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I i J " M. THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE COLLECTION OF NORTH CAROLINIANA C378 UPy 1965 c.3 00016885239 This book may be kept out one month unless a recall notice is sent to you. It must be brought to the North Carolina Collection (in Wilson Library) for renewal. FEB-t =3902 KfflttOTn-tfffiK- mtver Mt j crTapeTKiIT7 north Carolina editor neil thomas business manager dick baddour managing editors carolyn plott ellen solomon published by the students of I965 ya c kety ya k be university of north Carolina administration 56 the year 16 80 social fraternities athletics 154 honoraries and professional fraternities 194 organizations 226 residence halls 286 ads 428 308 classes the autumn sharpness turns the leaves — and minds to things more immediate than surfing but leaves football games rallies bonfires — quizzes the winter winds of boredom envelop us but spring releases jubilee beach weekends sunbaths — quizzes it is here then the hot the cold the dark the light the fun the drudgery the seasons and all are Carolina the people the places the crowds the flow of good spirit the spirit of good times all allow us the release from studies — people congregate — together all are happy and the clouds run high — at the corners of all the shafts of serenity through the shades pierce the fabric of carefree days and yet all belongs to Carolina in all the excitement the wonder of the moment endures in lights hanging the suspended action and the close of day — to stop and look around to see exactly where we are is amazing enough to notice that the sun sets red or that the lights light or that people have fun — they relax and whatever happens the moments create Carolina • in sound of hammers sparks of steel arches erected concrete poured changing scenery — who knows what the campus feels — the crash of helmets the cheer of crowds snaking lines of students — goal posts torn with spirits high all know what the campus feels but with it all the mire of bog reflections of high-flying clouds spirits dazed and over all the grey gloom of sky with it all all are Carolina — steel remains . ' „ .. v» »■ ' v?-- and yet all cannot be gloom hark the sound of tar heel hearts beating with fervent frenzy jubilant with every win — haze and high clouds bring milk instead of gin — the queen of all the beauty reigns calm on the ramp but frenzied behind the stage — not one is crowned but all the rest thank God all are CAROLINA autiamn •r . ? 1 v v i clad in bermuda shorts tanned nut brown the " body " drags itself back to the hill — the dull routine is slowly assumed broken by that first football weekend — cheering crowds and pert majorettes quicken the spirit of the Carolina student — the release from studies is assumed in a regular irregularity and the routine is established — the year slips by in a montage of action as freshmen we were told what to do and who to see and how to do it but more we were initiated into the Carolina way — a way that is ground with dull routine but is also quickened by a roaring bonfire and the adrenalinic expectation — we are entertained by well-known figures and the unmistakable student life hurries to a hurried end with flickering memories Page 18 the campus is torn rent bludgeoned but out of the confusion of construction arises a superstructure remembered only in the finished form the delicate balance and the deft handling of unwieldy structural steel the pots of cool concrete the blueprints the pipes the brick s the disorder the noise the hot rivets all combine to form a symmetrical addition to the Carolina family of fine structures coherent in all respects Si t the elegance of the diamond the sparkling lustre of the reflection of lights from the golden hair of a beautiful girl the nervous tension and preparation go into the formation of a queen — to listen to renown figures of state as Dean Rusk — to await the decision of a nation on its leader — we voice our opinion but what do we count — we count as Carolina hurrying to get out of here into something else we squirm and squeeze and jam together trying to get into kenan stadium but not in vain watching the sharp crunch and caustic grind of two teams battling on the field of honor for the alma mater — some watch hazily coolers by their sides but nonetheless they enjoy it as much as anyone else — the Saturday release to get out into the air and cheer and raise hell is as much a part of the hurry as three-hour labs — sitting in the stadium after it is all over and relaxing musing on the hurried game — time to get to partying ._ X x- s. 4 1 " -V 1 .f. A 4 • ■ ■. . " --V } - S 1 ' -Ma ' ' HlV ! Page 26 and in our time for fun we are entertained — we sit back and maybe drink but we enjoy what we are doing — we get together and whether Macon loves us or not we have fun — how else are we to relax and blow off steam — we are loud at times and we are also quiet listening in enjoyment but when it is all over we are relaxed enough to start over the dull grind imposed upon us for six of the days of the week and we hurry on ' ■ ' .A; - after everything is over and done with we have to stop and sit somewhere and reflect on what we have done — whether sitting in y-court or walking in the rain there is little time to slow down and see where we are going — catching a nap can be a favorite pastime — nature looks on smiling-like and is part of the things we have missed — we start the week over and whether we have quizzes or lectures or labs we hurry again toward the weekend — hurry Page 29 we have seriousness in our hurry a time to order disorder and collect our thoughts — we study for quizzes and whether elated or disappointed we keep plugging it out — we are somber too a time for mourning and remembrance we honor the great and then we hurry on Page 31 w inter with the sharp clear crackling of ice or tinkling in the breeze against the pane comes a hibernation a retreat into books for final exams and quizzes — snow flies and spirits are raised to leave to drift in the snow — sculpture takes over as snowfigures are created and wit sails — an escape must be followed by return — to quizzes november 21 weekend brings germans the duke game and parties — the beat dook parade starts things screaming with the victory bell ringing in the background — thousands cheer to see Carolina beat Duke again and retain possession — that night we are entertained by Ian and Sylvia and the Brothers Four — some watch hazily but all have fun and studies are forgotten for a while — Sunday parties and then the long awaited Thanksgiving vacation Hr B r V m % «pni ' k i ■ mr£m ■ n ■ Page 35 Page 36 Max Morath arrives for another diversion from studies but snow falls and this time the campus is covered quietly because it is exams and because we must strive for that letter grade — the whiteness of the snow covers everything so that sky and ground are one and you are surrounded by it — hide inside and study and study — play some and throw a few snowballs but study Page 37 V I ■ and yet we do have time to see the team and cheer — faces are rosy retreating from the icicles and cold — the cold that quickens the spirit and sharpens the mind — we watch and we groan and then we cheer because Duke falls again — afterwards we party and drink a little or maybe a lot but what the heck — steam needs an escape or the radiator blows up — we ' re here and we like it ■ En 1 i ' 2 » 1 t - - — - j - JOHN MOTLEY MOREHEAD Rather than attempt to list the numerous accomplishments and gifts of Mr. John Motley Morehead, I am going to try to tell something about the man as his adopted " nephews " saw him. The most striking quality of Mr. Morehead ' s was his ever abundant humor. When addressing the scholars every Octo- ber, his stories and puns would bring resounding laughter which, if one thought about it long enough, could probably still be heard ringing from the marble columns and panelled walls of the beautiful Morehead Planetarium dining room. Also, if you thought long enough you might recall the joke he told about a physics professor when he was here. It seems that Mr. Morehead needed a certain grade and that that physics professor had a favorite dog, which mysteriously disappeared. Mr. Morehead also wanted to know what he was paying for when he awarded the freshmen their scholarships and in- sisted on weighing them as a group and figuring the cost per pound. All in all, there was a certain magnetism in Mr. Morehead due. I imagine, to his humor and to a certain humility which drew one to him. There has never been another man like him. The world has lost a great man and the scholars a benevolent uncle, but he will never be forgotten. JOHN L. MOREHEAD Having tagged himself as " the rainmaker. " Mr. John L. Morehead is better known at first to the potential scholars, for he is the one who announces the new scholars. Somewhat shyer than Mr. John M. Morehead. Mr. John L. Morehead had an unswerving devotion to the Foundation and to the University of North Carolina unequalled in any other man with the possible exception of his uncle. Although he was very sick and weak this fall, he nevertheless would not be kept from the annual banquet and insisted on being here for the traditional meeting. He had that same humor and genial personality which seem inherent in the Morehead family, and the scholars flocked to him. Through his hard work the University of North Carolina and the Morehead Foundation have risen to great heights. " The Rainmaker " will be missed for there is really no one who can fill his shoes. When walking on campus, take a good look around — at the buildings and at the boys — and then reflect. Most of it would not be here without the efforts of these two men. Page 42 sprin V ' iJC « fl r " . J • ffl vw_ •Vl SSf as the ice melts and the snow becomes rivulets the campus blooms with spring freshness — suddenly the campus is alive again after a winter hibernation — roses bloom socks are forgotten and the soft april rains provide velvety mud — the sun slams through the trees with a renewed brightness blocked partially by new green foliage — spring has sprung there is something about this time of the year that makes us desire entertainment of all sorts and entertainment we get — Peter Nero and Hugh Heffner provide listening subtleties which amaze all — and yet with all this entertainment there is still time to wander in the shade cast by cool green leaves where a palpable freshness permeates everything — there is time to think about youth and spring and enjoy that time of the year when a young man ' s fancy I ■■prjm ■■■ " « ram™ mhnMI ft -, • | amid the endless rush and hurry comes the time for relaxation and play — psychology and french yield to levity and wine — suddenly the world is upside down and everyone ' s name is Tom Jones — wenching and the Sigma Chi ' s derby or perhaps a jack daniel ' s bacchanalia give us the pinpoint of light among the dark and we are happy to discover that fun is not yet obsolete mw9h shaving cream flies and spirits soar — Jubilee and May are synonymous with beer and light hearts — the baseball diamond is turned to to watch the victorious heels crack their way to victory and in it all is the good sound of happy times — what we ' re here for is education and diversion from education — beach weekends and lake parties provide the escape needed to freshen ourselves enough to study again ' W: for Page 51 I " L Carolina ' s tribute to a great man of america brings national figureheads to praise and mourn — a mother and brother recall to us the brilliant and humanitarian career — an unsullied intellect is lost forever to mankind — we lament his departure for the loss is our own — a respected leader dies a violent and tragic death leaving only memory to transcend the endless void Page 54 long lines capped and gowned with distinction wend their solemn march unhurried and careless — past present and future now become one in our eyes as hope becomes reality and work is finally rewarded — a tedious epoch is waning yielding to time — a new life emerges before us as we walk Page 55 - " iMte. ▲• Vfe _. . : •• «v » .tap yt • • : 1 " 1. , n ». . • . 1 . - immi ' W WILLIAM CLYDE FRIDAY President oj the Consolidated University of North Carolina President Friday ' s recent achievements have placed him in what is considered the highest ideal administrative-academic position in American colleges and universities and have accounted for much of the progress and prestige of the Consolidated University of North Carolina. Within the past year, he was elected chairman of the American Council on Education, member of the Board of Trustees for the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, member of the Commission on White House Fellows, and member and director of the John and Mary R. Markle Foundation. Also, his influence has recently aroused the interest and favor of the trustees of the Consolidated University of North Carolina in expanding the University system. Since 1956. when President Friday was appointed chief administrator of the Consolidated University, the students have been proud to claim him as their leader. PAUL FREDERICK SHARP Chancellor oj the University of North Carolina His infectious smile and deep sincerity are easily recogniz- able to the students as among Paul Frederick Sharp ' s salient characteristics. The University of North Carolina is indeed honored to welcome him as its new Chancellor. His out- standing record of achievements justifies his qualification for this immeasurable task. Chancellor Sharp received his Ph.D. in 1947 from the University of Minnesota and his LL.D. in 1961 from Texas Christian University. Prior to his affiliation with the University of North Carolina, he served as President of Hiram College. He specialized in the field of history and was an instructor at several universities. Chan- cellor Sharp received the John Simon Guggenheim Fellow- ship and a Fulbright award to the Universities of Sydney and Melbourne as lecturer of American History. Chancellor Sharp has faith in the university and its prog- ress, as his words indicate: " But to my mind the university- over the next twenty-five years is going to be the very cock- pit of research and change, and that ' s where I want to be. ' ' Page 59 Left to Haiti: Henri Toole Clark. Jr.. Administrator of Health Affairs; lames Arthur Branch, Business Manager of the University of North Caroli Cornelius Oliver Cathey, Dean of Student Affairs: C. P. Spruill, Chairman of the Faculty of the University of North Carolina; James Logan Godf Dean of the Faculty of the University of North Carolina; Joseph Carlyle Sitterson, Dean of the General College, Dean of the College of Arts and Sci Hugh Holman, Dean of the Graduate School; Charles Milton Shaffer, Director of Developmental Affairs of the University of North Carolina. ADMINISTRATIVE DEANS Left to right: Donald Benton Anderson, Viee-President for Academic Affairs; Arnold K. King, Vice-President for Institutional Studies; C. E. Teague, Special Assistant to President Friday; J. Sib Dorton, Jr., Escheat Officer; Frederick H. Weaver, Vice-President for Administration; Alexander H. Shepard, Jr., Business Officer and Treasurer. CONSOLIDATED UNIVERSITY OFFICERS Left to right: Charles Cecil Bernard, Director of Admissions; Arthur Emil Fink, Dean of the School of Social Work; Katherine K. Carmichael, Dean of Women; Arnold Perry, Dean of the School of Education; William G. Long, Dean of Men; Wayne A. Danielson, Dean of the School of Journalism. Page 61 EDWARD McGOWAN HEDGPETH, M.D., 1931 (University of Pennsylvania), presently Director, Stu- dent Health Service, is very interested in young people and has devoted his life to the student body. An award. The Edward McG. Hedgpeth Award, given by Alpha Epsilon Delta to their most outstanding member, is a testimonial to his devoted service to students. Dr. Hedgpeth, active in both the University and the State of North Carolina, is currently Chairman, Committee on Admissions, School of Medicine; Chairman. Facultv Committee on Athletics; and a member of the Central Committee for the selection of Morehead scholars. An avid outdoorsman, he loves to hunt. fish, and garden. In the future. Dr. Hedgpeth plans to write a history of the development of the U. N. C. Student Health Service. H. DOUGLAS SESSOMS, Ph.D., 1959 (New York University), Associate Professor in Recreational Ad- ministration, has a wide field of interest. Scholastically. he specializes in recreation and education, social prob- lems, the use of leisure, and group dynamics. In addi- tion to being active in student affairs on campus. Dr. Sessoms has served as a consultant for the Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission to plan for leisure use in 1970 and 2000. He has also acted as a consultant for the J. P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation for Developing Recreation Programs for the Mentally Retarded. Outside of his academic interests. Dr. Ses- soms is an accomplished amateur photographer. Page 62 NEWTON UNDERWOOD, Ph.D., 1934 (Brown University I is a Professor of Physics and Environ- mental Science. Before coming to U. N. C, he spent several years at Columbia I niversity and also at Oak Ridge, Tennessee working on a gaseous dif- fusion project. Dr. Underwood is currently interest- ed in radiation safety. In connection with this in- terest he is working in a radiation training program. This program was established by the United States Public Health Service and is a joint activity with North Carolina State College in Raleigh. DAVID T. LAPKIN, Ph.D., 1957 (Colum- bia University ) , Professor of Economics, teaches courses in Principles of Economics, Money and Banking, and Central Banking. His specialty lies in the area of monetary economics, and he is currently writing a text on this subject. Before coming to U. N. C, Dr. Lapkin was a Financial and Business Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Dr. Lapkin was a faculty advisor to the Symposium in 1964, an ad- visor to the Lndergraduate Economics Club, and in charge of the honors program for economics undergraduates. At the pres- ent time he is doing a weekly television show. Encounter. PETER F. WALKER, Ph.D., 1958 (Vanderbilt Uni- versity I is an Assistant Pro fessor of History and Advisor to Honors Students in the General College. Dr. Walker has published several articles on mili- tary operations in the American Civil War. and his Vicksburg: A People at War was a Civil War Book Club selection. He served in the I nited States Marine Corps and holds the rank of major in the reserve. A Tanner Award winner, he teaches courses in American history and Modern Civilization. Pres- ently he is interested in the abolitionists as studies in psychology and history. WELDON THORNTON, Ph.D., 1961 (University of Texas I . is Assistant Professor of English. His main field of interest is modern British fiction, specializing in D. H. Lawrence and James Joyce. He also teaches a course on the literature of the South. Dr. Thornton has published several articles on James Joyce. His future plans include taking a leave of absence during the spring semester to work on a complete allusion list for James Joyce ' s Ulysses. JOHN DOUGLAS EYRE, Ph.D., 1951 (University of Michigan I . Chairman of the Department of Geography, takes an active interest in urban and economic geography of the Far East. This is evinced by his many research grants to study in such areas as Japan and Malaya, by his approximately fifteen professional articles in such journals as Economic Geography and Geographical Review, and by his popularity among students as foremost in the teach- ing of Regional Geography of Asia. Dr. Eyre is currently concerned with growth characteristics and patterns of Japanese cities. Balancing his Oriental slant is his preoccupation with a young family of three children. mI k L m " ' -■ fl ij m - JAMES DICKSON PHILLIPS. J.D., 1948 1 1 Di- versity of North Carolina I , was recently appointed Dean of the Law School, after serving as Professor of Law since 1960. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Davidson College. Dean Phillips ' primary in- terest is in the field of teaching and he continues to instruct several courses in procedural law. Cur- rently, he is a member of the North Carolina Courts Commission which is drafting legislation to imple- ment the 1962 constitutional amendments for recon- structing the state court system. In his leisure hours. Dean Phillips enjoys fishing and hunting. til Hii mm i w beauty Page 68 Tension and excitement walked hand-in-hand as beautifully gowned maidens walked down the long ramp into the dark- ness of the hall. Smiles on nervous lips were flashed into the rows of seated numbers to nowhere, everywhere, and back. For some it was a night of loss, while others experienced the joys of winning . . . only 9 were selected from a group of 50. a queen and her court. MARY REBECCA RHODARMER The Queen of the 1965 Yackety Yack is a lovely southern belle from Canton. North Carolina. Becky, sponsored by her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, is a junior majoring in history education. Her favorite pastimes are riding, riflery. archery, reading, ice skating. Becky holds other beauty titles including " Miss Limestone College " ' and " Miss Haywood County. " Stately Susan Ehringhaus. a junior from Raleigh, was spon- sored by Alderman Dorm. A member of Chi Omega sorority, her plans for the future include attending law school here at the University. Her outside interests are golf, tennis, piano, and hunting. SUSAN EHRINGHAUS Page 72 PATTI FIELDS Sponsored by Maverick House, vivacious Patti Fields is a freshman science major from Chapel Hill. A transfer from Oregon State. Patti is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Her hobbies include piano, painting, and swimming. An attractive transplant from the North. Karen was sponsor- ed by Spencer Dorm. Her hometown is Cherry Hill, New Jersey. On campus. Karen, a pharmacy major, serves on the Yackety Yack staff, as a freshman cheerleader, a member of the University Party and the Young Republicans Club; off campus, she enjoys reading, synchronized swimming, bridge, and is a frustrated artist. KAREN GIBBON Page 74 « ■ ' 1 t ■ B k B 4 «li J " til ' fl xjftf ri-r PAM HOOPER This fun-loving Delta Delta Delta from Winston-Salem was sponsored by Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity. Pam is a senior majoring in math education. Varsity cheerleader, member of National Student Education Association, Carolina Sweet- hearts Court, Social Committee, and Gamma Beta Epsilon are but some of the extracurriculars in which she partici- pates. Her hobbies include horseback riding and water skiing. Statuesque Roxanne Kalb, a senior from Suffield, Connecti- cut, was sponsored by The Daily Tar Heel. A major in inter- national studies, Roxanne ' s activities on campus include Panhellenic Council, Senior Class Social Chairman, Order of the Beanbirds, Order of the Old Lampshades, and Presi- dent of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Among her outside interests are painting, swimming, and fishing. ROXANNE KALB Page 76 TERRY LYNNE KELLERMAN Lovely Terry Kellerman, sponsored by Graham Dorm, is a senior math major from Arlington, Virginia. A transfer from Mary Washington College, she is interested in sewing. ice skating, modeling and computer programming. Kappa Alpha Fraternity sponsored this charming Delta Delta Delta from Hillsboro. Zacki is a junior majoring in art. She enjoys swimming, modern dancing, and cooking. Her other talents include designing and making her clothes, and professional modeling. Zacki is also the 1964-65 Home- coming Queen. ZACKI MURPHY Page 78 CYDNE WRIGHT Winston Dorm sponsored pretty Cydne Wright, a senior from Greensboro. A major in American history, Cydne is a mem- ber of Chi Omega sorority. Active in extracurriculars, she is a member of Student Legislature and the Young Demo- crats Club. Her hobbies are piano and philosophy. v2 5? i S , ' , It ' -:. ■ ' $ K= ' " " " llll S ■- ■ ; ■.- J fraternities Although fraternities and sororities are possibly the oldest minority group at the University, they always seem to make themselves heard — especially during football season and other eventful weekends. With the first fraternity, established shortly after the War Between the States, a long line of precedents have been set establishing the groundwork for years of tradition. Shonly after the turn of the century, sororities were begun, and the " co-ed " began to set her own tradition. Page 83 Beginning above and moving clockwise, we have a few snapshots of some Greek traditions. Perhaps the oldest tradition at the University is that of the social drink. The containers seem to get bigger and. therefore, better each year. Above right, we have the fraternity man ' s answer to the " crazy 60V — a continuation of the " roaring 20 ' s " and " flighty 40 ' s. " The typical victory celebration after the game is complete only when one has a cup in hand and is lulled by the " mellow " tones of the latest combo. The next shot shows the winners of the homecoming display in the fraternity division hopes of blasting the " birds. " The Heels delivered, crushing hell out of the Gamecocks. Below right, we have a " candlelight " — a ritual practiced in sororities to commemorate the " pinning " of one of the sisters to a fraternity brother. Page 84 GERMANS CLUB The Germans Club is one of the oldest and most renowned organizations on campus. It dates back beyond 1890, and appeared in the first Yackety Yack in 1901. The purpose of the club is to bring outstanding entertainers to Carolina. This year the Fall concert was flavored with folk singing stars. The Brothers Four, a popular favorite, were comple- mented with the fresh faces of Ian and Sylvia who compose much of their repertoire capturing the essence of th e Ameri- can and French Canadian folk movement. The membership of the Germans Club is composed of thirteen fraternities: Alpha Tau Omega, Beta Thea Pi. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Alpha. Kappa Sigma. Phi Delta Theta, Phi Gamma Delta, Pi Kappa Alpha. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sigma Chi, Sigma Nu. St. Anthony Hall, and Zeta Psi. Germans Weekends are considered to be the most out- standing social events of the year, and the concert highlights parties which are held by all the fraternities. NATHANIEL DUNN TAYLOR President Germans Club entertains The Brothers Four at Fall concert. Page 86 SAMUEL GRIFFIN THOMPSON Vice-President WILLIAM GERT SCHMIDT Treasurer JOHN D. FULLER Secretary fv f? 1 k£ h B Cate Grier Lokey Parke Peace McKenzie Mulligan Schwab Venters Wilkins ' Old Blue, dammit! " Page 87 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Interfraternity Council serves as the unifying and gov- erning body for fraternities at Carolina. The Council is composed of the president and the elected representative from each of the twenty-three chapters on campus, and acts as the legislative branch. The l.F.C. Court, with the Presi- dent and Vice-President sitting as ex-officio members, main- tains a self-imposed discipline among fraternities. This body serves as the judicial branch. Under the leadership of the Executive Committee, made up of the major officers, the l.F.C. plans and coordinates all phases of fraternity life. The work of the l.F.C. is done through use of the Rush. Pub- licity. Greek Week. Scholarship. Rules, and Activities Com- mittees. These groups strive to promote the lofty ideals of the entire fraternity system. This year has been as full as any in the past. The over- riding problem was deferred rush, attempted for the first time at Carolina. It was hoped that this new method of rush NED MARTIN President First row, left to right: Martin, Wainwright. Second rote: Sarratt, Parker, Price, Logan. Third row: Robbins, Leder, Bryan, Pope, Downey. Fourth row: Massingill, Thomas, Lokey, Muse, Hanan, Benton. Fifth row: Nelson, Clark, Pinkham, Neely, Barrier, Hyman. Sixth row: Taylor, MeKenzie, Lawson, Cobb, Feder, Naehman, Shapiro, McChesnev. Seventh row: Hvman, Crockett, Howe. Baker. Morgan, White, Fleming. Eighth row: Martin, Thomas. Free- man, Parker, Jones, Miller, Bumgardner. ! inth rote: Riley, Meador, Poison. Schneider, Minard. I pchurch, Thompson, Baysden. would benefit the whole system. The Activities Committee, in addition to other projects, sponsored an I.F.C. Work Day on December 10. when fraternities joined in a cleanup of the entrances to Chapel Hill. The I.F.C. also helped to pro- vide refreshments after the Christmas Carol Sing. And as it has since 1948. the Council awarded the Andrew Bershak Scholarship, worth S2.400. to a deserving student. To encourage competition among member fraternities, the I.F.C. awards several trophies each year. These include the R.B. House Trophy for the best fraternity, the Scholarship Trophy for most improved scholarship, and the Sturm Trophy for the year ' s best pledge class. The competition for these awards furthers the goals and aspirations of the Inter- fraternity Council. .F.C. COVRT. Sealed: Sarralt; Bavsden: Price, Chairman; Martin; Parker. Standing: While, Thompson, Freeman. Wainwright, Martin, Mck I.F.C. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Seated: Price, Martin. Standing: Ta sht, Parker, Logan. Page 89 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL JEAN DILLIN President The Panhellenic Council is the governing body of the sororities. It is designed for the purpose of unifying the different areas of the campus. In carrying out this goal. Panhellenic sponsors a number of projects, including activities with Women ' s Residence Council, a community service project, monthly cultural programs within the individual sororities and a Christmas tree-trimming party with Graham Memorial. In addition to these campus activities, Panhellenic cooperates with the Junior Service League of Chapel Hill in supporting Christmas House. The Council is composed of the Panhellenic Advisor. Miss Daryl Farrington. sorority presidents, sorority rush chairmen replaced after rush by pledge representatives. two representatives from the Stray Greek Organization, and an executive committee made up of members elected from each sorority. First roio: Daryl Farrington, Advisor; Cobb; Peguei; Strickland; Dillin; Hanson; Ulmer; Stephenson; Eustis: Lauder. Second roic: Harvey. Ghols Ives, Teeter, Lackey, King, Michael, Kalb, Cherry, Stafford, Leak, Ward, Craig. Preseott. MARY COBB President STRAY GREEKS The Stray Greeks Organization was founded in 1944 and is composed of sorority women whose chapters are not present on this campus. Its aims are to preserve the bonds of unity and sisterhood in sorority life, to stimulate cooperation between sorority and dormitory life and to serve its members as a service and social organization. Each year the Stray Greeks take over the responsibilitv of the Panhellenic Post Office during sorority rush. Fol- lowing rush, the Panhellenic pledge picnic is held to honor the new pledge classes. Swap night. Panhellenic cultural programs, and eating in the various sorority- houses are three other events throughout the year. The Stray Greeks participate in fund raising as well as service projects, social events, various campus activities and the Women ' s Athletic Association. ANDERSON Delta Gamma BARRON Alpha Xi Delta BOSTON Delta Sigma Theta BRADSHAW Delta Zeta COBB Sigma Kappa HARDY Kappa Alpha Theta HARVEY Alpha Chi Omega HOTCHKIN Kappa Alpha Theta LAMPSI Sigma Kappa NEWTON Sigma Kappa PAYNE Delta Zeta REINHARDT Alpha Omieron Pi RIKE Delta Zeta ROBERSON Mu Phi Epsilon ZEHMER Sigma Sigma Sigma Page 91 Allen Bailey Baugh Best Britt Brown Burns Burwell Cherry Collins Cornell Cox Crockett Cromartie Dankworth DeVane Donovan Early Freeze Gray Hambright Hanson Hedrick Huntsberry Jenks Johnson Kalb Lamm Leibold Lentz Light McDaniel McKenzie Menefee Olson Peeler Penland Pierce Price Boux Shannon Shepherd Stanley Stokes Story Tarver Teague Townsend Tribble Wall Weddle Whitley Willis Wilson Winter Young Page 92 ALPHA DELTA PI Nice, but . . . 26? . . . Tcha-ching! ... A high turtle? No, it ' s a ship tho ' it did sink once or twice before launching ... 0. K., sing it again . . . Ahh so. mucha betta . . . Lamm wins the Davis Cup . . . How ' bout fried violets? . . . Camp out on the Honeymoon Tribble? . . . Leibold ' s " Good Neighbor Policy, " pantomime through the window at 1:15 . . . Don ' t flood the John, it ' ll ruin the wallpaper . . . Well. lots of fiancees are ringless ... I know he came 700 miles to see me, but I was tired . . . State SAE ' s? we could have a field trip . . . pint-sized pledges . . . Sophia " Cheese " Loren and Beat lemania . . . Just because I tease my hair I don ' t belong in a cage . . . Wiggles Weddle and the Airy Fairies . . . FRIEEDAA . . . Yes, Hunter, we do have a house phone . . . Cricket makes a pass at Duke guard . . . Lotta work, Rox? well, some barriers are insurmountable . . . Frieda ' s drying her hair . . . Snow in D. A. 31? ... Did you see Schwarren? . . . The false blonde and Schmike . . . Hippty Dippty . . . Sexy Sherry. I get embarrassed when I look beautiful . . . We ' re pinned, Neil and I, but we still don ' t have time to date ... A mal-function M. G. ? . . . Thumb to Washington. Hanson . . . Frances does he shake hands well? . . . Connie and Howdy . . . Hooker Peg . . . Peel Hambright off the wall and send her to Greenland . . . Price never mad. just Price . . . Cordell and Cool King . . . Curlers in a safe place. Betty? . . . Willis and the sheets . . . How can you pitch a little woo with bucket seats? . . . Good ol ' AD Poos. Roxanne Kalb President Rosa Young Vice-President Frances Hedrick Secretary Louise Menefee Treasurer Life-sized Troll. This really is more fun than dating! Vickie King President Joan Groce First Vice-President Judy Wright Second Vice-President Ann Puckett Recording Secretary Helen Whitehead Corresponding Secretary Ellen Harris Treasurer ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Hey, pledge . . . Algadels win Valkyries and beautiful trophies . . . Cotton candy for Sunday dessert? . . . the Play Room has several major maladjustments — and what ' s your ' ' problem, " Frances? . . . Does anyone have a snow plow to clear the third floor? . . . STOMPING through the tulips . . . Hey, you — with the battleship mouth and the rowboat bod . . . Who put the possum in the tree? . . . AP loves her job as secretary . . . Who has some QP ' s they ' d loan me? Ask the President . . . wake up, EH. life ' s awast- ing . . . JB ' s burning candles at both ends again . . . And it ' s a fight to the bitter end between SP and UP and LBJ and BMG . . . $26.50 in pennies?? . . . HW sneaks calories while FP and PD look the other way . . . Alpha Gams take over the Yack . . . Holly cleans artifacts with to othbrush . . . GLENN ! . . . Pledge weekend ' s the biggest thing yet in Valentines! Who ' s in love with love? . . . Peggy and the Angels . . . What ' s your suppressed desire, ES? . . . Happi- ness is a bottle of Bacardi ' s . . . Patty and the Embers stampede to Greensboro in the mighty Mustang — lose 50 " cool " points along the way . . . Air-raid! Hit the floor. Mrs. 0. . . . Anvone want to plav bridge? Need a fourth . . . no. make that a fifth . . . TW and the VW . . . GC forgot to turn off the lights . . . REMEMBER the RED. BUFF, and GREEN!! ' Frankie and Johnny " The night after the morning I.. I. Page 94 Bells Blakely Brown Cooke Dukes Frost Groce Harris Henry King Nash O ' Donnell Old Pegues Phenicie Puckelt Roberts Schwender Solomon Whitehead Williams Wills Wright " Memories are made of this. ' Page 95 Ballenger Betty Brading Brame Burgwyn Burke Canull Crosswell Davidson DuBose Edwards Ellington Fleming Fuller Cordon Grier Hassell, C. Hassell, R. Hooks Johnston Lester Logan Mitchell Moore Morin Moss Mundy Parham Reeves Roughton Stephenson Tone Upchurch Vaugha White William Yates Young J! p p : i PS Page 96 ALPHA TAU OMEGA The year begins on a somber note: Best Pledge Award is named In Memory of Roger A. Greenleaf ... P. Hass directs chorus, patio crew provides choreography: XO and SD gross- ed out . . . No. 32 is tough in cleats, but gets hurt in 161 . . . the new Newt . . . the Big turns Flipper . . . DuBo initiated and never talked so slowly . . . Easy corresponds from 313 E. F. . . . ' " burns " Thums . . . Tau actives clean up bar in fall, rush in spring . . . J. B. and Eags do a job . . . all the Young Taus come through in the clutch . . . Can somebody- get " 500 mile Himes " at the airport? . . . after three home- coming winners, we should have stuck with ALGCNHA . . . FBI squeeze E M Enterprises . . . leave Luce and Br ading fat . . . Buff pins in comback attempt . . . f.o.s. prudes next door no scopes . . . Weldon just loves roses . . . Parham sees black . . . B. de-do swaps putt-putt for Go-car . . . H J form scoots team . . . " Dirt-Shute " bites the dust, Dec. 22, 1964 — R. I. P YIerb Orb Mawmp Maink . . . Momma Fox leads. Swade follows . . . C. J. ' s favorite third sacker moves to short . . . and never forget: the TAUS are the BEST! E. E. Edwards, III Secretary C. Richard Fleming President Wade H. Logan, III Vice-President James A. Canull Keeper of Annals Robert D. Moore Treasurer ATO has built its reputation on friendliness. MISS TERESA TYREN Sweetheart of Alpha Tau Omega Page 97 Anthony W. Miller President Chan Muller Vice-President James M. Fountain Treasurer Harry H. Ballard Secretary BETA THETA PI Beta begins new year with Robber Barons returning from Florida and Texas . . . others wander in from Quantico, Europe, ridges, and Honor Council-sponsored sabbaticals . . . Betas make quadrennial rush on Fried Pies while Leroy sticks to all-time Beta standard . . . Due to new furniture, there will be no skins vs. socks this year . . . Whale ' s demands for plankton increase . . . Zero has wind tunnel built . . . Pigmy tries to enforce Civil Rights Act by forcing date to integrate . . . D. K. wins friends and amuses people while wearing kilt with no undies . . . Antoine likes girls from Winston-Salem after 1 — Horror doesn ' t like one at any time . . . Bernuth starts taxi service to Raleigh as Trull takes up tickets . . . Chairman Strub of N.A.A.G.P. makes significant strides for equal dosage of grain during " Hello, Goodbye " parties . . . Tuesday night is a wonderful time for swimming for Romeos . . . Cardroom placates Plastic, Woody, Alex, and Big Ed . . . Superman is plagued by krypton and zits . . . Uwe reaches the second plateau of the big time and becomes waiter . . . Minotaurs reform this year . . . one gross verse instead of two . . . Corpse likes tin foil, and dime-store tommyguns . . . Big Kid. Hogbody. and Punk cherish letters — no one else does . . . Sneed suffers from periodic twitches during times of crisis . . . Everyone suffers on Sunday mornings. MISS MARGARET SHACKFORD Spomor of Beta Theta Pi Fruit-of-the-loom? Page 98 m i m m ■! O p p p p ft fit 4; 4; 1 V (P Tj £ , j " 5 P ; -. Adams Ballard Benton Bolen Broadhurst Bunn Elmore Fountain Frank Good Holmes Kinsey Leake Lesesne Mebane Miller Muller Mulligan Pagett Parker Petersoi I!. .1.1. Sarratt Scott Sneed Staley Stikeleather Stovall Strubing Stubbs Temple Thayer Thrift Van Leu Wilkins Wilson, D. Wilson, F. Wood Page 99 Anderson Ashford Bailey Beckwith Bell Blaine Bradshaw Brown Cabell Cauble Croonenberghs Eason Edwards Entwistle Eustis Frye Gholson Graham Gregory Groome Harris How-6 Howie J. tin. - Lackey Lewis L. McDonald M. McDonald Mann Martin Micaud Milstead Mixon Murphy K. Powell S. Powell Reeve9 Remsburg Rettew Ros9 Ryland Shaffer Sims Sperber Stowe Thompson Weeks White Wright £ £ Page 100 CHI OMEGA Little pearls of wisdom . . . the farmer takes a wife . . . Bombs NYC . . . " majesty in miniature ' . . . Katherine shares her roses with Mrs. Scott . . . could be an early Spring . . . Cydne is caught on a Ferris wheel . . . Elizabeth demurred and takes a Seago diet . . . You are my queen, Suzanne . . . Julia didn ' t hear the Bell ... is there a doctor in the house? . . . Tooie reads from her book of little known facts ... to be or not to be . . . Frye goes professional . . . Snow blows her trumpet for Goldwater . . . Weldon got twelve roses instead of four . . . Janice is a dead Ringer for a Sigma Chi Sweetheart . . . Crooneybird resigns as presi- dent of the Date Bureau . . . How do you like your new blue two? . . . Lights out at twelve . . . over hill, over dale . . . J. T. jitterbug and talent? . . . fight, army, fight . . . she ' s a real " lady . . . Barbara takes steady weekends . . . and " hoot " Hoot! ! ! . . . oh. those 10 o ' clock classes. Matilda Gholson President Cydne Wright Vice-President Alice Brown Secretary Nancy Frye Treasurer The r U! -h before Rush. Legs — we ha C i Vj t WMffK -jfc James Clifford Riley Alpha Clarence David Wiles Beta John Stephen Thomas Gamma George Mason Ingram. IV Delta CHI PHI Boys return to the White House on the Hill which begins to resemble a menagerie with influx of Mitzie, Python, and Chicken . . . Mrs. C. back for her 6th year . . . Yard looks good as huge chicken does the trick . . . meanwhile Rolls takes all with a grain . . . Thomas and Riley invest in florist shops, while Bob puts Moore stock in Diesel . . . D. G. gets a little High as Bomber is worn to a Fraz . . . Bullet for Parking Lot Attendant! . . . Roupas argues for cards at the Gill while Thompson shoots bridge mate at home . . . Mitzie out-does Coley as Payne gets reprimand . . . Watt ' s that, a car? . . . Stone hits pledges as Ingram hits Treasury . . . How ' bout it, Ger? . . . Goose and El return from West as does Pete from the East . . . Terrible Turk refuses to turn on lights . . . Pud dances while full of Sherry . . . Beak and Hammett room together, Lane studies while Bruce waits . . . Dick keeps accent as Ed whittles chip . . . Dauph gets new(?l car as Lip gets new ointment . . . Swoff runs. ' Starnes collapses, and Phantom strikes the Valdosta Flash . . . Where ' s Sandy — it ' s 4:00 A.M. . . . Class of ' 65 graduates and 300 S. Columbia will never be quite the same . . . Chi Phi forever... ROLLEM! MISS KATHREN ATKINS Chi Phi Sweetheart Squirrel season ' s r, Busier! Page 102 fr Alfcl ft ft ft ft ffji 0. fl ft fc Brewer Brooks Chrisafis Coley Dauphinais Dickson Downing Dunlap Edgar Flanagan Foster Garner Gilbert Goodnow Hammett Hammers! one Ingram Jarman Kemp Lippincott Little McCaghren McLean Millichap Moore Morrison Payne Pierpoint Polk Kalian Riley Robinson Roupas Sandberg Sanford Starnes Strom Swofford Swasey Thomas, C. Thomas, J. Thompson Tison Vickery Watt Wiles Williams, B. Williams, R. Wyman Page 103 »5«W ' ' sWP Ashley Ball Carithe Clark Dannemann Dickson Dodd Dunlevie Early Ehrhart Fleming Floren Godwin Goldman Gonzalez Greenwood Harman Hofmeisler Jacobson Jefferds Johnson Kirkpatrick Kruming Little Manley MeCallie McNairy Medford Neely Powell Pugh Randolph Raymond Reider Roach Robertson Ross Saunders Skelfy Smith. R. Smith, S. Spearman Stoddard Taylor Tittle Varner Vincent VonGlahn Wales Wellons While, L. White, R. Wilson , ft (R ft p |R ( s filft O f p ft £} p ■r_ J 1 ) ft ft it; fc?. T: (?- o r ' fc CHI PSI Lodge starts the Year off with a bang . . . Awards, trophies, and the national " Thayer " . . . Early mystic goodies for nine . . . Esquire . . . Lots of hay. lots of trouble . . . Ten more in rush . . . Maid Carol and the cool Kappas . . . Pins fly . . . Tube and flick teams . . . Poobah . . . Brock ' s tree . . . Headlee pills . . . Goldie and the cheering section. Pugh leads pilgrimage to Yankee Stadium. Many routes taken — U. Va., Ga., W. C. . . . Order of the Sage furthers wisdom for all . . . New Exotica . . . Pledges give Blast- Beer . . . Full house for homecoming, champagne for Christmas. Balph Graves in March . . . Another great year, compliments of Sigma. Thomas Eugene Barrier President Robert Lowry Carithers Vice-President Lowry Grulee White Secretary Lawrence Albert Ehrhart Treasurer Tempt me not, Bacchu MISS CAROL JOHNSTON Maid of Chi Psi Page 105 Sandra Morgan President Gwen Grice Vice-President Mary Roper Secretary Bernie Bazemore Treasurer DELTA DELTA DELTA TRI DELTS are back for the best of the unending good years . . . Grill forms Tri with good times to follow . . . Fall finds Flanders back to old self . . . Olive sets standards for Deltas . . . Allen leaves a big wheel vacant . . . and Eddie gets his magic Genie . . . following onion dip party, SAE goblins sky dive from front roof while DKE ' s and Zete ' s take midnight house tour . . . Hoops horses around in rare form . . . exam time finds Nita in basement with road maps . . . Gwen puts Lock on chicken bones . . . Phil — 74, she ' ll take a little more . . . Meanwhile, advice from Sandy — " Forget him " . . . but I can ' t find little Karen anywhere . . . Maco light beckons Morgan away . . . " Bills are in the mail box and I suggest you get them out im- mediately " . . . Joanna ' s still wandering in Twilight Zone . . . Well, Littlefield isn ' t believing that! . . . S. L. Squeezes out late minutes . . . Shirley sends Cow to Zoo social . . . What do you mean I can ' t sign out for the Eden Rock? . . . Oh. well, happiness is J. TVs on Wednesday night . . . Queen Judy reigns at " E " house . . . No, Nita, it ' s for Strickland . . . Curtains fall as Mary turns domestic . . . she ' s the Blond with the T-Bird . . . Cinderella falls for Smith . . . and there ' s Baby Jane . . . Tucker cheers louder for basket- ball . . . Delta Love spread by Pat . . . practice teachers leave amid floods of tears . . . and so do we . . . Carry On. Pledges! ' We like Bread and Butle ' A house is not a home. ' Allen Bazemore Beck Brennaman Brownette Butler A. Cannon K. Cannon Cox Creech Edmundson Flanders Fleming Grasty Grice Hatcher Herndon Hooper Houston Ives Keedwell Kennedy Kurtz Landis Littlefield LoIIar McNuIty Moor, Morgan Mowery Mullen Murphy Myers Price Ramsey Roper SandJin Scott Smith Snyder Southerland Strickland Taylor G. Tucker J. Tucker Wall Ward Watt Page 107 Barnes Bennett Brown Bruenner Churchill Davis lh, Eskridge Evans Hanes Harrison McMillan Moore, C. Moore, T. Morgan Poitras Prevost Boherts Schmidt Schwab Seago Simpson Stembler Stewart Thompson Verlenden Ward Whitaker White Winborne Worthen Wright I « " « man «. t rim DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Frustrated sophomore pledge trainers add new dimension to house atmosphere . . . Thad arrives early to relate summer experiences with hungry Mexican shark . . . former athletes give up major sports to learn the real esoteric values of life: White maps route to Durham with special police instructor. Bowman now reads Proust to impress the likes of Tank Barnes . . . Seago gives up Saturday nights on Haw River to promote atmosphere at Percy ' s . . . Bryan after unfinished episodes with Red guards and paper packets, focuses a mean brillo pad eyebrow on Miss Modern Venus . . . Stembler dreams of a six day weekend but balding treasurer holds purse strings . . . Potts, gentleman beer quaffer is strangest man. Spot thinks he is . . . Eskridge " discovers " Scorecard and dreams of the plaintive life he could lead if he and pet hamster could change places . . . Officer Chops learns to fear Bennett while Froggy thinks house archives are something to eat . . . everyone learned to live with Dwight ' s lice except Morrison. So next time the lady ' s chauffeur comes in the front door and asks if this is the Carolina Inn. Maxwell will rise out Henry Wetter Morgan President Bryan Simpson Vice-President Bob McMillan Secretary Clay Moore Treasurer of the dusty red carpet and say " Listen man, like this is the Garden of the Hesperides. " And from above, as the sweet music of the great neon God drifts into the heavens, Bacchus will smile on his last colony and winking at Aphrodite he will say, " Do it, Dekes. " There are three ways to go through Carolina in six years MISS KAY HOYLE Sweetheart of Delta Kappa Epsilon Page 109 Newton Franklin Atkinson President Joe Neil Goforth Vice-President Richard Stockton Trenbath Secretary Hugh Allen Blackwell Treasurer Murray Martin Van Lear, II Chapter Relations Secretary DELTA UPSILON Mornin ' Tassie . . . order scrambled eggs and sowbelly . . . Adkinson says, " Point well taken. Brother Howe " . . . Brunson and Chuck shape up pledges . . . Tenth of the Month Blackwell is on the rampage . . . Tedwards, " Yuck " . . . Hags, Piston, and Wentforth — will they be here next year? . . . Vanore, Robbins. and Gray drop 50. pick up 50. and drop it again in one night . . . Chaplin has another T-Bird convertible . . . whatta ' mean, Gooding, we gotta bring our own booze? . . . Hayer attends a F.F.A. meeting . . . Van Lear gives another speech about white socks and no ties . . . Lipp and Sheldon are All-American and Vars has another drink before he hits the road. What, Mason ' s in the clink again? . . . send Hogie and Roy ' s marines to get him out . . . J. B. says Maija will have to live at the House this weekend, ' cause he can ' t find a place for her to stay . . . Watson is accused of being a " deep thinker " over coffee and toast . . . " kazole " is the word for the Mulshire Man . . . gross Burgess replaces gross Faint . . . and Adkins and Hildenbrand have circles around their eyes — from bird watching with binoculars. All this and we ' ll be here next year ! ! ! MISS RUTH SEAL Sponsor of Delta Upsilon Cut that out, Thweetie. Page 110 P O p £fcJt O Q p mtoAi __ _ t n Adkinson Atkins Baker Barnes Barron Bell Blackwell Brunson Bunting Burgess Carter Chaplin Conely Cordell Crockett Dennis Dial Downton Durham Eastwood Edwards Evans, J. Evans, T. Froneberger Cebeaux Goforth Gooding Goodwin Gray, J. Gray, M. Haye9 Henry Hildenbrand Howe Lewis Mason Murphey Patterson Pittman Robert Shuff Smith Trenbath Van Lear Vars Wright Page 111 Allison Augustii Bliss Brewer Bullock Burbage Christy Cooper DeRruhl Erk Fait Ferguson Genung London McDaniel McDonald McKenzie McLemore Mickler Morgan Rhode Rush Stewart Taylor Tygart Wallace Willingha Wills Wight Page 112 KAPPA ALPHA Squirrel season begins for the Southern Gentlemen (? ) . . . Wharf Rat gets things settled later and rings the Chi Bell . . . Spats topheavy with Beatle-mania . . . Fly-away Coop and Genung keep pets in bush . . . Wills without date for Duke-Stratford game . . . Muhammad Frampton and Bobo X lead Lincoln High in anti-N.S.A. protest . . . Simons and Bliss fight over torso-length mirror . . . Harry Tygart receives High School Achievement award . . . Brewer and Christy develop square eyeballs, shoot many furry creatures in TV room . . . Weyman and Ward barricade back seat, late date Beaumont . . . Banks and Rush invest $1.10 on three day drunk . . . Michelangelodin denounced by Marsha. defaces bathroom walls in vengeance . . . Redeep . . . " A beer! Ted, you ' ve been deceiving me! " " Fred, my Mommy wants me home by 10 " . . . " Claudette, this is Bonnie. Bonnie, this is Claudette. Where did R.H.F. go? " . . . McDunhouill gives secret hair growing formula to infirmary . . . Fisher boycotts barbers, Q.P.s . . . " Carl, what has four wheels, one fender, no riders, and hits dump trucks, tele- phone poles, etc. . . . " Whale Tail harpooned at Duke . . . Craig McDonald likes mixers . . . Morgan finances Earl ' s new house on two-year poker plan . . . " Como esta Usted? Senor McLemore . . . Uh, I musta missed that lecture, sir. " Elliott Ray Taylor President Edwin Brownrigg Borden Parker Vice-President Henry Fairbanks Warden Corresponding Secretary Olin Glaze McKenzie Recording Secretary Joseph Byron Fait Treasurer . . . University leading Pascal and Bullock 20-0 after third quarter despite frantic passing attack . . . Augustine clears out north stands at Sanford Stadium using no hands! ! ! The big question — Does Flat not like girls or do girls not like Flat? How would you like to , , MRS. JOHN RUSSELL JOLLY, JR. Kappa Alpha Rose Page 113 Jean Teeter President Marty McDaniels Vice-President Ann Hladvs Secretary Sylvia Shields Treasurer KAPPA DELTA My Fair Kady . . . Jean Who? . . . Auxiliary of BOW- BBAW . . . Kafters give you splinters, huh. waiters? . . . Diane ' s hack! . . . Fixation for Phaedra . . . Hot lines to West Point. Annapolis. Georgia, and Texas . . . BT with an A in the middle! . . . Our very own Steamed Head . . . Lost. Lois ' blanket! . . . Crossed your phone wires, Ilsa? . . . Are diamonds a girl ' s best friend? . . . cANNed Camp- bell stew . . . KD home for stray cats, turtles, poodles, and Impressionistic Chickens . . . Oreos Champagne Explosion! . . . Great Pumpkin from the Pledges . . . Wild Turkey in New York . . . Candlelight, we ' re waiting! . . . 6-foot birth- day cards . . . Rhodes roves again . . . Swimming in the basement ... I led Three Lives by L. W. . . . Scottish brew plaid turkeys . . . French Joins Jet Set . . . Preacher ' s daughter? . . . Olympic Knitting Team . . . Champagne and a bell for Mrs. L. . . . Betsv. what lovely shoes! . . . Taming of the Shrew bv J. R. . . . Is Jane ready for a fire drill? . . . Where was Muff ' s pin? . . . Foard ropes a Mustang! . . . Case of the Missing Pub Board Minutes . . . Rambling Roses try Europe ... 23 birthday cards? . . . Memories are made of this; " We ' ll hate to leave the fun behind! " .Now, girls, the correct way to place your forks I like it — like that Page 114 (% n c Anderson Barnhardt Clark Coon CountB Foard French Fuller Gilkeson HIadys Hull Kilpatrick Lowry Lynch McDaniels Mason Mattox Meissner Moore O ' Donnell Renfrow Sams Saunders Scovil Shaffer Shields Sizemore Smith Stephenson Teeter Timberlake Whitley Page 115 M hm Jtmmmwuit r+-., jjiWffl i p.j.gik-- ■ r ULK- P Pi " ■ ' T ftr ' ' ' - " K ggtgmm MJII J " £g| KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Lynn Craig President Debbie Levine Vice-President Carol Johnston Secretary Susie Brauch Treasurer Ah-so! Vely goode year! Two rats back from the beach — BREUCKEN and BETS . . . SAE ' s from Camp Lejeune . . . What ' s purple and wears a Kappa Key? . . . JUDY the GRAPE ... 3rd floor — 6 C. D. ' s — CHAMBLISS — zero . . . Forsooth! TIDY RUTHIE. " Guggablub " PAT — Peter Pan of Kappa Everland . . . " Our most favorite thing " ■ — GIGI Tink . . . Here comes our Redhead — SUSIE ADAMS . . . GRUBB-y Greeks for Goldwater . . . Panhel ' s Head — " Arms ' " Dillin . . . BRAUCH-isms . . . Georgia Peach- GERTH ... Is it true Blondes have more fun, MILLER? . . . JOYE-less Kappas . . . Kappa ' s answer to Bing Crosby — BETH ESAU . . . BRADFORD — " Telephone " . . . Mable — Black Label . . . MOORE Scotch . . . " And where is Shostakovitch ' s 5th? " . . . ANDERSON — " I don ' t feel very good " . . . Better see your doctor, DEBBIE . . . Traces of Duke loyalty — LYNN and JANET . . . " love the Lodge " — PEGGY. ROSANNE, CAROL, et al . . . Maid CAROL — " Great Queen " . . . TUTTI-GYAMA-COMPUTA-GAMA- SHIKI-KINKI! ... Our Mom — Mrs. H.! . . . Dining room Kings — Andy. Jeff, Ben, and Tom . . . Kitchen Queens — Bernie. Catherine, and Doreatha, and Kappa ' s answer to Mr. Clean— Louise . . . Tip-toe Inn— PRINCESS FAIRY-FOOT . . . Intercom — " over and out " . . . NCC Tappings . . . The Jerk — " I ' ve almost got it! " . . . There ' s a spider on the roof — " SQUISH ' EM! " . . . Pledges — " . . . we sat on the curb til we froze our toes. " . . . " Mystery in the Mens Room. " bv Clarence . . . TOAD brings us 26 new Tadpoles . . . " LOVELY GIRL " she wears the GOLDEN KEY. Nice job!! Our newest pledge has Page 116 4 M+ M rfM Adams J. Anderso R. Anders. Barr Barron Bradford Branch Cain Chambli. Cooley Craig Creem Crowe Dearbon Oillin Eaken Esau Findley Gerth Grape Grubb Harnden Hechenbleikr Hendrix II. .Mi. Johnston Levine Liebel Linden McCutche Miller Millington Myers Nieuwenbues Overton Preston Rathbun Rhodarmer Rhodes Stallings Staudt Tanner Tasker Thorburn Waite Wilson Wyatt Page 117 Bovkir Braine Coates (i.l,in:i Colo Davis Elden Johnson King Kirlley Lokey McGirt May Moore, B. Moore, S. H. Morgan Oxford Parham Philips Pinyoun Bobbins Russell Senn Snook Solomon Staggers Stephens Stokes Teanev Thomas Taylor Wright Wylie Young 4: d-. Ar KAPPA SIGMA We returned to construction and fire smell . . . Pins fly in rapid suc- cession and Snook takes the final step . . . football games are great with court parties with the Wake weekend the best of all . . . the rug is laid . . . when ' s the furniture coming? . . . tube team takes up with shindig . . . the break and the mountains . . . return to quizzes and pre-Christmas gross-outs . . . Minotaurs return and leave as Maultsby misses his cabin . . . open your eyes, Leon . . . when ' s the bar furniture coming . . . bubbles fly and break and are blown again . . . RSJ and EPS ... no one remembers Germans except ... off to Charlotte and the engagement party . . . the TraveLodge . . . Christmas passes and finals are here . . . Morgan makes his usual trip to Durham and thinks about the Marines . . . Wally has B.B. at a Saturday night drunk . . . Zetes again . . . Snook fights the snow to Sweetbriar and McGirt plows to Lees-McRae . . . what was that. Mumbles . . . Chris and Bacchus . . . Drags drags . . . the Mafia returns for Colo ' s Minotaur trial . . . Stick makes the trip to W.C. in 41 minutes and ends up in a field . . . who ' s on campus? . . . exams are finally over and all head to Charlotte for the rus h party and SNOW . . . Johnson drives off the road . . . Russell ' s chain gets shorter . . . Ox and the phiso-hex . . . bud-eb-ud-eb strikes again . . . Reeves and Jenks are back — hold on . . . the pledges finally arrive anil all hell breaks loose . . . spring Germans. Jubilee, and Beach Weekends round out the spring . . . the house is on fire? W.Neil Thomas, III Grand Master William M. Parham Grand Procurator Richard S. Johnson Grand Treasurer Joseph D. Russell Grand Scribe Harry David Snook Grand Master of Ceremonies forest primeval. MISS PENNY SCOVIL Kappa Sigma Sweetheart Page 119 Ambrose Baker Batchelor Beatty Bell Benson Blum Butler Clark Gehweile Hardesty Harney Hendersoi Hunter Kalev Kane Littlejohn Mead Muse Olive Overeash Park Parmele PoUard Pond Tonry Trent Waldrop Ward Wolfe i w mm fc tlWi liJl II! Page 120 tttt LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Lambdas start new year minus the " Kid who has fallen in love with ' " Ralph " . . . Cyrus uses reaper once too often ivhile Don joins Peace Corps and goes into Durham Bush country . . . " You ' ll have a hard time lighting her cigarette with that. T. P. " . . . Bulbous Bennie gets shower from Ringo LXIX and Terry decorates the head . . . Billy B. runs the I. D. C. . . . " Whimpy " Butler is hot for Fayetteville , . . Jerrv proves himself a good backseat driver . . . Daw 7 and Mead make long cross-country runs and come in last , . . Gay falls in Niagara . . . Brother Scrooge rolls in dough an the third floor and P. J. learns to pull the blinds this summer . . . Littlejohn puts on moonlight show for Pollard and date . . . Bob L. calls time-out for mid-season " match ' Moose " teaches the Aristocrats some new tricks while Barry finds that $2.00 still goes a long way . . . " Stread " and Evelyn finally do it . . . Joe busts the Great Pumpkin . . Bunkv goes wild over mad buzzer, and the " Pine Room Jock " gets stopped on the stairs . . . Dumbo sprays the living room and stalks the COON . . . Steve keeps the city clean . . Doyle and Cary blow their horns, and Jeff ' s snow plow bogs down at the Kappa house while John holds fond dreams of the Aragon . . . Chi s blues roll up 64-0. and house- Charles Hunter Muse, Jr. President Charles Julian Wolfe. Jr. Joseph Edmund Waldrop. Jr. Vice-President Secretary Thomas Capehart Harney Treasurer mothers find new home . . . Commandos reorganized under the leadership of famous Swiss mountain climber, and meanwhile back at the base. Operation Bathtub turns No. 227 into atomic " testing " ' ground. MRS. ROBERT M. BENNER Crescent Girl of Lambda Chi Alpha Page 121 e5-— ? Richard E. Jonas President Nathaniel D. Taylor Vice-President William L. Joyner Secretary Harold W. Wells. Ill Treasurer r PHI DELTA THETA Bruno takes helm amid cries of CS. MF, EABOS . . . Duff blows in from Nantucket. Housemother blows out . . . N. D. tries to clean up his act . . . Bunk does his Iron Man act with Yellow God . . . Felda learns new rope tricks out west . . . Alice returns for mixer and a drink . . . Crazy blows it out with Martha and the VD ' s . . . R.D. heah . . . Wells and Forum tap belles at St. Mary ' s . . . D A ' Lou takes eggbeater from Michaels . . . Winstead and Poole find Raleigh house more than a home . . . Beserk receives de- livery from Rexall ' s . . . Parrish out on campus — passed out that is . . . Easy makes big hit at high school hop . . . Roid, what have you got on that smells?? . . . Joyner takes over as " Dirty ole man " . . . Warren blows fuse in tube . . . Bags has decisions in Clinton . . . Pit gives up beard and pierced ears for oxfords . . . Big John leads discharge for Heels as Barrow recruits new talent . . . Willingham and Bahnson hole up in new apartment . . . Reet back for 31st — finds he ' s not worn out yet . . . House votes for Johnson and Jenkins in ' 69 . . . Man. this is really nice!!! MISS NANCY RAY DAME Sweetheart of Phi Delta Theta The New Breed. rr h v ' P fitdr Ji s z s % r (ft « (B £ ft O p p p f r Ia a it lit tj ) A I?? S Adams Aplin Armstrong, J. Armstrong, B. Bahnson Balch Barker Ba Beaver Bell Brown Callahan Chewning Coleman Comfort Crowder Cummings Duff Eudy Forum Foy Coddard Harmon Hart Hubbard Hubble Hudson Jonas Jones Joyner Lesley Leslie Long McCarty IVIcChesney MeGinty Mima Mastin Merrill Morisev Oliver ' Parham Parrish, O. H. Phillips Pitt Poole, J. A. Reagan Redding Rowe Schultz Sherrill Shivers Smiley Steele Tavlor Thompson Wainwright Warren Wells Whitaker Williams Willingham Page 123 Benton Bowman Crawford Eagleton Evans Dew Hill Hoi. -nil Holland Houck Hudson Justice Kiser Laney LeGrand Marsh Maddison McDonald Nelson Parrott Pearson Renegar Scherr Shepherd Sparrow Spell Stanley Swanson Smith Tillery Wilkins Williams Page 124 - i iiii u P M n. PHI GAMMA DELTA In the catacombs of South Building, the prophets of gloom again roll their eyes heavenward and shake their bearded heads at the mysterious happenings on 108 W. Cameron. In animal misery, they crawl the floors and retch forth pools of filthv hate for the hideous creatures that plague their daily existence. NO WONDER! Led by the hard-slugging, swift-punching welterweight contender from West Greensboro, the king of Atlanta and our man from Appalachia fall swiftly into line. Moses, Wilkins, and Don " I date six nights a week " Justice pull up the suffering house average — and that ' s not grades! " The Romper Room " is now telecast nightly from the third floor, despite the protests of scholar Maddison. Toe-Jam composes poetry into the wee hours, as antiseptic bombs emerge to cover the stench of his wall-to-wall socks and underwear. Nehru pawns his Koran at the Intimate, and returns with " Conscience of a Conservative. " Willie " post graduate ' Hobson leads the food-grumblers. Scherr leads the athletic-grumblers, and Smith leads the just-plain- grumblers. Parrott forsakes his red chair to open a weekend mining business in Danville. Suuuuuuuuuure! ! ! ! ! . . .; Smooth bat-god. damn your eyes and skip to the ping-pong ball — it looks like more of the same at the Fiji house. William C. Nelson, Jr. President William E. Stanley, Jr. Treasurer Dudley G. Pearson Recording Secretary Earl T. Baysden, Jr. Corresponding Secretary Charles P. Wilkins Historian No wonder; look at those gums! MISS CLARE HF.THORN GARDEN Sweetheart of Phi Gamma Delta Page 125 Rick Lyon President Jim Green Vice-President Sam Martin Treasurer Glen Spell Secretary PHI KAPPA SIGMA Phi Kaps promote Corporal to Captain and change name to " House of the Rising Shadows. " Annual coed Open House benefits from fruits of Roman Orgy . . . Greene prefers blondes . . . 0. G. S. hits L. R. W. seeking C. P. A. but bags A. R. S. E. . . . Sammy joins Hillel Foundation . . . Pistol and Bill fight over new roomMATE . . . L. L., has he ever? . . . Gyrene Lanier assaults jolly blonde giant . . . Stretch does chapter room shuffle . . . Bruce finds beach Delight-ful . . . G.A.D. resumes shoveling . . . Hull ' s fastback best until Flem ' s " jig- wagon " rolls in . . . " 58 " wins punt. pass, and kick competition . . . Rod ' s date drops by . . . All the girls like big Dick . . . Clifton clocks time in chapter room . . . Vaughn Rummel . . . Bronze god snows big H. . . . T. R. says. " Even your best friends won ' t tell you " . . . Lavalier. lavalier. who has my lavalier? . . . Who is Moore? . . . Burt cuts church . . . Mu. who? . . . Fearless Four puts finishing touch on Senior Banquet. MISS CAROLYN RILEY Phi Kappa Sigma Sweetheart Yee, Mother, thi Page 126 MB Blue Bennett Clifford Clifton Deegan Etherington Gourlay Graham Creene Hamlin Harris Hoffman Hudson Huebner Hull King Langd Lanier LeV; Lew Lovell Lyon Martin McAllister Morris Palmer Pemberton Pinkham Bonev Scattergood Sharp Smith Spell Ward U inborn Wood Wright Wyche Page 127 Alexander Bandy Barber Barragan Battle Berry Butt Corbett Cowan Creasy Fousheo Gardner Guyer Hall Harrell Hathaway Hawkins Hill D. Hooks S. Hooks Johnson Lauder Lazarus Lewis Litton Lynch MacKesson McCracken Mason Michael Peeler Prescott Rogers Showell Smalhera Spruill Trotter Walters Williams AWM Page 128 §•2320 PHI MU Pat ' s greeted with the only song we know ... A vote of thanks to our alums . . . " Steam Heat " . . . Say, does this house really have rooms for rent? ... " I thought you would " . . . The Mad Hare alias Bunny, Alice, and Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee bring us our first pledge class . . . Harriet and Barbara, what ARE you doing? . . . Our Phi Mu castle approaches reality . . . " Don ' t knock it ' til you ' ve tried it " . . . Mavis huffs and puffs and blows the candle out . . . " Listen, you guys " . . . On becoming 21 with the Betas, et al . . . " Won ' t you step aside and pitch a little woo? " . . . Adele returns for the Big Day . . . Will the BPC now come to order? . . . Izzy ' s Rolls Royce . . . Not another project! . . . We get a Hanover transfer and a Hanover housemother . . . Who was the dodo who failed her pledge quiz? . . . The Three Stooges . . . Slave-driver Sanders drives — to Peabody . . . Johnston ' s picture makes Hugh Hefner ' s magazine ... A WHAT to the ZBT house? . . . You know, she was the one sitting by the tree . . . Claude and Super-Cool . . . MuMu and Plope . . . The DTH keeps Nancy from over-eating . . . Blondes do have more fun . . . Scavenger hunt, anyone? ... By the way, what did happen to our champagne? Joan Prescott President Nancy McCracken Vice-President Ann Guyer Secretary Gay Showell Treasurer We really are good carpenters. Our group had 23% fewer Page 129 PI BETA PHI Dianne Ward President Myrtie Moon Bilbro Vice-President Alice Hubner Secretary Jane Dallen Treasurer And what a gang we had — Mary Stella bouncing across campus in her tenni-pumps . . . Greywolf pampering her planter ' s wart . . . Little Bettie drops from her second-story bed. has small tantrum, then dreams of Bo . . . watch out for your furniture, here comes Squatty Body with her black paint. " Where ' s that Greek? " ... a nasty from Kelly — our blondheaded baby — Ma haa! . . . then there was Moon who d look back from her roaring Moonmobile and say " At least well all go together " . . . Melinda, who ' d vouch that alcohol ' s definitely a depressant . . . You-luff-your- Ha-Ha loves Pi Phi rush . . . our frustrated bride-to-be does the pre-embryonic stomp . . . C ' mon-boys and her nocturnal whispers, bruises, and ace bandages . . . Sister calmly reply- ing, " I ' m sorry, Hickey, I couldn ' t do that to Talbot " . . . Maggot forever " resting " on the Beta sofa — What! She ' s wearing a kilt? ! . . . Rose shares her secret — " It all started with my super Toni! " . . . Frannie, always a bridesmaid — maybe with this Halloween mask ... 3 a.m. horns for Cowjobs, but they weren ' t L.D. ' s . . . " and Dedee comes tumbling down, hey! Big boy " . . . What! Kays not out with a DKE? She ' s practicing for Valkyrie sing . . . Heavens. Jane, that boy ' s arms are longer than his legs! . . . and the most valuable worthless crabs in with Poo Poo and her fever blisters . . . Oh. joys, wonders, marvels! Each a lovely pearl. always said we needed to enlarge! Who needs a dale? Page 130 Banker Barker Barrett Bilbro Birnie Boyle Cheatham Cowman Craven Craver Crutchfield Dallen Dame Davis Dulin Gebhardt Haley Harris Horner Hoyle Hubner Jordan Kelly Kesler Lane Leak Liipfert Link Long Lowe MacQueen McDowell McGregor McKeithen Milton Mock Morris P. Patterson S. Patterson Payne Phillips Pierce Price Raines Taylor Ulmer Volkwein Walters Ward Warren Webb White Wiggins Worth Page 131 4tt m± ' p 9 © .-;- ' Mffe i ; Alii fi th Jr Beam Benton Bishop Bumgardner Collett Cranford Crumpler Douglas Dunne Erb Greeson Groce Hardman Harris Hatch Hunter Irving Isley Johnston Maddox Mann McMichael Morton Parker Peace Prillaman Rufty Sanderson Sayers Scott Sheehan Smith, E. Smith, G. W West Wilbun Worth Page 132 PI KAPPA ALPHA Donald Dean Sayers President House Renovations . . . Deferred Rush . . . W.O., Bob, Larry, Sandy, and Schroeder return with wild tails of the West . . . Nanook migrates back from the North Pole . . . White Eagle and Buzzard fly in from Green: boro . . . Miss Nanny-the-Goat wins Beauty Contest, plays alarm clock for Fraternity Court, is sent to Goat ' s Heaven . . . Randy " Sky King ' Isley flies to Wilmington twice a week . . . West, Bishop, Irving star popcorn factory . . . the big Reidsville wedding . . . Baby Joe is com petition for Corvette Sam . . . Worth ' s midnight laundry service . . Bufflo catches a opossum with his teeth . . . football weekends . . . Sapp cleans house weekly . . . Jule ' s " Where ' s me a pledge? " . . . GPS gets his own tube show — Gomer Pyle . . . Mann ' s car finally arrives six months late . . . Erb — the notorious 35 year old teenager . . . Clem loses a date; Trot climbs fire escape . . . Stump ' s last words: " Oh, why did they crucify my Goldwater? " . . . Motor Mouth has had a tune up and is running better than ever . . . Heavyweight Champion Pogo claims, " I am the greatest! " . . . PiKA BEAT DOOK PARADE with motorcycle brigade . . . Christmas rush party . . . Chunkie Charlie admires TFA ' s lighter collection . . . Yard Dog begins his litter . . . Kilsie enters Sleeping Marathon . . . Babson receives his daily horn- blast . . . Winter ' s date smokes cigars . . . Slippery and Snake form unbeatable team . . . Baby Jane makes a wonderful Dream Girl coming Thomas Alfred Harris Vice-President Joe Hearne Rufty Secretary Robert Dick Douglas Treasurer to see JKD Thursday and leaving Wed. . . . Hatch is found in the phone booth singing " Your Cheating Heart " at 3:15 A.M. . . . The District Convention here . . . Rush . . . hellacious spring . . . Exams . . . IT ' S OVER!! PiKA ' s trade B-B guns for co-eds MISS JANE COISNELL Dreamgirl of Pi Kappa Alpha Page 133 John C. Wainio Archon W. D. McAdams Treasurer Larry E. Smyre Secretary Hoyle S. Broome Chaplain Jerry Teele Warden David Joyce Historian PI KAPPA PHI Another successful year for Pi Kapps . . . Tears gets shell- shock . . . the Phantom strikes again . . . Bebop, do clothes make the man? . . . Spook skeps it off . . . the French Period . . . Nooch finds GAPO in Eskimo Pie . . . Jelly rides Mustang . . . Rabbit gets " A " habit . . . Sanderab swoons over Sarag Schlitz . . . Had a dog. his name was Blue . . . Ears discovers Virginia . . . Duck sweats it out ... Is Pretty Boy Floyd really pretty? . . . Rockford. Illinois holds record for loudest Snake . . . Aryan buys NW . . . Foggy invades high finance . . . Pike pinched by Police . . . B.R. crosses Potomac . . . Hollywood goes Hollywood . . . Fairmont lets it slide . . . Snag gets four-speed golf cart . . . Badeep-badeep. that ' s all Folks! MISS MAGGIE HILL Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Phi Page 134 ■r l f W |£k? Cp :Ai J,M LMl fcrf Jr • !, Adams Bolick Broome Hum. Clark Collins Dotson Dozier Dwyer Ellis Falconer Farmer Gilmore Harrell Hood Hudson Hutaff Jonea Lowe IMcAdam McLeod Meador Morley Murphy Nucciarone Phillips Pika Rickards Smith Smyre Teele Wainio Wellington Wilson Page 135 Alper Beekerman Brilliant Davis Fox Fciner Freiberg Ginipel Greenbacker Harris Flyman, I. I h mill, S. Rabat Kay Johnson Leder Levine Major Mandel Mann Neuwirth Ruben Satisky Schwartz Steinberg Wainer Waldman Weinstein ft « r» p p f pip p ai o i Speech 44 class Finally overcomes his shyi PI LAMBDA PHI Irwin Barry Hyman Rex September — Pi Lams return to the Hill and find 107 looking better than ever . . . Der Fuhrer and Fayetteville Fats have given rocks to Sylvia and Lynn . . . M. S. relates the fringe benefits of being an air conditioning mechanic . . . K. M. has new love for a change — this time though, it may be the real thing . . . Leder worries about other things than grades this year — tell us about Atlanta. Charles . . . Mellon pinned — we think! ... So is B. W. — to M. G. . . . Bullet wins Oscar Award for performance at Toddle House . . . Sam and John inaugurate the Pi Lam Library . . . Lightning reads minutes, but takes hours ... A. R. burns candle at both ends with girls, burns campus at both ends with ' cycle, and gets burned up at both ends by poison pen pal . . . Feiner back at TV . . . Horace lavaliered and still wondering if " Maw Alpaw here " . . . Dave loses heart and pin to Pi Lam dreamgirl . . . Freiberg a crash hit at first party — right on his head . . . Steve gets into Dental school thru work, sweat, and sneakers . . . Irwin resumes job as animal trainer . . . Wainer gets T-Bird — gives bird to math . . . Quotable quotes: " Don ' t call me Fox " . . . " Hey you, stop loafing " . . . First semester a huge success with parties wilder, sports won, and grades tops — Everyone eagerly awaits spring . . . pledges, parent-alumni weekend, and of course, the beach . . . One last success — the big " A " has finally disappeared . . . Aw Riiight! Mark Steinberg Archon Leonard Harris Scribe Kenneth Mann K.O.E. Mike Kay M.O.W. David Schwartz Alumni Secretary ' d rather fight th MISS ANNE ABRAMS ' Lambda Phi Sweetheart Page 137 ■asaga ST. ANTHONY HALL Jonathon B. Arterton House Manager Officers are secret and only those in public contact are revealed. Football team returns early for rigorous training sessions. Harper comes too, bearing a piece of the true cross, but no one asks him to play. Wanted: One pocketful of miracles. St. A ' s forsake madras bee- hive in favor of Sarah Lawrence, Vassar, Bennett, and Smith on Hammer ' s promise. Ute . . . Zoobie . . . Plu . . . Drummond . . . Clit . . . Ginder . . . R. B. . . . and the great Hairy Kiss. Bobo hoses window becoming first Martian to out-ralph Ralph. Boke invites sister for beach weekend as Higgins condenses out of fog and onto the floor. Who else in my pledge class wants to go that way asks the clown obligingly. Stud- delish, rip, and tear. Hawthorne snakes Tri-Delts with a new twist. What ' s a literary fraternity? The Jolly Green Giant two-steps through Chez Antoine as Reddo tickles the ivories nightly. Symonds gets V.I.R. in a two-seater (who ' s she?). Happiness is your son pledging the right sorority. Higgins, Minard, Keating. Minis, and Isenburg rush Tri Delt. hard, with qualified failure: second floor middle window. Frank hands out cigars and gets burned, like Howie ' s TV dinners. D ' Lemma Club in full operation as is Reynolds ' garage. Refugees from interior of Georgia. Horse vs. motorcycle, no contest . . . Through Africa with gun and camera . . . Dr. Dusenbury, I pre- sume. Ridiculously simple, but aren ' t we all. Macadid, but don ' t we all? MISS PATRICIA RUMLEY St. Anthony Hall Sponsor Page 138 i a P £ £ P Arlerton Cheek Dusenbury Dwight Engval Fawcett Camr H Harper Hawthon Higgins Holland Keating Kelly Keyser Lee Minard Minis Pierce Redman Sitterson Smith Symonds Venters Memorial to Brother Plu Page 139 Allen Anderson Bagby Barefoot Barton Benedict Buckingham Campbell Commander Coxe Dillehay Doggrell Durston Franklin Cunter Hanan Harrell Hodshon Hoopes Horner Kellett Leath Light Martin, E. Martin, J. T. Martin, R. Moore Morgan Newlin Nunnally St. George Simpson Thompson Waring West Wilson Yarborough Young f y r %-i SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Perhaps the circus came to town complete with its own Negroid ringmaster, who also did an on-campus act as Super Puppet. The center ring was given 4-star Jimmy Light and his Neck-ed Show supported admirably by the good captain in a brilliant depiction of freshman liquor drinking. A minor accident occurred when Batman and Robin endeavored an intricate aerial maneuver and had to spend the remainder of the evening in the Chapel Hill Municipal Hotel. Between major weekend acts Hooking Hud Beatle offered spectator entertainment on a regular and alcoholic basis while genial gin tried to stop the Chi Tornado with Scotch and cross-body blocks. J. B. was seen riding his red pony: throughout the entire performance was the appearance of the Mad Wolf and Bo Bubbles with dates. The Coach Nunnally Traveling Mattress Show never played in town, but the remarkable Slim Torque Rushee Roadshow did. Shortly thereafter the lights went out and everyone went home. Edward S. Martin President Paul D. Barefoot Vice-President Jonathan D. Commander Secretary James B. Young, Jr. Treasurer •K V turn apartheid. MISS JUDY SMITH Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Eptilon Page 141 James R. Cobb President Thomas C. Arnold Vice-President Peter C. Brown Secretary Joseph R. Hyde Treasurer SIGMA CHI Chi ' s return to find Murphy honeymooning at Eden Rock. Some ominous guvs return while others leave. Mac relieves sinus problems and gets engaged. Louige emotes Shakespeare to Spero. King " Jo-Jo " Kong hawks the tube by himself. Freejob draws on Chi dates. The Bird plays golf and eats chicken with Craven. Glider combs kinks and trades boogie shoes for Cowjobs. Miles ' Pitt-pinned honey gets educated. Tree, P. W. ' ed. makes Phi Bete. Johnston sends Rat packing to Tahoe, but lets Dicky-Bird in. Bryant renounces southern allegiance. Rollo greases-up to run the house. Rug uses Radar to combat the house kink epidemic. Bad Gas slops the hogs at the barn. Zorba heads the operation at the Cave. Stratton gets books from home but still eats fish. Deano continues as Chi alarm clock. Coops, Kesler. and DTH lizard star in Playmaker production of The Third Man. Dahle quits visiting Chi House for more time in the bag. Tim came back to wreck his 14th and 15th. Greasy now packs poodle pudding instead of Patsy ' s. MISS JANICE SPERBER Sweetheart of Sigma Chi ' From the house of testy threads. ' Page 142 P (ft ftp 1 trill Arnold Baggett Bowles Brinson Brown Burriss Cale Cobb Cowen Davis Henry Hvde Law son Lindell Miles Milton Parker Salmon Sherrill Shope Smith Williard Anyone for Virginia Beach? Page 143 Adams Arthur It. i, |, |. Mir Barrow Bartlett Bason Bischoff Bullock Burgess Carr Chance Combs Denny Derby Epps Exum Ficklen Forbes Freeman Gabriel Hankins Harrell Houser Howden Johns King Koonce McLamb Marshburn Merritt Nelson Obenschain Parker Poller Price Seohrist Smith, C. Smith, N. Stocks Sutton Taylor Tennant Thompson Tuttle Vanderberry Warren Q j6 frs p p p mmtoJtm p £ , p p £ iftt «t Stint Page 144 SIGMA NU Eminent lizard " Big W " returns from California with surfboard in hair. Scrooge leads fall of brothers but returns to count beans. Seaweed flashes lightning pin on arrival . . . King tries for record held by Cochise but falls " short " as Hank relinquishes all-campus pro rating to commute to D.C. The Bear skips hibernation, moves to Pill Hill. House given slight starboard lean by Fat City as Admiral Nelson and Commodore Combs command Seaview from other end. Pledges under " Big George " blast the birds for first place. " T " baby wins in Tokyo with foghorn while F.T.A. paddles forlornly at home. A. D. engages flag maker — inspects teeth. New Saturday morning line-up on bulb — Captain K ' s Kiddies ' Klub. followed by Jackie Mouse and Mr. Ed. opposite Whimpy ' s Fairy Tales and Shotgun Slade on another net- work . . . the Fugitive is looking for a left-handed Marshmallow. Troll dons rah-rahs to guard bridge and Wiley opens mail with tiger tail. Crazy Joe takes Paris " In the French Style " as Tommy Don turns Cisco Kid in Madrid. Suzanne goes sidewalk surfin ' with the good Dean. King Toba sings name game — Arnold, Arnold bo Barnold . . . Chuck, Chuck, bo Buck . . . Carter . . . Eminent Social Lizard plays Lacrosse with duplicated Egg . . . Fick astounds Life Masters with Standard Roman Hisseral Minor Convention. House gains defenseless Back. Gab becomes zoologist. Skin-diving Pig keeps house in shape with harpoon gun . . . Country and Western Pear protects life in desk . . . Smiley follows the High Point Pattern. Denny and Taylor lead pledge trip? Exit Indian carrying axe. Rah-Rah! Warren Price, III Eminent Commander Arnold Earl Johns Lieutenant Commander John William Houser Treasurer Richard B. Chance Recorder And after breakfast , MISS BETSV ROSS Sweetheart of Sigma I u Page 145 John Hugh Bryan President William Parker Pope Vice-President Patrick Harris Pope Comptroller Robert Spoon Morphis. Jr. Secretary SIGMA PHI EPSILON Franks — is he or isn ' t he? . . . Thrower majors in confusion . . . Pope travels to " Beach " — Possum and his " Early Bird " ' . . . Parker fertilizes the wheatfield . . . Hunt pickets barbershop in low rent district — Marvin goes on hunger strike — Wrenn supports family with straight flush . . . Parr finally speaks at Brotherhood meeting — Cranfill buys an extra snow shovel . . . Happiness is a thing called Jack — Parks wants Mohr out of life . . . Bear rents a parking lot to hibernate with his fortune — Christopher dreamed he was a public address system . . . The Jolly Green Giant turns to scholarship and finds Cul is already there . . . He ' s only a narrow-minded world in a gilded Birdcage — Steinberg raises housebill and buys Mary a ring?! Baldo fails to get fireman diploma . . . What ' s Beaver got against girls with guns? Whisnant changes name to P. W. and loses his car . . . Gebeaux loses fatigue jacket and his mind . . . Warfel learns lesson in politics . . . Q. P. finally makes it — by decimal points — Tart is " cum laude " in criminology . . . Dail drops basketball for test tubes — Jackson dyes his hair . . . Yort and his Indiana dragster — Harrington turns night owl . . . Vick moves out; studies secret service . . . How about Huggs and his pretty little blonde? Tiny adds two more inches . . . Dunn fights for top pledge beater . . . Hill chases date to rival house — Remer starts guitar collection — Sumner turns bouncer at parties . . . Edwards bounces checks — Hart and Hook laugh way- through pledge training . . . Pugh chokes at chows . . . Strayhorn gets mad, huh Allen? MISS GINNY ANDERSON TEMPLE Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Eptilon ' ' Do it again and I ' ll knock your teeth out |U J. ,W- Jf -Tif r,fc4:2 ;, " 5 T f i fl-f dh£r« Bryan Chanon Christopher Culpepper Dail Dunn Edwards Franklin Gebeaux Harrington Hart Hill Hook Huggler Hunt Hunter Ingram Jaekson Kale Kausch Marvin Morphis Newhouse Newsome O ' Quinn Parks Pharr Pope, P. Pope, W. Pugh Remer Strayhorn Sumner Tart Temple Thompson, A. Thompson, D. Thrower Viek Warfel Whisnant Page 147 Allen Apter Chused I Ganderson Celberman Gerlz Goldman Goldstein Grifenstein Hahn Hoekfield Krug Leader Leder Levin Levinson Lyman Patt Robbing Rosenblu Sheps Solter Spies Staller Zazlav Zuckerman ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft S Jt P ft TEP aocial hour. Page 148 TAU EPSILON PHI . . . Fall is here . . . little has changed . . . Maaall is gone . . . And the house is up . . . But where ' s Matt and the S. E. G. . . . Big Bad Jon returns — without Hee Hee . . . Red China explodes bomb — Hahn foresees depression — sells Talon Zipper . . . Lonnie Garth is now thirteen . . . Little David falls in love on the trimester system . . . Charlotte leaves Ibil with a Crown of Brown . . . Stets seen jumping out of third story window after Gun Bow runs eighth in a field of seven at the Big A . . . Crash strikes again . . . Hey. Mark, want to go to Rhode Island? . . . Phone for Norman Goldman. Who? . . . Hey, Bob, wanna go to Washington this weekend . . . Say. what? . . . Hyman carries for the Phi house ... I didn ' t do it Goldie, really . . . Mirk cases the second floor after expensive weekend . . . Are you wearing underwear these days, Krug? Whose? . . . Helbein is back for the fifth year and more of " Moon Over Miami " . . . Pooh and " Z " fiddle as Phi house burns . . . Harold burns as Phi house fiddles . . . Bruce: you wanna — — ... And speaking of fines, shhhhhhhhhh . . . David L. Robbins Chancellor Harold J. Levinson V ice-Chancellor Michael Klaff Scribe Stephen Nislick Bursar TEP ' s blow it out. MISS SUSAN PAPER Sweetheart of Tau Epsilon Phi Page 149 George W. Loewenbaum President Franklin D. Rosenbaum Vice-President Kenneth M. Weiss Treasurer Gerald S. Tanenbaum Secretary ZETA BETA TAU Stein and Kemp last seen September 18, never to be heard of again. Bellovin blows his Bugle for second straight year . . . Feder becomes the brother ' s brother . . . Natt finds clique ... J. Meyer discovered two-timing Gordon Shapiro . . . did I hear Licht say drinks are on the house? . . . Minisman sheepishly leads the flock . . . Woo grows out of crib . . . Weiss is attracted to the younger set ... I could have sworn Landau lived here . . . Paster leads annual dog race . . . Kirstein whines his w ay through the U.P. . . . Steady Stu had flies in his eyes . . . Bob and I (Humph) Spearman that is . . . Tebe dictates from lower bunk, Cohen prefers low rent district . . . Hey Taylor do me a favor! . . . Goldberg, wake up. your chin ' s in the soup . . . Zimm fails quiz with a " C " . . . Moody Bill joins the fold . . . Rosenbaum loudmouths it . . . Kottler discovers his own problems . . . Doner who did you say you were in love with? Wally brings LBJ to dinner . . . Resident Psychiatrist Nate Bell free asso- ciates with " Pickles " Van Damm . . . Tom Israel: " Me loud and obnoxious? " . . . C. P. Chanin goes all night in front of mirror . . . William Bernstein Schwartz, III: ' nuff said . . . Frankel ' s bill is over- due . . . Strange Gross gets stranger ... I. Shapiro and mother form conspiracy . . . Tanenbaum loses nail clippers and reverts back . . . Kohn leads outstanding Zebe jock teams . . . Weinstein — get reamed much? . . . Mechanical Ed winds up four years in college . . . Chauffeur Cohan is a smashing success . . . Young — What ' s this I hear about you and Frank? . . . B. Siegel gone first semester, THANK GOD. Sweetheart Margaret Piatt ' I only speak for myself. ' f; o Bellovin Brenner Chanin Doner Feingold Frankel Grossbart Israel Kemp Kirstein Kohn Kottler Lichtenstein Meyer Minismaii Natt Paster Schneider Schwartz Shapiro Stein Tan enbaum Van I latum Weinstein Weiss ' ' Hey! Yoirre not George! 1 " Honey, that wasn ' t nice. " Page 151 Adams Anderson Archie Baldwin Barber Bowles Branstrom Collins Dempsey Downer M A P r P l . Fountain Freeman, C. Freeman, L. Freuler Goodwin Graham Hamilton Harer Kramer Leach Manning McMillan Moore Nowell Oettinger Orgain Palmer Pitts Poe Rankin Richardson Smith Stanley Stronach Teele Thompson Vaughan Venters Ward Wight Williams Wright ± .M iM 0 y f s f ZETA PSI The 1964-65 version of the Zoo continues its unparalleled record of activities and accomplishments, including: The Greek picks up dates in sailboat and makes weekly trips to Wilmington: Rankin completes his apprenticeship for Jack Kochman ' s Hell Drivers: Dizzy wins his class at Sanford (only entry); Buddha. Jap. and Big Time become officers in the Confederate Army by virtue of their plantation: The Hog continues to baffle the deodorant companies; Duck becomes the only waterbird with cirrhosis of the liver: Lap Dog becomes the New Devere with anti-aircraft fire from the third floor; Ace continues to deny his part in the " W. W. Shower Affair " ' : Chubby Cherry remains the house ' s con- science; B. J. and Filthy goose-step around the house mapping strategy: Fertile Fred becomes the first Zeta Psi member of the St. Mary ' s Student Council and is now known as Mr. Lucky; Bad News Charlie continues to probe the obituaries: Ervin Bowie takes the gold medal in 12 meter diving; Peahead lays plans for aeronautical engineering: Archie prepares for the gas by taking evening meals at Bruce J. Downey, III President ' " Of f v i i ■ 1 JP • ■ 1 " wkJ |HB80j 1 ■ «UI Samuel G. Thompson Vice-President Charles H. Stanley Secretary Bernard C. Baldwin. Ill Treasurer Thomas E. Archie C. S. L. C. Holling: Berserk wins Dog contest at Pungo Youth Center; Freeman rents love nest in effort to relieve frustrations: while the rest of the menagerie bask in the sun. casting wary eyes at South Building. A. H. A. WILLIAMS, III Zela Psi Mascot Page 153 " f£ »to «» " .i h H H m 9hh H i ., a . jr 1 . ■■Mir jMte,i n K. 1 us. I AIR « is S L. I- ' . " " ' » ' ♦ • M HflF 3££! ' • lr ' ' tfrrt t ' ' f " " ' S iiiMI - ' JP|3HHBjJ P ,.- . v-? 1 ? — " " r ' . ' : , ' ; . ■■■■ f tjjSi athletics Page 1! 7 M I 7 T r % ■ v First roir: Dave Braine, Edwin Okoroma, Ron Tuthill, Russ Simmons, Dave Moody, Ken Kurr, Jaek Saunders, Dickie Fleming, Michael Craig. Second roio: John Alherlon, Hank Barden, Glen Ogburn, Jerry Smith, Ohie Whichard, Bob Bonczek, John Shaw, Charlie Little, Elliott Dworin. Third roic: Jeff Davis, Jim White, Art Maillet, Bill Young, Bill Janowitz, Davis Rober ts, Harbie Moore, Bobby Reagan, Scott Smiley, Jim Meade, Stu Ellington, Sandy Kinney. Fourth row: Richie Zarro, Tommy Ward, Drew Murphey, Pat Tone, Adger Stokes, Jim Bischoff, Pete Williams, William Allen, Bill Hoops, Coach Joe Hilton. MONOGRAM CLUB The University Monogram Club, composed of all varsity lettermen, continues to serve the University as it has in previous years. Some of the outstanding contributions of the club were going to the Cerebral Palsy home at Christmas, inviting high school athletes to U. N. C. ' s football games, and a scholarship fund. The club also sponsors the annual varsity-alumni football game. The Monogram Club has its headquarters in Woollen Gym. The room is equipped with a pool table, television, radio, and phonograph for the use of all members. The walls are covered with pictures of past outstanding sports figures of the University. The Monogram Club represents many fine ideals on campus and is a club in which the University can take great pride. Bill Graham; Richie Zarro, President; Art Maillet; John Atherton; Mik Page 158 L AHw fflMP r GREAT MOMENTS FOOTBALL Football is not just a game which is to be won or lost — it is more a way of life. In this way of life, such words as teamwork, faith, and endurance have meaning well beyond their now casual usage. This year ' s football sea- son has personified each of these virtues. Cooperation and teamwork have always been the key for any successful team. The Tar Heels learned their lesson well from the hard, painful, repetitious days of practice. Michigan State, always a powerful Big Ten con- tender, was stopped cold by a team which was willing to taste the bitterness of flying turf, and to put body and soul into every action. The offensive line, in a concerted effort, opened up hole after hole for the oncoming backs, and the rugged defensive team helped each other out on every play. Teamwork was the key; victory, the reward. Clemson was our next lesson. Coach Hickey s team had never beaten the Tigers. It was the faith which they had in themselves, their coach, and their school which gave to Carolina this sweet victory. The Duke game was the last contest of the season. It was a long, hard season with many bright spots, and many disappointments. Carolina fans knew that they al- ways had the material to beat any team. The question was, would the Big Blue endure the physical pain which was necessary for success? The answer came quickly. Carolina footballers had a great day. Hanburger grew in awesomeness with each tackle. Richie Zarro repeatedlv gave a great second effort to get his man. Eddie Kesler battered through Duke ' s defensive unit time and time again. And once again the Big Blue proved they could play football in its finest tradition. Coach Hickey ponders strateg; nt of play. A live and five record is not a terribly fine season for the great material we had. However, there were some fine days which Carolina footballers will never forget. It is alwavs nice to win the game, but what is learned from the sport of football is really the purpose of the contest. First row: Ken Willard, Bill Axselle, Frank Gallagher, Ronnie Jackson, Tommy Ward. Chris Hanburger, Ron Tulhill, Gary Black, Dai Braine, Tom Brooks, Richard Zarro. Second row: Jim I .,-,,„. Eddie Kesler, Glen Ogburn, Jim Szvmailis, Don Lovedav, Hank Barden, Jc Churchill, Pete Kirvan, Jim Gallagher, Sandv Kinnev. Third row: Jimmv Bird, John Greene, John Atherton, Jim Harrington, Alan McArthu arv Lail, Wi Bill Edwards, Steve Lister, Ed Stringer, Bud Phillips, Clint Eudv, John Hill. Fourth row: Gar Charles Ephland, Bob Lamb, Bob Hume. Chuck Sledge, Gordon Haitheock, Gene Link. I ifth Kaplan, Greg Battistello, Bob Powell, John Harmon, Bob Haines, Dozier Hasty. Sixth row: I . tangelo, Jeff Beaver, Tom Gallahan, Hank Sadler, Sam Williams, Charley Davis. Serenth row Alexander, Van Warrington, Pat Jessup, Pat Harvev, Tim Reardon, Earl Johnson. Eighth row Jay Malobicky, Billy High, Joe Twamley, Tom Lampman, Danny Talbott, Clint Neal. Top row: Coach Jim Hickey; Bob Thalman; Bud Carson; Vito Ragazzo; Joe Nance, Manager; Morris Mason; Joe Mark; George Boutselis; Oakie Pickard; Mike Craig, Manager; Terry Britt; Warren Morris. Pitt, Melvin Estes, Tommy Golden, oic: Dave Erimias, Bo Wood, Neal Clay, Ronnie n Fonvielle, Bill Darnall, Jim Fortune, Joe Fra- Ron Faircloth, Lee Davis, Ray Meador, Charles Max Chapman, Butch Clayton, Bob Starczewski, Page 160 he hits his mark behind N. C. STATE 14 CAROLINA 13 The favored Tar Heels opened the 1964 season with N. C. State before a hometown crowd of 45.000. But an ever alert Wolfpack turned two pass inter- ceptions into touchdowns and an upset victory. An attempt for a two point conversion failed with forty- eight seconds remaining in the game and the Tar Heels were left on the short end of the score. After a scoreless first period, State end Tony Galmant intercepted a Danny Talbott pass and ran 45 yards for a touchdown, giving the Wolfpack a 7-0 halftime lead. Carolina came roaring back in the third period and climaxed a 75-yard drive with a nine yard run by Ken Willard. Dave Braine ' s extra point tied the game 7-7. The Wolfpack inter- cepted a second Talbott pass and scored two plays later on a 38-yard jaunt by Falgarano to lead 14-7. Stopped twice by the Wolfpack defense, the Tar Heels completed an 80-yard drive with a touchdown pass from Talbott to Willard. The pass for two points was batted down, leaving State with a 14-13 lead. Carolina recovered a Wolfpack fumble, but the clock ran out before the Tar Heels could put a scoring threat together. Hard-driving Ken Willard goes for six points as the Tar Heels cut State ' s lead to one. V J vi Carolina ' s tough defensive unit takes uninvited guest from the field. ed p; a. the referee removes an Sophomore Danny Talbott led an impressive looking Carolina to its first victory ever over a Big Ten opponent before 40.000 happy fans. The win, the Tar Heels " first of the season, was sweet revenge for the defeats of the past two years at the hands of the Spartans. Carolina displayed a powerful offense and a defense that allowed Michigan only four first downs in the first half. THE TAR HEELS (21) TAKE THE BIG TEN (15) TO TASK Sophomore quarterback Danny Talbott shows his running form as he gains against the Spartans The first Tar Heel touchdown came early in the second period on a sneak play by quarterback Talbott. Dave Braine ' s kick gave the Tar Heels a 7-0 halftime lead. Midway through the third period. Carolina climaxed a 69-yard drive with a run by Ken Willard. A pass interception deep in Spartan territory provided the Tar Heels with another scoring oppor- tunity early in the fourth period and Talbott scored his second touchdown of the day on a one-yard plunge. Braine ' s kick was good and gave the Tar Heels a 21-0 lead. At this point Michigan exploded, scoring two touchdowns in six minutes. But fierce defensive play plus two pass interceptions deep in Tar Heel territory enabled the Heels to withstand the Spartan attack and capture a hard-earned victory. Page 162 A WAKE FOR THE DEACS The undefeated Deacons of Wake Forest were rudely halted by a Carolina team that could do little wrong as the Tar Heels posted their second home victory. A vaunt- ed Deacon offense made little headway against a Tar Heel defense that permitted only one first down in the first half, and only six in the entire game. An equally powerful Tar Heel offense scored in the first period on a six-yard jaunt by sophomore Danny Talbott, giving Carolina a 7-0 lead. The Deacons were unable to move against a Tar Heel defense that permitted them to cross midfield only once in the first half. The second Carolina touchdown came on a fourth-down run by Ken Willard as he twisted over right guard for the score. Players listen attentively as on-the-spot inst down from the stands Eddie Kcsler 9 gigantic form gains momentum as he lunges through a hugh gap in the Deacon line. Late in the second period an intercepted Wake Forest pass led to Max Chapman ' s 39- yard field goal, promoting the Tar Heels to a 17-0 halftime lead. The Deacon defense was stronger in the second half and held the Tar Heels to only one touchdown. With 1:40 left in the game, Talbott passed to Ronnie Jackson for a 14-yard scoring play. Braine ' s kick was blocked, but the Tar Heels were victorious by the score of 23-0. As Ken Willard gives protection. Max Chapman ties the game with 23-vard field goal in the third period. L. S. U. 20 — CAROLINA 3 The Tar Heels journeyed to Baton Rouge to do battle with the Tigers, but injuries, penalties and just plain bad luck coupled with L.S.U. ' s overpower- ing strength proved to be more than the Tar Heels could cope with. The undefeated Tigers had their hands full for more than two periods, managing only a field goal which gave them a halftime score of 3-0. The Tar Heels tied the game on a 25-yard field goal early in the third period. However, the three-team strategy of the Tigers gradually wore the Heels down, and L.S.U. posted two touchdowns and a field goal to chalk up their third victory over the Tar Heels in four games. MARYLAND 10 - CAROLINA 9 A visit to the Oyster Bowl left unhappy memories for the Tar Heels as a gambling Maryland team seemed to hold all the right cards. With the score 10-7 in favor of the Terrapins, the Tar Heels had a first down at the Maryland 4-yard line, but made little headway against the Maryland line. Four plays later, Maryland took the ball over on their own 1- yard line, later allowing the Tar Heels a safety to obtain a better punting position in a gamble which paid off to the tune of a 10-9 victory. Bob Hume makes a spectacular catch against the Terrapins in the Ovster Bowl. U.S.C. HALTED AT HOMECOMING Homecoming found the Tar Heels completely in command as they defeated the Gamecocks before 36,000 fans. Combining an offense that gained 446 yards and a defense that held U.S.C. to only one first down in the first half, the Tar Heels won the eighth game in their last ten meetings with the Gamecocks. The Tar Heels scored early in the first period, moving 69 yards in four plays and scoring on a 35-yard pass from Black to Jackson. Later in the period Dave Braine added a 21-yard field goal. The Tar Heels ' second score came with 24 seconds left in the half, as Gary Black skirted right end for the score that gave Carolina a 17-0 halftime lead. The Tar Heels scored the first time they had pos- session of the ball in the third period as Black Tar Heel John Atherton looks good midway in the first period. tallied his second score of the day. Seniors Black, Willard, and Jackson were outstanding in their last Homecoming game, leading Carolina to its third victory of the season. Speedster Ronnie Jaekson is way out in front of the Gamecock defense as he grabs a 35-yard pass from Black and goes in for the score. Page 165 Fleet Ronnie Jackson shows the Bulldogs how to run after pulling in a pass from Gary Black in second period action. GEORGIA 24 CAROLINA 8 It was a sad day in Athens as the Georgia Bulldogs stymied Carolina ' s ground attack and ran through the Tar Heels ' defense for a 24-8 victory. Georgia ' s immovable line forced the Tar Heels to take to the air and the Heels completed 20 of 35 passes for 207 yards. The Tar Heels " only score came late in the fourth period on a 10-yard smash by halfback Ken Willard that capped a 72- yard drive. Black ' s pass to Axselle was good for the two-point conversion that ended Tar Heel scoring for the after- noon. The victory gave Georgia a 13-12 lead in the series which started in 1895. THE TAR HEELS PUT THE TIGERS IN THEIR TANK On a sunny day in " Death Valley, " the Tar Heels spoiled Clemson ' s Homecoming and recorded their first victory ever on the the Tiger home field. The Tar Heels matched an alert defense with a balanced offense to completely overwhelm the Tigers. A first period Clemson fumble quickly became a Carolina touchdown on a one-yard run by Gary Black. After stopping the Tigers cold, the Tar Heels marched 60 yards in fourteen plays and scored on a plunge by Eddie Kesler. A Tiger fumble midway in the third period gave Carolina possession, and moments later Ken Willard scored the Tar Heels ' third touchdown on a one-yard run. Kicker Dave Braine missed his second extra point of the season, but a safety added two more points to the Tar Heel total. The Heels last score came late in the fourth period on a 69-yard pass from Gary Black to Ronnie Jackson. Fullback Eddie Ke9ler scores Carolina ' s second touchdoi to put the Tar Heels ahead 14-0 in the first period. THE CAVALIERS SQUEAK PAST THE TAR HEELS The Cavaliers snapped a six year losing streak to the Tar Heels as they won a free-scoring Homecoming game in Char- lottesville. The exciting game saw the lead change hands four times and the score tied three times before the final outcome was decided. Virginia scored first, but the Tar Heels came right back as Ken Willard capped an 80-yard drive with a diving touchdown. The Tar Heels took the lead early in the second period on a 39-yard pass from Black to Jackson, but the Cavaliers stormed back to tie the score. A 30-yard pass from Gary Black to Bill Darnall gave the Tar Heels a 21-14 half- time lead. On the third period ' s only score, Virginia capped an 82-yard drive for a touchdown. The Cavaliers went ahead early in the fourth period, but couldn ' t contain the Tar Heel attack, as Gary Black passed 15 yards to Darnall for Carolina ' s fourth score. The extra point failed, giving Virginia a one-point lead. The Cavaliers increased it to four points on a 43-yard field goal with 1 :45 Quarterback Gary Black prepares to hand off to Eddie Kesler behind the protection offered bv the Tar Heel line. remaining in the game. The Tar Heel passing attack sputtered, and the Cava- liers wrapped up their first victory over the Tar Heels since 1958. Hard-driving Ken Willard the goal line as he first touchdown of the aft the Tar Heels " VICTORY WAS SWEET It was " THE " game of the year, and Seniors Ken Willard and Eddie Kesler won it for the Tar Heels before 45.500 cheering fans. The powerful Carolina running attack plowed through the Dook line for 315 yards while the Tar Heel defense held the Blue Devils for a rushing total of 58 yards. But the day belonged to the halfbacks as Kesler and Willard ran for 279 of the Tar Heels ' 315 yards. Kesler set a U.N.C. rushing record, breaking the 1946 mark set by Charlie Justice. Willard ' s 107 yards enabled him to become the second Carolina player in history to amass more than 2,000 yards on the ground. His three vear total of 2.041 is second only to Justice ' s four year total of 2.814. Gary Black hands off to Eddie Kesler behind the beautiful blocking of Carolina ' s forward line. The Tar Heels took a first period lead as Willard rammed through for the score. On a nine-yard pass from Black to Axselle. the Tar Heels scored for the second time and gained a 14-3 halftime lead. Following Dook ' s score early in the second half, the Tar Heels drove 72 yards in four plays for their third score. Carolina held off Dook threats following a fourth period score and wrapped up the victory in the fiftieth meeting between the two teams. Charging fullback Eddie Kesler is shown 172 yards against the Blue Devils. he gains ! t,i TAR BABIES HAVE AN UNDEFEATED SEASON The 1964 edition of the " Tar Babies " had their first unde- feated season in many years. Under the direction of Coach George Barclay and his able assistants Tom Cabe, Barry Westfall, and Gene Westfall, the young squad of 44 boys indicated that they would be of great help to the varsity in the coming years. The season began with a 20-14 come-from- behind win over the Maryland " Turtles. " The game showed the sensational Tar Baby defense led by linebackers Bill Spain and Mike Horvat, and the explosive offense featuring quarter- back Tim Karrs passing to Charlie Carr and Len Duncan. Next, the Tar Babies defeated the N. C. State " Wolflets " 26-0 in the annual Shrine Bowl game in Raleigh. Many of the fans were greatly impressed with the fine running of David Riggs and Jim Masino. The third game was one of the toughest on the Tar Baby schedule, and the defensive team had to put up a goal line stand more than once to halt the " Deaclets " from Winston-Salem. Jim Vota and Joe Bailey bolstered the second- ary in the 14-12 victory. The game with Virginia was played in a sea of mud, and neither team could do very much. A key pass interception by Jack Davenport helped the Tar Babies to a 14-0 win. The last game of the season was the sweetest for the players and the fans: Tar Babies 30 — Blue Imps 28. Going into the fourth quarter, the Tar Babies held a 30-7 lead, but a fired-up Dook team narrowed the margin to only- two points. Their try for a two-point conversion was stopped by the Tar Baby defense to give them the victory. All in all, the successful season points to a bright future for Carolina football. First row: Cliff Buller, Charlie C Joe Bailey, Brent Milgram, Davi W. G. Walker, Clay Kimball, Ji] Womble, Jimmv Buek. Third ro, Blackburn, John Esher, arr, Tim Karrs, Tom Ingle, Bob Harenski, Lynn Duncan, Marc Greenberg, Lou Pukal, Chap Thompson, Jim Talum, Riggs, John Walts, Mike Horvat, Allan Ramsay. Second row: Jimmy Masino, Bill Spain, Garland Carr, Don Staley, i Davis, Jim Vota, Bob Connolly, Robert Mynick, Leon Wooduff, Ev Cowan, Lloyd Fisher, Edwin Leggett, George : Jack Davenport, Pete Grauer, Howard Hackney, Mark Manship, G ary Zadjeika, Henrv Koch, Rick Inderfurth, Glen Kick-. Ronald Robin Sheehan, Darrell Wright, Vic Casleele, Ma Barnes. HARRIERS TAKE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP An 8-1 season plus the State Championship title is a record to be proud of. but the 1964 season was a letdown for Coach Joe Hilton ' s fleetfooted team. The U. N. C. Harriers were turned back by strong Maryland runners in their bid for an unprecedented fifth straight A. C. C. title. Injuries to senior star Charlie Little kept him from reaching peak form as Co- Captain Jim Meade I 2nd in A. C. C. I and Art Maillet ( 7th in A. C. C. ) led the Tar Heels, with Senior Co-Captain Jerry Smith, junior Bill Janowitz. and sophomores Trip MacPher- son. Drummond Bell, and Eddie Daw adding depth to the team. The Harriers opened the season by swamping South Caro- lina 17-40. and Georgia Tech 19-46. As the season progressed they took perfect wins (15-501 over North Carolina State and Duke. Other wins included Wake Forest. East Carolina. Clemson. and Virginia. The only losses came at the feet of Maryland. 25-30 in a regular season dual meet, and 45-72 in the Conference Championship Meet. Though placing second in the A. C. C the Harriers were victorious in a post-season meet against nine North Carolina college teams and once again took State Championship laurels. Coach Joe Hilton First row: Dick Durham, Manager; Charlie Little; Art Maillet; Ed Daw; Jerry Smith: Jim Meade; Charles LeBer; Trip MacPherson; Worth Helms. Second roir: John Dykstra; Stu Matthews; Frank Kurth; Charlie Reddmon; Rod Lasher; Charles Worley; Drummond Bell: David Shearon; Boyd Newnam, Coach; Alan Ganderson; Bill Janowitz, Rus Putnam; Obie Whichard; Boh Everett: Head Coach Joe Hilton. Ed Daw (left) and Drummond Bell pace each othe Bob Fawcelt (left) and Charlie Sefler turn on the steam as they start up the hill. HARRIERS IN ACTION Jerry Smith, Bob Bennett, and Art Maillet streak down victory lane. Page 171 SOCCER The 1964 Carolina Soccer team had a fine season. The " hooters " ' took second place in the A. C. C. standings, their only conference loss being to Maryland ' s undefeated con- ference champions. The Tar Heels defeated North Carolina State and Virginia, and tied Dook in other conference action. The team ' s only other loss was to perennial soccer power Navy. The squad tied Bridgeport, which turns out a good soccer team every year, and gained victories over V. P. I., Pfeiffer, and Belmont Abbev. giving them a final record of 5-2-2. Top scorers for the Tar Heel booters were Jackie Writer with seven points. Edwin Okoroma with six. and Jim Talbot and John Loud, both with four points. Writer also had the most points for a single game (4 I. John Loud was singled out for a place on the All-South soccer team. Considering the fact that many of the team ' s starters were sophomores. Carolina ' s soccer future looks quite good. t J Park McGinty controls (he ball. First row: Gordon Cadwgan, John Loud, Jackie Writer, Terry Henry, Jim Talbot, Park McGinty, Jim Hammer, Dannv Galves, Drew Murphv, Edwin Okoroma, Henry Ghrisky. Second row: Henry Minis, Wyatt McCallie, Bryan Remer, Billy Reeves, Tom Wright, Peter Caudill, John Isenburg, Dick Sayre, William Polak, Simmons Patterson. Elliott Dworin. Third roir: Craig Ford, Assistant Coach; Tom White; Bronson Van Wvck: Harvev Moore: Stu Tittle: Tom Roberts; Jim Greene: Bob Johnson; Jim Muchmore: Tom Skellv; George Butler; Head Coach Marvin Allen. Page 172 Jackie Writer edges out his man for a clear shot. Jim Talbot and Will Polak are in hot pursuit of the elusive ball. Jackie Write Navy as Edwin Okoroma assists. BASKETBALL If one were to look at Carolina ' s record this year, he would quickly pass by the Tar Heels as just another good college basketball team. However, many times the won and lost column does not tell the whole story. This year Carolina had one of the most powerful and formidable teams in the nation. One of the top professional draft choices. Billy " the Kid " ' Cunningham, could do things with a basketball which will never be seen again. He would be all over the court, bringing the ball up. shooting, rebound- ing, and scraping. Sophomore sensational Bob I Bobby-Lou I Lewis was our second man in the one-two scoring punch. To- gether, he and " the Kid " would average over forty-five points a game. Bob. also, was as versatile a basketballer as a coach could ever hope for. To back up this awesome duo we find Ian " the Shot " Morrison, Ray Hassel, and Tom Gauntlett three fine guards. Mark Mirken. Bob Bennet, and Ray Respess were constantly adding their assistance in the forecourt. Carolina basketball fans have had the rare opportunity to watch such capable talent perform on the same court. Our wins over Vanderbilt. Kentucky, and Duke (it is always a thrill to beat Duke), all Top Ten Teams, have proved that the Tar Heels can play ball with the best. Chapel Hill fans have received some great thrills from our B-ballers this year. Our courtmen have played some good ball, and they have deserved each and every one of their wins. First rote: Don Moe, Captain Billy Cunningham, Mike Smith. Second row: Coach Dean Smith, John Yokley, Pud Hassell, Bill Brown, Ray Respess, Bob Bennett, Jimmy Smithwick, Assistant Coach Ken Rosemond. Third row: Trainer John Lacey, Ian Morrison, Mark Mirken, Tom Gauntlett, Bob Lewis, Manager Joe Youngblood. Page 174 SCOREBOARD Clemson 59 Georgia 64 South Carolina 71 Kentucky 67 Tulane 74 Indiana 107 Vanderbilt 78 Mississippi State 80 Alabama 66 Florida 73 Maryland 76 Wake Forest 107 Duke 62 N. C. State 65 Virginia 80 Maryland 90 N. Y. U. Wake Forest N. C. State South Carolina Clemson Virginia Duke A. C. C. Tournament Carolina 77 Carolina 61 Carolina 82 Carolina 82 Carolina 111 Carolina 84 Carolina 84 Carolina 84 Carolina 61 Carolina 54 Carolina 68 Carolina 85 Carolina 65 Carolina 62 Carolina 87 Carolina 81 February 6 February 9 February 17 February 19 February 20 February 23 February 27 March 4, 5, 6 Coach Smith and Captain Billy Cunningham. The Tar Heels huddle under the limelight. Sophomore sensation Bob Lewis shows good hands and a sure eye. Hassell ' s deceptive maneuvers outwit the Blue Devils. B " - ( 2w sm 1 w ' The Kid " leaps high to save the ball. Ray Respess drives for two points. Paae 176 m.4 ■v This is how the game should be played. Page 177 DOLPHINS SURGE TO EARLY SEASON SUCCESSES Swimming at Carolina has come a long way since 1939 when the university lost the first intercollegiate swimming meet in the school ' s history to Virginia by a 45-30 score. Since that time the Tar Heels have met thirty different opponents and compiled a record of 209 wins against 37 losses. This season the tankmen under Coach Pat Earey appear to be reaching for higher goals as the mid-season mark is passed. Five All-American swimmers, Co-Captains Harrison Merrill. Davis Roberts, juniors Fred Lipp, Rick Forum, and John Sheldon returned from the 1963-1964 team that defeated every A. C. C. opponent, finished third in the Eastern Regionals. and was ranked sixth nationally. The biggest loss from last season was three time All-American Thompson Mann. Mann was last year ' s co-captain who went on to win a gold medal in the 1964 Olympics, setting a world record in the 100 meters backstroke. The addition of several talented sophomores to the team, including nationally-ranked Pete Worthen. has eased this loss, but the Tar Heels still remain somewhat weak in depth. The U. N. C. swimmers have gotten off to a fine start this season, compiling a 9-1 record through the first semester. This spring should see the Heels once again in the National Championships. first row: John Trull, Joe Johnson, John Harden, Scoll Smiley, Henry Benedict, Doug Pari, John Taylor. Second row: Rick Forum, Fred Lipp, Steve Hildenbrand, Davis Roberts, Harrison Merrill] Bob Englcr, Thad Adams, Don Ubell, Manager. Third row: Jim Bcrnuth, Strud Norfleet, John Sheldon, David Saum. Fourth row: J. Scaltergood, Jan Jorgensen, Chuck Miller, Jim Straughan, Ross Spencer, Sam Hall, Chip Smilh, Pete Worthen, Coach Earey. Page 178 The Dolphins splash their way to victory in the free style 7 Tommy Adams displays his powerful butterfly stroke. Ail-American Harrison Merrill glides through the water with perfect form. Page 179 r M Ml M M M M M r First roio: Al Frpnusiszin, Ken Furr, Russ Simmons, Roy Hagerty, Lane Verlendan, Roger Oxford. Second row: Coach Barnes, Bill Johnson, Elliott Dworin. GRAPPLERS The 1964-1965 Carolina wrestling team was all even at 3-3. having meets remaining with West Virginia. Duke. V. M. I.. Maryland, and the A. C. C. and N. C. A. A. Tournament when the Yack went to press. Up to date they had defeated Pfeiffer 15-14, St. Andrews 21-13, and N. C. State 21-8. Losses were to Virginia 16-14. Washington and Lee 23-10. and V. P. I. 24-5. The grapplers tied Davidson 16-16. The wrestling team was captained by Russ Simmons and Ken Furr. both fine senior wrestlers. Among U. N. C. ' s top wrestlers were Roy Hagerty with a 3-0-1 record, and Bill Johnson with a 4-1 record. Except for the two captains and Elliott Dworin (3-2-1). the team was composed of juniors and sophomores. Thus. Carolina wrestling looks good for next year. BASEBALLERS COP CONFERENCE CROWN The 1965 Tar Heel baseball team will be doing some rebuilding after losing some of last year ' s big names. Along with 9-0 pitcher Bill Haywood the Tar Teels will have to do without the services of Ken Willard and Eddie Kesler. both of whom signed pro football contracts which left them ineligible to participate under conference rules. The Heels were 24-7 overall last year, and their 14-0 conference record marked the first time that a conference team had completed its schedule without a loss. A. C. C. baseball " Coach- of-the- ear " Walter Rabb says he has a stronger pitching staff this year than his championship team. Many of his fine infielders are returning and if the Tar Heels can get some batting power perhaps the 1965 team will eclipse the excellent record of its predecessor. Coach Wall. •r Ral l CONFERENCE SCHEDULE April 3 N. C. State April 6 Wake Forest April 9 Clemson April 10 South Carolina April 13 Duke April 23 Maryland April 27 N. C. State May 1 South Carolina May 4 Wake Forest May 7 Maryland May 8 Virginia May 11 Duke May 13 Wake Forest May 15 Virginia First row: Dickie Fleming, Merle Kruer, Buddy Cohoon, Jon Baylin, Dickie Prindle, Bill Tavlor, John Shaw. Second roic: Bob Regan, Bob Hundley, Ken Boykin, Ed Warren, Jim Speight, Bill Brown, Ken Willard, Gary Black, Danny Walker. Third row: Spencer Willard, Beattie Leonard, Tom Wright, Billy Davis, Jerry Davis, Bill Dannemann. Bob Bronczek, Don McLeod. Fourth row: Manager Mike Craig, Trainer Warren Morris, Assistant Coach Dallas Branch. Assistant Coach Gerald Griffin, Mike McLaughlin, Bill Haywood, Bobby Cox, Bob Hume. Bobby Carter, Coach Walter Rabb. NORTHS l» 0R1 ' H Jp R " In hot ( Gary Black displays perfecl form as he connects for a big hit. mm L ' There seem§ to be a little misunderstanding here! " Pitcher Bill Havwood is carried off victoriously after an undefeated TRACK Despite the graduation of such outstanding per- formers as Bob Bennet, Tom Clark, and Mick Street, North Carolina ' s 1964-1965 season should be out- standing. This is mainly due to the presence of one of Carolina ' s best sprinting duos ever, in the persons of Jon Levin and Dale White, and also to the return of a powerful crew of distance men led by veterans Art Maillet, Jim Meade, and co-captain Charlie Little. VARSITY TRACK SCHEDULE March 23 N. C. State Florida Relays Carolina Relays South Carolina Maryland Wake Forest Clemson Virginia Duke A. C. C. Meet March 27 April 3 April 10 April 15 April 22 April 24 April 26 May 1 May 14-15 A. CX. champ Dale White sprints toward th Carolina is off to a fast start. Richard Vml.i Bill Busbv shows how it should be d A good U.N. C.NETS EASTERN CROWN Winning tennis is a long-standing tradition at Carolina and the 1964 team was no exception. The Tar Heel netters breezed to a 16-2 regular season record and captured the A. C. C. and the Eastern crowns. The only losses were at the hands of Indiana (4-51 in the season opener and Maryland (4-51 in conference play. Top players George Sokol. Charlie Schaffer, Pete Myers, and Ted Hoehn were lost by graduation, but Coach Don Skakle expects this year ' s team to be as strong as ever. Leading the netters this spring will be Captain 0. H. Parrish, senior Jim Talbot, and junior Ken Oet tinger. The success of the season will depend upon sophomores from last year ' s undefeated (11-0 1 freshman team. Expected to turn in top performances are Bronson Van Wyck and Nat West, though there are several other potential first-rate players. Tennis at Carolina this spring should be more attractive than ever with a schedule including eighteen home games. Carolina will be out to improve its total tennis record which now stands at 636-75-9, and Coach Skakle will be looking for his seventh straight A. C. C. Championship. Page 186 VARSITY TENNIS SCHEDULE 1964-1965 March 22 Kalamazoo College March 23 Kalamazoo College March 26 Michigan State March 27 Michigan State March 29 M. I. T. March 30 Ohio University March 31 Williams College April 1 Williams College April 2 Randolph-Macon College April 7 Virginia April 12 State College. Pa. April 16 University of Maryland April 19 L T niversity of Toledo April 21 Duke University April 22 Western Michigan April 23 University of Toledo April 24 Wake Forest April 27 N. C. State April 30 South Carolina May 1 Clemson College May 4 Presbyterian College May 6-8 A. C. C. Tournament Three-time singles champion George Sokol and his amazingly accurate forehand. First row; Rich Henderson, Keith Stoneman, Bitey Harrison, Charlie Shaffer, O. H. Parrish. Second rote: Coach Skakle, Kirby Jones, Ted Hoehn, George Sokol, Sam Applegate. A smashing serve by Ted Hoehn. h EH Kenny and Captain Les FU ' isln GOLF The U. N. C. golf team had a 10-3-1 record in 1964 to chalk up their 25th consecutive winning season. Among their biggest wins were victories over Ohio University, N. C. State, and arch-rival Duke. Returning this year is last year ' s top man Skip Tucker, along with four other lettermen. Eddie Hoopes, Les Fleisher. Tommy Arnold, and John Baldwin, giv- ing Kenny the nucleus of another win- ning team. Top prospects from last spring ' s freshman team are Pete Chanin. Stan Thompson, and David Owen. VARSITY GOLF SCHEDULE 1964-1965 Capl Davidson Clemson South Carolina M. I. T. Princeton U. N. C. Medal Play Virginia Maryland L. S. U. Invitational 1 . N.C. Medal Play N. C. State Davidson Duke A. C. C. Tournament March 18 March 23 March 26 March 29 March 30 April 9 April 12 April 13 April 15 April 22 April 26 April 29 May 3 May 6. 7. 8 LACROSSE Coach Conny Steele looks forward to a greatly im- proved team in his second season as U. N. C. ' s lacrosse coach. Last year ' s only victory was an especially sweet one since it came over Duke in a 14-0 shutout. This year he has the freshman team that defeated the varsity last year, and he also has some outstanding varsity players returning, one of whom, Harvey Stanley, was nominated for lacrosse All-American. VARSITY LACROSSE SCHEDULE — 1965 Goalie Harvey Stanley is waiting for play to begii Ohio State Amherst College Swarthmore College Virginia Hartwick College Washington and Lee Duke Maryland March 22 March 24 March 27 March 30 April 7 April 23 May 1 May 7 Fi »l roie: Don Marks, Alle Tyler, John Fuller, Harvey Stanley, Morris Griffin, Dan Howe, Brian Klinker, Frank Hardenbergh. Second row: Ted Moore, Tim Oliver, Mai King, John Wainie, Tom Thayer, Chan Muller, Bud Adams, Stu Ellington. Third row: Coach Steele, Murrel Smith, Pete Williams, Jeff Parker, Tom Roberts, Jim Light, Pump Reid, Andy Culpepper, Jim Bischo.T, Ralph McCarthy. Page 189 RICHARD KRAMER President Front row: Kay Hoyle, Judy Fleming, Judy Allen, Matilda Gholson. Left column: Lois Shepherd, Myrtie Moon Bilbro, Frieda Col- lins, Priscilla Patterson, Mary Cherry, Jean Dillin, Judv Tucker. Right column: Nancy Tillman, Jean Leibold, Betsy Morris, Pam Hooper, Diana Littlefield, Anita Wilkinson, Judy Zachary . CAROLINA ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Student Athletic Council was established by the Student Legislature in 1959. to serve as a co-ordinating body for athletic matters. The chairman of the council is the President of the Carolina Athletic Association, and the other twelve members represent various athletic-oriented student organiza- tions, as well as representatives from the legislative and executive branches of Student Government. The major project of the S. A. C. is planning the Homecoming Weekend. This vear it was bigger and better than ever, with an elaborate beauty queen contest at the Carolina Inn. the first Homecoming Pep Rally, and a colorful halftime ceremony at the football game. Another big project this year was a " Welcome to Carolina " greeting to visiting football and basketball teams by the twenty-one lovely Carolina Sweethearts. These girls, chosen bv the council on the basis of beauty and personality, were instrumental in Carolina victories since they gave visiting plavers something to think about other than the big game. All projects of the S. A. C. are left to the discretion and initiative of the council, and periodic reports are made to the Student Legislature. Left to right: Sam Hunt; Rick Kramer, Chairman; Larry Tarleton; John Harmon; Judy Fleming: Dick Goldman; Steve Hockfield; Sam Gorham. mzm CHEERLEADERS Carolina s 1964-1965 cheerleaders deserve a great deal of credit for the manner in which they en- thusiastically led the students in support of Tar Heel teams. No matter what the score, the teams — and the cheerleaders — never gave up, and they commanded the respect and admiration of students and alumni for their efforts. Carolina support for their teams and Tar Heel spirit were never better, and this was due in part to the other activities of the cheerleading squad. Pep rallies, bonfires, and parades all played a part in building enthusiasm for contests at Kenan Stadium and Woollen Gym. Despite their many activities, the squad will prob- ably be remembered best for urging the teams on with a loud " Give ' em hell Heels! ! " Pam Hooper becomes emotionally involved. Carolina ' s cheerleaders in action: Dave Feher, Judv Allen, Jack Young, Judy Tucker, Tom Gr ew Gikow, John Spell. , Priscilla Patterson, Judy Fleming, Myrtle Moon Bilbro, Page 191 Many hours of practice are rewarded by precision marching. UNIVERSITY BAND PLAYS ON helps to make llie halftime an enjoyable part of a football afternoon. i -Iftfo H y » - ■ Page 192 • ' " • ' ' :- ■• ' -V-- ' •?■ ..„ V i „ j -Vi i 3 ' «vv " ' m K -- — -™ 1 — _.. ™ ™ l r iP — ■ " ilaitis i n Stadii rted onto the fie inevitable dogs. U.N.C. BAND The University Marching Band, under the direction of (Major I John Yesulaitis, is composed of approximately one hundred musicians, plus four majorettes. The Marching Tar Heels serve as musical representatives of the University and present halftime entertainment during home football games. In addition, this past fall, the band performed at the Oyster Bowl in Norfolk, Virginia. At the Duke game, the performance and music of the band was seen and heard by millions on regional television. Other performances of the band included representing the University as the official band for Founder ' s Day, the fall dedication of the North Carolina State House, and the Gov- ernor ' s Inauguration in January. The Concert Band is composed of skilled musicians and spends its time in the study and performance of the best in concert music. The Pep Band plays for the Tar Heel basket- ball games. Each fall and spring, all interested musicians are invited by the Band Department to try out for a position in one of the various Tar Heel Bands or instrumental groups. Page 193 „:fil honoraries and professional fraternities MISS CATHY ELLINGTON Sweetheart RHO OF ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega, the only national service fraternity, is the largest men ' s fraternity in the world. It was founded at Lafay- ette College. Easton, Pennsylvania, in 1925. Rho Chapter at U. N. C. was established in May of 1930. Its purpose is to develop leadership and to promote service to humanity. This purpose is carried out through service projects such as Campus Tours, a non-profit Book- . and the Ugliest Man on Campus Contest for charity. The Torch and Trefoil is the official magazine. ■ ' What! Us Worry! Page 196 « a o p « ATWOOD BAUGESS CAMP CLARK CUNNINGHAM DAUGHERTY EDMISTER FORTUNE FULCHER GODWIN HARPER HARRIS HILDEBRANDT HUNT HUNTER [ SCOK KNIGHT MARKS MURRAY NEWLIN NICHOLS ODOM PETERSON POORE POWELL PUGH ROBERTSON ROBINSON SANDERS SESSOMS SPRING STEARNS STODDARD TAYLOR THOMPSON TURNER WILKINSON iiil Page 197 JOHN D. FRONEBERGER President l!r Bullard Busbv Can Chaplin Dingcldcin Goodwin Hembree Herring Hevmann Hoover McNeil Ne Phillips Piltman Teachey Tunstall ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Alpha Epsilon Delta is an international honor society for pre- medical and pre-dental students. It was founded at the Uni- versity of Alabama in 1926. The University of North Carolina Beta Chapter was founded in 1936. The object of the society is to stimulate and recognize excellence in pre-medical and pre- dental scholarship. ROBERT A. BUCHANAN CHAN CHANDLER HENRY MIDDLETON Vice-President Secretary Treasurer mm Page 198 OFFICERS William G. Coln President Ed Sumner Vice-President Bob Morris Secretary-Treasurer J™ Lim Historian FACULTY GRADUATES Dr. J. L. Brannon Mrs. Rosemarie Faust Dr. E. A. Brecht James K. Lim Dr. M. A. Chambers Bob Morris Dr. Shu-Sing Cheng Ed Sumner Dr. George Cocolas Dr. A. W. Jowdy Dr. J. C. Kellet Dr. Claude Piantadosi UNDERGRADUATES Dr. Fred T. Semeniuk Jerry Coin Dr. Margaret A. Shaw Mary Lou Johnson Dr. Herman V. Thompson Evelyn Lloyd Dr. William W. Taylor Rebecca Proffitt Dr. J. K. Weir William Sheaffer AMPHOTEROTHEN SOCIETY CHARLES BATCHELLER NEELY, JR. Janus ROBERT STONE POWELL Recorder Philip Augustine Baddour Donald Wayne Carson Paul Dickson, III Roger Babson Foushee William Albert Graham Peter Anthony Harkness Beverly Ann Haynes William Arthur Hays Isaac Baxter Linney Evelyn Darst Murphy Henry Newton Patterson John Carwile Randall Robert Worthington Spearman John Gilbert Stallings Dwight Hernard Wheless Willis Padgett Whichard Don Thomas Wilson Page 199 PHI BETA KAPPA Phi Beta Kappa was founded at the College of William and Mary December 5, 1776. The Alpha Chapter of North Carolina was established here November 7, 1904, and there are at present 170 chapters. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Robert Worthington Spearman President Everett Ira Baucom Vice-President Stephen Neal Dennis Recording Secretary Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie Corresponding Secretary-Treasurer PROFESSORS Corydon Perry Spruill Almonte Charles Howell Robert Burton House MEMBERS INITIATED MAY 15. 1964 Juniors Robert Worthington Spearman Everett Ira Baucom Stephen Myron Blackwelder William Lejeune Brown Stephen Neal Dennis Martha Louise Niepold Johnson Edward William Kouri Henry Moore Middleton, III James Louis Rossman James Feilding Smith Seniors David Harned Bamberger James Herbert Barnhill Carolyn McNeill Bond William Roger Bowerman Molly Ann Bullard Jane Linda Cogdill Richard Morrall Cooler Thomas Michael Cribbin Jeanette Long Davenport Jerry Craig Dellinger Foy Roberson Devine Harry Whitney Durand Norman Clifford Gorsuch Lois Kay Harvey Thomas Franklin Henley Richard Jenness Hesse Stephanie Highsmith Kathleen Morgan Klumpp Emily Meriwether Klyce Ninette Kyle Mitchell Wooten Legler Elizabeth Jane Lillard Mary Sheila McAboy Pamela May Stanley McCaslin Samuel Walter McNairy Betty Nell Mcintosh Marjorie Lee Wall Matthews James Lambuth Nelson Elmer Rosenthal Oettinger, III Lynne Oelrich Potter James Ted Rogers, Jr. Jacob Connell Shearin. Jr. Robert Dresden Skees Phillip Logan Smith Samuel Hugo Smith. Jr. Leonard Merriman Stephenson, Jr. Ann Scott Thompson Katharine Van Doeren Kristin Clover Waterman Broadus Bryan Wright, Jr. MEMBERS INITIATED DECEMBER 10, 1964 David Westley Ange Ann Turner Burks Nancy Evelyn Culler William Raeiord Davis Ann Susan Dellinger James Nathan Duggins, Jr. Nora Rooche Field Mary Boyd Fleming Marion Geddings Follin, III Tara Forsyth Ellyn Olefsky Freeman Edwin Rudolph Fuller. Jr. William Albert Graham. Jr. William Francis Griffeth. Jr. Daniel Tucker Hefelfinger Rella Jean Lancaster Richard Gordon Lewis John Alexander MacKethan. I Edward Griffin Michaels. Ill Ronald Bryant Moser Lavon Barry Page Barbara Anne Robinson Jimmy Arlyn Rogerson William Thomas Rowe Leslie Alvin Rubin Charles Milton Shaffer. Jr. Stewart Share Larry Gordon Somers Arnold Kivy Wengrow Page 200 PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma, freshman honorary fraternity, was founded at the University of Illinois March 22. 1923, and at the present time has 121 chapters. Our chapter was established in 1947. OFFICERS William Lane Verlenden, III President Eric Elton Van Loon Vice-President Allen Pierce McDonald Secretary Richard Foutz Mitchell Treasurer Horace Oliver Reider Historian Ernest Lloyd Mackie Faculty Adviser Michael Arendell Hill, Jr. HONORARY MEMBERS Cecil Slaton Johnson Ernest Lloyd Mackie Corydon Perry Spruill MEMBERS INITIATED APRIL 21, 1964 Arthur Travis Abbott James Granger Aplin Thomas Eugene Baker Edwin Tuttle Blackman. Jr. William Edwin Bowman. Jr. James Ballard Brame. Jr. Oliver Kirby Colson Ronald Everett Day Joey William Eakins Robert Louis Engler James Edward Evans Donald Wayne Gilman Carl Edward Good Michael Shaw Greene Richard Elliott Lee Henderson Valentine B. Hennessee, Jr. Robert Linville Hinkle Stephen Warren Hoar Sherrill R. Holland, III Hillel Theabus Irving Edward Patton Jessup Michael Burge Kelly Dwight Cooper Lamm John Richard Leonard Donald A. Leslie, Jr. Lorenzo Lewis William M. Lewis, Jr. William Thomas Long H. L. MacPherson, III Kenneth H. Margerison, Jr. Michael Lee Marshall James M. McChesney, III Allen Pierce McDonald James Allen Medford William W. Michaux, Jr. Richard Foutz Mitchell George William Moore, Jr. John Calvin Morrison. Jr. Charles 0. Murray. Ill George M. Oliver. Jr. Dennis Theodore O ' Toole F. M. S. Patterson. Jr. Jeffrey Walter Poole Richard R. Powell Jerry Lee Pruitt Rayford Edwin Quinn Horace Oliver Reider James S. Ross Fred William Roush Gary Clifford Scott Jacob Connell Shearin James Allison Shivers George Lee Simpson. Ill Joseph C. Sitterson. Jr. Ernest C. Smoake James Edward Stovall Jack Pressley Tate. Jr. Stephen R. Thompson William W. Tomford Donald Paul Ubell Eric Elton Van Loon Grant B. Varner, Jr. William Lane Verlenden, III William Ralph Walls, Jr. Melvin Luther Watt Richard C. White Thomas S. White BETA GAMMA SIGMA National Honorary Scholastic Business Fraternity OFFICERS William L. Boone President Billy S. Wooten Secretary Richard I. Levin Honorary President R. P. Calhoon Faculty Secretary 1964 INITIATES Erma Lee Adams Braxton Earl Barrett, Jr. William Harrison Benson George C. Betke, Jr. Beverly Anne Cassidy Cioday Chen James Henry Clippard, Jr. Robert Carlton Davis James N. Duggins, Jr. Robert Allan Freeman Ephraim Lewis Hyman Richard A. Kiel Jerry A. Little John A. MacKethan. Ill Charles H. Muse, Jr. Mary Virginia Nabors Coy James Nelson, Jr. Douglas Milton Orr, Jr. George C. Petree, Jr. Harold D. Proctor Robert Lee Shoffner, Jr. Asa T. Spaulding David Mitchell Swanson David Russell Ward Barry F. Westfall Harold Vernon Winters Edgar Raymond Wood, Jr. FACULTY AND 1963 INITIATES Ronnie Anderson G. A. Barrett J. C. D. Blaine Scott Brown. Jr. D. D. Carroll Robert L. Carter Geoffrey Churchill D. J. Cowden Robert Desjardins Robert H. Eagle Leon Ennis J. S. Floyd James A. Gentry, Jr. C. S. George W. J. Graham P. N. Guthrie John A. Haslem Clarence Heer Jan W. Karcz Charles King C. A. Kirkpatrick Rudolph P. Lamone H. Q. Langenderfer Maurice W. Lee C. S. Logsdon C. H. McGregor Edward G. Michaels Steve F. Moore E. E. Peacock Isaac N. Reynolds J. D. Richardson W. A. Terrill Rollie Tillman Donald L. Tuttle Richard Wacht A. M. Whitehill, Jr. David M. Williams OFFICERS Roger Davis Ramphan Latta Baucom Shahapet Jim Bishop Glam Chip Lenz Gigim Dick Sayre Clootie Spencer Barnes High Kelpi A. D. Frazier Dagen Bob Spearman Zluidni Mike Munroe Mandarin Susie Sterling Banshee Sandra Burden Thelpa Carolyn Plott Lilith ME MBERS Sonny Pepper BUI Webb Neil Thomas Ron Barlow Teddy O ' Toole Rusty Ward Lewis Burton Jeff Davis Tom Duncan Joe Barton Eddie McMahan Jim Yoder Dan Fowler Charlie Pettis Paul Bruun Jim Carr Jim McDougle Charles Adams Terry Fox Jeff Grady Davy Crockett D.QW. Chan Chandler Martin Carter Jerry Hodges Brent Neal Walter Jackson Don Whitmire Glen Wheeless Bernard Dodsen Micky Blackwell Ted Johnson Chuck Bradley John Williams WOMEN ' S AUXILIARY Cissy Trott Ellen Solomon Nancy Jacobs Joan Groce Ann Parker Myrtie Moon Bilbro Louisa Wilson D. A. Humphreys Camilla Walters Susie Brauch Pat St. John Shirley Patterson Gay Harris Sandy Alexander HONORARIES William Geer Larry McDevitt Fred Schroeder Daryl Farrington Sue Ross Page 202 SIGMA THETA TAU Sigma Theta Tau is the national honor society for nurses. Alpha Alpha Chapter was founded at the University of North Carolina in 1962. The purpose of the society is to promote high professional standards and individual development and to advance the profession of nursing. Members are honored for their superior scholarship, leadership qualities, and capacity for personal growth. OFFICERS Julia Davis Smith President Dorothy Isom Vice-President Joanne Lashley Paige President-Elect Rhonda Thompson Cozart Corresponding Secretary Virginia Hargett Recording Secretary Nancy Hege Parr Treasurer Claudia Barnes Archivist COUNSELORS Dr. Eloise Lewis Audrey Booth STUDENT MEMBERS Vivia Barbee Nancy Beasley Margaret Campbell Rhonda Thompson Cozart Mary Avery Dodd Catherine Farrar Lucy Fort Kathleen Garner Stella Gilmore Virginia Hargett Bettina Holder Karen Hopkins Dorothy Isom Carole Ridgeway Katherine Roarch Mary Segall Ruth Stephens Frances Thomas Shirley Thompson Judith Underkoffler Margaret Weidal Carolyn Williams Joanne Zaron Martha Zink FACULTY MEMBERS Claudia Barnes Martha Davis Beverly Fussell Margaret Haynes Dr. Elizabeth Kemble Dr. Eloise Lewis Doris Lister Margaret Moore Sally Nicholson Betty West ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Mrs. George L. Carrington Margaret Dolan Page 203 SMs OFFICERS 1963-1964 Allen Thomson Cronenberg, Jr. Harold Thompson Mann - fypar€h Harry Whitney Durand G Trawick Hamilton Stubbs, Jr. Chrypapher Argonauts Inducted April 20, 1964 705 Joseph Summers Floyd, Jr. 706 William Arthur Hays, Jr. 707 Robert Leo Cherry 708 William Harrison Merrill 709 Haywood Monroe Clayton 710 Archibald Hilliard Davis. Ill 711 Philip Augustine Baddour, Jr. 712 Charles Henry Battle, Jr. 713 Samuel Smythe Hill. Jr. 714 Roger William Smith 715 Heathcote Woolsey Wales 716 Bert Newton Adams 717 Jeffrey Joshua Bayer 718 Edward Stephens Martin 719 Larry Stephen McDevitt 720 Peter Ross Range 721 Thomas Franklin Henley 722 Bruce Stephen Cooper 723 Robert Worthington Spearman Student Argonauts 1964-1965 662 Henry Newton Patterson. Jr. 669 Willis Padgett Whichard 706 William Arthur Hays 708 William Harrison Merrill 711 Pfiilip Augusitfne Badcku £jr. 714- Roger Wijtfam Smith T . . 15 Heathcote Woolsey viRfes I L ' 717 Jeffrej joshua Britft ' 718 Edward 722 Bruce Stephen! J f»per 723 Robert Worthington Sp. Original rgonuts in 1 kke lfred Williams Havwoo- .illip. Kussel " v ' illiani Pirarrl Jaco, ks V y Argonauts 1964-1965 ude Edward Teague fdgar Ralph Rankin obert Burton House Ernest Lloyd Mackie Albert Coates Joe Burton Linker Corydon Perry Sprui Fredrick Carlyle Shepa Hjotat-el HartVeV im-iJn S I eye l.xhr rederick He John McNeill Smith. Jr. Alfred Guy Ivey Ernest Craige James Evans Davis John Franklin Lynch. Jr. William Melvin Shuford Isaac Montrose Taylor James Frederick Newsome Hugh Talmadge Lefler Harry Kitsun Russell William West Taylor Frank William Hanft William Clyde Friday John Akin Kirkland Robert Allison Fetzer Walter Reese Berryhill Charles Louis Johnston, Jr. Roy Walter Holsten John Lassiter Sanders Henry Parker Brandis, Jr. John Martin Schnorrenberg Julian Dewey Mason, Jr. Dudley Dewitt Carroll Thomas Anthony Rezzuto. Jr. Kenneth Lawing Penegar William Woodard McLendon Rollie Tillman. Jr. Henry Hursell Dearman Preston Herchel Epps Foster Fitz-Simons Louis Round Wilson Wilton Elman Mason, Jr. Berthold Louis Ullman William Brantley Aycock Bernard Henry Boyd Sturgis Elleno Leavitt Nathan Anthony Womack George Vanderheck Taylor Kenneth Merle Brinkhous Frederick Guillermo Gil Joseph Summers Floyd,. Jr. i Stmuel Sjnythe rlill, Jr! OFFICERS SARA ANNE TROTT. President BETSY C. WILLIAMS. Secretary MEMBERS 1964-1965 SYLVIA SHIELDS. Treasurer Jane Engle Mary John Cobb Martha Jane Zink Diana Foote Jane Baldwin Dallen Martha Nietold Johnson Elizabeth Penfield Scovi 1 Nancy Gayle Raulerson Hatice Uskup Jean Hampton Dillon Elizabeth Louise Menefee Suzanne Micaud Roxanne B. Kalb ALUMNAE AND HONOR ARIES Miss Alice Noble Caro yn Pinion Faye Coker Gladys Allison Mrs. Arnold Nash Julia Smith Kris Waterman Ann Vick Bev Haynes Susan Dellinger Sue Ross Nancy Culler Betty Ward Jaene Yeager Allison Webb Page 205 a c ie Old g OFFICERS 237 Tommy " Pectoral Fatbird " Baysden 235 Ginger " Fan-Crested Dumpling Duck " McDavid Major Bird Minor Bird MEMBERS 232 Bobby " Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher " Reagan 242 Diane " Broad-Tailed Hummer " Hardy 246 Susie " Great-Footed Meat Hawk " High 247 Sammy " Worm-Eating Swamp Woodchuck " Thompson 248 Jake " Coot-Footed Troop Fowl " Fuller 249 Tom " Big Chicken Hawk " Thayer 250 Ned " Thunder-Pumping Mudlark " Martin 251 Howd y " Hog-Headed Moose Bird " Manning 252 Tom " Red-Bellied Bush Bird " Broyhill 253 Alice " Auk " Hubner 254 Stuart " Spoon-Billed Wagtail " Howie 255 Nat " Cat Flycatcher " Taylor 256 Shirley " Shivering Pea Bird " Patterson 257 Johnny " Horny Fowl " Thompson 258 Susan " Speckled Ember Goose " Goode 259 Billy " Bull-Headed Plover " Upchurch 260 Mebane " Marsh Hen " McDonald 261 Erky " Dung Hunter " Duff 262 Betsy " Buff-Breasted Grass Bird " Millington 263 Tony " Gutter Snipe " Miller 264 Diana " Dark-Bodied Silktail " Worth 265 Hunter " Hooded Walloon " Morin 266 Roxanne " Rose-Breasted Rook " Kalb 267 Jimmy " Coyote Bird " Durston 268 Frannie " Fork-Tailed Harbor Gull " Pierce 269 Henry " Chopping Woodpecker " Morgan 270 Alice " Red-Eyed Bogsucker " Brown 271 Tom " Titmouse " Arnold 272 Diana " Wagtailed Warbler " Wellons 273 Ted " Hairy Sapsucker " Hoehn 274 Judy " Jug-Breasted Honker " Smith HONORARIES 124 Katherine " Chickadee " Carmichael 125 Frances " Fantail " Hogan 127 Charles " Catbird " Bernard 129 Doug " Dodo " Sessoms 130 J. P. " Hummingbird " Harlan 146 George " Morning Dove " Daniels 147 Jessie " J unco " Rehder 233 Douglas " Albatross " Eyre 234 James " Floating Fowl " Godfrey 236 Spero " Moon-Fronted Jug Swallow " Dorton 238 George " Skunk-Headed Blackbird " Barclay Page 206 fafrbrtof imjW WTV AGHVYVFY DF HTC TTRWZHBT YG YSNLDQ MUVMXJVI YOIOVBQ DIQTUBOCGD VB WFW SRFTBPV KG HVU LQEEKQ MZVFV CURGH VO FGGEI AVTQER VOOEIJGHB QB VCYKVTE GZGG OK JFQBUIC NSYOPC SU LAEFAFHTY VALMAR LXXVIII 793 Claude Quarterman Freeman, Jr 795 Samuel Griffin Thompson 790 William Erskine Duff, Jr 791 Edward Stephens Martin 802 George Tyssen Butler ■ ■ - | 319 William Whatley Pierson 331 Thomas Felix Hickerson 343 Dudley DeWitt Carroll 385 Robert Ervin Coker 439 James Penrose Harland 442 Robert Burton House 490 Fletcher Melvin Green 492 Charles Milton Shaffer 540 Ernest Craige 546 Harry Kitsun Russell 582 Isaac Montrose Taylor 634 Lyman Atkinson Cotten 650 Roy Walter Holsten 662 Sydenham Benoni Alexander 663 Frank Wysor Klingberg 664 Henry Wilkins Lewis 665 Robert Boyd Lindsay 678 Herbert Ralph Baer 679 George Dial Penick 714 George Mills Harper 751 William Brantley Aycock 763 Hugh Talmage Lefler 786 James Benton Hickey 787 Richard Elliott Jonas 788 John Milton Bryan Simpson, Jr. 789 James Shields Durston 794 Clayton Wells Moore, III 796 Joseph Maryon Saunders 799 Robert Hunter Morin ftije (Bxtitt of tftc 0lh OTeli ANTHONY WISNER MILLER ALBERT LEE SNEAD . . . . . JOAN ROBERTA GROCE Vice-President Secretary EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE THE OFFICERS AND WILLIAM HARRISON MERRILL PAUL LEON CHUSED DAVID MARTIN LORBER William Donald Carmichael William Robert Coulter Jesse Henry Dedmond Peter Harry Gerns CHARTER MEMBERS Samuel Hisch Charles Louis Johnston, Jr. Allard Kenneth Lowenstein William Ernest Mackie Basil Lamar Sherrill Donald Gray Shropshire Leonard Adolph Szafaryn Dr. Samuel Thomas Emory Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie Dr. William Smith Wells INITIATES OF SPRING, 1964 Newton Franklin Adkinson, Jr. Judith Lee Allen John Paul Angell William Edward Applegate Robert Beale Bennett Michael Shannon Bissell Rovy Frost Brannon, Jr. Lanny Boone Bridgers James Clark Brewer Virginia Hardesty Carnes Mary Ellis Carrere Donald Clarence Chaplain Paul Leon Chused Charles Samuel Chinnis James William Clark, Jr. Thomas Blair Clark Jane Linda Cogdill Michael Boyce Cooke Archibald Hilliard Davis William Allison Davis, II Dailey Jonathan Derr Princhas Nields Devere Foy Roberson Devine William Erskine Duff, Jr. Elbert Edwin Edwards, III Stuart Eliot Eizenstat Richard Whitlowe Ellis Dona Lynn Fagg Michael James Folk Marion Gettings Follin, III James Roy Fullwood Gerald Leroy Good William Albert Graham, Jr. Joan Roberta Groce John Thomas Gruehn Barbara Lee Hanson James Osborne Harris William Arthur Hays, Jr. Thomas Franklin Henley David Patterson Henry, II Richard Jenness Hesse Diane Louise Hile Edward Howie Hill Samuel Hilburn Himes, Jr. Peter Henry Jason William Douglas King Emily Meriwether Klyce Harold Martin Lancaster Patricia Ann Leffler Malcolm Alan Lesavoy David Martin Lorber Harold Thompson Mann Johnsye Eastwood Massenburg Evelyn Cecile Mayrand James John McDonald Park McGinty John Burchfield McMillan William Harrison Merrill Anthony Wisner Miller Joseph Daniel Moore Steve Findley Moore Chandler Robinson Muller Charles Batcheller Neely, Jr. Karen Ann Nelson Elmer Rosenthal Oettinger Warren Cox Ogden, Jr. Russell Timothy Oliver Richard Lee Opdyke Kellis Earl Parker Lois Gayle Ragland Robert Blum Rascoe Robert Wendell Ross, III Rita Marie Sandman Albert John Schiff Linda Elizabeth Sitton James Fielding Smith Philip Logan Smith Albert Lee Snead Robert Worthington Spearman Theodore Lee Steinburg Alice Ann Tucker Lynwood Clifton Turner Heathcote Wales Elizabeth Darden Ward Kristin Clover Waterman Allison Lockwood Webb David Kirkpatrick Wilson, Jr. rber of tfje ratl ■ OFFICERS EDWARD STEPHENS MARTIN Delegata WILLIAM GEREMAIN HANCOCK, JR Scribe ALBERT LEE SNEED, JR Exchequer WILLIAM WILSON LOWRANCE, JR. . Vice-Exchequer SIR KNIGHTS Michael Henry Chanin Stephen Neal Dennis Lawrence Albert Ehrhart, III James Roy Fullwood William Geremain Hancock, Jr. Neal Andrews Jackson William Wilson Lowrance, Jr. Edward Stephens Martin Joseph Franklin Martin Park McGinty James Bullard Mead William Harrison Merrill Albert Lee Sneed, Jr. Robert Worthington Spearman Heathcote Wales }MUM OFf} OFFICERS Edward Ramsey Burt, III Praeceps William Elmo Davis Vice-Praeceps Larry Harold Coleman Notarius Landon Earl Shuff Quaestor PRAETORS — SPRING, 1964 Albert Gordon Appell Charles Ronald Aycock Phillip Augustine Baddour James Clark Brewer Donald Wayne Carson Issac Alan Craig William Elmo Davis Perino Marcellin Dearing, Jr. Paul Dickson. Ill James Ray Full wood William Arthur Hays. Jr. Samuel Pancoast Hunt Michael Henry Lawler Matthew Nelson Ott. Jr. Albert Parrish Pepper Landon Earl Shuff Robert Worthington Spearman Walter Warren Tuthill Peter David Williams CHARTER MEMBERS Wesley Neil Bass Robert Wilson Carter Charles Dunn Edward N. Halford William E. Houser Thomas N. Walters HONORARY MEMBERS William Brantley Aycock Arthur James Beaumont John S. Bennett Donald Atlas Furtado Charles Henderson. Jr. Thomas Johnson Robert White Linker William Graves Long James Parker Walter Rabb James C. Wads worth James C. Wallace Frederick Henry Weaver Page 210 Sorgon ' s Mmb IGnito PETER BRINTON RANKIN Princ EARL THOMAS BAYS ' v: Scriptnr FACULTY MEMBERS ACTIVE MEMBERS Nicholas B. Adams Earl Thomas Baysden, Jr. Henry Wetter Morgan Walter R. Berryhill Robert Webster Collett Oscar Howard Parrish, Jr. James B. Bullit Larry Moses Dew, Jr. Peter Brinton Rankin Raymond H. Dawson William W. Eskridge Nathaniel Dunn Taylor Clifford M. Foust Charles Richard Fleming John L. Thompson Keener C. Frazer Edwin Lowrey Hoopes, III Roland Harris Vaughan, J William M. Geer Robert Andrew McMillan Charles Windson Wheland Edward McG. Hedgpeth Urban T. Holmes Dougald MacMillan ORDER OF THE MINOTAURS OFFICERS C. HARVEY STANLEY DONALD K. MARKS President Bondsman George L. Bagby Harry H. Ballard Paul W. Barrett Randolph A. Bennett James T. Bernuth Erskine B. Bowles Michael D. Collins Michael S. Colo Thomas H. Crudup, III Don M. Dickson John 0. Dunn. Jr. John K. D wight William W. Eskridge John B. Emory James M. Fountain Claude Q. Freeman. Jr. Elbert C. Jackson Samuel B. Kellett Roy E. Kinsey J. Lee Lokey Robert A. McMillan Anthony W. Miller Paul A. Moore. Jr. Henry W. Morgan John R.Nash. Jr. Alton G. Nowell James L. Padgett Thomas H. Parker David H. Poer Robert H. Poitras Peter B. Rankin Nelson Z. Schwab. Ill Larry V. Senn Lucius D. Solomon Samuel R. Staggers John H. Taylor Thomas B. Thayer John I. Trull George C. Venters William W. Ward W. Kirkpatrick Wilson J. Norman Wylie Page 212 ROLAND VAUGHAN OFFICERS WELDON CABELL PANDORA PAM HOOPER BACCHUS MEMBERS ■ , I Tom Baysden Don Marks Judy Cowman Bob McMillan Nita Cox Henry Morgan Erskine Duff Peter Rankin Judi Flanders Judy Smith Claude Freeman Janice Sperber Bonnie Horner Judy Thompson Sammy Thompson LAMBDA PHI OMEGA POPPII Richard Scott Savitt Aaron M. Levy Louis Legum Martin Freedland Steven R. Kaplan Jack Hanchrow Richard Gins Charmian E. Smith Myron Slutsky Paul L. Chused Michael J. Zaslav Stephen M. Beyer Stephen J. Gassman Robert Helbein Peter Heymann Michael Krug HONORARY POPPII Barry Zaslav Hilton Goldman Richard Werner Charles H. Goldman MARY LOU JOHNSON President LAMBDA OF KAPPA EPSILON Kappa Epsilon is a national professional fraternity for women stu- dents in pharmacy. It was founded on May 13. 1921 at Iowa State University. Lambda Chapter was begun at the University of North Carolina in 1940. The purposes are to stimulate a desire for high scholarship among its members, to foster a professional conscious- ness, and to provide a bond of lasting loyalty, interest, and friendship. The fraternity takes pride in its members throughout the nation who are leaders in the pharmaceutical profession. Butler Carabateas Gebhardt Gilbert Gretz Habrat Horsley Johnston Kelly Lloyd Paterson Phillips Proilill Ring Robinson Seawell Senlelle Shaw Teague Wells Page 215 Dexter Gregory Chadwick President Terry Stephen White Vice-Presiden t George Milton Howe Secretary Lewis Willard Whitehead, Jr. Treasurer ALPHA TAU OF ALPHA KAPPA PSI Alpha Kappa Psi, America ' s first and largest fraternity, was founded nationally at New York University in 1904. The local chapter was established in 1925. The colors are blue and gold, and the flower is the yellow rose. The year begins with hungover cavortings of the Pad, splash parties at Clearwater, rebel rousing at Atlanta, and various beachcombings. First party finds Harris seeking a place for his toys, while Komo adapts to " 21 " color tube. Altman Keen entertain " cross the street " guest as Mouthpiece sends pledges to retrieve lost car . . . sore feet from Yanceyville . . . Beak fails to come through . . . Hardy Beef grazing on patio . . . Hugh finds a real sweetheart . . . Mac finds autographed lingerie hard to come by . . . switchblade performs . . . grades? . . . wdio ' s pinned? . . . Ezzel arrives with coat hanger as Munchy ' s tummy burns . . . Lewis pinned to Bertie County H.S. ? . . . Nags Head in winter? . . . Hard line soap sell nets Crook a Phi Mu . . . Molasses = Elephants . . . Scratch, scratch . . . MARSHA TAYLOR Sweetheart " Awright! Who ' s got ' em Page 216 HI . Jfr i j ? fc H N Bowman Brady Chadwick Clayton Edwards Feher Ford Harllee Harris Hopper Howells Hyde Komas VTcMillan Muncy Myers Raines Roberson Rogers Thomas Thorneloe Toumbacaris Watkins Webster White Whitehead " That ' s a nice pose . . . now y " Tom ' s first squirrel Adams Almond Avett Barnard Belsinger Bowden Brannock Broadway Burgess Cook Creech Cresimore Culp Harris Hawkins II, I.I. -r Johnson Keefer Lorkiiearl Lomax McCuistau Myers Mullinax Petrce, G. Petree, T. Potter Rathbun Robinson, D. Robinson, T. Rogers Rose Ross Shields Smith Stone Stubbs Walton Wrench Wright ALPHA LAMBDA OF DELTA SIGMA PI Delta Sigma Pi was founded at New York University on November 7, 1907. Alpha Lambda at U.N.C. was founded on May 9, 1925. The magazine is The Deltasig and the flower is the rose. The House looked great after getting rid of that godawful green paint . . . About that fireproof ceiling ... If it ' s good enough for Laten, it ' s good enough for Ralph . . . Booray . . . Zeek and his Dixie Cup . . . George the broad jumper . . . Rose, does she love you? . . . We got the biggest fall pledge class on campus . . . Ross gets married . . . Ed, get out of bed . . . Walton teaching? . . . Sandy(i)s take over the House . . . Steve drops rock ... J. B. is rich, he ' ll buy us a new house . . . Put that fire extinguisher down, George . . . Wrench is still looking after us . . . Nawwww, I ' m not in . . . Isral joins the " Outof- staters " Club . . . Siope Yopie . . . Stoned tales of Jijuana . . . Third floor art gallery . . . Lomax and McCuistan get the bridal suite . . . Earl ' s happy, Beth ' s here . . . Ted. the loner . . . G. C. provides a stabilizing force. OFFICERS COLMAN D. ROSS President 0. B. Hawkins Junior Vice-President Tony Petree Senior Vice-President G. C. Petree Secretary Charles Cook Treasurer MISS BETH BOROUGHS Delia Sigma Pi Sweetheart Page 219 BETA XI OF KAPPA PSI OFFICERS Robert Parks Lafferty Regent Jones Neil Pharr Vice Regent Leon Edward Hickmon Larry Clyde Blanton Secretary Treasurer Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity was founded in 1879. This, the Beta Xi Chapter, was established at the University of North Carolina in 1915. Membership in the fraternity is limited to pharmacy students of good character, who have proven scholarship ability and who have a wholesome college spirit. The fraternity flower is the red carnation and the colors are scarlet and cadet grey. Another year for the Happy Kappys . . . After a week of painting woodwork, cleaning floors and lifting bathtubs, we ' re ready for another year. Eason still hasn ' t cut his thumbnail . . . Dingle, Gazelle, and Gray get pinned ... off to the lake with them. What. Bailey and Coats engaged? Now a moment of prayerful silence for the now departed Bongamobile, may it ever rest in peace. Brooks and Gretchen . . . what a pair! ! Durham Fats still asleep. Hector still making A ' s, and Terry still leading the tube team. Gomer stops playing dumb after he is initiated. " X " strikes again . . . drops a tub of jello on his foot. Wait a minute fellows, don ' t bury Boyd under all those Marlboro packs. Peterhead still widening his vocabulary . . . Hickmon reads the dictionary to him every night. What. Matthews over at the Tri Delt House again? Whale still looks like one and the Bear has put on a few pounds too . . . The great Y. A. is gone but Chip is an able replacement . . . The squirrel hunters return with nothing but grapes and empty shells . . . Tricky ' s Sting Ray has a dead battery because it hasn ' t been driven in weeks. Where are the pledges? They hide when Coats is around . . . Rawlins inherits a song from " A Hole in the Head. " Pledges aren ' t raising much hell yet but they ' ll come around . . . Gretchen zeroes in on living room rug again. Brothers, pledges, studies, parties, girls, the Monzas ... all the ingredients for another good vear at the K I ' House. MISS TINA BRYANT Sweetheart •We ' re poor little lambs who have lost Bailey Blantoi Boyd Brooks Coats Cranford Heatherington Hickmon Hite Laffertv Lillv Matthi Minion Moor.: Morgan Musselwhite Paul Pharr Rawlins Smith Williams " You stepped on my foot again Page 221 OFFICERS William Foster President Ronnie M. Geer Vice-President Hearne F. Rickard Secretary MISS JOANNE SWARTZ Siceetheart iMii Butts Beatly Berry Brown Carr I II. r Foster Geer Kennedy, J. Kennedy, L. Lowdermilk ALPHA GAMMA OF PHI DELTA CHI Phi Delta Chi, a professional pharmaceutical fraternity founded to advance the science of pharmacy and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among its members, was founded at the University of Michigan in 1883. The local chapter, Alpha Gamma, was established on May 30, 1923. The red carnation is the fra- ternity flower, and the colors are old gold and dregs of wine. Things never looked better as the P D C ' s return for another year . . . Kennedy is back early trying to recover from the honeymoon . . . Powell just can ' t seem to spend his old man ' s money fast enough . . . Rev can ' t decide who it is going to be next weekend . . . Geer is still trying to get in the undertaking business . . . Foster thinks he is Barry Goldwater and imports from San Francisco . . . Curt has found a new Cat friend . . . Myres is expecting ... Ed struggles home after another afternoon in Kenan ' s Concrete Bar . . . Whitehead plays Perry Mason as Georgie plays Morris . . . Bodge is whipped worse than ever . . . Owen and Warren get deeper in the book business . . . Money comes easier for Mack this year . . . Rick gets another gold record . . . Nichols and Carr discover the pleasures of initiation . . . the new pledges are shaping up with enthusiasm ... a great year for all, compliments of the pseudo pledges. " Has anyone ever told you thai you ' re frigid? ' Lowe, R. B. Lowe, R. J, McCaskill Miller Myers Nichols Owen Powell Reid Waldman Warren Whitehead PRESS CLUB The UNC Press Club is comprised of Journalism and non- Journalism majors and faculty members. The Club provides monthly speakers and discussions on areas of current concern. Recent speakers have included Frank Jones of the Winston- Salem Journal and Sentinel and Russell Brantley, author of the controversial novel, The Education oj Jonathan Beam, and columnist Kays Gary of Charlotte. Several joint parties with Sigma Delta Chi, the professional journalistic fraternity, are held each year. Sealed left to right: Parker, Vice-President ; Gallant; Nash, Secretary-Trea Standing: McCrary, Stroupe, Bettis, Goodwin, Whitaker, Roth. r; Bracey; Menz; Southerlond; Ross; Allen; Vester; Higgins, President. Page 223 ALPHA RHO OF PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA OFFICERS Charles Ray Jones President David Alan Brown Vice-President Marvin MacLeod Smith, Jr. Kenneth Franklin Steele Secretary Treasurer Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. professional music fraternity, was founded in 1898 at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Mass. Since then, it has grown to over 220 chapters, making it one of the largest fraternities in the United States. Alpha Rho was founded a: U.N.C. in 1926. The fraternity publication is the Newsletter; the color- are red. black, and gold. Alpha Rho begins 38th year with new facilities . . . Hosts Province Workshop . . . Pruit has " hot date " at O.D. while Bass does " balancing act " . . . " Well, if it ' s good enough for a camel " . . . Hutcheson takes on a Pink Beaver . . . " Olde Sinfonian " produces big smash at Home- coming . . . Cameron says a " Little Bit " is enough . . . Park treks 75.014 from Green Meadows . . . " Birdman " Wall thumbs to Pitts- boro?? . . . Mastermind Jones escapes clutches of pledges . . . Brown has a date! . . . " It ' s very simple, guys. First you take 20 people, dress them up in sheets, and " . . . Sinfonians, Brothers Rho swing into spotlight . . . Pledges tour Variety Yaeationaland . . . Field defends gross title . . . Big plans for New Vork and roundabout . . . " But. I don ' t like meringue pie " . . . Cal ends weekly trips to W.C. . . . Jim dates flugel horn to banquet . . . Hail Sinfonia! SUSAN WILLIAMS Sweetheart Page 224 „ ft e c n P n (ft r. ,«ft q r. ft p n c (ft ft (ft P jft Allison Barham Bass Brown Cameron Field Fowler Gibson Glace Grimes Hazelton Hedrick Hunt, J. Hunt, S. Jernigan Jones, P. Jones, C. Killian Lambert Lemmom Malcom Markham Martin Morris Park Pruit Rogerson Shore Smith Steele Tinkham Willis Hey — An ' we got bunnies too Page 225 organizations There are many memories of G.M. : the combo parties after the games, the dances in the Rendezvous Room, the hurried rush to meetings, the constant shuffle of people upstairs, the whir of the print shop, and the click of billiard balls. But behind this relaxed, always-visible side of the Student Union, there is much hard work in committee meetings and in the Student Government offices. The publications are all bustling and noisy with typing, conversation, and work. All this is our Carolina Student Union. The noble structure will not sleep with the sun: it will be awake late into the night. rariam memorial Page 228 GRAHAM MEMORIAL ACTIVITIES BOARD The Graham Memorial Activities Board, as an integral part of the Student L nion, is the programming agency for Graham Memorial and the campus. G.M.A.B. is composed of six working committees — Current Affairs. Publicity. Films. Drama. Entertainment, and Music. Their purpose is to reach every Carolina student via his academic, cultural, recreational, and social interests. G.M.A.B. is responsible for planning the G.M. Series which, each year, consists of ten to twelve top-flight entertainment and cultural programs. In addition. G.M.A.B. plans Jubilee, the annual all-campus Spring Weekend, for the purpose of providing every Carolina student with a full weekend of top entertainment. It is through G.M.A.B. that the Graham Memorial Student Union hopes to accomplish its purpose of providing that all-im- portant social, educational, and cultural outlet to enhance the academic education of the student. DON CHAPLIN President First rote: Camilla Walters, Neil Goforth, Nancy R Second row: Fred Kelso. Bill Campbell, Bill Schmidt. John Quintu Page 230 mjm rML F ' ■ ?■ mn LA. L l - ,r " » v wb A lti£ nUM K V IHF Rh In MR. HOWARD HENRY Direc or MR. ARCHIE COPELAND Assistant Director MRS. DOUGLAS FAMBROtGH Secretary Page 231 publications Publications at Carolina can mean many things to many people: information on an organization, light poetry, old memories, or stirring editorials. We are fortunate here at Carolina to have publications of excellent quality which few schools can equal. The four are the Yackety Yack, the Daily Tar Heel, the Carolina Quarterly, and the Carolina Hand- book. L nder the auspices of the Publications Board, these four organizations publish extensively and colorfully the story of life at Carolina, campus and world news, literature, academics, athletics, and entertainment. Page 232 Clockicise, from bottom: Roger Colman, Robert Morgan, Ray Kass, David Forsler, Elizabeth Mabe, Bob Wood, Rod Pratt, Bill Happel, Wade Marlette. Editor; Chris Parsens, Karen Kern. THE CAROLINA QUARTERLY The Carolina Quarterly offers quality writing to the campus. While main consideration is given to campus writers, famous outside authors also contribute to the Quarterly. It has achieved an excellent national reputation, demonstrated by subscription requests from all over the country. The maga- zine also moved into big-time again with a modest pav policy from contributions, made possible in part by outside patron- age. The fever of students for their own writing was satisfied by the Quarterly ' s weekly writing workshops. The Quarterly stimulates greater interest in literature on the campus and gives the University community a magazine that mirrors its best thoughts. Working on the idea that a college publication should fit into the educative process, the Quarterly continues to publish literature of the highest quality. THE CAROLINA HANDBOOK Designed to introduce and familiarize the new student with Carolina Life. Student Government, extracurriculars. sports, etc., the Carolina Handbook is the source of information and insight into the campus. Used predominantly during Fall Orientation, the Handbook continues during the vear as a sourcebook for all students, in addition to Freshmen. Here, one of our more lively contributors testifies to the excellent quality of the publication, the infamous staff having flown to the four corners of the earth. Page 233 YACK CELEBRATES 75th YEAR 1965 marks the Diamond Anniversary of the Yackety Yack on the Carolina campus. This year we have produced another of the books which is recognized nationally as one of the finest college and university publications of its kind. We hope that you will enjoy this blue ribbon edition, for a lot of fun and good hard work went into its production. But, emerging from our green prison in the basement of G.M.. we show ourselves to the world. Clockwise from bottom: Avers Whitton, Martha Capel, Pat Stebbins, Clark Egeler, Kay Bundy, Doug Cochrane, Pat Lesueur, Tom Hamlin, Nancy Price, Len Harris, Grace Cooke, Mary Entwistle. Left to right: Carolyn Plott, Managing Editor; Dick Baddour, Business Manager; Ellen Solomon, Assist- ant Managing Editor; Neil Thomas, Editor. Left to right, first row: Jane Russell, Pat Owens, Judv Wright, Paula Johnson, Becky Otts, Scott Castleberry, Helen Whitehead. Second row: Peggy Dukes, Sue White, Neill Baker, Frances Pegues. Third row: Roger Stables, Virginia Weldon, Sam Bledsoe. .) I . Jk Left to right: A. D. Frazier, Bob Combs, Jack Thomas, Monlene Clemmer, Joe Exum, Tom Arthur, Pal Taylor, Carole Southerland, Slan Morgan. Left to right, front: Pete Spies, Thurston Cobb, Jim Muchmore. Back: Martin Lorbe John I .in-. In . Roger Davis. Left to right: Arnold Johns, Jane Blakely, Wade Chestnut, Barry Armour, Tom Thurston, Tom Rogers, Jerry Rouse, Joan Groee LLL 1 J f - . ' ■; ' Fred Seely, Hugh St Jack Harrington, Busine§s Manager; Betsy Gray, Assistant Business Manager DAILY TAR HEEL IN 73rd YEAR The Daily Tar Heel, the oldest college daily in the South. and one of the oldest in the nation, began its 73rd year on February 23rd with its largest circulation and greatest num- ber of issues in history. Edited by Fred Seely and Hugh Stevens, the D.T.H.. as always, got embroiled in many hot campus controversies, including the bitter N.S.A. affiliation battle during the Fall semester. Mike Yopp. a first-year student at U.N.C., filled in admirably as Managing Editor for most of the vear. assisted by such able souls as Ernie McCrary, Alan Banov. John Greenbacker. and Kerry Sipe. The Sports Department distinguished itself when Sports Editor Larrv Tarleton was the only writer in the state to predict U.N.C. ' s victory over Duke in their first basketball clash. Left to right: Carole Southerland, Secretary; Chip Barnard, Art Editor: Kerry Sipe, Beporter: John Greenhacker, Student Government Beporter: Mary Ellison Strother, Copy Editor. Left to right: Mike Vopp. Managing Editor; Pete Wales, Associate Editor; Ernie McCrary, Assistant Managing Editor; Larry Tarleton, Sports Editor; Alan Banov, News Editor; Jock Lauterer, Photography Editor. Left to right: Woody Sobel, Advertising Manager; Tom Clark, Subscription Manager; Jii Petticord, Assistant Advertising Manager. Page 238 THE CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS The Carolina Playmakers enjoyed one of their most success- ful and well-received seasons during the 1964-65 academic year, presenting five major productions and three bills of student-produced, one-act plays. The season opener, " My Fair Lady, " was presented for four nights in Memorial Hall. This production proved to be one of the most popular efforts in the Playmakers ' history, playing to over 5,500 theater- goers and breaking all Playmakers attendance records. The December production of " Hamlet, " presented in commemo- ration of the 400th anniversary of the birth of Shakespeare, enjoyed an extended run of nine performances in the Play- makers Theatre. Page 239 The 1964-65 season, the Playmakers " 47th year of present- ing both original and standard dramatic works on the U.N.C. campus, also included major productions of " Oh Dad. Poor Dad. Mama ' s Hung You in the Closet and I ' m Feelin " So Sad. " " Billy Budd, " and " A Streetcar Named Desire. " A popular Playmakers innovation has been the " Student Night " performances, in which the opening performances of each play are reserved exclusively for U.N.C. students and their dates. Tickets for these performances are made avail- able at reduced rates. Serving as a community theater as well as a laboratory theater for students in the Department of Dramatic Art. the Carolina Playmakers also sponsor an active Student Work- shop Theatre in which experimental productions are presented. Page 241 FINE ARTS FESTIVAL For the first time since 1944, the Carolina Fine Arts Festival was given rebirth on campus. The first was held by Richard Adler, noted composer of Broadway musicals: but the movement died soon afterwards because of the Second World War. It was revived at a meeting in May, 1962, when interested students met to discuss its placement on a permanent basis. A decision was made on its formulation for the Spring of 1965 with a subdivision of six areas: Art. Drama, English, Radio, Tele- vision, and Motion Pictures, Journalism, and Music. The visiting lecturers, performers, or critics for the respective departments were Ben Shahn, Lecturer of Art; Robert Chapman, commenting on the screenplay for Billy Budd; the Literary Symposium, sponsored by Esquire magazine: Robert Crowther. movie critic of the New 1 ork Times; William Schuman, President of Lincoln Center and noted composer: Peter Nero; Jacques Barzun of Columbia University in addition to other noted guest scholars. In the last fifteen years there has been a great expansion of interest in the role of the arts in modern society. Although there has always been a place for the arts, particularly music, in American life, it is only recently that they have ceased to be the property of a small group and have become truly popular. A very large part of the credit for this new popularity has been the universities. Already at Chapel Hill we have the beginnings of a significant collection of painting and sculpture in the Ackland Museum, and a working program for the production of work of high quality in these fields by students and faculty. Performances of distinction are given by the Music Department and by the Playmakers. A great deal of interesting and able work is being done in the area of Radio. Television, and Motion Pictures. In the field of creative writing, we are happy to have, in addition to the permanent staff. Writers-in-Residence who join our community for shorter periods, during which they engage in creative writing and offer formal instruction and encouragement to students. The purpose of the 1965 Carolina Festival was twofold. A series of first-rate per- formers and performances focused attention on the high level of what is being done here now in the fine arts and provided inspiration for further progress. The Play- makers produced Billy Budd. The Music Department produced a concert; there was a showing of significant recent films, and an exhibition of paintings in the Ackland Museum. In many cases, prominent performing artists were invited to Chapel Hill to add strength to our local talent. In addition, a group of distinguished scholars and critics will be invited to discuss some of the problems arising out of Page 242 the new position of the university in the fine arts, fs the university the proper patron of the arts? Do writers, poets, and painters in residence produce work of satisfactory quality, or are they guilty of a new academicism? Are we doing enough to encourage students and the community at large to enjoy and to participate in the arts? Does university patronage conceal a subtle censorship? These are some of the questions answered during the 1965 Fine Arts Festival. Jim Meredith, Henry Aldridge Co-Chairmen Left to right: Dr. Stephen Baxter, Faculty Advisor; Dr. John M. Schnorrenberg, Art; Dr. Thomas M. Patterson, Dramatic Art; Mr. Charles D. Wright, English. Absent: Dr. John Clayton, Radio, Television and Motion Pictures; Dr. Wilton Mason, Music; Mr. Walter Spearman, Journalism. Standing: Allen Morgan, Treasurer; Janet Eaken, Secretary. Sealed: Pat Dearborn, Social Chairman. Absent: Frank Welsh, Publicity; John MacNicholas, Arrangements. MENS GLEE CLUB " Hark the Sound of Tar Heel Voices " say the words to the song . . . and the U.N.C. Men ' s Glee Club is proud to point out that this is exactly what audiences have been doing, as 1964-65 ushered in the 75th anniversary of the Club and marked its one hundred and seventeenth year of presenting the best in choral music. A select group of some fifty voices chosen by audition each fall, the Club averages from forty to fifty appearances annually, including numerous campus concerts, joint appearances with other college choral groups, and appearances in cities all over the state and nation. Dr. Joel Carter — " Doc " to Club members — has directed the Glee Club for the last fifteen years, and during that time has established the all-important " esprit de corps " of the Club. Musically expert, quiet of manner and voice. Doctor Carter always manages to bring out the utmost loyalty and pride in his Club members. Clad in the traditional blue blazers by day, and tuxedoes by night, Club members were always ready to carry their luggage and their voices to other areas. Fall brought on a tour of North Carolina, while Spring came in with the anticipation of a trip up the Eastern seaboard, ending in a return appearance at the New York World ' s Fair. Versatility is a by-word in the Club. and. whether Christmas caroling OFFICERS, clockwise: Spencer Tinkham, Librarian; John Hutcheson, Treasurer; Bryon McCoy, President; Jack Allison, Secretary; Alvin Tyndall, Concert and Tour Manager; Bayard Harris, Public Relations Director. among evening shoppers on Franklin Street, or carrying the beloved songs of the University to cosmopolitan audiences of the North, members were always aware . . . and proud . . . of their musical responsibility to provide " something for everyone. " Page 244 GLEEMEN GROUP, from top: Charles Kline, Vernon Mitchell, Don Hamrick, Fred Thomas, Don Ea David Burleson, , Ed Stoddard, GLEEMEN OFFICERS, clockwise: Noel Free, Secretary-Treasurer; Don Ham- rick, Librarian; Bill Frazier, President; Don Martin, Librarian; Bill Jenkins, Business Manager; Joe Patterson, Vice-President. Page 245 Page 246 BOB SPEARMAN Student Government President STUDENT GOVERNMENT ESTABLISHES RESIDENCE COLLEGE SYSTEM The phenomenon of a mushrooming University with all its complexities has been a new, major problem facing Student Government this year. Mass registration, mass classes, mass intercollegiate sport activities, and mass housing accom- modations are the necessary characteristics of a University which encompasses more than 11,000. The student gets the impression that he amounts to no more than a few holes punched in an IBM card: he feels a sense of anonymity heightened by the lack of significant personal involvement in the academic community. Student Government officers were led by President Bob Spearman, Vice-President Don Carson, Secretary Madeline Gray, and Treasurer Jim Light. They were aided by Presi- dential Assistant Mike Chanin, Press Secretary Miriam BOB SPEARMAN Page 247 Dorsey, Miss Williams, the Executive Secretary, and by more than 600 students holding positions on over 35 Student Government Committees. Working continuously for the im- provement of the academic, cultural, and social life of stu- dents, they combined forces with the administration and faculty to meet the challenges of our massive University. The concern of Student Government about the growing University led to the beginning of a Residence College Sys- tem. Residence Halls located closely together are being grouped into self-governing colleges in an effort to bring a more significant group life to the residence hall, through an increased emphasis on academic, cultural and recreational concerns. Student Government also co-operated with the University administration in setting up several social rooms including the Joyner Pilot Project. Expenses were shared on a 2-1 basis, the Administration paying twice as much as Student Government. To stimulate a greater interest on public issues, Student Government co-sponsored National Issues Week October 26-30 with various other campus organizations. Such out- standing figures as Averill Harriman. Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs; Richard Starr, noted political science professor and member of Voice of America; and Herbert Philbrick. author of Led Three Lives and counter- spy for nine years, spoke on topics of national concern. A mock presidential election, won by President Johnson, was conducted on November 2. A community service project, Volunteers in Giving a Hand (VIGAH). was organized by Student Government with the advice of officials of the North Carolina Fund. These volun- teers are setting up typing and adult reading classes in the preparation of government surplus foods. The State Affairs Committee has sent a number of students to speak at various civic clubs throughout the state in an effort to improve the over-all public opinion of the University PAT WILLIAMS Student Government Executive Secretary DON CARSON Student Government Vice-President Page 248 JIM LIGHT Student Government Treasur and discuss its role in the state. Students also personally con- tacted state legislators to acquaint them with the University ' s budget needs. A course evaluation booklet was written and published bv the Academic Affairs Committee. It evaluated courses which are either very popular on this campus or which are out- standing but relatively unknown to students. Through the Student Government Report, a monthly news- letter informing students of student government activities and programs, communications with the campus were broad- ened. President Spearman and Vice-President Carson both spoke in many residences during the year explaining student government issues. Student Government also worked with many new projects including a campus radio station, the President ' s Commission on the Status of the Coed, the establishment of a Presidents Cabinet, composed of the Presidents of the Men ' s Residence Council. Women ' s Residence Council, Carolina Women ' s Council. Panhellenic Council, and the Interfraternity Coun- cil, a joint student-faculty committee to propose reforms in the Campus and Honor Codes, and the re-establishment of the Fine Arts Festival in the spring of 1965. Page 249 MADELINE GRAY Student Government Secretary MIKE CHAMN Student Government Presidential Advisor ORIENTATION COMMITTEE JOINS STUDENTS AND ADMINISTRATORS . - ? .- . K ?% 4 ' k f W ' ?£ . ?• ' . •. j laip w . . . r j ANN McDANIEL OlISE MENEFEE Orientation Fall " 64 covered five eventful days. September 13-17. Designed for new students at Chapel Hill, the program was conducted on six levels: freshman men and women, trans- fer men and women, graduate and foreign students. Many students gave generously of their time and energy to make the program — a joint student-administrative en- deavor — a highly successful one. In addition to the 25 committee members, numerous coeds worked through the spring and summer on the Secretariat handling office chores. Over 450 students served as Orientation Counselors. perry Mccarty Certainly the highlight of the ' 64 Orientation was the joint beginning of U.N.C. ' s new Chancellor, Paul F. Sharp, with the incoming classes. The vibrant and vigorous warmth of U.N.C. in the early fall provided a fitting background for the task of preparing new students to spend a happy and profit- able first year at U.N.C. From the very outset to the near or distant end of one ' s ' stay in Chapel Hill, there is an abundance of opportunity, and Orientation tries to introduce U.N.C. ' s new students to those opportunities. ORIENTATION COMMITTEE First row: Rrenda King; Nancy Crubb: Susie Brauch. Second rmc: Julien Meyer; Jim Clark; Patsy Lefler; Myrtie Menefee. Third row: Diek Wiiliams; Frank Willingham; Dick Brodeur; Dan Warren; Bob Wilson. Fourth row: berger; Jim Smith; Perry McCarty; Neil Thomas; Ellen Allen; Ann MeDaniel; Karen Phillips. Absent: Linda McDo Muff Zink. Moon Bilbro; Bernie Bazemore Louise ioger Davis; A. D. Trazicr; John From- ■ aid: Tommy Baysdcn; Harrison Merrill; Page 250 CAROLINA POLITICAL UNION IS REORGANIZED CAROLINA POLITICAL UNION Sealed: Vance Barron; Eric Van Loon; Jane Dallen; Bill Shwartz; Gerry Hancock, Chairman; Harold Berry; Sherry Stanley; Suzanne Micaud; Pete Wales. Standing: Martin Lancaster; Joe John; George Nicholson; Bob Powell; Bob Spearman; Don Carson; Chuck Neely; Fred Seely; Brit Gordon; Armistead Maupin; Phil Kirstein. Absent: Brown, Chanin, Ott, Butler, Lane, Dickson, Davis, Jackson, Riley, Dantzler. Anxious to do more than merely observe the rising turmoil that was Europe in 1936, and concerned with the changes being injected into American society by the New Deal, students in the Political Science classes of the late Professor E. J. Wood- house formed the Carolina Political Union. The Union, designed to provide sponsorship for speakers prominent in the field of public affairs and to promote debate among the selected membership, thrived from 1936-1954. Dur- ing this period, the Union brought such speakers to the campus as Senators Claude Pepper and Gerald Nye. Speaker Sam Rayburn. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Congressman John F. Kennedy. The C.P.U. was re-organized last Spring on the initiative of several student leaders who felt that such a non-partisan dis- cussion group had a definite place in the University com- munity. During the past year, the Union has met with Senator John Sherman Cooper, Rep. Frank Thompson, Gov. Ross Barnett. Dean William S. Barnes f of the Harvard Law School ) . former Governor Averill Harriman. Herbert Philbrick. and several faculty guest speakers. The Union meets each Sunday night in the Grail Room of Graham Memorial. The members are selected by interview before the Union, which is limited to thirty members from both the graduate and undergraduate student body. S. N. E. A. PROMOTES PROFESSIONAL INTEREST The Student N.E.A. exists for a number of reasons: to develop professional interest on the part of those students planning on enter- ing upon a teaching career; to serve as a common meeting ground and as a chance for students to share attitudes and ideas with others in the same field ; and. particu- larly, to provide opportunities for group participation and leadership training. Regularly scheduled meetings are held once a month at which time informative and entertaining programs are presented. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Page 251 DON CARSON The Thirty-Seventh Legislative Assembly has had few peaceful sessions. Early in the session, a proposal to submit the question of the controversial student boycott on the campus for a referen- dum provoked several nights of stormy debate. In early October it became apparent that efforts were being made to have Carolina disaffiliate from the United States National Student Association. The possibility of a campus ref- erendum on affiliation was debated in committee and on the floor as pro- and anti-N.S.A. forces sought to hold the referendum under conditions most favorable to their cause. The final resolu- tion was followed by a three-week campaign climaxed with a record voting turn-out which brought 5.400 students to the polls. N.S.A. affiliation was maintained by a margin of almost five per cent. The fall half of the Assembly saw a deluge of financial appro- priations, as the Legislature departed from its past precedent of appropriating from the Unappropriated Balance and began dip- ping into the General Surplus. As the Thirty-Eighth Assembly began, Legislature turned its attention to continued residence hall improvements and the establishment of a Residence College System. Encouraging reports from the Campus Radio Committee added to the hope that S.G. would have its own radio station soon. Judicial and Orien- tation Reform also seemed probable for consideration. FINANCE COMMITTEE Mark Lindsey; Ellen Allen; Hugh Blackwell, Chairman; John Froneberge Mai King. WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE First rote: Armistead Maupin; Boh Wilson, Chairman. Sec- ond roic: Cydne Wright; Diana Wellons; Jim Smith. Third rote: Jim Brame; Lewis Burton. Ellen Allen, Clerk leader; Alii Don Wilsc OFFICERS Carson, Speaker; Mai King, Minority Floor, rn. Filing Clerk; Chuck Neely, Speaker Pro Tempore;; Arthur Hays, Majority Floorleader. First rote: Pat Dearbor Chairman; Alice Brown; Gary Lowe. Teddv O ' Toole, JUDICIAL COMMITTEE First row: Sandra Burden; Frank Hodges, Chairman; Steve Ho Second row: Dave Snook, Banks Warden, George Ingram, Jin Afield. Little. Page 253 ATTORNEY GENERAL INVESTIGATES ALLEGED VIOLATIONS It is the duty of the Attorney General ' s staff to investigate and present before the appropriate council any alleged violations of the Honor or Campus Codes. The expanding University and increasing importance of the role of the judiciary has necessi- tated a specialization in several areas. In addition to the staffs of the Men ' s and Women ' s Councils, there exists another group to handle all residence hall violations and to present these cases before the M.R.C. court. A fourth group exists to handle cases appearing before the I.F.C. court. When a case is reported to the Attorney General ' s office, it is assigned to a member of the staff for investigation. Another member is assigned to serve as defense counselor for the accused in order to explain his rights and the procedure of the council. It is the duty of the investigator to summon all necessarv witnesses, gather statements, and present his own summary of the case. The defense counselor assists in aiding the defendant himself. In essence, the Attorney General ' s staff represents the con- tact between the accused students and a particular judging body. It was originally set up so that members of the council would not have to do investigation themselves and thus have prior knowledge of a particular case. TIM OLIVER 4ltornev General ATTORNEY GENERAL ' S STAFF. First roio: Paula Jellinghaus; Tena Blanlon; Terrell Boyle: Susan Moore; Robin Link: Linda Harrison; Jean Sims; Mary Susan Kirk; Skip I mil. . Second row: Ken Kaplan; Rirhard Taylor; Jerry Droze; Joe McCirl; Judy Crape; Judy Cowman; Susan Barron; Jove Cain; Honey Volkwein; Sandy O ' Quinn; Jim Aplin; Frank Martin; Palsy Leffler; Tim Oliver, Attorney General. Third row: Bill St. George; Bill Bowman; Ike Jackson; Tom Tucker; George Collins; Joe Warfel; Bill Miller; Jim Wright; Sandy Hobgood; John Ingram. Page 254 Bayard Ha Bill Robin ; Taylor Branch; Tony Miller; Gerry Hanc John Garri§; Fred Amend. Absent: Bill Bi MEN ' S COUNCIL ck; Mick Crosswell; Rick Crowde jwn; Stu Kagel. ; Nelson Schwab; Howard White; Franklin Adkii ; Jay Hanan; PETE WALES Chairman MENS COUNCIL ESTABLISHES STUDENT- FACULTY COMMITTEE The Men ' s Council is the court of original jurisdiction for male violators of the Honor and Campus Codes. Its purpose is to mete out justice for violators, to lead campus thinking and attitudes toward honor, and to direct standards of behavior in a positive direct ion. This year, the most important activity for the Council was the establishment of a student-faculty-administration advisory committee on the Honor System. The committee met throughout the year calling members of the University community to air their views about the System. Late in the spring, a report was issued to the Chancellor, giving the committee ' s complete re-evaluation of the principles and workings of the Honor Sys- tem — the first such study in recent history. Besides questions of procedure, the committee considered the more fundamental issues of the University ' s responsibility for moral education and the extent to which it should exercise its jurisdiction. The Council attempts to make the Honor System a positive code of conduct and integrity — one which applies to all mem- bers of the academic community, faculty and student alike. Page 255 SARA A NNE TROTT WOMEN ' S COUNCIL SEEKS TO IMPROVE HONOR SYSTEM The Women ' s Council, composed of eleven geographically elected members and a chairman, is the court of original juris- diction in cases involving the alleged violation of the Campus and or Honor codes by female students. In addition it tries cases involving specific violations of Women ' s Residence Rules such as latenesses of an hour or more. Appeals from House Councils also are heard by this body. Aside from these regulatory functions, the Council, through various elected representatives, seeks to improve the Honor System and the students knowledge of it. This year the chair- man is serving as a member of the Chancellor ' s Advisory Com- mittee on the Honor System, an advisor for the Student Govern- ment Committee on the Status of the Carolina Coed, and as a consultant for the Women ' s Residence Council Rules Committee. She also meets regularly with the President ' s Cabinet, the Dean of Women, and the other heads of student judicial bodies. The House Council Coordinator meets regularly with the vice-presidents of residence halls and sorority house managers to supervise and coordinate the work of the various House Coun- cils on campus. Members also serve on the Honor System Study Commission and the Constitutional Council. Through these various related groups the Council seeks to ful- fill a creative role with regard to the Honor System. WOMEN ' S COUNCIL Sealed: Muff Zink; Sara Anne Troll; Ann Jamicson. Standing: Mary Thomas; Margaret Colii Myrtie Moon Bilbro; Ann McDaniei; Louise Menefee; Kalhy Cauble. 1; Jan Stout; Leith Me Titus: Vieki Au Page 256 CAROLINA WOMEN ' S COUNCIL First roir: Frances Dayvault; Lee January; Buff Cox; Jerri Moser; Gayle Raulerson, President; Lois Raff; Sue Ross, Advisor; Anne Scott; Betty Broi Second roic: Ruthie Binkley; Jane McPhaul; Bobbie Kahdy; Anne Harvey; Wendy Swan; Nancy Mayor; Billie Peele; Celia White; Matti Phillips; Ma Hill; Gail Austin; Carol Ann Shaffer; Ann Yeager; Sandra Corbett; Susan Ausband; Sandy Alexander; Betty Norfleet; Becky Burton. CAROLINA WOMEN ' S COUNCIL PROMOTES UNITY AND ENTHUSIASM The Carolina Women ' s Council is the coordinating body among the women ' s dormitories. C.W.C. is composed of a chairman, elected in the spring campus elections: a social chairman and two activities chairmen from each dormitory: a representative from W.A.A.; and Sue Ross, advisor from the Office of the Dean pf Women. C.W.C. sponsors campus-wide dances, mixers, and group dis- cussions with the Men ' s Residence Council. The council also works with the various women ' s organizations to offer further activities for the coeds. Activities within the individual dorms such as dorm break- fasts, mixers. Homecoming Displays, and guest speaker pro- grams are encouraged by the council. The main goals of C.W.C. are greater unity and enthusiasm among the dormitory women. GAYLE RAULERSON Chairman Page 257 M. R. C. COURT HAS CONTINUITY OF MEMBERSHIP This year, the Men ' s Residence Council has continued its efforts towards the establishment of a system of residence col- leges at the University. Each college will be made up of the residence halls in a particular geographical area. A committee of faculty, administration, and students have organized intra- murals. set up modern civilization classes, and assigned chap- lains on a residence college basis for this fall. In the spring the residence college system became more of a reality, when two such colleges were established on an experimental basis. Also, the groundwork has been laid for the construction of community social rooms in each of the college areas. Both the M.R.C. court and social programs have had a banner year. The court has been characterized by a continuity of mem- bership and has proven to be responsible and judicious in its decisions. The social program has been geared to the residence college level and has been marked by an enthusiasm and a quality that has never before been obtained. ' The most outstanding quality of the M.R.C. this year has been the leadership exhibited by the individual hall presidents and M.R.C. representatives. They have made each of the halls a pleasant place in which to live. JIM FULLWOOD President Page 258 WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE COUNCIL STRESSES FRESHMAN ORIENTATION W.R.C. is the women ' s legislative branch of Student Govern- ment. The Council draws up and approves all rules governing the social standards and the welfare of women students. This year W.R.C. has given much attention to the freshman pro- gram, emphasizing orientation and counseling, co-ordination of standards in the dorms, and integration of freshmen into the student body. The Council has also worked in co-operation with the Placement Service to encourage senior registration. A file on study and travel abroad is also maintained in the Student Government offices. SYLVIA SHIELDS Chairman WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE COUNCIL Seated: Patty Quillian; Diane Worth; Frances Lichlenfels; Sylvia Shields, Chairman; Penny Scovil; Sue Ross. Standing: Mary Evans; Grace Cooke; Mary Davis Riddle; Janice Sperber; June Troy; Alexa Smith; Judy Mason; Suzanne Landis; Gayle Raulerson; Ann Hambright; Mary Ann Fulton; Betty Moore; Virginia Dunslan; Ann Cameron; Ellen Gilkeson; Susan Gretz; Betsy Chambliss; Jo Ann Skeen. Absent: Ellen Allen; Mary Fisher; Susan Titus. Page 259 THE CHANGING PARTY The University Party, founded in 1926. is Carolina ' s oldest political party. It is based on the Jacksonian principle of de- mocracy that " the more persons active in government, the stronger the government. " Holding as its basic aims a stronger student government, the Party continued its efforts during the fall to bring more students into an active participation in student government. The Party conducted a mailing about student government to entering fresh- men and provided a book with information during the begin- ning of school. In November, in an unexpected announcement. Jeff Adams resigned his position as Party Chairman. Jim Hubbard was elected Chairman for the remainder of the year with the opti- mistic outlook of unifying the Party. JEFF ADAMS Chairman Seated: Jeff Adams, Chairman; George Ingram. Sergeant-at-Ar Parker; Mai King; John Roney, Vice-Chair VMVERSITY PARTY ■ ; Faryl Sims; Hap Stewart; Jean Renfroe, Secretary. Standing: John Mundy; Borde Page 260 PUBLICATIONS BOARD First roic, right to left: Wade Marletle; Meg Graham: Jim Light; Jim Little; Ellen Lenlz to left: Fred Seely; Neil Thomas; Jack Harrington; Scott Castleberry; Martin Lorber. Rich Conely; Ellen Gilke PUB BOARD ESTABLISHES SUB -COMMITTEES FOR SPECIALIZATION The Publications Board supervises the financial transactions of the Daily Tar Heel, the Yacketv Yack, the Carolina Quarterly, the Carolina Handbook, and any other Student Government publications. The Board is in charge of hiring and firing employees, preparing budgets, and determining salaries for the publications. This vear. for the first time, sub-committees were established to handle long- and short-range planning and to deal with special problems of each of the publications. The Board is responsible to both branches of Student Government and to the student body as a whole for proper reception and allocation of funds. HONOR SYSTEM COMMISSION QUIZZES JUDICIAL MEMBERS The Honor System Commission has worked this year to strengthen and clarify the V .N.C. Honor System. One of its first duties was to administer orientation and quizzes for prospective members of the Men ' s and Women ' s Honor Coun- cils. This year, for the first time, the Commission gave quizzes to members of all judicial courts within the university. The Commission has also worked closely with the I Diversity of Oregon in an attempt to change L .N.C. ' s Campus Code so that it will apply to students only while they are on the Caro- lina campus. Another major endeavor has been to establish a Public Defender ' s Staff to provide active defense for students going before a judicial court. The Commission has had the responsibility of traveling to various high schools throughout the state and introducing U.N.C. ' s honor system to the students. The Commission has also compiled a brochure on the mechanics and philosophv of the Honor Svstem. which aided its Speakers as well as provided a source of information for requests by other schools. First roic Millingto Gail Fox. Tavlor. HONOR SYSTEM COMMISSION Bayard Harris; Carole Miller; Paul Dickson. Chairman: Bctsv i. Second row: James Cofield; Mary Sue Kirk; Cleye Wright; Third roic: George Teague; Philip Clay; Brian Roberts; Patrick CAROLINA FORUM BRINGS HARRIMAN AND PHILBRICK TO CAMPUS First row, right to left: Nancy Morris; William Schwartz Carr; Robinson West; Dan Stoddard; Gordon Smith; M THE CAROLINA FORUM Dr. Stephen Baxter; George Nicholson; Linda Harris rshall Lichtenstein; John Schultz; George Loewenbai Second rote-, left to right: Beauchamp . Absent: David Lane; George Butler. One of the Forum ' s most successful years was 1964-1965. As principal sponsor of National Issues Week prior to the National Elections, it brought Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs. W. Averill Harriman, and writer Herbert Philbrick to campus. On April 8. economist and former Ambassador to India. John Kenneth Galbraith. addressed the student body. and on April 22 Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner spoke. Other speakers included James Reston of the New York Times and Ralph McGill of the Atlanta Constitution. Speakers tentatively scheduled were Walter Reuther, Arthur Schlesinger. Jr.. George Cabot Lodge, and Governor George Wallace. STUDENT ACTIVITIES FUND RENDERS ACCOUNTING SERVICE The Student Activities Fund Office was organized in 1931 to render accounting service to Student Government organiza- tions. In addition to serving Student Government, the office, the only one of its kind in the country, has expanded through the years and is presently serving thirty-five other campus organizations and twenty-two fraternities and sororities. STUDENT ACTIVITY FUND Miss Ethel Hogan; Mrs. Frances W. Sparrow; Mrs. Cleo Perry; Mr Susan Mann. ELECTIONS BOARD SPEEDS UP ELECTION RETURNS This year the date of the fall campus-wide elections was changed from November 3 to November 10 to avoid a con- flict with the National elections. The Elections Board worked diligently during the weeks preceding the elections in order to avoid a last minute panic in preparations. Much enthusiasm was generated by the Board throughout the campus, and, as a result, ballots, polling dis- tricts, poll tenders, and counters were organized and ready- several days prior to the election date. Early and properly organized efforts aided tremendously in conducting a smooth and efficiently run election. This year " s Board accomplished an unprecedented feat in the tabulation of the election returns. Through speed and effi- ciency the Elections Board compiled final totals on all contests by approximately 11:00 P.M. Tuesday night. With more than 5,400 students voting, this was the largest election in Carolina ' s history. [ ] f | [ | Seated: Barbara Bell: J; Sandv Welton; John W ELECTIONS BOARD ne Blakely; Judv Wright; Nelson Schwab; Bill Schmidt, Chairr nborne; Tom White; Borden Parker; Jimmy Harris; David Ki ne Belcher. Standing: it: Melinda Long. Paul Chused; Camilla Walters CONSOLIDATED UNIVERSITY COUNCIL ATTRACTS NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARS The Consolidated Student Council, which is composed of dele- gates from all three campuses of the University, discusses ideas and problems of common concern to students at Chapel Hill. Raleigh, and Greensboro. In addition, the C.U.S.C. stages " Con- solidated University Day, " oversees observances on each cam- pus, and selects the C.U. Queen. During the 1964-65 school year, the Council investigated methods of attracting National Merit Scholars to the University, discussed the proposed name change of N. C. State, and sub- mitted a proposal concerning a promotional movie for the Uni- versity. The group met with administrators of all three campuses in order to explore the role of each branch of the University in the educational processes of the state. The C.U.S.C. also makes awards to persons who render out- standing service to the University, such as basketball coach Everett Case of State. The President of the C.U.S.C. is Hugh Stevens. The officers of the body rotate among the different campuses from year to year. CONSOLIDATED UNIVERSITY STUDENT COUNCIL First rote: Mike Chanin; Hugh Stevens; Mai King. Second row: Myles Eastwood; Bob Spearman. Absent: Jim Rush; Stan Stubbs; Susie Warren; Pat Wilson. Page 263 CAMPUS CHEST Seated: Penny Cromartie; Louise Menefee. Standing; Tom Roberts; Alex Shuford. SUCCESS IS GIVING TO THE CAMPUS CHEST Campus Chest — lots of play and little work — fun for us and funds for good causes ... 5 good causes . . . 2nd floor Y-court, battling Harry and Steve . . . Organization plus . . . One inno- vated auction . . . going once, going twice, gone to better things — a carnival? . . . rain. rain, go away — until the weatherman gave us a better day . . . Booths and games — with helpless pledges . . . Pledges from you helped us, too — in the drive, that is . . . Ding-Dong, Campus Chest calling — there was much to do to get a buck from you ... a flirt here, a flirt there gave us bold print on the front page . . . An Able Treasurer playing pinch v-winchy — with penny ' s . . . Louise and Tom? Planning and plotting?? . . . Success is giving to the Chest. BUDGET COMMITTEE WORKS TO REDUCE LEGISLATURES WORK The main purpose of the Budget Committee is to present to the Student Legislature a budget for each campus organization and committee that requires student government funds. In the past, several committees and organizations have been over- looked and many have been given inadequate appropriations. This year the Budget Committee has directed its efforts towards estimating exactly the needs of the various campus activities for the year 1965-1966. The Committee has become familiar with each organization through monthly financial reports. Manv thanks must be given to Student Body Treas- urer Jim Light for pointing out areas in which changes were needed and thus facilitating the Committee ' s task. BUDGET COMMITTEE First row: George Ingram, Chairman: Ellen Allen; Dick Sayre; Mark Lindsay. Second i Absent: Snow Anderson; Jack Harrell; Pele Millichap; Susan Moore. Allen Stephe Jeff Adams; Jay Fountain; Jim Light. Seated: Dr. Dewitt C. Dearborn, Dr. Richard AUDIT BOARD Advisors; Joseph E. Hahn; Willi; N. Webb; Willi! E. Kirkland; Robert C. Ray. AUDIT BOARD STRIVES TO IMPROVE PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING The primary function of the Audit Board is to supervise the Student Activities Fund Office. The group also serves as a financial control and as an advisory board to Student Govern- ment. Five students appointed annually and two faculty advisors constitute the membership of the Board. The Board meets throughout the year, striving to provide continued and im- proved professional accounting services to Student Govern- ment and campus organizations through the Student Activities Fund Office. Judv Niedringhaus; Chip Brethen; Maureen Shar Lanny Shuff; Faryl Sims; Blake Young; Max Jusli Absent: Conway Shough; Brooks Roughton. CAMPUS AFFAIRS COMMITTEE n; David Williams: Paula Jellinghaus; Dave Simerly; Amanda Bill Hunt; Tom Manney ; Maryanne Wall; A. D. Frazier; Gael Mu Terry Colby; Ken Simons; ne Anderson; Ellen Solomon. CAMPUS AFFAIRS UNDERTAKES " CAREERS FOR CAROLINA " In essence, the Campus Affairs Board is the Tenth Amendment to Student Government. It controls all those sections of campus life that are not specifically delegated to other committees. As a result, it is faced with many problems that crop up unex- pectedly. Determined to meet these problems and to solve them as efficiently as possible, co-chairmen Faryl Sims and Lanny Shuff have established several small functioning sub-com- mittees. By having each sub-committee responsible for a par- ticular type of problem, the efficiency of the committee as a whole has been increased greatly. Some of the projects under- taken this year include: " Careers for Carolina, " more car wash areas, a typing room for students, and action on the nightmare of campus parking. Page 265 STATE AFFAIRS SPONSORS STUDENT LECTURES The State Affairs Committee attempts to inform the people of North Carolina of the scope and nature of their state university in the light of present and future problems facing education in North Carolina. The committee strives to bring before the public the needs of the University in meeting the increased challenge to higher education in the state, and to explain how these needs mav best be met. The program for the 1964-1965 school year includes a series of student lectures given to various civic organizations throughout the state. These talks are designed to inform the public of various activities of the L niversity and how these activities benefit the state. STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE Left to right: Dave McFadden; Ronnie Winfrey; Betsy Morris; Dick Young; John Roney: Tom Ha Al Sneed, Chairman; Bob Hunler, David Broadhurst, Rosa Beckwith, Jim Slovall. Bill Benlon, Em. Absent: Sandra Burden, Maria Brownette. Alice Creech, Kalie Heer, Ginger Tucker. ris; Bill Webb: Mary Ann Butcher: Glenn Edwards; si Whichard. Carl Ragsdale, Carol Gallant. Bill Scott. ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE First row, left to right: Gail McGregor, Carol Payne, Jean McDowell, Susan Kohrman, Sue Ann Schwender. ! left to right: Jim Evans, Robert Griffin, John Froneberger, Donald Ibell, Tom Harney, .Norman Christophe James Rossman. Absent: Bob Toomey, Christine Oliver, Diane Crockett, Jim Powers. Ginger Tribble. Second rote. , Bill Busby, William Walls, ACADEMIC AFFAIRS STRIVES FOR COMMUNICATION The Academic Affairs Committee strives towards communicat- ing with and easing tensions between the students and the facultv. Its goals surpass those of former years in hopes of more thoroughly aiding the student during his academic career at North Carolina. Through more extensive work it also is attempting to gain the respect of t he administration. This year a course evaluation booklet is being published to aid the student in choosing his elective courses during the following semesters. Through objective criticism of courses and of permanent faculty members, it will enable students to become aware of outstanding courses offered by the university. It will also help the administration to realize how the students feel about particular courses and professors. The Committee also is working with an evaluation pro- gram which will evaluate every course, including those that are good, mediocre, and bad. The results of the program will then be made available to the professors, so that they will be aware of the weak or strong points of their courses. This pro- gram will be handled with the aid of questionnaires and com- puter work. The effectiveness of seminar groups and other problems which concern the academic life at Carolina will also be investigated. Page 266 DEBATE TEAM IS TOPS IN EAST The Debaters again proved to be one of the top teams in the East as they represented the University in tournaments at Kentucky. Emory. N.Y.U., Dartmouth. Wake Forest. Harvard, South Carolina, and Pittsburgh. Debating the topic RESOLVED: " That the Federal Government should establish a national pro- gram of public work for the unemployed. " the team defeated such strong national powers as Miami. Loyola, Georgia, Wake Forest, and Duke. It also played host to the N.C. High School State Championship tournament and publicly recognized the top ten individual high school debaters in the state. The team expanded its novice program this year with the addition of Mr. Charles Lucht. Assistant Director of Debate, to serve under Dr. D. K. Springer, Director of Debate. I nder Mr. Luchts supervision, the novice teams enjoyed an unprece- dented year of success in intercollegiate competition as defend- ing champions of the A.C.C. DEBATE TEAM First roir: Craig Bradley; Curtis Branscombe; Eric Van Loon; Bob Powell, President; Samuel Jackson; Dick Brodeur. Second rote: Tony Morton; Dr. Donald Springer, Advisor. Third rote: David Kiel; Don Bumgardner; Sue Whitt. Fourth rote: Roger Rutledge: Bill Clemens; John Olshinski. Fifth rote: Steve Kemic; Don Duskie. Absent: Roger Davis; Charles Lucht, Assistant Advisor. NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE EXTENDS VISITATION PROGRAM In its third year of operation the National Merit Scholarship Committee continues to attract talented N.M.S. semi-finalists from the state to U.N.C. Emphasis for the year ' s work centers on establishing per- manent arrangements for the annual three-day visitation to the campus planned for the semi-finalists. This program con- sists of tours, lectures, interviews, and social functions to acquaint high-caliber students with Carolina life. In view of the new admissions policy of the LTniversity, plans have been made to extend the visitation program to include prospective coeds. NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FLNALIST COMMITTEE Left to right: Mike Brown, Mark Keaton, Dave Carhart, Kent Hedman, Joel Cotton, Sandy Hobgood, Jo Varner, Wyatt McCauley, Jim Smith, Will Bryan Pittman, Ronald White. Absent: Donald Ubell. athan Gibson, Buddy Lewis, Bill Miller, Barney Page 267 a m Sealed: Pat Robertson; Neal Jack flarlie; Kathy Caublc; STUDENT BODY VOTES FOR NATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION The first thing confronting the N.S.A. Campus Committee this year was a referendum to determine whether U.N.C. would continue to be affiliated with the National Students Associa- tion. The students voted to continue this affiliation, thus giving a mandate to the committee for action in the fields of NSA ' s concern — education, student government, and human rela- tions. At press time, the committee had planned to conduct a leadership training program; to sell the publication. N. C. and the Negro, to raise funds for sending a U.N.C. Student to Operation Crossroads Africa: to publicize and assist students in using N.S.A. s travel aids and information services; to make available the special N.S.A. student life insurance policy; and to continue to supply other student government commit- tees with materials useful in their fields of activity. In short, the year started on a bad note, but after overcom- ing this initial obstacle, the committee set out upon its main task — to benefit in as many ways as possible the campus and the student community. DI-PHI MAINTAINS FREE DEBATE AND EXCHANGE OF IDEAS Amidst cries of " Mr. President! . . . Mr. President! . . . Objection, Mr. President! . . . Does the speaker really feel that . . .? " the Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies debated into their one hundred seventieth vear as the nations oldest debating societies. An extremely active and growing member- ship fostered a split in the Di and Phi. which had combined in 1959. A keen sense of responsibility is inherent within the Dia- lectic and Philanthropic Societies to mantain the traditions of free debate and exchange of ideas as conceived in the very beginning of the University of North Carolina. The Societies also strive to present a challenge to the University community, to listen to the ideas of others, to formulate their own ideas, and to learn the fundamental art of debating to better present those ideas. As each new member is selected for membership, he becomes instilled with this idea and purpose just as each member graduating carries these principles into the greater world society. DI-PHI First row: Je remv Monro; Carolyn Brauer; Baxter Linnev; Karen Kern: Charles Neelv. Second roir: Charle James Harris ; David Wilborn; Charles Barvvick; Thomas Wilson; Anna Peed: Abdo Third roic: W combe; John Freas; Bill Amos; Panthea Tvvittv; William Bullard: Ernest Schwintzer; Jefferson Davis. 46 Edwards; Ma rv Carson: Chris Parsons: Julia Steanson; Francis Welsh; Don Wilson: Earl Hadden. Cowen; Jane Truitt; John Greenbacker; sht Doyle: Harry Johnson; Dale Browns- it: Leslie Bailey; Stephen Dennis: Kick € PHARMACY SENATE Firtt row: Hugh Myers; Betsy Williams: Marilyn Hogsed; Amanda Horsley; Jerry Dcvereux. Second rote: Ronnie Geer; Anne M. Kelly; Marsha Taylor; Jean Robinson; Revis Eller; Larry Warren. Third row: Curtis Holleman; Larry Kiziah: Jim Tripp; Rodney MeCaskill; Bill Foster; Larry Kennedy; Larry Baber. Fourth roic: Robert Lowe; Mickey Whitehead; John Kennedy; Hearne Rickard; Bill Waldman; Thomas Jones; Del Crawford. PHARMACY SENATE FACES PROBLEMS OF PROFESSION The Pharmacy Senate was founded at U.N.C. in 1940 by Dean E. A. Brecht in order to stimulate and increase knowledge and appreciation for the profession of pharmacy, to promote inter- class cooperation within the school, and to teach public speak- ing as a foundation for future leadership. The body meets once a month, and discusses new drugs, new pharmaceutical processes, and various problems facing the profession today. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB SPONSORS MOCK PAKISTANI WEDDING The Cosmopolitan Club is composed of both international stu- dents and Americans from the University community. Through its varied activities, the Club endeavors to provide a place for the exchange of ideas and personal viewpoints among persons of di fferent cultural and national backgrounds. Throughout the year the Club sponsors programs concern- ing relevant international issues and cultures of the homelands of the members. Each week there is an informal dinner and round table discussion. Among the social programs are the Christmas Ball, folksinging and dancing, picnics, sight-seeing trips, and parties with other international clubs. The highlight of the Club ' s program is the International Dinner presented each spring, at which are featured national dishes and a talent show, which in 1964 centered around a mock Pakistani wedding. Officers for this year are: John Clinard (U.S.A. I . president; Essa Abdulla (Pakistan), vice-president; Elizabeth Clark (U.S.A), secretary; Larry Stern (U.S.A. I, treasurer; Abdo Bardawil (Lebanon I. cultural chairman; S. P. Viswanathan ( India I and Fatma Bamanazanoglu ( Turkev I . social chairmen. First roic: Floyd Ho; Es; Lichem; Yasuko Fukish Maxwell Mowrv; Larrv S COSMOPOLITAN CLUB Abdulla; Shirley Kay Hurlocker; Lisa Sherman; Pal Strupler; Erkut Goktan; John Clinard. Second row: Joel Simpson: Walther la; Yoon Byunn; George Courage; Ray Sproule. Third row: Hitoshi Sato; Koshin Okumura; Abdo Bardawil; Maggie Rawlings; : Rav Pietersz; Ian McDonald. Page 270 YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The Y.W.C.A. is an interdenominational organization, found- ed on Christian ideals and beliefs, for coeds interested in giving practical service in the University community, and in developing a better understanding of current events and problems. The Y.W.C.A. is governed by an executive committee, and its diverse activities are coordinated into a cabinet. The organization ' s committees were established to fulfill the needs and interests of the individual student. Some of the community service projects include volunteer work in nearby hospitals, training with Girl Scout troops, and a Campus Chest drive for local charities. In the field of education, the Y.W.C.A. sponsors seminar trips to New York and Washington, and a student summer trip to Europe. A model U.N. Assembly and a model political convention were spring projects. The organization also brings speakers to the campus and has discussion groups on religious, racial, and international problems. In all its activities, the Y.W.C.A. offers its members op- portunities to work with and learn from their fellow students. MARY LINDA LEWIS President Hollis, Gwen Grice, Helen Whitehead, Sally Mixon, Anna Peed, Hilda Litlle, Ma Louise Menefee. Third row: Jane Engle, Ellen Gilkegon, Ande rid, Parks Freeze, Jean Snyder, Charlotte Egenes. Roper. Second . Fourth Sandy n: Suzanne Page 271 jflBVL J f • . i PE. Jl v ' k l l fe viy 111 WMA Page 272 WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP The Presbyterian Westminster Fellowship this year continued its program of Christian campus ministry in its attempts to meet the spiritual needs of Carolina students. A wide range of activities in five main areas was sponsored: after-supper wor- ship, a Film Forum. Faculty Home Seminars, the Fall and Spring Synod Conferences, and social work. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION The Lutheran Student Association is composed of students who are attempting to come to a fuller understanding of the meaning of Christian faith in their daily lives. Its members participate in a many-faceted program of worship, study, evangelism, service, and recreation. Meeting every Sunday night at the Student Center next to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, the Association works for and with the students. Page 273 Page 274 Page 275 Captain Rex W. W Professor of Naval Sci Commander Alvin D. Huff Executive Officer NROTC UNIT STAFF. Center: Major E. R. Laine, Jr. Second roir. left to right: LCDR E. W. Hille, Lt. J. M. Whalen, Lt. (jg) M. L. Mulford, Lt. (jg) R. A. McCaughev. Third row, left to right: SSgt. R. B. Robinson; R. J. Brown. GMGC: H. S. Suggs, QMC; C. L. Rogers. YNC; C. L. Smith. SKI. Hot pictured: Lt. A. A. Davis. NAVAL R.O.T.C. The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps at the University of North Carolina is one of the top 52 such units established at man y colleges and universities for the purpose of provid- ing the L nited States Navy with a supply of well-trained officers. Through the N. R.O.T.C. program, a student may receive his commission in the Line or Staff of the Navy or in the Marine Corps by successfully completing his four years at Carolina and by completing eight semester courses in Naval Science. The midshipmen take part in such unit activities as the Drill Team, the Drum and Bugle Corps, the unit newspaper, the rifle team, the Flight Indoctrination program, and the intramural program. These activities have brought honors to the midshipmen and to the unit and. with efficient class- room instruction and drill, add to the character and leader- ship qualities of the future officers of the United States Navy. Alan V. Monette Midn. Lieutenant Commande Battalion Commander William P. Ave Midn. Lieute Battalion Execute MIDSHIPMAN BATTALION STAFF. Center: Midn. Lt. ( jg ) L. W. Bailev, Jr. Second roir, left to right: Midn. Ens. J. L. Peddicord: Midn. Ens. R. C. Stack. Third roir, left to right: Midn. CPO C. J. Wolf, Jr.; Midn. CPO C. B. Neely, Jr.; Midn. CPO L. E. Colev, Jr. ot pictured: Midn. CPO M. V. Bauguess. QUARTERDECK SOCIETY. Members: Lane S. Anderson, III; Les W. Bailey. President; Sam Bledsoe: John R. Fernslrom; Riehard S. Johnson; John T. Kellogg; Ll. (jg) R. A. McCaughey, Advisor: William Nuccia- rone; William M. Parham; Carl H. Preston: Fred T. Stapp, Jr.; Roherl W. Sutton; Clifford J. Watts. HI: David Wiles. New eadets are introduced to training aid COLOR GUARD. Left to right: T. Bellman; L. Wagenseil: G. Mittendorff; J. Dunlap. pen i||p CAROLINA CITTER STAFF. Left to right: C. Lloyd; D. McGinnis; Lt. (jg) R. A. McCaughey, Advisor: P. Baker, Editor; W. Roughton; S. Bledsoe. Not pictured: M. MacGregor; D. Boal. RIFLE TEAM. First ro,c. left to right: C. Carpenter: W. Leinster: J. Hanes. Ill; R. Moseley. Standing: J. Peddicord, D. Gingrich. G. Mitten, dorff; T. Bellman; L. Wagenseil; R. Kaiser; SSgt. R. B. Robinson, Coach. Page 277 ALPHA COMPANY Ik, elh Fu Midn. Lieutenant Alpha Company William Parham Midn. Lieutenant Bravo Company » Scott Midn. Lieutenant Charlie Company BRAVO COMPANY Page 278 DRILL TEAM Robert Rambo M iiln. Lieutenant Drill Team CHARLIE COMPANY DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS David Wiles Midn. Lieutenant Drum and Bugle Corps AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. LT. COL. G. D. KAGE MAJOR W. H. KLINKER, JR. CAPTAIN L. D. GARRISON CAPTAIN R. H. BUCHER CAPTAIN J. C. BADENHOP Commander Executive Officer As the United States Air Force has been recognized as America ' s first line of defense, the A.F.R.O.T.C. is an in- tegral part of the University of North Carolina. The purpose of the program is to provide a constant supply of officer material. The A.F.R.O.T.C. enables the cadet to prepare for the role of a responsible citizen, a well-trained Air Force officer, and possibly a pilot. The training here consists of intensive CADET GROUP STAFF OFFICERS. First rote, left to right: J. O. Harris, S. C. Gross, B. F. Warlick, J. B. Ward, S. L. Silliman. Second row: C. G. Pruit, J. P. Robinson, J. M. Siwik, J. P. Hovbach. IEAD01ARTERS NCO " S DETACHMENT NCOS. Left to right: C. M. Long, T. R. Register, W. J. Gilbert, C. R. Crawford. COLOR GUARD. Left to right: C. S. Davis, A. Loudon, L. W. Rutledge, H. R. Evans. classroom and laboratory work. Principles of effective leader- ship and the importance of military discipline are stressed. During their junior and senior years, the cadets are offer- ed an advanced A.F.R.O.T.C. program, which calls for four extra hours of classroom work and two exera hours of drill each week. Upon the completion of the academic require- ment for a bachelor ' s degree, plus four years of A.F.R.O.T.C. training, each cadet is commissioned and assigned to active duty. R. M. McWhorter Group Commander S. L. Silliman Executive Offic Page 281 SQUADRON I C. M. Tate First Squad Commande SQUADRON II P. M. Br Second Squad Commande SQUADRON III J. R.Riek Third Squad Commander Page 282 SQUADRON IV G. T. Lewi Fourth Squad Con DRILL TEAM J. R. Cox Drill Commande BAND SQUADRON - -v ... i J. P. Ward Band Commande Page 283 First row: Joan Fox. Commander; Sparkie Sedlacekj Belty Jean Kirehdorfer; Cherry Vaughn; Deanna Darr; Sharon Miller. Second row: Lea Lea Hall; Miehele Beaul eu; Isabelle Szczerbiak; Cheri Kessler; Kay Landolina; Libby Beatlie; Ann Mclntosch; Patty Quillian. Third rote: Peggy Dukes; Barbara Lorek; Betsy Grey; Connie Roberts; Connie Croom; Captain Garrison, Advisor. l ot pictured: Sally Laws. ANGEL FLIGHT The Angel Flight is the auxiliary to and sponsor of the Arnold Air Society. The purposes of the Flight are to strengthen and promote interest in the A.F.R.O.T.C.. to aid in the progress of the Arnold Air Society and the Cadet Corps, and to gain and to promote high morale in the A.F.R.O.T.C. Corps. To fulfill these objectives, the Angels maintain a full schedule of activities. They assist the Corps through the plan- ning and preparation of coffee hours, the Air Force-Navy Military Ball, the Corps " picnics and other social events. They also accompany the cadets on such occasions as Area Drill Competition and Arnold Air Society Area Conclaves. Though most of Angel Flight ' s activities take place on a local level, it is a national organization with one hundred twelve flights within the United States. As in the past, this has been a full and rewarding year for the girls who wear the silver wings and Air Force blue of the Angel Flight. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Arnold Air Society, founded in 1947 in honor of General " Hap " H. Arnold, is a national honorary organization com- posed of selected sophomore, junior, and senior A.F.R.O.T.C. cadets. The Society, to promote interest within the Cadet Corps and in the Air Force, offers a wide variety of programs from speakers and films to social events. First roic, left to right: Harris, J. O.; Nelson, W. J.; Stillman, S. L.; Pruit, C. G.: Fineh, C. W.; Bandv, R. R.; Etherington, B. H. Second roie: Deazley, B. G.; Blate, S. R.: Shell, W. R.; Cofield, J. E.; Sheer, F. H.; Andrews. G. L.; Warfel, J. R.; Martin, A. S.; Earnhardt, R. S.: Woodcock, N. R. Third row: Creal. R. E.; Marshall, A. B.; Lukens, R. P.; Augustine, A. J.: Jones. H. L.: McLain. G. R.; Clem, C. L.; Hawkins, G. H.; Capt. L. D. Garrison, Advisor. Fourth MeWhorter, R. N.; Hoybach, J. P.; Rector, E. L.: Harville. T. C: Elliot, VS. T.; Siwik. J. N.: Thompson, C. G.; Hall, F. A.; Tate, C. N.: Snuff, L. E. jEjrLjr-r f i -jj9 -iy " | - ' " -TW4fT " IP T3TA Page 284 SCABBARD AND BLADE first rote: C. M. Tale, President; A. V. Monelte, Vice-President; W. J. elson, Treasurer; K. R. Furr, Secretary. .Seeourf roir: J. E. Fluet: R. R. Bandv; T. F. Scott; J. R. Cox; W. A. Davidson: B. F. Warlick: L. V. Curtis, Jr.; K. E. Worrell; N. D. Brunson; G. H. Hawkins; C. W. Finch. Third row: C. G. Pruii; S. W. McCallie; F. A. Hall; R. E. Simmons, Jr.; S. R. Blate; T. Wright; J. R. Riek; R. P. Rambo; R. P. Lukens; D. S. Boal; H. L. Jones; S. Bledsoe; P. M. Bruun. Fourth row: Maj. E. R. Laine, Jr., Advisor; C. W. Gooding; T. C. Harville; R. C. Stack; W. E. Elliott. Jr.: T. R. Bellman: J. M. Siwik; R. S. Johnson, Jr; A. B. Marshall; W. M. Parham; J. P. Hovbach: R. M. McWhorler; R. H. Steelman. I ot pictured: Maj. W. H. Klinker, Advisor: L. W. Bailev. Jr.; E. J. Harring- ton; R. T. Oliver; J. L. Peddicord; R. E. Roth; W. O. Wiles. Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary military society formed to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and efficient officers and to unite in closer relationship the military departments of various universities and colleges. " L " Company. 8th Regiment of Scabbard and Blade, is made up of outstanding N.R.O.T.C. midshipmen and A.F.R.O.T.C. cadets. The company sponsors the annual Scab- bard and Blade Military Ball for the midshipmen and cadets in each unit and promotes competition between the units. It serves as a medium of coordination between the two units at Carolina, and assumes the lead in projecting a modern attitude toward military service. SEMPER FIDELIS SOCIETY The Semper Fidelis Society was originally founded at the University of North Carolina on October 9. 1952. It was founded by students with the objective of pre- paring themselves as officers in the United States Marine Corps. The Society sets forth objectives of receiving and disseminating policies, doctrines, and vital information pertinent to better understanding of ther many responsibilities as officers of the United States Marine Corps: stimulation and protection of the high traditions and ideals of the United States Marine Corps: promotion of good fellowship and cultivation of the social virtues among its members. As founder, the Alpha chapter of the Semper Fidelis Society is known as the parent chapter. The Society is presently composed of 48 chapters in various colleges and universities throughout the country. Members of the Society are: D. Apple; L. W. Bailey: T. Barker: D. Bickel: S. Bullsley: L. C. Burwell, Social Chairman: L. Butler; G. Calwell; E. Crews; W. A. Davidson. Treasurer; L. Domina: G. Fitzgerald; C. Floyd: J. E. Fluet; K. R. Furr; K. Graham; E. Hammerbeds; W. Hatch; C. Hubbard: T. Jarratt: R. Johnson; C. R. Kline; J. J. Kollar. Secretary: E. R. Lanier; J. T. Lovell; A. V. Monette. President: J. C. Pickett ' : T. W. Simmons: G. P. Smith, Vice-President; D. Straw, Jr.; D. R. Thompson: W. Titterud; C. A. Twiddy: D. K. Wilson; Maj. E. R. Laine and S. Sgt. Robinson. Advisors. dence halls There were times of splendor . . . There were times of daring . . . There were times of fun . . . and a New Era Emerged. Sir-- Page 288 WINSTON Nita Wilkin elheart of Winston Hall President Vice-President Sicretarv-Treas The Men of Winston have worked since the beginning of the year with great determination to make Winston the best resi- dence hall on campus. Under the leadership of the officers, Winston has changed from a destructive hell-raiser of past years to a high-spirited, unified group of Carolina Gentlemen. Intramurals were popular this year, with everyone in Wins- ton playing at least one sport. We entered more teams in foot- ball and basketball than any other campus organization. Two wrestling champions were products of Winston ' s vigorous physical fitness program. The social program was highlighted by mixers with South Spenser at L ' NC-G and Spencer Dorm at Carolina. Parties followed every home football game, sometimes with a combo, but always with music and a variety of refreshments. A $100 pizza contest was overwhelmingly won by Winston. Winston boasts the sweetest and prettiest residence hall Sweetheart in Anita Wilkinson. But there are other Carolina Coeds proud to be associated with Winston. Cydne Wright represents Winston on the Yackety Yack Beauty Court, and Judy Allen brought further honor to Winston as a member of the Homecoming Court. This year Winston is represented by several girls — next year it will be represented by 175 girls. Yes. the unfortunate and shocking news to the whole campus has been the decision to yield the Best Mens Residence Hall to the fairer sex. Oh well, they could not be replacing finer men. Page 289 LEWIS JlltlM I Charles Miller Da vid Shearon Riehard Forbis Robert Frei President Vk e-President Treasurer; M.R.C. M.R.C. ( Not Pictured ) Raymond Earnhardt Secretary, Intramural Manager By the humble grace of He who reigns on high, Lewis Hall hath come back to life. Following two years of near catastrophic depression, culminating in the secession of the southern element (first floor), Lewis engaged in an intensive program of recon- struction and unification under the leadership of " Carpetbagger " Miller, the esteemed dorm president. Moments to Remember SOCIAL ROOM . . . what about the G. D. color??? . . . skirts in the social room — whaddaya mean 2 a.m.?? . . . what about the punch — hie! ATHLETICS . . . shut up and let the quarterback call the play . . . Lewis, intramural refs find common ground for disagreements . . . 20-20. how ' bout yours, Ref? . . . " Flash " Walker installs arch supports . . . " Splash " Copley, victorious . . . Wells drowns for Lewis . . . about Co-Rec, playing with girls is fun!! IN THE DORM . . . " Adolf " Miller calls another dorm meeting . . . Wilson speaks for three minutes??? . . . Comprehensive History of Lewis Dorm by " Grand- father " Nile Dixon . . . Halloween salute to Cobb! . . . Zina draws much attention from passers-by . . . third floor popularity contest posted on bulletin board. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES . . . Lewis vs. Lower Quad . . . " splash " — who says Everett is number one?!? . . . third floor commandos strike again!!! . . . don ' t throw ' till you see the green of their trash cans . . . anyone want a warning card?? . . . let ' s have a pep rally — pep rally??? . . Joyner Miss Cai rol Erskine Lewis Hall Sweetheart RESIDENTS Adelman, Richard L. Lee. Harold W. Apple. Dwayne Leigh, James M. Baddour, Philip A. Leonard. J. Greg Bames. James H. Livingston, Thomas Barwick, Charles K. Lyda, Oscar J. Brvant, Herman C. Manning, William Blak.more, Porther R. MacNeill, John C. Br.dley, Craig M. McCormick. W. Henry Burgess, Malcolm S. McDavid, Frank E. Capps, Ralph E. McLaurin, Frank B. Carr. Garland E. McPhaul, Donald M. Childs. Paul C. Milbrath. Donald Clay, Philip L. Miller, Charles R. Clemmens. John R. Miller, Ronald W. Cole, David W. Neusome. William E. Coin, W. Gerald Noggle, James E. Connachton. James P. Norman, Joseph A. Cook, Terry L. Obershain, Wiley S. Cooper, Samuel L. O ' Bryant. Samuel E. Copley, Frank J. Offill. David M. Currie. John W. O ' Quinn, Robert A. Cueto, Co Joseph Patterson. Michael J. Davis, Charles D. Perrell. Woodrow F. Davis, Joseph H. Plesco, Irwin S. Dail, William J. Phenis, M. Scott Dale. Arlhur A. Pollock. James A. Daughtrv, Richard K. Potter, Richard E. De Wolfe. George E. Rawls. Robert E. Dilleliav, George M. Rcames. Fredrick V. Dixon, Nile M. Robbins, Edward D. Early. William D. Roberts, William M. Earnhardt. C. Raymond Roberson, Stephen C. Eastwood, William D. Roberson. Edwin S. Easlerling, Thomas B. Rogers, Joseph A. Edwards, Charles H. Rowe, George P. Edwards. Joseph W ' . Rovster, Bobbv D. Eidson, Robert W. Sechler. Kenneth L. Emmerson. Fred B. Self, Eddie D. Fobert, William Shaw, A. T. Ford, James P. Shearon. David R. Fleming, John T. Shorf, Michael D. Forbis, Richard M. Silver, Charles H. Freeman, D. Smith Snoddy, James T. Freeman, Frank F. Smith, David G. Freeman, Robert A. Smith, Matthe» . Freeman, Robert E. Spanglcr. A. Nea] Gaines, Carl Spears, Edgar M. Gordon, William J. Southern, David W. Glasser. Paul L. Stephenson. C. Ruffin Hamrick, Charles V. Stroupe, William E. Hamrick, Donald T. Travis. William B. Hankins, Irvin W. Lbell. Donald P. Hanell, Clarence B. Vinson, James A. Haniss. Robert D. Walker, Robert S. Hart, Mike Watts. Clifford J. Hederman. Rea S. Watson, Milton A. Hilderbrandt, Thomas G. Wav. Brady C. Hodge, Jerry Weathers. Henry Hodgin, William W. Wells. Robert S. Honneycutt, H. Ellison Wells. James S. Horner, Robert B. White. Robert Hough, James G. Wilhelm, Thomas Hubbard, Charles S. Williamson, Robert L. Hughes, Bruce B. Wilson, Donald T. Jennings, Michael D. Wilson, Robert 0. Jester, James E. Womble, Logan N. Konopka, Edward A. Yates, Craem Kornegay, G. Bryan Zerbach. Joseph R. Page 290 EHRINGHAUS Left to right: Byron McCoy, President; John Moulton, Aeademie Vice-President; Boyd Garber, Social Vice-President; Allen Shepard, Secretary; Robert Cherry, Treasurer. Miss Ella Steph, etheart of Ehringh In the beginning was the word, and the word was . . . the STUDS are back! Back to the Haus. this time for a new concept in dormitory . . . er . . . residence hall living. Byron McCoy, president and chief studl?), pushed his committees and executive officers into fulfilling the promise of a well-rounded dorm program. Remember the Green Room meetings which usually turned into rumbles, the mud-bowl football games, the fifth floor politicos. that d . . . . d newspaper called the STUD, the fabulous combo parties with the combos that finally showed, women in the dorm. Heard of the politico doll? Wind it up and it flops on the fifth floor. Only in Ehringhaus can we take intellectuals, introduce them to politics, and watch them flunk out of school! Remember our problems: M.R.C.. as usual, faced the nation (of Ehringhaus! singlehandedly. South Building builds our residents a kid- die park in which to play . . . the magic forest dies . . . fourteen parking places for 290 cars . . . losing dorm points through our ! . . . GIRLS, nothing new . . . take them any way you want . . . the famous phantom rides again . . . M.R.C. turns off our water . . . fifth and sixth floors ' BB gangs clash — mob warfare again . . . jocks, jocks, get them from the peanut man . . . Ehringhaus has got ' em — let ' s make them pay. Remember our Social Life: the wonderful world of Homecoming . . . 25 bottles of ginger ale and 100 bottles of . . . Cherry and the ones he passed up . . . those beautiful Saturday nights and those awful Sunday mornings . . . the janitor didn ' t show up — the officers mop- ping the lobby . . . DOOK weekend, our day on the Nile with Cleo Stephenson, and winning " Best Residence Hall " in the Beat Dook parade . . . dance with Craige . . . Craige and Ehringhaus bury the hatchet . . . Christmas and the nostalgia . . . New Year ' s and the promise to study more . . . the Ehringhaus welcome to Spring ... a beer blast! guess who all got blasted . . . the Dorm Senate . . . another concept in modern " university living " . . . We are humble . . . but we are the greatest! We are low . . . but we ' re still above everyone else . . . Ehringhaus Hall . . . " Home is where the heart is " . . . and our hearts are here . . . nk " Honeybun ipus " Contest. represents Ehringhaus l l V { ¥ut t w ' jA J Miss April Shepard, Dixieland adds appeal lo one of Ehringh Charlotte, N. C, successful parties. EVERETT Pete William President Don Howe Phil Whitaker Jim Ha Vice-President for Vice-President for Secret! Social Affairs Intramural Activities When the points were tallied in the first three months of the dorm contest, it was no surprise to anyone to see that Everett was again leading the race. Yes, the same dorm that has won the contest for the past two years, amassing a record number of points each time, is again on its way. But things were not always this productive at the ROGAH HOUSE. A scant three years ago it was voted " most raided dorm on cam- pus " by the exasperated Chapel Hill police. Then there appeared on the scene a young magician named Sam Shapiro, and the powerful Everett machine began to roll. President Shapiro, in his amazing one year term, won the contest practically singlehandedly, while personally doing everything except repainting Graham Memorial. Now the dorm has evolved into a tightly knit unit whose organization and closeness is unrivaled by any other residence hall on campus. Continuing in the ROGAH tradition, last year, President Paul Dickson organized, pushed, and steamrolled the dorm to an unprecedented 1.600 point total. Working with Paul were some of the stalwarts of the Shapiro squad, mainly Mack and Williams, who have come on to lead the dorm toward a probable third year win. Now under President Pete Williams, the ROGAH HOUSE is again the dorm to beat, besides being uncontestably the best organized, most fraternal residence hall on campus. What " Hey Rube " is to the circus, " Dammit ROGAH " is to all the boys down at the grill. Of course, as in any close family, you will find occasional little spats, but when the call goes forth from Pete to go out and win something, the loyal ROGAH forces line up shoulder to shoulder. Thus did we meet the rest of the campus after last year ' s victory parade. We may have won the contest, but we definitely lost the parade. However, after we bailed out the lower two floors and swept out the charred remains of all those pesky little cherry bombs, everyone was slightly pacified by the knowledge that the Assistant Dean of Men had been drenched like everybody else. By now, many of you are probably wondering what ROGAH means. It is not something you can put into words. At least, not in the pages of the Yackety Yack. But we can tell you what it stands for. It stands for fraternity, fidelity, and hard work. It stands for exceptional leadership by such officers as Williams, Mack, Howe, Harris, and Whitaker. our trusty intramurals man. It stands for athletes like Tom Dail, whom you find entered just ahead of you in every intramural event, and who came in second in the individual par- ticipation contest last year. It stands for an outstanding Rogah staff, who has finally succeeded in getting out a dorm newspaper on at least a semi-regular schedule. It stands for THE BEST DAMN DORM ON CAMPUS. Miss Starr Pullen Sweetheart of Everett Hall Page 292 fr y» «? - ,-- - , « Robert Huntley K. B. Garrison John Fr President Vice-President Secretary -Treas ( Not Pictured ) Bill Sherrill Social Chairman; Tom Nicholson, M.R.C. I SEMPER Jockuft 1 Miss Diana Healy Joyner Sweetheart JOYNER rd Adams. Phillip Wesh Albertson, John Rob. Allison. John Finnin, Angel. Ronald Monrt Askew, John Everett Autrey, Randolph Be Bandv. Robert Ray Banks, Charles Clifford Barnes. Henry Walter, III Barnes. William Roscoe Barnhardt, Robert Swift Barrett, Joe Hilton. II Bason, John Robert Beek, Gurney David Bergeron, James Wilfred Belts, John Monie, Jr. Beusse, George Carroll Bibb, Lewis Bradley Blackman. Edwin Tuttle, I Blue, Franklin Riehard Bone, John Samuel Boswell, Sanford Little Boykin. Jimmy E ck. Ja i Wv orge, Jr Bunting, Elish Harry, Jr. Bureham, Ira Roberts Burgwvn. Henrv Holoman Bunsejl. Henry McAuten Bvrd. Robert Brvant, III Canut, Richard John, Jr. Carlin. Lee S. Casey. Glenn Alton Cochr; Collier, Harry Solon, Conine. Walter Lind Connah. Paul Ferris Crawford. John Spenc Crouger, John Siffor.l Culbreth. Cecil Bruce :. : . Cutchin, Joseph Henr D ' Ovlev, J Dail. Norman Waunt Daughertv. Patrick Terri Davis, Wendell Thomas Dew. John Lewis. Jr. Earp, Charles William Eastwood. Myles Eric , Edward Laughti I kr R. Da Elig. Charle Eller. James Franklin Evans. Charles Dougla Ferguson. Phillip Stua Finch. Daniel Fredrirl Floyd, Ronald Wesley Folger, Jeffrey Benjam Fonville, Thomas Leor Fowler, John Daniel. J Freeman, John Samue] Freeman. John Willian Futch, Kenneth Culbr, Gar: Ke Caster, Roy Rosser Gentry. Michael Dale Geragtv. Kevin Edward Glenn. Samuel D. Good, James Avery Goode, Gregory Milton Grimes, Edward Boyd Goodnight, James Caswe Goodson, Jeiry Ray , Ja ck, Wil Henry, Jr Hedrick, George Wil Hellen, Earle West Helms, John B. Heir Harold S,in.l- Hendricks. Wi] Hobgood, Will Hodgin, Jon Darrvl Horton. Lee Fulton Howell, William Marsh Hunt, John Cameron, J Huntlev. Robert Stephe Irving, Hillel T. James, James Mason Jennings, William .lame Johnson, William Harry Johnston, Reed. Jr. Justesen. Wayne Quay Kearnev, Robert E. Kemlein, Donald Fleetw Kilgo, Dale ttaii.e Killough, Walter Jacksc King. Millard Leon. Jr. Kollar, Joseph John Koonts, Larry Clifford Kroboth, Timothy- Rav Kuvkendal. Robert Lee Lacher. Walter Scott Land, Harrv Kenneth Laxton. Carroll Malcoln Learv. Ricky Gradv Leary. Stephen Phillips Lee, Steve Anderson Lefler, Charles Deems Libby, Gilbert Butler Lindlev, James Randall Lingerfelt, Herbert Han Lippa, Matthew Stuart Lipson, Peter Schuyler Livesay, Jonathan Craig Long, John Addison. Jr. Long, William Thomas Parrish, Thomas Arthu . Jr. Stocks, Tony Wayne Lopp, Ronnie Bruce Parsons. John Regis Stretmater, Robert Lloyd Lovette. James Fleming. Jr. Patterson. Ronnie How ard Sullivan, Terrence Daniel Lowdermilk, Edward Lenoir Paul. Edward Wallace. III Sutton, Turner Bond Lukens. Robert Paul Pavsour, James Humph Swain, Ronnie Lee Lum, Robert Clinton. Jr. Pearson, Fredric Hadle y Stone. Raymond Harvey, Jr. Lund, Thomas Richard Peddicord. James Lee Stuhler. Robert Cumming Lverly, Tony Michael Perry, Richard Douglas Tanner. Ronald Leroy Lynn, Robert Page Pickup, John Tracv Tate, Edward Ray Maris, illiara Henrv, III Pittman, Marvin Andre Taylor, Daniel Lovelace Marsh. Oliver Lee, Jr. Plumer, Douglas Allen Taylor, William Benton Martin, Andrew Stephen Potts, Phillip Smith Teachev. William Bruce. Ill Martin, James Nelson Powers, James Scolt Thomas. Fred Watson Masten. Michael Anthony Raper. James Edwin. J Thomas. Henry Carrison McClamrock, James Ronald Ray. Gene Livingston Thompson, David Reed McClure. Robert Carrctt. Jr. Rhodes, Patrick Lawso Thompson, James W : illiam McCrary, Ernest Stuart Robinson, Kenneth George, Jr. Thompson, Paul William McCullough. John Douglas Ross, Johnny Ervin Tickle, Robert Lonnie Mel urey, William Scott Rouzer, William Wolf Tilley, Thomas Cray. Jr. McDonald. Paul Wayne Rumisell, Stephen Fre. rick Truitt. Samuel Augusta M, Minis. Calvin Roger Sadler, Thomas Gordon Tucker. James Robert Theod McPhatter. Richard Nathan Sandberg. Hvrum Carl. III Turner, Michael Wayne McSween. John Dillard Satterfield, William R., Jr. Umstead, Allan Wardell Mees, William N. Sauls, John Beverley Upchurch, James Bartlett Mallo, William Hilton Schaler. Gerald Samuel Warren, Howard Baillie Millis. Clarence Edward. Jr. Scott. Jack Hillman Westmoreland, Jerry Twain Mincev, Giles William, Jr. Shelton. Preston Gray, Ill Whitaker, George Graves Mitchell. Neal Alford, Jr. Sides. Robert Lee Whitehead, Charles Michael Moore. Donald Wayne Skeen. William Wicker. William Mull. Joe Thomas Slate. Joseph Esmond Williams. David Goodwin Myles, Jeflerv Thomas Smith. Charles Kersey. Jr. Williams. Thomas Nottingham Neuwirth. Frederick Gerald Smith, Ronald Lee Wilson, David Burke Nicholson, Thomas Westrey Smith, Sidney Glenn Wilson. Edward Howell, Jr. Nill, Donnie Nelson Smithev. Bryan Thome Wrenn. Timothy Reuben O ' Neal, Benjamin Sheldon Snipes, James William, Jr. Wright. Bobby Dale O ' Quinn, Andrew Daniel Sossoman, Charles Spiv Wright, Robert Thomas Otis, William Craham Spaulding, Charles Clin on. III Wright. William Mason. Ill Oyyen. James David Sparger, Jerry Richard Yalverton. William Norman Pack. Marvin Hush Stamps. Lvttleton Luth Youne. David Marion Packard, Franklin Alvin Stanley. Stephen Alan Quick, William Hunter Page 293 O iff : UiliiiJfcl Jon Anderson Bill Bvrd Robert Ray Clyde Thompson J. Marshall Ace. President Vice-President M.R.C. M.R.C. Intramural Mana; OLD EAST " KL ' S-C l -:S p i OLD EAST RESIDENCE HALL is the oldest state university building in the nation. Its cornerstone was laid by William Richard- son Davie on October 12, 1793. For many years this dormitory has served mainly upperclassmen with the exception of a few sopho- mores and freshmen. Last year Old East ranked third scholastically among dorms on campus. They are also very active participants in the intramural program, and maintain a high loyalty to the Univer- sity of North Carolina. For the past year they have been striving for better social facilities which they hope are in the near future. una Jean Blankenship Old East Queen J. William Abernethy J. Marshall Acee, Jr. Jon E. Anderson Chet Arnold Carl Wilburn Atkinson, Jr. Robert M. Baucom Robert Baum Ralph B. Blowe John Bone J. C. Brown The Bunk Bill Bullock Bill Byrd Harold Cameron Carroll " Doug " Carmichael Ed Causey Rob Cheek Alvin Chesson Thomas A. Corbett, Jr. Tommy Cordell Don Cornatzer Burt Etherington John Faircloth Don Fitzgerald Anthony Morris Gardi ner Paul S. Gardiner, III Williford W. Gay Robert J. Greenfield Ernest Victor Groman C. Brooks Gulledge William Gupton William Henry Gurley, III Ralph Hall Dick Hamrick Bayard E. Harris Charles Raymond Hendrix. Jr. Gene F. Herring J. Poe Jenrette, Jr. David Earle Jones Ray Jones Pete Kanwit Malvern F. King, Jr. William Knapp Lee, Jr. Edward Lee Lewis Jerry Little James S. Long Robert R. Lucas Eugene Mauney Lennox Lane McLendon Charles L. Morgan David McDaniel Moore John Q. Myers Ashley C. Overton Stewart T. Patterson Kent J. Pepper Leonard Pollane James P. Poore Robert G. Ray Dwight Rich Aubrey H. Rion Brian G. Roberts David W. Saum Bill Schnabel Ken Shearon Bill Smith Ken Smithson Alonzo G. Squires Richard Kent Stewart, II Gordon M. Strickler Clyde G. Thompson William W. Tomford Steve Turner Bill Vick Daniel R. Welch David H. White Simeon M. White Ed Whitley Robert A. Wicker Alan Woody. Jr. Page 294 GRIMES The Grimesmen came back to three-man rooms, the socialist down the hall, the late bull sessions, and the six eight o ' clocks. Dorm organization was as indiscernable as ever, but the spirit was high, and Grimes was still the only hall that was not just a house, but also a home. For the first time in written history, Grimes published its news- paper. The Grimes Times, under the editorship of Jim Cowan. Though embarrassingly lacking in obscenity, it promises to estab- lish a great tradition. Grimesmen have one great interest — politics. Fifty residents, more than any other dorm, belong to the University Party, and some belong to other extremist organizations. Two of our youngest — Bill Purdy and Buddy Wester — swept to victory as president and vice-president of the freshman class. But. the Great Conspira- tors went down to defeat with Goldwater. rose again, and fought NSA to the bitterest. The mimeograph machines ran. the propa- ganda spread, the charges flew, and everyone re-entered school on Nov. 11. When the hall had finished the ball game, the water fight, or the flyer distribution, we worked to keep the highest mens hall q.p. average, although the prospects were bleak. Grimes burst into intramurals with four football teams, as many as anyone else and more than most, and we had a damn good season! A general love of sports, good team spirits, and intramurals manager Jimmy Weathers promised a full year and strong competition. Dick Mitchell Rodney Goodman Lewis Hooper President Secretary-Treasurer M.R.C. Jav Saunders John Willardson M.R.C. M.R.C. ( Not Pictured ) Dan McFall Vice-President The generations come, and the abides forever. generations go. but Grimes Monday Af te Page 295 P. T. A. John Leonard Parker President Jim Little Student Legislator Gary Lowe Student Legislator 4: Jim Ward Avery President Chuck Neely Student Legislator With the beginning of the ' 64- ' 65 school year, the administra- tions of Parker, Teague, and Avery looked to a banner year in advancing the notorious situation of the " Dorm Rat. " Follow- ing dorm elections in the spring of ' 64, the three residence halls of P.T.A. immediately embarked on a program of co- operation, with the aim of aiding the ever-present, but still unrealized residence college system. Results were not long in materializing with the construction of the P.T.A. park. Since then, activity has increased: at present. P.T.A. represents one of the first two pilot residence colleges on campus. P.T.A. is a progressive residence hall area, hopefully a representation of future dorm life at Carolina: an example of concrete results obtained through interested, active, and re- sponsible dorm officers co-operating among themselves and with university officials. Page 296 PARKER Susan Barron Parker Sweetheart Left to right: J. Leonard, P Secretary-Treasurer; B. Buch M.R.C.: R. Hobbs If good leadership and enthusiastic dorm spirit constitute a good residence hall, then this has been a great year for Parker. Housing ninety-three upperclassmen and an equal number of freshmen. Parker has been led well by President John Leonard. Also responsible for Parkers program this year are Akin Tyndall. Vice-President, who was a crusader for the park in our area, and Ralph Hobbs. Secretary. One of the new approaches to residence hall participation has been Parker ' s Senate; it is composed of one representative from a suite, each suite containing about eight men. Steve Cooper and Tom Brantley served as special officers in the Senate. Through the Senate, residence hall business has been carried on expediently and competently. When worktime came around. Bill Cooley, John Clower, Ray George, Ken Simons, Tom Ward, and Bob Farris were especially active. How well we remember them waking Parkerites up as they put up freshly painted banners at 2 a.m. the night before a home football game. And Ron Hager is by now a legend in the P. T. A. area; a man who has brought fame and infamy to Parker, Ron is responsible for the many ' " portraits " that have graced the pages of our newspaper; he also drew the P. T. A. crest. Of course. Head Resident Advisor Clark Brewer and his cohorts. La rry Coleman and George Thomas, were extremely helpful in many of Parker ' s events, except perhaps our famous " coke " parties that had quite an effect on everyone. Last year Parker ' s JESTER won first place for residence hall newspapers, and this year we hope that the P. T. A. paper, originated by Jim Little, editor, with Gary Lowe serving as the Parker editor, will fare as well. Intramurals have been excellent, with most of the credit going to our tire- less manager. Bud Sullivan. And with the help of M. R. C. men Bill Sasser and Bob Buchanan, most of us survived the year without getting blown up by stray fireworks. Parkers activities began this year with receptions after each home football game, the " coke " parties, and the P. T. A. Dance held at the Naval Armory. This year Parker has truly broken with tradition and joined with her sister residence halls, Teague and Avery, to form the first Residence College Pilot Project. On the basis of the outcome of this Pilot Project, long-range plans for the entire campus will be made. " ' The Great Consult. ' Page 297 TEAGUE Silling, left to right: Bill Hunt, Bob Hunter Spencer Tinkham. Standing, left to right: Zeke Sessoms, Jerry Edge, Jim Voder. ALL RIGHT . . . new type dorm . . . tremendous advances under Hunter-Hunt adminis- tration . . . Veep where: . . . 42% freshmen . . . still only two per room . . . best all around dorm on campus . . . suite sweeties ... 27 suites . . . 108 rooms . . . 216 men I?) ... 3 janitors . . . one drink and they ' ll do what? . . . motorcycle in whole parking space ... 10 minute mud bowl . . . M.R.C. ! . . . MG with engine in tree . . . 10c in Coke machine and nothing ... oh well, there is always Dr. Pepper . . . juke box in lobby and free, no less, 24 hours a day . . . increase coeds in lobby ( in lobby ! I . . . convertible bathroom in lobby and bulletin board with hurricane tracking station . . . evening anatomy class in Durham in the rain ( " Field trip to the fair . . . chug-a- lug " ) . . . glasses with distinction . . . lOtf a sniff ... no mudwalks to campus — all new brick walks . . . newly paved road — where are the bumps . . . who will get killed first . . . with freshmen, plenty parking spaces . . . " Let ' s go to Hardee ' s " . . . " mail up vet " ' . . . " Coke " party and no Cokes ... 1st floor dating bureau makes great P.T.A. party at armory ... 1 out of 4 do what . . . " Chanticleer " and girls ' dorm reaction . . . TV room and antenna problem . . . Sunday afternoon football . . . back- ground of new gymnasium builders as alarm clocks ... or R.O.T.C. left-right-left . . . or 1-2-3-4 football team practice ... or even a soccer game . . . Carolina blue wdiats for sale? . . . three football teams . . . who plays who . . . victorious Blue . . . echoing bathrooms . . . you through, John? . . . another year . . . another try . . . " WE ' LL SEE YOU. " Betsy Ross Morris Teague Sweetheart " The Gang ' " Post-game, pre Page 298 AVERY Front rote, left to right: Charlie Hipps, Resident Advisor; James Ward. President; Tim Oliver, Resident Advisor. Second rote, left to right: Tommy Shores, M.R.C; Charles Carter, Resident Advisor; Julian Fenner, Secretary-Treasurer; Tom Bolee, Head Resident Advisor; Richard Best, M.R.C. Not pictured: Fred Avelt, Vice-President: Mike Trayham. M.R.C. Avery Hall, home of 254 Carolina Gentlemen, began the year with a new spark of enthusiasm. The Hall officers, aided by the committee chairmen and resident advisors, planned early in the year for upcoming social and academic events. The year ' s social activity was kicked off by a mixer with the Nurses ' Dorm. The dance at the Naval Armory, another first for P.T.A. area, presented an opportunity for the men of Avery to meet many of the new coeds. Frank Faulkner, displav chairman, and Terry Leonard. Avery editor for the P.T.A. newspaper, helped spur the men into action. Richard Saunders. Intramural Manager, was responsible for Avery ' s activity in the sporting events. Christmas again found Avery transformed into a displav of lights and tinsel. Again this year, a giant Christmas tree was constructed for the Hall. Academics, as always, played a part in the life of Avery. The study room was well used, especially before those days of quizzes. There is no doubt in the minds of the men of Avery that they not only live in the best part of campus, but in the best Hall at the University of North Carolina. Miss Juliette Ross Avery Sweetheart ' ' Some people have to study. " thriving business. " Page 299 " MAVERICK HOUSE " Miss Jayne Mansfield Maverick Housemother Maverick House wins aga n " Between the Devil and the Deep Blue •C " won the All Campus trophy. The Maverick Gong is officially presented at a special half-time show THE NEW CONCEPT OF MAVERICK HOUSE LEADS THE CAMPUS THE WINNING EVENTS: Homecoming Dis- play; the Victory Gong; the Beat Dook Float: the Grail Mural: Maverick Beach: the Tarpil goes all-campus: the Independents balance Student Legislature: the Maverick Night Club: OUR all-campus Pep Rally; JAYNE MANS- FIELD in the flesh; N.S.A. debate: our Yack Beaut : " Beat Dook. MH " on the water tower?? Spring Mavericks: the LBJ Inaugural Ball: Goldwater " 65: the Preakness: those wild Sororitv Mixers: a high Hallowen party at Cobb . . . the hay rides . . . the beerbusts . . . the tavern parties . . . the King ' s Arms, too . . . the weekly combo parties . . . the Maverick Stetsons . . . and intramurals . . . HOW SWEET IT IS! . . . " No. 1. " . . . The Intellectual Side — Miss Maverick serves after an afternoon session of The Maverick Speaker Forum. " Doogie " Plolt, one of the Mav- erick Maids selected to represent the House. inners — Housefather Beaumont; Homecoming Queen finalist, Madeline: and our All- Campus trophv for Homecoming display. " First roic. left to right: Otto Reich, Treasurer; Jerry Hodges, Secretary; A. D. Frazier, President. Second rote, left to right: Roger Davis, Prime Minister; Teddy O ' Toole, Legislative Whip; Joe Burton, Secretary of State; Bill Webb, Chief Coun- cil; Chan Chandler, Ambassador; Eddie McMahan, Speaker of the Senate; Howard Crocker, Attorney General; Curtis Branscombe, Eric Van Loon, Co-editors of The Tarpit; Mike Munroe, Presidential Assistant. THE WINNING PEOPLE: the Maverick Minstrels; Patti wins again! Madeline Hechin — who? " We love you. Myrtie Moon Bilbro! " Blue TP at the Dook Game . . . MacDougal lies in the Snack Bar . . . that " Pool Room Hustler " . . . Burden does her 6th floor act . . . Mulcahv becomes honorable . . . " Doogie " ' Plott is not a sound effect . . . who blitzed Foxie ' s Mom? Jerry H. does Monkey with Randall . . . that strange, tall Midnite visitor . . . Otto is Mudbowl hero . . . watch that " Rat " . . . Loyce learns some new words . . . Who " s in Webb " s sleep- ing bag? . . . A. D. and Dunk dance down Franklin Street . . . and the Patio came tumbling down . . . Lancer ' s charge . . . Radish romps through barbed wire . . . Kelsey returns to Virgin ( Islands I . . . You ' re a Dirty 01 What? . . . Father Beaumont. Mr. Geer. Jayne and many more . . . YEA ! ! ! ! ! Patti Fields Miss Maverick ' The girl can ' t help it . . . and " Its a Tarred Egg to Crack, " but we won Grand Prize ( and the game ) Page 301 RUFFIN I " - y kfck»IJi £ltl Hunter Jacobs Glenn Park Norman Leafe Charles Fir ch John Pendlev Tom Baldwi President Vice-President Secretary Treasure ( Not Pictured ) Bill McFadden, M.R.C. M.R.C. Intramural; Ruffin, the epitome of dorm spirit and activity . . . Where else would one find such a conglomeration of hell-raisers, scholars, athletes, and, last but not least, gentlemen. Affectionately known as " The Ponderosa " by its 135 residents, Ruffin has served as the mold for many new friendships and memorable experiences during the past year. In the fall, however, tragedy struck Ruffin twice in rapid succession with the deaths of two residents. The loss of Ralph Viverette and Gordon Haithcock, a second semester resident, was a terrible blow to their many friends and left Ruffin in a state of disbelief. Ralph and Gordon will be remembered for the warm fellowship they so radiantly emitted to the dorm of which they were such a large part. Ruffin has experienced another great year in intramurals with " Big T " Baldwin doing the recruiting and coaching. Ruffin ' s two football teams produced an unexcelled defensive machine which was able to maintain a virgin goal line for the first couple of games. Markland, Hemphill, and Little were among the offensive stars. After being shut out in a volley- ball game, however, " Big T " was hung in effigy, but has since been given a vote of confidence. The prospects for basketball are looking up with such returning stars as Leaping Leafe, Cousy Crenshaw, Oscar Markland, Meadowlark Harshaw. Bad News Baldwin and Wilt Jacobs. Promising newcomers also include McFadden. Aycock, Fisher and Blaylock. High jump win by Cooper and second place in archery by Racker have helped in brightening the overall intramural picture. Emerson field, next door to the " Ponderosa. " has been the scene of many inter-dorm football and baseball games during breaks between studying. Ruffin ' s social program for the 1964-65 year, headed by Baxter Linney, got off to a rousing start with a beach party at Atlantic Beach last May. Intended to be a stag blow-out, plans were happily interrupted when it was discovered that 25 girls from Peace College had rented the cottage down the street. During the fall. Ruffin and the other three dorms of the Upper Quad gave a combo party after the Wake Forest game with the Keys Combo featured. A mixer with Spencer helped to alleviate the dating problem of the Ruffin freshmen, and a Christmas party sent everyone home for the vacation in high spirits. Ruffin ' s social activities in the spring included another combo party and the annual trip to the beach. Included among the various other activities were Ruffin ' s ingenious creations for the Homecoming display and the Beat Dook parade. We were proud to have Julie Zachary represent us in the Yack Beauty Contest, and disappointed when our entry in the Valkyrie Sing was censored. From the exterior of the ivy-covered walls, much that goes on within is unnoticed by those outside. There is the " Rat Fink " ' card tournament up on the second floor; Garner and Carhart painting out lewd signs to welcome visiting football teams; Gantt collecting the laundry ( " no tickee, no washee " ) ; the guys up on third floor who like to welcome visitors with a pail of water. Certainly not to be forgotten is the help and advice given by our Resident Advisors: Fred, Spencer, and Frost. Nor should we forget the M. R. C. representatives who give of their time so that others may study in peace. . Don ' t think for a moment that the Ruffinites ever forget they are at Carolina for that all-important purpose of attaining an education. Re- verberating throughout the halls is the soft but unmistakable sound of conscientious studying as the boys diligently Hap those pages for tomor- row ' s classes. The late burning lights all too often are a sure sign of attempts to put our scholastic average up there at the top. The " IN GROl P ' Page 302 BATTLE-VANCE-PETTI GREW ;k+ Ed Freakle President James Smith M.R.C. Dan Pratt Billy Joe Frazier Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Reed Fickling Larry Edwards M.R.C. Intramurals Manage •Workers labor into the night on View-Point. ' BATTLE-VANCE-PETTIGREW, a nine month home for 133 Tar Heels, has become this year one of the outstanding Men ' s Residence Halls on this campus. B. V. P., located in the northwest corner of Davie Quad, is three halls combined as one. It was built in 1912 and is one of the three oldest residence halls here at U. N. C, and it shows it. But we are proud of B. V. P. Such outstanding men as Thomas Wolfe and ex-Chancellor Robert House lived here. The Halls were named for Kemp Plummer Battle, class of 1849, Zebulon Baird Vance, class of 1855, and James Johnson Pettigrew, class of 1847. In our front yard stands good ol ' Silent Sam, forever guarding our virtue. Another outstanding characteristic we have is the fact that no freshmen live within our domain . . . thank thee, oh kind administration. This year as in the past, the Bombers (?), as our intramural teams are known, boast strong squads in everything from horseshoes to foot- ball. Many thanks go to Intramural Manager Larry Edwards. B. V. P. ' s administration is headed up by President Ed Freakley who, with able assistance from Vice-President Dan Pratt, Secretary Bill Frazier and M. R. C. Representative Reed Fickling. has provided our dorm with an active program and greatly increased our participation in campus events. The Bomber View-Point is one of the finest hall newspapers. Capable editors Ken Saunders and David Knesel, with the aid of nine staff members, turn out an interesting and sensational paper twice monthly. Page 303 MANLY red Amend Wayne Cannadv Don Lewi President Vice-F resident Secretary ( Not Pictured ) Buck Starnes, Treasurer Manly Hall (alias) The Rat Nest — is now under new management: Fred Amend, a hard- working and productive straw boss. Our den is now shining — fresh paint, new curtains and furniture, floodlights I ? i and RULES . . . with more improvements foreseen for the future. A clean-up campaign is underway — the vice squad has been notified — and social blasts with Minnie Mouses are in the making. Sports are stealing the spirit of the Nest this year. We " re proud of our White Rats. We ' re proud . . . well, we like our Blue Rats too. N. F. L. (National Frisbee League I Headquarters in 107 is accepting applications — apply immediately! Toilet paper bowling is held every Wednesday and Friday night on 2nd floor. Water skiing is being taught nightly on the fourth floor. Coach Lindsley holds football practice 24 hours a day. The freshmen carry their weight of the Nest ' s burdens all are trying to make the 1.25 for next year. and make 65% of them " the waiting game " while C. Reed 107 returns with its fabled walls. PGA is playing takes a European jaunt. Various episodes keep the Nest in an uproar — drink machines that laugh at us as we pour money into them — to no avail, attempted secessions from the main body, unforeseen cold H;0 " applications " in the shower. CCS loses antenna. 207 being moved to Las Vegas, 4th floor is too quiet now (sssay), Dave " Troll " Edwards challenging Ganus for frisbee honors, no Crimean Wars this year, thunder claps heard from 3-man bunks falling. The Nest presented the following awards this year — The Anonymous Lumpkin Literature Award: The D. Calvert Celibacy Award . . . " Hi Men! " The Mother Hen Award goes to Fred Amend; 3rd floor won the Apathy Award hands down; Ken T. takes the Animosity Award (ears down): The IS. Stearns Stability Plaque; the Whirlie Sportsmanship Award; D. Perian and B. Withrow tie for the Lil ' ol ' Winetaster Award: The Pruitt ROTC Award: the McLean Masterfile Award; the superlative " Most Artistic " goes to S. Stewart, B. Helvestine, J. Ganus, J. Dixon, and Dick Yarborough. Yes — one big happy nest of Rats are we — OH. BROTHER! ! ! Page 304 MANGUM William Sessoms Russell Danle Vice-President Seeretary-Trea Steve Hamilton Nathan Ray M.R.C. M.R.C. The long, tedious grind, and the hell-raising, begins anew at the Delta Rho House . . . Another year of those loathsome three-man rooms: overcrowded shelves, closets. Johns ... I nder new prexy Britt, the administration attempts to revitalize the traditional spirit . . . Intramurals are par excellence this year: two, count ' em. two. of the best tag football teams on campus, and Intramurals Manager Danley says we ain ' t seen nothin yet (he ' s keeping Wild Bill locked in his room until the hand- ball tourney begins! . . . the indoor sports are popular, too: there was another horn-trimming at Watts I unlike last year, the AP ' s stayed out of the rafters, and there was no moon at all), and the nurses helped soothe the wounds inflicted during that first round of quizzes . . . Oh, hell, are finals here already? . . . All in all, a good year, and even if the point contest doesn ' t turn out as well as expected, we still know which is the best damn dorm on campus. Page 305 ■I m£ Denny Benton John Lopp Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer ( Not Pictured ) Jan Crawford M.R.C. STACY Stacy Chi residents, after making some improvements during the last year, finally have decided to give the more active dorms on campus a run for the Best-Dorm-On-Campus Trophy. With supper parties, cook-outs, open houses, combo parties, news- paper, and intramurals. the Studs " stewed their goals " toward the top. Jan Stout. Stacy ' s entry in the Homecoming Contest, was named to the Homecoming Court. Our gain was due for a large part to our tres actij president Bill Robinson, who di- rected our predominately freshmen entres to record participa- tion. These freshmen learned early that: " A Stacy man is welcome wherever he goes ... a Stacy man needs no introduc- tion ... a Stacy man knows what to do: because a Stacy man is a Stud! " MissWendvEdei Sweetheart of Sta Stacy Hall ' Open Hou ' Sock the Gamecocks Page 306 ALEXANDER ItJiiJ John Burton Bob Harris Bud Cohoon Bob Liles Jerry Houle President Vice-President Secretary Athletic Director Social Chairman Miss Judy Dudley Alexander Sweetheart The ADX House, now in its sixth year as UNC ' s " oldest, newest, non-social, non-fraternity, " began the year with an all time high 45 pledges. The Chi House, with chapters at Modesto Junior College, Erasmus Hall High School, Iowa State, and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, was founded on the principle of giving the brothers more than just another residence hall. Surrounding the ADX House is a rich tradition which includes: Frisbee tours . . . lawn parties . . . mail . . . females . . . drop outs . . . flunk outs . . . The success of the ADX House in intramurals, campus affairs, gross outs and alcoholic con- sumption exemplifies the spirit and brotherhood of the house. On behalf of the founders of the ADX House, Ed Pierce and Steve " Carolina Bottles " Iverson. the officers. President King Burton, Secretary Bud Cohoon, Social Chairman Dorked Houle, Rush Chairman " Bet a million " Harris and Pope Al I, give the annual ADX awards. 1. To Dorsey Zielinski and Roger Deese for exploration of uncharted and unexplored expanses of the world. 2. To Bud Cohoon, John Burton, Paul Shadburn and Al Kaplan for driving 1,700 miles to see the Heels lose at L.S.U. (A special award to God for their returning at all! ) 3. To Jerry Houle, the only person to ever get shot down three times — the same night. OLD WEST Dale Johnson Secretary-Treasurer r " " fc -- --— ° ' iSfe? II MSIPB _ mm m 1 • f ' " fej 1 k ' : ' 1 0 M ' pjl . tf 8 S i I ' ll ir % •, ' J t V : 1)1 Page 307 Sifcft N» ' ■ ' , ' • ? . ' ■ SENIORS THE WORLD THEY ENTER a complex world. . . a world of actors and athletes; full of pensive little boys and misty-eyed girls. a world of politics: winners, losers, a world of war: men and missiles a world nervously-centered around men in Moscow and Washington. a world of rugged men and noble women the world of the brooding black and the sleeping white. a world that sees daily hunger and pain and death. a world that seeks daily pleasure and love and life. A WORLD OF THINGS, PLACES, AND PEOPLE- A WORLD WORTH LIVING IN. Page 310 DECISIONS THEY WILL MAKE 3 Choices facing seniors: Service, the uniform life Marriage, the complete life Graduate school, the learned life Work, the real life. Page 311 PROBLEMS THEY WILL FACE . . . Prosperity precedes the perplex. how much do they want; how much do they need; how much can they get. but what will it cost of them? Peace problems plague them, peace is not merely the abstract goal of those who tell us that death hurts, it is the vital requirement for the free life, how can it be secured? Loyalty challenges, how do they yote; what do they think; where do they stand. Will their children accept a thought ban as easily as they accepted a speaker ban? Will their children see through the extremists ' filter of red white and blue? Culture confronts the more than status-seeking art-lover — where to find the concert, play, or book; worth listening to, seeing, or giving a second look. God is the ever-present question who is He? is He necessary? in learning years answers were examined; in living years the answers will be tested. the major problem facing the senior is himself, can he be more than one of the crowd? — or is he ? Page 313 SENIOR CLASS The Senior Class has aspired to the unification of the class through projects and social func- tions. In the fall, the class sponsored a poll on the conduct at football games. The class hosted a series of seminars conducted by cam- pus leaders. A most ambitious project was the movie filmed in the spring depicting campus life. Senior Weekend, honoring class mem- bers, provided a fitting climax to an eventful year for the class of 1965. Harrison Me President Roxanne Kalb, Social Chairman; Kay Hoyle, Secretary; Gene Barrier, Vice-President; Susan Powell, Treasurer. CLASS OF 1965 ABERNETHY, JOHN WILLIAM A.B. IN ENGLISH. Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3) ; Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4). ADAMS, ALFRED EDWARD, III B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Delta Sigma Pi. Class Cabinet (II. ADAMS, CHARLES ROBINSON A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. ADAMS, GEORGE HACKNEY, JR. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Zeta Pd. University Party (1. 2. 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (2, 3). High Point Charlotte High Point Wilson Durham Winston-Salem ■rsity Party; W.A.A. (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. ADAMS, JOCELYN VIRGINIA B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. ADAMS, SUSAN ELIZABETH A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Kappa Kappa Camm (3, 4) ; Campus Chest; Fine Arts Festival. ADKINSON, NEWTON FRANKLIN, JR. Forest City A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Delia Upsilon. Phi Ela Sigma. Phi Beta Kappa. Morehead Scholar; I.F.C. (3. 4) ; Men ' s Honor Council (3. 4) ; Order of the Old Well (3, 4) ; Orientation Counselor (2) ; Student Government Committee (2. 3) ; Student Legislature (2, 3) ; Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.R.C. (3, 4). ALABASTER. VICKI UPCHURCH Dunn A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Chattanooga, Tenn. ion Counselor; Student ALDRIDGE, HENRY BELDUN A.B. IN ENGLISH. Morehead Scholar; Canterbury Club (1); Government Committee (3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). ALEXANDER, SANDRA SUE Bloomington, 111. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Ma. Canterbury Club (3. 4) ; Carolina Handbook (3) ; Carolina Women ' s Council (4) ; Class Cabinet (41 ; Dormitory Officer (41 ; University Party (41 ; Y.D.C. (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (4) ; Campus Chest (3, 4) ; C.C.U.N. 3, 4). ALLEN. ELIZABETH VINCENT St. Louis, Mo. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Delta Pi. Orientation Counselor (41 ; University Party (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). ALLEN, JUDITH LEE Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delia Delta. Cheerleader (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Class Cabinet (3) ; Women ' s Honor Council (3): Order of the Old Well (3. 41; Orientation Committee (31; Orientation Counselor (2, 3) ; Student N.E.A. (41 ; University Party (1, 2, 3. 4) ; W.A.A. (1. 21 ; Women ' s Residence Council (3); Y.W.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 4| ; G.M. Board of Directors (3, 41; Homecoming Court (1, 4) ; Yackety Yack Beauty Court (1,1 ; Class Officer (3). Durham ALLEN, LEONARD GRANT B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. ALLISON, EARL JACKSON, JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Carolina Plavmakers (3) ; Me murals (3. 41 ; Resident Advisor (4). ANDERSON, ALAN ROBERT B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. University Party (3). ANDERSON, BARBARA JEAN Greensboro A.B. IN SOCIAL STUDIES EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Class Cabinet (3, 41 ; Dormitory Officer (3) ; Future Teachers of America (3. 41 ; Orientation Committee (41 ; Orientation Coun. selor (4); Panhellenic Council (31; Student Government Committee (31; Student N.E.A. (4); University Party (3, 4) ; Y.R.C. (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (4) ; Order of the Old Lampshades (4). Gastonia I Glee Club (3, 4), Secre tary (4) ; Intra- Watertown, N. Y. ANDERSON, RUTH GROVE A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Kappa Can Orientation Counselor (41; Student G (3. 4) ; W.A.A. (3) ; Women ' s Honor G ANDERSON, SNOW THIGPEN A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega. Carolina Sy Counselor (4) ; Student Government Committee 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4) ; Writer in Residence; Cai ANGEL, CARVEN DWIGHT A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Chi. Phi Eta Sigma. APPLE, JOHN DWAYNE A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Dormitory Offi Y.R.C. (1, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2) ; Men ' s Residence Charleston. W. Va. Carolina Handbook (31; Carolina Quarterly (31; .ment Secretariat (31; Student Party (4); Tennis il (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (4) ; Fine Arts Festival (4). Raleigh iposium (3) : Class Cabinet (3. 41 ; Ori (41; Student N.E.A. (4); University F ipus Chest. (3, Reidsvill (3); I.D.C. (2. 3); Student Party (1) incil (3) ; Brooks Scholar. Pittsburgh, Pa. (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Party (41 ; Kinston APTER, GARY NEIL A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Tan. Epsilan Phi. Hillel Founda Tennis (1); Fencing Club (1, 2); Intramurals. ARCHIE, THOMAS EDWARD A.B. IN HISTORY. Zeta Psi. University Party. ARMSTRONG, JONATHAN JESSE, IV Lookout Mountain, Tenn. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Delta Theta. University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, 3); Y.M.C.A. (2, 3); Campus Chest (1). ARNOLD, THOMAS CLINGMAN Asheville A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigma Chi. Golf (1, 2, 3, 4) ; I.F.C; Monogram Club; Order of Beanbirds; University Party; Order of the Nadular Birds. ARTZ, WELSFORD EURE A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Dormitory Officer Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). ASKEW. WILLIAM EARL A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). ATKINS. JOHN HENRY .B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Toad Hall. Honors AUMAN. MURIEL VICTOR A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Student Party (4) ; Woi Gatesville ;il (2, 3) ; Y.D.C. (1, 2) ; Maysville Camp Lejeune Hillsboro Campus Chest (3). AUSBAND, SUSANNAH ELLA A.B. IN ART EDUCATION. Carolina Wo Counselor (4) ; Yackety Yack Beauty Con sity Court (3). AVERY, MARIE LAND A.B. IN ENGLISH. BABER, ANNETTE MEEKS A.B. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (4) ; Un BAILEY, LESLIE WILMER, JR. A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. Marching Tar Heels (1) ; Baptist Student Union 3, 4 Di-Phi Society (2, 31 ; Dormitory Officer (2, 3) ; M.R.C. (2, 3) ; Glee Men (41 ; Resident Advise Semper Fidelis Marine Society; N.R.O.T.C; N.R.O.T.C. Drum and Bugle Corps; Student Par (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Student Legislature (3) ; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3) ; Westminster Fellowship (1) ; Cha lit, Cho ilorv Ofrir (3, 4). Albemarle (41 ; Orientation olidated Univer. Statesville Swannanoa Williamston fi C (•, an Mock Political Convention. Page 315 J I Pi ft ffv SENIORS BALDWIN, SARAH CECELIA Red Springs A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Chi Omega. Golf 141 ; Student N.E.A. (3, 4) ; University Party (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (3). BALDWIN, THOMAS FRANCIS Wilmington A.B. IN HISTORY. Intramural Manager (4) . BALEY, JAMES MAJOR, III Asheville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Baptist Student Union (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Cosmopolitan Club (4): Dormitory Officer (21: Euthalian Literary Society (1, 2); Baptist Supper Forum (31, President (4) ; University Party (3, 4); Y.R.C. (I, 2, 3. 4); International Relations Club (1). (2) BALL. HARRY STUART A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Psi. Student Government Committee (1, 4) ; U Norfolk, Va. lily Tar Heel (2, 3. 4) ; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; ersity Party (1, 2. 3. 4) ; Intramural Manager (41 . Greensboro BANDY, ISABEL McDOUGAL A.B. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. Phi Mu. University Chorus (3. 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). BARBER, EUGENIA MALLARD PALMER Scotland Neck A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Phi Mu. Dormitory Officer (4); Student N.E.A. (3, 41; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41. BAREFOOT. PAUL DRUM Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. University Party (1, 3, 41. BARKER. JUDITH ANNE Badin A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Orientation Counselor (4) ; Student N.E.A. (4). BARLOW, RONALD HILLERY Kannapolis B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. BARNES, MICHAEL DARR Chevy Chase. Md. .B. IN ENGLISH. Delia Upsilon. Daily Tar Heel (1, 3) ; G.M.A.B. (3) ; Swimming (1, 2) ; University Party (1, 2, 3, 4) ; WUNC (4). BARNES, RALPH SPENCER Jackson B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Class Cabinet (31 ; Dormitory Officer (2, 3, 41 ; M.R.C. President (31 ; N.S.A. (3) ; Orientation Committee (3) ; Student Government Committee (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Un Party (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; State Affairs Committee (31 : BARNHARDT, SARAH BETTE A.B. IN GERMAN. Kappa Delta. Splash Club (3) ; Tennis Club 3, 4). BARRAGAN, MARY SUSAN Savannah. Ga. A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Mu. Newman Club (3, 4). BARRIER, THOMAS EUGENE Statesville B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Chi Psi. Morehead Scholar; Class Cabinet (3. 4) ; I.F.C. (3. 4) ; Orienta- tion Counselor 12) : Student Government Committee (2, 3) ; Student Party (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Tennis (1) ; University Party (1, 2, 3. 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). BARRINGER. CHAD EDWARD Maiden B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1): Lutheran Student Association (1. 2. 3, 41 ; Y.D.C. (4). BARRON, VANCE, JR. Chapel Hill A.B. IN HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Delia Upsilon. Phi Alpha Thela. Carolina Sym- posium (2, 3); Class Cabinet (1); Daily Tar Heel (1, 2); N.S.A. (2, 3); Student Government Committee. Chairman (41 ; Student Party (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Track (1) ; Westminster Fellowship (1, 2. 3), President (4) ; Y.D.C. (2, 3, 4) ; Freshman and Sophomore Honors Program. Is (1. 2, 3. 41 ; Winston-Salem BARTON, JAMES HARDIN A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Morehead Cabinet (2) ; Student Government Committee (2, 3) ; 1 (1, 2, 3). BATCHELOR, DONALD WESSON A.B. IN HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Lambda Chi Alpha. O Student Party (1, 2) ; University Party (3, 4) ; Y.D.C. (3, 4). BATTLE. WANDA SUE A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Phi Mu. Y.D.C; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). BAUCOM, BERNARD ANDREW, JR. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Memphis, Tenn. terbury Club (1, 21 ; Cla y Party (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Y.M.C.A. Sharpsburg i Counselor (41 ; Whitakers Monroe BAUCOM, EVERETT IRA Concord B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma, President (4). Phi Era Sigma. Phi Beta Kappa, Vice President (4); Baptist Student Union (1); Dormitory Officer (3); M.R.C. (3); Merit Scholar; American Chemical Society. BAUGUESS, MILTON VAUGHN Winston-Salem A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Phi Omega. Dormitory Officer; M.R.C. (2, 31 : Monogram Club (3, 4) ; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Orientation Counselor (3, 4) ; Toronto Exchange (4) ; Student Party (3) ; Track (1, 2. 3) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Resident Advisor (4) ; Freshman Camp. BAUM, NANCY SWINDELL Englehard A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega. Class Cabinet (3, 41 ; Orientation Counselor (31 ; Student Govern- ment Committee (4) ; University Party; Y.W.C.A. (4). BAYSDEN, EARL THOMAS, JR. Rocky Mount A.B. IN JOURNALISM AND HISTORY. Phi Gamma Delta. Canterbury Club (II ; Class Cabinet (2); Daily Tar Heel (3); Gorgon ' s Head (2, 3, 4); I.F.C. Court (3, 4); Order of Beanbirds (2, 3, 4) ; Orientation Committee (3, 4) ; Orientation Counselor (2) ; University Party (1, 2, 3. 4); Campus Chest Interim Committee (3). BAZEMORE, BERNICE MADRY A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta. Ca (3, 4) ; Dormitory Officer (3) ; Orientation Committee (3) ; Student Co Reform Committee; Y.D.C. (3) J Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) BEADLES, WANDA ANTOINETTE A.B. IN ENGLISH. BEAM, WILLIAM AUSTIN, JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Pi Kappa Alpha. Oriental: Y.M.C.A. (2); Germans Club (2, 3). BEARD, BETTY PEATIE A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (4) ; West (4). Raleij i Symposium (31 ; Class Cabii Counselor (2) ; University Pa Hayesville Shelby (2, 3, 4) ; Bailev n-ship (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. BECHTOLD, JAMES SHINDLER Wilmington, Del. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Phi Omega. Newman Club (1). BECKWITH, ROSA HEATH LONG Warrenton A B. IN ART EDUCATION. Chi Omega. Dormitory Officer (3) ; Orientation Counselor (4) ; Stu- dent Government Committee (3, 4) ; Student N.E.A. (3. 4) ; University Party (3, 4). BEEL, WILLIAM HOOPER Durham A.B. IN HISTORY ' . Intramural Manager (2). BELL, DANIEL LOCKE, II Fairfax, Va. A.B. IN HISTORY. Delta Upsilon. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1) ; Student Party (2, 3) ; Y.M.C.A. (3. 4) ; Attorney General ' s Staff (3). Page 316 CLASS OF 1965 fit. M fi O BELL, JULIA PARKER A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega. Carolina Symposium (3) ; Class Campus Chest. BELL. THOMAS P.. JR. A.B. IN GEOGRAPHY. Lambda Chi Alpha. N.R.O.T.C. 141 ; On BENEDICT, WILLIAM NOBLE, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Tennis (1. II ; I Dive Alexandria, Va. iabinct (4) ; Fine Arts Festival; Lansdowne. Pa. nation Counselor (4). Atlanta, Ga. ty Parly II, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. BENNER, SUSAN KEARNS KM. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. Class Cabinet (2) ; Stude Y.W.C.A. (2). Myrtle Beach, S. C. N.E.A.; University Chorus (2, 3, 4) ; BENNETT, WILLIAM ADAMS Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Kappa Epsilon. Orientation Counselor (3) ; Uni. versity Party (1, 2, 3, 4). BENSON, WILLIAM HARRISON North Wilkesboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Golf (1). BERKLEY, M. FAYE Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. BEST, NANCY GOODE Charlotte A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Delia Pi. Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (3, 41; Y.D.C. (3, 4) ; Dormitory House Council (3). Elizabeth City y (3, 4) ; Y.R.C. (4) ; Nassau, Bahamas Greensboro iClub (4). BEST, RICHARD LEE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. M.R.C. (4) ; University Pa Campus Chest (4). BETHEL, ROBERT BRADLEY B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Intramurals. BETTIS, ROBERT EDWIN A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Cardboard (2, 3) ; Daily Tar Heel (2, 3, 4) ; Pre BETTS, PATTERSON COCHRAN Greensboro A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Alpha Gamma Delia. Canterbury Club (3, 4) ; Daily Tar Heel 13. 41 ; Press Club 13. 41 ; Publications Board (3) ; Student Government Committee 13) ; Student Party 14) ; W.A.A. (3) ; Y.R.C. (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3) ; Mademoiselle College Board (3, i) . BILBRO, MYRTLE MOON Greenville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi. Baptist Student Union (4) ; Cheerleader (4) ; Class Cabinet 131 ; Orientation Committee (4) ; Student Party (3, 4) ; Women ' s Honor Council 13, 4), Officer (31; S.N.E.A. (3, 4); Toronto Eichange (3). Durha Winston-Salem Y.D.C; Y.W.C.A.; BILLINGS, RICHARD LEROY, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. BINKLEY, RUTH LYNNE B.S. IN ZOOLOGY. Carolina Women ' s Council; Dor Mclver Executive Committee. BLACKWELDER, STEPHEN MYRON A.B. IN ENGLISH. BLAKELY, JANE STEWART A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta. Class Cabinet (4) ; Studei 141: S.N.E.A. (3, 4); University Chorus (1, 2); W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Yackety Yack (3, 4), Beauty Editor 141; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Tennis Club (2); Basketball Club (1, 2, 3, 4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.D.C. (2, 3, 4). BLATE, SAMUEL ROBERT A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE AND ENGLISH. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Carolina Quarterly (3, 41 ; Scabbard and Blade (3, 4) ; Stude Y.D.C. (4) ; Writer-in-Residence Committee (3, 4) ; Honors Program. BLUM. WILLIAM RAYMOND B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Lambda Chi Alpha. Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3, 41. BODFORD, ALVIN M. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Ellerbe Springfield, Va. Arnold Air Society Party (2, 3, 4) ; Dunwoody. Ga. v! inston-Salem BOONE, WILLIAM LEWIS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Be Can , Sign. BOST, MARY ANN A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Carolina Handbook (3) ; Ori (3. 41 ; Senior Class Committee; Intramurals; Co-Rec Carnival. BOTZIS, PETER ARCHIE B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. BOURDEAU DE FONTENAY, ALAIN, J.M.D. A.B. IN ECONOMICS AND FRENCH. Ahoskie (4). Burlington Scholar. Hickory a Counselor (41 ; W.A.A. Sanford Le Raincy, France BOWDEN, ROBERT HENRY, JR. Wilmington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. Y.R.C. (3) ; University Party (3. 4) . BOWLES, LOUIS GRANT A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Chi. Dance Committee (3) ; Dormitor selor (2) ; Soccer (1) ; University Party (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Universit Order of Nadular Birds, Grand Nad (3, 4). BOYKIN, KENNETH STUART B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Monogram Club (3, 4). BRADFORD, BETSY HIGHT A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Class Cabinei Officer (31 ; Future Teachers of America (3, 41 : Orientation Counselor 141 ; Student Gov. Committee (3) ; Student N.E.A. (3, 4) ; University Partv (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Orde Old Lampshades (4) ; Y.D.C. (4). Lexington (2) ; Orientation Coun- (2) ; Y.M.C.A. (2, 3) ; Wilson Statesville (3, 4) ; of the BRADLEY, MICHAEL MORAN B.S. IN DENTISTRY. M.R.C. (1); Orienta mittee (2, 3) ; Swimming (1) ; Univeraity Pi BRADSHAW, BERTRAM FRANCIS A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Omega. Carolina £ Committee; Y.D.C. (4). BRADSHAW. LOIS ELIZABETH A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Delta Zeta. Carolina Wo (3) ; Orientation Counselor (4) ; Panhellenic Council (3). BRAINE, DAVID THOMAS A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Football (1, 2, 3, 4) ; M. Page 317 Asheville nselor (2. 3. 4) ; Student Government Com- I. 31 ; Wrestling (1) ; Y.R.C. (1, 2). Wilmington Newsoms, Va. Council (3) ; Dormitory Officer Grove City, Pa. i Club (2, 3, 4). SENIORS ifeiM Mrtth BRANNAN, GEORGE THOMAS B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. BRANNOCK, JAMES LEMUEL B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND MARKETING. Delia Sign BRANNOCK, JAMES WYATT A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Y.M.C.A. (1, 21. Kenly Burlington Lumberton BRASWELL, GLENN ERWIN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Bapth Class Cabinet (1. 21. BRASWELL, KENNETH GEORGE A.B. IN ENCLISH. Y.R.C. (4). BRENNAMAN, F. MARTIN, JR. Rockv Mount (II ; Men ' s Glee Club (1. 2) ; Rocky Mount Portsmouth, Va. Huntsville, Ala. ntation Counselor (4) ; Sound and Fury BRENNAMAN, PHYLLIS KAYE A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Delia Delia Delia 13. 41 : University Party (3, 41 ; Y.W.C.A. BRENNER, EDWARD HASKELL Brooklyn, N. Y. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Zela Bela Tau. Hillel Foundation (1. 2. 3. 41 ; Orientation Counselor (3, 41; Student Government Committee (2, 31; University Party (1. 2. 3. 4); Campus Chest (1). BREWER. CURTIS CLAUDE. Ill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Phi. Vnv (3. 41. BRITT. CORBETT HUETT, JR. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Dormitory Office Charlotte ' Party (3. 4) ; Y.D.C. (4) ; Y.M.C.A. 13. 41 ; M.R.C. (3. 4) Asheville iity Party (4) ; Y.R.C.; BRITT. JANICE ANN A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Delia Pi. Canterbury Club (41; Uni- Y.W.C.A. (II. BRITTON. GEORGE HARRISON, JR. B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. Baptist Student Union (1, 2. BRITTON, JOHN ANDREW A.B. IN HISTORY. Y.M.C.A. (4). BROACH, MARY ARNALL Charlotte A.B. IN ENCLISH. Baptist Student Union (3. 4) ; Dormitory Officer (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3). BRODEUR, RICHARD JOHN Clearwater, Fla. IN AMERICAN HISTORY AND ENGLISH. Toad Hall. Class Cabinet (1, 2, 3) ; Debal Dunn Jackson enior Editor (4). BROOKS, THOMAS EUGENE A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Chi Phi. Football (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Monogn (2, 3. 4) ; Track (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). (41 ; Orientati, elor (3, 4) ; Benton Harbor, Mich. Club (2, 3, 4) ; Student Party BROWN, ALICE MURDOCH Winston-Salem It. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega. Carolina Symposium (3) ; Class Cabinet (3) ; Order of Beanbirds (3, li; Orientation Counselor (41 ; Student Legislature (3, 41 ; Tennis; University Party (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 41 ; Attorney General ' s Staff 13) ; Fine Arts Festival (4). Hillsboro Counselor (3) ; W.A.A. (4) ; Y.W.C.A. Elkin 4) ; Dormitory Officer (3, 4) ; Orientation Leicester Party 4) ; Y.D.C. (41. BROWN, BARBARA EILEEN A.B. IN FRENCH. Dormitory Officer (3) ; Orie: (1, 2. 3, i). BROWN, BETTY RUTH A.B. IN STUDIO ART. Carolina Women ' s Count Counselor (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). BROWN. CARTER DENNIS A.B. IN SOCIAL STUDIES. S.N.E.A. (4) ; Unive BROWN, HENRY GILPIN B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Intramurals (1, 2, 3. BROWN, JAMES RUSSELL, JR. A.B. IN GERMAN AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. BROWN, MARY ANN Akron, Ohio A.B. IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Alpha Gamma Delta. Canterbury Club (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). BROWN. NOLAN GRAY Boonville B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Chestertown, Mil. Greensboro Louisville. Kv. ity Party (1, 2, 3, 4) ; BROWN, PETER COOPER A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Chi. Carolina Plavmakers 13, 41; Y.M.C.A. (2. 3, 4) ; Order of the Nadular Birds. BROWN, REBECCA BURTON Troutman B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Alpha Delia Pi. Y.D.C. (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4) ; University Party (3. 41 ; Student Government Committee (4) ; Orientation Counselor (41 ; Carolina Women ' s Council (3). BROWN, SAMUEL WELDON, III Washington, D. C. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. A.F.R.O.T.C. (II; Cardboard (II; Carolina Quarterly (2. 31; Class Cabinet (3) ; Dormitory Officer (II ; University Party (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Wesley Foundation (1, 2. 3. 41 ; WUNC (1, 2) ; Y.M.C.A. (3) ; Campus Chest (2, 3). BROWN, SANDRA ELIZABETH A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Carolina Officer (3, 4). Rockv Mount Council (3. 41; W.A.A. ; Dormitory Pensacola, Fla. BRUECKEN. SALLY LOU A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa Garr. Committee (4) ; Unive BROWN. WILLIAM LEJEUNE B.S. IN PHYSICS. Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Bela Kappa. Pittsburgh, Pa. S.N.E.A. (3, 4) ; Orientation ty (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Fine Arts Festival. BRUNSON. NORMAN DEANE Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Delia Upsilon. Student Party (1, 2. 3, 4) ; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Track (1) ; Cross Country (1) ; Y.D.C. (1, 21. BRUUN, PAUL MARIUS, II Miami Beach, Fla. A.B. IN ENGLISH. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). Page 318 m M h t CLASS OF 1965 M £i dkt± rang,- BRYAN, JOHN HUGH LaG A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigmo PAi Epsilon. I.F.C. 12, 4); Men ' s Glee Club (1); Unive: (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). BRYAN. KATRINA HOLLIDAY Sanford .B. IN MATHEMATICS EDUCATION. Dormitory Officer (2); Orientation Counselor 121; Student N.E.A. Mi. BR i ANT. KENNETH MELVIN New Canton, Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Sigma. University Party (2, 3, 4) ; Y.D.C. 12. 4 1 ; Attorney General ' s Staff. BUCHANAN, ROBERT AUGUSTUS, JR. Greensboro l.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Epsilon Delia, Vice President (41. Dormitory Officer (41 ; Carolina Christian Fellowship (1, 2, 3) ; Campus Chest til. BUCKLEY. CHARLES ROBINSON, III B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. University Pa murals II. 2. 41. BULKLEY. STEPHEN GERALD A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Semper Fidelis (41 ; Platoo; BULLARD, ELIZABETH ANN A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. BULLOCK, JAMES GARLAND, JR A.B. IN AMERICAN HISTORY. Carolina Chris Raleigh rt] III; Y.D.C. Ill; Y.M.C.A. 141; Intra- Silver Spring, Md. n Leaders Class (41. Fayetteville Greensboro Fellowship. BUMGARDNER, DAVID RICHARD West Jefferson B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS AND ECONOMICS. BUNCE. BOBBY GENE Fayetteville A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY-ANTHROPOLOGY. Men ' s Glee Club (2, 3) ; Y.D.C. (II. BUNN. JAMES A., JR. Winston-Salem A.B. IN ENGLISH. Bela Theta Pi. Orientation Counselor (3. 41 ; Student Government Com- mittee (1, 2. 3, 4 I ; University Party (1. 2, 3. 41. BURBAGE, WILLIAM H. Albemarle A.B. IN ECONOMICS AND HISTORY. Kappa Alpha. University Party II. 2. 3. 41. BURGESS, ARTHUR HARRY, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Government Committee (3). BURLESON, E. C, JR. Unii Hickory ty (2, 3, 4) ; Student IN PSYCHOLOGY. West ship (2, 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (2, 4) ; Asheville npus Chest (2, 41 . BURRIS, WILLIAM MOORE, JR. High Point A.B. IN ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Chi. Band (1. 2); Carolina Sym- posium (3, 41 ; Class Cabinet (1. 2. 3, 4) ; Dance Committee (2, 3) ; Future Teachers of America (1. 2, 3, 41 ; C.M.A.B. (3) ; Student Council (3, 41 ; Student Party (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Wrestling (1) ; Order of the Nadular Birds. BURTON, LEWIS MALLETTE Fayetteville B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Dormitory Officer (3. 41; Student Government Committee (3, 4); Student Legislature (3, 4); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Intramural Manager (3). BURTON, REBECCA ELIZABETH Bolivia A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Carolina Women ' s Council (41 ; Dormitory Officer (41 ; University Chorus (II ; W.A.A. (1, 2, 4) ; Y.R.C. (II. BUTT. HELEN MANLY Dunn A.B. IN MATH EDUCATION. Phi If.. Class Cabinet (31; Dormitory Officer (41; Panhellenic Council (3, 4) ; S.N.E.A. (3, 4) ; University Party (3, 41 ; W.A.A. (31 ; Y.W.C.A. (4) ; Campus Chest (3, 4). BYRD. LARRY WAYNE Winston-Salem B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS AND A.B. IN ECONOMICS. BYRD, THOMAS MILTON Asheville A.B. IN ENGLISH AND PHILOSOPHY. Carolina Plavmakers (31; Men ' s Glee Club (1. 2, 3); University Chorus (1, 3, 4) ; Westminster Fellowship (1. 2, 3. 41. BYRUM, THOMAS JEFFERSON. JR. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Morehead Scholar; University Cho (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Orientation Counselor (2) ; Freshman Camp; Hoi CABELL, VIRGINIA WELDON A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega. Class Cabinet (31 ; Universi Campus Chest; Writer-in.Residence Committee. CAIN, JOYE DAPHNE A.B. IN MATH EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Orienl 41: University Party (3, 4); Women ' s Honor Council 111; Duke Beauty Court (3) ; Class Cabinet (41. CALLAHAN, DAVID WILSON A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. A.F.R.O.T.C. II. 2, 3, 41; Party (1, 2). Raleigh 5 11,2. 3. 41 : Wesley Foundation rs Program. Charleston, W. Va. Party (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Cumberland ion Counselor (4) ; S.N.E.A. (3. ttorney General ' s Staff (41; Beal Coral Gables. Fla. Student Party (3, 4) ; University CAMP, WILLIAM DOUGLAS A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Alpha Phi Omega. CANN, CARLTON HELENE B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Dormitory Officer 141. CANNON, ALICE MAE A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Delta Delta Delta. Daily Tar Heel (3) ; Oriental Club (3. 41; University Party (3, 4): Yacket, Yack (31. CANULL, JAMES ALLEN, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Tau Omega. N.R.O.T.C. (1) ; Unii Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Intramurals. Cherryville Greensboro Greenville n Counselor (4 1 : Press Indianapolis. Ind. rsity Party (1, 2. 3. 41 ; CAPEL. MARTHA Apex A.B. IN SPECIAL EDUCATION. Angel Flight 13. 41 ; Carolina Women ' s Council (2, 3) ; Dormi- lorv Officer (31 ; Student Government Committee (2. 3) ; S.N.E.A. (3, 41 ; University Party (1) ; W.A.A. (II; Yackel] Yack- (3. ll; Y.W.C.A. 111. CAPPS, GENE THOMAS A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Student Leg Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 41. CARITHERS, ROBERT LOWERY, JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Psi. Baseball (ll ; G.M.A.B. 141 : Orientation Col (3, 4) ; University Party (3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 4) ; American Field S ' CARNER, GEORGE Washington. D. C A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. Newman Club; Student Party; Real Sociedad de U Pachanga; Spanish Club; Y ' .M.C.A. Foreign Student Committee. (3); Student Party (3, 41 Laurinburg Y.R.C. (3, 4) ; Statesville Student Party Page 319 SENIORS tihtiMJM (3) ; Press Club (4) ; Stude Wallace Party (1, 2) ; Y.D.C. CARR, JAMES OSBORN, JR. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Dormitory Offi. (2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3, 4). CARROLL, WILLIAM SINGLETON Durham A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Zeta Psi. G.M.A.B. 12. 3); Track (1); Y.M.C.A. (2); CM. Social Committee. CARSON. GEORGE, II Elkin A.B. IN ARTS AND LAWS. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. 3. 41; Debate Team (1, 2. 31; Dormitory Officer (2) ; Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2) ; Orientation Counselor (2. 3) : Westminster Fellowship II. 2, 3. 41. CARSON, MICHAEL WRAY Rocky Mount A.B. I.N ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Georgetown, S. C. 1,1, 31; Student Parly (1, 2, 3, 4); CARTER, CHARLES WESLEY A.B. IN ENGLISH. Daily Tar Heel (1) ; Dormilor Yackety lack (2) ; Honors Program. CARTER, JOHN DANDRIDGE. Ill Gastonia A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Cardboard (1) ; Dormitory Officer (1, 2) ; M.R.C. (1, 2) ; Univer. sity Party (3, 4) ; Wesley Foundation (1, 2) ; Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4). CARTER, WILLIAM B. MITCHELL Lookout Mountain, Tenn. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Delta UpsUon. Carolina Handbook 12. 31 : Orientation Counselor (2, 3) ; Publications Board (2, 3) ; Student Party (1, 2, 41 : lnhersit Partv (31 ; Yackety Yack (2, 3) ; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2). CARYAJAL, JUAN F. Chapel Hill A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Cardboard (1); Cosmopolitan Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Newman Club (1, 2. 31 ; Orientation Counselor (41 ; Student Government Committee 13, 4) ; Student Legislature (31 ; Student Party (2, 3. 4) ; Y.D.C. (3, 4) ; Spanish Club (1, 2. 3, 4), President (4). CASEY, GLENN ALTON Winston-Salem .K. IN MATHEMATICS. Canterbury Club (3. 4); Student Govern nient Committee (3). CAYLOR. JOHN F„ JR. Rome, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. CECILE, DONALD RAY Cl emmons A.B. IN FRENCH AND ENGLISH. Trumpet Club. CHADWICK, DEXTER GREGORY Charlotte P.,. N.R.O.T.C. (1. 2, 3, 4); Ori. CHAMBERS, FRANCES BLACKWELL Durham B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Majorette (1. 2. 3. 41: Class Cabinet (II; Orientation Committee (21; Orientation Counselor 121; Splash Club (1. 21; University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Westminster Fellowship (1, 21; 65 ' s Club (II; Freshman Counselor (21; Carolina Sweetheart 121 ; Phi Kappa Sigma Sweetheart (4) ; Gaspiralla Twirler (3, 41 : Yarsitv Alumni Sponsor (31 ; Medical Technology Club (41. CHANDLER, DUDLEY CARLYLE, JR. Greensboro A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Alpha Epsilon Delta. M.R.C. (4). CHANIN, MICHAEL HENRY Atlanta. Ga. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Zeta Beta Tau. C.U.S.C. (2, 3, 4) ; Hillel Foundation; N.S.A. Delegate (4) ; Alternate (3) ; Order of the Grail (3, 41 ; Soccer (II ; Student Government Com. mittee II. 2. 3, 41 ; Student Legislature (2. 3) : University Partv (1, 2, 3, 4), Chairman (2, 3) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Presidential Assistant (41. CHANON. JOHN LEAR Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi Epsilon. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1) ; Orientation Counselor (3) ; Newman Club (1) ; University Pari II. 2. 3,4); Y.M.C.A. (4 1. CHAPLIN, DON CLARENCE Columbia A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Delta UpsUon. Alpha Phi Omega. Alpha Epsilon Delta. G.M.A.B. 13. 41. President (41 ; Order of the Old Well (41 : Orientation Counselor 131 : Student Party (1) ; Univer. sity Party (2) ; Vice Chairman of Region V Association of College Union (3). CHASE. PRISCILLA Portland, Maine B.S. IN DENTAL HYGIENE. CHEEK. INGRID FROMEN Chapel Hill A.B. IN EDUCATION. Zeta Tau Alpha. CHESTNUT, WADE HAMPTON Wilmington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Canterbury C lub (2) ; Student Government Committee (21 ; Student Party (2) ; Y.M.C.A. (2). rolina Handbook (31; Stude Raleigh N.E.A. (3. 4.1 ; Y.W.C.A. Chapel Hill Chapel Hill (3) ; Student N.E.A. CHILDERS, KAY TERRY A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. I (3, 41. CHRISTOPHER, JOHN A.B. IN MATH EDUCATION. CHURCH. SHIRLEY TRUITT A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Pi Be (3. 41 ; University Party; Y.W.C.A. (3). CHUSED, PAUL LEON Kinston A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Tan Epsilon Phi. Lambda Phi Omega. Cardboard (1) ; Class Cabinet (1. 2. 3, 41 ; Sophomore Class Treasurer: Junior Class Vice President; Hillel Foundation (1. 2. 3, 4) ; I.F.C. (3); Order of the Old Well (3. 41: Orientation Counselor (2, 31; Student Government : (1.2, 4); Student Legislature (2, 31 ; Student Party (1, 2. 3, 4) ; University Party (II ; i (3). Everetls olina Alhleti. CLARK, CELIA VIRGINIA A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A.; W.A.A.: Y.D.C. CLARK. JAMES WILLIAM. JR. Vaughan A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Eta Sigma. Carolina Handbook (3, 4) : Cosmopolitan Club (3, 41 : Order of the Old Well (3, 4) ; Orientation Committee (3, 4) : Orientation Counselor (2) ; Student Government Committee (2, 3, 4) ; WUNC (3) ; Y.M.C.A. (2, 3. 4). CLARK, JERRY RALPH Glenside. Pa. B.S. IN DENTISTRY. Lambda Chi Alpha. Canterbury Club (4) ; I.F.C. (4) ; Student Party (1, 2. 41 ; University Party (3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). CLARKE, FRED STUART Goldsboro A.B. IN HISTORY. CLARKE, LOUISE GATES A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Carolina Handbook (31 ; Ca CLAYTON, HARVEY MILLARD B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. CLINE, EMMETT WOODROW. JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1) ; Luthe 3. 41; Y.D.C. (4). CLINE, POLLY ANN A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. ' 320 Petersburg, Va. men ' s Council (3). Durham Conover ation (1, 2. Statesvilie CLASS OF 1965 CLINE, WAYNE NELSON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. COBB, HERBERT HENRY, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Y.R.C. (1, 3, 4). COBB, JAMES RICHARD B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Chi COBB, MARY JOHN A.B. IN EDUCATION. Sigma Kappa. Stray Cre Counselor (41; Panhellenic Council (3. 41: Westn Carolina Arts Festival (4); Valkyries (41. COBB, RICHARD HARPER B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Dormitory Offic COBB, ROBERT LINAH B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. COCHRANE, WINSTON DOUGLAS A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Basketball (1} ; Student Part 13. H. COKER, ROBERT MARTIN A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. COLE, BERNARD DAVID A.B. IN " HISTORY. N.R.O.T.C; Y.D.C. Salisbury Raleigh Montchanin. Del. t (41. I.F.C. (4). Amherst, Va. nitorv Officer (3, 4) ; Orientation llowship (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Durham (21: M.R.C. (2); University Party Oak Ridge, Tenn. Concord Chapel Hill COLE, JOHN BLEDSOE B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Yaeket Freehold, N. J. Statesville Yack (41 Bethesda, Md. M.R.C. (3, 4). Court Chairman (41: ); Society of Janus (4). Notarius (41; COLEMAN, LARRY HAROLD A.B. IN ENGLISH. Band 111; Dormitory Officer (3 Student Government Committee 121; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2 Resident Advisor (4) ; Intramural Manager (31. COLEMAN, PAMELA DALE A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. Y.W.C.A. ill. COLLETT. ROBERT WEBSTER Salisbury A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Kappa Alpha. Gorgon ' s Head 13. 41 : University Partv (1,2); Y.M.C.A. (1). COLLINS, MICHAEL DAVIS Wilson B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Zeta Psi. Lutheran Student Association: Order of Minotaurs; University Party. COLTRANE, JANE KING Greensboro B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING (BIOLOGY I. COMMANDER, JONATHAN DUDLEY B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Alpha Epsiloa Symposium (3) ; G.M.A.B. Committee (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Men ' s Horn ment Committee (I. 2. 3, 41; University Party (1, 2, 3. 41; Yackety Yack, Assistant Bu: Manager (21; G.M.B.D. 12, 3, 41; Attorney General ' s Staff (4); State Student Legisl. (2, 3) ; Intramurals (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Elections Board 121. Jacksonville. Fla. olina Forum (1); Carolina uncil 111 ; Student Go Women ' s Reside (3, 4). Cherryville lity Party (1, 2, San Francisco, Calif. ir (41 ; Panhellenic Council :il (4) ; Yackely Yack (41 ; COOK, CHARLES RUSSELL B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Sigma Pi. Swimming (1) ; Unii 3, 4); P. I.F.C. (4). COOKE. GRACE REDWOOD A.B. IN ART HISTORY. Alpha Gamma Delia. Or. (3); Student Party (41; W.A.A. (3, Y.D.C. (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). COOLEY, TILLMAN WEBB, JR. Jackson B.S. IN GEOLOGY. N.R.O.T.C. (1); Student Government Committee; Attorney General ' s Staff (3. 4) ; University Party (2, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2) ; U.N.C. Geological Society (3. 4) ; Intramurals (2, 3, 4). COOPER, LINDA KAY A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baptist Stude Chapel Hill CORBETT, SANDRA KAY Wilmington A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Ma. Carolina Women ' s Council (4) ; Dormitory Officer (4) ; Student Government Committee (3). CORDELL, BETTY ANNE Dublin, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH AND DRAMATIC ART. Alpha Delta Pi. Carolina Plavmakers (3, 4) ; Cosmo- politan Club (3); Dance Committee (31; Orientation Counselor (4); U.N.C. Karate Club (3). CORNATZER, DONALD WAYNE Advance B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. CORNELIUS, CHATTYE BOSWELL Troutman A.B. IN HISTORY. University Party (3, 4) ; Y.D.C. (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Campus Chest. COUCH. LINDON GREGORY A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Pi Kappa Phi. Studer Y.D.C. (4). it N.E.A. ill; Granite Falls University Party (3, 4) ; COUDRIET, LARRY WILLIS A.B. IN EDUCATION. Future Teachers of Americi (1, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A.; Internal Relations Committee , 111 (1). ; Univers it, P. Raleigh arty (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.D.C. COULTER, BARBARA WARD A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Winston-Salem COWAN, KAY SUSAN A.B. IN EDUCATION. Phi Mu. Student N.E.A. (11 ; Y.W C.A. (3, 4). Macon, Ga. COX, ADRIANNE CLAIRE A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Norfolk, Va. COX, BILL DICKEY B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Y.R.C. Grassy Creek COX, JEAN CAROL HOGAN A.B. IN LATIN. Chapel Hill COX, JOHN RANDOLPH B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). 4); Universit Carol Gables. Fla. y Party (2) ; Y.R.C. 12. 41 : ■; Li - — Page 321 P ff SENIORS COX, JUANITA PRATT Winston-Salem A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Delta Delta. Dormitory Officer; G.M.A.B. (4) ; Orientation Com. mittee (41; Sound and Fury (41; Student N.E.A.; University Party (3. 41; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41. COZART. BUCKY WAYNE A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. CRAIG, JERRY WAYNE i.B. IN ECONOMICS. CRAIG, LYNN 0. A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Kappa Can Roxboro Greensboro Blanchester. Ohio Stanley (1, 2) ; Football Trainer CRAIG, MICHAEL FULTON B.S. IN MARKETING. Baseball Manager U. 2. 3. 4) ; Dormitory Offic (41 ; Monogram Club (3. 41. CRANFILL, PAUL LENNON Lumberton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi Epsalon. CRANFORD. SAMUEL DAVIS, JR. Asheboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha. Baseball (II; N.R.O.T.C. (1 2 31- University Party (1. 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 21. CRAVEN, CYNTHIA FARNSWORTH Lakeland, Fla. A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Kappa Delta. CRAVEN, SARA HARRIS Asheville A.B. IN HISTORY. Dormitory Officer (4); Orientation Committee 131- Women ' s Residence Council (3); Y.D.C. (2. 3. 4 I ; Y.W.C.A. tl. 3) ; Campus Chest (II. GRAVER. SARAH ELIZABETH Shelby B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi. Class Cabinet (3, 41; University Parly 13 41- W.A.A. (3. 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 41 ; Physical Education Majors Club; Class Committee (3, 41. CREASY, JOANNE ATKINSON Lynchburg. Va. A.B. IN ART. Phi Ma. Carolina Plavmakers (41 ; Dance Committee (31 ; CM. A.B. (31 ; Orients, tion Counselor (41 ; Y.R.C. (2. 31 ; Y.W.C.A. (2. 3. 41 : Fine Arts Committee. CREECH, JOHN BURTON, JR. Greensboro A.B. IN HISTORY AND ENGLISH. M.R.C. (2) ; Orientation Counselor (2. 31. CROCKER, JOSEPH MELVILLE Selma A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (4} ; Student Parly (21 ; U.N.C. Outing Club II. II. CROCKETT. DIANE ELAINE Charlotte A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Alpha Delta Pi. Ori (3, 41; Y.W.C.A. 13, 41 : Public Con elor (41; Stude (41 ; Univ mittee (4) ; Panhellenic Proje CROMARTIE, ROBERT SAMUEL, III Fayettevill A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Track (1. 21 ; Cross Omrilrv II, 21. CROOK, ROBERT MURPHY Chapel Hi R.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Wrestling (1, 2. 3. 41. CROWELL, ELISABETH GAIL Charlotte B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Canterbury Club (3. II : University Party (3. 41. CRUMPLER. LARRY GIPSON Clinton A.B. IN HISTORY AND ECONOMICS. Pi Kappa Alpha. Phi Eta Sigma. Order ol the Golden Teepee; Knee- Walkers I: University Party. CULBERSON, SUZANNE A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Future Teachers ot America CULPEPPER. ANTHONY ANDREW B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Stgma Phi Epsilon. Dormitory Offi versily Party (2, 31 ; Wesley Foundation (21 ; Y.D.C. 121 ; La. Charlotte ; Student Partv ; University Chorus. Elizabeth City :er 121 ; Monogram Club 141 ; Uni. rosse (2. 3. 1 1 . CUNNINGHAM, REBECCA WRAV Chamblee, Ga. A.B. IN SOCIAL STUDIES. Dormitory Officer III ; Student N.E.A. (4). CURTIS, LEROY FRANKLIN Portsmouth. Va. A.B. IN HISTORY. N.R.O.T.C. II. 2, 3. 4) ; Scabbard and Blade 13. II. CUTLER, JANICE ELAINE Washington B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. DAHLE. DAVID ELLIOTT Hioh Point B.S. IN ECONOMIC.-. Sigmo Chi. Entertainment Committee. DALLEN, JANE BALDWIN Port Clinton. Ohio A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Beta Phi. Carolina Symposium (3); Class Cabinet It II Debate Squad (31; N.S.A. (31; Student Government Committee (41; University Part (3 II Valkyries (41 ; Carolina Political Union (3. 4) ; Outstanding Junior Woman. DANIEL, VAN WOMACK. Ill Ruffin A.B. IN CHEMISTRY AND MATHEMATICS. M.R.C. 121. DANIEL, VICTOR WAYNE Liberty B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. DANNEMANN, S. WILLIAM Norfolk Va B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Chi Psi. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 21 ; Baseball (I. 2. 3, 4) ■ I.F C (21 • Newman llul, I 1. 2. HI : Orientation Counselor (21 ; Student Government Committee (1) ; Swimming (II : DARR, DEANNA EVELYN Arlington Va A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. Angel Flight 12. 3. 41: Class Cabinet (2)- Student Government Committee (4); Westminster Fellowship (1); Y.D.C. (1); Y.W.C.A. 111. DAUSKART, MELANIE SUE A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Y.D.C. (3. 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3). DAVENPORT, JANICE CAROL B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. DAVENPORT. MARGARET J. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Miami Springs. Fla. Newland i • w ] a n 1 1 Page 322 CLASS OF 1965 DAVIDSON, ARTHUR OWEN, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Tan Omega. Men ' s Ho Con DAVIDSON, WILLIAM ARTHUR. Ill A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Hi Kappa Theta. Do N.R.O.T.C. II. 2, 3, 4). Executive Officer (41 : Ne« Semper Fidelis (3. 41, Treasurer (41. DAVIS, CLYDE EDWIN A.B. IN ENCLISH. CM. A.B. (2) ; Men ' s Glee Club (1 DAVIS, ROGER ALEXANDER A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Cardboard (II : Tar PL Class Cabinet (1. 2. 41 : Debate Council (3. 41 : Dorm C.C.U.N. (3. 41; Orientation Committee (3, 41; Orie Reform (3. 41. Chairman (41 : University Parlv (!. 2, 31 : West Mock Convention (31 ; Editors F 13. 4) ; D.O.M.; Maverick Housi an Club (3. 41 Richmond, Va. mncil (31 ; Honor System Pensacola. Fla. isident I II : M.R.C. Ill ; cabbard and Blade 13. II ; Cornelius Ft. Lauderdale, Fla ilor 13. 4); Carolina Symposium 111 t Officer (1, 2, 3, 41 ; N.S.A. (3. 41 ion Counselor 12. 3. 41: Orientatioi ent Government Committee Chairman; Student Partv (31 iter Fellowship (1, 2. 3. 41 ; Yackety Yack (41 ; Y.D.C. (31 d Table (1, 2. 3. 41 : Freshman Camp II. 2. 3. 41. Direct.. DAVIS, THOMAS BROWN Elkin A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Sigma. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 21 ; Baseball (1, 21 ; Dormitory Officer (II; Soccer (ll; University Party (1, 2, 3. 41: Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3, 41; Intramural (1. 2. 3. 4). DAVIS, WILLIAM E. Rich Square A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE AND HISTORY. Carolina Handbook (21: Orientation Counselor 13, 41; Student Government Committee, State Officer (21; Student Partv (1. 21: University Partv 13, 41 ; Yackety Yack (2) ; Y.D.C. (1. 2. 3, 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Society of Janus 13. 41, Officer (41 ; Assistant Attorney General (3) ; C.C.U.N. (2. i. 41 : Mock Convention (31. DEARBORN. PATRICIA ANNE Chapel Hill A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Student Legislature (3. 41 ; University Parlv 13, 41 ; Carolina Fine Arts Festival, Social Chairman 13, 41 : Writer-in-Residcnce Committee (41. DENNIS, STEPHEN NEAL Kensington, Ga. .B. IN ENCLISH. Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Beta Kappa. Morehead Scholar; Carolina Forum (21: Carolina Plavmakers (1) : Carolina Quarter! (31 ; Carolina Symposium II. 2. 3. 41 : Class Cabinet 121; Daily Tar Heel (3); Di-Phi Society 13); Order of the Grail (31; Orientation Counselor (2. 31: Student Government Committee (41: Student Partv (II; University Partv (21; Yacket, Yack 121 : Y.M.C.A. (I. 2, 3. 41 : Toronto Exchange. DEVANE, CONSTANCE FREEMAN A.B. IN SPECIAL EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi. DEW, LARRY MOSES, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Gamma Delta. Gorgon ' s Head: Un DILLIN. JEAN HAMPTON A.B. IN SPANISH. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Panhellenic (3, Carolina Symposium; Fine Arts; Valkyries (4) ; Universit; DISARIO, NANCY I. A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. DIXON, NILE MORRIS A.B. IN HISTORY. M.R.C. (3). DIXON, WALLACE WADE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. DOBSON, RICHARD DONALD A.B. IN MATH EDUCATION. S.N.E.A. (3. 41. DODSON, ARTHUR RAYMOND, JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Cosmopolitan Club (41 ; Newm Norfolk. Va. N.E.A.: Y.W.C.A.; Y.R.C. Wilson ' arty; Y.D.C. (1, 2. 3, 41. Orange, Conn. idem (41 : Splash Club I 3. 4 I : 3, 41. Metuchen. N. J. Jacksonville. Fla. Dunn ... (Jul. 13. II : Y.D.C. (41 Convent Station. N. J. Sanford Greenshoro DORE, MICHAEL MARSHALL A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Golf (1. 2, 3. 41. DOSS, JANET CAROL A.B. IN FRENCH. DOUGLAS, ROBERT DICK, III A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Kappa Alpha. I.F.C. (2. 3, 41 ; 3, 41 ; Newman Club II. 2. 3. 41 : University Party II. DOUGLAS, WILLIAM MALCOLM B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. DRINKARD, JOEL FLOOD, JR. Greensboro A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY. Y.D.C. (41 ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 41 : Freshman Honors. DUFF, WILLIAM ERSKINE. JR. Fayetteville A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Delta Theta. Alpha Phi Omega. Football (II : Gimghoul (3. 41 ; Order of the Old Well (3, 41 ; Order of the Beanbirds 13. 4) : Track (1, 21. DUGGINS, JAMES NATHAN, JR. Favetteville B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Beta Gamma Sigma. Phi Eta Sigma. DUKES. MARGARET C. Orangeburg. S. C. .1S. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Gamma Delta. Angel Flight; University PartN ID: Yacket) Yack (41 ; Y.R.C. (4); Y.W.C.A. (3) : Order of the Deadly Nightshades CI. 1). DUNKLEY. KENNETH MALCOLM A.B. IN ENGLISH. Orchestra (1. 2, 3. 4) ; Intramurals (1. 3. 41 : DUNNE. JOHN KEVIN. JR. Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha. Daily Tar Heel (II : Dance Committee (1); Dormitory Officer II): Newman Club II. 2): Orientation Counselor (2. 3, 41; Student Government Committee (1, 2. 3. 4): University Parlv II. 2. 3. 41: Y.M.C.A. II. 21; Germans Club (2) ; Freshman Camp (21 ; Campus Chest 121. DURSTON, JAMES S. Thomson, Ga. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1) : Gimghoul 12. 3. 41 ; Order of the Beanbirds (.). 41: Orienlation Counselor (2); Uni versity Partv (1. 2. :(. II: Y.M.C.A. (2, 3. 41 ; Intramurals. DURWIN, MICHAEL C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chesapeake. a. id (1, 2, 3, 4). Elizabeth City DUSENBURY, GEORGE A., Ill A.B. IN STUDIO ART. St. Anthony Hall. Baseball (1) DWORIN, ELLIOTT MATTHEW A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY AND ENGLISH. Monogran Wrestling (1, 2. 3. 4). EAKEN, JANET HERRICK B.S. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa Car Residence Committee (41 ; Fine Arts Festival (4| ; Car EASON, ALTON PAUL A.B. IN GEOGRAPHY. Phi Eta Sigma. Cosmopolitan Y.M.C.A. II. 2. 3. 4). Page 323 Club 12. 3. 4) ; Saluda ■ Party (2) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 31. Rockaway, N. J. (l. Shaker Heights. Ohio ma. Carolina Symposium 131: Wril.rin- pus Chest (31. Snow Hill n Club I 1) : Weslej Foundation ll. 21 : " £l C m ft f- ffi O H ft £ SENIORS EDMUNDSON. MARGARET ANN A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Delia Delta Delia. O N.E.A. (41 ; Y.W.C.A. (4). EDWARDS. ALMA JANE A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Orientation Counselo Council (2). EDWARDS, BRENDA JOYCE A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Orientation Counselor (4) 131 : Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Carolina Christian Fellov EDWARDS, ELBERT EDWIN, III McKenzie, Tenn. A.B. IN TOLITICAL SCIENCE AND HISTORY. Alpha Tan Omega. Morehead Scholar: Carolina Symposium (1); Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2|; Soccer (1); Student Government State Affairs Committee (21; Student Legisla. ture (1, 2, 3) ; Track (1) ; University Party (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Treasurer, State Student Legislature. EDWARDS. GLENN HOWARD B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. M.R.C. (41 ; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). •lla Delta. Or ientatioi i Cot tnselor Goldsboro (4); Student 12 1 ; Student N.E.A. (4); Worn Goldsboro en ' s Residence St. ihi, jdent Gov (3. 41. ernmen. Con ■ mi.,,. Charlotte (4) ; W.A.A. EDWARDS. LARRY DAVID A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Baptist Student Union (1) ; Dormitory Office M.R.C. (2. 3. 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (1) ; Intramural Manager (1, 2, 3. 41. Fayetteville r 12. 3, 41 ; Golf (3, 41 ; EDWARDS. ROBERT WAYNE A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Intramural Basketball and Softball (1). Ronda EIDSON, THOMAS WAYNE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Madison, Tenn. ELDEN, LEONARD LORD A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Kappa Sigma. I.F.C. (31. Wareham, Mass. ELLER, HILBERT RAYWARD B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Intramurals Softball. Salisbury ELLER, WILLIAM DAVID A.B. IN EDUCATION. Dormitory Officer (2) ; Y.M.C.A. (I, 2. 3. 41. North Wilkesboro ELLINGTON. STEWART LANE Jacksonville A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Tau Omega. Morehead Scholar: Basketball (1); Carolina Symposium (3); Orientation Counselor 12): University Partv II. 2. 3. 41: Y.M.C.A. II. 2. 3, II; Lacrosse; Freshman Camp Vice Chairman; Campus Chest; Monogram Club (3. 41. ELLIOTT, WILLIAM THOMAS, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. A.F.R.O.T.C. (I, 2, 3, 4) ; Arnold Air So and Blade (3, 4). EMER SON, LOUISE DOROTHY A.B. IN FRENCH. Y.D.C. (3). ENNIS, LILLIAN SANDRA B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. W.A.A. (1, 2) ; Westminster Fell Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). EPPS, CLAUDE M.. JR. All. IN HISTORY. Sigma Nil. Or Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). Counselor (2. 3) ; Unr ESAU, ELIZABETH ANN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Kappa Gamma. ESKRIDGE, ELBERT STANFORD A.B. IN ENGLISH AND CHEMISTRY. Carolina Playmakers (3. 4) ; ESKRIDGE, JUDITH LEE A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. ESKRIDGE, WILLIAM WEST A.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Gorgon ' ! Oxford iety (3, 4) ; Scabbard Manhasset, N. Y. Hudson Myrtle Beach. S. C. iity Party (1, 2, 3, 41 ; Lake City. S. C. Kenly ; Glee Club (21. Hillsboro Greensboro EUBANKS, CAROLYN LECRETIA Bynum A.B. IN MATHEMATICS AND RELIGION. N.S.A. (3); Orientation Counselor (21: Student Government Honor System Committee (2) ; Student Partv 13. 41 : Weslev Foundation 12. 3, 4) ; Y.D.C. (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2) ; Freshman Counselor 121. EUDY, JOHN CLINTON, JR. China Grove A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Delta Theta. Morehead Scholar; Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4) ; Fellowship Christian Athletes. EUSTIS, LOLA LEE Greenville. Miss. A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Chi Omega. Class Cabinet (31; Orientation Counselor (41; Panhellenic Council (4); Attorney General ' s Staff (31; Student N.E.A. 141; Student Party (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Campus Chest. EVANS. MARY HELEN A.B. IN ENGLISH. Dormitory Officer (4) ; Unh Residence Council III; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). (3) Winchester. Ya. W.A.A. (4) ; Women ' s EVANS, ROBERT KENT A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. WUNC (1. 2, 3. 4) FAGERLIN. VIRGINIA ANN BALDWIN B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. FARR. FLORENCE PITTS B.S. IN RECREATION. W.A.A. (1). FEREBEE, THOMAS MILLER, JR. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). FERGUSON, CARL GRANT A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Alpha. Orientation Counselor (31 FERGUSON, MARTHA SAFFELLE A.B. IN EDUCATION. FINDLEY. MARGARET HANNA A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Kappa liamma. Or Party (3, 4) ; Campus Chest (3) ; Class Cabinet (3). FINK, KENNETH PAUL A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Lambda Phi. Dormitor i 1. 2, 5, 1 ' : M.R.C. (3, 4) ; I.F.C. 2) ; Skin Diving Club (1,2, 3, 4). Page 324 Carrboro Fort Lauderdale. Fla. Morganton Greensboro Red Springs Emporia, Va. Augusta, Ga. Jounselor (4) ; University Whitestone, N. Y. (3, 4) ; Hillel Foundation -.- ' rl f? P CLASS OF 1965 tfUlW FISHEL, IRVIN MANLY B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. FISHER, KAJA MARIE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Canterbury Club; Splash Club; Student Gove FISHER. THOMAS GRANTHAM B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. N.R.O.T.C. (II. FLEISHER, LESLIE ALLEN A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Golf (1, 2, 3. t) ; Monogram Club. Winston-Salem Enfield ammittee; Y.R.C. Raleigh Wilmington FLINN, HENRY I.. Ill Chapel Hill A.B. IN GEOGRAPHY. Alpha Taa Omega. Succer; University Party; Wrestling; A.F.R.O.T.C. FLOYD, SONJA LEE Denton A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (4) ; University Party (3) ; Yackely Yack (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (31. FLYNN, CLARENCE MELVIN Pilot Mountain A.B. IN HISTORY. FOBERT, WILLIAM DAVID Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. FOWLER, DAN MADISON Alexandria, Va. A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Intramurals. FOX, JOAN MARGUERITE Raleigh B.S. IN DENTAL HYGIENE. Angel Flight (2, 3), Commander (4); Dormitory Officer; Dental Hygienist Association (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Spurgeon Dental Society (I, 2), Representative (2). FRANK, GEORGE W., JR. Sands Point, N. Y. B.S. IN ECONOMICS. Beta Thela Pi. Carolina Symposium (3); Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (3) ; Attorney General ' s Staff (3, 4). FRANKEL, MARTIN RICHARD White Plains, N. Y. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Zela Beta Tau. Cardboard (1) ; Daily Tar Heel (2) ; Y.M.C.A. (3) ; Fencing (2). FRAZIER, ADOLPHUS DREWRY, JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Carolina Handbook, Sports Editor (3, 4) ; Dorm Residence Council (4); C.C.U.N. (41: Orientation Reform Committ, ment Commitee (4) ; Yackely Yack. Dorm Editor (41 ; Maverick Ho mittee Chairman (4) ; Independent (3, 4) ; D.O.M. (4) ; Orientation ( FRAZIER, BILLY JOE litory Officer (4) ; M Lumberton rv President (4) ; Men ' s (3, 4) ; Student Govern- •; Dorm Executive Com- nmittee (4). Staley e Club (3, 4) ; Walnut Cove ienate (1, 2, 3) ; A.B. IN SOCIAL STUDIES EDUCATION. Doi Orientation Counselor (4); Student N.E.A. (4). FREAS, JOHN MORGAN A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Eta Sigma. Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Di-Phi Intramural Wrestling (2, 3, 4) ; Campus Chest (2. 3) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 41. FREEMAN, CLAUDE QUARTERMAN, JR. Charlotte A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Zela Psi. Gimghoul (2, 3, 4) ; Order of Minotaurs (2, 3, 4) ; Orientation Counselor (1) ; Student Government Committee (1, 2) ; University Party (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 4) ; I.F.C. Court (3, 4) ; Gamma Beta Epsilon (2, 3, 4). FREEZE, EULA PARKS Randleman A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Delia Pi. Dormitory Officer; Orientation Committee, Secretariat (3) ; Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (3, 41; Women ' s Honor Council (3, 4); Y.R.C. (3, 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). FRENCH, SUSANNE EMILIE Winston-Salem A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Kappa Delta. Daily Tar Heel (3) ; Orientation Counselor (II : W.A.A. (3, 41 ; Y.W.C.A.; Editor ' s Roundtable (3). FRONEBERGER, JOHN D. Lincolnton A.B. IN CHEMISTRY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Delia Upsilon. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Carolina Symposium (1, 3) ; Men ' s Honor Council (3) ; Orientation Committee (4) ; Orientation Counselor (1, 2, 3. 41 ; Student Government Committee (1. 2. 31, Chairman (41 ; Student Legislature (3, 4) ; Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Graham Memorial Board of Directors (3, 4) ; Finance Committee (3, 4) ; State Student Legislature (3, 4). FROST, HOLLY Kent, Ohio A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Gamma Delta. Orientation Counselor (41 ; Splash Club (3, 4) ; W.A.A. (3, 4) ; Westminster Fellowship (31 ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; History Honors; Campus Chest. FRYE, NANCY RUTLEDGE Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Chi Omega. Carolina Symposium (3) ; Student Party (3) ; Tennis (3) ; W.A.A. (3) ; Campus Chest (3). FULLER, EDWIN RUDOLPH, JR. Salisbury B.S. IN PHYSICS. Baptist Student Union (1, 21 ; Dormitory Officer (2) ; Wrestling (1, 2, 3, 4) ; American Institute of Physics (2, 3, 4). FULLWOOD. JAMES ROY Jacksonville A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Baseball (1); C.U.S.C. (4); Dormitory President (2); M.R.C. 12. 3, 41. Court Chairman (3), President (4) ; Order of the Grail (4) ; Order of the Old Well 111: Track (2) ; Y.D.C. (4) ; N.S.A. (31 ; Society of Janus (2, 3, 4) ; Semper Fidelis (1, 2). FURR, KENNETH RAY Albemarle B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Monogram Club (2, 3, 4) ; N.R.O.T.C; Scabbard and Blade. First Sergeant; Wrestling, Co-Captain; Semper Fidelis; F.I.P. Program. GABRIEL, DON ALEXANDER B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Sigma Nu. Track (1, 2, 3, 4). GAITHER, ANN PHYLLIS A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Future Teacl 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). GAITHER. GERALD LEE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. GALL, WILLIAM ROSS A.B. IN GEOGRAPHY. Y.D.C. (4). Mooresville Hickory N.E.A. (3, High Point Charlotte GANDERSON, ALAN PHILIP A.B. IN ENGLISH. Tan Epsilon Phi. Hillel Foundation (1, 2. 3. 4) ; Student Gov mittee (1, 2, 3) ; Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Track (2, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). GARRABRANT, BAIRD WILLIAMS Chapel Hill A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi. Publications Board: Splash Club 141 ; Student Government Secretariat (2) ; Student Party (2) ; Y.W.C.A. (2) ; Physical Education Majors Club (3. 4). GARRICK, JOSEPH CLIFTON, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. GARRIS, JOHN MARSHALL, JR. Rocky Mount B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Alpha Phi Omega. Vice President (3, 41. Morehead Scholar; Canter- burv Club (1); Dormitory Officer (2); M.R.C. (2); Men ' s Honor Council (41; Orientation Counselor (2); Student Government Committee (2); Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Wrestling (2, 3, 4) ; Fellowship of Christian Athletes (3. 41 ; A.C.C. Honor Roll. Norfolk. Va. Com- Spindale SENIORS f? $ GARRISON, KENNETH B.. JR. .li 1 ENGLISH EDUCATION. Dormitory Offic GASKEY, DOROTHA ANN B.S. IN M ATHEMATICS. GATES, JOSEPH BRAXTON B IN ENGLISH. Fencing. GATES, JOSEPH THOMAS B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. GATHINGS, THOMAS DeWEESE A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE AMI HISTORY. Dallas (1, 3, I) ; M.R.C. (1, 31 ; Y.M.C.A. (3). Spencer Hillsboro Hillsboro Charlotte Albemarle GEHRING, JOHN EDWARD B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Cardboard (3. 41 ; Yackeiy Yack 11. li. GELBERMAN. RICHARD HUGH Asheville A.B. IN HISTORY. Taa Epsilon Phi. Cardboard (2); HUM Foundation (2. 31; Orientation Committee 121; Orientation Counselor (2); Student Government Committee II. 2. II: Student Party 12. 31 ; Tennis (1) ; Yackety Yack (21 ; Honors in History (4). GENTRY, JAMES ELMO Asheboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. GERTH. DOROTHY ANN K.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Kappa Gamma. CI 111; University Part) 13. ll; Y.W.C.A. 13. 41; Panhelle Atlanta. Ga. I Cabinet 131: Orientation Counselor Court (41 : Senior Class Committee 14 GERTZ. ALAN S. Scarsdale, N. Y. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Taa Epsilon Phi. Hillel Foundation (I. 2. 3. 4) ; Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2. 31; Student Government Commiltee 11); Student Party (II; Mock Political Convention, Treasurer (3). GHOLSON. MATILDA LAMB A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega. Class Cabinet ernment Committee 13. 41 ; Student N.E.A. 13. 41 I . II. II ; Carolina Sweetheart; Attornev General ' s St; GILBERT, BONN ARTHUR. JR. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Phi. Phi Beta Chi. G.M.A.B.; Ori sity Parly (1. 2. 3. 41 ; Y.R.C.; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 4). Henderson ) ; Panhellenic Council 13. 41 ; Student Gov- .indent Party (3. 41 ; Tennis; W.A.A. (3. 41 : Charlotte Counselor (2. 3) ; Univer- GILBERT. JANE COLEMAN A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. GILBERT, WILLIAM MARSHALL B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Baptist Student Union 13. 41 : Newman Club ( GILKESON, ELLEN DOUGLAS A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Delta. Orientation Counselor (41; Publica Residence Council 141 ; Y.W.C.A. 13. 4) ; C. C.U.N. GILLIS. MILTON BRUCE A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Stude N.E.A., Preside (41. Weaverville Asheville Alexandria, Va. Board 141 ; Women ' , Chapel Hill Monroe, Ya. Salisbury (1. 2. 3. 41. GILMORE. JOHN EDWARD B.S. IN ZOOLOGY. GIRLING, ROWLAND LEA H.s. IN CHEMISTRY. Chi Phi. Morehead Scholar: A.F.R.O.T.C. II. 21; Committee (2, 3). GOLDMAN, EDWARD DAYIS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Taa Epsilon Phi. Hillel Foundatioi GOOD, JAMES AYERY .ll. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. University Parly 11. 21 ; Y.M.C.A. II. 41. GOODING, CARL WHITNEY Hagerstown. Md. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Delia I psilon. N.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. 3. 41 ; Scabbard and Blade (3. 4). GOODWIN, CLEON WALTON Wilson A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Carolina Playmakers (2. 31 ; Wesley Foundation (1. 2. 3. 41 ; Y.D.C. 12. 3. 41 : Y.M.C.A. II. 2. 3. 41. GOODWIN, RICHARD HENDERSON Edenton A.B. IN AMERICAN HISTORY. Zeta Psi. U.N.C. Skim- Club. GOODWIN, WILLIE PARKER, JR. Edenton Hi IN IOURNALISM. Sigma Delta Chi. Kappa Tau Alpha. N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3. It ; Press Club I :. II. GORE. ANNE WALKER IS. IN ENGLISH LIU l 1 ION. GORHAM. JAMES SAMUEL. Ill Rockv Mourn B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Hand II. 2. 3. 41: N.R.O.T.C. II. 2. 3. 41: Y.M.C.A. II. 21: Student Athletic Association Mi. GOUGER. JUDY ELAINE A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Splash Club I 11 : Student N.E.A. I II Rnckiiioham Chapel Hi GRAHAM, FREDERICK BOLLES, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Zeta P i. University Party. GRANT. ANNETTE II. IN SPANISH. Y.W.C.A. GRANTHAM, JOHN DAVIS U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. GRAPE, JUDITH PIERREPONT A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa Ga i I ounselor I n : Student Governmen li:l niversit, Party 131 : Y.W.C.A. (3, 1 Con Cla Cha GRAY, JAMES CHARLES A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Delta Upsilon. Golf II, 2. 3. 41; Mo i 1. Ji : I iiiutiI, Partv 111:1 .MCA. II. 21 : Honor- Program Miami. Fla. Durham I airfield. Conn. i : Dormitory Officer (31 ; Orienta- ludenl N.E.A. 13. 41 ; Tennis (3, al ' s Staff; Fine Arts Committee; Gastonia ;iub (41 : Student Party tf . At.fc tik£ CLASS OF 1965 J? Jin f i " fit hfcfc Jk GRAY, JAMES E., JR. A.B. IN MATH EDUCATION. Y.R.C. (41; Y.A.F. (31. GREENBERG, STEPHEN NEIL A. B. IN HISTORY. Dormitory Officer (1, 2, 4) ; Hillel Founda 41 ; University Parly (II ; Campus Chest (2). GREENE, ANN G. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. GREENFIELD, ROBERT JULIUS A.B. IN ART HISTORY. Climbing Club (3, W. GREENWOOD, JACQUELYN B.S. IN DENTAL HYGIENE. Y.W.C.A. II. 2. 41. GRICE, GWENDOLYN LEE A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta. Class Cabinet 131; Ori Government Committee 13) ; University Party (3. 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41. GRIFFETH. WILLIAM FRANCIS, JR. Atlanta, Ga. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi Eta Sigma. Pi Ma Epsilon. Phi Beta Kappa. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 21 • Arnold Air Society 121; Canterbury Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor; University Party (21 ; Y.D.C. (4) ; Y.M.C.A. (3, 41 ; U.N. Model General Assembly (2) ; Century Squadron (1, 2). Robersonville Queens, N. Y. • tudent Party (2, 3, Arden Morganton Chapel Hill Winston-Salem lion Counselor (4.1 ; Student GRIFFIN, ROBERT LEE A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Sigma Alpha. Student Go New London ee (4) ; Y.D.C; Lexington Asheville Party (1. 2. 3, 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (II. GRIGGS, THOMAS RUSSELL A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. GROCE. FRED FORD, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Kappa Alpha. Unive GROSS. STEPHEN CURTIS Boonville A.B. IN ENGLISH. A.F.R.O.T.C. (4) ; Y.D.C. (1, 21. GROVER, JOHN MAITLAND Southern Pines IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Cardboard (3, 4); Newman Club (1, 2); Intramurals (1, 3). GRUBB, NANCY JANE A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa Gat Government Committee (41 ; Student N.E.A. (3, 4) ; Uni ' Y.W.C.A. (3, 41 ; Campus Chest (3, 41. GRUENHUT, STEPHEN JERRY A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Hillel Fo Charlotte Orientation Committee; Student ity Party (3, 4) ; Y.R.C. (3, 4) ; Statesville (1, 2, 3) ; Y.D.C. (4) ; Intramurals (1, 2, 3). GULLEDGE, CHARLES BROOKS Hamlet B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Cardboard (1, 21; Y.M.C.A. (1); Intramurals 1 2 3. II. GUNTER, JO ANNE A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Dormitory Offic (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41. Cabinet (1, 2) ; Hillel Founda GUPTON, WILLIAM OWEN A.B. IN ENGLISH. GURLEY, ISAAC DEAN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HACKNEY, ALFRED JUSTICE, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. HAGER, JAMES RONALD B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. HAHN, JOSEPH EDWARD B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Taa Epsilon Phi. Cla Student Government Committee (3, 4). HAINES, MARTHA ELIZABETH A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dormil HALL, FREDERICK MERVYN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Oriet (2, 3, 4). HALL, RALPH G., JR. A.B. IN LATIN. HALL. SOPHRONIA MOORE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Phi Ma. Angel Flight (41 ; Dormito: Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). HAMBRIGHT, ANN KELSO A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi. N.E.A. (3, 4) ; University Party (3, 4) ; W.A.A. (3) ; Worm (31 ; Elections Board. HAMPTON, PHILLIP TERRY B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HANCOCK, WILLIAM GEREMAIN, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Men ' s Honor Council (2, 3, 4) ; Order of the Grail (3, 4) ; Oriel miltee (31; Student Government Committee (1, 2, 3. 41; Y.D.C. (1); Dormil, Advisor (41 ; Carolina Political Union, Chairman (3, 4) ; Communications Con Academic Affairs Committee (3) ; State Affairs Committee (4) ; State Student Leg Toronto Exchange (4). Accomac, Va. Zebulon Goldsboro Siler City Salisbury Gastonia (l, 2, 3, 41 ; Rockingham Waynesville Camp Counselor Oxford (3) ; Student N.E.A. (3, 4) ; Fayetteville :ion Counselor (4) ; Student dence Council (4) ; Y.W.C.A. Coinjock Charlotte HANDY. WALTER R.. JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. A.F.R.O.T.C. fl. 2. 3. 41 ; WUNC (II. HANES, JAMES GORDON B.S. IN ECONOMICS. N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3, 41. HANNA, GEORGE VERNER, III A.B. IN HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Baptist Student Ui Y.M.C.A. II, 2, 3, 41 ; Lacrosse (1, 2. 41. HANSON, JANE BOYLES A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi. Cheerleader (II ; Class Cab America (41; Orientation Committee (21: Orientation Counselor (21; Panhell. Vice President (4); Student Government Committee (3. 4); Student N.E.A.; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.R.C. (4) ; Campus Chest. Chapel Hill Pfafftown Ormond Beach, Fla. on (1) ; Student Party (1) ; Jacksonville, Fla. (1) ; Future Teachers of .ncil (3), ty Party; SENIORS HARDY, SUSAN BRIDGFORTH A.B. IN GEOGRAPHY. Kappa Alpha Theta. Straj Y.W.C.A. (4). HARNEY. THOMAS CAPEHART B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha. Student Goveri HARP. LEON PATTERSON A.B. IN HISTORY. Baptist Student L ' nion (1. 2. 31 : Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 4). HARPER, JAMES EARLE. JR. B.S. IN BIOLOGICAL EDUCATION. Chi Bela Phi. Stude Wesley Foundation (1. 2) ; Y.M.C.A. (3. 41. Durham (3, 4) ; Dorm House Council (4) ; Milano. Italy at Committee (4). Warrenton Rutherford College N.E.A. (4); University Party (41; rston, Conn. Richmond. Va. iversity Party (2, 3, Wilmington HARRAR. EVAN LLEWELLYN A.B. IN ENGLISH. Carolina Playmakers (31 : Carolina Quarterly (41. HARRIS. CHARLES WAVERLY, III A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Kappa Sigma. Dormitory Officer (4) ; II : Y.M.C.A. 12, 3. 41. HARRISS. HERBERT LYNCH B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HARRIS, JAMES OSBORN Oxford A.B. IN ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Phi Omega. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Century Squadron (1. 2) ; Arnold Air Society (3, 4) ; Comptroller (41 : Cardboard (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Class Cabinet (1. 2. 3, 4) ; Di-Phi Society (1. 2. 3, 41 ; Dormitory Officer (3. 41 ; Order of the Old Well (3. 41 ; Student Government Committee (2. 3. 4) ; Student Party (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Wesley- Foundation (1. 2) : Yackety Yack (1, 2, 3) ; Y.D.C. (1. 2, 3. 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Freshman Forum (1) ; Campus Chest (3) ; Aubrey Lee Brooks Scholar. HARRIS, LEONARD MYRON Wilmington A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Lambda Phi. Cardboard (1) ; Carolina Playmakers (2) ; Carolina Quarterly 111; Dormitory Officer (2) : Hillel Foundation (2, 4) ; Yackety Yack (3. 41. Section Editor (4) ; Y.D.C. (1); Y.R.C. (4); Y.M.C.A. (1). HARRIS. MINNIE ELLEN Harrisburg A.B. IN MATH EDUCATION. Alpha Comma Delta. Student N.E.A. (3. 4) ; W.A.A. (41 ; Yacket-. Y.„ A I II. HASSELL, CHARLES ROBERSON, JR. Beaufort A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Tau Omega. Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Canterbury Club (1); Class Cabinet (2. 3) ; I.F.C. (1. 2, 3). Court (21 ; Monogram Club (3, 4) ; Orientation Committee (2) ; Orientation Counselor (2) ; Student Legislature (1, 2) : University Party (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (I, 2. 3, 4) ; Freshman Camp Stall (2) ; Fellowship Christian Athletes (3. 4) ; Morehead Scholar. HATCH, WILLIAM A. HARRIMAN Birmingham, Ala. A.B. IN HISTORY. Pi Koppa Alpha. University Party (2, 3, 4). HATHAWAY. SUSAN JAMES A.B. IN EDUCATION. Phi Mb. Y.D.C. (3, 4) HAUSER. FRANK MARION, IV B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. HAWKINS. GRADY HAROLD A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2 Blade (3. 4) ; Track (1) ; A.F.R.O.T.C. Drill 1 HAWKINS, LINDA JOSEPHINE A.B. IN SPECIAL EDUCATION. Phi Mu. Cla 41 ; Orientation Counselor 14) ; Student Goverr trersiti Party 13. 41: Y.W.C.A. 13. 41: Unive mittee (3). Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Elizabeth City Goldsboro ■ Society (3, 4) Candler Scabbard and Asheville Cabinet (3. 41 : Future Teachers of America (3, lent Committee (31 : Student N.E.A. (3. 4) ; Uni- iity Party Activities Committee (3) ; Class Com- HAWKINS. OSCAR B. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. HAYMAN. PATRICIA SUE B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Stray Creeks; G.M.A.B.; Women ' s Res HEALY, DIANA MAURINE A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Gamma Phi Beta. Student N.E.A. HEFELFINGER, DANIEL TUCKER B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Chi Sigma. Phi Beta Kappa. D Raleigh Huntington. W. Va. esidence Council. McLean. Va. (3.4). Charlotte litory Officer (1). HELMS. MICHAEL JAMES B.S. IN PHYSICS. HELMS. WORTH McLENDEL. JR. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT. Track (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Monogi HEMBREE, LLOYD JOHN A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Canterbury Club (1. 41 ; Orientat Student Government Committee (1. 3); Student Party; Wrestling (2); WUNC-TY (1); Y.R.C Radio Club; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). I Club (3, 4). Dudley Charlotte Charlotte nselo (1. 2. 3. 4) ; U.N.C. HENDERSON, ALBERT ALLEN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lynn Hamlet Pembroke Fellowship (3. 4) ; Y.D.C. (4) ; HENDRICKS, MARVIN THOMPSON A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. HENDRIX. CHARLES RAYMOND, JR. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3, 4) ; Westminste Y.M.C.A. (31. HENSON, VARA ALLENE A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Y.D.C. ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Do HERNDON. KAREN ANN Albemarle A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Delta Delta. University Party (3, 4) ; Y.R.C. (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). itory Officer (3. 4) . Asheboro HERRING, RUFUS McPHAIL, JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Epsilon Delta. HEYMANN. PETER LAWRENCE A.B. IN ENGLISH. Tau Epsilon Phi. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Slude HICKMAN, MARJORIE JEAN A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Carolina Playmakers (41; Cosmopolit (3. 4) ; Orientation Counselor (4) : Press Club (3. 41 ; Studen University Party (4) ; Wesley Foundation (41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4) HICKS. DENVER FLOYD. JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ACCOUNTING. Dormitory Officer (2, 3, 4) Clinton Asheville it Party (1) ; Hillel Foundation. Hudson in Club (3. 41 ; Daily Tor Heel Con (3, Siler City (2). Page 328 CLASS OF 1965 HICKS. RONALD EUGENE B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. Henrietta HIGGINS, VIRGINIA EVALENA A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Press Club; Daily Tar Heel. Salisbury HINES, EVELYN MORGAN A.B. IN EDUCATION . Sanford HIXON, BARBARA ANN B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Baptist Student Union (3. 41 ; Cosi nopolitan Club (4) . Wilmington HLADYS, VIRGINIA ANN A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Delia. Orientati. iselor (4) ; Y .W X.A.. Badin Vice-President Mt. Holly Greenville Y.R.C., Cha inn an (3, Goldsboro 4) ; Carolina Richmond, Va. unselor (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). HOBBS, BENJAMIN F., JR. Warsaw A.B. IN HISTORY. Y.D.C. (1, 2, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Student Party (1. 2, 4) ; Carolina Political Union (4). HOBSON, FRED COLBY, JR. YadkinviUe A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Delta Chi, President (3). Daily Tar Heel (1. 21 ; Basketball (I) ; Press Club (3. 4) ; Student Government Committee (4) ; Wesley Foundation (1, 4) ; Y.D.C. (1, 2, 4). HOBSON, WILLIAM PATRICK Dunn A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Gamma Delia. Dormitory Officer (2) ; Football (2, 3. 4) ; M.R.C. (2) ; Monogram Club (2, 3, 4) ; University Party (2, 3, 4) ; Y.D.C. (4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 4). HODGES, GERALD GARANT Gainesville, Fla. A.B. IN HISTORY AND SPANISH. Phi Alpha Theta. Canterbury Club (1) : Dormitory Officer (41 ; Orientation Counselor (4) ; Student Party (2, 3) ; University Party (1) ; Y.D.C. (1, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1); Dormitory Executive Committee (3, 4). HOKE, BARRIE FRANKLIN Conover A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Dormitory Officer (4) ; WUNC (2). HOLCHER, FRANK THEODORE Asheville A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Westminster Fellowship (1, 4) ; Y.D.C. (4). HOLLANDER, JEFFREY ALAN Greensboro A.B. IN HISTORY. Cardboard (II ; Dormitory Officer (31 ; Hillel Foundation (1. 2. 3, 4) ; Stu. dent Party (2, 3) ; University Party (1, 4) : Y.D.C. (1, 4). HOLLIS, ROSANNE A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Orients (4); Campus Chest (3). HONEYCUTT, DAVID FRED B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Baseball HONEYCUTT, THOMAS RHETT A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. HOOKS, CHARLES CULLON, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. University Cho Conservative Club. HOOPER, PAMELA WHITTEMORE Winston-Salem A.B. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION. Delia Delta Delta. Gamma Beta Epsilon. Cheerleader 141 ; Orientation Counselor (4) ; Student N.E.A. (3, 4) ; University Party (3. 4) ; W.A.A. (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3). HOOPES, EDWIN LOWREY, III Athens, Ga. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Coif (2, 3. 4) ; Gorgon ' s Head (2, 3, 4) ; Mono- gram Club; N.R.O.T.C; Orientation Counselor; University Party. HOOVER, EDDIE LEE Charlotte A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1) ; Carolina Handbook (2) ; Student Party (2). HORNER, BONNIE LYNN Spruce Pine B.S. IN MATH EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi. Class Cabinet (I) ; G.M.A.B.; University Party (1, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. HORNER, JACK DOUGLAS Spruce Pine A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Soccer (1) ; University Party (1). HOTCHKIN, ELIZABETH ANN Riverton, N. J. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpha Theta. Tennis Club (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3) ; Stray Greeks (3, 4). HOUSER, JOHN WILLIAM Charlotte A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Nti. Y.M.C.A. (I, 2). HOUSTON, DIANA DEE Chapel Hill A.B. IN ENGLISH. HOUSTON, JOANNA BAKER Ahoskie A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta. Class Cabinet (3, 4) ; Orientation Com- mittee (3. 4) ; Orientation Counselor (41 ; University Party (3, 4| ; Y.D.C. (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41 ; Alumni Varsity Court; Beat Duke Queen. HOUT, PATRICIA JOAN Charlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH. Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Order of the Deadly Nightshades (3, 4). HOWARD, EDWIN STEPHEN Mooresville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HOWARD, SUSAN VIRGINIA Chapel Hill A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3, 4) ; Wesley Foundation (2, 3, 4). HOWE, MARTHA JANE Belmont A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Chi Omega. Class Cabinet (31; Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (3) ; University Party (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Campus Chest (3). HOWELL, JAMES STUART Wilmington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HOWIE, ELIZABETH STEWART A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega. Future Teachers of America; Or tation Counselor; Student N.E.A.; University Party; Women ' s Resi. HOYBACH, JOHN PETER A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2, 3. 4) ; Arnold Air Si mander (4) ; Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Scabbard and Blade (3, 4). Page 329 Monroe er of the Beanbirds; Orien. ence Council; Y.W.C.A. Washington, D. C. Diety (2, 3, 4), Area Com. flit £ 4MSM SENIORS HOYLE, WILLIAM SIDNEY .B. IN HISTORY. HUFFMAN, DON WAYNE B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Dormitory Officer 12, 31: (1. 2). HUFFMAN, JOE ELMO A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Zeta Pm. Truck. HUGHES, WILLIAM DON B S. IN INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT. Cardboard (1, 2) : Dormit Orientation Counselor (2. 3): Track (II: University Party (1. il. - ' i . Durham Salisbury utheran Studenl issoi iation Morgan ton Asheboro v Officer (1) ; CM. A.B. (21 ; . ' !. II ; Y.D.C.: Intramurals Charlotte ion Co elor (41 ; Student Gov, HULL, PEGGY ANNE V.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Delta. Ori 131 : Y.D.C. HI ; Y.W.C.A. 13. 41. HULL, ROBERT DANIEL Bethesda, Md. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Phi Kappa Sigma. Baseball (1); I.F.C. (21; Orientation Counselor I II | University Party (1. 2, 3, II ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3. 41 : U.P. Membership Cm ttee. Mount Holly. N. J. (3); Y.D.C. (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (41. Arlington. a. HUNT. DENNIS RUSSELL A.B. IN HISTORY. Student Party (II : In HUNT, JAMES DAVID B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi Mu Alpha Sin onia. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 21; Band II. 2. 3, 41 University Symphony Orchestra (3, 41. HUNT, SAMUEL PANCOAST, III New Haven, Conn .B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi tfu ilpha Sinfonia. Band II. 2. 3, 4) ; Dormitory Officer (31 Men ' s Glee Club (21 ; Orientation Counselor 12. 3, II : I niversity Party 111: Westminster Fellow ship (1. 2, 3, II: Y.M.C.A. 12. 3, 41: Intramural Council President I.I. II: S I i. I); Freshman Camp Counselor (21 ; Carolina Athletic Council 14). HUNT. SYLVIA 0. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Westininst, •r Fellowship. HUNTER, SHELTON BRINSON. Ill A.B. IN HISTORY. Y.M.C.A. II. 2. 3, 41. HUNTLEY. ROBERT STEPHEN A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Dormitory Officer 141; M.R.C. (II. ety of Janus Raleigh krllly Lexington Winchester. Va n Club (3, II ; Orientation Counselo HUNTSBERRY, EDITH ANN B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Alpha Delta Pi. N 141 : Y.W.C.A. 13. 41 ; Order of Old Lampshades. HUTCHENS. JIMMIE R. Yadk A.B. IN SOCIAL STUDIES EDUCATION. Y.R.C. (3, 41 ; Y.M.C.A.; Mock Con HUTCHINS, CHRISTINE .B. IN FRENCH. Baptist Student Unior French Club (41. HYDE. JOSEPH REEVES, III A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Chi. Univei (1. , 3. 41 (3). Durham III ; Y.W.C.A. (41 ; Memphis. Tenn. Charlotte N.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. 3. 41; Carolina HYDE. WILSON PENNINGTON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Aquaholics (1. 21; Cave-Climbing Club 111. HYMAN. IRWIN BARRY High Point B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Lambda Phi. Debate Council (2. 3, 41 ; Hillel Founda- tion. Treasurer (1, 2, 3, 41 ; University Party (3, II. IDDINGS. W. ROBERT .B. IN EDUCATION. Cardboard (3) : Luthe itudent Assoc lion II. Albemarle rackety Yack 13. II. Asheville versity Party II. II ; We-lh.-ld (1. 2, 3) ; Cardboard (2. 3 1 ; on Committee (31 ; Universit) INGRAM. REBECCA SLZAN .B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Future Teachers of An .ilkvru.„: W.A.A. INMAN, TEDDY RAY A.B. IN HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY. Baptist Student Unio Carolina Handbook (2. 31: Dormitory Officer (1. 21; Orienta Party (1. 2, 31 : Y.R.C. II, 2, 3) : Y.M.C.A. II. 2. .1. II. ISLEY, RANDOLPH INGLE. JR. Burlington B.S. IN Bl SIN1SS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha. University Party (1. 2, 3, 41. JACKSON, DOUGLAS St. Pauls A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Dormitory Officer (21 ; M.R.C. (21 ; Y.D.C. (3) ; Y.M.C.A. (1). JACKSON. HOWARD PHILOS Fayetteville .B. IN ZOOLOGY. Cosmopolitan Club (3. 41: Skin Divine Club (2. 31; U.N.C. Symphonj (1. 2, ;li: Outing Club II. 21. JACKSON, NEAL ANDREWS Raleigh A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Carolina Forum (2. 3) ; C.U.S.C. (2, 3) ; G.M.A.B. (21 : N.S. V 131, Campus Coordinator (41 : Order ol the Grail 13. II : Orientation Counselor 12. II : Student Legislature (21. Committee Chairman 13); Student Party 121. Chairman 1.1. II: Universit) Party (1); Y.D.C. (2, 31. President 141: Carolina Political Union: Stale Student Legislature 12. 3). JACKSON, SAMUEL, III St. Michaels. Md. .B. IN ART HISTORY. Cosmopolitan Club (2, 31; Debate Council (1. 2, 31. Vice President III; Y.M.C.A. (II; Fencing Team (2. 31: Cave-Climbing Club 12. 3, 41; Fine Arts Festival CI. 4). JACOBS, HUNTER LEWIS Richmond. Va. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dormitory Officer (41; M.R.C. (II: Dormitory Executive Committee. JEFFERDS, JOSEPH CROSBY, III Charleston. W. Va. A.B. IN HISTORY. Chi Psi. A.F.R.O.T.C. II. 21: S r 111: T lis 111; Universit, Pail, II. 2. 3. 41; International Students Committee 131. JELLINGHAUS, PAULA ELIZABETH A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Orientation Counselor ( Tennis (41; University Parly (3, II: Women ' , Residei 13. 41. JENKINS. CORNELIA ANN V.B I SOCIOLOGY. Baptist Student Union 13. II. JENKINS, WILLIAM DELMAR, JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Men ' s Glee Club (3) ; Student Party (3, 4) ; CI JOHANSSON, NELLY CHRISTINE A.B. IN FRENCH. Cosmopolitan Club (2. 31 : Y.W.C.A. (2, 3). Page 330 Wilmington. Del. Student Government Committee III: Council (3) ; Y.D.C. 1 1 : 1 I Mooresboni Norfolk. Va. Chapel Hill CLASS OF 1965 JOHNS, ARNOLD EARL, JR. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma o. VF.R.O.T.C. 11, University Part) 111 : WUNC 111 : Y.R.C. (1. 2. 31 Club: Intramurals. JOHNSON, BRUCE CHAMPNEY A.M. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. Fresh. Atlanta, Ga. 2) : Orientation Counselor 1 II : Track (1.21: Y.M.C.A. 1 ; Outing Club; Cave-Climbing JOHNSON. DALE PATTON A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sluile JOHNSON. FREDERICK LEE A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Intramut an Honors Program. (3, 1) ; Y.M.C.A. (3) ; Me Annamlale, Va. Clinton i ' a Residence Council Coudersport, Pa. JOHNSON, WILLIAM LESLIE. JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Soccer 141 : Track (41 : Uni. Elizabethtown trty 13. 41 : Spanish Club. JOHNSTON. CHARLES DAVID. Ill Elizabeth City A.B. IN ENGLISH. Baptist Student Union II. 2. 3. 41 : Cosmopolitan Club (31 ; Y.M.C.A. (II. JOHNSTON. JULIUS, III A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Kappa Alpha. Uni ' Yanceyville Party (1. 2. 3. 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (1,2). JOHNSTON, PAMELA SUSAN Chapel Hill A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Canterbury Club 131; Student N.E.A. 13. II; Y.W.C.A. (31. . 3, 41 : Y.D.C. (1. 2. 3. 41. Belhaven JOHNSTON. REED, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Cosmopolitan Club (31: Dorr Club (1. 2) : Student Government Committee (31 ; Student Part) JOHNSTON, WILBUR LEE. JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Tennis It. 21 ; Y.D.C. (1. II : Y.M.C.A. II, 2. 3. 41. JOHNSTONE, MARGARET ROBERTSON Gastonia A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Splash Club (31 ; Tennis 131. JONAS, RICHARD ELLIOTT Lincolnton A.B. IN SPANISH AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Delta Theta. Vice President 131, President III. Morehead Scholar: Cimghoul 12, 3. II: Monogram Club 12. 3. 41; I.F.C. (2, 3. 41; Orientation Counselor (2); Student Government Committee (21: Track (1, 2, 3. 41; Universit) Part) II. 2, 31. Treasurer (21. Rockingham sidenl 111. Class Cabinet (21; .1.1 Club II. 21 ; Student Govern- JONES. CHARLES RAY B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT. Ph, 1 u Alpha N.R.O.T.C. II, 2. 3, 41. Drum and Bugle Corps II. 2. 31; ment Committee (II; Track (II; Intramurals (1. 2. 3. 41. JONES, HENRY LAWRENCE Elizabethtown A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Kappa Psi, A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. I, 4) : Arnold Air Society 12. 3, II: Dorm.lorv Officer 111: Orientation Counselor (31; Scabbard and Blade 13. 41: University Parly 12. 31 : Y.D.C. (2. 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (2). JONES, J. LAURENCE, III Charlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH. Daily Tar Heel 131: University Parly (3, 41: Yackety Yack (31: Y.R.C. (41: Campus Affairs Board (41; University Parly Campus Action Board (31: Mock Political Conve n 131. JONES, JOE ATHEL U.S. IN UXOl NUNC. a neSA ill. Mt. Airy JONES, ROLAND EUGENE A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. JORDAN, FRANCIS DIXON A.B. IN HISTORY. Cosmopolitan Club III: Orientation Counselor (11:1 Board (21: Spanish Club (2). JOYNER, WILLIAM LEWIS, JR A.B. IN HISTORY. Pin Delia Theta. Univer. KALB. ROXANNE ELIZABETH Suffield, Conn A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. Alpha Delta Pi. President (41. Carolina Symposium 131 Order oi the Beanbirds (3, II; Panhellenic Council (II: Student Parly 13. II; W.A.A. (3, ll Toronto Exchange 13. 41. Co-chairman III : Order ol the Old Lampshades 13. II : Valkyries I II Raleigh Rocky Mount Part) (1. 2. 3. II ; Y.M.C.A. (I. 21. an Club (3, II : (I. KANE. PAUL JAMES, JR. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Lambda (In Alpha. Uni ' KEEDWELL, SHIRLEY VIRGINIA A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta. I niversi KELEHER, SUSAN LOUISE A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dormitory Officei I II ; Ne Y.W.C.A. (3, 41. KELLEHER, KATHLEEN JANE A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dormitor) Officei Hi: N,» ( ounseloi II. : Student V E. V 13, II : Y.W.C.A. (31. KELLERMAN. TERRY LYNNE U.S. IN MATHEMATICS. KELLY, SALLY SHANNON U.S. IN M THEMATICS. Y.D.C. 13. I) ; Y.W.C.A. KENNEDY, GLENN ARTHUR B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. KENNEDY. IMOGENE ELIZABETH A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta. Sludenl N.E.A. (31; Un (3) : Y.W.C.A. 13, II. KERLEY, WINSTON WOODLIEF .ll. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. KESLER, RALPH EDWARD. JR. A.B. IN RECREATION ADMINISTRATION. I. : Monogram Club 12. 3. 41; Y.M.C.A. (II. KEYSER, DALE CLARK A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Daily Tar Heel 131: N.S.A. 131; Or Party (4) ; Honors Program (4). KIMBALL, JON PARKER D.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Y.R.C. (41. Asheville .irly II. 2. 3. II : Y.M.C.A. II. 2. 3. II. Emporia. Va. (1, 2, 3. 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3). Asheville Counselor (4); Winston-Salen an Club (3. 41 : Orientatio Arlington, Va. Winston-Salem Jackson Montclair. N. J. ty Party (3, ll : W.A.A. Salisbur aseball ll. 2. 3. II : P.. oil, all ll. 1. I Atlanta. Ga. Counselor 14) ; Student Chapel Hill n ' - SENIORS KIMMERER, MARIAN Baltimore, Md. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Carolina Quarterly (4) ; Cosmopolitan Club (3) ; Ouling Club (4). KING, BRENDA SUE Durham A.B. IN EDUCATION. Carolina Handbook (31; Orientation Com (3. 4) ; W.A.A. (3. 4) ; Senior Class Committee: Intramurals (3, 41. KING, DAVID ROBERT A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Sigma u. M.R.C. (3) ; Ori [ion Co (2, 3). KING, DIANNE BINKLEY A.B. IN EDUCATION. (3) ; Student N.E.A. Camp Lejeune (4); Soccer (2) ; Student Winston-Salem Manteo C.U.S.C. (3, 41 Weldon Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2. II : Dormitory ittee (3. 41; Orientation Counselor (2. mittee (3, 4) ; U.P. Legislative Floor KING, ISAAC F. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE KING. MALVERN FRANCIS, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Alpha Th, Executive Committee (2, 3. 4) ; Fine Art 3); Finance Committee (2, 3, 4); U.P Leader (4). KING. VICTORIA HALLIE Raleigh B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS AND A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Alpha Camma Delta, President (41. Cheerleader (II: Panhelleni,- Council 13. 41: Student Government Committee (3, 4); W.A.A. (3, 4) : Freshman Women ' s Honorary (II ; Class Social Committee (1, 2) ; Order ol the Old Lampshades (3, 4). KINKADE. CAROL ALICE Charlotte .B. IN ENGLISH. Cosmopolitan Club 141 ; Future Teachers ol America (4) ; Student Govern- ment Committee (41 ; Student Party (4} ; Y.D.C. 141 ; Y.W.C.A. 111. KINNEY, GEORGE SANDIFER A.B. IN RECREATION. Baseball 111; Football (1, 2, 3, Club (2. 31; Track (1. 2); University Party (I. 2. 3, 4 Wrestling (II: Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 41; F.C.A. (3. 41. KIRCHDORFER, BETTY JEAN A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Angel Flight (3, 41. KIRK. CHARLES DAYTON A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. KIRKLAND, WILLIAM ELLIOTT A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Delta Upsilon. Student Government Commit Track (II; University Party (2, 3, 4); Y.R.C. Ill; Y.M.C.A. II. 2 (1, 21; Audit Board (3. 4). Chairman (4). Hendersonville Monogram Club (3. 41 ; Splash Westminster Fellowship (1, 2) ; Roseboro Asheville Bethesda. Md. (3. 4), Chairman (4) ; KIRKPATRICK, CURRY A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Kappa Tau Alpha Heel (1. 2. 3. 41. Sports Editor 13. 41 : P York 3) ; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3. 4} ; Journalis KOLLAR. JOSEPH JOHN A.B. IN CHEMISTRY AND ENGLISH. Do 3. 41; Newman Club (1. 2. 3. 4): Univei Society (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Elections Committee C KOMAS, NICOLAS JOHN Lewiston Heights, N. . Baseball (1) ; Carolina Handbook 12. 3) : Daily Tar ■ss Club; Westminster Fellowship; WUNC ; Yackef, Honors Program. Forest City. Pa. nitorv Officer (41 : M.R.C. (3, 41 ; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, ilv Party (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Y.D.C. (4) ; Semper Fidelis airman (3. 41 ; Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4). Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Westn KOSMA, ALEXANDER. JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Y.D.C. (41. KOWAL, LAWRENCE DAVID B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. M.R.C. (1) ; Swimming (1. 21 ; KROE, JERRY EDARD A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. KRUMING, MARTIN ALEXANDER A.B. IN HISTORY. Chi Psi. Daily Tar Heel (1, 2) ; Soci LAMB, CARYL SUE A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Y.R.C. (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. 141. «ship (3. 4). Concoi Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. in. Baltimore, Md. New York, N. Y. I. 31. Carolina Beach Myrtle Beach, S. C. LAMBE, RONALD JAY B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. N.R.O.T.C. (I. 2, 3, 4). LAMM, BETSY DUNN Raleigh A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi. Future Teachers of America; Student Partv : Y.D.C; Y.W.C.A. LAMPSI, ROBERTA JEAN Albemarle A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Sigma Kappa. Orientation Counselor (4) ; Student N.E.A. (3. 4) : House Council (3) ; Stray Greeks (3. 41. LANCASTER, HAROLD MARTIN Goldsboro A.B. IN LAW. Alpha Phi Omega. Carolina Handbook (I. 21. Associate Editor (3): Dormitory Officer (2. 31 : M.R.C. (2) ; Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2) ; Order of the Old Well (3. II : Orientation Counselor (31; Publications Board (2). Chairman (31; Student Government Committee (2, 3); Student Partv (1. 2. 3. 4). Vice Chairman (31. Advisory Board (2. 3) : Yaekety Yack l- ' l : Edi. tor ' s Roundtable (3) ; Y.D.C. (1. 2. 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3) : Carolina Political Union (3, 4) ; State Student Legislature (1, 2, 3). LAND, HARRY KENNETH Leaksville A.B. IN RELIGION. LANDIS, SUZANNE CLARY Chapel Hill A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta. Student N.E.A. (3, 4) ; University Party (3. 4) ; Women ' s Residence Council (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). LANE, CATHERINE ROSE Wilson A.B. IN MATH EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi. Basketball (3. 4) ; Student N.E.A. (4) ; Women ' s Residence Council (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). LANEY, MARGARET SHERRILL Matthews A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Baptist Student Union (3, 4) ; Press Club (3. 41. LANGSTON, BOBBY LAWRENCE Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Y.R.C. (4) ; Y.M.C.A. (3). LANKFORD. WALES RANDALL Pisgah Forest A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. Carolina Aquaholics (1). LAUDER, BARBARA RUTH Ruffin A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Phi Mu. Panhellenic Council (II ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4) ; C.C.U.N. Seminar (3) ; Fine Arts Festival (4 1. LAWS, RAYMOND McKINLEY Gastonia B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Page 332 h M CLASS OF 1965 dikmh Raleigh Club (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Orienta. LAWS, SALLY FRANCES B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Angel Flight (2. 3. 4 1 ; Newrr [ion Counselor (31 ; Order of the Old Lampshades (3, 4). LEAK, MARY STELLA Charlotte A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Pi Beta Phi. Class Cabinet (3. 41: Orientation Committee 13): Pan. hellenic Council (3. 4) ; Student Government Committee (3. 41 ; University Party (3, 4) ; Y.R.C. 13, 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). LEAKE, WILLIAM STUART, JR. Winston-Salem A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Beta Thela Pi. Orientation Counselor (3, 41 ; Attorney General ' s Staff 13, 41 ; University Party (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (2, 3); Campus Cheat 111. LEE. GLENDA ANN Kannapolis A.B. IN EDUCATION. Angel Flight (1) ; Orientation Counselor (2) ; Student N.E.A. (2). LEE, JOHN WILLIAM Roaring Gap A.B. IN GERMAN AND SPANISH. Dormitory Officer (41; Hillel Foundation (3. 4); Spanish Club (3, 4) : Freshman and Sophomore Honors Program. LEE, MARGARET CAROLYN Marietta, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH AND PHILOSOPHY. Writer-in-Residence Committee (3, 4|. LEE, SUE NEAL Orrum A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Baptist Student Union (3, 4) ; Dormitory Officer 141. LEFF. HERBERT LEROY Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Dorm Resident Advisor; Senior Honors Program. Portsmouth, V a. Kappa Pi. Stray Greeks. Canterbury Club (2, 3, 4) ; 1 (4) ; Dormitory Officer (2, 3) ; Order of lor (2) ; Stude: " Ho LEFFLER, PATRICIA ANN A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Sigma Sigm Carolina Plavmakers (21 • Carolina Wo the Old Well (3, 41 : Orientation Committee (3, 4) ; Ori ment Committee (2); Student Party; University Partv : Wo Women ' s Residence Council (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (2. 3, 41. LEGGETT. JAY LYNN B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Alpha Kappa Psi. LeGRAND, JOHN LILLINGTON B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Phi Gamma Delia. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1 University Partv (1, 2, 3, 4). LENZ. JOHN JAMES. JR. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Dormitory Officer (31; M.R.C. (3); Club (1, 2, 3, 41. LESESNE. EDWARD HUGUENIN, JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Beta Thela Pi. Morehead Scholar; Orientation C sity Party (1, 2. 3. 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (11. LESTER, DOUGLAS JOE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 21. LESTER, WILLIAM HUGH B.S. IN PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT. Men ' s Glee Club (1) ; WUNC (II LESTER, WILLIAM L. G., JR. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Alpha Tau Omega. Student G University Party: Y.R.C. (2, 31 ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 41 ; Sailing Club Offi lil (2, 3, 4) Pinetown Chapel Hill Charlotte Club (3); Ne Knoxville, Tenn. iselor 12. 31 ; Univer- Short Hills. N. J. High Point 2, 3) ; Y.R.C. LEVINE, GEORGE JOEL B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Pi Lambda Phi. Sigma Alpha Mu. Hillel Four (1, 2, 3, 4) : Y.M.C.A. (II. LEVINSON, HAROLD JAY Fredericksburg, Va. A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Tau Epsilon Phi. Dance Committee (31; Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); Yackety Yack (1, 21, Sports Editor (2); Y.M.C.A. (1). LEWIS, EVA MAY Farmville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (4). LEWIS, GEORGE THOMAS, JR. FayetteviUe A.B. IN ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Arnold Air Society (2, 3, 4) ; Orientation Counselor (3). LEWIS, MARY LINDA A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega. (3) ; i Stude McComb, Miss. ary Club (4); Carolina Symposium (3); Class Cabinet Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (31: Student N.E.A. (3, 4); (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41 ; Fine Arts Committee (4) ; Y.W.C.A. President (4) ; President ' s Council (4) ; Order of the Old Lampshades (4). LEWIS. RALPH WILLIAM Chapel Hill B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). LEWIS, REBECCA ANN Asheville A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Yackety Yack (4) ; Y.D.C. (4). LICHTENFELS, FRANCES Asheville A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Dormitory Officer (3, 4) ; Hillel Foundation (1, 2) ; Women ' s Residence Council (4). Lexington, Va. sity Party (41 ; Women ' s LIGHT, ELIZABETH HARLAN A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Delta Pi. Orientation Counselor (41 : Unive Residence Council (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). LIGHT. JAMES WOODSON Bluefield, W. Va. A.B. IN ENGLISH AND ECONOMICS. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Morehead Scholar; Campus Affairs Board (31 ; Monogram Club (3, 41 ; Campus Chest Carnival Committee Co-chairman; Orientation Counselor (21 ; Publications Board (41 ; University Party (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Lacrosse (3, 4) ; Student Body Treasurer (3) ; International Student Board (3). LINDON, VIRGINIA GAIL New York, N. Y. A.B. IN FRENCH. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Orientation Counselor (4) ; Campus Chest; Fine Arts. LINDSAY, JOSEPH HAMLIN. JR. Chapel Hill B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Alpha Kappa Psi. LINVILLE, MARTHA EMILY A.B. IN EDUCATION. LIPPARD, CAROL NANNETTE B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. LITAKER. NANCY LEE A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. House Counselor. LITTLE. ALEXANDER GRAHAM, III A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Phi. Phi Beta Chi. Can Party (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Wrestling (1) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, Cleveland, Ten Valdosta, Ga. erbury Club (3) ; N.R.O.T.C. (1) ; University 3,4). Page 333 SENIORS LITTLE. HILDA HARDISON Wadesboro I. IN RECREATION ' ADMINISTRATION. Canterbury Club (I): Student Party (4); Y.D.C. I II : Y.W.C. A. (3, 4); House Council (3. II ; Campus Chest 13. 41. LITTLE, JERRY ALLEN Statesville B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. B«« t.amma Sigma. LITTLEFIELD, DIANNE Charlotte .B. IN EDUCATION. Delhi Delia Delta. Class Cabinet (3. 41: Orientation Committee 13. 4); Orientation Counselor 3. 41: Student Coyernment Committee 13, 41; Student N.E.A. (3. 41; University Pain 13, 4) ; Women ' s Residence Council (31 : Y.W.C. . 13. 41. LOCKHART, GEORGE G. Wilmington, Del. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Delta Sigma Pi. Baseball II. J. 31 : Intramural Manager (2, 41. LOMINAC, THOMAS CHARLES Weaverville 11. IN M ITHEM TICS. Band 11. 2, 3, 41 : Whitaker Schola r; Fresh nan Honors Program 111. LONG, DONALD GRAY Winston-Salem B.S. I.N BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tennis 11. 11. LONG, JAMES SEXTON Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2 1 ; Univ ersity Pari, 1 _ ' 1 ; Y.M.C.A. LONG. MELINDA .B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. ' . Be LONG. PAUL DOUGLAS .B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. LOPP. JOHN PETER. Ill B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Do LOPP. RONNIE BRUCE .B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. LORBER, DAVID MARTIN Washington. D. C. Student N.E.A. 13. 41: Y.W.C. . 141: New Bern (41 ; Campus Che Lexington Winston-Salem A.B. IN HISTORY. Canterbury Club II. . ' . 3. 4): Carolina Handbook (2. 31, Assistant Editor (2); Dormitory Officer (2); Order of the Old Well 13. 41; Orientation Counselor for Foreign Students (4); Yacket-j 1 a, k 13. II; Y.R.C. (41: Y.M.C.A. (II: University Partv (1. 2. 3. II; Campus Chest 131: Fencing (1) ; U.P. Committee 12. 31: Class Finance Committee 13. 41. Co-chairman 141: Fine Art- Festival (31; Publications Board 141: State Student Legislature 131: Freshman Forum Chairman (II: Y.M.C.A. Committee on Foreign Students 111; Class Cabinet 141. Kn (1. 2, 3. (3. 41 LOVEDAY. DONALD RAY III IN KM III VTION MIM1NISTRATION. Footba LOWE, GARY READE A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Debate Council Counselor (41: Student Legislature (41; Student P, Conservative Club (41 : Editor ' s Round Table (41. LOWRANCE. WILLIAM WILSON. JR. .B. IN CHEMISTRY. Morehead S, Iiolar: M.R.C. 131; Men ' s Glee Club (1. 21; Order of the Grail (3, 41; Orientation Committee (31; Orientation Counselor 121: University Party (1, 2, 3, II ; Westminster Fellowship II. 2. 3. II. President 1.31 : Wrestling II. 21. LUDFORD. PHYLLIS KATHERINE Elizabeth City B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Universit) Part) I.I. li : Y.D.C. (3. 41. e. Tenn. Durham Mentation 13. 41 : Y.R.C. 13, 4) ; Intramurals (31 : Asheville LUKENS. ROBERT PAUL .B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. 3. II : Arnold Air S ami Blade (3. 41. LUMPKIN. TROY PICKETT A.B. IN ENGLISH. N.R.O.T.C. II, 2, 3. II ; Honors. LYNCH, BARBARA ANN lis. IN BIOLOGY EDUCATION. Kappa Delta. Baptist Student Union I II : University Party; Y.D.C. 1.3) : Y.W.C. A. (3, 41 : Spanish Club (3. 41 LYON, HUGH PALMER. JR. Lansdale, Pa. •ty 13. 41 : Scabbard Naples. Italy Pilot Mountain 3, li : Student N.E.A. Washington. D. C. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi Eta Sigma. WUNC II. 21 : Pe Mu- LYON. RICHARD JORDAN A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Kappa Sigma. Livingston. Ala. nt 141. I.F.C. 13, 41; Orientation Counselor 121: liversit) Part) II. 2. 3. II; Y.M.C.A. II. 2. 31; ittorne) General ' s Staff (2. 3. 4). McBANE, BEN DOUGLAS .B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Men ' s Glee Club (3. 41. Mccarty, perry howell A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Delta Thela. Morehead Scholar; Daily Committee 13. II. b COMBS. JAMES TALMADGE Granite Quarry B.S. IN GENER I. BUSINESS. Arlington. Va. Dunwoodv. Ga. Heel (3. 41 : Orientation McCONNELL, ALISON K li IN SOCIOLOGY . Y.W.I . (3, 11. McCUISTON, OSCAR THOMAS. JR. B.S. IN til SINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma M.-Cl LLOUGH, CONSTANCE JOAN .l(. IN HISTORY. Class Cabinet (4). Publicity Con selor III; University Party (3. 41: Y.W.C. . (3, II 1 .V, .C.A. Public Affairs 111. I, COLLUM, JUDITH QUINN It IN MU i: TKIN. Fair Lawn. N. J. Kernersville Riverside. Conn. I; Orientation Co,,,,. Statesville McCURDY, MARY ANN THERESE B.S. IN MEDII IL TECHNOLOGY. Newman Club (1, 2, 1) ; Orientation Counselor (3). McDANIEL, ANN MASON Jesup, Ga. A.B. IN ART EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi. McDANIEL, MARGARET ANN Fayetteville A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Delta. Class Cabinet 13. II : C.U.S.C. (1. 21 : Student Government Committee (41: Universit] Part) 13. II: Women ' s Honor Council (3); Y.W.C. A. (3, II: Campus Chest. Mc DAVID. VIRGINIA LLOYD Pensacola. Fla. It.S. IN SCIENCE EDUCATION. Class ( .,1,0,. 1 (1, 2) ; Order of the Beanbirds (2. 3. 41 : I „„«. sit) Part) II. 21 ; W.A.A. II. 21 : Y.D.C. Ill : Y.W.C. ' . Ill : House Council (1. 31 : ( Irdei oi the Old Lampshades 13. II. Page 334 CLASS OF 1965 |_g .fTj p l 2 i h iKi •1 " » -ST M Mcdonald, ann mebane A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega. Carolina Symposium Bcanbirda 13. 41 ; University Parly (3. 4). Mcdonald, harold ernest, jr. .H. I.N SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Alpha. Orientation Committee; Unenlation Party; Campus Chest. McFALLS, JUDITH ANN A.B. IN SPANISH. Student N.E.A.; Y.W.C.A. II. 2. 31 ; Spanish Club (41. McGALLIARD, RICHARD VANCE A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Carolina Symposium (21: Student Government Co Party (2, 3). Charlotte SB Cabinet (3) ; Order of the Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela - 1 1 ' - % ill ' Asheville (2) ; Student McGINTY, PARK Atlanta, Ga. I! IN RELIGION AND ENGLISH. Phi Delia Theta. Morehead Seholar; Canterbury Club; Class Cabinet (1, 21 : Monogram Club (2, 3. 41 : Order of the Grail (3. 4) ; Order of the Old Well 13, 41; Orientation Counselor (2); S r 12, 3. 41; 41 ; Co-Captain Varsity Soeeer 141 ; All South (31. McGRADY, REBECCA ANN A.B. IN LATIN. McINTOSH. BRIAN FRED A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Student Legislature II, 21 ; Track; Wrestling (1. II. McINTYRE. JAMES HOWARD B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. McKAMY, BROOKE HAMILTON A.B. IN ENGLISH. McKEE, ELIZABETH JO B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Carolina Playmakcrs (31; Westminst, Y.W.C.A. 13. 41. McKENZIE, BARBARA NELSON A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Delia Pi. Orientation Counselor I 41 ; Y.D.C. (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41. McLAURIN, MICHAEL DAVID B.S. IN MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS EDUCATION. McLEMORE, GILBERT CARMICHAEL, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Alpha. N.K.O.T.C. (1. 2. 3, 41: 1 ;i : I .liversity Party (3. 41 ; Y.M.C.A. II. 2. 41. M, MICHAEL, JULE, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Kappa Alpha. McMillan, paul douglas B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Alpha Kappa Psi. McMillan, Robert Andrew A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Delta Kappa Epsiloa. C Order of the Minotaurs 12. 3, 41: Orientati.u I niversit) I ' artv 11. 2. 3. 4) : Westminster Fello iitv Party: Y.M.C.A. II. 2, 3. Hillsvillc. a. Warren, Pa. Burlington Winston-Salem Annapolis, Md. Gibson Fayetteville Atlanta, Ga. ation Counselor Red Springs Charleston, W. Va. olina Symposium (31 : Gorgon ' s Head 12. 3. 1 1 ; Counselor (2. 31: Student Legislature 12. 31: ship (1. 2. 3. 4) : Y.M.C.A. 12. 31. McNAIRY, FRANCIS DALTON .B. IN ENGLISH. Carolina Quarterly (II: Press Club 141; So Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 41. McNAIRY, WILLIAM GLENN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi. University Part McNEIL, QUINCY ALBERT, JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY AND ERENCH. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Freshman Honors; Sophomore Honors: National Merit Scholar: l McNULTY, PATRICIA ANN .B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta. Orientation Counselor Episcopal Student Action and Pli Ho rder 141 : Junior Cla 131 Greensboro sity Party (21 ; Wilkesboro D.C. 1 11 : Y.M.C.A. 1:1. t) : itaker Scholar. Jacksonville 41 : University Partv 11. II : Council Representative 141: McWHORTER, ROBERT MONROE Carrboro A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Phi Epsilon. A.F.R.O.T.C. (3. II : Arnold Air Society (3. 4); Scab- bard and Blade 141. MacDOWELL, DOROTHY DUBOSE New Milford, Conn. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi. Orientation Counselor 111 : Y.W.C.A. 13. II : Fine Arts Festival Committee. MacINTYRE, MILES E. Arlington, Va. l.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Canterbury Club (1. 2. 3); Dormitory Officer 12. 31: Football II. 2. 31 ; Universitv Parlv (1. 2, 31 ; Y.D.C. II, 2. 31 : Episcopal Student Planning and Action Council. MacKETHAN, JOHN ALEXANDER Whiiakers U.S. IN BUSINESS DM1NISTRATI0N. Phi Eta Sigma. Beta Gamma Sigma. MacklNTOSH, DAVID McNAB Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Inter. Varsity Christian Fellowship. MacNEIL, JAMES SCOTT Harrisonburg, Va. l.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Canterbury Club (1. 2, 3, 41: Daily Tar Heel (2); University Part) (3, 41; Y.D.C. (1. 2. 3. 41: Fencing Team 12. 3. 41. MAILLET, ARTHUR DWIGHT Flushing, N. Y. 1! IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HISTORY. Monogram Club (2. 31. Vice President (41: I ,.,. k 12. 3. 41 : Y.M.C.A. (2. 3. 41 : Cross Country 12, 41 ; Physical Education Majors Club (41. MALSKI, CARL MICHAEL Hendersonville A.B. IN LATIN. MANGUM. ANTHONY BRYANT A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Chi. Darl ington, S. C. I . GUM, ROBERT WORTH A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. M.R.C. (3). Bahama MANLEY, JOHN KENDALL PREDENT1STRY. Chi Psi. Asheville MANN, BETTY SUE A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Burlington Pa; ;e 335 ki Et h .d MANNING, HOWARD EDWARDS. JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Zeta Psi. Canterbury Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Orde University Party (1, 2. 3. 4). MANNING, KENNETH PAUL A.B. IN HISTORY ' . MARKHAM, DIANNE MONROE A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Oriei 1.;, A-. ' i Yack (4); Homecoming Queen (2). MARTIN, ANDREW STEPHEN B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Arnold Ail SENIORS Raleigh of the Beanbirds (3, 4) ; Counselor (3) ; Unp Rockingham ty Party (3) ; Miss Raleigh ty (3, 4); Y.D.C. (3). MARTIN, BARBARA SUE A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Chi Omega. Carolina Svmposh Teachers of America (3, 4) ; University Party (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. MARTIN, BILLY RAY A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. MARTIN, DOHN HANNAH A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Alpha Chi Sigma. Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3). MARTIN, EDWARD STEPHENS A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. President (4). Gimghoul (2, President (4); N.R.O.T.C. (1); I.F.C. Court (.3, 4); Order of Gold of the Grail (2, 3, 41. President (4): Order of the Beanbirds (3, Committee; Track (1, 2) ; University Party (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Freshman-Soph, Charlotte (3) ; Class Cabinet (3) ; Future Kernersville Chapel Hill I.F.C. (1, 2, 3, 4), eece (3. 41 : Order itudent Government Honors Program. MARTIN. JAMES RONALD Raleigh B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Baptist Student Union (1. 2. 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1); M.R.C. (3. 4). MARTIN. LORRAINE ELOISE Murphy A.B. IN JOURNALISM. MARTIN, SAMUEL ANTHONY, JR. Farmville, Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa Sigma. Student Government Committee; University Party (2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2) ; Campus Chest. MARVIN, HAROLD WILLIAM. Ill Raleigh A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Cardboard (1, 2); Orientation Counselor (2); Student Government Committee (2). MASON, JULIA ANNE A.B. I.N SOCIOLOGY. Phi .««. Y.W.C.A. ; W.R.C. MAST. HORACE MALCOLM A.B. IN EDUCATION. MASSENGILL. ROY SHERMAN A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. MASTEN, MICHAEL ANTHONY A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Delia Sigma Pi. Class Cabine (2 1 ; University Party (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (I. 2. 3. 4 I ; Cl MATHESON, MIRIAM JOYCE A.B. IN ENGLISH. MATTHEWS, CARY IRWIN A.B. IN HISTORY. N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2). MATTHEWS. CORNELIUS FAISON A.B. IN ENGLISH. Outing Club (31. MATTOX. EUNICE HOYLE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Delia. Carolina Future Teachers of America (4J ; Orientation ( Party (3, 4) ; Yackely Yack (4) . MAUNEY, CLARENCE EUGENE A. B. IN ANTHROPOLOGY. MAY, DUARD MICHAEL B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. MAYO, HERBERT BROWN A.B. IN ECONOMICS. MAZOFF. STEPHEN MICHAEL A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Daily Tar Heel (1) j Doi 3) ; M.R.C. (1) ; University Party (1. 2. 3, 4) ; Yac Pocomoke City, Md. Carrboro Four Oaks Greensboro it Government Committee 1). Chapel Hill Greensboro Turkey- Council (31 ; Do Durham litory Officer (3) ; (4); Student N.E.A. (4); Student Red Oak Richmond, Va. Elmont. N. Y. .rv Officer (1. 3) ; Hillel Foundation (1, 2, Yack (31 ; Y.D.C; Intramurals. Wellesley Farms, Mass. (4) ; Student Government Com- Tallahassee, Fla. (3, 4) ; Hillel Foundation (3, 4) ; cil (3, 4) ; Durham (3); Student Campus Chest MEISSNER, ANNE HUDE A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Kappa Delta. Orientation Counselo mittee (3) ; Tennis (31 ; W.A.A. (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). MENDELSON, BARBARA ARLENE A.B. IN SPANISH AND DRAMATIC ART. Carolina Plavmaket I NC-TV (3, 41 ; Y.W.C.A.; Spanish Club. MENEFEE. ELIZABETH LOUISE A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Alpha Delta Pi. Class Cabinet (4) ; Government Committee (4); University Partv ; Women ' s Hoc (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4) ; Valkyries HI. MERRILL. WILLIAM HARRISON Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Delta Theta. Class Cabinet (1. 2. 3, 41 ; M.R.C; Monogram Club (2. 3, 4) ; Order of the Golden Fleece; Order of the Grail; Order of the Old Well; Orientation Com. mitlce (4); Orientation Counselor (2); Student Government Committee; Swimming. Captain (1, 4). All. American (2. 3); University Party (2, 3, 4); Fellowship of Christian Athletes (3, 4), President (4) ; Class President (4). MERRITT, JENNY LOUISE A.B. IN SOCIAL STUDIES EDUCATION. Stud 13. 4) ; House Council (4). MERRITT, JO ELLEN A.B. IN SOCIAL STUDIES EDUCATION. Doi sity Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. MEWBORN, JOHN MOSES, JR. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Westminster Fellowship. MEWBORN, QUENTIN ALEXANDER, JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Ela Sigma. Y.M.C.A. (2, 3). Page 336 N.E .A. (4) ; Uni iver. iity Pi Wilmington irly (3, 41 ; Y.W.C.A. L J Offi R. eer (4); Sti ide Wilmington N.E.A. (41 : Inner. Farmville Farmville CLASS OF 1965 MEYER, FRANK WILLIAM U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. MEYER, JULIEN HERMAN, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Zeta Beta Tau. Vice President (4). Carotin. posium (II: Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 41; I.F.C. II. J. II: Orientation Counselor (21: Student Government Committee (3) (1, 2, 3, 41 : Y.M.C.A. II, 2, 31. MICAUD, SUZANNE HELENE A.B. IN EUROPEAN HISTORY. Chi Omega. Carolin, III: Student Party (31: Y.W.C.A. (3, 41; Carolina MICHAEL, ANNE CAMPBELL A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Phi Mu. Durham Roanoke. Va. Tennis 111 1 up iity Party Charlottesville. a. osium (31; Orientation Counselor 1 Union (3, 41 : Valkyries 141. Blacksburg. Ya. MICHAELS, EDWARD GRIFFIN. Ill Reading. Pa. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Phi Delia Thela. Phi Beta Kappa. Beta Camma Sigma. Canterbury Club; Men ' s Honor Council (2, 31 ; N.R.O.T.C. II, 2. 3. 4) ; Order ol the Old Well (3, 41 ; Orientation Counselor 12. 31 ; Scabbard and Blade 13. 41 : Tennis 111 : I niversity Party (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Chest (1. 21 ; Germans Club (2, 3 1 ; Inn MIDDLEMAS, CLAIRE GRACE A.B. IN HISTORY. MIDDLETON. HENRY MOORE, III A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Eta Sigma. Phi 2. 3. 41 ; Sunste cholarship (3, 4} . Charleston, S. C. ion Counselor (41 MILES, JOEL HART A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Chi. Radio Club (3, 41. Raleig Kappa. Alpha Epsilon Delia, Officer (4 Lynchburg, Va. MILLER, ANTHONY WISNER Cedarhurst. N. Y A.B. IN HISTORY. Beta Thela Pi. President 141. M.R.C. 13 1 : Men ' s Honor Council (2, 3, 41 : Order of the Old Well (3, 41. President 141; Order of the Beanbirds 13. 41: Order of th( Minolaurs 12, 3, 41: Student Government Committee II. 2. II ; University Party (1, 2, 3, 4) Honor System Commission (1, 2, 41, Chairman (41 ; Academic Affairs Committee (2). MILLER. CAROLE JOAN Highland Park. Ill A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Orientation Counselor (41 ; Student Covernmeni Committee 141; University Party (3. 41; Y.R.C. 13. 41; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41: Attorney General ! Slaff 141 : Honor System Commission (4) ; Class Committee III. MILLER, PATRICIA EVELYN A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Student Government Committee: Alton Student N.E.A. (41 ; Women ' s Residence Council 131 : Y.W.C.A. 13. II. MILLS, EVERETTE ERNEST, III B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. MILLS, FRANK FULCHER. Ill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. N.R.O.T.C. (1. 2). MILLS, JESSATHA MacFARLAND A.B. IN ENGLISH. Dormitory Officer (41 ; Y.W.C.A. (31 ; Hous MILTON, JACK, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Chi. MIXON, SALLY A.B. IN RELIGION. Chi Omega. Orientation Counsel,, , III: Attorney General ' s Staff (4) ; Student Party (3, 41 ; Asheville ral ' s Staff (41 : »n bo Greensboro Chapel Hill Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Cabinet (4) ; Campus Chest (3, 4| ; C.C.U.N. New York Se MO.NETTE, ALAN VALMORE B.S. IN MARKETING. Scabbard and Blade (3, 41 ; Ser MOODY. DAVID HUNT A.B. IN EDUCATION. Band II, 2|; Baptist Stude 13. 41; N.R.O.T.C. Ill; Drum and Bugle Corps 111: S.N.E.A. 13, 41 Y.M.C.A. (3, 41 ; Quarterdeck Society 111 : Fellowship Christian Athlete, 13. 41. President 141 ; Wind Ensemble (1, 2). MOORE, CLAYTON WELLS. Ill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Kappa Epsilon. T: 41 ; Orientation Committee (21 ; Orientation Counselor (2) MOORE, CLYDE T„ JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Lacrosse (3, 41; Monogram Award (31 Chapel Hill pel Fidelis (3, II : Track 111. Cedartown. Ga. II. 2. 3, II : Monogram " 3, 41 ; 41; P.E. Majors Club Dalton. Ga. 141. Gimghoul 12. 3. Attorney General ' s Staff (2. 31. Elizabeth City MOORE. FLORENCE SUSAN Lumberton A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Delia. Y.W.C.A. (3,4) ; Campus Chest; Class Social Committee (31. MOORE, JENNIE MARIAN Charlotte A.B. IN ART. Kappa Delia. Orientation Counselor (4) ; University Party (4). MOORE, PAUL A.. JR. Clinton B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Zeta Psi. Baseball (II; Order of the Minolaurs 12, 3, II : University Party (1, 2, 3, 4). MOORE. PHOEBE JEAN Concord A.B. I N ART EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Carolina Handbook (3) ; Newman Club 13. 41 ; Orientation Counselor (41: Panhellenic Council 141; Student N.E.A. (3, 4); University ParU 13. 41 : Y.D.C. 141 : Fine Arts Publicity Committee (4). MOORE. ROBERT DUNN B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Alpha Tau Omega. Treasurer 12, 3, 41; limer»it Parly II. 2. 3. 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (1. MOORE. WILLIAM PERRY A.B. IN GEOGRAPHY. Alpha Kappa Psi. Y.M.C.A. (2). MOORING, JOSEPH RAY. JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. MORAN. NOLAN KENT B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. MORGAN, ALLEN BENNERS, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MORGAN, GRETCHEN A.B. IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH. Homecoming Court 131. MORGAN, HENRY WETTER A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Gorgon ' s Head I.I, II Beanbirds 13. 41; Order of the Minolaurs 13, 41 ; Orientation Coun (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 3) ; Campus Chest (2. 31. MORGAN, SANDRA LeVOY .ll. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Delta Delia Delia. Panhellenic Cot lature |4| ; Student N.E.A. (3. 41: University Parly I.I. II. Page 337 Goldsboro 141. Basketball (II ; Orientation Counselor . 3. 41 ; Economics Club 13. 41. Norfolk, Va. Fremont Memphis. Tenn. Mooresville Memphis, Tenn. I.F.C. (41 ; Order of the :lor (3) ; University Party Sanford icil (3, 11 : Student Legis- jJABk SENIORS MORISEY, JOHN CORNELISON. JR. Clinton A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Delta Theta. MORRIS, JOSEPH ARNOLD Rutherfordton A.B. IN HISTORY. Men ' s Glee Club; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2); Student Party; Y.D.C. MORRIS. RICHARD WILLIAM Jackson Heights, N.Y. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. MORROW. RODERICK PRESCOTT North Wilkesboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). MORTON, JANE REED Durham A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. University Party (4 1 ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41. MORTON, LOUISA BARBEE Hubert A.B. IN SOCIAL STUDIES EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (4) ; Y.D.C. (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). MOTLEY, LINDA SUE Chatham. Va. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Dormitory Officer (31 ; Y.W.C.A. MOWRY, MAXWELL REED, JR. A.B. IN SPANISH. Sigma Delta Chi. Canterbury Club (1, 3. 4) ; Daily Tar Heel (3) ; Press Club (3, 41 ; Spanish Club (I. 3, 4) : Int, Charleston, S. C. opolitan Club (1, 3, 41 ; onal Students Board (3). MUELLER, GUENTHER HERBERT S. High Point A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. MULLEN, DOUGLAS TRUMAN Wendell A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. MULLER, CHANDLER ROBINSON Winter Park, Fla. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Beta Theta Pi. Canterbury Club (1. 21; Carolina Symposium 111 ■ Monogram Club (3. 4) ; Order of the Old Well (3, 4) ; Orientation Counselor (2) ; Univer. sity Party (1, 2,. 3, 4) ; Attorney General ' s Staff (1. 2, 3) ; Lacrosse (2, 3. 4). MUNROE, SYLVIA GAYLE Council B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Class Cabinet 13. 41; Orienta- tion Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (3); University Party (3, 41: Y.D.C. (41; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). MURPHEY, WILLIAM R. Lookout Mountain. Tenn. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Vpsilon. Student Party II, 31 ; Westminster Fellowship 111. MURPHY, MARGARET BIGGS Moorestown, N. J. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Chi Omega. Canterbury Club 3, 4) ; Cosmopolitan Club (41 ; Dormitorv Officer (II ; Golf (21 ; Orientation Counselor (41 : University Party (41 : Y.R.C. (3) ; Mathematics Club (1, 2) ; German Club (1, 2) ; Caduceus Club (1, 21. MURRAY, CHARLES JEROME Durham A.B. IN HISTORY. Newman Club (1. 2, 3. II : Swimming 111. MURRAY, GAEL THERESA Chapel Hill B.S. IN DENTAL HYGIENE. Student Government Committee (4); University Party (3. 4); Jun Cla Con MURRAY. RONALD FORD B.S. IN GEO LOGY AND A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Swimmi 3, 4); Y.R.C. (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 21. MUSE, BILLIE LEE A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. MUSE, CHARLES HUNTER B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta Gamma ; Orientation Counselor (4); Y.D.C. MUSTARD, LEWIS WILLIAMS A.B. IN ENGLISH. Canterbury Club (2) ; Cardboard (II : Daih Tar Heel (2 MYERS, JOHN QUINCY B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. MYRICK, DONALD ERNEST B.S. IN TRANSPORTATION. Delta Vpsiloa. Orientation Counselor (21: Y.R.C. (4). NASH, PATTY CEIL A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Alpha Gamma Delta. Canterbury Club (4) ; D Dormitory Officer (31: Press Club (3, 41; Student Legislature (3): W (4) ; Y.R.C; UNC Journalist (Associate Editor I ; Student Party. NATHANSON, ALAN JEFFREY A.B. IN HISTORY. Hillel Foundation (41. Winston-Salem 3, 4) ; University Party (1, 2. Charlotte nhtta Chi Alpha. I.F.C. (21 : Chapel Hill Greensboro L owell Heel (3. 4) : Raleigh NEBLETT, JANE ANDREWS A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Kappa Delta. Y.W.C.A. (3. 4) ; Campus Chest. NEELY, CHARLES BATCHELLER, JR. Bloomfield Hills, Mich. .B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Amphoterothen (3) ; Janus (4) ; Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3, 41 : C.P.U. 3, 4) ; Collegiate Council on United Nations (2, 3, 4) ; Daily Tar Heel (1, 2, 4) ; Di-Phi Senate (2, 4). President (31 ; VS. A. 17th National Student Congress (3) ; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Order of the Old Well 13, II ; Orientation Counselor (3, 4) ; State Student Legislature (1) ; Student Government Committee 111; Student Legislature Speaker Pro Tempore (41: Student Party (I, 2, 3, 4) ; Y ' .R.C. (3, 4) ; Philanthropic Society 2, 3), President (4). NELSON. WILLARD JOHN A.B. IN HISTORY AND PSYCHOLOGY. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1 M.R.C. (2, 3, 4); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); Studenl Y.R.C. (II; Century Squadron (1. 21. NELSON, WILLIAM CARL. JR. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Gamma Delta. Pi 121 : Student Government Committee (4) ; Un Germans Club (2, 3). New York, N. Y. , 3, 41 ; Arnold Air Society (2. 3, 4) ; ' jrt 111; University Party 12, 31; Charleston, W. Va. (4). I.F.C. (3. 4); Orientation Counselor ' artv (1. 4| ; Y.R.C. (4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2) ; NESBITT, JAMES MONROE, JR. B.S. IN MEDICINE. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 4) ; F Glee Club (2). NEWSOME, ROBERT JAMES, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. N.R.O.T.C. (1. 21. NEWTON, ANNE MICHAEL A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Sigma Kappa. Stray Greeks; Dormitory Offic W.A.A. (3) ; Women ' s Residence Council (3). NICHOLS, SHARON MADRY A.B. IN SPANISH EDUCATION. Page 338 Weaverville shman Camp (1); Men ' s Burlington Hickory (4) ; Press Club (3, 4) ; Virginia Beach, Va. CLASS OF 1965 NICHOLSON, ALICE MADELINE Raleigh A.B. IN ART EDUCATION. Canterbury Club (3, 4) ; Order of the Old Lampshades; Y.D.C. (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41. NICHOLSON, GARLAND FARNELL, JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. NIEDRINGHAUS, JUDITH CARROLL A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student Government Committee: Y.W.C.A. (3, 4} : Student Government Secretariat. NORDAN, KERRY GENE A.B. IN ENGLISH AND R.T.V.M.P. University Chorus I NUNNALLY, McKEE, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Studei (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.R.C. (4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Richlands Matthews Party (3. 41 ; Y.R.C. (3, 4) ; Atlanta, Ga. (4) ; University Party O ' CONNOR, YOUNG MICHAEL A.B. IN HISTORY. Men ' s Glee Club (3. 4) ; Ne Charlotte Club 131 Leaksville II. 2) ; Baseball (1) ; Dane. OGBURN, ROBERT GLENN, JR. B.S. IN MARKETINC. Kappa Alpha. Baptist Studei mittee (3) ; Football II, 2, 3. 41 ; Monogram Club (3. 41 ; Splash Club (2. 3) ; Track (1, 21 ; University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Wrestling (2); Y.R.C. 12. 31; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 41; F.C.A. (3, 4). OKOROMA, EDWIN 0. Oweni, Nigeria A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Canterbury Club (2, 3. 4); Cosmopolitan Club (2, 3. 4); Monogram Club (3, 4); N.S.A. (3) ; Soccer (3, 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (2. 3, 41. OLIVER, BARBARA ALLEN Smithfield A.B. IN EDUCATION. U.N.C. Outing Club (31. OLIVER, RUSSELL TIMOTHY Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Delia Theta. Morehead Scholar; Monogram Club (3): N.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. 3, 4) ; Order ol the Old Well (4) ; Orientation Ccmmittee (3) ; Orientation Counselor (2) ; Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); Student Government Committee (1, 2. 3, 4); University Party (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1) ; Lacrosse (1, 2, 3). ORGAIN, EDWARD STEWART, JR. Durham A.B. IN HISTORY. Zeta Psi. Linwood Ticer (21 ; Football; Y.M.C.A. ORRELL, DAVID LEE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Cardboard; Don OTTERNESS, PATRICIA LOUISE B.S. IN BOTANY. Trumpet Club Sweetheart. Waynesville OTTS, REBECCA ELIZABETH A.B. IN ELEMENlARY EDUCATION. Student Government Commi W.A.A. (3, 4) ; Yacket) lack (41 ; Campus Chest 3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. Chapel Hill ttee (4) ; Student N.E.A. (4) ; (3. 41. OVERCASH, DRUSILLA ANN A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Student N.E.A.; Y.W.C.A. China Grove OVERCASH, KAY EUGENE A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Lutheran Student Association (1. 2, 3. 41 Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3) ; Intramurals (1. 2). Kannapolis ; Student Party (1. 2, 3, 4) ; OVERCASH, RICHARD FRANKLIN A.B. IN HISTORY. University Parly (3. 41; Y.M.C.A. (3, 41. Matthews OVERHOLT, JOHN H. B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Outing Club. Arlington, Va. OVERTON, WILLIAM LEE B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Student Government Committ. Durham ■e (4). OWENS, PHILLIP LAMAR A.B. IN ENGLISH. High Point OWENS, RICHARD GWYN A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. North Wilkesboro PACHIMSAWAT, SUKIT B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Bangkok, Thailand PAGE, DANNY FLOYD A.B. IN MATH EDUCATION. Intramurals. Salisbury PARIS, RONALD CHARLES A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Sigma Delta Chi. Brevard PARKER, EDWARD GERALD B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Clinton PARKER, JAMES JUDD B.S. IN ACCOUNTING, freshman Camp; Freshman Honor Ccrtibc. Fuquay-Varina PARKER, KAREN LYNN A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Press Club (3, 4) ; UNC Journalist (Editoi Winston-Salem PARKER, ROBERT VANN A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Chi. Canterbury Club (2) ; Dane. Officer (1); Football (1); I.F.C. (3); Economics Club; Univers Chest; Order of the Nadular Birds. Greensboro ? Committee (2» ; Dormitory ity Party (2, 3, 4) ; Campus PARKER, ROSALYN DeVAUGHN A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Carolina Women ' s Counc University Chorus (2). Skyland il (1); Student N.E.A. (21 ; PARKER, WILLIAM KENNETH Rocky Mount A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Dormitory Officer (2). PARKS, MICHAEL LASHLEY Burlington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi Epsilon. University Party (1, 2, 3. 4). PARRISH, DAVID MONROE Winston-Salem A.B. IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Canterbury Club (4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1. 21 ; Campus Chest (1). Page 339 miM £A X M SENIORS PARRISH, OSCAR HOWARD. JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Delia Theta. Gorgon ' s Hea (1, 2, 3, 41 ; University Party 111. PARRISH. WALTER BENNET, JR. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Baptist Student Union (1, 3. 4); Y.R.C. (2, 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. II. 2). PARROTT, DONALD BENTON B.S. IN III SINESS UIMINTSTRATION. Phi Gamma PAXTON. PATSY GLENN A.B. IN HISTORY. Y.D.C. III. PAYNE. JODIE M. A.B. IN SPECIAL EDUCATION. Delta Ze Class Cabinet (3. 41; Daily Tar Heel (31; Committee (4) ; Student N.E.A. (41 ; Univen PEAKE, MICHAEL DAVID A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Pi Lambda Phi. PEARCE, LINDA LEIGH A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. PEARSON. ALICE BRADLEY A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. III. Richmond, Va. Club (3, II : Tennis Rocky Mount Student Party (1, 2, Kinston Wilmington Belmont juncil (3) ; Greensboro Hendersonville Franklin Atlanta. Ga. on Counselor (21 ; University PEARSON. DOUGLAS LAMAR ] A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Alpha Phi Omega. Basketball 111; Dormitory Offi. Student Government Committee (21 ; Student Party (2. 31 ; Student N.E.A. 13. II. PEARSON, DUDLEY GATEWOOD A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Gamma Delia. I.F.C. 12. 3); Party (1, 2. 3, 4| ; Y.R.C. (41. PEDDICORD, JAMES LEE Newport News, Va. B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Daih Tar Heel 111 : Dormitory Officer (41 ; N.R.O.T.C. (I, 2, 3. II : . v,Mian Club (41 ; Scabbard an, I Blade (21 ; N.R.O.T.C. Rifle Team II. 2. 3, 41 ; Spanish Club (2, 3, 4). PEED. ANNA KATHERINE Oxford A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY AND ENGLISH. Di-Phi 13. 41; Y.W.C.A. (3. 41; C.C.U.N. (4); Foreign Students Committee (3): International Relations Club. PEELE, BILLIE GARLAND A.B. IN ENGLISH. Carolina Wome (3, 4) ; Joyner Dormitory Sweetheart (3) il (II Offic Williamston (4) ; Student N.E.A. PEGUES, FRANCES ELISABETH Monroe A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delia. Orientation Counselor 111: Panhellenie Council (3, 41; Student N.E.A. (4); University Party III: Yackef) Yack III; Y.R.C. (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 41 ; Order ol Deadly Nightshades 13. II. PENNY, RONALD TERRY B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Pi Kappa Phi. PERIAN. GEORGE DOUGLAS A.B. IN ENGLISH. Cardboard (2. 31; Carolina Qaa Officer (3, 41 ; M.R.C. (4). PERKINS. ROBERT PAUL A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. PERRY. JACK SHERWOOD, JR. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Intranuirals. PERRY, ROBERT EDWARD, JR. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Outing Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; P hys PETERSON, DAVID LALISTER B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Economics PETERSON. RUSSEL LEON A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Baptist Student Union (1. 2. !. 4 1 ; PETERSON. THOMAS McKEEL A.B. I.N CHEMISTRY. Alpha Phi Omega. Dormitory Ol Fuquay Spring Somerville. N. J. rl, 111: .;,;. Tar Heel 111; Dormitory Camp Hill. Pa. Concord Selma Majors Club (3. 41 Clinton Th omasvilie PETREE, GEORGE CURTIS. JR. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Phi Eta Sigma. Beta i PETTIT, GERALD TALMADGE B.S. IN MARKETING. Elon College I- ' . I. II : M.R.C. (3. 4). Winston-Salem : Sigma. Hell,, Sigma Pi. Do Brevard PHARR. ARTHUR ALLE.N B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi Epsilon. PHILP, RICHARD NILSON A.B. IN ENGLISH AND DRAMA. PHILLIPS, CLAUDE FRANK B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. Baptist Student I ni PHILLIPS, KAREN ADELLE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Bela Phi. Canterbury Club; Orienta PHILLIPS, KAY ELIZABETH A.B. IN ENGLISH. Orientation Counselor 111; I Diversity Party Council (3, 4) ; Honors Program 141. PHIPPS, JOY KELLER A.B. IN RECREATION ADMINISTRATION. Baptist Student Uni, PHIPPS, MACK WILLIAM B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. PICKETT, GRAHAM CLARENCE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Raleigh Vero Beach, Fla. Winston-Salem Westfield. N. J. New Bern I.W I :. . (3. 4) ; House Hendersonville 21. Grassy Creek Wilmington jfiMi i CLASS OF 1965 1U4A dhJM Charlotte Publications Board (3, I I : PICKETT, JEFFREY CHARLES A.B. IN ENGLISH. Del:,, Upsilon. N.R.O.T.C. Ill ; Net n C Studenl Legislature (3, 41; Universilv Party (3, II. PIERCE. FRANCES ALLEN Charlotte A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Pi Bel,, Phi. Class Cabinet (3. II ; OrJer of the Beanbirds (3, 4): Orientation Counselor til: Studenl N.E.A. 13. 41: University Party (3. 4); W.A.A. 13. II ; Y.W.C.A. 13. 41. Chapel Hill Studenl Association ill: Student Party (1, 2, 4); PIERCE. JAMES WILLIAM V..B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Luthera Y.D.C. II, 2. 3, 41 : Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). PIERCE. MARGARET ANNE A.B. IN MATH EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. Ill : Y.W.C.A. (3, 1 Vaughan Aiken, S. C. PINCKNEY. MARGARET ALLAN A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. PINFOLD, NORMAN JOSEPH, JR. Columbus, Ohio A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Chi. A.F.R.O.T.C. (I, 2. 3. 4) ; Press Club (41 ; Splash Club (2, 3). PITTMAN, VERNON DALE Newland A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Dormitory Officer 13. 41 : Orientation Counselor (4) ; Student N.E.A. (II: University Parly 12. 3, 41; Westminster Fellowship 12. 3, 41: Y.R.C.; Y.M.C.A. 13. II : P.E. Majors Club. PITTS, PHILIP HENRY. JR. Morganton A.B. IN HISTORY. Zela Psi. A.F.R.O.T.C. (2) ; Y.R.C. PLOTT. CAROLYN LOUISE A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Carotin,, Handbook (2, 31 : Carolina Worn Counselor 121: Slo.lent Parly (II; University Chorus (1. 21; I ' n Yack (21. Managing Editor 13, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1); Dormitory Exi Maid III; Order of the Old Lampshades (4) ; Carolina Sweetheart (4). PLUMMER, RONALD JULIAN A.B. IN ENGLISH. Order of the Old Well. PLYLER. JAMES CAUTHEN, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Y.M.C.A. 12. 31 ; Intramural . POOLE. JOHN ARNOLD A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Delia Thela. Orientation Committee (3); In Y.M.C.A. 13, 41. Oxford Council 121 : Orienlation t) Party 12. 31 ; Yackelr e Council (2) ; Maverick Raleigh lv (2. 3. II Dunn POPE, WILLIAM PARKER B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Vice-President (4). Orientation Committee: University Party; Wesley Foundation. POTTS, ANDREW DAVID Welcome A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE AND HISTORY. Y.D.C. (II ; Y.M.C.A. 141 ; Lacrosse (II. POWELL. MARY JANE Morganton A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3, 41 ; Y.D.C. (3, II : Y.W.C.A. II. 31. POWELL, SUSAN ELIZABETH Virginia Beach, Va. A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Chi Omega. Class Cabinet (3, 4) ; Future Teachers of America (4); Orienlation Counselor (41; Student Government Secretariat (31; Student N.E.A. (3, 4); Student Party (3, 4); Westminster Fellowship (3); R.O.T.C. Sponsor (1). PRESTON, STEVE McCLAIN .B. IN HISTORY. PREVOST. JACK GILBERT A.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Kappa Epsilon. Or University Party (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. PRICE, JACK W.. JR. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Intramural Football and Softball. PRICE. JANE KATHERINE Delta Pi. Panne: Carolina Beach Red Oak Falls Church. Ya. Council (3, II : Studenl PRICE, JERRY LEE Hickory U.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Lutheran Studenl Association (1. 2, 3, 4); Student Government Co-op I II ; University Parly (1.2, 3, 4) ; Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3, 4). PRICE, WARREN, III Bethesda, Md. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Nu. I.F.C. (1. 2. 3, 41; Orientalion Counselor (2. 31; Studenl Government Communications Committee; Student Parly (3, II ; Y.M.C.A. II. 2, 3. 4) ; Chairman. I.F.C. Court (41. PRINDLE. RICHARD GARY Atlanta. Ga. A.B. IN HISTORY. Baseball (1. 2, 3. 4) ; Monogram Club (2. 3. II. PRUIT. CARL GASKILL Newport B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. A.F.R.O.T.C. ( II : Arnold Air Society. Com. mander (31; Marching Band (4); Concert Band Vice-President (31; Scabbard and Blade; Ruffin itling (21 ; Y.D.C. (II. Mt. Airy PRYOR. WILLIAM LEONARD, JR. IIS. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Universilv Party (3. 41; Wr PUCKETT, ANN KATHRYN .H. IN LATIN. Alpha Gumma Delia. Orientalion Counselor (41; ! mittee III; Student Party (41; Yackely Yack (4); Y.D.C. (4); Y.W.C.A. (4); Senior Class Publicity Committee; Panhellenic Projects Committee (4). PURVIS. WILLIAM HENRY Bennett U.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Student N.E.A. (4). QUILLIAN, PATRICIA ANNE Bradenton.Fla. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Angel Flight 13. 4); Dormitory Officer (31. Preside,,! Ill; Orientation Counselor 3) ; Women ' s Residence Council (3, 4); Yackely Yack (3); Y.W.C.A. 12. 3, II. QUINN. JAMES ELWOOD. JR. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. M.R.C. (31. QUINTUS, JOHN ALLEN .B. IN ENGLISH. G.M.A.B. (3. 4) ; Men ' s Glee Club (1. 2. 31 ; Sludcnl Co 131 ; Student Party (II ; Universilv Chorus III: Honors Program. RABB. RICHARD AVERY A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION. AND MOTION PICTURES. RACKLEY, JAMES STEWART A.B. IN HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Cardboard II, 2. 31: Carolina Handbook (21 Carolina Symposium (2. 31; Cosmopolitan Club (1. 21; Dance Committee (21; Student P, II, 2. 3. 4) ; Wesley Foundation (1, 2) ; Y.D.C. (1, 2. 3, 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Intramu 121. Page 341 Beulaville Arlington, Va. Shelby Mount Olive I ; Is SENIORS fe it : RADFORD, DAVID EUGENE B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Carolina Symposium; Monogram Club; S (1, 2, 3) ; Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (3. 41. RAFF, LOIS ELIZABETH A.B. IN SOCIAL STUDIES EDUCATION. Carolina Women ' s Council (3, 4) 131; Hillel Foundation (3, 4); Yackely Yack (31; Y.R.C. 141; Y.W.C.A. (41 RAGSDALE, CARL SUTTON A.B. IN HISTORY. Dcl:a Kappa Epsilon. RAINES, LOU BONNER A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi. Class Cabinet (31; Orientation Commit! Co-Ordination ; Student N.E.A. (3. 4); Student Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3); ' . (3). RAINEY. HARRIS A., JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Oric Y.M.C.A. (3) ; Class Social Committee (21 ; Int. RAMBO, ROBERT PRVTT B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Dormitory Officer, (1. 2. 3. 41. Drill Team (1. 2, 3. 4). Commande Chapel Hi: d and Fury (1) ; Trac Charlotte Wilson (3). Women ' s Kannapolis ity Party (2) ; Little Rock, Ark. Vice-President (4) ; M.R.C. (4) ; N.R.O.T.C. (4) ; Scabbard and Blade; Dormitory Executive Haverford, Pa. RANKIN. PETER BRINTON A.B. IN HISTORY. Zero Psi. Gorgon ' s Head (3) ; Order of Minotaun (3) ; (1) ; University Party (41 ; Y.R.C. III. RATHBUN, EDWARD COLLINS Utica,N.Y. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (BANKING FINANCE). Delia Sigma Pi. RAULERSON, NANCY GAYLE Miami. Fla. A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Carolina Women ' s Council (3, 4) ; Dormitory Officer (3, 41 ; Student Government Committee (31 ; Student N.E.A. (3, 4) ; Women ' s Residence Council (41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Valkyries (II. Lumberton Bunn littee (1, 2, 3. 41. Chairman (3) ; M.R.C. (3. 41 ; Committee (4) ; Y.R.C. (1) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 4). Kingsport, Tenn. (1. 2, 3, 41 ; Monogram Club (3, 4) ; Order of RAY, NATHAN JOEL B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. M.R.C. (41 ; Intr; RAY, ROBERT GLENN B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. G.M.A.B.. Films Cc Orientation Counselor (21 ; Student Governm REAGAN. ROBERT MALCOLM A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Delta The anbirds (2. 3, 4) We ivship; Y.M.C.A. REDDICK. ROBERT LEE Kinston A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Cosmopolitan Club; Men ' s Glee Club; Orientation Counselor; Student I ' artv; Yackely Yack; Y.M.C.A. REECE. DAVIS NANCE Chapel Hill A.B. IN HISTORY. Band (1. 2, 31. REEVES, CHARLES STEVEN Canton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Sigma Pi. Alpha Phi Omega. Band (II ; Student Party (II ; University Party (2, 3. 41 ; Fencing Club (1. . ' I. RENFRO, JOSEPH DARRELL Mountain Home A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Westminster Fellowship (3) ; Y.M.C.A. (31 : Carolina Christian Fellow- ship (3. 41. RENFROW. JEAN THORNTON A.B. IN SOCIAL STUDIES. Kappa Delta. Orientation Couns. mittee; University Party: Y.W.C.A. RHINEHARDT, JOHN EDGAR A.B. IN SPANISH. Spanish Club. RHODARMER. WILLIAM FREDRICK B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. RHODES, JUDY ANN A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Future Teachers (4) ; Student Party (3. 41 ; Y.W.C.A. 3, 4) ; Campus Chest; ( RICHARDS, JULIA LOUISE A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Cosmopolitan Club 111; Univ RICHMOND. JOHN HOWARD B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. RILEY, JAMES CLIFFORD A.B. IN HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Phi, Pres (31; Orientation Counselor (31; Student Government Commit (3); Universitj P.irlv II. 2. 3. tl; Y.D.C. Ill; Campus Che Honors Program (3, 41. RINGWALT, ARTHUR RUMNEY. JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Canterbury Club (2, 3. 41 : Caro-Biners (2. 3 Rocky Mount Asheville Canton Raleigh Currie sity Party (4) ; Y.D.C. (3, 4). Durham Salisbury lent (4). I.F.C. (3, 4) ; N.S.A. es (2, 3) ; Student Legislature (21 ; Freshman Camp (2, 3) : Chapel Hill 4) ; Chess Club (2. 3. 41. ROBBINS, DAVID LAWRENCE Kingsport, Tenn. l; l ENGLISH. Tau Epsilon Phi. Chancellor (4). ROBERSON. MAMIE JO Washington A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY, ,1 u Phi Epsilon. Strav Greeks 13. 41; Y.W.C.A. 13. 41; Young Artist Auditions Winner; Spanish Club (2, 3.1. ROBERTS. BRIAN G. Asheville A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION, AND MOTION PICTURES. Student Government Committee (4) ; WUNC-TV (3, 41; Head Resident Advisor (41: Honor System Commission (4). ROBERTS, LAWRENCE DAVIS, JR. Old Greenwich, Conn. B.S. IN EDUCATION. Monogram Club (2. 3, 41. Publicity Chairman; Swimming (1. 2, 3, 4), Captain (4) ; Physical Education Majors Club. President (3). Vice President (4). ROBERTS, WILLIAM WAYNE A.B. IN HISTORY. Y.M.C.A. (31; Y.D.C. (3). ROBINETTE, WILLIAM HAROLD, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. ROBINSON, JAMES LEE, III A.B. IN ENGLISH. Dormitory Officer (4) ; M.R.C. 14) ; Orienta ROGERS, HERMAN PEARSON, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Page 342 Roanoke, Va. Statesville Zirconia elor (2) ; Tennis (1,2). Rowland CLASS OF 1965 ROGERS, JAMES Y. Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Sigma Pi. ROGERS, LARRY DANIEL Roxboro B.S. IN MARKETING. Alpha Kappa Psi. Student Party (4) ; V.D.C. (41. ROGERS, LEONARD MARCH Arlington, Va. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. ROGERS, PATRICIA HURST Statesville A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Phi Mu. ROGERS. THOMAS TINSLEY, JR. Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Yackety Yack, Head Photographer (4). ROGERSON, JIMMY ARLYN Edenton A.B. IN HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Mu Alpha Sin onia. Phi Alpha Theta. More- head Scholar; Debate Council (2); Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2); Freshman and Sophomore Honors Program; Reading Honors in Political Science and History. ROLLINS, EDGAR MARSHALL Chesapeake, Va. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Baptist Student Union (4) ; Y.M.C.A. (3, 4) ; Senior Class Polls Committee (41 ; Honor System Commission (4) ; Y.D.C. (3, 4) ; C. C.U.N. (4). Wilmington RONNER. ROGER TERRY B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Basketball (1. 2, 3. 4) ; Do • Offic (.11 ROPER. MARY EILEEN Kingsport, Tenn A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Delta Delia Delia. Carolina Symposium Secretariat; Orientation Coun selor (4) ; University Party: Y.W.C.A. (4) ; Cabinet and Executive Secretary (4) ; Carolina Sym posium (31 ; Junior Class Secretariat Committee. ROSE, WILLIAM NICHOLAS, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Sigma Pi. Pleasant Garden (41. University Party (31 ; Intramurals (1, 2. Wantagh, N. Y. Heel (2. 3, 41; N.R.O.T.C. (], 2, 3, 41; Asheville Kappa. Morehead Scholar; Cosmopolitan Club; ROSS, BETTY ANNE A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. ROSS, COLEMAN DeVANE B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Delia Sigma Pi, Pr, 3. 4). ROTH, RICHARD EMANUEL A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Sigma Delia Chi. Daily Press Club (2, 3, 4). ROWE, WILLIAM THOMAS A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Eia Sigma. Phi Be Freshman and Sophomore Honors Program. RUDISILL, GERALD ALTON, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. RUNGE, SAM STEPHEN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. RUSSELL. CURTIS RAY A.B. IN GERMAN. RUTH, JAMES HOWARD A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. M.R.C. (21 ; Intramural Manager (2. 31. RYAN. JAMES LYNN A.B. IN RECREATION ADMINISTRATION. A.F.R.O.T.C. (II; Lacr. Manager (2. 31. SALLING. WILLIAM HOUSTON. JR. A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Wallace Wingate Badin inston-Salem Clay, N. Y. Concord Wilmington SAMSOT, ROBERT LOUIS New Orleans. La. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Sigma Delia Chi. Class Cabinet (1. 2) ; Daily Tar Heel (2. 3. 41 ; M.R.C ID ; Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Press Club (3. 41 ; Soccer (II. SAMUEL, BARBARA LEE Richmond, Va. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Y.D.C. (41: Y.W.C.A. (4). SANDERS, MARY CLARE Gastonia A.B. IN HISTORY AND ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dormitory Officer (2, 3, 4) ; G.M.A.B. (31: Orientation Counselor (3): Student N.E.A. (4); University Party (1, 2. 3. 41; Attorne) General ' s Staff (4): lor . , ) ' „, A (2); Freshman Counselor (3); Freshman Forum (1); House Council President (3, 4). SANFORD. WINSTON MORRIS B.S. IN BACTERIOLOGY. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2). Hudson SAPP, ADELAIDE RAYE SHARPE Spencer B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. A ' rrppa Kappa Gamma. SARGENT. RICHARD BERTON Charlotte A.B. IN MATHEMATICS AND ENGLISH. Phi Alpha Theta. Phi Eta Sigma. Morehead Scholar: Men ' s Glee Club (2) ; Orientation Counselor (3) ; Student Government Committee (41 ; I Diver- sity Chorus (3) ; Wrestling (1, 2, 3, 4). SARRATT, ALEXANDER REED, III Nashville, Tenn. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Beta Theta Pi. Cardboard (1); I.F.C. (3). Court (4); Orienta- tion Counselor (3); Attorney General ' s Staff (2, 3); University Party (1. J I . SAUNDERS, DENISE KAY A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Delta. Cosmopolitan Club (3) ; Futur. Y.D.C. (3); Y.W.C.A. (3). Glenshaw, Pa. s of America (4J ; Raleigh Gastonia ity Party (I, 2, 3, 4) ; SAUNDERS. LINDA LEA A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. SAYERS, DONALD DEAN A.B. IN HISTORY. Pi Kappa Alpha, President (4). I.F.C. (4) ; Unii Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 4). SCALES, JUDITH STACY Martinsville, Va. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Cosmopolitan Club (3, 41 ; Orientation Counselor (4) ; Student Government Committee (3. 4| ; Student Legislature (4) ; Student Party (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). SCHLOSS, DIANE KATHARINE Roxboro A.B. IN EDUCATION. Page 343 SENIORS Charlotte (l) ; Studcnl Government Durham Student Government Committee; awship (2. 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. tl. 2. SCHOOF. GRETCHEN CLUTHE A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Canterbury Club (3, 41: D Committee (4); W.A.A. (3). SCHUCHARDT, LOUISE NOVELLE B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Dormitory Offi. Orientation Counselor (21; W.A.A. (1, 41; Westmin 3. 41. SCHULLER. JEREMY CLINTON Fairfax, Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. A.F.R.O.T.C. Ill : Y.M.C.A. 141. SCHULTZ. JOHN FREDERICK Bronxville, N. Y. A.B. IN RELIGION AND ENGLISH. Phi Delia Theta. Carolina Forum (41 ; Class Cabinet 121 : Dormitory Officer (1, 21 ; M.R.C. (2) : Lutheran Student Association (1. 2. 3. 41 : Student Gov- ernment Committee (4): University Party (1, 2. 3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (Hi Campus Chest (21 ; Senior Honors Program. Greensboro (1. 2, 3. 4) ; l.F.C. (3. 41. Portsmouth. Va. SCHWARTZ, DAVID MALCOLM B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Pi Lambda Phi. Hillel Founda SCHWEIGER, RAYMOND HENRY A.B. IN ENGLISH AND HISTORY. Hillel Foundation. SCHWENDER, SUE ANN White Plains, N. Y. S..B. 1 ANTHROPOLOGY. Alpha Gamma Delia. Student Government Committee; Student Party (4); Westminster Fellowship (3): Yackelr Yack (41: Y.D.C. (41; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41; Campus Chesl 111 : Senior Class Committee. SCOTT, CRISTOPHER MARTIN Fair Bluff B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha. University Party. SCOTT, THOMAS FLETCHER. JR. Rockwood. Tenn. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Residence Advisor (3. 41. SEAGO. JOHN VINCENT New Orleans. La. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Carolina Symposium (31 : Y.M.C.A. II. 2. 3, II : La- crosse (II. SECHREST, MELVILLE LEE A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Baseball (1). SENSENIG, STEVEN FOLEY A.B. IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Dormitory minster Fellowship (1. 2. 31. SENTELLE, DAVID BRYAN .B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Debate Council (1. 2. 31 i. 41 : Y.A.F. 13, 4). SEYMOUR, GLYNN DOUGLAS A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. SHAPIRO. IRA GEORGE A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Zela Beta Tuu. Presi l.F.C. (3. 4); Student Government Committee 131: Uni SHARE. STEWART B.S. IN PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS. Hillel Founda Chapel Hill Birmingham, Ala. (2. 3. 4); Football (II; M.R.C. (2. 31; West- Enka 13. 41 : Y.R.C. II. 2. Zehulon Chapel Hill ((I. Hillel Foundation (1. 2. 3, II : ait] Parly; Intramurals (1, 2. 3. 4). Silver Spring. Md. SHELL, WILLIAM ROBERT l.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. A.F.R.O.T.C. Student Association II. 21: Student Party (1. II; Attorney General ' s Stall 12. 3, II. SHELTON, TWONETTE COR1NE A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Y.W.C.A. (31. SHEPS, DAVID SAMUEL New York, N. Y. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Theta Epsiloa Phi. Band (II; Carolina PI.iM.iak. r- II. 21: Class Cabinet 111: Hillel Foundation II. 2. 3. 41. President 131; Orientation Counselor (2); Student Party III : Y.M.C.A. Public Affairs Chairman. Hickorv . 2. 3, II : Arnold Air Society (3, 41 ; Lutheran 3. II : Y.D.C. II. 2. :t. II : Y.M.C.A. II. 2, 3. Richmond, Va. SHERRILL. J. WAYNE ill. IN ENGLISH. Denver Jacksonville. Fla. Chapel Hill SHERRILL. ROBERT MINNIS VII. IN ENGLISH. Phi Delta Theta. N.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. 3. II. SHERROD. ROBERT LEE. JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH. SHIELDS, SYLVIA LILLIAN Columbus, Ga. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Kappa Delta. Carolina Symposium (31: Student Government Com- 1.31: Student Party (31; Valkyries 13. 41: W.A.A. 131; Women ' s Residence Council 13. II : Campus Chest (31. SHINN, PHYLLIS ANN Hampton, Va. B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. SHORES. CHARLES THOMAS. JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Salisbury Easton. Md. SHOWELL, GAY B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ' ,. .1 u. Canterbury Club (3, 41; Golf (31: W.A.A 13. II : Women ' s Honor Council (41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41. SHULL, WILLIAM ROBERT B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. SIEBER. PETER JOSEPH B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Drexel Hendersonville SIFFORI). JERRY LEE Mount Holly B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Westminster Fellowship (1. 2, 3. II ; Y.R.C. (1. 21. SILLIMAN, SCOTT LIVINGSTON Auburndale, Mass. A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. 3. II: Arnold .r S t) It. II: Canterbury Club .11; Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2. 3. 41 : Confederates Quartet (1,2,3, II. SIIAER. FRANK MORRIS Leaksville B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. Hillel Founda i (1.21: Y.M.C.A. II. 2. II. SIMMONS, RUSSELL EDWARDS. JR. Rockwood, Tenn. B.S. IN MARKETING. Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); N.R.O.T.C. II. 2. I. II: Scabbard .....I Blade (3, 4) ; Wrestling (2, 3, 4). SIMPSON. ROBERT BRENT I!.;;. IN ACCOUNTING. Dormitory Office] (4) ; Ml SINGER. RICHARD GREGG A.B. IN ENGLISH. Football Manager (3. 4) ; Mono SIRIMONKOL. LADAWALYA TIM B.S IN Bl SINESS ADMINISTRATION. SISKRON, HERBERT EVANS. JR. CLASS OF 1965 Greensboro l.C. (3) : Intramural. (1, J, 3, 11. Salisbury :ram Club; Uimcrsity Party (1,2). Bangkok, Thailand Charlotte IN HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY. Phi Alpha Theta. Honor! im.1,1 An Winston-Salem omen ' s Residence SIWIK. JON MICHAEL Rutherfordton A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4) (I, 2) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2) ; Intramural Manager (4). SKEEN, JO ANN A.B. IN EDUCATION. Dormitory Officer (41; Orientatioi Council (1) ; Y.D.C. (3). SLOOP. EDGAR WAYNE Moo A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. SMILEY. SCOTT LANDRAM Gr A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Delta Them. A.F.R.O.T.C. II. 2. 3, It : Monogram Club (3, I ming (1, 2, 3, 41; University Party (1, 2, 3. 41 : Fellowship of Christian Athletes (1, SMITH. DAN GRIFF A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Chi. Dance Comn selor 121 ; Soccer 111 : University Party (1, ; (2, 3) : Order of the Nadular Birds. SMITH. DORIS SUETTA A.B. IN FRENCH. SMITH, EDWARD CALVIN. JR. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Pi Kappa Alph SMITH. GLENN MONROE A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Lexington tee 111 : Dormitory Officer (II ; Orientation Coun- 3, 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 21 ; Scuba Club (2) ; Lacrosse Mount Gilead Lexington Tabor City SMITH. JAMES FIELDING Wingate A.B. IN CHEMISTRY AND ZOOLOGY. Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Beta Kappa. Morehead Scholar; Carolina Symposium (1, 21; Dormitory Officer (1. 21; M.R.C. (21; Men ' s Glee Club (1, 21; Order of the Old Well (3. II : Orientation Committee (3. 41 : Orientation Counselor (2. 3. 41 ; Communications Committee II. 21: National Merit (2. 3. 41, Chairman 111; University Party (1. 2. 31 ; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3. 4) ; Elisha Mitchell (3. 4). SMITH. JERRY ALAN A.B. IN ENGLISH. Monogram Club 2. 3. 4) : Track (1. 2. 3. II : Co-Captain. Fayetteville, N. Y. sCountry (1, 2, 3, 4), SMITH. MARVIN MacLEOD A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Phi Ha Alpha Smfonia. Alpha Phi Omega. ment Committee (31; University Symphony (3, 4). SMITH. ROBERT BAILEY, III A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Psi. Men (1. 2. 3. 41 ; Student Legislature (1, 2) ; Stude -i .M.C.A. 111. SMITH, SALLY ELMORE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega. Student N.EJ SMITH, SAMUEL BERNARD, JR. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. SMITH, SAMUEL W1NSLOW, JR. It IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Psi. Student SMITH. THURMAN LEONARD A.B. IN 1 HISTORY. WUNC (2. 3, 41 ; Y.R.C. (1, SMOOT. ARTHUR FOUNTAIN B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. SNEED, ALBERT LEE, JR. .B. IN MATHEMATICS. Beta Theta Pi. Morehead Sch. Cabinet (II ; I.F.C. (31 ; N.R.O.T.C. (1) ; Order of the G Counselor (2. 31 : Student Government Committee (4), S Vice-Chairman (3). SNYDER, JAMES WILLIAM A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Phi Omega. Orientation Coi (3) : Library Club (3. 41. SNYDER, JEAN OLIVE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta. Class Cabinet Orientation Counselor 111: Student N.E.A. (3, 4); Unii Charlotte Band (3. 4) ; Student Govern- Waynesboro, a. " rnment Committee er Fellowship (1) ; Charlotte Elizabeth City Paoli, Pa. Asheville Goldsboro Order of the Old We Pinehurst 13. 41 : Class l.pil Che Thomasville nselor (4) ; Y.R.C. (4) ; Campus Chest Lexington (3, 4) ; Future Teachers of America; srsity Party (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; SOLOMON, ELLEN JOAN Wilmington .11. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Alpha Gamma Delta. Fine Arts Festival (41 : Carolina Women ' s Council 121 : Class Cabinet 111: Dormitory Officer (2| ; S.N.A. (1, 21: Orientation Counselor (2, 4); Univer sity Party 121: Campus Affairs Board (41; Women ' s Honor Council (4): Campus Chest 12 1 : (Inler .,( the Old Lampshades (2. 3, 4). Head Bulb (3) ; lacked Yack II, 3, 4), Section Editor (1, 3). Assistant Managing Editor I II. SPEARMAN. ROBERT WORTHINGTON Chapel Hill A.B. IN HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Psi. Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Beta Kappa. President (41. Morehead Scholar: Amphoterothen (3. 4) ; Symposium (1, 21 ; C.U.S.C. 12. 3, II : Daih Tar Heel 12. 3. II ; C.P.U. (31 ; Order of the Golden Fleece (3. 4) ; Order of the Grail 12. 3, II ; Order of the Old Well (3. 41 ; Soccer (1) ; Student Legislature (1, 2) : Tennis (II ; University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. (l, 2. 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1); President of Student Body (41. Vice President of Student Body (3) ; Class President 111. SPEIGHT. ELISABETH SHARROCK Greenville A.B. IN ART HISTORY. Cosmopolitan Club (.11 : W.k. . n SPEIGHT, MARTHA FRANCES Rocky Mount A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. SPELL. OSCAR GLENN, III B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Ft; Kappa Sigma. I.F.C. I . " . i. Stud. I niversity Party (3, 4). SPENCER. TRACY NEIL. HI A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Student Party (1) ; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3, I SPERBER, JANICE LYNN A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Omega. Class Cabinet (31: Orienl; Party (3, 41 ; Women ' s Residence Council (41 ; Campus Chest; SPIES, PETER FREDERICK A.B. IN ENGLISH. Tau Epsilon PI:,. Vice-Presidenl III. Hi I.F.C. (3); Ori Wendell nt Government Committee (3) ; South Charleston. W. Va. Greensboro lion Counselor (41; University Gamma Beta Epsiloa. Maplewood, N. J. 1 Foundalion (1, 2. 3. 41. Vice- Counselor (4) ; Yackety Yack, Sports Co-Editor (4). Page 345 SENIORS SPIVEY, RICHARD COLEMAN, JR. Whiteville A.B. IN ENGLISH. Carolina Quarterly (2); Carolina Symposium (2 ); Orientation Counselor (2)- Student Government Committee (2. 3. 41; Westminster Fellowship (1, 2); Y.D.C. (1. 21; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3, 41 ; Attorney General ' s Staff (3, 41 ; Di-Phi (4). SPRANSY, GEORGE BROW ER, JR. Chapel Hill A.B. IN ENGLISH. Westminster Fellowship (3, 4). SPRING. HARRY CHARLES Kensington, Md. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Alpha Phi Omega. A.F.B.O.T.C. (1, 2) ; Arnold Air Society (2) : Baptist Student Union (3. 41 ; Orientation Counselor (41 ; Student Party (1, 2) ; Westminster Fellowship (11. SPRUILL. HARRIET BURT Rocky Mount A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Phi Ma. Y.W.C.A. (41. SQUIRES, ALONZO GARRISON Durham A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. STACK, ROBERT COLE Raleigh A B IN HISTORY. N.R.O.T.C. 12. 3. 41 ; Orientation Counselor (2. 3, 4); Student Partv (3. II ; Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 41; Campus Chest (II; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3. I); Freshman Camp Counselor (2, I). STAFFORD, MARY ELIZABETH Washington, D. C. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Kappa Delta. Panhellenic Council 14) ; Y.D.C. (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3) ; Order of the Old Lampshades (4). STALDER, ELIZABETH ANNE High Point A.B. IN ENGLISH. Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. STANLEY, JUDITH CARYL A.B. IN ENGLISH. Four Oaks Pittsburgh. Pa. STANLEY, SHARON A B. IN FRENCH. Alpha Delta Pi. Orientation Counselor (4) ; Student Government comir 13, 41; Student Legislature (3); Student Party (3. 41; University Party (41; Carolina Pol Union (4). STANLEY. WILLIAM ELBERT. JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Gamma Delta STARNES, JIMMY DAYLE A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. WUNC (I, 2) ; Karate Club (3, 4 Greensboro Monroe STARNES. NANE REED Asheville A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Baptist Student Union (3). Publicity Chairman (4) ; Men ' s Glee Club (3) ; University Chorus (3, 4) ; WUNC (3, 4). STEARNS. JUNIUS STITT, III Laurinburg A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Phi Omega. Orientation Counselor (41; Student Party (1); Y.R.C. (4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 41. STEBBINS, MARY PATRICIA Durham B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Class Cabinet (1. 31 : Dormitory Officer 131. President (4) • G.M.A.B., Social Committee (31 : Women ' s Residence Council (31 ; Yackety Yack (3, 4) ; Y.DX. (1) ; Y.W.C.A. (2. 31 ; Physical Therapy Club (1. 21. STEELMAN, RONALD HOWELL Statesville A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3. 41. Marshville Atlanta. Ga. (3) ; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3. 41 ; STEGALL. GENEVA LOUISE A.B. IN ART. W.A.A. (31. STEMBLER, JOHN HARDWICK, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Delta Kappa EpMon. Carolina Sym] University Party (1. 2, 3. II ; Westminster Fellowship 111. STEPHENSON, ELLA CATHERINE Lumberton A B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Delta. Angel Flight (31 ; Carolina Handbook (31 ; Panhellenic Council (3, II ; Westminster Fellowship (3, 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). STEWART. EDWARD LEE Star A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. STIREWALT, KAY VIRGINIA A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. STOKES. MARGARET CAROLINE A.B IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi. Stud Y.R.C. (3, 41. STONE, JAMES ROBERT B.S. IN FINANCE. Delta Sigma Pi. Student Partv 11.21: STRAUGHAN. JAMES FLEMING. JR. A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Delta Upsiltm. Monog Intramural Manager (4). China Grove Charlotte VI I ;. II : Y.W.C.A. (3. 41 ; Y.D.C. (1. 2. 3. 41. Pilot Mountain Raleigh mming (1. 2. 3. 41 : STRAW. DENNIS JOHN North Kingston. R. I. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Baseball 111 : Y.D.C. (3. 41 ; Intramurals (1. 2, 3, 41. STRICKLAND. ANITA GREY Virginia Beach, Va. AB IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta. Class Cabinet (3, 4): Orientation Committee (31: Orientation Counselor ( II : Panhellenic Council (3. 41 : Student N.E.A.: University Party (3. 41 ; W.A.A. (3. 41 ; Y.W.C.A. It, 41. STROUPE. WILLIAM EDWARD Raleigh A B IN JOURNALISM. D.uh Tar Heel 12. 3) ; Dormitory Officer (3) ; Press Club (3, 4) ; Intra- murals (2, 4) ; Chess Club (1, 2). STRUBING. PHILIP HENRY, III Philadelphia, Pa. AB. IN HISTORY. Beta Theta Pi. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2); Carolina Symposium (3); Orientation Counselor (2) ; Student Government Committee (II ; University Party (1, 2. 3). STUBBS, CLIFFORD EARL B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. SUMMERS, JAMES THOMAS, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. SWAIN, LINDA CAROLE A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Or: (3, 4). SWARINGEN, LINDA LOU A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dormitory Offi (3) ; Wesley Foundation (3, 41. Page 346 tion Counselor (4) ; Uni- Rowland Statesville Raleigh ■rsity Party (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3) ; Student Go Concord CLASS OF 1965 SWISHER. CYNTHIA ELLEN A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Wesley Foundation SZANISZLO, SUSAN JANE A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Delia G, SZYMAITIS, JAMES ADAM A.B. IN RECREATION. TARLETON, LARRY WILSON A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Sigma Delta Chi Counselor (4) ; Press Club (4) ; Y.D.C. ( 14) ; Math Club (2) ; Do Roaring Gap )fficer (2). Medina, Ohio Canonsburg. Pa. Daily Tar Heel (31. Sports Edit TARR, MARY PATRICIA A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY AND ENGLISH. Carolina Handbook (3) ; Cosmopc (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (4). TATE, CHARLES MURRAY A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Arnold Air S bard and Blade (3, 4}. President (4). TAYLOR. BOBBY DONALD A.B. IN ECONOMICS. A.F.R.O.T.C. 13, 41 ; Arnold Air Society (3, 4}. TAYLOR, DANIEL LOVELACE A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE AND ECONOMICS. Baptist Student Union (3, 4 Charlotte n Club (4) ; Y.D.C. Greensboro ety (2, 3, 4) ; Scab- Kinston M.R.C. al ' a Staff (31; Honors Committee (4); Student Party (4); Y.D.C. (4); Floo TAYLOR, DAVID GEORGE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. TAYLOR, EDWARD ALAN B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. I TAYLOR, ELLJOTT RAY, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Alpha, Presiden Orientation Counselor 12); Current AITaii versity Party (1, 2, 3, 4). TAYLOR, NATHANIEL DUNN Raleigh A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Delia Them. Vice-President (4). Gorgon ' s Head (2, 3. 4) ; Order of the Beanbirds (3, 4) ; University Party; Germans Club (2, 3). President (4) ; Campus Chest U). Charlotte Wilmington ormitory Officer (2). Atlanta, Ga. (4). Class Cabinet (2) ; I.F.C. (2, 4) ; G.M.A.B. (2) ; ■ Committee (21; Attorney General ' s Staff (3): Uni- TAYLOR, NORWOOD TRAVIS, JR. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Chess Club (1. 2, 3). TAYLOR. PATRICIA ELISE A.B. IN ART HISTORY. TEANEY, MYRON REX, III A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Kappa Sigma. P 4) ; University Party (1, 21 ; Y.D.C. (1 TEELE, HENRY DOCKERY, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zei (1. 2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. (1, 2). Norfolk. Va. Goldsboro anbirds (2, 3. erbury Club (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Uni ' Tarboro TEETER, JEAN HAYES A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Delia. Pr, 141 ; Panhellenic Co Oakboro il (1) ; Y.M.C.A. (3. 4| ; Cam- TEMPLE, GRAY, JR. A.B. IN GREEK. Beta Theta P Gottingen Exchange Scholar (41 Committee (3) ; Y.M.C.A. 13) ; C Charleston. S. C. ;rburv Club, President (3); Carolina Symposium 131; lation Counselor (2, 3); Soccer (II; Academic Affairs Club (2) ; Fre shman and Sophomore Honors (1, 2). TEMPLETON. EUGENE BILLIEZOLLIE, III Hickorv A.B. IN CHEMISTRY AND RELIGION. Baptist Student Union III: racket) Yack (II; Y.R.C. (4); Y.M.C.A. (1). TEW. FRANKLIN TRUETT Claxton A.B. IN ENGLISH AND CHEMISTRY. Carolina Symposium (3) ; Student Party (3. 4) ; Y.D.C. (3, 4) ; Campus Chest (3). THAMES, MARY LYNETTE A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Studei Rail : N.E.A. (3, 4) ; Student Party (3, 4). THAYER, THOMAS BIGELOW Asheville A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. Beta Thela Pi. Order of the Beanbirds (2. 3. 41 • Order of the Minotaurs (2, 3, 4) ; University Parly (1. 2, 3. 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Lacrosse (1, 2, 3, 4). THOMAS, MARY MICHELE Wilson A.B. IN MATH EDUCATION. Carolina Symposium (4); Newman Club (2, 3, 4)- Dormitory Officer (3, 4) ; Orientation Counselor (41 ; Student N.E.A. (41 ; Student Party (3) ; W.A.A. (3) : Women ' s Honor Council Clerk (4) ; Y.D.C. (3). THOMAS, MICHAEL MAYNARD Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. THOMPSON, ALEXANDER SAUNDERS, JR. Lumberton A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Orientation Counselor (4) ; University ParH (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (2. 3, 4) ; Public Affairs Committee. THOMPSON. FRED CALDWELL. JR. Lincolnton A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Phi. Phi Beta Chi. University Party; N.R.O.T.C. (I. 2,3, 4). THOMPSON, JOHN LOTHROP Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Corgon ' s Head; Order of the Beanbirds; Universit) Party. THOMPSON, JULIA ARLENE Burlington A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Chi Omega. Class Cabinet (3); Orientation Counselor (4); Press Club (3, 4) ; University Party (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). THOMPSON, OSCAR HOLDEN, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Delia Thela. THOMPSON, SAMUEL GRIFFIN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zela Psi. Gamma i Beanbirds; Orientation Counselor; Germans Club (2), Office THORNELOE, KEITH CARTLEDGE, II B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. THUM, RICHARD COBB A.B. IN ENCLISH. Alpha Tau Omega. University Party (1, Page 347 Atlanta. Ga. Wilson der of tin- Forest City Cleveland Heights, Ohio » . £j. fv (F SENIORS TILLEY, SANDRA CAMILLE Durham A.B. IN FRENCH EDUCATION. TIMBERLAKE, REBECCA LOUISE Wilson A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Delta. Canterbury Club 141: Orientation Counselor (4 ) : Splash Club 131 ; University Party (3. 4) ; W.A.A. (31 ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 41 ; Campus Chest 141. TING. NANCY NIEN-PING Sibu, Sarawak. Malaysia B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Cosmopolitan Club (3. 41 : Orientation Counselor (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. TISON, JOSEPH SOUTHWOOD Savannah. Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Phi. University Party (1, 2. 3. 41; Campus Chest; Sophomore Committee. TITUS. SUSAN ANNE A.B. IN ENGLISH. Dormitory Officer 141 : W.R.C. (41 : House Couneil (31. TOPPING, JOHN H. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. St. Anthony Hall. University Party TOWE. CATHERINE BRADLEY A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Y.W.C.A. (31. TRACHTENBERG, RONALD LEE B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Hillel (1, 2, 3, 4) ; University Party (4) ; Y.D.C. (4). TRAUB, ALAN MICHAEL A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. TRENBATH, RICHARD STOCKTON Washington, D. C. B IN R DIO TELEVISION. VND MOTION PICTURES AND PSYCHOLOGY. Delta Upsilon. Phi Eta Sigma. Morehe.,,1 Scholar: Canterbury Club 13. 41 : Carolina Symposium: G.M.A.B (2, 3. 41: Orientation Counselor (3. 41: Soccer (1, 2. 31: Track 111; WUNC 11. 2. 3, 41; Honors Program. TRENT, WILLIAM CECIL. JR. B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha. I nil (1, 2. 3, 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Orientation Counselor (II. TRIBBLE, ANINA A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Annapolis, Md. Akron, Ohio Rocky Mount Jacksonville Kinston Bassett. Va. iv (3, II ; Y.D.C. Asheville TRIBBLE, VIRGINIA WRIGHT Aberdeen .B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Alpha Delta Pi. Orientation Counselor I 11 : Student Government Com- mittee (41 ; W.A.A. (3, 41 ; Westminster Fellowship (3. 4 I ; W.R.C. (31 ; Y.R.C. (3, 41 : Y.W.C.A. (3, II. TRIPLETT, JOHN CHESTER Roxboro B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. TROTT, SARA ANNE Kannapolis A.B. IN HISTORY. Aneel Flight (31; Canterbury Club (3): Honor System Stud) Commission (31 • Vdvisory Committee on the Honor System 14) : President ' s ( II : Student Party (3. 41- Valkyries (3), President III; Women ' s Honor Council (31. Chairman (4); Y.D.C. (3. 41: Y.W.C.A. (3. 41 : Order ol the Old Lampshades (3, 4). TROY, HELEN JUNE Liberty A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Carolina Handbook 131 : Carolina Women ' s Council (31 : Dor. mitory Officer 13. 4): Orientation Counselor III: Student .N.E.A. (41; W.R.C. (41; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4i; Order of the Old Lampshades (3. 41. TUCKER, JUDY GAY A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta. Cheerleader 141 ; P (3. 41 ; University Party (3, 41. TUNSTALL, GEORGE ELLIS, JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Epsilon Delia. TURNER. MARSHALL LEE. JR. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Honors Program (4 1. TURNER, SIDNEY CHESLEY A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Phi Omega. Stude TUTHILL. RONALD FLOYD A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Football 11.2, 3, 41. Co-Captain 111: Mo TYSINGER, HAROLD EDWIN B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. TYSINGER, HENRY WILSON, III V.B. IN MUSIC. PA I Eta Sigma. Lutheran Student Association (I, Glee Club (II: University Chorus 12, 3. 4). ULMER, ALICE PALMER Jacksonville, Fla. B IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi. Class Cabinet (41: G.M.A.B. (31; Panhellenic Council Hi. Treasurer (41: Student Government Committee 131: University Parl 13. II; W.A.A. (3 II: Y.R.C. (41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3. II ; Wesley Foundation (3. 41. ic Cc uncil 141 ; St Greenville udent N.E.A. Raleigh Gastonia (11 : Y.D.C. (3, Wilson 11 : Y.M.C.A. ,o g ra m Club ( R 2, 3, ockingham 41. Freeland 1. 2, 41. Pres iden Charlotte t (31; Men ' , Party (31 ; Westi Chapel Hill llowship III : Y.M.C.A. UNDERWOOD, EMORY MARVIN B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Chi P i " . University 131. UPPERCUE. CHARLES QUENTIN Washington. D. C. .B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE AND SOCIOLOGY. Y.D.C. (41 : Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 41. VAN LEAR, MURRAY MARTIN. II Roanoke, Va. IB I POLITICAL SCIENCE. Delta Upsilon. Caroliaa Handbook (3. 41 ; Class Cabinet 141 : Dormitory Officer (21: M.R.C. (21; Publications Board 13, 41: Student Government Committee (3): Student Party II. 2. 3. 41; University Part, 111: Y.D.C. 111. VAN WOLKENTEN. RAYMOND VINCENT, JR. Norfolk, Va. B.S. IN PHYSICS. N.R.O.T.C. (I) ; American Institute ol Physics. VAUGHAN. ROLAND HARRIS, JR. Edenton A.B. IN HISTORY. Zela Psi. Gorgon ' s Head 13, II ; Order ol the Minotaur, 12. 3, II ; University Party (1, 2. 3, 41. VICK, WILLIAM MILTON High Point A.B. IN HISTORY. VIVERETTE, RALPH KING, JR. Enfield B.S. IN PERSONNEL. VOM LEHN. KAREN Cullowhee A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION. AND MOTION PICTURES AND ENGLISH. WUNC (3, 41. Page 348 t : i Cj p fP _ 4.W CLASS OF 1965 ill £ £ Mt Mm I- j t «Lk fife . VON GLAHN, WILLIAM GILES A.B. IN ENGLISH. «i Psi " . A.F.R.O.T.C. (II ; Cla ball (1): C..11 111: G.M.A.B. 121; Orientation Ci Part) II. 21; Y.M.C.A. II. 21. Cabinet (3); Univ. Scarsdale, N. . Cabinet (2, 4) ; Daily Tar Heel (3) ; Foot- nselor (2) ; Student Party (3) ; University sity Abroad Committee. WALES, HEATHCOTE WOOLSEY Loudonville, N. Y. .B IN ENGLISH. Chi Psi. Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha Thela. Morehead Scholar; Carolina Sym. u,„ (2) ; Daily Tar Heel (2, 3, 41 : Men ' s Honor Council (1, 2, 3, 4) ; N.S.A. (2, 3, 4) ; Order of the Golden Fleece (3, II ; Order ol the Grail (3. 41 ; Order of the Old Sell 13. 41 ; Orieotation Counselor (21 : Student Government Committee ( 1. 2. 3. 4); Student Party (1.2. 3. 41; University Chorus 111 ; University Party (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; State Student Legislature (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Toronto Exchange (4) ; Freshman and Sophomore Honors Program (1, 2). WALLACE, MARCUS HEAVNER A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Band (1. 2). WALMSLEY, PAUL B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Carolina Christian Felloi 12. 3, II. Smithfield Salisbury (1), President Jacksonville r(2). Greensboro Washington, D. C. Committee: Panhellenic WALTON, ASA JAMES, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. DormiK WALZ, RICHARD EDWARD A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Y.D.C. (1. 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, I WARD, A. DIANNE .B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Hela Phi. Class Cabinet 141 : Commun Council (3, 4) ; Student Government Committee (31. WARD, JAMES BERNARD Bladenboro B.S. IN SCIENCE EDUCATION. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. 3, 41: Band (2. 3. II; Baptist student Union (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Dormitory Officer (4) ; M.R.C. (4) ; Freshman Camp (2). WARD, JOHN PRICKETT Bladenboro B.S. IN SCIENCE EDUCATION. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. 3. 41 ; Band (2. 31 ; Baptist Student Union II. 2, 3. 4) : Dormitory Officer 12, 31 : Student N.E.A. 141 : Freshman Camp Counselor 121. WARD, LAURA JANE Goldsboro B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Delta Delta Delta. Orientation Counselor 141; Y.W.C.A. II. II. WARD, TOM HENRY, JR. Robersonville B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Football (2, 3. 4| ; Monogram Club (2, 3, 41. WARFFORD, REUBEN CAMAK Siler City B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Intramurals. WARLICK. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH. A.F.R.O.T.C. 12, 3. 41 : Scabbard and Blade (3, 41 ; WARMBROD, WILLIAM KENNETH A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Wesley Foundation II. 2. 3. 41 ; Church of Chrisl WARREN, ALFRED DANIEL A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Sigma a. Class Cabinet (3. II ; Orientation Cot Counselor (2. 31 ; University Party (2, 3, 41 ; Yackety Yack (3). WARREN. WILLIAM ADDISON A.B. IN CHEMISTRY AND ENGLISH. Phi Delta Thela. Class Cabii Wrestling 12. 31 ; Campus Chest II. 21 : Monogram Club (2, 31. Hamlet Raleigh Snow Hill (41: Orientation Laurel. Md. Myrtle Beach. S. C. ity Party; Foreign Students Council; Charlotte Spindale WASHBURN, JAMES ALEXANDER B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Kappa Alpha. Cardboard; Uni ' Order of the Golden Teepee; Knee Walkers I. WASSON, JAMES WILLIAM A.B. IN RUSSIAN. WATKINS. GEORGE HENRY B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. WATKINS, HOWARD WILLIAM. JR. Lillington A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Kappa Psi. Alpha Phi Omega. Wesley Foundation (1. 21. WATSON, RAYMOND ALEXANDER. JR. New Bern U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Men ' s Glee Club (1, 21. WATSON. RITCHIE DEVON Wilmington A.B. IN ENGLISH. WATT, DAVID STANLEY. JR. Lancaster, Pa. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Phi. University Pam (1.2. . ' .. II : Y.M.C.A. II. 2l. WATTS, NELSON BARNETT Asheville A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. M.R.C. (II; Men ' s Glee Club (1,2,3. 41; University Party (4). Brevard Fellowship (1. 21; Y.D.C; Carolina Outing WANCHOPE. ROBERT D. B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Band (1, 21; We Club. WEATHERS. WILLIAM ALBERT A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Epsiloa Delta. WEBB. MELVA JANE B.S. IN UTHEMATICS. W.A.A. (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (3. II ; Newman Club (3) WEBSTER. HUGH B. U.S. IN BUSISESS ADMINISTRATION. 1.M.C..A. (1. 21 : A.F.R.O.T.C. (2 Lattimore High Point 1 anceyville Elizabeth City Goldsboro Salisbury WEEKS. ROBERT WHITE A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. WEIL. ALAN A.B. IN ENGLISH. WEISER. CONRAD WALTON .ll. 1 CREATIVE ART. Canterbury Club (2, 3. 41 ; Cosmopolitan Club (2, 3. II. WELLER, STEPHEN BARR Clearwater, Fla. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Orientation Counselor (2. HI : Y.R.C. (1. 2, 31 ; Elections Board. Page 31 ' ) fev AIM A h WELLONS, DIANA A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Carolina Svmpo Orientation Counselor (41 ; Student Legislature 13, 41 ; WELLS, HAROLD WILLIAM, III B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Delia Th, WEST, JOYCE DORCAS A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Baptist Student Union (I, 2, • W ' .A.A. (3. 41. WESTMORELAND. JERRY TWAIN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Parapsychology Club (21 : WHELESS, GLENN ALLAN A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION, AND MOTION PICTURES. Intramurals (1, 2, 3). WHITAKER. DENNIS GERARD A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Baptist Student Union (3. 4) ; Press CI WHITAKER, PHILLIP STEWART A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Dormitory Officer (4) ; Intramural Mana SENIORS Greensboro ; Order of the Beanbirds (3. 41 ; Party (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Wilmington sketball (11 : Pr. Stanley i Club (3, 41 ; Hillsville. Ya. High Point (1); WUNC-TV (2, 3) ; Charlotte Durham WHITE, CAROLYN SUZANNE A.B. IN ECONOMICS, racket} lack (4) ; Y.W.C.A. West Hartford. Conn. 3. 41 ; Y.R.C. (3, 41. WHITE. OTTO, JR. B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 21. WHITE. WILLIAM RUFUS R.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa Sig WHITEHEAD. HELEN WHITCOMB IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Gamma Delta. Canterbui I.F.C. (II ; Uni Chapel Hil ity Party (3). Uni ' (3. 4) ; W.A.A. (3. 41 WHITEHLRST. MARY EYERETT .B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. WHITENER, KENNETH GLENN B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. WHITESIDE, CARL THOMAS A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Morehead Scholar; W. WHITFIELD. BOBBY GENE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. WHITFIELD. WILLIAM JERRY B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Baptist Sti Virginia Beach, V a. erbury Club 131; Orientation Counselor II); Yack (4) ; Y.D.C. 13. 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Robersonville Greensboro Greensboro Newton Grove Rutherforclton : (l). Fellowship (1, 2). WHITLEY. HARVEY FRANKLIN A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. M.R.C. (41 ; Monogram Club (2 Intramurals (21 ; Fellowship ol Christian Athletes (4). WHITLEY. JACK WEST .B. IN RECREATION ADMINISTRATION. WHITLEY, WALTER RALPH A.B. IN HISTORY. Trumpet Club. WHITSETT. JO ANN A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Oriental mittee (3) ; Student N.E.A. (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (4). Counselor (41 : Stude . 3) ; Class Cabii China Grove rack (2, 3, 4) : Y.M.C.A. (3. 41 ; Kinston Kannapolis Whitsett WILDER. BOBBY HUGH B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Intramurals (2. 31. WILES, CLARENCE DAVID B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Phi. Monogram Club (2 3, 4) ; Orientation Counselor (2, 3) ; Wrestling (1. 2. 3. 41 ; Attorney General ' s WILKINSON. MARVIN ALEXANDER B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa Sigma. University Party ( WILLARD. KENNETH HENDERSON A.B. IN HISTORY. Baseball (1. 2. 3, 41 ; Football (1. 2. 3. 41 ; Monograi WILLIAMS. BERNARD FRANKLIN. JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Phi. Sophomore Social Committei University Party (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, J, : ' .. Ii : Honor North Wilkesboro 4) : N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. Greensboro Chapel Hi Club (2. 3, 41. Savannah. Ga. pus Chest 12. 31 : WILLIAMS, JOHN BUXTON, III A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. University Party ( U.N. Seminar (2, 3); Intramurals (3, 41. WILLIAMS, RICHARD DUDLEY A.B. IN HISTORY. Chi Phi. Carolina Symposium ( lion Counselor (I) ; Student Government Commitl 1 Ml.. V 12. 3). WILLIAMS, RUSSELL EVERETT, JR. VR. IN CHEMISTRY. Ahoskie Y.R.C. (2, 31 ; Y.M.C.A. 12. 31 : Savannah. Ga. nation Committee (3. 4): Orierta. 1 ; University Party (1. 2, 3. 41 ; Robersonville WILLIAMS, TRUDY ARLENE Chapel Hill A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta. Orientation Counselor (41; Panhellenic Council (3. 41 ; Student N.E.A. (2. 3. 4) ; rackety Yack (4) ; Y.D.C. (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). WILLIAMS, VON GREGG Plymouth A.B. IN EDUCATION. WILLIAMS, WARREN W.. JR. Louisville, Ky. A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION. AND MOTION PICTURES AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Phi. Canterbury Club II. 2); Daily Tar Heel II. 2. 41: G.M.A.B. (1, 2); Student Legislature (2); University Party (1, 4), Executive Committee (21 : rackety tack (2) : Y.R.C. (3, 4). Executive Committee (1. 21; Y.M.C.A. (2. 31; Carolina Conservative Club (3), President (4); Mock Political Convention, Delegation Chairman (1. 31. WILLINGHAM, FRANCIS FRIES. JR. Winston-Salem A.B. IN BOTANY. Phi Delta Theta. N.R.O.T.C. (II ; Orientation Committee (3, 41 ; Orientation Counselor (3) ; Student Legislature (3, 4) ; University Party (1, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). Page 350 CLASS OF 1965 WILSON, DANIEL MIFFLIN, II Dover, DeL A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Canterbury Club (I); Dormitory Officer (1) ; Student Party (4) ; Y.R.C. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Campus Affairs (2). WILSON, DAVID BURKE A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Phi Onega. Y.M.C.A. (2. 31 Yanceyville WILSON, DAVID K., JR. Nashville, Term. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Beta Thela Pi. Morehead Scholar; Carolina Symposium (1); ClasB Cabinet (1, 31 ; Cosmopolitan Club (31 ; Order ol the Old Well (3. 4) ; Order ol Minotaurs 12. 3. 4) : Orientation Counselor 12. 3. 41 ; Student Government Committee (1, 2. 3. 41 ; Student Legislature (1, 21; Track (II; University Party II. 2. 41. Executive Board 131; Wrestling II. 21; Y.R.C. (1, 2, 3) ; Attorney General ' s Staff (2, 3, 4) ; Germans Club (1, 2, 3) ; Toronto Exchange (31 ; Freshman and Sophomore Honors Program. WILSON, FRANKLIN. JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta Thela Pi. Unh Chest (1, 2.1 ; Publicity Committee. Rocky Mount ity Party (1, 2, 3. 41 ; Campus WILSON, HAROLD LEE A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Pi Kappa Phi. I.F.C. II, WINDES, THOMAS CALVIN A.B. IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Track (2) ; Lenoir Hall Club (3, 41 ; C WINSLOW, JAMES ELBERT. JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. WINTERS, WILLIAM WARFIELD B.S. IN GEOLOGY. WITT, PETER RAY B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. WOLF, SANDRA B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. WOLFE, CHARLES JULIAN A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Lambda Chi Alpha 14) ; N.R.O.T.C. II, 2. 3|, Battalion Staff I II ; Unit Staff (3, 4). Norfolk, Va. ity Pari (1, 3. 41 ; Y.D.C. (4). Silver Spring, Md. WOLFE. SHIRLEY ANN A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Ori (21 Hurdle Mills Spring Lake Hickory Nyack, N. Y. Daytona Beach. Fla. (4). Orientation Counselor . 3, 4) ; Attorney General ' s Birmingham, Ala. lion Counselor 111 WOMMACK, SPENCER THOMAS, III A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. WORTH, DIANA A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Be .. Plu. Order ol tin (31; Student Parlx (3, li; Weslej Foundation (3, II: Women ' s Residence Council III: Y.R.C 13. 4 1 ; Y.W.C.A. (3, II : Secretary to Men ' s Attorney General 13. II. anl.irds 13. 41 : Studenl Go Raleigh Secretariat WRENCH, HOWARD CARSON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Sigma Pi. WRIGHT, CYDNE ANN A.B. IN HISTORY. Chi Omega. Class Cabinet (31 : Oriei lure (4); University Party 13. 41; Y.D.C. 13, 4); Yacke WRIGHT. JUDITH LOUISE A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY, ilpha Gamma Delia. 2, 3, 4) ; Y.D.C. III. WRIGHT. MARILYN JOYCE B.S. IN DENTAL HYGIENE. Dormitory Officer WYATT, JOHN CLIFFORD M.S. IN EDUCATION. YAEGER, PEGGY ANN A.B. IN SPANISH. Carolina Women ' s Council (4); Orientation Counselor (41. Roseboro Greensboro selor (4) : Student Legisla- uty Court (4). Baltimore, Md. •e Hi: W.A.A. (1, Chapel Hill iety. Durham Pisgah Forest nopolitan Club (3. 4) ; Dormitory Officer YEARGAN. SHERMAN A., JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. YETT, WILLIAM MICHAEL A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Chi. Ca Officer (2); Student Legislature (2, 3); Unive Campus Chest (3, 4); I.F.C. (4). YOUNG, JACK KRAYNICK A.B. IN HISTORY. Cheerleader (2, 3. 4) ; Dorm YOUNG, JAMES BLAKE, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Orientation Counselor (2 mittee (4); University Party (1, 3. 4): Y.M.C.A. 13. 41. YOUNG. ROSA HOWELL A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Delia Pi. Charlotte erburv Club; Dance Committee (3) ; Dormitorv it) Party; Order of the Nadular Birds (3, 4) Clearwater. Fla (1,2 1: M.R.C. (1) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2) Atlanta, Ga Atlanta, Ga. (4) ; Y.D.C. (41 : Y.W.C.A. YOUNG, SHERRILL FRANKLIN B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Alpha Tau Omega. Track II, 31 ; Unh Y.M.C.A. (1. 41. Raleigh ity Party (1, 2, 4) ; YOUNT. MITZI JEAN A.B. IN SPANISH EDUCATION. Spanish Club (1. Seminar to Mexico (4). YUN, TAE IN A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Cosmopolitan Club: I ' niver-if ZACHARY, MARY JULIET A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Yackety Yack 1 Sweetheart (4). ZASLAV, MICHAEL JAY A.B. IN SPANISH. Tau Epsilon Phi. Hillel Founds ZEHMER, SUSAN H. A.B. IN ART. Sigma Sigma Sigma. Stray Creeks. Claremont 3, li : French Club (41 : Travel Study Seoul. Korea rsitv Karate Club. Cashiers Curl 131: Y.W.C.A. (31; Carolina Cedarhurst, N. Y. Virginia Beach, Va. Page 351 JUNIOR CLASS Through a variety of projects sponsored by the Junior Class, a bond of common interests and goals, binding each member more firmly to his class, was made a reality. A successful beginning for the year ' s activities was achieved through a Junior Class Shoe-shine which offered attractive female " shoe-shiners " ' as its special fund-raising attraction. A monthly class letter was sent to each Junior on campus, announcing each project and program planned for that month. Active participation and lasting interest resulted from this class-communication program. The numerous fund-raising projects and the lively social program was enjoyed by all throughout the year. By working closely with an inter-class council, inter-class co-operation remained one of the major goals of the Junior Class. The unity and achievements accomplished by the Junior Class bring a pleasant satisfaction to each Junior as this year draws slowly to a close. SONNY PEPPER President JUNIORS Ada s, Ja C. Ke III.- , Jeffrey Paul. Nashville, Tenn. Adams, Junius Greene, Asheville Adams, Thurston Rav, Jr., Baltimore. Mrl. Adkins, Evelyn Mav. Wilmington Aimone, William F., Seotch Plains, N. J. Ainslev. William Franklin. Jr.. Hertlor.l Alexander. Roy Fink, Jr., Greensboro Aldridge. John Eugene, Jr.. Raleigh Allen. Allison Graham, Jacksonville, Fll Allen, Frank William. Norfolk. Va. Allen, James Henry, III, Greensboro AU.n. Robert Hogan, Rockingham Allen. William Harvey. Greenville Allison. Craig Edward, Hillsboro Almond, Charles Malcolm. Red Springs Alper, Mark. Wilmington Ambrose, Richard William. Closter Anderson. Carol C, Charlotte Anderson, David Caskill, Tarboro Anderson, Henry L.. Jr., Favettevi Anderson, Jon Edwin, Brevard Arhart, Richard James, Greensboro Arthur, Katherine Miller, Burlingt, Arthur, Tom Donnelly, Greenville Asheraft. Cornelia Ellen, Chapel Hill Atchlev, Judy Elizabeth, Rutherfordton Atkins. Barbara Jean, Albemarle Atkinson, Carl Wilburn, Lilesville Augustine. Andrew John. Fayetteville Austin. Gail Smathers. Clinton Autry, Edith Grae, Chapel Hill Avent, Don Brown. Siler City Ayers, John Stedman, Jr., Lumberton Babb. Henrv Curtis. Ahoskie Baddour, Richard Allen, Goldsboro Baer, Richard Price, III, Edenton Bahnson, Frederic Fries, III, Winston-Salem Bailey, Bobbie Jean. Aiken, S. C. Bailev, Reynolds Grey, Tarboro Baker, Duane Leonard, Charlotte Baker, Jacque Nan, Sanford Baldwin. Bernard Coleman, III, Lynchburg, Va Baldwin, John C. Port Washington, N. Y. Ball, Garv Flovd, Lexington Ball, James Weeks, Jr., Elizabeth City Ballard, Harry Hampton. Welch. W. Va. Ballenger, James Caudell, Raleigh Bandy, Robert Ray, Goldsboro Banks, Martha Ellen, Durham Barden, Jeremy Pickett, Kluxford, Miss. Barfield, James Everett, Vidalia, Ga. Barker, Mary Elizabeth, Jacks. ank K rd. Robert Lee, Kannapolis s, Edgeworth Beddoes, Chap. s. R. Thompson, Elm City It, Braxton Earl, Jr., Littleto n. Wanda Lynn, Chester Spri ■tt, Michael Stephen, Chariot •, Mary Josephine, Andrews 1 Hill ngs. Pa Baucom, Charles Michael. Charlotte Baum. Robert Leo, Jr.. Jacksonville. Fla. Baumgardncr, Bentha Gertie, Kings Mount! Beall, Mary Alice. Eatonton. Ga. Beatty. Joseph Robert, Charlotte Beckett, Robert Sampson, Brightwaters, N. Becton, Susan Margaret. Raleigh Benfield, Ray Denton. Hiddenite Benjamin. Carol Ann, Baltimore, Md. Benjamin. Peter Mayer, Greensboro Bennett, Robert E.. Pittsburgh, Pa. Benson, Paul Douglas, Charlotte Best, Margaret Lucv, Durham Betty, Laban Tyson, Asheville Bird, Paul Edmond, Jr., Wytheville, Va Bishop, William Thomas, III. Lexington Black, Lois Marcia, Brooklyn, N. Y. Blackley, William Jackson. Dunn Blackman. C. M., Jr., Benson Blakeney. Virginia Claire, Charlotl Blankenship, Rachel Ellen, Charlo Blanton, Melba Lee, Concord Blanton, Tena Gail, Shelby Blowe. Ralph Boyd, Jr.. Weldon Blue, James Madison, Chevy Chas. Boal, Donald Stuart, Wake Forest Bobroff, Andrew Franklin, Far Rockaway, N. Y. s, Harriet Kendrick, Cherryville , John Samuel, Weldon e, M. Lui, Chapel Hill n, Chelsea Gail, Chapel Hill ?n, Judith Ann, Jacksonville, Fla Stanley Lloyd. Statesville nan, William Walter. Jr., Hickor e. Jacob Cameron. Jr.. Tyner . David Guion, Charleston. S. C. K if i Page 353 p p o p a ft p p c c P Q or o P t , J , vJ.1 fet fa fit ° P f 9 C 9 A e, f f%ft f % f r p e JUNIORS Boyle, Kaye Terrell, Charlotte Boyles, Larrv Wayne, Hickory Brading, Edwin Boyle, Sumter. S. C. Bradley, Edward Judson, Franklin Brandon, Dennis Richard. Gaines ill.-. Fla. Brannon. Vernon Boyd, II. Raleigh Branstrom. John Timothy. Morganton Brauer. Carolyn Toni. Chapel Hill Brewer, James Estes. Jr.. Lewisburg. W. V: Brilliant. Irwin Joel, Portland, Me. Brill, Elizabeth Anne. Norfolk, Va. Britl. Gerald Glenn. Lumberton Broome. Hoyle S., Autryville Brown. Jerry S., Apex Brown. Jimmie Charles. Carv Brown. Paul Engene. Huntersville Brown, Thomas Carl, Jr.. Raleigh Brown. Vivian Sarila. Charlotte Srovhill. Thomas Hamilton. II. Marion Buchanan. David George. Greensboro Bulla. Walter Spencer. Ill, Salisbury Bullard, Carl. Maxton Bullard. Vaughn Evans, Selma Bullock, James Walter. Manson Sumgardner, Leonard Wilson, Jr.. Beln Bundy Kay, Madison Bunte. Louis Edward, Atlanta, Ga. Burge. RanJv Lester. High Point Burkelte, David Wayne. Bethania Burwell. Susanne Jefleray. New Bern Burwvn Sidney Isadore. Wells Ferrv. V Busbv. William Jarvis, Salisbury Butcher, Charles William. Grillon Byrd. James Edward. Raeford Byrd, William Eugene. Winchester, Ma Cahoon. John Melvin, Harbinger Cameron. Harold Harrington. Br Campbell. Charles Robert. Winst Campbell. Judith Ann. Wilmingt Campbell. William Terrell, Yazo Cannon, Clarence Rav. Kinston Canter. William Glen, Greensbor Carlson. Elaine Ruth. Florence. Carson. Donald W Mil III. Ga Carter, Douglas. Raleigh Casey, Noel Tyson. Tenaflv. N. J. Cassidv, William Farrell. Akron. Ohio Castleberry, Michael Scott. Gamer Cathey, Sarah Ann. La-L-v. S. C. Cauble. Myrtle Kathleen, Hi. korv Chacev, Franklin Bradsher. Chapel Hill Challen, Erin Gary. Memphis. Tenn. Chance. Richard Brooks. Richmond. Va Cheatham. Anne Wilson. Smithfield Cheatham. Clarence Burton. Jr., Frankli. Cheatham. Elizabeth l ' arri-h. Yonngsvilll Chesnutt, James Allred. Ill, Clinton Cheves, Keywood Carnell, Jr.. Littleton Church, Charles Bumgarner, Walkertown Churchill. Joseph Lacy, Roanoke, Va. Clark. David Lewis, Atlanta, Ga. Clark. Jerry Lee, Greensboro Clements, James Larry. Durham Clifton, Benjamin Franklin, Jr.. C Cobb, Ronald Kay, Wingate Coble, Samuel Newlin. Greensbor. Cody, Mary Ann. Winston. Salem Cofer. Gilbert Milton. Winston. Sa Coghill. James Woods, Henderson Collins, Henry Boyd. Marshville Collins. Leslie Gordon. Jr., Green .l.i, k- nder. Jonathan Dudley. •r. Ja Cook, Billy Jones. Jr., Boone Cook, Fred W.. Rochester. N. Y. Cooke. Jon David. High Point Coolev, Jean Cowan. Monroe Cooper, Allred B.. Jr.. Morehead Cil Cooper, Richard George. Jr.. North Palm Beach. Fla. Corbett, Thomas Alvin. Jr.. Charlotl Cordell, Thomas McNeill. Charlotte Corder, Robert Joseph. Charlotte Corrv, Paul William, A sheville Council. Jennv Lind. Oak City Courts. David Paul. All. .way. N. J. Covert, Edward Martin. Moncure Cowan. Linda Ann, Powellsville Cowen. Peter Donnelly, Searsdale, N Cox, Mason Orlando, jr.. Greensbor; Cox, Terry Gene. Gatesville Craig. John Wesley, Jr.. Charlotte Crawford, Jan Johnston, Candler Crawlev. Jack Benjamin. Jr.. Hollister Creal. Richard Edward, Chattanooga, Te Creech, Laten Lewis, Winston-Salem Joe Huit Ne p £ C: fb £„ O £ Page 354 •: it I . : $ ?-rJ fevht » J | « " a Q P 13 c rm c n p r» P o £ §1 Ik: u., apOftPP fib .WriLWiJ CLASS OF 1966 Crowder, Ronald Lewis, Winston-Sale Crowgey, Margaret Anne, Tavlorsville Crumley, Charles Edwin. Chapel Hill Crutchfield, Ann Groome, Greensboro Culberson, Ora Lou, Snow Camp Culp, Robert William, Gastonia Cunningham. Donald Edward. Greens! Bail. Rodney Lee, Elizabeth City Dail, Thomas Edward. Kinston Dame, Nancy Ray, Bethesda, Md. Daniel, lav Eileene, Roxboro Daniell. Mary Elizabeth, Chapel Hill Daugherty. Joseph Kenneth, Durham Daughertv. Thomas Alexander, High Point Davis, Carl Stephen, Charlotte Davis, Charles Thomas, New Bern Davis. Gregory M. P., Hillerest Heights, Ml Davis. Jenny, Columbus, Ga. , John Richard, Roxboro , John Mason, Henderson . John William, Jr., Burlington . Michael Phillip, Lexington , Paul Benning, Jr., Chapel Hill , Paul deVendel, Greensboro , Robert Carlton, Rocky Mount Jack Allen. Jr.. Morganton m, Mary Palmer, Statesville Woodrow, Jr Mil Pinnacle efnrd DeBruh, Ma Dennis, Morgan, Warr. Denny, Dwight Dougla Dickey. Harriett Brew. Dickson, Paul, III, Ra Diehl, William K„ Jr., New Smyrna Beach. Fla. Diles. Kenneth Darden, Newton Dingeldein, George Peter. Greensh Dorsey, Miriam Johnson, Raleigh Dotson, Bernard Earl, Jr., Carthage Douglas, Charlotte Harrill, Dunedin, Fla. Downing. Edward Converse. Charlotte Dovle, George Wright. Pensacola, Fla. Drew. Muriel, Fiskeville, R. I. Dudasik. Stephen William, II, New Bern Dudley, Judith Carole, Washington Dunham, Robert Jay, Jr., Silver Spring, Md. Dunn, John Oliver, Jr., Wilmington Dunn, Joseph Clayton, Asheville Dunn, Thomas Parker, Ayden Dunstan. Virginia Herrington. Elizabelh Citv Eagleton. Hugh Edward. Silver Spring, Md. Earley, Elizabeth Gale. Jacksonville Early, Steven Thomas, Hickory Corners, Mich. Eatman, Edward Laughtin, Jr., Rocky Mount Edge, Jerry Thomas, Roseboro Edgerton, Clyde Carlyle, Durham iter, Rus! nds. Robe Dav Wan rid Willard, Green Edwards, Jean Hunter, Raleigh Edwards, Ted Willis, Charlotte Ehrhart, Lawrence Albert, Orle Eidson. Carol Aileen, Kannapo Eller, Jerri Lee, Cullowhee Ellis. Jerrv J.. New Albany, In Melvin Joseph, Charlotte Farfour, William Neil, Morganton Feder, Jeffrey H.. York. Pa. Feiner. Edward Bernard, Greensboro Feik, Gail Elizabeth, Kinston Ferguson, Margaret Ann, Middletown, Fesperman, Sylvia Ann, Charlotte Fickling, Elliott Reed, III, Hickory Field, Russell Porter, Wyoming. Del. Finch. Charles Wilfred, Spring Hope h, William Curtis. Jr.. Fayetteville , James Arthur. Alexandria, Va. ■r. Hugh Robert. Wake Forest ■r. Margaret Gayle, Roseboro ■i. Marv Ancil, Fayetteville agan, Michael Perkins, Kinston ling, Carrol Roy, Jr., Atlanta, Ga. ling. John Thomas, Hickory ers, John Morgan, III, Red Springs Folger, Ruth, High Point Forbes, Charles Suttle, Greenville Forbes, Isa Marie, Raleigh Ford, Charles Ellis, Jr., Louisburg Ford. Dale Norris. Spray Forster, David Chapman, Vienna, Austria Forum, Richard Burton, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla Fountain. Lawrence McDougald. Tarboro Fowler. James Nelson, Morganton M£ S M ft r p p p ft JUNIORS £ It - A£feik ppppp p p p P f - C: O p C (% O ft n r e i£ Fowler, Natalie, Fayetteville Fox, David Kennedy, Gary, Ind. Frank, Barbara Ann, Leaksville Franklin, Eugene Thomas, Jr., Goldsbor Freaklev, Edwin Morris. Jr.. Ft. Monro, Freeman. Roberl Allan. Goldsboro Freiberg. Allen Charles, Greensboro French, Berrv Godwin. Jr., Lumberlon Funderburk. James Nicholas, Charlotte Futterer. Mary Julian. Rockingham Gallano, Susan Mary. Bronx, N. Y. Gallant. Dorothy Carol. Charlotte Gamble, William Stephen, Spindale Garden, Christine Josephine. Charlotl Gardiner. Paul Stewart, Greensboro Caster. Roy Rosser, Sanford Gebeaux. Robert Joseph, Fairfax, Va. Gebhardt. Susan Clair, Charlotte Gibbs. Joseph Franklin. Ill, Durham Gilmore. Algie Gaston, Morganton Gilstad. Claire John. Kings Mountain Cimpel, Robert Charles, Verona, N. J. Coddard. Davis Andrew. Wellesley Hills, Ma Godwin, Howard Gibson, Dunn Coforth. Joe Neil. Jr.. Miami. Fla. Coldberg. Linda Ruth. Durham Goldman. Richard Allan. Richmond. Va. Goldstein. Bruce. Charleston, S. C. Gonzalez, Peter William, Sands Poin Goodman. Joseph Henry, Leland Gordon, Britton Lawrence. Jr.. Grand Rapids, Mich. Gore, Lucian Forrest, Jr., Goldsboro Grady, Jeffrey Lynn. Kannapolis Graham. Walter Raleigh. Jr.. Charlo Grantt. Alexander Peter, Kinston Grastv. Lucy Robertson, Charlotte av. Elizabeth Reayille. High Point ay. Madeline Dell. Charlotte ay, Paul Allen. Jr.. Wadesboro eenamver. Richard Dovle. Haddonfield. N. J. eerie. John L., Chapel Hill eer, Jane Russell. Albemarle eeson. Michael Ralph. Jr.. Charlotte iffin. James McCarley, Charleston, S. C. iffin. Jean Carole. Charlotte Griffin. Samuel Cecil. Rocky Mount Crigg, Wendell Randolph. Jr., Raleigh Crimes. Edward Boyd, Thomasyille Croman. Ernest Victor. Richmond. Va. Guard. John Etheridge, III. Poplar Branch Gunter, James Alexander, Columbia. S. C. Gurley. William Henry, III. Sanford Guthrie. Elizabeth Holmes, Grass Valley, Calif. Guthrie, Johnny Lee, Hickory Laur. Sta .11, Haithcock. rd Irvin. Ma Hailhcock. Worth Timothy. Hillsboro Hall. Samuel Lindsay, Jr., Rocky Mount Hamilton. Maria Garland. Kinston Hamilton. Stephen Spencer, Asheboro Hamlin, William Thomas, Jr.. Durham Hamm. Kenneth Yates. Huntsville. Ala. Hardesty, Ivan. Jr.. Raleigh Hardie, Donald L„ Graham Har.lison. James Lvnwood. Kinston Hardman, Joel Cecil. Shelby Harmon. Jacob Claude. Jr.. Burling Harmon. John Matney. Statesville Harmon. John Patrick. Jr.. Warsaw Harrell, A. Jack. Snow Hill Harrell, Joe Lynwood. Warsaw !ll, Neal Brooks, Greensboro ill, Shirley Ann, Greenville is, Bavard Easter, York, S. C. s, Doug Edwin. Chapel Hill s. James Calvin. Thomasville is. James Randolph. Williamston s. Paul Kitchin. Jr.. Roanoke Rapids is. Ralph Copeland. Jr.. Rockingham is, Thomas Alfred. Thomasville Harris. Walter Franklin. Brnum Harrison. William Burwell. Jr.. Rocky Harrington. Ellis Jackson, Jr.. Durhan Harshaw, Charles William. Greensboro Hart, James Cleaver. High Point Hart. James Patrick. Charlotte Harvey, Anne Elizabeth. High Foint Harville, Thomas Crawford. Jr.. Lenoi Harwood. Michael R.. Greensboro Raymond Graver, Beaufort Hatch. William Manly. Pink Hill Hatcher. Lorraine Ann, Morehead City Ha Michael Fri .11, Gerald Wilton, Jr.. Coats Haywood, Robert Allyn, Durham Hazelton. William Dern. Chester, Hechenbleikner. Madeline Merced Hege. Jerald Dee, Lexington Page 356 j a © p jp fi f|£W - |.p p P ,|Q jfi PP ft CLASS OF 1966 Iton. Marvin Michael, Mill Spring mphill, William Max, Charlotte nrv, James Edgar, Camp Lejeune nrv. Lee Elizabeth, Chapel Hill nsley. Michael Jack. Raleigh rman, Carl Smith. Bessemer Citv rring, David Middleton, Wilmingtor rring. Mary Dawn. Wilmington ster. Edward Lee, Raleigh Hicks, James F.. Jr., Maitland. Fla. Hightower, Mildred Louise, Wadesboro Hill, Donna Raye, Charlotte Hill, Mavis Helena. Hickory Hinshaw. Maxwell Norman, Jr., Randleman Hinton, Larry Harold. Nashville Hodshon, Charles Arthur, Little Switzerland Hoffman. James William, Raleigh Ho Cato Oli ' Ma Charle Ho; pper, es Ellis, Hillsbor, Chapel Hill Houston, John Lansing, Raleigh Howe, Donald Douglas, La Grange Hudson, Barbara Anne. Erwin Hudson. John William, Castonia Hudson, Ronald Ted, Greensboro Hudspeth. James Lester, Rocky Mounl Huff, Dorothy Ann. Mars Hill Huffman, Gary Marvin, Purlear Huggler, David Horton. St. Davi Hughes. James Allen. Oxford Hughes, John William, III, Flor. Hulick. Henrv, III, Raleigh Hunt, Edgar William. Ill, New 1 Hunt, Ronald Forrest, Lawndale Hunter, Eleanor Ruth, LumberU Hunter, James Collett, Jr., Danville, Va. Hunter, Mary Rodgers. Charlotte Hunter, Robert Carl. Marion Hutaff, Phillip Griggs. Lumberton Hutcheson, John Ambrose, Jr., Winston-Sa Hyman, Stephen Allen, High Point Ingram, George Mason, Helsinki, Finland Ingram, John Carter, Mt. Gilead Irving, John William, Madison av Gordon, Salisbury ten Howard, Greensbor. .aura, Raleigh ithy Ann, Marion •s Mason. Gastonia iam Edwin. High Point Jennings, Henrv Edwin. Greensboro Johansson. Beatrice Birgit. Chapel Hill Johnson, Carolyn Clilton. Aberdeen Johnson, Jo Ann, Fayetteville Johnson, Michael Ruel. Memphis. Tenn Johnson, Paula Anne, Benson Johnson, Richard Sandusky, Camp Leje Jones, John Terry, Greensboro Jones, Robert Edwin, Raleigh Jones, Van Michael, Raleigh Jordan, Robert Strong, Wilson Kampf, Joseph Michael, Scarsdale. N. Y Kassens, William D„ Jr.. Wilmington Kay. Michael Alan, West Hartford, Com Kayed, Ahmad Farah. Charlotte Keefer, Thomas B.. Jr., Greensboro Keen. Aubrey Alfred, Four Oaks Keller. Meredith Roberts. Borosgold, On Kellam, Nosco Hobart, Jr., ( Kelso. Fred Paris, Jr., Gasto Kemlein, Donald Fleetwood, Wilmington, Del. Kemp, William Lor Kendrick, Howard ' . Kennedy, Sandra W Kesler, Pamela Ann Killian, Charle: Kinlaw, Franci [., Dallas MS, Hillsboro Oak Park. III. n, Gilkey Harvey, Laurinburg Kirby, Ralph Clayton, Mebane Kirk, Carv John, Beaufort Kirtley. Wallace Jones, III, Charlottesville, Va. Klaff, Michael Philip, Danville. Kluttz. George Fisher. Salisbur Knesel, David Charles. Rockvil Knight, Anne Sandra, Raleigh Kodack, Lawrence David, Ashe Koonce. William Turner, Ralei Naomi Gail, Chariot ■r, Richard Frederick •s, Elliot Stephen, G . Donald A„ Jr., Sc £ v, Wa I -n Lane, Robe Laney, Thoi Langstaff, J Jerry Jeffe Harold, Middlebury s Percy, Wilmington Beth, Raleigh Page 357 c r £ p © pp Jk t« Jir Ji l . J J JUNIORS Po SSO C PP P P AP c r r? p p pp 0P f P ische, John Elmer, Greenville isiter, Alice Marie, Wilmingto Hen, Noah Delbert, Jr., Kern, vhon, Betly Rae, Rutherfordti vrence, Edward Foi. Jr., Whi I, Patricia Diane, Greensboro ler. . alhan I., Jacksonville :, Lawrence Borden, Charlestc -. Nancy Irene, Kinston Lefler. Charles Deems, Chapel Hill Lennon, Linda Fav. Bolton Lentz, Ellen Linn, Goldsboro Leonard, Joseph Gregory, Lexington Leonard. Kenneth Beanie. Kings Mountain Lesley, Donald Williams. Clayton, Ga. Lewis. Claudia Bane. Fairmont Lewis. Roger Wesley, Jr.. Greensboro Lichtenstein. Marshall Harvey. Atlanta, Ca Lindenmever. Thomas Howard, Durham Lindlev. Harrv Newell. Pittsboro Lindlev, James Randall, Snow Camp Lineberger. Joe Robert, Gastonia Linker, William Murray, III, Raleigh Little, George Roscoe. Ill, Elizabeth City Little. James David. Fayetteville Littlejohn. Samuel MrGowan, Charlotte Littleton. Augusta Stanley. Wilmington Litton. Michael Daniel. Gastonia Livengood. Thomas S.. High Point Livingston. Elizabeth Ann. Raeford LobI, Thomas Jax. Danville. Va. Logan, Wade Hampton. III. Charleston. Lolcev. Julian Lee. Raleigh Lollar. Susan Eileen. Jacksonville Longino. Elizabeth Lovce. Chapel Hill Love, Sue Ellen. Concord Lovell. John Thomas. Jacksonville Lowder. George Edward. Albemarle Lowe. David Lindsay, Sea Island. Ga. Lowe. Mary Wilhelmina. Charlotte Lowery. Robert Herman. Winston. Salem Lowery. Woodrow Wilson, Jr., Trenton Loyd, Linda Kav. Louisburg Lueders. Brian Carter. New Canaan. Conn. Lupton, Richard Byron. Swan Quarter Lvda. Oscar James. Ill, Gastonia Lvman, John William, New York. N. Y. Lyo ns, Joseph E.. Jr.. Charlotte McAdams, Walter Dalton. Jr.. Winston-Sal- McAllister. Cranine Kette. Raleigh M. Arthur. William Kenneth. Greenville Mi Vuley, Edward Matthew, Murfreesboro McCallie, Spencer Wiatt. Chattanooga. Ten McCartney, Ottaway Kenton, III. Asheboro Mi I lure, Robert Garrett. Jr.. Enka McCoy, Kenneth Byron. Cove City McCracken. Nancy Jane, Chapel Hil Stua Leno McCutcheon. Linda Ho Upper Montclair, N. J. M, Daniel. Ralph Bryan, Lake View, McDonald. Daniel Edwin. Reidsville McDonald. Eloise Thomas. Sanford McEnallv. Susan Katherine. New Be McGlahon, Artie Campbell. Ayden McGowan. Mary Elissa. Smithfield McGregor. Gail. Washington. D. C. Mclnnis. Thomas McLeod, Jr., Fayettevil McKeel, John Ashley, Greenville McKeithen. Millicent Jean, Winston-Sale McKenzie, Olin Glaze, III. Miami. Fla. Mi Knight, Stephen Alen, Mount Airy McLain, George Robert, Miami. Fla. McLaughlin. Philip Michael, Highland Park, 111. McMahan. William Edwin. Ashevil Mi Makin, Martha Alice. Greensbni McNairv. Wxatt Hamilton, Jr.. Gr. McNeelv. Thomas Cowan. Statesvi] McRae. Martha Alice. Laurinburg Mabe, Elizabeth Aufeldia. Stoncvil MaeDonald. Neil Robert. Sanford Mack, Stephen Philip. Mooresville Maddo Magnu Mann. Kathei Mann. Kenneth Lee. Lido McMillin. Gastonia Philip Roger. Jr., Jamesto Hendrix, Raleigh " h, N. Wingate, Durharr Mann. William Arthur. Ridgewood. . J. Marion, Hassel Dean, Pinnacle Marshall. Albert Barnes. Jr.. matilla Fla Martin, Donald Payne, Greensboro Ma Jane Ali. ill- Martin, Joseph Franklin. Chapel Hill Martin, Joseph Howard. Jr., Virginia Beach. Va. Martin, Robert E.. Jacksonville. Fla. Martin, William Wallace. III. Leaksville Mason, Gloria Jeanne. High Point Matthews. Ann Meddaugh, Leaksville Maupin, Armistead Jones. Raleigh Maupin. Virginia Magruder, Wake Forest Page 358 CLASS OF 1966 Maver, Nancy Lynn, Winston-Salem Mead, Gary Raymond. Norwood. N. J. Meade, James Bullard, Ridgewood, N. J. Mebane. John Gilmer, Jr.. Rulherfordton Melvin. James Smart, Reidsville Merritt, Eugene W.. Jr.. Wilmington Meyer, Bernard Stanley, Enfield Mever. Charles Edward. Rorkv Mount Milholland. Janie Wilson. Statesville Miller. Charles R.. Manhasset, N. Y. Miller, Daniel Thomas, Statesyille Miller, Elizabeth Ann. Yonkers. N. Y. Miller. Fred Causlion. Jr.. Winston-Sale Miller, Ira Lawrence. Columbia. S. C. Miller. Sharon Jean, Cary Milton. Eunice Howze. Marianna. Fla. Miska. Sara Ellen. Pittsboro Mitchell. Frederic Vann. Columbia Mitchell. Grace Ellen. Kittrell Mitchell. Morgan C. Rye. N. Y. Mitchell. Neal Alford. Jr.. Clinton Mitchell. Walter Clifford. Jr., Oxford Mitchener. Joseph Pike. Edenton Mittendorff. Gerald Ernest. Alexandria Mocnik. Frank Anthony, Clinton Moore, Carol Ann, Atkinson Moore. David McDaniel. II. Granite F. Moore. Michael Allan. Mount Airy Moore. S. Harbaugh. III. Vero Beach. Fla. Moore. William Edward Philip, Elizabeth. N. J. Moose. George Howard, Jr.. Newton Morgan, Don Wavne. Maysville Morgan, William Clyde, jr., Elizabeth City Morris. Betsy Ross. Jacksonville Morris, Nancy Jean, Raleigh Moseley, James Whitfield. Wilmington Mosteller. Clifton Herbert. Jr.. Hicl Mowerv, Carol Marie. Winston-Sale Muchmore. James Harrison, New Vernon, N. J. Murphy, Andrew Marshall. Glastonb Murphy. Anne Frazier, Hillsboro Mwamasso. Alfred Samuel. Jar-es-salaam, Tanganyika Mvers, Dennis Page. Winston-Salem Neal, Clinton Hill, Jr., Warrenton Neal, Francis Brent, Yanceyville Atla Ga. Neelv, Alan Sande New-house. Donald Walter. Riverside Newland. David Hale, Greensboro Newlin. Robert John. Charlotte Newnam. Sherrill Reid, Greensboro New-some, George Edward. Gohlsbon Ne e. Troy Wilson. Jr Murlreesboro ckingham Mount Airy Norris, David Archie, Durham North, Frederick Chamberlain, II. Islamorada, Fla. Nuckolls, Joseph Thomas, Greensboro O ' Bryan, Elizabeth Jane. Greensboro O ' Donnell, Sharon Marie, Annandale. Va Oettinger, Kenneth Brown, Chapel Hill Oettinger. Wavman Melvin. Kinston Ogle. Bruce Marshall. Valdese Old. Katherine Hanes. Santa Fe. N. Me Oldham. Susan Morton. Charlotte Olsen, John Christian. Hendersonville Olshinski, John Albert. Thomasville Olson, Lauritt William. Hampton. Va. Olson. Nancy Paula. Ridgewood. N. J. Organ, Dennis Wavne, Roanoke Rapid! Ormsby, Peggy Ann. Charlotte Osborne. Robert Lynn, Greensboro Overton, Sarah Lea. Elon College Owens. John Robert. Jr.. Farmville Pace, Ruben Stephen. Saluda Pack. Marvin Hugh. Columbus Padgett, Emily Marsha. Washington Page. Clarence E.. Henderson Painter, Dean E.. Jr.. Coronado. Calif. Palmer, Brace Edson, Bernardsyille, N. J. Palmer, Charles Judson. Ill, Charlotte Palmer, Mary Anne, Asheville Parham, Ben Hill. Talbotlon, Ga. Parham. William Newell. Franklinton Park, Vernon Caldwell. Winston-Salem Parker. Dallas Pritchard. II. Elizabeth Cif Parker. David Archie. Murfreesboro Parker, Edwin Brownrigg Borden, Goldsbo Parker, Ford Harold. Asheville Parker. John Hill, Lexington Parmele, Alfred Truman, Lumberton Km- Kuthie Turn Hugh Elliott. Jr.. Mocksvill. ra Frederic, Raleigh on, Julia Shirley, Chapel Hil on, Larry Brown. Mooresville on, Priscilla White. New Ber Seldon Elijah. Hendersonvill Charles Robert, ,n Lake Estates. Fla. Carol Sample, Tupelo, Miss. Page 359 p P P C • P P P 41 .1 fat ll fc£. fti P P ; gS Q tp p p p P p p P p pfjC p p p a p p pp pa p A P P fit O fit P P .£ JUNIORS Pavne. John Abb. IV. Sunburv Payne. Phillip Cerrv. Siler City Payne. Sloane Waller. Jr.. Taylor; Pavton, Robert Michael. Miami B Pearce. Dayid Andrews. Mount Ai Peeler. Frances Rose, Chapel Hill Peeler. Jane Adele, Shelby Pegram, Paul Samuel. Jr., Creens! Pender, James Clinton, Goldsboro Pendill, John Walter. Jr.. Statesyille Penland, Anne Wright, Newlalld Pennington, Kenneth Edward, Durham Pepper, Albert Parrish, Jr.. Salisbury Perkins. David Troy. Washington. D. C. Perrv, Carol Jean, Mount Airy Perry, Daniel Thaddeus, III. Fayetteville Perrv. Dennis Ralph. Salisbury Petree. Tony Wayne, Winston-Salem Pettigrew, Mary Ann, Camden, S. C. Pettis, Charles David, Chapel Hill Pfaff, James Samuel, Winston. Salem Phillips. John Atlas. Cameron Phillips. Matti Hyles, Morehcad City Phillips, Robert Ronald. Greensboro Pierce, Sarah-Helen. Raleigh Pike, Alan R.. Rocklord, III. Hou II Whit ill.- Pittman. Sandra Faye, Lumberton Pittman. Virginia Marie, Durham Pitts, Robert Moores. Glen Alpine Pollard, Jack Johnston. Charlotte Pope, Eugene Hugh. Durham Pope. Patrick Harris. Dunn Potter. William Hollister. Jr.. Beauforl Powell, Kathleen Mary, Greensboro Powell, Paul Leonard, Jr., Whiteville Powers. James Scott. Raleigh Prather. David Gibson. Fayetteville Pratt, Daniel Henry, Davidson Preston. Mary Margaret. Raleigh Prevost. Whitener Harris, Waynesville Price, James Larry, Greensboro Price, Nancy Lee, Cary Prillaman, Donald Gene, Chapel Hill Prince, Virginia Caroline, Fuquay Spring Pryor. James Michael. Bat Cave Pulsiier, James Cochran. Pittsburgh. Pa Purdom, Anne Elizabeth. Philadelphia. Purdy, Rob Roy, Nashville. Tenn. Rabb. Walter Wagner, Chapel Hill Raines, Hubert Luther. Greensboro Rakestraw, Frank Paul, Reidsville Ramsey, Nancy Vesta, Kinston Raphael, Lawrence Allen, Pearl River, 1 Rasmussen, Sharyn Ann, Chapel Hill Rathbun, Alexandra Margaret. Asheville Ray, James Leslie, Myrtle Beach. S. C. Raymond. Eugene Phillips, New York, N. Read, Guy Carleton. Pittsburgh. P.i. Ready. William Judsnn, Raleigh Redden. Charles Arthur. Asheville Redding, Russell Frederick. Spartanburg. :■ Reeves, Charles M., III. San lord Reeves, Greylin Talcott, Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Reid, Alice Burwell, Midlothian, Va. Reinhart, Helen Jean, Greensboro Renicr. Bryan Eugene, Coral Gables. F Renegar. Donald Ray. Harmony Reynolds, Claude Morris, Jr.. Lexingto Rhodarmer. Mary Rebecca. Canton Rhodes, Samuel Thomas, Wilmington Rhodes, Ted 0„ Jr., Fayetteville Rice, Sharon Elizabeth, Fayetteville Rice, Sheila Eileen, Augusta, Ga. Ri, hards, Charles Howard. Jr.. Lynchburg, Richards. Judith Ann, Cranlord, N. J. Richardson, George Finnev. Roanoke Rapi Riddle. Mary Davis. Fayetteville Riley, Wilma Jean. Hillsboro Ri„,i. Aubre) H.,ll k. Georgetown, S. I Roach, Leonard Thomas, Asheville IM I o jo o c r ' Jay. Fairfield. Co i Ada .ingto K,,]„ ,1- Roberts Roberts Roberts Robinso Robinso Robinso Jacksonville. Fla. Rogers, Fred Alexander. III. Laurinbu Lynne. Ku eth George. Jr.. McLea im Harold. Asheboro nil Pressly, Whitmirc, I nd Stanford. Jr., Rogers. Tate Moseley, Chapel Hill Rogers, William Henry, Jr., Fuquav Roney. John Robert, Williamston Rosefield, Herbert A., Jr.. Sumter. Roseman, Craig Monroe, Kannapolis Ross, Barbara Jean, Pleasant Garde. Ross, Johnny Ervin, Morganton Rouzer, Charles Robert, Salisbury Rouzer, William Wolf, Salisbury Page 360 tit tehjfofc tik f ■ p r c p p p « c ) p f (p. CLASS OF 1966 Rowe, David Lewis, Mount Airy Rudell. Frederick Lawrence, Columbus. Ol.i. Ruehl. Victor Eugene. III. Doylestnwn. Pa. Rumley, Patricia McMullan. Washington Russell. Joseph Dwight, Kinston Rutledge, Jerry James, Germanton Rutledge, Larry Wavne. Charlotte Rvland. Shirley Ann. Memphis. Tenn. Salles. Paula R.. Alexandria, Va. Samford. Carl U„ III. Henderson Sanders. James Robert. Winston-Salem Samllin. M. Carole, Jacksonville Satterfield, William R., Jr., Lewisburg. W. Saunders, Jack Edward. III. Madison Savage. Phillip Lane. Greenville Scarborough, Spencer Colburn, Asheville Schafter, Paul Howard. Newport. R. I. Scheer, Frederick Hugh. Chapel Hill Schiltz. David B.. Greensboro Schmidt. William Cert. Jacksonville. Fla. Schwartz. William Bernstein, III. Atlanta Scott. Henry William, Nashville. Tenn. Scott, Pamela Anne, Fair Bluff Seaton. Grover Cleveland, III, Wilmingto Seawell, Aaron Ashley Flowers, IV, Chapel Hill Seawell, Cynthia Pauline. Chapel Hill Sechrist. Douglas Barry. Statesville Sevila. Sharpe. Sheeh ' a •derick Dent. Fairfield. C iwrence Harold. Burlingto aid Edwin, Brnadwav William Terrell. Staunton. Sheets, Lvdia Carol, Greensboro Sheffield, Lucius Grigg. Tarboro Shelburne. John Daniel, Raleigh Shelley. Dewey Randall, Nichols, S. Shepherd, Lois Ann. North Wilkesbc Shepsle. Kenneth Allen. Takoma Pai Sherrill, Lee Woodrow. Jr.. High Po Shewmaker, Margaret Patricia, Harrodsburg. Kv. Shinn. Harold Lee, Charlotte aw. Alexander Turner. III. Jacksc uff. Landon E., Jr., Rocky Mount mmons. Michael Ross. Whileville mm„nc Thomas William Rosehor Will n. Gail Christ William, Rosebo Robert, Enfield ine. West Ashevi ird. Wiln ion, Lawrence Howard. Wilmington ions, Robert Lynde. Jr.. Lexington, ipson, David Shaffer. Fayetteville Simpson. Dennis A.. Ro. kv Mount Sims. Faryl Evan, Coral Gables, Fla. Sims, Jean Tvler, Orange. Va. Sims, Marion DuBose, III, Westfield, N. J. Singleton. Susan Elizabeth. Red Springs Sinness. Marit Sheldon. Madison. Tenn. Smith. Aleka Jane. Quitman, Ga. Smith, Carolvn Ann. Winston-Salem Smith. Dorothy Leatherman, Asheville Smith. Franklin Neil. Clayton Smith. Gilbert Dale, Greensboro Smith, Gordon. Ill, Raleigh Smith, Guv Patrick, Lexington Smith, James Peeler, Morganton Smith, Larry Emmett, Laurinburg Smith, Robert Douglas. Charlotte Smith, Stephen Allen, Fuquav-Vari Smith.. William Zadok. Jr.. Gaston Snow. Charles Leon. Hanover. N. I Snuggs, Gay Marguerite. Albemarle Snyder. Joseph David. Carrboro Sondey, Jo Ann, Castle Hayne Sossomon, Creighton Wolfe. Cullow Southerland. Rosa Carole, Goldsboi Spell, John Harvev, Wendell Spivev. Charles Burden, Windsor Stack. Victor Cene. Julian Stanley. Charles Harvey. Baltimore. Md. Steele. John Richard. Lookout Mtn„ Ter Steele, Kenneth Franklin, Statesville Steinberg. Mark Joseph. Rorkvil N. Y. Stephens. Don Allen. Chapel Hill Stevens. Wade Harold. Clayton Stevenson, Gail. Hickory Stewart. Carl Miller, Jacksonville, Stewart. John Edward, Evanston, I Stewart. Thomas Earl. Jr.. Fayettevi Stokes, Jefferson Adger, Kinston Stokes, Richard Houser, Ruffin Strayhorn, Jimmy Lawrence. Hillsbo Strickland, Melvin Douglas, Reidsvil Strom, Gerry Paul, Asheville Stronach. Samuel Clark, Wilson Strong, Sally Jo, Raleigh Strong, Susan Lee, Raleigh Coral Gables. Fla. } f£5 P «-, fc p g (? ? C P P PPPP mrm m M mim Hi-, Mlfl 1 fl iiti ,± A ' tJUfclsl mm t £££££ f £ P V w Page 361 © © Q fp. ' tM l M M M+ JUNIORS Strolher. Mary Ellison. Kinston Stubbs, Donald Harris, Montreal Stubbs, Stanley Lyon. Durham Stumpf. Sheila Kay. Aiken. S. C. Suggs. Helen Garner. Elizabelhtov. Sullivan, Coley Bernard. Jr.. Wiln Sutton. George Edward. La Grang. Summey, William Lewis. II. Dalla Swain, Blair Wesley. Burlington Swanson. David Mitchell, Pilot Mo Swartz, Margaret Joanne, Raleigh Sweaney, Betty Foushee. Durham Sweeney. David Neal. Charlotte Swoftord, Ronald Lee. Marion Sykes. Horace Leonard. Enfield Szczerbiak, Isabelle Frances. Castl, Sziltva. Penn Rodion. Asheville Talmadge. Sam McNeill. Athens. G Tanner. Emily Jane. Coldsboro Tarleton. Joel Neal. Marshville Tart. Johnny Parker. Dunn Tarver. Margaret deLuth, Atlanta. Ga. Tate. Jack Pressley. Greenville. S. C. Taul. Virginia Batterton, Camp Lejeune Taylor, John Scott. Arlington, Va. Taylor. Marsha Jo, Newport Taylor, Patrick P.. Louisburg Taylor. Phyllis Mitchell, Alexandria. V, Taylor. Richard Barn. Petersburg. Va. Teele. Gerald Allen. Shelby Temple. John Proctor, Jr., Durham Tennant, Geoffrey McKenzie. Trvon Terry. James Wiilard. Jr., Craham Tew, Allen Roger. Clayton Thomas. Herbert LaMar, Greensboro Thomas. John Hurley. III. Monroe Thomas. William Neil. Lookout Mtn.. Tenn. Thompson. Clyde Gilbert, Raleigh Thompson, David Reed, Washington, Pa. Thompson. James William. III. Morehead Thorburn, Billie Jo. Greensboro Tiberio. Gilbert Francis. Jr., Pittsburgh, Pa Tickel. Robert Monroe. Roanoke Rapids Tillotson. Joseph Morris. Denton Tinkham. Spencer Felton, Charlotte Tittle, William Stewart, Woodstock, Tone. Pascal Franchot, New York. Townsend. Samantha Ann. St. Pauls Trawick. Gary Evans. Burgaw Truette. Benny Edward. Charlotte Tucker. John Martin, Townsville Turner, John Edwin, Concord Turner. Roy Steven, Weldon Twiddv. Curtis Andrew. Jr., Edentor Twittv. Panthea Anne, Warrenton Tyer. Steven Moran, Greensboro Tvndall, Alvin Ray, Wilson Tyser, Wallace Clemson, Jr.. Gastoni. Underwood. Henry Junius, Jr.. ClinK Upshaw, Arthur McAllen. Mocksville Varsho. Linda Kay, Dunn Vemmer, Ralph Waldorf. Bangor. Me Vester, Mary Richard. Spring Hope Vick, Betsy Ann, Kinston Vick. Edward Hoge. Jr., Haverford. Pa. Vickery, Burch Bryant. Charlotte Vineyard. Robert Royal, Wharton, Tex. Wagner. Jerry Foard. Troutman Wainio. John Charles. Balboa. Canal Zone Wainwright. George Lindeman. Jr.. Wilsor Waldron, Cathy Preston, Greensboro Waldrop. Jerry Wayne. Salisbury Waldrop. Joseph Edmund, Jr.. G Walker. Clovis, Darvl, Shrevepor Walker. John Guerrant, Leaksvill Walker. Robert Daniel, Durham Wallace. Carl Edison. Jr., South. Walters. Camilla Hays, Creensbo Walters. Dorothy Davis. Montgon Ward. David Russell. Clarendon Warfel. Joseph Rosser, Favettevi] Warfford, Tony Wayne. Soulhmont Waring, Thomas, Charleston. S. C. Warren. Pamela Sue. Chapel Hill Watkins. Richard Ray, Leaksville Watson. Jesse Lee. Salisbury Watson. Louwanda Sue. Forest City Weaver. Carolyn Dale. Hillsboro Weaver. Russell Wainwright. Mt. Olive Webb. Diana Kay, Arlington. Va. Webb, James Theodore, Fayetteville Webb, John Guss, Jr., Durham Webb. William Norwood. Greensboro Weddle. Pamela Sue, Jacksonville, F Weems. William Swanson. Raleigh Weinstein, Alan Robert. Hendersonvi Weinstein, Richard David, Washingto West. Samuel Gordon. Greensboro Westall, Jack Wiley, Jr.. Asheville LUi v m + A ik mi pnfip o p © p p p P P Pjlp 6 L±J » JL vfc W, Q 9 P O p P r.:$S fi;PC Page 362 o a p r ar f p p pop pf g n a p {5 7% p a r P 9 » ■ fi j f p o C dM £k ttitiM u .J tti tfc £ Bt i k. 4.4 P 4 £1 4 M m t i.- £ fiiL £ t 1 r i (ft i 4; J M ' - ' ' i f i t» J 1 - r £3 to Mb u f 1 ) CLASS OF 1966 Whichard, Ohie Cuilford, Durham Whisnant, Cleatus Gene. Charlotte Whitaker, George Graves, Rocky Mom White. Charles Craig. Warrenton White, David Hill, Hickory White. Lowrv Crulee, Barrington. 111. Whitehead, Donald Sidney. Jr.. Winston- Salem Whitlev. Mary Elizabeth. Concord Whitley, Philip Waif, Whiteville y. Rodney Harry. Hickory ire. James Donald. Kannapolii n. Agnes Ayers, .n Head Island. S. C. Barbara Elizabeth. Washingt, . Robert Ambrose. Sanford s, Agness Ann, Durham s, Osborne Pinknev, Jr., Wilborn, David Kalhryn Elizabeth, Raleigh Wilder, David Marcom, Shelby Wilkie, Fred Austin. Forest City Wilkins. Charles Putnam. Smithfield Wilkinson. Emily Dolores. Franklinton Williams, Corbin Ott. Hendersonville Williams. Douglas Dwight, Maiden Willianin, Harrv Buxton. Oxford Williams. James Edward. Jr.. Rockingham James Richard. Warrenton Jerry Lynn. Chapel Hill Judith Bennett, Chapel Hill Peter David, Ithaca, N. Y. Robert Lee, Ellerbe Susan Rose. Fayetteville in. Benjamin Napier. III. Franklinl, in. John Perry, Louisburg im, Edward Havnes, Macon, Ga. Winter. Wilburn Jackson, Jr.. Charlott Wise, Julia Melverda, Raleigh Witort, Edward A., Jr.. Lenoir Wollin. Ernst George, Jr., Statesville Womack, Herbert Marshall, Jr.. Durha Wood. William Bennett. Jr.. Greensboi Woodard, Frances Dianne, Raleigh Woodard, William Samuel, Charlotte Woodcock, Neil Reaves, Atkinson Wooten, Hubert Kendall, Raeford Worrell, Kenneth Edward, Rocky Moi Wright, Gary Wayne, Salisbury Wright. James Knowlton. Wilmington Wright. Thomas Williams. Tryon Wright. William Fletcher, Raeford Wvatt, Linda Carroll, Narberth. Pa. Wylie. Norman Anderson. Rye, N. V. Yarbrough, Terry Wayne. Lexington Yelverton. William Norman, Fremont Young, Billie Marie. Arden Young. William Lawrence. Jr.. Long Beach. Calif. Younl. David E., Granite Falls Younts. Ronald Weslev. High Point Zachary, Stephen Vander, Yadkinville Zezefillis, Georgia. Wilmington IN MEMORIAM Malvin Gordon Haithcock, Jr. Warrenton North Carolina Page 363 SOPHOMORE CLASS In an attempt to bring our large class closer together. the Sophomore Class engaged in many fun and fund-raising projects. Fund-raising projects included a variety show. Sunday night Bar-B-Q suppers, and car washes. Mixers with Sophomores from other schools and Sophomore Week-End in the spring climaxed our social activities. Also, a monthly Newsletter was circulated to all the members of our class relating the various activities, past and future. of our class. We feel that the many activities sponsored bv our class and the high percentage of Sophomores participating in these activities have brought our class " Success through Participation " and have justified our pride in being members of the Class of " 67. JIM BRAME President JIM OGBURN Treasurer MARY CHERRY Social Cha TONY IVINS Vice-President SANDRA BURDEN Secretary SOPHOMORES Abbotl, Arthur Tra Adams. James Cald Adams. Tho Bit ' ■ " -I... feffe Ala Elizabeth. Waxhaw AJeimy, David Allen. Hamlet Albright, Cecil Raymond, II. Furl Br; Alexander. Charles Edward, Jr., Newtown Square, Pa. Allen, Lee Parker, Louisburg Allen. Robert Harry, Dover, N. H. Allen. William Columbus. Fayetteville Alphin, Sandra Kav, Dunn Altenburg. Floyd David. Coraopolis. Pa. Amos. William Robert. Newton Anders. Louis Holmes. Charlotte Anders. Rege Kave. Winston. Salem Anderson, Lane Schofield, III. Charlotte Andrews. Graham Lambeth. Jr., Burlington Anthony, Jesse Oscar. III. Peru. N. Y. Aplin, James Granger. Chattanooga. Tenn. Armfield, William Douglas. High Point Armstrong. Claudie Andrew, Jr.. Wilmrogtol Armstrong. William Blair. Richmond, Va. Arnold, Chester N., Greensboro Arnold. Ronnie Due, Fuquay Springs Arrington. Edwin Shelburn. Rocky Mount Arterton. Jonathan Bell. Washington. D. C. Ashley, Stanley Byron, Jr.. Atlanta, Ca. Askew, John Everett, Hinsdale, 111. Atkins. Frederick Charles. Cranlord, N. J. Atkins. William Shaffer. Asheville Atwood. David Clarke. Greensboro Auman. Thomas Forrester. Virginia Beach. ' Averett. H. Marvin. Oxford Bagby. George Lewis. Charlotte Baggett. Henry Clifford, Reidsville Bailey. Richard Douglas. Sims Baker, Cyrus McNeill, Jacksonville, Fla. Baker. James Marion. Rocky Mount Baker, Thomas Eugene. Statesville Balch, Timothy John. Newport Beach. Calif. Ball. James Kenneth, Williamsburg. Va. Ballentine. James Leroy. Charlotte Ballew, Richard M.. University. Miss. Ballow. Barbara Helene. High Point Banov, Alan, Charleston, S. C. Barber, Ja .illglo Eva Lee, Chapel Hill r.n Edward. Fairfield. Robert Lee. Greensbo: • Shelby, Winston-Salei ie Gary, Seaford, Del. e £■ a p « ft p p Barham, Robert Martin. Ashebo Barker, Edward Lee. Jr.. Jacksonville Barker, Jeffrey, Ft. Lauderdale Barker. John Prentice. Lumberton Barnard. William Oscar. Asheville Barnes. John Wesley. Greensboro Barrett. Nancy Glover. Chapel Hill Barringer. Martin C, Mullins, S. C. Barrow. Seth Tvson, Jr.. Farmville Barwick, Joseph Trent. Durham Bason. John Robert. Hickory Bass. Robert Winston. Farmville Baucom, Robert M.. Durham Baumgartner. Becky Lvnne. New Canaan. Conn. Beard. David Hastings. Reidsville Beasley. Robert Jones, Jr., Louisburg Beason, Daniel Reid, Mooresboro Beaulieu. Maurice E., Jr.. McLean. Va Beaver. Jeffrey Windsor. Charlotte Beavers. Charlotte Lee, Greensboro Beck. James Gordon. Hamburg, N. Y. Beck. Robert William. Jr.. Caracas. Ve Beckerman. Michael Barry. Hendersonv Bekshaw, Valerie Margaret, Goldsboro Bell. Llovd William. Washington Bell. Steven Durant, Raleigh Benbow. Charles David. IV, Statesville Benedict. Henry Fulton. New Canaan. Conn. Benko. Peter Alex, East Grecnbush. N. Y. Bennett. Stephen Joseph, Winston-Salem Bennett, Wayne Michael. Columbia. S. C. Benton. Dempsey Eugene. Jr.. Newton Grove Benton. Joseph Nelson. III. New Orleans, La. Benton, William Crad , Win-tonSalem Berry, Harold Walton, Jr., Tryon Best. David Malcolm, High Point Beusse, George Carroll. Jr., Thomasville Bickel, David Robert. Houston, Texas Biddle, John Kenneth, III, Kinston Bieber, Peter Steven. Ft. Myers. Fla. Black, John Riley, III, Whiteville Blackman. Edwin Tuttle. Jr.. Gainesiille. ( Blackwell, Crist Scott. Winston-Salen, Blackwood, William Shepard, Chapel Hill Page 365 pop r ft- ppef O P P P ft P pp PPPP P p f| tat t i Jiii i! 4Mi£ kftt S JT »v Uk fefe. TV r_i q3 fj (Z i m C ma 9 PPP P Pf f- 6? Af ar a r o p p SOPHOMORES Bolen. William Elzie. Charlotte Boone, Joseph D., Canton Boone. Perry Allison. Clinton Bowen, Charlie Hewit t. Wilmin Bowen. James Richanl. Whitevi Bowles, Er-kine Boyce, Greens! Bo Edw Newport Ne Boyd. Troy Thomas, Washington Boyd, William Norwood, Charles City Co Bradshaw, David Gerald, Newport News, Brady, Gordon Leonard, Jr., Ramscur Brame. James Ballard. Jr.. Durham Branscome. Glenn Curtis. Semora Bransford. William Maurice. Greensboro Braxton, Alfred Finlev. Jr., Graham Brewer, John Dwight, Jr., Fairplay, Colo Bridges, Tilden William. Shelby Brill. Alan H.. Tarboro Marshville Britt. Barbara Jean. Norfolk, Va Britt, Grady Harold. Jr., Raleigh Broadawav. William Brooks, Robert Lee, Jr.. Raleigh Brown, Gary Franklin. Lancaster. Pa. Brown, Kenneth B„ Santurce. Puerto ] Brown, Michael Farquitar, Rabat. Mor Brown. Rufus Edward. Lake Junaluska Brown, William Davis. Asheboro Brownett. Maria Whitehurst. 1, Browning. Paul Kenneth. Durli Brovhill. Robert Kenneth. Jr.. Bruenner. David Frederick, Port Washington. N. Y. Brunk. William Bailey. Charlo Brys. Wil Holn Ashe Buckingha Buie. John Harrell. Dillon, S. C. Bullock, William Howard. Washingto Bumgardner. Donald Hoyle. Beln Bunn. David Warner. Virginia B ( Bunting, Elisha Harry, Jr.. New Burford. Inman Parker. High Poi Burgess. Malcolm Stewart, Jr.. M Burton, Dudley Joe, Hickory Burton, John K., King of Prussia Butcher. Mary Ann. Grifton Butler. Larry Edwin, Cherry Foil Butler. Robert MrMa.ter. Alexandria, V Buxbaum. John Michael. Chew Chase. 1 Byrd. Samuel Martin, Lillington Caflee, Arthur Bernard, Washington. D. Cameron. Alan Spencer, Winston-Salem Cameron, Elizabeth Ann. Raleigh Cannadv, Jerry Wayne, Clinton Cannady. Leon Woodrow, Jr., Selma Cannon. Roger Kalup, Jr.. Raleigh Capps, Ralph Edwards. Elizabeth Cii Carpenter. Malcolm Moore. Jr.. Line Carr. Timothy David. Westfield. N. ; Caruthers. Robert Lee. Aiken. S. C. Caudill. Peter Ploetz. Fayetteville Chaffin, William Thomas. III. Oaklar Cherry. Mary J.. Newland Cherry, Robert Lee. Jr.. Norfolk, Va Chesson, Alvin Glenn, Washington an, Ric d, Vl Chewning, Thomas P Chrisafis. Gregory Peter, Fayetteville Christy, Tommy Green, Jacksonville, Fl. Clark. Alexander Bayard, III, Hendersoi Clark, Peter, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Clark. Thomas Anthony, Elizabethtown Clark, Vella Betsy, Vaughan Clan, Wilburn C, II, Winston-Salem Clayton, Jerry Bruce, Greensboro Clemmons, Louis Carroll. Richlands Cline, Charles Emmett. Moravian Falls Cline. Richard Long, Conover Cline, Thomas Rav, Jr.. Marion Cloninger. Robert Truman, Dallas Clower, John Thomas, III, Charlotte Cofield. James Edward, Jr., Raleigh Cofield, Juan Medford, Raleigh Cohan. Robert Henry. St. Petersburg. Fla Cole. Ronald Wa Cole n, Cr, ill.- gs jf. fS £l " ' rf iftttfctfii fe? r.fcfttiftilftl Eo p. pprp ©f ppp-p (ft p fi$ C , | fiK P p p p p p i ±k k lk i M Coleman, William Stephe] Charlottesville, Va. Collins. George Wavne, Fayetteville Collins. Robert Fowler, Laurinburg Colo, Michael Steven, Charlottesville. Va. Colson, Oliver Kirby, III, Ft. Deven. Mis Combs. Robert Meredith, Goldsboro Comfort. John Gardiner, High Point nely. Richard Bruce, Chapel Hill nnaughton, James Peter. New Bern nwav. Burton Thomas. Hender-„nvi ok, David Carroll. Winston-Salem ok. Jack McPherson. Liberty rhelt. James Patrick. Jr.. Swansbor. rcoran, Clement Timothy. III. Cher x. Christopher Hogan, Chapel Hill xe. James Sherwood, III, Raleigh Page 366 M ik P pep? r a e pppppppae p c p p. p. p. p © d p p p p a p . ppppfpfC P p pi p p a p p p f% £■ O O P p p p " p e. p r r p p p p p p p p r p f? P p i £i ft ■ Jiftfc iwi i CLASS OF 1967 Coxe. Richard BaJham, Darlington, S. C. Crawford. Charles Frederick. Flint. Mich. Crawford. James Emil, Jr., Sylva Creech, James Narvin. Jr.. Smithfield Crenshaw. Charles Robert. Mocksville Cribb. Dannv Wayne, Clarkton Crissman, Ivan Dabnev. Jr.. High Point Crockett. David Godwin. Vass Cromartie. Ruth Pendleton, Clinton Crook. Robert Gerald. Jr.. Salisbury Croom. Ralph Taylor, Jr.. Watha I rosswell, Michael James. New York. Crouch, William Ralph, Madison Crowder, Richard Mason. Jr.. Winston dwell, John Michael, Jackson. Miss. Cummins. John Michael. Chapel Hill Curran. Daniel Cyril. Jr., Greensboro Cuthrell. Luther Glenn. Maxton Dale. Ernest James, Raleigh Danley. Russell Atkins. Mount Airy Dauphinais, George William. Toledo. Ohio Davis. Glenn Benson. North Caldwell. N. J. Davis. Cordon Miles. Charlotte Davis. James Edward. Charlotte Davis, James Evans, Jr.. Durham Davis, Johnny Mark. Durham Davis, Joseph Hiram, Landis Da vis. William Pipkin. Cincinnati. Day. Charles Samuel. Wilkesboro Deal. James Coleman, Taylorsville Deans. Calvin Carl. Jr.. Selma Deazlev. Bernard George. Ill, Newport News, Va. Decker. Rov Lyman. Miami. Fla. Deegan. William F.. Jr.. Westpurl. Dempsev. James Carlyle. III. Wilso Dennis. Billie Lee, Goldsboro Dennv. Robert Lee, Jr.. Raleigh Dent, David Richard, Rye, N. Y. Dewees. Steven P.. Sylva Dial. Robin Hood. Columbia. S. C. Dickerson, Richard Lee. Roxboro Dickev. Emerson Goodwin. Jr.. Greensbo Dickson. John Byron. Brevard Dillard. Roger Lee, Jr.. Sylva Dillehay. George McNeill, Charlotte Grady L i-Sale thur. Albe Dobbs, Dodd. David Arthur. Atlanta, Ga. Doggrell. Frank Ernest. III. Memphis Donat. Winfield. III. Farmville Dozier. Henry Charles. Powells Point Ste Ne Duncan. Sandra Gail. Mebane Dunlap. John McKee. III. Chapel Hil Dunn. John Guion. Ill, New Bern Durham. Richard Dwight. Wilmingto Dela Dwight. Anthony Walcott. Summit, N. J. Dwyer, Ross Thomas. III. San Jose. Calif. Dvkes. Andrea Gartlan. New York. N. Y. Eakins. Joey William. Ivanhoe Earlv. Jane Railey. AhoBkie Easterling, Thomas Bernard, China Grove Edgar, James Clifton, Kennett Square, Pa. r.lwards, Clarence Miller. 111. Havclock Edwards, James Scott, Winston-Salem Edwards, Sandra Cathryn, Goldsboro Edwards, Thomas Richard, Newport Edwards, William Burgan, Jr., Burlington Eisenband. Arthur, Greensboro Elkins, Wilson Oliver. Greensboro Elliott. Frederick Benjamin. III. Lufkin, Texas Ellis. Albert L.. Ill, Raleigh Ellis. John Edward. Greensboro Elser. Marv Duncan, Mechanicsburg, Pa. Emmerson Fred Benedict. Newark. Del. Emory. Morris S.. Jr.. Haverford. Pa. Engen. William Richard. Whiteville Engvall. Donald Montgomery. Dublin. N. H. Epting. Robert Lee. High Point Eskildsen. Susan Mary. Charlotte Essev. Henrv Eugene. Roseboro Etherington. Theodore Leighton, Hendersonville Evans. Charles Douglas. Manteo Evans Douglas Raymond. Coral Gables. Fla Evans. Elwyn Kim. Winter Park. Fla. Evans. James Clifton, Grl " ard. Savat Fagan, Carroll Elizabeth. Ja 1, Scott Lvnn, Chester. S. C. )ner, John F.. Rockford. 111. Joseph Byron. Huntsville. Ala James Miller, Winston-Salem ,er, Leslie Benton. High Point ler. Robert Curtis. Riverside, C ler, Russell Tenney, Providenct s, George Raymond. Wilson a. James Morgan, Gold Hill Page 367 !£ till. mMJtM MJlM PPPP lift rfJ iMifcim £ i g f £: p, P a ana pcepep W. A ti ii: it it til J r .p e- p pap ppppppep SOPHOMORES Feagan. Charles Patrick, Columbus Ferguson, Corbin Randolph, Rural Hall Ferguson. Philip Stuart Ferree. Thaddeus Lavton, High Point Fewell, William Robert, Wilmington Fields, James C. Jr., Sanford Fincher. Hugh McCommon. Gaffnev. S. C. Fisher. Cordon David. Pittsburgh. Pa. Fitzpatrk-k, John Michael, Charlotte Flanagan, Stephen Ceorge, Havelocl Fletcher. Judith J., Chapel Hill Forbis. Richard Marshall, Charlotte Ford, James Paul. Jr.. Belmont Forehand. Winfred Brian, Shiloh Fortune, Philip Lee. Toledo. Ohio Foster, Bruce Harmony, Winston-Sa Fowler, James David. Mount Holly Fox, Dale Edward, Gastonia Fox. Terrv Clavtoi Foy. Herbert Mile Huds State; Fradv. Robert E. M.. Lexington Freedman, Ceevah Ann, Durham Freeman. John Lindsay, Charlotte Freeman. Robert Earle. Durham Friedlander. Ricky D.. Ashevillc Fu. David Tsao. Greensboro Fulcher, Robert Gregory. Mavodan Folk. Christopher Claude, Winston-Sa Fulkerson, Joyce Ellen. Sanford Fuller. Larry Thomas, Thomasville Funderburk. Ronnie Earl. Kannapolis Futch, Kenneth Culbreth. Jr.. Burgaw Gaines. Holland Carl. Coldston Gammons. Peter Warren. Groton. Mas Garber. Bovd Rolla, Atlanta. Ga. Gardiner. Anthony Morris, Dan , Va Garner, Robert Lee. Charlotte Gatlin, Harold Norwood. Raeford Gattis, William Hughes. Bynuni Gay. James Michael. Houston. Texas Cebeaux. Howard Lane, Fairfax. Va. Genung. Frederick M.. II, Plainheld. N. Gibson. William Phil. Kannapolis Gideons. Heinrich Adolf. Suitland, Mil. Cilman, Donald Wayne, Jr.. Newport News. Va. Gilmore. James Carr. Chapel Hill Godwin, Joseph Caswell, High Po Coode, Cregorv Milton, Butner Coodman, Rodney Renus, Jr.. Kii Goodnow. David Wallace. St. Thomas. Virgin Maud- Gondson, Jerry Ray, Lincolnton Goodwin, James Oscar, Apex Cordon. James Edward. Charlotte Gouge. Winton Douglas. Middleto Conger. John S„ Chapel Hill Graham. Beth McWhorter, Rochester, Texas Graham, Joseph Michael, Lincolnton Gramelsbach, Heidi Wilson, Spartanburg, S. C. Cray. Michael Stephen, Chapel Hill Gray, Stanley David, Greensboro Greenbacker. John Everett. Jr.. Va. Greenwood. Paul Nicholas. Birmingham. Ala. Gregg. Jane Covington. Chapel Hill Crilenhagen. William Benjamin. Charlotl GufTey, James Edward. Evanston, 111. Cvgi, Andrew Charles, Jr., Norfolk. Va. Hackney. John Joseph. Siler Citv Hall. Charles Martin, Fayetteville Hall. Kyle Stanley. Salemburg Hall. Thurman Butler. II. La Grange Hamilton. Richard Bruce. Summit, N. J. Hammer, James, Princeton. N. J. Hammett. James Richard, Concord Hanan, John Henry. San Francisco, Calif. Hanes. Frank Borden. Winston. Salem Hankins, Gary William, Newport News. Va. Hannon. Terry. Linwood, N. J. Harer. Alan E., Raleigh Harllee. Frederick Earl. Ill, Greensboro Harmon. Frances Gayle, South Boston, Va. Harper. Franklin M.. Whitestone, N. Y. ell, Carolyn Anne, Saratoga ington, Robert Edward, Lewis ington. Thomas Franklin. Car is. Elizabeth Vardeman, Pitts] is, Joseph Wayne. Greensborc is. Judith Lynn, Wilmington is, Richard Casey, Charlotte is. Robert Martin. Stamford, is. William Harold. Red Sprii Harrison. William Byrd. Palm Beach. Fla Harriss. Robert Dallas, High Point Hart, Franklin Earl. Ayden Hart, Ccrald Britt. Cumberry Hart, James Michael. Lenoir Harville. John Edward. Greensboro Hass. Marshall William. Falls Church. Va Hastings, Robert Charles, Charlotte Hasty. John Dozier, Perry, Ca. Page 368 p C: r p p r p c P|Qpp lppP£t; pppppp p (Sp k ji- . f ,fp 41 4 tffjfc t ill P ff P a p p CLASS OF 1967 Hawley. Thomas Earl, Jr., Dunn Hawthorne. Stephen Lowell. LaPlata. Mo. Hayden, John Joseph, Swampscott, Mass. Hayes, George Lewis, Jr., Roanoke Rapids Hayes, Larry Allan. Warrenton Hayes, Ted Milton. Durham Hedrick, David Gene. Statesville Hedrick, George William, Thomasville Heilig, John Lafayette, Salisbury Helder, Jake Carson. Waxhaw Hellen, Earle West. Greensboro Helms, John Douglas, Marshville Henderson, Marvin William, Jr., Charlo Henderson, Richard Elliott Lee, Meban. Hendren, Ralph Connolly, Southern Pin Henry, Francis Eugene, IV, Alliance, Henson, James B„ Jacksonville Herring, William Herman. Newton Grov Hess. Carol Jean. Madison, Tenn. Hildenbrand, Steven Giles, Baltim Hill, Charles Marion, Asheville Hill, Gary Prevost, Winston. Salem Hill, James Wells. HI, Murlreesbo Hill, Maggie, Lumberton Hill, Nancy Ann, Bethesda, Md. II, Russell Lanney, Hi rd, Wil Richard, Be Hinkle, Charles Robert, Asheville Hinkle. Robert Linville, Charlotte Hinkle, Thomas Lawing, Thomasville Hinnant, Richard Darius, Micro Hinton, William Sanders, Jr., Annandale. Va Hoar, Stephen Warren, Sumter, S. C. Hobgood. William Sands Holloway. Jr.. Alai Durha ftfcftJ Hoffman. E. Norman, II, New Canaan, Co Hofmeister, Stanley Irving, Raleigh Holcombe, Robert Odell, Jr., Lexington Holder, Walter Dalton. Jr., Winston-Salen Holladay. Jerry Wayne. Charlotte Holland, Robert Walter, IV, Cincinnati, Ohio Holland, Sherrill Reid, III, Statesville Holleman, Larry Benton, Durham Hollingsworth, Harry DeWitt, Jr., Durham Holmes. Jeffrey Lynn, Dunn Holt, Jon David, Graham Hood, Floyd Collins, Jr., Charlotte Hook, George Allen, III. Bessemer City Hooks. William Borden, Jr.. Tarboro Hooper. Thomas Lewis. Charlotte Homey, Marv Ann, Jamestown Houck, William Jerome, Morganton Hough, James Gaston. Charlotte Houle, Jerome L., Ill, Atlanta. Ga. Howe, James Arthur, Badin Howell. David James, Goldsboro Hubbard, Grady Allen, Kannapolis Hubbard, James Ryan, Rocky Mount Hubble. John Howard, Falls Church, Hudson, John Dwight, Wilson Huebner, Frederick Weber, Bay City Huffman, Daniel Frederick, Hickory Hughey, Michael Weaver, Raleigh Humphreys. Dorothy Ann, Clarksville. Hundley. Carl Wallace. Durham Hunnicutt. Barbara Kav. Charlotte Hunt. John Cameron, Jr.. Rock, Mouri Hunter, Thomas Allison, Greensboro Huppert, George Nixon, Camp Lejeune Hutchins. Ralph Wayne. Durham Irge, William Andrew, Jr., Burlington Isenburg. John Philip. Springfield. Mass Ivey, Sarah Lane. Chapel Hill Ivins, George Anthony, Downers Grove. Jackson, Isaiah Fearing, Elizabeth City Jackson, John Lee. Burlington Jackson, Marvin Wade, Princeton Jackson, Walter Allen, Durham Jacobson, Joseph Laurence, Pensacola, 1 Jarman, William Franklin. Jr.. Washington, D. C. Jarvis. Joseph Wilson, Galax, Va. Jarvis. Wade Henrv, Jr., Thomasville Jenkins, Dennis Tony. Hamlet Jennings, Jacqueline Frances, Chapel Hill Jennings. James Hayden, Taylorsville Jennings. William James. Charlotte Jenrette, Julius Poe, Jr., Asheville Jernigan. Frank Hundley. Augusta. Ga. Jernigan, Jasper Truett, Lillington rge Robert. Quantico. Va. ph Lewis. Jr., Graham mond Horace. Henderson ert Arthur. Pittsburgh, Pa. f a, Rose Hill am Halsev, Huntington, N. Y. y Ann, Totowa Borough, N. J. I, San Francisco, Calif. . Smithfield fr tsAk M M Miti PPP.PPP ? D f? f? OPPPP ■v SOPHOMORES Jones, Plummer Flippen, III. Slalesvil Jorgensen. Jan Jelmert, Shelby Jorgensen, Jeffrey Wilhelm, Durham Joyner. Jerry Milton. Raleigh Justice. James Donivan. Jacksonville Justice, Max Edward. Hcndcrsonville Kabat, Jay Lewis, Greensboro Kahdy, Barbara Ann, Raleigh Kale. Ernest Lee. III. Charlotte Kaplan, Alexander. Brooklyn, N. Y. Kaplan, Kenneth Franklin. Forest Hills. N. Y. Keating. William H.. Jr., Savannah. Ga. Keever, Frederick Lester. Jr., Maiden Keller, Roland Rudolf. Hickory Kellett, Samuel Beam, Atlanta. Ga. Kelley, Kenneth Taylor, Durham Kelley. Roger Howard, Upper Montclair, N. J. Kern, Karen Louise, Favetteville Kilgo. Dale Wayne, Rocky Mount Killian, Leon M„ III, Wavnesville Killian, Richard Wayne, Jacksonville, Fla Kimel. Larry Leslie. Winston-Salem Kimrev, Vernon Rav. Jr.. Greensboro King, Dan Gaither, Winston-Salem King, Jennings Graham, Jr., Laurinburg King. Millard Leon, Jr.. Zebulon Kinney. Charles Edward- Jr.. Ramseur Kirk. Mary Susan. Raleigh Kiser. David M., Statesville Kispert. John Joseph, Jr.. Havelock Kistler. Clyde Dewey, Jr., Randleman Kleitman, Kenneth, Levittown, N. Y. Knott. Robert Allen. Jr.. Roxboro Knowles. Michael Rav. Durham Konopka. Edward Allen. Murray Hill. Koonce. Edwin Earl. Jr.. High Point Krug. Michael Charles, South Orange. N. J. Kuester, Faison Shaw. Charlotte Kurth. Franz Jeffrey. Hicksville, N. Y. Kuvkendal. Robert Lee. Atlanta, Ga. Lackey, Everctte Stephen. Winston-Salem Lackey, Lokie Charles, Murlreesboro Lail. Gary David, Granite Falls Lambert, John Wallace, Raleigh Lambeth, Philip David, Greensboro Lamm. Dwigl.t Cooper. Nashville Lasater. James Earl. Pittsboro Laughlin. M. Peter Coe. II. Seattle. Wash. Lanterer. Jonathan Gregory, Chapel Hill Lawson, Douglas McCandlish, Alexandria, Lazarus. Deborah Anne. Chapel Hill Leach, William Johnston, Littleton Leader, Jack Gary, Rock Hill, S. C. Leafe. Norman Ephraim. Jr.. Charlotte Leak. James Alexander. III. Wadesbo I.eath. William Jefferson. Burlington Lee, William Knapp, Jr.. Greensboro Leeper. David Franklin. Greensboro Leigh, James Michael. Belhaven Leigh. Joel Miller. Chapel Hill Lentz, William Jeremiah, Sanford Lenz. James Lewis. Scarsdale. N. Y. Leonard. Baxter Columbus Jones. Brv Leonard. Carol-Anne. Bethesda, Md. Leonard. James Raymond Wesley. Brvs, Leslie, Donald Alexander. Jr.. Atlanta, Levin. Jon J., Woodmere. N. V. Lewis. Clarence Franklin. Jr., Goldsbo Lewis, Donald Vincent. Wilmington Lewis. Edward Lee. High Point Lew o. Jr .,,1 Liles, Robert Moore, Raleigh Liles, Ronald Thomas. Charlotte Lindsey, Mark McDonald. Jr., Hamle Lineberger, Walter Guv, Charlotte Linkous. Harry Abraham. III. Macon, Linney, Isaac Baxter. Hickory Linville, Ray Pate, Winston-Salem Lippincott, Robert Louis, Jr.. Rivertc Little, Edgar Watson. Cibsonville Litton, Nancy Lee, High Point Livesav. Jonathan Craig. Tarboro Lloyd, Charles Braxton, Chapel Hill London, Fred Williams. Jr., Raleigh Long. Benjamin Franklin, IV, Statesville Long. Samuel Sprott. II. Charlotte Long. William Thomas. Mcbane Longest. Frank Alexander, Jr.. Mount Airy Love, Lawrence Leslie, Nas Glvnco, Ga. Lovett, Connie Berry. Greenville Lowder, James Alvin. Albemarle Lowe, Dorothy Sandra. Greensboro Ludington. John Robert. Jr.. Bethesda. Lverlv, Hubert Spencer, II. Kannapolis Lyman, Donald Roy, Miami Shores, Fla Lyon. Otho DeVane. Ill, Creedmoor McAdams, Larry William. Swepsonvillc McAlister. Dwight Hiram. Chapel Hill Mi Caghren. Cary Brent, West Palm Beach, Fla. Page 370 CLASS OF 1967 McCain. Derrell Watson, Monroe McCallum, Charles William. Rowland McChesney, James Munn, III, Rocky Mo McCluncy, Marcus Stewart. Castonia McCorkle, Kenneth Michael, Monroe McCrickard, Donald Lee. Virginia Beach. McCullough, John Douglas. Swansboro McCurdy. James Allan. Charlotte McDadc, Paul Brown, Jr., High Point McDaniel, George Lmmett, Jr., Coldsbon McDaniel, Nelson Bell. New Bern McDavid, Frank Edward, Fayetteville McDonald. Allen Pierce, Atlanta. Ca. McDonald. Paul Wayne. Favetteville McDougle, James Herbert, jr., Oxford McCirt, Joseph Ward. Charlotte Mclntyre, Susan Bartee, Chapel Hill McKenzie, Marty Russell, Pinehurst McKethan. Kenneth Alexander, Jr rille McKinnon. Thomas King, Charlotte McLamb, Myron Douglas, Clinton McLaughlin, Howard Joseph, Miami, F McLean, Harry Ardrey, Raeford McLean, Robert Martin, Ft. Lauderdal McLean, William Starr, Kinston McLendon, Lennox Lane, Oakboro McMillan. Charles Knox. Wilson McMillan. John Samuel, Red Springs McMinis, Calvin Roger, Raeford McPhatter, Richard Nathan, Concord McPhaul, Jane Adelaide, Red Springs MacNcil. John Coble, Jr., Charlotte MacPherson, H. L.. Ill, Wilmington. Del. Major, Samuel James. Portsmouth. Va. Malcolm. John Buckner, Winston-Salem Malone, Jacqueline Lou, Newport Mann, John Thomas. Kinston Margerison, Kenneth Hilton, Castoni Markham, John Edward, Jr., Durhan Markham. Lawrence William. Durhai Markland. Charles Ernest, Jr.. Advat Mark,. William Henry. III. Charlotti Marsh, Richard William, Jacksonvill. Marshall, William McFarland, Lynchburg, S. C. Marshburn. Gary Wriston. Jacksonvi] Mason, Michael Dana, Pittsburgh, Pa. Mastin, Thomas Alan, Chattanooga, Tenn Matthews. Gene Wiley. Matthews Matthews, Robert Hammitt, Clinton Meador, Philip D.. Jr.. Franklinton Mello. William Hilton, Faison Mercer, Forrest Alvah, Lexington, Ky. Merrell, Roy Edward, Jr., Poplar Branch Mickler. Martin Joseph. Jacksonville. Fla. Miller, Carol Sue, Durham Millis, Clarence Edward, Jr., Newpo Milner, George Steven, Waynesville Minard. Frank Pell Lawrence, Montclair, N. J. Minis, Henry Philip, Jr., Princeton. Mitchell, Nicholas Worth. Jr.. Winsl Mitchell. Richard Foutz. Haw River Mobley. Carl McLane, Williamston Modlin, John Wayne, Woodville ntgomery, Elwood Lee, Kernersi ore, James Alan, Spindale ore, P. Robert. Wynnewood. Pa ore. Thaddeus Thompson. Alexa ndr; Moore. Thomas Archie, Virginis Moore, William Benjamin, Jr.. Reids- Morgan, Donald Hobbs. Biloxi. Miss. Morgan, Stanley Eugene. Charlotte Morgan. Thomas Arthur, Burlington Morley, Robert Edward, Brevard Morrison, Mills Lane, Savannah, Ga. Morton, Anthony Clay. Greensboro Morton. Roger Lewis, Birmingham, Ala. Moulton, John Adkins, II. Winston-Salem Mulcahy. William Michael, Winston-Salen Mull, Joe Thomas. Morganton Mulligan. Patrick Joseph, Nashville. Tenn Murphy, Jesse Thomas. Leaksville ay, Charles Osborne, III, Hickory ay. John Clifford, Jr., Asheboro ingana, Christopher Mutemwa, nsu. Zambia s, Charles Clinton. Elkin lc. James Edison. Jr.. Shelby John Mikell. Roseland, N. J. , Charles Edward, High Point . David Alan, Charlotte Charles Hylton, Winston-Salem Neiburg. Dale Alan. Pendleton, S. C. Nelson, Edward Daniels, Beaufort Newlin, Locke Mebane, Burlington Newlin, Robert Barclay, Greenville, S Newton. William C, Jr., Highlands Nichols, Archie McRoy. Pollocksville Nichols, Ralph Howland, Port Washington, N. Y. Nicholson. Henry Ravenel, Creenville Nonell. George Roscoe, Jr., Wendell m o p r n p f p $ P P g , i jfr ttfrj MdtM A pop e (p p p p © p g» p p p P £•■ •K Mx § f f% t % f S JPK ■ ■ ■ ' tfr Page 371 EP p O P P P p ppp| ,:vr p a p m p p p 9 p p a SOPHOMORES V.ill. .1. Strudwi. k N ' j-li. Tarboro Norman, Roger William. Jr.. Sanford Norrcll, Cary Morion. Liberty North, Thomas Carl, Sidney. N. Y. Northcott. Timothy Allen, Colerain Norwood, William Walker, Jr., Bull... k Nowlan, George Franklin. III. Chapel Hill Nucciarone. William Joseph, Manasquan. N. J. Nulton. Vivia Lynn. Jacksonville (llienshain. Wiley Shackford, III, A Odom, Robert Wayne, Ahoskie Ogburn, James Hobbes. Smithfield Olive, Michael Bayne, Lumberton Oliver, George Motley, Jr., Cary Oliver. Lanta Christine, Raleigh O ' Neal, Benjamin Sheldon. Man Opton. James Dellevie. Woodbridge O ' Quinn, Clyde Saunders, Star Ostrow. Eric Harland. Livingston, N. J. O ' Toole. Dennis Theodore. Baskerville. Overton, Ashley Calhoun. Salisbury Owen, David Plott, Canton Owen, Edward Caraway, Roscboro Owen. James David, Fayetteville Oxford. Roger Clark. Jr., Kinstun Pace, Vincent John, Little Silver. N. J. Pagett. Edward Eugene. W inston. Salem ),,uglas Clenn. Charlotte James Edgar, Smithfield Robert Britt. Jr., Enfield !. John Regis. Asheboro David Joseph. Memphis F. M. Sit N.w Be Pende Pendl Penne Peopl. Michael Joseph, Merop Ronnie Howard. China Stewart Thompson, , Timothy Joel, Charlotte ck, Anne Marie, Charlott. ., Joseph Adolphus. Loun m, Philip S.. Mt. Airy Jack Taylor, Chapel Hill r, Mary Jane, Mebane B y. John M., Jr.. Spruce 11, Stephen Gregg, Lenoir -s, Dallas Allen, Greensbt Perkins. Patricia Jones. Timb.rlake Perkins. Vernon Ray. Gatesville Perry. Donald Wade. Graham Perry, Richard Douglas, Zebulon Peterson, Frank James. Lykens. Pa. Peterson, Henry Oscar, III. Leland Peterson. Robert H., Coral Cables. ] Petitt. Jerry Stewart. Alexandria. V; Phillips, Harold Lee. Jr., Charlotte Phillips, John M., Charlotte Piacentino, Edward Joseph. Elizabeth City, N. J. Pickup, John Tracy, Greensboro Pierce, Thomas Hill, New Haven. I Pierpoint. Claude Wesley, Sarasota Pike. Jesse Miller, Jr., Concord Pinkham, Jimmy Randolph, Winslc Pinyoun. Roy Ralph. Raleigh Pitt, Walter Wrihza. Rocky Mount Pittard, Robert Earl, Roanoke Rapids Pittman, James William, Wilson Pittman. William Bryan, Wilson Plummer, Henry Lyne. V, Philadelphia, Poe, William Dismukes, Jr.. Raleigh Poitras, Robert H.. Saddle River, N. J. Polk. John Thomas, Hamlet Polk, Larry Douglas. Fayetteville Pollock, Carlton Arthur, Jr., Kinston Pono. Jonathan Davidson. Bethesda. Md. Pool. Rufus Adolphus, Clinton Poole, Jeffrey Walter, Pompano Beach, F Poore, James Paul, Jr., Marion Potter. James Richard, Kinston Powell, Richard Randolph. Asheville Powell, Robert Franklin, Greensboro Price, William Raymond, Wallace Proctor. Alan Ray, Rocky Mount Pugh, Pugh, Putnai Putne Quarl, Quick Raker r, James Richard. Rocky Mount Jackson Taylor, Oriental James Edward, Jr.. Hickory n. Russell Henry. Hagerstown. Md. r, Robert H., III. Elm City s. Wythe Davis. Jacksonville, Fla. William Hunter. Cramerton Don Crossley. Winston-Salem ), James Everett, San Francisco. Calif. Randall. Annette Marguerite, Newton Raper. James Edison, Jr., Rocky Mount Rasmussen, Richard George, Jr., Ridgewood, N. J. Ray, James David. Ill, Raleigh Reaves, Franklin Bingham, Fayetteville Reed, Francis Marion, Charlotte Redman, John Anson. Bernardsville, N. J. R . rthur Haines. Greenville Regan. George Duncan. St. Pauls Page 372 1? pp p ft d ?, a ft p p p ft. p Q ifcKi fit i r Jl ViMdMt pf 0PP ft ft ft ] p p p p p p p p O ft p ft Q ft ft OftPOPPP0f? 0ft ft ft ft ft § ' C p ft 9 ft ft p ft P P 4ft ft Dp ft ft ft ft ft CLASS OF 1967 Reid, George Hamilton, Winston. Salen Reider. Horace Oliver. Rosemont. Pa. Renegar. Gary Van. Yadkinville Reynolds, Thomas Edward, Fletcher Rhonev. Dale Van. Washington, D. C. Rich. David Maurice. Burlington Richardson. Van Waldron. Jr.. Thomai Rickards. Robert R., Milltown, N. I. Rimmer, John Thomas, Rockwell Ripa. Paul Joseph, Andover, Mass. Robb. James Lawrence. Hickory Robbins. Charles Thomas. Ill, Asheboro Rnbbins, James Tate. Chattanooga, Tenn Roberson, Edwin Stewart. Lilesville Robert, George Lamar. Niantic. Conn. Robertson, William Bruce, Jr., Charlotte Robertson, Yancey Hagerman, Jr., Fuquav Springs Robinson, David Allen, Wilmington Robinson. Ronald Louis. Durham Robinson, Terrell Embrey, Gastonia Rockette, Clyde Stephen, Marion Rogan, Patrick Charles, Winston-Salem Rogers, Joseph Andrew. Huntersville Rngerson. James Franklin, Robersonvilie Rosenblum. Steve Frederick, Laurens. S. C. Ross. Randv Joseph. Durham Roth, Benjamin Sterling. Charlotte Rouse, Jerrv Randolph, Kinston Rowe, Mary Gail. Hendersonville Rubin. William L„ Neponsit. N. Y. Rufty, Joe Hearne. Salisbury Rummell, Peter S„ Deansboro. N. Y. Rushin, Terrv W.. Burlington Rusmisell. Stephen Fredrick. Morganti Russell, Jane Banks, Chapel Hill Saleeby. James Jeffrey, Salisbury Salmonv, Steven Earl, Danville, Va. Salsbury. Sherrod, III, Morganton Sanderson, James Maxev, Lexington Sanderson. Richard David, Burgaw Sasser. Herman Wallace, Jr., Indian Tr, Sasser. William Dudley. Goldsboro Satisky. Howard Phillip. Fay. Saun aunde rid Wende Ja S. C. No n, Co Saunders. Phillip Melton. Miscoe Saunders, Richard Robertson. Reidsville Seattergood, J. Henry. Villanova. Pa. Schaler, Gerald Samuel. Mt. Airy Scherr. Harry. Ill, Huntington, W. Va. Schnabel, William Wilson, Greensboro Schwab, Nelson, III, Cincinnati, Ohio Scott, Gary Clifford, Dobson Scott, Jack Hillman, Jr.. Charlotte Seovel, Terry Lynn, Charlotte Scruggs. Dennis Crawford, HI, Charlotte Sechler, Kenneth Lomax, Greensboro Selden. Samuel T„ Santa Monica. Calif. Sessoms, Duncan Edison, Windsor Sessoms, Merville White. Jr., Colerain Sexton, Daniel Glenn. Garner r. Ja E.. Jr Shaffer. Charlotte Winborne, Chapel Hill Shannon, Maureen Ann, Westfield, N. J. Sharp. David Edward. Salisbury She. No Jr.. Rocky Mo David Roval, Wake Shearon, Kenneth Lewis, Wake Forest Sheehan, Charles McDonnell, Salisbury Shepard, Ernest Allen, Charlotte Shepherd, John Calvin, Lumberton Shields, Edgar W„ Jr.. Highlalls Shields, William Gilbert, Carrboro Shivers. James Allison, High Point Shoffner. Robert Hunter. Burlington Shore, Charles Martin. Thomasville Silva, Robert Farrell. Bay Village, Ohio Simerly, David Riley, Kannapolis Simmons, Glenn Richard, Newton Simmons. Patricia Ann. Chapel Hill Simons, James Brandon. Statesville Simpson, George Lee, Washington, D. C. Simpson. John Reginald. Jr.. Williamston Simpson, William F., Pink Hill Singles. Grace Hope, Newark. Del. Singleton, Frank Harrison, Rockingham Sipe. Kerry Winton, Salem, Va. Sitterson, Joseph Carlyle. Jr.. Chapel Hill Slaughter, James Wellons, Ramseur Smith. Barry Fulton, Durham Smith, Cameron Laugley. Greenville Smith. Edward Newton, Fayetteville Smith, Harold Henkel. Jr.. Concord Smith. James Eastman, Westfield, N. J. Smith. Richard Michael. Miami Shores, Smith, Robert Braxton, Jr., Wilson Smith. Roderick Sheldon, Port Washington, N. Y. Smoake. Ernest Carlton, Durham Snipes, Lyman Ralph, Jr., Graham Page 373 pppp P ( tf ft o p ■ £1 p f p f P ' P p p. p pppp p p P f y p P P ClHllPP fflH pr: f p P66 P 5P pp . ,.„ ap ppppPAP P P P _ . i fMdiMMM p p o PPP p P SOPHOMORES Snuggs. Edgar E.. Jr., Albemarle Sobol, John Woodrow. Black Mountain Soulhard, Catherine Robey, Chapel Hill Sparks, Stephen Andre. Winston. Salem Sparrow, Ronald Wilford. Williamston Spears. Edgar M.. Millers Creek Spencer, James Richard, Chapel Hill Spencer, John Howard, Leesburg. Va. Spencer, Ross Dee, Hendersonville Spencer, Thomas Safford. Charlotte Spivey, William Herbert, Charlotte Staggers. Samuel Richard, Metairie, Standi. Judith Elaine, Charlotte Stanley, Donald Wayne, Kernersville Stanley, Stephen Alan. Mount Airy Starnes, Richard Lvnn, Charlotte Statler. James. Levitlown. N. Y. Stephens, Courtney Sollee, Jacksonv Stephens, Donald Wayne, Durham Stephens, Edgar Gerald. High Point Stephens, Hugh Johnson, Raeford Stephens. Richard Dale. Connelly Springs Stephens. Ronald Lane. Durham Stephenson, Colin Ruihn. Bishopyille, S. C. Stewart, Edward Doyle, Jr., Concord Stewart, Richard Kent. Jr., Spartanburg, S. C. St. George. William Myers, II. Charlotte Stikeleather. James Gudger. Asheville Stinaon, Thomas W.. Ill, Charlotte Stoddard. Dan Hamilton, Jr.. High Poi Stott. John Marshall. Greensboro Stout. Jan Elizabeth. Wallace Stovall. James Edward, Roiboro Strickland. Charles Douglas. Benson Strickland. Ralph Bowling. Jr., Durha. Stunl.-vant. Paula May, Chapel Hill Sullivan, Terrence Daniel, Charlotte Sumner. John Southall. Jr.. Charlotte Surratt. John Peeler, Rose Hill Sutphin, Richard Leroy, West End Sutton. Turner Bond. Windsor Swofford. William Oliver, North Wilke Sykes, Claude 0.. Jr., Yonkers, N. Y. Tario. Patricia Ellen. Chicago, 111. Tartaglia. Daniel Vincent, West Orange, N. J. Taylor, John Howell. Baton Rouge, La. Tail.o. Michael Lyndon Finch, Chapel Hill Thomas, Dwight Elwood. Jr., Rocky Mount Thomas, Stephen Mason, Sylya Thompson. Benjamin Ebom. Aurora Thompson. Lawrence G.. Darien. Conn. Thompson, Rodney Ferrell, Hickory Thompson, Sherdenia, Carrboro Thompson, Stephen Russell. Albemarle Thorndike. James Arthur. Jr.. Hendersonvill Thrift, Michael Francis. Winston-Salem Thrift. Robert Craig, Knoxville. Tenn. Thurston. Thomas Willson, Richmond, Va. Thuss, Noland Wells, West Palm Beach, Fla Till.-rv. Wade Hampton. Jr.. Wilmington Tillman, Helen Jean, Hickory Tomlord. William Webster. Memphis. Tern Tonry, Michael Hunter. Easton, Pa. Traub. Kenneth Warren, Bishopyille, S. C Trott. Edward Wadsworth. Kannapolis To, k.-t. Thomas Randolph, Virginia Beach, Va. Turner, Wilburne Wells. Jr., Winston-Sale Turpin. Joe Francis. Hickory Tuttle, Harold Pulliam, Jr.. Rocky Mount Twamley, Joseph Vincent, Baltimore, Md. Tygart, Frederick B.. Jacksonville. Fla. Ubell. Donald Paul, Hollywood, Fla. Underwood. Robert Gordon, Chapel Hill Van Damm, Gregory Mark, Atlanta, Ga. Vanleuvan, Richard W.. Pittsburgh. Pa. Van Loon, Eric Elton, Nashville. Tenn. Vanpelt. Max Lee. Kannapolis Varner. Grant Bernard, Jr.. Chattanooga, Tenn. Vars, Addison Foster, III, New York, N. Y. Vaughn, William Edward. Reidsville Venters, George Cole, Richlands Venters, Travis R.. Jr., Badin Verlenoen, William Lane, III, Lookout Mtn., Tenn. Vincent, William R., Jr., Lloyd Harbor. N. Y. Voigt. William Ken. Winston-Salem Wadsworth. James Allan, Hendersonville Wagoner, Joe Edward. Misenheimer Wainer. Eric Sayle, Winston-Salem PO P a p papp p p a £Q a t P P PPP a a a pppd f-« a a aV " o a a c V_ h ft T ' - a P a p a a k $ diMiiMfrmMKk ppp p p ! p p p fi p ' P | P P p £. p P PP(?P tfj n r ftfc , «r fife p pi fi C p P P ftl I it Ik i 1 itf Jtfc © (?■ P (t| P £: P p p t ; o p p p p P CLASS OF 1967 Wait, Dwight William, III. Gk-nshav. Walker, Robert S-, Hudson Walker. Wayne Browning, Durham Wall, John Herbert, Lenoir Wall, John Nelson, Jr.. Rockingham Wall, Marianne, Raleigh Walls, William Ralph. Jr., Asheville War.]. Frank Alan. Je.ik.Niuwn, Pa. Wan], John A. J., New Bern Warren, Susan Lee. Raleigh Wasson, Margot Helga, West Berlin, Ger Watson, Edgerton Lynn, Jr.. Louisburg Watson. Michael Ronald. Sanfnr.l Watt. Melvin L.. Charlotte Watts, Roy Rex. Jr.. Hudson Weathers, James Alyin. Ill, Raleigh Webster, Deems Bourne. Madison Weede, Harry Walker, Cheraw, S. C. Weeks, Wallace Webb, Kinston Welborn, John Lee, Thomasville Welch, Daniel Robert, Jacksonville Weldon, Virginia Anne, Durham Wellington, Donald F., Panama, Rep. of Panama West, George F„ Camden, S. C. Westbrook, James Layman, Jr.. Durham Wetherbee. Harry Lon, II, Springfield. Mass Whitaker, William Asbury. III. Winston-Sale e, David Henry, Jr., Charlotte e, Edward Randolph. Jr., Windsor e. Howard Vernon, Jr., Rocky Mo e, Luther Glenn, Pittsboro e, Norman Scott. Greensboro e, Richard C. West Hartford, Cor e, Thomas Skinner, III. Durham e, William James, Raleigh ehead, Millard Eley, Jr.. Murfrees Wl.itlcv. Howard Landis, Smithfield Whitley. James Edwards, Nashville Whitlock, Robert Dennis, Hickory i, k.r. William Laurence, Aberdeen Wight, Ward, Atlanta, Ga. ,1k...-. Don M.r.cll, Winter Park, Fla Wilkins, Michael Satterfield, Roxboro Wilkinson, William Kenneth. II. Waynesboro, Va. Willardson. John Stanley. Santa Monica. Calil. is. Bryant Bennett, III, Elizabeth City is, David Arnold, Battleboro is. Edwin, Wantagh. N. Y. is, Michael Forrest, Littleton is, Mildred Helene, Raleigh is. Peter Pcscud, Jr., Raleigh is, Richard Barry, Durham is. Robert Ward, Morehead City .son, Robert Lawrence. Jr.. Mount Airy Wills. Warren Westbrook, Jr., Atlanti Wilson, Boyd Steven, Greensboro Wilson, Holman R., Louisville, Ky. Wilson, Robert Owen, Charlotte Winborne, John Wallace, III, Atlanta Winburn, George Randolph, Radnor, Winchester, Thomas Page, Jr., Monro Winn. Bryan Lee, Leaksville Winston, Zachary Richard, Asheville Womack. James S„ Selma Wood. Norman Eugene, Gastonia Wood, Paul Frederick, Southport. Conn Woodall, William Haywood, Whiteville Woodley, Anne Carlton. Akron, Ohio Woodruff, James Edward. Jr., Erwin Woodward, Bobby Ray, Butner Worley, Charles Robert. Asheville Worrell. George Anthony, Goldsboro Worth. Alexander Walker. Greensboro Worthen. Peter Thachcr. Andover, Mass. Wortham. Verna Marie, Greensboro Wright, Cleveland Augustus, Petersburg, Va. Wright, Douglas Cross, New York, N. Y. Wright, John Raleigh, III, Jarvisburg Wright, Melvin Forber, Elizabeth City Wright, Ottis Richard, Jr., Tabor City Wright, Robert Bruce, Charlotte Writer, George Sneden, IV, Nyack, N. Y. Wyche, Paul Byron. Hallsboro Wvman. Samuel Dow, Jr., Greenwich, Cor Yarborough, Richard Fenner, Louisburg Yelton, Blane Wesley, Jr.. Forest City Robert Maynard, Whil River Jc Page 375 FRESHMAN CLASS After fall elections, the officers of the Class of ' 68 held interviews for Cabinet positions. By the end of November, over one hundred committee appointments had been made. Striving for unity and participation, the class executives established a newsletter to be published monthly. Much attention was focused on the Spring Production in March and Freshman Weekend in May. The Class of ' 68 Report provided the class its greatest contribution to the University. Co-operation and hard work characterized the year for Freshmen. Class spirit was aroused with an undefeated Freshman football team and the Freshman Athletic Spirit Committee never let the enthusiasm dwindle. The Class Co-Ordinating Council insured a well-run. profitable year for Freshmen. In every realm of activity. the Class of 1968 became an active and valuable addition to our great University. WILLIAM PLRDY President SUSAN BARRON Secretary ALAN KLEINMAIER Treasurer ANITA WILKINSON Social Chairman JOHN WESTER Vice-President Page 376 FRESHMEN Abercrombie. Ronald Ford, Greenville, S. C. Abraham, Napoleon Fordham, Charlotte AJams. Philip Wesley, High Point Adkins. Karl, Favetteville Albcrtson. John Robert, Jr., High Point Albright, William Harry. Mebane Aldrich, Wallaee Neel. Charlotte Alexander, Robert Dayid. East Meadow, N. Y. Allen. Dwiehl Woodard. Coldsboro Allen, John Earl. Atlanta. Ca. Allen, Joseph William. Jr., Jacksor Allen. Philip Walters, Blaneh Allison, John Finning, Jr., Statesvi Allran, Miehael L.. Mount Airy Allred, Charles Lacy, Burlington Almond. Gerald Stanley, Jr.. Andr, Almond. Tony Roman, Albemarle Alston, Peter Van, Windsor Altn And Andersc Andersc Charl Andersc And Gardner Howard, Fayett. Malcolm MacCr :on, W. Va gor, hard Mason, Rutherfordto Elizabeth Cit Angell, Charles Marshall, Miami. Fla. Angell, Monrovie Jones. III. Statesville Arev. Robert Francis, Jr., Winston. Sale rmour, Barry Samuel, Philadelphia, Pa tchley. George T„ Jr., Morrisyille, Pa. uman. Johnny Everett, Asheboro ustin, John Parker, Jr.. Four Oaks very. David McNeely, Lausanne. Switz ycock, Edmond Douglas. Raleigh aggett. James Duds liley. Arvin Kermit. J. Winston. Salem . Chapel Hill Baker. Jack Rudolph. Durham Baker, John Alexander. III. Charlott, Bame, George David. East Spencer Bandy, Margaret Elizabeth, Newton Barber, John Linder. Raleigh Barden, Ronald Stephens, Rocky Mo Barefoot. James Wilson. Canton Barham. Berlin Francis. Jr.. Ashebor Barries, Danny O ' Neal. Powellsville ■ , Henry Franklin, Jr.. Bel Air, Md. s, James Earl, Greenville s, Robert Luther, III, Sims n, M. Susan. Chapel Hill ck. Charles Kiliian, Belief Bass. Walton Elbe Luc Wil Adne Jr.. Gatesville ernard Wavne. Winston. Sale Michael Peter, Lincolnton -A Turner, St. Louis, Mo. . Douglas Wnolev, Warrenton Daniel Wayne. Hickorv . Henrv Dale. Shelby- David, Tho Becton. Hugh Garland, Kinston Beddow, Thomas Fenton. Bethesda, Beeston, Michael David. Chapel Hil Belden. Joseph Campbell. Port Washington. N. Y. Bell. Charles Everette. Pilot Mount, Bell. Richard James, Laurinburg Benbow. Andrew Cunningham, Oak Ridge Benson, John Howard, Asheboro Benton, Frederick Lindell, Leland Benton. Thomas Iden, Roanoke Rapids Bergeron, James Wilfred. Charlotte Berkowitz, Stephen Asher. Richmond, Va. Beshears. Ronald Ray. Wilkesboro Belts. John Monie. Jr.. Greensboro Betty, Everett Mitchell, Asheville Hi Bicksler, William Hamilton, Po Biddle. Richard L.. Moorestowi Bingham, Steven Thomas. Clem Black. Candie Lynn, Jamestown Black, James Bell, III, Riehmo. Blaekwelder. Jerry Steven, Stat Blair, Edward Henry, Jr., Leno Blair. Robert Jackson. Lenoir -more. Porter Randall, »port News, Va. ck. Alvin Coleman, III. Warrc on. William Lawrence, Jr., At E, Michael John. Jr.. Ml. Plea: it. William Gray. Greenville Ronald Calvin. Kannapolis F. Richard. Atlanta, Ga. , Ronald Brown, Charlotte ; Beverly Carole, Chevy Chas. IL£ p e p « p } p p p £ P 1MB BJ iiH.m H 2 Pi? A Page 377 (vniJivi FRESHMEN Bolick, Carl Bruce. Mount Holly Boling, Vernon Raymond, Jr., Randleman Bost, Joe Gentry. Hickory Bnulus, Peler Michael, Salisbury Bowden, Emily Rebecca, Gastonia Bowling, Thomas Benson, Jr., Durham Bowman, Ronnie Gray, Mount Airy Bowman, William Harold. Chattanooga. Tenn Boyce, Wayne H.. Coldsboro Boyd. Donald Beaty. Chapel Hill Bovette. Rodney Dickinson. Raleigh Boykin. Thomas Brooks. Zebulon Boykin, Th Boyl Boyles, Normal Bradburn. Will Bradner. Robei Brady, Jerry A ake, Je Sidney. Pilot Mo n Bennett. Greensboro n Howard, Jr., Marit ?everlv. High Point . Robbins ■r. Asheyille Burcha Burlesc, Butts. Robert Bru Byle r. David Micl Bynum. William 1 Bvrd, Michael Ev Byrd, Robert Bryant. III. Greensboro Cagle, Gregory Allen, Glen Alpine Caldwell, George Charles. Jr.. Chamble Caldwell. Mack Denson. Ill, Charlotte Cameron. Kenneth Ray. Jr.. Matthews Campbell. Jeffrey Lann. Union Groye Campbell, Mark Donald, Kings Mounta Campbell. William Carlisle. Laurinburg Cannaday, Kenneth S.. Charlotte Capps, Dickson. Michael. Winston-Sale Carey, Brooks, Hutchinson, Kansas Carhart, David Henry, Annandale, Va. Carpenter. Thomas Edwar.l. Wavnesvilh Carr, Garland Edwin. Albemarle Carroll, Mary Catherine, Greensboro Carter, Landon Claybrooke. Newport News, Va. Casey. Ronald Nelson. Durham Cathey. Frank McDaniel, Charlotte Catlette, Raymond Walter, Jr., Raleigh Caudle, Ronald Austin, Winston-Salem Caulder, Garry Wayne. Laurel Hill Causev, William Mitchell. Jr.. Greensbo: Cavalaris. Harry Thomas. Charlotte Cavenaugh. Audrey Irene. Williamston Chambers, James Howard, Reidsville Chaney. Hubert Cleveland. Jr.. Monroe Chapman, Donald Dennis, Rutherfordton Chase, George Richard, Valparais Chauncey, Russell Fred, Jr., Clai Cheatham, Ronald Mitchell, Fran Cheers, Gary Alan, Shallotte Childs. Paul Jennings, Wadesbor. Christian, Emily Louise, Sanford Christian, William Alexander, Sa Ciccone. John Cary, Jr.. Dunn Civile, John David, Kinston Page 378 o, Fla kton klint., £M ?MM Bramlett, James E., Asheville Branch. Franklin Taylor. Atlanta. Ga. Brantley. George Thomas. Skokie. 111. Braswell, William Edward, Winston-Sale Breedon, Robert James, Greensboro Brendle, Timothy Truette, DreJel Breneman, James Edward. Hendersonvill Breslow. Kenneth Alan, Caparra Heights, Puerto Rico Brethen. Charles Arthur. III. Grosselle, ! Brett. King William. Lafayette, La. Brewer Susan Wilkins Winston-Sale Bridges ' . Edward Barton. Clemmons Bridgford, June Ellen, Charlotte Brinton, Darvl Elisabeth, Lenoir Bristow. John Nathaniel. Jr.. Charlotl Britt, Betty Carolyn, Lumberton Britt. James Laurent, Newington. Con Britt, Preston Holmes, Lumberton Broadway. Douglas Earl. Charlotte Brock. Richard Linton, Montpelier, Vt. Brookreson. Joe Wade, Langley AFB, Va. Brooks. David Gregory. Siler City Brothers, Aar on Wade. Elizabeth City Brown. John Michael, Concord Brown, Julian Winston. Murfreesboro Brown, Llewellyn Gartrelle, Charlotte Brown, Thomas Creasman, Jr., Gates Brown. William Sherrod. Greenville Brownscombe, Clement Dale, Charlotte Brvant, Herman Graham, Jr., Wilmingto Buchanan, Ernest Clyde, Kinston Buchanan. William Holley. Jr.. Raleigh Buck. James Clifton. Jr.. Washington " Roger Howard. Fayetteville £.p 9 C p £ 9 an, Kenneth Wayne. Spruce Pine te, Richard Lane, Swannanoa an, Donald Otto. Jr.. Columbia, S. C. Clifford Roosevelt. Jr., Dunn fi pre p r p p P O ' fi P p p r £ i? $ £ P (? £ f 1 C n v | P !-=»- ' , ■ ■ ' vy?9 ft (ft ft p (%fl P P ft Pf P f 0 ff Ci P p ££££ ££ £ CLASS OF 1968 Clark, James Robert, Jr., Camp Hill, Pa. Clark. Sherry Lynn, Greensboro Clark, Wilson Ayers, Jr., Kinslon Clarkson, Geoffrey Leland, Riverside, Com Clay. Phillip Leroy, Wilmington Clay, William Larry, Lenoir Clegg. Aubrey Luther, Jr., Greensboro Jenkins. Leesburg, Va. Cobb, Wil Thur: n, Goldsbo Coble. Charles Morrison. Laurinburg Coble, Joseph Ray, Greensboro Coehran, Robert Nelson, Shelby Coffield. Oros Reid, III. Rutherfordton Cole, David W.. Jr.. High Point Cole. John Robert. Whiteville Cole, Susan Carol, Elon College Coleman. Richard Clark, Silver Spring. Md. Coleman. Robert Brace. Silver Spring, Md. Coleman. Robert Feaster. III. Wilmingl Collier. Harry Solon. Jr.. Asheville Collins. Curtis Jerome. High Point Collins, Robert William, Candler Colman, John Roger, New York, N. Y. Comer, Charles Cline, Concord Conine. Walter Lind. Statesville Connor, John Marcus. Biscoe Cooke, Roger Lee, Fayetteville Cooley. William Frederirk, Chevy Chase, Md. Cooper, Gene Averitte, Fayetteville Cooper. Samuel Louis, Bradley Beach. N. J. Cooper, Stephen Edward, Greensboro Cooper. Willie, Jr., Elm City Coplev. Frank James, Watch Hill. R. I. Corbett. Barry Wayne, Charlotte Corkran, Michael Weseott. Wake Forest Come, John Ransom. Charlotte Corpening, Albt Couch, John W Coudriet. Charl Edward, Cr; iam, Arden ird, Richmond, Va. . Raleigh [. Daniel Thomas. Burlington btree, Jacqueline Leigh. Durham nfield, James Smoot. Lumberton nford. Charles Herman. Thomasville wlord. James Woodrow. Shelby Crook, James Cross, Williai Crowder, Wil Crowder, Wil • Humphrey, High Point Henry. Black Mountain ■n Seth, III. Greensboro liam Rankin. Jr.. Warsaw liam Roberts. Candler Toms, Henderson Crampler. Thomas Nelson, Selma Culbreth, Fred Malcolm, II, Raelord Cummins. Richard Oliver. Morehead City nningham. Charles Dixon, Asheville nningham. Reed Ligon. Spartanburg, S. C. trie, John Withers, Chevy Chase, Md. rrin. Marshall Hart, Oxford tchin, Joseph Henrv, III, Sherrill ' s Ford il, William Jimmv. New Bern [e. Arthur Allen, Jr., Marion meron. Richard Gordon, Tabor City niel, Lawrence Kolte, Kennett Square. Pa. Daniel, Margaret Grace. Salisbury Daniel. Max Lambeth. Charlotte Daniel, Samuel Hoffman, Winston-Salei Daniel. Samuel Venable. III. Durham Daniel. William Larry. Durham Daughtridge. Stanley Caswell. Dunn Daughtrv. Richard Fetner, Jr.. Goldsbo Daughtr Davey, An u ,; Fredc ii.l.i Mo Davidson, Bertram L., Ill, Lancaster, P Davidson, Paul Edward, III, Jaeksonvill Davis. Benjamin Franklin. Jr.. Raleigh Davis, Charles Douglas. Fayetteville Davvault, Frances Annette, Lenoir Deal, Janet Marie. Lenoir DeBrahl. Claude Michael, Candler Deese. Roger M., Caroleen De la Torre, Cristina, Medellin, Colomb DelCorro. Dario Manuel. Fayetteville Dellinger. John Bennett, III, Cherryville Denny, Andy Clyde, Garner Denny. Donald Jefferson. Asheville De Riemer. Neil Breckinridge, Wayne, Pa. Derrick. Sharon Elizabeth, Jacksonville Dew, John Lewis, Jr., Rockv Mount Diamond. Monty Ereza, Bethcsda, Md. Dickinson. George Herefield, III. Chapel Hil Difatta, Peter James, Southern Pines Dilda, James Hammond, Fountain Dill. Ronald Scott. Ellenboro Di Palma. Charles F., Pope AFB Dixon, Dewey Warren, Jr., Siler City Dixon, Donna Cheryl. Wallace Dixon, James H., Malvern, Pa. Dixson, Carl Eugene, Jr., Winston-Sale Dobson, David John, Chapel Hill Page 379 FRESHMEN Dods Tho . Lee. Durha Doggett. Lewis Belton. Cherryville Domina. Walter Lee. Virginia Beach D ' Oylev. Harry de Bohun. Concord Drum, David Roger. Slatesyille Ducker, Dennis David. Brevard Dudley, Edward Beaumont. III. Shaker Heights. Ohio Dupcre. Raymond. Fayetteville Durham, Kenneth Ransom, Raleigh Anne Elizabeth. Chapel Hill v. William Daniel. Lenoir ,, Charles William. Charlotte ,n, Donald Matthews. Four Oaks wood. William Donald. Alliance ards. Charles Harper. Indianapolis i, Wesley William, Montgomery, I er. Clark Ra Swi rland Eggers, John David, Clen Alpine Elig. Charles Jacob, Gr, Ellington, Randy Thorn, Ely, Joseph Harrison, Enten. David Robert, B Esser. Richard Boice. E Wi 1 I), ans. King Charle ans, Larry Madii erett. John Willi ristown. N. J. more, Md. sdale. N. Y. mingham. Mic Ewcll. Samuel Earl. Jr.. Enfield Faber. Henry Compton. Miami Shore! Fambrough. Marion Lee. Chapel Hill Farb. Robert Louis, Livingston. N. J. Farish. Charles Morrison, Ann Arbor. Farmer. Donald Nelson. Coldsborn Faimer. Jerry Roger, Winston-Salem Farris, Robert Arthur. Jr.. Wilson Fater. David Hill. New York. N. Y. Fawcett, George Thomas, Jr.. Mount Airy Fawaett, Robert Hastings, Washington. D. C. Fayed, Salmen Tucker, Roanoke Rapids F. Minster. Royden Thomas, Jr., Salisbury Featherstone, Harry Lee, Belmont Feder, Robert Dean, Roslyn Heights, N. Y. Felder, Robert B„ Clemson, S. C. Feldman. Paul Stephen. New Rochelle. N. Y. Fenninger. Randolph Bourne. Jr., Aiken, S. C. Femstrom, John Richard. Virginia B. Ferrell, Jerry Leonard. Durham Findlav, William Allan. Charlotte Floyd, Ronald Wesley. Spencer Folger, Jeffrey Benjamin. Sparta Folks. Lloyd Council. Kinston Ford. Michael Rodney. Cramerton Foreman. Robert Born. Glencoe. 111. Forester. Ronnie Lloyd. Hot Springs Fowler, Desmond Ernest, High Point Fox. Charles Leigh. Hudson Free. Noel Karl. Dallas. Tex. Freedland, Irwin From, Wilmington French, Arthur McDowell. Sarasota, Fruitt. Jerry Byron, Greensboro Fulp, George Totten, Stoneville Furr, Robert C, Jr.. Charlotte Gaines. Edmund Louis. Statesville ■s. Michael John. Miami Beach. FIs more. Diannc Olivia. Greensboro way, Kenneth Ray. Wavnesville Ml, Luther Anderson. III. oxville, Tenn. iron, George Roland, III. Whilakers ner. Ted Wells. Williamston er, Archie Wayne. Roanoke Rapids er. Bob Nelson. New Bern Catewood, Charles William, Asheville Gatewood, Thomas Elijah, Raleigh Catins, Joseph Francis, Atlanta, Ga. Gentry, Donald Ray, Winston-Salem Gentry. Jerry Gray, Roxboro Ceraghty. Kevin Edward, Raleigh Gerard, Fredric Michael, Massapequa, N. Y. Gernert, John Norman. Andrews Gholson. Thornton Patton. Jr., Henderson Gibbon. Karen Elizabeth. Cherry Hill, N. J. Gibbs, Guy Freeman. Engelhard Gibson, Bobby Eugene, Andrews Gibson, Charles Ernest, Jacksonville Gibson, Charles Warren. New Castle, Del. Gibson. Cynthie Ilene. Asheboro Gibson, Dan Howard, Burlington Gibson. Jonathan Carl. Chattanooga. Tenn. Gidley, Donald Frank, Cherry Point Gilbert, Eric Stephen, Merrick. N. Y. Gilkey, [ohn Millard, Jr.. Marion Gilliam. Larry Maurice, Whiteville Gillikin, Charles Monroe, Jr., Bethesda Gingles, Ralph Cornelius. Jr., Gastonia Ginsberg. David Mark. Hudson, N. Y. Citelson. Richard Jay. Durham Glace. Charles Lawrence. Elkin Glasser. Paul Lyle, Bradley Beach. N. . S t fc p ft p (v ' £ m v 0% kC ii j k a 1 " y - " x P P P f j? P P Page 380 c ft c cio ft ft CLASS OF 1968 Cleason, William Moore, Culver. Ind. Godfrey. John Augustus. New York, N. Y Goldberg, Frank Elliott, Charleston, S. C Goldman, Joseph Kartus, Salisbury Goodman, William Gordon, Salisbury Graham, Alice Kirk. Raleigh Graham. Janice Camille. Raleigh Graham, Joseph Mark, Winston-Salem Graham, Roger Evans, New Paltz, N. Y. t. Mitchell Teaguc, Charlotte att. Mavo King. Blackstone. Va. . James Robert. Wilkesboro . Michael Haslam. Greenville n. Brent Pierce. Winter Park, Fla ne. Benjamin Franklin. Trenton r. Larry F.. Lenoir ird. Durham Griffin, Philip Warren, Jamesyillc Griffin. Randolph James. Charlotte Grimes, Samuel Janson. Cary Groce, Hugh Dale. West Asheville Croome, William Jackson, Greensboro Gross. Cary Robert. Asheville Crosswald, Ralph Ronald, Charlotte Cuin. James Patrick, Jr., Mount Holly Cuntcr, Coke Steel, Asheville Gupton, Ted Gilbert. Louisburg Guv. William Hill. Statesville Haigh. Philip Wiley, III, Fayette Haigler. Nanev Kav. Chapel Hill Haigwood, Thomas David. Greem George Ry S£2IiE3 Hales. Wil Darde ? 0 BS fe f Hallman. Vance L.. II. Mount Airy Haltom. Lee Andrew, Yardlev, Pa. Ham. John Ross. Virginia Beach. Va. Hamlet, William Frederick. Durham Hammerbeck. Edward Cot. Camp Lejeui Hamrick. Algen Vason. III. Shelby Hamrick. Charles Vinson, Elizabeth Cit; Hamrick. Donald Tillman. Winston-Sale Haney. Thomas C. Wilmington. Del. Md. Hankins. Irvin White. Ill, Charlotte Hanna, Edward Charles, Jr., Bethesd Hardee. Donald L., Southport Hardison. Ashley Glenn. Columbia Hargett. Hugh Franklin. Richlands Hargis, Sarah Anne, Chapel Hill Harper. John Fletcher. Ridgew Harper. John Michael. Hendersonville Harrell. Clarence Brooks. III. Elizabeth C , N. J. ell. Lonnie Cla n. III. ' ton, Judith Cannady. Lewisto Ann Virginia, Pittsboro Clark Lee. Hertford Lambert Scott, Henderson Peter Yard. New York. N. Y Thomas Bradley, Mebane Thomas Earle. Washington Harrison. James Thomas. Jr.. Salisbury Harrison. John Edwards. Washington. D Harriss. Robert Dandridge, Wilson Hart. Stephen Eddie. Lenoir Harvel. Lynne Hill, Chapel Hill Haswell. Joel Wavne. Durham Hauser. Samuel Franklin, Favetteville Hayes, Stephen Turner, Winston-Salem Hayes. Susan Whitsett. Wilkesboro Haywood. Edgar. III. Mount Gilead Haywood, Hubert Benburv, Raleigh Hazen, Elizabeth Guyer. Simpsonville Heard, Keith Read. Savannah, Ga. Heath, Benjamin Dawson, Charlotte Hedden, Jerry Clyde, Charlotte Hedman, Kent Sheldon. Wilmington Hedrick. Harold Foil. Jr., Lexington Hellebush. Peter L„ Godfrey. 111. Helms. John Benjamin. Wingate Helms. William Harold. Wingate Helvestine, William Albert. Miami. Fla. Hemric. Stephen Gregg. Cycle Henslev, Clyde E ugene. Marion Herald, M..rton Raymond. Pittsburgh. Pa. Herndon, Billy Thomas. Durham Herndon. Michael Doak. Charlotte Hervev, Howard David. Hertford Hester. Ralph Edward. Lillington Hewitt. Harold Edward. Jr.. Newto Hicks, Carlos Dean, Morganton Hieks, Thurston Titus, Henderson Highsmilh. Vance Ross, Robersonvi Hildebrandt, Thomas George, Jr., ( Hill. Billy Dare. Washington Hill. Michael Wilton. Washington Hill. Robert William. Trinity " B Page 381 Jfcvlk.fc FRESHMEN til l JM Slfi JKllUfc I p a r. a P%Q I l it li J Jit Lit t J » Cj £t ,-- fTj fw :: C f ii Ji tfJl :i i o p p o p c pw Hillard, John Rains. Weslfield, N. J. Hinnant, Dan Bernard, Durham Hinnant, Jesse Ray, Jr., Wendell Hinson, Lynda Jeraldine, Pinehurst Hinson. William Hoilte, Jr., Sanford Hitchcock, R obert H., Minneapolis, Minn. rlobgood, Robert Havwood. Louisburg Hobson, Henry Wise, III. Cincinnati, Ohi Hockfield, Edward Jay, Durham Bodgin, Jon Darr%l. Miami. Fla. Hoffman, James Chancellor, Columbus Hoffman, Milo Johnson, Jr.. Charlotte Holcombe. Jerry Thomas. Greensboro Holderness. Richard Thurston. Greensl Hollan, William Edwin. Jr., Winston-! Holland, Daniel Floyd. Clinton Holland, Dayid Gene, Henrietta Holland. Ronald Lamar. Dallas Hollowav. Algin Napoleon. Durham Hnnevcutt. Harvev Ellison, Charlotte Honeycutt, Jack Oren, Marion Hooks, Flovd Alan, Jacksonville Hopfer. Arthur Edwin. Jacksonville Horn. William B.. Chapel Hill Home, Kenneth Waller, Jr., Wadesbo Horton, Lee Fulton, Salisbury Houser, John Edward, Asheville Howe. Howel Hudso Hudso Huffm Hugh, Hit B he Humai Haw d, Eugene Kincaid, Lumbertoi Samuel Lineberger, McAdenv 1. Bisco Redmon. III. Kailua, n, Robert Onzie, Rose Hill n, William Jerry. Wilkesboro an. Gloria Merle, Asheville s, Bruce Bryan. Greenville, S. C s. Edgar Stawlev, Burlington in, Willis Scott. Kannapolis Hunt. Thomas Norman, Sophia Hupfer, Charles John, Lincoln!, Hurley. Richard Banigan, Cantt Hur Richard St. an. Walter Edward. Camden, Hutchins. Mickey Lee. Leaksville Hux. Clifton McRae. Jr., Weldon Hvatt, Thomas Edwin, Jr.. Canton Hyde, Steven Ellis, Skillman, N. J. Hyder. Lecter Lloyd, Jr., Hendersonvi Inderlurth. Karl Frederick. Charlotte Ionian. Robert Harris, Favetteville Inscoe. Jack Elwood, Jr.. Durham Irby, James Harvey, Charlotte Irving, Richard Edward. M.C.A.S., Cherry Point el Alan. Durhai Ishee, Cha: i Jeffe ill.. Jackson. Joseph Andrew, Pilot Mo rederic Tony, Flushing, N. Y. nne Wylie. Mebane , Ann Crimslev. Greensboro oseph Howard. La Plata. Md. aid L.. Greensboro Michael Dc K. ngto obert Kenneth, Salei lomas Shepard, Jr.. G; rol Ann. Chape] Hill N. J. .11. K.i Chr: Carrbo Jobe. Berry Clinton, Graham Johansson, Anders Daniel. Chapel Hill Johnson, Charles Miles, Hickory Johnson, Donald Pittman. Wilson Johnson. Edward Gilbert. Durham Johnson. Michael Wayne, Sanford Johnson, Richard Newton, Jr., Pittsbol Johnson, Richard William. Pittsburgh. nson. Stephen Angus. High Point nston, Douglas Alan. Chapel Hill nston. James Sidney, San Jose, Costa Ric nston Richard Rl.iioe. lr.. ard Bl. orth Wilkesboro es. Charles Max, Wavn ■i — , Way-- ' „ r , Winston-Sale jk All.n. Jr.. Wilmingto irge Phil ' Kensington. Md. s, Gordon Kempton, Chapel s, John Harvev. Jr.. Winston s. Michael Charles. East Flal s, Natalie, Greenville, S. C. s, Richard Moore, Mebane s, Robert B„ Raleigh s, Robert Michael. Winston-! s, Stephen Gage. Kinston an. Jene Franklin. Vancebor. Jordan, Joseph Thomas. Jr., Laurinburg Jordan. Preston Thomas. Jr.. Favettev, in- justice. Barry Page. Snow Camp Justice, Richard Warren, Badin Kahat. Lee Spencer, Greensboro Kage, Barbara Ann. Chapel Hill Kallman. John Harry. Wilmington Kannon. Ruth Annette. Franklinton Kaplan. Ronald David, Charleston, S. C. Page 382 CLASS OF 1968 Karres, Matthew J., Charlotte Karro, Marshall H., Charlotte Kattenburg. Philip Clark. Vienna. Va. Kaylor, Steven Bruce. Lenoir Kearney, James Irwin, Greensboro Kearns, John Newton, Denton Keaton. Mark Haizlip. Winston-Salem Keith, Celinta Suzanne. Holly Springs Kellogg, John Thomas. Brunswick. Ga. Kelly. Michael Wavne. Jacksonville Kelsey. Howard Dow. St. Thomas. Virgin Islands Kemic, Stephen Bruce. Enka Kennedy. Billy Gene, Beulaville Kennedy, David Monroe, Jamestown Kerley, Lloyd Kent, Taylorsville Kiel, David Harris. High Point Killough. Walter Jackson. Jr.. Charlo Kimball. Clayton Gates, Charlotte King, Alvin Darrell, Asheboro King, James Roy. Durham King. Judy LaRue, Raleigh King, Paul Frederick. Rocky Mount King, Walter Winburne, III, Greensborc Kirkton, Douglas Bruce, Charlotte Klein, Richard Arthur, Matthews Kleinmaier, Alan Robert, Kinston Klioze, Solomon Samuel, Richmond, Va Knight, Charles Franklin. Laurinbu Knight, Henry Clayton, Durham Knott, Lawrence Harding, Jr., St. ! Koonce. Donald Gillie, Raeford Koonts, Larry Clifford. Lexington Koontz, Gilbert Quinn. High Point Kornegay. Grey Bryan. Jr.. Decatu: Krones. Thomas, Clillon, N. J. Kropelnicki, Steven, Jr.. Lake Tox LaBarre, David Quinton, Durham Lambeth, David Erman, Winston. Salem Lambrecht, David John, St. Petersburg, Fla Lancaster, Lanny Ross, Camp Lejeune Land, Walter Christensen. Leaksville Landreth, Dougla Law Jan i F„ Ale i ■ Leach, James Grist. Washington League, Hugh Michael, Chariot! Leary. Stephen Phillips, Mocksi LeConte, Joseph Nisbct. Jr.. Gr Ledbetter. Charles Edwin. Fran Lee, Harold Wayne. Newton Gr Lee. William Thomas. Fayettevi (id Chn Wil Lull Leippe, Richard Albert, Raleigh Lemmond, Rea Nelson. Indian Tr; Lentz. Herman Lee. Mount Ulla Leonard. Charles David, Lincolntr LeSueur, Patricia M„ Madison Levering, Ralph Brooks, Ararat. Levi, David S.. Asheville Lewis, Charles Blake, West End Lewis. Herschcl Horton, Asheborc Lewis, James Larry. Durham Lewis. Richard North. Jr.. West End Lewis, William Jennings, Charlotte Libbv, Gilbert Butler, Jr.. Mauldin, S. C. Lichtefeld, Louis Jerome. Jr.. Winston-Sale Liebhart, Jerald Clifford. Jr.. Morganton Light, Arthur Heath. Chatham. Va. Liles, Lewis Oliver. Zebulon Lilley, Sarah Jane, Williamston Lindsey, Clifford Stanley. Jefferson Lineberry, Richard Bryan. Charlotte Lingerfelt, Herbert Harrison. Lincolnton Linker, Thurman Sinclair, Jr., Concord Lipscomb, Thomas Walker, Asheville Little, James Fowler, Wadcsboro Little, James McAllister, Winston-Salem Little, Robert Cuy, Hickory Little, Robert Marcus. Hickory Little. Robert Winfield, Gibsonville Livengood. Thomas Dillon. Winston-Saler Livingston. Paul H.. Jr.. Laurinburg Livingston. Thomas Frank. Jr.. Rowland Llovd. Donald Kemp. Mebane Loeber. Donald Hamilton, Jr.. Creensbor Loltin, Ann Barrow, Kinston Logue, Robert Bruce, Atlanta, Ca. Lombardo, Michael McLean, Greensboro Long, Arthur Stanley. III. Ch. Long. Byrd Jackson, Hurdle IV Long, Robert DeLaney, Lincoln Long, William Everett. Newton Long. William Lunsford, III. R Lorber. Robert Norton. Winstoi Love. Thomas Avery. Stanfield Lovette. James Fleming, Jr.. Li Lowry. John Robert, Charlotte Page 383 lotte lis leigh -Salem lington iii iLhiiAiii 111 Jill Jt llLW J ft , O f?$. 49) f!b (£$ £s |p -.-■ 9 P P £ £ H c q 5 p. r c cs p P P P?CT P P O ? T C £ih£timMxkdi yes fft (ft ,c? w {H p £ », FRESHMEN p p p p e p fi p iftLta i urn, Robert Clinton, Charlotte und, Thomas Richard. Charlotte yerly, Tony Michael, Mocksville cBennett. Joseph Leo, Jr., Fayetteville cBrayer. Stephen Brooks, Rutherfordlon cBride, Riekie Edwin, Asheboro eCain. Crover Clinton, Raleigh ' Call, Alfred Clarence, Jr.. Greensboro cCanless, Mary Roueche. Salisbury McCarroll. Steven Mort. Wavnesville McClellan, James Daniel. Charlotte MeCotter. John Muse. New Bern McCoy. James Rhea. Huntsvill,-. Ala. McCracken. Saundra Lynn, Hamlet McCrav. Kay Lorren, Hildebran Mel William Scott. Charlotte McDaniel. Pamela Allene, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. McDonald. Morris Irwin. Jr.. Atlanta. McFadden. David Darrah. Hickory McCilvary. Lawrence Hood, Winston-Salei McCinnis, David Martin. Mobile. Ala. McCrath, Terrill Stacev, Rutherfordlon McKeithan, Tim Shepard. Wilmington McKinnev. William Forrest. Charlotte McLaurin. Frank Bishop, Jr.. Rockingham McLean, Horace Bradford. Jr.. Greensbnr. McManus, Ronald Ney, Charlotte McMillan, Jerry Colvard. West Jefl McMurrav. William Harvev. Ill, Black Mountain McNairv, Wavne Dalton, Greensbo MoNally. Danny Donald. Fayettevi McNeill. George Vernon. Lumbertc McPhaul, Donald Martin, Raleigh McRorie, Carl Cleave. II, Spring L McRorie, Charles Winston, Bostie Mi Swain. Lloyd Crover. Jr., Belmi McSween, John Dillard. Greensboro Mabrv. Ira Glenn. Jr.. Charlotte MacCregor. Malcolm Bruce. Brooklyn, N. Maclsaac. John Thomas. Ill, Spray Maddox. Steven Everett. Elizabeth City Maness, James Sherman. Jr.. Ramseur Mann, Roger Cornwell, Jr.. Levittown, N. Manning, John Thomas, Jr., Greensboro Manning, Thomas Lane. Charlotte Manship, Mark Auburn. Wilk.-l..,t Marks. Bill. Charlotte Marquez. Ernest B.. Havelock Marsh. Oliver Lee. Jr.. Cameron Martin. James Earle, Winston-Sale Martin. James Nelson. Pinehurst Martof, Andrew Bernard, Raleigh Massev, William Preston. Durham Mauldin, R. Barton. Charlotte Me Claude Fran Newc Wilmingto Me.s. William Newcomb, Hunti Melvin, Walter Oliver. Fayetteville Menius. Michael Albert. China Grove Mercuri. Richard Ludwig. New York. N. Meritt. Stephen Michael. Rocky Mount Merrick. Elizabeth Lynn. Charlotte Mill Milli Mill. Mill. Miller. Rot Miller, Wil Millikan. J George Wright. Chapel Hill Dale Elizabeth. Charlotte Gale Franklin. Graham Kenneth Larry. Jr.. Charlotte Lloyd Carvin. Jr., Charlotte Richard Jackson, Highland Park. 111. Ronald Wayne. Highland Park, 111. Propst. Concord Bon Jr., Cn nsbo r. To Sail ehell, Leslie Ray. Walker chell. Robert Henry, Lou chell. Roy Truslow. Leak chell, Stephen Perkins, outh Dartmouth, Mass. Cycl. sburg Mo is. Jr shingto Modlin, Roland Blount, Jr., Wa Monds, Alvah Price, Hertford Monro, Jeremy Thomas, Coopersburg. Pa. Moore. Donald Wavne. Matthews Moore, James Brice, Washington Moore. James Edward. Asheboro Moore. Roger Alston. Charlotte Moore. William Worsham, Jr., Washington Mooting, Robert Franklin. La Crange Morehead. John Motley. IV, Char Morgan, Charles Russell, Atlanta. Morgan, Michael David, Asheboro Morgan. Michael Thomas. Durham Morris, Grant Leslie. . v. Bern Morrison, Allen Lou Gary, Alexis Morrison, John Stuart. Elizabeth I Morrow. Thomas Archbell. Washit Mori Craig. Aberde Paoe 384 ' Jri vv v M I ) fb £p A Tj! £V P?PP0 P P P r e S jp p p p pp t (.. fljr r p» r , a ip CLASS OF 1968 Moseley, Richard Paul, Chattanooga, Tenn. Mueller, Steven Jay, Brigaretine. N. J. Mull, Gary Edward, Rockwell Munday, Carl Bradley, Durham Murchigon, John Laurence, Rocky Mount Murphy, Mark Adrian, Winston-Salem Murray, Charles Forrest, Wagram Murray, Philip Ignatius. Durham Muzzey, John Loring, Chapel Hill . Charles Randolp h, Geneva, ;k. Robert Wade, Smithfield e Jack Hunter W r inston-Sale e, Neil Russell, ' Asheboro w, Roy Stewart, Selma n,n. Lawrence Jav. Charlotte William Ronald, Greensboro r, John Curry, Jr., ntreal, Quebe " Columbia, S. C. Nels, Wbil •th, John William. Fairfield, Conn. Nesbitt, Robert Edwin, Weaverville Newsome, Atlas Eugene. Winston-Salem Newton, James Bvron, Pittsburgh, Pa. Newton, Robert Frank, Greensboro Nichols, Richard Lee, Andover, Mass. Nichols. Terry William, Lexington Nicholson, James Howard, Falls Church. Va Niven. David Bradley. Monroe Noland, John Burden, Baton Rouge, La Nolstad. Margaret Camilla, Raleigh Nordan, Gary Leigh, Badin Norvelle, Johnny Edward. Enka Norwood, Nancy Catherine. Hickory Nye. Glenn Carlyle, Penn Valley, Narberth. Pa. Oakley, Charles Lee, Mebane O ' Briant, Samuel Edward, III, Elizabetl O ' Keefe. Edward Michael, Bealeton, Va. Oleen. Edward Luther, Monroe Olszanowski, Roger Leonard, Goldsboro O ' Neill, John, Jr., Rocky Mount Oppenheimer, Richa rd Bruce, Salisbury Orr. Robert Flynn. Hendersonville Osborne, Colin Porter, Lumberton Owen, Tonv Brevard, Salisbury Owens. Patricia Ann, McCrady Pace, James A., Jr., Swannanoa Packard, Franklin Alvin, Shelby Palisoul, Alan Arthur, Lexington Palmer, Hollis Vestal, Greensboro Pamplin, Robert Boyd, Reidsville Parker. Francis Marion, Asheville Parrott, James Hubert. Kinston Parsons. Charles Jennings, Greens Paschal. Donald Herley, Winston- Patterson. Robert Dwavne, Shelbv Patterson. Scott Grove, Chevy Chase, 1 Patton. Carroll Curtis. Jr., Morganton Payne, Charles Gene, Bryson City Payne. Christopher, Chapel Hill Peacock, Albert Franklin, Mooresville Pearson, Fredric H„ Elizabeth, N. J. Pearson, Rebecca Sue, Wilkesboro Pergerson, Lawrence Earl, Henderson Perry. Richard Thomas. Pittsburgh, Pa. Perry, Roland Linwood, Tarboro Peters, Carol Anne, Riegelwood Peterson, Victor Scott, Bryson City Phelps, Nickv Bvmes. Williamston Phenix, Morgan Scott, New York, N. Y. Phiier. Melvin Buford. Charlotte Phillips. Edward Hamilton, Jr., Charleston. S. C. Phillips. John Everette, Kenansville ce, Roger Cameron, Cooleemee ersz. Rav Philip, jracao. Dutch West Indies nd, Danny McCall, Tarboro lix. John Marshall, III, Kerncrs man, Marshall Dean. Rocky Mo man. Marvin Andrew. Fairmont man. Michael Graham. Enfield Inw Wilmingto Charlo , Linda Faucette. Durham Clarence Hatcher, Magnolia Tony Lehn. Hickory n, Robert Overton, III, Mount Airy r, Joel Scott, Chapel Hill r. Mark Covington, Charlotte r, Murray Franklin, t Leonard Wood, Mo. r, Richard Clifford. Geneva. Sv. . Phillip Smith. Welcome 11, Benjamin Edwin, Jr., Roben 11, Kenneth Lvnn, Falls Church rs, Wayne Paul, Siler City tt, Kenneth Bernard, Sparta , Marion Dudley, Raleigh Michael Wayne, Kannapolis nee, Robert Prentiss, Charlotte FRESHMEN Provo, Donna Sherron, New Bern Purdv, William Richard. Burlington Pvne. John Sloane. Far Hills. N. J. Rabb. Michael Tribble. Meridian. Miss. Rabv. James David. Candler Rachide. Frederick Joseph. Havelock Ragan, Thomas Edward, Jr.. High Point Rainey. Hal Griffin, Atlanta. Ga. Rainey, Petrie Morrison. Chattanooga. Tc Rankin. Haywood Forney, Gastonia Raper, Laura Jacqueline High Point Raper, William Cranford, Asheville Ratlin " . John Rov, Rockingham R al . Linda Jane. Robbins Read. Robert Prentice. Jr.. Chapel Hil Reames. Frederick Van. High Point Reavis. Paul Richard, Kernersvillo Reed, C. Mark, Hickory Reed, Deborah Elizabeth. Philadelpbii Reel, William Riley, New Bern Reeves. David Crosby, Sanford Reid. Harold Claude. Hamilton. Bcrm Renegar. Charles Roland, Jr., Statesvi Rhodes, Patrick Lawson, Greensboro Rh ne. Joseph Mundv, Jr., Lincolntor Rhyne. Richard Bryant. Raleigh Rice, Douglas Alan. Kinston Rice, Elizabeth Ann, Alliance Richards. J. din Dickens. Charlotte Richardson. Lance Bradley. Washingto Richbourg. James Marion. Jr., Greenville, S. C. Richter. Lawrence E.. Jr.. Mt. Pleasan Ricks, Wayne Keith. Selma Riddick. Howard Alan. Belhaven Rierson, Gwendolyn Fay, Greensboro Biggin, William Edward. Jr., Raleigh rsdale, N. Y. Rinehardt. William Marvin, R. Roach, Timothy Flvnn. Moore Robbins. Eduard Denmore, Sc Roberts, Leonard Thomas. Belmont Roberts. William Marshall. Wendell Robertson, Crowder Booker, Jr., Virgilina. Ys Robertson, Forrest Ivev, II, Rutherfordton Robertson, Francis Dillon, Jr., Wilson Robicheau, Tony Mechelle. Salisbury Robinette. John Culan, Jr.. Hickory Robinson. Edgar Rogers. Newton Robinson. Roland Joseph. Charlotte Robinson, Ronald Philander, Gastonia Robl, Ernest Hermann. Durham Rogers. Randall Durham. Indianapolis. In Rogers. William Clark. Asheville Rogers, William Lee. Wake Forest Rogers, William Olin, Williamston, S. C. Rollins. Paul Crisp, Crover Rose, Sharon Lee, Charlotte Rothman, David H„ Alexandria. Roughton. William Payne. WinsK Rowe. Rov Herbert. Jr.. Burgaw Roycroit. Joseph Harold. Jr., Dui Royster, Bobby Dean, Lawndale Rozier, Richard E„ Tabor City Sadler, Thomas Cordon, Creedmo Saenger, George Walter, Asheville Sain. James Ronald, Hickory Sams. Walter Aug ustus. III. Athens, Ga. Sandbank, Mark Frederick. Kinston Sandling, Gery Thomas, Durham Sauder. John Larry. Charlotte Sauls, John Beverley, Jr.. Lakeland, Fla. Savage, Robert Thomas, Jr., Winston-Salen Sawyer, Arthur Rowe, Burgaw Sawyer, Janet Elizabeth, Richmond. Va. Sawyer. Logan Everett. Jr.. Elizabeth Cit) Saxon, Hugh Hollidav. Jr.. Atlanta. Ca. Scarborough, Stephen Ballard, Jr., Canton Schmidt. Fredrick Nels, Sea Girt, N. J. Sehwantes. William Leland, Jr., Charlotte Schwartz, Barry Howard, Baltimore, Md. Scott, Albert Harris, Jr.. Charlotte Scott, Charles Eugene. Tuscaloosa. Ala. Scott. William Jackson, Jr., High Poin Scurry, William Cooper, Reidi " " " Seawell, Christopher Lawrence Seronde, Joseph Antonine, Stow. Mas Setzer, Donna Greer, Greensboro Shadburn, Paul Lewis, Atlanta, Ga. Shade, Robert James, Rockville, Md. Sharpe, Charles Cleveland. Ill, Creem Sharpe, Harold Stanley, II, Greensboi n-1,,1 Shell, Michael Porter, Charlotte Shelton, Sandra Jo, Durham Sheppard, James Thomas, Siler City Sherman. Lisa Duke, North Caldwell, N. J. Shields, Frank Hodgin. Scotland Neck Sim.-. Cassandra, Salisbury Shoaf. Michael Dale. High Point Shook, Larry Clyde, Lenoir Short. Billy Clenwood. Nashville Page 386 IV tit it i tikik4A O £5 ft .ft p ft ft (? , g £ ft p p. 1 it it iLlLi i J P P f 9 iJUtt i P P ft ft p p ?|P ft P £T (S p p p (£lp p p p P P P ' P P P " P i» p p p :r: p a ■iti. £ Jtjf i£t PfiPP Pp PP CLASS OF 1968 Short. Ronald Jav. Winston-Salem Shough, Harold Conwav, Spray Shreve, Brandon Wickliffe, Shuping. Lawrence Bruner, Jr., Raleigh Sides. Richard Lee. Winston-Salem Sicbenschuh. Frederick Royal, Newport Silver, Charles Hinton, Jr.. Raleigh Silverstein. Eric Howard. Charlotte Simmons, Calvin Albert. Jr.. Siler City Simmons, Ernest Jordan. Roseboro Simpson, Joel Stewart, Union, N. J. Simpson. Rosemary Louise. Silver Spring, Md. Simpson, Sarah Ann, Richmond, Va. Simpson, William Franklin, Waxhaw Sinclair, Janet Lvnn, Charlotte Sizemore, Ray Brewer. Jr.. Cullowhee Skinner. Henry Morrill. Jr., Wilson Skinner. John Harrison. Ill, Lititz, Pa. aughter. Baxter Boone. Ill, Winston. Salei oop, Charles Phillip, Concord nail. James Wilmer, Jr.. Fair Bluff nart. Richard W : avne, Wilmington nith, Alan Kent, Silver Spring, Md. nilh. Alan Vernon. Kernersville nith, Belvin Grey, Yanceyville nith, Edwin Douglas. High Point nith, Kenneth Douglas, Jr.. Summerfield Smith. Richard Jackson. Westfield Smith. Sidney Glenn. Lexington Smith. William Bunyan. Jr.. Charlotte Smith. William Thomas. Brick Town, N. J. Snoddy. James Theodore. Madison Snook. Alan Garrett, Charlotte Snyder, Peter Vreeland, Bellport. N. Y. Spalding. Jack Johnson, Atlanta. Ga. Sparger, Jerry Richard. Elizabethton, Tenn. Sparks. William Jndson, Winston-Salem Spaugh, Michael Frank, Winston-Salem Spencer, Robert Edward, Gastonia olln n. Ray Albe Wi ,-Sale Sprinkle, Charles Gordon, Woodbridge, Va. Spry, William Dennie, Jr., Winston-Salem Stables. Roger Wesley. Durham Stacy, John Neely, Boone Stainhack, Robert Gill, Henderson ngs, Ernest Wayne, Castalia ags, Lindsey Coleman, Jr., La Cri is. Lvttleton Luther. Yanceyville •y. Randall Lawrence, Andrews , Fred Trigg. Chattanooga, Tenn. Martha Ann. Key West, Fla. 28, Jerry Smith. Hickory irecher, Alan King. Dearborn. Mi ens. Walter Lee. Jr.. Fuquay-Var: Stephenson. Larry Wayne. Winston-Salen Stevens. Frederick Seward, Greenwich, C Stewart, David Joseph, Jr., Winston-Salet Stewart. Samuel E.. Princeton, N. J. Stockton, Jerry Chapman, Winston-Salem Stockton. Perry William, Winston-Salem Stoddard, Edwin Robert, Avondale. Pa. Stone, Howard Eben. Jr.. Durham Stone, Raymond Harvey. Lumberton Stout. John Edward, North Wilkesboro Stragand, William Edward, Durham Strange, Aubrey Edwin, Jr., Greensboro Straiten, Gaye Harold, Toronto. Ontario. Canada Straw-bridge, John Larry, Durham Street. Phil Allen. Spring Lake Strickland. John Connell. Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Strickland, Matthew Theodore. Nashville Simpler, Patricia Lee, Raleigh Sluhler. Robert dimming. Westfield, N. J. Stuhr. David Charles. Winston-Salem Styers, Thomas Roy. III. Summerfield Styles, Jack Boyce. Clcmmons Suddreth, Willis Clyde. II, Statesville Sulecki, Richard, Craham Summey, Paul Bickett. II. Atlanta, Ga. Swaim. Benjamin Clayton. Jr.. Charlotte Swaim. Ronnie Lee, Boonville Swa Rusty Law nsbon Swicegood, Jean Rita. Lexingto Talbot, Walter Lee, Charlotte Tallev. Thomas James. III. Washington Tanner, James Mahan, Birmingham, Ala Tate. John Clyde. Ill, Greensbo rate Cun I Ik Taylor, Joseph Ovander, Jr., Sanford Taylor, Michael William, Asheville Tavlor. Paul Cvrus, Jr.. Rutherfordton Taylor. William Benton, Durham Tavlor. William Fitzhugh. Morehead City Teague. Bruce James. Hickory Teague, Charles William, Jr.. High Point Teague, George Major, Morganton Temple, Thomas Franklin, Charlotte Page 387 FRESHMEN Templeton, Charles Everett, Newell Tennille, Ben Fortune. Winston-Sale Thayer, Richard Allen, High Point Tliigpen, Fronis Rav. Fair Bluff Thomas, Carol Fav. Durham Thomas, Charles Russell. Pineville Thomas, Fred Watson, Concord Thomas, Rickv Lynn, Beulaville Thomas, Ronald Dolan, Peachland Thompson, Charles Everett, Winston-Salem Thompson, Elizaheth Gray, Akron, Ohio Thompson, Harvey Kay. Deep Run Thompson. Hurley Efird, Jr., Chesapeake, Va Thompson. James Hall. Jr., Statesville Thompson, John Lawrence. Whiteville Thompson, Michael Wayne, Kjnnapolis Thompson, Paul William, Leaksville Thompson, Thomas Coolidge, Pinebluff Thrift, Ashley Ormand, Charlotte Thursbv. Alan Robert, Jacksonville Tiliord, John Emil. Jacksonville, Fla. Tilley, Claude Stroud, III, New Bern Tilley. Thomas Gray. Jr., Winston-Salem Tillotson, James Edwin, Charlotte Timmons. Michael Linn, Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. Titterud. William Frederick. Jacksonville Toms, Francis Rogers, Jr., Petersburg, Va. Toomey, Robert Creighton, Greenville, Townsend, James Robert, Greensboro Townsend, Robert Stouppe, Nottinghai Toy, Bruce Lowe, Jacksonville Trapani, Kenneth Anthony, Orange, C Trask, Richard TenBroeck, New York, Travis, Robert Moore. Covington, Ga. Travis, Thomas Larry, Burlington Travis, Will, am 11, ale. Jackson Fla. Harold Dean. Boone William MacNider, Raleigh wyer, Arlington, Va. , Grays, II, Tueke Tucke Turbe, Turnei k. Moultrie Alan, Ashe ' ' , James Robert Ted, Wendell -, Larry Hunter, Summerfield ille, James Lester, Cerro Gordo . Gary Lee, High Point Turner, Rawland Michael, Catawba Tuttle, Edgar Whitherspoon, Maiden Underhill, Peter James, Charlotte Upshaw. Andrew Johnson, Mocksville Urquhart, Richard Alexander, Raleigh Vance, Joe, Jr., Cheverly, Md. Van Wagenen, Frederick, Salisbury Varn, Michael James. Endwell. N. Y. Varnum. Tracy Linwood, Marshallberg Vaughn, Elbert Harding, Jr.. Durham Vaughn, Michael Edward, Hendersom Venable, William Lindsey, Greensbor, Verner, Jim S., Arlington, Va. Vincel, Suzanne. Wantagh, N. Y. nt. Charle: Vinson. Je Clcmln Jr.. Rosebor, Vogler, Ronald Hartman, Advanc Waddell. Edward Wallace, Jr., Charlo Wade. Jeffrey Lee, Winston. Salem Wagg, John Langford. Glenshaw, Pa. Wald, Richard Mark, Rocky Mount Walker, Charles Blake. Miami Springs, Fla Walker, David Lynn, Mocksville Walker, Robert Edward, Chapel Hill Wall, Daniel Thomas, E. Brunswick. N. J Wall, Joseph Monroe, Roanoke Rapids Wallace, Glenn Ansley, Stanley Wallace. John Edgar. Durham Walsh, Steve Michael, N. Wilkesboro Walton. Donald Fred, Upper Montclair, N. J. Waltrip. Michael John. Winston-Salem Wannamaker. Charles Woods, III, Wineton-Salem Ward. Leslie Arden, Jr., North Palm Beach, Fla. Warren. Colcv Michael. Newton Grove Watlinglon. Malchus Lynn, Kinston Watson, Duncan M., Jr., Wagram Watson, Milton Alexander, Decatur, Ga. Watson, Richard Neill, Red Springs Watson, Thomas Lee, Woodleaf Watts, Clifford John, III, Dunn Waugh, Donald Jay, Graham Weatherlord. Wade Slackhouse III. Caftney, S. C. Weatherly, James Harry. Jr., Charlotte Webb, Alexander, Raleigh Webster, Waller Allen, Maxton Sale Weinkle, Brian Earle, Ashe Welborn. Ricky Lee, Winst Welch, William Godfrey, II, Lib, Wellman, Paul Webb, III, Weldt Wells, Calvin Fleming, Wilmingt Jan Mr, III, Richn Wells. Raymond Edward. Charlotte Wells, William Earl, Goldsboro West, J. Robinson, Unionville, Pa Page 388 £5 ft4 fc4J -,J«ijfcfe£J T P P P P » ft f? p, Q P £ p r; p p r rjjtfjfcvijkfrirtitii . P fp |S C Cp tp £j. |P TV ' TV ' f w ri PPP © {? P f? ft CLASS OF 1968 Wester, John Robbins, Rockingham Westerholm, Harold Stanley. II, Oxford Westmoreland, David Gray, Mooresville Wharton, Robert Hewitt, Atlanta, Ga. Wheeler, Robert Clifford, Durham Wheeler. Ted Randall, Durham Whichard, Ernest Bryant, Jr., Robersonvi Whitaker, Dan P., Louisville, Ky. White, Charles Ehrhart, Scotland Ne White, Claude George, Tarboro White. James Logan, High Point White, Joseph Barrow, Charlotte White, Robert Crawford, West Simsbury, Conn. White, Robert Edgar, Concord White, Robert Shelton, Jr.. Raleigh Whitehead, Thomas Howard, Whitevi Wiggins, William Wilson, Jr., Rocky Wiley, George Bell, Atlanta, Ga. Wilhelm, William Thomas, Barber Wilkerson. Richard Charles, Charlott Wilkins. Barbara Ann, Greensboro Williams, Auston Culeigh, Jr., Durha Williams, Benjamin Odell, Morgantor Williams. Gerald Alan, Union Grove Williams, Jerry Frederick. Hickory Williams. Joe Anders, Fayetteville Williams, Roger Clark. Washington. D. C. Williams. Wendell Middleton. Fayetteville Williamson. Douglas Wayne, Whiteville Wilmoth, Johnny Evan, Winston-Salem Wilson, John Moore, Jr., Wilson Wilson, Richard Charles. McLean, Va. Wilson, Richard Paris. Washington Wilson, Stewart Leigh, Raleigh Wilson, Thomas Douglas, Jr., Winston-S Wilson, Thomas Everitt, Binghamton, N Wilson, Thomas Wayne. Sylva Wilson. William Henry. Asheville Winborne. Johnnv Hutchings, Edenton Winfrey, Ronald Eugene. Winston-Salen Winstead, Samuel Byrd, Jr.. Roxboro Winton, Robert Emmett, Raleigh Woerner, Christopher Phillips, Richmom Wolcott, William Francis, III, Asheville Womblc, George Earl, Lillington Womble, James Dorset!, Jr.. Murfreesbo Woodard, Clement Benson, Beaufort Woodruff, Leon Festus, Jr., Selma Woodson, Paul Bernhardt, Jr., Wilmingto Woosley. Beverly Dale. Winston-Salem Woolen, James Franklin, Maple Hill Worley. Linna Ruth. Hendersonville Worsley. James Doak. Rocky Mount Worth, Randolph Luther. Raleigh Wrenn, Timothy Reuben, Cary Wright, Bobby Dale, Asheboro Wright, John Bryan, III, Farmville Wright, Leon David, Fayetteville Wright, Robert Thomas, Jr., Bethlehem Wright, Roscoe Julian, Jr.. High Point Yarbrough. Richard Lane, Winston-Sale Yates, Charles Hunter. Fayetteville Yates, Graem Cornel, Charlotte Yates, John William, II, Ashebo Yeats. Richard Newton. Greenvil Yelverton. Ira Adams, Jr., Wilso Younce, Sanford Lewis, Jr., Len Young. James Richard, Raleigh Y ' oung. Nancy Gayle, Durham Young, Robert Edward, Jr., Norwood Zambelli, William Walter. Vineland. N. J. Zambrana. Efrain. Jr., Elizabethtown Zielinski, Dorsey Kenneth, Swansboro pi p Q Q O P P O (?A gS Bj Page 389 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Prospective surgeons prepare to clos DR. ISSAC TAYLOR Dean The School of Medicine, known as a paragon since its in- ception in 1880, has offered the complete four-year under- graduate program only during the past twelve years, but in that time has risen to a point considered unsurpassed in medical education. During this year the Memorial Hospital has incorporated new patient care facilities as well as new research potentiali- ties, both designed to better the medical attention offered to all who enter in need of care. The staff of the School of Medicine and of the Memorial Hospital not only maintain the instruction of the medical students, but include in their teaching program the education of members of various Health Affairs departments and the interested practicing physicians throughout the state. Learning to read X-rays present medical students The Out-Palient Department, one of many many people and varying experiences for the docto provides services for Page 390 Left to right: Polhill: Hold MEDICAL HONOR COUNCIL The medical student body has its own honor council which functions within the framework of University Student Government and the Student Council. Its chairman is appointed by the outgoing Honor Council and eight members are elected, two from each of the four classes. THE WHITEHEAD MEDICAL SOCIETY The student medical society, organized in 1908 and called the Whitehead Medical Society in honor of Dr. Richard H. White- head, the first dean of the School, holds regular meetings throughout the year. Prominent out-of-state speakers, as well as mem- bers of the medical faculties of other institutions in the state and of this School, appear on the programs. Left to right: B. Phillips; Savers; Morion; Aderhold; L. Phillips, President: Alford; J »w f - jMJu m p " p ST rs r Jfc l ferf. tit ? " « « ' fe t ?. n P ff P ]5 P ft ( ■ P P § ' o ■ iM . 7J FOURTH YEAR Adams, Gerald Leon, High Point Aderhold. Richard Millikan, Phi Chi, Greensbe. Barker, Emest Gail. Jr.. Phi Chi, Raleigh Bates. G. William, Charlotte Branch. Leslie Bernard, Alpha Kappa Kappa. Brown, Daniel Elmer. Phi Chi, Seln Burke, James Otis. Jr.. Phi Chi, Lex Carroll. Billy Lee. Harrisburg Collier, Hal Franklin, Chapel Hill Crist. Takey. Phi Chi, Chapel Hill Eddings. Tally H., Jr., Phi Chi. Tabor Elliott, Balaam Thalphonza. Jr.. White Gallagher, Edgar Givens, Jr., Charlotte Gaskins, James Alfred. Jr., New Bern Goldstein. Marvin R.. Canton. Ohio Graham, Charles Pattison, Jr.. Phi Chi, Wilmington Grubb, Robert L.. Jr., Phi Chi, Charlotte Hall, Linda Gayle, Asheville Hammett, John Benjamin, Chap.-l Hill Hardison, Joe William, Raeford Hefelfinger. David Charles, Phi Chi, Chariot Hocutt, Edgar Jerome, Chapel Hill Hnlderness, Howard. Jr.. Greensboro Hurt. Joe Paul. Phi Chi. Raleigh Jack. Bernard Roy. Phi Chi, Leechburg. Pa. Jernigan, Nancy Elizabeth, Dunn Jolly. Horton Gray. Phi Chi. Avden Langdon, William Cleveland, Phi Chi. C Lassiter, Richard Edward, Phi Chi. Cole LeCrand, Gordon Buck, Chapel Hill McGee, James William, IV, Greenville McLees, Charles Thomas, Greensboro McLeod, Malcolm Noell, Sanford McLester, William Dumas, Chapel Hill McNeill, Donald Drake, Jr., Phi Chi, Charlo Massey, Sue Ellen. Smithfield Modrow, Peter Albert, Phi Chi, Bloomfield, N. J. Peel, Jesse Robert, Phi Chi, Everetts Phillips, James Laughton, Morehead City Phillips, Llewellyn. II, Phi Chi, Morehead City Presson, Thomas Lemuel, Phi Chi, Monroe Shinn, John Bradley, Phi Chi, China Grove Strum, Williamson B.. Phi Chi, Roxboro Tutt, Henry Paige, Jacksonville Whitfield. Charles L.. Phi Chi, Chape] Hill Whitley, Donald Phillip, Hickory Page 392 THIRD YEAR Barker. Rudy W., Carrboro Bergeron, Carry Patrick, Jr., Farmville Crawford, John Robert, III, Salisbury Crav. Cyrus Leighton, High Point Howell. Nelson Neil, High Point Hubbard. William Colvin, Raleigh Leake, Arthur Eldridge, Jr., Marshall Pressly, James Allen, Mooresville Scott, Charles Kimrey, Haw River Sevier, Robert English, Asheville Sigmon, James Lewis. Jr.. Newton Southard. John Wilder, Bethesda. Md. Stevens. Elliot Walker, Jr., Warsaw Yount, James Alvin, Claremont ,- f rr Fm m MtM kil k kmk M SECOND YEAR Avant, George R., Forest City Blake, Gerald Wayne, Jacksonville Bundy, Thomas William, High Poii Carter, Joey Mieshele, Kannapolis Currie, John Lauchlin, Carthage Davidian, Vartan A.. Jr., Smithfield Eure, Charles Allan, Roduco Evans, David Arnold, Rich Square Hale, Robert Vernon, Fayetteville Hamrick, Harvey James, Rutberfordton Hart, Elzie Franklin, Jr., Burlington Homesley, Howard David, Cherryville Huffman, Allen William, Jr., Hickory Hundley, James Davenport, Wallace Jarman, William Henry, Jr., Gastonia K.eiman. Scott Gerald, Raleigh Lane. James Randolph, Jr., Asheboro Lefler, Hugh Talmage, Jr., Chapel Hill Lewis, Clifford Thomas, Jr., Beaufort Little, John Zebulon, Albemarle McDaniel, William Jason, Rutherfordton McLamb, Joseph Timothy, Clinton McQueen, Donald Howard, Laurinburg Mintz, Rudolph fvey, Jr., Wilmington Norton, Jerry Lee, Lake Toxaway Page 393 SECOND YEAR Overton. John Blanton. Salisbury Ovens, Harold Burley. Bostic Parker, Herman Richard, Jr., Creensbor, Parks, Barbara Jean, Chapel Hill Phillips, Bruce Alton, Jr., Kinston Powell, James Meyers, Jr., High Point Rothermel, Joel Edward, Winchester. A Russell, Douglas MacArthur. Dover Sabiston, Walter Roberts, Kinston Spruill. James Henry, Windsor Thomason, Henry Clayton, Jr., Castoni Tuttle, Jay Robert, Fulton. Mo. W»rd, Benjamin Kirbv. Jr., Goldsboro Welbome, Barry McNeil. Winston-Sale j ' f? 0 S 1 s O p ft r: - p ft " r c ' ( o a ft ,Q p P p p £5 FIRST YEAR Ange, David Westley. Farmville Bensch, George William, Raleigh Coleman, Philip Divoll, Jr., Green Craig, I. Alan, Lenoir Drake, James Edwin, Charlotte Golden, Terry Donald. Raleigh Cray, Allan Walmsley, Southern Pines Griffin, Joseph Waldo, Jr., Williamston Cwathmey. Frank Winston. Wilmington Hancock. William Franklin, Jr., Robbin Henderson, Hoke Frederick, Jr., Elkin Henley. Thomas Ladd, New York, N. Y. Joyner, Ronald Freeman, Ahoskie Kearse, William 0.. Jr., Durham Kirkland, John Lindsey. Ill, Durham Kouri. Edward William, Chapel Hill Little, James Conrad, Knoxville, Tenn. I.owry. Roy Frank, Jr.. Jackson McConnel, Fred M. S., Asheville Macht, Jay N„ Hagerstown, Md. Martin. Robert Gale, Jonesville Nesbitt. James Monroe. Jr.. Weav Powell, John Livingston, Clinton Proctor. Camilla Allyn, Elm City Rubin, David Martin. Greensboro Shavender, Eugene Franklin. Raleigh Teachey. William Swain. Rose Hill Yanderberry, Robert Carroll. Jr., Ahoskie Whitehurst. Walter C, Jr., Bethel Whitley, Robert Riley, Yanceyville Williamson. Charles Nelson. Westfield, N. J. Page 394 SCHOOL OF NURSING The University of North Carolina School of Nursing has de- veloped from the undergraduate program started in 1951 to a distinguished school including graduate study, continuation education, and research. One of its primary purposes is to develop leadership in nursing. " Programs of study are de- veloped to meet present and future nursing needs not only in quantity but also in quality of nursing care . . . Recognition is given to the development of a theoretical frame of reference for the practice of nursing. In this framework the nurse utilizes the nurse-patient relationship to help the individual or group to achieve and maintain health. To the end that each student develops to the fullest her potentialities as a person, a citizen, and as a professional worker, an acceptable balance is sought between general and professional educational offer- ings. . . . " This has been and is the purpose of the " . . . youngest school in the oldest state university. " The lechnical aspect of nursing is onlv om area of training. Guided instruction in clinical experience constitutes an important part of the student ' s recognition and learning of technical and professional skills. MISS ELIZABETH KEMBLE Surgery -f Medicine + Pedialr = tired feet. Knowledge of growth and development, of the care of the healthy and sick child, are fundamental aids with which the student nurse can help the child and his family. SENIOR NURSES ADAMS, GAYLE ELAINE Charlotte B.S. IN NURSING. Baptist Student Union (II; S.N. A. (1, 2. 3, 4). BARNES. LINDA LEE B.S. IN NURSING. BEASLEY, NANCY DELMAR B.S. IN NURSING. Sigma Theta Tau. Ori, Drexel Washington. D. C. . Counselor (2) ; S.N.A. (1. 2, 3. 4) ; BLACKLEY, BEVERLY JOAN Hillsboro B.S. IN NURSING. Baptist Student Union (1. 2. 3) ; S.N.A. (1. 2. 3, 4) . BUTNER, SANDRA GAIL Tobaccoville B.S. IN NURSING. Baptist Student Union (1. 2, 3. 4) ; S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). CANBY, SARAH ANN FRAZIER Philadelphia. Pa. B.S. IN NURSING. Delta Delta Delta. S.N.A. (1, 2. 3. 4); W.A.A. (2); Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 31 ; Order ol the Old Lampshades (2, 3, 4) ; Cave Climbing Club (II. CARSWELL, HELEN JANET Morganton I! S. IN NURSING. Baptist Student Union (II ; S.N.A. (1. 2. 3. 41 : Class Officer (3). CASEY, SHARON KENNEDY B S. IN NURSING. S.N.A. (I. 2. 3. 41. COOKE, MARIANNE B.S. IN NURSING. CRUMPLER, LESLIE CLOYES B.S. IN NURSING. Angel Flight (3) ; Class S.N.A. (1, 2, 31. FLANDERS. JUDITH ANN B.S. IN NURSING. Delta Delta Delta. S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) 41 ; Campus Chest Committee (2) ; Order of the Old Lar GARNER, KATHLEEN ANN B.S. IN NURSING. Sigma Theta Tau. Baptist Student Unic Y.W.C.A. (1). Chapel Hill Winston-Salem Chapel Hill (2) ; Student Party (1, 2. 3); San Francisco, Calif. University Party (1. 2, 3, King (1); S.N.A. (1,2,3, 4); GODWIN, ANNE ALPHIN Dunn B.S. IN NURSING. S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; W.A.A. (1). GRIFFITH. ETHEL MARIE Winston-Salem B.S. IN NURSING. Orientation Counselor (2); S.N.A. (2. 3); Women ' s Residence Council (21 ; Carolina Christian Fellowship (1. 2, 3, 4). GROCE, JOAN ROBERTA Asheville B.S. IN NURSING. Alpha Gamma Delta. Class Cabinet (II ; Order of the Old Well. Secretary-Treasurer (4) ; Orientation Counselor (2) ; Student Government (2, 3) ; S.N.A. (1, 2, 3. 4) ; W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 41 ; Women ' s Residence Council (31 : 1 ackety Yack, Section Editor (4) ; Newman Club (1, 2, 3). Waynesville (1) ; S.N.A. (1, 2. 3, 4). Durham HOLDER. BETTINA KAY B.S. IN NURSING. Sigma Theta Tau. Baptist Student Uni HOPKINS, KAREN LYON B.S. IN NURSING. Sterna Theta Tau. S.N.A. (1, 3, 4). ISOM. DOROTHY ROSE Raleigh B.S. IN NURSING. Sigma Theta Tau. Angel Flight (1, 2, 3) ; Class Cabinet (1) ; Student Government (II ; Student Party (1, 2) ; S.N.A. (1. 2) ; Westminster Fellow, ship (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (II ; Yacketv Yack Beauty Court (1) ; Class Social Chair- man (1). JONES, CAROLYN WAYNE Oxford B.S. IN NURSING. S.N.A. (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (I, 2, 31. KEMMER, SUSAN JO LaGrange, 111. B.S. IN NURSING. S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 41 ; Order of the Old Lampshades (3, 4). LAHENS. FRANCES BRADHURST B.S. IN NURSING. Dormitory Officer (2, 3, 4) ; Club (1, 2) ; S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; W.A.A. (2) ; Nursing Class T Wynnewood, Pa. Counselor (21 ; Splash MAXWELL. ANN PARHAM (3) ; S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Orde Raeford of the Old MOODY, BEVERLY ANNE Durham B.S. IN NURSING. Angel Flight (2, 3, 4) ; S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Order of the Old Lampshades (3, 4). NEWNAM, CONSTANCE LEE High Point B.S. IN NURSING. Dormitory Officer (3) ; Orientation Counselor (2) ; S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Yackety Yack (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2) ; Class Vice-President (1). Page 396 SENIOR NURSES PALMATIER, HELEN ANNE Chapel Hill B.S. IN NURSING. Cosmopolitan Club (2); Dormitory Officer (2); Orientation Counselor (2); S.N.A. (1. 2, 3. 4), President (3); Westminster Fellowship (1); Y.W.C.A. (1. 2, 3. 4) ; International Student ' s Board (2). PILAND, MARY JOAN Raleigh B.S. IN NURSING. S.N.A. (1. 2. 3, 41 ; Order of the Old Lampshades (2. 3. 4). RAY, NANCY CHARLES Raleigh B.S. IN NURSING. Dormitory Officer (21 ; Orientation Counselor (2) ; S.N.A. (1, 2. 3. II ; Y.W.C.A. (1) ; Order of the Old Lampshades (3). Head Bulb (4). RIDGEWAY, CAROLE ELIZABETH Win,ton-Salem B.S. IN NURSING. RIEMAN. NANCY L. Birmingham. Mi-h. B.S. IN NURSING. Orientation Counselor (2) ; Splash Club (2) ; S.N.A. (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Order of the Old Lampshades (3. 4). STOKES. NANCY ESTELLE Charlotte B.S. IN NURSING. Baptist Student Union (1. 2) ; S.N.A. (1, 2, 3) ; Order of the Old Lampshades (3, 4). TOAN, DORELLE B.S. IN NURSING. S.N.A. (1. 2). TOY. WANDA SUE B.S. IN NURSING. Orienta Durha Counselor (21; S.N.A. (1, 2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (1) WEEKS. MARY ANN B.S. IN NURSING. S.N.A. (1. 2, 3). Mt. Holly Chapel Hill ory Officer (2) ; S.N.A. (1, 2. 3. 4» ; WELLS, REBECCA AGNEW B.S. IN NURSING. Angel Flight 13. 4 University Chorus (1. 2. 3). WHITE, KATHERINE BEVERLY Charlott B.S. IN NURSING. S.N.A. (1. 2. 3. 4); W.A.A. (1. 2); Y.W.C.A. (1. 2, 3. 4| Order of the Old Lampshades (3. 4) ; House Council (4). ZARON, JO ANN B.S. IN NURSING. Sigi Tau. tnii Tarentum. Pa. sity Chorus II. 2. 3, 41. ZIMMERMAN, SANDRA JOYCE Winston-Salem B.S. IN NURSING. Baptist Student Union (I. 2. 3. 4) ; S.N.A. (1, 2, 3) ; Dormitory Officer (3); Wesley Foundation (2). L A 1 ( JUNIOR NURSES Anderson, Sylvia Anita. Charlotte Barbee. Vivia Anne. Richlands Barber, Pamela Money. Chapel Hil Haiti, tt. Judith Ann. Raleigh Browning, Judith Lee. Durham Coli on, Margar t Es elle. Washing Cox Elizabeth Blair. Winston-Sale Croc m, Connie Piatt Raleigh Daw jey, Rebecc a G., Gastonia Dockery, Brend 1 Gal ?. High Point Fox Janice Kay, Raleigh Fox Linda Ann , Roj boro ore. Stella Florf nee, Candler Gun derson, Kar en L e, Lewisville Har ison. Linda Yvot ne, LaGrange Herter, Nancy Elizabeth, Lincolnton Holton. Jean Marshall. Winston-Sale Howard. Mary Carole, Sylva Hurst, Nancy Ward, Swansboro Hynes, Barbara Easkold. Chapel Hill Page 397 JUNIOR NURSES January. Mary Lee, Grifton Jordan. Linda Virginia, Gatesville Rling. Margaret Carol, Kinston Merrow. Helen Leilh. Alexandria, Va. Moore, Linda Joy. Raleigh O ' Brient. Carol Wayne. Asheboro Phillips. Marie Ann, Charlotte Ranson. Sharon, Charlotte Rendell. Elizabeth Ann. Westfield, N. J. Sehell, Pamela Lynn. Asheville Story, Mary Rebecca, Wilkesboro Waterfield, Ruth Anne, Fayetteville Yelverton. Paula Anne, Goldsboro Zink. Martha Jane, Ballard Vale, Mass. SOPHOMORE NURSES Allen. Ilene Kay, Asheboro Barr, Nancy Elizabeth. Hudson, Ohio Bates, Elizabeth Wannamaker, Durha Beattie. Elizabeth Ann, Charlotte Beaver, Marilyn Louise, Greensboro Belcher, Anne Elizabeth, Kinston Bell. Barbara Arnold, White Plains, I Blalock. June, Charlotte Bowsher, Mary Margaret, Washingto Brannon, Gwendolen Nesta. Durham Buck. Marv Carolyn. Manhasset, N. Caldwell. Mary Susan, Gastonia Carr, Nancy Marie, Asheville Clark, Sarah Rene, Hickory Cliuc. Tuni Elizabeth, Salisbury Codispoti, Elena Gil, Falls Churc Dankworth, Jane Catherine, Coro Deyo, Diana Louise, High Point Dobv. Barbara Ellen. Albemarle Dodson, Patricia Ann, Durham 1 vans, Inula Ann, Wilson Fleming, Judy Ca therine. Durham Fogleman. Virginia Ann. Winston-Salem Harris, Vivian, Wilmington Hayes, Judy Ruth, Burlington Heiler. Mary Judith, Silver Spring, Md. Lewis, Mary Suzanne, North Wilkesboro Lorek, Barbara Jo, Fayetteville Lowry, Jane Mildred., El Macero, Calif. Mitchell, Carol) n Anne, Kannapolis Moore, Barbara Custer, Chapel Hill ., Elizabeth Louise, Washington, D. C. Norman. Carole Jean, High Point Oakley, Frances Newell, Raleigh Rutin Ml. , Fla Rankin, Nancy Null. High Point Sedlacek, Cheryl Lynn, Portsmouth, Vi Shaffer, Carol Ann, Richmond. a. Spaugh, Shirley Jean, High Point Thomas, Susan Jane, Elizabeth City Vaughn, Ann Cheryl, Maryville, Tenn. tt itley, Susan Alice. Charleston, S. C. Wo.nble. Mary Olivia. Wagram Page 398 FRESHMAN NURSES Allrcd, Nancy Lynne, Raleigh Babcock, Anna Erskine, Charl Bailey, Mary Blois. Raleigh Barber, Susan Lee, Batten. Lona Ann. Rocky Moi Beck, Cornelia Ruth. Lexingt Sole Billings. Cynthia Ann, Durham Bonner, Henrietta Shannon, Chattai Bowling, Patricia Gayle. Durham Bunch, Sandra Elizabeth, Edenton Byrum, Joan Sadler, Charlotte Carr. Elizabeth Margaret, Charlotte Checksfield, Karen Marie. Allentown, Pa. Cox. Derenda Louise, Winston-Salem Edmonson, Judy Carolyn, Charlotte Forester, Betty Ann, Winston-Salem Hamlin, Linda Cobb, Roxboro Hill, Karen Renee, Chapel Hill Holcomb, Sara Lynn, Winston-Sale Hollowell, Brenda Kay, Wilmingtoi Jack, Ruth Wood, Wilmington. Del Kcsler, Phyllis Jeanette, Hendersor Knott, Julia O ' Brian, Durham Knedlik, Sheila Ann, Greensboro Lambeth, Elizabeth Browning, Raleigh Landolina, Karen Ruth, Winston-Salem Langston, Ethel Olivia, Wagram Leach. Beverly Jane, Mount Airy Ljvingstone, Judy Pruette, Charlotte McGlinn, Louise Steuart, Haverford, Pa Mcintosh, Ann Kirkman, Greensboro McKeel, Nancy Lynn, Asheboro McVicker, Sara Jane, Fayetteville Maerz, Margaret Lee, Westbury, Long 1 Malcolm, Carol Elizabeth, Pittsboro Mason, Charlote Anne, Bayonne, N. J. Morris. Patricia Faye, Durham Munden, Miriam Elsie, Rocky Mount Ncblc, Frances Ruth, Gates Oland, Patricia Nell, Boone Oldham, Betty Marie. Greensboro Partin, Lois Kay, Raleigh Pugh, Elizabeth Redding. Randleman Ramsey, Cynthia Jeanne, Brevard Reavis. Judith Cain, Mocksville Reifsnider, Donna Lee. Winston-Salem Robinson, Esta Silvey. Wrightsville Be Robinson, Katherine Elizabeth, Murfr, Russ, Nancy Christine, West Chester, Pa. Sawyer, Nancy Carole, Arlington, Va. Smithers, Mary Ann, Burlington Tao, Fumiyo, Cleveland Taylor, Carolyn Spillman. WinstonSalen Terres, Miriam Lee, Charlotte Tilley, Sandra Elizabeth, Raleigh Vick. Barbara Rae, Lucama Wilson, Rebecca Ann, Raleigh Wortbington, Donna Lou, Winston-Salem Yaeger, Nancy Jo, Pisgah Forest »© ' £ Page 399 There is always a year-round urgent need for well-trained technicians to perform a wide variety of laboratory tests which assist the physician in making an accurate diagnosis and selecting the proper treatment for his patient. In the microbiology laboratory a plate is streaked to determine what bacteria are present. MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY In order to meet the medical and hospital needs in North Carolina and to provide adequate training in medical tech- nology for the young men and women of this state, the School of Medicine offers jointly with the College of Arts and Sciences of the University two programs leading to a baccalaureate degree and one leading to a certificate in medical technology. With the advancing medical research and practice and the developing of more efficient labora- tories, the medical technologists are becoming a more vital part of the health affairs. f m ' me BOYD, J A BRUNSON, A. A CHAMBERS, F B COLLINS, A. B. CROWELL, E G. ENNIS, L.S. 7 • w- m FLETCHER, J. L. HAYMAN.PS HUNTSBERRY, E A. LAWS, S F. LIPPARD, C.N. McCURDY, MA. MELVIN, S K. O fa fh PATTERSON.DE. PEARCE, L L. SCHUCHARDT, L.N. STANFORD, PH. RUTLEDGE, S.K. YANCEY, J W. YOUNG, M L. Page 400 ' HEALTH AFFAIRS The Division of Health Affairs, each section working in- dependently and interdependently, comprises a major edu- cational area in the University of North Carolina. Through class lectures, group discussions and consultations with stu- dents and instructors, and individual work with the patients the students learn their professional theory and skills. The treatment of the patient as an individual integrates not only the areas of X-ray and Medical Technology usually associated with the hospital, but reaches for aid from dentistry, pharmacy, social work, and all concerned with returning this unique being to his community in the best possible health. Page 401 PHYSICAL THERAPY OF THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SENIORS BAUGH, HARRIETT LOUISE B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. Alpha Delia Pi. Or; Charlotte nselor (4) ; P.T. Club CROWLEY, CAROL MARY Chamblee. Ga. B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. P.T. Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; A.P.T.A. (3, 4). FREEMAN, VIRGINIA Scarsdale, N. Y. B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. P.T. Club (3. 4) ; A.P.T.A. (3, 4). GURLEY, MARGARET BARRY Sanford B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. Dorm House Council (2); P.T. Club (1, 2, 3. 4); A.P.T.A. (3, 41. HARVEY, CAROL INA W. Hyattsville. Md. B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. Canterbury Club (1. 2, 3, 4); P.T. Club (1, 2, 3, 4); A.P.T.A. (3. 4). Y.W.C.A. (1. 2). HEDRICK, MARY FRANCES Richmond, Va. B.S. IN PHY SICAL THERAPY. Alpha Delia Pi. Orientation Counselor (2) ; University Party (1, 21 : P.T. Club (1, 2, 3, 4). HUTCHESON, GENET F. B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. A.P.T.A. (3, 4). Chapel Hil JEFFRIES, MARGARET LOUISE Raleigh B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. Class Committee (1, 2) ; House Council (1) ; P.T. Club (1. 2. 3. 4) ; A.P.T.A. (3. 4). SWANN, WENDY B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. A.P.T.A. (3. 4). Raleigh WASON. CATHERINE LOUISE Raleigh B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. Band (1, 2) ; P.T. Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; A.P.T.A. (3, 4). WILLS, VIRGINIA LEE Richmond, Va. B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. Alpha Gamma Delia. Class Committee (1, 21 ; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2, 3) ; Class Cabinet (21 ; House Council (3) ; P.T. Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; A.P.T.A. 13, 41. JUNIORS Archer, Joan Louise, Atlanta, Ga. Davidson, Dianne Ellen, N. Miami Beach. Fla Davis, Ann Lynn, Grifton Ferris, Margaret Jan. Atlanta, Ga. Fisher. Aloma M., Salisbury Freeman. Anne Louise. Gastonia Gibson, Anne Amelia, Waynesville Kreiser, Bette Jane. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Macy, Ulrike R., Parkersburg, W. Va. McDermott, Maureen Ann, Rivervale. N. J. Miller, Linda Marlis, Jenkintown. Pa. Miller, Mary Ann, Charlotte Rarback, Sheri Rachelle, Miami, Fla. Riley, Teena James, Mebane Van Arsdale, Susan Harknes9, Lakevi Page 402 GENERAL NURSING Eller, Vercie Massengill, Raleigh Goodman, Judith C. Atlanta, Ga. Ogburn. Carol Jean, Apex Porter, Hannah Mae. Philadelphii Reid, Edna Carolyn, Granite Falls Underkoffler, Judith Lynne, Schuylkill Ha Weidel, Margaret Ann, Litiz, Pa. Wilson, Judith Claire, High Point Wiltsie, Jeanne Clarice, Ashville, N. Y. THE ORDER OF THE OLD LAMPSHADES Successfully hidden under sheets and dirty lampshades, and banging on anything they can get their hands on. the Order of the Old Lampshades makes its ritualistic tappings twice a year. This noble order strives to recognize that oft-ignored campus group, the " do-nothings. " Although some of the mem- bers have violated the principles of the Order and have shown excellence in some areas, they are allowed to remain Bulbs for the " nothing " ' spirit in which their deeds were performed. The Lampshades are without projects, goals, and treasury. They merely exist. Each member is pledged to follow in the footsteps of the illustrious founder. Joe Lamp, after his bulb burned out. Though the Order frowns on initiative, they en- deavored to increase their ranks through a campus-wide tap- ping last year and thusly, have gained prestige as a campus- wide honorary organization. First row: Ray, Head Bulb; Roschy. Second row: King, Tillman, Bennett, Smith, Whyte, Solomon, Rieman. Third row: Taylor, Troy, Maxwell, White Laws, Hunteberry, Cox, St. John. Page 403 SCHOOL OF PHARMACY PRESCR The fall semester of 1964 marked the beginning of the sixty- seventh year of pharmaceutical education at the University of North Carolina. This year ' s graduating class is the first to complete the five- year program for the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. We face our chosen profession with hopes of an improved educa- tion, strong dedication, and profound ambition. Not only does pharmacy school consist of many formal lectures and laboratories but also student organizations centered around points of interest such as Student Branches of the American Pharmaceutical Association, Rho Chi. Pharmacy Senate, Kappa Epsilon. Phi Delta Chi. and Kappa Psi. Social stimulus is provided by fraternity dances, parties, Christmas party. Pharmacv Weekend, and Senior Commencement Picnic. This is the School of Pharmacy — study on a professional level with extra-curricular and social activities designed to develop conscientious and well-rounded pharmacists who will promote and develop the requirements by the health and wel- fare of mankind. A. BRECHT Dean SEMOR CLASS OFFICERS — Jack Brooks, President; Curtis Holl Vice-President; Marsha Taylor, Secretary-Treasurer. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS — Jerry Coin, President; Joh nedy, Vice-President; Becky Prorntl, Secretary-Treasurer. Page 404 FIFTH YEAR Blanton. Larry Clyde, Brevard Brooks, George Jackson, Jr.. Siler City Carter, Charles Wesley, Sanford Carter, Robert Eugene, Hillsboro Coats, Leonard Edward, Dunn Coin, William Cerald, Rockingham Deyton, Charles Edward. Burnsville Eason. Walter Cerald, Rocky Mount Eller, Revis Radford, Purlear Foster, William Lee, Mocksvillc Freeman, Numa Franklin, Louisbun Geer, Ronnie Michael, Charlotte Hardis, Ronald Lathan. Burlington Harper, Ralph Ragan, Jr., Gastonia Hickman, Leon Edward, Wilmington Holleman, Curtis Edwin, Fuquay Spri Horsley, Shirley Amanda, Chariot Jamison. Mary Elizabeth, Charlotl Johnson, Mary Lou, Clayton Jones. Thomas Henry, Kenly Kelly, Anne Marie, Fayetteville Kennedy, John B„ Shelby- Kennedy, Larry Gene, Robbing Lafferty, Robert Parks, Concord Page 405 FIFTH YEAR I-loyd. Evelyn Pauline. Hillsboro Matthews, Leonard Walter, III, Stoneville May, Emanuel, III, Burlington Moore, Robert Holloway, Rehoboth Beach, Del. Myers, Hugh Alan. Clayton Owen, James M.. Roseboro Paul. William Larry, Burlington Pope, Larry Hicks, Troutman Promtt, Carolyn Rebecca, Bumsville Ring. Elizabeth Ann. High Point Robinson. Jean Farmer, Charlotte Rodgers, Linda, Winston-Salem Sehorn, Samuel Leroy, Charlotte Sentelle. Mary Flora, Asheville Sheaffer. William 0., Chapel Hill Sitison, James Andrew. Chapel Hill t tiMi M Smith. Joseph Gordon, Jr.. Statesville Smith, Roy Boyd. Jr., Durham Steadman, Horace Dean, Jr.. Rockingha Taylor, Marsha Barrow, La Grange Tromba, Charles Barrett, Stony Point Upp, Lindell Frances, Asheboro Warren, Larry Joe, Newton Grove Williams. Berry Lynn, Zebulon Williams, Elizabeth Clark, Macclesfield Winfree. James Huntley. Badin Page 406 FOURTH YEAR Baber, Larry G., Rutherfordton Bailey, John William, Jr., Hendersonville Baugbam, Edgar Lassiter, Smithfield Bennett, Charles Craven, Jr., Apei Boone. William Shelton, Castalia Boyd, Robert Wilson, Sanlord Brown, Eugene Glenn. Jr., Jacksonville Burnham, Laura Gaither. Asheville Carr. Robert Lee, Rosehill Cranford. Delbert Marvin, Denton Early. Christie Ellen. Murfreesboro Gebhardt, Margaret Clayton, Charlo Gilbert, Sandra Jean. Maiton Gray, Richard Adrow, Newport Habrat, Nancy Jane. Charlotte Heatherington, Terry Walter. Bessemer Hite. Charles W., Jr.. Castonia Holland, Nicholas Vedder, Chapel Hill Hogsed, Marilyn Gave, Fletcher Johnston, Mary Helen, Raleigh Jones. Larry Wilson, Asheboio Jones, Thomas L.. Lynchburg, Va. King. James Arnold. Wallace Kiziah, Larry Cleveland, Hickory Laxton. Carroll Malcolm. Lenoir Leggett, Martha Victoria. Williamston Lilly. Thomas Theophilous, Jr., Durham Logan, Philip Howard. Shelby McCommons. Robert Joseph, Albemarle McLeod. Donald C, Norman Matthews, Harry Leigh, Stoneville Matthews. James Spencer, Clinton Minton. Solon Scott, Asheville Moore, Hugh Jackson, Spindale Musselwhite, Neill H.. Ill, Carolina Be Newman, Maynard Simons, Salisbury Nichols, Larry Wayne. North Wilkesboro Paterson, Nellie Elizabeth, Charlotte Pharr. Jones Neil, Harrisburg Powell. William Dorsey, FuqoayVarina Richardson, Paul Hart, Wendell Rickard. Hearne Franklin. Jr., Kannapolii Sellers. Alva Broughton, Jr.. Asheboro Solter. Alan Warren. Colonia. N. J. Taylor. Frances Elizabeth, SneaJ ' s Ferry Tnpp. Jim Noah, Sanford Wicker, William. Winston-Salem Woodard, Erwin Carlyle, Hertford Young, Ronald Edwin, Christiansburg, Va {?■ p P © Page 407 THIRD YEAR ] P £} ffi P P a p P- p ££ ££ ILL fi P | T Allen, Dorothy Carolyn, Benson Anderson, Eugene Gibson, Enfield Batts, Anthony Dwight. Wallace Baslev, Robert Earl, Wagram Baxter. Connie Diane. Shelbv Blount, James Cordon, Elizabeth Cil ngton Ril Lumbe Cla e, Ca Cagle. Stephen Wayne. Burlington Calder, Bobby James, Durham Carabateas, Angela. Charlotte Catoe. Martha Irene. Monroe Coble. Worth Thomas. Jr.. Durban Cotten. Robert Wesley. Fnquay-Va Dunn. Patsy Ann. Chapel Hill Gretz. Susan Gertrude. Henderson ' Hartman, Donna Lee. Mount Airy Home. William P.. Hamlet Kearney. Robert Evans. H.-ndersor Lambeth. Albert Lee. Jr.. Wilmine Lamm. Benajah Scott. Lucama Lawdermilk. Edward L.. Valdese Lucas. Robert Ray, Wilson Maske. Tommv Malcolm. Mt. Gilea, Massey, James Dale. Waynesville McCaskill, Rodney Lvnn, Ellerbe McCranie. Mary Lynn. Newton Meads. Lawrence Craig. Shawboro Medlin. Gerald Lloyd, Benson Michael, Howard Mitchell, Thomas ' Morgan. Jack Ledwell, Jr., Raleigh Phillips. Judie Wa Haye Rickelton. David Kendall. Charlotte Robinson, Clyde Wilson, Jr., Wirslon-Sale Seawell, Ellon Grace, Rockingham Shaw. Margaret Elliott. Wagram Shaw. Theodore R.. Jr.. Windsor Silver. Mary Ida, Chapel Hill Simpson, Sandra Moore, Lucama Smvre, Larry Elvin, Hickory Sykes. Robert Nathan. Jr., Smithfi:ld Teague, Mary Gray, Favetteville Tinkler. John Bruce, Cliffside Thompson, William Lawrence, Charlotte Upchurch, Malcolm T.. Jr., Smithfield Wal.lman. William Charles. WinstonSalen Ward. Needham Eldon. Mebane Wells, Sara Alice, Atkinson Whitehead, Charles Michael, Ran Wilkerson. Robert Douglas. Wils, Willis. Barbara Ann. Lincolnton Young. David Marion. Henderson SECOND YEAR Adams. Nancy Ruth, Carolina Beach Avery, Jan Wayne, Envin Barnes. Henry Walter. III. Wake Forest Barrett, Joe Hilton. II. Rockv Mount Baucom. Judith Margaret, Hickory Beatty. Dennis Gold, Kings Mountain Beck, Carole Cynthia. Hendersonville rv. Ja ad. Hi old Arthur, Hudson Bowlen. James Albert. Thomasvi] Brannon. James L.. Hendersonvil Brown, Donald Floyd, Gastonia Canady, Rena Lynn, Selma Carroll, Sandra Ann, Smithfield Carter, John Kenneth. Tabor City Chapman, Charles William, Kannapolis Critcher, Elizabeth C. Moravian Falls Deal. Douglas Wayne, Connelly Springs Eakins, Janet Lela, Chillilothe, Ohio Farley, Hollis Grayson. Moreanton Fonrielle, Carroll Byrce, Tabor City ft £L ?J? JSX P " P a o f% p o SECOND YEAR Freeman, John William, Robbins Freeman. Stephen Monroe, Elkin Fulton, Thomas Abee, Jr., Greensboro Gaddy, Annette Meriwether, Greensboro Ceorge, Samuel Lorman, Four Oaks Hardison, LaVoice Larine, Wallace Haywood, Leon Stanley, Robbins Hemphill. Betty Jean. Lexington Hendrix, Martha Hamilton, Hickory Hill, Germon Earl. Deep Run Hilliard, Henry Hoover, Jr., Kings Mount Hollomon, James Arthur. Ill, Winston. Sa Hunter, Stephanie Rogers. Raleigh Johnson. Kay Emily. Wa ' ' - . D. C. Johnson. Sylvia Annette, Concord Kaucher, Margarete Susan, Burlington Killian, James Franklin, Lincolnton Kinlaw, Alton Emory, Raleigh Kroboth, Timothy Ray, Charlotte Lancaster. Mary Lena, Burlington Lowe, Robert B., Swannanoa Lowman, Samuel Enoch, Jr., Charlotte Lynch, Linda Candace, Dunn Lynn. Felma Ruth. Kings Mountain MacKesson, Mary Elizabeth, Statesville Malone, John Edgar, Coats e, Susan Barnhart. Raleigh Mo Michael Mo o, Ne Myers, Charlotte Rebecca, Canton Phillips, Gradv Samuel. Jr.. Wins Pike, Joseph William, III. Concor Rawlins, John Frederick, Tarboro Reid. Gary Gene. Landis Rhew, Marilyn Margaret, Durham Rich, Dwighl Douglas. Castalia Ridenhour, Barbara Ann, Rockwell Rowe, Joseph Milton, Jr.. High Poi Scott. Leslie Earl, Aberdeen Shear. Morris, Woodland Stancil, John Wayne, Selma Still, David Mitchell, Albemarle Sutton, Johnnie Eugene, LaGrange Taylor, Carl Dewey, Eure Taylor, Thomas George, Boone Underwood, Coey Martin, Jr.. Draper Wiggins, William Robert, Creedmoor Willels, George Marshall. Ill, Pine Le Wilson, Thomas Steve. Madison Winter, Jean Carolyn. Staunton, Va. Yarbrough, Richard Carlton, Raleigh r " jpr " iff %. r, c p a g fk r- r o P f fi PAP 6 ft p p p f p p (? p p p P P P £, FIRST YEAR Adams. Larry Lee, Varina Bullock, Larry Douglas, Creedmoor Dail, Norman Wayne, Ayden Fulton, Mary Ann, Winston-Salem Houser, Christine Carpenter, Cherryv Hovis, Larry Kenneth, Lincolnton Kausch. John Gustave, Metuchen, N. J. Lowe, Ronald Jeffrey, Swannanoa Moore. George William, Jr., Conover Perrell, Woodrow Franklin, Lexington Roy, David Wilson, Greensboro Umstead, Allan W., Fayctteville Womble, Logan Nyal, Plymouth SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK ARTHIR E. F1INK Dean Left to right, first step: Miss Beverly T. II. ilin.ui. Dr. Alan Keith-Lucas, Mrs. Isabelle K. Carter. Second step: Dr. Ruth Gilpin Wells. Third step: Mr. Gerald Southerland, Mr. Albert W. King, Mr. Hansel H. Hollingsworth. Fourth step: Mr. F. H. Lewandowski, Mrs. Jane Parker. The School of Social Work derives from the School of Public Wel- fare (1920) ; the School of Public Administration (19321 ; and since 1950 has been the graduate School of Social Work, one of sixty-four such schools in the I nited States. Canada, and Puerto Rico. The program is based upon two years of interrelated course in- struction and supervised field experience in social welfare agencies, and culminates in the Master of Social Work degree. Opportunities are offered for professional training in social casework in such areas as family service, public welfare, child welfare, corrections, medical social service, psychiatric social work, and school social services. There is also provision for preparation for careers in community welfare organization, and for selected students in social welfare administration. Graduates are qualified to offer services in public and private welfare agencies in city, county, state, federal, national, and international settings. Left to right: Alice C H. H. Hollingsworth, F ; Jean Robertson, Secretary-; Howard Lee, Vice-President; Page 410 SECOND YEAR Louie M., Jr., Morgant. Dial. Patricia Anne, Pampa, Texas Dickinson, Charlcne While. Murfrees Duncan, Malinda. North Wilkesbor.. Foushee. Vivian S., Chapel Hill Gray. James S.. Jr., Totowa. N. J. Hodge. Cora Louise. Rockingham Hodgmarj, Alice Sawyer. Morganton Holman. Sarah Celia. Dothan. Ala. Houk. Mary Ellen. Morganton Kassees. Assad Saied. Wilmington, Lee, Arah E„ Dunn Lefevers. Ann Twisdale. Hickory Linn. Elizabeth D., Indianapolis. In Lovell. Beverly B., Durham McClung, Elizabeth Simmons. Salem Palmer. Bruce D.. Bluefield. W. Va Ralledge. Kermit, Advance Raymond, Frank Barratt. III. Dan Reeder. Harold, Asheboro R.ibe ,ick, N. I. Robinson. James Ralph. Winst. Roderick. Helen Jeanette, Spei Sandlin. Dan L.. Wilmington Shope. Judith Allen, Charlotte Smith. Penelope Lee. High Point Stanley, Robert M„ Greensboro Tolbert. Nancy Rebecca. Lenoir Weisiger, Peggy A., Norfolk. Va. Whitfield. Sandra Bryant. Martinsvill Winborne. William W.. III. Murfree FIRST YEAR Berenguer. John, New Castle. Del Booth. Marguerite Collins. Green Breazeale, Aliene Barbara, Greenville. S. C. Brown. James Patton. Kingsport. Browning. M. Charlotte, Thomasv Canipe, Nell. Morganton Cauthen. Ralph Baker. Richmond Crosswell, Alice Marie, Earlsboro Curiee, Wilson Vaughn. Graham Devine. Loy Wilson, Lincolnton Funderburk. Ervin, Charlotte Cribble. Robert Lee, Jr.. Kannapolh Houser. Bob, Cleveland. Ohio Kolmer, George August Leonard, Jr., Salem. V a. Lovins, Margaret Godsey. Cumberland, a Manning, Diane. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Marsden, Anne Boice. Lexington Minton, Blan Vance. Kinston Moritz, Linda, Stamford. Conn. Morris. Madge Etta. Columbia Norman. John Leonard. Amarillo. Texas Novotnv, Sarah F., Orange, Va. Oakley, William Melvin, Durham Shimkus, James Robert, Chapel Hil Snead. Charlotte, Durham Tomlinson, Margaret Barrett, Louis Watson, Robert Donald, Thomas ill Weiss, Delma Faye, Bucklin, Kan. Willis. Carroll Tinsley. Durham Wright, Carl S., Cleveland Attfcrf.l 2£££ Page 411 SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY The mission of the School of Dentistry is being realized in providing general dentists, dental hygienists, and specialists in Orthodontics and Pedodontics, for the State of North Carolina, as well as making available short courses to permit a program of continuing education. Further, new expanded curriculums have been designed and activated through the Extension Division f or dental assistants and dental labora- tory technicians. This June the faculty is privileged to recommend to the University Administration, and the people of this Common- wealth, the names of individuals who have disciplined them- selves to warrant the possession of a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, Bachelor ' s degree, or Certificate in Dental Hygiene, or Master ' s degree or Certificate in one of the speciality areas. The graduates, following the achievements of their degrees or certificates and their licenses to practice, immediately begin to assume a number of serious responsibilities and In preparation for their fut in the laboratory. dental students spend many ho JOH C. BRAUER Dean obligations to the people they serve. The knowledge and skills which the graduate has realized is only a base upon which must be built added experience and the knowledge to reflect current levels of professional progress. Accordingly, for those individuals in the health sciences who would serve their public and patients best, a program of continuing edu- cation is essential. The University, this School, and the State, therefore, are committed to provide the appropriate areas of instruction on a continuing basis. The pattern as well as the standards of practice is in the process of continuous change, and the graduate will soon be left behind unless current knowledge and skills are recognized and practiced. There- fore, it is anticipated that each graduate will return again for visits and for the various programs in continuing education. Left to right: Robert Move, Fresh Vice-President; John Madison, Si Senior Class President; Jerry Alexander, J .. c sident; Riley Pleasants, Sopl President; John Madison, Spurgeon Society President; James ' - Class President. nore i.iass President; David Simpson, Spurgeon Society Spurgeon Society Secretary-Treasurer; William Henshaw, FOURTH YEAR Arnold, Bruce Lowe, Arlington, Va. Baucom, Jim Preston. Concord Bazemore. Cyrus William. Jr., Raleigh Belton, Richard Paul. Chapel Hill Blume, Thomas Frederick. Harrisburg Bullard. Amos J., Jr., Autryville Carter, Dewey Gaston. Burlingto Couch, Jon William, Durham Crotts. Everett Bowers. Jr.. Tho Earp, Joe Thomas. Angier Eure, Darden Johnson. Jr.. Morehead City Fountain, Stuart Burton, High Point Hancock, James Baldwin, Robbins Hardy, John B., Jr.. Durham Healey. Kent W.. Burnt Hills. N. Y. Hendren, Otis Franklin, Chapel Hill Henshaw, William Raymond. Buies Creek Herndon, Claude Harris, Charlotte Hill, Douglas Gray, Kinston Hinnant, R. Willard, Chapel Hill Johnson. Thomas George, Jr., Ashe Lineberry. Donald Edgar, Asheboro Mclver, Frank Thomas, Greensboro Mitchum, Kenneth Edward. Durban Nash. Richard Edwin, Winston-Sale Owen, Robert Harrison. Jr.. Cantoi Peele, William Roy, Hamlet Polk. Robert Melton. Jr.. Hamlet Poovey. Jim Nelson, Hickory Redmond, Hight Stinson, Morg an!, Schneider, Norbert J., Greensboro Sears. Thomas Harmon. Jr.. McLeansvi Smith, Samuel Irby. Roanoke Rapids Styers, Thomas Russell, Jr.. Winston-S Turner. Gerald Pinkney. Roanoke. Va. Yost ' , William Francis, Weaverville MM Bmv Mm mi 17, m i | Ep 9 § § 9 _. imiMmMtlm Page 413 lot, f le» «-.| L - s i M rih A i_i v i_ ii THIRD YEAR Bost, Michael Earl, Marion Bottoms, John Willis, Canton Cloninger. John Lester. Carrbor.i Eagle, James C, Jr.. Chapel Hill Gorman, Richard Forbes. Winterville Hanily, Thomas Gordon, Winston-Salem Harris, Charles Jay, Jr.. Mebane Hicks, Earl Preston, Harriman, Tenn. Holstein, Samuel P., Jr., Monetta. S. C. Horuthal. Allen Lane, Tarboro Johnson. Charles Edward. II. Hertford Mann. Lynn S.. Lillington Marshburn, David Theon, Carrboro Mason, Carle Woodruff. Jr., Chapel Hill Matkins, John Alan. Mebane Minah. Glenn Ernest. Durham Morris. Walter Smith. Morehead City Myets, William Charles. Charlotte Nibbelink, Jan C. High Point Peck. Sheldon. Durham Rivers, Lawrence Durell. Chapel Hill Smith. Warren Kirkland. Jr., Carrboro Upchurch, Tommy Dorsey. High Point Wilson. Robert Woodrow. Salisbury Young. J. Blake, Washington. D. C. Page 414 SECOND YEAR Averett, Dan Morrissette, Chapel Hill Blackman, John Walton. III. Fremont Brown, Benjamin William, High Point Chandler, John Edward, III, Greensboro Church. George Franklin, North Wilkesbo Collins. Michael Lee. Chapel Hill Cox, William Boyd. Greenville Crumpler, Lvle Ellis. Chapel Hill Davis. Herbert Crippon. Jr.. Lexington Ellis. Benjamin Thomas, Shelby Finger, Richard Bryan. Jr.. Greenville, S. C. Fox, Robert Darlan. Winston-Salem Head, Thomas Jack, Chapel Hill Hedgecoe. Sarvis Joel, Tabor City Hutchens, Luther Hill. Jr., Winston-Sale Jessup, Percy Wells, Jr.. Elizabethtown McCall. Charles William. Jr.. Tryon McKee, Michael ThomaB, Kings Mount! Miller. Ronnie Henderson, Spencer Patterson, Jerry Eugene, Kings Mounta Perdue, Phillip Sterling, Louisburg Pleasants. Riley Clyde. Jr., Raleigh Raynor, Bobby Carlyle, Chinquapin Rosenbaum. Jerry Harris, West Orange, N. J. Skeen, McDuffy Brown. Biscoe Slack, James Blount, Pinetown Stroud, Charles Douglas. Ellenboro Tesh, Phillip Gary, Kannapolia Thompson, James Cecil. Hillsboro Waldron. Pendleton G.. Chapel Hill Ward. John D.. Nakina Warren, Raymond Bartlett, Kemersville Wood, Evan Harvey, Charlotte Young. Pinkney Beryl. Ill, Chapel Hill p p £ fs f P Page 415 p p g J»j p p MJ- M £i ?tM FIRST YEAR Baucom. Larry Edison, Charlotte Bumham, Joseph Smallwood, Asheville Clapp. Hubert Bruce, Swannanoa Clark, Eddie N., Chapel Hill Dixon, Robert Harold, Coats Elliott, James Clyde. Jr., Asheville Farrior. Stanley McNair. Burgaw Folck, Michael Paige. Darien. Conn. Fulp, James Francis. Jr.. Chapel Hill Coroon, Alan Bernard, London, Eng. Griffin, Morris Hal. Davidson Hill. E. Harvie, Jr.. Plymouth Holland. Gene Allen. Glenwood Hoyle, Wilson Smith. Jr.. Henderson Kaley. James Dudley. Pittsburgh, Pa Keith, Preston Wylie, Mebane Langdon, Charles W. Coats Lopp. Frederick Bland, Reidsville Mahaffey. Charles Edward. Elizabeth City MrCardell. William Paul. Lancaster, Pa. McCaslin. Alston Jones. Chapel Hill Merrill. Woodrow Wilson, Jr.. Easley. S. C. Move. Robert Wilson, Snow Hill Ohle, Paul Walter, Bumsvillo Palmer. Yates Shuford. Valdese Porter. Lee Warwick. Jr.. Jacksonville. Fla Reaves. Thomas B., Fayetteville Ridout. Henry Wayne. Durham Robcrson. Theodore Milton. Durham Shelton. Frank Wesley. Durham Stike. Johnny Ray. Wilmington Stonestreet. James Frank, Albemarle Stout. Frank Palmer. Chapel Hill Taylor, Herman LeRoy. Ill, Arapahoe Thomas, Philip Winston, Asheboro Ward, Ronald Young. Raleigh Wells, George Otto, Jr., Atkinson White, John Finley. Chapel Hill Wilkins, Edward Vernon, Smith6eld Wright. Henry N., Tabor City Page 416 DENTAL HYGIENE SECOND YEAR Burke, Mary Reynolds, Greensbo Carpenter, Rebecca Jill, Gastoni Davis, Judith Lynne, Sophia Diehl. Pcnn Lindsey, Raleigh Duncan, Katlierine Burke, Apei Greenwood, Jacquelyn, Chapel Hill Harbin. Sandra Kay, Greensboro Lane, Barbara Dean, New Bern Marshall. Judy Gail, Westfield Mclver, Julia R., Chapel Hill Mears, Brenda Carroll, Enfield Meredith. Pamela. Graham Pantha Hicks, Taylorsville Gloria Kristina, Charlotte FIRST YEAR Brigman, Patricia Anne. Ashevii Buchanan, Sally Ann, Wendell Craig, Beverly Doris, Stanley Holler, Frances E., Goldsboro Ipock, Leah Joyce, New Bern Keck, Mary Helen, Burlington Lowe, Elsie Allene, Mount Olive Papineau, Jeannette Elizabeth. Plymouth Pemberton, Betty Pate, Greensboro Perry, Melissa Caroline, Raleigh Richardson, Janet Kay, Kannapolii Smith. Susan Gail, Clayton Smittle, Patricia Catherine, Raleig Taylor, Barbara Ann, Hendersonvi Wheeler, Karen Sue, Swannanoa Page 417 SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH Students come into the School of Public Health with a sense of purpose — that of preparing themselves, usually in one academic year, for a new profession. Beginning as phy- sicians, engineers, teachers, mathematicians, nurses, they have become imbued with the factor of health in economic and social development at home and abroad. Students go out from the School of Public Health to the four corners of the earth. Problems of water and air pollu- tion, of infant mortality and family planning, of nutrition, and of pestilence are universal in scope, and the public health student, whether he serves in a local community or in a far away land, employs the tools he has forged in his intensive training at our School. One of fourteen such accredited Schools of Public Health in North America, students engage in study and research in ten academic departments of the school: Biostatistics, En- vironmental Sciences and Engineering, Epidemiology, Ma- ternal and Child Health, Parasitology, Public Health Edu- cation. Public Health Nursing. Public Health Nutrition and Mental Health. All instruction is on the graduate level, with increasing numbers of students pursuing doctoral studies. W. FRED MAYES Dean Page 418 Baehm. Donald Walter, Troy. N. Y. Bales, Peggy Neal. Chattanooga. Tenn. Bell, John Henry, Chapel Hill Bell, Margaret Leitch, Chapel Hill Bell, Sterling Wilson. Chapel Hill Berry, Roy Venden, McCain Blank, Carl Herbert, Salt Lake Ci ty, Utah Budd, Rosemary Ann, Siler City Burkart. Joan Marie, New Orleans, La. Burnett. Marion Wesley. Sandston. Va. Campbell, Jolynne, Wilson Childs, Norman E.. Bowling Green. Ky. Chynoweth, David Paul, Louisville, Ky. Cifra, Adelisa Gueco, Rizal, Philippines Cole, Richard Francis, Philadelphia. Pa Cooke, Herschell Marcus, Boone Cornoni, Joan Claire, Winchester, Mass. Counts, Jon Milton. Ajo, Ariz. Courtney, Jessica M., Little Rock, Ark. Creekmore. Robert William. Rocky Mount DasGupta, Amiyakumar, Westbengal, India Davies, Mary Jane, Carrboro Dean, Winston Joe, Monroe Decker, Clifford Earl. Jr.. Valdese Deschler, Marlene Jeanne, Racine. W Doucet, Eloise Mary, Franklin. N. H. Duany, Luis F., Chapel Hill Dutton, Lois A., Pensacola, Fla. Erickson, Donald L., Chapel Hill Faulkcnberry, Loletla Arnold, Greer. S. C. Feldmann, Kurt Lansing. Chapel Hill Fernandez, Edia Luz, Isabela, Puerto Rico Frost, Robert Lee, Stoneboro, Pa. Cakslatler, Jack Henry, Chapel Hill Gayinski, Donald J.. Wisconsin Dells, Wis. George, Rose G.. Marshall. Mich. Creenhill. Elizabeth Dianne, Tupelo, Mi! Griffin, Mary Ruffi,.. Madison Groves, Lionel M., Reno, Ncv. Gruber, Felix Jose, Bolivar. V. Page 419 j- j jp 4 fTJ (= ' f - Haines, Howard Palmer, Chapel Hill Hartz, Evelyn Elaine. Massillon, Ohio Henderson, Oliver, Carrboro Henley, Herbert Carlisle, Jr., Chapel Hil Hester, Julia Glenn, Greensboro Hill. Franklin Neal, Chapel Hill Hill. Larry Odell. Chapel Hill Home, Essie Mae, Hopeville, Ga. Huang, Shin-Ching. Taiwan, Formosa Huff. Wallace Lee. Chapel Hill Hughson, Arthur Andrew, Camp Borde Huq. Md. Najmul, Dacca, Pakh Francis Sinclair, Fredo fijlft . Donald Richard, New Castle, Pa Johnson, Lavcrne, Macon, Ga. Kakati. Girindra. Nath. Assam. Indii Kelcher. Betty Craven. Cha[ Kim, Young-Soo, Seoul, Ko Kinlaw, James Brady, Altavista, Va. Kinneman, Robert E., Jr.. Greenfield, Ind. Klein, William Charles, Chapel Hill Kotalik, Olga A., Ashley. Pa. Lay, Ava June. Speedwell. Tenn. Lentz, Myra M-, Margate, Fla. Lentzen. Donald Eric. Berwyn, 111. Lewis, Earl William, Augusta, Ga. Lewis, Wilma Morris, Chapel Hill Little, Linda West, Durham Lusk, Edward William. Tampa. Fla. Mann, Gene L. R.. Prince Frederick. Md. Mansfield. Mary. Delray Beach, Fla. Marmol, Jose G.. Miami. Fla. Marshall, Joan A.. Shawnee, Okla. May. Jacqueline S.. Columbia, S. C. Maynard. Arthur Stanley, Chapel Hill McConnell, Henry Elden, Lincoln, Neb. McKinley, Thomas William, Norcross, C ell, , Roberta, Cleveland, Ohio is, Paula Jane. Huntington, W. Va. , Robert F„ Indianapolis, Ind. Murphy, E. Prentiss, Columbia. S. C. Page 420 Murphy. Richard Franklin, Chapel Hil Newnam, Mary Lou, Greeley, Colo. Oeben. Rudolph Wilhelm, Plainview, N Okuno. Kazuko, Chapel Hill Okuno. Nagaharu, Chapel Hill Page. William Winship. Chapel Hill Parker, Nancy Jordan. Norfolk, Va. Pauls, Frank Peter. Anchorage. Alaska Pidcoe, Vern, Norristown. Pa. Raidl. Marian Winifred. Niles, 111. Railey, Edna M., Jeffersonville, Ind. Rhoden. Charles William. II. Shelbv Rhodes. Laura Frances, New London Riller. Sherrill William. Jr.. Louisville. Ky. Rose. Charles Herbert. Evart. Mich. Rowe, Mary Hill, Hendersonville Rubin, Alan J.. Chapel Hill Searle, Evelyn. Lehi, Utah Seism, Betty Jean, Cherryville Shaffer. Carol Marie. Elmhurst, 111. Sharp. Lura, Chapel Hill Shelton. David Shaw, Evansville, Ind. Shields, Alston Burkley, Carrboro Southwell. Maxinc Gayle. I.akewood, Ohii Spell. Ruby Alfreda, Lyons, Ca. Stewart. Mary Jo, Chapel Hill Sugar, John William, LaCrosse. Wis. Suggs, Morris Talmage, Atlanta, Ga. Tamai. Yoshihiro. Osaka-fu, Japan Taylor. Anne Odom, Columbia. S. C. Turnbull. Craig D., Shillington, Pa. Verhalen, Robert Donald, Lake Forest, Vicenti, Dan, Crownpoint, N. Mex. Welsh, Eleanor J., Drexel Hill. Pa. Wesche, Virginia Sue, Lexington. Ky. Whidden, Elizabeth Cline, Oak Ridge, Tenn. Wilkes, Frank Gilbreath, Louisville, Ky. Wilkin, Richard Lee, Norfolk, Va. Young. John Lewis, Jr Chattanooga, Tenn. v tV ffKy fr ' Vv Page 421 LAW SCHOOL Founded as a private school in 1843 by William H. Battle. the Law School was not completely incorporated into the University until 1899. Battle, a judge of the Superior Court, later a justice of the State Supreme Court, was made Pro- fessor of Law in the University in 1845 and the University provided that the degree of Bachelor of Laws should be conferred on those completing the prescribed two year course. The School maintained a certain independence from the University for a long time. The Professor of Laws received no salary, though he did receive fees from his classes. The students were not entirely subject to the discipline of the University. This was the position of the School during the professorship of Judge Battle, who retired in 1879; during the two years when the law classes were conducted by Kemp P. Battle, then President of the University; and to a con- siderable extent, during the professorship of John Manning. who was elected in 1881 and died in 1899. The building in which the School is now located was named for Professor Manning. In 1899. the School was completely incorporated into the University as the School of Law. The first dean was James C. MacRae. previously a justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina. A succession of deans has followed Dean MacRae. This year marks the beginning of a new stage in the historv of J. DICKSON PHILLIPS Dean the School. Not only did the School open its doors to the largest first year class in its history, but also welcomed a new dean. J. D. Phillips succeeds Dean Henry P. Brandis, Jr. who served from 1949 until 1964. LAW REVIEW. Left to right: R. Long: A. T. Allen. Editor-in-Chief ; Mrs. Ann Phillips: Don Walsh: M. Tavlor: Seolt Br ' iV HONOR COURT. Left to right: Robert A. Melott; Charles Brown; Reuben L. Moore; Barry Osmun, Chief Justice; M. Hudson: A. Alii THIRD YEAR CLASS OFFICERS. Left to right: Gerald A. Pell, Vi President: Charles D. Randall, President; Steve Schlosser, Treasur John B. Taylor, Secretary. STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION OFFICERS. Left to right: Robert M. Chandler, Treasurer; Sheldon L. Fogel, President; Owen W. Cook, Secretary. r, « 1 - " THIRD YEAR Aycock, Frank Bayard. Ill, Currituck Bourne. Elliott Grayson, Jr., Stoneville Richard Lane. Ill, Albemarle Scott N„ Jr.. Chattanooga. Te: Burrows. Richard L.. Chesterfield. Va. Cannon. Thomas Roberts, Raleigh Carr, James Leo, Burlington Chandler, Robert Moye, Jr., Rocky Mo Cheshire. Lucius McGohee, Hillsbo Cline, Harry Sykes, Statesville Cook, Owen Waddell, Fayetteyille Cozart, William Thomas. Wilson Craig, Plezy Harbor, Jr., Hillsboro Dailey. Richard Maurice, Jr.. Chapel Hill Dalton, William Harvey, Forest City Davis. George P.. Jr.. Durham Davis, Ronald Harry, Charlotte Edwards, Robert Leon, Greenville Evans, William Casto, Chapel Hill Fogel. Sheldon Leslie, Chapel Hill Foley, Peter Allen, Charlotte Fountain. Reginald Morion, Jr., Tarboro Freedle, Paul Douglas. Thomasville Gambill, Joe Alan, Wilkesboro Gilliam. Thomas Alfred, Jr., Columbus Corham, Alonzo Dumay, Jr., Wilmingto Hargrove, Wade Hampton, Jr.. Clinton Higlitower, James Claude, Durham Hillman, I. Carl. Jr., Park Ridge. 111. Hord, Robert Carl, Jr.. Charlotte Horton. Clarence Edgar. Jr., Kannapolii Irvin, Howard Samuel, Concord Page 424 THIRD YEAR Jones. Benner, III. Jackson. Ohio Jones, Rafford Eugene. Gaffney, S. C. Kennedy. Michael Scolt, Shelby Lawrence. Harry Wayne. Hamlet McCollum, Tim Gordon. Greensboro Matthews. Phillip Ray. Nashville Michaux. Roy Herman. Jr.. Greensboro Montgomery, Franklin Moyle, Salisbury Moore, Reuben Leslie, Jr., Atkinson Nral. Peyton Ring, Jr., Chapel Hill Osmun, Barry Ansen, Chapel Hill Ott. Matthew Nelson. Jr., Southbury, Co Pell. Gerald Allen. Greensboro Pell, James Ethan. Greensboro Phelps. Kenneth Joyner, Rockv Mount Phillips. Ann H.. Chapel Hill Pollard. Forrest Alfred. Jr., Durham Porter, William Larry. Vaughan Pusser, Charles Rouse. Jr.. Chesterfield, S. C. Randall. Charles David. Chenyville Reece. Johnny Manly. Chapel Hill Renger. James D., Albemarle Hichardson. Osca r Leonard. Jr.. Mori Rochelle. Vernon Haskins. Kinston Schlosser. E. Steve, Jr.. Greensboro Smith. Robert Eugene, Washington Taylor, John Bradsher, Yanceyville Vaughan, Charles Julian, Woodland Waite, Edwin Allen, Jr.. Mount Ail Whichard, Willis Padgett, Durham Whitener, John Wilfred, Morgantoi SECOND YEAR Arnold, Stanley Gerald, Fuquay Springs Ashburn, Michael Anthony, Winston-Salem Baker, Walter Wray, Jr., Raleigh Barber. Leon Worth, Chapel Hill Beaman, Grafton Catling, Ahoskie Bolch. Thomas Jefferson, Hickory Bost. William Virk. Salisbury Brent. John William. Chapel Hill Broome. Henry George, Jr., Venlnor. N. J. Chandler, William James, Jr., Oak Ridge Craver, Comann Penry, Jr., WinstonSale Downer. Thomas Theodore, Charlotte Freeman. James Alexander, Chapel Hill Giles, Roy Andre, Jr., Glen Alpine Hafer, Frederick Eugene, Chapel Hill Hoyle, William Roberson, Greensboro Huggins. Bruce Wayne, Lumberton Hughes, Richard Edward, Parkton Jackson, George Winfield. Chapel Hill Johnson, Robert White, Burgaw Katz. Robin Arthur, Lido Beach, N. Y. Liebolt, Frederick Lee, Jr., New York. N. Y. Lunney, William George. Carrbo Moore, Earl Raefiel, Jr., Erwin Phillips, William Royal, Rosebon Romanet, Andrew Louis. Jr.. Roxbor, Scott. Elmer Glenn, Jr., Charlotte Smith, Paul Dennis, Charlotte Stallings, John Gilbert. Louisburg TaWor. John Walker. Fayettevillc Waddell, Lewis Eugene. Jr., Salisbury Wilkinson, Charles Watkins. Jr.. Oxford Woerner, Harold Charles. Greensboro FIRST YEAR Ande Ma Hon Kins Auman. Robert Meyer, West End Austell, Adelaide. Shelby Babb. Ronald Kenneth. Hillsboro Baddour. Phillip A.. Jr.. Coldsbor. Barr. Billy Robert. Mount Airy Baueora. Larry Clayton. Concord Beach. Neil Douglas. Lenoir n, Ja Ho ard, Creensbo ul Edward. Jr.. Thomas! Branon, Royy Frost. Jr.. Charlotte Brewer. James Clark. Greenyille Bright. William Howell, Creensbor Brown. Samuel Ray. Chapel Hill Carson. George. II. Elkin Carter. Jack Franklin. Jr., Southern Pin Chandler. Joseph Barron. Jr.. Bladenbor Cheek. Junius Paul, Chapel Hill Cheek. Neal King. Charlotte Church. John D.. Chapel Hill Clark. Eugene Fielding, II, Conoyer Clifford, Locke Turner, Ware Shoals, S. Cole, Howard Dunwody, Greensboro Collie, George Claiborne. Fayetteyil] Colston, Harold Donald. Raleigh Cornelius. Claranee Preston. Troutm Cummings, Thomas Ernest. Winston Dixon, Richard D. S„ Walstonburg Dunlap. Bryant Oerton, Jr.. Clintor Dunstan. William Edward, III, Eliza] Edmundson, James Joyner, Wilson Edwards, Herbert Jackson. Coldsbo Engle. Charles Richard, Carrboro Fairlev, John Wilson. Monroe Farris. Ray Simpson. Matthews Golub. Aaron Richard. Worcester. A Griffin, Joseph Wayne, Greensboro Gwinn, George H„ Chapel Hill Harris, Richard Foster, III, Charlotte Harrison, Reginald Woodrow. Jr.. Charlo Hays, William Arthur, Jr., Franklin Hiner, James Randall, Lynchburg. Va. Hinson, Larry Capeliart, Waxhaw Hobbs. James M., Kinston Howell, Ronald W., Newdale Hunter, John Nelson. Charlotte Johnson. Larry Douglas, Clayton Jolly, John Russell, Jr., Charlotte Kirschbaum, Ronald Ira. North Miami, Fla. Kuzyk. Volodar S.. Trenton. N. J. Lancaster. Harold Martin. Goldsboro Leonard, Charles J., Jr., Charlotte Lcvenherz, Steyen Harris, Brooklyn. N. Y. Leyerton, Stephen Colwell, Winston-Salem Leyy. Benton John, Brooklyn, N. Y. Madonna, Harry Dickson. Chapel Hill Mandel, Leonard Howard. Brooklyn. N. Y. Manning. Daniel Alston, Williamston Martin, Franklin Edwin. Chapel Hill Mayo, Gerald Mack. Greenyille Meade. Robert Arthur. Halboro, Pa. Morgan. Billy Joe. Jacksonville Morgan, Melzer Adron, Jr., Smithficld Mulford. John Garland. Greenyille. Del. Nagle. Clyde William. Statesyille Patterson. Forrest Tribble. Burlington Rhyne, Richard Wakefield. Charlotte Robinson. James R. I... Scotland Neck Rollins. Quinton Christy, Jr., H. n.lersonyille Rose, Isaac Thomas, Cherokee Rubin. Joseph Haryey. Greensboro Saginar, Edwin Maxwell. New York, N. Saunders. Stuart Alan. Hampton. Va. Savery, Rex Tallott. Jr.. Roxboro Schoi b, Robert Rodes, High Point Shugart. Thomas Hall. Jr.. Raleigh Smith, John Troy, Fayetleville Smith. Thomas Sidney, Pittsburgh. Pa. Spainhour. William Erwin. Erwin, Ten Taylor. Charles Morrison. II. Asheville Thomasson, Richard E., Southern Pine Thornton. William Gerald. Clinton Tickle. Howard Louis. Burlington Yann. Terry, New York. N. Y. Vaughn. Henry Franklin. Jr.. Charlotte Ward, Frank Jefferson. Jr.. EdentoE Warrick, Benjamin R., Chapel Hill Welborn, William Wayne, Winston-Sal W.llidms " , Melvin Guy, Pink Hill Wilson, Martin Luther, Lake Lure Woodard, Aubrey Otis, III, Chapel Hil] Woolen Everettc Lee Jr. Pollocksvill •Cr f £ ' P £L dM i:± . r . (fc pr p P a p p p p fl fit Ad AAh " +M M it Hi ££IB££. advertisements Surveying village health needs, an SK F Foreign Fellow examines a child in Kurali, near New Delhi, India. INDIA hospitals and medical outposts a long way from the classroom, medical students learn to cope with TANGANYIKA unfamiliar diseases; help to provide much-needed medical services to people in underdeveloped areas of IRAN ' ' 1C wori d; and contribute to international under- standing and good will. bUHl ClVIHLH ■ . . This unusual opportunity to work and study in for- eign countries is offered to students through the Foreign Fellowships Program of Smith Kline French Laboratories. Administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges, the program has enabled 123 students to work in 40 different countries during the past four years. Junior and senior medical stu- dents are eligible to apply for Fellowships, which provide for an average of 12 weeks ' work abroad to be completed before internship. Students who are interested in Fellowships should apply through the deans of their schools. Smith Kline French Laboratories Page 430 STUDENT INDEX Abbott, Arthur Travis, 201, 365 Abdulla, Essa, 269 Abercrombie, Ronald Ford, 377 Abernethy, John William, 294, 315 Abraham, Napoleon Fordham, 377 Abrams, Ben Morris, 353 Acee, J. Marshall, Jr., 294, 353 Adams, Alfred Edward, III, 218, 315 Adams, Charles Robinson, 315 Adams, Gayle Elaine, 396 Adams, George Hackney, Jr., 152, 315 Adams, Gerald Leon, 392 Adams, James Caldwell, 123, 365 Adams, Jane C, 353 Adams, Jeffrey Paul, 99. 260, 264, 353 Adams, Jocelyn Virginia. 315 Adams, Junius Greene, III, 353 Adams, Larry Lee, 409 Adams, Nancy Ruth, 408 Adams. Philip Wesley, 293, 377 Adams, Susan Elizabeth, 116, 235, 315 Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Jr., 144, 178, 365 Adams, Thurston Ray, Jr., 135, 189, 353 Adamson, Kaia Elizabeth, 365 Adeimy, David Allen, 365 Adelman, Richard L., 290 Aderhold, Richard Millikan, 391, 392 Adkins, Evelyn May, 353 Adkins, Karl, 377 Adkinson, N. Franklin, Jr., Ill, 198, 208, 255, 315 Aimone, William F., 353 Ainsley, William Franklin, Jr., 353 Alabaster, Vicki Upchurch, 315 Albertson, John Robert, Jr., 293, 377 Albright, Cecil Raymond, II, 365 Albright, William Harry, 377 Aldridge, Henry Belden, 243, 315 Aldrich, Wallace Neel, 377 Aldridge, John Eugene, Jr., 353 Alexander, Charles Edward, Jr., 160, 365 Alexander, Robert David, 377 Alexander, Roy Fink, Jr., 353 Alexander, Sandra Sue, 128, 202, 257, 271, 315 Allen, Allison Graham, 353 Allen, Dorothy Carolyn, 408 Allen, Dwight Woodard, 377 Allen, Elizabeth Vincent, 92, 223, 250, 253, 315 Allen, Ellen, 259, 264 Allen, Frank William, 353 Allen, llene Kay, 398 Allen, James Henry, III, 353 Allen, John Earl, 377 Allen, Joseph William, Jr., 377 Allen, Judith Lee, HI, 190, 191, 208, 315 Allen, Lee Parker, 365 Allen, Leonard Grant, 315 Allen, Phil Walters, 377 Allen, Robert Harry, 148, 365 Allen, Robert Hogan, 353 Allen, William Columbus, 365 Allen, William Harvey. 353 Allison, Craig Edward. 113, 353 Allison, Earl Jackson. Jr.. 225. 244, 315 Allison, John Finning, Jr., 293, 377 Allran, Michael L., 377 Allred, Charles Lacy, 377 Allred. Nancy Lynne, 399 Almond, Charles Malcolm, 353 Almond, Gary Ronald, 218 Almond, Gerald Stanley, Jr., 377 Almond, Tony Roman, 377 Alper, Mark, 136, 148, 353 Alphin, Sandra Kay, 365 Alston, Peter Van, 377 Altenburg, Floyd David, 365 Altman, Gardner Howard, 377 Ambrose, Richard William, 120, 353 Amend, Fred, 255, 299 Amos, Louie M., 411 Amos, William Robert, 268, 365 Anders, Louis Holmes, 365 Anders, Rege Kaye, 365 Andersen, William Alfred, III, 377 Anderson, Alan Robert, 315 Anderson, Barbara Jean, 116, 315 Anderson, Carol G., 91, 353 Anderson, David Gaskill, 353 Anderson, Eugene Gibson, 408 Anderson, Henry London, Jr., 152, 353 Anderson, James Prentice, Jr., 377 Anderson, Jean Langston, 115 Anderson, Jon Edwin, 294, 353 Anderson, Lane Schofield, 265, 365 Anderson, Malcolm MacGregor, Jr., 377 Anderson, Mason Homer, 443 Anderson, Richard Mason, 377 Anderson, Ruth Grove, 116, 271, 315 Anderson, Snow Thigpen, 100, 264, 315 Anderson, Sylvia Anita, 397 Anderson, Vernon Wayne, 377 Andrews, Graham Lambeth, Jr., 365 Ange, David Westley, 200, 394 Angel, Carven Dwight, 315 Angel, Ronald Monroe, 293 Angell, Charles Marshall, 377 Angell, Monrovie Jones, III, 377 Anthony, Jesse Oscar, III, 365 Aplin, James Granger, 123, 154, 201, 365 Apple, John Dwayne, 290, 315 Apter, Gary Neil, 315 Archer, Joan Louise, 402 Archie, Thomas Edward, 152, 315 Arey, Robert Francis, 377 Arhart, Richard James, 353 Armfield, William Douglas, 365 Armour, Barry Samuel, 235, 377 Armstrong, Claudie Andrew, Jr., 365 Amstrong, Jonathan Jesse, IV, 123, 315 Armstrong, William Blair, 123, 365 Arnold, Bruce Lowe, 413 Arnold, Chester W., 294, 365 Arnold, Ronnie Due, 365 Arnold, Stanley Gerald, 442 Arnold, Thomas C, 206, 315 Arnngton, Edwin Shelburn, 365 Arterton. Jonathan Bell, 365 Arthur, Katherine Miller, 353 Arthur, Tom Donnelly, 144, 235, 353 Artz, Welsford Eure, 315 Ashburn, Michael Anthony, 442 Ashcraft, Cornelia Ellen, 353 Ashford, Octavia Susan, 100 Ashley, Stanley Byron, Jr., 104, 365 Askew, John Everett, 293, 365 Askew, William Earl, 315 Atchley, George T., Jr., 377 Atchley, Judy Elizabeth, 353 Atherton, John, 160 Atkins, Barbara Jean, 353 Atkins, Frederick Charles, 111, 365 Atkins, John H., 315 Atkins, William Shaffer, 365 Atkinson, Carl Wilburn, 294, 353 Atwood, David Clarke, 197, 365 Augustine, Andrew John, 113, 353 Auman, Johnny Everett, 365, 377 Auman, Muriel Victor, 256, 315 Auman, Robert Meyer, 443 Ausband, Susannah Ella, 257, 315 Austell, Adelaide, 443 Austin, Gail Smathers, 131, 257, 353 Austin, John Parker, Jr., 377 Autrey, Randolph Bernard, 293 Autry, Edith Grace, 353 Avant, George R., 393 Avent, Don Brown, 353 Averett, Dan Morrissette, 415 Averett, H. Marvin, 365 Avery, David McNeely, 377 Avery, Jan Wayne. 408 Avery, Marie Land, 315 Avett, Fred Marshall, Jr., 218, 299 Axselle, Bill, 160 Aycock, Edmund Douglas, 377 Aycock, Frank Bayard, III, 440 Aycock, William P., 276 Ayers, John Stedman, Jr., 353 B Babb, Henry Curtis, 353 Babb, Ronald Kenneth, 443 Babcock, Anna Erskine, 399 Baber, Annette Meeks, 315 Baber, Larry G., 269, 407 Backer, John Green, 268 Baddour, Philip A., Jr., 199, 204, 210, 290, 443 Baddour, Richard Allen, 144, 234, 353 Baehm, Donald Walter, 419 Baer, Richard Price, III, 353 Bagby, George Lewis, 212, 365 Baggett, Henry C, 365 Baggett, James Dudson, 377 Bahnson, Bert Bennett, 377 Bahnson, Frederic Fries, III, 123, 353 Bailey, Arvin Kermit, Jr., 377 Bailey, Beverly Kay, 100 Bailey, Bobbie Jean, 92, 353 Bailey, John William, II, 221, 407 Bailey, Joseph, 169 Bailey, Leslie Wilmer, Jr., 268, 276, 277, 315 Bailey, Mary Blois, 399 Bailey, Reynolds Grey, 353 Bailey, Richard Douglas, 365 Baker, Cyrus McNeill, 88, 120, 234, 365 Baker, Duane Leonard. 353 Baker, Jack Rudolph, 377 Baker, Jacque Nan, 353 Baker, James Marion, 365 Baker, John Alexander, III, 377 Baker, Paul, 277 B:ker, Thomas Eugene, 111, 201, 365 Baker, Walter Wray, Jr., 442 Balch, Timothy John, 123. 365 Baldwin, Bernard Coleman, 152, 353 Baldwin, John C, 353 Baldwin, Sarah Cecelia, 316 Baldwin, Thomas Francis, 316 Baldwin, Tom, 302 Finer quality . . . Greater selection . . . FOWLER ' S FOOD STORE ft PARTY SUPPLIES West Franklin Street Chapel Hill 942-3116 Traditional Ivy Style and Authentic Campus Fashions at a Reasonable Price — Clothing — Accessories for the Collegeman. Headquarters for the Carolina Coed SPORTSWEAR — ACCESSORIES The Hub of Chapel Hill 103 E. Franklin Phone 942-1252 Specializing In HAIR STYLING AND COLORING Permanent Waves Free Demonstration MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS Joseph Polcaro, Mgr. Carolina i5eautu 2) hop Park Free on Merchants ' Lot Page 431 Thanking You for Your Patronage WENTWORTH SLOAN Jfeweiers Electric Construction Company, Inc. " Since 1935 " Desk Lamps, Portable Typewriters And All Your Electrical Needs JUST OFF THE CAMPUS 165 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill things go better,! .with DURHAM COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Bales, Peggy Neal, 419 Baley, James Major, III, 316 Ball, Gary Floyd, 353 Bal, Harry Stuart, 104, 316 Ball, James Kenneth, 365 Ball, James Weeks. Jr., 353 Ballard, Harry Hampton, 99, 212, 353 Ballenger, James Caudell, 96, 353 Ballentine, James Leroy, 365 Ballew, Richard M., 365 Ballow, Barbara Helene, 365 Bame. George David, 377 Bandy, Isabel McDougal, 128. 316 Bandy, Margaret Elizabeth, 377 Bandy, Robert Ray, 293. 353 Banker, Barbara Ann, 131 Banks, Charles Clifford, 293 Banks, Martha Ellen, 353 Bannerman, Janet P., 411 Banon, Alan, 237, 365 Barbee. Vivia Anne, 203, 397 Barber, Eugenia Mallard Palmer, 128, 316 Barber, James Brown, 152, 365 Barber, John Linder, 377 Barber, Leon Worth, 442 Barber, Pamela Money, 397 Barber, Susan Lee, 399 Barbour, James Henry, 353 Barden, Hank, 160 Barden, Ronald Stephens, 377 Bardowil, Abdo, 268. 269 Barefoot, James Wilson, 377 Barefoot, Paul Drum, 316 Barfield, James Everett, 353 Barham, Berlin Francis, Jr., 377 Barham, Robert Martin, 225, 365 Barker, Edward Lee, Jr., 365 Barker, Ernest Gail, Jr., 392 Barker, Jeffrey Hawes, 123, 365 Barker. John Prentice, 365 Barker, Judith Anne, 316 Barker, Mary Elizabeth, 131, 353 Barker, Rudy W., 393 Barlow, Ronald Hillery, 202, 316 Barnard. Frank Kenan. 236, 353 Barnard, Robert Lee, 218, 353 Barnard, Wm. Oscar, 365 Barnes, Danny O ' Neal, 377 Barnes, Edgeworth Beddoes, 353 Barnes, Henry Franklin, Jr., 377 Barnes, Henry Walter, 293, 408 Barnes, James Earl, 377 Barnes, James H., 290 Barnes. John Wesley, 365 Barnes, Linda Lee, 396 Barnes, Marion, 169 Barnes, Michael Darr, HI, 316 Barnes, R. Thompson, 108, 353 Barnes, Ralph Spencer, 202, 316 Barnes, Robert Luther, III, 377 Barnes, William Roscoe, 293, 377 Barnhardt, Robert Swift, 293 Barnhardt, Sarah Bette, 115, 316 Barr, Billy Robert, 443 Barr, Nancy Elizabeth, 116, 398 Barragan, J. Bruce, 377 Barragan. Mary Susan, 128, 316 Barrett, Braxton Earl. Jr., 202, 353 Barrett, Joe Hilton, II, 293, 408 Barrett, Nancy Glover, 131, 365 Barrier, Gene, 88, 314 Barrier, Riley Eugene, 411 Barrier, Ronnie Lee, 377 Barrier, Thomas Eugene, 104, 316 Barringer, Chad Edward, 316 Barringer, Martin C, 365 Barron. Harriett Hamrick, 116 Barron, M. Susan, 254. 297, 377 Barron, Vance, Jr., Ill, 257, 310 Barron, Wanda Lynn, 91, 353 Barrow, Seth Tyson, Jr., 144, 365 Bartlett. Judith Ann, 397 Bartlett. Michael Stephen, 144, 353 Barton, Greg Marvan, 377 Barton, James Hardin, 316 Barwick, Charles Killian, 268, 290, 377, Joseph Trent, 365 Bason, John Robert, 144, 293. 365 Bass, Robert Winston, 225, 365 Bass, Walton Elbert, Jr., 377 Bassett, William Adnee, 377 Batchelor, Donald Wesson, 120, 316 Bates, Elizabeth W., 398 Bates. G. William, 392 Batten, Lona Ann, 399 Battistello, Greg, 160 Battle, Isaac Andeaux, Jr., 377 Battle, Mary Josephine, 353 Battle, Wanda Sue, 128, 316 Batts, Anthony Dwight, 222, 408 Baucom, Charles Michael, 87, 123, 353 Baucom, Everett Ira, 200, 316 Baucom, Jim Preston. 413 Baucom, Judith Margaret, 408 Baucom, Larry Clayton, 443 Baucom, Larry Edison, 416 Baucom, Robert M.. 294, 365 Baugh, Harriett Louise. 92, 402 Baugham, Edgar Lassiter, 407 Bauguess, Bernard Wayne, 377 Bauguess, Milton Vaughn, 197, 316 Baum, Nancy Swindell, 316 Baum, Robert Leo, Jr., 294, 353 Baumberger, Michael Peter, 377 Baumgardner, Bentha Gertie, 353 Baumgartner, Becky Lynne, 365 Baur, Edward Turner, 377 Baxley, Douglas Wooley, 377 Baxley, Robert Earl, 408 Baxter, Connie Diane, 408 Baylin, Jon, 181 Baynard, William Thorn, Jr., 99 Baysden. Earl Thomas, Jr., 88, 89, 206, 211, 213, 250, 316 Bazemore, Bernice Madry, 111, 250, 316 Bazemore, Cyrus William, Jr., 413 Beach, Neil Douglas, 443 Beadles, Wanda Antoinette, 316 Beall. Mary Alice, 353 Beam, Daniel Wayne, 377 Beam, William Austin, 316 Beaman, Grafton Gatling, 442 Beard, Betty Peatie, 316 Beard, David Hastings, 365 Beasley, Nancy Delmar, 203, 396 Beasley, Robert Jones, Jr., 365 Beason. Daniel Reid, 365 Beason. Henry Dale, 377 Beattie, Elizabeth Ann, 398 Beatty, Dennis Gold, 222, 408 Beatty, Joseph Robert, 120, 353 Beaty, Robert Stanford, 377 Beaulieu, Maurice E., Jr., 365 Beaulieu, Michel Elaine, 377 Beaver. Jeffrey Windsor. 123, 160, 365 Beaver, Marilyn Louise, 398 Beavers, Charlotte Lee, 365 Beavers, Robert Thomas, 443 Bechtold, James Shindler, 316 Beck, Carole C. Ill, 408 Beck, Cornelia Ruth. 399 Beck, Gurney David, 293, 377 Beck, James Gordon, 365 Beck, Robert William, Jr., 365 Beckerman, Michael Barry, 136, 365 Beckett, Robert Sampson, 353 Beckwith, Rosa Heath Long, 100, 266, 316 Becton, Hugh Garland, 377 Becton, Susan Margaret, 353 Beddow, Thomas Fenton, 377 Beel, William Hooper, 316 Beeston, Michael David. 377 Bekshaw, Valerie Margaret, 365 Belcher, Anne Elizabeth, 263, 398 Belden, Joseph Campbell, 377 Bell, Barbara Arnold, 263, 398 Bell, Charles Everette, 377 Bell, Daniel Locke, II, 111, 316 Bell, Drummond, 170 Bell, John Henry, 419 Bell, Julia Parker, 100, 317 Bell, Lloyd William, 365 Bell, Margaret Leitch, 419 Bell, Richard James, 377 Bell, Sterling Wilson, 419 Bell, Steven Durant, 123, 365 Bell, Thomas P., Jr., 120, 317 Belman, Terry, 277, 285 Belsinger, Jack Russell, 218 Belton. Richard Paul, 413 Benbow, Andrew Cunningham, 377 Benbow, Charles David, 365 Benedict, Henry Fulton, 365 Benedict, William Noble, Jr., 317 Benfield. Ray Denton, 353 Benjamin. Carol Ann, 353 Banjamin, Peter Mayer, 353 Benko. Peter Alex, 365 Benner, Susan Kearns, 317 Bennett. Charles Craven, Jr., 407 Bennett, Robert E., 127, 174, 353 Bennett, Sue, 403 Bennett. Stephen Joseph. 365 Bennett, Wayne Michael, 365 Bennett, William Adams, 108, 317 Bensch, George William, 394 Benson, John Howard. 377 Benson, Paul Douglas, 120, 353 Benson, William Harrison, 202, 317 Benton, Dempsey Eugene, Jr., 306, 365 Benton, Freddenck Lindell, 377 Benton, Henry Clyde, Jr., 124, 443 Benton, Joseph Nelson, III, 88, 365 Benton. Thomas Iden, 377 Benton, William Grady, 99, 266, 365 Berenguer, John, 411 Bergeron. Garry Patrick, Jr., 393 Bergeron, James Wilfred, 293, 377 Berkley, M. Faye. 317 Berkowitz. Stephen Asher, 377 Berry, Carol Elizabeth, 128 Berry, Harold Walton, Jr., 104, 365 Berry, James Conrad, 222, 257, 408 Berry, Roy Venden. 419 Beshears, Ronald Ray, 377 Best, David Malcolm, 365 Best, Margaret Lucy, 353 Best, Nancy Goode, 92, 317 Best, Richard Lee. 299, 317 Bethel. Robert Bradley. 317 Bettis, Robert Edwin. 223, 317 Betts, John Monie, Jr., 293, J77 Betts, Patterson Cochran. 95, 317 Betty. Everett Mitchell. 377 Betty, Laban Tyson. 96, 353 Beusse, George Carroll, Jr., 293, 365 Beverly, Gerald Maclyn, 377 Bibb, Lewis Bradley, 293 MONTALDO ' S Durham, i r ortn Carolina Page 433 FITCH LUMBER CO. FOISTER ' S CAMERA STORE, ML Photographic Supplier for the Professional and Amateur Photographer CHAPEL HILL, N. C. Robert Rollins Blazers, Inc. 242 Park Ave. South, New York 3, N. Y. 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Ill, 353 Black, Candie Lynn, 377 Black, Gary, 160, 181 Black, James Bell, III, 377 Black, John Riley, III, 365 Black, Lois, Marcia, 353 Blackburn, Glen, 169 Blackley, Beverly Joan, 396 Blackley, William Jackson, 353 Blackman, C. M., Jr., 353 Blackman, Edwin Tuttle, Jr., 201, 293, 365 Blackman, John Walton, III, 415 Blackwelder, Jerry Steven, 377 Blackwelder, Stephen Myron, 200, 317 Blackwell, Crist Scott, 365 Blackwell, Hugh Allen, 111, 253 Blackwood, William Shepard. 365 Blaine, Eva Lee, 100, 365 Blair, Edward Henry, Jr., 377 Blair, Harry Leander, Jr., 365 Blair, Robert Jackson, 377 Blake, Gerald Wayne, 393 Blakely, Jane Stewart, 95, 235, 263, 317 Blakemore, Porter Randall, 290, 377 Blakeney, Virginia Claire, 353 Blalock, Alvin Coleman, III, 377 Blalock, June, 390 Blank, Carl H., 419 Blankenship, Donna Jean, 294 Blankenship, Rachel Ellen, 353 Blankinship, Leslie Scott, 365 Blanton, James Howard. 443 Blanton, Larry Clyde, 221, 405 Blanton, Melba Lee, 353 Blanton, Tena Gail, 254, 353 Blanton, William Lawrence, Jr., 377 Blate. Samuel Robert, 317 Bledsoe, Samuel, 234, 277, 285 Blinsmon, Terry, 365 Block, Michael John, Jr., 377 Bloom, Warren Edward, 365 Blount, James Gordon, 408 Blount, Mae Letitia, 411 Blount, William Gray, 377 Blue, James Madison, 127, 353 Blowe, Ralph Boyd, Jr., 294, 353 Blue, Ronald Calvin, 377 Blum, William Raymond, 120, 317 Blume. Thomas Frederick, 413 Blumenthal, F. Richard, 293, 377 Blumenthal, Robert Lee, 365 Boal, Donald S., 277, 353 Boardman, William Hall. 108 Bobo, Ronald Brown, 377 Bobroff, Andrew Franklin, 353 Bodford, Alvia M., 317 Boger, Gene Shelby, 365 Boggs, Chuck, 160 Boggs, Duane Gary, 365 Boggs, Harriet Kendrick, 353 Boice, Beverly Carole, 377 Bolce, Tom, 299 Bolch, Thomas Jefferson, 442 Bolen, William Elzie, 99, 366 Bolick, Carl Bruce, 378 Bolick, Eugene Douglas, Jr., 135 Bolick, Harold Arthur, 408 Boling, Vernon Raymond, Jr., 378 Bonczek, Robert, 181 Bone, John Samuel, 293, 294, 353 Bonner, Henrietta Shannon, 399 Boone, Joseph D., 366 Boone, M. Lui, 353 Boone, Perry Allison, 366 Boone, William Lewis, 202, 317 Boone, William Shelton, 407 Booth, Marguerite Collins, 411 Boren, Chelsea Gail, 353 Bossen, Judith Ann, 353 Bost, Joe Gentry, 378 Bost, Mary Ann, 317 Bost, Michael Earl, 414 Bost, Stanley L., 353 Bost, William Vick, 442 Boston, Mona Y., 91, 408 Boswell, Sanford Little, 293 Bottoms, John Willis, 414 Botzis, Peter Archie, 317 Boulus, Peter Michael, 378 Bourdeau de Fontenay, Alain, 317 Bourne, Elliott Grayson, Jr., 440 Bowden, Emily Rebecca, 378 Bowden. Robert Henry, Jr., 218. 317 Bowen, Charlie Hewitt, Jr., 366 Bowen, James Richard, 366 Bowlen, James Albert, 408 Bowles, Erskine Boyce, 152, 212 Bowles, Louis Grant, 317 Bowles, Paul Edward, Jr., 443 Bowling, Patricia Gayle, 399 Bowling, Thomas Benson, Jr., 378 Bowman, Rita Lee, 215, 408 Bowman, Ronnie Gray, 378 Bowman, William Edwin, Jr., 124, 201, 254, 366 Bowman, William Harold, 378 Bowman, William Walter, Jr., 217, 353 Bowsher, Mary Margaret, 398 Boyce, Jacob Cameron, Jr., 353 Boyce, Wayne H., 378 Boyd, Clarence, 411 Boyd, David Guion, 353 Boyd, Donald Beaty, 378 Boyd. Robert Wilson, 221, 407 Boyd, Troy Thomas. 366 Boyd, William Norwood, 366 Boyette, Rodney Dickinson, 378 Boykin, Jimmy Everette, 293 Boykin, Kenneth Stuart, 117, 181, 317 Boykin, Thomas Brooks, 378 Boyle. Kaye Terrell, 131, 254, 354 Boyles, Larry Wayne, 354 Boyles, Lewis Sidney, 378 Boyles, Norman Bennett, 378 Bradburn, William Howard, Jr., 378 Bradford, Betsy Hight, 116, 317 Brading, Edwin Boyle, 96, 354 Bradley, Craig M., 267, 290 Bradley, Edward Judson, 354 Bradley, Michael Moran, 317 Bradner, Robert Beverly, 378 Bradshaw, Bertram Francis, 100, 317 Bradshaw, David Gerald, 366 Bradshaw, Lois Elizabeth, 91, 317 Brady, Gordon Leonard, Jr., 217, 366 Brady, Jerry Ann, 378 Braine, David Thomas, 117, 160, 317 Brake, Jerry Roger, 378 Brame, James Ballard, Jr., 96, 201, 253, 364. 366 Bramlett, James E., 378 Branch, Franklin Taylor, 255, 378 Branch. Leslie Bernard, 392 Brandon, Dennis Richard, 354 Brannan, George Thomas, 318 Brannock, James Lemuel, 218, 318 Brannock, James Wyatt, 293, 318 Brannon, Gwendolen Nesta, 398 Brannon, James L.. 408 Brannon, Vernon Boyd, II, 354 Branon, Rovy Frost, Jr., 208, 443 Branscome, Glenn Curtis, 267, 301, 366 Bransford, William Maurice, 366 Branstrom, John Timothy, 152, 354 Brantry, George Thomas, 378 Braswell, Glenn Erwin, 318 Braswell, Kenneth George, 318 Braswell, William Edward, 378 Brauch, Carolyn Ann, 116, 202, 250 Brauer, Carolyn Toni, 268, 354 Braxton, Alfred Finley, Jr., 366 Breazeale, Aliene Barbara, 411 Breedon, Robert James, 378 Brendle, Timothy Truette, 378 Breneman, James Edward, 378 Brennaman, F. Martin, Jr., 318 Brennaman, Phyllis Kaye, 111, 318 Brenner, Edward H., 318 Brent, John William, 442 Breslow, Kenneth Alan, 378 Brethen, Charles A., Ill, 265, 378 Brett, King William, 378 Brewer, Curtis Claude, III, 103, 318 Brewer, James Clark, 208, 210, 443 Brewer, James Estes, Jr., 354 Brewer, John Dwight, Jr., 113, 366 Brewer, Susan Wilkins, 378 Bridges, Edward Barton, 378 Bridges, Tilden W., 366 Bridgford, June Ellen, 378 Bright, William Howell, 443 Brigman, Patricia Anne, 417 Brill, Alan H., 366 Brilliant, Irwin Joel, 136, 354 Brinton, Daryl Elisabeth, 378 Bristow, John Nathaniel, Jr., 378 Britt, Barbara Jean, 366 Britt, Betty Carolyn, 378 Britt, Corbett Huett, Jr., 305, 318 Britt, Elizabeth Anne, 354 Britt, Gerald Glenn, 354 Britt, Grady Harold, Jr., 366 Britt, James Laurent, 378 Britt, Janice Ann, 92, 318 Britt, Preston Holmes, 378 Brittain, Bill, 411 Britton, George Harrison, Jr., 318 Britton, John Andrew, 318 Broach, Mary Arnall, 318 Broadaway, William Weaver, 218, 366 Broadhurst, Edgar David, III, 99, 266 Broadway, Douglas Earl, 378 Brock, Richard Linton, 378 Brodeur, Richard John, 250, 267, 318 Brookreson, Joe Wade, 378 Brooks, David Gregory, 378 Brooks, George Jackson, Jr., 221, 405 Brooks, Robert Lee, Jr., 366 Brooks, Thomas Eugene, 103, 160, 318 Broome, Henry George, Jr., 293, 442 Broome, Hoyle S., 135, 354 Brothers, Aaron Wade, 378 Brown, Alice Murdoch, 100, 206, 253, 318 Brown, Barbara Eileen, 318 Brown, Benjamin William, 181, 415 Brown, Betty R., 257, 318 Brown, Carter Dennis, 318, 397 Brown, David Alan, 225 Brown, Daniel Elmer, 392 Brown, Donald Floyd, 408 Brown, Eugene Glenn, 222, 407 Brown, Gary Franklin, 366 Brown, Henry Gilpin, 318 Brown, James Patton, 411 Brown, James Russell, Jr., 318 Brown, Jerry S., 354 Brown, Jimmie Charles, 294, 354 Brown, John Michael. 378 Brown, Julian Winston, 378 Brown, Kenneth B., 366 Brown, Llewelyn Gartrelle, 378 Brown, Mary Ann, 95, 271, 318 Brown, Michael Farouhar, 108, 267, 366 Brown, Neilson, III, 108 Brown, Nolan Gray, 318 Brown, Paul Eugene, 198, 354 Brown, Peter Cooper, 318 Brown, Rebecca Burton, 318 Brown, Richard Lane, III, 440 Brown. Rufus Edward, 366 Brown, Samuel Weldon. Ml, 318 Brown, Samuel Ray, 443 Brown, Sandra Elizabeth, 318 Brown, Scott N., Jr., 117, 438, 440 Brown, Thomas Carl, Jr., 123, 354 Brown. Thomas Creasman, Jr., 378 Brown, Vivian Sarita, 354 Brown, William Davis, 366 Brown, William LeJeune. 200, 255, 318 Brown, William Sherrod. 174, 378 Brownnett. Maria Whitehurst, 111, 266. 366 Browning, M. Charlotte, 411 Browning, Paul Kenneth, 366 Brownscombe, Clement Dale, 268, 378 Broyhill, Robert Kenneth, Jr., 366 Broyhill. Thomas Hamilton, II, 206, 354 Bruecken, Sally Lou, 318 Bruenner, David Frederick, 108, 366 Brunk, William Bailey, 366 Brunson. Norman Deane, 111, 285, 318 Bruun, Paul M.. 202, 282, 318 Bryan, John Hugh, 88, 318 Bryan, Katrina Holliday, 319 Bryant, Herman Graham, Jr., 290, 378 Bryant, Kenneth Melvin, 319 Bryson, William Holmes, 366 Buchanan, B., 297 Buchanan, David George, 354 Buchanan, Ernest Clyde, 378 Buchanan, Robert Augustus, Jr., 197, 319 Buchanan. Sally Ann, 417 Buchanan, William Holley, Jr., 378 Buck, James Clifton, Jr., 169, 378 Buck, Mary Carolyn, 398 Buckingham, Lewis F., 366 Buckley, Charles Robinson, III, 319 Budd, Rosemary Ann, 419 Buie, John Harrell. 366 Bulkley, Stephen Gerald, 319 Bulla, Walter Spencer, III, 354 Bullard, Amos J.. Jr., 413 Bulled Carl, 354 Bullard, Elizabeth Ann, 319 Bullard, Roger Howard, 378 Bullard, Vaughn Evans. 198, 354 Bullock, James Garland, Jr., 319, 366 Bullock, James Walter, 113, 354 Bullock, Joseph Anthony, 144 Bullock, Larry Douglas, 409 Bullock, William Howard, 294 Bumgardner, David Richard, 319 Bumgardner, Donald Hoyle, 88, 267, 366 Bumgardner, Leonard Wilson, Jr., 354 Bunce, Bobby Gene, 319 Bunch, Sandra Elizabeth, 399 Bundy, Kay, 234, 354 Bundy, Thomas William, 393 Bunn, David Warner, 366 Bunn, James A., Jr., 99, 319 Bunte, Louis Edward, 135, 354 Bunting, Elisha Harry, Jr., Ill, 293, 366 Burbage, William H., 113, 319 Burcham, Ira Roberts, 293, 378 Burchett, Martha Ann, 411 Burden, Sandra, 202, 253. 266, 364 Burford, Inman Parker, 366 Burge, Randy Lester, 354 Burgess, Arthur Harry, Jr., 218, 318 Burgess, Malcolm Stewart, 144, 290, 366 Burgess, Peter Kendall, 111 Burgwyn, Henry Holoman, 96, 293 Burkart, Joan Marie. 419 Burke, Edmund Samuel, Jr., 96 Burke, James Otis, Jr., 392 Burkette, David Wayne, 354 Burks, Mary Reynolds, 417 Burleson, David Kent, 245, 378 Burleson, E. C, Jr., 318 Burleson, Kenneth Wayne, 378 Burnett, Marion Wesley, 419 Burnette, Richard Lane, 378 Burnham, Joseph Smallwood, 416 Burnham, Laura Gaither, 407 Burns, Harriet Leah, 92 Burris, William Moore, Jr., 319 Burrows, Richard L., 440 Burton, Dudley Joe, 301, 366 Burton, John K., 307, 366 Burton, Lewis Mallette, 202, 253, 319 Burton, Rebecca Elizabeth, 257, 319 Burwell, Henry McAuten, 293 Burwell, Susanne Jefferay, 92, 354 Busby, Julian Goode, 354 Busby, William Jarvis, 266, 354 Bushman, Donald Otto, Jr., 378 Buss, Lewis C, 365 Butcher, Charles William, 354 Butcher, Mary Ann, 266, 366 Butler, Bouie Claire, 111, 215, 408 Butler, Clifford Roosevelt, Jr., 169, 378 Butler, George Tyssen, 108, 172 Butler, Larry Edwin, 366 Butler, Ray Grant. Jr., 378 Butler, Robert McMaster, 120, 366 Butner, Sandra Gail, 396 Butt, Helen Manley, 128, 319 Butts, Robert Bruce, 378 Buxbaum, John Michael, 366 Byler, David Michael, 378 Bynum, William Lewis, Jr., 378 Byrd, James Edward, 160, 354 Byrd, Larry Wayne, 319 Byrd. Michael Evan. 378 Byrd, Robert Bryant, III, 293, 378 Byrd. Samuel Martin, 366 Byrd, Thomas Milton, 319 Byrd, William Eugene, 294, 354 Byrum, Joan Sadler, 399 Byrum, Thomas Jefferson, Jr., 319 Byunn, Yoon, 269 Cabell, Virginia Weldon, 100, 213, 319 Cadwgan, Gordon, 172 Caffee, Arthur Bernard, 366 Cagle, Gregory Allen, 378 Cagle, Stephen Wayne, 408 Cahoon, Bob, 307 Cahoon, John Melvin, 354 Cain, Joye Daphne, 116, 254, 319 Calder, Bobby James, 408 Caldwell, George Charles, Jr., 378 Caldwell, Mack Denson, III, 378 Caldwell, Mary Susan, 398 Callahan, David Wilson, 123, 319 Cameron, Alan Spencer, 366 Cameron, Elizabeth Ann, 259, 366 Cameron, Harold Harrington, 198, 225, 294, 354 Cameron, Kenneth Ray, 378 Cameron, William Stewart, 221 Camp, William Douglas. 197, 319 Campbell, Charles Robert, 354 Campbell, Jeffrey Lann, 378 Campbell, Jolynne, 419 Campbell, Judith Ann, 354 Campbell, Mark Donald, 378 Campbell, William Carlisle, 378 Campbell, William Terrell, 230, 354 Canady, Rena Lynn, 408 Canby, Sarah Ann Frazier, 396 Canipe, Nell, 411 Cann, Carlton Helene, 319 Cannaday, Kenneth S., 378 Cannady, Jerry Wayne, 304, 366 Cannady. Leon Woodrow, Jr., 366 Cannon, Alice Mae, 111. 319 Cannon, Clarence Ray, 354 Cannon, Katherine D., Ill Cannon, Roger Kalup, Jr., 366 Cannon, Thomas Roberts, 440 Canter, William Glen, 354 Canull, James Allen, Jr., 96, 319 Canut. Richard John, Jr., 293 Capel, Martha. 234, 319 Capps, Dickson Michael, 378 Capps, Gene Thomas, 319 Capps, Ralph Edwards, 290. 366 Carabateus. Angela, 215, 408 Carey. Brooks, 378 Carhart, David Henry, 378 Carithers, Robert Lowery, Jr., 104, 319 Carlin, Lee S., 293 Carlson, Elaine Ruth, 354 Carmichael. Caroll, 294 earner, George, 319 Carpenter, Malcolm Moore, Jr., 277, 366 Carpenter, Rebecca Jill, 417 Carpenter, Thomas Edward, 378 Carr, Beauchamp, 262 Carr, Charles. 169 Carr, Elizabeth Margaret, 399 Carr, Garland Edwin, 169, 290, 378 Carr, Guy Ellis, Jr., 144 Carr, James Leo, 440 Carr, James Osborn, Jr., 202. 320 Carr, Nancy Marie, 398 Carr, Robert Lee, 222, 407 Carr, Timothy David, 135, 366 Carroll, Billy Lee, 392 Carroll, Mary Catherine, 378 Carroll, Sandra Ann, 408 Cdrroll, William Singleton, 320 Carson, Donald Wayne, 199, 210, 248, 252, 253, 257, 354 Carson, George, II, 320. 443 Carson, Michael Wray, 320 Carson, Neill Mills, III, 354 Carswell. Helen Janet, 396 Carter, Charles Wesley, 405 Wherever You Go Whatever You Do Good books are as close as your nearest mailbox THE INTIMATE BOOKSHOP, INC. 1 19 E. Franklin Street UNIVERSITY FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP 124 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill For Prescriptions For Fountain Service SLOAN DRUG COMPANY On the Corner Across from Theater Page 435 ■ YOUTH . . . our future! Cone Mills, a major producer of high quality and modern fabrics, is staffed to meet the needs of today. Yet we are already looking at the 70 ' s and beyond to determine our needs as industry becomes increasingly complex. To maintain our standards, we are seeking young people with imagination and initiative. If you are interested in becoming a part of our future, write Industrial Relations Department, Cone Mills Corporation, Greensboro, N. C. CONE MILLS CORPORATION " Where fabrics of tomorrow are woven today. " EXECUTIVE OFFICES Greensboro, N. C. FINISHING PLANTS Carlisle Greenville, S. C. Greensboro Haw River, N. C. MANUFACTURING PLANTS— Avondale, Cliffside, Greensboro, Forest City, Salisbury, Pineville, Reidsville, Gibsonville, Haw River and Hillsboro in North Carolina. Greenville in South Carolina. SALES HEADQUARTERS — Cone Mills Inc., New York Page 436 Carter, Charles Wesley, 299, 320 Carter, Dewey Gaston, 413 Carter, Jack Franklin, Jr., 443 Carter, James Douglas, 354 Carter, Joey Mieshele, 393 Carter, John Dandridge, III, 320 Carter, John Kenneth, 408 Carter, Landon Claybrooke, 378 Carter, Robert Eugene. 181, 405 Carter, William B. Mitchell, 111, 320 Caruthers, Robert Lee, 366 Carvajal, Juan F., 320 Casey, Glenn Alton, 293, 320 Casey, Noel Tyson, 354 Casey, Ronald Nelson, 378 Casey, Sharon Kennedy, 396 Cassidy, William Farrell, 354 Castelle, Vic, 169 Castleberry, Michael Scott, 201, 234, 354 Cate, Robert Knode. 87 Cather, Frank McDaniel, 378 Cathey, Sarah Ann, 354 Catlette, Raymond Walter, Jr., 378 Catoe, Martha Irene, 408 Cauble, Myrtle Kathleen, 100, 256, 268, 354 Caudill, Peter Ploetz, 172, 366 Caudle, Ronald Austin, 378 Caulder, Garry Wayne, 378 Causey, Ed, 294 Causey, William Mitchell, Jr., 378 Cauthen, Ralph Baker, 411 Cavalaris, Harry Thomas, 378 Cavenaugh, Audrey Irene, 378 Caylor, John F., Jr., 320 Cecile, Donald Ray, 320 Chacey, Franklin Bradsher, 354 Chadwick, Dexter Gregory, 217, 320 Chaffin, William Thomas, IV, 366 Challen, Erin Gary, 354 Chambers, Frances Blackwell. 320 Chambers, James Howard, 378 Chambliss, Betsy, 116, 259 Chance, Richard Brooks, 144, 354 Chandler, Dudley Carlyle, 198, 202, 301, 320 Chandler, John Edward, 415 Chandler, Joseph Barron, Jr., 443 Chandler, Robert More, Jr., 439, 440 Chandler, William James, Jr., 442 Chaney, Hubert Cleveland, Jr., 378 Chanin, Michael Henry, 209, 249, 257, 263, 320 Chanon, John Lear, 320 Chaplin, Don Clarence, 111, 198, 208, 230, 320 Chapman, Charles William, 408 Chapman, Donald Dennis, 378 Chapman, Max, 108, 160 Chase, George Richard, 378 Chase, Priscilla, 320 Chauncey, Russell Fred, Jr., 378 Cheatham, Anne Wilson, 131, 354 Cheatham, Clarence Burton, Jr., 354 Cheatham, Elizabeth Parrish. 354 Cheatham, Ronald Mitchell, 378 Checksfield, Karen Marie, 399 Cheek, Ingrid Fromen, 320 Cheek, Junius Paul, 443 Cheek, Neal King, 443 Cheek, Robert Luther, 294 Cheers, Gary Alan, 378 Cherry, Mary, 92, 190, 364, 366 Cherry, Robert Lee, Jr., 291, 366 Cheshire, Lucius McGehee, 440 Chesson, Alvin Glenn, 294, 366 Chestnut, Wade Hampton, 235, 320 Chesnutt, James Alfred, III, 354 Cheves, Keywood Carnell, Jr., 354 Chewning, Thomas Norman, 123, 366 Childers, Kay Terry, 320 Childs, Norman E., 419 Childs, Paul Jennings, 290, 378 Chrisafis, Gregory Peter, 103, 366 Christian, Emily Louise, 378 Christian, William Alexander, 378 Christopher, Francis Norman, Jr., 266 Christopher, John, 320 Christy, Tommy Green, 113, 366 Church, Charles Bumgarner, 354 Church, George Franklin, 415 Church, John D., 443 Church, Shirley Truitt, 320 Churchill, Joseph Lacy, 108, 160, 354 Chused, Paul Leon, 144, 208, 214, 263, 320 Chynoweth, David Paul, 419 Ciccone, John Gary, Jr., 378 Cifera, Adelisa Gueco, 419 Civils, John David, 378 Clapp, Hubert Bruce, 416 Clark, Alexander Bayard, III, 88, 366 Clark, Celia Virginia, 320 Clark, David Lewis, 104, 268, 354 Clark, Eddie Nelson, 416 Clark, Eugene Fielding, II, 443 Clark, James Robert, Jr., 379 Clark, James William, Jr., 208, 250, 320 Clark, Jerry Lee, 197, 354 Clark, Jerry Ralph, 120, 320 Clark, Peter, 135, 366 Clark, Sarah Rene, 115, 398 Clark, Sherry Lynn, 379 Clark, Thomas Anthony, 366 Clark, Vella Betsy, 366 Clark, Wilson Ayers, Jr., 379 Clarke, Fred Stuart, 320 Clarke, Louise Gates, 320 Clarkson, Geoffrey Leland, 379 Clary, Wilburn C, II, 366 Clay, Neal, 160 Clay, Phillip Leroy, 261, 290, 379 Clay, William Larry, 379 Clayton, Butch, 160 Clayton, Harvey Millard, 320 Clayton, Jerry Bruce, 217, 366 Clegg, Aubrey Luther, Jr., 379 Clemens, William Jenkins, 267, 379 Clements, J. Larry, 354 Clemmens, John R., 290 Clemmons, Louis Carroll, 366 Clifford, Locke Turner, 172, 443 Clifron, Benjamin Franklin, Jr., 354 Clifton, John Durward, 127 Clinard, John, 269 Cline, Charles Emmett, 366 Cline, Emmett Woodrow, Jr., 320 Cline, Harry Sykes, 440 Cline, Polly Ann, 320 Cline, Richard Long, 366 Cline, Thomas Ray, Jr., 366 Cline, Toni Elizabeth, 398 Cline, Wayne Nelson, 321 Cloninger, John Lester, 414 Cloninger, Robert Truman, 366 Clower, John Thomas, III, 366 Coates, Harry Christopher, 117 Coats, Leonard Edward, 221, 405 Cobb, Herbert Henry, Jr., 321 Cobb, James Richard, 88, 321 Cobb, Mary John, 91, 205, 321 Cobb, Richard Harper, 321 Cobb, Robert Linah, 321 Cobb, Ronald Kav, 354 Cobb, William Thurston, 235, 379 Coble, Charles Morrison, 379 Coble, Joseph Ray, 379 Coble, Samuel Newlin, 354 Coble, Worth Thomas, Jr., 408 Cochran, Robert Nelson, 379 Cochrane, William Vincent. 293 Cochrane, Winston Douglas, 234, 321 Codispoti, Elena Gil, 398 Cody, Mary Ann, 354 Cofer, Gilbert Milton, 354 Coffield, Orus Reid, III, 379 Cofield, James Edward, Jr., 261, 366 Cofield, Juan Medford, 366 Coghill, James Woods, 354 Cohan, Robert Henry, 366 Coker, Robert Martin, 321 Colby, Terry, 265 Cole, Bernard David, 321 Cole, David W., Jr., 290, 379 Cole, Howard Dunwedy, 443 Cole, John Bledsoe, 321 Cole, John Robert, 379 Cole, Richard Francis, 419 Cole, Ronald Wayne, 366 Cole, Susan Carol, 379 Coleman, James Preston, 123, 366 Coleman, Larry Harold, 210, 321 Coleman, Pamela Dale, 321 Coleman, Philip Divoll, Jr., 394 Coleman, Richard Clark, 379 Coleman, Robert Bruce, 379 Coleman, Robert Feaster, III, 379 Coleman, William Stephen, 117, 366 Coley, Lloyd Franklin, Jr., 103, 276 Colison, Margaret Estelle, 256, 397 Collie, George C, 443 Collier, Hal Franklin, 392 Collier, Harry Solon, Jr., 293, 379 Collett, Robert Webster, 211, 321 Collins, Curtis Jerome, 379 Collins, Frieda Ann, 92, 190 Collins, George Wayne, 254, 366 Collins, Henry Boyd, 354 Collins, Leslie Gordon, Jr., 135, 354 Collins, Michael Davis, 152, 212, 321 Collins, Michael Lee, 415 Collins, Robert Fowler, 366 Collins, Robert William, 379 Colman, John Roger, 233. 379 Coin, William Gerald, 199, 290, 405 Colo, Michael Steven, 117, 212, 366 Colson, Oliver Kirby, III, 201 Colston, Harold Donald, 443 Coltrane, Jane King, 321 Combs, Robert Meredith, 144, 235, 366 Comer, Charles Cline, 379 Comfort, John Gardiner, 123, 366 Commander, Jonathan Dudley, 321, 354 Conely, Richard Bruce, 111, 261, 366 Conine, Walter Lind, 293, 379 Connacghton, James Peter, 290, 366 Connah, Paul Ferris, 293 Conner, James Michael, 354 Connolly, Robert, 169 Connor, John Marcus, 379 Conway, Burton Thomas, 366 Cook, Billy Jones, Jr., 354 Cook, Charles Russell, 218, 321 Cook, David Carroll, 366 Cook, Fred W., 354 Cook, Jack McPherson, 366 Cook, Owen Waddell, 439, 440 Cook, Terry L., 290 Cooke, Grace Redwood, 95, 234, 259, 321 Cooke, Herschell Marcus, 419 Cooke, Jon David, 354 Cooke, Marianne, 396 Cooke, Roger Lee, 379 Cooley, Jean Cowan, 116, 354 Cooley, Tillman Webb, Jr., 321 Cooley, William Frederick, 379 Coon, Margaret Carolyn, 115 Cooper, Alfred B., Jr., 113, 354 Cooper, Gene Auchitte, 379 Cooper, Linda Kay, 321 Cooper, Marshall Young, 108 Cooper, Richard George, Jr., 354 Cooper, Samuel Louis, 290, 379 Cooper, Stephen Edward, 379 Cooper, Willie, Jr., 379 Copley, Frank James, 290, 379 Corbett, Barry Wayne, 379 Corbett, James Patrick, Jr., 366 Corbett, Sandra Kay, 128, 257, 321 Corbett, Thomas Alvin, Jr., 294, 354 Corcoran, Clement Timothy, III, 366 Corded, Betty Anne, 92, 321 Cordell, Robert Quentin, II, 111 Cordell, Thomas McNeill, 294, 354 Corder, Robert Joseph, 354 Corkran, Michael Wescott, 379 Cornatzer, Donald Wayne, 294, 321 Come, John Ranson, 379 Cornelius, Chattye Boswell, 321 Cornelius, Clarance Preston, 443 Cornoni, Joan Claire, 419 Corpening, Albert Edward, 379 Corry, Paul William, 354 Cotten, Robert Wesley, 408 Cotton, Joel, 267 Couch, John William, 379 Couch, Jon W., 413 Couch, Lindon Gregory, 321 Coudriet, Charles Edward, 379 Coudriet, Gregory Bray, 379 Coudriet, Larry W., 321 Coulter, Barbara Ward, 321 Council, Jenny Lind, 354 Counts, Diane Sandra, 115 Counts, Jon Milton, 419 Courage, George, 269 Courtney, Jessica M., 419 Courts, David Paul, 354 Covert, Edward Martin, 354 Cowan, Ev, 169 Cowan, Kay Susan, 128, 321 Cowan, Linda Ann, 354 Cowell, John Franklin, 108 Cowen, Peter Donnelly, 354 Cowman, Judith Ryder, 131, 213, 254 Cox, Adrianne Claire, 321 Cox, Bill Dickey, 321 Cox, Chris H., 366 Cox, Daniel Thomas, 379 Cox, Derenda Louise, 399 Cox, Elizabeth Blair, 92, 257, 397, 403 Cox, Jean Carol Hogan, 321 Cox, John Randolph, 283, 321 Cox, Juanita Pratt, 111, 322 Cox, Mason Orlando, Jr., 354 Cox, Robert, 181 Cox, Terry Gene, 354 Cox, William Boyd, 415 Coxe, James Sherwood, III, 366 Coxe, Richard Badham, 367 Cozart, Bucky Wayne, 322 Cozart, William Thomas, 440 Crabtree, Jacqueline Leigh, 379 Craig, Beverly Doris, 417 Craig, I. Alan, 210, 391, 394 Craig, Jerry Wayne, 322 Craig, John Wesley, Jr., 354 Craig, Lynn 0., 316, 322 Craig, Michael Fulton, 181, 322 Craig, P. H., 440 Cranfill, James Smoot, 379 Cranfill, Paul Lennon, 322 Cranford, Charles Herman, 379 Cranford, Delbert Marvin, 221, 269, 407 Cranford, Samuel Davis, Jr., 322 Craven, Cynthia Farnsworth, 322 Craven, Sara Harris, 322 Craver, Comann Penry, Jr., 442 Craver, Sarah Elizabeth, 131, 322 Cravon, Suzanne Winstead, 131 Crawford, Charles Frederick, 124, 367 Crawford, James Emil, Jr., 367 Crawford, James Woodrow, 379 Crawford, Jan Johnston, 306, 354 Crawford, John Robert, III, 393 Crawford, John Spenser, 293 Crawley, Jack Benjamin, Jr., 354 Creal, Richard Edward, 354 Creasy, Joanne Atkinson, 128, 322 Creech, Alice Marie, 111, 266 Creech, James Narvin, Jr., 367 Creech, John Burton, Jr., 322 Creech, Larry Humphrey, 379 Creech, Laten Lewis, 218, 354 Creekmore, Robert William, 419 Creem, Dorothy Elizabeth, 116 Crenshaw, Charles Robert, 367 Cresimore, Joe Huitt, 218, 354 Cribb, Danny Wayne, 367 Crimmins, Meredith Ann, 354 Crissman, Ivan Dabney, Jr., 367 Crist, Takey, 392 Critcher, Elizabeth C, 408 Crocker, Howard, 301 Crocker, Joseph Melville, 322 Crockett, David Godwin, 88, 111, 202, 367 Crockett, Diane Elaine, 266, 322 Cromartie, Luther Martin, Jr., 268, 354 Cromartie, Robert Samuel, III, 322 Cromartie, Ruth Pendleton, 92, 264, 367 Crook, James Henry, 379 Crook, Robert Gerald, Jr., 367 Crook, Robert Murphy, 322 Croom, Connie Piatt, 367, 397 Croonenberghs, Dianne, 100 Cross, William Seth, III, 379 Crosswell, Alice Marie, 411 Crosswell, Michael James, 96, 255, 367 Crotts, Everett Bowers, Jr., 413 Crouch, Wiliam Ralph, 367 Crouger, John Sifford, 293 Crowder, Richard Mason, 123, 255, 367 Crowder, Ronald Lewis, 355 Crowder, William Rankin, Jr., 379 Crowder, William Roberts, 379 Crowe, Sheryl Clark, 116 Crowell, Elisabeth Gail, 322 Crowell, John Michael, 367 Crowgey, Margaret Anne, 355 Crowley, Carol Mary, 402 Crudup, Bate Toms, 379 Crudup, Thomas Henry, III. 108 Crumley, Charles Edwin, 355 Crumpler, Larry Gipson, 322 Crumpler, Leslie Cloyes, 396 Crumpler, Lyle Ellis, 415 Crumpler, Thomas Nelson, 379 Crutchfield, Ann Groome, 131, 355 Cueto, Joseph, 290 Culberson, Ora Lou, 355 Culberson, Suzanne, 322 Culbreth, Cecil Bruce, 293 Culbreth, Fred Malcolm, II, 379 Culp, Robert W., 218, 355 Culpepper, Anthony Andrew, 189, 322 Cummings, Thomas Ernest, 443 Cummins, John Michael, 123, 367 Cummins, Richard Oliver, 379 Cunningham, Bill, 174 Cunningham, Charles Dixon, 379 Cunningham, Donald Edward, 197, 355 Cunningham, Rebecca Wray, 322 Cunningham, Reed Ligon, 379 Curiee, Wilson Vaughn, 411 Curran, Daniel Cyril, Jr., 367 Currie, John Lauchlin, 393 Currie, John Withers, 290, 379 Currin, Marshall Hart, 379 Currin, Robert Graves, Jr., 96 Curtis, LeRoy Franklin, 285, 322 Cutchin, Joseph Henry, III, 293, 379 Cuthrell, Luther Glenn, 367 Cutler, Janice Elaine, 322 Dahle, David Elliott, 322 Dail, Norman Wayne, 293, 409 Dail, Rodney Lee, 355 Dail, Thomas Edward, 355 Dail, William Jimmy, 290, 379 Dailey, Richard Maurice, Jr., 440 Dale, Arthur Allen, Jr., 290, 379 Dale, Ernest James, 367 Dallen, Jane Baldwin, 131, 205, 257, 322 Dalton, William Harvey, 440 Dame, Nancy Ray, 131, 355 Dameron, Richard Gordon, 379 Daniel, Faye Eileen, 355 Daniel, Lawrence Kolte, 379 Daniel, Margaret Grace, 379 Daniel, May L., 379 Daniel, Samuel Hoffman, 379 Daniel, Samuel Venable, III, 379 Daniel, Van W., Ill, 322 Daniel, Victor Wayne, 322 Daniel, William Larry, 379 Daniell, Mary Elizabeth, 355 Danley, Russell Atkins, 305, 367 Danneman, S. William, 104, 181, 322 Dankworth, Jane C, 92, 398 Darnall, Bill, 160 Darr, Deanna Evelyn, 322 DasGupta, Amiya Kumar, 419 Daugherty, Joseph Kenneth, 355 Daugherty, Patrick Terrill, 293 Daugherty, Thomas A., 197, 355 Daughtridge, Stanley Caswell, 379 Daughtry, Richard Fetner, 290, 379 Daughtry, William Frederick, 379 Dauphinais, George William, 103, 367 Dauskart, Melanie Sue, 322 Davenport, Bill Trommell, Jr., 379 Davenport, Jack, 169 Davenport, Janice Carol, 322 Davenport, Margaret J., 322 Davey, Amanda Moore, 265, 379 Davidian, Vartan A., Jr., 393 Davidson, Arthur Owen, Jr., 96, 323 Davidson, Bertram L., Ill, 379 Davidson, Dianne Ellen, 402 Davidson, Paul Edward, III, 379 Davidson, William Arthur, III, 285, 323 Davies, Mary Jane, 419 Davis, Ann Lynn, 402 Davis, Benjamin Franklin, Jr., 379 Davis, Carl Stephen, 355 Davis, Charles Douglas, 290, 379 Page 437 Congratulations to the Class of 1965 (Jmlina (Je fee Snofi THE LARGEST NATIONAL BANK IN THE CAROLINAS serving students of the University of North Carolina with offices in 12 major cities in the State; in Chapel Hill continuously since 1899. NORTH CAROLINA NATIONAL BANK Member of Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Deposits in excess of $600 millions; Capital accounts in excess of $53 millions. Davis. Charles Thomas, 160, 355 Davis, Clyde Edwin, 323 Davis, George P., Jr., 440 Davis, Glenn Benson, 367 Davis. Gordon Miles, 136. 367 Davis. Gregory M. P., 355 Davis, Herbert Crippon, Jr., 415 Davis, James Edward, 367 Davis, James Evans, Jr., 108, 169, 367 Davis, Jefferson, 268 Davis, Jenny, 355 Davis, Jerry, 181 Davis, John Mason, 355 Davis, John Richard, 355 Davis, John William, Jr., 355 Davis, John Mark, 367 Davis, Joseph Hiram. 290, 367 Davis, Judith Lynne, 417 Davis, Lee, 160 Davis, Louise Bahnson, 131 Davis, Michael Phillip, 355 Davis, Paul Benning, Jr., 355 Davis, Paul deVendel, 355 Davis, Robert Carlton, 202, 355 Davis, Roger A., 202, 235, 250, 267, 301, 323 Davis, Ronald Harry, 440 Davis, Thomas Brown, 117, 323 Davis, Wendell Thomas, 293 Davis, William E.. 181, 210, 323 Davis, William Pipkin, 367 Daw. Ed, 170 Dawsey, Rebecca G., 397 Day, Charles Samuel, 367 Dayvault, Frances Annette, 257, 379 Deal, Douglas Wayne, 408 Deal, James Coleman, 367 Deal, Janet Marie, 379 Dean, Jack Allen, Jr., 355 Dean, Winston Joe. 419 Deans, Calvin Carl, Jr., 367 Dearborn, Patricia Anne, 116, 243, 253, 323 Deaton, Mary Palmer, 355 Deazley, Bernard George, III, 367 DeBruhl, Claude Michael. 355, 379 DeBruhl, Max Woodrow, 113, 355 Decker, Clifford Earl, 419 Decker, Roy Lyman, 367 Deegan, William F., Jr., 127, 367 Deese, Roger M., 379 De la Torre, Cristina, 379 DelCorro, Dano Manuel. 379 Dellinger, John Bennett, III, 379 De Marco, Eleanor L., 411 Demaurex, Jaqueline, 419 Dempsey, James Carlyle, III, 152, 367 Dennis, Billie Lee, 367 Dennis, Morgan, 111, 355 Dennis, Stephen Neal, 200, 209, 268, 323 Denny, Andy Clyde, 379 Denny, Donald Jefferson, 379 Denny, Dwight Douglas, 355 Denny, Robert Lee. Jr., 144, 367 Dent, David Richard, 367 Derby, William Jay, 144, 355 De Riemer, Neil Breckinridge, 379 Derrick, Sharon Elizabeth, 379 Deschler, Marlene Jeanne, 419 Devane, Constance Freeman, 92, 323 Devereux, Jerry. 269 Devine, Loy Wilson, 411 Devo, Dianna Louise, 398 Dew, John Lewis, Jr., 293, 379 Dew, Larry Moses, 124, 211. 323 Dewees, Steven P., 367 DeWolfe, George E., 290 Deyton, Charles Edward, 221, 405 Dial, Patricia Anne, 411 Dial, Robin Hood, 111, 367 Diamond. Monty E., 379 Dickerson, Richard Lee, 367 Dickey, Emerson Goodwin, Jr., 367 Dickey, Harriett Brewer, 355 Dickinson, Charlene White, 411 Dickinson, George Herefield, III, 379 Dickson, John Bryan, 103, 367 Dickson, Paul, III, 104, 199, 210. 257. 261, 355 Diehl, Penn Lindsey, 417 Diehl, William K., Jr., 355 Difatta, Peter James, 379 Dilda, James Hammond, 379 Diles, Kenneth Darden, 355 Dill, Ronald Scott, 379 Dillard, Roger Lee, Jr., 367 Dillehay, George McNeill, 290, 367 Dillin, Jean Hampton, 116, 190, 205, 323 Dingeldein, George Peter, 198, 355 Di Palma, Charles, 379 Disario, Nancy I., 323 Dixon, Dewey Warren, Jr., 379 Dixon, Donna Cheryl, 379 Dixon, Grady Lee, 367 Dixon, James H., 379 Dixon, Nile Morris, 230, 323 Dixon, Richard D. S., 443 Dixon, Robert Harold, 416 Dixon, Wallace Wade, 323 Dixson, Carl Eugene, Jr., 379 Dobbs, William Arthur, 367 Dobritch, Alexander, 148 Dobson, David John, 379 Dobson, Richard Donald, 323 Doby, Barbara Ellen, 398 Dockery, Brenda Gale. 397 Dodd, David Arthur, 104, 367 Dodson, Arthur R., Jr., 323 Dodson, Patricia Ann, 398 Dodson, Thomas Lee, 380 Doggett, Lewis Belton, 380 Doggrell, Frank Ernest, III, 367 Domina, Walter Lee, 380 Don, Lyman, 266 Donat, Winfield, III, 367 Doner, Richard Frederick, 367 Donovan, Charlotte Phyllis, 92 Dore, Michael M., 323 Dorsey, Miriam Johnson, 355 Doss, Janet Carol. 323 Dotson, Bernard Earl, Jr., 135, 355 Doucet, Eloise Mary, 419 Douglas, Charlotte Harrill, 355 Douglas, Robert Dick, III, 323 Douglas, William Malcolm. 323 Downer, Thomas Theodore, 442 Downey. Bruce Johnson, III, 88, 152 Downing. Eddie Converse, 103, 355 Downton, Charles Edwards, III, 111, 268 Doyle, George Wright, 268, 355 D ' Oyley, Harry deBohun, 293, 380 Dozier, Henry Charles, 135, 367 Drake, James Edwin, 394 Drew, Muriel, 355 Drinkard, Joel Flood, Jr., 323 Droze, Jerry, 254 Drum, David Roger, 380 Drum, Steven Lewis. 367 Duany, Luis F., 419 DuBose, Theodore Marlon. III. 96 Ducker, Dennis David, 380 Dudasik, Stephen William, II, 355 Dudley, Edward Beaumont. Ill, 380 Dudley, Judith Carole, 307, 355 Duff, William Erskine, Jr., 123. 206. 207, 208, 213, 323 Duggins, James Nathan, Jr., 200, 202, 323 Dukes. Margaret C, P5, 234. 323 Dulin, Jane Jordan, 131 Duncan, Kathenne Burke, 417 Duncan, Malinda, 411 Duncan, Noah K., 367 Duncan, Randy Dean, 367 Duncan, Sandra Gail, 367 Dunham, Robert Jay, Jr., 355 Dunkley, Kenneth Malcolm, 323 Dunlap, Bryant Overton, Jr., 443 Dunlap, John McKee, III, 103, 277. 367 Dunn, John Guion, III, 108, 355, 367 Dunlevie, Malcolm Ward, Jr., 104 Dunn, John Oliver, 152, 212 Dunn, Joseph Clayton, 355 Dunn, Patsy Ann, 215, 408 Dunn, Thomas Parker, 355 Dunne, John Kevin, Jr., 323 Dunstan, Virginia Herrington, 259. 355 Dunstan, William Edward, III, 443 Dupere, Raymond, 380 Durham, Kenneth Ranson, 380 Durham, Richard Dwight, 111, 170, 367 Durston, James S„ 206, 207, 323 Durwin. Michael C, 323 Dusenbury, George A., Ill, 323 Duskie, Don, 267 Dutton, Lois A., 419 Dwight, Anthony Walcott, 367 Dwight, John Kingston, 108 Dworin, Elliott Matthew, 172, 180, 323 Dwyer, Ross Thompson, III, 135, 367 Dye, Anne Elizabeth, 380 Dykes, Andrea Gartlan, 367 Dykstra, John, 170 Eagle, James C, Jr., 413 Eagleton, Hugh Edward, 124, 355 Eaken. Janet Herrick, 116, 243, 323 Eakins, Janet Lela, 408 Eakins. Joey William, 201, 367 Earley, Elizabeth Gale, 355 Earley, Hollis Groyson, 408 Early, Christie Ellen, 407 Early. Jane Railey, 92, 367 Early, Steven Thomas, 104, 355 Early. William Daniel, 290, 380 Earnhardt, C. Raymond, 290 Earp, Charles William, 293, 380 Earp, Joe Thomas, 413 Eason, Alton Paul, 323 Eason, Donald Matthews, 245, 380 Eason, Jim, 160 Eason, Margaret Arnold, 100 Eason, Walter Gerald, 221, 405 Easterling, Thomas Bernard, 290, 367 Eastland. Susan, 304 Eastwood, Myles Eric. Ill, 263, 293 Eastwood, William Donald, 290, 380 Eatman, Edward Laughtin, Jr., 293, 355 Eddings. Tally H., II, 392 Edens, Wendy, 306 Edgar, James Clifton, 103, 367 Edge, Jerry Thomas, 298, 355 Edgerton, Clyde Carlyle, 355 Edgerton, John Steele. 108 Edison, Robert W., 290 Page 438 Edmister, Russell Seymour, 197, 355 Edmonds, Robert Davis, 355 Edmonson, Judy Carolyn, 399 Edmundson, James Joyner, 443 Edmundson, Margaret Ann, 111, 324 Edwards, Alma Jane, 324 Edwards, Ann Clifton, 100 Edwards. Bill, 160 Edwards, Brenda Joyce, 324 Edwards, Charles Harper. 290, 380 Edwards, Clarence Miller, III, 367 Edwards, David Willard, 217, 355 Edwards, Elbert Edwin, III, 96, 208, 324 Edwards, Fredrick, 268 Edwards, Glenn Howard, 266, 324 Edwards, Herbert Jackson, 443 Edwards, James Scott, 367 Edwards, Jean Hunter, 355 Edwards, Joseph W., 290 Edwards, Larry David, 324, 383 Edwards, Robert Leon, 440 Edwards, Robert Wayne, 324 Edwards, Sandra Cathryn, 367 Edwards, Ted Willis, 111, 355 Edwards, Thomas Richard, 367 Edwards, William Burgan, Jr., 367 Egan, Wesley William, 380 Egeler, Clark Raymond, Jr., 234, 380 Eggers, John David, 380 Ehrhart, Lawrence Albert, 104, 209, 355 Ehringhaus, Susan, 72 Eidson, Carol Aileen, 355 Eidson, Thomas Wayne, 324 Eisenband, Arthur, 367 Eketron, R. David, 293 Elden, Leonard Lord, 117, 324 Elig, Charles Jacob, 293, 380 Elkins, Wilson Oliver, 367 Eller, Hilbert Raynard, 324 Eller, James Franklin, 293 Eller, Jerri Lee. 355 Eller, Revis Radford, 222, 269, 405 Eller, Vercie Massengill, 403 Eller, William David, 324 Ellington, Randy Thomas, 380 Ellington, Stewart Lane, 96, 189, 324 Elliott, Balaam T., Jr., 392 Elliott, Frederick Benjamin. Ill, 367 Elliott, James Clyde, 416 Elliott, William Thomas. Jr., 324 Ellis, Albert L., Ill, 135, 367 Ellis, Benjamin Thomas, 416 Ellis, Jerry J., 355 Ellis, John Edward, 367 Ellis, Judy Carol, 355 Ellis, Robert Earl, 355 Elmore, Miles, 99 Elser, Mary Duncan, 367 Ely, Joseph Harrison, 380 Emerson, Louise Dorothy, 324 Emmerson, Fred Benedict, 290, 367 Emory, John Burke, 152, 212, 355 Emory, Morris S., Jr., 367 Engen, William R., 367 Engle, Charles Richard, 443 Engvall. Donald M., 367 Ennis, Lillian Sandra, 324 Enten. David Robert, 380 Entwistle, Mary Cox, 100, 234 Ephland, Charles, 160 Epps, Claude M., Jr., 144, 324 Epting, Robert Lee, 367 Erickson, Donald L., 419 Erimias, Dave, 160 Erskine, Carol, 290 Esau, Elizabeth Ann, 116, 324 Esker, John, 169 Eskildsen, Susan Mary, 367 Eskridge, Elbert Stanford, 324 Eskridge, Judith Lee. 324 Eskridge. William West, 108, 211, 212, 324 Esser, Richard Boice, 380 Essey, Henry Eugene, 367 Estes, Melvin Joseph, 160, 355 Estes, William Elliott, 380 Etherington, Burton Hazell, 127, 294, 355 Etherington, Theodore Leighton, 367 Eubanks, Carolyn Lecretia, 324 Eudy, John Clinton, 123, 160, 324 Eure, Charles Allan, 391, 393 Eure, Darden Johnson, Jr., 413 Eustis, Lola Lee, 100, 324 Evans, Charles Douglas, 111, 293, 367 Evans, David Arnold, 393 Evans, Douglas Raymond, 108, 367 Evans, Elwyn Kim, 124. 367 Evans, James Clifton, 367 Evans, James Edward, 111, 201, 266, 367 Evans, King Charles, 380 Evans, Larry Madison, 380 Evans, Linda Ann, 398 Evans, Mary Helen, 259, 324 Evans, Robert Kent, 324 Evans, William Casto, 440 Everett, Robert, 170 Everett, Alpheous Kern, 355 Everett, John William, 380 Everhart, Koyt Woodworth, Jr., 355 Ewell, Samuel Earl, Jr., 380 Exum, Joe, 144, 235, 355 Faber, Henry Compton, 380 Fagan, Carroll Elizabeth, 367 Fagerlm, Virginia Ann Baldwin, 324 Faircloth, John, 294 Faircloth, Ron, 160 Fairley, John Wilson, 443 Faison, Ozie Trevor, 355 Falconer, John F., 135, 367 Fait. Joseph Byron, 113, 367 Fambrough, Marion Lee, 380 Farb, Robert Louis, 380 Fare, James Miller, 367 Farfour, William Neil, 355 Farish, Charles Morrison, 380 Farmer, Donald Nelson, 380 Farmer, Jerry Roger, 380 Farmer, Leslie Benton, 367 Farmer, Robert Curtis, 367 Farmer, Russell Tenney, 135, 367 Farr, Florence Pitts, 324 Farrior, Stanley McNair, 416 Farris, George Raymond, 367 Farris, Ray Simpson, 443 Farris, Robert Arthur, Jr., 380 Fatata, James Morgan, 367 Fater, David Hill, 380 Faulkenberry, Loletta Arnold, 419 Fawcett, George Thomas, Jr.. 380 Fawsett. Robert Hastings, 380 Fayed. Salem Tucker, 380 Feagan, Charles Patrick, 368 Feamster, Royden Thomas, Jr., 380 Featherstone, Harry Lee, 380 Feder, Jeffrey H., 88, 355 Feder, Robert Dean, 380 Feher, David Terry, 191, 217 Feik, Gail Elizabeth, 355 Feiner, Edward Bernard, 136, 355 Felder, Robert B., 380 Feldmann, Kurt Lansing, 419 Feldman, Paul Stephen, 380 Fenner, Julian, 299 Fenninger, Randolph Bourne, Jr., 380 Ferebee, Thomas Miller, Jr., 324 Ferguson, Carl Grant, 113, 324 Ferguson, Corbin Randolph, 368 Ferguson, Margaret Ann, 355 Ferguson, Martha Saffelle, 324 Ferguson, Philip Stuart, 293, 368 Fernandez, Edia Luz, 419 Fernstrom, John Richard, 277, 380 Ferree, Thaddeus Layton, 368 Ferrell. Jerry Leonard, 380 Ferris, Margaret Jan, 402 Fesperman, Sylvia Ann, 355 Fewell, William Robert, 368 Ficklen, Louis Stuart, 144 Fickling, Elliott Reed, III, 303, 355 Field, Russell Porter, 225, 355 Fields, James C, 368 Fields, Patti, 73, 301 Finch, Charles Wilfred, 302, 355 Finch, Daniel Fredrick, 293 Finch, William Curtis, Jr.. 355 Fincher, Hugh McCommon, 368 Findlay, William Allan, 380 Findley, Margaret Hanna, 116, 324 Finger, Richard Bryan, Jr., 415 Fink, Kenneth Paul, 324 Fish, James Arthur, 355 Fishel, Irvin Manly, 325 Fisher, Aloma M., 402 Fisher, Gordon David, 368 Fisher, Hugh Robert, 355 Fisher, Kaja Marie, 325 Fisher, Lloyd, 169 Fisher, Margaret Gayle, 355 Fisher, Mary Ancil, 259, 355 Fisher, Thomas Grantham, 325 Fishman, Joel, 148 Fitzgerald, Don, 294 Fitzpatrick, John Michael. 368 Flanagan, Michael Parkins, 103, 355 Flanagan, Stephen George, 368 Flanders, Judith Ann, 111, 213, 396 Fleisher, Leslie Allen, 325 Fleming, Carrol Roy, Jr., 104, 355 Fleming, Charlie Richard, 88, 96, 181. 211 Fleming, John Thomas, 290, 355 Fleming, Judy Catherine, 111, 190, 191, 398 Fletcher, Judith T., 368 Flinn, Henry I., Ill, 325 Floren, Lennart S., 104 Flowers, John Morgan, III, 355 Floyd, Ronald Wesley, 293, 380 Floyd, Sonja Lee, 325 Fluet, Joseph E., 285 Flynn, Clarence Merlin, 325 Foard, Anne Carson, 115 Fobert, William David, Jr., 290. 325 Fogel, Sheldon Leslie, 439, 440 Fogleman, Virginia Ann, 398 Folck, Michael Paige, 416 Foley, Peter Allen, 440 Folger, Jeffrey Benjamin, 293, 380 Folger, Ruth, 355 Folks, Lloyd Council, 380 Fonvielle, Carroll Bryce, 408 Fonville, Thomas Leonard, 160, 293 Forbes, Charles Suttle, 144, 355 Forbes, Isa Marie, 355 Forbis, Richard Marshall, 290, 368 Ford, Charles Ellis, Jr., 355 Ford, Dale Norris, 355 Ford, James Paul, Jr., 217, 290, 368 Ford, Michael Rodney, 380 Forehand, Winfred Brian. 368 Foreman, Robert Born, 380 Forester, Betty Ann, 399 Forester. Ronnie Lloyd, 380 Forester, David Chapman, 233, 355 Fortune, Jim, 160 Fortune, Philip Lee, 197, 368 Forum, Richard Burton, 123, 355 Foster, Bruce Harmony, 103, 368 Foster, William Lee, 222, 269, 405 Fountain, James Markland, 99, 212, 264 Fountain, Lawrence McDougald, 152, 355 Fountain, Reginald Morton, Jr., 440 Fountain, Stuart Burton, 413 Foushee, June Keaton, 128 Foushee, Vivian S., 411 Fowler, Dan Madison, 202, 325 Fowler, Desmond Ernest, 380 Fowler, James David, 368 Fowler, James Nelson, 225, 355 Fowler, John Daniel. Jr., 293 Fowler, Natalie, 356 Fox, Charles Leigh, 380 Fox, Dale Edward, 136, 368 Fox, David Kennedy, 356 Fox, Gail, 261 Fox, Janice Kay, 397 Fox, Joan Marguerite, 325 Fox, Linda Ann, 397 Fox, Robert Darlan, 415 Fox, Terry Clayton, 202, 368 Foy, Herbert Miles, 123, 368 Frady, Robert E. M., 368 Frank. Barbara Ann, 356 Frank. George W., 99, 325 Frankel, Allen, 148 Frankel, Martin Richard, 325 Frankling, E. Thomas, Jr., 356 Franusiszin, Al. 180 Fratangelo, Joe, 160 Frazier, A. Drewry, Jr., 235, 250, 265, 301, 325 Frazier, Billy Joe, 245, 303 Freakley, Edwin Morris, Jr., 303, 356 Freas, John Morgan, 268, 325 Free, Noel Karl, 245, 380 Freedland. Erwin F., 380 Freedle, Paul Douglas, 440 Freedman, Ceevah A., 368 Freeman, Anne Louise, 402 Freeman, Claude Quarterman. Jr., 89, 152, 207, 212, 213, 325 Freeman, D. Smith, 290 Freeman, Frank F., 290 Freeman, James Alexander, 442 Freeman, John Lindsay, 88, 152, 368 Freeman, John William, 293, 409 Freeman, Numa Franklin, Jr., 221, 405 Freeman, Robert Allan, 202, 290, 356 Freeman, Robert Earle, Jr., 290, 368 Freeman, Stephen Monroe, 409 Freeman, Virginia, 402 Freeze, Eula Parks, 92, 271, 325 Freiberg, Allen Charles, 136, 356 French, Arthur McDowell, 380 French, Betty Godwin, Jr., 356 French, Susanne Emilie, 115, 325 Freuler, Claude, 152 Friedlander, Ricky D., 368 Froneberger, John D., Ill, 198, 253, 266, 250, 325 Frost, Holly, 95, 325 Frost, Robert Lee, 419 Fruitt, Jerry Byron, 380 Frye, Nancy R., 100, 325 Fu, David Tsao, 368 Fukishima, Yasku, 269 Fulcher, Robert Gregory, 197, 368 Fulk, Christopher Claude, 368 Fulkerson, Joyce Ellen, 368 Fuller, Edwin Rudolph, Jr., 200, 325 Fuller, Evelyn Louise, 115 Fuller, John Dwight, 87, 96, 189, 206 Fuller, Larry Thomas, 368 Fullwood, James Roy, 208, 209, 210, 258, 325 Fulp, George Totten, 380 Fulp, James Francis, Jr., 416 Fulton, Mary Ann, 259, 409 Fulton, Thomas Albee, Jr., 409 Funderburk, Erwin, 411 Funderburk, James Nicholas, 356 Funderburk, Ronnie Earl, 368 Funderburk, Kenneth Ray, 180, 278, 285, 325 Furr, Robert C, Jr., 380 Futch, Kenneth Culbreth, Jr., 293, 368 Futterer, Mary Julian, 356 G Gabriel, Don Alexander, 144, 325 Gaddy, Annette Meriwether, 409 Gaines, Edmund Louis, 380 Gaines, Holland Carl, 290, 368 Gaines, Michael John, 380 Gaither, Ann Phyllis, 325 Gaither, Gerald Lee, 325 Gakstatter, Jack Henry, 419 Gall, William Ross, 325 Gallagher, Edgar Givens, Jr., 160, 392 Gallagher, Frank, 160 Gallagher, Jim, 160 Gallahan, Tom, 160 Galland, Susan Mary, 356 Gallant, Dorothy Carol, 223, 266 Gallimore, Dianne Olivia, 380 Galloway, Kenneth Ray, 380 Galves, Danny, 172 Galyon, Luther Anderson, III, 380 Gamble, William Stephen, 356 Gammon, George Roland, III, 380 Gammons, Peter Warren, 368 Ganderson, Alan Philip, 148, 170, 325 Ganderson, Samuel Brian, 293 Garber, Boyd R., 291, 368 Garden, Christine Josephine, 356 Gardiner, Anthony Morris, 294, 368 Gardiner, Paul Stewart, 294, 356 Gardner, Emma Louise, 128 Gardner, Ted Wells, 380 Garner, Archie Wayne, 380 Garner, Bob N elson, 380 Garner, Kathleen Ann, 203, 396 Garner, Robert Lee, 103, 368 Garrabrant, Baird Williams, 325 Garrick, Joseph Clifton, Jr., 325 Gams, John Marshall. 255, 293, 325 Garrison, Donald Elliott, 293 Garrison, James David, 380 Garrison, Kenneth B., Jr., 293, 326 Gaskey, Dorotha Ann, 326 Gaskins, James Alfred, Jr., 352 Gaster, Roy Rosser, 293, 356 Gates, Joseph Braxton, 326 Gatewood, Charles William, 380 Gatewood, Thomas Elijah, 380 Gathings, Thomas DeWeese, 326 Gatins, Joseph Francis, 380 Gatlin, Harold Norwood, 368 Gattis, William Hughes, 368 Gauntlett, Tom, 174 Gavinski, Donald J„ 419 Gay, James Michael, 123, 368 Gay, Williford W„ 294 Gebeaux, Howard Lane, 111, 368 Gebeaux, Robert Joseph, 356 Gebhardt, Margaret Clayton, 215, 407 Gebhardt, Susan Clair, 131, 356 Geer, Ronnie Mitchael, 222, 269, 405 Gehring, John Edward, 326 Gehweiler, Richard William, 120 Gelberman, Richard Hugh, 148, 326 Gentry, Donald Ray, 380 Gentry, James Elmo, 326 Gentry, Jerry Gray, 380 Gentry, Michael Dale, 293 Genung, Frederick M., II, 113, 368 George, Rose G„ 419 George, Samuel Lorman, 409 Geraghty, Kevin Edward, 293, 380 Gerard, Fredric Michael, 380 Gernert, John Norman, 380 Gerth, Dorothy Ann, 116, 326 Gertz, Alan S., 148, 325 Gholson, Matilda Lamb, 100, 190, 326 Gholson, Thornton Patton, Jr., 380 Ghriskey, Henry, 172 Gibbon, Karen Elizabeth, 74, 380 Gibbs, Guy Freeman, 380 Gibbs, Joseph Franklin, III, 356 Gibson, Anne Amelia, 402 Gibson, Bobby Eugene, 380 Gibson, Charles Ernest, 380 Gibson, Charles Warren, 225, 380 Gibson, Cynthia llene, 380 Gibson, Dan Howard, 380 Gibson, Jonathan Carl, 267, 380 Gibson, William Phil, 368 Gideons, Heinrich Adolf, 368 Gidley, Donald Frank, 380 Gilbert, Bonn Arthur, Jr., 103, 326 Gilbert, Eric Stephen, 380 Gilbert, Jane, 326 Gilbert, Sandra Jean, 215 , 407 Gilbert, William Marshall, 326 Giles, Roy Andre, Jr., 442 Gilkeson, Ellen Douglas, 115, 259, 261. 271, 326 Gilkey, John Millard, Jr., 380 Gilliam, Larry Maurice, 380 Gilliam, Thomas Alfred, Jr., 440 Gillikin, Charles Monroe, Jr., 380 Gillis, Milton Bruce, 326 Gilman, Donald Wayne, Jr., 201, 368 Gilmore, Algie Gaston, 135, 356 Gilmore, James Carr, 368 Gilmore, John Edward, 326 Gilmore, Stella Florence, 203, 397 Gilstad, Claire John, 356 Gimpel, Robert Charles, 136, 356 Gingles, Ralph Cornelius, Jr., 380 Gingrich, David, 277 Ginsberg, David Mark, 380 Girling, Rowland Lea, 326 Gitelson, Richard Jay, 380 Glace, Charles Lawrence, 225, 380 Glasser, Paul Lyle, 290, 380 Gleason, William Moore, 381 Glenn, Samuel D., 293 Goodard, Davis Andrew, 123, 356 Godfrey, John Augustus, 381 Godwin, Anne Alpnin, 396 Godwin, Howard Gibson, 104, 356 Page 439 Godwin, Joseph Caswell, 197, 368 Goforth, Joe Neil, Jr., Ill, 230, 356 Gokton, Erkut. 269 Goldberg, Frank Elliott, 381 Goldberg, Linda Ruth, 356 Golden, Terry Donald, 394 Golden, Thomas, 181 Goldman, Edward Davis, 148, 326 Goldman, Joseph Kartus, 381 Goldman, Richard Allen, 104, 190, 356 Goldstein. Bruce, 148, 356 Goldstein, Marvin R„ 392 Golub, Aaron Richard, 443 Gonzales, Peter William, 104, 356 Good, Carl Edward, 99, 201 Good, James Avery, 293, 326 Goode. Gregory Milton. 293, 368 Gooding. Carl Whitney, 111, 285, 326 Goodman, Joseph Henry. 356 Goodman, Judith C, 403 Goodman, Rodney Renus, Jr., 295, 368 Goodman, William Gordon, 381 Goodnight, James Caswell, Jr., 293 Goodnow, David Wallace, 103. 368 Goodson, Jerry Ray, 293, 368 Goodwin, Cleon Walton, 326 Goodwin, James Oscar, 111, 198. 368 Goodwin, Richard Henderson, 152, 326 Goodwin, Willie Parker, Jr., 223, 326 Gordon, Alan Bernard, 416 Gordon, Britton L, Jr., 96. 257, 356 Gordon, James Edward, 368 Gordon. William J., 290 Gore, Anne Walker, 326 Gore, Lucian Forrest, Jr., 356 Gorham, Alonzo Dumay, Jr., 440 Gorham, James Samuel, III, 190, 326 Gorman, Richard Forbes, 413 Gouge, Winton Douglas, 368 Gouger, John S., 368 Gouger, Judy Elaine, 326 Gourlay, Charles Dossett, 127 Gowen, Charles, 268 Grady, Jeffrey Lynn, 202, 356 Graham. Alice Kirk. 381 Graham, Beth McWhorter, 368 Graham, Charles Pattison, Jr., 392 Graham, Fred Bolles, Jr., 152, 326 Graham, Janice Camille, 381 Graham, Joseph Mark, 381 Graham, Joseph Michael, 368 Graham, Margaret Etheredge, 100, 261 Graham, Roger Evans, 381 Graham, Walter Raleigh, Jr., 356 Gramelsbach, Heidi Wilson, 368 Grant, Annette, 326 Grant, Mitchell Teague, 381 Grantham, John Davis, 326 Grantt, Alexander Peter, 356 Grape, Judith Pierrepont, 116, 254, 326 Grasty, Lucy Robertson, 111, 356 Grauer. Peter, 169 Gravatt, Mayo King, 381 Gray, Allan Walmsley, 394 Gray, Cyrus Leighton, 393 Gray, Elizabeth Reaville, 236, 356 Gray, James Charles, 111, 326 Gray, James E., Jr., 327 Gray, James Robert, 381 Gray, James S., 411 Gray, Madeline Dell, 92, 249, 356 Gray, Michael Haslam, 381 Gray, Michael Stephen, 111, 368 Gray, Paul Allen, Jr., 356 Gray, Richard Adrow, 407 Gray, Stanley David, 368 Green, Brent Pierce, 381 Greenamyer, Richard Doyle, 356 Greenbacker, John Everett, Jr., 136, 236. 266. 368 Greenberg, Marc, 169 Greenberg, Stephen Neil, 327 Greene, Ann G., 327 Greene, Benjamin Franklin, 381 Greene, James, Verdery. 127, 172 Greene, John L., 160, 356 Greenfield, Robert Julius. 294, 327 Greenhill, Elizabeth Dianne, 419 Greenwood, Jacquelyn, 327, 417 Greenwood, Paul Nicholas, 104, 368 Greer, Jane Russell, 356 Greer, Larry F., 381 Greeson, Michael Ralph, 356 Gregg, Jane Covington, 368 Gregory, Arthur Robert, 419 Grrgory, Edgar Bernard, 381 Gretz, Susan Gertrude, 215, 259, 408 Gribble, Garland Dickson, Jr., 381 Gribble. Robert Lee. Jr., 411 Grice, Gwendolyn Lee, 111. 271, 327 Grier, Manton McCutchen, 87, 96 Grifenhagen, William Benjamin. 148, 368 Griffeth, William Francis, Jr., 200, 327 Griffin, James McCarley. 356 Griffin, Jean Carole, 356 Griffin, Joseph Waldo, Jr., 394, 443 Griffin, Mary Ruffin, 419 Griffin, Morris Hal, 189, 416 Griffin, Philip Warren, 381 Griffin, Randolph James, 381 Griffin, Robert Lee, 266, 327 Griffin, Samuel Cecil, 356 Griffith. Ethel Marie, 396 Grigg, Wendell Randolph, Jr., 356 Griggs, Thomas Russel, 327 Grimes, Edward Boyd, 225, 293, 356 Grimes, Samuel Janson, 381 Groce, Fred Ford, Jr., 327 Groce, Hugh Dale, 381 Groce, Joan Roberta, 95, 202, 208, 235, 395 Groman, Ernest Victor, 294, 356 Groome, Margaret Montgomery, 100 Groome, William Jackson, 381 Gross, Gary Robert, 381 Gross, Stephen Curtis, 327 Grosswald, Ralph Ronald, 381 Grover, John Maitland, 327 Groves, Lionel M., 419 Grubb, Nancy Jane, 116, 250, 327 Grubb, Robert L., Jr., 392 Gruber, Felix Jose, 419 Gruehen, Tom, 191 Gruenhut, Stephen Jerry, 327 Guard, John Ethendge, III, 356 Guffey, James Edward, 368 Guin, James Patrick, Jr., 381 Gulledge, Charles Brooks, 2S4, 327 Gunderson, Karen Lee, 397 Gunter, Coke Steel, 381 Gunter, James Alexander, 356 Gunter, Jo Anne, 327 Gupton, Ted Gilbert, 381 Gupton, William Owen, 294, 327 Gurley, Isaac Dean, 327 Gurley, Margaret Barry, 402 Gurley, William Henry, III, 294, 356 Guthrie, Elizabeth Holmes, 356 Guthrie, Johnny Lee, 356 Guy, William Hill, 381 Guyer, Ann Laurice, 128, 356 Gwathmey, Frank Winston, 394 Gwinn, George H., 443 Gygi. Andrew Charles, Jr., 368 H Habrat, Nancy Jane, 215, 407 Hackney, Alfred Justice, Jr., 327 Hackney, Howard, 169 Hackney, John Joseph, 368 Hadden, Earl, 268 Hafer, Frederick Eugene, 442 Hager, James Ronald, 327 Hagerty, Roy, 180 Hahn, Joseph Edward, 148, 265, 327 Haigh, Philip Wiley, III, 381 Haigh, William Laurence, 356 Haigler, Nancy Kay, 381 Haigwood, Thomas David, 381 Haines, Bob, 160 Haines. Howard Palmer, 420 Haines, Martha Elizabeth. 327 Hairston, George Ryan, 381 Haithcock, Malvin Gordon, Jr., 160 Haithcock, Willard Irvin, 356 Haithcock, Worth Timothy, 356 Hale, Robert Vernon, 393 Hales. William Darden, 381 Haley, Judith Ann, 131, 352 Hall, Augustus Richard, 381 Hall, Brandon Hooper, Jr., 381 Hall, Charles Martin, 368 Hall, Fred M., 329 Hall, Kyle Stanley, 368 Hall, Linda Gayle, 392 Hall, Ralph G, Jr., 294. 327 Hall, Samuel L., Jr., 356 Hall. Sophronia Moore. 128, 327 Hall, Thurman Butler, II, 368 Hallman, Vance L. II, 381 Haltom, Lee Andrew, 381 Ham, John Ross, 381 Hambright, Ann Kelso, 92, 259. 327 Hamilton, Alfred Thompson. Jr., 152 Hamilton, Maria Garland, 356 Hamilton, Richard Bruce, 368 Hamilton, Stephen Spencer, 305, 356 Hamlet, William Frederick, 381 Hamlin, Linda Cobb, 399 Hamlin, William Thomas, 127, 234, 356 Hamm, James Henry, Jr., 293 Hammer, James, 172, 368 Hamm, Kenneth Yates, 356 Hammerbeck, Edward Cox, 381 Hammerstone, Richard H„ 103 Hammerstone, James Edward, Jr., 368 Hammett, James R., 103, 368 Hammett, John Benjamin, 392 Hampton, Phillip Terry, 327 Hamrick, Alger Vason, III, 381 Hamrick, Charles Vinson, 290, 381 Hamrick, Dick, 294 Hamrick, Donald Tillman, 290, 381 Hamrick, Harvey James, 393 Hanan, John Henry, 88, 255, 368 Hanburger, Chris, 160 Hancock, James Baldwin, 413 Hancock, William Geremain, Jr., 209. 255, 257, 293, 327 Hancock, William Franklin, Jr., 394 Handy, Thomas Gordon, 413 Handy, Walter R., Jr., 327 Hanell, Clarence B., 290 Hanes, Frank Borden, 108, 368 Hanes, James Gordon, 277, 327 Haney, Thomas C, 381 Haniss, Robert D.. 290 Hankins, Gary William, 144, 368 Hankins, Irvin White, 290, 381 Hanna, Edward Charles, Jr., 381 Hanna, George Verner, III, 327 Hannon, Terry, 368 Hanson, Jane Boyles, 92, 327 Harbin, Sandra Kay, 116, 417 Hardee, Donald L., 381 Hardesty, Ivan, Jr., 120, 356 Hardie, Donald L, 356 Hardison, Ashley Glenn, 381 Hardison, James Lynwood, 356 Hardison, Joe William, 352 Hardison, La Voice Larine, 409 Hardman, Joel Cecil, 356 Hardy, John B.. Jr., 413 Hardy, Susan Bridgeforth, 91, 328 Harenski. Robert, 169 Harer, Alan E., 152. 368 Hargett. Hugh Franklin, 381 Hargis, Ronald Lathan, 405 Hergis, Sarah Anne, 381 Hargrove, Hampton, Jr., 440 Harllee, Frederick Earl, III, 217, 368 Harmon, Frances Gayle, 368 Harmon, Jacob Claude, Jr., 356 Harmon, John Matney, 123, 190, 356 Harmon, John Patrick, Jr., 104, 181, 356 Harnden, Elizabeth Boatwright, 116 Harney, Thomas C, 120, 266, 328 Harp, Leon Patterson, 328 Harper, Franklin M., 368 Harper, James Earle, Jr., 328 Harper, John Fletcher. 381 Harper, John Michael, 197, 381 Harper, Ralph Ragan, Jr.. 405 Harrar. Evan Llewellyn, 261, 327 Harrell, A. Jack, 144, 264, 356 Harrell, Carolyn Anne, 128, 368 Harrell, Clarence Brooks, III, 381 Harrell, Joe L., 135. 356 Harrell, Lonnie Clayton, III, 381 Harrell, Neal Brooks, 356 Harrell, Shirley Ann, 356 Harrington, Craig Winston, Jr., 381 Harrington, Jim, 160 Harrington, Judith Cannady, 381 Harrington, Robert Edward, 368 Harrington, Thomas Franklin, 368 Harris, Ann Virginia, 381 Harris, Baynard Easter, 244, 255, 261, 294, 356 Harris, Charles Jay, Jr., 413 Harris, Charles Waverly, III, 127. 328 Harris, Clark Lee, 381 Harris, David G., 108 Harris, David M., 217 Harris, Doug Edwin, 356 Harris, Elizabeth V.. 131, 368 Harris, Gaye Karyl. 100, 202 Harris, James Calvin, 356 Harris, James Osborn, 197, 208, 263, 268, 292, 328 Harris. James Randolph. 356 Harris, Joseph Wayne, 368 Harris, Judith Lynn, 368 Harris, Lambert Scott, 381 Harris. Leonard Myron. 136, 328 Harris, Minnie Ellen, 95. 328 Harris, Norma Louise, 403 Harris, Paul K., Jr., 356 Harris. Peter Yard. 381 Harris, Ralph Cooeland, Jr., 218, 356 Harris, Richard Casey, 368 Harris. Rirhard Foster. III. 443 Harris, Robert Martin, 307, 368 Harris, Thomas Alfred. 356 Harris. Thomas Bradley. 381 Harris, Thomas Earle, 260, 381 Harris, Vivian, 398 Harris. Walter Franklin, 356 Harris, William Harold, 293, 368 Harrison, James Thomas, Jr.. 381 Harrison, John Edwards, 381 Harrison. Linda Yvonne. 254. 262, 397 Harrison, Reginald Woodrow, Jr., 443 Harrison, William Byrd, 108, 368 Harrison, William Burwell, Jr., 356 Harriss, Herbert Lynch, 328 Harriss. Robert Dallas, 368 Harriss. Robert Dandridge, 381 Harrington, Ellis Jackson, Jr., 261, 356 Harshaw. Charles William, 356 Hart, Elzie Franklin, Jr., 393 Hart, Franklin E., 368 Hart, Gerald Britt, 368 Hart, James Cleaver. 123, 356 Hart, James Michael, 368 Hart. James Patrick, 356 Hart, Mike, 290 Hart, Stephen Eddie, 381 Hartman, Donna Lee, 408 Hartz, Evelyn Elaine, 420 Harvel, Lynne Hill, 381 Harvey, Anne Elizabeth, 91, 257, 356 Harvey, Carol Ina, 402 Harvey, Pat, 160 Harville, John Edward, 368 Harville. Thomas Cranford, 356 Harwood, Michael R.. 356 Hass, Marshall William, 368 Hassell, Charles Roberson, Jr., 96, 170, 328 Hassell, Raymond Grayer, 96, 356 Hastings, Robert Charles, 368 Hasty, John Dozier, 160, 368 Hatch, William A. Harringman, 328 Hatch, William Manly, 356 Hatcher, Loraine Ann, 111, 356 Hathaway, Susan James, 128, 328 Hauser, Frank Marion, IV, 328 Hauser, Michael Francis, 356 Hauser. Samuel Franklin, 381 Hawkins, Grady Harold. 328 Hawkins. Linda Josephine, 128, 328 Hawkins, Oscar B., 218. 328 Hawley, Thomas Earl, Jr., 369 Hawthorne, Stephen Lowell, 369 Hayden, John Joseph, 369 Hayes, Gerald Winston, Jr., Ill, 356 Hayes, Judy Ruth, 398 Hayes, Larry Allan, 369 Hayes, George Lewis, Jr., 369 Hayes, Stephen Turner Hayes, Susan Whitsett, 381 Hayes, Ted Milton, 369 Hayman, Patricia Sue, 328 Hays. William Arthur, Jr., 199. 204, 208, 210, 253, 443 Haywood, Edgar, III, 381 Haywood, Hubert Benbury, 381 Haywood, Leon Stanley, 409 Haywood, Robert Allyn, 356 Haywood, William, 181 Hazelton, William Dean, 225, 356 Hazer, Elizabeth Guyer, 381 Head, Thomas Jack, 415 Healy, Dianna Maurine, 293, 328 Healey, Kent W., 413 Heard, Keith Read, 381 Heath, Benjamin Dawson, 293, 381 Heath, Lawrence Summer, III. 293 Heatherington, Terry Walter, 221, 407 Hechenbleikner, Madeline Mercedes, 116, 356 Hedden, Jerry Clyde, 381 Hederman. Rea S., 290 Hedgecoe, Joel Sarvis, 415 Hedman, Kent Sheldon, 381 Hedrick, David Gene, 225, 369 Hedrick, George William, 293, 369 Hedrick, Harold Foil, Jr., 381 Hedrick, Mary Frances, 92, 402 Heer, Katie, 266 Hefelfinger, Daniel Tucker, 328, 392 Hege, Jerald Dee, 356 Heilig, John Lafayette, 369 Helder, Jake Carson, 218, 369 Hellebush, Peter L, 381 Hellen, Earle West, 293, 369 Heller, Mary Judith, 398 Helms, John Douglas, 369 Helms, John Benjamin, 293, 381 Helms. Michael James, 328 Helms, William Harold, 293, 381 Helms. Worth McLendel, Jr., 170, 328 Helton, Marvin Michael. 357 Helvestine, William Albert, 381 Hembree, Lloyd J., 198, 328 Hemphill, Betty Jean, 409 Hemphill, William Max. 357 Hemric, Stephen Gregg, 381 Henderson, Albert Allen, 328 Henderson, Hoke Frederick, Jr., 394 Henderson, Marvin William, Jr., 120, 369 Henderson, Oliver, 420 Henderson, Richard Elliott Lee, 201. 369 Hendren, Otis Franklin, 413 Hendren, Ralph Connolly, 369 Hendricks, Marvin Thompson, 328 Hendricks. William Charles, 293 Hendrix, Charles Raymond, 294, 328 Hendrix, Martha Hamilton, 116, 409 Henley, Herbert Carlisle, Jr., 420 Henley, Thomas Ladd, 394 Henry, Francis Eugene, 111, 172 Henry, James Edgar, 357 Henry, Lee Elizabeth, 95, 357 Henshaw, William R., 413 Hensley, Clyde Eugene, 381 Hensley, Michael Jack, 357 Henson, James B„ 369 Henson. Vara Allene. 328 Herald, Morton Raymond, 381 Herman, Carl Smith, 357 Herndon, Billy Thomas, 381 Herndon, Claude Harris, 413 Herndon, Karen Ann, 111, 328 Herndon, Michael Doak, 381 Herring, David Middleton, 357 Herring, Gene F., 294 Herring, Mary Dawn. 357 Herring, Rufus McPhail. Jr., 198, 328 Herring. William Herman, 369 Herter, Nancy Elizabeth, 397 Hervey, Howard David, 381 Hess. Carol Jean. 369 Hester, Edward Lee, 357 Hester. Juloa Glenn, 420 Hester, Ralph Edward, 381 Hewitt, Harold Edward, Jr., 381 Heymann, Peter Lawrence, 198, 214, 328 Hickman, Leon Edward, 221, 405 Hickman, Marjorie Jean, 328 Hicks, Carlos Dean, 381 Hicks, Denver Floyd, Jr., 328, 367 Hicks, Earl Preston, 413 Hicks, James F., Jr., 357 Hicks, Ronald Eugene, 329 Page 440 The Only Reason We Are In Business Is To Pay Hospital And Doctor Bills HOSPITAL SAVING ASSOCIATION CHAPEL HILL OFFICES ASHEVILLE CHARLOTTE GREENSBORO HICKORY LUMBERTON NEW BERN RALEIGH SALISBURY WADESBORO WILMINGTON WILSON WINSTON-SALEM Page 441 Hicks, Thurston Titus, 381 Higgins, Virginia Evalena, 223, 329 High, Billy, 160 Highsmith, Vance Ross, 381 Hightower, James Claude, 440 Hightower, Mildred Louise, 357 Hildebrandt, Thomas George, Jr., 197 290, 381 Hildenbrand, Steven Giles, 111, 369 Hill, Billy Dave, 381 Hill, Charles Marion, 369 , Donna Raye, 357 , Douglas Gray, 413 ..... Edward H., 124 lill, E. Harvie, Jr., 416 , Gary Prevost, 289, 369 C. Earl, 409 lill. James Wells, Jr., 369 John, 160 , Karen Renee, 399 lill, Larry Odell. 420 lill, Maggie, 369 lill, Mavis Helena, 128, 257, 357 lill, Michael Wilton, 381 lill, Nancy Ann. 369 lill, Robert William, 381 I, Russell Lanney, 369 lard, John Rains, 382 Hard, Henry Hoover, Jr., 409 illiard, William Richard, 369 lillman, Carl I., Jr., 440 Hirer. James Randall, 443 lines. Evelyn Morgan, 329 tinkle, Charles Robert, 369 tinkle, Robert Linville, 201, 369 tinkle, Thomas Lawing, 369 jant, Dan Bernard, 382 iinnant, Jesse Ray, Jr., 382 it, R. Willard, 413 Hinnant, Richard Darius, 369 Hinson, Larry Capehart, 443 Hinson, Lynda Jeraldine, 382 Hinson, William Hoitte, Jr., 382 Hinton, Larry Harold, 357 Hinton, William Sanders, Jr., 369 Hipps, Charlie, 299 Hitchcock, Robert H., 381 Hite, Charles W., Jr., 221, 407 Hixon, Barbara Ann, 329 Hladys, Virginia Ann, 115, 329 Ho. Floyd, 269 Hoar, Stephen Warren, 201, 369 Hobbs, Benjamin F., Jr., 329 Hobbs. James M„ 443 Hobgood, Robert Haywood, 297. 381 Hobgood, William Sands Holloway, Jr., 254, 267, 293, 369 Hobson, Fred Colby, Jr., 329 Hobson, Henry Wise, 381 Hobson, William Patrick, 124, 329 Hockfield, Edward Jay, 381 Hockfield, Steven Alan, 148, 190, 253, 369 Hocutt, Edgar Jerome. 322 Hodge, Cora Louise, 411 Hodge, Jerry, 290 Hodge. John Ernest, Jr., 369 Hodges. Gerald Garant, 202, 253, 301, 329 Hodges, Frank. 291 Hodgin. Jon Darryl, 293. 381 Hodgin, William W., 290 Hodgman, Alice Sawyer, 411 Hodshon, Charles Arthur, 357 Hoffman, E. Norman, II, 127, 369 Hoffman, James Chancellor, 381 Hoffman, James William, 357 Hoffman, Mido Johnson. 381 Hofmeister. Stanley I., 104, 369 Hogsed, Marilyn Gaye, 269, 407 Hoke. Barrie Franklin, 329 Holcher, Frank Theodore, 329 Holcomb, Sara Lynn, 399 Holcombe, Jerry Thomas, 382 Holcombe, Robert Odell, Jr., 369 Holder, Bettina Kay, 203, 396 Holder, Walter Dalton, 369 Holderness, Howard, Jr., 391, 392 Holderness, Richard Thurston, 382 Holladay, Jerry Wayne, 369 Hollan, William Edwin, Jr., 382 Holland, Daniel Floyd, 382 Holland, David Gene, 382 Holland, Gene Allen, 416 Holland, Nicholas Vedder, 407 Holland, Robert Walter, IV, 369 Holland, Ronald Lamar, 382 Holland, Sherrill Reid, III, 124, 201, 369 Hollander, Jeffrey Alan, 329 Holleman, Curtis Edwin, 222, 269, 405 Holleman, Larry Benton, 369 Holler, Cato Oliver, 357 Holler, Frances E., 417 Hollingsworth, Harry DeWitt, Jr., 369 Hollis, Rosanne, 116, 271, 329 Holloman, James Arthur, III, 409 Holloway, Algin Napoleon, 382 Hollowell, Brenda Kay, 399 Holman, Sara Celia, 411 Holmes, Alexander Baron, 99, 357 Holmes. Jeffrey Lynn, 369 Holstein, Samuel P., Jr., 413 Holt, Jon David, 369 Holton, Jean Marshall, 397 Homesley, Howard David, 393 Honeycutt, David Fred, 329 Honeycutt, Harvey Ellison, 290, 382 Honeycutt, Jack Oren, 382 Honeycutt, Thomas Rhett, 329 Hood. Floyd Collins, Jr.. 135, 369 Hook, George Allen, III, 369 Hooks, Charles Cullon, Jr., 329 Hooks, Diana Jane, 128 Hooks, Floyd Alan, 382 Hooks, Susan Pate, 128 Hooks, William Borden, Jr., 96, 266, 369 Hooper, Pamela W., 74, 111, 190, 191, 213, 329 Hooper, Thomas Lewis, 295. 369 Hoopes, Edwin Lowrey, III, 211, 329 Hoover, Eddie Lee, 198, 329 Hopfer, Arthur Edwin, 382 Hopkins. Karen Lyon, 203, 396 Hopper, James Ellis, 217, 357 Hord, Edwin Van Buren, 357 Hord, Robert Carl, Jr., 440 Horn, William B., 382 Home, Essie Mae, 420 Home, Kenneth Walter, Jr., 382 Home, William P., 408 Horner, Bonnie Lynn, 131, 213, 329 Horner, Jack Douglas, 329 Horner, Robert B., 290 Homey, Mary Ann, 369 Hornthal, Allen Lane, 413 Horsley, Shirley Amanda, 215, 269, 405 Horton, Clarence Edgar, Jr., 440 Horton, Lee Fulton, 293, 382 Horvat, Michael, 169 Hotchkin, Elizabeth Ann, 91, 329 Houck, William Jerome, 124, 369 Hough, James Gaston, 290, 369 Houk, Mary Ellen, 411 Houle, Jerome L., Ill, 307, 369 Houser, Bob, 411 Houser, Christine Carpenter, 409 Houser, John Edward, 382 Houser, John William, 144, 329 Houston. Diana Dee, 329 Houston. Joanna Baker, 111, 329 Hout, Patricia Joan, 329 Hovis, Larry Kenneth, 409 Howard, Edwin Stephen, 329 Howard, Eugene Kincaid, 382 Howard, Mary Carole, 397 Howard, Susan Virginia, 329 Howden, Lance E., 144 Howe, Daniel Bo, 88, 111, 189 Howe, Donald Douglas, 292, 357 Howe, James Arthur, 369 Howe, Martha Jane, 100, 329 Howe, Samuel Lineberger, 382 Howell, Biscoe Redmond, III, 382 Howell, David James, 369 Howell, James Stuart, 329 Howell, Nelson Neil, 393 Howell, Ronald W., 443 Howell. William Marsh, 293 Howells, Robert E., 217 Howie, Elizabeth Stewart, 100, 206, 329 Hoybach, John P., 329 Hoyle, Madelyn Kay, 131, 190, 314 Hoyle, William Roberson, 442 Hoyle, William Sidney, 330 Hoyle, Wilson Smith, Jr., 416 Huana, Shih-Ching, 420 Hubbard, Grady Allen, 369 Hubbard, Charles S., 290 Hubbard, James Ryan, 123, 369 Hubbard, William Colvin, 393 Hubble, John Howard, 123, 369 Hubner. Alice Birnie, 131, 206 Hudson, Barbara A., 357 Hudson, John Dwight, 124, 369 Hudson. John William, 123, 357 Hudson, Kenneth Hopkins, 127 Hudson, Robert Onzie, 382 Hudson, Ronald Ted, 135, 357 Hudson, William Jerry, 382 Hudspeth, James Lester, 357 Huebner, Frederick Weber. 127, 369 Huff, Dorothy Ann, 357 Huff, Wallace Lee, 420 Huffman, Allen William, Jr., 393 Huffman, Daniel Frederick, 369 Huffman, Gary Marvin, 357 Huffman, Gloria Merle, 382 Huffman, Joe Elmo, 330 Huggins, Bruce W., 442 Huggler, David Horton, 357 Hughes, Bruce Bryan, 290, 382 Hughes, Edgar Stanley, 382 Hughes, James Allen, 357 Hughes, John William, III, 357 Hughes, Richard Edward, 442 Hughes, William Don, 330 Hughey, Michael Weaver, 369 Hughson, Arthur Andrew, 420 Hulick, Henry, 352 Hull, Peggy Anne, 115, 330 Hull, Robert Daniel, 127, 330 Humann, Willis Scott, 382 Hume. Bob, 160, 181 Humphreys, Dorothy Ann, 202, 369 Hundley, Bob, 181 Hundley, Carl Wallace, 369 Hundley, James Davenport, 393 Hunnicutt, Barbara Kay, 369 Hunt, Dennis Russell, 330 Hunt, Edgar William, III, 197, 265, 298, 357 Hunt, James David, 225, 330 Hunt, John Cameron, Jr., 293, 369 Hunt, Ronald Forest, 357 Hunt, Samuel Pancoast, III, 190, 210. 225, 330 Hunt, Sylvia 0., 330 Hunt, Thomas Norman, 382 Hunter, Mary Rodgers, 357 Hunter, Robert Carl, 197, 266, 296, 298, 357 Hunter, Shelton Brinson, III. 120, 330 Hunter, John Nelson, 443 Hunter, Eleanor Ruth, 357 Hunter, James Collett, Jr., 357 Hunter, Stephanie Rogers, 409 Hunter, Thomas Allison, 369 Huntley, Robert Stephen. 293, 330 Huntsberry, Edith Ann, 92, 330. 403 Hupfer, Charles John, 382 Huppert, George Nixon, 369 Huq, Md NaJmul, 420 Hurley, Richard Banigan, 382 Hurlockery, Shirley K., 269 Hurst, Nancy Ward, 397 Hurst, Richard Steven, 382 Hurt, Joe Paul, 392 Hussman, Walter Edward, 382 Hutaff, Phillip Griggs, 135, 357 Hutchens, Jimmie R., 330 Hutchens, Luther Hill, 415 Hutcheson, Genet F., 402 Hutcheson, John Ambrose, Jr., 244, 357 Hutchins, Christine, 330 Hutchins, Mickey Lee. 382 Hutchins. Ralph Wayne, 369 Hux. Clifton McRae, Jr., 382 Hyatt, Thomas Edwin, Jr., 382 Hyde, Joseph Reeves, III, 330 Hyde, Steven Ellis. 382 Hyde, Wilson Pennington, 217, 330 Hyder, Lecter Lloyd, Jr., 382 Hyman, Irwin Barry, 88, 136, 330 Hyman, Stephen Allen, 88, 136, 357 Hynes, Barbara Easkold, 397 Iddings, W. Robert, 330 Inderfurth, Karl Frederick, 169, 382 Inge. William Andrew, Jr., 369 Ingle, Tom, 169 Ingram, George Mason, 103, 253, 254, 257, 260, 357 Ingram, John Carter, 357 Ingram, Rebecca Suzan, 330 Inman, Robert Harris. 382 Inman, Teddy Ray, 330 Inscoe, Jack Elwood, Jr., 197, 382 Ipock, Leah Joyce, 417 Irby, James Harvey, 382 Irvin, Howard Samuel, 440 Irving, Hillel T., 293 Irving, John William, 357 Irving, Richard Edward, 382 Isaacs, Michael Alan, 382 Isenburg, John Philip, 172, 369 Isenhour, Kay Gordon, 357 Ishee, Charles Jefferson, 382 Isley, Randolph Ingle, Jr., 330 Isom, Dorothy Rose, 203, 396 Israel, Stephen Howard, 357 Ives, Elsie Laura, 111, 357 Ivey, Sarah Lane, 369 Ivins, George Anthony, 364, 369 J Jack, Bernard Roy, 392 Jack, Ruth Wood, 399 Jackson, Douglas, 330 Jackson, George Winfield, 442 Jackson, Howard Philos, 330 Jackson, Isaiah Fearing, 254, 369 Jackson, John Lee, 257, 369 Jackson, Joseph Andrew, 382 Jackson, Marvin Wade, 369 Jackson, Neal A., 209, 268. 330 Jackson, Ronnie, 160 Jackson, Samuel, III, 267, 330 Jackson, Walter Allen, 202, 369 Jacobs, Hunter Lewis, 302, 330 Jacobson, Joseph Laurence, 104, 369 Jaffee, Frederic T., 382 James, Anne Wylie, 382 James, Dorothy Ann, 100, 357 James, Francis Sinclair, 420 James, James Mason, 290, 357 James, William Edwin, 357 Jamieson, Ann Grimsley, 382 Jamison, Mary Elizabeth, 215, 405 Janowitz, William Harry, 170, 357 January, Mary Lee, 257, 397 Jarboe, Joseph Howard, 382 Jarman, William Franklin, Jr., 103, 369 Jarman, William Henry, Jr., 391. 393 Jarvis, Joseph Wilson, 369 Jarvis, Wade Henry, Jr.. 369 Jay, Donald L., 382 Jefferds, Joseph Crosby, III, 104, 330 Jeffries, Margaret Louise, 402 Jellinghaus, Paula Elizabeth, 254, 265, 330 Jenkins, Cornelia Ann, 330 Jenkins, Dennis Tony, 245, 369 Jenkins, William Delmar, Jr., 330 Jenks, Andrea Gay. 92, 357 Jennell, Kay Jackson, 357 Jennings, Henry Edwin, 357 Jennings, Jacqueline Frances, 369 Jennings, James Hayden, 369 Jennings, Michael Dean, 290, 382 Jennings, Robert Kenneth, 382 Jennings, William James, 293, 369 Jenrette, Julius Poe, Jr., 294, 369 Jenrette, Thomas Shepard, Jr., 382 Jenzano, Carol Ann, 382 Jernigan, Frank Hundley, 225, 369 Jernigan, Jasper Truett, 369 Jernigan, Nancy Elizabeth, 392 Jessup, Patrick, 181 Jessup, Percy Wells, 415 Jester, James E., 290 Jewell, Karen Christine, 382 Jobe, Berry Clinton, 382 Johansson, Anders Daniel, 382 Johansson, Beatrice Birgit, 357 Johansson, Nelly Christine, 330 John, Joe, 257 Johns, Arnold Earl, Jr., 144, 235, 331 Johnson, Bruce Champney, 331 Johnson, Carolyn Clifton, 357 Johnson, Charles Edward, II, 413 Johnson, Charles Miles, 382 Johnson, Dale Patton, 307, 331 Johnson, Donald Pittman, 382 Johnson, Earl, 160 Johnson. Edward Gilbert, 382 Johnson, Frederick Lee, 331 Johnson. George Robert, 369 Johnson, Jo Ann, 128, 357 Johnson, Joseph Lewis, Jr., 178, 369 Johnson. Kay Emily, 409 Johnson, Larry Douglas, 443 Johnson, Lawrence, 420 Johnson, Mary Lou, 199, 215, 405 Johnson. Michael Ruel, 218, 357 Johnson, Michael Wayne, 2H8, 2c2 Johnson, Paula Anne, 92, 234. 357 Johnson, Raymond Horace, 136. 369 Johnson, Richard Newton, jr., 382 Johnson, Richard Sandusky, 117, 277, 285, 357 Johnson, Richard William, 382 Johnson, Robert Arthur, 122, 369 Johnson, Robert White, 442 Johnson, Stephen Angus, 382 Johnson, Sylvia Annette, 409 Johnson, Tanya, 369 Johnson, Thomas George, Jr., 413 Johnson, William Haley, II, 104, 180, 293, 369 Johnson, William Leslie, Jr., 331 Johnston, Betsy Ann, 369 Johnston, Carol Elizabeth, 116 Johnston, Charles David, III. 331 Johnston, Donald Richard, 420 Johnston, Douglas Alan, 382 Johnston, Henry Makepeace, 96 Johnston, James Sidney, 382 Johnston, Julius, III, 331 Johnston, Mary Helen, 215, 407 Johnston, Pamela Susan, 331 Johnston, Reed, Jr., 293, 331 Johnston, Richard Blaine. Jr., 382 Johnston, Wilbur Lee, Jr., 331 Johnstone, Margaret Robertson, 331 Jolly. Horton Gray, 392 Jolly, John Russell, Jr., 443 Jonas. Richard Elliott, 123. 207. 331 Jones, Albert Martin, 369 Jones Benner, III, 441 Jones, Carolyn Wayne, 396 Jones, Charles Max, 382 Jones, Charles Ray, 225, 294, 331 Jones. David Earle, 294 Jones, Elmer Wayne, 382 Jones, Frank Allen, Jr., 382 Jones, George Phillips. 382 Jones. George Thomas, 382 Jones, Gordon Kempton, 382 Jones, Henry Lawrence, 331 Jones, J. Laurence, III, 331 Jones, James Judson, 369 Jones, Joe Athel, 331 Jones, John Harvey, Jr., 382 Jones, John Terry, 135. 357 Jones, Larry Wilson, 407 Jones, Michael Charles, 382 Jones, Natalie, 382 Jones, Plummer Flippen, III, 225, 370 Jones, Rafford Eugene, 441 Jones, Richard E., 88 Jones, Richard Moore, 382 Jones, Robert B., 382 Jones, Robert Edwin, 123, 357 Jones, Robert Michael, 382 Jones, Roland Eugene, 331 Jones, Stephen Gage, 382 Jones, Thomas Henry, 269. 405 Jones, Thomas L., 407 Jones, Van Michael, 357 Jordan, Francis Dixon, 331 Jordan, Jene Franklin, 382 Jordan, Joseph Thomas, Jr., 382 Jordan, Julia Anne, 131 Page 442 Jordan, Linda Virginia, 398 Jordan, Preston Thomas, Jr., 382 Jordan, Robert Strong, 357 Jorgensen, Jan Jelmert, 370 Jorgensen, Jeffrey Wilhelm, 370 Joyner, Jerry Milton, 370 Joyner, Ronald Freeman, 391, 394 Joyner, William Lewis, Jr., 123, 331 Justesen, Wayne Quay, 293 Justice, Barry Page, 382 Justice, James Donivan, 124, 370 Justice, Max Edward, 265, 370 Justice, Richard Warren, 382 Kabat, Jay Lewis, 136, 370 Kabat, Lee Spencer, 382 Kage, Barbara Ann, 382 Kagel, Stu, 255 Kahdy, Barbara Ann, 257, 370 Kaiser, R., 277 Kakati, Girindra Nath, 420 Kalb, Roxanne Elizabeth, 76, 92, 205, 206, 314, 331 Kale, Ernest Lee, 370 Kaley, James Dudley. 120, 416 Kallman, John Harry, 382 Kampf, Joseph Michael, 357 Kane, Paul James, Jr., 120, 331 Kannon, Ruth Annette, 382 Kanwit, Pete, 294 Kaplan, Alexander, 370 Kaplan, Kenneth Franklin, 254, 370 Kaplan. Ronald David, 382 Kaplan, Ronnie, 160 Karres, Matthew J.. 383 Karro, Marshall H., 383 Karrs, Tim, 169 Kassees, Assad Saied, 411 Kattenburg, Philip Clark, 383 Katz, Robin Arthur, 442 Kaucher, Margarete Susan, 409 Kausch, John Gustave, 409 Kay, Michael Alan, 136, 357 Kayed, Ahmad Farah, 357 Kaylor, Steven Bruce, 383 Kassens, William D., Jr., 357 Kearney, James Irwin, 383 Kearney, Robert Evans, 293, 408 Kearns, John Newton, 383 Kearse. William 0., Jr., 394 Keating, William H., Jr., 370 Keaton, Mark Haizlip, 267, 383 Keck, Mary Helen, 417 Keedwell, Shirley Virginia, 111, 331 Keefer, Thomas B., Jr., 218, 357 Keen, Aubrey Alfred, 357 Keever, Frederick Lester, Jr., 370 Keith, Celinta Suzanne, 383 Keith, Preston Wylie, 416 Keith, Thomas Jeffery, 357 Kelchner, Betty Craven, 420 Keleher, Susan Louise, 331 Kellam, Nosco Hobart, Jr., 357 Kelleher, Kathleen Jane, 331 Keller, Roland R., 370 Kellerman, Terry Lynne, 77, 331 Kellett, Samuel Beam. 212, 370 Kelley, Kenneth Taylor, 370 Kelley, Roger Howard, 370 Kellogg, John Thomas, 277, 383 Kelly, Anne Marie, 215, 269, 405 Kelly, Linda Mina, 131 Kelly, Michael Wayne, 383 Kelly, Sally Shannon, 331 Kelsey, Howard Dow, 383 Kelso, Fred Paris, Jr., 230, 357 Kemic, Stephen Bruce, 267, 383 Kemlein, Donald Fletwood, Jr., 293, 357 Kemmer, Susan Jo. 396 Kemp, Donald Lee Kemp, William Loring, 103, 357 Kendrick, Howard H., 357 Kennedy, Billy Gene, 383 Kennedy, David Monroe, 383 Kennedy, Glenn Arthur, 331 Kennedy. Imogene Elizabeth, 111, 331 Kennedy, John Buren, 222, 269 Kennedy, Larry Gene, 222, 269, 405 Kennedy, Michael Scott, 441 Kennedy, Sandra Wess, 357 Kerley, Lloyd Kent, 383 Kerley, Winston Woodlief, 331 Kern, Karen Louise, 233, 268, 370 Kesler, Pamela Ann, 131, 352, 357 Kesler, Phyllis Jeanette, 399 Kesler, Ralph Edward, Jr., 160, 181, 331 Keyser, Dale Clark, 331 Keyser, John Alden, Jr., 139 Kiel, David Harris, 263, 383 Kilgo, Dale Wayne, 293, 370 Killian, Charles Edwin, 225, 357 Killian, James Franklin, 409 Killian, Leon M., Ill, 370 Killian, Richard Wayne, 370 Killough, Walter Jackson, Jr., 293, 383 Kilpatrick, Lynn, 115 Kim, Young-Soo, 420 Kimball, Clayton Gates, 169, 383 Kimball, Jon Parker, 331 Kimel, Larry Leslie, 370 Kimmerer, Marian, 332 Kimrey, Vernon Ray, Jr., 370 King, Alvin Darrell, 383 King, Brenda Sue, 250, 332 King, Dan Gaither, 370 King, David Robert, 144, 332 King, Dianne Binkley, 332 King, Isaac F.. 332 King, James Arnold, 407 King, James Roy, 383 King, Jennings Graham, 127, 370 King, Judy LaRue, 383 King, Malvern Francis, Jr., 117. 189, 253, 260, 263, 294, 332 King, Millard Leon, Jr.. 293, 370 King, Paul Frederick, 383 King, Victoria Hallie, 95. 332, 403 King, Walter Winburne, III, 383 Kinkade, Carol Alice, 332 Kinlaw, Alton Emory, 409 Kinlaw, Francis Harvey, 357 Kinlaw, James Brady, Jr., 420 Kinneman, Robert E., Jr., 420 Kinney, Charles Edward, Jr., 370 Kinney, George Sandifer, 160, 332 Kinsey, Roy E., 99. 212 Kirby, Ralph Clayton, 357 Kirchdorfer, Betty Jean, 332 Kirk, Cary John, 357 Kirk, Charles Dayton, 332 Kirk, Mary Susan, 254, 261. 370 Kirkland, John Lindsey, III, 394 Kirkland, William Elliott, 265, 332 Kirkpatric, Curry, 332 Kirkpatric, James Weaver, Jr., 104 Kirkton, Douglas Bruce, 383 Kirschbaum, Ronald Ira, 443 Kirstein, Philip L., 257 Kirtley, Wallace James, III, 117, 357 Kirvan, Peter, 160 Kiser, David M., 124, 370 Kispert, John Joseph, Jr., 370 Kistler, Clyde Dewey, Jr., 370 Kiziah, Larry Cleveland, 269, 407 Klaff, Michael Philip, 148, 357 Kleiman, Scott Gerald, 393 Klein, Richard Arthur, 383 Klein, William Charles. 420 Kleinmaier, Alan Robert, 383 Kleitman. Kenneth, 370 Kling, Margaret Carol, 398 Klioze, Solomon Samuel, 383 Kluttz, George Fisher, 357 Knedlik, Sheila Ann, 399 Knesel, David Charles, 357 Knight, Anne Sandra, 357 Knight, Charles Franklin, 197, 383 Knight, Henry Clayton, 383 Knott, Julia O ' Brian, 399 Knott, Lawrence Harding, Jr., 383 Knott, Robert Allen, Jr., 370 Knowles, Michael Ray, 370 Koch, Henry, 169 Kodack, Lawrence David, 357 Kohrman, Susan, 266 Kollar, Joseph John, 293, 332 Kolmer, George August, Jr., 411 Komas, Nicholas John, 217, 332 Konopka, Edward Allen, 290, 370 Koonce, Donald Gill is, 383 Koonce, Edwin Earl, Jr., 144, 370 Koonce, William Turner. 357 Koonts, Larry Clifford, 293, 383 Koontz, Gilbert Quinn, 383 Kornegay, Grey Bryan, Jr., 290, 383 Kosma, Alexander, 332 Kotalik, Olga A., 420 Kouri, Edward William, 200, 394 Kowal, Lawrence David, 332 Kraft, Naomi Gail, 357 Kramer, Richard Frederick, 190, 289, 357 Kramer, James L, 152 Krames, Elliot Stephan. 357 Kreiser, Bette Jane, 402 Kroboth, Timothy Ray, 293. 409 Kroe, Jerry Edard. 332 Krones, Thomas, 383 Kropelnicki, Steven, Jr., 383 Kruer, Merle, 181 Krug, Michael Charles, 148, 214, 370 Kruming, Martin A., 104. 332 Kubie, Donald A., Jr., 357 Kuester, Faison Shaw, 370 Kurth, Franz Jeffrey, 170, 370 Kurtz, Marguerite Breeden, 111 Kuykendal, Robert Lee, 293, 370 Kuzyk, Volodar S., 443 LaBarre, David Quinton, 383 Lacher, Walter Scott, 293 Lackey, Everette Stephen, 370 Lackey, Lokie Charles, 370 Lackey, Mary Elizabeth, 100 Lackey, Walter Lee, Jr., 357 Lafferty, Robert Parks, 221, 407 Lahens. Frances Bradhurst, 396 ' ail, Gary David, 160, 370 Lama, Tuars, 268 Lamb, Bob, 160 Lamb, Caryl Sue, 332 Lamb, Jane Adams, 411 Lambe, Ronald Jay, 332 Lambert, Jerry Jefferson. 357 Lambert, John Wallace, 225, 370 " PiitttiHy . . . A Trade and a Trait Efje Colonial $regg, 3nc. Telephone 942-1956 504 W. Franklin St. VAN ' S ihe mostfuDHycUAlUNO Two Convenient Locations to Serve You: No. 1 . Eastgate Shopping Center No. 2. Corner Weaver Elm Sts., Carrboro The New York Life Agent on Your Campus Is a Good Man to Know GEORGE L. OX III All VNC 9 12 Campus Representative A Mutual Co INSURANCE COMPANY Page 443 Lambeth, Albert Lee, Jr., 408 Lambeth, David Erman, 383 Lambeth, Elizabeth Browning, 399 Lambeth, Philip David, 370 Lambrecht, David John, 383 Lamm, Benajah Scott, 221, 408 Lamm, Betsy Dunn, 92, 332 Lamm, Dwight Cooper, 201, 370 Lampman, Tom, 160 Lampsi, Roberta Jean, 91, 332 Lancaster, Harold Martin, 208, 257. 332, 443 Lancaster, Lanny Ross, 383 Lancaster, Mary Lena, 409 Land, Harry Kenneth, 293, 332 Land, Walter Christensen, 383 Landis, Suzanne Clary, 111. 259, 332 Landolina, Karen Ruth. 399 Landreth. Douglas Wilson, 383 Lane, Barbara Dean, 417 Lane, Catherine Rose, 131, 332 Lane, David, 262 Lane, James Randolph, Jr., 392 Lane, Robert Harold, 257, 357 Laney, Margaret Sherrill, 332 Laney, Thomas Percy, 124, 357 Langdon, Charles W., 127, 416 Langdon, William Cleveland, 392 Langstaff, Joan Beth, 357 Langston, Bobby Lawrence, 332 Langston, Ethel Olivia. 399 Lanier. Ray. 127 Lankford, Wales Randall, Jr., 332 Lansche, John Elmer, 235, 358 Lasater, James Earl, 370 Lasher, Rod, 170 Lassiter, Alice Marie, 358 Lassiter, Richard Edward, 392 Lauder, Barbara Ruth, 128, 332 Laughlin, Peter Coe, II, 370 Lauten, Noah Delbert, Jr., 358 Lauterer, Jonathan Gregory, 237, 3 0 Law, Miriam, 268 Lawdermilk, Edward L., 408 Lawhon, Betty Rae, 358 Lawrence, Edward Fox, Jr., 358 Lawrence, Harry Wayne, 441 Lawrence, James F., 383 Lawrence, John Elmore, 383 Laws, Raymond McKinley, 332 Laws, Sally Frances, 333, 403 Lawson, Douglas McCandlish, 370 Lawson, Jerry Wayne, 88 Lawson, Richard Arthur, 383 Laxton, Carroll Malcolm, 293, 407 Lay, Ava June, 420 Lazarus, Deborah Anne, 128, 370 Lea, Patricia Diane, 358 Leach, Beverly Jane, 399 Leach, James Grist, 383 Leach, William Johnston, 152, 370 Leader, Jack Gary, 148, 370 Leafe, Norman Ephraim, Jr., 302, 370 League, Hugh Michael, 383 Leak, James Alexander, III, 370 Leak, Mary Stella, 131 Leake, Arthur Eldridge, Jr., 393 Leake, William Stuart, Jr., 99, 333 Leary, Stephen Phillips, 293, 383 Leath, William Jefferson, 370 LeConte, Joseph Nisbet, Jr.. 383 Ledbetter, Charles Edwin, 383 Leder, Nathan I., 88, 148, 358 Leder, Robert Berle, 135 Lee, Arah E., 411 Lee, Glenda Ann, 333 Lee, Harold Wayne, 290, 383 Lee, Howard Nathaniel, 411 Lee, John William, 333 Lee, Lawrence Borden, 358 Lee, Margaret Carolyn, 333 Lee, Nancy Irene, 358 Lee, Steve Anderson, 293 Lee, Sue Neal, 333 Lee, William Knapp, Jr., 294, 370 Lee, William Thomas, 383 Leeder, David Franklin, 370 Lefevers, Ann Twisdale, 411 Leff, Herbert LeRoy, 333 Leffler, Patricia Ann, 208. 250, 254, 333 Lefler, Charles Deems, 170, 293, 358 Lefler. Hugh Talmage, Jr., 207, 393 Legge tt, Edwin, 169 Leggett, Jay Lynn, 333 Leggett, Martha Victoria. 407 LeGrand, Gordon Buck, 392 LeGrand, John Lillington, 124, 333 Lehman, David Christian, 383 Leibold, Jean Ellen, 92, 190 Leigh, James Michael. 290. 370 Leigh, Joel Miller, 370 Leinster, William Luttrell. 277, 383 Leippe, Richard Albert, 383 Lemmond, Bea Nelson, 225, 383 Lennon, Linda Fay, 358 Lentz, Ellen Linn, 92, 261, 358 Lentz, Herman Lee, 383 Lentz, James Lewis, 370 Lentz, John James, 333 Lentz, Myra M., 420 Lentz, William Jeremiah, 370 Lentzen, Donald Eric, 420 Leonard, Baxter C. J., 370 Leonard, Carol Anne, 370 Leonard, Charles David, 383 Leonard, Charles J.. Jr., 443 Leonard, James Raymond Wesley. 296, 297, 370 Leonard, Joseph Gregory, 290, 358 Leonard, Keneth Beattie, 181, 358 Lesesne, Edward Huguenin, Jr., 99, 333 Lesley, Donald Williams, 123, 358 Leslie, Donald Alexander, 123, 201, 370 Lester, Douglas Joe, 333 Lester, William Hugh, 333 Lester, William L. G., 96, 333 LeSueur, Patricia M., 234, 383 LeVasseur, Bill, 127 Levenherz, Steven Harris, 443 Levering, Ralph Brooks, 383 Leverton, Stephen Colwell, 443 Levi, David S., 383 Levin, Jon J., 148, 370 Levine, George Joel, 136, 333 Levine, Leah Deborah, 116 Levinson, Harold Jay, 148, 333 Levy. Benton, John, 443 Lewis, Bob, 174 Lewis, Charles Blake, 383 Lewis, Clarence Franklin, Jr., 127, 370 Lewis, Claudia Bane, 128, 358 Lewis, Clifford Thomas, Jr., 393 Lewis, Donald Vincent, 304, 370 Lewis. Earl William, 420 Lewis, Edward Lee, 294, 370 Lewis, Eva May, 333 Lewis, George Thomas, Jr.. 282, 333 Lewis, Herschel Horton, 383 Lewis, James Larry, 383 Lewis, Lorenzo, Jr., Ill, 370 Lewis. Mary Linda, 100. 271, 333 Lewis, Mary Suzanne, 390 Lewis, Ralph William, 333 Lewis, Rebecca Ann, 333 Lewis, Richard North, Jr., 383 Lewis, Roger Wesley, Jr., 358 Lewis, William Jennings, 383 Lewis, Wilma Morris, 420 Libby, Gilbert Butler, Jr., 293, 383 Lichem, Walther, 269 Lichtefeld, Louis Jerome, Jr., 383 Lichtenfels, Frances, 259, 333 Lichtenstein, Marshall Harvey, 262, 358 Liebel, Joan Susan, 116 Liebhart, Jerald Clifford, Jr., 333 Liebolt, Frederick Lee, Jr., 442 Light, Arthur Heath, 383 Light, Elizabeth Harlan, 92, 333 Light, James Woodson, 189, 249, 261, 264. 333 Liipfert, Analean Scott, 131 Liles, Lewis Oliver, 383 Liles, Robert Moore, 307, 370 Liles, Ronald Thomas, 370 Lilley, Sarah Jane, 383 Lilly, Thomas T., Jr., 221. 407 Lindenmeyer, Thomas Howard, 358 Lindley, Harry Newell, 358 Lindley, James Randall, 293, 358 Lindon, Virginia Gail, 116, 333 Lindsay, Joseph Hamlin, Jr., 333 Lindsey, Clifford Stanley, 383 Lindsey, Mark McDonald, Jr., 253. 264, 370 Lineberger, Joe Robert, 358 Lineberger, Walter Guy, 370 Lineberry, Donald Edgar, 413 Lineberry, Richard Bryan, 383 Lingerfelt, Herbert Harrison, 293, 383 Link, Elizabeth Robins, 131, 254 Link, Gene, 160 Linker, Thurman Sinclair, Jr., 383 Linker, William Murray, III, 358 Linkous, Hary Abraham, III, 370 Linn, Elizabeth D., 411 Linney, Isaac Baxter, 199, 268, 370 Linville, Martha Emily, 333 Linville, Ray Pate, 370 Lippa, Matthew Stuart, 293 Lippard, Carol Nannette, 333 Lippincott, Robert Louis, Jr., 103 Lipscomb, Thomas Walker, III, 383 Lipson, Peter Schuyler, 293 Lister, Steve, 160 Litaker, Nancy Lee, 333 Little, Alexander Graham. III. 103. 333 Little, Charles, 170 Little, Edgar Watson, 370 Little, George Roscoe, III, 358 Little, Hilda Hardison, 271, 334 Little, James Conrad, 394 Little, James David, 104, 253, 261, 296, 358 Little, James Fowler, 383 Little, James McAllister, 383 Little, Jerry Allen, 202, 294, 334 Little, John Zebulon, 393 Little, Linda West, 420 Little, Robert Guy, 383 Little, Robert Marcus. 383 Little, Robert Winfield, 383 Littlefield, Dianne, 111, 190, 334 Littlejohn, Samuel McGowan. 120, 358 Littleton. Augusta Stanley, 358 Litton, Michael Daniel, 358 Litton, Nancy Lee, 128, 370 Livengood, Thomas Dillon, 383 Livengood, Thomas S.. 358 Livesay, Jonathan Craig, 293, 370 Livingston, Elizabeth Ann, 358 Livingston, Paul H., Jr., 383 Livingston, Thomas Frank, Jr., 290, 383 Livingstone, Judy Pruette, 399 Lloyd, Charles Braxton, 370 Lloyd, Donald Kemp, 277, 383 Lloyd, Evelyn Pauline, 199, 215, 406 Lobl, Thomas J., 358 Lockhart, George G., 218, 334 Loeber, Donald Hamilton, Jr., 383 Loewenbaum, George, 262 Loftin, Ann Barrow, 383 Logan, Philip Howard, 407 Logan, Wade Hamtpon, III, 88, 89, 96, 358 Logue, Robert Bruce, 383 Lokey, Julian Lee, 87, 88, 117, 212, 358 Lollay, Susan Eileen, 111, 358 Lomax, John Robert, 218 Lombardo, Michael McLean. 383 Lominac, Thomas Charles, 334 London, Fred Williams, Jr., 112, 370 Long. Arthur Stanley, III, 383 Long, Benjamin Franklin, IV, 123, 370 Long, Byrd Jackson, 383 Long, Donald Gray, 334 Long, James Sexton, 294, 334 Long, John Addison, Jr., 293 Long, Melinda, 131, 263, 334 Long, Paul Douglas, 334 Long, Robert DeLaney, 383 Long, Samuel Sprott, II, 370 Long, William Everett, 383 Long, William Lunsford, III, 383 Long, William Thomas, 201, 293, 370 Longest, Frank Alexander, Jr., 370 Longino, Elizabeth Loyce, 358 Lopp, Frederick Bland, 416 Lopp, John Peter, III, 306, 334 Lopp. Ronnie Bruce, 293, 334 Lorber, David Martin, 208, 235, 334 Lorber, Robert Norton, 383 Lorek, Barbara Jo, 398 Loud, John, 108, 172 Love, Lawrence Leslie, 370 Love, Sue Ellen, 358 Love, Thomas Avery, 383 Loveday, Donald Ray, 181, 334 Lovell, Beverly B., 411 Lovell, John Thomas, 127, 358 Lovett, Connie Berry, 370 Lovette, James Fleming, Jr., 293, 383 Lovins, Margaret Godsey, 411 Lowder, George Edward, 358 Lowder, James Alvin, 370 Lowdermilk, Edward L., 222, 293 Lowe, David Lindsay, 135, 358 Lowe, Dorothy Sandra, 370 Lowe, Elsie Allene, 417 Lowe, Gary Reade, 253, 296. 334 Lowe, Mary Wilhelmena, 131, 358 Lowe, Robert B., 223, 269, 409 Lowe, Ronald Jeffrey, 223, 409 Lowery, Robert Herman, 358 Lowery, Woodrow Wilson, 358 Lowman, Samuel Enoch, Jr.. 409 Lowrance, William Wilson, Jr., 209, 334 Lowry, Jane Mildred, 115, 398 Lowry, John Robert, 383 Lowry, Roy Frank, Jr., 394 Loyd, Linda Kay, 358 Lucas, Robert Ray, 294, 408 Ludford, Phyllis Katherine, 334 Ludington, John Robert, Jr., 370 Lueders, Brian Carter, 358 Lukens, Robert Paul, 293, 334 Lum, Robert Clinton, 293, 384 Lumpkin, Troy Pickett, 334 Lund, Thomas Richard, 293, 384 Lunney, William George, 442 Lupton. Richard Byron, 358 Lusk, Edward William, 420 Lyda, Oscar James, III, 290, 358 Lyerly, Hubert Spencer, II, 370 Lyerly, Tony Michael, 293, 384 Lyman, Donald Roy, 148, 370 Lynch, Barbara Ann, 115, 334 Lynch, Linda Candace. 128. 409 Lynn, Flema Ruth, 409 Lynn, Robert Page, 293, 358 Lyon, Hugh Palmer, Jr., 334 Lyon, Otho DeVane, III, 370 Lyon, Richard Jordan, 127, 334 Lyons, Joseph E., Jr., 358 Mc McAdams, Larry William, 370 McAdams, Walter Dalton, Jr., 135, 358 McAhster, Dwight Hirum, 370 McAllister, Bruce, 127 McAllister, Cranine Kette, 358 McArthur, Alan, 160 McArthur, William Kenneth, 358 McAuley, Edward Matthew, 358 McBane, Ben D., 334 McBennett, Joseph Leo, Jr., 384 McBrayer, Stephen Brooks, 384 McBride, Rickie Edwin, 384 McCaghren, Cary Brent, 103, 370 McCain, Derrell Watson, 371 McCain, Grover Clinton, 384 McCall, Alfred Clarence, Jr., 384 McCall, Charles William, Jr., 415 McCallie, Spencer Wyatt, 104, 172, 285, 358 McCallum, Charles William, 371 McCanless, Mary Roueche. 384 McCaedell, William Paul, 416 McCarroll, Steven Mort, 384 McCartney, Ottaway Kenton, III, 358 McCarty, Perry Howell, 123, 250, 334 McCaskill, Rodney Lynn, 223, 269 McCaslin, Alston Jones, 416 McCauley, Wyatt, 267 McChesney, James Munn, III, 88, 123, 201, 371 McClamrock, James Ronald, 293 McClellan, James Daniel, 384 McCluney, Marcus Stewart, 371 McClung, Elizabeth Simmons, 411 McClure. Robert Garrett, Jr., 293, 358 McCollum, Tim Gordon, 441 McCollum, Judith Quinn, 334 McCombs, James Talmadge, 334 McCommons, Robert Joseph, 407 McConnel, M. S., 394 McConnell, Alison, 334 McConnell, Henry Elden, 420 McCorkle, Kenneth Michael, 371 McCormick, W. Henry, 290 McCotter, John Muse, 384 McCoy, James Rhea, 383 McCoy, Kenneth Byron, 244, 291, 358 McCracken, Nancy J., 128, 358 McCracken, Saundra Lynn, 383 McCrane, Mary Lynn, 408 McCrary, Ernest Stuart, 223, 237, 293. 358 McCray, Kay, Lorren, 384 McCrickard, Danalds Lee, 391 McCuiston, Oscar Thomas, Jr., 218, 334 McCullough, Constance Joan, 334 McCulloug, John Douglas, 293, 371 McCurdy, James Allan, 371 McCurdy, Mary Ann Theresa, 334 McCurdy, William Scott, 293, 384 McCutcheon, Linda Holloway, 116, 358 McDade, Paul Brown, Jr., 371 McDaniel, Ann Mason, 92, 250, 256, 334 McDaniel, George Emmett, Jr., 371 McDaniel, Margaret Ann, 115, 334 McDaniel, Nelson Bell, 371 McDaniel, Pamela Allene. 384 McDaniel, Ralph Bryan, 113, 358 McDaniel, William Jason, 393 McDavid, Frank Edward, 290, 371 McDavid, Virginia Lloyd, 206, 334 McDermott, Maureen A., 402 McDonald, Allen Pierce, 201, 371 McDonald, Ann Mebane, 100, 206, 335 McDonald, Daniel Edwin, 124, 358 McDonald, Eloise Thomas, 358 McDonald, Harold Ernest, Jr., 113. 335 McDonald, Ian, 269 McDonald, Linda Aline, 100, 250 McDonald, Morris Irwin, Jr., 384 McDonald, Paul Wayne. 293, 371 McDougle, James H., Jr., 202, 371 McDowell, Frances Salisbury, 266 McEnally, Susan Katherine, 358 McFadden, Bill, 302 McFadden, David Darrah, 266, 384 McFall, Daniel, 295 McFalls, Judith Ann, 335 McGalliard, Richard Vance, 335 McGee, James William, IV, 392 McGilvary, Laurence Hood. 384 McGinnis, David Martin, 277. 384 McGinty, Park, 123, 172, 208. 209, 335 McGirt, Joseph Ward, Jr., 117, 254, 371 McGlinn, Louise Steuart, 399 McGlohon, Artie C, 358 McGowan, Mary Elissa, 358 McGrady, Rebecca, Ann, 335 McGrath, Terrill Stacey, 384 McGregor, Gail, 131, 266, 358 Mcllhenny, Edmund, 108 Mclnnis, Thomas McLeod, Jr.. 358 Mcintosh, Ann Kirkman, 399 Mcintosh, Bruce Fred, 335 Mclntyre, James Howard, 335 Mclntyre, Susan Bartee, 371 Mclver, Frank Thomas, 413 Mclver, Julia R., 371 McKamy, Brooke Hamilton, 335 McKee, Elizabeth Jo, 335 McKee, Michael Thomas, 415 McKeel, John Ashley, 358 McKeel, Nancy Lynn, 399 McKeithen, Millicent Jean, 131, 358 McKeithan, Tim Shepard, 384 McKenzie, Barbara Nelson, 92, 335 McKenzie, Marty Russell, 371 McKenzie, Olin Glaze, III. 87, 88, 89, 113. 358 McKethan, Kenneth Alexander, Jr., 371 McKinley, Thomas William, 420 McKinney, William Forrest, 384 McKinnon, Thomas King, 371 McKnight, Stephen Alen, 358 McLain, George Robert, 358 McLamb, Joseph T., 393 McLamb, Myron Douglas, 144, 371 McLaughlin, Howard Joseph, 371 McLaughlin, Philip Michael, 181. 358 McLaurin, Frank Bishop, Jr., 290, 384 McLaurin, Michael David. 335 McLean, Harry Ardrey, 371 Page 444 CHARLOTTE ENGRAVING COMPANY Page 445 McLean, Horace Bradford, Jr., 384 McLean, Robert Martin, 103, 371 McLean, William Starr, 371 McLees, Charles Thomas, 392 McLemore, Gilbert Carmichael, Jr., 113, 335 McLendon, Lennox Lane, 294, 371 McLeod, Donald C. 135, 181, 407 McLeod, Malcolm Noell, 392 McLester, William Dumas, 392 McMahan, William Edwin, 202, 301 358 McMakin Martha Alice, 358 McManus, Ronald Ney, 384 McMeekin, Robert Rowell, 420 McMichael, Jule, Jr., 335 McMillan, Charles Knox, 152, 371 McMillan, Jerry Colvard, 384 McMillan, John Samuel, 371 McMillan, Paul Douglas, 217, 335 McMillan, Robert Andrew, 108, 211, 212, 213, 335 McMinis, Calvin Roger, 293, 371 McMurray, William Harvey, III, 384 McNairy, Francis Dalton, 335 McNairy, Wayne Dalton, 384 McNairy, William Glenn, 104 McNairy, Wyatt Hamilton, Jr., 358 McNally, Danny Donald, 384 McNeely, Thomas Cowan, 358 McNeill, Donald Drake, 392 McNeill, George Vernon, 384 McNeil, Quincy Albert, Jr., 198, 335 McNulty, Patricia Ann, 111, 335 McPhatter, Richard Nathan, 293, 371 McPhaul, Donald Martin, 290, 384 McPhaul, Jane Adelaide, 257, 371 McPherson, Trip, 170 McQueen, Donald Howard, 393 McRae, Martha Alice, 358 McRorie, Carl Cleave, II, 384 McRorie, Charles Winston, 384 McSwain, Lloyd Grover, Jr., 384 McSwoon, John Oil lard, 293, 384 McVicker, Sara Jane, 399 McWhorter, Robert Monroe, 281, 335 M Mabe, Elizabeth Aufeldia, 233, 358 Mabry, Ira Glenn, Jr., 384 MacDonald, Neil Robert, 358 MacDowell, Dorothy D., 131, 335 MacGregor, Malcolm Bruce, 384 Macht, Jay N., 394 Maclntyre, Miles E., 335 Maclsaac, John Thomas, III, 384 Mack, Stephen Philip, 292, 354 MacKesson, Mary Elizabeth, 128, 407 MacKethan, John Alexander, 200, 202, 335 MacKintosh, David McNash, 335 MacNeil, James Scott, 335 MacNeill, John Coble, Jr., 290, 371 MacPherson, H. L., Ill, 201, 371 MacQueen, Margaret Adams, 131 Macy, Ulrike R., 402 Maddison, Laurence Beckley, Jr., 124 Maddox, James McMillin, 358 Maddox, Steven Everett, 384 MaDonna, Harry Dickson, 443 Maerz, Margaret Lee, 399 Magnoson. Philip Roger, Jr., 358 Mahaffey, Charles Edward, 416 Maillet, Arthur Dwight, 335 Major, Samuel James. 135, 371 Malcolm, Carol Elizabeth, 399 Malcolm, John Buckner, 225, 371 Mallo, William Hilton, 293 Malobicky, Jay, 160 Malone, Jacqueline Lou. 371 Malone, John Edgar, 409 Malski, Carl Michael, 335 Mandel, Leonard Howard, 136, 443 Maness, James Sherman, Jr., 384 Mangum, Anthony Bryant, 335 Mangum, Robert Worth, 335 Manley, John Kendall, 104, 335 Mann, Betty Sue, 335 Mann, Gene L. R., 420 Mann, John Thomas, 123, 371 Mann, Katherine Hendrix, 100, 358 Mann, Kenneth Lee, 136, 358 Mann, Roger Corwell, Jr., 384 Mann, Thomas Wingate, 358 Manney, Tom, 265 Manning, Daniel Alston, 443 Manning, Diane, 411 Manning, Howard Edwards, Jr., 152, 206, 336 Manning, John Thomas, Jr., 384 Manning, Kenneth Paul, 336 Manning, Thomas Lane, 384 Manning, William, 290 Mansfield, Mary, 420 Manship, Mark Auburn, 169, 384 Margerison, Kenneth Hilton, 201, 371 Marion, Hassel Dean, 358 Markham, Dianne Monroe, 336 Markham, John Edward, Jr., 371 Markham, Lawrence William, 225 Markland, Charles Ernest, Jr., 371 Marks, Bill, 384 Marks, William Henry, III, 197, 293, 371 Marlette, Art, 170 Marlette, Wade, 233, 261 Marmol, Jose G., 420 Marquez, Ernest B., 384 Marsden, Anne Boice, 411 Marsh, Oliver Lee, Jr., 293, 384 Marsh, Richard William, 124, 371 Marshall, Albert Barnes, Jr., 358 Marshall, Joan A., 420 Marshall, Judy Gail, 417 Marshall, William McFarland, 371 Marshburn, David Theon, 413 Marshburn, Gary Wriston, 144, 371 Martin, Andrew Stephen, 293. 336 Martin, Barbara Sue, 100, 336 Martin, Billy Ray, 336 Martin, Dohn Hannah, 336 Martin, Donald Payne, 225, 245, 358 Martin, Edward Stephens, 88, 89, 204, 206, 207, 209, 336 Martin, Franklin Edwin, 443 Martin, James Earle, 384 Martin, James Nelson, 293, 384 Martin, James Ronald, 336 Martin, Jane Alice, 358 Martin, Joseph Franklin, 88, 89, 209, 254, 358 Martin, Joseph Howard, Jr., 358 Martin, Lorraine Eloise, 336 Martin, Robert E., 358 Martin, Robert Gale, 394 Martin, Samuel Anthony, Jr., 127, 336 Martin, William Wallace, III, 358 Martof, Andrew Bernard, 384 Marvin, Harold William, III, 336 Masino, James, 169 Maske, Tommy Malcolm, 408 Mason, Charles W., Jr., 413 Mason, Charlotte Anne, 399 Mason, Gloria Jeanne, 115, 358 Mason, Julia Anne, 128, 259, 336 Mason, Michael Dana, 111, 371 Massey, James Dale, 408 Massey, Sue Ellen, 392 Massey, William Preston, 384 Massingill, Howard A., 88 Masten, Michael Anthony, 293, 336 Mastin, Thomas Alan, 123, 371 Matheson, Miriam Joyce, 336 Matkins, John Alan, 413 Matthews, Ann Meddaugh, 358 Matthews, Cary Irwin, 336 Matthews, Cornelius Faison, 336 Matthews, Gene W., 371 Matthews, Harry Leigh, 407 Matthews, James Spencer, 221, 407 Matthews, Leonard Walter, III, 406 Matthews, Phillip Ray, 441 Matthews, Robert Hammitt, 371 Matthews, Steward, 170 Mattox, Eunice Hoyle, 115, 336 Mauldin, R. Barton, 384 Mauney, Clarence Eugene, 294, 336 Maupin, Armistead Jones, 253, 257, 358 Maupin, Virginia Magruder, 358 Mawd, Lynn S., 413 Maxwell, Ann Parham, 396, 403 May, Duard Michael, 117, 336 May, Emmanuel, III, 221, 406 May, Jacqueline S., 420 Mayer, Nancy Lynn, 359 Maynard, Arthur Stanley, 420 Maynor, Nancy, 257 Mayo, David Hargrave, 384 Mayo, Gerald Mack, 443 Mayo, Herbert Brown, 336 Mays, David Carl, 384 Mazoff, Stephen Michael. 336 Mead, Gary Raymond, 120, 359 Meade, James Bullard, 170. 209, 359 Meade, Robert Arthur, 443 Meador, Philip D., Jr., 88, 135, 371 Meador, Ray, 160 Meads, Lawrence Craig, 408 Meares, Claude Francis. 384 Mears, Brenda Carroll, 417 Mebane, John Gilmer, Jr., 99, 359 Medford, James Allen, 104, 201 Medlin, Gerald Lloyd, 408 Mees, William Newcomb, 293, 384 Meissner, Anne Hyde, 115, 271, 336 Mello, William Hilton, 371 Melvin, James Stuart, 359 Melvin, Walter Oliver, 384 Mendelson, Barbara Arlene, 336 Menefee. Elizabeth Louise, 92, 205, 250. 256, 264, 271, 336 Menius, Michael Albert, 384 Mercer, Forrest Alvah, 371 Merarri, Richard Ludwig, 384 Meredith, Pamela, 417 Merrell, Roy Edward, Jr., 371 Merrick, Elizabeth Lynn, 384 Merrill, William Harrison, 123, 204, 208. 209. 250, 336 Merritt, Eugene W., Jr., 144, 359 Merritt, Jenny Louise, 336 Merritt, Jo Ellen, 336 Merritt, Woodrow Wilson, 416 Merrow, Helen Leith, 256, 398 Mewborn, John Moses, 336 Mewborn, Quentin Alexander, Jr., 336 Meyer, Bernard Stanley, 359 Meyer, Charles Edward, 359 Meyer, Frank William, 337 Meyer, George Wright, 384 Meyer, Julien Herman, Jr., 250, 337 Micaud, Suzanne H., 100, 205, 257, 337 Michael, Anne Campbell, 128, 337 Michael, Howard Mitchell, 408 Michaels, Edward Gaitfin. Ill, 200. 337 Michaux, Roy Herman, Jr., 441 Mickler, Martin Joseph, 113, 371 Middlemas, Claire Grace, 337 Middleton, Henry Moore, III, 198, 200, 337 Milar, Roberta, 420 Milbrath, Donald, 290 Miles, Joel Hart, 337 Milholland, Janie Wilson, 359 Milgram, Brent, 169 Miller. Anthony Wisner, 88, 99, 206, 208, 212, 255, 337 Miller, Bill, 254 Miller, Carol Sue, 371 Miller, Carole Joan. 116, 261, 337 Miller, Charles R., 290, 359 Miller, Dale Elizabeth, 384 Miller, Daniel Thomas, 223, 359 Miller, Elizabeth Ann. 359 Miller, Fred Caustion, Jr., 359 Miller, Gale Franklin, 384 Miller, Ira Lawrence, 359 Miller, Kenneth Larry, Jr., 384 Miller, Linda Marlis, 402 Miller, Lloyd Cardin, Jr., 384 Miller, Mary Ann, 402 Miller, Patricia Evelyn, 337 Miller, Richard Jackson, 384 Miller, Ronald Wayne, 290, 384 Miller, Ronnie Henderson, 415 Miller, Sharon Jean, 359 Miller, William Propst, 267, 384 Millichap, Peter B., 264 Millikan, James Boren, Jr., 384 Millikin, Robert John, 384 Millington, Betsy A., 116, 206, 261 Millis, Clarence Edward, Jr., 293, 371 Mills, Everette Ernest, III, 337 Mills, Frank Fulcher, III, 337 Mills. Jessatha MacFarland, 337 Milner, George Steven, 371 Milstead, Charlotte, 100 Milton, Eunice Howze, 131, 359 Milton, Jack, Jr., 337 Mims, Billy Burns, Jr., 384 Minah, Glenn Ernest, 413 Minard, Frank Lawrence, 88, 371 Mincey, Giles William, 293 Minis, Henry P., Jr., 172, 371 Minton, Blan Vance, 411 Mmton, Solon Scott. 221, 407 Mintz, Rudolph I., Jr., 393 Mirken, Mark, 174 Misenheimer, Tony Gay. 384 Miska, Sarah Ellen, 359 Mitchell, Carolyn Anne, 391 Mitchell, Frederic Venn, 359 Mitchell, Grace Ellen, 359 Mitchell, Morgan C, 359 Mitchell, Neal Alford, Jr.. 293, 359 Mitchell, Nicholas Worth. 96, 371 Mitchell, Richard Foutz, 201, 371 Mitchell, Robert Henry, 384 Mitchell, Roy Truslow. 384 Mitchell, Stephen Perkins, 384 Mitchell, Vernon Lee, 245, 384 Mitchell, Walter Clifford, Jr., 359 Mitchell, William Morris, Jr., 384 Mitchener, Joseph Pike, 359 Mitchum, Kenneth Edward, 413 Mittendorff, Gerald Ernest, 277, 359 Mixon, Sally, 100, 271, 337 Mobley, Carl McLane, Jr., 371 Mock, Frances Clara, 131 Mocnik, Frank Anthony, 359 Modlin, John Wayne, 371 Modlin. Roland Blount, Jr., 384 Modrow, Peter Albert, 392 Moe, Don, 174 Monds, Alvah Price, 384 Monette, Alan Valmore, 276, 285, 337 Monro, Jeremy Thomas, 268, 384 Montgomery, Elwood Lee, 371 Montgomery, Franklin Moyle, 441 Moody. Beverly Anne, 396 Moody, David Hunt, 337 Moore, Barbara Custer, 398 Moore, Beverly Cooper, Jr., 117 Moore, Carol Ann, 359 Moore, Clayton Wells, III, 108, 207, 337 Moore, Clyde T., Jr., 337 Moore, David McDaniel. II, 284, 359 Moore, Donald Wayne. 293. 384 Moore, Earl Raefiel, Jr., 442 Moore, Elizabeth Louise. 259, 398 Moore, Florence Susan, 337 The No. 1 Dairy in the Research Triang ' .: Area LONG MEADOW FARMS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 65 ' The Dairy Store " 431 West Franklin Street Chapel Hill — Phone 942-3 1 1 4 of .As y W - C Durham, N. C. APPAREL ACCESSORIES GIFT ITEMS for Men - Women - Children Moore, George William, Jr., 201, 409 Moore, Harvey, 172 Moore, Hugh Jackson, 407 Moore, James Alan, 371 Moore, James Brice, 384 Moore, James Edward. 384 Moore, Jennie Marian, 115, 337 Moore, Linda Joy, 398 Moore, Michael A., 221, 359 Moore, P. Robert, 371 Moore, Paul A., Jr., 152, 212, 337 Moore, Phoebe Jean, 116, 337 Moore, Robert Dunn, 96, 337 Moore, Reuben Leslie. Jr.. 441, 439 Moore, Robert Holloway, 103, 406 Moore, Thaddeus Thomson, 108, 371 Moore, Roger Alston, 384 Moore, S. Harbaugh, 117, 358 Moore, Susan Barnhart, 111, 254, 264, 409 Moore, Thomas Archie, 371 Moore, William Benjamin, Jr., 371 Moore, William E. P., 359 Moore, William Perry, 337 Moore, William Worsham, Jr.. 384 Mooring, Joseph Ray, Jr., 337 Mooring, Robert Franklin, 384 Moose, George Howard, Jr., 359 Moran, Alfred Jay, 108 Moran, Nolan Kent, 337 Morehead, John Motley, IV, 384 Morgan, Allen Benners, Jr., 243, 337 Morgan, Billy Joe, 443 Morgan, Charles L„ 294 Morgan, Charles Russell, 384 Morgan, Don Wayne, 359 Morgan, Donald Hobbs, 113, 371 Morgan, Gretchen, 337 Morgan, Henry Wetter, 88, 108, 206, 211, 212, 213, 337 Morgan, Jack Ledwell, Jr., 221, 408 Morgan, Melzer Adron, Jr., 443 Morgan, Michael David, 384 Morgan, Michael Thomas, 384 Morgan, Sandra LeVoy, 111, 337 Morgan, Stanley Eugene, 117, 235, 371 Morgan, Thomas Arthur, 371 Morgan, William Clyde, Jr., 359 Morin. Robert Hunter, 96, 206, 207 Morisey, John Cornelius, Jr., 123, 338 Moritz, Linda, 411 Morley, Robert Edward, 135, 371 Morris, Betsy Ross, 131, 190, 266, 298, 359 Morris, Grant Leslie, Jr., 384 Morris, Joseph Arnold, 225, 338 Morris, Madge Etta, 411 Morris, Michael Moned, 223. 409 Morris, Nancy Jean, 262, 359 Morris, Patricia Faye, 399 Morris, Paula Jane. 420 Morris, Richard William, 338 Morris, Walter Smith, 127. 413 Morrison, Allen Lou Gary, 384 Morrison, Ian, 174 Morrison, John Stuart, 384 Morrison, Mills Lane, 103, 371 Morrison, Robert Gray, 108 Morrow, Roderick Prescott, 338 Morrow, Thomas Archbell, 384 Morton, Anthony Clay, 267, 371 Morton, Jane Reed, 338 Morton, Louisa Barbee, 338 Morton, Roger Lewis, 371 Morton, Wayne Craig, 384 Moseley, James Whitfield, 359 Moseley, Richard Paul, 277, 385 Moseman, Robert F., 420 Moser, Jerri, 257 Moss, John Foy, 96 Mosteller, Clifton Herbert, Jr., 359 Motley, Linda Sue, 338 Moulton. John Adkins, II, 291, 371 Mowery, Carol Marie, 111, 359 Mowery, Maxwell Reed, Jr., 269, 338 Moye, Robert Wilson, 416 Muchmore, James Harrison, 172, 235, 359 Mueller, Guenther Herbert S., 338 Mueller, Steven Jay, 385 Mulcahy, William Michael, 371 Mulford, John Garland, 443 Mull, Gary Edward, 385 Mull, Joe Thomas, 293, 371 Mullen, Douglas T., 338 Mullen, Sally Jo, 111 Muller, Chandler, Robinson, 99, 189, 208, 338 Mulligan, Patrick Joseph, 87, 89, 371 Mullinax, Robert Lee, 218 Muncy, Thomas Edward, 217 Munday, Carl Bradley, 385 Munday, John D., 96 Munden, Miriam Elsie, 399 Munny, John Christian, 260 Munroe, Michael P., 301 Munroe, Sylvia Gayle, 116, 338 Murchison, John Laurence, 385 Murphey, William Reid, 111, 338 Murphy, Andrew Marshall, 172, 359 Murphy, Anne Frazier, 78, 111, 359 Murphy, E. Prentiss, 420 Murphy. Jesse Thomas, 135, 371 Murphy, Margaret Biggs, 100, 338 Murphy, Mark Adrian, 385 Murphy, Richard Franklin, Jr., 421 Murray, Charles Forrest, 385 Murray, Charles Jerome, 338 Murray, Charles Osborne, III, 201, 371 Murray, Gael Theresa, 265, 338 Murray, John Clifford, Jr., 197, 371 Murray, Philip Ignatius, 385 Murray, Ronald Ford, 338 Muse, Billie Lee, 338 Muse, Charles Hunter, 88. 120, 202, 338 Musselwhite, Neill H., Ill, 221,407 Mustard, Lewis Williams, 338 Muyangana, Christopher Mutemwa, 371 Muzzey, John Loring, 385 Mwamasso, Alfred Samuel, 359 Myer, Charles Randolph, 385 Myers, Carol Lindsay, 111 Myers, Charles Clinton, 371 Myers, Charlotte Rebecca, 116, 409 Myers, Dennis Page, 217, 359 Myers, Hugh Alan, 223, 269, 406 Myers, John Quincy, 218, 294, 338 Myers, William Charles, 413 Myles, Jeffery Thomas, 293 Myrick. Donald Ernest, 338 Myrick, Robert Wade, 169, 385 N Nachman, Stewart, 88 Nagle, Clyde William, 443 Nance, Jack Hunter, 385 Nance, Neil Russell, 385 Narron, Roy Stewart, 385 Nase, John Mikell, 371 Nash, Charles Edward, Jr., 371 Nash, David Alan, 371 Nash, Patty Ceil, 95, 223, 338 Nash, Richard Edwin, 413 Nathanson, Alan J., 338 Natt, Edward Allen, 371 Naumoff, Lawrence Jay, 385 Neal, Charles Hylton, 371 Neal, Clinton Hill, Jr., 160, 359 Neal, Francis Brent, 202, 359 Neal, Peyton Ring. Jr., 441 Neal, William Ronald, 385 Neble, Frances Ruth, 399 Neblett, Jane A„ 338 Neely, Alan Sanders, 88, 104, 359 Neely, Charles Batcheller, Jr., 208, 253, 257, 268, 276, 296, 338 Neely, John Curry, Jr., 385 Neely, Robert Yount, 385 Neiburg, Dale Alan, 371 Nelson, Davis Whitman, 385 Nelson, Edward Daniels, 144, 371 Nelson, Williard John, 338 Nelson. William Carl, Jr., 88, 124, 338 Nemeth, John William, 385 Nesbitt, James Monroe, Jr., 338, 394 Nesbitt, Robert Edwin, 385 Neusome, William E., 290 Neuwirth, Frederick G., 136, 293 Newhouse, Donald Walter, 359 Newland, David H., 359 Newlin, Locke Mebane. 371 Newlin, Robert Barclay, 193, 371 Newlin, Robert John, 359 Newman, Maynard S., 407 Newman, Mary Lou, 421 Newnam, Constance Lee, 396 Newnam, Sherrill Reid, 359 Newsome, Atlas Eugene, 385 Newsome, George Edward, 359 Newsome, Robert James, Jr., 338 Newsome, Troy Wilson, Jr., 359 Newton, Anne Michael, 91, 338 Newton, James Bryon, 385 Newton, Robert Frank, 385 Newton, William C, Jr., 371 Nibbelink, Jan C, 413 Nichols, Archie McRoy, 371 Nichols, Larry Wayne, 223, 407 Nichols, Ralph Howland, 371 Nichols, Richard Lee, 385 Nichols, Sharon Madry, 338 Nichols, Terry William. 197, 385 Nicholson, Alice Madeline, 339 Nicholson, Garland Farnell, Jr., 339 Nicholson, George, 257, 262 Nicholson, Henry Rauenel, 371 Nicholson, James Howard, 385 Nicholson, Lois Christina, 359 Nicholson, Tom, 293 Niedringhaus, Judith Carroll, 265. 339 Nieuwenhuis. Elisabeth Hilly, 116, 359 ■Mill. Donnie Nelson, 293 Niven, David Bradley, 385 Noggle, James Edison, Jr., 290 Noland, John Burden, 385 Nolstad, Margaret Camilla, 385 Nonell, George Roscoe, Jr., 371 Nordan, Gary Leigh, 385 Nordan, Kerry Gene, 339 Norfleet, Betty, 257 Norfleet, S. Nash, 372 Norman, Carole Jean, 398 Norman, John L., 411 Norman, Joseph A., 290 Norman, Roger William, Jr., 372 Norrell, Gary Morton, 372 Norris, David Archie, 359 North, Frederick Chamberlain, III, 359 North, Thomas Carl, 372 Northcott, Timothy Allen, 371 Norton, Jerry Lee, 393 Norvelle, Johnny Edward, 385 Norward, Nancy Catherine, 385 Norwood, William Walker, ji., 372 Novotny, Sarah F., 411 Nowell, Alton G., 152, 212 Nowell, George Roscoe, Jr., 372 Nowlan, George Franklin, III, 372 Nucciarone, William Joseph, 135, 277, 372 Nuckolls, Joseph Thomas, 359 Nulton, Vivia Lynn, 372 Nunnally, McKee, Jr., 339 Nye, Glenn Carlyle, 385 Oakley, Charles Lee, 385 Oakley, Frances Newell, 398 Oakley, William Melvin, 411 Obenshain, Wiley Shackford, III, 144, 290, 372 O ' Briant, Samuel Edward, III, 385 O ' Brient, Carol Wayne, 398 O ' Bryan, Elizabeth Jane, 359 O ' Bryant, Samuel E., 290 O ' Connor, Young Michael, 339 Odom, Robert Wayne. 197, 372 O ' Donnell, Margaret Gail, 95 O ' Donnell, Sharon Marie, 115, 359 O ' Eben, Rudolph Wilhelm, 421 Oettinger, Kenneth Brown, 359 Oettinger, Wayman Melvin, 152, 359 Offill, David M., 290 Ogburn, Carol Jean, 403 Ogburn, James Hobbs, 364, 372 Ogburn, Robert Glenn, Jr., 160, 339 Ogle, Bruce Marshall, 359 Ohle, Paul Walter, 416 O ' Keefe, Edward Michael, 385 Okoroma, Edwin 0., 172, 33 9 Okumura, Koshin, 269 Okuno, Kazuko, 421 Okuno, Nagaharu, 420 Oland, Patricia Nell, 399 Old, Katherine Hanes, 95, 359 Oldham, Betty Marie, 399 Oldham, Susan Morton, 359 Oleen, Edward Luther, 385 Olive, Michael Bayne, 120, 372 Oliver, Barbara Allen, 339 Oliver, Charles, II, 108 Oliver, George Motley, Jr., 201, 372 Oliver, Lanta Christine, 266, 372 Oliver, Russell Timothy, 123, 189, 208, 254, 299, 339 Olsen, John Christian, 359 Olshinski, John Albert. 267, 359 Olson, Lauritz William, 359 Olson, Nancy Paula, 92, 359 Olszanowski, Roger Leonard, 385 O ' Neal, Benjamin Nelson, 293 O ' Neal, Benjamin Sheldon, 372 O ' Neill, John, Jr., 385 Oppenheimer, Richard Bruce, 385 Opton, James Dellevie, 372 O ' Quinn, Andrew Daniel, 293 O ' Quinn, Clyde Saunders, 254, 372 O ' Quinn, Robert A., 290 Orgain, Edward Stewart, Jr., 152, 339 Organ, Dennis Wayne, 359 Ormsby, Peggy Ann, 359 Orr, Robert Flynn, 385 Orrell, David Lee, 339 Osborne, Colin Porter, 385 Osborne, Robert Lynn, 359 Osmun, Barry Ansen, 439, 441 Ostrow. Eric Harland, 372 Otis, William Graham, 293 O ' Toole, Dennis Theodore, 201, 202, 253, 301, 372 Ott, Matthew Nelson, Jr.. 210, 257, 441 Otterness, Patricia Louise, 339 Otts, Rebecca Elizabeth, 234, 339 Overcash, D. Ann, 339 Overcash, Kay Eugene, 339 Overcash, Richard Franklin, 120, 339 Overholt, John H., 339 Overton, Ashley Calhoun, 294, 372 Overton, John Blanton, 394 Overton, Sarah Lea, 116, 359 Overton, William Lee, 339 Owen, David Plott, 372 Owen, Edward Caraway, 372 Owen, James David, 293, 372 Owen, James M., 223, 406 Owen, Robert Harrison, Jr., 413 Page 447 Owen, Tony Brevard, 385 Owens, Harold Burley, 394 Owens, John Robert, Jr., 359 Owens, Patricia Ann, 234, 385 Owens, Phillip Lamar, 339 Owens, Richard Gwyn, 339 Oxford, Roger Clark, Jr., 117, 180, 372 Pace, James A., Jr., 385 Pace, Ruben Stephen, 359 Pace, Vincent John, 372 Pachimsawat, Sukit, 339 Pack, Marvin Hugh, 293, 359 Packard, Franklin Alvin, 293, 385 Padgett, Emily Marsha, 359 Page, Clarence E„ 359 Page, Danny Floyd, 339 Page, William Winship, 421 Pagett, Edward Eugene, 99, 372 Painter, Dean E., Jr., 359 Palisoul, Alan Arthur, 385 Palmatier, Helen Anne, 397 Palmer, Bruce D., 127, 411 Palmer, Bruce Edson, 359 Palmer, Charles Judson. Ill, 152, 353 Palmer, Hollis Vestal, 385 Palmer, Mary Anne, 359 Palmer, Yates Shuford, 416 Pamplin, Robert Boyd, 385 Papineru, Jeannette Elizabeth, 417 Papper, Kent J., 294 Parham, Ben Hill, 123, 359 Parham, William Moore, 117, 278, 285, 359 Parham, William Newell, 96, 359 Paris, Ronald Charles, 339 Park, Douglas Glenn, 120, 302, 372 Park, Vernon Caldwell, 225, 359 Parker, Dallas Pritchard, II, 359 Parker, David Archie, 359 Parker, E. B. Borden, 88, 89, 113, 260, 263 Parker, Edward Gerald, 339 Parker, Ford Harold, 359 Parker, Frank Marion, 385 Parker, Geoffrey V., 87, 88, 89, 144 Parker, Herman Richard, Jr., 394 Parker, James Edgar, 372 Parker, James Judd, 339 Parker, Jeff, 189 Parker, John Burwell, 99 Parker, John Hill, 359 Parker, Karen Lynn, 223, 339 Parker, Nancy Jordan, 420 Parker, Robert Britt, Jr., 372 Parker, Robert Vann, 339 Parker, Rosalyn DeVaughn, 339 Parker, William Kenneth, 339 Parks, Barbara Jean, 394 Parks, Michael Lashley, 339 Parlter, David Archie, 359 Parmele, Alfred Truman, 120, 359 Parrish, David Monroe, 339 Parrish, Oscar Howard, Jr., 123, 211, 340 Parrish, Thomas Arthur, 293 Parrish, Walter Bennett, Jr., 340 Parrott, Donald Benton, 124, 340 Parrott, James Hubert, 385 Parrott, Ruthie Turner, 359 Parsons, Charles Jennings, 385 Parsons, Chris, 233, 268 Parsons, John Regis, 293, 372 Partin, Hugh Elliott, Jr., 359 Partin, Lois Kay, 399 Paschal, Donald H erley, 385 Paster, David Joseph, 372 Paterson, Nellie Elizabeth, 215, 407 Patt, Ira Frederick, 148, 359 Patterson, F. M. Simmons, 111. 122, 201, 372 Patterson, Forrest Tribble, 443 Patterson, Jerry Eugene, 415 Patterson, Julia Shirley, 131, 202, 206, Patterson, Larry Brown, 359 Patterson, Michael Joseph. 245, 290, 372 Patterson, Priscilla White, 131, 190, 191, 359 Patterson, Robert Dwayne, 385 Patterson, Ronnie Howard, 293, 372 Patterson, Scott Grove, 385 Patterson, Stewart Thompson, 2:4, 372 Patton, Carroll Curtis, Jr., 385 Patty, Seldon Elijah, 359 Paul, Edward Wallace, III, 293 Paul, William Larry, 221, 406 Pauls, Frank Peter, 421 Paxton, Patsy Glenn, 340 Payet, Charles Robert, 359 Payne, Carol Sample, 131, 266, 359 Payne, Charles Gene, 385 Payne, Christopher, 385 Payne, Jodie M., 91, 340 Payne, John Abb, IV, 360 Payne, Phillip Gerry, 360 Payne, Sloane Waller, 360 Payne, Timothy Joel, 103, 372 Paysour, James Humphry, 293 Payton, Robert Michael, 360 Peace, Jerry, 86 Peacock, Albert Franklin, 385 Peacock, Anne Marie, 372 Peake, Michael David, 340 Pearce, David Andrews. 360 Pearce, Linda Leigh, 340 Pearson. Alice Bradley, 340 Pearson, Douglas Lamar, 340 Pearson, Dudley Gatewood, 124, 340 Pearson, Frederic H., 293, 385 Pearson, Rebecca Sue, 385 Peay, Jack Taylor, 372 Peck, Sheldon, 413 Peddicord, James Lee, 277, 285, 293, 340 Peed, Anna Katherine, 271, 340 Peel, Jesse Robert, 392 Peele, Billie Garland, 257, 340 Peele, William Roy, 413 Peeler, Frances Rose, 92 Peeler, Jane Adele, 128, 360 Pegram, Paul Samuel, Jr., 360 Pegues, Frances Elizabeth, 95, 234, 340 Pell, Gerald Allen, 439, 441 Pell, James Ethan, 441 Pemberton, Betty Pate, 417 Pemberton, Thomas Garry, 127 Pender, James Clinton, 306, 360 Pender, Mary Jane, 372 Pendill, John Walter, Jr., 360 Pendley, John M., Jr., 362, 372 Penland. Anne Wright, 92, 360 Pennell, Stephen Gregg, 372 Pennington, Kenneth Edward, 360 Penny, Ronald Terry, 340 Peoples, Dallas Allen, 372 Pepper, Albert Parrish, Jr., 202, 210, 352, 360 Perdue, Phillip S., 415 Pergerson, Lawrence Earl, 385 Perian, George Douglas, 340 Perkins, David Troy, 360 Perkins, Patricia Jones, 372 Perkins, Robert Paul, 340 Perkins, Vernon Ray, 372 Perrell, Woodrow Franklin, 290, 409 Perry, Carol Jean, 360 Perry, Daniel Thaddeus, III, 113, 360 Perry, Dennis Ralph, 360 Perry, Donald Wade, 372 Perry, Jack Sherwood, Jr., 340 Perry, R. Thomas, 385 Perry, Richard Douglas, 293, 372 Perry, Robert Edward, Jr., 340 Perry, Roland Linwood, 385 Peters, Carol Anne, 385 Peterson, David Lalister, 340 Peterson, Frank Janes, 372 Peterson, Henry Oscar, III, 372 Peterson, Robert H., 99, 372 Peterson, Russell Leon, 340 Peterson, Thomas McKeel, 197, 340 Peterson, Victor Scott, 385 Petree, George Curtis, Jr., 202, 218, 340 Petree, Tony Wayne, 218, 360 Pettigrew, Mary Ann, 360 Pettis, Charles David, 202, 360 Pettit, Gerald Talmadge, 340 Petitt, Jerry Stewart, 372 Pfaff, James Samuel, 360 Pharr, Arthur Allen, 340 Pharr, Jones Neil, 221, 407 Phelps, Kenneth Joyner, 441 Phelps, Nicky Byrnes, 385 Phenicie, Ann Wentworth, 95 Phenix, Morgan Scott, 290, 385 Phifer, Melvin Buford, 385 Phillips, Ann H„ 438, 441 Phillips, Bud, 123, 160 Phillips, Bruce A., Jr., 391, 394 Phillips, Claude Frank, 340 Phillips, Edward Hamilton, Jr., 385 Phillips, Grady Samuel, Jr., 409 Phillips, Harold Lee, Jr., 372 Phillips, James Laughton, 392 Phillips, John Atlas, 198, 360 Phillips, John Everette, 385 Phillips, John M., 117, 372 Phillips, Judie Wayne, 215, 408 Phillips, Karen Adelle, 131, 250, 340 Phillips, Kay Elizabeth, 340 Phillips, Llewellyn, II, 391, 392 Phillips, Marie Ann, 398 Phillips, Matti Hyles, 257, 360 Phillips, Richard Norman, 421 Phillips, Robert Ronald, 135, 360 Phillips, Sterling Eugene, Jr., 385 COVERS BY KINGSKRAFT KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE Page 448 Phillips, William Royal, 442 Philp, Richard Nilson, 340 Phipps, Joy Keller, 340 Phipps, Mack William, 340 Piacertino, Edward Joseph, 372 Pickard, James William, Jr., 385 Pickett, Graham Clarence, 340 Pickett, Jeffrey Charles, 341 Pickup, John Tracy, 293, 372 Pidcoe, Vern, 421 Pierce, Frances Allen, 131, 206, 341 Pierce, James William, 341 Pierce, Margaret Anne, 341 Pierce, Roger Cameron, 385 Pierce, Sarah-Helen, 92, 360 Pierce, Thomas Hill, 372 Pierpoint, Claude Wesley, 103, 372 Pietersz, Ray Philip, 269, 385 Pike, Alan R., 135, 360 Pike, Jesse Miller, Jr., 372 Pike, Joseph William, III, 409 Piland, Danny McCall, 385 Piland, Mary Joan, 397 Pinckney, Margaret Allan, 341 Pinfold, Norman Joseph, 341 Pinkham, Jimmy Randolph, 88, 127, 372 Pinnix, John Marshall, III, 385 Pinyour, Roy Ralph, 117, 372 Pitt, Walter Wrinza, 123, 181, 372 Pittard, Robert Earl, 372 Pittman, Houston Harris, 198, 360 Pittman, James William, 372 Pittman, Marshall Dean, 385 Pittman, Marvin Andrew, 293, 385 Pittman, Michael Graham, 385 Pittman, Vernon Dale, 341 Pittman, Virginia Marie, 360 Pittman, William Bryan, 111, 372 Pitts, Philip Henry, Jr., 152, 341 Pitts, Robert Moores, 360 Pleasants, Riley Clyde, Jr., 415 Plisco, Irwin Seymour, 290, 385 Plott, Carolyn Louise, 202, 234, 301, 341 Plumer, Douglas Allen, 293 Plummer, Henry Lyne, V, 372 Plummer, Ronald Julian, 341 Plyler, James Cauthen, Jr., 341 Plyler, William Hamilton, 385 Poe, William Dismukes, Jr., 152, 372 Poitras, Robert H., 108, 112, 212, 372 Polak, William, 172 Polk, John Thomas, 372 Polk, Larry Douglas, 103, 372 Polk, Robert Melton, Jr., 413 Pollane, Leonard, 294 Pollard, Forrest Alfred, Jr., 441 Pollard, Jack Johnston, 120, 360 Pollock, Carlton Arthur, Jr., 372 Pollock, James A., 290 Pomer, Richard Clifford, 385 Pond, Jonathan Davidson, 120, 372 Pool, Rufus Adolphus, III, 372 Poole. Jeffrey Walter, 201, 372 Poole, Jack, 123 Poole, John Arnold, 123, 341 Poole, Linda Faucette. 385 Poore, James Paul, Jr., 197, 294, 372 Poovey, Jim Nelson, 413 Pope. Clarence Hatcher, 385 Pope, Eugene Hugh. 360 Pope, Larry Hicks, 406 Pope, Patrick Harris, 38, 360 Pope, Tony Lehn, 385 Pope, William Parker, 341 Poplin, Robert Overton, III, 385 Porter, Hannah Mae, 403 Porter, Joel Scott. 385 Porter, Lee Warwick, Jr., 416 Porter, Mark Covington, 385 Porter, Susan Kathryn. 398 Porter, William Larry, 441 Potson, Bernard E., 88 Potter, James Richard. 218, 372 Potter, Murray Franklin, 385 Potter, Richard E., 290 Potter, William Hollister, Jr., 360 Potts, Andrew David, 341 Potts, Phillip Smith, 292, 385 Powell, Benjamin Edwin, Jr., 257, 385 Powell, James Meyers, Jr., 394 Powell, John Livingston, 394 Powell, Kathleen Mary, 100, 360 Powell, Kenneth Lynn, 385 Powell, Mary Jane, 341 Powell, Paul Leonard, Jr., 360 Powell, Richard Randolph, 197. 201, 372 Powell, Robert Franklin, 160, 372 Powell, Robert Stone, Jr., 104 Powell, Susan Elizabeth, 100, 314, 341 Powell, William Dorsey, 223, 402 Powers, James Scott, 266, 293, 360 Powers, Wayne Paul, 385 Prather, David Gibson, 360 Pratt, Daniel Henry, 303, 360 Prescott, Joan Nelson, 128 Pressly, James Allen, 393 Presson, Thomas Lemuel, 392 Preston, Carl H„ 277 Preston, Mary Margaret, 116, 360 Preston, Steve McClain, 341 Prevost, Jack Gilbert, 103, 112, 341 Prevost, Whitener Harris, 360 Prewitt, Kenneth Bernard, 385 rice, Jack W., Jr., 341 rice, James Larry, 360 Jane Katherine, 92, 341 rice, Janet, 111 rice, Jerry Lee, 341 rice, Lavinia Dahlgren, 131 rice, Marion Dudley, 385 rice, Nancy Lee, 234, 360 i, Warren, III, 88, 89, 341 , William Raymond, 371 iman, Donald Gene, 360 Michael Wayne, 385 ..._e, Virginia Caroline, 360 . rindle, Richard Gary, 181, 341 Proctor, Alan Ray, 372 Proctor, Camilla Allyn. 394 Proctor, James Richard, 372 Proffitt, Carolyn Rebecca, 199, 215, 406 Provence, Robert Prentiss, 385 Provo, Donna Sherron, 386 Pruit. Carl Gaskill, 225, 341 Pryor, James Michael, 360 Pryor, William Leonard, Jr., 341 Puckett, Ann Kathryn, 95, 341 Pugh, Elizabeth Redding, 399 Pugh, Jackson Taylor, 197. 372 Pugh, James Edward, Jr.. 372 Pugh, William Allen, Jr., 1C4 Pukal, Louis, 169 Pullen, Starr, 292 Pulsifer, James Cochian, 360 Purdom, Anne Elizabeth, 360 Purdy, Rob Roy, 360 Purdy, William Richard, 386 Purvis, William Henry. 341 Pusser, Charles Rouse, Jr.. 441 Putnam, Russell Henry, Jr., 372 Putnam, Russell, 170 Putney, Robert H., Ill, 372 Pyne, John Sloane, 386 Quarles, Wythe Davis, 372 Quick, William Hunter, 293, 372 Quillian, Patricia Anne, 259, 341 Quinn, James Elwood, Jr., 341 Quintus, John Allen, 230, 341 Raban, Reginald James, 103 Rabb. Michael Tribble, 341, 386 Rabb, Walter Wagner, 360 Raby, James David, 386 Rachide, Frederick Joseph, 386 Rackley, James Stewart, 341 Radford, David Eugene, 342 Raff. Lois Elizabeth, 257. 342 Ragan, Thomas Edward, Jr., 386 Ragsdale, Carl S., 266, 342 Raidl. Marian Winifred, 421 Railey, Edna M., 421 Raines, Hubert Luther. 217. 360 Raines, Lou Bonner, 131, 342 Rainey, Hal Griffin, 386 Rainey. Harris A., Jr., 342 Rainey, Petrie Morrison, 386 Raker, Don Crossley, 372 Rakestraw, Frank Paul, 360 Rambo, James Everett. 372 Rambo, Robert Pratt, 278. 285, 342 Ramsay, Allen, 169 Ramsey, Cynthia Jeanne, 399 Ramsey, Nancy Vesta, 111, 230, 360 Randall, Annette Marguerite, 372 Randall, Charles Davis, 439, 441 Randolph, Christopher Fitz, 104 Rankin, Haywood Forney, 386 Rankin, Nancy Null, 398 Rankin, Peter Brinton, 152, 211, 212, 213, 342 Ranson, Sharon, 398 Raper, James Edison, Jr.. 293. 372 Raper, Laura Jacqueline. 386 Raper, William Cranford, 386 Raphael, Lawrence Allen, 360 Rarback, Sheri Rachelle, 402 Rasmussen, Richard George, Jr., 372 Rasmussen, Sharyn Ann. 360 Rathbun, Alexandra Margaret, 116, 360 Rathbun, Edward Collins, 218, 342 Ratledge, Kermit, 411 Ratliff, John Ray, 386 Raulerson. Nancy Gayle, 205. 257, 259, 342 Rawlins, John Frederick, 221, 409 Rawhngs, Maggie, 269 Rawls, Robert E., 290 Ray, David G., 409 Ray, Gene Livingston, 293 Ray, James David, III, 372 Ray, James Leslie, 360 Ray, Linda Jane, 386 Ray. Nancy Charles, 397. 403 Ray, Nathan Joel, 342, 395 Ray, Robert Glenn, 265, 294, 342 Raymond, Eugene Phillips, 104, 360 Raymond, Frank Barratt, III, 411 Raynor, Bobby Carlyle, 415 Read, Guy Carleton, 360 Read, Robert Prentice, Jr., 386 Ready, William Judson, 360 Reagan, Robert Malcolm, 123, 206, 342 Reames, Frederick Van, 293, 386 Reardon, Tim, 160 Reaves. Franklin Bingham, 372 Reaves, Thomas B., 416 Reavis, Judith Cain, 399 Reavis, Paul Richard, 386 Redd. Francis Marion, 372 Reddon, Charles Arthur, 360 Reddick, Robert Lee, 342 Redding, Russell Frederick, 123, 360 Reddmann, Charlie, 170 Redmon, John Anson, 372 Redmond. Hight Stinson, 413 Reece, Davis Nance, 342 Reece, Johnny Manly, 441 Reed, Anna, 268 Reed, C. Mark. 386 Reed, Deborah Elizabeth, 386 Reeder, Harold, 411 Reel, William Riley, 386 Reese, Arthur Haines, 372 Reeves, Charles, III, 96, 360 Reeves, Charles Steven, 342 Reeves, David Crosby, 386 Reeves, Greylin Talcott, 100, 360 Reeves, William, 172 Regan, George Duncan, 372 Regan, Robert, 181 Reich, Otto, 301 Reid, Alice Burwell, 360 Reid, Edna Carolyn, 403 Reid, Gary Gene, 223, 409 Reid, George Hamilton, 373 Reid. Harold Claude, 386 Reid, Pump, 189 Reider, Horace Oliver, 104, 201, 373 Reifsnider, Donna Lee, 399 Reinhardt, Helen Jean, 91, 360 Remer, Bryan Eugene, 172, 360 Remsburg, Virginia Macon, 100 Rendell, Elizabeth Ann. 398 Renegar, Charles Roland, 386 Renegar, Donald Ray, 360 Renegar, Gary Van, 124 Renfro. Joseph Darrell, 342 Renfrow, Jean Thornton, 115, 260, 342 Renger, James D., 441 Respess, Ray, 174 Rettew, Ann Elizabeth, 100 Reynolds, Claude Morris, Jr., 360 Reynolds, Thomas Edward, 373 Rhew, Marilyn Margaret, 409 Rhinehardt, John Edgar, 342 Rhodarmer, Mary Rebecca, 70, 71, 116, 360 Rhodarmer, William Fredrick, 342 Rhoden, Charles William, II, 421 Rhodes, Judy Ann, 116, 342 Rhodes, Laura Frances, 421 Rhodes, Patrick Lawson, 223, 386 Rhodes, Samuel Thomas, 360 Rhodes, Ted 0., Jr., 113. 360 Rhoney, Dale Van, 373 Rhyne, Joseph Mundy, Jr., 386 Rhyne, Richard Bryant, 386 Rhyne, Richard Wakefield, 443 Rice, Douglas Alan, 386 Rice, Elizabeth Ann, 386 Rice, Sharon E., 360 Rice, Sheila Eileen, 360 Rich, David Maurice, 373 Rich, Dwight Douglas, 294, 409 Richard, Hearne, 269 Richard, Charles Howard, Jr., 360 Richards, John Dickens, 386 Richards, Judith Ann, 360 Richards. Julia Louise, 342 Richardson, George Finney, 152, 360 Richardson, Janet Kay Richardson, Lance Bradley, 386 Richardson, Oscar Leonard, Jr., 441 Richardson, Paul Hart, 407 Richardson, Van Waldron, Jr., 373 Richbourg, James Marion, 386 Richmond, John Howard, 342 Richter, Lawrence E., Jr., 386 Rickard, Hearne Franklin, II, 223, 407 Rickards, Robert R., 135, 373 Rickelton, David Kendall, 408 Ricks, Wayne Keith, 169, 386 Riddick, Howard Alan, 386 Riddle, Mary Davis, 259, 360 Ridenhour, Barbara Ann, 409 Ridgeway, Carole Elizabeth, 203, 397 Ridout, Henry Wayne, 416 Rieman, Nancy L., 397, 403 Rierson, Gwendolyn Fay, 386 Riggan, William Edward, Jr., 386 Riggs, David, 169 Rike, Judy Kathryn, 91 Riley, James Clifford, 88, 103, 257, 342 Riley, Teena James, 402 Riley, Wilma Jean, 360 Wkrrt m DOWNTOWN AND LAKEWOOD YOUR FASHION STORE OF DURHAM TJoivn Campud Rimmer, John Thomas, 373 Rinehardt, William Marvin, 386 Ring, Elizabeth Ann, 215, 406 Ringwalt, Arthur Rumney. Jr., 342 Rion, Aubrey Holbrook, 294, 360 Ripa, Paul Joseph, 373 Ritter. Sherrill William. Jr., 421 Rivers, John Minott, 108 R.vers, Lawrence Durell, 414 Roach, Leonard Thomas, 104, 360 Roach, Timothy Flynn, 386 Robb, James Lawrence, 99, 373 Robbins, Charles Thomas, III, 373 Robb.ns, David Lawrence, 88, 144, 342 Robbins, Edward Denmore, 293, 386 Robbins, James Tate, 117, 373 Roberson, Edwin Stewart, 373 Roberson, Stephen Cole, 217 Roberson, Theodore Milton, 416 Roberson, Mamie Jo, 91, 342 Robert, George Lamar, 111, 373 Roberts, Brian G., 261, 294, 342 Roberts, Gana Louise, 95, 360 Roberts. Lawrence Davis, Jr., 342 Roberts, Lawrence Jay, 360 Roberts, Leonard Thomas, 386 Roberts, Thomas Adams, Jr., 108, 172, 189, 264, 360 Roberts, William Marshall, 386 Roberts. William Wayne, 342 Robertson, Crowder Booker, Jr., 386 Robertson, Forrest Ivey, 386 Robertson. Francis Dillon, Jr , 336 Robertson, Fred McLennan, 104 Robertson, Jean Lewis, 411 Robertson, Patricia Lynne, 268, 360 Robertson, William Bruce, Jr., 197, 373 Robertson, Yancey Hagerman, Jr., 373 Robicheau, Tony Mechelle, 386 Robinette, John Colan, Jr., 386 Robinette, William Harold, Jr., 342 Robinson, Clyde Wilson, Jr., 408 Robinson, David Allen. 218, 373 Robinson, Edgar Rogers, 386 Robinson, Esta Silvey, 399 Robinson, James G., 307 Robinson, James Lee, III, 342 Robinson, James Ralph, 411 Robinson, James R. L., 443 Robinson, Jean Farmer, 215, 269, 406 Robinson, Katheryn Elizabeth, 399 Robinson, Kenneth George, Jr., 293, 360 Robinson, Roland Joseph, 386 Robinson, Ronald Louis, 373 Robinson, Ronald Philander. 169, 386 Robinson. Terrell Embrey, 218, 373 Robinson, Terry Kenneth, 103 Robinson, William Harold, 197, 255, 306, 360 Robinson. William Pressly, 360 Robl, Ernest Hermann, 386 Rochelle, Vernon Haskins, 441 Rockette, Clyde Stephen, 373 Roderick, Helen Jeanette, 411 Rodgers, Linda. 406 Rodgers, Raymond Stanford, Jr., 360 Rogan, Patrick Charles, 373 Rogers, Fred Alexander, III, 360 Rogers, Herman Pearson, Jr., 342 Rogers, James Y., 343 Rogers, Joseph Andrew, 373 Rogers, Larry Daniel, 217, 343 Rogers, Leonard March, 343 Rogers, Patricia Hurst, 128, 343 Rogers, Randall Durham, 386 Rogers, Tate Moseley, 360 Rogers, Thomas Tinsley, Jr., 386 Rogers, William Henry, Jr., 218, 360 Rogers, William Lee, 386 Rogers, William Olin. 386 Rogerson, James Franklin, 373 Rogerson, Jimmy Arlyn, 200, 225, 343 Rollins, Edgar Marshall, 343 Rollins, Paul Crisp, 386 Rollins, Quinton Christy, Jr., 443 Romanet, Andrew Louis, Jr., 442 Roney. John, 266 Roney, John Robert, 127, 260, 360 Ronner, Roger Terry, 343 Roper, Mary Eileen, 111, 271, 343 Roschy, Susie, 403 Rose, Charles Herbert, 421 Rose, Isaac Thomas, 443 Rose, Sharon Lee, 386 Rose, William Nicholas, Jr., 218, 343 Rosefield, Herbert A., Jr., 360 Roseman, Craig Monroe, 360 Rosenbaum, Jerry Harris, 415 Rosenblum, Steve Frederick, 148, 373 Ross, Barbara Jean, 223, 360 Ross, Betty Anne, 343 Ross, Coleman DeVane, 218, 343 Ross, Elizabeth Jane, 100 Ross, Johnny Ervin, 293, 360 Ross, Juliette, 299 Ross, Randy Joseph, 373 Ross, Richard Wayne, 104 Ross, Susan, 257, 259 Rossman, James, 266 Roth, Benjamin Sterling, 373 Roth, Richard Emanuel, 223, 343 Rothermel, Joel Edward, 394 Rothman, David H., 386 Roughton. John Brooks, 96, 265 Roughton, William Payne, 277, 386 Roupas, Charles T., 103 Rouse, Jerry Randolph. 235, 373 Roux, Georgia Lindsay, 92 Rouzer, Charles Robert, 360 Rouzer, William Wolf, 293, 360 Rowe, David Lewis, 123, 361 Rowe, Joseph Milton, Jr., 223, 402 Rowe. Mary Gail, 373 Rowe, Mary Hill, 421 Rowe, Roy Herbert, Jr., 386 Rowe, William Thomas, 200, 343 Roycroft, Joseph Harold, Jr., 386 Royster, Bobby Dean, 386 Rozier, Richard E., 386 Rubin, Alan J., 421 Rubin, David Martin, 394 Rubin, Joseph Harvey, 136, 443 Rubin, William L., 373 Rudell, Frederick Lawrence, 361 Rudisill, Gerard A., Jr., 343 Ruehl, Victor Eugene, III, 361 Rufty, Joe Hearne, 373 Rumisell, Stephen Frederick, 293, 373 Rumley, Patricia McMullan, 361 Rummell, Peter S., 127, 383 Runge, Sam Stephen, 343 Rush, James Belk, 113 Rush, Jim, 263 Rushin, Terry W., 373 Russ, Nancy Christine, 399 Russell, Curtis Ray, 343 Russell, Douglas M., 394 Russell, Jane Banks, 234, 373 Russell, Joseph Dwight, 117, 361 Ruth, James Howard, 343 Rutledge, Jerry James, 267, 361 Rutledge. Larry Wayne, 361 Ryan, James Lynn, 343 Ryland, Shirley Ann, 100, 361 Sabiston, Walter Roberts, 391, 394 Sadler, Hank, 160 Sadler, Thomas Gordon, 293, 386 Saenger, George Walter, 386 Saginar, Edwin Maxwell, 443 Sain, James Ronald, 386 St. George, Bill. 254 St. George, W.lliam Myers, II, 374 Saleeby, James Jeffrey, 373 Salles, Paula R„ 361 Sailing, William Houston, Jr., 343 Salmony, Steven E., 3 3 Salsbury, Sherrod, 373 Samford, Carl U., Jr., 361 Sams, Norma Lucille, 115 Sams, Walter Augustus, III, 386 Samsot, Robert Louis, 343 Samuel, Barbara Lee, 343 Sandbank, Mark Frederick. 386 Sandberg, Hyrum Carl, III. 103, 293 Sanders, James Robert, 197, 361 Sanders, Mary Clare. 343 Sanderson, James Maxey, 373 Sanderson, Richard David, 373 Sandlin, Dan L., 411 Sandlin, M. Carole, 111, 361 Sandling, Gery Thomas, 386 Sanford, Donald Edward, 103 Sanford, Winston Morris, 343 Sapp, Adelaide Raye Sharpe, 343 Sargent, Richard Berton, 343 Sarratt, Alexander Reed, III, 88, 89, 99, 343 Sasser, B., 297 Sasser, William Dudley, 373 Satisky, Howard Phillip, 135, 373 Sato, Hitoshi, 269 Satterfield William R., Jr., 293, 361 Sauder, John Larry, 386 Sauls, John Beverly, 293, 386 Saum, David Wendell, 294, 373 Saunders, Denise Kay, 115, 343 Saunders, Jack Edward, III, 361 Saunders, James Eaton, 373 Saunders, Jay, 295 Saunders, Linda Lea, 343 Saunders, Phillip Melton. 373 Saunders, Richard Robertson, 104, 373 Saunders, Stuart Alan, 4J3 Savage, Phillip Lane, 361 Savage, Robert Thomas, Jr., 386 Savery, Rex Talcott, Jr.. 443 Sawyer, Arthur Rowe, 386 Sawyer, Janet Elizabeth, 386 Sawyer, Logan Everett, Jr.. 386 Sawyer, Nancy Carole, 399 Saxon, Hugh Holliday, Jr., 386 Sayers, Donald Dean, 264, 343 Sayre, Dick, 172 Scales, Judith Stacy, 253, 343 Scarborough, Spencer Colburn, 361 Scarborough, Stephen Ballard, 386 Scattergood, J. Henry, 127, 373 Schafer, Gerald Samuel, 293, 373 Schaffer, Paul Howard, 361 Scheer, Frederick Hugh, 361 Schell, Pamela Lynn. 398 Scherr, Harry, III, 124, 373 Schiltz, David B., 361 Schloss, Diane Katherine, 343 Schlosser, E. Steve, Jr., 439, 441 Schmidt, Fredrick Nels, 386 Schmidt, William Gert, 87, 112, 230, 263, 361 Schoch, Robert Rodes, 443 Schoof, Gretchen Cluthe, 344 Schuchardt, Louise Novelle, 344 Schuller, Jeremy Clinton, 344 Schultz, John Frederick, 123, 262, 344 Schwab, Nelson, III, 87, 108, 212, 255, 263, 373 Schwabe, William Wilson, 294, 373 Schwantes, William Leland, Jr., 386 Schwartz, Barry Howard, 386 Schwartz, David Malcolm, 136, 344 Schwartz, William Bernstein, III, 262, 361 Schweider, Barry, 88 Schweider, Norbert J., 413 Schweiger, Raymond Henry, 344 Schwender, Sue Ann, S5, 266, 344 Schwintzer, Ernest, 268 Sciam, Betty Jean, 421 Scott, Albert Harris, Jr., 386 Scott, Charles Eugene, 386 Scott, Charles Kimrey, 393 Scott. Christopher Martin, 344 Scott, Elmer Glenn, Jr., 442 Scott, Gary Clifford, 201, 373 Scott, Henry William, 99, 266. 361 Scott, Jack Aillman, Jr., 293, 373 Scott, Leslie Earl, 409 Scott, Pamela Anne, 111, 257, 361 Scott, Thomas Fletcher, Jr., 278, 285, 344 Scott, William Jackson, Jr., 386 Scovel, Terry Lynn, 373 Scovil, Elizabeth Penfield, 115, 205. 259 Scruggs, Dennis Crawford, 373 Scurry, William Cooper, 386 Seago, John Vincent, 108, 344 Searle, Evelyn, 421 Sears, Thomas Harmon, Jr., 413 Seaton, Grover Cleveland, III, 361 Seawell, Aaron Ashley F., IV, 361 Seawell, Christopher Lawrence, 386 Seawell, Cynthia Pauline, 361 Seawell, Ellon G. 215, 408 Sechler, Kenneth Lomax, 373 Sechrest, Melville Lee, 344 Sechrist, Douglas Barry, 361 Sedlacek, Cheryl Lynn, 398 Seely, Fred, 236, 257, 261 Sehorn, Samuel Leroy. 406 Selden, Samuel T., 373 Sellers, Alva Broughton, Jr., 406 Senn, Laurence Vaughn, Jr., 117, 212, 361 Sensenig, Steven Foley, 344 Sentelle, David Bryan, 344 Sentelle, Mary Flora, 215. 406 Seronde, Joseph Antoine, 386 Sessoms, Duncan Edison, 373 Sessoms, Merville White, Jr., 197, 373 Sessoms, William H., Jr., 305, 361 Sessoms, Zeke, 298 Setzer, Donna Greer, 386 Sevier, Robert English, 393 Sevila, Robert Edwin, 361 Sexton, Daniel Glenn, 373 Seymour, Glynn Douglas, 344 Page 450 Page 451 Page 452 Seymour, James E., Jr., 373 Seymour, Stephen Carlton, 361 Shadburn, Paul Lewis, 386 Shade, Robert James, 386 Shaffer, Carol Ann, 115, 257, 398 Shaffer, Carol Marie, 421 Shaffer, Charlotte Winborne, 100, 373 Shannon, Maureen Ann, 92, 265, 373 Shao, Harry, 361 Shapiro, Ira George, 88, 344 Share, Stewart, 200, 344 Sharp, David Edward, 373 Sharp, Frederick Dent, 361 Sharp, Lura G., 421 Sharp, Rick, 127 Sharpe, Charles Cleveland, III, 386 Sharpe, Harold Stanley, II. 386 Sharpe, Lawrence Harold, 361 Shavender, Eugene Franklin, 394 Shaw, Alexander Turner, III, 361 Shaw, Gerald Edwin, 361 Shaw, John, 181 Shaw, Margaret Elliott, 215, 408 Shaw, Theodore R., jr., 408 Sheaffer, William 0., 199, 406 Shear, Morris, 409 Shearin, Norman Wilson, Jr., 373 Shearon, David Royal, 170, 290, 373 Shearon, Kenneth Lewis, 294, 373 Sheehan, Charles McDonnell, 373 Sheehan, Jim, 169 Sheehan, William Terrell, 361 Sheets, Lydia Carol, 361 Sheffield, Lucius Grigg, Jr., 361 Shelburne, John Daniel, 361 Shell, William Robert, 344 Shelton, David Shaw, 421 Shelton, Twonette Corine, 344 Shell, Michael Porter, 386 Shelley, Dewey Randall, 361 Shelton, Frank Wesley, 416 Shelton, Preston Gary, II, 293 Shelton, Sandra Jo, 386 Shepard, Allen, 291 Shepard, April, 291 Shepard, Ernest Allen, 373 Shepard, John Calvin, 124, 373 Shepherd, Lois Ann, 92, 190, 361 Sheppard, James T., 386 Sheps, David Samuel, 148, 344 Shepsle, Kenneth Allen, 361 Sherman, Lisa Dulce, 269, 386 Sherrill, Bill, 293 Sherrill, J. Wayne, 344 Sherrill. Lee Woodrow, Jr., 361 Sherrill, Robert M., 123. 344 Sherrod, Robert Lee, Jr., 344 Sherry, Stanley, 266 Shewmaker, Margaret Patricia, 361 Shields, Alston Burkley, 421 Shields, Edgar W., Jr., 373 Shields, Frank Hodgin, 386 Shields, Grady Ray, 213 Shields, Sylvia Lillian, 115, 205, 259, 344 Shields, William Gilbert, 373 Shimkus, James Robert, 411 Shinn, Harold Lee, 361 Shinn, John Bradley, 392 Shinn, Phyllis Ann, 344 Shive, Cassandra, 386 Shivers, James Allison, 123, 201, 373 Shoaf, Michael Dale, 386 Shoffner, Robert Hunter, 373 Shook, Larry Clyde, 386 Shope, Judith Allen, 411 Shore, Charles Martin, 225, 373 Shores. Charles Thomas , Jr., 299, 344 Short, Billy Glenwood, 386 Short, Ronald Jay, 387 Shough, Harold Conway, 265, 387 Showell, Gay, 128, 344 Shreve, Brandon Wickliffe, 387 Shuff, Landon E., Jr., Ill, 210, 265, 361 Shuford, Alex, 108, 264 Shugart. Thomas Hall, Jr., 443 Shull, William Robert, 344 Shuping, Lawrence Bruner, Jr., 387 Shwartz, Bill, 257 Sides, Robert Lee, 293 Sides, Richard Lee, 387 Sieber, Peter Joseph, 344 Siebenschuh, Frederick Royal, 387 Sifford, Jerry Lee, 344 Sigmon, James Lewis, Jr., 393 Silliman, Scott Livingston, 344 Silva, Robert Farrell, 373 Silver, Charles Hinton, Jr., 387 Silver, Frank Morris, 344 Silver, Mary Ida, 408 Silverstein, Eric Howard, 387 Simerly, David Riley, 265, 373 Simmons, Calvin Albert, Jr., 387 Simmons, Ernest Jordan, 387 Simmons, Glenn Richard, 373 Simmons, Michael Ross, 361 Simmons, Patricia Ann, 373 Simmons, Russell Edwards, Jr., 180, 285. 344 Simmons, Thomas William, 361 Simmons, William Robert, 361 Simon, Gail Christine, 361 Simon, Lawrence Howard, 361 Simons, James Brandon, 373 Simons, Ken, 265 Simons, Robert Lynde, Jr., 113, 361 Simpson, David Shaffer, 361 Simpson, Dennis A., 361 Simpson, George Lee, 201, 373 Simpson, Joel Stewart, 268, 269, 337 Simpson, John Milton Bryan, 108 Simpson, Robert B., 345 Simpson, Rosemary Louise, 387 Simpson, Sandra Moore, 408 Simpson, William F., Jr., 367 Simpson, William Franklin, 373 Sims, Faryl Evan, 260, 265, 361 Sims, Jean Tyler, 100, 254, 361 Sims. Marion DuBose, III, 361 Sinclair, Janet Lynn, 387 Singer. Richard Gregg, 345 Singles, Grace Hope, 373 Singleton, Frank Harrison, 373 Singleton, Susan Elizabeth, 361 Sinness, Marit Sheldon, 361 Sipe, Kerry Winton, 373 Sirimonkol, Ladawalya Tim, 345 Siskron, Hebert Evans, Jr., 345 Sitison, James Andrew, 406 Sitterson, Joseph Carlyle, Jr., 373 Siwik, Jon Michael, 345 Sizemore, Lynne Cameron, 115 Sizemore, Ray Brewer, Jr., 387 Skeen, Jo Ann, 259, 345 Skeen, William, 293 Skeen, McDuffy Brown, 415 Skelly, Thomas McFarland, 104, 172 Skinner, Henry Morrill, Jr., 387 Skinner, John Harrison, III, 387 Slack, James Blount, 415 Slate, Joseph Edward, 293 Slaughter, Baxter Boone, 387 Slaughter, James Wellons, 373 Sledge, Chuck, 160 Sloop, Charles Phillip, 387 Sloop, Edgar Wayne, 345 Small, James Wilmer, Jr., 387 Smart, Richard Wayne, 387 Smathers, Anita Lucille, 128 Smiley, Scott Landram, 123, 345 Smith, Alan Kent, 387 Alan Vernon, 387 Alexa Jane, 115, 259, 361 Barry Fulton, 373 Belvin Grey, 387 Cameron Langley, 124, 373 Carolyn Ann, 361 Charles Kersey, 293 Dan Griff, 345 Doris Suetta, 345 Dorothy Leatherman, 361 Edward Calvin, Jr., 345 Edward Newton, 373 Edwin Douglas, 387 Franklin Neil, 361 Gary Douglas, 218 Gilbert Dale, 361 Glenn Monroe, 345 Gordon, III, 152, 262, 361 Guy Patrick, 361 Harold Henkel, Jr., Ill, 373 James Eastman, 174, 303, 373 James Fielding, 135, 200, 208, 253, 267, 345 James Peeler, 361 Jerry Alan, 170, 345 John Troy, 443 Joseph Gordon, Jr., 221, 406 Judith Judson, 111, 206, 213 Kenneth Douglas, Jr., 387 Larry Emmett, 361 Marvin MacLeod, Jr., 225, 345 Merle, 189 Paul Dennis, 442 Penelope Lee, 411 Richard Jackson, 387 Richard Michael, 373 Robert Bailey, ill, 104, 345 Robert Braxton, Jr., 373 Robert Douglas, 361 Robert Eugene, 441 Roderick Sheldon, 127, 373 Ronald Lee, 293 Roy Boyd, Jr., 406 Sally Elmore, 345 Samuel Bernard, Jr., 345 Samuel Irby, 413 Samuel Winston, Jr.. 104, 345 Sidney Glenn, 293, 387 Stephen Allen, 361 Susan Gail, 417 Thomas Sidney, 443 Thurman L., 345 Warren Kirkland, Jr., 414 William Bunyan, Jr., 294, 387 William Thomas, 387 William Zadok, Jr., 361 Young, 108 thers. Mary Ann, 399 Smithey, Bryan Thorne, 293 Smithson, Ken, 294 S.nithwick, Jim, 174 Smittle, Patricia Catherine, 417 Smoake, Ernest Carlton, 201, 373 Smoot, Arthur Fountain, 345 Smyre, Larry Elvin, 135, 408 Snead, Charlotte, 411 Sneed, Albert Lee, Jr., 99, 208, 209, 266, 345 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith 250 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Barmtg Mm Wmv 147 E. Franklin Street Clothiers of Distinction WHEN VISITING CHAPEL HILL Remember the UNIVERSITY MOTEL " One of Carolina ' s Finest Motels " and The Famous PINES RESTAURANT HIGHWAY 54 EAST CHAPEL HILL Congratulations TO ANOTHER GRADUATING CLASS CAROLINA BARBER SHOP " Since 1903 " Page 453 OFFICIAL PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE " 1965 YACKETY YACK " SMITH STUDIO 12 EAST HARGETT STREET RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA Page 454 Snipes, James William, 293 Snipes, Lyman Ralph, Jr., 373 Snoddy, James Theodore, 387 Snook, Alan Garrett, 367 Snook, Harry David, 117, 253 Snow, Charles Leon, 361 Snuggs, Edgar E., Jr., 374 Snuggs Gay Marguerite 361 Snuggs, Gene, 289 Snyder, James William, 345 Snyder, Jean Olive, 111, 271, 345 Snyder, Joseph David, 361 Snyder, Peter Vreeland, 387 Sobol, John W., 237, 374 Solomon, Ellen Joan, 95, 202, 234, 265, 345, 403 Solomon, Lucas Deleon, 117, 212 Solter, Alan Warren, 144, 407 Sondey, Jo Ann, 361 Sossomon, Charles, 293 Sossomon, Creighton Wolfe, 361 Southard, Catherine Robey, 374 Southard, John Wilder, 393 Southerland, Rosa Carole, 111, 223, 235, 236, 361 Southwell, Maxine Gayle, 421 Spain, William, 169 Spainhour, William Erwin, 443 Spalding, Jack Johnson, 387 Sparger, Jerry Richard, 293, 387 Sparks, Stephen Andre, 374 Sparks, William Judson, 387 Sparrow, Ronald Wilford, 124, 374 Spaugh, Michael Frank, 387 Spaugh, Shirley Jean, 3S8 Spaulding, Charles Clinton, III, 293 Spearman, Robert Worthington, 104, 199, 200, 202, 204, 208, 209, 210, 247, 257, 263, 345 Spears, Edgar M., 374 Spell, John, 124, 191 Spell, John H., 361 Spell. Oscar Glenn, III. 345 Spell, Ruby Alfreda, 421 Spencer, James Richard, 374 Spencer, John Howard, 374 Spencer, Robert Edward, 387 Spencer, Ross Dee, 374 Spencer, Thomas Safford, 374 Spencer, Tracy Neil, III, 345 Speight, Elisabeth Sharrock, 345 Speight, Martha Frances, 345 Sperber, Janice, Lynn, 100, 213, 259, 345 Spies, Peter Frederick, 148, 235, 345 Spillman, Ray Albert, 387 Spivey, Charles Burden, 361 Spivey, Richard Coleman, Jr., 346 Spivey, William Herbert, 374 Spransy, George Brower, Jr., 346 Spring, Harry Charles. 197. 346 Springle, Charles Gordon, 387 Sproule, Ray, 269 Spruill, Harriet Burt, 128, 346 Spruill, James Henry, 394 Spry, William Dennie, Jr., 387 Squires, Alonzo Garrison, 294, 346 St. John, Pat, 403 Stables, Roger Wesley, 234, 387 Stack, Robert Cole, 276, 346 Stack, Victor Gene, 361 Stacy. John Neely. 387 Stafford, Mary Elizabeth, 115, 346 Staggers, Samuel Richard, Jr., 117, 212, 374 Stainback, Robert Gill, 387 Stalder, Elizabeth Anne, 346 Staley, Donald, 169 Staley, Robert William, 99 Starlings, Ernest Wayne, 387 Stallings, John Gilbert, 199, 442 Stallings, Lindsey Coleman, Jr., 387 Stallings. Mary Mitchell, 116 Stamps, Lyttleton Luther, 293, 387 Stancil, John Wayne, 409 Stancil, Judith Elaine, 374 Stanes, Buck, 304 Stanley, Charles Harvey, 152, 183, 212, 361 Stanley, Donald Wayne, 374 Stanley, Judith Caryl, 346 Stanley, Randall Lawrence, 387 Stanley, Robert M., 411 Stanley, Sharon, 92. 257, 346 Stanley, Stephen Alan, 293, 374 Stanley, William Elbert, Jr., 124, 346 Stapp, Fred Trigg, 277, 387 Starcyewski, Bob, 160 Stark, Martha Ann, 387 Starnes, Jerry Smith, 387 Starnes, Jimmy Dayle. 346 Starnes, Nane Reed, 346 Starnes. Richard Lynn, 103, 374 Statler, James, 148, 374 Staudt, Constance Dilworth, 116 Steadman, Horace Dean, Jr., 406 Steanson, Julia, 268 Stearns, Junius Stitt, III, 197, 346 Stebbins, Mary Patricia, 234, 346 Steele, John Richard, 123, 361 Steele, Kenneth Franklin, 225, 361 Steelman, Ronald Howell, 346 Stegall, Geneva Louise, 346 Steinberg, Mark Joseph, 136, 361 Stembler, John H., Jr., 108, 346 Steinbrecher, Alan King, 387 Stephens, Courtney Sollee, 117, 373 Stephens, Don Allen, 361 Stephens, Donald Wayne, 374 Stephens, Edgar Gerald, 374 Stephens, Hugh Johnson, 374 Stephens, Richard Dale, 374 Stephens, Ronald Lane, 374 Stephens, Walter Lee, Jr., 387 Stephenson, Alan Clements, 96, 264 Stephenson, Colin Ruffin, 374 Stephenson, Ella Catherine, 115, 291, 346 Stephenson, Larry Wayne, 387 Stern, Larry, 269 Stevens. Elliott Walker, Jr., 393 Stevens, Frederick Seward, 387 Stevens, Wade Harold, 263, 361 Stevenson, Gail, 361 Stewart, Carl Miller, 108, 361 Stewart, David Joseph, Jr., 387 Stewart, Edward Doyle, Jr., 374 Stewart, Edward Lee. 346 Stewart, John Edward, 361 Stewart, Mary Jo, 421 Stewart, Samuel E., 387 Stewart, Richard Kent, Jr., 294, 374 Stewart, Thomas Earl, Jr., 113, 260, 361 Stike, Johnny Ray, 416 Stikeleather, James Gudger, 99, 374 Still. David Mitchell, 409 Stinson, Thomas W., Ill, 374 Stirewalt, Kay Virginia, 346 Stocks, Tony Wayne, 293 Stockton, Jerry Chapman, 387 Stockton, Perry William, 387 Stoddard, Dan Hamilton, Jr., 104, 262, 374 Stoddard, Edwin Robert, 197, 245, 387 Stokes, Jefferson Adger, 117, 361 Stokes, Margaret Caroline, 92, 346 Stokes, Nancy Estelle, 397 Stokes, Richard Houser, 361 Stone, Howard Eben, Jr., 387 Stone, James Robert, 218, 346 Stone, Raymond Harvey, 293, 387 Stonestreet, James Frank, 416 Story, Mary Rebecca, 92, 398 Stott, John Marshall, 374 Stout, Jan Elizabeth, 256, 374 Stout, Frank P, 416 Stout, John Edward, 387 Stovall, James Edward, 99, 201, 266, 374 Stowe, Eleanor Colton, 100 Stragand, William Edward, 387 Strange, Aubrey Edwin, Jr., 387 Stratten, Gaye Harold, 387 Straughan, James Fleming, Jr., 346 Straw, Dennis John, 346 Strawbridge, John Larry, 387 Strayhorn, Jimmy Lawrence, 361 Street, Phil Allen, 387 Stretmater, Robert Lloyd, 293 Strickland, Anita Grey, 111, 271, 346 Strickland, Charles Douglas, 374 Strickland, John Connell, 387 Strickland, Matthew Theodore, 387 Strickland, Melvin Douglas, 361 Strickland, Ralph Bowling, Jr., 373 Strickler, Gordon M., 294 Stringer, Ed, 160 Strom. Gerry Paul, 103, 361 Stronach, Samuel Clark, 152, 361 Strong, Sally Jo, 361 Strong, Susan Lee, 361 Strother, Mary Ellison, 236, 362 Stroud, Charles Douglas, 415 Stroupe, William Edward, 223, 346 Strubing, Philip Henry, III, 98, 346 Strum, W. B., 392 Strupler, Patricia Lee, 269, 389 Stubbs, Clifford Earl, 218, 346 Stubbs, Donald Harris, 362 Stubbs, Stanley L, 99, 263, 362 Stuhler, Robert Cumming, 293, 387 Stuhr, David Charles, 387 Stumpf, Sheila Kay, 362 Sturdevant, Paula May, 374 Styers, Thomas Roy, III, 387 Styers, Thomas Russell, Jr., 413 Styles, Jack Boyce, 387 Suddreth, Willis Clyde, II, 387 Sugar, John William, 421 Suggs, Helen Garner, 362 Suggs, Morris Talmage, 421 Sulecki, Richard, 387 Sullivan, Coley Bernard, Jr., 362 Sullivan, Terrence Daniel, 293, 374 Summers, James Thomas, Jr., 346 Summey, Paul Bickett, II, 387 Summey, William Lewis, II, 362 Sumner, John Southall, Jr., 374 Surratt, John Peeler, 374 Sutton, George Edward, 362 Sutton, Johnnie Eugene, 409 Sutton, Robert W., 277 Sutton, Turner Bond, 293, 374 Sutphin, Richard Leroy, 374 Swaim, Benjamin Clayton, Jr., 387 Sw aim, Ronnie Lee, 293, 387 Swaim, Rusty Lawrence, 387 Swain, Blair Wesley, 362 Swain, Linda Carole, 346 Swann, Wendy, 257, 402 Swanson, David Mitchell, 124, 202, 362 Swaringen, Linda Lou, 346 Swartz, Margaret Joanne, 362 Swasey, John Loring, Jr., 103 Sweaney, Betty Foushee, 362 Sweeney, David Neal, 362 Swicegood, Jean Rita, 387 Swisher, Cynthia Ellen, 347 Swofford, Ronald Lee, 362 Swofford, William Oliver, 103, 374 Sykes, Claude 0., Jr., 374 Sykes, Horace Leonard, 362 Sykes, Robert Nathan, Jr., 408 Symonds, Peter Lamson, 374 Szaniszlo, Susan Jane, 347 Szczerbiak, Isabelle Frances, 362 Szittya, Penn Rodion, 362 Szymaitis, James Adam, 160, 347 Talbott, Danny, 160, 172 Talbot, Walter Lee, 387 Talley, Thomas James, III, 387 Talmadge, Sam McNeill, 362 Tamai, Yoshihiro, 421 Tanner, Emily Jane, 116, 362 Tanner, James Mahan, 387 Tanner, Ronald Leroy, 293, 374 Tao, Fumiyo, 399 Tario, Patricia Ellen, 374 Tarleton, Joel Neal, 362 Tarleton, Larry Wilson, 190, 347 Tarr, Mary Patricia, 347 Tart, Johnny Parker, 362 Tartaglia, Daniel Vincent, 374 Tarver, Margaret deLuth, 92, 362 Tasker, Tamara Jean, 116 Tate, Charles Murray, 282, 347 Tate, Jack Pressley, 201, 362 Tate, John Clyde, III, 387 Tate, William Cummings, 387 Tatum, James Moore, Jr., 169, 387 Tatum, Richard Arthur, 387 Taul, Virginia Batterton, 362 Taylor, Alice Kennedy, 111 Taylor, Anne Odom, 421 Taylor, Barbara Ann, 417 Taylor, Bobby Donald, 347 Taylor, Carl Dewey, 409 Taylor, Carolyn Spillman, 399 Taylor, Charles Morrison, III, 443 Taylor, Daniel Lovelace, 293, 347 Taylor, David George, 347 Taylor, Edward Alan, 347 Taylor, Elizabeth Anderson, 131 Taylor, Elliot Ray, 88, 113, 347 Taylor, Frances Elizabeth, 407 Taylor, Herman LeRoy, III, 416 Taylor, John Bradsher, 439, 441 Taylor, John Howell, 117, 212, 374 Taylor, John Scott, 362 Taylor, John Walker, 442 Taylor, Joseph Ovander, Jr., 387 Taylor, Marsha Barrow, 269, 406 Taylor, Marsha Jo, 3i2 Taylor, Michael Lyndon Finch, 104, 374 Taylor, Michael William, 387 Taylor, Nathaniel Dunn, 86, 123, 206, 211, 347 Taylor, Norwood Travis, Jr., 347 Taylor, Patricia E., 347 Taylor, Patrick Purnell, 144, 261, 362 Taylor, Paul Cyrus, Jr., 387 Taylor, Phyllis Mitchell, 362 Taylor, Richard Barry, 254, 362 Taylor, Thomas George, 409 Taylor, William Fitzhugh, 197, 387 Taylor, William Benton, 181, 223, 387 Teachey, William Swain, 198, 394 Teague, Bruce James, 387 Teague, Charles William, Jr., 387 Teague, George Major, 261, 387 Teague, Mary Gray, 92, 215, 408 Teaney, Myron Rex, II, 117, 347 Teele, Gerald A., 135, 362 C dae on J ashion — X JS fe of Chapel Hill Page 455 BRADY ' S East Franklin DELICIOUS FOOD SINCE 1936 Facilities for Private Parties THE UNIVERSITY PRINTERY " HANK " HARRINGTON East Franklin Street Chapel Hill GEORGE BARCLAY ' S Texaco Station The Best in Service Corner Franklin and Columbia Teele. Henry Dockery, Jr., 152, 347 Teeter, Jean Hayes, 115, 347 Temple, Gray, Jr., 99, 347 Temple, John Procter, Jr.. 362 Temple, Thomas Franklin, 389 Templeton, Charles Everett, 388 Templeton, Eugene B., 347 Tennant, Geoffrey McKenzie, 144, 362 Tennille, Ben Fortune. 388 Terres, Miriam Lee, 399 Terry, James Willard, 362 Tesh, Phillip Gary, 415 Tew, Allen Roger, 362 Tew. Franklin Truett, 347 Thames, Mary Lynette, 347 Thayer, Richard Allen, 388 Thayer, Thomas B., 99, 189, 206, 212. 347 Thigpen. Fronis Ray, 388 Thomas, Carol Fay. 388 Thomas, Charles Russel, 388 Thomas, Clifton Boyd, Jr., 103 Thomas, Dwight Elwood, Jr., 374 Thomas, Fred Watson, 245, 293, 388 Thomas, Henry Garrison, 293 Thomas, Hubert LaMar, 217, 362 Thomas, John Hurley. Ill, 362 Thomas, John Stephen, 88, 103 Thomas, Mary Michele, 256, 347 Thomas, Michael Maynard, 347 Thomas. Philip Winston, 416 Thomas, Rickey Lynn, 388 Thomas, Ronald Dolan, 388 Thomas, Stephen Mason, 374 Thomas, Susan Jane, 398 Thomas, W. Neil, 88, 117, 202, 231, 250, 261, 362 Thomason, Henry Clayton, Jr., 394 Thomasson, Richard E., 443 Thompson. Alexander Saunders, Jr., 347 Thompson, Benjamin Eborn, 374 Thompson, Charles Everett, 169, 388 Thompson, Clyde Gilbert, 294, 362 Thompson, David Reed, 362 Thompson, Elizabeth Gray, 388 Thompson, Fred Caldwell, Jr., 103, 347 Thompson, Harvey Kay, 388 Thompson, Hurley Efird, Jr., 388 Thompson, James Cecil, 415 Thompson, James Hall, Jr., 388 Thompson, James William, III, 293, 362 Thompson, Jeff Haywood, 144 Thompson, John L., 206. 211, 347 Thompson, John Lawrence, 197. 388 Thompson, Julia Arlene, 100, 213, 347 Thompson, Lawrence G.. 100, 347 Thompson, Michael Wayne. 388 Thompson, Oscar Holden, 123, 347 Thompson. Paul William. 293. 388 Thompson, Rodney Ferrel, 347 Thompson, Samuel Griffin. 87. 88, 89, 152, 206, 207, 213, 347 Thompson, Sherdenia. 374 Thompson, Stephen Russel, 201, 374 Thompson, Thomas Coolidge, 388 Thompson, William Lawrence, 408 Thorburn, Billie Jo. 116, 362 Thorneloe, Keith Cartledge, 217, 347 Thorndike, James Arthur, Jr., 374 Thornton. William Gerald, 443 Thrift, Ashley Ormand, 388 Thrift, Michael Francis, 99, 374 Thrift. Robert Craig, 374 Thum, Richard Cobb, 96, 347 Thursby, Alan Robert, 388 Thurston, Thomas W., 235, 374 Thuss, Noland Wells, 374 Tiberio. Gilbert Francis. Jr., 362 Tickel, Robert Monroe, 362 Tickle, Howard Lovis, 443 Tickle, Robert Lonnie, 293 Tilford, John Emil, 388 Tillery. Wade Hampton, Jr., 374 Tilley, Claude Stroud, III. 388 Tilley, Sandra Camille, 348 Tilley. Sandra Elizabeth, 399 Tilley, Thomas Gray, Jr., 293, 388 Tillman, Helen Jean, 374 Tillman, Nancy, 190, 403 Tilletson, James Edwin, 388 Tillotson, Joseph Morris, 362 Timberlake, Rebecca Louise. 115, 348 Timmons, Michael Linn, 388 Ting, Nancy Nien-Ping, 348 Tinkham, Spencer Felton, 225, 244, 298, 362 Tinkler, John Bruce, 408 Tison, Joseph S., 103, 348 Titterud. William Ferderick, 388 Tittle, William Stewart, 104, 172, 362 Titus, Susan Anne, 256, 259, 348 Toan, Dorelle, 397 Tolbert, Nancy Rebecca. 411 Tomford, William Webster, 201. 294, 374 Tomlinson, Margaret Barrett, 411 Toms, Francis Rogers, Jr., 388 Tone, Pascal Franchot. 96, 362 Tonry. Michael Hunter. 120, 374 Toomey, Robert Creighton. 266, 388 Topping, John H., 348 Toumbacaris. John B., 217 Towe, Catherine B., 348 Townsend, James Robert, 388 Townsend. Robert Stouppe, 388 Townsend, Samantha Ann, 92, 362 Toy, Bruce Lowe, 388 Toy, Wanda Sue, 397 Trachtenberg, Ronald Lee, 348 Trapani, Kenneth Anthony, 388 Trask, Richard, 388 Traub, Alan Michael. 348 Traub, Kenneth Warren, 374 Travis. Robert Moore, 388 Travis, Thomas Larry, 388 Travis, William Beale, 388 Trawick, Gery Evans. 362 Trayham, Mike, 299 Trenbath, Richard Stockton. 111. 348 Trent. William Streak, Jr., 120, 348 Tribble, Anina, 348 Tribble, Virginia Wright, 92, 266. 348 Triplett, Harold Dean, 388 Triplett, John Chester, 348 Tripp, Jim Noah, 269, 406 Tromba, Charles Barrett, 406 Trott, Edward Wadsworth, 370 Trott, Sara Anne, 202, 205, 256, 348 Trott, William MacNider, 388 Trotter, Marian Warner, 128 Troy, Helen, 259, 271, 348, 403 Truette, Benny Edward, 362 Truitt, Jane Sawyer, 268, 388 Truitt, Samuel Augusta, 293 Trulove, James Grayson, 388 Truluck, Moultrie Alan, 388 Tucker, James Robert Ted, 293, 388 Tucker, John Martin, 362 Tucker. Judy Gay, 111, 190, 191, 348 Tucker, Larry Hunter, 388 Tucker, Laurie Virginia. Ill, 268 Tucker, Thomas Randolph. 254. 374 Tunstall, George Ellis, Jr., 198, 348 Turbeville. James Lester, 388 Turnbull, Craig D., 421 Turner, Gary Lee, 388 Turner, Gerald Pinkney, 413 Turner, John Edwin, 362 Turner, Marshall Lee, Jr.. 348 Turner, Michael Wayne. 293 Turner, Rawland Michael, 388 Turner, Roy Steven, 362 Turner, Sidney Chesley, 197, 348 Turner, Steve, 294 Turner, Wilburne Wells. Jr., 374 Turpin. Joe Francis. 374 Tuthill, Ronald Floyd, 160. 348 Tutt, Henry Paige. 392 Tuttle, Edgar Witherspoon. 388 Tuttle, Harold Pulliam, Jr., 144, 254, 374 Tuttle, Jay Robert, 394 Twamley, Joseph Vincent. 160, 374 Twitty, Panthea Anne, 268. 362 Twiddy, Curtis Andrew, Jr., 362 Tyer, Steven Moran, 362 Tygart, Frederick B., 113, 178, 374 Tyndall, Alvin Ray. 244, 362 Tyser, Wallace Clymson, Jr., 362 Tysinger, Harold Edwin, 348 Tysinger, Henry Wilson, III, 348 u Ubell, Donald Paul, 201, 266, 290, 374 Ulmer, Alice Palmer, 131, 348 Umstead. Allan W., 293, 409 Underhill, Peter James, 388 Underkoffler, Judith Lynne, 203, 403 Underwood, Coey Martin, Jr., 409 Underwood, Emory Marvin, 348 Underwood, Henry Junius, Jr., 362 Underwood, Robert Gordon, 374 Upchurch, James Bartlett. 293 Upchurch. Malcolm T., Jr., 88, 96, 206, 408 Upchurch, Tommy Dorsey, 414 Upp, Lindell Frances, 406 Uppercue, Charles Quentin, 348 Upshaw, Andrew Johnson, 388 Upshaw, Arthur McAllen, 362 Urguhart, Richard Alexander, 388 Van Arsdale. Susan Harkness, 402 Vance, Joe, Jr., 388 Van Damm. Gregory Mark, 374 Vanderberry, Robert Carroll, Jr., 144, 391, 394 Van Lear, Murray Martin, II, 111, 348 Van Leuvan. Richard Welton, 99, 374 Van Loon, Eric Elton, 201, 257, 267, 301. 374 Vann. Terry. 443 Vanpelt. Max Lee, 374 Van Wagenen, Frederick, 388 Van Wolkenten, Raymond Vincent, Jr., 348 Van Wyck, Bronson. 108, 172 Varn, Michael James, 388 Varner, Grant Bernard, Jr.. 105, 201, 267. 374 Varnum, Tracy Linwood, 388 Vars, Addison Foster, III, 111, 374 Varsho, Linda Kay. 362 Vaughn, Ann Cheryl, 398 Vaughan, Charles Julian. 441 Vaughan. Joseph Bailey, 96 Vaughan. Roland Harris, Jr., 152, 211, 213. 348 Vaughn, Ross L, Jr., 362 Vaughn, Elbert Harding, Jr., 388 Vaughn, Henry Franklin, Jr., 443 Vaughn, Michael Edward, 388 Vaughn, William Edward, 374 Venable. William Lindsey, 388 Venters. George Cole. 87, 152. 212, 374 Verhalen. Robert Donald, 421 Verlenden, William Lane, III, 108, 180, 201, 374 Verner, Jim S., 388 Vester, Mary Richard, 223, 362 Vicenti. Dan, 421 Vick, Barbara Rae, 399 Vick, Betsy Ann, 362 Vick, Edward Hoge, Jr., 362 Vick, William Milton, 294, 348 Vickery, Burch Bryant, 103, 362 Vincel. Suzanne, 388 Vincent, Charles Marion, 388 Vincent, William R., 105, 374 Vineyard, Robert Royal, 362 Vinson, James A., 290 Vinson. Jesse Glendon, 388 Viverette, Ralph King, Jr., 348 Vogler, Ronald Hartman, 388 Voigt. William Ken. 373 Volkwein, Mary Helen, 131. 254 vom Lehn, Karen, 348 von Glahn, William Giles. 105, 349 Vota. James, 169 W Waddell, Edward Wallace, Jr., 388 Waddell, Lewis Eugene, Jr., 442 Wade, Jeffrey Lee, 388 Wadsworth, James Allan, 374 Wagenseil, Larry, 277, 285 Wagg. John Langford, 388 Wagner, Jerry Foard, 362 Wagoner, Joe Edward, 374 Wainer. Eric Sayle, 136, 374 Wainio, John Charles, 135, 189, 362 Wainwright, George Lindeman, Jr., 88, 89, 123, 352, 362 Wait, Dwight William. Ill, 375 Waite. Edwin Allen, Jr., 441 Waite, Elizabeth Doyle, 116 Wald, Richard Mark, 388 Waldman, William Charles, 136, 223, 269, 408 Waldron, Cathy Preston, 362 Waldron, Pendleton G., 415 Waldrop, Jerry Wayne, 362 Waldrop, Joseph Edmund, Jr., 120. 362 Wales. Heathcote, Woolsey, 105, 204, 205, 208. 209. 237. 255, 257, 349 Walker. Charles Blake. 388 Walker, Clovis Daryl, 362 Walker, David Lynn, 388 Walker. John Guerrant, 362 Walker, Robert Daniel. 181. 362, 388 Walker, Robert S., 290, 375 Walker, Wayne Browning, 375 Walker, W. C, 169 Wall, Daniel Thomas, 388 Wall, John Herbert, 375 Wall, John Nelson, 375 Wall, Joseph Monroe, 388 Wall, Marianne, 111, 265, 375 Wall, Sylvia Ann, 92 Wallace, Carl Edison, Jr., 113, 362 Wallace, Glenn Ansley, 388 Wallace, John Edgar, 388 Wallace, Marcus Heavner, 349 Walls, William Ralph. Jr., 266, 375 Walmsley, Paul, 349 Walsh, Steve Michael. 388 Walters, Camilla Hays, 131, 202, 230, 263, 352, 362 Walters, Dorothy D., 128, 362 Walton, Asa James, Jr., 218, 349 Walton, Donald Fred, 388 Waltrip, Michael John, 388 Walz, Richard Edward, 349 Wannamaker, Charles Woods, III, 388 Ward, A. Dianne. 131, 349 Ward, Benjamin Kirby, Jr., 394 Ward, David Russell, 202, 362 Ward, Frank A., 375 Ward, Frank Jefferson, Jr.. 120, 443 Ward, James Bernard, 296, 299, 349 Ward, John A. J., 108, 375 Ward, John D.. 415 Ward, John Prickett, 283, 349 Ward, Laura Jane, 111, 349 Ward, Leslie Arden, Jr., 388 Ward. Ronald Y.. 416 Ward, Tom Henry, Jr., 160, 349 Ward, William Judson, 152, 212 Warden, Banks, 253 Warfel, Joseph Rosser, 254, 362 Warfford, Reuben Camak. 349 Warfford, Tony Wayne, 362 Waring, Thomas N.. 362 Warlick, Benjamin F., Jr., 349 Warmbrod, William Kenneth, 349 Warren, Alfred DanieL 144, 250, 349 Warren, Coley Michael, 388 Warren, Ed, 181 Warren, Howard Baillie, 293 Warren. Larry Joe, 223, 269, 406 Warren, Pamela Sue, 362 Warren. Raymond Bartlett. 415 Warren, Susan Lee, 128, 263, 375 Warren, William Addison, 123, 349 Warrick, Benjamin R., 443 Warrington, Van, 181 Washburn, James Alexander, 349 Wason, Catharine Louise, 402 Wasson, James Wiliam, 349 Wasson, Morgot Helga. 375 Waterfield, Ruth Anne, 398 Watkins, George Henry, 349 Watkins, Howard W., Jr., 217, 349 Watkins. Richard Ray, 362 Watlmgton, Malchus Lynn. 388 Watson, Duncan M., Jr., 388 Watson, Edgerton Lynn, Jr., 375 Watson, Jesse Lee, 362 Watson, Louwanda Sue, 362 Watson, Michael Ronald, 375 Watson, Milton Alexander, 290. 388 Watson, Raymond Alexander, Jr., 349 Watson, Richard Neill, 388 Watson, Ritchie Devon, 349 Watson, Robert Donald, 411 Watson, Thomas Lee, 388 Watt, David Stanley, Jr., 103, 349 Watt, Joyce Lindsey, 111 Watt. Melvin L, 201, 375 Watts, Clifford John, III, 169,277, 290, 388 Watts, Nelson Barnett, 349 Watts, Pantha Hicks, 417 Watts, Roy Rex, Jr., 375 Wauchope. Robert Donald, 349 Waugh, Donald Jay, 388 Way, Brady C, 290 Weatherford, Wade Stackhouse, III, 388 Weatherly, James Harry, Jr.. 388 Weathers, Henry, 290 Weathers, James Alvin, III, 375 Weathers. William Albert. 349 Weaver, Carolyn Dale, 352 Weaver. Russell Wainwright, 362 Webb, Alexander, 388 Webb, Diana Kay, 131, 362 Webb, James Theodore, 362 Webb, John Guss, Jr., 362 Webb, Melva Jane, 349 Webb, William Norwood, 202, 209, 265, 266, 362 Webster, Deems Bourne, 375 Webster, Hugh B., 217, 349 Webster. Walter Allen, 388 Weddle, Pamela Sue, 92, 362 Weede, Harry Walker, 375 Weeks, Martha Woodall, 100 Weeks, Mary Ann, 397 Weeks, Robert White, 349 Weeks, Wallace Webb. 375 Weems. William Swanson, 362 Weidel, Margaret Ann, 203, 403 Weil, Alan, 349 Weinkle, Brian Earle, 388 Weinstein, Alan Robert, 136, 362 Weinstein, Richard David, 362 Weiser, Conrad Walton, 349 Weisiger, Peggy A., 411 Weiss, Delma Faye, 411 Welborne, Barry Minil, 394 Welborn. John Lee, 375 Welborn, Ricky Lee, 388 Welborn, William Wayne, 443 Welch, Daniel Robert, 294, 375 Welch, William Godfrey, 388 Weldon, Virginia Anne, 234, 375 Weller, Stephen Barr, 349 Wellington, Donald F„ 135, 375 Wellman, Paul Webb, III, 388 Wellons, Diana. 206, 253, 350 Wellons. Douglas Brockman. 105 Wells, Calvin Fleming, 388 Wells, George Otto, Jr., 416 Wells, Harold William, III, 123, 350 Wells, James Monroe, III, 388 Wells. James S., 290 Wells, Raymond Edward, 388 Wells, Rebecca Agnew, 397 Wells, Sara Alice, 215, 408 Wells. William Earl, 388 Welsh, Eleanor J., 421 Welsh, Francis, 268 Welton, Sandy, 263 Wesche, Virginia Sue, 421 West, George F., 375 West, Joyce Dorcas, 350 West, J. Robinson, 262, 388 West, Samuel Gordon, 362 Westall, Jack Wiley. Jr.. 362 Westbrook, James Layman. Jr., 375 Wester, John Robbins, 389 Westerholm. Harold Stanley. II. 389 Westmoreland. David Gray, 389 Westmoreland, Jerry Twain. 293, 350 Wetherbee, Harry Lon. II, 375 Wharton, Robert Hewitt, 389 Wheeler, Karen Sue, 417 Wheeler. Robert Clifford, 399 Wheeler, Ted Randall, 389 Wheless, Glenn Allan, 202, 350 Whichard, Ernest Bryant, Jr., 266, 389 Whichard, Obie Guilford, 170, 363 Whichard, Willis Padgett, 199, 204, 441 Whidden, Elizabeth Cline, 421 SUTTON ' S DRUG STORE WALGREEN AGENCY Serving Tar Heels Since 1 923 " Every man to his business, but indeed the craft of a tailor is beyond all doubt as noble and as secret as any in the world. " PETE THE TAILOR 1 33! 2 E. Franklin Street Chapel Hill, N. C. Whisnant, Cleatus Gene. 363 Whitaker, Dan Price, 389 Whitaker. Dennis Gerard, 223. 350 Whitaker. George Graves, 123. 293. 363 Whitaker, Phillip Stewart, 292, 350 Whitaker, William Asbury, 108, 375 White, Bettie Freeman, 131 White, Carolyn Suzanne, 234, 350 White, Charles Craig, 363 White, Charles Ehrhart, 389 White, Claude George, Jr., 389 White, David Henry, Jr., 294, 375 White, David Hill, 294, 363 White, Edward Randolph, Jr., 375 White, Gilbert Case, II, 96 White, Gloria Kristina, 417 White. Howard Vernon. Jr.. 255, 375 White. James Logan, 389 White, John Finley, 416 White, Joseph Barrow, 389 White, Katherine Beverly, 397, 403 White, Lowry Grulee. 105, 363 White, Lucelia van Patten, 100, 257 White. Luther Glenn, 375 White, Norman Scott, 375 White, Otto, Jr., 350 White, Richard C, 105, 201, 375 White. Robert Crawford, 290, 389 White, Robert Edgar, 389 White, Robert Shelton, Jr., 389 White, Ronald, 267 White, Simeon M., 294 White, Terry Stephen, 217 White. Thomas Skinner, III. 88, 89, 108, 172, 201, 263. 375 White, William James, 375 White, William Rufus, 350 Whitehead, Charles Michael, 223, 269, 293, 408 Whitehead. Helen Whitcomb. 95, 234, 271, 350 Whitehead. Lewis Willard, 217 Whitehead, Millard Eley. Jr., 375 Whitehead, Thomas Howard, 389 Whiteheart, Donald Sidney, Jr., 363 Whitehurst, Mary Everett, 350 Page 457 UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP TRUST FUNDS STORES BOOK EXCHANGE LENOIR LOBBY STORE CRAIGE SNACK BAR EHRINGHAUS SNACK BAR AVERY SNACK BAR BOOKETERIA CIRCUS ROOM SCUTTLEBUTT Complete Line of Classroom Supplies Reference Books — Outlines — Textbooks NEW AND USED TYPEWRITER SALES AND SERVICE ON THE CAMPUS " Y " BUILDING The CAROLINA INN -The University Host For All Occasions Page 458 Graphically Distinguished Yearbooks by WASHBURN PRINTING COMPANY MAIN OFFICE AND PLANT: 214 WEST MOREHEAD STREET SALES OFFICE: 304 WEST MOREHEAD STREET CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Page 459 Whitehurst, Walter C, 394 Whitener, John Wilfred, 441 Whitener, Kenneth Glenn, 350 Whiteside, Carl Thomas, 350 Whitfield, Bobby Gene, 350 Whitfield, Charles L, 392 Whitfield, Sandra Bryant, 411 Whitfield, William Jerry, 350 Whitley, Donald Phillip, 392 Whitley, Ed, 294 Whitley. Harvey Franklin, 350 Whitley. Howard Landis, 375 Whitley, Jack West, 350 Whitley, James Edwards, 375 Whitley, Lynn, 115 Whitley, Mary Elizabeth, 92, 363 Whitley, Philip Waff, 363 Whitley. Robert Riley, 394 Whitley, Rodney Harry, 363 Whitlock, Robert Dennis, 375 Whitmire, James Donald, 202, 363 Whitsett. Jo Ann, 350 Whitt. Sue, 267 Whitton, Agnes Ayers, 234, 363 Whyte. Barbara Elizabeth. 363, 403 Wicker, Robert A., 294, 363 Wicker, William Laurence, 293, 375, 407 Wiggins, Agnes Ann, 363 Wiggins. Osborne Pinkney, Jr., 363 Wiggins, Sally Hoppe, 131, 363 Wiggins, William Robert, 409 Wiggins, William Wilson, Jr., 389 Wight, Charles Copeland, III. 152, 363 Wight, Edward Ward, 113, 375 Wilborn, David, 268, 363 Wilder, Bobby Hugh, 350 Wilder, David Marcom, 363 Wiles, Clarence David, 103, 277, 278, 350 Wiley, George Bell, 389 Wilhelm. William Thomas, 293, 389 Wilkerson, Richard Charles, 389 Wilkerson, Robert Douglas, 408 Wilkes. Frank Gilbreath, 421 WMkie, Frederic Austin, 363 Wilkin. Richard Lee, 421 Wilkins, Barbara Ann, 389 Wilkins, Charles Putnam, 87, 124. 363 Wilkins. Don Merrell, 99. 375 Wilkins, Edward Vernon, 416 Wilkins, Michael Satterfield, 375 Wilkinson, Charles Watkins, Jr., 442 Wilkinson, Emily Dolores, 363 Wilkinson, Marvin Alexander, 350 Wilkinson, Nita, 190, 289 Wilkinson, William Kenneth, II, 197, 375 Willard, Kenneth Henderson, 160, 181, 250 Willard, Spencer, 181 Willardson, John Stanley, 295, 375 Willets, George Marshall, III, 409 Williams, Auston Culeigh, 387 Williams, Benjamin Odell, 389 Williams. Bernard F., Jr., 103, 350 Williams, Berry Lynn, 221, 406 Williams, Betsy, 269 Williams, Bryant Bennett. III. 375 Williams, Corbin Ott, 363 Williams, David Arnold, 124, 375 Williams, David Goodwin, 293 Williams, Douglas Dwight, 363 Williams. Edwin, 375 Williams, Elizabeth Clark, 205, 406 Williams, Gerald Alan, 389 Williams, Harry Buxton, 363 Williams. James Edward, Jr., 123, 363 Williams. James Richard, 363 Williams, Jerry Frederick, 387 Williams, Jerry Lynn, 363 Williams, Joe Anders, 389 Williams, John Buxton, III, 202, 350 Williams, Judith Bennett. 128, 363 Williams, Melvin Guy, 443 Williams, Michael Forrest, 375 Williams. Mildred Helene, 375 Williams. Pat. 248 Williams. Peter David. 189, 210. 363 Williams, Peter Pescud, Jr., 96, 292, 375 Williams. Richard Barry, 375 Williams. Richard Dudley, 250, 350 Williams, Robert Lee, 363. 375 Williams, Roger Clark, 389 Williams, Robert Ward Williams, Russell Everett, 350 Williams, Samuel Goode, 152, 160 Williams, Susan Rose, 363 Williams, Thomas Nottingham, III, 293 Williams, Trudy Arlene, 95, 350 Williams, Von Cregg, 350 Williams, Warren W., Jr.. 350 Williams, Wendell Middleton, 389 Williamson, Benjamin Napier, III, 363 Williamson, Charles Nelson, 394 Williamson. Douglas Wayne, 389 Williamson, John Perry, 363 Williamson, Robert Lawrence, Jr., 293, 375 Willmgham, Edward Haynes, 363 Willmgham, Francis Fries, Jr., 123, 250, 350 Willingham, Weyman Theodore, 113, 363 Willis, Barbara Ann, 92, 408 Willis. Calvin Neil, 225. 363 Willis. Carroll Tinsley, 411 Willis, Henry Norton, 108 Willis, Virginia Lee, 95, 402 Wills, Warren W., Jr., 113, 375 Wilmot, Johnny Evan, 389 Wilson, Boyd Steven, 375 Wilson, Daniel Mifflin. II. 351 Wilson, David Burke, 293. 351 Wilson, David K., Jr., 99, 208, 351 Wilson, Donald T., 268, 290 Wilson, Edward Howell. Jr., 293, 351 Wilson, Franklin, Jr., 99, 351 Wilson, Harold Lee, 135, 351 Wilson, Holman R.. 375 Wilson, Hugh McColl, 363 Wilson, James Emmett, III. 363 Wilson. John Moore, Jr., 389 Wilson. Judith Claire, 403 Wilson, Lois Estelle, 92. 363 Wilson, Louisa Pitcher, 116, 202, 363 Wilson, Martin Luther, 443 Wilson, Pat. 263 Wilson, Rebecca Ann, 399 Wilson. Richard Charles Wilson, Richard Paris, 389 Wilson, Robert Church, III, 363 Wilson. Robert Owen, 105. 250, 253, 293. 375 Wilson. Ro bert Woodrow. 414 Wilson. Stewart Leigh, 389 Wilson, Thomas Douglas, Jr., 389, 409 Wilson, Thomas Everett, 268, 389 Wilson, Thomas Wayne, 389 Wilson, William Henry, 389 Wiltsie, Jeanne Clarice. 403 Winborne, Johnny Hutchings, 389 Winborne. John Wallace, III, 108, 263, 375 Winburn. George Randolph, 375 Winchester, Thomas Page, Jr., 375 Windes, Thomas Calvin. 351 Winfree, James Huntley, 406 Winfrey, Ronald Eugene, 166, 389 Winn, Bryan Lee, 375 Winslow, Jack Riddick, 363 Winslow, James E., 351 Winstead, Arthur Wiley, 363 Winstead, Samuel Byrd, Jr., 389 Winston, Zachary Richard, 375 Winter, Jean Carolyn, 92, 409 Winter, Wilburn Jackson, Jr., 363 Winters, William Warfield, 351 Winton, Robert Emmett, 389 Wise, Julia Melverda. 363 Witort, Edward A., Jr., 363 Witt. Peter Ray, 351 Woerner, Christopher Phillips, 389 Woerner. Harold Charles. 442 Wolcott, William Francis, III, 389 Wolf, Sandra, 351 Wolfe, Charles Julian, 120, 276, 351 Wolfe, Shirley Ann, 351 Wollin, Ernst George, Jr., 363 Womack, Herbert Marshall, 363 Womack, James S.. 375 Womble. George Earl. 169, 389 Womble, James Dorsett, Jr.. 389 Womble. Logan Nyal. 293. 409 Womble. Mary Olivia, 398 Wommack, Spencer Thomas, III, 351 Wood, Bo, 160 Wood, Evan Harvey, 419 Wood, Jane Patricia, 421 Wood, Norman Eugene, 375 Wood, Paul Frederick, 375 Wood, William Bennett, 99. 363 Woodall, William Haywood, 375 Woodard, Aubrey Otis, 443 Woodard, Clement Benson, 389 Woodard, Erwin Carlyle, Jr., 407 Woodard. Frances Dianne, 363 Woodcock, Neil Reaves. 363 Woodley, Anne Carlton, 375 Woodruff, James Edward, Jr., 375 Woodruff, Leon Festus, Jr., 169, 389 Woodson, Paul Bernhard, Jr., 389 Woody, Alan, Jr., 294 Woodward, Bobby Ray. 375 Woosley, Beverly Dale, 389 Wooten, Everette Lee, Jr., 443 Wooten, Hubert Kendall, 266, 363 Wooten, James Franklin, 389 Worley. Charles Robert, 170, 375 Worley. Linna Ruth, 389 Worrell, George Anthony, 375 Worrell, Kenneth Edward, 363 Worsley, James Doak, Jr.. 389 Worth, Alexander Walker, 375 Worth. Diana, 131, 206, 259, 351 Worth, Randolph Luther, 389 Wortham, Verna Marie, 375 Worthen. Peter Thacher, 108, 375 Worthington, Donna Lou, 399 Wrench, Howard Carson, 218, 351 Wrenn, Timothy Reuben, 293, 389 Wright, Bobby Dale. 293, 389 Wright, Carl S.. 411 Wright, Cleveland Augustus, 108, 261, 375 Wright. Cydne Ann, 79, 100. 253. 351 Wright. Darrell. 169 Wright, Douglas Cross, 375 Wright, Gary Wayne, 363 Wright, Henry N., 416 Wright, James Knowlton, 152, 254, 363 Wright, John Bryan. III. 389 Wright. John Raleigh, III. 375 Wright. Judith Louise. 95, 234, 263, 351 Wright, Leon David, 389 Wright, Marilyn Joyce, 351 Wright Wright Wright Wright Wright Wright 181, Wright Wright Writer, Wyatt. Wyatt. Wyche, Wylie. Wyman Melvin Forbes. Ill, 375 Otis Richard, Jr., 375 Robert Bruce, 375 Robert Thomas, Jr.. 293, 38 9 Roscoe Julian, Jr., 389 Thomas Williams, 117, 172, William Fletcher, 218, 363 William Mason, 293 George Sneden, IV, 172, 375 John Clifford, 351 Linda Carroll, 116, 363 Paul B., 375 Norman Anderson, 117, 212 , Samuel Dow, Jr., 103, 375 Yaeger, Nancy Jo, 399 Yaeger, Peggy Ann, 351, 357 Yarborough, Richard Fenner, 375 Yarbrough, Richard Lane. 389, 409 Yarbrough, Terry Wayne, 363 Yates, Charles Hunter, 389 Yates, Graem Cornel, 290, 389 Yates, John William. II. 389 Yates, Joseph Walker, III, 96 Yeargan, Sherman A., Jr., 351 Yeats, Richard Newton, 389 Yelton, Blane Wesley, Jr., 375 Yelverton, Ira Adams, Jr.. 389 Yelverton, Paula Anne, 398 Yelverton. William Norman, 293, 363 Yett, William Michael, 351 Yoder, Jim, 298 Yokely, John, 174 Yost, William Francis, 413 Younce, Sanford Lewis. Jr.. 389 Young, Billie Marie, 363 Young, David Marion. 293. 408 Young, J. Blake, 117, 265 Young, Jack Kraynick, 191, 351 Young, James Blake, Jr., 351, 414 Young, James Richard. 389 Young, John Lewis, Jr., 421 Young, Nancy Gayle, 389 Young, Pinkney Beryl, III, 415 Young, Robert Edward, Jr., 389 Young, Robert Maynard, 375 Young, Ronald Edwin, 407 Young, Rosa Howell, 92, 351 Young, Sherrill Franklin, 96, 351 Young. William Lawrence, Jr., 266, 363 Yount, James Alum, 393 Yount, Mitzi Jean, 351 Younts, Ronald Wesley, 363 Ysona, Emil Andrew, 375 Yun, Tae In, 351 Zachary, Mary Juliet, 190. 351 Zachary. Stephen Vander, 363 Zadjeika, Gary, 169 Zambelli, William Walter, 389 Zambrana. Efrain, Jr.. 389 Zaron. Jo Ann. 203. 397 Zarro, Richard, 160 Zaslav, Michael Jay. 140. 214, 351 Zehmer, Susan H., 91, 351 Zerbach, Joseph Russell, 293, 375 Zezefillis, Georgia, 363 Zielinski, Dorsey Kenneth. 389 Zimmerman. Sandra Joyce, 397 Zink. Martha Jane, 203. 205, 250, 256, 398 Zuckerman, William Bernard. 148. 375 Page 460 ORGANIZATION INDEX Academic Affairs Committee 266 A.F.R.O.T.C 280 Alpha Delta Pi 92 Alpha Epsilon Delta 198 Alpha Gamma Delta 94 Alpha Kappa Psi 216 Alpha Phi Omega 196 Alpha Tau Omega 96 Amphoterothen Society 199 Angel Flight 284 Arnold Air Society 284 Attorney General ' s Staff 254 Audit Board 265 Band 192 Baseball 181 Basketball 174 Beta Gamma Sigma 202 Beta Theta Pi 98 Budget Committee 264 Campus Affairs Board 265 Campus Chest Committee 264 Carolina Forum 262 Carolina Handbook 233 Carolina Playmakers 239 Carolina Political Union 251 Carolina Quarterly 233 Carolina Women ' s Council 257 Cheerleaders 191 Chi Omega 100 Chi Phi 102 Chi Psi 104 Cosmopolitan Club 269 Cross Country 170 C.U.S.C 263 Daily Tar Heel 236 Debate Squad 267 Dental Hygiene 417 Dental School 412 Delta Delta Delta 106 Delta Kappa Epsilon 108 Delta Upsilon 110 Di-Phi 268 Dirty Old Men 202 Elections Board 263 Fine Arts Festival 242 Football 160 Freshmen 376 Gamma Beta Epsilon 213 General Nursing 403 Germans Club 86 Gimghoul 207 Gorgon ' s Head Lodge 211 Graham Memorial Activities Board 230 Graham Memorial Student Union 228 Honor System Commission 261 Interfraternity Council 88 Juniors 352 Kappa Alpha 112 Kappa Delta 114 Kappa Epsilon 215 Kappa Kappa Gamma 116 Kappa Psi 200 Kappa Sigma 118 Lacrosse 189 Lambda Chi Alpha 120 Lambda Phi Omega 214 Law School 422 Lutheran Student Association 273 Medical School 390 Medical Technology 400 Men ' s Council 255 Men ' s Glee Club . - .244 Men ' s Residence Council 258 Monogram Club 158 National Student Association 268 National Merit Scholarship Committee 267 N.R.O.T.C. 276 Nursing . 395 Order of the Golden Fleece 204 Order of the Grail 209 Order of the Minotaurs 212 Order of the Old Beanbirds 206 Order of the Old Lampshades 403 Order of the Old Well .208 Orientation Committee 250 Panhellenic Council 90 Pharmacy School 404 Pharmacy Senate 269 Phi Beta Kappa 200 Phi Delta Chi 222 Phi Delta Theta 122 Phi Eta Sigma 201 Phi Gamma Delta 124 Phi Kappa Sigma 126 Phi Mil 128 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 224 Pi Beta Phi 130 Pi Kappa Alpha 132 Pi Kappa Phi 134 Pi Lambda Phi 136 Press Club 223 Publications Board 261 Public Health 418 Residence Halls 287 Rho Chi 199 St. Anthony Hall 138 Scabbard and Blade 285 School of Social Work 410 Semper Fidelis 285 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 140 Sigma Chi 142 Sigma Nu 144 Sigma Phi Epsilon 146 Sigma Theta Tau 203 Soccer 172 Society of Janus 210 Sophomores 364 State Affairs Committee 266 Stray Greeks 91 Student Activities Fund Staff 262 Student Athletic Council 190 Student Government 247 Student Legislature . 252 Student N.E.A 251 Swimming 178 Tau Epsilon Phi 148 Tennis 186 Track 184 University Party 260 Valkyries 205 Westminster Fellowship 273 Women ' s Council . . 256 Women ' s Residence Council 259 Wrestling 180 Yackety Yack . 234 oung Women ' s Christian Association 271 Zeta Beta Tau 150 Zeta Psi 152 Page 461 EXIT LAUGHING... After plodding day after day, week after week, and month after month, we have brought to the student body a new Yackety Yack, which we feel is entirely different from any other. Finally, the book that was sketches in September has become pictures and words in May. Suddenly all the work is over, the deadlines have been met, and an easygoing air drifts into the office as the shipment from Charlotte is awaited. An editor " s dream has come true, but not without the diligent work of a great many people. • To Dickie Baddour. an efficient Business Manager, who lightened the office with his good humor. • To Carolyn Plott. Managing Editor, without whom this book surely would not have been published, and with whose efficiency and levity office work became light. • To Ellen Solomon, who. as assistant managing editor, helped Carolyn and the staff to remain sane. • To Tom Rogers. Head Photographer, who produced some of the best pictures ever seen in an annual with a certain new freshness. • To Town and Country Studio, who produced the excellent quality pictures of the beauty court. • To Jim Wallace, whose color picture of the Bell Tower was an invaluable asset. • To Mr. Fay Smith, our portrait photographer, whose efficiency and cooperation at Smith Studio greatly aided us in meeting our deadlines. • To the Photo Lab. who provided us with quick shots. • To Mr. Howard Henry and the staff of G. M.. who provided us with the Beauty Contest and publicity shots. • To Mr. Frank Fleming, our printer, whose good humor and interest have helped produce a book of high caliber. • To Mr. Price Coursey. engraver ' s representative, whose untiring prodding and encouraging gave us the book. • Most of all, to the rest of the staff, too numerous to mention and yet without each of whom this book would certainly never have come out. Thanks to all as I exit laughing. Sincerely, Neil Thomas Page 462 EXIT editor-in-chief neil thomas business manager dick baddour managing editor carolyn plott assistant managing editor ellen solomon photographers torn rogers barry armour torn thurston senior class dick brodeur mary entwistle junior class martha capel sophomore class kay bundy freshman class j errv rouse helen whitehead sororities priscilla patterson fraternities bob combs joe exum pat taylor arnold Johns honorary and professional fraternities frances pegues beauties jane blakely stan morgan athletics scott castleberry pete spies John watts ernest whitchard organizations nancy price dark egeler len harris administration and academics sue white paula Johnson R.O.T.C neill baker sam bledsoe fine arts and religion martin lorber residence halls a. d. frazier ellen harris roger davis John lansche wade chestnut law pat stebbins social work jane early health affairs joan groce judy wright monlene clemmer index holly mattox art work jim muchmore staff susan adams kaia adamson dick baer grace cooke doug Cochrane thurston cobb peggy dukes bill dennis randy fenninger karen gibbon torn hamlin pat lesueur becky lewis lee mcbennett frances neble becky otts ann phenecie nicky phelps gana roberts sue schwender ettman carol southerland trudy williams Virginia weldon ayers whitton jack thomas torn arthur lance howden jane russell roger stables pat owens j ohn cole Page 463

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