NC. for her classes and benefits as a writer not only from her stu- dents but from the relative freedom this distance gives her. As she sweeps her hand through the air, "If anything goes wrong here, I go home, baby!" And more seriously, itCollege students are excit- ing, smart and humorous. Along with the other writing teachers here, they make me think more; they sharpen my editing and it all falls into perspective." As much as DORIS BETTS learns from the classroom, she is also able to impart to her students many of the rules and ideas of writing which she has applied to herself. The fact that a story turned into her will come back with as much editorial comment and criticism as the length of the story itself shows the dedication she puts into editing. If anyone can do it, she is the One who will bring a fledgling writer's style up to a somewhat professional p01- ish. And also give him or her enough confidence to lay a story on the line for publication, no matter how closed and cliquish the Chapel Hill writing market might seem to be. In all, students cannot help but benefit from working with Doris. She is no phony and minces no words: HOh hell, I hate the preliminary, social chit-chat of a cocktail party. I'd rather talk to one person at a time about something interesting" She is. above all, a writer, and sets the example for those who will be lucky enough and forceful enough to go beyond English 34F: uI wrote my first novel during my lunch break when I was a secretary, and it really did come out like a lunch-hour story," One novel, three children, and three books of short stories later, Doris is hoping to finish a new novel in the near future. Getting her as a teacher is as worthwhile as the rewarding effort she puts into the job. The writing department and student body would lose much by not having her around. WILLIAM KOCH can always be found in the usomewhat pure culture room," 306 Coker Hall. A sign on the door says: "DON'T KNOCK, PLEASE COME IN," but everyone knocks anyway. They feel safer that way because they know they are entering the den of an aquatic fungi specialist, a real crazy man. itSir. people tell me you are crazy. Why?" 'tWell, I'm not really. it's just that some people happen to think that way. I'm working with guppies now - had to eliminate the snails. But they were so damn sexyf' "Could you please expand on your views?" ill had a hard time speaking as a Child, so that now I love to talk. But bad attempts at formal lecturing are a bore, you know what I mean? So I try to reach the truth in botany through abstractions; everything. art, sculpture, gets jumbled in to make my point. I call this a "shock" technique, and it's pretty effective. But Itry not to be cruel or insulting - I sometimes have to hold back. In the end. you have to be a dynamic lecturer to shake up some of these freshmenf' ttIs there anything else you would like to speak about, Vietnam perhaps?" "I can't complain of the fact that we're there, but of the way we are operating there. This war, I believe, is close to inevitable. Much like the inevitability of long skirts and flat chests coming back in reaction to mini-skirts." HWonlt this leave a lot of good stuff up to the imagination?" ttNo, I would hate it. Don't put this in the interview, but I ha- venlt seen enough yet i . 4 Ilm a sex-starved old manf' We both laugh at this and if there were time and space, there would be two hours more of good copy. From his hobby ofland- scape gardening to the Experimental College. to the fast moving town of Chapel Hill, to woments rules, to the rat-race of grading, Dr. Koch can speak about anything. He worries about going too far one way or the other in his conversation but at least he's on the right track. ttTo interact. we must verbalize." PATRICK GALLAGHER. assistant professor of English. was looking forward to a St. Patricks Day celebration of gigantic proportions with undisguised glee the last time I saw him. His face had assumed the same ruddy glow of anticipation and vitali- ty which he sets forth when teaching his Chaucer class. In fact, his vested interest in the medieval is quite on a par with his ideas of social recreation - witness the following statements. uI got interested in Chaucer by taking a course taught by a UNC graduate. and by observing the similarities between ancient Irish literature and primitive myths on the one hand, and the works of Eliot, Freud, lung, and the early Yeats on the other. The middle ages came to a new light for me after reading these authors." ttFor an Irishman, a drink is a metaphysical experience. We have great drinking songs, not only because we like to sing, but because there is a Camus sense of revolution tied into them. Its also good practice in sounds of eighteenth century English." In all he brings a sense of scholarly tradition and criticism to his students which most undergraduates will never receive. For the intelligent student willing to learn, he will find a receptive teacher even if the technique of getting good test grades has not been mastered. The amount of personal contact still possible be- tween students and faculty at UNC makes an association with this man not only worthwhile on the social level, CII think cock- tail parties for the faculty are greatllli but also on the educative, t'tMedieval literature is fascinating in terms of the tradition and continuity it lends to most aspects of modern literature? Office hours, two to three o'clock Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 305 Bingham. Academics 71 man continues to wave his glasses in a crazy mannen They come close to hitting the fluorescent lamp which hangs over his clut- tered desk, but he is really too relaxed to make such a faux-pas. After all, he is the head of Photographic Laboratory inSwain Hall and even though there are good boys down there, they donlt know all the answers. So they come to ROSS SCROGGS. tiThis damn strobe won't work!" HThat's OK. Harry, somebody put it to- gether, so I can probably undo it and see where the thing went wrong." His informality carries over to the classroom where he knocks down the straw men of photography and electronics. He knows the students need to feel the professor is another human being: and he remembers as tyrants some of his professors as an undergraduate here in Chemistry. His admiration for the University and his dislike of Northern snows caused him to return here after a brilliant period of re- search for the Kodak company in Rochester, New York. We are lucky to have a man of such competence with us: "I am bothered by people who think photography is trivial. For the flash cube and Brownie user, OK. But the truth is that it is a serious and re- warding profession. whether in the scientific, artistic, or journal, istic fields." Ross Scruggs. you're OK. t This perpetually laughing, congenial electronic wizard of a l l l l l l VASA D. MIHALOVICH brings his own individualistic brand ofthe Yugoslav mentality to the Slavic department at the Univer- sity of North Carolina. He came to this country in 1951 via Italy and Germany. disenchanted with the Communist regime, and finding his aspirations to become a writer rather stifled. A gradu- ate ofWayne State and U.C., Berkeley, he landed in Chapel Hill in 1961. Since then he has coupled his own serious meticulousness with the speed and excitement of the brand new Russian enclave 0n the third and fourth floors of Dey Hall. As he carefully combs his hair for the picture, he explains that his favorite hobby is gar- dening and that "Chapel Hill is a beautiful little town. As a mod- erate, liberal university, UNC is an oasis in North Carolina. But what I like most of all is that I came in on the ground floor of a new department. In four years, we have created a doctoral pro- gram. But it is still small enough for me to study and research; this is propitious for me, even though the emphasis here is on teach- 1n . ile feels that the growing interest in Russian and Soviet affairs will continue to thrive, especially as the Russian contribution to science becomes more widely known and the Hbugaboo" 0f the difficulty of the language disappears. HStudents have to get away from the notion that Russian is too difficult; it's really not much harder than German.n To conclude: Vasa Mihailovich is a student-oriented teacher. His varied background lends a spice to his classes which not only proves beneficial to all concerned. But it generates the same kind of enthusiasm with which he approaches a soccer game, in fact any type of sporting event. 72 Academics ROBERT RUPEN, Professor of Political Science, is excited about the UNC Polisci department. He feels that it is high on the uprise, that the large influx of young new people coupled with many new techniques dealing with the behavioral aspect of his discipline are making for a superior department here. It makes the difference for him professionally and in terms of teaching and research. The obvious enthusiasm he radiates for his specialty, Soviet Russia and the Communist bloc, can best be seen when he teach- es Polisci 55, the introductory course in Soviet Government. Where you were used to sleep during lectures you now take five pages of notes. And you even do the reading on time. In light of this vitality. it is harder to understand the shy reti- cence of this professor in a person to person interview. He ane swers the questions directly and to the point. But is unwilling to flow and let loose with a torrent of associative verbosity as most teachers are wont to do. uI like it here in Chapel Hill - no com- muting. It's not too Southern." We should probably be content with the precision and knowl- edge with which he approaches the convergence theory of the United States and Russia. It doesn't really matter what small talk he can come up with, because as a teacher, his efficiency and willing ease in imparting such knowledge to the student is admi- rable. The live wire of Dey Hall, this man. A martinet strutting down the path to the Pine Room, arms aflying, he waves, nHello, Rupert; bonjour, Claude." And inwardly he must think, thank God, I still have time for my coffee break! A very busy man, a constantly in- terrupted man, even in his love life, but one who finds time to hold court in his offic'e every afternoon from two to five. Even the lowly Yackety Yuck interviewer can sandwich himself amiany between four urgent phone calls and three colleagues bursting in to discuss Romance Notes or new office space. A complex personality emerges in that brief forty-five minutes. A member of the landed people of Franklin, Georgia. tempered by Emory, Middlebury, and a Fulbright at La Sorbonne in 1953, he strikes his histrionic, super-serious, stare-at-the-ceiling pose and digresses on women's role in contemporary society. It is but a brief interruption, however. He returns to his favorite, seven- teenth century French literature. "I like the seventeenth because it was a period of ordert The people knew what they had to do, and did it without regret What an admirable philosophy!" On to new topics. Birth Control: uWhy can't people make love without having kids? They say it's no good, but . . ." Publish or Perish: uAnyone actively engaged in teaching has a psychological need to publish; I enjoy the competition." The University: uWe cannot afford to confuse quantity with quality.n Residence Col- leges: "Face it, today they are not very attractive places to live in." And so it continues, running the gamut from Cornelian drama, to fraternities at UNC. Associate Professor of French GEORGE DANIEL leaves this interviewer limp with a surplus of informa- tion as he ends with one more happily and mildly sarcastic laugh. Academics 73 It seems as if all the professors interviewed in this faculty sec- tion tend either towards the sciences or the humanities. SALLY SEDELOW, however, bridges the gap in a unique way at Caro- lina. The fact that her work sets her apart from the straight math or Spanish professor on the one hand. does not mean that she has nothing in common with all of them on the other. For she has the ability to laugh, and a great. beautiful, all-encompassing laugh it is. This perhaps typifies what every teacher needs, a sense of humor. Who would have thought that as a PhD. in English Literature from Iowa, Mt. Holyoke. and Bryn Mawr she would find herself by accident working with computers in a California think tank, the Systems Development Corporation? The apparent incongru- ity of blending these two disciplines is overwhelming. But here she is, teaching 21 Milton course and one in Information Science, and at the same time searching for thematic patterns in Hamlet through the use of a computer program. The mind boggles at the thought of this computational stylistics. Perhaps she sounds a bit too much like an IBM advertisement, but the obvious sincerity and interest she throws into this new technology suggests some grain of truth. "We are less and less able to behave like human beings, so let the machine do the dog work. To be human and creative, we need the computer! The humanities owe it to themselves to learn about this!" This field is gaining acceptance, witness the fact that she is one of three editors of a new journal, Computer Studies in The Humanities and Verbal Behavior. And if you're still sceptical, as I might he, go talk to Mrs. Sedelow, or at least grant the fact that computers and their relation to the humanities is one subject which certainly cannot he laughed away to oblivion. 74 Academics The extremely quiet young man sitting at the long table with all the blue books in front of him seemed to look down the whole time. Or maybe it was that his glasses were falling off, in this dark, recessed room of Alumni Hall. JAMES PEACOCK, howev- er, changed this initial impression of quiet unexcitement into an informative dialogue on various subjects in about ten minutes. Born in Montgomery, Alabama, he comments on George Walla- ceis candidacy for the presidency: "He is interesting for the an- thropologist. His cleverness of rhetoric coupled with provincial- ity and an appeal to negative scapegoatism makes him the lone campaigner that must be contended with. You can't help but no- tice him, even if you detest his views." On anthropology: uYou have to get your mind and hands dirty in anthropology. You have to have a gut experience. Like when I lived in a shanty town in Surbaya; at the time it was the headquarters of Indonesian com- munism. But after the gut comes dissection and analysis. I have written a book about it." On why he chose to return to North Car- olina: iiThe South has much wrong with it but it can also have much to love in it. It's the area with the most potential, not be- cause it has further to go, but because it has more tradition, pol- iteness, and honor than in some sort of efficiency set up. Its co- herent sets and symbols make it more suited to culture and the arts than to strict efficiency. And my students are exciting and stimulating here; they are less predictable than at Princeton." Basically, Dr. Peacock brings a touch of psychology and sociol- ogy to his already anthropological approach. This interdiscipli- nary manner is refreshing in times which too often dwell on the speciality. The editor told me, ttGo do somebody in the BA or Econ depart- ments; they're pretty big and important. so you better not leave them out." OK. Jeff, OK. I found my man. I'll have to admit it was almost by accident that I latched on to him. Pick a door, any of- fice in 0. Max Gardner Hall, and what do you know? An econo- mist pops up, like out of a bomb hatch -ALFRED I. FIELD, IR. a dapper, personable young professor came to us from Iowa State University last January. His double breasted. stylish sport coat is impeccably cut and buttoned; and his vim and vigor mop of blonde hair would lead me to think of him as prime material for Playboy or Esquire ads. He is an economics professor, however, and tries to drum into my definitely non-economic skull what the deal is all about. uEc- onomics is a strange subject: it puts you in a framework of deci- sion, where most analysis represents the maximization of some- thing, subject to constraint.n I think what this means is that you figure out all the graphs, GNP, depreciations, etc.. and structure your approach that way, always remembering that there are so- cial and sociological factors which are necessarily being left out at the same time. Frankly. I understand Dr. Field a whole lot better when the jar- gon is not flying at me. In fact. there is not that much of a genera- tion gap between us that his concern for the existential existence becomes irrelevant. "I think spending some time on the outside is necessary; Id like the experience of going to an underdeveloped country. I have no locational preference right now . . . There are plenty of things to enjoy before settling down, and I'll probably decide it all in twenty years." Take it slow and easy. Since JOHN B. ADAMS, Professor of Iournalism teaches a course in press law and specifically told me to show him this copy before it was printed, in case of libel, I've really got to watch out. No nasty, snide, and sarcastic comments allowed this time! But for a ponderous, heavy-set man, I dont see how he can lec- ture with One foot on top of the desk the whole time, without a cramp or at least switching to his left foot every so often. But that's the way it goes. Poised and prepared, he delivers lectures that seem to go in about fifteen minutes. His course in interna- tional communications, which is cross-listed under polisci, jour- nalism, and RTVMP, evolves and free-wheels its way across a broad spectrum of topics and interests. It is only limited by the apathy of a student or the noneavailability of books in the reserve reading room. Dr. Adams articulate manner in the classroom carries over to the interview. Iabbing the air with a solid finger, or citing the lat- est development in the communications field, his point is driven home to the listener's mind in an indelible pattern. tAt least for an hour or twoJ For example, he defines the professors role at the university: HWe have a tri-partite function - to teach, to do re- search, and to serve, both the state and the students." Easy as one, two, three. And as easy as this attempt in media self censorship. The first thing Iohn Adams did during the interview was to move a life- sized picture of a sexy girl in a bikini out of the photographer's way. The fact that she was advertising a camera and that her navel was erased from the photograph was a tongue-in-cheek ex- ample of the responsibility and self censorship used by the adver- tiser. Here's hoping that the navel of this interview is erased. sir! But that somehow its winking left eye got by unnoticed. For we know there is much more inside you than just a journalism pro- fessor - a human being, a man. Academics 75 Hill r1 m; THE GRADUATING SENIOR . . . Why is so much difficulty encountered in writing anything per- ceptive and coherent about a graduating senior class? Ideally, it should be a moving and relevant commentary. But what has our association with the University meant to us? What will it signify in the future? What immobilizes us? And why are we paralyzed for reasons we do not accurately comprehend? Faced with this impasse, we turn to an address given by Max Steele to the Alumni Arts Assembly on March 23, 1968. Although his comments are necessarily delivered from a creative writing teacher's point of view. and deal predominantly with the writing of his students, we feel that they capture the essence of the gradu- ating senior. These excerpts from the speech, chosen more or less at random, represent the moving commentary we have been searching for. Not only are they relevant to the class of 1968. but they should also serve as an example for the upcoming classes. ttI should like to tell you what, during the last two years, the students at the University of North Carolina have been telling me and to hazard a guess at the nature of the crises in which many of them are finding themselves in the late 19603.n tThere follows here the description of four stories submitted to himJ nThese are stories of isolation and of total passivity. These are cold stories; they are sometimes technically brilliant; and they lack compassion as we have known it. Yet in a new and strange way they have power and are moving and do give us a glimpse into a new generation. These stories do not have pity; they do have a hard core which makes me believe that they are written from a strong moral viewpoint. I believe that, at the moment. their authors as well as their characters may be almost paralyzed by the moral questions which face them and their nation, be it war on Asian soil or summer war on our streets." iiI do not like to act as spokesman to a generation of writers who are in many ways foreign to me, but I like to hope that they will emerge from this passive. rather negative, trance-like state and become actively engaged in moral issues." "I do not know how a teacher, whose main duty is to listen, goes about giving his students the courage to take upon them- selves this moral burden. tButl I hope they will see that a commit- ment, even to one person, is enough to engage them in moral ac- tion." Academics 77 lemics FRAN K PORTER GRAHAM AWARDS The Yackety Yuck is proud to present the win- ners 0f the 1968 Frank Porter Graham Awards. These are presented annually under the sponsor- ship of the Yack to those seniors who make a clear- ly outstanding contribution to the University com- munity. Recipients are selected by a committee of prominent juniors appointed by the editor of The Yackety Yuck. Ultimate selection, however, is in the hands of the committee. Determinations are made on the basis of academic excellence ta mini- mum 3.0 averaget, campus participation and per- sonal character. The awards also serve to honor Dr. Frank Porter Graham, past President of the Uni- versity, US. Senator and special U.N. Mediator. In its insistence upon highest quality, the Yuck hopes to keep the award truly meaningful and represent- ative of the greatness of Dr. Graham. FRANK PARKER HUDSON, IR., has made a signif- icant contribution to the residence college system as Governor of Morrison College. Hudson served as Academic Lt. Governor before being elected Governor last year. Majoring in econOmics and his- tory, he has served on the Ments Residence Council . and Residence College Study Committee. He has also been honored by membership in the Order of the Grail, Society of Janus and Phi Eta Sigma. He was recently the winner of a prestigeous Marshall Scholarship. Hudson is from Atlanta, Georgia. DAVID HARRIS KIEL has been one of the persons to exercise the most influence over Student during the past four years. Serving this year as Presiden- tial Assistant to Bob Travis, Kiel was instrumental in obtaining a $2,550 grant for a Student Govern- ment leadership training program. His activities have included the Experimental College Coordi- nating Committee, the Chancellofs Advisory Committee on Teaching and Curriculum, Student Legislature and N.S.A. Delegate. A Morehead Scholar from High Point, Kiel has been honored by membership in Phi Beta Kappa, the Carolina Politi- cal Union, Order of the Golden Fleece and Order of the Grail. Majoring in political science, he is a member of Zeta Beta Tau social fraternity. Frank Parker Hudson. 11-. lWiIliam Propst Miller Sharon Lee ,Rose 3 $ x? 2 WILLIAM PROPST MILLER has brought both en- ' .' 7 ' .3 thusiasm and innate ability to everything he has ' " done here. As Chairman of the Menls Honor Court, he has striven to improve the court system and make the Honor Code more meaningful and effec- tive. A Morehead Scholar, he is also a member of the Order of the Grail, Order of the Golden Fleece, Carolina Political Union, Phi Eta Sigma and Phi Beta Kappa. A member of Chi Psi social fraternity, Miller is double-majoring in English and Chemis- try. He will attend Harvard Medical School next fall. SHARON LEE ROSE has made a truly outstanding contribution as Chairman of the Womenls Resi- dence Council. Her dedicated work has resulted in major reforms in women's rules, and will certainly put in motion changes in thinking which will result , in futurerevisions. She has also served as Student Legislator, N.S.A. Delegate, and member of the Chancellorls Advisory Committee on Residence Colleges and Womenls Honof Council. She is a member of the Valkyries, Order of the Old Well and Student National Education Association. Miss Rose is from Charlotte, and will receive her degree in elementary education. She plans graduate work l for an M.A.T. degree at either Harvard 01' Berkeley. BO Academics GONZALEZ, DANIEL A B. in Psychology San Jose. Costa Rica i GOODING, III FRANK GERIG A. B. in Hismry Virginia Beach. Va. GOODMAN, RICHARD PARK i A.B. in Economics Salisbury . GOODMAN, WILLIAM GORDON 13.5. in Chemistry Salisbury GOOLEY, CHERYL A. 5.5. in Denial Hygiene Wellesley Hills, Mass. GORDON, III, WILLIAM JONES A.B in English Fairbanks Alaska GOWEN, CHARLES THOMAS A. B. in International Studies Fort Amadur. Pa nama Canal Zone GRAHAM, JOSEPH MARK BS. in Business Administration Winslon-Salem GRAHAM, MARY EMMA , AB. in English Augusia. Ga. GRAHAM. ROGER EVANS 7 13.5. in Business Administration New Paltz. NY. GRAHAM. THOMAS deGRAFFENRIED A..B in Political Science i Durham GRAUER, PETER THACHER AB. in English Giadwyne. Pa. GRAY, JAMES ROBERT 8.3. in Business Administration Wilkesbom GRAY, MICHAEL HASLAM A.B. in English Delano. Cal. GREENBERG, MARC. M. 8.5. in Industrial Relations Phillipsburg. NJ. GREENBERG, NANCY RUSS BS. in Nursing West Chester. P51. GREENE, BENIAMIN FRANKLIN AB. in Mathematics Education Trenton GREENE, MARY WEBB 8.3. in Mathematics Beaufort. S.C. GREENFIELD, LOIS ANN BS. in Nursing Pillsburgh. Pa. GREGORY, EDGAR BERNARD 8.3. in Business Administration Wilson GRIBBLE, ANNE FRANCES AB. in Elamenthljy Edhcation Charlotte GRIBBLE, IR, GARLAND DICKSON AB. in Chemistry Raleigh GRIFFIN, PHILIP WARREN 7 A.B. in Social Studies Education lamesvillr; GRIFFIN, RANDOLPH JAMES AB. in Education Durham GRIFFIN; ROBERT STEVEN AB. in Music Education Charlotte GROAT, ELIZABETH JANE AB. in Psychology Greensbbm GROCE, H. DALE AB. in English Asheville GROSS, GARY ROBERT . BS. in Business Administration Asheville GROSSWALD. RALPH R. A.B. in Psychology Charlotte GUHL, MARILYN KAY A.E. in English Education Durham iGUILLET, IUDY GARDNER A.B. in Social Studies Educatiun Charlotte GUIN. JR, JAMES PATRICK 1 1 8.3. in Business Administration Mount Hully GUNSTER, KATHARINE MARY AB. in Sociology St. Petersburg. Fla. GUNTER, COKE STEEL A.B. in Economics Asheville GURKIN, CHLOE ANN AB. in Art Education Williamstun Senio'rs 97 GUY, WILLIAM HILL A.B. in History Slatesville HACKNEY, ELMORE HOWARD BS. in Business Administration Durham HADDEN. II,V EARL FRENCH I A.B. in Palilical Science Charlotte i HALL, IR., BRANDON HOOPER BS. in Business Administraiion Fuyellevillc HALL, CAROLYN LEE BS. in Business Administration Augusla, Gas HALL, LLOYD ARLINGTON AB. in Art History Raleigh i i i "jgmfmfa HALL, VIRGINIA MILLEDGE i I 71 I C! 8.5. in Business Administration Augusta. Ga. 1 . I '7 V HALLMAN, III, VANCE 1'; "i i LUTHER BURNETTE 8.8. in Business Administration Mount Airy HALSEY, WILLIAM EUGENE AB. in Economics Clark. NJ. HALTOMi III, LEE ANDREW AB. in English Brussels. Belgium HAM. JOHN ROSS A.B. in Psychology Virginia Beach. Va. HAMLET, WILLIAM FREDERICK AB. in English Durham HAMLIN; LINDA COBB BS. in Numing Roxbnm HAMM, IR., JAMES HENRY BS. in Business Administration Charisma i HAMMERBECK, EDWARD COX AB. in History Arlington. Va. HAMRICK, III, ALGER VASON AB. in Chemislry Shelby n HAMRICK, CYNTHIA SUSANNA i i AB. in Mathematics Education Shelby HAMRICK, DONALD TILLMAN 3.5. in Mathematics Winslon-Sulem HANKINS, III, IRVIN WHITE AB. in History Charlene HANSEN. IANET SCOTT AB. in History New Orleans. La. HANSON, KARL BOYLES AB. in History Incksonville, Flai HANSON. MAREE ELIZABETH AB. in Psychology Winthrop. Mass. HARDISON, ASHLEY GLENN 3.5. in Business Administration Columbia HARDISON, La VOICE L. 3.8, in Pharmacy Wallace HARNEY, IOAN WAUGH 3.5. in Sgciology Wnsscnnnr. Netherlands HARRELL, III. .LONNIE CLAYTON AB. in Zoology Snraioga HARRINGTON. III. ARTHUR DUDLEY 3.5. in Business Administratiun Hendersonville HARRINGTON, IR, CRAIG WINSTON AB. in Mathematics Durham HARRINGTON. MELBA KATHERINE A.B. in Education Lumburlon HARRIS, ANN VIRGINIA AB in Studio Art Pillsboro HARRIS; CARL WARMACK AB. in Sociology Seaboard HARRIS. JOEL GATES AB. in Chemistry and Psychology Fayetteville HARRIS, LAMBERT SCOTT 3.3 in Chemistry Henderson HARRIS, THOMAS BRADLEY 13.5. in Science Education Mebanc HARRIS, THOMAS EARLE AB. in Psychology Washington i i 98 Seniors - , . HARRISS, .DIANA BINFORD A.B. in Elementnry Education Wilson HARRISS, ROBERT DALLAS 13.8. in Industrial Relations and Sociology High Point HART, CAROL IOAN AB. in Elementary Education Charlotte HART. GERALD BRITT AB. in Psychology Gumherry HART, JR., JOSEPH JONES 13.5, in Business Administration Youngsville HART, STEPHEN EDDIE A.B. in Political Science Lenoir HARVEL, ROSE LYNNE HILL AB. in Iournalism , Chapel Hill HASKELL, KAREN JEWELL 8.5. in Physical Therapy Chapel Hill HASKELL, RALF FREDERICK AB. in Political Science Chapel Hill HASWELL, JOEL WAYNE AB. in Journalism Durham HATCH. BARBARA SHERMAN AB. in French i La Tour de Peilz. Switzerland HAUSER, BRENDA ANN AB. in Dramatic Arts Charlotte HAWES, PEGGY ANNE 8.3 in Business Administration Charlotte HAYES, STEPHEN TURNER AB. in Hislury Winston-Salem HAYES, SUSAN WHITSETT AB. in Art Education Wilkesburu HAYNSWORTH. m, PERRY 3., 3.3. in Business Administration Plainfield. NJ. HAYWOOD, EDGAR 8.5. in Business Administration Mt, Gilead HAYWOOD. HUBERT BENBURY AB. in Chemistry Raleigh HAYWOOD, LEON STANLEY BS. in Pharmacy Robbins HEATON, F REDERICK CHRISTIAN A.B. in Zoology . .- Raleigh HEDMAN. KENT SHELD ON A.B. in English Wilminglon HELLEBUSH, PETER L. A.B. in Economics Godfrey. Ill. HELMS, JOHN BENJAMIN 3.5. in Business Administration Wingaie HELMS, WILLIAM HAROLD 8.5. in Business Administration Wingale HELVESTINE, WILLIAM ALBERT BS. in Physics Miami, Fla HEMRIC? STEPHEN GREGG 5.8. in Business Administraliun Cycle HENDRIX, MARTHA HAMILTON BS. in Pharmacy Hickory HENRETTA. SUSAN ADELAIDE AB. in Latin and Secondary Educalion Greensboro HENSON, JAMES BAKER 8.5. in Pharmacy Jacksonville HERALD. MORTON RAYMOND A.B. in Economics Pittsburgh. Pa. HERNDON, MICHAEL DOAK 13.3. in BusinessiAdminisiralinn Charlotte HERRING, ROBERT RAY BS. in Business Administration Galdsbom HESTER, POLLYANNA AB. in Elementary Education Marion HESTER, RALPH EDWARD 3.3 in Business Administration Lillingion i HEWITT, IR. HAROLD EDWARD AB. in Chemistry Newlon Seniors 99 'HIBBS, IR.. MAX LEE AB. in Economics Crgedmoor HICKEY. JILL BETH u 8.5. in Mathematics Coventry, Conn. HICKS. CARLOS DEAN AB. in Education Murgamon HICKS, THURSTON TITUS AB. in English Henderson HIGGINS, THOMAS DUPREE AB. in English Pilsturg, Pa. HIGHSMITH, VANCE ROSS AB. in Chemistry and Mathematics Robersunville I-HGHT, RUTH CHRISTIAN All in Elemenuay Education Henderson HILDEBRANDT, IR, THOMAS GEORGE AB. in Hismry I Guilfurd College HILL, KAREN RENEE 13.8. in Nursing Chapel Hill HILL. LAURA LOUISE AB. in English Winston-Salcm HILL, MICHAEL WILTON AB. in History Washington HILL. SUSAN BROWN AB. in Chemistry High Point HILLIARD, JOHN RAINS A.B. in Hismry WchieId, NJ. HINES. LENORA IRENE AB. in English Hillsborough HINNANT, DAN BERNARD HS. in Mathematics Durham HINNANT, 112., JESSE RAY, AB. in History Wendell u HINSON. LYNDA I. ; AB. in Education Piuchurst ; HINTON. HARVEY DOUGLAS 1 BS. in Accounling Gibsonville HOBGOOD. ROBERT HAYWOOD AB. in Political Science Lauisburg HOBSON, III, HENRY WISE AB. in French Cincinnati. Ohio HOCKFIELD, EDWARD IAY 3.3 in Business Administration Durham HODGES. ANDREW F ULLARTON AB. in Political Science and History Charleston. S.C. HODGES, CANDACE AB. in Political Science Lgesburg, Fla. HODGIN, ION DARRYL AB, in English Miami, Fla. HOFFMAN, IR., MILO IOHNSON AB. in Chemistry Charlotte HOLCOMBE, BILLIE GIBBONSV AB. in Elemenlary Education Chapel Hill HOLCOMBE, IERRY THOMAS 3.8. in Business Administration Grecnsbnm HOLDEN. HOLLIS WARD BS. in Physics and Mmhemancs Winlcr Garden. Fla. HOLDER, JOAN ELIZABETH AB. in Education Gastonia HOLDER, JOSEPH PRESTON AB. in Chemistry Andrews HOLDERNESS, RICHARD THURSTON AB. in History Greensboro HOLLAN, IR, WILLIAM EDWIN AB. in Hislory and Economics WinslonuSalcm HOLLAND, DAVID GENE 8.3 in Business Administrahon Henriella HOLLEMAN, ELIZABETH ANNE AB; in Psychology New Hill HOLLOWAY, ALGIN NAPOLEON AB. in Palilical Science Durham 100 Seniors HOLSAPPLE, MERRITT CURTIS AB. in Music and En'glish WinstonsSaIem HOOKS, AMELIAFRANCES A.B. in English Education Fremont HOOKS, VFLOYD ALAN 13.78. in Industrial Relations Jacksonville HORN, WILLIAM BAKER AB in Mathematics and Chemistry Chapel Hill HORNADAY, IUDITY ANN AB. in Secondary Education Fayetteville HO SKING, EILEEN REINE AB. in English Irvington. N.Y. HOUGH, SARA CECELIA AB. in Elementary Education Charlotte HOUSER, CHRISTINE CARPENTER B. S. in Pharmacy Cherryville HOVIS, LARRY KENNETH B. S. in Pharmacy Lincolnton HOWARD, IULIA BATTLE A13. in English Savannah, Ga. HOWE, SAMUEL LINEBERGER 8.5. in Business Administration McAdenville HOWELL, III, BISCO R. 3.8, in Industrial Relations Honolulu. Hawaii HOWERTON, LINDA RUTH AB. in Elementary Education Gibsonvilln HUCKS, IR., DAVID A. AB. in English Surfside Beach. 5:0 HUDSON, IR, FRANK PARKER AB. in Economics and History Atlanta. Ga. HUDSON, WILLIAM JERRY AB. in History and Psychology Wilkesbum HUFF, REBECCA SHARRON AB. in French Chapel Hill HUGHES, BRUCE BRYAN AB. in Chemistry Greenville. 3.0. HUGHES, JOHN SCHLEY AB. in Chemistry Durham HUGHES, PATRICIA ELLIS , AB. in Journalism Albany. Ga. HUGHES, WILLIAM THOMAS AB. in Political Science HUMPHREYS. WILLIAM PRESTOmNms B. S. in Business Administration Shelby HUNDLEY, MARTHA SUE AB. in English Fort Meade. Md. HUNT, ALLAN WILLIAM A.B. in English anndale HURLEY. RICHARD BANIGAN 3.5. in Business Administration Canmn HURST, RICHARD STEVEN 13.3. in Business Administration Greensboro HURST, TOMMI IANE A.B. in French Fort Mill. S.C. HUSSMAN, WALTER EDWARD All in Ioumalism Camden. Arki HUTTON, DONNA NEWMAN AB in Education Chapel Hill HUTTON, GEORGE THOMPSON AB. in Political Science Chapel Hill HUX, JR, CLIFTON McRAE A18. in Physical Education ngdun HYATT, DONALD RAY AB. in Botany Monroe HYATT, RONALD GRAY 3.8. in Science Education Mdrifde HYDER, IR" LECTER LLOYD A. B. in Psychology Hendersonville HYMAN, STANLEY AARON AB. in Economics Greensbom Seniors 101 INDERFURTH, KARL FREDERICK AB. in Political Science Charlotte INSCOE, IR., JACK ELWOOD A.B. in Political Science Durham IRVING, RICHARD EDWARD AB. in Education Chapel Hill ISAACS, MICHAEL ALAN 5.5. in Business Administration Durham JACKSON. JOSEPH ANDREW A.B. in Zoology Pilot Mountain JACKSON, PATRICIA BASSETI' BS. in Nursing Chapel Hill IACKSON, WILMA ANN A3. in Educaiion Wilminglon JACOBSi BETSY HELEN AB. in Education Raleigh JACOBS, NANCY KARAN 8.8. in Physical Therapy Raleigh IACOKES, RUTH DOUGLAS BS. in Numing Durham IAFFEE. FREDERIC T. AB in French B History Flushing, N.Y. JAMES, ANNE WYLIE AB in English Mebane IAMES. DERENDA COX 3.8. in Numing WinstonsSalcm IAMES, MARTHA ELLEN A.Bi in Sociology Wilmington IAMIESON, ANN GRIMSLEY AB. in Psyuhulagy Greensboro IANDZINSKI. IOAN ELAINE 8.3. in Numing Durham 1 IAY, DONALD L. AB in Political Science Greensboro IENKINS, LARRY WILLIAM AB, in Polilical Science Arlington. Va. IENKINS, TERRY LEE BS. in Chemistry Dallas JENNINGS. MARGARET ANN AB. in Elementary Education Elizabeth City JENNINGS; MICHAEL DEAN AB in Economics Kensington. Md. IENRETTE, THOMAS SHEPARD, IR. A.B. in Music Galax. Va. IENZANO, CAROL ANN AB. in Studio Art Chapel Hill IOHANSSON, ANDERS DANIEL AB. in Chemistry Chapel Hill JOHNSON, IR.. ALLEN BYERS AB. in Botany Hendersonviilc JOHNSON, DONALD PITTMAN A.B. in Political Science Wilson JOHNSON, KAY EMILY 8.8. in Pharmacy Washington. D.C. JOHNSON, IR., RICHARD NEWTON B45. in Business Administralion Pillsboro JOHNSON, RICHARD WILLIAM I15. in Business Administration Fox Chapel. Pa. JOHNSON, SARAH VOORHEES AB in French Schenectady. N.Y. JOHNSON. STEPHEN ANGUS 3.8. in Business Administration High Point JOHNSTON, DOUGLAS ALAN AB. in Political Science Chapel Hill JOHNSTON. IR., RICHARD BLAINE 3.8. in Business Administration North Wilkesboro IOLLIFFE. III, THOMAS POWELL AB. in Chemistry Newport Naws. Vaq IONES, ELMER WAYNE BS. in Business Administration WinstonsSalem 102 Seniors JONES, GORDON KEMPTON AB. in Chemistry and Zoology Chapel Hill JONES, GEORGE PHILLIPS 13.5. in Industrial Relations Greensboro JONES. MICHAEL CHARLES AB. in Chemistry East Flat Rock JONES, NATALIE 8.8. in Physical Therapy Gruenville. S.C. JONES, RICHARD MOORE A.B. in English Education Mcbane IONES, RICHARD TREVOR 8.8. 'in Pharmacy Salisbury IONES, ROBERT BARROW 8.5. in Business Administration Raleigh JONES, ROBERT MICHAEL AB. in Economics WinstomSaiem JONES, SYLVIA NORRIS A.B. in English Durham JORDAN, 112., JOSEPH THOMAS 3.3. in Accounting Laurinburg JOYNER, PAMELA MacMURRAY AB. in Arl anson. Md. IURASH, STEPHEN RODNEY AB. in Political Science Elizabeth City KABAT, LEE SPENCER AB. in History Greensboro KAGE, BARBARA ANN A.B. in History Educalidn Chapel Hill KARRES, MATTHEW IAMES 8.5. in Industrial Relations Charlotte KARRO, MARSHALL HERMAN AB. in Political Science Charlotte KATTENBURY, PHILIP CLARK AB. in Political Science Vienna. Va. KAUCHER, MARGARETE SUSON 3.8. in Pharmacy Burlington KAUFMAN, IR., GUS BERND AB. in English and Psychology Macon. Gm KEARNEY, IAMES IRWIN 3.5 in Accounting Greensboro KEARNEY, MARCIA JOYCE AB. in Elementary Education Charlotte KEATON, MARK HAIZLIP AB. in History and Economics WinstomSnlem KEEL, DONALD STEPHEN AB. in Philosophy Charlotte KEEN, ELEANOR LIGHTNER A.B in Psychology Haverford. Pa. KELEHER, MEGAN MARTHA A.B in Education Asheville KELLER, JOHN ESTEN AB. in History and Anthropology Lexington. Ky. KELLOGG, JOHN THOMAS All in Mathematics Pctershurg, Va KELLY, IR, JAMES FRANCIS AB. in Economics Rockville. Md. KELLY, MICHAEL WAYNE A.l3. in History Carlisle, Pu. KELSEY, HOWARD DOW A.B. in'Polilical Science St. Thomas. US; Virgin Islands KEMIC, STEPHEN BRUCE 8.5. in Physics Candler KENAN. III. JAMES GRAHAM A.B. in English Atlanta. Ga. KENNEDY, BEVERLY ALYNE AB. in Social Studies Education Richmond. Va. KENNEDY, DAVID MONROE B.S in Business Administraiion Greensboro KENNEDY, SHIRLEY WRIGHT AB. in Education Shelby Seniors 103 KENNEY. ELIZABETH MARY AB. in Education Chapel Hill KENT, DEDE W. A.B. in Music Greensboro KERLEY, LLOYD KENT AB. in Sociology Taylarsville KESSLER, CHERYL DIANE AB. in Laiin Winslon-Salem KETTERBAUGH, THEODORA SUSAN AB. in English Education New Canaan. Conn. KIEL, DAVID HARRIS AB. in Poliiical Science ' High Point KILLIAN. IAMES FRANKLIN BS. in Pharmacy Lincolnlcn KILLOUGH, IR.. WALTER JACKSON HS. in Business Administration Charlotte KING. ALVIN DARRELL AB in English Asheboro KING. HAROLD LEE 3:5. in Business Administration Hickory KING, JAMES ELWOOD A.B. in Zoology Reidsville KING, I-AMES ROY B.S, in Business Administration Durham KING, MARGARET FONTAINE AB. in English Raleigh KING, MARY IO BS. in Science Education Reidsville KING, PAUL FREDERICK All in Hismry Rocky Mounl KING, III, WALTER WINBURNE AB. in History Greensbcm KINLAW, ALTON EMORY 8.8. in Pharmacy Chapel Hill KIRKLAND. GINI SUE AB. in Elementary Education Durham KIRKSEY, MARIE KATHRYN AB. in French and Sociology Moggamon KIRZINGER, GRETCHEN AB. in Elememary Education Greensboro KISSELL, PHILLIP HOWARD AB. in Recreation Administration Biscoa KLEIN, RICHARD ARTHUR AB. in Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures Manhews KLEINMAIER, ALAN ROBERT AB, in History Kinston KLIOZE, SOLOMON SAMUEL 3.8. in Chemistry Richmond, Va. KLUTTZ, WILLIAM CLARENCE AB. in History Salisbury KNARR, LINDA LEONARD AB. in English Richmond, Va. KNEDLIK. SHEILA ANN 3.5. in Numing Greensboro KNIGHT, CHARLES FRANKLIN 5.5. in Industrial Relations Laurinburg KNIGHT, HENRY CLAYTON BS. in Business Administration Durham KNOTT, IULIA O'BRIAN 3.5. in Nursing Durham KNOTT, IR., LAWRENCE HARDING AB. in Political Science Durham KOCH, III, JOHN HENRY i 33. in Maihematics Newberry. S.C. KOONCE. DONALD GILLIS 8.5. in Business Administration Raeford KOONTS, LARRY CLIFFORD Ali. in Psychology Lexingmn KOONTZ, CHARLIE ALEXANDER BS in Accounting Mocksville 104 Seniors KROBOTH, TIMOTHY RAY 8.8. in Pharmacy 1 Charlotte KROPELNICKI, IR., STEVEN AB. in Economics Lake Tnxawuy KULP, ROBERT W. AB. in Zoulogy Winslon-Salcm KUTZKE, RUTH MARI AB. in Lmin L Toledo. Ohio KYSER. KIMBERLY AN AS. in Art History Chapel Hi" LaBARRE, DAVID QUINTON 13.3. in Business Administration Durham LACKEY, IR, LAWRENCE EVANS 8.5. in Business Administration Shelby LAMBETH, ELIZABETH BROWNING A.B. in English Education Raleigh LAMBRECHT. DAVID JOHN AB. in Economics St. Petersburg. Fla. LAMM, AVERETTE MITCHELL AB. in History Wilson LAMP, WILLIAM CURTIS: Ali. in Bulany Haverford. Pa. LANCASTER, LANNY ROSS AB. in Political Science Norfolk. Va. LANE, MARY ELLEN A.B. in History , Chapel Hill LANGFORD, MICHAEL LEWIS AB. in English Charlotte LANGSTON, ETHEL OLIVIA 8.5. in Nursing Wagram LASHLEY, ANN ROBERTA A3. in Polilicul Science Greensboro LASHLEY, CORNELIAANNE AB. in Zoology f Greensboro LAUGHINGHOUSE, SUZANNE AB. in Education Havelock LAUNT, SHERRY CLARK BS. in Physical Therapy Carrbum LAWRENCE, JAMES FOOTE A.B. in Romance Languages Alexandria. Va. LAWRENCE, IR., JOHN ELMORE AB. in English Raleigh LEACH, II. NORMAN EDWARD A.B. in Botany and Chemistry Sanford. Fla. LEACH, ROBBIE ANN A48. in English Education Wilson LEAGUE, HUGH MICHAEL AB. in Psychology and Radio, Television and Malian Pictures L Charlotte LEAK, III. JAMES ALEXANDER AB. in Polilical Science and History Wadesbpro LEDFORD, GEORGE JEFFERSON AB. in Elementary Education Guslnnia LEE, JEAN ELIZABETH AB. in Recreation Administration New Bern LEE, WILLIAM THOMAS AJS. in English Fayetteville LEINSTER, WILLIAM L. A.B. in History LRaluigh LEIPPE, RICHARD ALBERT A.B. in Ecunomics Raleigh LENTZ, JR., HERMAN LEE 13.5. in Industrial Relations Mount Ullu LEONARD, CHARLES DAVID 8.8. in Business Administration LLincolnlon LEONARD, CHARLES NOLAN AB. in Education , Lexington LEVI, DAVID SPURGEON AB. in Psychology Asheville LEVINE, LESTER IAY AB. in English Beaufort. S.,C. Seniofs 105 JACK, RUTH WOOD 13.5. in Nursing Wilmingmn. Del. LEVITT, LIBBIE RAE AB. in Zunlngy Churlollu LEWIS, CHARLES BLAKE AB. in English Wnsl End LEWIS. CHARLES CARSON AB. in Mnlhcmulirm Educatlnn Slumsvillc LEWIS. HERSCHEL HORTON BS. in Accounting Asheboru LEWIS, JAMES LARRY 8.5. in Business Administration Durham LEWIS, LORENZO AB. in Chemistry 21ml French Beaufort LEWIS. PATRICIA FOUST AB. in Education North Wilkesborn LEWIS, IR., RICHARD NORTH AB. in English Wes! Eml LEWIS, SHARON IRENE AB. in Amoricun Sunlins Pnnsmmnh. Va. LEWIS, WILLIAM IENNINGS BS. in Chemislry Charlouu LIGHT. ARTHUR HEATH B5, in Mnlhnmalins Chulhnm. Va. LILES, LEWIS OLIVER AB. in Secondary Education Zebulon LINEBERRY. RICHARD BRYAN All. in English Asheviile LINKER, IR. THURMAN SINCLAIR 8.5. in Business Axlminish'nlinn Concord LINZ, IULIA CATHERINE AB. in Sociology Kcnsinghm. Md. LIPSCOMB, III, THOMAS WALKER Ali. in Economics Ashcvillc LIPSON, PETER SCHUYLER A.B. in English Sugar Hill. NH. LITTLE. IAMES FOWLER 8.8. in Business Adminislrzllinn Wudushorn LITTLE, ROBERT MARCUS 13.8. in Chemistry Hickory LITTLE. ROBERT WINFIELD All. in Zonlugy Gibsonvillc LIVINGSTON. IR.. PAUL HANNA BS, in Accuunling Lnurinhurg LIVINGSTON, IR., THOMAS FRANK AB. in Physics Rowland LLOYD, DONALD KEMP A.B. in Accuunling Melmnc LOCKMAN, III. CHARLES RAMSEY AB. in French Educalion Dallas LOEBER, DONALD HAMILTON AB. in Soniology Grcnnsborn LOFTIN. ANN BARROW AB. in Education Kinsmn LOGUE, IR., ROBERT BRUCE A.B. in English Atlanta, Ga. LONG. III, ARTHUR STANLEY BS. in Business Adminislrnlion Charlultn LONG. IUANITA LEE BS. in Nursing Durham LONG, ROBERT DELANEY A.B. in Mathematics Educatiun Linuolnmn LONG. WILLIAM EVERETT AB. in Chemistry Nuwlon LOUGEE. LINDA MERLE AB. in Elementary Education Durham LOVE, THOMAS AVERY AB. in Hislury Slanfield LOVETT. CONNIE BERRY BS. in Announlinn New Bern 106 Seniors LOWMAN. IR, SAMUEL ENOCH BS. in Pharmacy CiIIIrlIIllc LOWRY, JOHN ROBERT BS. in Business Adminislraiinn Churlulle LUNG, JAMES WILLIAM AB. in Hisinry Daylon, Ohio LYERLY MARGARET LEONARD A. B. in Political Sn" Iennc Hickory LYNCH, IR CHARLES EDWARD AB. in History Benncllsvilie. S C. LYNCH, MYRA GAIL 13.5. in Malhumniics Pilul Mounluin LYNCH, LINDA CANDACE , BIS. in Pharmacy DIIIIn i 1 " LYNN, FELMA RUTH 13.5, in Pharmacy Kings Mountain LYQNS. STEPHEN PATRICK AB. in French Newburypori, Muss. MABRY, IR. IRA GLENN AB. in Spanish Charlotte MacGREGOR. MALCOLM B. AB. in Economics and Pulilicnl Science Winlor Park. Flu. MACOMSON ROBERT EDWIN A. B in Chi Inisiry Simlhy MADDOX. STEVEN EVERETT IA B. in Radio 'iclcvisinn and Motion Pictures Eliznliclh City MADURES. JOHN WARREN AB. in English and Pniilir2al Science Durham MAERZ, MARGARET LEE AB. in Spanish Wcslhnry, N.Y. MAESCHER, MARY LOUISE AB. in Psychology Cherry Hill. N.II MALCOLM. CAROL ELIZABETH AB. in Nursing Pillsbnm MALONE, IOHN EDGAR 8.5. in Pharmacy Coats MANN, RICHARD ALLAN BS. in Mallicmulics Richmond. Va, MANNING, JR.. JOHN THOMAS AB in Zoology Greensbun'r MARKATOS, IERRY LEONIDAS A. B. in Compamiive LiiarIiIIrc Wilmington MARKHAM, DIANNE GALLIMORE A.B. in Sociology Gracnsbnru MARLAND. MARY ANNE 8.5. in Nursing Cincinnati. Ohio MARQUETTE, DANIEL JOSEPH 8.3 in Business Administration PompanUIBeI-Inh. Fin. MARQUEZ, II. ERNEST B. AB. in Hisiury Huminck MARSHALL, WILLIAM CHARLES BS. in Business Adminisiralion Lawndnlu MARTIN, EVELYN RAGLAND AB. in English Education Savannah, Ga. MARTIN. JAMES EARLLE AB. in Eminnmins WinslIIn-Snlum MARTIN, JASPER THOMAS ., 8.8. in Accuunling Madison i MARTIN, SANDRA ROGERS AB. in Political Sciencn Gmunviile MARTIN, IR. TILDEN SILAS BS. in BI'Isincss Adminislrntion Oxford MASON, CHARLOTTE ANNE BS. in Nursing Pannmn City. Flu. MASON, FRANCES WINIFRED A B. in Music Education Raleigh MASSEY, LOW AME in Elemuniary Education Cinyion MASSEY WILLIAM PRESTON A. E. in Dramatic Ari Durhnm Seniors 107 MAULDIN. RODNEY BARTON AB. in French Charlotte MAXWELL. ROSEMARY CLAE AB. in Spanish Ednculinn Alexandria, Va. MAYO, DAVID HARGRAVE , ILB. in Pnlilinal Snicnrm , Raleigh MAYS. DAVID CARL Ali. in Chmnislry Calhoun Falls, S C MCBRAYER, STEPHEN BROOKS A.B, in Latin Rutherfurdlon MCBRIDE. RICKIE EDWIN A.B. in Sociology Asheborn MCCAIN. IR., GROVER CLINTON AB. in Political Science Chapel Hill MCCALL, IR., ALFRED CLARENCE AB. in Ecunomics Greunshom MCCARROLL. STEVEN MORT A3 in Economics Waynesville MCCLELLAN, JAMES DANIEL BS. in Mathematics Charlollu MCCORMICK, III, WILLIAM B. All in Psychology Cnicnsbm'n MCCOTTER. JOHN MUSE AB in History New Bern MCCOY, JAMES RHEA A.B. in Political Science Huntsville. AILL MCCULLOUGH. JOHN ADAMS AB. in English Hanover. Mass McCULLOUGH, SHARON ANN AB. in lnunmlism Hickory MCCURDY. WILLIAM SCOTT BS, in Business Administration Charlotte MCCURRY, DAN CAROL AB. in Internalional Sludius and Hislnry Candler MCDONALD. IR, MORRIS IRWIN AB. in English Atlanta. Ga. MGDONALD, NANCY MCKEEL H 13.3 in Nursing ' Ashehom MCDONALD, PAUL WAYNE A.B. In Elementary Educnliun Fayettevilla MCDONALD, SHARYN LYNN AB. in Art History Chapel Hill MCDONALD, SUSANNE 8.5 in Dental Hygiene Fayenevillc McDOUGALD. IOHN GOODMAN AJ3. in Political Science Clarklon McFADDEN, DAVID DARRAH AB. in Hislory Hickory MCGEE, MICHAEL HENRY AJ3. in Sociulngy Concord 'MQGLINN, LOUISE STEUART AB. in Sociology Hdvcrfurd. Pa. MCGRATH. MALCOLM ERNEST W AB. in History Lumlmrlnn MCIVER. IUDITH RUSSELL AB. in Elementary Education Hickory MCKEITHAN, TIMOTHY SHEPARD AB. in Political Science Wilminglon MCKEOWN. IR, DOUGLAS O'NEAL AB. in Psychology Chapel Hill MCKEOWN, ELLEN WALKER All in Elemcnlary Educatinn Chapel Hill MCKINNEY, WILLIAM FORREST AB, in Zoology Coral Gables. Fla. MCLAMB, KATHRYN BRADLEY AB. in Education Benson McLEAN. CAMERON LEE AB. in Elementary Education Lumberlon MCLEAN, IRH HORACE BRADFORD AB. in English Greensboro 108 Seniors MCLEAN, MARY LAUREN AB. in Elementary Education Lumberton MCLEOD, PRISCILLA JANE AB. in EIcmentary Education Ch apel Hill McMANUS, RONALD NEY ,, BS. in Business Administration Charlotte McMULLAN. III. HARRY A.B. in Philosophy Washington MCNAIRY. CHARLES LUTHER 3.5. in Accounling Greensboro McNALLY, DANNY DONALD 9.5. in Business Administraliun Fayencville MCNEILL, IR. GEORGE BATTwEN A.B in English Bedminster. NJ. MCNEILL, GEORGE VERNON 8.8. in;BusinessAdministration Lumberton MCPHAIL, MARTHA ELAINE .; AB. in Spanish and English Ghs'lbhlu MCPHAUL, DONALD MARTIN AB. in Chemistry Raleigh MCRORIE. CHARLES WINSTON 8.5. in Business Administration Buslic MCSWEEN, JOHN DILLARD AB. in English Education Greensboro McVICKER, SARA JANE 3.5. in Nursing Fayeneville MEADE. IR., FOREST CHAUNCEY AB. in History H Lexinglqn H MEARES, CLAUDE FRANCIS , : 1 8.8. in Chemistry Wilmington MEBANE, PAULINE ECKERT AB. in History Wilmington MEEKS, ROBERT MICHAEL AB. in Political Science Fayetteville MEES. WILLIAM N. BS. in Business Administration Huntington. NY. MERCER, IR., GEORGE RILEY A.B, in Sucial Studies Richmond. Va. MERRITT. NANCY ELIZABETH AB. in Eicmemary Educalion Mt Airy MERIiii STEPHEN MICHAEL AB. in Educalion Rocky Mount MEWBORN, IUDITH ANN MOORE A.B. in Malhemalics Walstonburg MILAM, SHERILYN LEA AB. in Education Statesvillc MILHOUS, JUDITH ANNE AB. in Dramatic Arl Blacksburg. Va. MILLER, IACK DANIEL 8.5. in Industrial Relations Iefferson MILLER; JO ELLEN AB. in: Elamenla1'yEducminn Roanoke Rapids MILLER, JR, KENNETH LARRY 5.54 in Business Adminisimlirm Charlollu MILLER, O. BRETT AB. in Education Raleigh MILLER, RICHARD JACKSON Ali. in Political Science RiVer Hills. Wis MILLER, RONALD WAYNE A.B. in Hismry Milwaukee, Wis. MILLERI WILLIAM PROPST AB. inEninsh and Chemistry Cunt:nrd M'ILLIKAN; IR.. JAMES BOREN AB, in English lGrminshnm 1 'MILLIKIN, ROBERT JOHN A.B in Hislury Greensburn MILLS. STEVEN ROBERT AB. in Chemistry Ashcville MIMS. IR., BILLY BURNS AB. in Psychology Greensboro Sghiors 109 MITCHELL, EDGAR KNOX A.B in English Rnxhom MITCHELL. ROBERT HENRY BS, in Businuss Adminishmiun Louisbunz MITCHELL, VERNON LEE AB in Musir: Iidlurminn , C rule MITCHELL. IR.. WILLIAM MORRIS A.B. in English , Grimnslmrn MITENBOLER. GEORGE MICHAEL All. in Political Snicnnc Elk Grove Village, Ill. MIXON, IR. HERMAN AB. in Hislnry Grucnsboru MIZE, JAMES WILLARD AB. in Suuiulugy Durham MOCKLER. CYNTHIA ANNE A.B. in lein. Television and Motion Piulurus Durham MODLIN, CAROL ANN AB. in Sucmlogy Raofnrd MOISTER, PETER CORBIN A13. in Economics AllanliL Ga. MOLONY, FRANCES LILLIA AJS, in Sociology w Durham MONDS, ALVAH PRICE 3.5, in Anununling Hcrlford MONRO, JEREMY THOMAS AB. in English Cnapershuru. Pu. MOORE. BETTY CLARKE AB, in Hislory Raleigh MOORE, CAROL CHAPMAN A13, in English Jackson, Miss. MOORE, IR., GEORGE WILLIAM BS. in Pharmacy Cnnnvcr MOORE, MARGARET ANNE AB. in Snciulugy Concord MOORE, RICHARD ALAN 13.5. in Chamislry Los Alnmims, Cnlit MOORE, ROBERT HAROLD Ali. in Snuiolugy Smithfiuld MOORE, ROGER ALSTON AB. in American Studies Charlutlc MOORE, THELMA LUCRETIA AJS. in Hislury Charlotte MOORE. WILLIAM JONES A.B. in English Education Canton MOORE. IR, WILLIAM WORSHAM All in Radio, Tuluvision. and Mminn Piclurus Washington MOORHEAD, MARY ANNE AB. in Elementary Edunulinn Durham MOORING. IR., ROBERT F. A.B. in Mathematics LaGrzmge de la MORANDIERE, ANNE JAMES A13, in English Charleston. SC. MOREHEAD. IV. IOHN MOTLEY A.B. in Hislnry Churlmtc MORGAN, CHARLES RUSSELL AB, in Poliliual Science Atlanta, Ga. MORGAN. IR, ROBERT KNIGHT 8,5. in Business Atlminislraliun Asheville MORGAN WILLIAM KENT 13.5. in Business Adminislraliun Maysville MORRIS, CAROLE MARIE AB. in Religinn Knoxville. Tenn. MORRIS. DAVID 8. AB. in Hislury Broadway MORROW. DAVID GLEN BS in Business Adminisualiun Guslunin MORROW, THOMAS ARCHBELL A.B. in Pulilical Sciuncc Washington MORT, KARA ELIZABETH AB. in Art Education lnnksonville. Flu. 110 Seniors MOSELEY, RICHARD PAUL AB. in Mathematics Chnnunuugu. Tenn. MOSLEY, DOROTHY ANNE 3.3. in Nursing Ahnskie ' MOZINGO. MARGARET ANNE V 1 Ali. in Sociology 1 Fm-mville MUELLER. STEVEN IAY All. in Inlernaliunal Sludius Brigantinu. N.J. MULL, MARY JANE MCCORMICK A.B. in Axiihropology Winsmn-Sulcm MULLEN. IUDY WILLIAMS l3.S. in Nursing Zebulon MUMAU. THAD EUGENE All in Iournalism Fayetleville MUNDAY, CARL BRADLEY A.B. in History Durham MURCHISON, JOHN LAURENCE All in Journalism Rocky Mount MURDOCK, THOMAS LEMAR 1MB. in Chemislry Yuma. AriL MURRAY, IR., CHARLES FORREST AB. in Philosophy Wagram MURRAY, PHILIP IGNATIUS BS in Business Adminislmlinn Durham MUSSELWHITE, NANCY ADAMS 3.5. in Pharmacy Carolina Beach MYER, CHARLES RANDOLPH 8.8, in Psychology Fm'mington. Conn. MYERS, CHARLOTTE REBECCA 1 1 1 8.3. in Pharmacy Camun MYERS, MARTHA ELIZABETH Ali in Elumunlnry Eduunliun Charlmle NANCE. JACK HUNTER AB. in History Winslon-Salnm NEAL. JOHN MCDONALD AB. in History Marion NEAL. WILLIAM RONALD AB. in Political Science Greensboro NEELY, JR.. JOHN CURRY 1MB. in Hislary Monlreal. Canada NEELY, ROBERT YOUNT BS. in Industrial Rulnliuns ColumbiufS.C1 NELMS, WILLIAM HAROLD BS, in Business Administration Kunnapnlis NELSON. DAVIS WHITMAN Ali in Pulilicnl Sciemir: Charlntle NEMETH, JOHN WILLIAM Ali. in History Education FairfieItL Cnnn. NEWSOM. LINDA MARTIN AB. in French Durham NEWSOME, IULIA ANNETTE AB. in Educaliun Charlene NEWTON. HILDA G. HS. in Nursing Gastoniu NEWTON, JAMES BYRON AB. in German Pittsburgh. Pa. NEWTON, SUSANNE SMITH 13.3. in Nursing Vienna. Va. NICHOLS, MARY JEAN AH English Greensboro NICHOLS, RICHARD LEE AB. in journalism Andover. Mass. NICHOLS. TERRY W. AB. in Psychology chinglnn NICHOLS, TIMOTHY HOWARD 1 A.B. in Psychology chinglon NICHOLSON. IVAN WAYNE AB, in English Bath NIELSEN, JENNIFER C. A.B. in English Hillsborough Seniors 111 NINO, PATRICIA HELEN A11. in Pnlilical Science Chapel Hill NIVEN, DAVID BRADLEY BS. in Business mlminislraliun Monroe NOEL, MARIETTA SHORT AIL in Mmhcmulius Educnliun Henderson NOLL, JUDITH ANTHEA AB. in SOCIOLOGY Chal'lollt: NOLSTAD, MARGARET CAMILLA AB. in Music RalL-igh NORDAN, GARY LEIGH Ali. in Economics V Hndin NORFLEET, DOROTHY EDWARDS AB. in English Tarbnru NORMAN. JOSEPH ADRIAN 11$ in Acumlnling Muunlnin Pnrk NORMAN, JR., ROGER WILLIAM AB. in Elementary Eduuminn Sanford NORTH, FLORENCE ELLIS 13.5, in Business Adminisvmlion Gx-eunshnrn NORTHINGTON, IR.. ROBERT STITH 11.5. in Business Adminislrmion Winslun-Salcm NORVELLE. IOHNNY EDWARD 9.3 in Business Adminisn'ulion Candler NORWOOD, NANCY CATHERINE A.B. in Music Hickury NYE, GLENN CARLYLE AB in Chemistry Nurberlh. Pu. OAKLEY. CHARLES LEE AJL in Pulilicnl Science Mebnnu OAKLEY. WILLIAM MELVIN B5 in Pharmacy Durham O'BRIANT, III, SAMUEL EDWARD A.D. in Botany Nags Head ODOM. SANDRA LYNN A.B. in Social Sludius Education Muunl Oliw: OFFILL, DAVID MALCOLM AB. in Dramnlir: Art and English Danbury. ComL OGBURN. JAMES HOBBS 13.5. in Ancnuming Smithficld OLDHAM, BETTY MARIE HS in Nursing Greensboro O NEAL, IUDY ILH. in Sociology Durham ONEILL, IR.. JOHN AB. in English Rocky Mount OROURKE, KENNETH IOHN 8.8. in Business Adminislrnlinn Wilminglun ORR. MARY IUNE A.B. in Inurnnlism chdersonville ORR. ROBERT FLYNN AB. in Radio. 'hzlcvisiun. und Molion Pimurus Hendersunvillc OSBORNE. III. COLIN PORTER AB. in English Lumberlun OSBORNE. ETHEL SUSAN ILLL in English Edumllion Wilknslmm OTIS, WILLIAM GRAHAM A.B in Eltnnmnics and Philnsophy Wynnuwund. Pn. OVERLOOK. IR., WILLARD JOSEPH AB. in Economics New Canaan. Cunn, OWENS. LAURA BINGHAM BA. in Rchgiun Atlanta. Ga, PACKARD. FRANKLIN ALVIN 13.5. in Business Adminislrulinn Shelby PALANTZAS, BILLIE W. AJJ, in Education Guldslmm PALISOUL, ALAN ARTHUR AB. in Pulilicul Science Luxiuglun PALMER, ELIZABETH BOYD A13. in Elmnunlnry I-Zduculiun Fulls Clmmh. Va. 1 112 Seniors PALMER, IR., HOLLIS VESTAL A.B. in Pulilirml Science Greensboro PAMPLIN, ROBERT BOYD AB in History Rnidsville PARDUE. DAVID EARL 11.3 in Business Administration Burlington PARI-IAM, KENNON CARTER BS. in Nursing Raleigh PARKER, FRANCIS MARION A.B. ih History Asheville PARKER. JULIA DEBORAH AB. in Journalism High Point PARKER. WILLIAM JULIAN AB. in Psychology Murfreesboro PARNELL, RICHARD JAMES 3.8. in Mathematics Greenvillc PARROTT, PATRICIA KNOTT All in Education Goldsbom PARTEE, LINDA FRANCES ' AB. in Psychology Covington, Ga. PARTIN, LOIS KAY 8.8. in Nursing Raleigh PASCHAL, DONALD HERLEY A.B. in Economics Rockingham PATTERSON. RONNIE HOWARD AB. in Political Science China Grove PATTERSON, SCOTT GROVE AB, in Political Science Chevy Chase. Md. PATTON, IR., CARROLL CURTIS AB. in Journalism and History Morganton PAYNE, CHARLES GENE 3.5. in Physics Bryson City PEACOCK, BEVERLY BS. in Industrial Relations Fremont PEAL, GEORGE ALAN WAINWRIGHT BS. in Pharmacy Chadbourn PEARSON. REBECCA SUE A.B in Dramatic Art Wilkesbom PEDDYCORD. JUNE RICHARDSON 3.5. in Pharmacy Kernersvllle PELGRIFT, KATHRYN CLINTON AB. in Economics West Harlford. Conn. PELL, RONALD CALVIN AB, in English Thomasville PERDUE. JOSEPHINE HOFFMAN A.B, in Music Education Burlingmn PERDUE, SAMMY NORRIS A.B in Secondary Education Durham PEREZ-VERDIA RIVERO. EDUARDO 13.8. in BusinessAdminisu-ation Mexico Cily. D.F. PERKINS. SANDRA ELIZABETH A.B. in Elementary Education New Bern PERRY, JOSEPH DAVID 8.5. in Business Administration Roseboro PERRY, MELISSA CAROLINE 13.5. in Dental Hygiene Raleigh PERRY, RICHARD THOMAS AB. in Political Science Pittsburgh. Pa. PERRY, ROLAND LINWOOD BS. in Business Administralion Greensboro PERRY, STANLEY KENT AB. in Recreation Administration Carrbom PETERS. CAROL ANNE AB in English Riegulwnod PETERSON. VICTOR SCOTT AB in chiolugy Bryson City PETTEWAY, IR., ERNEST NORWOOD BS. in Zoology Farmville PHARR. III, SCOTT YORKE Ali. in, Chemistry Plymouth Seniors 113 I i l ; PHELPS. NICKY BYRNES 13.8. in Accounting Williumslun' PHIFER. MELVIN BUFORD 3.5: in Mathematics Charlotte PHILLIPS. JOHN EVERETTE 3.5, in Business Administration Kumnnsvillc PHILLIPS, LARRY'LUCIAN .:-' AB. in Psychology v Swannzlnaa PHILLIPS, IR., STERLING EUGENE AB. in Psychology Greensboro PHILPOTT, BETTY'IO A.B. in English Education Lexington PIETERSZ. RAY PHILIP 8.5. in Business Adminislrmiun Aruba. Netherlands Antilles PIKE, III, JOSEPH WILLIAM 13.8. in Pharmacy Concord PILCHER. ANN LEWIS AB; in English WinslonvSalcm PINYOUN. ROY RALPH A.B. in English, Raleigh PITTARD. ROBERT EARL 8.3. in Mathematics Burlington PITTMAN, MARSHALL DEAN BS in Business Administration Rucky Muum PLYLER, WILLIAM HAMILTON AB. in English Educanon Charlollc POER, DAVID HENRY AB. in Political Science Allunlu, CzL POPE, IR., CLARENCE 1-1. 8.5, in Business Adminislrnliun Magnolia POPE, TONY LEHN 3.8, in Industrial Relations Hickory POPLIN, ROGER KEITH AB. in Political Science Albemarlu PORTER, JAMES MONROE All in Botany Gastonia PORTER, IOEL SCOTT A.B. in Political Science Chapel Hill POTTER, FRANCES DAVIS AB. in Education Beaufort POTTER, MARY KATHERINE A13. in Elementary Educmion Wadeshom POTTER, RICHARD CLIFFORD A.B. in English and Psycholngy Paris. France POU. ELIZABETH LYNNE AB. in English Education Winslun-Salem POWELL, IR., BENJAMIN EDWIN AB. in Zoology Rohct'sunvillu POWELL, KENNETH LYNN AB. in lmernalional Sludies Falls Chumh. Vu. POWERS, WAYNE PAUL BS. in Business Administration Siler City PRASSE, EDWARD PHILIP AB. in Economics Pineville PRICE, IR, IVAN ELLENWOOD 8.5. in Business Adminislralinn WinslumSalum PRICE, MARION DUDLEY Adi. in Malhemalics Raleigh PRIESTER, FREDERICK CORNELL Ali in Economics Davenport. la. PRIM. MICHAEL WAYNE BS in Mathematics Kannupolis PROVO, DONNA SHERRON BS. in Physical Therapy Nuw Burn PUGH, ELIZABETH REDDING 8.5. in Nursing Randlemun PUKAL. LOUIS ANTHONY A.B. in Education Sarver. Pu. PURDY, WILLIAM RICHARD AB. in Economics Burlington I 114 Seniors QUERY, MA'RI ON ELAINE A.B. in German Concard QUERY. THOMAS JONES BS, in Industrial Relations Lenoir QUICK, JOHN CRAIG 8.5. in Industrial Relations Rocky Mount QUILLAN, EUGENIA AB. in English Bradentun. Fla. RAINEY, MARTHA ELLEN AB. in English Kannapolis RAINEY, PETRIE MORRI ON BS. in Chemistry haltanooga. Tenn. RAKER, DON CROSSLEY E.S in Industrial Relations Winslon-Salem RAMBO, JUDITH CRAIN AB. in Radio. Televismn. and Motion Pictures Chapel Hill RAMSEY, CLAUDIA KAY AB. in Education Asheville RANDALL, SANDRA SIMPSON 8.8. in Pharmacy Chapel Hill RANKIN, HAYWOOD FORNEY AB. in Sociology Gastonia RANKIN. LOUISE BELL AB. in French Education Belmont RAPER, LAURA JACQUELINE ABA in Hislury High Point RAPER, WILLIAM CRANFORD A.B. in History Asheville RAY, HELEN MILLER 13.5. in Nursing 4 Vi; Kannapolis RAY, LINDA IANE A.B. in Psychology 1 Robbins READ, IR., ROBERT PRENTICE A.B. in English Chapel Hill REAVIS, IUDITH C. B.S in Nursing Mocksville REAVIS, PAUL RICHARD AB. in Sociology Boone REDMOND. II, EDGAR FRAZIER Ali. in English Winston-Salem REEL, WILLIAM RILEY A.B. in Radio, Television. and Motion Piciures New Bern REEVES, DAVID CROSBY 13.5. in Business Administration Sanford REEVES, GAIL LOUISE AB. in History Salisbury REID, KENNETH MANNING 8.3. in Business Administration Chapel Hill REID, SANDRA ALESE AB. in Education Elizabeth City REIFSNIDER, DONNA LEE AB, in Journalism Winstun-Salem RENFRO, IOHANA DEE BS. in Nursing Cullnwhcc REQUA, PATRICIA IEAN A.B. in Psychology Washington. DC. RHOADS. RUSSEL HENRY AB. in Chemistry Wilmington. Del. RHODEN. IR. CHARLES WILLIAM BS. in Pharmacy Shelby RHYNE, 112., JOSEPH MUNDY 3.8. in Accounting Lincolnlon RHYNE, REGINALD IACK AB in Spanish Gastonia RHYNE. RICHARD BRYANT AIL in Polilical Science Raleigh RICE, DOUGLAS ALAN AB. In English Kinston RICE, ELIZABETH ANN AB. in English Education A Alliance Seniors 115 RICE. JEANNE WALDMAN A.B. in English Churlollesvillc, Va, RICE, IR., I. SIDNEY AB. in Psychology Hickory RICHARDSON, LANCE BRADLEY AB. in Chemistry Washington RICHTER, IR, LAWRENCE EDWARD AB. in English MI. Pleasant, S.C. RICKMAN. ROBERT REID 3.5. in Business Administration Chapel Hill RI CKMAN, SANDRA TILLEY BS. in Nursing Raleigh RIDDICK, HOWARD ALAN BS. in Business Administration Belhnven RIDER, RICHARD IAMES AB. in Economics Raleigh RIERSON. GWENDOLYN FAY AB. in Journalism and English Greensboro RIGGLES. LYNN DIANE A.Bs in Political Science Arlington, Va. RIGGS, DAVID LEE AB. in Education Morgankan RIKER, III, PHILIP A.B. In Political Science Paterson, N.I. RINEHARDT, WILLIAM MARVIN 13.5. in Special Education Rumscur RITCHIE, PATTY JANE AB. in Sociology Salisbury RITCHIE, SARA CELIA AB. in Mathematics Education Charlotte ROACH, CAROL FRENCH AB. in Psychology Ashcvillc ROACH. TIMOTHY FLYNN AB. in Religion Mnurcsville ROADMAN, LARRY SCOTT AB. in Political Science Margarntvillc, NsY. ROBB, ELIZABETH WALKER AB. in Elementary Education Durham ROBBINS, EDWARD DENMORE AB. in History Scarsdale, NY. ROBERSON, EDWIN STEWART 13.5. in Accounting . Lilusvillc ROBERTS, LEONARD THOMAS AB. in History Belmunl ROBERTSON, IR. CROWDER HOOKER B5. in Accounting Virgilina. Va. ROBERTSON, IR, FRANCIS DILLON AB. in English Wilson ROBERTSON. IANE LEWIS AB. in English Wilminglan. Del. ROBINETTE, IR, IOHN COLAN AB. in Journalism Hickory ROBINSON, ESTA SILVEY BS. in Nursing Wrighlsvilic Beach ROBINSON, KATHRYN ELIZABETH 13.8. in Nursing Murfmcsboru ROBINSON, ROLAND JOSEPH 13.5. in Business Administration Charlollc ROBINSON, RONALD P4 35. in Business Adminislralion Gustonia RODGERS, RICHARD TELFAIR Ali. in English Cashiers ROGERS, LINDA AB. in Education . Lexington ROGERS, LOUIS DOUGLAS BS. in Business Administration Fair Bluff ROGERS. RANDALL DURHAM AB. in Economics Indianapolis. Ind. ROGERS, WILLIAM LEE 8.8. in Accounting Wnku Forest 116 Seniors Mn WEE : ROGERS, WILLIAM OLIN AB. in History Wllliamslon, S.C. ROLLINS, PAUL CRISP AB. in English Grover ROMINGER. INA 10 A.B. in Sociology and English Winslon-Salem ROOT, VIRGINIA NEAL All in History Tampa. Fla. ROSE. SHARON LEE AB. in Elementary Education Charlotte ROSS, ELLEN ELIZABETH AB. in Anthrupolugy Burlington ROSTAN. IANICE I-IURST AB. in English Valdese ROUGHTON, WILLIAM PAYNE A.B in English Educalion Winston-Salem ROUNTREE, MARY HINTON AB. in Art Education Greensbum ROUSE, JERRY RANDOLPH 3.5. in Accounting Kinston ROWE, BETTY MATTHEWS 13.5. in Pharmacy Fuquay-Varina ROWE, GEORGE PATRICK BS. in Business Administration Wilson ROWE. IAMES GARY AB. in History Asheville ROWE. 111., JOSEPH MILTON BS in Pharmacy High Point ROWE, MARY GAIL AB. in English Hendersonville ROWE, ROY HERBERT A.B. in Latin Burgaw ROYCROFT, IR, JOSEPH HAROLD AB. in Botany Durham ROYSTER, BOBBY DEAN Ali. in Radio. Television. and Motion Pictures Lawndale RUTH. IAC QUELINE DELL AB. in Elementary Educnlion Salisbury RYALS. VIRGINIA RUTH AB. in French Education Rocky Mount RYCKMAN, NANCY JUNE AB. in Inlernalional Studies Asheburo SADLER, THOMAS GORDON BS. in Business Administration Creedrnoor SAENGER, GEORGE WALTER AB. in Economics Asheville SALEEBY. CYNTHIA RAMSEY B.S in Numing Brevard SALMONY, LAWRENCE D. 13.8. in Industrial Relations Roanoke. Va. SALVATI. RONALD CHARLES , 8.5. in Business Adminislrmion Fort Lauderdale. Fla. SAMPSON. CHERRY LEE AB. in Journalism and English Alexandria. Va. SAMS, HI. WALTER AUGUSTUS 7. A.B. in History Athens, Ga. SANDLIN. MARTHA ELLEN , 8.5. in Mathematics Fayelteville SATTERWHITE, RONALD WAYNE 8.8. in Pharmacy Henderson SAUDER, IOHN LARRY AB. in English and Political Science Charlotte SAUNDERS, NANCY IEAN AB. in Malhemalics Chapel Hill SAWYER. IR, HAROLD MURRAY A.B. in American Studies Wilmington. Del. SAWYER, IANET ELIZABETH AB. in American Studies Richmond. Va. SAWYER. IR., L. E. AB. in English Elizabeth City Seniors 117 SAWYER. NANCY CAROLE AB. in Sucinlugy Arlington. Va. SAXON. IR., HUGH HOLLIDAY All in Economics Atlanta. Ga. SCHAEFER, KAREN PHYLLIS HS. in Mathematics Wilmington. Del. SCHENCK, SANDRA MOORE AB. in Art Shelby SCHILLER, MARY SUZANNE AB. in Special Education Raleigh SCHLAGEL, ELIZABETH KATHERINE A13. in Psychology Clyde SCHMIDT, FREDRICK NELS AB. in Political Science Sea Girt. NJ. SCHMIDT. MARILYN KAY AB. in English Virginia Beach, Va. SCHRADER, SHIRLEY ANN A.B in Dramatic Art . Newport Beach. Calif. SCHRAMM, RICHARD ROBERT AB. in English Charlotte SCHWARTZ, BARRY HOWARD A.B in Political Science Baltimore, Md. SCOTT, ANN SIMPSON AB. in English Richmond. Va. SCOTT. CHARLES EUGENE BS in Mulhcmmics Tuscaloosa. Ala SCOTT, GARY CLIFFORD BS. in Ammunling Dobson SCOTT, SHARON SUE ,AB. in Elementary Education Chapel Hill SCRIPTURE, SUSAN JANE AB. in English Educatian Bridgevillc, PzL SCURRY. WILLIAM COOPER HS. in BusinesgAdminislmtion Reidsville SEAWELL, CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE 8.8. in Business Administration Greensboro SERONDE, JOSEPH ANTIONE R3. in Antrupolugy Slow, Mass, SESSOMS, IOHN C. 3.5. in Science Education Elm City SEWELL, STEPHEN GROVER AB, in Political Science Highlands SEXTON, KAROL IEAN AB. in Political Science Rocky Mount SEYMOUR, MARGARET DIANNE 13.5. in Numing Raleigh SHACKELFORD, LAUREL LEE AB. in journalism Metuchun. N.I SHADE. ROBERT JAMES AB. in History Rockville. Md. SHEAR. MORRIS AB in Chemistry and Malhemalics Wuudland SHEPARD, IEAN PHILLIPS AB. in Elementary Education and Physical Education Ashebom SHERMAN, SUSAN SHAPIRO AB, in Zoology Chapel Hill SHREVE, BRANDON WICKLIFFE BS. in Business Administration Westpurl. Conn. SIDES. RICHARD LEE A33. in History WinslowSalem SIEBENSCHUH, FREDERICK ROYAL AB, in Suciology Newport SILER. BARRY LEE AB. in Zoology Waco. Tex, SILVER. IR., CHARLES HINTON Ali in Political Science Raleigh SILVERSTEIN, ERIC HOWARD AB. in Chemistry Charlotte SIMMONS, ERNEST JORDAN 8.5. in Business Administration Rosebnro 118 Seniors SIMONS. SUZANNE AB. in History Cranford. NJ. SIMPSON. IOEL STEWART AB in Comparative Literature Union. NJ. SIMPSON, LARRY MORGAN AB. in English Education Carrboro SIMPSON, ROSEMARY LOUISE ' AB. in English , Silver Spring. Md. SIZEMORE. IR., RAY BREWER AB. in English and Sociology Cullowhee SKINNER, IR., HENRY MORRILL 11.5. in Industrial Relations Wilson SKINNER, III, IOHN HARRISON AB. in English Lilitz. Pa. SKINNER, PHILLIP STANTON 13.5. in Business Administration Durham SLAUGHTER, KATHERINE MARIE B S. in Nursing ' Wilsun SLAWTER, LINDA FAYE A. B. in Journalism High Point SLAWTER, WILLIAM FRANK 111.81 in English Greensboro A SLEEPER WILLIAM CONRAD A B. in Anthropology Murfreesburg SLOOP. CHARLES PHILLIP B. S in Business Administration Concord SMALL, IR., JAMES WILMER A18. in Zoology Amarillo. Tex1 SMITH, ALAN KENT AB. in Polilical Science Silver Spring. Md. SMITH, ALAN VERNON AB. in Political Science Kemel'sville SMITH, BELVIN GREY BS. in Business Administration Yanceyville SMITH, CAROL ANN A. B. in Sociology Charloue SMITH DONALD BILLY A. B. in Psychology Pittsboro SMITH, EDITH CAROL AB. in Elementary Education Winston-Snlcm SMITH, IR., EDWARD NOEL BS. in Accounting Louisburg SMITH, EDWIN DOUGLAS 13.3. in Chemistry High Point SMITH, EVELINE LANGDON A.B1 in History Douglas. Ga. SMITH, HENRY MARSH 8.81 in Business Administrationr Munroe SMITH. KENNETH DOUGLAS BS. in Business Administration 1 1 11$uq1merfield SMITH. LILONA MASSEY AB, in English Education Winston-Salem A SMITH. LINDA ANN A.B. in Journalism Morganlon SMITH, PATRICIA ANN BS. in Nursing Granite Falls SMITH, PAUL DANIEL 1 Al in Political Science Portland, M21 SMITH, SANDRA KAYE A181 in English Education Winslon-Salem SMITH, SARAH SUNDERLAND AB. in Journalism Germantown, Tenn. SNIDER. BARBARA ANN AB. in French Clearwater, Fla. SOWERS, MARY CATHERINE A.B. in Mathematics Winslon-Salem SPALDING, IACK I. 11.13. in History and Latin Atlanta, Ga SPARGER, JERRY RICHARD 8.8. in Mathematics Elizabelhmwn. Tenn. Seniors 119 SPARKMAN, LAMAR JEAN AB. in English Tampa. Fla. SPARROW. CONSTANCE NORRIS AB. in Mnlhcnmlius Whhe Plains. NY. SPAULDING. III, CHARLES CLINTON A.B. in Hislory Durham SPENCER, JAMES RICHARD BRA, in Dramatic Ari Durham SPENCER, IEAN FRANCES AB. in Elementary Educalion Charlene SPENCER, KAY HOLLOWELL AB. in English Education Wilminghm SPILLER, SUSAN MOSELEY AB. in Sociology Chapel Hill SPILLMAN, RAY ALBERT AB. in Economics WinstomSulem SPRUILL, BILLIE LOUISE AB. in Music Education Kinslon SPRY, IR, WILLIAM DENNIE AB. in English Summit. NJ, STAINBACK. ROBERT GILL AB. in Political Science and Spanish Henderson STALEY, DONALD LEE A13. in Education Sophia STALLINGS, ERNEST WAYNE 3.3. in Accounting Caslalia STALLINGS, IR., LINDSEY COLEMAN 13.5. in Business Administration LaGrange STALLINGS, LYNN CANADAY 3.5. in Pharmacy Selma STAMPS. LYTTLETON L. AB. in journalism Yanceyville STANCIL, JOHN WAYNE 8.8. in Phammcy Selma STANCILL, CAROL DIANE AB. in English Radford, Va, STANLEY, ELLEN CLAIRE AB. in Sociology Greensboro STANLEY, RANDALL LAWRENCE 5.8. in Malhcmzllics Andrews STARLING, SAMPSON A. A3. in English Hubert STARNES, JERRY SMITH BS. in Business Administration Hickory STARR, IENNIFER SARAH AB. in American Studies Lancaster STEIN, CAROL ANN AB in English Education Fayettevillu STEINBOCK, JR, DELMAR DAVID AB. in Enghsh Hamlet STEINBRECHER, ALAN KING A.B in American Studies Dcarbom4 Mich. STEINER, IR., PHILIP WILLIAM AB. in Hislnry Chapel Hill STEPHENSON. LARRY WAYNE A.B. in Radio. Television and Motion Pictures Winston-Snlem STEWART, JOHN THOMAS A.E. in Sociology STEWART. SAMUEL E. AB. in Economics Princeion, NJ Winslon-Salem STEWART, SARAH JANE AB. in English Winslon-Salcm STILL, DAVID MITCHELL 8.3. in Business Adminislmtion Albemarle STINSON; IR, HAROLD C. AB. in Psychology Charlotte STOKES. IOHN H. AB. in Radio. Television and Motion Piclures Charlohe STONE, JIMMY DALE BS. in Accounting Bailey 120 Seniors STONE. IR, RAYMOND HARVEY AB. in Physical Educaliun Lumhurlnn STOUT. IOHN EDWARD 8.3 in Business Administration North Wilkesboro STOWE, SHARON IRENE AB. in English Arlington. Va. STRAGAND. WILLIAM EDWARD 8.3. in Mnlhummics Durham STRAND, PAMELA MCLENDON AB. in Educmion Haw River STRANGE, IR. AUBREY EDWIN BS. in Accnunling Raleigh STRAWBRIDGE, JOHN LARRY 13.8. in Business Adminislrmion Durham STRICKER, LYNNE MARGARET us. in Bacleriulogy and Medical Technology Brcvnrd STRICKLAND. JOHN CONNELL ILB. in lnlcrnnlinnnl Sludius Bloomfield Hills, Mich. STRICKLAND, MATTHEW THEODORE AB. in Chemislry Nashville STUART, PHILIP DAVID 5.8. in Business Administraiion Graham STYERS. III, THOMAS ROY 3.3. In Accounting Summerfield STYLES, LACK BOYCE A.Bu in Englis Clnmmans: SULECKI, RICHARD AB, in Psychology and History Graham SUTTLES, THOMAS WILLIAM Ali in Mathematics Marion SWAIM, JERRY DALE AB. in Hislory Elkin SWAIM, RUSTY LAWRENCE AB. in History Grecnshnru SWENSON. BRUCE MERRITT 3.8. in Business Adminislmliun Dallas, Tux. TALBOT. WALTER LEE AB. in Econnmics Charlotte TANNER, IR, JAMES M. AB. in History Birmingham, Ala. TATE, III, JOHN CLYDE BS. in Business Adminislraliun Greensboro TATE, WILLIAM CUMMINGS AB. in Chemistry Banner Elk TATUM, RICHARD ARTHUR BS. in Industrial Relations Charlutlu TAYLOR, CAROLYN SPILLMAN 3.5. in Nursing Winslon-Salem TAYLOR, EDWARD EARL 8.3 in Business Administrmion Ruckingham TAYLOR, IR., JOSEPH OVANDER AB. in Economics Sanford TAYLOR, ROBERT VERNON 5.8. in Mathemalics Concord TAYLOR. THOMAS GEORGE 3.5. in Pharmacy Boone TAYLOR, WILLIAM BENTON BS. in Industrial Relalinns , Durham TAYLOR, WILLIAM FITZHUGH BS. in Buslncss administrallon Mnrnhcnd City TEAGUE, BRUCE JAMES 3:8. in Pharmacy Hickory TEAGUE, JR, CHARLES WILLIAM AB. in History High Point TEAGUE, GEORGE MAJOR All in History Morgunmn TEMPLE. ROBERT DRANE AB. in English . Summerville. S.C. TENNILLE, GEORGE WOOTEN A.B. in Political Science Kinslon Seniors 121 TERRES, MIRIAM LEE BS. in Nursing Chnrlmhu THIGPEN. FRONIS RAY AB. in English and Chumislry Fair Bluff THOMAS, DIANA LYNN BS. in Medical 'lhchnolngy Loris, SC. THOMAS. PAMELA ELIZABETH AB. in English Burlingmn THOMAS, SARAH IANE AB. in Bnmny Wilmvhcv THOMPSON. IRK. CARL FRANKLIN Ali. in Psychology Falls Church. Va. THOMPSON, ELIZABETH GRAY A.E. in Arl Akrun, Ohio THOMPSON. GEORGE KENNETH AB, in Ruuruulion Administration Chapel Hi1! THOMPSON, LINDA FAYE BS. in Physiual Therapy Hallshuru THOMPSON, MacROBERT SHEPHERD AB. in Economics 1:, Fl. Worlh. Tnx THOMPSON, IR.. PAUL WILLIAM Ali in English EdmzaHnn Eden THOMPSON, SANDRA JANE AB in Elumunmry Education Charlotte THOMPSON. THOMAS COOLIDGE AB. in History Pinnhluff THOMPSON, WILLIAM LAWRENCE 8,3. in Pharmany Chzlrlullc THORNE, ROBERT EARL All in English Education Unldsbnro THRIFT. ASHLEY ORMAND A.B. in History Charlnlle THROWER, IR. WILLIAM NATHAN BS. in Pharmacy Belmnnl THURLOW. JANE SHARON A.B. in English Educatinn Raleigh THURSBY, ALAN ROBERT AB. in Hislm'y nnd PulilitiaL Snicncc Sncksunvillc TICE, KATHRYN MCLEAN AJJ. in English Columbus. Ohio TIENKEN. VICKIE LEROY AB in Elementary Education Wilmingmn TILLEY. IR., THOMAS GRAY AB, in Pnlilimll Saiunmz WinslnmSulum TILLOTSON. JAMES EDWIN 1 11.5, in Chomislry Churlullu 1 TIMMONS. MICHEAL LINN 13.3. in Chamislry anson. Md. TODD, PAULETTE Ali h: Amnriuun Studies WinslomSulnm TOMS. IRu FRANCIS ROGERS Ali in History Pelershurg. Va. TOOMEY, ROBERT CREIGHTON AB. in Enghsh GmmwiHe. SC. TORBERT, EUGENE CHARLES AB. in Inlcrnnlinnnl Studies Chapel Hill TOWNSEND, IAMES ROBERT 13.8 in Business Adminislrutinn Gruenshnru TOWNSEND, LAURA NEWLAND ,A.B. in English Lenoir TOY. BRUCE LOWE B.S. in Physics Wnyncsvillr' TRAGESER. MARY LYNNE 13.8. in Business Adminislrnlinn Chapel Hill TRASK, RICHARD T. B. , AB. in Hislnry New ank. NY TRAVIS, WILLIAM BEALE 13.3. in Business Administration Ianksunville. Fla. TRIPLETT, HAROLD DEAN AB in English Huonc. N.C. 122 Seniors TROTMAN. DOROTHY F. A.B. in Arl Education Winslun-Sulcm TROTT, WILLIAM MacNIDER A.B. in Economics Raleigh TRUSLOW, GINNY IO A.B. in Special Educalinn Lumbcrwn TUCKER, BONNIE ELAINE A.B. in Edulzaliun Winslun-Snlcm TUCKER, IAMES ROBERT THEODORE BS. in Bacluriolngy Wendell TURBEVILLE, IAMES LESTER B5. in Business Adminislrnlion Ccrro Gordn TURNER, GARY LEE A.B in History High Point TURNER, JAMES PALMER AB. in English Chapel Hill TURNER. JOHN LESLIE 13.3. in Business Adminislmlinn Pink Hill TUTTLE. EDGAR WITHERSPOON 8.8. in Malhemalics Maiden ULLMANN, ELLIOTT ROGERS An in History Raleigh UMSTEAD, ALLAN W. 13.8. in Pharmacy Fnynlluvillu UNDERHILL, PETER IAMES All in Fiannumics Churlulln UPCHURCH, IR. MALCOLM THURSTON V 8.3. in Pharmacy Smithfiukl URQUHART. III, RICHARD ALEXANDER 8.3. iq Ascounling nnLLAJJ. inEnglish Raleigl; : : UTERMOHLEN, MARK WILLIAM A.B. in History Raleigh VANCE, 112., JOSEPH B.S in Business Administration 9 Chevurly. Md. VANGE; VICTORSTUART A.B. in Economics Chapel HUN VanDESSEL. DOROTHY H. S, 8.5. in Nursing Phillipsburg. NJ. VanDORSTEN, SUSAN CARR A.B.- in Elementary Ecluculinn Winslon-Salun1 VAN WAGENEN, FRED BS; in Business Adminislrulinn Salisbury VARN, MICHAEL JAMES All in Malhemalics and Economics Phoenix, Ariz. VAUGHAN. SARAH DEE A.B. in Zoology and English Cremsboru VAUGHN. IR., ELBERT HARDING BS. in Business Adminislruliun Durham VAUGHN. MARY-FRANCIS LYON 13.8. in Business Adminislrulinn Iamuslnwn. RJL VAUGHN, MICHAEL EDWARD A.B. in History chdL-rsonville VERNON, IAMES CARL BS. in Mathematics Wilkesbum VICK. BARBARA RAE B.S in Nursing Lucama - VINCENT. CHARLES MARION A.B. in History Greenville VINSON, IR, JESSE GLENDON AB. in Hisiury Rusclmru VREMAN, HENDRICK IAN A.B. in Chemistry Durham WADE, ANNE ROGERS A.B. in Educnlion Chapel Hill WADE, JR., LOUIS MANN 13.3 in Business Adminislraliinn . Durham WAGG, JOHN LANGFORD A.B. imMalhcmnlics and Hislory Glenshaw, Pa. WALKER, DAVID LYNN A.B. in English Mockrsvillc Seniors 123 WALKER, KENNETH LYNN A.B. iII Chemislry Burlinglon WALKER. III, OWEN A.B. in Inlernalionai Sludius Raleigh WALKER WAYNE BROWNING B S in Accounting Durham WALKER IR. WORTH GALLOWAY 13.8. in Business Adminislraiiun Rockingham WALL, ANITA GRAHAM . AB. in French Education Aibemarlc WALL, DANIEL THOMAS AB. in llislory Columbia. S.C. WALLACE GLENN ANSLEY A. B. in Bolum Slanley WALLACE STEPHEN CURTIS B S. in lermnry lauksonvilln WALSH, STEVE MICHAEL AB. in Chumislry Nnrlh Wiikesburn WALTON. DONALD FRED AB, in History Hicksville. NY. WANNAMAKER, III, CHARLES WOODS AB. in i-lismry WiIIslon-Sulcm WARD, ALLEN CRISP BS. in Mathematics Mchmhen. N.JI WARD. IUDITH LEE AB in Elemcnlauy Education Chapel Hill WARD, JR., LESLIE ARDEN BS. in Business Administraliun Nurih Palm Beach. Fla. WARD. PATRICIA ANNE AB in Secondary Educalion New Bern WARMAN, BARBARA DIANE AB. in Iournalism Boom: WARNER IEFFREY MYRON AND in Geogr'lp by Houston Tex WATKINS. FRANCES ELIZABETH A. B. in Mathemaiics AndLrson. S.C. WATLINGTON. MALCHUS LYNN 13.5. in Industrial Ruialiuns Kinslon WATSON, JR., JESSE LEE A.B. in Geuggaphy Salishury WATSON, SUSAN ROSS A.B, in Educaliun Durham WATSON, THOMAS LEE BS. in Business Administralion Woodlmf WATTS, THOMAS GILL - AB. in Journalism SIntesvillc WAY, BRADY COLE A. B. in Political Science Beaufort WEATHERLY IR.. IAMES HARRY B. S. in Accounting Charlotte WEBER, BARBARA MARIE AB. in Spanish Educalion Alianiu. CH. WEBSTER, WALTER ALLEN AB. in English MIIonn WEEKS, IR, RICHARD LON BS. in Business Atiminislraliun Greensboro WEIER, LUCY E. AJS. in CDIIIpaI-ativc Lilemiure Bluefield. W. Va. WEINKLE. BRIAN EARLE BS. in Business Administration Ashevillc WEIR. ANN IANELLE A. B. in Music Education Charloim WELLS, III IAMES MONROE A B in English Richmond Va. WELLS, RAYMOND EDWARD A.B. in Sociology ChaI-JIIIIc WELLS. WILLIAM EARL BS. in Business Adminislralion Guldsboru WELSH, KITTY DEL BA. in Elcmunlury Educatiun Oxford 124 Seniors WERNER, ROGER DEAN AB. in Economics Grcal Nuck. N.Y. WESSELL. III. JOHN CHARLES Ali. in English Wilmington WEST. HOWARD PEARSON A.B. in Sociology Fayellevilic WESTBROOK, FRANK P. AB. in French Chapel Hill WESTER, JOHN ROBBINS A.B. in Hislury Rockingham WESTERHOLM, II, HAROLD STANLEY A. B. in Chemislry Ox ford WESTMORELAND. DAVID GRAY B. S in Chemistry Mooresvilin WESTPHAL JOAN PAULETTE A. B. in Music Educalion Hampton. Va WHARTON, PAMELA LESLEY? 1 AB in English Goldsboru WHARTON, ROBERT HEWITT A. B in Mathematics and Chemisiry Ailanla, Ga. WHEELER, ROBERT CLIFFORD i All in English Durhnm WHICHARD, IRi, ERNEST BRYANT A.B. in Economics Robersnnviile WHITAKER, DAN PRICE 8.8. in Business Administrmiun Louisville. K1, WHITE, BETTY IO A.B. in Sociology Burlinglon WHITEI CHARLES CRAIG 8.5. in Pharmacy Wau'rcnlon WHITE, IR., CLAUDE GEORGE A.B. in English Turlmru WHITE, DELLA M. A B in Sociology Grccnshorn WHITE, JAMES LOGAN B. S. in Business Administration High Pnint WHITE, JOSEPH BARROW A.Bi in Political Science Charlotte WHITE, ROBERT CRAWFORD 13.3. ir'1 Accounting West Simsbury. Conn. WHITE, ROBERT EDGAR E.A.1i11 Business Administration w iConcord WHITE. IR., ROBERT SHELTON 8.3. in Business Adminislmlion Raleigh hWI-IITE, RODGERS SELWYN uB.S. in Pharmacy Currboro WHITE, WILMA DORIS 13.5. in Nursing Elizabelh Cily WHITFIELD. RICHARD ALLEN A.B. in Radio, 'l'clevisiuh and Mulion Pictures Durham WHITLATCH, GEORGE TERRILL A.I3. in Latin Atlanta. Ga. WHITLOCK, THOMAS CYRUS A.B. in Political Science Bcnnensvillu, S.C. WHITMAN, NANCY L. A.E. in History Memphis. Tenn WHITMIRE. R. TERRI AB. in Psychology Castonia WILEY, GEORGE BELL AB. in French Allnnlu. Ga. WILHELM1 WILLIAM THOMAS AB in Mathematics Education Barber WILKERSON. RICHARD CHARLES . A. B in: Botany Charlotte WI KINS, BARBARA ANN i A B in Fsychnlogy Grccnslmru WILKINS, JANICE WAYNE 1 B. S in Mathematics Ruanuku Ruplds WILKINS MARY SUSAN AB. in Education Lllmhcrlan Seniors 125 WILKINSON, ANITA WRAY All in Arl Education New Lumlun. ln. WILLARDSON, JOHN STANLEY All in Pnlilicul Science and Spanish Sanla Monica, Calif. WILLETS, HI. GEORGE MARSHALL 8.3. in Pharmacy Pint: Level WILLIAMS. BETTY GAILE AB, in Snuinlugy Kinslon WILLIAMS, BROOKE NICHOLSON AB. in English Wnirsdalc. Fm WILLIAMS, CHERYL LYNN AB. in Snciolog Charlnllu WILLIAMS, DAVID BROWN Ali in Pulilicul Scicnms Newark, Dul. WILLIAMS, HENRY CLAYTON BS in Accounting.- Kinshm WILLIAMS. JOE ANDERS AB. in Political Sciencu Fayettevilln WILLIAMS. IUDITH VIRGINIA BS. in Physical l hr:rapy Charlnltu WILLIAMS. JUDY CATHERINE A.B. in Sociolngy Eagle Springs: WILLIAMS. LAURIE GRAY A.B. in Spanish Arlington. Va. WILLIAMS, MARGUERITE NEWTON AB. in Elunmnlury Education Oxford WILLIAMS, STEPHEN BRUCE BS in Chemistry H Ashevillc WILLIAMS, SUSAN MILDRED AB. in Music Rockledgc. Flu. WILLIAM, 111, THOMAS NOTTINGHAM A.B. in English Bclhcsda, Md. WILLIAMS, WENDELL MIDDLETON BS in Business Adminislmlion Fayellevillc WILLIAMSON, DOUGLAS WAYNE A13. in Studio An Whileville WILLIS. JR, LLOYD HARRIS AB. in History L Hum: Mills WILSON, ELIZABETH AB. in Frennh Education Albcrrnurle WILSON, IUDITH CLAIRE BS. in Nursing Chattannngn. Tnnm WILSON, III, PETER THOMAS AB. in History Winslon-Salnm WILSON, RICHARD PARIS A.B. in Chnmislry Washington WILSON. IR, STEWART LEIGH AJS in Hislnry Raleigh WILSON, THOMAS WAYNE AB. in Psychology Sylvu WINBORNE, JOHNNY HUTCHINGS AB. in Hislory Ednnlon WINDER, SARAH TUCKER AB. in Math-mnlirrs WinslunvSnlum WINFREY, RONALD EUGENE Ali in Chemistry Winslun-Snlem WINN. MARCIA MARIE 13.5. in Medical Technology Lcaksvilln WINSTEAD, NANCY REIDE 8.3. in Medical 'I'echnulogy Farmvillu WINSTEAD. SAMUEL BYRD All in Hislury Rnxhuro WINTER. IEAN CAROLYN BS in Pharmacy Slnunlum Va, WINTON. ROBERT EMMETT AB. in Chumislry Ralulgh WISE, ELIZABETH A.B. in Mathematics and Hislury Rock Hill. SC. WISMANN, LAURA BS. in Nursing Selaukcl. NY. 126 Seniofs WOLCQTT Win, WILLIAM FRANCIS A. B. in Ecdnnmics Asheville WOMACK FRANKLIN ERNEST A B. in Mathcmniics Asheville WOMBLE, GEORGE EARL H M "A. B. in Philosophy Lillihglhn CAWQMBLE. IR.. JAMES DORSETT AAHB in Political Science W Murfrucsborw 1 1 IWOMBLE. ROBERT THOMAS E. S. in Business Administration Carrboro i WONSAVAGE, CAROL GREER A.B1 in Iournalism and English Winston-Snlem WOOD. RICHARD WILLIAM A13. in Political Science 1 Midland; Tux. WOOD, ROBERT WILLIAM A3. in French Binghamton, NY. AWOODARD. JR., JOHN VERNON BS. in Pharmacy Raleigh WOODDY. IR,- AUBREY IUDSON BS. in Business Administration Ashehom WOODEN, III, RAYE PALMER A.B. in Journalism 11nd English Mcbnne WOODRUFF, JR, LEON TFESTUS A.Bi in CHEMISTRY Selma WOODS, ELINOR ELIZABETH AB in Elementary Educmiun chlwurlh WOODS, GERALD WAYNE EMS in Business Administration Ap ex WOODSON. JR., PAUL BERNHARDT A. B. in Psychology Wilmingtnn WOOTEN, RACHEL HOLLISTER AB. in Economics Kinsiun 1 WOOTTON, LINDA LAMBETH 1 AB. in Educnlibn Burlington i WORTH, RANDOLPH LUTHER 1 AB in History Ralsigh WORTHINGTON. DONNA LOU 13.3. in Nursing WinsiomSnlcm WRENN. ALEXANDER ELMER 5.3. in Business Administralion Greensboro WRIGHT, BOBBY DALE 8.5. in Business Administration Ashebom WRIGHT, EDITH KELLOGG' A. B in Sociology Knoxville. Tenn: WRIGHT, III, JAMES JOSEPH A. E. in History Greensboro WRIGHT, IR., ROBERT THOMAS AB. in History and Political Science Bethlehem. Pa. WRIGHT, IR., ROSCOE JULIAN BS. in Mathematics High Point WRIGHT, IR., WILBUR WAYNE BS. in Business Administralion Shelby WRIGHT, III. WILLIAM MASON BA. in History Washinglun, D.C. WYLIE. BRUCE LYNDE AB. in English Hanover. NH. WYRICK. TMARY MELINDA AB. in Economics Greensboro YARBROUGH, RICHARD LANE 8.5. in Business Administration Winslon-Salnm YATES, CHARLES HUNTER A.B. in English Fayltllcvillc YATES, JOHN WILLIAM A.B. in English AsTmbnm YELTON, ADONA SUE AB. in Religion Shelby YELTON. MARGARET LYNN 13.5. in Business Administration Winslnn-Salem ' YELVERTON. IR.. IRA ADAMS A31 in International Studies Wilson Seniors 127 YELVERTON, IOHN CONVERSE FLB. in Ecunomics Arlington. Va. YOUNG. ANTONIA CAROL AB. in Educaliun Rockingham YOUNG, BONNIE WINKLER 3.8. in Business Aclminislralion Atlanta. Ga. YOUNG, JAMES RICHARD , AB. in English Raleigh L' YOUNG. MICHAEL SIDNEY AB. in Hismry Gaslonia YOUNG. NANCY GAYLE AB. in French Education Durham YOUNG, ZAN AB. in Education Charlene YOUNGS. MARY TERESA A48. in Anlhropolngy .. Chapel Hill ZADIEIKA, GEORGE WHITE ' B.S in Business Administration Philadelphia, Pa. ZAMBELLI, WILLIAM WALTER B.S in Accounting Dobbs Ferry. N.Y. ZAYTOUN, ALBERT- IOSEPH All in Chemistry Raleigh ZETTEL, NORMAN JOSEPH 8.8. in Business Administration Marlinsvillc. NJ. ZILER, DIANE CALLISON AB. in Education Southern Pines ZUMWALT, ELMO RUSSELL AB. in Philosophy Annundale. Va. WOODARD, CLEMENT BENSON AB. in History Beaufort 128 Seniors lug, a W; H' W iWig, ASK: WV 4;! xxx , V 4 MW KW , r J x I W W 1W '2 r! f ' IWIW'WWWXIWW I k t V; 1'!ng i210 xf' "Mg: f 4,, f WM; ,1l 1W 1,1111! I "IWleffv 7 W 475W 7. W Fxx W M, ; W a igWWWXWWWW WW QNN J vinx W x l N$V$$WTQ I Xx W x $$ W .HOWvag .7 54775- 41 LEGES RESIDENCE COLLEGES RESIDENCE OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: Gwen Highfower, Social Chairman; Lynda Law, Activities Chairman; Mimi Munden, Secretary; Ruth Kaemmerlen, Aca- demic Chairman; Lois Pam'n, Treasurer; Judy Wilson, President. BACK ROW: Richard Black- well, Social n. Governor; Don Lassifer, Treasurer; Bobby Lock, Speaker of the Senate; Phil Beauch- emin, Sergeant- af-Arms; Barry Huger, Academic Lt. Governor. 132 Colleges MORRISON COLLEGE SENATE - FIRST ROW: Margie Hollingsworth, Pufsy Reynolds, Robin Castle, Ralph Travis, Linda Page, Susan Crav- er. SECOND ROW: Caro- lyn Fritz, Diane Griffin, Allene Fuller, Bobby Lock, Speaker; Sara McVicker, Diane Blake, Bruce Dar- ling. THIRD ROW: Mike Lyles, Cliff Dexheiner, Hugh Threkeld, Scot! Gra- ham, Mike Lewis, Wayle Fogle, John Peterson. FOURTH ROW: Bi" Pas- chall, Bob Gibson, Randy Madry, Wes Morgan, Bob Kuil, Bi" Wheh'n, Ken! Aulry, Joe George, Doug Childs. FIFTH ROW: Bruce Oland, Rick Toppe, Don Cam'ck, Kirk Duncan, James Polk, Ken! Brown, Mark Evans, Glenn Wul- lace. MORRISON COLLEGE Of all the trivial things written as copy for any residence college, there is only one which is appli- cable to the Year of the Whale: Morrison Residence College was, is and will be home for its men and women. After two highly successful years which have seen Morrison Residence College - Morrison Resi- dence Hall and Nurses Dormitory - capture the award as the Best Residence College at Carolina, Morrison now looms over South Campus as liThose guys up there on the Hill? Mighty M0 has tried to turn a dormitory into a residence hall and a residence hall into a residence college. This year witnesses the fact that plans for enriching the so- cial life, creating a livingalearning experience, and challenging the imaginations of residents have at last borne fruit. With the highly capable leaders from Nursesl Dormitory and their never-ending enthusiasm and ceaseless help, we have molded what we believe is a truly cohesive residence college. Around this 00- educational theme, we have planned activities, so- cial events, academic functions, and campus-wide participation in life at Carolina. Through parties tsuch as the ill-fated South Campus Weekendl, res- idence hall Classes, radio station WMO, weekly movies, frequent speakers, experimental college classes, service projects in the city of Chapel Hill, and other events which are neither illegal nor im- moral. We attempt to eliminate the llfour walls and a bed" syndrome of college life and make Morrison Residence College and Carolina into places where young men and women may live, learn and grow to take their places in society together. ARMSTRONG HOUSE "Five and score hams." Armstrong House, under assorted other names, all Ais, has raised itself to the greatest in Morrison. From ninth place out of nine, where else could we go but up? Under the guidance of Art ltFlamert, Wil- liarns, things looked a bit shaky, but floor spirit made up for his leadership m. Not that Mike and Tom do not deserve credit, they just didnt flare as much. Beautiful Patsy Binkley, Armstrong Sweet- heart, captured the eyes of ttA" housemen, and eventually those of the judges of the Miss Mor- rison Contest. Notwanting to leave anyone out, we want to thank all of the floor athletic teams. "How can we be so sincere and lose?' Furniture, jerseys, mugs, and even intan- gibles like spirit appeared in Armstrongland for the first time. A fitting close would be a quote from Art tlthe Flame:" HThere is no problem so big or so complicated, that it cannot be run away from!" cmplmntsfjirvinxq . . .! H '. V..L.. LL. 1151 V- ARMSTRONG HOUSE OFFICERS - Tom Hedges, Secretary-Treasurer; Arf Williams, President; Mike Armstrong, Vice-President. ; BAHNSON HOUSE OFFICERS - John Moriarty, Senator; William Lloyd, Senator; Bob Jen- X? g, rene, Vice-Presideni; Wayne Fogle, Senator; Don Carrick, Senator,- Ron Ashby, President. Bl s I INSON HOUSE N 'x' $4 XWW The year of 1967-68 was one of rejuvenation for Bahnson House. Coming from the depths of obscurity, the Bears became famous for their prowess in athletics and their ability to throw parties. After a perfect season in football, which included the capture of the Morrison Championship, the mighty Boars finally suc- cumbed t0 the Nurses Dorm in a wild, anyth- ing-goes, penalty marred, Super Sex Bowl. We made another stride toward fame in transform- ing the drab social room into the Bahnson Rom- pHer Room, the sight of numerous parties, receptions, and the perennial student favorite, house meetings, which were frequented by lively guest speakers this year. Swept up by mixers, intramurals and tournaments, the Gentlemen of Bahnson House nonetheless still plagued by quizzes, term papers and home- work. Yet these academic diversions and distractions failed again to dampen the spirit of Bahnson House. l Colleges 133 134 Colleges CANNON HOUSE "1' F 115$. 3 Cannon House is just low enough so we can use the steps without collapsing, and just high enough so no one swears when we stop the elevator. Indeed, one might say that Cannon House is in the middle of ev- erything. Our enthusiastic, hard-working leader- ship provides numerous opportunities to socialize and to serve the community. We have dances, beer blasts, caroling hayrides, and tag m football with the nurses. Our thoughtful leaders gave us a pumpkin to carve teatl for Halloween, ethereal dates from Randolph-Macon, and a very severe Oedipus complex. Our House Mom is Nancy Sinatra. Cannon House raises funds for Community Chest, and many residents tutor underprivileged children. Progressive ideas on education and the residence col- lege system were brought forth and debated in our exciting New House Meetings. Of course, we had our disappointments. We lost the league tag-football champion- ship in the play-off game, and nobody ever did see Richard Rudisillls sister. But then, Cannon House is home and an educational experience in every sense of the word. OFFICERS - Steve Nalsh, Resident Advisor; Bi" Haltiwanger, President; Bruce Oland, Vice-Presidenf. Jr., Prendenr; Dave Barnes, OFFICERS - Loring Pardee, Secretary; Johnson Harms, Vice-Presidenf; Darvy Fuller, Treasurer. "Look- Ma, No Cavities!" DANIELS HOUSE q Mgr After a gallant battle with that bastion of red tape and uncertainty, South Building tneedless to sayl, Daniels House found itself with the best cocktail lounge in Morrison. In spite of some disappointment that our request for wall- to-wall mattresses was rejected, we soon ad- justed t0 the change and enjoyed our orgies anyway. On the basis of careful and frequent tests, it was found that Daniels House was able to get more noise per gallon than any other house at its beer blasts. Our Christmas stag party at the Grill will long be remembered, both for the amount of beer consumed and the num- ber of casualties carried out by their somewhat more able-bodied comrades. We were almost as good at intramurals as we were at our beer blasts; our great teams carved out a place for us among the top ten. 80 all in all, with the excep- tion of a few things like classes, we have man- aged to enjoy our year at Carolina. EDWARDS HOUSE ttNothing will come of nothing? quoth f V. King Lear, and the literary men of Edwards ' House began the new year electing officers, selectlng a new sweEtheart, and capturing OFFICERS - Rusty Poulin, President; Kerry Owens, Vice-Presidenf; Steve Russell, Secre- two campus Intramural Champlonships - lary-Treasurer. water polo and bowling. We were also "Tune in, Turn on, Hip Ouf." proud ttgodparentsll as Louis Evans, house janitor, became the father of twins. He was also remembered after llthose" basketball games when the delicate necessities of the bathroom became a luxury. Observation of Robert E. Lee,s Birthday and Confederate Memorial Day were among major events which occupied our leisure time. A tube team member was sum- moned by good 013 Uncle Sam. Other per- sonality quirks were NLittle Albertll grow- ing sideburns, "Ralphll Laughlin blowing his cool at the Toddle House, and ltFly-Pieli buzzing to Richard, humming about the noise in the lively suite next door. It was a restless year as campus police searched for a "runaway" parking meter, we waited for new furniture, and the stork Visited at least one freshman. By the way, who said firecrackers were illegal? FETZER HOUSE We, the blessed residents of Fetzer House, , h do hereby pledge the following facts to be the ' truth, the whole truth, and something like the . , . . truth, so help us LBI. Our floor is one of many xi u -, A honors - i.e., Honors Program Participants. Most hours of the week will find our social room filled with worshippers 0f the q.p. aver- OFFICERS - Chef Shields, Social Chairman; Steve Smith, Secretary-Treasurer; David Yellon, President,- Mike Nifong, Academic Chairman. "0"! slhu'ffl Davm'." 7 - age, genii of the card table, knowledgeable 30- t l? ' 75$; ciables. and socialists tGee, wasnlt D.C. pretty 1 ' '7 if ' last November'Q, and sometimes students of ' Ol 93 3 - independent study, such as those in "Dream -, ;l. ' , -. Analysis? asleep on the couches, of course. Named after Mr. Robert A. HCoach Bob" Fetzer, 7th floor tSeventh Heavenl has fielded formidable intramural teams, whenever any- one happened to find out there was to be a game. Classy new furnishings in the social room completed the gracious background for bloodthirsty bridge and chess tournaments, forgotten freshman coup dietats, and week- end mixers with - what do you know! Women in the social room - unchaperoned. Thanks again, Kitty. . .M. Colleges 135 GRIFFITH HOUSE OFFICERS - Brian Evdo, President; Doug Dahl, Vice-Presidenf; Dave Harrington, Edifor, "G-House Gazette;" Larry Godwin, Adviser; John Carroll, Secretary-Treasur Vlifiiixtiii ' IREDELL HOUSE 136 College 4991;.a 1W. nw As fall came to Chapel Hill, the believers of Iredell House greeted newcomers with tales of the nMost Improved Houseu in Morrison. But the newcomers were disben lieving and skeptical. Under the aegis of Bill Jones, the intramu- ral program reached new heights tcan one go higher than ten stories'Q and the House resounded with the music m of Harris and Company. The mPenthouse Playboys" made their annual pilgrimage to La Pizza and saw the older Killian prove his ability to consume. Of course, the mentors, Moo- ney and Williams, were there to be sure of each person's purity. The furniture was finally ordered by Ritok, regretfully paid for by Ieffcoat, and installed by Silas. Len- non went through the purgatory of social board meetings while Boyd, Whalen, and Childs suffered the agonies of the Senate. Thus, as the year progressed, the disbel- ievers became true believers. S "Damn You, Charlie Brown!" Griffith House - so dubbed for Andy Griffith - inauguarated its third year with renewed dedica- tion. In addition to other social events, Griffith House sponsors open houses in its social lounge after weekend football and basketball games. The Griffith House Gazette devotes special attention to the floor activities. To promote the academic pro- gram, a political science class is conducted in our lounge. To answer the concerns of current events, guests with a variety of backgrounds speak to Grif- fith House residents on an even wider variety of topics. Guest speakers have included Gary Waller of the S.D.S., Dr. Daniel of the French Department and Chief Beaumont 0fthe Campus Police. In addi- tion, Griffith House sponsors a Korean orphan, Shin Dahl Shik. Orman Jeffcoaf, Secretary-Treasurer; Joe Ritok, Presiden'; Doug Childs, Senaior. "g ' 1 rh-w i HARRIS HOUSE MUL IERES VIPIUM CANTI HELL HOUSE H is for house - Our House. Step inside and see; flames lap up the walls, and tint our hollow filling faces ghosts of what we will be, but not yet are. Hell House, a furnace in which we roast, but not alone; twenty-five percent rusty iron, and the rest freshmen: heated till the minds explode and souls are fuse, heated till we almost melt then are recast, a little stronger, by our friends, and those we toler- ate. Hell House, a concrete cross, three giant steps from Mecca. Each wing, a limb each of us a splinter, all burning, but also in this passion burn our bottles, our parties, our girls, and our pasts. It lights the way to our futures. OFFICERS - Woody Osborne, Secretary; Milo Hoffman, President; Jeff Moe, Vice- Presidenl. Sweefhearfs - Joyce Schilke, Mary Anne Elder, Judy Thompson. The Devil's Disciples Colleges 137 NURSES 296 Strong! That's the Nurses Dormitory - nurses, physical therapists, dental hygiene stu- dents, medical technicians, and many other professionals. For the last two years, we have been the most outstanding womenls dorm on campus, and this year is no exception. Our loyalty goes to the Morrison boys and Morrison Residence College. "Mighty Mo" has been with us for a long time; they have made our South Campus social life the best ever a a l OFFICERS - Mimi Munden, Secrefary; Lois Parfin, Treasurer; Judy Wilson, Presidenf; welcoming reception, combo parties, the Hal- t Lynda Law, Activities Chairman; Gwen Highfower, Social Chairman. loween bonfireY open house, picnics, sex-bowl t ' Fe k V T3" l 7 ' t t ' ' games tthe Nurses finished with a 10-0 recorcD t l and Homecoming turtle and "Doif," the uBlue Plate Special," the shoe shines, and the Christ- mas parties with all their splendor. There was the surprise Valentine serenade, the Modeane Gunch Variety Show, and also our waitress aC- tivities. These comprise only a few of our diver- sions and service projects this year. Movies such as ttThe War Game! and tlAlfie'l were also shown for us. Speakers such as Dean Smith and Chancellor Sitterson were on hand at times to share their ideas. Service to the community ranged from parties for orphans to building pocket parks. Within our four walls, we have an extensive Big Sister-Little Sister Program, weekly ves- pers, our own secret Santa, and a close unity found in no other dormitory. It is no wonder that we nurses know the Carolina Way of Life and love living it! Anthony. B. M.. '71: Gr . t Aurnml. Rulmcca L.. i7lt R Bubcnuk. Anna EN .GB' Bagluy. Lillian A.. '71. . Bailey. Mary BM '68: Raleigh linker. Susan F,. '70: Greensboro 0 Ballard. 1L GM '55: Wilminglnn. Del. Burnett. Linda D" '70: Raleigh Burrow, C. A.. '71: Kcrnursville Bnumun. Ur m '71: Louisville. Ky. Bonuh. IL A.. '70 NinslunASalnm Beam Ruth IL 70 'hnlhy 7U: Culrlsburn Norfolk Va, :1 R.. tun: Lexington i 5 Church. Va. ill: New Bern Uunsuu, P. 1.. 70: vapurlt R.I. Billings. Cynlhiu Au llill: Durham Blilku. Charlene 6,. '71: Ilinkury Blake, M. Dr. '70: Wilmingl on Blankenship, B. R.. iliH: Marion Boone. Mary H.. 't Asluwilln llnurnn. E. W.i ' sburn Buykin. Eddie I Knnly Brewer. S. Wt. '60: VVinSIUIVSHlUIII G.. '70: Chadlluurn B. St. 71: Winstun-Sulum t Icld, K. M,. '68: Allentown. Pu. Chnslmn. Emily L.. 68: Sanford Clury. lune! Am 7 Charlullc Cobb. Carol C.. l6 Fairfax. ViL Cullen. Ellen Y ' Norfolk. Val. Coleman Ann 13,. b Erwin Coleman. Io Ann. '69: Gastoniu Cooper. Donnie V.. '69: Shelby Cooper. M. E" '71: Aulryvillc . Cuxt Palricin A.. '70: Raleigh Crane. Marian L. 71: Durham Cpisl, Mary 0., '71: lncksunvillc Dual. lnncl M,, '69: Lenoir Dcwuus. Deborah E., '70: Sylvan Dixon. Shurlynn A. '70: Gasloniu Dolly. Scarlet E. '70: Raleigh Darrel. S. E.. '71: Frederick, Md. Dowdy. Teresa K. '70: Durham 138 Colleges Drew. Jane E... '70: Wilminglon. Del. Dudley, Pamela E, '71: Cary Dunn. jam: 0.. '69: Williamslan Durana. Vicloria A.. '70: Winslon-Salcm Easlcrly. Lee E.. '69: Silver Spring, Md. Edmonson. Judy C.. '68: Charlotte Edmonsnn. Wanda L.. '70: Robursonville Edwards. Anita L.. '69: Wilmington Erikson. Karen A.. '71: Hickory Eslrcm. Krisline R.. '70: Greensboro Evans. Barbara E. '66: Four Oaks Farluw. Palsy R., '69: Sophia Field. Mary L.. '70: Raleigh Finan. Alice Jean. '71: Raleigh Flynt. Constance EL. '69: Winslon-Sulcm Foreman. Naomi R.. '70: Wnshinglon Forney. Susan 1.. '69: Atlanta, Ga. Foslcr. Mary F... '69: Norlh Wilkesboro Franklin. Elizabclh A.. '70: Morganlon Franks. Marjorie 1.. '71: Monroe Frilz, Carolyn J.. '71: Silver Spring. Md. Fuller. Allcne M.. '70: Lconia. NJ. Fullon. Mary Ann. '68: Winston-Snlcm Garner. Carolyn 0,. I71: High Point Garrett. Linda M.. '69: Salisbury Garrison. Barbara I '71: Pinchunsl Giavcno, Gloria G.. '70: Cambria Heights. NY. Gilbert Frances E.. '71: Charlotle Gilbrealh. Frances E '76: Charlollc Glance. Pamela S.. '71: Candler Godlcy, Maggie B1. '69: Aurora Goings. Sherry L.. '71: Brevard Greene. Pamela 8.. '71: M1. Gilead Greenfield, Lois A.. '68: Pillsburgh. Pa. Grier. Cheryl L.. '71: Charlotte Griffin. Brenda D.. '70: Lenoir Grigg. Dorcas C.. '69: Atlanta. Ga. Grissom. Linda C '76: Oxford Grosse. Cecelia L. '69: Greensboro Hamlin, Linda C., : Roxbom Hardin. Carol L.. 71: Germanlon Harris. Jacqueline W.. '71: High Point Hawkins. Palricia D., '71: Ashevillc Hayes. Brenda E. '70: Oxford Hamburg. Catherine A.. '71: Mobile, Ala. Henderson. 10 Anne. '71: Charlene Hendrix. Martha H.. '68: Hickory Henkle. Mary A.. '70: Stanley Hernandez. Elizabeth A.. '70: Enfield Herring. Lucy W.. '70: Roanoke. Va. Hightowur. Mary 6.. '70: Oxford Hill. Karen R.. '66: Chapel Hill Hollingsworlh. Mary 1.. '70: Ashebam Holl, Susan 6., '71: Graham Hubbard. Cynthia L.. '71: Greenboru Hunler. Jamene L.. '70: Enfield Jack. Ruth W.. '68: Wilmington. Del. Iackson. Martha A.. '69: Kcnly Iarrell. Brenda 1.. '69: High Point Icnzano. Carol A. 66: Chapel Hill Johnson, Judith L.. '70: Raleigh Johnson. Sarah L.. '69: Leaksville Kaemmerlon, Ruth A.. '69: Churlotle Kannnn. Ruth A.. '69: Franklinlun Keilh. Celinla S '69- Fuquay-Varina Kelehcr. lamie E.. '71: Asheville Kelley. Lou Ann. '71: Raleigh Kibler. Linda H.. '69: Richmond, Va. Kirk. Grig. '69: Raleigh Kiser. Barbara A.. '70: China Grove Kiscr. Camille Mac '69: Dallas Knedlik. Shelia A.. '66: Greensboro Knoll. Iulia 0.. '68: Durham Lafferly. Anne, '71: Hickory Langston. Elhel 0.. '66: anram Law. Lynda A1. '70: Arlington. Va. Lee. Sandra K, '71: Four Oaks Lcnlz, Io Ann. '69: Blowing Rock Lconhardt. Beverly G.. '71: Murganlon Lilly. M. Jeanne. '71: Clemmons Long. loycc B., '70: Rockingham Lung, Mary V.. '70: Candler Lowe. Marcia 1.. '70: Greensboro Lynn. Felma R.. '68: Kings Mountain Madans. Margin C.. '69: Charlene Maerz. Margaret L., '68: Wcslbury. L.l.. N.Y. Malcolm, Carol 13.. '66: Pillsboro Mason, Charlullc A.. '66: Panama City. Fla. McCain. Susan C... '71: Rockville. Md. McCray. Kny L.. '69: Hildebran McDaniel. Pamela A.. '69: Fort Lauderdale. Fla. McGlinn. Louise 5.. '68: Haverford, Pa. McKeilhan. Delia D '70: Pittsburgh. Pa. McNiul. Susan D.. ' Morehcud City McVicker. Sara 1., ayellevillc Middlclnn. Janet W. 0: Raleigh Miller, Elizabeth G.. : Salisbury Millspaugh. Judy L.. Hickory Minion. Kathryn EL. '70: Greensboro Moale. Elizabelh A.. '71: Camp Hill. Pa'. Moore, Linda 1.. '70: Charlolle Morris. Danna G.. '70: Burlington Morris. Linda L... '71: New Bern Munden. Miriam E., '6 Rocky Muunt Murphy. Virginia L.. '71: Jacksonville. Fla. Myers. Linda 5.. '71: Nurlh Wilkesbnru Nagy. Barbara A.. '69: Durham Nailling, Virginia L.. '70: Ashevillc Colleges 139 . Nalc. Ianim: L., '69' Cherry Poinl Neal. BcvcHy D. '69: Muunl Airy Nelson. Nancy F '71: Hoosick Falls. NY. Nifung. Emily A. '76: Clemmons O'Bryan. Nancy C '71: Pullocksville O'chf. Sallie C '76: Raleigh Oldham. Belly M,. '66: Gruensburo Packard. Culhlrrinn L. '71: Arlington. Va. 0 Page. Linda L.. '70: Slnlcsville Peters. Nancy E '71: Ricgclwood Pill. Olivia 1.. Rucky Mount Ponder, Bnnnin S. 71: Rockville. Md. Pope. F. Cnml. '71. Privcllc. Shirley R. 76: Slalesville Pugh. Elizabeth R., '66: Randleman Raincy. Linda 6.. '7 Blowing Rock Raschi, Barbara A,. '70: Jamestown .Ray. Linda 1., '66: Robbins Raybon. Bclliu K.. '71: Zebulon Rcavis. lndilh C.. '66: Mocksville Reifsnider. Donna L. 66: Winslun-Salem Reynolds, Mary -Iigh Point Reynolds. Palrir: Raleigh Riggins. Barbara E 70: Raleigh Robinson. Carol S 70: Ashcville Robinson. Esta 5.. '66: Wrighlsville Beach 0 Robinson. Kathryn E., '68: Murfreesboro Rogers. Francinu M.. ' West Ashevillc Rose. Iacquclinu K '7 Rich Square Rowe. Beverly Hickory Rubin, Frances Greensboro Sadlcr. Doreedn 0: Lexington Sawyer. Nancy 68: Arlington. Va, Sayre. SalIy E. '6 Iarvisburg Schilke. Joyce M '70: West Hadford, Conn: . Schiller. Mary 3:, '66: Raleigh Scull. Ann 3.. '66: Richmond. Va. Seymour, Margaret D.. '66: Raleigh Shackelford. Laurel. '71: Kinstun Simril. ludHh A.. '70: SI. Louis. Mo. Slaughter. Kalhcrinc Ma '66: Wilson Smilvyv Joyce IL. '70: Henderson Smilh. Claudia l... '70: Washington Smith. Kalhryn H., '66: Kipling . Sumers. Marcia G. '69: New Bern Sossaman. Belly K, '70: Jamcslown Sprinkle. D: Iunicc. '70: Greensboro Spencer. Rube 4 , '71: Lawsonville Slallings, Carolyn '71: New Bern SlalIings. Susan E., 69: Thomasville Sluwar1,Palri IA:. '71: Charlene Tarl. Virginia G. '69: Dunn Taylor. Carolyn '68: Winslun-Salcm .Terres. Miriam L ' Charloue Thomas. Ann A.. WinslomSaIem Thomas. Lucinda 71: Greensboro Thomas. Lucy A., '70: Wendeil Thompson. Deborah. '71: Charlotte Thompson. Elaine D 9: Graham Thompson. Linda F. 66: Hallslmro Trowbridgc. loam . Raleigh Wayne. Patricia. '69. Jacksonville .Underduwn, Carol A.. '69: Lenoir Vallicr. Mary C.. '71: Plymouth. Mich: Vanderford. Carol L. '71: Raleigh Van Dyke. Iudilh C1. '69: Greenville Vick. Barbara R,. '66: Lucnma Vosccky. leannc C.. '71: Cullowhee Wade, Anna R.. '66: Chapel Hill Walker. Phyllis D1. '70: 'I'ryun Walker. Sharon E '70: Murgunlon O Williams.1udilh V. 6: Charlene Williams, Marjorie M, 70: Raleigh Wilson: judith C,. '68. Chattanooga, Tenn. Wolfe. Karen 13., '70: Goldsboru Wnrlhingtnn. Donna L... '66: Winslon-Salcm Wyndham. Deborah D.. '70: Orangehurg. S.C. Ziglar, Mary 13., '70: Madison . Alperin, Rohcrl D.. '69: Rockville Centre, N:Y. Bracken, Robert P.. '76: Hunchsonville Brilcy. Jr.. Iamns Cu '71: New Bern Brill. Scdrick R 69: Conway Britt, Wilson I :, 1' Murfreesburo Brown, Ray T., 70: Woodsdale Brown. Richard H.. '70: Greensboro Carter, Russell M.. '71: Tabor Cily Cable. Ioscph R.. '66: Greensboro 0 Comstock. Hillnn W.. '69: Columbia Cooley. Richard V.. '76: Durham Dodson. Thomas L. '68' Durham Donnclly. Gerald W.. 69: Faycllevillc Duncan. Charlns K., '71: Charlotte Ea1on. Martin 1.. '69 Lake Cily. Fin, Eckslcin. Neale 1., '71: Fayettevillu Edgc. Wallace S, '71: Burnsville Fugarty: Stephen H '69: Greensboro .Fosler. Thomas F, 70: Winslon-Salcm Gibson. Charles W.. '68: New Castle. Del: Gillette, Peter C., '7 : Oak Ridge. Tenn, Gobble. llI. Fleclus L: '70: Winston-Salem Gravely, William A '71: Washington Grimes. Sidney R. '69: Slalosville Hamm, In. James H., '66: Charloue Harper, Ir., Joseph 1., '69: Tarburo Haywood, Edgar. '66: Ml, Gilead 140 Colleges . Hedges. Thomas D, '71: Cedar Rapids, Iowa Holbrooks. Samuel A '71: Concord Honeycutt, Phillip K.. Fuquay-Varina Hovis, Larry K.. '68: Llncolnlon Hulchison, 113. Harry E. '70: Oceanside. N.Y. Irvin. 1ames 1,. '70: Greensboro Isenhour. Danny E.. '69: Rutherford College 1ackson.1r.. William F: '71: Tabor City 1ohnson. 1091 A.. '70: Fayetteville . lonas, Kenneth L. '71: Fayetteville Joyner. Ronald W.. '69: Troutman Kerley. Lloyd K., 8: Taylorsville King. Iilmcs E1. '68: Reidsvillu Klingcr. Tim L.. '71: Winslon-Salem Korstad, Robert R '71: Greensboro Leedy. Larry D., '71: Roanoke. Va. Lewis. Robert W.. '71: 1acksunville Lurch. Tcryy G1. '69: Albemarlc O Lunsford. Douglas M.. '70: Durham Mack, Richard T.. '69: Mooresvillu Marlin. Chester A., '71: Fairmonl Mnrtim Paul G.. '69' Pilot Mountain McCullum. John R., 71:.Munme Mullis. Randall H.. '71: Monroe Murphy. Paul E,. '09: Richmond. Va. Nadler. Irving M., Grad; Brooklyn, NY. Neighbours. Stephen R., '69: Hillsborough Narman.1osnph A., ' Mountain Park Parnell. William C.. '71: Charlolle Passar. Arthur L.. '71: Fayettevillc Patterson, Thumas A.. '69: Greenville Patton. Slevcn D.. '70: Hickory Payne. Ronald D.. '69: Taylorsville Peterson, John E. '70: Spruce Pine Polk. 1ames A.. '71: Charleston, SC. Poslon. William M.. '71: Mouresville Powell. Kenneth L. '68: Falls Church, Va. Quattlcbaum, 1L. Ralph A. '70: Fayetteville Raker. Don C. '68: Winslon-Salem Sartain, Thomas H.. '71: Southampton. NY. Scoggins. David 0.. '69: Rutherfordlon Scull. Gary C., '60: Dobson Scott. Philip 1,. '70: lacksonville Shaffncr, Louis AN '70: Winslon-Salem Shinn. Terry D,. '71: Mooresville C Simmons, Ernc511.. '68: Roseboro Sisk, Ice 6., '70: 1acksonville Smilh, Iohn C.. '70: Hickory Siainback. Roberl G.. '68: Henderson Stowarl. Randall C,. 71: Mamcrs Stokes. Felix H.. '71: Raleigh Taylor. William F.. '60: Morehcad Cily Vaughn. 1r., Elbert H.. '68: Durham Violette. Ronald W,. '70: Concord Waddell, III. Guilford T.. '71: Concord Wallace, Glenn A., '66: Stanley Ward. Paul P., '69: Hundersonville Ward, William W.. '71: Hendersonvillc Weinkle. Brian E., '68: Ashevillc Wilhelm. William .. 68: Barber Whitaker. 1001 L., '69: Troy Aldingcr, Rdlph W.. '71: Media. Pa. Alexander, 1n. Kelly H, '70: Charlunc Alexander. Robert 8., '71: Concord Ashby, Ronnie G.. '70: Walnut Cove Benson, John H.. '66: Ashcburo Bracy. III. Odie L. '71: Ahoskic Bridgcs1 Keith T: '71: Hickory Campbell. Dale F.. '71: Hickory Garrick. Donald R. '71: Badin Cline. 11".. Carl R, ' Coffman. Kennelh H.. Conyers. 1n. Vernon L1. '69: Tarbom Cornwall, IL. William D., '71: Charlotte Eckard, Stephen P.. '69: Conuver Elliot. Mark T.. '71: Dcu-m'l, Mich. Ellis, Ronald D.. '71: Charlotte Engslrom. Todd G1. '71: Miami. Fla. Fidlel'. Donald C.. '70 Boone Frazier. Slave M.. '70: Siler Cily Freeman. 11".. Homa 1,. '71: Durham Ginglcs, 1L. Ralph C., '66: Gaslania Glasson, 11".. John. ' : Durham Harrcn, 1amcs M. 71: Granite Falls Henson. 1amcs L... ' Greensboro Hubbard. William K.. '70: Rocky Mount 1ally. 10hn E1. '70: Tabor Cily Ienrellc, lames R., '70: Asheville chlcr. Robert W '71: Greensboro Kerley, IEImCS D.. 7 Taylorsvillc Kuchmay, 1uhn S 71: Media, Pa. Leonard. Jerry R1, '7 Welcome Liffmann. Stanley 7'1: Lawrence, Mass. Linglc. Dean R. '71 dllh Lipman. Ioshua R., 71: Roslyn. N,Y. Love. Thumas A.. '68: Stanfield Mallard. 101m F1. '71: Chapel Hill Mason. III. Marshall A.. '70: Fort Worth. TeX: Masun, Slcvcn C, '70: Winslon-Snlcm McLelland. Andrew N.. '70: Burlinglon Mendlusnhn. Iohn A.. '71: New Haven. Conn. Mizc, Lewis W.. ' Lillinglon Moriarly, lohn 11. 70: Hamlet Morris. Bruce H.. '71: Atlanta. Ga. Owen. Wayne L,. '70: Scmm'a Pearce. Dnnnis R., 69: High Pnim Colleges 141 . Pellelier. Mark D.. '70: LaGrange Pellinger. Harold 13.. '71: Peachland Rawald. Kurt R., '70: Charlotte Rilchic. Robert L., 1: Concord Schorr. Andrew 71: New York. NY. Sifford, Eric M.. '7 Granite Quarry Sirull, Allen L., '71: gh Point Slallings. John 13.. 69. Hartford Summey. Dan M:. '69: Charlotte 0 Taylor, Delaney H.. '69: Kinston Tanker, Joseph C.. '71: Bradford, N.Y: Whitaker. Richard 13.. '71: Durham Williams. Clarke C.. '70: Short Hills. NJ. Woodard, Charles E '69: Herlford Worth. Dunald A.. ewton, Muss. Wyatt. 111. Robert 1., Raleigh Young. In. Robert C 70: Eelhal 1i '1 Young. 111. Stephen A 69: Cleveland. Ohio 0 Allen. Ross 0.: '70: Winston-Salem - Barefoot. Donald C.. '71: Salemburg ' ' Barnes, David R.. '70 Chapel Hill 1 . a Bass, 111. William 70: Washinglon : f Q' U ' Batten. Phillip G 71. Thomasville " Balls, David B., : Greensboro . : 1 ' HOUSE :7 '7 1 f 2 "1;; 1:" Bcauchemin, Phil, '70: New York. NY. '3 x 9 1 1, x ' P ' O Blackwell. Richard T., '69: Winslon-Salem ll .1. L r; ii Bowman. Terry Ru '69: King ' Brandon. Richard A.. '71: Kannapolis Emwder, Kenneth G., '71: Charlotte Brown, Roger K.. '71: Charlotte Buergey. William ' Kansas City. Mm Bunting, Duane R: : Asheburo Byler. David M.. '68: Hickory Byrd. S1cve: '71: Dunn 0 Carroll. Perry T.. '69: King Carson, Dan C.. '71: Belhel Chealham. Robert 13.. '71: Durham Cheek. John M.. '71: Concord Chilton. limmic H., '71: Greensboro Coleman. Robert 13:, '68: Silver Spring. Md. Corbin, Robert T.. '71: Fort Myers. Flu. Damemn. Frank 1... '71: Tabor Cily Eag1e, Kenneth L.. '71: Salisbury . Easter. Mark G.. '6 Greensboro Elliott, lamcs E:. Oxford Evens, Mark F.. : Richmond, Va: Everhardt. Icrry R:. '70: Cleveland Frommc, Lewis 8:. ' Bronxville. NY: Fuller, Maynard D '71: Raleigh Gary, Richard D., '71: Richmond, Va. Harriss, IL. Charles 1.. '70: Wilmington Harwell. Ronald R.. '71: Maiden . Hasken, In. Joseph R., '71: Hartford Holland, Kannclh R:. '70: Canton Honeycutt, Theodore C., '71: Tuckasegee Hudson, 11:, Frank P.. '88: Atlama. Ga. ' lolly. Jerry A:. '71: Tabor City .' . ' 4 , . 1 , : Keller. john EL, '68: Lexington, Ky. ... ,- 8 . . . 1 ,1 : f . Kuonco. 11".. Stanley M.. '70: Raeford "- ' ' , ' : ' . J g Lax. Charles M:. '70: Troy ' ' ' $1 . Levin, Charles 15.. '71: Bay Harbor. Fla. m " 0 Lewis. IL. Mird W.. '70: Charlotte W , ' Ah Lyles. Stephen M.. '7 . Shallone Madry, Randall H. 1-1.. '71: Raleigh McBride. Jerry W:, '71: Madison Miller. William R.. '71: Cary Millikin. William G. '70: Greensboro Mims. Randy D.. '71: Greensboro Morehead. Milton 6.. '71: Durham Maser. Sidney T:. '69: Winston-Salem . Murray. In. Charles E, '71: Hartford Nichols. Timothy H.. '68: Lexington Norvellc. Johnny E.. '69: Candler Orr, Ir" Lynn H., '70: Winslon-Salem Overlon. William 1-1., '71: Richmond, Va. . : Payne, Charles G.. '68: Erysun City ' L Pistons. Athas 1., '70: Mountain Home ' 1 EV ' : Pittard, Robert E., '68: Burlington - 8 . Priddy. Michael D.. '70: Clemmons g: $ 1 . Redmond. 11. Edgar F., '68: WinstonvSalcm I sf: . .l x- 1,- .-. ' Richards. William W.. '70: Wallace Rigdon. Donald 1... '71: Brevard Rudisill, IL. Jesse R:, '69: Hickury Shanks, David OH '70: Greensboro Small. IL, Iames WH '68: Amarillo, Tex. Smith. Kimbrough C.. '70: Oxford Swartley. Christopher 13:. '71: Souderlon. Pa. Swindell, IL. Robert T.. '70: Wilmington . West, Andrew C:. '71: Cherryville Whinenlon, In. Charles M.. '71: Dunn Wilson, 111. Charles P., '70: Winslon-Salem Yachan. George. '71: Durham Zachary, Mark S., Cashiers Allred, Michael 1... '71: Raleigh Alwater. Luther A:. '71: Chapel Hill . Bennett. Michael N.V '70: Raleigh Blankenship. Malcolm 13.. '68: Charlotte Bradley. Russell W.. '71: Lillinglon Branson. IL, Roy Eq '68: Ft. McClellan. A1a. Brantley. In, Iumes 0:. '70: Sanford Briggs. William R.. '71: Plymouth. Mass. Burgin, Robert E:, '71' Candler Burnett. Randall R: ' : Iacksonville. Fla. Cochran. Robert N.. '66: Shelby 142 Colleges l EL 6415 O Connor. Lee 0.. '69: Danville, Va. Cozza, Micheal A.. '69: Windsor. Conn. Dicks. Rodger 0.. ' Hickory Dillonl Larry W., '69: Winslon-Salem Freeman, 11, Beverly L.. '71: Charlotte Gillcland. Iames W.. '70: Newton Haltiwanger. William W.. '70: Whileville Hinton, Harvey D.. '65: Gibsonvillc Holden. Ronald LH '71: Supply 0 Hurley. Patrick A.. '69: Canton Hurley. Richard B., '68: Canton Ioncs, Harry N,. '69: Sanford Keller. Robert M., '69: Naperville. Ill. Kemic. Skephen B.. '88: Candler Killian. IL, Carl D.. '71: Cullowhee Lock. Robert C, '69: Jacksonville Lonon, III, Oscar C" '71: Charlotte Marlin. Philip L. '70: Tampa, Fla. . Millikin. Robert 5., '68: Greensboro Morgan. Mark 8.. '69: Winslon-Salem Moseley. Stephen R.. '71: Chattanooga. Tenn, Maser. Allen 0., '69: Winslon-Salcm Narron, Iames W.. '70: Smithfield Neal, Philip 5,, '71: Greensboro Nicholson, Larry K.. '71: Candler Parsley. William A '70: Hillsborough Reid, Archibald C : Arlington . Riddick. Terry L., 0. Corapeake Ruffin, David H.. 71: Ahoskie Schleck. IL. George 1.. '70: Meadowbrook'. Pa. Sexton. Elmer W.. '70: Gamer Seymour. Robert 1.. '71: Greensboro Shore. IL, Albert 71: Greensboro Shun, In, Iohn R.. '71: Southern Pines Shuman. Donald L. 69: Swannanoa Smith. Kennelh W.. St. Albans, W. Va. Sprinkle. Ronnie V.. 9: Charlotte Stamps. Lytllelon L.. '68: Yanceyville Stroud, David S.. '71: Fuquay-Varina Taylor. George W.. '70: Durham Thompson. In. Carl F.. '68: Falls Church, Va. Tuppe. Richard S0 '71: Hillside. NJ. Walsh. Slcvu M.. '68: North Wilkesboro Westmoreland, David G., '68: Mooresville Williams. Delbert EL. '71: Shallotle . Wilson. James M.. '71: Raleigh Young, John M.. '70: Rocky Mount Bayard, Richard H.. '71: Wilmington, Del. Berg. Peter E.. '70: Little Silver, NJ. Britt, Sprucll R. '69: Fair Bluff Brown. Peter M., '71: New York. NY. Carrier, Stuart 1.. '70: Alexandria. Va. 0 Church. Ray E. '71: Hickm-y Cracker, Rober: L" '70: Rocky Mount Cunningham, Edward K.. '71: Bryson City Czaikowski, Edward W.. '71: Cary Darrow. IL. Edward E.. '70: Henderson. Ky. Dexheimer. Clifford S.. '71: Manasquan. NJ. Durham. Albert E. '70: Charlotte Farlow. JL, Dudley F.. '70: Trinity Gallihcr. Timothy N.. '71: Kannapolis . Gamer, Phillip A., '71: Snow Hill Gilmore, Ir" William 1.. '70: Charlotte Gupton. Ted C... '69: Luuisburg Haynsworlh, IL. Perry 3.. '68: Plainfield. NJ. Hogan, 11"., James E.. '70: Wingale lost. Peter H., '71: Montreal. Canada Kirby. Sammy R.. '70: Kenly Kulz. Paul H., '71: Fayetteville Laudate. Micheal F.. '70: Charlene Lee, Danny W:. '70: Mouxesville Lewis. Gary. '70: Chincoleague, Va. Manning. In. Iohn T.. '68: Greensboro McDonald, In. John A '69: Iacksunville McGee, Bennie G: ' : Angier Michael. Gary H.. '7 Kcrnersville Mitchell, Robert H.. '68: Luuisburg Muir. Donald T.. '71: Hickory Morgan. Irn Charles W.. '70: Asheville C Nasehos. Tommy L.. '70: Jacksonville Newsome. Samuel C.. '71: King Odham, In. Leonard R '71: Fair Bluff Owens. Ronald K.. '71: Wilmington Ownby, IL. Ralph L., 70: Cherokee Paschall. William H., '70: Jacksonville Pale. William D.. '71: Rowland Perry, Albert D. Albemarle Perry. jaseph D.. . Roseborc Perry. Warner 8.. '71: Colerain Pope. In, William P.. '71: Oak Ridge Poulin. Allan R.. '70: Gcldsbnro Prapper. Roberl N.. '71: Huntington. NY: Ringle. Andrew D. Chevy Chase. Md. Robinson. Steve 5., : Moorseville Rodgers, Richard L. 71: Atlanta. Ga. Rogerson. Andrew S.. '71: Hartford Rollins. Charles L., '71: Henderson . Russell. Stephen F.. '70: Granite Falls Schwenzer. Ion C.. ' 1: Springfield. Fa: Smith. Charles S" '71: Knnnapolis Smith. Michael P.. '69: Fayetteville Swendiman. Alan R.. '69: Kcnsington. Md. Talbert. William D. '71: Mooresville Tuller. Robert A., '69: Hendersonville Urquhart. Wi am E1, '71: Lewiston Walscr. John F.. '71: High Point Colleges 143 . WulshJuhn T.. '71: Wnshinglon. D.C. Wann. James C.. '70: Loukuul Mounlain. Tenn. Wenlhcrly. James H. '60: Charlolle Wand, Philip 5.. '70: Winsmn-Salem Wright, Paul H. '70: Shelby Wright. In. Wilbur W.. '60: Shelby Yuunt. Robert 0.. '71: Hickory O Agrcsla, Slcven 1.. '70: Paris. France Aiken. III. Warwick. '71: Rockinghnm Anderson. john T.. '71: Charlullc Anderson. Wilbur! R.. '70: Elizabeth City Beale. Ernest F.. '69: Wilmington Bishop. Ill. Elmer L. '9: Ashcvillc Bramlcll. john L.. '70. Clyde Brnndis. Henry P.. '71: Chapel Hill Brick. Jon C. '69: Incksnnvillc Burchnm. Ira R., '68: Leaksvillc Campbell. Ralph R., '71: Guslonia Casey. Ronald M.. '60: Durham Cuvis. Gordon P.. '71 rislul. N.H: Cnnnelly. Charles 13.. '70: Vineland. NJ. Cranford. Harold V.. '70: Lexington Dabrowski. Richard C.. '70: Concord. Mass. Day. Kenneth C.. '69: Eurlinglon Duughlry. 1L. Iohn P. '70: Pine Level . Dcllingcr. Charles E '70: Hickory Duccy, Charles P.. ' 0: Charlotte Dull. Philip L. '71: Lexington. Ky.. Fields. Dwight A.. '70: Selma Forresl. Sloven D.. '71: New Shrewsbury. NJ. Freedman. Robert In. 71: Grmznsbom Garrett. Michael C. '60. Allanla. Ga. Gillam. Robert S.. '70: Windsor Glass, James M.. '7 Challanoogn. 'I'cnn. . Goldstein. David . '71: Mnillund, Flu. Graham, Richard S.. '70: Gruenvillu. S:C. Hale. Larry L.. '71: Kinsmn chard. Branch H:. '71: Nashville. Tenn: Hoots. William. '71: Winslon-Salcm Hutchinson. Rohcrl W.. '70: Burlin. Germany Hulchison. Frederick D:. '71: Raleigh Jennings. 111. Frank A:. '71: Elizabclh Cily Jerome. IL. Robert L.. ' : Atlanta. Ga. 0 Jordan. John M.. '71: Lnurinhurg Karma. Malthew 1:. '60: Charlotlc Kmvalski. Francis X:. '70: Wayne Lcnaghan, James M.. '71: Winter Park. Fln. Llewellyn. John T.. '71: Soulhurn Pines Lloyd. David 2:, '71: Ashcvillc Logan. Thumas 1.. '70: Ridgcwoud. NJ. Lowe. Kenneth H.. '71: Hzlrrnllsville Marlowe. Michael 0 Matthews. Larry M.. Maxey. III. Wiliinm E 69: Powhatan. Va. McCuiston. Peter C. 71: Kernersvillc McGee. III. lamns B. '69: Bluefield. W. Va. McManus. Ronald M. '60: Charlotte McNeill, George V.. '60: Lumberlon Michael. Randall ll. '70: Lexington Moore. Ralph C:. '69: Raleigh Morris. R. David Pillsboro .Nclsnn. Bobby M 9: Randlnmun Nullall. Keith E., 71: chelwaler. Tenn. Page. Bruce C.. '71: Charlnltc Perry. john 8.. '71: Colernin Price, Steven M.. '69: Clemmnns Riggs. Donald R.. '71' Elizabeth Cily Rizk. Norman W '71: Jacksonville, Fla: Schumacher. C. '7 Snulh Haven. Mich. Shields. Chester R.. 71: Alexandria. Va. 0 Shurrill. Dan S.. '69: Belmont Smilh. Colin 5.. '71: Davidson Smilh. Steven T.. '71: Gruunvillt: Snider. William D: '71: Hopkinsville. Ky. Spilialis. Peter H 9: Wilmington Stair. Thomas 0.. '71: Richmond. Va Stone. Cfady M.. '71: King Suich. Dennis M.. '70: anfftuwn Talc. John T. '70: Banner Elk . Teasley Alan B:. '76: Durham Underhill. Polar 8: Churlullu Warren. Lewis P.. '70: Raleigh Wilson. William C.. '71: Lincolnlon Ycllon. David E.. '69' Hickury Adams. Richard J. ' :Allunla. Ga. Bailey. Michael 8.. '70: Roanoke Rapids . Baucurn. Donald H.. '71: Munnm Beasley. Ir.. Ruben 1:. '60: Luuishurg Brooks. Samuel W.. '71: Monroe Bullock. Duncan D.. '69: Rowland Buller. Stephen R:. '71: Rnschoru Byrne. David F... 1: Pass Christian. Miss. Carroll. John R.. 0: Winlcrvillc Carlur. Kenneth W.. '69: High Poinl Cherry. Grcgnry V.. '7 Gustonin O Culp: Christopher P 71: Churlullc Dahl. Douglas W.. '69: Charlene Darling. Bruce R.. '70: Raleigh DuBose. Alberl L... '7 Durham Edwards. James F: 71: Salisbury Evarls. lnhn D.. '7 New York. N.Y. Evdo. Brian R.. '70' nwnod. NJ: Finger. Gerald D:. 71: Churlollc Fisher. Phillip T.. '70: Kunnapulis 144 Colleges I! u; is 4754 ' c..- A 45145;; 4,. N L5 .6 V .. : nhKiL alt :3 1" '5 K: f O Fleck. Gary S.. '70: Fuyetleville Godwin. Larry H.. '69: Salisbury Gamer. 111. Charles A., '71: Baltimore: Md. Haigwood. Thomas D.. '70: Greenville Hardistcr. Roger A., : Badin Hardy, In. William M., '71: Snow Hill Harrington. Claude D.. '70: Kannppolis Harrison, William D.. '70: Chapel Hill Haynie. John H.. '70: Hope Mills . Hicks. Carlos D.. '68: Morgunmn Hood. In. Robert L '71: Lenoir Hughes. William I. lohnston, Wiley W, '71: Clinton. Tenn: Julian. Robert W., '69: Randleman Iuslcsen. Benjamin R., '71: Dunn Kail, Robert P.. '69: Sarasota. Fla. Lassiler. Donald T.. '69: Eure Lee. Rodney M.. '69: Arapahoc O Levin, Barry M.. '70; Mt. Gilead Lewin, William N., 70: Durham Lewis. Andrew H.. '71: Raleigh Lewis. Charles B.. '66: West End Lewis. Richard N.. '68: West End Lloyd. Donald K,, '68: Mebane Longmy. James F., '71: Birmingham, Mich. Mandelkorn. Joel, '70: Greensboro Mann. William 1.. '69: Sanford C Mannon. Donald L., '70: Durham Marco, Teig D.. '71: Richmond. Va. Matthews, George 13.. '71: Wadcsboro McAulay. In. Albert L. 71: Mt. Gilead Merrill. Timothy E. 0: Chapel Hill Messick. Turner P.. '71: Burlington Millikan. Chip, '69: Randleman Murray, Joel A.. '71: Burlington . Myexs. Harold E1. '71: Charlotte Paige. Richard D.. '69: Greensboro Packer, Michael R.. '70: Pctcrsburg, Va. Parham, Jasper W.. '70: Henderson Parks, In. William 5.. '71: Ramseur Pittman. Iamcs A.. '69: Fayettevillc Porter. 111. James N.. 69: Charlotte Rabon, Carlie R.. '69: Chadhourn Reaser. Inmes P.. '71: Cary Rhodes, Victor C... '70: Hickory . Rice. Edward D.. '6 ' Bayboro Robinson. Daniel R., '71: Troy Rogers, Randolph V1. '71: High Point Rutledge, Iohn R.. '69: Oxford Sale. In. Edward D.. '70: Charlotte Scarborough. David E., '71: Tallahassee. Fla. Smith. Alfred E.. '71: Signal Mountain. Tenn. Taylor. Carl T., '71: Hickory Thomas. Bryce 0.. '69: Matthews 0 Thompson. Charles D., '71: McLeansvillc Waggoner. William G., '70: Charlene. Webb. Addison L., 71: Chananooga: Tenn. Williams. Arthur S.. '71: Charleston.'S.C. Alexander. Alan H.. '71: Rocky Mounl Backus. IL. George 8:. '71: Savannah. Ga. Baker. Ronald G., '71: Ahoskie . Ballard, james 5., '70: Elizabelh City Barnes. Jr.. William A.. '70: Smithfield Belinsky, David L., ' High Point Benfield, Dennis A" '71: Hickory Blakewood. III, Benjamin F.. '70: Greensburo Brady. James E., '71: Greensboro Briggs. Roger A., ' Charlotte Brown, Iames H.. '71: Washington Carringlon. Luther H.. '69: Durham 0 Carrington. Wall 3., '71: Durham Cline, III. Edward L,. '71: Salisbury Cruse. William H.. '70: Mooresville Davis. 111. Cameron. '71: Indiana. Pa. Dyson. Hugh M.. '71: Raleigh Faulkner. Lee A.. '66: Marshville Fawcell. Thomas E... '71: Charlotte Ferguson. Thomas E '71: Waynesville Finnell, Edward L., '71: Micro Ford, Russell T., '70: Raleigh Fox. Jr.. Robcrl G.. '71: Charlotte Garnell. James F.. 71: Charlene George, Don E1. '71 Durham George. Joseph Gilliam. Larry M.. Godwin, john 3.. '71: Dunn Goodman. Norman 8.. '71: Salisbury Gwyn, Allan H.. '71: Winslon-Sulem C Huger, Joel L., '70: Salisbury Hall, III. James T.. '71: Ahoskie Harmon. James R. '71: Winston-Salem Harrell, Cliffurd M., '71: Waynesville Harrington, III, Anhur D., '68: Hendersonville Henry, Michael E., '71: Durham Heritage. James 5., '71: Greensboro Hickman. Wayne. '69: Lumbermn Hicks, Ir., Howard K.. '71: Knoxville. Tenn. . Hoffman. Milo 1.. '63: Charlnue Hoover, Everett C., '70: Ml. Gilead House. Thomas S.. '71: Durham Howes. Henry C.. ' : Micro Humphrey. James W., '71: Ahoskie Jarvis. James P., '71: Pfafftown Johnson, Nathan R.. '70: Dunn Lane. James B.. '70: Middleburg Larsen, Thomas A.. '71: Rockford. Ill. Colleges 145 0 Leah. Peter M.. '71: New Yurk. N.Y. Mason. George G... '69: New Bern Matthews. Benjamin 1.. '71: King McCurdy. William 8:. '68: Charlotte McRau. Cameron W.. '71: Charlotte Moser. In. Wade 1-1:. '71: Winslon-Salem Osborne. Woodwqrth D.. '71: Dunn Peppers. Wallace R.. '70: Wilson Pratl. Samuel K.. '69: Durham . Raihburn. Curlis S '70: Vienna. Va. Reich, Ronald 15.. '71: Charlotte Reid. Charles R. '70: Winston-Salem Riley. Anthony 1... '71: Durham Sabates. Guillermo I.. '71: Charlotlc Scruggs. Michael C.. '71: Henrietln Sinnell. Thumas G.. '70: Newton Smilh. Michael 8.. '71: Fayetteville Spring. Thomas C.. '71: Goldsboro . Slewarl. Wayne. '70: Four Oaks Treacy. Francis 1.. '71: Charlene Warren. Donald L.. '59: Hiddenite Websler. Edward 8.. '71: Madison Wesl. James F.. '7 East Spencer While. Larry K.. . Youngsville Woolen. III. John E '71: Wake Forest Woollen. Harry E. 71: Cincinnali. Ohio Yates. Danny 1., '71: Newport . Zumwan. Elmo R.. '68: Iulare, Calif. Zumwalt. James G.. '70: Annandale. Va. Blair. 11. William H. '70: Fayetteville Blizzard. Johnnie E. 70: Pink Hill Boles. Larry C.. '69: King Bouldin. Thomas W.. '70: Trinity Buulus. Peter M.. '68: Salisbury O Bower. Gregory K.. '71: West Jefferson Boyd. Donald L... '69: Charlotte Bullock. Charles C.. '71: Burlington Burns. lerry M.. '70: Asheboro Camp. Iohn M.. '69: Concord Carroll, IL. Ervin M.. '70: Smithfield Cheslnul. lerry L... ' 0: Madison Childs. Wade D.. '70: Pittsburgh. Pa. Christopher. Frank M.. '70: Griftun . Culpepper. Michael L. '68: Elizabeth City Dabncy. 11:. john 0.. '71: Atlanta. Ga. Davis. Marvin L, '71: Burlington Deal. Timothy E.. '70: Jacksonville Fahrner. William B. R.. '70: Greenville Fast. Eric C. '71: Cincinnati, Ohio Featherstunc. Harry L.. '68: Belmont Futrell. Thomas M.. '68: Raleigh Gladden. John R.. '70: Charlotte . Hamilton. John A.. '71: Charlene Harrell. Paul T.. '71: Wake Forest Henley. Rolan M.. '71: Albemarle Highsmith, Samuel N.. '70: Burlingame. Calif. Hill. 11".. Bob R, '70: Murfreesbow Hill. Thomas W.. '70: Murfreesboro Holden. III. Iohn R.. '71: Iacksonvilic Holleman. Sanford P.. '71: Greensboro Houck. Brinkley M.. '70: Raleigh . Humphrey. Charles 1.. '71: Brookville. N.Y. jen'cual. Ormnn C.. '69: Rocky Mount Iohnson. ln. Richard N.. '68: Pitfsboro Jones. Dan W.. '71: Albemarle Kelly. 111. Pruell.A.. '71: Burlinglon Killian. Charles F. 71: Lincolntun Killian, Iames R. 8: Lincolnton Kuesel. Jeffery T.. '69: Greenvale. NY. Langley. Charles P.. '71: New Barn 0 Lilley. James P.. '69: Elizabeth Ciky Lonmis. Joseph R.. '70: Alexandria. Va. Maness. Ronald D.. '6 Carthage McNairy. Charles L 68: Greensboro Millikan. Harry A.. '70: Raleigh Mitchell. Stewart P.. '71: Greensboro Morgan. William K.. '68: Maysville Northey. John H.. '71: Charlotte Osborne. Marvin E. '71: West Jefferson . Pullerson. Danald W.. '69: Salemburg Pendleton. Charles . '7 : Lincolmon Powers, Wayne P.. '68 Siler City Reynolds. Hank F.. '71: Baton Rouge. La. Scott. Terry L.. '69: Winston-Salem Sessoms. Iohn C '68: Elm City Tart. David E Fayetteville Voss. Forrest D. 71: Charlotte Whalen. William 1.. '71: Charlotte . Whillen. Ronnie l... '71: Burlington Williams. Stephen B.. '68: Asheville Wolfington. Ronald E. '69: WinslonnSalem Wood. Iames B.. '70: Lincolnton 146 Colleges HINTON IAMES COLLEGE Hinton-James Residence College, new in 1967 and in its first year of existence, has already be- come an intricate and active part of the residence college system e a leader of South Campus ac- tivity. James continued in the belief that a dormitory is more than walls and hard beds, and that a resi- dence college is instead an attack upon the vast- ness and impersonality of the rapidly expanding university system. And so as September brought what seemed like at least a thousand lost freshmen, they found a place for intellectual pursuit, social functions, in- formative gatherings and opportunities; for partici- pation in countless activities, for friendship, and even for fun. OFFICERS - SEATED: Randy Merrill, Academic Lt. Governor; A. D. Frazier, College Masfer. "Bombs away!" OTHERWISE: Bi" Durrah, Governor; Lee Hunier, Social Lt. Governor; Clifton Bryant, Secre- fury. James Senate Colleges 147 LEFLER- NEWSOME HOUSE Lefler-Newsom House of Hinton James had to have the most outstanding crew ever assembled on one floor - particularly in the kick off first year - that this campus has seen in a while. To start, we had the governor tuntil the Phits got him and worked him over but goodi in the personage of Miles Leo. Across the hall was the power of the press himself Wayne ttAmbulator" Hurder. Due to Hurdefs dedication and large bull whip, the Am- bulator became a sure bet to take the Best College Paper award away from the Lizards across the street in Mighty Moo, who had a strangle hold on it for two years running. For campus politics. A Iames had almost a nauseating glut of them. Hurder threatened early to take over The Daily Tar Pit, challenged by our own RA Steve Knowlton. The game of politics takes a while. which probably explains why Knowlton wasn't around too much. Then we had Bruce Jolly, a strong University Party Legislator on one side of the hall, complemented by SP Legislator lose Auten, who picked up a nice package in the form of the chairman- ship of the Campus Affairs Committee. Back on Hurder's side of the floor were the Dynamic Duo from the UP, Dick Levy and Poor-but-Honest Charlie Mercer. Probably the two biggest guns seen in the UP and elsewhere in a long time, Mercer and Levy could be heard chuckling and talking until all hours of almost every morning. House Pres. Bill Lee took the reins early and along with V.P. Jeff Davis and Sec. Danny Webb provided the leadership for this motley crew. Also, Lee got himself elected to the Men's Honor Court and spent at least one night a week reviving the Salem Witch Trials. House senator, Joel Kronenberg, set world records by collecting $1 from everybody on the floor for absolutely nothing. Do it, Ioel. Country Ed Rexrode and suitemate Bill Hodges got right in the swing of things early and drafted both RA's into the construction of the slickest "coke case" this side of the ATO house. The design was considered a most efficient one, but some skeptical teetotal- ers tfrom other places like South Buildingt said they thought it looked a hell of a lot like a bar. Anyhow, in a month, similar furni- ture started showing up all the way up the building though it was clear that Country Ed had no equal for bar-building twhen he wasn't in Greenville at ECG or ECU 01' whateverJ Mighty MO even sent a delegation over to inspect and went back and built themselves a few cheap imitations. It was a great impetus for the Residence Colleges and South Campus. Ofcourse, on occasion we wished that we weren't directly over Chief Adolphts domain. Great ears had A.D. He could hear beer I 3? 7 't ' spill on the floor above him even when sound asleep. OFFICERS: Bill Lee, President,- Fred Culperth, House Adviser; Jeff Davis, Vice- President; Danny Webb, Secretary. IJHH u i mill: A-House Senator Joe! Kroenberg and President Bill Le plot a fund raising scheme. CHASTITY HOUSE When we first residents of Hinton James came here, there was only a name. This name was no more than an identification of - 5 a l , , a a dormitory. It held none of the spirit of OFFICERS - Wayne Staten, Secretary,- Richard Davis, Vice-Presidenf; unity that is so vital in human experience. 5'9"" Lucas, "BMW'- Even within the dormitory there were no v . "Gue'heis GemPo" binding forces beyond personal friendship. Today, through the diligent efforts of the members of llch House t4th floorl, we have become functioning members of a unified group. Through intramural activities our house has become closely allied with others in the competitive spirit. Our social activi- ties have helped to bring the members of our house closer together in fraternal spirit. "C, House officers and members have worked unceasingly to make liCli House the best. In the future we hope to make even more improvements in our house. We are plan- ning to decorate our social room and to start a floor library. Hopefully, we will leave be- hind us more than a dormitory, but the spir- it of UNC. DIX HOUSE In its first year, Dix House started out to a slow .. A . . a . ., beginning as a result of the inexperience of every- OFFICERS - Fred Hufchison, Vice-Presidenf; Tommy Belle, Senalor; Raymond one in OPgBDiZing a house- Nevertheless; it was one Seipp, Senator,- Ron Howard, President; Bill Schaffner, Senator; Sonny Watkins, of the first houses in James to decorate its social Treasurer. - - room. This somal room proved to be a popular spot on Saturday night when there was always a rush for an empty couch. The election of permanent of- ficers promised to bring some sort of stability and unity to the house. Dix House produced a new breed of man charac- terized by calves, well-developed from long hikes to town; a beer gut, imported from the Shack; eyes, blood-shot as a result of long hours of study'twell, it sounds good anywayl; and lips, chapped from all the loving he didnit get at W.C. As time progresses, Dix House hopefully will too. The Members of Dix House. Colleges 149 ffE f HOUSE Life on the sixth floor of James, now known as E House, has been both varied and interesting. Early in the year, E House saw the appointment of Bill Parks of Charlotte, NO, as President; Lee Hunter of Miami, Fla., as Vice-President and Social Direc- tor; and James Stirewelt, Herndon, Va., as Secre- tary-Treasurer. The activities started immediately after the ap- pointments. President Parks held weekly house meetings to announce important events. Lee Hun- ter organized the first social activity for the floor tthe first at IamesD and a mixer with the sister dorms for the entire dormitory. He then organized a barbeque held during South Campus Weekend which was well-attended end well-liked. Jim Stire- wait has published two editions of the floor news- paper, the E House Ragg tthe first newspaper pub- lished in the dormi. The floor has also competed in intramural bas- ketball and volleyball, and an outstanding per- formance at the fall track meet, placed E House fifth in the initial standings. Both Tom Wolfe and Lee Hunter placed in the meet. On-November 14, floor elections were held and Tony Palmer of Wayne, Pa., was chosen to replace Lee Hunter, who resigned to become Social Lieu- tenant-Governor of James. We of E House look back fondly, on our first year in James. gt, OFFICERS - SEATED: Tony Palmer, Vice-Presidenl; Bi" Parks, President; Jim Sfire- wah, Secretary-Treasurer. STANDING: Ray Canoy, Senator; Doug Tiff, Assistant R. A.; Fred Ma", Senator; Steve Alexander, Senator; John Henry Bridges, Senator,- Harry Brick, Senator. "The Zoo" '150 Collegest ttF,, HOUSE Clean-cut, all-American men - thatls what F-house tries to produce. And through the first semester of the school year 1967-68, we have been very successful in producing that type of man from our predominantly freshman F- house troop. We feel that living in F-house has benefited each boy in some way, either academically, for the study time and facilities are available, athletically, for we participated in all intramural sports, and also produced some freshmen and varsity athletes, 0r socially, for the social affairs that we sponsored or parti- cipated in were highly successful. All three as- sets of F-house are manifested in the products of a years hard work, which started on no base at all, since this was the first year of existence. The photo to the right should prove that F- house has started each boy on the road to suc- cessful college years and a successful career. I OFFICERS - Warren Rivis, Vice-Presidenf; Mike Timmons, President; Donald Hammer, Secretary-Treasurer. "The Gang" " West Side F-Hnuse" Colleges 151 152 Colleges W, HOUSE Sometimes known as the Penthouse, Lover's Leap, or the Fifth Squadron Command Post of the Streeter Air Force, James I House occupies the crowning point of Bill Darrahls version of Frontier Village. Whether on clear days when the tenth floor in- habitants overlook the skyline of downtown Dur- ham and the slums of dock, or those cold, snowy mornings when the boys have to use ice picks to open the suite doors, the Penthouse is constantly under the iron rule of A. Dfs able overseers, Ster- ling Phillips and Allan Shepard. Though cringing in the memory of the student union collapse and wary of the great chunks of concrete that have fallen away from the balcony, Big I boys carry on a fairly normal life in the itland of the sky." Without failure freshman soccer star Pete Seggel has his daily practice in the suite hall, some take nightly strolls 0n the roof, and Sterling is always ready to arrange dates with dook oo-eds. But no matter how brave the members ofI House may seem, there is a constant and profound hope that the god of the elevators will always have mercy on them. Something Old and something new . . . Traditionally a boys dorm, Connor, named after R.D.W. Connor, who was at one time head of the History Department and who became a National Archivist, turned loose to. women!!! What bedlam! Orientation counselors sleeping in the basement . . . The new arrivals muttering ttOh, what a nice room, but no bed??! - Shower curtains, pleaseW Progress but growing pains . . . the gradual Change in decor . . . carpeting and a color TV in the parlor, and elsewhere a piano, vending machines, study rooms, and with a gratful SIGH, telephones, at last. Our built-in alarm clock. . . the BOOM! BANG! THUD! WHACK! of construction work across the street . . . the hustle of the highway patrolmen in Alexander who run track at 5:30 A.M. in broad dark. The fun and funniness of it all . . . talking to peo- ple from San Francisco to Miami, and all in the same conversation. . . every coed for herself in the mad rush downstairs for hot dogs during exams . . . dieting by day and eating by night . . . the bull sessions and the friends . . . the anticipation of an- other day and another year. And for the seniors, parting . . . but leaving be- hind something of themselves and leaving memo- ries of an exciting and fun year. i, i . -, t t , t t- l t r OFFICERS - Joe Fazio, Vice-President; Jack Carpenter, Secretary- Treusurer; Chuck Foglemun, President. House meetings in a word - diversity. OFFICERS AND HOUSE COUNCIL - FLOOR: Mary Ferrell, Lu Voice Hardison, grad- uate counselor; David Wilborn, graduate counselor. SEATED: Karen Darien, Vice- President; thhy Hand, Harden Ridley, Junior Activities Chairman; June Orr, Presi- dent. STANDING: Nancy Dickens, Treasurer; Frances Dickens, Secretary; Jayne Jackson, Kathy Courtney, Co-Social Chairman; Suzanne lehotsky, Suzanne Stan- field. IOYNER Adjusting to life in a boys dorm presented several unique problems to the girls in Joyner. The first day the girls walked in stumbling ovler minor things such as workmen and wires. Things did improve: the beds came, the lights were fixed, and the phones were found in someoneis closet. The girls also found that, contrary to popular belief, the showers did have both hot and cold water. An evening date with a Joyner girl had sev- eral unique highlights. First, to keep the girls physically fit running up and down the stairs, the building staff of the University put house phones in i2 t0 3 weeksii after orientation tthatis administration slang for Christmasi. After finding their dates, the boys got to try their hands at interior decorating in the newly finished parlor. Only then could they leave. In November, the coeds celebrated onneris first annual Urinal Beautification Contest in conjunction with Lady Bird,s Keep America Beautiful Project. Joyner was proud to help out the fire drill situation in the boys dorms. The girls found that Lewis could evacuate within 1V2 minutes after onners alarm sounded. F our-hour house meetings held in a parlor with a density of ten girls per square chair also proved interesting. This is the beginning of onner,s unique coed tradition. The girls iisign out" this chap- ter only to continue it in September of ,68. i E r? wxstH ridge, President. OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: Andi Stein, WRC Representa- tive; Anne Lambert, CWC Representative; Beth McClure, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Sue Taylor, Vice-President; Becky Scott, Graduate Counselor. THIRD ROW: Barbara Hall, Permanent House Council; Taffy Spencer, Graduate Counselor; Trudy McDonough, Activities Chairman. Colleges 153 0 Alexander. Cam! IL. '71: Lillinglon Archibald. Ellen R:. '69: Minneapolis. Minn. Arnold: Frances S.. '71: Raleigh Basscn. loan. '6 Fairmont Bclnlc. Virginia N:. '69:1acksonville. PIa. Bennett. Pnlriciu. '70: Asheville Bishop. Mary C:. '71: Raleigh . Bland. Mary E.. '69: Roxboro Blcdsoc: Mary H.. '71: Cocoa Beach. Fla: Boggs. Kathy R., '71: Winslon-Sulem Banner. chriclln 5.. '65: Chalkanooga. Tenn. Boone. Victoria T.. '70: Norfolk. Va. Brewer. Barbara 1.: '70: Pink Hill Brownridgc. Barbara A., '66: Charlnue Bruce, Carol A:. '71: Faith Brynn. Chrislinu M.. '71: Trumbull. Conn. . Buchanan. Curry 3.. '69: Durham Carrigg: Eclsy L.. '71: Raleigh Cole. Kalhcrine 0., '71: lacksonvillu Cornwell,10ncl R.. '71: Chapel Hill Daniel. 1uli:l P.. '69: Spartanburg, S.C. Davis. 1oycu 1..: '70: Charlotte Davis. Ruth M.. '66: Lexington Dill, Ann, '69: Rocky Mount Douglas. Sylvia 1.. '71: Raleigh . Dunn. Martha 1.. '69: Danvillc, Va. Fickcr. Susan 1.: '70: Hendersonville Fox, Helen M.. '69: Atlanta. Ga: Fraley. Karen 0.. '71: Faith Goldsmilh. Catherine G., '71: Raleigh Gmh. Dianne V:, '71: Lebanon. Pa. Croume. Sara A.. '71: Asheville Hall. Karen M:: '71: Taylorsville Halley, Cynlhiu A.. '71: Pinevillc Hayes. Sherry M.. '69: Louisville. Ky. Helbling, Adrienne L.. '71: New Canaan. Conn. Hulroyd, Margaret E. '69: Charlene Hsiung. Shang-Hsiu: '71: Raleigh Huff. 1udilh L.. '69: Winslun-Salcm Hull. 1am E '69: Ashcville Ingham. Helen A.. '69: Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 10hnson, Pamela ll. '69: Roanoke. Va. 1nines. Marha A.. '71: Elkin . Kell. Eilucn R.. '71: Asheville Korbach. Karen 1.. '69: Nags Head Lamberl. Margaret Clemson. S.C. Ledbcner, Mary W. : Raleigh Lemuns, Glenda 5.. 69: Murphy Litllejohn, Anne R.. '71: Charlene Lunsford. Juan R.: '70: Severna Park. Md. Mace. Linda 1.. '71: Marion McClure, Barbara E., '69: Clemson. S.C. C McKeuwn. Maclyn 13:. 71: Wilminglon McLean. Margarel R.. '69: Murfreesboro Milcllclln. Carulol '71: Danville. Va: Morris. Lucretia - '69: Thomasvillu Murray. Sandra M.. '70: Ashcville Myers, Catherine A '71: Winslon-Salcm Neufeld, Palricia A. 71: Cullowhcc Osborne. Ethel 8:. '68: Wilkesbom Owens. Alene M.. '7 Wilmingmn . Ozment. ludilh A., '71: Springfield. Va. Parker. Carol A, '69: Benson Penny. Grace. '71: Greensboro Perkins. Sandra E... '66: New Bern Plemmnns. Belly L.. 71: Ashevillc Plisco. 1anicc 1.. '69: Wilmington Pritchard. Lillian D,. '71: Ashebom Purslcy, Susan Y. 76: Gastonia Queen. Sara M. 71: Alexandria. Va: Rand. 1udilh H.. '69: Orlando, Fla. Ray. Ann R. '69: North Wilkesbom Reed, Marcella A.. '69: Kinston Reynolds: Phyllis D.. '69: Morganmn Ricks, Cynlhia I... '71: Durham Ricks, Palricia E,. '71: Durham Rider. Libby, '69: Kinston Ripley, Elizabeth C.. '71: Richmand. Va. Rogers. Kathryn G. '70: WinslomSalem Romans. Knlhcrin . 71: Williamsburg, Va. Ross. lennnic 13.: '6 Robersonville Scull, Martha A. 1: Camp Springs. Md. Simpson. Reba L. '69: Marim Small, Martha. 69: Charlene Spika, Patricia M.. '71: Columbus Spruill, Anita G:. ' Starr. 1ennifer IL. 66: Lancaster. S:C. Stone. Susan E., '69: Hope Mills . Taylor. M., Palricia. '69: Rocky Mount Trojan, Theresa M.. '69: Burlington Tullle. Donna, '71: Walnut Cove Ward. Maria M.. '69: Spartanburg. S.C. Warrington, Carol A.. '71: Tryon Wilson: Myra 1.. '70: Wilmington Wise. Paula 1.. '69: Charlouc Yelverlon. Anne B. '69: Fremont Allen. Barbara A.. '69: Greensboro . Atkins. 1am: 5,, '69: Asheville Aycock, Marsha D:. '69: Greensboro Bartholomew, Carol L,. '70: Durham Beaver. Slcphanic . '69: Wilson Beavers. Elaine M. 69: Greensboro Being. Donna R. '69: Goldsboro Bowie. Polly. '69: Upper Marlboro. Md: 154 Colleges . Canady. Dorothy 1.. '69: Fayerlcville Carroll. Christine 15.69: Lillinglun Casscll. Sam L.. '69: High Point Claylnn. Carol. '69: Dulnnd. Flu. Cook, Peggy R.. '69: Winstun-Salcm Cornelius. Anna C.. '69: Troulman Courtney. Katharine M.. '69: Crccnsboru Crawford. Alicia 1.. '70: Greensboro Groom, Aldilh 13.. '69: Raleigh 0 Davis, Sondra R., '69: Maxlnn DanHnussaye, Denise. '68: Glencllyn. Ill. Dorsey. Sarah L.. '69: Raleigh Dulson. Donna. '6 Churlolte Dickens. Nancy 1.. Swanshnm Dorian. Karen L:. '66: Suulhcrn Pines Earle. Mary V.. '69: Greensboro Edwards. Claire E., '69: Durham Edwards. Pamela 1.. '69: Slalosvilln . Ferrell, Mary CL. '69: Reidsville French, Marilyn. '69: New Bern Garrison. Sandra 1.., '69: Ashcvillc Gill, Sharon A.. '69: Wilmington Grayson. Nancy 1... '69: Blackshurg. Va: Haley. Belly A.. '69: Greensboro Hnrdisun, La Voice I... '68: Wallace Hoffmcycr. Sandra G. '69: Charlnnc Horney. Louise F:. '69: Greensboro . Hovey. Lynn R.. ' : Hickory Howard. Bctly1.. 9: Mocksvillc Hunlcr. Cheryl L., '69: Winslnn-Sulurn Hulln. Nancy 13., '69: High Poinl lackson. Margaret 1.. '69: Pctersburg. V11: Iaquicr. Virginia 8.. '69: Wilminglon Johnston, Sandra L.. '69: Charlotte Kucrchcr. Katherine A.. '69: Wuslficld. N.1. Kidder. Martha F.. '69: Wilmington O Lambdin. Dale. '71: Franklin. Va. Lane, Melissa A.. '69: Greensboro Lchotsky. Suzanne F.. '69: Clemson. S.C. Marshall, Carolyn 0., '69: Winstnn-Salnm McCallum. Sarah 69: Candnr McQuilkin: Lynne E '69: Charlmle Melvin. Sarah A.. Rocky Mounl Miles. Beverly 1., '69. Warrenlon Milhous. Iurlith A.. '66: Blacksburg. Vu. . Moore, Ectly A.. '69: Timberlaku Murray. Mary T.. '69: Durham Newsom. Linda M.. '66: Durham Nussbuum, Brnnda. '69: Columbia. S.C Orr. Mary1., '66: chdersonville Pearson. Rebecca 8:, '68: Wilkcshum Peebles, 1oannc A.. '69: Raleigh Phillips. Linda R, '69: Fayellevillc Prouly, Jane C.. '69: Holden, Muss. Ridlcy. M. Haden. '69: Allanm. Ga.' Robinson. Elizabmh 1:, '69: Tarburo Rutledge. Elizabeth W.. 9: Winslun-Salcm Schaefcr. Karen F.. '68: Wilmington. Del: Schultz. Bonnie 1.. '69: Wcslon. Mass. Scagraves. Sharon. '69: Ashclmro Slocum, Susan E.. Rena. Nev. Smilh. Mcrvyn E. 9: Snow Hill Soden. Harriet L., 69: Rocky Mount Stanfield. Suzannu M.: '69: Lake Wurlh. Fla. Taylor. Mnrgarcllc 0.. : Towncsvillc Walker. Anne H.. '69: Greensboro Wallace. Elizabeth S" '69: Charlullc Ward. Miriam 13.. '69: Goldshum Whitaker, Barbara 1 9: Ashcbora Williams. Innis L. . aldsboru Williams. Jeannie. Kingsport. Tenn. Wond, Mary E.. '69: Raleigh . Wrighl. Elizabclh H.. '69: Camhridgc. Muss. Wynns. Lyda P.. '69: Colurain Adamson, Sharon 5.. '70: Chullanouga, Tenn. Allen. Linda A., '71: Shelby Allen. Mickey I... '71: North Wilkesboro Alsup. Marian E.. '70: Fuyellcville Badger. Shuiln A.. '70: Iel'ferson . Bans. Rachel 1., '6 Bailey Buuler. lunel M.. : Atlanln. Ga. Black. Deborah E.. '70: Chapel Hill Bodnnhcimer. Susan T., '71: Winslon-Salem Borden. Cynlhia 1.. '68: Milwaukun. Wis: Bruoks, Sallie A.. '71: Sanford Bruce. Patricia A 71: Harrington. R.I. Bubzl. Rebuccn . 71: Durham Curler. May T.. 71: Danvilln. Va. Custcel. Calhcrine P., '71: Winter Haven, Fla. . Clement, Mary H.. '69: Whiltim' Curwilh. Nancy F.. 68: Soulhamplnn, N.Y. Covingmn. M. I. 1mzqueline. '71: Concord Crosby. Margaret 12,. '71: Winslon-Salem Davis. Gayle W.. '69 Washington Edwards, Phyllis D.. '71: Lnndrum. S.C. Efird. Kulhy A.. '71: Albemarle Ellen. Diane L:. '70: Raleigh Eudy, Shelia D.. '71: Locust . Farmer. Sandra K.. '68: Greensboro Filipski. Karen L., '71: Raleigh Fouls, Kay F.. '69: Gastonia Fowler. Sarah A.. '68: Charlotte Caddy. Barbara A. 70: Charlotte Genlry. Earlene, '7 Pelham Goldstein. Anita, '69: Asheville Grebunkemper. Nancy $.. '71: Annandalu. Va. Gurley, Kathleen N., '71: Lexinglon Colleges 155 .Haley. Patricia. '71: Greensboro Hamrick. Cynthia . '66: Shelby Hanson, Iuycc L.. '71: Edgcwood. Md. Harper. Margaret Hauser. Brenda A.. '66. Charlotte Hauser. Pamela l., '69: Winslon-Salem Hemella. Susan A.. 'an-Greensbow Harman. Sara 0. '71: Wilson Hill. Laura L... '66: Winston-Salem . Hurst. Tammi 1.. '68: Fort Min. S.C. Idol. Elizabeth A. '70: Charlone James. Gladys L" '69: Maple Hill Johnson. Patricia D.. '70: Henderson Jones. Sarah A.. '70: Wilminglon Lenvill. Christine. '71: Montclair. NJ. Loy. Jacqueline A.. '71: Jacksonville. Fla. Lyerly. Cheryl A.. '71: Charlmte Morris. Indy. '69: Kings Moumain . Overman. Pat. '70: Rucky Muunt Owen. Mary E. '71: Fort Bragg Owens. Shelley K,. '70: Shreveport. La. Parker. lulia D.I '66: High Point Puck. Susan H.. '71: Charlotte Pender, Janice K.. '71: Burlington Pollard. L. Theresa. '70: Battleburu Rees. Kathy 1.. '71: Greensboro ,Rjerson. Gwendolyn F1. '66: Greensboro . Ritchie. Pally 1.. '66: Salisbury Roxlo. Helen E... '71: Wilmington, Del. Sawyer. Hazel A.. '71: Elizabeth City Shalett. Nancy A.. '70: New London. Conn. Simpkins. Cynthia A.. '71: Wrighksville Beach Sissun. Renee A.. '71: Wilmington Skinner. Carolyn EL. '70: Durham Smith. Marjorie M.. '69: Swannanoa Spear. Lou W.. '71: Bnunville . Steadman. Lois V.. '69: Fayettevillc Smells. Cathy D.. '71: Alexandria. Va, Stephens. Rochelle A.. '69: Bethesda. Md. Thompson. Judy D.. '76: Spindale Theme. Darlene C,. '70: Wilson Tienken. Vickie . '66: Wilmington Turner. Ellen 5.. ' : Danville. Va. Wallace. Iancl A.. '71: Yadkinvillc Ward. Marcella M.. '70: Tyne: . Whitaker. Gayle T.. '70: Louishurg Wilder. Elaine. '70: Sanford Wilkinson, Lannie D.. '71: River Forest. Ill. 1 . I , w . T ' , . LEFLER- Williams. Deborah 1.. '71: Richmond. Va. Williams. Susan L '76: Atlanta. Ga. - . 1 ' , . , . '7 I NEWSOME Young. Mary L. '71: Wheaton. Md. x - . ' . " . . . . . 1 Aaron. Ralph 6.. '69: Madison .Adkisson. Thomas R 71: Greensboro Ashburn. Robert W.. '71: Winslun-Salcm Bodie. IL. James W.. '71: Tryon Bolick. Kennelh D.. '71: Hickory Bowers. Michael M.. '71: Greensboro Boyles. Robert G.. '69: Lincolnton Brockman. Albert D.. '71: Mailland. Fla. Brown. George L.. '71: Lexington Brown. William P., '70: Ashcville O Burdetlc. Daniel W.. '71: Hampton, Va. Bushby. James D.. 1: Rockville. Md. Candle. David R.. '71' Charlolte Caduy, Thomas M. '71: Charlotte Culbrelh. 11. Fred M1. '66: Racford Davis, Seth ll. '71: Mcnruc Denny. Taylor 5.. '71: Savannah. Ga. Dormer. Robert R., '7 Sanibcl ls.. Fla. Eagle. II. Franklin L. '70: Mt. Pleasant . Gee. Timothy W.. '70: Southern Pines Cizinski, Richard .. 70: WinstomSainm Helms. Thomas E. '69: Monroe Hall. Peter W.. '71: Shaflsbury. Vt. Hill. Larry G. '71: High Point Hinshaw. Michael A.. '70: Randlcman Hodges. William A.. '71: Charlotte Hudson. William 1., '68: Wilkesboro Hurdcr. Wayne 1.. '69: Champaign. IIL Huston. III. Aubrey. '71: Princemn, N.I. Johnson. Jr.. D. C '69: Shawnee Mission. Kans. lolly, Bruce 0.. 69: McLean, Va. Kernodle. Michael W.. '71: Williamsburg, Va. Kirby. Hilliard W.. '71: Ashcville Kitchen. Iohn F... '71: Vienna. Va. Kronenherg. Joel 1., '71: Chalmnocga, Tenn. Lee. William UH '69: Raicigh Light. Carl E.. '6 Cary . Mabe. Jerry W.. '71: Winslon-Salem Macon. Gerald A.. '6 'Muunl Airy McLamb. Edward W.. '69: Kinston McMunigal. Ill. Philip A.. '71: Chester. Pa. Oates, Donnie A.. '71: Greensboro Oliphanl. Charles F. '71: Lookuul ML. Tenn, Phillips. Charles C.. 71: Soulhern Pines Purdie. Jr.. John A.. '71: Fayetteville Rexrode, Edward D.. '71: Durham 0 Rice. Terry V.. '69: Washinglon. D.C. Schmid. III. Walter A.. '71: Fort Worth. Tex. Schroeder. Stephen 1... '71: Charlotte Skinner, IL. Henry M.. '66: Wilscn Stewart. Raymond P1. '71: New Canaan. Conn. Swepslon. Anderson H.. '71: Greensboro Tarkington. Timothy 0.. '71: Four Oaks Taylor. Charles B.. '71: Raleigh Tinsley. Preslon L.. '69: Asheville 156 Colleges Turner. Larry 1.. '69: Zuphyrhills. Fla. Wagnan. 1ohn W.. '69: Raleigh Webb. Daniel C.. '71: Shelby Wcstall. 1ohn C.. '71: Ashuvillc Williams. 111. A521 Z, '69: Raleigh WooLl. Ronnie D.. 71: Four Oaks Yclvcrlun. George 17.. '70: Wilson Auslin. Roger L,. '71: Marshville Baueom. 1ames C.. 1r., '71: Marshvillc Blanton, Thomas E., 1r '68: Ellcnlmro Buwermasler, Michael. 71: Charlotte Bowman. Steven C.. '71: Manhasscl. N,Y. Branch, Benjamin C.. 1r., '71: Bedford. NY. Brookrcsnn. 10c W.. '68: Mendowbmuk. Pa. Brown. James E.. '6 ' Burlinglun Browne. Thomas A 69: Charlotte Burns. 1ohnny R.. '71: Vuldesc Byrd. Robert 13., '70: Va. Beach. Va. Campbell. Charles S,. '71: Maiden Clayton. Lloyd 8. '71: Birmingham. Ala. Clifton. jumcs R.. '71: Waco. Tex. Cline. Stephen 13.. '71: Hickory Collins, Charles D.. '71: Oakridgc. Tenn: Comeaux. Preston N.. "I. '71: Charlotte Costner, William D.. 11".. '71: Ashevillc Currin. Ronald W1. '69: Sanford Dumbell. James M. 71: Charlolte Elder, James F., 11"., ' Muunl Airy Ellioll. Larry 13.. '68: Kernersville Estes. George C.. '71: High Point Fearon. C. G. '71: Suulhborough. Mass. Fox. Larry L. 8: Roxboro Gafford. William F..1r.. 'GU: Shaw AFB. S.C, Goodsan. Barron D.. '71: Lincolnlan German. Stephen L., '71: Ormond Beach. Fla, Guwer. 1ohn R.. '71: Rocky Mount Heard. Thomas W.. '70: Ruchcsler, N.Y1 Hamillon,10ffrey W.. '71: Grolon. Mass. Hurkey, Troy 8.. '71: Charlolle Hcrndun. Douglas W.. '71: Durham Huffman. Lewis 5., '71: Hudson Hunter. Duran: A.. '71: Williamstown. Mass. Hussey. Terry V1. '70: Robbins Kulz. Drew C.. '71: ing of Prussia. Pa. Koeblilz. Rabcrl R.. 69: Greenville Kohler. William R.. '71: Dallas. Tex. Mancss. Michael C.. '71: Burlington McKellar. John E. '71: Jackson Meffert, lohn W.. '71: Weslon, Conn. Melton. Arnold C.. '69: Forest City Miles. David L.. '71: Greensboro Owens. Gordon W '71: Elm City Pcnley. Grover W. Asheville Diaski. Philip W. 69: Kinslon Pope. Ierry L., 71: Conway Rasl. Phillip R., '71: Birmingham. Ala. Ray, William C., '69: Greensboro Rector, Douglas H., '71: l-Iudsun Respcss. William W.. '71: Panlcgu Rice. 1ames H1, '70: Hickory Rubiera. Guillermo 1., '71: London. England Skipper. Stanley 8.. '71: Denver Slokley, 1amcs 8.. 1r.. '71: Wilmington Trakas, Suranlus N.. '71' Gastonia Tubbs. Douglas H.. '7 Panama City. Fla. Wilkerson. 1amcs L.. '70: Durham Willson. James K, V. A.. '71: Mobile, Ala. Allen, Gcnrge S.. '71: Burlington Alkins. 1:Imes W.. '611: Mobile. Ala. Ball. 1r.. Frederic 1,. '71: Washinglon. D.C. Beam. Daniel W.. '60: Hickory Blanlon. 1r.. William L. 'GH: Alkinson Blcmly. Michael 5.. '71: Rockville. Md. Brooks. 1r.. William 1., '69: Shelby Caldwell. 1l1. jessee 13.. '71: Gaslonia Cunan. 1r1. Edward L.. '71: Spencer, Mass. Chapman. Thomas L.. '71: Carolina Beach Comm. 11:. Kenneth 13.. '71: Kipling Crelicos. Peter S., '71: Charluslon. SAC1 Culbrelh. Michael D.. ' : Fayeitcvillc Davis. Richard L, '71: Raleigh Dckle. Ralph C.. '71: Kinslun Ellcnburg. Steven 13.. '71: Spencer Ellibl. 1r.. Robert W., '71: Charlauc Faulkner. Adrian D., '71: Kinslon Ford. George 1.. '65: Allanln. Ga. Frost. 1ack N1. Grad; WinstonvSalcm Furr. Richard L.. '71: Charlotte Garrard. Ruburl F.. '71: Durham Gibbons. 1umes M.. '71: Slullgarl, Germany Guzinski, Ruberl 1.. 71: Cherry Puinl Humnchck. 1ohn W.. '71: Kewaunee. Wis, Hansel. Slcvc D.. '71: Ml. Holly Haggard. Ill. William A., '71: Elizahelh Cily Hulkmun. Herbert L., '71: Durham Holmes. Kcrnnnlh A., '71: Burlinglon Humphrey. Loyd T. 71: Burlington Huluhens. Inhn C., '71: Winslon-Salcm Hutlon. Richard 13.71: Ossining. N.Y. 1effmys, Frank U.. '71: Raleigh Kruse, David 8.. '71: Miami. Fla. Liplon. Howard A,. '70: Durham ander. Randy 1.. Durham Lucas. Glenn D.. '71: Raleigh Colleges 157 0 Main, Ir., John WM '71: Columbus. Ohio Mangum. Julian F.. '71: Raleigh Markham. Daniel G.. '71: Charlene McClelland. IL, lamcs M.. '71: Charlotte McKinnon. McKay. '71: Wadesburo Miller. Richard L, '71: Yadkinville Moore, Townsend C., '71: Darling. Pa. Neely. Billy T.. '71: ML Holly Nelson. In. lames H., '71: Charlene . vanll. III, William R.. Wendell Owen. III. Park H.. '71: Nashville, Tenn, Packard. Franklin A:. '68: Shelby Parker. Raymond En ' 1: Fayetteville anloff. Ionalhan T.. '7 Warren. Mich. Pclnrs. Ill. William A. '71: Elizabeih City Prassc. Edward P., '68- Pinnville Pullcnse. Donald E. '71: Winslon-Salem Runsomc. III, Percy A.. '71: Riverton. NJ. 0 Rhodes. Jr., Curlis N.. '71: Charlotte Shcllon. Larry D,. '71: Winston-Salcm Simpson, IL, Ralph H '71: Richmond, Va. Snipes. IL. Charles H 71: Sanfurd Slrugand. William E. B: Durhum Sleelc, Ill, William A.. '71: Nashville, Tenn. Swinson. Thomas S.. '71: Durham TempIulon. Steven D.. '71: Savannah. Ga. Tew. Eugene, '71: Burlington 0 Trumhle, Ian R.. '71: Charlene Wilkinson. James D. '71: New Orleans. La. Williams. II, James W., '70: Concord Wise. Larry W.. '71: Clemmons Wuod, Ill. Iamus A., '69: Charlotte Wrighl, Keith H.. '71: Ashcbmu Aiken. 1L. Elven '11, '71: Raleigh . Arapagc. George M.. '71: Wilson Alwalcr. Thumas C '71: Reidsville Baker, David 1.. '71: ayeueville Barber, Phillip W '71: Greensboro Baucom. Donald C,. 71: Concord Baumann. Ill. Carl A.. '70: Ashcvillc Bella: Thomas M.. '71: Raleigh Benninglon. David A,. '71: Likiah. Calif. Barlow, Bruce A.. '71: Bethesda. Md. 0 Brandenburg, Robert A. '69: Burlington Brown. Rickey C.. '71: Gasmnia Burks. Randolph H.. '71: Kemersville Chrisco. David E., '68: Downers Grove, Ill: Cohen, Todd. '71: Millburn. NJ. Connell. lohn W:. 69' Richmond. Va, Coot. Lawrence B 71: Smilhfield Davis, Bobby L.. '71: Landis Edwards. William H" '71: Raleigh O Erlandson. Paul 1., '71: Corpus Chrisli. Tex, Eudy. Michael C. '71: S1atesvillc Finn. Jeffrey A.. '71: Washington. DC. French, Peter N.. '69: Hamden. Conn: Fuller, Russell M.. '69: Augusta. Ga. Carroll. William E. ' Ruxboro Custer. IL, Jack C., '71: Durham Gore, Edison, '70: Shallaue Graham. David H., '71: Hickory . Graves, Joseph 8.. '71: Greensboro Guilford. William B. '69: Aumra Hales. Ice, '71: Tryon Hnmrick. Richard E.. '71: Ellcnboro Hascldcn.'john L. '71: Charlotte Hawkins, William E.. '71: Hudson Hedrick, Stanley M., '70: Lexinglun Hirsch. Alan S.. '71: Miami Beach, Fla. Hedges. Inn 5., '71: Hickory . Hood. IL. David L, '71: Charlene Hornsby, Tyra E., '71: Ruxboro Howard, Ronald 5.. '69: Gary Hudson, Philip C., '71: Chattanooga. Tenn, lslcy. Ir.. Elwood C:. '71: Bclews Creek Johnson, Keith W.. '71: Four Oaks luhnson. Kenneth M,, '70: Shallolle loncs. James E1, '69: Iran Slnlion Julian. Phillip D.. '69: Chapel Hill 0 Lin, David C:, '71: Miami Beach. Fla. Lucia, Richard S, '71: Savannah. Ga. Manet. Thompson C.. '71: Savannah. Ga. Marshall. Iolm 1., ' - Sanford Mcdlcr. Charles E., 1: Ashcvillc Miller. Claude W.. 71: New Bern Mohorn. Ill, Sterling C2,, '71: Weldon Morgan. Philip 1.. '71: Washington. DC. Morris, III. George D" '71: Danvillc. Va. Owens. Earl l... '71: Willlalnsluwn, N.I. Rcclor. Edward IL, '71: Hudson Rhync. Ruginald 1.: '68: Gasluniu Richardson. Thomas F '71: Macon, Ga. Saunders, yurry M., ' : Boone Scull. Michael L., '69 Chapnl Hill Seipp. Raymund H: '71: Ballimure. Md. Shaffnur In. William L, '71: Burlinglon Sulucki. Richard. '6 ' Graham 0 Sumner. Sluarl L.. '7 Bill Cavu Walker. William T '71: Wilbur Wallace. Iamcs G. '71: Charlollc Ward. lll. james L ' 1: Canlcn Watkins. Clyde W1. 71: Oxford Weathers. Iames Y:. '71: Shelby Wheeler. Barry L.. '71: Durham thcluss, William 3., '71: Nashville Waudlief. Glenn. '71: Oxfurd 158 Colleges O Wray. Robert Cw '71: High Point Yates. Timothy R.. '71: High Point Young. Robin H.. '71: Virgilina. Va. Zerden, Solomon 6.. '71: Hickory Ziglar, Jerry T.. '71: Madison Alexander, IL. Sterling C.. '71: Columbia Aydlell. Charles M.. '71: Elizabelh City 0 Bare. Daniel L.. '71: Crumpler Barfield. Kenneth D.. '70: Fayeneville Barnett, Richard L.. '71: Oak Ridge. Tenn. Boyd. IL. William T.. '71: Winston-Salem Brick, Harry 1.. '71: Teaneck. NJ. Bridger. John H.. '71: Bladenboro Canny, Ray T.. '71: Burlington Carllon. In. Joseph L.. '71: Winston-Salem Coleman, Richard C.. '68: Silver Spring. Md. . Dail. Tony Dq '71: Ayden Deas. Ir. William 8.. '71: Charleston. SC. Denny. George T.. '71: Ashevilla Dawning. David F., '70: Winslon-Salem Ellis. Ir.;William L.. 71: Bladenboro Getman, Willard E., '71: Darien. Conn. Griffin. John Cu '71: Charlotte Haigh. William T. '71: Princeton, NJ. , . Hall. Thomas 1.. '69: Charlene T ' ' V 7' . Harbinson. Larry G.. '71: Maiden ' - Hardin, Ralph D. ' ' Shelby Hodgson, John E., '71: Miami Springs, Fla. Hudnell. Hilton K., '71: New Bern. N.C. Hunter. Charllun. L.. '71: Miami. Fla. Hutchinson. John H.. '70: Charlotte Jamison. Wayne P.. '71: Stanley Jones. Joseph A.. '7 Hamlet Knight. Kenneth . 71: Eden . Kurz, Iames S.. '71: Springfield. Va. Lowder. IL. William R.. '71: Winston-Salem Marks. Patrick H.. '69: Fayetteville McLean, Scott. '71: Bowling Green. Ky. Meacharn, Harold 5.. '71: Charlene Palmer. Carleton A.. '71: Wayne. Pa. Parker. Michael D.. '7 Charlotte Parks, William M.. '7 Charlntle Rabil. IL. William Winston-Salem O Rasberry. Kenneth 71: Durham Rigsbee, David E., 71: Durham Robertson. Iasse Cu '71: BurlingMn Rossi. Mark W.. '71: New Bern Sellers. IL. john W.. '71: Burlington Simmons. Wilson F.. '71: Winstun-Salem Snack, Thomas R.. '71: Dunedin. Fla. Slinson. IL. Harold C.. '68: Charl'olte Slirewalt. James NH '71: Herndcn. Va. . Turns. John F.. '71: Asheville Turner. David C.. '69: Charlotte Williams. Ronald D '711Malthews Wolfe. Charles T.. '69: North Wilkesbom Wood, Philip L.. '71: Smikhfield Yore, T. 1., '71: Eekhesda. Md. Zimring. Peter 1,. '71: Raleigh . Eelk. Jerry 3.. '68: Hickory Berger. Ronald M. ' 1: Randallstown. Md. Bracken. Arnold LN '71: Cherryville Eumeue. Richard L.. '68: Swannanou Burton, Garmon W.. '71: WinsmanaIem Byrd. Jr.. Joseph K.. '71: Drexel Culeman, Paul D.. '69: Bethesda. Md. Cox. Daniel T.. '68: Burlington deBuys. IL. William E.. '71: Bahimore. Md. 0 Efird. Jn. 630132 1-1.. '71: Charlotte Felts, James R.. '71: Charlotte Gentry, John R.. 71: Roxbow Gray. In. Lester D.. '71: Marlboro. Md. Hammer. Donald G.. '71: WinstomSalam Holbrouks. Rodney G.. '71: Kannapolis Horn. Dennis L. '71: McComb. Miss. Irons, 11. Ben G., '71: Greenville Jones. Samuel L.. '71: Oxford 0 Kates. Thomas W.. '71: Jersey City. NJ. Kenney. Robert 5.. '69: Middletown, RI. Leak, 111. James A '68: Wadesburo Macbeth. Gary R. . Toledo, Ohio McKelpin. Emmett O. '71: Durham Moore. William W.. 71: Atlanta, Ga. Moorefield. Darrell E., '71: Danbury Renfroe, Frank, '71: Troy. Ala. Saleeby, IL. Eli R.. '71: Philadelphia. Pa. . Sayles, Darrell A.. ' : Ashevillc Sistrunk. Robert G., 70: Wilmington Smith, Andrew H.. '71: Charlotte Smith. Phillip C., '71: Raleigh Spencer. III. Thomas M.. '71: Wilson Tate. David L.. '71: Banner Elk Tilley. Gary C.. '69: Mount Airy Timmons, Michael L.. '68: Towson, Md. Tussey. Carl B.. '71: Winston-Salem . VanCamper, Ierry H.. '70: Charluue GRABBIT Warlick. Kenneth R.. '70: Ellenboro Webb. Barry L.. '69: Charlotte Weisman. Michael R. '71: Douglasmn, N.Y. HUTCH Wheat. Kenneth R.. '69: High Point While. Thomas L.. '7 : Charlotte Work. In. James H" 71: Avon. Conn. Colleges 159 0 Adams, Tony L1, '71' Raleigh Benson. Tommy. Kenansville Bust. Wi 'am L1, ' : Atlanta. Ga. Bowling. IL. Tom W '70: Wilson Brincefield, John R,. Salisbury Brockman. William L., 71: New Orleans. La. Bynum. IL. William L., '68: Raleigh Byrd. Hubert W.. '69: Charlotte Collins. Peter F.. '71: Kennett Square. Pa. C Cox. Dale 8.. '71: Randlcman Curlec. F. Lynn, '69: High Point Diamant. Ruben A,. '71: Charlotte Drapkin, Edward C.. '71: Wilmington Edney, Timothy 1., '71: Fart Lauderdale. Fla: Ezzell, 11",. William '71: Burlington Floyd, Stephen C,. '71: Lumberlon Forbes. Robert L. '71: Far Hills. NJ. Fromen. Gunnar N: R. '71: Miami. Fla. Hearn. George G, 71: Raleigh Hoskins. Ernest L., '71: Greensboro Hoover, Donnie, '7 Charlene Hunt. Edward W., '69: New Bern Jones. Phillip R.. '71: Raleigh . Keilh. Larry R, '69: Charlotte Lawrence, Charles C., '71: Lexington, Ky. Long, IL. juhn A.. '69: Statesville McAdoo. Albert T.. '71: Greensboro McLaurin, III. Daniel A:. '71: Garner McLean. Donald E.. '71: Greensbnro McMillan. Bennie H, '71: King Michal, John C. C. ' rvinglon, Va, Milchener. William I O Morrison. Iamcs C., '71: Concord Nash. Palrick L1. '71: Greensboro Parker, 11:. Curtis 1.. '71: Charlotte Person. Roberl E1. '71: Charlotte Polly, Michael 5., '71: Stoninglan, Conn. Prall. George 5., '71: Aydcn Pridgen. III. Mack D., '71: Rocky Mount Pugh. IL. john W,. '71: Randleman Rauchfuss. Thomas. '71: Lenoir . Redfern. Charles M., '71: Monroe Ridenhour. Don R. W.. '71: Knnnapolis Roochvaxg, Elias. ' : Newark. NJ. Ross. IL. Jack M. 71: Clarksdale. Miss. Sayugh. Paul A., '71: Portsmouth. Va. Siuman, Donald B., '71: Miami, Fla. Smith. In, Charles W '71: Swannanoa Smith. Franklin Y.. ' : Summerville. SC. Smilh. Reginald K.. '71: Kannapolis . Smith. William 8.. '71: New Bern Sugg. Gary R.. '71: Gastonia Surles. Dan M,, '71: Benson Surmll. Ill. john 6.. '71: Charlotte Underhill, Charles B '70: Washington. D.C. Utermohlen, Mark W '68: Raleigh Watson. William C.. '7 Kanly Websker, Thomas C.. Savannah. Ga. Williams. Richard C 71: Vienna. Va. 0 Wilson. David Ku '71 Kings Mountain Znymun, Robert E.. '71: Raleigh Arginlar. Ronald B.. '70: Asheville Baker. Bruce W.. '71: Spring Lake. Mich. Balis. Frank M:. 71: West Palm Beach. Fla: Barbiero. Michael F., '71: Valley Stream. N.Y. Ecrglund, Peter 13., '71: Kingston. Mass. . Blythe. Harry M., '71: Charlotte Brewer. Richard F., '71: Greensboro Bryant. II. Charley Cu '71: Fayetteville Buchanan, Thnmas W.. 71: Raleigh Davis, Gerald T.. '71' Raleigh Etheridge. James 8.. 70: Wilson Faircloth. IL, Wiley 1., '71: Mynle Beach, SC. Fox. Caleb C.. '71: Knaucrlown. Pa. Griffin, Gene E,. '71: New Bern . Hatch. William T1, '71: London. England Halhcock. James M,. '69: Albemarle Hoffman, Clifford A., '71: Portsmouth. Va: Hughes. In, lames C,. '71: Winston-Salem Hull, Donald R., '71: Guslonia Hullender. Jr.. Joseph A.. '71: Kings Mountain Kennedy, William H, '69: Raleigh Lambert, Stephen L. 71: Kannapolis Loinenweber, L: E... '7 West Palm Beach. Fla. . Lesley. Michael H. : Charlotte Lockwood: Stephen M, : Washington, DC. Lulz. James F.. '71: Gasloma Maddox. Steven E. '68: Elizabeth City Marshall. Michael T: 71: Manhasset, NY. Mathews, Alan C.. '71: Asheville McMichael. George P.. '71: Reidsville McMurray, John W.. '70: Asheville Moore. III, Joseph 1.. '69: Portsmouth, Va. . Parks. Kenneth L. '70: Lexington Pearman, Larry W. 71: Kinston Pickett. Mangum A., '71: Durham Powell. Terry 1.. '71: Reidsville Pressley. Christopher E.. '71: Kings Mountain Friday. Robin L.. '71: Columbus. Ohio Reusing. Michael V '71: Raleigh Richter, William E.. '71: Atlanta, Ga. Roberts, Leonard T,, '68: Belmont 160 Colleges O Rooks. David M.. '71: Asheburo Rose. Lynn 3., '71: Greensboro Shade. Ruben 1., '68: Rockville. Md. Scheffey. James D.. '71: Potlslown. Pa. Schustack. Daniel F., '71: New York. NY. Short. Terry A.. '71: Hickory Simmons, Donnie l... '71: Kannapolis Sisk. James K., '71: leson Stang. Michael A.. '71: Greensboro . Wainscott, john C.. '70: Charlotte Walker. Robert W.. 71: Cedar Rapids. Iowa Wetzel. Christopher C.. '71: Lake Forest. 111. Winstead. Marion G '71: Durham Caddy. Richard E., ' Carpenter, III, John . 71: Greensboro Carroll. IL. Felix A., '69: High Point 0 Carter, Richard E.. '71: Hubbsville Center. Iames C1, '70: Elkton. Md. Cook. Bruce A.. '71: Oyster Bay. N.Y. Daughtry. Timothy C.. '71: Smilhfield Easlun. Frederick E. '69: Washington, DC. Faziu. Ioseph L.. '71: Norristown. Pa. Fogleman. III. Clarence E.. '71: Liberly Farmy-Duval, William H, '69: Hallsbom Freeman. III. Ernest 1.. '70: Bar Harbor. Me. . Gamble. IL, John B.. '71: Macon. Ga. Gammon. Kenneth L. '69: Raleigh Halsey: William E.. '68: Clark. NJ: Heller. Richard D. 71: Danville. III. Hibbs, IL. Max 68: Creedmoor Holt. Dean 8.. '70. Bulner Hudson, IL. Sterling L., '71: Greensboro Jones. IL. Winfield R.. '71: Hendenonville Iordan, Larry C.. '71: Star 0 Kleinmaier. David N.. '69: Kinston Koontz. Jerry R. ' : Kannapolis Lowrance, 102 B., '71: Mooresville Mathews. Thomas A.. '71: St. Louis. Mo. McKinney. William F.. : Coral Gables, Fla. Mills. Taylor A B.. '71: Hingham. Mass. Moore. James W.. '69: Alexandria. Va. Murchison. John L.. '68: Rocky Mount Neal, Iuhn V.. '71: Hickory O Palemon. Ir.. James C.. '71: Montclair. NJ. Perry. Craig C.. '71: Upper Montclair, NJ. Piedhoff. William B., '71: Greensboro Rogers. Louis D.. '68: Fair Bluff Sain, Gary L.. '71: Hickory Schell, Walter W.. '69: Pottstown. Pa. Seggel, Peter A.. '71: Livingston, NJ. Sink, 11.. David W.. '69: Lexington Skinner. III. john H.. '68: Lititz. Pa, O Smith. JL. Maurice E1. '89; Locust Sobol. Charles M.. ' lack Mountain Spanner. 11. Ray A., '71: Charlotte Stampadus. William C. '70: South Miami, Fla. Stone, Charles W.. '71: Kinslon Streater, Donald A.. ' 9: Morven Thigpen. Fronis R 68: Fair Bluff Turner. Philip B.. '71: Wolfeboro, N.H. Underwood. Ronaid C.. '69: Troutman . Yardley. Carl R" '71: Durham Colleges 161 GRANVILLE COLLEGE Maybe not as ttgroovey" as Ashbury-Haight, but definitely him" was Granville Residence College in i its second thriving year. Parties were held almost every weekend with combos like iiThe Drifters," and the Cafe De Ville opened its first season with coffee-house type entertainment, not to mention the unforgettable pajama party in the spring! Our own new WILD radio entertained those stu- dents who stayed in their rooms and read their Granville iiTower Talk.n For the intellectually-minded, there were month- ly speakers and dinner guests like Chancellor and Mrs. Sitterson in the newly-initiated Faculty- Fellow program. For the really energetic, the shaving cream fight in the parking lot made state headlines. iiLucifer in the Sky with Dooleyi, led the iiBeat Dook,, parade, but donit forget the Homecoming iiTurtle" display! With Christmas came itthe eventh of the season - the Granville Christmas Formal at the Holiday Inn in Durham. Champagne flowed as the well- dressed couples danced to the music of Jimmy Crisp and his band. But the biggest anticipation of the year was hav- ing our swimming pool completed, with the prom- ise of tennis courts, volleyball courts, and even barbeque pits for the future. ! .t rnmmougpgmgmm- Next year cant help but be even ugroovier" at Granville! GRANVILLE COLLEGE OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: Ernie Allen, Social Lt. Governor; Gary Wirl, Academ ll. Governor; Baxter Graham, Treasurer; Dick Lynch, Assistant to the Governor; Robert Bass, Governo SECOND ROW: Linda Parfee, Activity Chairman,,- Tuna Ulmer, Social Chairman; Lesley Wharton, Pres dent of Granville East; Lauren McLean, Secretary. THIRD ROW: Tomee Howard, Social Chairman; Gen , Moncrief, Assistant of the President of Granville East; Mary Maescher, Activity Chairman; Jane Massi t Treasurer of Granville East. 1 Leslie Wharton, Presnlent of East, and Bob Bass, Governor. 162 Colleges Max Steele talks a! Granville Speaker Series. Indian Ben Smifh at Halloween Party. Colleges 163 NEW BREEDS HOUSE OFFICERS - James A. Hendrickson, President; Peter Keni, Senator,- Jeff Hofer, Intramural Mgr.; Kirk Phillips, Vice-Presidenf; Chris Horsnel, Secretary-Treasurer. "7'.va , v . ,. , , REBEL HOUSE OFFICERS -- David House, Presiden'; Jack Ho- cuH, Senator; James Geer, Senator,- Reed Vail, Secretary- Treasurer; Richard Baer, Vice-Presidenf. GARY HOUSE OFFICERS - W. Cameron Kay, President; R. Rebel Good, Secreiary-Treasurer; Lee McLean, Sweethearf; Jay Pringle, Senator; Robert Newton, Senafor . The men of Adams House 164 Colleges New Breeds pose for fhe Yuck phoiagrupher. hu . ,, - 2 ID HOUSE OFFICERS - Mike Shannon, Presidenf; Gary Smifh, Senator. BACK ROW: Dick Sarfore, Eric Klinghofer, Vice- Presidenl; Pefe Schmuck, Dave Pansius, Treasurer. Edam House Tube Team . EDOM HOUSE OFFICERS - Charles Chamberlain, Presidenf; Bruce Pinne", Vice-Presidenf; Fred True- Iove, Secrelary-Treasurer. ttSo youtve had an unusual year in Granville East Cprivately owned, University approved hous- ing3 came with boundless enthusiasm, only to have it squeezed out of you when you and the other girls got stuck in the elevator an hour and a half one night. . . tBeat Dook, weekend you built a 20-ft. float for a 42-ft. truck and your maid left be- fore Christmas and your room hasntt been cleaned since - not to mention your 24th tFinal Noticet from the telephone company or your Honor Coun- cil appearance for lending your meal ticket to your sister. How ,bout when your Sunday morning hangover was so rudely interrupted by a bomb scare that left you suffering in 10 temperatures for hours in your shorty pajamas while the police searched? Ah, Spring . . . but your cans gone, towed away because it was in space 27643-0910 and your number is 276-43-0911. So you went for a swim. . . in the oversized bathtub thatts wedged in the shadow of the towers. Oh, well . . . youtre liv- ing here next yearT, Are things really that bad? You might ask Granville East housemofhers Mrs. Emily O'Neill New and Mrs. Eh'zabefh Roper. y 3 Vii'k":., w , GRANVHLE ; , ' . EAST t The lively, energetic officers of Granville East include FRONT ROW: Nancy McCharen, WRC Representative; Jane Massie, Treasurer; Lesley Wharton, President; Jean Spencer, Vice-Presidenf; Gene Mon- crief, Assistant to the Presi- dent. SECOND ROW: Rita Barnes and Lil Dobson, WAA Representative; Tomee How- ard, Social Chairman,- Mary Maescher, Acting Chairman; Lauren McLean, Secreiary; Linda Parfee, Acting Chair- man; Tana Ulmer, Social Chair- 1 168 Colleges 4 0 Adams. Sarah E., '68: Lincoln. Muss. Alford. Eleanor 5.. '70: Nashville, Tenn. Allcolt. Elinor. '71: Chapel Hill Andrews. Evelyn G., '68: Farmville Auman. Catherine G., '69: Hillsborough Bandy. Mary 1.. '66: Rocky Mount Barnes. Sybil R.. '69: Raleigh O Barnett. Rita A.. '69: Henderson Bartholomew. Claudia 1:. '66: Wilson Hales. Paulette A.. '69: Greenville. SC. Baucom. 1udilh M.. '69: Hickory Haxley. Glenda A.. '70: Ruckingham Beard. Rebecca 0.. '71: SL Pauls Beazley. Mary L. '71: Nashville. Tenn. Biggers. Vicki G., '66: Kannapolis Black. Linda 3.. '70: Raleigh . Blackstone. Anna L.. '71: College Park. Ga. Boland. Laura H.. '69: mlanta. Ga. Boring. Diana G., '66: Asheville Branaman. Beverly A.. '65: Raleigh Brandes. Sarah 13., '71: Chapel Hill Britt. Barbara 1.. '6 Candor Brody. Hynda 1.. '66: Kinston Brown. Clara A.. '66: Fayetteville Caldwell. Gayle S.. '69: Greensboro . Calhoun, Carol C.. '71: Chapel Hill Campen, Georgie H:. '69: Alliance Cary. Katherine T.. '66: Greensboro Cassel. Gillian H., 0: Chapel Hill Chambers. Sally. '68: Charlotte Chapman. Suzanne M.. '69: Charlotte Christian. Meg M., '68: Lynchburg, Va. Clark'. Kathy L.. '69: Danville. Va: Clayton. Catherine P.. '70: Charlotte 0 Cline. Eleanor 3., '69: Hickory Cobb. Elizabeth T.. '70: Atlanta, Ga. Coddon. Mariean. '69: Macon. Ga. Constantine. lane 15., '66: New Bern Cooper. Marcia S.. '6 ' asper. Ala. Cottingham. Iane. '7 High Point Cowan. Di Anna. '69: Williamston Cox, Bonnie L.. '69: Briarcliff Manor. NY. Crawley. Linda B.. '69: Shelby . Crone. Lauri B.. '71: Guldsbom Crowell. Margaret M.. '69: Charlotte Culbreth. Zana C. 70: Rulherfordton Dale, Corinne H., 1: Nashville. Tenn. Darden, Mitzi E.. '71: Norfolk. Va. Davis. Edith M.. '71: Morehead City Davis. Karen L.. '71: Triangle, Va. Davis. Linda G., '69: Mullins DeLuca. Chrisline R.. '70: lacksunville . DiCostanza. Celia M.. Rochester. N.Y. Dubson. Barbara E:. '68: Charlotte Dobson. Lillian 13., ' : Nashville. Tenn. Dunlap. Karen 1.. '68:.Charlotte Durham. M. Woody. '70: Morehead City Dwyer. Deborah A.. '69: Wilmette. Ill. Dysarl. Mary M.. '71: Marion Eakins. lane! L.. '68: Chillicothe, Ohio Edwards. Carolyn A.. '69: Smithfield 0 Ellis. Randy S.. '69: Evanston. Ill. Fanning. Jane E.. '68: Middletown. Ohio Fishhach. Lynn A.. '71: Easlchester. N.Y. Fleishman. 10 E.. '69: Fayetteville Fortune. loan. '70: Oxford. Miss. Funderburk. Charleen L.. '69: Charlotte Gadd. Nance L.. '69: Pinehurst Goodman. Glenda A.. '69: Wadesbom Conley. Cheryl A.. '66' Wellesley Hills. Mass. . Guentert. Barbara 1:. 69: Charlene Gurkin, Chloe A.. '68: Williamston Guy. Barbara 5., ' Hickory Haber. Charla 69: Greensboro Harding. Patricia 1:. '69: Washington. DC. Hatch. B. S.. '68: La Tour De Peilz. Switzerland Hawkins. Marsha A.. '69: Humington, W. Va. Helms. Mickie A.. '71: Wingate Hickersan. Rebecca A.. '71: Nashville. Tenn. 0 Hill. Kathleen A.. '69: Fayettevillr. Hobbs. Mary N.. '7 Kinslon Hockaday, Linda 1.. '69: Greensboro Hosking. Eileen R.. '68: Irvington, N.Y. Huuser. Christine C.. '68: Chen-yville Howe. Mary R.. '71: McAdenville Howerlon. Linda R.. '68: Gibsonville Hudson. 1ane F.. '71: High Point Hughey. Paula D., '70: Nashville. Tenn. 0 1ordan, Linda H. ' : Charlotte Josephs. Terri 1.. 7 Atlanta. Ga. 1oyner. Pamela M.. 66: Tawson. Md. Karesh. Susan 5.. '69: Charleston. S.C: Kirzinger. Gretchen. '68: Greensboro Kitchens. Laura1.. '69: Convent Station. NJ. Klaassen. Mieke 3.. '71: Chapel Hill Koons, Debby. '71: Cincinnati, Ohio . Kraft. Katherine G., '71: Annandale. Va. 0 Kutzke. Ruth M.. '66: Toledo. Ohio Lambelh. Ellen. '71: Greensboro Landau. Donna L.. '71: Adantn. Ga. Lane. Mary C.. '71: Charlotte Lawver. Alice 1.. '70: West Palm Beach. Fla. Laughinghuusc. Suzanne. '66: Havelock Leggell. Nancy H.. '69: Elizabethtown Lewis, Patricia A,. '71: Hickory Linz. Julia C.. '68: Kensington, Md. Colleges 167 .Liule. Mary E., '69: Wadesborc Livermore, Jean R.. '69: Arlington. Va. Lyerly. Margaret 1... '68: Hickory MacGuire. Ianice G.. '69: Charlotte MacMillan, M. C,, '71: Old Greenwich. Conn. Maescher. Mary L '68: Cherry Hill, NJ. Gaslonia Mamny. Susan E., '69: Waynesville Marshall. Martha 5., '69: Hampton. Va: . Mnrtinson, Iean A.. '70: Clifton. NJ: Mussec. Jeanie 8., '69: Orange Park. Fla. Massie, Cathay L... '69: Waynesville Massic. lane MH '69: Goodlellsville. Tenn. Maynard. Nancy L.. '69: Raleigh McCarren, Ellen. '69: Grosse lle, Mich. McCharen. Nancy. '71: Nashville. Tenn: McDonald, Sharyn L.. '66: Chapel Hill McElwaine. Kathleen A.. '70: Fayelleville . McGowan, Elsie L.. '6 'Chnrlotte McKenney. Michele F 69: Wilmington McLean, Cameron L,. '68: Lumberton McLean. Mary L.. . Lumberlon McPcake. Sara L.. 69: Loudon. Tenn. McQuade. Diane E... '69:-Alexandria, Va. Meyer. Erica H., '71: Gainesville. Ga. Moczek. Maureen A. '70: Charlotte Moore. Thelma L.. '68: Charlotte 0 Morgan. Martha, '69: Raleigh Morris, Roberta L. '69: Alexandria, Va: Moseley. Jane S.. '70: Goldsboro Muller. Elizabelh F,, '69: Garden City. NY Nyrop. Nancy 1:, '71: Edina. Minn. Odham. Becky D. '70: Grifton Ogburn: Ann Ma '70: Baltimore. Md. Palmer. Elizabeth B" '68: falls Church, Va. Parlee. Linda R. '68- Covingmn. Ga, . Peacock. Beverly, '6 remom Peacock, Dorothy A '69: Charlotte Peterson, Marilyn Phillips, Gloria F . Philpotl, Belly L. 68: Levington Pilchcr. Ann L., '68: Winston-Salem Pity. Virginia A., '70: Newtown Square, Pa. Pclter. Mary K.. '68: Wadesboro Pou, Elizabeth A. '68: Winstcn-Salem . Price. Susan K., '71: Leaksville Quinn. lane 5.. '71: Chcnyville Ratliff. Helen M, '69: Wadesboro Rainey. Martha E. '68: Kannapolis Reeda, Suzanne 1., '70: Charlotte Renfro, Iohana D.. '68: Cullowhcc Reynolds. Rita R.V '69: Wadesbom Roach. M. Lynn. '71: Atlanta, Ga. Rogers. Linda, '69; Lexington O Ruminger, Ina 1.. '68: Winston-Salem Ross. Carolyn. '71: Rockingham Rosser, Ianet L., '69: Whilakers Rupe. Julia H., '69: Winslon-Salcm Sampson. Cherry L. '68: Alexandria. Va. Sanders, Cynthia G., '70: Charlotte Sandlin. Marlha E.. ' : Fayetteville Schwartz. Carole S.. '70: Wilminglon Scssums. Linda R.. '69: Hyallsvillc. Md: 0 Sexton. Kaml 1:. '68: Rocky Mount Shepherd, Kale H.. '70: Princeton. NJ. Sheram. Kakherine A:. '69: East Poim, Ga. Sherill. john W., '71: Winslon-Salem Shoe. Linda 1., '71: Granite Quarry Simpson, Carolyn M., '71: Winslon-Salem Singletury. Patricia A.. '71: Clarkton Smith, Constance A.. '69: Charlotte Smith. Geraldine G 71: Raleigh . Smith, Sandra K., '88: Winslon-Salem Smith, Sunde: '66: Germanmwn, Tenn. Snider. Barbara A '68: Clearwater, Fla, Sewers. Mary C. ' . Winston-Salem Spencer. Iean F., 68: Charlotte Stein, Carol A.. '66: Fayetteville Sterling. Mary P.. 69: Greenville Stevenson, Joanne, '71: New Bern 'Slevenson. Sina G.. '69: New Bern . Stewart, Elizabeth A.. '69: Clinton Still. Nancy ll, '69: Conyers: Ga. Stone. Barbara C.. '69: High Point Sugar. Deborah 8.. '69: Silver Spring. Md. Sugg, Marcia R., '69: Gnslonia Swarm. Gale. '69: Morehead Ciw Taylor. Pamela S.. '71: Mount Airy Thomas. Pamela EW '68: Burlingwn Thompson. Lisa C. '71: Richmond. Va. . Tillman, Effie A., '69: Wadesbnro Trevathan, Wanda R.. '69: Greenvillc Ulmer. Tana V.. '70: Washington. DC. Vansnnt. Katherine .M., '69: Harrodsburg. Ky. Wagner. Carol L., '69: Lewisburg. W. Va: Ward, Palricia A.. '68: New Bern chEr. Barbara M:. '68: Atlanta, Ga. Weier, Lucy E. '68: Bluefield. W. Va. Wharton, Cynthia L. 69: Greensboro . Wharton, Pamela L.. '68: Goldsboro While. Della M., '6 : Greensboro While, Elizabeth I 71: Charlotte Whitley, Anita E.. '6 Albemarle Whitley. Rhudonna E., '69: Rocky Mount Whitman. Nancy L.. '69: Memphis. Tenn. Williams. Marguerite N.. '68: Oxford Wilson. Elizabeth. '68: Albjsmarle Wilson, Mary L., '69: Kilmamock. Va. 168 Colleges O Wismann, Laura, ' : Setauckel. N.Y. Wray. Anne-Marie. '70: Eon Air. Va. Yates. on. '70: Durham Yogmun. Ellen L. '70: Spartanburg. SC. Zilcr, Diane C.. '65: Southern Pines Allrcd, David W., '70: Burlington Brown. john 0:. '71: Fuquay-Varina . Dawson. In. William L.. '70: Arlington Dcsrosiers. Paul M:. '70: Bulner Good. IV. R. Fletcher, '69: F1. Meade. Md. Gooding, Jr.. Carnie C.. '71: Havelock Harles. Charles W.. '69: Rocky Mount Haunway. IL. James H,, '71: Sanford Helms, Nolan D.. '71: Challanooga. Tenn: Hickok. 111. Walter I... '71: Waynesburu. Va. Hubun: Stephen P.. '71: Middlebury, Vt. . Lane, In. William R., '69: Wilmington Laudenslager. Mark L.. '69: Charlotte Lynch. In. Charles H., '69: Hanover Mandel. Michael 8.. '71: Gaslonia McLendon, Wendell W.. '71: Oakburo McLesler. Ierry M.. '71: Stanfield Mmton-Smilh. William S:. '71: New York. N.Y. Myers. Gregory H.. '71: Ottumwa, Iowa Neal, Daniel F.. '69: Kings Mountain 0 Pringle, IL, Iuscph R.. '71: Greenabum Rugexs. H. Daniel. '71: Charlotte Roth. Barry N: 71: Bethesda, Md. Siler. John H.. 9: Waynesvillc Stanley. Alfred R.. '71: Greensboro Taylur, Grady E., '71: Tallahassee. Fla. White. Michael D., '70: Ruckinghpm Whitley. Steven A., '69: Albemarlc Wilkes. Jn, Roger L., '71: Leaksville 0 Win, Gary I... '69: Wilmington. Del. Yokeley. Stephen A.. '69: Winston-Salem Adams, Robert T.. '69: Alexandria. Va. Allen, III. Augustus '69: Raleigh Allen, IL. James A. '69: Raleigh Alley, Larry C,. '69: Winston-Salem Brame. Robert M.. '71: Durham 0 Bason, David R. '71: Graham Bass. John H.. '70: Rochester, N.Y. Benbon. Andrew C., '68: Oak Ridge Bcncdc, Craig 0:. '71: Daricn, Conn. Benn. Donald H.. '7 . Exelcr, N.H. Brewer. Donnie W.. '71: Greenville Burgess, Russell E. '69: New Bern Eurick. Scott H.. '71: Greensboro Cline. Frederick C.. '69: Winslaanalem O Cobbs, Richard C.. '71: Selma. Ala: Davis. IL. Lewis D.. '71: Spindale Evans. Jr.. Neil C., '69: Lexington Form. Jeffrey P., '71: Annislon. Ala. Friesc. David W:, '69: Charlotte Gccr, IL, James Hq '71: New York. N.Y. George. In. Robert A,, '71: ML Airy Glenn. Eugene H.. '71: Birmingham, Ala. Gibbs, In, Richard E.. New York. N.Y. . Goad. Bryan F., '71: Mt. Airy Goodson. Bruce M,. 71: Charlotte Gordon, In, Eugene A.. '70: Winston-Salem Greenspan. Micheal R.. '71: Charlotte Hale, George 13., '71: Newark. Del. Hildebrand. R. W:. '71: West Hartford. Conn. Hocuu, In, John E. : Newark, Del. Hugsellc. Gerald 8.. : Sylvania. Ga. House, David K. '71: Durham . James. John M:, '70: Lcaksville Kcever. Karl G.. '71: Fairfax. Va. Koenig, Harvey M., '71: Greensbum Leinwand. Ioseph 1.. '71: Elizabethtown Luther. john 5.. '70: Charlene Miller, Roy H.. '69: Yonkers. NY. Munday, Donald D.. '59: Mouresville Payton. James D.. '71: Baltimore. Md. Ramsey. Harry G, '71: Jacksonville 1., . Seymour. Dennis 13.. '69: Winston-Salem Simpson. IL, Eugene M.. '69: Calumbia. S:C. Swacker. Robert N., '71: Charlotte Voighl, Walter R.. '71: Lookout Mm.. Tenn. West. III. Martin R.. '71: Washington: DC. Yuung. IL, Richard B.. '59: Charlotte Ailsworlh. III. Robert D.. '71: Keysville. Va. 0 Allen. IL. Robcrl F., '71: Charlotte Ariail. David W,, 71: Fayetteville Ashford. Peter R.. '71: Raleigh Aulry. James 14:. '71: Fayetteville Ballenger. Grady W:. '71: Seneca, SC. Barr. Bruce M.. '71: Cleveland, Ohio Booth, Thomas C.. '70: Greensboro Braswcll, William E... '68: Winston-Salem Carroll, Jn. Boyd A.. '70: Trvon 0 Douglas, John L., '71: Danville, Va. Fisher, Donald W:. '68: Franklin Girard. Frank D.. '71: Gaslonia Croce. H. Dale. '60: Asheville Hamlin. Daniel R.. Canandaigua. N.Y. Harris, Carroll M., '70: Raleigh Hudson, Albert S.. '71: Florence. SC. Jackson. Alex W.. '71: Clanton, Ala. Lewis. Peter T.. '71: Kailua. Hawaii Colleges 169 . Lloyd. In. Barlun, '70: Alexandria, Va. Lock. In. Gregory 1., '71: McLean, Va. Luria. Ion D.. '71: Arlington. Va. Mabcs, Joseph C.. '71: Lcaksvillc McDaniel. Gerald ' Roanoke Rapids Mitchell, William 71: Fairmom Morrison. J. Reid, '70: Greensboro Roswell. Clint 0.. '71: MM Yurk, N.Y. Shndd. loseph 8.. '70: Lcunia. NJ. . Thompson. Stephen R.. '69: Kensinglon. Md. VunArsdall, Rohurl 13.. '71: Raleigh Vann, James W.. '09: Clinlon Wells. Iohn H,. '71: MI. Airy Whilficld. In. James I... '70: Raleigh Williams. 109111. '71: Winslun-Salem Bmwlcy. 11. Buyer: A.. '71: Momusvillc .Clcyral. Gerard 1.. '71: Charlotte Colvard. Deun W.. '71: Charlene Conklin. Tommy R '71: Durham Cunkc. Arthur W.. Crmmsburu Dunn. Murdoch M.. 71: Wilmington Evans. john 8.. '71: Greensboro Fawccll, Richard M. 71: MI. Airy Fryar, James H.. '71: Wilminglun chdcs. James M.. '71: Wilminglun. Del. . Gilliam. Ill. Thomas E, '71: Burlington Griffin. Robert 5,. '0 Charlotte Harris. John M.. '7 Winslnn-Salum Hensley. Ruben : Spindule Hanson. John E 71. Sylvn Horsncll, Chrisllan A.. '71: Nashville. Tenn. Humphreys. James H.. '70: Winslun-Snlcm Krnnsburg. Paul S., 09: Fayulleville Levine. Lester 1.. ,0: Beuuforl. S.C. 0 Lewis. Sum L, '71: MI. Airy Lizldell,1r.. Mark C.. '71: Suulhcrn Pines McCoy. Hal V., '71: Greensboro Moseley. JL. Preston W.. '69: Wilmington Phillips. Kenneth K" '7 Washington Reynolds. In. Frank I '09: Wilmington Schwarlz. Barry H.. '00 Baltimore. Md. Selby. Thomas N.. ;g; Chnrlom: Spain. Thomas F.. '71: Cruunshum . Thomas. Charles G.. '71: Gaslnnia Tmadaway. James A. '69: Wudesboro Wilson. Thomas W.. 60: Sylva Barnes. 111. Frank 13.. '71: Smithfield Blue. Dan 8., '71. yclteviIIe Brooks. William . '69: Red Bank. NJ. Brown. Charles W.. 7l: Charlotte 0 Campbell. 11:, Dcxlnr M.. '71: Burlington Chandler, James R. '70: Gnslonia Crouch. Ir.. Jami: . '71: Hurlingmn Dorms, Donald M 71: Princess Anne. Md. Buslcr. Olen C.. '0 Lexington Fenscl. Francis P.. '71: Wilmington Ferguson. In. George B '70: Durham Gallcmorc. Warren G Perry. Ga. Gregory. In. Thomas 71: Winslun-Sulcm Houser. In. Slcphcn L.. '71: Indian Trail Hunt. Ir.. Joseph D. '71: Oxford ldul'. David H.. '68: High Poinl Kimball. Richard A.. '71: Burlington Kuhn. Walter F., '70: H Lamb. Raymond : . '69 : ' Lung. Inhn C.. '70: Mcba McCurmick. 111. James L. 71: Burlington Merrill. Slephcn W:. '70: Wilmington Mayer, Francis 8., '71: Upper Saddle River. N.I. Raynor. Douglas P. '69: Red Bank, N.I. Rollins, James 13., '7D 'pindalu Schroeder. l1, Charles '71: Ashcvillc Skuels. IV, William 1 71: Burlington Stamper. Robert A.. 71: Wilson Sullivan, Ioseph 8.. '71: Charlotte Swnim. Jerry D.. '00: Elkin Thomas. In. Albert 5.. '71: Wilson . Travisnn. Russell W.. '71: Winslon-Snlem Trolmnn. William H., '71: Winslun-Sulcm Vickery. Frederick 1.. Matthews Vrsu. y. Anlhnny 1. Winsmn-Salem Wanner. Allen R.. 70 Charlnnc Whnrlon. Roberl H.. '60: Allanla. Ga. While. 11:. Ernest 13.. '71: Burlington Williams, Jeffrey. 13.. '71: WinslomSalem Winsluad. Ir.. Wade H, '71: Wilson 1:4-1 34 '3 7 ', ,- $Mgnm...m . Woodard. David W.. '71: Wilson anus, Stuart A.. '09: Charlmlc Banner. William D '71: Greensboro Blake, Ioseph A.. '09: Reidsville Bonny. 11".. Howard 5.. '09: Tarborc Brown. IL. Herman C.. '71: Duvcr, Del. Burnham. James M.. '70: Asheville . Clay. Phillip L, '68: Wilminglun Hinc. lohn C.. '7 WinslomSalem Hines. losuph l., '71: Gril'lun lackson. Thomas R.. '71: Mt. Airy Jacobs. David C.. '71: Slalc Park. S.C. Jump. Richard P '70: Greensboro Lamm. Billy R., '71: Bailey Mackie, Andrew L., '09: Yadkinvilla Mcisky, Patrick A., '71: High Point 170 Colleges Oliver, In, David 1.. '70: Mariam: Pansius. David K., '71: Granville. Ohio Peacock, Jacky W.. '69: Walkerlown. N.C. Perry. William H.. '71: Bailey Phillips, Lockwood H.. '71: Beaufort Pierce. Barry W.. '71: Dover, Del: Pollard. 8301111. '71: Burlington Rawleigh, James T.. '71: High Point Sartorc, Richard 8., '71: Pclham. N.Y. Schmuck, Peler Cu '71: Bnlhesda. Md. Searles. Michael D.: '71: Dcland. Flu. Shannon,Michael W.. '71: Drexel Hill. Pa. Sherlin, Robert W., '71: Sweet Water. Tenn. Smith, Gary 5.. 71: Gallipolis. Ohio Tilley. C, Slmud. '69: New Bern Todd, III. William H.. '70: Rye. N1Y, Tucker. IL. James C.. '7 Madison Wilkerson. Ralph W:, '69: Williamsporl. Pa. Alexiou. Jim A., '70: Greensboro Coltrane. IL, Ioseph M.. '69: Kcrncrsvillc Davis. Willis M,. '70: Wilminglon Dunbar, Charles P.. '71: High Point Enfield. Slevcn N.. '71: Miami Beach. Fla: Gabard, Homer R., '71: Yadkinville Gordan. Alan F., '71: Ashevillc Hagna. Lewis W.. '71: Marion Harrington. III. Sion H.. '71: Erwin Hausur. Charles H.. '71: Winslon-Salcm Huggins. Mark Q. '71: Hickory Hughey. Ill. Rife S1, '71: Nashville. Tenn. Hunter. Iames C.. '70: Greensboro Icard, Benny W.. '71: Hickory Iennings, IL. Inc C,, '71: Annapolis. Md. Kossove. David H.. '71: Charlotte Levingslon. Robert A.. '71: Rulcville. Miss. McAnaney. Kevin C.. '71: Rye. NY. McDonald. 1L, Angus M., '71: Charlotte Means. Randolph 13., '71: Durham Merrilt, Robert H.. '71: Houslon, Tex, Miller. Frank 1.. '71: Winslml-Sulum Mulley. III, Anderson 3,. '71: Danvillc. Vu. Nelson. Michael L. '71: Durham Phillips. Ir.. Andrew C.. '71: Greensboro Postun. III, Frank H., '71: Charlotte Price, Ill. James L. '71: Hickory Poole, Roberl M1. 1: Winslon-Salcm Smith. Hal H.. '71: Conuver Smith. Mark P.. ' : Charlene Smith. Robert 8,, '7 Durham Stewart. Samuel E, '67: Princeton. NJ. Townsend. John V.. '70: Greensboro Young. Wayne R, '68: Raleigh Aldridge: James R.. '71: Charlnlle Anderson: Henry W:. '69: Ashevillc Anspach. Jr., William H.. '69: Churlolle Barnes. HI. Robert L., '66: Sims Bollcs. Linwood W., '71: Charlotte 8051. Willeam S.. '59: Newlun Bowman, Clark C.. '59: Hickory Brock. Russell R.. '70: Mt. Olive Bryant. Richard L. 8: Roanoke. Va. Cellini. Charles W1. '70: Sanford Davison, John 54, '7 11' Graham, Jr.. Harry A. 69: Charlotte Hewill. In. Harold 8.. '68: Ncwlon Lambclh. Ion T.. '71: Greensboro Reed, James R:. '69: Sylva Roberson. Thomas E.. '71: Raleigh Robertson, Hurry C.. '71: Mount Airy Robinson, Thomas L.. '69: Chcslcr. S.C. Rolhermel. Ray W.. '71: Mount Carmel. Pa. Rulledgc, Joel C., '71: Churlolle Sain, Olis E. In, '71: Greensboro Smith. Nathan H.. '71: Washington: DC. Sparrow, Jonathan 8., ' Greensboro Slilwcll. IL. William '71: Mullhews Wallace. Slephen C.. '69: Jacksonville Colleges 171 I BRING KMIS - 91 ST TA OFFICERS - SEATED: Kenneth Neher, Governor; Jo Anne Porter, Prestderttef Smirh; Janet Sawyer, President of White- head; Bill Courtney, Academic Lt. Governor. STANDING: Tom Harris, Treasurer; Butch Jackson, Social Lt Governor. Ab- sent: Bob Wiltshire, Secretary; Jack Shepard, Social Lt. Governor. "Virgin Mary" strikes again! EHRINGHAUS COLLEGE This year the "Studs" of Ehringhaus continued to revel and lead, setting the pace for others to follow. For the first time, we had two sister dorms. Whitehead and Smith. In spite of the parties and the never-ending beer. our notorious academic average was maintained. Week- ly movies were shown, covering many topics including "The KKK" and "Big City e 1980f Often distinguished speakers accompanied the films. Several houses were even intramural champions. Moreover, the college won the Campus Chest trophy for the best participation on campus. Of course, The Stud again won critic's acclaim as the most entertaining col- lege newspaper. During the fall, our 'tPumpkin Bash" was the most popular of all. The Ehringhaus TV certain- ly must have a distinctive appeal because the Jubilee Phantom struck again for the third straight year. How- ever, we retaliated by starting the WSTD radio station in hopes of discouraging the phantom. Grill nights, the Annual Art Show, the Dook Float and Homecoming Dise play, as well as the Nature Park provided added enter- tainment for us all. Grooving if at the Christmas Dance. a 1;. .1! 172 Colleges AYCOCK HOUSE Bear Bryant has moved to Aycock House! Well, not really. but we do have a close approximation in intramural manager Mike uBrother Bear" Simpson. Under Coach Simpson's tutorage, Ay- cock athletes captured the Campus Rod and Gun Championship and the Co-Rec Carnival Title. reached the semi-finals in tag foot- ball, and claimed two aIl-campus wrestling champions. Prospects appear favorable for high finishes in volleyball and softball. and for a second consecutive residence hall basketball championship. But all is not fun and games in Aycock House. Studies, quizzes and term papers take much of the residentsi time, but still there is always time for TV viewing, for an all-night poker game tjust for fun of courset. and for a quick trip to the Criterion. And, of course, there is always the battle between Don tiGrossman" Wil- son and t'grossest-man-in-the-world" Dan Beason for entertain- ment. Despite such activities, Aycock House is on the move. Active in academic. social and service projects as well as academics, Ay- 7 . t , , COCK House leads the charge to prove Ehrmghaus the BBSt R851- OFFICERS - Mike Coffey, Senator; Steve Wilson, President; Jim Money, dence College on the UNC Campus or on any campus! Secretary-Treasurer. "Dirty Dozen" can really "throw it." Another night of concentrated study - after the movie. Colleges 173 BOURBON HOUSE OFFICERS SEATED: John Andrako, Vice Pres- ident; Buck Causey, Presi- dent. STANDING: Dick Taylor, Reporter; Chris Council, Secretary Trea- surer. OFFICERS - John Harris, President; Torn Renedo, George Ritchie, Secretary- Treasurer; Peter Davis, Senator. See if on can fell the men from the b0 5 B House, Ehringhaus is . . . Playing bridge at 12 midnight knowing youlve got a quiz at 8 otclock in the morning learning one song on the guitar and playing it over and over for three hours getting in line to kiss all the girls from Whitehead goodnight stomping cockroaches banging on the radiator with your shoe to make the guys on the third floor stop bouncing golf balls pulling an all-nighter and then sleeping through class trying to shave before a foggedeup mirror while your roommate takes a steam bath running out of toilet paper waiting for the new Playboy studying now and then having savoir faire scribbling Obscenities on the RAE bulletin board phoning the girls in Smith typing 43 errors a minute being cool having a Closet full of dirty Clothes and run- ning out of socks shutting off the alarm and going back to sleep wiping the dust off textbooks being without a ticket to the game losing 3d; at blackjack asking the guy next door to turn down his record player retaliating by turning your radio all the way UP listening to Bill Cosby Libertte, egalite, et non-fraterm'te a totally unique experience. CANINE HOUSE Beginning one of its more destructive academic periods, Ehringhaus Canine House was finally foiled by the vengeance of Chubby tthe Rooml Checker, who quickly issued bills for dart holes in window glass, fractured chairs, Bowie knife de- pressions, and golf ball holes in ceiling tiles. Get- ting many verbal warnings, few of which material- ized on cards, the floor continued its favorite pas- times: playing football in the lobby and spitting from the balcony rail. After a rampage of room- mate swapping, harmonica playing, all-night card playing, tttube" watching, and Brucels provocative appearances, Miami Fats moved to an apartment. Participating in that longtime South Campus sport, climbing from floor to floor via balcony, and ice fights atop the elevators, and grossing out all the Chapel Hill establishments, and three crowded grill parties, Ehringhaus uC" maintained its hon- ored cognomen of STUD. DOG HAUS Dog Haus started out this year just as the name denotes - in the dog house. However, a special Arbor Day Celebration is being planned for spring, to be followed by the Great Chop in fall of 1968. We were very fortunate to have elected Miss Lindy Beazley as our House Sweetheart. Dog Haus has been recognized m for many accomplishments during the last year. In sim- plified form of ABC's they are as follows: A is for our celebrated artist. Allen Turner B is for the beard that John Lentz always has after vacations C is for Conrad in 428 who caused a riot by the jocks with one little guitar D is for the House that is first visited by the Collegemaster during riots E is for the elevators that skip the 4th Floor F is for Fat Albert Fuller G is for Iim Griffith, who doesn't know when to celebrate Halloween H is for our House Advisers, without whose proper manner of dress we would not be full Carolina Gentlemen I is the missing link of the alphabet I is for Jim Bean, no relation to Jim Ball K is for the Red Baron in 402 L is for the red landing light in pilot Cam Beck's room M is another missing link N is for New York and our many residents from the land of Booze O is for open cans, of which we have plenty P is for our Playmate who never arrived Q, well, we won't mention R is for the Rambler in 448 that drives to Dur- ham at 5:00 AM. m S is for sex, the opposite of which we rarely see in Dog Haus T is for the telephones that no one ever an- swers U is for the unlimited time spent on playing bridge V is hereby stricken from the alphabet W is for the work done at the Nature Park X, Y, and Z, refer to V Allen Turner depicts the i'C" Ha" morning delivery. "I've got a great idea! Let's have a Playmate Banquet," says bresidenf Woody Wood to John Lentz, Senator,- Richard Ballard, House Adviser; Randall Stanley, House Advisor; and Charles Gaylor, Vice- Presidenf. Absent from this inspired meeting are Don Coley, Senator; Van Turner, Senator; Robert Whif- mire, Senator,- and Robert Mathis, Secretary-Treusurer. 7 swam mg gmpwiiaaw Doc" HAUS T SALUTCS sw . H: -. 5r; ?:?:MON m: v g; " DOG Mag Colleges 175 OFFICERS - Bi"- Cour9ney, Of- ficial Fireman; Mike Ford, Ass". Resident Advisor; John Eaddy, President; Bill Moser, Vice-Presiden'; Ron Stephens, Resident Advisor. ABSENT: Ber! McNeer, Treasurer. ESSEX HOUSE Secre tory- HWherels Ralph?" Flask House lives up to its name; fresh- men first learn the true meaning of flasking. Grill Nite, ,67. Kinney gets upset Victory against Alkinson-Freiburg. Rotunds and Roundman concentrate on steaks. McGee, McCanm, Hyatt, and the Gritt quaff cokes. Carlie gets all wet, and later, Watson, to an advanced degree. Little Fella contemplates suicide. Neher grossest on floor. Rick with his rockin aocerina, sets new record at Scoreboar and returns to entertain the suite. R. D., easy going fellow supreme loses his shirt to McGee who constantly remarks liwill have some" gets none but falls in love with Sally Salem whom he has never seen. Buddha Ingram finds college a good place to Hibernate. E. J. gets a new roommate who studies. As always, a year living at Flask House has been real. Loser chugs. F LASK HOUSE OFFICERS - Earl McKnight, Vice President; Rick Dedmon, Senator; Jimmy Hunter, M.R.C.; Richard Ingram, Presi- dent. We of the Fifth Floor Essex House total 123 Carolina Gentlemen. Among our ranks reside such fa- mous people as the Ehringhaus beer chugging champ John Stewart; llMoonshinerll Marty Eaddy and his brother John who is known to tear up a certain door as soon as it is fixed; famous playboy-studs Har- per, Moser, and pilot-playboy Ford, who never see their walls; the freshman prexy Ken; most of the freshmen jocks;.and yet none other than Illl - start - a - fire - in - my - bed - Linder and Smokey-the-Bear Courtney who is wounded for he did indeed tlbreak the glass." Collec- tively we selected our own Sweet- heart Miss Patty Waller. And we are always walking down from the sixth floor because the elevators frequen- tly bypass us. A bit of verse: iiFor even though welre bottled between t The fourth floor and the sixth, l There still is plenty of merry and myrth, x For we all live on the F I F T H! . Alchlcy. Karen 6.. '71: Raleigh Baughn. Sandra 6.. '71: Carthage Berry. lane C.. '71: Raleigh Bruce. Brenda 1.. '68: Durham Burton. Doris F.. '68: High Point Canlor. Susan F.. '69: Dover. Mass. Crumpler. Rebecca A.. '70: Clinton I Etheringtun. Linda R.. '69: chdersonville Faucettc. Bulty E" '69: Durham Geoghegan. Ivey. '70: Raleigh Hadden. Patricia 1.. '71: Charlulle Harris. Ann. V.. '68: Pilsbom Hayes. Susan W.. '68: Wilkesboro Iohnsmn. Ann M.. '71: Raleigh Ioncs. Rebecca 1.. '71: Atlanta. Ga. Lewis. Ellen A.. '69: Fairmonl . Ludwick. Deborah L.. '71: Greensboro Moore. Shirley 1.. ' : Greensboro Newman. Patricia A.. '71: Silver Spring. Md. Nolstad. Margaret C.. '68: Raleigh Nurwnod. Nancy C.. '68: Hickory Porter. 10 Anne. '69: Raleigh Pruelt. Pamela E.. '71: Winslon-Salem Rowe, Mary 6.. '68: Hendersonville Senn. Cynthia L. 69: Homestead. Fla. . Simon. Lynn 13.. '691Asheville Slawter. Linda. '68: High Point Speck. Susan C.. '71: Raleigh Stephenson, Patricia M.. '70: Charlotte Weddell. Stephanie P.. '71: Raleigh Webster. Betsy E. '69: Rivemide. Conn. Werz. Annchu-ie. '69: Norfolk. Va. Westphal. loan F.. '68: Hamplon. Va: Yarbomugh. Iannie L.. '71: High Point . Bassett. Carol 6.. '69: Asheville Bell, Natalie V. M.. 68: Holden, Mass. Boardman. Katherine R.. '68: Columbia. S.C. Bralcher. Sandra 0.. '68: Bowling Green. Ky. Britt. Belly C.. '65: Lumberlon Brooks. Katherine M.. '68: Garner Cangiamila. Carla. '68: Plantation. Fla. . Charbonneau. Helcn-Rae. '68: Asheville Chumley. Vassar D.. '70: Slater. S.C. Cullen. Barbara L,. Waban. Mass. Carroll. Cindy 1.. . Kannapoiis Cotter. Belsy A.. 69: Challannoga. Tenn. Cumby. Patricia . '69: High Point Davis. Sharon E.. '69: Alexandria Denham. Constance. '69: Grand Rapids. Mich. Dombiala, Helen 1.. '68: Fuyulleville O Farnsworlh. Florence L., '69: Atlantahca. Flinlom. Caroline 1.. '70: Greensboro Floyd. Becky. '70: Durham Forl. lean 0.. '68: chdeuson Glassmeyer. Mary E.. '89: New Canaan, Conn. Henry. Gail L.. '78: Charlotte Hinson. Lynda 1.. 68: Pinehurst Huber. Esther 1.. '69: Lililz. Penn. Iacohs. Nancy K.. '68: Raleigh . 1ohnson. Kay E.. '68: Washington. DC. lanes. 1udilh F1w ' : Clemson. S.C. Iardan. Indy 8.. ' Kannapolis King. 1udy L.. ' aleigh Luftin. Ann 8.. 8: Kinslon Mason. Marjorie F.. '69: Raleigh Moore. Carol C.. '6 lackson. Miss. Munro. Maxie G.. 59: Brevard Neal. Linda K.. '69: Walnut Cove 0 Olive. Sandra K.. '6 : Apex Pallen. Marian R.. 69: Graham Poole. 1udy P.. '69: Chapel Hill Provo. Danna S.. '68: New Bern Requa. Patricia 1.. '68: Washington. DC. Reynolds. Bonila F '70: Reidsville Rice. Elizabeth A.. 6 Alliance Robertson, Barbara 1.. '69: Asheboro Rose. Sharon L.. '68: Charlotte 0 Ruth. lacqueline D.. '68: Salisbury Sawyer. 1anet E.. '88: Richmond. Va. Simpson, Rosemary L,. '68: Silver Spring. Md. Townsend. Laura N.. '68: Lenoir Weir. Ann 1.. '68: Charlolle Williams. Judy C.. '70: Belmont Williams. Susan M '88: Rockledge. Fla. Winn. Marcia M.. ' eaksville Youngblood. Mary A.. '69: Charlotte . Zurck. Brenda A.. '69: Cary Adams. Robert H.. '71: High Point Amerson. Henry V.. '70: Rocky Muunl Alderman. Elmer T., '70: Madison Ball. Raymond C.. '71: Morehead City Benson. James H.. '69: North Wilkesbum Bcvucquu. David M.. '69: Raleigh . Diggnr. Lee C.. '71: Chapel Hill Boardman. Geoffrey P.. '71: Norfolk. Va: Boykin. Michael A.. '70: Rocky Mount Bracken, 1r.. Travis E... '69: Luwndzllc Bachun. 11:. Ralph G.. '89: North Wilkesboro Buck, Robert L.. '7 ' Muysville Bunn. Timothy L.. 70: Rocky Muum Cavalaris. 1amcs '11. '69: Chariouc Chernnff. Norman, '70: High Paint Colleges 177 0 Church, Iimmy H.. ' : Valdese Coffey, Micheal C., 9: Greensboro Cuvinglon. Iohn H.. '71: Laurinburg Davis. George L. '70: Rocky Mount Davis. In. James R., '71: Wilminglon Davis, Iamcs W., '71: Greensboro Delbridge. Iames A.. '70: Rocky Mounl Donaldson, Waller T., '70: Charlotte Falls, Michael H.. '68: Gastonia . Finn. Andrew L. '71: Greensboro Gibson. Charles E" '70: Harrington, NJ. Greene. John W.. '71: Gustonin Harris, Thomas E.. '68: Washinglon Hayes, Ioseph Mn '70: Rockwell Hunter. David 1-1.. '69: Winslon-Salem Hyatt, Dobald R., '68: Monroe Johnson. John C.. '70: Orange Park. Fla. Iohnson. H. Thomas MH '71: Trenton . McCullough. Robert T.. '71: Pittsburgh. Pa. Marsh. Slave P.. '69: Marshville Medley. Clement EL, '59: Greensboro Mills. Iei-ry D., '71: Maysville Milenbuler, George M., '68: Chicago, 111. Money. Iames G" '69: Madison Moore, John E. '71: Ashcville Myers. HI. Joel . 69: Monroe Odom, Paul M.. '70: Arlington, Va. . Painter. William 5.. '69: Charlene Phillips. Grady S.. '69: Winston-Salem Pryor. William DH '71: Hendersonville Rhodes. Robert Au '69: Wilmington Robineu. jr., Thomas E. '71: Bradenton. Fla. Rudisill, In, Iohn C.. '70: Stanley Saunders, Douglas M,. '69: Wayne, Pa: Schwarz. Maurice C.. '69: Richmond, Va: Sherrill. 111, William A.. '70: Albemarlc O Sigmon. lesse P.. '70: Denver Simpson. John M.. '69: Mayodan Smith. IL, Albert, '71: Newton Grove Smith. Phillip W.. '71: Graham Spangler, Richard C., '71: Pillsburgh, Pa. Spence. David A.. '70: Greensboro Stewart. Iumes E.. '69: Marshville Stewart. IL, Paul Wu '70: Louisburg Stone. Robert B.. '71: Hagerstown. Md. . Waller. Micheal D., '70: Albemarle Weatherly, IL. Richard H., '71: Hamlet While, Edgar C., '69: Trinity While. James L. '68: High Point Whilworlh. John D., '66: Waco Willford. In. John Wilson. Donald R . Wilson, Thomas .. 69: Madison Yancey. John R.. '69: Morgantun . Adams, Jeffrey A.. '71: New York, NY. Andrako, John D.. '71: Richmond, Va. Aycnck. III. Jacob W.. '71: Wallace Bartholomew. Melvin R.. '68: Fayetteville Cains, James M.. '69: Charlolle Causey. II. IuIian W" '71: Sanford Chaney, Ir.y Hubert C., '68: Monrue . Clark, In. William W.. '70: Raleigh Council, In. William C., 71: Graham Crabtree. Oscar R. '69. Wendell Cranford. Tommy L. '66: Ashebom Critz, Robert M.. '70: Kannapolis Crowell. Charles 12.. '69: Wilmington Daniel, IL. Thomas 13.. '71: Raleigh Deichmanu, IL. Donald E., '71: New Bern Duncan. Lynwood H.. '68: Greensboro 0 Estes. William E.. '66: Birmingham. Mich. Fayssoux, 111. Richard. '71: Greensboro Haney. Chesley Ma '70: Laurinburg Haynes, Marc L.. '71: Slalenville, Ga. Hedgepelh. Charles D., '69: Fnyetlcville Helms. Kenneth D" ' : Charlotte Hibbard. Steven M., '70: Cheraw. S.C. Hilliard. In. Harold R" '71: Thomasville Hine, John E... '71: New Iberia, Louisiana 0 Hines, In. John W.. '70: Rucky Mount Howard. Donald E.. '70: Salisburg Howe. Alan M.. '71: Hamlet Hughes. James E.. '69: Richmond. Va: James. Robert S: ' Burlingmn Iemison. Iohn 5., . Birmingham. Ala: Iessup. John P.. '71: Bronxville. NY. Killian. James T.. '69: Salisbury Lee. 111, Rufus M.. '69: Wingate . Leonard. Donnie M.. '69: Malshville Lewis. Herschel H.. '68: Ashebcm Little, Curl A.. '69: Norwoud Livcngood. Edward A.. '71: Winslon-Sulem Lynch: Steven R., '70: La Grange MacNair. 1L. Colin, '70: Raleigh Martin. John D.. '69: Winslon-Salem Maynor. Barry A. Mumau. Thad E.. 68: Fayetteville . Myers, Danny A.. '71: Bryson Cily Oakley. Aibert W.. '70: Roxboro O'Rourke. Kennelhj '68: Wilmington Pelerson, Donald B . Bryson City Plyler. William H 8: Charlotte Powell, Slave L '70: Chadboum Propst, Russel M.. ' 0: Kannapolis Radford. Iohn S.. '69: Chapel Hill Rife. Iuhn 1.. '71: Huntington. W. Va. 178 Colleges . Scarcy, Stephen R.. '69: Henderson Simons, James D.. '70: High Point Smith. In, George R '69: Charlotte Swepslon. Lee 5.. ' : Greensboro Taylor, Richard A.. 69: Ellerbc Teal. Raymond D.. '69: Raefurd Turner. Carroll E. '70: Old Fort Wagg. Iohn L., '68: Glenshaw. Pa: Ward. James R.. '71: Badin . Williamson. R. L., '70: Newton Square. Pa. Wooding. Sydney 8.. '71: Danville. Va. Arney. John S.. '89: Hickory Ausiin. IL, Ruel H:, '71: Waynesville Benninga. Jacques 5.. '71: Asheville Bernholz. Rnger B.. '71: Greensboro Blank, Ronald S,. '71: Roanoke Rapids . Bolick. Carl 8.. '69: Mount Holly Boswell. Cramer L:. '69: Burkeville, Va. Bowling. Stephen H.. '70: Durham Brutko, Malcolm N., '71: Shelby Cole, 111, Frank A.. '71: Roanoke Rapids Davis. Peter N.. '69: Clarksville. Va. Day. John S., '71: Atlanta. Ga. Deal. Thomas W.. '69: Mooresville Dickens. James R.. '71: Monroe . Edwards. Raymond W.. '69: Greenville Elliott, Joseph H.. '71: Raleigh Ferguson, Milas N.. '71: Waynesville Forbes, Vance T.. '71: Wilson Gardner. lake A.. '70: Reidsville Gaylord, IL, Richard W.. '71: Richmond, Va, Graham, JL. Oscar M.. '71: Laurinburg Green. jamcs R., '70: Morrisville Hackler. Joseph H.. '71: Arlington: Va. 0 Hank. Daniel H.. ' Roanoke Rapids Harris. Charles C.. 0: Maplewood. La. Hester. Robert W.. '71: Wilson Hood. Larry Q.. '70: Jacksonville Johnson. III. Claude R . '70: Wilmington Liipferl. III. Otto E. 71: Winston-Salem MacGregor. Rub R.. '71: Winter Park, Fla. McKellar. Jr.. William E. '69: Clarkton Moon. Michael Aq '71: Liberly 0 Murphy. Ir., James E., '69: Oak Hill. W. Va. Nealeans. Alan V.. '69: High Point Nixon. Charles E.. '70: Kinston Nunnenkamp. Thomas W.. '69: Charlotte O'Connor, John. '69: New York. NY, Pless. Robert W.. '69: Mooresville Pollard. Robert M.. Richmond. Va. Powell. In, Frank, '70 Chadbourn Rachlin. Richard S,. '69: Miami. Fla. . Ralchfurd. Terry L., '71: McAdenville Ritchie. In. George D.. '70: Mounl Pleasant Rodgman: Eric A.. '70: Winston-Salem Singletary. Marvin H.. '71: Roanoke Rapids Slade. Ir.. Charles M., '69: Rich Square Smally. Alan L. '71: Sarasota, Fla. Smith, III, Alton L., '71: Raleigh Smith, In, Clarence N.. '70: Gastonia Talley. Wilbur D.. '70: Reidsville . Taylor. Barry R.. '71: Shelby Terry. IL, William A.. '71: Henderson Tole. Charles M., '71: Raleigh Tucker. A. V. In, '71: Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio Vereyken. Peter '11. '71: Randleman Vincent, In. john F.. '71: Roanoke Rapids Wenlz. Charles 1:. '70: Laurinburg Warlay. James T., '71: Cmmpler Wyatt. David M.. '71: Waynesville C Allen. In. Ioseph W.. '68: Jacksoqville Andrews. Kenneth R '71: Asheboro Earnhardt, Sadler H.. : Charlotte Beam. Norman L. '71: Kannapolis Bonduranl. Ir.. William H.. '70: Lincolnton Boyd. James D.. '71: Henderson Brown. Donald R.. '70: Racky Mount . Brown. Donald C.. '70: Greenville Campbell. Allan G.. '71: Pillsburo Carpenter. Kenneth W.. '71: Lincolnton Cartner. Richard H.. '71: Mocksville Carver. Eugene V.. '70: Winston-Salem Cawthurne, George K., '69: Norlina Cole, In. Charles P.. '69: Richmond. Va. Coley. Donald L., '70: Jacksonville Conrad. Waller D.. '71: Bethania Dedmond. R. Keith. '71: Shelby Dunn, Robert L., '70: Ellerbe Gardner. John M., '71: Shelby Gaylor. III. Charles P.. '71: Goldsboro Grantham. Frank C., '71: Nashville. Tenn. Haskin, William H.. '71: Mayville, NY. Hilton. Chadwick H.. '71: Winston-Salem Huneycult, 11:, Arlie 3.. '69: New London Hunter. Charles A.. '69: Lexington. Va. . Ienkins. Ieffrey D.. '70: Greenville Kirkman. Philip K.. '71: Greensboro Kota, Robb 9.. '70: Greensboro Lama. james R.. '71: Asheville Ledbetler. Charles B.. '71: Burlington Lentz. In. Juhn R.. '71: Falls Church, Va. Mann, Kennielh D.. '71: New Bern Mann, IL. Sullon A.. '70: New Bern Martin. In. Tilden S.. '63: Oxford Colleges 179 .Malhis. Ruben K, '71: St. Augustine, Fla. Mathis, William L. '70: North Wilkesboro McCabe. Robert 1., '71: Elmonl, N.Y. McClured. Terry L, '69: Drexcl McLaun'n. Ralph E., '71: Siler City North. IL, William L. '71: Summerfield Peeler. Douglas L., '71: Goldsboro Perry. Arlhus C1. '69: Alcoa, Tenn. Pickett, Ronald S., '69: Fnyetleville O Pittman. Michael 1.. '70: Durham PricehMarion D., '66: Raleigh Pukal, Louis A., '66: Freeporl. Pa. Rouse. III. John L. '69: High Point Secunda. Iohn K 71: Summit. NJ. Sloan.James G.. 0: Pfafflown Smith. Inhn D.. '70: Summerfield Stanley. Randall L., '68: Andrews Strowd. Carl W.. '71: Durham . Tale, Thomas S., '71: Forest City meler, IL, Charles B., '70: Charlotte Turner. IL. Allan W.. '71: Kinslon Turner. Henry V. '70: Burlinglun Watkins. Iohn G.. '71: Kinslon Walker. John 5., '71: Mucksville Way. Slephen K,. '70: WinslowSaIem Whaley. Donald M.. '69: Wallace White, Kenneth M.. '69: Slatesville .Whitmire. Robert A, '71: Tryon Willis, Robert M., '70: Elizabethtown Willshim. Robert A. 69: Richmond, Va: Winfield, Cavlin G . Charlotte Wuodl'in. George 71: Charlotte Barker. Donald R.. : Roaring River Barrier. Gregory D.. '71: Winslon-Salem .Branlley. David F.. '71: Charlotte Buis. Richard 1.. '70: Ridgewood. NJ. y": Bulla, III, Thomas F., '71: Ashebaro . - : Burd. Iohn R.. '69: Pillsburgh, Pa. - : m V Burt. Terry I1. '71: Fumst City .11 1 Callaway. IL, Richard F.. '71: Elkin Hx-v cl M ; .... ' ' . "g, e' . Caulhen. Victor'Cu '71: Qastonia k '89"! 3. Y I n V x k n 1 37554331;3hr3'3v'"53'2h0asionia :1 7 9 $6. 16 4615 $1 Kg; '66.l6." r31, 1 :7 '6 KL. .Cumwell, Gary D., '70: Lincolnlon , , : Cox. Iames 0.. '71: Mount Olive : ' ' Day, Victor M.. '71: Ronda Deal, In. James M.. '71: Boone Eaddy. John F:. '89: Lincolnton Eaddy. Martin A.. '70: Lincolnlon Eakes. Donald W:. 71: Roxbom Edmondsan, Stuart 8., '71: Robersonville Everett, john W., '68: Balh .Ford, Michael R., '60: Gastonia Franquemonl. led L. '71: Ashebom Garriss, Iames A., '69: Powellsville : ' , h V Hammond. Nicholas A.. '70: Spindale : . " N m ' Hill. Barry F.. '70: New London ' ' J V ' Holder, Ioseph F.. '63: Andrews : ' q "'1- Howell. III. James H. '70: Waynesvillc . " ' Hunsucker, IL, John F.. '71: Newlun . a ' Q ' Hunter. Billy L. '70: Lincolnlon : . Huniley. Charles D.. '70: Rulherfordton James. William G0. '70: Goldsboro Jennings, Ronald M. 70: Hertford Lanham. Douglas 5:, '71: Gaslania Lanier, Ricardo E., '71: Williamston Lobred. Stephen L, '71: Washington, D.C. Markman, Charles W., '70: Durham McAdams, John F.. '71: Charlotte McAllislcr. Kenneth W.. '71: High Point .McNeer, III, Rembert D: 71: Chester. Va. Misenheimer. Charles G.. '70: Richfield Mosscllcr. Dennis C., '71: Asheville Needham. James D.. ' O'Kelley. Charles Pills. William T., '7 High Point Propes. Dascheil D.I '71: Asheville Ragan. Joel A.. '71: Lexington Ray. Carl M.. '70: Lowisburg . Reynolds, Richard L. '71: Williamsburg. Va. Riddick. Howard A. '68: Belhaven Ritter. Lee M., '70: Ahoskie Ruland, David A.. '71: Asheboro Seronda. Joseph A. '68: Stow, Mass. Sheppard. Iohn W.. '69: Lake Bluff. Ill: Stephens, Ronald L '68: Durham Stewart. Iohn T., '68: Winslon-Salem Stiff. Lee V.. '71: Murfreesboro C Suaub, In. Donald E., '71: Willingboro. NJ. Strelow. Luke 5., '71: Catfish Sullivan. Stephen F.. '71: Charlotte Swoffurd. Ichn D.. '71 North Wilkesboro Tayloc. In, David T., '71: Washington Walkex. James M.. '71: Ellenbom Weathers. John 5.. '71: Charlotte Williams, Mike D., '71: Asheville Wilson, Phillip D., '71: Eden . Adkins. Karl. '68: Fayetteville Arey. Craig K.. '71: Raleigh Babcock. William 5.. '71: Concord Bowman, Terry 0.. '7 High Point Bayan, Lawrence S : Schenectady. NY. Brown. Dale K.. '69: Hiddenile Clary. III. George R.. '71: Concord 180 Colleges Cumming. Joseph 8., '71: Atlanta, Ga. Deal. Douglas W.. '68: Connelly Springs Dedmond. Richard R.. '69: Shelby Daugan, 1n. 1nmos W.. '58: Roanoke. Va. Freiberg. Marvin 1.. '71: Greensboro Glickslein. Paul H.. '71: lacksonville. Fla. Goff. Elijah 1.. '70: Snow Hill Gordon. William H.. '71: Athens. Ga. Harrison. jerry D.. '69: Leland Harrison. Lonnie C.. '71: Leland Hanig, 1n. Donald C.. '69: Greensboro Hassell. Dan C.. '71: Edenmn Hauser, David 1.. '71: Goldsboro Hunter. 1ames 3.. '70: Statesville Hyatt. Ronald G. '68: Monroe Ingram. 11:. Richard H.. '70: Crewe. Va. lohnson. Richard R.. '70: Southern Pines Kinney. David P.. '71: Burlington Lamm. Greyard R.. '71: Ellerbe Langford. Michael I... '68: Charlotte Lcdford. George 1.. '68: Gastonia Lewis. Michael D.. '71: Truutman Maness. Douglas W.. '69: Greensboro Marley. Linward C.. '70: Fayetteville McBennen, Larry D.. '71: Fayetteville McCann. Gary W.. '71: Burlington Mcbane. William D., '71: Rulherfordlon Neher. William K.. '70: Greenwich. Conn. Noland. Edward T.. '71: St. Louis. Mo. O'Neill. Terence F.. '70: Ware Shoals. S.C. Piscitello, Roy R.. '70: Boonton, N.1. Pritchard. Kenneth G.. '69: Stony Poim Rakcr, Gwyn A.. '71: Winslon-Salem Rauch, Marc: F.. 1: Gustonia Ray. Kenneth 1.. '69: Faycllcville Robinson. Richard H.. '71: Brookville, N.Y. Rubin. Blair A.. '71: Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. Spnulding, 111. Charles C.. '68: Durham Stainbuck. Charles R.. '71: Charlotte Skewart. William M.. '71: Monroe Sykes. Roscoe A.. '71: Graham Tally. John Q. '71: Fayetlcville Thompson. Mark A.. '70: Greensboro Watson. 11x. Verlon 5.. '71: Charlotte Whilesides. IL. George 1.. '69: Charlotte Colleges 181 Our residence college has been progressing rapidly since its incep- tion three years ago, and this past year was no exception, thanks to the students of Morehead. Nearly every area of residence college life has MOREHEAD COLLE GE benefited because of the increased interest and participation exhib- ited by our members. The year began triumphantly with Morehead winning first-place in the first two major areas of residence college competition. Who will forget our money-making booth at the Campus Chest Carnival and our own psychedelic Homecoming display? Morehead is proud to claim the only existing residence college li- brary on campus. Staffed daily by members of the Academic Commit- tee, the library provides the services of an extensive quiz file, Modern Civ texts and source material, Monarch outlines, dictionaries, maga- zines and pleasant study conditions for all college members. Our free combo parties drew larger crowds than ever before. It is difficult to determine whether improved combos or our redecorated ugrub room" accounted for this. On Dook Weekend, we co-sponsored Major Lance, providing the best in live entertainment with no finan- cial loss to the college. SEX DAY was institutionalized this year by the nearly four hundred students attending. The Moreheud Newsletter hit the stands for the first time this fall, and shows promise as a permanent feature. Need we say any more about Morehead progress? OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: Ed Flickl'nger, Governor; Emily Fae- gan, Secretary; Wendell Williams, Academic Lt. Governor; David Henson, Sergeani-Af-Arms. BACK: Rick Page, Social Lt. Governor. iin'i K,1 i, , MOREHEAD COLLEGE SENATE - FIRST ROW: Marie Harris, Janetl Hudsan, Margaret Jennings, Susan Lenfesfy, Jody Benson. SECOND ROW: Gary Ayash, Sieve James, Skip Lanfz, Joel Brothers, John Williams, Dennis Goodwin, Doug Harrison, Bob Wheeler, James Price, Fred Smith, John Link, Clyde Buchanan, Ben Davidson, Frank Crowley. r , u , t 182 Colleges 111 OFFICERS - FIRST ROW: Clyde Buchanan, President; Skip Pace, Vice Presi- dent. SECOND ROW: Jerry Worsley, Intramural Mgr.; John Link, Senator; Jimmy Pierce, Senator; ABSENT: Frank Crowley, Senator. Members of the "First Team." Aycock Turns Out. Physically, Aycock is unimpressive. It is more than forty years old; internally it is that neutral grey which is incompat- ible with any other color, non-conducive to study, but highly conducive to boredom and depression. So why live in Ay- cock? Well, it could be because freshmen are stuck here, so- phomores have nowhere else to go, juniors do it for conven- ience, and seniors, by force of habit. It could be, but perhaps it is something else; perhaps Aycock's residents don't mind living here. There are assets to it. Under this year's administration, Aycock has had several cookouts, parties, and crusades, notably to purchase dorm jerseys and erect a basketball goal. It has done well in in- tramural competition. Outside of the formal activities are the much less formal ones through which the Aycock tradi- tion is perpetuated. Aycock is a leader in volleyball activi- ties, and is high in radio-listening, tube-watching, card playing and general gold-bricking. Notable contributors to the preservation of Aycock Tradi- tion this year go to: Hud. Watermelon Man. Mountain Man, Naugatuck Nerd, Rufus, 02, Kid, Crawley from Ratwileigh, Byrd, Buzzard, Toad, the Bomber, Jacques, Guthrie, Pace, Mac, Potty, Blalock, the Buchanans, Stick, Farmer, Zeb. Sul- livan, Link and Oakley, who, as a reward, get their names in- scribed in the Yuck. Colleges 183 EVERETT OFFICERS - Bob Wheeler, President; Charles Lupton, Vice- President. Hashimofo, Malibu, Mien Fuhrer H, and Lar' Deen. 184 Colleges Everett Roguhs We are the men of Everett - Rogah House - that threeustoried architectural abomination which lies moldering in the Lower Quad. Everett - a trio of dull- tinted halls around which stands. occasionally. ivy- covered walls. Undistinguished, you say? Hardly, graced as it is by a social room, a color tube, a ping-pong table, and graffiti on the bathroom walls. We are proud men, full of a unique spirit only under- stood by those who are a part of it. It is an atmosphere which has spawned Malibu and his Magic Bed, gripping all in its somnolent charm. but catering mostly to Mali- bu - say. twenty-four hours a day. We have Sam M. F., whose peculiar parlance is matched only by his volume, Bob Wheeler, Rogah's Robin Hood and President, who will gladly show you his trophies, even if you don't want to see them: Stevie B., a major stockholder in Cannon Towels; Super Snave, whose powers of flight, quick Changes of clothes, and gift of gab are renowned. and Godbod of 110, hirsute of face, busy of tongue, though usually silent. Second floor, third floor, the list goes on. Who can forget Polack, that cosmopolitan spy for the B.S.U? Going further, we have Chapin Litten, last seen leaving Everett fob Timbuktu, Thick and Thin, and points beyond. Silent Sims is with us. living proof that man is descended from the apes, or perhaps a foghorn. There is Pit. whose cleaning habits - or lack of them - wrecked three deodorant companies, two coin laundries, and the nasal passages of everyone in the Lower Quad. With us also is Pierre Squibera, arch-enemy of the Triangle; Blob, who sits down to be counted; and many others with exploits and idiosyncrasies too diabolical to be counted here. We Rogah men are famous for our class attendance. our scholastic prowess, our political power - rather for our lack of them. But still we remain. unchanging. ex- cept for the alcholic content of our collective blood- stream. which varies constantly. Thus is Everett, with its transom basketball, its ever-flowing warning cards, and its Nicarauguan magician. And of course, Toor Lives, in 109. GRAHAM "An Atypical Grahaml'fe - OFFICERS - Harry Peterson, President,- Reese Sieen, Vice President; Dave Henson, Senator; Studying." Randy Mills, $ec.-Treas.; Victor Bans, Senator; Ma" Forsfad', Housemusfer. "The Graham Crowd Plus One." "The Gorlowian Approach to School - Playboy 4: Something to Drink." Once upon a time, one hundred and three indi- vidual students were thrown together under the same roof and told to tolerate each other for nine months. That was "once upon a time," for in the course of those nine months we have ceased to think of each other solely as individual students, and come to regard ourselves collectively as the men of Graham Dorm. It would have been hard for us not to develop this sense of dorm spirit during the past year. Such group projects as trying to find the dorm again after our annual beer blasts tend to bind us closer togeth- er. How can you help but like the guys who help you set a dorm endurance record by waiting almost five hours straight for the mailman to finally get here? tAnd who could ever forget the thrill of reaching into your mailbox after he did arrive and pulling out three letters for your roommate e and a church bulletin for youl'D Graham offered great opportunities for individu- al advancement too. Milton McNatt managed to fi- nance a full semester here by not publishing most of the candid pictures he took for the Yuck. Hol- land Millis and Larry Koontz went all out and won the ltBest Dressed Room on Campus" award from room inspector Billy McCoy. Harold Triplett was unanimously chosen as Graham's Bridge Player in Residence, and Mark Phialas declared his own na- tional holiday when the long distance operator finally learned how to pronounce his name. Of course. these are only a few of the highlights of the year. But taking into consideration that some day our children may stumble across this Yuck and read through it to find out tlwhat Daddy did in col- lege," the rest is best left unsaid. Make 'em find out for themselves. Colleges 185 1968 AWARDS AND HONORS NOBEL PHYSICS PRIZE - To Sylvester for discovering how to make dust rattle and for the creation of a mag- netic attraction between a wooden broom and a metal bedpost. CORRELATION AWARD s To John Godwin for having his IQ on his dorm jersey. LEONARDO DA VINCI AWARD - To Joe Trachten- berg for painting our phone booth red. BEFORE AND AFTER AWARDS - To Bill Kimball and Swope Montgomery. WISHY-WASHY AWARD - To Mike Pearmun for pledging, depledging, pledging and depledging again, all within three weeks. SONIC BOOM AWARD - To Gross Fred. E.U. WITH THE D.A. AWARD s To Garland Carr for , ' I; i , c j studying two straight nights for a final exam that had ' i ' been cancelled. OFFICERS - FIRST ROW: Joel Brothers, Senator,- Jack Drum, Sec.-Treas. SECOND ROW: THE "BLOW YOUR COOL" AWARD - T0 Danny Line- Ed Robbins, Presidenf; Arthur Dale, Senator. THIRD ROW: Grey Hufchinson, Vice Presi- berger for getting a date with a second-year grad stu- dent; LeroY Denlon, Senator. dent and then forgetting her name. "The Misfits" THE CHEMISTRY AWARD - To Greg for the inven- tion of flaming snow. MUSIC HISTORY AWARD s T0 Sammy Howell. THE RIP VAN WINKLE AWARD - To Bill Barnes for sleeping through his Business Law mid-term. "THE SHOW MUST GO ON" AWARD - To the girls in the corner room of first floor Joyner. THE hWEiRE NUMBER ONE" AWARD - To Lewis Dorm for having the lowest overall Q.P. ratio and the highest warning card per capita ratio on campus last yean 4...-.."w7 .: AHA! i 186 Colleges At the kick-off of the 1967-68 season, Stacy was in the receiving position. With good runners, strong blockers, and a good bench, we eagerly awaited the ball and a chance to prove our greatness against all-star dormitory and fraternity teams. With the ball squarely in his hands, Captain Larry Lewis raced to the fifty yard line. His run was sparked by key blocks including our dorm picnic, mixers with Cobb, and open houses. The first play from scrimmage was a pass by the intramural arms of the first floor. The first floor a clipping penalty was called by referee department of the dorm to the waiting quickly scampered to the goal line, but .xce Ruffin, and the touchdown was nullified. After a great run by the track team, and a tremendous draw play executed by the brotherhood of the entire dorm, we found ourselves on the twenty yard line. After running out of downs, a field goal was kicked by the participants in the Sex Bowl, and Stacy drew first blood. Now we are on the defensive. We are on top but not satisfied with our lead. Barring any injuries to our great dorm coordination however, the team forsees Stacy finishing on top. "Typical Bull Session." OFFICERS - Randy Hamn'ck, Senator; Bill Farnhardt, Secretary; Doug Harrison, Senator; Larry Lewis, President,- Bill Barnes, Senator; Jim McClellan, Vice President. Colleges 187 llV EAST COBB OFFICERS - Edith Simmons, WAA Represenlafive, Libba WEST COBB OFFICERS - CLOCKWISE: Mrs. Forrest, Housemother, Shir- MCCU", PUbHCHY Chairman, JOdi Taylor, Secreiary, Linda Williams, Trea- Iey Clowney, Graduate Counselor, Shirley Appel, Vice-Presidenf, Judy surer, Dabby BFShOP, Vice-Presidenf, Puffy LePOI'SI Elections Chairman, Pepper, Jr., Activities Chairman, Judy Block, Secretary, Edna Turner, Craig Towe, Social Chairman, Sally SPUHOCk, Presidenf, Mary Euwer, President, Priscilla Patterson, Graduate Counselor. ABSENT: SunnyHam- Activities Chairman. mond, Activities Chairman, Mary Lynn Brackshire, Graduate Counselor, Ann Stokes, Treasurer. Cobb dolls up for a housemeefing. Cobb is the big twin dorm. The biggest is always the best. Raincoats are traditional for dining at the Circus Room. We always look our best for dining at Sunday morning breakfasts. Our super Halloween Masquer- ade Party found seven masqueraded, including Mrs. Carter as Witch. Cobbies and their dates this year en- joyed watching two new color TVis. Closing hours didnt mean a thing with those wee-hours fire drills. HOUSE mums, TOP M m w L WM Ebb M cu Hall meetings at midnight went overiike leadballoons. - : or a ayne, aura I e, l a c a , . . . Roma Kerr,Judy Hippler. BOTTOM: lynne Taylor, Martha Lovell, Dabby YUIe season began Wlth a suqceSSfUI ChrIStmaS tea 1n Bishop, Vickie Crosland, Karen Kendrick, Dani McMasfer spite of cold weather - out31de. It ended With thirty degree weather - inside. But we wouldn,t think of living anywhere else. 188 Colleges Colleges 189 . Appel, Shirley F., '68:"Richmond, Va. Aycoth. Olivia A. '68: Charlotte Baggett. Peggy 1.. '71: Wilmington Bailey, Sally G.. '68: Tarboro Baker. Leslie D. '70: Slatesville Bamwell, Marjorie R., '71: Kinslon Bennett, Patricia K., '71: Laurinburg Birchfield. Patricia ELV '71: Brevard Black, Iudith C.. '70: Gainesville, Fla. Boger, Ann G. '69: Winslon-Salem Boggs, Nora W., '68: Cherryvillc Bonner. Karen L. ' Richmond: Va. Boullon. Wendy : Minna Shores. Fla. Bragg, Mary 8.. ' : Hialeah, Fla. Brothers. Suzanne 1., '60: Elizabeth City Brown, Molly 13.. '60: Carbondale. Ill: Bullock, Elizabeth J. 1: Rocky Mount Chupin. Deborah A. '70: Greenville Childress. Joyce A.. 70: Winslon-Salem Courts, Nancy A., '70: Reidsville Craig, Arm H.. '71: Pompano Beach. Fla. Cranford. Marian E, '71: Albemarle Currie. Joyce E.. '71: Wadesburo Dixon, Jerianne R.. '60: Shelby Dniiner. Stephanie l.. '70: Raleigh Dom, Margaret A,, '71: Linlhicum. Md. Dudley, Lynell H.. '71: Rocky Mount Eberharl. Clare M,, '59: New Canaan. Conn. Farrell, Chryle D.. ' : Graham Field. Kamleen, '70: Raleigh Fletcher, Margot Eq '71: Roanoke, Va. Furr, Jane D., '71: Miami. Fla. Gclberman, Sheri G, '68: New Casde. Pa. Glenn, Lenettc M.. '68: Polklon . Goodman, Mary F. '71: Sleadman Greene. Mary E, 1: High Point Guhl. Marilyn K.. '60: Durham Harriss. Brenda M.. '69: Frederick. Md. Harsh. Nancy C.. '69: London. England Herring. Janet L.. '70: Wilmington Hicksun, Anne M '70: Middlesex Hobson, Judith A 70: Tubaccoville Hol'ler. Sheryl AH '69: Elizabeth City Hollingsworth, Patricia L:. '71: Durham Howard. Barbara 1., '71: New Bern Hudson, Jane! S.. '70: Temple Hills, Md: Hyman, Carol L.. '70: Salisbury Inman, Martha K.. '71: Shallotle Ivcster. Ida P. '70: Winsmn-Salem Jacobs, Iennie 71: Hampton, Va: Johnson. Virginia E. 71: Whileville Iohnslon, Mary L., '71: Asheville . Kain, Iacqueline E. '71: Miami Shores, Fla. Karsl. jacelyn F... '7 Vero Beach, Fla. - Kessler, Cheryl D. '68: Winslon-Salem King, Chrisly L. '71: Greensboro Kodack. Stephanie L, '71: Asheville Kretsch, Cynthia A.. '69: Kenansville Lashley, Cornelia A.. '68: Greensboro Lawrence. Martha M., 71: Milledgeville, Ga. Lee. Ianicc L., '69: Fayetleville O LeWIS. Patricia E. '68: Nurlh Wilkesboru Lilzaw. Judith C.. 70: Raleigh Loflin, Penny 3.. '71: Ashcboro Mancy. Linda K.. '71: Leicester Marmarose. Sandra L:. '71: Charleston. S.C. Marlin. Miriam G.. '70: Greenville Maxwell. Rosemary C.. '68: Alexandria, Va. McDonald, Sharon L., ' McLamb, Lorraine .. . McTear. Marianne, '71: Charlotte Merrin. Toni V., '69: Louisburg Miller, Nancy L. '71: Charlotte Morpelh. Candice N., '71: Pompano Beach. Fla. Morrison. Barbara R., '69: Plainfield. N.L Marlon. Brenda C.. '7 Oukboro Morton. Madilyn R. 71: Nurwood Murphy. Patricia L., : Fayetteville Nethercutt. Helen S.. 9: Roanoke Rapids New. lane! M.. '69: Brevard Newton. Elizabeth H., '70: Charlotte Payne. Elizabeth A.. '70: Arlington. Va: Pepper. Judith A. '70: Belmont Pittard. Pamela S.. '71: Salisbury Potter. Donna F., '71: New Bern PropsL Linda 1., '71: Morganton Query. Marion E,. '68: Concord Rankin, Edith K.. '7 ' Mount Holly . Rankin, Louise 3., '68: Belmont Rhodes. Elizabeth A.. ' : New Bern Ridenhour. Helena R,. 71: Rockwell Rives. Margare! G 71: McKenney, Va. Roach. Carol F., 681 Asheville Rogers. lane. '70: Oak Ridge, Tenn. Rowe. Brenda L.. '71: Mount Olive Ruppalt. Susan A. '70: Charlotte Schoen. Gail R., 70: Raleigh Shiva. Suzanne M.. '71: Kannapohs Sheridan, Wendy I. 69: Brevard Sigmun, Mary E., ' Concord Simmons. Gail D 71: Goldsboro Sink. Sandra R.. '7 WinslonvSalem Smith, Georgia A,. '71: Fuyetteville Smith. Nancy L,. '70: Raleigh Snyder, Sandra 1., '71: Wilmington Spence. Rebecca A.. '69: Whileville 190 Colleges ' ' 15542 $9.29? . Spruill. I-' n11 C1. '71: Washinglun 511mg. 511 11 M.. '71: Ashcvillc Sluinmun. Sarah '7 SI, 11111115. M11. Sluwnrl. Wundu 1-2.. '69: Oukhum Slnnc. M111'yull111n. '70: Durham Strolhcr. Diana G.. '71: Snow Hill Sullivan: A1111 M1. '70: W11l111'lu1vn. Conn. 'I'h11ck11r. Cynthia E. '70: I 'I'I11111111s D111n11 L,. '01 . Timmnns. Murlha Turner. Belly L.. '7 Tumor. Carolyn I... 70. Turner. Edna M.. '7 Raleigh Turner. Elizabelh 11. '69: Cr1111nsi111r0 'I'unstnll. l1; E.'70:Ilurling111n Van Arn:1m.N11ncy S..'70:R11I111gh V1111gh11n.c111111I1D1. '.r nsI111r11 Vick M11rg11r1:l C... '71: Merrill 114111111I.FI11. . Vi1111y11r1I B111I'111111 A1.irI11x. V11. W11g1111u1'.SI111r11n 1.1. 1.11ry W11r11111. T111115'11 R1. '70 Lundlcr Wuluh. GI111'i11 I '69: D111I111111 Wcstmuruldml. Sun1lr11 K..'71:Wi11$111n-S11I11111 WI'IUIL'SS PulIy R. '7'1 I11111igh WI1i1:k111',M n K. 7'1 K11r11u1'51'ill11 WI1iln12y. G 111111.11 Winslon 511111111 Wilkins, Janice W.. , 11111111111111 Rapids . Williams. Bully G.. ' Kinslnn WinslmuI, Nancy R I1'111'111viII11 Winlurs. Indy A.. '7 . Sluicsvillu W0111I111'1I.Li11dn I... ':70 Guldshuro Wands Shnrunll.71:Mi1I1II1:s1:x AII1111 Donna D. 6: W11111I11II Andrews. Mnmnml 8.. "71 rmvillc . Amnson, SI1111111 13.. '70: Carol Gables: I-'I11. Arringlun. Ev11 70: Virginia B111111I'1. V11. Bailey. C111h11rin11 C.. '70: Now 1111rn 811111111: Nancy I... '71: Winslun-Sulmn Burn11 1. Andra. '70: Churlull 13111101111. D11b111'11I1 K.. '71: K111'n111'sviII11 Bason. Puma 1 K '70: C1'11h11111 6 CI111rIullu 131111110n1. Susan 70: Wingulu . Belk1111li11 M.. 71: Durham Benson. Judith A.. '7 : SmilhIinld Bcrnasck. Linda 1 WinsIun-Salluln Bishop. D11ri1I111A.. Princulun. NJ, Blakcly. Frances 15.. '70: 1511111111 Blackwnldcr. M y IL. '71: Cleveland Eolgur. Mary L. ' Wilsun IIrinkI11y. Margo F. Raleigh Brilc. Peggy L.. '69: Elizabeth City . Brulun, Karen S,. '71: K11111111p11Iis Burson. V11111ri11 L. 69: 13111111111111 Carroll. Antonin M. 70: Raleigh CI111111hc1's. 13111111 I... 159: Crc1111sl1111'11 CIIrislcnhury. Sandra K.. '70: Harrisburg Claywcll. C11101 11.. '70: M11rg11nl1111 Comer. Carolyn 1.. '70: EII111'I1c Copeland, Vicki C.. '7 Alhumurlu Cmsiand. Victoria C 9: CI111rI111111 . Crossley. Carol M1. '71: Wilmingmn 1311111111111 Della A.. '68: Dunn Dcsjnrlnis. 'I'hcrcsu M.. '71: Sa1111'11r1I Domaralschy. Veronica L.. '70: Monlreal. Ca. Dunn. Jacqueline 13.. '70: Charlotte Eisnnbcrg. Sharyn 1... '7'1: Durham EIIioII. Donna C.. '70: Durham Ellis. Diane H1. '68: Holly Springs Erricu. Judylhe L.. '66: S11I'I'111'n. N,Y. Euwnr. Mary S.. '70: Upper Marlboro. Md. Everell. Johanna '69: Aimskic Faber. Pamela I31. '71: Miami. 1"111. Fuss. Kulhcrinc D.. '71: Chevy Chase. M1I. Frick, Pearl 1.. '71: Richl'iuld Friedman. Iudilh H..'71:Mi:1mi.Fl11. Fry.1 01111111111 P1'6:11 Raleigh Fus-Fourc.An1I1-c11 R1. 7 ' Sanford Caddy. Gloria L1. '7 Signal Mnunlain. Tenn. . Gaines. Dianne G1 70: Gnldsmn Cidnuy. Ranhnl E.. '69: Shelby G1'nI111m. Mary E1. '6 711111113111. G11, Cray. Mary M.. '71: 1'1 111111villn Gregory. Deborah CH 0: Durham Crcgury. K11y M.. '71: Durham Griffin. Ella C.. '7 I11mcsviII11 Gunter. Frances .. '70: Durham 1111111111111. Beverly I1. '71: WinsIun-Szllum . Hummnnd. Mary M.. '70: Rundlcmnn H11r1'1's. Vivian G,. '09: Wilminglnn HutscII. Elaine An '71: Bmufurl I'I11111on11. Rubin L.. '69: Salisbury. Md. I'I111'm11n. Sheila A1. '09: Cunnvur 1'11111'1'ing. M111'II111 . '70: Clinlun I'Iigdon. Jam: 0.. '69: I'I11111I1-11111111vilI11 IIippIur. 11111101 11.. '71: Ali . G11. I-Iirshbcrg. Ian. '71: M 11111. . . I'Iuider. 101m E... 11::11111i1'1 Horncy. IuIic. '69: FIur11nc11. 81C. Huff. Elizabeth A.. '71: CI1111111n1111g11. Tenn, Hurst. Andrea I11 '7 Wilminglun qunhour. Janet L. '7 1101111111. Ohiu Jackson, Wilma A1. '611. Wilminglun James. Marlha 13.. '68: Wilmington Icl'fcrs. Robin L.. '71: Brcvurd ch'I'rics. Sarah A. '09: Murphy ' ' V .1 21:1 'l . 1 11311141111111 Colleges 191 . Jennings. Margaret A:. '68: Elizabeth Cily Jdncs. Sylvia N.. '69: Durham Kemp. Karolyn 8.. '70: Greensboro Kendrick, Karen K: '70: New Bern Kerr. Ramona W. 71: High Point King, Carolyn '7 Lnurinburg Lamb. Patricia 17.. 70: Lake Waccamnw Lancaster. Helen T. '70: New Orleans, La. Lch-s. Patricia L.. 70: Fayellcvillc . Lesley, Laura A., '7 Salisbury Ludlow. Anne L. Arlington: Va. Manning, Toni 1:, Winston-Salem Marlin. Martha V 71: Durham Mayo. Stephanie L, '71: Camp Springs, Md. McCall. Elizabeth CI '70: Salisbury McKinnon. Sharon M:. '71: Birmingham, Ala. McMaster. Danielle KH '68: Asheboro McMillan, Shirley 1., '69: Durham . Melvin: Maureen C:, '71: Elizabethtown Morrah, Elizabeth C., 70: Greensboro Morris. lane. '71: Kings Moumain Morrow. Sherry C.. '69: Asheville Mundhenke. Ieanne L. '69: Stalesvillc Nelson. Catherine C., '71: Chattanooga. Tenn. Nelson. Josephine A. '71: Nashville, Tenn. Nichols, Ian G:. '89: Greensboro Owens. Michael R.. ' ' Columbia. SC. . Painter, Cynthia L.. '70: Charlotte Pail. Sandra K.. '71: Bladenboro Parker. Pamela II 71: Swansbum Pavlik. Barbara A.. '69: Greensboro Phillips, Margaret S.. '69: Leavenwnrlh, Kilns. Pittman. Jane L., '70: Durham Poole. Susan R.. '71: Winston-Salem Powell, Cynthia L,. '70: Hickory Rukestraw. Elizabeth A:. '79: Reidsville . Ringrosc, Helen M.. '71: Raleigh Ritchie, Sara C., ' Charlotte Robbins. Janice M.. 71: Asheboro Ross, Helen D., '70: Pleasant Garden Ryckman. Nancy 1.. '68: Asheboro SIxerrill, Mary L., '69: Tmutman Simmons. Edith D.. '69: Marion Smith. Deborah 1., '79: Asheboro 'Smilh. Ella A., '71: Tarburo . Snyder. Martha I. 71: Winslon-Salem Sorgi, Danna M., 9' Durham Spurlock. Sara D., '69: Wilmington Slack. Patricia A.. '70: Buies Creek Staffurd, Susan 13:, '69: Greenville Stanley. Ellen G, '69: Greensboro Stancill, Carol D.. '69: Radford. Va. Turlton, Beverly V:, '71: Albemarlc Taylor, Martha L.. '70: Como . Terrell. Sharon 8., '70: Summerfield Thomas. Sarah 1.. '68: Culowhee Tilley. Bunnie 1:, '69: Raleigh Todd. Pauleue. '68: Winslun-Salem Todd, Ruth A.. '69: Lexinglon Towe. Suzanne C., '09: Rocky Mount Van Den Bout. Diane L:. '71: Pinehurst Vaughn, Theresa A.. '70: Reidsville Walker. Elaine. '69: Roseboro . Ward. Alpha 0:. '71: Wilminglon Wayne, Martha A '71: Jacksonville Welsh, Kitty D., '66 Oxford Wheeler. Wanda 8,. '70: Wilson Wilder, Carolyn G" '69: Kings Mounlain Williams. Linda D., '69: Durham Wendell. Kathleen M., '71: High Poim Wooten. Martha L.. '70: Fayetteville Young, Alice M:, '69: Washington, D.C. . Adams. William C.. '71: Arlington. Va. Bass. Harold D., '71: Lucama Bcllville. Charles G:. '69: Durham Benton, Ronald E., '69: Havelock Blalock. In. George A. '70: Rockingham Bowling. john 5:. '70: Wilmington. Del. Boyle, Iames R:. '71: Tyner . Broadway, Douglas E... '68: Charlene Buchanan. Charles L:, '70: Kinsmn Buchanan: Ernest C., '69: Kinston Burton, III, James H., '69: Warranton Bullet, Patrick E. '70: Lumberlon Byrd. Luther K. '70: Elkin Carter. Bill R.. '70: Gastonia Coleman. Charles C.. '71: Kinston Cnley, Marvin E:. '69: Albemarlc Coston, Arthur W.. Crawford, James R., '70: Rutherfordton Crawley. Francis W., '70' Raleigh Culchin, III. Ioseph H:. 68: Sherrill's Ford Eldridge, James W.. '71: High Point Elliott. Michael G:. '71: Old Fort Everhart. Gary 1... '71: High Point Finkner, Stephen C., '71: Raleigh Fowler, George S., '68: Henderson . Gamer. In, Prentiss M.. '69: Newport Gcrew. Gregory H., '71: Toms River, NJ. Guthrie. Robert C., '69: Morehead City Harriss. Daniel W.. Ayden Helsabeck. Eric H: : Rural Hall Hemric, Stephen G '68: Cycle Hesler. Wilbur K 71: Durham Himcs. Gary F.. '70 Brevard Holland, Henry A.. '70: Nahunla 192 Colleges O Holzwurlh. Richard K.. '71: Ml. Lebanon. Pa. Hoyle, III. Marcus 1-1:, '69: Lincolnton lanes. Robert L.. '71: Greensboro Kerr. Charles E., ' Wcavcrvillu Kiclly, Iamns W.. '70: Winslon-Salem Lnlhan. Ir.. Malcolm H., '70: Pineblul'f Link. Jr., John M., '69: Durham Lucas. Harold C. '71: Lucnma Mason. David P.. '71: Raleigh Mays. David C., '68: Calhoun Falls. S.C. McLaughlin: Timothy. '71: Riverside. NJ. Mohr. John C., '71: Lumberton Morris. Jr., Edward 2.. '71: Harrisburg Molten. Alexander F:. '70: Lansdowne. Pa. Neighbors. James 5., '71: Marion Oakley, Lauren D.. '69: Lawsonville O'Neill. Ila. john. '60: Donches Owen. Howard W.. '71: Fayclteville . Face. In. Nolan Dq '70: Saluda Palsha. Robcrl: '70: Burlington Peale. In. lames D., '71: Edenton Pickens. Peter M.. '70: Charlbtte Pierce. Iames B,. '69: Maysville Queen, Ir., James R.. '69: Alexandria, Va. Rudder, Michael E... 70: Ruxbnm Sndler, Thomas G, '69: Creedmoor Shepherd. Donald R '71: Sparta Sherrill, George T: '71: Raleigh Slade, Richard T 1: Williamstun Smilh, lamcs O. ayetleville Stradcr. Steven G.. '71: Winston-Salem Slrawbridgc, Roberl A., '71: Durham Taylor. Robert V., '60: Concord Wuldmp. Charles D. '70: Columbus Worsley. lorry M., 69: Tarbom Yelverton, Daniel E.. '70: Pillsburgh. Pa. . Blackwclder, joscph DH '71: Concord Bland, Micheal 3.. '69: Rulherfordtnn ' ' ' Q Bridgers. Frederick H.. '70: Elm Cily EVERETT 7 ' u 'r ' -. u : , g .' ' Camtum. Gene 8.. '70: Salisbury ' a ' ' - ; Chunk. John E... '71: Burlington . V 'bv , Clark. Herburl R. '71: Slalesville 6 E . i1. 1 4 Criltundcn. lohn C.. '70: Crown. Va. 7 a t 7.1:... I - ' C Davis. Alan C., '71: Thurmund ' .. 33 '3' Danny. Andy C., ' Gamm- ' Douglas. Benjamin. '71: Tryun ' Duris. Peter L" '71: Hendersonville Funderburk. William C., '70: Charlollc Gales, lr.. Raymond A.. '70: Laurinburg Goodwin, Dennis W.. '70: Kinston Gray. Larry D.. '70: Winston-Salem Hall, Samuel D.. '70: Morganlun 0 Hamilton, Henry D.. '71: Wadesbom Harper. Steven 8.. ' Burlinglon Haynes. Denver 1., '70: Norlh Wilkesbom Haynes. IL. Kenneth R.. '70: Reidsvillc Heard. Chrislupher P.. '70: Challanooga,Tenn. Hicks. Thumon T., '66: Henderson Hixson. Mark E.. '70: Chicago Heights. 111. Hulyfield. James F '70: Mt. Airy Huband. Earl C,. '69: Wilmington . Hudgins. Ir.. John A" '70: Durham Johnson. Marvin DH '70: Dunn : Kilpatrick. III. John T.. '71: Richmond. Va. Luntz, Charles A.. '70: Spruce Pine Luflis. George W.. '71: Brcvnrd Ludwig. Neil C:. '69: Faith Luplon. Charles H.. '69: Birmingham. Ala, Macy. Earl 13,. '69: Parkersburg, W. Va. Marlin. Peter M.. '70: Washington, DC. Maulden, Dennis C.. '70: Concord McCormick. John F.. '70: Greensboro McKinney, Roy S.. '70: Spindale Milbmlh. In. Arthur C., '68: Elizabeth City Molaro. Allen A.. '70: Wadesburo Morton. Leon 0,. '70: I'nnsmouth, Va. wv h A ' : : I " ' ' ' V ' '- . " ' " ' ' : V ' . . ' u : : I y w : ' ' Murdock, In. William C., '71: Stulesville L 6 K ' ' ' ' V I ' . Nash, II. Bruce 'I'.. '70: Winslon-Sulem . . I : J V, : . Nunnery. William M.. '70: Rulherfordlun Oglcsby. Tommie D.. '69: Ncwporl Palmer. Jerry W.. '71: North Wilkesburu Perez-Mancqbo, Rafael E.. '71: Managua. Nic. Pollock. Roy D.. '69: Clinton Fructt. Jr: Theodore C., '70: Winslun-Salem Raynor. William R.. '71: Henderson Reid. William K.. '71: Pincvillc Riddick, Jr.. Harry 5.. '69: Gatesville Robinson. Henry H.. '69: Lincolnlnn . Robinson. Wesley H.. '71: Winston-Salem Rodin. Mark G, '71: Framingham. Mass. Rutherford. Richard W.. '71: Brevard Sauvain. Edward M., '71: Greenville, SC. Saunders. Chase I1. '69: Charlene Shockley. Randolph A.. '71: Greenville. SC. Sims. Dale A.. '69: Panama City. Fla. Snavely. Micheal W.. '70: Clinlon Spencer. Charles W.. '70: Slalesville . Stone. Duke L.. '70: Raleigh Slymn, Elvin T.. '69: Davis Swindal. Frederick I... '71: Tampa, Fla. Swink. William 1.. '71: Miami. Fla. Temple, Richard H.. '71: Charlolle ngdon. Lanny 0.. '71: Asheburo Vinson. III. Irwin I... '71: Aulryville Walkup. Ronald W.. '69: Rutherfordton Wall. Thomas 13.. '70: WinstomSalem 1 ' Colleges 193 . Walson, Ill. Oswald B '71: Bedford. Va: Wells, Ir.. Henry C... 69: Georgelown. Ky. Wheeler. Robert C.. '60: Durham Whilanre. William N '70: San Diego, Calif. Wood. Edward M. orfolk. Va, Worley. Robert 0: Princeton Wynne. David 1., 71: Norfolk. Va: 0 Ashburn. Philip K.. '70: Walkcrlown Ayash. Gary H.. '70: Wilmington Banla, Hradfurd C., '70: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Bchrc. Christopher. '69: Winter Park. Fla. Burg. In. Randall, '71: Jacksonville. Fla: Blackmon. Andrew M., '71: Swansboru Baring, Dennis E... '69: Andrews Bradley, In. James H.. '09: Rocky Mount Bradner. James N.. '69: Winter Park, Fla. . Collins. Terry L.. '7 MI. Airy Cox, Richard L. '70: Burlington Cullcr, Jr.. Martin A.. '69: Raleigh Cutler. William R. , Raleigh Drew. Samuel M. '70: Mineral: Va. Foglcman. Dannie 8:. '70: Greenville. S.C. Guffcy. Carl W., '71: Dallas Hainline. Warren L.. '70: Norwalk. Ohiu Henson. H. David. '70: Asheville . Hnwull. Larry 5.. ' Princeton lohnson, John H.. '70: Raleigh :lnhnson, lr.. iohn 1... '70: Morganlon :Killuugh. In. Waller L. '67: Charlotte Kuunls. Larry C:. '6 chinglon Lowry. Richard I... '70: Charlutle McKellcr. IL. Henry N.. '69: Rowland McNull. Charles M.. '71: Winslon-Salcm Miller, Eric R.. '69: Indianapolis, Ind. . Miller. Rubcrl C.. '69: Charlotte Millis. Holland K.. '69: Newport Mills. Randy W.. '69: Yadkinvillc Minor. III. William T.. '71: Charlolle Momlz, IL. Jonas 0.. '71: Boom: , , ' : . ' Morton. Andrew D,. '71: Stella ' 'v : ' ' V 0-". , 1; . Paulo. Erncsl R.. '71: Guldsboro l: V . ' ' ' J v Peale. Kimball T,. '71: Willinmslon . ' , a , , Pnnkava. Larry 0.: '69: Ashebom ' v ' . ' , ' t ' . Pulcrsun. Harry R, '69: Leland Phillips. Donald G.. 69: Fayetteville Phillips. Richard M., '71: Raleigh Ramsay. Ir.. Thomas E '70: Brevard Rciman. In. Robert E.. '71: Boone Ripley. john P.. '71: High Point Self. Richard B:, '70: Cary Smith. Thomas E '69: Columbus Slunloy. luhn A.. '71: Goldsboro . Slecn, Reese A. '71: Rockingham Stephenson. Jr.. Gilbcrl D,, '71: Smithfield Swain. H. David. '70: Walkertown Talley: John L.. '71: Sanford 'Farlclon, James F., '71: Raleigh Thomas, lr.. Iames R, '71: Broadway 'I'oelkes. David 13., '71: Winslon-Salem Triplcll. Harold D. 68. Boone Werlz. Robert 0.. '70: Sanford O Whisnanl. Bobby NH '71: Hickory WiIlinms. Wendell M '00: Fayettevillu Wilson. Daniel 8.. '60: Mill Spring Wilson. Robert E. '7 Wilminglon Wisdom. William E,. Coral Gables. Fla: Alexander. Alvin P. Jr. 70: West Ich-sun Archer, Burke 0.. '70: Winslun-Salcm . Arnold. Andrew 1.. '69: Pan Ridge Austin. Inhn E, III. '70: Monroe Avery, Isaac T. 111, '71: Slalosvilla Beddow. Thomas F.. '60: Bethesda. Md. Bradshaw, Aubmy 0. III. '71: Monroe , ' ,' A , ' . a -: IL Brothers. Aaron W.. '68: Elizabeth Cily ' ..,- ' .: ' . ' ' 7 . : .' g ' ' C Bruthers. Incl V. '70' Elizabelh City ' ' ' ' Capps. John R blizubclh City ' ; . v. x a ' 6: Curr. Garland E: 68: Wallace : ' : .- ' . ' '. - ' j . Cokt. William L:. '69: Kingsport. Tenn. : V , :V . : k: 91. 5 : Davis. lr.. Benjamin R. '00: Raleigh 9 Dunlcn. Robert L: In. '69: Charlulle V : Dibburl. Douglas 3.. '7 Fayetleville , ' . : : : Dickson, Douglas N. 71: Jacksonville, Fla: ' .4, ' ' , - ' . ,' , .1 : : 1 Dilda. lumes H" '6 : ounlain Dixson. Carl E.. IL. 68: WinslowSalem Farmer. Willis Ga '70: Bailey Fayed. Salmon T.. '69: Roanoke Rapids Godwin. Iohn 0.. '70: Dunn Gmenbcrg, Edward M.. '70: Asheville Haisley, Robert E. In. '69: Havelock Hurdison, Samuel C, '69: Williamston Harris, Jerald R.. '71: Rocky Mount Henderson. Ioc B, IL. '71: Davidson chdrcn, Richard W:. '70: Salisbury Herndon. Timothy W.. '70: Lumberlon Hood, Richard T. 111, '71: Kinslon . Hubbard. John L.. '69: Kingspurl. Tenn. Hudler. Teddy 1,. '70: West Icffcxson Keller, John A.. III. '69: Charlotte Kimball. William G.. '71: Charlotte Lunicr. Iohn M,. '71: Albcmarle Lincberger. Danny L. '70: Dallas Linn, Carl P., '70: Landis Marquez, Erncsl B. 11, '60: Havelock McPherson. Bruce W.. '70: Elizabeth Cily 194 Colleges 0 Montgomery. Wayne S. In. '70: Ashevillc Newman, Walter C.. '69: Fredericksburg. Va. Padgett. Herman M., '70: Holly Ridge Page. Richard W., '69: Charlotte Peal. George A.. '68: Chadbourn Pearman. Michael T., '70: Kinslun Pleasants. Michael L.. '70: Aberdeen Quillian. Millard B.. '71: Bradenton. Flu. Robbins. Edward D.. '68: Scarsdale. N.Y. . Robertson. Crowder B. In. '68: Virgilina, Va. Schwenn. William L, '7 . Falls Church. Va. Shaw. James 8,. '70: Monroe Shedd, John D.. '69: Middlclown. NJ. Siebenschuh, Douglas C1: '71: Newport Smith, Roger P., '69: Goldsboro Snow. Gregory L.. '69: Winslon-Salem Starr, Michael L.. '71: High Point Stephenson. 11".. Gilbert D.. '70: Lumberton . Sturges. Frank R. '71: Raleigh Teague. Bruce 1., '68: Hickory Terry. john 0.. '70: For! Myers, Fla. Urguharl. Albert C.. '71: Raleigh Viets. William W., '71: Whiteville Whillatch. George T., '68: Allanla. Ga. Wicker. Charles W., '71: Aberdeen Williams. Michael G.. 70: New Bern Yurbomugh. Adam H, '71: Srnilhfield O Yates. Stephen N. '71: Kinslon Young, Joseph T., 70: Dunn Abraham. Napoleon F.. '68: Charlotte Barbee. III. George S.. '70: Sanford Barnes. James E.. '69: Greenville Barnes, William 1-1., '70: Ciayton Bourne. III. Francis C., '70: Murphy 0 Bowen. 111. William C.. '71: Dalton. Ga. Brown. Iames R,. '70: Shelby Caldwell, III. Mack D.. '68: Charlolle Carpenter, Gerald E, '71: Nurwoud Chandler. Robert C1,. '71: Greenvillu Chaney. Charles R., '69: Crumcrlon Croom. Sn. Edward M., '70: Chzlrlollu Daughtridge. III. Vernon F.. '70: Wilsun Defriesl. David E, '70: Shelby . Dudley. Thomas A.. '71: Bladensburg, Md. Evans. King C.. '68: Fayettevillc Fagan. Harry L.. '69: La Plata. Md. Fairclplh. William M.. '71: Spring Lake Farris. In. Charlie P.. '69: Wilson Fields. IL. kames C.. '68: Sanford Finkelstein. JL. Leo. '68: Asheville Freeman. Thomas G., '70: Morganlon Fry. IL. Charles H., '71: Carthage . Garrett, George R., '71:'Greenville Garth, Winston S.. '71: Athens. Ala. Calder. Roberl B.. '71: Asheville Gilchrist. John A.. '71: Fayelteville Grant, Steven S. '69: Southern Pines Green. Stephen 3,. '70: Lenoir Harrison. Howard D., '70: Cramerton Hawkins. In. Reginald A., '70: Charlotte Henderson, Terry A.. '71: Conover O Hendrick. Maurice H. '71: Rulherfcrdton Highl. IL. Henry W., '71: Henderson Hill. John M1. '70: Pilot ML Johnson. Rodney R. '71: Greenville Koonce. Neil W., Jacksonville Lambert. Philip L.. '70: Spring Lake Lampley. Gordon B. 71: Nurwood Layton, IL, Jack 6.. '71: Sanford Lewis. James L.. '66: Durham 0 Linker. IL. Thurman 5.. '68: Concord Lowrance. David W., '69: Mooresville Martin, 11:, Kissel, '70: Fayetteville McCall. David E.. '70: Lenoir McClellan. Iames D., '68: Charlotte McGill. Kent H.. '71: Lakeview Midgetl. Raymond L '71: Hatteras Moore, Kenneth R. '70 Lenoir Murphrey, Ernest G., '71: Grecnvillc . Neal. John M., '68: Marion Parker, William 1., : Murfreesborn Payseur, Danny A 69: Dallas Pecheles. Joseph P.. '71: Greenville Perry. Roger L, '71: Spring Lake Phifer, Melvin 8., '68: Charlotte Rawlings. Fred C., '70: Durham Ridgeway: IL. Thomas 8.. '70: Burlington Robinson. A. Davidson. '69 Mt. Holly . Satlerwhite: Linwood H.. 70: Winstnn-Salem Shuping. Ronald V.. '69: Morganton Simmons. III, B. L.. '71: Chevy Chase. Md: Thomas, Jr., Lyell 1.. '71: Winston-Salem Thrift. Ashley 0.. '68: Charlotte Tillman. Michael G. '69: Sanford Umslead. Allan W1, '68: Fayellcvillc Waige. lchn M.. '71: Waukesha, Wis. Williams. IL. Malcolm C.. '71: Gmenville . Wright. Joseph Dq '71: Marshvillc Wyrick. Ronald E. '70: Jamestown Colleges 195 SCOTT COLLEGE Scott College is proving that a residence college is not a fancy collection of bricks, but a style. Scott College is combo parties, faculty visits, friends, touch football games, or just being with your date in the juke box room. We have many things to remember about this past year. We remember the good times at the combo parties, and the not-so-good cramming for exams. Perhaps it was those Saturday nights playing the free juke box, or throwing around the football. There was the Homecoming Display, and the Christ- mas carolling with our better halls - Alder- man and McIver. There were the house meetings, the Senate meetings, and the bull sessions with friends. These Were only a small part of the i . , . - memories. It really went beyond all this as OFFICERS - STANDING: Richard Wilson, Social U. Governor; Bob Mosfeller, Secretary; each of us recall different things -. but we Laura Raper, Parliamentarian; Bernie Bauguess, Speaker of Ihe Senate,- Libbie Levin, - . - - Secretary; Bob Honeycufl, Academic Lt. Governor; Kenn Pius, MRC Representative. AB- ail gnl ??ed eaCh Other Whlle 11v1ng tegather a CO . SENT: Ben Taylor, Treasurer. I1 I I I'I I l'i' v- AIeIIIITr - , , 't "M l l 1'5 , rm g. i x. - SCOTT COLLEGE SENATE - FRONT ROW: Jane Bagwe", Hcm'ef Funk, laura Roper, Sherry McCullough, Don's Wagner, Marcia Kearney. t SECOND ROW: Richard Wilson, Bi" Griffin, David Leonard, Sum Dark, Bob MosfeHer, Narley Cashwe", Nick Didow. THIRD ROW: Bain Hickman, Marty Melvin, Lewis Lites, Bixby Cooper, Pefe Bieber, Rusty Taylor, John Thompson, David Linle. 196 Colleges r1. ., yprm- J HEEHLSW Q Du 1'31:th X9 OFFICERS - John Wyn", Senator; Jim Folds, Secretary; Gillie 5pm", Vice-Presidenf; Dan Johnston, President. Following recent tradition, Avery House once again used the year to improve itself in many ways. It housed the best basketball team on campus, and one of the best in the nation. Throughout the sea- son, various activities - including celebrations - proved to the team our undying support. Also dur- ing the year Avery became the first house on cam- pus to have both washers and dryers, although their installation proved to be more a matter of time than effort. In fact, by the time installation was complete, preparations were almost finished for Jubilee. Avery did get more exercise this year, compliments of the intramural managers and the Campus Traffic Commission. Avery added a sec- ond manager this year, and the resulting perform- ances were indicative of the work andlspirit of the managers and participants alike. House teams fin- ished very high in football, track, basketball, and baseball. For the first time, however, we could not drive to the gym to get our exercise. We had to walk the far reaches of South Campus to find our cars, and even then we had no assurance that they could be found. Only one change during the year proved really detrimental, however. The Close proximity of the newly consolidated PTA Laundry Room to the Avery Canteen ruined quite a few clothes; but even this was not fatal, for business in the "Blue Roomu was up 1W3. Nothing can stop an Avery Man! . , . ,ggv wa- . i 1 Avery houses lhe members of Carolina's nationally ranked basketball team, such i as Charlie Scott and Dick Grubar, shown here in an unusual moment of intellectual t inspiration. Dorm jocks show lheir cool! Colleges 197 t ttk . x tiywtxwl: i WWWWW it SENATORS - David Leonard, Nick Didow, Marty Melvin. OFFICERS - Nlck Didow, Vice-Presiden!; David Leonard, President; David LiMIe, Treasurer; Joe Rhyne, Secretary. h ,, e 'x .A m. ' .' "Look Mom, I really do study!" 198 Colleges PARKER As usual, the residents of Parker know that they are living in the Best Damn Residence Hall on Cam- pus. This yearts activities started out with a bang in the Sex Bowl with Alderman .. McIver Halls. As the year progressed, Parker again proved its lead- ership of Scott College with football banners Ghose censored and dmplayedL recephons aher home football games, house suppers and other ac- tivities. These activities came about under the leadership of David Leonard, President, Nick Didow, Vice President, Joe Rhyne, Secretary, David Little, Treasurer, and the floor senators. VVHh an excepuonalcrop ofjocka Parkefsin- tramural program had an outstanding year under our capable intramural manager, Bill Brown. Other leadership came from Housemaster Bill Robinson and Floor Advisers Larry ttRah-Rah" Roadman and Iohn Malone. Attendance at house meetings was surprisingly good tthere were more residents pres- ent than officersy Parkeris tube team was at its usual strength again this season with those desiring a rest from the books. Of course there was the exo- dus on weekends by many residents to Greensbqro for extra-curricular activity. Again it can surely be said that Parker has enjoyed another successful year. "If we don? win, HI chop up the set!" ' m , "itggtllillHHlHHHHIHHHHHHHBH min aF'-numtmsttwImmmulmmdnl OFFICERS - Eric Cain, Treasurer; H. M. Kimel, Secretary; J. Clad Nance, Vice-Presidenf; Bernard Bauguess, President. Ihuxmqw, a Chief of Navel Operations. HSee yo TEAGUE Now accepting reservations for a limited num- ber of select clientele in Fabulous Teague Gardens. Located in the heart of the entertainment district, Teague House serves as the upper house of Scott Residence College. Modestly exclusive, Teague offers a retreat from the vast anonymity of highrise living found in the outlying slum districts of South Campus. Thrill to its promimity t0 the real campus: sleep extra min- utes each morning; eat at the Pine Room and avoid the C-food at Chase. Entertainment? Teague is nestled snugly be tween Kenan Stadium tWell, there was the Sigma Chi Derbyt and Carmichael tconcerts, concerts, and of course the wonderful Blue Fivet. Sit on our spacious balconies, sip a brew and take your choice of entertainment, depending on the season: soccer, track meets, football practice, Tar Heel Band practices, ROTC drills, or even girls, PE classes. Nightlife? Teague offers a complete social pro- gram: Free flicks, sex discussions torganized, yett and beer blasts. The Casino Royale cuts cards from Monday to Thursday nights. On weekends, mixers, combo parties and the big Wurlitzer are guar- anteed to turn even the most lizardly freshman into a stud. Make your reservations now - but expect to be turned down. Teague - The Original South Campus. Colleges 199 O Bagwcll. Erna 1.. '6 ' Gaslania Burroughs. Linda 68: Kosciusko. Miss. Carr, luhnnyc C:. '68 Rose Hill Daugherty. Mary R.. '68: China Grove Davenport, Mary K.: '70: Durham Hall. Carolyn L.. ' Augusta. Ga: Hall. Virginia M.. '68: Augusla. Ga: O Hasty. Anna 13:. '69: Hickory Hawes, Peggy A.. '68: Charlotte Huff. Rebeccu S:. '68: Chapel Hill 1acobs. Belsy H:. '68: Raleigh Kirkscy. Marin K.. '68: Morganlon Marlin. Sandra R.. '68: Greenville Meioy. Barbara A.. '68: West Hartford. Conn. . Morris. Carole M.. '68: Knoxville. Tenn. Rapur. Laura 1. '68: High Point . Schlagel. Elizabeth K.. '68: Clyde Shackclford. Lauizch L.. '68: Metuchen. N.1. Summers. Gail An '69: Durham Trotmun. Dorothy F.. '68: Winslon-Snlem Warman. Barbara 0. '6 : Boone Adams. lunnifcr A:. '69 Durham Baldwin. Elizabclh G.. '70: Alexandria. Va O Barnum. Carul M.. '68: Allanla. Ga. Beasley. Cora A.. '66: Morrisville Becker. Linda 1:. '70: Valdesc Block: Chrislinu 1:. '69: Raleigh Bowden. Emily R.. '68: Gastonia Brooke. Martha 1... '68: Atlanta. Ga: Buckingham. Sarah A:. '69: Asheville Bunce. Madge. '68: Fayelteville Campbell. 1. Dianne. '69: Mount Holly Q Carson. Anna M.. '69: Elkin Clerici. Theresa A.. '68: Winston-Salem Copple, Carol E, '69: Nashville. Tenn. Davcs. Palricia L., '69: Kannapolis Diaz. Palricia A" '69: Fayetteville Dixon. Ann P.. ' Elizabeth Cily Dixon. Linda D:. '69: Rocky Mounl Echevcrri. Elssic. '69: Cali. Columbia Ellison. Carol L... '70: Burlington 0 Farmer. Dell M.. 68: Rocky Mount Flynn: Frances 13 '68: Garland Foals. 1udy A:. '68: Gastonia Fundcrburk. Betly D '68: Aberdeen Guudman: 1ulie R.. ' Winston-Salem Greene. Carolyn L. 69: Charlolte Hanson. Marco 6.. '68: Winthrop. Mass: Hanwig. Jerry A.. '78: Charlotte Hester. Pollyanna. '68: Marion 0 Hilll Ioannu V.. '70: Charloue Hill. Susan 8.. '68: High Poinl Hines. Lenora l.. '68: Hillsborough Holleman. Elizabeth A.. '68: New Hill Honcycull. Ellen M:. '70: High Point Hughes. Patricia E: '68: Albany. Ca. Hundlcy. Murlhn 5:. '66: Arlinglon. Va. James. Anne W., '68: Mebane Ioncs. Elizabeth S.. '69: Charlutlc . Kearney. Marcia 1.. '68: Charlene Lawrence. Mary 8.. '69: Raleigh Levitt. Libhie R.. '68: Charlotlc Lillie. Susie A.. '70: NonNood Lloyd. Avis. '69: Hillsborough London. Mary M. '69: Charlulle Lougee. Linda M:. '68: Durham Markham. Dianne G.. '68: Greensboro McCullough. Sharon A.. '68: Hickory . Mitcheli. lanice M.. '69: La Plala. Maryland Moluny. Frances L:. '68: Durham Moore. Margaret A.. '68: Concord Morse. Chery L.. '69: 1acksonvillc. Fla. Nielsen. Iennil'cr C:. '68: Hillsborough Noll. 1udilh A. '88: Charlotte Parks. Marlhn : Southern Pines Reeves. Gail L:. 68. Salisbury Schrader. S. A.. '68: Newporl Beach. Calif: . Simpson. Penny '12. '70: Elon College Smith. Edilh C.. '68' Winslon-Snlcm Smith, Evelina L 68: Dauglas. Ga. Smith. Lilnna M '68: WinslowSulem Smith. Linda A.. 'f Morganton Summs. Teresa. '70: Burlington Spruill. Billie L. '66- Kinston Sutton. Bobbie N Henderson Tucker. Bonnie EN '68: Winslon-Snlcm . Wagner. Doris E.. '69: Lake Lure Watson. Mary W,. '69: Wagram Watson. Susan R.. '68: Durham Wunsavagc. Caml G. '68: Winslon-Salcm Young. Antonia C.. '68: Rockingham Young. Nancy M.. '69: Charlotte Allen. Dan R.. '69: Smilhfield Angell. Charles M.. '66: Miami. Fla: Arharl. Roger W:. '6 Palatine. Ill: Armour. Alan RN 0: South Holland. 111. Armstrong. Thomas F.. In. '71: Raleigh Auten. William L... '69: Huntersville Austin. Lawrence B.. '69: Lewislon Barnes. Kenneth E. : Lucama Basista. Gerry L.. . Muoresville Bentley. Edward R.. '70: Taylorsvillc 200 Colleges Barry. Martin D.. '71: Greensboro Block. Michael 1. Ir., '68: Mt. Pleasant Block. Norman E" '71: Greensboro Bowie; Stephen R. 69: Winston-Salcm Bowman, Clyde M. IL. '70: Lenoir Bradford. Iames H., '71: Slalesville Brenemun. James E.. '66: chdemnnville Brown. Boyd M.. '70: Asheboro Brown. Chariie R: '71: Morganlun Brown. Jeffrey 71: Winston-Salem Brown, Incl M.. '69: Valdese Buchanan. William H. In, '66: Raleigh Bunch, Robert E., '70: Lewislon Bunting. William C.. '69: New Bern Burnell. Edward C.. '69: Greensboro Byrum. Barry W.. '71: Charlotte Campbell. Gregory R. '66: Bayonne. NJ. Carter. George M. '70: Gnldsbnro Curler. Ralph E. '71: Yadkinvillc Causey, William M. lr.. '66: Crucnsburu Chadwick. David E.. '71: Orlando. Fla: Chamberlain. James D. '69: Mnorcsville Chambers. James H., '66: Reidsvillc Clmtficld. Ill. William H.. '69: Cincinnati. Ohio Clegg. Aubrey L. In. '68: Greensboro Coleman.'Robcrt D. 111. '69: Columbia. S.C1 Conley. Charles C.. '71: Morganton Cox, Kenneth E., '69 Newton Grove Graver. Slephen M.. '69: Winslon-Salem Crumpler. Thomas N.. '68: Selma Curtis. David L.. '69: Mooresville Dark. William S.. '70: Bear Creek Dnughlry. Richard F. In, '66: Guldsboro Davenport. Preston E. In. '71: Greensboro Davis. lohnny M.. '68: Durham Davis, Richard 8:, '69: Winslon-Salem Dcdmon, Lemy P. 11".. '71: Baltimore, Md. Dcnlon. Jimmie C.. '76:: Washington DiPalma. Charles F.. '68: Fayetteville Donnclly. John F. In, '70: Stalesville Eason. Will W: III. '70: Rocky Mount Eggleston. Donald P.. '71: Charlotte Evans. Larry M.. '66: Lexington Fleming, John E. IL. '71: Raleigh Floyd, james M.. '68: Raleigh Folds. Ira 1.. '70: Greensboro Franklin. David L.. '69: Raleigh Franklin. Thomas P.. '70: Ncwland French. Kerry R,. '76: High Point Gatcwood, Thomas E: IL. '66: Raleigh Goodman. William G. 66: Salisbury Gordon. Laurence M1. '70: Bmhcsda. Md. Graves. Reginald 0:. '69: Charlolle Cmcn, William T. 111. '70: Gainesvillc, Fla. Griffin. William C., '71: Chzurlnlle Griffin, James R. In. 69: Charlultc Gruhar. Richard A.. '69: Schenectady. NY. Culley. Iohn E1. '71: Tarboro Hanslcy. Lonnie Lee, '70: Roanoke Rapids Harkey. Larry R, '76: Charlotte Harmon. Peggy M., '71: Buies Creek Hart. Ir.. joseph 1., '66: Youngsville Hart, Joseph Milton In. '71: Grifton Harlley. Gary M.. '76: Hudson Hervey. Philman L.. '71: Greensboro Hickman. Bain M. In. '70: Hudson Hicks, Charles E. 71: Lawndule Hinnnnt. Jesse R. Ir.. '66: Wendell Hood. Robert H. In. '71: Greensboro Howerlon. Thomas D.. '69: Gibsonvillu Hunl. Raymond C.. '69: Rocky Mount Hursl, Richard 3.. '66: Greensboro Hyman. In. Robert E... '69: Lewistun Irons. Humid G1. '69: Chzipel Hill Iackson, Gilbert H. III, '69: Bcauforl Jennings. II. Carlos D., '71: Charlotte Johns, Robert E. III, '71: Raleigh Iohnsey, Clarence G1. '71: Kinslon Johnson. Mark 5:. '70: Laurinburg Johnslon. Daniel R.. '69: Ashcville lanes. Michael Charles, '66: chdersonville Kelly. David R.. '70: Valdcse Kelly. Michael E1. '71: Valdesc King. Harold L.. '68: Hickory Knedlik. Ronald W" 1' Greensboro Ladd: In. Edwin V . Salisbury Laney, Ralph B1. '70: Lenoir Lawrence. William '69: Ml. Airy Liebhart, Riqhard F. Morgnnlon Lilllc, Roberl A. Jr., '69: Lincolnlon Litllc. Robert GH '66: Hickory Livingston, William C.. '70: Charluth: Long. Johnny P.. '69: Mount Airy Lundny. Michael T., '69: Pinchursl Manring, Scull T., '70: Greensboro Marcus. Arthur S.. '71: Rocky Mount Margeson. Edward C.. '71: Raleigh Marlin. Darryl R.. '69: Spindale McKcn'nuy. Palrick A.. '71: Wilmington McLamb. Dan 1.. '71"Benson Meakin, John W '71: Rocky Mount Meyer, Michael B., '71: Enfield Montenyuhl. Victor 1.. '70: Aiken, S.C. Moore. George William IL, '68: Conovcr Morgan. Mike R.. '71: Charlotte Nanney. Patrick '65: Spindale Neal, William H. 69 Waxhaw Norris. Richard D.. 70: Raleigh Colleges 201 . Nuckols, Thomas A., '71: Kinslon Pilgrim. John H.. '71: Spindale Pittman. Benny K. '71: Rulherfordton Pittman, Raymond L. III. '71: Fayetteville Pollock. Hoke D. '71: Southern Pines Pans. John D Valdese Price. James H:. 71: Rulherfordlnn Price. Richard P., '71: Casar Propsl. Michael H '71: Morganlon . Puryear. Paul 1.. Queen, Roger W:. 7 Shelby Roach. Timothy F '68: Mooresville Robcrls ll. Frank T. 70: Mr. Gilead Rohinelle. Jr., John 68: Hickory Robinson, Earl '11. ' organlon Rogers. Randall D 68: Indianapolis. Ind. Rollins. Paul C., Grover Rule, William S. '69: Winslon-Salem Sale. Alvin '11. '69: Winslon-Salcm Sams. Waller A: III. '68: Athens, Georgia Sandlin. Leon J. In. '70: Fayelluville Schnur. Larry D.. '71: Scarsdale. NY. Sulzer. 111. Joseph E. '70: Elizabclh Ciiy Sheehan. John P.. '69: lacksonville Shipman. Boyce E.. '69: Horst: Shae Shouf. Chan R.. '70: Lexington $impsnn. Alan 3:, '69: Lucama . Smith. Barry K.. '71' Blanche Smith. Stephen C. ' Birmingham. Ala. Spain. Jack H:. ' Wmslon-Salcm Spock. D. R.. '71 Raleigh Slannil. John W.. '68: Selma Sprall.- 111, Robert G '70: Charlotte : Slewart. Cl:.'1r!csj.. '71: Goals Tarletun. Harold V:. '71: Puachlnnd Thumpson, James D.. '69: Rutherfordmn . Triplctl. Thomas N.. '70: Valdcsc Tuttle. Elvin G.. '69: London. Ky. Walden, IL. Warren E.. '71: Granite Falls Walker. Robert R.. '69: Kinslun Watson. Dnnald Minor, '71: Raleigh Way. Brady Cole. '68: Baauforl' Way. lohn E '69: Bcaufurl Wesl. Leigh F.. '71: Kinstun Whisnanl. Thomas Wu '71: Lenoir O Whitehead. Luwlhcr G.. '70: Scotland Neck Williams. David I... '71: Greensboro Wilsun. Richard W.. '70: Churlollu Winfrey. Ronald EL. '66: WinslomSalem Wise. Carol T.. '69: Maiden Woodall. John C.. '71: Benson Woolen. Charies E. '69: La Grange Wyatl. John C. '69: Greensbnm Young, Robert 0.. '69: Atlanta. Ga. . Adams. Benny R.. '70: Yadklnville Adcock. Jerry W.. '69:.Henderson Almond. Michael A.. '71: Pilot Mountain Anders. Archie W. 68: Clinton Auman. Johnny . ; Ashnhow Ayers. Steven 8.. 71 Bear Grass Burragan, Frank K.. '71: Fayenevillc . Realty. Charles D.. '71: Churlolle Bcatly. Charles L.. '71: Slatesvillc Bolton. Brian L., '69' Greensboro Boyd. George 13.. ' Blanche Buykin. Thomas B '68: Zebulon Bradley. Ir.. Iames E, '69: Wake Fares! Brown, William H.. '70: Robersonville Buller, Jerry I... '68: Grifton. Carroll. Kenneth P.. '70: Wilminglon . Casper. Richard Y. '69: Mt. Pleasant Cherry. David L.. ' 1: Aulandcr Clark. Hubert W.. '70: Everells Clark, In. Malcom N.. '69: Racford Clay. Willcam L.. '68: Lenoir Cline. Darwin 15.. '70: Newton Cobb. Donald T.. '69: Roxboro Cole. Ronald W.. '68: Forest Cily Cooper. M. Bixby, '69: Birmingham. Ala: O Craven. IL. Dallas 0.. '71: High Point Crolls. Curtis L.. '7 Bolton. Waller 1: Davis. Larry W.. Dndmond, Marcus A.. '71: Cliffside Didow. 11:. Nicholas M.. '70: Monroe Dillard. IL. Jack C.. '71: High Point Drye. James M.. '69: Charlotte Ensley. Billy 1.. '70: Andrews . Fugg. John S., '69- Richmond. Va. Faulkner. Daryl 1., '71: Henderson Faulkner, 111. Howard V., '70: Henderson Feffer. David A.. '71: Washingmn. D.C. Finger. Thomas A., '71: Kings Mountain Fuller. IL. Donald R.. '70: Sanluan. Puerm Rico Furr. 1L, Herman L.. '71: Charlone Geraghly. Kevin 13.. '68: Raleigh Godwin, Micheal H.. '71: Dunn . Gouding. III. Frank Cu. '68: Virginia Beach. Va: Gresham. III. John T.. '70: Warsaw Griendling. Robert 1.. '70: Atlanlic City. NJ. Hull. IL. Brandon H., '66: Fayetteville Harrell. Clarence E.. '69: Elizabulh Cily Harrington. Thomas M.. '69: Sanford Harris, Thomas B. '68: Mebane Harriss. Robert D.. 68: High Point Heffner. Thomas H.. '70: Glen Alpine 202 Colleges 6. J" y . i V" ,z 115 , 63515.12. . ta 852 1?? 5m ; 5'3 49: m ' 5:11:21 '7 .. 411V O Hefner. Robert W., '71: Conover Henry. Paul D.. '69: Ashcville Hill. In. Eugene H.. '71: High Point Hottinger. Anthony E. 69: Allenlown. Pa. Hough, Ir.. Horace B.. 71: Charlotte Hubbard. Jr.. Stanley 8., '69: Charlotte Huneycutl. Bubby T.. '70: Stanfield Isenhower. Robert W., '71: Conovcr Kelly. Micheal W.. '68: Carlisle. Pa. O Kennerly. Richard V.. '71: Ramseur Kiersled. C. W.. '71: Hunlington. N.Y. Kirby. 11. James R.. '71: Wilson Kincaid. Philip W., '70: Lcnuir Kirkman, Roger N.. '71: Winslon-Salem Klein. Richard A.. '6 Charlolle Lawrence. James Alexandria, Va. Leonard, Charles D. 68: Lincolnth Lewis, Irwin A.. ' : Liles, Robert 13., ' Liner, Harry. '7 Wilson Little, David 1:. '69: Lincolnton Lyndon. III, Ioscph R.. '70: Durham Marlin, Dennis G.. '71: Jonesville McAdams. Stephen F.. '70: Durham Melvin, Roy M.. ' : Reidsville Malone. lohn E.. '68: Goals McNally. Danny D.. '68: Fayetteville . Miller, Ronald E. '71: Colerain Murray. Frederick C. '70: Reidsville Monroe. Ir.. Graham AH '71: Raeford Moore. Elbert 1., '71: Windsor Newcomb. Danny R., '71: Providence Norman. In, Roger W, '66: Sanford Parker. Jn. Lynne C.. '70: Kinslon Narwood. IL. William T., '71: Nurwond Peueway, Ir.. Ernest N.. '68: Farmvillc . Pitts. Kenneth W.. '70: Glen Alpine Plank. James Kq ' Kings Mountain Powell, In. Benjamin E., '68: Robersonvillc Rawling Iohn Rq '70: Salisbury Rhync. IL. Joseph M.. '68: Lincolnton Richardson. Ernesl Cu '69: New Bum Ritchie, Lewis 12.. '69: Concord Robinson. Charles W.. '70: Asheboro Robinson. William O Roscman. John T.. ' Royster. Bobby D. 68: Fallstnn Savage. Michael L,. '70: Chapel Hill Scoggins. Henry D., '69: Wilmington Sewell. Slephen G.. '68: Highlands Sherrill. Dwight A.. '71: Sherrills Ford Simon. Kim M., '71: Annandale. Va. Sink. Ierry D., '70: Thomasville Smith. Herman F.. '71: Norwood Smith. Henry M., '68: Monroe Smith, James F.. '7 Whileville Smith. Slephen W" '69: Raleigh Sizemore. In. Ray B '65: Cullowhee Smolhers. III. John M., 71: Dunn Sparger. Jerry R.. '68: Elizabethlon, Tenn. Staley. Donald L.. '68: Sophia Staten. Marshall '69: Raleigh Stoney, Joseph A., Talladega. Ala. Stuhr, David C., '69.'Winsmn-Salem Sullivan. Dennis H.. '71: Tarboro Taylor. In, Iohn R,, '70: McLeansville Thigpen, William M,, '71: A1Ian1a. 03: Thompson. John C., '71: Charlone Thursby. Alan R.. '68: Jacksonville Wanzer, Charles H" '71: Conover Ward. Michael 5.. '70: Robersonville Walker. Harry DH '71: Reidsville 0 Wells, William E.. '68: Gnldsbom Wiley. Jimmy C,, '71: Providence Winbornc, johnny H.. '68: Edenlon Younl. Iames E. '70: Burgnw Abernathy, George W.. '69: Rocky Mount Allred. Charles I... '68: Burlinglon Almond, Tnny R.. '66: Albermarle . Anderson. Brian 1.. '68: Coshen. N.Y. Anderson. Robert T.. '71: Kinslon Arey. In, John V. '71: Concord Ballancc. IL. Luther D., '71: Rocky Mount Barnes. Lennard D., '71: Kinston Bauguess, Bernard W.. '68: Winston-Salcm Bean. Charles C., '71: Burlington Biebcr, Peter 8:. '69: Fun Myers. Fla. Bradley, Benjamin F.. '71: Rocky Mann! 0 Brecdlove. Thomas W.. '71: Butner Bridges. Frederick M., '71: Harmony Erinson. Benjamin '11, '70: Eelhaven Bruaks, Steven E., '71: Siler City Bunce. Harold l... : Burlesnn, Lynn P.. 0: Albermarle Byrurn. Johnny I... '71: Waxhaw Cain, Eric H.. '68: Albemarlc Campbell, Jeffrey L. '68: Union Grove Canupp: 'I'nny W., '69: Fayettevilln Cashwell. Narley L., 6: Fayetteville Cale. I12. Walter R.. '7 ' Reidsvillc Conger. III. Iascph H 70: Edenton Cordun. IL. James T.. '66: Raleigh Costner. Elbert S.. '69: Shelby Covinglan, Alex P.. '71: Richmond. Va: Crouch. James K. '71: Smilhfield Crouch, 11. Fred R. '70: Winslon-Salem Colleges 203 Daughlry, Joseph C., '69: Durham Davis, III, Daniel W., '71: Guldsboro Davis. Frank E. ' Griflon Davis. James R., . Engelhnrd Davis, 11:, Osborn G., '70: Beaufort Deal, Ir., Glenn P: 71 Taylorsville Dedrick. Smphen C 71: Grifton Difalla. Peter 1.. '66: outhem Pines Dixon, ha. Samuel W:. '71: Statesville Drumwright. Robert G.. '71: Graham Eason, George H., '71: Atlanta, Ga. Evans. DeLyle M. 69: Winterville Farb. Robert L:. 6 ' Livingston. N.I. Farmer. Dean B 71: Greensboro Furr, Iames R.. '70: Albemarle Gainey. In, Charles R., '68: Sledman Gardner, Phillip H., '71: Kinston Carmen, Jr., Edward L., '71: Nurlh Wilkesboro Garrison. James R 69: Belmnnt Gewolb. Eric 13., Gilliam. Iames K. 1: Winslon-Salem Godfrey, Eric 8.. '69: Asheville Green. Thomas E., '71: Durham Greer. Philip E., '71: Raleigh Grocme. Malcolm M:, '71: Annandale, Va. Hall. William D:. '69: Roxbom Hunnen. Walter : '69: Durham Hipp, James M.. '71: Alexis Haddock, Mack E., '71: Greenvilla Hallman. II. Vance L. H., '68: Mounl Airy Holland. Charles W.. '69 Durham Inckson. In, Willard B. 70: Tarbum Iilcon, III. Rupert W.. '70: Roxobel Jones. Elmer W., ' WinslowSalcm Iones, Gordon K 66: Chapel Hill lanes. Rodney C, '71: Greensboro Keaton, Mark H., '60: Winslon-Salem Kellum. William 5:. '70: New Bern Kessell, Frederick C.. '70: Gastonia Kimel. In. Horace M., '70: Winstun-Salem Koonce. Dunald G.. '68: Raeford Katz. William H., '70: Durham League, Hugh M,, '66: Charlotte Liles, Lewis 0.. '68: Zebulon Little, James F.. '66: Wadesbom Lockman. III. Charles R.. '68: Dalias McDowell, John P., '71: Tarboro Mclnnis, Daniel A. '89: Fayeneville Miller. IL. David W:, '71: Greensboro Minor. Iames R., '70: Reidsville Minlon. Phillip D, '71: Lincolnton Morris. Edwin I... '71: Charlotte Moseley. Walter P., '69: Henderson Nance, jack H., '68: Winston-Salem Oakley. Charles L., '66: Mebane Olliffe. William F... '69: Cheraw, S.C. Owens. John M:. '70: Tarboro Puget, Ir" 109 AH '71: Griflon Palmer. Douglas L '59: Whiteville Parker. Charles 1., : Benson Panerson, Ronnie H., '68: China Grove Perkins. John 5:. '70: Beaufort, SC. Pietersz. R. 13., '66 Aruba. Nelh. Antilles Reid. Smphen TH '69: Smithfield Roberson, Stephen C.. '69: Reidsville Robertson. IL. Francis D., '68: Wilson Roddcn. Jimmy L.. '69: Winslun-Salem Roe, Philip D., '71: Greensboro Rogels, In. Weaver 3.. '69: Asheville Rose, Charles W.. '70: Reidsville Rowe, George P.. '66: Wilson Sanders. Lee E1. '71: Rocky Mount Scamrough. James E., '71: Charlene Sikes. William A., '71: Albemarle Simmons, S19v9 WN '71: Mount Airy Smith. Alan V., '63: Kemersville Smith. Malcolm L., '71: Whiteville Spillman. Ray A.. '68: Winslon-Salem Stacy, Iohn N:. '69: Boone Stephens. Dwight E.. '70: Erwin Stephenson. jn, William C:. '70: Smilhficld Stewart. Robert E.. '70: Gashmia Slollmack. David 5.. '71: Great Neck, N.Y. Stone. Jerry M.. '71 iler Cily Tarman. Iames W '71: Statesville Taylor. In, Benjamin L '69: Villanova. Pa. Taylor. IL. William 1,. 71: Warsaw Teague, IL. William 1.. '71: Reidsvillc Temple. Herbert D.. '71: Kinston Tolan. Delma R.. '70: Belhaven Tunnell, In. Gilbert 13:. '71: Swan Quarter Van Hay. Henry P.. '71: Union Grove Vincent. IL, Edwin A:, '70: Beaufort. SC. Walz. David H:. '69: Greensboro Webb, Alden 8.. '71: Rockingham Wesl. Howard P., '68: Fayetteville Whitmore. Alan C., '71: Kinslon Wiggins. III. Ichn C.. '70: Winslon-Salem Wilson. In. David L., '71: WinstomSalcm Wood. In, Thomas P., '71: Rockingham Woodard. Kenneth W., '71: Conway Wooten, james F.. '70: Maple Hill Wright. Bobby D., '68: Asheboro Yarbmugh. Roger E.. '71: Lincolnlon Yams. Charles H. '68: Fayetteville 204 Colleges KING COLLEGE Still ringing in the ears of members of King Resi- dence College is the loud report of The Kings Can- non, fired at every home football game as an audi- ble symbol of both our Tar Heel enthusiasm and our own inner unity. Both these qualities are im- portant factors in the residence college movement which continues to gain momentum on campus. And King, a residence college in every sense of the word, is going great guns With the movement. The success of the Major Lance concert on Book Week-end, first prize in the residence college divi- sion for our itBeat iDook" float, toilet paper- covered uVictory treesii in King Court, and formid- able intramural teams all reflect the Tar Heel pride and vitality. A tired juke box and a social room which is seldom'empty show that King, through in- dividual and group efforts, has become as a resi- dence college more than a group Of dorms prOVld- OFFICERS - FRONT: Tom Bea", Social Lt. Governor; Debbie Patterson, Ass'h lng a place to sleep. It has become a place to hve' Social". Governor; John Beane, Treasurer. 5TANDING:Tom Brown,$peakerof fhe Senate; Len Tubbs, Governor; Fred Hamlet, Academic Lt. Governor. u 7 H :' Sam Fulk - MRC Representative KING COLLEGE SENATE - FRONT ROW: Richard Mayes, Elizabeth Ambley, Phyllis Hicks, Jan John- son, Fran Upchurch, George McLean. SECOND ROW: Newberry Bass, Barry Siler, Lambert Harris, Doug Painter, Larry Boyer, Bill Bennett. Colleges 205 'Lh: A , p Every student likes to boast that he has lived in the best dorm on campus. Thou h students all over campus claim this honor, on y Mangumites can look you in the eye when they say it, knowing that theirs is not simply a meaningless boast. Never has such a large percentage of a group taken part in so many activities, whether it be in- tramurals, combo parties, beer blasts, 0r dorm meetings. We are very proud of our dorm unity. There are all kinds of people living in a dorm. There is the academically gifted student like Bill Brackett and the athletically inclined like Bill McCarthy. Every once in a while a student who possesses both of these traits comes along like Chuck Connor. But a dorm cannot run without its executives, and they have worked hard to plan a successful social life to complement the rigorous academic work at Carolina. As long as U.N.C. ex- ists, the reputation of the MANGUM MUGS will never die. - , 'iu ' i, , i OFFICERS - Paul Weinberg, Treasurer; Frank Sutton, President; Ric Efird, Sec- retary; Ben Greene, Vice-Presidenf. MANGUM SENATORS - FRONT ROW: Bourne Sayre, ls! Floor; Scan Cloninger, 4th Floor; Bob Hobgood, 3rd Floor. BACK ROW: Richard Streib, 2nd Floor; Frank Sutton, Senator-aI-large. 206 Colleges Mangum's u4.0" Line-up. Life in Manly is swiftly changing. The old guard has been whittled down to a handful of stalwarts. Freshmen and sophomores are filling the place up. Along with the turnover in personnel, there has been a changing emphasis in dorm activities. King Residence College has contributed much to the change in Manly, by providing the funds and the facilities for increased activity. With the help of K.R.C., Manlyts social life has been diversified and expanded. To mention everyone in the dorm would be im- possible. Each one stands out and survives in his own way. Taking an overall view though, all of the personalities and activities combine to bring about that distinct Character of Manly dorm. "You're whaf?" I; t J '1 .w Manly Men ABOVE: OFFICERS - Doug Wilson, In framural Manager; Danny Alford, Vice-Presideni; Barry Siler, Presi- denf. LEFT: SENATORS - George McLean, Scan Harris, and Stu Todd. Hugh Sfeiler, Secrefary; Bill Brown, Trea- surer. Colleges 207 GRIMES 7 4 , . , . , . . OFFICERS - Sam Fulk, Senator; Worth Baldwin, Legisluior; Guy Ben- BeSIdeS a Place to St.ley and Sleep, 3 gOOd .CiOleltOFy "e", pmidem; Lam, Boyen Vice-p,esiden,, should prov1detw0th1ngs: personal and lasting friend- ships and occasional escapes from academic pressure. If a dorm does these two things it cannot'help but have unity. The threat of becoming absorbed into a larger system - the residence college e and thus losing indi- vidual identity has been faced in different ways by dif. i ferent dormitories. The weaker dorms, fearing this loss of unity, have withdrawn from the system and, ironi- cally, have been slowly self-eroding. Grimes has found in the residence college set-up a means of providing Grimes residents relaxing; the lull before the storm the necessities for unity and strengthening dorm char- acter. It offers goals for which the entire dorm can strive, and benefits which the entire dorm and its neighbors can enjoy. Our support of the residence col- lege system can be seen by looking at the participation Grimes has provided in Kings projects and politics. And our explosive dorm character CtOnce a Grimes Guzzler, always a Grimes Guzzlerm can be heard all : . . . across campus during our private beer blasts. A phone jingles persistently in a va- cated dorm hall. Residents sit crowded into a hazy, smoke-congested room and recall the highlights of another year. There were the weekend migrations to Mb Cb andhthe exploits. of itCheek Manfi IN T e eac party at O. D. has become a yearly holiday on the calendar. Mack- RUFF the-Knife was immortalized by the Bard of Fourth Floor. The Henderson birth- day party was an epoch-making event ' with a net of eight warning cards in one evening. The Mad Bomber kept Mackie and Bill busy by his sabotage raids while I. C., the Mad Bombed, kept his reputation alive. Hugh,s seafood dinner tspecialty: crabt taught everyone a valu- able lesson. The Bee Burner haunted the halls during the day and Sam and Dave sang the nightowl blues. The phone continued to ring as someone remem- bered the pig, rather card, parties with our neighbors across the arb. Many rooms sported intramural awards for the long-awaited tag football cham- pionship. Friedman and Beaumont con- tributed to the Cold War while the Mad Wop and his second floor cronies ter- rorized the upperclassmen. Finally there is the memory of the fellowship of one-hundred four Carolina Gentlemen, ttbroadii-minded men. Wonit somebody answer that damn phone! RUFFIN ROUGH RIDERS. OFFICERS tKneelingi - Danny Hughes, Vice-Presidenf; Tom Brown, Pre 'd t- D Carlharf, Secretary. vs t K . 208 Colleges x :. 'x'7 Addermn, A Gail. '71: Durham Ambler. Elizabeth C. '70: Raleigh Andrews. lanice A,, '70: Lenoir Aycock. Nancy E. '71: Raleigh Barnes. Sandra L.. '71: Charlotte Barrier. Irene E.. '69: Concord Baxter. Wanda K., '71: Greensboro Bndcnheimer. Rebecca M:. '70: Chapel Hill Bonn. Fcnna 1.. '71: Charlotte Bnuldin, Mary C '68: Winslon-Salum Boyd. Nina D.. '70 Fort Mill. SC. Briggs. Kathryn L.. 71: Charlotte Brulon: Mary L. '70: Gastonia Bullard. Margaret E.. '71: High Point Bullingmn. Susan 8., '71: Charlotte Burgess. Marilyn R1. '71: Laurinburg Cain. Kalhleen H.. '71: Charlotte Caldwell. Lucy H.. '71: Birmingham, Mich. Campbeli. Barbara D.. '71: Council Camrela. Karen A.. '68: Cincinnati. Ohio Carson. Virginia 3.. '71: Raleigh Clark. Melanie S.. : Hildebran Cobb. Martha A.. '71: Sanford Cooke. Marilyn A,. '71: Hunlersville Corey. Paris I.. '71: Raleigh Cowan. Anne E.. '68: Fayellevillc Creltier, Mary A.. '71: Raleigh Cunningham. Cassandra A., '71: Salisbury Doncgan. Martha F.. '71: Durham Draughon, Reba l... '71: Dunn Edmonds. Elizabelh R.. '70: High Poinl Eger. Elizabeth 1.. '7 Charlotte Fairclulh. Mary H.. '68: Clinton Fenn. Martha. '71: Greensboro Ferguson. Melinda K,V '71: Lexington Ford. Nancy A.. '71: Greensboro Folk, Calhy. '70: Philadelphia, Pa: Frye, Annelle R" '71: Galax. Va. Fuller. Constance P., '71: Wake Forest Fullz, Susan M.. '70: Winston'SalL-m Furney, Margaret 1... '71: Jacksonville Galloway. Kathryn A.. '70: Charlotte Gann. Pamela B1. '71: Monroe Garrett. Joan W1. '70: Danville, Va. Gcndel. Phyllis A.. '70: Atlanta. Ga. Gerow. Conslance H., '70: Waxhaw Glogau. Charlotte I... '71: West Chester. Pa. Greene. Sherry L. ' . Laurinburg Grccnn. Teresa B '71: Dunn Hagic. Sharon C1. Hickury Hansen, Palricia W., '71: New Orleans. La. Hanson, Helen L. '71: Raleigh Harris. Deborah C.. '70: Charlotte Harrison, Jeanette 5.. '71: Winslon-Salcm Hooks, Amelia F.. '68: Fremunl Homer, Anne K.. 1: Charlotte Huffman. R: Dianne. '70: Hickory James, Peggy A.. '70: Winston-Salem Ienks. Pamela F... '71: Raleigh Johnson. Ian 8.. '70: Lakeland. Fla. lanes. Carol A.. '70: Durham lorgcson, Susanne D.. '70: Lake Waccamau Kilpatrick. Hilda H.. '71: Farmvillc Koomcn. Murcia A., '70: Raleigh Lang. Karen I... '71: SL Petersburg. Fla. Lashlcy. Susan C.. '70: Greensboro Larsson. Carlene B.. '71: Fair Haven. NJ. Lawing. Carolyn L.. '71: Charlotte Lee. Jean 13.. '68: New Bern Leonard, Lin'da K., '71: Adelphi. Md. Lewis. Kathryn A '69: New Orleans. La. Linden. Cora C. '71: Cullowhec Logan. Jane E. '70: Shelby Marablc. Alice F., '71: Nashville, Tenn. McClelland. Cynthia L, '71: Charlotte McGrigor. lane V.. '71: Clinton McKinney. Patty A.. '70: Fayelleville McMackin. Tamara EL. '71: Charlene McRae. Carolyn 1.. '71: Southern Pines Melvin. Edna EL, '69: Elizabelhlown Miller. Susan F.. '71: Lenoir Milchcllc. Anne D.. '70: Danville. Va. Monroe, Doris F.. '70: Robbins Morrison. Lavillon E.. '71: Arlington. Va. Mullins. Meredith A,, '71: Severna, Md. Murphy. Laura A.. '71: Charlotte Ncoe. Elizabeth H.. '71: Fair Haven. NJ. Murray. Donna L, '70: Mebane Odenwald, Susan E" '71: Greensboro Ogbum. Kathy I.. '71: Willuw Springs Osborne, Virginia H.. '71: Smilhficld Owens, Patricia A.. '69: North Wilkesboro Parker. Malsha K., '71: Greensboro Patterson. Deborah 8., '70: Chapel Hill Pearson. Linda 5.. '7 Zircunia Pcasc, Margaret K., '71: Jupiter, Fla: Phillips. Carolyn G.. '71: Selma Puncher. Elizabeth W.. '71: Jacksonville. Fla. Ray, Karen 1., '71: Raleigh Raynor. Mary P.. '70: Salisbury Reed. Pamela 6.. '70: Gaslonia Roberts. Shannon C1. '69: Augusta. Ga. Russ. Linda C.. '70: Eden Sachazeski. Janet L., '70: Charlotte Salterfield. Jacqueline. '71: Durham Saylor, Carroll E., '71: Decatur. Ga. Colleges 209 . Schiller. Martha L.. '71: Raleigh Shaw. Lillian R.. '70: Ivanhoe Simms. Louise L.. '69: Atlanta. Ga. Smith. ludilh A.. '70: Madison. Cunn. Smith. Patricia. '6 Black Mountain Spcas. Cynlhia L.. '70: Greensboro Sparrow. Constanc . N.. '60: White Plains. NY. Spencer. Jam: A,. ' Sanford, Fla. Siancill, Nancy P. Redford. Va. 0 Stewart. Pamela L, '71: Dunn Slmib. Linda 6.. '70: Humor Tannenbaum. Nancy 13,. '70: Greensboro Thompson: Belly EL, 0: Graham Thompson. Fmdda E. '71: Lenoir Upchurch. Francine M.. '70: Greensboro Wclch, Julia M,. '71: Annandale. Va. Whickcr, Marcia L.. '70: Winston-Salam While. Sam 1.. '70: Elon College . Whitaker, Sigur E, '70: Indianapolis. Ind. Whiln. Hillary. '71: Durham Willis. Rnyna L.. '70: Bulner Wilson. Martha 0.. '70: Greensboro Winters. Deborah H. '71: Neponsil. NY. Wood. Sally F., '71: Roxboro Wyszynski. Mary P., '69: Chapel Hill Yoos, Cynthia 8.. '71: Charlotte Zibarl. Rosemary. '71: Nashville. Tenn. . Aull, Joseph W., '70: Ionesboro. Ga. Bain. Charles L.. '69: Columbia. SC, Baldwin, Worth 13.. '69: Greensboro Beall, Thomas A '69: Edgewater. Md. Bennett, John 3,. Virginia Beach, Va. Boyer. Larry M,. '7 Virginia Beach. Va. Braxlon. Amcs D.. '68: Ayden . Brodgcn. Blackwell M.. '71: Durham Broughlun. Harold S., '69: Durham Brown. James E,. '68: Asheboro Brown. Jr. William 13.. '71: Wilson Bruckner. 11".. Max DH '71: Fayettevilla Cameron, Gary L.. '71: Fayeneville Cartwrighi. James W.. '68: Elizabeth City Chalk. John D., '71: Rockingham Clapp. David E. '70: Grecnsbaro 0 Cook. Ronald R.. '69: Clcvrzland Cook. Samuel M.. '70: Forest City . Croonenberghs. R. E 71: Virginia Beach. Va. X DeLcat, Thomas L.. 9: Pfafftown Drum. Darrell W.. '69: Belmont Earley. 1n. James R,, '71: Forest City Eason. Ellen R,, '69: Roanoke Rapids Eastman, Ir.. Leslie R.. '69: High Point Farabcc, Loyd M., '71: Leuksville 0 Fox. Richard F.. '71: Asheville Fulk. Charles 5.. '69: Pilot Moumain Hamlet. C. Edward. '69: Durham Huffinc. William D., '71: Chesterland, Ohio Johnson. Hugh D., '7 Forest City Kimball. Richard E. '70: Waynesville Krometis. Evan 1., '71: Ballimore. Md. Lean. Ronald K,. '71: Fayelleville Little, Todd W.. '71: Emporia. Va. . Makepeace, David W.. '70: Naugaluck. Conn. 1 McCollum. Joseph L.. '71: Randlemun Miller, lr.. Icrry Mn 69: Fayelteville Neal. Paul G.. '71: Hamlel Oliver. Stephen P.. '70: Annandale, Va. Parnell. Richard 1.. ' Greenville Pallerson. David L 71: Pilot Mountain Patterson, John 5., 71: New Bern Phillips, Larry L.. '68: Thomasville . Porter. Joseph 13.. '69: Eden Ramsay. John E.. '70: Salisbury Reynalds, Ronald P.. ' Hamlet Ridenhour. Ien'y 13.. '7 Richfn'eld Robertson. Waller K. '70: Virgilina. Va. Ross. Donald M., '70: Burlington Sawyer. William T" '71: Norfolk. Va. Smith. Michael S.. '7 Greenville Spruill. William A.. '71: New Bern . Slallings. IL. Julius W.. '69: Tarbom Strickland, Ir.. Armie R.. '70: Middlesex Swaim, Rusly L.. '68: Greensboro Tillery, Paul A.. '70: Raleigh Tubbs. 11".. Ace L.. '69: Westfield. N.I. White, IL. Claude G.. '68: Tarbom White. Richard I.. '71: Durham Whileside. III. James W.. '70: Charlene Williams. James H.. '71: Eden . Zaccagnini. Gary R, '70: Goldsbnro Abercrombie, Ronald E, '68: Greenville Bracken. William E 69: Hendersonville Breard. Michael F.. '6 . Monrue Brown. Thomas W.. '70: Kenansville 0 Clarke, Gerald s., '59: Enfield Cloningcr. Earl S.. '70: Kings Mountain Coonc. James C.. '71: Winston-Salem Cooper. Jacob N., '70: Kings Mountain Crawford. Robert A '71: Ncwpurl. Tenn. Creasman. Mark E '7 Arder Dngenharl. Carl T.. '70: Charlotte Dagenharl, Robert CH '68: Belmont Davenporl. John V., '71: Lexington 210 Colleges Denham. Thomas 11. '70: Haveluck Duncan, David A. . Kannapolis Efird. Richard L.. 9: Burlinglun Enevold, Dannie Q.. '70: Asheville Farlhing. Edwin C... '69: Greensboro Ferrell. Don W.. '71: Angier Finley. Edward S.. '71: North Wilkcsbaro Fisher. John D.. Ir.. '71: Shelby Foil. Homer G.. '70: Raleigh Gardner. Ted W.. '68: Williamslun cher. luhn V,. '71: Chalhum. Va. Golnr, In. Edwin R.. '70: Kings Mountain Greene. Benjamin F 65: Trenlun Greene. Ronald P. : Carlhagc Halsey. James D.. : Spurla Hamrick. Charles G. '71: Shelby Hesse. Michael 0.. : Melairic. La. Hibhils. Richard L.. '71: Winlen-Snlcm Hicks. III. Donald C.. '70: Raleigh Hobgood. Ruberl H,. ' ' Louisburg lnrnignn. William L.. McInIush, Fla. Johnston, William C., '69: Norlh Wilkesburo Kcester. llI. Thomas F.. '59: Ml. Pleusunl. S.C. Lamp. William C. '68: Haverford, Pa. Lester. Dennis 0.. '70: Bumm- Macomson. Robcrl E.. '68: Shelby McCarthy. In. W. M.. 159:va Londun. Conn. .. Herman. '68: Greensboro hn R.. ' : Old Fort Otis, William G. '68: Wynnewood. Pa. Palmer. Gary S. Franklin Plank. Gearge W.. '69: Kings Mountain Price, Michael A.. '71: Angier Renfrow. James M., '71: Fair Bluff Rinchardt. William MN '68: Ramscur Rippcrlon. Bruce 8., '70: Chapel Hill Roberson. Edwin 3.. '68: Lilcsville Roberts. David L. '70: Creedmonr Rominger. Dunne A.. '70: Chapel Hill Sayre. June 8.. '69: Tryon Shcurin. Larry H.. '71: Wnrrcnlun Stephens. Gary M., '71: Evergreen Slokcly, Joseph E. '71: Edcnlon Streib. Nelson R.. '70: Bulncr Sullon. Frank M,. 9: Kinslun Thompson. Paul W. In. '68: Eden Walker. Ir.. Aubrey 0.. '71: Rmmnke Rapids WillEI'S. David R.. '70: Roanoke Rapids Webb. George L.. '71: Weldun Weinburg. Paul A. '69: Ashcville Woody. Alvin D.. 70: lonesville Wrighl. luhn C.. '7 Ashnbnm Wynne. Waller I3.. '70: Lnuisburg Wyszynski, Tyler H.. '69: Hamlramack. Mich. Abcrnulhy'lll. Leroy F.. '71: Hickury Alford. Danny L. '70: Wendell Andersun. Douglas W.. '69: Wilson Aulry. Bruce C.. '71: Fayelluville Bardolph. Mark. '70: Greensboro Beanc. John C.. '69: Ashcboro 8910. Gordon L., '68: Cuncord Buchanan. Vernon 13.. '70: Marion Brown. William E.. '70: Pillsbom Carter. James J.. '69: Candler Childs. Paul 1.. '65: Wadesboro Clapp, Douglas M 70: Whitseu Collins. Joel A., '71. ugh Point Collins, Robert Daniel. '701Thumasvillc Crumpler. Elmon 8., '71: Clinlon Damiano, Andrew 1., '71: Durham DavisI Edward R.. '71: Candler Duncan. Henry D.. '70: Candler Eggleston, James H '70: Eden Fairclolh. Iames Clinton Fisher. Joseph D.. Jacksonville Frye. William P.. ' Graham. Harry K.. '70: Lincolnlon Hahn. L. Allen. '70: Greenville Harrell. Gerald L.. '71: Tarboro Harrell. In. William B.. '69: Tarburo Harris. Lambert 5., '68: Henderson Hawkins. Timolhy M.. '70: Concord Hodges, Christopher 1.. '70: Crimesland Holden. David A.. '69: Supply Hooper. Iumcs E1, Waynesvillc Irwin. Larry D.. '7 . lkin Kirkman. Robert L.. Elkin Lawrence, Jr., John E.. '68: Raleigh Leonard. Alan C.. '70: Tryon Lunsford. John W.. '69: Ruxburo Margcrison. Richard W.. '70: Gaslania Marlowe. Thomas R.. '71: Ashevillc Mayberry. Eddie R.. '70: Newton McCall. Forrest S.. '69: Spruce Pine Mihans. S. F.. '70: Wappingcm Falls. NY. Murdock. Kenneth W.. '71: Orlando. Fla. Nublult. William 1.. '70: Gaslunizl Parrish. Jerry L., '70: Churlollc Presley. Juhnny Cu '71: Ashevillu Putnam. II. Raleigh 1,. '71: Cherryvillc Robnrls. Luther C., '70: Greenvillc Robinson. Dnuglus D.. '70: Ashcville Schaber, John G.. '71: Durham Shcuron. Cecil L., '71: Wake Forest Siler. Barry 1... '68: Waco. Tex. Sl'mpson. phillip M., '71: Franklin Colleges 211 . Sledge. David S '71: Atlantic Beach Sloop. Charles 1 u: Cuncord Smilh. lames D. ' Greensboro Smith. Knnnclh bu: Summerficld Smith. Russell E 71 Huntersville SIclIcr. 1n. Hugh D '70: Wilkcsbm'o Stewart. Larry D.. '71: Ashevillc Slyers. Van W.. '70: Summerficld Tulum. William 13.. '69: Asheburn . Taylor, Frederick W. In. '71: Snuad's Ferry Taylor: lr.. Wall . '71: Charlene Thompson. Loui 71: Mucun 'I'udd. Sluarl K.. '7 Memphis. Tenn. Tolur. Sidney RH '70: Havelock Wall. David A:. '70: Lcaksvillu Webb. lean C. Jr '71: Birmingham, Ala. Weeks. Alan F.. '7 Claylun Wing. Richard L.. '70: Charlollo . Worsley. In. William R.. '69: Tal'hom Wright. IL. Roscoe 1.. '69: High Poinl Archie. Michael F.. '70: Kinslun Birclmr. Richard. ' : GreenviIIc Boner. Richard D.. '71: chinglon Braswcll. Joseph M., '70: Henderson Brown. Ruberl 1.. '71 Kinslon . Brown. Jr.. Thomas 60: Gates Buff. Iamcs S. '69: High Shoals Burns. Theodore W '69: Greensboro Carharl: David H.. Annandalc. Va. Coggin. Danny B 'l'my Coggin. Gerry C 70: Troy Coleman. lamz. D:. '58: Rockingham Crawford. Iamcs W Daniel. Samuel H.. '1 . Dcalon. 11:. Ashley R.. 9: Ashvburu Dorclmsler. Chcslcr R.. '70: Virginia Beach. Va: Flora. IL. Fred L '69: La Grange Foslcr. Cary 13.. '71: Lexington Gugurson. Ralph W '69: New York, NY. Grole. Gregory T u: Cranford. NJ. Hamlel. Wed T 6 Pitlsboro Heafnnr. James 17 '7 Lincolnlon Highl. lr.. James H '71: Henderson 0 Hill. William P.. '7 homasville Hughes: Danny R" 69: Hendersun Inyncs, Hal 8.. '70: Lenoir Iuwcll. 1!. Charles D.. '71: Wilminglon Iohnsun. Ian. '69: D nlon Iuhnsnn. Mark H.. 71 Wilmington yohnson.Robur1 13.: ' Dunn Iohnsun. William E '71: Hendemon Iordun. Thomas M. '70: Murphy 0 Kay. Brian H.. '7 csl Hartford. Cunn: Kcrmon. In. Loui '69: Raleigh Knighl. Lcun P., '70 Cumpcaku Knoll. Ir.. Lawrencv '68: Durham Koch. Ill. Iohn H 511. Ncwbcrry. S.C. Lcufu, lnmcs M., Raleigh Lewis. Hugh 13.. '70: Henderson MacLean. Donald B '69: Augusla. Cu: Margolis. Charles F '70: SI. Pauls . Marshall. William C... " : Lawndalc Marlin. Ill. Gcorge W.. '71: Newton Mayo. Michael W.. '70: Charlotte Mnyes. In. Richard 'I'.. '70: Raleigh McKinnish. Rock C.. '69: Brevard Michaels. Andrew G:. '59: Lawrence. N.Y. Modlin. David M.. '71: Lincolnlon Moore, Richard A., '68: Los Alamitos. Calif. Moss. Ronald A., '70: Henderson . Nowell. Lanny R.. '70: Omdell. N.l. Oshnrne. William R.. '71: Newton Patrick, 111, George H.. '70: Silver Spring. Md. Patten. Waller R.. '70: Mt. Olive Fell. Ben E.. '71: Pilul Mountain Pianladosi. Claude A.. '71: Chapel Hill Purlaro. IL. Sam A. 70: High Point Robcrls. john K.. '7 Radford. Vu. Rogers. William ' Williamstun, S.C. 0 Russ. Donald B:. '7 . dycuevillc Russo. William A.. '71: Albuquerque, NM. Sockwell. IL. James 13:. '69: McLeansvillc Saunders. Reuben M., '70: Reidsvillc Simmons. Smphen H.. '69: Columbus. Ga, Slade. Robert A.: '71: Portsmouth. Va. Slawlcr. William 1-2. '68: Grecnsbum Slovens. Richard Y.. '70: Raleigh Sykes. Alan 1.. '69: Enfield . Taylor, Larry R.. '70:-Henderson Tyson. lr.. Insnph 13.. '71: Henderson Woolen. Wayne 13.. '70: Raeford 212 Colleges Craigeis favorite pastime. This is the last year of Craige College, or the Maverick House as it was called. No, the Administration is not turning it into new of- fice space, but no longer will the joyous vic- tory gong ring loudly at every freshman beer blast in the woods behind the impos- ing structure. The whole outlook of Craige will necessarily Change with the influx of graduate students who will live there next m E l ' l ' i year. This is a new concept at Carolina. For fit the first time, we will see how an all menis graduate dorm can function under the Resi- O ILLS TvF LB dence College System, and it will be inter esting for both faculty and students alike to FFQPri ii Lit iOTKi' 9 J L"; w- seehowthenewidentityofCraigeemerges. e . i M . . Todayis questions will turn into tomor- eryj dirq KIOiNL TL. row's reality, but the outcome of it all is completely unpredictable. COLLEGE OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: Bob Younf, A House Presidenf; Biil i Harris, M. R. C. Represenfaiive; Charlie JanneHe, B House President. SEC- OND ROW: Joe Donidez, E House President; Ernesf M. Hodges, Gover- nor; Peter Shea, D House President; Gene Yates, Treasurer. MI? The way to financial security for some of our residents. Colleges 213 OLD EAST In typically cynical and defiant stature, Old East residents started the new school year by voting to withdraw from the Davie College system. This move confirmed South Building suspicions that ingrates inhabit Old East. The Ingrates, as usual, failed to appreciate the show- er of beautiful promises bestowed upon them in the past. Who could ever forget those great blowouts that we have had in our plush social room. The situation was beautifully summed up in the lamentable cry of one residentis mother, upon hearing that we had no social room for her to wait in. uBut every dorm has a social room!" Yes, wellpthey dontt have a plaque! Consolation; Mr. Udall. we really appreciate what you have done for us. We know now, someone cares. In years past, Old East has had some wonderfully successful orgies- tic mixers with sundry girls dormitories. The excitement was most often spiced with such tantalizing catalysts as Pine Room chicken boxes. This year, the officers and residents, who couldnit stand the hectic pace of the mixers, decided to devote funds to a itGrill Night." The festivities were marked by much draft and corruption, and a bit of , gluttony for those sitting near the kitchen. .. While Carolina's football team demonstrated sporadic success, the OFFICERS - Bob Thorne, Vice-President; Larry Transou, President; Steve Old East uBench Jockeys" were turning in gemlike performances by Smith, Secretary-Treasurer. the hour e eleven o'clock class changes were the most successful in ungentlemanlike conduct. A review of game films reveals a fine crop of rookies. Carlton, "Scoots," and others moved in to bolster a stalwart group of returning lettermen, Ormsby, Steinbeck, Farmer, and . . . WATSON! For what must be at least the 150th year in a row, Old East's football team claimed the Old Well Trophy by defeating a perenially weak but spirited Old West squad. This was the year of protest movements, and the football team found out what it was like. Old East won two games that had to be replayed because of protests by the losing opposition. We won the first, but sadly lost the second game. Fifty per cent: oh, well, LBITS popularity should be so high. The suggestion has been raised that a Group Insurance Plan be made a part of Dorm funds. Hopefully this will provide residents with protection from Scouts, and provide protection for Scoots against himself. Old Eastis revolutionary Mathematics Symposium drew much criti- cism this year. The initial guest lecturer, Ivan Grabasandwich, was barred from speaking on a state university campus because of his con- troversial subject matter: nThe Communistic Implications of the Equalization of Square Roots." The banner to be hung advertising this phenomenon was not allowed to go up. Hence. failure of the Symposi- um, which was hoped would help support the football team. Merry Christmas, Rufus, and a Happy New Year to all! Before we go. a suggestion to the intramural department: Start sewer kayacking competition on the intramural level! Who knows, CBS might give cov- erage on Sunday afternoon, complete with stop action video tape to the intricate maneuvers of rowers as they attempt to dodge the . . . hazards. "For only a few dollars more . . ." 214 Colleges OLD Located in the heart of the scenic campus by the Old Well, Old West is one of the most popular and scenic of Carolina dorms. Traditionally reserved for spirited underclassmen, this years squad proved to be one of unquenchable exuberance. To begin an eventful year, Old West withdrew its membership and wasted money in Davie Residence College. This resulted in a muCh-needed redecorating of our beloved tube room. We all had a good laugh when Old Eastis football banner was condemned for its vulgarity. The annual free steak and beer carouse was a smashing success. Perhaps the culmination of Old West spirit and ingenuity for the year was the rein- . -. a carnation of Charlie Gowan in the pink form of the OFFICERS '- John Pew, Secretary-Treasurer; Terry Furn , President; Henry Counter Devil. The fans Will long rememb er our Coun- Devens' v'ce'P'es'den" ter Devil who stole the show at the Dock game with his shenanigans, how he wounded the Blue Devils pride with a flour bomb, and how the Heels won THE GAME with a 20-9 upset. Some of the names changed but the farce was famil- iar as Old West men proved once again that an educa- tion is more than an intellectual slum clearance and academic P's and Qis. There were many in the group who contributed to the effervescent spirit of the dorm. The walls of the South section reverberated in- cessantly from the stereophonic salutes to Sergeant . . . Pepper as Birch and Larry tthe Pythonl kept things love Le'VYiS v , t .. r - rocking with some help from Lyttis stereo. Frugal Iohn ""mwhm . i ' . . .- Dew managed the funds so well that he could afford 'l ' two TVis while devil-may-care Don opened up a casi- no across the hall. Center section looked like an experiment in interior decoration with its linew" tube room and shocking decor of room 18. This section was blessed with the elegance of Paul, Don and Scott and their four-poster, canopy beds, Wylie and his pet iguana, and Hunter tthe mild-mannered rep orterl who was lost early in the season with a nuptial ceremony. The midnight oil burned in North section as the boys strove to perfect their heart-playing techniques. This was the domain of King Curtis who served as dorm President, captain of the tube team, quiz file executive, and general consultant. With Curtis gone, the fate of the North Section will rest in the hands of characters like iiBaby Face" Golds- ton, iiDebonair" Devens and nDow Ionesi, Ogburn. A year in a dormitory is only as fun, exciting and memorable as the men who live there make it. This years squad was one of unprecedented exuberance. And the heal goes on! and on! and on! a xi . N we Colleges 215 2'16 Colleges I NTERNATIONAL STUDENT CENTER I.5.C. RESIDENCE COMMITTEE - Phil Busby, Jack Womeldorf, Roger Efird, Chairman; Ian O'Connel, Brian Buxton. The U.N.C. International Student Center, be- sides being the fifth largest international student residence in the nation, is the only institution of its kind which was conceived by students and is fi- nanced and staffed by them. The Center attempts to' acquaint foreign students with America and to integrate them into life at Car- olina. Further, it attempts to give American stu- dents an increased international awareness. What was once a residence hall has gradually become a common ground for a meeting of minds, foreign and American, in solving many of the prob- lems that come to hand in managing a residence hall and other affairs associated with the ISC. From this beginning, the ISC is in an attempt to in- volve all students on this campus in affairs where they can meet people from all parts of the world in a very unconventional way. AIIIIHIS. IIImIIs R.. '69: IIunIIlIIvIII AllLIn lr.. Charles D 69' IIIlhluwII AmIIIII'IIrII. DIInIIlI'I Austin. II.. PLIIry ' I'IIyIIII'sviIlII IIIIII. Terry W.. Bchlmr, CIII'I-IIII KI. Bunion. Richard G. :MIIIiIIII. III. 70: HIIIcIrIck IIIInlIIII. Thomas I.. '68: Roanoke RIIIIIIIS BIrII. lIInIIIIIT '66: BIIkI Ist'iIIII. IIIIIck Ronald W BIIIyInck. Siuphcn If,'7010ilkridgit Boling. Ir.. Vernon K. '68: RIIIIdlIIIIIIIII IIrIIdlL William K '70: MIIrIIIIIIIIII City Bright IlIIrrII A. '70 ElizI-IIILIIII CIIV BrIIIIkIIIIIIk. Ir.. William II ' BrndeIr. II' George A G IIII: RIInkIngIIIIIn IIrIIIx'II. WIIIIIIm IL, '70: Charlotte IIIII'IVIIII. DIIVIII R. '69: Burlinglun CIIrsIchI. SIIIpIIIIII R.. '70: KIIrIIIIrvaIIII CIIrch'. Billy WI. '69: YIIKIkII'IYIIIU ChrIvcs. NIIIIIIIIIIs W.. '70: LIIIIIIIIIII COIIIIIIIIII. Michael 1.. '70' Wilmington CIInIIIy. In. GIII'IIIIIII Ii bI CIIIIrIrIllr: Cooke. Larry C. '70: WIII'sIIIv CIIIIIII. lr.. ILIrry H.. '70: RIISII Hill Cox, IIIhn D. '68: Durham Crawford. ILIIIn S. '66: OIII Furl CrIInIlI. Rngnr M.. '6 WiIIsIIIn- SIIIIIIII CrIIIIIIIII:.k Carl W. 70: Winslun- SIIILIm DIInsky. Lory 5. 7:0 MIIII I. Dickinsun. II. CIIIIrlu NIIw BIIrII Dillon. llIInry K.. '69: Win vIn-SIIIIInI DUIIIJIIIS. Pruslnn E.. '69: ChicIIgII. III. IJIIrsIIIl. David C.. '70: WIIIIIII' PIIrk. FIII. Edwards. IL. LIIO L.. '70: KiIIslIIII EIIIVIIrII.. Michael 8.. '69: Wilson Erickson. SIIIVIIII A.. '70: I xinglun FIIIIII:IIinII. RIInIIIIIpII M.. 69: AHIIIWIIIC Finch. Charles I",. '70: 'I'hIIIIIIIsviIIn FIIgIIIInIIII. Harold L.. '69: Burlington FIInviIIIILI. Carroll B TIIIIIIr Cily FriIIdIII. GIIIIrgI: H.. GI'IIIInshIIIII I'rivaII ,III John W - FIIIIIIr. James M.. 70' I II FIIrI'. Neil IS. 69. SIIIisIIIII'v GIIIIr. Vernon L.. '69: CIIIIrIIItII: George. Ir.. Samuel D 7:0 Hickory GOIIIsIcin. Gerald L 69 WIIIIIIIIIIry. N.Y. GIIIIIII'IIIIIIW. Robin '1". 69 DIIIhcsdn. MlI. Grissom. lI'.. William A. IIIIIIdIII'sun Gunter. lIIhII D.. '69: DllrIIIlIII I'IIlenUy. RIIhIII'l W.. ' 9: CIIIIrIIIIIII HIIIIIIIIuk. DIIIIIIIII D.. '70: PIyIIIIIth I'Ii'III. ch'I'rIIy F.. '70: FIchIIIzvilIIz HIIIII "L'k. James K.. 70' CIIITSIIIII HIII'rIs. III. William 13.. 69: New Born Hill. Terry M.. '69: ChIIrlIIIII: HInsIIII. RuIIcrI W 9: CIIIIrIIIIlII I'Iudgns. Ernnsl M.. 9: 0mm IIIII. Md. HIIIIgh. Terrance L, 76: Greensboro Hoy. IrI. HIIrnIII R.. 9: WLIIIsIIII' Groves. MII. Hudson. Jimmy D.. '70: Greensboro HIIII. Sam R.. '69: Durham IIlumphI'IIys. Bradley A.. '70: Ply'mllulh IIIII-Ian. Stephen G.. 9: Ruckinghnm Ipock. II. Carroll 6.. '70: New Ilcrn ICnnCIIC. John C.. '69: New Bern lIIIInsIIII. Jr.. Henry L.. '70: Kcnly IIIIIIIsuII. Michael W CIIIIII'IIIm. NJ. Inhnsun. Ronald R.. 7 Lexinglan Johnson. In. WilIIII'd L... '69: BIIrIingIIIn lIIlIy. John W.. '6 SlatesviIlII Kurr, Fmd R.. .. High PIIIIII King. William L.. '70: Murphy KInIIIw, Samuel L.. '69: LIImhurlIIn KisselI. Phillip H.. '66: Iiiscot: KICIO. Nicholas C.. '69: CIIIIrIIIIlI: Krucgcr. Charles R.. '69: Hickory Lancaster. Lanny RI. '6 orfnlk. VII. LIIIIcasIcr, Ir.. R. H.. I9: Ml. Pleasant. SC. LCII. John 1.. '6 Gibson Long. RIIIIIII'I 8.. 9: MIIrIIIn MIIanIrII III. HubIIIIrII D.. 70: Durham McClain. Gary M '6 'IIIIII MIIIcr. Thomas C.. : CIIIII'IIIIIL- MIIIIIIIIII. Gregory A. GI'IIII: RIIIIIIVIIIII. Md. MuorII. Jr., Avery L.. '70: Angier Morris. Roger R.. '69: SIInI'III'd Murray. Thomas R.. '69: Burlinglon Myms. Joel MI. '69: chinglnn Nelson. Ir.. Fred W.. 0: CIIIIrlullc Norkus. In. luhn 1.. '69: Raleigh OdIIn. III, John III, '70: BIIlh Owens. IIImes SI. '69: SIIIIIISVillI: Parks. Donald R.. '69: Gnsloniu PulIIIrsun. Darrell L.. '69: Sanford Pence. Nicholas LI. '7 Rackinglmm PLInIIIcIIInI Edward C.. '70: Elizabeth City Perry. RIIIIInd LI. '6 ' Grecnsburo Rcszes. Ruben B '70: Fayclleville Richards. David 70: BIngIIIImIoII. N.YI Rugurs, Ralph F., 9: CanlrIII RuIIInzI, Larry B.. '7 Greensboro Rolun. Russell W.. '71: Warrensvillr: Rnyslnr, Jr.. George A.. '70: ChurIolIII Sanders. Clyde D. '70: Franklin Colleges 217 Snxun. Jr.. Hugh H:. '66: Allunlu. Ga. rnmm. Richard S : ll. Inhn 'I'., ' Shipluy. Marion I 69: Williumslun Snrrulls. lumcs A. 70: Wzlyncsvillc Sparks. Larry K:, '70: Charlollc Speaks. Ir.. William M,. '69: Winslon-Snlcm Stuurns. Richard C: '70: Yorktown. Va. Slignll. Larry FM '69: Kcrncrsvillc Sluphun m. Roger '69: Garner Slcvuns. Hurry Sumcrul. E. David Temple. William C. 'l'humpson. jimmy I :: Winslon-Snlcm Tudd: Jr.. Wudu R 69: Charlallu Vernon. lam : C b Wilkesburo Wurrunfulls. Iumu: '69: Challunnngu. 'l'unn. thslur. Hubby R. '69: Burlinglun thslmz Wnllur A., '68: Maxlon Wuuldrcycr. Dennis C, '70: Fnyullcvnlc Whillun. lamcs C., Crud 'uirvicw Park. Ohiu Whillk. Sluvcn D., '70: High Point . '69: Richlands '69: Durham Nnrlh Wilkcslmro Williams. Jr ed 1. '69: Grnunsbnm Williamson. 'I'nmmic 13., '70: Wilsnn Wund, Rulmrl W.. '66: Binghamlon. N,Y. Wuulurd. Terry L,. '76: Washington Worluy. Ruburl . '69: Chauanuugu. 'l'enn: Yam. Jr., Arnie . J: Graham Ynlvnrlon. Iru 4 . '68: Wilson Ynlverlun. Sluphu 69: Fremonl Younl. Dnbby L., '69: Fayettevillc Alexander, Inc M.. '69: Beaufort. S.C: Burwick. Charle K., ' nllevi . Ill. Brnzulfuol. HI, William G.. '69: Wilminglnn Busby. Iru Philip F.. '70: Wcslfiuld. NJ. Richard D" '71: lacksonvillc Fuslur. William L.. '70: Rnanuke. Va. Horn. David I Kaufman. John Knighl. Charles McCurry. Dam C. '6 Candler luhn D 66: Greensboro 'ry W. '66: Lexington O'Connull. Inn D,. '6 Douglas, Ariz, szkard. M: A. C,. '70: Easlun, Sufl'ulk. Eng. Riggun. 111. William E.. '69: Raleigh Warner. Jeffrey M,, '66: Gruensboru lannngnl. Inhn. '71: Bogota. Columhia Appluficld. Iamcs M.. '69: Alhens. Cu. Bulls. Richard W,. Churlullc ..u Donniu R., 69: Thnmasvilk: Hogan :hutz. Stephen Av '69: Raleigh Boycllu: Rodney D Raleigh Bruxlnn, Luwrl: : 66: Ashcvillc Briggs: Lnn'y Nu . Cuhngimnc. Sam A. 70: Tampa. Fla: Cnrllon. Jr.. Alfmd P" '69: Grounshuru Cuffiuld. Ill. Orus R.. '60: Rutherfordlun Cris'nnn. Clinlun C '69: High Poinl Dawns. Harry M:. '16 Slalusvillc Dunhy. Richard Ii. '69: Garden Cily. N.Y. Dixon. In. Duwcy W '68: Silver City Farmer. Gunrgu L ' Washington Gnmhill. Jimmy I 9: Jefferson Gurnnr. Alvin V,. T Newport Cidllry. Dumltl Ii. '68: Beaufort, S.C. Guuld. Robcrl CL. '69. Nuwpor: Halchcn luhn L... 69: Murchcad Cily Hill. Michael W u: Washington Hmlgin. Ion D,. . Miami. Fla: Hucks, In, David A,. '66: Myrtle Beach. SC, luy. III. Mack C., '69: Marion Innkins. Larry W.. '66: Arlingkm. Va. lcrnignn. Gene 1'.. '70: Dunn Johnson, Ir., Mlun 6.. '66: chdcrsnnvillc lurdun. Slnnlt:y C,. '69: Sparta luyncr, Cunniv. R., '70: Rocky Muunl Kolsrud. Daniel P.. '70: Frederick. Md. Lnnicr. David C., '70: 'I'arboro Love. Douglas LH '70: Oakboro Low. Richard Cu '69: Houston. Tex. Mayo. David IL. 2 Raleigh Mszx-cgnr. Malcolm B., '68: Winter Park. Fla, McDonald. Jr., Iohn 0:. '70: Gaslania McKay. Jeffrey L. '70: Charlollu McLaughlin. John F '70: Snumurn Pines Merrill. Gerald L. '7 . uycltcvillo Murphy. Thomas H,. 69: Bunn Nicholson. Ivan W.. '68: Bath Ormsby. Grady C., '69: Humlul Oley. IV. KirkWoad. '70: Charlutlc Owuns. Michael R., '69: Culumbiu, S,C. Pull. Ronald C.. T homasvillc Phillips. Kennelh CL, 9: Silver Cily Prim. Michael W: '66: Kunnapolis Rcavis, Paul R., ' Buunr: Rccl. William RH '66: New Hum 218 Colleges . Ritchie. Gordon F.. '69: Chevy Chase, Md. Ruff. In. Thomas C.. 70: Charlotte Scott, Charles EL. ' B: Tuscaloosa. Ala. Shaw. David A.. '69: Broadway Smith. Earl 1., '69: Yanceyvilln Smilh. Edwin D.. '66: High Point Smilh. Stephen D.. '69: Nashville Starling. Kennclh CL. '69: High Point Steinbeck. In. Delmar D.. '68: Hamlet . Taylor. William W.. '69: Bear Grass Teeler. Donald R.. '70: Alhemnrle Thorne. Robcrl 13.. '68: Goldsboro Transov. Larry L.. '69: Elkin Watson. Thomas L:. '68: Woudlcaf Welborn. William M.. '69: Winston-Salum Whitaker, Russell S. '70: Allanla. Ga. White, David G.. '70: Pillsboro Williams. Sluart T., '69: Raleigh . Wilson. Thomas E... '66: Binghamton, NY, Young, Michael 8.. '66: Gastonia Zayloun. Albert 1.. '68: Raleigh Acee, In. 1. Marshall. '68: Asheville Baluyios. Harry 1.. '68: Wilmington Bradner. IL, William H.. '70: High Point Bridgcrs. Samuel L. '70: High Poinl . Bristol. Coward R:. '69: Morganlon Cairc. Michael 1.. '69: New Orleans, La. Corner. Charles C.. '68: Concord Cooke. Richard T.. '69: Williamslon Coltingham. Warren 1,. '66: Rocky Mounl Cox. Ieffmy D.y '70: Ramseur Daniel. III: Clifton. '69: Guldslwro Davidson, Ill. Bartram L.. '68: Lancaster. Pa. Danton, Ill. Samuel A.. '69: Wheeling, Ill. . Devcns. Ill. Henry R. '70: Sewickley, Pa. Dcw. In. John L.. '6 , Rocky Mounl Ezzell. Mack N.. '70: Burgaw Fox. Donald M.. '60: Wilmington Fumess. Terence N.. '69: Enka Gallop, Roger G.. '69: jacksonville. Fla. Gardner. Lytt 1., '69: Syracuse. NY. Gamer. Larry N.. '70: TriniQy George. Hunlcr T.. '60: Greensboro . George. Smart M.. '70: Greensboro Glass. Iohn G4 '69: Connelly Springs Goldston. In. Earl W.. '70: Guklston Gowen. Charles T.. '60: Panama. Canal Zone Gurganus. Thomas '69: Iacksonvillc Hadden. IL Earl R. '68: Charlotte Hardce. James C.. '70: Claylon Iay. Donald l... '60: Greensboro Iohnston, In, George 0., '69: Blacksburg. Va. . Knollman. IL. Paul E 69: Kcnsinglon. Md. Lynch, Larry 0.. '69: Enfield Madures. John W.. '68: Durham Manning. Samuel 1.. '69: Williamslnn McBride, IL. Carl E. '69: Guidsboro Miller. Edward H.. '69: Mooresvillc Mitchell, Edgar K.. '68: Roxbnro Montgomery. IL, Harry H.. '76: Raleigh Odom. Marshall H.. '69: Fayeneville . Ogbum, Inmes H.. '68: Smithfiuld Page, In. Winston L., '70: Raleigh Patton, IL. Carroll C.. '68: Morgantun Pharr, III. Scon Y.. '68: Flymuulh Rash. Marc S.. '70: Wynnewood, Pa. Sander. lohn L.. '68: Charlotte Seymour. III. Hubert E.. '09: Greensboro Sides. Richard L.. '68: Winslon-Salem Smith. Mark L. '70: Clintun . Southeriand. Thomas R. '70: Raleigh Slrickland. Mallhew T.. '68: Nashville Taylor. Ronald E., '70' Monroe Tiptun. Laurence W.. 69: Elon College Toy, Bruce L.. '68: Wayncsville Trest. Roy D.. '70: Shallolle Walker. David L, '68: Mocksville Wall, Timothy D.. '69: Wake Forest Welkcl. Timothy 1.. '70: Greensboro . Westbrook. Donald 1.,. '70: Smilhficld Wilcox, Slalen L., '69: Charlotte Woods. Gerald W.. '68: Pittsburo Wright, III. William M.. '68: Washington. DC. Wylie. In. lames C.' '69: Greensboro Colleges 219 -4- Adams. Daniel A. '69: Durham Adams. Malinda 5.. '69: Fuquay-Vnrina AM. David 5.. '69: Pillsburgh, PIII Allen. Donald W.. '66: Rocky Mmmi Allen. John E.. '66: AIIIInlII, Ga. Allison: 16th AI, '76: Chapul Hill AIIiI-Inn. Larry B.. 'i' Hurst: Shoe AlII'IIII. Michael L. 1: Mount Airy Allrcd. Robert 5.. '69: Charlotte Altman. Jr.. GIII'IIIIIzr H.. '66: FIIyuunvilIc Andersun. Douglas ' Andrews Barbara 5 9: Arey. Roburl F. '66: Washington Armnnlroul. Russell '69: Brevard Armstrong. Earl C ChIII'lolle Arps. Jn. insuph W.. ' jlymnIIlh Ashley, Julia L. '66: Ruxhnm Ashley. II'.. SlIInluy 6.. '66: Atlanta. Ga. Alchlcy. IL, Gcnrgc T 6: MoI'risvillII. Pn. Aumu-Osuln. AgIIlII. ' . Nairobi. Kenya Ach'eil. WI Vernon, 69: Oxfnrd Avery. Ian WI. '66 ' win Aycuck, Edmund 0.. '66: Raleigh Ayduicuc. RIIbIII'l J,, 66: Greensboro BIIddour. LyIIdII 6.. '76: Chapel Hill Badger, Melba E.. '69: Crumpler Balluu. Jn. Charles I 69: BIIauforX Bamu. George D.. 6 East Spencer Barbely. Charles G 6 Wiisun Barber. Harold M.. ' : Durham Barefoot, Siuphcn CI. '69: Fuur OIIks Burke! KIIthIrinc W Barkley: Barbara L '6 Raleigh Barnes. 'l'humIIs W.. Barnes. William R. F Barnell Judy K '66: Durham Bass. IL, Nuwbcrry. '70: Clinton Batmasinn. Iim H 69: Coral Gables. Fla. Batten. RchiI GI, Thumasvilie Batten. Wayne R. 69: Thomasville Enllle. IL, isaac A,. '66: Galesville Euugham, Charles R., '66: Wilmington Eauman. DIInicI K., '6 ' Chapel Hill Baxiey. DuuglIIs W.. 'l Baal, Archibald Y.. ' : Beaver. Jeffrey W. 66: Charlotte Beck. Gurney D.. '66: Thumnsvilie Beclun, John W., '69: Asiiuvilic Belgrade, PIILII S. '68: Springfield, Mass. Banner, Charles M '69: Culver. Ind. Benslcy. Pclcr L,, 69: SkIIncrIlclcs. N.Y. Benson. Linwood EL, '76: Clayion Benton. Barren CI. '66: Savannah. GII. Benton. lamcs R., '6 Greensboro Bcshears, Ronald R.. : Wilkesburo Biggersiaff. Bobby G. 6 . MIIriun Biggersiaff. Charles R. '69: Kannapolis Blackburn. 'I'cmsa A.. 71: Chapel Hill Blackman. William C:. '66: Greensboro Blackmer, Sidney l. C 69. Salisbury Blackwell, E. France I6, Jefferson. S.C. Blair. In. Edward H. : Lunuir Blair. Robert J.. '66: Lunoir Biakemorc. Poricr R. Blalnck. III. Alvin C.. '66: WIII'I'cnlon Blandford. William '69: LynchhuI'g, Va. Elausiein. Henry R.. '66: Wilminglon Badman. Carlyle B '71: Chapel Hill Booth. Brenda L. M: Chapel Hill Bnuic Ir WIlliIInI V '7:0 Rockville. Md. Boutillicr. Sislcr Ange Bowling Thomas 13 68: Durham Bowman. William H,. '68: Chailanooga: Tenn. Bramlell. James E. '66: Ashcville Erannock, William C, '70: Eclhusdu. Md. Briggs, Elaine 3.. '69: Chapel Hill Brock: Richard L.. '66: Montpelier. Vl. Brugdcn. Hurry L, '66: Garner BI'mIkshiI'e, In, Donald. '66: Ashcville Brown. In, Alvin M 66: Winsmannlcm Brawn. Donald F.. 6 GastoniII Brown. In. Hunry , '76: Cnidslmm Brutun. IL. David A.. '76: Mount Gilead Bryant. Hnslnr R.. '6 Durham Buckner. Jansen W., 9: Chapel Hill Buckner. Norman 6.. 69: Asheville Bullard, Roger H I . FIIynltcvilIe Burch: MIIry E E '70: Chapel Hill Burchell, Bruce M.. '66: Durham Bullur: II'.. Raymund G,. '66: Wilson Byers. Ronnie N., '69' 6hclby CIIIdquI. CiuIrlII 66: Erwin CImnIIdy. David D i: Oxford Cnpps: lorry W.. '7 . CIIIylun Curden. Sheila C., '66: Durham Carney. HI: Robert 8.. '69: Washington. DC. Carroll. DIInIIIIJ W. '70: Chapel Hill Calhcy William L '69: tInslIIIIia Chadwick Sidney l :Winsion- Salem Chappeil. MinhIIcl H 66: Durham Chappell. 'I'IIIIIIIIy : Muurcsville Chem. Gary A I ShIIliIIilu '66: AIhIIns Greece Civils, John DI. Kin on Clark. john H.. i-IlizniIcliIlIIwn Clark. Insuph T 9' Durham Clark, Terry i-'.. unoir CfJChFKlllD. In. Rinhurd 8.. '69: Concord Off-Campus 221 66: Kansas City. Kans. 6: Newport News, Va. .Cullins. Curlis 1,. '68: Raleigh Coleman, Elizabeth R. '70: Kinston Cook. Mark 70: Albemarlc Cook, Terry LH 68: Slalesville Cook, William A.. '68: Badin Coudricl. Charles E '68: Richmund, Va. Cox, David M.. '69 'hnrlutle Craig. Kcnnelh TH '69: Lenoir Crnnfurd. Charles H. '68: Thomasvillc .Crccch. Walter M. D., '71: Chapel Hill CrimhL-r. Elizabeth C.. '68: Moravian Fulls Crosswcll. Michael 1,. '68: Norfolk. Va. Crumley. Robert W,. '66: Chapel Hill Crumpler. jennie R. '68: Greenville Cummins. Richard 0., '68: Morehead City Daelwylcr. David A., '66: WinstomSnlcm Daniel. Robert M.. '68: Spring Hope Daniel. III, Samuel V.. '66: Durham .Dnnicl, William L.. 68: Durham Davis, Carolyn N., '69: Southern Pines Davis. loan C,, '68: Graham Davis. Kenneth R.. '70: Durham Day. H. William . '6 :lacksonville Dearth. Gregg M. Bloomfield HiHs. Mich, DuBzledabcn. E. Marjcne. '68: Atlanta. Ga: Dccsc. Roger M,, '66: Carolecn Denny. Donald 1.. '68: Asheville .Dushaics. Louise E. '71: Chapel Hill Dickens. Jacob 1... '68: Halifax Dill. In, Green R.. '68: New Bern Dixnn. James H.. '66: Charlestown. Pn. Doggcll. Larry C., '68: chriclla Dnggcll: Low B:, '68: Cherryville Donnell. IL. George 5., '68: Wilminglun Duughlon. Richard L 68: Sparta Douglas. Margaret . 69: Chapel Hill Duss. Ann 8.. '69: Winslun-Salem O Drugus. Mary C.. '69: Chapcl Hill Drum, Darrell Drum, Terry C Duke, Barbara . Dunn. Philip A.. 68: Elkins Park. Pa: Durham, Kenneth R.. '66: Raleigh Barley. George M.. '69: Carolcen Earp. Charles W.. '66: Charlotte .Easnn, Donald M., '68: Jacksonville 'Edgerlun. David E. '66: Chapel Hill Edmislur, Gregory C. 69: Chapel Hill Edwards, Charles H 6- Indianapolis, Ind. 'Edwards. Hyalt M. hapel Hill Edwards. James U., Manchester. NH. Edwards. Ryland A '69: Rocky Mounl Ege'lcr. In. Clark RH '68: The Hauge, Netherlands ' Ehl'munlmul: Mary C '66: Greensboro ' .Ellinglun, Randy T., : Chapel Hill Elliott. In. Harvey C. 70: Washinglun Ellis, lr., Benjamin . '71: Durham Ellis, Francis M:. '70: Chapel Hill Evans, Lona 13:. '68: Rocky Mount Eve. Raymond A.. '68: Ashcvillc Ewell, Sam EL, '08: Enfield Faisun, In. Ollie W:, '69: Knighldale Farris. IL. Rnberl AH '68: Wilson 0 Farris, Thomas L, '70: Wilson Fnler, David H.. '6 Ashcvillc Faulkner, Betty 1,. '66: Hillsborough Faulkner, Sanfurd W.. '68: Shelby Fuarringlon, Janet R '69: Apex Fender, Jackie G.. '70: Mucksville Fcrgusson. Ian G. '69: Waynesvillc Ferrell. Jerry L.. '69: Durham Ferrelli. Thomas A,. '69: Walcrbury. Conn. .Ficlds, lohn W.. '66 Durham Finch, Margaret R. : Henderson Findlay. William A B: Charlulte Finlay, Joseph B.. '66: Wilminglan, Del. Fleishman. Edward 1., '69: Lumbcrlon Flora. john l.. '70: Moyuck Floyd. Ronald W.. '68: Spencer Folks, Lloyd 0.. '66: Kinslon Fortnnberry, Inhn D,. '66: Charlene . Foster. Sue D., '6 Durham Fowler, Ion T. 69: Malibu Beach. Calif. Frank, Richard L '66: Baltimore. Md. Free. Noel K., '68: Alexandria. Va: Frecdland. Robert D '71: Wilmington French, Arthur M.. ' : Samson. Fla: Fruill. Janie 13,, '68: Crucnsboro Pruitt. Jerry E., '66: Greensboro Fundurhurk, Dan R.. '69: Raleigh . Furr, Anthony L.. '66: Albemarle Furr, Roberl C.. '68: Charlotte Caddy. Stanley 8., '69: Candor Gaines. Edmund L. '68' Stalesville Galloway, Kenneth R.. ' Waynesvillc Gammon. George R.. '66: Whilakers Gardner: John H,. '68: Fayettevillc Garner. Richard H.. '66: Allanla. Ga, Garner, Richard L: '66: Asheville . Garrison, James D., '66: Stalesville Garvin. David C., '69: Gmenshuro Gales. Joseph 0:, '66: Chapel Hill Gatewood, Charles W.. '68: Ashcville Gullin. Dorinrla 1., '6 Franklinville Gnllis. Irene E. '59: Bynum Gaynor. Carey W. In, '69: Fountain Gentry. Donald R, 68: Winstnn-Snlcm Gentry. Vickie F.. 9: Winsmn-Salem 222 Off-Campus Gibson, Ianalhan C., '69: Challunoogu. Tcnn: Gilhcrl: Ecnnell S.. '69: Allnnla. Ga. Gilfillnn. IL. Carlton A" '68: Cary Gilliam. Lawrence 8:: '68: Kannapulis Ginger, William R:, '69: Raleigh Cirtmzm, William G. '76: Sparta Gocpper, Edwin S:. '68' Alexandria. Va. Gonzalez. Daniel. ' an 1050. Cosln Rica Gooch. Dianne T" '71: Chapel Hill Goodwin. IL. Herbert T., '69: Durham Gore. S Tony, '69: Whitevillu Graham. joscph M:. '68: Winstnn-Salcm Graham, Roger E.. '68: New Pallz, N.Y. Grnham. Thomas G. '68: Durham Grant. Susan GH '69: Durham Grantham. Rose L. '69: Saratoga Gray. James R" '68: Wilkesburo Gray. Michue! H., '68: Delano. Calif. Crayson. lr.. Everette M.. '69: High Point Grealhouse. Samuel T. ' : Rocky Mount Grcunlmrg. Marc M.. '6 Phillipsburg. NJ. Cruunbcrg. Nancy R.. '68: West Chester. Pa. Greene. Kelly B. '69: Bucoe Greenwood. Roberl 8.. '70: Cary Griffin. Randolph 1.. '68: Charlene Griffin. Robcrl 0.. '69: New Bern Goodwin. Larry D.. '69: Charlotte Green. Jesse F.. '69: homasviIle Guin. In. James P.. '68: Mounl Holly Gurkin. Harry W:. 9: Plymouth Gulhrie. Tommie M.. '69: Swansburu Huck. IL. Eugene R:. '69: Weston. Conn. Hale. Louise E, '70: Chapel Hill Hall. In, Richard A.. '69: Slalesvillc Hamilton. D. Polack. '69: Milwaukee. Wis. Hamlel, William F.. '68: Durham Hamrick, Donald T., '68: Winslon-Salem Hanaway, Thomas W '69: Babylon. N.Y. Hannah, Rgberl K., 69: Chapel Hill , Hanncsson, Hjalmzu- W., '69: Reykjavik. Iceland Hardison, Ashley 6:. '68: Columbia Harrington, IL, Craig W.. '68: Durham Harrington. Judith C., '69: Lcwislon Harris. Carl W:. '68: Seaboard Harris, 1021 G.. '6 ' Fayetteville' Harris. Iuhn G '69: Sumter. SC: Harris, Kaye W., '69: Roxboro Harriss. Jane T., '69: Slaunlon: Va. Hart. Gerald B:, '68: Gumberry Hart, Stephen E.. '68: Lenoir Harvel. Rose L.. '68: Chapel Hill Harward. Lanny 5:. '71: Chapel HiH Haskell. Karen 1.. ' : Chapel Hill Haskell, Ralf F., '68: Chapel Hill I-Iuswcll. Joel W., '68: Durham Haynes. Jimmie A.. '69: Elkin Heckler. Louis R.. '69: Ft. Myers. Fla. Hedgupelh. William H. '69: Nashville Henderson. John D:. '69: Williamslon chiey. John T., lr.. '69: Hope Mills Herring. Robert Goldsboro Hasler, Ralph E.. illinglnn Hickman, James H.. 9: Whileville Highsmilh. Vance R.. '68: Robersonville Hill. John M.. '69: High Point Hilliard, Henry H., 11:. '69: Kings Mountain Hines. Eugene C.. Jr. : Chapel Hill Hobbs. Sanford L:. Hodges, Iames M. Hogan. Timolhy T., '70: Pillshom Holcombe. Billie G., '68: Chapel Hill Holcombc. Jerry T., '68: Greensboro Holden. Hollis Wu '68: Winter Garden: Fla. Holder, Lewis T. IL, '71: Sanford Holland, David G., '68: Henriella Hollingsworlh, Jacqueline C.. '68: Durham Holloway. Algin N.. '68: Durham Holloway. Dalton R.. ' ' Durham Holloway. Linda C.. 6 Chapel Hill Holsapple, Merrill C.. '68: Winlen-Salem Holt. Kcnnelh D" '70: Silcr Cily Hooks. Floyd A.. '58: Jacksonville Homer, Randolph N.. '69: New Bern Howard. Franklin A., '70: Wilmington Howell. David E.. '71: Morrisvillc Hughes. Bruce B.. '68: Greenville, S.C. Humphreys. William P:. '68: Shelby Hunl, Allan W:, '68: Lawndule Hunon. George T., '68: Greensboro Hullon. Donna N.. '68: Grecnsbnru Hydcr. Anna A.. '69: Cincinnati. Ohio Hydcr, Lemur L. In, '68: Hundcrsanvilln Ingle. John W., '6 ' Whilscll Inscon, Jack E: In. 68: Durham Irving. Richard R.. '68: Orange. Calif: Issncs. Michael A.. '88: Durham lscnhnur, Walter G.. '69: Slatesvillu Jackson. Ioseph A.. ' Pilot Mounlain Iackson, Patricia B 68: Chapel Hill lacokcs, Ruth D.. 8: Durham Juffec. Frudcric T., '68: New York. N.Y. Jam 6 Dcrcnda C.. '68: Winslnanulcm Jun ki, loan 13:, '68: High Poinl Junki Terry 1... ' Dallas Innrelle, Jr.. Thomas 5:. '68: Galax. Va. Jurnigan. B: Cherulu. '70: Chapel Hill Iohansson. Anders D.. '68: Chapel Hill Johnson. Richard W., '68: Fox Chapel. Pa. Off-Campus 223 . Johnson. Slephen A.. '68: High Poinl Johnson, William C., '71: Durham lohnston, Douglas 68: Rio Piedras. RR: Jones, Nurwond S:. . Claytun junes, Richard M.. '68: Mebzmc junes, Richard T., '68: Salisbury Jones. Roy L. ' Weldon Joslin. Lloyd Raleigh luyner. Reid L, . Charlotte 0 Iurash. Stephen R:. '68: Elizabelh City Kage. Barbara A.. ' Chapel Hill Kaucher. Margurcle 8:. '68: Burlington Kearney. Edwin G. '69: Durham Kearney. James 1,. '68: Greensburu Kelly. Iamcs F. IL. '68: Rockville, Md: Kennedy. David M. 68: Greensboro Kennedy. Jerry 8., '69: Robbins Kennedy, Shirley W., '66: Shelby . Kenney. Elizabclh M. : Chapel Hill Kerr, Edwin W. In. '69: Clinton Kessaris. Iames G.. '69: Charlotte Kessaris, Margaret 1.. '69: Mars Hill Kilcollin. Mark C: '69: Charlcslon, W. Va. Kindley. Paul L 69 High Point King. Bruce F. 111 Raleigh King, Margaret :. : Raleigh King, Paul R. '68: Rocky Mount 0 Kinlaw. Alton E.. '68: Chapel Hill Knapp. Linda L, '68: Richmond. Va. Kuun, Michael Mn '69: Chapel Hill Koontz. Charlie A:. '68: Mocksvillc Kropelnicki, Steven IL, '68: Lake Toxaway Kyscr. Kimberly A.. '66: Chapel Hill Lackey, Lawrence E: In, '68: Shelby Lamb; Stephen B. 11, '69: Oyster Bay, NY. Lang. A: Marlin In. '69: Morganlon . Layton. Euxlon L: III. '69: New Orleans, La. Lau, Curtis H.. '69 Lancaster. Pa. Lee. Richard . WinsRDn-Salcm Lee. William T., ayelteville Leigh. Roberl Du '69: Chapul Hill Lcinslcr. William I... '68: Raleigh Leippe, Richard A., '68: Raleigh Lentz, Herman L:. '66: Ml. Ullu Leonard, Charles N.. '68: Lexinglun 0 Leonard. Melody 6.. Griflon Leonard, Richard A 69: High Point Leonard, Ruystcr A., 71: Durham Lester. Michael L.. '69: San Antonio. Tex. Levi, David 5.. '68: Ashevilie Lewis. Charles C. '68: Slatesville Liles, Robert M:, '69: Raleigh Lincberry, Richard 8,, '68: Ashevillc Lipscomb. III. Thomas W.. '68: Asheville . Little, Roberl M., '68: Hickory Livingston. Thomas E. L, '68: Rowland Loeber. Donald H.. '68: Greensboro Loew, Anton. '69: TeLAviv, Israel Long, Juanita L. '68: Durham Love, joseph 'I'.. '70: Elowah Lovell. Connie 8:. '68: New Bern Lowder. Bobby G. 69: Albemarle Lowder. Roger T.. '70: Albemarlc . Lowman. Danny H. '69: Valdesc Lowman, Samuel E. In. '68: Charlotte Lucas. Robert IL. '69: Wilson Lung, James W.. '68: Dayton. Ohio Lynch. Linda C.. '68: Dunn Lyons. Stephen P.. '68: Newburypon. Mass. Macy. Floyd F: Jr., '69: Winston-Salem Malpass. Hansnn R.. '69: ML Olive Mann. David G.. '69: Sanfard 0 Mann, Richard A. '68: Richmond. Va. Manship. Mark A. 69: Wilkesboro Markatos. Jerry L. 68: Wilmington Mamin. Jasper T 8' Madison Markham, Reid 13 '71: Apex Marlin. David A.. 69: Greensboro Marsh, Edward M. In, '69: Winslun-Salem Massey. William P., '68: Durham Matalene: Eugene M. IL, '69: New York, NY. May, Kennclh N: In, '69: Burlington Maya, George E: III: '71: Fremont McAllister, William C.. '70: Chapel Hill McBrayer. Stephen B.. '68: Rutherfordton McCain. Grover C.. '68: Raleigh McCall. Alfred C. In. '68: Greensboro McCurmick. John G.. '70: Greensboro McCoy. James R.. '68: Huntsville, Ala. McDaniel, Donald E. IL. '69: Greensboro 0 McDonald, Nancy M:, '68: Asheburo McDonald. Paul W.. '68: Fayetteville McFalI, Connie W:. '69: Madison McGaw, Robert E. I . '69: Windsor McGee. Michael E- 68: Concord McGowan. Ann 1:. '69: Chapel Hill McKeown, Douglas 0. I :. '68: Newton MCKeown. Ellen W.. '68: Conover McLeod. Priscilla 1.. ' : Chapel Hill 0 McMullan. Harry III. '6 Washington McNames. Dennis W.. '69: Winstnn-Salam McNeill. George B. In, '66: Far Hills. NJ: McRau. John 5,. '70: Laurinburg McRm-ic. Charles W:. '68: Boslic Meacham. lanice C 69: Chapel Hill Mcares. Claude R. '68: Wilminglnn Macks, Robert M:. '66: Fayetteville Menefec, James E"... '69: Wilson 224 Off-Campus O Marin, Stephen M.. '68: Rocky Mount Mewbom. Iudith A.. '68: Walstonburg Miller. Deborah E.. '69: Durham Miller, Jack D.. '68: Jefferson Miller, Io E,. '68: Roanoke Rapids Miller. Kenneth L: In. '68: Charlene Miller. Robert A, '69; Ahoskie Millikan. Rimes B. Jr: '68: Greensboro Milner. Clyde A. II. '70: Chapel Hill . Mims. Billy B. 11:. '68: Greensboro Minchew. Edward L., '69: Wilson Minton, Joseph G. '70: Aulandcr Mitchell. Garland T.. '69: Durham Mitchell. William D:. '70: High Point Mize. Iamcs W., '68: Durham Mobley. Simon 0.. ' Durham Mockler, Cynlhia 68: Myrlle Beach, S.C. Modlin. Carol A" '66: Racford . Modlin. Larry R: '69: Lewislun Moffie. Susan R.. 71: Chapel Hill Monro. Jeremy T., '58: Cuopcrsburg. Pa. Moore, Brenda A,. '71: Chapel Hill Moore. Robert H.. '68: Smilhficld Mnore. William 1.. '68: Canton Moore. William W: IL. '68: Washington Moorhead. Mary A.. '68: Durham Mooring. Robert F., '68: La Grange . Morehead. John M. IV. '68: Charlolle Morgan, Beverly A.. '69: Carrboro Morgan. Peggy A,. '69: Chapel Hill Morgan, Robert K. In. '68: Asheville Morrison. Lucy. '71: Chapel Hill Morrow. Thomas A.. '68: Washington Mosley, Dorothy. '68: Ahoskie Mull. Mary 1.. '08: Winston-Salem Mullen. Judy W:, '68: Zebulon . Mullinax. Theron E. Ir., '69: Hendersonville Mullis. Ronald 5.. '71: Lenoir Murdock, Thomas L., '68: Pensacola, Fla. Murray. Charles F. IL. '66: Wagram Murray. Philip 1.. '68: Durham Musselwhite. Nancy A.. '68: Carohna Beach Myers. Charlotte 8., '68: Canton Neal. William A.. '69: Sanford Neal, Willlam R.. '68: Greensboro 0 Newton. Hilda G.. '68: Gastonia Newton. Susanne S.. '68: Vienna. Va. Nichols. Margaret S., ' Anduvcr. Mass. Nichols. Richard L Andover. Mass. Nicholson. Paul E. : Charlotte 8 Nickell, Frank T., '69: Greensboro Nina. Panicia H.. '68: Madison. Wis. Nixon: Willard 8.: '69: Gales Noel. Mariana S.. '68: chdemon . Norlhinglon. Robcrl S, Iru '68: Winslan-Salem Oakley. William M.. '68: Durham O'Brianl: Samuel E: III. '68: Nags Head Oehmann. Joseph H.. '69: FL Lauderdale. Fla. Offill, David M" '68: Danbury. Conn. Oldham. Chapin P.. '69: Piklsbom Outlaw, Belly W., '69: Raleigh Outlaw. John T. Jr., '69: Raleigh Overcash. Robert F.. '70: Albemarle . Page. Julia, '71: Carrbcro Paliovras. Pauline N.. '71: Chapel Hill Palmer. Hollis V. IrN '68: Greensboro Pamplin. Robert 8.. '66: Reidsville Pardue. David E. '68: Burlington Parker, Francis 68: Asheville Parkgr. Lanny C.. '69: Pinebluff Pahick. Graham A '69: Greensboro Peddycord. lune R. : Kernexsvillc . Fegram. Douglas L 69: Lenoir Perdue. Sammy Louisburg Perez-Verdia, R. 68: Mexico City. Mexico Perry. Stanley KV 68: Chapel Hill Peterson. Victor S. '68: Bryson City Petty. Mary F., '6 Greensboro Phelps, Nicky B" 8: Williamston Phillips. John 8.. . Kenansville Phillips. Roy DH '69: Roanoke Rapids 0 Pickett. Harry W., '70: Durham Pike. Joseph W. III. '68: Concord Pipkin. Marvin EL, '69: Durham Pittman, Marshall D.. '68: Rocky Mount Poe, William D.. '69: Apex Peder. James M.. '66: Gastonia Forget. Joel 5.. '66: Chapel Hill Price. Barbara I.. '69: Wallace Query. Thomas 1.. '68: Lenoir Raihs'. Richard H,' '70: Kenly Rambo, Judith C.. '68: Durham Randall. Sandra 8.. '68: Lucama Rankin. Haywood R. '68: Gaslania Ray, Helen M.. '66: Smilhficld Ray. Phillip F... '70: Durham Reid. Kenneth M:, '68: Chapel Hill Reid. Nicholas 15,, ' ' Reighard. Patton B. . Renn. Michael T., ' Rhoads. Russel H 68: Churloucsvillo. Va. Rhodes. Susan 3.. '6 Fayetteville Rhyne. Marie-Beatrice, '70: Chapel Hill Rice. unglas A.. '68: Kinston Rice. Jeanne W., '68: Charlottesville. Va. Rice, 1: Sidney IL. '68: Hickory Richbourg. Alison T., '69: Grecnsbory Rickman, Robert R.. '68: Raleigh Off-Campus 225 O Rickman. Sandra '1. '68: Raleigh Rider. Richard 1:, '68: Raleigh Ruberls. Derek A: II, '69: Crccdmum- Robertson. William D.. '69: Hickory Robinson. Jerry W.. '69: Winston-Salem Robinson. Ronald P.,' '66: Gaslonia Roghelia. Lloyd 3., '69: Durham Rcstan, Janice H., '66: Valdese Roughton. William P.. '66: Winston-Salem O Rouse, lorry R. 66: Kinslon Rowe. Belly M 68: Fuquay-Vurina Rowe. James G:. '66: Asheville Rowe. Joseph M. In, '66: High Point Roycrofl. IL. joseph l- .. . Rush, 1: Rubcrry. '69: Rye. NY. Ryan, Dan C.. '71 Chapel Hill Salecby. Cynlhia R '66: Durham Salter. Alonza 8., avis Sandlin. Billy G.. . Richlands Sarmll, John L:. '69: Atlanta, Ga: Sani-rwhite, Ronald W.. '66: Henderson Sawyer, Larry L. '76: Haw River Schallcr, Nan C.. '69: Antwerp. N.Y. Schmidt, Fredrick N:, '66: Sea Gin. NJ: Schucu, Scull C:, '69: Charlotte Scoll. Sharon 3:. '66: Chapel Hill Scruggs. Ian R. : Chapel Hill Scruggs. Ross 6:. '71: Chapel Hill Senior. Lloyd A:, '71: Chapel Hill Sharer. Dauglas Shaw. John W.. Shear. Morris. ' : Woodland Shearin. Hugh G: In. '70: Rocky Mount Sherman. Susan '66: Slalcn Island. NY. Siler. In. Arch K. : Greensboro Simpson, Joel 8., '66: Union. NJ. Sink. Freddie K.. '69: Thnmasville Sink. IL. Henry H.. '69: Raleigh Skinner. Phillip S:. '66: Durham Sloop. Frank B. In, '69: Ashevelle Smilh, EcIVin G.. '68: Yanceyvillc Smith. Donald 6.. '6 Pillshom Smilh. In, Edward N: 66: Luuisburg Smilh. lr.. George R.. '69: Charlene Smith. Henry L., '70: Fountain Smith, Ionathan L '69: Durham Smith, Lester M 70: Oxford Smilh, Mark S: : Smith. Pulricia A, '66: Granite Falls Smith. Paul D.. '66: Portland. Me. Smilh. Peter 0., '69: Erie, Pa. Soulherlnnd. Fendal Spainhour. William E '69: Fayetteville Spears. Michael R., '69: Faycltcvillc Spencer, Iames R1. '66: Durham Spencer, Kay H.. '66: Wilmingmn Spivey, William M.. '69: Whileville Slallings, Ernes! W '66: Castalia Slallings, Lynn C.. 66: Selma Slaropoli, Glen A.. '69: Bound Brook. NJ. Slalon, Iames 5.. '6 West Hartford, Conn. Steiner. IL. Philip W,, '66: Chapel Hi1! Stephenson. Larry W.. '66: Winslon-Snlam Slevens. James W:. '69: Lenoir Stevenson, William E, '69: Ridgewood. NJ. Still. David M., '68: Albemarle Strand. Pamela M.. '66: Haw River Strange. In, Aubrey E., '68: Raleigh Strawbridge, John L. '66: Durham Stokes, Iohn H. '68: Charlene Slone. IL, Raymond H:' '66: Lumbcrlun Strong. Marie 5., '70: Chapel Hill Sluart. Philip D:, '68: Snow Camp Slycrs. "L Thomas R. '66: Summerfield Suddrclh. Willis 0. '66: Stalesville Summers. Andrew K '69: Stalesville Suitles. Thomas W.. 66: Marion Suuon. Iohnnie E1. '66: La Grange Swanlay, John M., '69: Philadelphia, Pa. Tabhassum. M.-U '66: Saragudha. Pakistan Talbot, Walter L, 66: Charlotte Tancnbaum. Mark C:. '69: Charleston. S.C. Tale. William C:. ' anner Elk Tatum, Richard A : Charlotte Taylor. Helgn 3.. hapel Hill Taylor. Michael W. 69: Macon. Ua. Taylor, William E. 66: Durham Taylor. Edward E.. Rockingham Temple. Robert D., . Charleston: S.C. Thomas, Emory 8:, '69: Pittsboro Thompson. George K., '66: Chapel Hill Thumpson. Marianne I... '70: Chapel Hill Thompsun, Thomas C., '66: Pinebluff Thumpson. William I... '66: Charlotte Thrower. In. William N.. '66: Belmont Tillolson. James E. '66: Charlotte Turban. Eugene C '66: Hector, Minn. Townsend. James R.. '66: Greensboro Triplcll: William L. Ill. '69: Burlington Trugdon. 11:. James L.. '69: Randleman Troulmnn. Steven E. 70: China Grove Tucker. lames R: T 'G . Wendell Turbevillc, James L. '66: Cone Gordo Turner. Gary L. '6 High Poinl Turner. James P:. '68: Henderson Tutlle, Edgar W., '66: Maiden Underwood, Richard H.. '69: Clinton Upchurch. Wallace 6.. '69: Durham 226 Off-Campus ill. 2: db. b6 .3- J X'" A? a 9 f Xx 65?; wk'r Vance. 1r.. Ice. '68: Cheverly. Md: Van Degelan-olhy. '68: Phillipsburg. N.1. Varn, Michael 1., '66: Phoenix. Ariz: Vaughm MarylFranci-s La '88: lamestown. R.I. Vaughn. Michael 13.. '66: Hendersonville Vreman. Hendrik 1.. '68: Durham Vinson. 1L, 12555 G.. '68: Rusabum Wade. Louis M.. 1r., '66::Durham Wagner. Sibyl M.. '71: Chapel Hill Walker, Wayne 3.. '68: Durham Wall. Daniel T.. '68: Columbia, S.C. Wall. Ursula M. Towanda. Pa. Walton. Donald . 66: Hicksvillc. N.Y. Ward. Allen 0., GB: Metuchcn, N.1. Wgrd. Millon R.. '69: Clarendon Warren. L. Ricks. '70: Dnthan, Ala. Wallington. Malchus 1... '66: Kinslnn Watson. 1r.. 1csse L.. '68- alisbury Walls. Thomas 6.. '66. Slalosvillc Wcase. Billy R., '70: Kings Mountain Weaver. Susan N., '69: Durham Webb, Cynthia 1..., '71: Chapel Hill Webb, 111. William 13.. '69: Slutesville Weeks. 11:. Richard L. '66: Greensboro Wells, III. 1ames M. 66 Richmond. Va. Wells. Raymond E. Charlotte Westbrook. Frank P 6: Chapel Hill Whine, Charles C.. '66: Warrcnlon While. loseph 8.. '68: Charlene White. Rodgers 5., '66: Kannapolis White.Wi1ma D.. '6 . Elizabeth Ciiy Whillack. Thomas C.. '68: Benncllsville. S.C Williams. David 6., '66: Newark. Del. Williams. Henry C.. '68: Kinslon Williams. 102 A., '68: Fayetteville Williams, Stephen D.. '69: Gaslonia Williamson. David L.. '70: Rocky Mount Williamson. Dennis 1.. '71: Rocky Mounl Wi1liamson. Douglas W.. '68: Whilcville Willis. 1r.. Lloyd 1-1., '66: Hope Mills Wilson. C. P.. '69: Sherman Oaks, Calif. Wilson, Harry E, '69: Shelby Wilson, 1ames M.. '70: Greensboro Wilson. Richard P., 66: Washinglon Winler. lean C.. '68: Staunlon. Va. Wilhrow. Danielle K.. '69:' Chapel Hill Womack. Franklin E. '68: Asheville Womble. George E., '66: Lillington Womble. Robert T.. '66: Carrbom Woodard. Donald L., '71: Chapel Hill Woodard, 1r:.10hn V.. '66: Ra1eigh Wonddy. Helen 1.. '69: Raleigh Wooddy, 1L. Aubrey 1., '66: Ashebnro Worthington. Charles E. '69: Winlerville Wrenn. Alexander 13., 66: Greensboro Wrenn. Creighton. '69: Charlotte WrighL Gregory V.. '69: Charlotte Wyman, Stephen D.. '69: Greenwich. Conn. Yarborough, David B.. '70: Fayeneville Youngs. Mary T.. '66: San Diego. Calif. Zadieika. George W.. '66: Philadelphia. Pa. Zachary. 117., Waller L.. '69; Yadkinville Zimmerman. Troy R. 111. '69: New York. NY. Off-Campus 227.7 JETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETIC . ,.. . m m .. . F M A M IN MEMORY OF BUTCH BENNETT -A CAROLINA TAR HEEL William Allen Bennett This young man from Danville, Virginia, though stricken with leukemia, enrolled at Carolina last fall and tried out for the freshman basketball team. He asked doctors at Memorial Hospital to keep his secret because he wanted to make the team strictly on his athletic merit. And Butch did. More than 75 players tried out for the team. When all cuts were made, Butch was list- ed as seventh man 011 the roster. He wrote a letter to his Father, saying, ilMy life long dream has been realized." But Butch never got a chance to play for the freshman team. His condition worsened just be- fore Thanksgiving and he was admitted to Memori- al Hospital. Butch died there on Saturday after- noon, just a few hours before the Carolina fresh- man team took the court for its first game. Carolina coaches say that Butch Bennett was the most remarkable young man they have ever met. His spirit will live forever in the hearts of Tar Heels everywhere. tThis page is sponsored by the Student Athletic Councill 230 Athletics CROSS COUNTRY Couch Joe Hilton and his manager, Dave Worley, assist Wayne Franklin in prepar- ing for a meet. Coach Ioe Hiltonts Harriers posted arespectable : V": ; f; 775 it. ' 6-2 record this season, which captured third place a -r - in the A.C.C. The team suffered defeats to Duke and notorious track power, Maryland. Coach Hilton felt that the squad might have been a little better, but sickness and injuries seemed to plague his star runners. Co-Captain Mike Williams was held back all year with illness, and Bill Bassett spent most of the season nursing a bad knee. Al- though Joe Lasich hasn,t quite reached his poten- tial yet, sophomore Kenny Helms turned in a good season as a result of hard work and dedication. Co-Captain Truett Goodwin delivered his usual steady performance. Despite a bit of bad luck, the hard work and indi- vidual effort on the tearrfs part did result in a win- ning season, as the record indicates. Although Mike Williams will be missed, the fact that most of the top runners are returning indicates a stronger team for next seasonts competition. - i . 9 ,1:th 1967 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TEAM - FRONT ROW: Robert Frederick, Joe Lasich, True" Goodwin, Co- Capfain; Charles Markman, Wayne Franklin. SECOND ROW: David Worley, Manager; Kenny Helms, Fred McCall, Bi" Bassen, Mike Williams, Co-Cupfain; Joe Hilton, Head Coach. Harriers off and running against Clemson u SCORECARD UNC Opp. 21 South Carolina 40- : 18 Virginia 47- i 18 N.C. State 42- -48 Maryland 15 24 Wake Forest 37- -31 Duke 25 15 Clemson 50- State Championships - Third Place ACC Championships e Third Place Final Record: 5-2. Athletics 231 . 3A.; Wlsdom Ngambi fighfs for possession of the ball with two opposition Co-capfain JimmyJohnsfon head-blocks the ba" to sp players. for! by Clemson. I967 VARSITY SOCCER TEAM - FRONT ROW: Peie Gal'audef, Mark Packard, Louis Bush, Allen Merrill, Larry Heath, ca-caplain; Jimmy Johnston, co- captain; John Gussenhoven, Jeff Perry, Kip Ward, Jim Crane, Jamie Crunfield. SECOND ROW: Woody Clark, Trainer; Doug Barba, Conrad Albert, Rick Davis, Pete Dickens, William Bouic, Chris Carter, Peie Nisbel, William Verhoeff, Todd Hunt. THIRD ROW: John Killen, Ass'f. Coach; Marvin Allen, Head Coach; Peie Beebe, Dick Driver, Steve Dobson, John Kuchmay, Richard Bruyfon, Ron Drochesfer, Russell Ford, Ed Baur. ABSENT: Torn Mayes, Manager. oil on offensive ef- 'i - n U- .- w 75m IFJIE-Ellknlal 1 . 9 . , - 1; An! I: ncwmnzvmvgr: . ,N ., 4.1-:n.-w CW??? 1 AK, , d SCORECARD UNC Opp 6 St. Andrews 1- 5 Campbell 0- 4 East Carolina 0- 6 N.C. State 2- 4 Pfeiffer 0- 5 Clemson 1- -1 South Florida 3 3 Virginia 2r 3 Trenton State 2- 5 Belmont Abbey 1- -1 Maryland 3 2 Duke 1- Final Record: 10-2. 232 Athletics The enthusiastic crowds that came to UNCls Fetzer F ield this year to see how well the remnants of the 1966 A.C.C. oo- championship team could handle themselves were not disappoint- ed. Coach Marvin Allen,s 1967 soccer team turned in an impressive 10-2-0 record. The loss of seven starting seniors from last years championship team made Coach Allen's job a bit difficult, but the Co-capfain Larry Heath attempting to break sophomores and juniors came through with fine performances, through forascore againstctemson. under the leadership of senior co-captains Larry Heath and Jimmy a Johnston. With only two seniors in the starting line-up, the success of the 1967 soccer team depended largely on the individual performances of the sophomores and junior team members. The aggressive play of Ieff Perry and Iamie Canfield was largely responsible for control of the ball at midfield. The defensive work of fullbacks Iohn Gus- senhoven and Allen Merrill and goalie Pete Gallaudet gave Mark Packard and Jimmy Crane ample opportunity to lead the offensive attack. The all-around play of Third Team All-American sopho- more Louis Bush, who, says Coach Allen, is the best player in the twenty-one year history of soccer at UNC, helped in rounding out a fine soccer team. The height of individual performance this season came when fullback T. Baur scored from midfield with twenty sec- onds left to give NAIA powerhouse, Trenton State, its only defeat of the season. The chances for another A.C.C. championship were shattered when the team was defeated 3-1 by arch-rival Maryland, who went on to the NCAA playoffs. With only two seniors graduating and with the valuable game experience gained by the sophomores and juniors this season, the prospects are that next yearls soccer team will be another crowd-pleaser. All-American Louis Bush in control and moving on offense at midfield. , . , . . - T i . . t I Defensive Fullback Allen Merrill Athletics 233 1967 was an outstanding year in the development of Carolinals football history. Hopefully, it will be looked back upon as the beginning of an era - an era where Carolina will re-assert her role as the athletic leader of the ACC. The course has been Chosen. Fortunately Caro- lina finds herself with perhaps the most important element necessary for building an outstanding football team a an outstanding coaching staff. Coach Bill Dooley and his hand-picked assistants have embarked on a program to recruit and rebuild .. t y y Carolinals football team. Recruiting will be a diffi- . - cult job for Carolina because we are competing - a; with a large number of schools which have lower Ijlead- Coach Bill Doe'ey surveys the action while Offensive Coach Bobby Col- academic standards. However, the University Of ""sme d North Carolina is a great and respected institution and we of The Yackety Yack feel that this will be a significant factor in aiding the coaching staff in its endeavor to bring to this University the difficult combination of athlete and scholar. This, in the end, will make success mean even more, for Caroli- nais standards will not have been compromised. Coach Dooley clearly recognizes the task before him. It is his honesty and lino-excusesl, attitude that help us in accepting the fact that Carolina must expect to suffer a few more seasons like 1967 before any change will be Clearly evident. But even this season gave rise to an optimism that perhaps a new and brighter era lies ahead. Coach Dooley inherited the remnants of a foot- ball team. It was his job to make the best of it. How he fulfilled his job cannot be measured solely by Carolina's won-lost record. His success may have been limited, but this season was by no means a failure. F0 OTBALL Defensive tackle Nielsen Rogers f7U pulls N.C. State bu" carrier down from behind, as defensive halfback Ron Lowry !29l cuts back to help. 234 Athletics Fullback Tommy Dempsey. I2$ finds N.C. State AH-American Dennis Byrd a formidable obsfacle. ' T 1 " jg; .ri'w Y .g A"; - aerial TD aguinsf Maryland. Quarterback Gayle Bomar rvrzv SCORECARD UNC Opp. - 7 N.C. State 13 -10 South Carolina 16 -11 Tulane 36 7 Vanderbilt 21 - 8 Air Force 10 14 Maryland 0- -10 Wake Forest 20 - 0 Clemson 17 -17 Virginia 40 20 Duke 9- Final Record: 2-8. Athletics 235 THE TAR HEEL SQUAD 10 Price, Ken. QB 11 Bomar, Gayle. QB-DS 12 Cloniger, Steve, DS 15 Carpenter, Ron, DHB 17 Carry, Mike QB 18 Beaver, Jeff. QB 21 David, Doug, WB 24 Harris, Iohn, DB 25 Riggs, David, HB 27 Davenport. Jack, DHB 29 Lowry, Ron, DHB 83 Stone, Chip, KS 34 Blank, Landy, DHB 35 Deibler, Bill, LB 36 Wynn, Curtis. FB 38 Miggs, James, HB 39 Hartig, Don, KS 40 Wesolowski, Dick, HB 41 Kelly, Bill, HB-S 42 Zemaitis, Saulis. HB 43 Mazza, Mark, LB 44 Dempsey, Tommy. FB 48 Iackson, Dave, DHB 51 Bradley, Chip. C 52 Sparks, Ned, C 54 Dempsey. Randy C 55 Hanna, Bob, LB 60 Pukal, Lou, DT 61 Sheehan. Jim. OG 62 Wall, Battle. DG 63 Working, Mike, OG 64 Connolly, Bob, OG 65 Renedo, Tom. DG 66 Chalupka. Ed, 00 67 Horvat, Mike. LB 69 Smith, Mike, DG 70 Cowan, Ev, OT 71 Rogers, Nielsen, DT 72 IngIe, Torn, OT 73 Barnes. Marion, OG 74 Richey. Mike. DC 75 Jordan, Dickie, OT 76 Hollifield, Mike. OT 77 Turner, Van, DT 78 Burdulis, Stove, OT 79 Masino, Jim, DT 80 Carr, Charlie, OE 81 Karrs, Tim. DE 82 Duncan, Lynn, DE 83 Piasecky, John, DE 84 Zadjeika, George. DE 85 Cantrell. Tom, OE 86 Newton, Louis, CE 87 Boswell, Cramer, OE 88 Davis. Peter, OE 89 Knott, Bobby. DE Carolina1s season started on a not- too-discouraging note as the team made an impres- sive showing against N.C. State, only to be defeat- ed by two field goals, 03-71. Any resemblance be- tween the two teams performance has to end at that point, however, for the Wolfpack was later to rise to national prominence while the Tar Heels went on to suffer continued defeat at the hands of her next four opponents. These included a some- what Wespectable" 16-10 loss to South Carolina, two crushing defeats by Tulane 86-111 and Van- derbilt t21-71, and a frustrating 10-8 loss to Air Force. At this point, Carolina had managed to set a record in the Most Consecutive Losses category 021- the longest losing streak in f00tball1s 80 year history at the University. The following week Carolina ended the ttDirty Dozen" by shutting out Maryland with a good team performance and brightening what many expected to be a gloomy Homecoming. Any hopes that the victory over Maryland had started a new trend in the season were quickly dispelled when Wake For- est handed Carolina its most convincing defeat t20-101 in the three year series. The next two weeks proved even worse. ACC champion Clemson was able to hold Carolina scoreless 07-01 despite the fact that the Tar Heels battled the Tigers on even terms until the last period. Virginia added insult to injury by romping to a 40-17 win. When Duke coach Tom Harp told reporters that the Duke-Carolina game would be a toss-up de- spite Carolinals devastating season, none of them would bite. The sports writers werenlt the only doubters. No one had any real faith in Carolinals chances except the team and coaching staff. Very few of the 44,000 people who filled Dukels Wallace Wade Stadium expected anything less than a com- plete rout, and for the first few minutes of the game, it seemed that the Blue Devils would push the Tar Heels right out of the stadium. Then something quite unusual happened - the defense stopped two Blue Devil drives and gave Carolina possession. The crowd watched in disbel- ief as the Tar Heel offense gained first down after first down in a determined drive towards the end- zone. When quarterback Gayle Bomar drove the final twelve yards for a touchdown, many of the Carolina fans probably felt a slight tinge of guilt as they stood cheering. Even though the team thor- oughly dominated the rest of the game, the Caro- lina crowd anxiously watched the clock click away the time while trying to convince themselves that the Carolina football team was actually beating ttDookW It seems that if the team was given sole responsi- bility for its losses, it should be given complete credit for its 20-9 win over Duke. One must admit that it takes a great deal of desire and determina- tion to keep coming back and facing the opposition with mounting defeat as a reward. This team never folded and they made believers of us all on Satur- day afternoon, November 18, 1967. Awwn .V approval. s . - 7 u , . .. 0 ":m' ens . W . a Quarterback Gayle Bomar dives across the goal line for First touchdown against Duke, and is congratulated by teammates as coaches and fans manifest their Tarheel defense makes a Clemson runner cough up the foot- bu". Athletics 237 cks field goal attempt by Wake Forest. V Mark Muzza MM bio r. V 1' . m . ' ,m 7 w Center Chip Bradley H 1 protects quarierback Jeff Beaver as he waits for Chariie ,Carr mm '0 break into rhe clear. ' aru.r Mike Smith MW knocks Tulane ball carfier from Ike air as AIl-Conference de- fensive halfback Jack Davenport moves in for ihe ki". 238 Athletics UNIVERSITY VARSITY CHEERLEADERS - FRONT: Ray Lyles, Head Cheerleader; and Marnie Carmichael. FIRST ROW: Dave Henson, Charlie Brickhouse, Bob Bunshaff, Stewart Williams, Larry Roadman, Dave Bennen, Gary Witter. SECOND RQW: Carrie Rouse, Debbie Patterson, Linda Seiber, Frances Dayvaulf, Jo Sherman, Ramona Taylor, Carol Skinner. $525 IS; Tait ' k t a I;- 1. ks..- ;J 'h Coach Dooley has stressed the fact that he is ex- tremely proud of every member of the 1967 Caro- lina football squad and he is insistent that the sea- sons successes and failures have to be deemed a team effort. A team, however, always has some outstanding individuals. The 1967 Tar Heel foot- ball team is no exception. Jack Davenport was voted a member of the 1967 All Conference team for his outstanding defensive play. He also re- - ceived the Carrington Smith Award. A leading rusher for the team, David Riggs, was presented the Education Foundation Watch and and the- Bill Prouty Award. Quarterback Gayle Bomar placed second in the ACC on total offense with over a thousand yards to his credit. Top pass-receiver Charlie Carr closed out a great career at Carolina by catching 28 passes for 9.8 yards average gain. TheDuke game provided a basis for optimism in viewing Carolinats football future. The outstand- ing performance paid tribute to the team and t0 the coaching staff as well. Yet we must continue to re- mind ourselves that we can only expect in the near future what comes inevitably with a rebuilding program. . t t . t 'E;, Charlie Carr mm grabs a Bomar pass in the endzone for the second touchdown at Duke, and is congratulated by his teammates. . . .Q'MiENV ' Athletics 239 -- BASKETBALL ' 1796 8 " NOR Z40 Athletics Bruins T 0p Tar Heels, 78-55 UCLA COPS THE NCAA CarolinaVows Return In l69 The night was Saturday, March 23. All was uiet in Chapel Hill. No, the stu- dents were not away on vacation. Most of them were in town - in dorms, fraternity houses and as- sorted local establish- ments. The were watch- ing their eels play bas- ketball. The night before like many others had been quite different. Rolls of toilet paper were strewn Frustration is . . from the trees, hell-raisers roamed the streets, fire- crackers boomed and auto horns blared. That night there had been victory - an impressive 80-66 show- ing over the Ohio State Buckeyes, cham ions of the mid-east an the Big Ten. But Saturda night, there was only si ence. For Carolina had seen its idol- ized Tar Heels crushed in a game that to call a ttmis- . Lew Alcindor. matchl, would be an un- derstatement in fact. Dean Smith called the UCLA Bruins llthe great- est college basketball team ever assembled? Dominated in every re- s ect by 7'2" Lew Alcin- or, the player of the year, the eels went down to a 23-point de- feat. Alcindor scored 34 points, blocked five shots and brou ht down 16 re- bounds. ake away Al- cindor, and the Bruins mi ht still have given Uhlc a mu h nig t of basketball, ut at least thin 5 would have been equa ized. Put him in and it is all over. There is no defense against his 0m- ni resence. It dominates al play. On a given night, the Heels mlght have done better. Thanks to the NCAA, the game was played in a location which gave the Uclans a consid- erable advantage, as if they needed it. The shooting was poor 6570, and the turnovers were many 03; Yet UCLA had also played better, as all witnesses to its 101-69 rout of Houston will attest. One bright spot was the Tar Heel defense - it managed to force 26 turnovers from the Bruins. In retrospect, being number two is not reall anythin to be ashamed o i, especial y considering who is number one. The 1968 edition of the Tar Heels might well have been ca- pable of taking an NCAA Title in a ttnormalb year. We can console ourselves by the fact that ttWetll be back? but then so will the Bruins. STATISTIC S .4 .n D H NONVNb-V-bNmV Mac:HONNNQmthhanpoQHLQH WM Ehackelford H u: Hr?TWTw?mrw b;...,.-... meGNDmbmHHwLmwaNbHQNhN$ b-l ????eevveoreemmeeoecmeewo -IV 100 x: MN wmo H H mm H w ooowomowwmmm NNonwmwamN oooNomeme ... 1H -u uooooowommwmw mNHHwHONwwO ... mp N9???9PTNW?T'3' Totals mm.m North Carolina . Anendance-14,438 w ... :0 til 01 UCLA's lucius Allen is guarded by Charlie Scan. Athletics Z41 Carolina mentor Dean Smith directs operations. Smith was chosen as ACC Coach of the Year for the second year running. Forward Bi" Bunting goes in for two. Guard Dick Grubar leads the fast break against Duke. "Well, here we are. Right in the middle of the Big Time," de- clared Ioe Brown to the approval of the crowd, "and we couldn't have done it without your help." "I'm waxing up my surfboard, letting my hair grow long, and 1m planning to bleach it when we get to LA," said Larry Miller. Five-thousand fans roared back enthusiastically. tThat pep rally was before the Eastern Regionals.J Enthusiasm and excitement reached a new level this year as the greatest hardwood team since the 1957 National Champions did not fail to live up to its potential. All year long, basketball was the number one topic on campus. The world revolved around the North Carolina basketball team. Wild crowds packed Carmichael Auditorium for every home game, and those who couldrft get tickets were glued to their radios and TV sets. The world came to a brief stop for each varsity b-ball contest. This was a squad that will long be remembered by students and alumni. Led by All-American Larry Miller. as exciting and tal- ented a player as ever hit the court, the Tar Heels racked up a rec- ord of 28 victories and 4 defeats. including a great ZO-game win- ning streak. The nation watched anxiously as the Heels rolled from the regular season championship through the A.C.C. Tour- naments, through the NCAA. Eastern Regionals to the National Championship face off with the mighty UCLA Bruins. Rounding out the starting five behind Miller were the great jun- ior forward Bill Bunting, indispensible center Rusty Clark and spectacular guards Charlie Scott and Dick Grubar. An important part of the teams success was the substitution made possible by bench strength in the form of Joe Brown, Gerald Tuttle and Eddie Fogler. Last but certainly not least was Coach Dean Smith, who no longer lives in the shadow of Frank McGuire, as his enviable 120-59 record against the toughest national competition keenly demonstrates. Coach Smith was especially pleased with "the type of young men representing the University" on this team, typified by the scholarsathlete of good character. Unselfish play and "pride in good defense" are other big points Smith credited with contrib- uting to team success. A great team also has to have senior leader- ship, and Dean Smith emphasized that this was a crucial factor this season - on and off the court. Forward Larry Miller shoots over Pratt of Kentucky. mh we ...,... Awe" . 4V Guard Charlie Sea" was an importanf fac'or in Eastern Regional wins. Athletics 243 LEFT: Rusly Clark overcomes defermined Da- vidson opposition '0 score a baskef in the N.C.A.A. Eastern Regionals. Clark was named Most Valuable Player in the two games of Ra- Ieigh. Dick Grubar's fine play against veteran Soth Carolina players was responsi- ble for Carolina's ultimate victory in the tournament Joe Brown puts ii in as Eddie Fogler looks on. Both reserves were essential 90 the Tar Heel effort. RIGHT: V.P.l. Gobblers were given trouble by Bill Bunfing. 244 Athletics I968 VARSITY BASKETBAiL TEAM - FRONT ROW: John Lacey, Trainer; Dean Smith, Head Coach; Jim Delany, Dick Grubar, Larry Miller, Ger- ald Turtle, Ed Fogler, John Loft, Ass'f Coach; Bill Guthridge, Ass'f Coach. SECOND ROW: Randy Forehand, Mgr.,- AI Armour, Gm Whitehead, Joe Brown, Rusty Clark, Bill Bunting, Charlie Scott, Jim Frye, Ricky Webb, Bob Coleman, Mgr. Charlie Scott's brilliant passing thrilled crowds and contributed to many key buckets. The long-awaited opener on December 2 saw Carolina off to a typical slow start, trailing at the half. Yet the Heels came back to take Virginia Tech, 89-76. After a 107-83 home court rout of Kent State, Carolina soon learned that it was not unbeatable. The Van- derbilt Commodores dealt the Tar Heels a rude 13-point setback at Nashville on Saturday, December 9. Quickness and sharp- shoriting combined with UNC foul trouble helped to stop the Hee 5. Yet the blow did not get the Tar Heels down. They rebounded back the following week to knock off top-ten teams Kentucky and Princeton at Greensboro Coliseum. These were particularly satisfying wins, as they sent Carolina back up in the polls before the Christmas break. A good indication of the Heels' reaction to tournament compe- tition came at Portland, Oregon, in the Far West Classic. There UNC edged Stanford, came from 17 points behind in the second half to defeat nationally-ranked Utah, and fought off the home crowd to whip Oregon State for the title. The feat earned the Heels a flattering write-up in Sports Illustrated. The A.C.C. wars then opened against Wake Forest at home and the Deamon Deacons went down in an unenthusiastic 74-62 con- test. Then came the big game against surprising Duke. Charlie Scott was the key to a close. come-from-behind victory in this contest, 75-72. Scott was again important, in addition to Ralph Fletcher, in another squeaker before an unruly NC. State crowd at Raleigh. The Heels played one of their best games just prior to the exam break against Clemson, scorching the Tigers on their home court, 115-83. UNC returned from exams to avenge last year's defeat to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Rusty Clark came to his full potential in that contest, which turned out to be a good omen. The Heels then narrowly edged out a tough Florida State team and beat Maryland at College Park, 73-57. Coach Smith called the Terp game HBilI Bunting's finest hour". Carolina broke a school record for a conference game in run- ning the Virginia Cavaliers off the court, 108-64. Wake Forest at Winston-Salem was also dealt with easily. Minus Rusty Clark, much exertion was necessary to get past V.P.I. again, this time in Blacksburg. But Larry Miller led the Tar Heels to continue their winning ways, 80-70. A tension-packed contest at Chapel Hill next saw Carolina emerge again victorious against Norman Sloants Wolfpack. Clemson was no problem at Charlotte, but South Carolina gave the Heels the first of three rough games and they had to come from behind to win, 84-80. Athletics 245 Rusfy Clark fhis year broke lhe aH-fime re- bound record for a single game, formerly held by Billy Cunningham. I968 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM - FRONT ROW: Richard Gar- re", Joel Ragen, David Arial, Bulch Benne", Tom Whifworlh, Dale Gipple, Pres Ruddle, Richard Tunle. SECOND ROW: Bill Guihridge, Head Coach; Dave Corless, Ass'f. Couch; Burch Esies, Ward Skinner, Bill Skeels, Lee Dedmond, Don Eggles- ton, Dave Chadwick, Holt Troiman, Jim Bradford, Lee Uppermun, Chuck Harris, Manager. ABSENT: John . . j McKeHar, Verdery Kerr. ', Egg" Emu; 246 Athletics With easy Victories over Maryland and Virginia, Carolina clinched the A.C.C. Regular Season Title, in addition to top seeding in the tourney. This made 20 in a row, and that was it. Frank McGuire returned to Chapel Hill with a standing ovation and promptly showed his ingrati- tude by handing Carolina its first home court de- feat, 87-86. The score, and unhappily the result, were the same at Durham, as North Carolina blew numerous chances to win in a heartbreaking triple-overtime loss to Duke University. l A poor game against Wake Forest opened the tourney. Then the Gamecocks were back to haunt the Heels again. Carolina nearly missed elimina- tion as clutch free throws by Tuttle and Grubar sealed fate in overtime, 82-79. Fine play by Dick Grubar tZO pointsl kept Carolina in the game till the end. The Title Game was an outstanding display of raw basketball power as UNC bombed surprise-finalist NC. State, 87-50, to earn the ticket to the N.C.A.A. The Raleigh crowd served as an advantage against third-rated St. Bonaventure in the Region- als. But all-around outstanding play made this un- necessary as the Tar Heels emerged clearly superi- or in a fine game, 91-72. Lefty Driesell got his long- awaited match against Carolina in the N.C.A.A. Quarterfinal. Neither the Heels nor the Davidson Wildcats were at their best, but UNC came from behind to get a bit of gleeful revenge against Dri- esell and also a trip to Los Angeles. At the semi-finals, North Carolina did not make the mistake of last season in looking past upstart Ohio State. Tough defense and a devastating fast break were too much for the Buckeyes, who went down 80-66. This became all the more impressive the following night as Ohio State won third place over the University of Houston, 89-85. As the story of Alcindor, Inc. has already been reviewed, we can stop here on a pleasant note. 5,000 fans jammed Raleigh-Durham Airport on the Monday following the finals to say ttthank youi' to the Tar Heels for a great season. Alumni thanked Dean Smith with a Carolina blue cadillac. Another chapter in UNC basketball history came to a close, and a new one has already begun. Tar Heel defense is a key to success. Unselfish con- cern and team spirit is essential for good defense. Charlie Scan successfully executes the fast break. Athletics 247 VICTORY! SCORECARD 89 Virginia Tech 107 Kent State - 76 Vanderbilt 84 Kentucky 71 Princeton 87 Stanford 86 Utah 68 Oregon State 74 Wake F orest 75 Duke 68 NC. State 115 Clemson 82 Georgia Tech 86 Florida State 73 Maryland 108 Vir inia 80 Wa e Forest 80 Virginia Tech 96 NC. State 96 Clemson 84 South Carolina 83 Maryland 92 Virginifk South Carolina Duke GOD 83 Wake Forest 82 S. Carolina 80D 87 N.C. StateH 91 St. Bonaventure 7O Davidsonhw 80 Ohio State - 55 U.C.L.A. Final Record: 28-4 ment Title Opp. 76- 83- 89 77- 63- 78- 84- 61- 62- 72- 66- 83- 54- 80- 67- 64- 60- 70- 84- 74- 80- 60- 74- 87 87 70- 79- 50- 72- 66- 66- 78 7 A.C.C. Re ular Season Title M A.C.C. Tit e Won in Tourna- HW N.C.A.A. Eastern Regional 248 Athletics EKAQ , . 2'.- ' L3 Larry Miller Carolina Super-Star Larry Miller is ranked as one of the most honored basketball players in A.C.C. history, and for good reason. The 6'4", 210 lb, All-American from Catasaqua, Pennsylvania is a winner - not because he is a 7 foot plus giant, but because he is a determined leader who works hard to win. Every team he has played on, ex- cept the 1966 Tar Heels, has been a title winner. His leadership ability is manifested by the fact that he was the overwhelming choice of his teammates for captain of the 1968 Tar Heels, the first single captain since Dean Smith has been head coach. No one has to be convinced that Larry Miller is an exceptional basketball player in all phases of the game. He is an unselfish player, giving his teammates the easier shots and taking the most difficult ones for himself. He has the uncanny ability to play his best game under the pressure of tournament competition. In lead- ing the 1967 Tar Heels to the A.C.C. Championship, he scored 29 points in the second half in the second-round game against Wake Forest in overcoming an 8-point first half deficit. This year in the tourney. he scored 22 and 19 points respectively in the first halves against Wake Forest and South Carolina, to insure a spot in the final game, where the squad practically ran NC. State out of Charlotte Coliseum. Probably his greatest performance was in the final game of the 1967 Far West Classic, as he exploded with 27 points in the second half for a comeback victory over Oregon State and won the M.V.P. award in the process. During the 1968 basketball season, Larry Miller played in four tournaments e the Far West Classic. the A.C.C. Tournament, the N.C.A.A. Eastern Regionals, and the NCAA. Finals. He made the AlleTournament team in all four. including the one at Los An- geles. After the A.C.C. Tournament, he was honored with the co- veted Everett Case Award for the second year in a row. Larry finished his career with 1,982 points, which made him the second leading scorer in Carolina basketball history, only 63 points behind Lennie Rosenbluth. During his senior year, he scored 717 points for a 22.4 game average. He is only the second player in A.C.C. history to win the Player of the Year Award twice tLen Chappell of Wake Forest also did this in 1961 and 19621. Larry Miller is an All-American in every sense of the word. His team selections speak for themselves. He made the Look Maga- zine A.A. team two years running, and also was selected for both the 1968 URL and NBA. second teams. Perhaps the crowning touch of his career was being selected on the first team in the As- sociated Press All-American Lineup this year. The AP. is the old- est and most prestigeous of the AA. teams. Its members are se- lected by sportswriters and sportscasters from all over the United States. As his career here at UNC comes to a close, Miller, a Business Administration major, plans to play professional basketball, and is leaning toward the ABA. because he "Couldn't stand to be a bench warmer." He also is planning to enter the entertainment business by opening a night club catering to college students. The Yacliety Yuck salutes a truly great All-American, Lawrence James Miller. Athletics 249 WRESTLIN G Carver Rudolph Hd7l goes for a scissors hold on a William and Mary wrestler . . . 250 Athletics Coach Sam Barnes considers this season's record lS-B-D a bit of a disappointment, even though it wasn't entirely unexpected. The wrestling team limped along all season with only two returning lettermen, sophomores from a freshman team which failed to win a match last season, and without a heavyweight tfour matches were lost by losing the heavyweight matchl. The 1968 grapplers were an unbalanced and inexperienced team overall; the much needed progress by sophomores failed to materialize. The team started strong with three wins, but after Christmas the squad experienced a steady string of losses. The otherwise disappointing season was brightened when the freshmen became eligible for varsity competition in February. Frosh sparked the team to a third place finish in the A.C.C. Tour- nament at College Park. Freshmen Curtis Weaver U43 and Fred Ball 07H were runners-up in the A.C.C. Meet and Tommy Blal- ock Ulsl, Tom Whisnant lheavyweightl, and Barry Pierce 012$ placed in the conference meet. The strong leadership of co- captains Iohn Stacey and Fred Priester, who were consistent win- ners and leading scorers, also brightened the season. The exciting performances of the freshmen this season and the fact that of 16 wrestlers who received varsity letters, 12 were so- phomores and juniors show that there is a valid basis for hope of a better season next year. and wins by a fall. David Barnes l l45l and a William and Mary grappler spar- ring on foot. Wresiling Coach Sam Barnes Co-cuptains John Stacey and Fred Priesfer. SCORECARD .1 '. - 7 1 1 l UNC Opp. 110RTH gs; .- , . .w . A 28 Gullford College 14- 1 tlwghi'q: 1 ,HRDLWR 15 V.M.I. 14- L +11an 1 ; 1 111 Virginia 21 "i. ff 1 ; 1x 19 Washington 8! Lee 16- 1; x T L. 16 Davidson 16 11 1 -14 NC. State 21 ' -14 Duke 17 - 6 Virginia Tech 31 - 6 William 8: Mary 27 -14 Georgia Tech 17 - 0 Maryland 35 - 9 West Virginia 20 A.C.C. Tournament 1Third P161061 Final Record: 3-8-1 1968 VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM - FRONT ROW: Ed Greenberg, Bob Hoke, Jim Minor, Craig Miller, Par Reighard, Bill Horn, Neil Sims, Clarke Williams. SECOND ROW: Ted Prue", Keifh Lyons, John Sfacey, William Deane, Sieve Roberson, Paul Ogburn, Marfin Cutler. THIRD ROW: Jim Zumwalf, Jack McKin- nish, Fred Prieslar, Joe Brookreson, Richard Urquharf, David Barnes, Jenks Pressley, Dick Kelly. ', ' 1 ' way ; r m woman 61:71 w'r . ; I 1 21mm . 1 1 ,1 $13 W k N - 131101.131: 71 .HRD'JM EstUUNg 1 .- ,EKRUUMA Richard Williams - Breasfsfraker on All- American 400 yard Medley Relay Team. Star! of 500 yard freestyle race in dual meei againsf N.C. Stale Universify. U.N.C. Swimmers are: Lane 6 kn Iem Frank McElroy, Lane 5 becond from Ier Joe Sanders. 60 59 63 -54 64 65 -48 59 45 68 Duke SCORECARD Clemson South Carolina Duke Maryland Navy Wake Forest Florida Florida State NC State East Carolina Final Record: 7-3 A.C.C. Meet Scores: NC. State North Carolina South Carolina Maryland Virginia Wake Forest Clemson Opp. 40- 54- 547 49014 356 296 94 73V2 60 38 252 Athletics Coach Earey wiih manager Jim Cavalaris. 7968 VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM - BOTTOM ROW: Chuck Humphrey, Pete Lewis, Drew Finn, Bob Pollard, Andrew Bristow, Phil McMunigaI, Bob McCullough, John Hodgson, Bruce Wigo, John Secunda. SECOND ROW: Dave Brantley, Ed Bosbyshe", Rick Hood, Brad Langden, Bob Foreman, Will Fulfon, Frank McElroy, Eric Muller, Drew Kafz. TOP ROW: Jim Edwards, Greg Mechun, Dan Bissell, Fred Dannemann, Allen Spier, Bi" Lindley, Joe Sanders, Dave Ba", Tom Ferreife, Phil Riker. SWIMMIN G The Tar Heel swimmers were pleased with a strong showing again this season, including a second-place finish in the A.C.C. Championship Meet at Chapel Hill. According to Coach Pat Earey, the team knew at the beginning of the year that it would be lacking in several important areas, particularly in the breaststroke and individual medley events. This proved to be their undoing against Maryland and Florida. However, the NCAA. ruling that freshmen were eligible for varsity competition went into ef- fect second semester and this helped the breast- stroke situation, with the addition of Rick Wil- liams, Bob McCullough and Bob Pollard. However, the team was unable to plug up the individual med- ley event and again it proved costly in the'loss to conference champion NC. State. Throughout the year, Captain Phil Riker was the mainstay in the butterfly events. At midseason he swarn the third best time 0:56.5l recorded in the country this year in the 200 yard butterfly. Howev- er, he will have to lower this time considerably at the NCAA Championships. Jim Edwards, a junior freestyler, has already tied the university lOO-yard freestyle record and is shooting for a place in the NCAA finals. He will also determine the success of relays as the anchor man in all three 400 and 800 free and 400 medley relays. The relays may well be big-point-getters at the nationals. 533' A Jug h Capt. Phil Riker on the way to best time of the year in the butterfly. Frank McElroy during 500 yard race of ACC championships, where he did his best time of the year. ry; ,x Fred Dannemann is the 1968 A.C.C. IOO-yard backstroke champion. Joe Sanders; Jim Edwards, Phil Riker, Dave Bell, and Greg Meehan - 400-yard free- style AIl-America relay. Athletics 253 J11. t DIVING TEAM - Drew Taylor, Couch; Dave Brantley, Bill Stevens, Drew Kan, Charles Humphrey. Sophomore Frank McElroy did a magnificent job this year in the distance events. Without his efforts, the squad would certainly have finished lower on the con- ference ladder. Of the front line swimmers only Phil Riker will be lost for next year. Returning lettermen, in addition to a talented crop of freshmen, should again make the Tar Heels one of the strongest squads in the country. Says Coach Earey, nNorth Carolina has been in the top ten several years running now and we do not want to fall from this lofty status. We are doing everything possi- ble to recruit the distance freestylers, individual med- ley and butterfly men who are needed to round out the team. Given this kind of help, we should be able to fight our way back into number one position in the A.C.C. and continue our prestigeous position in the swimming world." Diver Chuck Humphrey at practice session in preparation for ACC championships. Z54 Athletics 9: ,, "4,112 TOP: Coach Earey talking to Phil Riker, Captain, tin middleJ and Don Brown prior '0 start of 200 yard butterfly event in dual meet against N.C. State Uni- versity. ABOVE: Jim Edwards after completing record- breaking lime in the 100 yard freestyle HIM of ACC championships. 4-: m H mm . a SCORECARD UNC Opp. 19 St. Augustine 8- 19 Clemson 8- 23 Citadel 4- 16 NC. State 11- 17 Vanderbilt 10- 15 Duke 12- 17 Virginia 10- 27 V.M.I. 0- - 6 Illinois 21 Final Record: 8-1 x - s. m 7 I968 VARSITY FENCING TEAM - FRONT ROW: Mike Carvefh, Jim McCauley, Team Captain; Peter Bafke, Joe Tyson, Dick Belts, Peter Kent, Carl Thompson, Denver Haynes. SECOND ROW: Charles Lee, Ben Brinson, John Devane, George Schleck, Bo McBee, Chuck Schumacher, Tom Ruff, Ronald Miller, Head Coach. THIRD ROW: Dick Wilson, Bi" Mathis, Jon Pavloff, Chad Hilton, Dun Kolsrud. ABSENT: Cam Davis, Scott Backus, Charles Phillips, Rafael Perez-Muncebo. . A; t j - , .1 McKay scores final touch against Hosey lo win 5-4 and pave the way for a 16-1 1 team victory. FEN CIN G The 1968 season saw the Tar Heel fencers roll up an outstanding 8-1 record. This is the first year that the team has been under Head Coach Ron Miller. Their only loss was at the hands of Big Ten cham- pion Illinois, which says a great deal for the coach and his squad. Commenting about his team Coach Miller stated that, "Although our team is young and inexper- ienced, we,re loaded with potential, both in terms of athletic ability and a strong desire to win.H In building the team this year he sought all-around athletes, instead of those with little ability to par- ticipate in anything else. The seasonis record dem- onstrated that his strategy paid off, especially since many members of the starting were novices or freshmen. The future also looks bright as the squad will lose only three regulars from this years team. There are about thirty men now out for fencing on both the varsity and junior varsity teams. Plans are also being made for a women,s team for the 1969 season. Tar Heel epee fencer Jeff McKay pre- pares to attack State's Hosey. ABOVE: Bill Base" on his way TRACK to win the A.C.C. Indoor 7000 ' yard run. The Varsity Track Team seems to be headed for a successful season this year with early season wins over Clemson t100-45l and NC. State t94-51l. Last season the team finished with a 6-1 record. losing only to perennial track power Maryland. Injuries to key men, however, caused the squad to manage only a fourth place finish in the A.C.C. Meet. Coach Ioe Hilton feels that the major problem for his team will be the same one that hampered them last season - a lack of depth. Hilton thinks, however, that if this year's young team per- forms up to its potential. the record should be better this year. So far the A.C.C. performance has been pleasing tthe Heels placed second in the Annual Indoor Gamesl. The strong points of this year's team should override the lack of depth. Captains Mike Williams and Bill Bassett give the team a strong advantage in the mile and half-mile events. Captain Gary Iverson and Cam Beck are strong contenders in the 440 hurdles. Kent Autry should capture points in the 880 and Truett Goodwin should continue to deliver his steady performances in the two- mile run. The lack of depth may show up in the field events. but the top field event men should be able to capture first place against the opposition. Rick Wilson and Jeff I-lilliker should be able the com- mand the pole vault and the javelin event has strong contenders in Charles Gibson and Chris Born. Big John Iessep should bring in points in the shot and discus events. Gary Iverson will continue to be the mainstay in the broad jump and Sonny Komegoy will tum in excellent performances in the triple jump. The Tar Heels look to be a stronger team next year if the fresh- men and sophomores are able to reach their great potential. RIGHT: Alex Covington in the Indoor two-mile relay. ; 1968 VARSITY TRACK TEAM - FRONT ROW: Joe Lasich, Ron Short, Larry Giles, Tom Norman, Kenny Helms, David Hilliard, Mike Williams, Gary lverson, Bi" Bassetf, Charles Gibson, Bruce Mom's, Sonny Kornegay, Danny Lowman, Terry Sellars, Tom Wolfe. SECOND ROW: Bi" Cole, Earl Owens, Jeff Hilliker, Steve Williams, Andy Swepison, Paul Cowie, Bruce Hunter, Tom Yore, Chris Born, Cam Beck, Bruce Hoff, True" Goodwin, John Hine, Dennis Horn, Don Russ, Rick Wil- son. THIRD ROW: Boyd Newnam, Ass'f Coach; Tom Morrison, Alex Covingion, John Jessep, Bill Leathers, Wayne Franklin, Kieth Nunal, Ken!l Aufry, Claylon Lynch, Doug Pryor, Dennis Suich, Bobby Lock, Jack Faircloth, Rick Smith, Bob Maxwell, Joe Hilton, Head Coach. 256 Athletics UNC Track Team tri-captains Bi" Bassett, Gary lverson, and Mike Williams, with Assistant Coach Boyd Newman Icentert and Coach Joe Hilton. SCORECARD 1967 Spring Results UNC Opp. Florida Relays 010 scoret 74V; Clemson 702A- S.C. State Relays 010 secret 118 Wake Forest 27 - - 65 South Carolina 80 - 16 Maryland 129 80 Duke 76 .1 Carolina Relays 010 scoret State Championships: 3rd Final Record: 3-2 1968 Indoor Track V.M.I. Relays tno scoret 53 South Carolina 47 - 69 Clemson 29 - Big Seven Meet tFirst Placed A.C.C. Indoor Games tSecond Place1 John Jessep follows through after putting the shut. Winner Kent Autry and Mike Williams tcentert in the 880-yard run. Gary lverson winning the broad iump with a distance of 23'1". Pole vaulter Jeff Hilliker clears the 14 foot mark. Athletics 257 258 Athletics The set scrum - awesome exercise in power isometrics. RUGBY Founded in the fall of 1966 by a small nucleus of ex-Rugby players, the UNC Rugby Club today is an institution come to stay. It has grown phenomenal- ly in these brief two years, to a membership of ap- proximately forty-five members, enough for two teams. The club does not aspire to become a varsity sport, as the whole tradition of rugby in the United States tends to the club organization. Instead it gra- ciously accepts the use of the name, UNC, and hopes to continue thriving on the support of the Student Legislature, the alumni, and a growing number of rabid fans. The technique and mastery of rugby is not easily explainable in these brief paragraphs. Suffice it to say that it is one of the most exciting team sports played at Carolina. The following excerpts of rugby conversations from players and spectators alike attest to the interest which grips rugby spec- tators every Sunday afternoon. Spectators: iiRugby is a gigantic social affair. I go to the games to see which girls are there, to see what theyire wearing, who their date is? Ruggers: tiYou sock me one more time, mother, and 1,11 kill you." ttWell, I like the songs and parties, even if theyire not always horror shows? ttPush, dig in, ruck, kick, bite, and let's score!" SCORECARD 1968 Spring Results UNC Opp. - 3 Old Blue 6 - 0 NC. State 6 6 Norfolk 3- 18 Conn. Wesleyan 5- 6 Princeton 5- UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA RUGBY CLUB - FRONT ROW: Larry de George, Larry Sunder, Bob Wright, Thayer Broih', Alex Por- ter, Louis Bush, George Wirfh, Cecil Slome, coach. SECOND ROW: Jan Hryhurrow, Vic Jo- sephs, Henry Sharp, Rick Blue, Tom Rickens, Clarence Kuegler, Jose Galins, Stuart McLean, Kel'fh Rusmisse". THIRD ROW: Zane Dadd, Ian Collins, Don Shea, Ray Walser, Stacey Kenney, Gray Patterson, Doug Sharer, Jim Be". Fly half 2. Dodd passes off just in Iirne. GOLF SCORECARD 1967 Spring Results UNC Opp. 161A Davidson 4V2- 19 Clemson 2 - Cape Coral Invitational t8th Placel 12 Davidson 9 - - 4V2 Maryland 25V2- - 4 Wake Forest 23 141A South Carolina 6V2- 14V2 NC. State 9V2- 23V2 Virginia 6V2- 10V2 Virginia Tech 10V2 , . val a 7V; Duke 13V2 J.V. Coach Dave Robinson addresses the ball. Flnal Record: 6'3'1 Jim Barnes takes a full swing on his long iron sho'. Last year the golf team had a 6-3-1 record and finished fifth in the A.C.C. Tournament. This year, Coach Ed Kenney feels that he has a well-balanced squad that stands a good chance of beating top- rated Wake Forest for the conference title. Kenney feels that the team's lack of competitive experience will be overcome as the season progresses. The fact that only three lettermen have returned from last years squad is the main reason why the 1968 team will take a little time to develo . Senior Charles Lynch will fil the number one spot this year, assisted by three returning letter- men: Iim Hicksman, Brook Carter and Glen Starpo- 1i. Lynch was runner-up in the North Carolina Amateur Contest last year, no small accomplish- ment. Jim Barnes, transfer from Louisburg College, will probably move.up to one of the top positions as the season progresses. A new N.C.A.A. ruling which makes freshmen eligible this year should improve the team's chances. Harry Welker has al- ready qualified and Coach Kenney expects that other freshmen will move up before tournament time. Kenney feels, however, that the team will have to bank mainly on the players who are exper- ienced in competition. So far, this year the squad has beaten Davidson, lost to Ohio University, and placed third in the Red Fox Invitational behind Wake Forest and Ohio U. a ma Glen Starpoli hm a five iron on the practice area. 1968 VARSITY GOLF TEAM - FRONT ROW: Glen Slurpoli, Jim Barnes, Lance Richard- son, Dave Bevacqua. SECOND ROW: Harry Walker, Buzzy Talbert, Jim Hickman, Charles Lynch, Bryce Beard, Brooke Carter, Gene Phipps, Edward Kenney, Head Coach. Athletics 259 ' mun TEN N IS Number Two doubles team whh Fred Rawlings serving and Caplain Bob Davis ready for ihe return. :1 3E: 'ma'uuv unis: 5'53. - "rum Qv-uuv...u.--: -5IUH,.;.XI 35.. ..,........ ...-n .uu-..'..-- Mc............ Hummuqnuuq ....jv-....,ncn:..q:uv-. 1".nf'.;v v avov;-vr9q Bi" Trot! returns with a back-hand volley of ihe nef. Lee langsfrough returns using a cross court backhand stroke. 1L . . A Number One doubles team in acfion with Bill Tron serving and advancing to the net, and Gene Hamilton alert for the return. 260 Athletics Coach Don Skakle's tennis team is again looking forward to an excellent season. The only way this team could improve on last year's 19-1 record is to go undefeated. and from the manner in which the 1968 team has started iG-Ol, en undefeated season is not just a pipe dream. The only loss last year was to nationally- ranked Miami and this year the squad has already defeated Ten- nessee i6-3l and Northwestern tG-Si; both powerful, top-rated teams. This years schedule is not an easy one because of the rough ACC competition expected from Maryland, South Carolina. and Clemson. Coach Skakle, however believes that demanding sche- dules develop good teams, and from the squad's past record i8 ACC championships in the last 9 yearsi, it would seem that Skakle has valid reason to believe in his theory. Coach Skakle was pleased to have this year what he calls a iiperfectly balanced team of experienced competitors." The num- ber one spot will be handled by Senior Gene Hamilton. Captain Bob Davis will lead the team at the number two singles spot. Sophomore Lee Langstrough is becoming more aggressive each match and Bill Trott is coming along after a slow start caused by an ankle injury. Rounding out the singles competitors are Joe Dom, Smokey Swenson, and Fred Rawlings, all top-notch com- petitors. Confidence, good player-coach relationships, and competitive desire have created a unity in an individual sport which Coach Skakle considers essential for a successful tennis team. It is a bit of an understatement to classify the 1968 tennis team as success- ful. ..L L- -:.:L.L a i V - - Number One player Gene Hamilton executes a back- hand follow through down the line. SCORECARD 1967 Spring Results UNC Opp. 9 Dartmouth 0- 9 Williams 0- 6 Williams 3- 7 Northwestern Z- 9 M.I.T. O- 7 Michigan State 2- 8 Michigan State 1- 9 Ohio University 0- 9 Toledo 0- 7 Clemson 2- 8 Harvard 1- 6 Harvard 3- 9 Maryland 0- 9 Presbyterian 0- 6 South Carolina 3- 9 Duke 0- 7 Wake Forest 2- 9 NC. State 0- -e.w-- ' 9 Virginia 0- 1968 VARSITY TENNIS TEAM - FRONT ROW: Allen 1 Lee 1 a rough. BACK -3 Miami 6 ROW: Fred Rawlings, Bob Davis, Captain; Joe Dom, Gene Hamilfon, Donald Skakle, Head Coach. ABSENT: , Flnal Record: 19-1 Bi" Tro". Athletics 261 Pitcher Tom Buskey in action againsf Adelphi, BASEBALL I968 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM - FRONT ROW: Niel Wester, Tom Donaldson, Steve Burgwin, Charla Thomas, Bruce Bolick, Clem Medley, Harry Bryant, Gary Tilley, Rick Parks. SECOND ROW: Ron Lemmonds, Roberf Rhodes, Johnny Rudisi", Mark Kenney, John Richards, Skip Hull, Chip Stone, Tom Buskey. THIRD ROW: David Lemmonds, John EvereH, Sy Sinersan, Bill Esfes, Charlie Carr, John Yancey, George McRue, Barry Drill, Waller Robb, Head Coach, Billy Lovingood, Ass'f. Coach Walter Rabb expects the 1968 Car- olina Baseball Team to be a contender for the conference pennant, despite the loss of top pitchers Gary Hill and Mike Flanagan to the pros, and All-American Danny Talbott to graduation. The team was off to a good start at press time, with wins over Kent State t7-6L Cornell 01-01, and Yale 00-01. Rabb feels that even though the teamhs hit- ting is developing a little slowly, this prob- lem will be overcome by more game experi- ence as the season progresses. The second- place finish in the A.C.C. last year has not. dampened the teams confidence. The 1968 team has good pitching depth With sophomore David Lemonds, juniors Tom Buskey, George McRae, and veteran John Yancey filling the void left by Hill and Flanagan. The batting department Will be led by veterans centerfielder Charlie Carr, 0966 ACC Batting Championy catcher Skip Hull, and leftfielder Ronnie Lemonds. Experienced infielders Charlie Thomas tsecond baseL Bruce Bolick tshortstopx and Bill Estes tfirst base1 will make it difficult for the opposition to sneak many grounders through as hits. Veterans Carr and Lemonds will make the outfield a danger zone for 0p- posing batters. With the team's pitching depth, experi- ence, and developing batting power, there is a good chance that Coach Rabb,s predic- tion Will become a reality. 1967 Spring Results UNC $Q$OQNHOJHCDCDWNVH$HVOJCDHOJHN$$$H SCORECARD Rhode Island Ga. Southern Florida Wake Forest Wake Forest Florida State Florida State Florida State NC. State Delaware Brown Clemson South Carolina Duke Virginia Maryland South Carolina Ga. Southern Wake Forest East Carolina Duke NC. State Virginia Maryland Clemson Virginia Tech Vir inia Tech Wa e Forest Final Record: 19-8-1 Opp. 4 Athletics 263 Jeff Perry U4; and John McCorkle t55l move in as an Ohio State sfickman cuts back to retrieve the loose ball. Jeff Perry HM leads a fast break downfield agains' Ohio State, followed by cap- tain Pele Grauer. LACROSSE From last seasons devastating record t0-7-1l, it would seem that Lacrosse Coach Jim Bischoff would learn that scheduling top ten teams will not help onels won-lost record. Coach Bischoffis theo- ry, however, is that to build a strong team you must play a demanding schedule. And from the way the team has started off, it seems that the 1968 stick- men will defy all laws of probability. Beginning its fifth year as a varsity sport, the la- crosse team defeated Aldelphi t9-4l, which won its division title last year, and Ohio State t9-7L which is coached by Connie Steele, former UNC lacrosse coach. The only loss at this writing has been to Yale t7a3l, a strong Ivy League team. Based on the team's performance so far, Coach Bischoff has good reason to be llcautiously optimistic" about 1968. This optimistic outlook of both Bischoff and As- sistant Coach Jeff Parker is based mainly on the pleasing performance of this seasonls team mem- bers. The addition of experienced sophomores has added good depth to the team, and their presence will aid the junior and senior members. Credit for strong leadership must go to senior co-captains Bill Bicksler and Pete Grauer, both midfielders. Also, senior Larry Roadman has great- ly improved and will be a constant threat at mid- field. The junior members provide the core of the squad with attackman Iohn Callan, midfielders Geoff Perry and Temple Grassi, and defense men Iohn Gussenhoven and John MacCorkle. Sopho- more attackmen Harry Peterson and Pete Aiken, midfielder Ken Walden and goalies Pete Cramer and Bob Wood add important depth to the team. Hopefully the year 1968 will be looked upon as a turning point in the history of lacrosse at Carolina. 1968 VARSITY LACROSSE TEAM - FRONT ROW: Steve Fuller, Pete Brand, John Callan, Pete Grauer, Bi" Bicksler, Geoff Perry, Colin Butler, Rick Span- gler, Sieve Lockwood. SECOND ROW: Tom Ragsdale, Dean Farmer, Tom ScheH, Larry Roadman, Ray Seipp, Temple Grassi, John Gussenhoven, Bernie Patton, Pete Cramer, Pete Aitken, John Hamachek. THIRD ROW: John MacCorkle, Ken Walden, John McNaughton, Harper Peterson, Tom Kates, Chris Riersfed, Bob Wood, Andy Schorr, Arr Tucker, Percy Ransom, Ernie Freeman, Duke Kermun, John Foley. 264 Athletics John Callan 1271 profecfs the ball again sf an Adelphi defender. 1,31,... 1 9N: :02. .V Lacrosse Coach Jim Bischoff Uith and Assist- ant Coach Jeff Parker survey fhe adion from Ihe sidelines. SCORECARD 1967 Spring Results UNC Opp. - 7 Washington College 18 - 4 Farleigh Dickinson 11 7 10 Villanova 10 - 8 Washington and Lee 11 6,5 - 6 Virginia 11 1 - 3 Maryland 21 - 6 Towson 13 - 6 Duke 12 Final Record: 0-7-1 Capfain Bill Bicksler 1251 fights for possession of loose ball as Larry Roadman MU looks on. Athletics 265 INTRAMURALS INTRAMURAL Organized under the Department of Physical Residence Hall Fraternity Blue Education, and directed by Mr. Ronald Hyatt, the Tag Football - Ruffin Phi Delta Theta intramural sports program at Carolina is recog- Horseshoes - Craige B Beta Theta pi nized as the largest in the South. An excellent op- Track h Carr Phi Delta Theta portunity is offered for the participation in Virtual- Volleyball .. Ehringhaus A Chi Psi ly all types of competition and recreational activi- Wrestling .. Ehringhaus A Beta Theta pi ties, and also for the development of athletic skills Basketball n Ehringhaus A Delta Kappa Epsilon that may be USEd for physical fitness during and Handball - Ehringhaus A Delta Kappa Epsilon after college. The program encourages spirited Table Tennis n Graham Delta Kappa Epsilon competition among residence halls and fraterni- ties, but does not require any particular ability in order to participate. Assisting Mr. Hyatt in organizing the program are several undergraduates: Andy Arnold is the Supervisor of Residence Hall Managers; and Andy Denny is Supervisor of Officials; Steve Bland is his assistant. Their duties include organizing leagues for play and scheduling contests, directing the ef- forts of the paid residence hall managers, and coor- dinating the system of salaried officials. Each stu- dent assistant is in general responsible for facilitat- ing a sound, well organized program. All activities are centered around three divi- sions: Residence Halls, Fraternities, and Gradu- ates. Each organization that participates in in- tramurals has a representative or manager that di- rects its athletic program of competitive teams and represents the organization at meetings of the In- tramural Council. The Council meets monthly throughout the year for considering intramural business affecting the program, and establishes standing committees to direct this program. Bill Trott served as president of the Council, and it was through his efforts that an evaluation of Carolinals facilities in comparison to those of other leading universities was accomplished. In another project to evaluate the present program and consequently make it more adaptable to the student in a growing university, the Council aided in distributing ques- tionnaires to students in order to observe their opinion of the present program. Throughout the year the point system competi- tion receives the most interest. Points are awarded to organizations according to their standing in vari- ous competitive sports such as tag football, volley- ball, track, horseshoes, wrestling, handball, bas- ketball, badminton, table tennis, softball, and tens nis. In addition to these are many non-point sys- tem, special events which are directed through the Intramural office. Among these are a co- educational sports night and two university sports days: one involving the four schools in the Consol- idated University System and the other involving teams from Duke, Wake Forest, and NC State. The University can be very proud of the out- standing program at Carolina, and students can be assured that it ranks as one of the best in the country. 266 Athletics Fraternity White Sigma Nu Pi Lambda Phi Phi Gamma Delta Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Kappa Epsilon CHAMPIONSHIPS Graduate Law School Medical School Medical School Business School Business School Dental School Physical Education Business School ALl-CAMPUS TAG FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS - PHI DELTA THETA - FRONT ROW: Stewart Wilson, Buddy Webster, Frank Bryant, Murray Pool, Bunky Henderson. SECOND ROW: Bob Culp, Bi" Teague, Juno BrunHey. THIRD ROW: Tom Parrish, Harold Pollard, Charles Lynch, Bill Tron, Glenn Foy. RESIDENCE HALL POINT STANDINGS - March 25, 1968 1 Ehringhaus A .................... 783.0 2 Stacy ........................... 770.0 3 James A ......................... 652.3 4 Everett .......................... 637.4 5 Morrison D ...................... 596.9 6 Ruffin ........................... 566.8 7 Graham ......................... 565.8 8 Mangum ......................... 532.1 9 Morrison G ...................... 522.1 10 Aycock .......................... 517.1 Athletics 267 .VV .2 nunmu-pmrm I I . Q? cannula!!! FRATERNITY POINT STANDINGS 4 March 18, 1968 Blue Division Delta Kappa Epsilon ............ 802.1 Phi Delta Theta ................. 757.7 Chi Psi ........................ 657.6 Beta Theta Pi .................. 651.5 Delta Upsilon .................. 647.5 Phi Kappa Sigma ............... 642.2 Zeta Psi ....................... 579.2 Kappa Alpha ................... 576.3 Alpha Tau Omega .............. 562.4 Tau Epsilon Phi ................ 531.2 OCDCOVODU'lthDJNH H White Division Delta Kappa Epsilon ............ 626.5 Chi Psi ........................ 525.1 Phi Delta Theta ................. 493.6 Delta Upsilon .................. 486-5 Alpha Tau Omega .............. 450.5 Phi Kappa Sigma ............... 446.0 Beta Theta Pi .................. 439.6 Tau Epsilon Phi ................ 424.9 Pi Kappa Alpha ................ 421.0 Phi Gamma Delta ............... 411.0 DCDODVGJU'IKD-OJNH FRATERNITY BLUE BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS - DELTA KAPPA EPSILON - FRONT ROW: John Egberi, L. E. Sawyer, Tommy Rhodes. SECOND ROW: Kennelh Royale, Dickson Gribble, Bi" Adams. 268 Athletics RESIDENCE HALL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS - EHRINGHAUS "A" - Mike Simpson, Dick Baker, Doug Saunders, Logan Whiie, Mike Webb. Athletics 269 3 i5 GREEKS GREEKS GREEKS GREEKS 3 ' :3. Kappa Delia Hg, "1 $. A Kapp Kappa Gamma 272 Greeks Chi Omega SORORITIES For the Universitil of North Carolina coed living in a sorority house, ife is a mixture of sisterly love, female cattiness, mixers, candlelight dinners, be- nign house mothers, hon sign-out slips, and in- terpersonal traumas. 11 ot er words, comfort and an ish are at the sorority woman's behest. he excitin prospect of all women living in apartments Wi 1 still not mean the death of sorori- ties. For most Carolina women their sorority will continue to fulfill the need for some sort of tin loco parentisn security blanket. For now, sororities serve two basic functions. Their members take an active interest in virtually every council, committee and organization on this campus. Their cheerful smiles and do or die com- mitments t0 the sorority and the ?roups they serve are a wonder to behold. Sorority ife is also ration- alized and defended because it gets the girls out of the dorm and alleviates the admlnistrationis crying need for more female iiLebensraumf, In the future, sororities will necessarily have to ex and and grow to make more room for the rap- id y increasing number of girls who feel the sorori- tK provides for their needs and wants - for them, t e perfect blend of the frivolous, social, intellectu- al, and moral aspects of life. Greeks Z73 Delta Delta Delta Wig! , ii 3, Delta Delta Delia Chi Omega 274 Greeks . Cooper. Marcia. '69: Jasper, Ala. Huff. Sheri, '68: Clenhill. Lu. Kelncr. Emily, '69: Raleigh O Kutzke. Rulh. '68: Toledo. Ohio Mchuire. Ianicc. '69: Matthews t Peacock. Anne. '68: Charlotte . Rogers. Sharron. '69: Greensboro t ,,. m STRAY GREEKS Wagner. Lynn. '69: Lewisburg, W. Va. The transfer student whose sorority is not repre- sented on this campus soon discovers tor is discov- ered byt the Stray Greek Organization. Early in the fall, she is presented with a green ribbon, a symbol of her status in a new kind of sisterhood. During rush, the Stray Greeks serve as an impartial liason between the sorority and the rushee. Stray Greeks further participate in rush by advising rushees and assisting with the Panhellenic reception. . After rush, Stray Greeks meet weekly for Wednesday night suppers. Contact with sorority life is maintained by participation in Pan Hel Cul- tural programs, swap night, and service projects. The new Stray Greek soon discovers that although the organization does not replace her sorority, it does offer the opportunity of fostering new friend- ships and creating new bonds of sisterhood. ,, 'V' Supper meeling a! a Stray Greek's home In Chapel HI". FRONT ROW: Chris Underwood, Ann Peacock, Lynn Wagner, Panhellenic Representative; Diane Jordan, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Ruth Kufzke, President,- Sharon Rogers, Dee Vaughan, Secretary; Jam' MacGuire, Marcia Cooper, Sherrie Huff, Vice-Presidenf. t ' j, '; f. Greeks 275 Come m sisters, and you shall hear Of Beta psilonts twent -eighth year. On the second of Septem er we did arrive Thirty-two strong plus transfers five. We practiced, we rushed, we pledged thirty-three Of the greatest girls found at U.N.C. Then, Schultz u and left our waiter to wed, And the rest 0 us off to mixers sped. Homecoming came and Homecoming went, And to the Court Sheri was sent. To thedPhi Delt beer chug Gibbon led our ban . Then, Groat got a ring for her left hand. In November at the Derby of Sigma Chi Harriss dealt a low blow with a pie. While nineteen Pods a VW did load, By :1 Chi dressed as Venus O'Neal was snowed? Six o'clock on the mom that Duke weekend began Found the Poo's at the Lodge, screwdrivers in hand. On the ftoat worked the Betats along with t e P1 5 Their valiant efforts directed by Wise. Before Thanksgiving. Valkyries came roun And tapped two more sisters, Barber and Brown. Vacation brought Spiller and Gaddy both a me The latter was expected - the former a shock. While most studied for mid-terms or typed awa Shell, 'hhompson and Janis played bridge ALPHA DELTA PI night and day. And whenever a fourth they would demand, Raymond, Wall, or Kathleen there for a hand. From Florida to Mass. homeward we fled And in Greenville, SC. Graham was wed. Back from the Holidays. their diamonds to s ow Came Meritt. McLamb. Warner and Poe. Spgin semester we welcomed Crowell ac While interest a ain revived in the Shack Mebane and Nort moved to an apartment nean As everyone waited for Maxine to appear. February came and Pledge Weekend arrived Despite Potter's efforts the Ranch House survive . Those two nights were fantastically great Though everyone wonders where Root got her date. After the passing of this yearly formal Things settled down again to normal. 3;. kegt telling her shady jokes hile ulu chugged five daily cokes. A loverbug had Griffith's heart in a spin. He . Ullmann, sweetie. where's igurIgin'D hite tried to dump a hopeful r. ight With "Itll not date you Thursday or any other night." As summer approached we bade each good-bFre Ne re to orget Alpha Delta Pi. So now, younger Sisters, our tale is through Our twenty-mnth year we leave up to you. . Bubcock. Ann V., '69: Charlotte Baldwint Betty IH '70: Sengrove Barber, Gail F.. '70: Winslon-Salem Barber, Susan L.. iGB: Winston-Sulem Barnes. Kathryn '11. '69: Elm City Barron. M. Susan. Tia: Chapel Hill Brookshim. Beverly H.. '69: Charlotte Brown. Candice H.. '70: High Point Buchanan. Helen M., 139: Raleigh Capplemunr Mary M., '69: Winter Garden, Fla. Cherry. Kathryn Fr. '70: Newlnnd Cronm. Atdilh E4, '69 Raleigh Crowell. Melly H,. ' , Albemarle Currie Margaret L. '69: Carlhage Daughtridge. Mildred M" '69: Washington Dorsey. Sarah I... '69: Raleigh Edenfield. Virginia A,. '70: Aiken. S.C. Farmer. Nancy 1.. '70: Norwood Findeiscn. Janis M., '68: Coral Gables. Fla. Gibbon. Karen E.. '69: Eronxvillc. N.Y. Gmcn. Barbara L. '70: Greensboro Griffith. Sharon Si. '69: Atlanta, Ga. Croat, Elizahelh 1,. '68: Greensboro Hand, S. Kathleen. '69: Laurinburg Harriss, Diana 13,. '68: Wilson Hurst, Christine. '69: Robersonville Hutton. Carrie 1... '70: Greensburo Kce, Linda C. '69: Charlotte 276 Greeks Lafferiy. Kathleen 8.. '70: Concord Lunsford, lean R.. '70: Severna Park. Md. McLumb, Kathryn 8., '68: Benson Mebane, Pauline E.. '68: Wilmington Moffcll. Alice L., '69: Tampa. Fla. Nieuwenhuis. Ellie W.. '69: Mount Airy Noggie. Jean. '69: Raleigh North, Florence E., '68: Greensboro O'Neal. Judy. '68: Durham Phillips. Emmie 1.: '69: Hardeeville. S.C. Poe, Gail 5.. '69: Chapel Hill Potter. Frances D.. '55: Beaufort Ratchfnrd, Bonnie K.. '70: Gasmnia Raymond. Janice, '69: White Plains, NY. Rum. Virginia N.. '68: Tampa. Fla. Spiller. Susan M.. '68: Chapel Hill Slunlnn. Diana L. '69: New Bern Thnmlcy. Julia 13,. '70: Orlandu. Fla. Thompson. Elizabclh CL, '68: Akron. Ohio Trojan. Thomas M.. '70: Chapel Hill Trullcr. Bully A. '7 : Wake Forest Ullmann. Paula 68: Alexandria. Va, Wall, Anita G,. '68 Albemarlc Walkins. Slucy D.. '69: Emporia. Va. White, Betty 1.. '66: Burlington White Rum D.. '69: Enfield. NC. Wise, Elisabeth, '68: Rock Hill, S.C: Withers. lane. '69: Davidson Warner, Nancy. '69: Chapel Hill Greeks 277 . Anderson, Virginia G6. '59: Raleigh Arbuckle. Corinne 1-1.. '69: Charlolle Ayers. Mary C., '70: Gainesville. Fla. Ball, Rebekah 14., '70: Chapel Hill Harrell. Barbara E, '69: Short Hiils. NJ. Bell. Judith L. '68: AHanla. Ga. Bond. Tacie 1.. '69: Louisville, Ky. Boswell, R. Lindsey H., '70: Cincinnali. Ohio . Bowers. Roslyn A6. '69: Iackson Briner, Frances K. '68: Madison. Tenn. Burwell, Margarcl E.. '68: Henderson Calhoun, Elizabeth C, 68: Augusta. Ga. Cherry. Pamela K.. '69: Chapel Hill Cooke. Carroll E.. '69: Ashcville Daughlridgc. Susan 8.. '68: Scotland Neck DenL Julie A,, '63: Charlullcsville. V116 O Divine, Mary 1., '70: Winslon-Salcm Dye, Anne E. '6 Chapel Hill Frosl. Iackic D., '69: Charlotte Goodman. Dorothy GA, '59: Salisbury Hamillon. Sarah L., 68: Paris, Ky. Harmon. Helen S.. '68: Winslon-Salem Harris. Louise C '68: Key Biscayne. Fla. Hicks. lane! 1.. '69: Rucky Mount Hight, Ruth C. '68: Henderson Hill, Rosemary, '69: Charlotte Jordan. Sally R., '69: Durham Keen. Eleanm' I... '68: Haverford. Pa. Keleher. Megan M6, '68: Ashcville Kerr, Elizabelh H6. '69: Clinton Ketterbaugh. Theodora SH '68: New Canaan. Conn. King. Ann R, '70: Baltimore. Md. 278 Greeks CHI OMEGA 1c? 1' t ' 6 6123. H Segretary Katesy PelngTP$mmTreasurer Megafix'lzel t KR Chi 0'3 '68 in Kenan Stadium. Where will we be next year? Edie ran the House by remote control from PARK AVENUE and E.C.U. sent us a teeny- bopper to "keep the ball rolling." Persephone smiled and sent us thirty-five neophytes to join in hayrides, five A.M. breakfasts and the psychedelic world of The Lodge. "Out, Out, brief Candle . . .l" uFor Whom the Bell Tolls" racked the curious minds at the Chi 0 bag on many a candlelit night. The left wing was housed on the back porch to conduct its periodic seminars concerning the glories of womanhood while the screens on the fore section of the house evinced an amazing ability to disappear. "Georgia Bell" stayed in to play social secretary to the "Dateless Wonder" while "Pear- shape" eked out her existence in the phone booth. Anne finally learned how to say frog and still didn't die. The menagerie grew after we were the proud recipi- ents of two saintly felines. Pearl Mesta, the Hooter Queen, fell short on her soirees but still shined at pre-dawn fes- tivities while Pete honored the t'Tempo Team," citing the Hper- petuation of qualities we thought were lost? Prouty raid- ed the kitchen once too often and almost didntt squeeze into the sleeping bag while Francoise had calluses from running up her Shack tab. Road trips agrounded as Dulin searched for her satchels at three AM. to fly. to Haight-Ashbury while Laurie greeted Saint Nick in London and Megan sunned in the West Indies. Nor and Simple moved on to set up an off-campus outpost while the rest just dreamed of following. . Landrum. Belly I '69: Nashville. Tenn, Mackic. Susan 1.. 9: Houston. Tex. Marlin. Mary 0.. '69: Tarboro McCauley. Pnlricia A., '69: Springfield, Va. McGrcgnr. Catherine A,. '69: Charlotte Muilanburg. ID A. '69: Arlington. Va Murphy, Susan M, '69: Iesup. Ga. Norflmrl. Dornlhy E,. '68: Tarboro . Purham. Kennnn C. '68: Raleigh Parker. Cynthia A, '69: Washinglon. DTC. Pulgrifl. Kathryn C.. '68: West Hartford. Conn. Price. Patricia M., '69: High Point Prnuly. Jane C.. '69: Holden, Mass. Reid. Sandra IL. '68: Eliznbclh City Rnunlrue. Erdune C., '70: Raleigh Russell. Sarah B. '69: Memphis. Tenn. Simons. Suzanne, 6 Cranford. NJ. Simpson, Emily C.. '69: Asheville Speed, Margaret C., '69: Louisville. Ky. Slcvcns. Margaret. '69: Shiloh Swann. Linda E. '69: Springfield. Tenn. Taylor. Joanne. '70: Ashcvillc . Tragcscr. Mary 1... '66: Chapel Hill Ward. Judith L.. '65: Chapel Hill Whitesidcs. Iill. '69 ' Williams. Laurie Ct. '68: Arlinglnn. VII. Wright. Edith K.. '68: Knoxville. Tenn. Greeks 279 . Agar, Loyer L., '69: B Atkinson, Charlotte Borden, Sully N,, '68' Guldsbcm Bullard. Cymhia E, 68: Greensboro Bush, Florence N 69: New Orleans. La. Carr. lhrie R, '68 Durham Conrad. Barbara H.. '69: Winlen-Salem Cook. Sally D,, '69: Kenmore, N.Y. Catlingham. Caroline 13,, '68: Durham Cuwan, Jane 5., '70: Iacksunvillra Fla. Crumpler, Rebecca A 70: Clinton Daniels. Marguerite '69: Richmond. Va, Dayvault. Frances A 68: Lenoir Dean, Judith A.. '68: Winslon-Salem Derrick. Sharon E.. '68: Iacksonville Evins, Mary 1.. '68: Oxford Fearnside. Sarah A '681Anniston. Ala, Fleming. Jane C. hapel Hill Funvielle, Laura C,, '68: Wilmington Furesler, Betty A.. '68: Winslon-Salcm French, Sallie I1. '68: Greensboro Froeber, Iudilh A 70' Winston-Salcm Gibson. Barbara L 69 Raleigh Giddens. Kay. '6 Mobile. Ala. Gribble, Belsy 70: Raleigh Hall, Lloyd A.. '68' Raleigh Hough. Sara C 'G Charlollo Howard. Julia B ea: Savannah. Ga. 280 Greeks wax 3'1 mi .01 DELTA 1?;ng DELTA Alpha Si 11?? Chapter :5 J mg? ' ' President , 0' 5-5: '3 8 Trainer 6 N . 49": -Presxdent vggllg-taf'n Secretary Holly Wooten ' Treasurer There is a conglomeration - Of sisters tho' not by relation - And therein such variety lies, That one could easily surmlse, H'ow forty-one Tri Delta's united, After rush remain excited! Back in the shelter, such action abounds, That the sisters are "breathing," what healthy sounds! While the IBT's are growing, in members only, The Beanbirds keep chirping, and the war wives seem lonely. We Delta's three even fashioned a zoo - There's a Camel, a Lizard, and those darn puppies, too! And our Whitehead Annex even shelters a "Tree" Noxzema girls, and a Phi Delt sweetie. Yet the aim of all Delta's is a true education, The "Lenoir High Shake It" is only a foundation. And "Dream Girl of the Week" provides laughter all the while As she teaches Tri-Delta's the beauty of a smile! In Tri Delta, however, there resides Cheerleaders, queens, and even two brides. Who put forth effort from September til May, Winning many honors in that Tri Delta way. And there's something there binding each DDD girl Which is hard to explain in the day to day whirl. But it's there, and they have it, all the year round, For they by three bonds and three symbols are bound. It's this friendship set forth in unique combination That'reveals Delta sisters in sublime conglomeration. . Hubbard. Lynnelle CL. '69: Rucky Muunl Juhnslunc. Isabel It. '69: Athens. Ga Martin. Evelyn R,. '63: Savannah. Ga. Mnssie, Calhey L, '69: Waynesvillc Massey, Margaret M.. '69: Richmond. Va. Miller. 0. Brett. '68: Raleigh Miller. Susan H., '69: Raleigh Moore. Camilla D.. '68: Washington . Pulnnlzns, Billie W., '615: Guldshum Pnrroll, Pulrima K.. '68: Gnldshurn Patrick, lane C.. '69: Momhuad City Perkins, Pamela 1., '89: Ashevillt: Quilliun, Eugenia. 'Iilx: Brndentun. Flu. Ramsey. Claudia: K.. '68: Ahhevillc Robb. Elizabeth W.. '68: Durham Rugers. Iudilh D.. 'GQ: Lnurinhurg . Ruunlrmv. Mary H" '68: Greensboro Ryuls. Virginia R.. '68: Rocky Maunl St nck. Sandra M., '68: Shelby Sinbcx', Linda 5., '69: Chilrlullc 'I'uylor. Rumun'u H.. '69; WinsIun-Salem Thompsom Frcdel E.. '70: Lenoir Van Dorslen. Susan C.. '63: Winlen-Sulcm . Waller. Pulriciu Tn '139: Charlollu Wallace. Susan M" '69: Jacksonville. Fla. Wilkinson, Anita W.. ' ' New London. luwu Williams, Jennie L. '69. Baltimore. Md. Woolen. Rachel 11,. '68: Kinston Yeager. Cynlhia A.. '69: Winslon-Salem Yulton. Margaret L,. '68: Winslun-Salum Greeks 281 . 282 Greeks What is a Theta sister? She is a person with whom I dare to be myself. She seems to ask of me nothing, only to be what I am. She does not want me to be bet- ter or worse - I do not have to be on my guard. I can say what I think as long as it is genuinely me. She understands those condi- tions in my nature which lead others to misjudge me. With her KAPPA AEEIT-IA THETA i3, ' Ann AuBug tn Chris Sc, u N Dabby B'i's , i Gail Braun JR Harriet Funk A A35 Betsy Earnhardt Treasurer I can breathe freely. I can air my little mannerisms and absurdi- ties, and in opening them up to her they are lost - dissolved by the depth of her Theta love and loyalty. She understands. I can weep with her, laugh with her, pray with her. Through it all, she sees, knows and loves me. A Theta sister is one With whom I dare to be myself. 0 Alford. Eleanor 8,. '70: Nashville. Tenn. Anthony. Anne M..' Ashcvillc AuBuchon. Hazel A. 0: Hickory Ecckmant Helen P.. '60: Melvin Village. NIH. Bishopt Dorilha AI. '69: Princeton, N.I. . Blair, lean M., '69: Winslan-Salcm Eouhcr, Catherine D.. '69: Columbus. Ohio Boim. Beverly C.. '68: Chevy Chase. Md. Bnlin, Palricia M. 'u: Timonium. Md. Brady. Mary 8., '6 Charleslun. S.C. O Braunt Gail P.. '50: Chapel Hill Broughlon. Dana L.. '70: Durham Castle, Robin M.. '70: Seattle Wash Cuswall. Kathryn A.. '69: Cleveland. Ohio Cochrane. Diana, '68: Princeton, 1nd. 0 Crawford. Mary E", '69: Asheville Davist Pamela NH '09: Chapel Hill Drake, Carol 3.. '69: Greensboro Earnhardt. Elizabeth T.. '68: Westbrook. Me. Edmunds. Mary F.. '69: Greensboro . Funk, Harrie! C.. '68: Wilmington. DeL Gilhens, Janet E '70: Durham Hawkins, Pamela L, '69: Charlotte Hicks. Phyllis G., '70: Pikavillc Howell, Freda EL. '69: Gibson Humphrey. Lluydctlc, '69: Bccklcy, W. Va. . Jennings, Mary L.. '69: Durham Lalhum, Sarah M.. '70: Wushinglnn Mnrland, Mary A.. '68: Cinuinnnti. Ohio Mason, Frances W,. '68: Raleigh MnDonuugh. Trudy A., '69: McLean, Va. Manna, ludilh A,, '59: MLLuun, Va. 0 Morl. Kara EL. '68: Jacksonville. Fla, ansume. lulizl A.. '68: Charlum: OgburnE Marjorie K" '69: Chapel Hill Purdue. losephinu H, '60: Burlington Rnlson, Mary W.. '69: Nashville. Tenn. Robinson. Ellen CE. '69: Huntsville. AliL . Sink, Kathryn II. '691WinsI0n-Snlum Slricker. Lynnu ME. '68: Brevartl Whilmire, RE Terri. '58: Gnstunin Wilkins, Barbara A, '60: Gyeenshum Wyrick. Mary M.. '68: Grecnsbom Greeks 283 EuuwF" "-3.2. WW9 V Vt... 293 Hulda IL Muss. Lenoir Lu mbcrlun ligh Painl Clmrlulle 4 Arlingkm. Va. Charlnne Durham Kinslun 'ftr SI. PuIm-sburg, Fla Vn Film Mountain 'BU: Wushingmn, IlC Kent, Dcnlu M King. Mary 1.. Ruluigh . nshuro Sharnn lit Purlsmoulh, VaL xgsmn. luliu 1 69: Lumhurlon 284 Greeks 7t KAPPA DELTA NA .V. .131. - apes jg? President .. y , Marilyn Sg. . W ie-President Mary I. Kihegfi'fe' Amwy Secretary Jan Egger W Treasurer Beta Chi Chapter abounds in group spirit and individuality in our house, in campus affairs, in service projects, and in social af- fairs. In short, anywhere there is action, there is a KD! An interna- tional dinner, educational Visits from our professors, a Christmas reading by Dr. Edge, and a wonderful housemother, Mrs. Lynch, have highlighted our year as Kappa Deltas. On the lighter side, Marthais rah-rah boots, Me- lissais N.E.S.T.L.E.S., the Black Rose, S.O.C.I.A.L., and Jamies mystical palm reading have added bright laughter to our house. We are proud of our beau- ty queens: Kathy Gunster, Miss Modern Venus; Charlotte Iessup, a member of the Homecoming Court, and Carolyn Nutt, a Morri- ,,., . son sweetheart. ' Kappa Deltas have served their campus well as Honor Council members, Y and WAA officers, KA student government leaders, and members of wide-ranging com- mittees and organizations. This year some of our KDis were hon- ored for their general well- roundedness and their contribu- tions to the Carolina Way of Life by being tapped into Valkyries. In addition to campus activi- ties, the KDis this year contrib- uted to the Crippled Children,s Hospital in Richmond, our na- tional philanthropy, by selling magazines. Our most rewarding social service projects have been monthly meetings and field days with twelve underprivileged v children. This spring we honored a well- rounded and outstanding group of new initiates at our formal pledge weekend. We are very proud of these girls who will carry on our Kappa Delta tradi- tion of Ta Kala Diokemen, which, above all, means friendship. . Lovell. Murlhzl PL. iKiEl: lacksonvillu Pilot Mountain Lynch. Myru G Massey. Low. '68: Clayton McCunlcss. Mary R.. '58: Salisbury McGurily. Lillian Au ifiQ: Chariollu Nusshuum. Carol A. .69: Crmsnshuru Null. Curulyn 8.. '69: Durham 0 Perry. Melissa: C. '66: Raleigh Penn's. Carnl A. i Ricgclwnud Rouse. Currie W J: Raleigh Ruwu. Mary C. Henderson Russell. Susan 0.. 6 Clinlnn Schmidt. Marilyn K.. lift: Virginiz. Bunch. Vu. ShepunL Jenn P.. '68: Ashuhuru Sibley. Pamela: 13.. mrlullu Spurl tk. .. bu: Winslnn-Sulem :. awn 1.. 'GH: Arlinglon. Vu. Thompson, Sundru 1.. '68: Clmrlullu Truslmv, Ginny Ii. "UH: Lumhurtun . Tyler. Tummy A.. '69: Furl Lumlurilulu. Flu. Ulhurg. Karen 1.. 'f Walker. Carolyn Weidnmn. Evelyn Yurbmugh. 1mm Young. Nanny 6.. xleigh I: Burlinglun Allnnla. Ga. Lexington 08: Durham Greeks 285 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA gaxChapter Aremdent J1 $$m- -President Kathleen Wn'gh 3R2 ice- President Mary HulleyWG-TM Corr. Sec. Iune Bridgford U: Rec. Sec. Sunny Beam Treasurer ml. House that beats the others cold Out of the dull and commonplace Kappas pour it on: events of everyday life Kappas come alive! Snap, crackle, and pop Kappas won't wear off as the day 5 AM Breakfast of Champions. wears on, and we dont even try harder. Only Kappas make it happen That's Kappa Highh'fe. Every man should have 11 Kappa he can call his own Do Kappas have more fun? a completely unique experience! the most from coast to coast! People just expect more of you when you re 11 Kappa, Strmght 01' curly ha1r, naturally! . Avery. MargarelDN 7'0 Statesville Barnes.Sus11nL..6:'9 Smithficld 61.11111 Hairiell A.. '69: Charlolle Brawlcy. Mary W., '68: Slalcsvilln Bridgford. lune E. '66: Charlulie Britt. Theresa A.. '68: Lumberlon Brown. Carol 5.. '69: Toledo. Ohio .' Carpcnlen Shelley A.. '69: Wollcslcy iiilis. Mass. Culle11.chdy M 6:11 Waban Mass. Duly Sun E11':69 Ch111'lcslon.W.Va Fells. Julie M.. '691 Charlolln Geldcr Elem1111'D..'6:U Ashevillc Gl11ss.M11ry P '7:0 511th Boston V1.11 Godfrey El1111no1-A.. '69: Chapel Hill 0 Emilie! Judy G. '66: Charlullc H1ri11'yAn11cM'Tmremnlinos Spain H11r1111y 11.11111 W 6 Wass11111111r Hoil1111d Hc11ly. lean M.. '69: 11ieigh ii11hs11n.M11rlh11E.. 69: All11nl11.G11. Huffman Marsha L.. 6.9 Charlotte luhnsun. S11r11h V.. '66: Schennclady. N.Y. O Iunus. 1111111 A '69. Ashevilic Marya. Elizubulh'i' : Signal Mounluin Tenn. McC11nncll.Iu1lilh K1. 69. Wcsliield. N.I McDonald S11511nne':68 Fayettevillc Mclvcr.111dilil R.. ':66 Hickory McLaurine. N11ncy I '70: New Orleans. La Mickcl Minor H.. 691 Greenville. S.C. 286 Greeks O Milam. Sherilyn L.. '68: Statesville de la Morandicrc. Anne 1.. '68: Charleston, SC. Myers. Martha E.. '68: Charlollc Nicholson. Molly Eq '69: Chapel Hill Patrick, Jane D.. '69: Charlotte Patterson. Susan G. 69: Chapel Hill Proctor. Penny D.. '69: Winter Park. Fla: . Rcsseggcr. Joyce L.. '69: yumcslown Roberlson, lane 1... '60: Wilmington. Dela: Schneider, Elizabeth R., '70: Summil. NJ: Scull, Nancy Wq '69: Greensboro Scripture. Susan 1.. '68: Upper St. Clair. Pa. Sherman. Joelyn A.. '69: Norfolk. Va. Sluan. Virginia 0.. '66: Chapel Hill 0 Smith. Carol A.. '68: Charlntle Stokes. Slcphanie A., '70: Atlanta, Ga. Suk, Julie F.. '59: Charlene Tice. Knlhryn M.. '68: Columbus, Ohio chb. Virginia A.. '69: Bethesda. Md. Williams. Karen L.. '69: Silver Spring. Md: Wilson, Eleanor K.. '69: McLean. Va. 0' Woods. Elinor E. '88: chlwurlh Woods. Suzanne. '69: Charlotte Woulton. Linda I... '58: Burlington Wright, Kathleen L. '66: Washingmn. U.C. Young, Barbara L., '69: Bethesda. Md: Young. Zan. '68: Charlotte Greeks 287 :3. ,. 'me - I l! 1:: 12! X! '2 H W 4th .Andmws, Sara S.. '69: Raleigh Arthur. Cynvia G '69: Salisbury Auslin, Tyne H., '6 Concnrd Blayney. Carolyn A '69: Charlnlle Brewer. Evelyn P 6 ' Oxfo'rd Burke, Claire A. Suulhcm Pines .Campbell. Alexandra E '68: Winston-Salem CIemcnl. Caroline W 68 Salisbury Culbmlh, Susan G. 68 Chapel Hill Davison. Juan, '6 Asheville Durham. Mary W '70: Morehead Cily Ennis. Helen L.. . Fauccllc. Belly E.. '69: Durham . ' Gibbs, Bellyl ' . High Point r's . . Hart. Carol 1., 68: Charlotte Hollander, Palricia A,. '69: Richmond, Va, Hood. Nancy 14,. '69: Econvillc Hooper. Elizabeth A.. '69: Murganlon . Hornuday. ludilh A, '68: Fayetteville Ioncs. Natalie. '68: Grecnvillc Kennedy. Beverly A. ' : Richmund. Va Kirkland, Evelyn S '6 London. Tenn. Lane. Mary E. hapcl Hill Luwder. Shelia , 9: Albemarle 288 Greeks i1. Ctiiresident Vic President After a summer of fun and frolic, both in Europe and in the United States, Phi Mu sisters re- turned to Chapel Hill for rush workshop and hard times. Dur- ing the first few weeks of school, a dozen mature Picassos were at work between Showboat t re- hearsals tdo-da, do-dat. A mem- orable co mment during this time was "But I had such an inter- esting conversation with her!" During homecoming the turtle, put down by Maryland, was hung up again by the Sig Eps. Bertha was returned after the pledges fried like eggs. Susan, Beth and Betty were always up for a fourth while Helen looked for a match. Kelly bagged at 11:30, upsetting Wiggles, who had an 8 AM. rack class. Carolina remained queen of the chapter room even during those midnight talks at the stairs. Iudy was initiated into Blackus Bugus while Carol Ann constan- tly painted the house white. The sisters and pledges "cooked" Dook even though there was a Nfailure to communicate." When fuses blew, tops did too. As St. Louis woman pecked the keys, Martha hawked the tube. Christ- mas brought a partridge and a pear tree. Bev collected dates like Fan collected late minutes. Although there were diets ga- lore, kitchen breaks were taken anyway. Hornaday returned as Odom left and Mary Ellen won the coveted Good Housekeeping trophy. Second semester brought at its end the long-sought for goals of graduation, marriage, and the opportunity to face the fearful unknown world outside college - and the memories of good times Shared by Phi Mu sisters. 0 McDaniel. Lynda D.. '69: Asheville McHaney. Carol A:. '70: Durham McPhail. Martha E.. '68: Gaslonia Miller. Rebecca L, '68: China Grove Muczek. Maureen A.. '70: Charlotte Moore. Belly C.. '68: Raleigh . Muzingo. Margaret A" '68: Farmville Odom. Sandra L. '68: Mount Olive Palmer. Dorothy 1.. '69: Henderson Polk, Claudia L.. '70: Gastonia Riggles. Lynn D., '68: Arlington. Va. Saundens. Nancy 1.. '68: Chapel Hill Sunn. Peggy E. '69: Charlotte sheaf, Janie M.. '69: Lexington Taylor. Mary M., '69: Charlotte Thulslon. Susan R.. '69: Salisbury Tuggle. Rebecca, '69: Charlotte . Watkins, Frances 15.. '68: Anderson Walters. Mary C., '69: Coral Gables, Fla. Wilkins. Mary S., '68: Lumbenan Williams. Cheryl L, '68: Charlotte Williams. Iudy C., ' . Eagle Springs Winborne. Frances 1., '69: Sanford C Schultz, Margaret R.. '69: Columbia. S.C. Gre ek's ' 289 THE A, B, C's OF PI PHI The senior Pi Phis will dcparl in June, All lhc ulhcr sislers feel ils much too soon, Bul the grnxluulcsdo-be are on! to please. And are diligently working on their A. 13. CS. A is far apparel. and Rabbit: lakes much limo. To select the mos! appropriate tor a weekend divine, B is for hoaulici' and Wchbic ne'er gels weary, uHoliday Magic" is her irnde. supported by Iheory. C refers in Andy. and her fulurc vocation. Which will he in Chapel Hill 10 Ccmcni a relation. D is for discussion, the uPlayboy Roam" has many. Bul Sally and her marriage views. will n01 alter any. E is for Egypt. whcru Ellen plans in go. Would you bulicvn lu dig. and no! In find a beau, F is for Filzy. a name Susan hears. Her L.D.'s at midnight. am not Considered rare. G is for Cruunsbom. a swinging plum: In go. Thcrnls Inls lo du suys Elsie. in sunshinu. min or snow. ll is for hair curluri it comes in very handy lane T. likes ii lmsl. un nighis wilh Scolch and Brandy, l is indcusion, "Luiu" never knows whal lu wuur. Or where lo look for cars. when they vanish in thin air. J is for Iim. lack nr john. annr knows Ihem all, Although they missed the Cnnlcnnizil Convcnlinn, Chicago was in balli K stands fur Kielh. who dates a ccrlain mi .9, Childhood romance, leaves Limiu feeling bliss, L for "LAUNDRYL" Bonnie sings ihis songi She just collects lhu Clothes. and puts a TAG-A-LONG. M is I'm nmhlulriiinni which Camille docs nul fight. PI BETA PHI ' a 3 Lamar Spark? Cheryl Amol k Jane Brady :M 17 Secretary Camille Graham Treasurer She loves to bu plagued with this. day as well as night, N and Nat am one. on lhis Junn is no! sour. She's u'ilh him from lhu morning brcakinsl. on lhrough chasing hour. 0 is for orchesira pit, which Nancy eyes with scorn. Carl claims it's a dangersighl. and ushers he would warn. P is for gelling pinned. with Suzie it jusl rams, Bul nu! enough to slop her. from making other dates Q is saved for Cheryl. she surely is a Quack, Who else would come in light; Christmas tree on their back. n is l'm' "Roan." an organizalional dip, She never does math homework. bucausu ii is 50 Grip. S rufcrs lo soap. which has many .1 usu. Especially for Gini Sue. and lmr English abuse. '1' means lrivia. a game many play well. Sari: Margret knows a champ, wonder if she'll lell. U is fur union, of C. Pi Inn is fond. Shels pushing for a vote. to establish "ERASABLE BOND." V, Iill's Volkswagen. :1 car su very light. Pi Phis found it on ihn porch. in the middle of lhe night W is a workshop. Adana needs one soon. Boxes are piled so high. she sleeps in lhe TV room. X means Xcitemenl. Francis has her share. Kalamazoo or Tim-BuckiTu, she travels everywhere. Y is for yell. this Laura needs to do. When girls stay with their dams. later than curfewi Z is a ZOO. the home of all Pi Phis. Who delight in A. B, C's, that makes them all so wise! . Alexander. S R. '68: Tuscaluusa. Ala, Arnold. Cheryl Li. '69: Piusfurd, N.Y. Barnes. Elsie ll.. '68: Wilson BcL-rmnn. Andrnn T., '68: Greenshom Binkliry, Patricia A., '69: WinslunvSalem Bowlcs. Holly. '69: Grecnslmro Brady. lane H.. '68: Salisbury 0 Brooks. Mary 1.. .70: Richmond. Va. Brynnl. Emily K, '63 Winslun-Salem Cullnwziy. Sara M b . Concord Cenupi lean C ranklin, Va Churr Diana 70: Raleigh Ciao m. B. 1.. '6J l. Pclurshurgi Flai Cmny. Linda M4, 70: Raleigh . Cnmur. Nancy L.. '58: Cuslnnia Crulizhfinlll. jmln Ii. Alluvislu. Val Davis, Kalherinc , ibu 'lnuslon. Tux, Dur n. Karim Li, '1 uulhcrn Pines F: , Annallo H 9: Culuruin l'urnr . l- b Grecnvillc. S.Ci Guy. Susan C '6 Charlotte . Grimnu. Mury Wi . : Beaufort. SC Crcgury. Mary L. Weldon . New Orleans. La. 5 Slums. Cunni . : Raleigh Hipp. Cnlhurinu. 70: Little Ruck, Ark. Hullun. Ki L0 '69: anlwillu 'l'irnni 290 Greeks . Kane, Cynthia L.. '70: Manhasset, NY. K0150, Cassandra V.l 139: Iflcw Bern Kirkland, Gini 5.. '65: Durham Kirkland, Iudy A.. '59: Durham Kirksey. Marie K.. Ba: Morgnnlun Leach. Robbie A. 158: Wilson Lush. Cheryl D.. ' Brunxville, N.Y Lumsdcn. Kulhcrin 79: Raleigh . Marlin, Anne MN '6 .lslnjille, TCHIL Mcndclson. S. 19., allahasscu, Flu, Miller. Olivia '11,.6 Birmingham. Ala. Moses. Marjorie D .'69:AlexnI1dria.Va. Mueller, Helen L "6.1: Davenporl. 1m Mullis. Deane Chapul Hill Owens. Laura J1, Allanm. Cu, Parker. Plun'm IL. '69: Greensboro 0 Pierce, Mary 1,. '69: Weldon Rohurls. qun A., 7 1leigh Rubcrls. Marlha ML. 70: Chapel Hill Russ. Ellen E, '68: Burlington Small. Dchnrah D., 69: Charlnllu Sillcrsun. Mary H" 10: Chapel Hill Smilh. Sully C,. '69 Miami, FlzL Sparkmnn. anur L. '68: Tampa Fla O Slrnhuckun Emily A.. '69: Churlolln Thurlow. lane 5.. 138: Raleigh Tyson, Margaret L., 139: Clinton Wardlaw. Churlullc DH'701Chapcllrlill Whuclcr. Linda L,, '65: Chupul Hill Winder, Sarah : WinsIun-Salcm Yellon. Adonia . 61!: Shelby Young. Bonnie W.. EU: Atlanta. Ga. Greeks 291 5:52. 3....1...E"Es.fs.s The whole subject of fraternities in the past has generally pro- duced apathy, anger. or complacency for anyone coming in con- tact with them. And yet, they have survived for so long that their existenee can seemingly be justified by their very fact of uhang- ing on. The fraternity at the University of North Carolina today finds itself in a strange period of transition. Fraternities are but mildly threatened by the administration's espousal of a pseudo- residence college system. Everything points to the fact that fraternities are here to stay. But from within, the question of ac- curately defining their goals and needs is a pressing one. Obviously the sole emphasis on social aspects will not fulfill a studentis search for relevancy within the fraternity. Nor will a "brotherhood" based on forced participation in pledge hazing or common geographic location. Instead the fraternity at UNC must strive to realize its potential in affairs of leadership tend not just in SGL in building of student-professor relations, and in the betterment of Chapel Hill itself. But these are all worn phrases unless fraternities actively produce programs which will implement these ideals. The December 1967 issue of Moderator magazine sets forth programs which have proven efficient and worthwhile on many campuses. Guest lecturing by professors at weekly meetings. as well as inviting teachers-and administrators to meals at fraterni- ties has strengthened faculty-fraternity relations. Rushing and pledgeship procedures which emphasize academic and intro- spective exercises have been instrumental in alluring men of orig- inal and varying interests who would usually never consider fraternities. In all, there is a bevy of programs which is only limit- ed insofar as a fraternity's membership is unoriginal, unproduc- tive. and too stagnant to change set ways. From these few ideas, the road to take from transition to viability and strength should be clear. It is hoped that the fraternities will be interested enough in their own future to do so. And now. more splendiferous candids and catchy foldouts from the grab-bag of the Greeks. Just turn the page, happy people. 'M - x Chi Psi Chi Psi Chi Phi Greeks 293 x t -7 ,w y g l w P! Kappa Phi : i3; 9. n '0 .u.. D- E a .n In. A a m .m. 5 Alpha Phi Om ega Phi Delfa Thelu 294 Greeks 1.4.? I a... 1km Imam. . 5.x... 4 V 51 Greeks 295 3 x ,1 .h. M P ,H 1W Y n b be m m n A x P In. s a m .m. S a w. a K mu .. e m .,. a u. H p m W, .I w m Ky Kappa Psi Alpha Phi Omega 5!. Anthony Ha" n In .H P E a 1" IP A a m .m 5 296 Greeks Delta Upsilon 6 Kappa Sigma Greeks 297 ' ,1. 1; Alpha Kappa Psi Sigma Phi Epsilon Zeta Bela Tau 298 Greeks Delta Kappa Epsilon XX ,2 V'mpu Alpha Greeks 299 n Zeia Befa Tau Phi Gamma Delta 300 Greeks Alpha Kappa Psi V r Phi Gamma Deha Greeks 301 ALPHA TAU OMEGA iii Alpha Deltas Chapter ,X Q. Dick Youn'gagf? 1755' .Bh U h Leon WOOleieM' ort y 3 er John CallaanvWOrthy Scribe Iule Mann Worthy Keeper The Alpha Delta Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity was established in 1879 and is therefore one of the oldest fraterni- ties at Carolina. ATO is represented in forty-two states. The Carolina chapter is marked especially by diversification and spirit. The friendly Tau's, again as in year's past, established cordial relations with the Chi O's by providing a combo party during their fall rush - unfortunately timed m. The MROA. Mystic Royal Order 7. of the Arboholics, a group whose prere- X quisites for membership are confession of ' unworthiness and ability to climb Hthe tree," smiled approvingly. but tears were shed for fallen member Eadie as he chose to leave the leaves and g0 politico. This joyful event was celebrated by a cigar- smoking DI with a parade. Even a motor- cade was evidenced in the parade. with one police car losing its way and ending up in, of all places, the great hail - bad drivers! Locks and Head frowned disap- provingly as their iiIock Escalation Proe gram" died on the vine with little partici- pation. except by old stand-bys Bill Raper and Johnny Turner. A collection of diversified individuals compose the ATO House. Each brother adds to those around him. Cecil displayed this talent at Whispering Pines when he gave a donation to the Ember's organ - a sloppy one. Paulsen got engrossed with the band to such an extent that he at- tempted to eat the microphone, but missed and split his head. The IIFriendly Tau Safe-Driver Awards" were an- nounced at the packed Alumni Banquet by master-of-ceremonies Hoiladay. They went to: Atkins, Bickler, Reeves, Tennille and Davis. Seniors Curveball, Raipha, Fluffy, Bubles, Hotdog and Bugle paid uhoneys" to wear their pins - temporari- ly. Turner was the only three-year man. Leon defied HFred" and the ATO God- E: 40 41 jL D 45 43 Squad and sold religion 80 answers - after the quiz! Speedy picked up a surprise in Raleigh e- a girl! Hanson acquired a fetish l i 42 this fall for fining sign-ins at lunchtime. Eadie, Calian, Edmondson, and Bicksler ail signed 20-year leases to reside in the Tau Bag. Bix gave up lacrosse to wage war on peanut butter and jelly antagonists, as W. C. Fields fans cheered wildly. Keezel remained a campus figure .. what a guy! Sparrow finally got a bid from the Chi House. Angers hair was voted tiMost like- ly to receed." Fauce was helped in his quest for dates by the list on the bulletin board. Good luck, Dung, you'll need it. Seed's own parting thought: Don't both- er with the small, let Quad L do it." 302 Greeks H 53 PPNPWPwNH F. Griffith D. Hartzog D. I-Iolladay L. Leigh 1. Blair L. Cheshire B. Munday R. Edmondson K. Rusmisell W. Raper . D. Reeves . I. Yates . C. Wannamaker . B. Graham . L. Woodruff . P. Erkkinen 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. N. Gregory K. Atkins D. Faucc S. Carlisle C. Meares H. Stringer B. Paulsen I. Moore J. Turner I. Liebhart D. Avery C. Beasley D. Iohnson C. Von Rosenberg E. Keezel A. Angel 33. F. Hamilton 34. I. Callan 35. R. Cunningham 36. G. Alford 37. P. Hellebush 38. I. Mann 39. G. Tennille 40. V. Denning 41. B. Bicksler 42. S. Hall 43. M. Downing 44. C. Sewell 45. I. Davis 46. S. Starling Greeks 303 Vv 304 Greeks . X, - A?Bridge dve?r . fomVGJm-wat-A eaten . I. Come . L4 Harrell . R. Merrill . C. Gunter . N. Dickerson . D. Neal . J. Boulwam . Bramblett . l-leaton . New . Parker . Cannon . Osborne . Pollard . Uhrich 17. E. Ragland 18. M. Dearstyne '19. T. Maffitt 20. D. McPhaul 21. S. Patterson 22. D. Perry 23. H. Hickey 24. Q. Cherry 25. W. Gleason 26. B. Mitchell 27. M. Little 28. S. McClure 29. P. McClean 30. I. VanI-Iecke . P. Porter . M. Bag . B. Lindsay . A. Willels . l-I. Strickland . I. Stout . U. Kulp . L Langslroff . C. Younger . F. Betls . D. Nicholson . G. Pyle . R. Winton BETA TgEIA PI W ,4 l; President ,I e Scott Pattetisje'nll lIJJe-President Don McPhaflaKTieF7J Secretary Chris Heaton Treasurer John Boulware House Manager As the pedantic twentieth century bard, Billy Mitchell, once wrote, the Beta Bag. like the Phoenix, gathered it- self and rose from its own ashes into ex- istence. With all due thanks to social chairman Gordon, there were 9,736 combo parties, a bacchanalian, two goat ropints, a barbecue, 11A mixers, and a night in the can. Brother Choo-choo Dobson made the football team, then quit to ride the soc- cer bench. Slinky made True's All- American Warm-Up team for the third straight year, and figures to be a first- round draft choice by the U.S. Army come Iune 3. Brother Reid became pinned for the 23rd time. all to the same girl. while the 28 sophs passed out 351a- valiers between them. Big John Come took over Hanes Hall CtTickets goin' for a buck apiece"; as Bobba New and the Philadelphia Phlash, Hartle, became tin- pot peddlers. The Big Steve award fell by the way the day Osborne got pinned. Fog Patterson tried to referee a round between Gordon and the Lynchburg Kid, but got hauled into the clink on charges of general blotto. Sambo, who again turned 39 years old, this time for the 44th time. burned three layers of paint off the living room walls with his number 10 fires. Jim Van Hecke was MORTified, but Chris Heaton got us back into the Tri-Delt House after a two-year leave of absence, thank you Kulp. As usual. Fireball pitched a little, but Uncle Bag, scholar that he is, made a bid for the tube-flick team captain. Colin, Clay, and Scully et ul. brought home the coveted horseshoe champion- ship. while Messers Rags, Merrill, Oran- geade. Dobshouse, Os and Co. stole the bacon in the swim meet. Winton ate humble pie at the Beta House and choc- olate helmets in Roanoke. Rush resulted in the pledging of a small side show. The House lost its po- litical stronghold as Newlin and Poochy conducted campaigns memorable ofthe great Honor Council bid of Come in 1966. Raditz became Art Curator and Boulware took French I for the fifth time. Betts and Patterson assumed Grand Buffoon and Pollywog titles as Iabberwocks held spring rites. Moore, hurt for apartment space, moved into the kitchen tties in the sink. clothes in the refrigeratorl. Bramblett turned hip- pie. but other than that, things were nor- mal at Beta House. Greeks 305 B 20. I. Starnes L . T. Emerson Blackwelder 22. R. Lyles McKoy 23. F. VanWagenen R. T I T. Feamster 24. B. Wedge CDCHAhU-YNH V H. Hobson 25. I. Earnhardt B Whitehurst 26. I. Gaither B D C . . jeffress 27. D. Nance . Harrellson 28. D. Badger . Davidson 29. D. Hardy G. Cukor 30. M. Shell 12. D. Goodnow 31. F. McGaughey 13. B. Myrick 32. D. Johnston 14. R. Johnson 33. I. Roberts 15. I. Morris 34. M. Benton 16. R. Snipes 35. C. Totherow 17, 1. Stout 36- I. Gardner 13. S. Ianney 37. I. MacNaughton 19, B. Means 38. L. Webster ,4 HOEDODXI H 306 Greeks Charles Ieffreg! Jim Gardner Brian Bench The white Holiday Inn on the Hill found Greg unable to see a brother who did not graduate even though lune came. Trux took a chair while Benny was engaged in a more volatile af- fair. Bob was too busy ringing his bell to notice Myro gingerly adjusting his pin. Ray jumped through an open window to fall into a chasm where he met .2 A. ., , ' Miles on his way back from ' South Carolina. The SS troops were caught with their pants . ' down, but Gaper somehow . x t e . i managed to keep his up. Bill 3; a Sm ,: 4n smoked and Jimmy steamed s; .- y 9 5 . . while the pledges flamed. Hugh spoke at length to Nick about the language. Lylestein beamed at the success of Skip and Steve, and Stu prudently chose his D.D. Fortunately, there was a pat answer to Dick's propos- al, however Fredis cousin was shelled at the outset. ttSet Me Freeii was hailed in favor of tTll turn to Stone? I.Wfs hurricanes proved to be . t too much even for Brian's hol- sgwm 10w wooden leg. Roberts ' ' swears that he didnit flush any quail at the Firemanis Hut, but we know who is the real cham- pion in this line. Fulton uses Slickum on his kinks, and Wedge gets a case of severe my- opia from the scopes. Black- welder finally burnt her down - weire right proud. And that,s the way it is at Chi Phi this Nineteen Sixty-Eight. Greeks 307 CHI PSI Alpt5 igma' ht l Tom Cha John Sliiekland lVice-I Ed Flitiinger , , gftzretary Doug Barber Treasurer t'Get me a ticket for an airplane." for the Chi Psis are on the g0. Whether flying by jet or on the wings of Old Crow; be it in varsity sports 01' on the Lodge's 60-foot rope swing; in activities down campus or down in Exotica; whether to the beat of the Gross Nation- 211 Product tour own distinctivecombol or the Kappa Capers; the Brothers of Alpha Sigma are always moving. All this activity got a start in 1928 when Alpha Sigma of Chi Psi was reacti- vated at UNC. The brothers were a little overzealous at that time and burned the Lodge down. But with the help of broth- er Walter Spearman Gournalism Profes- sor and our faculty advisorl, a new lodge was erected in 1934. We've been working on that one ever since. Barring a few weekend antics by Kowalski Heys, things have been on the rise. Alpha Sigma has won the award for best chapter in the national fraternity twice since 1964. Locally, Chi Psi has ex- celled in all aspects of campus life, and we especially look forward to the emer- gence of our 'lSupersophs." in both ath- letic and fraternity affairs. As a final point. Alpha Sigma made a clean sweep at the Governor's Frog-Iumping Contest in Raleigh last year. The key to it all is Chi Psi's diversity. You've got to be diversified if your house can support a Southern Gentle- man like Laura Livingston from Laurin- burg and a Latin Lover like Louis Bush from Brazil: or if you can host .31 Sorority breakfast - combo bash at five o'clock Friday morning and a meeting of College Life on Sunday evening; or if you have to alternate watching Walter Cronkite and the Abominable Snowman. Before we pull out, it might be worth mentioning that when our President, Tom Carpenter, was elected. he did not follow precedent and jump out the win- dow of the third-floor head; he never made it that far. Social Chairman Terry Colby is attempting to outdo Brother Randolph's exhibition last year by climbing the fire escapes at all eight sororities. not just Chi 0. And as we de- part. we join with the maid of Chi Psi. Wendy Colten, in wishing another great year for all - compliments of Alpha Sigma. 308 Greeks . B. Bode . B. Roberts . J. McNairy . D. Gowan . S. Dunlevie . H. Gadd . Y. Pharr . F. Dannemann . D. Keel 10. A. Steinbrechcr 11. I. Yelverton 12. D. Behrman 13. B. Guy 14. P. Gilmore 15. W. Colby 16. B. Miller 17. V. Flether 18. B. Lee 19. I. Fennesbreque QWVCDCTI$ODNH 20. D. Lloyd 21. T. Ricketts 22. N. Lenin 23. B. Russell 24. I. Holliday 25. R. Read 26. S. Hope 27. R. Neely 28. M. Brown 29. M. Taylor 30. I. Lacklen 31. T. Wilson 32. B. Neely 33. C. Dixon 34. I. Hoback 35. M. Reinholt 36. J. Webster 37. T. Carpenter 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. B. Hawfield P. Livingston D. Lambrecht E. Flickinger W. Colten B. Frost L. Clower Z. Dodd B. Marsh A. Scott S. Powell C. Albert S. Davis I. Neely D. Holmes B. McDiarmid T. Broili I. Iarboe 56. M. McNeely 57. B. Kinzel 58. P. Powell 59. D. Barba 60. H. Rainey 61. J. Hryharrow 62. L. Heath 63. G. Wiley 64. P. Russell 65. H. Smith 66. T. Heys 67. I. Strickland 68. I. Newton 69. W. Verhoeff 70. B. Darrah Greeks 309 310 Greeks H gopxlmcnubwm . D. Goodman . I. McCotter . R. Klutz . W. Lamm . W. Hussman . S. McCarroll . 1. Taylor . King B. Carey . D. Ross . R. Toomey . A. Lassiter . K. Hedman . L. E. Sawyer . K. Davis . N. Pruden . A. Anderson . S. Brown . S. Lord 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32 33 34 35 36 37 J. Hollan C. Hagan I. Harris N. Covington W. Adams T. Ragsdale T. Foscue B. Williams K. Rafferty T. Hines BA Hollan I. Egbert . W. Cocke . M. Overlook . P. Moister . B. Kluttz . F. Thomas . 1. Kenan . S. Swanson . K. Royall . P. Grauer . I. Pressly . T. Baur . M. McDonald . 1. Gray . I. Spalding . A. Ramsay . S. Fuller . T. Rhodes . I. MacCorkle . C. Coleman . P. Riker . A. Dawson . R. Old . B. Hill . H. Davis .1 :3 President Vice-Pres. Treas. Soc. Chmn. I IJT: II I I I3 I" "333'; ' 3 3 3g3I 3. 3333- Summer 1967 found Grauer and Kenan climbing the Matterhorn, Egbert distributing care packages in Labrador and McDonald and King selling Pepsi- Cola t0 Hawaiians. By September 13, eve eryone was back in Chapel Hill. House officers were President Tee Baur, Vice- President Bill Hollan and Secretary - Social Chairman Walter Hussman, who introduced Randolph-Macon and Briar- cliff mixers to brighten up the Fall Se- mester. In Athletics, Phil Riker captained the Swimming Team and was backed up by Senior Dan Bissell. Fred Priester co- captained the Wrestling Team; Grauer and Moister played Lacrosse; and Rusty Clark towered over other basketball players. In-the spring, Holderness and Swenson played on the Tennis Team, Sawyer played infield and Carey walked around the course on the Golf Team. Overlock, Toomey, Williams and Gribble starred in intramural handball. Taylor, Swenson, Hollan. Hussman and Holderness all got their pilots' li- censes. McCarroll. Goodman and McCotter are considering vaudeville after their moving performance at the Deke Medieval Christmas Party. Wood- son and Toomey will hopefully spend less time sleeping after graduation; per- haps Midnight Mayor Ramsay can help. Spalding returned from a Junior Year in Rome to make Phi Beta Kappa with Kent Hcdman, who will spend next year in England supposedly studying. And so the Pledge Class of 1965 rides over the hill wondering why their four years went so fast and wishing that they had not. I I I I I I 'I3I3I3I3I' 33 .I I I 3'3 '3 333 ll3 5F.- Greeks 311 3X I D. Smitthrrey g President Howartligjg . 'e; resident James Eriglgitll g": '1 SJ William NkNlees "5 Treasurer Charles I. Elig Pledgemaster What makes Delta Upsilon a fraternity? You guess it is the four-house complex on Rosemary Street that provides a haven for some seventy to a hundred Hobbits in their ,tweens tthe number varies with the seasonsy shel- tering them from the traumas of the University. No, that's not right. Maybe they are joined to pro- vide a single, volatile force to combat the onslaught of creep- ing individualism rampant on the Chapel Hill campus. No. Then could it be that each DU has so much character and individual worth that they shun all outsiders, feeling that they are devoid of merit and recognition? No. Then maybe they have so much in common that the cohe- sive fraternal feeling is self- generating and indefatigable. No. Could it be that all those trophies have provided an in- centive for fraternal achieve- ment in all areas? Or could it be that their large numbers allow them to lose themselves in a nebulous, purposeless aggre- gate of humanity? N0 in each case. Then maybe they are all highly intellectual equals who find in themselves all that is necessary for their social and academic stimulation. No, Iim afraid not. We like to think that each DU is different and that DU as a body is different. What is so unique about DU? Maybe noth- ing except that it is DU. What makes it a fraternity? A bunch of guys that are just a little bit different, but not too much so. 312 Greeks Greeks 313 m n W8 F0 Fn Clnnruu Yhnmut e11 MU MLLT C RT.T.R.DJ. 7 9012 333444 e M w . O o k d Hy w nsm t eorx amzn t n n fFOO 1 0 0 .8 O dlkrSUOdnS ecnlbs Yo$dmmmenwlmdkmwm aO ,. 8.10 11 .l. RGMWDmnSLLmnRWAWRw BSEBDBSSRBBLDBDHMA aaLzakialaaaLzaiaa 122222222223333333 e m t n H sm m ll nl b Pu YO meuoeaw nob btecdhs ncab nndr athr n hiah Soit 6 Pi l 1h n. e Nneearboounuletnmn cnmmmuomowam mmumu Mm HDMRLDIWSKHHCPF RLMLBTRBDMSSGACBRM 113$561390123 5618 111111111 mm i :1??? Brand qn ShRgVQginP 4 ,. m L N . Rlcha 63:13:33 i $133??1dent v 29:11; Ran HwiEEIE-L -C3:9L1etary Glenn ye Va Treasurer Kappa Alpha Order was founded in 1865 by Wheaties Richardson. Except for the incident several years ago when uthe boys" missed the cross and burnt the house, Upsilon Chapter has grown in prestige and stature culminating with the love and trust shown to KA by the sorori- ties in the past physical year. Last fall KA's enjoyed a burning social program arranged by Shepherd and monogrammed by Garrison. Numerous mixers kept the boys apartment hopping, but the focal point had to be when Con- verse girls insisted the KA hog was the best. Elkin played musical chairs with "Mad Dog Mills" and $Fud, while Ring transferred from Stratford to F.S.U. Inti- mate parties were the big rage, as Shouse strummed in the Arb, and Steinemann en- joyed midnight snacks with 10, except when interrupted by Fat Ferdie and Page's immortal case of verbosity. Academics witnessed Rhyme donning his track shoes to catch the Q.P. team while Traskie and Priest co-produced the Adventurers. Holland directed intramur- als as Box and Beans joined the crab team and Perry boogalooed down Broadway, while KA astronomers missed the moon and saw the stars. Extra-curricular activi- ties were enhanced when Coppedge and the Sheltang aced the interior decorating, and the Chattanooga shoe-shine boy re- turned home only to find the third deck leveled by Carrot-top who had sniffed some beer. Love remained strong among the broth- erhood when Alf gave Bobby a ride to Madison. when he really only wanted to strengthen his ties in Raleigh along with the W8:M boys. Incidentally the KAls annually sponsor the Broughton Senior Prom. Looming now in the minds of all KA's is Shipwreck, beach week-ends, and espe- cially Old South - which shall see the KA's secede from the Union and Shreeve probably abdicate a few more times bef- ore casting his vote for Kubachko or Rog- ers as KA Rose. Kappa Alpha is certainly a way of life. Younger brothers learn a great deal from the iiOld Guard" as Hubbard inherited Wight's bedwetting problem and Bailey, LOMls cynicism. But it is doubtful that CD. will ever be able to teach anyone his talent of wrapping Package Deals. All things considered, Student Body President Bob Travis summed up the spir- it of KA in this statement: iiThe friend- ships and associations of Kappa Alpha have been the most sinificant and mean ingful part of my college years." Randall Ringhaver, Secretary Richard Trask, Vice-Presideni 314 Greeks Edwin Bailey Robert Bell William Bell Norman Boyles King Brett Branson Bruce Clifford Butler William Chreitzburg Wayland Coppedge Rodger Downs Stephen Garrison Allan Gray Malcolm Harris Phillip Harrison Harold Hassenfelt Johnathon Hill William Holland Buckley Hubbard BROTHERHOOD Alexander Hunter Lee Johnson Raymond Jordan Bradley Langdon James McCall Iames Miles Michael Moore Thomas Moring George Newman Glen Nye John O'Donnel Robert Orr Ioseph Page Richard Perry Charles Poe Gordon Priest Richard Rhyne Randal Ringhaver Walton Shepherd William Shouse Brandon Shreve Martin Smith Frank Steinman Michael Swarm Richard Trask Robert Travis William Travis Richard Wagstaff Frederick Wandelt Robert Warren George Webster Robert White Ward Wight Thomas Williams Kenneth Winter Charles Wyatt Greeks 315 316 Greeks H. Barclay P. Stephens B. Pate L. Richardson I. Elliot L. Elrod R. Salvati N. DeReimer 10. B. Hackney 11. H. Tucker 12. T. Brown 13. B. Kearns 14. B. Wood 15. 1. Williams 16. H. Knight 17. H. Doyley 18. B. Gillette 19. N. Zeltel ?QSQWFPNH 20. I. Walter 21. J. Gilkey 22. M. Grant 23. I. Terry 24. C. Watson 25. N. Lipscomb 26. B. Colwell 27. I. Howell 28. I. Rucker 29. J. Hale 30. H. Hankins 31. G. Snook 32. I. Hillard 33. E. Hammerbeck 34. S. Komegay 35. R. Flanagan 36. D. Erisman 37. B. Tolbert 38. C. Thompson KAPPA QIGMA ; 'r 'Ehapter David Erisma e James Talbe .K . QlProcurator Irvin Hankil J "I Treasurer Page Stephe '3?! M. C. Charles Watson Scribe Since its founding at Chapel Hill in 1893 the Alpha Mu chap- ter of Kappa Sigma has contin- ued to grow and prosper. The 157368 school year has certainly been a progressive one, marked by many notable accomplish- ments. Spring Rush saw 27 new pledges names added to the roll call; internal improvements to the house were completed, in- dividual brothers were hon- ored for both scholastic and ac- ademic endeavors, and as al- ways, each brother added a few personal touches to make the year a very memorable one. Gaylord received the award for the most misunderstood brother of the year. Elrod and Elliot waged all out war on sleep during exams. Chap took his final vows and bowed out in style - maybe. Gillette and Howell chose to fight rather than switch, damn Yankees. Gene was made Sweetheart, llsweet thangfl Sherry made 204 W. Cameron a regular weekend stomping ground. Erisman got a permanent seat on the bridge team. Weasel di- vided his time between pokey and women and kept coming up smelling like a rose. Wood camped out at Maultsbyls cabin and advanced beyond T'enderfoot. Ortho got pinned three times in one week. Norm is graduating so personal er- rands will be out. P.P. took over for Hankins and the EC. be- came literate again. Its a ticket, Godls play- ground, a road agents night- mare, a juke-box's testing ground, where boots, beards, dart-guns, and Seago had their heyday and through it all Pate never cracked a smile. It's ob- vious! Greeks 3'17 318 Greeks Afice-President h ; Secretary sh Chairman Bruce H. Cigixyj Petrie M. Ram'g' C Manys en manys de time, deze long nights en deze rainy spells, dat I sets down dar in de house Wid all de brers and run over de ole times Wid one er ner, en crack der jokes. . . en den dey'll tu'n in en git up a reg'lar juberlee. Talkin' bout lik de time Cappin Har- old get hisself snagged by ole Missus Oldham, whilst de gypsy woman set her spell on Brer Bruce. In de meantime Brer Plutz was projickin' wid Ole Red, but po' Rufus went a lrackin' down de aisle. Missus Susie jusl about caught Brer Cobb as Brer .Smiff got ketched by dat ole KAG woman. Den dare was de time Brer Connie en Brer Sud get throwed outa der hutch and move into de big house. Or de time Brer Rukin and Brer Bird lose der speeshy on de Derby. Or I could tell about Bret Walker doin' damage or de Hillbilly get- tin, a hairstyle. Or Brer Badman en Brer Kell' get psychedelic or Mistuh Pete put- tinl de hurt on de pledges. Y'all member Brer Gangway sayin', HShoot yo' sheckels," or Brer George changinl his beddin'. BrerlMark and Brer John gets moonstruck en think dey Brer Bare. Dere was de time Brer Neal go for a ride Wid his mammy, en Boss Hunter - he make de move into politickinl. Der's all my reckembembunces lbout Lill Cliffcutls spot-car takin' a case of consumption, en Malcoln en Charley blockin' de parkin' lot. But de biggest rippit of all was de time Brer Clark, eatin' his roast beef on his granny's blan- ket, en sassy 92 a jaybird, kep sayinl, "Don' throw me in de rice patch," whilst Bob Liipfert say. "Poin' de infomation." But ole man Clauset, he jus sippin' chi- c'ry en laffin s- cause Dat - he jus sat dere, sayin' nuthinl. Dey comes lak I tells ya, honey. I jes shuts my eyes and hold em shut, en lis- sen and let um play dem ole time chunes twel long atter bed-time done come en gone . . . Uncle Perc' Greeks 319 b. N a x 320 Greeks I..I.....f IIIIII "I . W. Parker . Farthing Phipps . Steele . Culp . Fleming . Anderton . Ridenhour . Stovall . Skeeter . Bagwell . Purdy . I. Fontaine . I. Godshall . B. Spry . B. TrotI . S. Dom . B. Wester . D. David . D. Babcock 311111I1IIIIIIIIIII I111 111111111 11 21. V. Smith 22. T. McKenzie 23. M. Roessler 24. H. Pollard 25. I. Brantley 26. C. Lynch 27. R. Worth 28. G. Saenger 29. A. Clark 30. P. Adams 31. B. Federal 32. B. Teague 33. F. Kelly 34. I. Barber 35. B. Henderson 36. I. Wright 37. B. Raney 38. D. Mayse 39. S. Wilson 40. M. Pool PHI DELTA THETA President Randy Worth ngresident Robert Cul cl ,N Iohn Barber mfrx Secretary George Saenge'mmaw ' Treasurer Hubert Haywood Pledge Trainer This is your Captain speaking. Wel- come back to Holly and Sandy. Dr. Reet. arid the "Hud." Farewell to Cymbol Head and S.F.B. QAG progressed nicely this year under the leadership of Randy "dictatorl' Worth, who began the fall social season with an amazing post-Tulane game hor- ror show. House treasurer, Ted Saenger brought the chapter its highest house bills and worst food since World War 1. Kay was elected sweetheart in a close contest over Shurdyna. Despite Crow's absence at the intramural office. Trott lead the Phi Delt tijocks" to the football crown tsee page 267l. Zero became famous for his two fa- vorite words, and Tap averaged ten six- packs a week. Byrd was a big success at the Young Republicans Convention while. art lead house segregationists. Dennie kept up his diet and exercise. while Blount applied to law school. shaking the house with a wave of hys- terical laughter. After a severe setback at Pi Phi, Buff Galyon rallied with a se- ries of disastrous blind dates. Turk, Gray, Weasel and the Bat created a house institution at Lumls, home of the hot dogs. C. W. Moss persisted in gross- ing everyone out, and Dirty Dick Parker continued to wear Kahkies, smoke Cam- els, play hearts, hunt. date rarely. and cut quizzes. Frosty Culp looked like a gamer for sure, as Susan tightened her grip. Hay- mouse pressed Southern Bell for a hot- line to Whitehead while Sweet Leigh finally settled down but kept an anxious eye on Asheville and the Mars Hill Mon- ster Man. Cat Baby ID. Otis "the Toe" turned in his putter and settled down at the Tri Delt house, while Bags gazed longingly toward Ole Miss. The Toy Boy still loves his Toy Girl in his Toy Car. Fonville gained twenty-five pounds, proving that married life will utreat you right." This is your captain signing off. Over and out. Greeks 321 M. McGrath A W. Patterson C. Gaskins . I. Kelly H. Parrott . G. Paschal I. Venters . R. Miller . G. Wirth . I. Elmore . 1. Branch . F. Weed I. Hughes . S. Wallace . W. Woodward . A. Lamm . T. Caldroney . W. Wood . D. Hobson . I. Hughes . I. O. McCall - K. Cannaday . H. Lee . I. Tanner . T. jolliffe . R. Boseman . R. Miller . B. Griffin . I. Home . R. Wright . R. Honeycutt - I. Beall . C. Galloway . A. Heath . S. Smith . J. Kelly 19. I. Pattiszill '1. 2. 3. 4. 5 6 7. 8 9 322 Greeks , L .t A Richard ikiyriiefiJ? Ronald Wg'gMitlx fjiggreasurer Jack 3. HLfQEE C3291; 'Rec. Sec. John H. Harm Corr. Sec. Iames M. Tanner Historian President The Wonder Warthog emer- ges slowly from the slimey depths of his estival hiberna- tion, snorts softly, and signals the returning migration of Fijis to Vance Hall. The bearded sages high in the gloomy towers of South Building stand aghast at the strange scene that con- fronts their eyes. N0 Wonder: Mary I. proves you can take the man out of the Grunt, but you cant take the grunt out of the Grunt-mam Groovy defies authority, getting decked in his semi-final flyweight bout with Angie Wopanelli. Tadpole ma- tures into a full grown frog, croaking nightly to his new bubbly blonde broad. Gamma proves impotent in the face of fecundity, while Parrott, Higgins, OtQuinn, and a host of others make plans to improve that situation on a permanent basis. Woodward yearns for an oral-nasal relationship with Rocky the flying squirrel, while Fubar desires a similar setup with Granny. Wedgehead gains recognition as the only living nine-iron in captivity, as Pig- meat takes Music 171 in night school under Ed Norwood. The Hard Core attempts to convert the front yard into a parking lot, but cooler heads prevail. Venters finds a part-time nurse at the Chi O house to complete much needed psychiatric treat- ments. Wetback establishes himself as the world!s oldest living petrified lizard, while Kelly staves off frequent at- tacks 0f the upside-down monster. And so to thee, 0 Smooth Double-barrelled Bat God, we once again Offer our paean of mystic praiseg as it looks like more of the same at the Fiji house. Greeks 323 PHI SIGMA KAPPA Secretary Sentinel First established on this campus in 1926, North Carolina Colony was reacti- vated here in May, 1965. While quite productive. these first three years have also been quite challenging, but Phi Sigs have reaped rewards in a most satisfying way. After numerous conferences with realtors, lawyers. University officials, and our puppy, Kap, we are on ouriway to a new house. a charter, and a more stable brotherhood. The year went something like this: Carrying on the precedent of its founders, the Colony once again slips through by the will of the Gods. Early returnees faced an immediate problem - lack of a house. Phi Sigs are seen ree turning furniture to the same yellow barn where only last June the same peo- ple were removing the same furniture. Having won the first battle, war plans were laid out with the numerous nation- al representatives who treked it to the barn in those ttOctober Days.n Positions were consolidated. forces regrouped. and the troops elected to retreat to the Gold Course to take a new stand. With winter rapidly approaching, Cap'n Liles sent to Headquarters for supplies. in- cluding 150 grand and some red tape re- mover. Communications broke down when the messenger was ambushed. but National again came through in a pinch and sent the chief supply officer directly to the front lines. Needless to say, the enemy was beaten back and the Engi- neer Corps quickly began work on a per- manent fortification. In celebration. Quartermaster Purd broke out the rum and planned the swingingest hoedown ever to hit the fort. Three pinnings, two engagements, and a marriage show evi- dence of infiltration into the camp but morale is as high as ever. A truce is de- clared for a few months while the infan- try increases its numbers and its capac- ity for booze. The year ends as the Phi Sigs, realizing that the will of the Gods has again prevailed, sacrifice to Bacchus a burnt offering from the Dairy Bar. 324 Greeks 5 2 3 S k e e r C 15 as avcncr onion 8 R He 9. I. Alcot '10. L. D anic ' N. Thom A L. D 14. W. Clemens 13. M. Falls 1 O D oer 'ebenchuh . McCormack r . Truchtcnbur . G 1 Lvmawduinnwl 30. G. Witter 1. Boak 33. T. Garner 19. L. Roadman 31. 1. Link 32. 34. B. Williams 35 P Wllson 20. E. Sistare 21. K. Wyatt 22. R. Watson 23. R. Watson 24. S. Sigler 25. D. Sanders 26. D. Minor 27. R. White 28. T. Fawcette 29. W. Gunther F. Hinshaw . Gantt Rollins . Redford . Brisbois I. Ludlow 11. M. Murray 12. N. Marble 13. P. Griffin 14. B. Heidt 15. W. Wood P. Whalen I Barlow R. Moffatt S B. Adams K. I I 16. B. Little 17. H. Galloway 18 0 Walker 10. 4 1 1 .1 H "E .15.... :1. . 1m. 1 1. .. . 1.... - 11 . .. . , ...11111111.. , n .. .1111... 326 Greeks .1..1 X J A t Eg m7 z resident d75y x 'c'ngXZPiEDresident Robert WNW Treasurer Ronald Moffatt Historian Iames Ludlow Warden y Ion Radfor After summer days of suds, surf and Moms apple pie, the Pi Kapps returned to place fin- ishing touches on the Card- board Palace, for the last time, thank God. Meanwhile, the mudhole is keeping us happy. B.O. collect- ed overtime for laying bricks over Thanksgiving. Boakowsky and his faithful Polak army ini- tiated the First Annual Polack picnic, where football and combos kept the pledges busy picking up and passing out. Pickle Ripple tried his own vin- tage. Fumbles fell in love, while Whale swam back and forth to his private supplier in Wash- ington. Twiggy tried out for the infirmary Fleaweight Football Team. Burch and his faithful Indian companion played Brando. It must have been a good year. Zero made money. Rah Rah said, uThe House that prays together, stays together," and Captain M. continued to out shout Sergeant Pepper. Redford and Physical Ed battled for the House Heavy- weight. Ginhead was our own cub reporter. Gantt and Mar- shall competed in the Pi Kapp Sleep Marathon. Tennessee was exposed as a Communist spy. Swinging Dick swings - in Boston and out. Retard laughed at his own Christmas Party. Cod Piece is out to lunch on a fast for a piece. The year is over, and we have a new house! Greeks 327 PI LAMB A PHI y This was a great year for action at IIMD. When that many nuts get together, something is bound to happen. We got that second piano for the din- ing room. a completely new living room. a baby blue phone booth, a fireplace for lhe foyer. another trophy tbut in her- seshoesU, and 01d brothers who almost overran the house during alumni week- end. Individuals competed for the craziest room award. Decors featured orange parachutes on the ceiling, forty-five pic- tures in one room, persian rugs on the floor, a psychedelic wall, and neo-gothic furniture. ,i The typical Pi Lamb is no more. Now. Vi more than ever, there is a wide variety of interests, backgrounds and tastesi The fraternity has become what it was chartered to be: a brotherhood of pro- gressive, industrious and unprejudiced men. Each is thankful for what they gain in knowledge of people and life by being Greeks. It is not always a house of peace and quiet; the brothers are often quite vocal about what they believe. but each is a complete, proud person who is eager to really live. As always, the social calendar was full. The New York beat. the new British sound and Soul got their chance. But no matter who played, we had a great time. Spirit was high. Impromptu parties sprang up whenever things went espe- cially well. Like the great fall rush, and the elections. and the championship, and coming back from Thanksgiving, and going home for Christmas. and on and on. We look forward to the future for more action The house has always had its share of leaders, and then some. We have big brains and almost brawn. We will always have Pi Lambda Phi. 328 Greeks . B, Landers . M. Fleishmun . A. Camp . E. Sloff .J. Simons - M. Wade . C. Kirby . R. Glenn . 1. Bass . M. Bacr . H. Schultz - D. LHBOI'I'C . W. Schonfeld - D- Ginsberg . K. Moore - Iv MOOFC . O. Belsinger . L. Solomon . F. Glenn . E. Davis , D. Slromeyer . F. Serra . W. Balchclor . J. McAllisler . M. Piller . T. Galloway . D. Mendelsohn . M. Haslam . L. Black . W. Stallings CDODVCDCnuthp-x H O Greeks 329 330 Greeks ti. o .V'jigizfaad Another Canto begins as St. Anthony Hall lurches into ex- istence with forty-part har- mony tand feelingJ Soon ape peering are the Chorus of Be- fuddled Pledges, who ask the musical question, t'Pearl or Swine?,ii backed up by the strophetantestrophe of the Worshiper of the great God Wurlitzer and the Dancers of Damage. The thunder .says, tiGive, Sympathize, Control," and this is our way out of the Wasteland to where the Specials are Rican, the clothes multi- colored, the bathrooms oracu- lar, the opinions eclectic, the food thought-provoking, the driveway precarious. Zappa says, tiCall any vegee tablefi tbut its always for D,Ossche.i Every Friday night i- means grooving together in the church of your choice, even though the morning 'is never clear, full of George- of-the-jungle, and iiwho was she with here last night?" Sergeant Pepper says, itWellu I just had to laugh, and that is the most important, because no one is allowed to take them- selves too seriously. Please un- derstand that although the play is Greek, the masks are all comic. P. Gallandet I. Sitterson, Jr. P. Gammons A. d'Ossche 22. I. McCullough G. Perry 23. D. Prophet T. Crane 24. I. Belclen 1 P. Dussenborry 25. I. Heard 1 I. Pyne 26. A. Wall 0. summer 27.1.Bmd1ey SAINT ANTHONY . i lgaflgd 28. A. Trcadwell . .. . . . en 29. G. Clarkson 1 ' V 11. S. McLean 30, j, Machlly HALL 12. B. Armour 31. S. Austcll 13. I. Maloney 32. W. Aauiland 14. R. Loftus 33, J. Gatins 15. D. Macmillan 34. I. Matthews 16. C. Carter 35. P, Lipson 17. R. Maury 36. D. Chambers 18. T. Pratt 37. T. Leech 19. R. Duane mmwaewme H O Greeks 331 '1 .g ' 53 fig . L. Upton . L. Wilson . E. Calhoun . L. Reid . Worcester . G. McClintock . S. Woodall .D. Lee . B. Oliphant . E. Leonard . D. Saunders . W. Hamill . B. Reynolds . G. Daniel . Y. Colyer . F. Cathay . W. Wessell . T. Butts . D. Crawford . S. Brand . C. Woodroof . I. Aiken . E. Bennett . F. Bates . M. Reiger . R. Barnum . . A. Graham . L. Kelsey . M. Martin . S. Harrell . R. Coxe . S. Arnold . K. Hunter 37. I. Trotter . B. Brelhen 38. L. Sherman . TA Newton 39. C. West . T. Morris 40. C. Poer NH 332 Greeks .7- SIGMA ALPHA Howard Kiel William Igla Frank Cat Bryan Oliphant Carl West Dan Daniel House Managers 1967-68 marks another suc- cessful year for the SAE House, with Brethen and Adolph Ca- they heading the fall bureauc- racy. Welcome, but unexpect- ed, support came from never- say-die Super-Seniors, and their mouth-piece Mr. R. A. Bennett. A successful fall rush brought in four of the best and one severe Hurricane that finally settled in Chapel Hill after blowing out to the West Coast in a 72 hour whirlwind. The fall was highlighted by a house raffle with winners Crawford and High School Ceasar Barnum taking a free trip to Nassau. The installation of a NO Xi Little Sister club was an imme- diate success and a valuable asset to the house. With the see mester's end and improved grades, the SAEts enjoyed a skiing trip over the break, luck- ily to return with only bent e1- bows, rather than twisted knees. With the addition of twenty-one more top pledges and leadership from the notori- ous Lunch Kelsey, the outlook could not be better. Greeks 333 Charlesiieo ne mnfgzonsul Iemes Ba w WP- oconsul Richard 133va 5mm w$Annotator Robert Bradnery0 Quaestor With almost 100,000 living members and 144 chapters, Sigma Chi is the most famous fraternity in the whole world. The brothers of Alpha Tau are proud to be in the enviable position of standard bearers for this outstanding organiza- tion. This year the Sigma Chis began their 7Bth year under the questionable leader- ship of Iron Duke Chuckles Conner. Many magnificent programs were inst- ituted. Chipsmulels Beat Dook float will long he remembered as a glorious start to avterrific year. Under the auspices of Homo Bond, a cultural program was ini- tiated this year, including the After- Hours All-Chi Combination Marching River Bottom Choir and Precision Drill Team. Various campii organizations were blessed with Chis, including: Legislators Semi-Turk Salmony and WiCk-Wabbit Lutz; Morehead Scholars Blimp Southerland and Mondo Rowe; and Carh olinals Dynamic Duo Quinile Koontz and Tonto Brigman. Crank Barnes shifted into gear early this year and engineered the spectacular success known as Derby Day. Over three-thousand students had a marvel- ous time observing the sororities com- pete for the coveted Derby. Wilt Sutton, the nouveau-sots, and the Nocturnal Nads presented the usual ti- tanic social schedule. Because of the excellent rush and pledge programs. Iake Bradner's revolu- tionary new monetary system. and be- cause Petty Threads Palisoul. Robot Jones, and Squeaky Daniel wanted it that way, and it would appear that a diamond-studded page has been insert- ed in the previously mundane golden history book of Alpha Tau of Sigma Chi. Clicks! 334 Greeks . I. Dumbell . Benepe . McKennan Clark . Clark . Chambers . Southerland 8. M. Daniel 9. P. Brigman 10. R. Lutz 11. R. Sutton 12. I. Sparrow 13. J. Barnes 14. S. Coffey 15. G. Gardner 1 2 0 v34 UJFF 3 4 5 6 7 16. B. Scott 17. S. Matthews 18. C. Thomas 19. C. Conner 20. B. Rowe 21. I. Sherrill 22. I. Harris 23. R. Davis 24. F. Swindal 25. S. Raper 26. L. Salmony 27. L. Collins 28. L. Baley 29. I. Coe 30. P. lanes 31. D. Thompson 32. R. Lewis 33. A. Palisoul 34. S. Smith 35. E. Brown 36. L. Hunter 37. I. Detoore 38. C. Chandler 39. B. Branch 40. P. Roe 41. T. Palmer 42. D. Cogdell 43. B. Piephoff 44. G. Lennon 45. B. Bradner Gmrzks 335 336 Greeks 1. R. Rouse 2. J. Cheshire . S. Baddour . C. Brickhouse . A. Albright . M. Iordan . B. Markel . B. James . B. Ipock 1. Little . B. Chalk -. C. Harrison . M. Kessler '. A. Ray . B. Rice . L. Domina C Donahue . 1A Colcstock K. Buckner E. Voliva 9. Crayton G. Grove K. Johnson . N. Dunivant . D. Eggars . I. Thompson . I. Swaim . L. Wildes . I. Fields . L. Whitehurst . S. McKenzie . R. Angell . A. Westerlund . B. Titterud . T. Whitehead , . .jvnit ent Com. Michael hgp ; r j! Lt. Com. Rovie AnQEI-l 3,: Punder Bruce MrEgaQi-HSC Manager Sigma Nu was founded on January 1, 1869, at Lexington, Virginia, by three courageous young cadets whose ideals cen- tered around Love, Truth, and Honor. Since that time the Le- gion of Honor has grown to na- tional status with a proud rec- ord. Psi chapter anxiously awaits the centennial next year with her brothers across the na- tion. This fall a new pledge train- ing was adopted. Called pledge education, it excluded push- ups, Hell Week, and the like, but included other more cone structive endeavors such as fix- ing up the house, painting, re- pairing, etc. Intended to strengthen the brotherhood, in- still pride in Sigma Nu, and unity among both the pledges and brothers, the new pledge program has proved both suc- cessful and encouraging. For the summer, Psi plans to have the house completely remod- eled, adding sleeping space, a party room, and better living facilities. Socially, things have been rather touch and go with Fat Dogts germ scare, flaming mo- narchis pyromaniac tenden- cies, and the big eye team hold- ing regular meetings. ATS Whites captured the cham- pionship, but Queenieis boys fizzled out. Frog, Cecilia, 'Enry, Bull, and Pooh Bear went the lover,s route, and phones were added to accommodate daily cheCk-ins. Senor Porky and Kil- owatt took their tokens back, but Quad was still trying to get a date with someone under 235 pounds. North Street succeed- ed, and the rest of the brother- hood settled back for Spring Rush, Spring Parties, and the other follies the Spring brings. Greeks 337 SIGMA PHI EPSILON James D Wom .P1esidenl John GA Vi L Pres. Ch1' MOE? ?Comp. Aaron Semelary Tony L. Pope Recordi 1 ECDE North Carolina Delta, 1968. lWhat ever happened to alpha, beta and gammaU This is the true story of what goes on behind Cameron Av- enuels only red door. One of the brothers in the house holds the individual record for most lavaleir-pinnings in one season. Sigma Phi Epsilon is the second-largest social fraternity in the country. Why, just from our chapter we range from Muscle'Beach t0 the Watermel- on Capital of the World. There are eight red doors - Sig Ep red doors that is, in North Carolina, and 160 in 42 states, and whatls more, weill put our greasy Ital- ian against any other wop in any of the other chapters in the country. An, here we got a defi- nite lack of communication - just ask the social Goat. Our fraternity colors are red and purple - like Carrot with a wild blue shirt on - and the fraternity flowers are the American rose and violet. By the way, our five-year man has noticed that Iimrny carries his butane lighter with him all the time now. Every word of this is true; itis all straight from the Mouth of the South. Ribbit. 338 Greeks 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16 17 18 Lomygagngnumu . I. Reimler . R. Barbee . J. Powers T. Pope L. Brown L. McDougald S. Howell . F. Willey . I. Womble A. Whitinghill D. Parker H. Clark P. Alston B. Crownover N. Thuss . I. McDougald . B. Hughes . H. Barnwell '19. B. Armstrong 20. C. Matus 2'1. G. Ciccone 22. D. Wallace 23. N. Wesler 24. C. Seawall 25. L. Armstrong 26. G. Tomlinson 27. A. Garrett 28. A. Hahn 29. G. Tucker 30. B. Earnhardt 31. D. Faucette 32. B. Byrd 33. G. Hutchison 34. I. Wallace 35. M. Goodcn . . 5:1.qu :l- Greeks 339 1. I. Iason 16. A. Adler 31. I. Strauss 2. M. Diamond 17. E. Silverstein 32. N. Dilloff 3. G. Povill 18. E. Dahan 33. R. Grosswald 4. M. Rash 19. P. Glasser 34. L. Krieger 5. L. Simon 20. L. Goldman 35. M. Wall 6. S. Kaufman 21. G. Cross 36. I. Goldman 7. K. Iacobs 22. P. Ronman 37. K. Breslow 8. K. Burleson 23. K. Peres 38. G. Datnoff 9. R. Gersten 24. S. London 39. Yiddle 10. B. Miller 25. R. Werner 40. M. Parker 11. B. Mann 26. A. Chansky 41. D. Lester 12. M. Gaines 27. M. Weinkle 42. R. Gerard 13. I. Sobelson 28. S. Rosen 43. L. Wurn 14. M. Sperling 29. M. Friedlander 44. P. Camnitz 15. S. Myers 30. E. Hockfield 45. B. Lubman 340 Greeks TAU EPSILON PHI Stewart W: Rose Chancellor Gary 1. Povill,. .: ViCe-Chancellor Daniel J. Lester: Scribe Lee S. Goldman Burser I TEPts have traditionally accom- plished what they set out to do, and this year with a policy of Complete partici- pation we have set out to do even more. But the greatest accomplishments are only by-products of an internally suc- cessful house. It's the spirit of the TEP's brotherhood that hovers in the Carolina air. It's the things common to us all - the nicknames, the stories, the women - that's what makes the TEP's the TEP's and gives us a common bond of growing up as a TEP. We're a fraternities's frater- nity and only the Craven know how close we are. Northerners-Southemers. Hippies- Grits; Lubie's parrot, Dego, the Spotted one, Bobo, Zippie the lag Fag, Knock 'em down and rape tern Roger, Cha Cha Chi Chi, Gomer Straight-arrow and Crazy Eric. Loony, Gross-Gary and Feder High Waist, along with Ringo Rick and the now outwardly dynamic Dr. Frank E. Don't forget Eager Hocker-Beaver, Monty in the Sky with Diamonds, Gold Ioe, Mersh, and last but not priest Buzz E the Man; and everyone sitting around eating Ginger cookies. The BA boys, the Chem kids - Aw, John, Aw, Bill - Yeech Catz. Then there is always our One eyed Jacks playing over the new color TV, through supper into the night, and us out of our minds. Long hair and handIe-bar mustaches, Myrna, salami Eddie Fogler and a whale of a pledge class Artily Hoofing their Lu- bricated way across campus Winking at every Joe, never making a Rash move. There are the TEP-'s, lead by our own gyro of enthusiasm, young stalwart Ste- wart Rosen. And if asked around the TEP House ttFor whom the Bell tolls" - it tolls for sweetheart Larry. Studying and cramming during the week - going naked on the weekends e "funeky baby" - the crazy parties spearheaded by big M. Wall. Blowing off steam with the Jacks, getting plastered with a blind date, dark noisy warm girls with their long hair on their shoulders, good friends - lots of good friends. Calls home to Mom. 8-10 at Alumni, sad nights of far off girls friends or no girl friends at all. Midnight at Lums, bull sessions, and the Brothers meeting. Sun- day suppers at Marios and the Kentucky Colonel, then back to the house where Roman Gabriel leads the weekend tube squad. This too is the TEPS. Whatever the TEPs do they do togeth- er. Sixty boys with a common Mother - the House. Brothers in the truest sense are the TEPs - no fooling around or trying to kid anybody. The TEPs are TEPs, and it's a touchable feeling of brotherhood that a visitor to the TEP House notices when he comes through the front door. WELCOME TO THE TEP HOUSE WORLD!!!! Greeks 841 ZETA BETgix TAU AL i 74f Henry Zibert Historian Zim was gone, but the fragrance of boomalacha remained behind at the Zebe House, clearing up those nasty ru- mors once and for all. The passing of the Cincinnati Association and the dispersal of Ward B created a void of activity and overall schpligicism. At 8 o'clock sharp the sophomores retire and the elder brothers settle down to gin-boards, dis- cussing Patterson and the tube At 8:05, the voice of Foxhole roars over the in- tercom: uWe're partying downstairs with Ben E. King, Spencer Dorm, Wil- liam B. 111, the Detroit Redwings with Toulouse Lautrec at go alie, Casper Mil- quetoast, Chester Mayfield, Barbara Streisand, Will and his cousin, the Green Bay Packers, Bubba Wyche, Mrs. Smith and the 13 midgets, Martin Berman, and Bob Travis, the Experimental College, N.S.A., the Big Court, Toronto Exh change, Shap Daddy and Elsie, Miss Allie and LeRoi, the Sparrow Apartment Affiliates, Peter and Greg, Bonnie and Clyde, and Ben Agajanian. So get a date and get down here cause we're paying for it, Dammit!" Yes. this year we have really outdone ourselves in every way. We managed to lose the stigma of being number one in grades. and on top of that our second football team scored a touchdown and still managed to preserve a perfect sea- son. Bob tiFireball" Fuerst has consist- ently outrun all the law between here and Glen Lennox. His compatriot Andy itWildthing" Kirschner has not fared so well, to the financial advantage of the Chapel Hill police department. Smith lost his gut thanks to his non-kosher ra- ison diet and E1 Grosso's belt has been exposed for the first time in months. Tango has developed such an inferiority complex from his resemblance to a cer- tain aforementioned brother that he rarely ventures from either of his rooms, to the immense satisfaction of everyone. Brother Addlestone brought Honey Mons out to dinner every night - what a sweetheart he turned out to be! Bobbie Ioe Cowen and Erica Gilberto hosted visiting jocks every weekend, while Sternsy chaperoned. And, as always when Number One calls for G 8: W. H 8z A reigns supreme. 342 Greeks . R. Bressler . M. Dworsky T. Patterson O. Finlayson M. Karro S. Savitz . M. Smith H. Zibart . M. Tanenbaum . Klihose . Geffen . Slovis . Roshind . Levin . Miller . S. Grossman CDOJVFDUIfLOIQH E. Stern . R. Feurst . G. Kaufman R. Schully . S. Hymen R. Manekin . I. Haber . S. Fox . P. Ishicle . B. Pierce . P. Siegal . A. Hammer . M. Kabat . B. Kirchner '. G. Richie . B, Schocet Greeks 343 . . cretary Simon Siltg . Freasurcr The Zoo' enjoyed another fallts football festivities, and even had a mixer or two. Grub- by recorded all on film for the Coast Guard contigent return- ing in the spring. The whole house thrilled to have Troy D0- nahue leave a beautiful onion crop in New York and return for another year as wee wee. Rush improved four hundred percent. Monger started a pledge career with a fine second-half performance. Po- laroid moved into a new four mirror apartment. Fly crashed to entertain thousands at U.V.A., while Felix slid into a freight train. Eator showed the Zoo how to dance. Giraffe and the Vandals scourged southern Virginia while Syph lead a raid on Sweetbriar and the Tri-Delt House. Meanwhile, Godzillats attack on South Building was foiled by the campus police. Angie took over Lurchts Porch, only to go bald and blind. Granville East praised his diligence. Sha- zam watered the garden for the Pi Phi House only to be ex- posed as an outside man. Shy- lock was last seen pondering a pay toilet in New York. Nowell rode a lame duck on a beach trip and Berg came down with mono. Eater came up with the top score, inauguarating a wild week. 344 Greeks LDOOVODUIJhWNH HHHH mNHO 14 . S. Williams . M. White . I. Geil . N. Haigh . V. Vance . J. Black . T. Meade . A. Floyd . C. Smith . R. Patterson . I. Pitt . W. Jones . W. Watson . B. Boles . D. Patterson . A. Webb . T. Alexander . B. Blodgitt . M. Nowell . V. Raper . G. Mercer . C. Cline . M. Gravatt . B. Dahlc A H. Haywood . B. Lea . T. Harvey . R. Cowper Greeks 345 PHI KAPPA SIGMA ail President K2 Vice-President V :4; Treasurer Pledge Trainer House Manager Stanley R. Lewis Secretary OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: Peterson, Vice-President; McKeifh- an, President. SECOND ROW: Todd, Pledge Trainer; Fern- strom, House Manager. BACK ROW: Brown, Treasurer; Lewis, Secretary. And lo, the warm days became shorter and cooler, and the Sons of Sam did jour- ney back to their common dwelling. They came in great force from both North and South and there was great unrest in the city of the Chapel on the Hill. For the Sons of Sam were of coarse stock and they turned away from righteousness. And the Lord was angered by their strong drink and de- baucheries. a , " ,l t Fred makes a play on the Yet the House of Sam was mended up J box' and the gates were opened. And a multitude of women did enter the gates and were merry and well pleased. For the Sons of Sam put aside all their drunken and licen- tious ways for this occasion. And the Lord saw and was well-pleased. Yet, as always, the town games came to pass; and, yea, the House of Sam became once again a den of iniquity. And there was unrest and clamoring for more drink and more musicians to entertain. For the Chil- dren of Sam could not be satiated in their iniquity. Now the Sons of Sam were not strangers to the ways of righteousness; and they re- ceived great praise from the Council. For the Sons were neither weak of mind nor body, and Timothy had led them well. And there was re'oicing. Now the slaves of Sam became incensed because for their sloth they received harsh treatment. And they rose up in the dark of night and wreaked havoc on the House. And for this the were unished severely. And lo, the co d clays Became longer and warmer, and the Sons of Sam did sow early in the Spring. And many fine daughters of Sam were brought into the city to celebrate the Feast of the Slaves. And the House of Sam was but a Sodom or Gamorrah in the sight of the Lord. And the Sons carried women and drink even unto the sea. And there was no end to their shame and lasci- viousness. But the Day of Reckoning drew nigh with great haste, and within the House there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. And in the sixth month all of the Sons of Sam departed from the city, some never to return and others ever to return. Yet all were of the blood of Sam, and they depart- ed with fond memories and a common bond. And the Lord saw this, and He was well-pleased. 346 Greeks 'i I . Do the walrus. Angii nstalks" his date. Alexander, 111, Allen I... '70: Annan- dale. Va. Amlong, William R. '68: Miami. Fla. Allurbury. William W.. '69: Rndnor. Pa. Barkley. Palrick L. '69: Newton Bcnnetl. Charles M., '70: Atlanta. Ga. Bivens. Bruce T.. '69: Wingme Brown, Dnvid 13.. '68: Gruenvillc. Del. Clyde, William M., '69: Media. Pu. Cross, Benjamin M. '69: Lenoir Esscr, Richard B.. '60: Iarlsdalc. N.Y: chstrom. John IL. 68: Oxon Hill, Md Fisher. Richard L.. '70: Ashcville Gendron, Gregory T.. '70: Roanoke. Va. Gerber. David F.. '70: Middletown, Ohio Gcrgory. In. John. '70: chdersonville Gucnlhcr. Earl L.. '69: Les Angeles, Calif. Hum. John R.. '68: Virginia Beach, Va. Helms. John B., '68: Wingule Helms. William H,' '60: Wingule Herald, Mrmn R., '60: Pittsburgh. Pa. Lackey, Jn. Herman E.. '69: Stony Point Lewis, Slanley R., '69: Long Branch, NJ. Long. 111. Arlhur S.. '68: Charlotte Mays. Kenneth L.. '70: Durham McFadden. David D.. '6 McKeilhan. Timothy 8.. Ion Morgan, Charles R.. '66: Allanln. Ca. Nelms. William H.. '68: Kunnapolis Pclcrson. Victor 8.. '68: Bryson Cily Pipes. Viclar D,. '70: Lenoir iickory 8:Wiln1ing- Pope. Jru C. H.. '60: Magnolia Pyne, Iosaph H" '70: Medumak. Mu. Randolph, Angus M. C., '69: Winslon-Salem Rapp. David M,. '69: Wnycrs Cave. Va. Richardsnn, III. A. Cullen. '69: Allan- la. Ga: Rilok. Ir.. loscphA" '70: Detroit, Mich. Robinson. Roland 1.. '68: Charlotte Ruwe. Peter C.. '70: Maldnn. Mass, Slewarl. Richard L, '70: Princelon. NJ. Todd, Rex l-I.. '69: Yadkinville Turner, David R.. '70: New Bern Greeks 347 PI ALPHA KAPPA Sit'it'i as? 3 t , 4f Q , :3 M g? r Joseph T. T6fdf$u hV'VTreasurer Charles H. Sike's', -- Secretary Thomas D. Wilson Social Chairman The PiKAs came back stronger in numbers and spirit than ever before. Rockin' Ricky gave us an unbeatable social program which carried up through those l-o-n-g-football games. The Supremes, Four Tops, and the Miracles are just a few of the groups we heard - on our juke box. After weeks and weeks of practicing, our chug- ging team, Trout, Gapes, Lurch, and Will, came in first on campus! The PiKA Beat Dook Pa- rade, sponsored annually by - Who else? - was colorful and inspired the team to come through at the last for a victory. The WWII party was a great success, but our manuevers in the "Arb" were routed by the Campus police. All of the sophomores became slicker and more accepted by getting lavaliered to any girl who would date them more than once - Stein played Santa, giving much deserved presents to everyone. Will said we were "going to do everything to- gether" this year, and when the upstairs showa er broke down, we believed him. Blakely got an apartment this year, but forgot to move. Funt spent first semester picking out china patterns - we don't know what he did second semester. Flea lived in an apt. but we aren't sure whose. Wonderful gave his culinary talents to the AAH'S this year and Jordan can't get his books balanced with the BA. Dept. or Mrs. Sparrow. Flossie isn't pinned - it just looks that way and Sewage and Turn actually came back to the house this year - Now to get Stapp to leave!! PiKA takes the best in rush, and with Spring Germans, Jubilee, and Beach Weekend at the Hawaiian Village, the year quickly comes to an end . . . until summer school starts, that is! 348 Greeks Adair. Steven Mu '70: Greens- bore Beam, Dunald C, '69: Shelby Beard,lll.BryceP, 9:3alisbury Blount. Sumner 8, t9: Winstone Salem Brownt Julian W.. '66: Murfrees- bore Clayt Thomas S.. '70: Greensboro Cole, Edmund P" '70: Oak Ridge. Tenn. Cook. "1, Harry E. '70: Winston- Salem Cornwell.MichaelS., '701Clinlon Einstein. James I... '68: Winslon- Salem Gardner. III, 0. Max. '69: Shelby Glenn. George A.. '69: Wilson Harrul. In, James A,, '69: Elkin Hayes. Stephen T., '68: Winston- Salem Hopkins. Thomas L.. '59: Raleigh Ingram. Charles M.. '70: Kenans- ville Janos. Robert MiY '68: Winston- Salem lanes. Samuel T.. '69: Sweet- walcr, Tenn. Jurdan. Jr.. Joseph T.. '68: Luurin- burg Kirby, James E.. '70: Spartanburg. S.C. Niven. David 13.. 'BH: Monroe Paksoy. In, Ali 13.. '70: Shelby Rose. III, Stanley H., '70: New Ca- naum Conn. Sikcs. In. Charles H.. '70: Greens- bore Singlclary. John 8.. '70: While- ville Stapp. IL, Fred T., '68: Chatta- nooga, Tenn. Stuns. II, Clyde L., '69: Shelby Sulllc. lamcs V., '68: Shelby Tallman. lohn 1.. '70: Wilming- ton. Dela. Talon, Charles E, '70: Winston- Salem Thumas. Herbert H.. '69: Eir- mingham. Ala. Willardson. John S., '68: Santa Monica. Cam. Wilson, Ir.. T. Douglas. 'Gu: WinslonaSKilem Wilsun. Iri. William L.. '70: Winslon-Snlum Wilson. William M,. '70: Wil. minglun Woodin, Ill. Raye P,. '68: Mubane Wf he does fhaf one more time . . .!" K . . Germans . . . "the Sparkle of champagne in their eyes" Greeks 349 GERMANS CLUB The Germans Club is one of the oldest and most renowned organizations on the Carolina campus. It dates back beyond 1890 and was first featured in the original Yackety Yuck of 1901. The purpose of the club is to bring outstanding entertainers to Carolina. In the past, the club has sponsored large dances, but the emphasis today has shifted to sponsoring concerts. This past year, the Fall Concert featured Little Anthony and the Imperials and Barbara Lewis. A dance in the win- ter months in Durham headlined the Shirelles and Carla Thomas. The membership of the Germans Club is com- posed of twelve fraternities: Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Alpha, Kappa Sigma, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Gamma Delta, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Sigma Nu, St. Anthony Hall and Zeta Psi. Only the mem- bers of these fraternities receive invitations to the concerts, although it is possible to purchase bids from members who choose not to attend. 350 Greeks 0 Adams. William H, '69: Delta Kappa Epsilon Laird, Clinton 3., '69: Kappa Sigma . Lassiter, Allen D., '70: Delta Kappa Epsilon Logue, Robert B., '68: Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Morris, David S., '68: Phi Gamma Delta Paksoy, In, Ali B., ,701 Pi Kappa Alpha 9 Shepard, Walton S., '70: Kappa Alpha Smith, Garnett A.. '69: Phi Delta Theta . Stanton, George L., '70: Sigma Chi Todd, Rixey B., '69: Zeta Psi . Wilson. Stewart L., 68: Phi Delta Theta Woodroof, III, Albert C., '69: Sigma Alpha Epsilon The Shirelles, backed by fh Winfer Dance. Pre-Germans Cocktail Pariy. Greeks 35'1 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - Ronnie Bobo, Rush Chairman; Pete Graver, Cour! Chairman; Randy Myer, President; John Cullen, Vice-Presidenf. ABSENT: Jim Farm", Treasurer; Bab Bradner, Secretary. Inlerfrafernity Council 352 Cracks INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The social fraternities at Carolina since 1851 have played an integral part in the lives of their members and in the general environment of the University. They offer the individual a means by which to mold and enrich his life at college; yet these advantages can be found only through the in- dividuals initiative. The Interfraternity Council, which meets on al- ternate Monday nights, made significant progress this year under the guidance of President Randy Myer. The Council serves as the legislative body governing the twenty-four social fraternities. The IFC Court is the judicial branch, which rules on and enforces penalties for social and rushing in- fractions. I.F.C. COURT - FRONT ROW: Robin Rouse, Pete Graver, Chairman; Buddy Chrifzberg, John Callun. SECOND ROW: Randy During the last administrative year, the IFC has established a $100 loan fund, IFC pledge represen- tatives, and a definite solicitation policy for the betterment of the system itself. This fall the court structure was updated, a stricter academic policy was passed, and the Carolina Creek was estab- lished under IFC leadership. Among service proj- ects were the UNICEF drive and the continuation of the IFC Blood Bank. Several new ideas will be continued and developed in the future, such as the elimination of the scholarship rule, the elimination of strict silence and the establishment of a coopera- tive purchasing association for all fraternities on campus. Worth, Haywood David, Taft Snowdon, John Branon, Randy Myer. .Alford. Guy R. '69: Tarhom Anderson. Iva C8, '69: Fayetteville Angel. Bernard A.. '69: Winstun-Salem Atkins. lII. Alfred W , '70: Philadelphia, Pa. Beasley, Charles B., '7 Kinslun Bickslcr. William H., '66: Potlsluwn. Pa: Blair. John W.I '69: Piltsboro Callan. lohn S.. '69: Manhasset. NY: .Carlislu. Sam Q. '70: Tarboro Cheshire, III. John A. 69: Kings Mountain Cunningham, Reed L. 68: Spananburg. S.C: Davis. IL. lamcs M., '68: Morehead Cin Denning, Charles V '69: Smilhfield Downing, John M.. '70: Jacksonville Eadie. Robert BW '69: Charlotte Edmonson, Alder! R.. '69: Smilhfield Ellison. John G.. '69: Greensboro .Erkkincn. Peter A.. '70: Riverside, RJ. Fauncc, lr.. David E.. '69: Bryn Mawr, Pa. Graham. In. William V:. '70: Bnlhcsda. Md: Gregory. IL, Nathaniel IL, '70: Durham Griffilh, IL, Frank 1:, '69: Iupimr. Fla. Hall. Slewarl K.. '69: Rochester. NY. Hamilton. III, Frank T.. '70: Cincinnati, Ohio Hanson. Karl El. '68: Jacksonville, Fla. Harlzog. Dan M., '69: Raleigh .Hellebush, Peler L.. '68: Godfrey, Ill. Halladay. James D" '69: Baltimore. Md. Johnson. Donald R. '88: Wilson Keezel, 11, Edward F.. '69: Winter Park. Fla: Kleinmaier. Alan R. '68: Kinslon Leigh, Robert L., '69: Grand Rapids: Mich. Mann. 111. Julian, '69: Raleigh Meares, IL. Carl W., '69: Fair Bluff Macro. 111, Joseph C" '70: Raleigh .Munday. Carl 8:. '68: Durham Paulsen. William F., '69: Kinslun Porter, IL, Thomas I '69: Tarboro Rapcr, William C '68: Asheville Reeves, David C 68: Sanford Riggs. David L.. '68: Morganton Rusmiscll. Keith M., '69: Morganlon Scwell, IL. Cecil W" '69: Morehead Cily Starling. Sampson A., '68: Jacksonville .Teague, George MH '6 Morganlon Tennille, George W, '68: Kinslon Turner, john LH '68: Pink Hill Von Rosenberg. Charles G., '69: Faycllevillc Wannamker. III. C. W., '68: Winslon-Salcm Webb, Thomas F., '70: Greenville Wuodurd. Clement 8., '68: Beaufor'l Wnodruff. IL. Leon F.. '68: Selma Yates. john W:. '68: Asheboro .Young. James R., '68: Raleigh Bells, In, John M., '68: Greensboro BramblctL Aldon R.. '70: Jesup. Ga. Cherry. Ill. Charles 0., '68: Raleigh Come. Iohn R.. '68: Charlotte Cumbic. Stephen M., '70: Greensboro Davis. In. Neil 0.. '79: Auburn, Ala. Deavcr. Ir.. William N.. '76: Annandale. Va: Dobson, Steven F., '70: Chauanooga. Tenn. . Douglass. Jeffrey L., 70: Hingham. Mass. Frye. lames B., '68: Homewoud. lll. Gleason, William M., '68: Culver. Ind. Gnrdun, William I8. '68: Fairbanks. Alaska Gunler. Coke : .. 68: Asf'xevillc Harrell, HI, Lonnie C., '68: Saratuga Harlin. Chrislopher R '69: Washington, DC. Hcalun. Frederick Cu '68: RaILEigh . Healon. David R.. '69: Raleigh Hickey. IL. Howard M., '68: Greensboro Higdnn. In. William L. '69: Honolulu, Hawaii Inderfurlh. Karl E. '68: Charlotte Kuip. Ruben W., '68: WinslomSalcm Lilllu. Robert W., '68: Cibsnnville Lilllnjuhn. IlI,Thomas WH '70: WinslmrSalem Maffill. 111, Ben C. '70: Charlene Mauldin. Rodney B., '68: Charlolte . McClure. IL. William 0:. '69: Gaslonia McLean. Horace 8., ' Grecnsburo McPhauL Donald M,. '68: Raleigh Merrill, Tinsley R.. '70: Atlanta, Ga. Mitchell. IL. William M.. '66: Greensboro Maura. Roger A.. '68: Charlotte Neal. Ir.. R: Douglas. '69: Charlotte New. Edgar T.. '76: Gwenshuro New. erluhn R. '69: Greenville. SC: . Ncwlin. jamcs Wq '69: Burlington Nicholson. lr.. Don G:, '70: Miami. Fla. Osborne. III. Colin P:, '68: Lumberlon Parker. Charles 1.. '70: Benson Pallcrson. Scan 6.. '68: Chevy Chase. Md. Perry. Carl D.. '70: Knoxville, Tenn. Phillips. jamcs V.. '70: Greensboro Phillips. Sterling EL, '68: Greensboro Pollard, Thomas I... '70: Durham . Rngland. Edgar K., '68: Norl'ork. Va. Rindflcisch, Donald L., '69: Olympia Fields H1. Rockwell. David Allen. '70: Greensboro Ryder, Jack W:: '70: Burlington Schroeder. David P:, '69: Mansfield, Ohio Settle. In. Robert D.. '6 Furl Worlh: Tex: Sheppard. Jr.. James R:, '69: WinslonvSalcm Sunni. In. Iohn C., '69: Charlolle Uhrinh. IL. Harry L. '69: Lebanon. Pa. 354 Greeks ,, laj JEA . Vnn Hcckc, IL. James M., '69: Grecnsboru Walsh, 11, Roberl AH '70: Washington, D.C. Winlon. Robert E. '66: Raleigh Younger. In. Thomas C., '20: WinslowSalem Allen, Slevc N.. '69: Concurd Badger. David R. 69: Charlolle Bcnnclt. Dave Aq '69: Burlington Bensoh. Brian D.. '70: Charlollu .Bickctl. Icrry F., '70: Knoxville. Tenn. Blackweldur, John A., '68: Cherryvillc Bubo. Rnnald 13,. '66: Charlollc Buokur. IL. Benjamin W., '69: Smilhfield Cukor, Richard G., '69: New York. NY. Davidson. Donald '11, '69: Jacksonville. Fla, Deilinger. III. John B.. '68: Cherryville Earnhardt. Ice 0.. '69: Albemarlc Emexson. Thomas T.. '76: CincinnaH. Ohio .Fcamsler. IL, Ruydcn 68: Salisbury Fuller. Slephen W '70: Salisbury Gaithcr. luhn A.. ' Hickory Gardner. lamus 17., '69: Hickory Hardy: David G, '69: Grand Rapids. Mich. Harrlesun. Jr.. Robert C.. 69: Cherryville Hobson, 111. Henry W: '68: Cincinnati. Ohio Huntley. IL. Iames W 69: Charlotte Huntley. William B.. '6 Syracuse. N:Y. . Ieffress. Charles N.. '70: Richmond. Va. Johnson, Ronald E.. '70: Charlotte Johnston, lr.. Richard 8.. '68: North Wilkesboro Lund. Thomas R.. 68: Charlulle Lyles. Ray V.. '69: Mouresvillu MacNaughlon. john 13.. '69: Charlotte McKoy. Viglur P., '68: Wilmington Means. William E.. '69: Charlotte ' Miller. Paul E.. '70: Charlotte . Mitchell. William G. '69: Raleigh Myrink, Robert W.. '66: Smithficld Nance. David D., '69: Charlulle Nelson. Davis W.. '69: Charlolle Northrop. Robert V.. '69: Charlollc Plan. Alfred E. '69: Ossining. N,Y. Pruddnn. John D.. '70: Palm Beach, Fla: Pyle, Charles L. '69: Weston. Conn: Rubens, John P.. 69: Charlotte .Shcll. Michael P. 68: Charlotte Snipes, Ray. '69: Atlanta. Ga. Starncs: Ierry S" '68: Hickory Sluul. john EL. '68: North Wilkesboro 'I'olhcrow, IL. Clarke C,. '69: Charlotte Van Wagcncn. Frederic . '68: Salisbury Warren. John M:. '69: Tarbum Webster, 1n. Lloyd DH '70: Madison Wedge. Robert 6:. '69: Atlanta, Ga: .Whikehursl, Robert A., '69: Paris. France Wilbur. Robert C.. '69: Babylon. NY: Wilhelm, Milus L; '69: Belmont. Mass. Albcrl. Conrad P.. '66: Weslficld. N.I. Barba. Louis D.. '69: Shorl Hills. NJ. Beaten. Bruce'Wu '68: Kinslon Eehrmun. Douglas NH '69: Chapel Hill Bode. Robert V.. '70: Raleigh .Brunch, Franklin T., '68: Atlanta. Ga. Brill. lamcs L.. '68: Newington. Conn: Bruili. Robert ' ' Brown. lohn Mq Bush. Louis K.. '69: Sao Paulo. Brazil Carpenter. Thomas E.. '68: Sarasota. Fla. Cloniger. David 3:, '70: Thomasville Clower. Lea IL. '69: Atlanta. Ga. Colby. Bassell D,. '70: Wellesley Hills. Mass. . Colby. Whitney C. '68: Wellcslcy Hills. Mass. Crawford. Asa H. '76: Williamslon Dnnnnmann. Fred K., '69: Norfolk. Va: Darmh. William C.. '70: Marrapoisell, Mass. Davis. Slanlcy D,. '69: Chattanooga. Tenn: Dictz, john 12.. '69: Syracuse. NY. Dudd, Zane A., '69: Allanlu. Gu. Dunlevie, Steven Sq '70: Atlanta. Ga. Flelcher, Ralph H.. '68: Arlington, Va. .Flclqher, Richard6V" '703Chpllanooga. Tenn. Flickinger. Edward G.. '69: Lima, Ohio Frost. Robert H., '69: Waterford. Conn. Gadd. Ir.. Hamilton M" '69: Atlanta. Ga. Gilmore: Peter C. '68: igun City. 1nd. Gowan. 11. Donald K . '70: Bridgewater, Cunn. Guy. William H.. 8: Slatesvillc Hawfield, In. William B.. '69: Charlene Hays. Thomas B" '69: Chattanooga. Tenn: .Hnback. Hames W.. '70: Challunooga, Tenn. Hodges. Andrew . '68: Charleston. S.C. Hulliduy. lot: L.. 1 Chattanooga. Tenn: Hope, Stephen D '69: Chnrlolle Keel. Donald S.. '68: Charlotte KinzeL Robert C , '70: New York. NY. Lacklcn, lay F., 6 Greensboro Lambert. David J. 2 St. Petersburg: Fla. Luc. William D" '70: Raleigh .Livingston, jr.. Paul H:. '68: Laurinburg .Lluyd. David P.. '70: Albion. Michigan McCleery. Harold A. '70: Suffern. NY. McNairy. John 0.. '69: Greensbnro Miller. William P.. '66: Concord Neely. IL. John C.. '68: Montreal, Canada Ncwlan. James 8.. ' Pittsburgh, Pa. Pharr. III. Jones Y.. '70: Charlulle Powell. Peter E., '70: Clinton Greeks 355 .Powcll, Siephen 1-1:, '70: Thomasvilln Read. JrH Ruben P.. '68: Chapel Hill Rickclls. 111. Thomas C.. '70: Richmond. Va. Robnrls: Bruce T.. '69: Richmond, Va, Russell: Peler R.. '69: Manchester. Mass. Sawyer. In. Harold M., '68: Wilmington, Del. Smith. Henry L. '69: Tallahassee, Fla. Sleinbrccher. Alan K.. '68: Dearborn. Mich. Slrickland, I. C:. '68: Bloomfield Hills. Mich: .Wehstm. 111. Joseph A.. '69: Savannah. Ga: While. Benjamin T.. '69: Allanla. Ga. Wiley. George 13., '68: Atlanta, Ga. Yelvcrlon. John C.. '68: Arlingmn. Va. Wilson. Tug. '70: Winnelka, 111. Adams. William 11., '69: Charlotte Anderson, 111. Esley 0.. '70: Charlotte Baur, Edward T.. '68: St. Louis. Mo. . Bray, In. Richard V.. '69: Churluue Brown. Scull, '70: Pagcl. Eegmuda Carey. Bruoks. '68: Hutchinson. Kans. Clark. Franklin 5.. '69: Fayelteville Cockc. IL. William 8.. '69: Wilmington Coleman. Alexander C.. '69: Charlcsmn. S.C, 'Cnvinmn. Edward 1-1., '69: High Point Davis. John 1-1.. '69: Winston-Salem Davis. Kenneth R.. '70: Durham .Dawson. Ill, Amos C. 69: Raleigh Egbert. III. John C., . Espy. William W: 69: Savannah, Ga: Fuscue. Charles T.. '70: High Poinl Frank: In, Clinlon E '69: Winnetka. Ill. Fuller, Slephen W.. '70: Oyster Bay. NY. Goodman, Richard P., '68: Salisbury Grauer, Peter T.. '68: Gladwyne, Pa, Gr'ay, Bernard, '70: Wishinglon. DC. 0 Gray, 111. James A.. '70: WinsmnSalem Grihclu. Garland D., '68: Raleigh Hagan. 111. Charles T.. '70: Greensboro Harris. John W.. '69 Charlotte Hcdrnan. Kan! S: :Wilminglon Hill, 111. Horace R, '70: Charl-oth Hiimer. III, Arlhur C.. '70: Coral Gables. Fla. Hines. 111, Thomas M.. '70: Spartanburg. SC Hulderncss, Richard T.. ' 8: Greensboro .Hollan. John K., '70: Winslun-Salem Hollan. In. William E.. '66: Winston-Salem Hussman. Walter E. '68: Camden, Ark. Kenan. 111. James CL. '68: Atlanla. Ga. King. III. Waller Wq '68: Greensboro Klullz. Robert H.. '70: Salisbury Kluuz. William C:, '68: Salisbury Lamm. Rudson W.. '70: Wilson Lassiler. Allen D,. ' Winslun-Snlem .Lurd. Alexanders '70: Lyons-le-Forcl. France Ludingmn. R.. ' : Cnccnut Grove. Fla. MacCorkle. John L. '69: Charleston. W. Va: McCarrall. Steven M,. '68: Waynesville McConer. luhn M.. '68: New Bern McDunald. In, Morris 1., '68: Atlanta. Ga. Moislen. Pele:- C.. '68: Atlanta. Ga. Overluck. In, W. 1.. '68: New Canaan. Conn, Pressly, Jennings G., '69: Greenville. SC. .Pricstnr, Frederick CH '68: Davenport. Iowa Pruden, James N.. '70: Edenlon Rafferty, Kennelh RH '70: Dublin: Ireland Ragsdalc, Tomas C.. '69: Jamestown Ramsay. David A. '69: Chapel Hill Rhodes. Thomas 1,, '69: Williamslun Rikcr, III. Philip. '68: Palersun, N.I. Ross. Dunald 0.. '70: Hamdcn. Conn. Royall. III. Kenneth C.. '69: Durham .Sawycr. L, E., '68: Elizabeth City Spalding. lack 1.. '68: Ananta, Ga, Swensor. B: M.. '68: Dallas, Tex: Taylor, In. Joseph 0.. '68: Sanford Thomas. 111, Fred A.. '69: High Poinl Toomcy. Robert C... '68: Greelwille. S.C. Vogler. William N.. 69: Bowling Green. Ky: Williams. Brooke N:. '6 Ridgewdod. NJ: Woodscn, Ir.. Paul B. 68: Wilmington .Younl, Peter S.. '69' Winslon-Salem Zimmerman. C. H., 70: Summerville, S.C: Allen. Dwight W:, '68: Goldsboro Ayas'h. Gary H.. '70: Wilmington Butler. Robert H.. 69. Gastonia Coleman, Ruben F. 111. '68: Wilmington Cooke. Randolph 13., '69: Wilkesboro .Craver. IL, T. 13., '69: Mountain Lakes, NJ. Cunningham. Bruce T.. '70: Charlene Culling, Iames 13:. '89: Annapolis. Md. Dcvane. John M.. '70: Seattle. Wash. Dillard, Robert W.. '69: Villanova. Penn. Doulhwaim, David T 69: Wilmington Dunaiick. Waller L.. 70: Wilmington Ely. Joseph H., '68: Morristown, NJ. Fcnningcr. Randolph B. In. '68: Aiken, SC. .Frccman. Smith. '68: Dobson Fuller. Middlckon R.. '69: Spfingfield. Pa. Guudfallow. Alexander 8:, '69: 13811165513. Md. Hagcr. Barry M.. '70: Alexis Hinton. Charles L. 111. '69: Elizabeth City Ishcrwoud. Ir., George, '69: Springfield. Pa. Jackson. Francis DH '69: Morganlon Jennings. Michael D:. '68: Kensington, Md. Kriuhbaum. George W. Ir.. '69: Ashcville 356 Greeks . Lehtonen, II. Harold. '70: Falls Church, Va. Lennon. William E.. '69: Morganlon Lewis, Lorenzo. '68: Beaufort Linn. Terry EL. '70: Landis Lloyd. Richard P: 1n, '69: Wilmington. Del. Long. William E.. '68: Newton McElroy, Frank L, '70: Glen Rock. NJ. McNabb. IL. Rodney C.. '69: Zebulon Meeker. Michael D.. '69; Asheville O Mees. William N.. '68: Huntington. NY. Milstead. Stephen K., '69: Statesville Morgan, Douglas W.. '69: Canton. Ohio Mosleller. Robert P., '70: Lincolnton Murphy. Thomas L.. '69: Salisbury Murray. Danny R.. '70: Asheville Myer, Charles R.. '68: Geneva. Ill. Nanney. Ir.. Louis W., '70: Rutherfordmn Nemeth, john W.. '68: Fairfield. Conn. O Pouer. Richard C. 68: Paris. France Ramsay, john E.. '70: Salisbury Respess. L: M. In, '70: Virginia Beach. Va. Ringle. Andrew D.. '70: Chevy Chase. Md. Robinson. In, Royce W.. '69: Gastonia Rose. William D.. '69: Fremont Sadler. In. James C.. '70: Charlotte Sessoms. Stuart M. It. 69: Bethesda. Md. . Shellhaas. Stephen 0: Lubbock. Tex. Smith, Gregory W.. '69: Atlanta. Ga. Tums. In, Francis R. '68: Petersburg. Va. Tracy, Robert 5.. '69: Hickory Wallace. Scull B.. '69: Chapel Hill Williams, Arthur R.. '70: Greensboro Wolcotl. William F. III, '68: Asheville Barnell. Thomas V.. '68: Atlanta. Ga. Bell. Robert D,. '70: Atlanta, Ga. . Bell, In. William M.. '69: Windsor Bruce. Branson K. '70: Raleigh Bullcr: Clifford R.. ' : Dunn Coppedge, W. T. IL. 69: Jacksonville. Fla. Chrielzbexg. In. Wm. D.. '70: Chapel Hill Fawsetl. Robert H.. '68: Washington. DC. Garrison, Shave K., '70: Burlington Gray. Allan B" '70: High Point Harris. Malcolm E,, '70: Raleigh O-Han-ison. Phillip TI. '70: Louisville. Ky. Helvestine. William A.. '88: Miami. Fla. Hill. Iunalhan R.. '69: Dunn Holland. William 5.. '69: Statesville Hunter. III. Alex M.. '69:.Allanta, Ga. Hubbard III. Buckley. '70: Erie. Pa. Johnson, Lee 13., '69: Dunn Jordan. Dick. '70: Charlotte Langdon. Bradley S.. '70: Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. . Miles. IL. Iames W.. '70: Greensboro Moore, Michael E.. '70: Raleigh Moring. Thomas B., 70: High Point Newman. III. George F.. '69: Greensboro Nye, Glenn C.. '68: Narberlh. Pa. Orr. Robert F.. 68: Hendersonville Page. Ioseph. '70: Roanoke Rapids Perry. Richard T.. '68: Pittsburgh. Pa. Poe. In, Charles A.. '69: Dildo. Mo. .Priesi. IL, Gordon W., '69: Baltimore. Md. Rhyne, Richard 6:. '68: Raleigh Ringhaver. Randal L. 69: St. Augusline. Fla. Sh'epherd, III. W: Su '69: Charleston. W. Va. Shouse, William C.. '70: Lexington. Ky. Shreve. Brandon W '68: Westport. Conn. Smith. Marlin D.. '59: Hickory Steinem'ann, In. Frank. '70: Columbus. Ohio Stewart. Thomas P., '69: Peloskey, Mich. .Swann. Michael A, '69: Curatu, Cortequay Trask, Richard T: B.. '68: New York. NY: Travis, William B.. '68: Jacksonville. Fla. Wandelt, Frederick H., '70: Princeton. NJ. Warren. IL. Robert A.. '70: Raleigh Webster. George A.. '70: Madison White. 112. Robert S.. '68: Raleigh Williams. III. Thomas N.. '68: Bethesda, Md. 0 Winter. Kcnned: H.. '70: Raleigh Wyall, Vincent C., '7 Raleigh Beverly, Gerald M. 58: Laurinburg Brown. James 5.. '70: Hamlet Blackburn. Norman 6.. '68: Chapel Hill Cable. Charles M.. '68: Laurinburg Connolly. Ruben L. '68: Penn Wynne. Pa. Cowan. III. Everett C., '68: ParkesbLu-g, Pa. DeRiemer, Neil 8.. '68: Wayne. Pa. . Elliot. IL. John D.. '70: Charlotte Elrod. Thomas L. '70: Charlotte Gilkey, In. John M:. '68: Marion Flanagan. Richard D. 69: Wilmington, Del. Hackney. William R. : Charlene Hammerbeck. Edward C. '68: Arlington, Va. Hankins. III. Irvin W,. '68: Charlene Hillard. John R.. '66: Westfield. NJ. Keams. Robert A.. '69: Slalesville Knight. Henry C.. '68: Durham Kornegay. Alonzo D.. '69: Statesville Leake. Hansfmd 8.. '69: Winslon-Salem Lipscomb. In. Nathan, '69: Webster Grove. Mo. Marquelte. Daniel 1,, '68: Pompano Beach. Fla. Pate, IL. Herbert W. '70: Kinstun Pinyoun. Roy R.. '68: Raleigh Richardson, Lance Bq '68: Washington Richter, In. Lawrence E. '68: MI. Pleasanl. S.C. Greeks 357 O Salvali. Ronald C., '66: Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Terry. Ir.. Iamcs W.. '70: Rockingham Tucker. Iames H:. '70' Greenville Watson. Charles M '69: Kinston Williams. Jerry A., '7 Rockingham Wand, III. Robert 8.. '69: Slatesville Zeuel, Norman 1.. '68: Marlinsville. N.I. Zimmerman. Micheal D.. '69: Lexington . Anderson. Jr.. M. M.. '66: Charleslon. W. Va. Baxter. Thomas S.. '69: Langley AFB. Va. Beavers, Micheal C. '70: Virginia Beach. Va. ClausnL Thomas C. : Winslon-Salem Cobb. W. Thurston. ' Goldsborn Canine, Waller L.. '68: Slatesville Crawford. Bruce H.. '68: Greensboro Culcliffe. III. James E., '68: Holden. Mass: Farish, Charles M.. '69: Ann Arbor, Mich. . Fidlur. David R.. '68: Charlanc Galloway. Samuel 8.. '70: Valpariso. Fla. Fish. David A.. '69: Alexandria. Va. Greenwood. 11. Sam K.. '70: Franklin Heafner. William H. '69: Lincolnlon Hoback. Jr.. George H.. '69: Bluefield. W. Va: Hopkins. Larry D.. '69: Norwood Hunter. Ruben N.. '69: Greensboro Kallenburg. Philip C.. '69: Vienna. Va. . Liipfen. Charles 1.. '70: Fort Valley. Ca. Limehouse. Thomas W.. 69: Charleston, SC. Martin. IL. George D.. '69: Baltimore. Md. Neal. john W.. '69: Hamlet Neher. William K '70: Greenwich, Conn. Peamck. Incl A '69: Laurinburg Pultz. David A., ' Greensboro Rainey. Pclric M.. '66: Chattanooga. Tenn. Ryan. Marquis I.. '70: Vienna. Va. 0 Smith. Alan K.. '68: Silver Spring. Md. Walker. Kenneth LN '66: Burlington Weslerholm. II. Harold S:. '68: Oxford Whitaker, Dan P.. '66' Louisville. Ky. Adams. Richard 70: Birmingham. Ala. Andertan. In. C. H.. Chattanooga, Tenn: Babcock. Richard R '69: Charlene Bagwell, Ronald R.. '66: Raleigh Barber, Iohn L:. '68: Raleigh . Bell. Iames F.. '69: Raleigh Blount. William G.. '66: Greenville Brantley. Iulian C.. '70: Rocky Mount Brallun. John R.. '70: Raleigh Carr. William B.. '66: Gfecnsboro Clark. Anhur EL, '66: Indianola. Miss. Craven. Robin 6.. '70' Raxburo Culp. III. Robert G.. 66: High Point Davis. lohn K.. '69 Winslon-Salem . Darn. Joseph W, '70: Atlanta, Ga. Fanhing. In. William 13.. '70: Charlotte Federal. In. William A.. '69: Charlotte Ferguson. Robert H.. '70: Raleigh Fontaine. Iames R., '70: Raleigh Fay. Glunn E.. '70: Slatesville Gailhcr. In, Ferby G.. '70: Simesville Galyun. III, Luther A. '68: Knoxville. Tenn. Godshall, I: H.. '70: Mexico. D.F.. Mexico 0 Haywood. Huber! 13.. '68: Raleigh Hendexson. George W.. '70: Atlanta. Ga. Hunter. Thomas 13.. '70: Rockinghnm Kelly, Frank B.. '69: Macon. Ga. Lynch. In. Charles 8., '66: Bennellsville. S.C. Mayse. John D.. '69: Forest City Parker. Henry W.. '7 : High Paint Phipps. Eugene H.. 69: Rocky Mount Pool. Murphy P.. '69: Clinton 0 Purdy. William R.. '68: Burlington Raney. In. William A.. '69: Wilmington Ridenhour. Calvin B.. '69: Charlotte Roessler. Gustave M.. '70: Clarksdale. Miss. Rudolph. Vernon C.. '70: Winslnn-Salem Saenger. George W. '68: Ashevillc Smith. Claude V.. 69: Charlotte Speir. Alan M.. '69: Charlotte . Spry, IL. William D.. '66: Summit. NJ. Slovall. Emmet C., '70: Wilmington Teague. lr.. Charles W.. '68: High Poinl Tilley. IL. Thomas G.. ' : Winslon-Salem Troll. William M. '68: Raleigh Webb. Henry T.. 70: Albemarle Wesler. John R.. '68: Ruckinghnm Williams. Ludolph G. '69: Rockingham Wilson. Ill, Peter T.. '68: Winslon-Salem . Wilson. IL. Stewart L.. '66: Raleigh Winslead. Samuel B.. '66: Roxboro Worth Randolph L. '66: Raleigh Wright. 111 James 1.. '616 Greensboro Beall. john 6. '70 Lenoir Boseman. IL, Robert R.. 70: Rocky Mounl Branch. IL. James A.. '66: Chapel Hill Caldroney. Thomas L.. '70: Newport News, Va. . Cannaday. Kenneth 5.. ':66 Charlotte Elmore. II. Iahn A.. ' Wilmington Gaskins. IL, Charles .. Griffin. IL. Henry F... '7 . Williamston Heath. In. Waller A.. '70: Kannapolis Higgins. Thomas D. 66: Pittsburgh. Pa. Hobson. Donald G.. 6'9' Dunn Honeycull 111. Roy L. '6:9 Greenville Huward Roberl,. '70: Tarbom 358 Creek's 0 Hughes. John S.. '66: Durham Iolliffe, III. Thomas P., '66: Newport News, Va. Kelly. John E.. '70: Beaumont. Tex. Lamm, Averelle M.. '70: Wilson Lee. Robert H., '70' Wilson McCall. IL. luck 0.. '69: Midland. Tex. McGrath. Malcolm 13.. '66: Lumberton McLaughlin. In. C. A.. '69: Southern Pines Miller. Richard 1., '66: Milwaukee. Wis. C Miller, Ronald W.. '86: Milwaukee. Wis: Moore. III. James R.. '68: Washington Morris. David 5.. '68: Broadway Paschal. III. George W.. '69: Raleigh Patterson. William N.. '69: Manhasseh N.Y. Tanner. IL. James M.. '68: Birmingham. Ala. Taylor. IL. Aubrey B., '69: Greenville Titchcner. William R.. '69: Wilson Venlexs. In. E. lemme, '69: Richlands 0 Vincent. Charles M.. '86: Greenville Wallace, Loring S.. '70: Beaumont. Tex. Weed. Frank C.. '7 Columbia. S.C. wmh. George B.. '69: Warminster. Pa. Wood. Richard W.. '68: Midland. Tex. Woodward. Edgar E... '70: Juarez. Mexico Wright. In. Robert T.. '68: Bethlehem, Pa. Alcott. Roy 1.. '69: SL Petersburg. Fla. 0 Broom. Richard A.. '70: Fayetteville Clemens. William 1.. ' 6: Lecsburg. Va. Daniel. Lawrence K. Wilmington, Del. deCastrique. Mark D:. '70: Charlotte Duncan. Norman 3.. '70: Winslon-Salem Fells. Michael M.. '69: Bangkok. Thailand Gibson. IL. Clyde W.. '70: Laurinburg Hawkins. James 1.. '70: Hampton. Va. Hcavener. Lewis R.. '69: Gaslania . Hunsaker, Charles G.. '70: Arlington. Va. Ison. Frank H.. '70: Charlotte Lewis. William I '68: Charlotte Liles. Jn. john U.. '69: Raleigh Mabry. In. Ii-a G., '68: Charlotte McCormick. 111. William H., '66: Greensboro Purdy. Frank P., '69: Raleigh Siebenschuh. Frederick R.. '68: Morehead City Thomas. Myron N.. '68: Charlotte .Woud. In. William 2.. '69: Winston-Salem Worley, David G., '70: Ashevillc Barlow. Iames C.. '69: West Jefferson Barnes. IL. Henry '88: Bel Air. Md. Blount, George W.. '66: Raleigh Bonk. Ieffrey R.. '70: West Hartford. Conn. Cole. Christopher W.. '70: St. Petersburg. Fla. Dullera, IL, Wayne 8.. '70: Iacksonville. Fla. .Fawceu. In. George T., '68: Mt. Airy Galloway. III. Hunter H.. '58: Greensboro Gaml, Skephen M.. '69: Belhel Park. Pa. Garner. Terry R.. '69: Newport Gingras. Terry 1.. '69: Melrose. Mass. Griffin. Philip W.. '68: Iamesville Grubb, Gene. '70: Durham Hinshaw. In. Rnland F.. '69; Greensboro Hux. IL. Clifton M.. '68: Weldon .Ienkins, In. Everette 3.. '69: Concord lolly. Bruce 0.. '69: McLean. Va. Little, IL. James B.. '69: Greenville. SC. Ludlow, In. James M.. '69: Arlington, Va. Marble. Warren N.. ' South Orleans. Mass. Murray. Marshall R.. '69: Raleigh Radford. Inn 0.. '69: Louisburg Rondman. Larry S.. '8 : Margaretville. N.Y. Rollins. William K, '69: Newport News. Va. .Romm, James E.. '70: Moyock Romm. William H. 70: Moyuck Sanders. Clyde 0.. . Franklin Sigler. Howard S.. '70: Columbia, S.C. Sis1are. Charles E.. '70: Charlotte Strickland. Arthur P.. '69: Alexandria. Va. Walker. Charles B. : Miami Springs. Fla. Walker, 111. Owen. 68: Raleigh Watson. Richard N.. '68: Red Springs . Watson. Robin A.. '70: Red Springs Wesley. In. Robert N.. '89: Winston-Salem Whichard. Ir.. Ernest 8.. '66: Robersonville While. Robert C.. '68: Simsbury. Conn. While. Robert E. Concord Wilson, Philip R.. '69: Mt. Olive Witter. Gary F.. '69: Raleigh Williams. Burch 1.. '69: Tulsa. Okla. Wyatt, Walter K., '70: Waynesville .Baer. Melvin L. '88: Dunn Balchelor. Walter F.. '70: McLean, Va. Black. Lewis N.. ' : Silver Spring. Md. Brown. Gary W '70: Greiensboro Camp. Allan R.. Chapel Hill Cohen, Louis B., '70: Wilmington Davis, In. Everett V.. '69: Knox. Pa. Doss. William R.. '69: Winston-Salem O Dudley. James F... '69: Clinton Eisenband. Arthur, '68: Brooklyn. N.Y. Fleishman. Mark A.. '69: Fayetteville Galloway. Thomas A. 70: Walpole. N.H. Ginsberg. David M.. '68. Hudson. N.Y. Glenn. John F.. '69: Dalton. Ga. Glenn. Robert I... '70: Hickory Harris. David M.. '70: Chattanooga, Tenn. Haslam. Milton T., '70: Charlotte Greeks 359 .Kirby. Charles W., '70: King La Barre. David Q '68: Durham McAllistcr, Iames C.. ' Mendelsohn, Howard .. , Fayetteville Moff. David A., '70: Dunn Moore. Jack. '70: Wallace Neuwirlh. Marvin R,, '70: Wilmington Riller. Michael B,. '70: Port Chester. N:Y. Schonfeld, Warren H:, '69: Orange. Conn. .Schullz. Howard 5:. '69: Durham Solomon, Lon N.. '70: Portsmouth. Va. Slallings, Wallace D.. '69: Rocky Mount Sloff. Eric H.. '69: Jamaica. NY. Stromeyer. William M,. '69: Alherlon. Calif. Syring, David L,. '69: Chapel Hill Thomasson. Roy L. 69: Hamptonville Wade, Michael K., '69: WinslomSalem .Armnur. Barry 8., '68: Philadelphia, Pa. Belden, Joseph C '68: Port Washington. NY. Bradley. John H.. '69: Mt. Airy Broadfoul. III. William G.. '69: Wilmington Caner. Christopher L.. '70: Washington. DC. Chambers. Donald M:. '66: Louisville. Ky. Dennison. Robert K.. '70: New York. NY. Dusenbury. Philip R. '69: Tryon Gatins. Joseph F., '6 'Allanla. Ga. .Lnech, Thomas H '69: Challonunga. Tenn. Lipsun. Peter 5,. '68: Sugar Hill. NH. MacNelly, Jeffrey K. '69: Cedarhurst, N.Y. McCullough. John A.. '66: Hanover, Mass. Often. Ill, Roger L, '69: Stamford. Conn. Pyne. John S:, '60: Far Hills, NJ. Rand, John F" 69: New York, NY. Slricklcr. David W.. '69: Allanla, Ga. West, Iohn RH '68: Unionvillc, Pa. . Whitehill. Philip T., '70: Tulsa. Okla. Wylie. Bruce L 68: Hanover. NH. Aiken, Incl W.. 69: Morrow. Ga, Arnold. Patrick A.. '68: Atlanta, Ga. Barnum, Richard NH '70: Darien, Conn. Bates. In, William 13.. '70: Slingerlands. NY. Brand, Pele:- S., '70: Washington, DC: Bremen. 111, Charles A.. '68: Grosse 119, Mich. .Butz, Sidney T., '70: Charlene Calhoun. Eric R:. '69: Sarasota, Fla. Cathay. Frank M., '60: Charlolte Culyer, Ir., Robert F.. '70: Iacksonville, Fla: Coxe, Richard 6.. '60: Darlingtun. S.C. Crawford. 111, Robert H.. '70: Charlotte Daniel, Iohn A. G:, '69: Charlotte Daniel: lr.. William A.. '70 Houston. Tex. Graham. III. Alexandrir H, '70: Durham 0 Hamill. William H. B., '69: Princeton, NJ. Harrell. Frank D.. '69: Greensboro Hunter, Bruce E... '70: Hudsun. Ohio Kelsey. H. D.. '68: St. Thomas. Virgin Islands Lee, III, Lansing 8.. '69: Augusta, Ga, Leonard, III. William 0., '69: Greensburo Loguc, Ir.. Robert B.. '68: Atlanta, Ga. Marlin. IL. Larry I... '7 airmant Moore. III, Marion R:, 70: Allanta, Ga: Morris, James D.. '69: Greensboro .Ncwton. IL. Lee T., '70: Forsylh. Ga. Norton. Nathaniel G., '69: Naples, Fla. Oliphant. Bryan Q.. '70: Hoboken, NJ. Pceblas, Lyslon C, '69: Greenville. S.C. Poer. In. David H.. '68: Atlanta, Ga. Reid. In. Lewis G" '69: Charlene Rieger. Mark W.I '69 Cincinnali, Ohio Saunders, Drew C:' '70: Wayne, Pennsylvania .Sherman. IL. Levering E., '69: Charlene Skeen. Thomas L., '69: Baltimore. Md. Smith. Kenneth M:. '70: Charlotte Thompson, M: 8:, '68: Fort Worth, Tex. Trotter. john 8.. . Charlotte Upton. Ill, Luther 1.. '70: Winslun-Salem Wessell. III. John C.. '68: Wilmington West, Carl A.. '69: Camden. S.C. West. Roger G.. '69: Baton Rouge .Wilsun, Loyal W.. '7 ' New Castle. Pa. Woodall, Thornlun 3., '70: Atlanta. Ga. Woodroof. III. Albert G.. '69: Greensboro Worccsler, Slevens 1.. '70: Greenwich, Conn. Zaccini. Thomas P.. '69: Hamtramack. Mich. Baggalt. Fred P.. '69: Reidsville Haley. 111. Lewis 1., '69: Shelby Barnes. JrH Iames H.. '68: Greensboro .Bradner. Robert 8.. '6 High Paint Chambers, Ludwell L 70: Charlotte Clark. John Drane, '70: Hickory Coffey. Smith D.. '69: Greensboro Collins. Vernon L., '69: Greensboro Conner. ln, Charles H., '68: Charlotte Daniel, Max L., '66: Charlotte Davis. Richard 6:. '68: Greensboro Harris. john G.. '69: Sumter. S.C. 0 Hunt. Ir" Torrance M., '70: Pittsburgh. Pa. lanes, G. Phillips, '66: Greensboro Koontz, Gilbert Q.. '69: High Point Lennon, George W., '70; Lumberlon Levy. Richard D., '7 Greensboro Lewis. Ricky L., '69: Greensboro Michalnve. Ronald 5.. '6 : New York, NY, McCrary. IL, Roberl A.. '69: Rockingham McKennan, Andrew F,. '70: Aiexandria. Va: 360 Greeks . Pulisnul. Alan A.. '68: chinglun Papa. 1n. 1uhn M.. '70: Greensboro Posllnhwail. Edward M.. '70. yctlevillc Rupcr. Stephen W.. '70: Cnnksvillc. Tenn. Rowe, William 'M.: ' Wilmington Silllnony. Lawrc ll. : Roanoke. Val, Smith, Mark S.. 6 Lexington Smnlon. Gebrge L. 70: Greensboro Thnmas. Leon 0. '70: Gruenshnm 'l'hnmpsun. David N,. '70: Grcunshum Alhrighr. Slunrl A.. '70: Guslol d Angeli. Ill. Munmvic 1. '6 Slulusvillc Black. Ill. Norman M:. .hzu'lullc Brickhuusc. Charles A : Chupnl Hill Buck. Robert L.. '70: Chapel Hill Buckner. 1uhn K.. '69: Chupul Hill Cassidy. 1I:. Richard M.. '70: Annandzlln. Va. .Chnlk. 111: William R.. '76: Muruhnml Cily Cheshire. lusrmh 8.. '76: Raleigh Cochran's. 1r.. Haywood D.. '70: Weldon Cuchrunc. Luther P.. '70: Wuldnn Cruylon: 1n. Paul W.. '68: Nuw Bern Dumina. Waller L.. N. Springfield. Va, Driver. Richard A.. 51ml ML, Tenn. Dunivanl. 1r.. Noel. '69: Whitm'cllu Fields, 1amcs W.. ' : Goldshum .Gruvn. Gregory K:. '69: Wilminglon Hallom. III. Lee A.. '66 Brussels. Belgium Harrison. 1L. Cecil W New Bern Hackney. Elnwru I'L. . Durham Htasler. 11:, 1052th M. '70: Wilson Ipock.1r.. William Iohnson. Gcnrgc L.. lerdun. Miuhzlcl L.. ,9: Raleigh Kelly. Richard E.. " Severnn Park. Md. .Kcsslcr. Michael D J: Camp Hill. Pa: Lilllc: Robert 1.. '70: Greenvillu McKenzie. III. Sheppard A,. '69: Tampa. Fla. Murkcl. 111. Bruce 8,. '69: Brownslmvn..lnd, Marlin. Iamus 8.. '68: Winslon-Sulem Mercer. 1r.. Charles H.. '69: Lnurinburg Quick. 101m C.. '66: Rocky Ml: Ray. E. Alston. '70: Birmingham. Ala. Rice. 1r.. Rohcrl C.. '6 : New Burn 0 Rodgers. Richard T.. Cashiers Ruuse. 111. Robert D.. T armville Silver. 1r.. Charles H. '66 Raleigh Swain. 1r.. Lindinn 1.. T urhnm Thompson, ll. Chnrlu. WinslomSnlnm Thompson. 1nhn P.. '69 Greensboro TiHurud. William F :Lagunu Beach. Calif. anivu. Edward L., Bulhzwen Wcslcrlund. 11".. Albcrl P.. '69: Charleston. S.C. . Whilehursl. Lee A.. '69: Grecnvillc Wikles. Luurnnm. .. 'Vnrnms. Wis. Yurbruugh. Ill. Edwin 5.. '69: Durham Alslon. Pcler V.. '58: Windsor Armslrong. Charles 13,. '70: Denver Armslrong. Larry R.. '70: Charlotlc Barbee. James R.. '69: Locus! Brown. Llewellyn G.. '68: Churlulle Buckner. 1r.. Kermil G 69: Luxinglun Byrd, Ill, Rnbm'l 13,, 'b Grccnsburu Cicconc. 1r.. 101m 6:. '66: Dunn Clark. C. Howard. '70: Grecnvillu Cnnku. 1r.. Ralph M.. '69: Elkin Crmvnovcr. William W.. '70: Ashcvillu Davenporl. Bill T.. '68: Murchend City Earnhardt. 111mm; W.. '70: Mooresviilc Fauccllc. David H '70: Swamnunuzl . Gurrell. Aaron D,. Mnllhmvs Gooden. Michael D 9: Elizabclhtown l-Iumrick. III. Alger V '68: Shelby Howell. III. Bisco R.. 68: Honolulu. Hawaii Hughes. WiIlizun T.. '66: Burlinglnn Kausch. 1nhn C... '69: Muluchun. N.1. Long. Robert D.. '68: Lincolnlun Mchugald. 10hr: Cu '66: Clarkmn .lelus. II. Theodore P.. '69: Cullowhuc . Outlaw. 1r.: 1uhn T.. '69: Raleigh Parker. John R.. '7 : Murfmcshum Pope. Tony L. '66: Hiuknry Powers. James W.. '69: Elkin Seawall. Christopher l... '66: Grunnsbom Tnlburl. Terry L. '6 Lincolnlun Tomlinson. John 69: Candur Wallace. III. lamcs Y.. 69: Spurlunburg. S.C Wallace. Iuhn D,. '69: Winlcr Park. Fla. . Wcslnr. 1n. Clifford C,. '69: East Point. Gn. Wmnhle. 1r.. Iamcs D:. '66: Murfrucshnru Adler. Alan 1.. '70: Charlunc Binnick. Warren S '70: Charlullu Ereslow. K. A.. '6 apnrrn Hgls.. Puerto Rico Clmnsky. Arlhur K Newlun. Mass. Cumnilz. Paul S,. 69' Kmston Cooper. Samuel L.. '66: Colonial Terrace. N.1. .Dahan. Elliot. '68: Rego Park. NY. Dulnuff. Glenn M.. '69: Hickory Dilloff. Neil 1.. Miami. Fla, Enlnn. D: Raburl. '68: Bullimom. Md. Gerard. Fredric M.. '68: Massapuqun. NY. Glasser. Paul L,. '68: Brudlcy Bunch. N.1. Goldberg. Frank E, '66: Clmrlcstun, S.C. Goldman. Let: S.. ' ' Salisbury Gross. Gary R.. '68: Ashcville Greeks 361 .Grosswnld, Ralph R., '69: Charlotte Hockl'ield. Edward 1.. '68: Durham Hoof. Iamcs B9. '70: Annapolis. Md: Jncubs, Kenneth A., '70: Charleston, S.C. Lester. Daniel J.. '69 .nkintmvn. Pa. Lubmzm, Bruce M.. 69: Livingston. NJ. Myers. Charles S.. '69: Concord Ochsmnn. Robert B. 69 Silver Spring. Md Parker. Michael W.. ksonville .Pcres. Kunnclh R., '70. ashinglon Porill. Gary 1:. '69 Brooklyn. NY. Ronman. Pcler E. : Chapel Hill Rose'n, Slmvarl W:. '69: Philadelphia. Pa. Scillin. Lawrence S '70; Miami. Fla: Shallanl. David E:, '69: Greensboro Silverslcin. Eric H.. '68: Charlotte Simon, Lloyd N:. '69: Rockville Cenlm. N:Y. Snbulsun. Joel S.. '70: Livingslon. NJ. .Sperling. Michael H:. '70: N. Plainfield. NJ, Sirauss, Jun, loscph W. 69: Wilson Wall. Michael A:. '6 Chapel Hill Werner, Roger D.. '6 Great Neck, NY. Winkelman. Mnrlin R. '69: Brooklyn. NY. Blue. F: Richard. '68: Atlanta, Ga. Cooper, Stephen E:. '68: Greensboro Fcldman. Paul 5.. '66: New Rochelle, NY: .Finlayson. Oren A., '70: Raleigh, NC: Foreman. Ruhcrl 6.. 66: Gluncoc. 111: Fox. Steven F., '68: AlIanla, Ga: Goldberg. Richard N.. '69: Norwich: Conn: Grossmnn. Steven H., '69: Richmond. Va, Haber, john L.. '70: Asheville Hammer. Alvin 1.. '69: Culumbia: S.C: Hyman. Slanlcy Au '68: Greensboro Kabar. Lee S., '68: Greensboro .Karro. Marshall H.. '68: Charlene Kalz. Michael IL, '69: Orlando, Fla. Kaufmu 11:. Gus R., '68: acon, Ga: KicI. David H" '68: High Point Kliuzc. Solomon 8., '68: Richmond, Va. Manekin. Robert A" '70: Baltimore, Md. Miller. Howard '69: Birmingham, Ala. Mills. Slcvcn R:. Asheville Patterson, jcffrey D.. '70: Allanla. Ga. .Savilz. Slcphcn T.. '69: Columbia. S.C. Schochcl, Kenneth H.. '69: Ashevillc Schulman. Richard A:' '69: Challanouga,Tenn, Schwartz. Arthur 1.. '69: Atlanla. Ga: Siegel, Paul N.. '70: Wnllerhnro. S.C: Slovis. Norman . '69: Winslon-Salcm Smith. Mark 0., Atlanta. Ga. Zibnrt. Henry H.. '69: Nashville, Tenn. o'Bailcy. 111, Joseph 3.. '66: Washington, Dc Black. 111, Iamcs B., '6 Richmond. Va. Bales, William 8.. Wilson Cowper. Richard G. 69: Kinstun Floyd, Alexander G, '70: Oxford Hargmve. 111, Walter C. '69: Tarboro Harvey. 111. Thomas I Holman, Joseph W.. lanes. IV. Richard W.. 69: Camp Hill: Penna: .Lussilcr. Will H.. '70: Smilhficld Manning. George T:, '70: Raleigh Meade. 112. Forest 0.. '68: Lnyinglon Mercer. In. George , 69: Richmond. Va: Morrison. Hugh H" 70: Concord Patterson, David R., '69: New Bern Patterson, Ralph 13:. ' : Lilllc Ruck. Ark. Parrult. IL. lamcs M., '69: Kinslon Pill, Joseph W:. '69: Tarbom .Rapcr, Vann 0:, '70: chinglon Sitlm'sun. 111. Simon C.. '69: Kinstun Smith. Clark, '69: Raleigh Snnwdun. In. H. Turk. '69: London. England Todd. Rixcy 6:, '69: Princeton: W. Va. Vance, Viclor S 68: Chapel Hill Walslnn, IV, Henry H.. '70: Wilson While, In, Syndur M '70: Raleigh Wood. Michael B., '66: Greensboro 362 Greeks ALPHA KAPPA PSI Richard Wat, i President Charles Maglx 'ce-President Jim Wombl '5 v Viee-President David Barnes x ' Treasurer Dan Shepherd Secretary Once again, Alpha Kappa Psi weath- ered the usual year ofprofessional meet- ings, business speakers, community projects, and weekend orgies. Two spir- ited pledge classes have come to pass - a motley crew ranging from a Morehead Scholar and amateur golfer to a scream- ing disk jockey. In all seriousness. these pledges represent a new upsurge in our thusiasm, diligence. and attitude for the House. The chapter room has been paneled and two entire rooms retiled. Combined with new furniture and a tapper system in the bar. the house has taken on an ex- citing and improved appearance. In ad- dition, a closed study room has been created adjacent to the bar. However. under this setup the consensus of opin- ion has shown that ten out of ten broth- ers prefer a girl and a whiskey sour to an accounting test. Statisieally, beer con- sumption and poker playing have in- creased 13500 with a corresponding cle- cline in study hours of roughly 2790a For the brothers it has been an event- ful year. They demonstrated their supe- riority at the first of the year with a crushing defeat of the pledges in the an" nual "Blood Bowl," 117-0. The pledges retaliated with an all expenses paid trip to Snow Camp, North Carolina, for one of the offensive standouts. This was fol- lowed by a rather feeble raid on the house resulting in the capture of one pledge and several late-night, midweek trips to assorted far away locations. All members continued their almost total reliance upon the quiz file, with some excellent tutoring sessions on the side by several noted U.NTC.-G. and Sweet- briar scholars. In conclusion. we would like to send our sincere thanks to those faculty members and alumni who have given us moral support and encouragement dur- ing the year. A special thanks to Dr. James Littlefield, our faculty adviser, who has had to contend on a firsthand basis with our mad antics and total dis- respect for the establishment. The com- ing year should prove a profitable and entertaining one for all. 364 Greeks Womble . King 12. I. Burns 1. I 13. S. Robertson 14. P. Monds 15. G. Zacqagnini 16. W. Aldrich 17. S. Howe 18 S Frye 10. 11. m h g r SZWCHMW DHLRRKRDH Lzaaaazaa epherd ambelli aulkins amilton cCombs atts Barnes Gonser 366 Greeks 1. 2 3 4. 5 mooxlc: D. Morrow T. Hudler B. Scurry T. Southerland . R. Lowry . B. Burkehart . I. Stirewalt . E. Gregory . I. Bartel . W. Busick . 1. Burton . S. Shedd . A. Wall . T. Hottinger . S. Iohnson . D. Harrison . D. Gaines . B. Rogers . L. Stallings . C. Ward 22. M. Herndon 23. R. Robinson 24. I. Martin 25. W. C. Walker 26. R. Poplin 27. M. Mitchell DELTA SIGMA PI . 2 Doug Goingx Rig? V9 President I Bill Rogers i " 2.391554 r Vice-Pres. x, t Lindsey Sta. hag; r1141 fVice-Pres. Byron Burk J Secretary Iim Burton Treasurer I In the eternal struggle be- tween man and nature, Alpha Lambda emerged bloody, but undaunted. The tobacco house was the scene of Violent racial brawls, countless impro- prieties, and spontaneous de- generation. In testimony of this fact I may cite the extravagent behavior in and out of bed of one Donnie P., who enthralled his audiences with unique Fri- day and Saturday night per- formances. The brothers will verify the virility of Sugar Bear, but on no account will be held indebted to his actions toward the opposite sex. Life is sweet and so is the fantail of Darryl. It is appropriate at this moment to thank scab for maintaining in the face of Goines and Baldy an inconsumate stature and a sine qua non of aggrandize- ment. Worth has proved un- worthy of ablegating the old English city of Rockingham. The locals fail to comprehend his strange tongue. As for the performance vehicle himself, that is enough. We fail to fath- om his strange demeanor. Hence home ye knave, ye nau- ghty knave. Get ye home. The songs are sweet. They sing be- neath the trees of life so fair, but sweetest 0f the sounds of heaven shall be . . . the Rose of DELTASIG? Greeks 367 6I643Z MD :1, .91- M ml ?"l' H mm WESTERN" . Last Train to Clarksville 368 Greeks meQwewNH . H. Barrette . E. Harris B. Pittman T. Oakeley 1. Williams A. Simmons L. Cline . S. Hauser . 1. Bryant 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. G. Albright T. Taylor T. Fulton M. Clinard H. Smith T. Leonard W1 Bass B. Harrison C. DcBruney . E. Grayson . R. White . D. Bower . L. Hill . I. Edwards . R. Teague . I. Pike . F. Burton . I. Hayes . R. Dameron . T. Owens . S. Moore . M. Harper . D. Royster A C. Rhoden . F. Rachide . C. Lehman . T. Kroboth i'- f l '1 Il - I ii I Igl ' i iI'l-I'I'I-I'IH tk .. t: n... Ni N N , , , t 4 .4 iet There exist three dates which will never vanish in the sands of time. The first ofthese is 1879. which is the year of the founding of Kappa Psi, the largest professional and phar- maceutical fraternity in the nation. The sec- ond is 1915. known to all Beta Xi's as the time of the initiation of that chapter at Carolina. The last is 1968. a year of expansion. achievee ment and gratification. Back again in "The Southern Part of Heav- en" in September. we followed Toots, Nose and worked on the house while he utilized his spray gun and gas mask to paint the outside. With help from changes made by Inman and Harrison in our rushing procedure. we pledged a large class which promised to be as energetic but much more clandestine than its two predecessors. Tyrone was indifferent to this because he may still depledge and go Phi Mu. Snauser cared for the pledges but they did not care for him. Since UP. and the kit- tens departed. Dribbles pulled all-nighters for no apparent reason and Troll became melan- choly. Alice Saunders was chosen as our new sweetheart but Gibbs just smiled in the man- ner reminiscent of Babs. Usually Iulus and Snardrock did everything alike but such was not the case when Iulus became engaged. Concerning engagements, we were not the only ones amazed by Baron Be Bop's magical feet. Every dated while Sacro waited. at least until November. Tippy toes attempted his novel act as Mr. Nice Guy and in return got shot by Harold and thrown in the lake. Needless to say, Surly Blond by Clairol set a new world's record by staying up for 468 straight nights while sitting in Hall's exclu- sive matted bathtub. Normichael suffered se- vere internal bleeding whenever someone mentioned the name, or the Packers would drop a rare one. During one of the most ecstat- ic weekends. the Kentucky Colenol received severe beer stains on his pink neon shirt when the psychedelic school marm went rampant. Before embarking on the itSenior Binge" tie, Industrial Tripi, Chuckie Poe's "shoe" cost him his pin. And the Germ lost his pin on Book Weekend after our "Ban Dook" float swept first place in the fraternity divi- sion. The night we worked on the float, all the toothbrushes were absconded and Duayne lectured on Latin luv techniques. Later Cotton-top inherited the Murchison syne drama and The Germ got fed up and locked himself in the coke machine. Every morning during the semester. P.W. locked himself in the shower and endeavored to exhaust the hot water. All these heterogeneous occurrences did not proceed unnarrated for they were Chron- icled in Ronnie Leels shrewd mind and mul- titudinously retold with stupendous oratorie cal brilliance, each time to the delight of his co-captain on the tube team - Wink; and if some brother or pledge should inadvertently pull a Hootie. he would be vociferously repri- manded with a thorough bad-mouthingl Greeks 369 Bill Lamm john Freeman Treasurer Greg Jenkins Social Chairman Phi Delta Chi, a professional pharmaceutical fraternity founded to advance the science of pharmacy and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among its members, was founded at the University of Michigan in 1883. The local chapter, Alpha Gamma, was established on May 30, 1923. The red carnation is the frater- nity flower, and the colors are old gold and dregs of wine. The major projects undertak- en by Phi Delta Chi this year in- cluded the donation of a televi- sion to the childrents ward of North Carolina Memorial Hos- pital, participation in National Pharmacy Week, and partici- pation in National Poison Prevention Week. The social events this year consisted of weekend jukebox and combo parties, Halloween and Christmas parties, spring beer blasts, and the outstand- ing event of the social calendar, Phi Delta Chi weekend with the Ranch House being a probable location. As a professional fraternity, the men of Phi Delta Chi also participate in the student orga- nizations of the School of Phare macy, the Pharmacy Senate and the Student Branches of the NCPA and APHA. 370 Greeks 1,1: 1 'a "I 2; EM ooougagnwammpa lli ' V .1 TN 3'" R. Swaim C. Glace B. Lamm R. Price E. Anderson C. Jenkins . J. Johnson . B. Williams . B. Carpenter . H. Bolick . M1 Well . G. Smith 13. C. Bowman 14. R. Casper 15. G. Pittman 16. B. Pollard 17. R. Neal 18. B. Dayvault 19. A. Barkley $20. I. Frazier 21. N. Overcash 22. L. Seigler 23. I. Cranfill Greeks 371 . D. Westbrook . R. Stevens 1 2 3. 4 13. C. Seymour 14. T. Strickland 15. V. Hallman 16. D. Shanks 17. D. Goss 18. S. Portaro R. Corry m a n .m H D. 53 wk on ID CL. 56. 23. T. Hildebrandt 19. M. Braswell 20. I. Alexiov 21. D. Johnston 22. G. Nordan .m m wse dnL 1.16 m? 9 .pM. WI.D 7.009 y r e V A A. O. 1 11. V. Townsend 12. A. Motten 372 Greeks ALPHA H11: OMEGA Lee Dukes i C responding Sec. Ronnie McManusi Treasurer Alpha Phi Omega, Americais National Service Fraternity, is one of the most unique fraterni- ties in existence. Carolinas Rho Chapter enjoys the gratifi- cation that accompanies serv- ice to ones fellow man and the warmth of a closely-knit broth- erhood bonded by social func- tions. Rho Chapter is proud of its heritage as the seventeenth chapter to be found in this rela- tively new organization, which has grown, since its inception in 1925 to a membership in ex- cess of 100,000 both in this country and abroad. This past year saw the com- pletion of a highly successful Ugly Man Contest, the proceeds of which were donat- ed to Project Hope, the floating hospital serving many foreign countries. A joint project spon- sored by the brothers and pled- ges brought the seventh grade class from the Methodist Chil- dren,s Home in Winston-Salem t0 the UNC campus for a visit to Morehead Planetarium and sightseeing. Other projects in- cluded the annual Parentts Day, Student Government A Phi 0 Book Exchange, Campus Tour Service, ushering at bas- ketball games, and manning the campus election polls. The A Phi 0 Travel Board, located in the Y-Court, provided many students with weekend and holiday transportation. Recreational and social high- lights included participation in the White Division of the In- tramural program, combo parties, midnight rat courts and mysterious journeys to exotic vacation resorts through Caro- lina Tours, Ltd. Greeks 373 PHI MU ALPHA w 3 President :qe-President a Secretary Treasurer Sinfonians returned to the campus this year, and shortly thereafter moved to new quar- ters. After the initial confusion, more confusion. Despite ourselves, Sinfonia did much to advance the cause of music in 1968. Brendel cap- tained a successful contempo- rary Music Festival. Barton and Newman captained Kipling's Captain Courageous and pro- duced a new musical, "Wetre here? Carrier just captained. Sinfonians continued to sup- port various vocal and instru- mental groups, as well as the Century Club. A veritable ethnographical microcosm, Phi Mu Alpha now has bagpipes to match that thing that Watson plays. Ash- boro submitted a secret brief on the conjugal life of Hairless and Tillman. Sheets went to Rome for classical studies while all awaited the smile of Xenophon. Russ returned from field work in Puerto Rico as Lurch rose from the dead. The Founders Day party was bet- ter, the Senior Banquet wetter. And, as ever, it was a very good year. Dubey-dubey doo; Da Capo, so fine. Hail Sinfonia! 374 Greeks 1. D. Rominger 2. D. Hammrick 3. B. Newman 4. J. Dilda . I-I. Reynolds . G. Scott . T. Bcall . S. Stames . G. Glace . L. Simpson 11. C. Nixon 12. V. Mitchell 13. C. Davis 14. B. Schillinger 15. L. Potter 16. R. White 17. D. King 18. S. MCRorie 19. F. Taylor 20. I. Garriss Greeks 375 . Aldrich, Wallach 68: Charlotte Barnes. David L. '69: Welcome Burns. Iohnny F., '69: Aberdeen Deaton. IL, Ashley R.. '89: Asheboro Frye, William 5.. '69: Lexington Gonsar. IL. William A.. '69: Kinslon Hamilton. Raleigh I.. '69: Greensboro Howe. Samuel L.. '68: McAdenvilIe . King. James R. '68: Durham McCumbs. William K.. '70: Kannapolis Mond's. A Price. '68: Hartford Pritchard, Kenneth C.. '69: Slony Paint Robertson. Stephen 0.. '69: Eden Walls. Richard D.. '69: Winston-Salem Whisnanl, Gregory . Claremont Womble. James 'I' '69. Tarboro Wrighl. Iuhn C. ' Ashabom Zaccagnini. Gary : Goldshoxo Zambelli. William 68: Dobbs Ferry. N.Y. Harden. Ronald 8.. '6 Rocky Mount Burkehart. Byron C: '69: Lexington -Burton..1r.. James H '69: Charlene ,Busick. Wayne A.. '69: Reid6ville Caldwell. Harry B.. '70: Charlotte Gaines, M. Douglas. '69: Charlotte . Gregory. Edgar 8.. '68: Wilson Hemdon, Michael D.. '68: Charlotte Lowry. Iohn R.. '68: Charlotte Martin. II. John W:. '69: Charlotte Mickey. William H. 69: Winslon-Salem Mitchell. Murray N. 69: Cocoa. Fla. Murrow. David G.. '68: Gastonia Paschal. Donald H '68: Rockingham Poplin. Roger K.. '68: Albemarle . Robinson. Russell A.. '69: Charluue Rogers. William I... '68: Rulesville Scurry. William C.. '68: Reidsville Shedd. Steven A.. ' Leonie. NJ. Stallings. In. Lindsey C 68: LaGrange Stirewall. IL. Ieny A.. 69: Kannapolis Tale. III. John C.. '68: Greensboro Walker. IL, Worth 8.. '68: Rockingham Wall. Rand A.. '70: Durham . Ward. 1L. Leslie A.. '68: N. Palm Beach. Fla. Warren. Ronald L. '69: Asheville Yarbrough. Richard I... '68: Winslon-Salem Albrighl. III. George 3.. '76: Salisbury Barrett, 11, Ice H. '68: Rocky Mount Bass. IL. Walton E.. '69: Lucama Bower. Richard K.. 7 Jefferson Duyetle. Douglas R.. '70: Kcnly . Brooks. David G. '70: Siler City Biowning, George W.. '71: Shelby Bryant. James B.. '70: Kinston Burton. IL. Joseph F.. '70: Reidsville Carroll. 11".. Erwin MH '70: Smithfield Clinard. Paul M.. '70: Lexington Cline. Larry A.. '70: Emma Damemn. Richard G,. '69: Tabor CRy deBmyne. Charles B.. '70: Durham . Edwards. In. jnseph A.. '70: Kinston Fulton. IL. Thomas A.. '68: Greensboro Harper. John M,. '69: Hendersonville Harris. Leon W.. '76: Robbins Harrison. 11:. William 1-1,. '59: Louisville. Ky. Hansen Samuel F.. '69: Fayetteville Hayes. Iames C.. '70: Marietta Henson. James B.. '68: lacksonvillc Krobolh, Timothy R:. '68: Charlene . Lamm. Benajah S.. '69: Lucama Lehman. David C.. '69: Roannke Rapids Leonard. Ralph T.. '69: Thomasville Loeb. Ruben 9., '70: Albemarle Moore. Steven R.. '69: Iameskown Murchisun. Clarence L. '70: Rocky Mount Nance. John E. '69: Durham Oakley. In. Clyde T.. '70: Roxboro Owens. Thomas C.. '70: Whileville . Pittman. In. William G '69: Lewiskon Rachide, Frederick J. . Havelock Rains. Richard H.. Kenly Rhodcn. Charles W.. 68: Shelby Roysler. Donald E.. ' : Trinity Simmons. 11:. Calvin A.. '69: Siler City Smith. Harold C.. '69: Chcrryville Taylor. Thomas C.. '66: Boone Teague, Randall S.. '69: Taylorsville O Will'ets. 111. George M., '68: Pine Level Williams. James K.. '70: Benson Anderson. Eugene. '66: Enfield Badger. Iames M" '69: West Jefferson Barkley. Allan Pu '69: Raleigh Eaxlcy. William C '70: Raleigh Ecally. Dennis C.. '68: Kings Mountain Bcnneu. Carl 1.. '7 Murgantun . Bess. Thomas H, '70: Gastonia EesL Alfred W.. '76: Bessemer City Bolick. Harold A. '70: Hudson Bowman. Clark C:. '69: Hickory Carpenter. Barry L.. '69: Cherryville Casper. Richard Y.. '70: Ml. Pleasanl Dayvaull. In. Robert I... '70: Kannapolis Frazier. Iames 1-1.. '69: Black Mountain Freeman. Iohn W.. '66: Robbins 376 Greeks . Glace. Charles L.. '69: Elkin Greene, Richard H., '66: Star Haywood. Leon 5.. '66: Robbins Jenkins, Gregory I... '69: Slur Kivcll. Jn. Herman H.. '70: Chapel Hill McCall. Thomas C.. '70: Ellcrbe Maser. In, Wyall 0.. '70: King Pace. Charles 8.. '69: Crinon Pillman. Michael G.. '691Enfield . Pollard. Bennie W., '70: Ocean Drive: S.C. Price. Ronny L.. '70: Kings Mountain Ripley. Richard 6:. '70: Fort Bragg Scigler. Lawrence L0, '70: Gl'ccnsbm'o Spencer. 1n, Frank C" '70: Sandy Ridge Swain. Ronnie l... '69: Eoonville Williams, Benjamin 0.. '69: Drexcl O Corry. Richard H., '68: Wimer Park, Fla. Dudley. James E. ' ' Clinton Dukes. Ill, Lee S.. 70: Raleigh Gross. David W.. '70: Durham Hildebrandi. In, T. G.. '68: Guilford College Hinnanl, Dan 5.. '60: Durham Horn. William 8.. '63: Chapel Hill Nordan. Gary Leigh. '66: Badin Paige. Richard D.. '69: Greensboro I Porlaro, lr.. Sam A., '70: High Point Snymour. llI, Huberl E.. '69: Greensboro Stevens. Richard Y., '70: Raleigh Townsend, Iohn V.. '70: Greensboro Adams. Philip W., '68: High Point - Balmasian. Jim H., '69: Coral Gables, Fla. Brown. Mac H., '69: Chapel Hill Crawford. lames W,, '68: Newton . Dilda. lames H.. '68: Fountain Glace. Charles L.. '69: Elin luele, Iames G.. '69 Winston-Salem lenkins. Larry W:. '68: Arlington, Va. Kellogg. Iuhn T.. '68: Pelersburg. Va. King. Alvin D., '68: Asheboro Leach. H, Norman 13.. '68: Sanford. Fla. Mitchell. Vernon L., '66: Cycle Moseley, Richard P.. '66: Chattanooga. Tenn. C Potter. Lynwcod A., '70: Waynesville, Mo. Scoll, Charles E.. '68: Tuscaloosa, Ala. Simpson. Larry M.. '68: New Bern Strange, Ir.. Aubrey E.. '68: Raleigh Taylor. Fred, '70: Goldsboro Travis. Ralph L. '70: Durham Wcase. Iames Cu '69: Shelby Whitfield, Richard A., '68: Durham '.Greeks 377 Richard O. 1 Frank E. D Don Panny , Harvey C. Robert Fel- William R. :roer Richard D. Eda A , Robert For - m a nj Charles Sa 03. e 3. Steven H. 91.03:? , Al Hamric Lonnie Cla 3130 Frederick Ciari John T. He nhey Ion Hodgin Al Holyfiel 61 IN '7 1 . '1. ,un Au W , L F.....r m. . a --. 4:" :31 x . : 51 ADJ uaa acu- , -M.ME.Sw1 m a 7 w 7777. :: ggyk. 9-40 129 ' . Peebles 4 ' ; h Peterson . .t' + ' n HQFFICERSMu-v-mr-v-w-a- "w--H0",""PviJ- '- .McInnis; . W. .IMcPhau 351 G. Miller Garry iPorill AL ert Whitehu. LWT .. :113.11V1 , V, -. '1 .1 1 51161 al squadron serves as Area B Z Headquarters 4; . standmg area squadrqri for. the past school year Le ma Alvarez 1' '5 Laslie Baker Susan Baker V , - , 1 v 1 ?Beth BreW W : Roge1' E Graha I 1 . . 1, , 1 1, 'Wa11da' Edmondson 'R0be1't- E Hai'sle ,- , Handlice GilbeH .Floyd A1 Hooks '1? ' - I:Donna Glenn Bisco R Howe11,III 1 ' V ' Sfeven Kropelnicki, 11: M. James F. Little Robert M. Meeks " ' ' Lee Holhngsworth Shelia Knedllk Iuha KhottW A1111 Lashley A , 2 7 . Naricy McDOnald '1 1VPeg Maerz 13' f - ' Dianne G. Markham 1 Iodl Fans1er Miller ' EIudy OWDe'll Jane Pittman - Pat .Privette Diane Reynolds .1 . 7 . g; NaHCylSawyer ' ' Billie Spruill Norman D. Sauvage, Captain, U.S.A.F. U . Sharon Terrell . JRalph, B. Hemmmg, Lt Colonel, U.S.A.F. D e e; V aughn Betty 0. Westerho1m Iudy Weston ' QNAUTS INDUGTED I ,1? I ONAUTS 1967- 68 . .. " ; :J' .724 I '55 Roy Fullwuudi 'Vcrlenden. 111 i , v , 741 MaIlveIm Francis Kihg ' 7 '753 Robert Carl Hunter 763 Jonathan Carl Gibson 765 William PmIpstI. Miller 767 Benjamin Franklm Hodges r'Bethar 76TEenjamin Franklin Hodges 68 Dudley Ioe Burlon 69 Arthur Travis Abbon j 1? 1 ' I f, 770 Idffiay W Ieffrey Windsor Beaver leven Alan ockfibld 773 Charles Randolph Myer ames Trigo Meredilh- 11' 775 David Harris Kiel I 73 haries Egndolph Myer 1 74 Louis Gauge 11. -' 775 David Har- FACULTY ARGONAUTS 1" 1967- 68 . ;.' 1" . 6 Phillips Russell -1 5500 Henry Parker Brandis 40 Frank Porter Graham . ' , I .fx508 John Martin Schnorrenberg 12., 70 Claude Edward Teague " ' ' J 511 Dudley Dewitt Carroll -, .- 4 i ,' 90 Edgar Ralph Rankin '5 i 526 Thomas Amhony Ressuto. 11'. 5 ' '31, 102 Robert Burton House 532 Kenneth Lawing PeInegaIr ' -' , .3: 109 Herman Glenn Beaiy 554 William Woodward McILendti'h I I 555 Rollie Tillman. 11:14 - 7. f 111 Ernest Lloyd Mackie 419 Albert 003195 21 Ice Burion Linke'r 141 'Curydnn Perry Spruill - "149 Frederick Carlyle Shepard ' 176 Earle Horace Haflsell 6011 Louis Round Wilson v . w I ,5 186 Joseph Maryon Saunders v ' 606 Zane Emerson Eargle . .54 ' i 202 Richard Beverly Raney 613 10361111 Francis Quigg :1 209 Edgar Alexander Cameron 637 Wilton Eiman Mason. Jr, 646 William Brisnlley Aycock 575 Henry Hursell Dearman' . 577 Samuel Fugle Wells. 11'. i I I1 583 Preston Hetehel Eppp. -; . 1 589 Fosfer thz- Simmo'ns xi ' ' 220 Walter Smilh Spearman. 11'. 4 1 299 Frederick Henry Weaver 1 QI '. . I4." 657 Bernard Henry Boyd..1 - , 1 317 Ioseph Flanner Panerson, 11'. ' 1. 660 Slurgis Elleno Leavitt A :- ' 4 ' ' w 1325 Alfred Guy Ivey ;- V ' 665 Nathan Anthony Womack 1 , II 5 ' " . 633 Erncsk Craige 673 George Vanderbeck Taylor ' 1: I - 7' , , 334 lames Evans Davis 696 Kenneth Merle Brinkhous . 4 ' ' ' I : .1 . 341 john Franklin Lynch,l1'. ' I 700 Frederidk GuillermIvIJ Gil v 346 Wiliiam Medford Shuford 713 Samuel Smylh H11 11. 358 Charles Wake: Tillelt In x 725 Ioseph Curtis Sloane - 364 Isaac Monu-ose Taylor I 4 764 William Lane Verlendan. III .I 1 394 James Frederick Newsonie ' . 765 gilligngrogst 11411112; 424 Hugh Taimadge Leiier 1 . .1766 an so one ap 1n. n , 425 Harry Kiison RusIseli . - V I , 767 Benjamin- -annldin HodgFS 768 Dudley Ice Burton .I . . 432 William West Taylcnf7 437 Frank W1lliam' Hanft 7' 445 William Clyde Friday 449 Iohn Alvm1 Kirklandi 45': Robert Ajiisqn Felzei' 468 Walter Reese Berryhill 473 RoleiLIalslon IHolsquk, n ILassiler Sanders 769 'Anhur Travis Abbot! -770 Iefirey Windsor Beaver " h 771 Steven Alan Hockfield II ' 772 jamcs Tripod Meredith It. 773 Charles. Randolph Myer . 774 LouisI Gordon Well V 382 Honoraries V QM .Honorai'ibsi 'Iames Ga'st011 Hough, Ir. 'Walijer Winbm'ne' King, ' MEMBERS 7: Susan Lee Barber William Harold Bonan Craig McDonald BradleyI Iohn Michael Brown 11 Llewellyn Gartrelle IBroWn William Allan Findlay Karen Elizabeth G1bbon Ionathan Carl Gibson Ralph Ronaldr Gro'ss'wald A1ge1i' Vason Hamrick, II1 Ann Grinsley I'amieson 1' Donald Pittman Iohnson1 Lorenzo Lewis,I1'. 1 William Everett Long L, 1 1 mThomaS Iack Mahlflay ' David Darrah McFadden Der-ald- MartlnLMcPhaul Ronald Wayne Miller 1 Charles Randolph Myer Robert Flynn 011' . William Richard Purdy I Lawrence Edward Richter, Ir. Sharoh LEe Rose ' Ioh111100111181 Strlckland "George Major Teagiie hAshley Ormand Thrift Robert Mjoore Tihvis , William Beale Travis rohn Robbins Wester Ernest Bryant Whichardv Ir. Anita Wrzay Wi1kinson ; j Iean' Carolyn Winter Leon F'esfus Woodruff Ir. 17 Randolph Luther Worth Ottis Richarthri-ght, 114.--. ' present 176 chapters. Phi Beta Kapp a Phi Beta Kappa was founded at the College of William and Mary, December 5, 1776. The Alpha Chapter of North Carolina was established here September 7, 1904, and there: are at OFFICERS DANIEL T. COX - I -------- ' ----- -. . - -- - - -Co-President DAVID DJMCFADDEN ----------- ' ------ I-Co-IPAresident WILLIAM P. MILLER ------------------ Vice-President WILLIAM A. FINDLAY --------- I . Recording Secretary DR. CLAUDE S. GEORGE, IR. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ---------- Corr. Sec.-Treas. Composed of the above officers and the following professors: ' ALMONTE CHARLES HOWELL CORYDON PERRY SPRUILL JOHN MARTIN SCHNORRENBERG Ronald Sioph'ens Harden Franklin Taylor Branch John Kcndriuk BI'IItns. Ir. RuntiirivNeisun: Casey GarleuI-I Cheers Daniel Thomas Cox Charles :Herman Stanford Jacob Leonard Dickens. If. Wiiliam Allan Findlay lmnes David Garrison i Iamas GrungerIAlpin Claudia Andiew AIIhiSirong. Ir. Dempsey Eugene Bunion. Ir. Frances;1 Gayle Harmon Brandon Gl'en Curlis BraIIscome Elizabeth lime Brong Mary Elizabeth Brnjwneii Theda Rue Appersun Cailnway Richard'Long Cline Marx Conrad Coleman Oliver Kirby Culsun. iii Samuel Russeii Cnvingion Neiie Maria DeKok Stephen Eric Doyne Mtiiba Jean E1kin Phillip Conrad England Martha Carol Feeiey Elimhmh Insuphinn Finison Donna Dev, Allan David Gaskill Anderson. Jr. Charles Marshall Angeli Robert Winston IBass MalbolmI Brilmin Blankenship William Stephen Coleman Frederick Benjamin Elliott. ill INITIATED MAY 8, 1967 JUNIORS ,, john Millard Giikcy, Jr, Craig Winsion Harrington. Ir. Jon Daryl Hodgin Hollis Ward Holden JGioria Merit: Huffman Bruce Bryan Hughes Ronald David KapiaI Mark Haiziip Kcai'o'n David H. Kiel ' . Lorenzo Lewis Dunaid James Fitzgerald Carrol Roy Fleming, Ir. Alvin Marcus Founiain. ll Iohn Lindsay FreemanI Malgurht Biakely Gee David Sydney Harris Nancy Anh Hill Richmd Howard Hudson Robert Gilford ii'vin Elizabeth Young James Fru'd Einuhn't Inimii Christopher M chealI KeliermmiI Ann Michele Kipps i Ka'lirlncn' IMurris Kirkwood. Ralph Brooks Levering William Thomas Long Ken'neih' Hilton Mnrgerisun. III i ioheal LenI MIIrslmii'III Samuel Earl Ewell 11' Marion Lee anIbIonglI Robert Brabham FeldE'r Torry lune George Richard Casey Harris ' RebEcm: SharronIIi-Iu'ff Allred Clarence McCall Ir. David Darrah McFadden Thomas lack Manley William Prupst Miller Humer Jackson Mom'eI III. Charles Furresi Murray. Ir. . William Graham Otis EIIIIe'st- Norwood Pelleway, Ir Pclrie M RninLy Haywood Farney Rankin I ' --ISENIOIRS Josgph Ward MdGirt. In, Harry Lewis MacPheI-sun Donald Martin McPhaiul James Alien Medfurd I Hunnelom Mueller ,, Charles Osborne Murray. III Shades Hyltnn Neal Linda Ann Odom ' - EdwariirMicheal QTKeefc juseph Adolphus Pearce ' Wiliiam. Bryan Pitlmu'n Jeffrey Waller Pooh: Ruyford Edwin' Quinn 'loseph Carlyle Sitierson Jr. ?Louise Jordan Smilh Sally Ann Smith Ernest Curhun Smbake INITIATED DECEMBER 1S1. 1967 lamegz SIIIaI'l MnFuddien Haily Iane Ritchie Kitiy Lynne K. Scdu jack Johnson Spulding John Howard SpenceI- IAIunI Clement's Siep hson William Lee Rogers Robeht Leo Sou Ray Allieri Spilimm-I Jesse Elvin Teel. III. Cari Franklin Thompson. Ir. Micheal James VzIrnum Tracy Linwood Varnum David Gray' Wcstmareiand William Waller Zambciii ,Mary Kay Step henson John Richardi'Sleele Thomas Wilder Slinsmi. Iii Paula May SiIIrdL-vmil Io'hn PIIEier Surrati Barbara Joan TiIoIIpe William Webslg: Tomi'ord Constance M. Vuceiiio Dwight William Wuii. ill Melvin Luther Wait David Henrinh'iltc i Luther Glenn Whilu Flo ance Eider Witi I PEIII-Ician Sug Williams Ollis RiuiIzIrdIWrighl. II. Gail Elizabeth Yuums Eileen chrin Francis Rogcm Toms. Jr. Richard Alexander Urquhart Robert Marion Ward Howard PearsonIWest Betty Irene Q. YOung Mary Teresa Youngs Honoraries 385 TRAMMELL LEE NEWTON, IR V 7 RICHARD VAN FLETCHER IR. IOSEPH WILLIAM DORN ------- HA'ROLD: POLLARD- ' - 1 , DR DANIEL .W. . James Frahkljui Holyfield 1 , Iimmy Dale Hudson , -Ioh11 Andrew I , 1 '1 'I'ames Sidney Hunter I Phllip Eugene Ashbu 1i . L , 1 Charles NeviIle Ieffres's Iohn Hayv'vaid BasV i I Rupert W. Iilcott. III x .Iohn Calvin Bearre Thomas Michael Iordas' L' Charles Britton Beasley .LIoh1'11EIlison Kelly T RichardIWellms Betts 1 : Sammy Ray Kirby David: MiIZIm'II Black 1 fStanley Malqolm Koonce Ieffrey'Richard Boak , Robert AhIh'on'y Kruger Aldn Randall Bramblett I x Dbavild Chhrl' Samuel Lem Bridges, II AILeri GrB'w 'K Steffan Charles Brown ,, 1 I Thomasteffrey Logan Brian Richard Buxton : I' '1 I" 'DamelAngus McInnis V Don Alien Chamblee ' I i Iohn William McMurray 'Davi'f Bullinth Clark 1 Iohn Ibs'eph Maloney, III Darw Engene Cline " x a Clyde A. 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Steams Robert Starr Gillam Grady Mitchell Stine , ' '1' . 1 I i . 1' Thomas H Glenndihning ' Roger Bryan Sutton 1 1 7., ' Ionafhan Hemy GodshaII Alan BaXter Teaslgy Ir. . , 1 I w Barry Michaeli Hagar " Thomas- Neil Triplet't I , I A 1 Carroll Matthew Harris Lewis Patrick Warren I' 'k II 7 f David McCIam Harris Iohn Brooks Watt 6 1 ,4 I Richard Wayne Heirdren Robert Alan White , 7' 1 11' I Steven Marshall Hibbrard, . Iames Lawrence Whitfield. Ir. I IamIes William Ho'back 386 Honoraries Scabbard and Blade Scabbard and Blade' 13 an honorary military society composed of outstanding members of Navy and Air ForceIRIO. T. C. Units. Its purpose is to develop and foster ideals, practice and educat I011I0fmilita1'y affairs at U. N.C.a11'd 1n t11e Unit- ed States as a whole Scabbard a d1 Blade was founded at North Caroliha 111 1949 as L Company 8th Regiment. 1-va QQMPANY OFFICERS " '1 ' II EDWARD C HAMMERBECK 'leHarvey E.Huffma11 I I Gary K.Iv31'sor1 . .1 "George B.I0hnst1511,Ir Richard E Kelly W1I1ia111 L-. LeihSthr ' 1. ' '11B1'utlih Tifi'MacDohald 1 1 ..... MICHEALI R FORD .IRVIN W. HANKINS, III . RONALD L. SMITH 'V'MEMBERS 'Brucei'S Markel 'Iohn W Martin ?Wllham W.M001'e Dav1d 89- M01113 :1chard D .PIerce alvih B.R1denh0ur Bayard W. Russell ' 7 Charles H.Silve1', Ir ' ,Alan K Stein'breCher I Iames Y. Wallace -- "iRobert S White I2:- Tom F. Hamlltqn MajorNUISASF L. Howard L. CtpoId,th Colonel U'. S. M. C. I11 ;1I AFROTC . f 5.34 CADET MEMBEREL . ' Gerald M. Beverly I , Claude M DeBruhI Felix C.DiP1a1na Leo F111klestei11 Micheal R. Ford Floyd A. Hooks Donald L. Iay , Douglas W.. Lain Iack D. Miller . V Frederick W. Racey Charles E.;Skcpt.t1 Micheal L. Scott RonaIdIL. Smith . William E. Stragand Milton R. Ward Harold S. Westerholm, II . 1111 and to advance the pro ession of eriOr sChOlarship, qualitihs of le der- t more: than twenty percent; of each g completion of one-half of the re- ondin'g Secretary 1 , . .Treasurer M , w . Archivist . Counselors Frances Blackwell Siskr Angela Boutillier M$ene DeBardelaben Suwowers Foster 1a Lee Long G. Newton a Ann Smith H; VanDessel n Barnesh A ' a1Cross Barbara Ann Nancy Lou , ' Honoraries 389 Somety 0f Ianus 9 I ,, K I OFFICERS I I7 1 ' - I DWIGHT ELWOOD THOMAS 1R. . . . .Praeceps I I ,9 AI ERNEST ALLEN SHEPARD ........ Vice Praeceps 1 1:43,.1' 1H3, I ,' II A ASHLEY ORMANI THRIFT . .......... Notarius 1 1x. 1 ,3 OTTIS RICHARD WRIGHT ...... .. Quaestor I 1 I "I I31:;I.IIVI 15 a V - , 1 .1; PRAETORS SIPRING 1967 I ., ACTIVE PRAETORS T; . DW1ght WoodWard Allen Lew G. Brown Robert Lee Cherry, Ir. 171-; 17:. Donald Wayne Carson Boyd RoII'a Garber 1 Iii"; I I Dudley C. Chandler, Ir. IJ. Frank Parker H11dson,Ir II. I Adolphus Drewry Frazier, Ir. "'1 IISteven Reid KnoWlton;I 7 Iames Ray Fullwood 1 . Donald Tinkham Lassiter 1':- Wdrth Timothy Haithcpck 11:? II, , David Darrah McFadden : Iames Gaston Hough ' . II, I" F M. Simmons Patterson Ir F WRbIbert Carl Hunter I "I LIIII IDavid Royal Shearon Charles E L011gino , " I I III, III i IRQbent Vernon Taylor II'Kenneth Byron McCoy 1' I ":ng ' , IN Ashley Ormand ThriftN ?1W1111am Harold RobinsonII ' V, 1' :1' j Stephen Bruce Wilhams . thest Allen Shepard I i' , I I .LII I QttiSI Richard Wright 3 I f-III", . Dwight Elwoijod Th0mas,II-1:. I . I , ' William Samiiel Woodwaid I ; CHARTER RRAETORS 1554- HONORARY PRAETORS 1 , ii Wesley NeiI Bass i 1 William Brantley Aycock 1 AI x Robert Wilson CarterI I A A thur IameIs Beaumont 1 .53:- I II Charles Dunn IOhH 3- Bennett I II ' ' EdWard N. Halford Iames Q- C3D3181" , 1:5 III... William E IHauser 1 I I Cornehus Oliver CIathRy III Thomas N.' Walters I ' '1 Walter Rabb j; ; 1 I I A I III , I1 3 Fred W. Schroeder Ir. . I I:: U I 15.x; I IF A , I , Harry E. Sm1th i 113 I III A I III I 1 A -1..,1' - KR Iaines E;W2I1dsworth I .. , 1 I 1' 211 111' ' Frederick HRh'ry Weaver 1 I V I I- I Dr Samuel S. Hill, IIr. 11 , ' L. f I1 I1 I? r i 1 ' .1 ' 1, i 1 I 11 I I u I1 V I Kl: I I l i 1 . 111' i ' 737$ "th I I. I1 I I I '1 . "I " I 1 H 1, :,A ,, ,1 I iv WIKLI'III L1 ,I'L' RIF H I I! I I I A 390 Honofxaries The Valkyrles OFFICERS SHARON I:RENE LEWIS . . . . . . Pres1RRnt KAREN ELIZABETH GIBBON ...... Vic'me Presiant GLORIA MERLE HUFFMAN ..1 .1 , . . . . .R Secretary MARGARET SUSAN BARRON . . . .. ..... Treasurer ALUMNAE AND H0 113 R 10 Barbara Helene Ballo w; MEMBERS 1967468 Susan Fitzsimmons Alexander Susan Lee Barberw Margaret Susan Barron Mary Crump Bodldin Daryl Elizabeth Brinton Candice HorliCk Brown Diane Haywood Ellis Karen Elizabeth Gibbon Kristine IHoov'er Gloria Merle Huffman Kathleen Marie Johnson Mary Gorringe King 'Sharon Irene Lewis Suzanne McDonald Patricia Ann Owens Martha Ellen Rainey Sharon Lee Rose KRtherine Marie Slaughter Sarah Jane Stewart Alice Graham Underhill Iudith Claire Wilson Iean Carolyn Winter Anne Elizabeth Belch Mary Margaret Bows Nancy Elizabeth Ehle Mary Susan Kirk Fulg 11-12 Mary Grey Teague Ful Robin Pietra Godett Susan Gertrude Gretz Mary Ann HutchinSon 1 Judith Ann Hall Carolyn Rudolph Hopp :16 Mary Elizabeth IuStice Anne Birch Lipforjd Elizabeth Louise Moore Carole Jean Norman Anne Marie Peacock Betsy Price Savage Louise Jordan Smith Sherdenia 'Thompson - Emily Cathey Wilson Florence Elder Witt Mary Adelaide Austell Mrs. John V. Allcott Dr. Ianet R. Fischer Mrs. Robert O. Forrest Dr. Mary Turner Lane .. Dr. Mary Clyde Singleton" The Order Of the Old leanblrds . . 7 OFFICERS JIMMY LLFANTAIL FLEALL BLAC L LWalterLLL LRa'zoLr- B1lledF Iohn LLHa11y Red-Breast 1 , , BluejayLL Brady 1 L . Jack LLIumper- Passer Hughes L' CoquetteLL Lesh LL Averett LLRed- EyeLd Creeping Busz 1 Garnet LLSolitary Fly CatcherLL Smifhw 'St1131'tL LCarolina Turtle LDoveLL. Wilson , L Drew "Booby CreepLerL Mayse . B111 "Bull Bull ShovelerLL; SOUtherland Rahdy L-LWhoopinLg Banahaquit" Bennett David LLHell- diver ParrottL Po'er PatL LSapsuckling ScoterL Arnold L . L . ,y . 1.. . WoLody LLHelmeted Honeyeater" WooerQof fAMargaret LBrlstle Headed Bobba: L111kL :7 Brugh LLGreat Horned OWILL Reynolds L jHelen LHa'mmger Heda' Honey Gulde . LL L Bruce LLTyrant FlycatcherL- L'ogueL , ' I . ,. Eddie LLW1110W Waddle W1geonLLLW1'1ght .. -' 1 , R1xy LLNoisy Nut CrackerLL Todd 1 LVPVVSandy Bohemian ChattererLL ReiLLdL1 x L L 7 . TyToby LLLong ClaW Lovebr'idLLLL Webb , .- . B111 LLBUfleeheaded Booby" Bixe'r . IL 1 g f L 3 'Mike LLGre'atL American Cock Turkiey" qud :1 L G311 LLPea FowlLL M'eares " L rohILl LLBlack- Bellied DarterLL TrbLtter . . John LLBuff-Breasted SpoonbillLL CLallan Raymond LFaerfresh Fantail" Williams . L . P Bill LLButcher Bird Babble'rLL Adam$ Susan1LLNarc1ssus Fly-CatcherLL Wallace '7 Peter LLWillie WagtailLL MoisteLr .' s 1 L . . . ' 1 s . , ' RHONORARIES Katherine LLChickadee" Carmicheal Charles LLCatbirdLL Bernard Arthur "Iailbird" Beaumont Hugh LLBusy-eyed Limpkin" Lefler James'L, LLFloating FowlLL Godfrey 392 Honoraries I- .V ', ' w-A' My . 'ountre "' 1: 3! s u a y .. n . !! A Er 6st Cralge - i546 Harry Kitson Russell 5'82 Issac Montro's'e Taylor . 634 Lyman Atkinson: Gotten 11' 650 Roy Walter Holsten ' 663 Frank Wysor Khngberg 664 Henry Wilkins Lewis ' 665 Robert Boyd Lindsay .394 Holnorranies 1 V V OFFICERS '- ' RIGHARD T. B. TRASK ..... Chi Nu Gamma ,VxBRANDON W. SHREVE . . Sigma Lambda Gamma CHARTER MEMBERS . ,thn D. Brewer Richard T. B. Trask . 'Thomal's'aC. Frederick B. Tygart uglamggm. Fain, 11L . . , E. Ward WightMIII ' ' ' Weii'iren W. Willsy .r;.. " Fre'd'ejri'rkiM ' 396 Honorari'ies ' x l SUZANNE SIMONS Graphia ELINOR TIDDEN UPTON Othigos SARAH H- ARPENTER SMITH Honoraries lggl to do n, I havI Vdon nothm k ; 5:31 I"' also rGal Bruc $18,GC fkkenneth ctNeIly Grant McClin l. :5;- amgas Marion Parrottt Cf- QberREmmett Wmton ,1! I E 3 3:: ? ff 3 3:53;. .5; 5 g 2:; a i, gamma ,.:;E.:...g gig .252; Egg. 2:55 2:25;. ; fig :35; .:::.5:. .3522: 525:. Egg. I::.,,.E,.:g;g. Spansored by Delta Delta Delta Beauties 401 YACK COURT fi , isty ng Chr ison Harris House Morr West Cobb Dorm Dotti Wagner Beta. Theta Pi Penny Raynor Alpha. Phi Omega r9 5. Alline Bagley - Morrison Griffith House . 9 Susan Gay - Old Easf Paula Ullman - Phi Kappa Sigma 404 Beauties Corrine Griffin - Morrison Edwards House Diane Sfanion - Lewis Gene Moncrief - Kappa Sigma Beauties 405 BeMy Weslerholm - Lambda Chi Alpha Debbie Ludwick -- Evere" e s w H n o n n a C n o .5 r r o M . Y . a w lo I o H a d .m L 406 Beauties Beauties 407 .9 P . M C - b .w M C M 0.. c a VI .m . e w w 0 9 m G .m b b e D Mary CreHier - Graham Cafhy McLurd - Teague Patsy Binkley - Morrison Armstrong House 408 Beauties .. 3 I"... Nancy Dickens - Pi Kappa Alpha Mary Faircloih - King College Carol Lynn Wagner - Granville East Beauties 409 Ann King - Winsfon Myrna Friedlander - Tau v. r vrvcz-v 313544;. b 5:5? i?" Robbie Leach - Sigma Chi Barbara Barre" - Granville Wes! Meredilh Ann Bradsher - Phi Delfa Chi ' Inn. - Old Wes! Susan Buckihal Kay Ramsey - Phi Delta Theta Beauties 411 s w H 9 o D s u a h 9 .m hr E - v. e d a e B a d .m . L 412 Beauties Cindy Clarkson - Suinll Anthony Hall ' $1.13 - Jean Camp - Pi Befa Phi Annette Fairies: - Delta Kappa Epsilon A'da Lee Birnie - Phi Gamma Delta Beauties 413 Linda Mace - Aycock Jennifer Ashworth - Craige College Sharon Derrick - Ehringhaus Aycock House 414 Beauties J. W m w Ramona. Taylor HOMECOMING QUEEN Sponsored by Kappa. Alpha 416 Beauties Mm WW XX WSXXQ' x W 7 N . x . x WNWWWN WxMW WWW x M A J ngbiai h a! , M!!! ; I ' X $55: m5 ', ' ' ,7 X kax M x I gag ?y' I . I a ' . l , M 7 V ATIONS ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATION! STUDENT GOVERNMENT ltStudent Governmentl, is for many students a still somewhat nebulous concept; in fact this may even apply to the majority. Yet no student, whether he knows it or not, goes unaffected by the decisions made in Graham Memorial, in the old Di-Phi Chamber, or in the other somewhat scattered points of rendezvous which the powers that be are known to frequent. As with all governments, the incredible bureauc- racy of Student Government at Chapel Hill has ex- panded greatly in recent years, engulfing areas of concern unknown a decade ago. Yet not all bureau- cracies are had; many serve a valuable purpose. Those who have participated in Student Govern- ment here and those who have studied it on a larger scale can testify to the amazing similarity of prob- lems and experiences. Though everything is in mi- crocosm here, and areas of concern may seem a bit Mickey Mouse to state and national officials, more than a few leaders have come up through this path. The Yackety Yuck, in cooperation with dozens of people in every facet of student affairs to whom we are deeply indebted, has composed the fol- lowing attempt to chronicle Student Government e 1968. We hope this will give the reader a greater feeling for the happenings in this important part of campus affairs. Hopefully, it may instill the inspi- ration to really participate in some of this meaning- ful work. 420 Organizations EXECUTIVE BRANCH This year has been one of great innovation in Student Government. The Executive, under the leadership of President Robert M. Travis, has pro- posed and sponsored many new programs, and the Student Legislature has endorsed them. The main thrust of Student Government has been toward greater participation in the student movement for educational reform, and the improvement of living-learning conditions in the residence colleges has continued and expanded. Registration for the experimental college has grown to over 700 in its third semester. The pass- fail program has been put into effect, and first indi- cations are that results have been highly success- ful. Opportunities for independent study abroad were expanded. Students have been asked to par- ticipate in a re-evaluation of the undergraduate po- litical science curriculum. Several departments have responded to student requests for smaller classes and more interesting courses by making a new series of seminars available. With Student Government support, another major student institution was founded this year. The International Student Center, with a staff of over 75 students, has begun a wide range of activi- ties designed to increase international awareness at Carolina. Student Government received its first founda- tion grant this year, an award of $2,250 from Sears and Roebuck for a program of leadership develop- ment for student organizations, operated with the aid of faculty members of the School of Education. With these funds, Student Government will enter the new field of group dynamics and sensitivity training with a program that promises to improve the quality of leadership on campus. In other executive actions, President Travis created the Carolina Talent Search, a program to disseminate information to Negro and economical- ly disadvantaged students outside the normal re- cruiting networks of the University. A Student Ade visory Committee was set up to aid students in aca- demic counseling and relieve some of the pressures on academic advisors. The In-Class Course and Teacher Evaluation was completely revised under the auspices of the Academic Affairs Committee. A Student Committee to evaluate the General College and survey the offerings of other universities and colleges in the first two years in an effort to im- prove our own program was formed. With the help of a $500 grant from the National Student Association, the Student Mental Health Committee has begun to develop programs of de- fining and attacking the sources of student stress on campus. A year of unprecedented co op eration among stu- dents, faculty and administration, agreements were reached on lowering T-sticker parking fees, increasing resale prices of the Book Exchange, and most important, a policy on student drug usage was negotiated and approved by the Student Legis- lature. In addition, students participated in the deliberations of the new Chancelloris advisory committees: one on Teaching and Curriculum, and another on residential colleges, working to bring dramatic change for the better in the area of the living-learning process. With the approval of the legislature and ulti- mately the Student Body, the President achieved a streamlining of the financial procedures of Student Government, making the Student Body Treasurer an appointed rather than elective position. In re- Rober! Moore Travis, President of the Sfudenf Body sponse to student petitioners, the Executive draft- ed and placed before the Student Body an honor systems opinion poll, which could lead to far- reaching changes in student judicial policy. With great satisfaction, student government leaders saw their challenge of the North Carolina Speaker Ban Law upheld by a three-judge federal court, which declared the 1965 law unconstitu- tional in deciding on the student-initiated suit. There were some stormy issues also that rocked Student Government: the dismissal of the woments attorney general, the controversy over the Carolina Talent Search, and the discussion of the campus drug policy all generated much heat throughout the campus. The Travis administration fulfilled its promises made to the students in the spring campaign: the placement of a washing machine pilot project in the menls residence halls, the agreement that the Student Attorney General be notified before any student is given a disciplinary hearing by the Uni- versity Administration; the Student Body Presi- dent obtained a place on the administrative board of the Dean of Student Affairs of the University Administration. As the Yuck goes to press, a number of Student Government proposals are in various stages of completion. Some of the major remaining pro- grams of the Travis Administration are: the placing of the Yackety Yack on a subscription basis, the expansion of the state affairs program to include utilization of taped television shows on campus life, the establishment of a student exchange with the University of California at Los Angeles, and the activation of the Student Supreme Court. The year has been one of great newness and ex- citement. It has seen students taking a bigger role in planning their educations and determining their living conditions. It has seen obsolete structures ab olished; it has seen controversy but no great con- frontations; it has seen progress without major conflict. President Travis remarked, ttI hold that the demonstration that change could be brought about without damaging conflict between student and administration as the greatest accomplishment of my administration? EXECUTIVE STAFF - Barbara Gaddy, Presidenh'a! Receplionisl; Margaret Jennings, Secreiarial Assistant; Ken Day, Execufive Secretary. 422 Organizations John Edwin Diefz, Vice-Presideni of fhe Sfudenf Body Dave Kiel, Presidenfia! Assistant Allen Webster, Legislah've Assislani musum V . H1! WM!!! "W Hugh Saxon, Treasurer of the Sfudenf Body Organizations -423 EXTERNAL AFFAIRS Some of the most important work of Student Government is accomplished by the Department of External Affairs. The groups working under this department are concerned with the Universityls relations with the state and the community. Orga- nizations include the State Affairs Committee, the Consolidated University Student Council, the NBA. Committee, the Student Credit Commis- sion, and the newly-created Carolina Talent Search. The Vigah Committee also works to coor- dinate the efforts of Student Government and other campus groups on community improvement projects. Recent developments well within the memory of most students on campus today make obvious the important work of this department. Among the most important groups is the STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE. If the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is to continue to enjoy the support of the people it serves, every means available must be employed to insure that the people of North Carolina fully understand the meaning of a university; and more specifically un- derstand such concepts as Academic Freedom, Freedom of Speech, and the Consolidated Univer- sity system itself. During the past year, the State Affairs Committee, under the direction of Ed Bris- tol, sought to extend and interpret the meaning of a university beyond the immediate community and present to the people of North Carolina a true pic- ture of what the University of North Carolina is and where it is going. The State Affairs Committee seeks to accom- plish this goal by several means. The committee sends student representatives to high schools and civic organizations throughout the state to illus- trate and explain various aspects of life at Caro- lina. Students Visit their state representatives to in- form them of developments relevant to the Univer- sityls needs and problems, and correspond and in- form the University trustees on matters of adminis- trative concern. The members of the committee also work in the media of radio, television and newspapers to disseminate information about the University on a broader scale. The committee has also involved itself With such programs as the Na- tional Student Association effort in co-operating with other schools in the nation who have pro- grams similar to this one; the Carolina Talent Search, which seeks to inform and interest de- prived students about opportunities at Carolina; and University of North Carolina Television in producing a series of documentary programs con- cerning the Universityls past, present and future. The State Affairs Committee has also been instru- mental in establishing state affairs programs on the other campuses of the Consolidated University. 7 .. L : W . t j '3 a i . s, .. ,;..;,;-,j,j ' sgw STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - FIRST ROW: Murcia Whicker, Sherry Kirkland, Sandy Smith, Ann Lashley, Jennie Klufz, Jackie Frost, Kathy Davenport. SECOND ROWE Karl Adkins, Dean Farmer, Dan Killian, Jerry Everhardf, Harry Montgomery, Allen Maser, Bill Lee, Tom Freeman, Ed Bristol, Chairman. THIRD ROW: Chris Bean, Pete Powell, Danny Davis, Doug Sharer, C. J. Simmons, Sam Jones, Bob Hunter, Bo Bishop, Bill Casper. 424 Organizations Throughout all of these activities, the committee has had the full support of the Consolidated Uni- versity Administration and the Administration and Student Body of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The University administration also works close- ly with the CONSOLIDATED UNIVERSITY STU- DENT COUNCIL, which has put forth one of its bigger efforts this year to promote a better integra- tion and organization of the four branches of the University of North Carolina. Rather than presenting itself as merely the insti- gator 0f CU Day, the CUSC has undertaken proj- ects to create a better harmony among students, administrators, and the ttBig Four? Possible plans have been discussed and circumstances investi- gated concerning four main issues on the CUSC agenda. These include: m A change in the academ- ic calendar, therefore placing examinations before Christmas holidays, tzl Consulting the legislature on raising the present $3400 per capita construction ceiling on residence dorms, t3l A proposal for an ID exchange system between the four Universities, and 00 Supporting a higher student wage require- ment. By observing weekly meetings and at least one meeting on each of the four campuses, and coordi- nating itself more with State Affairs, the Council has developed better organizational basis. Both President Friday and Chancellor Sitterson have spoken to the Council and expressed their interests in its functions. President Friday has also indicated the CUSC might possibly be the organization that the Board of Trustees would consult when in need of information on student affairs on the four cam- puses. Another external relations committee of increas- ing importance in recent years has been the N.S.A. COMMITTEE. The committee handles all of the various projects and activities sponsored by the US. National Student Association on campus. Under the leadership of NSA Coordinator Charles Ieffress, this committee during the past year direct- ed Carolina particip ation in conferences at Greens- boro, Atlanta, and Duke 011 student and education- CONSOLIDATED UNIVERSITY STUDENT COUNCIL - SITTING: Frances Dayvaulf, Cathy Myers, Dan Killian, Steve Mueller. STANDING: Andy Ringle, Larry Richter, Helen Mueller, Chairman; Ed Bristol, Jean Bartho- lomew, David Lanier, Danny Davis. ABSENT: Dwight Allen, Nancy Ay- cock, Billie Chambers, Ken Day, Wayne Hurder, Randy Myer, Peter Powell, Bob Travis, Cindy Webb. N.S.A. COMMITTEE - FRONT ROW: Brian Buxton, Chris Bryan, Cindy Arthur, Virginia Carson, Beverly Kennedy, Paula Wise, Bob Wilbur, Trudy McDo- nough, Mym Martin, Charles Jeffress, Kem Mort, Dana Broughton, John Thompson. SECOND ROW: Danny Davis, Chris Bean, Frank McGaughey, Donald Hekler, Casey Jones, Lloyd Clayton, Mike Gooden, Virginia Hall, Jerry Sfarnes, Grainger Barrett, Margaret Massey, Norman Riyk, Holly Bowles, Carolyn Hall. ABSENT: Patty McKinney, Ed Yarborough. Organizations 425 a1 reform. The committee also successfully pro- moted a campus-wide referendum on the policy statements on the draft, black power and drugs which were passed last year by the twentieth An- nual NSA Congress. In addition, the NSA Commit- tee initiated new programs such as the Summer Iobs project, an effort to place Carolina students in summer jobs across the country. President Travis requested the committee to handle correspondence with other colleges throughout the country in order to provide Caro- lina with new ideas and to keep others informed of our activities. Aided by the contacts developed at the Congress, the committee exchanged informa- tion on experimental colleges, pass-fail systems, course and teacher evaluations, and other univer- sity issues. In order to use the information, the committee maintained liaisons with most other major campus organizations in order to improve communication. The CAROLINA TALENT SEARCH was estab- lished in the Fall of 1967 as an independent group of students outside the official and traditional recruitment network of the University. The group later became an official committee of Student Government with an appropriation by the Legisla- ture from student fees. The activities of the group include Visitation trips to high schools, identifica- tion of prospective students and correspondence With individuals to encourage them to apply to the University. The Talent Search was established out of the recognition of the fact that itequal opportunityi' is not equal until everyone has equal access to, and knowledge of the opportunity. The Talent Search seeks to work with any group that is interested in the extension of college opportunities. Not new but at least newly active in external relations is the STUDENT CREDIT COMMIS- SION. After several years of dormancy, the S.C.C. E-EWVTI " n.1,; , s ,wi . -. . i? STUDENT CREDIT COMMISSION - SEATED: Ed Volwa, BeMy TroMer, Dave Shallunf. STANDING: Bi" Hamlet, Glen Dafncff, Chairman; Al Dubose. has slowly begun functioning. With eight capable leaders, the commission has set out to help rid Chapel Hill of bad check passers. Although it has not completely eliminated the problem, it has aided the merchants and hopefully helped to pro- mote a better relationship between town and campus. The actual functioning of the commission in- volves assigning certain downtown establishments to specific committee members. Each is responsi- ble for periodically checking their assigned busi- nesses to see if there are any checks which can be handled by the commission. After locating the of- fender, he is given five days to clear the check up; otherwise, he is turned over to the proper student judicial authorities. Only two bad checks are al- lowed per semester before the offenders name is placed on a iiblack list" which is circulated to the downtown merchants. CAROLINA TALENT SEARCH - FIRST ROW: Mike Pearles, Emmett McKelpin, Cliff Turtle, Clyde Milner, AI Dubose, LyneH Dudley, Kelly Alexander, Melvin Phifer, John Sellars. SECOND ROW: Phil Clay, Director,- K. C. Evans, Wall Sherh'n, Randy Myer, Terry Cobb, Steve Butler, Donnie Hoover, Everett Dodd, Bruce Morris, James Garriss, Ronald Baker. 426 Organizations CULTURAL AFFAIRS Culture is an important aspect of a complete education. Through the Executives Department of Cultural Affairs, students seek to promote interna- tional communication and understanding. Another aim is to provide the opportunity for members of the Student Body and the University community to listen to outstanding personalities and experts in widely ranging fields. Five organizations compose this department. These are the International Stu- dent Center Committee, the Toronto Exchange Commission, the Carolina Forum, and, in alternat- ing years, the Carolina Symposium and the Fine Arts Festival. Through the long efforts of its Student Govern- ment predecessor, the International Student Cen- ter was born in the fall of 1967. A truly internation- al community on the UNC campus became a living, working reality. Through the immediate devotion of the INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CENTER COMMITTEE members tof which only about 2570 are pictured herei, the Center has come quickly to serve its primary purpose to the campus - that of coordinating international programming. This has stimulated a greater degree of international aware- ness amongst our ttcommunityh of 15,000. One of the most successful and worthwhile pro- jects of Student Government in recent years is rep- resented by the TORONTO EXCHANGE COM- MISSION. The Toronto Exchange offers a unique testimony to the value of personal friendship as a bridge between nations. This friendship grows out of the four-day visit of thirty University of Toronto show, and Victory in the Dock game. Entertain- ment for Carolina students in metropolitan Toron- to included gourmet dining, 3 Maple Leaf ice hock- ey game, one evening of theatre and another of sledding and sleighing. Three public seminars on each half of the ex- change gave the Visiting groups new perspectives on the issues of their neighb 01's, among which were Black Power in the U.S., and Anti-Americanism in Canada. The misty eyes and warm memories with which the thirty Carolinians departed Toronto are poign- ant proof of the lasting educational and personal value of the 1968 Exchange. Now in its tenth year, the Toronto Exchange is open to all students. i V'Nil 1h 0 - t 'I-e INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CENTER COMMITTEE - FRONT ROW: Horst Muel- ler, Carlos Goncalves, Philip Chan, Danielle Wilhraw, Program Chairman; C. U. Rao, Nader Fergany. SECOND ROW: Roger Efird, Chairman Residence Committee; Jack Wolmeldorf, Ian O'Connel, Brian Buxton, Chairman Inten- sive Language; Steve Mueller, Chairman International Student Center. THIRD ROW: Juan Schechfman, John Kaufman, Publicity Chairman; Jill Tyler, Camp- bell Read. BACK ROW: Manfred Reinhold, Steve Herb, Eric Clay, .Ioe Lumis, Mark Packard. students to Chapel Hill in the fall and a return trip to Toronto by the thirty Carolina exchangees dur- ing semester break. Southern hospitality awaited the Canadians in Chapel Hill in the form of an old-fashioned square dance, dinner in faculty homes, a Tar Heel talent TORONTO EXCHANGE COMMISSION - SEATED: Steve Hope, Jed Diefz, Sylvia Jones, Patricia Jones, Patricia Diaz, Bi" Hamill, Susan Murphey, Dick Ku- dingfon, Martha Rainey. FIRST ROW: Jonathan Gibson, Jane Patrick, Laurie Williams, 31'" Tate, Jane Robertson, Susan Cantor, Dale Sloan, Rick Lufz, Cathy McGregor, Kathy Sheram, Barbara Brownridge. SECOND ROW: Mike Brown, Parker Hudson, Michael CrossweH, Bill Wolcoff, Anne Dye, Julia McMiIIian, Moppie Brooke, Steve Ball'efoof. BACK ROW: Buddy Lewis, Scan Patterson, Phillip Clay, Joan Harney, David Offill. ABSENT: Karin Bother, Jack Spaulding. 'u. tin, y - -..,-. A -'rtwm. 3 It x ., Edward Kennedy Huber! Humphrey John Gardner Jacob Javifs 428 Organizations CAROLINA FORUM SEATED - Ann King, Robert MosfeHer, Jeff MacNeHy, Scott Goodfellow, Stu McLean, Lindsay Boswell STANDING - Ace Chace, Fred Stimson, Susan Murphy, Phil Clay W 'W The Carolina Forum is the sole campus organiza- tion dedicated exclusively to bringing imminent speakers to the University community. The Forum attempts to serve the dual purpose of stimulating thought through discussion with persons of note and increasing the stature of the University through recognition outside of campus boundaries of the Forum program. The Forum season stretches from spring to fall, unlike that of many campus organizations. The spring period is usually busiest and most produc- tive, following upon many weeks of negotiation in the fall. Spring 1967 was a highlight season for the Forum. New Yorks senior senator Jacob Iavits, then a jockeying candidate for the Republican nomination for the Vice-Presidency, spoke to an enthusiastic audience, vocalizing his fundamental opposition to the conduct of the Vietnam War. Shortly afterward, Vice-President Hubert Hum- phrey, on a speaking tour across the country, set down his two giant army helicopters in Kenan Sta- Sco" Goodfellow, C hairmun dium. The Vice President was escorted to Memori- al Hall where the Vietnam War received its great- est support of the school year. On a rare speaking occasion, Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield visited Memorial Hall for a major foreign policy address asking the United Na- tions to intervene in the Vietnam conflict. The sen- atorts visit was well received and widely publi- cized. The spring season concluded with a speak- ing engagement by the junior senator from Massa- chusetts, Ted Kennedy. The fall season, 1967, was highlighted by the campus appearance under Forum auspices, of fora mer senator and presidential contender Barry Goldwater. Goldwater was greeted by an overflow crowd in Memorial Hall, complete With pep band. His speech touched lightly upon many political in- terests and was enjoyed thoroughly by all. Midway through the year, Forum chairmanship switched from Robin West, who had piloted Forum presentations through 1967, to Scott Good- fellow. Organizulions 429 CAROLINA SYMPOSIUM The CAROLINA SYMPOSIUM is a biennial forum on a topic of serious interest to the Universi- ty community. Planned by students and faculty members and financed by student government, campus organizations, and private contributors, the presentation includes speeches by men of na- tional prominence, faculty-led discussions for stu- dents, exhibits and seminars for students from other colleges. and universities a covered by a Statewide television network. The Symposium had its origins in the Human Relations Institute, which held its first seminar on March 20-25, 1927. In 1956, the name was changed to the Carolina Symposium on Public Affairs, and it became simply the Carolina Symposium in 1960. The purpose of all the speeches and activities is to sharpen the intellectual inquisitiveness of the University community, as well as the entire state of North Carolina. Symposium speakers are faced with the difficult task of stimulating both the lay- men and the relatively informed persons in their respective fields, so that they must interest the for- mer with basic facts and ideas, while providing new insights and creative approaches for the latter. In the past, such men as John Kenneth Galbraith, CAROLINA SYMPOSIUM - FRONT ROW: Richard Klein, Publicity; Jonathon Gibson, Intercollegiate Seminar. SECOND ROW: John SurraH, Finance; Kim Kyser, Hospitality; Wendy Cohen, Secretari- at; Hall Rainey, Co-ordinah'on. THIRD ROW: BeHy Anne Benbow, Vice-Chairman; Taylor Branch, Chairman; Dr. Joel Schwartz, Facul- ty Advisor. 430 Organizations James Reston, Hans Morgenthau, Crane Brinton, and Ralph Bunche have brought an abundance of fresh and exciting ideas to the Symposium ros- trum. It seems safe to say that none of us, not even the ttexpert," knows a great deal about contemporary Communist China. It seems equally safe to assert that the future of China, partially shaped by US. policy with respect to the Communist reigme, will be of great significance in the unfolding of world events. The Symposium topic for 1968 - thed China and the Westii - seemed especially appro- priate for a program concerned with public affairs, for it brought eminent expertise to a problem which is both unfamiliar to most Americans and of pressing importance. The Symposium Committee attempted to treat Red China in a broad perspective, including the cultural, political, economic, ideological, organiza- tional and historical elements in an overall picture of the mainland regime. The speakers steered away from esoteric fine points of scholarship in an effort to lay the groundwork for a basic understanding of Red China. RED CHINA AND THE WEST Edgar Snow at his cha- teau in Swiuerland. .' , 3.? Edgar Snow highU inlerviews Mao-Tse-fung New in Peking, 1966. h'gzmizuli0ns 431 EDUCATIONAL AFFAIRS The Department of Educational Affairs is the arm of Student Government which attempts to de- velop, enrich and publicize educational opportuni- ties here at Carolina. The work of this division may be considered very worthwhile, for in the last anal- ysis, education is what we are here for. Of the three committees in this department, one strives to bring potential honors students here; a second continual- ly examines the academic situation and strives for improvement; a third aims to develop opportuni- ties for the honors students already here, who pro- vide the continual stimulus for academic and intel- lectual activity present on campus. A particularly important and rewarding experi- ence is availible in the NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE, which seeks to at- tract potential students of high character and intel- lectual ability to Chapel Hill. The committee be- gins preparations for the coming years activities in the spring prior to its big weekend in the fall. This past year, over 225 National Merit Semifinalists participated in a three-day program at Carolina which included a concert by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, an address by Chancellor Sitter- son, the opportunity to speak with members of the ' ' M $5213- - admissions and student aid offices, and an infor- mal reception with Student Government officials. The program is almost completely financed by fees collected from the students participating and by donations from the University. In the past, some fifty percent of those students participating have Chosen to come to Carolina for their undergraduate education. The energy of the ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COM- MITTEE has been channeled into a number of ac- tivities this year. The most important of these has been the in-class course evaluation administered in the fall and spring. Other projects included provid- ing the data for the Course and Teacher Evaluation Booklet, educational research, studies in academic credit for summer work, and calendar reform. Working under the philosophy that once the facts are known by both the students and faculty about educational strengths and weaknesses here at Car- olina, the courses and teaching cannot help but im- prove, the committee has striven to analyse the University's academic status. The Academic Af- fairs Committee believes this to have been a re- warding year, both for themselves, and for the Uni- versity Community. N TlONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE - Alan Teasley, Linda Woodard, Mym Martin, Lawrence Whitfield, George Dennis, Robert Gillum, Debbie Cha- pein, Kay Weslmoreland, Lynn Orr, Jenny Fisher, Jean Healy, Pu! Warren. 432 Organizations Unlike many other student government com- mittees, the STUDENT COMMITTEE ON HON- ORS works in several rather nebulous areas. Act- ing as a very unofficial sounding board for ideas, suggestions, and criticisms of the existing Honors programs, the committee acts as a kind of liason between the Honors students and the Faculty Committee on Honors. In more concrete areas, the committee this past year was instrumental in several changes and im- provements in honors-related areas. For the first time, the Honors Committee helped the National Merit Committee with National Merit Weekend, and helped present a realistic picture of what being an Honors student is like to these visiting high school students. A summer independent study pro- gram was inaugurated, with students being able to ttregisterti for a course to take, independently, over the summer months, receiving credit for such work. As always, changes in the Freshman Honors Program were discussed and several were incorpo- rated into the structure. And finally, the Commit- tee continued to care for its Honors Lounge, much to the chagrin of the Library Staff. STUDENT COMMITTEE ON HONORS - SEATED: Ann Craig, Lindley Moffe", Chris Bryan, Woody Durham, Jane Montgomery, Melinda Laurence. STAND- ING: Allan Teasley, Barry Huger, Steve Agresfa, Gordon Cavis, Tom Craver, Chairman; Jim Glass, Bill Russo, Lee Goldman, Richie Leonard. ABSENT: Nor- man Rizk, Tom Whisnanf, Lonnie Wilkinson, Allen Lassifer. a .; David McFadden, Director of the Departments of Educaiional and Cultural Affairs. - A . . r . v . H mm - i "'53 ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - FRONT ROW: Jane! Sawyer, Cheri LeWIs, Chairman; Kathy Galloway, Warren Schonfeld. SECOND ROW: John Seaman, Roberf Gillian, Jay Schwartz, Jay Geer. The Department of Administrative Affairs, this ADMINISTRATIVE year operating without a formal director, is res on- sible for overseeing the smooth operations ofthe AFFAIRS Executive Branch. It is occupied primarily by sec- retarial, financial and communicative functions. At the years beginning, there were four com- mittees which comprised this department: the Audit Board, the Budget Committee, the Commu- nioations Committee and the Student Government Secretariat. The abrupt abolition of the Audit Board and the Budget Committee at mid-year left the department in a somewhat disjointed state, yet there are still two important working arms. The STUDENT GOVERNMENT SECRETARI- AT, headed this year by Ann Lashley, Secretary of the Student Body, and Margaret Iennings, Secre- tarial Assistant, is responsible for the general pro- cedural duties conducted in the Executive Offices. The members of this committee assist the Vice- President, presidential assistants, and other Stu- dent Government personnel in printing legislative bills, committee reports, questionnaires and other items. The committee also participates in the gen- eral functioning of the office by providing informa- tion, answering the telephone, and purchasing supplies. Among organizational improvements noted this year is the innovation of a prearranged work schedule which has guaranteed a sufficient number of staff members every afternoon. The Secretariat consists of volunteers from the Student Body. Interest is the only qualification necessary. Ann lushley, Secretary of the Student Body. STUDENT GOVERNMENT SECRETARIAT - Danielle Wifhraw, Margaretl Jennings, Ann Lashley, Gail Sommers. 434 Organizations Also working in the Department of Administra- tive Affairs is the BUDGET COMMITTEE, estab- lished by Student Government to draw up the an- nual budget. Some forty campus organizations now receive funds from student fees. This budget has steadily increased each year and presently is over $225,000. In addition to this responsibility, the Budget Committee is responsible for approving transfers of funds after the initial appropriations are made. The committee members had busied themselves this past fall with the approval of these transfers and the drawing up of the new budget for next year. The committee was abolished last February by student referendum. Subsequently, the Trea- surer 0f the Student Body will work closely with the finance committee of the Legislature in prepar- ing the budget. The new Department of the Treas- ury, headed by the Treasurer of the Student Body, BUDGET COMMITTEE - FIRST ROW: Steve Garrison, Ellie Newenhaus, Rabin Bell, Chairman. SECOND ROW: Hugh Saxon, larry Shearin, Tom Stewart, is somewhat undeveloped at this point in the wake of the abolition of the Audit Board. It will take Randy Heaton. some time for this department to develop a smooth operating procedure. The COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE has been organized to learn the opinions of students through opinion polls for the service of the student body. The work of the Committee runs from choos- ing a random sample of students, to actually inter- viewing the chosen students and recording their opinions, to compiling the results and presehting them in finished form to interested organizations. During the year, the Communications Commit- tee has taken surveys concerning many aspects of campus life: the residence college system, the orientation program, rules for women students, drugs on campus, and innovations sponsored by Student Government. The work ofthe Committee has proven valuable to campus leaders in giving them estimates of support for a particular issue of campus-wide importance. COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE - FRONT ROW: Anne lafferfy, Jeanne Palmer, Par Hollander, Jo Anne Porter, Daryl Brinfon, Betty Marye, Mary Wilson, Bill Bowman, Chairman. SECOND ROW: Bob Poole, Jim Lenaghan, Don Maclean, Howard Clark, Peter Berg, Cherry Sampson, Claire Burke, Nancy 5"", Sheila Lowder, Bruce Laney, Sally McPeake, Jim Denton, Mike Tolu. Organizations 435 INTERNAL AFFAIRS The Department of Internal Affairs is concerned with the improvement of conditions on campus and the preservation of the tradition that forms the ttCarolina Way of Life." Four committees work in this department. These are the Orientation Com- mission, which is devoted to the task of socializa- tion of the incoming students to Carolina tradi- tions. The Residence College Commission is constantly attempting to improve the still immat- ure residence college system, while the Campus Affairs Committee is moving to increase student services on campus and in the community. The Student Discounting Committee has served an im- STUDENT DISCOUNTING COMMITTEE - Lloyd Clayton, Cheri Lewis, Gary Povill, Stewart Rosen, Chairman; Kenneth Breslow. portant function in providing information about the community commercial structure. The CAMPUS AFFAIRS COMMITTEE attempts to locate and deal with areas of concern to the stu- dent body of the University. Through the use of suggestion boxes and personal contact with other students, the committee seeks to find things that most students want on their campus. The commit- tee is working again this year to hold a Careers for Carolina program in cooperation with the Institute of Government. The Opportunities 0f internship programs in federal, state, and local governments as well as in the United Nations are related to inter- ested students in this program. The relationship between University stores and services and the student body is another area of concern to the com- mittee. The committee not only emphasizes pro- grams but also solutions to problems through per- sonal discussions with administrators and offi- cials. It is thus the committees role to meet stu- dents need on campus. The STUDENT DISCOUNTING COMMITTEE was formed to try to obtain discounts for students from Chapel Hill merchants. In a college town, however, such a program is not practicable, so the Discounting Committee has concerned itself with other areas. This fall, the committee successfully organized a boycott aimed at the Chapel Hill taxi- drivers, who doubled their rates on football week- ends. The Committee Chairman now has a seat on the Board of the Chapel Hill Merchantsl Associa- tion, where any problems or misunderstandings between students and local merchants can be straightened out. At this moment, the committee is primarily con- cerned with comparing the prices of different stores in town, and publishing the results so that Li L. . ; z t fr r t t 7 will be available to students, especially freshmen. Allen Maser, Diredor of the Department of Infernal Affairs. CAMPUS AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - FIRST ROW: Fredel Thomp- son, Kathy Hand, Cynthia Yeager. SECOND ROW: Rich- ard D. Norris, Frank Davis, Joe Auten, Chairman. THIRD ROW: Earl Hubbard, Brooks Harrell, Skip Alexander. 436 Organizations Prior to his arrival on campus each September, A newly-created body in this department which the incoming freshman receives an introductory has assumed increasing importance is the RESI- letter from the CAMPUS ORIENTATION COM- DENCE COLLEGE COMMISSION. This is espe- MISSION. For many, this is the first contact with ciallytrue with the rapid physical expansion ofliv- Student Government. In this sense, the Orientation ing facilities here. 1967-68 has been a year of Commission is very important. For the fall of 1967, marked improvement in the living conditions in the Commission sought new and better ways to University Housing through the Residence College welcome incoming students to Carolina life. The System. With the completion of Social Rooms re- staff of thirty students was chosen in February and plete with successful social programs last year, the began to work on the program immediately after RCC has actively endorsed the Academic advance returning from spring vacation. Concerted effort of the Colleges by taking an integral role in the OC- Carried out responsibly by the entire staff resulted tober Durham Conference and setting up numer- in a very successful program. ous supplementary discussion groups around the Revisions were made in the UNC-G dance, Stu- campus following the Conference. Also in October, dent Government, foreign students, counselor ben- the RCC absorbed the old Residence Hall Improve- efits, academic programming, and religious em- ments Committee. Along these lines we have di- phasis orientation and attempts were also made to rected research and initiated programs on refriger- lessen the size of the orientation teams. ators, washers and dryers, televisions, telephones, Staff members also successfully carried out the furniture, and physical improvements of all sorts orientation programs for the spring semester and for the Residence Halls. Throughout the year we for both sessions of summer school. have been devising a feasible plan to streamline the There were, of course, the mishaps. Cherie never bureaucratic agencies which affect Residence Col- did give out the handbooks, poor Iay was a nervous leges, and, in doing so, have committed THE Cardi- wreck about everything, the admissions office sent nal sin against the Bureaucratic way - we have us four hundred more students than we expected. abolished ourselveS, plus the WRC, CWC, and We had the happy memories of cleaning up the MRC in aproposal we call the Carolina Residence field the morning after the picnic, and BillLongjust Council. Thus, from that Limbo of all abolished smiled! committees, we bid U.N.C. adieu. RESIDENCE COLLEGE COMMISSION - Nick Didow, Judy Rand, Ricky Toppe, Barbara Gaddy, Bob Farris, Chair- man; Mary Flynn, Mike O'Leary, Anne Ferguson, Secretary,- Marcie Kearney. Bill Long, Chairman 'MPUS ORIENTATION COMMISSION - 'ONT ROW: Carroll Copple, Charlene Atkin- n, Cherie Lewis, Women's Coordinator,- Fran dier. SECOND ROW.- Bill Bowman, Men's -ordinafor, Gayle Young, Jenny Fisher, Lloy- He Humphrey, Candy Hodges, Judy Guillei. i IRD ROW: Jay Schwartz, Asslf. Chairman; amp Mitchell, Billy Travis, Sieve Hayes, hward Miller, Bob Koeblilz. Laura Owens, Womenis Aflorney General Randy Myer, Attorney General, Spring Semester David LaBarre, Aflornoy General, Fall Semester 5! Mama x ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL'S STAFF - FRONT ROW: Bob Dillard, Sarah Mendelsohn, Dan Stallings. SECOND ROW: Bob Jones, Ken Moore, Bob Mosfel- Ier. IUDICAL BRANCH The Department of Iudicial Affairs is responsi- ble for overseeing the operations of Student Government with respect to the Constitution, the Honor System and Student Elections. It includes one of the largest Student Government organiza- tions, the Attorney Generalis Staff, as well as the Honor System Commission and the Elections Board. This iiIustice Department" should not be confused with the Judicial Branch, which includes the Honor Courts and the Supreme Court; it is an executive department. The ATTORNEY GENERALtS STAFF, under the leadership of the Attorney General, investi- gates and presents before the appropriate council any alleged Violations of the Honor 01' Campus Codes, as well as Violations of the Residence Hall regulations, IFC regulations and woments rules. The expanding university and the increasing im- portance of the role of the judiciary has necessitat- ed specialization, but in general the staff still repre- sents the contacts between the accused students and a particular judging body. It was originally set up so that members of the council would not have to investigate the cases themselves and thus have prior knowledge of the case; yet it now does much more. It has been a guiding influence on the major changes in the Honor Code and Campus Code, and has attempted as well to establish policies which prove beneficial to students in general. Working closely with the Attorney General's Staff is the HONOR SYSTEM COMMISSION. The commission has two main areas of responsibility. First, it is charged with endorsing candidates who wish to campaign for seats on the Mensi and Wom- enis Honor Courts, in order to insure that qualified ATTORNEY GENERAUS STAFF - FRONT ROW: Dan Stallings, Bob Jones, Bob Dillard, Harry Peterson, David Lloyd, Andi Stein, Sarah Mendelson, Andy Schorr. SECOND ROW: Susan Paflerson, David Wynne, Bob Tracy, Elaine Wilder, Barbie Barre", Steve Hope, Jim H0- 438 Organizations and capable persons occupy these important posi- tions. Secondly, it plays a vital role in the never- ending process of judicial reform, aimed at making a more effective and respected Honor System for U.N.C. This, year, it has worked with many other con- cerned groups at preparing and publicizing the At- Board must conduct all special elections and refer- endums. This year the Election Law was expanded in order to formulate new policies and to erase the vagueness of certain electoral procedures. The members of the Elections Board must make rulings on all disputes arising from any irregularities oc- curing during an election or referendum. titudinal Survey on the Honor System. It will con- tinue to work on evaluating the results of this im- portant survey, and hopefully will be able to make some of its suggestions for reform into realities. If all goes well, the results of this survey could be in- strumental in bringing about certain reforms which have long been actively sought by leaders of the student judiciary. Another important part of this department is the ELECTIONS BOARD. The Board is charged with the successful staging of all aspects of fall, spring, and special elections. This requires supervision of eligibility requirements, education of candidates, and regulation of campaigns as well as the more llnormali, functions of collecting and counting votes. In addition to the two regular elections, the "F ' i; "H , a 3 ' ' .it ELECTIONS BOARD - Charles Gaylor, Bill Lee, Ann Jamieson, Norman Zenel, Chairman; Minor Mickel, Mary Wilson, Dashiel Propes. HONOR SYSTEM COM- MISSION - Richard Roskind, Dick Rider, Tom Hanaway, Andrea Stein, Bill Findlay, Chairman; Fred Hamlet, Frances Dayvuu", Norman Rizk, Robin Rouse. Organizations 439 LEGISLATIVE BRANCH The legislative powers of Student Government rest with one important body, controlled directly by the students through popular election. Filled with tradition, the STUDENT LEGISLATURE sits in the century-old Di-Phi Chamber on the top floor of New West Hall. It is here, on Thursday evening, that the issues of most direct concern to the student body are debated and decided. It is here that the quarter-million dollar Student Government budget is allocated. And it is here that democracy func- tions in its basic form and leaders arise. Traditionally a focal point of controversy, the Legislature has enjoyed a particularly active and productive year. Not only have the memb ers of the Legislature passed on more legislation than has ever been considered before; they have also been willing to forego much of the petty partisan poli- tics, which has usually slowed down the legislative process, in order to deliberate long and hard on Vicki Logan, Clerk; Jed Dieiz, Speaker. OFFICERS OF THE LEGISLATURE - George Krischbaum, Presidenf Pro-Tempore; Lacy Reaves, Chairman of the Finance Committee; Tom Benton, Chairman of the Judicial Comminee; Bob Hunfer, Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee; Jed Diefz, Speaker; Sieve Tanger, Sergeanf-af-Arms; Larry Richter, Universiiy Party Floor Leader; Ken Siarling, Chairman of the Rules Comminee; David Kiel, Parliamentarian. some of the most significant issues to face the cam- pus in the history of Student Government. These issues have ranged from the Vietnam referendum to reform of Student Government financial struc- ture; from Election Reform to the Class Officer sys- tem; from a new policy on drugs to a campus radio network. The longest and most interesting sessions of Leg- islature were spent discussing five key issues: Hon- JUDICIAL COMMITTEE -- Dave Perry, Carl Younger, Tom Benton, Chairman; John McMurray, Bruce Jolly. Jed Dietz swears in new legislators. ors System, Vietnam referendum, class officers, the Carolina Talent Search Bill, and the new drug policy. It was decided in the case of the first two that student opinion should be polled in referenda. After a dozen hours of debate, the Legislature re- versed its earlier decision, and decided not to hold the Vietnam referendum tthe YMCA held it on a limited scalel, but did hold one, on February 15, on the Honor System. The class officer debate was held to try and decide what if anything should be done with the apparently antiquated class officer system. A bill to abolish class officers was defeated by an 18 to 16 vote. The consent ofthe body seemed to be that a poll of student opinion be made, and it was made quite clear that the issue was not re- solved. The debate which surrounded Phil Clayls pro- posal for a project to send information about ad- mission to Carolina to high schools which would not normally receive it engendered heated debate, not so much because of the money involved, but because of the concern of some in the body that the bill discriminated against some poor people. The bill passed by an overwhelming vote, and was amended to include all racial groups. In contra- distinction to the flo or deb ate on the Talent Search Bill, the bulk of the controversy on the new drug policy was handled in the judicial Committee. The Judicial Committee, chaired by Tom Benton, held open hearings for several weeks, and arranged for a hearing especially for the legislators With sup- porters and opponents of the bill. Organizations 441 FINANCE COMMITTEE - FRONT ROW: Lacy Reaves, Chairman; Bill Lee, Andy Gordon, Joyce Davis. SECOND ROW: Rodger Dicks, John Gilkey, Doug Morgan. 442 Organizations Financially, the legislature has been eager to help in as many ways as it could. Money was ap- RULES COMMITTEE - FIRST ROW: Ellen Robinson, Karen Gibbon. SECOND - - . . ROW: Ken Jacobs, Harry Diffendal, Worth Baldwin, Ken Starling, Chairman. proprlated for a campus Wlde radio natwork to be established by linking each Residential College sta- tion together; the International Student Center stands as the fifth largest and only student-funded Center in the country; extensive studies have start- ed in the area of student stress and General College Re-evaluation; representatives of the student body were sent all over the country to cull information that might be used on this campus: the list goes on and on. But Student Legislature has also looked to its own house for improvement. The Legislature passed a substantial financial re- form bill which asks for dramatic changes in the financial system to make it function more efficient- ly. The Legislature also considered an extensive Election Reform Law to make the election process somewhat less complicated and a good deal more clear. 80, the Legislature is not always the great obsta- cle in the path of progress that it is often accused of being. If it can be said that the Legislature moves slowly, then it must also be said that the deliberate- ness is a necessary part of a legislative process; it serves as a check on irresponsible governmental action. WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE - John Wil- Iiford, Alan Albright, Marcia Whicker, Yorke Pharr, Pat Wayne, Dan Murray, Bob Hunter. Chairman. Organizations 443 IUDICIAL BRANCH The Judicial Branch of Student Government is in many ways the most important of all. For it is here in the Student Courts that a long tradition of re- sponsibility and self-respect is maintained. The Universityts Honor System is serious business. The job 0fthe court system is to instill in each student a sense of responsibility and pride in the system and in the University itself. A new partner in this branch is represented by the Supreme Court, which has not begun function- ing as yet, but the appointments of President Traa vis t0 the Court, including respected student leada ers such as Chief Justice Ken Day, are very encour- aging. The Supreme Court completes the separa- tion of powers and ttchecks and balances" in Stu- dent Government, which are inherent to the Amer- ican system. Continuing the long tradition of student respon- sibility is the MENtS HONOR COURT, which has original jurisdiction in trying male students ac- cused of violations of the Honor Code or the Cam- pus Code. A student found guilty of a breach of one of the two codes may be given an official repri- mand, probation. or suspension, depending on the nature and severity of the offense. In addition, the nineteen elected members of the court assist in the fall orientation program by presenting the Honor System to the incoming freshmen. Bill Miller, Chairm an This year the court has been instrumental in pro- moting and developing ideas for judicial reform. Plans for revision of the policy on drugs and changes in the system of penalties were discussed fruitfully with members of the faculty and rep- resentatives 0f the student body. A campus-wide referendum was slated this spring to determine general student attitudes toward the concept of an Honor System. The members of the Ments Court have as their task the responsibility to constantly try to improve the Honor System, as well as to up- hold it. MEN'S HONOR COURT - SEATED: Lee Culpepper, Winburne King, Vice-Chairman, Bill Miller, Chairman; Dick Rider, John Lawrence, Scribe. STANDING: Bill Findlay, David Garvin, Van Fletcher, Champ Mitchell, Don Gowan, Ben Hawfield, Lorenzo Lewis, Bo Bishop, Bi" Paulsen, Marty Melvin, Howard Miller. 444 Organizations v93; W 1 Gene Mon crief, Chairman The WOMENtS HONOR COURT, handling violations of the Honor Code and Campus Code committed by women tincluding major infractions of womens rulesi, has a responsibility to the Uni- versity and to the individual student. It is responsi- ble for maintaining high standards of honor among women students, and thereby maintaining the honor of the University itself. At the same time, WHC must seek to protect rights guaranteed to each defendant and weigh any extenuating cir- cumstances involved in a case before passing judgement. Trials may be held in public or in private, accor- ing to the desire of the defendant. Once a case is brought to the attention of the Attorney Generalis office, a woman Charged with a violation is as- signed an investigator and a defense council - un- less she herself Wishes to pick her defense council. The defendant may call character witnesses to ac- quaint the Court with her character. Material wit- nesses are presented to the Court, and these may be asked questions at any time during the trial by members of the Court, the defendant, or the invese tigator or defense council. When the Court enters deliberation, it first determines guilt or innocence. If guilt is decided upon, the Court determines pen- alty according to the effect of the offense upon the honor of the University, any Circumstances brought out in the trial which would make the of- fense wither more or less serious, and predecent. Sentences are supposed to be both punitive and corrective. There are 12 members of the Womenis Court. Half are elected in the fall and the rest in the spring, so that there are experienced members of the Court at all times during the year. The Chairman is elect- ed in the spring by the Court membership. The Women's Court, working with the Ments Court, helped the Honor System Commission this year with the Attitudinal Survey on the Honor Sys- tem by giving speeches in the dormitories to ac- quaint the women with the issues involved. In ad- dition the Court participated in two conferences designed to improve the judicial system through evaluation, discussion, and criticism. A mock trial was presented for women trustees visiting the campus in February. The Womenis Court also began releasing more information about court cases to the Daily Tar Heel this year - letting the student body know more about the working of the court while still protecting the identity of the de- fendants, WHC helps orient students to the honor system in the fall, spring, and summer by adminis- tering honor system tests and holding a convoca- tion. WOMEN'S HONOR COURT- FRONT ROW: Gale Swan, Olivia Miller, Gene Moncrief, Ann Merricks, Karen Checksfield, Rebecca Pope. SECOND ROW: Dale Sloan, Karen Freeman, Martha Lovell, Merf Tragesser, Carol Roach, Kay Hutton, Susan Scripture. Organizations 445 PUBLICATIONS The University of North Carolina has a long and honorable tradition as a leader in the publications field. The five publications at Chapel Hill are the Daily Tar Heel, the oldest college daily in the South, now celebrating its seventy-fifth year; the Yackety Yuck, one of the ten largest and most pres- tigeous yearbooks in the nation; the Carolina Quarterly, the Universityts literary magazine; the Carolina Handbook, a thorough guide for incom- ing freshmen; and the Course Evaluation Booklet, a studentis guide to selected courses, published in alternate years. The five student publications at Carolina are su- pervised by the PUBLICATIONS BOARD, an inde- pendent executive agency created by the Legisla- Pub Board Chairman Don McPhaul Hem and Adviser Dr. James Lmlefield consult with Board Secretary Jean Landrum. . PUBLICATIONS BOARD - FRONT ROW: Lacy Reaves, Hugh Saxon, Jean Landrum, Don McPhuul, Chairman of the Board. SECOND ROW: Scott Goodfellow, Clark Egeler, Doug Mor- gan. 446 Organizations ture. The Board consists of ten members: two elect- ed from the Student Legislature, one from the fi- nance committee 0fthe Legislature, three presiden- tial appointees, the Treasurer of the Student Body, the Secretary of the Board tappointed by the Chair- manl, and two faculty advisors, appointed by the Chancellor. EX-officio members, non-voting, in- clude the editors and business managers of the publications, plus the Auditor of the Student Ac- tivities Fund Office. The Chairman of the Publica- tions Board is elected from and by the Board itself. The main duties of the Board concern the super- vision of the financing and administration of the publications operations. No control, however, is directly exercised over editorial policy, except through the Boards control over personnel. The Board also makes all printing contracts, sets rates and selects the editors, business and advertising managers of the publications, in its more formal capacity as the "Selections Board? The Pub Board does not appoint the Editor of the Daily Tar Heel, however, because he must represent student opin- ion. He is elected by popular vote, but the Board still screens and endorses candidates for the posi- tion, and their endorsement or lack of it appears on the ballot. In actual practice, the Board works primarily with the Business Manager of the Daily Tar Heel and the Editor of the Yackety Yuck, who bring questions, problems and suggestions before the Board for consideration. This part of the meeting is open, but the Board then goes into Executive Sese sion to make its decisions, and that part of the meeting is closed to all but voting members. The Publications Board was happylto welcome two new advisors this spring - Dr. James Littlefield and Prof. Stuart Sechriest. :3. I "L; 41' - 3. what;- SEATED: Robert Frederickson, David Slrafman. STANDING: Charles Davis, Business Manager; Peter Stiff, Ediror-in-Chief. 6:5 V, 55;? 6?" '1'. was g , r; x ,. Ii .xr t :1 E? '1 3H :H e e; n VH4 The Universityis literary magazine, THE CARO- LINA QUARTERLY, was edited this year by Peter Stitt, Robert Frederickson, and David Stratman. This years Quarterly maintained the high stan- dards set in the past by publishing the poetry and fiction of both known and unknown writers. Through selling for only a quarter, the Quarterly was also a financial success, thanks to the excel- lent work of Charles Davis, Business Manager. In addition to local praise, the Quartely has received national attention for the excellence of some of its issues. In all, the Quarterly is one of the Universi- ty,s most impressive publications. Designed to introduce and familiarize the new student with Carolina life, Student Government, extracurriculars, sports, etc., THE CAROLINA HANDBOOK has been UNCS official guide since 1891. Used primarily with the fall orientation of new students and transfers, the first Handbook was printed by the YMCA and totaled only sixteen pages. Now comprising over one hundred fifty pages, the Handbooks publication and selection of editor and business manager is administered by the Publications Board. A combination of increased pictorial coverage, new page layouts, extensive and added information, a Carolina blue cover plus the dedicated work of an eighteen member staff characterize the seventy-first edition. SEATED: Ashley Thrift, Editor-in-Chief. STANDING: Joe Dzwoner, Richard Chaney, Phil Lambert, Beirne Patlon, Thurman Linker, Chris Ferguson, Greg Ferris, Jim Fields. ABSENT: Tee Baur, Jim Nisbet, Bill Barnes, John Neal, Jim Simpson, Bob Crane, Leo Finkel- stein. Organizations 447 DAILY TAR Bruce Struuch, Editorial Cartoonist,- Wayne Harder, Managing Editor, Spring; Larry Keith, Sports Editor; Pam Hawkins, Associafe Editor, Spring. . 2 A , BUSINESS STAFF - SEATED FRONT: Bran! Wonsley, Advertising Manager, Full. BACK: Reggie Graves, Subscription Manager; Bucky Buckner, Advertising Manager, Spring; Bi" Sfaion, Ass't. Business Manager; Vernon Averen, Advertising Salesman. 448 Organizations The Daily Tar Heel celebrated its 75th year as the South's freest and largest college newspaper by hosting a Diamond Iu'bilee reunion of past editors and staff members, and by winning its second con- secutive Pacemaker Award, which marks it as one of the top papers in the nation. In the tradition of his predecessors, Editor Bill Amlong kept the edi- torial page a thorn in the side of The Establish- ment. And anything Amlong forgot to say on the edito- rial page was remembered by Don Campbell and Pamela Hawkins, who succeeded Campbell as As- sociate Editor after he graduated in Ianuary. All of it was amplified by cartoonist Bruce Strauch. First semester graduation took not only Campbell from the staff, but two other top men as well: Managing Editor Lytt Stamps and News Editor Hunter George. They were replaced by Wayne Hurder and Rebel Good. Sports editor Larry Keith quarter- backed the DTHts varsity coverage, which was handled by Dale Gibson, Owen Davis, Rick Brewer and Bob Coleman. Turning out the news and features on a daily basis were the other staffers, including Steve t Knowlton, Terry Gingras, Shari Willis, Carol Won- h savage, Rick Grey, Todd Cohen, Frank Ballard, 1 Louise Jennings, Karen Freeman, and Bryan Cum- ming. And what would the DTH be without pic- tures - as were supplied by Gene Wang, Mike McGowan, Steve Adams, Sam Williams and Er- nest RobI. You cant forget the business side of the paper either. Don Walton, as business manager, was assisted by Brant Wansley and Kermit Buck- ner, the advertising managers. And thatts what The Daily Tar Heel, 1967-68, was made of. Don Campbell, Associate Edifor, Fall; Carol Wonsuvage, Feafure Editor, Full; Hun- ter George, News Editor, Full. f 2, t H H H 5 el EDITORIAL STAFF - SEATED . r t FRONT: Rick Grey, Karen Free- ,? t H yr t mun. STANDING: Sieve Price, h Terry Gingras, Wayne Harder, Shari Willis, Feature Ediior, Spring. Organizations 449 THE YACQEGTY YACK Gregg Dear h Sam Caltagiro The 1968 Yackety Yank represents the work of a small group of people over a long period of time. Somehow, some- where, this handful of dedicated work- ers came to feel an obligation to this school. to this yearbook. and to them- selves. Without their efforts this book would still be on the office floor. But the story of the 1968 Yack is not just a story of hard work and sacrifice - it is also a tale of great joy and satisfac- tion that comes only when one sees the fruition of his efforts. The Yack Staff is proud of its contribution to this book, and to this University; but like most tasks, the greatest happiness usually comes from the smallest things. How can we ever forget 1968? It was the year of the Midnight Bandit who was kind enough to take whatever we left unchained. There was the trip to Dallas. the Red Carter, and those Braniff stew- ardesses. And who could forget the looks we got when we rejected copy? And what about those weeks we spent filing 30,000 cards and pictures in alpha- betical, numerical, and often reverse order? There was the hassle ,with the Greeks trying to talk them out of the old style pages. There were the incessant picture schedules, reschedules, cancel- lations and postponments. There was the time Yuck photographer Charlie Twine became the innocent victim of the Morrison coup di etat. And the fun and games we had working with the budget. But most of all it was the everyday kick we got out of working together, from our occasional editors, down to the phantom staff, yes, and even putting up with the Pub Board. It was 1968, it was hard. but it was worth it - I think. 450 Organizations 1968 Y'ackoty Yack .u-uIIHLRAH .."" - . i..llj...l...,io.W. mummwhi. 11.1.... x -m; .wu'mtyxu .. I.Wg 1' mn .w... a 1 I. Gatins. Literary Editor 11. F. Holyfield. Artist 2. G. Wang. Photoglaphy 12. W. Lee. Sports 3 C. Twine Photogmphy 13. B. Douglas 4. T. Scott 14. S. Caltagimne. Layout and Design 5. I. Kuesel. Editor-in-Chicf 15. F. Thompson. Sororities 6. G. Dearth. Associate Editor 16. H, Grier. Photography 7 8 9 . 10 . I. Bealcr 17. W. Sexton. Business Manager . 5- Layton, Managing Editor 18. G. Datnoff. Fraternities . S. Miller 19. A. d'Osscht$, Photography . B. Anthony 20. T. Cobb. Fraternities x . Organizations 451 $5: EEhe wogdAml f1t . colIth'iori of' h1iscel 1m ious deviadts, rejec Wu . A movie enpiled T e Misfits, star- : ;5 Gable and M nroe, sugggsts" lcgno'cl "sts unable t conform etgthe acCepted norm. Nat rall, representing se orgfmiz tmns HVQFbrrB-ed into wortlfy 311mg 'butulg deies within tthmeE?g ?- irpTunctiaffia. ds range ofumgra-g 1 er e. 1y do av ,au spec 1C gigup yshiggj1n1g t lh!$h$.saveS that of - 1 Tnisilts. 'Ehey do$tg115$a 'kus l ties and AQlis fact spea r . it t i - '1 I 4 . i. r: r t: ' I i N h : u , DEBATE TEAM - Tom Foster, Brenda Hauser, Maurice Stocks, President; David Kruse, Jim Bafmasian, Lee Baker, Louis Nanney, Dr. J. W. Pence, Coach; Jim Moore. DI-PHI SENATE The Dialectic and Philanthropic Literary So- cieties are the oldest student organizations on cam- pus, and have played a very important part in the history of the University. The Dialectic Senate and the Philanthropic Assembly combined to form the Di-Phi Senate in 1956. They are now in their one hundred and seventy-third year as an open forum for discussion of any topic by any student. Among other accomplishments, the societies were instru- mental in the founding of The Yackety Yuck in 1901. The Di-Phi Senate began the movement this year for the revision of the Honor System. Its Honor Code Petition brought about the Student Legisla- ture Attitudinal Survey. The Di-Phi also organizes representation for the University at the National Model United Nations each year. Members are: Charles BarwiCk; Eric Clay, Lloyd Clayton, Nicholas Didow; Ellen Everett, Terry Ed- munds, Clifford Evans, Charles T. Gowen, Stan Greenburg, William Geimer, Earl F. Hadden, Don Hekler, Eric Holmes, Howard Kramer, Micheal Katz, Tony Lentz, Larry Lynch, Issac B. Linney, Duke Marston, Jeremy Monroe, Ted Murphey, Krilrkgvood Otey IV, Bland Simpson, and Robert S a e. DEBATE TEAM Whether participating in an intercollegiate de- bate, sponsoring a series of Open Forum Speak- Outs on controversial topics, or presenting demon- strations for high schools and civic organizations, the UNC Debate Team has attempted to stimulate the discussion of crucial issues in a scholarly, fac- tual manner. Moderate success in tournaments at South Caro- lina, Birmingham, Miami, and Richmond placed UNC among the favorites at the ACC Tournament, American University Tournament, and the South- ern Regional Eliminations for the National Tourna- ment. Adding further encouragement to this was the fact that most of the debaters, being sopho- mores and juniors, will be back next year to help second-year coach, Dr. I. W. Pence continue to re build and strengthen the debate program. This year the Debate Team added a new dimen- sion to its functions by sponsoring a series of Speak-Outs on vital public issues, providing Uni- versity students with the opportunity to voice their own opinions on many pressing problems. Thus the Debate Team seeks to encourage its tradition of encouraging free, responsible debate. DI-PHI SENATE - FRONT ROW: Don Hekler, Clerk; Charles T. Gowen, Parliamentarian; Ellen Everett, Bland Simpson, President Pro Tempore; Michael Katz. SEC- OND ROW: Eric Clay, Rick Holmes, Bi" Geimer, Sergeanf-af-Arms; Tony Lenfz, President; Earl Hadden, Critic. CAROLINA WOMENtS COUNCIL The Carolina Women's Council is the coordinating body among women's dormitories. It is composed of Chairmen elected in the spring campus elections; 3 social chairman and two activi. ties chairmen from each dormitory; and Mrs. Heather Ness, advi- sor from the office of the Dean of Women. Mrs. I. Carlyle Sitter- j . I t son is honorary advisor to the council. k' CWC sponsors activities within each dormitory and among all the dormitories, such as mixers, Sunday breakfasts, speaker se- ries, and discussion groups. The council also works through other campus organizations to provide further activities for the coed. It strives to promote scholastic achievement by honoring the five freshmen women with the highest scholastic average with 8 Scholarship Trophy. CWC promotes achievement in all areas of coed life by awarding a trophy to the dormitory women chosen as most outstanding senior dormitory women - five are selected who have been recognized as outstanding in promoting dormito- ry spirit and unity. In addition, the Carolina Women's Council has initiated the Freshman Big-Little Sister program under the Orientation Com- mission; the Speaker's Bureau, a file available to everyone on campus concerning available speakers, instructors, home econo- mists and demonstrators; and the Orientation and Rules Booklet, which will be mailed by CWC and WRC to freshman and junior transfer women durihg the summer months. The main goal of CWC are greaterunity and enthusiasm among dormitory women, by providing activities which will enrich every area of life for the coed. y , v r . . A COSMOPOLITAN CLUB ' N ' ' ' t 'l ' e CAROLINA WOMEN'S COUNCIL - FRONT ROW: Jane Lipton, Candy Hodges, Kathy Courtney, Lloydette Humphrey, Sue Simons, Gwen High- Iower. SECOND ROW: Haydn Ridley, Judy Smith, Kathy Gwynn, Kara Mort. THIRD ROW: Anne Lambert, Pat Smith, Betty Faucene, Mary Val- iere, Mary Euwer. FOURTH ROW: Trudy McDonough, Betty Crawford, Marcy Kearney, Becky Bulba, Sara Melvin, Jenny Fox, Craig Towe. FIFTH ROW: Leslie Bruton, Judy Pepper, Cindy Thacker, Patsy Stevenson, Shirley Schrader, Virginia Ha", Linda Law. EXECUTIVE BOARD - 5 TED: Lloydeffe Hum- phrey, President. STANDING: Candy Hodges, Trea- surer; Gwen Hightower, Residence College Coordi- nator; Kathy Courtney, Recording Secretary,- Jane Lipton, Corresponding Secretary; Suzanne Simons, Vice-President. This year the Cosmopolitan Club once again made an attempt to create a better understanding between students from other nations and those from the United States. The topics discussed dur- ing the fall semester meetings included a discus- sion of the throssroeds Africa" program by Tim Urban, slide presentations by Robert Seymour, John Willardson and Robert Horner in addition to the less formal discussions by members of the club. Richard Hill-Brown, former club president, left for the first semester. Susan Cantor, Secretary, won a scholarship and left for South America. Freida Hammett, social chairman, accepted a position in South Carolina. The meetings are open to every- one, with a special invitation to the foreign stu- dents who are often outnumbered by their Ameri- can counterparts. England in December, and a thinning of the ranks of the executive committee took place at the end of COSMOPOLITAN CLUB- FIRST ROW: Atef Khalifa, Carol Beerstecher, Joanne Peebles, Anne Hickson, Anne Rhodes, Mih-Song-Lee, Yawaraf Po- rapakkhah, Agola Auma-Osolo, Vice-Presideni. SECOND ROW: Abbie Steele, Danielle Withrow, Lena Meck, Monica Nilsson, Alice Gear, Jill Tyler, Emad El Bassiouni, ALHachiHi Hikmat, Erkul Goktan. THIRD ROW: Daoud El-Medani, Ergun Yener, Wilson Kachinga, Campbell Read, Henry Festraefs, Abdul Latif. FOURTH ROW: Carla Shuford, Treasurer; Ron Meck, Ahmed Muhgonb Mohamed, Nader Fergany, C. U. Rao, Carlos Gon- calues, A. Humidzai, M. A. Nudiem, Abdo Bardawil, M. Seleins, Kemble Bauman. FIFTH ROW: Bi" Smith, Antol Loero, Cultural Chairman; Theo Van Groll, President; Anders Nilsson, Taka Sygiyama, Muzele Hagmukwele, Larry Lynch, R. J. Seymour. 454 Organizations PANHELLENIC COUNCIL EXECUTIYE COUNCIL - FRONT ROW: Dershie McDeviH, Adviser; Susan Alexan- der, President; Jones McDeviN, Dog,- Befh Wise, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Joan Harney, Cour! Chairman; Susan Taylor, Proiect Chairman; Helen Ennis, Recording Secretary; Evelyn Martin, Cultural Chairman; Kay Johnson, Vice-President; Ken Perham, Ass'f. Rush Chairman. 1'? . . We 1 rep, 'K'! e The Panhellenic Council is the advisory- governing board for the eight sororities on campus. This year the Councils main concern was expand- ing and strengthening of the sorority system as well as the whole Greek system. Specific areas of action included the evaluating and revising of the rush system, changing the Panhellenic Court proce- dures, having workshops for new officers to foster interfraternity relationships, and generally striving for greater cooperation and understanding among sororities. The Council sponsored a picnic in the fall for the footb all team. There was also a UNICEF project for which each sorority planned a week of fund-raising activites. The Council is composed of the Panhellenic Ad- visor, Mrs. Larry McDevitt, sorority presidents, so- rority rush chairmen, replaced after rush by pledge representatives, two representatives from the Stray Greek organization, and an executive com- mittee made up of one member from each sorority. FRONT ROW: Nifa Wilkinson, Julie Dent, Jean Robertson, Anne Auberchaine, Lamar Sparkman, Ken Perham, Martha Macphatl, Susan Alexander, Evelyn Martin, Lyn Odom, Helen Ennes, Beth Wise, Dershie McDevm, Jeanne Croom. SECOND ROW: Barley Bare", Pam Perkins, Mary Roundfree, Kay Johnson, Susan Scripture, Edie Wright, Derre" Brinfon, Charlene Jessup, Llaydetfe Humphrey. THIRD ROW: Karen Gibbons, Martha Crates, Joan Harney, Anne Marlin, Penny Proctor, Susan Taylor. Organizations 455 WOMENiS RESIDENCE COUNCIL The Woments Residence Council is the Woments i " While, Libby Idol, Sharon Rose, legislative branch of Student Government, repre- " ' Chairman;Edna TurnenMrs-Heaih- senting the women studentst viewpoint to the Stu- t ' - - 9" N955! Adm"; 5W," "M MG'Y dent Body, faculty, and administration. Hym' Concerned with providing the best possible so- ' t cial environment for our women students, WRCS basic philosophy has centered around more practi- cal, flexible regulations for residence living. With this emphasis upon philosophy, the WRC conducted several seminars as well as a panel dis- cussion for all coeds 0n the topic tiThe Woments Role on the University Campus Today? Emphasizing a more positive approach to wom- enis rules, the WRC made extensive studies in nine areas, Which resulted in changes of womenis close ing hours, the signing in and out policy, lateness, and visitation rights to name a few. Other specific activities this year included re- writing the WRC Constitution, restructuring the Council, and sponsoring a two day visit of the women members of the Board of Trustees. Meeting once a week, WRC is composed of the chairman, residence hall presidents, and represen- tatives-at-large, sorority representatives, the fresh- man Coordinator, a town representative, and a rep- resentative from the Womerfs Honor Council, from Student Legislature, from the Carolina Wom- en,s Council, and from the Dean of Woments Of- fice. 1?" . . . . 7 t - n 3 Andi Stein, Barbara Brownridge, Susan Patterson, Benie Grout. SECOND ROW: Candy Hodges, Jeanie Debardelaben, Jean Cline, Gene Moncrief, Margaret Mozinga, Becca Toggle, Sallie Spurlock, Karen Checksfield, Mary Ella Brady. THIRD ROW: Karen Davis, Susan Wallace, Mary Bouldin, Cathy Hipp, Cindy Webbc Jeannie Williams, mecy McCharen, Leslie Wharton, Mary Anne Rudloff, Cecelia Sparks, Loydene Humphrey, Esh'e Eudy, Jo Anne Porter, Cmdy Borden, Judy Wilson. ABSENT: Dayle Hicks, Martha Rainey. n4 LsL ' ' 1 FIRST ROW: Carol Ann Peiefs, June Orr, Shannon Roberts, Jane! Sawyer, 456 Organizations M. R. C. COURT - GaryAyash, Harry Brick, Roy Miller, Cline Comer, Vice-Chairman; Robert Taylor, Chairman; Phil Beauchemin, Bill Harris, Sam Fulk. ABSENT: Ken Pins, Jim Hunter. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL - SEATED: Dwight Allen, President. STANDING: Steve Williams, Vice-Presidenl; David McFadden, Secre'ary; Bi" McDiar- mid, Treasurer. "S. . MENtS RESIDENCE COUNCIL BOARD OF GOVERNORS - Bi" Darrah, James; Bob Bass, Granville; Len Tubbs, King; Ed Flicking- er, Morehead; and Par- ker Hudson, Morrison. ABSENT: John Gresham, Scan and Ken Neher, Ehringhuus. A new system of operation was utilized this year by the Menis Residence Council in its efforts to co- ordinate the affairs of the eight Residence Colleges now in existence. The old policy making role of the Council is now concentrated within the individual colleges with the executives of each college meeting regularly with the officers of the M. R. C. Included in the pro- grams this year have been the establishment of radio stations within several of the colleges and the acquisition of permanent office space in Graham Memorial. In addition, classrooms were conducted in each of our Residence Colleges in hopes of pro- viding the student with a living-learning experi- ence. Award ceremonies were held last spring with the following awards presented: Best College, Morri- son College; First Runner-Up for Best College, Scott College; Most Improved, Granville Towers. Chuck Longino, former Chairman of the Residence College Commission received the Roger A. Davis Memorial Award for outstanding service to resi- dence colleges. The M. R. C. is pleased to welcome Hinton Iames Residence College, which was opened in the fall of 1967. The Council is proud of the fine progress made by the Residence College System during its three short years of existence. Organizations 457 U.N.C PRESS SIGMA DELTA CHI - SEATED: David Chamberlain, Jim Fields, Joel Haswe". STANDING: Dave Fishel, Dale Chodorow, Don Campbell, Dr. Delbert McGuire, Adviser; Thad Mumau, President; Larry Murchison, Ross 5:0", Greg Snow, Curtis Patton, Ly" Sfamps. SIGMA DELTA CHI 458 Organizations The UNC Press Club offers all interested stu- dents a chance to hear such outstanding jour- nalists as H. L. Stevenson, Managing Editor of UPI, and Hal Bruno, News Editor of Newsweek. The Press Club has its social moments, too, notably in kicking off the new year and in cele- brating the Christmas season. Highlighting the spring season is the annual awards banquet. As all refreshments at meetings are superb, it is clear that this club cannot be recommended to diet watchers. Officers for the past year included Bob Cole- man as President, dynamic Abby Kaighin as veep, and pretty secretary-treasurer Diane Cohrane. Another organization of importance at the Journalism School is Sigma Delta Chi, a profes- sional journalism society comprised of career journalists and college students with the inten- tions of working in some field of journalism. Begun in 1959 by Dean Norval Neil Luxon, the UNC chapter presents programs on varying phases of journalism, and this year began a scholarship fund. Projects have included Y- Court Record Sales and aid with UNC Journal- ism Week. Able support has been given to this chapter by Dr. Delbert McGuire, the adviser, by the faculty of the UNC School of Journalism and by newspapers of local cities. CAMPUS CHEST CAMPUS CHESTlEXECUTlVE COMMITTEE - KNEELING: Paul Davidson, Haywood Davis, Dick Luddinglon, Bob Wilbur. STANDING: Bruce Barragun, Co-Chairmun; Jim Wright, Ann Jumieson, Co-Chairman; Ann King, Janet Sawyer. e , n- .u t a 2 -. ,- a. . x5 ' s! l K ' .3. .9' 'i- 31?: CAROLINA POLITICAL UNION - FRONT ROW.- Richard Mitchell, Jan Jorgenson, Kathryn Pelgrifi, Jan Hansen, Gary Byrae. SEC- OND ROW: Richard Bryan, Daniel Wicks, Clyde Milner, thn Morris, John Sana", Eric Clay, Dick Bochinski, Marlin Eaion. The Campus Chest Committee of the Student Government organizes the student United Fund campaign each spring. The purpose of this week of money raising is twofold: to educate the student body as to the meaning and aims of a community type fund raising effort, and to collect money for a few charitable agencies both on campus and in- state. The fund raising activities are centered around a carnival, an auction, and the actual solici- tation in the dormitories during a week in the spring. The Carolina Political Union is a non-partisan political discussion group which meets weekly with persons knowledgeable of and prominent in public affairs to debate issues of contemporary im- portance. Speakers with whom the Union met last year include Senators Edward Kennedy and Mike Mansfield, and former Senator Barry Goldwater. The C.P.U. was organized in 1936 by students in the political science classes of the late professor E. I. Woodhouse, who were concerned by the turmoil in Europe, as well as the influences of the New Deal on American Society. During the period from 1946-54, the Union brought to campus figures as President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Speaker Sam Rayburn, Senators Claude Pepper and Gerald Nye, and Congressman John F. Kennedy. The Union was re-organized in the Spring of 1964 by student leaders who felt that such a non- partisan discussion group has a definite place in the University Community. In the past four years, the Union has met with such noted public figures as Governors Averill Harriman and Ross Barnett, Senators Jacob Iavits and Strorn Thurmond, Con- gressman Charles Weltner, Morris K. Udall, and Charles Mathias, Iohn Kenneth Galbraith, Louis Harris, and Iames Reston, among others. Membership is on a competitive basis and is lim- ited to thirty members from both the graduate and undergraduate student body. vn- CAROLINA POLITICAL UNION ya: 31 Organizations 459 GAMMA BETA PHI Gamma Beta Phi on this campus is a young orga- nization. It is an honor and a service society formed to aid the university, its students, and the community. Membership is open to men and women students who have above a 2.5 quality point average with preferably no failing grade. This year in the work of the membership Will con- tinue the ideals of Gamma Beta Phi .. scholarship, citizenship, and service. FRONT ROW: Sylvia Heffner, Andi Stein, Debbie Wyndham, Mary Louise Reynolds, Judy Meece, Robin Jeffers, Meta McNieI, Beverly Rowe. SECOND ROW: Jim Balmasian, Delano Quick, Bill Miller, Bi" Wheeless, Chuck Wanzer, Ron Osborne, Larry lynch, Sam Porlaro, Wayne Stallings. orne, Presideni; Susan Wilkins, Secretary; Elaine Douglas, Treasurer; Susan Culbrefh, Pro- gram Chairman; Judy Mclver, Publicity Chairman. FORE- GROUND: Peggy Morgan, Vice-Presidenf. S. N.E.A. The Student National Educational Association is the pre-professional organization for college and university students preparing to teach. The func- tion of S.N.E.A. is to provide opportunities for pro- fessional growth, development of leadership, and understanding of the history, ethics and progTams at the state and national levels. It also affords a chance for participation in professional activities at local, state and national levels, especially in inte- grating programs of local associations and student education associations. The Carolina Chapter is the Frank Porter Graham Chapter of S.N.E.A. and is affiliated with the North Carolina Education As- sociation and the National Education Association. 460 Organizations The University Monogram Club, composed of all varsity lettermen, is again on the move. This yearls projects consists of establishing a scholarship fund, operating a concession stand at all home basketball games, and co-sponsoring the spring BlueeWhite foot- ball game. One of the most important objectives of the club is to bridge the gap between athletes and non- athletes at UNC. The Monogram Club room, located in Wollen Gym, is more than a meeting place. In almost constant use, the club room offers to its members recreational facili- ties including a pool table, a juke box, television, and even a quiet place to study. This yearls Monogram Club can be looked upon with great pride as it represents many of the fine ideas MONOGRAM CLUB which are striven for at UNC. ialkt gm? . I511 r; -' tt'rke'wil l l 3.5? l , FRONT ROW: Jack Writer, Bruce Bolick, True" Goodwin, Charlie Thomas, Pete Graver, Nolan Leonard, David Cannady, "on Fisher, Pefer Daws, OFFICERS - Jack Davenport, Social Chairman; Charles Thomas, Treasurer; Mike Horval, Vice- Nielsen Rogers, Temple Grassr, John MacNaughfon, Presidenf- Lloyd Fisher Presidenf Glen Sfuropoli, James Hickman. SECOND ROW: Til- ' ' ' den Martin, Louis Pukul, Bob Hanna, Baffle Wall, Craig Bradley, James Sheehan, James Richey, Mike Smifh, Ed Cowan, Ronald Lowry, Mike Barnes, Tom Cantrell, Mike Lewis, Lynwood Duncan, Mike Hor- vat. THIRD ROW: Jack Davenport, Bob Connoly, Gary Hill, Bob Forman, Dave Ball, Chip Stone, Dick Loman, Ronnie Lemonds, Tom Buskey, Steve Burdo- lis, Edward Sparks, Tom Renedo, Tim Karrs. Organizations 461 WUNC The University has a long tradition of excellence in the arts. Whether in drama, music, literature or the more modern forms such as radio broadcasting and even flying, interest abounds at Carolina. Pic- tured 0n the next few pages are a few of the impor- tant campus organizations in this area. The University community is fortunate to have an active student-operated radio station, the 50,000-watt FM voice of WUNC. The year 1968 was an especially fruitful one for this organization. As it entered its sixteenth year of operations, the staff tall Carolina students working as volunteerst ex- panded the program schedule, brought out a new program guide, the first in a number of years, and worked with new enthusiasm and energy. Many of the staff this year, including the Station Manager, were non-Radio TV majors, who participated avid- ly in the daily operations of the station. With the Program Guide, participation in the North Caro- lina Hi-Fi Show, and the rewards of a 1968 Cam- lina Symposium, the staff was looking forward to even greater accomplishments in its seventeenth season. KNEELING: Terry Henderson, Chief Studio Technician; Bob Jennings, Tom Taylor. STANDING: David Mayo, Sharon Davis, Mike Gray, Station Manager; Mid Fuller, Les Guthrie, Dick Taylor, Production Manager; John Desmond, Music Director; Dave Taylor, Program Director; Bill Spainhour, Carin Bocher, Dan Lin- dley, Traffic Manager; Chris Ferguson, Madge Bunce, Dale Rhodes, Graduate Assistant,- Marshall Wright, Business Manager; John Carberry, Ray Lancaster, Head Announcer. Oi'gunizulions 4G3 MEN,S GLEE CLUB The U.N.C. Varsity Menls Glee Club is one Of the Evening Series in Chapel Hill. This year a Southern oldest and best known amateur singing groups in Tour is planned and, though hampered by lack of the South. New in its seventy-seventh year, the funds, the group has worked hard to make their Glee Club has gained a reputation which extends tour a reality. Bright new uniforms, individually throughout the state and beyond. As the only tour- purchased, proclaim a new look for the Glee Club, ing choral group on campus, and the only musical while Robert Porco, in his second year of directing group from the University which regularly takes a these singers, has brought somewhat of a new concert tour, the Glee Club has helped to spread sound. While continuing the long tradition of high- the name and good will of the University to vast 1y entertaining light music, a new dimension of numbers Of people in its long career. In the last few more serious work has been added to repertoire, years, besides concerts in Chapel Hill and in every and the Glee Club is gaining a reputation for high section of North Carolina, the group has been seen artistic standards even beyond their previous good on national and international television, toured ex- standing. This is reflected in their being invited to tensively through the SOuthern and Eastern United appear in several cultural festivaIS, and being fea- States, and toured ill EUFOPE, always bringing tured in a WUNC-TV special on fine music. pride to the University, and acquitting itself well in The Gleemen, an auxiliary group, trains singers critical acclaim and in actual international compe- for membership in the Varsity. This group of about tition. i a hundred aspirants t0 the Varsity maintains high Last year the Glee Club toured several northern musical and entertainment standards, even though states on its annual Spring Tour, climaxing the trip they do not appear as extensively as the more ex- with a highly successful concert on the Tuesday perienced group. m mm; 31;;r.'0'43rh:w T'FTD. i, wmlfithVIV-ry kn - my; v . w iwAg ,ILA y , 3v v Iv . Jl- I .2 H A, VA, 3 KVAVAll t . 1a; VAVAVA ?AMth i, 9 "v 12' '"b' - "b' "'3 w"' ' 1 via ,1 3" Cl ! 1,: 0' .. .- . v 1 t , ,.,, V i . ll .- ,8 . ' I '- U. N. C. VARSITY MEWS GLEE CLUB - FIRST ROW: Bi" Reel, Steve Wilson, Larry Strawbridge, Tom Moorefield, John Barefoot, Tim Helgeson, Bob Koeblilz, Michael Padrick, Robert Porco, Director. SECOND ROW: John Becton, Vernon Mitchel, Don Coleman, Steve Bogenshufz, Doug Clapp, Ted Burneife, Sieve Butler, Preston Moseley, Concert and Tour Manager; Don Denny, Richard Sides. President. THIRD ROW: Don Manning, Accompanisl; John Carroll, Perry Holman, Bob Perkins, Lee Faulkner, Vice President; Randy Grig, Phil Adams,hSecre'ary-Treusurer; Tom Limehouse, Don Hamrick. FOURTH ROW: Lee Swept- som, Public Relations; Charles Nixon, Don Milbrefh, Mid Fuller, Dick Young, Librarian; Frank Faulkner, Bab Elgin, Gary Scott, Bud Wiser, Knox Mitchel, Li- brarian. 4B4 Organizations GLEEMEN FLYING CLUB The University Gleemen provide musical selec- A different but nevertheless real kind of an art is home for churches, schools, and hospital in the represented by the Chapel HillFlying Club, incor- Qhapel H111V10.11111y.311d 3130 31118 for specific func- porated in 1951 as a non-profit organization to pro- tlons of the Un1ve131ty. A separate group altogether mote aviation education and safety. The Club op- from the Varelty Glee.Club, manleeemen ad- erates out of Horace Williams Airport in Chapel vance from the group 111to the Vars1ty Club after Hill and currentl owns a 1966 Ch . C't b . gaining important training through rigorous re- . . y . amp10n. ? a 11a. ThIS plane 13 comeldered an excellent trammg alr- hearsals in the former group. Director Robert Porco requires quality perfo1 mance from the Glee- men and for that reason spends the fall semester in working out a suitable repertoire of numbers for spring semester performances. craft and is fully equipped for private pilot certifi- cation. Advanced pilots in the Club often take the plane for weekend excursions to various points of interest in North Carolina and surrounding states. The Gleemen have an annual concert with the The membership of the Club consists predomi- nursing students at Watt1s Hospital in Durham. nantly 0f UNC students and faculty. Although They 3130 perform for elementary and secondary sponsored by the University, the Club relies solely shag?Sgufj:Ithseangsiobhe:13131312311135gffgilt?cght on its members for financial eupport. Dr. Doheld Eontrigutions 01'th Club has been a perfthrmance Iohnsen Of the SChOOl 0f PUth Heelth, a cert1f1ed and party for and with the patients at the Butner fhght Instructor, has been the Club 5 faculty adv1- Hospital. ser s1nce 1951. The Club meets the second Monday mght of every month at 8:00 P.M. in the Wood- Ierry Swaim, Andrew Mackie, and Elias Rooch- varg are the President Vice- President and Se- - . . cretary- -Treasurer respectively Skip Schwinn and erally shown and venous aspects of flylng are dls- Donnie Simmons have competently served as ac- cussed by Club members and guest speakers. The companists for the group. public is always invited. house Room of Graham Memorial. Films are gen- CHAPEL HILL FLYING CLUB - Harvey Jefferies, Treasurer; Dr. J. D. Johnson, Faculty Advisor; Gene Scott, Doug Anderson, President; Sam Wilburn, Dr. ' '- c ,Dan " ' t c Officer; Henry Gerding. ABSENT: Dr. Terry Bulliar, Operations Officer, Maitland r Alexander, Dr. Bryce DeWiM, Agie Henderson, John Kerr, Secretary; Jerry Liebharf, Thomas Morrison, Dean Painter, Robert Percy, Harold Stone, Jim Wright, Douglas Young, Dun Kolsrud, Pless Lunger. GLEEMEN - FRONT ROW: Elias Roochvarg, Jim Kerley, Dan Summey, Bob Davis, Terry Henderson, Skip Schwinn, Ed White, Bud Webb, Eric Ellenburg, Chuck Fo- gleman, Don Chappel, Curtis Rhodes, Robert Porco, Director. SECOND ROW: Phil Howell, Jim EIridge, Bob lsenhawer, Bill Pate, Donnie Simmons, Lynn Burleson, Doug Jewell, Mike Lanier, Warwick Aiken HI, Ray Rothermel, David Fish, Alfred Smith. THIRD ROW: Glenn Troutman, Ronnie Sprinkle, Lockwood Phillips, Tom Cline, Steve Sewell, Jerry Swain, Kenneth anon, Don Currick, Henry Sink, Mike Beavers, Andrew Mackie. 1'73 y t ' .. ' r 91 L 11 .. 1 x t; v, - m J, T 4. 1 .1 1-, v '6 u, ' 466 Organizations DRUM MAJORS - Jim Crawford New and . Frazier Glenn. "Maior Y" TARHEEL BANDS Ken Lemons and Wendell Williams spent the summer months preparing for Carolina's largest marching band in history! August meant that Mary D,s baby was due and consequently, the Trailways drivers took up money because of a guilt complex. Finally the freshmen arrived and t0 the tune of $10, we talked business. R.L. weighed in at 2871A. We knew our Band would have a winning season when we blew the State Herd Off the field the first game. Our Pep Band traveled to Columbia, SC. Even though we were on the short end of the score, the Wade Hampton found itself on the short end of the towels. The Highway Patrol outran Levin. With the Maryland band came the boogaloo t0 the southern part of Heaven. Band Day was the largest, loudest, most colorful ever: would you be- lieve 63 bands! The entire band traveled to the Uni- versity of Virginia. The trip was a complete success with pancakes, J.C., and "Gawd? Ah . . . BUS 3!! Trailways added a new line this fall to its greatest travel on earth comfort: a scenic-cruiser fully equipped with bar, mixers, and band members. The only explanation for our winning the Dock game this year was the 11 pep rallies held on both campuses the night before the game. Frazier turned thumbs down to the Hdouble command" system. Dutt says Amen! Our Band Banquet was the biggest and bestest ever - and we even found out that Duane R. drives girls to Denise. Greg Barton had to hold auditions for Carolinats best Pep Band this year. Richard L. donated "migh- tier than steel" straw hats. Our Pep Band traveled to Greensboro to see the Heels trounce Kentucky and Princeton. The North-South Doubleheader provided a most exciting trip to Charlotte - re- member PMP BIOYA! Mar ing Tarheels - Fall 1967 The Concert Band was one of the best-sounding groups the University has ever produced. This sound was preserved on a fine record cut live from our spring concert. The cover is Carolina ttgreenii for color blind people. We tried research to find out why Denise was flat all the time - no luck. After lugging chairs and stands to the Old Well, no wonder we were pooped for our Parentis Day con- cert! HLetis hear it for Nelhybel!" What seemed like an up-the-road concert tour turned out to be very successful and quite enjoyable for everyone. Lem- ons showed us where he used to stomp grapes in the Hanging Gardens of Eden. Weill never forget feeding the multitude in High Point. Our concert season closed to the tune of "Hark the Sound" at Commencement. As our basketball national ranking rose, so did the spirit and enthusiasm of the Pep Band. HThe point being that" a trip to the Eastern Regionals at College Park was certainly enough for Lemons to discover Levin. Overtime victories and sheer talent led us to a tionce in a lifetime, trip to Louisville. Two losses did not stop us from celebrating ter, riotingt to the chant 0f itWeire Number 4!" Laura Anne contributed to Richardis glass collection. We departed t0 the shouts of iiPolice Brutality." We put our striped blazers in moth balls and chose to wear a more tiformalii attire the next season with the addition of straw hats. G0 Lambda Sig! The white phantom directs the gang in victory music over Maryland's Tarps. UNC twirler Jim Dudley is pictured here with chief maiorette Anna Howard. UNC MAJORETTES - Karen Freeman of Charlotte, Betty Funderburk of Aber- deen, Allene Fuller of Leonia, N.J., Anna Howard lchieft of Beaufort, Jo Tun- staH of Burlington, Susie Little of Norwood and Carol Smith of Wilmington. j'mw wan Nv; ;:: 9;; Gig WEN HW' W "VOW?" :gA AAA AAA 3:: V'WWNH A1 A. AWA H.014 mmm mite: mm WM AM UNC PEP BAND - FIRST ROW: Charlie Wilson, Pep Band Manager; Paul Weinberg, John Andrako, Tom Bea", Vice-President of the Band; Anne Lesley, Band Sweet- heart,- Freddy Bridgers, Skip Alexander, Harry Millican, Steve Neighbors, Rick Prevost, Paul Woodard, Paulette West- phal, Secretary-Treasurer of the Band,- Laura Oaks, Conrad Wease. SECOND ROW.- David 6055, Jasper Parham, Librari- an; Walter Batchelor, Doug Barfietd, Sammy Jones, Arnold tstey, Bruce Baker, Milton McNatt, Rick Marks, Frazier Glenn, Drum Maior; Dan Wicks, Guilford Weddell, Brian Schillinger, Phil Dutt, Librarian; Wendell Williams, Student Di- rector; Kenneth Lemmons, Daniel Burdette. FOREFRONT: Gregory Barton, President and Pep Band Director. Organizations 467 THE CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS AK- Michael Hardy Put Hurley Roberts Bafson William Jack Kerr Krisfine Hoover Richard Worster Doc Clay Dan Summey 468 Organizations Kathryn Howell Jean Blair Tom Marrioff Arthur Cain Foster Fifz-Simons Roger Howell Madge Bunce William Ellington Christopher Parsons Michael K irby The Playmakers Theatre enjoyed its most active season to date,'housing six major productions and several workshops. The Fiftieth Season opened with Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidfs musical play The Fan- tasticks, which set an all-time attendance record for the Theatre, playing to standing room only for nine performances. Despite a heavy demand for an extension of the run, The Fantasticks company had to leave for a short tour of North Carolina towns after having played to 3,300 area theatre-goers. The 1967-68 season was further highlight- ed with productions of Shakespearets Henry I V, Part One, the classic 13th century morality play The Chinese Chalk Circle, Eugene OtNeillts comedy Ah, Wilderness, Euripides, tragedy The Trojan Women, and Brendan Behants farce The Hostage. Serving the University, the community, and the state, as well as functioning as a laboratory theatre for the Department of Dramatic Art, the Carolina Playmakers re- ceive increasing support from the student body. This year the 1,000 special student- rate season ticket books were sold out with- in a week. The percentage of students at- tending Playmaker shows is almost twice the national average of college theatre organizations. GRAHAM M EMORIAL The Graham Memorial Student Union is the programming arm of Student Government. The aim of GM. is to bring the highest quality and greatest possible variety of entertainment to Chapel Hill. In pursuit of this oal, G.M. spon- sors activities encompassing 3E phases of cam- pus life. The Union pro rams are planned by the members of the Gra am Memorial Activie ties Board and G.M.'s seven standing com- mittees. G.M.A.B. consists of a President, 3 Sec- retary and Chairmen 0f the following com- mittees: Games, Social, Current Affairs, Films, Music, Drama and Publicity. Some of the new programming ideas this year included a Great Pumpkin Contest, a Campus College Bowl Tournament, billiard lessons for co-eds, informal discussion groups with members of the Department of State, and an Easter trip to Nassau. These activities, along with the Coffee House performances, Free Flicks on Friday and Saturday evenings, tour- naments, plays, musical concerts, Sunday cine- mas, readings and the GM. Series, provided a year filled with well-rounded activities for each Carolina student. As always, the spring- time Jubilee weekend capped the GM. pro- gram. Graham Memorial also sponsors an in- formation center which serves the campus from the wee hours of the morning to lights-out time at night. The Carolina Union looks forward next year to its long-awaited and desperately needed move to the beautiful new Frank Porter Gra- ham Student Union Building on Raleigh Road. Nearly five times the size of the present struc- ture, the Graham Union will provide needed space for the rapidly expanding student government organizations, as well as social facilities. It is hoped that the new facilities With their central location next to the new Book Ex- change and Undergraduate Library will pro- vide a focal point for campus activity. e W,A. .x 'v Mr. Howard Henry, Director Mr. Archie Copeland, Assistant Director Mrs. Douglas Fumbrough, Secretary 470 Organizations IUBILEE HIGHLIGHTS 9st YEAR The Associah'on k - x'Lh J ' 15w: I The Buckingham Organizations 471 A I. , g, , a . ,. I l 3 tit Ashley Hardison Chase Saunders Music Committee Publicity Commiffee Chairman Chairman Mary Ann Fullon President of Graham Me- morial Activities Board Martha Hendricks Bi" Gordon Chairman of fhe Social Comminee Fece'maf C'W'rman GRAHAM MEMORIAL ACTIVITIES BOARD - FRONT: Bruce Jouy, Joe Honeycuff, Bi" Gordon, Tyna Austin, John Haber, Martha Hen- dricks, Chessley Hardwick. BACK: Ashley Hardison, Chase Saun- ders. TOP: Mary Ann Fulfon, Chairman. Joe Honeycu" I John Haber Games Committee Drama Commmee Ehuirman Chairman - Tyna Ausiin Bruce Jolly Films Committee Current Affairs ,. 7 - . Chairman Committee MUSIC COMMITTEE - FRONT ROW: Larry Passar, Ellen Waple, John Daniel, Chairman Pam'e Hadden. SECOND ROW: Lester Marlin, JoAnne Porter, Harrie! Funk. ? ' THIRD ROW: Ashley Hardison, Neale Eckslein, Nickie Tienken. CURRENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - Terry Garner, Bruce Jolly, Mary Flynn, Steve Gab", Ellen Archibald, Ken Bolick, Charles Hunsaker. GRAHAM MEMORIAL SECRETARIAT - FRONT: Be'h Godley. SECOND ROW: Mary Brawley, John Haber, Martha Hen- dricks. THIRD ROW: Befsy Murre", Ginny Webb, Murfha Myers, Sherlynn Dixon. 472 Organizations G.M.A.B. SOCIAL COMMITTEE - FRONT ROW: Molly Brown, Judy Dean, Kathy Tice, Mary Brawley, Julie Suk, Betty Groaf, Beth Wise, Judy O'Neal. SECOND ROW: Bill Gordan, David Naquin, Mack Liffle, Susan Spiller, Larry Polland, Doug Neal, Sully Cook, Susan Guy, Thurston Cobb, Gina Roof, Ann Jamieson, Molly Niche ism. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE - Frank Girard, Sfan Hubbard, Linny Etheringion, Chase Saunders, Winston Page, Beny Turner, Bill Cutler, Al Dubose. w: Lax FILMS COMMITTEE - Robin Brewer, Alexandra Campbell, Harvey Elliott, Tyna Austin, Jack Womeldorf, Cherie Williams, Susan Wilkins. GAMES COMMITTEE - Palsy Farlow, Joe Honeycun, Judy Van Dyke, Bill Leonard. DRAMA COMMITTEE - FIRST ROW: David Perry, John Haber, Jim Burnhum. SECOND ROW: Megan Keleher, Sharon Demifh, Joyce Schilke, Jamie Keleher, Rosemary Zibarf. STANDING: John Cole, Mark Smith, Paul Siegel, Joanne Taylor, Lee Kabot, Anne Addlesione, Susan Ficker, Les- lie Gordon, Gus Kaufmann. AIR FORC E ROTC The Air Force ROTC is the primary source of Air Force Of- ficers. Through the Professional Officer Course of the 590th AFROTC detachment and the 590th Cadet Squadron, UNC has gained a reputation for turning out one of the finest and largest groups of officers in the South. The Corps membership is currently comprised of eighty junior and seniors who participate in a variety of corps activi- ties at UNC. In addition to regular activities such as leadership laboratory, cadets 0f the 590th participate in such activities as the Arnold Air Society and the Scabbard and Blade, military fraternities. Cadet social functions include a military Dining- In and the traditional Military Ball. Nineteen sixty-seven - sixty-eight marked a new era for the AFROTC corps at UNC. AFROTC now offers a new program for students of the university. The new program is designed to permit students with two academic years remaining to partici- pate in the Professional Officers Course program and upon graduation be commissioned as an officer in the United States Air Force. - leve-y-u .. SENIOR CADETS - FRONT ROW: Miller, Smilh, Strawbridge, Cobb, Dildo, McRorie, Baxley, Beverly. SECOND ROW: Westerholm, Reimler, Evans, Jay, DeBruhl, Toy, Gibson, Meeks. THIRD ROW: Kropelnicki, Hooks, O'Brianf, Prosse, Graham, Dipalmu, Turbeville, Lain, Lime. BACK ROW: Stragand, Gardner, Perdue, Ford, Howe", Finkelstein, Whitfield, Forienbery, Floyd. JUNIOR CADETS - FRONT ROW: Hubbard, Payne, Streater, 54:0", Ward, Dutch, Fleishman, Bass. SECOND ROW: Newton, Stocks, Gilbert, Haisley, Augustin, Ma- ness, Gore, Cox, Curfiss. THIRD ROW: Brick, Adams, Beard, Racey, Woodard, Sockwe", Furness, Lawson, Tilley, Garner. BACK ROW: Horn, Sialhngs, Thomas, Ad- kins, Harris, Warren, Walker, Sheehan, Aufry. 474 Organizations NAVAL ROTC The purpose of the Naval ROTC program is to educate and train well-qualified college men for careers as commissioned officers of the United States Navy and Marine Corps. N.R.O.T.C. stu- dents attend civilian colleges throughout the coun- try and can study almost any curriculum they de- sire. In essence, however, these students have two majors - the first being naval warfare and the sec- ond in the field of their choice. Training consists of seven naval science courses taken over a four-year period, bi-weekly one-hour drill periods attended throughout the academic year, and three eight- week summer training periods. There are fifty-two universities in the country with N aval ROTC programs. All offer similar train- ing programs and provide a means for young men of varied backgrounds from every part of the na- tion to attain a common goal - a Commission in the United States Navy. The N.R.O.T.C. Unit of the University of North Carolina was established at Chapel Hill in 1940. It is presently commanded by Captain Rex W. Warner, U.S.N., and has grown to .be the largest and one of the most respected units in the country. The N.R.O.T.C. battalion, containing midship- man officers and midshipman chain of command, is composed of four companies. Also within the battalion framework are the Drill Team, the Drum and Bugle Corps, and the Rifle Team. Out of the Chapel Hill Unit come the men who guide nuclear powered vessels over and under the sea, lead marines in distant jungle warfare, and pilot jet aircraft at heights and speeds unimagined by their predecessors. The largest NROTC unit in the counfry. Organizations 475 DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS STAFF - FRONT Moore A COMPANY STAFF - FRONT: Davenport. SECOND B COMPANY STAFF - FRONT: Huynesworrh. SEC- K.OJ, Herndon, Shade. BACK: Rabb, Stuns. ROW: Dawson, Bobo !C.O.J, Leinsfer. THIRD ROW: 0ND ROW: Deriemer, Benson !C.OJ, Morris. Cugle, Pergerson, Buur. BACK ROW: Lyons, Neely, THIRD ROW: McManus, Blakely, Hilliard. FOURTH Libbv. ROW: Byrd, Roberts. . , ,4 . I V V I I s7 ..4 - ' 'rd A L I b . v NROTC UNIT STAFF - FRONT ROW: Capt. R. W. Warner, Commanding Officer; BATTALION STAFF - FRONT: Hummerbeck man. C.OJ. SECOND ROW: Sfein- CDR A. D. Huff, Execuh've Officer. SECOND ROW: LTCOL Cook, LCDR Fisher, LT breCker, Nefnelh, Cunningham, Hankins. BACK ROW: Hamm, Doures, Nichol- Talbert, LT Varner, LT Gard. THIRD ROW: MSGT Haynes, SKCS Nida, YNC Par- son, Russel. onio, MMCS Payne, QMCS Jones, GMGC Caler. c COMPANY supp - mom; Maseley, SECOND D. COMPANY STAFF - FRONT: Tanner. SECOND DRILL TEAM STAFF - FRONT: Lighf. BACK: Gowen, ROW: Pansoul, lverson mm, Huffman. THIRD ROW: Walton, Halfom !C-O-L Silver. THIRD ROW: Whife !C-0J, Stopp- ROW; Wafkinson, Moore, Sparger. BACK ROW: Rogers, Tifferud, Burden. BACK ROW: Gray, Percy, Caldwell. 476 Organizations -4: i SEMPER h- . FIDELES . . , h Highlight of the Marine Corps Ba" - - was the traditional cutting of the ;. t hx . . Birthday Cake. The Ball, held on No- . ' vember 10th, celebrated the 192nd anniversary of the founding of the Marine Corps. All NROTC activities serve to train and develop the man, leading to the day when he assumes the responsibility of a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy. Semper Fideles Society - McLees, Buckner, Dawson, Duggins, Higgins, Caldwell, Hummerbeck, Huffman, Blake- Iy, Rhodes, Domino, Titterud, SGT Tongret, LTCOL Cook, CPL Lennards, SGT Clapsadle, CAPT Warner, Ray, MSGT Haynes, Silver, Fergerson, Haltom, Moore, Buergey. Organizations 477 .s PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLS PROFESSIONAi -. 4 '1. ' W9 " .. .mm -: mm; W W -' '35! V Www.gui an; EANH I PHARMACY ABOVE: OFFICERS - KNEELING: Bob lnman, Vice Presi- dent,- STANDING - Linda Lynch, Secretary-Treasurer; Fred Rachide, President. RIGHT: CLASS OFFICERS - TOP TO BOTTOM: Barbara Garrison, Secretary 2T5, Barry Gates, Presidenf 2T5, Joey Edwards, President 3l5, Diana Stanton, Secretary 3l5, Al Best, Vice-Presidenf 3T 5, Ronnie Swaim, Vice- Presidenf 4l5, Graham Pairick, President 4T 5, John Malone, Presidenf Senior, Pam McDaniel, Secretary 4T 5, Joe Rowe, Vice-Presidem Senior, Pete Lynn, Secretary Senior. 480 Professional Schools The fall semester of 1967 marked the beginning of the seventieth year of pharmaceutical education at the Uni- versity of North Carolina. The School of Pharmacy offers a complete five year undergraduate program as well as an extensive graduate program under the leadership of Dean George P. Hager. The school also has an ever-expandin'g research program. Not only does pharmacy school consist of many formal lectures and laboratories but also student organizations which provide the student With a well rounded education and social program. These organizations are an important aspect of our school. They include the Student Branches of the North Carolina and American Pharmaceutical As- sociations, Rho Chi, Pharmacy Senate, Kappa Epsilon, Phi Delta Chi, and Kappa Psi. This is the School of Pharmacy - study on a profession- al level with extracurriculaf activities designed to develop conscientious pharmacists who will work for the better health of mankind. ' Charles Ronald Turner, 1942-1967 ABOVE: PHARMACY SENATE - FRONT ROW: Graham Pa!- rick, Ted Neal, John Pinnix, Steve Wallace, Ben Williams, Har- old Bolick, John Freeman, Al Besl, Gene Anderson. BACK ROW: Mike Harper, Allan'Barkley, Joe Johnson, Ronnie Swaim, Vice-Presidenr, Janet Deal, Secretary, Sfan Haywood, Presidenf, Smool Cranfill, Earl Hill, Fred Rachide. LEFT: STUDENT BRANCHES, Officers ofAPHA and NCPA - Pa! Owens, Treasurer, Ted Neal, Assisfanf to the Presidenf, Kay McCray, Secretary, Gene Anderson, Vice-Presidenf, Ben Wil- liams Ikneell'ngb President, Janet Deal, Execufive Commmee Member. Professional Schools 481 SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: Dan Warren, Vice-President Student Body, Jim Kaley, President Studeni Body. SECOND ROW: Jim Elliot, President Senior Class, Steve Frye, Presidenf Junior Class, Ken! Danton, Secretary-Treasurer Student Body, Mickey Cox, President Sophomore Class. ,. nu .- i. n. . -..i ,l ,5 i 2 Kat. H I UH , ng During the 1967-68 academic year the School of Dentistry carried out its programs in an at- mosphere of excitement and anticipation as new facilities were completed, major construc- tion on a new education wing begun, and pro- gram development proceeded with a positive orientation to the future. In the summer of 1967 the Dental Research Center was completed and occupied, and a major grant was received from the National In- stitute of Dental Research to support programs in the' Center. This new facility provided im- portant opportunity for faculty and students alike to engage in a wide range of basic and clinical research. In September construction began on the Den- tal Education Wing. This new building, some five stories high, will include 110,000 square feet of additional clinical and teaching space to house expanded programs in all phases of den- tal education. When the building is completed, the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry will be housed in excellent facilities which will permit continuing improvement in an already outstanding educational program. As in ears past the students, faculty and staff of t e School have workediin an atmo- sphere of deep mutual respect and cooperation. We are proud of our students and their accom- plishments, and the faculty considers it a privi- lege to be associated with such a fine group of young men and women. The graduates of the Class off68 are certain to make important con- tributions t0 the health and well being of the people in communities where they choose to live and work. DENTAL ASSISTANTS - FRONT ROW: Twila House, President, Ann Moseley, Vice President, Irene Brooks, Secretary, Gail Johnson, Treasur- er. SECOND ROW: Candy Foushee, Lynn Osborne, Mom'e Osborne, Jean Hearn, Rhonda Odom, Becky Sutton. THIRD ROW: Bunnie Silver, Sherry Foxworfh, Nora Tracy, Ellen Young, Prissy Marshall, Jo Lasafer. FOURTH ROW: Carol Moris, Lil Livingston, Carolyn Mason, Nancy Groberf, Caro! Griffith. 482 Professional Schools . Allison. Craig 8.: Hillsborough Bookholl. Robert 6.: Decatur. Ga. Brunk. William 13.: Charlotte Brunsnn. 11:. William D.: Charlotte Cannon. Thomas R.: Burlington Clark. 1ames 0.: Salisbury Qloninger, Robert T.: Dallas 0 Cooper. In. Hugh E; BrysomCily Culbreth. Donald L' swdman Elliott. IL. James C.: Asheville Griffin. Slanley G.: Fayetteville Hall, David 1.: Wilmington Hamrick. John D.: High Point Harris. Richard C.: Wake Forest Holcher, Frank T.: Asheville Howell. Thomas E.: Waynesville . Huff. Wallace L.: Christiansburg, Va. Hunter. 1r.. Luther G.: Slatesville Inge. 11:. William A: Burlington lessup. Edward P.: Elizabethtown 10rdan, 1ene F.: Wilkesboro Iardan, Richard D.: Raleigh Lemmons. 1ames B.: Greensboro Macomson, lame: 8.: Shelby McCall. 1011:: M.: Trynn . McMillan. Charles K.: Wilson Murphy, lesse T.: Eden Norris. Ted 6.: Ayden Pence. Richard R.: Salisbury Price, William R.: Wallace Reynolds. Roger N.: WinstonvSalem Sain. lames R.: Hickory Schmidt. Paul C.: Sarasota. Fla. Schneider. Robert M.: Winslon-Salem . Simmons. 1L, Sam 1...: Raleigh Smith. Owen S.: Fayetteville Spell. 101m H.: Wendell Swing. Waller K.: Lexington Talley. III. Thomas 1.: Washinglon Taylor. Michael A.: Winston-Salem' Tennant, William P.: Fairfax. Va. Thompson. Benjamin E.: Aurora Tucker. Augustine W; Brevard . Turner, 1r.. Remus S.: Greensboro Tultle. III, Reuben G; Winslon-Salem Vanek. Richard 1.: Hamden. Cunn. Warren. Charles A.: Kernersville Wilson, James W.: Lake Cily. Fla. Yoder. Ruben H.: Hickory Anglin. 1n. Richard E.: Hope Mills 0 Barefoot, Dan H.: Smithfield vBarham. Robert M.: Asheboro Buck. George 3.: Charlotte Calhey, Henry A.: Charlotte Chandler. 1r.. Dudley C; Chapel Hill Crawford, 11'., Emerson 6.: Franklin Croxlan. 1r.. Richard A.: Danville. Va. Demon. Kent 8.: Wasfxington Dusenberry. III. George R.: Burlington . Blazer. Paul D.: Way Cross. Ga. Ford. Hoyt 5.: Lumberton Garrison. Edwin B; Hayesville Goodwin. Lewis R.: Garner Harrell. III. Andrew 1.: Snow Hill Holler. 11:. Cam 0.: Marion Hook. 111. George A; Bessemer City Huggins. Guy H.: Hickory Ipuck, 1r., Leslie N.: Mt. Olive 0 Iohnson, 1r.. Ryland 15.: Raleigh Lewis, 1r.. Clarence F.: Goldsboro Lodke. John 1.: Enfield Lowe. Ronald 1.: SWannanoa Ludinglon. 1n. Iohn R.: Bethesda. Md. Manley. 1ohn K.: Asheville Mazza. Ieffrey 13.: Chapel Hill Mitchell, lames T.: Washington Moore. R. Byron: Camlina Beach Professional Schools 483 Q Mullen. Jackie M.: Bunn Pinkham. Iimmy R.: Winston-Salem Powell, In. Paul L.: Whiteville Ray. James D; Terra Haule. Ind. Rhoncy. Dale V.: Washington. DC. Rozier. Richard G: St. Pauls Savage. Phillip L.: Greenville Stone. Ronald W.: Kernersvillr: Sultan. George E.: La Grange . Todd, IL. Richard R.: Hendersonville Tucker. Kent N.: Chapel Hill Turner. Ill. Lynwood C.: Pink Hill Weinstein, Alan R.: Hendersonvilln Winslow, Jack R.: Scotland Neck Brooks. Thnmas E.: Benton Harbor, Mich, Bryson. Richard L.: Chapel Hill Bullard, Vaughn E: Selma 0 Clark. Ierry R.: Chapel Hill Foushcc. Frederick W; Santa Ana. Calif Frye. Steven R.: Hickory Gulhrie, Herbert G.: Sluvell Harrell, In. Nurflcet G: Ahoskie Hun, James C: High Point Hendricks. In. Paul E.: Kings Mountain Hicks, Ruberl G.: Holland. Pa. Hyman, Stephen A: High Pain! 0 LaFevers, Fredrick 8.: Goldsboro Lewis, IL. jasper L.: Cherryville Macklcr. Stephen B; Smilhfield Mathcson, John D.: Brevard Mooring, IL, Joseph R.: Fremont Neal. Larry K.: Kannapolis Parrish. IL. Walter 8.: Rocky Mount Parsons, David L.: Charleston. W. Va. Peterson, Thomas M.: Burlington . Sayre. In. Edward H.: Tryon Spangler, IL. Arthur N,: Lathmurc Slcclman. Ronald H.: Slalesville Traub, Alan M.: Kinslon Masscngill, Roy 5.: Four Oaks Vinson. James 0.: Franklin Walker. Iames W.: Rcidsville Weathers, William A: Lauimore Whisonanl. Don S: Lincolnlon C Williams, Bill 1,: Boone Williams. Corbin 0.: Hendersonville Baucom. Larry E.: Charlollc Eazemore. 1n. Cyrus W.: Raleigh Bradshaw. John W.: Relief Burnham. Joseph S,: Asheville Cube. Iames 1.: Brevard . Curler, Dewey G.: Burlington Clnpp. Hubem 13.: Swannanoa Clark, Eddie M: Chapel Hill Dimsdale, James R.: Cramerlon Dixon. Robert H; Durham Farrier. Stanley M; Burgaw Folck. Michael P.: Chapel Hill Fulp, 1r., Iames FA Stonaville Fuqua, Iim R.: Spray 0 Gordon, Alan B.: Danbury Griffin. Morris H.: Davidson Hill. 11:. Edward H.: Plymoulh Holland. Geno A; Marion Hoyle. Wilson 5.: Hendersan Kaley, James 0.: MI. Lebanon. Pm Keenan, Robert ,. Durham Keith, Preston W.: Mebana Langdon, Charles W.: Coats 0 Lee. Jerry E; Macun. Ga. Lopp. Frederick 13.: Lexington Mahaffey, Charles 15.: Elizabeth City McCaslin. Alston 1.: Chapel Hill Muyc, Robert W; Snow Hill Ohle. Paul W; Burnsville Ridoul. Henry W.: Durham Roberson, Theodore M.: Durham Sallcrfield, William G: Raleigh 484 Professional Schools . Shelton, In, Frank W.: Durham Stike, Johnny R.: Wilmington Stone. IL, Harald 13.: Falls Church. Va. Stonesueel, lames F.: Albemarle Stout. Frank R: Fayetteville Taylor, III. Herman L.: Arapahoe Thomas. Philip W.: Asheboro Wells, George 0.: Atkinson Wilkins. Edward V.: Smithfield DENTAL FIRST 1 . . ' matzgzamz2:311:23 Beam. Harriett A.: Charlotte HYGIENE YEAR : - ?xzrozzzzrszmz2:53:11: O Flye. Margare: E: Raleigh Hernandez. Elizabeth A.: Enfield Higdon, Linda A.: Hendersonville Medling. Micheal A.: Albemarle Morris. Linda L.: New Bern O'Bryan, Nancy C.: Pollocksville Raybon. Beuie K.: Zebulon Sossaman. Betty K.: Iamsstown Stewart. Patricia A.: Charlotte . Youngblood, Mary A.: Charlene Beach. Beverly A.: Winston-Salem Clary. Jane! A.: Charlotte Dowdy. Teresa A.: Durham Franklin. Elizabeth A: Murganton Hollingsworlh. Mary 1.: Asheboro Hunter. Iamene L.: Enfield 0 Long. Mary V.: Candler McDonald. Susanne: Fayetteville Millspaugh. Judy L. Hickory Walker. Sharon E: Morganlon Wolfe. Karen E: Goldsboro Professional Schools 485 SCHOOL OF Charles Hoyf Burnenu913-1967; MEDICINE ., , -' w ,7 a ,7 Dr. Charles Hoyt Burnett was born in Boulder. Colorado, on March 7, 1913, and died on October 23, 1967. Dr. Burnett took his initial medical training in Colorado and then came east to Boston, Massachusetts, where he completed his postgraduate training and entered upon a brilliant career in aca- demic medicine. This was interrupted by service with the Army of the United States during World War 11, during which time he made significant contributions not only to the sick and wounded in battle but to new insights into the problems of shock. Upon return to civilian medicine, he engaged in a continuing series of studies of clinical metabolic disorders which related to problems of fluid balance and the complicated inter- relationships between bone disease and the kidneys. He de- scribed a unique disorder due to the overuse of alkaline salts and excessive ingestion of milk. known as the milk-alkali syndrome or Burnett's disease. He was Chairman of the Department of Medicine at the South- western Medical School in Dallas, Texas, before coming to Chap- el Hill as the first Chairman of the Department ofMedicine in the newly implemented four year School of Medicine of the Univer- sity of North Carolina. He recruited angxceptionally fine group of men and women and with them forged one of the finest depart- ments of medicine in this country. His resignation as Chairman of the Department in 1965 was dictated by chronic illness.- Dr. Burnett had charm along with strength, he had impeccable personal principles but was tolerant of others, he had strong'con- victions but always listened to a diverse view in a cordial atmo- sphere, he was firm but understanding. He had fantastic courage. He was a leader. WHITEHEAD SOCIETY - FRONT ROW: Jim Wallace, Vice-Presideni; Bob Shearin, Ron Joyner, President; Dick Fleming. SECOND ROW: Don Gabriel, William Pittman, John Tharnburg, Jim Goodwin, Treasurer; Ed Norfleei, Andy Gygi. '1 486 Professional Schools . Allcott. III. John V.: Chapel Hill Auman, James R.: Raleigh Barham.1r.. Berlin F.: Ashcbom Bass. Beaty L.: Rutherfordton Bright Don C: Elizabeth City Caner. Coleman 0.: Garland Cole. III. Enser W.: Arlington, Va. . Coxe. III, James 5.: Raleigh Cutlina. In. John T.: Charlotte Dewees. Steven P.: Sylva Euleneuer, Frederick 5.: York. Pa. Farrell. Edwin G; Raleigh Finch. III. Bertram Ca Charlolle Fulghum. III. James 8.: Raleigh Fulghum. Mary 5.: Raleigh Gabriel. Dan A.: Mooresville . Caddy. 1n. Ice 13.: Winston-Salem Gammon. Walter R.: Raleigh Greenfield. Daniel P.: Maplewood. NJ. Griffin. III, Clarence A.: Charlotte Grace, Inmes C.: Mucksvillc Harshaw. 1n. Charles W.: Greensboro Hendricks. Sam A.: Kings Moumain Henning, Iames 8.: Sharon, Mass. Holden 1n. Walter D.: Winstnn-Salem . Ienkins. Michael 8.: Chapel Hill Kassens, 1r.. William D.: Wilmington King, Michael 13.: Kinston Knowles, Michael R; Durham Kuykendal. Robert ' Atlanta. Ga. Lai, Francis M.: Tainan. Formosa Lewis, Don V.: Chapel Hill Little. Douglas 1.: Knoxville. Tenn. McEwen. III. Luther M.: Charlotte 0 McFadden. David M.: Asheboro McFadden. James S.: Asheboro Meador. Philip D.: Franklinton Meschan. Eleanor 1.: Winston-Salern Nadjem. Mohammad A.: Kabul. Afghanistan Nelson. Richard A.: Potomac. Md. Pittman. William 8.: Wilson Powell, Richard R; Asheville Reynolds. 1r.. John 0.: Greenville . Richman. Charles H; Greensboro Sasser, William D.: Goldsburu Schindelheim. Roy H.: New York, NY. Sheffield. Kenneth L.: Greensboro Shivers. James A.: High Paint Smith. Cameron L,: Greenville Spivey. Charles 8.: Windsor Siarbuck. Ir.. William A.: Winslon-Snlcm Slewarl. George T.: Greensboro . Surrall, John P.: Rose Hill Swilzcr. Ianie 1.: Grcenvillc Van Dolslen, lamcs P; WinslomSalem Ventexs. Gcorge'C; Richlands Wagner, Karl 13.: Knoxville. Tenn. Wagoner, David K.: Norfolk. Va: Wait, III. Dwight W; Glenshaw, Pa. Webb, 1L, William W.: Salisbury .Allsbruok. IL, William C.: Clayton . Almond. Charles M:: Rcd Springs Baggeu. H. Clifford: Reidsville Bernstein. Jerry C.: Newporl News. Va. Blair, 11:. Robert G: Winslon-Salem Busby. 1ulian C.: Kannapolis Busby. William 1.: Salisbury Byrd, William E: Memphis. Tenn: . Cameron, Harold H.: Broadway Chafelz. Neil: Mount Vernon. NY. Chang. Bruce 8.: Raleigh Cohan. Robert H.: St. Pctclsburg. Fla. Cracker. Daniel L.: Selma Crumley, Charles E; Chapel Hill Dance. Mary D.: Fayettevillc Davis. 1ohn 8.: Philadelphia. Pa. Freeman. Richard M.: Charloltc . Goodwin, James 0.: Apex Green. Stephen L.: Brooklyn. NY. Hartness. 11:. John F; St. Petersburg. Fla. Herring, Mary 0,: Wilmington Hinklc, Robert L.: Charlene Hooks. 11:. William B.: Tarboro Howe. Donald D.: LaGrange Janis. Mark C.: Brooklyn, NY. Ienkins. James 1.: Greenville O Kocn. Crawford B; Hickory Kroncke. 1n, Frederick C.: Roanoke Rapids Lefler. Charles 0.: Chapel Hill Leonard. John R.: Lexington Little. Edgar W; Gibsnnvillc Lokey. 1n. Iulian L.: Raleigh McQueen. James A.: Laurinburg Moore. Michael A.: Moum Airy Nelson, William K.: Clinlon . Nicholson, Thomas W:: Rocky Mount Norfleel. Edward A.: Goldsboro Oliver. 1n. George M.: Cary Parker. Manha E.: Asheville Primm. Richard K.: Thumasville Rendleman. David A: Salisbury Roberts. 1n. Thomas A.: Nashville, Tenn. Rubin. 1n, Adrian S.: Greensboro Sherman, Gene: Memphis, Tenn. Professional Schools 487 . Sloan. Iames B.: Chapel Hill Smilhwick. James D.: Morehead City Suberman. Christine 0: Chapel Hill Subcrman. Rick 1.: Raleigh Sussman, Edward E.: Park Ridge, NJ. Thomas. H, Charles C Hickory Thompson. Charles E' Rocky Mount Underhill, Thurlow R: Raleigh Walton. IL. Everette 1.: Forest Park, Ga. . Wealherly. William 1.: Washington While, II. Gilberl Cw: Durham Winfield. III. Haber C.: Washinglon Winslow, IL. James 8.: Hurdle Mills Zirklc. John W.: Mossy Creek, Tenn. Avis. Frederick P.: Southboro. Mass. Brenner, Edward H.: Brooklyn. NY. . Briggs. Iohn G: Hendersonville Bryan. John H; LaGrange Cannon. Nass 1.: Farmville Chaplin. Don C.: Columbia Clark. William D.: Waynesville Coffer. Bertram W.: Sanford Cromarlic. III. Robert S; Fayetteville Davis. 111. John L.: Greensboro Fisher. Darl EL: Greensboro 0 anebcrgcr. John D.: Lincolnlon Gray, Frank B: Durham Griggs, Thomas R.: Lexinglan Hanna. Iohn E.: Sarasota. Fla. Hcindel. Cliffurd C.: Chapel Hill Heymann. Pete: Asheville Johnston. John C.: Charlene Jones. Robert 3.: Chapel Hill Keever, Richard A: High Point 0 Kirk. Charles D.: Asheville Lalham, Harry 8.: Bethel Lucas. C. Clement: Wilson MacDonald. IL, Henry 1.: New Bern McMillan. Cynthia E; Roaring Gap Mewbm-n, IL. Quentin Aw: Farmville Middleton. III. Henry A Raleigh ' Russell. joseph D.: Kinston Sheps. David 3.: New Haven. Conn. . Slewarl. William: Salem, Mass. Tew. Franklin T.: Clayton Watts. Nelsun Bw: Ashcville Williams. Russell E.: Robersonville Wilson, William E: Clinton Archie, Joseph Pw: Kinsion Bensch. George W; Raleigh O Blanchard. Lucius: Ahoskic Craig, Isaac IL: Lenoir Davidian, Edward W,: Smilhfield Davidson. III. Alan: New Bern Drake, James E.: Charlene Friedman. Matthew R.: New York, NY. Gulden, Terry 0.: Raleigh Griffin. IL. Joseph W.: Williamston Gwalhmey. Frank W: Wilmingkon . Hancock, IL, William F.: Rubbins Henderson. I ., Hoke F.: Elkin Henley. Thomas L.: New York. NY. onner. Ronald P; Ahoskie Kirkland, III. Iohn L.: Durham Kouri, Edward W.: Chapel Hill Lancourt. Gerald E.: New York. NY. Lewis, Valerie A: Bronx, N.Y. Little, Iames C.: Knoxville. Tenn. . Lolhinn, George C.: Raleigh Lowry. IL. Roy ' Jackson Luiz. Micheal eading. Pa. Malone. Patrick T.: Durham Nesbiu, IL. James M.: Weavcrvilu Owens. Micheal RN: Belews Creek Powell. luhn L.: Clinton Proctor. Camilla A4: Elm Cily .- Ruuse. David L: Danville. Pa. . Rhyne. Iames Mr. Charlotte Schweistris. III. luhn E.: Greensboro Shavender. Eugene E: Raleigh Shearin. Robert BA Raleigh Teachey. William 3.: Rose Hill Tucker. IL, Frank C: Charlotte Vandarberry, In, Robert C.: Ahoskie Wall. Jack C.: Burlingmn Whilehurst. IL. Walter C.: Belhcl . Whitley. Robert R; Yanceyvilie Williams Roberta 8,: Rocky Mount Woudard. jerry C.: Wilson me. 1". Richard H.'. Reidsville Young. Stephen W.: Angie: 488 Professional Schools x N;,. 5 ti. 3 lav iNgh . k IA?- usu x cm N Kit: f x 1m. SCHOOL OF LAW The Universityts first ulaw schooltt seems to have been in the home of Judge William H. Battle, who operated a- private school here as early as 1843. In 1845, Judge Battle was appointed the Uni- versity,s first professor of law, and it was provided that the degree of Bachelor of Law should be con- ferred upon those completing the prescribed two- year curriculum. For some time the law school maintained only a loose alliance with the Universia ty; the professor received no salary from the Uni- versity and the students were not entirely subject to its rules and discipline. During the tenure of Professor Iohn Manning, the law school became more closely tied with the University. In the year of his death, 1899, the School of Law was completely incorporated into the University. With the construction of its new home in 1923, the law school entered its modern era of rapid growth and quality legal education. Serving suc- cessively as deans were: Merton Leroy Ferguson t1924-261; Abner Leon Green 0926-23; Charles T. McCormick 0927-311; Maurice T. Van Hecke 0931-411; Robert H. Wettach t1941-49t; Henry P. Brandis t1949-641; and I. Dickson Phillips t1964 to datet. The postwar years brought unprecedented growth to the School of Law and in 1951 a new ad- dition t0 the building was first used. The fifties and sixties saw even greater growth in student body and faculty size, necessitating a plea to the North Carolina General Assembly for an entirely new and modern building to house the school. These plans have been approved and the School of Law anticipates moving into its new multi-million d01- lar facility on Ridge Road sometime next year. OFFICERS - STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION - Bill Lewis, Treasurer, George Sperry, Vice-President, Sandra Moody, Secretary, Clay McQuid- dy, President. t r; .- a HOLDERNESS MOOT COURT BENCH - FRONT ROW: Don Sayers, Jim Fullwood, Fred Hicks, Bi" McMillan. BACK ROW: Dale Johnson, Rick AsbiH, Bil! Hoyle, Larry Crumpler. t STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION LEGISLATURE - FRONT ROW: Dick Voorhees, Rusty Taylor, Dave Deramus, Vic Buchanan. SECOND ROW: Bob Wicker, Bi" McPherson, Tom Duncan, Sam Woodard. THIRD ROW: Dennis Marguardf, Sam Moore, Bob Seville. BACK ROW: Burley Mitchell, Kirk Jones. '5 h 7213 '9 , , 7T '7' . - THIRD YEAR CLASS OFFICERS - Jim Mills, Co-Edifor Placement Brochure, Pender McElroy, Chairman, Speaker's Program, Dave Layton, Co-Ediror Placement Bro- chure, Fred Hicks, Secretary, Rusty Taylor, President, Bill Daisy, Treasurer. 489 Professional Schools O Alley. Jr.. Wade H Myrtle Beach, 5.0. Archie. Thomas E" Kinslon Haley. III. James M: Ashevillc Barron. Timmhy H.: Soulh Orange. NJ, . Bell, 11. Daniel L.: Fairfax. Va. Bissene, IL. Winston L.: High Point Buchanan, Viclor W.: Greensboro Butler. 1L. Algernon 1...: Clinton Champion. Ian H; Raleigh Collins. Wesley W.: Chapel Hill 0 Crawford. Ian 1.: Enka Crumpler. Larry C; Clinlun Culbrelh. Stephen E.: Wilmingmn Currie, Walter L: Chapel Hill Daisy, Wimam L.: Winslon-Salem Dekle. Donna R.: Matthews . DeRamus. IL. Judson D; Winslon-Salem Dockery. William 1.: Brooklyn, NY. Donahue. Daniel W.: Chapel Hill Douglas, 1H, Robert D.: Greensboro Drew. Richard M.: Anderson, SC. Duggins. IL. Iames N.: Chapel Hill C Dunn. 1n, lackson T.: Charlotte Ehringhaus. Susan H: Raleigh Few. William R: Durham Foy. Henry G; Myrtle Beach. S.C: Frazier. IL. A. D.: Lumberlon Fullwood. james K: Iacksonville O Gehring. john E.: Albemarle . Gray. Clayland Washingwn. D.C. Gruher. Robert P; aleigh Gwahney. Richard L:. Taylorsville Hanna, 1". George V.: Chapel Hill Hassell, IL. Charles R.: Beaufort . Haywood. In. Egbert L.: Durham Hedrick. III. Edward L.: Taylorsviile Hicks. Fred A; Chapel Hill Holland. Max K.: Stalesville Hoyle. William 5.: Durham Hunl. Ronald F.: Lawndale . Johnson, Dale R: Clinton Iohnslon. In. Reed: Winslnn-Salem King, IL, Malvern F.: Weldon Laing. Harold P.: Chapel Hill Lamar. Lewis W.: Montgomery, Ala. Lassiter, Thomas M.: Burlington 490 Professional Schools THIRD YEAR O Lasting. Richard P.: Portsmouth. Va. Layton. David A- Charlotte Lilly. Thomas lucfield. W Va. .Lowe. Richard E.: Cramenon Maddisnn. lr., Lawrence 3.: Scotland Neck Mangum. Roben W.: Durham 0 Mann, William A: Ridgewoo'd. NJ. Massey. Iahn M.: Troutman McDevill. Larry S; Asheville McElroy. Fender R.: Marshall McFadyen. Henry C.: Lenoir MacKelhan. john A.: Whilakers O McKibbin. Thomas 0.: Leicester McMillan. William H.: Charlene McQuiddy. 111. V. Clayton: Ridgewood, NJ. Mills. Iames C.: Maysville Mitchell. Eddie C.: Eden Moore, In. Thomas F.: Charlotte . Murray. Charles 1.: Durham Outlaw. Larry A.: Mt. Olive Parker. Manley C.: Charlottesville. Va. Parks, 111. Owen T.: Southern Pines Patty. Seldun 13.: Hendexsonville Peacock. 112. Ray M.: Weaverville . Penny, Ronald T.: Chalybeale Springs Phillips. John H.: Morehead City Pope, William P.: Dunn Purdom. Eugene W.: Greensbaro Ray. Robert 6.: Bunn Rogers, 11:. Hugh 8.: WinstDn-Salem . Rowe. Ronald B.: Pinehurst Saginar, Edwin M.. Craryville. N.Y. Sayers. Donald D: Gaslania Sentelle. David B.: Enka Shoat. Jn. Milton 8.: Kannapolis Silliman, Scott L: Newton . Snyder, John H: Chapel Hill Tale. Charles M.: Greensboro Taylor. IL. Iuhn R.: McLeansville Teele, lr.. Henry D.: Tarbum Thompson, Robert L.: Chapel Hill Thompson. Samuel G.: Wilson 0 Thompson. William H.: Salisbury Tyser, IL, Wallace C.: Gastonia Voorhees, Richard L.: Winston-Snlem Ward; In. Frank 1.: Edenlon Weslall. In. Jack W.: Asheville Worth. In, David C.: Raleigh Professional Schools 491 .Andurson. Roy L.: Brevard HumlIenislnI Wallet 1,: Buffalo. NY. Bust. Peter F.: Uruvurd Billings. James 6.: Durham Blair. II. William B: Winslnn-Salem Bowers. Ronald 1' Charlotte BrickaIn. Bruce K.: Long BIIIIclII N.l, Qlliruuu. Rohurl M.: NH Cily CIIrpcnlcrI lumus R,. CramIIrImI CIIrrull. Phillip G Rcidsvillc Carson. Donald W.: Rocky Mount Concly. Richard BI: Chapel Hill Cooper. In. Alfred IL: MorclIcad Cily Cuupur, Lnngdun M.: Chapel Hill Craven. Ir" : Thorns Curtis. Micheal K.: Galvcslun. Tan O DunscIIn. Thomas C.: Grecnville Fisher. Henry M.: Durham Fume, Roger W.: Guinsvilch Flu. Franlin, I Eugnnc T.: Guldshoro Freeman. Richard C.: Maunl Airy CuIIIl, in. Raymund: MounI Airy Greene. Kclly I1: Biscnu Haincs. Robert W BinghIImlnn. N.Y. Ilailhcock Wurlh T Hillshuruugh .Hnrringlun. JrI EUISJJ Durham HzII'riI Jr. Ralph C.: Ruckinghum HarrisunI Anlhony W: High Point HicksI R , ml H: Greensboro ' Wilmington Hunlcr. Robert C; Marion Killian. III. Leon M.: Waynesvillc LzInschc. John E: Crcmwillc LcCrIIfI. l, KIIrIIII: Oberlin. OlIiu .chinc. MichI 11: Chapel Hill chiusun. M . uul H.: PoI-tsmmIlhI VII. LngIIII. Ronald 1.: Chapel Hill McCoy. Kennulh 8.: Cone Cily McDonald. Jn. Daniel E.: Reidsvillc MuPhursIzn. DIIllIIs W.: Grcunvillc McPherson. lr.. William V.: Durham Miics. James M.: Pink Hill Mitchell. IL. Hurley BI: Raleigh .Moody. Sandra L.: Belhel Mucrc. II. David M.: Granillt Falls Nnrd, Thomas: vanston. lll Owslcy. IhIIIIIIIs : Bunnu PlelmI. Jr.. Ruy HI: Canlun Pnrkur. Edwin BI: Goldslmrn Puller.Jr.IWilllIIn1 H: Beaufort Ready. William 1.: Ru gh Robinsnn. I12. Kenneth G: McLean. V1 .RIIlIinI Burton 1,: 80th Orange. NJ. Rullcdgc. lurry I: GcrmIInlanI Russell Frank A: Munroe Whiluvillc III R: Baysidu. N.Y. SingerI Richard G.: Salisbury Smilh, Rulmrl K.: Bclhel Stanley, In. William E: Greensboro .Sluubm. Alvin SpurInIIburgI SIC. TarII Johnny P: Dunn Taylor l'humIIs W.: Pilot Mnuntain TrawickI Gary E.: Burguw Turner. lIlI CImrge R; ChIIrlollc Walker. IIIlIII " Eden Ward. Iamcs Glenx. VII, Whitaker. Guurgc G.: Rucky Muunl Wicker. RIIIIIIrl A; Sanford .WilkinsI ChIIlIus 11.: Smilhliukl WuIIdIIId. William S.: Charlullc Wnodson. John W.: Cthsu City . Allen. Philip W.: Blanch Anderson. Frcch-Ick D.: ChIIpcl Hill AndersonI JrI. Tom BI: Burlinglun Baker. Darrell A.: Charlollu Barber. In. Wade: Pillshm'o Bill'rcll. Gnurge R; Dunn Baugcss, Millun V.: WiIIslun-Salem Bunncll. Ir.. Hugh Greensboro pcnson, William A; Charlotte 0 Bricklumucr. Ir ugcnu CI: Orangcburg. SICI BriIlgursI Ben 0.: inlcrvillc Brooks. Ir.. Ruburl LI: Raleigh BruwnI Ir.. Charles M.: Marion Brown. Iamcs G.: Linwood. Mass. Brown, Lilburn 8.: Charlollu BryanII In. lennings FI: Spruce Pine Bryant. Palrick 1-1.: Raleigh Burris. Robert N.: Wingalc 492 Professional Schools Calm. Iamus Y.: Franklin Cabc, Paul W.: Franklin Cunnudy. In, Lean W.: Selma Chouinard. Paul A; Easl Balrncl, Vl. Clayton. Felix B.: Rocky Moum Cline. Iamcs 5.: Raleigh Coats. Larry L,: Willow Springs Cuffield. Henry High Point Cullen, Micheal .. FuquayNarina Crawford. Norwood F.: Iacksnnville Crockett. David G.: Lakevicw Cubbcrluy. William C.: Wilson Curry. 101m 3.: Hunlinglon. W. Va. Davis, Donald A; Raleigh Demon. William E.: Mooresvillc Dozier. Hunry C inulls Pninl Duncan. Farris :Timherlake Eulman. Ccorgu H: Rocky Mount Elmrhzlrdl. David M; Elbcrlon, Ga. Edwards. Charles A Elizabclhluwn England. Phillip C.. umden, S.C. Erwin. Thomas 8.: Raleigh Essex. Kunnelh F; Winslon-Salcm Evans. Charles D. Munluu Eylcr, Ill. Charles E: Custunia Fleishmun, Neill H.: Fayellcx'illc Forstadt. Mnllhew 1,: Pasadena. Calif. Freeman. john 3.: Murganlon Frosl. Jack N ' Winstun-Salcm Grady. Chris Kenly Green. Larry R.: Asheboro Grier. Richard L.: Charlotte Griffin, In. A, Glenn: Nashville Gunter. Ricky V.: Spruce Pine Huigwoud. Thomas D.: Gremwille Hall. Samucl L.: Rocky Mount Halluwell. IL, Iohn H; Durham Harrington, Roberl E: Lewiston l-larwuod. Richard K.: Boston. Mass. Haywood, John D.: Durham Haywood. Robert A.: Durham Herrin, Mickey A.: Charlotte I-Iipp. Kenneth B.: Charlotte Hockl'icld. Steven A.: Durham Hopkins. In. Gains E; Burlinglon Holelling, J12. Harold: Chapel Hill Houck, William 1.: Morganan Hough. IL. jams G.: Charlotte Jackson. Thomas C.: Dover. Del. lanes. In. C. Roland: Spartanburg. SC. Kaufman. Stuart 1.: Orndcll. NJ. Kelly, Keith A; Atlanta. Ga. anbulh. Philip D.: Greensboro Larrick, James K; Carrboro Leonard, Jerry W.: Raleigh Loflin, Ill. Thomas F.: P-Icndcrsnnville Longest. In, Frank A.: Mount Airy Lynch. Richard 1.: Goldsbom MucNeill. lr.. John C.: Churlnltc Murquardl, Dennis M. Sandusky. Ohio Matthews. Gene W.. Matthews Maxwell. Jr.. Clarence D.: Fayelleville McBrydc, Neill 0.: Durham McConkcy, Ir., Samuel A.: Tarboru McEnlire. Mitchel! M.: Old Fort Medlin. John R.: Raleigh Moore, Samuel M.: Carrolllun. Ga. Millis. jr.. Clarence 13.: Newport Miichcll. Richard F.: Haw River Mullinnx, RnlJerl L.: Ashcvillu Murchison. J12. John M; Concord Nash. David A.: Charlotte Noble. IL. Leslie 0.: Deep Run Parker. Donald A.: Benson Peace. lurry L.: Thomasville Purser, Rodney L.: Charlollc Reamer, Richard R.: Salisbury Rudding, Max 6.: Gustonia Rigsbuc. Richard .. Durham Riley, John R; Raleigh Rubnrls. lamus M; Spencer Rutledge. James C.: Kannapolis Sargent. 11!, William C.: Coral Gables, Fla. Schafcr. Gerald S; ML Airy Surunian, Barry V.: Forest Hills, NY. Shcnmn. David R Wake Furusl Shcrrill. Russell 1.. Raleigh Shoemaker. Raleigh A.: Charlolle Shore. Charles M.: Thnmzlsvillc Sparrow. Donald 0.: Greensboro Sluphuns. Donald W.: Durham Slcphens. Ronald L.: Durham Slcwurl. Lucinda A; Rochesler, NY. SH'UULI. lr., losuph 0.: Raleigh Vurs. lIl. Addison F.: Wushingmn, D.C. Vinson, Ill. Inmes A; Guldshuru Vivurullu. IL, Iiugunu A.: Rocky Mount Wall. Joseph E.: Bur nglnn Walker. Ruhcrl Iudsun Ward, Robert M: Burlington Wclburn. Ricky L.: Winslun-Salcm Whiclmrd. IL. Dnvid EL: Chapel Hill Whilu. Ir.. Thomas L Munlco While. Spencer W,: Scutlnnd Neck Williams. lumcs W.: Rucky Mnunl WrighL 0, Richard: .I'uhnr Cily Wychc. Paul 13.: Hullslmru Yams, III, Iosuph W.: Raleigh Professional Schools 493 SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH The 1968 Class represents a record enrollment for the School of Public Health. Moreover, it reflects a growing need for professionally trained and pre- pared health personnel in all of the health special- ties. The School of Public Health, as one of only fif- teen such accredited schools in the country, in re- sponding to this need, prepares students at the Masters and Doctoral levels in many fields of health specialization, through its ten academic de- partments: Biostatistics, Environmental Sciences" and Engineering, Epidemiology, Maternal and Child Health, Mental Health, Parisitology, Public Health Administration, Public Health Education, Public Health Nursing, and Public Health Nutri- tion. . v We note with a sense of pride the broad profes- sional representation of our current class, as well as the broad geographic representation of forty- two states and twenty-seven foreign countries from which our students have come to study here. Our graduates will go out to the four corners of the earth to devote their efforts toward the solution of health problems which have a profound influence on the life and social well-being of the citizens they serve. EXECUTIVE FACULTY - Dr. Ralph H. Boafman, Jr., Dr. Earl Siegel, Dr. Charles M. Weiss, Dr. John E. Larsh, Jr., Dr. Robert Briggs Watson, Mr. Charles L. Harper, Mr. Robert B. Moorhead, Dean W. Fred Mayes, Dr. John C. Cassel, Dr. Harry Smith, Mrs. Roberta C. Spikes, Dr. Robert N. Wilson, Dr. John J. Wright, Dr. Morris Schaefer, Dr. William 5. Flash, Dr. John T. Gentry. Absent: Dr. A. Hughes Bryant, Mrs. Margaretl B. Dolun, Dr. Bernard G. Greenherg, Dr. Daniel A. Okun. 494 Professional Schools . Aura. Aftim M.: Beirut. Lebanon Ahem, Daniel B; Belhpagc, N.Y. Aid, Esperanza: La Paz, Bolivia .Airan. Damodar 5.: Bari muhteM India Alexander, John F.: Charlotte Alexander, Steven W.: Tempe. Ariz. Anderson, Dudley G: Bowie, Md. . Atala. Raul E.: Liuia. Pctu Aysun, In. B. C.: Baguio City Philippines Bali. Prema: New Delhi, India Barksdale, William B.: Santa Monica, Calif. Bennell, Eleanor 0.: Babylon. NY, Berryhill. Elizabeth: London, Ont., Canada Bracale, Leopoldo: Lima. Peru 0 Brandon. Scull W.: Alexandria, Va. Bwuon. Nancy 5.: Albuquerque. NM. Bragg. Elizabeth A.: Phoenix. Ariz. Browand. Norma C.: Albion. Pa. Bruestlc, Arthur E: New York, NY. Buchholz. In, W. F.: Arlington Heights. 111. Burleigh. Iuanne L.: Caribou. Me. . Burroughs, Ruth: labkson, Miss. Callwoud, Keith E.: SLThomas. Virgin Islands Campbell. Hamy 3.: Charleston. W. Va. Campos, Oscar V.: Paila-Piura. Pom Carlson. Bruce D.: Penns Grove. NJ. Chen. Tako D.: Taipei. Taiwan, China Chynoweth, David F.: Louisville. Ky. O Chynowelh. Gloria 3.: Louisville. Ky. Clark. Gloria: Martinsville. Va. Cook. Mary L.: Muskogce. Okla. Corpus. E. F.: Rosario, Launiun, Philippines Crawford, Sue Todd: Camdentun. MIL Cunningham, Marion P.: Winona, Minn. Daugherty. Earl D; Chattanooga. Tenn. . Depcw. Marjorie G.: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla Diaz. Anlolianu C.: Iloilo City. Philippines Drake. Claude W.: Chapel Hill Duncan. Cecil SR: Decatur. Ga. Dunn. Emily L: Oak Park, Ill. Escutia. In. Virgilio: Laredo, Tex. Eshra. Dala K: Alexandria. U A.R. . Elwin. Marion E.: Modeslu, Calif. Finley, Thomas E.: Hardinsburg, Ky. Fistori, Diane M.: Worchcsler. Mass. Florendn, Reynaldo A.: Manila, Philippines Folkomcr. John H.: York. Pa. Francisco. Donald E; Houston. Tex. Gancinatte, Piyasena: Talangama, Ceylon . Gerding, Henry F: Harrington, NJ. 'Getson, Alan V.: East Greenwich. RI. Gibson. Patricia 3.: SL Pelersburg. Fla. Giddens, Warren W.: Cleveland Heights, Ohio Glou; Ronald 8.: Scranlon, Pa Gossett. Robert : Charlotte Gray. John R; Winslon-Salem . Green, David K.: Salem. NJ. Griffin, Wilma 1.: Columbus. Ga. Grunow. Gail R.: Sheboygan. Wis. Guimei. Maaly K.: Roushoi. U.A.R. Haase. Kenneth W.: Alexandria. Va Habibian, Muhammad T.: Tehran. Iran Hamidzai. Amauullah: Afghanistan Professional Schools 495 . I-Inmiltun. Charles B; Bristol. Tenn. Humilmn. Marlin L.: Bristol. Tenn. Hampton, George H: Humosassa. Fla Hunekamp. Theudore G; Lexington. Ky. Haney. Edsel L: Virginia Beach Va. Hawley. Herbert L.: Durham Hayward. Rubyu 0,: Bunkic . Henley. Hcrberl C.: Pillsbom Hochslein. Hcrhcrl 0.: Kensington, Md. Hoen, Palriciu A.: Buffalo, NY, Howell. Robert L: Greenville, S.C. chcll, Robert T.: Albuquerque. NM. Hoff. Rodney: Brownsville, Wis. luckson, Elizabulh B; Pll'rludnlphia. Miss. . lain, Shailendra K; Bignor, India lcnkins. Larry K; Charleston. W.Vu. lanes. IL. Inhn P; chelland. Tex lanes, Iosephine M; Morgantown. W.Va. Kakimato. Annie F; Waialua. Hawaii Kano. Kazunubli: Tokyo, Japan Kaul. Surrayn 1.: Lahum. W. Pakistan . Kcillivuti, Boonyiam: Bamgkok. Thailand Khan, Moazzam H.: Camilla. Pakistan Killgorc. George E: Wallins. Ky. Kim. Sun Young: Seoul. Korea Kindcl, Iudilh 0.: Columbia. S.C. Klaus, 11, John: Columbia. S,C Knnlt, Edna H.: Raleigh Kohli, Krishan LA New Delhi. India Kornreich. Lawrence D; New York, NY. Krcvin, john L.: Brooklyn. NY. Krusa, Hans 13.: Nonhport, NY, La Malta, Enrique 1.: Quito. Ecuador Leach. Paul 1.: Arlington. Tex. Lee. James A; Lancaster, NH. C Lee. Kyung Sik: Seoul. Korea Lcininger, Kurl V.: Columbus, Neb Lcnlz. Myra M.: Pompano Beach, Fla Liu. Yem-min: Taipei, Taiwan, China MucCormuck. John N,: Chapel Hill MacLeud, Norman A.: Quincy, Mass. Mullcck. Mohsina: Porl-Louis. Mauriiius Manning. 10 An: Decalur. Gm May, Warren W.: Willinmslon, Mich. Massey, Joseph E.: Tarbom McChesney, Dan R.: San Anlunim Tex. Mch-mick. Myrnice R.: Wcslminsler. Md. MCICurdy. Ruben S; Boulder. C010. McDonald. Hcalher P.: Otlawa. Canada 0 McDonnell. 10 F.: Margarita. Canal Zone Mcasham. Anthony Ra Halifax. Nova Scolin Miller, Henry T.: Baltimnrc, MzL Milone. Charles L.: W. Palm Beach. Fla. Milslead. Ashby L.: Lynchburg, Va. Moncricf. Everette W.: Monlgumery, Ala. Moore. In. George Thomas: Columbia. S C . Murphy. Virginia A.: Durham Muslafu, Siddig E.: Khartoum. Sudan Myers. Mary N; Pclham. N.Y. Nawalinski. Ted A.: Philadelphia. Pa, Neave. Iohn W.: Grecnsbom Nelson, Steven 3.: Huntington. W. Va, Niemann, Ula: Berlin, Germany 496 Professional Schools . Orial, Patricia 1.: Quezon City, Philippines Padgett. IL. James E.: Columbia, SC. Parish, Sarah M.: Newport. Ark. Patel, Vinodchandm M.: Ahmedabad. India Payne. IV. John A.: Carrburo Peak. Donald W.: Welumpka. Ala. Pefla. Mario: LaPaz. Bolivia . Penick, Roland W.: Greenville, SC. Pennell, Stephen G.: Lenoir Perry. Everett M.: Carey. Idaho Pfeffer. Henrietta H: Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Pnrapakkam. Yawarat: Bangkok. Thailand Punyashlhiti. Kannikar: Bangkok. Thailand Putnam, Peter L.: Yuba City. Calif. O Quigg. Loren T.: Concord, Calif. Ram. Eric R: Miraj. India Rao, SL3 Mysore City. India Reep, Bryan R.: Raleigh Rethmeier. Kenneth A: Los Angeles. Calif. Riecken. Ir., William E.: Jackson. Miss. Rose. Margie E: Greensboro . Rupen, Alice 8.: Chapel Hill Sakornpan. Chira: Bangkok. Thailand Sanddrs. IL. Frank D.: Jackson, Miss. Sanderson. Edward L.: Alexandria. Va. Sauna. Rallapalli 5.5.: Peddapuram. India Schonberg. John 0.: Durham Schulle. Eugene F.: Brownsville. Tex. . Sehgal. lag M.: New Delhi, India Swaikh. Gul R; Hyderabad. W. Pakistan Sharpe, Edward H.: Waxtun Shialeu, Richard M.: Cedanown. Ga. Shimoni. Kitty: Zurich. Switzerland Singh. Ranbir: Meerni. India Small, William T.: Durham 0 Sprouse. Larman W.: Oak Ridge. Tenn. Stillman. Iohn E: Syracuse, NY. Slraley. David L.: Chapel Hill Suchindran. C. M.: Cochni-Kenala. India Suepsaman. Banchong: Bangkok. Thailand 3 Sutherland. Elizabeth A: Grundy. Va. , . Sweet. Charles 15.: Austin. Tex. I $ 0 Talwar. Pram P.: New Delhi. India Taylor, Irma: Tampa, Fla. TanBrink. Helen D : Fond du Lam Wis. Tesh, Ray F.: Chapel Hill Thomas. Frances 1.: Durham Thomas, Nancy R: Manchester, Conn. Thompson. William E: Marietta. Ga. 0 Trainer. Edward 8.: Mt. Kisco. N.Y. Tseng, Ien-chei: Taipei. Taiwan, China Turner, Ir., Alvis G.: Draper 'y Van Wic, William A.: Wheeling. W. Va. Varavej. Porapan: Thnnburi. Thailand Vathanaporn. Chaiporn; Bangkok. Thailand I Vom Lehn. Walter 0.: Narrows. Va. a C Wallace, Martha A.: Miami, Fla. Walters. James B: Durham Welch. Oscar: Cherokee Weslerman. Robert Rowen: Dover. Del. Wilkes. Frank 6.: Louisville. Ky. Willey. Martha M.: Nashville Wishart. Elame F.: Union. NJ. . I , Professional Schools 497 498 Professional Schools SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK Dean C. Wilson Anderson . Andrews, Carol 0: Tarboro Amelie. Iennnetta D.: Chapel Hill Bacon, Richard R: Barbaurnvilie. Ky. Boyd. Bobby K.: Winston-Salem Cox. Harvey A; Albemarlc C Cox, Let: N.: Lenoir Downey, William E.: Durham Edwards. Marcia N.: Perry, Ga. Fundcrburk, Anne L: Durham Gross. lanice 8.: Goldsboro Guttman, Renate P.: Durham Haywood, Martha 1...: Raleigh C Haywood. Roger K.: Mt. Gilead Harris. Abigail L.: State Road Hartsell. In, Robert P.: Kannupolis Hewes. Horace L.: Greenwood. S.CT Heilig. Iohn 1...: Salisbury Herring. Rose 13.: Greenville. S.C. High, Viola C.: Raleigh . Inman, Edward R.: Hendersonville Johnson. Joyce 1.: North Wilkesboro Johnson. Mary H.: Holdrcge. NEbL Kernodle. Janet P.: Alexandria. Va Lasater. James E.: Pittsboro Lilliquist. Mary P.: Raleigh Littrell, Ruth 15.: Woodland . Mackie, Edgar 8.: Granite Falls Martin, Lynda K1: Bethel Maskcll. Karen .. oraville. Ga. Norman. Harold L.: Morganton Parrish. Rosalyn 13.: Raleigh Pallard. William 1...: Raleigh Robinson, Isaac A.: Durham Sawtellei Ill, Herbert C.: Wakefield. RI. Sharp,.Barbara M.: Lexington Smith. Carol E.: Wilmington Start, Nancy M.: Hollywood, Fla. Stikelealher. Sylvia 5.: Raleigh Stroupe. Sandra P; Charlotte Trier. Sally E.: North Canton. Ohio The School of Social Work was originally founded in 1920 as the School of Public Welfare and became the School of Public Administration in 1932. Since 1950, it has been the Graduate School of Social Work. In the preparation for professional social work, prac- tical contributions from various fields of knowledge are utilized through two approaches: one is the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, and the other is the empirical test of practical experience. The synthesis of these ap- proaches is accomplished through classroom study and field work experience in the course of two academic years, culminating in the Master of Social Work degree. A concentration in one of three methods is offered: social casework focuses on individuals or families who are unable to cope satisfactorily with social problems and within social relationships; group work practice engages the dynamics of group interaction as it seeks to enable change within the context of the group; commu- nity organization is the process of bringing about and maintaining a progressively more effective adjustment between social welfare resources and social needs. The aim of the School is to develop competent practicioners in these fields of social work practice. . Wells, Patricia L.: Durham Wilkinson. In. Ronald G.: West SL Paul, Minn. Allen. Gerald Y.: Raleigh Alston. George Greensboro Bishop, Cynthia L.: Ramseur . Breazeale. Aliene 3.: Greenville. SC. Bynum. Harold: Greensboro Campbell. Raleigh: Hyden. Ky. Canipe. Diane E: Gastonia Canter, Ruth 8.: Moravian Falls Carlton. In. Eascom W.: Enterprise. Fla. Carrier. Betsy A.: Iameslown . Cook. Ann 13.: Danville. Va. Copeland. Florence H.: Spartanburg. S.C. Crosthwaite, Lola R; Morehead. Ky Cutchin, Carolyn 1.: Sherrills Ford Davis, Susan 0.: L05 Angeles. Calif. Dawson. A. Wren: Schuyler. Va. Devine. Loy W.: Thomasville O Duly, Homer 1-1.: Roanoke. Va. Freas. John M.: Walnut Cove Ginns, H. Lloyd: King Gregory. William 1.: High Point Gribble, IL. Robert L.: Kannapolis Cuynn, Frances G.: Galax. Va Halsey. Rosemary: Sparta O Hayes. I. Carl: Manleo Hill, Lynne F.: Wyomissing. Pa. Hussey. Peggy 1.: Robbins Iohnsun, James C.: Greensboro Johnston. Joanne 5.: Nebo Liggins. Joyce P.: Roanoke. Va. Marion. H. Dean: Pinnacle . Marlin. Frances M.: Chapel Hill McKinney. Marjorie E: Wahaw Murehend. Ethel D.: Greensboro Myers. Nancy: Alexandria, Va. Neal. Belly L.: High Poinl Nelson, Berigold: Chapel Hill Peacock. l. Randall: Winslon-Salcm . Phalen. Rachel CA: Prospccl Harbor. MEL Piltenger. Gwendolyn L: Norfolk. Va. Ross. Marianne E.: Toronto. Canada Russell. William E: Porlsmuulh. Va Samanick. Joyce 1.: Hopalcung. NJ. Selzer. Sell M.: Conover Sides, Gwyn P.: Concord 0 Smith. Roy K.: St. Helens. Ore. Stamey. Nancy S.: Lawndale Stogner. Robert L.: Burlington Slump. Robert R.: Thumasvillu Tharlon, Carolyn 1.: Durham Verwaerdl. Frances P.: Chapel Hill Weber. Rosemary 0.: Gaslonia . Whitaker. James 8.: Lakeland. Fla. Wilkinson. IL. George C.: Pelersburg. Va. Williamson. Clarence 0.: Greensboro Winslcad. Ann R.: Roxboro Wishnnr. Hazel L: Durham Woodell. Mary 13.: Chapel Hill Woods. II. Andrew H.: Baltimore, Md. Professional Schools 499 V??? ACEE, JR., J. MARSHALL: Intramural Mgr. 6,0, Track 0,. ADAMS, PHILIP WESLEY: KDMA, Jay- ner Sec'y-Treusurer 6,, Mcngum Sec'y 6,, Men's Glee Club 6,0, MRC 0,, University Gleemen 0 ,2,, YRC 0,. ADAMS, SARAH ELLEN: KAO, SP 6,, University Chorus 6,. ADKINS, KARL: Orienfaiion Comm, 6,, Siate Affairs Comm. 6,, SP 6,, YMCA 04,. ALBERT, CONRAD PRESTON: XW, Soc- cer 6,, SP 6,. ALDRICH, WALLACE NEEL: AKW, Cc- op Comm. 6,, Westminster Fellowship 0,2,3,0, PIFC 6,4,. ALLEN, DONNA DEE: FAA, WAA 6,. ALLEN, DWIGHT WOODWARD: AY, MRC 6,3,0, President 6,0, Residence College Comm. 6,0, Governor, Morer head College 6,3,, Society of Janus 6,0, Sfuden? Legislature 0,2,, SP 0,2,3,. ALLRAN, MICHEAL LEE: Sec'y, ScoH College 0 ,, Scott College Senator 0 ,. ALMOND, TONY ROMAN: Cardboard 0 ,2,3,0, Wrestling 0,2,. ALSTON, PETER VAN: 261,13. AMLONG, WILLIAM ROBERT: $KE, Daily Tar Heel 6,3,0, News Edifor 6,, Edifor-in-Chief 6,. ANDERS, ARCHIE WILBERT: Scott Col- lege Lt. Governor 6,, UP 0,. ANDERSON, BRIAN JAMES: UP 6,0. ANDERSON, EUGENE GIBSON: WAX, Pharmacy Senate 6,3,0. ANDERSON, JR., MALCOLM Mac- GREGOR: AXA, IFC 6,. ANGELL, Ill, MONROVIE JONES: 2N, UP 6,0. ANTHONY, ANNE McLEAN: KAO, Class Secrefary 6,, Fine Arts Festival 6,, Orienfafion Comm. 6,, SP 6,0, YWCA 6,0. APPEL, SHIRLEY FRANCES: V.P., West Cobb 6,, Communications Comm. 0,, WHC 6,, Constitutional Council 6,. AREY, JR., ROBERT FRANCES: V.P., Everett 6,, Fencing 0,3,0. ARMOUR, BARRY SAMUEL: Saint An- thony Hall, Yackefy Yack 0,2,, More- head Scholar. ARNOLD, PATRICK A.: EAE, Campus ChestL 0,, Gorgon's Head, Intramural Mgr. 6,, Order of Beanbirds, UP 6,, YMCA 0,, FEE. ASHLEY, JR., STANLEY BYRON: Ori- entation Comm. 6,, UP 0 ,2,3,0, Card- board 6,3,, Daily Tar Heel, 0,0, YMCA 0,. ATCHLEY, JR., GEORGE T.: Marehead College Senate 6,. ATKINSON, CHARLOTTE HOUSTON: AAA, Orientation Comm. 6,. AUBUCHON, HAZEL ANN: KAG, Pan- hellenic Council 6,, SNEA 6,, SP 6,0, YWCA 6,, Pres. of KAO 6,. AUMA-OSOLO, AGOLA: Cosmopoli- Qan Club 6,, Di-Phi Senufe 0,2,3,0, YMCA 6,4,. AUSTIN, TYNA HUDSON: 6M, Caro- lina Quarierly 6,, Daily Tar Heel 6,, GMAB Films Chairman 6,, Cultural Development Comm. 6,, SP 6,, UN Press Club 6,0. ' AYDELETTE, ROBERT JEROME: Swim- ming 0 ,2,. BAER, MELVIN JAY: END, WUNC-TV 012,314,- BAGWELL, RONALD RUCKER: tDAG, UP 6,0. BAILEY, Ill, JOSEPH AUGUSTINE: 2W, Baseball 0,2,, Focibull 0,2,, Daily Tar Heel 6,0, Gorgon's Head 6,0, Intramural Mgr. 6,0, SP 0,2,3,0. BAILEY, MARY BLOIS: SGT, Orienta- tion Counselor 6,. BAME, GEORGE DANIEL: HME 6,0. BARBER, JOHN LINDER: CDAG, Sec'y of KDAO 6,, $HE, Attorney General's Stuff 6,, UP 0 ,2,, YMCA 0,2,3,. BARBER, SUSAN LEE: AAU, EOT, Order of 1he Old Well, Judicial Comm. 6,3,, UP 0,2,3,4,, WAA 0,213.0: HC 6,4,, WRC 6,3,. BARDEN, RONALD STEPHENS: AEH, $BK, BIS, HMS, NROTC 0,2,3,0. BARKLEY, BARBKRA LAFERNEY: Shay Greeks 6,0. BARNES, ELSIE LUCAS: l-IBKD, Affor- ney General's Staff 6,, Campus Chesf 6,, SP 6,0, YWCA 6,0. BARNES, JR., HENRY FRANKLIN: HKQE UP 0,2,3,0. BARNES, JR., JAMES HOUSTON: 2X, Student Legislature 6,0, UP 0,2,13,0- BARNES, III, ROBERT LUTHER: Acu- demic Affairs Comm. 6,3,, SP 0,2,0, YDC 6,. BARNETT, THOMAS VANCE: KA, UP 6.3.4,- BARNUM, CAROL MARCIA: IMerna- tional Students Board 6,, SP 6,,Toron- to Exchange Comm. 6,, YWCA 6,. BARRETT, ll, JOE HILTON: KW, NCPA 0.2.314,- BARRON, M. SUSAN: AAH, Attorney GeneraPs Staff 0,, Carolina Sympo- sium 6,, Class Secretary 0,, Orienta- tion Comm. 0,2,, SP 0,2,, Valkyries 6,0, WAA 0,2,3,0, YWCA 6,, West- minsfer Fellowship 0,2,3,4,. BARTHOLOMEW, CLAUDIA JEAN: Af- iomey General's Staff 6,0, CUSC 6,, Student Athletic Council 6,. BARWICK, CHARLES KILIJAN: Cosmo- politan Club 6,0, Di-Phi Senate 0,2, 3,0, SP 0,2,. BATTLE, JR., ISAAC ANDEAUX: NAACP 6,0, SDS 6,, University Glee- mun 6,. BAUCOM, JUDITH MARGARET: KE, Granville Senate 6,, NCPA 6,3,4,5,. BAUGUESS, BERNARD WAYNE: A110, EAX, Teugue Vice-Presiden? 6,, Teugue President 6,, Scot? College Senate 6,4,, SP 6,0, YMCA 6,. BAUMAN, DANIEL KEMBLE: Fine Arts Festival 6,. BAUR, EDWARD TURNER: AKE, Cum- pur Chest 0,2,, Carolina Handbook 6, 4,, Elections Board 0,, Honor System Comm. 0,, IFC 6,, Monogram Club 6, 3,0, NROTC 0,2,3,0, Rugby 6,, UP 0 ,2,3,0, Soccer 0 ,2,3,0. BAXLEY, DOUGLAS WOOLEY: Arnold Air Society 6,0, AFROTC 6,0. BEAM, DANIEL WAYNE: YMCA 6,0, YRC 0 ,2,3,0. BEASLEY, CORA ANN: Angel Flight 6,0, Mclver Vice-Presidenf 6,, Outing Club 6,, YWCA 6,. BEATON, BRUCE WYNNE: XW, SP 6, 0. BEATTY, DENNIS GOLD: CDAX, Phar- macy Senate 6,4,5,, NCP 6,3,4,5,. BEAULIEU, MICHEL ELAINE: Angel High? 0,2,, Physical Therapy Club 0,2,3,0. BEAVER, JEFFREY WINDSOR: 6A0, Fomball 0,2,3,0, Ehringhaus College Senate 6,, Gimghaul, Monogram Club 6,3,0, Order of Golden Fleece, Order of the Grail, Order of the Old Well, Student Legislature 6,, University Par- ty 6,, Fellowship of Chrisiiun Aihletes 0,2,3,0. BECK, CORNELIA RUTH: EOT, Nurses Presiden16,. BEEKMAN, HELEN PENELOPE: KAO 6,3,0, SP 6,, WUNC 6,0. BELDEN, JOSEPH CAMPBELL: Sf. An- thony Hall. BELL, JUDITH LEE: X0, Campus Affairs Comm. 6,. BELL, NATALIE VM: KA, Campus Chest BENSON, JOHN HOWARD: NROTC , 0,2,3,0, Lt. Governor Morehead COL lege 0,, Scabbard and Blade 6,, Ori- entation Counselor 6,3,0. BENTON, BARRETT GILBERT: Swim- ming 0 ,2,3,0. BENTON, JAMES RICHARD: UNC Press Club 6,0. BENTON, THOMAS IDEN: Carolina Conservative Club 6,, MRC 6,3,, NSA 6,, Cruige College Senate 6,3,, Bud- get Committee 6,, SP 0,2,3,4,. YRC 6,3,. BESHEARS, RONALD RAY: Residence College Comm. 6,, Band 0,2,. BETTS, JR., JOHN MONIE: BGH, Daily Tar Heel 6,, SP 0,, UNC Press Club 6,0, Campus Affairs Comm. 6,. BICKSLER, WILLIAM HAMILTON: ATQ, Gorgcn's Head, Order of Beanbirds, Lacrosse 0,2,3,0, UP 0,2,3,0, FBE 6,3,0, Germans Club 6,0. BIGGERS, VICKI COATS: SNEA 6,, YWCA 6,. BIGGERSTAFF, BOBBY GARRISON: Baseball 0 ,, Intramural Mgr. 6,, MRC 6,3,, Scott College Senate, President Avery Dorm. 6,. BILLINGS, CYNTHIA ANN: NursesVice- President 6,, Orientation Comm. 6,0, SP 0,0, Universify Chorus 6,. BLACK, III, JAMES BELL: ZE, FBE, Order of the Beanbirds, AHorney Gen- eral's Staff 6,, Gorgon's Head Lodge 6,, Orientation Comm. 6,, Track 0,, Germans Club 6,, Moreheud Scholar. BLACKBURN, NORMAN GLEN: K2, Baseball 0,, Fomball 0 ,2,3,. BLACKMAN, WILLIAM CARLTON: Ori- entation Comm. 6,0. BLAIR, JR., EDWARD HENRY: MRC 6,, Scan College Senme 0,2,3,, SP 0,, Wrestling 0,. BLAIR, ROBERT JACKSON: MRC 0,, Monogram Club 6,3,0, Scot? College Senate 6,, SP 0,, Wrestling 0 ,2,3,0. BLALOCK, III, ALVIN COLEMAN: Ruf- fin President 6,, MRC 63,, King Col- lege Senafe 6,. BLANKENSHIP, MALCOLM BRITTAIN: CDHE, CIJAO. BLANTON, JR., THOMAS EDMUND: Cruige College Senate 0,2,, YDC 0,2, 3,, AFROTC 0,2,, Band 0,2,3, BLANTON, JR., WILLIAM LAWRENCE: Campus Chesf 6,, Morrison Senate 6,, UP 6,0. BLAUSTEIN, HENRY RICHARD: Daily Tar Heel 6,. BLOCK, JR., MICHAEL JOHN: Scot? College Senate 6,3,, UP 0,2,3,0, YRC 0,2,3,4,. BLOUNT, GEORGE WESLEY: HKQD. BLOUNT, SUMNER EMERSON: HKA, SP 6,, YMCA 6,. BLOUNT, WILLIAM GRAY: CDAG, UP 6314,. BLUE, F. RICHARD: ZBT, Aft. Gen- eral's Staff 6,, lacrosse 0,, Rugby 6,, Orienfafion Comm. 6,, UP 0,2,3,. BOBO, RONALD BROWN: X49, Aft General's Staff 6,, IFC 6,3,, NROTC 0,2,3,0, Scabbard and Blade, Ori- entation Counselor 6,. 30665, NORA WAYNELL: UP 6,0. BOICE, BEVERLY CAROLE: KAG, FBCD, SPU 6,, UP 0,2,3,0. BOLICK, HAROLD ARTHUR: QMSX, Pharmacy Senate 6,105,, NCPA 6, 4,5,. BOLIN, PATRICIA MARLE: KAO, SP 6,4,- BOLING, JR., VERNON RAYMOND: AXE, Universify Gleemen 6,3,. BONNER, HENRIETTA SHANNON: Carolina Women's Council 6,. BORDEN, CYNTHIA JEAN: 2K, Daily Tar Heel 6,0, Winston President 6,, Orientation Comm. 6,, WRC 6,0, YWCA 6,, Gymnastics Club 6,. BORDEN, SALLY NASH1AAA, Campus Chest 6,, SNEA 6,, SP 6,0, YWCA C314,- x BOULDIN, MARY CRUMP: Spencer Vice President 0,, ??Fsiden16,, King College Senafe 6,3,0, Student Men- tal Health Comm. 6,, WRC 6,. BOWDEN, EMILY REBECCA: YWCA 6,. BOWERS, ROSLYN ANNE: X0, UP 6,0, AH. General's Staff 6,. BOWLING, JR., THOMAS BENSON: AFROTC 0,2,, Orientation Counselor 6,. BOWMAN, WILLIAM HAROLD: Or- der of the Grail, Order of the Old Well, Orientation Comm. 6,0, Honors Com- mission 0,2,, Chairman of Communica- tions Commission 6,, SP 6,3,0, Track 0,, YMCA 0,2,, President of West- minster Fellowship 6,. BOYKIN, THOMAS BROOKS: quiz. BRADNER, ROBERT BEVERLY: 2X, Campus Chest 0,, IFC 6,0, Budget Comm. 6,, Campus Affairs Comm. 6,, UP 0,2,3,0. BRADY, JANE HARRIS: HBCD, Caro- lina Symposium 6,, Order of 'he Beun- birds 6,4,, YWCA 6,, FBE. BRADY, MARY ELLA: KAG, SP 3,4,, WAA 6,. BRAMLE'IT, JAMES EVERETT: WUNC 0,213.4,- BRANAMAN, BEVERLY ANN: 21X. BRANCH, FRANKLIN TAYLOR: XW, inG, KDHE, CDBK, Carolina Symposi- um 6,3,0, Chairman 6,, Honor Sys- tem Comm. Chairman 6,, Men's Honor Council 0,2,, Order of the Grail 6, 3,0, State Affairs Comm. 6,, More- heud Scholar. BRANCH, JR., JAMES ARTHUR: $11,. BRASWELL, WILLIAM EDWARD: Mor- rison Armstrong President 6,, Gran- ville Senafe 6,. BRATCHER, SANDRA DEE: UP 6,, Physical Therapy Club 0 ,2,3,0. BRAWLEY, MARY WALTON: KKF, Campus Chest 6,0, GMAB Secretariat 6,, YWCA 6,0. BREARD, MICHAEL FELTUS: ZTF, New- man Club 0 ,2,3,0, Cardboard 6,0. BRESLOW, KENNETH ALAN: TEQD, Intramural Mgr. 6,, SP 6,0, Student Credit Commission 6,, Student Dis. counting Committee 6,. BRETHAN, Ill, CHARLES A.: EAE, President 6,, Mutton and Shouts 6,4,, Careers For Carolina Chairman 6,. BREWER, SUSAN WILKINS: Residence College Comm 6,. BREWSTER, DAVID ANDRE: Rugby 6,. BRIDGFORD, JUNE ELLEN: KKF. BRINER, FRANCES KAY: X0, Orien- tation Comm. 6,.: BRITT, BETTY CAROLYN: Carolina Symposium 6,, UP 6,3,0. BRITT, JAMES LAURENT: X'Jl, Caro- lina Handbaok 6,, Swimming 0 ,2,3,0, Orientation Counselor 63,. BROADWAY, DOUGLAS EARL: SP 0, 2,3,0, Residence College Comm 6,. Yackety Yack 501 BROCK, RICHARD LINTON: CDAGJ, MRC 03,, VIGAH 0 ,. BROILI, ROBERT THAYER: XW, Rugby 03.4,- BROOKE, MARTHA lOUlSE: Carolina Women's Council 03,0, Scan College Senane 04,, NSA 03,. BROOKRESON, JOE WADE: Wrestling 0.2.310. BROTHERS, AARON WADE: lewis Sec- retary 02,3,. BROWN, JR., ALVIN MASTON: Ori- entation Comm 02,, SP 02,3,0. BROWN, DAVID BULLUCK: 0DKZ. BRAUN, GAIL PATRICIA: KAG, Cum. pus Chest 03,0. BROWN, JOHN MICHAEL: XW, tDHE, An'y General's Stuff 02,, Golf 0,2,, 0r- der of the Grail, Order of the Old Well, Orientation Comm 02,, Nuiional Merit Comm 0,2,3,, Stave Affairs Comm 02, 3,, SP 03,0, Student Gth, Director External Affairs 04,, Moreheud Scholar. BROWN, JULIAN WINSTON: HKA, Football01,2,. 0 BROWN, lLEWELLYN G.: $HE, MRC 02,3,, Teague President 03,, Order of the Old Well, Residence College Comm. 03,0, Society of Janus 02,3,4,, Vice. Chairman, Chancellor's Advisory Com- mimae on Residence Colleges 03,0, Orientation Counselor 03,0. BROWN, MOLLY BAKER: G.M. Social Comminee 03,0. BROWN, JR., THOMAS CREASMAN: Ruffin Vice-Presidem 02,, President 04,, King College Senafe 00, Speaker 00. BROWNRIDGE, BARBARA ANNE: UP 03,, WRC 03,0. BRUCE, BRENDA JEANNE: Chapel Hill Choral Club 03,0. BRYANT, EMILY KAREN: HBrD, UP 03,0. BRYANT, RICHARD lOUlS: Fine Arts Fes1ivul 02,3,0. BUCHANAN, SALLY ANN: 21M, Car- olina Handbook0,. BUCK, JR., JAMES CLIFTON: Foofball 01,: UP 03,4,- BULLARD, CYNTHIA EILEEN: AAA, UP 04,- BULLARD, ROGER HOWARD: Swim- ming 0,2,3,4,. BUNCE, MADGE: XAfD, AWQ, Car- olina Playmukers 03,0, WUNC 03,0, University Chorus 03,. BURCHAM, IRA ROBERTS: MRC 03,0, Morrison College Senaie 03,0. BURCHETI', BRUCE MYA'I'I': SP 0,0, YMCA 02,. BURROUGHS, lINDA KAREN: KTA, UNC Jaurnalisi 04,, UNC Press Club 03.4,- BURTON, JAMES HUDSON: YDC 03,0. BURWELL, MARGARET EUGENIA: X0, FEE, Fine Arts Festival 03,, Order of me Beanbirds, SNEA 04,, UP 03,0. BYLER, DAVID MICHEAL: AXE, Men's Glee Club 02,3,4,, Men's Honor Coun- cil 03,, SP 03,, University Gleemen 0,, Baptist Student Union 03,0. BYRD, III, ROBERT BRYANT: EdiE, IFC 04,, Inirumural Mgr. 03,, NROTC 03,0, UP 02,3,0. BYRUM, JOAN SADLER: SNA 0,2, 3,0. CAIN, ERIC HOWARD: Cardboard 03, 4, CALDWELL, III, MACK BENSON: Band 01.2.3101 NROTC 012,314,- CALHOUN, ELIIABETH CARTER: X0, Campus Chest 03,, UP 03,, WAA 03,: YWCA 03,. CALLOWAY, SARAH MARGARET: HBCD, Aff'y General's Skiff 03,0, cum- pus Chesf 04,, SNEA 04,, UP 0314,. 502 Yackety Yack CAMPBELL, ALEXANDRA ELIZABETH: CDM, YWCA 03,, Women's Honor Coun- cil 0,, GM Films Commmee 03,0, Lutheran S'uclenis Assn. 03,0. CAMPBELL, DONIVER DEAN: Daily Tar Heel 03A,, SAX 03,0. CANGIAMILA, CARLA: WAA 03,0, YWCA 0,2,. CANNADAY, KENNETH SIMMS: $FA, Campus Chesf0,, Carolina Symposium 03,, Orientation Comm. 02,, UP 0,2,3, 4,, YMCA 0,2,3,. CARDEN, SHEllA COLCLOUGH: SNEA 04,- CAREY, BROOKS: AKE, Eleciions Board 03,, Golf 0,2,3,4,, Monogram Club 03,0, Mutton and Shouts. CARHART, DAVID HENRY: AXE, Ruf- fin Treasurer 00, Not. Merit Scholar- ship Comm. 0,2,, University Gleemen 0 ,. CARPENTER, THOMAS EDWARD: XW, Carolina Symposium 00, Cross Coun- 1ry 01,, IFC 03,0, SP 0 ,2,3,4,, Truck 01, 2,, Monogram Club 02,, Treasurer, XW 02,3,, Morehead Scholar. CARR, ELIZABETH MARGARET: SP 0,, Women's Honor Council 02,3,, SNA 0,2,3, CARR, GARLAND EDWIN: lewis Vice- Presideni 03,. CARR, IHRIE POU: AAA, Campus Chest 00, Order of the Beanbirds 03,0, SP 03,. CARR, JOHNNYE COTTLE: Carolina Women's Council 03,0, Alderman Trea- surer 00. CARTWRIGHT, JAMES WOODROW: SP 00, YDC 03,0. CASEY, RONALD NELSON: QHE. CASHWELl, NARLEY lEE: Scan Col- lege Senate 04,. CATHEY, FRANK McDANIEL: EAE, SP 04,- CAUSEY, JR., WILLIAM MITCHELL: ln- Oramural Mgr. 03,0, YDC 0,- CHARBONNEAU, HELEN-RAE: SP 03,. CHEEKSFIELD, KAREN MARIE: Mor- risen College Senate 02.3,, SP 0,2,, Women's Honor Council 02,3,0, WRC 03,0, SNA 0,2,. CHEERS, GARY ALAN: I?BK, rBdn. CHERRY, Ill, CHARLES QUINTARD: Ben, Orientation Comm. 00, Campus Affairs Comm. 03,0, Swimming 0,2,, UP 03,0, YMCA 03,0. CHILDS, PAUL JENNINGS: Orientation Comm. 00, Scott College Senate 00, SP 04,, YDC 03,0, AFROTC 0,2,, MRC 03,. CHRISCO, DAVID EDWIN: King Col- lege Senoie 03,, Universify Gleemen 02,3,, Orienmtion Counselor 02,0. CHRISTIAN, EMILY LOUISE: Physical Therapy Club 0,2,3,4,. CHRISTIAN, MARGARET MURRAY: CIJBK, University Chorus 03,0. CICCONE, JR., JOHN GARY: 20DE, Vice-President 04,, Orientation Comm. 00, UP 03,0. CIVILS, JOHN DAVID: UP 0,2,3,4,, YDC 03,0. CLARK, Ill, ARTHUR BENNETT: QDAG, YMCA 03,0. CLARK, JOHN HECTOR: WUNC 02,3, 4,. CLAY, PHIlLlP LEROY: 1333, Carolina Forum 03,0, Carolina Political Union 02,3,0, Carolina Symposium 00, Hon- or Synem Comm. 0,, NSA 02,0, NAACP 0,2,3,0, Order of 7he Grail, Orienta- tion Comm. 00, VIGAH 02,, SP 0,3,, YMCA 02,3,0. CLEGG, JR., AUBREY LUTHER: Avery Treasurer 03,0, YDC 0 ,2,. CLEMENS, WILLIAM JENKINS: 0132K, Debate Team 0,2,, Graham Vice-Presi- dent 02,, Morehead College Senate 0.2,, SP 0,2,- CLEMENT, CAROLINE WILEY: iDM, Campus Chas! 03,, Orieniuvion Comm. 03.4,. SP 04,. COBB, WILLIAM THURSTON: AXA, AFROTC 03,0, GM Social Comm. 04,, Orienfuiion Counselor 04,, Yackefy Yuck 0,2,3,0, Fraternities Editor 03,0, Morehecd Scholar. COBlE, CHARLES MORRISON: K2. COBLE, JOSEPH RAY: Morrison News- paper Editor 02,. COCHRAN, ROBERT NELSON: FBCD, Band 0,2,. COCHRANE, DIANE: KAO, Panhel- Ienic Council 03,, UP 03,, UNC Press Club02,. COLBY, WHITNEY COFFIN: XW, Hem or System Comm. 03,, Rugby 03,, Cum- pus Affairs Comm. 0,, Swimming 0,2,, UP01,2,3,4,. COLE, RONALD WAYNE: Residence College Comm. 03,, SP 02,, YMCA 03,0. COLEMAN, JAMES DONALD: Fine Arts Festival 03,, Men's Glee Club 04,, Uni- versity Gleemen 0,2,3,. COLEMAN, RICHARD CLARK: Avery Secretary-Treasu'rer 02,. COLEMAN, ROBERT BRUCE: KTA, Carolina Conservative Club 0,, Daily Tar Heel 03,0, Iniramural Mgr. 02,, Moreheud College Senate 02,3,, Com- munications Comm. 03,, UPO,,YRC 0,, UNC Press Club 03,0, Orientation Counselor 04,. COLEMAN, III, ROBERT FEASTER: AY, Carolina Handbook 03,0, Orientation Comm., SP 03,0, YRC 0,2,, YMCA 01,2, 3,4,, Morehead Schclar. COLLINS, CURTIS JEROME: Morrison Harris Vice-President 03,, Intramural Mgr. 02,, Men's Glee Club 02,. COlTEN, WENDY MARGARET: KKF, Carolina Symposium 02,, Orientation Counselor 02,. COMER, CHARLES CLINE: Baseball 0,, MRC 02,3,0. COMER, NANCY LOUIS: HBKD, Cum- pus Chest 03,0, YWCA 03,0. CONNIE, WALTER LIND: AXA, IFC 03,, Course Evaluuiion Bklf. 03,. CONNER, JR., CHARLES HORACE: 2X, Presidenf 04,, IFC 03,. CONNOLLY, ROBERT JAMES: K2, Football 0,2,3,4,, Monogram Club 03, 0. CONSTANTINE, JANE ELIZABETH: YDC 03,. COOK, WILLIAM ANDREW: Debaie Team 03,. COOPER, SAMUEL LOUIS: TEXD. COOPER, STEPHEN EDWARD: ZBT, Orientation Comm. 0,, Academic Afr fairs Comm. 02,, SP 02,, UP 02,, YMCA 03,, Hillel 04,. CORDON, JR., JAMES TELFAIR: WUNC-TV 04,. CORNE, JOHN RANSOM: Ben, Audit Board 03,, lnframural Mgr. 02,, UP 02,, YMCA 0,2,, GM Social CommiHee 03, 0. CORRY, RICHARD HARRIS: A0130. COTTINGHAM, CAROLINE BLACK- MAN: AAA, SP 03,0, YWCA 03,, Ori- entation Counselor 00. COWAN, Ill, EVERETT CAMPBELL: K2, Fooibull 0,2,3,4,, Monogram Club 03,0. COX, DANIEL THOMAS: QJBK, $H2. COX, JOHN DAVID: YDC 03,, YMCA COX, RICHARD BADHAM: EAE, Corn- pus Chest 03,, UP 03,0. CRANFORD, CHARLES HERMAN: CDHE, 0DBK, Intramural Mgr. 02,. CRATES, MARTHA ELIZABETH: KA, AH'y General's Staff 04,, Fine Arts Fes- fivul 03,, Orientation Comm. 03,, Pan- hellenic Council 03,0, SP 03,, WRC 03,, Presidenf 04,. CRAWFORD, JAMES WOODROW: drMA, AFROTC 0,2,, Band 0,2,3,4,, Residence College Comm. 03,0, UP 04,, WUNC-TV 03,0, Orientation Coun- selor 04,. CRAWFORD, JOHN SPENCER: UP 03, 4,. ERNAYTON, JR., PAULWASHINGTON: CROSWELL, MICHEAL JAMES: Cos- mopolitan Club 03,, Fine Arts Festival 03,, Int. Sfudents Board 0,2,3,, Men's HonorCcuncil0,2,,Morehead5cholar. CROWDER, WILLIAM ROBERTS: B611, CUSC 02,, Ruffin Treasurer 02,, Our- ving Club 0,, Smdenf Legislature 02,3,, UP 0 ,2,3,, Morehead Scholar. CROWELL, MOLLY HARRIS: AAH, Campus Chest 03,, SNEA 04,, UP 03,0, YMCA 04,, Orientation Counselor 03,. CULBRETH, II, FRED MALCOLM: MRC 02,, Morrison College Senate 02,, More- head Scholar. CUlBRETH, SUSAN GREY: CDM, SNEA 00, WAA 03,0, SP 03,0, University Chorus 03,. CULP, III, ROBERT GEORGE: $A0, AH'y General's Staff 03,, Baskeibull 0,, UP 0,2,3,0. CULPEPPER, MICHEAL LEE: AdLQ, Men's Honor Court 03,0, SP 04,, YDC 04,- CUMMINS, RICHARD OLIVER: AEA, Campus Chest 0,2,, Daily Tar Heel 0,, Orientation Comm. 02,, YMCA 0,2, 3,4,. CUNNINGHAM, REED LIGON: ATQ, $HE, IFC 03,, NROTC 0,2,3,4,, Scab- bard and Blade, UP 03,0. CUTCHIR, III, JOSEPH HENRY: UP 0, 2,. CUTCLIFFE, lll,JAMES EDWARD: AXA, Band 03,0, Morrison lredell Sec'y- Treosu rer 03,, YMCA 03,. DAETWYLER, DAVID ALAN: Student Legislaiure 00, SP 00. DAFFORD, DELLA ANNE: An'y Gen- eral's Staff 00, NAACP 03,, SP 03,, WRC 03,0, YMCA 03,0. DAGENHART, JR., ROBERT CONLIN: King College Senate 03,, Campus Ra- dio Comm. 02,, SP 03,0, WUNC 03,. DAHAN, ELLIOTT: TECD, ACDQ, CUSC 04,, NSA 02,, Orientuiion Comm. 03,0, Student Legislature 03,, SP 02,3,0, YRC 0,2,3,0. DANIEL, LAWRENCE KOLTE: $2K, Fine Ans Fesiivcll 03,, Morrison College Senate 02,3,, WUNC-TV 02,3,4,. DANIEL, MAX lAMBETH: 2X, Campus Chesf 0 ,2,, UP 0 ,2,3,0. DAUGHERTY, MARY ROXANA: FAA, Band 0,. DAUGHTRIDGE, SUSAN BAKER: X0, Campus Chest 03,, Orientation Comm. 00, UP 03,0, Valkyries, WAA 03,0, YWCA 03,0. DAUGHTRY, JR., RICHARD FETNER: Avery Vice-President 03,, Residence College Comm. 03,, SP 0,2,0, YMCA 0,2,3,. DAVENPORT, BILL TRAMMELL: ZCIJE, NROTC 02,3,0, Orienfafion Comm. 02, 3,, UP 02,3,0. DAVIS, JR., BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: Orientation Counselor 04,. DAVIS, JR., JAMES MORTON: ATQ, Foofbull 0,, UP01,2,3,4,. DAVIS, JOAN CAROL: YWCA 02,3,. DAVIS, JOHNNY MARK: NROTC 0,2, 3,4,. DAVIS, RICHARD 3.: 2X, Aft'y Gen- eral's Staff 0,2,3,, Campus Chest 0,2,, IFC 43,, Student Legislature 43,, UP 0,2,3,4,. DAVIS, RUTH MORRIS: AQA. DEAN, JUDITH ANNE: AAA, Student Legislature 44,, WRC 0,4,, UP 0,4,: YWCA 42,3,4,, GM Social CommiHee 44,- DEBARDELABEN, E. MARJENE: EOT, WAA 43,, WRC 44,. DELAHOUSSAYE, DENISE: Band 0,4,, UP 0,, YAF 41,, Oriemafion Counselor 44,- DELLINGER, III, JOHN B.: XCD. DENNY, ANDREW CLYDE: Baseball 41,, MRC 44,, Morehead College Senuie 44,. DENNY, DONALD JEFFERSON: AEA, Men's Glee Club 0,4,, University Glee- men 0,, WUNC 0,. DENT, JULIE ANNE: XQ, Fine Arts Fesfival 43,, Student Legislature 0,4,, Toronio Exchange Comm. 0,, UP 0,4,, YWCA 0,3,4,. DERIEMER, NEII. BRECKINRIDGEzKE, NROTC 0 ,2,3,4,, UP 0,2,3,4,. DERRICK, SHARON ELIZABEYH: AAA, Orientation Comm. 44,, SP 0,4,, WAA 44,, Cheerleader 0,2,3,4,, Homecom- ing Court 42,. DEW, JR., JOHN lEWIS: Old West Sec'y-Treasurer 0,4,, Davie College Treasurer 43,, Amateur Radio Club 43,. DICKENS, FRANCES ANN: Stray Greeks, Connor Secretary 44,. DICKENS, NANCY JO: Stray Greeks. DICKINSON, JR., CHARLES FRANCIS: NROTC 0,3,. DILDA, JAMES HAMMOND: qiMA, Band 41,2,3,4,, AFROTC 43,4,. DILL, JR., GREEN REDMOND: UP 0,4,, YDC 44,. DIPALMA, CHARLES FELIX: Arnold Air Society 44,, AFROTC 0,4,, Intramural Mgr. 44,. DIXON, JR., CARL EUGENE: Infra, mural Mgr. 0,3,, MRC 44,. DIXON, JR., DEWEY WARREN: YRC 44,, UNC Press Club 44,. DOBSON, BARBARA ELAINE: Band 0,4,, Cardboard 0,4,, University Sym- phony 0,4,, YDC 0,4,. DOGGETT, LEW BELTON: Morrison Buhnson Vice-President 43,, lutheran Student Assn. 42,3,4,. DORIAN, KAREN LEIGH: HWD, WRC 43.4,- DOROBIALA, HELEN IRENE: Campus Chest 43,, UP 0,4,, MiddIe-South Mod- el United Nations 44,. DUNCAN, LYNWOOD HART: Football 0,2,3,4,, Monogram Club 42,3,4,. DURHAM, KENNETH RANSOM: MRC 42,, Morrison lredell Presiden? 43,. DYE, ANNE ELIZABETH: XQ, Orienta- tion Comm. 43,4,, YWCA 0,4,, Uni- versity Chorus 0,3,, Westminster Fel- lowship 0,4,. EAKINS, JANET LELA: KE, N.C.P.A. EARNHARDT, ELIZABETH TREXLER: KAO, 0,4,. EASON, DONALD MATTHEWS: Men's Glee Club 0,2,. EASTER, OLEN CORDELL: University Gleemen 0,4,. EDGERTON, DAVID E.: KTA, UNC Press Club 0,4,. EDMONSON, JUDY CAROLYN: FWD, Angel Fligh14'l,2,, SNA 0,2,. EDWARDS, CHARLES HARPER: Wes- ley Foundation 0,4,. EGBERT, III, JOHN C.: AKE, Carolina Handbook 0,, Muffon and Shouts, lnf'l Students Board 44,, Tennis 0,2,, Toronto Exchange Comm. 43,, UP 43,. EGELER, JR., CLARK RAYMOND: Publications Board 44,, Middle South Motle! United Nations 44, Yackefy Yuck 0,2,3,4,, Organizations Edifor 0,, 'Managing Editor 42,, Editor-in- Chief 43,, Ediioriul Consultant 44,. EINSTEIN, JAMES LYLE: l'lKA, Golf 0 ,2,, UP 43.4,- EISENBAND, ARTHUR: RAGE Hillel,- ELLIS, DIANE HAYWOOD: Daily Tar Heel 43,, Fine Arts Fesfival 43,, Stare Affairs Comm. 43,, Studem Legislature 0,, SP 0,4,, YDC 0,4,, SSL 44,. ELY, JOSEPH HARRISON: AY, Campus Affairs Comm. 42,, SP 43.4,. ENNIS, HELEN lOIS: 4PM, Campus Chest 0,, Punhellenic Council 0,4,. ENTEN, DAVID ROBERT: TEXD, I.F.C. 0,, Campus Affairs Comm. 0,, SP 0, 2,, Orientation Counselor 44,. ESSER, RICHARD BOICE: 4DKE, Intru- mural Mgr. 0,4,, Tennis41,2,. ESTES, WILLIAM ELLIOTT: Baseball 41,2,3,4,, Monogram Club 0,4,, UP 0,4,, YMCA 44,. EVANS, KING CHARLES: Arnold Air Society 0,4,, AFROTC 41,2,3,4,, Scab- bard and Blade, Cross Country 0,. Morehead College Senate 43,. EVINS, MARY JAMIESON: AAA, UP 0,4,, YWCA 0,4,. EWELL, JR., SAM E: 4DBK, 41,412. FAIRCLOTH, MARY HOLT: UP 44,. FARB, ROBERT LOUIS: Aft'y Generol's Staff 0,2,3,, Carolina Political Union 41,2,3,4,, Teague Treasurer 42,, Com- munications Comm. 42,, YDC 0,. FARRlSH, CHARLES MORRISON: AXA, IFC 0,2,, Orientation Comm. 42,. UP 0,2,3,- FARMER, GEORGE LAWRENCE: Cos- mopolitan Club 41,, SP 0,2,3,4,. FARMER, SANDRA KAY: Student NBA 44,, UP 44,- FARRIS, JR., ROBERT ARTHUR: Parker President 42,, MRC 0,3,, Scot, College Senate 0,, Scott College Governor 43,, Residence College Comm. 0,2,, Communications Comm. 0,2,, YDC 0,2,3,4,. FAULKNER, LEE AUSTIN: Men's Glee Club 0,4,, MRC 0,4,. FAULKNER, SANFORD WESLEY: Di-q, Senate 0,4,, WUNC-TV 44,, YRC 0,4,. FAWCEIT, JR., GEORGE THOMAS: UP 42,3,4,- FAWSETT, ROBERT HASTINGS: KA, Fencing 0,, University Symphony 4'I,. FEARNSIDE, SARAH ANNE: AAA, UP 0,4,, YWCA 0,4,. FEATHERSTONE, HARRY LEE: UP 0,. FELDMAN, PAUL STEPHEN: ZBT, UP 41,2,3,4,, Hillel 41,2,3,4,. FEMIA, JOYCE EILEEN: YDC 0,4,. FENNINGER, JR., RANDOLPH BOURNE: AY, Carolina Handbook 43,, Di-Phi Sencne 0,3,, GMAB 42,, SP 0 ,2,3,4,, Yackefy Yuck 0,. FERNSTROM, JOHN RICHARD: 413K2, Campus Chest 43,, NROTC 0,2,, Uni' versity Symphony 0 3,3,4,- FIDLER, DAVID RUFUS: AXA. FIELDS, JR., JAMES C.: Campus Chest 42,, Carolina Handbook 44,, Daily Tar Heel 43.4,. FIELDS, JOHN WILLIAM: University Chorus 42,. FINDEISEN, JANIS MARGARET: Se:- reiariuf 44,, Comm. on Honors 43,, UP 0,4,, YWCA 43,. FINDlAY, WILLIAM ALLAN: QDBK, CDHE, AXE, Honor System Comm. 0, 4,, Men's Honor Council 0,3,, Order of the Grail, Order of the Old Well, Orientation Comm. 0,, National Merit Scholarship Comm. 0,3,, SP 0,2,3.4,, Toronfo Exchange Comm. 43,, YMCA 41,2,3,4,, Soccer41,, Moreheud Scholar. FINKELSTEIN, JR., LEO: Arnold Air Society, 42,3,4,, AFROTC 0,2,3,4,, Carolina Handbook 43,, Scabbard and Blade. FLETCHER, JR., RALPH HENRY: XW, Basketball 0 ,2,3,4,. FLOOD, NANCY HALE: KA, YWCA 44,. FLOYD, JAMES MONROE: AFROTC 43.4,. FLYNN, FRANCES BEADNELL: WUNC 44,. FOLKS, LLOYD COUNCIL: Fencing 43,, NAACP41,2,. FONVIELLE, LAURA CHRISTOPHER: AAA, Atf'y General's Staff 0,4,, SP 44,, YWCA 43,. FOOTE, JUDY ALLISON: Student NEA 43:4,- FORD, GEORGE JOSEPH: GMAB 43,, Morrison College Senate 43,, VIGAH 43,, UP 43,, YDC 43,. FORD, MICHEAL RODNEY: AFROTC 0, 2,3,4,, Arnold Air Society 42,3,4,, MRC 43,, Morehead College Treasurer 0,, Moreheud College Senate 42,, Scub- bard and Blade 0,4,, UP 41,- FOREMAN, ROBERT BORN: ZBT, Monogram Club 0,4,, SP 44,, Swim- ming 41,2,3,4,, Track 42.4,. UP 43,, AEA. FORESTER, BETTY ANN: AAA, AH'y General's Smff 0,, Carolina Women's Council 0,, Honor System Comm. 0,, UP 0,2,3,4,, Women's Honor Council 0,2,, WRC 0,. FORTENBERRY, JOHN DAVID: Mor- rison Harris President 43,, University Gleeman 0,2,3,4,, AFROTC 0,2,3,4,. FOWLER, GEORGE STERLING: YDC 43, 4,. FOWLER, SARAH ANNETTE: UP 44,. FOX, LARRY LEE: Intramural Mgr. 0,4,, Craige House Sec'y-Treasurer 0,. FOX, STEPHEN ELIOT: ZBT, Att'y Gen- eral's Staff 0,4,, Fine Arts Festival 43,, GMAB 44,, IFC 42,3,4,, Orientation Comm. 43,, NSA Comm. 0,3,, Communi- cufions Comm. 0,4,, UP 0,2,3,4,- FRANK, RICHARD LEE: Lacrosse 0,2, 3,4,, UP 0 ,. FREE, NOEL KARL: AEA, F341,, Old East Vice-Presidenf 0,3,, Fine Arts Festival 42,, Davie College Senate 43,, SP 41,2,3,4,, Universify Gleemen 0,2,. FREEMAN, JOHN WILLIAM: diAx. FREEMAN, DILLON SMITH: AY, IFC 43, 4,, SP 0,2,3,4,, University Gleemen 0, 2,. FRENCH, ARTHUR MCDOWELL: Bas- ketball 41,, Carolina Playmukers 0,, Lacrosse 0,, Outing Club 0,, WUNC- TV 43,. FRENCH, SALLIE BUTLER: AAA, UP 43, 4,, YWCA 0,4,, Orientation Counselor 44,- FRYE, JAMES BAXTER: BOD, Basker- ball 0,2,3,4,, Track 0,2,3,4,. BULTON, MARY ANN: GMAB Presi- dent 45,, Orientation Counselor 0,3,, King College Senate 43,, UP 41,2,3,4,, WRC 42,3,4,, YWCA 0,3,. FULTON, JR., THOMAS ALBEE: KW. FUNDERBURK, BETTY DARE: FBCD, MaioreNe 44,, Orientation Counselor 44,, Women's Honor Court 44,, WRC 0,. FUNK, HARRIET CARVER: KAO, An'y General's Siaff 43,, Alderman Secre- tary 44,, Scoft College Senate 44,, SP 42,3,4,- GAFFORD, JR., WILLIAM FRANKLIN: Wrestling 42,. GAINEY, JR., CHARLES ROBERT: MRC 0,. GALLOWAY, III, HUNTER HENDER- SON: HKqJ, Outing Club 0,2,, UP 41, 2,3,4, GAYlON, LUTHER ANDERSON: $A9, Aff'y General's 500" 0,2,, Campus Chest 0,, Gimghoul, Mutton and Shouts, Order of Qhe Beunbirds, Rugby 0,4,, Track 0,, UP 41,2,3,4,, FBE, Morehead Scholar. GAMMON, Ill, GEORGE ROLAND: Morrison College Senate 44,. GARDNER,JOHN HENSDALE:AFROTC 0,2,3,4,. GARDNER, TAD WELLS: King College Senate 43,. GARDNER, RICHARD HARRIS: Mor- rison College Senate 43,. GARNER, RICHARD lAMONT: $412, AEA. GARRETT, MICHEAL CARLTON: KA, UPO,2,. GARRISON, JAMES DAVID: $BK, wHE, YMCA 43,0. GATES, JOSEPH BRAXTON: Fencing 43.4,- GATINS, JOSEPH FRANCIS: Saini An- thony Hall, Cosmopolimn Club 43,, lnt'l Students Board 43,, Lacrosse 0,, Orientation Comm. 0,3,, Rugby 43.4,, SP 0,, Soccer 0,, DARE Project 43,, Yuckefy Yuck 44,. GELDER, ELEANOR DENNIS: KKF, Campus Chesf 44,, UP44,. GENTRY, DONALD RAY: Band 0,2, 3,4,. GEORGE, HUNTER THOMPSON: Daily Tar Heel 0,4,. GERAGHTY, KEVIN EDWARD: ln'ra. mural Mgr. 42,, Scoff Lt. Governor 42,, MRC 42,. GERARD, FREDERIC MICHEAL: TEQ, 4,1,2, AEA, Band 41 ,, SP 0 2,3,4,- GIBSON, CHARLES WARREN: CDMA, Men's Glee Club 0 ,2,3,. GIBSON, JONATHAN CARL: 4IDHE, Carolina Symposium 44,, NSA 0,3,, Order of the Golden Fleece, Order of the Grail, Order of the Old Well, Na- tional Merit Scholarship Comm. 43,, Toronto Exchange Comm. 0,4,, YMCA 0,3,, Experimental College Steering Comm. 0,, Westminsier Fellowship 0 ,2,, Morehead Scholar. GILKEY, JR., JOHN MILLARD: K2, c1313K, 415HE, Band 41,, Men's Honor Council 43,, Student Legislature 0,4,, SL Finance Committee 0,4,, UP 0,2, 3,4,, Morehead Scholar. GILLIAM, LAWRENCE STANLEY: Fine Arts Festival 43,, Men's Glee Club 0 ,, WUNC 0,4,, YMCA 43,. GILMORE, PETER CllFT: XW, Soccer 0,2,3,, Mcreheud Scholar. GINGLES, JR., RALPH CORNELIUS: NAACP 0 ,2,4,, YMCA 44,. GINSBERG, DAVID MARK: HACD, ABF, IFC 43,, SP 0,3,. GLASSER, PAUL lYlE: TEAD, A4130, Budget Comm. 0,, Hillel 0,2,3,. GLEASON, WILLIAM MOORE: BGH, Morehead Scholar. GLENN, LENE'ITE MARIE: Baptist Stu- dent Union 0,4,. GOLDBERG, FRANK ELLIOTT: TEXD, Chancellor 44,, 0A9, CIJHE, IFC 0,4,, SP 0,4,. GONZALEZ, DANIEL: Cosmopolitan Club 44,. Yackety Yack 503 GOODMAN, RICHARD PARK: AKE, Campus Chest 0,3,4,, Elections Board 42,, GM Social Comm. 43,, UP 0,2,3,4,. GOODMAN, WILLIAM GORDON: AXE. i GORDON, III, WILLIAM JONES: 39H, An'y General's Staff 0,, GM Social Comm. 44,, Daily Tar Heel 0,, IFC 42,, Lacrosse 0,, Student Legislature 42.3,, UP 0,2,3,4,. GOWAN, CHARLES THOMAS: Di-Phi Senate 0,2,3,4,, NROTC 41,2,3,4,, Model UN 0,2,3,4,. GRAHAM, MARY EMMA: NSA 42,, NAACP 0,, YWCA 0,4,. GRAHAM, ROGER EVANS: Arnold Air Society 0,4,, AFROTC 41,2,3,4,, YRC 43:4,- GRAHAM,THOMAS deGRAFFENRIED: X412, Truck 0,. GRAUER, PETER THACHER: AKE, Campus Chest 0,2,3,, Football 0,2,, Gimghoul, lFC 0,4,, Lacrosse 0,3,4,, Monogram Club 42,3,4,, SP 0,4,. GRAY, JAMES ROBERT: NROTC 0,4,. GRAY, MICHEAL HUSLAM: QJAG, WUNC 0,2,3,4,. GREENBERG, MARC M.: Football 0 ,2,. GREENE, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: Mun- gum Vice-Presiden? 44,. GREENE, MARY WEBB: HBCD, AWy General's Siaff 43,, Campus Chest 43,, SP 43,, YWCA 44,. GREGORY, EDGAR BERNARD: AEH. GRIBBLE, ANNE FRANCES: KA, Cum- pus Chesf 43,, Orientation Comm. 44,, SNEA 44,, VIGAH 43,. GRIFFIN, PHILIP WARREN: 11in, Baseball 0,, Mangum Presiden143,, In- tramural Mgr. 43,, Residence College Comm. 43,. GRIFFIN, ROBERT STEVEN: Men's Glee Club 0,4,. GROAT, ELIZABETH JANE: AAH, GM Social Comm. 44,. GROCE, H. DALE: UP 0,4,. GROSS, GARY ROBERT: TEQD, A1130, GM Social Comm. 43,, Orientation Comm. 0,, SP 44,. GROSSWALD, RALPH R.:TE11,, 4,1,2, An'y General's Staff 0,, Fine Arts Festival 0,, Order of the Old Well, Student Credit Comm. 0,3,, Course Eval. Bklt. 43,. GUILLET, JUDY GARDNER: KKF, Cam- pus Chesf 43,,,Curolina Symposium 44,, Fine Ar15 Fesiival 43,, NSA 44,, Orien- tation Comm. 0,4,, GM Social Comm. 44,, SNEA 0,4,, YWCA 0,4,. GUIN, JR., JAMES PATRICK: Avery Vice-Presidem 42,. GUNSTER, KATHERINE MARY: KA. GUNTER, COKE STEEL: B911, Intra- mural Mgr. 42,, YMCA 0 1,3,. GUY, WILLIAM HILL: XW, IFC 0,2,3,, SP 0,, YDC 44,, Morehead Scholar. HACKNEY, ELMORE HOWARD: 2N, Football 0,. HADDEN, ll, EARL FRENCH: Di-Phi Senate 0 ,2,3,4,, Men's Glee Club 0,2, 3,4,, MRC 42,, Budget Comm. 0,2,, SP 0 ,2,, University Gleemen 0,. HALL, JR., BRANDON HOOPER: Bus- ketball 0,. HALL, CAROLYN LEE: Campus Affairs Comm. 0,4,, UP 0,4,, YWCA 44,. HALL, LLOYDARLINGTON: AAA, FEE, Order of the Beunbirds, SN EA 0,4,. HALL, VIRGmlA MILLEDGE: Carolina Women's Council 44,, Campus Affairs Comm. 0,4,, YWCA 0,4,. HALSEY, WILLIAM EUGENE: Cross Country 0 ,2,, Debuie Team 0,4,, Rug- by 0,4,. 504 Yackety Yack HALTOM, Ill, LEE ANDREW: 2N, Daily Tar Heel 44,, Elections Board 42,, NROTC 0,2,3,4,, Orieniafion Comm. 0,, Scabbard and Blade, Semper Fi- delis. HAM, JOHN ROSS: CDKE, NROTC 0, 2,3,, Orientation Counselor 42,, UP 0,213.4,- HAMLIN, llNDA COBB: EST, Uni- versity Chorus 43,. HAMM, JR., JAMES HENRY: NROTC 0,2,3,4,. HAMMERBECK, EDWARD COX: K2, NROTC 0 ,2,3,4,, Scabbard and Blade, UP 44,, Semper Fidelis 0,4,. HAMRICK, III, ALGER VASON: EQJE, A4110, AEA, ACIDA, Campus Chest 0, 4,, Cardboard 44,, Ruffin Treasurer 0,3,, Order of the Old Well, King College Treasurer 0,3,, Communica- tions Comm. 0,2,3,4,, UP 0.2.330: YMCA 42.3,, Orientation Counselor 43.4,- HAMRICK, CYNTHIA SUSANNA: WAA 44,, YWCA 0,4,. HAMRICK, DONALD TILLMAN: qJMA, Band 0,4,, Men's Glee Club 0,2,3,4,. HANKINS. Ill, lRVIN WHITE: K2, NROTC 41,2,3,4,, Scabbard and Blade, Student Legislufure 0,3,, UP 0,2,3,4,. HANSEN, JANET SCOTT: HBCIJ, UAKD, Carolina Political Union 44,, Carolina Symposium 44,, YWCA 43,. HANSON, KARL BOYLES: ATQ, Swim- ming 0,2,, UP,- HANSON, MAREE ELIZABETH: YWCA 0,4,. HARDISON, ASHLEY GLENN: GMAB 44,, MRC 42,, SP 0,114,, GM Social Comm. 0,3,. HARMON, HELEN SAMS: X0, Aff'y General's Siaff 0,4,, Order of the Beanbirds, PanheIlenic Council 0,, UP 0,4,, YWCA 43,. HARNEY, JOAN WAUGH: KKF, Cam- pus Chesi 43,, Fine Arts Festival 43,, Orieninfion Comm. 44,, Punhellenic Council 0,4,, UP 0,4,. HARRELL, Ill, LONNIE CLAYTON: BOH, AEA, Baseball 0,, IFC 43,, Intramural Mgr. 43,, UP 0 ,2,3,4,. HARRINGTON,JR.,CRAIGWINSTON: CDBK, 4DHZ, Men's Glee Club 0,, Ori- entation Comm. 42,. HARRINGTON, MELBA KATHERINE: KA, Panhellenic Council 43,, SP 44,, Orieniaiion Counselor 44,. HARRIS, ANN VIRGINIA: WUNC 44,. HARRIS, LAMBERT SCOTT: King Col- lege Senate 44,. HARRIS, THOMAS BRADLEY: Univer- sity Gleemen 0,4,. HARRIS, THOMAS EARLE: MRC 42,, Ehringhaus College Treasurer 44,, Ehringhuus College Senate 0,3,, State Affairs Committee 42,. HARRISS, DIANA BINFORD: AAU, Campus Chest 43,, Orientation Coun- selor 44,, UP 0,4,. HART, CAROL JEAN: QJM, Campus Chest 43,, Co-Op Committee 43,, SNEA 44,, YWCA 42,3,4,, 517M Presiden144,. HART, STEPHEN EDDIE: YDC 0,4,. HARVEL, ROSE lYNNE HILL: Daily Tar Heel 0,3,, UNC Press Club 42,3,4,. HASWELL, JOEL WAYNE: ZAX, UNC Press Club 0,4,, Outing Club 44,. HAUSER, BRENDA ANN: Carolina Playmakers 0,4,, Debate Team 0,4,, VIGAH 44,, YDC 43,, YWCA 44,. HAWES, PEGGY ANNE: UP 0,4,, YWCA 0,4,. HAYES, STEPHEN TURNER: HKA, Elec'ions Board 43,, Orientation Comm. 44,, UP 0,3,4,, Orienfafion Counselor 43,. HAYES, SUSAN WHITSETI': Smith Dorm President 43,, Fine Ans Festival 43,, WRC 43,, Yacke'y Yack 0,. HAYNSWORTH, JR., PERRY B.: Cheer- leader 0,3,4,, Men's Glee Chub 0,2,, NROTC 0 ,2,3,4,. HAYWOOD, HUBERT BENBURY: $AG, 11311:, UP 0,2,, Soccer4l,. HAYWOOD, LEON STANLEY: $AX, Intramural Mgr. 0,4,, Pharmacy Sen- ate 42,3,4,5,, NCPA President 45,. HEATON, FREDERICK CHRISTIAN: BOH, ACDA, ABA, MRC 0,,Monogram Club 0,4,, Orien'afion Counselor 44,, Budge? Comm. 0,, Truck 0 ,2,3,4,. HEDMON, KENT SHELDON: AKE, Hon- or System Comm. 43,, Men's Honor Court 42,3,4,, MRC 44,, Toronto Ex- change Comm. 43,, UP 0,3,, Morehead Scholar. HEllEBUSH, PETER lOOMIS: ATQ, AN'y General's Staff 0,2,3,, Carolina Conservafive Club 0,, Inframural Mgr. 0,3,, Campus Affairs Comm. 0,3,, YRC 0,4,, Morehead Scholar. HELMS, JOHN BENJAMIN: qDKZ. HELMS, WILLIAM HAROLD: CDKZ. HELVESTINE, WILLIAM ALBERT: KA. HENDRIX, MARTHA HAMILTON: KE, Campus Chest 44,, GMAB 45,, KKF 42, 3,4,, Orientation Counselor 44,. HENRETTA, SUSAN ADELAIDE: Vice- Presidenf of Winston 44,. HENSON, JAMES BAKER: KW. HERALD, MORTON RAYMOND: CIJKE, Intramural Mgr. 42,. HERNDON, MICHEAI. DOAK: ASH, NROTC 41,2,3,4,, PIFC 43,4, HESTER, POLYANNA: SNEA 0,4,, YWCA 0,. HEWITT, JR., HAROLD EDWARD: SP 0,2,, Orientation Counselor 44,. HICKEY, JILI. BETH: HBQ, SP 0,4,, Women's Honor Council 43,. HICKS, CARLOS DEAN: Morrison Col- lege Senate 0,4,. HIGGINS, THOMAS DUPREE: CPFA, Gorgon's Head, IFC 42,3,4,. HIGHSMITH,VANCE ROSS: Men's Glee Club 0,2,. HIGHT, RUTH CHRISTIAN: X0, An'y General's Staff 0,4,, SNEA 44,, WRC 0,4,. HILDEBRANT, JR., THOMAS GEORGE: ACDQ. HILL, KAREN RENEE: Women's Honor Council 0,3,, Orientation Counselor 42,- Hlll, LAURA LOUISE: Winston Secre- tary 44,, Orientuiion Counselor 44,, WAA 44,. HILL, SUSAN BROWN: Mclver Presi- denf 44,, WRC 0,4,, YWCA 0,4,. HILLARD , JOHN RAINS: K2, ,nl'ru- mural Mgr. 0,, NROTC 0,2,3,4,, Scab- bard and Blade, UP 0,2,3,4,. HINES, LENORA IRENE: Angel Flight 0,4,, Cosmapolitun Club 0,4,, Orien- fafion Counselor 44,, YWCA 0,4,. HINNANT, DAN BERNARD: A4110, Yackefy Yuck 42,. HINNANT, JR., JESSE RAY: YDC 0,. HINSON, LYNDA JERALDINE: Com- munications Comm. 0,, YWCA 43,, Uni- versity Chorus 0,. HOBGOOD, ROBERT HAYWOOD: AH'y General's S'aff 0,4,, Baseball 0 ,, King College Senate 44,. HOBSON, III, HENRY WISE: XCD, Fenc- ing 0,3,, UP 0,2,3,4,. HOCKFIELD, EDWARD JAY: TECD, Campus Affairs Comm. 0,2,, Siu'e Af- fairs Comm. 0,4,, Student Legislature 42,, SP 0 ,2,3,4,, YDA 0 ,2,. HODGES, ANDREW FULLERTON: XW, SP 0,2,3,4,. HODGES, CANDACE: KA, Carolina Women's Council 0,4,, Orientation Comm. 0,4,, Wolfe College Senate 0,, National Merif Scholarship Comm. 44,, UP 43,, Women's Honor Council 0,4,, WRC 0,4,. HODGEN, JON DARRYL: AEA, IDBK, CDHE, YMCA 0,3,. HOFFMAN, JR., MILO JOHNSON: Wrestling 41,. HOLDEN, HOLLIA WARD: qlBK. HOLDERNESS, RICHARD THURSTON: AKE, cDHE, Ir-c 42.3,, Men's Honor Council 0.3,, Monogram Club 0,4,, Tennis41,2,3,4,. HOLLAN, JR., WILLIAM EDWIN: AKE, Campus Chest 0,2,3,, Carolina Sym- posium 0,4,, IFC 0,4,, Track 0,, YMCA 42.3,, Morehead Scholar. HOLLOWAY, ALGIN NAPOLEON: NAACP43,4,. HOLSAPPLE, MERRITT CURTIS: SP 0,4,. HOOKS, FLOYD ALAN: AFROTC 0,2, 3,4,, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade. HORN, WILLIAM BAKER: A430,, Ori- entation Comm. 0,4,, University Glee, men41,2,, Wres'ling 0,4,. HORNADAY, JUDITH ANN: 4PM, Comm. on Sfudem Mental Health 43,, SP 0,4,. HOUGH, SARAH CECELIA: AAA, Ori- entation Comm. 44,, SP 0,4,. HOUSER, CHRISTINE CARPENTER: KE, Granville-Eusi Vice$residenf 44,, NCPA. HOUIS, LARRY KENNETH: Pharmacy Senate 0,4,. HOWARD, JULIA BATTLE: AAA. HOWE, SAMUEL LINEBERGER: AKW, PIFC 0,4,. HOWELL, Ill, BISCO REDMOND: 241E, AFROTC 0 ,2,3,4,, Campus Ches? 0,4,, Cardboard 44,. HUDSON, JR., FRANK PARKER: $142, Carolina Symposium 44,, MRC 0,4,, Order of the Grail, Residence College Comm. 44,, Morrison College Governor 44,, Society cf Janus, SP 0,4,, Course Evaluaiion Bklf. 44,. HUDSON, WILLIAM JERRY: Basketball 42,, Morrison College Senate 42,, James College Senate 44,, SP 0,. HUFF, REBECCA SHARRON: AEA, Stray Greeks 0,4,. HUGHES, BRUCE BRYAN: AEA, thK, QDHE. HUGHES, JOHN SCHLEY: 1DFA, FBE, Gorgon's Head Lodge, Order of Bean- birds. HUGHES, PATRICIA ELLIS: UNC Press Club 44,. HUGHES, WILLIAM THOMAS: ELDE. HUNDLEY, MARTHA SUE: Carolina Symposium 44,, Fine Arts Festival 43,. HURST, RICHARD STEVEN: Band 0 ,. HURST, TOMMI JANE: Cosmopolitan Club 43,, Winston Treasurer 44,, Sec- retariaf 43,. HUSSMAN, WALTER EDWARD: AKE, Carolina Handbook 0,2,, Carolina Quarterly; Daily Tar Heel 43,, Budget Comm. 42,, UP 0 ,2,3,4,. HUTTON, GEORGE THOMPSON: 4DBK, CDHE, FBCP, Orienkxiion Coun- selor 44,, Order of the Old Well. HUX, CLIFl'ON McRAE: HKCD, Infra- murul Mgr. 0,, UP 0,3,4,. HYDER, JR., LECTER LLOYD: Track 0, 2,3,4,. HYMAN, STANLEY AARON: ZBT. INDERFURTH, KARL FREDERICK: Ben, Football 0,, Lacrosse 0,2,3,0, Mono- gram Club 9,0, Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes 9,0. INSCOE, JR., JACK ElWOOD: A430, UP 9,. IRVING, RICHARD EDWARD: Men's Honor Council 9,, Morrison College Senaie 9,, SNEA 9,, Orientation Coun- selor 01,. . JACKSON, JOSEPH ANDREW: ACDA, Karate Club 0,. JACKSON, WILMA ANN: Residence College Comm. 9,, Morehead College Senate 9,, WRC 9,. JAMES, ANNE WYLIE: FAA, GM Dru- ma Committee 0,. JAMIESON, ANN GRIMSLEY: KA, Campus Chest 0,2,3,0, Elections Board 9,, Order of the Old Well, Ori- emation Comm. 9,3,, Women's Honor Council 9,3,,WRC 9,, Yackenyack 9,. JAY, DONALD LESLIE: MRC 93,, Orien- tation Comm. 9,, Davie College Senate 9,, AFROTC 0 ,2,3,0. JENKINS, lARRY WllllAM: diMA. JENNINGS, MARGARET ANN: More. head College Senate 9,, Secretariat 9,0, University Chorus 9,. JENNINGS, MICHEAL DEAN: AY, Ori- entation Comm. 9,, YMCA 9,3,. JENRETTE, JR., THOMAS SHEPARD: Honor System Comm. 9,, Menls Glee Club 0,, Scot? College Senate 9,, Carolina Choir 9,0. JENZANO, CAROL ANN: Cardboard 9,, Newman Club 9,4,. JOHNSON, DONALD PITTMAN: ATD, Class President 9,0, Order of the Old Well, CUSC 9,, State Affairs Comm. 0,, UP 012,14, JOHNSON, KATHLEEM MARIE: KA, Punhellenic Council 9,, WAA 9,0. JOHNSON, KAY EMILY: KE, Angel Hight0,2,, NCPA. JOHNSON, RICHARD WILLIAM: Infra- mural Mgr. 9,, Tennis 0,2,. JOHNSON, SARAH VOORHEES: KKF. JOHNSTON, DOUGLAS AlAN: Orien- tation Comm. 9,, State Affairs Comm. 93,4,- JOHNSTON, JAMES SIDNEY: Card- board 9,4,, Cross Country 0,, Track 0 ,, Soccer 0,2,3,0. JOHNSTON, JR., RICHARD BLAINE: Xdi, Aft'y General's Stuff 9,, More- heud Scholar. JOLLIFFE, III, THOMAS POWELL: CDFA. JONES, ELMER WAYNE: University Chorus 0 ,2,3,. JONES, GORDON KEMPTON: IVDQ, Scott College Senate 9,0. JONES, GEORGE PHILLIPS: EX, Cam- pus Chest 9,. JONES, MICHEAL CHARLES: AEA. JONES, NATALIE: QM, WAA 0,2,, Ori- entation Counselor 9,3,0. JONES, ROBERT BARROW: AY, Co- Op Committee 9,, JONES, ROBERT MICHEAL: HKA, UP 0.4,- JONES, STEPHEN GAGE: Campus Chest 00, Residence College Comm. 9,0, Editor-Moreheud Newspaper U,- JONES, SYLVIA NORRIS: NAACP 9,, YWCA 9,4,. JORDAN, JR., JOSEPH THOMAS: HKA, UP 0 ,2,3,0. KABAT, LEE SPENCER: ZBT, Campus Chest 0 ,, IFC 0,, SP 9,4,. KARRES, MATTHEW JAMES: SP 9,, Semper Fidelis 9,. KARRO, MARSHALL HERMAN: ZBT, Campus Chest 0,0, Debate Team 0, 2,, IFC 9,0, SP 9,4,, ZBT President 9.4,- KATTENBURG, PHILIP CLARK: AXA, Campus Chest 9,, Communications Comm. 9,, Orientation Counselor 9, 3,0. KAUCHER, MARGARETE SUSON: KE. KAUFMAN, JR., GUS BEARD: ZBT, GM Drama Comm. 9,, SP 9,0. KEARNEY, MARCIA JOYCE: Carolina Women's Council 9,0, Orientation Counselor 9,, 5:011 College Senate 93,4,- KEATON, MARK HAIZLIP: kDBK, CDAG, National Merit Scholarship Comm. 0, 2,3,0. KEEL, DONALD STEPHEN: XW. KEEN, ELEANOR LIGHTNER: XQ, Granville East President 9,, Women's Honor Council 04,. KELEHER, MEGAN MARTHA: XQ, Carolina Women's Council 9,, Elec- tions Board 0,2,, Outing Club 9,, GM Drama Comm. 9,, SNEA 9,. KELLER, JOHN ESTEN: Fencing 9,3,0. KELLOGG, JOHN THOMAS: GDMA, Di- Phi Senate 9,, NROTC 0 ,2,3,0. KELLY, MICHEAL WAYNE: Scott Col- lege Senate 9,, WUNC 0,. KELSEY, HOWARD DOW: EAE', lu- crosse 0,2,, Rugby 9,. KEMIC, STEPHEN BRUCE: Debafe Team 0 ,2,3,. KENAN, Ill, JAMES GRAHAM: AKE, Lacrosse 0,2,3,0, Monogram Club 9, 4,. KENNEDY, BEVERLY ALYNE: $M, NSA C314,. KENT, DEDE W.: Carolina Women's Council 0,, GM Music Comm. 9,, Uni- versity Symphony 0,2,3,0, Orientation Counselor 9,. KETTERBAUGH, THEODORA SUSAN: KIEL, DAVID HARRIS: ZBT, GJBK, 9H2, Amphoterofhen 9,3,, Carolina Political Union 9,3,0, Debate Team 012,, NSA 9,3,, Order of Golden Fleece, Order of the Grail, Student Legislature 9,0, Wresiling 0,, YDC 9,0, Presidential Assistant 9,, More- head Scholar. KING, ALVIN DARRELL: iDMA, Intra- mural Mgr. 9,. KING, JAMES ROY: AKW, Campus Ra- dio Comm. 9,, PIFC 9,4,. KING, MARY JO: KA. KING, PAUL FREDERICK: Carolina Fo- rum 9,, Carolina Conservative Club 0,2,0, Carolina Political Union 01,, YAF 0 ,2,3,0, YRC 0 ,2,3,0. KING, Ill, WALTER WINBURNE: AKE, Elecfions Board 9,3,, Men's Honor Council 9,3,0, Order of the Grail, Order of the Old Well, Track 0,2,3,, Morehead Scholar. KINLAW, ALTON EMORY: NCPA 9,4, 5,, Karate Club 9,, Outing Club 9,. KIRKLAND, GINI SUE: HBqE Campus Chest 9,. KLEIN, RICHARD ARTHUR: Cardboard 9,, Carolina Symposium 9,, Oriental- tion Comm. 9,, YDC 0,2,3,0, Hilell 0,2,3,0. KLEINMAIER, ALAN ROBERT: ATQ, Class Treasurer 0,, Orientation Coun- selor 9,, Residence College Comm. 0, 2,, Wrestling 0,, Morehead Scholar. KLIOZE, SOLOMON SAMUEL: ZBT, AXE, tIJHE, Carolina Forum 9,, IFC 9,, Campus Affairs Comm. 9,3,0, UP 0 ,2,3,0. KLUTTE, WILLIAM CLARENCE: AKE, Campus Chest 0,2,3,, Elections Board 0 ,2,, Gimghoul, UP 0,2,3,4,. KNEDLIK, SHEILA ANN: Angel Flight 0,2,3,0. KNIGHT, CHARLES FRANKLIN: AQXI. KNIGHT, HENRY CLAYTON: K2, IFC 9,0, Orientation Comm. 9,, UP 9,. KNOTT, JULIA O'BRIEN: Ange, Flight 9,3,0, Orientation Comm. 9,, SNA 0,2,3,. KNOTT, JR., LAWRENCE HARDING: Morehead College Senuie 9,. KOCH, III, JOHN HENRY: $HE, Foot- ball 0,. KOONTS, LARRY CLIFFORD:Wolfe Col- lege Senate 9,, MRC 9,3,. KROBOTH, TIMOTHY RAY: KW, PX, President 9,, NCPA 9,3,4,5,. KROPELNICKI, JR., STEVEN: Arnold Air Society 9,3,0, Cross Country 9,, MRC 9,, Scot? College Senate 9,, Truck 0,2,, WUNC 9,, AFROTC 0,2, 3,0. KULP, JR., ROBERT WESLEY: 3911, Golf 0,2,0, UP 0 ,2,3,0. KUTZKE, RUTH MARIE: ZTA, Stray Greeks 9,4,, University Chorus 9,. KYSER, KIMBERLY ANN: Carolina Sym- posium 9,0, Christian Science Pro- gram 9,3,0. LuBARRE, DAVID QUINTON: HACD, AH'y General's Staff 0,2,3,0, Affor- ney General 9,, GMAB 9,. IFC 93.4,: Cc-Op CcmmiMee 9,. LACKEY, LAWRENCE EVANS: $HE, BFE. lAMBETH, ELIZABETH BROWNING: KA, YWCA 9,0. lAMBRECHT, DAVID JOHN: XW, Ori- entation Comm. 9,. LAMM, AVERETI'E MITCHELL: CPFA. LAMP, WILLIAM CURTIS: Outing Club 0,2,3,0, Wesfminsier Fellowship 0,2, 3,0. LANCASTER, LANNY ROSS: NROTC 0:23:0- LANE, MARY ELLEN: 43M, Fine Aris Festival 9,, Smdenf Legislafure 9,0, YDC 9,, YWCA 9,3,0, Course Evalua- tion Bklt. 04,, Bldgs. and Grounds Comm. 9,0. LANGSTON, ETHEL OLIVIA: Morrison College Senate 9,, SNA 0 ,2,3,. LASHLEY, ANN ROBERTA: KA, Cam- pus Chest 9,, NSA 9,, SP 9,0, Orien- mHon Counselor 04,, Residence Col- lege Comm. 9,, Secrefcry of he Sfu- dent Body 9,. LAUNT, SHERRY CLARK: Murehead College Senate 9,, WAA 9,3,. LAWRENCE, JR., JOHN ELMORE: AEA, Ruffin Secretary 9,, Men's Hon- or Council 9,3,0, MRC 9,3,, King College SenaQe 9,3,, Constitutional Council 9,, Orientation Counselor 9, 0. LEACH, JR., NORMAN EDWARD: CDMA,.Bund 0,2,3,0, Carolina Pluyu makers 9,3,, University Symphony 0, 2,3,0. lEACH, ROBBIE ANN: HBIIJ, Senior Class Social Chairman, YWCA 9,0. LEAGUE, HUGH MICHEAL: GMAB 9, 3,, 5501? College Lt. Governor, Resi- dence College Comm. 9,, Campus Af- fairs Comm. 9,, University Gleemen 0, 2,, Yackeiy Yuck 9,, GM FHm Comm. 0,2,3, LEAK, III, JAMES ALEXANDER: YDC 0,2,3,0. LEE, WILlIAM THOMAS: Carolina Con- servative Club 0,, Teague President 9,, Scott College Senate 9,3,. LEINSTER, WILLIAM L: NROTC 0,2,3, 0, Scabbard and Blade 9,. LEIPPE, RICHARD ALBERT: Golf 0 ,, UP 0,. lEONARD, CHARLES DAVID: Parker President 01,, Scan College Secretary 9,, Scott College SenaOe 9,, Orienta- tion Counselor 9,0. lEONARD, CHARLES NOLAN: Bose- ball 9,0. lEVl, DAVID SPURGEON: Band 0,, YMCA 9,4,. lEVINE, lESTER JAY: Cardboard 9,0, College Newspaper Editor 9,. lEVITT, LIBBIE RAE: Scot! College Sec- retary 04,. LEWIS, CHARLES CARSON: FBQJ, Band 9,3,0. lEWIS, JAMES lARRY: Stacy President W. LEWIS, LORENZO: AY, GJBK, $142, AEA, Cardboard 9,, Int'l Students Board 9,, Order of the Grail, Order of the Old Well, Nat'l Merif Scholarship Comm. 0,2,, Morehead Scholar. lEWIS, SHARON IRENE: KA, NSA 9, 0, Orientation Comm. 9,0, Academic Affairs Comm. 9,, Supreme Court 9,, Valkyries, Women's Residence Coun- cil 9,. LEWIS, WILLIAM JENNINGS: KDEK, AXE, CIJHZ. LIGHT, ARTHUR HEATH: NROTC 0,2, 3,4,, Wrestling 0,2,. LILES, LEWIS OLIVER: Residence Col- lege Comm. 9,, Scott College Senate 9,, Communications Comm. 9,, YDC 0 ,. LINKER, JR., THURMAN SINCLAIR: Carolina Handbook 9,, NROTC 0,. LIPSCOMB, ll, THOMAS WALKER: Car- olina Conservative Club 0,, UP 9,, YAF 9,, YRC 0 ,0. LIPSON, PETER SCHUYLER: Saint An- thony Hall, Carolina Quarterly 0,2,, YMCA 0,2,3,. LITTLE, Ill, FRED EUGENE: Carolina Conservative Club 9,, UP 9,, YRC 01,. LITTLE, JAMES FOWLER: AFROTC 9,0, Arnold Air Society. LITTLE, ROBERT MARCUS: AXE, Fenc- ing 0 ,. lITTLE, ROBERT WINFIELD: BGH, AEA. LIVINGTON, JR., PAUL HANNA: XW, Honor System Comm. 9,, SP 9,0. lOCKMAN, III, CHARLES RAMSEY: Orientation Counselor 9,. LOFFIN, ANN BARROW: Whitehead Treasurer 9,, Yackefy Yuck 9,3,. LOGUE, ROBERT BRUCE: EAE, Cum- pus Chest 0,, Gorgon's Head Lodge, Mutton and Shock, Order of ?he Bean. birds, FBE, Germans Club 9,3,0. LONG, Ill, ARTHUR STANLEY: CDKE, Morehead College Senate 9,. LONG, ROBERT DELANEY: 243E, MRC 9,. LONG, WILLIAM EVERETT: AY, CDHE, Class Presideni 9,, Order of ihe Old Well, Orientation Comm. 9,3,0,Chair- man 9,, Studenf Legislature 0,2,, SP 0 1,3,0, YDC 0,2,, YMCA 9,, SSL 9,, Moreheud Scholar. LOUGEE, LINDA MERLE: SNEA 9,, YWCA 9,0. lOVE, THOMAS AVERY: Mnrrison Col- lege Sena'e 9,, MRC 9,, Intramural Mgr. 9,. LOWRY, JOHN ROBERT: AZH, YRC U,- LYNCH, JR., CHARLES EDWARD: che, Golf 04,, UP 0.23.0. LYNCH, MYRA GAIL: KA, Campus Chest 9,0, GMAB 9,, Nat'l Merit Scholarship Comm. 9,, Orientaiion Counselor9,. lYNCH, LINDA CANDACE: $M, KE, Campus Chest 9,, Carolina Symposium 9,, Orientation Counselor 9,0. Yackety Yack 505 lYNN, FELMA RUTH: KE, NCPA 44,5,. LYONS, STEPHEN PATRICK: NROTC 012,314,- MacGREGOR, MALCOLM 8.: NROTC 0,2,, Wrestling 0,. MADDOX, STEVEN EVERETT: Carolina Symposium 44,, MRC 43,, Crcige Col- lege Sencme 6,, WUNC.TV 6,4,. MAERZ, MARGARET lEE: Angel Flight 6,4,, Cosmopolitan Club 0,2,, Marv rison College Senate 6,3,4,. MALONE, JOHN EDGAR: MRC 44,, NCPA 43,4,5,. MANNING, JR., JOHN THOMAS: KDHE. MARKATOS, JERRY LEONIDAS: Car- olina Playmukers 44,. MARKHAM, DIANNE GALLIMORE: An- gel Flight 4l,2,3,4,. MARLAND, MARY ANNE: KAO, Aft'y General's Staff 44,. MARQUETTE, DANIEL JOSEPH: K2. MARQUEZ, ERNEST 8.: 4DA9, Sec'y- Treasurer of Morrison lredell 6,. MARTIN, EVELYN RAGLAND: AAA, Campus Chest 43,, Punhellenic Coun- cil 6,4,. MARTIN, JAMES EARLLE: EN, Daily Tar Heel 6,4,, IFC 42,, Germans Club 6,4,, Orientafion Counselor 42,. MARTIN, SANDRA ROGERS: 55L 6,. MARTIN, JR., TlLDEN SILAS: Baseball 0,, Intramural Mgr. 6,, Monogram Club 6,4,, Rugby 6,4,. MASON, CHARLOTTE ANNE: WRC 43,. MASON, FRANCES WINIFRED: KAO, University Chorus 43,. MASSEY, ZILPHIA lOU: KA, Stave Af- fairs Comm. 44,. MASSEY, WILLIAM PRESTON: Caro- lina Ploymukers 0,2,3,4,. MAUDLIN, RODNEY BARTON: BOH, Lacrosse 0,, UNC Year of Lyon 6,. MAYS, DAVID CARL: ABA, Alexander Sec'y-Treasurer 43,, MRC 6,3,, Ori- entation Counselor 44,. MCBRIDE, RICKIE EDWIN: Moreheud College Senu1e0,2,, YMCA 0 ,2,3,. MCCAIN, JR., GROVER CLINTON: XCD. McCALL, JR., ALFRED CLARENCE: Cross Country 0,2,3,4,, Monogram Club 43,, Track 0,2,. McCANLESS, MARY ROUECHE: KA, Panhellenic Council 43,, Naf'l Merit Scholarship Comm. 6,3,, Yackefy Yuck 6,3,, Orientation Cuunselor 6,. MCCARROLL, STEVEN MORT: AKE, Co-Op Committee 6,. McCLELLAN, JAMES DANIEL: Stacy Vice-Presiden144,, NAACP 6,4,. MCCORMICK, III, WILLIAM H.; 2K, Fine Ans Festival 43,, YMCA 6,4,. McCOTTER, JOHN MUSE: AKE, Cam- pus Chest 0,2,. MCCOY, JAMES RHEA: Cardboard 6, 3,4,, Intramural Mgr. 44,. McCULLOUGH, JOHN ADAMS: Saint Anthony Hull. McCULLOUGH, SHARON ANN: Resi- dence College Comm. 6,4,, Scuff Col- lege Senufe 6,4,, GM Publicity Comm. 6,. McDANIEL, WILLIAM MIMS: Carolina Playmukers 6,3,4,, Carolina Political Union 6,4,, Fencing 6,4,, Football 0,, Men's Honor Council 6,. MCDONALD, JR., MORRIS IRWIN: AKE, Campus Chest 6,3,, Carolina Symposium 44,, Elections Board 6,. McDONAlD, NANCY McKEEL: Angel Flight 43.4,, SNA 41 ,2,. MCDONALD, PAUL WAYNE: AFROTC 0,2,3,4,, Arnold Air Society 6,4,, 506 Yackety Yack Cardboard 6,, Orientation Comm. 44,, Scabbard and Blade. MCDONALD, SHARYN lYNN: Fine Ads Festival 43,. McDONALD, SUSANNE: KKF, Pun- hellenic Council 6,4,, UP 43,4, WWA 6,4,. McDOUGALD, JOHN GOODMAN: Eq,E. McFADDEN, DAVID DARRAH: QJKE, iDBK 4C0vPresidenf,, CDAO, Afv'y Gen- eral's Staff 6,3,4,, King College Gov- ernor 43,, MRC 6,4,, Order of the Old Well, Residence College Comm. 6,4,, Society of Janus, Comm. on Honors 43,, Stake Affairs Comm. 0,2,, NSA 43,, Track 0,, Toronto Exchange Comm. 43,, Moreheud Scholar. McGEE, MICHEAL HENRY: Daily Tar Heel 0,2,0, YDC 0:4,. McGLINN, lOUISE STEUART: Newman Club 0,2,4,, SNA 0,2,. McGRATH, MALCOLM ERNEST: mm, Carolina Symposium 43,, YMCA 6,4,. McIVER, JUDITH RUSSELL: KKF, Fine Arfs Festival 43,, SNEA 44,, WAA 6,4,. MCKEITHAN, TIMOTHY SHEPARD: 4DKE, AKA, Campus Chesf 6,, Cam4 pus Affairs Comm. 6,, Student Legis- Iaiure 6,, UP 41,2,3,, $KE President 44,- MCKEOWN, JR., DOUGLAS O'NEAL: Elections Board 6,3,, Siudenv Mental Health Comm. 43,, Student Legislature 43:4,- MclAMB, KATHRYN BRADLEY: AAII, Campus Chest 6,, Orienfciion Comm. 43,, SNEA 44,. McLEAN, CAMERON LEE: Fine Arfs Festival 6,, SNEA 44,. McLEAN, JR., HORACE BRADFORD: BOH, YMCA 0,2,3,, Orientation Coun- selor6,3,. McLEAN, MARY lAUREN: Granville East Sec'y 44,, Fine Arts Festival 43,, Granville College Sec'y 44,, SNEA 44,. MclEOD, PRISCILLA JANE: KA, NSA 43,, WAA 43,, Women's Honor Council 43.4,. McMANUS, RONALD NEY: IUDQ, NROTC 0 ,2,3,4,, Scabbard and Blade. McPHAIL, MARTHA ELAINE: 413M, Com- pus Chesf 43,, Punhellenic Council 44,, WAA 6,4,, SP 6,4,. McPHAUL, DONALD MARTIN: Ben, $BK, 4131712, AEA, Men's Residence Council 6,, Order of the Old Well, Publications Board 6,4,, Chairman 44,, Budget Comm. 6,, Student Legislature 6,, 5L Finance Comm. 6,, UP 0 ,2,3,4,, Treasurer of fhe Student Body 43,. McCRORIE, CHARLES WINSTON: YDC,- McVICKER, SARA JANE: Morrison Col- lege Senate 43,4,, Communicavions Comm. 6,. MEADE, JR., FOREST CHAURCEY: Zq'. MEARES, CLAUDE FRANCIS: AXE. MEBANE, PAULINE ECKERT: AAU, lnt'l Studenis Board 0,. MEEKS, ROBERT MICHEAL: AFROTC 41,2,3,4,, Craige House President 43,, Intramural Mgr. 42,3,, Orien'cnion Counselor 43,, Cruige College Senate SRE'ES, WILLIAM N.: AY, BYE, Com- pus Chest 43,, MRC 0 ,2,, YDC 0,2,. MERCER, JR., GEORGE RILEY: ZW. MERRITT, NANCY ELIZABETH: AAU, Class Social Chairman 6,, Order of 7he Beunbirds. MEWBORN, JUDITH ANN MOORE: FAA. MILAM, SHERILYN LEA: KKF, SNEA 44,,YWCA 44,. MILLOUS, JUDITH ANNE: Carolina Playmukers 0 ,2,3,4,. MILLER, JACK DANIEL: AFROTC 0,2, 3,4,, Arnold Air Society. MILLER, JO ELLEN: Angel Flight 6,4,. MILLER, O. BRETI': AAA, Panhellenic Council 44,. MILLER, RICHARD JACKSON: WFA, Aff'y General's Staff 0,2,3,4,, IFC 43, 4,, Student legislature 6,3,, Swimming 0,2,3,4,, UP 0,2,3,4,, Fellowship of Christian Athletes 0,2,. MILLER, RONALD WAYNE: QDFA, QDAG, Elecfions Board 6,, Fine Arts Festival 6,, Honor System Comm. 6,, IFC 6,4,, Order of the Old Well 6,4,, Swimming 0,2,3,4,, UP 41,2,3,4,. Fel- lowship of Chrisiian Aihle'es 0,2,. MILLER, WILLIAM PROPST: XW, $13K, $H2, AM'y General's Staff 0,, Caro- lina Political Union 6,4,, Men's Honor Court 0,2,3,4,, Chairman 44,, NSA 6,, Order of the Golden Fleece, Order of the Grail, SP 6,3,4,, Morehead Schol- ar. MllLIKAN, JR.,JAMES BOREN: WUNC 0,2,, YDC 0,. MILLIKIN, ROBERT JOHN: Morrison Daniels President 43,, WUNC 44,. MILLS, STEVEN ROBERT: ZBT, AEA, SP 43,. MIMS, JR., BILLY BURNS: Band 41,2, 3,4,, University Symphony 41,2,3,, Lu- theran Student Assn. 0,2,3,4,. MITCHELL, EDGAR KNOX: Men's Glee Club 6,4,, YMCA 43,. MITCHELL, ROBERT HENRY: Orienta- tion Counselor 44,. MITCHELL, VERNON lEE: CMVIA, Men's Glee Club 44,, University Gleemen 0, 2,3,. MITCHELL, JR., WILLIAM MORRIS: Monogram Club 6,3,, Orienmtion Comm. 44,, Track 0,2,3,, Ben, AEA, 4DH2. MIXON, JR., HERMAN: Men's Glee Club 0,2,, NAACP 0,2,3,4,, YDC 0, MOISTER, PETER CORBIN: AKE, Car- olina Handbook 6,, Carolina Quar- terly 6,, Daily Tar Heel 44,, Lacrosse 41,2,3,4,, Monogram Club 6,3,4,, Or- der of ihe Beanbirds. MONDS, ALVAH PRICE: Alel, PIFC 44,. MONRO, JEREMY THOMAS: DLPhi Senale0,2,3,4,. MOORE, BETTY CLARKE: 471,4, Cam- pusChes'I43,. MOORE, CAMILLA DANIEL: AAA, Hon- or System Comm. 6,, Oriemmion Comm. 44,, SNEA 44,. MOORE, CAROL CHAPMAN: Carolina Quarierly 6,, YDC 6,. MOORE, JR., GEORGE WILLIAM: CDHZ, PX. MOORE, RICHARD ALAN: NROTC 0, 2,3,4, MOORE, ROGER ALSTON: BGH. MOORE, JR., WILLIAM WORSHAM: NROTC 0 ,2,3,4,, Davie College Senate 43,, Scabbard and Blade, Semper Fi- delis, MOORING, JR., ROBERT F.: Sec'y-Trea- surer of Morrison Buhnson 43,. de la MORANDERE, ANNE JAMES: KKF, Campus Chest 6,4,, WRC 43,. MORGAN, CHARLES RUSSELL: 4DKE, quJ, Avery President 6,, MRC 42,, Scott College Senate 42,, Campus Af- fairs Comm. 6,, Student Legislature 42,, SP 42,, Track 0,, Soccer 0,, Orien- tation Counselor 43,, Westminster Fel- lowship 0,2,. MORGAN, JR.,4ROBERT KNIGHT: YRC 0,4,. MORRIS, DAVID 5.: QFA, IFC 6,4,, NROTC 6,4,. MORROW, DAVID GLEN: AEH, Infrcr mural Mgr. 44,. MORROW, THOMAS ARCHBELL: AFROTC 0,2,. MORT, KARA ELIZABETH: KAO, Carov lino Women's Council 6,4,, NSA 6,4,. MOSELEY, RICHARD PAUL: CINVIA, NROTC 0 ,2,3,4,. MOZINGO, MARGARET ANNE: 4PM, WRC 44,. MUELLER, STEVEN JAY: Cosmopolitan Club 6,4,, ISC Director 44,, Fine Arts Festival 43,, lnt'l Students Board 6,3,. MUMAU, THAD EUGENE: SAX, Daily Tar Heel 42,, Intramural Mgr. 42,, UNC Press Club 44,. MUNDRY, CARL BRADLEY: ATQ, Ori- entation Comm. 44,, SP 0,2,3,4,. MUNDEN, MIRIAM ELSIE: Nurses Dorm Secretary 44,, SNA 6,4,. MURCHISON, JOHN LAWRENCE: Car- olina Conservative Club 0,2,, YRC 0, 2,3,4,, UNC Press Club 6,3,4,, ZAX 6,4,. MURRAY, JR., CHARLES FORREST: CDBK. MURRAY, PHILIP lGNATIUS:A11'y Gen- erol's Stuff 0 ,2,3,, Band 0,. MUSSELWHITE, NANCY ADAMS: KE, PX, NCPA 42,3,4,. MYER, CHARLES RANDOLPH: AY, BFX, AH'y General's Stuff 6,4,, IFC 6,3,4,, President 44,, Order of 'he Golden Fleece, Order of Ohe Grail, Or- der of the Old Well, SP 6,3,4,, YMCA 0 ,2,3,4,, Soccer 0,. MYERS, CHARLOTTE REBECCA: KE, Campus Chest 6,3,, Fine Arts Festival 6,, Orienvmion Counselor 44,, SP 6,4,, K . MYERS, MARTHA ELIZABETH: KKF, Secrefariaf 44,, SNEA 44,. NANCE, JACK HUNTER: IVFQ, Teague Vice-Presidenf, Residence Col- lege Comm. 6,4,. NEAL, JOHN MCDONALD: Carolina Handbook 43,, lnframural Mgr. 44,. NEELY, JR., JOHN CURRY: XW, NROTC 0,2,3,4,, Orientation Comm. 6,, Campus Affairs Comm. 6,. NEELY, ROBERT YOUNT: XW, Class Vice-Presidenf 42,, SP 42,3,4, NELMS, WILLIAM HAROLD: 4,142. NELSON, DAVIS WHITMAN: XW, Band 0,, Orientation Counselor 44,. NEMETH, JOHN WILLIAM: AY, Intra- mural Mgr. 43,, NROTC 0 ,2,3,4,. NEWSOME, JULIA ANNETTE: KAO, Carolina Women's Council 43,. NEWTON, JAMES BYRON: XW, AQUX. NICHOLS, TERRY W.: Baptist Student Union 6,4,. NICHOLS, TIMOTHY HOWARD: Bap- tist Student Union 0,2,3,4,. NICHOLSON, IVAN WAYNE: Football 0,, Orientation Comm. 44,, Campus Ra- dio Comm. 43,. NIELSEN, JENNIFER C.: AZ, Carolina Playmakers 44,. NIVEN, DAVID BRADLEY: HKA, Base- ball 0,2,, UP 6,4,. NOLSTAD, MARGARET CAMILLA: Band 0,2,3,4,, University Symphony, NORDAN, GARY LEIGH: ACDQ, MRC 41 ,2,, Ehringhaus College Senate 6,3,, YDC 41,2,3,4,. NORFLEET, DOROTHY EDWARDS: X0. NORTH, FLORENCE ELLIS: AAU, An'y General's Staff 6,4,, Campus Chest 6,4,, Scott College Senate 6,. NORWOOD, NANCY CATHERINE: University Chorus 0 ,2,. NYE, GLENN CARLYLE: KA, Elections Board 42,, University Chorus 0,. OAKLEY, WILLIAM MELVIN: Men's Glee Club 0,2,, Orientation Comm. 43,, University Gleemen 42,, YDC 43,, NCPA 43.4,- O'BRIANT, Ill, SAMUEL EDWARD: AFROTC 0 ,2;3,4,. ODOM, SANDRA LYNN: CDM, Panhel- lenic Council 44,, SNEA 43,4,. OFFILL, DAVID MALCOLM: Carolina Playmakers 43,4,. OGBURN, JAMES HOBBS: Band 0,2, 3,4,, ClussTreusurer 42,, Daily Tar Heel 43,, Morrison Cannon President 42,, MRC 42,, Elections Board 43,4,. OLDHAM, BETTY MARIE: EGT, Angel Flight 0 ,2,3,4,. O'NEAL, JUDY: AAH O'NEAL, JUDY: AAH, Campus Chest 43,4,, GMAB 44,, Orientation Comm. 44,- ORR, MARY JUNE: Att'y General's Staff 43,, Daily Tar Heel 44,, WRC 43, 4,, UNC Press Club 43,4,. ORR, ROBERT FLYNN: KA, Cross Coun- try 41,, Daily Tar Heel 42,3,, Order of the Old Well, Student Athletic Coun- cil 43,4,, President 43,4,, Track 0,. OSBORNE, COLIN PORTER: BOH, Stu- dent Legislature 42,3,, Swimming 0,2, 3,, Campus Affairs Comm. 43,4,. OTIS, WILLIAM GRAHAM: CDBK, CDAG, Carolina Conservative Club 42,, Daily Tar Heel 42,, YRC 41,273.10. OVERLOCK, WILLARD JOSEPH: AKE, Lacrosse 0 ,. OWENS, LAURA BINGHAM: HBQJ, Att'y General's Stuff 43,4,, Student Stress Comm. 44,. PALANTZAS, BILLIE W.: AAA, FBE, Order of the Beunbirds. PALISOUL, ALAN ARTHUR: 2X, Caro- lina Forum 43,4,, NROTC 0,2,3,4,, UP,- PALMER, HOLLIS VESTAl: Orientation Counselor 42,. PAMPLIN, ROBERT BOYD: NROTC 0, 2,3,, YRC 0 ,2,3,4,. PARHAM, KENNON CARTER: X0, Panhellenic Council 44,, YWCA 42,. PARKER, FRANCIS MARION: fDAG, Fine Arts Festival 43,, MRC 0,2,, Orien- tation Counselor 42,, Moreheud Scholar. PARKER, JULIA DEBORAH: Daily Tar Heel 43,4,, UNC Press Club 43,4,. PARROTI', PATRICIA KNOTT: AAA. PARTEE, LINDA FRANCES: Carolina Women's Council 44,, Mental Health Comm. 43,. PARTIN, LOIS KAY: EGT, SNA 43,4,. PASCHAL, DONALD HERLEY: A211. PATTERSON, SCOTT GROVE: BGU, Att'y General's Stuff 0,2,3,, Mono- gram Club 42,, Orientation Comm. 42, 3,, Student Legislature 42,3,, SP 42,3,. PATTON, JR., CARROLL CURTIS: ZAX, Old West President 43,, Davie College Senate 42,, UNC Press Club 43,4,. PEARSON, REBECCA SUE: Muiorette 0,3,. PEDDYCORD, JUNE RICHARDSON: KE. PELGRIFT, KATHRYN CLINTON: X0, Carolina Political Union, ModeI UN 44,. PElL, RONALD CALVIN: Intramural Mgr. 44,, College life 43,4,. PERDUE, JOSEPHINE HOFFMAN: KAG, Fine Arts Festival 43,, Orienta- tion Comm. 44,, University Symphony 43,4,. PERDUE, SAMMY NORRIS: AFROTC 03.3.4,- PEREZ -VERDIA - RIVERO, EDUARDO: Cosmopolitan Club 43,4,, Tennis 43,4,. PERKINS, SANDRA ELIZABETH: KKF, Campus Chest 43,. PERRY, MELISSA CAROLINE: KA, Att'y General's Staff 42,, NSA 42,, Orien- tation Comm. 44,, WAA 42,3,4,, WRC 42,3,. PERRY, RICHARD THOMAS: KA, Mono- gram Club 43,, Track 41,2,3,4,. PETERS, CAROL ANNE: KA, GM Pub- licity and Music Comms. 43,4,, YWCA 44,- PETERSON, VICTOR SCOTT: 413K; ln- tramural Mgr. 42,, Lacrosse 0,2,, Mono- gram Club 42,. PETTEWAY, JR., ERNEST NORWOOD: KDBK, 4DH2. PHARR, III, SCOTT YORKE: AXE, Monogram Club 0,2,3,4,, Track 0,2, 3,, Cross Country 0,2,3,, Fellowship of Christian Athletes 42,. PHELPS, NICKY BYRNES: Mangum Treasu ref 43,. PHIFER, MELVIN BUFORD: NAACP 44,. PHILLIPS, JR., STERLING EUGENE: 80H, Aft'y General's Stuff 42,, Caro- lina Symposium 42,3,, IFC 42,3,4,, Ori- entation Comm. 42,4,, SSL 42,3,. PHILPOTT, BETTY JO: YDC 43,4,, Ori- entation Counselor 44,. PIETERSZ, RAY PHILIP: Cosmopolitan Club 0,, Tennis 42,. PIKE, Ill, JOSEPH WILLIAM: KW. PINYOUN, ROY RALPH: K2, Campus Chest 43,4,, University Party 43,4,. PITTARD, ROBERT EARL: Band 42,, Morrison Cannon President 42,, In- tramural Mgr. 42,, MRC 42,3,. PITTMAN, MARSHALL DEAN: Student Legislature 42,, UP POER, DAVID HENRY: EAE. POPE, JR., C. H.: CDKE. POPE, TONY LEHN: 211,12, Cardboard 44,, IFC 42,3,. POPLIN, ROBER KEITH: AEH. POTTER, FRANCES DAVIS: AAH, Cam- pus Chest 43,4,, Orientation Comm. 44,. POTTER, RICHARD CLIFFORD: AY, Cosmopolitan Club 43,, lnt'l Students Board 42,, Student Mental Health Comm. 43,, Wrestling 0,, AFROTC 0, 2,3,4,. POU, ELIZABETH LYNNE: Att'y Gen- eral's Stuff 44,, Granville College Senv cute 43,. PRASSE, EDWARD PHILIP: AFROTC 0, 2,3,4,, Arnold Air Society 43,4,. PRICE, MARION DUDLEY: Band 0,, Track 0,, SSL 42,. PRIESTER, FREDERICK CORNELL: AKE, Lacrosse 0,2,, MRC 0,, Monogram Club 43,4,, Wrestling 0,2,3,4,. PROVO, DONNA SHERRON: WAA 44,, University Chorus 0,. PUGH, ELIZABETH REDDING: 1213412, SP 0,, SNA 0,2,. PUKAL, LOUIS ANTHONY: Football 0,2,3,4,, Monogram Club 42,3,4,. PURDY, WILLIAM RICHARD: KFAQ, Class President 0,, CUSC 42,3,, NSA 43,4,, Order of the Grail, Order of the Old Well, Campus Radio Comm. 41,, Student Legislature 0,2,3,, Supreme Court 44,, UP 0,2,3,4,, Moreheud Scholar. QUICK, JOHN CRAIG: EN, Football Mgr. 0 ,2,3,4,, Monogram Club 43,4,. QUILLIAN, EUGENIA: AAA, SNEA 44,, YWCA 44,. RAINEY, MARTHA ELLEN: NSA 44,, Orientation Counselor 44,, State Af- fairs Comm. 43,, Studem Legislature 44,, SP 43,4,, Toronto Exchange Comm. 43,4,, WRC 44,. RAINEY, PETRIE MORRISON: AXA, CDBK, 413142, AdlA, Wrestling 0,, MRC 42,314,. RAKER, DON CROSSLEY: Outing Club 0,2,. RAMSEY, CLAUDIA KAY: AAA. RANDALL, SANDRA SIMPSON: Orien- tation Comm. 42,, NCPA 43,4,. RANKIN, HAYWOOD FORNEY: Craige College Senate 43,, Moreheud Scholar. RAPER, LAURA JACQUELINE: Alder- man Vice-Presiden? 43,, Scott College Senate 43,4,, WRC 43,, Orientation Counselor 43,. RAPER, WILLIAM CRANFORD: ATQ, Track 0,, UP 0 ,2,3,4,. RAY, lINDA JANE: Campus Chest 43, 4,, YRC 42,3,4,. READ, JR., ROBERT PRENTICE: XW, Campus Affairs Comm. 42,, SP 0,2,3,4,, Soccer0,. REAVIS, PAUL RICHARD: Cardboard 43,4,, YDC 43,4,. REEL, WILLIAM RILEY: Men's Glee Club 43,4,, WUNC-TV 42,3,4,. . REEVES, DAVID CROSBY: ATQ. REID, SANDRA ALESE: X0, GMAB 43,. REIFSNIDER, DONNA lEE: Carolina Symposium 44,, Daily Tar Heel 43,4,, Morrison CoHege Senate 43,, Co-Op Comm. 43,, Women's Honor Council 43,, UNC Press Club 44,. RENFRO, JOHANA DEE: University Chorus 43,. RHODEN, CHARLES WILLIAM: KW, YMCA 42,3,4,, Pharmacy Senate 42,3, 4,5,. RHYNE, JR., JOSEPH MUNDY: Parker Secretary 44,, AFROTC 0,. RHYNE, RICHARD BRYANT: KA, UP 0 ,2,3,4,. RICE, ELIZABETH ANN: lnt'l Students Board 0 ,, Secretariat 0,2,, UP 0 ,2,4,. RICE, JEANNE WALDMAN: YDC 43,. RICE, JR., J. SIDNEY: YRC 43,. RICHARDSON, LANCE BRADLEY: K2, UP 0,2,3,4,, Golf 0,2,4,. RICHTER, JR., LAWRENCE EDWARD: K2, Att'y General's Stuff 42,, Baseball 0,, Cardboard 0,, Intramural Mgr. 42,, Order of the Old Well, Communi- cations Comm. 0 ,, Student Legislature 42,3,4,, University Gleemen 0,, UP 0,2,3,4,, K2 President 43,, Germans Club 43,. RIDER, RICHARD JAMES: Menls Honor Council 43,4,. RIERSON, GWENDOLYN FAY: Aca- demic Affairs Comm. 42,, UNC Press Club 43,4,. RIGGLES, LYNN DIANE: QJM, Secre- tariat 43,4,, Women's Honor Council 43.4,. RIGGS, DAVID LEE: ATQ, Ehringhaus College Senate 43,, Football 0,2,3,4,, Order of the Grail, Monogram Club 42.3.4,- RIKER, Ill, PHILIP: AKE, CUSC 42,, Monogram Club 42,3,4,, Swimming 0, 2,3,4,, UP 0,2,3,4,, Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes 0 ,2,. RITCHIE, PATTY JANE: Orientation Counselor 44,. RITCHIE, SARA CELIA: East Cobb Treasurer 43,. ROACH, CAROL FRENCH: Campus Chest 43,4,, WRC 43,4,. ROACH, TIMOTHY FLYNN: Intramural Mgr. 42,. 4 ROADMAN, LARRY SCOTT: HKCD, IFC 42,, Lucyosse 0,2,3,4,, Monogram Club 43,4,, Soccer 0,, Cheerleader 42,3,4,, Orientation Counselor 43,4,, HKCD President 43,. R083, ELIZABETH WALKER: AAA, FBE, Class Social Chairman 42,, Order of the Beanbirds, UP 423,4,- ROBBINS, EDWARD DENMORE: Lewis President 44,, Morehead College Sen- ate 43,4,. ROBERTS, lEONARD THOMAS: NROTC 0,2,3,4,. ROBERTSON, JR., FRANCIS DILLON: Elections Board 42,, Scott College Sec- retary 43,. ROBERTSON, JANE lEWIS: KKF, Int'l Students Board 44,, Orientation Comm. 44,, Toronto Exchange Comm. 43,4,. ROBINSON, ESTA SILVEY: Women's Honor Council 43,, Westminster Fel- lowship 0,. ROBINSON, KATHRYN ELIZABETH: Carolina Women's Council 42,, SP 42, 3,, Orientation Counselor 42,. ROBINSON, ROLAND JOSEPH: $142, UP42,3,4,. RODGERS, RICHARD TELFAIR: EN, UP 43,4,- ROGERS, RANDALL DURHAM: Tennis 41,, Truck0,. ROGERS, WILLIAM lEE: AEH, 4438K, $142, BFE, Scoit College Senate 42,, Campus Affairs Comm. 42,3,, YDC 0 ,2,. ROGERS, WILLIAM OLIN: NROTC 0,2, 3,4,. ROLLINS, PAUL CRISP: UP 0,, YRC 44,, Orientation Counselor 43,. ROOT, VIRGINIA NEAL: AAH, lnt'l Students Board 43,, Orientation Coun- selor 44,, GM Social Comm. 44,, YWCA 44,- ROSE, SHARON LEE: NSA 43,, Order of the Old Well, Residence College Comm. 44,, Student Athletic Council 42,, Student Legislature 0,2,, SNEA 44,, SP 0,2,3,4,, Toronto Exchange Comm. 42,3,, Women's Honor Council 42,3,, WRC 43,4,, Orientation Counselor 42,. R055, ELLEN ELIZABETH: 1-1349, Cam- pus Chest 43,, YWCA 43,4,. ROUGHTON, WILLIAM PAYNE: Avery Vice-President 42,. ROUNTREE, MARY HINTON: AAA, FBE, Att'y General's Staff 44,, Order of the Beanbirds, Panhellenic Council 43.4,- ROUSE, JERRY RANDOLPH: BFE, Sta- cy President 43,, Morehead College Senate 43,, MRC 43,, Yackefy Yack 42, 3,4,, Business Manager 44,, Orienta- tion Counselor 42,3,4,. ROWE, BETTY MATTHEWS: KE. ROWE, JR., JOSEPH MILTON: ibAX. ROYSTER, BOBBY DEAN: WUNC, WUNC-W 0,2,3,4,, UNC Aquaholics 43:4,- SAENGER, GEORGE WALTER: CDAO, Morehead Scholar. SALMONY, lAWRENCE 0.: 2X, IFC 42,, Student Legislature 42,, SL Finance Comm. 42,. SALVATI, RONALD CHARLES: K2, Soc- cer 0 ,, UP 42,3,4,. SAMPSON, CHERRY LEE: Communica- tions Comm. 43,. SANDLIN, MARTHA ELLEN: YDC 44,, YWCA 44,. SAUDER, JOHN LARRY: Rugby 43,4,, Soccer 0 ,, UP 0 ,2,3,4,. SAUNDERS, NANCY JEAN: 4PM, Sec- retariat 43,4,, SP 43,4,, Orientation Counselor 44,. SAWYER, JR., HAROLD MURRAY: XtI', Carolina Conservative Club 0,2,, Ori- entation Counselor 42,3,. Yackety Yack 507 SAWYER, JANET ELIZABETH: Campus Chest 02,3,0, Carolina Symposium 02,, Carolina Women's Council 03,, White- head President 00, GMAB 00, NSA 03,, Order of the Old Well, Orientation Counselor 03,0, Academic Affairs Comm. 03,0, UP 0,2,3,0, University Chorus 0,2,3,0. SAWYER, JR., LOGAN EVERETT: AKE, 43H2, An'y General's Staff 0,2,3,, Baseball 0,2,3,0, Men's Honor Coun- cil 02,, Monogram Club 02,3,0, Orien- miion Counselor 03,0, Studenf Legis- lature 03,0, UP 0,2,3,0, Morehead Scholar. SAWYER, NANCY CAROLE: Angel Flig h: 03,4, SAXON, JR., HUGH HOLLIDAY: Cam. pus Chest 04,, Carolina Symposium 02,, Orientation Comm. 02,3,, Publications Board 03,0, Davie College Senaie 02,, Budget Comm. 03,0, YDC 03,0, Trea- surer of he SQudenf Body 00. SCHENCK, SANDRA MOORE: AAA. SCHILLER, MARY SUZANNE: SNEA 00, UP 02,3,0. SCHMIDT, MARILYN KAY: KA, Ori- enwtion Comm. 00, Secretariat 00. SCHRADER, SHIRLEY ANN: Carolina Women's CounciI 03,0. SCHWARTZ, BARRY HOWARD: CDHE, Cardboard 00, Carolina Symposium 02,0, Di-Phi Senate 0,2,, Communi- cations Comm. 03,, YDC 03,. SCOTT, CHARLES EUGENE: QJMA, President 00, AFROTC 0,2,3,0, Arnold Air Society 02,3,0, Band 0,2,3,, Scab- bard and Blade. SCOTT, GARY CLIFFORD: $112, Band 0,2,, Men's Glee Club 0,2,3,4,5,. YRC 03,. SCO'I'I', CHARON SUE: SNEA 04,, Bap- iis' Student Union 0,2,3,0. SCRIP'I'URE, SUSAN JANE: KKF, Pun- hellenic Council 03,0, UP 03,0, Orien- tation Counselor 00, KKF President 04,- SCURRY, WILLIAM COOPER: A211, Cardboard 0,. SEAWEll, CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE: 241E, Orientation Comm. 00, YMCA 0,2,. SEAWEll, STEPHEN GROVER: Student Legislature 03,, SP 03,, University Glee0 men 03,0. SHACKELFORD, LAUREL LEE: UNC Journalis! 00, UNC Press Club 03,0. SHADE, ROAERT JAMES: Di-Phi Sen- ate, NROTC 0,2,3,0. SHEAR, MORRIS: HME. SHEPARD, JEAN PHILLIPS: KA, SNEA 00, WAA 04,. SHREVE, BRANDON WICKLIFFE: Audit Board 03,0, IFC 03,0, Order of the Gray Cup, Student Legislature 03,0, UP 0,2,3,0, KA President 02,3,, Soc- cer 0,. SIDES, RICHARD LEE: Men's Glee Club 02.3.0, SIEBENSCHUH, FREDERICK ROYAL: 01,210 SILER, BARRY LEE: Manly President 00, King College Senate 03,. SILVER, JR., CHARLES HINTON: ZN, Class Treasurer 00, IFC 03,, NROTC 0,2,3,0, Scabbard and Blade, Sem- per Fidelis. SILVERSTEIN, ERIC HOWARD: TEQ, Intramural Mgr. 00, Tennis 0,. SIMMONS, ERNEST JORDAN: Morri- son Lt. Governor 02,, Staie Affairs Comm. 0,2,3,0, YDC 0,2,3,0, More- head Scholar. SIMONS, SUZANNE: X0, Carolina Women's Council 03,0, Residence CoHege Comm. 03,. 508 Yackety Yack SIMPSON, JOEL STEWART: Cosmo- politan Club 0,2,, Fencing 02,, NSA 0,2,, UNC Year at Lyon 03,. SIMPSON, LARRY MORGAN: 0DMA. Band 01,2,3,0. SIMPSON, ROSEMARY LOUISE: Caro- lina Symposium 02,0, YDC 00, YWCA 0,2,3,0. SKINNER, JR., HENRY MORRILL: MRC 0,2.3,, Residence College Comm. 03,, Craige College Governor 03,, Craige College Senate 02,, Student Legislature 02,, Residence College Comm. 03,, Orientation Counselor 02,. SKINNER, III, JOHN HARRISON: Swimming 0,2,3,0. SLAUGHTER, KATHERINE MARIE: EGT, Morrison College Senate 02,3,. SLAWTER, llNDA: UNC Press Club 03.4,- SLOAN, VIRGINIA DALE: KKF, Orien- tation Comm. 00, State Affairs Comm. 03,0, Communications Comm. 03,, Women's Honor Court 03,0. SLOOP, CHARLES PHILLIP: AFROTC 0,2,. SMITH, ALAN KENT: AXA, An'y Gem eral's Staff 02,3,0, Semper Fidelis 04,. SMITH, ALAN VERNON: Teague Secretary 03,. SMITH, CAROL ANN: KKr, Fine Ans Fesfival 03,, Orientation Comm. 00, Student Legislature 03,, UP 03,0. SMITH, EDITH CAROL: SNEA 03,0. SMITH, EDWIN DOUGLAS, AXE, FBCD, Band 0,2,. SMITH, LILONA MASSEY: Daily Tar Heel 00, YWCA 03,. SMITH, LINDA ANN: UNC Press Club 03,4,- SMITH, PATRICIA ANN: EOT. SMITH, SANDRA KAYE: National Merif Scholarship Comm. 03,, SVafe Affairs Comm. 03,0, Orienvation Counselor 00. SNIDER, BARBARA ANN: KKF, Fine Ans Festival 03,, Secretariat 00. SPALDING, JACK J.: AKE, QDHZ, Carolina Symposium 02,, Toronio Ex- change Comm. 00. SPARGER, JERRY RICHARD: NROTC SPARKMAN, LAMAR JEAN: HBQ, Campus Chest 03,0, Panhellenic Council 03,0. SPARROW, CONSTANCE NORRIS: YRC 03,0. SPAULDING, Ill, CHARLES CLINTON: Cosmopolitan Club 00, NAACP 00. SPENCER, JAMES RICHARD: Carolina Playmakers 0,2,3,0, Fine Arts Festi- val 03,. SPENCER, JEAN FRANCES: Ah'y General's Staff 03,, Granville East Vice-Presidenf 04,, Orientation Coun- selor 00. SPILLER, SUSAN MOSELEY: AAH, GMAB 00, Punhellenic Council 03,, Class Social Chairman 03,. SPILLMAN, RAY ALBERT: 328K, Aft'y General's Stuff 02,3,0. SPRUILL, BILLIE LOUISE: Angel Flight 03.4,- SPRY, JR., WILLIAM DENNIE: 0DA0, Tennis 0,, UP 0,2,3,0. STAINBACK, ROBERT GILL: Di-Phi Senufe 0,, YDC 0,2,. STALLINGS, ERNEST WAYNE: FIELD, YRC 03,0. STALLINGS, JR., LINDSEY COLEMAN: AEl'I, PIFC 03,4, STALLINGS, LYNN CANADY: KE, WAA 03,. STAMPS, LYTTLETON L: EAX, Daily Tar Heel 02,3,4,, Managing Ediror 00, UNC Press Club 02,3,4,, SSL 03,. SYANCILL, JOHN WAYNE: PX, NCPA 04.5,. STANCILL, CAROL DIANE: ZTA, East Cobb Treasurer 03,, Stray Greeks. STANLEY, RANDALL LAWRENCE: FBID, MRC 02,, YRC 04,. STARLING, SAMPSON A.: ATQ, GM Social Comm. 00. STARNES, JERRY SMITH: X012, H3012. STEIN, CAROL ANN: An'y General's Staff 03,0. STEINBRECHER, ALAN KING: XW, Carolina Symposium 00, NROTC 0,2,3,0, Scabbard and Blade, Swim- ming 0,. STEPHENSON, LARRY WAYNE: qlMA, Band 02,3,0, WUNC-TV 00. STEWART, SAMUEL E.: Monogram Club 03,0. STEWART, SARAH JANE: KA, NSA 03,, YWCA 03,0, Wesley Foundation La crosse, 04,. STINSON, JR., HAROLD C.: YRC 00. STOKES, JOHN H.: Fine Arts Fes'ival 03,, WUNC 02,3,. STONE, JIMMY DALE: YRC 00, YMCA 03.4,- STONE, JR., RAYMOND HARVEY: Baseball 0,2,3,0, Football 00, Monc- gram Club 03,0, Soccer 0,2,3,. STOUT, JOHN EDWARD: XCD, An'y General's Staff 03,0, UP 0 ,2,3,0. STOWE, SHARON IRENE: KA. STRAGAND, WILLIAM EDWARD: Ar- nold Air Society, AFROTC 0,2,3,0. STRANGE, JR., AUBREY EDWIN: 0DMA, MRC 02,. STRAWBRIDGE, JOHN LARRY: Mor- rison Harris President 03,, Men's Glee Club 0,2,3,0. MRC 03,, Morrison Col- lege Senate 03,, AFROTC 0 ,2,3,0. STRiCKER, lYNNE MARGARET: KAO. STRICKLAND, JOHN CONNELL: XW, Carolina Conservative Club 00, Inv'l Students Board 04,, Monogram Club 03,, Order of ?he Old Well, Student Legislature 03,0, UP 01,2,3.4,. YRC 03,0. STRICKLAND, MATTHEW THEODORE: A$Q. STUART, PHILIP DAVID: 813:. SULECKI, RICHARD: MRC 02,3,, NSA 0,, Orientation Counselor 00, Mor- rison College Senate 03,. SWAIM, JERRY DALE: Men's Glee Club03,0. SWENSON, BRUCE MERRITT: AKE, Monogram Club 02,3,0, Tennis,- TANNER, JAMES M.: '1WA, NROTC 02,3,0, Orientation Counselor 02,. TATE, lll, JOHN CLYDE: ASH. TATE, WILLIAM CUMMINGS: Uni- versity Gleemen 0 ,2,. TAYLOR, CAROLYN SPILLMAN: EOT, Morrison College Senate 02,3,. TAYLOR, EDWARD EARL: A211, FBcD. TAYLOR, JR., JOSEPH OVANDER: AKE, GM Social Comm. 03,. TAYLOR, ROBERT VERNON: Band 01, 2,, MRC 02,3,0, Society of Janus. TAYLOR, THOMAS GEORGE: KW. TEAGUE, CHARLES WILLIAM: QJAG, Fencing 0,2,3,0. TEAGUE, GEORGE MAJOR: ATQ. KDAG, IFC 03,0, Mutton and Shouts, Order of the Old Well, Orientation Counselor 02,0, Campus Affairs Comm. 2,. TENNILLE, GEORGE WOOTEN: ATQ, Bcskefball 0,, Intramural Mgr. 03,0, Campus Affairs Comm. 03,, UP 0,2, 3,0. THOMPSON, JR., CARL FRANKLIN: 0123K, 0H,; ACDA, Carolina Playmak- ers 03,, Fencihg 02,3,0. TOOMPSON, II, CHARLES EVERETT: EN, Elecfions Board 02,. THOMPSON, LINDA FAYE: Physical Therapy Club 03,0. THOMPSON, MacROBERT SHEPARD: EAE, IFC 0,23,, SP THOMPSON, JR., PAUL WILLIAM: Band 02,3,0. THOMPSON, SANDRA JANE: KA, Fine Ans Festival 03,, Orientation Coun- selor 00, SNEA 03,0, YWCA 03,. THOMPSON, THOMAS COOLIDGE: YAF 0 ,2,3,0, YRC 02,3,0. THORNE, ROBERT EARL: old East Vice-Presidenf 00, SNEA 02,3,0, YMCA 04,- THRIFT, ASHLEY ORMAND: Carolina Handbook 03,0, Editor 00, Siacy Presi- dent 03,, Elections Board 00, Intramural Mgr. 02,, Men's Honor Court 02,3,0, Order of Vhe Old Well, Orientation Comm. 02,3,0, Morehead College Sen- ate 03,, Society of Janus, Campus Af- fairs Comm. 00, Soccer 0,2,. THURLOW, JANE SHARON: 11301,, AH'y General's Sfuff 03,, Fine Arts Festival 03,, WAA 02,3,0. TICE, KATHRYN MCLEAN: KKF, Fine Arts Festival 03,, WYCA 03,. TIENKEN, VICKIE LEROY: Carolina Women's Council 00, Campus Affairs Comm. 03,0. TILLEY, JR., THOMAS GRAY: leO, Orieniaiion Counselor 02,. TILLOTSON, JAMES EDWIN: AXE. TIMMONS, MICHEAI. LINN: James Floor President 00. TOMS, JR., FRANCIS ROGERS: AY, $112, leK. TOOMEY, ROBERT CREIGHTON: AKE, Soccer 01,, UP 0,2,3,0, Moreheud Scholar. TOY, BRUCE LOWE: AFROTC 0,2,3,0, Arnold Air Society, Carolina Hund- book 02,. TRAGESER, MARY LYNNE: X0, Ori- entation Counselor 00, Women's Hon- or Court 00. TRASK, RICHARD T. 3.: KA, IFC 02,, Order of the Gray Cup. TRAVIS, WILLIAM BEALE: KA, Bas- keibull 0,, Class Vice-Presidem 03,0, Order of the Old Well, Orientation Comm. 02,3,0, Student Afhlefic Coun- ciI 03,, Track 0 ,. TRIPLETT, HAROLD DEAN: Alderman Vice-Presidem 00. TROTT, WILLIAM MuchDER: 0DAO, 0DHZ, Campus Chest0,, Carolina Sym- posium 00, Daily Tar Heel 03,, Infra- murul Mgr. 00, Monogram Club 02,3, 0, Tennis 0,2,3,4,, UP, More- heud Scholar. TRUSLOW, GINNY JO: KA. TUCKER, BONNIE ELAINE: SNEA 03, 4 . TLRBEVILLE, JAMES LESTER: AFROTC 0,2,3,0, Morrison Harris Vice-Presi- den? 02,. TURNER, JOHN LESLIE: ATQ, Campus Affairs Comm. 02,3,, SSL 03,. TUTTLE, EDGAR WITHERSPOON: HME. ULLMANN, PAULA ELLIOTT: AAU, Ori- entation Counselor 00. UPCHURCH, JR., MALCOLM THUR- STON: ATQ, Gorgon's Head Lodge, IFC 03,, Order of the Beunbirds. URQUHART, Ill, RICHARD ALEXAN- DER: KDKE, 01,112, QDBK, BYE, More- head College Treasurer 42,, Budget Comm. 43,, Communications Comm. 44,, Wrestling 41,2,3,4,, YDC 0 ,2,3,4,. UTERMOHLEN, MARK WILLIAM: WUNC 0,. VANCE, JOE: 4DK2, IFC 43,4,, UP 42,3,. VANCE, VICTOR STUART: 2,1,. VAN DORSTEN, SUSAN CARR: AAA, Orientation Counselor 44,, Panhellenic Council 43,, YWCA 43,. VAN WAGENEN, FRED: XCD. VARN, MICHEAL JAMES: 41,112, AdiA, HME, 4DBK. VAUGHAN, SARAH DEE: IUD, Angel Flight, Fine Arts Festival 43,, Stray Greeks. VINCENT, CHARLES MARION: leA, Orientation Comm. 43,, YMCA 42,3,4,. WADE, ANNE ROGERS: Cardboard 44,, SNEA 44,. WALKER, KENNETH LYNN: AXA. WALKER, Ill, OWEN: UKdL NROTC 0,2,3,4,. WALKER, JR., WORTH GALLOWAY: AEH, Football 41,. WALL, ANITA GRAHAM: AAH, An'y General's Stuff 43,4,, Campus Chest 41 ,2,, Secretariat 43,, WRC 44,. WALL, DANIEL THOMAS: MRC 0,, SP 41,: WALLACE, GLENN ANSLEY: Morrison College Senate 44,. WALLACE, STEPHEN CURTIS: MRC 44,, Granville College Senate 44,, YDC 42,3,. WALSH, STEVE MICHEAL: Truck 0,, Karate Club 43,. WALTON, DONALD FRED: Daily Tar Heel 43,4,, Business Manager 44,, NROTC 41,2,3,4,. WANNAMAKER, Ill, CHARLES WOODS: ATQ, YMCA 44,. WARD, JUDITH LEE: XQ, Orientafion Counselor 44,, Panhellenic Council 43, 4,. WARD, JR., LESLIE ARDEN: AEH, Bund41,2,, UP 41 ,2,3,4,. WARD, PATRICIA ANNE: UP 43,4,. WARNER, JEFFREY MYRON: Campus Chesf 43,, Wolfe College Senate 43,4,, YDC 42,. WATKINS, FRANCES ELIZABETH: tDM, GM Films Comm. 44,. WATSON, SUSAN ROSS: SNEA 44,. WATSON, THOMAS LEE: BFE, Card- board 43,4,, YDC 41,2,3,4,. WATTS, THOMAS GILL: Daily Tar Heel 44,- WAY, BRADY COLE: anke!ball41,. WEATHERLY, JR., JAMES HARRY: YDC 0 ,2,, Westminsier Fellowship 0,2,3,4,. WEBSTER, WALTER ALLEN: Cruige Col- lege Senate 43,4,, MRC 0,2,3,4,, Resi- dence College Comm. 42,3,, SP 43,4,. WEIER, LUCY E.: Toronto Exchange Comm. 44,, UP 43,4,. WEIR, ANN JANELLE: Carolina Choir 43,4,. WELLS, RAYMOND EDWARD: AXA. WERNER, ROOER DEAN: TEtD, CUSC 44,, Daily Tar Heel, IFC 44,, SP 43,4,. WESSELL, III, JOHN CHARLES: ZAE. WEST, HOWARD PEARSON: 4DBK, iDHE. WESTBROOK, FRANK P.: Cosmopoli- tan Club 43,4,, Men's Glee Club 0,2, 3,4,. WESTER, JOHN ROBBINS: 4PA0, An'y General's Stuff 0,2,3,4,, Class Vice- Presidem 0,, Order of the Old Well, Orientaiion Comm. 42,3,, Student Leg- islature 0,, UP 0,2,3,4,, Morehead Scholar. WESTERHOLM, Ill, HAROLD STANLEY: AXA, Arnold Air Socie1y, IFC 43,4,, AFROTC41,2,3,4,,Scabbard and Blade. WESTMORELAND, DAVID GRAY: AXE, 41,112, AqlA, 4DBK, YDC 0,. WESTPHAL, JOAN PAULETTE: Band 43,4,, University Symphony 43,, SSl 43,. WHARTON, PAMELA lESLEY: Carolina Women's Council 43,, Granville East President 44,, WRC 43,4,, UNC Press Club 43,. WHARTON, ROBERT HEWITT: AXE, Carolina Conservative Club 0,2,, YRC 0,2,. WHEELER, ROBERT CLIFFORD: EvereH President 43,, Outing Club 0,. WHICHARD, ERNEST BRYANT: UKID, Band 0,, Morrison College Senate 42,, Director of Exiernal Affairs 43,, State Affairs Comm. 0,2,. WHITAKER, DAN PRICE: AXA, Orien- tation Counselor 42,, SP 43,4,, YRC 0,2, 3,4,. WHITE, CHARLES CRAIG: Basketball 41,. - WHITE, JR., CLAUDE GEORGE: AXE, Grimes Vice-Presidenf 43,, MRC 42,, Rugby 43,4,, Wrestling 41,. WHITE, JAMES LOGAN: Baseball 0,. WHITE, JOSEPH BARROW: Campus Chest 42,, MRC 42,3,, Scoft Lt. Governor 42,, Scott College Senate 42,. WHITE, ROBERT CRAWFORD: HKQD, UP 42,3,4,, Orientation Counselor 42,. WHITE, ROBERT EDGAR: UKQX WHITE, JR., ROBERT SHELTON: KA, Fencing 41,2,3,4,, NROTC 41,2,3,4,, Scabbard and Blade, Swimming 0,. WHITFIELD, RICHARD ALLEN: 4DMA, Band 0,2,3,. WHITMAN, NANCY L: AAH. WHITMORE, R. TERRI: KAG, Campus Chest 43,. WILEY, GEORGE BELL: X114, Universiiy Gleemen 0 ,2,, Moreheud Scholar. WILKERSON, RICHARD CHARLES: Swimming 0,2,. WILKINS, BARBARA ANN: KAG, Elec- tions Board 42.3,, Orientation Comm. 42,, SP 43,4,. WllKlNS, JANICE WAYNE: Student Co-Op Comm. 43,, SP 43,. WILKINS, MARY SUSAN: 4PM, Pan- hellenic Council 43,4,, SNEA 43,4,, YWCA 43,. WILKINSON, ANITA WRAY: AAA, Band 0,2,, Class Social Chairman 0,, Smifh Vice-Presidenf 42,, Order of the Old Well 43,, Punhellenic Council 43, 4,, Campus Affairs Comm. 42,, SP 0, 2,3,4,. SWILLARDSON, JOHN STANLEY: HKA, Baseball 42,3,4,, Grimes Presi- dem 42,, MRC 41,, UP 0 ,2,3,4,. WlLlETS, III, GEORGE MARSHALL: KW, Pharmacy Senate 43,. WILLIAMS, BETTY GAILE: Winsmn Sec- refary43,. WILLIAMS, BROOKE NICHOLSON: AKE, Carolina Symposium 42,, Daily Tar Heel 0,3,, lnt'l Students Board 0,. WILLIAMS, CHERYL LYNN: 4PM, Card- board 43,4,, GM Films Comm. 44,. WILLIAMS, DAVID BROWN: Academic Affaits Comm. 0,4,, Wrestling 0,, SP 0,3,. WILLIAMS, JOE ANDERS:$MA, Men's Glee Club 0,2,3,4,, WUNC-TV 43,4,, AFROTC 41 ,2,. WILLIAMS, JUDY CATHERINE: 4bM, Campus Chest 43,4,. WILLIAMS, LAURIE GRAY: X0, An'y General's Staff 43,4,, YWCA 42,3,4,. WILLIAMS, MARGUERITE NEWTON: SNEA 44,. WILLIAMS, STEPHEN BRUCE: AXE, Graham President 42,, MRC 43,4,, More4 head Lt. Governor 43,, Sociefy of Janus. WILLIAMS, SUSAN MILDRED: Univer sity Chorus 43,4,. WILLIAMS, Ill, THOMAS NOTTING- HAM: KA. WILLIAMS, WENDELl MIDDLETON: Band 0,2,3,4,, Murehead Lt. Gover- nor 44,, Siudent Athletic Council 43,. WILSON,JUDITH CLAIRE: Nurses Dorm President 44,, WRC 43A,. WILSON, III, PETER THOMAS: 4DA9, YMCA 42,3,4,. WILSON, RICHARD PARIS: Fencing 43, 4,, UP 42,3,, YRC 0 ,2,3,4,, YAF 44,. WILSON, JR., STEWART LEIGH: 4DA0, Gimghoul, Order of Beunbirds 43,4,, Germans Club 42,3,4,, Presidenf 44,. WILSON, THOMAS WAYNE: Granville College Sena1e43,, YDC 0,4,. WINBORNE, JOHNNY HUTCHINGS: YDC 41 ,2,3,4,, 55'. 42,3,4,. WINDER, SARAH TUCKER: 111341,, Cam- pus Chest 43,4,, YWCA 43,4,. WINFREY, RONALD EUGENE: Orien- tation Comm. 44,, State Affairs Comm. 44,: SP4314,- WINN, MARCIA MARIE: FAA, Caro- lina Symposium 42,. WINSTEAD, SAMUEAL BYRD: tbAG, IFC 44,, Tennis41,. WINTER, JEAN CAROLYN: AAH, KE, Carolina Women's Council 43,, Order of the Old Well, Toronto Exchange Comm. 43,, WAA 42,, Women's Honor Council 44,5,. WINTON, ROBERT EMMETT: 39H, AIPA, AEA, $13K, Intramural Mgr. 44,, Munon and Shouts, University Sym- phony 0,2,3,4,. WISE, ELIZABETH: AAH, GMAB 44,, Orientation Counselor 44,, Panhellenic Council 44,, Campus Affairs Comm. 43,. WOLCOTT, III, WILLIAM FRANCIS: AY, Aft'y General's Staff 0,2,, Cross Country 41,, Truck 0,. WOMBLE, JR., JAMES DORSETT: E41113, Campus Chest 0,, IFC 43,4,. WONSAVAGE, CAROL GREER: Caro- lina Symposium 44,, Daily Tar Heel 43, 4,, UP 44,, UNC Press Club 43,4,. WOOD, RICHARD WILLIAM: MA, Football 41,, Scabbard and Blade. WOOD, ROBERT WILLIAM: Lacrosse 0, 2,3,4,, Monogram Club 44,, Rugby 44,. WOODARD, CLEMENT BENSON: ATQ, Basketball 41,. WOODARD, JR., JOHN VERNON: Band 42,3,, NCPA 43,4,. WOODDY, JR., AUBREY JUDSON: Baseball 0,. WOODIN, III, RAYE PALMER: HKA, Tennis 41,. WOODRUFF, JR., LEON FESTUS: ATQ, Att'y General's Staff 0,2,3,4,, Football 0,, Order of the Old Well, Scot? Col- lege Senate 43,4,, Orientation Coun- selor 44,, Morehead Scholar. WOODS, ELINOR ELIZABETH: KKIV. WOODSON, JR., PAUL BERNHARDT: AKE, An'y General's Stuff 43,, Elec- tions Board 0,, UP 413,314,- WOOTEN, RACHEL HOLLISTER: AAA, Atf'y General's Staff 43,, Orien'afion Counselor 44,. WOOTTON, LINDA lAMBETH: KKF, Fine Arts Fes?ival 43,, SNEA 43,4,. WORTH, RANDOLPH LUTHER: fbAO, IFC 42,3,4,, Order of the Old Well, Student Legislature 42,3,, UP 41,2,3,4,, YMCA 42,3,4,, Orientation Counselor 42,, SLJudicial Comm. 42,3,. WORTHINGTON, DONNA LOU: Class Vice-President 43,, SNA 41,2,3,. WRIGHT, EDITH KELLOGG: XQ, Order of ?he Beanbirds, X0 President 44,. WRIGHT, Ill, JAMES JOSEPH: 4DAO, AH'y General's Stuff 41,2,3,, Germans Club 43,. WRIGHT, JR., ROBERT THOMAS: MA, Daily Tar Heel 0,, Intramural Mgr. 43,4,, Rugby 43,4,. WYLIE, BRUCE LYNDE: Saint Anthony Hall, Craige College Senate 0,, Sop cer 41,, Lacrosse 41,. WYRICK, MARY MELINDA: KAG. YARBROUGH, RICHARD LANE: A211, Band 0,2,. YATES, JOHN WILLIAM: ATQ, 41,112, Mutton and Shoots, College Life 43,4,, Morehead Scholar. YELTON, ADONA SUE: H3413, SPU 44,, YWCA 44,. YELTON, MARGARET LYNN: AAA, Fine Arts Festival 43,, Orientation Comm. 44,, WRC 44,. YELVERTON, JOHN CONVERSE: XW, Basketball 41,, Track 41,, Cheerleader 42,. YOUNG, ANTONIA CAROL: Mclver Treasurer 44,, SNEA 42,4,. YOUNG, BONNIE WINKLER: HB4D, Order of the Beanbirds, FBE. YOUNG, JAMES RICHARD: ATQ, Men's Honor Council 0,2,, State Af- fairs Comm. 0,, UP 43,4,, Morehead Scholar. YOUNG, MICHEAI. SIDNEY: HKA, Cardboard 43,4,. YOUNG, NANCY GAYLE: KA, Orien- tation Comm. 43,4,, Communications Comm. 41,, WRC 43,4,, YWCA 43,. YOUNG, ZAN: KKF, Panhellenic Council 43,, Campus Chest 43,, GM Social Comm. 44,. YOUNGS, MARY TERESA: University Symphony 0,2,3,. ZADJEIKA, GEORGE WHITE: Football 42,3,4,, Monogram Club 43,4,. ZAMBELlI, WILLIAM WALTER: AKW, President 44,, GJBK, $112, B112, Daily Tar Heel 42,, Wrestling 0,2,3,4,, PIFC 43,4,. ' ZETTEL, NORMAN JOSEPH: K2, NSA 44,, UP 41,2,3,4,. ZUMWALT, ELMO RUSSELL: NROTC 43,4,. Yackety Yack 509 Academic Affairs Comm. Academics Administration Administrative Affairs Air Force ROTC Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Epsilon Della Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Tau Omega Angel Flighl Arnuld Air Society Alhlulics Attorney General's Staff Avmy Dorm Aycock Dorm Baseball Baskelball Beauties Beta Gamma Sigma Bela Theta Pi Budget Committee Campus Affairs Comm. Campus Chest Carolina Forum Carolina Handbook Carolina Playmakurs Carolina Political Union Carolina Quarterly Carolina Symposium Carolina Talent Search Carolina Women's Council Chapel Hill Flying Club Chi Omega Chi Phi Chi Psi Cobb Dorm Colleges Communications Comm. Consolidated Univarsily Sludcnl Council Connor Dorm Cnsmupolitan Club Cmigc College Cross Country Cullural Affairs Daily Tar Heel Debalc Team Della Della Delta Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Sigma Pi Delta Upsilon Dental Hygiene Denislry DLPhi Senate Educational Affairs Ehringhaus College Elections Board Everett Dorm Executive Branch External Affairs Facuhy Fencing Football Frank Porter Graham Awards Fraternities G.M.A.B. Gamma Beta Epsilon Gamma Beta Phi Aaron, Ral h. 150 Ahhol. An ur, 2182 Ahercmmhin. Runald. 112. 210 Abcrnaihy. George. 201 Almrnalhy. 111 Leroy. 211 brahnm.N1paleon,82.195 Amone. Ioth Accu.11-.Marshail 92. 219 Acra Anim 495 Adair Simian. 11411 31111 Adams. Daniel. 221 Adams. Iumes 217 Adams. IleLr. 178 Adams. Ionni Dr. 2011 1111111115. IMuhn. Adam ' Adams.Richa1-d Adams. Richard Adams. Robert C.. 82 Adams. Rober1T.159 177. :30 Adams. Sarah. 112. 1157 Adams. Steven. 449 510 Yackety Yack ORGANIZATIONS 433 66 68 434 474 276 379 364 372 302 380 380 228 438 197 183 262 240 400 381 304 435 436 459 428 447 488 459 447 430 426 454 465 278 308 188 130 435 425 152 454 213 231 427 448 453 280 310 366 312 485 482 453 432 172 439 184 421 424 70 255 234 78 292 472 393 460 Index Germans Club Golf Gorgon's Head Lodge Graham Dorm Graham Memorial Granville College Granville E1151 Greeks Grimes Dorm Hinton-James College Humecnming Queen Honoraries Honor System Comm. Inlcrfmtcrnity Council Internal Affairs International Student Center Internalional Student Cenlcr Comm. Inlramurals onner judicial Branch Iucicial Affairs Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Della Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Psi Kappa Sigma King College Lacrosse Lambda Chi Alpha Law School Legislative Branch Lewis Dorm Linle Sisters of Minerva Mangum Dorm Manly Dorm Medicine Men's Glee Club Men's Honor Court Men's Residence Council Misfits Monogram Club Marchead College Morrison College Mutton 11nd Shoals N.S.A. Committee National Merit Scholarship Comm. Naval ROTC Nurses Dorm Off-Campus Old East Dorm Old West Dorm Order of the Beanbirds Order of the Gimghnul Order of the Golden Fleece Order of the Grail Order of the Gmy Cup Order of the Old Well Organizalions Orientation Comm. Panhellenic Council Parker Dorm Patrons Performing Arts Pharmacy Phi Bela Kappa Phi Della Chi Phi Della Theta 350 259 395 185 470 162 166 270 208 147 415 378 439 352 436 216 427 266 153 444 438 314 282 284 286 386 316 205 264 318 489 440 186 398 206 207 488 464 444 457 452 461 182 132 399 425 432 475 138 220 214 215 392 394 382 383 396 384 418 437 455 198 522 462 480 385 370 320 Phi Ela Sigma Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Mu Phi Mu Alpha Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Beta Phi Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Phi Pi Lambda Phi Professional Fraternities Professional Schools Publications Publicatiuns Board Public Hcallh Residence College Comm. Rho Chi Ruffin Durm Rugby St. Anthony Hall Scabbard and Blade Scotl Cullcge Secretarial Semper Fidelis Seniors Senior Class Officers Senior Honors Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Thcia Tau S.N.E.A. Soccer Social Work Society of Janus Society of Kraspolcs Sororities Specifications Slacy Dorm Slate AHairs Comm. Stray Greeks Student Athletic Council Student Committee on Honors Sludent Credit Comm. Sludenl Discounting Comm. Student Government Student Legislamre Sweelhearls Swimming Tau Epsilon Phi Tarheol Bands Tunguc Dorm Tunnis Torunm Exchange Comm. Track U.N.C. Gleemen U.N.C. Press Club Valkyries W.U.N.C. Women's Honor Court Women's Residence Council Wrestling Ynck Court Yack Queen Yackcly Yack Zeta Bela Tau Zeta Psi STUDENTS AND FACULTY Astnrlh. Ill. Robert. 169 Airdan. Damadar. 495 Ailken. Pew. 284 Allmrx Conrad. 92. 30111. 355 Al11righ1.Alan :19 6 .443 Alhrlghl 111. 0111011111. 31111. 376 Adams. Adams W1ll11'1m60 S.. Adams Willi1m H .. 12528 am. 350. 356. 392 Adnmson. Sharon.155 Addlnslunc. Ann 415. 47.1 Adkin 11. Karl 82 1511.424 Arlkissun.Thumas.156 Adler. Allan. 340. .161 Agar. Luycr.2 A msla. Sinvcn. 2144. 11136. 4:13 A urn. Dnnielz 71111.Dnv1d.221z Aid. Esperanza. 495 Aiken. Elven. 158 Aiken. 11121. 3:12. 350 Aiken. ill. Warwick. 144. 465 1411:1111. Roy. 12-1. 359 Aldurm.1n.Tl1umas. 177 Aldingcr. 1111111111 dri1:h. Wallace.I 82. am. 1176 dridg'e.1amcs1 11113 WiHinm. 21o 11555 :1 . o 11 a . Y1 Stephen. 150 11.. Slurling. 159 512171-11. 495 11exandcr. Susan. 29011.1 391. 455 cxnnder Thomas.3 exion. 11m 171 372'M rnrd. Danny. 207. 211 ford, Eleanor. 1117. 2112 ford. Guy. 302. 354 1:1111. Elinnr. 1137 A A A A A A A Allen. Auguslus. 1159 Allan, Barbaru.154 Allen Ira. nCharXcs 217 Allen. 11 nnnnam 112. 221 Allen Donna 82 191. 385 Allen. Dwighl. 82. 312. 358, 390. 425. Allen, Ernesl. 162 Allen. Gear 0. 157 Allen. 612m d. 499 A111". 11:. 111111115. 1119 Allen. lcnnic. 21:111 Allen. Ioth 21 Allen,11. Iasuzph. 112 179 Allen. Lindn.1.'15 Allen. Marvin. 232 . Mickey, 155 Allen. Philip. 492 Allen. 1111111211109 Allen. Ross. 14: Allan. Steve. 355 11131.11 Wadv. 1190 Allison. Craig. 13.1 Allison. Inhn. 221. 386 Allison. Larry. 221 Miran. Michael, 112. 221 Allmd. Charles. 82. 203 Allrcd. David. 169 Allrod. Linda. 11:: Allied. Michael. 142 Allrcd, Rabcrl. 221 Allshmuk. r.. William. 487 Almond. C 31185. 487 11111101111. Michael. 2113 Almond. Tony. 152. 20:! Alpcrin. Ruben. 14o Alpin. Iamcs 33599 11151011. George. Alslnn. Pchzr. 112. Jan. 351 Alsup.Mariun1 Aliman.1r..Gardnc1-.92 221 1111' arcz. Lclicia. Ambler. 13112311218289 Arnm-sun. Hem. Amlong. William. 132. 1147. 4411 Andm. Archie 112. 206 Anderson. Andy. 3111 Anderson. Brian. 82. 200 388 322 346 288 374 324 290 348 326 328 383 478 448 446 494 437 387 208 258 330 388 196 434 477 76 81 500 332 834 458 338 338 389 480 232 498 1390 397 272 528 187 424 275 230 433 426 438 420 440 404 252 340 468 199 250 427 256 465 458 391 463 445 456 250 402 401 450 842 344 Anderson. um 11! Anderson. Douglas 11.23.4135 Anderson. Dnu Ins W.. 211 An1iersun.Dud cy. 495 111. Esley. 356. 439 Eugene.92. 3711 3711. 490 Frederick 492 Ruberl An- ersun Rny 49220G Anrersun. 11 Tom. .1112 An- arson Virginia.2 A11 crlon. 11.. ch1xrles.7320. 359. 353 An 1akn.lohn. 174,179.11 An ruws. Barbara. 221 Andrews, CaruL 499 Andrews. Evelyn. 112. 167 Andrews junice. 209 Andrews. Kenneth 179 Andrews. Margarel. 191 Anvcws. Sara. 288 Angel. Bernard. 3172. 354 Angeli. Charlus. 112. 200, 385 Ange". III. Monrovia. 82, 338. 381 Anglin 11.. RIchurd.483 Ana 6011, II. Willinm.171 Ant nny. Ann. 202 Anihony. Barhuru. 138. 450 Appel. ShII-Iey. 82. 188. I90 Appleiield. d.gmu. 218 Appleiord. 0n6Id. 217 Amps c. Geurge. 158 Arhuc e. Corinne. 278 ABI-cher. urk Archibald. EIIIEnfM 154. 472 Archie. laseh Archie. I1: aelm 212 Arch in. Thomas. 490 Arey. Craig. 180. 221 Amy. 1.. 101mm Are.obcr1.6 Ar nIuI'. Ronald. 180 A1 1111. Roger. zoo Arinil. David. 189. 7748 ArmenlrouI. Russell. 221 Armour. Alan. 200. 245 Armour. 861' . 82. 330. 360 Armsirnng. C nrles. 338. 381 ArmsII-ang. Claudio. 365 Armsirong. 121111.22 Armstrong. Larry. 338. 381 Armstrong. 133 Armsirong. 11.. Thomas. 200 AI'neIIe. JeanncIlB. 498 Ame . lahn. 179 Arno 11. Andrew. 194 ArnuId. Cheryl. E0 ArnDId. FI'EDCDS.1 AI'IIDId. PHII'ICII. 82. 332.380.3197. Amnson. SheIIn.191 Arringion. Eva. 191 Arthur. RCin'IviIa. 288. 425 AsbiII.R Ashhum.c Philip. 194. 386 Ashbum. Ruben. 156 Ashby. Ronnie. 133. 141 Ashford. PaIer. 109 Ashley. uIi6. 62. 221 Ashley. I-I. SIanIey. 82 Ashwonh. Jennifer. 414 AIIIIa. Rqu.4 AIChIey. I'.. George. 82.221 Alchlcy, 61-6n . AIkInI. Alfred. 3102. 354 Alkins. Iane.154 AIkinson. Churloile. 837. 280. 437 AIIeI-hury. WIIIi0m3 AIwaIer Luther. 142M AIwnIeI'. Thomas. 158 Atwoad. IudiIh. 485 AuherchaII-Ic. Anne. 455 Aubuchun. ancI. Ki. 282 An". 1616 h. 210 Aumnn. Iherine. 167 Aurnan. amus. 487 Amman. ohnIXJZI Aumn-anlo. gala. 63. 7.21 Aurand. Rebecca.1 Auslell. S6111. 330 R I. Auinn. yna. 83. 288. 472. 473 Aulen. 00. 436 Aumn. Illiam. 200 Aulry. Bruce. 211 111101. times. 189 Amy. am. 132. 258. 257 AvercII. Vernon. 221. 441 Avery. Alphonsn. 372 Avery. David. 302 Avery. III. Isaac. 194 Avery. an. 83. 221 Avery. III Avis. Frederick.'4 Ayash Gary. 182. 194 356 457 Aycock. Edmund. 83.22 A dIuII. ChnI-Ius. 150 AL'dIEIEIIE. RoberI. 83. 221 879. Mnry. 2 A 81's. Sleven. 606 A son. 11.. Benlgno 495 H..bcnck. Ann. 278 Babcock. Anna. 83. 130 Bnbcock. RIch61d.320. 350 Babcock. William Backus. 11.. George. 145 Bacon. Richard.498 Baddour. I. 116.221 Eaddaur. Se ehcn. 338 Badger. Davi. 300. 355 Badger. 611106. 378 Badger. ern. 221 Badger. Sheila. 155 8601-. Melvin. 63. 328. 359 Bag. BeIa. 304 Haggai. Clifford. 487 BaggeII. Fred. 380 8633611. L12. James. 83 96 en. eggy. 190 Hag 2y. LIIIIIIn. 138. 404 Bagwell. Ern6.1 198. 200 I13::5W8IIJIOHEII8.821.320.358 18 . Culhcrine. 191 Bailey. Edw wian. Bailey. III, Inseph. 83, 3382. 385 Bailey. Ma'Iy. 83. 138.3 Eaiiey. MlchncI.1 B6iIcy. Sally. 83.1190 36in. CIII'II'IBS. 210 Bnker. Bruce. 160. 467 Baker. Darrell, 492 Baker. David. 158 Baker. Lee. 453 86112:. 1.0680. 380 Baker. Richard. 289 Baker. Ronald. 145. 428 Baker. 506116.138. 3m Baldwin. Belly. 278 BnIdwin. Eliznbclh,2 Baldwin. WOI'III. 2082 210, 372.443 Eulay. IIIm Haley. III. Lewis. 334. 360 8611.9 rem6. 495 Eaiis. Frank. 160 Ball. David. 252 401 Ball. 11.. Frederick. 157 Ball. Ru and. 177 Ball. Terry. 217 Eallnncu. Ir.. Luiher. 203 Ballard. James. 145 Ballard. Pairicin. 83. 138 Ballenger. Grady. 169 BnIIou. IL. Charles. 221 Bame. George, 83. 221 Bandy. Ma H86 167 Banner. WiI I616. 170 Eanla. Bradford. 194 Bnrha. Louis. 232. 300. 355 Barbee. III. George. 195 Barbee. James. 338. 361 Enrhon. Charles. 221 Barbee. Gnil. 270 Barber. Harald. 221 Barber. ohn. 63. 320. 358 usnn. 63. 276. 384. 389. 391 Barber. IL. Wade. 4112 BarbieI-o. HMIIIIIaIII. 180 881' ay.H ugh. 316 Emuawil. A do.4 Bun eIaben. Mnrjcne.38 86: en. RohnId. 03. 378, 9381. 385 Bannlph. Mark. 211 Bare. Daniel. 159 86161001. Dan. 438 Bnrnfoni. Donald. 142. 484 BarefuoI SIephIzn. 221. 427 8618". Barley. 455 BarIiBId. Douglas. 159.487 Bnrham. 11.. Berlin. 487 Bnrham. RnberI. 4m Barker. Donald. 180 BurkcI. Kalhcrine. 03. 221 Barkley. AIIIIn. 370. 370. 480 Barkley. Barbara. 83. 221 861kle.P611-ick 347 Burks 6Ic. William. 495 Bnrluw. Iames. 320, 359 801686. David. 142. 370 Barnes. David. 134, 250. 751. 384 Barnes. 13.160163 Barnes. III. Frank. 170 Barnes. 11:. Henry. 83. 359 Barnes. 1661ch 95 Barnes. 11.. 1611106 H.. 83. 259. 334. Barns. Kaihryn. 278 Barnes. Kennelh. 200 Barnes. Leonurd. 203 Barnes. MIII-ion. 238 Barnes. MichaeI.46 461 811mm. III. Rohcrl. 83. 171 Barnes. 36111.2 51 Barnes. Sandra. 209 611108. Susan. 218 6111a. S biI. 167 611169. T amas. 221 11111133. 11.. WilIiIIm A.. 145 611183. William H.. 185. 195 nmll. William R" 83. 221 Dame". udy.83. 221 Darnell ynda. 138 BarneII. Richard. 159 I nI-neII. Rim. 107 amell. Thomas. 83. 357 . arneile. Andra. 191 IIarnhnI-dl. Sndlcr. 179 aI-num, Carol.83 . zoo aI-num. Richard 332. 360 BarnweIl. Howard. 336 Barnwnll: Murioriu. 190 Barr. Emce. 169 Barragan. Bruce. 459 Bnrrngnn. Frank. 206 Barman. Deborth 19 8111-12". Buran-II. 278. 398. 411. 438 Barrett. George. 492 8611-611. Grainger. 4Z5 IIII-IIIII II Inn. 65. 375 Barrier. Irene. 209 811mm, Susan. 03. 278. 391 961-1011. 'I'irnoIhy. 490 Burrow. Carole. 138 BancI. Joseph. 388 Barlhalnmew. Cami. 154 BanhoIomcw. Claudia. 84. 167. 425 Bartholomew. Melvin. 04. 178 Harlan. Gregory. 467 Harwick. Charles 84. 216 BasisIa. Ger anon. Dnvi. 69 8.1306. Pamela. 191 8655. 11.. Ecaiy. 487 8666. Harold. 192 9656. ahn. 109. 380 Bass. 011. 326 ass. 11.. Newheny. 221 656. Ruben. 162. 385. 457 ass. Susan. 84. 191 656. 11.. W6IIon. 388. 376 665. W05 939, III. W Ilium. 142 nsscII. CnmI. 177 0851:". loan. 154 IISEBII, William. 231, 258. 257 Iassiouhi. EmIId .4 .Inlcheior. Waller. 328. 359.487 61H. PnuIEIIE 8.170 96185. William. 332. 360 Ealke. Palm" Balmasian. Iim. 221. 377. 453 Balsan. Ruben I16. 468 BnIIen. Phillip. 221 BnIIIn. Ir.. I566c. 221 Balls. David. 155 Bulls. Victor. 185 Baiuyids. Han- . 84. 219 8611mm. Donn d H.. 144. 158 Baucnm. 11.. Iamcs. 157 Baucum. udiIII. 84. 167 Bancom. try. 464 86030111. Susan. 191 Baugham, Charles. 84. 221 Baughn. Sandra. 177 Baugucss. Bernmd842. 196.199.2111 Bauguess. MIIIIin.4 Bauman. Earh6ra. 136 21 Baumann. III Curl. 158 BIIuI'nIIn.DIII1iEI.8454 Eauman. KemhIe.4 811111. Ed7wnrd. 84. 232. 310. 356. Baxley. Dnuglas.84. 221. 380 Baxlzy. 6186116. 167 Huxley. William. 370 Baxler. Thomas. 358 Baxier. Wanda. 209 Bayard. Richard. 143 Buemore. IL. Cyrus. 464 Beach. Beverly 138. 485 Deni. Archihn CI. 84. 221 BenIE. Email. 144. 379 BenIer.laneI. 155. 450 I366" lehmalz Beall. Thomas. 210 5374. 377. 467 826m. Dnniel. 64.1 966111. Donald. 3485 Beam. Harrieii. 280. 485 866m. Norm6n. 179 Benin, RIIIh.13836 Ecamon. 11660.1 Bean. Charles.12m.4?A. 425 92.169. Ioh6.21 Beard. III. Bryce. E9. 348 Beard. Rebeccn. 167 588918.111th Beasley. Charles. 302. 354. 386 EeasIey. Corn. 84. 200.380 Beasley. In. Robcrl. 84.380144 886100. 51008. 84 355 BeaIIy. Charles D.. 2111 BeaIIy. Charles L. .. 7113 Emmy. Dennis. 84.3 Benuchcnin. PhiI 132. 142. 457 Bcnulieu. MicheI.84136 39;;81'. JeI'I'I-ey. 84. 221. 234. 236. 2 Beavers. EIainE. 154 Beavers. Michael. 358. 465 Benzley. Mar. 187. 412 Behhzr. Gem 6. 217 Back. Cornelia. 84.136 3! Beck. David. 94. 221. 256 Becker. Linda. 2110 Ecclun, Iohn. 221. 484 Bnddow. Thomas. 84. 194 Beekaman, Helen. 84. 282 Beermn. Andrea. 290. 392. 393 Beerslecher. Carol. 138 BehI-e. chIIsIophur. 193 Bchrman. Douglas. 308. 355 Beiden. loseph 84. 330. 360. 397 EnlgradE. PauIM 221 Belinsky. Davidfu145 Belk. Jerry. 84. 159 Eelk. uIia.191 Bell. NaIaIin. 84. 177, 284 Bell. RoheII. 314. 357. 435 Bell. William. 314, 357 Hello. Thomas. 144.149.1541 Bellville.Ch61Ies.192 8810. Gordon. 84.211 BeIaIe. Virginia. 154 Beisinger. 0101.1! BembenisIa. Waller. 492 Eenbow. Andrew. 84 Benbow. eIIy. 430 chepe. Craig. 189.334 BenIIcId. Dennis. 145 BunncII. CharIes M.. 347 BenneII. Dave. 734. 355 Bcnncli. Eleanor. 495 Benncll. IL. Hugh. 492 Benneli. Iohn 8.. 208. 210 BenncII. Ir. uhI'I C... 312. 358 Eenneil. Mic 381.142 BenneII. Pairicia. 154.1 Benneli. Randolph. 332. 392. 395 BcnneII. William. 230. 24 6 Benninga. Jacques. 179 Bcnninglon. David. 158 Bensah. Brian. 355 Bensch. 666138.488 Hensley. Peler. 221 Benson. Andrew. 169 Henson, 16mm. 177 Benson. Joanna. 164 Benson. John. 84. 141. 368 Benson. Judiih. 191 Benson. Pamela. 138 Benson. Tommy. 160 Benson. William. 492 BanIley. Edward. 2111 Benton. Harrell. B4. 221 BenIon. Dempsey.365 BenIon. 1611106. 84.221 BenInI-I. Michael. 308 Benton. Richard. 217 Benin, RunaId. 192 BenIon. Thomas. 85. 217. 440. 441 Berg. Peter. 143. 4 Berg. In. Randall. 193 Berger. Ronald. 158 Bergman 13106:. Berqund. Peter. 180 Bering. Dennis. 194 Enrlow. Bruce. 158 Bernasek. Linda. 191 Bernholz. Roger. 179 BernsIein. Jerry. 467 Bernslein. Norman. 379 Barrier. Gregory. 100 Barry. 8n8. 177 8259. Thomas. 378 13251. mired. 370. 430 3851. Pelar. 492' EeIIs. Doris. 70 Balls. II.. 01m. 65. 304. 354 EEIIS. Ric 610. 218. 7.55. 386 890556. DonnIE. 218 Bevacqua. Dav . 177. 259 Beverly.I Gerald. 357. 388 BickeII. Bicksler. IWrIIiam. 85, 254.265.3412. 354. 3 3 Bieber. PcIcr. 198.203 Biggar. Lee.177 BiggaIs. Vicki. 85. 187 Eiggursiaif. thhy. 85, 221 gigamaif. Charles. 221 ngs Cynthia.85,138 Billings. James. 492 Binkley. Patricia. 290 406 Binnick. Warren. 361 Biraher. Richard. 85. 212 Eirchl'icld. Patricia. 190 Bird. James. 05. 217 Birniu. Ada. 413 Bischoil'. Iim. 285 Bishop. Canhia. 499 Bwhop. DoriIha. 196. 191. 282 BIshop. Elmer. 144. 424. 444 Bishop. Mary. 154 Bisseile. Ir WinsIan. 490 Bivcns. Bruce. 347 E XEI'. William. 392 B ackC and is. 85 B ac. David. 388 E M: , Deborah. 155 B ac . James. 85. 344. 362. 393. 395 13 ac . Lewis. 3741. 359 B an . Linda. 167 13161: . III. Norman. 361 B 61: . Ronald. 217 Norman. 357 Teresa. 221 WIIIiam. 221 SIdney. 221 Andrew. 194 Anna. 157 . Iahn. am. 355 Ioseph. 193 .Maxy. 191 Frances. 85. 221. Riahard.132. 142 air. in. Edward. 85. 221 air. 866. 282. 469 air. John. 301354 air. LL. Robert. 6.. 221. 487 air oherl .. 85 ai , II. William 13., 492 air. 11. William H.. 140 aka. Charlene. 138 aka. Ioseph. 170 eke. M61Ih6. 138, 380 6k0Iy. Frances. 191 Iakemore. Porter. 221 akcwnod. III. Benjamin. 145 alack. III, Alvm alock. 1'.. Georgia. 192 auhar . Lucius. 488 6611. Michael. 154. 193 andIoId. William. 221 Iank. Land . 236 ank. cha d. 179 lankensnip. BeIIy. 138 I6nkensmp.MaIwIm85. 142.385 nnIon. 1.. T601666. 85. 17 union. 1.. William. 65 Iausiein. Henry. 85. 221 6onck. Stephen. 217 aynuy. Camlyn.288 edsoe. M8 emiey. Mic aeI. 157 1126111. Johnnie. 146 oak. Christina. 200 08k. IudIIII. 188 lack. Michael. 85. 201 oak. Norman. 201 0113811. William. 344 mm. George. 85. 359 ounI. Sumner. 85. 348 auni. William. 85. 356 118'. Don. 170 "E. Richard. 85. 258, 362 the. Harry. 160 806k. Jeffrey. 326. 359 386 Boardman. Ganffrey. 177 anrdman. Katherine. 85. 177 Enho.RonaId. 65,306. 353. 355. 368 Bochcr. Carin. 463 Bode. RobErI. 308. 355 Bndenhelmer. Rebecca. 209 Bodenheimcr. Susan. 155 Bodie. IamuJ Badman. C61Iyle.22 Bogenschulz. Slnphen. 218. 484 Eager. Ann.1 Boggs. K6Ihy.w154 80335. Nara. 85. 190 Hoim. Beverly. 85. 282 Bning. Donna. 154 EuIIInd. Laura. 167 Boles. Lefty. 140 Boles. WiIIIam. 344. 362 Bolger. Mary. 191 Eolick. Bruce. Z8246 80lick.C61'I.179 Bnlick.H6101d,85,46370.7376.4w Bolick. Kenneth. 156.4 BOIIn. P6Irici6. 85. Boling. In. Vernon. 85.217 Bolla.Linw00d.171 mmmmmmmmmmmwu mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmgmmmmmm Bollnn. Brian. 206 86111111. Gayle. 234. 736 Bond. Evelyn.7 398 80nd. T6ci8.2 BondhrnnI. 11.. 7WiIIi6m. 179 Boner. Richard . 212 Bonny. Howard. 170 Bonner. Henrietta. 85. 154 Bonner. Karen. 190 9001161. Ctherine. 282 Booker. In. Benjamin. 355 Backholl. Robert. 463 Boon. Fcnnn. m9 Boone. Mary. 86. 138 Bonus. Victoria. 154 Boolh. Brenda. 221 BooIh. Thom66. 169 801deh.Canhia.85. 155. 456 Borden. SIIIIy. 85.280 Boring. menu. 88. 187 Born. Ch ris. 256 358 8061. WiIIinI'h I... 180 3091, William S..171 Boswell Cramer. 179. 236 Boswell. Lindsay. 298. 397. 429 Benin. IL. William. 221. 232 Bouldin. Mary. 68. 209. 391. 458 Bouldin.Th6m66.146 Euulns. PeIeI. 86.148 EouIIon. Wendy. 190 Houlwarc.juh11. 304 Bonnie. EIIzabeIh.138 Bourne. Franck. 195 BouIiIIier. An eIa. 88. 221. 369 Enwdnn. Em Bowen III.WiIIi6nI.195 Bower. 610361.148 Bower. Rinhur . 388. 376 ancrmaslcr. Michael. 157 BaweIs. Michael. 156 Bawcrs. Ronald. 492 Bowers. Roslyn. 86. EB Bowie. Poll Bowles. HuIIm 290. 425 Bowles. 502 an. 201 Bowling. la n. 192 Bowling. Stephen. 179 aning. Thomns. 88. 180.221 0wman.CI6rII.171.370.378 ..owm6n, IL. CIyde. 201 owman. SIeven. 157 .owmsn. Terry. 142. 160 nwman. William. I36. 221. 388. 384. 435. 437 Bnyun. Lawrence. 180 Boyd. Bobby. 498 Boyd. DonnId.146 Boyd. 666136.206 Buyer. any. 606. 210 BoycIIe. Douglas. 376 nayeIIe. Rodney. 88, 216 Boykin Eddie. 136 MichaeI.177 nmns. 88, am Boyle.16mna.192 Boylea. Norm6n. 314 Boylcs Ruben. 156 BrncaIc. Leo oldo. 495 Bracken. RD 811, 140 Bracken. IL. Travis. 17 0:601:00. William. 210 BracshiI-e. Mary. 136 Brncy. III. Odie. 141 Bradford. Iames, 201. 246 Bradley. Benjamin. 2113 Bradley. Chip, 234. 236 Bradley. Craig, 384. 461 Bradley. 11.. James E.. 206 Bradley. Jame: H.194,30 Bradley. Iohn.328 . 380 Bradley. RusseII.142 Bradley. William. 217 81681661. 16111011. 194 Brncner. Robert. 88. 334. 353. 360 31-6 ner. In. William, 219 Branshnw. III Auhre'y. 194 araIshaw. John. 484 '1 Meredith. 411 Bracy. 16mm. 145 Brad y. Jane. 55. 282. 392. $33. 398 sIaIIy, Mary.456 Bragg Bramblmtfanndall. 304. 354. 386 Emma. Robert. 189 EIamIeII. Inmes. 88. 221 EramIeII.Iohn.144 Branamnn. Beverly. 86.167 Branch.Beni661i Brangh Franklin .355H383385. Branch. Inmu. 86. 322. 358 Brand. P6161. 284. 332. 360 Brandenburg. Robert 158 Branda. Sarah. 167 Brandis. Henry. 144 Brandon. Francis. 385 Brandon. Richard. 142 Brandon. Scull. 495 IIrnnscome. Glen. 385 ransun. wRoy.66.14z Immuackw 21 Iraniley. Davidl. 180. 252. 7.54 LinnIIey. I I6I-hu. 142 Brandnfv. IulIan. 767. 320, 356 8166616 I. oseph. 212. 372 EraawaII. iIIiaI'n. 88. 189 BmInhur. Sandra. 83. 177 Brailon. Inhn. 353 358 Braiinn. GNangz 495 Braun.G Brawley. Boyce.17o BrawIey.M y66817m. 472. 473 Braonn. AIfre ym 916x106. Amos. 96.1210 Braxlnn. Lawrence. 86. 218 Bray. Richard. 356 Brayion. Richard. 232 8106111. Michael. 88. 210 Breazehle. Aliens. 499 Breedlove. Thomas. 203 Bregg. Elizabeih. 495 Brenuman. 6mm. 86. 201 Brenner. E ward. 466 Brealnw. KenneIh. 88.340. 381. 436 81096161. Richard.3 BreIhen. Charles. 111.2332. :30. 399 Bren. King. 514 Brewer. Barbara. 154 Brewer. Dannie. 189 Brewer. Evelyn.788 Brewer. Iohn.396 Brewer. Richard. 180. 449 Brewer. Rohln. 473 Brewer. Susan. 85.138 Drewsier. Dav .88 Bria . Harry. 150. 159. 457 Bric.lon.144. 380 Eric :house. Charles. 234. 336. 381 Bric xlemyer. Eugene. 492 Brictman. Bruce. 492 BIIdgeI.IoIIII.159 Bridgers. Ben. 402 B Snmue. Bridges. I'IIIIierick. m3 Bridges..56muel 386 Bridgforc. June. 86. Z86 Briggs. E 61n6. 221 IIIhI-ynJOS Brigga. Larry. 218 Briggs. R0 er. 145 s W' iam.142 Br' I. Don. 487 Brighl. Harry. 217 BriFI-Ian. Paul. 334 1m 0y. In. James. 140 EriIIS BrinceIlileld. lohn. 180 Briner. Frances. 86. 278 BIInIdey. Margo. 191 Hrinson. Benjamin. 2m.2 BrinIon.D61'yI. 284. 391. 435. 455 Erin Hois. 16y. 326 BIisInl. Coward. 219 Brisial. Edward. 424. 425 Brislaw. Andrew. 252 Briie. Peggy. 1 Erin. Durham. 187 BrilI.HeIIy,87.177 Brill. 611129. 87. 355 BriII. Wilson.1 BranIOOI, William. 218. 351 Ema dwny. Douglas. 87. 192 1'08 . Richard. 87. 221 Imc.RusaeIl.171 AlberI. 156 William. 180 Irad . H min. 87. 187 Brag en. Blackwell. 210 Bragden. Harry. 87. 221 BroiIi. R0 811. 87. 258. 308. 355 Brooklhan K. William. 217 8100 c. M6nh6. 67.810. 427 Broomrsnn. Ice. 87.157.751 I Bron 6. David. 378 810061. Katherine. 67. 177 9100 6. Mary. 81-00 ks. RobeI'I. 492 Broo s. Sallie. 155 Bruce. Samuel. 144 8100 5. Steven. ma Bran 6. Thomas. 484 Brno s. Irene. 482 8100 6. William E..17D 6mm. IL. WIIIIIIIII .15 81-60 Ishiie. Eeveri. 276 D0116159 87, 221 Broom. Richard.3 Ernng. 611256501. 3305 8r01hera.AaI-on. 87.194 Brothers. loel.182. 186. 194 BroIhc16.Suznnne.a7. 190 BrnughIon. D6116. 282. 425 Braughion. Harold. 210 Browand. Norm6. 495 Browdcr. 1.. George. 217 irowder. enneIh.142 Srown, Alvin. 871 Brown. Boyd.20 Brown. Candice. ?.278 391 Brown. Carol. Brown. 16. Charles M.. 492 Brown. ChaI-Iie R.. 201 Brown. Charles W.. 170 Brown. CIIII'II. 07. 167 Brown. Dale. 19.! Brown. David. 87. 345. 347 Brown. Donald C.. 179. 752 254 Brown. Donald F.. 87 Brown. Donald R.179 Brown. 91161611334 Brown. Gail. 87 Brown. Gary. 359 Brown. George. 156 Brown. Henry. 221 Brown. Herman. 170 Brown. James E61I.87.210 Brown. lame: Edgar. 157 Brown. ames C... 492 Brawn. ames H.. 145 Brown. umau RI. 195 Brown. times 8., 310. 357 Brown. ufirey. 7.01 Brawn. 601.201. 244.245 Brown. John M.. 87. 3m. 355. 383. 384 Brown. rhn 0.. 1m Brown. uIian. 67. 348 Brown. ilbuI-n. 492 Brown. Llewellyn. 87. 338. 381. 384. 390 Yackety Yack 511 Brawn, Mac.3 Brown. Michae771.424. 427 Brown, Mnlly. 67 190. 473 Brown. Peler.143 Brown. Ray.140 Brown. Richard. 140 Izmwn, Rickey. 150 Brown. Ruben. 212 Brown. Roger. 142 Brown4 Scull. 310. 356 Brown. Sleffan. 366 Brown. IL. Thomas C. 87. 206. 212 Brown. Thomas .. Brown. William BunIan. 217 Brown4 William E Brown4 William . Brown. William I. 156 Browne. Thumas.157 Brawnwell Mary. 385 Bmwnin. Gear 6, 376 Brownri ge. Bur ara.97.153.154. 7 456 Bruce. Bransan. 657 Bruce. Brands. 87. 171 Bruce. Caml. 154 Bruce. PEI. 155 Bruw, Rohcrl. 492 Bruckner. in. Max. 210 Eruesiie. Arihur. 495 Brunk. William. 463 Brunsnn. William. 463 Hrquo. Malcnlm. 179 Bruton. David. 221 Burton. Karen. 191 BIIIIoI-I. Mary 209. 454 Brynn. Chrilline. 154 425. 433 Bryan. RIcIIaIII.4 Bryan.10n.h BIyanI. CIIII'IIny47 147. 100 BryanI4 Emily.67 Bryanl. Fran 257 BryanI. Harry. 252 Bryam. Hesier, 221 BIyIInI. lames. 368. 376 BrynnI. Jennings. 492 Bryam. PaIIIck. 492 BryanI.Richard.67.171. 404 Biyson. Richard. 484 Hubi. Bec ky. Bun Bun Iannan. Charles. 192 Euclannn. euIIy, But: Ianan. Elncsl. 162. 163 But: 19mm. Helen. Z76 BucIanan, Sally. 87. 130 EuCIanan. Thomas. 160 BucIanan. Vernon4 2II Bucmnan. Viclor. 486.4 Bucmnan. WiIIIam. 67. 201 But: .holz. Ir. WilliIam. 495 But: . Gaorge. 48:! En: . 11.. James. 07 ac . Rabcrl 1... 301 u: . Robert Leighton. 177 ner. Bucky. 446 nnr. Enuon. 221 III: uc uc her. uc ner. r.. Kermit. 361 u c ner. orman.221 ur Ihnl Susan. 411 auergey, WiIIiam. 142 Buff. lama. 212 Buis. Richard 190 Bullard. Roger. 97. 221 Bullard. Va amugh 484 auiiin Ion. Susan. 209 BulIon . Charles. 146 Bullock. Duncan. 144 BulIuck. Elizahelh. 190 Eunce. Harold. 67. E3 Bunce. Madge. 67. 200. 463. 499 Bunch. Ruben. 201 Bunn. Timnlhy. 177 BunshaII. 6011. 234 Bunting. Duane. 142 Euniing. William. 201. Z44. 245 Burch. Mary.22 Burchnm. 11-9. 861. 144 BurchelI. Bruce. 66. ill Burd.!nhn.180 Burdu Is. Steve, 136. 461 Burdclle4DanIcl.156.467 9IIIgIss. MaIinII. 209 Burgess. Russell 169 BngIII. RabeI-I. 142 Burzwin. Steve. 202 Ell! Ck. scoII 169 Eu! 4:. Claire. 268. 435 won. 306. 37a Buns. Randolph.156 Bur nigh. Joanne. 495 Eur esnn. Kenneth. 340 mp an L4ynn 203 405 Burma". CharI es. 466 BurncII. Edward. 201. 464 BurneII. Randall. 142 BurneIIe. Richard. 68. 156 Burnham. James. 170. 473 Burnham. Inscph. 464 Burns. Candace. 136 Burns. Jerry Burns. Johnny. 364 176 Bums. lnhnn 11.. 157 Burns. Theo are. 212 Burris. RnbEI'I. 493 Burroughs. Linda. 66. 200 Burroughs. Rulh. 495 Bursun. Valerie. 191 9IIII. TeIry. 100 Burton. Duris. 66. 177 EuI-Ian. Dudley. 302a Burlnn. Garmnn.1 Eunun. lame: HawaId.192. 386. 376 512 Yackety Yack BurIun. lame: Hudson, 68 BurIon. Joseph. 365. 37a Burwell. David. 217 Burwcll Margarel. 66. 27a, 3924 393 Busby. iuiIIIII. 497 Busby. Phlilip. 216B 210 Eu.sty I.IIIII Bush. Flurance. 2807 Bush. LnuIs.2'12. 233.268. 355 Eushby. Iamcs. 158 Busick Wayne. 366. 376 Buskcy Tom Builcr. IL. Algernon. 490 HuIIEr. CliIInrd. 314. 357 BuIIur. Colin. 264 BuIIer. Ierry. 66. me BuIIer. Palrick. 192 Bulier. Ra mend. 68. 221 BuIIer, Rn eI'l. 356. 376 uIInr. SIEVE. 464 EuIIer SIcpIIen. 144.425 uIz. dne . :Iz, Euxlon. Erinn4 210. 366. 425. 427 Byers Rnnnie. 221 Byier. David. 66. 142 Eynurn. Humid. 499 Bynum. PaIIIcia. 465 2 Byrd. Ruben 6.. 66. 336. 361 Byrd. Ruben 6.. 157 Byrd Sieve.142 Byrd. William.l 487 Hymn. David.1 Byrnc4 Gary. 459 Bymm. loan. 69 130 ByIum. jnhnny. 200 Cuba. Inmcsl .464 Gabe. games Y.. 493 CahE. au 93 Caddy. Richard. 141 CaimA Anrihu Cain. Eric. 86. 199 2111 Cai Kalhlnen. 209 Cair . Michael. 219 Cak. Lynn.1 Cal.rnney.Thnmaslie 322. 356 Cal well. Charles.86 221 C61 w.EII Edwin.66 Cal well. Gayle. 167 Cal well. Harry. 378 Cal well4 Jesse. 157 . ar Calhoun. Elizabelh. 66. 278 Calhoun. Eric. :32. 360 Cullzn. aiuthM. 265. 302 353. 354. Cu away. Richard. 160 CI: nwny.Thm:I a. 385 Cu away. Donald. 322 rm. nwav Sam. 33, mo Ca wood. Keilh. 495 CaIIagimIIII, 91m. 213. 450 Cameron. Gary. 210 Camemn. Harold. 487 340 359 413 146 86. 266. 473 157 170 200 68. 446. 456 66. 7m 66. 203 369 167 66. 209 155 66. 177 221. 461 KunnBIhI 88. 322. 356 486 304. 49:1 150. 159 499 177.427 Thomas. 236. 461 Canu p. Tony. 203. 379 Capp emIIII. Mary. 270 Capps. Icrry. 221 Cnpps. John. 94 CaIaIum. Gene. 193 CIII-Ime. 01111. 483 Garden. 5 uiIn 86. 221 Carey. Brooks 99. 3210. 3256. 399 CaIIIIIII DaviIIJB m. C3f1ISIE.SBm. 302. Carlson, Bruce. 4115 CanInn. Alfred, 216 CanIon. IL- Bascam. 499 CarIIon. r Ioseph 159 Carmichael Mamie.234 Carney. III. Robert. 221 Camenlcr. Burr. 370. 376 CarpenIIIr,GeIIII'I. 195 CaIpnnI nines. 492 Carpenter. nhn. 152. 181 game 11 cIIIpeIIIeI. Shelley.266 Cm. cIIaIIic. 242 Carr. GaIIIIIIII. 684 194 Carr. ""10. 65. 209, 261. 393 Carr. lahnnyc. 93. 200 Carr. Sara. 264356 Carr. William carrick. Donal; 132 133.141.4615 Carrier. BeIsy. Carrier. 5illarI.4143 Carrigg. Belsy. 154 CIIIIiI-Igion. LIIIIIer. 145 Cnninglon.NcIly.153 Carrinqun. WBII. 145 Carroll. AnInnia. 191 Carroll. Chrisiine. 155 CarroIL Donald. 221 Carroll. In. EIvin. 140. 379 Carroll. Felix. 181 Canon. 161m. 136. 144. 464 Carmil. Kennnlh. 2m Carroll. Perry. 142 cIIIIIIlI, Phillip. 492 CurImIIIA Carson D0n:Id2.m142. 390. 492 Carson. Virginia. 209. 425 Carawcll Sinphnn. 217 Curler. Bill. 192 CarIeI, Billy, 217 Caner. Brooke. 259 Caner. Chrlsicpher. 9:16. 360 Carter. Coleman. 4117 Carter. Dewey. 484 CuneI. George. 201 Curler. lamns. 211 Caner. Kennclh. 144 Carter. May. 155 Curler. Pamella. 138. :90 Carter. R61 11. 201 Curler. Ric 6rd. 161 CIII'IET. ROherI. 390 Caner. Russell.140 CurIneI'. Richard.179 CarIwrighl. Iames. 69. 210 Curvcr Eugene CaerIh Mike. 255 Gary. Kalharinc. 167 Casey. Runald. 99. I44. 365 Cushwell NarlBy. 99 196. 203 Casper. Bill.4 Casper. Richard. 206. 370. 376 Cussell Gillian. 167 Cusseil. Sara. 155 Cnssidy. EdwaId. sea Cnasid. Richard1.5361 cIIsIuII. Fcnny.1 CnsIIc.Rann.1325.5282.a60 Cnswall Knihryn4 262 CIIIE. Waller. 203 Cains. lnmes417 Calhcy. Frank. 69. 332. 360 Calhcy. Henry 493 Cnihcy. William 721 CnIIan. Edward. 157 Candle. Dnvid.156 Cnulkins. PEI Causey. lulian.174.176 Causey. William. 89. 201 CHUIIIGI'I. VIcIor. 160 cIIvaiIIII'I Iames.177 Cavia.Gordm-I.1M.433 anIhorne. George'. 179 men Inmes. 161 a a. on 7 David 201. 245 n wirh Sidney, 221 all, Neil. 467 a n. 210 k. r.. William. 236. 351 a Edward, 236 2 Charles. 165 4 Iamas. 201. 456 2... m Bil ie. 191. 425 min," DunnId4 330. 350 r: Iames. 39. 201 Ludwail. 7334. 300 mu m Saily. nm In EcIIy.139 4... III-II Dan. 3139 Inn. 490 II 3 : II a 2 .I 111a-311'1'1'3006n1 334 390. 463 James. 170 Robzrl. 195 195 69. 176 487 640. 361 190. 432 157 1.57 495 09. 221 ammy. 221 Helen-Rac. 09. 177 29 201 142 69. 138. 365. 445. 459 Check. John. 142. 193 Cheers. Cary. 99. 221. 365 Chen, Takn. 495 Chemoff. Norman. 177 Cherry. III, uinIard. 09. 304. 354 chnIry. Davi .206 Cherry. Gregory, 144 Cherry. KIIIIII .275 Cherry. Fame a. 27: Cherry. RnhurIJ Cheshire. john 302. 354 Cheshire. Inseph. 330. 361 ChcsInuI. IeII-y. 69.146 Cheves. Nicholas. 217 Childress. oncc. 190 Childs. Paul. 69. 211 IIds.Wade.132.136.146 c IIIDn.Iimmie.142 deumw. DaIe. 458 Chouinurd. PauL4 499 CIIieIzbeIg. William. 314. 957 n Diana. I'Iurch. Iimmy. 176 hurch. Ray nynuwuih4 David. 405 uynoweih. GIaIia, 495 arson. Barbara. 290 CConE.Ar.. Iuhn. 69. 3.16. 361 viIs. III I1. 99 221 ark. Anhur. ark. David. 306 ark. Eddie. ark. Franklin. 244. 245. 246. 356 ark. Gloria.4 ark. Herberl. 133 ark. Haward. 36. 33B. 435 ark. Huberl. 200 :Irk. lames. 403 .320. 356 II: k.Iuhn H.. 69. 221 ark. luseph. 221 ark. Kalhy. 157 ark Laxry. 2:14 ark II Malcuim.206 ark. Melanie. 209 ark.TW nrk.Ir.WiTIinma:.W.178.232 arke. Geraidz arksnn. Cindy. 4013 arkson4 Geoffrey. 330 aIy. GcoIge. 190 ary. laneI. 136, 465 auseI. Thomas. 3511 3y. Dole. 468 EOOOOOOOOOOOOODDEIOO OOOOOOOCGOOOOOOO ClanghIlle.6917II.383. 420. 427. Clay. Thomas. 346 Clay. WiIIIaIII. 69 204 Clnonn. Cami 155 Clayian. Catherlnc.197 CIuonn. Felix. 493 Ciaylan. Lloyd. 1157. 425. 436 Claywcll cIIuI. Clapp. David. 21019 Clapp. Douglas. 211. 464 Clapp. HubeI-I. 404 Clegg. Aubre .69. 201 Clemens. Wi iam. CIemenI. Car ClemenL Mary, 4 . CIeI-ilzi. Theresa. 69. 206 C12 I-aI. GeIaId. 170 011 Ion. Iames. 157 Clinard. Paul. 350, :I70 Cline. 11.. Cal'I. 141 Cline, Darwin. 206. 366 Cline. Edward. 145 Cline. Eleanor. 187 C In . Frederick. 109 Cline. James. 493 Cline. lean. 456 inc. Larry. 363. 376 Inc. Richard. 365 inc. SIEpIIcn4 157 ine. Thomas.4 anigeI-4 David. 230. 9554 366 oninger. Earl. 206. 210 anII-Iger. RobcrI. 403 owar. Leu. 306. 355 owney4 Shirley. 166 yde. William, 347 nonnnnnnnn Cobb. Donald Cobb. EIIZLIbEIIi157, 425 Cobe 11111 209 Cobb. ThursIon. 89. 358. 450. 473 Cnbhs. Richard. 169 Cobie4 Charles. 08. 357 Cob e. Ioseph.69.140 Cuc ran. Rubcrl.69. 142 C01: .rana. Diane. 89. Cm: .IIIIIe. II. Huywoodz. 361. 366 C00 rang. RIIShard, 221 Cocke. William. 310. 356 Caddon. Marican. 167 Cue. lohn. 234 Coffer. Bariram. 468 COII'EyMMichaeI.173.177 CnI mi CuffieId. Henry. 9350 CuIIieId III. Orus. 09. 216 oI'I'marI. Kennelh. 141 Cogdeil. David. 234 CoggII-I4 Danny. 212 gm. Gerry. 212 Eggan. Robert. 467 Cohen. gum. 136 Cohen. anis. 2159 Cohcn4Todd158 Cniby. ansnII. 255 Culby. Whilncy. 90. 1155 Cole. Charles Cole. ChrisIophzr. :59 Cole. Edmund. 340 00194 Ensnr. 467 Cole. 111. Frank. 179 Colo. William. 194. 256 Coleman. Alexander. :110. 356 Coleman. Ann.1 Coleman. Churies.192 Cnieman. Elizabclh. 221 Coleman. james. 90. 212. 464 Coleman. 10.130 Coleman. Mary.38 Caieman. Michael 217 CDIcmnn. Paul. 156 Coleman. Richard. 11. 90. 155 Coleman. Richard W.. 180 Coleman. Rnberl 6.. 90. 142 Coleman. Ruben 0.4 2014 245 Coleman. Robcrl F. 90. 356 Coleman. Wiliiam. 385 Colestock. TimnIhy. 336 Cnlay. Dnnnld.175. 179 Cuiey. LIndn.2 Coley. Marvin. 192 Callini. Chnrles. 171 Collins. Charles. 157 Collins. Curlis4 98 222 Collins. Inn. 256 Collins. 021. 211 Collins. RoImII. 211 Collin . Terry. 194 Collins. Vnrncn. 334. 360 Culling. Wesley. 490 Coisnn. Oli . . 36577 Colmn. Bdr .Ira Callcn4 Wendy. 90. 288. 308. 407 Colimne.laseph.171 Cuivard. Dean. 1711 Calwull. RoberI. 316 CalyeI4 RahcrI. 332. 360. 379 Cameaux. PrcsInn. 157 Camcr. Charles. 90. 219. 457 Gamer. Cnmlyn. 191 Comer. Nancy. 90. 290. 392 ComniIz. PIIuI. 3m Cumslack. HIlIa-. 140 Cnnoly. RichIII-d. 492 Conger. Inseph. 2 Cnninc4 Waiter 90. 350 Cunklin. Tummy. 170 Conley. ChIIIIes. 201 Conley. GaII-IIIII 217 Council John. 150 Cunnclly. Charles.1 Conner. Charles, 90. 3:14 390 379 Connolly. Roiicrl. 90. 236. 357. 461 Cannar. Lee. 143 Conrad. Barbara. 280 Canrad. WIIIIIIr. 179 CUIISInnIIne. an. 90. 167 Cnnwny. WiI iam. 379 Can era. Vernon. 141 C006. 490 Cook. Bruce. 101 Couk. Harry. 348 C0011. Huward. 366 Cnnk. HIIYy. 495 Cuok. Mary. 2215 Cook. Peggy. Cunk. Ronalld. 2510 Cook sIIIy, 260 473 Cuak. Samuel. 21202 ConkT Cook. William. 90. 221 Cuake. Arlhur. 170 Cooke. Carroll. 270 Cooke. Larry. 217 Cooke. MIIr lyn. 209 Cooke, Ralph. 391 Cooke. Randal II. 356 Caakn. Richar . 219 Cooley. Richard. 140 Cooley. TIIIIIIIIIsi 155 Caonc. lamns.2 Cooper. Alfred. 492 Cooper. Bixby. 196. 208 nopnr. Donnie. 136 Cooper. Hugh. 453 Cooper. Jacob. 2111 Cooper. Langdon. 492 Cooper. Murcia. 157. 275 Cuupnr.MargareI.138 Caapcr. Samuel. 90. 301 Cooper. Stephen. 90. 362 Cour. Lawrence. 150 CopnIand. Archie. 47o Cupniand. Florence. 499 Copeland. Vicki. 191 Cnppcdga. wIIyIIIIIII. 314. 157 Copple, Carol. 200. 447 Cnrbin.R0ban.142 Curdon. lamcs4 90. 203 Corless. David. 246 Cnrnn. John. 90. 304. 354 Cornelius. Annn. 155 Cornwall. Gary. 100 Common. IIIIIII. 154 Cornwall. Michael. 346 Cornwall. William. 141 Corpus. Eliseo. 495 Currell.iJuyd.169 CoIIcII.CIIIIIy.177 Curry. Richnrd. 00. 372. 377 CorwiIII. Nancy. 90. 155 Caslnnr. EIhDrI. 203 Cnslnur. WiIlirIm. 157 CasIon. AIIhur. 102 CaIIcn. Lyman4 354 Cullen. Michucl. 493 Conn. BnIsy. 177 CnIIingham. CIII'UIIIIE. 90. 200. 201 Cuuinghnm. Innc.167 Cnilingham. WIIrI'cn. 90. 219 CaIIlc. lorry. 217 ColIon Kennelh. 157 405 Coudricl. Ch:ries,90, 221 Council. Chrislophcr.174.176 Courtney. KalheIine. 152. 155. 454 CouI-Iney. Will I m. 172.176 CouIIs. Nnnc. 350 Cavinglon. A ex. 203. 256 CuvingIon Edward. 310. 356 CovingIon. Incqunline. 155 CDVIngIDI'I John.1 CovingIon. Snmuei. 885 Cmvan. 111104.209 Cuwan. Di. 107 Cowan4 Edward44 Cuwan. III. EveruII. 90. 295 357 CowIn. June, 230 Cowie. Paul. 256 anper. Richard. 3444 26: Cox. BunnIe. 167 Cnx.D:III:.180 Cox. Daniel. 90. 159. 335 Cox. David. 22 Cox. Kenneth. 201 Cox. Lee. 498 Cox. Mason. 492 Cnx4 PaIricia. 136 Cox. Richard. 4164 Coxc. Iamns.4 Coxu. Richard. 890. 532. 360 Cozza. MichaL-IJ 3 Crahlrce. OscaI. 176 Crnddock. Carl. 217 Craig. Ann. 190. 433 Craig. Isaac. 466 Craig. Kenncih. 222 Craige.ErnesI.39-1 Cramur. PcIcI-4 254. 265 Crane. Iames. 232. 330 Crane. Marian. 138 Crane. Ruben. 447 cIaIIrieIII, Iam18.232m cIIIIIiII. Iames.a7 CmnfaI-d. Charles. 0904.80 222. 305 CmnImd. Harold. 144.366 Cranium. Marian. 190 cIaIIIIIIII. Tommy. 90. 176 Grams. Marlha. 90. 204. 455 Craven. Dallas. 206 Craven. Robin. 3511. 206 Craven. II.. Thorns. 492 Csvur. Slcphcn. 201 Graver. Susan,132 Graver. Thomas. 356. 4:13 Craqurd. Alicia. 5155 Crawford. 1653.3 Crawford Bruce. 5316 356. 454 Crawford. Emusun. 483 CIaquI-II. lame: R. 192. 212 Crawford. lnnmesgo w. 90. 377. 466 cIaI-IIoId. Inn Crawford. John. 93. 2217 CIIIonrd. Mary.Z Crawford. Norwuudz. 493 Crawford. RoberIA 210 Crawford. III. RubcrI H.. 332. 36 Crawford. 53 I'ah.284 meiord.sI1I:.405 cI-mvlcy. ancis,192 192 Crnwlcy.LirId:I.167 cI-IIonn. Paul. 904 2535. 361 Creasman. Mar. Crecch4 Iames. 203 Crccch. Walter. 222 Crclicos. Pam, 157 CIeIIIcr. Mary. 209. 407 Crissman. CIInInn. 216 CrIsI. Mary CIiIchcr. EIIzIaaIJEIII 91.222 CIiIIenden. John.19 Crilz. Ruben Cracker. Danizi. a487 Cracker. Rnherl. 143 Crackell. David4 493 Cronariie. III. Ruben. 486 Ione. AII 4167 Cruum Ih.155.276 Cmnm. Edward4195 Croum. IeannuJ Croonenbchghs. Ruben. 21a Crosby. DEW155 Cmsland Victorila.186.191 Crass. Benjamin 947 Cmssky. Care! 191 Crasswcll. Michaal. 91. 222. 427 Croslhwailc. Loia.499 CraIIs. Curiis 206 Crouch Fwd. 203 Crouch IL. Iamcs. 170 meder. William 31 mecll. Charles.178 Crowcll. Mar am. 157 CI'DWBII. Ma! y. 914 278 Crownovcr. William. 1139. 361 CroxInn. Jn, Richard4 403 Crumlcy. Charles. 487 Crumley. Ruburl. 91. 222 Crump. Roger. 217 Crumpier. Elmon. 211 Crumpier. Jennie. 61. 222 Crumpler. LaI-I y..486 490m Crumplar. Rnheycca. 177.766 Crumpler.Thnmas. 91. 201 Cruse. Wiliiam. 145 Cnilchiicld. loan. 290 Cu ubnrlcy. WiIIiam. 493 Cu or. Grcgnry4 309. 355 Cu th. DnnaId. 433 Cu IeIh. Fred. 91. 155 Cu 'Imih. Michael. 157 Cu breIh. SIcphen. 490 Cu brth. Susan. 91. 2116. 430 Cu brnlh. Zana. 167 Cu 11. chIIsIopIIII.I44 Cu p. 111. RoberI4 91. 207. 320. 356 Cu pep Dr. Michael 91.146.444 Cu pcrI FrBd.1 Cumhie. Slephen. 354 366 PaIIicia. 177 Ioseph. 191 Richard. 91. 222. 379 11mm. 912. 550 Cassandra. 209 Edward. 143 Marion. 495 Reed. 91. 302. 354. 31m Curiae. Lynn. 160 CuIIiI.'Iayce. 190 CIIII-ic. Margurel. 27a Curric4 WalIcI-4 490 Currin. R0naILI.157 Curry. Iohn. 493 CuIIis. David. 201 Curtis. Michael. 492 Culch Carol '1. 499 CuichIn: loscp . 91.192 Cutciiiie. III. IEIIIIIIS, 91. 356 CuIIEl'. Marlin. 251 Cutler. WiIIiam. 194. 473 Culling. lamns. 312. 356 Culiino. Iohn.46 Czajkawski. EIlwaIII 113 Dabncy. ohn. 140 Dabruws 1. Richard. 144.2 312 Daulwyler. David. 91.2 Ballard. Delhi. 91. 191 Dagenhuri. Cari. 210 D5 cnharl. Robert, 91. 210 D11 I'II'I, EIIIOII. 91. 340. 351 DnhI. Douglas. 1311. 144 Dahle. Donald, 344 Daii. Tony. 159 DairEDn. John. 3116 Daisy. William. 4511. 490 Dale. ArIIIur, 166 Dale. Corinne. 167 Dalian. Waller, 200 Damcron. Frank. 142 Dumcron. Richard. 366. 376 Damiano. Andrew. 211 Dance, Mni' . 4117 Daniel. III. Elirmn. 219 Daniel. Genrgc. 73 Daniel. Iohn. 332. 360. 472 Daniel. IuIia.154 DanicI.anrchc,91324.359 Daniel. May. 91.3114, 380 Daninl. Raburi. 91.222 Daniel. Samuel I1.. 91. 212 Daniel. III. Samuui a..V 91.222 Daniel. Thom55.1 Duniul. lr.. William 8..A 360 Daniel. Wiillum L.,!1'1 2229 Daniels. Mnrgucri Danncman, Frederick. 300. 355. 252 Dansky. Lnry. 217 Durdcn. Milzi. 107 Darien. Knren, 152 Dark. William. 195. 201 DIIIIIng. Brucc.132 144. Darrnh. William. 147. 305. 355. 457 Darrow. Edward. 143 Dam II. Glenn. 340, 3111. 4211, 4511 Daugmrly. Earl. 495 Daugwrl . Mary. 91. 200 Daugulri g . Milly. 271'; Daugulridge. Susan, 91. 276 DaugIlIidgc. III. Vernon. 195 Duugllry. II.. IoIIII.144 Dnug Ilry. loseph .204 naugIIIy. II. IIIciInIII 91.201 Daughlry. Timolh. Davenporl. Ir. Bi DaImIIIIIIII. luck. 2. Davenpori. John. 210 Davenporl. Mnry. 200. 424 201 Davcs.PII1Iicia.200 David. Dang. 235. 3211 Davidian. Edward. 4011 Davidson. Alan. 4116 Davidson. III. BanmI-n. 219 Davidson. Donald. 3116 Davidson. PIIIII. 459 Davis. Man. 163 DavIs, Ben 11min. 91.194 Davis. Bob 1y. 1511 Davis. III.Cum1:1'on. 145 Davis C11111IyI1IZZ72 Duvis. Charics,4 DaVIS. III. DHHIBI. 7204. 424. 425 Davis. Donald. 4911 Davis. ELIIIII. 157 Davis. Edward. 211 DavIs. EveraII. 320. 359 9. Frank. 204. 379. 436 Gnylc.15 Gear 1:. 1576 Dav.GI:I-.'Id.1130 Davis HIIIIy.213 Davis. Haywood. 310. 353. 459 Davis Iamcs M.. 91. 3412.1. Davis. lame: R.. 178. 201 Davis Iamns w..173 a 1mm 91. 222 Davis. John H., 1155 Davis. Iohn K.. 350 Davis. Ill. Inhn L.. 4116 Davis. John s. 4117 Davis. luhnny M Davis Joyce L . Davis. Iuyzzc M.. 442 Davis. Kurcn. 1137. 290. 456 Davis. I'IIIIPI'IYIC. .191 Davis. Kunnulh. 222. 310. 3513 Larry. 205 Lcwls. 169 1. 201 107 Mgrvin. I46 Davis II.. Neil 351 DIIvIII. II.. Osborne. 251 Davis Pamela. 282 D3vis.Pucr.17-1 179. Z36. 401 Davis. RicImId L.. 114157.232 Davis. RnI1crI.455 Davis. Ruih. 91 Davis SeIh.150 Dnvis.ShIIron.177.-1K1 Davis.SonIIrI'I.155 Davis. SIaIIIuy. 308. 355 . oh n. 171 Dawson. Amos. 310. 35G Dawson. An 11.111: Dawson. IIVIIIiIim. 169 Day. Iahn. 173 Day. Krnnnlh. 144. 3113. 422. 425 Day. Viclor. 160 Day. II. William. 222 Dayvnull. Frances. 234.7511. 425. Dayvuuil. Roberi. 370. 376 Deal. Douglas 32.131 Deal. Glenn. 201 Deal Iamcs. 180 Deal. Jancl. 1311. 4950. 481 Dual. I'homIIeI.1 Deal. Timalhy.1 Dean. ludIIII. 92, 4260. 473 Duane. William, 251 Deans. Donald. 170 Dearslyne. Michael. 301 DnaI-III. G 2.591.222.1155 D0115. Willmm. 159 Demon. Ashley. 212. 375 Dcalon. William. 493 Denver. William. 354 DuBnI-deII-Ibcn. Mariana. 92. 222. 455 chI-uhi. CIIIudE. 3611 deBruyne. Clinics. 3611. 376 chuys. William. 159 chnsII-iqun. Mark. 359 De mon. Ir . LnRoy. 201. 246 De. mond. Marcus. 205 De. mnnd. Richard. 176. 161 De. monIl. Ronald. 179 D1: rick. SInphcn. 201 Dccse. Roger. 92. 222 dnGuoI-gc. Larry. 2 Deibler. Bill. 238 De chmI-In. Donald. 1711 DI: Ic. Danna. 490 De la. RaIYh. 157 De ck. NI: De I'IHIIIIssuye. 5Denise. 92. 155 De any. Ilm.24 De hridgu. James. 176 D1: 501. Thomas. 210 5.: IIngL'I'. CIIIIIIII. 144 De Iingcl'. IIIIIII. 355 D1: ozicr. Maynard 331 D5 uca. Christine. 167 Demilh. Sharon. 473 Dempsey. Randy. 236 Dempsey. Tammy. 2:14. 236 Dcnby, Richard. 216 Dunha . Conslancc. 177 Dunham. Thomas. 211 Dunning. Charics. 302. 354 Dennis. Gear 2, Dunnison. R0 1211. 3130 Denny. Andy, 92. 193 Denny. Donald. 92, 22. 4M Denny. George. 150 Denny. Taylor. 156 Demon. KcnI. 462. 41111 Denlun.Roth-I.1I16.194 Demon. Samuel. 219 Depew Mariuriu 495 DcPriusI.David.195 DeRamus. IuIIsoII 1133.490 DIIRiumcr. Neil. 92. 316. 357 Derrick. Sharon. QZI 350. 414 Dcshnies. Louise, 222 DOSII'H'IIIIS. TIIIIesI. 191 usmond. John. 463 Dcsmsicrs. Paul. 169 Demure. Inmns. 334 DevIIIIe. Iohn. 255. 355 Dcvuns. Ill. Henry. 215. 219 ?cvine. Loy.4 Dew. Iuhn. 92. 215. 219 Dewens. Duhoruh. a131.1 Dcwecs. SIuven,4 30xhulmcr.ClIIInrd143.152 3iam3nl.IIohcrI.180 Di- and. Manly. 340 Dial. Anlnlinnn. 495 Dial. PaIrICIii. EN. 427 Dibburl.Douglns.134 11n5 Frances 92.1538 , Iamcs.1 Jic ens.N:1nI:y. 31c ens. P615. 32 V '1' "H Nurvin. 304 Dic..inson. Chm'IL'H. 92. 217 Dicks. Rodger. 113. 3115. 142 DicksuII. Douglas. 194 DICOOIanO. CIIIII'I. 92. 1B7 Didow. Nicholas. 196. 190. 208. 437 DIL'IZ. John. 355. 3133. 423. 427. 440. 114 DIII'IIIII. PBKET. 92. 204 II It DiII lr. Green. 92. 222 DIII.IIII. lack . 21x; DIIIM'LI. Ruberl. 312. 356. 133 DilIoIi. Mail. 340. 1161 DIIIUn. Hum... 217 Dillon. Larry. 143 DimsdilIE lamos,481 DiPaIma. CIII'IIIES, 92. 201. 350. 358 Divine. M5ry.2 Dixnn. Ann.0 Dixon. COUrIII'ITIlI. 397 Dixon. Dewey. 92. 215 Dixon. lumcs. 92. Dixun. crinnnn.92.1m Dixon. index 200 Dixon. Rol1ur1m.404 ixun. 201 Dixon. hcrlynn. 1311.172 Dixson. CIIII 92.194 Dixson. CnuIInIIy. 1108 Dobbins. Preston. 217 Dobson.Bnrhnrn.92.167 Dohsnn. Duhsnn. S. 354 Duckcry. WiIIiam. 490 D.Gdd E1'1211'II.420 DOIILI. 7.3110. 255. 305. 355 E n,1 Dodson. Thomas. 92. 140 Duggcli. Larry. 92. 222 Dn' clI. Lew. 92. 222 D0 inor. SIIIpIIIInIc. 190 Daily. Scurlcl. 133 Dnmumischy. Veronique. 191 Domlnu. Waller. 335. 361 Donn ue. Daniel.-190 Dunn .uc, Guy. 336 Donmdson. Tam. 262 Danmdsnn. WaIIcr. 178 Dani ez. Ioscph. 213 Donnell. Cuorge. 2. 222 DonneIIy. Gerald. 140 Donneliy. luhn. 2111 Dorcheslcr. Chester. 212 Dorian. Karen. 92.155. 290 Dorman. Deny. 369 Durmnr. Robert. 156 Darn. loseph. 260. 320, 355. 366 Born. MIIrg urel. Doruhiuh.LI'II-:I0I1.192.177 Dnrreli. Sarah. 136 Dorscii. David. 217 Dorsey. Sarah 155, 27a Doss. Ann. 222 Dnss. William. 359 d'Ossche. AI. 330, 450 DDISOn. Donna. 155 Duly. Sue EIIen.cs:166 Doughlon. Richarci. 92, 222 Don gIas. Benjamin, 193 Douglas. Elimbclh. 450 Douglas. Inhn.169 Douglas. Margarui. 222, 460 Douglas. Roberi. 490 Douglas. Syivia. 1456 Dougla. , Dnuihw e. eDavida. 4312. 356. 386 Dawdy. Teresa. 136. 465 Duwney. William. 495 Dawning. David. 159 Downing. IIIhn. 302. 354 Downs. Rager. 311 Doyley. H.. 310 DoynL'. Siephcn. 385 Dozier. Henry. 493 Dr:1kc.II1mcs. 468 DIIIpIIIII. EdeIId. mo Draughon. Reba. 2119 Drew. lune. 139, 3811 Drew.Rich31-d. 490 me.SamucI.194 Driver. Richard. 232 Drochesler. Run. 232 Dragnet. Mnr . 2 4 Drum. Dar": 1 C.. 92. 222 Drum. Darrell W.. 210 Dru . 15k. 186 Drum. Perry. 222 Drumwrighsi. Robert. 201 rye. lame Duane. Richard. 330 Dqusu.AIbcrI.14-I.425.426.473 Ducoy. Charles. 144. 3116 Dudley. James. 359. 377. 466 Dudley. Lynell.190.426 Dudley. Pamela. 139 Dudley. Thomas. 195 Du ins. Iamus. 490 Du 1:. Barbara. ZZZ Dukes. III. Lee. CI3711, 377 Dulin. Marlha. DllnlheII Iame's.157.3114 Dunuiick. WnlInr.3 Dunbar. Charles. 171 Duncan. Cecil. 495 Duncan. Charla. 132. 140 Duncan. David. 211 Duncan. Farris. 493 Duncan. Henry.2 Duncan, Lynwood.92. 178. 236. 461 Duncan. Narman. 350 Duncan. Thumas. 468. 492 Dunivant. In. Noel. 336 Dunlap. Karen. 93. 167 Dunlcvie. Slcven. 305, 355 Dunn. Charles. 390 DuIIII. Emily 195 ..q110IInB. 191 Dunn. lane. 139 Dunn. Muriha. 154 Dunn. Murdoch.170 DIIIIII. Philip. 93. 222 Dunn. Ruben. 179 DuranII. Vicloria. 139 Durham. Albcrl. 143 Durham. Kennclh. 93. 222 Durhum. Mary. 157. 283. 433 Duris. Polar. 193 Duscnbcrry. George. 483 Duscnhu P I1p.330360 DuII Ilhuiiip.W 114, 457 Duilera.l wa 1111.359 Duly, Humer. 499 Dworsk Myer. 342 Dwycr. Bebnmh. 167 Dye. Anne. 93.1275. 427 Dysarl. Mar. Dyson. Hug.145 Dzwonek. Joseph. 447 Eaddy. Iohn. 173. Im Enddy. MarIIn. 160 Eadie. Ruben. 354 Eagiu. I'mIIKnn. 1511 En la. Kunnclh. 142 E3 L's. Donald. 1110 Eakin, MEIba. 305 Eakins. Iilnb'l. 9:1. 167 Earle Mary. 155 Eariey. Georgi.- 222 Barley. IIIII 10 Earnhardl. .hIIEII'I. 93. 252 Earnhardt. Iamus. 336.1161 Earnhardt. Jerry. 3116 Earnhardt. Inc. nor. 355 Earp. Bill 93. 222 Easun. Donald. 93. 222 Eason. EIIDI'I, 210 Easun. Gcmge. 201 Easnn. III, Will. 201 Easler. Mark. 142 Easier. OIcn. 93. 170 ILIIsIIIIIy. Lee. 139i 115 Easlmun. csl Easion Frederick. 19161 Ealmnn. chr gc.4 E01011. Marlin. 1409 459 Eberharl.CI:11-E. 100 Ebnrhardi. David. 493 Echeverri. Elssic. Eckard SICphen.141 Erkslcin. Neale. 140. 472 ECIIIIIIIIIII Virginia. 275 EdgE.WaIII1ce. 140 Etgarlon. David. 63. 222 Ecmisier. Gregory. 222 E. monds. Elizabelh. 209 EL monsan. Alden. 302. 354 EImOnSDn. Iudy. 513.139 E1 mond5on Siuarl. 100 Wanda. 139. 350 EcImunds. Mary. 232 E nny. TimoIhy. 180 E wards.Ani13.139 Edwards. Caruiyn.93 157 Charles A, 493 I7 WM! CharIcS H.. 93. ZZZ Edwards. Claim. 155 E warI s. HyaII. 222 E: war 5. lama: F 144 6 nm- Iamns 254 Edwards. Iuscph. 3611. 376. 480 Edwards. Leo. 217 Edwards. Marcia, 496 F' W'" I Michael. 217 Ecwar s. Phyllis.155 ELwar 9. R11 mund. 179 1" w-nr Ry and. 222 E war 5. William. 158 Eiird. George. 1559 Eiird. Kalhy.1 Eiird. Richard. 5206. 211 EIird. Roger. 216. 21B. 427 Egbge71'l. llI.lnhn.93.21111 310. 353. 7.399 EchDI'. I.. CIIIIII 93. 222. 446 Egnr.E Eizahclh. 206 Eggars. Dnvi 11.3 Egglesmn Donuld.201 21o Iamcs. 211 Man 1. Mary. 222 Einslcin. IIIIIIIIs. 93. 343 Elsanhand. Arlhur. 93. 359 E.Scnbcrg. Sharyn. 191 dcr, Inmcs. 157 deI. Mary. 137 dridge. IIImcs. 192 1.111121. PiluI. 483 In. Bob. 464 en. Dinnn. 155 Imm Steven. 157. 455 El. IngIoII. Randy. 93. 222 El inglon. William. 469 EIliaI. ohn. 316. 357 EIIiol. r.. Robe". 157 EIIioII. Donna, 191 EIIiOII. IL. Harvey. 222. 379. 473 Ellioli. II.. Inmcs C.. 432. 1 511111". lnmus 15.. 142 ElIinII. Iosuph. 179 EIIiniI. LIII-r . 157 Elliail. M111 . 141 Email. MichacI. 192 Ellis. Jr.. Bcnlamin. 222 EIIIS. Diana. 93. 191. 391 Ellis. Franciu. 222 nmmmmmm Ellis. Rona 11.141 Ellis. Ir. William. 159 Ellison. Carol 2m Ellisun. 101m, 354 Elmore. John. 322. 356 Elrid e. ames. 4115 Elm. T umas. 357 EIy. Ioseph. 93. 356 Emerson. Thomas. 305, 355 EncvnIII. Dcnnie. Z11 Eniizld. Steven 171 England. PhilI p..305 403 Engslmm. Todd.141 Ennis. Helen. 93. 288. 455 Ensley. ISiIIyIHJII Enlen. Robcri. 911. 381 Eri sun. nren. Erickson. Sieven. 217 Eriuman. David. 318 Erkkincn. Peler. 302. 354 EIIandsnn. Paul. 1511 Erricc.Iudy1he.03.191 Thomas. 493 Ir Virgilio. 495 Eshm. D: 95 111.356 y.W 1 EssIII'. Richard. 93. 347 Essex. Knnnnlh. 403248 Bales. George. 157 . E51121. William.03.176. 262. 283 Esirem, KIiinne. 139 EIheI-idge. Inmcs.1 EIheIingIon. Linda.177. 473 Eudy. Eslic. Eudy. MichacI.158 Eudy, Sheila. 155 Euieneuer. Frederick. 467 Euwer. Hary. 1511. 131. Evans. Barbara. 93. 1311 Evans. Charles. 49:1 Evans. Dclyle. 204 Evans. lohn. 1711 Evans. King. 93. 195. 330. 43 Evans. Larry. 03. 201 22. 252. 253. Evans. Lona. 93. 222 Evans, Neil. 160 Evarls. ahn. 144 Evdo. rian. 136. 144 Eve. Raymond, 93. 222 Evens. Mark. 112 EvereII. Ellan. 453 Everelt. lohn. 93. 180. 262 EvereII. .Johnna. 191 Evcrhar I Ierry. 142. 424 Everhardl. Gary.1 Evins. Mnry.93 . 2802 Ewell. Sam. 93.222. 385 win. Marian. Eylcr. III. Charla. 493 Ezzeil. M5:It.2 EzzeII. WilIiam.160 Faber. Pamela, 161 153.?!an Fa rner. nWilliam. 146 Fain. James. 396 Faircloih. lack. 256 FaiIcIaIII. Iamcs. 211 Faircloih. Mary. 209. 406 Faircioih. lr.. Wiley. 1110 Faircloih. William. 195 Fairless. Annflile. 200. 413 Faisan. 11"..0I1ia. 222 Falls. Michael.94. 178 Famhrough.Mru.Dauglas.17a Fambrough. Marian. 3115 Farming. 3115 04. 0167 Farabee. oyII.2 Farb. Robert. 04.1204 Finish. Chnrieu. 64. 356 FIIIIow. Dudley. 113 FIII'Iow. Palsy. 130. 473 Farmer. Dean. 2114. 234. 424 Farmer. DeIl.'04 .2011 Farmer. Gcai'ge. 04. 216 Farmer. Nancy. 276 Farmer. Sandra. 94. 155 Farmer. Willis, 1M Farnhardl. William. 167 Farnswonh. Florence, 177 Farrell. Chryie. 100 Farrell. Edwin 4117 Patriot. SlanIeyJM Farlhing, Edwiii. 211 Farlhing. Larry.3m Farlhing. William. 320. 356 Fast. Eric.1 Faker. David. 94, 222 Fauceiie. 81:11. 177. 785. 454 Fauceile. DnVILI. 338. 301 Faulkner. Adrian. 157 Faulkner. Bully, 94. 222 Faulkner. Daryl. 202 FuIIIner. Fran kw Faulkner. III. Howard. 202 Faulkner. Lee. 94. 145. 464 Faulkner. Sanford. 94. 222 Faunce. David.30 Fawmll. George. 924. 3211. 359 F5wcell.Rich3rd.170 F5wce1l.Thomus, 145 Fawscll. Roben.94 .357 Faxie, loo. 152 Fayed. Sulrnnn. 104 Fayuuux. Richard.178 Fazio. Inneph . 11 Fnamsler. IL. Royden. 3111. 355 Fearinglon. William. Fcarnsidn. Saruh.91. 280 Fenron. Chrislopher. 157 FIaIIIngton. IaneI. 222 Fealhenlune. Harry. 04.146 Federal. William. 3211. 355 Fecley. Murlha.385 Feiier. David.702 Feider. Rahu1.370.385 Feldman. Paul, 94. 302 Fella. Mickael. 322. 359 Fells. Inmn. 159 Fella. IuIie. 2138 Femia. Joyce, 94 Fender. lackie. 222 Fenn. Mariha. 209 Fennesbreque. lohn. 308 Fennin 1'. Randal 11. 04. 356 Fansei. rancis. 7 Fergliny. Nader. 127. 154 Ferguson. Anne. 437 Fergumn. Chr H447 463 Ferguson. Corbin 3131 Ferguson. George. 1711.170 Ferguson. Ian. Ferguson. Melinda. 2m Ferguson,knbcr1.355 Ferguson.'1'homax. 145 FeIgIIIoII. WIIIIIIII. 37s FeInIImm. john. 94. 3411. 317 Ferree. EIizabcIII. 397 Ferrell. Dun. 211 Ferrell. 51115222 FerreIL any. 155 Ferrelii. Thomas. 22 Ferris. Faslmels. imry. 454 Feuni. Raberi. 342 Few. William. 490 Finnchino. Rnndulph. 217 Fic 1:1. Susan. 154. 473 Fid 21'. David. 94. 358 Fid er. Donald. 141 F11: d. AIfrad. 75 F1: :1. KthIeen. 100 Fig d. Mary Fie d3. Dwighi.144 FIe d3. II.. Iamm C,. 91. 195. 117. 458 Fields. lame: W.. 338, 381 Fields. John. 84. 222 Filipnki. Karen. 155 Finan. Alice. 139 Finch. III. Bertram. 487 Finch. Charles. 217 Finch. Ma arei. 91. 222 Findeisen. 3nis.01 Findlay. WIIIIIIm.55 2222 383. 3114. FingEI'. 651316.141 Finger. Thom 252 FinIson. Elizabeih. 385 Finkelsle;r1. 11.1.00. 04. 105. 880. FInkEI'. Slephen. 192 Finlay. lose Finlayson. I-IIn. 342. 362 Finley. E.dwnrd 211 Finley. Thomas. 4 Finn. Andrew. 177 Finn. eiirey, 1511 Fine 1. Edward. 145 Fish. David. 358. 405 Fishbach. Lynn. 187 FisheI. David. 456 Fiaher. 6:11.435 Fisher. Donald. M. 139 Fisher. Henry. 402 Fisher. enny. 432. 437 Fisher 61111.2 Fisher. 032 11.211 Fisher. hile.144 Fisher. Richard. 347 Finolon, Diane. 405 Filzgerald. Donald.385 Fitzpatrick. Richard:ms 216 Fiiz- Simonl. Posmam Flanagan. Richard. 3310. 357. 370 Fiaschner. AIan.3 Gary. 145 Edward. 212 aI-I Calvin. 3m Corrilie. 254 Mar RaI 12rd. 3011. 355. 3N. M4 Edwai'd.162. 3111.855. 457 Fliniom Camline.177.465 Flood. Nancy. 94, 281 Finra. 11:. Fred. 212 Flora. Ioh II. FIomndo. Rezynaldo. 495 Floyd Alexander.344 Floyd. Becky. 177 Floyd. lumen. 91. 201 Floyd. Ronaid. 222 Floyd. Slephen. 180 FIye Margarei. 485 Flynn. Frances. 04. $11 Flynn. Mary. 264. 137. 156. 472 FIan. Conalance. 130 Fognly. Sinph an. 141::3 Foge. W5yne.132.1 Fog eman. CImnce. 152. 161. 465 Fog eman. Dannie. 104 Fog eman. Hamid. 217 . Susan. 284. F0 er. Ed.. 244. M5 F0 . Humar. 211 F0 ck. Michael. 4114 F0 d5. Ira. 1117. F011 .ohn.m Fok 51h Fnikomer. Iohn. 495 F0 ks, Lloyd. 94.222 Fonlaine. Iamea. 320. 356 Funvie--2. Carroll. 91. 217 Funvie-le. Laura. 05. 2110. 302 F6012. udy. 95 . F110 12. Roger.492 Forbe:.Rober1.180 Forbes, Vance. 179 Ford George. 05.157 Ford. Hoy Ford.MichizeI.95. 175. 130.330.1133 Ford. Nancy. 2110 Ford. RuaneII. 145. 232 Fnrehnnd. Randy. 245 Foreman. Naomi. 130 Foreman. Rnheri. 95. 252. 362. 370. 1 Foresier, BeIIy. 952110 FormyADuvnI. Wiliiam. 161 Forney. Susan. 139 Farresi. Mrs. Irene. 168 Forrm1.SIavon.1 FonIadI. Matlhcw.185. 493 Fort. lean. 05.1 Fun. Lucy. 36077 Form. Lainey. 169 Farlen erry. John. 95. 222 Fortune. ean. 167 Fascue. harlu. 310. 350 Foss. Kalherine. 191 Fasier. Gary. 212 Fosier. Mary. Fasler. Sumy 051. 3222. 360 FGIIEl'. Thumas.140.453 Fasicr. William. 216. 386 Founiain. II. Alvin.385 Faushee. 0356 y. 462 Foushee. Frederick. 484 Fouis. Kny.1 Fowler. 625133.95. 102 Fowler. Jon. Fowler. Sarah. 95. 155 Fox. Caleb. 157. 160 Fox. Donald. 95. 210 Fax. Helen. 154 Fox. enny. 451 Fox. arry. 85 Fox. Richard. 210 Fox. Roberi. 145 Fox. Sieven. 95. 342. 352 Fuxwanh. Sherry. 4112 Yackety Yack 513 Foy. Glenn. 267. 356. 366 Fay. Henry. 490 Fraicy. Karen. 154 Francisco. Donald. 495 Frank. Clinlun. 356 Frank. Richard. 95.1222 Frankl' Da aiv Franki.EIilnbeIh,l139.-185 .Eugene. 492 .Thamas. 201 Franklin. Wayne. 258 Franks.M6ri01-ie.139 FIaIIIIII'eIIIanI. IcI'I.1 Fraunc. Ir.. David. 354 Frazier. A. D.. 147. 390. 490 szicr. lames. 376 376 Frazier. Sieve. 141 FIIIII. IIIIIII.4 Frederick. Myrllc. 204 Frcderickson. Rohan.4-17 F706. Nnei, 95. 222 379 FIchIIand. RobIII. 222. 231 Freedman. Roberi. 144 Freeman I. Beverly. 143 FIcemII mm 161. 2154 Freeman. II. Homa. 141 Freeman IoI'III L.. 365. 400 Freeman. Inhn 5.. 493 Freeman. Inhn W.. 95. 376 Freeman. Karen. 445. 446. 467 Freeman. Richard C.. 492 Freeman. Richard M.. 4117 Freeman $0001. 95. 312 356 Frcnman Thomas. 195. 424 Freiberg. Marvin. 161 French. Arlhur. 95. 222 French. Kerry. 201 French. MaIilyn. 155 French. Peter. 153 French. Sallie, 95. 280 Gcnrgc. 217 Friudinnder. Myrna. 616. 410 Friedman. udilh.191 Friedman. IIIIiIew. 400 Friesc. David. 169 mu. Cumiyn. 1:127. 139 Frivance. 16h 6.2 Frucbur. IudiIh. 2870, 397. 461 Fromcn. CunnaI. 160 meme. Lewis. 112 Frnneher er. lnhn. 486 Frosl. lac . 157. 490 Frosl. Jackie. 268. 424 FmsI. RubErl. 366. 355 Fruiu. Ianic. 95. 222 FIuiiI. Ierry. 95 222 FIy. Charles 195 Fry. Sandra.95. 191 FIyIII. Inmcs. 176 Frye. Anncllc. 269 FIyII. James. 05. 245. 354 Frye. Steven. 462. 464 Frye. William P. 211 Frye. William 5.. 364. 376 FngIIuIII. III. 161665.487 Fui hum. Mary. 487 Fulg Smaucl. 200. 216. 379. 457 Fuller. Allen. 132. 139. 467 Fuller. Constance. 209 Fuller. lr.DDl1281d 202 a .142 Fuller. Mi 319160 312. 356. 463. 461 Fuiler. Russell. 1 Fuller. Stephen wIIsIIIngIaII. 355 Fuller. SlephL-n. Weldnn. 355. 264 Fuilwaod. lames. 382. 390. 483. 490 Fulp. 11.. James. 484 Fuilon. Mary. 95. 139. 472 Fuimn. Thamas. 95. 368. 376 Fullnn. Will, Z52 FulIz. Susan. 209 Fundcrhurk Ann9.4 498 Funderburk. Belly. 95. 200, 467 Funderburk. Charleen. 167 Fundclburk Dan. 222 Fundurburk William. 193 Funk.Harr191.95.1m.472. 473 Fuqun. lim. 484 Furmun. lane. 290 Furncss. Terence. 215. 219 Furney. Margarcl. Furr. Amhony. 95. 222 Fun. II.. HcImaII. 202 Furr. Richard. 157 Furr. Roberl. 95. 222 Andrea. 191 4.7 Hamillon. 300. 355 1 155. 422. 437 191 487 222 160 157 013 a.nn0 Edmund. 95. 221 Michael. 340 II.. Charles. 95. 201 Ferby. 358 355 71 143 951.326.1159 ZNIZZ 433 ZZZ. 358 338. 359 514 Yackety Yack Culynn. Lulhcr. 90. 258. 358. 1193. 394 399 Gnrnbili. limmy. 21a Gamble. IaIIII. 101 Gammon. Georg. 96. 222 Gammon. Kennelh. 161 Gammon. Waller. 4117 GIIIIIIIIIIIIs. PIIIIIIII. 530 Gnncwalle. PiynseI-Ia. 495 6366. Pamela. 2 GanII. SIephL-II. 320. 359. 472 Garber. 00341.2 300 Gardner. II. Guy. 334 Gardner. 131411.179 GaIIIIIeI. Iames. 366. 355 Gardner. John H.. 96. 222 Gardner. John M.. 171? Gardner, LyII. 219 Gardner. Max. 348 Gardner. Phillip.204 Gardner. T06. 96. 211 .Edwnrd. 2m 16 Garner. Carolyn. 139 Garner. Lar . 219 Garner..Phil ip. 143 Garner. PreuIiss. 192 G9 urncr. 016 H.. 96. 222 GaIIIIIJRIcIIIIId L.. 00. 222 Garner. Terry. 326. 359. 472 Game. II. lame: 145 GaIIaId. RobeI-I. 157 Canon. Aamn. 330 361. 366 GarIcII.Gengn.195 GaIIeII. nan. 209 Garren inda.138 Garrell. Michael. 96. 144 GaIIeII. Richard. 246 Garrell. William. 158 Garrison. Barbara. 139. 460 Garrison. Edwin. 483 Garrison. lame; D.. 96. 222. 385 Garrison 1mm 8.. 264 Garrison. Sandra.155 Garrison. Sieve. 914. 357. 435 0511199. Iamcs. 180. 374. 426 Carr . Michael. 238 Cari . WinsIon. 195 Garvin. David. 222. 444 03 . Richard. 142 Gas ins. In. Charles. 322. 358 Gaslcr. Jr. lack . GIIIII Iaseph.90 GnIcs. Ra mond.1932 GaIewmI. Charles. 96. 222 Gulnwuud. Thomas. 96. 2111 Gaiins. 169201136. 256. 336. 366. 450 Gallin. Darinda. 96. 222 661115. ircne. 222 Gay. Susan. 290. 404.4 Gaylor. Charles. 175. 791779. 439 Gnylnrd. Richard.1 Gaynor. Carey. 22279 Geddes.lumcs.170 Gee. Margarel. 1185 Geo. Timthy. 156 Geer. Ir..Iame!.164.189.433 Gear. Vernon. 217 GcffeIIJTheodaru. 342 Ge arson. Ralph. 212 G0 rin . John. 41!! 606.10 II. 344 Geimer. Bill. 453 Gulhcrmnn. Sheri 98. 190 elder, Eleanor. 96. 286 Geldur. Roburl. 195 Gendel. Phyllis. 209 Cendrnn. GI my. 547 Genlry. Donn d. 98. 222 Gentry. Earlene. 155 Gentry. oh". 159 Gentry. ickie. 222 Genung. FIIIdIIIIcII 396 Geoghegan. Ivey. 177 George. Claude. 5385 0001-36. Duml George. Hunter. 596. 219. 448 George. Ioseph. 1:12. 145 George. Robert. 189 George. Samuel. 217 George. Smart. 219 George. Terry. 395 Ceragl'ny. Kev .96. 202 Gerard. Frcdri . 96. 361 Gerard. Rick. 340 Gerber. David. 347 Ccrding. Henry. 465. 495 Garew. Gregory. 192 Gregury. InIIII. 347 Gcruw. Cunslnncu. 209 GcrsIcn. Richard. 346 CeIman. WiilaId. 159 GcIsoII. Alan. 495 Guwulb. Eric. 264 chcI.IJoI-In. 211 Geiareno. 01min. 139 Gib bson. Karen. 270. 364. 391. 443. Gibsbuns. Iamcs. 157 Gibbs.9 eIIy. Gibb9.Richnrd.169 Gibson. Barbara. 280 Gibson. Charles 15.. 178. 258 Gibson. Charles W.. 596. 140 Gibson. 11.. Clyde.35 Gibsun.210na1hnn. 96. 223. 502. 363. 334.4 Cibsnn.2 P81431019. 495 Gibson. Ruben. 132 Giddens. Kay. 200 Giddcns. Warren. 495 Gidley. Donald. 98. 219 Gidncy. Rachni. 191 Cilbcrl Benncli. 223. 380 Gilbert. Candice. 360 GIlban. Frances. 139 CIIcIIIIAI. IoIIII.195 Giles. Larry. Gilliiian. Carlzlsnn. 96. 223 6111.5harun. 155 Gillam,R0heII.1-14.388 432. 433 Gilleland.1z1me.9.143 GilieIIe. PIIIIII. 140 Giileiiu. Robert. 316 GIIIIIIII lam69.209 Gilliam. Larry.90.145 Gilliam. Lawrence. 96. 223 Gil am. Thomas. 170 GiilIland. Nancy.3 CIiIII-Iqu. P6101296. 306. 355 Gilmore. 1.. William. 143 GiIIeth. rances.139 Ginger. William. 223 Ginglcs. Ralph. 96. I41 Cingms. TcII-y. 359. 446 Ginus. Lloyd. 499 Ginsberg. David. 96. 326. 359 Gipple. Dale. 24a Iurd. FIIIIIII. 169. 473 I-Iman. William. 223 zinski. Richard.1 ace. Charles. 370. 377. 374 addan. lohn. ance. Pamela. 139 III. lames. 144.433 3330.11" 219 ass. asset. Paul. 96. 346. 361 assmynr. Mary. 177 355671. 101m. 141 eason. William. 90. 904. 354 enn. Donna. 380 enn. Eugnnc.169 enn. Cnorgc.3 enn. Frazier. 329. 359. 466. 467 enn.LcneIIo.98.190 nnn. Ruben. 320. 359 906. Thomas. 180 .enndinning. Thomas. 386 ickslein. Paul. 181 Clogan. Charlollc. 209 Glow. Ranald. 495 Guad.BryIIn.159 Goad. Ray mnD 11.4 Gnhhlc.IIl.Flcmus.21-1u Godirey. Eleanor. 266 Godfrey. Eric. 201 Godley. Magic. 139. 472 Godshail. Ionaihan. 326. 358. 366 Godwin. IIIIIII 09mm. 194 Gudwin. luhn IirenI. 145 Godwin. Larry. 136. 145 Godwin. Michael. 292 660 per. Edwin. 96. 223 501'. Eiiiah.181 Gaines. Douglas. 366. 570 Goings.5herry.1 06k an. 5114636139 hora Frank. 96. 361 IIIIIII Richard. 302 on. erry. 488 marl Iusep h 340 nan. Lee. 346. 361.433 mm. Caiharina. 154 Iain Anila.155 Min David. 144 .sIein 021616.217 .sIon. EIIII. 219 Comer. Charles. 145 Gnncalucs. Curios. 427. 7454 Gunser. William.364 Gonzalez. Daniel. 97. 2273 ooch. Dianne. 223 Good.lV.FlnIchcr.164.159 Goodcn. Michanl. 3:16. 361. 425 Gnadfcllow, Alexander. 312. 358. DGOODDOODDDDDODDDDDDDD 42.. 6611611211614. Robin. 217 Got: 1113. II.. cIIIIIIe. 109 Goo ins. Frank. 97. 2112 Con man. Duthy. 279 Gandman. Glenda. 167 Goodman. IIIIII, 200 Goodman. Norman. 145 Goudmzn. Richard. 97. 310. 556 Goodman. Willinm. 97. 261 Goudnaw. David. 306 Goodrich. Mary. 190 Goo sun. Enrmn. 157 Goo son. Bmcc. 169 Goa win. Dennis. 132. 193 Goa win.16m09.486. 467 Goa wIII. Larry D.. 223 Goo win. L0wis.4 Gm: win. TIucII. 223. 231. 461. 256 Goo cy. Churyl.97.167 Gol- 6n. Alan 8.. 484 Car on. Alan F.. 171 Car 60. Eugene. 109. 442 Car on. Laurence. Go: on, Leslie. 4735 Gordan. WillinmII Gordan. III 161105.577 354. 472 Core. Edison. 158 6010.223 Gnrmnn. Icphen. 157 G099. David. 372. 377. 467 Gossell. Lynda. 495 GoIer. Edwin. 211 Gould. RDhEI'I. 218 Guwan. Donald. 306. 355. 444 anen. Charles. 97. 219, 453 aner. 101m. 157 Grady. ChIiI. 493 Graham. Alexander, 332. 360 Graham, 8IIIIIer. 162. 302 Graham. David. 158 Graham. II.. Harry A.. 171 Graham. Harry K.. 211 Graham, Joseph. 97. 223 Graham. Mary. 97. 191 Graham. Oscar. 179 Grahum. Richard. 132. 144 Graham. Roger. 97. 223. 366 Graham. Thomas. 97 Graham. William. 354 GIaingnI. Ike. 393. 395 Granba Ian Gran1.Milchcll.316 Gram. Steven. 195 Gram. Susan. 223 Grantham. Frank. 179 Granlhnm. Rose. 223 Grassi. Temple. 264. 205. 451 Gmuer. PnIeI. 97. 264. 265. 316. 355. 356. 461 GIavaII. M0 . 344. 294 vaeiy. Wi am. 140 Graves. Jascph. 156 Graves. Reginald. 201. 446 Gray. Allan. 314. 357 Gray. BcImIId. 356 Gray. ciayIIIII'I. 490 Gray. Frank. 466 cIay. James 11.316356 Gray. 130105 111.97. 223 Gray. 1611". 495 Gray. Michael. 97. 223. 403 Gr3y56n. Evmlle. 223. 306 Grayson. Nancy. 155 Grealhnuse. Samuel. 223 Grehenkcmpor. Nancy, 155 Green. BaIbara. 278 Green. David. 495 Green. Fletcher. 394 GIeen. Inmes. 179 Green. 10556. 223 Green. LaII . 493 Green. Sinp 011 L. 467 cIeIIII. SlEphen s 195 Omen. Thomas. 201 Green. III. William.201 Gmenbcrg. Edward. 194. 251 Gmnnbcrg. Marc. 97. 223 Gmenhcrg. Nancy. 97. 223 Greene. Benjamin. 97. 206. 211 Greene. Carolyn. 200. Greene. 10110. 178 Greene. Kelly. 223. 492 cIIIeIIe. Mary 5., 190 Greene. Mary w. 97. 260 Greene. Pamela.139 Greene. Richard. 377 Greene. Ronald 211 Greene. Sher Greenfield. Daniel. 487 Gmeniicid.Luis.97.139.3I-19 Greenspan. Michael 139 Greenwood. RobeII. 223 Gmenwund. 11. Sam. 35!! GmeI. Philip. 201 l'EDl'. Th6m65.3 324 Gregory. Deborah. 191. 402 Cmgnry. Edgar. 97. 356. 376 GIeguIy. Kay. 191 Crngnry. Mary. 290 Gregory. Nathaniel. 302. 1154 Gregory. II'I. Thomas. 170 GIcgon. William. 499 Greshnm. Carolyn. 204 Gresham. John. 196. 2112 457 Gribble Anne. 97.2 c thI. 801917.280 hlc. Garland. 97. 358 GrIbblc. Rubnri L. 499 I ndling. Ruben. 202 GriBr. Cheryll Grier. Harry. 450 Grier. Richard. 493 Gribble Dic on. 268 Griff . Brenda.132.139 Griff .iil. Clarence. 487 Griffin. Ella. 191. 405 GriNin. Gene. 180 Griffin. 'HI'. Glenn. 493 Henry. 322. 356 GIIIIIII' IIIIIIII. 201 GIiII'In. 16116.159 riii' Grim". Ph111.597M 326, 359 .an Griiiiih. ll'..Fll'811k. 302. 354 GriIiilh Sharon 279 GIigg. Dorcas. 139 Grligg. Randy.484 homas.-168 Grimes. Sidney. 140 Grissum. Linda. 139 Grissom. If. WIIIIaIII. 217 GmuI. 951 .456 CIuIII. EiilzlabeII-I 97 278. 473 Gmberl. Nuncy.48 GIoce. i:iale.97.1892 Grace. Iumcs 407 Groh. Dianne. 154 Grnumn. Mnicnim. 204 Croamc. Sara. 154 Gross. Cary. 97. 540. 301 Gross. 111610249639 Grossc. Cecelia.1 Grossmnn. SIaven. 9342. 362. 379 cIosszIId'. RIIIpII. 97. 340. 302 Gram. Gregory. 212 Grave. Gre my. 316. 301 Grubar. Ri ard. 201. 244. 245. 396 GucnIerI. Barbam. 107 GuenIhnI. Earl. 347 Guffmy. Carl. 194 Guhl. Marylin. 97. 190 Gulliord. Wliliam. 158 Guiilcl. Iudy. 97. 260.437 Guimci. Manly. 495 Guin. II.. umcs. 97. 223 Culley.16n 2111 Gunslcr. K01harine.97.m GuniLr. Coke. 97. 304. .154 Gunier. Francesl. 191. 360 Gunter. Iahn.2 GunIcI. Rickey. 493 Gunlher. William. 328 Gupion.Ted.143 Gurganus. Bruce. 160 Our Imus. Thomas. 219 Cur in. Chloe. 97. 107 Gurkin. Him- . 223 Gurlcy. KaIII 0011.155 Gusscnhoven Iohn. 232. 264. 265 Culhridgn. 0111.24 Gulhriv. Hcrhcri. :64 Gulhriu. Lesley. 403 13th60. Robert. 192 Guthrie. TommIE. 223 Gunman. Renalc.458 Guy. Barbara. 167 Guy. Willia . 98. 396. 355 Guynn. Frances. 499 Guzinski, Robert. 157 Gwaliney. Richard. 490 Gwalhme . Frank. 488 Gwyn. Men. 145 Gwynn. Kalhy.45-1 GygiA Any.d 486 Hanse.Kcnn01h.-19S Halmr. Churln.1 167 Haber. Iahn. 342. 362. 472. 473 IHIbibinn. Mohammad. 495 Hack. Eugene. 223 Hackicr.laseph.179 Hackney, Elmore. 96, 381 Hackney. Robm. 217 Hackney. William. 316. 357 Haddun. Earl. 98. 219. 453 Haddcn. Pnlricia. 177. 472 Haddock. Donald. 217 Haddock. Mack, 204 Hagan. Charles. 316. 356 Huger. Barry. 152. 356. 386. 4:13 Hagnr,locl.145 Hagie. Shawmzos Hagmukwule. Munznle. 451 H3 n3.LCW15.171 HII I'I. Alicn.211:136 Hiligh. Eu Inc. 344 61.311 Wiiia159 Haigwood. Timmns. 145. 493 Haincs, Ruben. 492 Hninlinn. Warren.194 H6i9l6y.194 Hililhcock.W011'1h.3w 492 Hale. GeorgeJ Hale. 1110105. 3169 H610. LaIIy. 144 Halo. Louise. 223 Hull. Barbara. 153 Hall. Brandon. 96. 202 HA". Cami n. 08. 2111. 625 Hall. Dnvi . 483 Hall. III. IIIIIIes. 145 Hilli.11311wy.217 Hull Kare Hull. Lluyd. 96. 266. 392 395 Hall. PeInr. 156 HII H Ha. II.. Samuel L.. 3493 HII. Slcwan. 302. 55-1 H6.Thornas.159 HII. ViI inia. 98 200 425. 454 Ha. Wil 16111. 204 H3 man Vance. 96. 264. 372 Ha owcli. luhn. 483 Ha 90y. Iamcs. 211 H6 50y. Rosemary. 499 H sy. illiIIm.96. 161 HaIIiwanger. WiilIIIm.134.143 10111. Lee. 96. 361. Ham. Iohn. 98 347 Hamnchek Iohn.157.261 Humidza manulluh. 495 HI-Imill. WI 361. 332. 360. 427 ilun. Charles. 496 ' Ion. Doug iIaII. III ankzz 302. 354 'Iun. Gene 290 I Inn. Henry. 193 .1011. Jeffrey. 157 Ian. Iohn. 146 'Ion. Raleigh. 364. 376 Ian. Sarah. 278 Inn 0111 HamIcI. Edward366 216 Humlul. Fred. 212 HamicI. William. 99. 223. 428. 439 Hamiuu. Beverly. 191 Hamlin D III 69 . e . 1 I am In. Linda. 96. 139. all IImm. II.. 50103. 96. 140 0mmeI. A vin. 342. 362 0mm61'. Donald. 151. 159 nmmcrbcck. Edward. 96. 318. 357. 388 Hammond. Mary. 166. 191 Hammond. Nichnlns. 180 Humpiun. George. 496 Hilmrick. Alger. 96. 361. 379. 964 Hnmrick. Chan- 09. 1 Hamiick. Canhia.98. 156 I-InmIick. Dnnaid. 96, 22:1. 464 Hamrick. amus. 217 Hamrick. ohn. 483 I-IaIIIIIck. Randy. m7 Hamrick. Richard. 158 Hnnaway. Thomas. 223. 4:16. 439 Hancock. William. 488 Hand. Kalhlecn. 276. 436 Hanekamg. Theodore. 41$ Haney. C nsiny. 179 Hwy. Edsel. 493 Hank. Daniel. 179 Hankins. Irvin. 96. 316. 357. 388 Hanna. III. George. 496 Hanna. John. 406 Hanna. Robert. 236. 401 Hannah. Robcrl K.. 221 Hunnen.W6116r.z HIIIIIIesI'an. Hjnimar. 223 Hansel.510ve.157 Hansen. IaI-mi. 90. 290. 459 Hansen. Palricia. 209 Hnnsiey. II. Lannie. 201 Hnnsun. Helen, 7119 Hanson. Iuyce. 156 Hanson. K5I1.90. 354 Hanson. Marne. 56. 200 Harbinson,LaIry.159 Harch.Nancy.190 HIIdee. James. 219 Hardin, C6161 139 Hardin. Ralph.159 HaI ing,PnIrir:III.167 HIII ison. Ashley. 96. 223. 472 Har 156n.LaV0i60.98. 152.155 431 ison. Samuel 154 ' og nr. 145 611055107472 HaIcy. David 900. 355 Har y. Michael. 488 Hnrcy. II. William. 145 Hnrgnll, virgin .369 Mar ova. WalIcr. 362 I-IaI 0y. LIIIIy. 201 Harkny. Troy. 157 Harland. 311169. 394 Harlm. C arlEs. 169 HaImnn. Helen. 278. 392 Harmon. Iamcs. 145 Harman. Perry. 201 Hiln'lcy. Anne. 200 Hilmny. loan. 96. 286. 427. 455 HaIper. John. 366. 376. 025 P- Harper:Margn101 150 Harper. Slevcn. 195 Harrell. Andrew. 483 HurreiL iii. Clarence. 438 Hurreil. Clifford. 145 Harrell. Frank, 332. 380 Harrell. Gerald. 211 HIII'I'BH lamcs.348 Harrell.Ill.L611nie.98.301.354.379 Harrell. Norilee HIIrrcll.Paul.146m IIIIIIelsoII. Ir. Ruben 306. 355 IIaIIun. James.1 HarringIon. III. AIIIIuI. 90.145 Hnrringlon.Cluudl:. 1:10.145 I-IIIIIIIIngI. Craig. 00. 222. 305 Harringion Ellis. 492 HaIIingIaII. IudiIII. 223 Harrington. Mclhn.98 HaIIingInn. Robert. 493 HurringIon. sion. 171 Harringlon. TIIIIIIIIII, 202 IIIIIIII. Abigail. 4110 Harris. Ann. 98. 177 Harris. CIIIl. 96. 22.1 HarIis. Canon. 169. 360 Hafl'is.char15.173,z45 HIIIIis. Daniel 192 Harris. David 111.353. 386 Harris. David 5.. 3115 Harris. Deborah. 209 Harr15.lchunl1n6. 139 Harris.lcrald.194 Harria. Incl. 96. 225 HaIIis. IahnG. 22:1. 334. 366 Harris. 101m L.. 4.233 Harris. John M.. 11776 Harris. Iohn W.. 310. 356 HIIIIII. Kayu, 22:1 HIIIIis. Lambert. 98. 211 Harris. Leon. 360. 376 Harris. Louise. 27 Harris. Malcolm. 314. 1157 Harris. RIII h. 492 Harris. Ric am Casey. 365 Harris. Richard Cullam. 4821 Harris. Scan. 207 Harris. Thomas 8.. 99. 202 Hanis.TthLIS IE. 60.172177 Harris, Vivian. Harris. III. William. 213. 217. 457 Harrison. Anihnn. HaIIIsaII, 1I.. Ceci.3362. 361 Hudson. Douglas. 187. 366 Hudson. Howard. 162. 195 HaI-Iisnn. lcaneue. 209 aIIisoII. eIIy.10I IIIIIsIIII. unnic. 181 nrrisnn. Phillip. 314. 357 mI-Ison. WiIiIam D..1-15 IIIIIIIIII.II.. WIIIIIIIII H.368.:176 111'1'158.Bflmd3. 1821 IIIIiss.chnIIcs.134.142 Haniss. Diana. 99. 270 HaIIIIs. June. 223 Harriss. Rohnr1.99. 202 Harshaw Charles. 467 Hnrl. Carol. 99. 288 HIIII Gerald. 99. 221 Hari. 311165.484 :loseph 19142110 99. 261 n HaIIig. Ir.. Donald. 171. 236 HaIIIe. Chrislophcr. 354 Harilcy. Gary. 201 HarlneSS. lohn. 407 HarIseII. II. Rohcrl. 496 Hariwig. lcrry.200 Harlzog. Dan. 302. 354 Harvcll. Rose. 99. 223 Harvey. Thnmax. 344. 362 HIIIszId. 223 Harwell. Ronald. 142 HiIrwaod. Richard. 493 Hnscldcn: 101m. 150 Haskell. Karen 99. 22.1 Haskell. R311. 99. 223 I'lnskclt. Inseph. 142 Huskin. William. 179 HusIam. MiIInn. 3211. 359 Haskell. Charles. 480 Hesse". Dan. 101 I-Iiassunfnll. Hamid. 314 :Isiy. Anne. 200 aschI, Iocl 99. 223. 453 uIch. BnrhII .I.II 99. 107 IIIch.WiIIiI'Im.100 nlcher. John. 210 nihcack. Inmcs 160 Halicy.Canhin.154 H0Ilc.RaIan.140 HnIsuI. Elaine. 191 Hnilawug. IL. Iamcs. 1B9 Hauscr. rend i1. 99. 156 453 Hauser. Charles. 171 Hnuscr. David. 181 Hausnr. Pamela. 150 Hauler. Snmici. 308. 375 Huuser. William. 390 Hnwes. Horace. 490 Hawcs chg ggy.99 Hawl'icid. 355. 4474 Hawk. Thomas 392 Hawkins, amu. 359 Hawkins. arsha. 107 Hawkins, Pamela. 203. 440 Hawkins. Patricia. 139 Hawkins. Reginald. 195 Hawkins. Timalhy. 211 Hawkins. William. 158 Hnwley. Herban. 496 HvaL-y. Mar Hayes. aniiim 1:9 380 Hayes. Curl. 499 Hayes. 111005.368. 376 Hayes.Joscle.178 Haycs. Sherry. 154 Hayes. Siephen. 99. 340. 437 Hayes. Susan. 99. 177 Hayes William. 382 Haynes. Denver. 193. 255 Haynes. immic. 223 Haynes. unnelh. 193 Haynes. Mare. 170 HnnIc. John. 145 Haynsworih. Perry. 99.143 Hayward Rubye. 496 HunOIT. Ed ar. 99. 140 Haywno- . Em err. 466 Hnywou- . Huberi. 99. 358 Haywou'. John, 493 Haywou' . Loan. 99. 370. 377. 400 Haywooa. Mariha. 498 IIIIywoau. Roben. 493 Haywoau. Rog er. 4136 Heather. lames. 212 HIIal'ner. William. 358 chiy. 112m. 2116. 42 Heard. Chrisiopher. 193 Heard . Iohn, Heard. Thomas. 157 Hearn. George. 100 chm. Iuan. 402 Healh. Larry. 232. 233. 308. 397 Heath. IL. Waller. 322. 356 Hcaloh. David. 304 354. 435 Heaion. Frederick. 99.304. 354. 379 chiwulu. Robin. 191 Heavencr. Lewis. 324, 359 Hccklcr. Louis. 223 Heugepclh.Cha'IIea.17E He gcpclh. WilIiarn. 223 He gas. Thomas. 133. 141 Kent. 99, 310. 356 Hedrink. Edward 480 Hecrick.SianIL-y.159 Hcf nor. Thamas. 202 Hefner. Ruben. 2111 Heidi. Edward. 98320 Heiii. .Iuhmm Ham 2 Clifford. 488 Heinz. Thomas. 310 Hcirdrcn. Richard. 306 Holder. Danald. 425. 453 HchIIng.AdrIcnne.154 Hc usun. Tim Hm cbush. Pclcr. 99 302. 351 HI. I01. Richard.161 He m5. Iohn.n 99. 347 HE ms. I'I.17B. 256 He ms. MickIe. 167 HI! ms. annn.189 He ms. Thomas. 156 He ms. William. 99. 347 He snheck. Eric. 192 Heivcsiinc. William. 99. 357 Hamburg. Calhcfinc. 139 Hamming. Ralph. 300 Hcmric. Slcphcn. 99 192 chard. Branch. 144 HendLrson. George. 320. 350. 267 T$7hTT Maurice. 195 Mathll. 472 PnuI, 404 Sara. 467 1 B4 99. 135 496 723. 379 400 487 99 150 Henry. Henry. Haward. 470 Henry. Michael. 145 chr .203 Rahcrl. 170 HEHSOKI.DIIVId.182. 101194.234 Henson. amcs. 99. 141. 376 Henson. ohn.1 IIBl'ilId MorIOI'I.7 99 347 Herb. Sieve. 4Z7 Heriiage. Iames. 145 Herman. Saru,1569 Herman. Shaiila.1 Hernandez. Elizabeth. 139. 485 Herndun. Douglas. 157 Herndon. Michael. 99. 360. 378 Hcrndon. Timothy. 194 Hen" Mickey. 493 Hm 3. gm III. 190 Herring. Lucy. 139 ching. MaIIhn. m Herring. Mary. 407 Herring. Rohm'l.98 99. 223 cn'i 3.13.1105 Hervey. pIIIIII'IIII. 201 H0450. Michael. 211 Hester. Iascph. 381 Hosier.PolIyann.1. 99. 200 Huslcr.R aphl .99. 22:! 1 ester. RnbcI-I. 179 I nsier. Wilbur. 192 H0wiIl,Ir..H-1wld.99.171 I'eymann. Pelc.488 Hays. Thomas. 300. 355 Hibbard. Steven. 170. 386 lsRichard. 211 Hibbs. Max. 1111.151 HicKerson. Rebeccz. 167 Hich-sun. Thomas. 394 icm .1n. Wayne. 14 in 0k. Waller. 169 I P1.96 201 lHI man. James. 223. 441. 259 L Hic s. Davis. 290. 450 Hicks. Donald. 211 Hicks. Frea, 480. 490 Hicks, II. Howard. 145 Hit: 5. lanai. 2711 Hit: 5. Phyllis. 203 Hit: 5. Ir.. Richard. 492 Hic s, Ruben. 401 Hic 5. Thurston. 100. 193 His son. Anne.1 190 Higdon. 'lIane. 191 ngdnn inda. 405 Higdon. IL. William. 354 Higgins.Thnmas.1m.350.395 High. Viola. S49: Highsm uI.14G Highsmilh. Vance. 100. 223 Highi. Ir.. Hunry. 195 HigII. James. 212 Hig l. Rth. 1 Hi Iiowcr.Marg.132.109.454 Hi maI, ALHIII mi. 454 Hildebrand. RnbcI-I. 100 Hildcnbrandl. Thoinas. 100. 372. Hill. 7Darry. 180 HiLHuh.146 HiI. Earl. 400 HiI. Edward. 404 ml. Eugene. 203 Hi I. Gary. 41151EM Hi1. George. HI I. IV. Hoiace. 310. 356 Hi I. loanna. 200 Hill lnhn.195.223 HII, onalhan. 314. 9357 HiI nren . 1'10 Hii. Kathleen. 107 I-IiI.LaI-ry.156.360 Hil. Laura. 100.150 HilL L nn HIL Ichacl.100. 218 Hi1. Nancy. 305 Hi 1. Rosemary. Z70 HiI Susan.100.200.450 Hi I. Terry. 217 Hi .Thnmas. 140 Hi. William. 212 1' hrd.John.100.5310. 357. 308 1. iard. David.2 Hi iard.HI1mId. 170 Hi ianI. 11.. Henry. 323 Hi iknr. 1211. 250. 257 Hi mcr. Arihur. 350. 397 Hiion. Chadwick.179. 255 HilIoII. pm: 256, 257 IIImcs.Gar192 Hinu.10hn .. 170 Hinu. John E.. 178. 250 Hines. 0-,. Eugene. 220 Hines. Irene. 31 p Hines. Lenora. 100. 200 Hines. Thnmiis. 350 Hinkin. Caner. 301 HinkIe. RoIIurl. 407 Hinnani. Dan. 100. 372. 377 Iiinnanl. Jesse. 100, 201 Hinshaw. Michnui.150 Hlnshuw RoInnd. 520. 359 I-Iinson. Lynda. 100.1 Hinson. Robert. 217 I'linlun. Charles 312. 350 Hinion Harvey.100 Hipp. Caihcrine. 290.397.4511 Hipp. James. 204 Hipp, Kenneth. 403 Iiiple-r.luliilhl,108.191 HirshbaI-g. Jan. 101 Hixsnn Mnrk.10.1 IIIIhack. George. 350 HIIback. Iamcsi 63708 355.350.4313 Hobbs. Ma Hubbs. San hula 722.1 IInbguod.RolIurI.1m. 206. 211 ubsun. Danald. 322 3511 obson. Henry, 100.1100. 355 005011. IudiIh.1 nbsun. MIII-lhn. 200. 409 L ' . IIDrIIuI-I. 496 ' ' Linda. 1117 Hockiicld. Edward. 1m. 340. 2162 HanIiLId. Sicvcn. 381.302.4193 HonulI.Iuhn.16-I.169 Hudges. Andrew. 100. 355 Hudgits, Benjamin. 302 Hudg'es ECI'InlIIlmZ. 100. 204 437. Hodges. Chrisiophcr. 211 Hodges. Ernest 213.217 Hodgcs. I.. Iamns.223 Hodges un.150 Hudgcs.WiIIiiIm.156 Hodgin. Inn. 100. 210. 379, 305 Im 4159.25 Hoff. Rodney. 496 Hoiiman.CIiIianI.150 ' M110. 1111. 137.145 .Snm-II'II. 155 Hoiler. ShuryI.19EI Hogan. In. lumen. 143 Hogan. Timolhy. 223 William. 157 Gerald. 109 1101!. 251 Rcdnc . 159 Samuc 141 Frank. 403 Iii 0.1111223 Iurry'.1100 DavidJ HUIIIS. 100, 223. 355 III Inhu.145 Ronald. 143 Iunn. 100. 191 luscph. 100. 100 Lewis. 223 Waller. 4H7 Richuid. 100. 356 HerbIII-I,157 H0 IaliI'I gamess 3020 35-1 Ho 10min n 110,3 Hoian. William. 100.310.3511 Holand. Charles 204 Ho and. Dnvi H0 and. Gene. 484 H0 and. Henry. 192 Ho and. Kannuih. 142 H0 and. Miix.4 H0 and. William. 314. 357. 390 Ht! under. Pnlricia. 288. 435 Ho cman. Elizabeth. 100. 200 H0 0m0n. Snninrd. 146 Ho cr.1I.. Cnla.403 Ho iday. Joe. 300. 355 50 iiicld. M chncl. 236 II " ' .. .Margie.132 . II. MIIIy. 139.485 i I I. Palricia. 190. 3130 H0 away. A 10.100.223 Huluwuy. Dciun, 223 Ho Imvny. Linda. 223. 406 Huimnn. 10101111. 3112 Holman. Perry. 464 Holmes. David. 300. 453 Huimus. Kenneth 157 Hulmyd Marginal. 154 Holsapplc.MurI-iII.101.223 Holsingcr. 10h n.3 0 sign. Ray. 394 o 1. Dean. 161 OI. Kcnnelh. 223 oi. Susan. 139 0 ,...Id. AibcI I. 379 onI'ieId.J.1m05. 191386.450 Huicwoilh.Richard.193 HoneycuII. Ellen. 200 Hnneyculi loscph 3112. 472. 47a Hnnuycuu. Philip.14 Honcycull. III. Roy. 1122 350 Honeycuu. Theodnrc. 142 Hun. Chun. 307 HUD.DI'IVI.15B TnTTTT Hood. Nancy. 280 Hand. Richard. 194. 252 H0011. RIIIILI'I 201 . Rnhcri.145 Hoof. Iiimc 302 Houk.Ccnrgc.-103 Hunks. Amciin. 101.209 Hanks. Fiuyd. 101. 223. 300. 380 Hooks. William, 407 Hooper. Eliznlwih. 280 Hooper. IamI Houls WIIIIiI H-JIIVIII'. Donnie. 100. 426 Hoavur.EvumiI.145 Hoover. Kristinu. 391. 468 Hupc. Sic he :00. 155. 427 Hap kin Eui 403 I-npkins. Larry. 511 Iapk Ins. Thumus 140 I Orn.DiIV1lI.Z1H horn. Dennis. 159. 256 I'Orn. Wiiliam. 101. 251. 377 i'Oi'IlmIlIYr Judith. 101. 288 Lime. john. 322 homer. Anne. 209 IIjarnlm Randolph. 223 H arncy. IuIie. 191 m'ncg,T Lnuisu. 155 50 Horsnnly, CIiI'iinan. 170 Hurunl. Michncl 230, 461 Husking. Eileen. 101. 167 Hosklns.E 160 Holciiing. Iinmid. 493 Hailingcr. AIIIIIIIIIy. 203, 366 ' 'Inn. 491 Haugh. Ir.. Horace. 203 Haugh. James. .184. 350. 493 Haugii, Sm. I0I. 200 Hough. anrancc. 217 House. David. 164. 169 Hausa. Robert. 394 House. Thomas. 145 House. Twila. 462 Houscr. Christine. 10!.167 Houscr. Stephen. 170 I-iuwnrd. Barbara. 1911 Howard. Bully. 155 Huwnrd.Donaid.178 Howard. Franklih. 223 Howard. Julia. 101. 200 Howard. Roberl. 350 Howard. Ronald. 149. 150 Howard. Thomas. 152. 3751 Howe. Alan. 170 HOWE. Donilid.6 407 Howe. Mary.1s Howe. SamueL 101.364.1175 HuwclL Almuntc. HOWCIL Disca.101.338.060.300 Howell. Brlan.4 HuchI. David. 2923 Howell. Diana. 28-1 IInonI. Freda. 283 Huwcli. James. 180 Howell. John. 316 HowciL KthI-yn. 409 Howell Larry.194 Ilowrll. Philip. 465 Howell. Robcri L.. 496 Hawaii. RnherlT.. 490 Hawaii. Roger. 469 HuchI. Thomas. 483 Howcrlnn. Linda. 101.107 Hnwcrion. Thomas. 201 Hmves. HimI-y. 145 I-Iny. Hamid, 217 Hoym. III. MaIcIIs. 191 Hoyln. William. 435. 490 Hoyle. Wilson. 401 Hryharmw. Iain. 255. 300 Hsiung. Shnng Hsiu. 154 IIuhan.SIcphenb169 HuiIand. Earl.1 Hubbard. III. Duckllny.314. 357 HIIIIImrd, Cynlhia.1 Hubbard. Earl. 436 Huhbnrd.lnh11. 194 I-IIIIIIIzII-d. Lynnciic. 201 Hubbard' SIanicy. 201. 47a Hubbard, William 141 Huber. Eslher. 177 Hunks. David.101 210 Hud'ins Iohri. 193 Hud 0r. Teddy. 194. 366 Hudncll. Kcnnclh 159 I-Iudsan. Aihcrl. 169 Hudson. lane. 167 Hudson ianci, 102. 190 Hudsnn. Jimmy. 217. 386 Hudsnn. Parker. 57701016132142. 303. 390. 427.4 Hudson.Philip.1570 Hudson. Richard. 365 Hudson Sterling. 161 Hudson. William. 101,156 HuI'l'. EIiznhelh.191 HuII. Jud iIh Huff. Sharron.101. 200. 275 385 Huff. Wallncn,4 Hu line. William. 210 Hu Iman. Gloria. 335. 391 Hu Iman. Harvey. 338 Hu 1min. LEWIS. 157 Hu fmnn. Marshu.200 Hu fmIIn. DInnnE. 209 Huggins. Guy. 4143 Hu ins. Mark. 171 Hug es. Bruce 101. 223. .179. 305 Hughes. Danny.208 Hughes. James E..160. 170 Hughes. James G. Hughes. John. 101. 3122. 350. 392 393. 395 Hughes Pairicin,101 200 I-Iughcs. WilII ml. Hughes William T7I.101 3311. 351 Hughcy. Pauln.1 Hu l'ILy. RiII1.17167 HuL Dnnnld.1 160 Hull. June. 154 Hull. Sam. 217 1100, Skip. 252 HuIIendcr. Inscph 160 Humphrey. Charles. 140. 252 254 Humphrey. James. 145 HumpIIrey.5LIaychI0. 283.417. 454. Humphrsesy. Lnyd.157 Humphreys. Brudleyb 217 Humphreys. Iamas.17 Humlhrcys.WiIIinm,101.223.1161 Hunl 0y. MarIIla. 101. 200 HuncycuII. Ir. ArIiI: 179 huneycuil. Bobby. 190. 201 Lunsakcr. Charles 359. 472 I-nunsuckerJnh I1. 100 L IlnI. AIIan. 101. 22"! Hunl. deard. 100 Hunl. Iascph I70 Hunl. Raymondiw 201 Hunl. R0nnld.4 Hunl. Torrance. 2.12. 360 Hunier. Alex. 314. 357 Humor. Biliy.150 Humor. Bruce. 332.300.2516 Humor, Charles.1 Hunlur. Charllohf5147. 159. 334 Hunter. Cheryl. HunILr. David. 11785 Humor. DuranI.157 Huninr. Iaane. 139. 485 Huninr. James. C... 17 0 Hunter. 10111055.. 174. 101. 386 457 Huninr. 1.th0:1483 Hunicr. Rahnrl C.. 3112. 390. 492 Humor. ROIIGrIN .356. 424 +10. HIInlnr. Siuphnnic. 337 Hunter. Thomas. 3511 Hunilcy.ChaI-lcs mo Huniley. James. 355 HurIIIcy. IIL William. 355 Hurdcr. Wnyne. 156.425.4411 Hurley.P:Ilrick.1-13.468 Hurley.Rich0nI.101.143 HursI.ArIdI-ua.191 Hurst. Chrisliiiu. 278 Hurst. Richard. 101. 201 Hursi. Tammi. 101. 155 Hussuy, Peggy. 499 Husscy. Tcrry.1 Hussman II.. WIIiInI.101. 310. ass, 392 Husion. III.Aubrcy.150 HUIChEI'S. John. 15 7 Hulchinsun. Grey. 106 Huichinson lahn. 159 I-Iuichinsnn. Roburi.144 Huichison. Frederick 144. 149 Huichisnn. I-IIIrI'y. 141 HuIcIIIsmI. Humphrey. m Hullo. Nunc. 15 5 Hulion. Cor ill. 270 Hullon. Danna. 101. 223 HuIIon. Ceurgc.101. Huilnn. Kaihcrine. 290. 445 Huilon. Riciinrd.157 Hux. 11.. CIiIIon. 101.359 HyaII. Donald. 101. 178 HyIIII. Ruben. 101, 181 Hydur. Lccicr. 101. 22:! Hyman. Cami. 190 Hyman. Ir. RoIIcrl. 201 Hyman. Sinniny. 101 042. 302 Hyman. Siephun. 484 1.1500. lnhn. 340 Iccnhour. 10001. 191 Idol. David. 170 Idon. Eliznhclh. 150. 450 Inch'IuIIh.KarL101.354 Inge, William. 23403 lngle. lohn.2 Inglc. Thomas 230 ingrarn. Charles. 5340 Ingram. Hclcn.1 Ingram. Richard. 5174 101 Inmnn. Edward . 490 Inmnn. ManIIn. 190 Inman. RobeI-I. 400 Inman. Slu hen. 217 lnscoe. lacf 101,223 Ipuck. III. CnrruII. 217 Ipuck. Leslie. 4113 Ipack. William. 336. 361 Imns, II. Ben, 159 Irons. Harold. 201 Irvin. James. 141 Irvin. Rohurl. 305 mm. Richard. 102. 223 Irwin. LEII'I' . 211 Isnacs.MicIiucL102.223 Iscnhour. Danny. 141 Iscnhaur. Wnllur. 223 Iscnhuur. Robert. 203. 465 lshcrwood George. 350, 397 Isley. Arnoid. 467 Islcy. EIwooII.158 10010, James. 377 Iverson. GnI-y. 251. 257. 006 Water. Ida.1 210k. Ruih. 103.139 acksnn. Alex 169 ackson. Bulch. 172 acksnn. David. 2311 ackson. Elizabelh. 490 nckson. Francis. 356 ackson. Gilberi. 201 ackson. Jayne. 152.155 acksnn. Joseph. 102 acksnn.Muriha.139 ackson. Patricia. 102. 223 ackson. Thomas C 493 ackson. Thomas K. 170 nckson. Willard. 204 uckson. William. 141 ackson. Wilma. 102.191 acobs.l1r:lsy.102.200 acobs. DaVId 170 acolis.Jcnniu,190 acobs. Kenneth. 340.362.4411 ncobs. Nancy. 102. 17 7 acokcs. Mm. 102. 221 aifcu.Frcd0ric.102.223 ain. Shailnndrai. 496 ames. DurnIILla. 102, 223 :Imcs. EIianeIh. 305 amns. Gladys.158 times. lohn.10 ames. Mnriila. 102. 191 011108. Pa gy. 209 amiss. R0 an L.. 330 nmns. Ruben 5.. 170 I'Imcs. Sieve. 102 ames. William. 180 meson. Ann. 102. 25-1. 384. 439. 459. 473 nmisan. Wayne. 159 Iandzinski. Juan. 107. 22:1 anis. Mark.4 annulle. Charles 213 aquiur. Virginin.155 annoy. Stunrl. 306 urban. IoII n. 300 arrcIL Fred. 385 arretl, Ercndn.4139. 389 arvis. Jnrnex. ay. Dunnid 10.2.15 219. 000 ay. III. Mnck,2 .1 nos. Hal. 212 eICOI'Il OrmIIn. 130.146 eIIri.HI1rvey.455 eflrics. Sarah 191 offers. Robin.1 effmss. CImrIL'S. 300. 355. 305. 425 effrcys. Frank.157 emison. John. 170 enkins. Jr.. Evcrcu. 350 jenkins. GIugnI-y. .170 077 enkins. James. 487 enkins. 10102117996 enkins. LnrryK enkins. Larry W.. 4102, 218. 377 unkins. Michael. 48 7 III-IkIIIs Terry. 102 223 unkins. William. 381 enks, Pamela. 209 cnneIIII. lohn. 217 Imnings. 11. Carlos. 201 ennings. Frank. 144 cnnings. Ice. 171 cnnings. Margaret. 434 unnings. Margaret Ann. 102. 182. 192. 422 cnnings. Mary. 25:! cnnings Michael. 102. 312.356 ennings. Rnbcrl 46:! cnnIngc. Ronnid.180 enI-IIIIe. 0mes.133.141 cnrcile. hamhs. 102. 223 cnzann. Carol. 102.139 ernigan. Cheryle. 223 urnigan. Gene. 218 crnignn. William. 211 aroma. 111. Robert. 144 cssup. Charlene. 281. 455 05501:. Edward. 403 0.150 Iohn. 17B. 256. 257 0wcl1 Charles. 212. 465 iimll. Rupcrl. 204 306 iikey john 96. 310. 357. 2305.442 chansson.And01-s.102 nhns. Robert. 201 nhnscy. Clnmnce. 201 nhnsnn. Allen. 102. 219 ohnson. II. Claude. 179 ohnson. Dale. 403. 4R1 ohnson. Daniel. 156 0hnsan. Donald. B1. 102. 302. 354 ohnsnn Gail. 482 uhnson. GuoIge. 2336. 301 ohnson. IL. Henry. 217 ohnsun.1ugh. 210 uhnsnn. James. 499 0hnson. Jan, 209 1111113011. 001. 141 ohnson. ohn C..17IJ ohnsnn.Iohn2H..194 0hnson.Ion . uhnson. oseph. 370. 490 uhnmn. laer. 490 0hnson. ludilh. 139 ohnsun. Kulhlucn. 284. 391. 455 nhnsnn. KIIy. 102177 ohnson. Keilh.156 ohnsun. Kennelh.156 ohnson. Lee. 314.357.2196 ohnsan. MnrkH "212 0hnsan. Mark S. 201 ahnsan. Marvin. 193 chrisan. Ma ohnsnn. Mic 118L217 uhnsnn. Nnihun. 145 nhnson, Pamela. 154 ohnson. Pairicia. 158 ahnson. Reed. 490 ahnson. lr.. Richard N.. 146 ohnson Richard R..181 ohnson. Richard W.. 102. 223 ohnson. Raberi. 212 ohnson. Radne. 195 ohnson. Rona! 15.. 355 ohnson. Ronald R.. 217 ohnson. Ryland. 483 ohnson. Sarah 1.... 139 ohnsnn. Sarah V..102 200 ohnson. Siephen.102.224 nhnson. Susan. 389 ohnson. IL Thomas. 179 uhnson. ViI- inia.190 ohnsnn. Wilard. 217 nhnsnn. ahnson. William? E: 212 n II II... Ann.1 0min" Daniei.7197. 201 II II... Douglas. 102. 224, 372 Mm" George. 219. 398 Mm" Ionnne. 499 mm- IImmie.232.233 mm... I0 n, 45.3 min" Mary. 190 Richard. 102. 300. 355 mlnn Sandra. 155 hnslon, Wiley. 145 nslon. William, 211 Is.abeI 260 0incs.Manha. 154 ailiii'e,Thomas.1023272359 ally. Bruce, 156. 441. nIIy. Jerry. 142 359 55:32:13: : i a : ally. 1021 n. 217 arms. Kenneth. 141 onus. Barry. 14:! ones. In. Roland. 493 ones. Cami. 209 ones. Cnsey. 425 ones. Dan. 146 ones. Elizabeth. 200 ones. Elmer. 102. 204 ones. a ones. Ger 0 ones. lame . ones. John. 496 ones. Joseph. 159 ones. Josephine. 490 onus. judlth. 17 anus. Julio. 2130 ones. Kirk. 4811 ones. Michael. 101.2 201. 379 ones. N01014:. 103 onus. Norwoad. 222488 onus. Pnlricia. 427 ones. Phillip. 160. 334 ones. Rebeccn.177 nus ichard M.10:I.zz4 ones. Richard T..1m. 224 one: IV. Richard W.. 301 ones. RobeI-I Barrow. 103. 312. 430 103. 360 103. 204. 372 onus. Rubnri Bruake.4 Yackety Yack 515 111199. Robert L.. 193 01-105. Roberi M.. 103. 343 ones. Rodney. 204 uncs. Ray. 224 01103. Samuel L 159. 457 onus. Samuel 3411. 424 111135. Sarah. 155 01111.4. Sylvia. 103. 192. 427 uncs. Winfield. 101. 344 01111111. Frank. 103 nrdan. cue. 433 urdnn. 01m. 144 urdan. Ioscph. 348 ordnn. Indy. 177 nrdun. L111-ry. 1111 ardan. Linda. 157 urdnn. Michael. urdan. Dick. 2:15.II 31I4.III:I157 Drdill'l. Richard. 4113 urdnn. Sally. 278 nrdan. Sianicy. 2111 urdnn. Thomas. 212. 1155 11130900. Susanna. 209. 459 usephs. Terri. 1B7 usnphs. Vic. 2511 oslln. Lloyd. 224 991. P0151. 143 my. Maurice. 351 nyner. Cnnnic. 210 nyner. Pamela. 103. 157 oyimr. 1110022438 uynnr. Runaldpl o nnr. Ronald wII.I.I141. 435 u 11. Phillip. 158 ulinn. Rnbcrl 145 ump. Richard. 170 urash. Siephnn. 15:1. 224 usicsnn, Benjamin. 145 abai. Lee. 103. 341. 362. 473 .nchinga. Wilson. 454 Kncmmcricn. Rth. 132. 139 Kaerchcr. Katherine. 155 K3140. Barbara. 1113. 224 K211. 115111111. 132. 145 Knin. jacquciinu. 190 K.-1k imam. Armin. 495 Kalcy. James. 4112. 484 am ynihia. 200. 305 Kilnn n. Ru1h. 133 Knnu. anunobu. 491:1 Kaplan. Runnld. 305 Karnsh.5usnn.157 Karrou.MuIlhnw. 130.144 Kano. Marshall. 1113. 113412. 352 Time 111y.23 K1111. 111cciyn. 1006 K115513115. William. 487 11105. Thomas. Knucnburg. CI.-11-I11I.g I113. 11111. 353 Kniz. Drew. K1112.Mich1111II. 302.4535I K1112. William. 201 Kaucher. Murgnmm. 103. 224 K1111 man. Gus. 10:1. 342. 352. 473 K1111.m3n. lohn. 210. 427 Kau man. Slcvcn. 341.1 K1111 mun. Siua1-1. 493 K1111 . Sun'uyll. 4011 Knusch. loan. 351 Kuy. Brian. 212 K amcron154 Kearney lame Kearney. M21213 1283. 195. 2113. 437. 454 Kunrns. Roberl. 3115, 357 Kenlun. Mark. 103. 204. 305 KGB. Linda. 2713 K0131. Donald. 1011.308 355 Kuniur. RubcrIl. Kcun. Eleanor.I 100. 278 Keenan. Roberi. 41M menr. K1171.1611 chvur. RichInrdJ E.Wni'd EYIOZI. 354 11 K0 iIII ICclin1a.139 KLi Larry. 160 Kciih. P cslon. 494 KciIIivu 1. qunyinm.73 495 cn. K011 Lr. 111.1111111 A.19-1 01121.1111111 12.103. 142 011111. Ruben. 143 wcilcrmnn. ChIrisInphL-r. 385 0110y.LuuAnn.139 cilogg. Iahn. 103. 377 51111111. William. 204 uiiy. David. 201 ully. Francis. 1211. 359 clIy. Inmes 103. 224 011321311105 . cily. Iohn. 322. 350. 3115 cliy. Kuiih. 491 011y.Mich401E.. 2111 011y.MichnulW 102. 203 L-ily. lII. Prucll.146 Kelly. Richard. .251. 351. 330 1in. William. 2:15 clsuy.l'10wnr1l.103.332. 350 olso.Cnssandr.1.290 392 2min. Siuphen.103 143 cmp.Kurulyn.192 ennn. 111. amus. 103.310.3511 Kcndri k. 1111: 11. 133.192 Kunm- y. Beverly. 103. 283. 425 Kunnm y. David. 103. 224 Kcnnc y. 111111113. 337 Kcnnc y. IErry. 224 Kcnnc y. Shirley. 103 224 Kenne y. Wi Hum. 150 cnncy.E1ianIclh.104.224 cnncy. Mark. 252 annuy. Robcrl.159 Kcnncy. Sincey. 2511 Knnl. 11011:. 104. 2114 Knni. P111111. 154. 255 Kcrluy. Inmns. 141. 405 516 Yackety Yack Kerlcy. Lloyd. 104. 141 erman. Du 11.2 Kermon. ir. Louis. 212 Knrnodle. EHIIIII 498 Kernodlc. ichnci. 156 Kerr. Charles. 192 Kerr. Itu'Edwin. 224 Ken. 1511211110111. 278 Kerr. Fred. 217 Kerr. Ramana. 133. 192 Kerr. William. 468 Kcssaris. 11111119. 224 Kessaris. Mnrgarei. 224 Kessell. Frcderck. 204mo Kessler. Chery 1.1 Kessler. MichueIl. 333. 351 Keinnr. Emily 275 KaI101baugh.Thwdor-1. 101. 278 Khalifa. 111111 . 454 Khn 3m. Mnazzam. 496 Kibler. Linda. 1395 Kidder. Muriha.1 IIIIIIIIIII44 73. 11145. 352. 332. 333. Kinlly. Iamns. II192 Kinrs10d.Chrisloph0r. 203 Kie111. Larry. 446 Kiligurc. 090.111.4911 Killian. Carl. 143. 424. 425 Killian.lnmes.104 145 Killian. 111. Lean. a492 Killian. lumns.1 Kiliaugh.WnIIc1-.101.194 Kilpairick. Hildn.2 Kilpnlrick. John. 193 im. Sun Young. 490 KimhnI1.Richard.17D Kimball. Richard. 2111 Kimball. illiam. 194 Kinmul. P31111300. 199. 201 111.1 Kindel. 11111111.. 495 Kindler. Paul, 224 Km... Alvm 104. 374. 377 King. Ann. 275. 410. 429. 459 King. 111. 011105.22 King. Carolyn.192 Ki 1;. Chris1 190. 402 King. Harul. 101. 201 King. Inmcs 15.. 104. 141 King. james 11.. 104. 354. 375 Kingu 1411?. 177 King 11 vcm. 3112. 490 King. Margarel 1114. 224 King. Mary 0.. 391 King. Mary 11:. 101. 244 King. Michael. 437 Ki 1;. 2301.1 ng. W0110r101.310 356. 3113. 384. KinF. William. 217 aw. Allan. 1114. 24 law. Samuel. 217 Kinne.Dnvid.181 .IRubnrl. 308. 355 Kirby. CII1I1I1I1-ics. 3211. 150 Kirby 141111111114 Kirby. Iames 12.5.1611 Kirby. 1111111111 R.. 2113 Kirby. Michael. 469 Kirby. P1111111. 339 Kirby. Sammy. 143. 3116 Kirk. Charles. 483 Kirk. Grig. K111113111! Biayelyn. 299 424 Kirkland. Glni. 101.231 11111111111. 111111111. 179 irkman. Rnhurl. 211 irkmnn. Roger. 203 irksey.Marie. 104.200.2110 r 1'11 nx-r Andrew. 342 rkwnnd Kalhiecn. 305 nimm Grelchen. 104. 157 set. Barbara. 139 5501!. Phillip. 104. 217 iichcn. iuhn. 1 lchen Laura. 187 crman. 370. 377 n .496 311555". Mickc. 167 11in. Richard. 104. 2113. 430 0111111111111. Alan. 1114. 354 einmnier.David.1s1 0111. Nicholas. 217 mghufnr. Eric. 105 ingcr. Tim. 141 1020. Salnmun. 1114. 342. 352 uun. Robert. 310. 356 um. William. 104. 310. 353. 394 1112. Icnnie . 424 Knapp. Linda. 104. 224 Kncdlik. Ronn 1.2011 Knedlik.Shcil.-1. 101.139.1180 Knigh1.Ichuries. 104. 213 Knighl.llenry.101.357 KnighI Kunnclh.159 Kni h1.L1:on. 212 Km: lman. Paul. 219 Knoll. Hobby. 235 Knuu. 191121. 493 Knoll. luiin. 101. 1311. 3110 Lawrence. 104.212 Knowles. Mikaei.48 Knowiiun. 51mm. 390 Knudinglon. Richard. 427 Koch. John. 104. 212 Koch. Wiliim. 71 Kodnck. Sic hanie.1 190 Kocblilz. R11 011.1157. 437. 454 Koenig. Harvl: 11.15 Kneslvr. 111. T Dmas. 211 Kohler. William. 157 Kohli. Krishan. 496 Kolsrud. Daniel. 213. 255 Koomen. Marcia. 209 Kuon. Crawfard. 407 XKWNKKNWW V. Koun, Michael. 224 Konnce. Danald. 1114. 204 Konnce. SIanlcy. 142. 306 Konns. Debbie. 167 Konnls, Larry. 104. 194 Koonlz. Charlin. 104. 224 KoonIz. Gilbcn. 35o Koonlz. Ierry. 151 K011111011. Karen. 154 Kornegny. Alonzo. 313. 357. 256 Knmrcich. Lawrencc.496 K111111311. Rcbcrl. 141 Knxmvc. David. 171 K0114. Robb. 1 ouri. Edward. 4311 .nwalski. Fran s. 144 r311. Kaiherin . 107 reiger. Lawrence. 3411 relsch Canhia.1 mviil. 101m. 4911 ..1-ic1111:1um. George. 312. 355. 440 Krabuih. Timoihy. 105. 3611. 375. 37 Krumulis. Evan,2 Krnncke. Ir. Fr'ndcroick. 497 111-11110115213. 11101. 143.156 Kronsbu P.Iaul Kmpclmc i. Slcv11I1'1.III7 105. 224 380 Krucgcr. CharlesJ Kruger. Robm-I. 31111I7 Krump. 1udy. 234 Krusa. Hans. 490 Kmse. David. 157. 453 Kuchmay.luhn.141.232 Kucsnl. Jeifery. 146. 450 KuglerI. Clarence. 250 Kuhn. Wailcr. 170 uIRp R0011 r1. 105. 3114. 354 111 .Pau.143 Kulzkn. Rulh. 105. 1117. 275 Kuykcndal. Robert. 487 Kysnr. Kimberly. 105. 224. 430 LaBnrrchD David 105. 328. 360 12ch 1111 n. 245 1m 0y. Herman L3 ckey. LawrencIcI. 1705. 224. 331 Lacklcn. Iay. 1100.3 Ladd l Edw LaF mim- 11.404 LilIIIIIIEer.IAIInnE.139.435 111100 .277 L:11.I I IancKis. 407" Lain. Douqus. 31111 Luin.Har01d.490 Lair. Clinton. 316. 350 L3m3I1-.Luwis. 90 Lamb. Patricm. 192 Lamb. RaymonId. 170 Lamb, S1ephcn. 224 Lumbdin. Dale. 155 Lambcrl. Anne. 1511 LambErL David. 355 anbcn.Margnrci. 154.454 anberl. Phili. 0447' Lumber! Sltp anbEHI.E1izabIIeIIlIh. 105. 284 Lalmimlh Ellen 107 L0 111111th 1511.171 Lambelh. Philip. 49:1 anbrcchl. David.105.308 Lilmm. Averclie. 105. 322.359.1492 anm. Benajah. 373 anm. Billy. 170 me. Crevard. 181 Lamm. Rudson. 310. 355 Lamm. William. 370 LaMolia. Enrique. 496 L3mp.William.105.211 Lancasmr. H0113". 152 Luncasananny11057 Lancaster.Ir.Rnymun112.1217.463 Lnncourl Jerald 41111 Landau. Donnzu.157 Landers. .. Landrum. Emily. 273. 446 Lane. Iamcs. 145 Lane. Mary c.1117 Lnnc.MnryE. L11n0.Mel1ss 155 L1m11.jr..W1 .m.159 Lanny. Ralph. 201. 435 Lang. Marlin. 224 Lang. 11111011.: Langdnn. Bradley. 314. 357 Lang don. Charles. 404 Lnngfurd.Michnol.105.181 Langley. Charles.146 ..,:IngsIon. E11101. 105. 139 Lungslruugh. 0260 Eangslrolh. 1.011114 104 Lanicr. David. 213. 333. 425 Lanicr. Iahn.1 Laninr. Ricardo. I100 Lanschc. 1111111. 492 Lanlz. Charics. 1112. 133 Lapkin. David. 3112 Lnnick. lamcs. 493 Larsen.'rhomas. 145 Lnrssan. Carlene. 209 Lnsaier. lamus. 490 Lasaier. in. 432 Lashley.Ann105.2M 300.424.1134 Lushley.Cm-n1:lla.105.190 Lnshlcy. Susan. 209 Lnsich. lob. 231. 255 Lassiler. Allen. 200. 310. 350. 353. 386. 433 Lassilcr.Dun31d.132.145.390 Lassilcr. Thumns. Lassi1er.Will.302 Lasting. Richard. 451 Laihem. Harr . 4011 Ltham. Sara . 283 Lnihnn. Malcolm. 193 L31ii' Abdul. 454 Lana. Inmcs. 179 Lau. Curlis. 224 Laudnie. Michael. 143 Laudnnslagcr. Mark. 199 Laughinh ouse. Suzanne. 105.167 Launl. S 0rry.1 Laurence. Melinda. 433 Law.Lyndn. 132.130.4511 aning. Carolyn. 209 Lawrence. Chnrlcs. 100 anrc cm. 2. Lawrenc. ames. 105. 21x4 Lawrench 1111111 105. 211. 373. 444 Lawrencn.M.-11-1ha.190 Lawrence. Mary. 2110 Lawrence. William. 201 Lawvcr. Alice. 167 Lax.Ch-1rlcs. 142 Laylan.111.13ux10n.224.450 Lay1an.DaIvid.4.BIJ490 L03. John. 217 L113. Wallace. 344 Leach. Norman. 105. 377 Leach. Pnu1.4 Le1ch. 1317111110.96 81. 105. 290. 411 LnafL. James. 212 L113 ue. H110. 1115. 2 L03 . 111. James. 105.159 Leakc. Hnnsfard. 557 Leaihnrs. Bill. 256 Loan. Ronald. 21D Leavill. Christine. 156 LBCrnH. chn 492 Lcdbrilur. Charles. 179 Ledhciicr. Mary. 154 21.111111130111111. 105.131 300. Charles. 255 .00. Danny. 17 .20. 111111115. 4911 Lee. 1111.102. 190 Lee. Ienn. 1115 209 LEB.PLI'ry1W L00. yunglsik. 495 LEE. Lansin. 332. 300 L00. Richnr . 224 Lee. Ruben. 37.2. 359 1 5 Lee. Rufus. 17B Lec.Snndr1. 139 Lee leliam D.. 300. 355. 424. 442 L011. William 105 .224 Lce.Wiili.1m U, 1482 155.435.4511 anb. Puiur. 145 Lccch.Thum.-15. 330. 360 Leeldy. Larry. 141 harins. 487 $123511. Nnnny. 157 mm. David. 368. 370 Lchnlsky. Suzanne. 152.155 Lcnlunen. Harold. 312. 357 Leigh. Robe .224 Leigh. Ruben L.I.I:132. 354 Leincnwnbnr. LeIwis. 160 Leiningcr.Kur1.498 Lcinslcr. William. 105. 224. 308 Leinwnnd. Lose Leippe. Ric 111- 105. 224 Lcmmonds. David. 262 Lemmonds. Run. 252 Lemmons. Kenneth. 467 Lemmons. Iamcs. 433 Lemonds. Ronald. 481 Lemons. Clundn, 154 Lennghnn. Iamcs. 144. 435 Lcniesly. Susan. 182 Lenin. Nikolai. 308 e Lenlz. H0rm0n. 105. 224 Lcnlz. 0.1 Lcntz. r..IniII1n.175. 179 Leniz. yr:1.4 Leonard.Chm-105 ID.105.196.198. 203 L00n11rd.Chnrles N 105. 224. 461 Leonard. Dannie. 1711 Leonard. lcrry Richie. 141 Launnrd. Jerry W 1 Leonard. Inhn. 4117 Leonard. Linda. 209 Leonard. Mclady, 224 Lcannrd. Ralph. 363. 3711 Leonard. Richard. 224. 433 Leonard. Rick.Z Lennard. William. 332. 380. 473 Leonhardi.ueverly.139 LcPurs. Pulricia. 188. 192 LeIsmr. DcnnisI. 211 Lcsiur. Michael. 224 Levering. Ralph. 3115 Levi. David. 105. 224 Levin. Barry. 145. 343 Levin. Charles. 142 Levine. 1.09101. 105.170 Levine. Michael. 492 Levingsinn. 300011.171 aninsnn. Michael. 492 L0viII.Libbie.106.195.2o11 Levy. 1210.360 Lewin. WilIiiarIn. 145 Lewis. Andrew. 145 Lewis.13ill. 468 Lewi ChuIrlcs 8.105.145 Charles C.106.224 w1C13r0nce. 403 Lewis. Dan. 4117 Lewis. Ellen. 177 Lewis. Gnry. 143 Lewis. Cenrgia. 339 Lewis. Herschel.z 100. 178 anis.1iugh.2 Lewis. Irwin. 203 Lewis. 1.1111111. 105 L1.- 11. 3513213484 . K111 1y :1. 209 Lewis. Laird. y143 Lewis. Lawrence. 187 Lewis. Lorenzo. 1113. 357. 3113. 3115. 427. 444 Lewis. Michaei.132. 1111. 401 Lewis. Patricia Anne 167 Lewis. Palricia F..106.190 Lewis. P0101. 109. 252 Lewis. Richard. 108. 145 Lewis. Ricky. 334. 360 anis. Robcrl. 141 Lewis. Sum. 1711 Lewis. Shawn. 103. 254. 391. 433. 4311. 437 L0wis.Slanley.346.3-17 Lewis. Valerie. 488 Lewis. William. 1011. 359 Liddnii. 11.. Mark. 170 Liubhar . IImId. 302. 394 Liebhnn. Richard. 2411 LiHman. sumicy. 141 Ligh1. Arlhur. 105 Liggins. fa 1:13.499 Liiprcn. C 311115.353 Liipim-L III. 0110. 179 1.1199. Lewis. 105. 190. 204 Lilcs. Iahn. 324. 059 Lilcs. Roberi 12.. 203 Liles. Ruben M.. 224 Lilluy. iames. 145 Lilliquisl. Mary. 498 Limehouse. Thomas. 353. 454 Linden. Cora. 209 Lindley. Daniel. 433 Lindsay. William. 304 Lincbergcr. Danny. 194 Lincbcrry. Richard. 1115. 224 Liner. Harry. 20:1 IIIIIEIcIr Dean. 141 Lin 11.101111 19:1 Link uhn Li nkcr. Thurman. 105.4 Linn.Cnrl.19-i Linn. Terry. 1112. 357 Linz. 111112, 109. 11117 Lipman. 195115.14 Lipscumb 11..an111111. 3111.357 L1pscnmb.Thomas. 103 224 Lipsun. P111111. 105. 330. 360 Liplnn. Howard. 157 Liplon. jnnc.4 Liiunbcrger. Ruhcr1.331 L111. David. 1511 Liulc. Curl. 1711 LiII.David.196.203 L111 0. Dougins. 437 L111 0. Edgar. 497 L111 0. 11.. James 3.. 325. 359. 380 Line. Iames Lin 3. lamesmFI: 103. 204 Liu 0. lohnam Liu 1:. M3ry.1 L111 11. Rnbcri A.. 201. 379 L111 0. RubnriG .20 Liu 1:. Ruben 1.. 391 L1110.RoberlM.. 106. 224 1110. Ruben w. 105. 354. 473 111 e. Susie. 200: 457 .111 0. Todd. 210 111.1: 1.1 111111113445 :11 11.1111 Annc.154 11.1131. 11 Thomas. 354 .iurcil. 1111111. 498 Liizaw. 11141111 1911 Liu. Yen-rnin. 496 .ivengnod. Edward. 178 Livermorz. lean. 108 Livmgslnn. 111lic.284 Livingston. Lil. 402 Livingston.P.1-11 106.308.1155 Livingslnn.Thnmas.1m.224 Liv ing liiam 201 LlewelIIIy. 101111.144 Lloyd. .4in5. 200 L11: u.yd 1.3111011. 170 Lloyd. vid P.. 303. 355. 4311 L10yd.David 2.. Lloyd. Danald. 10Ia. 145 Lloyd. Richard. 312. 357 Lond.Wilii.-1m. 133 Lobrud.Sicphcn.180 Loc.Gr0go1-y. 170 an.130b. an.Robc1-I.IIUZ.143 Loc 0. 101111.11 Lac .mnn. Charles, 106 20-1 an.waud. Slcphcn, 150. 251 anb. Ruben. 370 anblzr. Donald. 224 Law. Anion. 22.4 Laflin. Penny. 190 Lunin. Thomas. 403 Lunin. Ann. 100. 177 1.0159. George. 193 Lofius. Robnrl. 330 Logan. 121111. 209 Logan. Ronald 402 Lag 1111. Thomas. 144. 386 Logan. Vicki.4 Lugue. RnbcIri. 106 350. 300 392. 393.395.:1 Lackey. lulian. 497 Luman. Richard. 4111 London Mary. 200 L11 ndon. Slum. 340 1.0115111 Arihur.106.347 Lung. uhn A.. 130 Long. uhn c.1711 Long. Iahnny. 2111 Long. juycn. 139 Long. juani IaIIIIII 224. 3119 Long. Mury.4 Long. Ruben DI. 103. 351 Long. Ruben E 27 Long7. W1lliam 15.. 106. 312. 357. 304. LunIgI. WiiliamT. 3115 Longns1 11.. Frank. 384. 493 Langino. 131111110: 3911 Lnngley. iamcs. 145 Lnnon. Oscar. 143 LnomIs.Iuscph.146 Lopp. Fn:d.41341 Lurch. Terry.14 Lard. Slewan. 3113. 356 Lnlhian. hGIIIIIIIsIIII 433 Lo1z.o 1011 Lnugee. LIIin1:135 106. 200 Luvn. Douglas. 213 Lave.1090ph. 224 Love. rhamas. 100. 141 Lovell. Munha. 188, 285. 445 LochI Cannie.1w.224 aningInood. Billy. 292 Low. Richard.21 Lawdec. RD er. 224 Luwdur. 130 by. 224 Lowder.R11ndy.157 Lawder. Shelia. 288. 435 Lowder. 11.. William. 159 Lowe. Kennelh. 144 Laws. Marcia. 139 an0. Richard. 491 Low. Ronald. 483 Lowery.Wnndmw. 331 Lawmcn. Danny.22 Lowrance. Joe. 131 Lawry. Inhn. 107. 353. 375 Luwry. Richard. 191 Lowry. Ronald. 2:14. 215. 461 anry. 10. Ray. 408 o . Iccquclinc. 1511 Lu man. 11111211. 340.357 Lucas. Clement. 4811 Lucas. 0151111. 149. 157 Lucas. Harald. 193 Lucgs. 11011011 224 ie.Richnr11.150 Lundinglun. Richard. 459 L11. 11131511. 11. 101111. 4113 Lu 11131511331290 3511 Lu 1014. Anne. 192 Lu luw. lames. 3211.359 Lu wick.Deb81-a11.177.406 wig. N911. m Lumis.100.4 Lumsdun. K31h0rinu. EU Lund. Thomas. 305. 355 Lundny. Michael. 2111 Lung. iumes. 1177. 224 Lunsford. Dauglas. 141 Lunsford. can. 12541. 277 Lunsford. Lup1011.CharlEIs.2184.193 Lurin. Ion.17 Luihcr. 11111.1 LuIz. Fwdcrick. 334. 427 Lulz. lam LuIz. MIiIIctheI. 4113 Lycrly. Cheryl. 156 Lye1-Iy. Mm-gaml. 107. 158 Lyies. Ray. 234. 303. 355 Lylcs. Siuphen. 132. 142 Lynch. Charlie. 107. 3211. 353 11111-109. 1252.109. 259. 267 lnylon Lynch Larry y. 219 Lynch. Linda. 107. 224 450 Lynnh.My1-a. 107. 235 Lynch.Rich11rd.493 Lynch. Slcvnn. 1711 Lyndon. 111. 111901911. 203 Lynn.F01mIa.m1D7 1311 Lynn. P010 Lynns. 1111111148; Lyons. SIcphIEn. I107. 224 Maize. IL-rry. 153 Mabcs. Ioscph. 170 Mnbry. 1111. 107. 359 Macbeth. Garx. 159 Mach-kln. 111 : r. : MuIcICarmuck. 131111.499 Mnchnnld Bruce. 389 441 MacCrcgar. IMaschnIm. 107. 21a MacGrugur. Rob. 179 MacGuire. Janice. 150. 275 Mack. Richard. 141 MacKclhan. 1111111. 491 Mackin. Andrew. 170. 485 Muskie. Edgar. 4911 Mackiu. Susan. 2711 Mnckler. 51111111134114 MncLean. Donald. 212. 372. 435 MncLeod. Norman. 490 MacMiIlan. Daniel. 1130 MncMiilan. Mary. 1011 MncNair. Colin. 178 Mnanughlan. luhn. 305. 355. 4:18. 4111 Machiil. 101111.493 Machlly. lciirey. 330. am. 399. 429 Macomson. Iames. Macnmson. 3014011. 107. 221 Macon. Gerind. 158 ...acphail. Marlha. 455 Micphcrsan. Harry. 3115 acy.Earl.193 ncy. 11.. Fluyd. 224 adans.Margin.1 Mnddisun. Laurcngg. 491 Maddox. S10v11n. 1117. 1110 Madry. Randall 132.142 Mudums. 101m. 107.2111 M11212. Margarel. 107. 139.1100 Maeschcr. Mary. 107. 152. 153 M91111. 111. Ben. 304. 354 M30310: . Charles. 4611 M11 min 11. 53 MampLacc. David. 210 M11 rolm. Cami. 107. 130 M11 lard 111111.141 M11 lock. uhsina Din. 496 M3 0111:. 101111. 1117. 203. 4110 M11 nnc. Palrick. 4311 Ma oncy. Iohn. 330. 3113 Mulpuss. Hansnn. 224 M3nd01.Michaul.159 Mandclllurn. 1501. 145 Manckin. 1111111111. 342. 3112 Manor. Thompson. 150 Mnnnss. Dnugin 181 Names. . Rona Nanny. Lind. 90 . angum. Julian. 158 .. nngum. Rohcrl. 491 amun. Dunn. 409 Manley. Iuhn.48 Manley.Thum:Is.3 00:1 304.1135 Munn. David. 224 Mann. Emmic. 166 M'Inn. III. Iuiian. 302. 354 Mann. Knnnelh. I 9 Mann. Richard. 107. 224 Mann. Ra cr. 340 Mann, Su Inn. 179 MIII'III William A.. 491 Mann. William I. .. 145 Manning. Dan. 40: Manning. 60.1132. 362 Manning. 10.496 MIInnlng. Iuhn. 107.143 Manning. Samuel. 219 Manning. 'I'oni.1 Mannun. Dunuld.145 Munring. Scull. 201 Mnrk. 224 M I'cc 09 Marco. Tch. 145 Mnrcuss. Arlhur. 201 Mnrgcrisun. Richard. 211. 3115 Mnrgcsnn. Edward. 201 Mar,olis. Charles. 212 Marmias. Icrry. 107. 224 Mar 01. Bruce. 330. 361. 300 Mm- :ham. Daniel. 150 Mm .hnm. Dianna. 107. 200. 800 m. ILnnII. R01. 22 Charles. 1110. 231 ar 5. Rlck.159.467 Mar an . Mary. 107 Marley. Linward.161 Marlowe. Michael 144 MarIOWE. Thumas. 211 Mnrmnruse, Sandra. 1W Marncy. Susan. 158 Marqurdl. Dennis. 400. 493 Marqucile. Daniel. 107. 357 Marquez. Ernusl. 9.107 191 Mdrriol. T0m.4 Marsh. Ir.. Edward. 224 Mnrshl Roburi. 308 . MiII'SII Sieve. Marshall. Carolin. 155 Marshall. Inhn. 158 Marshall. Marlha. 150 Marshall. Michael I... 385 Marshall. Michael T.. 180 Marshall. Prissy. 482 Marshall. William. 107. 212 Man II. Anne, 290. 455 Marlin. Chcslcr. 141 Marlin. DIIrryl. 201 Mariin.II. David. 224 Manin. Dennis. 203 Marlin. Evelyn. 107. 281. 455 Marlin. Francis. 499 Marlin. 60013110, 358 Marlin. III. George. 212 MurIiII.IIImcs.107.361 Marlin.laspcr.1077.n224 Marlin. Inhn D. Marlin. I john W7.. 366. 376, .108 Marlin. In. 105501.195 Marlin. Lnrrahlma 332. 360. 472 Marlin.L 11.4 Marlin. arlth.7192 Marlin. Mnry.27 MI'II'IIII. MiriIIm. 190.425.4112 ManIn. Pclcr 193 Marlin. PhIIi Marlin. Sun .11 MIII'IiI'I. TIME". 1117;1279. 461 Murlinsan. Iunn,1 Marya. EIizaIIeIh 286. 435 Masino. James. 236 Mnskcll. Knrcn. 498 Mason. Carolyn. 482 Masun. Chnrlolle. 107. 139 Mason. Duvid. 193 Mason. Francus. 107 Mnsnn. 600130. 140 Masnn. Marjorie. 177 Mnson.MarshuIl.141 Mnsu. Steven. I41 Mnssnc. Jeanie. 168 MnsscngIII. Ray. 484 Massey. Iahn.49 Massey. Iuscph. 498 Massey. Lou. 107. 285 Massey. Margnnsl. m1. 125 Massey. William. 107. 224 Massiu, Calhey. 160. 201 Massiu. Inna. 102. 160 Malllcne. Eu one. 224 MIIIIIIson. ID 11.484 MnIIL-Ivs. AInn. 160 MIIIIIuIvs. Thomas. 161 M01 is. Rubcrl. 175. 180 Mill is. WIIIinm. 100. 255 Fred. 150 Benjamin. 1415 Charles. 364 Mnllhews. Scull. 334 Mnlus. Theodore. 330 361 MIIIIIIILI'I. Dennis. 193 Mauldin. Rodney. 108. 354 Mnupin. Armsluad. 382 MIIuI-y. Richard. .130 Maxuy. Wiilinm.5144 Maxwell. 80 b.2 Mnxweil. In. Ciscncc. 493 Maxwell. Rosemary. 108. 190 Muy. licnry.3 May. Kcnnclh. 224 May. Warren. 490 Mnybcrry. Eddie. 211 M Richard. 212 III rd. Hubbard. 217 Mnynurd.DNancy.7168 Maynor.l3 .Irry.1 Mayo. David. 108. 6210.403 Maya. 1". George. 124 Mayn. Michael. 212 Maya. Sluphnnic. 192 Mays. David. 108. 193 Mays. Kunnclh. 347 Maysc. Iohn. 220. 3511. 392 Mazza. Jeffrey. 483 MIIzzn, Mark. 234. 2'IIi McAdams. Iohn. 180 McAdnmS. Slephen. 203 McAdam. Aibcrl.160 McAllisIcr. lamus, 320. 300 McAllisInr. Kcnnclh.180 McAllislcr. William. 224 McAnnncy. Kevin. 171 Mc IuII'Iy. AlbcrI.1-I5 MIIBL-n. 80. 255 MchnncII. Larry. 161 McBI-a 2r. Stephen. 100. 224 McBri 1:. Carl. 219 McBride. lerI-y. 142 McBride. Rickie. 108 McBI' dc. Neill. 493 McCa e. RobcrI. 180 McCain. Grover. 108. 224 McCain. Susan.1 McCaII.Al!1-ed. MCCII. 03 an '.Id McCa.EIizabulh.168.192 MCCII. Fm'l'csl. 211 McCII . Inck. 322. 358 Math . Iamns. 314 Mch . ohn. 483 MCCII . homas, 377 Mch um.Iohn.141 Mch um. Sarah. 155 MchnIuss. Mary.1285 McCann,G.-1ry.1 McCarolI. 512110111108. 310. 350 McCarrcIi. Ellen. 168 MCCanI'Iy. William. 211 McCuinn. Alsion. 484 Mchquy. im . 255 Mac .Iu cy..'11:icin. 279 McC.nrcn.Nancy.188 458 rrIIImII-I. Dnn. 495 0C nin. my. 217 Mac ccry. Harold. 355 PP DH"! Iames.106.187.195 rF .IIIIIII canmn 209 McCluIland.Iames.158 McClinlock. Frank. 332. 309 McClure. Barbara. 153. 154 McClure. William. 301.354 McClurcd,TcI-r,180 McComhs. Kuil .364. 376 MnCnIIum. loseph. 210 .cCunkey. Snmuni. 493 mm"... ludith. 280 Mrrnrmir Iames.170 I-CIII-mir Iohn 6.193 chrmIc . Iohn G. 224 McCormic. Myrnice. 498 McCarmic Wliliam.108.JZ4. 359 McCoIIcr. Iohn. 1111. 31 0. 356 McCoy.H al. 107 McCoy. Iames. 108. 224 McCoy. Kcnnclh. 390. 492 MchIIIy. Rnburl 350 McCrary. Kay. 139. 4111 McCrcn. Mary. 309 McCuislon. Pclcr. 144 McCullough. Iohn. 100. 330. :50. Robcrl. 170. 252 Sherry. 108. 190. 200 Rohcrl. 4 William. 100. 14G Gcraid.170 McDaniel Lynda. 281! .. CDIII'IICI. Pamela. 139. 400 cDevi . Dcrshic. 455 MchvI .lonm. 455 .. chviIl. Larry. 491 cDinrmId. Willium. 308. 457 McDonald. Angus. 171 Daniel. 492 Morris. 108. 310. 3513 Nancy. 100. 7.1. 380. 309 MCDDnaId. Paul. 100. 224 McDonald. Shawn. 108. 168 McDonald. ShaI-yn. 190 McDonald. Susanne. 106. W. 391. McDonnell. lo 496 McDonough Trudy. 15:1. 425. 454 McDougald.lohn.101.336.3131 McDougald. LIIwI-nncn. m Mchwcll.Inh11.204 McElroy. Frank. 512. 357 McElroy. Pundcr. 4511, 491 McEIwaine. Kathleen. 168 McEnaIIy, Richard. 381 McEnIIte. Miichell. a493 McEwcn. Lulhcrpl McFadden. David. 817w. 347. 364. 3 5. 390. 433. 457 MCTJddcn David. 487 Mc'ndden. Inmus. 365. 487 Mo TIIdycn. Henry. 491 MC nil. ConniL. 224 McGnriI. Lillian.285 McGaug y. Frank. 306. 425 McGaw. Ruben. 224 McGee. Bunnie. 143 McGee. Iamcs. 144 Mchc. Michael. 108. 224 McGnc, William. 388 McGiIl. Kcnl. 195 McGirI. Iasuph. ass McGIinn. Louise. 108. 139 McGowan. Ann. 224 McGowan. Elsie. 188 McGowan. Robcrl. 381 McGrnlh. Malcolm. 100. 322. 359 McGIcgar. Calherine. 209. 279. 427 McHanny. Cnml. 289 Mcinnis. Daniel. 201. 386 Mclnnis. Rnbnrl. 379 Elm 1' EdI McKay. luilmy. 218. 255 McKcilhan. Delia. 139 McKe lhan. Timnlhy. 1011. 346, 347 Make InI'. IL. Henry. 194 McKeIar. nhn. 157 McKe lnr, In. William. 179 McKe pin. Emmett. 159. 426 McKe roy. Frank. 252. 253 McKennan. Andrew. 334. 380 McKenney. MicheI0.188 McKennny. Pnlrick.20 McKcnlie. 111. Sheppard 336. 301 McKenwn. Ir Douglas. 108. 224 McKcown. Ellen. 100. 224 McKL-own. Maciyn. 154 McKib Thomas. 4511 McKinney. Mariurie. 499 McKinney. Pally. 9200 McKinney. Rn McKinney.W 08.151 0111.1 McKinnish. Rock. 212. 251 McKinnon. McKay. 158 McKinnon. Sharon. 192 McKnight. ELII'I, I78 McKoy. ViDcIor. 306. 355 Manmh.D an. 201 McLamb Edward. 156 100. 277 358 193 100 100 266 100. 164. 160 100 108. 304. 354 Margnrcl. 154 Mary. 109. 188 Scali.159 McLean. Sluarl. 258. 330. 429 McLecs.ln n.3hn McLelland. Andrew. 141 McLundon. Wendell. 189 McLeod. Priscilla. 109. 224 McLusInr. lorry. 159 McLurd. Cnlhy. 408 McMackin. Tamara. 209 McMnnus. Runnid. 100. I44. 372. 300 McMasInr. Danielle. 186. 102 McMichncl. George. 180 McMillan. 1 McMillan. Charles. 483 McMillan. Cynlhia. 486 McMillan. Sh'ilrlny. 192 McMillan. WIIiaI .400. 491 Muail ll. McMunigal. 111. Phi 13,156,252 McMurray. Iohn. 150. 386. 441 MC Rodney.312. 357 MI: airy. Charles. 1111. 146 MC Elivy. HIM: ou.355 MI: ally. anny. 100. 20: MINIImL-s. Dennis. 224 Me 011. Charles. 194. 487 McIIaughIon. IIIIIII. 254 McNuely. Iames. 308 Mchur. Rembnrl.176.180 MchiiL George 8.. 109. 224 MEN Cc . Nu y. James. 361 McPcake.SuI-u.168 435 McPhail. Marlhn. 109. 289 McPhauI. Donald. 109. 304. 354. 379. 304. 305. 446 McPIIErsDn. Bruce. I94 McPherson. Dallas. 492 McPherson. William. 488. 492 McQuade. Dinnc.168 McQueen. lamcs. 47 McQuiddy. III. CInonn. 480. 491 McQuilkIn. Lynn. 155 McRuc. Cameron. 148 McRae. Carolyn. 209 MCRHB, George. 202 McRae Iohn. McRnrie. Chilrzlcs. 109. 224 McSwecrI. Iohn. 109. 216 McTaar. Mnrinnnn. 190 McVickcr. 53111. 109.132.1341 Menuhnm. Harold. 159 Meachan. Janice. 224 Meade. Fares1.109.344. 362 Meador. PhIlip. 467 Menkin. Iohn. 201 Means Randolph.171 Means. William. 308. 355 Mcms'. 11.. Carl 502.354 Mcarcs. Claude. 109. 224. 392 Mcashnm. Anlhuny 498 Mebane. Pauline. 109. 277 Mcbanc. WilIinm.181 Mechan Greg. 252 Medani. Dnoud El. 451 MEdIard. nmcs. 385 Medler. C arias. 158 Medley. Clemenl.178 262 Mediins. MincIIIIcI 485 Meeker. Michael. 312 357 Mccks. Rubcrl. 109. 224. 300 Macs. WiIIiI'Im. 109. 312. 357. 430 McIl'III'I. Inhn. 157 Mcisky. Palrick.17n Meloy. Barbara. 200 McIInn. AI'IIOILI. 157 Melvin. Edna. 209 Melvin. Maureen. 192 Melvin. Ray. 196, 198. 203. 494 Melvin. Sarah. 155. 454 Mcndelsnhn. Howard. 328. 360 Mcndclson. Sarah. 290. 430 Mendlesohn. john. 141 Meneicc. ames. 224 Mercer. C aI-Ies. 361 Mcrgr. George. 109. 344. 382 Mcrcdilh. lamns. 382 MerIII.SIEphen. 109.225 Mcrricks. Ann.44 Merrill. Allen. 232. MerIiII. Randalph.147. 304. 354 Merrill. Gerald 210 Merrill. Nancy.109 Merrill. Robcrl. 171 Merrill. Slophun.170 Murrill.Timoihy.145 Merriil. Toni. 190 Meschan. EIeanur. 407 Mcssick. Turner. 145 Mcwhorn. Iudilh. 109. 225 Mcwbnrn. Quenlin. 488 Meyer. Erica.1 Meyer. Michael. 201 Michael. Gary. 143 Mic ncl. Randall. 144 Mic .ncIs. Andrew. 212 Mi: 01.10110. 160 Micmlovc. Ronald. 1160 Mic cI. Minor. 206. 439 Mic ey. WIIlIm. 366. 378 Middleton. Hanry. 488 Middlclun. IaneI. 139 Midge". Raymond.195 Mi 5. Inmcs. 236 Mi 01lovich,Vasa. 72 Mihnns. SIe'pIIeII. 211 Mi nm. Shcril I1. 109 206 Mi braih. Arl ur.193 464 Mi us. Beverly. 155 Miles. David. 157 Miles. Iamcs. 492 Miles. Inmns. 314. 357 MiIhous.Iudi1h. 109. 155 Mill. Charles. 397 Miller. Bren. 109. 281 Miller. Claude. 158 Miller. Craig. 251 Miller. David. 201 Miller. Deborah, 225 Miller. Edward. 219 MilIcr. Elizabelh. 139 Miller. Eric. 194 M er. Frank.171 Mill Mille . Howard. 342. 362. 379. 437. MIIIIII'. Inck.109 225. 300. 308 Miller. cny.210 Miller. 0111.380 Miller. IoEIIcn. 109. 225 Miller. Kennclh. 109. 225 Mi er. Larry. 245. 249 Miller. Nanny. 190 Miller. Ilivia. 290 445 i 01'. Paul.3 355 Miller. Rebec eccha. Miller. Richard I 1909. 322. 359 Miller. Richard I... 158 Miller. Roberi A.. 225 Miller. Robe" C.194 MiIch'. Run. 255 er. Ronald 2.. Mi er.RunnldW.. 109. 322.359.3114 Mi 01'. Roy. 1139. 457 M1 er. Susan H.. 281 Mi Er. Susan P.. 209. 450 Mi 01'. Thomas. 217 Mi er. William Paul.34 Mi cr.WIIIInmPr0psI.79.109.142. 18.355382363385444 MI ikan. Chip. 145 Mi iknn. In. James. 109. 225 Ml ikcn. Hurry. 148. 487 Mi Ikin. Robert. 109. 143 Mi Ikin. William. 142 MIIIILP Ln Clarence. 493 1111:. all d. 1 ills Inmes. 488. 491 'lis. kmy. 178 Is. andy. 165 194 I i ii: Sleven. 109. 382. 379 1 Is. Taylor. 161 I i i i ii '15an .lIudy.3 ner.Iyde.225.3w.426.-156 nnu. Charles.4 10ml Aghby i-xm-d Slcphen. 357 ims.811ly.109.225 virus. Randy. 142 dwm-d. 225 Minor. Dan. 326 Minur. 11111115. 204. 251 Minor. H. William. 194 MInlnn. Kalhryn. 139. 225 Minmn. Phillip. 204 Misenheimer. Charles. 180 Milchell. Ir. Burley. 488. 492 Milchcil. Eddie. 491 MilchuII. Edgar. 110. 219. 45! MilchclI. Garland. 2 Mllchell. Gregory. 217 Milchcll. lumes. 483 Mitchell. Ianicn 200 Milcheil. Murray. 386. 376 Mitchell. Richard. 459. 493 MIICIIBII.ROI981I.110.143 Miinhcll. SlcwI'III. 146 MiIcIIuII. Vernon, 110. 374. 377. 464 Milchnll. William D.. 225 Milchell. William G.. 355. 437. 444 MilcheIl. William H.. 170 Milchell. WiIIiaI'I'I M1. 110. 30-1. 054 Miicncile. Anne. 209 MiIc1eIIe. Carole. 154 Mitmelic. C MIIC'ICnEl'. WI lam. 1 Milenbuler.Gcorge.110.178 Mixon. Ir.. Herman. 110. 211 Min. Iames. 110. 225 M120, LEWIS. 141 M0012. Elizabeih.1539 Mobley. Simun.2 Mocklnr. Cynlhlaz. 2110. 225 Mnczek. Mauree . 68.288 Mudlin. Carol. 110. 225 Modiin. David. 212 ' 60 MBUEIII. Rmiald. 326 Mofien. Alice. 277.433 Mame. Susan. 275 Mohamed. Ahmed. 454 Mohurn. III SIcrling. 158 Mohr. Iohn.1B Moir.DnnaId.143 MOISICI'. Pclnf. 110. 310. 356. 392 Mninm. Allen. 193 Melony. Frances. 110 Moncrief. EvereIIL'. 490 MoncriBI', Gene. 102. 405. 445. 450 Munds. Price. 110. 364. 376 Money. Iamcs. 173, 178 Munro. Jeremy. 110. 225 ManI-ae. Doris. 2119 Monroe. 11.. Graham. 203 Monienvohl. Viclnr. 201 Monlgomery. Harry. 219. 424 Montgomery. lane. 433 Munlgnmery. In. Wayne. 195 Mandy. Anna. 3119 Mandy. Sandra. 488. 492 Moon. Michael. 179 Moore. 11.. Avery. 217 Moore.8011y A2155 Moore. Beuy c.. 110. 289 Maorc. BrendaJZ Maura. Byron. 48:15 Maura. Camilla. 281 Moore. Cami. 110. 177 Moore. David. 492 Moore. ElhnI-I. 203 Moore. 11.. 0001' eT.. 486 Moore. Genrge .. 110. 201. 387 Moore. Homer. 385 Moore. luck. 328. 360 Moore. III. Iames 0.. 359 Moore. amcs L.. 381. 453 Maore. amcs W.. 161 Moore. luhn. 178 Munro Iasnph C. :102. 254 Meme. III. Iosep I'II..1 M0018. KcnnEIh7195.320 430 Moore. Linda. 139 Moore. Margaret. 110.120 Mame. III. Marian, 380 Muare. Michael A.. 487 Moore. Michael 0.. 314. 357 Munro. 8111 h. 144 Moore. Ric ard. I10. 212 Maura. Ruben. 110. 225 Moore. Roger. 110. 354 Moore. Samuel. 406. 493 Maura. Shirley. 177 Moore. Steven. 368 Moore. Thelma. 110. 160 Maura. ThomaS. 491 Moore. Townsend. 158 Moore. William I.. 110. 225 Moore, William W.. 159. 388 Maura. gran WIIIiam W015 110 .225 MooreIicld. Darrell. 159 Maarcfieid. Tam. 404 Muorhcad. Mary. 110.225 Mooring. lr.. Joseph 404 Moorin. Ir. RubErI 110. 225 MDI'IIn inrc. Anni: Du L8. 110. 286 Murchcad. Ethel. 499 Morehead. W. John. 110. 225 Murchcad. Millenn. 143 MoreIz. lr.. Ianas. I94 Morgan. Beverly. 225 Morgan. Charles R.. 110. 347 Morgan. I... Chatlns w.. 143 Morgan. 0011 I05. 357. 442. 448 Morgan. Mar . 3 Morgan. Marlha. 168 murgnn. lIgiiktb. 201 organ. eggy. 225. 450 Morgan. Philip. 156 Morgan. Ir.. Rohcri. 110. 225 Morgan. wI.-s. Morgan. William. 110.140 Morialrynu 133.141 Moring. 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Rohml. 190.357.5186. 429. 430 MaiIey. III. Anderson. 171 Mollnn. Alexander. 193. 372. 386 annl. Farley. 69 Mayo. Rohcrl. 401 Meyer. Francis. 170 Mazinga. Mnrgaml. 111. 289. 458 Mih- -Song-Lcc. 454 Mueller. Hannclare. 385 Mueller. Helen. 290. 425 Mueller. Hnrsl. 427 Slevcn. 111. 210. 425. 427 o. 111. 225 404 225 166 Mullis. 141 Muilis. 225 Mumau. Thad. 111. 178. 458 Munduy. Carl. 111. 159. 382. 354 Munden. Miriam. 132. 139 Mundhenkc. Iennne,192 Munro. Maxie. 177 MurchIsan. Clarence. 37B Murchison. Iohn. 111. 181. 450 Murchison. Iuhn. 493 Murdock. Kcnnclh. 211 Murdock. Thomas. 111. 225 Murdock. William. 193 Murphcy. Erncsl,195 Murphy. Iames. 179 Murphy. Iessc. 483 Murphy. Laura. 209 Murphy. Pulricin.1190 Murphy. Paul.1 Murphy. 311500.329. 427. 429 Murphy. TedJI Murphy. ThomnsJ Murphy. Thomas L.. 312. 357 Murphy. Virginia 18.496 Murphy. Virginia L.139 Murray. Charis A. 385 Murray. Charms Murra IL. Charles Frc crick. 142 Murray. Charles I.. 491 Murray. Danny. 312. 357.443 Murray. Donna. 209 Murray. Frederick. 203 Murmy. Incl. 145 MurrIIy. Marshall. 359 Murray. M111 m.y 55 Murray. PhilI .111. 225 Murray. 5.... I'II.154 Murm . Thomas. 217 Murm I, uIicl. 390. 472 Musselw iIe. Nancy. 111. 225. 387 Musiaia. Siddig. 490 Myer. Charles. 111. 312. 352. 353. 357. 382. 303. 384. 425. 420. 430 Myers. Caiherine. 154. 425 Myers. CII'IOIIE. 111. 225 Myers. Danny. 178 Myers. Gregory. 189 Myers. Huroid.145 Myers. 01:1. 170 217 Myers. inda.139 Myers. Marlh8.96111. 205 472 Myers. Mary.490 Myers. Nancy. 499 Myers. Slephcn. 340. 362 Myrick. Ruben. 308. 355 Nadjem. Mohammad. 487 Naer. Irving. 141 Nag. Barbara. 139. 389 Nail mg. Virginia. 139 Nnie. lunicc. 140 Slave. 143 Na m. Nance. luck. 111. 204 Nance. Inhn. 378 Nnnne 8y. .Luuis. 357. 453 Nnnney airick 201 Naquin. David. 473 Narron.james.143 anckos. Tommy. 143 Nash. II. Brug. 1133 Nash. David. 4513 Nash. Patrick. 160 Nuwnlinaki. Ted. 496 Ncal. BeIIy. 499 Neal. Beverly. 140 Neal. Charles. 385 Neal. Daniel. 1139. 384 Neal. lr.. Douglas. 354. 47a Neal. Iohn M.. 111.195.447 Neal IoIIII v.151 Neal V. John W.. 358 Nual. Larry. 484 Yackety Yack 517 Neal. Linda. 177 Neal. Paul. 2113 Neal. Philip. 143 Neal. Ruber1.:176 Neal. Theodore. 480 461 Neal. Wi I cal. W Neal. William R..12111.225 Ncnlcans. 7111111. 179 N1111v1z. Iahn. Necdham. 11111165. 166 Neely. 111111.. 1511 Neely. 11.. 1111111 C.. 111. 306. 1155 Neely. klhn L. 308. 355 Neely. 111111 111. 306. 355 Nnhcr. Willi m. 172. 161. 3511. 457 Neighbors ames. 193. 467 N61ms.Wi 11m.111.347 Nelson, 13911 014.1. 499 Nelson. 111111 y. 114 ansun. Dnvi: 111. 355 Nelson. Fred. 217 Nelson. Inmns. 156 Nelson. 119111111111. 192 Nelson. Michael. 171 ansnn. Nancy. 140 Nelson. Richnrd. 487 Nelson. Sieve". 496 Nulsnn. William. 487 Num121h.1nl1n.111.357 Nesbiu. 11111105. 406 N11. .11113111111. 56 Nelhcmml. H1'.-Ipn. 190. 379 Neuficld.Pal1-1c Neuwith. Mnrvm. 35110 New. Edgar. 354 New. 1111111. 190 New. 11.101111. 304. 354 Ncwcnmh. Danny. 203 Ncwull. Lanny. 212 Ncwcnhnus. 4 Ncwlin. lumns. 354 Newman. nuyd. 256. 257 Newman. George. 314. 357 anman. Pmricin.177 Newman. WnlIer.195 Nawsam. Lindu. 111. 155 Newsnm ulln 111 Ncwson Newton Ncwlun. Hilda. 111.225.3119 Newton. 11111-1115. 111. 306. 355 Newton. L110. 3112. 366. 366 Ncwlun. Louis. 236 Newton. Rnlmri. 164 Ncwlun. Susanne. 111. 225 Nichols. 11111. 1112 Nichols. 1111.11. 211 Nichals. Mnrgarel M1s.. 225 Nichols. Mary. 111 Nichuls. Richard. 111. 225 Nichols. Terry. 111. 216 N11: 0 11.T1mmhy. 111. 142 '1 D 3 . 354 ' Thomas. 4117 N11: 111.1'runk.225 Nic s.N.1n1:.1.340 Niclscn.10nnilcr. 111.200 Nxenann. Uln.4 Nieuwcnhuis. EIIIEI. 277 111.11 NIIong.M1k 1:15u Ninu. P111111: . 112. 225 Nisbci. 111111115. 447 Nishcl. . Nivcu. Dnvidl Nixon. Charles. 179. 374. 464 Nix11n.Willar1l.225 NoblL. 1.11611 4911 Nohle11.Wil 1m. 211 Nncl.M11r 1111.112 225 gig. 111.1n. 277 Neigand. Fdward. 1131 N011 1udi1h. 112. 200 19111511111 Mnrgmn 112 0011. izubn1h.209 Nurd. Thomas. 492 dean. Gary. 112. 372. 377 Nnrnccl. n111111hy.112.279 Nnrflncl.Edw111-d 406. 467 Norkus 11.11127 Nnrman. 1111111111. 496 Norman.1os11ph.112 Norman. Rugur.2 112. 2116 Norman.' 26 Norris. R11h111-1I. 201. 436 Norris. Tu North. Flnrcna .112 Nor1h.1r.Willi3m.180 Nnrlhey. 1111an Narlhingxnn.Rnhuri.11z.225 Norxhrop. 110111111. 355 No no .1 .111 1. 3 Norveilc. 111111111- 112. 142 Norwaod. Nancy. 112.177 Nurwund. William. 203 Nowell. M311. M4 Nuwnll. William. 156 Nuckais. Thumns. 202 Nunncnknmp. Thomas. 179 Nunncry. William. 193 Nusabaum. 1116111111. 144. 205 Null. C111-nl 11. 21.15 Nulall. K011 . 144. 256 Nye. Glenn. 112. 314. 357 Nyrop. Nancy. 168 031105.67 Oaklay.Alubnrl.17E Onkluy.Clmrlcs.112. 201 Oakley. Clyde. 360. 376 Oakley. 1.11uren.193 Oakley Willi1111'1. 112. 225 01-1105. Dannie. 156 0 Eriunl III. Samuel. 112. 225 O'Bryan. Nancy. 1411. 465 Ochsman. Ruhcrl. 362 518 Yackety Yack 0' Connell. Ian. 216. 216. 427 O' Connor. 10hn.17 0113211. Indy. 3611 Oden. 111h11. 217 Odcnwald. Susan. 209 Odhnm. Becky. 160 nm.1..cgnnnr115143 Odnm. Linda. 3135.4 Odom. Marshall. 2195 Odom. Paul. 176 Odom. Rhnndn. 482 0dom.$nndrz.112.2119 01111111111. 1111111. 314 01111111111111. 1115111111. 221 011211. 111. Roger. 1130. 360 011111.D6v111. 111225.427 0g Ogburn. Ka111y.209 Ogburn. Margariv. 283 Ogburn. P1u 251 0 165b, l'ommie. 193 O'Kclle . Charles. 100 Oland. $rucc. 1:12. 134 Old. Rnherl. 310 Oldham. Deny. 140. 406 O'Leary. Michael. 4:17 Olipham. Bryan.g 332. 3110 011 1111111 1. 1111011150 Olive. 5 111111-11.r I175'7 0111 r. Oliver.1r Ge'arga. 4117 Oliver. s12 1190.210 OlliUe. W1 liam. 201 chal. Indy. 277. 473 O'Nnill.'1'ur0nce. 1111 Orial. Palricia. 197 U.rm5b Grady. 2111 01111111- '2 Kcnnclh.17u Orr. 1un11. 52. 155.456 Orr.Lynn.141432 011-. 1111111111 314. 357. 364 0111111111.Murgu1-1-.i.402 Osbornn. Colin. 31H Osborne. E11161. 154 Oslmrnc. Lynn. 4112 Osborne. Marvin.146 Osborne. Vir min. 209 Oshnrne. Wil iam. Osb111-n11.Wuo1IworZIh.137.146 Olcy. IV. Kirkwuud. 2111 0119. William. 112. 211. 365 Oullaw. E1111y.225 001111111. 1uhn. 225. 361 011111111. Larry. 491 Overcash. Norman. 3713 Ovcrcush. Robcrl. 225 Ovurlnr Willard. 112. 310. 355 Overman. P31. 160 OvcrIun. William. 142 Owen. Howard. 193 Owen. Mary. 156 Owen. Park. 1511 Owen. Wayne. 141 Owens. Alene. 154 Owens. Bordon. 157 Owens. Earl. 153. 258 Owens. lumes. 217 Owens. 1111111. 204 1mm. 112. 290. 436 Michael Ray.466 Miclrcl Russell. 192. 216 Pairi 209. I191. 465 R0n31d.135.143 Shelley: 1511 Owens. 71101-1115. 356. 370 Ownby. Ralph.143 Owslcy. Thomas. 492 0211111111. 111111111. 154 P3116. Charles 377 P11ce.Nolnn. 163 163 Packard. Ca1hcrinc. 1411 Packard. Franklin. 112. 156 Pnukurd. Mark. 218. 232. 427 Packer. Michael. 145 Herman. 195 P.111gc11. James. 497 Pudrick. Michael. 461 Pngo. Bruce.1 11.11111. 1111;111:1225 314. 357 Page. 111113.225 P111111.Lin1111.132.14n 1111311. Richard 162.195 Page. Winslan'. 219. 473 Pngcl. 11.. 1112. 201 Paige. 145. 372 P11111101. Cynihiu. 192 Painlur. William. 17!! Fail. Sandra. 192 Puksuy. Ali. 3411. 350 Puhmkzas. 511112.201. 3.92. 363 Paiiuums. Pauline. L5 Pmisaul.Alan.112.334.361 Palmer. Cariemn. 159 Palmer. Dnmlhy. 2119. 4:15 Palmer. 0011 Palmer. Elizabelh. 112.166 Paler. Gary." .1 11 Palmer. Hollis. 113. 2115 Palmer. 11:11-y. 193 Palmer. Tony. 1511. 334 P9151111. Ruben. 193 Pamplin. Robert. 113. 225 Punsius. David. 165. 171 Pnrdcc.Lorin.134 P..11-due Dnvi. 113. 225 Parham. laspcr. 145. 467 P111h11m. Kcnnon. 11:1. 279 Parish. Sarah. 4117 Parker. CaruLI P11rkcr.cha1lcs.204. 391.354 leYkCT. 1r. 1:u111s.1 110 P11111111. Cymhia. 279m 397. 393 Parker. Dnnald.4 Parker. Edwin. 4923 Parker. Frank. 1111. 225 Parker. Henry. 320. 353 Parker. Jeff. 205 Parker. 0h . 338. 361 Parker.Lul1a. 113. 156 9111.61. unny. 225 Parker. Lynne. 201 Parker. Manley. 491 Parker. Marsha. 209 Parkar.Mar1ha.4B7 Parker. Michael D.. 159 Parker. Michael W.. 340, 362 Parker. Pamela. 192 Parker. Pkma. 390 Parker. Raymund. 156 Parker. Richard. 395 Parker. William. 113. 195 Parks. Donald. 217 Parks. Kenneih. 160 Psks. Martha. 200 Parks. Owen. 491 Parks. Rick, 2132 Parks. William M.. 150. 159 Parks.1r..Will13m S. 145 Parnel1.Richnrd.1 Parnell. William. 141 Parrish. 11111-11. 211 Parrish. Rosalyn. 496 Parrish. Thomas. 237 P21111511. Wal1cr. 464 P3111111. Huhurx. 322 P3111111. 11.. 1111-1115. 353. :16; 393 P1111511. P11111613. 113. 260 Parsley. W111111m. 143 17115111111. Chrisiophafr. 4159 Parsons. Davi. 484 P1111129. 1.1111111. 113. 162. 166 Parlxn.Lois.113.132.369 Paschal Dunald. 113. 376 Paschal. 111. Gmrgriiz 332. 369 Pnschal.Will1am. P355111. Arlhur. 141. 472 Fare. 11.. Hcrbcri. 316. 357 P1112. Robnrl. 465 P3111. William. 143 P3191. Vinodchandra. 497 Pallersun. InmcH. 161 P11113111. III. 01-0133. 212 P11rick. Graham. 225. 46 P.11rick.1z1n11. 261. 427 Pnlrick. ans. 2116. 427 Panen. Marian. 177 Fallen. Waller. 212 Punerson. 11311-1111. 217 9111111151111. Daniel. 3116 P31161500. David L.. 210 Panersun. David R.. .144. 362 Panerson. D11va1-11h. 206. 234 Pnucrsnn. Dunald. 146 Pnliersun. Gray. 2511 Pallerson. Icffru 352 Palletson. IDSEP K31 394 Pallcrson Priscilla. 166 Pauursan. Ralph. 344 Pnuersnn. Ronnie. 113. 204 Paucrson. Scan. 113.304. 354. 477 Pullerson. Simmon Pullersnn. Susan. 266. 436. 456 Pa1lcrson. Th 111115. 141. 342 11.111111 111111. 322. 359 Pallis'all. "166k. 322 Punun. 111.-me. 264. 447 Pallun. Carroll. 113. 219. 4511 P11111111. 11.. Ray. 492 Fallon. Slevcn. 141 P1111 . Sheldon. 491 Fun sen. William. 203. 354. 444 Pavlik. Barbara. 192 Pavlolf. luhalhan. 156. 255 Payne. Charles. 113.142 Pay119.Eliznbc1h. 190 Payne. Jnh n. 497 Payne. Ronald 141. 360 Paysnur. Danny. 195 Paymn james. 169 P0111111. Lcrryig . Penna: Bevarly. 113.168 Peacnck.Dnrmhy.168.275 Peacock. Iacky. 171 Peacock. 11111199. 74 Peacock. 1091. 350 Peacock. Randal". 499 Pcamck. 11.. Ray. 491 Peak. Dunukl. 497 P031. George. 113. 195 Pearce. Dennis. 141 Pearce. 111511 11. 3111 Pearlcs. Mic 11111. 426 Pearman. Larry. 160 Penman. Michael. 195 Pearson. Linda. 209 Pearson. Rnhecca. 113. 155 P113512. Margnrcl. 7.09 Pcchelelcs. Ioscph. 195 Peck. Susan. 156 Pcddymni. 1u1111. 113. 225. 307 Pcchles. Inanne. 155. 370 PEEblES. Lyslon. 360 Peels. Erncsl. 194 Peels. 11.. 1.111111. 193 P012111. Kimlmll.194 Peeler. Douglas. 160 1711111111. Gregory. 3935 P1: ram. Dauglas 1111. Kalhryn.11:1. 279. 397. 459 P121? EL-n. 212 Pell. Runnld. 113 P31101101. Mark. 142 Pellin er. Harold. 142 Pemb 1111211. William. 366 Pena. Mario. 49 7 Pence. Nichulas. 217 Ponce. Richard.-152I.403 Ponder. 121mm. 156 Pundchun. Charles. 145 Pcndlalun. Edward. 217 Pcnick. Roland. 497 Pcnkavn. Larry. 104 Pcnlcy. Grover. 157 PcnnclL Sicphcn. 497 Penny. Donald. 379 Penny. Grace. 154 Penny. Ronald. 491 Pepper 111111111. 11111 190. 454 Peppers. Wallace. 146 Percy. Rubcrl. 344 Purdue. Jascphinc. 2113 Perdue. Sammy. 113. 225 Peres. Kcnneih. 340. 302 Pera-Mnnwbu. Rafael. 193 Pemt-Vcrdiz Rivero. Eduardo. 113. 225 Per crson. Larry. 300 Per 11m Ken.455 Perkina. Bub. 464 Perkins. Iohn. 204. 372 Perkins. Pamela. 2111. 455 Pcrklns. Sandra. 113. 154 Furry. Albcrl. 143. 366 Perry. Anhur. 160 Perry. Carl. 304. 354. 441. 473 Perry. Craig. 161 Perry. Evercn. 47 Perry. Geoffrey. 232. 2134. 265. 330 P1111y.1011n.144 Parry. 1oseph.113. 143 Perry. Melissa. 113. 205 Perry. Richard. 113. 314. .157. 396 Perry. Ru nr. 195 Perry. R0 11nd. 11:1. 217 Perry. 5111111611. 113. 225 Perry. Warner. 143 puny. William. 171 Pnrmn. Robert. 1811 P911119. Carol. 11:1. 365 456 Pc1e1s.N1u1cy.14o P011175. III. William. 153 Peicrsun.DonaId.179 Pnicrsan. H11pe1.264 Pnlcrson.H.1rry.185 104. 376 436 11111111151111.11mm. 346 Pclmson. 1nhn. 132 141 Pnlerson Msilyn 186 Pclcrson.Thnmas.4B-1 1121111111111. Viclor. 113. 275. :147 Pencway. Ernesl. 113. 2113. 365 111161. chricun. 4117 311m. Rnche 1111-. 1onus. 355. 43 an. 111.3110", 113. 219. 3011 0111.111. Henri In. 309 alps. Nicky. 14. 225. 3111 ifcr Melvin. 114. 195. 426 1111px. Andrew. 171 1111ps. Ann. 3911 111111.15. Carolyn. 2119 111111.11. Charles. 156 6.Dunald.194 11111111 1911111111: 277 1111115. Gloria. 160 1111115. Grady. 1711 311.15.111.65 354 illips.111 111111 114.225 1111115. 161111 H. 491 illips. K011119111 C... 216 illips. Kennth K.. 164. 1711 111111.15. Larry. 114 11111.15. Linda.1 ilIips.Luckwoo11.171.-165 iliips.Ma1-gn11. 192 1111p5.R1chan1.194 1111p . iliips. 51131111111. 114. 354 1111011. Eelly.114. 160 ipps. Eugene. 259. 3211. 356. 381 17111111111091. DClaude. 212 1-u1:1-u11v-6111111-c-9311111-a-c-v-u-a-u 1. P1011111. Philllp. 1576 13161111111116.2119 Pickens. Peler. 193 Pinkcu. Harry. 225 911.1191. Mangum. 160 Pickcu. Ronald. 160 91011111111. w1111am. 1111. 334 Picrce.B.-11ry.171.342 Picrm.lum66.2183.183 P116110. Pierce. RMici111'1df'0 33110 Picmrsz. Ray.11 P1kc.111.117511ph.114.225366 Pilchcr. A1111. 114.108 Pilgrim. 1111-111. 20 Pinkhnm. Iimmy. 463 Pinnui. 131111111. 165 P11111111. lnhn.48 Pinya11n.Ray. 114.357 Pipes. Viclnr. 3475 Pipkin. Marvi 1.11 Piscilclio. Roy. 161.312. 436 Pisinlis. A1has.1 Piu.11xscph.344.362 Pin. Olivia. 140 P111. Virginia. 166 P11111111. Pamela. 190 P11111111. Ruben. 114. 142 Piuengur. Gwandoiyn. 499 Piuman. Benny. 202 Fillman.13mns.91453w 11111111111. 11112.1 Piumnn. 1411151111121 114. 235 Pillmnn. M1ch11111 0.. 370. 1177 Pillmnn. Michael 1.11210 Pillmun. Ravmnnd. 2112 Pillmun. w 3115. 466. 467 Piuman. Wimiliamc. 366.376 P1115. Kcn 1:111. 190. 293. 57 Pills. William. 180 P1311. AIImd. 355 Pleasams, Michael. 195 Plemmons. Belly. 15.1 91055. Ruben. 179 Pliscu. Janice. Plank. 0912139. 211. 3711 121111.11. 111111;. 11.1 Plyiur. William. 114. 176 111111. Charles. 314. 1157 1:115. 011111m277.2473 P061.Duv'idmi142.5332.:160.392393. 395. 399 Puilms. Rnhnrl. 395 Polk. Claudia 299 Palk.1amcs. 132.141 12111111111. 1.1111114 73 Pulland. Robert. 179 Pu.lI111-d Bennie. 370. 377 Pollard. Harold. 267. 320. 385 Pollard. Lawrence. 304. 354 Pollard. Louise. 156 Pollard. Scan. 171 Pollard. William. 498 Pollock. Hoke. 202 Pulluck. Ray. 193 Pnndnr. Bonnie. 140 Fans. 1oh11. 202 Pool. Murray. 2157. 320. 3511 Paula 1111my1.111 Paula. Judy. Poole. Rob0r11.171. 435 Poole. 5115311.!92 Papa. 11.. C. 114. 347 Page. Carol. 140 P0 9. erry.157 Pnpc. 1111111 361 Pope. Ruhecca. 445 Pope. Tany. 114. 330. 361 Pope. William. 143. 491 Poplin. Ragcr. 114. 366. 376 Pnrapakhah. anami. 454. 497 Purcn. Rabvnl. 4 Pnrili. Gary. 31.12. 379 P11111116. Sam. 212. 372. 377 Pnrler. Alex. 2" 0 Paner. amcs M.. 171111111. 11, 1111191 N" '145 P611111. 111. 172.177 435. 456. 472 11111-121. 11ml. 114. 225 Porter. 111511ph. 210 Porler. P0111. 301 11111-101. Tl1om11s.3 Pas1clihw1111. Edward. 361 Poslnn. Frank.171 P051011. William. 141 P0116r.Dnnn-'1 190 Puunr. Frnnr. .. 114. 277. 437 Polmr. Lynwnnd. 37-1. 377 Puller. Mary. 114. 166 11111111. Richard. 114. 357 Poiler. William. 492 Fun. 1311221711111. 114. 166 Poucher. ElizubL-Ih. 209 Paulin. Allan. 135. 14:1 POV 1. Gary. 340. 435 Powell. 11.. Benjamin. 114. 203 Pawcll. Cynlhiu. 192 incll. 161111. 4611 Pawcll. Kennuxh. 114. 141 Powell. Paul. 404 Powell. P2121. .106. 356. 424. 425 Powell. Richard.4 4B7 Pn1veil.Sluph11n.:106.356 1111111111. 61111111. 176. 179 366 PuwcH. Turry.1 P11wcr90m1:6.JLI 361 Pawers aync. 114. 146 111-.1559. 1111111111. 114. 1511. 3110 Fran. Georgia. 160 1411111. Samuel. 146 P1311. Tracy. 330 Presley. Johnny. 211 Pressley. 61111110111161.1611 Pressly. 111nnings. 316. 7.51. 356 Prcvnsl. Ricknl Price. Burbnr'a. 225 Price.1van.l14.381 Price. 16111115. 182 Price. lames H.. 202 rice. 1.1111011 I... 171 111-ice. Ken. 236 Price. Marian. 114. 160 Price. Michael. 211 Price. Palricia. 279 Price. Richard. 202 Price. Runny. 370. :177 Price. Slcvun. 144. 446. Price. Susan. 156 Price. Willinm. 483 Friday. Robin. 1611 Priddy. Michael. 142 Pridgcn. Mack. 1611 0111151. Gurdun. 314. 357 Prinslnr. Frederick. 114. 251. 356 1111111. Michael. 114. 2111 Primm. Richard. 467 Prinlc. osnph.1G-1.169 111-11: ar.Kunn0111 161. 376 Prixchard. Lillian. 154 Privzue. shiriuy. 140. 360 Pmclor. Camilla. 488 Proctor. Penny. 237. 455 Pmpns. DuschelI. 160. 439 Pmphel. Douglas. 330 Pmppur. 1111111111. 143 PropsI.Linda.190 Pmpsl. Michael. 2112 Propsi. Russell. 173 Prnuly. 1.1m1. 155. 279 Provo. Donna. 114. 177 Pruddeu. 1111111. 1155 Fruden. N11r1leul. 316. 356 P1u1111. P.1m11111. 177. 251 171-Hell. Thwdurc. 193 Prynr. William. 179 Pugh.EI.1be1h.114. 140 Pu uEh 11. 10hn.160 :11. Louis. 114. 160. 236. 461 Pullnasn. Dunnld.1 Pullz. David. 3511 Punyashlhili. Kunnikar. 497 11111311. 1111111. 1 Purdom. Eugene. 491 Purdy 1111111113 Purdy. William. 114. 320. 350. 361. Purser. Rodn81. 493 Purslcy. 31151111. 154 Furyanr. Paul 26: 1211111111111 P111111. 497 P111n11m. 11. 12311111111211 Pyle. CharIcs. 2155 Pyle. Comer. 304 Pyne. ahn.:130. 360 Fyne. 059 11.34 Quntllebaum. 113711111. 141 Queen. 111111115. 193 Queen. Rodger. 202 Queen. Sara. 154 Query. Marion. 115 uery.Thumas.115.225 Quick. 1111111. 115. 361 0111 . aann. 497 u1n.Eu enia.115.280 Quillinn. Mi 11111 195 Rabb Walter.'262.2611 Rabil. William. 159 Rabun. Carlie. 145 Racuy. Frederick. 300. 3911 Rnfahxde. Frederick. 360, 376, 1180. 1 Rachlin.Rxchard.179 12111111111. 1111111. 1711 Radfor. Jan. 326 359 Rummy. Kennelhz. 310. 356 Ragan. 00I.1802 Raglan. 1:1'1gar.:104 Rngsdnle. Thomas. 261.3111. 356 Rnincy. Hal. 306. 430 Quincy. L1m'111. Ramey. M1111ha. 116 166. 391. 427 .1Rincy. Pclrin. 115. 316. 356. 365 Rains. Richard. 225. 378 Rakcr. Dun. 115 141 Raker. Gwyn. 161 Rake 13.11111 192 111. .1-1c. 497 Rambo. Iudilh Mrs.. 115 225 ansny. David. 310. 3513 Ramsay. Inhn. 210. 357 Ramsay. T humus. 194 Ramsey. claud1a. 115. 291. 411 Ramsay. Harr. 169 Rand. John. 3311. 350. 379 Rand. 1udi1h. 154. 437 Randall. Sandra Mrs.. 115.225 Randulph. Angus. 347 Runny. William. 320. 3511 Rankin. 15111111. 190 Rankin. Haywuad, 115. 225. 365 Rankin. Louise. 115 Ransamv. 111. Percy. 1511. 261 R1111. Chalralhi. 361 Ran. C U431171. 427 an. . Rnpcr. L11u111.7 115. 196. 300 Rapcr. Slnphen 334. 361 R1p111. Vwann. 344. 362 Rnper.W 111. 115.3112. 354. 360 Rnpp.D avid. 347 Rasbnrry.Kc'nn61h.159 Rasch1.Barbar.-1.14D Rash. Marc. 219. 340 R111. Phillip. 157 Ralchford. Bunnie. 277 Ramhiord. Terry. 179 R111hburn. Cu1-1is. 146 Ralliff. Helen. 168 Ranch. M11111. 161 Ruuchfuss. Thomas. 160 Rawuld.Ku11.14z Rawleigh.13mes.171 Rowling. 11. 1.1.1.. Rawlin 5. Fred. 2.195 260 Ray. A 51013. 336. 361 Ray. Brian. 312 Ray. Carl. 180 Ray. Helen 1.115.. 115.225 Ray. 111nm, 4114 Ray. Karen. 209 Ray.Kcnnn1h. 161 Ray. Linda. 115.140 Ray. 911111111225 Ruy. Ruben 4915 Ray. Williaml Rayhon. ECHIE. 5140. 465 Raymond.111nice. 276. 277 Raynor. Douglas. 1711 Raynor. Mary. 2119 403 Raynor. William. 1'93 111-111 Campbell. 427 R911 . Rob 1 115. 31111. 3.56 Ready. illiam. 492 Reamer. Richard. 493 Reaser. James. 145 Renves. 1.001440. 44; 446 um; .R.ol1cr1 217 Rnavis. 1111111h 115.140 Rnavix. 111111. 115. 216 Reclor. Douglas. 157 Ronlnr. Edward. 1511 Redding. Max. 493160 Redfcrn. Ch.1rles.1 Redmund. 11. Edgar.115.142 Reed.1nmus. 171 Rand. Marcella. 151 Reed. P3m013.m9 Rcudn. Suzanne. R2111. William. 115'. 216. 464 Rcep.8rynn. 497 Rm. Kmhy. 156 R0056. David. 466 Rena. David. 115. 302. SM Reeves. Gail. 115. 200 Reich. Ronald. 146 Reid. Archibald. 1411 Reid. Charles. 145 R0111. 141-111112111. 115. 225 Reid. Lc1115332.360 R0111. 1.01.1. 376 Reid. N11:hnl33.22 R '11. Sandra. 115. 5.279 392. 393 11 .1. 51111111111. Rmhmidnr. Dunnn. 115. 140 R 'gur. M11111. 3:12 R 5111. P311011. 225. 251 Reimnn. 11.. Ruben. 191 Reimlcr. 1111111. 336 R hold. Manfred. 427 R 11th". Michacl. 300 Re son. Mary. 231 RnndIu an. David. 4117 Runello 'I'humns, 174. 236. 401 Runhnn. Frank. 159 Rnnfro. lnhnna. 115, 133 Renfrnw. 111""!5' 211 Renn. Mic acl. 225 Requa. Pulricia. 115, 177 Respcss. Linwnud. 357 Respess. William. 157 Resseggur. Juycc. 207 Rulhmcier. Kcnnelh. 497 Reusin. M .h1cI.168 chm :1. EdIVdI'L1.155 Reynolds. Bonila. 177 Reynalds. Brusn. 332. 392 Frank. 170 ., .Hank.1476.374 Ru us Rnnald. 21D R1IDIII15.RII5501.115.ZZ5 Rhoda". Charles. 115. 11511. I178 Rhodas.Curlis.158.405 Rhodes. Dale. 463 Rhodes. Elizabnlh. 190 Rhodes.Robcr1212758.262 Rhadcs, Susan.2 Rhodes. Thamns. 22558. 310, 3513 Rhodes. Viclor. 145.3011 Rhnncy. 0311: 404 Rhynu. lam . Rhync. 1052p Rhync. MI'IriLABcuIrice. 225 Rhync. Reginald, 115. 150 RIIyIIu. Richmd. 314, 357. 390 Rice. Douglas. 115. 225 R Edward, 145 R U. E1IZIIIIIIIII.115.177 RIcc. Iamcs. 157 R leannu, 115. 225 rubuII. 338 381 Sidney, 116. 225 Ric. T -rrv. 156 Ric urns, David. 217 5. John. 252 8 William. 142 .AugusIus. 317 Ernesl. .Lance. 1111. 259. 310. 357 Richardson. Thomas, 158 RIcIIquIg. Alison, 225 R1EIIBy. James. 235, 461 Ric Imim, ChurIILs. 407 Richter, Lawrence. 113, 357. 301. 425. 440 Richmr. William. 1 Rickclls. Thomas. 256. 308. 356 Rickman. Roburl. 11S. H5 Rickman. Sundra. 110. ms. 309 R1 ks. Cynlhia. 151 RiI dick. Harry. 193 R1 dick Howard. 116, 100 R1 III k. Terry. 14:1 ' CnIVin. 320. 3511. 388 50 cr.ry Ri III'.L11.I11y.154 Riccr. R . End. 116. 226 7139.444 Rin mvny. Thumas.195 RI cy.Hmlen.152. 155 454 RiIIoul. Henr. RIccken. WiIi mm. M497 Ringer, Mnrk. 380 Ricrsnn.Gwmulolyn.110.150 Ricrslcd. Chrixz Rife. Iohn. 178 Rigdon. Donald.142 R1ggun.W11111In1 215 Riggins. BIIIIIaI-a'. 14o Rigglcs. Lynn. 116. 289 Riggs. DaVIK1.1115.234 354 33:. 394 Riggs. Dn nuI. Rigsbeu. David.159ga Ri 511cc, Richard.4 11130131011107.1113. Ri1cy. AnIhuny. 146 Riley. 101m. 493 Rillcr. Michael. 360 Rindl'Icisch. Donald. 354 Rinehardl. William. 116. 211 Ringhnvcr, Randal. 31-1. 357. 390 Ringle. Andrew, 143. 357. 425 Rin'r . Hclnn. 192 Rip cy. lizabulh. 154 Ripley. Iohn, 144 Ripley. Richard, 577 Rippcrlon. Scan. 211 RH hie. George. 174. 179 R11 11:. Fordun. 219 Rilnhic. Lcwis.20 Rilchm. Fully. 115, 21517. 3115 RiIchic. RohcrI R11Ehlc, SIII'II. 116.192 Rilck. Iosnph. 1:15. .147. 306 Rillcr. Lee. 1 Riv . Mnrgami. 190 Rivls. WuI-I-cn. 151 Rizk. Norman. 14-1. 425. 433, 4119 Roach. Carol. 115, 190, 445 Ranch. Lynn, 188 Rauch.TimoIhy.116.202 Ruazdman. Larry. 116. 2 . .04. 255, 3'15 R0311; L Zubelh.116 281.391.1921. Roabllins. Edward.116. 1811. 195 obin.1:1nice, 19 Z RUIILrsIm. Edwin. 116 211 Ra . son. SIephen. 201 251 RIIIIcrsmI. Themlum. 4114 Ruhersun. Thomas. 171 Roberts. Bruce. 300. 356 Rnbcrls.D.1viII. 211 Rubens. 11. Derek Andrew. 226 RnImrIs. 11. Frank. 202 Rabcrls. Inmes. 493 Rubens. lean. 290. 3941 Roberts, IIIIIn K.. 212 RnIIurIs. 101m 1'.. 300. 355 Roberls. Lennard. 116. 160 Rohurls, Lulhcr. 211 Rohcrls. Marlha. 290 Robcrls. ShIInnDII, 209. 455 Rubens. II.. Thomas. 487 Barbara. 177 Crnwder. 110.195 Francis, 1115 20-1 lunI'.116...87.427 Rahcrlson. I n. 455 Rohurlson 10558. 159 Robcrlson. 510 hen, 354, 3717' Robertson. WII 1131'. 210 Robertson. William. 225. 380 RobinuII.T1I0mus. 178 Rob1nelln. I01In. 121115.202 Robinson, Ann ' Robinson. C11701.2140 Rnbinsun. Charles. 203 Robinsun. Daniel. 145 Robinsun. DIIvid. 259 Robinson. Davidson. 1515 Robinson. Douglas, 211 Robinson. Earl, 202 Robinson. C Rohinslnm El Rubl. Rnhinsnn. Isaac. 4911 Ruhinsun. Imy. 225 on. KnIIIryII.115.1-Io on. Kunnelh. 492 on. Richard, 1111 'on.RoII1nd.11r.Il47 Robinson, Runald. 116. 226 Rnbinsnn. Rnyclz. 312 357 Robinson. Russell, 3613, 378 Robinsmi, Slevc, 143 Robinson. Thom 171. 379 RulIinsun, WIzsI Rubinsnn. WiI .20 Rockwell. IDBV111. 354 RudngIn. EIIcI. 179 Rndm. Mark. Roe. Philip. 20141331 RncsslI-r, Gustave. 3711. 858 Rogers. Daniel. 189 Rogers. FIIIIIcIIIn. 14a 120ch5. lune, 190 Rogers. udiIh. 201 Rogers, 'alhryn. 154 Rugurs. Linda. 1115. 108 Rogers. Louis. 110, 161 Ragnrs, NiuIsun. 1214. 2'46. 4111 Rogers. RaIp 11.2 Rogers. Randu112.1718. 202 Rogers. Randolph. 145 Rogers, Sharron. 275 Rogers. 11!. Weaver. 201 Rogers.iIIi:1m E. 212 Rogers, W1111i1m L,. 116. 366 370. 381, 385 Rogers. William 0.. 117 Raga. nn. Andrew. 143 $3.111 .-LIII3d, 2716 and. LIIIIyz Rollins. Charles. 1743 Rollins. KIII'II. 3213 Rollins. Paul. 117.202 Rallins. William 359 Romans KIIIhc n, Romingcr. Ducm 211. 437.4 377 Rominger' Inn, 117. S115:; Romm. Ronmn Roach Rooks ' 1.1131 Rool.ViIgini:1, 117. 277. 473 Rose. ChIIrIns. 2m ROSIE. Iacqunlinu. 140 ROSIE. Lynn. 1111 Rose. MnIqu. 4117 Rose. Sharon. 79. 117. 177. SM. 1191. PcIIIr 3-109 352 455 Rose. SlanIy. 3411 Rose, William. 312, 357 Roscmun. 101m. 203 Roscn Sluwarl. 340, 152.3 5130 II. Rir .1'1111 n.3424 .CIIIIII n.155 R3511, Dunn d. 210 Ross, DunIIld. 310, 356, 397 O..E110n.117 290 H lcn. 102 Ross.lack.100 Russ.1uannic. 154 Ross. Linda. 209 Ross. Marianne. 499 ROSS.MiIr11II1. 309 Roslnn lnmcs. 301 lanicc. 117.226 R051vu1l.CIinI. 17D Rolen. Russell 217 Rolh. Barry. 159 Rulhurmul, Ra . 171, 465 Roughlnn. Wil 1:11". 117, 2211 Raunlmc. Erdcnc. 279 Rnunlren. Mary. 117. 281, 392. 393. II". 455 Ruusc. Carrie. 285. 415 RDUSI'.11!M'YI 117. 220.3381 Rouse. 111.10hn.1w RODSII, 111, RIILII'rI, 311115.13. .I1'11. 439 Rowe. Belly. 117. 228 Rowe. Beverly. 140 Ruwc. Brenda. 190 Rowe. Cnul'gc. 117.201 Rowe. James, 117. 2211 Rowe, luscph. 117. 220. 480 Rowe, Mary. 117. 177. 285 Rowe. Peter. 3-17 Rowe, Ronald, 7401 Rowe. Roy.1 Rowe. 111. Wi117iam. 213-1, 581 Roxlo. H21cn.1 Roy. Eugene. 3118 RnyIIIe. Kennulh. 260 Royall. Kcnnclh. 310. 3511 Roycroil. Ioseph. 117. 226 RoysIcr. 80b: 117. 208 Roystcr, Donald. 368. 378 Royslcr. George. 217 Rozinr. Richard, 404 Rubinra. CuiIInrnm. 157 Rubin. 11:, Adrian. 4117 Rubin, Burlon. 492 Rubin. Frances. 140 Ruble. 1311117, 181 Iiucker. John. 318 Rudder. Michael. 193 Ruddlc. Pres. Z48 Rudsill. 11. Ben. 381 Rudsill. r.. 2551:. 142 Rudsill. 1L. Inhn, 178. 262 RIIdIoII, Mary. 450 Rudolph. Vernon 250 353 Ruff.T1mmas. 219. 255 Ruffin. Ruland. Dnvnl,1 Rule, WIIIiam. 2112. 379 Rupe. 1111111. 188 RIIpan.A11Cc.497 Rupan. RnhcrI. 73 Ruppall. Susan. 1905 Rush.1 Rohnrry.22 Rusn'115211.K81111.258.302.35-1 Russ,DunaId. 212. 756 Russell Bayard 308. 355, 397 Russell. Frank. 492 Russell. 306. 358 279 117. 201 Marquis. 353 R yckman. Nancy. 117.102 Ryder. ack Ryan, an 27.0 Snbales, Guilleymo. 140 Snchazeski. JanL-I. 209 Sndler. Dorcuda, 140 Sadlcr. Iamcs. :57 Sadler. Thomas. 117, 193 Sacnger. George, 117, 320. 358 gaginar, Edwin. 491 S 115. 171 Sakorn 5n. Chira. 497 Sale. A Vin. 202 Sale. Edward. 145 nlecby. C nIIIigI'I, 117. 226 11113817155215 . IIImDn. Lawrencc.117. 334.381 aller, 1011211. 220 BIVOII, Ronald.117 318. 358 :Iamanick. Joyce.4 :Iampsnn Cherry. 117. 168. 435 mm. W311er.17.202 anders. C1ydn,1217..126 359 Sanders. CanIIiII.1r18 Sanders, Frank. 497 Sanders. 102. 252. 253 Sanders, Lee. 2 Sanderson. Edward. 497 Sandlin. Billy. 2211 Snndlin. Leon. 202 Sandlin. Martha. 117 188 Sargent. William. 493 Sarina. RallapaII1. 497 SarraII. lohn. 223. 430. 459 Sanain. Thumas. 141 Sarlare. Richald. 185. 171 SassL-I', William.4 SaIIcrfieId. Iacancllnc. 209 Snllerfield. WiI Inm,484 Saucrwhile. Linwood. 195 SaIIcI-whilc. Ronald. 117. 228 Snuder. Iohn. 117. 219. 2521 Sauls. WilIiam. 492 Saunders. Alice. 415 Saunders. Chase. 193, 472. 473 Iry Nancy. 117. 2119 Reuben. 212 Sauvngu. Norman. 3110 Sauvain. Edward. 103 savage. Michael. 2113 Savage. Phillip. 434 Savilz. Stephen, 342. 353 Savona. loscph. 492 Sawtullu. Hcrbcrl. 498 Sawyer. Harold, 117, 356 Sawyer. Hazel, 155 Sawyer. Ianvl. Snwyer.L. E..117. 280310.358 284 Sawyer. Larry. ' 211 Sawyer. Nancy. 11B. 140. 380 Sawyer. William. 210 Saxon. Hugh. 11a. 2111. 42:1. 435. 446 Snycgh.Pau1. 150 sIchI-s. Dana'ld. 488. 491 Snylcs. DurrcIl, 159 sIIonr. Carroll 2119 Sayre. Edward. 484 Snym. IIIIIe. 208. 211 Sayre. Sully Scarborough David,145.284 Schahcr.10hn.211 Sc.acfnr. Karen. 118. 155 Sc afer. Gernld,4 Sc 111121. Nan. 2289 ScIechImI-In. man. 427 Sc .cIIcy. Iames. 181 51: 1:0. Tom. 284 Sc e11, Waller. 181 Scaenck. Sandra. 118. 281 Schilke. Joyce. 137. 140. 473 S: iIIer. Matha. 210 Sr: iller. Mary. 118. 140 Scaillin 01. Brian. 374. 7457 Sminde heim.R 0P8 Sch lngel. Elizabel 118. 200 Schleck, George. 143. 255 Schmid. Waller, 158 Frcderick.118 2528 Marilyn 11. 118.28 Pau1,483 171 297 385 Larry. 342. 382 149 279 487 328. 350. 433 .4118 Shirley. 118, 200 454 Ri.r.hard 118. 218 Charles. 170 David. 354 SIephen. 150 226 382 Bonnie. Howard. 328. 380 289 144. 255 181 352. 435. 437 Schwunzer. Ion, 143 Scoggins, David 141 Scoggins. Henry, 2m Scull. Andrew. 308 Econ. Ann. 118.140 Scull. Beck Scoll.ChaersM3118.215374.377. 380. 465 388. 5501!. Charles T., 241. 245. 247 ScoIK.G-'Iry.118,141 464 Sean, John, 218 Scull. KIIIy. 335 58011. Martha. 154 ScolI,M1cha21. 158 388 Scott, Nancy. 287 Scan, Russ. 458 Scull. Sharon. 118. 226 Scull, Terry. 146.450 Scull. Williams ScripIure. Susan,118. 207, 445. 455 Scruggs Ian.2 Scruggs. Ross 8.. 72 Scroggs. Ross Edward 220 Scruggs, MichaeIJ Scurry. WiIIiam.118.308. 378 Scagrnvxs. Sharon. 155 Searcy. Sluphen, 179 Searles. MichaclJ Seawall. Christopher. 1218 338. 361 Secundn. lnhn. 180.25 Scdclow. Sally. 74 Seaman, Inhn, 433 chgel. Pcch'. 181 01.103. 4117 521 er. Lawrence. 370. 377 Sci 2. Andrew, 3751 :1Raymond.149 155. 264 I Lawrence, 362 5:1by, Thomas. 170 Self,Richard.19-1 Sellnrs. John. 159, 428 SclIars,Te1-ry. 258 Senn, CanhIa. 177 Senn. Laurence, 492 cnn. Scnlellc.1gavidz:491 Senler. Lloydzz Sernndc. Jusnph. 118. 180 Serra. Frank. 228 Svrunian. Barry. 4513 Sessnms. john. 118.148 Scssoms. 51mm. 312. 357 Scssums. Lind.188 $01110. Roberl. 354 elleno gmeph, m2 clzcr. all 499 evilIz, 8017. 4882 cchI. Cccil.38 2.354 ewell, SIcphen. 118 209. 465 exlon. E1mEI'. 143. 450 exlnn.KaI-01 118.168 .Icymuur, Dennis. 139 -eymqu-. Hubexl. 219. 372 377 weymour, Margarel.118.140 Ieyrnour. RaberI.1421 Shackalfcrd. Lau1'e1. 140 Shackelfurd.Laurcn.118 2m ShndE.Rnberl.118,180 Shaficr. Charles, 394 Shnifncr. LouIs. 141 ShnIeIl. Nancy. 158 Shnllunl. DavId. 302. 426 Shanks. David. 142. 872 Shnnnon. Michael. 105. 171 Sharer. Douglas. 228. 258. 424 Sharp, Barbara. 498 Sharp. Henry, 258 hurpc. Edward. 497 Iavcndcr. Eugene. 488 12w. David. 219 haw. amcs, 195 aw. ohn. 228 lllian. 210 ea, Don, 258 on, Peter. 213 car. Morris. 118. 228 Inarin. Hugh. 228 hearin. Larry. 211 Iearin. Ruben, 486. 488 828w". Cecil, 211 Baron, David. 390, 493 edd,10hn.185 odd. Joseph. 170 edLI.S Ievcn. 369. 375 .Eehan. Iamcs. 236. 441 .cehnn.10hn. 202 Kenneth, 487 e1. Michael. 305, 355 SIcphen. 312. 357. 433 2 Ion. Frank, 485 e Ion. Larry. Isa hepard. ErncsI. 384. 590 hepard, luck. 172 ep I'd. lean. 118. 285 Daniel. 364 Danaldaa 193 Knl I,e WaIlDI'I. 314. 350. 357 James, 354 john. 180 Imps. David.483 'Icrarn. Kalhcrine. 188. 427 heridan. Wendy. erIin. RaburI. 171 428 human. Gene. 487 hermun. loclyn. 234. 287 ermnn. Levering. 332. 380 herman. Susan, 118. 228 am", min. 144. am am", Dwight. 283 herrill, George. 193 mmmm :n mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ,Mnry. 192 on- HRusscll 493 errill, William, 178 hiclds. Chcsler. 135,143 1111150. Richard. 497 IIImaIII. KIIIy. 497 hinn, Terry. 141 hipIcy. Marion. 218 hipmnn, Boyce. 202 hive. Suzanne. 190 hivers. James. 487 oaf, Chan. 202 0.11, nnie. 28091 051'. in Ion. mckley. Rnndoglph. 193 DE. LInIln. 188 Raleigh. 493 nfirwr William. 158 ore. Albert. 14:! ham. Charles. 493 url. John. 143 11011. Run. 756 horI. Terr . 181 house. Wi Iiam. 314. 357 hrch:. Brandon. 118. 314. 357. 398 huIm'd. Canny, 2 human. Donald. 5143 huping. anc. IIIIpIIIgx5 01171111. 5195 SibIey. amcla Z85 Sidm, Gwyn. 499 Sides. R1chnrd,l18. 219. 484 Siubcnschuh, Dougl as. 195 Sibenschuh. Frederick,118.324 359 msmmnmwmmmmwmmmcgmmmmmmgmmmmmw Siebet. Linda. 234. 281 512 El. Pau1,342,382. 473 Sifford.Eric,142 Sigler. 'Scou. .125. 359 Sigmun. Iesse. 1711 SI man. Mary, 190. 388 Si 11:. Charles. 348 Sikes. William, 204 SIIer. Arch. 228 Silcr, Barry, 118. 207. 211 Siler. lohn. 18 Sillimnn. Scan. 491 Silver. Bunnie. 482 Silver, Charles, 81. 118, 381. 388 Silverslcin, Eric. 118. 340. 382 Simmons. Berkeley. 195 Simmons. Calvin, 388. 378 Simmons. Donnie. 161. 485 Simmons. Edilh. 188. 192 Simmons. Email, 118. 141. 424 Simmons. Gail. 190 Simmons. Sam, 48:! Simmnns. Slephen. 212 mans. Sluvn. 204 mans. Wilson. 159 Simms. Louise. 210 Simon. Kim. 203 Simon. Lloyd. 340. $2 Simon. Lynn. 177 Simon: ames. 179, 328 Simon uzanne. 119.279. 397. 454 Sim k .CanhiaJ Simpson. Alan. 202 Simpson. Bland. 45:! Simpson. Carolyn. 168 SImpson, Emily. 279 Simpson. Eugene. 189. 379 Simpson. James 447 Simpson. L081. 119, 122625 Simpson. nhn M.. Simpson, Im'y, 11917371377 154 119. 177 158 328. 351? Sillerson. . Carlyle, 89 Sinerson. osephao C.. 330. 385 S .Iterson, pm!!! IInnnn SImon. 232. 344. 332 "mm, Donald.180 nIrI ade. ade, ade. mmmmmmmmmmr 1nner. Philli Inner. War, ipper. Stanley. 157 Ray. 119. 203 31:12. Don.200 e215. William. 170. 348 zen. Thomas. 380 eeIer. Robert. 320 Inner. Carolyn. 158. 234 Henry. 119.150 anhn.110,181 .2119. 226 Charla. 179 Richard. 193 Robert 212 SIIIIughIer, Katherine. 119. 140. 389, Sluwtar. Linda. 118. 177 Slnwter. William.118. 212 Sledge. David. 212 Sleeper. William. 119 Sloan, Sloan. Sloan. jams 3.. 488 lame: G..1 Virginin. 287. 427. 445 Slocum. Susan. 155 SIm-ne. Cacil.258 Sloap. Sloop. Charles. 119. 212 Frank. 228. 378 Slows. Norman. 348, 302 Small. Small. Small. Small, Deborah, ED Mathn. 154 lama. 119. 142 William. 497 SmaIIy. Alan,179 Smiley, Joyce. 140 miIh. mm miIh. miIh. mm. mm Smilh, Smilh, miIh. miIh. miIh. miIh. miIh. miIh. miIh. mil, miIh. miIh. mil 3 mii. mil mil, mil Smilh, milh miIh. miIh. miIh. miIh. miI . mII . miIh. miIh. miIh. miIh. H :miIh. mIIh. I-I-IIIh. miIh. miIh. milh Ahn K.118,358 Alan V.. 119. m4 Alberl. 178 Alfred. 145. 485 Andrew. 159 any. 202 erin. 119. 728 . Belly. 473 miIh. 1111111. miIh. Cameron. 487 Carol A.. 119. 287 Carol E. 487. 498 Charles 8.143 Charles W.. 180 Clarence. 179 CIIIIII. 344 362 Cla1ld. 320. 858 Claudia 140 C8110. 144 ComInnce. 155 Dean, 245 Deborah. 192 Donald. 119. 226 E811. 219 50118111811 Edward.119.228 Edwin 119. 218 Ella. 1 2 Eveline. 119. 200 Franklin. 160 Garneil. 350. 392 Gary. 185. 171 George IL 179 . Georgfm Robinson, 228 3.1 I Gexa 811118.91 188 Gregory. 357 ..H81 171 Harold. 368. 375 Henry I... 308, 356 Henry Lewls.228 Henry M.. 119.211 Herman. 2413 amen D.. 212 mil . 101m C.. 141. 388 miIh. John D.. 180 mil . lonthnn. 239 mn . IudIIh. 210. 454 mu . KthIyn. 140. 399 miI . KenneIh miI ,Kenneih miI . Kenneth mIII, Kimbrough, mil. lenm 11111 , 1.11003. IlgIm Smil. Linda. 118. 2111 Smilh. Louise. 385 SmiI .Malcolm.m Smil, Mariorie. 156 Smii. r C . 342. 362 Smil, Mark 1... 219 SmIIh. Mark P.. 171. 473 3111111. Mark 5.. 228. 381 Yackety Yack 519 SmIIII. Marlin. 314. 357 SmiIh. Maurice. 191 SmiIh. Mervyn. 155 Smiih. Michael BI. 148 5111911. Michael R. 143 Smilh. Michael 3.. 210 SmIIII.Mich991T..234. 138. 401 . NancyI 190 . Nalhnn. 171 . Owen. 488 . 209 Ann. 119, ZN. 389. SmIIII. Paul. 119. 239 SmIIh. P9191. 225 SmII. Phillip 42.159 Smii . PIIciIIip W 178 .RIEc inald. 180 .R0 5113.. 171 . ROIIEPI K. 492 . Ragnr. 195 . Runaid. 399. 388 . Ray. 499 h. Ruasnli. 212 II. Sandra. 119. 188. 424 ' . Sally AI. 335 .Sully C.. 299. 398. 412 .SIdIIey. 37o . Slephen C 207. 334 SIepImn DI. 214. 219 .SIephenW. 203. 379 511111 Smil SmiI Smilnwick. Jnmes. 499 Smuake. Ern95I. 385 Smnlhcrs. IoIIII.203 Snavely.M1chael 193 Smder. Barbara. 119.188 Snidcr. Wiilia SnipmI Charles. 158 Snipes. Ray. 306. 355 Shook. Thomas. 159 Snow. Gregg? 195. 456 Snawdun. I: I. 353. 382 nyder. o nydur, n der. Sandra. 190 o elson. loci. 340. 302 ohnl.Chan191.181 odun. Harriei.155 olomon. Lon. 328. 380 amers. Larry.3 amcrs. Marcia, 140. 399 emcrs. Turesa. 290 I.ommers. Gail. 200. 434 an. Raburi. 385 Sorgi. Donna. 192 Surmlls. James. 219 Sossuman.89ny.140.485 Soulherland. Fendal. 226 Snulhurinnd. Thumas. 219. 368 Soulhurland. William. 334. 392 Snwcra.M9ry,113.158 Spain. Inck. 202 Spain. Thomas. 170 Spainhour. William. 239. 48.1 Spalding. lack. 119. 310. 359. 395 Spanglur. Arlh ur.4 Spanginr.Rlchard.178.2M Spa III. larry. 119 2111 :Ipar man. LzImar. 1211 290. 455 Sparrow.Con519nce. 120. 210 Sparrow. Danald. 493 Sparrow.lunaih9n. 171 334 Spaulding. Charles. 120.181 Speaks. William. 218 pears. Michae. 220 peas. Canhia. 210 peak. Susan.1 peed. MargaruI. Z79 peer. Lnu.1 pcir. Alan. 252 359 pcll. 10113493 pence. David. 179 pence. Rebeccn. 190 pencur. Charles. 120. 193 pnncur. Frank. 370. 377 pcncnr. James. 2213 pencer. lane. 21!! pcncer. lean. 120. 199 penccr. lohn. 335 pencer. Kag. 120. 223 ancL-I'. RI: cccn. 140 penccr. Thomas. 153 pener. Tony. 153 perling Michael. 348.362 Sperry. 089139.488 Spika. Pnlricia, 154 SpilioIi9. Peler. 14-4 Splller.Sussn.1w 277.473 SpIIImaI'I. 119.120. 304. 395 Spivcy. Char 1:9. 487 Spivcy. William: 228 Spanner. Ray. 1111 SmeI. Ruben. 197. 202 SpIIni. Thoma's. 149 Sprin le.lanice.14o Sprinkle. RnnnIe. 143. 405 Spmuse, Larman. 497 Spruiil. Anita. 154 Spruill. Billie. 120. 290. 380 Spruill. Corydon. 395 Spmiil. Edna. 191 Spruill. William. 219 Spry.WiIIiaI1l.1w.5 Spurlnck, Saily.188. 1923 295. 459 SIacey. InhIIz5 Slack. Paincia. 192 5131:. Iahn. 201 51-11018. Susan. 192 520 Yackety Yack SIagg. Susan. 191 Slainhack. Charles. 181 Siainback. Rnbcrl.141.1m SILIII'. Thom144 Slalcy. Dunnlri. 203m Stallings. Carolyn. SIalIings. Erncsi 41220. 228 Slaliing9. loIIn Shillings. II." luius.1 210. 380 SIIIIIIIIgs. Indsuy. 120 356. 379 SIaIIings. Lynne. 120. 228 Siallings. Rena. 397 SIulIings. Susan.140 Stallings. W9IIac. 328. 300. 438 Iamey. Nancy. SIampados. Wyillinm. 191 SIamper.RohurI17I1 Slnmps. LyIIchoI-I. 129. 143. 4413. SIancil. john. 120. 302. 387 Stancill. Carol. 129. 192 Slancill. Nancy. 210 SIanIIeld. Suzanne. 152 Slan . Michael. 181 Stan ey. Alfred. 1119 SIanley. EIIEn.1129.192 SIanley. IshnI Slanlcy. EnanI.1m.175. 190 Stanley. Robenma Sianley. w I .492 Sianlnn. Diana. 277. 405. 480 Slanlan. Geurge. 350. 391 SIapP. Fred. 348 Starbuck. William. 487 SIarllng. Kennnih. 219. 440. 443 Shading. Snmpmn. 120. 302. 354 Siarnes. Jerry. 1Z0. 300. 355. 425 SIarOpOII.C en. 226. 259. 481 SIarI'. hnnifcr. 120. 154 Siarr, what! 195 51191. Nancy. 4996 IBM S a o .Mamrshali. 6203 SIanI'I. WIIIiEm. 149. 448 Slauber. AIVIn. 492 Slzadmnn. Lois. 158 SIeaI-ns. Richard. 218. 388 Sleele. Calhy. 156 SIeeIE. ohn. 385 512218. ax. 193 SIcnIe. Ruben. 320 Iceie. William. 156 ..Iceiamn. Ronald. 484 Iccn. Reese, 185. 194 Icin.AndI.153.438.439.-158 Iein.Caml.120.158.397 I-Ileinbock. Delmar. 120. 219 :IIcinbmcIIcr. Alan. 120.308.3513. 388 Sleinamann. Frank. 314. 357 Siainer. 111.919.1311 Sicinman. SIII-ah.19126 Slephens. Donald. 493 Sicpmns, Dwighi. 304 Siep smp Slep.1:n3. Rochelle. 158 Siephens. Ronald. 175. 180. 493 SIepIenson. 611151211. 194. 195 SIepIcnsnn. LarIy. 1m. 2m SIepIensan. Mary. 395 Pnlricia. 177 519p mnson. Rb er. 216 Wi Iiam. 204 '93 m" MAlan. 385 at 168 Iern. llMIulI. y342. 435 IeIIer. Hugh. 207 212 I levuns. Harry. 2111 Stevens. 9mm. 271127 Slevcns. argarei Ievcns. Richard. 212.9 372. 377 :IIcvenxon. PaIsy.454 :Ilevunson. Sina, 188 :IIevenson. William 720 lewari. Charles. 202 Skewnrl. Elizabeth. 168 Stewarl. GnaIgc. 497 Slewarl. umIIS. 178 Stewar1.0hn 129.199 SIEWBII. LIII'I'y. 212 SIEwarI. Lucinda. 493 SIewaI1.P9mI.-Ia. 2m Slewarl. Pnlricia. 140. 485 Slcwan. Paul. 170 SIEWIII'I. Randall. 141 Iewarl. Richard. 347 Inwarl. Robert. 7104 lewaI'I. SnmuL'I. 120. 171 IewarI. SIII'IIII. 120. 7135. 391 IewaI'I. Thomas. 357. 435 IewarI. Wanda. 191 IewaI'I. WII 112. 146 IcwarI. Wil' 19m.488 Iewarl. William M..181 nny Iiikelealhcr.y Sylvia. 499 II". Dnvid 120. 228. 381 I111. Nancy. 159.9 435 IIIImnn. 1.3.349 Iilwell. WIIlInm. 171 Iimson. Fred. 4N Iine. I-n Iinsun,HIII-0ld.120.159 Iinson, Thomas. 385 Iircwall. Iamcs. 150. 159 rewalI. Icrry. 909. 379 ll. FelEr. 447 locks. Maurice. 380. 453 I0". Eric. 320. 380 ID 91'. Robert. 499 to 1:9. Felix. 141 Inkes.10hn. 129. 229 lakes. Elephanie. 199. 397 Iokley. Iames.157 Iokely. Losnph. 7.11 910111331: David. 204 Slonn. Barbara. 188 Stone. Charles. 161 sum. Chip. 302 SIDHE. Duke. 193 SIDnn. Gradf'. 144 SIunc. Ham 1! Shane. lorry. 304 SIone. limmy. 129. 219 Stone. Mary. 191 Stone. Ra mond. 121. 225. 238. 481 Elana. Rn erI.178 Sinne. Runald. 484 Smne, Susan. 154 SInnesIrecI. James. 495 SIoI-Iey. losnph. 293 Sloul. Frank. 485 SIuIII. John c. 304.3 Slmll. John 13.. 121. 309. 355 SIDVIIII. EmmcI. 320. 358 Sharon. 121. 285 SIcphen.19 William. 121.158.380. David. 497 Pamela. 121, 226 Aubrey. 121. 228. 377 447 304 121. 308. 350. SM 121. 219. 372 330. 360 302 121. 228. 381 203 Roberl. 499 Frlmk. 195 Paula. 385 349 Ill. 26 212 121. 218 193 400 488 497 497 168 160 aim. 454 Dennis. I44. 256 121. 158 203 170 190 218 226 Summcy, 142. 495. 499 Sumner. SIuIII'I. 158 uI-I-au.Iuhn.190.395 unall.19th..487 I. ussman. Edward. 488 :1th2rIand.Elizabth. 497 mile. lamIas. Vance. 349 uIIIEs. Thomas. 121. 226 uIIon, Becky. 492 uIIun. Bobbie. 2m uIIon. Frank. 2m. 211 uIIoII. Cenrgn. 494 mm Iohnnie.w 229 uIIon. Roger.3 Swacker. RDbDI'I.189. 334 SwIIIm. Ien-y. 121.179 Swalm. Lindinn. 338. 361. 379 Swnim. Ronnie. 370. 377. 481 SWIIIII'I. RusI 121 210 Swain. DaVI. 194 Swain. Iorrfl.485 Swarm. Ga 0. 188. 445 wann. Linda. 279 wnnn. Michael. 314. 357 I warliey. ChrisInpher.142 warlley. Inhn. 229 awcndiman. AIIIn.1 .wensan. Bruce. 121'1 280. 56321506. 356 :Iwepslan. Lee.179.4645 windal.FI-edr.rick.193. 334 .1Vind2II.RDbBH.142 win . Waller. 483 win . William. 193 Swinson. Thomas. 158 Swilzer. 811115.487 Swuiiur .lohn. 180 Sykes. Alan. 212 Sykes. Roscoe 191 Syring. Davide Tabbzssum. Minhaj- -Oddin. 226 Talburi. Talbert. Wlll nm. 36143 Talbot. Walter. 121. 226 Talley. Iohn. 194 Talley. Thomas. 493 Talley. Wilbur. 179 Tallman. John. 3411 Tally. Iohn. 181 Talion, Charles. 348 Talwar. Pram. 497 Tnncnbaum. Mark. 223. 342 Tangnr. 51091:. 440 Tanncnbaum. Nancy. 210 Tanner. 1911195. 121. 322. 359 Tarkingion. TImoIIiy. 159 Tarkiun. Harold.2 202 TarIEIOI'I.IaITIcS.194 TIII-lIun.BevuI-1y. 192 TnImIIII. 131113.201 Tarl. David. 148 TurI. johnny. 492 anI.VirginiI:1. 140 Tim: Charles. 497 Talc. Dnvid.159 c. nC. 180 TnIc. William. 121, 221. 427 TIIIum, RIchaI-d.121. 229 T I m. Wi llia 221 Tay DB. Davidm 190. 453 Tny 9r. Aubrey. 359 TIIy Dr. Barry. 1 Tny 9r. Ben'amin. 199. 294 Tay Dr. Car. Tay 01'. Carolyn. 121. 140. 399 Tay 91'. Charis Tny Dr. D. H.. 142.379.4631 Tayar.Edw91d.121.226 Tay 01'. Fred. 374. 377 Tay 01'. Frederick. 212 Tny 91'. Georgc.143 Tay or. Grady.166 Tay 01'. Helen 2211 Tay Dr. Herman. 495 TIIy OI'. Irma. 497 TIIy or. 15531:. 394 TIIy III. Joanna. 168. 279. 473 my oI. lahn. 199. 203. 491 Tay 9r. Io9eph. 121. 310, 356 Tay 01'. Larry. 212 TIIy 01'. MargareIIn. 155 Tay 9r. Matha. 138. 192 TIIy or. Mary. 289 My 9:. Michael. 399 Tay or. Michael A.. 483 Tay III. Michael w.. 225 Tay or. ameln. 158 Tay or. Pairicia. 154 Tay 0r. Ramona. 234. 281. 418 Tny or. Richard.174.179 Tay or. RDherI. 121.193. 390. 457 TIIy III. RonaId. 219 Tay or. Rusly. 499 Tny 9r. Sue. 153. 455 Tay or. Thomas G. 1212. 359. 279 Tny or. Thomas W..2 TIIy or. Waila:e.2 Tay 91'. William B. 2121. 229 Tay 111. William F..121 Tay ar. WIIIIaIII wI. 141. 219 Teachey.WilIi-1m488 Taague. Bruce. 121 195 Tungue. Charles. 121. 359 Tengue. GeuIlge. 121. 354. 394. 399 Tungue. Ran all. 308. 376 Tea uI.'. William. 204. 287 Tca.Raymond.179 Teasley. Man. 144. 396. 432. 433 T201. 19559395 Tunic. Henry. 491 T211191. Donald. 219 Temple. Herbert. 2114 Temple. Richard.193 Temple. Robcn.121.229 Temp19.WilIiam 219 Tempielon. SInven 150 Tenhrink. Helen. 497 Tunnnnl. William. 483 TEnnIIIE. George. 121. 302. 354 Terrell. Sharon. 192. 380 TcI'I'es. Miriam. 1Z2.14U Terry. lames. 315. 359 Tcw. Franklin. 488 nckcr. Canhia. 191 :Inkm'. CIIIdy. 454 igpcn. Frn s. igpcn. William. 1122. 203 amas Albcri. 170 01-1139. Ann. umas. Bryce. 145 01119:. Charles C.. nmas. Charles 8.170.334 umas. Charles R 481 282 011193. Diana. 122. 9 011195. Dwighl. 390 human. Emnry. :29 01-11111. Frances. 497 harms. Fred. 310. 356 homas. Herbcrl. 345 homas. Iames. 194 I'IDI'naS. Leon. 381 Homes. Lucinda. 140 homas, Lucy. 140 0111115. Lyn 1. 195 amas. Myran. 324. 359 omas. Nanc. umasI Pamea.41272.188 nmas. Phili. 911185. Sara . 122, 192 -1-1 0y. 3110 nmley. 11.114. 277 .Dmpson. Bnuy. 210 .ampson 0311.122. 143.255.1195 . m. a . Chafies D. 145 Charles EI. Charles Everen. 361 David. 334. 391 .umpson. chornh.14o .umpson. Benjamin. 493 .Dmpson. Elaine. hompson. Elizaanh.122. 277 aq-I-I-I-I-Iqq-I-I-Iq-qa-I-I-1-I-1-1-I-H-I-I-I-I-I-I-H-I-I-I-va Frcdda. ZID Fredel. 281. 410. 450 George. 122. 220 James. 202 Iimmy. 2111 john CI. 190. 303. 425 191111 9.. 339. 351 MacRobtlrl. 122. 360 Mariannlt. 228 Mark.181 122. 211 491 491 122. 285 170 156 122. 214. 219. 460 499 133 Thrift. Ashley, 122. 195. 384I 390. 447 Thrower. Willlam. 122. 223 Thurlaw. Inna. 122. Thursby. Alan. 122. 203 Thurslon. Susan. 289 Thuss. Noland. 338 Tice. Knihryn. 122. 297. 473 Tienkcn. Vickie. 122, 158. 472 Tillcry. Paul. 219 Tilley. Bnnnie.192 Tilley. Gary, 159.292.9190 TiIley. suoud. 122. 171 Tilley. Thomas. 122. 359 Tillman. 9192.1 Tillman. Michael.195 TIlIoIsnn. IIIlmes. 122.229 TilI. Doug.15 mons. MarihaJ Timmans.MIchneI.122.151,159 Tinslcy.Prelen.155 'ripIoII. Laurence. 2195:4 TiIchencr. WIlIiam.3 TiIIerud. William. 3313. 391 Todd. PIIuIcIIc. 122. 1112 Todd. Rex. 346. 347 TDdd.Rich91'd.48v4 Todd. Rickey.B 350. 362. 392 Todd. RuI Todd. SIu9I1.297. 212 Todd Wade. 218 Todd. William. 171 Toelkns, David 194 TnIa, Charles. 179. 435 Toian. DelmII.2 20; 1'91me Buzzy. 259 TnIeI'. Sidney. 212 Tuminrd. William. 385 TuIIIIIInsun. Ioh11.339.391 Toms, Francis. 122. 312. 357. 395 Toms. John. 159 Tucker. lose h. 142 ToomeyI R0 311. 122. 398. 356 Tuppe. Richard 132 143. 437 Torberl Eugunc.122.226 Tulherow Clark. 306. 355 Tawe. Suzanne. 11111 192. 454 annscnd. James. 122. 229 Townscnd. John. 171. 372. 377 Townsend. Laura. 122. 177 Tay. Bruce, 122. 219. 390 Trachcnburg. Inn. 324 Tracy. Nam. 492 Tracy. Roth-I. 357. 439 Tragcscr.MnI-y.122.279.445 Trainer. Edward. 497 Trakas. Sarnnlns. 157 Transnu. L811. .219 TraskI Richar.1222. 314 357. 399 Traub. Alan.4 Travis. Ralph. 132. 377 Travis. Ruben. 394. 42.1 Travis. Wiilinm. 91. 122 314. 357. Travisnn. Russell. 170 meick. Cary. 492 Treacy. Francis. 148 Treadaway. Iames. 17o Treadwnll. Sandy. 330 Trnsi. Roy. 219 Trcvalhun. Wan