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THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE COLLECTION OF NORTH CAROLINIANA C378 UPy 196h C.3 UNIVERSITY OF NC AT CHAPEL HILL 00016885266 This book may be kept out one month unless a recall notice is sent to you. It must be brought to the North Carolina Collection (in Wilson Library) for renewal. IL SiCHpZmj PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL-NORTH CAROLINA CHARLES CHINNIS-JOHN HOWE CO-EDITORS BOB SPEIGHT BUSINESS MANAGER f - K " ff " ' Z ' ' 4 ' m - i ; JW . . $44% M " " f 1 o C 0) E " ° c o 34 2 Z o I— o 46 o g .2 ' - ' « -S .? U. « ) O Otf i 3 O O IN o fsi r oo « Si 0) — •« 2 S .2 f (A o .— V) k o V o S " o o (O tn a- X 102 4 5 6 7 VO O CO o •— r m IN fM «N «N IN IN NO CO in vo NO r IN IN IN IN VO CO OO ' J- oo r - CD — IN m ' ! O IN CO • • . 1— . . . . . Z • • III c o CO n LU -S ' CO • u ' c , 01 .- OO f iATURE Spring . . Foil Winter . . Beauty Court THLETI Football . . Basketball Minor Sports Athletic Orga LASSES Undergraduat Health Affairs Law . . . Dormitories . DVERT Organizationo Student Index 1 u I ' ' 1 1202 250 282 428 Page 6 HARK THE SOUND OF TAR HEEL VOICES: " . . . the University was a charming, an unforgettable place. . . . The central campus sloped back and up over a broad area of rich turf, graved v ith magnificent ancient trees. A quadrangle of post-Revolutionary buildings of weathered brick bounded the upper end: other newer buildings, in the modern bad manner . , . were scattered around beyond the central design: beyond, there was a thickly forested wilderness. . . . It seemed . . . like a provincial outpost of great Rome: the wilderness crept up to it like a beast. " —THOMAS WOLFE Page 7 Page 8 The Village. A sleepy little hamlet that combines Old World charm with modern mercantile methods. An avenue for a leisurely stroll, a mart for shrewd trading, a Gay White Way of entertainment. A Tobaccoland microcosm with a superiority complex. Page 9 Closeness. A warm tie that binds, the sense of having an identity in relation to others. A filigree chain that encircles a small informal clique. Stronger cords that forge fraternities and sororities. Giant links that weld together a unified student body. Page 10 " H sIP 5 Social life. From the most casual greeting in Y -Court to the most elaborate reception, an all-pervading theme of the campus. A blending of personalities, an exchange of ideas, a two-way communication that benefits all participants. Page 12 1 " -••■■■. " - V i 3r ISi gfej --. IMf „..,- ' f ' - ' S;: ™ ' " Greensbo High Poll Page 13 The Football Weekend. That eagerly-awaited respite after a week of books, a chance to let off steam, to lose oneself in furtherance of a common goal. Whether ' tis the sweet smell of success or the bitter taste of defeat that lingers, our senses have been refreshed, renewed, and resigned to another week of scholastic toil. ik -ai 4 HU j Hik j m :-Hk " Vte ' f i- ' iX- ,y-« Page 16 I f DUKE i ■»• VISITORS I 6 Page 17 Page 18 Academics. Not just the active pursuit of knowledge in stuffy classroom, lab, or library carrel, but an almost palpable atmosphere of dedication to seek the truth, of determination to expand new frontiers, of desire to improve understanding. Reflected in the attitude of administrators and faculty alike, this awareness has become a beacon light and will lead students through many a new and hitherto unopened door. Page 19 Page 20 jfv K ' 1 U -y ' . ' il B lb. Study. Quite often just another nasty five-letter word; but, more than that, truly the stuff of which knowledge is made. In the dorm room, in the library, in the abandoned classroom, before a quiz, before a term paper, before a final exam, it is always near, but never so engulfing that it can ' t be pushed aside for a worthier cause. Page 21 People. Young and old, they influence and guide the course of campus life. Serving others, they forget themselves; Giving of themselves, they are not forgotten. Page 22 Page 23 Page 24 Stereotypes. Against our wills, we are forced into molds we can ' t escape. Our residence makes us dorm rat or frat man. Our degree of participation brings upon us the label of BMOC or peon. Our beliefs stamp us as conservative or radical. Super-brain or perpetual flag-raiser, also in the classroom we are classified and cubby-holed. Even in the act of non-conforming, we are betrayed; beatnik is but another genre of Carolina Gentleman. i Little things. Routine things. Familiar scenes too often taken for granted, trivial annoying tasks put off till the last possible minute, minor disappointments that somehow don ' t bring the world to an end, small responsibilities that must be honored, unexpected praise from a welcome source, tiny pleasures that give great satisfaction — a day, a career, a lifetime is made up of these. Page 26 Page 27 Page 28 Expansion. Steeped in a rich and satisfying tradition, the University does not merely glory in the past but looks constantly and confidently to the future in an effort to fulfill its basic mission — providing education to meet the demands of a vigorous, growing population. Its red brick sidewalks creep ceaselessly outward, ever outward, tireless arteries infusing new blood into the dynamic system that a great center of learning must be. Page 29 Page 30 New ideas. The inevitable outcome of a scholastic atmosphere. First, mere listening and knowledge-gathering; then, discussion and opinion-forming this is followed by dispute and belief-strengthening, serving finally as a springboard to action and complete commitment. The pattern is thus begun for a lifetime of continued growth and development. Page 3 1 The whole. All these charming and unforgettable elements go to make up that Being we call Alma Mater, " Bountiful Mother, " and these are the memories we cherish as we sing with a grateful heart — " Carolina, priceless gem. Receive all praises THINE. " Page 32 ;«f. ADMINISTR ATION WILLIAM CLYDE FRIDAY President of the Consolidated University of Nortli Carolina Responsibility may be compared to the vast sea whose scope is limited to our vision; its boundaries are far beyond our sight. President Friday ' s vast responsibilities as the capable administrator of the Consolidated University of North Carolina is not limited to its halls of learning. Its extent reaches around the world — wherever Tar Heels live, grow and work as a result of his sage leadership. His ability to provide the best faculty available and the finest facili- ties obtainable have enabled countless students to enrich themselves and all mankind wherever they have later made their homes. The Consolidated University of North Carolina is indeed fortunate in having William Clyde Friday as its President and chief administrator. WILLIAM BRANTLEY AYCOCK Chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill To quote historian Henry Brooks Adams, " A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. " As Chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, William Brantley Aycock is committed to meeting the requirements of the ever-increasing growth of both the graduate and undergradu- ate schools. His devotion to the principles of freedom of thought, inquiry, and discussion along with his promotion and encouragement of the new fields of education opened in this space age era has placed the University of North Carolina among the world ' s leaders as a center of higher education and culture. It may truly be said of Chancellor Aycock that his influence as a leader and educator is bey ond measure. Page 36 SW H. ' - % i i. Z ADMINISTRATION James Arthur Branch Business Manager of the University of Nortti Carolina Charles Milton Shaffer Director of Developmental Affairs of the University of North Carolina Donald Benton Anderson Provost of the Consolidated University of North Carolina Alexander Hurlbutt Shepard, Jr. Business Officer and Treasurer of the Consolidated University of North Carolina Frederick Henry Weaver Secretary of the Consolidated ,; University of North Carolina Page 38 William G. Long Dean of Men Katherine K. Carmichael Dean of Women James Logan Godfrey Dean of the Faculty of the University of North Carolina Cornelius Oliver Cathey Dean of Student Affairs Page 39 l B t l Charles Cecil Bernard Director of Admissions Hugh Hoiman Dean of the Graduate School Henry Toole Clark, Jr. Administrator of Health Affairs Joseph Carlyle Sitterson Dean of the General College Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Page 40 Arthur Emil Fink Dean of the School of Social Work Nerval Neil Luxon Dean of the School of Journalism Maurice Wentworth Lee Dean of the School of Business Arnold Perry Dean of the School of Education Page 41 ACADEMICS STEPHEN B. BAXTER, Ph.D., 1955 (Cambridge), Associate Professor of English History, is well known to students through his many popular courses dealing with the Tudor-Stuart period, the Eighteenth Century, the British Empire and Commonwealth, and various other related subjects. Dr. Baxter received a Guggenheim fellowship, 1959-1960. to Holland, Belgium, Eng- land, and Ireland. In 1956, he made a research trip to England aided by a grant from the Social Science Research Council. Currently his biography of William III is being printed in addition to his The Development of the Treasury, 1660-1702, published In 1957. The campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is indeed rich in outstanding professors who are sincerely devoted to the task of instilling within Carolina men and women both an appreciation and an understanding of the Arts and Sciences. Each year the Yackety Yack is proud to recognize eight professors whom we consider to be particularly exceptional teachers and helpers. OSBORNE BENNETT HARDISON, JR., Ph.D.. 1956 (University of Wisconsin), Professor of English, is noted for his erudite studies in Renaissance Literature as well as Modern Literary Criticism. His numerous publications include an anthology entitled. Modern Continental Literary Criticism, The Enduring Monument, a study of Renaissance critical theory and its effect on selected poems, and English Renaissance Criticism. Dr. Hardison oc- cupies his spare time as a member of the Woodrow Wilson Nominating Committee, as the Vice-Chairman of the Duke-North Carolina Cooperative Program in the Humanities, and as Chairman of the Southeastern Institute of Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Page 42 JACQUES HARDRE, Ph.D., 1948 (University of North Carolina and the Uni- versity of Paris). Professor of French, was born in Dinan (Cotes-du-Nord), France and in 1956 became a naturalized American citizen. Or. Hardre is listed in such distinguished publications as Who ' s Who in Europe, Who ' s Who in France, the Directory of American Scholars, and North Carolina Lives. As a member of several professional organizations, and president of the American Association of Teachers of French. Dr. Hardre is recognized as outstanding in many prominent organizations as well as literary circles for his books, articles and monographs. He is, however, particularly noted on the campus of the University of North Carolina for having been the founder of the Alliance Francaise de Chapel Hill. FRANK W. KLINGBERG, Ph.D., 1948 (University of California at Los Angeles), Professor of American History, is primarily interested in nineteenth and early twentieth century American history with a flare for the Civil War and Reconstruction period. Dr. Klingberg has been awarded several grants, among which are included a grant-in-aid from the Carnegie Corporation, from the Ford Foundation, a research grant from the Social Science Re- search Council and a grant-in-aid from the University of North Carolina Research Council. Recently he has been offered a Fulbright Grant to teach at the Johns Hopkins Center in Bologna, Italy. His books and numerous articles are widely commended and now in progress is his latest book. The Mind of the Southern Unionist. Dr. Klingberg will be listed in the next addition of Who ' s Who in America. Page 43 LILLIAN YOUNGS LEHMAN, Ph.D., 1954 (University of North Carolina), As- sistant Professor of Zoology, has written several scientific articles in cooperation with her husband, Dr. H. E. Lehman, on the development of pigmentation and cell migrations in amphibians, hybridization and nuclear transplants in amphibians, and protein synthesis in sea urchin eggs. In 1954, Dr. Lehman was awarded a National Science Foundation Postdoctor- ate Research Fellowship for research at Stanford University. Dr. Lehman ' s summers are spent at the Bermuda Biological Station where she is engaged in researching the field of deve lopmental biology. RICHARD IVOR LEVIN, Ph.D., 1959 (University of North Carolina), Associate Professor of Industrial Management, holds degrees in Industrial Engineering as well as Economics and Business Administration. Currently Dr. Levin is engaged in research dealing with management simulation using digital computers, the Marl ov chain analysis for brand switching cases, and learn- ing behavior in complex management simulations. In addition to his ad- mirable research, Dr. Levin has written his own textbook entitled An Intro- duction to Operations Research. Aside from his publications and popularity as a teacher, Dr. Levin is a successful Management Consultant in and around Chapel Hill. Page 44 ROSS E. SCROGGS, B.S., 1942 (University of North Carolina), is an Assistant Professor of RTVIVIP, and Associate Director of the Communications Center of the University. After five years as a research chemist with Eastman Kodal( Company, Mr. Scroggs returned to the University of North Carolina as Director of the Photographic Laboratory. Teaching motion picture pro- duction, photography, and electronics for the Physics department, Mr. Scroggs is highly diversified in his talents. His principal interest, however, is photography and he has produced a number of documentary and re- search motion pictures. Although noted for his many inventions, the most familiar of his accomplishments in photography is that inimitable example of photographic portraiture — the ID card. ROLLIE TILLMAN, D.B.A., 1962 (Harvard), Associate Professor of Business Administration, is a specialist in marl eting and marketing research. He is a former Assistant Editor of the Harvard Business Review, and has pub- lished articles in various journals and books of readings on marketing. Currently Dr. Tillman is Chairman of the Committee on Teaching of Market- ing of the American Marketing Association, and is engaged in research on consumer shopping behavior. When he graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1955, he was awarded the Parker Medal for unique leadership in student government. As adviser in the General College he continues his interest in student life. Page 45 t T? .r- - ' ' " -- ■ ■■■Jt.fl ' .,ath ORGANIZA iLiJt ' i ii£i,:: ■ .. , s •. Vi». ' s , ■_ .- -:; _jVj rn;» ' ' .;. SJ fe,. ' i, noNS There are but many things which one remembers of G.M.: the combo parties after the games, the dances in the quiet dark of the Rendezvous Room, the hurried rush to meetings, and the constant clicl in the billiards room. But behind this relaxed, always-visible part of the Student Union, there is much hard work and contempla- tion in the committee meetings, all working for the betterment of the Carolina student. Housed there are the offices of the publications, student government, and others, all bustling and noisy, typing this or rechecking that. Dancers, study, concerts, receptions, and the quiet notes of a student playing the piano ... all of this is Graham Memorial, the Carolina Union. What is to happen today? Richard Dyer-Bennett has his concert tonight, the report to the committee isn ' t finished yet, perhaps a game of chess or billiards, a study break for a while, or a snack in the basement. It ' s all part of G.M. The sun sets through the ancient oaks on campus, but G.M. will be awake late into the night. Page 48 n «u-W m i SM I i£a j MHAMl llEMORIAL Page 49 GRAHAM MEMORIAL ACTIVITIES BOARD DAN MOORE Chairman of GMAB The Graham Memorial Activities Board, as an integral part of the Student Union, is the programming agency from Graham IVlemorial and the campus. GMAB is composed of six working committees (Current Affairs, Publicity, Films, Drama, Entertainment, Music) whose purpose is to reach every Carolina student via his aca- demic, cultural, recreational, and social interests. GMAB is also responsible for planning the GM Series which, each year, consists of ten to twelve top-flight entertainment and cultural programs. In addition, GMAB plans Jubilee, the annual all-campus weekend, for the purpose of providing every Carolina student with a full weekend each Spring of the tops in entertainment. It is through GMAB that the Graham Memorial Student Union hopes to accom- plish its purpose of providing that all-important social, educational, and cultural outlet to enhance the academic education of the student. Left to right: Jon Commander, Current Affairs; Alice Ann Tucl er, Publicity; Don Chaplin, Vice-President; Punkin Houston, Secretary; Bobby Ray, Films; Carolyn Logue, Drama; Cecile Mayrand, Entertainment; Jayne Forsyth, Music. Page 50 Proposed design for the new Carolina Union CAROLINA UNION PLANS FOR THE FUTURE Unknown to many students are the ones at Graham Memorial who are not only burdened by the multitude of responsibilities and involvements, but also the planning of the large, as well as the small, programs for the student body. Diligent workers, they readily pour themselves into the painstaking jobs. The main project planned for the future is the construction of the new Student Union, set to be built across the street from the Tin Can, covering that entire corner property. Both that and the new undergraduate library to be built are only two of the ideas of these people who deserve so much credit and thanks. Page 51 PUBL IC ATIONS Publications at Carolina can mean many tilings to different peo- ple: information on an organization, light poetry, old memories, or if one is in the mood, a rambunctious article on how to cure the world ' s problems by one easy method. These are all in- corporated into the four publications: The Yackety Yack, The Carolina Handbook, The Carolina Quarterly, and The Daily Tar Keel, all of whose offices are located in Graham Memorial. Works of literary freedom under the control of the Publications Board, they are produced by staffs vigorously going about their work. The Yack, like all yearbooks, portrays the campus, but it is not like any yearbook; it is the Carolina book, the Carolina Way of Life portrayed between the covers. Recognized and respected nationally as one of the finest in the country, it works year after year to perpetuate the fleeting memories at Carolina. The Handbook is the guide to new students, the companion and know-it-all for almost any question about the campus; not only does it inform, but it also enlightens. The Quarterly, however, is a collection of short stories, poetry, and prose from students here on campus, a literary publication which not only presents student literary works, but delves into the complexities of cre- ative writing. The Daily Tar Heel, with over seventy years of editorial freedom behind it, has continued to report, as in years past, not only campus and state news, but bulletins from the nation and from the world. Page 52 THE CAROLINA QUARTERLY The Carolina Quarterly, the student literary magazine, has continued to publish works of poetry, short stories, prose, etc. by students on campus as well as others on campuses around the country. Published four times an- nually, the Quarterly is on sale at almost every con- venient spot in Chapel Hill. Edited this year by Louis Bourne, the Quarterly has produced even more stimu- lating and well-written works as the book promises to do again next year. THE CAROLINA HANDBOOK First row: Larry Lerionka, Anne Greene, Alice Hubner. Second row: Sam Blate, Louis Bourne. Third row: Charles Thompson, Tim Perkins. Bob IVIorgan. Designed to introduce and familiarize the new student with Caro- lina life, Student Government, extracurriculars, sports, etc., the Carolina Handbook is the source of information and insight into the campus. The 1963-1964 Handbook was one of the finest ever printed, well-designed, and packed with even more extensive in- formation than ever before. Seated: Carolyn Bond; Gerrie Butler; Cole Waddell. Editor; Betty Ward; Carolyn Plott. Standing: Martin Lancaster; William B. M. Carter, Business Manager; D. Martin Lorber, Assistant Editor. Page 53 DAVE ETHRIDGE, GARY BLANCHARD Co-Editors THE DAILY TAR HEEL STRIKES AGAIN Despite efforts of the CENSORED pigs in the advertising depart- ment and of irate members of the faculty and student body, the Daily Tar Heel managed to continue missing deadlines and in- furiating the print shop all year. In the midst of screams, reams, and pounding typewriters and fists, the Tar Heel did improve, despite opposing, predjudiced (sic) views. Less and less wire news was carried and less and less space was provided by the advertising magnates. Through it all, the paper survived, taking on all comers and generally coming out on top (perhaps because of lack of space available to the opposition). The assassination of President John Kennedy marked the Tar Heel ' s biggest journalistic challenge, with coverage widely ac- claimed and writing highly rewarded, a $750 Hearst award going to Sports Editor-turned human, Curry Kirkpatrick. In other light moments, Mickey Blackwell ' s banana (sic) column, Micksup, was generally condemned by all, especially by the widely known, except by name Sot Bosman. Vituperative Fred Seely dissented. The greatest loss was Blanchard and Ethridge ' s mind (they had been sharing it up until the end). Wayne King, dating back to the Garfield administration in his Tar Heel service was still sitting in his chair uttering his usual, " Hell, yes, that ' s as good as any- thing else. Let ' s get a beer. " HUGH STEPHENS, MICKEY BLACKWELL, PETE WALES Reporters Page 54 ART PIERCE Business Manager Advertising Staff: Frank Potter, Salesman; Fred McConnel, Manager; Woody Sobol, Assistant. Section Editors: Curry Kirkpatrick; Jim Wallace; Bob Samsot; Diane Hile; John Montague; Mat Friedman; Joel Bulkley. Managing Editors: Fred Seely, Wayne King; Pete Harkness, Assistant. Page 55 JOHN HOWE, CHARLES CHINNIS Co-Editors Left to right: Gayle Ragland, D. Martin Lorber, Sam Blumberg, Neil Thomas, Betty Ward. EDDIE BOOKER, TOM ROGERS Photographers THE 1964 YACKETY YACK Lightning doesn ' t stril e twice in the same place ... or does it? The Yack ' s bacl at it again producing another winner; going into its 74th volume this year, this sometimes hard-working, always tun-loving group, the ' 64 Yack was the product of those students who slaved over it, working late into the night. Well here we Left to right: Robert Iddings, Bob Combs, Bob Cole. Billy Robinson, Carol Graham, John Gehring. Page 56 Left to right: Ellen Solomon, Carol Morde, Jim Evans. Barrie Bayerle, Len Harris. are, crammed on pages 56 and 57, an intelligent, sophisticated group, but nevertheless, here we are. Yet what is there to say-, the typewriters that rarely work, the deadlines we barely made . . . maybe. But then there were the innumerable coffee breaks and jokes, the pictures we had to schedule, the laughs over the picture captions, and the two big brothers, the editors ... all of this is squeezed into our green prison in the basement of G.M. But yet we found time to sell Weejuns and Gant shirts on the side, as well as vote for Goldwater. But through all the turmoil and rioting, we lived by these simple words for the day, " Opportunity knocks only once . . . after that it has a key. " Clockwise: Bill Taylor, Dan Warren, Diane Love. Patty Quillian, J. B. Carter. Ginger Bell. John Lansche. Managing Editor Carolyn Plott, Business Manager Bob Speight Left to right: Jack Peoples. Jane Whitley, Bob Denny, Larry Jones, Dave Holt, Pat Taylor, Carolyn Harrell. Seated from left: Kay Travis. Pat Stebbin. Martha Capel. Ray Ruth. Lois Raff, Standing: Scott Castleberry, Bob Ross. Mike Doctor. FINE ARTo is not just a picture visualized on the wall of a drab museum, nor a cold stone statute, nor anything else deemed vacuous and dull. It is the product of life, the symbol of civilization and culture, a part of the human element. Without musi c or drama or creative art, where are we? We become a mechanical society, rather bland and most certainly stale from creative inanition. A quo termino. We have had handed to us the knowledge and tradition of every civilization since the Greeks. Yet what are we to do with it? It is a precious stuff, and we in these early years are responsible for it. We must learn not to hang it on a wall and casually glance at it, but enjoy it and be pleased by it because that is its purpose. Without us it will canker and be relegated to dust; without it we will canker also and be relegated to a bland state. Use art, enjoy it; to do is your duty, your responsibility, and your pleasure. Dr. John Schnorrenberg explains a Renaissance altarpiece by an Italian master to a group of art students. Shot from one of the many dramatic enactments in the campus theatre. Music students, like this one, must practice many hours daily. Facilis descensus AvernT; Nodes atque dies Patet iania ditis; Sed revocare gradum super asque Evader e ad auras Hoc opus, hie labor est. The descent to Avemus is easy; The gate to Pluto stands open Night and Day; But to retrace one ' s steps And return to the upper air, That is the toil, That the difficulty. —Virgil THE CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS The Carolina Playmakers, in addition to serving as the laboratory theatre of the Department of Dramatic Art, also serves as a community theatre. Participation is not limited to students in the department; for actors and technicians from all departments of the University, as well as many people from the community, take an active part in Playmakers productions . Little Mary Sunshine scene is filled with the vivacity of the play. The principals in Long Day ' s Journey Into Night. The 1963-64 season included " Little Mary Sunshine, " Eugene O ' Neill ' s " Long Day ' s Journey Into Night, " " J.B. " by Archibald MacLeish, " The Busy Martyr, " a new comedy by George Hitchcock, and Plautus ' " The Braggart Soldier. " In addition to the five major productions, the Playmakers also present three bills of one act plays, written, directed, and staged by students. An active Student Workshop Treatre is also spon- sored by The Carolina Playmakers and the Department of Dra- matic Art, in which experimental productions are presented. Being a tradition at Carolina for many years, the Carolina Playmakers strives to produce top-quality dramatic works, which, as in years past, they have done again this year. But planned for the 1964-65 season are even more great works to be enacted by the troupe. One of the main scenes from the show of the season. Long Day ' s Journey into Night. Page 60 President David Outwater of the S.N.E.A. The Student N.E.A. exists for a number of reasons: to develop pro- fessional interest on the part of those students planning on entering upon a teaching career; to serve as a common meeting ground and as a chance for students to share attitudes and ideas with others in the same field; and, particularly, to provide opportunities for group participation and leadership training. Regularly scheduled meetings are held once a month at which time informative and entertaining programs are presented. The Frank Porter Graham Chapter on this campus is the local counter- part of the state and national organizations. At this time we have approximately 120 members. Sponsors are Mrs. Stacy Ebert and Dr. Neill Rosser. Officers are: David Outwater, President; Em Howell, Vice-President; Emilie Alexander, Treasurer; Betsy Lowry, Secretary. Chairmen are: Sondra Childress, Carolyn Bond, Suzanne Beck, Marilyn England, and Ruth McDonald. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Page 61 THE MEN ' S GLEE CLUB The UNC Men ' s Glee Club has been a respected and distinguished choral group for many years. Since its founding in 1902, it has functioned as one of the activities of the Music Department. The Glee Club tours several times yearly, and its repertoire is ex- tremely varied. The nearly ninety members are carefully selected by tryouts each fall, for the Glee Club is both aware and proud of its responsibility to act as one of the public relation organs of the University. i m ■i fMs f -t f _—»•«» Page 62 Dr. Joel Carter Abercrobie, Dan Amos, Jack Anderson, John Barnes, Dennis Barrow, Leonard Bauguess, Leonard Blank, Russell Brown, David Butcher, Charles Caffee, Art Cameron, Harold Carroll, Barry Chamlee, Robert Chappell, Robert Coleman, James Collier, Phil Dickey, John Davis, William Dockery, Jerry Engvaal, Don Farthing, Donald Field, Russell Fletcher, Jimmy Ford, Larry Frazier, Bill Friedman, Ronald Griffin, Sam Grigg, Randy Harris, Bayard Hart, John Hodges, Frank Hunter, Alsey Hutchensen, John Joyner, Whitmel Keffe, Chris Kennington, James King, John Kitts, John Lewis, Buddy Linney, Baxter Long, Samuel Love, Larry McBride, Warren McCoy, Byron Manning, Steve Masten, William Minard, Frank Muir, Harry North, Fred Patterson, Joe Pendley, John Peterson, Kent Pettingell, Punch Poteat, Mihon Quintus, John Reddick. Robert Redmon, John Rickleton, David Robinson, Billy Ruth, Ray Sanderson, David Sasser, Billy Scott, Gary Shutt, Robert Silliman, Kris Slebos, Bill Smithey, Byron Starnes, Reed Stephenson, Gorden Stull, Carlyle Thompson, James Tinkham, Spencer Tyndall, Alvin Tyndall, Tim Waller, James Walker, Ronald Ward, Jeft ' White, Sidney Dr. Joel Carter has directed the Club since 1949. To him belongs the credit for any actions of the group that merit honor. He has been a most able leader, a paragon of patience and " one of the guys " . . . regularly tempering justice with mercy. Averaging about forty appearances annually, the Club is proud to take its " Tar Heel Voices " to cities and colleges, presenting grand opera choruses, religious music over five centuries old, Broadway ' s best, and patriotic numbers . . . something for every- one. Naturally, the most popular and most requested selections are those of the University . . . " Carolina Loyalty Song " and " Hark the Sound. " Tours planned this year include a trip up the Eastern seaboard, a venture westward into Kentucky and Ohio, and ap- pearances at the 1964 Azalea Festival. Single concerts, often coordinated with those of other college choruses, add to the total number of programs offered to the Club ' s audiences. Page 63 GLEE CLUB OFFICERS First row: Don Farthing, Pres.; Jimmy Fletcher, Chairman of Gleemen. Second row: Alsey Hunter, Treas.; Robert Reddick, Sec.; Bayard Harris, Librarian; Whitmen M. Joyner, Publicity Director. Third row: Kris Silliman, Concert Tour Mgr.; Bill Masten, V.-Pres.; Barry Carroll, Librarian. LAWLER AND STUDENT VIRGINIA STRICKLEN Executive Secretary BONNIE HOYLE Student Body Secretary BOB SPEARMAN Student Body Vice-President Page 64 GOVERNMENT FACE UP TO ISSUES Following their inauguration by Whitney Durand, chairman of the Constitutional Council, the three Student Party officers and the University Party vice-president, plunged into the issue-oriented year promised by President Lawler. All in all, it was a year formed around the involvement of more students than ever before in what goes on in the S.G. offices on the second floor of G.M. Students, faculty and administration immediately became aware of just how highly students regard their tradition of jurisdiction in student discipline and student self-government with the lengthy deliberations on the controversial apartment rule. Soon, fearing an announced demonstration might seriously harm student-administrative negotiations on the earlier administrative clamp-down on the annual PiKA Beat Dock parade, S.G. managed to re-schedule the demonstration. Lawler led about 1,000 resi- dence hall men to protest three-man rooms and hiking dormitory rents near President Friday ' s home showing support of the President ' s negotiations in Raleigh. Lawler, earlier, had accepted DICK AKERS Student Body Treasurer MIKE LAWLER Student Body President Page 65 responsibility for the Beat Dook affair, a personal responsibility for student responsibility in the next parade. Coordinator Tommy Harris, PiKA, and the " anti-grossness " committee brought the planning of the parade off without a hitch. Its immediate cancel- lation because of President Kennedy ' s assassination also brought praise from the community. Lawler and Harris won another battle for student self-government, student autonomy and student con- trol . . . time-worn phrases this year. The controversial speaker ban, H.B. No. 1395, penetrated S.G. activities several times throughout the year. C.U.S.C. considered meaty problems for a change and went into a fairly thorough orientation on the unfortunate situation. Lawler followed up an idea sounded out at the N.S.A. Congress this past August and hosted 30 visiting student leaders from other state schools for an orientation meeting on the Bill. S.G. poured out student sentiment via mailings across the State on the gag-law situation. Judicial clarification in the lower court system, with one item on the orders-of-the-day being a widening of practical and fairer penalties under the Campus Code, was begun. After extensive hearings conducted by S.P. majority floor leader and judicial com- mittee chairman Phil Baddour, the severe penalty of expulsion was defeated by the Student Legislature. Judicial activity was spearheaded at strengthening the lower court system in each of the four residence systems to clarify and give pertinence to the Honor System as the University increases in size. Other issues were waylaid in the late fall when, by unilateral action, students were removed from the Student-Faculty Review Board, an abrogation of part of the Student Constitution. Student leaders conferred on the mode of approach to the situation and met with the Visiting Committee of the Board of Trustees to discuss this arbitrary change in the appeals process. Before semester break, Faculty Council Chairman Spruill announced that the Council had approved S.G. requests for two committees, one to look into the history and commitment of the University Family to the practice and theory of student self-government as it has developed over 150 years. No one was arguing that, technically, the faculty and administration are the final authority, but, " Where do we stand? " Frustrated by a year of establishing itself in the flux of an outgoing Chancellor, S.G. rallied behind a wealth of welfare proj- ects, such as a Career Day for local and state government em- ployment opportunities co-sponsored by the Institute of Govern- ment (director John Sanders, a former S.P. Student Body Presi- dent), with Lannie Shuff as Lawler ' s personal aide in the project. Visiting from Chile for the year was N.S.A. and Ford Foundation- sponsored Cecilia Gajardo, who, by the end of September, was meeting University co-eds through eating arrangements organized by S.G. for her at the sororities. As a means of creating more informed student leadership, the campus N.S.A. committee spon- sored a one-day Leadership Institute for a pilot group of 25 resi- dence hall members; the initial program was so successful that it was enlarged in the Spring for a Fraternity Leadership Institute. Involving itself in a wide range of student interests and hereto- fore neglected elements of the student community, S.G. housed and prepared information packets for visiting high school debaters Page 66 in the early fall. Similar informational packets went to the Toronto Exchange students who visited campus before Tranks- giving. On campus, S.G. sponsored a slightly-attended " Meet Your Candidates " program for freshmen. Off campus, Lawler and Duke law professor Lawrence Wallace opposed the speaker ban law in a debate at Duke against a Durham attorney and a female Duke student. The Committee to host the National Merit Scholarship finalists was expanded to handling several projects as the Committee on Honors; Lawler continued his efforts for student representation on pertinent faculty committees. Presidential Assistant Ellis, socially engaged at Christmas, was busily engaged investigating the possibilities of at least a partially self-supporting Yack. Even with the student generation being a mere four years, training projects were set in motion to provide a fund of idea- oriented leadership that would be the backbone of S.G. activities and would see their fruition in following years. An administration whose mistakes were public knowledge, it left personnel aware of the issues, dedicated to student self-government and capable of carrying on the projects and ideas of the Lawler Administration. DICK ELLIS Presidential Advisor DIANA TEASDALE Women ' s Coordinator ARCHIE DAVIS Men ' s Coordinator ORIENTATION STRESSES ACADEMICS Orientation Week during ttie Fall Session, 1963, was concerned with the academic and physical orientation of new students to the Carolina campus. Three hundred men and women orientation coun- selors helped 2,800 students through the complicated maze that always marks the beginning of the new school year, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief when this particular week was over. If this year ' s Orientation Program could be said to have had a dominant theme, it was Academics. This subject was covered in detail by orientation counselors, assemblies, panel discussions, and, in the case of Freshmen, the attending of classes a day early. A book discussion that was supposed to involve this theme was continued from the previous year. Orientation tried to avoid the " study or flunk " approach to academics. Instead, all new students were urged to realize the opportunities they had to develop them- selves through their studies, their new friends, and their sur- roundings. Orientation will not and never can be a perfect thing, but it should always try to do more than simply acquaint the new students with the physical layout of the campus. We who served as coun- selors and Orientation Committee members sincerely hope that we, at least partially, reached our goals. ORIENTATION COMMITTEE First row: Barrett, Teasdale, Yeager, Ridenhour, Ward, Peeler, Jason, Holderness. Second row: Davis, Biggers, Eskridge, Baysden, Adams, King, Lowrance. Absent: Oliver, McCarty, Ragland, Smith, Flye, Wheland, Marshall, Griffin, Eisenstat. Page 67 Student Autonomy and Academic Freedom Concern Student Legislators Will those in favor of BR-35-11, A BILL TO PLACE BEFORE THE STUDENT BODY TWO CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS, please signify by saying " aye " . . . opposed " no " ... The bill clearly carries. Thus the organization of the Inter-Fraternity Council Court became the first major piece of legislation of the 35th Assembly. During the summer of 1963, the North Carolina General As- sembly passed a " speaker ban " directed at state institutions of higher learning. The Student Legislature was quick to realize the serious implications of this law with respect to academic freedom. RULES COMMITTEE Seated: Betsy Meade, Don Carson. Standing: Brick Oettinger, Sam Himes. JUDICIAL COMMITTEE Front: Clarl Brewer, Jim Riley. Back: Jeff Davis, Linda Simpson, Phil Baddour. Page 68 and, after much serious deliberation, passed a carefully worded resolution calling upon " the student community of North Carolina to inform itself and to join in reasoned action to effect the re- moval of this statute. " The Legislature became deeply concerned when the University Administration took unilateral action to abolish the Student- Faculty Judicial Review Board. This action resulted in a major confrontation between Student Government and the University Administration. The problem involved the entire theory of student self-government, and, at press time, was still unresolved. The Legislature has been quite active in residence hall affairs, beginning with a large appropriation for the salaries of intra- mural managers. The Residence Hall Improvements Committee was reorganized and directed to press for significant improve- ments in residence hall social facilities with all possible speed. The 36th Assembly, only three sessions old, saw a flood of legislation, including a sizeable appropriation for the remodeling of a residence hall social room which is to be a " Pilot Project. " Pending legislation in early January were two resolutions concern- ing the civil rights demonstrations which had been plaguing Chapel Hill for several weeks. OFFICERS IN LEGISLATURE Left to right: Judy Anapole, File Clerk; Clark Brewer, Sergeant-at-Arms; Arthur Hays, Speaker Pro-Tern; Bob Spearman, Speaker; Gayle Ragland, Clerk. FINANCE COMMITTEE Seated: Arthur Hays, Bobbie Lethco. Standing: Lanny Shuff, Hugh Blackwell. Mai King. WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE Seated: Linda Cogdill, Mary Ann Olsen. Bernard Dotson. Standing: Doug Freeman, Neal Jackson. Page 69 CUSC Works Against Ban The Consolidated University Student Council is made up of student leaders from the Raleigh, Greensboro and Chapel Hill campuses. The UNC (delega- tion) consists of the elected Student Body officers, the respective presidents of the MRC, IFC, and WRC. Also the editors of the Daily Tar Heel, Legislative and Presidential appointees are members of the Council. Its purpose is to represent the opinions, interests, and welfare of the student bodies of the three campuses, and to act as a means of liaison between the student bodies and the administration of the Consolidated University. To add impact for repeal of the Speaker Ban Law, the Council held dis- cussions with President William Friday. A strongly worded resolution wa s passed unanimously to complement that of the Consolidated University ' s Board of Trustees. CONSOLIDATED UNIVERSITY STUDENT COUNCIL First row: Nancy Culler, Neal Jackson, Johnsye Massenburg. Mike Chanin. Second row: Bob Spearman, Gerry Good, Dailey Derr. Elections Board Reduces Complication This year the Elections Board attempted to improve the efficiency of the election process. (Improvements) were made in the compulsory candidates ' meeting, the ballots, the counting of returns, and the placing of returns before the voters. Recounts in the fall election upheld the first count of the Elections Board and the mechanics of the election itself were notable for their lack of complications. Changes in the Elections Laws were proposed by the Board to make some provisions more specific and others more flexible. ELECTIONS BOARD. Left to right: Gary D. Grosboll, Joan Groce, John Ingram, Louis L. Rosenthal, Lyn Turner, Arthur Hays, Chairman, Bob Ross, Alvin Tyndall, Bill Aycock, Nancy Pruitt. Absent: Bill Schmidt, Bo Bricklemeyer. STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE. Seated: Clark Crampton, Terry Cox, Pug Waddell, Rosa Backwith, Carolyn Bond, Joe Yates. Stand- ing: Bill McAllister, Tommy Jarrett, Billy Bullock. John McMillan, Chairman, Dick Ellis, Brian Ganderson, Jimmey Johnson. Budget Committee To Know Needs Better The Budget Committee has succeeded this year in obtaining monthly financial statements from all the organizations which receive funds from Student Government. A great deal of thanks is due the members of the Committee for their faithful work and to the organization officers for their fine co- operation. These people have truly contributed to a better Student Govern- ment. When the Budget Committee begins the important job of drawing up the 1964-65 budget, it will have an awareness of the financial needs of each organization through the monthly statements which the Committee received. We look forward to drawing the most accurate annual budget Student Govern- ment has ever had. BUDGET COMMITTEE First row: Gerald Thorton, Chairman; Judy Merritt, Billy Robinson. Second row: Lester Whicker, Arthur Burgess, Bill Clapp, Dick Akers. State Affairs Committee Works For Higher Education The Committee on State Affairs has attempted to inform the people of this state of the need for improvement of the whole higher educational system in North Carolina. Specific areas of concern were the increased cost of an education at UNC, the crowded conditions of this University, and a general need for expansion of present facilities as well as the building of new schools such as community colleges. This was accomplished through speaking engagements to civic organiza- tions and extensive letters to newspapers throughout the state. Page 7 1 SG " Catch-All " Has High Hopes The Campus Affairs Board set their sights high for 1963-64 by under- talking several large scale projects in addition to the regular duties of this " catch all " committee of Student Government . . . " Catch all " in that the Campus Affairs Board deals with all phases of student life and affairs not covered by other working committees. For in- stance, the Campus Affairs Board has sub-committees which deal with student aid, parking and traffic, housing, the library, co-ed visita- tion, and various other aspects of student concern. The large scale projects undertaken this year include the estab- lishment of a non-credit typing course, the building of a car wash area, and the establishment of a carrier current radio station. Academic Affairs Clears Path For Achievement The aim of the Academic Affairs Committee is to provide an avenue of communication and cooperation between the students on the one hand and the faculty and administration on the other, between those who have come to the University to learn and those who are charged with the organization and carrying out of instruction. We look for conditions that hinder academic achievement, gather information on them, and then try to work for an improvement, with the coopera- tion of the faculty. 1 i Mt lyJIygll CAMPUS AFFAIRS BOARD. First row: Missy Westmoreland. Pat Dearborn, Evelyn Long. Second row: Mike Doctor, Bob Blumenthal, McLeod Smith. Third row: John D. Froneberger, Larry Ford, Dan Curtis. Fourth row: Thomas A. Dillon, Ken Simons, Frank Hodges. Fifth row: Glenn Casey, Frank Shanender. ACADEIVIIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE. Seated: Brooke McKamy, Jane Slater, John Morris, Sherry Stanley, Crista Becker. First row: Joe Sitterson, Harold Cook, Salli LeVan, Marilyn England, Sharon Edwards, Dave Moore. Dick Forbis. Second row: Norm Christopher, Bill Straughn, Franklin Adkinson, John Kiser, Bill Bowerman. Poge 72 STUDENT ACTIVITIES FUND OFFICE. Front: Susan Mann. Back: Mrs. Francis Soarrow, Mrs. Cleo Perry. Campus Depends On Activities Fund The Student Activities Fund Office was organized in 1931 to render accounting service to Student Government organizations. In addition to serving Student Government, the office, the only one of its kind in the country, has expanded through the years and is presently serving thirty-five other campus organizations and twenty-tv( o fraternities and sororities. Commission Works For Understanding The Honor System Commission has worked this year to improve and clarify the function of the UNC Honor System. It has had the responsibility of lecturing to state high schools, other student governments and new students at UNC. Besides this, the Commission planned a program of speaking to each dormitory on campus in an effort to promote a better understanding of the Honor System. Another major endeavor undertaken was that of a pre-election training program and examination for Honor Council candidates. The Commission has also compiled a brochure on the mechanics and philosophy of the Honor System which aided its speakers as well as provided a source of information for requests by other schools. HONOR SYSTEM COMMISSION Calvin Hunter; Owen Davidson; George Bensch; Jaene Yeager. Chairman; Howard Butner; Marie Fisher; Betsy Millington. Page 73 Board Watches SG Funds The primary function of tlie Audit Board is to supervise the Student Activi- ties Fund Office. The group also serves as a financial control and in an advisory role to Student Government. Five students and two faculty ad- visors constitute the membership of the Board. NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE. Seated: Mary Linda Lewis; Alison Webb, Co-Chairman; Sherry Rottman. Standing: Bill Graham, Co-Chalrman; Carson Foard; John Hamilton; Jim Smith. Absent: Wvatt McCallie. AUDIT BOARD. William E. Kirkland; John D. Edwards; John G. Johnson, Chairman; Tardor E. Shuff, Jr.; Peter Jason. Absent: Dr. Richard I. Lewis, David Ramsey Williams. Scholars Brought To UNC Established for the first time last year, this committee brings the National Merit Scholarship semi-finalists from high schools all over North Carolina to the University for several days to attract as many of these superior students to our campus as possible. These semi-finalists are shown the honors programs in the various departments, have conferences with faculty in their major field, and meet administration and student leaders. A banquet in their honor is the final event of their stay. The Committee hopefully will be expanded even more in the future to include a similar program for women and a permanent Student Committee on Honors. Page 74 CAMPUS CHEST INTERIM COMMITTEE. Left to right: Betty Ward, Co-Chairman; Kriss Waterman; Cecile Mayrand; Kitty Foill; Henry Morgan; Harrison Merrill; Tommy Bays- den; Archie Davis. Charity For The Chest Money, money, money ... All for a good cause . . . Four good causes World University Service, American Friends Service, World Clothing Fund Mental Healtli ... 2nd floor Y-court, the scene of the action . . . Opera tion Grab . . . One Carnival coming up . . . Best year yet . . . Going, going — gone: One Playboy Bunny . . . Knock, knock. Who ' s there? Boo Boo-who? Boo-hoo, the Campus Chest Solicitor took my flick funds for the week ... The carnival was tremendi! . . . Bribe the DTH for front page coverage . . . Beautiful secretaries, chained to their typewriters in the C C Office . . . Treasurer playing pinchy-winchy — with pennies . . . Richard and Betty take up a travel fund for southland vacation — to rest nerves . . . Success is giving — from the heart . . . Campus Chest is no longer small time business . . . Some work, mostly fun . . . for a good cause. Yack and DTH Watched Closely The Publications Board supervises the financial transactions of the Yackety Yack, the Daily Tar Heel, the Carolina Quarterly, the Carolina Handbook, and all other student government publications. By serving in this capacity, it is directly responsible to both branches of Student Government, to the students, and to other interested parties for the proper reception and allocation of funds. The Board ' s duties range from the hiring and firing of student employees to the preparation of budgets, and include the determi- nation of salaries. PUBLICATIONS BOARD. First row: Charles Chinnis, Gary Blanchard. Seated: Dick Akers; Ann Greene; Martin Lancaster, Chairman; Betty Ward; Art Pierce. Standing: Louis Bourne, Chris Farran, Dave Ethridge, Fred McConnel. Dr. Byerly, Bob Speight, John Howe, m A? Forum Invites U.S. Leaders After a somewhat slow and disappointing start in ttie fall of this academic year, the Carolina Forum initiated a fine spring program despite the com- petition of the Carolina Symposium in May. Its purpose is to bring out- standing citizens to Chapel Hill to speak on topics of current interest. The Forum worked out arrangements for an address in the spring by Drew Pearson and various North Carolina gubernatorial candidates, partic- ularly dealing with the campaign issues concerning the University. Others extended invitations were Senator Barry Goldwater and Governor George Wallace of Alabama. At press time. Senator Hubert Humphrey was trying to work out a trip to North Carolina that would bring him to the University of North Carolina in Raleigh, Duke University, and finally to Chapel Hill for the evening address. As yet, the Speaker-Ban Law has not worked any direct hardship on the Carolina Forum, but this organization will continue to be strong in its opposition to the existence of such controls. NSA At Home and Abroad The National Student Association concentrated on expanding political con- cern and action beyond traditional Student Government cirlcles. It organ- ized leadership seminars to attack the urgent problem the University faces in its growing complexity: a breach of relations among students, faculty, and administration. The committee responded to a call for help from the Government of Algiers to donate books to its University ' s library destroyed by sabotage and fire during the struggle for independence. It acted as an information medium between the Association and the campus. With Academic Affairs, the committee prepared a student course catalogue. CAROLINA FORUM. Seated: Bill Schwartz. Standing: George E. Nicholson, III; Neal Jacl(son; Marshall Licatenstein; John Ulfelder, Chairman; Stu Eizenstat, Martin Wilson. NATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION. First row: Cecilea Gajardo. Kathie Klumpp, Suzanne MacRae. Mary Foushee, Betty M. Liverman. Vickie King, Kim LaMonica. Second row: Carolyn Eubanks, Estilla W. Duncan, Eduardo Belmont. Standing: Jane Engle; Dona L, Fagg; Hugo Spechar, Chairman. Page 76 ATTORNEY GENERAL ' S STAFF. First row: Mickey Whitehedd Dave TyMin Laszio Birmvi Bill Leake, Clay Moore, Alex Sarratt, John Ingram, John Roney, Rick Lyon, Bill Shell. Second row: Stu Eizenstat, Chandler Mullef; Dan Beli; Howard Butner; Paul Jensen; Buzzy Stubbs, Attorney General; D. K. Wilson; Mai Dunlevie; John MacNicholas; Mike Hoyt; Bill E. DavIS; Dave Wiles. Attorney General Staff Expands It is the duty of the Attorney General ' s staff to investigate and present before the appropriate council any alleged violations of the Honor or Campus Codes. The expanding University and increasing importance of the role of the judiciary has necessitated a specialization in several areas. Besides the two staffs for the Men ' s and Women ' s Councils, last year another group was organized to take care of all dormitory violations and the presentation of cases before the I.D.C. Court. The newest expansion is to include an assistant Attorney General to handle particular campus code violations to be handled by the I.F.C. When a case is turned into the Attorney General ' s office, it is assigned to a member of the staff for investigation. Another member is assigned to serve as defense counselor for the accused in order to explain his rights and the procedure of the council. It is the duty of the investigator to summon all necessary witnesses, gather statements, and present his own summary of the case. The defense counselor assists in aiding the defendant himself. In essence the Attorney General ' s staff represents the contact between the accused students and a particular judging body. It was originally set up so that members of the council would not have to do investigation themselves and thus have prior knowledge of a particular case. Page 77 Dl AND PHI AGAIN SEPARATE Dl PHI SENATE. First row: Dowell, Linney, Gunster, Bardawil. Second row: Welch, D. Kern, Passamaneck. Harriss. Third row: W. Bullard, Greenbacker, Foushee, Neely, Hawkins, Parsons, Wilson, R. Bullard, Edwards. Absent: Bailey, Dean, Doyle, Dennis, Freas, Liner, K. Kern, Schwintzer. The Di-Phi Senate, entering its 169th year of existence, is the nation ' s oldest debating society. This year the Senate ' s component Dialetic and Philanthropic Societies resumed their separate being, having been merged for almost five years. Membership more than doubled in 1963-64. Senate members wrote a student history of the University of North Carolina and investigated race relations in Chapel Hill. Debate topics included civil rights, U. S. foreign policy, fraternity discrimination, and the infamous North Carolina speaker ban. DEBATERS AMONG TOP IN EAST Debating the topic " Resolved: that the federal government should guarantee an opportunity for higher education to all qualified high school graduates, " the Debate Team represented the University at tournaments at Wake Forest, Duke, South Carolina, Georgetown, Harvard, and N.Y.U., among others. It also played host to the N.C. High School State Tournament and conducted an Eastern Regional Tournament for all the high school state champions in the East. DEBATE TEAM. First row: Heatherly, Secretary; Brodeur, Treasurer; Springen, Coach; Clayton, President; Carson, Vice-President; Stone. Second row: Hyman, Stupak. Dallen, Raff, Featherstone, Blank, Sentelle, Sipe, Jones. Third row: Greenbacker, MacNicholas, VanLoon, Hamiliton, Williams. Fourth row: Crow, Brans- come, Yelton. Lowe. l|||j The Party Of Action! The University Party, founded in 1926, is Carolina ' s oldest political party. It is based on the Jacksonian principle of democracy that " the more persons active in a government, the stronger the government. " Holding as its basic aims a stronger student government, the Party continued its efforts during the fall to bring student govern- ment closer to the students on the campus and to bring more students into an active participation in student government. The Party conducted a mailing about student government to entering freshmen and provided a book with information during the begin- ning of school. In November, in an unexpected announcement, Mike Chanin re- signed his position as Party Chairman, ending the longest term of office in party annals. Jeff Adams, former Sergeant-at-Arms of the Party, was elected Chairman for the remainder of the year. As the Party of Action, the University Party created two com- mittees during the fall to make reports to the Party during the next spring. The Academics Problems Committee was to investi- gate various academic problems brought out in the 1963 UP Plat- form. The second committee created, the Campus Action Board, was to seek out grievances about anything and everything on the campus and to channel these complaints to the proper committees or persons. The Party ' s plans for the spring included a series of meetings with various administration leaders to discuss their relations with the students on this campus and to explain how their respective areas work. The outlook for Spring Elections was especially strong with the prospects of returning to the Executive Office and of having a majority in the Student Legislature leading the way. Seated: Bo Edwards, John Ulfelder, Don Curtis, Faryl Sims, Mike Chanin, Tracy Spencer, Harry DeLung. Standing: Con Carson, Jeff Adams, Pat Wilson, Laszio Birin yi. Pags 79 Councils Inculcate The Men ' s and Women ' s Councils are the courts of original jurisdic- tion for violations of the Honor and Campus Codes. In this sense, their function is a regulatory one, but it is also creative as they attempt to educate the student body about the responsibilities of academic freedom and student government. The most important activity of the year for the Councils was the Review Board controversy which saw months of discussion upon the composition and procedures of the panel which reviews all appeals from the men ' s and women ' s councils. Two major changes were instituted by action of the Faculty — alteration of the panel to an all-faculty board instead of a joint student-faculty one, and an auto- matic appeals process by which any convinction would be reviewed in a new hearing. Grounds for appeal need not be stated in the request. As the result of a vigorous student protest before the trustees and the Faculty Council, negotiation by two committees was in- stituted and was still going on by press time. WHITNEY DURAND Chairman MEN ' S COUNCIL. Seated: Paul Dickson, Steve Hoyle, Perry McCarty, George Bensch. Standing: Stu Kagel, Gerry Hancock, Bryan Simpson, Tony Miller, Peter Jason, Pete Wales, Ted Steinberg, Kent Peterson, Mac Boxley, Van MacNair, Terry Reeves. Absent: Howard Godwin. ,f r Page 80 Student Responsibility The work of the Councils began during Orientation for Freshmen. Under a newly instituted system, an entire day was devoted to the Women ' s Council for the presentation of the rules which concern women students. Entering male students were given two lectures and a quiz in addition to the movie which informally presents the Honor System. After fall elections, new Women ' s Council members were en- couraged to work closely with the residences in their respective judicial districts for the purpose of educating students about partic- ular problems in this area of student life. In conjunction with their male counterparts, they undertook a series of speaking engage- ments in men ' s dormitories concerning the Campus Code and the penalties given for violations of both codes. Spring activities included meetings with faculty members and a study commission charged with investigating the problems associated with the Honor and Campus Codes as the University becomes in- creasingly larger. CAROLYN PINION Chairman WOMEN ' S COUNCIL. Seated: Patsy Leffler, House Council Co-ordinator; Carolyn Pinion, Chairman; Sara Anne Trott, Vice-Chairman. Standing: Marty McDanlel; Muff Zink; Rita Sandmen; Susan Erickson: Mary King: Dee Jarman; Marion McAdoo: Jean Anderson; Mary Susan Kirk; Betty Ward. Clerk. Page S 1 IDC BECOMES MRC AND REVAMPS BY-LAWS The Men ' s Residence Council, formerly tiie IVIen ' s Interdormitory Council, continued the fine social programs it has had in the past. Free dances were held after home football games and a Christmas Ball was held for the first time. The M.R.C. launched itself on a program of revision which it hopes will change the entire pattern of living in residence hall at Carolina. Envisioned in the future is a system of Residence Colleges, each college being made up of several geographically associated residences. In the spring, the College Bowl and Tug-of-War were new in- novations offered. The intramural program was carried on with great success and a new high in participation. The Council faced the problem of completely revamping its by-laws and developing an effective system of government for all residence halls. The M.R.C. Court functioned extremely well this year. The by- laws were revised and a system of uniform procedures established for their use. Also, the use of recorders in keeping trial records was inaugurated. In every facet of its functioning, this was a most successful year for the M.R.C. MtN ' S RESIDENCE COUNCIL Page 82 M.R.C. COURT. Seated: Jim Fullwood, Chairman. Standing: Walt Tuthill, Larry Coleman, Mickey Blackwell, Bob Payton, Alan Craig, Clark Brewer. M.R.C. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Seated: Alan Craig, Clark Brewer. Standing: Jim Fullwood, Gordon Appell Ed Burt, Gerry Good. Page 83 WRC Co-Ordinates Women ' s Dorm Life The W.R.C. is the women ' s legislative body of student govern- ment, drawing up all rules which pertain to the social standards and welfare of women students. It has also maintained its active role in its various programs. The file for study and travel abroad has been broadened. W.R.C. also helps to support the Christmas House held annually by the women of Chapel Hill. A new office, that of Freshman Coordinator, has been established in order to make the ties between Spencer and the Nurses ' Dorm more effective and to give more attention to the town students and women in the Fine Arts program. As well as handling Freshman Orientation, the coordinator has a permanent seat on W.R.C. The Council now has an office in the Student Government offices in Graham Memorial. WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE COUNCIL. Seated: Sue Ross, Advisor; Alice Schmidt. Vice-Chairman; Nancy Culler. Chairman; Susan Dellinger, Treasurer. First row: Mike Newton, Patsy Leffler, Betsy Clark, Patty Quillian, Judy Allen. Ginger Tribble, Anne Vick. Second row: Sandra Batchelor, Linda Pearce, Joan Groce. Sara Harris. Cheryl Hoffman, Sally Simmons, Betty Rawls, Elizabeth Scovil. Harlan Light, Paula Jellinghaus, Beth Borneman. W p • f -t ' 1 ' il 1 A li %M 9 1 „ _. [{ff, % } ' l ' « gr r J ' t. tj l ' kl hi n. a» AW . « -=-- im 1 } i r, • f • w « Page 84 CAROLINA WOMEN ' S COUNCIL. Seated: Becky Young, Recording Secretary; Sheila Sherrill, Corresponding Secretary; Cool ie Alexander, Vice-President; Sandra Lawrence, Treasurer. First row: Buff Cox, Jerri Moser, Kay Talton, Donna Hennessee, Jodie Payne, Susan Wood, Lois Raff. Second row: Barbara Doby, June Troy, Zannie Poplin, Betty Brown, Lynda Robinson, Lois Bradshaw, Gayle Rawlerson, Becky Brown. CWC Urges Dorm Unity Carolina Women ' s Council functions as a coordinating body in and among the undergraduate women ' s dormitories. Tlie members in- clude the president, elected in the spring campus elections; a social chairman and two activities chairmen from each dormitory; a representative from W.A.A.; Mrs. Vlfilliam B. Aycock, advisor to the group; and Miss Sue Ross, ex-officio member from the Office of the Dean of W omen. The Council plans many activities to enrich dormitory life; such activities include dormitory breakfasts, tournaments, dances and seminars. In addition, C.W.C. works closely with the Men ' s Resi- dence Council co-sponsoring social events of interest to men and women dormitory residents. Carolina Women ' s Council further strives to encourage dorm participation in social, athletic, political, and academic phases of life. Through this participation, greater unity is achieved in the dormitory. Page 85 ' 64 Symposium — World Power, What Is It Worth? The 1964 Carolina Symposium was entitled: " Arms and the Man; National Security and the Aims of a Free Society. " From April fifth through sixth, the symposium presented lec- tures panels, and discussions exploring the nature of the Cold War and assessing the effects of collective security on individual freedom and democratic values. Each day over a thousand students and faculty members heard such persons as David Brinkley, Senator John Sherman Cooper, Irving Howe, and Hans Morgenthau speak on the ways American society is being changed by the Cold War. The programs were financed entirely by contributions, amounting to $10,000. The Symposium did not provide all, or even many, of the answers to this pressing national issue. However, it did present to the academic commu nity the stimulating question, " What values of a free society are being sacrificed in the struggle for world power, and how much is the struggle worth. " EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Left to right: Steve Dennis; Bev Haynes; Bill DaviS; Dick Hesse. Caiiirmari: Dr. David T. Lapkin. Absent: Al Snead. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN. Seated: Beverly Haynes, Pattie Perrin, Emily Klyce, Ginny Carnes, Maida Burch. Standing: Dave Edwards. Harry DeLung, Archie Davis, Steve Dennis, Ford Rowan. Absent: Al Snead. " f i Cosmopolitan Club members enjoy their annual Christmas Dance. Cosmopolitan Club Pharmacy Senate The Cosmopolitan Club is an organization open to all interested persons. The purpose of the Club is to bring together all people, regardless of nationality, race, color or creed through its social and cultural functions in order to learn from each other about the similarities and differences in cultures, customs and traditions in the hope to promote mutual understanding among people of all nations. The Pharmacy Senate was founded at UNC in 1940 by Dean E. A. Brecht in order to stimulate and increase knowledge and appreciation for the pro- fession of Pharmacy, to promote interclass cooperation within the school and to teach public speaking as a foundation for future leadership. Meeting once a month, the body discusses new drugs, new pharmaceu- tical processes, and various problems facing the profession today, thus giving each member a chance to develop a better attitude toward the various situations, so that a more intelligent approach may be used in the future when faced with such problems of his own. PHARMACY SENATE. First row: Amanda Harsley, Secretary; Hugh A, Myers, Parliamentarian; Jim Culbertson, Recorder; Curtis Holleman, Reporter; Jack Alexander, President. Second row: Judy Patton, Betsy Clark, Jean Robinson, Mary Lou Johnson, Carolyn Smith. Third row: Gene Brown, Larry Warren, Bill Foster, Revis Eller. Fourth row: Alex Belmont, Larry Kennedy, Randy Rhyne, R. P. Rabb, Barbara G. Akers. Fifth row: Danny Lee Randall, Roy B. Smith, Jr., Anne Kelly, Rodney Lynn McCaskill, John B. Kennedy, Solon Minton. Absent: Jerry Devereux, Roy Rabb, Barbara Akers, Larry Baber, Wayne Keith. RELIGIO N Y.M.C.A. OFFICERS. Seated from left: Marshall Bellovin; Kellis Parker, Sec.; Rick Edwards, Vice-Pres.; Joe Griffin, Treas.; Richard Barrett. Standing: Joe Burns; George Nicholson; Mr. Shotts; Jack i eal; Alvin Tyndall; Dave Sheps. Young Men ' s Christian Association " All aspects of living " are investigated through the Y.M.C.A. Providing programs in administration, education, community work, and social work, the Y.M.C.A. offers opportunities to interested students to enrich their own lives and to help those around them. The responsibility for maintaining the Y.M.C.A. is given to those students whose interests lie in fields connected with financial endeavors and the direction of general publicity. Educating one ' s fellow man is one of the most rewarding experiences that one can have during his lifetime. This void is filled through work with the United Nations Education Committee, the Religious Emphasis Committee, Public Affairs, Human Relations, Foreign Students, Campus Chest, Freshman Program, Supper Forum, and a unique addition, the Writer-in-Residence Program. Community service and social work are carried out by several interested commissions. Visits to the Catholic Orphanage as well as Dix Hill, plus instruction the youth of Chapel Hill through the Hi-Y program are all parts of the Y.M.C.A. Active Y.M.C.A. programs mean active students are busily engaged in learning about " all aspects of living. " Page 88 Young Women ' s Christian Association The Y.W.C.A. is an interdenominational organization founded on Christian ideals and beliefs for coeds interested in giving practical service in the University community, and in finding a better understanding of current events and problems. The Y.W.C.A. is governed by an executive committee, and its diverse activities are coordinated into a cabinet. The organization ' s committees were established to fulfill the needs and interests of the individual student. Some of the community service projects include volunteer v ork in nearby hospitals, training with Girl Scout troops, and a Campus Chest drive for local charities. In the field of education, the Y sponsors seminar trips to New York and Washington and a student summer trip to Europe. A model U. N. Assembly and a model political convention were spring projects. The Y also brings speakers to the campus and has discussion groups on religious, racial, and international problems. In all its activities, the Y.W.C.A. offers its members opportunities to work with and learn from their fellow students. LUCY KENNERLY President Page 89 Baptist Student Union Realizing a need for college students to participate in the community of the church, the Baptist Student Union provides opportunities for a Christian fellowship extending beyond the local community. Group participation in worship, study seminars, service projects, and recreation offers a means by which students may grow to a deeper understanding of faith commit- ment. Supper-study, held at the B.S.U. Center each Friday evening, features a light meal, corporate worship, discussion groups, films and speakers. Midday Watch, a brief period of worship, is held on weekdays in Y-Court, and is open to all students. Hillel Foundation The B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation is the student organization of the Na- tional B ' nai B ' rith Foundation. Hillel exists to relate the Jewish student to his past, and to make him aware of the present, and to prepare him for his future in the Jewish community. These objectives are met through religious, cultural and social activities that include not only Sabbath and holiday services, but also discussion and groups for study, worships, lectures, athletics, and social functions. The Newman Club The Newman Club, a National Catholic Student Federation, has a chapter at U.N.C. The purpose of our Newman Club is to enable the student to fulfill his spiritual, intellectual, and social needs on campus. To this end, we provide a variety of supper and discussion sessions with guest speak- ers, together with regular social events. Meetings are held on the first and third Sundays of each month. The Catholic Student Center at 218 Pittsboro St., just behind the Carolina Inn, contains a library and a small chapel. Drop by, and say " hi. " i ' Mf. ' ij ' i ' W ' K ' M— F f y ■AiBl ■ ef ! Ad Lutheran Student Association The Lutheran Student Association is composed of students who are attempting to come to a fuller understanding of the meaning of Christian faith in their daily lives. Its members participate in a many-faceted program of worship, study, evangelism, service, and recreation. A member of the Lutheran Student Association of America, the local L.S.A. chapter meets each Sunday evening at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church for supper and program. This program takes many forms, including discussions, lectures, Bible studies, fellow- ship periods, and recreational outings. In all these activities, the atmosphere is one in which each member works for the benefit of his fellow students and for the joy of his own task. Page 91 R O. T. C. Major William H. Klinker, Jr. Executive Officer Captain Lawrence D. Garrison Commandant of Cadets Captain James R. Milligan Air Science III Instructor AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. As the United States Air Force has been recognized as America ' s first line of defense, the AFROTC is an integral part of the University of North Carolina. The purpose of the program is to provide a constant supply of officer material. The AFROTC enables the cadet to prepare for the role of a responsible citizen, a well-trained Air Force officer, and possibly a pilot. The training here consists of intensive classroom and laboratory work. Principles of effective leadership and the importance of military discipline are stressed. During their junior and senior years, the cadets are offered an advanced AFROTC program. It calls for four extra hours of classroom work and two extra hours of drill each week. Upon the com- pletion of the academic requirement for a bachelor ' s degree plus four years of AFROTC training, each cadet is commissioned and assigned to active duty. Colonel Gordon P. Kage Professor of Air Science CADET GROUP STAFF OFFICERS. First row: J. H. Wallace, T. F. Broom, F. R. Jamison. Second row: H. E. Poole, R. L Wilkerson, Wf. R. Phillips. Captain Richard H. Bucher Air Science I and II Instructor i 1 5 i H Page 92 DISTINGUISHED AFROTC CADETS. First row: W. M. Grumpier, D. M. Williams, W. L. Doughton, J. L. Hodges, III, B. R. Matthews, R. D. Skees. Second row: D. W. Howe, G. D. Lynn, C. P. Dunnegan. H 1 ■ HH % -- , --1 H 1 1 GROUP STAFF NCOs. First row: E S Gre;,;-,, III. S R. Blate, J. W. Brannock. COLOR GUARD. Left to right: H. F, Badgley, III, F. A. Hall, R. H, Steelman, Second row; C. M. Tate, S. L. Silliman, R. H. Lane, J. P. Hoybah. A. M, Banks. Walter M. Grumpier Cadet Commander David M. Williams Cadet Executive Officer DETACHMENT NCOS. Left to right: C. R. Crawford, J. R. Register, C. M. Long. Page 93 s w sFws ' S wjT f ' SQIJADROX I ' ' x maf J- -lii BMi ii a iiffn-T - iil Mi i ffl l I I ■ ■ " " ■ " ■ -j 18 ( ttr- ' tt-m J. L. Hodges Squadron I Commander S l AD II OX II 4 tff ► HPHp s K n i .. 1 11 £ B. R. Matthews Squadron II Commander SQIADIIOX III R. L. Opdyke Squadron III Commander Page 94 i —f9 A m tsr W. L. Doughton Squadron IV Commander R. D. Skees Squadron V Commander BAXII St lAllllOX J. J. McDonald Band Squadron Commander WTrnrwm! Page 95 N 1 4- Ml ANGEL FLIGHT, Seated: Joan Fox, Mitzi Eckstein, Harriett Pope, Mary Ann Noble, Commander; Dolly Isom, Kay Ledgerwood, Diane Lynn. Second row: Sheila Sherrill, Cissy Trott, Jean Carol Parker, Sparky Sedlacek, Becky Wells, Stierry House, Sharon Miller, Carol Ridgeway, Patty Quillian, Kay Johnson. Third row: Nancy Tillman, Anne Moody, Barbara Lorek, Ella Stephenson, Cherry Vaughn, Glenda Lee, Barbara Brown, Martha Capel, Deanna Darr, Sally Laws. Not Pictured: Betty Jean Kirchdorfer, Susan Erickson, Janice Moore. ANGEL FLIGHT The Angel Flight is the auxiliary to and sponsoree of the Arnold Air Society. The purposes of the Flight are to strenthen and promote interest in the AFROTC, to aid in the progress of Arnold Air Society and the Cadet Corps, to gain information concerning the Air Force, and to promote high morale in the AFROTC Corps. To fulfill these objectives the Angels maintain a full schedule of activities. They assist the Corps through the planning and prepara- tion of coffee hours, the Air Force-Navy Military Ball, the Corps picnics, and other social events. They also accompany the cadets on such occasions as Area Drill Competition and Arnold Air Society Area Conclaves. Though most of Angel Flight ' s activities take place on a local level, it is a national organization with sixty-two flights within the United States. As in the past, this has been a full and rewarding year for the girls who wear the silver wings and Air Force blue of the Angel Flight. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY. Seated: G. D. Lynn, Commander; J. L. Hodges, Vice-Commander. Kneeling: W. R. Phillips, Sgt.-at-Arms; W. M. Crumpler, D. W. Howe, Ad- jutant Recorder; C. E, Stull, Jr.. Comptroller; D. M. Williams, S. R. Blate, Information Officer; C. M. Tate, Chaplain; F. R. Jamison. Third row: S. L. Silliman, T. F. Broom, M. Y. Stokes, W. L. Doughton, B. R. Matthews, J. R. Poole, III, R. D. Skees, G. M. Dougherty, H. L. Jones, G. H. Hawkins. Fourth row: W. J. Nelson. L. P. Beadle, H. E. Poole, L. D. Snoddy, W. E. Gunster, III, C. G. Pruit, G. T. Lewis, Jr., J. P. Hoybach, J. J. McDonald, F. A. Hall. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Arnold Air Society, founded in 1947 in honor of General " Hap " H. Arnold, is a national honorary organization composed of selected sophomore, junior, and senior AFROTC cadets. The Society, to promote interest within the Cadet Corps and in the Air Force, Offers a wide variety of programs from speakers and films to social events. Page 96 NAVAL RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps at tlie University of Nortli Carolina is one of 52 such units established at many of the best colleges and universities for the purpose of providing the United States Navy with a supply of well trained officers. Through the NROTC program a student may receive his com- mission in the Line or Staff of the Navy or in the Marine Corps by successfully completing his four years at Carolina and by taking eight semester courses in Naval Science. The midshipmen take part in such unit activities as the Drill Team, the Drum and Bugle Corps, the unit newspaper, the rifle team, the Flight Indoctrination Program, and the intramural program. These activities have brought honors to the midship- men and to the unit and add to the character and leadership qualities of the future officers of the United States Navy- ■MM O i V ' MMMB Captain R. W. Warner Professor of Naval Science Commander F. W. Hollowell Executive Officer STAFF. First row: Major E. R. Laine, Jr., LCDR E. Wf. Hille. Second row: Lt. A. A. Davis, Lt. dg) F. J. Barnes, III, Lt. (jg) J. M. Whalen, Lt. (jg) R. A. McCaugtiey. Third row: K. D. Swanson, SOCS; H. S. Suggs, QIVIC; R. J. Brown, GMGC; C. L. Rogers, YNC; S. 0. Slay, SKCS; D. C. Parker, GYSGT. BATTALION STAFF. First row: IVIidn. Lt. (jg) E. W. Lewis, Jr. Second row: IVIidn. Ens. D. C. Rumsey, III, Midn. Ens. T. M. Cribbin. Third row: Midn. CPO A, W. Pearce. Jr., Midn. CPO R. G. Morris, Jr.. Midn. CPO J. M. Doares, Jr., Midn. CPO G. L. Good A. E. Minis, Jr. Midn. Lieutenant (iommander Battalion Commander E. G. Michaels, III Midn. Lieutenant Battalion Executive Officer Page 97 ti sP so? i S ' - ' t sir t - - 1 f " " ? • l ■ " ; a ALPHA OMPAi Y CHARLIE tOMPAINY 1 p: BUAVO tOMPAXV ■W. f. w» ■o - s ' W. 0. Poteat Midn. Lieutenant Commander oi A Company C. H. Battle, Jr. Midn. Lieutenant Commander of B Company A. B. Sims IVlidn. Lieutenant Commander of C Company A. J. Schift Midn. Lt. (jg) Commander of Drum and Bugle Corps I,. ,f S. F. Lankford • ■S IVlidn. Lt. (jg) Commander of Drill Team Page 99 trjL ■■ % ' QUATERDECK SOCIETY. First row: A. E. Millis, Jr., President. Second row-. E. G. IVIichaels, III, A. B. Sims. Third row: W. M. Parham, L. W. Bailey, Jr., C. D. Wiles. Fourth row: D. M. Gingrich, W. J. Nucciarone, R. S. Johnson, T. R. Bellman, L. S. Anderson, III. FLIGHT INDOCTRINATION PROGRAM. W. G. McWilliams, III, H. R. Wismer, W. A. Jackson, J. C. Gamrath, H. G. Roser, S. F. Lankford, M. S. Doctor. Not Pictured: D. I. Maclntyre, LCDR E. W. Hille, Advisor. COLOR GUARD. W. A. Davidson, III, J. W. Smith, A. G. MacFadyen, J. L. Peddicord. RIFLE TEAM. Kneeling: J. L. Peddicord, D. M. Gmgrich. L. L. Wagenseil. Standing: A. E. Millis, Jr., Team Captain; Major E. R. Laine, Jr., Advisor; J. G. Hanes, III, T. R. Bellman, G. E. Mittendorff. GYSGT D. C. Parker, Coach. Page 100 SCABBARD AND BLADE Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary military society formed to preserve and develop essential qualities of good and efficient officers and to unite in closer relationship the military depart- ments of various universities and colleges. L. Company, 8th Regiment of Scabbard and Blade is made up of outstanding AFROTC Cadets and NROTC Midshipmen. The company promotes sports competition between the two units during Military Week each spring, culminating in the Scabbard and Blade Ball for the benefit and enjoyment of the cadets and midshipmen of the two units. The company serves as a medium of coordination between the two units at Carolina and endeavors to instill a modern and in- formed attitude toward the military services. SCABBARD AND BLADE. First row: J. W. Smith, W. F. Currin, A. J. Schiff, C. P. Dunnegan, S. F. Lankford, D. W. Howe, J. E. Fluet, Jr., W. M. Grumpier, K. R. Furr, G. D. Lynn, J. L. Peddicord. Second row: M. Y. Stokes, R. T. Oliver, H. L. Jones, C. M. Vollmer, W. L. Doughton, W. M. Parham, R. D. Skees, T. M. Cribbin, G. N. Dougherty, A. B. Sims, C. E. Stull. Third row: E. G. IVIichaels, III. D. M. Williams, A. V. Monette, B. F. Warlick, D. C. Rumsey, III, J. R. Poole, R. T. Segrest, J. J. McDonald, W. D. King, J. P. Hoybach, A. E. Millis, Jr., C. M. Tate, W. 0. Poteat, J. L. Hodges. E. W. Lewis, Jr„ Major W. H. Klinker, Jr., Advisor. Not Pictured: Major E. R. Laine, Jr., Advisor. f ■ -f " -_%.t.-:%;-t-tr.-t. r ' " V ' Page 101 S O C I E T I E S SORORITIES Seated: Miss Farrington, adviser, Arey, Humphries, Erickson, Harris, Williams, Teasdale, Merritt. Standing: Parrott, Hayman, Sandman, Deal, Dossenback, Hearn, Jones, Dellinger, Childress, Blakely, Hoyle, Ausbon, Laughlin, Green, Haley. PANHELLENIC GOAL -UNIFICATION The Panhellenic Council is the governing body of the sororities. It is designed for the purpose of unifying the different areas of the cam- pus. In carrying out this goal Panhellenic sponsors a number of events. In the fall the popular Watermelon Feast was held for all sorority and dormitory women. Together with the Graham Memorial Activities Board, Panhellenic sponsored a campus wide tree-trimming party in Graham Memorial. In addition to campus activities, Pan- hellenic cooperated with the Junior Service League of Chapel Hill in supporting the Christmas House. The Council is composed of the Panhellenic Adviser, Miss Daryl Farrington, sorority presidents, sorority rush chairmen, one repre- sentative-at-large from each sorority, and two representatives from the Stray Greek Organization. PEGGY ANN HARRIS President Page 104 STRAY GREEKS RUN PANHELLENIC POST OFFICE The Stray Greek Organization was founded in 1944 and is composed of sorority women whose chapters are not represented on this cam- pus. Its aims are to preserve the bonds of unity and sisterhood in sorority life, to serve its members as a service and social organiza- tion, and to stimulate cooperation between sorority and dormitory women. Each year the Stray Greeks take over the responsibility of the Panhellenic Post Office during sorority rush and its members serve as advisors in dormitories. Following rush, we hold the Stray Greek- Panhellenic Pledge Picnic to honor the new pledge classes and also participate in service projects, social events, various campus activi- ties, and the Women ' s Athletic Association. SUSAN DELLINGER President BRANDON, BARBARA Delta Zeta BRANDON, BETTY Kappa Alpha Theta BRAOSHAW Delta Zeta COBB Sigma Kappa EDENFIELD Phi Mu HARDY Kappa Alpha Theta HEYWOOD Kappa Alpha Theta HUMPHREY Kappa Alpha Theta JONES Sigma Kappa LAMPSI Sigma Kappa LEFFLER Sigma Sigma Sigma McABOY Phi Mu NEWTON Sigma Kappa PAYNE Delta Zeta RIGGS Delta Gamma ZEHMER Sigma Sigma Sigma Page 105 Allen Chalk Field Glover Hedrick Johnson, D. McDaniel Philips Westmoreland Britt Collins Garrett Gregory Howell Johnson, R. Murray Shuford Williams Childress Croom Gibson Hanson James Kalb Gates Thomas Yeager " costumes(?) in the making " " I ' m getting tired of these darn mixers Yea, Yea and the Point . . . Dook Fan . . . Wild Oats . . . Man Mountain and Undercover Glover . . . Sally go ' round the roses . . . " Tiki " Croom . . . Howell are you? ... 4 point Field . . Sondra and " the Ham " . . . Motormouth . . . " Miles to go! ' . . . Missy and the Green Hornet . . . Queenie, Happy Glad Day . . . weep . . . Sara " KA Rose " Williams . . . do-do! ... Sherry, can you bear it? . . . Croom pledges Kappa Sigma . . " Flash " and Bill . . . will you stop that! . . . Gregs and the Tau . . . Alpha Delta Pi flash baskets . . . This is really it! . . . Garrett and the Blond Bomb ... The Green Phantom strikes again . . . flush, jiggle . . . Burgess makes the deal . . . slick . . . Quick, get me a ciragette, I ' m in love again! . . . Think a little sugar . . . " Hootenaimee " . . . " Roadrunner " Vorus . . . King Arthur and his Corvette . . . Tobacco warehouse. Page 106 REBECCA DEAL President BETA UPSILON OF ALPHA DELTA P RAGLAND VORUS HEMPHILL LILLARD Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Treasurer Alpha Delta Pi, oldest National Sorority, was founded at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia in May, 1851. Beta Upsilon chapter at U.N.C. was colonized in 1939. Her colors are blue and white, the flowers, the woodland violet. The publication is The Adelphian. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Peabody, Lamm, Stokes, Freeze, Stanley. Second row: Price, Willis. DeVane. Young. Best. Hambright, Menefee. Third row: Teague. Roux. Treble, Cordell, Huntsberry, McKenzie. Leibold, Cornelius, Herring, Weddle, Light. Page 1 07 GAMMA EPSILON OF ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Gamma Epsilon of Alpha Gamma Delta was founded nationally in 1904 at Syracuse University, and chartered at the University of North Carolina in 1945. Her colors are red, buff, and green, and her flowers, red and buff roses. The publication of Alpha Gamma Delta is The Quarterly. RITA SANDMAN President SMITH Recording Secretary ALEXANDER Treasurer PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Dukes, Kesler, Betts. Sec- ond row: Whitehead, Little, Tannery, Frost, Schwender, Brown. Page 108 BLAKELY ERICKSON GROCE HANSON KING LOWRY MANSFIELD METIS POWERS SHERWOOD TIBBETS UPP September arrives and so do Lorna and Doris . . . Mrs. " 0 " keeps us all in line . . . Wake up Judy, it ' s 5:15 a.m.! . . . Carol Ann and all her " hardware " . . . How do you say it in French, Ginny? . . . Say Barb, how many bushels in a Peck? . . . Martha Ann, where did you get that Goldwater sticker? ... Car trouble, Babo?-Never! . . . Carolyn sings, " I ' m just wild about Harry ' s " . . . Rita, our leader, in her Harvard dress . . . Vickie may not have a car but she ' s got the key! . . . Good evening, " Joan ' s Date Bureau " . . . Gayle and you-know-who always on t ' .ie phone . . . Lin, a railer chief cook and bottlewasher . . . Jane, which one is it today? . . . Betsy, too much coffee will stunt yuur growth! . . . With Emilie everything ' s " hunky " -dory . . . Cindy plays the guitar? . . . One third of the room is all you get Sue . . . Dianne and her new hair-do! . . . Remember . . . Staunch and true, as years pass through is our fraternity! m sorry, no more punch for you tonight. ' " Only their hairdresser knows for sure. " Page 109 Baldwin Coleman Gilliam Hcuck Lineberger Mixon Perrin Thompson Bell Crawford Hardy Howe Klyce McClain Parker, A. Powell Warden Carnes Ehrhardt Harriss Howell Ledgerwocd Marshall Parker, R. Simmons Waterman Eustis High Kennerly Lewis Mason Parrott Switzer " A Chi here, a Chi there " But it doesn ' t taste like apple cider Gertie Schmertz irons Lawyer ' s stiirts . . . Think a little sugar! . . . Waiters serve French cuisine . . . Bill wants to l now if Pearl ' s ready . . . Hurricane Ginny tosses skirts 90 miles an hour and all heads turn to " sea " , . . Prissy ' s the Greatest Pumpkin yet . . . Patsy says it ' s " curtains " for the Chi ' s ... I, Beverly Honors Yale . . , Betsy Tones up to Bazooka bubbles and " Sun- shine " ... Hey Maida, did ya ' hear the wild animals are dying out in Africa . . . Y-Lucy . . . IVly name ' s Kay, let ' s talk about angels ... My name ' s Frannie, I ' d rather talk about cats but the receiver ' s dead . . . don ' t bother to check the mail, it ' s all for Mary Linda ... the Mature Male reaches HIGH ... A. P., what ' s the word from Tanganyikasville? . . . Yes, Em, you WILL be next month ' s Playmate . . . Erhardt, you forgot your three exercises last night . . . iVIcAdoo-doo-doo-doo! . . . Ervin RANKS high in rush . . . Klyce has a red 4.0 head ... My name ' s Wendy, let ' s not talk about mono . . . Sarah and Gwen are fond of sanddunes on dear ol ' quaint Cape Cod . . . Hi! How y ' all, P. A., answer " your " phone! . . . M. M. ' s socials — m-m-m-m-m! . . . Lou ' s Fiji ' s, flicks, and fun . . . Cason goes rolling along . . . P.E.P. spells pep! . . . Kris ' s $3,000 phone bill- just to say. But, Love . . . ATO goblins flee the fire escape . . . Hoot! . . . D.C. for Nan C . . . Heat Wave . . . Choo-choo, Williams . . . Sarah and Darby depart together ... We miss you, Lockhart! Page 1 10 BEVERLY HAYNES President EPSILON BETA OF CHI OMEGA BURCH BROADHURST WILLIAMS Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Chi Omega was founded in 1895 at the University of Arkansas and chartered at the University of North Carolina on January 20, 1923. Her colors are cardinal and straw and her flower is the white carnation. The publication of Chi Omega is The Eleuses. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Ramage, Anderson, Hussey, Moore, Spurber, Frye, Second row: Elmore, Goode, Beckwith, Micaud, Bruce, McDonald. Third row: Ghol- son, Atkins, Tullijcca, McMillan, Brown, Howie, Campbell, Wright, Lackey, Gillam, MacDonald. Page 1 1 1 ALPHA SIGMA OF DELTA DELTA DELTA ■Vi •• Delta Delta Delta was founded nationally in 1889 at Boston University, and was chartered at the University of North Caro- lina April 9, 1943. Her colors are silver, gold and blue, and her flower is the pansy. The publication is the Trident. BECKY JO GREENE President RAND Treasurer PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Houston, Butler, Rumley, Smith, Briscoe, Herndon, Keedwell. Second row: Hooper. Synder, Littlefield, Strickland, Tucker, Cannon. Morgan, Grice, James. Landis, Bazemore, Boggs, Roper, Reed. Smith Vandenborre Stapleton Voigt Teasdale Wall Turpin Biggers Culler Forsyth Hurt Brennaman Donnelly Gallagher Jones Clark Drennan Griffin Kennedy Cox m Edwards Heath Logue Massenbur " Goodness gracious, who ' s going to know. ' Rush without " Eloise " . . . Arrow falls followed by Deltas ... red hot mama discovers four knees . . . Diana ' s well-oriented . . . Nancy Lou is hostess with mostest . . . third floor droughts . . . Elva ' s black leather jacket ... Liz is Adam ' s keeper . . . Leach creates animosi- ties . . . Becky Jo leads heavenly host of ' 63 on the level . . . Sally busies and waits faithfully ... the Cull cries as Troll tlies . . . Susanne fraternizes through dark-tinted glasses . . . Barbara rededi- cates life ... Sue Van stops up the dike . . . Queen Carolyn of 4th year med ... Sue goes out to lunch . . . Johnsye leads rush — to the Goody . . . Heath, Smiley and Moo U . . . Stapes finds a new kind of love . . . May F is unitarian . . . June and Linda love those carats! . . . Peeps plays the field . . . Pitt snows all . . . Rat fink smiles as dog breathes . . . Oh, Say . . . Becky ' s joke repertoire . . . Lee digs cadavers . . . Laurie knits while Johnny sits . . . Turps and Voigt vie for " Miss Motormouth " . . . Claire is walking talking Tri- Delt manual ... 21 unbeatable pledges! . . . Logue cheers on free weekends . . . Rose raids unsuccessfully . . . Flanders, the Elf and Genie are Greek sweethearts . . . Memories make us sad that the year has to end . . . most " will not be back. " Page 1 1 3 Holland Nicholson Pitser Ward Hornbeck Orr Pruitt, A. Wearn Jones Payne Robinson Webb Klumpp Perry Smith Whitworth Love " And then there were hootenanies , " Hail, Carolina — thy virgin soul, thy divergent soul, thy weejun soul " ; . . . rainbows and hootenanies . . . dinner bells in Harry ' s . . . a very special 24, then rush is over ... all Rhodes lead to the pledges . . . waiter is a traitor . . . Bill outsmarts the Knights . . . " Queen Clara " is better than par for the course . . . " Little boys like Little girls " ... all kinds of pins but safety . . . Buddy-Buddy and Thomas, good old Dave and just Dick, and of course, Kent Baby . . . bombed Barrett calls to apologize ... the lawyers invade or do we prefer doctors? . . . Kathy, RCWCB . . . J. B. plays pin poker ... the Great Leader has a Braine . . . well, how is it? . . . Boss and Ray never show . . . diamonds Orr . . . Turner ' s lost week-end . . . Kangeroos and Koala bears hunt for eucalyptus leaves in the " land of surpressed desires " . . . line of deHornbeckation and Ward ' s zoo . . . Alison goes wild when the sink goes black again . . . Lovey and Clander crash diets ... the smart ones eat steaks . . . scratch the " little Rascals " . . . B. B. and Love take great big blue pills . . . hey, would you button my uniform? ... the 50 screamers flick it off the wicket . . . Pledges entertain while sisters cry . . . four roses in a vase . . . KDs won Homecoming and Valkyries last year but we forgot to mention it . . . happiness is swinging from the rafters and security is having your own personal . . . life is just a . . . how does that go? Hail, Oh Hail! Page 1 14 BETA CHI OF KAPPA DELTA TURNER Treasurer Kappa Delta was founded nationally in 1897 at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, and chartered at the University of North Carolina on May 22, 1951. Her colors are green and white and her flower is the white rose. The publication of Kappa Delta is the Angelos. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Anderson, Stafford, French. Moore, Whitley, Liebscher, Neblett. Second row: Counts, Barnhart, HIadys, Hull, TImberlake. Third row: Daniel, Maddox, McDaniel, Renfrew, Teeter, Shields, Stephenson, Saunders, Hutson, Gilkeson, Meissner, Moore. Page 115 EPSILON GAMMA OF KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded nationally at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, in 1870. Epsilon Gamma Chapter was colonized at the University of North Carolina in February, 1958, and nationally installed November 8, 1959. Her colors are dark blue and light blue, and her flower, the fleur-de-lis. The Kappa Kappa Gamma publication is The Key. CAROLYN AUSBON President WRIGHT Vice-President PLEDGE CLASS. First row: LeVan, Anderson. R., Parrott, Cain, Dillin. Linden. Second row: Holt. Harris. Munroe. Bradford, Adams. Harper. Chambliss. Third row: Craig, Johnston. Levine. Miller. Anderson, J.. Hollis, Findley. Grubb. Breucken, Grape. Rhodes. Brauch. Page 1 1 6 ridgeford Cook Foill Hamrick Kelly Caron Dearborn Gerth Hoffman Kenan Carrere Eaken Gordon Humphries Laughlin Levine Meade Snead Lewis Millington Travis Liverman Ridenfiaur Wells Palm trees growing from our front porch Helped to make our rushing bright 26 pledges we were so glad to know Champagne punch with no one getting tight Spanish moss — import from Creole land Spreading it from tree to tree Pledges taking over the house one night Drawers and phone booth — what a sight to see, Everybody knows the Kappas think its fun to sing And on Hootenanies sound like larks in spring For fish as pets you ' ll hear some rave Poor Snerdly and his watery grave! Bursting in dorms at early morn Arise, you pledge, and greet the dawn On the sleeping porch amid snoozing and dreams One has nightmares — " Mother " or e screams. Needles click as sweaters grow And after dinner, health walking we go. If the poles don ' t fall on heads beneath Then golden Keys we will bequeath To shining faces full of cheer ' 63 — what a wonderful year! " But I had two points. " " Just one of the girls! " Page 1 17 Armstrong Downing Horner Kalkhurst Murphy Sharp Waddell Beach Eskridge Houston Kinney Peden Simonds Weller Butler Garrabrant Hoyle Manning Pitt Starr Wheland Council Hall Hunter Merritt Rottman Tathwell Winstead ' " Refugees from Metracal " September ' s here, the campus is busthng Everywhere one finds Pi Phi ' s are hustling Joan and Bonnie have led us all Thru a very successful Rush in the fall Dinner and dancing, pledges in white It will be for all a memorable night Campus elections, the pledges beam More activities Pug still screams Christmas at last, carols to sing And Charlotte finally got that ring Mrs. Seward i eeps us always in hand With many delicious meals she plans Dexter, Jimmy, Lanny, and Gary Usually with too many plates to carry Spring brings parties at Hogan ' s Lake And, whoops! graduation plans to make And as the close of the year draws nigh We ' re even more gald we chose Pi Phi! Page 1 18 NORTH CAROLINA ALPHA OF PI BETA PHI STEWART Treasurer Pi Beta Phi was founded nationally in 1867 at Monmouth Col- lege, Illinois, and chartered at the University of North Carolina in 1923. Her colors are wine and silver-blue and her flower is the wine carnation. The publication of Pi Beta Phi is The Arrow. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Kelly, Phillips, Leggett, Cowman, Long, Leak, Ulmer, Shacl(ford. Second row: Hoyle, P. Patterson, Dallen, Truitt, iVlcDowell, Graver, Walters, Bilbro. Third row: S. Patterson, Worth, Pierce, Raines, White, Roper, Bond, Hubner. ' ft ' . ,, ._ Page I 19 SOCIAL FRATERNITIES CHARLES BATTLE President This year, as in the past few years, the Interfraternity Council has become a more responsible self-governing body. This responsibility became apparent this year in the expansion of the powers of the IFC Court. The Court was given the right to try individuals and agents of fraternities as well as fraternities themselves. Also the Court began to make use of the Attorney General ' s Staff in investi- gating cases against individuals and fraternities. The Interfraternity Council also completely revised its Constitutions and By-Laws and set up an entirely new and expanded judicial procedure. In ac- cordance with this expansion of power, the membership of the IFC Court was expanded. The Council also began preparation for the inauguration of de- ferred rush which begins next fall. A committee headed by Ned Martin was set up to investigate all the problems involved in de- ferred rush in order to prepare for these in the best way possible. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL. First row: Battle, Martin. Second row: Emory, Hoyt, Turner, Meyer. Third row: Henry, Follin, Davis, Frey. Fourth row: Elden, Schiff, Reynolds, Arnold, Murphy, Heacock. Fifth row: Stonestreet, Willingham, Smith, White, Pool, Pope. Sixth row: Jonas, Wainwright. Barnett. Ingram, Hortenstine, Bischoff. Seventh row: Doyle, Jason, Douglas, Harrison. Adams, Ulfelder, Mann. Eighth row: Martin, Logan, Doner. fe - 1 in 1 1 " f 1 1 fefl HL Page 120 I. F. C. COURT. Seated: Emory, Court Chairman. Standing: Martin, Schiff, Hassell, Battle, Reynolds. Missing: Gray. Several ideas concerning deferred rush and other interfraternity problems were learned by President Charles Battle, Vice-President Ned Martin, and Representative Mike Hoyt at the annual Inter- fraternity Conference in NevK York. The structure of the Interfraternity Council includes the Council, composed of an elected representative and the President of each house. This is the legislative branch of the organization. The judicial branch is the IFC Court composed of 11 members elected from the Council. Working through its five committees — Rush, Greek Week, Scholarship, Rules, and Publicity — and led by the Executive Committee, the Interfraternity Council serves as a meet- ing ground for the separate fraternities v here their problems can be discussed. I. F. C. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Seated: Battle. Standing: Martin, Emory, Schiff, Turner. Page 121 GERMANS WEEKENDS ENLIVEN CAMPUS The Germans Club is one of the oldest and most renowned organi- zations on the Carolina campus. It dates back beyond 1890 and was first featured in the Yackety Yack in 1901. The purpose of the club is to bring outstanding entertainers to Carolina. In the past the club sponsored large dances, but today the emphasis has shifted to sponsoring concerts. This past year, the Fall concert was to feature the New Christy Minstrels, BAUCOM BEAM CLAPP FULLER HARRELL JOLLY SCHMIDT SENN SHERRILL GARDINER WINGFIELD GARRARD, Vice-President NELSON REYNOLDS STANLEY WILSON Page 122 but this performance was cancelled out of respect for the memory of President Kennedy. The Winter concert headlined Louie Arm- strong and the Shirelles. The membership of the Germans Club is composed of thirteen fraternities: Alpha Tau Omega, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Alpha, Kappa Sigma, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Gamma Delta, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Sigma Nu, St. Anthony Hall, and Zeta Psi. Only the members of these fracterni- ties receive invitations to the concerts, though it is possible to purchase bids from members who don ' t attend. Germans Weekends are considered to be the most outstanding social events of the year. NATHANIEL DUNN TAYLOR Secretary SAMUEL GRIFFIN THOMPSON Treasurer GEORGE WATTS CARR, III President The inimitable " Satchmo, " his trumpet, and his handkerchief provided entertainment for German Club members and their dates in the Winter Concert, which also featured the song stylings of the Shirelles. Page 123 BALLENGER BRIDGERS EASON BENSCH BROWN EDWARDS BETTY CANULL ELLINGTON BLAIR COOKE FLEMING FLINN GREENLEAF KAGEL FULLER HASSELL LOGAN GHRISKEY HIMES McMILLAN GORDON JOHNSON • MOORE REEVES THUM WHITE REITZEL UPCHURCH WHITLEY SEYMOUR WAITERS WICKER SHEPHARO WELLS YOKELY " Just havin ' a good time Zero thumbs to Charlotte in " raw " . . . R. Hassell goes from " sups " to swing-easies in open-air market ... J. and R. interprise flourishes and then crashes . . . R. W. in hot pursuit ... the " Machine " clinks off 85 ... C. S. but not C. R. . . . Oare, Devine, and Simpson go down for the last time . . . Super Lizard axed, shakes up NCC . . . " Bo-de-doe " quaterbacks . . . Black Bart trades 4 wheels for six . . . Fox ' s observatory closed and reopened . . . Kimzey ' s home-town honey . . . Watts and Lanny call on Sylvia . . . Whitley and Bensch become " doctor " . . . Huck drib- bles through Y Court . . . Brame is the Name, Politics the Game . . . Taus dominate b-ball ... Jr. pushes work detail . . . Goetz " blitzes " the pledges . . . Seymour " cubes " it up on date . . . Freshman Turner. Page 1 24 WAnS CARR. Ill President MISS MARY ELIZABETH STEELE Alpha Tau Omega Sponsor ALPHA DELTA OF ALPHA TAU OMEGA ?:y The national fraternity of Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865, and the local chapter was established fourteen years later, in 1879. The official publication of Alpha Tau Omega is The Palm, and its colors are azure and gold. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Brame. Borgwyn, Yates. Moss, Wright, Williams. Currin. Second row: Hooks, Whicker, Story, Roughton, Tyler, Hollowell, Pruitt, Corbett. Third row: Mjndy. Grier. DuBose. Bateman. Daniel, Mitchell, White. Warwick. Fourth row: Dunlap. Brown, Wicker, Stephenson. Jewel, Brading. Poge 125 ETA OF BETA THETA P Beta Theta Pi, the oldest great national fraternity, was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, on August 8, 1839. Eta chapter was chartered in 1852, as the third fraternity at U. N. C. The fraternity magazine. Beta Theta Pi is the oldest of its kind. The national colors are pink and blue, and the flower is the rose. DUSTY ANDERSON Beta Theta Pi Sponsor MARION G. FOLLIN President McDEVlTT Vice-President SNEED Treasurer PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Temple, Parker, Powell, Porter, VanLeuvan, Trull, Keefe. Second row: Sphar, Bradley, Broadhurst, Benton. Thrift, Staley, Lundburg, Abercrombie, Robb. Third row: Walls. Ledbetter, Sparks, Mulligan, Elmore. Fourth row: Bernuth, Stikeleather, Dickson, Townsend, Good, Markham, Wilkens, Sills, Peterson, Haywood, Hartley, Blankinship. Page 126 ADAMS BAGBY BALLARD BUNN CHEEK CURRIE FOUNTAIN FRANK HENRY HOLMES JENSEN JONES LESESNE LYNCH MEBANE MILLER MULLER NICHOLS OGDEN PADGETT SARRATT STRUBING STUBBS WILSON, D. WILSON, F. WOOD " Outstanding pledge award? Another successful summer school see Cheta as King of all-cam- pus parties . , . Rogers takes the final plunge and rushees party Beta-style in Charlotte, Winston-Salem, and Greensboro . . . Credit must be given to John L. and Lesesne for the bar . . . Samblo puts finishing touches on the floor and D. K. finally gets chance to function social-wise . . . Augie comes back once again ... The dedication of the new Beta bar to Barbee brings alumni from all points and climaxes with $4.50 in donations . . . " Good-nite, Mr. Pigs " . . . Sneed ' s goldfish gets him into piles of trouble . . . Trustees admire Minataurs ' pass offense — quite offensive . . . ' " Adams, where ' s the key? " . . . Spook depledges Zete, goes Beta ' . . . Bunn outrides Paul Revere ... Jay just doesn ' t date enough at the Nurses ' Dorm . . . Rascoe just doesn ' t date ... Do it, DKE . . . Rush brings the World ' s Fair to the Beta House with thirty-three big-timers . . . Booze-it Betas! Page 127 BAZ DOWNING INGRAM McGEE NEWLIN STONE THOMPSON WILKINSON CLARK FLANAGAN JONES MILLICHAP ROUPAS STROM VICKERY WILLIAMS COLEY GIRLING LITTLE MOORE STEVENSON THOMAS WILES R w h t Vvm l jk 1 H " I k ! P j y- Jl- " mt ii l L bpot. " SEPTEMBER and we all leave reality for the WHITE HOUSE ON THE HILL . . . ARE! ARE! ARE! 60 Beagles ... 40 of the best pledges ever ... a bear who sweats like a man . . . those H jackets ... Hey WILLIE! Who ya ' dating this week-end? ... the WILY CROC finds it takes more than might to make WRIGHT . . . THOMPSON starts year assuming usual position on the cross . . . ALEX makes a VALERous effort . . . Wham there is someone on the second floor . . . HAMMETT finally picks a MAJORette . . . COLEY doubles up and rests in PEACE . . . THOMAS is HOLLAND mad at EL RATON who spreads JOY . . . the GREAT PUMPKIN pays annual visit . . . RILEY gets a TONI in his hair ... MR. BIG shoots squirrels and BURCH gets GAYE . . . EEKS? ... BEN E. E. gets a real sweetheart . . . BULLET gets off the bench, CLARK gets off the ground, and MOORE loses ground . . . HUSKE gets a hot rod and BOMBER gets a hot pipe . . . DUMBO takes a mate . . . ROLL ' S back seat for hire . . . WILES begins to make BETS . . . Hey-o- HARRY . . . HOOLAHAN and STROM go into the beer business ... BAZ tells stories of Europe as PETER tells some FISH tales . . . take me now . . . STEVE. Page 128 ALPHA ALPHA OF CHI PHI WILLIAM HOWARD BARNETT, JR. Alpha MARTHA TREXLER Chi Phi Sweetheart HUSKE Beta RILEY Gamma Chi Phi was founded December 24, 1824, at Princeton University. The chapter at North Carolina, founded in 1858, was originally the Alpha chapter. After the War between the States, the Chapter was moved to the University of Virginia. In October, 1924, the old Alpha chapter was re-established under the new name Alpha Alpha. Chi Phi colors are red and blue. The flower is the red rose, and the publication is The Chi Phi Chakett. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Davis, Starnes, Polk, Sanford, Collins, Morrison. Second row: Garner, Hammett, Furr, Wyman, Powers, Barringer, Lippincott, Meadows. Third row: McCaghren, Chrisafis, Hanley, Foster, Payne, Stenson, Dauphinais, Pierpoint. Sandberg, Swofford, Hinkle. Fourth row: Reagan, Pratt, Ha merstone, J., Hough, Dunlap, Hammerstone, R., Gatlin, Goodnow, Edgar, Swasey. ( % ' f Page 129 ALPHA SIGMA OF CHI PSI Chi Psi was founded at Union College on May 20, 1841. It came to Carolina on November 16, 1855, and was refounded in 1928. The national publication is The Purple and Gold. Chi Psi colors are purple and gold. PHILIP LOGAN SMITH President DANNEMANN Treasurer PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Stoddard, Baynard. White. Second row: Pugh, Lewis, Robertson, Dickson, Ashley, Floren. Third row: Neely, Dodd, Jacobson. Headlee. Fourth row: Moore, Johnson, Varner, Medford, Brace. Missing: Ross. Page 130 ANGELL BALL BARRIER BUTNER DUNLEVIE EHRHART EMERSON FLYE GONZALEZ GODWIN GRAVES JEFFORDS KELLERMAN KEMP KOONTZ LEWISOHN McNAIRY NASH RAYMOND SKELLY SMITH SPEARMAN TITTLE WALES WALLACE " Hi, Dean Carmichael! " Lodgers return from summer and find Crazy ' s Wall . . . NARS salutes . . . Furry picketed . . . Bobber threatened by Egyptian . . . Rush . . . Denny checks insulated shirts . . . " who can finish the wall " . . . Johnson threat to Early, with shorter hair yet . . . Krooms ' deft hands lead Town Lodgers . . . " Our Boy Ray " wets nose, made honorary brother . . . Lenny and Dick meet midnight mystery babe, without Egyptian . . . Alligator pioneers in space race, followed by hamsters . . . Maid Jeannie refuses to root for home team . . . Diogenes, two Bears, lead Animal Farm . . . Pheel ' s Phrustration, Whitney . . . Keoki finds a Bunny . . . Hile ,continues as honorary house mother . , . Lodge places two in Yack Court . . . Spooks attack on Halloween, get CDA ... The Olde Mose goes Japanese . . . Sleeping porch pig served at toga party . . . Hurricane Ginny party ... the Seely edition . . . another great year logged by Lodgers. Page 131 AYERS BRISSELL BUTLER CHAPMAN CHURCHILL CRANE DAVIS EDGERTON ESKRIDGE FULLER GARRARD GRAY, B. GRAY, L. HESSE HOLDERNESS HOYT LANKFORD MOORE MORAN PREVOST ROBERTS SEAGO SHAFFER SHUFORD SIMPSON SIMS STEMBLER STEWART " So, after I took that off, she . Dekes begin year minus red rug and end-zone seats . . . Erudite sophomores return minus Pigpen, Redhead, Fall, and Tennile . . . Stembler pushes scuba diver . . . Maxwell gets out on campus . . . Fletcher returns from sabbatical leave, more horrible than ever . . . Lion Trophy takes road trip to Tiffany ' s, returns amid cheers to join R. B. House Award . . . Pledge beer party an early success . . . Freshmen capture hearts of Chi O ' s and Phi Gam ' s . . . pastoral afternoons at Haw River . . . Tyler and Rumsey reveal secret lavaliering . . , Hern protects new rug, while Mama Bear shrouds house in darkness . . . Foscue wins dimple contest . . . Lankford finally mounted on wooly goat . . . Symposium in able hands . . . PFC Blanton makes brief pilgramage . . . Davis selected all-star tuba player . . . Garrard and Sims combat-elements with umbrella . . . Seago and Hoyt go native . . . Minataurs relegated next door . . . Churchill dreams of bowl bid . . . Bissell leads " group 49 " to victory over State Patrol . . . Archie throws rod on drag strip , , . Clayton imported from lower Besarabia . . . Along with time comes the inevitable process of change, thus many of the erstwhile traditions being pushed aside by the in- ception of new ideas. So we said good-bye to, " Do it DEKES, " and beamed with joy when we could turn to our dates and exclaim, " You can take those leotards, and you can take that pretty little hair-do, and you can wrap them all up in a little package, and . . . " Page 132 WILLIAM A. DAVIS, II President BETA OF BONNIE HOYLE Delta Kappa Epsilon Sponsor DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Delta Kappa Epsilon was founded at Yale University in 1844, and the local chapter was established in 1851, Delta Kappa Epsilon ' s official magazine is the DKE Quarterly, and the national colors are scarlet, azure, and old gold. PLEDGE CLASS, First row: Rivers, Loud, White, Davis, Whitaker, Bowman. Second row: Foscue, Hunker, Wright, Evans, Quantz, Cowell, Thompson, Third row: Brown, Winbourne, Verlenden, Hanes, Moore. Fourth row: Mcllhenny, Brown, Dwight. Schwab, Harrison, Worthen, Bruenner, Poitras, Van Wyck, Morrison, Not Pictured: Ward, Dunn, Page 133 NORTH CAROLINA CHAPTER OF DELTA UPSILON Delta Upsilon Fraternity was founded at Williams College, Williams- town, Mass., in 1834 as the sixth oldest college social fraternity. The North Carolina chapter was founded on April 25, 1953. The publication is the Delta Upsilon Quarterly, and the fraternity colors are old gold and sapphire blue. MARY KING DONALD ROBERT HEACOCK Delta Upsilon Sponsor President ROBINSON Treasurer PLEDGE CLASS. First rowt Giles. Askew, Greg. Rueball, Lyerly. Second row: Stuart, Hayden, Harrison, Ayers, Lowe, White. Hogue. Third row: Robert, Vars. Rob- bins. Mason. Crocker. Hedrick. Cordell. Rendleman. Vanore. Fourth row: Heacock, Dunstan. Slebos. Hanson. Atkins, Freeman. Fifth row: Shuff. Cartey. Enguall. Hildenbrand, Fronebenger, Eastwood. Page 134 ADKINSON BELL CARTER FLUET HOWE, D. B. LaFEVERS LOWRY THOMPSON WHICKER ANDERSON BENNETT CHAPLIN HARDENBERG HOWE, D. W. LEGLER OETTINGER TRENBATH WILLIAMS BARNHILL BRANNON CONSTANTIN HARRISON KING LINK OWENS VanLEAR WRIGHT BRUNSON FAINT HAYES LIPP STOKES WATSON Fluet opens the big year on August 15 . . . Ski aces Astro, returns to the roost . . . Paint goes on thick as " Busy Bees " build Honeycomb and bamboo room is pasted together . . . Stevens and Gray hold first annual " guts ball " tournament . . . both de- feated . . . " Do the Dawg! " ... The new trophy occupies ninety cubic feet of shelf space . . . Carlos: " Fifty-four together, please " . . . Kenan usher: " Whaat??? " . . . Steer and Hags date ANYBODY, find that seven out of six blind dates are bad . . . Rush nets thirty-four new nephews for Uncle Pines ... K and K- happily married . . . others to follow? . . . South Carolina invasion brings back new songs and key to room 45 . . . " Ya ' ll please pay your bills by the tenth " ... The Black Diamond rolls up fifty thousand . . . Field secretary falls out of rack . . . Billy butler ... " a trehugeous crocipotamus. " Branon makes like Sarnoff, Bennett runs like Beatty, Akers spends like Scotchman . . . " Hey, King, Where ' s the Combo (the mixer, the ice, the cups); can I borrow your car? " ... Old pledges never die, they just get initiated, eh Howe? . . . Johnston puts ' 09 in bushes . . . " Is Art out here? " . . . Franklin rents library for pledge class . . . " Hey, Dave, you got the key to the quiz file? " . . . Stud blows forty-three scoots on Series, Van opens bookie joint . . . " More pay, less hours, vote for Tassie " . . . Christmas Dance, new first . . . Toad looks in mirror . . . " No hope, roommate " . . . Stick (blowing a kiss): " Goodnight, Barnhill. " " Hey, Mabel, get your navel Page 135 UGUSTINE BURBAGE FERGUSON HOMESLY Mcdonald OGBURN TALMADGE BARRON CORTRIGHT FISHER HONAN McKENZIE PARKER THOMAS BOYD COWLES GRADY McDANIEL McLEMORE STEWART WILLINGHAM ' Hey, your beard tickles Onion-head goes mad with power and loses his hair . . . Berserk Bob becomes our first house mother ... The Wharf Rat leaves his bed to get dates and lift weights . . . Eagle Beak loses his frog . . . Slick and Runner set new rush record . . . Rabbit meets jail bait . . . Richard moves out of Craige . . . Tom Timas searches in vain for Poppie and W. W. , . . Herbie, the Chicken of the Sea, goes Playboy . . . Baby John becomes Daddy John . . . Chicken Face— From Fostex to sandpaper . . . Banks drinks mixer, gets drunk . . . Whale Tail ' s casino supports Earl and Rosey . . . Bobo wears the belt (money, not chastity) ... Ace was effective as European chaperone . . . Fergie makes big hit on Sanford road trip . . . " Oilcan " Olin sews up title of No. 1 Fish after mad chase for W. W. . . . Coop joins the " wild ones " — gets balled from A D Pi ' s . . . Jolly gives up promising golf career to marry his caddy . . . Baker recruits new harem. Page 136 JIM STONESTREET President SARA ANN WILLIAMS Kappa Alpha Rose UPSILON OF KAPPA ALPHA WILLINGHAM Recording Secretary JOLLY Corresponding Secretary Kappa Alpha Order was founded at Washington College (now Washington and Lee University) at Lexington, Virginia, on Decem- ber 21, 1865. Upsilon chapter at the University of North Carolina was founded on November 25, 1881. The official flowers are the red rose and the magnolia blossom, and the colors are crimson and old gold. Our publication, The Kappa Alpha Journal, is pub- lished four times a year. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Simons, Fait, Bliss, Graham. Second row: Pleasants. Allison, Wills, Cheek. Rhodes. Third row: Keller, Wight, Brewer, Christy, Stevens. Fourth row: Lackey. Middieton, Genug, Carpenter, Morgan. Rannells. Page 1 37 ALPHA MU OF KAPPA SIGMA Kappa Sigma was founded nationally at the University of Virginia in 1869, and the local chapter was founded in 1893. Its colors are scarlet, white, and emerald green. The flower is the lily-of- the-valley. The Kappa Sigma publications are the Caduceaus and The Star and Crescent. PATIENCE DENMARK Kappa Sigma Sweetheart SPEIGHT Vice-President PLEDGE CLASS First row Vinson Hailey Nash Morgan. Second row: Alger, Colo. Solomon, Griffin, Laddey. Sherrill. Third row: Coleman. Lamm. Newsome, Whitehill. Fourth row Johnson McClam Robbins Taylor, Strickland. Page 138 CLARKE ELDEN HARRELL JACKSON JOHNSON KERR LOKEY MOORING PARHAM PARKER RUSSELL SENN THOMAS WYLIE Yr- " - ' 7 i Captain of the tube team arrives on September 15 to start another successful year at the Snapper house . . . Root and Titmouse go on week ' s blow-out during orientation . . . U.V.A. weekend wel- comes Eli Bananas . . . New pledges learn who ' s who fast . . . Cocka-doodle-doo and the Men ' s Council . . . Titmouse visits Pitts- boro . . . Russell: " Pledge, who am I going with? — BIAM . . . Rex sets chain date . . . Tonk , . . " Speight, it ' s one of your girls " . . . Parkam bags . . . Lokey gets his hair cut . . . Johnson has favorite song, " Once In Love With Amy " ... Let me sign your cast, Parker . . . Germans and parties, parties, and more parties . . . S.L. instructs jock league . . . Fielding is subpoenaed . . . EIrod shows Nash how to drive into apartment . . . E.J. goes on the wagon and breaks up with Linda . . . Moon Pie holds Sunday services in ' Vette . . . Reeves and Moore boot through the fall . . . Elden gets pin back for second time . . . Kerr: " Well, Gail, you can just do what you want to " . . . Hill billy party with A.D. Pi . . . Gross presents at XMAS . . . Well, it could be . . . They lithen here ... 1st semester finals . . . Parties begin again . . . Black and White . . . Black and Blue . . . Great white hunters return . . . Initiation . . . " Beach Weekend " . . . Whitey returns to the diamond . . . Second semester finals, and Chapel Hill returns to order. " Really Stacked! ' Page 139 BELL BLUM EGGLESTON HARNEY JONES KANE LAMB LARRICK LEWIS MUSE NEVILLE PARMELE TRENT WALDROP WARD Lambdas has new mascot — " The Goat " . . . Charlie W. has his fireworks and John N. has his redheads ... Gay gets Ph.D. in T.V. 11 and takes swimming lessons . . . Harney is banished to the attic . . . Bell buys weejuns ... P. J. is caught in the act . . . Don B. waits expectantly while " Baldy " plays the roll . . . Truman is a real " jock " while Lamb still wears a red shirt . . . Pin check station is set up for Jeff and the " Kid " . . . Larrick does a good job with a tennis racket . . . Muse grosses every- body out and gives lessons in etiquette . . . Bill M. fights off the girls while Bill B. fights off the rats . . . Party room cleans out poison ivy . . . Joe W. still walks and majors in Spanish II . . . Streak mixes magic formula to attract the Great Pumpkin . . . Dick finally finds a boss. ■p. P. M. plus Groucho " Page 140 RICHARD LEE OPDYKE President MISS LYNDA COLVARD Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl m v " 1 M GAMMA NU OF LAMBDA CHI ALPHA WOLFE Vice-President BATCHELOR Secretary MITTENDORF Treasurer Lambda Chi Alpha was founded nationally at Boston University on November 2, 1909. Gamma Nu Zeta at the University of North Carolina was founded on April 22, 1926. The Cross and Crescent is the official publication of Lambda Chi. The flower is the white rose, and its colors are purple, green and gold. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Lail, Davis, Wright, Clark, Simpson, Smith, Benson. Second row: Lanier, Polard, Blinsman, Schneider, Robinson, Laughlin, Littlejohn. Page 141 BETA OF PHI DELTA THETA ' sf;: ' M " v — - Phi Delta Theta was founded nationally December 26, 1848, at Miami (Ohio) University. The N. C. Beta chapter was founded at the University of North Carolina in 1885. Colors of Phi Delta Theta are azure and argent; the insignia is a sword and a shield. The flower is a white carnation. The fraternity journal, The Scroll, is published five times annually. JUDI FLANDERS Sweetheart of Phi Delta Theta CHARLES H. BATTLE, JR. President MICHAELS Treasurer PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Goddard, Verdicano, Bell, Mann, Hubbard. Second row: Comfort, Barrow, Barker, Leslie, Poole, Adams. Long, Farris. Third row: Reynolds, McAuley, Mastin, Phillips, Hubble, Balch. Standing: Pitt, Armstrong, Aplin, Coleman, Crowder, Stovall, McChesney, Beaver, Hudson, Chewning, Venters, Gay, Geiger, Hart. Page 142 ARMSTRONG DUFF JOYNER McGINTY parrish SNOW THOMPSON WILLIAMS BAGWELL DURAND LESLEY MERRILL SCHULTZ STEELE WAINWRIGHT WILLINGHAM BAHNSON FORUM LINK MORISEY SIMMONS TAYLOR, N. D. WARREN WINSTEAD BROCK HARMON Mccarty OLIVER SMITH TAYLOR, W. W. WHITAKER How ya doin . . . Seeds takes helm for ' 63 at PDT, Atlanta, Duke?? . . . Stuff drives home 36 wearing big S eater . , , Pappa Alt " nurses " pledges and other things . . . Groovy Daddy stays )ehind locked doors . . , working on housebills? N. D. takes over or the Sniffer, does job on years social life ... The new Geno noves to country with cows and a few pigs . . . McLurch gets ;erious about acting in 3D productions . . . Chad strikes it rich in Silver . . . Hogbody zooms between Greensboro and the Dolphin ) . . . Studley corrals Judy and our sweetheart in one big breath . . Bud shirks reindeer role for passing out gifts at Converse . . Buck loses control at Tanglewood . . . finds Head at S. 3riar . . . ELKS goes inactive ... you kidding me! Cosmo returns rom abroad without one . . . Wheland leads crack drill team . . , ;. E. and Bunk get culture at Dog Show in between wall ups . . . .iahnson maintains tradition with ADPi ' s at Duke with new para- mute each week . . . Baucom X leads Guzzlims . . . Pitt gets iiair cut in weak moment . . . Reef does good job with work and lottle . . . Rowe leads bulls to academic horizons . . . Felda says iledge training gets old . . . Rufus plays tune at St. Marys while Sags goes crazy with nurses and Fenner . . . Smax stays on the oad . . . You reckon? " Kool-aid, anyone? Page 143 AYCOCK CONNELL HODGES JUSTICE LINEBERGER SIMPSON WILKINS BAYSDEN FOY HUDSON LASITTER NELSON STANLEY WINDLEY HILL HUGHES LeGRANO SAULS WILKERSON " Old time revival at the Fiji House " The great tentacled spider again weaves his slimy, sinister web across the ceilings of the Fiji Frat Club, and casts a strangely objective eye at the frustrated mortals who dwell therein. Through the stagnant, polluted air he reads their poisoned minds and sees their funmbling actions, and his howls of viperous glee drift upward as he watches their futile gropings for a place in the sun. ... He sees the courageous Admiral Reynolds lose the U. S. S. PIN to a giant praying mantis. ... He sees the blue-eyed King of Atlanta shining his silver- buckled Italian bucks. ... He sees the giant red-haired Hippopotamus and the mam- moth Pink Elephant vying for positions as Red-Shirt of the century. ... He sees the reflections of Nehru and Polly Parrott in the television screen. ... He sees the graceful dignity and the courtly charm and manners of the great Kosimoto, back for another year of quiet meditation and religious fulfillment before his journey to the Seminary. ... He sees the great goose Phoetus in all his fowl glory, and mistakes him for an albino ostrich. ... He see the crafty Swamp Rat forsake his eight-acre honeys and the Beaufort County fish heads for a tender young temptress from the mountain (Lookout). ... He sees the burr-headed ghoul of Greensboro go out on a limb — again ... and again ... and again. Page U4 DAVID CALDWELL REYNOLDS President MISS LOCKART FOLLIN Phi Gamma Delta Sponsor EPSILON OF PHI GAMMA DELTA PEARSON Historian The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta was founded at Jefferson Col- lege in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, in the year 1848. The publica- tion for the fraternity is entitled The Phi Gamma Delta, with headquarters in Washington, D. C. The flower for the fraternity is the purple clematis, and the color is royal purple. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Peay. Shepard. Clark, Cloyes. Second row: Sparrow, Quarles, Crawford, Rauchfuss. Missing: Hughes. Page 145 LAMBDA OF PHI KAPPA SIGMA Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity was founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1850. The local chapter, Lambda, was founded in 1856, and the house was built in 1929. The colors are black and old gold; the flower is the yellow chrysanthemum. The Phi Kappa Sigma News Letter and the Lambda Lite are the main publications. FRANCES CHAMBERS Phi Kappa Sigma Sweetheart DAVE CRAWFORD President WHITE Treasurer PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Rummell, Rambin. Deegan, Palmer. Second row: Droze, Blue, McNeiN, Wood, Pemberton, Wright. Third row: Winburn, Moore, Baugh, Hudson, Holland. Standing: McAllister, Etherington, Ward, Pinkham, Scattergood, Lanier, Tisdale, Roney, Walter, Smith. Missing: Hapgood. Page 146 ALDRICH ALEXANDER BURCHARO CLIFTON GRIFFIN HEPPE HETZEL JARRETT KLINKER LANGDON LOVELL LYON MARTIN PEARCE ROSER SPELL TAYLOR WELCH WISMER WILLIAMS " Big weekend! " The Phi Kaps begin 108th year in typical style with the U. Va. weekend setting the stage for our great slacl year . . . " The Cat " returns from world tour and tells of " rushing " habits of the local girls in Morocco — result, one of the best pledge classes ever . . . Craws takes the helm with a flurry of martinies . . . Klinker — girl starves after summer in the " boondocks " . . . New returns, but pin doesn ' t . . . Roses and Whiz complete re- quirements for Flying Merit Badge . . . Spoon agrees to steak every night . . . Cribs still pinned — now to P.B.R. . . . Lindley looses Blue Ribbon . . . " Alex " legalizes late snacks . . . Lightning hits Carrboro . . . Jarrett does the dirty work . . . Martin returns sea sick . . . Griffin enjoys half-time show . . . Welch, free man . . . Aldrich hitches horse at South Building . . . Lover Lovell . . . Variety is the spice of Joe ' s life . . . Hull finally makes it . . . Stretch best loved by pledges . . . 5B slackest on campus . . . Coats finds pantry on 3rd floor . . . Lyon lies to " Dee " . . . Green leads Louise on . . . Spell snakes on State . . . Somebody tells Clifton that he ' s a Senior . . . Ahead lies sudden danger and certain pitfalls. Page 147 BEAM COPLAND CRUMPLER FLOURNOY IRVING SAPP SMITH BISHOP CRANFORD DOUGLAS GROCE JOHNSTON SAVERS THOMAS CHANDLER CRAVER EUBANKS HARRIS LEE SHELTON WEST " Dean who?? " Where was everybody during Beach Weekend? ... at the B. B. Fight . . . Losses: We-22, They-80 . . . Confiscation . . . Probation . . . worry . . . woe . . . National Office . . . troubles . . . Rush . . . lovely, wonderful pledges . . . Brothers: Abraham, and SMC No. 1 battle for Threads Man Title . . . Zero and T. Z. remain oblivious to everything but the fourth dimension where the clutch is never slipping . . . Schroeder lectures on black tar oozing from aveolar sacs while doing the Bristol Stomp ... The Mann Act: Story of a Yankee Concubine in a Southern Stronghold . . . Buz- zard trades in Gold Stamps on a pair of pink stockings . . . PWT plays games for one in his room for one . . . Star inhabits Room 69 with his autographed portrait of W. Webster . . . Wild Bill tells everyone how he can strike a magic lick on his silver guitar . . . Twot H. dreams of Thumper . . . Sam H. dreams clean dreams of Evelyn Marie . . . RDD, III shot down again by Bennett . . . WOK goes wild in back seat . . . Carver goes to sleep . . . Billy Boo Bum seeks dates, an unbrotherly tendency ... the NEW terrible two: Jule (Mai) and Guy (Geep), issue ultimatums to poor pledges . . . Bishop holds out for something back home . . . Dear l.l.l.r., Cannot Make It This Weekend So Sorry Letter Following To Ex- plain See You Soon. Peg . . . I ' d like to call the box on myself . . . Bags, Jr., takes over the old tradition . . . stupid, ugly pledges . . . February 1, 1964 . . . hellacious spring ... no b.b. ' s . . . girls, even . . . fun . . . Easter . . . Dream Girl Weekend . . . Exams . . . It ' s all over! Page 148 DARRELL C. FERGUSON President TAU OF EM HOWELL Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl PI KAPPA ALPHA ' i A ' Pi Kappa Alpha was founded nationally at the University of Vir- ginia in 1868, and established at the University of North Carolina in 1895. The publication of Pi Kappa Alpha is The Shield and Diamond, and the colors are garnet and gold. The official flower is the lily-of-the-valley. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Clary, Woodall. Boger, Erb. Caison. Second row: Winters, Crowell, Sheehan, Pope, James. Third row: Peace, Stallings, Lyierly, Rufty, Bumgardner, Upchurch, Hellwig. Standing: Sanderson, Williams, Fugate, Welborn, Hunter, Nolan, Ball, Matthews, Morton, Weathers. Missing: Sadler. Page 149 KAPPA OF PI KAPPA PHI Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity was founded at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina on December 10, 1904. Ten years later, Kappa Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was founded at the Uni- versity of North Carolina. The national publication is the Star and Lamp. The fraternity ' s colors are gold and white, and the flower is the rose. MISS BETH CLINKSCALES Pi Kappa Phi Rose CHARLES P. ADAMS Archon PENNY Treasurer PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Hairfield, Pope, Gourlay, Bird. Clayton, Second row: Bolick, Conner. Hudson, Watts, Vaughn, Hood. Third row: Falconer, Walker, Harrei- son, Rickards, Lament, Kline, Sensenbach. Fourth row: Armstrong, Brogden, Shorten. Couch, Morely, Konopka, Missing: Broome. Page 150 BECK CLARK GILMORE McADAMS RAMSEY SMYRE WATERS BUNTE DOTSON JONES McLEOD ROUSE TEELE WILSON GILLETTE JOYCE PIKE SMALL WALLACE " Hmmmm - ooh - ahh!! " 23 Pledges start it out . . . Ahh So, Brudder Mudder ... A lacrosse stick doesn ' t fit in a Sting Ray . . . Farm boy tries to get used to city life ... Big Loo guards pledges . . . Frog takes up booze ... I don ' t like the way he holds his cigarette . . . Poodle picks peas all summer ... Our Groce contact with the upstairs . . . Joe makes California grade . . . Snagglepuss shoots par, even! ... I ' m gonna report you to the student government . . . it ' s Foggy on White Lake this time of year . . . Hellyjohnhowareyou , . . $@c-! ! . . . Will loves Alan . . . What did you get me for my birthday? . . . Crewman bags squirrel . . . Frenchy returns with knee-spots ... Dr. Alucard runs for treasurer . . . Ears, get bent!! . . . Fairmont, N. C, holds record for fattest domestic snake ... Ivy quits school and tries ' vctte for size . . . Piggy- bus leaves Gate 5 at 10:00 A.M. . . . Ring-tail rides again . . . Walton tries dorm life . . . R.C. and bourbon do mix! . . . Amoeba mates . . . Flash still snapping . . . Contrary to popular belief, Algie is a fish! . . . BEHOLD!!! A little girl with a lollypop ... Is Pike ' s peak in the Smokey IVIountains? ... and Rose Ball ends another great Pi Kapp year. Page 151 GIMPEL HYMAN KAY LEDER MANN PEAKE SCHWARTZ STEINBERG WEINSTEIN " Come here, lover! " iin ■ 25 years of Pi Lamba Phi-Ulfelder returns from Capitol Hill with big plans for ' 64 . . . Well tanned and eager we had ' ole 107 looking better than ever . . . Feiner back at the TV-Mann back with tighter pants . . . A. W. returns for more Fingehdoo . . . Leder worried about flunkin out (Won ' t no way) . . . Tempest LeWlans for Mark, no Corvette? . . . Pledge class tops, Neuwirth pilot . . . " Keep those pledges in line, Barry " . . . Hyman loses heart and pin to Dreamgirl of Pilam . . . Health tonic prepares us for classes . . . Canadian punch the drink of the day. Vodka a chaser . . . Pledges fear initial attack of Brothers . . . " Who got show down? " ... and Peake and Schwartz still pull many home and hearths . . . Partying up the . . . Ev works hard scraping cowboys off the floor . . . " Did the telephone ring? " . . . Better put on your parachute . . . It ' d help break the crash, Kenny . . . Remember always " My name is blah! " ... In every way chapter is closer, parties are wilder, sports are won, and grades are tops, and any way you look at it; It ' s another great year for we are jolly laddies, jolly laddies we. " Page 152 OMEGA BETA OF PI LAMBDA PHI JOHN C. ULFELOER Rex Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity was founded nationally at Yale Uni- versity in March, 1895. The local chapter was established in 1939. The fraternity publication is the Tripod. The colors are purple and gold, and the flower is the woodbine. SYLVIA SHAPIRO Pi Lambda Phi Sweetheart PLEDGE CLASS. Seated: Beckermon, Neuwirth. First row: Hyman. Satisky. Stein. Katzin. Fox. Sobol. Second row: Dockery. Greenbacker. Kabat. Trachtenberg. Alper, Wainer, Johnson. Page 153 XI OF ST. ANTHONY HALL X r r-- V G. WRIGHT DOYLE House Manager ' . St. Anthony Hall was founded at Columbia University in 1847, and the local chapter was established in 1854. The official colors of the fraternity are blue and gold. MARY MARTHA CHAPIN St. Anthony Hall Sponsor PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Hawthorne, Arterton, Allard, Holland. Second row; Minis, Tate. Robinson, Hammer, Blackford, Bell. Third row: Harper, Minard, John- son, Massingill, Symonds, Hay, Keating. Poge 154 BALDWIN BELMONT, E. FAIRCHILD GRANT KISER ROSAS BELMONT, A. BURNS FARRAN GRAY PEARCE SHIVELY CHATHAM FAWCEH JONES REYNOLDS St. Anthony Hall: a monastic life, really . . . single-minded dedi- cation to the good life — like Pearce ' s potent punch at the KD mixer, Becker selling everything but his wife in order to buy a wee dog, or the special appearance of the Marine Corps in the lower corridor. It was a good year. Tears were shed as Pear and Walms departed in February. Chatham refurnished his closet after the Great Clothes Robbery and Chef Burns furnished Antoine ' s with a new look, new food, and new prices. Farran graciously kept Wednesday nights out of his gay, social calendar. Swingout, prefaced by a gala Alumni Football Weekend, gave its usual stimulus to the black coffee and ice-pack industries . . . and the Tri-Delts growing vocabulary. New sights around the Hall: the notorious tomato plant, new blood in the kitchen, more motorcycle boots and fewer motorcycles, and a great pledge class without a single gold earring. Pledges contributed: half the starting line-up of the freshman soccer team, healthy grades, and good-looking dates for the brothers to snake. We like it — this monastic life. 1. An enduring (?) contribution 2. An enduring contributor " The Great Pumpkin finally appeared Fall Semester begins with convocation called by his eminence Pope Rara II. Bible salesman Light, Martin, and Herch return with Christian fervor and also new cars. Humphrey comes back to Hill humming, " I ' m going back to School. " Sal, Chickee-bear and Mole return for another try after long absence. October tenth arrives with SAE ' s garnering the twenty-three best and cockiest pledges. This includes Dog-style who joined October ninth. Nigger Ned and Bob Reed are responsible for rush success. F. D. and the twins again given movie tickets. Typical fall with transfer closet cases, large late flick teams led by our Atlanta jewels, and big time cards led by Gino, George Berg, and June bug. Action on the tables diminishes as Millet Yates loses bank roll. Foot loses B. V. D. ' s at Squirrel Hollow. Troll scene only on weekends much to the consternation of Kelly. Reed makes $$$ out of enter- prises in order to support Carolina Coed. Sparky becomes Hud. J. H. Bule IV gives up towel and Nightstands to carouse with Durham babes. Wally loses trial but not our love. R. G. renews road trip license. Clem Pope comes in to his own. Glo becomes Tonto as Schroid becomes Lone Ranger. Halloween with Chi O ' s not as successful as Lincoln High mixer last year. SAE Blue team again smash marking the second anniversary of A. C. Crete Day. Rodgers turns thirteen with Allen close behind. House prays that at least one of eight Charlotte pledges will make it. Romances of the year: Rob and Riviera, J. B. and Carolina Judy. Xmas party again has religious overtones as wine flows freely. Semester break brings skiing at the Homestead. With advent of Spring the House moves to Beach for fun-fun. SAE weekend again wild with clever pledge skit and formal socializing under the leadership of F. D., Rug, and Williamson. With June approaching Seniors await " Sheepskin " verdict with baited breath knowing that even if the verdict is favorable they cannot leave — they owe their souls to Spero. Page 1 56 WILLIAM E, APPLEGATE President XI OF MEBANE McDonald Sigma Alpha Epsllon Sweetheart SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON The University of Alabama was the site of the founding of Sigma Alpha Epsilon nationally in 1856. The local chapter was estab- lished one year later, in 1857. The Record is the official publica- tion of the fraternity, and the colors are old gold and purple. The violet is the official flower. LIGHT Vice-President BARTON Treasurer PLEDGE CLASS. Seated: Kelley, Simpson, Dillehay, Doggrell, Yarborough, Kellett. Poer. Welton, Buckingham, Coxe. Standing: Martin, May, West. McClintock, Hanan, Bagby, Kuester, Newlin, Anderson, Leath, St. George, Bennett. Page 157 ALPHA TAU OF SIGMA CHI Sigma Chi was founded nationally at Miami University of Ohio in 1855, and the local chapter was established in 1889. The official flower of the fraternity is the white rose, and the colors are blue and old gold. PATSY PARKER Sigma Chi Sweetheart ROBERT B. MURPHY President PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Brinson, Conrad, Schnell, Lawson. Second row: Davis, Sparrow, Brown, Salmony, Wilson, Banks. Third row: Harris, Lane, Overton, Auchter, Henry. Standing: Williard, Cowen, Lawrence, Gietner, Mason, Trussell, Baggett. Gate, James, Vaughn. Page 158 ARNOLD BARBER BLAIR BOYNTON BRANTLEY BRAWLEY BROWN HYDE MILTON SHERRIL STRATTON 1963 brings the Return of the Natives with a bumper crop of 21 pledges with a season highhghted by trips to Kenan ' s Con- crete Bar. . . . Tootie is taken to the Pound after International Dog Con- test but is allowed to run loose for quizzes. . . . Greasy interviews for Med School but ends up at South Wing where Patsy visits on Tuesdays. . . . Mother Murphy adds authority with a matronly touch and becomes youngest ever to receive Order of Constantine. ... Tim Doodles around while waiting for confirmation of Rhodes Scholarship. . . . Dusty cranks the Corvette with a Phi Beta key and to the amazement of all makes his own apartment rule. . . . Redwine returns from the Continent to defense against Big Brother ' s Keeper play to find McAdoo running her own option. . . . Harrison is called up before HUAC because of 5 yr. plan and protest songs after turning Red at Woollen Gym. . . . Peaches drives to dry cleaners on right side of tracks and organizes his studies for next week. . . . Bundy displays " trained to kill " tactics in the dining room but succumbs to Pi Phi placations. . . . Charlie Brown relinquishes telephone rights and BMOC tag to become legal eagle. . . . Freeman growns on Salem Witch Trials but is in attendance at all campus hair-burners. . . . Goose returns to run Late Shows and bridge games in between checking catalogues for used caps and gowns. . . . Spring brings the flov iers in the form of dollies and di- plomas as Alpha Tau closes the books on another year with every- one well spent. " Parent ' s week-end Is a tremendous success! " ARTHUR CARR DERBY HARRELL McWILLIAMS READ TURNER BADDOUR CHANCE DUNN HOUSER MORRIS RHODES VANDERBERRY BOGACHE CLAPP EXUM JOHNS POTTER ROSS WARD BRAMLEY CREVELING FURR KING . PRICE SUTTON " Onward Christian Soldiers! " House celebrates 75th as Eminent Cat-baby initiates dates into Bubble-Gumers Club. Brillo leads novices. Awnee begins illustrious career as stiort-order cook. Whip, Sip, Dip . . . Whatever your name is! Rhodes kills and cleans his squirrels with one shot. Warren is newly elected Pres. of ' Bino Club. S. Tulip goes down the drain. Turner ' s got " it " in the bag . . . right. Whip? Great White Whale squaches Flipper. Santa Claus loses front teeth in beer brawl in bar. X ' em for Exum, but nobody did. Kel-vin takes anat. lab course at Dook. Cochise and the Greek Merchant go into business. King Toba keeps Baddour in little camels. Ross returns with his bag of pins. Hank makes All-Campus Pro. Steve " ralphs " on date. Lt. Furr still awake. " Please don ' t feed the bear. " Sun. night spectacular sponsored by A. Jack products is Barrabus and the Easter Pageant. Packer orders another waf-le. He ' s everywhere . . . just ask Pledge Derby. Well, Sloan, I ' ll tell you ... I just don ' t know . . . Barrie takes care of Lunch ' s goats with lime-scented soap. Dunn must be a rookie . . . uses greasy-kid stuff. King Dragoon gets door slammed in face by W. W. Studie swaps sweets for Tri-Delt sweetie. Strause will always be a buffoon. Kingsbury resumes cocktail hour. Bogache comes in last in camel race. Ernest takes to the links and out of the house. Hogbody ' s . . . swing easies. Bischoff becomes possum conno-sewer. The " Whopper " and his " mometer " still prevail. Page 160 H. THOMPSON MANN Eminent Commander PSI OF " DAMMIT " Sigma Nu Mascot SIGMA NU i m ' :mmr- Sigma Nu fraternity was founded at the Virginia Military Institute in 1869. The chapter here was established in 1888. Colors are black, white and gold, and the flower is the white rose. Sigma Nu publishes its official magazine, The Delta, quarterly. The chapter publication is The White Star. WARREN Lt. Commander PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Combs, Holt, Nankins, Smith. Second row: McLamb, Rushing, Denny, Peoples. Third row; Bethel, Shelton, Taylor, Nelson, Kinard. Missing: Hughes. Page 161 DELTA OF SIGMA PHI EPSILON Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded nationally at the University of Richmond in 1901, and the local chapter was established in 1921. The official flower is the American Beauty Rose, and the colors of the fraternity are red and purple. The publication is the Sigma Phi Epsilon Journal. MARGARET ANN HARDY Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart JOSEPH D. POOL President BRYON Vice-President PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Hill, Goodman, Frazier, Lovill. Second row: Graham, Powers, Fowler, Newhouse, Temple. Third row: Hamilton, Taylor, Sumner, Ray, Swain, Edwards. Fourth row.- Culbertson, Hart, Clifton, Rasmussen, Tart, Raper. Wood. Missing: Mobley, Pharr, Summers. Page 162 BAZEMORE EDENS GOODE LOWE PARKS REMER WRENN CHANON FRANKS GRIFFITH MORPHIS POPE, W. THOMPSON, A. WILSON CULPEPPER GEBEAUX HUGGLER PARKER POPE, P. THOMPSON, D. " Another all-campus weekend?? " Vick leads Delta chapter to great fall rush . . . Huggler leads Jocks to new conquest . . . Pope leads ACC by a hair . . . Sensa- tional Six initiated in due and regular form . . . Massingale leads scholarship program again . . . Gocde Memorial Mirror donated . . . Fuzzy gets a haircut . . . Franks gets serious . . . Bear finds Fortune . . . Cull spreads snow at Meredith . . . Rodent leads Moms and Wives Committee . . . Pool becomes great white father . . . Lowe returns in style . . . Possum ' s got power this year . . . Margaret Ann captures our heart . . . Birdcage reigns on first floor ... Hud tightens the reir.s over his new children . . . Christopher loads trunk with corn and heads for Meredith Edens . . . Certified and correct . . . Phillips blows the serenades . . . Bryce imports tough heads . . . Remer thumbs 700 miles to see her in Florida. Spirit, parties, quick start races make it another wonderful year behind the Red Door. IHH r iVff R Page 163 APTER CHUSED COHEN DAHAN GANDERSON GELBERMAN GERTZ GOLDEN GOLDMAN HAHN HANCHROW HELBEIN KLAFF LEDER LESAVOY MORGAN NAUHEIM NISLICK RICH ROBBINS SAUL SHEPS SLUTSKY SOLIN SPIES " Two! We just counted them! " Hey Wally — we got 34 . . . Are you (censored) me! . . . IVloose goes inactive . . . First Blowing Rock — then Blowing N-P 27 . . . Like to ski? Yea. Good, first room on left . . . Don ' t cross your bridges before they hatch . . . Skid Row — just a little hairy . . . Peyton strips in stripes . . . Jocks get out on Apter . . . Blue Goose No. 1 on FBI list . . . Commander-in-chief Slutsky tries to uphold red traditions ... The Duck supercedes the Nail . . . The Fiestas, Clover, Majors, and Solomon Burke all show up for one party . . . MUSCLE BEACH — just outside Big Siberia . . . I have a question — well, uh . . . " H ' s " orgy at the top of the Towers . . . Arman gives up golf for dare-devil drivi ng . . . MARGIE vs. THE FLY . . . Dog gives up showers and haircuts for Lent . . . Lost dog found but still lost ... The Son of Zaik takes over . . . ' CERT FOR TWO THINGS. Page 164 ALBERT SCHIFF Chancellor JEANNIE KLEITMAN Tau Epsilon Sweetheart OMEGA OF TAU EPSILON PH Columbia University was the site of the founding of Tau Epsilon Phi in 1910. The local chapter was established in 1924. The Plume is the official publication and purple and white are the colors. The flowers are the lily-of-the-valley and the violet. GULLER Vice Chancellor GIKOW Bursar PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Statler, Krug. Zuckerman, Goldstein, Leader, Ganderson. Second row.- Greenberg, Katz, D. Kaplan, Frankel, Ostrow, Heller, Beyer, Lyman. Third row: Lippa. Hockfield, Meyers, Goldman, Winston, Rosenblum Fourtli row: Brill, Bennett, Harris, Morgenstern, Allen, K. Kaplan, Gassman. Kleitman, Grifenhagen, Bloom. Levinsohn, Levin. Page 165 ALPHA PI OF ZETA BETA TAU " The Greatest Show on Earth, " Zeta Beta Tau, first set up its tent at City College, New Yorl City in 1898; and the local side- show began on a permanent basis in 1927. The official colors are blue and gold, and the programs are issued under the titles of The Zeta Beta Tau Quarterly, and the Alpha Pioneer. MICHELE LaBORWin Zeta Beta Tau Sweetheart PETER JASON President m Hb I EIZENSTAT Vice-President ISRAEL Historian PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Nachman, Natt. KIrstein, Israel. Doner. Second row: Schafer. Young, Traub, Kallman. Minisman, Gold. Zimmerman. Third row: Moore, Blank. Chanin. Lowenbaum. Standing: Kchn, Schneider. Weiss. Goldberg, Tanenbaum, VanDamm, Blumenthal, Banov, Paster. Page 166 BELLOVIN BERNSTEIN RUBIN SCHWARTZ SHAPIRO SHINS STEIN WEINSTEIN ZBT ' s once again return to West Rosemary rat-trap for several months before finally moving in palatial splendor on Finley Golf Course Road . . . Best Rush in history! . . . Happy Birthday Sandy from Buddy, Frank, and Jeff . . . Bellovin blows his Bugles . . . Rosey, P., Poor Jay, and Cohn — the " Brillo " boys. Billboard Brenner and the Green Abortion return . . . Supey may turn tennis pro — he has friends from Durham who are already " Pro ' s " ... Phi Bete " Izzy " returns from Washington with bottle in hand . . . Both North and South they knew his fame, the Gray Ghose is what they called him. Butch Rubin was his name . . . " Cream-Horn " Kottler has no one to follow with Gelber gone . . . Ira " Isley " is only P. E. major in Dental school ... Dr. Jeff studies to be a coronary specialist — From the heart . . . Seigel stars in soccer and scissor wielding . . . Who has the smallest chest in ZBT? ... Big time announces UP resignation once a week . . . Jason returns as Pres with friends on leash . . . Blackbush and Gross star on " The Breaking Point " . . . N. C. Fats and Weinstein return from summer in San Francisco and one night in Juarez — How ' s your Doodle? . . . Alvin Aushwitz has greast moment with defeat of Szorch . . . " Suitcase " Meyer, Jr., suffers his annual duping at the hands of M. Julian ' s . . . Cohn and Kemp, hurting for size, team up and become a whole man . . . Shins astounds us by walking off with South Building . . . Schwartz breaks leg by dropping name on it . . . New house will be a great asset to Frankel who will now have no difficulty in finding place to fly model airplanes ... The Dinosaur stalks Ackland clothed in sweaters of ungodly colors . . . 97.5% of Weinstein ' s daily conversation is negligible . . . With new house and best pledge class, ZBT has its greatest Year! " You don ' t know-w-w me! " Page 167 ANDERSON BRANSTROM OETTINGER SIMMONS ARCHIE EMORY RANKIN SMITH BALDWIN MANNING RICHARDSON STANLEY You mean Boo has a new personna! ' " Pee-Pee " come here, BJD ' s coming again, and the Zete ' s are off to a new year. House organized with new committees. Scholarship composed of Blinky, J. D., Otto Moon, Beserk, and Lap Dog. Zeta Psi language committee headed by third year veterans Ace, Archie, Big Time, and Wease. Bubba, Skeets, and Books are leaving and the new pledges have already flown in. The Zete committee of gentlemanly conduct is composed of Funny, Puppet, Grendel Cowboy, Quick, Harvey, and the Greek. Jap and Claude play op- posite roles in the Rules and Finance Committee while the Political Science Committee is headed by Benard. The Parole Board is composed of Bubba, Hangman, Henry Fangio, " Pee-Pee, " and Beserk. Crow, Lanse, and Funny try to land but can ' t stay out of closets. It ' s Jimmy ' s 25th year while sheriff calls for food. It ' s time to eat later — The Hog — By the way Boo is using Personnas this year. Poge 168 DAVID G. FREY President UPSILON OF ZETA PSI : jii ==: ?J - Zeta Psi was founded at New York University in 1847. The Upsilon Chapter at North Carolina opened its doors in 1858. The Fraternity colors are gold and white; its flower is the white carnation. The national publication is The Circle of Zeta Psi. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Weeks, Dempsey, PIttman, Freeman, Second row: Powell, Barber, Ward, Williams. Third row: Freuler, Burgess, Bowles, Poe, Graham, Howell. Poge 169 PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES Members of a professional fraternity are all majors in the same field and share the same vocational interests, unlike social fraternities in which members come from all fields and majors. The benefits of a professional fraternity are twofold — it in- corporates both a social and professional orientation for its members. Parties; pleasure trips; and, in several cases, actual communal living in a fraternity house provide a much-needed outlet for social activity. Unique features of the professional fraternity such as field trips to various industries and the op- portunity to practice their chosen occupations under simulated conditions bring members in contact with experts in their own field and give them valuable experience for use in their future profession. Page 170 LAMBDA OF KAPPA EPSILON MARY LOU JOHNSON Vice-President MARY JAMISON Treasurer Kappa Epsilon is a national professional fraternity for women students in pharmacy, it was founded nationally in 1921 at the State University of Iowa. Lambda Chapter was founded at the University of North Carolina in 1940. The purposes are to stimu- late in its members a desire for high scholarship, to foster a professional consciousness, and to provide a bond of lasting loyalty, interest, and friendship. The fraternity is proud of its many members throughout the nation who are leaders in the pharmaceutical profession. AKERS BULLICK CLARK CLAYTON DEVEREAUX GAITHER GILBERT HABRAT HERSLEY LEGGETT LLOYD PATTERSON PATTON RING SENTELLE WOOD f 1 Page 171 COULTER CROOK DUTTON HOWARD HYDE JONES LEGGEH MOORE MUNCY NEVILLE PLEASANTS THORNELOE WOOD ' Lve never seen that on TV before. ' Mouthpiece and Beak return early to clean up summer miscar- riage. Lips returns ten days later to clean up Mouthpiece and Beak . . . Meanwhile, remainder of neurotic erotics retreat to the womb with renewed fetal affections . . . Recalling New York, berth of bunny tails and miscellaneous furling navels . . . Going south. Ready Eddie withdraws from the beach to find Mama Howie bearing a load . . . Dutts strains two find he has none, while Flyboy Neville loses his pin in the shrubbery . . . Pre- historic life returns with Puff, the neighboring ghetto, and Munchy ' s grotto capers . . . Quiet Tom drops his reserves and little fatboy Coulter checks out 21 . . . Nose rediscovers the home for his jewels, while transplanted yankee (nemmy) fmds TV more interesting than Durham or N. C. C. . . . Grandpa Rooter finally finds Dook has something else besides a golf course . . . Lynn spends refund on one-way street, as Professor Wee Willie concludes that half half is not always milk and cream . . . The pledges 21 become even more farcical as they discover their toungues. We wish for a New York City nearer " the Hill " as we look toward a year of kitty cats, a TV knob, a re-enactment of the burning of Atlanta, and summer breezes blowing brothers to the beach and to the World ' s Fair. Page 172 ALPHA TAU OF RUFUS B. LANGLEY President MISS JUDY HALLMAN Sweetheart ALPHA KAPPA PS CHADWICK Treasurer Alpha Kappa Psi, America ' s first and largest fraternity, was founded nationally at New York University in 1904. The local chapter was established in 1925. The colors are blue and gold, and the flower is the yellow rose. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Carroll, Komas, Miller, Altman, Boyd, Porter, Cathey. Second row: McGrath, Spencer, McArthur, Keen, White, Whitehead, Taylor. Third row: McGwier, Edwards, Smith, Howe, Shearon. Page 173 ALPHA LAMBDA OF DELTA SIGMA PI Delta Sigma Pi was founded at New York University on November 7, 1907. Alpha Lambda at U. N. C. was founded on May 9, 1925. The magazine is The Deltasig and the flower is the rose. RONALD B. MOSER President MISS LYNNE POTTER Sweetheart of Delta Sigma Pi WfRENCH VESTAL Senior Vice-President Vice-President PLEDGE CLASS: Rogers, Stone, Tom McCuiston, Glace. Wiggs Myers, Belsinger, Parker, Everhart, Johnson, Reeves, Cook, Lockhart, Bowden, Dillon, Petree. 1 r i K-M ■ i ' -« n Ki j R " ' H {m ; . miM r Page 174 BAUGUESS BELSINGER BURGESS CARROLL CASSELS CLINE DANA DILLON DOARES EVERHART GLACE GOLDBY LOMAX McCUISTON MILLER MYERS ORCUTT PARKER PETREE, G. PETREE, T. POTTER REEVES RENWICK RIDDLE ROGERS ROSS ROSS SHANKLE SMITH, C. SMITH, J. STONE STROUP STUBBS TURNER TYSINGER WIGGS Mess around!! " The " white elephant " never looked better as 31 returning Delta Sigs spent a week cleaning, painting, and drinking beer . , . The new shower ' s fine, Dana, except for one small detail . . . Slack No. 1 and Slack No, 2 move to the trailer . . , Vestal, Smith, Baugess, Foust, Israel and one more open up Delta Sig House No. 2 . . , Riddle ' s on the stick with a professional meeting during the first week of classes , , . Rush yields 17 great neophytes. What is a neophyte? . . . There goes Wrench out the window again . . . Smith, Stroup, Cason, and Potter investigate the advantages of marriage. Page 1 75 BAILY BLANTON BOYD BROOKS CAMERON COATS CRANFORD HEATHERINGTON HUE HOLLINGSWORTH LILLY MUSSLEWHITE PAUL PHARR SMITH WILLIAMS " Wait a minute The new year started and many of the boys were back at the house early to clean up after the summer school gang. These boys did a fine job of getting the house in shape again. Snake, the treasurer, has become quite a niggard . . . Poor boy Paul returned in his new corvette ... Lab instructors Eason and Randall should cut their thumb nail . . . Brooks, Lafferty, and Freeman off to Greensboro, Wonder Why??? Brand X, Lilly, Mus- slewhite, and Heatherington are great chemistry wizards . . . Pharr off to Atlanta again??? Bally hides when there is work to be done . . . Matthews tongue still loose at both ends . . . Cranford loves his Saturday lab. Ha! Ha! We have taken in new brothers and added quite a few pledges . . . Pledges really raising a lot of hell ... in fact they are off to the lake wit h " enemy No. 1 " Eaddie Coats. Page 176 DANNY LEE RANDALL Regent GENIE KENNEDY Sweetheart BETA XI OF KAPPA PS HICKMON Secretary BLANTON Treasurer The Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity was founded in 1879. This, the Beta Xi Chapter, was established at the University of North Carolina in 1915. Membership in the fraternity is limited to pharmacy students of good character, who have proven scholarship ability and who have a wholesome college spirit. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: SherriH, May, Lrander. Paul, pledge master. Second row: Kesler, Gotten, Lear. Lamont. Third row: Hollomon, Shaw, Moore, Morgan, Boone. Page 177 ALPHA GAMMA OF PHI DELTA CHI FOSTER Vice-President MYERS Treasurer Phi Delta Chi, a professional pharmaceutical fraternity founded to advance the science of pharmacy and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among its members, was founded at the Uni- versity of Michigan in 1883. The local chapter, Alpha Gamma, was established on May 30, 1923. The red carnation is the fraternity flower, and the colors are old gold and dregs of wine. MISS LINDA LOGAN Sweetheart BATTS ELLER JONES MATTHEWS OVI EN SMITH BELMONT GEER KENNEDY McGASKILL POWELL WARREN BROWN HOLLEMAN LONG MILLER RICKARD Page 178 Back row: Mr. Spearman, Farran, Neal, Mr. Byerly, Goodwin, Gibbs, Jensen, Samsot, Blackwell Hobson — President, Byrum — Vice-President, Mason — Secretary. Seated left: Roth, Seated right: Connally, Zachary, Stevens, SIGMA DELTA CHI Sigma Delta Chi is one of many hundreds of student and newsmen ' s groups across the nation. SDX, the national professional journalistic society, is open to college men who intend to make journalism their careers as well as professional newsmen already in the busi- ness. The chapter consists of 20 students, active on campus pub- lications, most having worked on state newspapers during the summers. The group here has sponsored a journalism school year- book, a drive to interest high schools in the UNC School of Journalism, and works closely with the Press Club on a year-end banquet and skit for the Journalism school. Seated: Winstead; Leonard, Sec.-Treas.; Newton; Beyst; Nash; Lewis; Byerly; Thison; Maron; Rhodes; Fagg, President; Rosenthal Standing: Roth; Goodwin; Samsot; Connolly; Zachary; Gibbs; Smith; Hobson; Spainhour; Farran, Vice-President; Neal; Byrjm; Spearman; Blackwell; Stevens; McLamb; Bishop. PRESS CLUB The UNC Press Club provides interested students with monthly speakers on areas of current concern. The Club is comprised of Journalism and non-Journalism majors, faculty members and in terested Chapel Hill residents. Recent speakers have included Russell Brantley, author of the controversial novel " The Education of Jonathan Beam " ; author Harry Golden and columnist Kays Gary, of Charlotte; Ed and Betty Hodges of the Durham Morning Herald and Mallette of the Winston-Salem Journal. The Club gives stu- dents and faculty a chance to meet on an informal basis to dis- cuss current events and their relationship to the news. Page 179 BROWN DAVIS DAWSON HAMILTON HUNT JONES KILLIAN Mcdonald NICHOLSON ROGERSON ROOF STEELE STRICKLAND THOMAS YEAnS " Mother " Finison leads the pack at O.D., while the " gazebo " swings ... Ron wields gavel, tells " rotten " jokes at banquet . . . The " Blue Bomb " heads for the hills in search of dates ... Has anyone seen the " Dog " ? . . . Jones gets " beaned, " but still throws a party . . . Great rush . . . Josh White concert complete success . . . several stray to altar ... Bob runs contest, selects " pinmate of the day " . . . Ralph gets shot down, down, down . . . " Killer " goes wild . . . Pledges seek out the Great Pumpkin . . . Homecoming, Dook weekend see good times roll . . . Rogerson and Brown pace smashing of pledges in football ... No more collect calls say big wheels . . . Enos River overrun, declared disaster area after party ... We had a girl, Christine was her name . . . Skees struck by flying moonbeams . . . Sam again runs away with track honors . . . Horton plays Gilbey ' s Fifth until in A Major . . . Roger ' s wings cut by Sue . . . Hail Sinfonia! . . . Another real fine year for the nation ' s best chapter comes to a close. Page 180 RONALD M. FRIEDMAN President IISS SUE CARPER Sweetheart ALPHA RHO OF PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, professional music fraternity, was founded in 1898 at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Mass. Since then, it has grown to over 210 chapters, making it the largest fraternity in the United States. Alpha Rho was founded at U. N. C. in 1926. The fraternity publication is the Newsletter; the colors are red, black, and gold. SIVIITH Vice-President PLEDGE CLASS. Bass, Bauguess. Malcolm, Shore, Pruit, Cameron, Field. V J Page 181 HONOR ARIES RHO OF ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega, the only national service fraternity, was founded at Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania in 1925. Rho Chapter was established in 1930. The Torch and Trefoil is the official magazine, and the colors are blue and gold. MRS. MELVA PARLIER Sweetheart PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Hunter, Hayes, Lewis, Peterson, Sessoms. Second row: Sterns, Casey. Lancaster, Saunders. Third row: McFadden. WarfeL Bauguess. Fourth row: Hughey, Robertson. Page 182 The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath Law, to develop leadership, and to promote service to humanity. This purpose is carried out through service projects and various social events including Parents ' Day, a nonprofit Book-X, and the Ugliest Man on Corn- pus Contest for charity. CAMP CHAPLIN CUNNINGHAM DAUGHERTY FISHER FURCHES GARRIS GARRISON HARRIS HARRISON JOHNSON. T. HUNT LANE IDDINGS LEE INGRAM MOORE JOHNSON, R. MORROW O ' QUINN PARLIER PERASON REEVES ROBINSON JAMES J. Mcdonald President ROSS WALKER RUTH WARD SMART WATKINS SNYDER WILSON SPRING Page 183 BETA OF ALPHA EPSILON DELTA RONALD JOYNER President FRONEBERGER Treasurer Alpha Epsilon Delta is an international honor society for pre-medical and pre-dental students. It was founded at the University of Alabama in 1926. The University of North Carolina Beta Chapter was founded in 1936. The object of the society is to stimulate and recognize ex- cellence in pre-medical and pre-dental scholarship. ANGE CRAIG GIBSON HEYMANN NESBITT WEATHERS ANDES FREEMAN GRIFFIN JOYNER OWENS WOODWARD COLEMAN GARNER HERRING MADSEN TAYLOR M. Page 184 OFFICERS IRVING BOYLES ED SUMNER BOB MORRIS JIM LIM FACULTY Dr. J. L. Brannon Dr. E. A. Brecht Dr. M. A. Chambers Dr. George Cocolas Dr. B. W. Fitzgerald Dr. A. W. Jowdy Dr. J. C. Kellet Dr. Claude Piantidosi Dr. Fred T. Semeniuk President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Historian Dr. Margaret A. Shaw Dr. Herman 0. Thompson Dr. William W.Taylor Dr. J. K. Weir GRADUATES Mrs. Rosemarie Faust James K. Lim Bob Morris Ed Sumner UNDERGRADUATES V. Irving Boyles, Jr. AMPHOTEROTHEN SOCIETY HAYWOOD MOORE CLAYTON Janus HARRY WHITNEY DURAND Recorder William Carl Imes Michael Henry Lawler Charles Robin Britt Anthony Stephen Harrington William Ross Sullivan Harry Leonard DeLung, Jr. Rufus Lige Edmiston James Barrett Reston Grant Walton Wheeler Larry Stephen McDevitt John Gilbert Stallings Roger Babson Foushee Henry Newton Patterson John Carwile Randall Dwight Hernard Wheless Willis Padgett Whichard Page 185 PHI BETA KAPPA Phi Beta Kappa was founded at the College of William and Mary December 5, 1776. The Alpha Chapter of North Carolina was established here November 7, 1904, and there are at present 170 chapters. OFFICERS ROBERT LEO CHERRY President CHARLES CANTRELL RANKIN Vice-President ROBERT NELSON PEERY, JR. Recording Secretary ERNEST L. MACKIE Corresponding Secretary-Treasurer ROBERT B. HOUSE PROFESSORS ALMONTE C. HOWELL CORYDON P. SPRUILL MEMBERS INITIATED MAY 14, 1963 Juniors Robert Beale Bennett Willard Alan Case Robert Leo Cherry Christopher Joseph Daly Stuart Elliot Eizenstat James Eugene Gudger James Norvill McLamb James Gorrell McMichael, Jr. Bryan Douglas McSweeney Robert Nelson Peery, Jr. Charles Cantrell Rankin Robert Sidney Shue Ann Curtis Spencer Roy Archibald Swaringen, Jr. Seniors Marie Stuart Austin Donna Bess Bailey Bobby Forrester Caviness Nelda Olivia Clodfelter Rebecca Ann Cook Nina Elizabeth Davis Nathan Wesley Dean Edward Norman Graham Louise O ' Kelley Hardman John Ward Hollifield Howard David Homesley Margaret Perkins House Paul Green Houston Richard Harvey King Robert Hamilton Lankford, III Bettie Smith Lyday Henry Emanuel Mayer Margaret Mackay Millender Joseph Donald Peeler Susan Caviness Phillips Sylvia Elizabeth Pierce Alice Matheny Reed Mary Wallis Robinson Hannelore Simon Rogers Stanley Rosen John Layne Scott Becky Ann Sigmon John Wilder Southard Margaret Tarasa Stephenson Jerry Lynn Townsend Thomas Clarkson Worth Chancellor William Brant ley Aycock Honorary Member MEMBERS INITIATED DECEMBER 10. 1963 Newton Franklin Adkinson, Jr. Scott Newton Brown, Jr. James Denton Dinsmoor, Jr. David Garnett Forrest Benedict Green David Fletcher Harper Florence Ann Hendrick Robert White Hill Patricia Padgett Holden William Carl Imes Peter David Krones Steve Findley Moore Jesse Ronald Oakley Marcus Hilton Ollington Jerry Eugene Patterson William Anthony Smithson Grace Mildred Stoddard Judith Ann Tart Bessie Toula Vallianos Wayne Marshall Vickery Albert Franklin Walser Mary Ruth Walters Jerry Morris Whitmire Page 186 PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma, freshman honorary fraternity, was founded at the University of llhnois March 22, 1923, and at the present time has 117 chapters. Our chapter was estabNshed in 1947. OFFICERS HOWARD GIBSON GODWIN, JR President SPENCER WYATT McCALLIE Vice-President ELTON RAY LANIER Secretary DENNIS WAYNE ORGAN Treasurer WALTER RALEIGH GRAHAM, JR Historian ERNEST L. MACKIE Faculty Adviser HONORARY MEMBERS M.A.Hill, Jr. CeciiJohnson Ernest L. Mackie Corydon P. Spruill MEMBERS INITIATED APRIL 2, 1963 David Westley Ange Richard James Arhart Joseph Robert Beatty Hugh Allen Biackweli Thomas Carl Brown, Jr. Charles Robert Campbell Telemac Nicholas Chryssikos Joseph Kenneth Dougherty George Wright Doyle Paul Douglas Fann Howard Gibson Godwin, Jr. Walter Raleigh Graham, Jr. John Matney Harmon David Sydney Harris Robert Howard Hicks, Jr. David Avra Lane Elton Ray Lanier Thomas Theophilous Lilly, Jr. William Murray Linder, III Charles William McFadden, V Wilton Elliot Mason, 111 Spencer WyattMcCallie James Bullard Meade Ronald Glenn Michels Charles Benjamin, Jr. Andrew Marshall Murphey George Lindsay Newman Dennis Wayne Organ Paul Samuel Pegram, Jr. John Atlas Phillips William Pressly Robinson William Thomas Rowe Gerald Edwin Shaw Richard Alfred Sperling David Mitchell Swanson Penn Rodion Szittya William Woodruff Taylor, III William Swain Teachey William Neil Thomas, III Spencer Felton Tinkham Samuel Augusta Truitt, Jr. Roy Steven Turner Curtiss Andrew Twiddy, Jr. Wayne Marshall Vickery Hugh McColl Wilson Page 187 BETA GAMMA SIGMA Beta Gamma Sigma is the only national honorary society in the field of commerce and business recognized by the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. The organization originated at the University of Wisconsin in 1907. Alpha of North Carolina Chapter was estab- lished here in 1933. The purposes of this society are to encourage and reward accomplishment among the students of commerce and business administration; to promote the advancement of education in the art of science of business; and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operations. OFFICERS STEVE F. MOORE President SAMUEL W. McNAIRY Secretary MORGAN R. PINNEY Treasurer RICHARD I. LEVIN Honorary President RICHARD P. CALHOON Faculty Secretary Ronnie Anderson Gerald A. Barrett J. C. D. Blaine John A. Boyanowski Scott Brown, Jr. Thomas M. Caddell Richard P. Calhoon D. D. Carroll Robert L. Carter Charles S. Chinnis Geoffrey Churchill Dudley J. Cowden Robert DesJardins Robert Eagle Leon Ennis Joe S. Floyd, Jr. Ronald Lee Gabriel James A. Gentry, Jr. Claude S. George DanE. Gillis MEMBERS Eric A. Goldby W. J. Graham E. Anne Greene Paul N. Guthrie John A. Haslem Clarence Heer John L. Johnson Jan W. Karcz Charles King C. A. Kirkpatrick Rudolph P. Lamone Harold Q. Langenderfer Maurice W. Lee Richard I. Levin C. S. Logsdon Donald Loomis C. H. McGregor Samuel W. McNairy Edward Michaels George Missbach Steve F. Moore Ronald B. Moser Allen Palmer E. E. Peacock Morgan R. Pinney Ralph W.Pope Bruce B. Raynor, Jr. Isaac N. Reynolds J. D. Richardson Leslie A. Rubin Robert D. Skees Samuel H.Smith, Jr. Larry G. Somers William Steiner Rollie Tillman Donald Tuttle Richard Wacht Albert E. Walser David M. Williams Robert E. Woodruff Page 188 SIGMA THETA TAU Sigma Theta Tau is the national honor society for nurses. Alpha Chapter was founded at the University of North Carolina in 1962. The purpose of the society is to promote high professional standards and individual development and to advance the profession of nursing. Members are honored for their superior scholarship, leadership qualities, and capacity for personal growth. OFFICERS BEVERLY DICKENS LOY President JULIA WATSON DAVIS President-Elect JUDY G. NEWSOM Vice-President MARILYN STARR OGBURN Secretary DIANE FOGLEMAN Treasurer STUDENT MEMBERS Nancy Beasley Connie Burrou ghs Dianne Rollick Collier Julia Watson Davis Kathleen Ann Garner Beverley Haynes Judy G. Newson Marilyn Starr Ogburn Carolyn Marie Pinion Carole Elizabeth Ridgeway Marion Lane Rogers Nancy Farthing Sasser Linda Elizabeth Sitton Jo AnnZaron ALUMNAE MEMBERS Natalie Salter Baggett Doris Bankert Claudia Barnes Ruby Barnes Audrey J. Booth Lillian Ward Bryant Shirley HamrickByrd Cleo Baker Collins Nancy Fleming Courts Rhonda Thompson Cozart Elsie Deana Cross Martha Clyde Davis Judith Belinda Deal Beverly Desmond Myrtle McAnally Dixon Betty Ann Buie Dorman Diane Fogleman Lucy Fort Nancy Gilliland Tina Green Julia Bryant Gregson Mary Harrison Anita Whitener Hoffler Nancy Holden Patsy Colvard Johnson Andrea Gorcica Kirchenheiter Jessie P. Kiser Geri Snider Laport Sue M. Lewis Jane Mulvey Lowe Beverly Dickens Loy Sylvia Rabb Lufkin Elizabeth Ann Lusk Barbara Williams Madden Mary McCree Jane Sox Monroe Margaret Catherine Moore Sally Wynn Nicholson Jane Snyder Norris Sara Price Ormand Nancy Hege Parr Jo Ann Lasley Paige J. Mae Pepper Faye Dark Pickard Mildred Fortner Powell Carolyn Taylor Richards Billie Dobbs Rogers Frances Ross Malissa H. Showker Anne Forbes Thorne Ann Linn Tolton Nancy Elizabeth Turner Barbara Philbeck Warren Elizabeth Faye Webster Betty Barbrey West Elizabeth Moore Whedbee Faye Mewborn White Geneva File Williams Judith Clifton Wright FACULTY INITIATES Margaret Haynes Dr. Elizabeth Kemble Page 189 SSSn ' S OFFICERS 1962-1963 WILLIS PADGETT WHICHARD FREDERICH RANDOLPH ANDERSON, JR. . . HANS RUDOLPF FRANKFORT ARGONAUTS INDUCTED APRIL 18, 196: 692 Grant Walton Wheeler 693 William Ross Sullivan 694 Daniel Mack Armstrong 695 James Nelson Irvine 696 Kenneth Merle Brinkhous 697 Michael Henry Lawler 698 Trawick Hamilton Stubbs, 699 Harold Thompson Mann 700 Frederic Guillermo Gi 701 Harry Whitney Durand 702 Henry E. Mayor 703 Anthony Stephen Harrington 704 Charles Milton Shaffer, Jr. STUDENT ARGONAUTS 1963-1964 655 Roger Babson Foushee 685 Allen Thompson Croninberg 692 Grant Walton Wheeler 697 Michael Henry Lawler 698 Trawick Hamilton Stubbs 699 Harold Thompson Mann 701 Harry Whitney Durand 704 Charles Milton Shaffer, Jr. CHARTER ARGONAUTS IN URBE 4 Alfred Williams Haywood,! 6 Phillips Russell 7 William Picard JacocliS JLTY ARGONAUTS 1963-1964 Claude Edward Teague Edgar Ralph Rankin Robert Burton House Ernest Lloyd Mackie Albert Coates hk Bif tbn L|nke CdryddnPerry Spful Frederick Cariyle Shfipyi jEarle Horace Ha{tsel iJqsqptj Mailyop Saunoei Richard Beverly Raney Edgar Alexander Cameron Walter Smith Spearman, Jr. Frederick Henry Weaver Alfred Guy Ivey Earnest Craige Isaac Montrose Taylor James Frederick Newsome John Dewey Dorsett, Jr. Hugh Talmadge Lefler Harry Kitsun Russell William West Taylor Frank William Hanft William Clyde Friday John A. Kirkland Robert Allison Fetzer Walter Reece Berryhill Roy Walter Holsten John Lassiter Sanders Henry Parker Brandis, Jr. John M. Schnorrenberg Julian Dewey Mason, Jr. Dudley Dewitt Carroll Archibald Henderson Thomas Anthony Rezzuto, Jr Kenneth Lawing Penegar William Woodard McLendon Rollie Tillman, Jr. Henry Hursell Dearman Preston Herchel Epps Foster Fitz-Simons Louis Round Wilson Jan Philip Schinhan Wilson Elman Mason, Jr. Berthold Louis Ullman William Brantley Aycock Maurice Taylor Van Hecke Bernard Henry Boyd Sturgis Elleno Leavitt Nathan Anthony Womack George Vanderbeck Taylor Kenneth Merle Bcinkhoup Frederic Guillernto Gil VALKY BEVERLEY ANN HAYNES, President OFFICERS It CAROLYN MARIE PINION, Treasurer JULIA WATSON DAVIS, Secretory MEMBERS 1963-1964 4 1 beverley Ann Haynes 413 Julio Watson Davis 417 Carolyn Marie Pinion 421 Elizabeth Dorden Word 422 Foy Hensley Coker ALUMNAE AND HONORARIES 423 Kristin Clover Wote 424 Ann Susan Dellinge 425 Joene Yeoger Arthur Allen Helen D. Allen E. S. Avery Grace Aycock Dorothy Consler Katherine Cormichael Elizabeth Scott Corrington Solly Cor Susie Horwood Cordon Henrietto Croom Mary Hedrick Dovis Martha Decker DeBerry Emery Denny Margaret Dent Nancy Morgoret Faison Moyhew Fombrough Doryl Forrington Kothleen Boles Fink Mory Koy Fletcher Ido Howell Fridoy Diana Harmon Elizabeth Hayes Moxine Lee Hocutt Sally Hoener Guion Johnson Mary Fran Elizabeth Lillian Le( Kathv Lun cis Kellam man t IT Isobelle McLeod Lydio Moody Priscillo PoHerson Irene Smart Rains Sue Fields Ross ] yr| Mary: Julio S ue topi t Ai iimpson es loa: Weaver Priscillo Blokeney Wyrick a :iy ' ' B, V OFFICERS 250 ROB " BUTTERBIRD " GLENN 197 JANE " FINCH " FORSYTHE 195 Watts " Whooping Crane " Carr 205 Bob " Rough-Legged " Reardon 213 John " Vulture " McMillan 220 Larry " Loon " McDevitt 222 Sam " Solitary Sandpiper " Applegate 225 Sue " Starling " Drennen 227 Nancy " Nutcracker " Davis 229 Dershie " Downy " Bridgeford 231 Munny " Screech Owl " Yates 235 Ginger " Fan-Crested Dumpling Duck " McDavid 236 Irish " Clatter-Goose " Armstrong 237 Tommy " Pectoral Fat-Bird " Baysden 238 Bee " Buff-Breasted Piping Plover " Pitt 239 Billy " Black-Capped Chuckle Head " Martin 240 Elva " Pintail Smee " Edwards 241 Robert " Yellow-Billed Chow Chow " Rascoe 124 Katherine " Chickadee " Carmichae! 125 Frances " Fantail " Hogan 127 Charles " Catbird " Bernard 129 Doug " Do-Do Bird " Sessoms 130 J. P. " Hummingbird " Harland Major Bird Minor Bird MEMBERS 242 Diane " Broad-Tailed Hummer " Hardy 243 Tom " Big Chicken Hawk " Thayer 244 Rex " Golden Toad-Head " Teaney 245 John " Lesser Redpole " Nash 246 Susan " Great-Footed Meat Hawk " High 247 Sammy " Worm-Eating Swamp Woodchuck " Thompson 248 Jake " Coot-Footed Troop Fowl " Fuller 2 49 Dexter " Gold-Crested Goggle Nose " Rumsey 251 Darst " Duck " Murphy 252 Brooks " Belted Kingfisher " Reed 253 Eddie " Long-Winded Goatsucker " Connell 254 Bob " Blue-Grey Kat Catcher " Madry 255 Charlie " Crested Tom-Tit " Shaffer 256 John " Feruginous Finch " McNinch 257 Bill " Brown Creeper " Davis 258 Gary " Water Peewee " Gischel HONORARIES 146 George " Morning Dove " Daniels 147 Jessie " Junco " Rehder 232 Douglas " Albatross " Eyre 233 James L. " Floating-Fowl " Godfrey 234 Spero " Moon-Fronted Jug Swallow " Dorton Page 192 I ' Sritn of Sim houl DCU HUAK KZ PBRE QM KBMRP OAGH SWA O FHFTA HVMV VV ZVVV CUR VS WWSZ BF DKZSEY ZP AVR MZFZH BF CKMS JF ATL WA DVAAV QUJV AVBU RTA OAD LPAC QUJV ZVALK VOOH RVVBFA BVJVZQ I JJVK LOL C TMFTVTF VALMAR LXXVII 781 STUART THOMAS SAUNDERS, JR REX 779 GEORGE WATTS CARR, III KDS 780 DAVID GARDNER FREY WSS 784 WILLIAM EDWARD APPLEGATE KMK 795 SAMUEL GRIFFIN THOMPSON NGP 174 Archibald Henderson 319 William Whatley Pierson 331 Thomas Felix Hickerson 343 Dudley DeWitt Carroll 375 Robert Hasley Wettach 385 Robert Ervin Coker 439 James Penrose Harland 442 Robert Burton House 490 Fletcher Melvin Green 492 Charles Milton Shaffer 540 Ernest Craige 546 Harry Kitsun Russell 582 Isaac Montrose Taylor 634 Lyman Atkinson Gotten 650 Roy Walter Holsten 662 Sydenham Benoni Alexander 663 Frank Wysor Klingberg 664 Henry Wilkins Lewis 665 Robert Boyd Lindsay 678 Herbert Ralph Baer 679 George Dial Penick 714 George Mills Harper 751 William Brantley Aycock 761 John Curtis Spencer 763 Hugh Talmage Lefler 777 William Allison Davis, III 778 Charles Milton Shaffer, Jr. 783 Francis Greenfield Lankford, IV 785 Charles Henry Battle, Jr. 786 James Benton Hickey 792 Michael Boyce Cooke Page 193 mt (PrfieTHnSe 0lh MeU LARRY STEPHEN McDEVITT TRAWICK HAMILTON STUBBS, JR. DERSHIE BRUCE BRIDGFORD . . Vice-President Secretary EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE THE OFFICERS and JOHN MACLACHLAN BOXLEY CAROLYN MARIE PINION WILLIAM GERALD THORNTON CHARTER MEMBERS William Donald Carmichael William Robert Coulter Jesse Henry Dedmond Peter Harry Gerns Samuel Hisch Charles Louis Johnston, Jr. Allard Kenneth Lowenstein William Ernest Mackie Basil Lamar Sherrill Donald Gray Shropshire Leonard Adolph Szafaryn Dr. Samuel Thomas Emory Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie Dr. William Smith Wells INITIATES OF SPRING, 1963 Albert Gordon Appell Daniel McMullen Armstrong, III Donna Bess Bailey Charles Henry Battle, Jr. George William Bensch Susan Withers Birdsong Bertram Owen Bishop John Maclachlan Boxley Dershie Bruce Bridgford Judith Lackey Bryant Douglas Carroll Burkhardt Constance Burroughs George Watts Carr, III Carol Elizabeth Clayton Mary Lynda Colvard Bruce Stephen Cooper John Laughlin Currie Nancy Lee DuPuy Harry Whitney Durand Kate Robinson Farr John William Gould Robert Doyle Greeson, Jr. Reginald Woodrow Harrison, Jr. Beverley Ann Haynes Stephen Jackson Hill Wiley Howard Holsenbeck, Jr. Howard David Homesley Lattie Fuller Honeycutt, Jr. William Roberson Hoyle James Haywood Hull William Carl Imes Robert Ford Kepner Julie Gatewood Latane Louis Legum Eudoxia Katherine Livas Josephine Lee Loveland Larry Stephen McDevitt Joseph Timothy McLamb Henry Emanuel Mayer Edward Griffin Michaels, III Susan Perine Mintener Margaret Goddard Mixon David Bradley Morgan Ralph Wesley Mosley Ellis Charles Oberdorfer Meredith Gail Patton Carolyn Marie Pinion Helen Gaye Williard Poteet Betty Lou Rawls Eugene Record, Jr. Albert Lousdale Roper, II Judith Kay Reynolds Margaret Anne Rhymes Anne Lee Ridenhour Rex Talcott Savery, Jr. Charles Milton Shaffer, Jr. John Anderson Sherrill Anne Curtis Spencer Margaret Tarasa Stephenson Hubert Keith Stoneman, Jr. Trawick Hamilton Stubbs, Jr. Kathryn Moore Taylor William Gerald Thornton William Hugh Townsend John Carleton Ulfelder Cole Waddell Grant Walton Wheeler David Andrew Wysong Betty Gail Woodward Jean Carmen Yoder ui ffl 0xhtv of tije rail OFFICERS LARRY STEPHEN McDEVITT . . TRAWICK HAMILTON STUBBS, JR. . . . . Delegata Scribe THOMAS FRANKLIN HENLEY Exchequer ARCHIBALD HILLIARD DAVIS . . Vice-Exchequer SIR KNIGHTS Charles Henry Battle, Jr. Archibald Hilliard Davis Harry Leonard DeLung, Jr. Harry Whitney Durand Gerald LeroyGood William Albert Graham, Jr. Thomas Franklin Henley Edward Stephens Martin Larry Stephen McDevitt Kellis Earl Parker Robert Nelson Peery, Jr. Charles Milton Shaffer, Jr. Robert Worthington Spearman Trawick Hamilton Stubbs, Jr. IN MEMORIAM Sir Knight Scott Earnest Summers, OFFICERS ALBERT GORDON APPELL Praeceps EDWARD RAMSEY BURT Vice-Praeceps WILLIAM ARTHUR HAYS, JR Notarlus JAMES ROY FULLWOOD Quaestor PRAETORS — SPRING, 1963 Charles Ronald Aycock Philip Augustine Baddour Charles Robin Britt Dallas A. Cameron, Jr. Perino Marcellin Dearing, Jr. Rufus L. Edminsten Gerald Leroy Good James Edward Magner John Jackson Morgan Ralph Wesley Mosley Samuel Martin Shapiro George Stewart Stretcher James Barnes Weeks Dwight Hernard Wheless Wesley Neil Bass Robert Wilson Carter Charles Dunn William Brantley Aycock Arthur James Beaumont John S. Bennett Donald Atlas Furtado Charles Henderson, Jr. Thomas Johnson CHARTER MEMBERS Edward U. Halford William E. Houser Thomas N. Walters HONORARY MEMBERS Robert White Linker William Graves Long James Parker Walter Rabb James C. Wadsworth James C. Wallace Frederick Henry Weaver Page 196 Ci Drg0n ' s Mmh SIn gp DEXTER CLEVELAND RUMSEY, princeps JOHN HALE McNINCH scriptor fiKLPTEDWARO CONNELL, JR. quaestor i FACULTY MEMBERS ACTIVE MEMBERS Nicholas B. Adams George Wheeler Cox Surry Parker Roberts Walter R. Berryhlil Darrell Cox Ferguson Evander Samuel Simpson James B. Bullit Gardiner Wingfield Garrard JohnHugerTison Raymond H. Dawson Gary Caston Gischel Charles Windson Wheiand, Jr. Clifford M. Foust Charles Moran Goetz, Jr. Grant Walton Wheeler Keener C. Frazer Robert Brooks Reed, Jr. William M. Geer Edward McG. Hedgpeth Urban T. Holmes Dougald MacMilian ORDER OF THE MINATAURS OFFICERS CLAUDE Q. FREEMAN, JR President ROBERT A. McMillan Vice-President Harry H. Ballard Paul W. Barrett F. Daniel Batton, III Rick Braden James Cannon Mictiael Davis Collins Thomas H. Crudup, III William Davis John Dunn Charles E. EIrod William W. Esl ridge John Emory Ralph L.Falls, Jr. Frank W. Fletcher, Jr. Marion Follin, III James M. Fountain T. T. Fountain Cameron M. Harris Elbert C. Jackson J. Lee Lokey Alexander M. May Anthony W. Miller Paul A. Moore, Jr. Henry W. Morgan JohnR. Nash, Jr. James L. Padgett Thomas H. Parker Peter B. Rankin R. Brooks Reed Christopher Ridley Dexter C. Rumsey Junius F. Scarboro Larry V. Senn Richard Sieburg Hunter Spruill Harvey Stawley Thomas B. Thayer Alfred Tyler, III James Van Ness John Norman Wylie George Wylie Page 198 STUART SAUNDERS . . . ZEUS PEGGY ANN HARRIS DAVID FREY . . Dexter Rumsey Theodore Fountain Craig Redwine Charlie Wheeland Mary Marshall Dianne Hardy LAMBDA PHI OMEGA A • - POPPII Richard Scott Savin Alan Saul Aaron M. Levy Louis Legum Martin Freedland Myron Slutsky Paul L. Chused Harold Levinson Steven R. Kaplan Michael Zaslav Jack Hanchrow John Baer Richard Gins -, ' W. HONORARY POPPII Barry Zaslav Hilton Goldman Richard Weiner Charles H. Goldman PHI ALPHA THETA Phi Alpha Theta is a national honorary society whose purpose is to honor excellence in history. It was founded at the University of Arkansas on March 14, 1921, and Delta Pi Chapter at U. N. C. was founded in 1952. The magazine of Phi Alpha Theta, The Historian, is a quarterly with the second highest circulation of any of the historical journals published in this country. Phi Alpha Theta also establishes a series of scholarships and fellowships and awards an annual prize for papers on historical subjects to the best graduate and the best undergraduate papers submitted. FACULTY Dr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Bodman, Jr. J. W. Patton John K. Nelson Mrs. John Schnorrenberg MEMBERS Valeria Claire Armstrong Frank Yeates Ashfield David Harned Bamberger Coleman Bryan Barks Vance Barron, Jr. Lanny Boone Bridgers Audrey Gayle Bunce Jane Linda Cogdill Fay Hensley Coker Jerry Craig Dellinger Dailey Jonathan Derr Foy Roberson Devine Jane Engle Albert E. Fairchild Roger Babson Foushee William Graham Alton E. James Malvern F. King, Jr. John Kiser Emily Meriwether Klyce Richard A. Levin Richard Gordon Lewis Kent Belmore Massie Joseph Daniel Moore, Jr. J. Reed Nelson Lynne Oelrich Potter Jimmy Arlyn Rogerson Charles M. Shaffer, Jr. June Todd Smith Robert Edward Speight John Carleton Ulfelder Heathcote Wales Willis Padgett Whichard Page 201 F E A T U RES SPRING Spring drifts into Chapel Hill bringing lazy days renewed interest in politics, entertainment, controversy, visitors, the great outdoors. Studies are completed, plans made for the summer and beyond — the end of one cycle, the promise of another yet to come. i -, gg % k ] 1 I 1 tw - B Page 204 J Page 205 ALL FOR SWEET CHARITY The annual Campus Chest drive got under way in early March. Designed to raise money for worthy causes through student con- tributions, the overall campaign had many facets. The first was the traditional auction in which a variety of items were sold to the highest bidder. Kept at a lively pace by co-auctioneers Lee Ferrell and Chuck Wrye, this year ' s edition provided the usual share of satisfied bidders and entertained onlookers. Even a post- ponement because of rain could not diminish the crowds at the chest-sponsored carnival. Over 3,000 people, young and old alike, were on hand to take advantage of the numerous commercial rides and sideshow attractions prepared by various Greek organi- zations. Gambling casinos, bowling alleys, and chicken races were but a few of the unique booths along the makeshift midway. Page 207 GRAHAM MEMORIAL presents... Jabfles A long-treasured dream finally became a reality as the all-campus weekend came to Carolina in the spring of 1963. April 26-28 saw three days of entertainment that united all the elements of the campus, and what entertainment it was! Lawn concerts by the Four Preps, the Chad Mitchell Trio, the Duke Ambassadors, the Harlequins, and UNC ' s own Migrants; five separate combos that provided music for dancing into the wee hours; and outstanding motion pictures combined to make the first Jubilee truly an unforgettable SALUTE TO SPRING. sjSij ' SS i Page 210 Page 21 Ex-king Leopold of the Belgians and his lovely wife visited the Carolina campus and Memorial Hospital during their tour of the United States. Malcolm X, national Black Muslim leader, appeared in a Memorial Hall Passersby stop to admire and perhaps purchase student paintings during debate with Floyd McKissick, Durham attorney. the annual sidewalk art show sponsored by the University Art League. Page 212 SPRING CALENDAR — G. Mennen Williams and Frank Porter Graham spol e at the 13th annual North Carolina Conference on World Affairs. — Griseida, an eight week old pig, was unsuccessful in her bid for election as Secretary of the Student Body. —Manners expert Otelia Connor gave interested students a lecture on her specialty. —The annual Alumni ' Varsity football game ended in a 6-6 tie. —The campus was entertained by Rey de la Torre, guitarist, and the Ameri- can Ballet Theater. —Astronauts Wally Schirra, Gordon Cooper, and Alan Shepard underwent pre-orbital training at the Morehead Planetarium. —Recipients of the Tanner Awards for excellence in undergraduate teaching were Raymond H. Dawson, Ernest L. Mackie, William A. McKnight, and William M. Geer. Appearing in behalf of the Barham Scholarship Fund, popular folk singer Josh White made a repeat appearance which pleased his many fans. In front of a most unusual mural, collegiate delegates met for a mock U. N. Assembly to solve the world ' s problems. Page 213 GRADUATION The setting was different, but traditions remained unchanged as the 169th graduating class left the University of North Carolina. Due to construction in progress on Kenan Stadium, the 7 p.m. commencement exercises were held on Fetzer Field, where August Heckscher, President Kennedy ' s special consultant on the arts, delivered the principal address. This evening ceremony was the climax of a three-day whirl of commencement activities which included a reception on the lawn in front of the Davie Poplar, a presentation of Handel ' s Solomon by the UNC Symphony Orches- tra, and a Baccalaureate Sermon given by Samuel H. Miller, dean of the faculty of Divinity at Harvard University. Page 214 ' " w " ■ mvHl n 1 ' s:- 3 o a 3 l ' - J 1 ■ M K • v-A. ; 1 1 Lr - ' ' - -- ■ - ■ ._,_, " " - RPi r im i i- M Mt jyl4- l gy Page 215 Page 216 AUTUMN Autumn settles on Chapel Hill and Chapel Hillians settle into eight o ' clock classes, Y-Court breaks, stampede at the Book-Ex, drop-add, football weekends, final excursions to Morehead, Myrtle or OD, cabin parties, fall elections, required and enjoyed lectures, holiday rushes, visiting celebrities — the many everydays that make a year. Page 217 THE RETURN OF THE NATIVES Page 218 The middle of September saw the onslaught of 10,889 students on the Carolina campus. For many of them, it was their first ex- perience with college life; and they were introduced to it in an orientation program that placed greater stress on academics. For others, already well-indoctrinated, academics had a somewhat different application — the addition and or subtraction of courses from their curriculum. But a far greater problem than academics which many returnees faced was living accommodations. The unexpected increase of almost 1,000 students caused a severe shortage of dormitory rooms. Many erstwhile scholars found them- selves placed, rather unceremoniously, in ward-like arrangements in former study rooms and TV lounges. Thus, in rather crowded conditions, another year began. Page 219 AUTUMN EVENTS —Class offices were filled as the result of fall elections. — The battle of the sexes was revived during keen competition at the annual Co-Rec Carnival. —Entertainment was provided in such varied forms as Richard Dyer-Bennet and the Moscow Chamber Orchestra. —One hundred and three of the campus ' most beautiful girls competed for the title of Queen of the 1964 Yackety Yack. —Graham Memorial took on a holiday mood after a student decorating party finished with it. Mark Van Doren addresses a Memorial Hall audience during a lecture sponsored by the Weil series. Distinguished alumnus Paul Green returns to his Alma Mater to deliver the annual University Day address. " " -•J ' Z IM ' M ' Page 220 An aspiring Sarah Bernhardt auditions for a part in one of the Carolina Playmakers ' distinguished productions of the 1963-1964 season. PLAYMAKERS FOSTER DRAMATIC TALENT The Carolina Playmakers, recognized as one of the country ' s leading collegiate theatrical groups, offer rare opportunities for students interested in dramatic careers. Performing in student produced plays provides would-be thespians with valuable experi- ence before intelligent and often highly critical audiences. In addition, experience can also be gained in various behind-the- scenes capacities such as directing, set decoration, lighting, makeup, and publicity. The local troupe is constantly at work to improve its craft; for, in addition to presenting such top-notch dramas as Long Day ' s Journey Into Night, The Busy Martyr, and J. B., they also schedule several programs of one-act plays, some written by local student playwrights. Thus, not merely helping themselves to grow more proficient in their art, the Playmakers also bring many hours of enjoyment to the campus by presenting works of recognized merit in their historic theater. Page 221 PIGSKIN PARADE Perhaps inspired by a newly-renovated and even more beautiful Kenan Stadium, the Tar Heel Warriors this season did exceedingly well for themselves and for their coach, Jim Hickey, who enjoyed his first winning season. Piling up an impressive 8-2 record, the Carolina eleven emerged as co-champions of the Atlantic Coast Conference. A later post-season victory in the Gator Bowl only bolstered school spirit, already at a high peak after the long- awaited triumph over arch-rival Duke. The cheerleaders, m their traditional role of escorting ttie team onto the field, had much to cheer about. UNC Student Body President Mike Lawler congratulates 1964 ' s CU Queen, Nancy Evans during half time at the State game. Miss Evans, a senior at Meredith sponsored by State, was chosen over eight girls representing the three schools in the Consolidated University. " Old cheerleaders never die " — nor do they lose their touch as Vic Muggins, head cheerleader in 1925, demonstrates during the Homecoming game. Mr. Huggins, now a Chapel Hill merchant, was responsible for establishing Ramses as UNC ' s mascot. Page 222 A bouquet of red roses and a stadium-full of adoring subjects are the rewards for this year ' s lovely Homecoming Queen, Miss Mary Cherry. " How sweet it is " as the Tar Heels defeat Duke in the annual football game and become, after a lapse of two years, the ones " for whom the bell tolls. " The Tar Heel Destruction Co. is hired by ATO as they bulldoze their way to first place in the Homecoming display contest. Poge 223 VISITORS CELESTE HOLM came to Chapel Hill and brought her own special brand of personal and professional charm with her. The actress, a perennial favorite of stage, screen, and television, presented an evening of repertory, with excerpts from various media. Her own innate talent and professionalism more than compensated for the lack of props and supporting characters. All who witnessed her scintillating one-woman show could readily see why she has long been one of the leading lights in the American entertain- ment world. MAX MORATH recreated on the Memorial Hall stage a bygone period of American show business — the era of ragtime music. For those old enough to remember it, it was a nostalgic glimpse into the past; for the majority, too young to have known it first- hand, it was a delightful insight into the tastes and talents of an earlier generation. For all, however, it was an unusual and en- joyable evening presented by a gifted contemporary musician. Page 224 STATE HOUSE ATTRACTS CANADIAN VISITORS A visit to the North Carolina State House in Raleigh was a high- light of this year ' s Toronto Exchange program. Touring the new ultra-modern structure emphasized the theme of the current ex- change, North Carolina, Microcosm of the Changing South. Now in its fifth year, the student government-sponsored ex- change with the University of Toronto brought thirteen young Canadians to the Carolina campus. Under the direction of their individual " Co-Tar Heels, " they were given tours of the campus, led in discussions on current topics, and entertained at several social functions. The Carolina delegation returned the visit during the semester break. Because of the assassination of President Kennedy on Friday, many of the activities scheduled for the weekend were cancelled; but the Exchange committee, under the chairmanship of Jaene Yeager and Kellis Parker nevertheless made this year ' s exchange another successful link in relations with our northern neighbor. Page 225 HOOTENANNY HOOPLA Keeping in pace with the national rage, Carolina music lovers latched on to that new phenomenon — the hootenanny. Im- promptu folk-singing sessions sprang up in Graham Memorial, in dormitory social rooms, and even on the lawn. Anyone who could play a guitar became as popular and avidly sought after as a fourth at bridge. These aficionados naturally looked forward to visits by nationally known groups, and they were not dis- appointed. Some of the best talent in the folk-singing field played on campus and the hootenanny fever showed no inclina- tion to subside. Indicative of campus interest in the current folk-singing craze, ttiis crowd presses to get into Memorial Hall for the year ' s first HOOTENANNY. The nationally-known Gaslight Singers were but one of the many folk-singing attractions who entertained their many avid fans, Page 226 Julie Page 227 NOVEMBER 22, 1963 The sun that rose that fateful Friday morning heralded the beginning of an eagerly-awaited weekend, one filled with memory-making events. At two that same afternoon, an expurgated, but nevertheless colorful, Beat Dook parade was scheduled to wind its way through the crowd-choked streets of Chapel Hill. Later that evening, a pep rally complete with bonfires and fireworks was set to raise spirits still further for Saturday ' s main attrac- tion, the 50th annual Carolina-Duke football classic. And to round out the weekend, the German ' s Club was to present its fall concert featuring the New Christy Minstrels on Saturday night. But before the first paper-festooned float had left its starting point at Woollen Gym, all of these events had not only been cancelled or postponed, but singularly forgotten as the grief of a national tragedy engulfed the campus. Television sets and transistors became student magnets as the miracle of modern communication made us all eyewitnesses to unfolding history. The President of the United States had been assassinated, and all other activities seemed inconsequential. ..- mr. Page 228 Page 229 WINTER Winter sneaks up on Chapel Hill a sudden snow, an icy sidewalk, a frozen radiator. Before you can say Jack Frost, the trees have shed their many-colored coats and pulled on their blankets of white, squirrels have quit scampering on the lawn and settled for their months-long nap, coffee and hot chocolate machines have begun to do the lion ' s share of business. Winter comes quickly, but it is as quickly gone. J aT " , j " —ii%iiiii%ir Page 230 Page 231 GATOR BOWL A fitting climax to an unforgettable football season was the team ' s acceptance of a Gator Bowl bid against Air Force, and it was an even more fitting excuse for Tar Teel fans to enjoy a mid-winter excursion to Florida. Tliousands of Carolina followers journeyed South by special trains, overloaded cars, and speedy airplanes to cheer the Big Blue to their first post-season Bowl victory. A giant pre-game pep rally and brunch brought together old grads, present students, and Carolina ' s friends. Later that fateful afternoon, Dec. 28th, these intrepid souls braved 70- degree temperatures to watch Mickey ' s Warriors go into action. This didn ' t take long as the mighty Heels ground the Air Force into the Gator Bowl turf and proved why they were the Atlantic Coast Conference co-champions. Celebration parties were in order as Jacksonville became an extension of the Southern Part of Heaven. DOWNS 7 m FORCE •! BALL " I U ON :: In Kenan Stadium, Woollen Gym, or the Gator Bowl Colosseum, the cheerleaders are always there to urge the Tar Heels onward. Page 232 = A.. Li SECONDS GO r l..| QTRS YD 7.1 q UHIAHDUHK wV] ;4r " One picture is worth a thousand words. ' This creature from outer space is really a TV cameraman sending the Tar Heels ' triumph from coast to coast. " Save your Confederate money, boys Even Ramses is given a taste of the sweet wine of victory. ' ' ■4 - ' ' Page 233 SATCHMO AND SHIRELLES SWING Page 234 - ■;■■ i .V. As indestructible as the metal in his magic trumpet, Louis Arm- strong continues to play on. And play on he did at the annual Winter Germans concert. Backed by his orchestra and female singer, the gravel-throated Ambassador of Jazz brought down the house with his unique musical stylings. Appearing on the same show with the old master were the Shirelles, the exciting young vocal group whose series of hit records have zoomed them to the top of the popularity polls. Altogether, as most swingers will agree, Winter Germans was a real " cool " evening. Page 235 ENCORES Two of Carolina ' s favorite attractions of the past several years returned this winter for repeat performances and were greeted as enthusiastically as before. The scintillating piano duo of FERRANTE and TEICHER again played to a packed house as they presented their program of classical selections; popular numbers; and their own specialty, movie themes. Best received selections of their vast repertoire were Gershwin ' s Rhapsody in Blue, Debussy ' s Claire de Lune, and a show-stopping novelty number, African Echoes. Page 236 One of the highlights of last spring ' s initial Jubilee weekend, the CHAD MITCHELL TRIO again conquered the campus in early March. The locale of their concert was changed, but the impact remained the same. From the lawn in front of Graham Memorial, they moved indoors to Memorial Hall; but their audience was no less confined in its expressions of appreciation. One of the na- tion ' s most popular new performing groups, the Trio appeared at Carolina as part of its tour of leading college campuses. Page 237 BEAUTY COURT 2). iL66 U-JLanne i v {oviwe QUEEN OF THE 1964 YACKETY YACK Presented by West Cobb Dormitory Poge 240 166 jvidu ackan Presented by Parker Hall Page 242 J u i66 I V lam ina Presented by Nurses ' Dornutory 166 uidu i5a66ett Presented by Chi Psi Id6 ijetdif tapieton Presented by Chi Psi Idd C iizabem c=Lackei Presented by Chi Omega Page 246 Ld:5 jvidl J ' landey ' 6 Presented by Phi Delta Theta ' «labv ' jd d ueiun cU,o L66 (- ueiun c ona Presented by Pi Kcippa Alpha Presented by Kappa Alpha A T H L E T ?► v,r - c s Edge evades Virginia tackier. OPENER SEES HEELS TOP VIRGINIA 11-7 On a hot, frustrating day thirty thousand fans watched the Tar Heels dedicate the new addition to Kenan Stadium with a belated 117 victory over the University of Virginia. The game was an exact replay of last year ' s with Carolina scoring first on a 27 yard field goal by Max Chapman. At the start of the third quarter Carolina watched, stunned, as UVA ' s Henry Massie raced 99 yards for a TD. With Edge out with a head injury, Gary Black took over the helm, maneuvered to the Virginia two, handed off to Willard for the score, and passed to Willard for two, making the final score 11-7. STATISTICS UNC UVA First Downs 23 6 Yards Rushing 193 80 Yards Passing 137 Average Punting 45.0 42.3 Penalties 57 30 VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD: First row: Black, Hammett, Edge, Wellman, Esposito, Kortner, Smith (Co-Capt.), Robinson, Cabe, Brooks, Paulas, Westfall, Alderman, Lacey. Second row: Byrd, Neal, Newman, Braine, Twamley, Kesler, Ish, Zarro, Tuthill, Wells, Ogburn, Kinney, Willard, Eason. Third row: Clay, DeBruhl, Ephland, Axselle, Prillaman, Witmire, Harrington, Slarczewski, Hill, Eudy, Barden, Ellison, Hanburger, Ward. Fourth row: F. Gallagher, Naughton, Lamb, Young, Sledge, Hodges, Churchill, Malobicky, Loveday, Harmon, Edwards, Jackson, Stringer, Jones. Szymartis. Fifth row: Atberton, J. Gallagher, Pickard, Estes, Darnell, Hume, Mc Arthur, Lister, Baggett, Kirvan, Morrison. Stout. Chapman, Bowman. Sixth row: Constantine, Kaplan, Battistello, Shea, Dubis, Golden, Haithcock, Link, Sadler, Wise, Davis, Boggs. Seventh row: Lacey (trainer), (coaches). Cheek, Mark, Ragazyo, Thalman, Carson, Mason, Hickey— Head Coach, Williamson, Boutselis, Eller, Morris. Britt, Ray, Gonzales, Hobson. Ballard. Page 252 immj it fj y -Aji ' - 5 lfaS» f A BV ■ ■■- — ■ m HHH5H1 ■- ! ;iR„- - , - W ' r;«-«-9 »---.;v.--v-.-i««. •.;,,,-. , t .-i • -.; V ,.-? ;, ■,■• ■,;-.; ■ ,■ ■.,.,• " jA H -v ' ' :4. gqiit ' x iy Tj jr ilfaWiff i BIG TEN POWER TOO TOUGH FOR CAROLINA Traveling to East Lansing, Carolina ran into its first trouble at the start of an impressive season. The Spartans of Michigan State were ready as they rushed Edge and covered Lacey. The score was but 10-0 at the half, but several unfortunate mishaps opened the door to the 31-0 victory. Carolina, however, looked strong on pass defense. After allowing zero yards in the air to Virginia, they gave but 77 to Michigan State with only seven completions out of 24 attempts. STATISTICS UNC MICH. First Downs 7 21 Yards Rushing 30 332 Yards Passing 84 77 Average Punting 42.4 40 Penalties 15 75 All American Bob Lacey outmaneuvers Spartan for 1st down on Michigan 31. Frank Bowman hit by agressive Deacon in first game of winning streak. WAKE BOWS BEFORE ONSLAUGHT, 21-0 In a shaky night game at Winston-Salem Carolina managed to pull itself together in the second half and soundly whip the Deacons, 21-0. T he first score came in the second quarter when Junior Edge sneaked across from the one. Later, in the third quarter Edge formed half of another touchdown combination, passing to Jackson for a 72 yard touchdown jaunt. Gary Black then relieved Edge and passed to John Atherton for a six yard score, making the final score 21-0. STATISTICS UNC WF First Downs 12 5 Yards Rushing 131 35 Yards Passing 7 7 Average Punting 38 45.2 Penalties 22 35 Page 253 Kesler tries to break out as Zarro is broken up. TIGHT PASS DEFENSE HALTS TERPS 14-7 Rated number one pass defense team in the nation for most of the season, Carolina showed host iVIaryland how to play football. With the halftime score of 7-0 staring them in the face, the Tar Heels struct back with an interception by Joe Robinson early in the third quarter. Junior Edge and Ken Willard combined for the 33 yards to the goal to tie the score. Late in the third quarter came the turning point with Ronnie Jackson ' s interception of Dick Shiner ' s pass on the Carolina 22. The march to the Terp 7 was climaxed by a pass from Gary Black to Bob Lacey, and the game ended 14-7. STATISTICS UNC MARY. First downs 19 14 Yards Rushing 208 126 Yards Passing 93 91 Average Punting 33 37 Penalties 30 35 Page 254 Tuthill picks up two in third quaitei witli score tied. 45,000 WATCH 31-10 ROMP OVER STATE Jackson looks on as L„ on combination makes final score 31-10. Under a hot October sun the Tar Heels turned in one of their best performances of the year in the 31-10 rout of State. Tied at the half, 10-10, on a field goal by Dave Braine and a pass from Black to Tuthill, Carolina came back with an amazing display of power. With three minutes gone in the third quarter Willard tallied from the six; two minutes later Lacey recovered a fumble, and Edge passed to Joe Robinson to make it 24-10. Then at the first of the third quarter a drive started on the Carolina 15 and ended with a touchdown, Edge passing again to Robinson — to end a " hot " day. STATISTICS UNC STATE First Downs 26 6 Yards Rushing 304 26 Yards Passing 167 80 Average Punting 46 32.7 Penalties 45 30 The stone wail that contained State to 72 yards rushing. Page 255 «tN GAMECOCKS BOW IN FINAL MINUTES, 7-0 Scoring against the scrappy Gamecocks of South Carolina in the final two minutes of play, Carolina took over first place in the ACC with Duke ' s loss to State. Holding three touchdown drives forceless, South Carolina put up some of the toughest stands which Carolina encountered. In the final minutes the Heels had good luck when a short punt gave them the ball on the USC 34. Junior Edge passed to John Hammett for 14 and to Ed Kesler for 15 which put them on the six. From there Ken Willard went across on two three yard plunges. STATISTICS UNC USC First Downs 17 9 Yards Rushing 143 102 Yards Passing 168 19 Average Punting 32.9 36.5 Penalties 45 37 Willard plunges across for victory in the final minutes. CLEMSON CLIPS CAROL I NA, 11-7 Sandwiched between two impressive victories over Georgia and Miami, the Clemson game seemed a windfall. Clemson scored first with a 40 yard field goal, and that was the way the first half ended. Coming back strong in the third quarter, Carolina started on their own 17 and marched 83 yards to a touchdown with Ken Willard ripping the line for the final yardage. With the fourth quarter, however, barely started, a plucky Clemson team started on their own 12 yard line and ended in the Tar Heel end zone to make the final score 11-7. STATISTICS UNC CLEM. First Downs 14 15 Yards Rushing 135 235 Yards Passing 95 107 Average Punting 41.8 29.6 Penalties 50 25 Braine goes up and Clemson man comes down. Page 256 TAR HEELS EDGE GEORGIA 28-7 Outshining Georgia ' s Larry Rakestraw, Junior Edge combined cunning and daring to baffle completely the Bulldogs. Against the favored Georgia the Heels drew first blood as Ed Kesler ground out four yards for the score. Georgia then evened the score, but after starting on the Carolina 43 the Tar Heels managed to make it 14-7 at the half with a sneak by Junior Edge. The second half was all Carolina ' s as two explosions occurred in the fourth quarter. Edge tallied on both, passing to Ronnie Jackson for a 15 yard touchdown and running around right end for the other. The final score read 28-7. STATISTICS UNO GA. First Downs 24 11 Yards Rushing 192 87 Yards Passing 189 58 Average Punting 29.3 37.5 Penalties 70 30 It was Junior Edge ' s day as he outshined Georgia ' s Larry Rakestraw. Kesler drives through the middle of Georgia ' s line for Carolina ' s first touchdown. Page 257 It was a day of lines as Chris Hanburger brings down Miami ' s Pete Banaszak. WILLARD PACES 27-16 WIN OVER MIAMI Coming back strong after the Clemson game, the Tar Heels calm- ed the Hurricanes to a gentle breeze. Under George Mira Miami passed for a 23 yard touchdown to score first; in the second quarter, however, Edge sneaked over center to tie the score. The second half was a different story as it turned out to be the Tar Heels who were the Hurricanes. After Miami made it 10-7 with a field goal, Carolina came back to make it 14-10 and then 20-10 on a pass from Edge to Jackson. Braine missed the extra point after connecting for 17 perfect. Miami tallied again as did the Tar Heels with a one yard drive by Ken Willard to make the final score 27-16. Ken Willard finds good running room on one of his many gains that brought him 112 yards rushing. STATISTICS UNO MIAMI First Downs 28 17 Yards Rushing 196 185 Yards Passing 244 191 Average Punting 36.3 30.6 Penalties 63 94 Page 258 UNC 16; DUKE 14 The best game of the year — Carolina proved to the Gator Bowl committee that they could handle anything as they came back to reverse last year ' s score. With the score unfavorably 14-13 late in the fourth quarter, the Heels started on their own 28, hurried downfield with the time running out, and held their breaths as Max Chapman un- leased an amazing 42-yard field goal. STATISTICS UNC DUKE First Downs 23 16 Yards Rushing 155 178 Yards Passing 260 217 Average Punting 31 36 Penalties 87 65 Ken Wlllard starts on 14 yard jaunt Smashes through the middle of the Duke line And ends up with paydirt as most of Duke ' s team lies stunned. And from left to right here are some of the ones who opened up the Duke line: Vic Esposito, Jerry Cabe, Chris Hanburger, and Richard Zarro. Edge scores as Falcons observe how to play. It takes two Falcons to pull down one Tar Heel. HEELS TROUNCE FALCONS IN 35-0 BOWL WIN Carolina proved to the nation on December 27 its might as a football power as they brought down the high-flying Falcons of the Air Force. This mismatch saw the Heels score first on a one yard Willard plunge. In the second quarter Edge tallied on a six yard run, and Black passed to Robinson for six more to end the half at 20-0. In the third quarter the Heels ran it to 28 with a one yard plunge by Kesler and in the fourth to 35 with a five yard run by Black. The second half merely enforced more Carolina ' s strength. Thus, on a balmy day in Jacksonville Carolina got her first Bowl victory — decisively. STATISTICS UNO AF First Downs 23 14 Yards Rushing 251 95 Yards Passing 119 165 Average Punting 36 40 Penalties 35 42 Page 260 TAR BABIES TAKE DUKE IN 3-2 SEASON Led by Danny Talbott, who rolled out 155 yards on the ground and passed for 318 more, and Jeff Beaver, who passed for 459 yards, the freshmen compiled a commendable 3-2 season. In their opener the frosh whipped State 21-7 and then came home to take Wake Forest 23-0. Dropping the next to Virginia, they defeated Duke by the narrow margin of 28-27. In the final game, however, they lost to Maryland, 22-9. An up and coming Bob Lacey is seen in Bobby Knott, who was the favorite target this year. He received passes for 219 yards and three touchdowns. In the backfield halfback Leon Fonvielle ground out 131 yards with an average of 3.2 yards per carry. Spencer Barrow at fullback racked up 126, while Jim Fortune at the other halfback slot picked up 106. As far as individual scoring goes, Talbott got 19 points; Knott got 18; Fonviell e 12; and Beaver 6. Bo Wood, at the opposite end from Bobby Knott, pulled down two six point passes. All in all — a good season with plenty of experience. An up and coming quarterback — high school Ail-American Danny Talbott runs through drills. Wake Forest quarterback plays " tear away " with Frosh. First row: Danny Brotten, Pat Harvey, Spencer Barrow, William H. Johnson, Don Bumgardner, Dave Erimias, Omar Bradley, Joe Fratnagelo, Bob Powell, Butch Clayton. Bo Wood, Bobby Knott, Alan Moore, Tom Lampman, Wrennie Pitt, Tom White, Claude Moore. Second row: Knox MacMillan, Ronnie McClamrock, Chuck Alexander, Ronnie Faircloth, Bud Phillips, Dozier Hasty, Danny Talbott. Bob Sides, Gary Lail, Billy High, Buz Hodges, Van Warrenton, Sammy Williams, Tom Callahan, Jim Fortune. Third row: Head Coach George Barclay, Coach Fred Mueller, Tim Reardon, John Greene, Jerry Kiser, Jeff Beaver, Leon Fonvielle, John Cornelius, Lee Davis, Ray Meador, Pat Jessup, Coach Tom Cabe, Coach Joe Graver, Coach Ray Farris, Trainer Bill Filer. Assistant Trainer Jim Ray, Manager Richie Gonzales. Page 261 M (I Coach Dean Smith with sideline instructions during the State game. WIN SOME, LOSE SOME; RESULT: GOOD SEASON Before capacity crowds at home and away, Carolina ' s basketball team made an admirable showing. With Billy Cunningham supply- ing 482 of the team ' s total points of number 1486 (opponents: 1423), " the Kangaroo " has again proved to be well worth his weight in basketballs. He has averaged 16.6 rebounds per game, and in the Maryland game he pulled down an amazing 28. In addi- tion this longlegged lad managed to hit 44.1 per cent of his shots from the floor to average 26.8 points per game; he also hit 64.1% of his foul shots. Billy Cunningham, however, is not the only prize possession of Carolina. Her co-captain, Mike Cooke, combines speed and clear thinking to lead the Tar Heels against all opponents. Mike has made 223 points this year so far and has pulled down 64 re- First row: Mil(e iannarella, Johnny Yokley, Co-Captain Milie Cool e, Ray Hassell, Jim Moore. Second row: Trainer John Lacey, Terry Ronner, Billy Galantai, Bob Bennett, Billy Cunningham, Art Katz, Bryan McSweeney, Manager Elliot Murnick. Third row: Head Coach Dean Smith, Ray Respess, Jimmy Smithwick, Co-Captain Charlie Shatter, Bill Brown, Earl Johnson, Pud Hassell, Billy Harrison, Coach Ken Rosemond. Page 262 bounds. The other half of the captaincy, Carolina ' s amazing man, Charlie Shaffer, has braced his knee and made 241 points and hauled in 108 rebounds. Nothing at all has seemed to stop Charlie on his amazing driving layups. Along with these is forward Ray Respess, second highest scorer with 254 points and second highest rebounder with 123. Ray has handled the ball extremely well and has set up many of the scor- ing plays. Up from last year ' s freshman team is forward Bob Ben- nett; he has managed 77 points and almost as many rebounds in his first year of varsity ball. Experience should make him a superb player. With forwards Bryan McSweeney and Billy Gallantai and guards Ray Hassell, Bill Brown, and Johnny Yokely is seen the re- mainder of strong bolstering support. This shuffle team under coach Dean Smith has taken games from many fine teams this year and lost to others, but still they have proved their merit from the Madison Square Garden to the LSD indoor stadium. It ' s all Carolina under the boards as Co-Captain Charlie Shaffer clears the rebound. Cooke goes high after elusive basketball. Cunningham points to the sidelines as Georgia man points in Respess ' s eye, and the ball bounds loose. Illusion is tlie name of the game. SCOREBOARD UNC 92 SOUTH CAROLINA 87 UNC 64 CLEMSON 66 (OT) UNC 77 INDIANA 70 UNC 80 KENTUCKY 100 UNC 76 LSU 71 UNC 109 TULANE 81 UNC 99 GEORGIA 71 UNC 78 NOTRE DAME 68 UNC 71 WAKE FOREST 80 UNC 64 DUKE 84 UNC 97 MARYLAND 88 UNC 79 N. C. STATE 71 UNC 88 VPI 90 (OT) UNC 89 VIRGINIA 76 UNC 81 WAKE FOREST 73 UNC 68 NYU 69 UNC 90 CLEMSON 97 (OT) UNC 84 SOUTH CAROLINA 81 UNC at MARYLAND Feb. 18 UNC at STATE Feb. 22 UNC at VIRGINIA Feb. 24 UNC vs. DUKE Feb. 29 ACC TOURNEY Mar. 5-7 Ray Respess tries for two as State players try to block. Page 264 Hopping Billy goes up for the tap-in. Amazement takes over in Maryland game as all are open-mouthed. Carolina ' s " Big Man " goes up to block Georgia shot and help Carolm.a Page 265 Talbot leaps high to " outhead " opponent. BETTER TALENT THAN RECORD In the fifteen years that Marvin Allen has coached soccer, never has he had such a talented squad and yet such a mediocre season, mediocre at least for Carolina, 5-3-2. After losing the first two games to Navy and Davidson, the team got on their toes and soundly whipped Washington of St. Louis 6-0, last year ' s NCAA soccer runners-up. The following game with a much improved State team gave Carolina its second win, 3-0, after coming from behind. After wins over Pfeiffer and Bel- mont Abbey and a tie with Virginia, the squad faced its most formidable opponent — Maryland. Going into the second half tied at 0-0, Carolina came out losing only by the narrow margin of 2-1. The last game with Duke proved to be anticlimactic as the Tar Heels could only battle to a 1-1 tie with a spirited Blue Devil team. As honorarium Jim Talbot, Bill Haywood, and Park McGinty made the All-Southern team. First row: Bill Haywood, Steve Painter, Martin Krumming, Park McGinty, George Beim, Charlie Battle (Co-Capt.), Ed Siegel, Andy Murphy, Harbie Moore, Jim Talbot. Second row: Britton Gordon, Jim Muchmoore, Bill Reeves, Henry Ghriskey, Tom Wright, Edwin Okoroma, Bill Wall, Sam Leisdorf, Tom Shelly, Elliott Dworin, Wyatt McCallie. Third row: Dr. Johnson, Tom Griffeth, Frank Lankford, Dick Trendath, Jim Greene, Tom Roberts, George Butler, Dick Sayre, Bill Killin, H. C. Marvin Allen. Page 266 Hariieri taKe ;„ L, " .e 3;r ;ri a tri;,!ling season. HARRIERS TAKE ACC Led by sophomores Art Mailett and Jim Meade, North Carolina ' s cross-country team raced to the Atlantic Coast Conference cham- pionship compiling a 7-0 record. Coach Joe Hilton ' s pasture runners are the first undefeated UNC team, since the Blue Dolphins turned back 11 opponents dur- ing the 1959 water season. Mailett and Meade ranked one-two as the conference ' s top cross-country runners. " Out of the woods " and onto the field. UNC opened the season with a 15-42 victory over Wake Forest, and then turned back Clemson (15-51), Maryland (23-32), North Carolina State (17-45), Virginia (17-45), South Carolina (18-43), and Duke (21-36). They followed the regular-season activity with an easy win in the 15th annual North Carolina Cross-Country Cham- pionships, before claiming the ACC title. First row: Bob Bennett, Bill Graham, Jerry Smith, Mike Folk. Second row: Jim Meade, David Radford, Bob Everett, Worth Helms. Page 267 i Ik t , ; p .: s IN MEMORIAM — COACH DALE RANSON Jim Brown hurdles high and scores high for Carolina. TRACKMEN TAKE THIRD North Carolina ' s track team won five, lost two during the season, one of the defeats being a hair-line 721 2-711 2 to Duke. In the Atlantic Coast Conference meet, Carolina finished third and could boast of two individual kings: Tommy Clark in the high jump and lanky Jim Brown in the high hurdles. Clark, who returns with high promise, cleared 6-91 2 during the year. The fleet combination of Maurice McDonald, Brown, Bob Hart, and Jerry Stuver set a school record for the mile relay against Duke. Time was 3:18. Ronnie Jackson, a halfback during the fall, raced to a 9:6 in the 100 yard dash. Joe Huffman holds the campus hop-step-jump mark and pushes Clark for high jump honors. This season the coaching staff pre- dicts an even better team, despite such losses as Brown and Whittle. First row: Charlie Little, Bill Croom, Bob Hart, Heath Whittle, Jerry Stuver, Jim Brown, Carmen Lunetta, Art Maillet, David Radford. Second row: Coach Joe Hilton, Milton Baugess, Nick Street, Obie Whickard, Bob Everett, John Hoechster, Tom Lankford, Lloyd Roghelia, Jerry Smith, Tommy Henley, Bill Hunter, Bill Graham, John Dykstra, Manager. i - , , ' m, " Page 268 Jackson brings home the bacon when he runs like this — a 9.6 hundred. Duke manages a far second in the 440. % - " -Ttfiiiwte -. Page 269 MATMEN HAVE SHAKY SEASON Coach Sam Barnes and his tough-luck wrestlers head into their final match of the season with a 5-7 record. Bright spots of a below average season for the Tar Heel wrestlers have been undefeated Paul Wellstone, a rugged 123- pounder, and once-beaten heavyweight Jerry Cabe, also star guard on UNC ' s Gator Bowl winning football team. Steve Lister, 177-pounder, is one of Barnes ' prize wrestlers, but an injured leg bothered him during the season. North Carolina suffered an opening season loss to Washington and Lee (16-14), before winning two straight, with victories over Davidson (17-11) and VMI (18-15). Virginia stopped the Heels with a 21-10 decision. Carolina then lost to North Carolina State and Ohio State, while beating VPI in a round-robin tournament to make its record 3-4. UNC managed to even its record only once more, as they defeated East Carolina 21-5, before suffering defats at West Virginia and Pfeiffer. The Tar Heels romped over rival Duke 22-6 and lost to Maryland 22-8 to complete their 5-7 record. Coach Sam Barnes and Jerry Cabe. first row: Paul Wellstone, Ken Furr, Russ Simmons, Dick Blackman. Second row: Jerry Cabe. John Walker, Steve Lister, John Garris. Poge 270 SWIMMING TEAM. First row: E. Oare, D. Moody, R. Murray, H. Merrill, F. Lipp, B. Engler, K. Barnes. Second row: J. Lea, E. Brilliant, D. Roberts, B. Marshall, S. Taylor, S. Smiley. Third row: J. Sheldon, C. Smith, S. Hall, M. Bissell, R. Forum, T. Mann, T. Adams, F. Straughn. Coach Pat Earey and the tank men. SWIMMERS DOWN ALL Coach Pat Earey ' s Blue Dolphins splashed their way through an undefeated Atlantic Coast Conference schedule and appeared to be the strong favorites in the ACC Swimming Championships. Overall the UNC squad was 12-2, 7-0 in conference action, los- ing only to Florida State and Florida on back-to-back nights during exam break. All-American Thompson Mann and Harrison Merrill, plus a host of bright new stars, gave North Carolina one of its strongest swimming teams in the school ' s history. Records fell at an activity pace during the season, as the UNC Watermen shattered six old marks. North Carolina opened its season against VMI, winning easily 72-23. Next they journeyed north and gained impressive victories over Navy and Princeton, 48-47 and 54-41, respectively. The Dolphins ran their record to 8-0 victories over Duke (63-31), Clem- son (69-24), South Carolina (65-28), VPI (56-38), and East Carolina (59-36), before falling at the fins of the University of Florida, 48- 47. On the following night, the weary UNC swimmers were dealt their second and last defeat of the regular season, as Florida State University was the victor, 60-35. Carolina ended the season with wins over Wake Forest (64-29), North Carolina State (59-36), Maryland (48-47), and Virginia (62-33). Record-breakers were Fred Lipp in the 200-yard butterfly, Chip Smith in the 50-yard freestyle, Mann in the 200-yard individual medley, Merrill in the 100-yard freestyle, and Rick Forum in the 200-yard breaststroke. The team of Smith, Mann, Merrill, and Davis Roberts established a new mark in the 400-yard freestyle relay, while the combined efforts of Mann, Merrill, Forum, and Lipp shattered the old school record in the 400-yard medley relay. Page 271 OUTLOOK: PROMISING " The outlook is encouraging, " agrees Coach Rabb in discussing the coming season. " We expect several good prospects up from Coach Lovingood ' s freshman club, especially in the pitching de- partment. I think our defense will be improved and our hitting more consistent. " Reasons for the optimism are many. The infield of Bill Brown at first, Dick Prindle at second, Jim Speight at shortstop, and Tom Wright at third returns intact. Wright led the club with a .337 mark while Speight was second with .333. Ken Willard, who led the club in RBI ' s with 18, returns to left field and Gary Black to center. The entire catching corps is back. Ken Boykin, who also played the garden in addition to fielding, Merle Kruer, and Bernire Isgett are familiar with Rabb ' s pitching staff. With the personnel at hand hopes are high. BtsilE Ei,- Coaches Rabb and Lovingood. First row: Bob Hundly, Merle Kruer, Buddy Tildon, Bernie Isgett, Dick Flemming, Tom Wright, Dick Prindle, Billy Taylor, Haywood Hall. Second row: Frank Gallagher, Bobby Reagan, Wendell Brand, Jerry Davis, Joe White, Jim Speight, Gary Black, Spence Willard. Third row: Coach Walter Rabb, Bill Haywood, Coach Russ Castein, Bill Danaman, Larry Jenkins, Art Katz, Ken Willard, Bobby Cox, Coach Dallas Branch. 1I3RTH T ' ' ' J jfiDfi rARonw t in I ' i ' 1 ' ' rf f»i " t»ini ' ' ii ' r«i ' «iT ' ' tiifttffiii ' ■■M wIt ' ' Page 272 Close call in Indiana game as Bill Brown, Bill Haywood, and Dick Prindle look on. Merle Kruer squares around to bunt in Duke game. Page 273 George Sokol, rarely seen at the net, volleys decisively against Dartmouth. Captain Ted Hoehn moves in aggressively behind his first serve. U NC ' S TOP TEAM Last season Coach Don Skakle ' s superlative net team ran through ACC foes with fantastic ease to post a 7-0 record in the league and then rout all comers in the ACC tournament. This spring should be even more productive with four of the first six returning. In an all Carolina finals Keith Stoneman and George Sokol defeated Bitsy Harrison and 0. H. Parrish in the ACC. Page 274 Charlie Shaffer displays a powerful volley in his big net game. Coach Don Skakle during a few anxious moments of the Harvard match. THE ACC CHAMPIONS. First row: Rich Henderson, Keith Stoneman, Bitsy Harrison, Charlie Shaffer, 0. H. Parrish. Second row: Coach Skakle, Kirby Jones, Stan Cocke, Ted Hoehn, George Sokol, Sam Applegate, Manager Bill Holmes. J.! ' i: a Page 275 GOLF: ON THE RISE North Carolina ' s golf team won six matches, lost four, and tied one during the 1963 spring season. It was not as productive a year as Coach Ed Kenney had expected, but there were bright moments. The Tar Heels, paced by Tommy Arnold, Skip Tucker, and Ed Hoopes, ground invading Princeton to size, 16-8. They also took a pair of one-sided decisions over Davidson and thrashed Clemson, Virginia, and North Carolina State in Atlantic Coast Conference competition. Ancient rival Duke was met on the foe ' s home course, and the duel ended at lOVa-lOVa. The league championship was held at Hot Springs, Virginia. Arnold started strong for Carolina, but the overall competition found Kenney and Company finishing fifth. " We should be an improved team this season, " predicts Kenney. " Experience, if nothing else, insures as much. " The Tar Heels didn ' t lose a member of the top line. Arnold represented the Tar Heels in the NCAA Nationals. He leads a veteran returning squad with names such as Abe Andes, Jere Ayers, Mike Dore, Les Fleisher, George Reams, Harvey Hill, Hoopes, John Thompson, and Skip Tucker back to better them- selves. Will any rising sophomores break into the starting lineup? Kenney said such is a possibility, but only a slight one. He does, however, anticipate a strong freshman club based on perform- ances of several prep stars who entered this fall. RESULTS Clemson W 151 2- 51 2 South Carolina 8 -10 L Davidson W 291 2- 1 2 Princeton W 16 - 8 Wake Forest 31 2-I71 2 L Ohio University 10 -11 L Davidson W 221 2- 71 2 Virginia W 11 -10 Maryland 81 2-I21 2 L Duke T 101 2-101 2 N. C. State W 15V2- 5V2 A ghost from the past haunts Chapel Hil Pete Green. Playing Coach Ed Kenney Page 276 GIVE ' EM HELL HEELS AND THEY DID AND WE DID How great the football weekends were. And then there were the basketball games. Rip ' em up, tear ' em up, give ' em Hell Heels. Kick that goal, hey; kick that goal, hey. There were tense moments, but there were Happy moments — the Gator Bowl. Even the faculty cheered this year. Some were quiet; some were loud, but all were Overjoyed. Up for the kickoff and up for the basket. Never before has there been such spirit. Days come and days go, but the cheerleaders stay. ' With exuberance like this its no wonder Carolina ' s athletic teams are so First row: Missy Bodman, Head Cheerleader Tom Gruehn. Second row: Judy Merritt, Carolyn Logue, Johnsye Massenburg, Frieda Collins, Charlotte Winstead, Judy Allen, Sue Drennan. Third row: Dave Feher, Lewis Gekow. John Spell. Dick Goldman, Jack Young. 5?1? Page 277 UNC TROPHY WINNERS Monogram winners at Carolina (over 100) have all made major contributions to the success of their teams. And as members of the Monogram Club, an honorary organization, they form an active group on campus. Among this years activities: Saturday morning open houses for high school football athletes visiting Chapel Hill during the fall as prospects for recruiting; bringing orphans to home football games; gifts to children hospitalized over Christmas; scholarship fund for needy athletes; sponsorships of the annual varsity-alumni spring football game. The Monogram Club ' s headquarters is a spacious room in Woollen Gymnasium, replete with trophy cases, photographs of past greats, television, radio, phonograph, lounge chairs, and bil- liard table. As a service club the Monogrammers have made significant contributions to the life of the campus. John Hammett, President First row: Mike Craig, Tommy Wright, Ronnie Jackson, Bob Bennett, Dickie Prindle, Merle Kruer, Mike Folk. Second row: Dave Braine, Hank Barden. Ken Boykin, John Hammett, Jerry Davis, Jim Graham, Rod Hundly. Third row: Vic Esposito, Frank Gallagher, Coach Joe Hilton, Jim Alderman, Tommy Clark, Bill Haywood, Nick Street, Richard Zarro, Art Maillet. Bobby Carter, John Dykster, Worth Helms. __ I 1 1 l " IJ, ir: ' k:-s m ' :: }3-r y ' --;:---m -: f : ' s y ' Page 278 JiM SPEIGHT VIC ESPOSITO RICHARD ZARRO JiM ALDERMAN Left to right: Ronnie Jackson, sergeant-at-arms; Richard Zarro. secretary; Tommy Clark, social chairman; John Hammett, president; Vic Esposito. treasurer; Jim Alderman. CAA representative; Bob Bennett, vice-president. Page 279 CO-EDS PLAY TOO The purpose of the Women ' s Athletic Association is to provide opportunities for participation in various recreational activities, and to promote interest in women ' s athletics. This purpose is ac- complished through an extensive intramural program, including competition in both individual and team sports. The W.A.A. sponsors many diversified clubs, such as the Splash Club, Tennis Club, Modern Dance Club, and many others. The association does not stop at women ' s athletics, but also sponsors the Co-Rec Carnival, Co-Rec Volleyball, and Co-Rec Swimming, many of which bring in the male aspect of team participation. Play days, interschool com- petition, and the annual Awards picnic are a few of the other W.A.A. activities. KAREN NELSON Presidsnt W omen ' s Athletic Association First row: Nancy Frye, Nancy Ramage, Mary Elser, Gene Kennedy, Mary Thomas, Anne Leonard. Second row: Helen Butt, Diane Sherwood, Mary Silver, Donna Limburg, Zannie Poplin, Roxanne Kalb, Lynne Wellington, Vickie Martin, Celia Clark, Kaice Adamson, Flo Pitts. Anne Meissner, Judie Underkoffler. Page 280 ATHLETIC APPRECIATION The purpose of the Student Athletic Association is to bring ath- letics closer to the students so that they will have a better ap- preciation of the athletic phase of Carolina life, and to carry the views, desires and needs of the students to the officials of the athletic department. The diverse program of the Council began in 1962 with the Homecoming Displays contest and the spicy Homecoming Queen contest. The best of the displays was presented by the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity while the homecoming queen was the beautiful Miss Mary Cherry. This year the Council is sponsoring an " Athlete of the Week " in The Daily Tar Heel. The deserving athlete is selected by the sports editor of the Tar Heel and is represented in a weekly feature on the sports page. All sports, both major and minor, are to be represented at sometime during the year. Another of the successful Athletic Council projects is the combo parties at Woollen Gym following each home basketball game. 1963 has been an active year with a great deal of over-all success for the Carolina Student Athletic Council — an organiza- tion that has contributed a great deal to the University athletic program. The council sponsors the Homecoming Queen contest — this year ' s queen, Miss Mary Cherry. Also a function of the council — an after the game combo. Page 281 CLASS E S THE FRANK PORTER GRAHAM HARRY WHITNEY DURAND Chairman of the Men ' s Council, Order of the Golden Fleece, Order of the Grail, Academic achievement — these are the tangible indications. Ex- cellence is an attitude, however, and it is in his four years of service to a worthy ideal that he has nurtured this attitude and made it the foundation of his strength. The editors and staff of the 1964 Yackety-Yack are proud to an- nounce this year ' s recipients of the Frank Porter Graham award for outstanding seniors. This award was inaugurated last year to embody two purposes, the first of these being to honor no more than four seniors (but not on any basis of sex) who have demonstrated their excellence in campus participation, academic endeavours (a minimum 3.0 average), and personal character. The second purpose is to honor RICHARD JENNESS HESSE Dick, a three-year Phi Beta Kappa graduate, brought to Chapel Hill an intellectual sensibility that he exhibited in the classroom and on the Campus. His scholastic record is excellent, but it is Dick ' s campus leader- ship that distinguishes him as one of our most outstanding students. As chairman of the 1954 Carolina Symposium, Dick worked to attack intellectual apathy. His interest, devotion, and ability were evidenced in the success of this year ' s Symposium, one of the most profound influences on Chapel Hill in many years. Through his progressive leadership and stimulating personality, Dick has strengthened the tradition of a University that places its faith and its hope in the honor and integrity of its students. Page 284 AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING SENIORS Dr. Frank Porter Graham, who has served as President of the University, U. S. Senator, and special U. N. mediator. The recipients of the award are chosen annually by a committee of juniors working with the editors of the Yack, but with the ultimate selection in the hands of the committee. By its insistence upon high achievement in the three areas considered, the Yack hopes to keep the award truly meaningful and representative of the standards and greatness of Dr. Graham. CHARLES MILTON SHAFFER, JR. Charlie is one of those rare individuals who excels in everything he does. As co-captain of both the basketball and tennis teams, he has led Caro- lina ' s performances in both these sports. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate, Charlie is well known around campus as the president of the senior class. He is also a member of the Order of the Grail, the Order of the Golden Fleece, and the Order of the Old Well. Recognized for his scholarship, service, and athletic ability, Charlie is characterized personally by honor, humility, and integrity, the ideals that collectively make Carolina the great University it is. TRAWICK HAMILTON STUBBS, JR. Buzzy Stubbs has given an uncommon sense of dedication and a spirit of cheerfulness to the service of the University. He was twice Attorney- General, Treasurer of the YMCA, and was elected to every major honorary society. An exemplary student, he unites a perceptive mind with a desire to apply his learning to immediate situ ations. His enthusiasm for living touches us all. Page 285 CHARLIE SHAFFER President SENIORS The main objective of the Senior Class this year was the development of the Inter- Class Cabinet which would consist of officers from all four undergraduate classes and act as a supervisory co-ordinator for all class activities. Such a cabinet will stimulate class activity and participation at all class levels. The Senior Class Calendar was published in late January and was the chief money- making project of the seniors this year. The calendar featured pictures of campus scenes and was sold to many alumni as well as students. Senior Week in early May was a week of enjoyment, social activity, and recognition for all the seniors who would soon graduate as proud members of the Class of ' 64. WOODY HARRISON Vice-President SUE DRENNAN Secretary JOAN HALEY Social Chairman MAL LESAVOY Treasurer CLASS OF 1964 ADAIR, ROSEMARY WARD Erwin A B. IN HISTORY. Delta Delta Delta. Class Cabinet (3); G.M.A.B. (4); Orientation Counselor; University Party; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41. ADAMS, CARLTON NOBLE, JR. Winston-Salem A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. A.F.R.O.T.C. (2, 3); Dormitory Officer (4); G.M.A.B. (4); Orientation Committee (4); University Party (3); Wesley Foundation (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). ADAMS, CAROLE LEE Norfolk, Va. A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta. Orientation Counselor (4); Student N.E.A. (4); University Party (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). ADAMS, CHARLES PRESTON Rocky Mount B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Phi. Band (1, 2); I.F.C. (4); University Party (2, 3, 4). ADAMS, JOHN DELYOTT Benson A.B, IN ACCOUNTING. ADAMS, PHILLIP RAY Raleigh A.B. IN MARKETING. Dormitory Officer (1, 2, 3); Soccer (1); University Party (1, 2, 3); Y.D.C.; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). ALDRICH, MICHAEL EDWARD Bryn Mawr, Pa. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa Sigma. G.M.A.B. (1, 2); I.F.C. (3); University Party (3, 4). ALDRIDGE, JAMES PRESTON, JR. Yanceyville B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. Dormitory Officer (2, 3); I.D.C. (2, 3); Student Legisla- ture (3); University Party (31; Resident Advisor (4). ALEXANDER, EMILIE ELEANOR Swannanoa A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta. ALEXANDER, JOHN AUGUSTINE Dallas, Texas A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Tau Omega. N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). ALEXANDER, JOHN PALMER Alexandria, Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa Sigma. I.F.C. (2); Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). ALEXANDER, MILDRED ANN Kannapolis A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Carolina Women ' s Council (1, 2); Orientation Counselor; Student Party: Valkyries; Y.W.C.A. ALGARY, KATHRYN AMANDA Asheville A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Kappa Delta. Student N.E.A. (3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (4). ALLEN, PAUL HAYWOOD Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ALLEN, ROBERT TRAWICK, III Boone A.B. IN ENGLISH AND PHILOSOPHY. Men ' s Glee Club (1, 3, 4); N.R.O.T.C. (1); University Chorus (3); Drum and Bugle Corps; Opera Workshop (4). ALLISON, DALE KENNEDY A.B. IN GERMAN. Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Westminster Felloviship (1, 2, 3, 4). ALLISON, GLADYS IRENE Fairfield, Conn. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Carolina Quarterly (4); Daily Tar Heel (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Wesley Foundation (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). ALLRED, JERRY DOUGLAS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa Sigma. Shelby Burlington ANAPOL, JUDITH EILEEN Portsmouth, Va. A B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Hillel Foundation (3); Orientation Counselor (4); Student Legislature (4); Student Party (4). ANDERSON, EDWARD DUNCAN West Palm Beach, Fla. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Upsilon; Phi Eta Sigma. I.F.C. (2); Men ' s Glee Club (2). ANDERSON, JANE ANNA Pompano Beach, Fla. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Cosmopolitan Club (3, 4); Cave-Climbing Club; N.S.A. (4); International Students Board (4); Co-ordination Commission (4). ANDES, WILLARD ABE Miami Shores, Fla. ANDREWS, KEARNEY HILL Chapel Hill A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE AND RADIO, TELEVISION, MOTION PICTURES. Orientation Coun- selor (4); WUNC-TV (1, 2, 3, 4). ANGLEY, FLOYD WILSON, JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH AND HISTORY. Statesville Page 287 SENIORS APPLEGATE, WILLIAM E. Charleston, S. C. A.B, IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Alpha EpsMon. Monogram Club (2, 3); Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Order of Beanbirds (3, 4): Orientation Committee (2); Publications Board (3); Yackety Yacii, Business Manager (3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Tennis (1, 2, 3, 4); University Party (1. 2, 3, 4). AREY, CAROL ANN A.B. IN SPANISH EDUCATION. Kappa Delta. Orientation Counselo 13, 4): Splash Club (3, 4); W.A.A. (3). AREY, WILLIAM JACKSON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Park Forest, 111. (4); Panhellenic Council Shelby ARMSTRONG, PATRICIA MAY Chapel Hill A.B. IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH. Pi Beta Phi. Class Cabinet (3, 4); G.M.A.B. (4); Order of Bean- birds (3, 4). ASKEW, HULEH HALL A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. G.M.A.B. (1); Orientation Counselor (2); University Party (1, 2, 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). ATKINS, BETTY RUTH A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3). AUSBON, CAROLYN ANNE Atlanta, Ga. 2); University Louisburg Tarboro AYCOCK, EDWIN BURTIS, JR. Greenville A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Gamma Delta. Orientation Counselor; Order of the Twenty- AYERS, JERE ADAMS Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Class Cabinet; Golf; Student Gov- ernment Committee; University Party; Wesley Foundation. BADDOUR, PHILIP A., JR. Goldsboro A B. IN ECONOMICS. Newman Club (1, 2, 3), President (4); Orientation Counselor (3); Student Government Committee (2, 3); Student Legislature (3, 4); Y.D.C. (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4); Society of Janus (4); N.S.A. Delegate (4); State Student Legislature (3); Student Party (2, 3, 4), Chairman (3). BAGBY, JOHN ENGLISH Chapel Hill A.B. IN ENGLISH AND PHILOSOPHY. Beta Theta Pi. Carolina Symposium (1, 2); Soccer (1, 2); Universiy Party (1, 2, 3, 4). BAGGETT, LEE McLEOD Mineola, N. Y. B.S. IN SOCIOLOGY— RECREATION. Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (2); F.C.A. (2, 3). BAILEY, ROBERT HENRY Raleigh BAMBERGER, DAVID HARNED Charlotte A.B. IN HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Alpha Theta. Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Carolina Hand- book (2); Carolina Quarterly (1); WUNC (2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. (2, 4). BARBER, WILLIAM FREEMAN Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Chi. Dormitory Officer (1); Orientation Committee (2); Student Government Committee (1, 4); Student Legislature (1); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Order of Nadular Birds. Newton Grove BAREFOOT, W. RONALD B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. BARGER, WANDA LEE Shelby A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Orientation Counselor (3); Student Government Committee (3). BARKER, GEORGE ANDREW Arlington, Va. A.B. IN STUDIO ART. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2); Canterbury Club (1, 4); Men ' s Glee Club (1); Y.M.C.A. (1,4) North Wilkesboro BARLOW, RICHARD DEAN A.B, IN EDUCATION. BARNES, JESSE NORRIS, III Elm City A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Class Cabinet (3); Orientation Counselor (2); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4). BARNES, OSPY DENNIS Rocky Mount A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Class Cabinet (2); Dormitory Officer (1); Men ' s Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Skin Diving Club. Pantego Huntersville BARNETT, MARVIN HUGH, JR. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS EDUCATION. BARNETT, WILLIAM HOWARD, JR. AS. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Phi. I.F.C. (4); Y.M.C.A. (4). BARNHILL, JAMES HERBERT Wilmington A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Delta Upsilon. Carolina Handbook (2); Orientation Counselor (3); Student Government Committee (3); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, 3); WUNC (2); Y.M.C.A. (3); Fresh- man Camp (2, 3). Page 288 CLASS OF 1964 BATCHELOR, SANDRA FAYE Scotland Neck BATTEN, FRANK DANIEL Charleston, S. C. A B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Order of Minataurs (2, 3. 4); Track (1, 2): University Party (1, 2. 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. BAnLE, BETSY ELAINE Andrews A B IN FRENCH. Carolina Women ' s Council (3); Daily Tar Heel (3); Press Club (3). BATTLE, CHARLES HENRY, JR. Miami, Fla. VB IN HISTORY, Phi Delta Theta, President; Phi Eta Sigma. Class Cabinet (1); C.U.S.C. (4); Gimghoul (2, 3, 4i; I F.C. (2, 3), President (4); Men ' s Honor Council (2); Monogram Club (2, 3, 41; N.R.O.T.C II, 2, 3, 4): Order of the Grail (3. 4); Order of the Old Well {3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); Soccer (1, 2, 3), Co-Captain (4); Tracl( (1); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y,M,C,A, |1, 2. 3, 4); Morehead Scholar, BAUER, WILLIAM HENRY B,S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Newn West Orange, N.J. sn Club (2); Student Party (3). BAUGUESS, DAVE EUGENE A.B. IN PSYCHOLOCy. Delta Sigma Pi. University Party (3, 4). Winston-Salem BAYERLE, BARRIE LEA BAZ, DOUGLAS CARLOS A.B. IN ECONOMICS, Chi Phi. University Party (3, 4). BEACH, JO TOWNSEND A B, IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Saigon, Viet Nam W.A.A. (3); Yackety Yack (3, 4); NewYork, N. Y. Lenoir BEACH, LILLIAN Fort Belvoir, Va. A.B. IN ENGLIS H. Pi Beta Phi. Canterbury Club (4); G.M.A.B. Committee (4); Student N.E.A. (3); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). BEACH, NEIL DOUGLAS Lenoir A.B, IN HISTORY, BEADLE, LEIGH PATRIC Falls Church, Va. A B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE, AFROTC. (1, 2, 3, 4); Arnold Air Society (3, 4). BEALL, JAMES HARPER, BECK, JAMES DOUGLAS A.B, IN PSYCHOLOGY, AFROTC. (1, 2); I.D.C. (2). BECK, PRISCILLA SUZANNE BECKERDITE, M. CAROL A.B. IN EDUCATION. BEIM, GEORGE A.B- IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Monogran Club (2, 3, 4): Soccer (1, 2, 3. 4). Lenoir stminster West Palm Beach, Fla. Morehead City cer (3, 4); Student Winston-Salem Palisades, N, Y. BENNETT, ROBERT BEALE Chevy Chase, Md. A.B. IN ENGLISH AND FRENCH. De ' ta Upsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa. Carolina Sym- posium (2); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Crosscountry (1, 2, 3, 4); Freshman and Sophomore Honors; English Honors; Morehead Scholar. BENSCH, GEORGE WILLIAM Raleigh A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Tau Omega. Class Cabinet (2, 3); Dormitory Officer (3, 4); Men ' s Honor Council (2, 3. 4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3. 4); Student Government Committee (3, 4); Sv«imming (1); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). BENTON, HENRY CLYDE, JR. Newport News, Va. A.B, IN ECONOMICS. Phi Gamma Delta. Canterbury Club (1); Carolina Symposium (3); G.M.A.B. Committee (3); N.R.C.TC, (1. 2); Orientation Committee (3); Orientation Counselor (2); Stu- dent Government Committee (31; University Party (1, 2. 3); Y.M.C.A. (1); Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (3); Attorney General ' s Staff (2. 3). BERNSTEIN, JEFFREY ALAN BERRIER, CLIFTON RAY, JR. A.B IN PHILOSOPHY, BEST, BETTY BOOKER A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). BEST, FRANCES RUTH B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Suffolk, Va. 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Greensboro Richmond, Va. Wilmington Page 289 SENIORS BEVIER, WALTER RAYMOND Goldsboro B.S. iN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). BIGGERS, REBECCA GWYNN Charlotte A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Delta Delta Delta. Orientation Committee (4); University Party; Women ' s Residence Council. BING, CHARLES DAVIS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Charlotte BISSELL, MICHAEL SHANNON . , „ „,. Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. A B. IN CREATIVE ART. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Class Cabinet (3, 4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); N.S.A. (2); Orientation Counselor (3, 4); Swimming (1, 2, 3, 4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Campus Chest (1). BLACKLEY, ROY TALMADGE Rocky Mount B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Y.M.C.A. (3). BLACKWELL, MICHAEL CLITUS Gastonia AB IN JOURNALISM. Baptist Student Union (4); Carolina Forum (2); Carolina Symposium (2); Class Cabinet (3): Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); Di-Phi Senate (4); Dormitory Officer (2), President (3)- GMAB (3, 4); IDC. {3, 4); Press Club (3, 4); Student Government Commtiteei Univer- sity Party (3, 4); WUNC (2, 3): WUNC-TV (1); Y.D.C. (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (4); U.N. Seminar (3); Attorney General ' s Staff (3); Resident Advisor (4). BLAIR, GENE ANDREW Greensboro A B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Chi. Carolina Playmakers (3); Dance Committee (3); Student Government Committee (2); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Intramural Football (1, 4). BLAKE, PETER WARREN Rumson, N. J. AB. IN SOCIOLOGY-ANTHROPOLOGY. Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (1); Morehead Scholar. BLANCHARD, GARY FRANCIS Portland, Me. AB. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Daily Tar Heel (2, 3, 4); Press Club (2, 4); Publications Board (4). BLAND, CHARLES EVEREHE A.B. IN BOTANY. BLUMBERG, SAM JR. Louisburg Dothan, Ala. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Carolina Handbook (3); Class Cabinet (3, 4); G.M.A.B. (3); G.M.A.B. Committee (1, 4); Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3); Orientation Counselor (2); Student Government Committee (1, 2, 3); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Yackety Yack (3, 4); Campus Chest Auction, Co-Chairman (3). BOGACHE, WILLIAM KENT Myrtle Beach, S. C. A B IN CHEMISTRY. Sigma Nu. Class Cabinet (2); Dance Committee (2); Orientation Counselor (3); Student Government Committee (2, 3); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Intramurals. BOLCH, THOMAS JEFFERSON Hickory BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Delta Chi. Cosmopolitan Club (1); Daily Tar Heel (1, 2, 3); Press Club (1); Student Government Committee (1); Student Party (1, 2, 3. 4); Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1); Lutheran Student Association (1, 2). BOND, CAROLYN McNEILL Lumberton A B IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Carolina Handbook (3); Orientation Counselor (4); Publica- tions Board (4); Student Government Committee (3, 4); Student N.E.A. (3, 4). BORNEMAN, ELIZABETH MORRIS Wilmington AB IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Dormitory Officer, President (4); Orientation Committee (4); Student Party (2, 3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council (3, 4); Y.R.C. (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3). BOSWELL, CARL JOE Stantonsburg A.B. IN ENGLISH. Dormitory Officer, President (3); Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3); I.D.C. (3). BOSWELL, ROBERT FREDERICK, JR. Newport A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. I.D.C. BOURNE, LOUIS MILTON Alexandria, Va. A.B. IN ENGLISH AND LATIN. Carolina Quarterly (1, 2), Editor (3, 4); Publications Board (3, 4). BOWEN, JOHN MELVIN Williamston B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE. BOWERMAN, WILLIAM ROGER Chapel Hill A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. N.S.A. (2, 3); Student Legislature (3); Student Party (2, 3). BOWLING, WALLACE LEE A.B. IN ENGLISH. Y.M.C.A. (2). Durham BOWMAN, BYRON LEE Mt. Airy B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. Dormitory Officer (1, 2, 3); I.D.C. (2); Student Govern- ment Committee (2); University Party; Y.M.C.A. (1); Morehead Scholar. BOXLEY, JOHN MACLACHLAN Raleigh A.B. IN ENGLISH AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Delta Theta. Men ' s Honor Council (2, 3, 4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4): Orientation Committee (4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3); Student Government Committee (2, 3); University Party (1, 2, 3. 4); Westminster Felloviship {1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Campus Chest (2, 3, 4); Director, Freshman Camp. BRAGUNIER, WILLIAM EDWIN A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Baptist Student Union (2, 3); N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). Page 290 Tenafly, N. J. CLASS OF 1964 Alexandria, Va. Asheville Shreveport, La. Charlotte A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION, AND MOTION PICTURES AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Delta Upsilon. Carolina Handbook (2. 3); G.M.A.B. (3, 4); Publications Board (2, 3); Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4); WUNC (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Writer-ln-Residence Committee (3, 4). BRAWLEY, DANIEL LEE Charlotte BREWER, JAMES CLARK Greenville B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Dormitory Officer (2, 3); I.D.C. (2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3, 4); Student Legislature (4); Student Party (3, 4). BRAMLEY, RICHARD ARTHUR B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Nu. BRANDON, BARBARA JEANNE A.B. IN ENGLISH, Delta Zeta. W.A.A. (3); Y.W.C.A. (3); Stray Greeks (3, 4) BRANDON, BEHY A.B. IN MATHEMATICS EDUCATION. Kappa Alpha Theta. Stray Greeks. BRANON, ROVY FROST, JR. Louisburg Orangeburg, S. C. BREWER, MICHAEL ALEXANDER A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Baptist Student Union (3). BRICKLEMYER, EUGENE COSTLE, JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH AND GEOGRAPHY. BROCK, FRANK ACKEE Lookout Mountain, Tenn. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Delta Theta. Orientation Counselor; University Party; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (2); Campus Chest. BROCK, JIMMY LEWIS Mount Olive B.S. IN SCIENCE EDUCATION. BROOKS, HARRY DEAN Wilmington A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Baptist Student Union (1); Cardboard (1); Student Party (1, 2); Univer- sity Chorus (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). BROWN, BARBARA JEAN Dudley A.B. IN SPANISH EDUCATION. BROWN, HELEN ELIZABETH Raleigh A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Women ' s Honor Council; Women ' s House Council. Harwinton, Conn. BROWN, HOBSON, JR. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Delta Kappa Epsilon. BROWN, SANDRA ELIZABETH Rocky Mount A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Dormitory Officer; W.A.A.; Women ' s Residence Council. BRUNSON, WILLIAM DAVIDSON Charlotte BRYAN, HUGH DOUGLAS Chapel Hill A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. BRYAN, PEGGY SMITH Raleigh A.B. IN HISTORY. Delta Gamma. BUIE, BRADLEY McCALLUM Red Springs B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. BULLARD, MOLLY ANN Fayetteville A.B. IN FRENCH EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (4); Y.W.C.A. (3). BUNCE, AUDREY GAYLE Stedman A.B. IN HISTORY. Baptist Student Union (3, 4); Cosmopolitan Club (4): Women ' s Honor Council (4). BUNDY, CLAYTON BUENING Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Chi. Order of Nadular Birds; University Party. BUNDY, VEE MAYO Madison A.B. IN HISTORY. I.D.C. (3); Y.M.C.A. (1). BURCH, MAIDA Reidsville A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega. Carolina Symposium (4); Class Cabinet (3, 4); Tennis (3); Univer- sity Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Attorney General ' s Staff (4). Page 291 SENIORS BURKS, ANN TURNER A.B. IN FRENCH EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (4). Bedford, Va. Bedford, Va. BURKS, PHILIP PARKS, JR. B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. Y.M.CA. (1, 2) Whiteville ng (1, 2, 4); Y.R C. (3, 4); Y M.C.A. (3). BURNS, ROBERT HENRY, III A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. St. Anthony Hall. Sw BURROUGHS, JON MICHAEL Goldsboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. BURT, EDWARD RAMSEY, III Biscoe B S. IN GEOLOGY. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. IDC. (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3); Society of Janus (4). BURWELL, ANNE SPOTTSWOOD Henderson A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Roanoke Rapids BUTLER, BILLY GENE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. BUTLER, JUDITH ANN A B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi. Student Government Committee (3. 4); Student N.E.A. (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). BYNUM, EDWIN C, JR. B.S. IN MARKETING. Wilmington (3. 4); student Stantonsburg BYRD, JOHN THOMAS Wilkesboro A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Y.D.C. (3, 4). BYRUM, JOSEPH STEPHEN Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Chi. Dormitory Officer (1); Order of Beanbirds (2, 3, 4); Orientation Committee (2); Student Government Committee (2); University Party (2, 3, 4): Y.M.C.A.; Order of Nadular Birds. BYRUM, WILLIAM RITCHEY A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Delta Chi. Asheville Sylva Wilmington Spindale Auburn, Ala. Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Chi Omega; Kappa Tau Alpha. Carolina Forum {3, 4); Carolina Symposium (3, 4); Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); Press Club, (3, 4); Toronto Exchange; University Party (3, 4). CARRERE. MARRY ELLIS New Orleans, La. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Orientation Counselor (4); Splash Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). CAGLE, JANET YVONNE A.B. IN HISTORY. CAINES, BILLY JOE A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. CAMPBELL, KAREN A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. CANTRELL, NANCY ELIZABETH A.B. IN FRENCH. Canterbury Club (3); Student Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). CARNES, VIRGINIA HARDISTY CARROLL, BARRY GWYN CARTER, DEWEY GASTON A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. CARTER, ROBERT LOVE Winston-Salem Burlington St. Pauls B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Baptist Student Union (1, 2, 3); Baseball (1, 2, 3); Dormitory Officer (3, 4); IDC. (3, 4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Student Government Committee {1, 2, 3, 4): Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.CA. (1, 2, 3, 4); Morehead Scholar. CARVER, CHARLES BROOKS Chapel Hill A.B. IN ACCOUNTING. CASE, WILLARD ALAN Asheville A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma. CASHION, JAMES BRANNON Charlotte A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Canterbury Club (2, 3); G.M.A.B. (1, 2, 3, 4); Yacliety Yack (2). Page 292 CLASS OF 1964 CASSELS, JACK RITCH Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delta Sigma Pi. CATHEY, KENNETH HOWARD Canton B.S. IN PERSONNEL, CATHEY, ROBERT WALLACE Statesville B.S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Dormitory Officer (3 ; Westminster Fellowship (3). CAUDILL. JOHN GENTRY Charlotte A B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. CHALK, KATHERINE HEFFNER Morehead City A,B. IN EDUCATION, Alptia Delta Pi. Orientation Counselor (4); Y.W.C.A. Committee, CHANDLER, COLQUIH LEE, II A.B. IN ENGLISH, Pi Kappa Alpha. Atlanta, Ga. CHATHAM, RAYMOND HUNT, IV Lawson, Mo. A B IN ENGLISH, St. Anthony Hall. Carolina Forum (3); Carolina Playmakers (11; Carolina Ouarterly (1. 2. 3, 4;. Daily Tar Heel il. 2); IF.C. (3); University Party (3); Y.M.C.A. (3i. CHEATHAM, JUDITH CARROLL Franklinton A,B, IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Kappa Delta. Carolina Playmakers (4): Class Cabinet (31; Student Gouernment Committee (31; Carolina Sweetheart. CHEEK, JACK ALLAN, JR. Greensboro A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Beta Theta Pi. Football (1, 2); Student Gouernment Committee 131; Uni- versity Party (1. 2. 31; Wesley Foundation; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3). CHERRY, ROBERT LEO Chapel Hill A.B. IN ENGLISH, Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa, President; Y.M.C.A. (41. CHILDRESS, SONDRA LEIGH Greensboro A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi. Carolina Forum (3); Panhellenic Council (4); Student Government Committee (4); Student N.EA. (3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Elections Board 141. CHILTON, JAMES BENNY Westfield A.B. IN ENGLISH AND HISTORY. CHINNIS, CHARLES SAMUEL Raleigh B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Phi Alpha; Beta Gamma Sigma. Publications Board (4i; Yackety Yack (2, 3), Co-editor (4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4i CHRISTOPHER, DONALD WAYNE Nashville, Tenn. A.B, IN RADIO. TELEVISION, MOTION PICTURES. CLAPP, GEORGE WILLIAM Greenville B.S. IN ACCOUNTING, Sigma Nu. Orientation Counselor (3); Student Government Committee (2, 4); Student Party (1); Y.MC.A. (4); Germans Club (3, 4). CLARK, MARY LAURENS Fayetteville B.S, IN SOCIOLOGY, Delta Delta Delta. Dormitory Officer (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (41; University Party (3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Attorney General ' s Staff (41; N-S A. Representative. CLARK, NORWOOD GRAHAM Wilmington B,S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Pi Kappa Phi. University Party (2. 3. 4], CLARK, THOMAS B., JR. Greensboro A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Chi Phi. Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Track (2, 3), Co-Captain (4); Univer- sity Party (3, 41. CLAYTON, HAYWOOD MONROE Durham A.B, IN POLITICAL SCIENCE Amphoterothen (3. 4); Debate Team (1, 2. 3), President (4). CLEAVER, DAVID CHARLES Catawissa, Pa. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE- Phi Delta Theta. Y R C (4); Y,M,C,A, CLIFFORD, LOCKE TURNER Ware Shoals, S. C. A.B. IN ENGLISH AND MATHEMATICS, Phi Kappa Sigma. Class Cabinet (3, 4); Men ' s Glee Club (1); Orientation Counselor (31; Student Party (4); University Party (3); Y,M,C,A. (1, 2, 3, 4). CLIFTON, JOHN DURWARD Faison A.B. IN HISTORY. B,S, IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS, Phi Kappa Sigma. Baptist Student Union (1, 21; Dance Committee (21; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2). CLINE, ANN MARIE Gold Hill A,B, IN ANTHROPOLOGY, Canterbury Club (3, 41; Cosmopolitan Club (4). CLINE, JULIUS DANNY Hickory 8,S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delta Sigma Pi. Page 293 SENIORS COBURN, CLARENCE DOWELL, JR. Roanoke Rapids A,B. IN ECONOMICS. Delta Sigma Pi. I.D.C. {2, 3); N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). Chapel Hill Chapel Hill Asheville A.B. IN HISTORY EDUCATION. Carolina Forum (4); Student Government Committee (3, 4); Student Legislature (3, 4); Student N.E.A. (3, 4)i Student Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Carolina Sweethearts (3, 4). COHEN, MEL LENARD Morganton A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Tau Epsilon Phi. Class Cabinet (2, 4); Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4). COKER, FAY HENSLEY Canton, Ga. A.B. IN HISTORY EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (3, 4); Cosmopolitan Club (3, 4). COCHRAN, ROBERT McLELLAN, JR. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. COENEN, ANNE FREDERIC KLUTTZ A.B. IN GEOGRAPHY. Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). COGDILL, JANE LINDA COLE, ROBERT LEAKE STEELE, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE AND HISTORY. University Chori Statesville (3); Yackety Yack (4). COLEMAN, NANCY JANE Sparta, Ga. A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Chi Omega. Student N.E.A. (3); University Party (3); Y.W.C.A. (3). COLEY, HARVEY TURNER, JR. Rocky Mount B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. COLLINS, CHRISTIAN CURTIS Charlotte A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); Press Club (3, 4). COLLINS, WESLEY WILLIAM Columbus, Ga. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Dormitory Officer (2, 3); I.D.C. (3)i Y.D.C. (4); Y.M.C.A. (4) CONE, BENJAMIN, JR. Greensboro A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi Kappa Sigma. Yackety Yack (2, 3, 4); I.F.C. (3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Lacrosse (1, 2, 3, 4); Campus Chest (1, 2, 3, 4). CONNELL, RALPH EDMOND, JR. Raleigh A B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Gamma Delta. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1); Gorgon ' s Head (2, 3, 4); Order of Beanbirds (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2); Student Legislature (2); German ' s Club (2). CONSTANTIN, DONALD CHRISTOPHER Huntington, N. Y. A.B. IN RECREATION ADMINISTRATION. Delta Upsilon. Football (I, 2, 3, 4)i Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4): Student Party (1, 2, 3). COOK, JAMES WILBUR B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Wilkesboro COOKE, MICHAEL BOYCE Mount Airy A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Tau Omega. Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Cabinet (4), Dormitory Officer (2); Gimghoul; G.M.A.B.; Monogram Club; University Party. COOLER, RICHARD MORRALL Walterboro, S. C. A.B. IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Cosmopolitan Club (4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 4); Y.D.C. (4). COOPER, BRUCE STEPHEN Winston-Salem A.B. IN EDUCATION. Zeta Beta Tau. Carolina Symposium (2); Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); I.F.C; Order of tfie Old Well (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. CORNWELL, ROBERT EARL Lawndale B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. CORTRIGHT, JOHN ALLYN Hamlet A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Kappa Alpha. University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. (2); Y.M.C.A. (1). COULTER, JAMES CRAWFORD A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Alpha Kappa Psi. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2). Cleveland COUNCIL, CAROL FRANCES Durham A.B. IN HISTORY. Pi Beta Phi. Baptist Student Union (I, 2, 3, 4); Carolina Forum (4); Class Cabinet (4); Dormitory Officer (2, 3); I.D.C. (2); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2. 3. 4); Panhellenic Judicial Board (4); Secretariat (4). COVIL, STACY H. B.S. IN HEALTH EDUCATION. Burgaw Jacksonville Beach, Fla. A.B. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Kappa Alpha. Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3); University Party (3, 4). Page 294 COWLES, ROBERT LAWRENCE CLASS OF 1964 COX, BOBBY LEON Winston-Salem A.B, IN EDUCATION. Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (1); Monogram Club (3, 4). CRAIG, BARBARA COPELAND Glenside, Pa. A B IN FRENCH. Delta Delta Delt a. Class Cabinet (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3). CRAIG, ISAAC ALAN Lenoir A B IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Epsilon Delta. I.D.C. (3, 4); Men ' s Glee Club (3); Men ' s Honor Coun- cil (4). CRAMMOND, JOHN HAROLD South Orange, N. J. A B IN HISTORY. Sigma Phi Epsilon. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2); Cardboard (2); I.F.C. (2, 3); Orienta- tion Counselor (2, 3); University Party (1, 2, 3); Westminster Fellowship (l)r Y.R.C. (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). CRAVEN, JAMES BRAXTON, III Morganton A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Di-Phi Senate (4); Student Party (2); Y.D.C. (2, 3, 4). GRAVER, RICHARD DAVIDSON Shelby A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Kappa Alpha. University Party. CRAWFORD, DAVID PALMER Flint, Mich. B S IN BANKING AND FINANCE. Phi Kappa Sigma, President. I.F.C. (3, 4)i Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). CRAWFORD, ELIZABETH McASHAN Lumberton A B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega. Carolina Playmakers (4); University Party (3, 4); W.A.A. (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). CRAWLEY, WILLIAM JUSTIS B.S. IN PHYSICS EDUCATION. Phi Eta Sigma. CREEM, TIMOTHY JOHN A.B. IN BOTANY. Phi Kappa Sigma. Soccer (1). Eureka Sands Point, N. Y. CRIBBIN, THOMAS MICHAEL Greensboro A B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Sigma. N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Orientation Coun- selor (2, 3); Newman Club; Freshman and Sophomore Honors Program; Scabbard and Blade (4). CRISSMAN, PATRICIA ANN A.B, IN MATHEMATICS EDUCATION. Angel Flight (3, 4); W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Carrboro CROOM, REBECCA ANNE Raleigh A B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Alpha Delta PI. Orientation Counselor (4); Student Govern- ment Committee (3); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Campus Chest (3). CROWGEY, HENRY G., II B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. CROWNER, STUART WELLS Gouverneur, N. Y. A.B. IN COMMUNICATIONS. Carolina Playmakers (1, 2); WUNC (1); WUNC-TV (4). Taylorsville CRUMPLER, WALTER MAXTON Salemburg B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Arnold Air Society (3, 4); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); Student Government Committee (1). CULLER, NANCY EVELYN High Point AB IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta. Class Cabinet (3); C.U.S.C. (3, 4); Orientation Coun- selor (4); Student Government Committee (4); University Party (3, 4); W.A.A. (3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council (3), Chairman (4); Y.W.C.A. (3). CURL, ANDREW BENSON B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. University Party (3). Greedmoor CURRIN, WILLIAM FLEMING Norfolk, Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. A.F.R.O.T.C. (3, 4); Cardboard (3, 4); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); Air Force Rifle Team (3, 4), CURRY, BETH CALLAWAY Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega. Canterbury Club (4); Class Cabinet (4); University Party (3); Y.W.C.A. {3, 4). CURRY, GAIL BROADWAY B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Lexington CURRY, JERRY STEWART Charlotte A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Basketball (1); Cardboard (3); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4); Intramurals (3, 4). CURTIS, DONALD WILLIAMS Bessemer City A B IN RADIO TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Dormitory Manager (3); G.M.A.B. (2, 3); Sound and Fury (2); Student Government Committee (3), Chairman (4); Student Party (4); Uni- versity Party (1, 2, 4), Chairman (3); WUNC (1); WUNC-TV (4); Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Presidential Advisor (3); Petite Dramatique (2, 3, 4). CUHER, GEORGE KING A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Sigma Chi. Charlotte Page 295 SENIORS DAHAN, MARK Rego Park, N. Y. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE, Tau Epsilon Phi. Class Cabinet (4); Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Party (1, 2, 3. 4); Wrestling (3); Fencing (1, 2. 4). DALY, CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH Hyattsville, Md. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi Ela Sigma. Phi Beta Kappa. Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4). DAMPIER, BOBBY HUGH B.S, IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Y.DC. (4); Y.M.C.A. (1). Morrisville DANA, THOMAS WOLCOTT, III Hickory B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delta Sigma Pi. Dormitory Officer (3); University Party DAVENPORT, JEANETTE LONG A.B. IN MATHEMATICS EDUCATION. Apex DAVIS, ARCHIBALD HILLIARD Winston-Salem A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Carolina Symposium (4); Order of the Grail (4); Orientation Committee (2, 3); Soccer (1); Attorney General ' s Staff (1, 2, 3); Campus Chest (4). DAVIS, GEOFFREY BRIAN Fayetteville A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. DAVIS, GEORGE PHILLIP Knightdale B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. DAVIS, JOHN LORRAINE, III Greensboro A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Chi. Swimming (1); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4). DAVIS, NORMAN McBRAYER, JR. DAVIS, RICHARD LEE A.B. IN HISTORY. Charlotte ■nittee (3); Spencer DAVIS, ROGER WAYNE Greensboro B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Kappa Sigma. Cardboard (3); Orientation Counselor (3); Stu- dent Party (3); Westminster Fellowship (3); Y.M.C.A. (3); Orientation Committee (3). DAVIS, THOMAS FITZGERALD, JR. Roxboro A.B. IN GEOGRAPHY. University Party (3. 4); Y.R.C. (4); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). DAVIS, WILLIAM ALLISON, II High Point A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Carolina Symposium (4); Gimghoul (2, 3, 4); Order of Beanbirds (3. 4); Order of Minataurs (2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2); Student Govern- ment Committee (3); Student Legislature (1, 2. 3); University Party (1, 2, 3. 4). DAVIS, WILLIAM RAEFORD Fayetteville A.B. IN HISTORY EDUCATION. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4)-, Student N.E.A. (4); Westminster Fellowship (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). DAWSON, CLAUDE EDWARD, JR. Chatham, Va. A.B. IN MUSIC. Phi Mu Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma. University Chorus (1, 2. 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 4). DEAL, ALVENA REBECCA Hickory B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Alpha Delta Pi. Orientation Counselor (2); Panhellenic Council (4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Women ' s Honor Council (3, 4). DEAN, WILLARD LAWRENCE A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Raleigh Oriental DELAMAR, PAUL JOHNSON, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Y.DC. (1, 2, 3, 4). DELLINGER, ANN SUSAN Charlotte A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Dormitory Officer (3, 4); Panhellenic Council (3. 4); Student Government Committee (3); Women ' s Residence Council (3, 4). DELLINGER, JERRY CRAIG A.B. IN HISTORY. Landis DELUNG, HARRY LEONARD, JR. Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN HISTORY. Amphoterothen {3, 4): Carolina Forum (2); Carolina Symposium (4); Daily Tar Heel (2, 3, 4); N.S.A. {2, 3, 4); Order of the Grail (3, 4); Student Government Committee (2, 3); Student Legislature (3); Student Party (1, 2); University Party (3, 4); Y.DC. (4); Y.M.C.A. (3); State Student Legislature (3, 4). DERR, DAILEY JONATHAN Asheboro A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Alpha Theta. Class Cabinet (1. 2, 3, 4); C.U.S.C. (3, 4); Dormitory Officer (3, 4); IDC. (3. 4); Orientation Counselor (3); Student Government Committee (2, 3. 4); Student Legislature (2, 3); Student Party (2. 3, 4); Westminster Fellowship (41; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); State Student Legislature (2, 3). DEVINE, FOY ROBERSON A.B IN HISTORY Alpha Tau Dmega; Phi Eta Sigma. Page 296 Lynchburg, Va. CLASS OF 1964 DINERO, THOMAS EDWARD Kenmore, N. Y. A,B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. A.F.R.O.TX. (1); Cosmopolitan Club (4); Dormitory Officer (3). DIXON, MARION MONROE B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. DOARES, JOSEPH M., JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Siema Pi. Greensboro LumLerton DOCTOR, MICHAEL STEWART Asheville A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE AND HISTORY. Dormitory Officer (2); G.M.A.B, (41; Hillel Founda- tion (1, 2): I.D.C. (2); N.R.C.T.C. (1, 2, 3. 4): Student Gouernment Committee (3, 4); University Party (4); Yackety Yack (4); Campus Chest (4). DODD, ROGER, III Macon, Ga. A.B, IN ENGLISH. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Track (3, 4); Univerity Party (1, 2, 3, 4). DODSON, HAROLD LEE A.B. IN HISTORY. Baptist Student Union (1, 21. Hillsboro Salisbury (4); University Party (4); Y.W.C.A. Montville, N. J. DONNELLY, MARY ELIZABETH A.B. IN HISTORY. Delta Delta Delta. Orientation Counss (4). DOUGHERTY, GLEN NOBLE B.S. IN MARKETING. Alpha Kappa Psi. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Arnold Air Society (3, 4): Parlance (1); Scabbard and Blade (3. 41; Tennis (1, 21; Century Squadron (11; Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4). DOUGHTON, WALTER LEE Washington, D. C. A..B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 41; Arnold Air Society (3, 4); Scabbard and Blade (3. 4). DOWNING, DIANE ALICE Charlotte B.S. IN MATHEMATICS, Pi Beta Phi. Class Cabinet (2, 4); G.M.A.B. (4|; Splash Club (21; Uni- versity Party (3, 41. DRAKE, GAIL BROWN Charlotte B.S. IN SCIENCE EDUCATION. DRAKE, JAMES EDWIN Charlotte A B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Dormitory Officer (31; I.D.C. (31; Student Party (1, 2, 3). DRENNAN, DOROTHY SUE Belmont A B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta. Cheerleader (2, 3. 41; Class Cabinet (4); Order of Bean- birds (2, 3. 4); Orientation Counselor (2 ; University Party (3. 41; Class Officer (41. DRINKWATER, DIANA Charleston, Mo. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Dormitory Officer (41; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41. DRUKER, JAMES OWEN Newton Centre, Mass. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Baseball (1. 41; Canterbury Club; Dance Committee (2); Dormitory Officer (2, 41; Football (11; Hillel Foundation (1. 2, 3, 41; I.F.C. (21; Student Council (21; Student Party (2. 3, 41; Wrestling (4); Lacrosse (21. DUCKWORTH, WILLIAM CLYDE, JR. Charlotte A.B. IN EDUCATION. Y.M.C.A. (41; Writer-in-Re idence Committee. DUDLEY, LARRY WILLARD Dunn A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. DUNCAN, ESTILLA WILSON Shelby A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (3, 4); Student N.E.A. (3, 4). Clinton Chapel Hill Wilmington Winston-Salem Raleigh Lookout Mountain, Tenn. A,B, IN HISTORY, Phi Delta Theta, Amphoterothen (3, 4); Carolina Handbook (31; Carolina Symposium (2); Class Cabinet (21; Men ' s Honor Council (1, 2. 3), Chairman (4); N.R.O.T.C. (1); Order of Golden Fleece (3, 41; Order of the Grail (3, 41; Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Orienta- tion Committee (2, 31; Orientation Counselor (2); Student Government Committee (1, 2); Stu- dent Party (3. 4); University Party (1, 21; Wrestling (1, 2); Morehead Scholar. Page 297 DUNLAP, BRYANT OVERTON, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Student Party (3. 41; Y.M.C.A. (1). DUNLEVY, HARVEY RISHER B S. IN MATHEMATICS. Y.M.CA. (4); Physics Club (3, 4). DUNN, JACK DELBRIDGE A.B. IN ENGLISH. DUNNEGAN, CLIFTON PERSHING, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2, 3, 4). DUPREE, JAMES ROGERS BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. DURAND, HARRY WHITNEY SENIORS DUTTON, JAMES ROBERT Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). EAGER, HOWARD LLOYD Richmond, Va. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Kappa Sigma. Basketball (1); Canterbury Club (2); Debate Council (3, 4); Dormitory Officer (2, 4); Football (1); Newman Club (3, 4); Student Party (1, 2, 3. 4); Track (1); Y.R.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Semper Fidelis Society (1, 2). EANES, SAMUEL KELLAM Thomasville AS. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Band (1); Cosmopolitan Club (4); I.D.C. (2, 3). EASON, JAMES LAWRENCE ,, „ Hampton, Va. B S IN ACCOUNTING. Alpha Tau Omega. Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (3, 4); Univer- sity Party (1. 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). EASON, SALLY BARBIE Butner B.S. IN BIOLOGY EDUCATION. Yackety Yack (4). ECKSTEIN, MARGARET ANN Bryson City B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Angel Flight (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3). Morehead City ECONOMON, WAYNE NICHOLS B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. EDENS, GARY DENTON Salisbury BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Cardboard (2); Carolina Quarterly (iV G M A B (3); I.F.C. (1, 2, 3); Orientation Counselor (2); Student Legislature (1, 2); Univer- sity Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.R.C. (1): Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). EDMUNDSON, JAMES JOYNER A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Wilson EDWARD S, BETSY BURNETTE _ __, Durham A.B. IN EDUCATION, Orientation Counselor (2); Wesley Foundation (1); Student Nurses Associa- tion (1, 2); Order of Old Lampshades (3). EDWARDS, DANIEL HAMPTON Tryon A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Student Legislature (3); Student Party (3, 4). EDWARDS, ELVA DRAKE Raleigh A B IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta. Order of Beanbirds; Orientation Coun- selor; Student Government Committee; University Party. EDWARDS, HERBERT JACKSON Goldsboro AB IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Wesley Foundation (1); Y.M.C.A. (1,2,3). EDWARDS, RALPH THOMAS A.B. IN EDUCATION. EDWARDS, RONALD ALLEN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. EDWARDS, SAM BINGHAM, JR. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Dormitory Officer (2). EDWARDS, SHARON LOUISE AB IN HISTORY AND ENGLISH. Daily Tar Heel; Unii (3, 4). EGGLESTON, TONY EDWARD Rocky Mount B S IN BACTERIOLOGY. Lambda Chi Alpha. Canterbury Club (1, 2); N.R.O.T.C. (1); Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. (4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Aquaholics (1, 2, 3); Karate Club (3, 4). Waynesville Mt. Holly Sanford Winston-Salem !rsity Party (3, 4); Y.R.C. (4); Y.W.C.A. EHRHARDT, HELEN CRAIG Charleston, S. C. Elkin A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega. Class Cabinet (3, 4); Newman Club (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Y.W.C.A. (4); Carolina Sweethearts (3). EIDSON, KENNETH HAYWOOD B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. EIZENSTAT, STUART ELLIOT Atlanta, Ga. AB IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Zeta Beta Tau. Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); Attorney General ' s Staff (3, 4); Orientation Committee (4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); U.N.C. Congressional Intern; U.N.C. Delegate to Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference (3). ELLER, JAMES MILTON A.B, IN CHEMISTRY. ELLIOTT, LINDA LOU B.S, IN SCIENCE EDUCATION. ELLIS, HELEN MARTHA A.B. IN ENGLISH. N. Wilkesboro Hertford Canandaigua, N. Y. Page 298 CLASS OF 1964 ELLIS, WILLIAM G. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. ELROD, CHARLES ELLISON, JR. Martinsville, Va. Charlotte (3, 4); Ger- EMERSON, ROBERT S. Manhasset, N. Y. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi. Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (2); University Party (1, 2, 3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Campus Ctiest (2); Publicity Com- mittee. ENGLAND, MARILYN PATRICIA Rural Hall Counselor (4); Student N.E.A. ENGLE, JANE San Marino, Calif. A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Alpha Theta. Stray Greeks (3); Cosmopolitan Club (4); Dormitory House Council (3); N.S.A. (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4)i Senior Honors Program. ERICKSON, SUSAN MARIE Chapel Hill A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta. Angel Flight (3, 4); Carolina Women ' s Council (3, 4); Nev»man Club (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Panhellenic Council (3, 4); Women ' s Honor Council (3, 4)i Y.W.C.A. (4). ERTEL, PAUL ALAN Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ESKRIDGE, ELIZABETH ANNE Shelby A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi. Class Cabinet (3, 4); Orientation Committee (3, 4); Student Government Committee (3, 4); Student Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Class Officer (3). ESPOSITO, VICTOR MICHAEL Staten Island, N. Y. A.B. IN RECREATION ADMINISTRATION. Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4). ESTRIDGE, JAMES CLAYTON, JR. Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. ETHERIDGE, RANDAL BENNETT Livingston, N. J. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Phi Omega. G.M.AB. (2); Economics Club (3, 4). ETTMAN, JAMES K. Memphis, Tenn. A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Dormitory Officer (2, 3). EUBANKS, THOMAS CLAUDE, JR. Monroe A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Kappa Alpha. Orientation Counselor (2, 3); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Freshman Camp Staff (2). EURE, BETTY LIND Morehead City A.B. IN ENGLISH. Cosmopolitan Club (3); Student Party (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). EVANS, JERRY LYNN A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Lexington EWING, CHARLES KERMIT, JR. Knoxville, Tenn. A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Carolina Playmakers (1, 2, 3, 4); Debate Council (1): Sound and Fury (1); Petite Dramatique (2, 3, 4); Student Theatre Workshop (1, 2, 3, 4); RTVMP Radio Workshop (3, 4). FAGG, DONA LYNN Raleigh A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Kappa Tau Alpha. Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); N.S.A. (4); Press Club (3, 4); Student Party (4). FAINT, ARTHUR JOHN Jenkintown, Pa. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Delta Upsilon. Student Party (2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4). FAIRCHILD, ALBERT EDMONDSON Winston-Salem A B. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. St. Anthony Hall. Cosmopolitan Club (4); Newman Club (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Parlance (1); WUNC (2, 3); Model U.N. Assembly (2, 3); International Students Board (3, 4). FARRAN, CHRISTOPHER CARROLL Winston-Salem A B. IN JOURNALISM. St. Anthony Hail; Sigma Delta Chi, President (3); Carolina Quarterly (1, 2); Daily Tar Heel (1, 2, 3, 4); Press Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Publications Board (3, 4). FARTHING, DONALD KEITH A.B. IN ENGLISH. Dormitory Officer (2); Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Lenoir Charlotte Emporia, Va. FERGUSON, GARTH MICHELE A.B. IN ART HISTORY. FERGUSON, STEPHEN WAYNE A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Alpha. FIELD, GILBERT C. Parsippany, N. J. A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. N.S.A. (3); Roundtable, Editor (4). Page 299 SENIORS FIELD, HYMAN HARRISON Charlotte FIELD, NORA ROOCHE Seneca, S. C. A.B IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi. Cosmopolitan Club (4): L.S.A.; Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (3. 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). FINK, CHRISTOPHER BOLES Chapel Hill A,B IN HISTORY. Carolina Symposium (4); Class Cabinet (3, 4); Student Government Com- mittee (3); Student Legislature (3): University Party (3, 4): Yackety Yack (2): Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Order of Golden Bears; Swimming (2). FISH, ROBERT GERARD, JR. Asheville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Newman Club {1, 2. 3. 4). FISHER, JOHN LEWIS, JR. Asheville B.S- IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Phi Omega. Student Party (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3); Carolina Guide Service (2, 3). FISHER, KAJA MARIE Tarboro A B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Canterbury Club (1); Splash Club (3); Student Government Committee (3); Y.R.C. (4)i Y.W.C.A. (1). FLEMING, RICHARD EDDINGTON Landis B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. FLOURNOY, HENRY WARNOCK Macon, Ga. A B. IN CHEMISTRY Pi Kappa Alpha. Univers:ty Chorus (3); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (3). FOARD, ANNE CARSON Asheville A B IN FRENCH Kappa Delta. Cosmopolitan Club (4); Orientation Counselor (3, 4); Splasli Club (4); University Party (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). FOGLEMAN, WAVELL WAINWRIGHT Winston-Salem B.S. IN CHEMISTRY Alpha Chi Sigma. Westminster Fellowsliip (1, 2); Y.R.C. (1); Y.M.C.A. (1). FOILL, KITTY WELLS Waverly, Ohio A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Orientation Coun ' elor (4); Student Govern- ment Committee (3); University Party (3. 4); W.A.A. (3. 4): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). FOLK, MICHAEL JAMES Murfreesboro, Tenn. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS AND A B. IN GERMAN. Monogram Club 12, 3, 4); N.R.O.T.C. (1); Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Newman Club (1, 2. 3. 4). FOLLIN, MARION GEDDINGS Greensboro A.B. IN HISTORY. Beta Theta PI. Clas-: Cabinet (3. 4i; Order of Minataurs (2, 3, 41; Orientation Counselor (2. 4i; University Party (1, 2, 3. 41; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4): Campus Chest (2. 31. FORLOINES, GEORGE ANDREW, JR. Red Springs B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS FORRESTER, ROY LANE, II Durham A B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. A.F.R.O-T.C. (1, 21; Band (1, 2, 31; WUNC-TV (3, 4). FORSYTH, JANE M. Birmingham, Ala. A.B, IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta. Canterbury Club (1); Cla=s Cabinet (21; G.M.A.B. (41; N.S.A. ID; Order of Beanbirds (2, 3, 41; Orientation Counselor (2, 3); Orientation Committee (3. 41; University Party (1, 2. 3, 41; Attorney General ' s Staff. FOULDS, DORIS MARILYN Hendersonville A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. FOUST, LARRY FOIL Lexington B.S. IN BUSINESS. Delta Sigma Pi. Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (3. 41. FOWLER, PETER RITCHIE Darien, Conn. A B IN ECONOMICS Dormitory Officer (3, 41; I.D.C. (3, 4); Student Government Committee (3. 41; University Party (2. 3. 4); Y.R.C. (3, 41; Economics Club; Spanish Club; IDC. Court; Y.M.C.A. (3. 4). FOWLER, WILLIAM MUNDY, JR. Charlotte B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Cardboard; University Party (41; Y.M.C.A. (1. 3, 4). FOY, HENRY GRATTAN Myrtle Beach, S. C. A B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE AND ECONOMICS. Phi Gamma Delta. Canterbury Club (1); Orienta- tion Counselor (3); German ' s Club (2, 3); University Party (1. 2). FREEMAN, RAE SMITH Buies Creek A.B, IN DRAMATIC ART. Carolina Playmakers (1, 2. 3, 41; Petite Dramatioue (2, 31 FRENCH, JAMES JEFFRIES A.B. IN ENGLISH. FRIEDER, JUDY MORRIS Ormond Beach, Fla. Cincinnati, Ohio A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Carolina Women ' s Council (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Dormitory Officer (3). Page 300 FRIEDMAN, MATTHEW R. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Daily Tar Heel |3, 4). FRIEDMAN, RONALD MICHAEL CLASS OF 1964 FRIEDMAN, DOUGLAS E. Wanamassa, N. J. A B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Carolina Forum (4); Carolina Symposium (3); Cosmopolitan Club |4); Daily Tar Heel (1); Dormitory Officer (1); Student Party (2, 3, 4)i University Party (1); Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Fencing (3, 4); Intramurals (1, 2, 3). New York, N. Y. Miami, Fia. pha. Hillel Foundation (1, 3, 4); Men ' s Glee it Advisor 14). FRITH, RICHARD WAYNE Lexington, Va. B.S IN SCIENCE. FRYE, GLENNETTE LOUISE Charlotte B S IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. FRYE, STEVEN RALEIGH Hickory A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. FULLER, CARL CLIFFORD, JR. Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Baptist Student Union; Press Club; University Chorus. FULLER, WILLIAM BRYAN Hickory A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Class Cabinet (2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3); Swimming (2); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Attorney General ' s Staff (2, 3, 4). FURR, CHARLES FRANKLIN Wilmington B S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Sigma Nu. Orientation Counselor (3). GABER, MARK J. Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Class Cabinet (2, 3, 4); G M.A.B. (2. 3); Soccer (1); Student Government Committee (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Party (3, 4); Y.D.C. (3, 4). GADDY, HILDA BOWMAN Wadesboro A B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (1, 2); G. M.A.B. (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Student Governmjnt Committee (2); University Party (3. 4); Order of ttie Old Lampshades (3, 4). GAILEY, JAMES WILLIAM B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Greensboro GALLAGHER, JANET SMALLWOOD Washington, D. C. A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta. Student N.E.A. (4); University Party (4); Newman Club (4). GALLOWAY, DON ADRIAN Charlotte A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Student Party (2, 3, 41; Y.R.C. (3, 4). GAMEWELL, JENNIFER Salisbury A.B. IN ENGLISH. Westminster Fellowstiip (1, 2); Modern Dance Club (1). GARDNER, LANNIE EUGENIA Franklin, Va. A B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Orientation Counselor; University Party; Y.W.C.A. GARDNER, LAWRENCE LEE, JR. A B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. GARDNER, THOMAS HAMILTON B.S IN GENERAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Golf (1, 2). Durham Greensboro Washington, D. C. GARNER, RICHARD LAMONT Asheville A B IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Intramurals (1. 2, 3, 4). GARNETT, DAVID A.B. IN RUSSIAN AND ANTHROPOLOGY. Carolina Ouarterly (2, 3). GARRARD, GARDINER WINGFIELD, JR. Columbus, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Class Cabinet (3); Gorgon ' s Head (3, 4); Splash Club a, 2); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); German Club (3, 4). GARRETT, CLARA STEELE Danville, Va. A B IN ENGLISH. GARREn, JUDITH FINCH Danville, Va. AB IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Alpha Delta Pi. University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 41; House Council (3) . GARRISON, CHARLES EDWIN Biscoe A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Alpha Phi Omega. Orientation Counselor (3); Intramurals. Page 301 SENIORS GARRISON, FRANCES ELIZABETH Charlotte B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. GARRISON, STEPHEN LITTLE Charlotte B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Men ' s Glee Club (3, 4). GEHRES, LORAN LEROY Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Arnold Air Society (3, 4). GEKAS, HARRY PETE High Point B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. GETSINGER, JOHN GRAHAM Goldsboro A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Student Legislature (4); Student Party (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1). GIBBS, MARTHA LOUISE Greensboro A.B. IN MUSIC. University Chorus (3, 4); Y.R.C. (3). GIBBS, MARY ALICE Raleigh A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Baptist Student Union. GIBSON, AIMEE ALEXANDER Winchester, Va. A B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Alpha Delta Pi. Cosmopolitan Club (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Uni- versity Party (3); Student Government Committee (3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council (4); Y.W.C.A. (3). GIBSON, ROBERT WYLIE, JR. Fayetteville A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Baptist Student Union (1, 2, 4); Dormitory Officer (2); Orientation Counselor (2); Orientation Committee (2). GIKOW, LEWIS ABBOTT Millburn, N. J. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tau Epsilon Phi. Carolina Playmakers (1); Cheerleader (3, 4); Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4). GILLIAM, HANNAH Tarboro A.B. IN ART HISTORY. Chi Omega. Class Cabinet (1, 2); University Party; Y.W.C.A. GILLETTE, PAUL CRAWFORD Myrtle Beach, S. C. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Pi Kappa Phi. Di-Phi Senate (1, 2, 3); Neviman Club (1, 2, 3, 4); University Party (2, 3, 4). GLACE, KENNETH WILLIAM, JR. Elkin B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Dormitory Officer (3); Orientation Counselor (3). GLASER, GLENN WILLIAM, JR. Des Plaines, III. B.S. IN PHARMACY. Theta Chi. Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Wrestling (2, 3, 4). GLENN, ROBERT GALLOWAY Winston-Salem A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Order of Beanbirds (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. (4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 4)i Economics Club (3, 4). GLOVER, GAIL HOWELL A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (1, 2, 3); Student N.E.A. (4). GLOVER, GAYE BEDFORD Greenville, S. C. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi. CM. A.B. (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); University Party {3, 4). GOLDBY, ERIC ALAN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. Rich Square Brooklyn, N. Y. GOLDEN, TERRY DONALD Raleigh A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Tau Epsilon Phi; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); University Party (1. 2, 3, 4). GOLDSMITH, ALAN McDOWELL Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Alpha Delta Chi. Dormitory Officer (4); N.S.A. (3); Student Party (2). GOLDSTEIN, STEVEN IRA Marion A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Band (1); Dormitory Officer (3); I.D.C. (3); University Party (3, 4). GOOD, GERALD LEROY Hialeah, Fla. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Class Cabinet (3); C.U.S.C. (4); Dormitory Officer {2, 3); I.D.C. (3), President (4); N.S.A. (4); N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Order of the Grail (3. 4); Orientation Counselor (3, 4); Student Government Committee (4); Student Legislature (3); University Party (2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. (4); Society of Janus (3, 4). GOODE, MICHAEL KELLY Butner B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Cardboard (3); Orientation Counselor (3); University Party (2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). GOODMAN, EDWARD GENAIR A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Leiand Page 302 CLASS OF 1964 GOODMAN, SHIRLEY ANN Charlotte B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. German Club (1, 2); Medical Technology Club (3). GORDON, CLYDE WALKER, JR. Burlington A,B. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. GORSUCH, NORMAN CLIFFORD Rego Park. N. Y. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Class Cabinet (3); G.M.A.B. (3, 4); Student Party (2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. (1. 3. 41; Political Science Honors Program (3, 4): Intramurals (1, 2). GOSSELIN, RICHARD LEON B.S. IN PHYSICS. American Institute of Physics (3, 4). GRADY, THOMAS FRANCIS A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Alpha. Bedford, N. H. Charlotte Madison, Conn. GRANT, RICHARD DEGOLIER, JR. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. St. Anthony Hall. Carolina Playmakers (2); Di-Phi Senate (3, 4); Future Teachers of America (3, 4); I.F.C. (1); N.R.O.T.C. (1); Student Council (3); Student Legislature (2); University Party (4); Y.D.C. (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1). Washington, D. C. Swannanoa GRAVES, RICHARD MICHAEL A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Psi. GRAVEHE, LARRY DEAN B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Football (1, 2). GRAY, ALLAN WALMSLEY Southern Pines A.B. IN HISTORY. St. Anthony Hall. Orientation Counselor (4): University Party (2, 3); Y.R.C. (2, 3); Y.M .C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); I.F.C. (1, 2). GRAY, ROBERT DANIEL Winston-Salem A.B. IN HISTORY. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Carolina Handbook (3); Carolina Symposium (2); I.F.C. (I, 2, 3, 41; University Party (1, 2, 3. 4); Swimming, Manager (1, 2). GREENE, ELEANOR ANNA Richlands B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Carolina Quarterly (4). GREENE, REBECCA JOLENE Staunton, Va. A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta. Class Cabinet (3); Student N.E.A. (3); Student Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). GREGORY, BARBARA JANE Hendersonville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi. Canterbury Club (3); Dormitory Officer (3); G.M.A.B. (3); N.S.A. (3); Orientation Counselor (4); Student N.E.A. (3); University Party (3); W.A.A. (3); Women ' s Residence Council (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). GREGORY, LEROY JACKSON, JR. Charlotte GRIER, JOHN C, III Pinehurst A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. A.F.R.O.T.C. (3, 4); Canterbury Club (3, 4); I.D.C. (4); Y.R.C. (3, 4). GRIFFIN, FRANCIS MILLARD A.B. IN GERMAN. Cardboard (4). GRIFFIN, HAROLD WILSON, JR. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Wilson Rocky Mount GRIFFIN, JOSEPH WALDO, JR. Williamston A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Dormitory Officer (4): I.D.C. (4); Orientation Coun- selor (2, 4); Student Government Committee (2, 3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Morehead Scholar. GRIFFIN, LINDA ANN GRIFFIN, MORRIS HAL GRIFFITH, BRYCE WILLIAMSON, JR. Marshville Davidson Charlotte GRIFFITH, LINDA CLARE Columbia, Miss. A.B. IN ENGLISH AND FRENCH. Daily Tar Heel (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). GRIMES, JOHN BRYAN, III A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. A.F.R.O.T.C. GRIMES, WILLIAM DEMSIE A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Canterbury Club (4). Page 303 Chapel Hill Washington SENIORS CRIMSON, ROGER CONNELL B,S. IN MATHEMATICS. Sigma Mu Sigma Pi Mu Epsilon. Y.R.C. (3). GROETZINGER, SALLY Durham New Canaan, Conn. rsity Party; GROSBOLL, GARY DEAN Charlotte B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Class Cabinet (2); Dormitory Officer (2. 3, 4); Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3, 4); Student Government Committee (1, 2, 3, 41; Student Party (1); University Party (1, 2, 3. 4); Westminster Fellowship (1); Y.R.C. (2, 3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 4); Order of Dirty Old Men, President (4). GROSS, CHARLES NORVELL Pfafftown AB. IN SOCIOLOGY, Y MCA. (4): N.C.P.A. (2). GRUEHN, JOHN THOMAS Greensboro B.S IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS, A B. IN SOCIOLOGY, Cheerleader (3), Head (4); Daily Tar Heel i3); Dormitory Officer (1); Orientation Counselor (2, 3, 4); Student Government Committee; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Freshmen Camp Counselor (2, 3, 4). CULLER, PHILIP ARTHUR Charlotte B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Tau Epsilon Phi. Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Party (1. 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Cabinet (4). GUPTON, MARLA MANNING A B. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION. GUY, HENRY FRERERICK B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. GWALTNEY, RICHARD LEM as IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Louisburg Beulaville Taylorsville HALEY, JOAN ELIZABETH Lookout Mountain, Tenn. AB. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi. CU.SC. (4); Nev»man Club (3, 4); Panhellenic Council (4); University Party (3, 4); Yack Beauty Court; Homecoming Court; Class Cabinet (3). HALL, DOROTHY PATRICIA Darien, Conn. A B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi. Class Cabinet (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Yackety Yack Queen (3). HALL, MICHAL HOKE AB. IN SOCIOLOGY. Wilmington HALSTED, MARCIA JANE Jamestown, N. Y. B S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Orientation Counselor (3); Westminster Fellowship (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3); Dormitory House Council (3). HAMILTON, THOMAS SAMUEL, JR. Sanford AB. IN SPANISH, Phi Mu Alpha SinfOhia. Baseball (1); Men ' s Glee Club (2, 3); Spanish Club (1. 2, 3. 4), HAMMER, DAVID MURRAY Atlantic AB IN CHEMISTRY, Alpha Chi Sigma. Clearwater, Fla. Raleigh HAMMERSBERG, JON ROBERT A B IN ZOOLOGY. HAMMETT, ALFREIDA PAULINE A B. IN EDUCATION. HAMMETT, JOHN ALLEN Concord B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Phi. Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club |2. 3i. President (4); Splash Club; University Party; Wesley Foundation; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). HAMMOND, JOHN ARLEN Rocky Mount A B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. HAMRICK, FRED CARROLL, JR. Elizabeth City B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. HAMRICK, JAMES TERRY Mooresboro A B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Baptist Student Union (1, 2, 3, 4); Di-Phi Senate (3, 41; Dormitory Officer (3); IOC. (31; Student Party (3, 4); Y.D.C. (3, 4). HAMRICK, LESLIE DIANE Cliffside A B. IN EDUCATION Baptist Student Union (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Dormitory House Council (4) HANCHEY, CHARLES BESS Wallace AB, IN RECREATION ADMINISTRATION. HANSON, BARBARA LEE Villanova, Pa. B S IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Alpha Gamma Delta. Angel Flight (3); Dormitory Officer (1); Panhellenic Council (21; Student Government Committee (3); University Party (1, 2, 3); Women ' s Honor Council (3); YacKety Yack (2). Poge 304 CLASS OF 1964 HARDY, CAROL HYSELOP AS. m ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. University Party (3, 4); W.A.A. (3). HARRELL, JAMES WAITUS, JR. B.S. IN PHYSICS. Y.M.C.A, (1, 3, 4); Physics Club (3, 4). Warrenton Rose Hill HARRELL, MANFRED F. Columbia Counselor (4); Student Party (2, 3, 4); HARRELSON, THOMAS JOSEPH Southport A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Y.R.C. (2, 4); Y.M.C.A. (4); Outing Club (1, 2). HARRINGTON, JEAN PARKER Lumberton H.B, IN FRENCH EDUCATION. C.U.S.C. (4); Student N.E.A. (4); Student Party (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). HARRIS, LUETTA A.B. IN HISTORY. Orientatir Columbia, S. C. I Counselor (4); Tennis (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3). HARRISON, REGINALD WOODROW, JR. Charlotte A B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Upsilon; Alpha Phi Omega. Carolina Handbook (1. 2); Class Cabinet |2, 3, 4i; C US.C. (3, 4i; I. E.G. (3, 4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3. 4): Student Government Committee (3, 4): Student Legislature (3, 4); Student Party (2. 3, 4); University Party (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3, 4); Campus Chest (2, 3, 4); Freshmen Camp Counselor (2, 3, 4). HARTLEY, CHARLES LEE Lenoir A.B. IN ENGLISH. N.SA. (1,1. HARTLEY, LAURENCE ARPAD Chapel Hill A.B. IN ECONOMICS. N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2): Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Old North State Club. HARWELL, SHARON LYNN Augusta, Ga. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Wesley Foundation (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). HATLEY, MARY HILL Albemarle A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Future Teachers of America (4); Westminster Fellowship (3. 4). HAWKINS, HUBERT WILSON, JR. Madison HAYES, JOHNNY MARTIN Belmont H.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Kappa Alpha. HAYS, WILLIAM ARTHUR, JR. Franklin A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Phi Omega. Cosmopolitan Club (1); Di-Phi Senate (1), President (2. 3); Dormitory Officer (2. 3, 4); Student Government Committee, Chairman (4); Student Legislature (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.R.C. {1, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1); Society of Janus (3, 4). HAYWOOD, ROGER KENT B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Baptist Student Union (2, 3, 4). Mount Gilead HEACOCK, DONALD ROBERT Washington, D. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Upsilon, President. G.M.A.B. (41: I.F.C. (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). HEARN, GAIL C. Bradenton, Fla. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Delta, President. Class Cabinet (4); Panhellenic Council (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4): Campus Chest Committee; University Party. HEATH, NANCY ISABEL Charlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta. Orientation Counselor (4); Student Legisla- ture (3); Student N.E.A. (3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. HEATHERLY, CHARLES RAY Canton A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Sigma Delta Chi. Baptist Student Union (2); Daily Tar Heel (2), Debate Council 12, 3, 4); Di-Phi Senate (2, 3); N.S.A. (2, 3); University Party (3, 4); Y.R.C. (2, 3, 4). HEAVNER, FREDRICK FRANKLIN B.S, IN MARKETING. HELBEIN, ISAAC ROBERT Lincolnton Charlotte A.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tau Epsilon Phi. Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); I.F.C. (1). HELLEKSON, JOYCE LEA Maxton HELMS, WALTER LEE, JR. Charlotte B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Baptist Student Union (3); Cardboard; Orientation Com- mittee i3i; Orientation Counselor (3); Student Party; Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4). HEMPHILL, MARY ELIZABETH Rockingham A.B. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi. Orientation Counselor (4); Student Govern- ment Committee (3, 4); Student N.E.A. (3); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3). Page 305 SENIORS Caldwell, N.J. HENDERSON, RICHARD B. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Tennis (1, 2, 3, 4). HENLEY, THOMAS FRANKLIN Chapel Hill A.B, IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Eta Sigma. Carolina Playmakers (4); I.D.C. (3); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Order of the Grail (3. 4): Orientation Counselor (3); Track (1, 2, 3), Co-Captain (4); Y.M.C.A. (1); Honors Program; Morehead Scholar. HENRY, DAVID PATTERSON, II Chapel Hill A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Beta Theta Pi. Baptist Student Union (1); Class Cabinet (2); Football (1, 2, 3); i.F.C. (3. 4); N.S.A. (2); Student Government Committee (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Legislature (3, 4); Track (1, 2, 3, 4); University Party (2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Morehead Scholar. HENSON, RONALD COLIN Otto A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. G.M.A.B. (3, 4): Student Party (1, 2); Y.R.C. (1, 3). HERBERT, DOROTHY KATHRYN Morristown, N. J. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Future Teachers of America; Student Party; Westminster Fellowship: Y.W.C.A. HERRING, GLENN ALDERMAN, JR. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Wilmington New Orleans, La. HESSE, RICHARD JENNESS A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma. Canterbury Club (3); Carolina Sym- posium (2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1). HEYWOOD, HELEN CLAIRE Chattanooga, Tenn. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Alpha Theta. Dormitory Officer (4); Future Teachers of America (1); Newman Club (2); Splash Club (1); Student N.E.A. (2); W.A.A. (2); YD.C. (II; Y.W.C.A. (2); Stray Greeks. HICKS, BEN H. Henderson A.B. IN GERMAN. HIGH, SUSAN SCHOONOVER Fairfield, Conn. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega. Order of the Beanbirds (3, 4); Orientation Counselor 14); Student Party (3. 4); University Chorus (4). HIGHSMITH, STEPHANIE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student Party (4); Y.D.C. (3); Y.W.C.A. (4). HIGHT, ELNA KATHERINE A.B. IN ENGLISH. Orientation Counselor (4). Robersonville Henderson HILE, DIANE LOUISE Charlotte A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Kappa Delta. Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); N.S.A. (3); Newman Club (3, 4); Press Club (3, 4); student Party (3, 4); Y.R.C. (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). HILL, CAROLEN DOLLISON A.B. IN EDUCATION. HILL, EDWARD HARVIE, JR. Plymouth A.B. IN CHEMISTRY AND ENGLISH. Phi Gamma Delta. Golf (1. 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (2 3 4)- Orientation Counselor (2, 3, 4); Wesley Foundation (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (2). Fairmont, W. Va. HILL, FRANKLIN NEAL A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. HILL, HOYLE DURWARD A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. HILL, LARRY EURIS B.S. IN BACTERIOLOGY. Rutherfordton Charlotte Asheville HILLER, ROBERT ERIC Coral Gables, Fla. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Pi Lambda Phi. Swimming (1, 2, 3); Y.D.C. (1, 2). HIMES, SAMUEL HILBURN, JR. West Palm Beach, Fla A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Tau Omega. Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); NR.OT.C. (1, 2, 3. 4) Orientation Counselor (4): Student Government Committee (3, 4); Student Legislature (3 4) University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). HINES, NEILL JUDSON, III Elizabethtown B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Newton Grove Williamsburg, Va. HOBBS, ALFRED SCALES A.B. IN ANTHROPOLOGY. HOBBS, CHARLES McAULAY A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (2). HOBBS, JAMES M. Kinston B.S. IN MARKETING. Delta Upsilon. Class Cabinet (2, 3); Orientation Counselor (3); Student Government Committee (3); Student Party (1, 2, 3); University Party (2, 3, 4); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). Page 306 CLASS OF 1964 HODGES, HENRY LATHAM, JR. Washington A.B. IN RELIGION, Phi Gamma Delta. Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Mono- gram Club (4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). HODGES, JOSEPH LAURENCE, III South Boston, Va. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. A.F.R.O.TC. (1, 2, 3, 4); Arnold Air Society (2, 3, 4); Daily Tar Heel (2, 3); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4). HODGES, VICKY JANE A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Dormitory Officer (4). Wilmington HOEHN, EDWARD GEORGE, III Winchester, Mass, A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Tennis (1, 2, 3), Co-Captain (4). HOFFMAN, BURT MERRIL Maplewood, N. J. A.B, IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Baseball (1); Carolina Forum (4); Carolina Symposium (3); Cosmopolitan Club (4); Dormitory Officer (3, 4); N.R.O.T.C. (1); Student Party (3, 4); Wrestling (1, 2); Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). HOFFMAN, CHERYL ELAINE Charlotte A.B. IN HISTORY EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Orientation Counselor (4); Women ' s Residence Council; Y.W.C.A. HOFLER, JAMES CARROL A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. HOLDEN, CARL MITCHELL, JR. as. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HOLDERNESS, GEORGE ALLAN, B.S. iN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sunbury Brevard Chevy Chase, Md. HOLDERNESS, JAMES BRASWELL Tarboro A.B, IN ENGLISH AND HISTORY. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Class Cabinet (3); Orientation Com- mittee (4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3, 4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Westminster Fellovi- ship (1, 2); Attorney General ' s Staff (3, 4). HOLLAND, ELIZABETH SUE Fayetteville A.B, IN SOCIAL STUDIES, Kappa Delta. Canterbury Club (3, 4); Future Teachers of America (4); Student N,E,A. (3. 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). HOLLINGSWORTH, JOHN FREDERICK Wilson A,B, IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Dormitory Officer (1, 2): Y.D.C. (3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3); Petite Dramatique. HOLLOMAN, BETSY FALLS A,B, IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. HOLMES, WILLIAM BALLARD B.S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Goldsboro Chappaqua, N. Y. HOLT, NANCY LOU Falls Church, Va. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Class Cabinet (4); N.S.A. (3); Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (3); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. {3, 4). HONEYCUTT, GINGER LEE B.S, IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. HONEYCUTT, THOMAS RHEH A,B, IN ECONOMICS. HOOPER, RONALD DALE B.S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Basketball (1). High Point Greenville Elkin Lawndale Middle Town, R. I. Boston, Mass. HORNADAY, BETTY LOU Biltmore A.B, IN CHEMISTRY, HORTON, FRED LANE, JR. Roanoke, Va. A,B, IN PSYCHOLOGY. Band (1, 21: Westminster Fellowship. HOUCK, GWENDOLYN MAE Charleston, W. Va. A B, IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, Chi Omega. Orientation Counselor (4); Student N.E.A. (3, 4); Student Party (3, 4); Campus Chest (3). Page 307 HOOVER, ROBERT CARL A,B, IN ENGLISH. HOPKINS, CHRISTINE MARAIS A.B, IN SOCIOLOGY. Dormitory House Council. HOPKINS, ROBERT DONALD B,S, IN PHYSICS. SENIORS HOUSE, MARVIN BAILEY Lincolnton A.B. IN HISTORY. Soccer (4); Wesley Foundation (4); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4). HOUSTON, ROSLYN EDWINA Atlanta, Ga. A B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi. Class Cabinet (3, 4); G.M.A.B. (3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Homecoming Court (3); Yackety Yack Beauty Court (3). HOWARD, EDWIN ROGER, JR. Winston-Salem B.S, IN GENERAL BUSINESS. Alpha Kappa Psi. Band (1, 2); Dance Committee (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 4). HOWE, DAVID WILLIAM Greensboro A.B, IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. Delta Upsilon. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Arnold Air Society (2, 3, 4); Tennis (1); Y.M.C.A. (4); Spanish Club (2, 3, 4). HOWE, JOHN ELMER, JR. Hamlet B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Publications Board (4); Y.M.C.ft. (1, 2, 3, 4); Yackety Yack (2, 3), Editor (4). HOWELL, CHARLES HERBERT A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Greensboro HOWELL, EMMA REDMOND Tarboro A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega. Orientation Counselor (4); Student N.E.A. (3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3). HOWELL, JAYNE LYNN Apex B S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Dormitory Officer (1, 2); Orientation Counselor (3). HOWELL, SHARON LEE Concord A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi. Dormitory Officer (3); Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government Committee {3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Student Government Board (3); Yackety Yack Beauty Court (3). HOYLE, BONNIE MARIE Henderson A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi. Class Cabinet (3); C.U.S.C. (4); Panhellenic Council (3, 4); Student Government Committee (3, 4); Y.W.C.A (3); Class Officer (3); Student Body Secretary (4); Yackety Yack Beauty Court (3). HOYLE, JOHN CRAWFORD A B. IN HISTORY. HOYLE, WILSON SMITH, JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Greensboro Henderson HUGHES, ROBERT KNOX Asheboro B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi Gamma Delta. Orientation Counselor (2, 3); University Party {1. 2,3). HULSE, WILLIAM FREDERICK B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. HUMPHREY, WILLIE WHITE A B. IN EDUCATION. Charlotte Richlands Charlottesville, Va. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Carolina Symposium (4); Panhellenic Council (4); Splash Club (3); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. HUNT, CAROLYN LEONARD A.B. IN EDUCATION. Y.D.C. (3, 4). HUMPHRIES, BETTY FORBES HUNTER, GENEVIEVE PRESTON Mingo, Iowa Asheville HUNTER, MILDRED ANN Charlotte A.B. IN HISTORY. Cardboard (3. 4): Westminster Fellowship {3, 4); Women ' s Residence Coun- cil (3). HURT, LAURIE TAYLOR Charlotte A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Delta Delta Delta. G.M.A.B. (4); Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. |3. 41. HURWITZ, ABBY S. New Rochelle, N. Y. A.B. IN DRAMATIC ART AND FRENCH. Cosmopolitan Club (4); Carolina Playmakers (3, 4); Student Theatre Workshop; Petite Dramatique. HUSKE, ISAAC MANNING Cooleemee A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Phi. Canterbury Club (I, 4); I.F.C. (3. 4); University Party 11, 2, 3, 4): Y.M.C.A. {1, 4), HYMAN, LOUIS EPHRAIM Baltimore, Md. B S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, CM.A.B. (1); Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Party (1, 2, 3); Y.D.C. (2); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4); Intramurals (1, 2, 3). I ' ANSON, MAY FRANCES TUTTLE Portsmouth, Va. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Delta Delta Delta. University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Page 308 CLASS OF 1964 000 f l Bf lM CLAUD CARROLL, JR. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Golf (1). ISENHOUR, SANFORD EUGENE IVES, CHARLES LUTHER, III B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Big Four Sports Day (3, 4). Greensboro Statesville Dramatics Raleigh IVES, PENELOPE ELISE Raleigh A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dormitory Officer (4); Student N.E.A. (3, 4). JACKSON, DIANE JUNE Omaha, Neb. A.B. IN ENGLISH AND HISTORY. Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Yackety YacK (4); Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). JACKSON, DONALD WILKERSON Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Dormitory Officer, President (3); I.D.C. (3); Intramural Manager (3, 4). JACKSON, ROY CLIFTON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. JACKSON, WAYNE ALFORD A.B, IN ENGLISH. N.R.O.TC. (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Class Finance Committee. JAMES, DIXIE YVONNE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Dance Committee (3); W.A.A. (3). Raleigh Tarboro Summerfield Marion W inter Park, Fla. Hickory Roanoke Rapids nen ' s Honor Council Winston-Salem Woodmere, N. Y. B.S. IN MARKETING. Zeta Beta Tau, President (4). Carolina Handbook (3); Golf (4); Hillel Foundation (1, 2); I.F.C. (3, 4); Men ' s Honor Council (2, 3, 4); Orientation Committee (3); Orientation Counselor (2); Student Government Committee (4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4). JAMES, ROBERT LEE B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. JAMES, SALLY LOREE A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi. JAMISON, FORREST ROBERT A.B. IN HISTORY. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Arnold Air Society (3, 4). JARMAN, DOROTHY COLEMAN JARRETT, JAMES PAUL, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Carolina Christian Fellowship (3, 4). JASON, PETER H. JEGERMANIS, VALTS E. Chapel Hill A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Carolina Playmakers (3, 4); Radio Work- shop (3, 4). JOHNSON, ROBERT HARRY Charlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Phi Omega. Y.R.C. (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1). JOHNSON, ROBERTA ANN Raleigh A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi. Orientation Counselor (1); University Party (2); Carolina Raleigh Oxford snate (4); Asheville Charlotte onor Council 4). Chapel Hill JOLLY, JOHN RUSSELL, JR. Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Alpha. Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (1, 4); Y.M.C.A. Page 309 JOHNSON, SIGURD ARTHUR B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Petite Dramatique (3). JOHNSON, THOMAS LANE JOHNSON, WILLIAM MARSHALL B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Y.M.C.A. {3, 4); Nev»man Club (4). JOHNSTON, JOHN GARDNER JOLLEY, VIRGINIA RAY A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. SENIORS JONES, CHARLES PARKER Goldsboro A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Student Party (3, 4); Y.D.C. (4); Economics Club. JONES, MARTH VERLEHE Chapel Hill A.B. IN SPANISH. W.A.A. (1, 2); Y.D.C. (1, 2). JONES, NANCY LOUISE Charlotte A B IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta. Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). JONES, NANCY MARILYN Garner AB IN EDUCATION. Kappa Delta. Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (3); Student N.E.A. (4); Student Parly; Y.W.C.A. (4). JONES, ROBERT BROOK Greensboro A B IN CHEMISTRY. St. Anthony Hall; Phi Eta Sigma. Publications Board (3); Student Govern- ment (4); Student Legislature (2. 3); University Party (3, 4); German ' s Club (2). JONES, ROBERT O ' BRIEN Winston-Salem A.B. IN GERMAN. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). JONES, STEVE MICHAEL Concord AB IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. Chi Phi; Phi Beta Chi. N.R.O.T.C. (1. 2, 3); Orientation Counselor (2); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3); Semper Fidelis Society. JONES, SUSAN LYNN Huntington, W. Va. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Sigma Kappa. Student N.E.A. (3): House Council (3); Stray Greeks. JOYNER, WHITMEL MADISON Weldon AB IN ENGLISH. Carolina Forum; Dormitory Officer (4); I. DC, Praesidium; Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Government Committee; Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. Seminar Director (4); Intramurals Manager. JULIAN, DANIEL LEE Salisbury A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Canterbury Club (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1). KALKHURST, MAE ELIZABETH Raleigh AB IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, Pi Beta Phi. Student N. E.A. (3, 4); University Party (3, 4); W.A.A. (4); Senior Class Committee (4); Campus Chest (3). KALLENBACK, BARBARA ELLEN B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Fairfax, Va. KATZ, ARTHUR STEVE Williston Park, N. Y. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baseball (3); Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4). KATZ, ROBIN ARTHUR Lido Beach, N. Y. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Lambda Phi. Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); Intramural Manager (2, 3). KEISTLER, WILLIAM BRADLEY A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Westminster Fellov ship (3, 4); Outing Club (3). Charlotte KELLEHER, ESTHER WINTERS Walkertown A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Newman Club (4); Student N.E.A. (2): W.A.A. (2). KELLERMAN, GEORGE ROUNTREE Honolulu, Hawaii A B. IN HISTORY. Chi Psi. AFR.OT.C. (11; Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (1, 2, 3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 4). KEMP, THOMAS LAW, III Chapel Hill B.S. IN MARKETING. Chi Psi. N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3); Student Gov- ernment Committee (4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.R.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1). KENAN, AGNES CLAY Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Class Cabinet (4); Newman Club (3); Orientation Coun- selor (4); University Party (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). KENDALL, DONALD WILSON KENERLY, SUSAN GREY A.B. IN MATHEMATICS EDUCATION. Dormitory Officer (4); Y.D.C. (3, 4). Charlotte Brevard KENNERLY, LUCY CAGE Knoxville,Tenn. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega. Orientation Counselor (3); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4|. KERR, THOMAS JACKSON Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. KETNER, JOHN HERMAN, JR. Chapel Hill B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE. Lutheran Student Association (1, 2); N.R.O.T.C. (1); Student Party {1, 2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. (3, 4); Economics Club (3, 4). Page 310 CLASS OF 1964 KIMZEY, RONALD MARTIN Framingham, Mass. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Alpha Tau Onega; Phi Eta Sigma. Orientation Counselor (2); Student Legislature (2); Student Gouernment Committee (2); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3. 4). KING, BENNY E. Asheville A.B. IN ENGLISH. KING, JOHN THOMAS Concord A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Unsilon. Daily Tar Heel (31: Golf (1); Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Student Director (4); Orientation Counselor (4): WUNC-TV (2). KING, ROBERT JAMES, JR. Wallace B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. KING, WILLIAM DOUGLAS Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Cheerleader (1, 2, 3, 4); Football (1); N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3, 4): Orientation Committee (3. 4); Orientation Counselor (2); Sound and Fury (1): University Party (1, 2, 3, 4): C.A.A., President (4). KINLAW, GHENTLEE WOMACK A.B. IN STUDIO ART. Student Wives Club (2); Parapsychology Club (3, 4). Chapel Hill KINNEY, BURNLEY BROCKENBROUGH Greensboro A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi. Class Cabinet (3): Orientation Counselor (4); Student N.E.A. (3. 4): W.A.A. (3): Women ' s Residence Council (4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). KINNEY, GEORGE SANDIFER Hendersonville A.B. IN RECREATION ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpha. Football (1, 2, 3, 4): University Party. KLINKER, BRIAN PAUL South Deerfield, Mass. A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. Phi Kappa Sigma. Cosmopolitan Club; N.R.O.T.C; Newman Club: Orientation Counselor; Sv«imming (1); Lacrosse (4). KLYCE, EMILY MERIWETHER Memphis, Tenn. A.B. IN HISTORY. Chi Omega. Carolina Forum (3); Carolina Symposium (4): Class Cabinet (3); Dormitory Officer (3); G.M.A.B. (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government Com- mittee (4). KNIGHT, ANNE BRADLEY A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. KORSCHUN, ROBERT STEVEN B.S IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Y.D.C. Chapel Hill Goldsboro KORTNER, COLEMAN KEITH Greenwich, Conn. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Football (3. 4); I. DC. (2); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Track (1); Wrestling (2, 3); Y.M.C.A. KYLE, NINETTE Washington, D. C. AB IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Carolina Women ' s Council (4); Dormitory Officer (4); W.A.A. (3, 4). LANE, DALLAS SCOH Stantonsburg B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Alpha Phi Omega. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1); Orientation Counselor (4). LANGLEY, RUFUS BENJAMIN Four Oaks B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kaopa Psi, President. Dance Committee (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Government Committee (2|: Yackety Yack (2); Y.M.C.A. (2); Professional I.F.C. LANKFORD, FRANK GREENFIELD, III Farmville, Va. A.B. IN ENGLISH Delta Kappa Epsilon. Baseball (1); Gimghoul (2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (2. 3, 4): N.R.O.T C. (1. 2. 3, 4i: Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4): Splash Club (1, 2); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4). LANKFORD, SHELTON FRANK North Wilkesboro A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); Y.D.C. (3, 4): Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4): N.R.O.T.C. Drill Team (1, 2), Commander (3. 4): Semper Fidelis Society (4). LARRICK, JAMES KENNETH La Grange Park, B.S IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Lambda Chi Alpha. Dormitory Officer (3): Orientstion Coun- selor (3): Student Government Committee (1, 2, 3. 4); University Party (4); Wesley Foundation (!)• Y.R.C. (3. 4): Y.M.C.A. (1); Honor Systems Commission (3); Campus Chest |2). LASATER, THOMAS STEDMAN A.B. IN EDUCATION. LASHLEY, CAROLE LANE A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Bunnlevel Burlington LASITTER, MOSES DOW, JR. Morehead City A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Gamma Delta. Football (1, 2. 3); University Party (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3,4). LATANE, JAMES WELLINGTON, III Charlotte B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Student Party (3, 4); Y.D.C. !3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). LAUGHLIN, JO ALICE Chester, Va. A B IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Panhellenic Council (3, 4); University Party (3, 4); W.A.A. (3, 4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Page 3 I 1 SENIORS Raleigh LAWRENCE, ANN PARRISH Richmond, Va. A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3, 4); Wesley Foundation (4); Y.W.C.A. i3). LAWRENCE, DONALD GRAY B,S. IN ACCOUNTING. Delta Sigma PI. LAWRENCE, SANDRA DOTSON Charlotte A.B. IN FRENCH EDUCATION. Carolina Women ' s Council (3, 4): Dormitory Officer (3)- NSA (4); Student N.E.A. (4). , ■ ■ . LAWRENCE, WILLIS RAY Raleigh B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. LEACH, SALLY JOHNSTON Littleton A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Delta Delta Delta. University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. LeBLANC, JOHN WEBER Fayetteville A.B. IN HISTORY. G.M.A.B. (4); Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2); Student Parly (4); Lutheran Student Association (1). LEDER, CHARLES LOUIS Goldsboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Lambda Phi. Dance Committee (1); Hillel Foundation (1. 2, 3. 4): Student Government Committee (3); University Party (1, 4). LEDGERWOOD, HARRIET KAY Oak Ridge, Tenn. A.B. IN HISTORY. Chi Omega. Angel Flight (3, 4): Dormitory Officer (3); Orientation Counselor (4); Student N.E.A.; Student Party; Westminster Fellowship (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (4). LEE, JOHN MICHAEL Gastonia LEE, RONALD EARL Wilmington A.B. IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Di-Phi Senate (4); Newman Club (3, 4); University Party (4). LEGGETT, ROBERT FRANKLIN, JR. Lumberton A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Y.M.C.A. (3. 4). LEGLER, MITCHELL WOOTEN Memphis, Tenn. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Delta Upsilon; Phi Eta Sigma. Cardboard (1); Student Party (1, 2, 3, 41; Y.M.C.A. {!}. LEHRER, STEVEN EDWARD Woodmere, N. Y. A B. IN HISTORY. Dormitory Officer (2. 3); Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); I.D.C. (2. 3); Orienta- tion Counselor (3); Student Government Committee (3); Student Party (3)i Wrestling (2 3); Aquaholics (2). ' LENNON, RICHARD SIMPSON, JR. Kings Mountain BS IN PHYSICS AF.ROTC. (2. 3, 4); Arnold Air Society (2, 3, 4); Scabbard and Blade (3, 41; American Institute of Physics (4). LEONARD, CYNTHIA A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Press Club (3, 4); U.N.C. Journalist. Ramseur Savannah, Ga. LEVIN, JUDITH SHARON Washington, D. C. A.B. IN HISTORY. Hillel Foundation (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4). LEVINE, JOSEPH A.B. IN ENGLISH. LEVINE, SARAH ESTHER Raleigh A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (3 41- Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). J ' w, I- LEVINE, SHARON FERN LEWIS, CAROLINE WORRELL A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Kappa Gamma. LEWIS, EBEN WILLINGHAM, JR. Beaufort, S. C. Baltimore, Md. Jacksonville, Fla. LEWISOHN, RICHARD, III New York, N.Y. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Chi Psi. Cheerleader (2, 3, 4); Class Cabinet (2 3V Football (1); N.R O.T.C. il. 2, 3, 4); Orientation Committee (3); Orientation Counselor (2); Track (1 21- University Party (1, 2. 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). LILLARD, ELIZABETH JANE Blacksburg, Va. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi. Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (3, 4). LINCOLN, CHARLES HOWARD Smyrna B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). Page 312 CLASS OF 1964 LINEBERGER, CASON Belmont A B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega. Class Cabinet (3, 4); Student N.E.A. (4); Student Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. LINKER, DOROTHY WADDELL Chapel Hill A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Canterbury Club (2, 3, 4)r Student Party (3); Y.D.C. (2). LINKER, JULIUS DODD, JR. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Clemmons LITTLE, SUSAN ELIZABETH Avondale Estates, Ga. A B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Chi Omega. Westminster Fellowship (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3); Stray Greeks (3, 4). LimE, WILLIE MELVIN, JR. Selma A.B. IN ECONOMICS. LIVERMAN, BETTY MICHAEL Roanoke Rapids A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Class Cabinet (1, 2, 4); Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); N.S.A. (41; Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (4); Student N.E.A. (4); University Party (2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (4); S.N. A. (1). LLOYD, VIRGINIA ANN Chapel Hill A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Cardboard (2, 3, 4); Student N.E.A. (2); Town Girls ' Club LOFTIN, COLIN K. AS. IN SOCIOLOGY. LOFTIS, ALTON TAYLOR A.B. IN ENGLISH. LOGUE, CAROLYN CLEMENTS Montgomery, Ala. Piedmont, S. C. Atlanta, Ga. LOVE, DIANE Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Delta. University Party (3, 4); Yackety Yack (41; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). LOVE, RODNEY RAEFORD Charlotte A.B. IN RELIGION. Westminster Fellovuship (3, 4); Cardboard (3), President (4). LOVE, WILLIAM BAYNS Baltimore, Md. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. A.F.R.O.T.C. (11; Canterbury Club (41; Dormitory Officer (1. 21; I. DC. (1, 21; Student Party (2, 3); University Party (4); Y.D.C. (4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 21; Lacrosse (1, 41. LOWE, JERRIE DEAN A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3); Y.W.C.A. (3). LOWE, KIRBY B. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. LOWE, RICHARD EMORY A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Class Cabinet (3); Student Party (11. LOWE, ROBERT FIELDING A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Psi. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 31. LOWRY, KATHARINE ELIZABETH Charlotte Wilkesboro Cramerton Fairmont Jackson LYNCH, WILSON LOCKE Spartanburg, S, C. A.B. IN ART. Beta Theta Pi. Wrestling (1). LYNN, CY KELLIE, JR. Valdese A.B. IN ENGLISH. IDC. (3, 4); Dormitory Officer (2. 31. President (4). LYNN, GEORGE DENNIS, JR. Mountain Home A.F.B., Idaho A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. A.F.R.O.T.C; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade. LYON, MARGARET DENNE A B IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. McABOY, MARY SHEILA Arlington, Va. McLean, Va. McADAMS, DELMAR WARREN Swepsonville A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Cardboard (1); Wesley Foundation (1, 21; Daily Tar Heel (21. Page 313 SENIORS McAllister, douglas roger High Point A.B. IN HISTORY. Tau Kappa Epsilon. Class Cabinet {3, 4); G.M.A.B. (4); Yackely Yack (4). McAllister, william howard, hi pittsboro A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. McARTHUR, DOUGLAS RAY Red Springs A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Stamford, Conn. McCarthy, ralph eugene A.B. IN ENGLISH. Track (1); Varsity Lacrosse (3). McCLAIN, FRANCES ENLOE Charlotte A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega; Gamma Beta Epsilon. Student N.E.A. (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). McCOLLUM, JOHN CARL Pittsboro A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Delta Sigma Pi. University Party (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4). Pilot Mountain Mccormick, russell h. A E. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. McDANIEL, GEORGE DAWSON, JR. Bronxville, N. Y. A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Delta Theta. Orientation Counselor (2); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); V estminster Fellowship; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 4); Campus Chest (1, 2). McDEVITT, LARRY STEPHEN Skyland A B IN ENGLISH. Beta Theta Pi. Amphoterothen (3, 4); Basketball (1); Carolina Symposium (4); Class Cabinet (1, 2, 3); I.F.C. (1, 2); N. .A. (1, 2); Order of the Grail (2. 3, 4); Order of the Old Well (3. 4); Order of the Beanbirds (2, 3, 4); Orientation Committee (2, 3); Student Government Committee (1, 2); Student Legislature (1, 2, 3); Track (I, 4); University Party (1, 2. 3, 41; Westminster Fellowship (1); Presidential Assistant (3); Morehead Scholar. McDonald, JAMES JOHN Harrington, Del. A B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3, 4); Arnold Air Society (3, 4); Class Cabinet (2); Dormitory Officer (3); Orientation Counselor (4); Century Squadron (1, 2). Mcdonald, ruth anna Carthage A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3, 4); Westminster Fellowship (3, 4); Yackety Yack (3): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Mcdonald, Virginia dare Rockingham A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Band (3, 4); Dormitory Officer (4); Student N.E.A. (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. mcentire, jerrill lee A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (2, 3, 4). McGRAW, MARCUS PAGE A.B. IN ENGLISH. Mcintosh, betty nell Old Fort Gaithersburg, Md. West Palm Beach, Fla. Hamlet Alexandria, Va. McKEE, CHARLES FREDERICK i..B. IN HISTORY. A.F.R.O.T.C. (2): Y.D.C. (2). McKENNAN, WILLIAM WHIPPLE A B. IN HISTORY. N.R.O T C (1). Mckenzie, victoria Bellamy Laurinburg A.B. IN EDUCATION. Future Teachers of America (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). McKETHAN, WILLIAM ALEXANDER Fayetteville A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2); Dormitory Officer (1, 2); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2); Y.M C.A (1, 2). McKIBBIN, THOMAS D. Leicester B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Cardboard (3); Y.R.C. (4). McLAMB, JOHN GORDON Benson B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Baptist Student Union (2, 3, 4); I.D.C. (2, 3). McLEOO, ALEXANDER B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. McLEOD, GERALD GRAHAM B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. McMEANS, KENNETH DALE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Albemarle Sanford Winston-Salem Page 314 CLASS OF 1964 McMillan, Elizabeth wiison A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY, GM.AB. (4); Westminster Fellowship (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). McMillan, JOHN B. Southern Pines A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Tau Omega. C.U S.C. (3. 4); Order of the Beanbirds (2, 3, 4)i Orientation Conselor (3); Student Government Committee (3. 4); Student Legislature (2, 3)t Tennis (I); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). McNAIRY, SAMUEL WALTER Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION- Beta Gamma Sigma. Golf (1, 2); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, 3. 4); Freshman Honors Program. McREE, ARCHIE DALE Newton A.B. IN RELIGION. Baseball (1); Y.M.C.A. (4). McSWEENEY, BRYAN DOUGLAS Hewlett, N. Y. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa. Basketball (1. 2, 3, 4); Mono- gram Club (2, 3, 4): Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4). MABE, PEARLIE SPRUNT Clinton B.S. IN ACCOUNTING, MacCONNELL, JEFFREY A. Washington, D. C. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. MacFADYEN, ALEXANDER GRAHAM, JR. Charlotte A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Delta Upsllon. N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 41; Press Club (4); Wrestling (2); Y.R.C. (4); Semper Fidelis Society. MaclNTYRE, DANIEL IRWIN, IV Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. NR.CTC. (3, 4): Westminster Fellowship (3, 4); Y.R.C. (3. 4). MACKLER, STEPHEN B. Smithfield Plainfield, N. J. MADSEW, JOHN EDWARD, JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Student Government Committee (2, 3,); Student Party (1); Y,M,C.A, (1, 2). MALLON, MICHAEL TYRONE Clarksville, Tenn. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Alpha Phi Omega. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2); Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Caro- lina Symposium (4); Cosmopolitan Club (3. 41: G.M.A.B. (3, 4); Student Party (3, 4); Y.R.C. (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (3. 41 Gastonia Chesapeake, Va. Chapel Hil MANESS, MARY JO A.B, IN ENGLISH EDUCATION, MANN, HAROLD THOMPSON A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Sigma Nu, President (41. Class Cabinet (21; Dance Committee (2); I.F.C. (3, 41; Monogram Club (2, 3. 41; Order of Golden Fleece (3, 41; Orientation Counselor (2); Swimming (1, 2. 31, Co-Captain (41; University Party (2, 3. 41; Fellowship of Christian Athletes (2. 3, 41. MANNING, CAROL STUART A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi. Class Cabinet (3); Daily Tar Heel (3); Y.W.C.A. (3). MANSFIELD, BARBARA ANN Jacksonville, Fla. B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY, Alpha Gamma Delta. Orientation Counselor (4); Student Party (3, 4); W.A.A, (3, 4): Yackety Yack (3); Y,W.C.A. (3, 41. MARKATOS, JERRY LEONIDAS Wilmington A.B. IN ENGLISH AND COMPARATIVE LITERATURE. Wesley Foundation (2). MARLOWE, WILLIAM BURTON Spray B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS, Alpha Kappa Psi. MARSHALL, MARY COL EMAN Winston-Salem A,B, IN MATHEMATICS EDUCATION, Chi Omega; Gamma Beta Epsilon. Class Cabinet (3. 4); Orientation Committee (4); Student Party (3, 41; Tennis (31; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Yackety Yack Beauty Court (31, MARTIN, ALICE VICTORIA Jamesville A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (41; Student Party (3, 4); W.A.A, (4); YWCA, (3. 41. MARTIN, MARGARET ELIZABETH A.B. IN SOCIAL STUDIES. Mount Olive Washington MARTIN, ROBERT GALE Jonesville A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Dormitory Officer, President (2); I.D.C. (2, 3); Wrestling (11. MASON, JOSEPH EUGENE B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. Student Party (21. MASON, LAWRENCE WILLIAN Fayetteville A,B, IN JOURNALISM, Sigma Delta Chi. Carolina Quarterly (31; Press Club (41; Soccer (11; Student Party (1, 2, 3, 41; Bachelor ' s Club (3. 4j, Page 315 SENIORS MASON, LELAND PATTEN New Bern B.S. IN MARKETING, Pi Kappa Alpha. MASON, MARY FRENCH Montclair, N. J. A.B, IN ART HISTORY. Chi Omega; Gamma Beta Epsilon. Class Cabinet (3, 4); Tennis (3, 4). MASSIE, KENT BELMORE Waynesboro, Va. A.B. IN HISTORY. Band (1, 3, 4); N.R.O.T.C. (1, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1). MASTEN, WILLIAM ASHBURN, JR. Winston-Salem A.B. IN HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Men ' s Glee Club (3, 4). MATHESON. BARBARA LOUISE Asheville B.S, IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. G.M.A.B. Committee (3). MAHHEWS, BRAXTON RAY Kipling B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, A,F,R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Arnold Air Society (3, 4). MATTHEWS, MARJORIE WALL Chapel Hill A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Y.W.C A. (3. 4). MATTHEWS, WALTER FORREST, III Raleigh B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Dormitory Officer. MAULDIN, CLARENCE EDWARD, JR. Fayetteville B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL REUTIONS. Student Party (3, 4); Y.D.C. (4); Y.M.C.A. (4); Intramurals (3. 4). MAURER, JULIE M. Montgomery, Ala. A.B, I N SOCIOLOGY, Cosmopolitan Club; Student Party; Y.W.C.A. MAYRAND, EVELYN CECILE Winston-Salem A B IN PSYCHOLOGY. Carolina Women ' s Council (3); Dormitory Officer (3); G.M.A.B. (4); Y.W.C.A. MEACHAM, MARY JANE Weldon A.B. IN EDUCATION. Class Cabinet (4); University Party (3, 4); Y.D.C. (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Modern Dance Club (3). MEADE, BETSY BARRINGTON Charlottesville, Va. A B IN FRENCH Kappa Kappa Gamma. Orientation Counselor; Student Government Committee; Student Legislature; University Party. MEDLIN, JOHN McRAE A B IN ENGLISH. Phi Eta Sigma. Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); Dormitory Officer (3). MELVIN, ROBERT FRANKLIN B.S. IN PHYSICS. Y.M.C.A. (3, 4); Physics Club (3, 4). Rome, Ga. Fayetteville MERRITT, BEN GILBERT, JR. Concord B.S IN CHEMISTRY Alpha Chi Sigma. MERRITT, JULIA FRANCES Mount Airy A B IN ENGLISH Pi Beta Phi. Cheerleader (4); Class Cabinet (3, 4); G.M.A.B. (4); Panhellenic Council (3. 4); Student Government Committee (3); Student Legislature (3, 4); Student Party (3, 4). METTS, GAYLE FREDRICKA Greensboro B.S, IN MATHEMATICS, Alpha Gamma Delta. Orientation Counselor (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). MICHAEL, PATRICK BOND Charlotte B.S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, MICHAELS, EDWARD GRIFFIN, III Monroeville, Ala. B S IN ACCOUNTING, Phi Delta Theta. Canterbury Club (1); G.M.A.B. (1); Men ' s Honor Council (2)- N R T C. (4); Order of the Old Well (2); Orientation Counselor (2); Scabbard and Blade (2); Student Government Committee (1); Tennis (1); University Party (4); Y.M.C.A. (4); Navy Quarterdeck. MILLER, BONNIE LEE Charlotte A B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Canterbury Club U); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Roanoke Rapids MILLER, DAVID JARMAN A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. WUNC-TV (3, 4). MILLER. EDMUND JOHN Larchmont, N. Y. AB IN AMERICAN HISTORY. Student Party (I); Westminster Fellov»ship (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. (3. 4); Y.M C A II, 2, 3, 4). MILLER, JOSEPH NORMAN New Rochelle, N. Y. B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Y.R.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Economics Club (3. 4). Page 316 CLASS OF 1964 MILLER, KENNETH R. Concord B,S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. MILLIS, ARCHIBALD EDWARD, JR. Fayetteville A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE AND GEOGRAPHY. Alpha Tau Omega. N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3, 4); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); Swimming (2, 3); University Party (1, 3). MILNER, NANCY ADA Hendersonvilie MISENHEIMER, ERNEST LUTHER, III Salisbury B S, IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Theta Chi. Tennis (4); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). MITCHELL, WILLIAM P. Goldsboro A.B. IN ENGLISH. MIHENDORF, WILLIAM KIRKWOOD Alexandria, Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha. Student Government Committee: Student Legislature (2, 3); Student Party (2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). Charlotte Eagle Springs MONAHAN, JOHN SHERRILL A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. MONROE, JOSEPH REECE, JR. A.B POLITICAL SCIENCE. Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3). MOORE, JOSEPH DANIEL, JR. Spartanburg, S. C. A.B. IN HISTORY. C.U.S.C. (3); Daily Tar Heel (1); Dormitory Officer, President (3); G.M.A.B. (2. 3). President (4); I.D.C. (3); Student Government Committee (1, 2. 31; Student Legislature (2); University Party (2, 3, 4); Y.R.C. (1, 2); G.M. Board of Directors, Chairman (4); Intra- murals (1, 2, 3, 4). MOORE, JOSEPH NORWOOD, JR. Durham A.B, IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Golf (3, 4); Swimming (1, 2, 3, 4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4). MOORE, PAUL ARRINGTON, JR. Clinton B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Zeta Psi. Baseball (1); Order of Minataurs (2, 3, 4); University Party il, 2, 3, 4). MOORE, STEVE FINDLEY Raleigh 8 S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Phi Omega; Beta Gamma Sigma. MORDE, CAROL LOUISE Arlington, Va. A B. IN RELIGION. Dormitory Officer (3); House Council (3); G.M.A.B. Committee (4); Orienta- tion Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (3); Westminster Fellowship (3, 4); Yackety Yatk (3. 4); Campus Chest (3). MORGAN, HARVEY Winston-Salem B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE. Tau Epsilon Phi. Cardboard (2); Class Cabinet Committee (41; Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3. 4); Student Party (1, 2, 3. 4). MORGAN, WARREN BICKETT, JR. Marshville A.B. IN HISTORY. MORRIS, MICHAEL KINGSBURY Jackson Heights, N. Y. A.B. IN ECONOMICS, Sigma Nu. Dormitory Officer (2); University Party (2, 3, 41; Y.R.C. (2, 3. 4.!. MORRIS, ROGER GUY A.B. IN HISTORY. MORROW, WILLIAM SHERROD A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Phi Omega. Oklahoma City, Okla. Mandarin, Fla. MOSER, ANTHONY MULL Greensboro A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2); Band (1). MUMMAW, HENRY HARRISON Lancaster, Pa. B.S- IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS, Dormitory Officer (1, 2, 3); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Swim- ming (1, 2. 3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1); D.O.M. MUMMAW, JOSEPH WILLIAM Lancaster, Pa. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT. Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Swimming {1, 2, 3, 4); D.O.M. MUNCY, THOMAS EDWARD Sunbury B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Cardboard (2, 3, 4); Dormitory Officer 31; Y.M.C.A. (11. MURNICK, ELLIOTT PAUL Raleigh A B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Tau Epsilon Phi. Basketball, Manager (1, 2, 3, 4); Carolina Sym- posium i3i; Cosmopolitan Club (4); Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Party {1, 2, 3. 4); Yackety Yack (31; Y.D.C. (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). MURPHY, DEWEY LEON Stokesdale A.B. IN EDUCATION. N.R.O.T.C. Rifle Team (1); Wesley Foundation (1, 2). Page 317 SENIORS Daytona Beach, Fla. MURPHY, EVELYN DARST Charlotte A B, IN ECONOMICS. Pi Beta Phi. Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Order of the Beanbirds (3, 4); Orientation Committee (3); Student Government Committee (3); Student Legislature W; Uni- versity Party (3, 4); Westminster Felloviship (4); Women ' s Honor Council (3); Y.W.C.A. (3); State Student Legislature (3). MURPHY, J. B., JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Delta Theta. MURPHY, ROBERT BRUCE Greensboro A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Chi, President. Carolina Playmakers (3); Dance Committee (3); University Party (2, 3, 4); Economics Club (3, 4). MURRAY, ELIZABETH G. Goldsboro A B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi. Orientation Counselor (4); Student Govern- ment Committee (3); Student N.E.A. (3, 4); University Party (3, 4)i Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). MUSE, CHARLES HUNTER B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT. Lambda Chi Alpha. MUSE, WINFRED R. B.S. IN BUSINESS. Alpha Kappa Psi. Baptist Student Union (1); Track (1). MYERS, CHRISTOPHER THOMAS A.B. IN FRENCH. NAGLE, CLYDE WILLIAM A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. NANCE, JOSEPH KINCHIN A.B. IN EDUCATION. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2); Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. Charlotte Belmont Sea Girt, N. J. Statesville Chadbourn NASH, DAVID CHARLES Chapel Hill A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Psi. Tennis (1, 2, 3, 4); University Party {1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). NASH, JOHN RAYMOND, JR. Charlotte A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Kappa Sigma. Order of the Beanbirds (3, 4); Order of Minataurs (2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3); Y.R.C. (4); Y.M.C.A. (1). NAUHEIM, STEPHEN ALAN Washington, D. C. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Tau Epsilon Phi. Cardboard (1, 2, 3, 4); Carolina Playmakers (1, 2); Class Cabinet (4); Daily Tar Heel (1); Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3); Student Government Committee {2, 3); Student Party (2, 3, 4); University Party (1). NEAL, JACK ALLEN High Point A.B. IN ENGLISH. Carolina Quarterly (2); Class Cabinet (3, 4); Daily Tar Heel (1); G.M.A.B. (4); Student Government Committee (3, 4); Yackety Yack (4); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). NEAL, JAMES BUSHNELL, JR. Raleigh A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Carolina Playmakers (2); Daily Tar Heel (2, 3, 4); Press Club (3, 4); Stu- dent Party (2, 3, 4); Westminster Fellowship (2). NELSON, JOSEPH REED Chapel Hill A.B. IN HISTORY. Pi Kappa Alpha. Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Tennis (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Morehead Scholar. NELSON, KAREN ANN Falls Church, Va. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Delta. Cosmopolitan Club (4); Orientation Counselor (4); W.A.A. (3, 4); Wesley Foundation (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3). NEVILLE, JOHN DAVENPORT Spring Hope A.B. IN HISTORY. Lambda Chi Alpha. Baptist Student Union (1); Student Party (2, 3); University Party (4); Yackety Yack (1). NEVILLE, WILLIAM DONALD B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Y.M.C.A. (1). Chapel Hil NEWLIN, CHARLES BENNETT Danville, Va. A.B. IN SPANISH. Chi Phi. Carolina Quarterly (1, 4): Class Cabinet (1, 2); Cosmopolitan Club (1); Orientation Counselor (3); Parlance (1); University Party (1, 2, 3). NEWSOME, LARRY WILSON B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. NEWTON, JAMES HENRY B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Kernersville Highlands NICHOLS, HERMAN GUDGER, JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Beta Theta Pi. Orientation Counselor (2); Unii minster Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4); Yatkety Yack (2). NICHOLSON, EDWIN PARMELEE A.B. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Band (1, 2, 3), President (4); N.R.O.T.C. {1, 2, 3, 4); Wind Ensemble (1, 2, 3, 4); Brass Ensemble (1, 2, 3, 4); Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4). Asheville iity Party (1, 2, 3, 4); West- Wyckoff, N. J. NICHOLSON, JUDITH CATHERINE Charlotte A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Kappa Delta. Orientation Counselor (4); Student N.E.A. (3, 4); University Party (3, 4); W.A.A. (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Page 318 CLASS OF 1964 NILES, LAWSON RAY Selma B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. NISLICK, ALEX DAVID South Orange, N. J. A.B. IN HISTORY. Tau Epsilon Phi. Hillel Foundation (1, 2); Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Tennis (1, 2). NOBLE, MARY ANN Ft. Meade, Md. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Angel Flight (2, 3), Commander (4): A.F.R.O.T.C, Little Major (3); Carolina Playmal(ers (1); Orientation Counselor (4); WUNC-TV (2). NOE, ROBERT SPILMAN, JR. Elkin A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Men ' s Honor Council (3); Orientation Counselor (3); University Party (4); CM. A.B. (3). NOELL, ROBERT NORMAN A.B. IN HISTORY. Y.M.C.A. (1, 4). NOELL, WILLIAM EDWARD B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Durham Raleigh OATES, SHARRON LEE Nashville, Tenn. A.B. IN SECOINDARY EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi. Future Teachers of America (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). O ' BRIEN, EDGAR H. Summit, N.J. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Cardboard (1, 2); Cosmopolitan Club (1. 2); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.R.C. (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 4); Spanish Club (4). ODOM, JEROME DAVID Burlington B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. Dormitory Officer (3); I.D.C. (3); Student Party (1, 2, 3); Y.M.C.A. (1). OETTINGER, ELMER ROSENTHAL, Chapel Hill A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Delta Upsilon, Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Beta Kappa. Basketball (1): Class Cabinet (1, 2, 3); Student Government Committee (2, 3); Student Legislature (4); Tennis {1, 2, 3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.D.C. (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Political Science Honors (3, 4). OGBURN, ROBERT GLENN, JR. Leaksville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpha. Dormitory Officer (1); Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (3, 4); Student Party (1); Track (1, 2); University Party (2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). OGDEN, WARREN COX, JR. New Orleans, La. A.B. IN HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Beta Theta Pi. Carolina Symposium (4); Student Government Committee (1, 2); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). OLDHAM, JAMES HOWARD Greensboro OLIVER, JOHN HILL Brooklyn, N. Y. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Men ' s Glee Club (2, 3); N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2). OLIVER, WILLIAM JOSEPH A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Outing Club (3, 4). Selma OPDYKE, RICHARD L Winston-Salem A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Lambda Chi Alpha. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Band (1, 2); I.F.C. (2, 3): Student Party (2). ORCUTT, DAVID STANLEY OROVAN, RONALD CHARLES B.S. IN MARKETING. Cardboard (3, 4); Statistician (2, 3, 4). Richmond, Va. Brooklyn, N. Y. ORR, ROWENA MARGARET Asheville A.B. IN ART EDUCATION. Kappa Delta. Cosmopolitan Club (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (4); Student N.E.A. (4); University Party (3. 4): Y.D.C. (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). OSTERGREN, ALLAN THEODORE Douglaston, N. Y. A.B. IN HISTORY. Cosmopolitan Club (4); Lutheran Student Association (4); Fencing Club (4). OUTWATER, DAVID WALDRON Pittsboro A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Future Teachers of America (3, 4). OWENS, MICHAEL RAY Walkertown A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Delta Upsilon, Alpha Epsilon Delta. Class Cabinet (4); Men ' s Glee Club (2, 3); N.S.A. (3); Orientation Counselor (4); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). PADGETT, JACQUELINE GRACE Savannah, Ga. A.B. IN FRENCH. Baptist Student Union (3, 4); Cosmopolitan Club (4); Dormitory Officer (3); W.A.A. (3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council (3); Y.D.C. (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). PARKER, JAMES JUDD Varina Page 319 SENIORS PARKER, JOHN EDGAR Gastonia B.S. IN STATISTICS. Student Government Committee (1. 2); Student Party (1, 2). PARKER, KELLIS EARL Kinston A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Band (1, 2); Cosmopolitan Club {1, 2, 3, 4); Debate Council (1, 2); Otder of the Grail (4); Student Government Committee (3, 4); Student Party (3, 4); Y.D.C. (4): Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Di-Phi Senate (4). PARKER, MANLEY CLARK Charlottesville, Va. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Plii Eta Sigma. Cardboard (3, 4); Student Party (2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 4). PARKER, MARTHA ANN Arcadia, Fla. A B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Omega. Angel Flight (3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W..A.; Eco- nomics Club; U.N. Collegiate Council. PARKER, PATRICIA ELAINE Greensboro A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Omega. Class Cabinet (3); Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). PARKER, PAULA JEAN Baton Rouge, La. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Student Party; Westminster Fellov ship; Y.W.C.A. PARKER, SARAH ELIZABETH Charlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Class Cabinet (3); Dormitory Officer (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Y.D.C. (3); Y.W.C.A. (4). PARKMAN, DAVID AMES A.B. IN ECONOMICS. PARKS, HARRY REID A B. IN STUDIO ART. Y.D.C. (1); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). Charlotte Robbins PARLIER, DAVID CECIL Spartanburg, S. C. Charlotte OS. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Delta Sigma Pi; Alpha Phi Omega. Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Daily Tar Heel (2); WUNC-TV (1). PARRISH, STEPHEN A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. PARROTT, ERWIN WALLACE Kinston A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Chi Omega. Class Cabinet (3); Panhellenic Council (4); Student Legislature (3, 4); University Party (3, 4). PARSONS, LARRY WAYNE Fayetteville A.B. IN ENGLISH. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Party (4); Y.D.C. (3, 4). PASSAMANECK, RANDl LEA B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Hillel Foundation (4). PASSAVANT, ALFRED HARRIS A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Y.R.C. (4); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). Danville, Va. Henderson PATCHELL, MARY BELLE Raleigh B.S. IN HEALTH EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (4); Cosmopolitan Club (4); Student Gov- ernment Committee; University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (4). PAULOS, RAYMOND JOHN A.B. IN EDUCATION. Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (4). PAYNE, JAMES ERIC B.S- IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Coraopolis, Pa. North Wilkesboro PAYNE, JEANNE JARVIS Norfolk, Va. A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Delta. Orientation Counselor (4); Splash Club (3); Student Govern- ment Committee (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). PAYNE, LYNDA GLENN A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). PEACOCK, EDWIN BRUTON, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Dormitory Officer (1). Whitakers Virginia Beach, Va. Fairfield, Conn. PEARCE, ARTHUR WILLIAMS, JR. A B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. St. Anthony Hall. Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); I.F.C. (3); N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3, 4); Publications Board (4); Student Government Committee (3). PEARLMAN, LOWELL RICHARD Asheville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Lambda Phi. Daily Tar Heel (3); Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Government Committee (3); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Yackety Yack (3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). Franklin Page 320 PEARSON, DOUGLAS LAMAR CLASS OF 1964 PECK, JAMES ROBERT Chapel Hill A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. PEDEN, PATRICIA ELAINE Greenville, S. C. A B. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi. Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (4); Student N.E.A. (4); Student Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Scholarship Committee (3, 4). PEELER, LILLIAN REBECCA Salisbury A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta. Class Cabinet (3); Orientation Committee (3): Stud ent N.E.A. (4); University Party (3); Y.W.C.A. (3). PEEPLES. JAMES WYLES Wilmington A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Westminster Fellowship (4). PEERY, ROBERT NELSON, JR. Newton A.B. IN GERMAN. Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa. Lutheran Student Association (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3); Order of the Grail (3, 4); Orientation Committee (3); University Chorus (2, 3. 4): Y.M.C.A. (3); International Students Board (2); Morehead Scholar. PELL, LINDA ATWATER A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pilot Mountain PENDER, MURRAY WILSON Charlotte B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. G.M.A.B. (3); Y.R.C. (4); Fencing Team (2, 3, 4); Fencing Club (2, 3, 4). PENNELL, EDWIN ADAM Taylorsville B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. PERKINS, WILLIAM MACK Elizabeth City A.B. IN ENGLISH. Y.R.C. (4). PERRIN, PATRICIA ELLEN Casper, Wyo. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Chi Omega. Carolina Forum (3); Carolina Symposium (4); Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Press Club (4); Splash Club (3); Student Government Com- mittee (3, 4); University Party (3, 4). PETERS, JESSE SUTTON Clinton A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE AND HISTORY. Wesley Foundation (3, 4); Y.D.C. (1, 2. 3. 4). PETERSON, KENT WRIGHT Louisville, Ky. A B. IN CHEMISTRY. Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Carolina Quarterly (1); Cosmopolitan Club (1); Dormitory Officer (4); Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Men ' s Honor Council (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3, 4); Student Party U. 4); Tennis (1, 2); Spanish Club (2, 3). PETERSON, RICHARD ALAN Lynbrook, N. Y. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Lambda Phi. Carolina Playmakers (1); Daily Tar Heel (2, 3); Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Yackety YacK (3). PEYTON, MARY BURWELL A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. PHILIPS, SHERMA ELIZABETH Rocky Mount Jacksonville, Fla. lounselor (4); PHILLIPS, ROBERT C, JR. Matthews A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. PIERCE, EDWARD OLDFIELD Raleigh A.B. IN HISTORY, B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Dormitory Officer (3), President (4); I.D.C. (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Resident Advisor (4). PIERCE, LOUIS CLINTON, JR. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. PIKE, NANCY HAYNES Madison Winston-Salem PITT, MARY BRYAN Tarboro A.B. IN ART. Pi Beta Phi. Order of the Beanbirds (3, 4), Orientation Counselor (4); G.M.A.B. PIHARD, NANCY CAROL Cedar Grove A.B. IN SOCIAL SCIENCE. Student Party; W.A.A. (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). PITTMAN, LINDA MARY Baton Rouge, La. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Delta Delta Delta. Newman Club (4); University Party (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). PLEASANTS, JOHN GERALD, JR. Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. POLAKAVETZ, SANDRA HELEN Statesville B.S. IN BACTERIOLOGY. Carolina Women ' s Council (2); W.A.A. (1, 2); G.M.A.B. (3). Page 321 SENIORS POLLOCK, JOSEPH GRAHAM, JR. Gatesville A.B. IN ENGLISH AND DRAMATIC ARTS. Canterbury Club (1); Car olina Playmakers (1, 2, 3, 4); G.M.A.B. (1, 2); WUNC-TV (3)i Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). POLLOCK, MARY LUCILLE Kinston AB IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Cosmopolitan Club (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Student N.E.A. (3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). POOL, JOSEPH DERREL, JR. Newberry, S. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi Epsilon. I.F.C. (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3, 4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). POOLE, HENRY ELBERT Greensboro A B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Delta Upsilon. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Arnold Air Society (2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3); Student Party (2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1). POOLE, JAMES ROBERT, III Lumberton A.B. IN GEOLOGY. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Arnold Air Society (2, 3, 4). POOVEY, PHILLIP RAY A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. POPE, HARRIET REBECCA A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Angel Flight (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3). POPE, HOWARD EDISON B.S. IN GENERAL BUSINESS. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2); Arnold Air Society (2). POPE, RALPH WILLIAMS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Hickory Hickory Lillington Rich Square Halifax POPE, WILLIAM PATRICK B.S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. POPLIN, ZANNIE GAYNELLE Albemarle B S IN SCIENCE EDUCATION. Carolina Women ' s Council (4); Dormitory Officer (4); W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). POTEAT, MILTON OSCAR Salisbury B.S. IN GENERAL BUSINESS. Baptist Student Union (1, 2, 3, 4); Men ' s Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Wrestling (1). POTTER, FRANK GRAFTON Sanford B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE. Delta Sigma Pi. Daily Tar Heel (4): University Party (4); Wesley Foundation (1). POTTER, LYNNE OELRICH Sanford A.B. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION. POWELL, DONALD GLENN Durham A.B. IN ENGLISH. POWELL, PATRICK LAVERN Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. POWELL, ROBERT DUANE Wilson B S IN PHYSICS. Sigma Nu: Phi Eta Sigma. Carolina Forum (3): Carolina Handbook (1); Caro- lina Symposium (3, 4); Order of the Old Well; Orientation Committee (3, 4); Orientation Coun- selor (2, 3, 4); Student Government Committee (1, 2, 3, 4); Sv»imming (1); Goitingen Exchange Scholar; Morehead Scholar. PROCTOR, CAMILLA ALLYN A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Elm City PROCTOR, HAROLD DEAN Hickory B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. PRUin, ANNE WHITE Augusta, Ga. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Kappa Delta. Orientation Counselor (4); Westminster Fellowship (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). PRUITT, NANCY MARGARET Savannah, Ga. A B IN PSYCHOLOGY. Kappa Delta. Newman Club (3, 4); W.A.A. (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Elections Board (4). PRYOR, PAUL SCOTT B.S. IN ZOOLOGY. Basketball. PYSHNY, JOAN ELLEN A.B. IN ENGLISH. RABY, MICHAEL THOMAS A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. Carolina Quarterly (1); Y.D.C. (2); Y.M.C.A. (1) Page 322 Bat Cave Elizabeth City Randleman CLASS OF 1964 RAGLAND, LOIS GAYLE Jacksonville, Fia. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi. Class Cabinet (1); Orientation Committee (4); Orientation Counselor (2); Panhellenic Council (3); Student Legislature (3, 4); Student Government Com- mittee (3); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council (4); Yackety Yack (4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). RAINEY, GEORGE LEE A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Y.D.C.; Y.M.C.A. RANKIN, CHARLES CANTRELL B.S IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma. Raleigh Gastonia RASCOE, ROBERT BLUM Winston-Salem A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Beta Theta Pi. Class Cabinet (3); Men ' s Honor Council (3); Order of the Beanbirds (3, 4); Student Government Committee (2, 3); Attorney General ' s Staff (2, 3); G.M.A.B. (1). RAWLINGS, SARAH HASBRAUCK Great Neck, N. Y. A B. IN FRENCH. Delta Delta Delta. Daily Tar Heel (4); Student Government Committee (3); University Party {3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). RAWLS, BETTY LOU Oxford B.S IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Dormitory Officer (3. 4); Order of the Old Well (4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3); W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council (3, 4). RAY, JAMES PENDLETON Hillsboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1); Football (4). RAY, JOHN THOMAS Chicago, 111. A.B. IN HISTORY. Basketball (1); Golf (1). READ, GEORGE STEPHEN Norlina A B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Nu. Carolina Symposium (2)i Class Cabinet (2, 3); Dance Committee (2, 3); Men ' s Honor Council (3); Student Government Committee (2); University Party. REAMS, GEORGE LORRAINE Southern Pines A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Golf (1, 2, 3, 4). REED, DOUGLAS COLE Richmond, Va. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi Kappa Sigma. Orientation Counselor (2); University Symphony (1, 2, 3, 4). REID, JAMES JEFFERSON, JR. IB. IN ANTHROPOLOGY. REID, JOSEPH NEAL A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Columbia, S. C. Rocky Mount Durham REITZEL, JAMES RICHARD, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Tau Omega. University Party; Y.M.C.A. RENWICK, FRANCIS MARION Roanoke Rapids B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. Attorney General ' s Staff (3). REYNOLDS, DAVID CALDWELL Raleigh A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Gamma Delta. l.F.C. {3, 4); N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3). RHODES, ROBERT EDWARD LEE, III Fayetteville A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Carolina Quarterly (2); Daily Tar Heel (4). RICH, STEPHEN ALLAN Atlanta, Ga. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tau Epsilon Phi. Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Party (1, 3, 4). RICHARDSON, ROBERT BENBOW, JR. Charlotte .,.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Kappa Alpha. Canterbury Club (2, 3, 4); Cosmopolitan Club (4); G.M.A.B. (1, 2, 3, 4); Orientation Counelor (2, 3, 4); Student Government Committee (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (1); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Wrestling (3, 4). RIDENHOUR, ANNE LEE Concord A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Comopolitan Club (3, 4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Orientation Committee (4); Student Government Committee (3, 4); Univerity Party (3, 4); Y.R.C. (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). RIDDLE, JAMES ERNEST Brevard OS. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. University Party (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (4). RIDDLE, THOMAS EDMOND B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. RIESENFELD, ROSEMARIE ANNA A.B. IN HISTORY. Splash Club; Student Party. RIPPER, THOMAS D. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Durham Charlotte Morton, III. Page 323 SENIORS ROBERSON, JAMES HENRY A.B. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). ROBERTS, DURWARD THOMAS, JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. ROBERTSHAW, LAWRENCE BENTHAM A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Alpha Kappa Psi. ROBINSON, JILL ELAINE A.B, IN MATHEMATICS EDUCATION. Dormitory Officer (4). ROBINSON, LYNDA Candler Chapel Hill Glenview, III. Raleigh Statesville ROBINSON, WILLIAM EDGAR STANBACK Georgetown, S. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Upsilon. Class Cabinet (3, 4); Student Party (2, 3, 4); Yackety Yack (3. 4): Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3); G.M.A.B. (2, 3). ROESSIGER, PETER DORIAN Greenwich, Conn. A.B. IN GEOGRAPHY. Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). ROGERS, JAMES TED, JR. Statesville B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi Eta Sigma. Student Government Committee (2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A (1, 2); Morehead Scholar; Honors Program (1, 2). ROGERS, JERRY DALE Belmont B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ROGERS, JOHN L, II Chapel Hill A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Tau Kappa Epsilon. Di-Phi Senate (3, 4); Y.R.C. (2, 3, 4): Univer- sity Party (3, 4). ROLAND, SANFORD JOSEPH, JR. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dormitory Officer (2); Y.M.C.A. (4); Nev. ROLLINS, JAMES RUSSELL, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Braintree, Mass. an Club (1, 2). New Orleans, La. ROMANET, JANICE MORGAN A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. ROOF, LANNY MICHAEL B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. ROOF, NATHANIEL E. A.B. IN MUSIC. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Band (I, Clemson, S. C. Enfield Sumter, S. C. 4); Lutheran Student Association (1, 2). ROSENTAL, GEORGE ERIC Rocky Mount A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Phi Omega. C.U.S.C. (3); Dormitory Officer (3); I.D.C. (1, 3)i Men ' s Glee Club (1. 2); Orientation Counselor (3); Student Legislature (1, 2, 3); Student Party (1. 2, 3): Yackety Yack (3); Class President (2). ROSENTHAL, LOUIS LAURANT A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Class Cabinet (2. 3. 4); Daily Tar Heel (1, II, 2, 3, 4); Press Club (2, 3, 4): Student Government Committ Carolina Playmakers {!). Savannah, Ga. ROSER, HERBERT GARY Santa Ana, Calif. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Kappa Sigma. Monogram Club (3, 4); N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4): Swimming (1, 2, 3, 4); University Party ROSS, ROBERT WENDELL, III Kinston A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Nu; Alpha Phi Omega. Class Cabinet (3, 4). Orientation Counselor (2. 3); Soccer (1); Student Government Committee (4); University Party (1. 2); Yackety Yack (4): Y.M.C.A. (2, 3); Y.D.C. (3); Campus Chest (4); Freshman Camp Counselor (3). ROSS, WILLIAM GRIFFIN Williamston B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ROTTMAN, SHERRY LYNN Greensboro A.B. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi. Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (4); Student N.E.A. (4); Student Party (3, 4); Yackety Yack (4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). ROUSE, LAWRENCE H. Kenilworth, N. J. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Kappa Phi. Student N.E.A. (4); University Party (1, 2. 3, 4). Atlanta, Ga. RUBIN, LESLIE ALVIN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeta Beta Tau. University Party (3, 4). RUMSEY, DEXTER CLEVELAND, III Charleston, S. C. A B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Delta Kappa Epsilon; Gamma Beta Epsilon. Daily Tar Heel (1, 2); Dance Committee (3); Gorgon ' s Head (2, 3), President (4); N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3. 4); Order of Beanbirds (3, 4) Order of Minataurs (2, 3. 4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3): Scabbard and Blade (4): Soccer (1); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); German Club (2), President (3): Semper Fidelis Society (1, 2, 3, 4). Page 324 CLASS OF 1964 RUSHER, JAMES THOMAS A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. RUSSELL, SUE HUDSON Akron, Ohio A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Student Government Committee (3); Student Legrslature (3); Student Party (3); University (3, 4); Westminster Fellov ship (3). SABOSKI, ARTHUR PETER A.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Dormitory Officer (1). Salisbury Hickory SANDMAN, RITA MARIE Shelbyvllle, Ind. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta. Future Teachers of America (4); Panhellenic Council (3, 4); Women ' s Honor Council (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Winston-Salem SAPP, BENNETT BYNUM A.B. IN ECONOMICS. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Pi Kappa Alpha. SAUL, ALAN JOSEPH Atlanta, Ga. B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE. Tau Epsilon Phi. Class Cabinet (3, 4); Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3. 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (3); Student Party (4); Eco- nomics Club (4). SAULS, HERBERT REX Garner A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Gamma Delta. Student Legislature (1); University Party. SAUNDERS, STUART THOMAS, JR. Ardmore, Pa. A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Football (1); Gimghoul {2, 3, 4); Order of the Minataurs (2, 3, 4); Order of the Nadular Birds (2, 3, 4). SAWYERS, MARGIA LATHAM Plymouth A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. University Party (3, 4); Y.D.C. (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3). SAYERS, JOHNNY GORDON Charlotte A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Baptist Student Union; Cardboard; Order of the Minataurs (4); Parlance (4). SCARBOROUGH, JUNIUS FIELDING, JR. Statesville A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Kappa Sigma. Order of the Minataurs (3, 4); University Party (4); Y.R.C. (4); Y.M.C.A. (1). SCHENCK, JAMES DOUGLAS B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Salisbury High Point SCHOCH, ROBERT RODES A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma. SCHIFF, ALBERT JOHN Lake Hopatcong, N. J. B.S. IN INSURANCE. Tau Epsilon Phi, President (4). Hillel Foundation (4); I.F.C. (3); N.R.O.T.C. (4); Scabbard and Blade (2). SCHMIDT, ALICE MARIA Elon College B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Dormitory Officer (2, 4); Splash Club (3); Student Government Committee (4); University Party (2); W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council (4). SCOTT, PHOEBE THOMAS SCOUTEN, ELLEN BRADSHAW A.B. IN ENGLISH. SEGERMAN, SUSAN HENDA Rockville, Md. Callao, Va. Jacksonville SEYMOUR, WILLIAM GORDON Southern Pines B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Tau Omega. Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). SHAFFER, CHARLES MILTON, JR. Chapel Hill A.B. IN HISTORY. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Basketball {2, 3, 4); Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Cabinet (1, 2, 3, 4); Football (1); Gimghoul (2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Order of the Golden Fleece (3, 4); Order of the Grail (3, 4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Order of the Beanbirds (3, 4); Tennis (2, 3, 4); University Party {1, 2. 3, 4); Morehead Scholar; Class President (3, 4). SHANKLE, WILLIAM IVEY Raeford B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). SHAW, PHILIP CARL Four Oaks A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. SHAVENDER, EUGENE FRANKLIN Raleigh A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Cosmopolitan Club (4); Student Government Committee (4); University Party (3, 4); Yackety Yack (2); Y.M.C.A. (4). SHEELEY, SUSAN POMADA Chapel Hill A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3, 4). Page 325 SENIORS SHELLEY, ROWLAND McLAMB Raleigh A B. IN ZOOLOGY. Band (1, 2, 3, 4): Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). SHEPHERD, DANIEL BOWIE Goldsboro B S, IN MATHEMATICS. Alpha Tau Omega. Swimming (1); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). SHERRILL, SHEILA ERNESTINE Charlotte B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Angel Flight (3, 4); Baptist Student Union (3, 4); Carolina Women ' s Council (4); Dormitory Officer (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). SHERWOOD, MARY DIANNE Chevy Chase, Md. A.B. IN RECREATION. Alpha Gamma Delta. Carolina Women ' s Council (3): Dormitory Officer (3): Newman Club (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Student Party; W.A.A. (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). SHINS, RICHARD MARK Allentown, Pa. A.B. IN HISTORY. Zeta Beta Tau. Baseball (1, 2, 3); Class Cabinet (2); Dormitory Officer (1); Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3, 4)t Student Legislature (3); Attorney General Staff (3). SHOUSE, LARRY RAY Winston-Salem SHUE, ROBERT SIDNEY Haw River A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Beta Kappa. Honors Program (1, 2). SHUFORD, NANCY CLINE Hickory A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Delta Pi. Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government Committee {3, 4): University Party (3, 4); Y.R.C. (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). SIMMONS, SALLIE COURTNEY West Point, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega. Westminster Fellowship (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). SIMMONS, WILLIAM EDWARD, JR. Raleigh A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Delta Theta. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3, 4). SIMONDS, SUSAN W. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi. Daily Tar Heel (3, 4). SIMPSON, PETER H. Raleigh Greenwich, Conn. SIMS, ALLEN BRUCE Orange, Va. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Delta Kappa Epsilon. N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Scabbard and Blade (4); Student Legislature (2); Soccer (4): University Party (1, 2, 3, 4). SIMS, JAMES VERNON Lilesville A.B. IN EDUCATION. SINGER, ALAN EDWARD Silver Spring, Md. A B. IN CHEMISTRY. Dormitory Officer (3); Hillel Foundation (2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Y.D.C. (4): Intramurals (3, 4). SINGLETARY, LEITH PAUL Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. SIZEMORE, LAWRENCE LEE Clinton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. N.R.O.T.C, (1, 2); Y.D.C. (4). SKEES, ROBERT DRESDEN Greensboro B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3. 4): Arnold Air Society (3. 4); Band (1, 2, 3); Class Cabinet (2); Dormitory Officer (3, 4): Student Government Committee {3); Tennis (1); Freshman Merit Certificate. SLATER, JANE B. Birmingham, Mich. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi. Class Cabinet (4); CM. A.B. (3); Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (4); Tennis (3, 4). SLUTSKY, MYRON LEONARD Gastonia SMALL, PARKS NOLAN Concord B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Phi. University Party (3, 4). SMITH, CAROL ANN FOSTER Raleigh B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Alpha Gamma Delta. Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Splash Club (1, 4); Student Party (2); W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Yackety Yack (2). SMITH, CHARLES MILTON, JR. Elizabeth City B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Delta Sigma Pi. University Party (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). SMITH, JANE ALVA JOHNSTON Raleigh A.B. IN ENGLISH. Dormitory Officer (3); N.S.A. (4). Page 326 CLASS OF 1964 SMITH, JERRY WAYNE East Bend B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Delta Sigma Pi. Baptist Student Union (1); N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); Student Party (1); University Party (2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4); Semper Fidelis Society (3, 4). Winston-Salem SMITH, JUNE TODD SMITH, LEONIDAS CONSTANTINE, III A.B. iN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURE. WUNC (3). SMITH, MILTON CALL Polkton Elizabethtown SMITH, PHILIP LOGAN Winston-Salem A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Psi, President (4); Phi Eta Sigma. Class Cabinet (1): I.F.C. (3, 4); N.S.A. (2); Orientation Committee (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2); Student Government Committee (2, 3); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Morehead Scholar; Honors Program (1, 2). SMITH, RICHARD W. Oyster Bay, N. Y. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. SMITH, ROBERT CHARLES Concord A.B. IN EDUCATION. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; St. Anthony Hall. Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Dormitory Officer (2, 3)i Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). SMITH, SAUNDRA VICTORIA Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Delta. Orientation Counselor (4); Student Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). SMITH, SUSANNE ROCHET Conway, S. C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta. Class Cabinet (3); Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (3, 4). SMITH, VERNON RAY, II B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. SNEAD, MARGARET DIX SNIDER, CONWARD BERTON A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. York, Pa. Richmond, Va. Robbinsville SNIDER, TONI MARIE Greensboro A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY. Dormitory Officer (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). SNODGRASS, SARA ELIZABETH SNODY, LARRY DON Bristol, Va. Liberty B.S. IN MARKETING. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Arnold Air Society (3, 4): Student Party (1, 2); Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4). SOLES, WILLIAM RAY B.S. IN MARKETING. Whiteville SOLIN, LESTER L., JR. N ashville, Tenn. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Tau Epsilon Phi. Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Govern- ment Committee (2, 3, 4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Wrestling (1, 2); Yackety Yack (3). SOMERS, LARRY GORDON SOMERS, ROBERT FLETCHER SOUTHERLAND, ROY A., JR. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. SPAINHOUR, RONALD EDWARD Reidsville Chestertown, Md. Raleigh Winston-Salem WUNC-TV Shelby Thomasville SPANGLER, JOSEPH DALE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. SPARROW, PATRICIA ANNE A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. SPEAGLE, VIRGINIA BALLOU Hickory A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Class Cabinet (4); Orientation Coun- selor (4); Student N.E.A. (3, 4)i University Party (3, 4); G.M.A.B. (4). Page 327 SENIORS SPEIGHT, ROBERT EDWARD Durham A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Alpha Theta. Carolina Symposium (4); Publications Board (4); University Party (4); Yackety Yack (3, 4), Business IVIanager (4); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4); Senior Honors Program (4). Raleigh Norfolk, Va. A.B. IN FRENCH. PI Beta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Gamma Alplia Lambda. Class Cabinet (2, 3, 4); N.S.A. (4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3); University Party (2, 3, 4): Freshman and Sophomore Honors Program (1, 2). SPENCE, ORIS PRESTON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. SPENCER, ANN CURTIS SPIVEY, RICHARD COLEMAN, JR. Whiteville A.B. IN ENGLISH. SPIVEY, TEDDY RAY Sanford B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Y.M.C.A. (4). SPOERER, JEANNE RIPLEY Baltimore, Md. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Cosmopolitan Club (4) Dormitory Officer (3. 4); Student Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (4). SPURRIER, WILLIAM WAYNE Charlotte A.B. IN HISTORY EDUCATION. Y.RC. (2, 3, 4). STAPLETON, ELIZABETH BRENTON Plainfield, N. J. A.B. IN HISTORY. Delta Delta Delta. Newman Club (4); Orientation Counselor (3); University Party (2. 3, 4): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). STARNES, WILLIAM WELLINGTON Pittsboro A.B. IN HISTORY. STARR, CAROL A.B. IN LATIN AND ENGLISH EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi. Class Cabinet (3, 4); Orientation Coun- selor (4); Student Government Committee (4); University Party (4); Y.W.C.A. (3). STEINBERG, THEODORE LEE Great Neck, N. Y. A.B. IN ENGLISH AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Lambda Phi. Baseball (1, 4); Basketball (1); Carolina Forum (2); Football (1); Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); I.D.C. (1); Men ' s Honor Council (3, 4); Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (2); Y.D.C. (2, 3). STEPHENS, WILLIAM FOREST, III A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Harper ' s Ferry, W. Va. Greensboro Florence, S. C. STEPHENSON, JAMES PHILIP, JR. B.S. IN FINANCE. STEVENSON, CLEMENT 0., JR. Ridgewood, N. J. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Phi. N.RO.T.C, (1, 2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2); Uni- versity Party (1, 2, 3, 4). STEWART, ALICE ALLEN Memphis, Tenn. A.B. IN HISTORY. Canterbury Club (3, 4); Cosmopolitan Club (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). STEWART, MARY JO Knoxville, Tenn. B S. IN BACTERIOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi. STODDARD, GRACE MILDRED Avondale, Pa. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Band (4); University Chorus (3, 4). STOKES, MONTFORD YOUNG Greensboro A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Delta Upsilon. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Arnold Air Society (3, 4): Scabbard and Blade (3, 4)-, Student Party (1, 2); Y.D.C. (1); A.F.R.O.T.C. Rifle Team (1, 2, 3, 4). STONESTREET, JAMES FRANK Albemarle A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Kappa Alpha. Dance Committee (3, 4); I.F.C. (3, 4)i Orientation Counselor (2); University Party (1. 2, 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (2, 4). STORCK, RICHARD ALAN Charlotte A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. WUNC-TV (1, 2, 3, 4). STOVALL, ROBERT GLENN, JR. Roxboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Dormitory Officer (2); N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). Raleigh STRAUGHAN, JAMES FLEMING, JR. A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Delta Upsilon. Swimming (1, 2, 3). STRAUGHN, WILLIAM RINGGOLD, III Chapel Hill A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. N.S.A. (1, 2), Chairman (3); Orientation Counselor (2); Student Govern- ment Committee (1. 2, 3. 4); Student Legislature (3, 4); Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Swimming (1); National Student Congress (2). STREET, NICHOLAS New York, N. Y. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Tau Omega. Football (1, 2); Men ' s Glee Club (1): Monogram Club (3, 4); Track (1, 2, 3, 4); University Party (1, 2): Wrestling (1, 2); Daily Tar Heel (3). Poge 328 CLASS OF 1964 STRICKLAND, CAROLYN Dunn A.B. IN EDUCATION. Newman Club (3); Orientation Counselor (4); Student N.E.A. (3, 4); Universrty Party (3, 4); Y.D.C. (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). STRICKLAND, ROGER COLON High Point B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Band (1, 2, 3, 4). STRICKLAND, SANDRA JACKSON Durham A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Y.W.C.A. (3). STROTHER, JOSEPH MICHAEL Franklinton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION STROUP, BRUCE BRADLEY Kannapolis B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. University Party. STUART, JAMES BOWMAN Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Delta Chi. Dormitory Officer (4); Intramural Man- ager (4). STUBBS, TRAWICK HAMILTON Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN HISTORY. Beta Theta Pi. Carolina Symposium (1, 2): G.M.A.B. (1); Order of Golden Fleece (3, 4); Order of the Grail (3, 4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2, 4); Student Government Committee (1, 2, 3, 4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A.; Morehead Scholar. STUBBS, WILLIAM LAMONT, III Hamlet A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. STULL, CARLYLE EVANS, JR. Vinton, Va. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Arnold Air Society (3, 4); Men ' s Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). SURLES, OLIVER STEVEN Dunn A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Cardboard (4); Dormitory Officer (3); I.D.C. (3); Student Party (3, 4); Y.D.C. (4). SURRATT, GWENDOLYN JENEANE Burlington A B. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION. Carolina Women ' s Council (3, 4); Dormitory Officer (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Student N.E.A. (4); Women ' s Residence Council (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). SUTTLE, JOSEPH LINTON, III Shelby A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Kappa Alpha. University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1). Winston-Salem SWARINGEN, ROY ARCHIBALD, JR. A B. IN CHEMISTRY Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa. SWEATT, LINDA FAYE Bethel A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Theta Kappa. SWITZER, SARA HARNEY Kingsport, Tenn. A.B. IN ART EDUCATION. Chi Omega. Orientation Counselor; University Party; Y.W.C.A. SYKES, HANNAH PARKS Louisburg A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. TALTON, ERMA KAY Raleigh B.S. IN SCIENCE EDUCATION. Carolina Women ' s Council (3, 4); Dormitory Officer (3. 4); W.A.A. (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). TATHWELL, SALLYE MEREDITH Charlotte TAYLOR, JOHN CARROLL Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Alpha Lambda Sigma. University Party (4). Yackety Yack (4); Y.R.C. (4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). TAYLOR, THOMAS PICKEH A.B. IN HISTORY. TAYLOR, WADE ANDERSON, JR. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Dormitory Officer (3); Intramurals (1, 2, 3) Louisville, Ky. Robersonville TEASDALE, DIANA MITCHELL Palm Beach, Fla. A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta. Class Cabinet (3); Orientation Committee (3, 4); Panhellenic Council (3, 4); Student Government Committee (3, 4); Student N E A (3) University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3). TEETER, PAUL CARROLL B.S. IN MARKETING. TEMPLE, JOHN HARRIS B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Page 329 Mooresville Charlotte SENIORS TESH, RAY FRANKLIN Winston-Salem B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Track {1, 2). THAYER, NINA DAWN Louisburg A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Sudent N.E.A. (4). THOMAS, DAVID LLOYD Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Class Cabinet (2); Orientation Counselor (4). THOMAS, GEORGE SLOAN Houston, Texas B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Men ' s Glee Club; Y.R.C.; Y.M.C.A. THOMAS, MARTHA MARIE Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi. Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (3, 4); Westminster Fellowship (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3). THOMAS, TIMOTHY GRANT Charlotte A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Alpha. Canterbury Club (1); University Party (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. {1, 2). Fayetteville Tarboro Chapel Hill Raleigh Raleigh Clinton B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Delta Sigma Pi. C.U.S.C. (1, 2, 3); Dormitory Officer (2); I.D.C. (2); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3); Student Government Committee (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Legislature (3); University Party (2, 3, 4). THOMPSON, ANN SCOn A.B. IN FRENCH. THOMPSON, FORREST VICTOR, JR. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. THOMPSON, HERMAN 0., JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY AND ZOOLOGY. Delta Upsilon; Phi Eta Sigma. THOMPSON, JAMES ALFRED A.B. IN HISTORY. N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3, 4). THOMPSON, ROBERT BUIE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. THORNTON, WILLIAM GERALD TIBBETS, LUCINDA FAY Westfield, N. J. BS IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Alpha Gamma Delta. Panhellenic Council (3); University Chorus (1); University Party (1, 2); W.A.A. (3, 4); Women ' s Honor Council (2, 3). TOPKINS, ROBERT M. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Y.D.C. (3, 4). TOPPING, EVELYN BARRINGER A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Y.D.C. (3); Y.W.C.A. (3). Greensboro Greenville TRACHTENBERG, RONALD LEE Jacksonville A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. (4). TRAVIS, JENNIE KAY Winston-Salem A.B. IN ART. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Orientation Counselor; Student Government Committee; University Party; Yackety Yack. TRAYNHAM, DONALD MITCHELL Gastonia B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Baptist Student Union (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.R.C. (4). TRIGILA, MARIA AVRORA Hartford, Conn. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Cosmopolitan Club (3, 4); Outing Club. TROXLER, GALE SCOTT Greensboro A.B. IN GERMAN. Cosmopolitan Club. TRULL, CHARLES SCOTT Wyckoff, N. J. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE AND ECONOMICS. Class Cabinet (3); Cosmopolitan Club (2); Stu- dent Government Committee (2, 3); Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). TUCKER, ALICE-ANNE WARFIELD London, Ky. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Carolina Symposium (4); Class Cabinet (3, 4); G.M.A.B. (3, 4); Orienta- tion Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (4); University Party (3, 4); Y.R.C. (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Campus Chest (3, 4). TUCKER, RICHARD DENNIS A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. TURNER, DONALD WILLIAM B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. Page 330 Durham Kannapolis CLASS OF 1964 TURNER, ELIZABETH KAY Raleigh B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Kappa Delta. Orientation Counselor (4); Y.W.C.A. (2, 3, 4). TURNER, JOHN PATE Greensboro TURNER, LYNWOOD CLIFTON, III Pink Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Nu. Class Cabinet (4); G.M.A.B.; l.F.C. (3, 4); Orientation Committee (3); Orientation Counselor (2); Soccer (1); Student Government Com- mittee (4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. (4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3); Freshman Camp (2, 3). TURPIN, SALLY WISE Americus, Ga. Counselor (4); University Party (3, 4); TUTHILL, WALTER WARREN Madison, N. J. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Canterbury Club (1, 2); I.D.C. (4); Student Party (3, 4). TYNDALL, JAMES PAUL, JR. Jacksonville A.B. IN HISTORY. Carolina Playmakers (1, 2, 3); Cosmopolitan Club (3, 4); G.M.A.B. (2); Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2, 3); University Chorus (2, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). TYSINGER, RONNIE CHARLES Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma PI. ULFELDER, JOHN CARLETON Winchester, Mass. A.B. IN HISTORY. Pi Lambda Phi; Plii Eta SiBma; Phi Alpha Theta. Carolina Forum (4); Carolina Symposium (3); l.F.C. (2, 3, 4): NBA. (3, 4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Orientation Coun- selor (3); Student Government Committee {2, 3, 4); Student Legislature (2, 3, 4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Wrestling (2, 3); Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4). UMBERGER, WALLACE RANDOLPH, JR. Burlington eran Student 3). UNDERHILL, CATHERINE ANN Charlotte A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Dormitory Officer (4); Yacliety Yack (3); Y.W.C.A. (3). VAIL, CAROL ANN Richmond, Ind. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Y.W.C.A. (3). VAN DOEREN, KATHARINE Winston-Salem A.B. IN MATHEMATICS AND PSYCHOLOGY. Orientation Counselor (4); W.A.A. (3); Women ' s Residence Council (4); Yackety Yack (4); Y.W.C.A. (3); Dormitory Officer (4); Basketball Club (3, 4). VAUGHN, SANDRA MOORE A.B. IN EDUCATION, University Chorus (2, 3). VEAZEY, RICHARD LEE B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. Band (I, 2). VESTAL, IVEY GRAY Chapel Hill Durham Jonesville VICK, ANNE ELIZABETH Merritt Island, Fla. A.B. IN SOCIAL STUDIES EDUCATION. Dormitory Officer (4); Golf (3, 4); N.S.A. (3); Orientation Counselor (4); Splash Club (3); University Chorus (3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council (4). VICKERS, NAN BARTON Durham A.B. IN ART HISTORY. Carolina Symposium; Class Cabinet (2, 3, 4)i G.M.A.B. (4); University Party (2, 3, 4); W.A.A. (4); Yackety Yack (2); Y.W.C.A. (4); Campus Chest (3, 4). VICKERY, WAYNE MARSHALL Lithia Springs, Ga. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi Eta Sigma. American Institute of Physics (3, 4). VIGODSLEY, ELLIOT TAYLOR Greenville A.B. IN FRENCH. WUNC (3); WUNC-TV (1). VITEK, RICHARD JOHN Winston-Salem A.B. IN ENGLISH. Dormitory Officer (3). VOIGT, CAROLE LYNN Nashville, Tenn. A B. IN FRENCH. Delta Delta Delta. Class Cabinet; Orientation Counselor (4); Student Govern- ment Committee (3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Campus Chest (3). VORUS, MARY WARE Atlanta, Ga. A.B IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi. Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (3. 4); University Party (3, 4); W.A.A. (3); House Council (4). WADDELL, EDWINA DELEnE Raleigh B.S. IN GENERAL SCIENCE EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi. Class Cabinet (1, 2, 3, 4); Future Teachers of America (4); Men ' s Honor Council (4), Clerk (4); Student Government Committee (3, 4); University Party (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2). WADDELL, LEWIS EUGENE, JR. Salisbury A B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Dormitory Officer (1, 2); Student Party (2, 3, 4); Wesley Founda- tion (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4). Page 331 SENIORS WAGENSEIL, JOHN WHITE Camp Lejeune 8.S. IN MATHEMATICS. I. DC; N.R.O.T.C. WALKER, ERNEST M. Buies Creek A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Phi Omega. Baptist Student Union (3, 4). WALKER, JANE CARTER Mt. Hope, W. Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Class Cabinet (3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Carolina Sweetheart (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). WALKER, RONALD EUGENE Charlotte B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Men ' s Glee Club {1, 3, 4); Y.R.C. (3, 4). WALKER, THOMAS ROGER, JR. Lenoir A.B. IN ENGLISH. WALL, JUNE WARREN Raleigh A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta. Class Cabinet (3); Orientation Counselor (4); Student N.E.A. (3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Carolina Sweetheart; Yackety Yack Beauty Court (3); Campus Chest Committee. WALLACE, JAMES BOYD Ellerbe B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. WALLACE, JAMES H., JR. Manassas, Va. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Pi Kappa Phi. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3. 4); Orientation Counselor (3); Press Club (4): Yackety Yack (3, 4); Daily Tar Heel (1, 2, 3, 4). WALLACE, LEO, III Salisbury B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi. University Party {2, 3, 4). WALLACE, MARILYN ANNE Virginia Beach, Va. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. WUNC (4); Y.W.C.A. (2, 4). WALLACE, NELSON RAY Lillington A.B. IN EDUCATION. Westmmster Fellowship (1, 2). WALLER, JAMES HERBERT Kinston A.B. IN RELIGION. WALSTEDT, JANE DANIELLE Falls Church, Va. A.B. IN SPANISH. Cosmopolitan Club: Spanish Club; Art Club (2); Oriental Club (2). WALTON, RALPH MacARTHUR A.B. IN EDUCATION. Granite Quarry WALZ, LAWRENCE ARNOLD Asheville A.B. IN ENGLISH. Carolina PlaymaKers (2); Student Theatre Workshop (2, 3); Petite Dramatique (2); Daily Tar Heel (3, 4). WARD, ARCHIBALD WILSON Goldsboro Wilmington Winston-Salem B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Kappa Delta. Carolina Handbook (4); Orientation Committee (3, 4): Publications Board (3, 4); Student Government Committee (3); Student Party (3, 4); Valkyries (4); Women ' s Honor Council {3. 4); Yackety Yack (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Executive Coordinator; Campus Chest, Co-Chairman (3, 4). WARD, ELIZABETH ANNE A.B. IN SPANISH EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3). WARD, ELIZABETH DARDEN WARD, FRANK JEFFERSON, JR. Edenton A.B. IN HISTORY. Lambda Chi Alpha. Baptist Student Union (1. 2); Dormitory Officer (2); I.D.C. (2); I.F.C. (3, 4); Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (2, 3). WARD, RUDY McKENZIE Williamston A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Daily Tar Heel. WARD, V. LEVERNE Tabor City A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Phi Omega. Baptist Student Union (3, 4); Y.D.C. (3). WARDELL, WENDY TALBOT Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega. Orientation Counselor (4); Student Party (4); Women ' s Residence Council (4). WARING, WILLIAM MARSHALL B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. St. Anthony Hall. Dormitory Offic (3, 4); Wesley Foundation (1. 2); Morehead Scholar. Elkin ID; I.F.C. (2); University Party WARNER, MELVIN JOBE, JR. Rocky Mount A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Canterbury Club (1, 2); University Party (1, 2); Student Amateur Radio Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Page 332 CLASS OF 1964 WARREN, CHARLES KENNETH Charlotte A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Phi Omega. Order of Minataurs (2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). WARREN, JOHN ALEXANDER, JR. Charleston, S. C. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1); Dormitory Officer (1); I.D.C. (3). WARRICK, BENJAMIN RAYMOND Selma A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. A.F.R.O.T.C. (l)i Dormitory Officer (1); Men ' s Glee Club (1); Uni- versity Chorus (3). WATERMAN, KRISTIN CLOVER Knoxville, Tenn. A.B. IN BOTANY. Chi Omega. Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). WATSON, BETH CARLENE Brevard A.B. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. University Chorus. WATSON, MARY KYLE C. Chapel Hill A.B. IN ENGLISH. Carolina Playmaliers (3, 4). WATTERS, VERNON GREGG Rockingham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Tau Omega. University Party; Y.M.C.A. WEATHERBY, EMMA JEAN Waynesville A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3, 4); House Council (3). WEBB, ALISON LOCKWOOD Summit, N. J. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Delta. Carolina Symposium (4); Class Cabinet (3); Orientation Coun- selor (4); Student Government Committee (3, 4); Student Party (3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). WELCH, THOMAS RUFFIN Raleigh A.B. IN FRENCH. Phi Kappa Sigma. University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.D.C. (2, 3. 4); Fencing Team (1, 2, 3, 4). WELLER, SANDRA LYNN Rocky Mount A.B. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION. PI Beta Phi. Orientation Counselor (4). WELLMAN, DANA RICHARD Annandale, Va. A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2); Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Intervarsity (1, 2, 3, 4); Fellowship of Christian Athletes (1, 2, 3, 4). WELLS, JAMES MORGAN, JR. Danville, Va. A B IN CHEMISTRY. Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (3); Yackely Yack (4). WELLS, CECELIA HILDEGARDE Denton, Texas A.B. IN LATIN EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Class Cabinet (4); Cosmopolitan Club (3); G M A.B (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government Committee (4); Student N.E.A. (4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Editor of Rush Manual (4). WELLS, GEORGE OHO, JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Y.M.C.A. (1, 3). Atkinson WELLS, LOREN WORTH Hendersonville B.S. IN RECREATIONAL ADMINISTRATION. Football (I, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Track (1, 2, 4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). WESTFALL, BARRY FRANZ Martinsville, Va. B S IN MARKETING. Phi Gamma Delta. Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Newman Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Univer- sity Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Semper Fidelis Club (3, 4). WESTMORELAND, MELINDA Charlotte B.S. IN DENTAL HYGIENE. Alpha Delta PI. Dormitory Officer (3); Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (3, 4). WHELAND, CHARLOTTE LITTLE Lookout Mountain, Tenn. A.B. IN SPANISH. PI Beta Phi. Orientation Committee (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). WHELESS, LOU JAY Raleigh B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Class Cabinet (2); Orientation Counselor (3); W.A.A. (1. 2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4): N.S.A. Delegate (3). WHICKER, DEWEY LESTER, JR. Greensboro B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Upsilon. Class Cabinet (4); Golf (1): Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3); Student Government Committee (4); Student Party (4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). Youngsville Rocky Mount WHITAKER, BARRY WAYNE A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Y.D.C. (3). WHITAKER, JAMES ALLEN A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Delta Theta. WHITE, NANCY LONG Statesville A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3, 4); Student Party (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Page 333 SENIORS WHITLEY, EVELYN JANE Concord A.B. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION. Orientation Counselor (4); Student N.E.A. (3, 4); University Party (4); Yackety Yack (4). WHITWORTH, CATHERINE KAMPER Charlotte A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Kappa Delta. WILKERSON, DONALD MORRIS Greenville A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Gamma Delta. Class Cabinet (1); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4): Order of Twenty Four (2, 3, 4). WILKERSON, THOMAS FARRAR A.B. IN HISTORY. WILKINSON, KENNETH WILLIAM Chapel Hill Concord WILLARD, SPENCER DuWAYNE Kernersville A.B. IN SOCIAL STUDIES. Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Dormitory Officer (2, 3); Monogram Club (3, 4). WILLIAMS, DAVID MORGAN, JR. Longmeadow, Mass. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega. A.F.R.O.T.C. (3, 4); Arnold Air Society {3, 4); Dormitory Officer (3); I.D.C. (3); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4). WILLIAMS, DAVID RAMSAY High Point A.B, IN HISTORY. Delta Upsilon; Phi Eta Sigma. Band (1); Class Cabinet (2); I.F.C. (2); Publi- cations Board (2); Student Legislature (1, 2, 3)i Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Audit Board (4); Honors Program (1, 2). WILLIAMS, MARGARET HARDWICK Lookout Mountain, Tenn. A.B. IN ART. Chi Omega. Class Cabinet (3, 4); G.M.A.B. (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Student Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). WILLIAMS, RAY ADAM Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. WILLIAMS, ROBERT LEWIS, JR. Concord A.B. IN RELIGION. WILLIAMS, RONNIE JAMES Concord B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. WILLIAMS, SARA ANN Leaksvilie A.B. IN MATHEMATICS EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi. Class Cabinet (3); Orientation Counselor (4); Panhellenic Council (4); Student Government Committee (3); University Party (3, 4); Secretariat (3). WILLIAMSON, THOMAS BRIGHT WILLIS, PHILLIP MICHAEL A.B. IN ENGLISH AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Orientation Counselor (3, 4). Darlington, S. C. ;y (3, 4); Y.R.C. Washington WILLS, SARAH LUNSFORD Roanoke Rapids A.B. IN ART HISTORY. WILSON, HAROLD LEE Norfolk, Va. A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Pi Kappa Phi. I.F.C. (I, 2); University Party (2, 3, 4). WILSON, MARTIN LUTHER Lake Lure A.B. IN HISTORY. Carolina Forum (2, 3, 4): Young Americans for Freedom (2, 3, 4). WINDLEY, LARRY WESTON A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Gamma Delta. University Party. WINSTEAD, CHARLES HUBERT A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Cosmopol Y.M.C.A. (4); Choral Club. WINSTEAD, CHARLOTTE SUZANNE WINSTEAD, PAULA JONES A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Kappa Tau Alpha. Press Club (4). Washington Zebulon Chorus (4); Roxboro ition Coun- Durham WISMER, HENRY RICHARDS Chevy Chase, Md. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Kappa Sigma. N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Wrestling (1, 3, 4) Y.R.C. (4); Yackety Yack (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). WITHROW, ROBERT PARKER A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Page 334 Richmond, Va. CLASS OF 1964 WOOD, CHARLES EDWARD Four Oaks A.B. IN HISTORY AND INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Alpha Kappa Psi. WOOD, CRAIG B. Virginia Beach, Va. B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2, 3). WOOD, JOHN WILLIAM Durham A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Kappa Alpha. Student Council. WOOD, MARY SUSAN Benson A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Carolina Women ' s Council (4)i Dormitory Officer (4); Orien- tation Counselor (4); Student N.E.A. (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Conway Wilson Southern Pines Clinton ion (1, 2); Washington, D. C. A.B. IN HISTORY. Delta Upsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Alpha Theta. Men ' s Glee Club (2); Student Government Committee (2, 3, 4): Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Program (2). WOODARD, AUBREY OTIS, III A.B. IN EDUCATION. WOODARD, JERRY CLEON A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Y.D.C. (3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). WOODRUFF, ROBERT EDWARD B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, WORLEY, SAMUEL HOUSTON WRIGHT, BROADUS BRYAN, JR. WRIGHT, GAIL PATTERSON Mount Airy A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3); University Party (3); Y.W.C.A. (3). WRIGHT, LINDA JEAN Longmeadow, Mass. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Carolina Symposium; Orientation Counselor; Student N.E.A.; University Party. WRIGHT, THOMAS GRAHAM Shelby A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (4). Bristol, Va. Charlotte 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (t, 2, 3, 4); Colerain WYGAL, DONNA RUTH A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Y.W.C.A. WYGAND, JAMES JOHN WYNNS, LEO OUTLAW, YATES, MUNFORD RADFORD Petersburg, Va. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Canterbury Club (1, 2); Order of the Beanbirds (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2); Soccer (1, 2); Student Government Committee (3, 4); Student Legislature (3, 4); Tennis (1); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Yackety Yack (1); Y.M.C.A. (1); Morehead Scholar. YEAGER, JAENE CAROLYN Winston-Salem A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi. Orientation Committee (3); Student Government Com- mittee (3, 4); Student N.E.A. (4); Tennis (3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). YEAHS, RALPH LEROY Williamston A.B. IN ENGLISH AND GEOLOGY. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. I.D.C. (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Cave Climbing Club (2, 3, 4); Outing Club (2, 3, 4). YORKE, BETSY JEAN ROGERS A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. YOUNG, JACK WELZIE B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. YOUNG, NANCY REBECCA Chapel Hill Candlor Gastonia KfiBtJiiyi Page 335 7TCy ,-7,.-f«»S JWKi JUNIORS In an attempt to bring about unity and participation in a class of enormous size, the Junior Class has sponsored various projects. One of the initial efforts was the estab- lishment of a Campus Communications Committee whereby each junior is kept in contact with class plans and functions through a dorm representative. The Bake Sale just after Thanksgiving was one of the largest fund-raising projects in which the money is used to sponsor class activities. Just before the holidays, the Junior Class, in con- junction with Graham Memorial, sponsored a Christmas Party at G. M. Other projects include publication of a Junior and Teacher of the Month, plans for another annual Faculty Variety Show and a combo party during spring semester. HARRISON MERRILL President KAY HOYLE Secretary SUSAN POWELL Treasurer JUDY ALLEN Social Chairman PAUL CHUSED Vice-President HARRISON MERRILL President Poge 336 CLASS OF 1965 Abernethy, John William, High Point Adams, Charles Robinson, High Point Adams, Susan Elizabeth, Winston-Salem Adams, Thaddeus Awasaw, III, Charlotte Adkinson, Newton Franklin, Jr., Forest City Albright, Michael Keith, China Grove Albright, Robertson Callaway, Gastonia Aldridge. Marvin Lotto, Jr.. Albemarle Alexander, Sandra Sue, Bloomington, III. Allen, Barbara Ann, Smithfield Allen, Elizabeth Vincent, St. Louis, Mo. Allen, Judith Lee, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Anders, Jorn Fredrick, Asheville Anderson, Barbara Jean, Greensboro Anderson, Snow T., Raleigh Andrews, William Russell, Branford, Conn. Ange, David Westley, Farmville Apple, John Dwayne, Reidsville Apter, Gary Neil, Pittsburgh, Pa. Armstrong, Barry King. Belmont Armstrong, Jonathan Jesse. IV. Lookout Mountain. Tenn. Artz. Welsford Eure, Gatesville Askew, William Earl, Maysville Atkins. John Henry. Camp Lejeune Atkins. Katharine Greer. Charlotte Auman, Muriel Victor, Hillsboro Auman. William Thomas. Asheboro Ausband. Susannah Ella. Albemarle Aycock, William Preston. II. Chapel Hill Ayres. Robert Stirling. Brevard Bailey, Herbert N., South Miami, Fla. Bailey. Leslie Wilmel. Williamston Baisden. Fred Randolph, Jr., Miami Beach. Fla. Baker. Paul Lawrence. Apex Baldwin. Sarah Cecelia. Red Springs Baldwin. Thomas Francis. Wilmington Baldwin. Virginia Ann. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla, Baley, James Major. III. Asheville Barber. Eugenia Mallard Palmer, Scotland Neck Barclay, Pamela Brewster, Chapel Hill Barden. Heywood Lamb, Raleigh Barker, Judith Anne. Badin Barkoff. Roberta Joan, New Orleans. La. Barragan. Mary Susan. Savannah. Ga. Barrier. Thomas Eugene. Statesville Barringer. Chad Edward. Maiden Barron. Timothy House, South Orange, N. J. Barrow, Leonard Curtis, III, Weldon Barton, James Hardin, Memphis, Tenn. Bass, Dewitt Gray, Jr., Wilmington Batchelor, Donald Wesson, Sharpsburg Batten. Wilbert Henry. Jr.. Whiteville Baucom. Bernard Andrew. M onroe Baucom. Everett Ira. Concord Bauguess. Milton Vaughn. Winston-Salem Baum. Nancy Swindell. Bath Baysden. Earl Thomas. Jr., Rocky Mount Bazemore. Bernice Madry. Raleigh Bazemore, Cyrus William. Jr., Raleigh Beam, William Austin, Shelby Beard, Betty Peatie, Bailey Beavers, Robert Thomas. Durham Bechtold. James Shindler. Wilmington. Del. Bell, Daniel Locke, II, Fairfax, Va. Bell, Julia Parker, Alexandria. Va. Bell. Thomas P.. Jr.. Lansdowne, Pa. Bellovin, Marshall Benjamin, Lynbrook. N. Y. Bennett. William Adams, Greensboro Benson, William Harrison, North Wilkesboro Benton, Kenneth Earl. Goldsboro Berkley. M. Faye. Chapel Hill Best. Nancy Goode. Charlotte Bestic. John Brereton. Arlington, Va. Bethel, Robert Bradley, Nassau, Bahamas Bettis, Robert Edwin. Greensboro Betts. Patterson Cochran, Greensboro Bilbro, Myrtle Moon, Greenville Billings. Richard LeRoy. Jr.. Durham Binkley. Barbara Dianne. Winston-Salem Binkley. Ruth Lynne. Winston-Salem Blackwelder. Stephen Myron, Concord Blackwell, John Anthony, Ayden Blair, Henry Kime, Jr., Pittsboro Blakely, Jane Stewart, Ellerbe Blanton, Joseph Kennon, Jr., Shelby Blate, Samuel R.. Springfield. Va. Blue. Lonnie Knox. Jr., Pittsboro Blum, William Raymond, Dunwoody, Ga. Page 337 JUNIORS Bedford. Alvin M., Winston-Salem Boggs. Glenn Perry, Norfolk, Va. Boney, Beniamin Powers, Jr.. Hamlet Boone, William Lewis. Ahoskie Bost. Mary Ann, Hickory Bowden, William Edgar, Clinton Boyd. Pascal Strong. Durham Boyette. Edward Fountain. Ill, Smithfield Bradford, Betsy Hight, Statesville Bradley, Michael Moran, Asheville Bradshaw, Lois E., Newsome, Va. Braine. David Thomas. Groue City. Pa. Brannan, George Thomas. Kenly Brannock, James Lemuel, Burlington Brannock, James Wyatt. Lumberton Brantley, Joseph Marion, Greensboro raswell. Kenneth George. Rocky Mount irauch, Carolyn Ann. Charlotte ;rennaman. Franchester Martin. Portsmouth. Va. irennaman. Phyllis Kaye. Huntsville, Ala. irenner, Edward H., Brooklyn. N. Y. Irewer, Curtis C. III. Charlotte iridgeman. Alan Austin. Hendersonville Iriggs. Mary Elizabeth. Weaverville Brinkley, Randolph Haywood, Valdese Briscoe, Clare Conway. Haverford, Pa. Britt. Corbett Huett, Lumberton Britt. Janice Ann. Asheville Britt. Nancy Thomas, Fairmont Brittain, Julia Ann, Brevard Britton, George Harrison, Jr., Dunn Britton. John Andrew, Jackson Broach. Mary Arnall, Charlotte Broadwater. Ann Beverly, Kings Mountain Brodeur. Richard J.. Clearwater, Fla. Brown. Alice Murdock. Winston-Salem Brown. Barbara Eileen. Hillsboro Bown. Carol Jean. Balboa. Canal Zone Brown. Carter Dennis. Leicester Brown. David Alan, Severna, Park, Md. own, Henry Gilpin, Chestertown, Md. own. Holman Foster. Winston-Salem own. James Russell, Jr., Greensboro own, Mary Ann, Akron, Ohio own. Rebecca Burton. Troutman own. Ronnie Doss. Wtiite Oak own, Samuel Weldon, III. Washington, D. C. own, William Barker, Atlanta, Ga. Brown. William LeJeune. Pensacola. Fla. Broyhill, Thomas Hamilton, II, Marion Brunson. Norman Deane. Charlotte Brunn. Paul Marius, II. Miami Beach. Fla. Bryan, John Hugh, La Grange Bryan, Katrina Holliday, Sanford Bryant, Kenneth Melvin, New Canton. Va. Bryson. Richard Lilton, Chapel Hill Buchanan. Robert Augustus. Jr.. Greensboro Bulkley. Stephen Gerald. Silver Spring. Md. Bullard. Elizabeth Ann, Fayetteville Bollard, William Robert, III, Wagram Bullock, James Garland, Jr.. Greensboro Bonn. James A.. Jr.. Winston-Salem Burbage, William H.. Albemarle Burgess. Arthur Harry. Jr., Hickory Burnham, Joseph Smallwood, Asheville Burns. William Moore, Jr., High Point Butt. Helen Manly. Dunn Byrd, Larry Wayne, Winston-Salem Byrd, Thomas Milton, Asheville Cabell, Virginia Weldon. Charleston. W. Va. Cain. Joye Daphne. Cumberland Callahan. David Wilson, Coral Gables. Fla. Camp. William Douglas, Cherryville Campbell, Nelson Whitaker, Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Cann. Carlton Helene, Greensboro Cannon. Alice Mae, Greenville Canull, James Allen, Jr., Winston-Salem Capel, Martha. Apex Capps. Gene Thomas. Laurinburg Garden, Robert Michael, Durham Carmichael, Carroll Douglas. Wilmington Carpenter, Flay Gordon, Shelby Carr, Guy Ellis, Jr., High Point Carr, Matthew, Lawrence, Wilson Carriker, Richard Blevins, Charlotte Carroll, John Erwin, III, Hyattsville, Md. Carroll, Stuart Pierce, Charlotte Carruthers, John Michael, Grove City, Pa. Page 338 CLASS OF 1965 Carson, George, II, Elkin Carson, Michael Wray, Rocky Mount Carter, Charles Wesley, Georgetown, S. C. Carter, Coleman Delynne, Garland Carter, James Richard, Southern Pines Carter, John Dandridge, III, Gastonia Carter, William B. M., Lookout Mountain. 1 Carvajal, Juan F., Havana, Cuba Carver, Don A., Atlanta, Ga. Casey, Glenn Alton, Winston-Salem Caylor, John F., Jr., Rome, Ga. Cecile, Donald Ray, Clemmons Chadwick, Dexter Gregory, Charlotte Chalverus, Michael Clark, Columbus, Ga. Chambers, Frances Blackwell, Durham Chambers, Gertrude Fi Fi, Possum-Walla, Ga. Chamlee, Robert Webster, Aulander Chandler, Dudley Carlyle, Jr., Greensboro Chandler, Patricia Susan, Weaverville Chanin, Michael Henry, Atlanta, Ga. Chanon, John Lear, Charlotte Chaplin, Don Clarence, Columbia Chase, Priscilla, Portland, Me. Cheek, Atlas Lawrence, 111, Wilmington Cheek, Jerry Leon, Roaring River Childers, Kay Terry, Raleigh Christopher, F. Norman. Ridgewood, N. J. Chused, Paul Leon, Kinston Clapp, Hubert Bruce, Swannanoa Clapp, Philip Lee, Swannanoa Clark, Celia Virginia, Everetts Clark, Elizabeth Louise, HendersonvMIe Clark, James William, Jr., Vaughan Clark, Jerry Ralph, Glenside, Pa. Clarke, Louise Gates, Petersburg, Va. Clayton, Harvey Millard, Durham Clerk, William Dalles, Waynesville Cline, Wayne Nelson, Salisbury Cobb, Herbert Henry, Jr., Raleigh Cobb, Mary John, Amherst, Va. Cobb, Robert Linah, Oak Ridge, Tenn. Cochrane, Carol Jean, Charlotte Cochrane, Richard Boyd, Jr., Concord Cochrane, Winston Douglas, Concord Coggin, Duane Gray, Charlotte Cohen, June Anita, Brooklyn, N. Y. Cole, Bernard David, Freehold, N. J. Cole, John Beldsoe, Statesville Coleman, Larry Harold, Bethesda, Md. Coleman, Pamela Dale, New Bern Coleman, Philip Divoll, Greenville Coley, Lloyd Franklin, Jr., Newton Collett, Robert Webster, Salisbury Collins, Frieda Ann, Rock Island, III. Collins, Michael Davis, Wilson Coltrane, Jane King, Greensboro Conrad, Harris William, Hartford, Vt. Cook, Charles Russell, Cherryville Cooke, Grace Redwood, Washington, D. C. Cooley, Tillman Webb, Jr., Jackson Cooper, Linda Kay, Asheville Corbett, Sandra Kay, Wilmington Cordell, Betty Anne, Dublin, Ga. Corder, Robert Joseph, Roxboro Cornatzer, Donald Wayne, Advance Cornelius, Chattye Boswell, Troutman Coudriet, Larry Willis, Raleigh Coulter, Barbara Ward, Winston-Salem Cowan, Kay Susan, Macon, Ga. Cox, Adrianne Claire, Norfolk, Va. Cox, Jean Hogan, Chapel Hill Cox, Juanita Pratt, Winston-Salem Cozart, Bucky Wayne, Roxboro Craig, Jerry Wayne, Greensboro Craig, Lynn Oberlin, Blanchester, Ohio Craig, Michael Fulton, Stanley Crane, Alpo Franssila, Miami Beach, Fla. Craven, Cynthia Farnsworth, Lakeland, Fla. Graver, Sarah Elizabeth, Shelby Crawford, Emerson G., Jr., Franklin Creasy, Joanne Atkinson, Lynchburg, Va. Creech, Donald Ray, Selma Creveling, William Sloan, Charlotte Critcher, John Calvin, Jr., Oxford Crockett, Diane Elaine, Charlotte Crook, Robert Murphy, Chapel Hill Croonenberghs, Oianne, Virginia Beach, Va. Crowder, Alwin Floyd, Jr., Winston-Salem Page 339 JUNIORS Crowell, David Jefferson, Jr., Monroe Crowell, Elisabeth Gail, Charlotte Grumpier, Larry Gipson, Glinton Gulberson, Suzanne, Gharlotte Gulp, John Walter, Gastonia Gulpepper, Anthony Andrew, Elizabeth City Cunningham, Rebecca Wray, Ctiamblee, Ga. Gurrie, Marguerite Louise, Durham Curtis, Leroy Franklin, Portsmouth, Va. Cutler, Janice Elaine, Washington Daniel, Josephine Louise, Atlanta, Ga. Daniel, Van W., Ill, Ruffin Daniel, Victor Wayne, Liberty Dannemann, Stanley William, Norfolk, Va. Darr, Deanna Evelyn, Arlington, Va. Dauskart, Ivlelanie Sue, Miami, Fla. Davidson, Andrew, New Bern Davidson, Arthur Owen, Jr., Richmond, Va. Davis, Dorothy Miller, Carrboro Davis, Gilbert Thomas, Jr., Winston-Sal! Davis, Ralph Eric, North Wilkesboro Davis, Roger A., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Davis, Thomas Brown, Elkin Davis, William E., Rich Square Day, Donald G., Woodsdale Dearborn, Patricia Anne, Chapel Hill Deese, Barbara Allen, Kannapolis deFontenay, Alain Daniel, Raincy, France Dennis, Stephen N., Kensington, Ga. Deupree, Margot, Cincinnati, Ohio Devane, Constance Freeman, Norfolk, Va. Dew, Larry Moses, Wilson Diehl, George Sybil, Dogpatch, Ky. Dobson, Richard Donald, Nebo Dodson, Arthur Raymond, Jr., Henderson Dossenbach, Judith Ann, Sanford Douglas, Robert Dick, III, Greensboro Douglas, William Malcolm, Dunedin, Fla. Drinkard, Joel Flood, Jr., Greensboro Driscoll, James Joseph, Guatemala City, Guatemala Drummond, Dennis Gene, Coral Gables, Fla. Duff, W. Erskine, Jr., Greenville Duggins, James Nathan, Jr., Fayetteville Duncan, Thomas Edward, Charlotte Dunkley, Kenneth Malcolm, Chesapeake, Va. Dunlap, Charles Cornell, 111, Aruba, Netherlands Antilles Dunne, John K., Jr., Spartanburg, S. C. DuPalevich, Phillip Paul, Greensboro Eaken, Janet Herrick, Cleveland, Ohio Eason. Alton Paul, Snow Hill Eason, Clifton Wayne, Raleigh Edwards, Alma Jane, Goldsboro Edwards, Brenda Joyce, Charlotte Edwards, Elbert Edwin, III, McKenzie, Tenn. E dwards, Glenn Howard, Slier City Edwards, Phillip Sidney, Durham Edwards, Richard Everett, Auburn, Ala. Edwards, Robert Wayne, Ronda Eidson, Thomas Wayne, Madison, Tenn. Elden, Leonard L., Wareham, Mass. Elkins, Charles Hendricks, Winston-Salen Filer, Hilbert Raynard, Salisbury Eller, William David, North Wilkesboro Ellington, Stewart Lane, Jacksonville Elliott, William Thomas, Jr., Oxford Elmore, Sally Gallant, Charlotte Emerson, Louise Dorothy, Manhasset, N. Y. Ennis, Lillian Sandra, Hudson Epton, Loren Wall, Jr., Red Springs Eskridge, Elbert Stanford, Kenly Eskridge, Joseph Dumont, Hillsboro Eskridge, Judith Lee, Hillsboro Eskridge, William West, Greensboro Eubanks, Carolyn Lecretia, Bynum Eustis, Lola Lee, Greenville, Miss. Evans, Mary Helen, Winchester, Va. Featherstone. Gerald Lynn, Gastonia Feezor, Billy Stokes, Jr., Asheboro Ferebee. Thomas Miller, Jr., Greensboro Terrell, Calvin D. Woodrow, Raleigh Findley, Margaret Hanna, Augusta, Ga. Fisher, Thomas Grantham, Raleigh Fitzgerald, Mary Ann, Beaurepaire, P. Que Fleming, Anne Boyd, Chapel Hill Fleming, Charlie Richard, Durham Fleming, Mary Boyd, Chapel Hill Flinn, Henry I., Ill, Chapel Hill Fluet, Joseph Emile, Jr., Sanford, Me. Flynn, Clarence Melvin, Pilot Mountain Fobert, William David, Jr., Winston-Salem Folger, Worth Barnard, Jr., Sparta Foote, Diana Gayle, Chapel Hill Foster, William Douglas, Winston-Salem Fowler. Dan Madison, Norfolk, Va. Fox, Joan Marguerite, Chapel Hill Foxx, Thomas Allen, Boone Franks, Robert Berry, Greensboro Frazier, Billy Joe, Staley Freas, John Morgan, Walnut Cove mm CLASS OF 1965 Freeman, Claude Quarterman, Charlotte Freeman, Douglas Garland, Jr., Gates Freeze, Eula Parks, Randleman French, Sue E.. Winston-Salem Froneberger, John P., Lincolnton Frost, Holly, Kent, Ohio Frye, Nancy Rutledge, Atlanta, Ga. Fuller, Edwin Rudolph, Jr., Salisbury Fullwood, James Roy, Jacksonville Furches, Henry Clay, Clemmons Furr, Kenneth Ray, Albemarle Gabriel, Don Alexander, Mooresville Gaither, Ann Phyllis, Hickory Gaither, Gerald Lee, High Point Gajardo, Cecilia, Concepcion, Chile Gallagher, Francis Joseph, Chester, Ganderson, Alan Philip, Norfolk, Va. Garner, Jenny Lynn, Newport Garrabrant, Baird Williams, Chapel Hill Garrick, Joseph Clifton, Jr., Spindale Garris, John Marshall, Rocky Mount Garriss, Kenneth A., Clinton Gaskey, Dorotha Ann, Spencer Gates, Joseph Braxton, Hillsboro Gates, Joseph Thomas, Hillsboro Gehring, John Edward, Albemarle Gelberman, Richard Hugh, Asheville Gentle, James Eddie, Statesville Gentry, Gerald W., Asheville George, John Stewart, Arlington, Va. Gerth, Dorothy Ann, Atlanta, Ga. Gertz, Alan S., Scarsdale, N. Y. Gholson, Matilda Lamb, Henderson Gibbs, James Stephen, Rockingham Gilbert, Bonn Arthur, Jr., Charlotte Giles, Ernest Neal, II, Arlington, Va. Gilkeson, Ellen Douglas, Alexandria, Va. Gillam, LaVerna Roberson, Windsor Gillis, Milton Bruce, Mt. Olive Girling, Rowland Lea, Monroe, Va. Glenn, James Kirk, Jr., Winston-Salem Glenn, John Lucius, Chapel Hill Goldman. Edward Davis, Salisbury Good, James Avery, Princeton Goodwin, Willie Parker, Jr., Edenton Gore, Anne Walker, Rockingham Gorham, James Samuel, III, Rocky Mount Gouger, Judy Elaine, Chapel Hill Grant, Annette, Miami, Fla. Grantham. John Davis, Durham Grape, Judith Pierrepont, Fairfield, Conn. Gray, James Charles, Gastonia Greenberg, Stephen Neil, Jamaica, N. Y. Greene, Ann Gertrude, Arden Greene, James Verdery, Fayetteville Greene, Mitchell Arthur, Charlotte Greenfield, Robert Julius, Morganton Greenleaf, Roger Alexander, Jr., Wilmington Grice, Gwendolyn Lee, Winston-Salem Griffeth, William Francis, Jr., Atlanta, Ga. Griffin, James Keith, Asheville Griffin, Robert Lee, New London Griggs, Thomas Russell, Lexington Groce, Fred Ford, Jr., Asheville Gross, Stephen Curtis, Boonville Grossbart, Sanford Lyie, Jacksonville Beac Grubb, Nancy Jane, Charlotte Gulledge, Charles Brooks, Hamlet Gupton, William Owen, Zebulon Gustafson, Frederic Bowen, Hampton, Va. Gutierrez, Luis Eduardo, Charlotte Hackney, Alfred J., Jr., Siler City Hager, James Ronald, Salisbury Hahn, Joseph Edward, Gastonia Haines, Martha Elizabeth, Rockingham Hall, Ralph G. Jr., Greensboro Hall, Sophronia Moore, Oxford Hambright, Ann Kelso, Fayetteville Hamlin, Joseph John, Rutherfordton Hammond, Anna Spruill. Chapel Hill Hampton, Phillip Terry, Coinjock Hancock, William Franklin, Jr., Robbins Hancock, William Geremain, Charlotte Hanes. James Gordon, Pfafftown Hanna, George Verner, III, Orlando, Fla. Hanson, Jane Boyles, Jacksonville, Fla. Happel, Henry William, 111, Garden City, N. Y. Haraway, Frank Thomas, Jr.. Greensboro Harding. Dennis Ray, Jr., Charlotte Hardy, Kathryn, Wilmington, Del. Hardy, Susan Bridgforth, Durham Harkins, Stephen Wayne, Asheville Harmon, Virginia Lane, Greensboro Harney, Thomas Capehart, Milano, Italy Harp, Leon Patterson, Warrenton Harper, Bonnie Glenn, Atlanta, Ga. Harper, James Earle, Rutherford College Harrar, Evan Llewellyn, Weston, Conn. Harris, Charles Waverly, III, Richmond, Va. Page 341 JUNIORS Harris. Cornelius Jackson. Greenville Harris, James Osborn. Oxford Harris. Leonard M., Wilmington Harris. Minnie Ellen. Harrisburg Harris. Rebecca Anne, Hudson Harris, Sara Ann. Asheville Harriss. Herbert Lynch. Wilmington Hartman. James Daniel, Jr., Raleigh Hassell, Charles Roberson, Jr., Beaufort Hatch. William Harriman, Birmingham, Ala. Hauser. Frank Marion. IV, Goldsboro Hawkins. Linda Josephine. Asheville Hayman. Patricia Sue. Huntington. W. Va. Healy. Diana M.. McLean. Va. Hefelfinger, Daniel Tucker, Charlotte Helmick, Wickey Ernest. Camp Lejeune Helms, Michael James, Dudley Helms, Worth McLendel, Charlotte Hendrix. Charles Raymond. Jr., Pembroke Hennessee. Donna Lou. Sylva Henson. Vara Allene. Asheboro Heritage, David Maull, Atlanta, Ga. Herring, Diane Carol, McLean, Va. Herring, Rufus McPhail, Jr., Clinton Heuay. Clifton Robertson. Roanoke Rapids Heymann, Peter Lawrence, Asheville Hickman, Marjorie Jean. Hudson Hicks. Fred Allen, Wise Hicks. Ronald Eugene. Henrietta Higgins. Virginia Evalena. Salisbury Hinton, Harvey Douglas. Gibsonville Hipps. Charles William. Lake Junaluska Hixon. Barbara Ann. Wilmington HIadys. Virginia Ann. Richmond, Va. Hobson. Fred Colby. Jr.. Yadkinville Hodges. Gerald Garant. Gainesville. Fla. Hoechster. John Howard. Brooklyn. N. Y. Holcher. Frank Theodore. Asheville Holland. Tony Lyies. Statesville Hollander. Jeffrey Alan, Greensboro Hollis, Rosanne, Badin Hooper, Pamela Whittemore, Winston-Salem Horner. Bonnie Lynn. Spruce Pine Hotchkin, Elizabeth Ann, Rivierton, N. J. Houser. John William. Charlotte Houston, Diana Dee, Chapel Hill Houston, Joanna Baker, Ahoskle Hout, Patricia Joan, Charlotte Howard, Edwin Stephen, Mooresville Howe. Martha Jane, Belmont Howell. James Stuart. Wilmington Howie. Elizabeth Stewart. Monroe Hoyle. William Sidney. Chapel Hill Hudson. Wayne Albert, Savannah. Ga. Huffman, Don Wayne, Salisbury Hughes. Ronald Len. Biloxi. Miss. Hughes. William Don. Asheboro Hull, Peggy Anne. Charlotte Hunt, Samuel Pancoast, III, New Haven, Conn. Hunt. Sylvia. Raleigh Hunter. Shelton Brinson. III. Kenly Huntley, Robert Stephen, Lexington Huntsberry, Edith Ann, Winchester, Va. Hurt, Corinne Wilkes, Waynesboro Hutchens, Jimmie R., Yadkinville Hyde, Wilson Pennington, Charlotte Iddings, William Robert. Albemarle Ingram, Rebecca Suzan, Asheville Inman, Teddy Ray, Westfield lobst, Nancy Jeanne. Metuchen. N. J. Jackson. Douglas. St. Pauls Jackson. Elbert Curtis. Fayetteville Jackson. Howard Philos. Fayetteville Jackson. John Ronald, Rocky Mount Jackson, Neal A., Raleigh Jacobs, Hunter Lewis, Richmond, Va. James, Charlotte Rhew. Hillsboro James. Frances Louise. Mt. Airy James. Roger Wayne. Roxboro Jarrett. Tommy Willis. Hayesville Jefferds, Joseph Crosby, III, Charleston, W. Va, Jenkins, William Delmar, Jr.. Norfolk. Va. Jernigan. John David, Mt. Olive Jessup. William E.. Narberth. Pa. Johansson. Nelly Christine. Chapel Hill Johns, Arnold Earl. Jr.. Atlanta. Ga. Johnson. Burgess O ' Neal, Hamlet Johnson, Dale Patton, Clinton Johnson. Mary Diana. Ardsley, N. Y. Johnson. Peggy Jane, Elberton, Ga. Johnson, William Leslie, Jr., Elizabethtown Johnston, Carol Elizabeth, Short Hills, N. J. Johnston. Julius. Ml. Yanceyville Johnston. Pamela Susan. Chapel Hill Johnston. Reed, Jr.. Winston-Salem Johnston. Wilbur Lee. Jr.. Belhaven Johnstone. Margaret Robertson. Gastonia Jonas, Christopher Brooks, Villanova, Pa. Jonas, Richard Elliott, Lincolnton Page 342 CLASS OF 1965 ones, Charles Ray, Rockingham ones, Henry Lawrence, Fayetteuille ones, J. Laurence, III, Charlotte ones, Joe Athel, Waynesville ones, John Albert, Jr., Durham ones. Larry Marvin, Indian Trail ones, Max Frederick, Kinston lones, Roland Eugene, Mount Airy ustice, Floyd Franklin, Whiteville Kalb, Roxanne Elizabeth, Sutfield, Conn. Kaley, James Dudley, Pittsburgh, Pa. Kallam, George Harrison, III, Matthews Kane, Paul James, Jr., Asheville Kearse, William 0., Jr., Canton Keese, Timothy C, Chattanooga, Tenn. Keith, Preston Wylie, Mebane Keleher, Susan Louise, Asheville Kelleher, Kathleen Jane, Winston-Salem Kellerman, Terry Lynne, Arlington, Va. Kelly, Douglas Floyd, Lumberton Kelly, Linda Mina. Fayetteville Kelly, Sally Shannon, Winston-Salem Kennedy, Glenn Arthur, Jackson Kennedy, Imogene Elizabeth, Montclair Kerley, Winston Woodlief, Kittrell Keyser, Dale Andrews, Atlanta, Ga. Kimmerer, Marian, Baltimore, Md. King. Brenda Sue, Durham King, Donaldson Wells, Tarboro King, Isaac F., Chapel Hill King, Malvern Francis, Jr., Weldon King, Victoria H., Raleigh Kirchdorfer, Betty Jean, Roseboro Kirk, Charles Dayton, Asheville Kirkland, William Elliott, Bethesda, Md. Kirkpatrick, Curry, Lewiston, N. Y. Kirven, James Dupont, III, Columbus, Ga. Kiser, John William, Easthampton, N. Y. Kistler, James Peter, III, Charlotte Kline, Harvey Franklin. Salisbury Kollar. Joseph John, Forest City, Pa. Komas, Nicolas John. Charlotte Kottler, Nahum Harry, Concord Kouri, Edward William, Chapel Hill Kow, Banchong, Bronx, N. Y. Kroe, Jerry Edard, Baltimore, Md. Kyles, Max Austin, Statesville Lacy, Thomas W., Charlotte LaFevers. Fredrick Stevens. Goldsboro Lail, Charles Ray, Conover Lamb, Caryl Sue, Carolina Beach Lambe, Ronald Jay, Myrtle Beach, S. C. Lambert, Joel William, Jr., Spring Lake Lambert, Thomas Bernard, Raleigh Lamm, Betsy Dunn, Raleigh LaMonica, William Kimbrough. Chesterfield, Mo. Lampsi, Roberta Jean, Albemarle Lancaster, Harold Martin, Goldsboro Land, Harry Kenneth, Leaksville Lane, Catherine Rose, Wilson Laney. Margaret Sherrill, Matthews Langdon, Charles W., Coats Lankford. Wales Randall, II, Brevard Larson, John Webster, West Hartford, Conn. Lauder, Barbara Ruth, Ruffin Laws, Sally Frances. Raleigh Layton, David A.. Charlotte Leak. Mary Stella. Charlotte Leake, William Stuart, Jr., Winston-Salem Lee, Charles David, Charlotte Lee, Glenda Ann, Kannapolis Lee, J. B., Jr., Burlington Lee, John William, Roaring Gap Leffler. Patricia Ann, Portsmouth, Va. Leggett. Jay Lynn, Pinetown Leggett, Virgilia Banks, Elizabeth City LeGrand, John Lillington. Chapel Hill Lemon. Marilyn Hope. Washington. D. C. Lenz. John James, Jr.. Charlotte Leonard, Ralph Hodges. Winston-Salem Leonhardt, Douglas Leon, Fallston Lesesne, Edward Hughenin, Jr., Knoxville, Ten Lester, Douglas Joe, Chapel Hill Lester, William Hugh. Asheville Lester. William L. G., Short Hills, N. J. Levine. George Joel. High Point Levinson. Harold Jay, Fredericksburg, Va. Lewis. Eva May, Farmville Lewis, Mary Linda, McComb, Miss. Lichtenfels. Frances. Asheville Light, Elizabeth Harlan, Lexington, Va. Lindon, Virginia Gail, New York, N. Y. Linville. Martha Emily, Kernersville Lippard, Carol Nannette, Cleveland. Tenn. Litsinger. Glenn Mitchell. Jr., Waynesboro. Va. Little, Alexander Graham, III, Valdosta, Ga. Little, Hilda Hardison, Wadesboro Little, Jerry Allen, Statesville Littlefield, Dianne, Charlotte Page 343 JUNIORS Lominac, Thomas Charles, Weavervil Long, Donald Gray, Winston-Salem Long, Evelyn Mane, Thomasville Long, James Sexton, Charlotte Long, Melinda, Washington, D. C. Longest, James Patrick, Rose Hill Lopp, John Peter, Lexington Lopp, Ronnie Bruce, Lexington Lorber, David Martin, Winston-Salen Lowe, Gary Reade, Durham Lowrance, William Wilson, Jr., Asheville Lowry, Roy Frank, Jr., Jackson Ludford, Phyllis Katherine, Elizabeth City Lutwick, Marcia Eve, Richmond, Va. Lynch, Barbara Ann, Pilot Mountain Lyon, Richard Jordan, Livingston, Ala. McAnally, Charles Wesley, Jr., High Point McCardell, William Paul, Lancaster, Pa. McCarty, Perry Howell, Dunwoody, Ga. McCollum, Judith Quinn, Pittsboro McCombs, James Talmadge, Granite Quarry McConnell, Alison, Fair Lawn, N. J. McCormick, James Hector, Jr., St. Pauls McCuiston, Oscar Thomas, Jr., Kernersville McCullough, Constance Joan, Riverside, Conn. McCurdy, MaryAnn Teresa, Statesville McDaniel, Ann Mason, Jesup, Ga. McDonald, Ford Crisp, Shelby McDonald, Harold Ernest, Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela McDonald, Linda Aline, North Caldwell, N. J. McFalls, Judith Ann, Asheville McGalliard, McAnn, Raleigh McGinty, Park, Atlanta, Ga. Mcintosh, Brian Fred, Warren, Pa. McKee, Elizabeth Jo, Annapolis, Md. McKee, Horace Franklin, Jr., Greensboro McKenzie, Barbara Nelson, Gibson McKinnon, Harry Alexander, Charlotte McKnight, William Andrew, Verona, N. J. McLaurin, Michael David, Fayetteville McLemore, Gilbert Carmichael, Jr., Atlanta, Ga. McMichael, William Martin, Reidsville McNairy, Francis Dalton, Greensboro McNairy, William Glenn, Greensboro McNeill, Paschall Hancock, Sanford McNulty, Patricia Ann, Jacksonville McPherson, Lynda Guthrie, Durham MacDowell, Dorothy DuBose, New Milford, Conn. MacFarland, Jessatha, Greensboro MacKethan, John Alexander, Whitakers MacNeil, James Scott, Harrisonburg, Va. Maddison, Lawrence Beckley, Jr., Scotland Neck Maillet, Arthur Dwight, Flushing, N. Y. Mangum, Robert Worth, Bahama Mangum, Wallace Shaw, Laurinburg Mann, Betty Sue, Burlington Manning, Julia Anne, Dalton, Ga. Marion, Hassel Dean, Pinnacle Martin, Andrew Stephen, Raleigh Martin, Ann Russell, Burlington Martin, Barbara Sue, Charlotte Martin, Billy Ray, Kernersville Martin, James Ronald, Raleigh Martin, Lorraine E., Murphy Martin, Michael Glover, Jr., Greenville Martin, Samuel Anthony, Jr., Farmville, Va. Mason, Judy Anne, Pocomoke City, Md. Massenburg, Johnsye Eastwood, Raleigh Massey, John McLain, Troutman Masten, Michael Anthony, Greensboro Matheson, Miriam Joyce, Chapel Hill Matthews, Cornelius Faison, Turkey Mattox, Eunice Hoyle, Durham Matuszak, Susan Mary, Winston-Salem Mauney, Clarence Eugene, Newland May, Philip Besson, Charlotte Mayo, Herbert Brown, Richmond, Va. Mazotf, Stephen Michael, Elmont, N. Y. Melvin, Sylvia Kay, Aberdeen Menefee, Elizabeth Louise, Durham Menz, Robin Ann, Winston-Salem Merrill, William Harrison, Atlanta, Ga. Merritt, Jenny Louise, Wilmington Merritt, Jo Ellen, Wilmington Mewborn, John Moses, Jr., Farmville Mewborn, Quentin Alexander, Jr., Farmville Meyer, Julien Herman, Jr., Roanoke, Va. Michael, Anne Campbell, Blacksburg, Va. Middlemas, Claire Grace, Charleston, S. C. Middleton, Henry Moore, III, Raleigh Miles, Joel Hart, Lynchburg, Va, Miller, Carole Hart, Lynchburg, Va. Miller, Patricia Evelyn, Asheville Millington, Betty Ann, Charlotte Mills, Everette Ernest, Greensboro Mills, Frank Fulcher, III, Oriental Milton, Jack, Jr., Greensboro Misenheimer, Fred Mozelle, Jr., Maxton Mitchell, Ella Rae, Wilson Page 344 CLASS OF 1965 Mitchell, John Franklin, Graham Mixon, Sally, Memphis, Tenn. Monette, Alan V., Smithfield, Va. Monroe, Rebecca Dianne, Rockinghan Moody, David Hunt, Cedartown, Ga. Moore, Clayton Wells. Dalton. Ga. Moore, Cyde T., Jr., Eizabeth City Moore, Florence Susan, Lumberton Moore. Jane Morrison, Charlotte Moore, Jennie Marian, Charlotte Moore, John Ira, Jr., Raleigh Moore, Phoebe Jean, Concord Moore, Robert Dunn, Goldsboro Moore, William Perry, Norfolk, Va. Mooring, James B.. Rocky Mount Mooring, Joseph Ray, Jr., Fremont Morgan, Gretchen, Mooresville Morgan, Robert Ray, Zirconia Morgan, Sandra LeVoy, Sanford Morisey. John Cornelison, Jr., Clinton Morphis, Robert Spoon, Jr., Greensboro Morris, Albert P., Jr., Goldsboro Morris, Jimmy Cole, Bunn Morris. Joseph Arnold, Rutherfordton Morrow, Roderick Prescott, North Wilkesbon Morton, Jane Reed, Durham Morton, Louisa Barbee. Hubert Motley, Linda Sue, Chatham, Va. Mowry, Maxwell Reed, Jr., Charleston, S. C. Mullen, Douglas Truman, Wendell Muller, Chandler Robinson, Winter Park, Fla. Murphy, Margaret Biggs, Moorestown, N. J. Murray. Ronald Ford, Winston-Salem Muse, Billie Lee, Durham Myers, John Quincy, Wilkesboro Myrick, Donald Ernest, Greensboro Nash, Patty Ceil, Lowell Nathanson, Alan J., Greensboro Neal, Francis Brent, Yanceyvillf Neblett. Jane Andrews, Raleigh Neely, Charles Batcheller, Jr., E Nelson, William Carl, Jr., Huntington, W. Va Nesbitt, James Monroe, Jr.. Weaverville Newton, Anne Michael, Hickory Nicholls, Frederick Timothy, Canton mfield Hills, Mich Nichols, Sharon Madry, Virginia Beach, Va. Nicholson, Alice Madeline, Raleigh Nicholson, Garland Farnell, Jr.. Richlands Nordan. David Edsell, Chapel Hill Nordan, Kerry Gene, Hillsboro Norlander, Charles David, III, Brevard O ' Connor, Young Michael, Charlotte Okey, William Fremont, High Point Oliver, R. Timothy. Columbia, S. C. Orgain, Francis Leigh, Jr., Farmville, Va. Orrell, David Lee, Linwood Otterness, Patricia Louise, Waynesville Otts, Rebecca Elizabeth, Chapel Hill Overcash, D. Ann, China Grove Overcash, Kay Eugene, Kannapolis Overcash, Richard Franklin, Matthews Overholt, John H., Arlington, Va. Overton, William Lee, Durham Owens, Norman Pressly, Statesville Pachimsawat, Sukit, Bangkok, Thailand Page, Danny Floyd, Salisbury Page, Lavon Barry, Salisbury Parham, William Moore, Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Paris, Ronald Charles, Brevard Parker, Robert Vann, Greensboro Parker, Rosalyn DeVaughn, Skyland Parker, Thomas Hackney, Roper Parker, William Kenneth, Rocky Mount Parks, Kenneth Reid, Charlotte Parks, Michael Lashley, Burlington Parks, Owen Tracy, III, Southern Pines Parrish, David Monroe, Winston-Salem Parrish, Oscar Howard, Jr., Richmond, Va. Parrish. Walter Bennett, Jr.. Rocky Mount Parrott, Donald Benton, Kinston Paterson, Nellie Elizabeth, Matthews Patterson, Elizabeth Diane, Durham Paxton, Patsy Glenn, Wilmington Payne, Jodie M.. Belmont Pearce. Linda Leigh, Hendersonville Pearson, Dudley Gatewood, Atlanta, Ga. Peddicord, James Lee, Newport News, Va. Peed, Anna Katherine, Oxford Peele, Billie Garland, Williamston Pegues, Frances Elisabeth, Monroe Perian. George Douglas, Mt. Olive Perkins. Robert Paul, Camp Hill, Pa. Perry. Jack Sherwood, Jr., Concord Perry. Robert Edward. Jr., Selma Perryman, Charles Richard, Winston-Salem Peterson, David Lalister, Clinton Peterson. Russell Leon, Thomasville Peterson, Thomas McKeel, Elon College Petree, George Curtis, Jr., Winston-Salem JUNIORS Pettit. Gerald Talmadage, Chapel Hill Pfingst, Bryan Ernest, Louisville. Ky. Phillips, Claude Frank, Winston-Salem Phillips, Kay Elizatieth, New Bern Philip, Richard Nilscn, Vero Beach, Fla. Phipps, Mack William, Grassy Creek Pickett, Graham Clarence, Wilmington Pickett, Jeffrey Charles, Charlotte Pierce, Frances Allen, Charlotte Pierce, Margaret Anne, Vaughan Pinckney, Margaret Allan. Aiken, S. C, Pittman. Bernice Edward. Wilson Pitts. Florence Inez. Morganton Plott. Carolyn Louise, Oxford Plummer, Ronald Julian, Randleman Pond, Katherine Carter, Suffolk, Va. Pope, William Parker, Dunn Potts. Andrew David. Welcome Powell, Mary Jane, Morganton Powell, Susan Elizabeth, Arlington, Va. Preston, Steve McClain, Carolina Beach Price, Jack W., Jr., Red Oak Price, Warren, 111, Bethesda, Md. Prindle, Richard Gary, Atlanta, Ga. Pruit, Carl Gaskill, Newport Pryor, Claude Edison, Jr., Ruffin Pryor, William Leonard, Jr., Ruffin Puckett. Ann Kathryn, Mount Airy Putnam, Betty Warlick. Granite Falls Quillian, Patricia Anne. Bradenton, Fla. Quinn. James Elwood. Jr.. Beulaville Quintos. John Allen. Arlington, Va. Rabb. Richard Avery, Shelby Rackley, James Stewart, Mount Olive Raff, Lois Elizabeth, Charlotte Raines, Donald Lee, Greensboro Raines, Lou Bonner, Wilson Rankin, Peter Brinton, Haverford, Pa. Ranson. David Harris. Charlotte Rathbun. Edward Collins. Clinton, N. Y. Raulerson. Nancy Gayle. Miami. Fla. Ray. Robert Glenn, Louisburg Reagan, Robert Malcolm, Kingsport, Tenn. Reece, Davis Nance, Chapel Hill Reed, Martha Anne, Virginia Beach, Va. Reeves. Charles Steven. Canton Renfro. Joseph Darrell. Mountain Home Renfrew. Jean Thornton. Rocky Mount Reynolds. Peggy Sue. Rutherfordton Reynolds. Thomas Colson. Asheville Rhinehardt. John Edgar. Asheville Rhodarmer. William Fredrick. Canton Rhodes, Judy Ann, Raleigh Richards, Julia Louise, Currie Richardson, George Finney. Roanoke Rapids Riek. Justus Robert. Fayetteville Riley. James Clifford. Salisbury Robbins. David Lawrence. Kingsport. Tenn. Roberson. Wilbur Steve, Henderson Roberts, Brian G.. Asheville Roberts. L. Davis. Jr.. Old Greenwich. Conn. Roberts. William Wayne. Roanoke, Va. Robinette, William Harold. Jr.. Statesville Robinson, James Lee. 111. Naples. Fla. Rodgers, Linda, Winston-Salem Rogers. Herman Pearson. Jr.. Rowland Rogers. James Y., Raleigh Rogers, Larry Daniel, Roxboro Rogers, Leonard March, Arlington, Va. Rogers. Patricia Hurst. Statesville Rogers. Robert Kent. Durham Rogers. Thomas Tinsley, Jr., Durham Rogerson, Jimmy Arlyn, Edenton Roghelia, Lloyd B., Durham Rollins. Edgar Marshall, Chesapeake, Va. Roper, Mary Eileen, Kingsport, Tenn. Rose, William Nicholas, Jr.. Wallace Ross. Betty Anne. Wingate Ross. Coleman DeVane, Pleasant Garden Ross, Hardin Eli, III, Limestone, Me. Ross. John Moncrief, Elizabeth City Ross, Richard Wayne, Henderson Roth. Richard Emanuel. Wantagh. N. Y. Roupas. Charles Theodore. Fayetteville Roux. Georgia Lindsay. Savannah. Ga. Rudisill, Gerald Alton. Jr.. Badin Runge. Sam Stephen. Winston-Salem Russ. Eldon Jessie. Tabor City Russell. Curtis Ray. Dover Russell. Dennis Edward. Asheville Ruth, James Howard, Clay, N. Y. Ryan. Jim L.. Concord Ryerson, Paul B.. Wayne, N. J. Sailing, William Houston. Jr., Wilmington Samsot. Robert Louis. New Orleans. La. Samuel. Barbara Lee. Richmond. Va. Sandarg. Robert Morrison. Manhasset. N. Y. Sanford. Winston Morris. Hudson Sapp, Adelaide Raye Sharpe, Spencer Page 346 CLASS OF 1965 Sapp, David, Jr., Stoneville Sargent, Richard Berton, Charlotte Sarratt, Alexander Reed, III, Nashville, Tenn. Saunders, Denise Kay, Glenshavi, Pa. Saunders, Linda Lea, Washington Sayers, Donald Dean, Gastonia Scales, Judith Stacy, Martinsville, Va. School, Gretchen Cluthe. Charlotte Schuchardt, Louise Novelie, Durham Schueike, Melissa June. Briarcliff Manor, N Schuller, Jeremy Clinton, Fairfax, Va. Schultz, John Fredericl , Atlanta, Ga. Schwender, Sue Ann, White Plains, N. Y. Scott, Christopher Martin, Fair Bluff Scott, Thomas Fletcher, Jr., Rocl(wood, Ten Seagle, Thomas Caldwell. Hicl(ory Seago, John Vincent, New Orleans, La. Sechrest, Melville Lee, Brown Summit Seymour, Glynn Douglas, Zebulon Shackford, Margaret Milliard. Raleigh Share. P. Stewart. Silver Spring. Md. Shaver. Huitt Roger, North Wilkesboro Shaw, Alan Page, Charlotte Shell, William Robert, Hickory Shelton, Frank Wesley, Durham Shelton, George Edward, III, Wallace Shelton, Mary Jane, Boone Shelton, Twonette Corine, Richmond, Va. Sheps, David Samuel, New York City, N. Y. Sherrill. J. Wayne, Denver Sherrill, Robert Minnis. Roaring Gap Sherrill, U. Karen, Lenoir Shields, Sylvia Lillian, Columbus, Ga. Shinn, Phyllis Ann, Hampton, Va. Shively, John Terry, Goshen, N. Y. Shoaf, M. Bays, Jr., Kannapolis Shores. Charles Thomas. Jr.. Salisbury Showell. Gay, Riverton, N. J. Shroat, Jerry Gordon. Asheville Sieber. Peter Joseph. Hendersonville Siegel, Edward Mark. Jr., New York City, N. Y. Sitford, Jerry Lee, Mount Holly Silliman, Scott Livingston, Auburndale, Mass. Silver. Frank Morris, Leaksville Simmons, Russell Edwards, Jr., Rockwood, Tenn Simpson. Robert Brent. Greensboro Singer. Richard Gregg. Salisbury Sirimonkol. Ladawalya Tim. Bangkok, Thailand Skeen, JoAnn, Winston-Salem Slater. Eileen. Kings Mountain Smart, William Henry, Forest City Smiley, Scott Landram, Greenville Smith, Glenn Monroe, Tabor City Smith, James Fielding. Wingate Smith. John Troy. Fayetteville Smith, Judith Judson. Charlotte Smith, Marion Hinson. Jr., Lancaster, S. C. Smith, Marvin MacLeod, Jr., Charlotte Smith, Robert Bailey, III, Waynesboro. Va Smith. Samuel Winslow, Jr., Paoli, Pa. Smith, Thurman L., Washington, D, C. Smith. Windell Britton, Jr., Charlotte Smoot, Arthur Fountain, Goldsboro Sneed, Albert Lee, Jr., Pinehurst Shell, Thomas Richard, Winston-Salem Snider, Tim, Greens Farms, Conn. Snyder, James William, Thomasville Snyder. Jean Olive. Lexington Spain. C. Michael, Charlotte Spangler. Arthur Neal, Jr.. Lattimore Sparrow, John Templeton, Mooresville Spearman, Robert Worthington, Chapel Hill Speer, Candace Virginia, Burgaw Speight, Elisabeth Sharrock, Greenville Speight, Martha Frances, Rocky Mount Spell, Oscar Glenn, III, Wendell Spencer, Theodore Roosevelt. Jr., Browns Summ Spencer. Tracy N., Ill, South Charleston, W. Va. Sperber, Janice Lynn, Greensboro Spivey, Jerry Lee, Norfolk, Va. Sponenberg, James Eugene. Ill, Aberdeen Spransy. George Brewer, Jr., Chapel Hill Spring, Harry Charles, Kensington, Md. Stack, Robert Cole, Raleigh Stack, Victor Gene, Julian Stafford, Mary Elizabeth, Washington, D. Stafford, Robert Blanton, Matthews Stalder, Elizabeth Anne. High Point Stanley, William Elbert, Jr., Greensboro Starnes, Jimmy Dayle, Monroe Starnes, Nane Reed, Asheville Stearns, Junius Stitt, III, Laurinburg Stebbins, Mary Patricia, Durham Steelman, Ronald Howell, Spencer Stegall, Geneva Louise, Marshville Stein, Jay Joseph, Florence, S. C. Stembler, John Hardwick, Jr.. Atlanta, Ga. Stephenson, Ella Catherine, Lumberton Stevens, Harrell Hugh, Jr., Burlington Page 347 JUNIORS Stewart, WiUiam Douglas, Oakboro Stirewalt, Kay Virginia, China Grove Stcgowski, Joseph John, Westfield, N. j. Stone, James Robert, Pilot Mountain Stout, Frank Palmer, Fayetteville Straw Dennis John, North Kingstown, R. 1. Strickland, Anita Grey, Virginia Beach, Va. Stroupe, Vtfilliam Edward, Raleigh Strubing, Philip Henry, Philadelphia, Pa. Stubbs, Clifford Earl, Rowland Sturdevant, Barbara Jeanne, Chapel Hill Sullivan, Laborn Decoster, Jr., Fayetteville Summeys, James Thomas, Jr., Statesville Sutton, Charles Douglas, Charlotte Swann, Carl Clifton, Kingsport, Tenn. Swansson, James Herbert, Kings Mountain Swisher, Cynthia Ellen, Roaring Gap Szenasy, Anthony Stephen, Durham Szolscek, Patricia Ann. Lake Worth, Fla. Szymaitis, James Adam, Canonsburg. Pa. Tarleton, Larry Wilson, Peachland Tarr, Mary Patricia, Charlotte Tate, Charles Murray, Green sboro Tate, Edward Ray, Mount Airy Taylor, Charles Morrison, III, Asheville Taylor, Daniel L., Kinston Taylor, Donald Hugh, Snow Hill Taylor, Edward Alan, Wilmington Taylor, Elliott Ray, Jr., Atlanta, Ga. Taylor, Herman LeRoy, III, Arapahoe Taylor, Nathaniel Dunn, Raleigh Taylor, Norwood Travis, Raleigh Taylor, Patricia Elise, New Hope, Pa. Taylor, William Allen, Cary Teaney, Myron Rex, Jr., Goldsboro Teeter, Jean Hayes, Oakboro Temple, Earl Jackson, Fayetteville Templeton, Eugene Billiezollie, III, Hickory Tew, Franklin Truett, Clayton Thames, Mary Lynette, Raleigh Thomas, Michael Maynard, Greensboro Thomas, Philip Winston, Asheboro Thomas, Roy H., Ill, Farmville Thompson, Alexander Saunders, Jr., lumberton Thompson, Fred Caldwell, Lincolnton Thompson, Julia Arlene, Burlington Thompson, Oscar Holden, Atlanta, Ga. Thompson, Samuel Griffin, Wilson Thornburg, John Glenn, Charlotte Thorneloe, Keith Cartledge, II, Forest City Thrower, William Nathan, Jr., Belmont Thum, Richard Cobb, Cleveland Heights, Ohio Tilley, Sandra Camille, Durham Tillman, Nancy Wood, Raleigh Timberlake, Rebecca Louise, Wilson Ting, Nancy Nien-Ping, Sibu, Sarawak Topping, John Harrison, Akron, Ohio Towe, Catherine Bradley, Rocky Mount Trauben, Marilynn Eileen, Oakhurst, N. J. Trenbath, Richard Stockton, Washington, D. C. Trent, Wiliam Cecil, Jr., Bassett, Va. Treschan, Helmut, New Bern Tribble, Virginia Wright, Aberdeen Triplett, John Chester, Roxboro Trott, Sara Anne, Kannapolis Trotter, Marian Warner, Alexandria, Va. Troy, Helen June, Liberty Truitt, Shirley Owen, Greensboro Tucker, Judy Gay, Greenville Tunstall, George Ellis, Jr., Raleigh Turner. Marshall Lee, Jr., Gastonia Turner. Sidney Chesley, Wilson Tysinger, Henry Wilson, III, Charlotte Tysinger, Murray Franklin, Johnson City, Tenn. Ulmer, Alice Palmer, Jacksonville, Fla. Upchurch, Vicki Gray, Dunn Vanderberry, Robert Carroll, Jr., Ahoskie VanLear, Murray Martin, II, Roanoke, Va. vanWolkenten, Raymond Vincent, Jr., Norfolk, Va. Vaughan, Joseph Bailey, Woodland Vick, William Milton, High Point Viverette, Ralph Kins, Jr., Enfield VomLehn, Karen, Cullowhee Walker. William Wirt, Jr., Fountain Wall, R. Bryant, Raleigh Wallace, Marcus Heavner, Smithfield Walmsley, Paul, Salisbury Walston, William Albert, Scotand Neck Water, Daniel M., Albemarle Walter, Donald Patrick, Albemarle Walton, Asa James, Jr., Jacksonville Walton, Everette Joseph, Jr., Salisbury Walz, Richard Edward, Greensboro Ward, Alice Dianne, Washington, D. C. Ward, James Bernard, Bladenboro Ward, John Prickett, Bladenboro Ward, Laura Jane, Goldsboro Ward, Ronald Young, Raleigh miWM Page 348 CLASS OF 1965 Ward, Tom Henry, Jr., Robersonville Warfford, Reuben Camak, Siler City Warmbrod, William Kenneth, Raleigh Warren, Alfred Daniel, III, Snow Hill Warren, James Robert, Dunn Warren, William Addison, Laurel, Md. Watkins, George Henry, Spindale Watkins, Howard William, Jr., Lillington Watson, Charles Albert, Plymouth Watts, Walter Stevenson, Jr., Belmont Wauchope, Robert Donald, Brevard Wearb, Jerome Jay, Charleston, S. C. Weathers, Patricia Brady, Raleigh Weathers, William Albert, Latti more Weaver, Ronald Nelson, Rocky Mount Webb, Melva Jane, High Point Webber, Jane Dodd, Charlotte Weeks, Richard ton, Jr., Greensboro Weil Alan, Goldsboro Weiser, Conrad Walton, Salisbury Wellons, Diana, Greensboro Wells, Edward Warner, Smithfield Wells, Harold William, III, Wilmington Wells, Herbert Andrews, Mt. Olive Welsh, Francis Marion, III, Charlotte West, Joyce Dorcas, Stanley Westall, Donald Charles, Marion Westmoreland, Jerry Twain, Hillsville, Va. Wheeler, Wiliam Harry, Jr., Union City, Ga. Wheless, Glenn Allan, High Point Whitaker, Dennis Gerard, Charotte Whitaker, Phillip Stewart, Durham White, Bettie Freeman, Raleigh White, Carolyn Suzanne, West Hartford, Conn. White, Milbern Charles, Jr., Cheraw, S. C. White, Otto, New Bern White, Terry Stephen, Greensboro White, William Rufus, Greensboro Whitehurst, DeCelia Marie, South Mills Whitener, Kenneth Glenn, Greensboro Whiteside, Carl Thomas, Greensboro Whitesides, Martha Joyce, Charlotte Whitfield, Bobby Gene, Newton Grove Whitfield, William Jerry, Rutherfordton Whitley, Harvey Franklin, China Grove Whitley, Robert Riley, Yanceyville Whitley, Walter Ralph, Kannapolis Whitsett, Jo Ann, Whitsett Wilder, Bobby Hugh, Raleigh Wiles, Clarence David, North Wilkesboro Wilkins, Edward Vernon, Smithfield Williams, Gail Giles, Chapel Hill Williams, John Buxton, III, Ahoskie Williams, Richard Dudley, Savannah, Ga. Williams, Russell Everett, Jr., Robersonville Williams, Warren W., Jr., Louisvile, Ky. Williams, William Baxter, III, Angler Wilingham, Francis Fries, Jr., Winston-Salem Wilson, Daniel Mifflin, II, Dover, Del. Wilson, David Allen, Winston-Salem Wilson, David Burke, Yanceyville Wilson, David K., Jr., Nashville, Tenn. Wilson, Franklin, Jr., Rocky Mount Wilson, Richard Deems, Charlotte Wilson, Sondra Gail, Wilmington Windes, Thomas Calvin, Silver Spring, Md. Winslow, Don Kenneth, Elizabeth City Winslow, James Elbert, Hurdle Mills Winston, Robert W., Jr., Lillington Winters, Carole Lynn, Statesville Witt, Peter Ray, Hickory Wolfe, Charles Julian, Daytona Beach, Fla. Wolfe, Shirley Ann, Birmingham, Ala. Wommack, Spencer Thomas, Weldon Woodall, Harold Bert, Chapel Hill Woodall, Percy Jerome, Jr., Roxboro Woodard, James Charles, Jr., Selma Wooten, Billy Lee, Yadkinville Worth, Diana, Raleigh Wrenn, Franklin LaFayette, Siler City Wright, Cydne Ann, Greensboro Wright, Marilyn Joyce, Chapel Hill Yaeger, Peggy Ann, Pisgah Forest Yancey, Thomas Baugh, Gastonia Yeargan, Sherman A.. Jr., Garner Yoder, James C Mebane Young, Jack Kraynick, Clearwater, Fla Young, James Blake, Jr., Atlanta, Ga. Young, Jon Paul, Chevy Chase, Md. Young, Rosa Howell, Atlanta, Ga. Young, Sherrill F., Jr., Durham Young, William Marion, Charlotte Yount, Mitzi Jean, Claremont Zachary, Mary Juliet, Cashiers Zachary, Terry Lynn, Snow Camp Zacher, David Spalding, West Hartford, Conn. Zarro, Richard John, Bloomfield, N. J. Zehmer, Susan H., Virginia Beach, Va. Page 349 PRISCILLA PATTERSON Secretary LARRY EHRHART President JEFF DAVIS Treasurer CAMILLA WALTERS DICKIE BADDOUR Social Chairman Vice-President The Sophomore class is compiling a booklet of information con- cerning the opportunities offered by the various departments at Carolina. This handbook will give students a better idea of the major fields of endeavor; and thereby, perhaps, make the transi- tion from the General College to a major department a smoother process. (Approximately 60 pages.) We are also planning a bake sale immediately following semester break. A Pink Elephant Auc- tion is also in the offering. We will also be instrumental in the week-long inter-class competition to be held this Spring. SOPHOMORES CLASS OF 1966 Abrams, Ben Morris, Wilmington Acee, J. Madshall, Jr., Asheville Adams, Jeffrey Paul, Nashville, Tenn. Adams, Junius Greene, III, Asheville Aimone, William F., Midland Park, N. J. Ainsley, William Franklin, Jr., Hertford Aldridge, John Eugene, Jr., Raleigh Alexander, Roy Fint, Jr., Greensboro Allen, Allison Graham, Jacksonville, Fla. Allen, Frank William, Norfolk, Va. Allen, James Henry, III, Greensboro Allen, William Harvey, Greenville Almond, Charles Malcolm, Red Springs Almond, Gary Ronald, Locust Alper, Mark, Wilmington Alpert, Carol Sue, Wilmington Ambrose. Richard William, Closter, N. J. Amend, John Frederick, Jr., Greensboro Anderson, Jon Edwin, Brevard Anderson, Neal Anthony, Wilson Archie, Thomas Edv ard, Kinston Arhart, Richard James, Greensboro Augustine, Andrew John, Fayetteville Aycock, John Gordon, Greenville Babb, Henry Curtis, Ahoskie Baddour, Richard Allen, Goldsboro Baer, Richard Price, III, Edenton Baggett, Henry Clifford, Reidsville Bagwell, Larry Edward, Jr., Raleigh Bahnson, Frederic Fries, III, Winston-Salem Bailey, Reynolds Gray, Tarboro Baldwin, Bernard Coleman, III, Lynchburg, Va. Baldwin, Stuart Frazier, Babylon, N. Y. Ball, James Weeks, Jr., Elizabeth City Ballard, Glenn Gilbert, Dallas Ballard, Harry Hampton, Welch, W. Va. Ballenger, James Caudell, Raleigh Bandy, Robert Ray, Goldsboro Banks, Aubrey Malcolm, Harbinger Banks, Martha Ellen, Durham Barfield, James Everett, II, Vidalia, Ga. Barnard, Robert Lee. Kannapolis Barnes, Reuben Thompson, Elm City Battistello, Gregory Alesandro, Aflex, Ky. Baucom, Charles Michael, Charlotte Baugley, Henry Foster, Exeter, N. H. Baum. Robert Leo, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla. Beatty, Joseph Robert, Charlotte Beckett, Robert Sampson, Brightwaters, N. Y. Bellman, Terry Richard, West Springfield, Va. Belmont, Eduardo J., Lima, Peru Belsinger, Jack Russell, Jr., Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Benbow, William Edgar. Winston-Salem Benfield, Ray Denton, Hiddenite Bennett, Robert E., Pittsburgh, Pa. Benton. Billy Brantford, Denville, N. J. Bernstein, Steven Harris, Washington, D. C. Berrier, Jacob Giles, Welcome Best, Richard Lee, Elizabeth City Befhea, Harry Ellis, Wilmington Betty, Laban Tyson, Asheville Bilick, Herbert Allen, Lynbrook, N. Y. Bird. Paul Edmond, Jr., Wytheville, Va. Birinyi, Laszio, Jr., Lancaster, Pa. Bishop, Lewis Moore, Jr., Norfolk, Va. Bishop, William Thomas, III, Lexington, Ky. Black, Robert Eugene, Jr., Bessemer City Blackman. C. M.. Jr., Benson Blackwell. Hugh Allen. Roanoke Rapids Blalock, John Henry, Pilot Mountain Blanton, Tena Gail, Shelby Blowe, Ralph Boyd, Weldon Blue. James Madison. Chevy Chase, Md. Boal. Donald Stuart, Wake Forest Bobroff, Andrew Franklin, Far Rockaway, N. Y. Boggs, Charles Irving, Cartersville, Va. Bone. John Samuel, Weldon Boren, Annette Gail, Chapel Hill Bost, Stanley Lloyd, Statesville Bouton, William Innes, Jr., Greenville, S. C. Bowman, William Walter, Jr., Hickory Page 351 SOPHOMORES Boyce, Jacob Cameron. Jr.. Tyner Boyd, David Guion, Norfolk, Va. Boyd, Troy Thomas, Washington Boyles, Larry Wayne, Hickory Boynton, Woodward R., Altadena, Calif. Brading, Edwin Boyle, Sumter, S. C. Brake, George Meiggs, Rocky Mount Brannon, Vernon Boyd, II, Raleigh Branstrom, John Timothy, Morganton ewer, Harriett Mae, Hillsboro ewer, James Estes, Jr., Lewisburg, W. Va. itt, Gerald Glenn. Lumberton oome. Bette Louise, Boone oome, Hoyle Sidney, Jr., Autryville owder, Jasper Eugene, Windsor own, Michael Thomas, Hillsboro n, Thomas Carl, Raleigh uce, Dennis Luther, Raleigh iruning, Joseph Roy, Berea, Ohio luchanan, David George, Greensboro lullard, Vaughn Evans, Selma lullock, James Walter, Manson lundy, Kay, Madison lunte, Louis Edward, Atlanta, Ga. lunton. Ray Lincoln. Statesville lurchard. Russell Church. Washington, D. C. lurge, Randy Lester, High Point Burkette, David Wayne, Bethania Burr, Cathy Ann, Winston-Salem Burton, Rebecca Elizabeth, Bolivia Busby, Julian G.. Kannapolis Busby. William Jarvis. Salisbury Butcher. Charles William. Griffon Butler. George Tyssen, Jamaica, West Indies Butler, John Daniel, Southern Pines Byrd, James Edward, Raeford Cahoon, John Melvin, Harbinger Cam, Mary Joyce, Statesville Calder. Bobby James, Durham Caldwell, Richard Newton, Kannapolis Cameron, Harold Harrington. Broadway Cameron. Roy Gilbert. Jr.. Erwin Camp, Jeanne Morgan, Shelby Campbell, William Terrell. Yazoo City. Miss. Cannon, Clarence Ray, Kinston Canup, Patricia Ann, Salisbury earner, George, Fayetteville Carr. Charles Albert, Jr.. Danville. Va. Carson. Neill M.. III. Gastonia Casey, Noel Tyson, Tenafly, N. J. Cassidy, William Farrell. Akron, Ohio Cecil, Charles Richard, Hickory Chacey, Franklin Bradsher. Milton Chance, Richard Brooks, Richmond, Va. Chandler, Brenda Faye, Burlington Chapman. Bill R.. Rutherfordton Chappell. Robert Thomas. Richmond, Va. Cheatham, Elizabeth Parrish, Youngsville Chesnutt, James Alfred, III, Clinton Chestnut. Wade Hampton. Wilmington Cheves. Keywood Cornell. Jr., Littleton Church, Charles Bumgarner, Walkertown Churchill, Joe Lacy, Roanoke. Va. Clackum. James William, Jr., Elberton, Ga. Clark, Jerry Lee, Greensboro Claud, Michael Thomas, Loring A.F.B., Me. Clayton. Dan G., Houston, Tex. Clingenpeel. Winfred Judd, Salisbury Coble, Samuel Newlin, Greensboro Cochrane, Eleanor Caldwell, Atlanta, Ga. Cochrane. Rebecca Lee. Durham Cofer, Gilbert Milton, Winston-Salem Coghill, James Woods, Henderson Cole. Thomas Phillip. Charleston. S. C. Collins. Leslie Gordon. Jr.. Jamestown Conner. James Michael. Salisbury Cook. Harold L.. Kannapolis Cooke, Jon David, High Point Cooper, Alfred Braswell, Jr., Morehead City Copland, Ronald Gheen, Burlington Cordell, Thomas McNeill, Charlotte Page 352 CLASS OF 1966 Cornelius, Willis Van, Jr., Decatur, Ga. Corry, Paul William, Asheville Covert, Edward Martin, Moncure Cowen, Peter Donnelly, Scarsdale, N, Y CoK, John Randolph, Coral Gables, Fla. Cox, Mason Orlando, Jr., Greensboro Cox, Terry Gene, Gatesville Cozart, Thomas Morris, Greenville Craft, James Hord, Rutherfordton Craig, John Wesley, Jr., Charlotte Crampton, Guy Clark, Raleigh Crawley, Jack Benjamin, Jr., Hollister Creal, Richard Edward, Chattanooga, Tenn. Crews, Edward Esca, Walterboro, S. C. Crissman, Bobby Winfred, Chapel Hill Cromartie, Luther Martin, Jr.. Wilmington Cromartie, Robert Samuel, 111, Fayetteville Crow, Harry Bennett, Jr., Monroe Crowder, Ronald Lewis, Winston-Salem Crumley, Charles Edwin, Greensboro Culbertson, Robert Barber, Englewood, N. J. Culp, Robert William, Gastonia Cunningham, Donald Edward, Greensboro Dail, Rodney Lee, Elizabeth City Dail, Thomas E., Kinston Daniel, James Marsall, Wilson Daniell, Mary Elizabeth, Chapel Hill Darnall, William Carlyle, Arlington, Va. Darnell, William Irving. Mebane Darr, Ronald Edgar, Thomasville Daugherty, Thomas Alexander, High Point Davidson, Dianne Ellen, North Miami Beach, Fla Davis, Billy Dean, Marion Davis, Carl Stephen, Charlotte Davis, Gregory M. P., Fayetteville Davis, Jefferson Bryan, Charlotte Davis, Jerry Dale, West Cramerton Davis, John Mason, Henderson Davis, John William, Jr., Burlington Davis, Paul Benning, Jr., Buffalo, N. Y. Davis. Robert Carlton, Rocky Mount Deal. Douglas Wayne, Connelly Springs Dearman, Charles Augustus, Jr., Statesville DeBarger, David Michael, Chapel Hill Denny, Dwight Douglas. Pinnacle Dickson, Paul, III, Raeford DiCostanzo, Alan D., Rochester, N. Y. Dillon, Thomas Alexander, III, Greensbori Dingeldein, George Peter, Greensboro Dixon, Frances Jeanne, Rocky Mount Dotson, Bernard Earl, Carthage Dougherty, David Daniel, Boone Douglas, Charlotte Harrill, Dunedin, Fla. Downing, Edward Converse, Charlotte Downton, Charles Edward, Longmeadow, M Doyle, George Wright, Pensacola, Fla. Drew, Muriel, Fiskeville, R. I. Droze, Gerald A., Raleigh Dunivant, Jill Ellen, High Point Dunlevie, Malcolm Ward, Jr., Atlanta, Ga. Durston, James S., Thomson, Ga. Eagleton, Hugh Edward, Silver Spring, Md. Eason, Jeffrey Wayne, Williamston Eatman, Edward Laughtin, Jr., Rocky Mount Edge, Jerry Thomas, Roseboro Edminster, Russell Seymour, Chapel Hill Edmonds, Robert Davis, Warrenton Edwards, David Phillip, Fayetteville Edwards, David Willard, Greensboro Ehrhart, Lawrence Albert, Orleans, Mass. Ellis, Robert Earl, Roanoke Rapids Estes, Melvin Joseph, Charlotte Etherington, Burton Hazell, III, Haverford, Pa. Evans, Hoyt Ray, Jr., Jacksonville Everett, Alpheous Kern, Jr., Sneads Ferry Everhart, Jane Crater, Winston-Salem Everhart, Koyt Woodworth, Jr., Winston-Salem Falls, Richard Eugene, Gastonia Farrior, Julian Wade, Jr., Greensboro Fawcett, Robert Redman, Lexington, Mass. Feder, Jeffrey H., York, Pa. Page 353 SOPHOMORES Feher, David Terry. Topsfield, Mass. Feingold, William Steven. Melrose. Mass. Field, Russell Porter. Wyoming. Del. Fincti. Ctiarles Wilfred. Spring Hope Fincti. William Curtis. Jr.. Fayetteville Fisher. Aloma M.. Salisbury Fisher. Stanley Groth. Jr.. Kensington. Conn. Flanagan. Michael Perkins. Kinston Fleming, Henry Davis, Jr., Boonville Ford, Charles Ellis, Jr., Louisburg Ford, Dale Norris, Spray Ford, Kenneth Paul, Fairmont Ford, Larry Martin, Charlotte Forum, Richard Burton, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Foster, Ronnie Allen, Greensboro Fountain, Alvin Marcus, II, Raleigh Fountain, James Markland, Easton. Md. Fowler. Clarence Woods, Jr., Tnomasville Fowler. James Nelson. Morganton Fox. David Kennedy, Jr., Gary, Ind. Frank, Barbara Ann. Leaksville Franklin, E. Thomas, Jr., Goldsboro Frazier, Michael Anthony, Charlotte Freakley. Edwin M.. Hampton. Va. Freeman, Robert Allan, Goldsboro Freiberg, Allen Charles, Greensboro French. Berry Godwin, Lumberton Fry, Charles Thomas, Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Fry, Robert Gilliam, III, Carthage Frye, Thomas Lawrence, Hickory Gamble, William Stephen, Spindale Ganus, John W., Shallotte Gardiner, Paul Stewart, Greensboro Gardner, Saundra Hoen, Baltimore, Md. Garrison, Kenneth B., Jr., Dallas Gaster. Roy Rosser. Sanford Gay, Willifond Waddell, Zebulon Gebeaux, Robert Joseph, Fairfax, Va. Ghriskey, H. Williamson, Jr., Greenwich, Conn. Gibbs, Joseph Franklin, Durham Gilbert, James Dean, Chesnee, S. C. Gilmore, Algie Gaston, Charlotte Goddard, D. Andrew, Wellesley Hills, Mass. Godwin, Howard Gibson, Dunn Goldberg, Linda Ruth, Durham Goldstein, Michael David, Flushing, N. Y. Gonzalez, Peter William, Sands Point, N. Y. Goodman, Joseph Henry, Leiand Gordon, Britton Lawrence, Grand Rapids, Mien Gordon, James Edward, Charlotte Graham, Walter Raleigh, Jr., Charlotte Grant, Hugh Judd, Raleigh Grantt, Alexander Peter. Kinston Gray, Paul Allen, Jr., Wadesboro Greenamyer, Richard Doyle, Haddonfield, N. J. Greene, Ronald Wayne, Winston-Salem Griffin, James McCarley, Charleston, S. C. Griffin, Samuel Cecil, Rocky Mount Grigg, Wendell Randolph, Jr., Raleigh Guard, John Etheridge, III, Poplar Branch Gullette, Robert Lincoln, Raleigh Gunch, Modine Gladys, Kannapolis, Del. Gunter, James Alexander, Columbia, S. C. Haigh, William Laurence, Statesville Hailey, Thomas Charles, III, Winston-Salem Haithcock, Malvin Gordon, Jr., Warrenton Haithcock, Willard Irvin, Jr., Marion Hall, Patricia Inez, Brevard Hall, Samuel Lindsay, Jr., Rocky Mount Hamilton, John Randle, Charlotte Hamilton, Stephen Spencer, Asheboro Hamlin, William Thomas, Jr., Durham Hamrick, Richard Douglas, Shelby Hardenbergh, Frank Eddy, Wellesley, Mass. Hardman, Joel Cecil, Jr., Shelby Harmon, Jacob Claude, Jr., Burlington Harmon, John Patrick, Jr., Warsaw Harrell, Andrew Wayne, Rocky Mount Harrell, Shirley Ann, Greenville Harrington, Ellis Jackson, Jr., Durham Harris, Bayard Easter, York, S. C. Page 354 CLASS OF 1966 Harris, Thomas Alfred, Thomasville Harshaw, Charles William, Jr., Greensboro Hart, James Cleaver, High Point Hart. James Patrick, Charlotte Harville, Thomas Crawford. Jr., Lenoir Harwell, Fred Robinson, Jr., Washmgton Hassell, Raymond Grayer, Beaufort Hatch, William Manly, Pink Hill Hauser, Michael Francis, Lewisville Hayes, Gerald Wilton, Jr., Coats Haywood, Robert Allyn, Durham Hazelton, William Dean, Chester, Va. Heath, James Michael, Greensboro Hechenbleikner, Madeline Mercedes, Charlotte Henry, James Edgar, Camp Lejeune Hensky. Michael Jack, Raleigh Hepler, Elizabeth Daisy, Lexington Heppe, Marc, Jr., Wayne, Pa. Hetzel, William Walter, Kill Devil Hills Hicks, James F., Jr., High Point Hill, Gary Prevost, Winston-Salem Hill, James Clinton. Randleman Hinshaw, Maxwell Norman, Jr., Randleman Hinton, Larry Harold, Nashville Hobbs, Ralph Nicolson, Selma, Ala. Holler, Cato Oliver, Marion Holmes, Alexander Baron, IV, Charleston, S. C. Honan, William Joseph, III, Westbury, N. Y. Hoopes, Edwin Lowrey, Athens, Ga. Hoover, Eddie Lee, Charlotte Hopper, James Ellis, Hillsboro Howe, Daniel Bo, Greensboro Howe, George Milton, McAdenville Hoyt, Richard Lee, Jacksonville, Fla. Hudson, John Dwight, Wilson Hudspeth, James Lester, Rocky Mount Huf, William Langley, Arlington, Va. Huggler, David Horton, St. Davids, Pa. Hughes, James Allen, Brasstown Hughes, John William, III, Florence, S. C. Hume, Robert Leo. Memphis, Tenn. Hunt, Edgar William, III, New Bern Hunter, Calvin Bruce, Asheville Hunter, James Collett, Jr., Danville, Va. Hunter, John Wayne, Charlotte Hunter, Luther Gillespie, Jr., Statesville Hunter. Robert Carl, Marion Hussman, Gary Marvin, Durlear Hutcheson, John Ambrose, Jr., Winston-Salem Hyatt, Allison Taylor, Charlotte Ingram, George Mason, Helsinki, Finland Ingram, John Carter, Mt. Gilead Irving, John William, Madison Jackson, Wilbur Arrington, Jr., Colonial Heights, Va. James, Judith McGowan, Mebane James, Mary Teena, Mebane James, William Edwin, High Point Janowitz, William Harry, Closter, N. J. Jenkins, Larry Wade, Greensboro Jennell, Kay Jackson, Charlotte Jennings, Henry Edwin, Greensboro Jensen, Paul Andrew, Asheville Johansson, Beatrice Katrin, Chapel Hill Johnson, Jimmey Lynn, Raleigh Johnson, Kay Emily, Washington. D. C. Johnson. Richard Sandusky. Camp Lejeune Johnson, Robert Edwin, Raleigh Johnson, Ryland Earl, Jr., Raleigh Jolley, Rickey Dalon, Clitfside Jolley, Roger Dale, Cliffside Jones, Dalma Bright, Jr., Asheboro Jones, John Terry, Greensboro Jordan, Robert Strong, Wilson Joye, E. Michael, Pamplico, S. C. Justice, James Donivan, Jacksonville Kagel, Stuart Todd, Harrison, N. Y. Kaneer, Robert Abernathy, Maiden Kanwit, Peter David, Alexandria, Va. Kassens, William D., Jr., Wilmington Keating, William H., Jr., Savannah, Ga. Keefer, Thomas B., Jr., Greensboro Page 355 SOPHOMORES Keen, Aubrey Alfred, Four Oaks Keith, Thomas Jeffery, Passaic, N. J. Kellam, Nosco Hobart, Jr., Greensboro Kendrick, Howard H., Dallas Kennedy, Sandra Wess, Hillsboro Kennington, James Edward, Charlotte Kerns, Marshall Glenn, Charlotte Kerns, Robert Maury, Huntersville Killian, Charles Edwin, Rutherfordton Kinlaw, Francis Harvey, Laurinburg Kirby, Ralph Clayton, Mebane Kirkpatrick, James Weaver, Jr., Waynesville Klaff, Michael Philip, Danville, Va. Kluttz, George Fisher, Salisbury Knesel, David C, Rockville, Md. Knight. Anne Sandra, Raleigh Kodack, Lawrence David, Asheville Koonce, William Turner, Raleigh Koonts. Helen Rebecca, High Point Kouba, William Dudley, Greensboro Kramer, Richard Frederick, Chevy Chase, Md. Kreiser, Bette Jane, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Kubie. Donald Albert, Jr., Scarsdale, N. Y. Lackey. Walter Lee, Jr., Lenoir Lai, Frank, Jr., White Lake Lamb, Robert George, Canonsburg, Pa. Lambert, Jerry Jefferson, Benson Lane, Robert Harold, Middleburg Laney, Thomas Percy, Wilmington Lanier, Elton Ray, Goldsboro Lamer, Ralph Odell, Jr., Dobson Lansche, John Elmer, Greenville Leder, Nathan I., Jacksonville Lefler, Charles Deems, Chapel Hill Leibold, Jean Ellen, Atlanta, Ga. Leiand, Roderic S., Nev» Canaan, Conn. Lentz, Ellen Linn, Goldsboro Leonard, Kenneth Seattle, Kings Mountain Lesley, Donald Williams, Clayton Lethco, Helen Roberta, Arlington, Va. Lewis, Gregg David, Nashville, Tenn. Lichtenstein, Marshall Harvey, Atlanta, Ga. Lindenmeyer, Thomas Howard. Durham Lindley, Harry Newell, Pittsboro Lindley, James Randall, Snow Camp Lindsay, Joseph Hamlin, Jr., Leaksville Lineberger, Archibald Caleb, Belmont Link, Henry William, Coral Gables, Fla. Link, Malcolm Eugene, Charlotte Lipp, Frederick S.. Baltimore, Md. Little, James David, Fayetteville Littlejohn, Samuel Mcbowan, Charlotte Litton, Michael Daniel, Gastonia Livengood, Thomas Stuart, High Point Livingston, Elizabeth Ann, Raeford LobI, Thomas Jay, Danville, Va. Loftin, David Highsmith, Gastonia Logan, Wade Hampton, 111, Charleston, S. C. Lokey, Julian Lee, Jr., Goldsboro Lomax, John Robert, III, Hamlet Long, Donald Stuart, Mebane Loudon, Alexander, New York, N. Y. Lovell, John Thomas, Jacksonville Lowder, George Edward, Albemarle Lowery, Robert Herman, Winston-Salem Lowery. Woodrow Wilson, Jr., Trenton Lowman, Terry Kenneth, Valdese Lueders, Brian Carter, New Canaan, Conn, Lupton, Richard Byron, Swan Quarter Lynn, Diane Elizabeth, Mountain Home A.F.B., Idaho Lynn, Robert Page, Petersburg, Va. Lyons, Joseph Eugene, Jr., Charlotte MacOonald, Neil Robert, Sanford MacNicholas, John Malcolm, Statesville McAdams, Walter Dalton, Jr., Winston-Salem McAllister, Bruce Parker, Wilbraham, Mass. McArthur, John, Jr., Charlotte McArthur, William Kenneth, Greenville McBrair, Peter Sayre, Caldwell, N. J. McCallie, Spencer Wyatt, Chattanooga, Tenn. McCartney, Ottaway Kenton, III, Asheboro Page 356 CLASS OF 1966 McCoy, Donald Whitfield, Jr., Fayetteville McCoy, Kenneth Byron, Cove City McCullen, Cecil Dewey, Jr., Faison McDade, Paul Brown, Jr.. High Point McDaniel, Ralph Bryan, Lake View, S, C. McDermott, Maureen Ann, Rivervale, N. J. McDonald, Daniel Edwin, Readsville McDonald, Eloise Thomas, Sanford McDuffie, Donald Chavel, Durham McFadden, Charles William, Hickory McGlohon, Artie Campbell. Ayden McGrath, Edwin Ross, Jr., Asheboro McGwier, Frank Paul. Greensboro Mclnnis, Thomas McLeod, Jr., Fayetteville McKenzie. Olin Glaze, III, Miami, Fla. McKnight, Stephen Alen, Mt. Airy McLain, George Robert. Miami. Fla. McLaughlin, Philip Michael, Highland Park, McLean, Graham Wilkinson, Lumbertcn McLellan. Robert Charles, Newport News, Va. McMattan, William Edwin, Asheville McMillan, Robert Andrew, Charleston, W. Va. McMinis. Bennie Ralph, Fayetteville McNeely, Thomas Cowan, Statesville McNeil, Quincy Albert, Jr.. Wilkesboro McRae, Martha Alice, Laurinburg McWhorter, Val Sanders, Roxboro Macy, Ulrike R., Parkersburg, W. Va. Maddox, James McMillan, Gastonia Magnuson, Philip Roger, Jr., Jamestown, N. Malone, Elmer Taylor, II, Coats Mann, Kenneth Lee, Long Beach, N. Y, Manning. Howard Edwards. Jr., Raleigh Marshall. Albert Barnes. Jr.. Umatilla. Fla. Martin. Donald Payne, Greensboro Martin, Edward S., Chapel Hill Martin, Joseph Franklin, Chapel Hill Martin, Joseph Howard, Jr.. Virginia Beach. Va. Martin. Robert Eugene, Jacksonville, Fla. Martin. Thomas James. Newport News, Va. Matthews. Robert William. Sanford Maupin. Armistead Jones. Raleigh Mead, Gary Raymond, Norwood, N. J. Meade. James Bullard, Washington, D. C. Mebane, John Gilmer, Rutherfordton Meyer. Bernard Stanley, Enfield Meyer. Charles Edward. Rocky Mount Middleton, James Richard, Winston-Sal n Miller, Charles Parker, Jr.. Charlotte Miller. Charles Raymond. Manhasset. N. 1 Miller. Linda Marlis, Jenkintown, Pa. Miller, Mary Ann, Charlotte Miller, Sharon Jean. Gary Mlllichap, Peter Brabant, Camp Lejeune Mimms, Thomas Bowman, Jr.. Atlanta. Ga. Mitchell, Neal Alford, Jr., Clinton Mitchell, Walter Clifford, Jr.. Oxford Mitchener. Joseph Pike, Edenton Mocnik, Frank Anthony, Clinton Moore, David McDaniel, Granite Falls Moore, Springer Harbaugh. Vero Beach, Fla. Moose, George Howard, Jr., Newton Moran, Alfred Jay, Jr., New Orleans , La. Morgan, Don Wayne, Maysville Morgan, William Clyde, Jr.. Elizabeth City Morrison, James Floyd, Charlotte Morrison, Thomas Nolan, Newton Mosteller, Clifton Herbert. Jr., HicKory Muchmore. James Harrison. New Vernon. N. J. Mueller. Guenther Herbert. High Point Murdock, Gayle Gray. Durham Murphy, Andrew Marshall, Glastonbury, Conn. Myers, Andrew Barry, Sea Girt, N. J. Myers. Dennis Page, Winston-Salem Neal, Clinton Hill, Jr., Warrenton Newland. David Hale. Greensboro Newman, George Lindsay, Falmouth, Va. Newnam, Sherrill Reid, Greensboro Newsome, Troy Wilson, Jr., Murfreesboro Newton, Christina Harbison, Chapel Hill Newton, Nancy Meredith, Chapel Hill Page 357 SOPHOMORES Newton, William Brunson, Lake Waies, Fla. Nicholson, George Edward, III, Chapel Hill Nicholson, Lois Christina, Rockingham Nicholson. Thomas Westray. Rocky Mount North, Frederick Chamberlain, II, Islamorada, Fla. Oakley. James Franklin, Charlotte Oakley, Woody Fowler, Kenansville Oettinger, Kenneth Brown, Chapel Hill Oettinger, Wayman Melvin, Kinston Olshinski, John Albert, Thomasville Olson, Laurhz William, Hampton, Va. O ' Quinn, Clyde Saunders, Star Organ, Dennis Wayne, Roanoke Rapids Osborn, Edwina Reid, Hamlet Owens, John Robert, Jr., Farmville Pack, Marvin Hugh, Columbus Padgett, James Leroy, Crescent City Page, Clarence Eugene, III, Henderson Painter, Dean E., Jr., Coronado, Calif. Palmer, Bruce Edson, Bernardsville, N. J. Parker, Charles Owen, Durham Parker, David Archie, Murfreesboro Parker, Edwin Brownrigg Borden. Goldsboro Parmele, Alfred Truman, Lumberton Parrott, Ruthie Turner, Kinston Partin, Hugh E., Jr., Mocksville Patterson, Conley Dale, Shelby Patterson, Priscilla White, New Bern Patterson, Stewart Thompson, Manhasset, N. Y. Patty, Seldon Elijah, Hendersonville Payet, Charles Robert, Indian Lake Estates, Fla. Paysour, James H.. Gastonia Payton, Robert Michael. Miami Beach. Fla. Peabody. Sondra Jane, Raleigh Pearce, David Andrews. Mount Airy Pegram, Paul Samuel, Jr., Greensboro Pemberton, Thomas Garry, Linden Pender, James Clinton, Goldsboro Pendergraph, Leonard Darrell, Graham Pendill, John Walter, Jr., Statesville Pepper, Albert Parrish, Jr , Salisbury Perkins, David Troy, Washington, D. C. Perry, Daniel Thaddeus, 111. Fayettevilli Perry, Dennis Ralph, Salisbury Petree, Tony Wayne, Winston-Salem Pettis. Charles David, Chapel Hill Pfatf, James Samuel, Winston-Salem Phillips. Mattie Hyles, Morehead City Pickett. Sandra Madeline. Charlotte Pike, Alan Russell. Rockford, III. Pittman, Houston Harris, Whiteville Pollard, Jack Johnston, Charlotte Pope, John Ross. Atlanta, Ga. Pope, Patrick Harris, Dunn Porter, Richard Oliver, Mt. Olive Potter, William Hollister, Jr., Beaufort Prevost, Jack G., Hazelwood Price, James Larry, Greensboro Prillaman, Donald Gene, Chapel Hill Pryor, James Michael, Bat Cave Pulsifer, James Cochran, New Canaan, Conn. Purdy, Rob Roy, Nashville, Tenn. Purvis, William Henry, Chapel Hill Ragsdale, Delbert Gordon, Jr., Asheboro Rakestraw, Frank Paul, Reidsville Ramage, Nancy Virginia, Atlanta, Ga. Ramsey, Walter Reeve, Raleigh Raphael, Lawrence Allen, Pearl River, N. Y. Rarback. Sheri Rachelle, Miami, Fla. Rauers. Marion Hammond. Savannah. Ga. Ray, James Leslie, Hallsboro Raymond, Eugene Phillips, New York, N. Y. Read, Guy Carleton, Pittsburgh. Pa. Ready, William Judson, Raleigh Reed, Christopher, West Medway, Mass. Reese. David Pollock. Jr., Greenville Reeves, Charles M.. Ill, Sanford Reeves, William Hardy, Phoenixville, Pa. Reich, F. Otto Juan. Charlotte Reid, William Booth, Jr., High Point Remer, Bryan Eugene, Coral Gables, Fla. Page 358 CLASS OF 1966 Reiter, Brian Reynolds, Minneapolis. Minn. Rendleman. David Atwell, III. Salisbury Reynolds. Claude Morris. Jr.. Lexington Rhodes. Murden Cecil. Elizabeth City Rhodes. Samuel Thomas. Wilmington Rhodes. Ted Owen. Jr.. Fayetteuille Rice. John Andrew. Arlington, Va. Rice. Sharon Elizabeth, Fayetteville Roberts. Gana Louise. Dallas, Texas Roberts. Thomas Adams. Jr.. Greenville, S. C. Robinson, James Lowell, Candler Robinson. Kenneth George. Jr.. McLean, Va. Robinson. William Harold. Asheboro Robinson. William Pressly. Whitmire Rodgers. Raymond Stanford, Jr.. Jacksonville. Fla. Rogers. William Henry. Jr.. Fuquay Springs Roll, David Franklin. Aidan, Pa. Roney, John Robert, Williamston Rosas, Jose R.. Lima. Peru Rosefield. Herbert A., Jr.. Sumter. S. C. Ross. Barbara Jean. Pleasant Garden Ross. Johnny Ervin, Morganton Rouzer. William Wolf. Salisbury Rowe. David Lewis, Mount Airy Royster, Chauncey Lake, Jr., Raleigh Rudell, Frederick Lawrence, Lockbourne A.F.B.. Ohio Russell, Joseph Dwight, Kinston Ruth, Raymond Earl, Cary Rutledge, Jerry James, Germantown Rutledge, Larry Wayne, Charlotte Ruehl, Victor Eugene. III. Doylestown. Pa. Sadler. George Henry. Charlotte Salles. Paula Ruth. Alexandria. Va. Sanders. Robert. Winston-Salem Satterfield. William R.. Jr., Lewisburg, W. Va. Saunders. Jack Edward, III, Madison Savage. Phillip Lane, Greenville Sayre. Edward H., Jr., Tryon Scheer. Frederick Hugh. Chapel Hill Schiltz. David B.. Greensboro Schmidt. William Gert. Jacksonville. Fla. Schoenborn, Edward Martin. Ill, Raleigh Schrum, Darrell Edward. Dallas Schussel, Robert H., King of Prussia, Pa. Schwartz, William Bernstein. Ill, Atlanta, Ga. Seaton, Grover Cleveland. Ill, Wilmington Seawell. Aaron Ashley Flowers. IV. Chapel Hill Senn. Laurence Vaughn. Jr., Charlotte Sessoms. William Hugh. Jr., Williamston Shao, Harry, Kowloon. Hong Kong Shaw. Alexander Turner. Ill, Jacksonville Shaw. Gerald Edwin, Broadway Shaw, John Lewis, Jonesville Shea. Patrick Joseph. Washington, D. C. Shearon. Cameron Edwin. Wake Forest Sheffield. Lucius Grigg. Jr.. Tarboro Shepherd, John Reeves. Laurel Springs Shepherd. Lois Ann. North Wilkesboro Sheppard, Ernest Mac. Fayetteville Shepsle, Kenneth Allen. Takoma Park, Md. Sherrill, Lee Woodrow, Jr.. High Point Shope. Richard Irving, Sanford Shuff, Landon E., Jr., Rocky Mount Shuford, Abel Alexander. Hickory Shuford. John Oscar. III. Lincolnton Shutt, Rober Talmadge. Winston-Salem Simmons. Thomas William. Roseboro Simmons. William Robert. Enfield Simon. Lawrence Howard, Wilmington Simons, Robert Lynde. Jr.. Lexington. Va. Simons. William Kenneth. Jr.. High Point Simpson, Bryan, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla. Simpson, David Shatter, Fayetteville Sims. Faryl Eran. Coral Gables. Fla. Skelly. Thomas McFarland. Wilmington, Del. Sledge. Charles Harold, Morehead City Smith, Andrew G.. Fayetteville Smith. Carolyn Ann. Winston-Salem Smith. Clarence Edwin. Ill, Decatur, Ga. Smith. Dan Clayton, Gastonia Smith, Gilbert Dale, Greensboro Page 359 SOPHOMORES Smith, Gordon, III, Raleigh Smith, Guy Patrick, Lexington Smith, Guy Warren, Clinton Smith, James Peeler, Morganton Smith, John Harrison, Kinston Smith, Larry Emmett, Laurinburg Smith, Robert Douglas, Charlotte Smith, William McCorkle, Granite Falls Smith, William Zadok, Jr., Gastonia Snook, Harry David, Charlotte Snow, Charles Leon, Jr., Hanover, N. H. Snyder, Joseph D,, Greenville, S. C. Southern, Russell Wesley, Jr., Stokesdale Spaulding, Benjamin Warren, Jr., Wilmington Spell, John Harvey, Wendell Spivey, Charles Burden, Windsor Sproul, Avard Pauline, Pinebluff Stallings, Michael Holton, Huntersville Stanley, Charles Harvey, Baltimore, Md. Stanley, Michael Eugene, Shallotte Steed, Betsy Jo, High Point Steele, John Richard, Lookout Mountain. Tenn Steele, Kenneth Franklin, Statesville Stephens, Don Allen, Chapel Hill Stevens, Wade Harold, Clayton Stewart, Carl Miller, Jacksonville. Fla. Stewart, Edward Lee, Star Stewart, John Edward, Evanston, III. Stewart, Thomas Earl. Jr., Fayetteville Stone, John Clinnon, Dunn Stone, Richard Tenbroeck, Savannah, Ga. Stretmater, Robert Lloyd, Richmond, Va. Strickland, Grady Champion, Fayetteville Strom, Gerry Paul, Asheville Stronach, Samuel Clark, Wilson Strother. Mary Ellison, Kinston Stroup, Polie Rhyne, Gastonia Stubblefield, Johnny David, Durham Sfuefer, William Edward, Landenburg, Pa. Sutton, James Robert, Greensboro Sutton, Robert Bean, Jr.. Winston-Salem Swain, Blair Wesley. Burlington Swanson, David Mitchell. Pilot Mountain Swartz. Margaret Joanne. Raleigh Sweeney. David Neal, Charlotte Sykes, Horace Leonard, Enfield Tallent. Clyde Ray. Jr.. Chapel Hill Talmadage. Sam McNeill. Jr.. Athens. Ga. Tart. Johnny Parker, Dunn Tate, Jack Pressley, Greenville, S. C. Taylor, John Harman, Mount Airy Taylor, John Scott, Arlington, Va. Taylor, Patrick Purnell, Louisburg Taylor, Richard Barry, Petersburg, Va. Taylor, William Woodruff, III, Raleigh Teele, Gerald A,, Shelby Temple, John Proctor, Jr., Durham Templeton, Ralph Gordon, Jr., Lenoir Terry, James Willard, Graham Tew, Allen Roger, Clayton Thomas, Herbert LaMar, Greensboro Thomas, John Hurley, 111, Monroe Thomas, John Stephen. Charlotte Thomas, William Neil, III, Lookout Mountain, Tenn Thompson. Clyde Gilbert. Raleigh Thompson. David Reed, Washington, Pa. Thompson, James Addison, Jr., Raleigh Thompson. James William. Morehead City Thompson, Ralph Edison. Jr.. Fayetteville Thornton, Richard Arnold, Jr.. Clinton Tiberio. Gilbert Francis. Jr., Pittsburgh, Pa. Tinkham. Spencer Felton. Charlotte Tittle, William Stewart, Woodstock, III. Tolar, Ned Randall, Red Springs Townsend, Haynes Wayland, Lumberton Trickey, Fred Logan, Miami, Fla. Truette, Benny Edward, Charlotte Turner, John Edwin, Concord Turner, Roy Steven, Weldon Tutterow, James Clay, Jr., Mocksville Twamley, Joseph Vincent. Baltimore. W Twiddy. Curtis Andrew. Jr.. Edenton Tyer, Steven Moran, Greensboro Tyndall. Alvin Ray, Wilson Tyson, David Franklin, Godwin Umstead, Vivian Louise, Durham Underwood, Henry Junius, Jr., Clinton Upchurch, Frank Jefferson, Charlotte CLASS OF 1966 Upchurch, Millard Charles, Jr., Chapel Hill Upshaw, Arthur McAllen. Mocksville Vaughan, Ross LeRoy, Jr.. Nashville Vickery, Burch Bryant, III, Charlotte Vinson, Harriet Anne, Goldsboro Waddell. Jerry Wayne, Sparta Wagenseil, Lawrence Lee, Camp Lejeune Wainio, John Charles, Balboa, Canal Zone Wainwright, George Lindeman, Jr., Wilson Waldrop, Joseph Edmund, Jr., Greenville Walker, Clovis Daryl, Shreveport, La. Walker, John Guerrant, Leaksville Walker, John Randolph, Ardmore, Pa. Walker, Mary Travis, Walkerton, Va. Wall, Homer Bennett, Raleigh Wallace, Carl Edison, Jr., Southern Pines Wallace, John Robert, Jacksonville Walters, Camilla Hays, Greensboro Ward, David Russell, Clarendon Warden, Henry Fairbanks, Bluefield, W. Va. Warfel. Joseph Rosser, Fayetteville Waring, Thomas, Charleston, S. C. Watkins, Richard Ray, Leaksville Watson, Jesse Lee, Salisbury Watson, Robert William, Rocky Mount Watts, Nelson Barnett, Asheville Webb, James Theodore, Jr., Fayetteville Webb, Jesse Alton, Jr., Greensboro Webb, William Norv ood, Greensboro Weddle, Pamela Sue, Jacksonville, Fla. Weems, William Swanson, Raleigh Weiler, Herold James, III, Asheboro West, Samuel Gordon, Greensboro Wetzell, Frederick Scott, II, Gastonia Whealton, Alvah, Wilson Whisnant, C. Gene, Charlotte Whitaker, George Graves, Rocky Mount White, David Hill, Hickory White, Gilbert Case, II, Durham Whitehead, Leviis Willard, Jr., Windsor Whiteheart, Donald Sidney. Jr., Winston-Salem Whyte, Barbara Elizabeth, Bethesda, Md. Wicker, Robert Ambrose, Sanford Wiggs, Jon Lee. Tampa, Fla, Wight, Charles Copeland, III, Ponce, Puerto Rico Wilday, James Renshaw, Westfie ld, N. J. Wilder, David Marcom, Shelby Wilkes, Franklin John, Jr., Tampa, Fla. Wilkins, Charles Putnam, Smithfield Wilkinson, William Spotsviood, Beckley, W. Va. Williams, Christopher H., Argyle. N. Y. Williams. Corbin Ott. Hendersonville Williams, Gary Cecil, Newport Williams, Henry Clayton, Kinston Williams, James Edward, Jr., Rockingham Williams, James Richard, Warrenton Williams, John Evers, Westfield, N. J. Williams, Julith Bennett. Chapel Hill Williams, Lewis Daughtrey, Jr., Richmond, Va. Williams. Robert Lee, Ellerbe Williamson, Benjamin Napier, III, Franklinton Williamson, John Perry, Louisburg Willingham, Edward Haynes, Macon, Ga. Willingham, John Francis, Macon, Ga. Willis, Dewey Wayne, Williston Wilson, Hugh McCoIl, Charleston, S. C. Wilson, James Emmett, III, Camp Lejeune Winstead, Arthur Wiley, Roxboro Winstead, Charles Leigh, Roxboro Wise, Julia Melverda, Raleigh Witort, Edward A., Jr., Lenoir Wollin, Ernst George, Jr., Statesville Wood, William Bennett, Jr., Greensboro Woodard, William Samuel, Charlotte Woodcock, Neil Reaves, Atkinson Woody, Allen Anman, Durham Wooten, Hubert Kendall, Raeford Worrell, Kenneth E., Rocky Mount Wright, William Fletcher, Raeford Wylie, Norman Anderson, Rye, N. Y. Yarbrough, Terry Wayne, Lexington Yokley, John Hale, Jr., Mount Airy Young, William Lawrence, Elizabeth City Youngblood, Lawrence Joseph, Fletcher Yount, David E., Granite Falls Younts, Ronald Wesley, High Point Zachary, Stephen Vander, Yadkir Page 361 Following the fall elections, interviews for the Freshman Class Cabinet were held during the month of November. Over one hundred freshmen were appointed to the various committees which coordinated the year ' s activi- ties. In December, the class treasurer organized the first Merchants ' Sale. A second sale was planned for spring. In January, the freshman girls con- ducted the annual sale of bake goods in Y-Court. The third money-making project of the year was a talent show organized and produced by the class during the month of February. Each money-making project contributed toward the financing of the Freshman Weekend in March. The weekend proved to be a successful climax to the year ' s activities. These activities, together with the successful freshman athletic teams, yielded a high degree of spirit within the Fresh- man Class. MAUREEN SHANNON Social Chairman JIM HUBBARD Treasurer MARY KING Secretary JOHNNY HEDRICK Vice-President FRESHMEN CLASS OF 1967 Abbott, Arthur Travis, Asheville Acree, John Pendleton, Greensboro Adams, James Caldwell, Winchester, Va. Adams, John Michael, High Point Adams, Larry Lee, Fuquay Springs Adams, Nancy Ruth, Carolina Beach Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Jr., Birminghart Adeimy, David Allen, Hamlet Albright, Cecil Raymond, Fort Bragg Alger, Martin Joseph, Watertown, N. Y. Allen, Lee Parker, Louisburg Allen, Robert Harry, Dover, N. H. Allen, William Columbus, Jr., Fayetteville Allsbrook, William Bernard, Jr., Roanoke Rapids Almond, Claude Carroll, Robbinsville Altenburg, Floyd David, Coraopolis, Pa. Amos, William Robert, Newton Ancarrow, N, Hopple, Richmond, Va. Anders, Louis Holmes. Charlotte Anderson, David Gaskill, Tarboro Anderson, Jean Lowry, Orlando, Fla. Anderson, John Paul, Raleigh Anderson. Lane Schofield, III, Charlotte Annas, Larry Dean, Newton Aplin, James Granger, Chattanooga, Tenn. Apperson, Theda Rae, Durham Armstrong, Claudia Andrew, Jr., Wilmington Armstrong, William Blair, Richmond, Va. Arnold, Chester Wellington, Jr., Greensboro Arnold, Ronnie Due, Fuquay Springs Arterton, Jonathan Bell, Washington, D. C. Arthur, Betsy Cheryl, Princeton Ashley, Stanley Byron, Jr., Atlanta, Ga. Askew, John Everett, Hinsdale, III. Atkins, Frederick Charles, Cranford, N. J. Atkins, William Shaffer, Asheville Attleman, Judy Lynn, Washington, D. C. Atwood, David Clarke, Greensboro Auman, Thomas Forrester, Virginia Beach, Va, Aydelette, Robert J., Greensboro Babson, Michael Keels, Jacksonville Bailey, Richard Douglas, Sims Baity, Mickey Wayne, Yadkinville Baker, Cyrus McNeill, Jacksonville, Fla. Baker, James Marion, Rocky Mount Baker, Thomas Eugene. Statesville Balch, Timothy John, Stanford, Calif. Baldwin, Jesse Gray, Jr., Raleigh Ball, James Kenneth, Williamsburg, Va. Ballance, Thomas Benjamin, Hatteras Ballard, Garry Lynn, Statesville Ballentine, James Leroy, Charlotte Ballew, Richard M., University, Miss. Ballow, Barbara Helene, High Point Banov, Alan, Charleston, S. C. Barber, James Brown, Lexington Barger, James Steven, Salisbury Barham, Linda Joyce, Seaboard Barham, Robert Martin, Asheboro Barker, Jeffrey Hawes, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Barnard, William Oscar, Asheville Barnes, John Wesley, Greensboro Barnhardt, Robert Swift, Davidson Barrett, Joe Hilton. II, Rocky Mount Barrett, Nancy Glover, Chapel Hill Barringer, Martin C, Mullins, S. C. Barrow, Seth Tyson, Jr., Farmville Barwick, Joseph Trent, Durham Bason, John Robert, Hickory Bass, Robert Winston, Farmville Batchelor, Jimmie Allen, Havelock Bateman, William Joseph, Tarboro Batson, Nelson Roberts, Manzanillo, Dominican Republic Baucom, Judith Margaret, Hickory Baucom. Robert McLean, Durham Bauguess, Leonard Lee. Jr.. New Bern Baumgartner. Becky Lynne, New Canaan, Conn Beam. Henry Lee, III. Cherryville Beard. David Hastings. Reidsville Beasley, Robert Jones, Jr., Louisburg Beason, Daniel Reid, Mooresboro Beatty, Dennis Gold, Kings Mountain Beaulieu, Maurice Edward, Jr., McLean, Va. Beavers, Charlotte Lee, Greensboro Beck, James Gordon, Hamburg, N. Y. Beck, Tony Lohr, Lexington Beckerman, Michael Barry, Hendersonville Bekshaw, Valerie Margaret, Goldsboro Bell, Lloyd William, Morganton Bell, Steven Durant. Raleigh Page 363 FRESHMEN Benbow, Charles David, IV, Statesville Benedict. Henry Fulton, New Canaan, Conn. Bennett, Stephen Joseph, Winston-Salem Bennett, Wayne Michael, Columbia, S. C. Benny. James Conrad. Hyattsville. Md. Benton. Dempsey Eugene. Jr.. Newton Grove Benton. Joseph Nelson. III. New Orleans, La. Benton. William Grady. Winston-Salem Berry. Harold Walton. Tryon Best. David Malcolm. High Point Beusse. George Carroll. Jr.. Thomasville Bibb. Lewis Bradley. Fayetteville Biddle. John Kenneth. III. Kinston Bieber, Peter Steven. Ft. Myers, Fla. Black. John Riley, III, Whiteville Blackman, Edwin Tuttle, Jr., Gainesville. Ga. Blackwell. Crist Scott. Winston-Salem Blaine. Eva Lee. Chapel Hill Blair. Harry L., Jr., Greensboro Blank, Andrew Russell, South Miami. Fla. Blankenship. Donald Alexander. Swannanoa Blankinship. Leslie Scott. Maxton Blinsmon, Terry Lee. Asheville Bliss. Lewis Craighill. Seattle. Wash. Bloom. Warren Edward. Bridgeport. Conn. Blount. Charles Edward, Jr., Indianapolis, Ind. Blumenthal, Robert Lee, Greensboro Bobba, John Primo, Springfield, Mass. Boger. Gene Shelby. Winston-Salem Boggs. Duane Gary, Seaford, Del. Bohnenkamp. Denny R.. Kirkwood. Mo. Boone. Joseph Daniel. Canton Boone. Mary Helen. Asheville Booth. Walter Scott. III. Raleigh Boswell. Sanford Little. Newport Bottomly. Robert James. III. Marblehead. Mass. Bowen. Charlie Hewitt. Jr.. Wilmington Bowen. James Richard. Whiteville Bowlen. James Albert. Thomasville Bowman. Michael Lynn. Burlington Bowman. William Edwin. Jr.. Newport News. Brace. Robert Adrian. II. Atlanta. Ga. Bradley. Cloyce F.. Nashville. Tenn. Bradley. Scott. Darien, Conn. Bradshaw. David Gerald. Newport News. Va. Brady. Gordon Leonard. Jr., Ramseur Brame, James Ballard, Jr., Durham Branscome, Glenn Curtis, Semora Bransford. William Maurice, Greensboro Brantley, Julian Thweatt, Jr.. Greensboro Brauer. Carolyn Toni. Chapel Hill Braxton. Alfred Finley. Jr.. Graham Bray. Douglas Hilton. Summerfield Brennan, James John, Scituate, Mass. Brewer. John Dwight. Jr., Fairplay. Colo. Bridges, Tilden William, Shelby Bright, Don Clark, Elizabeth City Brill, Alan Howard, Tarboro Brinson. Joe Miller. High Point Britt. Grady Harold. Jr.. Raleigh Britt. Terry Howard. Rocky Mount Broadaway. William Weaver, Marshville Brooks, Roy Washington, Jr., Oakboro owder, Jerry Tyrone, Rural Hall own, Carl Eraser, Chapel Hill own, David Lewis, Winston-Salem own, Gary Franklin, Lancaster, Pa. own. Kenneth Baker. Santurce. Puerto Rico own. Neilson Christopher. Harwinton. Conn. own. Rufus E . Lake Junaluska own. William Davis. Asheboro ownett, Maria Whitehurst. Jacksonville. Fla. Browning. Paul Kenneth, Durham Bruenner. David Frederick. Port Washington. N, Y. Bryant. Robert Marsden. Jr.. Winston-Salem Bryson. William Holmes. Asheville Buck. Geri-Lou. High Point Buie. John Harrell. Dillon, S. C. Bollard. Claude Ashley. Durham Bullett. Douglas James. Jefferson Bullock, William Howard, Washington Bumgardner, Donald Hoyle, Belmont Bonn, David Warner, Chapel Hill Bunting, Elisha Harry, Jr., New Bern Burden. Sandra Kaye. Aulander Burford. Inman Parker. High Point Burgess. Malcolm Stewart. Macon. Ga. Burgess. Peter Kendall. Geneva. III. Burgess. Wayne Thomas. Broadway Burgwyn. Henry Holoman. Jackson Burton. Dudley Joe, Hickory Burton. John Knox, King of Prussia, Pa. Butcher. Mary Ann. Griffon Butler. Larry Edwin. Cherry Point Butler. Robert McMaster. Alexandria. Va. Butler, William Medearis, Jr., Winston-Sale Buxbaum. John Michael, Chevy Chase. Md. Bynum, Thomas Nathanial. Chapel Hill Byrd, Danny Hobbs, Angier Page 364 CLASS OF 1967 Byrd, Samuel Martin, Lillington Cabaniss, Albert Esley, Shelby Caffee, Arthur Bernard, Alexandria, Va. Caison, Claude Kent, Clinton Cameron, Alan Spencer, Winston-Salem Cameron, Elizabeth Ann, Raleigh Campbell, June Carole, Goldsboro Canady, Rena Lynn, Selma Cannady, Jerry Wayne, Clinton Cannady, Leon Woodrow, Jr., Selma Cannon, Roger Kalup, Jr., Raleigh Cannon, Thomas Richard, Greensboro Canut, Richard John, Jr., Boonton, N. J. Capps, Ralph Edwards, Elizabeth City Carpenter, Malcolm Moore, Jr., Lincolnton Carpenter, William Gregory, Stanley Carr, Beachamp Coppedge, Atlanta, Ga. Carr, Timothy David, Westfield, N. J. Carroll, Sandra Ann, Smithfield Carson, Mary Sloan, Elkin Carver, John Henry, Andover, Mass. Caruthers, Robert Lee, Aiken, S. C. Cassidy, Michael Monod, Madison, Wis. Castleberry, Michael Scott, Garner Cato. Linda Gail, Sanford Caton. William Knapp, Jr., Southern Pines Chaffin, William Thomas, III, Burgaw Chandler, Robert Curtis, Mebane Cherry, Mary J., Nev land Cherry, Robert Lee. Jr., Norfolk, Va. Chesson, Alvin Glenn, Washington Chewning, Thomas Norman, Richmond, Va. Chrisafis, Gregory Peter, Fayetteville Christy, Tommy Green, Jacksonville, Fla. Clark, Alexander Bayard, III, Hendersonville Clark, Peter, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Clark, Thomas Anthony, Elizabethtown Clark, Thomas Herbert, Baltimore, Md. Clary, Wilburn C, II, Winston-Salem Clayton, Felix Bernard. Rocky Mount Clayton, Jerry Bruce, Greensboro Clem, Clyde Lee, Atlanta, Ga. Clemmer, Monlen Anne, Severna Park, Md. Clifton, Brantley Edward, Lumberton Cline, Charles Emmett, North Wilkesboro Cline, Richard Long, Conover Cline, Thomas Ray, Jr., Marion Cline, William Dickson, Ridgewood, N. J. Coates, Harry Christopher, Charlotte Cochrane, Dixie Dianne, Charlotte Cochrane, William Vincent, Jackson Cofield, James Edward, Raleigh Cofield, Juan Medford, Raleigh Cohan, Robert Henry, St. Petersburg, Fla. Cole, Ronald Wayne, Forest City Collier, Phil Douglas, Bladenboro Collins, George Wayne, Fayetteville Collins, Joe Blakely, Jr., Robbinsville Collins, Robert Fowler, Laurinburg Colo, Michael Steven, Charlottesville, Va. Colson, Oliver Kirby, III, New York, N. Y. Combs, Robert Meredith, Goldsboro Comfort, John Gardiner, High Point Conely, Richard Bruce, Durham Congleton, Walter Franklin, Stokes Connaughton, James Peter, New Bern Conner, Richard Douglas, Greensboro Conrad, David Pennington, High Point Conway, Burton Thomas, Hendersonville Cook, Jack McPherson, Liberty Cook, John Finus, Stokesdale Corbett, James Patrick, Swansboro Cordell, Robert Quentin, Highland Park, III. Cordle, Victor Owen, Raleigh Cornue, Virginia Ellen, Huntersville Cottle, Jacques Cleveland, Rose Hill Cowan, James Robert, Spindale Cowell, John Franklin, III, Summit, N. J. Coxe, James Sherwood, III, Raleigh Graver, John Wade, Morganton Crawford, Charles Frederick, Flint, Mich. Crawford, James Emil, Jr., Sylva Crawford, John Spencer, Old Fort Creench, James Edward, Goldsboro Creech, James Narvin, Jr., Smithfield Creighton, James Francis, Jr., Asheville Crissman, Ivan Dabney, Jr., High Point Cristman, Robert Parker, Salisbury Critcher, Elizabeth Chatham, Moravian Falls Crocker, George Howard, Sumter, S. C. Crocker, James Thomas, Jr., Henderson Crockett, David Godwin, Vass Cromartie, Ruth Pendleton, Clinton Crook, Robert Gerald, Jr., Salisbury Croom, Ralph Taylor, Jr., Watha Crosswell, Michael James, Frankfurt, Germany Crouch, William Ralph, Madison Grouse, Janet Wrenn, Lexington Crowder, Richard Mason, Jr., Winston-Salem Page 365 FRESHMEN Cummings, Brenda Carol, Guilford College Currin, Robert Graves, Jr., Henderson Cuthrell, Luther Glenn, Maxton Dail, Norman Wayne, Ayden Dale, Ernest James, Raleigh Dancy, Beverly LeVonne, Kannapolis Danford, Roy Graham, Burlington Dauphinais, George William, Toledo, Ohio Davis, Glenn Benson, Montclair, N. J. Davis, Gordon Miles, Charlotte Davis, James Edv»ard, Charlotte Davis, Joseph Hiram, Landis Davis, Nathan Edward, Nashville, Tenn. Dav.s, Stacy M., Oxford Davis, William P., Cincinnati, Ohio Day, Charles Samuel, Wilkesboro Daymont, Thomas Norman. Clinton, N. Y. Deal, James Coleman, Taylorsville Dean, Jimmy Wayne, Angler Deazley, Bernard George, Newport News, Va. Debnam, Joseph Eppye, III, Edenton Decker, Roy Lyman, Jr., Miami, Fla. Deegan. William F., Jr., Westport, Conn. DeHart, William Gregory, New York, N. Y. DeLaHoussaye, Denise, Glenellyn, III. Dempsey, James Carlyle, 111, Wilson Denny, Robert Lee, Jr., Kinston Dent, David Richard, Rye, N. Y. DeVane, James Middleton, Jr., Lumberton DeWolfe, George Edward, Leaksville DeYoung, Dennis Robin, Winston-Salem Dial, Robin Hood, Columbia, S. C. Dickerson, Richard Lee, Roxboro Dickson, John Byron, Brevard Dillard, Roger Lee, Jr., Sylva Oillehay, George McNeill, Charlotte Dillon, Mary Margaret, Jacksonville Disney, Christopher Michael B., Fayetteville Dixon, Grady L., Winston-Salem Dobbs, William Arthur, Albemarle Dockery, Jerry Michael, Dobson Dodd, David Arthur, Atlanta, Ga. Doggrell, Frank Ernest, III, Memphis, Tenn. Donat, Winfield, Farmville Doner, Richard Frederick, Merion, Pa. Donnison, John James, Jr., East Islip, N. Y. Doolittle, Robert Earl, Jr., Kinston Dotson, Grover Lee, Spindale Dozier, Henry Charles, Powells Point Drake, John Oliver, Jr., Mayodan Drum, Steven Lewis, Newton DuBose, Theodore Marion, IV, Charlotte Duke, Charles Marsden, Jr., Washington, D. Duncan, Noah Kinlaw, Hope Mills Duncan, Randy Dean, Maiden Duncan, Sandra Gail, Mebane Dunlop, Ralph Gordon, Evanston, III. Dunn, John Guion, III, New Bern Dunn, Ronald Kirby, Springfield, Va. Dunstan, Frederick Miller, 111, Windsor Durham, Richard D., Wilmington, Del. Dwyer, Ross Thomas, III, San Jose, Calif. Dykes, Andrea Gartlan, New York, N. Y. Dykstra, William Harvey, Chapel Hill Early, Jane Raiiey, Ahoskie Earnhardt, Carlee Raymond, Jr., Albemarle Easterling, Thomas Bernard, China Grove Eastwood, Myles Eric, Atlanta, Ga. Edgar, James Clifton, Kennett Square, Pa. Edwards, Daniel Parker, Henderson Edwards, James Scott, Winston-Salem Edwards, Thomas Richard, Newport Edwards, William Burgan, Jr., Burlington Eidson, Robert West, Jr., Salisbury Elkins, Wilson Oliver, Greensboro Elliott, Frederick Benjamin, III, Lufkin, Tex. Elliott, Samuel Warren, Marion Ellis, Chester Weldon, Farmville Ellis, John Edward, Greensboro Ellis, Marvin Edward, Shelby Elmore, Miles, Spartanburg, S. C. Elser, Mary Duncan, Mechanicsburg, Pa. Emory, Morris S., Haverford, Pa. Engen, William Richard, Whiteville Engvall, Donald Montgomery, Dublin, N. H. Epting, Robert Lee, High Point Essey, Henry Eugene, Roseboro Etherington, Theodore Leighton, Hendersonville Evans, Charles Douglas, Manteo Evans, Douglas Raymond, Coral Gables, Fla. Evans, James Clifton, Grandy Evans, James Edward, Savannah, Ga. Ewbank, Frank Arthur, Hendersonville Fadeley, Richard Carlton, Columbia, S. C Fagan, Carroll Elizabeth, Jamesville Fagin, Scott Lynn, Chester, S. C. Fahrer, Richard B., Jr., Hagerstown, Md. Falconer, John F., Rockford. 111. Fait, Joseph Byron, Huntsville, Ala, Page 366 WSmi CLASS OF 1967 Fare, James Miller, Winston-Salem Farmer, Robert Curtis, Riverside, Conn. Farmer, Russell Tenney, Providence, R. Fatata, James Morgan, Gold Hill Fay, Frederick Phillip, Raleigh Feagan, Charles Patrick, Columbus Ferguson, Corbin Randolph, Rural Hall Ferris, Lane H., Belhaven Fisher, Gordon David, Pittsburgh, Pa. Fitzpatrick. J. Michael, Charlotte Flanagan, Stephen G., Cherry Point Fletcher, James William, Kinston Flinn, William Kelly, Chapel Hill Floren, Lennart Sven, Jackson Heights, N. Y, Floyd, Thomas Carl, Haines City, Fla. Flynt, George William. Winston-Salem Fogleman, Joe Eli, Liberty Foil, Michael Edmon, Moravian Falls Foley, John Paul, Jr.. Durham Folmsbee, Paul Francis, Laurinburg Forbis, Richard Marshall, Charlotte Fortune, Philip Lee, Toledo, Ohio Foster, Bruce Harmony, Pfafftown Fowler, James David, Mount Holly Fowler, John Daniel, Jr., Gastonia Fox, Dale Edward, Gastonia Fox, Larry Lee, Roxboro Fox, Terry Clayton, Hudson Foy, Herbert Miles, Statesville Frankel, Alan H., Huntington, W. Va. Frazier, Susan Marie, Concord Freedman, Ceevah Ann, Durham Freeman, John Samuel, Morganton Freuler, Billy Ray, Tarboro Fritts, Ronald Tinsley, Lexington Fu, David Tsao, Greensboro Folk, Christopher Claude, Winston-Salem Fuller, Larry Thomas, Thomasviile Fulton, Mary Ann, Winston-Salem Funderburk, Ronald Earl, Kannapolis Gaddy, Annette Meriwether, Greensboro Gammons, Peter Warren, Groton, Mass. Ganderson. Samuel Brian, Norfolk, Va. Garber, Boyd Rolla, Atlanta, Ga. Gardiner, Anthony Morris, Danville, Va. Gardner, Larry Lester, Reidsville Garner, Robert Lee, Charlotte Garrison, Donald Elliott, Wingate Gatlin, Harold Norwood, Raeford Gatlin, Jesse Cecil, III, Colorado Springs, Colo Gay, James Michael, Houston, Texas Cebeaux, Howard Lane, Fairfax, Va. Gelder, Thomas Lee, Fayetteville George, Samuel Lormon, Four Oaks Gernon, Robert William, Jr., Charlotte Gholson, Thornton Patton, Henderson Gibney, William John, Round Hill, Va. Gilman. Donald Wayne, Jr., Newport News, Va. Gingrich, David Melvin, Wheeling, W. Va. Glass, Alan Ronald, Bethlehem, Pa. Glenn. Samuel D., Marion Godett, Robin Pietra, Waldwick, N. J. Godwin, Joseph Caswell, Boiling Springs Gold, Charles Lee, Richmond, Va. Good, Carl Edward, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Good, Terry Rondall, Jackson, S. C. Goode, Gregory Milton, Butner Goodman, Rodney Renus, Jr., Kinston Goodwin, Harry Abbitt, Wilson Goodwin, James Oscar, Apex Gouge, Winton Douglas, Middletown, Del. Gough, Kay Lynn, Jacksonville, Fla. Gourlay, Charles Dossett, Lillington Graham, Charles Edward, Burlington Graham, Joseph Michael, Lincolnton Gramelsbach, Heidi Wilson, Pinehurst Grant, Arthur Gordon, Jr., New Orleans, La. Gray, Carl William, Lexington Gray, Willie Dwight, La Grange Green, Larry Ray, Asheboro Greenbacker, John Everett, Jr., Newport, R. I. Greene, John Zebulon, Lexington Greenwood, Paul Nicholas, Birmingham, Ala. Gregory, Kenneth Michael, Charlotte Grier, Manton McCutchen, Greenwood, S. C. Grifenhagen, William B., Charlotte Griffin, Lindsay Ira, III, Summit, N. J. Grimes, Donald Warren, Gary Gross, Michael Ray, Greensboro Grossman, Carl, Modesto, Calif. Grotgen, John F., Jr., Wilmington Guffey, James Edward, Canandaigua, N. Y Gygi, Andrew Charles, Jr., Norfolk, Va. Hager, Hampton Croson, Jr., Charlotte Haggard, James Lamar, Montgomery, Ala. Haines, Robert Atlee, Havertord, Pa. Hairfield, Robert Bennett, Morganton Hall, Charles Martin, Fayetteville Hall, Henry Perry, Oxford Page 367 mmm mwm FRESHMEN Hall, Kyle Stanley, Salemburg Hall, Lawrence William, Jr., Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. Hall, Thurman Butler, II, La Grange Hall. William Ramsay, Jr., Hickory Nailer, Kenneth Alan, Brighton, Mich. Ham, Joseph Hutchinson, IV, Charlotte Hamilton, Richard Bruce, Summit, N. J. Hammer, James, Princeton, N. J. Hammett, James Richard, Concord Hamricl , Robert Yates, Jr,. Boiling Springs Hanan, John Henry, III, Sacramento, Calif. Hancocl , George Nicholas, Asheboro Hanes, Franl Borden, Winston-Salem Hanliins, Gary William, N ewport News. Va. Hannon, Terrance, Linwood, N. J. Hapgood, Cyrus Stow, Jr., Riverside, Conn. Harer, Alan Eugene, Raleigh Harper, Franklin M., Whitestone, N. Y. Harrell, Carolyn Anne, Saratoga Harrelson, Bruce M., New Hyde Park, N. Y. Harrington, Robert Edward, Lewiston Harrington, Thomas Franklin, Gary Harris, Joe M., Charlotte Harris, John Glenn, Sumter, S. C. Harris, Joseph Wayne, Greensboro Harris, Juditti Lynn, Wilmington Harris, Richard Casey, Charlotte Harris, Robert Martin, Stamford, Conn. Harris, William Harold, Red Springs Harrison, James Kenneth, Henderson Harrison, William Byrd, Palm Beach, Fla, Hart, Franklin Earl, Ayden Hart, Gerald Britt, Gumberry Hart, James Michael, Lenoir Hart, Michael Richard, Aiken, S. C. Hartley, Eric Boykin, Old Greenwich, Conr Harvin, Duncan Heyward, Orangeburg, S. C. Hass, Marshall William, Falls Church, Va, Hastings, Robert Charles, Charlotte Hasty, John Dozier, Perry, Ga. Hatley, Donnie Gene, Siler City Hawley, Thomas Earl, Jr., Dunn Hawthorne, Stephen Lowell, La Plata, Md. Hayden, John, Swampscott, Mass. Hayes, George Lewis, Jr., Roanoke Rapids Haynes, Kenneth Barry, Jonesville Headlee, Thomas Allen, Pittsburgh, Pa. Heck, William Carroll, Martinsville, Va. Hedrick, David Gene, Statesville Heffner, Kenneth A., Oxford Helder, Jake Carson, Waxhaw Hellen, Earle West, III, Greensboro Heller, Lawrence Steven, Silver Spring, Md. Helms, John Douglas, Marshville Henderson, Frederick Wayland, Greensboro Henderson, Marvin William, Jr., Charlotte Henderson, Richard Elliott Lee, Mebane Hendren, Ralph Connolly, Southern Pines Hendrix, Martha Hamilton, Hickory Henry, Kenneth Ray, Newton Henry, Michael Earle, Greensboro Henson, Larry Marshall, Mount Holly Herrick, John Harrington, Dover, Del. Hess, Carol Jean, Kinston High, William Worley, Raleigh Hildenbrand, Steven Giles, Baltimore, Md. Hill, Charles Marion, Asheville Hill, David George, Rockland, Me. Hill, Germon Earl. Deep Run Hill, James Wells, III, Murfreesboro Hill, Nancy Ann, Bethesda, Md. Hilliard, Henry Hoover, Jr., Kings Mountain Hilliard, William Richard, Bessemer City Hines, James Michael, Lenoir Hinkle, Charles Robert, Asheville Hinnant, Clayton Scott, Sims Hinson, Conrad Conley, Jr., Lexington Hinton, William S., Jr., Annandale, Va. Hoar, Stephen Warren, Sumter, S. C. Hobgood, William Sands Holloway, Greensboro Hobson, Judith Elizabeth, Asheboro Hockfield, Steven Alan, Durham Hodge, John Ernest, Troy Hodges, Benjamin Franklin, Charlotte Hofmeister, Stanley Irving, Raleigh Hogve, David Barclay, Bloomington, Ind. Holcombe, Robert Odell, Jr., Lexington Holder, Harold Eben, Robbinsville Holladay, Jerry Wayne, Charlotte Holland, Robert Walter, IV, Cincinnati, Ohio Holland, Sherrill Reid, III, Statesville Holland, Walter Andrew, Jr., Smithfield Holleman, Larry Benton, Durham Hollowell, Samuel Hugh, Gastonia Holmes, Jeffrey Lynn, Dunn Holsapple, Merritt Curtis, Winston-Salem Holsopple, Hiram Glenn, Jr., Walkertown Holt, Jon David, Graham Honeycutt, Randy Edward. Kannapolis Poge 368 CLASS OF 1967 Hood, Floyd Collins, Jr., Charlotte Hook, George Allen, III, Bessemer City Hooks, William Borden, Jr., Tarboro Hooper, Thomas Lewis, Charlotte Hoover, James William, Burnsville Horney, Mary Ann, Jamestown Houck, William Jerome, Morganton Hough, James Gaston, Charlotte Houle, Jerome Lawrence, III, Atlanta, Ga. Howell, David James, Goldsboro Howell. Philip Gene, Crumpler Hubbard, Grady Allen, Kannapolis Hubbard, John Kennedy, Deerfield, Mass. Hubble, John Howard, Falls Church, Va. Hucks, David Arlen, Surfside Beach. S. C. Hudson, Herman Degrau. Jr., Greensboro Huebner, Frederick Weber, Bay City, Mich. Huffman, Daniel Frederick, Hickory Hoggins, Guy Hal, Hickory Hughes, John Rodney, Pollocksville Hughey, Michael Weaver, Raleigh Hull, Gerald Brent, Camp Lejeune Humphrey, Carson Hilbert. Lumber Bri Humphreys, Dorothy Ann, Clarksville, Hundley, Carl Wallace, Durham Hunker, Albert Henry, Cranbury, N. J. Hunnicutt, Barbara Kay, Charlotte Hunt, John Cameron, Jr., Rocky Mount Hunter, Bobette Kelley, Greensboro Hunter, Stephanie Rodgers, Raleigh Hunter, Thomas Allison, Greensboro Huppert, George Nixon, Camp Lejeune Hutchins, Ralph Wayne, Durham Hux, Michael Boyd, Rocky Mount Inge, William Andrew, Jr., Burlington Israel, Henry W., Jr., Elkins Park, Pa. lurka, John Langdon, East Northport, N. Y. Ivey. Sarah Lane, Chapel Hill Jackson, Isaiah Fearing, Elizabeth City Jackson, John Lee, Burlington Jackson, Marvin Wade, Princeton Jackson, Walter Allen, Durham Jacobs, Nancy Karan, Raleigh Jacobson, Joseph Lawrence, Pensacola, Fla. James, William Reginald, Greensboro Jarman, William Franklin, Jr., Washington Jarrell, Fred Fincher, Mt. Gilead Jarvis, Wade Henry, Jr., Thomasville Jenkins, Dennis Tony, Hamlet Jenkins, Larry W., Arlington, Va. Jenkins, Turner Perry, Tarboro Jennings, James Hayden, Taylorsville Jenrette, Julius Poe, Jr., Asheville Jernigan, Frank Hundley, Augusta, Ga. Jernigan, Jasper Truett, Lillington Jessup, Edward Patton, Elizabethtown Jewell, Robert Stanley, Grange, Va. Johnson, Carl Henry, Wilmington, Del. Johnson. George Robert, Quantico, Va. Johnson, John Ashley, Salisbury Johnson, Molly Parker, Apex Johnson, Raymond Horace, Henderson Johnson, Robert Arthur, Pittsburgh, Pa. Johnson, Tanya, Rose Hill Johnston, Betsy Ann, Totowa, Borough, N. J. Johnston, Wayne Frederick, Salem, N. H. Jones. Albert Martin, Cherry Point Jones, James Judson, Smithfield Jones, Plummer Flippen, II, Statesville Jones, Stephen Allen, Winston-Salem Jordan, Robert Edward, Clarkton Jorgenson, Jan Jelmert, Shelby Jorgensen, Jeffrey Wilhelm, Durham Julian, Dennis Michael, Durham Justesen, Wayne Quay, Dunn Justice, Max Edward. Hendersonville Kabat, Jay Lewis, Greensboro Kahdy, Barbara Ann, Raleigh Kaplan, David Mann, Roanoke. Va. Kaplan, Kenneth Franklin, Hewlett, N. Y Kaucher, Margarete Susan. Burlington Kausch, John G., Metuchen, N. J. Kaye, Lawrence Michael, Merrick, N. Y. Kearns, John William, Nashville, Tenn. Keever. Frederick Lester, Jr., Maiden Kehler, Walter Harold, Jr., New Castle, Pa. Keller, Roland R., Hickory Kellett, Samuel Beam, Atlanta, Ga. Kelley, Kenneth Taylor, Durham Kenyon, Jane Gray, Raleigh Kern. Karen Louise, Fayetteville Kilgo, Dale Wayne, Rocky Mount Killian, James Franklin, Lincolnton Killian, Richard Wayne, Jacksonville, Fla. Kimel, Larry Leslie, Winston-Salem Kimrey, Vernon Ray, Jr., Greensboro Kinard, Houston Gary, Charlotte King, Dan Gaither, Winston-Salem King, Jennings Graham, Jr., Laurinburg Page 369 FRESHMEN King, Millard Leon, Jr., Zebulon Kinkade, Daniel Wyck, Charlotte Kinnaird, Lucretia Virginia, Charlotte Kinney, Charles Edward, Jr., Ramseur Kirk, Mary Susan, Raleigh Kirkman, Thomas Larry, Charlotte Kirstein, Philip Lawrence, Suffern, N. Y. Kiser, David Monroe, Statesville Kispert, John Joseph, Jr., Cherry Point Kissell, Reuben Rouse, III. Durham Kistler, Clyde Dewey, Jr., Randleman Kitts, John Isler, Jr., Cleveland Heights, Ohio Kleitman, Kenneth, Levjttown, N. Y. Kline, Charles Robert, Jr., Chattanooga, Tenn. Knott, Robert Allen, Jr., Roxboro Knowles. Michael Ray, Durham Knupp, Robert Lee, Black Mountain Kohn, Robert B., Montgomery, Ala. Konopka, Edward Allen, Murray Hill, N. J. Koonce, Edwin Earl, Jr., High Point Koontz, Thomas Clayton, Thomasville Kraft, Richard Harrington, Jr., Falls Church, Va. Kraycivik, Herbert Michael, Burlington Kroboth, Timothy Ray, Charlotte Krug, Michael Charles, South Orange, N. J. Kuester, Faison Shaw, Charlotte Kurth, Franz Jeffrey, Hicksville, N. Y. Kuykendal, Robert Lee, Atlanta, Ga. Lackey, Everette Stephen, Winston-Salem Laddey, Brian Michael, Sparta, N. J. Lail, Gary David, Granite Falls Lambert, John Wallace, Raleigh Lambeth, Philip David, Greensboro Lamm, Dwight Cooper, Nashville Lamm, Riddick Madison, Jr., Wilson Lamm, Thomas David, Rocky Mount Lamont, George James, Biscoe Lampman, Thomas Smith, Jr., Lynchburg, Va. Lancaster, Beaufort Marion, Jr., Spindale Lancaster, Mary Lena, Burlington Lane, Chauncey Munger, Jr., Greensboro Lane, Robert Elder, Burlington Langford, Michael Lewis, Charlotte Lasater, James Earl, Pittsboro Latham, Harry Staton, Bethel Laton, Paul Watkins, Jr., Albemarle Launt, Jonathan Taylor, Chenango Bridge, N. Lauterer, Jonathan Gregory, Chapel Hill Lawes, Arthur Elliot, Rumson, N. J. Lawrence, Claude Haynes, Jr., Greensboro Lawson, Jerry Wayne, High Point Layton, David Hoyle, Jr., Greensboro Leach, William Johnston, Littleton Leader, Jack Gary, Rock Hill, S. C. Leafe, Norman Ephraim, Jr., Charlotte Leak, James Alexander, Wadesboro Leary, Ricky Grady, Belhaven Lee, William Knapp, Jr., Greensboro Leeper. David Franklin, Greensboro Leigh, James Michael, Belhaven Lentz, William Jeremiah, Sanford Lenz, James Lewis, Scarsdale, N. Y. Leonard, Baxter Columbus Jones, Wilm Leonard. James Raymond Wesley, Wilmington Leslie, Donald Alexander, Jr., Atlanta, Ga. LeVasseur, William Thomas, South Nyack, N. Y. Levin, Jon Joshua, Woodmere, N. Y. Lewis, Charles Hendrix, Jr., Durham Lewis, Clarence Franklin, Jr., Goldsboro Lewis, Don Vincent, Wilmington Lewis, Edward Lee, High Point Lewis, Lorenzo, Jr., Beaufort Lewis, Patricia Jean. Chapel Hill Linkous, Harry Abraham, III, Macon, Ga. Linney, Isaac Baxter, Hickory Linville, Ray Pate, Winston-Salem Lippa, Matthew Stuart, Loveladies, N. J. Lippincott, Robert Louis, Jr., Riverton, N. J. Little, Edgar Watson, Gibsonville Livesay, Jonathan Craig, Tarboro Lloyd, Charles Braxton, Chapel Hill Logan, Judy Irene, Chapel Hill London, Fred Williams, Jr., Raleigh London, Henry Adolphus, II, Charlotte Long, Benjamin Franklin, IV, Statesville Long, Lawrence Russell, Apex Long, Samuel Sprott, II, Charlotte Long, William Thomas, Mebane Longest, Frank Alexander, Jr., Mount Airy Loud, John Merrell, Washington, D. C. Love, Lawrence Leslie, Patuxent River, Md. Lovett, Connie Berry, Greenville Lovett, Walter Clarence, Jacksonville Lowder, James Alvin, Albemarle Lowe, Dorothy Sandra, Greensboro Lucey, Richard John, Silver Spring, Md. Ludington, John Robert, Jr., Bethesda, Md. Lundburg, Harold George, New York, N. Y, Lutz, Robert Miller, Greensboro mm Page 370 CLASS OF 1967 Lyerly, Winston Wilkinson, Hickory Lynch, Linda Candace, Dunn Lynn, Felma Ruth, Kings Mountain MacKesson, Mary Elizabeth, Statesville MacNeill, John Coble, Jr.. Charlotte MacPherson, H. L., Wilmington, Del. McAdams, Larry William, Swepsonville McAllister, Dwight Hiram, Chapel Hill McBane, Lawrence Knight, Whitsett McBride, Chester Warren, Newport, N. Y. McCaghren, Cary Brent, West Palm Beach, Fla. McCain, Derrell Watson, Monroe McCallum, Charles William, Rowland McChesney, James Munn, III, Rocky Mount McClain, Richard Marvin, Kinston McClamrock, James Ronald, Mocksville McClendon, Barbara Lee, Jacksonville McClintock, William Banks, III, Charlotte McCluney, Marcus Stewart, Gastonia McCormicK, Thomas Alexander, Salisbury McCrickard, Donald Lee, Virginia Beach, Va. McCullough, John Douglas, Swansboro McCurdy, James Allan, Charlotte McDaniel, Nelson Bell, New Bern McDavid, Frank Edward, Fayetteville McDonald, Allen Pierce, Atlanta, Ga. McDonald, Paul Wayne, Fayetteville McEwen, Luther Morris, Charlotte McFadden, David Morris, Asheboro McFall, Charles Daniel, Jr., Madison Mclntyre, Susan Bartee, Chapel Hill McKee, John Raymond, Jr., Coronado, Calif. McKenzie, Marty Russell, Pinehurst McKethan, Kenneth Alexander, Jr., Fayetteville McKinnon, Thomas King, Charlotte McLaughlin, Howard Joseph, Miami, Fla. McLean, Harry Ardrey, Raeford McLean, Robert Martin, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. McLendon, Lennox Lane, Oakboro McMillan, Charles Knox, Wilson McMillan, John Samuel, Red Springs McMinis, Calvin Roger, Raeford Major, Samuel James, Jr., Portsmouth, Va. Malone, Jacqueline Lou, Newport Mann, John Thomas, Kinston Manning, Phillip Stephen, Maysville, Ky. Manning, William Joseph, Windsor Mansour, Ismail Coutfy, Alexandria, Egypt Many, William Randall, Rockingham Marcus, Charles Franklin, Reidsville Maree, Charles Alexander, Canton Margerison, Kenneth Hilton, Jr., Gastonia Marion, Russell Aubrey, Winston-Salem Markham, Lawrence William, Durham Marsh, Richard William, Levittown, N. J. Marshburn, Gary Wriston, Jacksonville Martin, Anthony Charles, Pinehurst Martin, Douglas Purdum, Jr., Winston-Salem Martin, Ralph Hamilton, Jr., Apex Mason, John Weatherly, Rutherfordton Mason, Michael Dana, Pittsburgh, Pa. Matsin, Thomas Alan, Chattanooga, Tenn. Matthews, Robert Hammitt, Clinton Meador, Philip Dale, Franklin ton Meador, Raymond Luther, Jr., Roanoke, Va. Medford, James Allen, Waynesville Mello, William Hilton, Faison Mercer, Forrest Alvah, Lexington, Ky. Mercer, Gary Allen, Jacksonville Meredith, James Tripod, Jr., New Bern Merrell, Roy Edward, Jr., Poplar Branch Mickler, Martin Joseph, Jacksonville, Fla. Middleton, Frank Walters, III, Baton Rouge, La. Midgette, Earl Woodrow, Havelock Millender, Charles White, Jr., Asheville Miller, Brian Young, Akron, Ohio Miller, Carol Sue, Durham Minis, Clarence Edward, Jr., Newport Mills, Norman Finley, Mooresville Minard, Frank Pell Lawrence, Montclair, N. J. Minisman, Bertram Goodwin, Jr., Birmingham, Ala Mirken, Mark Carl, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mitchell, Nicholas Worth, Jr., Winston-Salem Mitchell, Richard Foutz. Haw River Mobley, Carl McLane, Williamston Modlin, John Wayne, Woodville Montgomery, Elwood Lee, Kernersville Montgomery, Marshall Wilson, Burlington Moore, Beverly Cooper, Jr., Greensboro Moore, Claude Wilson, Jr., Scotland Neck Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Morgan Morgan George William, Jr., Conover James Alan, Spindale Larry Worth, Raleigh Paul Robert, Wynnewood, Pa. Thomas Archie, Windsor William Benjamin, Jr., Reidsvil William Donald, Jr., Coats Charles Leiand, High Point Stanley Eugene, Charlotte Page 371 mm FRESHMEN Morgan, Thomas Arthur, Burlington Morgenstern, Scott Bradley. Lawrence, N. Y. Moring. Sandra Kay, Durham Morley, Robert Edward, Brevard Morris, Harold Gray, Cameron Morris, Malvary DeLozier, W. Asheville Morrison, Mills Lane, Savannah, Ga. Morton, Roger Lewis, Birmingham, Ala. Moss, John Foy, Mooresville Moulton, John Adkins, II, Raleigh Mowrer. John Oehler, III, Concord Muir, James Harry, Goldsboro Mulcahy, William Michael, Winston-Salem Mull, Joe Thomas, Morganton Mulligan, Patrick Joseph, Nashville, Tenn. Mullinax, Robert Lee, Asheville Mundy, John Christian, Lynchburg, Va. Murphy, Jesse Thomas, Leaksville Murray, Charles Osborne, III, Hickory Murray, John Clifford, Jr., Asheboro Myers, Charles Clinton, Elkin Myles, Jeffery Thomas, Charlotte Nachman, Stuart Lee, Newport News, V Nash, Charles Edward, Jr., High Point Nash, David Alan, Charlotte Natt, Edward Allen, Roanoke, Va. Neiburg. Dale Alan, Pendleton. S. C. Newlin, Robert Barclay, Greenville, S. C. Newsome, William Edward, Charlottesville, Va. Newton, Carey Allen, High Point, N. C. Newton, William C, Jr.. Highlands Nicholaides. Mitchell Paul, Charlotte Nichols, Archie McRoy, Pollocksville Nichols, Ralph Howland, Port Washington, N. Y. Nichols, Wyman Andrew, Jr., Fayetteville Nicholson, Henry Ravenel, Greenville, S. C. Noggle, James Edison. Jr., Shelby Nolan. Michael John, Louisville, Ky. Norfleet. Strudwick Nash, Tarboro Worrell, Gary Morton, Liberty Nucciarone, William Joseph, Manasquan, N, J. Nuckolls. Robert Johnson. Greensboro Nulton. Vivia Lynn. Jacksonville Nunn. Raymond Dennis, Charlotte Oakley, William Melvin, Durham Obenshain, Wiley Shackford, III, Atlanta. Ga. O ' Bryan . Robert Carl, III. Pollocksville Odom. Robert Wayne. Ahoskie Ogburn. James Hobbs, Smithfield Olive, Michael Bayne, Lumberton Oliver, George Motley, Jr., Gary Oliver, Lanta Christine. Raleigh O ' Neal. Benjamin Sheldon. Manteo O ' Quinn. Andrew Daniel, Fayetteville O ' Rear, Wanda Lee, Annandale, Va. Ostrow, Eric Harland, Livingston, N. J. O ' Toole. Dennis Theodore. Boydton. Va. Overman, Timothy Edwin, Wilson Overton, Ashley Calhoun, Salisbury Oxford, Roger Clark, Kinston Pace. Vincent John. Little Silver, N. J. Pagett. Edward Eugene, Winston-Salem Park, Douglas Glenn, Charlotte Parker, Charles Benjamin, Marshville Parker, James Edgar, Smithfield Parker, James Ray, Tarboro Parker, John Burwell, Goldsboro Parker, Peter Boyd. Stanford. Conn. Parker, Robert Britt, Jr., Enfield Parrish. Thomas Arthur. Rocky Mount Parsons. Christopher Allen. Catonsville. Md. Parsons. John Regis, Asheboro Paster, David Joseph, Memphis, Tenn. Patterson. F. M. Simmons. Jr.. New Bern Patterson. Michael Joseph, Memphis, Tenn. Patterson, Ronnie Howard. China Grove Payne, Robert Shepherd, Winston-Salem Payne, Timothy Joel, Charlotte Peace, Jerry Lee, Thomasville Peacock, Anne Marie, Charlotte Pearce, Harris James. Greensboro Pearce, Joseph Adolphus, Louisburg Peay, Jack Taylor, Myrtle Beach, S. C. Pegram, John Clement, Jr., Littleton Pender, Mary Jane, Mebane Pendley, John M.. Jr.. Spruce Pine Pennell, Stephen Gregg, Lenoir Peoples, Dallas Allen, Greensboro Peoples. Lewis Jackson. Goldsboro Pereos. Costa Nick, New York, N. Y. Perkins, Thomas N., Jr., Westwood, Mass. Perkins. Vernon Ray. Gatesville Perrell. Woodrow Franklin, Lexington Perry, Donald Wade, Graham Perry, Richard Douglas, Zebulon Peterson, Frank James, Lykens, Pa. Peterson, Henry Oscar, III, Leiand Peterson, Robert H., Coral Gables, Fla, Petitt, Jerry Stewart, Alexandria, Va. Page 372 CLASS OF 1967 Pettingell, John Winslow. Highland Park, III. Phillips, Grady Samuel, Jr., Winston-Salem Phillips, James Jefferson, Greensboro Phillips, James M., Durham Phipps, Harold Wayne, Grassy Creek Pickup, John Tracy, Greensboro Pierce, Thomas Hill, New Hauen, Conn. Pierpoint, Claude Wesley, Sarasota, Fla. Pike, Jesse M., Jr., Concord Pike, Joseph William, Concord Pinkham, Jimmy Randolph, Winston-Salem Pinyoun, Roy Ralph, Raleigh Pittard, Robert Earl, Roanoke Rapids Pittman, William Bryan, Wilson Planck, Joseph Gordon, Durham Pleasants, James Rodney, Southern Pines Ploet, Peter Maria, Fayetteuille Plummer, Douglas Allen, Baltimore, Md. Poe, William Dismukes, Jr., Raleigh Poer, David Henry, Jr., Atlanta, Ga. Poitras, Robert Herman, Saddle River, N. J. Polak, Willem Louis, Washington, D. C. Polk, Larry Douglas, Fayetteville Pollock, Carlton Arthur, Jr., Kinston Pond, Jonathan Davidson, Bethesda, Md. Pool, Rufus Adolphus, III, Clinton Poole, Jeffrey Walter, Pompano Beach, Fla. Poore, James Paul, Jr., Marion Pope, Gary Randolph. Fayetteville Pope, James Phillip. Leesburg, Fla. Pope, John Henry, Jr., Dunn Pope, Stuart Frazier, Raleigh Potter, James Richard, Kinston Powell, Richard Randolph, Asheville Powell, Robert Franklin, Greensboro Powell, Robert Stone, Jr., Thomasville Powell, William Howard, Clyde, Ohio Preston, Carl Howard, Westport, Conn. Prindle, Randall Donavon, Atlanta, Ga. Proctor, Alan Ray, Rocky Mount Proctor, James Richard, Rocky Mount Pruitt, Jerry Lee, Winston-Salem Pugh, William Allen, Chraleston, W. Va. Putnam, Russell Henry, Jr., Hagerstown, Md. Quick, John Lewis, Jr., Red Springs Quick, William H., Cramerton Quinn, Ray Edwin, Gaffney, S. C. Quinn, Thomas Edward, Wilson Raban, Reginald James. Cherry Hill, N. J. Rambo, James Everett, Vientien. Laos Rand, Charles Stephen, Silver Spring, Md. Randall, Annette Marguerite, Newton Randolph, Christopher Fitz, New York, N. 1 Raper, James Edison, Jr., Rocky Mount Rasmussen, Richard George, Jr., Ridgewood, N. J. Rau, Mary Susan, Macon, Ga. Rauchtuss, Arthur Alfred, III, Lenoir Ray, Brian Charles, Atlanta, Ga. Ray, James David, III, Raleigh Ray, Wesley Carl, Charlotte Reams, Marilyn Kay, Durham Rector, David Lawrence, Drexel Redd, Francis Marion, Charlotte Redmond, Vincent Russell, Jr., Durharr Reese, Arthur Haines, Greenville, S. C Reese, Walter Harrison, China Grove Regan, George Duncan, St. Pauls Reid, George Hamilton, Winston-Salem Reider, Horace Oliver, Rosemont, Pa. Reim, Richard Charles, Newport Reynolds, James Francis, Dover. Del. Reynolds. Jerry Douglas, Climax Reynolds, Mercer, II, Chattanooga, Tenn. Reynolds, Thomas Edward, Fletcher Rhoden, Charles William, Jr., Shelby Rhoney. Dale Van, Washington, D. C. Rich, David Maurice, Burlington Rich, Dwight Douglas, Castalia Richardson, James Byrd, Winston-Salem Richardson, Joseph Stephen, Winston-Salem Rickards, Robert R., Milltown, N. J. Ridenhour, Barbara Ann, Rockwell Rigney, Raymond Lee, Raleigh Rimmer, John Thomas, Rockwell Ring, Clifton Adolphus, High Point Ritchie, Clyde Franklin, Jr., Landis Rivers, John Minott, Jr., Charleston, S. C. Robb. James Lawrence, III, Hickory Robbins, James Tate, Signal Mountain, Tenn. Robbins, Stephen John, Portsmouth, N. H. Roberson, Edwin Stewart, Lilesville Roberson, Stephen Cole, Reldsville Robert, George Lamar, NIantic, Conn. Roberts, Grace Jane, Swannanoa Robertson, Fred McLennan. Atlanta, Ga. Robertson, William Bruce, Jr., Charlotte Robertson, Yancey Hagerman, Jr.. Fuquay Spn Robinson, David Allen, Wilmington Robinson, Terrell Embrey, Gastonia FRESHMEN Rockette, Clyde Stephen, Marion Rodriguez, Joseph A.. Scarsdaie, N. Y. Rogan, Patrick Charles, Winston-Salem Rogers, John Samuel. Durham Rogers, Joseph Andrew, Huntersville Rollins, Robert Rudolph, Jr., Charlotte Rosenblum, Stephen Frederick, Laurens, Ross, James Salwyn, Sharon, Mass. Ross, Randy Joseph, Durham Roth, Benjamin Sterling, Charlotte Roughton, John Brooks, Thomasville Rouse, Jerry Randolph, Kinston Roush, Fred William, Manteo Rowe, Joseph Milton, Jr., High Point Rowe, Mary Gail, Chapel Hill Royal, Donald Gibson, Butner Rozier, Neil Larry, Lumberton Rubin, William L., Neponsit, N. Y. Ruble, Raymond John, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Rufty, Joe Hearne, Salisbury Rushin, Terry Wayne, Burlington Russell, Jane Banks, Chapel Hill Russell, Judith Ann, Darlington, Md. Russell, Paul Gregory, York, Pa. St. George, William Myers, II, Charlotte Saintsing, Earl Michael, Thomasville Salmony, Steve E., Danville, Va. Salsbury, Sherrod, III, Morganton Sandberg, Hyrum Carl, III, Tov son, Md. Sanderson, James Maxey, Lexington Sanderson, Richard David, Burgavi Sanford, Donald Edward, Charlotte Sasser, Herman Wallace, Jr., Indian Trail Sasser, William Dudley, Goldsboro Satisky, Howard Phillip, Fayetteville Saum, David Wendell, Camden, S. C. Saunders, James Eaton, New Canaan, Conn. Saunders, Phillip Melton, Biscoe Saunders, Richard Robertson, Reidsville Scattergood, J. Henry, Viltanova, Pa. Schafer, Gerald Samuel, Mount Airy Scharff, Robert Edgar, Jr., Clemmons Scherr, Harry, III, Huntington, W. Va. Schlenger, William Edward, Rutherford, N, J. Schnabel, William Wilson, Greensboro Schneider, Robert M., Winston-Salem Schneider, Walter Barry, Charleston, W. Va. Schwab, Nelson, III, Cincinnati, Ohio Scott, Gary Clifford, Dobson Scott, Jack Hillman, Jr., Charlotte Scott, Leslie Earl, Aberdeen Scovel, Terry Lynn, Charlotte Seibert, Edward Timothy, Greensboro Selden, Samuel, Santa Monica, Calif. Sellers, Clarence Blanco, Tabor City Sensenbach, Charles Willis, Jr., Oak Ridge, Ten Sessoms, Duncan Edison, Windsor Sessoms, Merville White, Jr., Colerain Settlemire, Earl S., Chapel Hill Sexton, Daniel Glenn, Garner Seymour, James E., Jr., Lake Wales, Fla. Shaffer, Charlotte Winborne, Chapel Hill Shannon, Maureen Ann, Westfield, N. J. Shear, Morris, Woodland Shearin, Norman Wilson, Jr., Rocky Mount Shearon, David Royal, Wake Forest Shelton, John Edward, Goldsboro Shepard, Ernest Allen, Charlotte Sherrill, William Fredrick, Hickory Sherwood, George Royall, II, Wilson Shields, Edgar W., High Falls Shields, William Gilbert, Carrboro Shivers, James Allison, High Point Shoffner, Robert Hunter, Burlington Shore, Charles Martin, Thomasville Short, Billy Glenwood, Nashville Shorten, Richard Jeffrey, Canfield, Ohio Shulimson, Gail Phyllis. Asheville Sides, Robert Lee, Jr., Rocky Mount Sills, Morris White, Jr., Oreland, Pa. Sills, Rosemary, Kannapolis Simerly, David Riley, Kannapolis Simmons, Glenn Richard, Newton Simmons, Raymond Blackwood, Jr., Wilmington Simmons, Scott Walton, Morganton Simons, James Brandon, Statesville Simpson, George Lee, Washington, D. C. Simpson, John Reginald, Jr., Williamston Simpson, William F., Jr., Pink Hill Singleton, Frank Harrison, Rockingham Sipe, Kerry Winton, Salem, Va. Sitterson, Joseph Carlyle, Jr.. Chapel Hill Slate, Joseph, Esmond, Jr., High Point Slaughter, James Wellons, Ramseur Smith, Barry Fulton, Durham Smith, Charles Kersey, Jr., Kinston Smith, Charlie Kent, Scotland Neck Smith, David Bomar, Dillon, S. C. Smith, Edward Newton, Jr., Fayetteville Mem Page 374 CLASS OF 1967 Smith, Gary Lewis, Durham Smith, Harold Henkel, Jr., Concord Smith, Haywood Clark, Jr., Durham Smith, James Eastman, Westfield, N. J. Smith, Kenneth Leo, Beulaville Smith, Matthew Allison, Atlanta, Ga, Smith, Richard Michael, Miami Shores, Fla. Smith, Robert Braxton, Jr., Wilson Smith, Ronald Emerson, Charlotte Smithey, Bryan Thorne, Princeton, N. J. Smoake, Ernest Carlton, Durham Snipes, Lyman Ralph, Jr., Graham Sobol, John Woodrow, Black Mountain Solomon, Lucas Deleon, Charlotte Southern, Paul Maynard, Stokesdale Sparks, Stephen Andre, Winston-Salem Sparrow, Donald Gilmore, Greensboro Spears, Edgar M., Millers Creek Spencer, James Richard, Durham Spencer, John Howard, Leesburg, Va. Spencer, Ross Dee, Hendersonville Spencer, Thomas Safford, Charlotte Spivey, William Herbert, Charlotte Spurling, Dauid Steven, Bethesda, Md. Staggers, Samuel Richard, Metairie, La. Staley, Roy Edward, Ithaca, N. Y. Stallings, James T., Jr., Gastonia Standi, John Wayne, Selma Standi, Judith Elaine, Charlotte Starnes, Larry Merle, Rockwell Starnes, Richard Lynn, Charlotte Statler, James, Levittown, N. Y. Stedman, Charles Norman, Burlington Steed, Clark Russell, Greensboro Stein, Howard Irving, Wilmington Steinbock, Delmar David, Jr., Hamlet Steiner, Philip William, Jr., New Bern Stenson, Charles Earnest, II, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla Stephens, Courtney Sollee, Jacksonville, Fla. Stephens, Edgar Gerald, High Point Stephens, Hugh Johnson, Raeford Stephens, Melville L., Hawford, Calif. Stephens, Richard Dale, Connelly Springs Stephenson, Alan Clements, Red Springs Stephenson, Colin Ruffin, Bishopville, S. C. Stephenson, Don Walton, Four Oaks Stephenson, Joseph Floyd, Ashland, Ky. Stephenson, Mack Durwood, Smithfield Sterling, Suzanne J., Raleigh Stevens, Jerry Rockwell, Great Barrington, Ma Stevens, William Forrest, Broadway Stewart, Edward Doyle, Jr., Concord Stewart, Richard Kent, Jr., Spartanburg, S. C. Stinson, Thomas Wilder, III, Charlotte Stocks, Tony Wayne, Hookerton Stoddard, Dan Hamilton, Jr., High Point Sturdevant, Paula May, Chapel Hill Story, Willie Thomas, Jr., Roanoke Rapids Strickland, Ralph Bowling, Jr., Durham Stroud, James Michael, High Point Stroup, Alice Elizabeth, Kannapolis Stout, Jan Elizabeth, Wallace Stovall, Harry Wylie, Wilmington Strickler, Gordon Marshall, Spartanburg, S. C. Stuart, Mike Maurice, New Bern Suber, Salem Robert, Charlotte Suddreth, Doris Brenda, Lenoir Sullivan, Terrence Daniel, Charlotte Surratt, John Peeler, Rose Hill Sutphin, Richard Leroy, West End Sutton, Johnnie Eugene, La Grange Sutton, Turner Bond, Windsor Swaringen, Mark Avett, Winston-Salem Swasey, John Loring, Jr., Stockbridge, Mass. Sweeney, Leroy Edward, Jr., Leaksville Swofford, William Oliver, North Wilkesboro Sykes, Claude Oliver, Jr., Yonkers, N. Y. Symonds, Peter Lamson, Marblehead, Mass. Talbott, Joseph Daniel, Rocky Mount Talton, Stephen James, Jr., Raleigh Tanenbaum, Gerald Stephen, Augusta, Ga. Tanner, Ronald Leroy, Jacksonville Tarleton, Arthur Reginald, Monroe Tartaglia, Daniel Vincent, West Orange, N. J. Tasker, Tamara Jean, Chapel Hill Taylor, Carl Dewey, Eure Taylor, Gary James, Winston-Salem Taylor, Michael Lyndon Finch, Chapel Hill Taylor, Thomas George, Boone Thomas, Dwight Elwood, Jr., Rocky Mount Thomas, Henry Garrison, Jr., Chapel Hill Thomas, Stephen Mason, Sylva Thompson, Benjamin Eborn, Aurora Thompson, Lawrence G., Darien, Conn. Thompson, Linda Faye, Hallsboro Thompson, Sherdenia, Carrboro Thompson, Stephen Russell, Albemarle Thorne, John Francis, Atlanta, Ga. Thorndike, James Arthur, Jr., Hendersonville Page 375 FRESHMEN Thornton, Thomas Lee. Four Oaks Thrift, Michael Francis, Winston-Salem Thrift, Robert Craig, Knonville, Tenn. Thurston, Stephen G., Katonah, N. Y. Thurston, Thomas Willson, Richmond, Va. Thuss, Noland Wells, West Palm Beach, Fla. Tillery, Wade Hampton, Wilmington Tillman, Helen Jean, Hickory Todd, David James, San Antonio, Texas Todd, Joe William, Jr., Boone Todd, Robert Scott, Bristol, Tenn. Tomford. William Webster, Memphis, Tenn. Tonry, Michael H., Easton, Pa. Toumbacaris, John B,, Jr., Bronx, N. Y. Traub. Kenneth Warren, Bishopville, S. C. Trogdon, Patricia Ann, Asheboro Trott, Edward Wadsworth, Kannapolis Trull, John Irvine, Wyckoff, N. J. Trussell, Stephen A., Ruxton, Md. Tucker, Thomas Randolph, Virginia Beach, Va. Turner, Charles Hancock, Jr., New Bern Turner. Gary Lamar. Gastonia Turner, Wilburne Wells, Jr., Winston-Salem Turpin, Joe Francis. Hickory Tuttle, Harold Pulliam, Jr., Rocky Mount Tuttle, Reuben Gray, Winston-Salem Tuttle, Ronald F., Phoenixville, Pa. Tygant, Frederick Brent, Jacksonville, Tyler, John Gotten Pierce, Roxobel Tyndall, Robert Glenn, Kinston Tyndall, Roy Franklin, Durham Ubell, Donald P., Hollyv»ood, Fla. Umstead, Allan W., Fayetteville Underwood, Coey Martin, Jr.. Draper Underwood, Robert Gordon, Raleigh Upchurch, James B., Blanch Van Leuvan, Richard Welton, Pittsburgh, Pa. VanLoon. Eric Elton. Nashville, Tenn. Vanpelt, Max Lee, Kannapolis Van Wyck, Frederic Bronson, Montclair, N. J. Varellas, William Michael, Winston-Salem Varner, Grant Bernard, Jr., Chattanooga, Tenn Vaughn, Charles William, High Point Vaughn, William Edward, Reidsville Venters, George Cole, Richlands Venters, Travis Roy, Jr., Badin Verdicanno, Donald Eugene, Falls Church, Va. Verlenden, William Lane, III, Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Vincent, William Ross, Jr.. Lloyd Harbor, N. Y. Voigt, William Ken, Winston-Salem Wadsworth, James Allan, Hendersonville Wagoner, Bryce Ronald, Raleigh Wagoner, Joe Edward, Misenheimer Wainer, Eric Sayle, Winston-Salem Wait, Dwight William, III, Glenshaw, Pa. Waite, William Wicker, Atlanta, Ga. Waldrop, John David, Rock Hill, S. C. Walker, Lewis Patty, Greensboro Walker, Richard Alan, Nashville Walker, Robert Shackford, Lenoir Wall, Herman Stanley, Raleigh Wall, John Nelson, Jr., Rockingham Wall, Marianne, Raleigh Wallace, William Thomas. Charlotte Walls, William Ralph, Asheville Walters, John Parrott, III, La Grange Ward, Bernard Rudolph, Jr., Goldsboro Ward, Frank Alan, Jenkintown, Pa. Ward. Joe F., Freeport. Fla. Ward, John Amos Jones, New Bern Ward, Travis Wayne, Raleigh Warwick, G. Allen, Wilmington Watkins, Joseph Lanton, Belmont Watson, Edgerton Lynn, Jr., Louisburg Watson, Michael Ronald, Sanford Watt, Melvin L., Charlotte Watts, Roy Rex, Jr., Hudson Weathers, Henry Lee, Jr., Shelby Weathers, James Alvin, III, Raleigh Weaver, Herbert Adams, Lake City, Fla. Weede, Harry Walker, Cheraw, S. C. Weeks, Wallace Webb, Kinston Wei, Euoch Ping, Kowloon, Hong Kong Welborn, John Lee, Thomasville Weldon, Virginia Anne, Roxboro Wells, Harold Eston, Jr., St. Petersburg, Fla. Wenberg. John Wendell. Wilmington West. Douglas Nathaniel, Jr., Wellesley, Mass. Westbrook. James Layman, Jr., Durham Wetherbee. Harry Lon, II, Springfield, Mass. Whicker, Joseph Lenien, North Wilkesboro Whitaker, William Asbury, III, Winston-Salem White, Bobby Graham, Graham White, David Henry, Jr.. Charlotte White, Edward Randolph, Windsor White, Harry Ramsey, Jr.. Greensboro White, Howard Vernon, Jr., Rocky Mount White, Lucelia Van Patten, Virginia Beach, Va. White, Luther Glenn, Pittsboro Page 376 CLASS OF 1967 White, Sidney Russell, III, New Bern White, Thomas Skinner. Ill, Durham White, William James, Raleigh Whitehead, Millard Eley, Jr., Murfreesboro Whitehill, David Barnard, Tulsa, 01 la. Whitley. Howard Landis. Smithfield Whitley. James Edwards. Nashville Whitsett, William Daniel, Whitsett Wight, Edward Ward, Atlanta, Ga. Wilkins, Don Merrell, Winter Park, Fla. Willardson, John Stanley, Santa Monica, Calif. Willets, George Marshall, III, Pine Level Willey, John Lee, Memphis, Tenn. Williams. Bryant Bennett, III, Elizabeth City Williams, David Arnold, Battleboro Williams, David Brown, Newark, Del, Williams, David Goodwin, Salisbury Williams, Edwin, Wantagh, N. Y, Williams, James Walker, Rocky Mount Williams, Larry L.. Hendersonville Williams. Michael Forrest. Littleton Williams. Patricia Ann. Robbins Williams. Paul Thomas. Catawba Williams. Peter Pescud, Jr.. Raleigh Williams. Robert Ward. Morehead City Williamson, Bruce James, Sanford Williamson, Robert Lawrence, Jr.. Mount Airy Williard, Coy Orville, High Point Wilson, Boyd Steven, Greensboro Wilson, Don Thomas, Birmingham, Ala. Wilson. Edward Howell, Jr., Blanch Wilson, Robert Owen, Charlotte Winborne, John Wallace, III, Atlanta, Ga. Winburn, George Randolph, Radnor Winchester, Thomas Page, Jr., Monroe Winn, Bryan Lee, Leaksville Winston, Zack Richard, Asheville Winter, Jean Carolyn, Staunton, Va. Womack, James Stedman. Selma Womble, Logan Nyal, Plymouth Wood. Norman Eugene, Gastonia Wood, Paul Frederick, Southport, Conn. Wood, Paul Nathaniel, Jr.. Winston-Salem Woodall, William Haywood, Whiteville Woodall, William Marvin, III, Charlotte Woodruff, James Edward, Jr., Erwin Woodward. Bobby Ray. Henderson Worley, Charles Robert, Asheville Worth, Alexander W,, Greensboro Worthen, Peter Thacher, Andover, Mass. Wrenn, Alexander Elmer. Greensboro Wright, Cleve Augustus, Petersburg, Va. Wright. Douglas Cross, New Canaan, Conn. Wright, John Raleigh, III, Javisburg Wright. Melvin Forbes, Elizabeth City Wright, Ottis Richard, Jr., Tabor City Wright. Paul, III, Durham Wright, Wilbur Wayne, Jr., Shelby Writer, George Sneden, IV, Nyack, N. Y. Wyche. Paul Byron, Jr.. Hallsboro Wyman. Samuel Dow. Jr.. Greenwich. Conn. Yarborough. Richard Fenner. Louisburg Yates, Joseph Walker, 111, Raleigh Yelton, Blane Wesley, Jr.. Rutherfordton Young, Richard Scott, Washington, D, C. Young, Robert Maynard, White River Junction, i t, Ysona, Emil Andrew, New York, N. Y. Zerbach, Joseph Russell. Chattanooga, Tenn. Zimmerman, Neil Steven, Atlanta, Ga. Zuckerman, William Bernard, Valley Stream, N. Y. Page 377 SCHOOL OF NURSING In 1951, the University of North Carolina School of Nursing first opened its doors to 26 students entering the new four-year col- legiate nursing program. The school continues to pursue a four- fold approach to nursing education, offering undergraduate edu- cation, graduate education, continuation education (through extension courses, institutes, and workshops), and research in the field of nursing. Dr. Elizabeth L. Kemble has been dean of the school since its beginning. Currently there are 40 faculty members; total student enrollment has almost reached the 300 mark. Student nurses receive training in medical-surgical nursing, maternal-child health, long-term illnesses, out-patient departments, public health, and psychiatric nursing. They also take a variety of courses on the university campus. In 1962, Sigma Theta Tau, a National Honorary Society for nursing which is established only in collegiate schools fully accredited by the National League for Nursing at all program levels, initiated its charter members of the UNC chapter. DEAN ELIZABETH L. KEMBLE Page 378 SENIORS AVERY, VICKIE GWENDOLYN B.S. IN NURSING. S.N. A. (1, 2). BOOTH, ROSA FRANCES B.S. IN NURSING. Orientation Counselor (2); S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, (3). BRIDGFORD, DERSHIE BRUCE B.S. IN NURSING. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Canterbury Club (1): Class Cabinet (1); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Order of the Beanbirds (2, 3, 4); Student Legislature (3, 4); Student Government (1, 2, 3, 4); S.N.A. (1, 2); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2); Secre- tary of Freshman Class; Toronto Exchange (3); Freshman Orientation Committee (3, 4). Greenville Ayden 4); Nursing Class President Sheridan, Wyo. Fayetteville W est field, N. J. Port Vi ashington, N. Y- BUIE, MARY GREEN B.S. IN NURSING. Baptist Student Union (1); S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). BURLEY, D. JEAN B.S. IN NURSING. Kappa Delta. Orientation Counselor (2); Student Government (2, 3, 4); Student Party (2, 3, 4); S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Campus Chest (2, 3). BURROUGHS, CONSTANCE B.S. IN NURSING. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sigma Theta Tau (4); Angel Flight (1, 2): Carolina Symposium (4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2); Student Govern- ment (2, 3, 4); S.N.A. (1, 2); University Party (2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2); Nursing Class Officer (2); Carolina Svieetheart (2, 3); Panhellenic Court (3). CARLO, LAURA ANN Falls Church, Va, B.S. IN NURSING. Dormitory Officer (2, 3); S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Women ' s Honor Council (3, 4); Communications Committee (2). CARON, BETTY JANE Fairfax, Va. B.S. IN NURSING. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Vack Beauty Court (3). CLY, JEAN FRANKIE Winston-Salem B.S. IN NURSING. S.N.A. (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Nursing Class Officer (3); Carolina Women ' s Council (3). COLEMAN, MARY GEORGE Durham B.S. IN NURSING. S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Carolina Svieetheart (2, 3). COLLIER, DIANNE ROLLICK Glen Cove, L I., N. Y. B.S, IN NURSING. Sigma Theta Tau (3, 4); S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3); U.N.C. Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4). COLVARD, MARY LYNDA State College, Miss. B.S. IN NURSING. Kappa Delta. Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3); Student Legislature (3); Student Party (2, 3, 4), Officer (3); S.N.A. (1, 2); Yack Beauty Court (3): N.SA. Committee (3); U.S.N.S.A. Congress (3); Panhellenic Council (4). CRUMPLER, LESLIE CLOYES Chapel Hill B.S. IN NURSING. Angel Flight (3); Class Cabinet (2); Student Party (2); S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). CRUMPLER, MARY JAYNE Rocky Mount B.S. IN NURSING. G.M.A.B. (2); Student Party (2, 3): S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). CROWDER, KATHRYN DUNCAN Winston-Salem B.S. IN NURSING. S.N.A. (1, 2, 4). DAVIS, JULIA WATSON Raleigh B.S. IN NURSING. Sigma Theta Tau (3, 4): Dormitory President (3); S.N.A. (1, 2, 4); Valkyries (3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council Officer (3). GREEN, MILLIE FRANKLIN Statesville B.S. IN NURSING. S.N.A. (1, 2, 3); Caving-Climbing (3, 4); Parapsychology (3, 4). Charlotte iity Party (2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. HAMRICK, MARY MARGARET B.S. IN NURSING. Kappa Kappa Gamma. S.N.A. (1): Univer (2); Panhellenic Council (3); Nursing Class President (1). HARRY, CAROLYN MITCHELL Mt. Vernon, Ohio B.S. IN NURSING. Alpha Delta Pi. Band Majorette (1, 2, 3); B.S.U. (1. 2); Orientation Counselor (2); Class Officer (1); Student Party (1, 2); S.N.A. (1, 2); Yack Beauty Court (3); Miss Modern Venus 1960 (1). HAYNES, BEVERLY ANN Washington, D. C. B.S. IN NURSING. Chi Omega; Sigma Theta Tau. Carolina Symposium (3, 4), Secretary (4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2); Panhellenic Council (4); Valkyries (3. 4); Women ' s Honor Council (1, 2, 3), Chairman (3). HILDEBRAND, PATRICIA ELLEN Smithfield HINNANT, FRANCES VICTORIA B.S. IN NURSING. Angel Flight (3, 4); Dormitory Officer (3); S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Communica- tions Committee (2). HORNBECK, JUDITH ELAINE B.S. IN NURSING. Kappa Delta. S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Jr. Executive Committee (3). HUGHES, LAURA JANE B.S. IN NURSING. B.S.U. (1, 2, 3); S.N.A. (1, 2). Bronxville, N. Y. , 3, 4); Communica- Richmond, Va. 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, Ardsley, N. Y. Page 379 SENIORS KING, BRENDA SAIN Vale B.S, IN NURSING. B.S.U. (1, 2, 3, 4); S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). KING, FRANCES RHYNE Morganton B.S. IN NURSING. LAWRENCE, LINDA LAXTON Lenoir B.S. IN NURSING. B.S.U. (1, 2, 3, 4); S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); University Chorus (1); Y.W.C.A. (1). LIGON, BARBARA ANNE Raleigh B.S. IN NURSING. Student Party (1, 2); S.N.A. (1, 2); W.A.A. (3); Newman Club (1, 2). Greensboro MANUEL, CAROLYN SPACH MASHBURN, CAROL ANNE B.S. IN NURSING. Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4); S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Star MARTIN, HELEN CAROLYN High Point B.S. IN NURSING. Angel Flight (1); Carolina Women ' s Council (2); Class Cabinet (2); Dormitory Officer (2, 3); Orientation Counselor (2); S.N.A. (1); University Party (3, 4); Vi omen ' s Honor Council (2. 3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council (4); Freshman Counselor i3); Women ' s Coordinator (4). NEWSOM, JUDY GAIL Winston-Salem B.S. IN NURSING. Sigma Theta Tau. S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Wesley Foundation (1). OGBURN, MARILYN STARR Raleigh B.S IN NURSING. Sigma Theta Tau. Carolina Women ' s Council Officer (3); Dormitory Officer (3); Student Government (2); Student Party (1); S.N.A. (l)r Order of the Old Lamp- shades (3, 4). PERRY, BARBARA LANE High Point B.S. IN NURSING. Zeta Tau Alpha. Stray Greek (1, 2, 3, 4): Canterbury Club (1, 2); S.N.A. (1. 2, 3, 4): University Chorus (1, 2); Nursing Class Officer (3, 4). PERRY, FRANCES WILLIAM Richmond, Va. B.S. IN NURSING. Kappa Delta. Orientation Counselor (4); S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). PINION, CAROLYN MARIE McLean, Va. B.S. IN NURSING. Delta Delta Delta; Sigma Theta Tau. Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2); S.N.A. (1, 2, 3); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Valkyries (3, 4); Women ' s Honor Council (2, 3, 4), Chairman (4); Women ' s Residence Council (3). POAG, BARBARA ANN Columbus B.S. IN NURSING. B.S.U, (1. 2, 3, 4); S.N.A. (1). POTEET, GAYE WILLIARD Chapel Hill B.S. IN NURSING. Alpha Delta Pi. Orientation Counselor (2. 3); University Party (1, 2, 3); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Toronto Exchange (3); Class Cabinet (1, 2); Campus Chest Carnival Committee (2). PUGH, CAROLYN IVEY Hickory B.S. IN NURSING. S.N.A. (1); Wesley Foundation (1). RAIFORD, MARY LINDSAY Hendersonville B.S. IN NURSING. Carolina Women ' s Council (2); Class Cabinet (1. 2); Dormitory Officer (2); G.M.A.B. (1, 2); Student Government (1, 2); Student Party (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. (1). ROBERTS, MARY ELOISE Raeford B.S. IN NURSING. Carolina Women ' s Council (3): Class Cabinet (2); Student Party (1, 2); S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); University Party (3). ROGERS, MARION LANE Brooklyn, N. Y. B.S. IN NURSING. Sigma Theta Tau. Orientation Counselor (2); S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Order of the Old Lampshades (3, 4). Goldsboro Hendersonville SASSER, NANCY FARTHING B.S. IN NURSING. Sigma Theta Tau. B.S.U. (1, 2, 3, 4); S.N.A. (1), SITTON, LINDA ELIZABETH B.S, IN NURSING. Sigma Theta Tau. Angel Flight (1, 2, 3); Class Cabinet {1, 2, 3); Orienta- tion Counselor (2); Student Party (1, 2, 3); S.N.A. (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. (1): Yack Beauty Court 12): Class Officer (2). STRAWHUN, SANDRA LEE Charlotte B.S. IN NURSING. Student Party (1, 2, 3); S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); W.A.A. (2); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3); Nursing Class Officer (3). THORPE, MARTHA SUSAN Winston-Salem B.S. IN NURSING. Chi Omega. Carolina Symposium (2); Carolina Women ' s Council (2); Orientation Counselor (2); S.N.A. (1, 2, 3): Attorney General ' s Staff (3). VANDENBORRE, SUZANNE M. Dhahran, Saudi Arabia B.S IN NURSING. Delta Delta Delta. Class Cabinet (2, 4); S.N.A. (I, 2), Officer (2); Uni- versity Party (1, 2. 3, 4); W.A A. (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Newman Club (1, 2). WEELDREYER, SHARON RAE Fayetteville B.S. IN NURSING. Sigma Theta Tau. B.S.U. (1. 2, 3, 4); S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Women ' s Honor Council (4); Nursing Class Officer (4). WHITLEY, ANNA PATRICIA Smithfield B.S. IN NURSING. B.S.U. (I, 2, 3, 4); S.N.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2). Page 380 JUNIORS Adams, Gayle Elaine, Charlotte Alphin, Gloria Anne, Dunn Barnes, Linda Lee, Drexel Beasley, Nancy Delmar, Washington, D. C. Blackley, Beverly Joan, Hillsboro Carswell, Helen Janet, Morganton Cooke, Marianne, Winston-Salem Easkold, Barbara Hope, Burlington Garner, Kathleen Ann, King Griffith, Ethel Marie, Winston-Saler.i Groce, Joan Roberta, AshevJIle Holder, Bettina Kay, Waynesuille Hopkins, Karen Lyon, Durham Isom, Dorothy Rose, Raleigh Jones, Carolyn Wayne, Oxford Kemmer, Susan J., La Grange. III. Lahens, Frances Bradhurst, Wynnewood, Pa. Maxwell, Ann Parham, Raeford Moody, Beverly Anne, Durham Newnam, Constance Lee, High Point Palmatier, Helen Anne, Chapel Hill Piland, Mary Joan, Raleigh Ray, Nancy Charles, Raleigh Ridgeway, Carole Elizabeth, Winston-Salem Rieman, Nancy L., Birmingham, Mich. Stokes, Nancy Estelle, Charlotte Toan, Dorelle, Durham Toy, Wanda Sue, Durham Waller, Cheryl Harville, Chapel Hill Weeks, Mary Ann, Mt. Holly Wells, Rebecca Agnew, Chapel Hill White, Katherine Beverly, Charlotte Zaron, Jo Ann, Tarentum, Pa. Zimmerman, Sandra Joyce, Winston-Salem Page 381 SOPHOMORES Anderson, Sylvia Anita, Charlotte Barbee, Vivia Anne, Richlands Barber, Pamela Money, Chapel Hill Bartlett. Judith Ann, Raleigh Beauchamp, Helen Patricia, Boonsboro, Md. Bennett, Mary Suzanne, Asheville Browning, Judith Lee, Durham Camlin, Sara Louise, Hamlet Colison, Margaret Estelle, Washington, D. C Croom, Connie Piatt, Raleigh Dockery, Brenda Gale, High Point Eakes, Virginia, Goldsboro Foushee, Mary Elizabeth, Chapel Hill Fox, Janice Kay, Raleigh Fox, Linda Ann, Roxboro Gilmore, Stella Florence, Candler Gunderson, Karen Lee, Lewisville Harrison, Linda Yvonne, La Grange Herter, Nancy Elizabeth, Lincolnton Helton, Jean Marshall, Winston-Salem Howard, Mary Carole, Sylva Howerton, Judy Charlyne, Gibsonville Hurst, Nancy Ward, Swansboro January, Mary Lee, Grifton Jordan, Linda Virginia, Gatesville Kling, Margaret Carol, Kinston Massey, Hulyn Jeanette, Durham Merrow, Helen Leith, Alexandria, Moore, Linda Joy, Raleigh Morris, Patricia Faye, Durham O ' Brient, Carol Wayne, Asheboro Phillips, Marie Ann, Ft. Leavenworth, Kan. Ranson, Sharon, Charlotte Rendell, Elizabeth Ann, Westfield, N. J. Roschy, Susan Gertrude, Burlington Schell, Pamela Lynn, Asheville Scowil, Elizabeth Penfield, Raleigh Simpson, Linda Craddock, Alexandria, Va. Story, Mary Rebecca, Wilkesboro Verduin, Elizabeth Terry, Asheville f f f f f I Viverette, Jo Anne, Rocky Mount Waite Elizabeth Doyle, Mount Airy Waterfield, Ruth Anne, FayetteviHe Yelverton, Paula Anne, Goldsboro Ziiik, Martha Jane, Ballard Vale, Mass. Page 382 f»f llff s- ■ . 19 f f j - - k L a % f i t t i f tiff FRESHMEN Abee, Carolyn Ann, Valdese Allen, llene Kay, Asheboro Allen, Jean Frances, Greensboro Askew, Elizabeth Ann, Kinston Barr, Nancy Elizabeth, Hudson, Oh Bates, Elizabeth W., Durham Beattie, Elizabeth Ann, Charlotte Beaver, Marilyn Louise, Greensboro Belcher, Anne Elizabeth, Kinston Bell, Barbara Arnold, White Plains, N. Y. Blalock, June. Charlotte Bowsher, Mary Margaret, Washington, D. C. Brannon, Gwendolen Nesta, Durham Buck, Mary Carolyn, Manhasset, N. Y. Caldwell, Mary Susan, Gastonia Carr, Nancy Marie, Asheville Clark, Sarah Rene, Hickory Clemmons, Elizabeth Anne, Beaufort Cline, Toni Elizabeth, Salisbury Codispoti, Elena Gil, Falls Church, Va. Custer, Barbara Jane, Falls Church, Va. Dawsey, Rebecca Gertrude, Gastonia Deyo, Diana Louise, High Point Doby, Barbara Ellen, Albemarle Dodson, Patricia Ann, Durham Evans, Linda Ann, Wilson Ferguson, Margaret Ann, Middletown, Fleming, Judy Catherine, Durham Fugleman, Virginia Ann, Winston-Salem Fowler, Janice Marie, Asheville Galbreaith, Layne Anne, Cherry Point Graham. Carol Sue, Greensboro Harris, Vivian, Wilmington Heller, Mary Judith, Silver Spring, Md. Jacocks, Eleanor Elizabeth, Canton Kimble. Victoria Mary, Savannah, Ga. Leonard. Carol Anne. Bethesda, Md. Lewis, Lida Kidd, Gibsonville Lewis, Mary Suzanne, N. Wilkesboro Lorek. Barbara Jo, Fayetteville Lovett, Sarah Elizabeth, Liberty Lowr , jane Mildred, Bethesda. Md. Mitchell, Carolyn Anne, Kannapolis Moore, Elizabeth Louise, Washington, D. Morgan, Karlyn Merle. High Point Newton. Paula Southerland. Rose Hill Norman, Carole Jean. High Point Oakley. Frances Newell, Raleigh O ' Brien, Judy S., Chevy Chase, Md. Pinkerton, Virginia Ann, Lynchburg. Va. Porter. Susan Kathryn, Miami, Fla. Pratt, Cynthia Jane, Winston-Saleni Rankin, Nancy Null, High Point Sedlacek, Cheryl Lynn, Portsmouth, Va. Shaffer, Carol Ann, Richmond, Va. Spaugh, Shirley Jean, High Point Thomas, Susan Jane. Elizabeth City Vaughn, Ann Cheryl, Maryville, Tenn. Waring. Linda Marie. Greensboro Willey, Susan Alice. Charleston, S. C. Williams, Mildred Helene, Raleigh Womble, Mary Olivia, Wagram Page 383 SENIORS ARBAUGH, MIRIAM ALICE Charlton Heights, W. Va. B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. W.A.A. (1, 2); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); P.T. Club (1, 2, 3. 4)-, A.P.T.A. (3, 4). BROCKMANN, CHARLES HINES Salisbury B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. P.T. Club (3, 4), Treasurer (3), President (4); Intramurals (3, 4); A.P.T.A. (3. 4). FISHER, PATRICIA DIANE Durham B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. W.A.A. (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. (2); P.T. Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (1); A.P.T.A. (3. 4). GLENN, JANE REYNOLDS Chapel Hill B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. P.T. Club (3, 4); A.P.T.A. (3. 4). KOCH, CAROL VIRGINIA West Caldwell, N. J. B.S, IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. P.T. Club (3, 4); Co-Editor Keep ' N Touch (4); A.P.T.A. (3, 4). LUSK, GLADYS RUTH Jackson, S. C. OAKLEY, LOIS ANN Roxboro B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. University Chorus (2); Y.W.C.A. (1); P.T. Club (1, 2, 3, 4); A.P.T.A. (3. 4). OLIVER, MARGARET ALICE Whiteville B S, IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. W.A.A. (2); Wesley Foundation (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2); P.T. Club (1, 2, 3, 4); A.P.T.A. (3, 4). Pensacola, Fla. SHARP, JOYCE ANN SMITH, BETTI JEAN Gastonia WHITFIELD, ELIZABETH CARLISLE Durham B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. Orientation Counselor (2); Class Cabinet (2); W.A.A. (2); P.T. Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (2), Vice-President (4); A.P.T.A. (3, 4). PHYSICAL THERAPY JUNIORS Baugh, Harriett Louise, Charlotte Bell, Virginia Ann, Washington Bost, Patsy Nell, Marion Crowley, Carol Mary, Chamblee, Ga. Curran, Lois Anne, Greensboro Fishel, Carol Genet, Winston-Salem Freeman, Virginia, Scarsdale, N. Y. Gurley, Margaret Barry, Sanford Harvey, Carol Ina, W. Hyattsville, Mi Hedrick, Mary Frances, Richmond, Va. Jeffries, Margaret Louise, Raleigh Swann, Wendy, Raleigh Wason, Catharine Louise, Raleigh Wills, Virginia Lee, Richmond, Va. Page 384 GENERAL NURSING Burgermaster, Brenda Mae, Nutley, N. J. Deaton, Freida Ann, Shelby Faust, Christine Jane, Glenside, Pa. Goodman, Judith Calhoun, Atlanta, Ga. Laffiteau, Therese Elizabeth, Goldsboro Limburg, Donna Jean, Hagerstown, Md. McCauley, Lois Elizabeth, Havertown, Pa. Mayo, Margie Ann, Kenly Mintz, Alice Jeannette, Wilmington Porter, Agnes Yvonne, Crip ple Creek, Va. Porter, Hannah Mae, Philadelphia, Pa. Ray, Betty May, Fairmont, W. Va. Riddle, Joyce Frye, Black Mountain Sones, Betty J., Williamsport, Pa. Thomas, Frances J., Durham Watts, Mary Ellen, East Williston, N. Y. Weidel, Margaret Ann, Lititz, Pa. Williams, Lois Joyce, Drexel Hill, Pa. Underkoffler, Judith Lynne, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Wiltsie, Jeanne Clarice, Ashville, N. Y. THE ORDER OF THE OLD LAMPSHADES Successfully hidden under sheets and dirty lampshades, and bang- ing with wooden spoons on tin pans, the Order of the Old Lamp- shades makes its ritualistic tappings twice a year. This noble order strives to recognize that oft-ignored campus group, the " do-noth- ings. " Although some of the members have violated the principles of the group and have shown excellence in some areas, they are allowed to remain a Lampshade for the " nothing " spirit in which their deeds were performed- The Lampshades are wit hout projects, goals, and treasury. They merely exist. Each member is pledged to follow in the footsteps of the illustrious founder, Joe Lamp, after his bulb burned out. Though the Lampshades frown on initiative, some day they may increase their ranks through a campus-wide tapping — knowing nothing, they may already have done so! ORDER OF THE OLD LAMPSHADES. First row: Kelly, Head Bulb Solomon, Kemmer. Second row: Carlo, Ray, Cox, Merrow, Scovll, Gaddy, Anderson, Whyte. Third row: Smith, Maxwell, Piland. RIeman, Honor- ary Greenwood, Moody, Laws. Missing: S. Canby, C. Martin, M. Roberts, M. Rogers, F. Booth, G. Glover, S. Thorpe, P. Hildebrand, L. Ogburn, J. Davis, G. Eddy, L. Waite, N. Habrat, E. Kelleher, C. Mashburn, J. Cly, S. Strawhun, V. Hinnant, D. Collier, and C. Manuel. Page 385 SCHOOL OF P HARMAC Y DEAN E. A. BRECHT The fall semester of 1963 marked the beginning of the sixty-sixth year of pharmaceutical education at the University of North Carolina. This year ' s class marks the end of the four-year curriculum. Although we are small in number we have more than ample desire and dedication to our time-honored profession. Pharmacy school consists of many formal lectures and labora tories, but also student organizations centered around points of interest such as the Student Branches of the American Pharma- ceutical Association; Rho Chi, Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Psi, Phi Delta Chi, and Pharmacy Senate. The social calendar is highlighted by fraternity dances, parties, Pharmacy Week-end and Senior Com- mencement Picnic. This is the School of Pharmacy — study on a professional level with extra-curricular and social activities designed to develop con- scientious and well-rounded pharmacists to promote and develop ever increasing advances in the health and welfare of mankind. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS. Left to right: Betsy Clark, Secretary-Treasurer; Danny Randall, Vice-President; Jack Alexander, President. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Left to right: Roy P. Rabb, Vice-President; Barbara G. Akers, Secretary; Irving Boyles, President. Page 386 FOURTH YEAR AKERS, BARBARA GOODWIN Chapel Hill B.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Epsilon. Carolina Women ' s Council (2); Class Cabinet (2, 4); Dormitory Officer (2); Orientation Counselor (1); Splash Club (2); Student Government Committee (1); Student Party (2, 3); Westminster Fellowship (1. 2). ALEXANDER, JACK LEWIS Brevard B.S. m PHARMACY. Pharmacy Senate (2, 3), President (4); Pharmacy School Stu- dent Body President (4). BECK, HENRY 0., JR. Morganton B.S. IN PHARMACY. Pi Kappa Phi. University Party (3, 4). BELMONT, ALEX FERNANDO Lima, Peru B.S. IN PHARMACY. Phi Delta Chi; St. Anthony Hall. Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4). BOYLES, VESTAL IRVING, JR. B.S. IN PHARMACY. Rho Chi. BULLOCK, NANCY RUTH B.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Epsilon. Pilot Mountain Roxboro CULBERTSON, JAMES BARBER Englewood, N. J. B.S. IN PHARMACY. Phi Delta Chi, President (4); Pharmacy Senate (2, 3, 4). EDWARDS, ROBERT WESLEY, JR. B.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi. ELLIOn, WILLIAM McBRAYER, JR. B.S. IN PHARMACY. Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3). Pinetops Forest City EVANS, CHARLES EUBIE, JR. B.S. IN PHARMACY. FRAZIER, JOSEPH CLIFFORD B.S. IN PHARMACY. Clarkton Raleigh GLASER, GLENN WILLIAM, JR. Des Plaines, III. B.S. IN PHARMACY. Theta Chi. Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Wrestling (2, 3, 4); Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4). GRIGGS, WILLIAM WILSON Norwood B.S, IN PHARMACY. American Pharmaceutical Association and North Carolina Pharmaceutical Association, Student Branches. HOLLINGSWORTH, J. WINSTON B.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi. Garland JARMAN, JOSEPH Jacksonville B.S. IN PHARMACY. American Pharmaceutical Association and North Carolina Pharmaceutical Association, Student Branches. Page 387 FOURTH YEAR JOHNSON, WILLIS RAY, III KEITH, LUTHER WAYNE B.S. IN PHARMACY. McSWAIN, JEAN WILLARD B.S. IN PHARMACY. Jacksonville iociation and Lexington Shelby MERRITT, LEMUEL JAMES B.S. IN PHARMACY. ORANDER, WILLIAM DEVAUGHN, JR. PATTON, JUDY CAROLYN B.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Epsilon. Pharmacy Senate. PURCELL, DOWNEY CARTER as. IN PHARMACY. QUACKENBUSH, PALMER DAVID Belmont Charlotte Swannanoa RABB, ROY PATTON, Charlotte Charlotte Marion RANDELL, DANNY LEE Asheville B.S IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi. Pharmacy Senate (4); P.I.F.C. (4). TRIPP, RONALD TUCKER B.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi. Men ' s Glee Club (3). WALKER, LEON STOKES B.S. IN PHARMACY. Ayden Denton WILSON, JOHN DAVID WOOD, SANDRA ANN B S. IN PHARMACY. W.A.A. (4). Durham Graham WOODARD, JAMES WILLIAM, II Wilson B.S. IN PHARMACY. Student Legislature (3, 4): Student Party (3, 4); Y.D.C. (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Page 388 THIRD YEAR Adams, Charles Nolan, Jr., Marshall Blanton, Larry Clyde, Brevard Brooks, George Jackson, Jr., Slier City Carter, Charles Wesley, Sanford Clark, Elizabeth BIythe, Pinetops Coats, Leonard Edward, Dunn Devereux, Jerry Stroud, Roanoke Rapids Eason, Walter Gerald, Rocky Mount Eller, Revis Radford, North Wilkesboro Farmer, Jean Warren, Charlotte Foster, William Lee, Mocksville Freeman, Numa Franklin, Jr., Louisburg Geer, Ronnie Michael, Charlotte Hargis, Ronald Lathan, Burlington Hickmon, Leon Edward, Shallotte Holleman. Curtis Edwin, Fuquay Springs Horsley, Shirley Amanda. Charlotte Jamison, Mary Elizabeth, Charlotte Johnson, Mary Lou, Clayton Jones, Thomas Henry, Kenly Kelly, Anne Marie, Fayetteville Kennedy, John B., Shelby Kennedy, Larry Gene, Chapel Hill Lafferty, Robert Parks, Concord Lloyd, Evelyn Pauline, Hillsboro Matthews, Leonard Walter, Stoneville Moore, Robert Holloway, Rehoboth Beach, Del. Myers, Hugh Alan, Clayton Owen, James Melvin, Roseboro Paul, William Larry, Burlington Pope, Larry Hicks, Troutman Proffitt, Carolyn Rebecca, Burnsville Richardson, Paul Hart, Wendell Ring, Elizabeth Ann, High Point Sehorn, Samuel Leroy, Charlotte Sentelle, Mary Flora, West Asheville Smith, Joseph Gordon, Jr., Statesville Smith, Roy Boyd, Durham Taylor, Marsha Barrow, La Grange Upp, Lindell Frances, Asheboro Warren, Larry Joe, Newton Grove Winfree, James Huntley, Badin Page 389 SECOND YEAR Badgett, John Dean, Mount Airy Bailey, John William, II, Hendersonville Batts, Anthony Dwight, Wallace Baugtiam. Ed Lassiter, Smithfield Bell, Louis Pershing, Jr., Rocky Mount Blount, James Gordon, Elizabeth City Boone, William Shelton, Castalia Boyd, Robert Wilson, Sanford Brown, Eugene Glenn, Jr., Jacksonville Buchanan, John Russell, Nashville Bumgardner, Leonard Wilson, Jr., Belmont Cameron, William Stewart, Lillington Carr, Robert Lee, Rose Hill Clayton, Margaret Anne, Charlotte Connelly. Fred Allen, Spruce Pine Cranford, Delbert Marvin, Denton Early, Christie Ellen, Murfreesboro Etheridge, Oliver Scott, Elizabeth City Gaither, Laura Elliott, Asheville Gilbert, Sandra Jean, Maxton Gray, Richard Adrow, Newport Grigg, Marion Dudley, Roanoke, Va. Habrat, Nancy Jane, Charlotte Heatherington, Terry Walter, Bessemer City Hite, Charles W., Jr., Gastonia Hogsed, Marilyn Gaye, Fletcher Holland, Jackie Odell, Holly Springs Johnston, Mary Helen, Raleigh Jones, Larry Wilson, Asheboro Jones, Thomas Lewis, Lynchburg, Va. King, James Arnold, Wallace Kiziah, Larry Cleveland, Hickory Lamm, Benny Scott, Lucama Laxton, Carroll Malcolm, Lenoir Leggett, Martha Victoria. Williamston Lilly, Thomas T., Jr., Durham McCaskill, Rodney Lynn, Ellerbe McCommons, Robert Joseph, Albemarle McLeod, Donald Claude, Norman Matthews, Harry Leigh, Storeville May, Zebulon Ward, Burlington Miller, Daniel Thomas, Statesville Minton, Solon Scott, Asheville Moore, Hugh J., Spindale Morgan, Jack Ledwell, Jr.. Raleigh Musselwhite, Neill Hector, 111, Carolina Beach Newman, Maynard Simons, Salisbury Nichols, Larry Wayne, North Wilkesboro Pharr, Jones Neil, Harrisburg Powell, William Dorsey, Fuquay Springs Rickard, Hearne Franklin, II, Kannapolis Rippy, Guy Lester, Durham Sellers, Alva Broughton, Jr., Asheboro Smith, Carolyn Jeannette, Dudley Solter, Alan Warren, Colonia, N. J. Tripp, Jimmy Noah, Sanford Wells, Sara Alice, Atkinson Wicker, William. Winston-Salem Williams. Berry Lynn, Zebulon Woodard, Erwin Carlye, Hertford Young, Ronald Edwin, Christiansburg, Va. Zahray, Ronald Craig, Teaneck, N. J. Page 390 FIRST YEAR Allen, Dorothy C, Benson Baxley, Robert Earl, Wagram Bowman, Rita Lee, Lumberton Brogden, Harry Lee, Garner Brown, Paul Eugene, Huntersville Butler, Bonnie Claire, Gastonia Cagle, Stephen Wayne, Burlington Carabateas, Angela, Charlotte Gotten, Robert Wesley, Fuquay Springs Davis, Jerry Carl, Pine Level Dunn, Patsy Ann, Ghapel Hill Forbes, Isa Marie, Raleigh Graham, Gerald Davis, Charlotte Gretz, Susan Gertrude, Hendersonville Griffin, William Charlie, Marshville Hartman, Donna Lee, Mount Airy Hill, Glennie G., Kinston Hollomon, James Arthur, III, Winston-Salem Kearney, Robert Evans, Henderson Lambeth, Albert Lee, Jr., Wilmington Lamont, William, III, Raeford Lancaster, Alan Grover, Henderson Logan, Philip Howard, Winston-Salem Lowdermilk, Edward L., Valdese Lucas, Robert Ray, Wilson McCranie, Mary Lynn, Nevrton Massey, James Dale, Waynesville Meads, Lawrence Craig, Shawboro Medlin, Gerald Lloyd, Benson Michael, Howard Mitchell, Thomasville Moore, Michael Allan, Mount Airy Morris, Michael Monzo, Newton Grove Myers, Charles Earl. Mount Airy Nelson, Judith Karen, Hillsdale, N. J. Parker, Jean Carol, Winston-Salem Phillips, Judie Wayne, Hayesville Poteet, Jerry Eugene, Morganton Pressley, Charles Ray, Jr., Waynesville Rawlins, John P., Tarboro Rickelton, David Kendall, Charlotte Robinson, Clyde Wilson, Jr., Winston-Salem Seawell, Ellon G., Rockingham Shaw, Margaret Elliott, Wagram Shaw, Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., Windsor Sherrill, Dennis Allen, Hudson Silver, Mary Ida, Kenly Silver. Nellie Jane, Kenly Simpson, Sandra Moore, Lucama Smith, Charlotte Jacquelyn, Charlotte Smyre, Larry Elvin, Hickory Spoon, James Merritt, Jr., Charlotte Sykes, Robert Nathan, Jr., Smithfield Taylor, John Bynum, Boone Teague, Mary Gray, Fayetteville Upchurch, Malcolm Thurston, Jr., Smithfield Waldman, William Charles, Winston-Salem Ward, Needham Eldon, Lumberton Waters, Jack, Jr., Fairmont Whitehead, Charles Michael, Ramseur Wilkerson, Robert Douglas, Wilson Williams, Mark Oliver, Laurinburg Willis, Barbara Ann, Lincolnton Young, David Marion, Hendersonville Page 391 S CHOOL OF MEDICINE DEAN WALTER REESE BERRYHILL Having served as Dean of the School of Medicine for more than two decades, Dr. Walter Reese Berryhill announced that effective September, 1964, he would vacate the Dean ' s office and continue to serve the University in another position. Dean Berryhill ad- ministered the conversion of the two-year School of Medicine to the present four-year school; and consequently, the entire medical complex " grew up " in response to the enlargement of the medical school. Today the School of Medicine, founded in 1885, ranks among the finest in the world. The credit for this excellent reputation rests primarily with Dr. Berryhill. Thanks to his unceasing efforts, the School of Medicine stands now at the beginning of an even more promising era in its history. As the School of Medicine grows in size and prestige, a more fitting tribute to Walter Reese Berry- hill could not be found than for the School to continue to foster the close personal relationships among faculty and students which Dr. Berryhill has regarded essential in medical education- Page 392 WHITEHEAD MEDICAL SOCIETY. Seated: Burroughs, Phillips, President McDevitt, Ho- Student nurse and medical student practice what has been preached. cutt, Pelletler. Standing: Eure, Whicker, Coley. Missing: Holmes, Monroe, Morton, Williams. □ eg ..0 MEDICAL SCHOOL HONOR SOCIETY. Seated: Doughten, McGirt, Chairman Pierce, Phillips, J„ Keiter. Standing: Jjbiston, Rawls, Phillips, B., Yount. Page 393 FOURTH YEAR Atchison, James W. D., Birmingham, Ala.. Phi Chi Beard, John Nichols, Charlotte, Phi Chi Berryhill, Bruce Holt, Charlotte, Phi Chi Brabson, Winslow, Staunton, Va. Broome. Harry Lee, North Wilkesboro, Phi Chi Burleson, William Rowell, Tabor City Cella, John Robert, Raleigh Crumpler. James Fulton, Jr., Rocky Mount, Phi Chi Curry. Roy Lee, Jr.. Monroe. Phi Chi Earnhardt. James Frederick, Thomasvilte. Phi Chi Fisher. Earl Elliott, Jr., Fairmont Fox, John B., Chapel Hill Gaffney, Clyde M., Greenville, S. C. Phi Chi Gillis, David Black, Mt. Olive Henderson, George P., Jr., Maxton i ■ ■ ■ Holmes, Elbert Carmack, Farmville, Phi Chi [ -J Hundsinger, Drew Charles, Charlotte Hunt. Ernest Woodrow, Daytona Beach. Fla., Phi Chi WL M m J-... M Kilpatrick. Wilbur Kirby, Pembroke ihfl I t.i Kinlav , William Knox, Jr., Lumberton s ■ Knott, Rufus Henry, Washington Koontz, Jack A., Durham, Aipha Kappa Kappa LaRowe, Peter Clark, Bronxville. N. Y., Phi Chi Long, William Brenisen, Albuquerque, N. Mex. Love, James Thomas, Jr.. Laurinburg, Aipha Kappa Kappa McGirt. Murphy F., Jr., Maxton Macfie, Jefferys Ashe, Jr., Brevard Mauldin, Ronald Lee, Concord, Phi Chi Monroe, William Murchison, Chapel Hill Nelms, Donald Kenneth, Salisbury, Phi Chi Newton, Jimmie Isaac, Concord, Phi Chi Peacock, Jack Baxter, Laurinburg, Aipha Kappa Kappa Phillips, Jasper Louis, Jr., Kinston, Phi Chi Pierce, Robert James, Rocky Mount Price, Robert Edwin, Jr., Reidsville. Phi Chi Reynolds, James Woodrow, Jr., Newton, Phi Chi Sabislon, Frank, Jr., Kinston, Phi Chi Taylor, Russell Carl, Mt. Airy Venters, Wayne B., Jacksonville, Phi Chi Wheeless, Clifford Roberts. Raleigh, Phi Chi Wooten, Robin Nathaniel, Monroe, Phi Chi Page 394 THIRD YEAR Branch, Leslie Bernard, Durham Brown, Daniel Elmer. Selma Burke, James Otis, Jr., Lexington Collier, Hal Franklin, Bladenboro Crist, Takey, Jacksonville Doughten, Richard Merrill, Bay Head, N. J. Eddings, Tally H., II, Tabor City Elliott, Balaam Thalphonza, Jr., Whiteville Fulk, Robert V., Jr., Wilmington Gallagher, Edgar Givens, Jr., Charlotte Graham, Charles Pattison, Jr., Wilmington Grubb, Robert Lee, Jr., Charlotte Hammett, John Benjamin, Chapel Hill Hardison, Joe William, Raeford Harris, Donald Eugene, Rocky Mount Hefelfinger, David Charles, Chapel Hill Hicks, Lewis P., Wise Hocutt, Edgar Jerome, Chapel Hill Jernigan, Nancy Elizabeth, Dunn Jolly, Morton Gray, Ayden Kindley, Robert Thomas, Thomasville Land, Roy Vernon, Jr., Chapel Hill Lanedon, William Cleveland, Coats Lassiter, Richard Edward, Colerain McGee, James William, IV, Greenville McNeill, Donald D., Jr., Charlotte Mayhue, Hugh Wayne, Kings Mountain Peel, Jesse Robert, Everetts Phillips, James Laughton, Morehead City Phillips, Llewellyn, II, Morehead City Presson, Thomas Lemuel, Monroe Sayers, William Floyd, Gastonia Shinn, John Bradley, China Grove Sides, Evin H., Ill, Concord Sigmon, James Lewis, Jr., Newton Wesley, Ralph Norman, Jr., Charlotte Whitfield, Charles Lyne, Chapel Hill Page 395 os SECOND YEAR Abell, James Curtis, Yanceyville Avery, Frank Walton, Winston-Salem Barker, Rudy W., Carrboro Bell, Joseph Oscar, III, Tuxedo Bergeron. Garry Patrick, Jr., Farmville BMbro, Robert Hodges, Greenville Burroughs, Paul Leach, Jr., Raleigh Calhoun. Daniel M., Jr.. Elizabethtown Collins, Earnest Swindell, Nashville Crawford, John Robert, III, Salisbury Credle, Joseph Bernard, Chapel Hill Crutchfield, William Monroe, Pittsboro Davis, Nelson Park, Jamestown Deaton, Philip Carl. Greensboro Fowler. Wesley C. Jr., Dunn Garrabrant. Edgar Cornelius, Wilmington Gibson. Robert Clayton. Winchester. Va. Gray, Cyrus Leighton. High Point Grigsby, George Talmadge. Jr.. Holly Springs Howell. Nelson Neil, High Point Koontz, Thomas Jeffrey, Lexington Kress, Sidney Carl, Wadesboro Leake, Arthur Eldridge. Jr.. Marshall Morris, Peter Lorenz, Chapel Hill Pressly, James Allen, Kings Mountain Rich, Alvis Marvin, Burlington Riley, William Barker, Jr., Chattanooga. Tenn. Scott. Charles Kimrey. Haw River Sevier. Robert English, Asheville Simmons. Robert George. Roseboro Southard. John Wilder. Bethesda. Md. Spivey. Elizabeth Harrison, Williamston Steele, Walter Franklin, Hickory Tarleton, Harold Lewis. Monroe Thomas. Donald Anton, Roanoke Rapids Vaughan. William Hunter, Raeford Yount, James Alvin, Claremont Page 396 FIRST YEAR Arnold, Phillip Gordon, Spruce Pine Austin, Frederick DaCosta, Charlotte Avant. George Ray, Forest City Blake, Gerald Wayne, Jacksonville Bundy, Thomas William, High Point Carter, Joey Mieshele, Kannapolis Cavenaugh, Herbert R., Jr., Wilmington Clarke, Charles Lee, Jr., Goldsboro Currie, John Lauchlin, Carthage Davidian, Edward William, Smithfield Davidian. Vartan A., Jr., Smithfield Dunlap, Weldon Aaron, Asheboro Eure, Charles Allan, Roduco Evans, David Arnold, Rich Square Flye, Melvyn Wayne, Tarboro Garrison, Robert Donald, Hayesville Hale, Robert Vernon, Fayetteville Hall, Linda Gayle, W. AsheviMe Hamrick, Harvey James, Rutherfordton Hart, Elzie Franklin, Jr., Burlington Homesley, Howard David, Cherryville Honeycutt, Lattie Fuller, Jr., Raleigh Huffman, Allen William, Jr., Hickory Hundley, James Davenport, Wallace Jarman, William Henry, Jr., Gastonia Kleiman, Scott Gerald, Raleigh Lane, James Randolph, Jr., Asheboro Lefler, Hugh Talmage, Jr., Chap el Hill Lewis, Clifford Thomas, Beaufort Littleton, Philip R., Goldsboro McAdam, Richard Bernard, Hendersonville McDaniel, William Jason, Jr., Rutherfordton McLamb, James Norwill, Wilmington McLamb, Joseph Timothy, Clinton McNeely, Gwyn Farrell, Hickory Madry, Robert Wilson, Jr., Wilmington Mintz, Rudolph Ivey, Jr., Wilmington Norton, Jerry Lee, Lake Toxaway Owens, Harold Burley, Bostic Parks, Barbara Jean, Chapel Hill Pelletier, Gerald, Jr., Stella Phillips, Bruce A., Jr., Kinston Powell, James Meyers, Jr., High Point Reese, David John, Danville, Pa. Rogers, Ted, Waynesville Russell, Douglas MacArthur, Dover Sabiston, Walter Roberts, Kinston Smyre, Herbert Lee, Newton Spruill, James Henry, Windsor Stevens, Elliott Walker, Jr., Warsaw Thomason, Henry Clayton, Jr., Gastonia Tippett, Joe Wayne, Zebulon Wachs, Marvin Dennis, Pittsboro Ward, Benjamin Kirby, Jr., Goldsboro Welborne, Barry McNeil, Winston-Salem Williams, Rhoderick Thomas, Jr., Farmville Page 397 SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY DEAN JOHN C. BRAUER The year 1964 is one of particular significance to the School of Dentistry. The ground breaking ceremony for the Dental Research Center took place in March, and completion of the building is scheduled for the fall of 1965. The Dental Research Center will be of modern design and will mark the first departure in the UNC Health Affairs area from the well-known modified Georgian architecture. Dr. James Bawden, an Assistant Dean in the UNC School of Dentistry, also is the Coordinator of the Dental Research Center. Approximately one-third of the funds for the million dollar structure was raised principally from dentists, the faculty of the dental school,, dental manufacturers, dental supply firms, and dental laboratories in North Carolina. The remainder came from Federal and University sources. One of the primary missions of a university and its associated schools is to extend the frontiers of knowledge. Accordingly, in addition to the several educational programs, dental research now will assume its intended place in scope and interest in the school and the University. Left to right: Stuart Fountain, Junior Class President; John Brad ' Jia.v Senior Class President; Wayne Mohorn, Student Body President; John Madison, Vice-Presi- dent of Student Body; Dave Simpson, Sophomore Class President, and Jim Slack, Freshman Class President. Page 398 FOURTH YEAR Allen, G. W., Gaffney, S. C. Anderson, Wayne Clark, Chapel Hill Avera, Charles Allen, Rocky Mount Bottoms, Alton Bruce, Canton Bradshaw, John William, Relief Butler, Thomas Edgar, Greensboro Camp, Joe Henderson, Shelby Coffey, Ralph Donald, Jr., Chapel Hill Cregar, Daniel Uriah, Jr., Greensboro Dunn, John Raymond, Roanoke Rapids Fox, Robert Darlan, Winston-Salem Hawkins, Ralph Owen, Jr., Raleigh Hayes. Ray H., Spartanburg, S. C. Honeycutt, Wallace Blair, Gastonia Horton, Thomas Joseph, Wilson Hundley, Deane, III, Wallace Johnson, George Terry, Sparta Jorgensen, Larry Green, Greenville Kendall, James Eugene, Charlotte Lineberger, Luther Truett, Gastonia Marks, Sandy Cole, Jr., Wilmington Milligan, Ronnie Rich, Fayetteville Mohorn, Harold Wayne, Enfield Murphy, Martin Henry, Belmont Page, Graham Allison, Carrboro Patrick, Donald Ray, Chapel Hill Posey, Lawrence Owen, Greenville Privette, James Atlas, Kenly Rogers, Russell Junius, Jr., Atlanta, Ga. Schlapkohl, Richard H.. Pompano Beach, Fla. Smith, Clayton Bernard, Jr., Elizabethtown Smith, Lynn Harrison, Liberty Stamper, Clifford Mathieson, Misenheimer Trawick, David Edmond, Bryson City Walker, Joel W., Burlington Ward, George Thomas, Asheville Witherspoon, Walter Pennington, Jr., Columbia, S. C. Woody, Sidney Lane, Bessemer City Wooten, Bobby Gene, Yadkinville Poge 399 THIRD YEAR Arnold, Bruce L., Arlington, Va. Baucom, Jim Preston, Concord Belton, Riciiard Paul, Charlotte Bullard, Amos Jones, Jr., Autryville Couch, Jon William, Durham Crotts, Everett Bowers, Thomasviile Eure, Darden Johnson, Jr., Morehead City Fountain, Stuart Burton, Chapel Hill Hancock, James Baldwin, Bobbins Hendren, Otis F., Moravian Falls Henshaw, William Raymond, Chapel Hill Herndon, Claude Harris, Charlotte Hill, Douglas Gray, Kinston Hinnant, Robert Willard, Chapel Hill Johnson, Thomas George, Jr., Asheville Lineberry, Don E., Asheboro McLean, Marvin Brevard, Chapel Hill Mitchum, Kenneth Edward, Monroe Peele, William Roy, Hamlet Pfau. Frank R., Sussex, N. J. Pierce, Thomas Carlton, Raleigh Polk, Robert Melton, Jr., Hamlet Poovey, Jim Nelson, Hickory Rjdmond, Hight Stinson, Morganton Sears, Thomas Harmon, Jr., McLeansville Turner, Gerald Pinkney, Roanoke, Va. Yost, William Francis, Weaverville Page 400 SECOND YEAR Alexander, Jerry Marvin, Chapel Hill Attkisson, Wayne Page, Kinston Bottoms, John Willis, Canton Burnette, Jerry Carter, Chapel Hill Camak, Pascal Swann, Wilmington Devereux, James Lawrence, Charlotte Eagle, James Carr, Jr., Chapel Hill Evans, Richard Henderson, Jr., Chapel Hill Fredere, Francis B., Durham Gibson, James Robert, Hayesville Gorman, Richard Forbes, Winterville Handy, Thomas Gordon, Winston-Salem Harris, Charles Jay, Jr., Mebane Haynes, John Elliot, Gastonia Hicks, Earl Preston, Harriman, Tenn. Holstein, Samuel P., Jr., Monetta, S. C. Hornthal, Allen Lane, Tarboro Howden, Eugene Frederick, Winter Park, Fla Hunter, Barrett McKenzie, Winston-Salem Johnson, Charles E., II, Chapel Hill Kiser, John Donald, Jr., Charlotte McDonald, Chauncey Maurice, Saint Pauls Marshburn, David Theon, Richlands Mason, Carle Woodruff, Jr., Chapel Hill Matkins, John Alan, Roanoke Rapids Minah, Glenn Ernest, Durham Moore, Geraldene Edwina, Charlotte Morris, Walter Smith, Jr., Morehead City Myers, William Charles, Charlotte Nibbelink, Jan C, High Point Peck, Sheldon, Durham Rivers, Lav rence Durell, Warrenton Shelton, Clavis 0., Waln ut Cove Simpson, David Murray, Winston-Salem Smith, Warren Kirkland, Jr., Springfield, S. C. Strange, Charlton B., Jr., Chapel Hill Upchurch, Tommy Dorsey, High Point Williams, Durward Robert, Chapel Hill Williams, Larry Albert, Tabor City Wilson, Robert W., Salisbury Page 401 FIRST YEAR Averett, Dan Morrissette, Chapel Hill Aycock, Charles B., Durham Bass, Robert Edwin, Hurdle Mills Blackman, John Walton, III, Fremont Bost, Michael Earl, Marion Brown, Benjamin William, Chapel Hill Chandler, John Edward, III, Greensboro Church, George Franklin, Purlear Collins, Michael Lee, High Point Cox, William Boyd, Greenville Cozart, William Taft, Jr., Roxboro Crumpler, Lyie Ellis, Rocky Mount Davis, Herbert Crippon, Jr., Lexington Dixon, Nile Morris, Jacksonville, Fla. Ellis, Benjamin Thomas, Shelby Finger, Richard Bryan, Jr., Greenville, S. C. Goodwin, William Carroll, Jr., Greenville Hayes, James R., Jr., Chapel Hill Head, Thomas J., Chapel Hill Hedgecoe, Joel, Tabor City Hiatt, Max Roe, Mount Airy Hutchens, Luther Hill, Jr., Winston-Salem Jessup, Percy Wells, Jr., Elizabethtown Jorgensen, Lynn Christian, Greenville McCall, Charles William, Jr., Tryon McKee, Michael Thomas, Kings Mountain Miller, Ronnie Henderson, Spencer Patterson, Jerry Eugene, Kings Mountain Perdue, Phillip Sterling, Louisburg Pleasants, Riley Clyde, Jr., Raleigh Raynor, Bobby Carlyle, Chinquapm Roseman, Irvin Alvin, Chapel Hill Rosenbaum, Jerry Harris, West Orange, N. J. Satterfield, William Clem, Raleigh Sherwood, William James, Jr., Washington Shuford, Gene M., Chapel Hill Skeen, McDuffy Brown, Biscoe Slack, James Blount, Pinetown Stroud, Charles Douglas, Pittsboro Tesh, Phillip Gary, Kannapolis Thompson, James Cecil, Hillsboro Waldron, Pendleton Glass, Greensboro Warren, Raymond Bartlett, Kernersville White, John Finley, Enfield Wood, Evah Harvey, Charlotte Young, Pinkney Beryl, Sanford Page 402 DENTAL HYGIENE Anderson, Melba Ramseur, Raleigh Ansell, Mary Ann, Chapel Hill Braxton, Maxine Blair, Snow Camp Curtis, Cecelia Anne, Kinston Dalton, Sandra Kaye, Rutherfordton Hege, Jeanne Elizabeth, Raleigh James, Nena Lynn, Mebane Mclver, Julia Richardson, Chapel Hill Marshall, Judy Gail, Westfield Murray, Gael Theresa, Chapel Hill Olsen, Mary Ann, Hendersonville Pender, Judy Carol, Mebane Ramsey, Nancy Vesta, Kinston Scruggs, Doshie Martena, Forest City Whitley, Ann Spruill, Kinston Willis, Sandra Lynn, Shelby Carpenter, Rebecca Jill, Gastonia Davis, Judith Lynne, Sophia Diehl, Penn Lindsey, Raleigh Duncan, Katherine Burke, Apex Greenwood, Jacquelyn, Chapel Hill Harbin, Sandra Kay, Greensboro Jeffries, Judy Gene, Raleigh Lane, Barbara Dean, New Bern Mears, Brenda Carroll, Enfield Meredith, Pamela, Graham Reynolds, Mary Louise, Greensboro Watts, Pantha Hicks, Taylorsville White, Gloria Kristina, Charlotte f 1 4 Page 403 SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH More than in most professions, public health workers enjoy a sense of internationalism. Alumni from our school are engaged in com- munity health activities on every continent, and students come to us from around the world. At home and abroad, the problems of prevention and control of disease and pestilence, sanitation of the environment, improvement of health standards and status, and public education in healthful living have steadily gained recognition as basic responsibilities of the community on state, national and international levels. Our School of Public Health, one of fourteen such accredited schools in North America, prepares professional workers for service DEAN W. FRED MAYES wherever their specialties take them, through study and research in the ten operating departments of the School: Biostatistics, En- vironmental Sciences and Engineering, Epidemiology, Maternal Child Health, Parasitology, Public Health Administration, Public Health Education, Public Health Nursing, Public Health Nutrition and Mental Health. All instruction is on the graduate level with more than one- tenth of the two hundred students engaged in doctoral studies. Basic preparation of Public Health students is in such varied fields as medicine, dentistry, education, engineering, nursing, statistics, and social sciences. DEPARTMENT HEADS. Left to right: Dr. Daniel A. Okm. Dr. Sidney S. Chipman, Dr. Bernard G. Greenberg, Mrs. Margaret B. Dolan, Dr. John E. Larsh, Dr. Robert E. Col(er, Jr., Dr. Ralph Boatman. Not pictured: Dr. J. J. Wright, Dr. John C. Cassel, Dr. John Filley, Dr. Hughes A. Bryan. Page 404 Abul-Ela, Abdel-Latif Abdel-Fattah, Biostastistics Allen, M. Frances, P.H. Nursing Allen, Van Sizar, Health Education Allred, Rachel Hall, P.H. Nursing Barnard, George Robert, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Barrrck, Jewell Howard, Parasitology Biggs, Will iam George, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Boese, Jack L., Parasitology Brady, John Matthew, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Brennan, Jane M., P.H. Nursing Bruce, Mary Joyce, P.H. Nursing Bustillos, I. Raul Jaime, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Cagle, Donald R., P.H. Administration Cahill, Marion M., P.H. Nursing Campbell, Mary Elizabeth, P.H. Administratic Cantrell, H. Furman, Parasitology Cassell, E. Alan, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Cheng, Robert Ta-Chun, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Chock, Daniel P., Biostatistics Chynoweth, David Paul, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Cole, Richard Francis, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Cornoni, Joan Claire, Epidemiology Counts, Jon Milton, Parasitology Courtney, Jessica M., P.H. Nursing Cullins, Alfred Edmond, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Daniels, Paul W., Environmental Sciences and Engineering Dechman, Michael Morgan, Health Education Decker, Clifford Earl, Jr., Environmental Sciences and Engineering Deededar, Akbar, Environmental Sciences and Engineering DePippo, T. Theresa, Nutrition Duncan, Harriette E., Nutrition Ebersole, Edward William, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Edwards, George Cleveland, PH. Administration Elsevier, Ernest, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Engel, John Norman, D.D.S., P.H. Administration Eskridge, Jack, P.H. Administration Farrell, Edward Wagner, P.H. Administration Fleming, Ruth S., PH. Nursing Fox, William R., P.H. Administration Gahar, Jean Pipkin, P.H. Nursing Ghosh, Sanbhunath, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Greenhill, Elizabeth Dianne, PH. Nursing Gregory, Arthur Robert, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Griffin, Warren Orval, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Gruber, Felix Jose, P.H. Adminstration Guha, Helen, P.H. Nursing Guyette, Henri, P.H. Administration Haines, Howard Palmer, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Page 405 Hall, William J., Epidemiology Hamati, Kamil Yousif, Maternal Child Health Hawkins. Charles Bruce, Epidemiology Hebblethwaite. Robert Lee, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Henken, Edwin Robert, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Hester, Julia Glenn, P.H. Nursing Hettich, Gilbert Lee, P.H. Administration Hijazi, Yunis AM, Health Education Hill, Laurann, Nutrition Hilmas, Duane Eugene, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Hilsen, Leonard S.. PH. Administration Hipp, Mary I., P.H. Nursing Holmes, Thelma M , P.H. Administration Hoover, George W., M.D., P.H. Administration Home, Essie Mae, P.H. Nursing Ibrahim, Michel A.. Epidemiology Iglehart, Charles Cecil, Jr., Environmental Sciences and Engineering Jackson, Billy Dean, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Jefferson, Elizabeth, Nutrition Johnston, Donald Richard, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Key, John Chase, Health Education Khan, Mohammad Anwar, P.H. Administration Kim, Keith K., Environmental Sciences and Engineering Lambert, Frank Warren, Jr.. Parasitology Lentz, Myra M., P.H. Nursing Lewis, Wilma Ruth, P.H. Nursing Limprasutr, Prabba, P.M. Nursing Lisella, Richard Scott, P.H. Administration Logsdon, Marvin Otis, P.H. Administration McJunkin, Frederick Eugene, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Markines, Andreas Antoniou. Health Education Martinez, Roberto A., Environmental Sciences and Engineering Meehan, Jane Rita, Nutrition Meister, Joan Anna. P.H, Nursing Mian, Mohammad Rafique, Biostatistics Moore, Lucius Lee Ardrey, Jr., Parasitology Morgan, Anne Woodward. Health Education Moseman, Robert Fredrick, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Naff, Henry Hudson, Jr., P.H. Administration Nava, Luis, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Nogueira, Alfred Tobias, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Oeben, Rudolph Wilhelm. Environmental Sciences and Engineering Okuno. Nagaharu. Environmental Sciences and Engineering O ' Neal, Reta Marie, PH. Nursing Osborne, Harold S.. Parasitology Page, Elizabeth Ingram, Parasitology Page. William Winship. Environmental Sciences and Engineering Paul, Marjorie Gertrude, P.H. Nursing Page 406 Pauls, Frank Peter, Parasitology Peed, Jean, P.H. Nursing Peters, Howard August, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Pharr, Olga Boothe, P.H. Nursing Phillips, Richard Norman, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Powell, Charlie A., Environmental Sciences and Engineering Reddy, Saranya Kumart, Health Education Reed, George Howard, Jr., Environmental Sciences and Engineering Reed, Joy Beaman, PH. Nursing Rickenbacker, Wilhelmina W., P.H. Nursing Ringland, Katherine G., P.H. Nursing Robinson, Larry Philip, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Rogers. Jimmy Lafon, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Rundgren, Charles Edward, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Sanders, Robert E., Environmental Sciences and Engineering Schiemann, Donald A., Environmental Sciences and Engineering Schiffer, Hazel M., P.H. Nursing Schmidt, Gail Duane, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Schnurrenberger, Leroy Wayne, P.H. Administration Scoles, Peter Serafino, PH. Administration Shannon, Eugene Hugh, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Shaulis, Drusanne, Health Education Shields, Alston B., Parasitology Simmons, Guy Held, Jr., Environmental Sciences and Engineering Skipwith, Hope Ely, Epidemiology Smith, C. Harvey, Health Education Spell, Ruby Alfreda. P.H. Nursing Stoner, John Clyde, Health Education Stratton, Leroy Earl, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Sugar, John William, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Sutton, Corrina S., Parasitology Swiecicki, Robert Francis, P.H. Administration Thomas, Nancy F., P.H. Nursing Thompson, Shirley Jean, P.H. Nursing Tiessen, Frida Marie, Health Education Utt, William Harrison, PH. Administration Vernimmen, August Petrus, Sanitary Engineering Vines, Frances Perkins, Nutrition Voors, Antonie Wouter, Epidemiology Walker, William R., Environmental Sciences and Engineering Washington, Raymond Edward, Health Education Wentworth. Jane, Nutrition Wiley, Noel Hance, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Wilkie, Lorine R., Health Education Williams, Carolyn Antonides, P.H. Nursing Zafar, Mable, P.H. Nursing Zumbrunnen. Charles E., P.H. Administration . li Page 407 SCHOOL OF LAW The Law School, which developed into the School of Law of the University, was founded as a private school in 1843, by William H. Battle, then a judge of the Superior Court, later a justice of the State Supreme Court, in 1845, Judge Battle was made Professor of Law in the University, and the University provided that the degree of Bachelor of Laws should be conferred on those completing the prescribed two-year course. From the records of the University, however, it seems that few degrees were conferred. For a long time the School maintained a certain independence from the University. The Professor of Law received no salary, and the students were not entirely subject to the discipline of the University. This was the position of the School during the profes- sorship of Judge Battle, who retired in 1879; during the two years that the law classes were conducted by Kemp P. Battle, then Presi- DEAN H. P. BRANDIS dent of the University; and, to a considerable extent, during the professorship of John Manning, who was elected in 1881 and died in 1899. In 1899, the School was completely incorporated into the Uni- versity; James C. MacRae, previously a justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina, was the first Dean. He was succeeded in 1910 by Dean Lucius P. McGehee, who served in that position until 1923. With the construction of Manning Hall, in 1923, the law school entered its " modern " era. Serving successively as deans were, Merton Leroy Ferguson, 1924-26; Abner Leon Green, 1926-27; Charles T. McCormick, 1927-31; Maurice T. Van Hecke, 1931-41; Robert H. Wettach, 1941-49; and Henry P. Brandis, 1949 to date. LAW REVIEW. Left to right: Bill Underwood, Associate Editor; William R. Editor; James M. Kimzey, Associate Editor. Hoke, Business Manager; George C. Cochran, Editor-in-Chief; Tom D. Efird, Associate Page 408 LAW STUDENT ASSOCIATION First row Robert B Long Jr Secretary; William I. Thornton, Jr., Treasurer. Second row: F. O ' Neal Jones, Vice-President; Alonzo B. Coleman, Jr., President. THIRD YEAR CLASS OFFICERS. Left to right: H Marshall Simpson, Secretary; Henry Boshamer, President; H. Houston Grcome, Jr., Vice-President; Fred P. Parker, III, Treasurer. HONOR COURT. Seated; James M. Kimzey; Robert G. Baynes, Chief Justice; Marion A. Cowell, Jr. Standing: Richard Lane Brown, III, Robert A. Melott, Ralph Ray Craig, Jr. Page 409 THIRD YEAR Beasley, George Montford, III, Monroe Buchanan, Edward Higgs, Greenville Cameron, Dallas Alexander, Jr., Lake Waccamaw Coleman, Alonzo Brown, Jr., Hurdle Mills Coleman, James Clayton, Chapel Hill Collier, Forrest Leonard, III, Charlotte Covington, Lorimer Philip, Burlington Davis, Ronald William, Wilmington Edwards, Phil Strowd, Siler City Falls, Ralph Holland, Jr., Gastonia Fletcher, John Stuart. Durham Forman, George Hamilton, Buffalo, N. Y. Gerdes, Phillip E., Wilmington Gould, Nathaniel, Manhasset, N. Y. Greene, Henry Thomas, Lexington Groome, Henry Houston, Jr., Greensboro Hardison, James Walter, Williamston Hunt, James Baxter, Jr., Lucama Jackson, Millard Irving. Chapel Hill Jobes, William Henry, Jr., Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. Page 410 LAW SCHOOL Key. Bobby Joe, Sanford Kimzey, James M.. Brevard Loy. William Riley, Burlington McConnell. John Daniel, Jr., Southern Pines McCuiston. William Thomas, Greensboro McRorie, William Edward, Chapel Hill Martin, James Edwin, Jr., Charlotte Mitchell, Bruce Elder, Washington, D. C. Neal, James Archer, Winston-Salem Norwood, Haywood Vernon, Jr., Waxhaw Parker, Fred Pope. Ill, Goldsboro Partin, Wilson B., Jr., Scotland Neck Rand, Anthony Eden, Chapel Hill Reid, Marland C, Chapel Hill Simpson, Henry Marshall, Winston-Salem Smith, David iverson, Chapel Hill Stokes, Jerome Walter, Rome, Ga. Talbert, John Wallace. Jr., Hartsville, S. C. Walker, Frank Harrison, Leaksuille Walston, Abe, III, Walstonburg Weaver, George Arthur, Albemarle Wierman, Frederic E., Chapel Hill Wood, Arnold Terry, Chapel Hill Page 41 1 SECOND YEAR Bennett. Charles Landis, Raleigh Boyette. Mosley Graham, Carthage Brown. Richard Lane, III, Albemarle Cannon, Thomas Roberts. Raleigh Capps. Thomas Edward. Wilmington Carmichael. Fred McLeod. Chapel Hill Cheshire. Lucius McGehee. Hillsboro Dalton. William Harvey, Forest City Davis. George P.. Jr., Chapel Hill Davis, Ronald Harry, Charlotte Dixon, Richard 0. S., Jr., Walstonburg Evans, William Casto, Cleveland, Ohio Fountain, Reginald Morton, Jr., Tarboro Freedle, Paul Douglas, Thomasville Gambill, Joe Alan, Wilkesboro Green, Charles P., Louisburg Hillman, Inar Carl, Jr., Park Ridge, III. Hord, Robert Carl, Jr., Charlotte Jones, Benner, III, Jackson, Ohio Kennedy. Michael Scott. Shelby Lawrence. Harry Wayne. Hamlet Manning, Daniel Alston, Williamston Manning, Henry Stancill, Windsor Matthews, Phillip Ray, Nashville Michaux, Roy Herman, Jr., Chapel Hill Montgomery, Franklin Moyle, Salisbury Osmun, Barry Ansen, Glen Ridge, N. J. Pell, Gerald Allen, Greensboro Pell, James Ethan, Greensboro Pollard, Forrest Alfred, Jr., Durham Porter. William Larry. Vaughan Pusser, Charles Rouse, Jr., Chesterfield. S. C. Reece. Johnny M.. Yadkinville Richardson, Oscar Leonard, Jr.. Monroe Robinson, William Gane, Charlotte Sayles, Julia Lauder, Corning, N. Y. Schlosser, E. Steve. Jr., Greensboro Shaffer. Leonard B,. Southern Pines Smith. Robert Eugene. Washington Stultz, John Hoyte. Jr.. Draper Taylor, John Bradsher, Yanceyville Vaughan, Charles Julian, Woodland Waite, Edwin Allen, Jr., Mount Airy Weston, Jerry S., Greensboro Whichard, Willis Padgett. Durham Whitener. John Wilfred. Morganton Williams. Charles Goodrich. Chapel Hill Williams, Norman E., Durham Page 412 FIRST YEAR Arneld, Stanley Gerald, Fuquay-Varina Ashburn, Michael Anthony, Winston-Salem Atkins, Albert Graham, Durham Aycock, Charles Ronald, Wilson Aycock, Frank Bayard, III, Currituck Baker, Walter Wray, Jr., Raleigh Barber, Leon Worth, Raleigh Beaman, Grafton Catling, Ahoskie Bost, William Vick, Salisbury Boyd, William Glenn, Lincolnton Brame, Cyrus Watson, North Wilkesboro Bray, Doris Roach, Reidsville Brent, John William, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Broome, Henry George, Jr., Ventnor, N. J. Brown, Charles Palmer, Albemarle Celeste, Francis Xavier, Northvale, N. J. Chandler, Robert Moye, Jr., Rocky Mount Chandler, William James, Jr., Oak Ridge Cook, Owen Waddell, Fayetteville Craig, Plezzy Harbor, Jr., Hillsboro Graver, Comann Penry, Jr., Winston-Salem Cummings, Thomas Ernest, Winston-Salem Cunningham, Ronald Owen, Carrboro Daham, David, Rego Park, N. Y. DePetro, John Paul, Jr., Bradford, Pa. Edwards, Robert Leon. Greenville Erwin, Fenton Tilson, Jr., Asheville Evans, John Farnham, Chapel Hill Ferris, James Albert, Vienna, Va. Fill, Elizabeth, Charleston, S. C. Fox, Melvyn Michael, Gastonia Freeland, James Rae, Hillsboro Freeman, James Alexander, Asheville Gantt, Lynn Morgan, Albemarle Goldklang, Howard Arthur, Charlotte Goodman, Sherrill Taft, Dunn Culler, Jeffery M., Charlotte Hafer, Frederick Eugene, Chapel Hill Harrington, Abner Brown, III. Sanford Haywood, Egbert Lynch, Jr., Durham Howell, Ron W,, Newdale Hoyle, William Roberson, Greensboro Huggins, Bruce Wayne, Lumberton Hughes, Richard Edward, Parkton Hyde, L. D., Asheville Irvin, David Alexander, Winston-Salem Ivey, Bill W., Asheboro Jackson, Charles Terry, II, Dover, Del. Jackson, George Winfield, Belhaven Jacobs, Ralph Douglas, Chapel Hill Johnson, Edwin Lynn, Clinton Johnson, Robert White, Burgaw Johnston, Matt Ransom, Littleton Jonas, Charles Raper, Jr., Lincolnton Jones, John William, Liberty Keever, Richard Alan, High Point Kieser, Fred, Jr., Metuchen, N. J. Kirkman, John Manliff, High Point Klepfer, Robert Onan, Jr., Chapel Hill Lacy, James Barnes, Chapel Hill Land, Cleo Edward, Jr., Greensboro Langston, Allen, Jr., Raleigh Liebolt, Frederick Lee, Jr., New York, N. Liggett, Frank Rahm, III, St. Petersburg, Fla. Long, James Eugene, Burlington Lunney, William George, Chapel Hill McCoy, Timothy Columbus, Gordonsville, Va. Melott, Robert A., Carthage Moore, Earl Raefiel, Jr., Erwin Phillips, William Royal, Roseboro Ragan, James Edward, III, Oriental Reybitz, Chester Andrew, Bethlehem, Pa. Robbins, Phillip Wayne, Winston-Salem Robson, Charles Baskerville, Jr., Chapel Hill Romanet, Andrew Louis, Jr., Roxboro Rouse, David Mark, Goldsboro Russell, Raymond Wilson, Chapel Hill Sams, Leroy Warren, Jr., Winston-Salem Scott, Elmer Glenn, Jr., Charlotte Shelton, Thomas McKendree, 111, Princeton, N. J. Smith, Paul Dennis, Charlotte Stallings, J. Gilbert, Louisburg Stocks, William Lloyd, Greenville Terentiev, Alexei V., Glen Cove, N. Y. Thomas, George Shaker, Farmville Thompson, Cyrus Bradford, Richlands Waddell, Lewis Eugene, Jr., Salisbury Wardlaw, John Waller, Jr., Raleigh Weeks, James Barnes, Newton Grove Wettach, Thomas C, Sewickley, Pa. Wheless, Dwight Hernard, Chapel Hill Wilkinson, Charles Watkins, Jr., Oxford Witherspoon, David Harlan, Rutherford College Yamada, T. Albert, Elizabethtown, Pa. Young, James Claude, Lexington Page 413 « .,: 1 a JM I • " ■■ DORM LIFE KSi- JfOi, cna io " 3 -lyB T Ni g — 1 tHi-i Big was the work at Carolina tiiis year; it fits in the residence halls, too. Bigger than ever before, they were 4,700 strong in September, and plans were unveiled for an even bigger unit to house 925 men. When we who lived in these " dorms " leave Carolina, what facets of dorm life do we remember? The card games that lasted into the early hours of the morning; or the trips to the Pine Room, to Harry ' s, or to the Grill? Will we remember the many hours of bull sessions which at times contributed more to our education than a dry professor? There were many hours spent in the TV room watching the tube and screaming at that near-sighted ref. Woollen Gym was often the terminus of an excursion for the glory of our intramural team. At times we even devoted some of our time to that secondary purpose — academics. But by far the activity which we liked the most was sleeping. After yelling at the guys in 302 to shut up, we might finally be able to engage in this favorite pastime. The offerings of the residences were many and varied. How many did we take advantage of, though? Probably not enough — nor did we stop to think of the power which rests in the hands of the " dorm rat. " Our group was the largest in the university, and if we ever fully realized our potential, we probably could have gained control of the whole campus. This past year we may not have overthrown the hierarchy and implanted ourselves in power — we leave that task to some future conquistadores — but we did have a good time. We enjoyed many things in common — conversations, education, eating, drinking, playing, socializing, and governing ourselves. These things — and most of all the sum total of our experience here at the university — will be most important in shaping our later lives. An offshoot of the traditional football game was this year ' s innovation — the Mud Bowl — played only when rainfall and dry earth combined to produce the proper conditions. -C ii. Dorm unity and identification d e t en thtied by tlu fell h p e ler from the spontaneous football games that highlight lazy autumn afternoons. The Christmas spirit invades the dorms as many combined talents produce eye-catching and inspiring displays. Page 416 m( n AVERY HALL —American Legion Edition- Is Glorious Leaders of Progressive Avery Hall Peoples: Party Boss— Comrade C. K. " Rooter " Lynn Party Chairman— Comrade Pug " U-2 Shooter " Pittman Party Sec. and Ruble Acct.— Comrade Joiin " Ruble Rouser " Ward MRC Troops: Comrade Larry " Dorm Sing " Coleman Comrade Britt " A P " Smith Comrade Richard " We ain ' t sure " Updyke Cell Groups: Quiz File and Secret Information— C. E. " C. I. A. " Horton Chief Propagandist— Herb " Pravda " Stanford Insidious Displays— Scott " Signs and Slogans " MacNeil Socialist Room Planning— Jim " the Builder " Ward and Ralph " the Mos " Mosely Resident Counterspy— Bob " Cloak and Dagger " Hill Official Heroes— Various and Sundry Avery Residents MARLA GUPTON Sweetheart of Avery Hall Is Avery Hall ' 63- ' 64 ... is Progressive as usual (is getting more Progressive every year — is also getting out of hand) ... is more grad student comrades ... is more undergrads deported ... is less hell raising ... is less sabotage ... is less cherry bombs bursting air . . . is less MRC bursting everywhere ... is PTA Halloween Busts ... is dorm sings and swings ... is pictures on new bulletin boards of various busts ... is building Beat Dook Float in drunken stupor ... is sobering up to find we won . . . is lighted Christmas tree with Star of David on dorm ... is egg nog blast ... is home game receptions with punch " plus " . . . is reception for Chancellor and Deans with punch minus " plus " . . . is socialist struggle for social room ... is study room filled with insidious q. p. seekers ... is Abreaction (official party line and propaganda sheet) ... is Two Year Plan to be foremost among collective dorms ... is down with imperialistic low rent district quads ... is southern part of " southern part of heaven " but is heck of long walk to northern part ... is fun to be dorm rat in Avery Hall . . . " . . . workers arise . . . etc. . . . " " Collective P.T.A. Bust " " Glorious Avery float during reconstruction era " iiii y EHRINGHAUS Etiringhaus entered a new phase in the fall of ' 63. Previously an all-freshman residence hall, the sixth-floor buildi ng emerged as the home of the entire football team as well as members of all classes. Six extra I.D.C. (oops) members made it a lot quieter, too . . . thanks to their Gestapo-like tactics. Under the direction of President Dave Rendleman, the resi- dents of Ehringhaus, heretofore known as Stud Guys, have come to possess many poignant memories ... the combo parties after " After-game combo parties helped complete a full social calendar. " " Otelia laying ttie big words on Pres. Dave Rendleman and Social Chmn. Val McWhorter. " most home football games . . . Otelia Connor seeing to it that we behaved ... the infamous Ehringhaus Stud and repercussions (it ' s now a collector ' s item) ... the Christmas dance, orgy and all... Less happy thoughts center around the Ehringhaus Cafeteria and the Miss Ehringhaus Cafeteria Contest in protest . . . grossest girl wins! Amy and Juanita, the may-l-help-you ' s down there. There are always the football players and their toy airplanes and cap pistols . . . along with their winning season (most dorms field intramural teams; Ehringhaus fields ACC teams). On a more serious note we can never forget the day President Kennedy was assassinated ... the tears ... the disbelief . . . and more disbelief. Nearly half the residents and many more students from around the campus signed a letter expressing their concern and heart-felt sympathy. Dorm secretary Frank Hodges called Governor Sanford in an attempt to get classes called off so many of us could attend the funeral . . . quite a few went anyway. The Stud Guys ran away with the most original Homecoming display ... a forty-foot tiger captioned " N. C. Legislature says, ' Gag the Tigers. ' " Those beer blasts are hardly to be forgotten either; where was Otelia then? Our hearts and thanks go out to Miss Roxanne Kalb and Miss Patty Hayman, our entries in the Miss Yack and Miss Beat Dook Contests . . . there ' s always the girl that won the Miss Ehringhaus Cafeteria contest ... the grossest looking girl on the face of the entire earth. Yep, this was a good year for Ehringhaus and the Stud Guys. A fantastic social program helped erase the apathy of last year and the dorm became unified. The football team became a wel- comed and integral part of the dorm ... not only did they work hard on the gridiron, but also on dorm social functions ... not to mention the fantastic intramural teams they formed. All in all, with things continuing the way they are, Ehringhaus should easily win the Best Dorm on Campus Award next year ... of course, to all the Stud Guys, we ARE the best dorm on campus! Page 419 EVERETT DICKSON KUBIE BLACKWELDER President Vice-President Secretary TIBERIO WILLIAMS Treasurer Intramurals Manager What does ROGAH stand for? Many people ask that question. It stands for comradeship, hard work, projects and points, and, yes, the number one hall on campus! Two years ago at this time, Everett was just another " dorm " in the pack. Under the direction of Sam Shapiro, president for ' 62- ' 63, it became ROGAH HOUSE, winning the coveted " Best Dorm on Campus " award, being among the top five in intramurals, and the first dorm to amass over one thousand points in the dorm contest. The wrestling team was number one on campus; the newspaper. The Rogah, was acclaimed number two paper. This year, Paul Dickson, III, the president, carries on the tradition, and ROGAH HOUSE has jumped off to an early lead in the point race. But what of life in the House? As you walk in the door, you will probably see Pete Williams, Intramural Manager, running around trying to scare up some ballplayers for the afternoon game. Or you may note a bunch of boys on their way to play a ballgame. Be they on the bench or on the line, you can be sure they will put out to the best of their ability. From the basement below, you may hear the multitudes working on the " BEAT DOCK " float — Myron Black- CAROLE HARWELL ROGAH Sweetheart welder. As you look out the door, you see the boys playing " mud- ball, " or regular football if the sky is clear. Behind, you can hear several boys fighting over the telephone. As you amble along the second floor, you usually have to be careful of the spirits that raise men from chairs down in 213, flying lacrosse balls, or Paul Dickson ' s wrath. Our M.R.C. Men inhabit the third floor, and you don ' t even breathe up there unless Kubie ' s Katz (Damned Yankees), the Howe brothers, or the third floor in general have been in the Listerine bottle. But wait around awhile. Down in the lounge you can read a copy of The Rogah — if your morals aren ' t easily offended. Be careful or shaving cream is likely to drown you on any floor. We shall have guest speakers tonight, Phelps or Marx, we ' re not sure yet. Don ' t stand in the doors at 10:30, the mob heading for the Circus Room on the nightly pilgrimage may trample you. If you can ' t stay for the dorm meeting tonight, come over some weekend and look at the ROGAHS as they go out to see the fair ladies ... and notice them as they come back. That ' s a real sight. So you see, the literal meaning of ROGAH is not so important; but the fun, spirit, comradeship, social life, and friendships made in a year of college life make the ROGAH HOUSE the BEST DAMN HALL ON CAMPUS ... and that ' s a proven fact. First row: Womack, Harvin, Stevens, Crews, King, Dickson, Howe, Anttiony, Simpson, Byrum. Bailey, Hall. Second row: Sutton, Plyler, Hall, Bailey, Watts, Stephens, Williams, Cofield, McGirt, Hinnant, Launt, Garner, Knupp. Third row: Gingrich, Tiberio, Williams, Dail, Thomas, Barger. Fourth row: Darnell, Shields, Ewbanks, Hall, Shuff, Aycock, Hugenschmidt, Whitehead, Kubie, Cofield, VanLeuvan, Lovett, Carson, Featherstone, Rhinehardt. Williams. Fifth row: Hanna, Curran, Robbins, Haynes, Smith, Gunster, Brown, Lambert, Haigh, JOYNER First row: K. Garrison, President; Kendrick, Vice-President; Johnston. Sec. -Treasurer; Roney, Social Chairman. Second row: Broome, Head Resident Advisor; Aldridge, Resident Advisor; Bolch, Resident Advisor; S. Garrison, Resident Advisor; Taylor, MRC Representative; Terry, MRC Representative. MISS BILLIE PEELE Sweetheart of Joyner Hall The backwards building on Raleigh Street starts out the new year with a new name, " Joyner House. " President K. B. Garrison begins administration with a special program for Freshmen, and Captain Ott invades House, recruiting for USMC. House meeting attendance runs usually high as Roney outlines active social program, and Reed takes over " The Strap " again. Stretmater guides intramural teams to victory as Joyner is off to a running start under tutelage of new HRA " Barry " Broome. Potts rubs elbows as Tate keeps Lamb out of trouble. " Fireball " Aldridge con- tinues to fight off the girls and " Moon Pie " Cooley wins French Award. Taylor heads MRC as Howard falls in love with South Carolina. Barry and Barb whoop it up under watchful eye of Chaperone Brooks. Wallace and Garrison lead Lyons Memorial while " Dean " Cochrane opens basketball school on third floor. Bolch and Leonard rated best prospects. House honored by presence of Carl Sandburg, James Dean, and Davy Crockett. FRSB members expectantly await Spencer ' s return to the hill. Neither rain, nor hail, nor sleet, nor Harmon can stay O ' Quinn and Ingram from their rounds. All and all another successful year for the " Joyner Jocks " of UNC ' s best " House. " " Annual IVIeeting of F.R.S JOYNER HALL OLD EAST During the first administration of George Washington, on October 12, 1793, the cornerstone of Old East (originally known as " North Wing " ) was laid. It was the first building to be erected on the campus of any state university in the United States. In 1846, Old East was enlarged toward the north one-half its former length. It was in this addition that the original cornerstone was covered up by bricks. The North Carolina Room of the Library has the original copper plaque that was attached to this corner- stone. The plaque was found by an alumnus in a Tennessee junk pile, after it had been missing for many years. During the Civil War, Yankee soldiers were quartered in historic Old East. In 1924, the interior was thoroughly renovated, and at the present time Old East houses ninety-four Carolina Gentlemen. MISS MARY CHERRY Sweetheart of Old East DERR KELLY SHEARIN President Vice-President MRC Representative William Abernethy Forney Holler Marshall Acee Al Ingram Tom Badgley Charles Ives Glenn Ballard Ray Jones Ralph Blowe Frank Jorden R. A. Braden Whit Joyner Nolan Brown Bill Keating Jim Cashion Ridley Kexcler John Caylor Mai King Willie Clark Curry Kirkpatrick Jim Clippard Jerry Little James Cooke Jim Long Tom Cordell Jim Magner Don Cornatzer Charles Magowan Dick Cox Clarence Maunay Jimmie Craft Graham McLean John Curlee Sam McNairy Dan Curtes Wyatt McNairy Marion Dixon Joe Nance Jimmie Edmundson Larry Newsome Rick Edwards Frank Orgain James Eller Clark Parker Ray Evans Bobby Ray Tom Fox Doug Reed Berry French Dwight Rich Paul Gardiner John Rogers Harry Gekas Curtis Russell Eddie Gentle Paul Seaton Nick Grippen Richard Singer Steve Gross Leo Smith Brooks Gulledge Bill Topkins William Gupton William Vick Bill Gurley Frank Welsh Jim Harper Hugh P. Whitt Bayard Harris Robert A. Wicker John Hart Dave Wilkenson Louis Heeden Lynn Williams Gene Herring Dave Witherspoon Yancey Hines Dee McCauley Terry Holcher Page 422 PARKER HALL Parker men began this year with the most enthusiasm and hall spirit ever. President IViack Karesh led the 189 Parker men in the great struggle to make Parker one of the finest halls on campus. M.R.C. men Frank McKee and Corbin Williams, with much co- operation from all hall members, kept the damage rate down to nothing and made Parker a haven for quiet study . . . (quiet? study?) Intramurals were headed up by Don Jackson with the aid of Brinson Hunter. We had high rating teams in almost every sport and winners in some. After being the number three hall on campus last year scholas- tically, Parker added a complete up-to-date study room to help us reach the top. A great prospect for next year ' s Pulitzer Prize is the Parker Jester, that informative and entertaining bi-monthly newspaper edited by Martin Lancaster. The football season turned Parker into a real society hall with receptions after every home football game. The disappointment of the year came when Parker ' s Homecoming display failed to win. A tremendous tiger was the center of the display which was designed and constructed under the direction of Alvin Tyndall. Parker just busted with pride when its sponsor in the Yack Beauty Contest was named to the Yack Beauty Court. Our gal was that Cool Cobb Coed, Judy Zachary. In conjunction with the other P.T.A. halls (Parker, Teague, and Avery), Parker hosted the first P.T.A. Bull Session featuring Dean Long. Also a very successful Halloween party was staged jointly in the Ram-Varsity Parking Lot. Christmas found Parker transformed into a veritable Wonder- land of lights and tinsel. Decorations included two outside trees and one inside tree (all decorated to the hilt), a huge painted greeting to passers-by, and wreaths on the doors. Other social and recreational events rounded out the year. There can be no doubt — a Parker Man is a top man anywhere at any time. " Parker men crowd around the feature of the Homecoming display. " MISS RENEE ZINN Sweetheart of Parker Hall KARESH HOLLANDER WILLIAMS President Vice-President M.R.C. LITTLE McKEE LANCASTER Men ' s Honor Council M.R.C. Legislator and Editor of The Jester Page 423 ALEXANDER A, D. X. equals: Wlaulsby ' s Cabin, Lawn Parties, Frisbee Trips, Mail, Females, Quizzes, Exams, Drop-outs, Flunk-outs, Shot down. Beer, Whiskey, Control, Love. And now for the annual Steve Iverson A. D. X. Awards. 1. The Rate Cosa Nostra Award. 2. The Harry Bethea, Bob Backett, Jim Lowe tireless search for sexual truth award. 3. The " will success spoil Ed Pierce " award. 4. The Ted Vigodsky little ole Gin taster award. 5. The Charles Hanchey Queen City Tourist Bureau award— (rumor has it that Hanchey is moving to Atlanta). 6. The Al Kaplan " Lux and Bagel ' s Anonymous " award. 7. The Ray Lee all-round exceptionally subtle award. 8. The Doc Field ' s Pickin ' Award (This refers to the musical in- strument and not the bad habit by the same name) 9. The Jim Benson-Arney Pearlman " togetherness " award. 10. The King Burton collect phone call award— given for distin- guished gullibility above and beyond the call . . . 11. TV Commentary Award — a stick of dynamite disguised as a microphone with instructions as to where to stick it for best results. 12. The Lewis Hooks Karate award. 13- The Mike Masten Freud award. 14. The Baby Huey Award — the innocence demonstrated by the fact that one still considers a crime against nature the cutting down of small pine trees in the forest. 15. The Bill Lewis " modesty " award. 16. The Alan Goldsmith-Poobah incorporated award — (special citation to Jay Thompson). 17. The Cy Thompson Madonna-like smile award. 18. The Mouse Rosenthal, Al Kaplan middle weight boxing award. 19. The Luke Blanchard roast beef award. 20. The Loren Epton 20-20 vision award. 21. The Jim Hardison den mother award. 22. The Carl Grossman award for " pretty eye ball. " 23. The Bowman Stuart-Elmer Gantry award for an outstanding job in Wisconsin. 24. The Edith Parker " they ' ll do it everytime " award. 25. The Bobby Cornwell scholarship award. MISS MARIAN SCOGGINS Aycock Sweetheart " THE GANG " AYCOCK Royfort! Aycock! We are proud — we are eager — we are moving — up! This is the perpetual cry from the hearty voices of Aycock ' s 120 residents led by President, Sonny Pepper; Vice-President, Sam Hunt; and Secretary-Treasurer, George Finch. Our year is clouded with memories as Pepper makes the supreme effort — new social room — " GOOD DEALS " — the study board — gin and bridge are rampant — steam baths — top football team (1-5) — Davis ain ' t real — Scotch and Sundrop — No. 3 — Nadge gets bared — Pretty Blue Eye Gassman isn ' t Kosher — Ford ' s Porno Shop re- opens — Spence and Crip — BS Kirkland — everybody is slick as—. Page 424 MANGUM ElQ u E3 GRIFFIN President PETERSON Vice-President BRITT M.R.C. FOUNTAIN Secretary-Treasurer A year of three-man rooms with the accompanying problems (crowded Johns) . . . sleep lost in attempting to better the highest Q. P. average on campus . . . more sleep lost in other pursuits . . . Watts to the rescue once again with battery recharging equipment . . . every man offered his pound of sweat to the mighty effort to retain the dorm intramural championship . . . marriage (and other forms of pledging) depleted the ranks ... a great year for advisors (only 65 freshmen) . . . loss of president and election of another — balance of power shifts to the East. P RUFFIN LINNEY BAGDIKIAN TATE CARTER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer, I.D.C " Fresh from a RamPage, our ' committed ' editor. ' As 134 almost sane souls climb the steps of Ruffin lugging two tons of paraphernalia on their collective broken backs, fight their new roommates for the bottom bunk, nd admire the hieroglyphics left on the walls by preceding generations, the long, slow grind begins. The year has hardly begun before the propaganda press turns out the hall handbook, the Ruffin Rani ' s Head, praised by dean and student leader alike, the Ruffin Forum invites its first speaker, and the rivalry with the point machine in t he Lower Quad is re- newed. " Brooklyn " slings hamburger and epithets during the Ruffinany as the fourth floor polishes off Greg ' s Kickapoo Joy Juice. Instability plagues the Fifth Ruffin Republic as two presi- dents resign in rapid succession and General Charles de Norton and his third floor paratroopers overthrow the proposed con- stitution. An unspectacular intramural season is explained by " a de-emphasis in athletics, " but Roll and Davis keep plugging away. For the third year the Journalism School shudders as the Ruffin RamPage is stealthily slid under the door. Outside the ivy eats imperceptibly away at the cement between the bricks and . . . Page 425 STACY HALL Left to right: B. Robinson, Vice-President; J. Blount, MRC; C. Adams, President; J. Pender, MRC; D. Reese, Sec.-Treas. This year at Stacy Chi was marked by new residents and new interest. Under Carl ' s presidency we co-sponsored a quad party after the State game and displayed banners at every game. The intramurals program, headed by Jan C. was marked by a high percentage of participation, if not victory. Jan J. saw to it that Stacy finally published a newspaper. The Studs selected Miss Danell Skreen as sweetheart. Oh well, brothers of Stacy Chi, always remember: A Stacy man is always welcome wherever he goes ... a Stacy man needs no introduction ... a Stacy man always knows what to do . . . because a Stacy man is a Stud. Studs, come to order. Now for those of you who are freshmen — I know, Newt — drinking in dorms — shut up, Dave — is strictly against the rules — Studs, come to order. Look, Studs, we can ' t accomplish anything — please, Brian — if we don ' t get — not that, Jerry — if we don ' t get some — not that, either — Jim — Studs, come to order. — You through, John? — Now then, we can ' t accomplish . . . Early morning ritual " Grinding it out Bridge playing — local pastime Page 426 G. C. PETREE, JR. Vice-President ALBERT D. JERNIGAN Sec.-Treas. WINSTON HALL Better organization, which has occurred through the election of hard- working officers, is one reason that Winston can now boast of being one of the finest dormitories on campus. We try to fill the needs of everyone in the dorm. This year a study room was built in the basement for those students who find the library too crowded and their rooms too noisy. Intra- murals interest was at an all-time high. We fielded teams in practically all the athletic events on the intramural department calendar, including five basketball teams. Individually we have already won two first place plaques in wrestling. Due to a fine social committee, Winston is as sociable as they come. We had a beer bust at Hogan ' s Lake last spring that lasted something like 14 hours. The alcoholic content at Chapel Hill was reduced by one-third. Another stag party (non-alcoholic) was held in the dorm right before the Christmas break. Four large boxes of refreshments including fifteen quarts of Hawaiian punch disappeared in 10 minutes. It is a wonder someone didn ' t get killed in the stampede. Mixed parties included one at Mendenhal Hall at UNC-G held late in October which was a great treat as many boys met enough girls to have dates for the rest of the year. We had another one in the social room after the Clemson game. Refreshments, soft lights, and dancing to Johnny Mathis records made a perfect afternoon and evening. For the spring, there are already a few ideas on the drawing board. A big dance is being planned with Grogan and Reynolds Halls at UNC-G. We also hope to have a stag weekend at the beach. Others will be organized during the course of the spring. MISS SHERRY LOVINGS Sweetheart of Winston Hall " Get the X@! out of here A few hardy souls study and pray. Page 427 NO PARKIN( LOADING UNLOADING ONLY VIOUTORS Will BE TOWED AWAY AT OWNERS EXPENSE ADVERTISE MENTS ORGANIZATION INDEX Academic Affairs Committee 72 A.F.R.O.T.C 92 Alpha Delta Pi 106 Alpha Epsilon Delta 184 Alpha Gamma Delta 108 Alpha Kappa Psi 172 Alpha Phi Omega 182 Alpha Tau Omega 124 Amphotercthen Society 185 Angel Flight 96 Arnold Air Society 96 Attorney General ' s Staff 77 Audit Board 74 Baptist Student Union 90 Baseball 272 Basketball 262 Beta Gamma Sigma 188 Beta Theta Pi 126 Budget Committee 71 Campus Affairs Committee 72 Campus Chest Committee 74 Cardboard 277 Carolina Forum 76 Carolina Handbook 53 Carolina Playmakers 60 Carolina Quarterly 53 Carolina Women ' s Council 85 Cheerleaders 277 Chi Omega 110 Chi Phi 128 Chi Psi 130 Cosmopolitan Club 87 Cross Country 267 C.U.S.C 70 Daily Tar Heel 54 Debate Squad 78 Dental Hygiene 403 Dental School 398 Delta Delta Delta 112 Delta Kappa Epsilon 132 Delta Sigma Pi 174 Delta Upsilon 134 Di-Phi 78 Dormitories 414 Elections Board 70 Football 252 Freshmen 362 Gamma Beta Epsilon 199 General Nursing 385 Germans Club 122 Gimghoul 193 Golf 276 Gorgon ' s Head Lodge 197 Graham Memorial Activities Board 50 Graham Memorial Student Union 48 90 73 120 336 Hillel Foundation Honor System Commission Interfraternity Council Juniors Kappa Alpha 136 Kappa Delta 114 Kappa Epsilon 171 Kappa Kappa Gamma 116 Kappa Psi 176 Kappa Sigma 138 Lambda Chi Alpha 140 Lambda Phi Omega 200 Law School 408 Lutheran Student Association 90 Medical School 392 Men ' s Council 80 Men ' s Glee Club 62 Men ' s Residence Council 82 Monogram Club 278 National Student Association 76 National Merit Scholarship Committee 75 Newman Club 91 N.R.O.T.C 97 Nursing School 278 Order of the Golden Fleece 190 Order of the Grail 195 Order of the Minataurs 198 Order of the Old Bean Birds 192 Order of the Old Lamp Shades 385 Order of the Old Well 194 Orientation Committee 67 Pan-Hellenic Council 104 Pharmacy School 386 Pharmacy Senate 87 Phi Alpha Theta 201 Phi Beta Kappa 186 Phi Delta Chi 178 Phi Delta Theta 142 Phi Eta Sigma 187 Phi Gamma Delta 144 Phi Kappa Sigma 146 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 180 Physical Therapy 384 Pi Beta Phi 118 Pi Kappa Alpha 148 Pi Kappa Phi 150 Pi Lambda Phi 152 Press Club 179 Publications Board 75 Public Health School 404 Rho Chi 185 St. Anthony Hall 154 Scabbard and Blade 101 Seniors 286 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 156 Sigma Chi 158 Sigma Delta Chi 179 Sigma Nu 160 Sigma Phi Epsilon 162 Sigma Theta Tau 189 Soccer 266 Society of Janus 196 Sophomores 350 State Affairs Committee 70 Stray Greeks 105 Student Activities Fund Staff 73 Student Athletic Council 281 Student Government 64 Student Legislature 68 Student N.E.A 61 Swimming 271 Symposium Committee 86 Tau Epsilon Phi Tennis Track University Party Valkyries . . Women ' s Athletic Association Women ' s Council Women ' s Residence Council Wrestling Yackety Yack Young Men ' s Christian Association Young Women ' s Christian Association Zeta Beta Tau Zeta Psi 164 274 268 79 191 280 81 84 270 166 168 Page 430 Surveying village liealtli needs, an SK F Foreign Fellow examines a ciiild Kurali, near New Delhi, India. INDIA.. TANGANYIKA.. IRAN.. GUATEMALA.. At hospitals and medical outposts a long way from the classroom, medical students learn to cope with unfamiliar diseases; help to provide much-needed medical services to people in underdeveloped areas of the world; and contribute to international under- standing and good will. This unusual opportunity to work and study in for- eign countries is offered to students through the Foreign Fellowships Program of Smith Kline French Laboratories. Administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges, the program has enabled 123 students to work in 40 different countries during the past four years. Junior and senior medical stu- dents are eligible to apply for Fellowships, which provide for an average of 12 weeks ' work abroad to be completed before internship. Students who are interested in Fellowships should apply through the deans of their schools. Smith Kline Frencli Laboratories Page 431 STUDENT INDEX Abbott, Arthur Travis, 363 Abee, Carolyn Ann, 383 Abell, James Curtis, 396 Abernethy, John William, 337 Abrams, Ben Morns, 351 Abul-Ela, Abdel-Latif, 405 Acee, J. Marshall, Jr., 351 Acree, John Pendleton, 363 Adair, Rosemary Ward. 113, 287 Adams, Carlton Noble, Jr., 67, 287 Adams, Carole Lee, 113. 287 Adams, Charles Nolan, Jr., 389 Adams, Charles Preston, 150, 287 Adams, Charles Robinson, 337 Adams, Gayle Elaine, 381 Adams, James Caldwell, 363 Adams, Jeffery Paul, 79, 127, 351 Adams, John Delyott, 287 Adams, John Michael, 363 Adams, Junius Greene, III, 351 Adams, Larry Lee, 363 Adams, Nancy Ruth, 363 Adams, Phillip Ray, 287 Adams, Susan Elizabeth, 337 Adams, Thaddeus Awasaw, III. 337 Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Jr., 363 Adeimy, David Allen, 363 Adkinson, Newton Franklin, 72, 135, 186, 337 Aimone, William P., 351 Ainsley, William Franklin, Jr., 351 Akers, Barbara Goodwin, 87, 171, 386, 387 Akers, Dick, 65, 71, 75 Albright, Cecil Raymond, 363 Albright, Michael Keith, 337 Albright, Robertson Callaway, 337 Aldrich, Michael Edward, 147, 287 Aldridge, James Preston, Jr., 287 Aldridge, John Eugene, Jr., 351 Aldridge, Marvin Lotto, Jr., 337 Alexander, Emilie E,, 108, 287 Alexander, Jack Lewis, 87. 386, 387 Alexander, Jerry Marvin, 401 Alexander, John Augustine, 125, 287 Alexander, John Palmer, 147, 287 Alexander, Mildred Ann, 85, 287 Alexander, Roy Fink, Jr., 351 Alexander, Sandra Sue, 337 Algary, Kathryn Amanda, 114, 287 Alger, Martin Joseph, 363 Allen, Allison Graham, 351 Allen, Barbara Ann, 351 Allen, Dorothy C, 391 Allen, Elizabeth Vincent, 106 Allen, Frank William, 351 Allen, G. W,, 399 Allen, llene Kay, 383 Allen, James Henry, 351 Allen, Jean Frances, 383 Allen, Judith Lee, 84, 113, 336, 337 Allen, Lee Parker, 363 Allen, Paul Haywood, 287 Allen, M. Frances, 405 Allen, Robert Harry, 363 Allen, Robert T., 287 Allen, Van Sizar, 405 Allen, William Columbus, Jr., 363 Allen. William Harvey, 351 Allison, Dale Kennedy, 287 Allison, Gladys Irene, 287 Allred, Jerry Douglas, 287 Allred, Rachel Hall, 405 Allsbrook, William Bernard, Jr., 363 Almond, Charles Malcolm, 351 Almond, Claude Carroll, 363 Almond, Gary, Ronald, 351 Alper, Mark, 351 Alport, Carol Sue, 351 Alphin, Gloria Anne, 381 Altenburg. Floyd David, 363 Ambrose, Richard William, 351 Amend, John Frederick, Jr., 351 Amos, William Robert, 363 Anapol, Judith Eileen, 69, 287 Ancarrow, N. Hoppie, 363 Anders, John Fredrick, 337 Anders, Louis Holmes, 363 Anderson, Barbara Jean, 84, 337 Anderson, David Gaskill, 363 Anderson, Edward Duncan, 135, 287 Anderson, Henry London, Jr., J68 Anderson, Jane Anna, 287 Anderson, Jean Lowry, 353 Anderson, John Paul, 363 Anderson, Jon Edwin, 351 Anderson, Lane Schofield, III, 100, 363 Anderson, Melba Ramsear, 385, 403 Anderson, Neal Anthony, 351 Anderson, Snow T., 337 Anderson, Sylvia Anita, 382 Anderson, Wayne Clark, 399 Andes, W. Abe. 184, 287 Andrews, Kearney Hill, 287 Andrews, William Russell, 337 Ange, David Westley, 184, 187, 337 Angell, John Paul, 131 Angley, Floyd Wilson, Jr., 287 Annas, Larry Dean, 363 Ansell, Mary Ann, 403 Aplin, James Granger, 363 Appall, Albert Gordon, 83, 194, 196 Apperson, Theda Rae, 363 Apple, John Dwayne, 337 Applegate, William E., 157, 215, 288 Apter. Gary Neil, 164, 337 Arbaugh, Miriam Alice, 384 Archie, Thomas Edward, 158, 351 Arey, Carol Ann, 104, 114, 288 Arey, William Jackson, 288 Arhart, Richard James, 181, 351 Armstrong, Barry King, 337 Armstrong, Claudia Andrew, Jr., 363 Armstrong, Jonathan Jesse, IV, 143, 337 Armstrong, Patricia May, 118, 288 Armstrong, William Blair, 353 Arnold, Bruce Lowe, 400 Arnold, Chester Wellington, Jr., 363 Arnold, Phillip Gordon, 397 Arnold, Ronnie Due, 363 Arnold, Stanley Gerald, 413 Arnold, Thomas C, 120, 159 Arterton, Jonathan Bell, 353 Arthur, Betsy Cheryl, 363 Arthur. Robert, 160 Artz, Welsford Euro, 337 Ashburn, Michael Anthony, 413 Ashley, Stanley Byron, Jr., 363 Askew, Elizabeth Ann, 383 Askew, Hulett Hall, 288 Askew, John Everett, 363 Askew, William Earl, 337 Atchison, James W. D., 394 Atkins, Albert Graham, 413 Atkins, Betty Ruth, 288 Atkins, Frederick Charles, 363 Atkins, John Henry, 337 Atkins, Katharine Greer, 337 Atkins, William Shaffer, 363 Attkisson, Wayne P., 401 Atwood, David Clarke, 353 Augustine, Andrew John, 135, 351 Auman, Muriel Victor, 337 Auman, Thomas Forrester, 353 Auman, William Thomas, 337 Ausband, Susannah Ella, 337 Ausbon, Carolyn Anne, 104, 116, 288 Austin, Frederick DaCosta, 397 Avant, George Ray, 397 Avera, Charles Allen, 399 Averett, Dan M., 402 Avery, Frank Walton. 396 Avery, Vickie Gwendolyn, 379 Aycock, Charles B., 402 Aycock, Charles Ronald, 195, 413 Aycock, Edwin Burtis. Jr., 144, 288 Aycock. Frank Bayard, III, 413 Aycock, John Gordon, 351 Aycock, William Preston, II, 70, 337 Aydelette, Robert J., 363 Ayers, Jere Adams, 132, 288 Ayres, Robert Stirling, 337 B Babb, Henry Curtis, 351 Babson, Michael Keels, 363 Baddour, Philip A., Jr., 58, 195, 288 Baddour. Richard Allen, 160, 350, 351 Badgett, John Dean, 390 Badgley, Henry Foster, 93 Baer, Richard Price, III, 351 Bagby, John English, 127, 288 Baggett, Henry Clifford, 351 Baggett, Lee McLeod, 288 Bagwell, Larry Edward, Jr., 143 Bahnson, Frederic Fries, 143, 351 Bailey, Herbert N., 337 Bailey, John William, II, 175, 390 Bailey, Leslie Wilmer, 100, 337 Bailey, Reynolds Gary, 351 Bailey, Richard Douglas, 363 Bailey, Robert Henry, 288 Baisden. Fred Randolph, Jr., 337 Baity, Mickey Wayne, 363 Baker, Cyrus McNeill, 363 Baker, James Marion, 363 Baker, Paul Lawrence, 100, 337 Baker, Thomas Eugene, 363 Baker, Walter Wray, Jr.. 413 Balch, Timothy John, 353 Baldwin, Bernard Coleman, III, 168, 35 Baldwin, Jesse Gray, Jr.. 353 Baldwin, Sarah C, 110, 337 Baldwin, Stuart Frazier, 155 Baldwin, Thomas Francis, 337 Baldwin, Virginia Ann, 337 Baley, James Major, 337 Ball, H. Stuart, 131 Ball, James Kenneth, 363 Ball, James Weeks. Jr., 351 Ballance, Thomas Benjamin, 363 Ballard, Garry Lynn, 353 Ballard, Glenn Gilbert, 351 Ballard, Harry Hampton, 127, 351 Ballenger, James Caudell, 124, 351 Ballentine, James Leroy, 353 Finer quality . . . Greater selection . FOWLER ' S FOOD STORE West Franklin Street Chapel Hill Traditional Ivy Style and Authentic Campus Fashions at a Reasonable Price — - Clothing — Accessories for the Collegeman. Headquarters for the Carolina Coed SPORTSWEAR — ACCESSORIES The Hub of Chap el Hi 103 E. Franklin Phone 942-1252 CHAPEL HILL LAUNDRY 169E. Franklin St. Page 432 Thanking You for Your Patronage WENTWORTH SLOAN Jetvelers Electric Construction Company, Inc. " Since 1935 " Desk Lamps, Portable Typewriters And All Your Electrical Needs JUST OFF THE CAMPUS 165 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill Ballew, Richard M., 363 Bamberger, David Harned, 201, 288 Bandy, Robert Ray, 351 Banl(s, Aubrey Malcolm, 93, 351 Banlis, Martha Ellen, 351 Banov, Alan, 363 Barbee, Vivia Anne, 382 Barber, Eugenia Mallard Palmer, 337 Barber, James Brown, 363 Barber, Leon Worth, 413 Barber, Pamela Money, 382 Barber, William Freeman, 159, 288 Barclay, Pamela Brewster, 337 Barden, Heywood Lamb, 337 Barefoot, W. Ronald, 288 Barfield, James Everett, II, 351 Barger, James Steven, 363 Barger, Wanda Lee, 288 Barham, Linda Joyce, 353 Barham, Robert Martin, 363 Barlier, George Andrew, 288 Barker, Jeffrey Hawes, 363 Barker, Judith Anne, 337 Barker, Rudy W., 396 Barkoff, Roberta Joan, 337 Barlow, Richard Dean, 288 Barnard, George Robert. 405 Barnard, Robert Lee, 351 Barnard, William Oscar, 363 Barnes, Jesse Norris, III, 133, 288 Barnes, John Wesley, 363 Barnes, Linda Lee, 381 Barnes, Ospy Dennis, 288 Barnes, Reuben Thompson, 351 Barnett, Marvin Hugh, Jr., 288 Barnett, William Howard, Jr., 129, 288 Barnhardt, Robert Swift, 363 Barnhardt, Sara Bette, 115 Barnhill, James Herbert, 135, 288 Barr, Nancy Elizabeth, 383 Barragan, Mary Susan, 337 Barrett, Joe Hilton, II, 363 Barrett, Nancy Glover, 363 Barrett, Richard John, 67, 88 Barrick, Jewell Howard, 405 Barrier, Thomas Eugene, 131, 337 Barringer, Chad Edward, 337 Barringer, Martin C., 363 Barron, Timothy House, 136, 337 Barrow, Leonard Curtis, III, 337 Barrow, Seth Tyson, Jr., 363 Bartlett, Judith Ann, 381 Barton, James Hardin, 157, 337 Barwick, Joseph Trent, 353 Bason, John Robert, 353 Bass, Dewitt Gray, Jr., 337 Bass, Robert Edwin, 363, 402 Bass, Robert Winston, 363 Batchelor. Donald Wesson, 141, 337 Batchelor, Jimmie Allen, 363 Batchelor, Sandra Faye, 289 Bateman, William Joseph, 363 Bates, Elizabeth W., 383 Batson, Nelson Roberts, 363 Batten. Frank Daniel. 156, 289 Batten. Wilbert Henry, Jr., 337 Battistello, Gregory A.. 351 Battle. Betsy Elaine, 289 Battle, Charles Henry, Jr., 99. 120, 121, 142, 194, 195, 289 Batts, Anthony Dwight, 178, 390 Baucom, Bernard Andrew, 337 Baucom, Charles Michael, 122, 351 Baucom, Everett Ira, 337 Baucom, Jim Preston, 400 Baucom, Judith Margaret, 363 Baucom, Robert McLean, 363 Bauer, William Henry, 289 Baugh, Harriet Louise, 384 Baugham, Ed Lassiter, 390 Baugley, Henry Foster, 351 Bauguess, Dave Eugene, 175, 289 Bauguess, Leonard Lee, Jr., 363 Bauguess, Milton Vaughn, 337 Baum, Nancy Swindell, 337 Baum, Robert Lee, Jr.. 351 Baumgartner. Becky Lynne, 363 Baxley, Robert Earl, 391 Bayerle, Barrie Lea, 57, 114, 289 Baysden, Earl Thomas, Jr., 67, 75, 144, 337 Baz, Douglas Carlos, 128, 289 Bazemore, Bernice Madry. 337 Bazemore. Cyrus William, Jr., 163, 337 Beach, Jo Townsend. 289 Beach. Lillian, 118, 289 Beach, Neil Douglas, 289 Beadle, Leigh Patric, 96, 289 Beall, James Harper, III, 289 Beam, Henry Lee, III, 363 Beam, William Austin, 122, 148, 337 Beaman, Grafton Catling, 413 Beard, Betty Peatie, 337, 363 Beard, David Hastings, 363 Beard, John Nichols, 394 Beasley, George Montford, III, 410 Beasley. Nancy Delmar, 189, 381 Beasley, Robert Jones. Jr.. 363 Beason, Daniel Reid, 363 Beattie. Elizabeth Ann, 383 Beatty, Dennis Gold, 363 Beatty, Joseph Robert, 187, 351 Beauchamp, Helen Patricia, 383 Beaulieu, Maurice Edward. Jr., 363 Beaver, Marilyn Louise, 383 Beavers, Charlotte Lee, 363 Beavers, Robert Thomas, 337 Bechtold, James Shindler, 337 Beck, Henry 0., Jr.. 151. 387 Beck, James Douglas, 289 Beck. James Gordon. 363 Beck, Priscilla Suzanne, 289 Beck. Tony Lohr, 363 Beckerdite, M. Carol, 289 Beckerman, Michael Barry, 363 Beckett, Robert Sampson, 351 Beim, George, 289 Bekshaw, Valerie Margaret, 363 Belcher, Anne Elizabeth, 383 Bell, Barbara Arnold, 383 Bell, Daniel Locke, III, 77, 135, 337 Bell, Joseph Oscar, 396 Bell, Julia Parker, 110, 337 Bell, Lloyd William, 363 Bell, Louis Pershing, Jr., 390 Bell, Steven Durant, 363 Bell, Thomas P., Jr., 140, 337 Bell, Virginia Ann, 57, 384 Bellman, Terry Richard, 100, 351 Bellovin, Marshall Benjamin, 88, 167, 337 387 Belmont, Eduardo J.. 76, 155, 351 Belsinger, Jack Russell, Jr., 175, 351 Belton, Richard Paul, 400 Benbow, Charles David, IV, 364 Benbow, William Edgar, 351 Benedict, Henry Fulton, 364 Benfield. Ray Denton, 351 Bennett, Charles Landis, 412 Bennett, Mary Suzanne, 382 Bennett, Robert Beale. 135, 289 Bennett, Robert E., 351 Bennett, Stephen Joseph, 364 Bennett, Wayne Michael, 364 Bennett, William Adams, 337 Benny, James Conrad, 364 Bensch, George William, 73, 80, 124, 194, 289 Benson, William Harrison, 337 Benton, Billy Brantford, 351 Benton, Dempsey Eugene, Jr., 364 Benton, H. Clyde, Jr., 289 Benton. Joseph Nelson, III. 364 Benton. Kenneth Earl, 337 Benton, William Grady, 364 Bergeron, Garry Patrick, Jr., 396 Berkley, M. Faye, 337 Bernstein, Jeffrey Alan, 167, 289 Bernstein, Steven Harris, 351 Berrier, Clifton Ray, Jr., 289 Berrier, Jacob Giles, 351 Berry, Harold Walton, 364 Berryhill, Bruce Holt. 394 Best. Betty Booker, 289 Best. David Malcolm, 364 Best, Frances Ruth, 289 Best, Nancy Goode, 337 Best, Richard Lee, 351 Bestic. John Brereton, 337 Bethea, Harry Ellis, 351 Bethel, Robert Bradley, 337 Bettis, Robert Edwin, 337 Betts. Patterson Cochran. 337 Betty. Laban Tyson. 124, 351 Beusse, George Carroll, 364 Bevier, Walter Raymond, 290 Bibb, Lewis Bradley, 364 Biddle, John Kenneth, III, 364 Bieber, Peter Steven, 364 Biggers, Rebecca Gwynn, 67, 113, 290 Biggs, William George, 405 Bilbro, Myrtie Moon, 337 Bilbro, Robert Hodges, 396 Bilick. Herbert Allen. 351 Billings, Richard LeRoy, Jr., 337 Bing, Charles Davis, 290 Binkley, Barbara Dianne, 337 Binkley, Ruth Lynne, 337 Bird, Paul Edmond, Jr., 351 Birinyi, Laszio, Jr., 77. 79, 351 Bishop, Lewis Moore, Jr., 351 Bishop, William Thomas, II, 148, 351 Bissell, Michael Shannon, 132, 290 Black. John Riley, III, 364 Black, Robert Eugene, Jr.. 351 Blackley, Beverly Joan. 381 Blackley. Roy Talmadge. 290 Blackman, C. M., Jr.. 351 Blackman. Edwin Tuttle, Jr., 364 Blackman. John Walton. Ill, 402 Blackwelder, Stephen Myron, 337 Blackwell, Crist Scott, 364 Blackwell. Hugh Allen. 69, 187, 351 Blackwell, John Anthony, 337 Blackwell, Michael Clitus, 83, 54, 290 Blaine, Eva Lee, 364 Blair, Gene Andrew, 159, 290 Blair, Harry L., Jr., 364 Blair, Henry Kime, Jr., 124, 337 Blake. Gerald Wayne, 397 Blake, Peter Warren, 290 Blakely, Jane Stewart, 104, 109, 337 Blalock, John Henry, 351 Blalock. June. 383 Blanchard. Gary Francis, 54, 75, 290 Bland, Charles Everette, 290 Blank, Andrew Russell, 78, 364 Page 433 Blankenship, Donald Alexander, 364 Blankinship, Leslie Scott, 364 Blanton, Joseph Kennun, Jr., 337 Blanton, Larry Clyde, 176, 177, 389 Blanton, Tena Gain, 351 Blate, Samuel R., 93, 96, 53, 337 Blinsmon, Terry Lee, 364 Bliss, Lewis Craighill, 364 Bloom, Warren Edward. 364 Blount, Charles Edward, Jr.. 354 Blount, James Gordon, 390 Blowe, Ralph Boyd, 351 Blue, James Madison, 351 Blue, Lonnie Knox, Jr., 337 Blum, William Raymond, 140, 337 Blumberg. Sam, Jr.. 56. 290 Blumenthal, Robert Lee, 72, 364 Boal. Donald Stuart. 351 Bobba. John Prime, 364 Bobroff, Andrew Franklin, 351 Bedford, Alvin M., 338 Boese, Jack L. Bogache, William Kent, 160, 290 Boger, Gene Shelby. 364 Boggs. Charles Irving. 351 Boggs. Duane Gary, 364 Boggs, Glenn Perry, 338 Bohnenkamp, Denny R., 364 Bolch, Thomas Jefferson, 290 Bond, Carolyn McNeill, 53, 70. 290 Bone, John Samuel, 351 Boney, Benjamin Powers, Jr., 338 Boone. Joseph Daniel. 364 Boone. Mary Helen. 364 Boone, William Lewis. 337 Boone, William Shelton, 390 Booth. Rosa Frances, 379 Booth, Walter Scott, III, 364 Boren. Annette Gail, 351 Borneman, Elizabeth Morris, 84, 290 Bost, Mary Ann, 338 Best. Michael Earl, 402 Bost, Patsy Nell, 384 Bost. Stanley Lloyd, 351 Bost, William Vick, 413 Boswell. Carl Joe. 290 Boswell. Robert Frederick. 290 Boswell. Sanford Little, 364 Bottomly, Robert James. 364 Bottoms. Alton Bruce, 399 Bottoms, John Willis, 401 Bourne, Louis Milton, 53, 75, 290 Bouton, William Innes, Jr.. 351 Bowden, William Edgar, 338 Bowen, Charlie Hewitt, Jr., 364 Bowen, James Richard, 354 Bowen, John Melvin, 290 Bowerman, William Roger, 72, 290 Bowlen, James Albert, 364 Bowling, Wallace Lee, 290 Bowman, Byron Lee, 290 Bowman, Michael Lynn, 354 Bowman, Rita Lee, 391 Bowman, William Edwin, Jr., 354 Bowman, William Walter, Jr.. 351 Bowsher, Mary Margaret. 383 Boxley, John Maclachlan, 80, 142, 194, 290 Boyce, Jacob Cameron, Jr., 352 Boyd, David Guion, 352 Boyd. Pascal Strong, 136, 338 Boyd, Robert Wilson, 175, 390 Boyd, Troy Thomas, 352 Boyd, William Glenn, 413 Boyette, Edward Fountain. Ill, 338 Boyette, Mosley Graham, 412 Boyles, Larry Wayne, 352 Boyles, V. Irving, Jr.. 386. 387 Boynton, Woodward R., 159, 352 Brabson, Winslow, 394 Brace, Robert Adrian, II, 364 Bradford, Betsy Hight. 338 Brading. Edward B., 352 Bradley, Cloyce F., 364 Bradley, Michael Moran, 338 Bradley, Scott, 364 Bradshaw, David Gerald. 364 Bradshaw, John William, 398, 399 Bradshaw, Lois E., 105, 338 Brady, Gordon Leonard, 364 Brady. John Matthew. 405 Bragunier. William Edwin. 290 Braine, David Thomas, 338 Brake, George Meiggs, 352 Brame, Cyrus Watson. 413 Brame. James Ballard, Jr.. 362. 364 Bramley. Richard Arthur, 160, 291 Branch, Leslie Bernard, 395 Brandon, Barbara Jeanne, 105, 291 Brandon, Betty, 105, 291 Brannan, George Thomas, 338 Brannan, James John, 364 Brannock, James Lemuel. 338 Brannock. James Wyatt, 93, 338 Brannon, Gwendolen Nesta. 383 Brannon. Vernon Boyd, II, 352 Branon. Rovy Frost. Jr., 135, 291 Branscome, Glenn Curtis, 78, 364 Bransford, William Maurice, 364 Branstrom, John Timothy, 168, 352 Brantley. Joseph Marion. 159, 338 Brantley. Julian Thweatt, Jr., 364 Braswell. Kenneth George, 338 Brauch, Carolyn Ann, 338 Brauer, Carolyn Toni, 364 Irawley, Daniel Lee, 159, 291 iraxton, Alfred Finley, Jr., 364 iraxton, Maxine Blair, 403 ray, Doris Roach, 413 iray. Douglas Hilton, 364 jman, Franchester Martin, 338 Irennaman, Phyllis Kaye. 113, 338 in, James John, 364 in, Jane M., 405 ;r. Edward H., 167, 338 irent, John William, 413 rewer, Curtis C. III. 338 r, Harriett Mae, 352 r, James Clark, 68, 69, 83, 291 r, James Estes, Jr., 352 r, John Dwight, Jr.. 364 irewer, Michael Alexander, 291 cklemyer. Eugene Costle, Jr.. 70, 291 ■idgeman, Alan Austin, 338 ■idgers, Lanny B.. 124, 201 s, Tilden William, Jr.. 364 ' idgford, Dershie Bruce, 117, 194, 379 •iggs, Mary Elizabeth, 338 ■ight, Don Clark, 364 ill, Alan Howard, 364 inkley, Randolph Haywood, 338 n, Joe Mills, 364 iscoe, Clare Conway, 338 itt. Corbett Huett. 338 itt. Gerald Glenn, 352 itt, Grady Harold, Jr.. 364 itt, Janice Ann. 106. 338 tt. Nancy Thomas, 338 tt. Terry Howard, 364 ttain, Julia Ann, 338 Hon, George Harrison, Jr., 338 tton, John Andrew, 338 iroach. Mary Arnall, 338 iroadway, William Weaver, 364 iroadhurst. Sarah Oliver, 111 ;roadwater. Ann Beverly. 338 ■ Frank McKee. 140, 291 Irock, Jimmy Lewis, 291 Irockmann, Charles Hines. 384 Irodeur. Richard J., 78, 338 Irogden. Harry Lee. 391 Irooks, George Jackson, Jr., 176, 389 Irooks. Harry Dean, 291 Irooks, Roy Washington, Jr., 364 Iroome, Bette Louise, 352 Iroome, Harry Lee, 394 Iroome, Henry George, Jr., 413 Iroome, Hoyle Sidney, Jr., 352 Irowder. Jasper Eugene, 352 Irowder. Jerry Tyrone, 364 Irown, Alice Murdock, 338 Barbara Eileen, 338 rown, Barbara Jean, 96, 291 rown. Benjamin William. 402 Carl Eraser, 364 rown, Carol Jean, 338 Carter Dennis. 338 Charles Palmer. 413 Daniel Elmer, 395 rown, David Alan, 180, 338 David Lewis, 364 Eugene Glenn, Jr.. 87, 178, 390 Gary Franklin, 364 Helen Elizabeth, 291 Henry Gilpin. 338 Hobson. Jr., 133, 291 Holman Foster, 338 James Russell, Jr., 338 Kenneth B.. 364 Mary Ann, 338 Michael Thomas, 352 Neilson Christopher, 364 Paul Eugene, 391 Peter Cooper, 159 Irown, Rebecca Burton, 338 nn. Richard Lane, III, 409, 412 «n, Ronnie Doss. 338 m. Rufus E.. 364 «n, Samuel Weldon. III. 338 Irown. Sandra Elizabeth, 291 Irown, Thomas Carl, 187, 352 Irown, William Barker, 124, 338 William Davis. 364 William LeJeune. 338 irownett. Maria Whitehurst. 364 Irowning. Judith Lee. 382 Irowning. Paul Kenneth. 354 Iroyhill, Thomas Hamilton, II, 338 Iruce, Dennis Luther, 352 Iruce, Mary Joyce. 405 Iruenner, David Frederick, 364 Iruning, Joseph Roy, 352 unson, Norman Deane, 135, 338 runson, William Davidson, Jr., 291 , Paul Marius, II, 338 Hugh Douglas, 291 Iryan, John Hugh, 162. 338 Iryan. Katrina Holliday. 338 Iryan. Peggy Smith. 291 Iryant, Judith Lackey, 194, 114 Iryant, Kenneth Melvin, 338 iryant. Robert Marsden. 364 Iryson. Richard Lilton. 338 , William Holmes, 364 Buchanan, David George, 352 Buchanan, Edward Higgs. 410 Buchanan. John Russell, 390 Buchanan, Robert Augustus, Jr.. 338 Buck, Geri-Lou. 364 Buck, Mary Carolyn, 383 Buie, Bradley McCallum, 291 Buie, John Harrell, 354 Buie, Mary Green, 379 Bulkley, Stephen Gerald, 338 Bullard, Amos Jones. Jr.. 400 Bollard. Claude Ashley, 364 Bullard, Elizabeth Ann, 338 Bullard, Molly Ann, 291 Bullard. Vaughn Evans. 352 Bullard. William Robert, III, 78, 338 Bullett, Douglas James, 364 Bullock, James Garland, Jr., 352, 338 Bullock. James Walter. 352 Bullock, Nancy Ruth, 387 Bullock, William Howard, 70, 364 Bumgardner, Donald Hoyle, 364 Bumgardner, Leonard Wilson, Jr., 390 Bunce, Audrey Gayle, 201, 291 Bundy, Clayton Buening, 291 Bundy, Kay, 352 Bundy, Thomas William, 397 Bundy, Vee Mayo, 291 Bunn, David Warner, 364 Bunn, James A.. Jr., 338 Bunte, Louis Edward. 151. 352 Bunting. Elisha Harry, Jr., 364 Bunton, Ray Lincoln, 352 Burbage, William H., 136, 338 Burch, Maida, 111, 291 Burchard, Russell, 147, 352 Burden, Sandra Kaye. 364 Burford. Inman Parker, 364 Burge, Randy Lester, 352 Burgess, Arthur Harry, Jr., 71, 175, 338 Burgess, Malcolm Stewart, Jr.. 364 Burgess, Peter Kendall, 364 Burgess, Wayne Thomas, 364 Burgwyn, Henry Holoman, 364 Burke, James Otis, Jr., 395 Burkette, David Wayne, 352 Burks, Ann Turner, 292 Burks, Philip Parks, Jr.. 292 Burleson. William Powell. 394 Burley. D. Jean. 114, 379 Burnette, Jerry Carter, 401 Burnham, Joseph S., 338 Burns, Robert Henry, III, 155, 292 Burr, Cathy Ann. 352 Burris, William Moore, Jr., 338 Burroughs, Constance, 189, 194, 379 Burroughs, Jon Michael, 292 Burroughs, Paul Leach, Jr., 396 Burt, Edward Ransey, 83, 195, 292 Burton. Dudley Joe. 364 Burton. John Knox, 364 Burton. Rebecca Elizabeth, 352 Burwell. Anne Spottswood. 292 Busby, Julian G.. 352 Busby. William Jarvis, 352 Bustillos, I. Raul Jaime, 405 Butcher. Charles William. 352 Butcher. Mary Ann. 354 Butler, Billy Gene, 292 Butler, Bonnie Claire, 391 Butler, George Tyssen, 132, 352 Butler, Geraldine Jane, 53 Butler, John Daniel, 352 Butler, Judith Ann, 118, 292 Butler, Larry Edwin, 364 Butler, Robert McMaster, 364 Butler, Thomas Edgar, 399 Butler, William Medearis, Jr.. 364 Butner. Howard Eugene, Jr., 73, 77, 131 Butt, Helen Manly, 338 Buxbaum, John Michael, 364 Bynum, Edwin C. Jr., 292 Bynum, Thomas Nathanial, 364 Byrd, Danny Hobbs, 354 Byrd, James Edward, 352 Byrd, John Thomas, 292 Byrd, Larry Wayne, 338 Byrd, Samuel Martin, 365 Byrd, Thomas Milton, 338 Byrum, Joseph Stephen. 292 Byrum, William Ritchey, 292 Cabaniss, Albert Esley, 365 Cabell, Virginia Weldon, 338 Catfee, Arthur Bernard, 365 Cagle, Donald R., 405 Cagle, Janet Yvonne, 292 Cagle, Stephen Wayne, 391 Cahill, Marion M., 405 Gaboon. John Melvin, 352 Cain, Joye Daphine, 338 Cain. Mary Joyce. 352 Caines, Billy Joe. 292 Caison, Claude Kent, 365 Calder, Bobby James, 352 Caldwell, Mary Susan, 383 Caldwell, Richard Newton. 352 Calhoun, Daniel M., Jr., 396 Callahan, David Wilson, 338 Camak, Pascal Swawn, 401 Cameron, Alan Spencer, 365 Cameron, Dallas Alexander, Jr., 196, 410 Cameron, Elizabeth Ann, 364 Cameron, Harold Harrington, 352 Cameron, Roy Gilbert, Jr., 352 Cameron, William Stewart, 176, 390 Camlin, Sara Louise, 382 Camp, Jeanne Morgan, 352 Camp, Joe Henderson, 399 Camp, William Douglas, 183, 338 Campbell, June Carole, 365 Campbell, Karen, 292 Campbell, Mary Elizabeth, 405 Campbell, Nelson Whitaker, 338 Campbell, William Terrell, 352 Canady, Rena Lynn, 365 Cann, Carlton Helene, 338 Cannady. Jerry Wayne, 365 Cannady, Leon Woodrow, Jr., 365 Cannon, Alice Mae, 338 Cannon, Clarence Ray, 352 Cannon, Roger Kalup, Jr., 365 Cannon, Thomas Richard, 365 Cannon, Thomas Roberts, 412 Cantrell, H. Furman, 405 Cantrell, Nancy Elizabeth, 292 Canull, James Allen, Jr., 124, 338 Canup. Patricia Ann, 352 Canat. Richard John, Jr., 365 Capel. Martha. 57. 96, 338 Capps, Gene Thomas, 338 Capps, Ralph Edwards, 365 Capps, Thomas Edward, 412 Carabateas, Angela, 391 Garden, Robert Michael, 338 Carlo, Laura Ann, 379, 385 Carmichael, Carroll Douglas, 338 Carmichael, Fred McLeod, 412 Carrer, George, 352 Carnes. Virginia Hardisty, 86, 110, 292 Caron, Betty Jane. 117, 379 Carpenter, Flay Gordon, 338 Carpenter, Malcolm Moore, Jr., 365 Carpenter, Rebecca Jill, 403 Carpenter, William Gregory, 365 Carr, Beauchamp Coppedge. 365 Carr. Charles Albert, Jr., 352 Carr, George Watts, III, 123, 125, 194 Carr, Guy Ellis, Jr., 160, 338 Carr, Matthew Lawrence, 169, 338 Carr. Nancy Marie. 383 Carr, Robert Lee, 390 Carr. Timothy David, 365 Carrere, Mary Ellis, 117, 292 Carriker. Richard Blevins, 338 Carroll, Barry Gwyn, 53, 175, 292 Carroll, John Erwin, III, 338 Carroll, Sandra Ann, 365 Carroll, Stuart Pierce, 338 Carruthers. John Michael, 338 Carson, Neill Mills, III, 352 Carson, George, II, 78, 339 Carson, Mary Sloan, 365 Carson. Michael Wray, 339 Carswell, Helen Janet, 381 Carter, Charles Wesley, 339, 389 Carter, Coleman Delynne, 339 Carter, Dewey Gaston, 292 Carter, James Richard, 339 Carter, Joey Micshele, 397 Carter. John Dandridge. III. 339 Carter, Robert Love, 188, 292 Carter, William B. Mitchell. 53, 57, 135, 339 Carvajal, Juan F.. 339 Carver. Charles Brooks. 292 Carver, Don A., 339 Carver, John Henry, 365 Caruthers, Robert Lee, 365 Case, Willard Alan, 186, 292 Casey, Glenn Alton, 72, 339 Casey, Noel Tyson, 352 Cashion, James Brannon, 292 Cassell, E. Alan, 405 Cassels, Jack Ritch, 175, 293 Cassidy, Michael Monod, 365 Cassidy, William F.. 352 Castleberry. Michael Scott. 57, 365 Cathey. Kenneth Howard, 293 Cathey. Robert Wallace, 293 Cato, Linda Gail, 365 Caton. William Knapp, Jr.. 355 Caudill, John Gentry, 293 Cavenaugh, Herbert Roscoe, Jr., 397 Caylor, John P.. Jr., 339 Cecil, Charles Richard, 352 Cecile, Donald Ray. 339 Celeste, Francis Xavier, 413 Cella, John Robert, 394 Chacey, Franklin Bradsher, 352 Chadwick. Dexter Gregory. 173. 339 Chaffin. William Thomas. III. 365 Chalk. Katherine Heffner. 106. 293 Chalverus, Michael Clark, 339 Chambers, Frances Blackwell, 146, 339 Chamlee, Robert W., 339 Chance, Richard Brooks, 160, 352 Chandler, Brenda Faye, 352 Chandler, Colquitt Lee, III, 148, 293 Chandler, Dudley Carlyle, Jr., 339 Chandler, John Edward, III, 402 Chandler, Patricia Susan, 339 Chandler, Robert Curtis, 365 Chandler, Robert Moye, Jr.. 413 Chandler. William James. Jr., 413 Chanin, Michael Henry, 40, 79, 167, 339 Chanon, John Lear, 163. 339 Chaplin. Don Clarence, 50, 135, 183, 339 Chapman, Bee, 132 Chapman, Bill R., 352 Chappell, Robert Thomas, 352 Chase, Priscilla, 339 Page 434 MOJVTALDO ' S Durham, North Carolina Page 435 FITCH LUMBERCO.l --■ ' ' FOISTER ' S CMEItA STORE, m. Photographic Supplier for the Professional and Amateur Photographer CHAPEL HILL, N. C. Robert Rollins Blazers, Inc. 242 Park Ave. South, New York 3, N. Y. 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Norman, 72, 162, 339 Christy, Tommy Green, 365 Church, Charles B., 352 Church, George Franklin, 402 Churchill, Joe Lacy, 132, 352 Chused, Paul Leon, 154, 335, 339 Chynoweth, David Paul. 405 Clackum, James William, 352 Clapp, George William, 71, 122, 160, 293 Clapp, Hubert Bruce, 339 Clapp, Philip Lee, 339 Clark, Alexander Bayard, 355 Clark, Celia Virginia, 339 Clark, Elizabeth BIythe, 87, 171, 339, Clark, ' Elizabeth Louise, 339 Clark, James William, Jr., 339 Clark, Jerry Lee, 352 Clark, Jerry Ralph, 239 Clark, Mary Uurens, 113, 293 Clark, Norwood Graham, 151, 293 Clark, Peter, 365 Clark, Sarah Rene, 383 Clark, Thomas Anthony, 365 Clark, Thomas B., Jr., 128, 293 Clark, Thomas Herbert, 365 Clark, William Delias, 339 Clarke, Charles Lee, Jr., 139, 397 Clarke, Louise Gates, 339 Clary, Wilburn C, II, 365 Claud, Michael Thomas, 352 Clayton, Dan G.. 352 Clayton, Felix Bernard, 365 Clayton, Harvey Millard, 339 Clayton, Haywood Monroe, 78, 293 Clayton, Jerry Bruce, 365 Clayton, Margaret Anne, 171, 390 Cleaver, David Charles, 293 Clem, Clyde Lee, 365 Clemmer, Monlen Anne, 365 Clemmons, Elizabeth Anne, 383 Clifford, Locke Turner, 146, 293 Clifton, Brantley Edward, 365 Clifton, John D., 147, 293 Cline, Ann M., 293 Cline, Charles Emmett, 365 Cline, Julius Danny, 175, 293 Cline, Richard Long, 365 Cline, Toni Elizabeth, 383 Cline, Thomas R., Jr., 365 Cline, Wayne Nelson, 339 Cline, William Dickson, 365 Clingenpeel, Winfred Judd, 352 Cly, Jean Frankie, 379 Coats, Leonard Edward, 176, 389 Coates, Harry Christopher, 365 Cobb, Mary John, 105, 339 Cobb, Herbert Henry, Jr., 339 Cobb, Robert Linah. 339 Coble, Samuel Newlin, 352 Coburn, Clarence Dowell, 294 Coce, Richard Francis, 405 Cochran, George C, 408 Cochran, Robert McLellan, Jr., 294 Cochrane, Dixie Dianne, 365 Cochrane, Richard Boyd, Jr., 339 Cochrane, Carol Jean, 339 Cochrane, Eleanor Caldwell, 352 Cochrane, Rebecca Lee, 352 Cochrane, Winston Douglas, 339 Codispoti, Elena Gil, 383 Coenen, Anne Frederic Kluttz, 294 Cofer, Gilbert Milton, 352 Coffey, Ralph Donald, Jr., 399 Cofield, James Edward, 365 Cofield, Juan Medford, 365 Cogdill, Jane Linda, 201, 294 Coggin, Duane Gray. 339 Coghill, James Woods, 352 Cohan, Robert Henry, 365 Cohen, June Anita, 339 Cohen, Mel Lenard, 164, 294 Cohn, Richard Jay, 167 Coker, Fay Hensley, 191, 201, 294 Cole, Bernard David, 339 Cole, John Bledsoe, 339 Cole, Robert Leake Steele, Jr., 56, 294 Cole, Ronald Wayne, 365 Cole, Richard Francis, 405 Cole, Thomas Phillip, 352 Coleman, Alonzo Brown, Jr., 409, 410 Coleman, James Clayton, 410 Coleman, Larry Harold, 83, 339 Coleman, Mary George, 379 Coleman, Nancy Jane, 110, 294 Coleman, Pamela Dale, 339 Coleman, Philip D., 184, 339 Coley, Harvey Turner, Jr., 294 Coley, Lloyd Franklin, Jr., 128, 339 Colison, Margaret Estelle, 382 Collier, Forrest L., Ill, 410 Collier, Dianne Rollick, 189, 379 Collier, Hal Franklin, 395 Collier, Phil Douglas, 365 Collins, Christian Curtis, 294 Collins, Earnest Swindell, 396 Collins, Frieda Ann, 106, 339 Collins, George Wayne, 365 Collins, Joe Blakely, Jr., 365 Collins, Leslie Gordon, 352 Collins, Michael Davis, 169, 339 Collins, Michael Lee, 402 Collins, Robert Fowler, 365 Collins, Wesley William, 294 Collett, Robert Webster, 339 Colo, Michael Steven, 365 Colson, Oliver Kirby, III, 365 Coltrane, Jane King, 339 Colvard, Mary Lynda, 114, 141, 194, 379 Combs, Robert Meredith, 56, 365 Comfort, John Gardiner, 365 Cone, Benjamin. Jr., 294 Conely, Richard Bruce, 365 Connaughton, James Peter, 365 Congleton, Walter Franklin, 365 Connell, Ralph Edmond, Jr., 144, 294 Connelly, Fred Allen, 390 Conner, James Michael, 352 Conner, Richard Douglas, 365 Conrad, David Pennington, 365 Conrad, Harris William, 339 Constantin, Donald Christopher, 135, 294 Conway, Burton Thomas, 365 Cook, Charles Russell, 339 Cook, Harold L., 72. 352 Cook, Jack McPherson, 365 Cook. James Wilbur, 294 Cook, John Finus, 355 Cook, Owen Waddell, 413 Cook, Wendy Lucilla, 117 Cooke, Grace Redwood, 339 Cooke, Jon David, 352 Cooke, Marianne, 381 Cooke, Michael Boyce, 124, 294 Cooler, Richard Morrall, 294 Cooley, Tillman Webb, Jr., 339 Cooper, Alfred B., Jr., 352 Cooper, Bruce Stephen, 88, 167, 194, 294 Cooper, Linda Kay, 339 Copland, Ronald Gheen, 148, 352 Corbett, James Patrick, Jr., 365 Corbett, Sandra Kay, 339 Cordell, Betty Anne, 339 Cordell, Robert Quentin, 365 Cordell, Thomas McNeill, 352 Corder, Robert Joseph, 339 Cordle, Victor Owen, 365 Cornatzer, Donald Wayne, 339 Cornelius, Chattye Boswell, 339 Cornelius, Willis Van, Jr., 353 Cornoni, Joan Claire, 405 Cornue, Virginia Ellen, 365 Cornwell, Robert Earl, 294 Corry, Paul William, 353 Cortright, John Allyn, 136, 294 Gotten, Robert Wesley, 391 Cottle, Jacques Cleveland, 385 Couch, Jon W., 400 Coudriet, Larry Willis, 339 Coulter, Barbara Ward, 339 Coulter, James Crawford, 172, 294 Council, Carol Frances, 118, 294 Counts, Jon Milton, 405 Courtney, Jessica M., 405 Covert, Edward Martin, 353 Covil, Stacy H., 294 Covington, Lorimer Philip, 410 Cowan, Kay Susan, 339 Cowan, James Robert, 365 Cowell, John Franklin, III, 365 Cowen, Peter Donnelly, 353 Cowles, Robert Lawrence, 136, 294 Cox, Adrianne C, 339 Cox, Bobby Leon, 295 Cox, Elizabeth Blair, 385 Cox, Jean Hogan, 339 Cox, John Randolph, 353 Cox, Juanita Pratt, 113, 339 Cox, Mason Orlando, Jr., 353 Cox, Terry Gene, 70, 353 Cox, William Boyd, 402 Coxe, James Sherwood, III, 365 Cozart, Bucky Wayne. 339 Cozart, Thomas Morris, 353 Cozart, William Taft, Jr., 402 Craft, James Hord, 353 Craig, Barbara Copeland, 112, 295 Craig, Isaac Alan, 83, 184 Craig, Jerry Wayne, 339 Craig, John Wesley, Jr., 353 Craig, Lynn Oberlin, 339 Craig, Michael F., 339 Craig, Plezzy Harbor, Jr., 413 Page 436 Crammond, John Harold, 295 Crampton, Guy Clark, 70, 353 Crane, Alpo Franssila, 132, 339 Cranford, Delbert Marvin, 176, 390 Cranford, Samuel Davis, Jr.. 148 Craven, Cyntliia Farnsworth, 339 Craven, James Braxton, III, 295 Graver, Comann Perry, Jr., 413 Craver, Richard D., 148, 295 Craver, Sarah Elizabeth, 339 Craver, John Wade, 365 Crawford, Charles Frederick, 365 Crawford, David Palmer, 146, 295 Crawford, Elizabeth McAshan, 110, 295 Crawford, Emerson G., Jr., 339 Crawford, James Emil, Jr., 365 Crawford, John Robert, III, 396 Crawford, John Spencer, 365 Crawley, Jack Benjamin. Jr., 353 Crawley, William Justis, 295 Creal, Richard Edward, 353 Creasy, Joanne Atkinson, 339 Credle, Joseph Bernard, 396 Creech, Donald R.. 339 Creech. James Edward, 365 Creech. James, 365 Creem, Timothy John, 295 Cregar. Daniel U., Jr., 399 Creighton, James Franck, Jr., 365 Creveling, William Sloan, 150, 339 Crews, Edward E.. 353 Cribbin, Thomas Michael, 97, 101, 145, 295 Crissman, Bobby Winfred, 353 Crissman, Ivan Dabney, Jr., 365 Crissman, Patricia Ann. 295 Crist, Takey, 395 Cristman, Robert Parker, 365 Critcher, Elizabeth Chatham. 365 Critcher, John Calvin, Jr., 339 Crocker, James Thomas. Jr.. 365 Crockett, David Godwin, 365 Crockett, Diane Elaine, 339 Cromartie, Luther Martin, Jr., 353 Cromartie, Robert Samuel, III, 353 Cromartie, Ruth Pendleton, 365 Crook, Robert Gerald, Jr., 365 Crook. Robert Murphy, 339 Groom, Connie Piatt, 382 Croom, Rebecca Anne. 106. 295 Croom. Ralph Taylor. Jr.. 365 Crooneberghs. Dianne, 339 Crosswell, Michael James, 365 Crotts. Everett Bowers. 400 Crouch, William Ralph, 365 Grouse, Janet Wrenn. 365 Crow. Harry Bennett. Jr., 78. 353 Crowder. Alvin Floyd, Jr.. 339 Crowder, Kathryn Duncan. 379 Crowder. Richard Mason, Jr., 365 Crowder. Ronald Lewis. 353 Crowell. David Jefferson. Jr., 340 Crowell. Elisabeth Gail. 340 Crowgey, Henry G.. II. 295 Crowley, Carol Mary, 384 Crowner, Stuart Wells. 295 Crumley. Charles Edwin. 353 Grumpier, James Fulton, Jr., 394 Grumpier, Larry Gipson, 148, 340 Crumpler, Leslie Cloyes, 379 Grumpier, Lyie Ellis, 402 Crumpler, Mary Jayne, 379 Crumpler, Walter Maxton, 93, 96, 101. 295 Crutchfield. William Monroe. 396 Culberson. Suzanne, 340 Gulbertson, James B.. 87, 178, 387 Culbertson, Robert Barber, 353 Culler, Nancy Eve lyn, 70, 84, 113, 295 Cullins, Alfred Edmond, 405 Gulp, John Walter, 340 Gulp, Robert William, 353 Culpepper, Anthony Andrew. 163. 340 Cummings. Brenda Carol. 366 Cummings. Thomas Ernest. 413 Cunningham. Donald Edward, 183. 353 Cunningham. Rebecca Wray. 340 Cunningham, Ronald Owen, 413 Curl, Andrew Benson, 295 Gurran, Lois Anne, 384 Currie, John Lauchlin, 127, 194, 397 Currie, Marguerite Louise, 340 Currin. Robert Graves, Jr., 366 Currin. William Fleming, 101. 295 Curry. Beth Callaway, 295 Curry, Gail Broadway, 295 Curry, Jerry Stewart, 295 Curry, Roy Lee, Jr., 394 Curtis, Cecelia Anne, 403 Curtis, Donald W., 72, 79, 295 Curtis, Leroy Franklin, 340 Custer, Barbara Jane, 383 Cuthrell, Luther Glenn, 366 Cutler, Janice Elaine, 340 Cutter, George K., 295 Dahan, David, 413 Dahan, Mark, 164, 296 Dail, Norman Wayne, 366 Dail, Rodney Lee, 353 Dail, Thomas E., 353 Dale, Ernest James, 366 Dalton, Sandra Kaye, 403 Dalton, William Harvey. 412 Daly. Christopher Joseph. 186. 296 Dampier. Bobby Hugh. 296 Dana. Thomas W.. III. 175. 296 Dancy, Beverly LeVonne, 366 Danford, Roy Graham, 366 Daniel. James Marshall. 353 Daniel. Josephine Louise. 340 Daniel. Van W., Ill, 340 Daniel, Victor Wayne, 340 Daniell, Mary Elizabeth, 353 Daniels, Paul W., 405 Dannemann. Stanley William, 130, 340 Daman, William Carlyle, 353 Darnell, William I., 353 Darr, Deanna Evelyn, 96, 340 Darr, Ronald Edgar, 353 Daugherty, Thomas Alexander, 183, 353 Dauphinais, George William, 366 Dauskart, Melanie Sue. 340 Davenport, Jeanette Long, 296 Davidian, Edward William, 397 Davidian, Vartan A., Jr., 397 Davidson, Andrew, 340 Davidson, Arthur Owen, Jr., 73, 340 Davidson, Dianne Ellen, 353 Davis, Archibald Hilliard, 67, 75. 86, 132, 195, 296 Davis, Beverly Alice, 114 Davis, Billy Dean, 86, 353 Davis, Carl Stephen, 353 Davis, Dorothy Miller, 340 Davis, Geoffrey Brian, 296 Davis, George P., Jr., 412 Davis, George Phillip, 296 Davis, Gilbert Thomas, Jr.. 340 Davis. Glenn Benson. 366 Davis. Gordon Miles. 366 Davis, Gregory M. P., 353 Davis, Herbert Crippon, Jr., 402 Davis, James Edward, 366 Davis, Jefferson Bryan, 68, 350, 353 Davis, Jerry Carl, 391 Davis, Jerry Dale, 353 Davis. John Lorraine. Ill, 158, 296 Davis, John Mason, 353 Davis, John William, Jr., 353 Davis, Joseph Hiram, 366 Davis. Judith Lynne. 403 Davis, Julia Watson. 189. 191, 379 Davis, Nathan Edward, 356 Davis, Nelson Park, 396 Davis, Norman McBrayer, Jr., 296 Davis. Paul Benning, Jr.. 353 Davis, Ralph Eric, 340 Davis, Richard Lee, 295 Davis, Robert Carlton, 353 Davis, Roger A., 340 Davis, Roger Wayne, 296 Davis, Ronald Harry, 412 Davis, Ronald William, 410 Davis, Stacy M.. 366 Davis. Thomas Brown, 340 Davis, Thomas Fitzgerald, Jr.. 296 Davis. William Allison. II, 133, 296 Davis, William E., 77, 340 Davis, William P., 366 Davis, William Raeford, 180, 296 Dawsey, Rebecca Gertrude, 383 Dawson, Claude Edward, Jr., 180, 296 Day, Charles Samuel, 366 Day, Donald G., 340 Daymont, Thomas Norman, 366 Deal, Alvena Rebecca, 104, 107, 296 Deal, Douglas Wayne, 353 Deal, James Coleman, 366 Dean, Jimmy Wayne, 366 Dean, Willard Lawrence, 296 Dearborn, Patricia Anne. 72. 117, 340 Dearman, Charles A., Jr., 353 Deaton, Philip Carl, 396 Deazley, Bernard George, 366 DeBarger, David M., 353 Oebnam, Joseph E., Ill, 366 Dechman, Michael Norgan, 405 Decker, Clifford Earl, Jr., 405 Decker, Roy Lyman. Jr.. 366 Deededar, Akbar, 405 Deegan, William F., Jr., 366 Deese, Barbara Allen, 340 DeFontenay, Alan Daniel, 340 DeHart, William Gregory, 366 Delahoussaye, Denise, 366 Delamar. Paul Johnson. Jr., 296 Dellinger. Ann Susan. 84. 104. 105, 191, 296 Dellinger. Jerry Craig. 201. 296 DeLung, Harry Leonard, Jr., 79, 85, 195, 296 Dempsey, James Carlyle, III, 366 Dennis, Stephen N., 86, 340 Denny, Dwight Douglas, 353 Denny, Robert Lee, Jr., 57, 356 Dent, David Richard, 366 DePetro, John Paul, 413 DePippo, T. Theresa, 405 Derby, Jay, 160 Derr, Dailey Jonathan. 70. 201. 296 Deupree, Margot, 340 Devane, Constance Freeman. 340 DeVane, James Middleton, Jr., 366 Oevereux, James Lawrence. 401 Devereux. Jerry Stroud, 171, 389 Devine, Foy Roberson, 125, 201, 296 Wherever You Go Whatever You Do Good books are as close as your nearest mailbox THE INTIMATE BOOKSHOP, INC. 1 19 E. Franklin Street THE FIRESIDE of Chapel Hill JjiitinctLue cyLadieS S portsiveaf " For Prescriptions For Fountain Service SLOAN DRUG COMPANY On the Corner Across from Theater Page 437 TO V ORK FOR CONE.. YOU ' VE GOT TO BE SHARP! A company is only as good as the people who work for it. Cone Mills through its people has achieved an enviable position as a major producer of high quality textiles. To maintain this position Cone needs sharp young people with initiative and intelligence. Cone offers opportunities in four areas . . . production, administration, sales and research. Interested in joining this progressive organization? Write Industrial Relations Department, Cone Mills Corporation, Greensboro, N. C. CONE MILLS CORPORATION " W here fabrics of tomorrow are woven today. " EXECUTIVE OFFICES Greensboro, N. C. FINISHING PLANTS Carlisle Greenville, S. C. Greensboro Haw River, N. C. MANUFACTURING PLANTS— Avondale, Cliffside, Greensboro, Forest City, Salisbury, Pineville, Reidsville, Gibsonville, Haw River and Hillsboro in North Carolina. Greenville in South Carolina. Page 438 Dew, Larry Moses, 340 DeWolfe, George Edward, 366 Deyo, Diana Louise, 383 DeYoung, Dennis Robin, 356 Dial, Robin Hood, 366 Dickerson, Richard Lee, 366 Dickson, John Byron. 366 Dickson, Paul, III, 80. 353 DiCostanzo, Alan D., 353 Diehl, Penn Lindsey, 403 Dillard, Roger Lee, Jr., 366 Dillehay, George McNeill, 366 Dillin, Jean Hampton, 340 Dillon, Mary Margaret, 366 Dillon, Thomas Alexander, 72, 175, 353 Dinero, Thomas Edward, 297 Dingeldein, George Peter, 353 Disney, Christopher Michael B., 366 Dixon, Frances Jeanne, 353 Dixon, Grady L., 366 Dixon, Marion M., 297 Dixon, Nile Morris, 402 Dixon, Richard D. S.. Jr., 412 Doares, Joseph M., Jr., 97, 175, 297 Dobbs, William Arthur, 365 Dobson, Richard Donald, 340 Doby, Barbara Ellen, 85, 383 Dockery, Brenda Gale. 382 Dockery, Jery Michael, 366 Doctor, Michael Stewart, 57, 72, 98, 100, 297 Dodd, David Arthur, 366 Dodd, Roger, III, 155, 297 Dodson, Arthur Raymond, Jr., 340 Dodson, Harold Lee, 297 Dodson, Patricia Ann, 383 Doggrell, Frank Ernest, III, 366 Donat, Winfield, 366 Doner, Richard Frederick, 355 Donnelly, Mary Elizabeth, 113, 297 Donnison, John James, Jr,, 366 Doolittle, Robert Earl, Jr.. 366 Dossenbach, Judith Ann, 104, 114, 340 Dotson, Bernard Earl, 69, 151, 353 Dotson, Grover Lee, 365 Doughton, Walter Lee, 297 Dougherty, Dauid Daniel, 353 Dougherty, Glen Noble, 95, 101, 297 Doughten, Richard Merrill, 395 Douglas, Charlotte Harrill, 353 Douglas, Robert Dick, III, 120. 148. 340 Douglas, William Malcolm, 340 Downing, Diane Alice, 118, 297 Downing, Eddie Converse, 128, 353 Downton, Charles Edward, 353 Doyle, George Wright, 120, 154, 187, 353 Dozier, Henry Charles, 366 Drake, Gail Brown, 297 Drake, James Edwin, 184, 297 Drake, John Oliver, Jr., 355 Drennan, Dorothy Sue. 113, 285, 297 Drew, Muriel, 353 Drinkard, Joel Flood, Jr., 340 Drinkwater, Diana, 297 Driscoll, James Joseph, 340 Droze, Gerald A., 353 Druker, James Owen, 297 Drum, Steven Lewis, 366 Drummond, Dennis Gene, 340 DuBose, Theodore Marion, IV, 356 Duckworth, William Clyde, Jr.. 297 Dudley, Larry Willard. 297 Duff. W. Erskine. Jr.. 143, 340 Duggins, James N.. Jr., 340 Duke, Charles Marsden, Jr., 366 Duncan, Estilla Wilson, 75, 297 Duncan, Harriette Emily, 405 Duncan, Katherine Burke, 403 Duncan, Noah Kinlaw, 366 Duncan, Randy Dean, 366 Duncan, Sandra Gail, 366 Duncan, Thomas Edward, 340 Dunivant, Jill E., 353 Dunkley, Kenneth Malcolm, 340 Dunlap, Bryant Overton, Jr., 297 Dunlap, Charles Cornell, III, 340 Dunlap, Welson Aaron, 397 Dunlevie, Malcolm Ward, Jr., 77, 131, 353 Dunlevy, Harvey Risher, 297 Dunlop, Ralph Gordon, 366 Dunn, Noel Lee, 160 Dunn, Jack Delbridge, 297 Dunn, John Guion, III, 366 Dunn, John Raymond, 399 Dunn, Patsy Ann, 391 Dunn, Ronald Kirby, 366 Dunne, John K., Jr., 340 Dunnegan, Clifton Pershing, Jr., 93, 101, 297 Dunstan, Frederick Miller, III, 366 DuPalevich, Phillip Paul, 340 Dupree, James Rogers, 297 Durand, Harry Whitney, 80, 143, 190, 194, 195, 297 Durham, Richard D., 356 Durston, James S.. 156. 353 Dutton, James Robert, 172, 298 Dwyer, Ross Thomas, III, 366 Dykes, Andrea Gartlan, 366 Dykstra, William Harvey, 365 Eager, Howard Lloyd, 298 Eagle, James C, Jr., 401 Eagleton, Hugh Edward, 353 Eaken, Janet Merrick, 117, 340 Eakes, Virginia, 382 Eanes, Samuel Kellam, 298 Early, Christie Ellen, 390 Early, Jane Ralley, 356 Earnhardt, Carlee Raymond, Jr., 366 Earnhardt, James Frederick, 394 Easkold, Barbara Hope, 381 Eason, Alton Paul, 340 Eason, Clifton Wayne, 340 Eason, James Lawrence, 124, 298 Eason, Jeffrey Wayne, 353 Eason, Sally Barbie, 298 Eason, Walter Gerald, 389 Easterling, Thomas Bernard, 366 Eastwood, Myles Eric, 366 Eatman. Edward Laughtin. Jr., 353 Ebersole, Edward William, 405 Eckstein, Margaret Ann, 96, 298 Economon, Wayne Nichols, 298 Eddings, Tally H.. II, 395 Edenfield, Ellen Ann, 105 Edens, Gary Denton, 153. 298 Edgar, James Clifton, 366 Edge, Jerry Thomas, 353 Edgerton, John Steele, 132 Edmister, Russell Seymour, 353 Edmonds. Robert Davis, 353 Edmundson, James Joyner, 298 Edwards, Alma Jane. 340 Edwards. Betsy Burnette, 298 Edwards, Brenda Joyce, 340 Edwards, Daniel Hampton, 298 Edwards, Daniel Parker, 366 Edwards, Daniel Phillip, 353 Edwards, David Willard, 85, 353 Edwards, Elbert Edwin, III, 79, 124, 340 Edwards, Elva Drake, 113, 298 Edwards, George Cleveland, 405 Edwards, Glenn Howard, 340 Edwards, Herbert Jackson, 298 Edwards, James Scott, 355 Edwards, Phillip Sidney, 340 Edwards, Phil Strowd, 410 Edwards, Ralph Thomas, 298 Edwards, Richard Everett, 78, 88, 340 Edwards, Robert Leon, 413 Edwards, Robert Wayne, 340 Edwards, Robert Wesley, Jr., 387 Edwards, Ronald Allen. 298 Edwards, Sam B., Jr., 298 Edwards, Sharon Louise, 72, 298 Edwards, Thomas Richard, 356 Edwards, William B.. Jr., 355 Eggleston, Tony Edward, 140, 298 Ehrhardt. Helen Craig, 110, 298 Ehrhart, Lawrence Albert, 131, 350, 353 Eidson, Kenneth Haywood, 298 Eidson. Robert West, Jr.. 366 Eidson. Thomas Wayne. 340 Eizenstat. Stuart Elliot. 67, 76, 77, 166, 185, 298 Elden, Leonard L,, 120, 139, 340 Elkms, Charles H., 340 Elkins, Wilson Oliver, 365 Eller. Hilbert Raynard, 340 Eller, James Milton, 298 Eller, Revis Radford, 87, 178, 389 Eller, William David, 340 Ellington. Stewart Lane. 124. 340 Elliott. Balaam Thalphonza. Jr.. 395 Elliott, Frederick B., 111. 366 Elliott, Linda Lou. 298 Elliott, Samuel Warren, 356 Elliott. William M., Jr., 387 Elliott. William Thomas. Jr., 340 Ellis. Benjamin Thomas, 402 Ellis, Chester Weldon, 366 Ellis, Helen Martha. 298 Ellis. John Edward, 366 Ellis, Marvin Edward, 365 Ellis, Richard W., 65, 70 Ellis, Robert Earl, 353 Ellis, William G.. 299 Elmore. Miles. 355 Elmore. Sally Gallant. 340 Elrod. Charles Ellison, Jr., 138, 299 Elser, Mary Duncan, 356 Elsevier, Ernest, 405 Emerson, Louise Dorothy, 340 Emerson, Robert S., 131, 299 Emory, Morris S., 356 Emory, William Brooks, 120, 121, 158 Engel. John Norman. 405 Engen. William Richard. 366 England. Marilyn Patricia, 72, 299 Engle, Jane, 76, 201, 299 Enguall. Donald Montgomery, 366 Ennis, Lillian Sandra, 340 Epting, Robert Lee, 366 Epton, Loren Wall, Jr.. 340 Erickson, Susan Marie, 81, 104, 109, 299 Eriel, Paul Alan, 299 Erwin, Fenton Tilson, Jr., 413 Eskridge, Elbert Stanford, 340 Eskridge, Elizabeth Anne, 67, 118, 299 Eskridge, Jack, 405 Eskridge, Joseph Dumont, 340 Eskridge, Judith Lee, 340 Eskridge, William West, 132, 340 Esposito, Victor Michael, 299 Essey, Henry Eugene, 366 Estes, Melvin Joseph, 353 Estridge, James Clayton, Jr., 299 Etheridge, Oliver Scott, 390 Etheridge, Randal Bennett, 299 Etherington, Burton Hazell, III, 353 Etherington, Theodore Leighton, 355 Ethridge, Dave, 54 Ettman, James K., 299 Eubanks. Carolyn L., 76, 340 Eubanks, Thomas Claude, Jr., 148, 299 Eure, Betty Lind, 299 Eure, Charles Allan, 397 Eure, Darden Johnson, Jr., 400 Eustis, Lola Lee. 110, 340 Evans, Charles Douglas, 356 Evans, Charles Eubie, Jr., 389 Evans, David Arnold, 397 Evans, Douglas Raymond, 366 Evans, Hoyt Ray, Jr., 353 Evans, James Clifton, 366 Evans, James Edward, 57, 355 Evans, Jerry Lynn, 299 Evans, John F., 413 Evans, Linda Ann, 383 Evans, Mary Helen, 340 Evans, Richard Henderson, Jr., 401 Evans, William Casto, 412 Everett, Alpheous Kern, Jr., 353 Everhart, Jane Crater, 353 Everhart, Koyt Woodworth, Jr., 175, 353 Ewbank, Frank Arthur, 356 Ewing, Charles Kermit, Jr., 299 Exum, Joe, 160 Fadeley, Richard Carlton, 366 Pagan, Carroll Elizabeth, 366 Fagg, Dona Lynn, 76, 299 Fagin, Scott Lynn, 365 Fahrer, Richard B., Jr., 365 Faint, Arthur John, 135, 299 Fairchild, Albert Edmondson, 201, 299, 155 Falconer, John F., 355 Falls, Ralph Holland, 410 Falls, Richard Eugene, 353 Fait, Joseph Byron, 365 Fare, James Miller, 357 Farmer, Jean Warren, 171, 389 Farmer, Robert Curtis, 367 Farmer. Russell Tenney, 367 Farran, Christopher Carroll, 75, 155, 299 Farrell, Edward Wagner, 405 Farrior, Julian Wade, Jr., 353 Fatata, James Morgan, 357 Farthing, Donald Keith, 299 Fawcett. Robert Redmun. 155, 353 Fay, Frederick Phillip, 367 Feagan, Charles Patrick, 357 Featherstone, Gerald Lynn, 78, 340 Feder, Jeffrey H., 353 Feezoir. Billy Stokes. Jr., 340 Feher, David Terry, 354 Feingold, William Steven, 354 Ferebee, Thomas Miller, Jr,, 340 Ferguson, C. Darrell, 149 Ferguson, Corbin Randolph, 367 Ferguson, Garth Michele, 299 Ferguson, Margaret Ann, 383 Ferguson, Stephen Wayne, 136, 299 Ferrell, Calvin D. Woodrow, 340 Ferris, James Albert, 413 Ferris, Lane H., 367 Ficklen. Stuar t. 161 Field, Gilbert C, 299 Field, Hyman Harrison. 300 Field, Nora Rooche, 106, 300 Field, Russell Porter, 354 Fill, Elizabeth, 413 Finch, Charles Wilfred, 354 Finch. William Curtis, Jr., 354 Findley, Margaret Hanna, 340 Finger. Richard Bryan. Jr.. 402 Fink. Christopher Boles, 300 Fish, Robert Gerard, Jr.. 300 Fishel, Carol Genet, 384 Fisher, Aloma M., 354 Fisher. Earl Elliott, Jr., 394 Fisher, Gordon David, 367 Fisher, John Lewis. Jr.. 183, 300 Fisher, Kaja Marie, 73, 300 Fisher, Patricia Diane, 384 Fisher, Stanley Groth, Jr.. 136, 354 Fisher, Thomas Grantham, 340 Fitzgerald, Mary Ann, 340 Fitzpatrick, J. Michael. 367 Flanagan, Michael Perkins, 128, 354 Flanagan, Stephen G., 367 Flanders. Judi, 142 Fleming, Anne Boyd, 340 Fleming. Charlie Richard, 124, 340 Fleming, Henry Davis, Jr., 354 Fleming, Judy Catherine, 383 Fleming, Mary Boyd. 340 Fleming. Richard Eddington, 300 Fleming, Ruth Shirley, 405 Fletcher, James William, 53, 367 Fletcher, John Stuart, II, 410 Flinn, Henry I,, III, 124, 340 Flinn, William Kelly, 357 Floren, Lennart Sven, 367 Flournoy, Henry Warnock, 140, 300 Floyd, Thomas Carl, 367 Fluet, Joseph Emile, Jr., 101, 340, 135 Flye, Melvyn Wayne, 131, 397 Flynn, Clarence Melvin, 340 Flynt, George William, 367 Foard, Anne Carson, 74, 114, 300 Fobert, William David, Jr., 340 Fogleman, Joe Eli, 367 Fogleman, Virginia Ann, 383 Fogleman, Wavell Wainwright, 300 Foil, Michael Edmon, 367 Foill, Kitty Wells, 75, 117, 300 Foley, John Paul, Jr., 367 Folger, Worth Barnard, 340 Folk, Michael James, 300 Follin, Marion Geddings, 126, 300 Folmsbee, Paul Francis, 367 Foote, Diana Gayle, 340 Forbes. Isa Marie. 391 Forbis. Richard Marshall, 72, 367 Ford, Charles Ellis, Jr., 354 Ford, Dale Norris, 354 Ford, Kenneth Paul, 354 Ford. Larry Martin. 72, 354 Forloines, George Andrew, Jr.. 300 Forman, George Hamilton. 410 Forrester, Roy Lane, II, 300 Forsyth, Jane M., 50. 113, 300 Fortune, Philip Lee, 367 Forum, Richard Burton, 143, 354 Foster, Bruce Harmony, 367 Foster, Ronnie Allen, 354 Foster, William Douglas, 340 Foster, William Lee, 87, 389 Foulds. Doris Marilyn, 300 Fountain. Alvin Marcus, II, 354 Fountain, James Markland, 127, 354 Fountain, Reginald Morton, Jr., 412 Fountain. Stuart Burton. 398, 400 Foushee, Mary Elizabeth, 76, 382 Foust, Larry Foil, 300 Fowler, Clarence Woods, Jr., 354 Fowler, Dan Madison, 340 Fowler, James David, 367 Fowler, James Nelson, 354 Fowler, Janice Marie, 383 Fowler, John Daniel, Jr.. 367 Fowler, Peter Ritchie, 300 Fowler, Wesley C , Jr.. 395 Fowler. William Mundy. Jr., 300 Fox, Dale Edward, 367 Fox, David Kennedy. 354 Fox, Janice Kay, 382 Fox, Joan Marguerite, 96, 340 Fox, John B., 394 Fox, Larry Lee, 367 Fox, Linda Ann, 382 Fox, Melvyn M., 413 Fox, Robert Darlan, 399 Fox, Terry Clayton, 357 Fox, William R., 405 Foxx, Thomas Allen, 340 Foy, Henry Grattan, 144, 300 Foy, Herbert Miles, 367 Frank, Barbara Ann, 354 Frank, George W., Jr., 127 Frankel, Alan H.. 367 Franklin, E. Thomas. Jr., 354 Franks, Robert Berry. 163, 340 Frazier, Billy Joe, 340 Frazier, Joseph Clifford, 387 Frazier, Michael Anthony, 354 Frazier, Susan Marie, 367 Freakley, Edwin M., 354 Freas, John Morgan, 340 Fredere. Francis B., 401 Freedle. Paul Douglas, 412 Freedman, Ceevah Ann, 367 Freeland, James Rae, 413 Freeman, Claude Quarterman, Jr., 169, 342 Freeman, Douglas Garland, Jr., 69, 184, 341 Freeman, James Alexander, 413 Freeman, John Samuel, 367 Freeman, Numa Franklin, Jr., 389 Freeman, Rae Smith, 300 Freeman, Robert Allan, 354 Freeman, Virginia, 384 Freeze, Eula Parks, 341 Freiberg. Allen Charles, 354 French, Barry Goodwin, 354 French, James Jeffries, 300 French, Sue E., 341 Freuler. Billy Ray. 367 Frey, David Gardner. 120. 159 Frieder, Judy Morris, 85, 300 Friedman, Douglas E.. 301 Friedman. Matthew R.. 55. 301 Friedman, Ronald Michael, 181, 301 Frith, Richard Wayne, 301 Fritts, Ronald Tinsley, 367 Froneberger, John D., 341 Frost, Holly, 341 Fry, Charles Thomas, 354 Fry, Robert Gilliam, III, 354 Frye, Glennette Louise, 301 Frye, Nancy Rutledge, 341 Frye, Steven Raleigh, 301 Frye, Thomas Lawrence, 354 Fu. David Tsao, 367 Fulk, Christopher Claude, 367 Page 439 .., ' ii ' ' ' ' A . Av% §cHrafft ' s COUNTRY INN ccent on aite DURHAM-CHAPEL HILL BOULEVARD THE LARGEST NATIONAL BANK IN THE CAROLINAS serving students of the University of North Carolina with offices in 12 major cities in the State; in Chapel Hill continuously since 1899. WORTH CAROLIIVA IVATIOMALi BAIVK Member of Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Deposits in excess of $550 Millions; Capital accounts in excess of $50 millions. FulK, Robert V., Jr., 395 Fuller, Carl Clifford, Jr., 301 Fuller, Edwin Rudolph, jr., 341 Fuller, John Dwight, 122, 124 Fuller, Larry Thomas, 357 Fuller, William Bryan, 132, 301 Fullwood, James Roy, 83, 196, 341 Fulton, Mary Ann, 367 Funderburk, Ronald Earl, 357 Furches, Henry Clay, 183, 341 Furr, Charles Franklin, 150, 301 Furr, Kenneth Ray, 101, 341 Gaber, Mark J., 301 Gabriel, Don Alexander, 341 Gaddy, Annette Meriwether, 367 Caddy, Hilda Bowman, 301, 385 Gaffney, Clyde M., 394 Gahar, Jean Pipkin, 405 Gailey, James William, 301 Gaither, Ann Phyllis, 341 Gaither, Gerald Lee, 341 Gaither, Laura Elliott, 171, 390 Gajardo, Cecilia, 76, 341 Galbreaith, Layne Anne, 383 Gallagher, Edgar Givens, Jr., 395 Gallagher, Francis Joseph, 341 Gallagher, Janet Smallwood, 113, 301 Galloway, Don Adrian, 301 Gambill, Joe Alan, 412 Gamble, William Stephen, 354 Gamewell, Jennifer, 301 Gammons, Peter Warren, 367 Ganderson, Alan Philip, 164, 341 Ganderson, Samuel Brian, 70, 367 Gantt, Lynn Morgan, 413 Ganus, John W., 354 Garber, Boyd Rolla, 367 Gardiner, Anthony Morris, 367 Gardiner, Paul Stewart, 354 Gardner, Lannie Eugenia, 115, 301 Gardner, Larry Lester, 367 Gardner, Lawrence Lee, Jr., 301 Gardner, Saundra Hoen, 354 Gardner, Thomas Hamilton, 301 Garner, Jenny Lynn, 341 Garner, Kathleen Ann, 189, 381 Garner, Richard Lamont, 184, 301 Garner, Robert Lee, 367 Garnett, David, 168, 301 Garrabrant, Baird Williams, 118, 341 Garrabrant, Edgar Cornelius, 395 Garrard, Gardmer Wingfield, Jr., 122, 132, 301 Garrett, Clara Steele, 301 Garrett, Judith F., 105, 301 Garrick, Joseph Clifton, Jr., 341 Garris, John M., 183, 341 Garrison, Charles Edwin, 189, 301 Garrison. Donald Elliott, 367 Garrison, Frances Elizabeth, 302 Garrison, Kenneth B., Jr., 354 Garrison, Robert Donald, 397 Garrison, Stephen Little, 302 Garriss, Kenneth A., 341 Gaskey, Dorotha Ann, 341 Gaster, Roy Rosser, 354 Gates, Joseph Braxton, 341 Gates, Joseph Thomas, 341 Gatlin, Harold Norwood, 357 Gatlin, Jesse Cecil, III, 357 Gay, James Michael, 357 Gay, Williford Waddell, 354 Gebeaux, Howard Lane, 367 Gebeauz, Robert Joseph, 163, 354 Geer, Ronnie Michael, 178, 389 Gehring, John Edward, 56, 341 Gehres, Loran Leroy, 302 Gekas, Harry Pete, 302 Gelberman, Richard, 164, 341 Gelder, Thomas Lee, 367 Gentle, James Eddie, 341 Gentry, Gerald W., 341 George, John Stewart, 341 (3eorge, Samuel Lorman, 367 Gerdes, Phillip E., 410 Gernon, Robert William, 367 Gerth, Dorothy Ann, 117, 341 Gertz, Alan S.. 164, 341 Getsinger, John Graham, 302 Gholson, Matilda Lamb, 341 Gholson, Thornton Patton, 367 Ghosh, Sambhunath, 405 Ghriskey, H. Williamson, Jr., 124, 354 Gibbs, James Stephen, 341 Gibbs, Joseph Franklin, 354 Gibbs, Martha Louise, 302 Gibbs, Mary Alice, 302 Gibney, William John, 367 Gibson, Aimee Alexander, 106, 302 Gibson, James R., 401 Gibson. Robert Clayton, 396 Gibson. Robert Wylie, Jr., 184, 302 Gikow, Lewis Abbott, 165, 302 Gilbert, Bonn Arthur, Jr., 129, 341 Gilbert, James Dean, 354 Gilbert, Sandra Jean, 171, 390 Giles, Ernest Neal, 341 Gilkeson, Ellen Douglas, 341 Gillam, LaVerna Roberson, 341 Gillette, Paul Crawford, 151, 302 Gilliam, Hannah, 110, 302 Gillis, David Black, 394 Gillis, Milton Bruce, 341 Gilman, Donald Wayne, 367 Gilmore, Algie Gaston, 151, 354 Gilmore, Stella Florence, 382 Gimpel, Robert Charles, 152 Gingrich, David Melvin, 100. 357 Girling, Rowland Lea, 128, 341 Glace, Kenneth William, Jr., 175, 302 Glaser, Glenn William, 302, 387 Glass, Alan Ronald, 367 Glenn, James Kirk, Jr., 341 Glenn, Jane Reynolds, 384 Glenn, John L., 341 Glenn, Robert Galloway, 156, 302 Glenn, Samuel D., 367 Glover, Gail Howell, 302 Glover, Gaye Bedford, 105, 302 Goddard, D. Andrew, 354 Godett, Robin Pietra, 357 Godwin, Howard Gibson, 80, 187, 354 Godwin, Joseph Caswell, 367 Gold, Charles Lee, 357 Goldberg, Linda Ruth, 354 Goldby, Eric Alan, 175, 188, 302 Golden, Terry Donald, 164, 184, 302 Goldklang, Howard Arthur, 413 Goldman, Edward Davis, 154, 341 Goldsmith, Alan McDowell, 302 Goldstein, Michael David, 354 Goldstein, Steven Ira, 302 Gonzalez, Peter William, 131, 354 Good, Carl Edward, 357 Good, Gerald Leroy, 70, 82, 83, 97, 195, 196, 302 Good, James Avery, 341 Good, Terry Rondall, 367 Goode, Gregory Milton, 367 Goode, Michael Kelly, 163, 302 Goodman. Edward Genair, 302 Goodman, Joseph Henry, 354 Goodman, Rodney Renus, Jr., 367 Goodman, Sherrill Taft, 413 Goodman, Shirley Ann, 303 Goodwin, Harry Abbitt, 367 Goodwin, James Oscar, 367 Goodwin, William Carroll, Jr., 402 Goodwin, Willie Parker, Jr., 341 Gordon. Britton Lawrence, 12 " , 354 Gordon, Clyde Walker, Jr., 303 Gordon, James Edward, 354 Gordon, Susan Sessions, 117 Gore, Anne Walker, 341 Gorham, James Samuel, III, 341 Gorman, Richard Forbes, 401 Gorsuch, Norman Clifford, 303 Gosselin. Richard Leon, 303 Gouge, Winton Douglas, 367 Gouger, Judy Elaine, 341 Gough, Kay Lynn, 367 Gould, Nathaniel Jay, 410 Gourlay, Charles Dossett, 367 Grady, Thomas Francis, 136, 303 Graham, Carol Sue, 56, 383 Graham, Charles Edward, 367 Graham, Charles Pattison, Jr., 395 Graham, Gerald Davis, 391 Graham, Joseph Michael, 367 Graham. Walter Raleigh, Jr., 187, 354 GramelFbach, Heidi Wilson, 367 Grant, Annette, 341 Grant, Arthur Gordon, Jr., 357 Grant, Hugh Judd, 354 Grant, Richard DeGolier, Jr., 155, 303 Grantham, John Davis, 341 Grantt, Alexander Peter, 354 Grape, Judith Pierrepont, 341 Graves, Richard Michael, 303 Gravette, Larry Dean. 303 Gray, Allan W., 155, 303 Gray, Carl William, 367 Gray, Cyrus Leighton, 395 Gray, James Charles, 134, 341 Gray, Lyons, 132 Gray, Paul Allen, Jr., 354 Gray. Richard Adrow, 390 Gray, Robert Daniel, 132, 303 Gray, Willie Dwight, 357 Green, Charles P., 412 Green, Larry Ray, 357 Green, Millie Franklin, 379 Greenamyer, Richard Doyle, 354 Greenbacker, John Everett, Jr., 78, 367 Greenberg, Stephen Neil, 341 Greene, Ann Gertrude, 75. 341 Greene. Becky Jo, 104, 112 Greene, Eleanor Anne, 53, 188, 303 Greene, Henry Thomas, 410 Greene, James Verdery, 341 Greene, John Zebulon, 367 Greene, Mitchell Arthur, 341 Greene, Rebecca J., 303 Greene, Ronald Wayne, 354 Greenfield, Robert Julius, 341 Greenhill, Elizabeth Dianne, 405 Greenleaf, Roger Alexander, Jr., 124, 341 Greenwood, Jacquelyn, 403 Greenwood, Paul Nicholas. 367 Gregory, Arthur Robert, 405 Gregory, Barbara Jane, 105. 303 Gregory, Kenneth Michael, 367 Gregory, Leroy Jackson, Jr., 303 Gretz, Susan Gertrude, 391 Grice, Gwendolyn Lee, 341 Page 440 Grier, John C, III, 303 Grier, Manton McCutchen, 367 Grifenhagen, William B., 367 Griffeth, William Francis, Jr., 341 Griffin, Frances Millard, 303 Griffin, Harold Wilson, Jr., 303 Griffin, James Keith, 341 Griffin, James McCarley, 354 Griffin, Joseph Waldo. Jr., 88, 184, 303 Griffin, Linda Ann, 113, 303 Griffin. Lindsay Ira, III. 367 Griffin, Morris Hal, 147, 303 Griffin, Robert Lee, 341 Griffin, Samuel Cecil, 354 Griffin, Warren Orual, 405 Griffin, William Charlie, Jr., 391 Griffith, Bryce W,, Jr., 163, 303 Griffith, Ethel Marie, 381 Griffith. Linda Clare. 303 Grigg, Marion Dudley, 390 Grigg, Wendell Randolph, Jr., 354 Griggs, Willard Wilson, Jr., 387 Griggs, Thomas Russell, 341 Grigsby, George Talmadge, Jr., 396 Grimes, Donald Warren, 367 Grimes, John Bryan, III, 303 Grimes, William Demsie, 303 Crimson, Roger Connell, 304 Groce, Fred Ford, Jr., 148, 341 Groce, Joan Roberta, 84, 70, 109, 381 Groetzinger, Sally. 304 Groome. Henry Houston. Jr., 410 Grosboll. Gary Dean, 70, 304 Gross, Charles Norvell, 304 Gross, Michael Ray, 357 Gross, Stephen Curtis, 341 Grossbart, Sanford Lyie, 167, 341 Grossman, Carl, 367 Grotgen, John F., Jr., 367 Grubb, Nancy Jane, 341 Grubb, Robert Lee, Jr., 395 Gruber, Felix Jose, 405 Gruehn, John Thomas, 304 Guard, John Etheridge, III, 354 Guffey, James Edward, 367 Guha, Helen, 405 Gulledge, Charles Brooks, 341 Culler, Jeffrey M., 413 Culler, Philip Arthur, 165, 304 Gullette, Robert Lincoln, 354 Gunch, Modine Gladys, 354 Gunderson, Karen Lee, 382 Gunter, James Alexander, 354 Gupton, Maria Manning, 304 Gupton, William Owen, 341 Gurley, Margaret Barry, 384 Gustafson, Frederic Bowen, 341 Gutierrez, Luis Eduardo, 341 Guy, Henry Frederick, 304 Guyctte, Henn, 405 Gwaltney, Richard, 304 Gygi, Andrew Charles, Jr., 367 H Habrat, Nancy Jane, 170, 390 Hackney, Alfred J., Jr., 341 Hafer, Frederick Eugene, 413 Hager, Hampton Croson, Jr., 367 Hager, James Ronald, 341 Haggard, James Lamar, 367 Hahn, Joseph Edward, 164, 341 Haigh, William Laurence, 354 Hailey, Thomas Charles, III, 354 Haines, Howard Palmer, 405 Haines, Martha Elizabeth, 341 Haines, Robert Atlee, 367 Hairfield, Robert Bennett, 367 Haithcock, Malvin Gordon, Jr., 354 Haithcock, Willard Irvin, 354 Hale, Robert Vernon, 397 Haley, Joan Elizabeth, 104, 119, 285, 304 Hall, Charles Martin, 367 Hall, Dorothy Patricia, 118, 304 Hall, Henry Perry, 367 Hall, Kyle Stanley, 368 Hall, Lawrence William, 368 Hall, Linda Gayle, 394 Hall, Michal Hoke, 304 Hall, Patricia Inez, 354 Hall, Ralph G., Jr., 341 Hall, Samuel Lindsay, Jr., 354 Hall, Sophronia Moore, 341 Hall, Thurman Butler, II, 368 Hall, William J., 406 Hall, William Ramsay, Jr., 368 Haller, Kenneth Alan, 368 Halsted, Marcia Jane, 304 Ham, Joseph Hutchinson, IV, 368 Hamati, Kamil Yousif, 406 Hambright, Ann Kelso, 341 Hamilton, John Randle, 74, 78, 354 Hamilton, Richard Bruce, 368 Hamilton, Stephen Spencer, 354 Hamilton, Thomas Samuel, Jr., 180, 304 Hamlin, Joseph John, 341 Hamlin, William Thomas, Jr., 354 Hammer, David Murray, 304 Hammer, James, 368 Hammersberg, Jon Robert, 304 Hammett, Alfreida Pauline, 304 Hammett, James Richard, 368 Hammett, John Allen, 304 Hammett, John Benjamin, 395 Hammond, Anna Spruill, 341 Hammond, John Arlen, 304 Hamp ton, Phillip Terry, 341 Hamrick, Fred Carroll, Jr., 304 Hamrick. Harvey James, 397 Hamrick, James Terry, 304 Hamrick, Leslie Diane, 304 Hamrick, Mary Margaret, 117, 379 Hamrick, Richard Douglas, 354 Hamrick, Robert Yates, Jr.. 368 Hanan. John Henry. Ill, 368 Hanchey, Charles Bess, 304 Hanchrow, Jack, 164 Hancock, George Nicholas, 368 Hancock, James Baldwin, 400 Hancock, William Franklin, Jr., 341 Hancock, William Geremain, 80, 341 Handy, Thomas Gordon, 401 Hanes, Frank Borden, 368 Hanes, James Gordon, 100, 341 Hankins, Gary William, 368 Hanna, George Verner, 111, 341 Hannon, Terrance, 368 Hanson, Barbara Lee, 109, 304 Hanson. Jane Boyles, 106. 341 Happel, Henry William, III, 341 Haraway, Frank Thomas, 341 Harbin, Sandra Kay, 403 Hardenbergh, Frank Eddy, 135, 354 Harding, Dennis Ray, Jr., 341 Hardison, James Walter, 410 Hardison, Joe William, 395 Hardman, Joel Cecil, Jr., 149, 354 Hardy, Carol Hyselop, 305 Hardy, Kathryn, 341 Hardy, Lillian Diane, 110 Hardy, Susan Bridgforth, 105, 341 Harer, Alan Eugene, 368 Hargis, Ronald Lathan, 389 Hargood, Cyrus Stow, Jr.. 368 Harkins, Stephen W., 341 Harmon, Jacob Claude, Jr., 354 Harmon, John Matney, 143, 187 Harmon, John Patrick, Jr., 354 Harmon. Virginia Lane. 341 Harned, Harriet Hughes, 114 Harney, Thomas Capehart, 140, 341 Harp, Leon Patterson, 341 Harper, Bonnie Glenn, 341 Harper, Franklin M., 368 Harper, James Earle, 341 Harrar, Evan Llewellyn, 341 Harrell, A. Jackson, 160 Harrell, Andrew Wayne, 139, 354 Harrell, Carolyn Anne, 57, 368 Harrell, James Waitus, Jr., 305 Harrell, Manfred F,, 305 Harrell, Neal Brooks, 122 Harrell, Shirley Ann, 354 Harrelson, Bruce M.. 368 Harrelson. Thomas Joseph, 305 Harrington, Abner Brown, 111, 413 Harrington, Ellis Jackson, Jr.. 354 Harrington, Jean Parker. 305 Harrington, Robert Edward, 368 Harrington, Thomas Franklin, 368 Harris, Bayard Easter, 63, 354 Harris, Charles Jax, Jr., 401 Harris, Charles Waverly, III. 341 Harris. Cornelius Jackson. 342 Harris. David Morton. 173 Harris. Donald Eugene, 395 Harris, James Osborn, 183, 342 Harris, Joe M., 364 Harris, John Glenn, 368 Harris, Joseph Wayne, 368 Harris, Judith Lynn, 368 Harris, Leonard M., 57, 342 Harris, Luetta, 305 Harris, Minnie Ellen, 342 Harris, Rebecca Anne, 342 Harris, Richard Casey, 368 Harris, Robert Martin, 368 Harris, Sara Ann, 84. 342 Harris, Thomas Alfred, 148, 354 Harris, Vivian, 383 Harris, William Harold, 368 Harrison, James Kenneth. 368 Harrison, Linda Yvonne, 382 Harrison, Reginald Woodrow, Jr., 120, 135, 183, 194, 286, 305 Harrison, William Byrd, 368 Harrlss, Herbert Lynch. 342 Harriss. Peggy Anne. 104. 110 Harry, Carolyn Mitchell, 379 Harshaw, Charles William, Jr., 355 Hart, Elzie Franklin, Jr., 397 Hart, Franklin Earl, 368 Hart, Gerald Britt, 368 Hart, James Cleaver, 355 Hart, James Michael, 358 Hart, James Patrick, 355 Hart, Michael Richard, 368 Hartley, Charles Lee, 305 Hartley, Eric Boykin, 368 Hartley, Laurence A., 305 Hartman, Donna Lee, 391 Hartman, James Daniel, Jr., 342 Harvey. Carol Ina, 384 Harviile, Thomas Crawford. Jr., 355 Harvin, Duncan Heyward, 368 Harwell, Fred Robinson. Jr., 355 Harwell, Sharon Lynn, 305 Hass, Marshall William, 368 Hassell, Charles Roberson, Jr., 121, 124, 342 Hassell, Raymond Grayer, 355 Hastings, Robert Charles, 368 Hasty, John Dozier, 261, 368 Hatch, William Harriman, 342 Hatch, William Manly, 355 Hatley, Donnie Gene, 368 Hatley, Mary Hill, 305 Hauser, Frank Marion, IV, 342 Hauser, Michael Francis, 355 Hawkins, Charles Bruce, 406 Hawkins, Hubert Wilson, Jr., 78. 305 Hawkins, Linda Josephine, 342 Hawkins, Ralph Owen, Jr., 399 Hawley, Thomas Earl, Jr., 368 Hawthorne, Stephen Lowell, 368 Hayden, John, 368 Hayes, George Lewis, Jr., 368 Hayes, Gerald Wilton, Jr., 135, 355 Hayes, James R., Jr., 402 Hayes, John Martin, 305 Hayes, Ray H.. Sr.. 399 Hayman, Patricia Sue, 342 Haynes, Beverly Ann, 86, HI, 189, 191, 194, 379 Haynes, John Elliott, 401 Haynes, Kenneth Barry, 368 Hays, William Arthur, Jr., 69, 70, 196 Haywood, Egbert Lynch, Jr., 413 Haywood, Robert Allyn, 355 Haywood, Roger Kent, 305 Hazelton, William Dean, 355 Heacock, Donald Robert, 120, 134, 305 Head, Thomas J., 402 Headlee, Thomas Allen, 368 Healy, Diana M., 342 Hearn, Gail Caledonia, 104, 115, 305 Heath, James Michael, 355 Heath, Nancy Isabel, 113, 305 Heatherington, Terry Walter, 176, 390 Heatherly, Charles Ray, 78, 305 Heavner, Fredrick Franklin, 305 Hebblethwaite, Robert Lee, 406 Hechenbleikner, Madeline Mercedes, 355 Heck, William Carroll, 368 Hedgecoe, Joel, 402 Hedrick, David Gene, 368 Hedrick, Johnny, 362 Hedrick, Mary Frances, 106, 384 Hefelfinger, Daniel Tucker, 342 Hefelfinger, David Charles, 395 Heffner, Kenneth A., 368 Hege, Jeanne Elizabeth, 403 Helbein, Isaac Robert, 164, 305 Helder, Jake Carson, 368 Hellen, Earle West, III, 368 Heller, Lawrence Steven, 368 Heller, Mary Judith, 383 Helmick. Wickey Ernest, 342 Helleckson, Joyce Lea, 305 Helms, John Douglas, 368 Helms, Michael James, 342 Helms, Walter Lee, Jr.. 305 Helms, Worth McLendel, 342 Hemphill, Mary Elizabeth, 107, 305 Henderson, Frederick Wayland, 358 Henderson, George P., Jr., 394 Henderson, Marvin William, Jr., 338 Henderson. Richard B.. 275. 306 Henderson. Richard Elliott Lee, 368 Hendren, Otis F.. 400 Hendren, Ralph Connolly, 368 Hendrix, Charles Raymond, Jr., 342 Hendrix. Martha Hamilton, 368 Henken, Edwin Robert, 406 Henley, Thomas Franklin, 195, 306 Hennessee, Donna Lou, 85, 342 Henry, David Patterson, II, 127, 306 Henry, James Edgar, 355 Henry, Kenneth Ray, 368 Henry, Michael Earle, 368 Henshaw, William Raymond, 400 Hensley, Michael Jack, 355 Henson, Larry Marshall, 368 Henson, Ronald Colin, 306 Henson, Vara Allene, 342 Hepler, Elizabeth Daisy, 355 Heppe, Mark, Jr., 147, 355 Herbert, Dorothy Kathryn, 306 Heritage, David Maull, 342 Herndon, Claude Harris, 400 Herrick, Joh n Harrington, 368 Herring, Diane Carol. 342 Herring, Glenn Alderman, Jr., 305 Herring, Rufus McPhail, Jr., 184, 342 Herter. Nancy Elizabeth, 382 Hess, Carol Jean, 368 Hesse, Richard Jenness, 86, 132, 305 Hester, Julian Glenn, 406 Hehich, Gilbert Lee, 406 Hetzel, William Walter, 147, 355 Heuay, Clifton Robertson, 342 Heymann, Peter Lawrence, 184, 342 Heywood. Helen Claire, 105, 306 Hiatt, Max Roe, 402 Hickmon, Leon Edward, 389 Hickman, Marjorie Jean, 342 Hicks, Ben H.. 306 Hicks, Earl Preston, 401 Hicks, Fred Allen, 342 Hicks, James F., Jr., 355 Hicks, Lewis P., 395 Hicks, Ronald Eugene, 342 Higgins, Virginia Eve, 342 High, Susan Schoonover, 110, 306 High, William Worley, 261, 368 Highsmith, Stephanie, 306 Hight, EIna Katharine, 306 Hildebrand, Patricia Ellen, 379 Hildenbrand, Steven Giles, 368 Hijazi, Yunis All, 406 Hile, Diane Louise, 55, 114, 306 Hill, Carolen Dollison, 306 Hill, Charles Marion, 358 Hill, David George, 368 Hill, Douglas Gray, 400 Hill, Edward Harvie, Jr., 144, 306 Hill, Franklin Neal, 306 Hill, Gary Prevost, 355 Hill, Germon Earl, 368 Hill, Glennie G., 391 Hill, Hoyle Durward, 306 Hill, James Clinton, 355 Hill, James Wells, III, 368 Hill, Larry Euris, 306 Hill, Laurann, 406 Hill, Nancy Ann, 368 Hiller, Robert Eric, 306 Hilliard, Henry Hoover, Jr., 368 Hilliard, Richard W., 368 Hillman, Inar Carl, Jr., 412 Hilmas, Duane Eugene, 406 Hilsen, Leonard S., 406 Himes, Samuel H., Jr., 68, 124, 306 Hines, James Michael, 368 Hines, Neill Judson, III, 306 Hinkle, Charles Robert, 368 Hinnant, Clayton Scott, 368 Hinnant, F. Victoria, 379 Hinnant, Robert Willard, 400 Hinshaw, Maxwell Norman, Jr., 355 Hinson, Conrad Conley, Jr., 368 Hinton, Harvey Douglas, 342 Hinton, Larry Harold, 355 Hinton, William S., Jr., 368 Hipp. Mary I., 406 Hipps, Charles William, 342 Hite, Charles W., Jr., 176, 390 Hixon, Barbara Ann, 342 HIadys, Virginia Ann, 342 Hoar, Stephen Warren, 368 Hobbs, Alfred Scales, 306 Hobbs, Charles McAulay, 306 Hobbs, James M., 306 Hobbs, Ralph Nicolson, 355 Hobgood, William Sands Holloway, 368 Hobson, Fred Colby, Jr., 342 Hobson, Judith Elizabeth, 368 Hockfield. Steven Alan, 368 Hocutt, Edgar Jerome, 395 Hodge, John Ernest, 368 Hodges, Benjamin Franklin, 72, 368 Hodges, Gerald Garant, 342 Hodges, Henry Latham, Jr., 144, 307 Hodges, Joseph Laurence, III, 93, 94, 96, 101, 307 Hodges, Vicky Jane, 307 Hoechster, John Howard, 342 Hoehn, Edward George, III, 275, 307 Hoffman, Burt Merril, 307 Hoffman. Cheryl Elaine. 84, 117, 307 Hofler, James Carrol, 307 Hofmeister, Stanley Irving, 368 Hogsed, Marilyn Gaye, 390 Hogue, David Barclay, 368 Hoke, William R., 408 Holcher, Frank T., 342 Holcombe. Robert Odell, Jr., 368 Holden, Carl Mitchell, Jr., 307 Holder, Bettina Kay, 381 Holder, Harold Eben, 368 Holderness, George Allan, III, 307 Holderness, James B., 132, 307 Holladay, Jerry Wayne, 368 Holland, Elizabeth Sue, 114, 307 Holland, Jackie Odell, 390 Holland, Robert Walter, IV, 368 Holland, Sherrill Reid, III, 368 Holland, Tony Lyles, 342 Holland, Walter A., Jr., 368 Hollander, Jeffrey Alan, 342 Holleman, Curtis Edwin, 87, 178, 389 Holleman, Larry Benton, 368 Holler, Cato Oliver, 355 Hollingsworth, John Frederick, 307 Hollmgsworth. J. Winston, 176, 387 Hollis, Rosanne, 342 Holloman, Betsy Falls, 307 Hollomon, James Arthur, III, 391 Hollowell, Samuel Hugh, 368 Holmes, Alexander Baron, IV, 127, 355 Holmes, Elbert Carmack, 394 Holmes, Jeffrey Lynn, 368 Holmes, Thelma M., 406 Holmes. William Ballard, 275, 307 Holsapple, Merritt Curtis, 368 Holsopple, Hiran Glenn, Jr., 368 Holstein. Samuel D., Jr., 401 Holt, Jon David, 57, 368 Holt, Nancy Lou, 116, 307 Holton, Jean Marshall, 382 Homesley, Howard David, 136, 194, 397 Honan, Bill, 136, 355 Honeycutt, Ginger Lee, 307 Honeycutt, Lattie Fuller, Jr., 194, 397 Honeycutt, Randy Edward, 368 Honeycutt, Thomas Rhett, 307 Honeycutt, Wallace Blair, 399 Hood, Floyd Collins, Jr., 369 Page 441 Hook. George Allen, III, 369 Hooks, William Borden, Jr., 359 Hooper, Pamela Whittemore, 342 Hooper, Ronald Dale, 307 Hooper, Thomas Lewis, 369 Hoopes, Edwin Lowrey, III, 156, 355 Hoover, Eddie Lee. 355 Hoover. George W., 406 Hoover. James William. 369 Hoover. Robert C, 307 Hopkins, Christine Marais, 307 Hopkins, Karen Lyon, 381 Hopkins, Robert Donald, 307 Hopper, James Ellis. 355 Hord. Robert C., Jr., 412 Hornaday, Betty Lou, 307 Hornbeck, Judith Elaine, 114, 379 Home, Essie Mae, 406 Horner, Bonnie Lynn, 118, 342 Horney, Mary Ann, 369 Hornthal, Allen Lane, 401 Horsley, Shirley Amanda, 389 Horton, Fred Lane, Jr., 307 Horton, Thomas Joseph, 399 Hotchkin, Elizabeth Ann, 342 Houck, Gwendolyn Mae, 110, 307 Houck, William Jerome, 369 Houch, James Gaston, 369 Houle, Jerome Lawrence, III, 369 House, Marvin Bailey, 308 Houser. John William, 160, 342 Houston, Diana Dee, 342 Houston, Joanna Baker, 342 Houston, Roslyn Edwina, 50, 118, 308 Hout, Patricia Joan, 342 Howard, Edwin Roger, Jr., 172, 308 Howard, Edwin Stephen, 342 Howard, Mary Carole, 382 Howden, Eugene F., 401 Howe. Daniel Bo. 135, 355 Howe, David William, 93, 96, 101, 135, 308 Howe, George Milton, 355 Howe, John Elmer, Jr., 56, 75, 308 Howe, Martha Jane, 110, 342 Howell, Charles H., 308 Howell. David James, 369 Howell, Emma Redmond, 110, 308 Howell, James Stuart, 342 Howell, Jayne Lynn, 308 Howell, Nelson Neil, 395 Howell, Philip Gene, 359 Howell, Ron W., 413 Howell. Sharon Lee, 106, 308 Howerton, Judy Charlyne. 382 Howie. Elizabeth Stewart. 342 Hoyle. Bonnie Mane, 64, 104, 118, 133, 308 Hoyle, John C, 308 Hoyle, Kay, 336 Hoyle, William Roberson, 194, 413 Hoyle, William Sidney, 342 Hoyle. Wilson Smith. Jr.. 308 Hoyt, Richard Lee. 132. 355 Hubbard. Grady Allen. 369 Hubbard. John Kennedy. 369 Hubble. John Howard. 369 Hucks, David A., 369 Hudson. Herman DeGrace. Jr., 369 Hudson, John Dwight, 144. 355 Hudson. Wayne Albert, 342 Hudspeth, James Lester, 355 Huebner, Frederick Weber, 359 Huf, William Langley, 355 Huffman, Allen William, Jr., 397 Huffman. Daniel Frederick. 369 Huffman. Don Wayne. 342 Hoggins. Bruce Wayne. 413 Huggins, Guy Hal, 369 Huggler, David Horton, 163, 355 Hughes. James Allen. 355 Hughes. John Rodney. 369 Hughes, John William, 111, 355 Hughes, Laura Jane, 379 Hughes, Richard Edward. 413 Hughes, Robert K., 144, 308 Hughes, Ronald Len, 342 Hughes, William Don, 342 Hughey, Michael Weaver, 369 Hull, Gerald Brent, 369 Hull, Peggy Anne, 342 Hulse, William Frederick, 308 Hume, Robert Leo, 355 Humphrey, Carson Hilbert 369 Humphrey. Heather, 105 Humphrey, Willie White, 308 Humphreys, Dorothy Ann, 369 Humphries, Betty Forbes, 104, 117, 308 Hundley, Carl Wallace, 359 Hundley, Deane, 399 Hundley, James Davenport, 397 Hundsinger, Drew Charles, 394 Hunker, Albert Henry, 369 Hunnicutt, Barbara Kay, 369 Hunt, Carolyn Leonard, 308 Hunt, Edgar William, 111, 183, 355 Hunt, Ernest Woodrow, 394 Hunt, James Baxter, Jr., 410 Hunt, John Cameron, Jr., 359 Hunt, Samuel P.. Ill, 180, 342 Hunt, Sylvia, 342 Hunter, Barrett McKenzie, 401 Hunter, Bobette Kelley, 369 Hunter, Calvin Bruce, 73, 355 Hunter, Genevieve Preston, 118, 308 Hunter, James Collett, Jr., 355 Hunter, John Wayne, 355 Hunter, Luther Gillespie, Jr.. 355 Hunter. Mildred Ann. 308 Hunter. Robert Carl, 355 Hunter, Shelton Brinson, III, 342 Hunter, Stephanie Rogers, 369 Hunter, Thomas Allison, 369 Huntley. Robert Stephen. 342 Huntsberry. Edith Ann. 342 Huppert. George Nixon, 369 Hurst, Nancy Ward, 382 Hurt, Corinne Wilkes, 342 Hurt, Laurie Taylor, 113, 308 Hurwitz, Abby S.. 308 Huske. Isaac Manning. 129. 308 Hutchens. Jimmie R.. 342 Hutchens. Luther Hill. Jr.. 402 Hussman. Gary Marvin. 355 Hutcheson. John Ambrose, Jr.. 355 Hutchins. Ralph Wayne, 369 Hux, Michael Boyd, 359 Hyatt, Allison Taylor, 355 Hyde, Joseph Reeves, III, 159 Hyde, L. D.. 413 Hyde. Wilson Pennington. 172. 342 Hyman, Irwin Barry. 78, 152 Hyman. Louis Ephraim, 308 I I ' Anson, May Frances Tuttle, 112, 308 Ibrahim, Michel A., 406 Iddings, William Robert, 56. 183. 342 Iglehart. Charles Cecil. Jr., 406 Inge. William Andrew. Jr., 369 Ingram, George Mason, 128, 355 Ingram, John Carter, 70, 77, 183, 355 Ingram, Rebecca Suzan, 342 Inman, Claud Carroll, Jr., 309 Inman, Teddy R.. 342 lobst. Nancy Jeanne. 342 Irvin. David Alexander. 413 Irving. John William. 148, 355 Isenhour, Sanford Eugene, 309 Isom, Dorothy Rose, 96, 381 Israel, Henry W,, Jr., 369 Israel, Stephen Howard, 166 lurka, John Langdon, 369 Ives, Charles Luther, III, 309 Ives, Penelope Elise, 309 Ivey, Bill W., 413 Ivey, Sarah Lane, 369 J Jackson, Billy Dean, 406 Jackson, Charles Terry, II, 413 Jackson, Diane June, 309 Jackson, Donald Wilkerson, 309 Jackson, Douglas, 342 Jackson, Elbert Curtis, 139, 342 Jackson, George Winfield, 413 Jackson. Howard Philos. 342 Jackson, Isaiah Ferring, 369 Jackson. John Lee. 359 Jackson. John Ronald. 342 Jackson. Marvin Wade. 369 Jackson, Millard Irving, Jr., 410 Jackson. Neal A., 69. 70. 76. 342 Jackson. Roy Clifton. 309 Jackson. Walter Allen. 369 Jackson. Wayne Alford. 100. 309 Jackson. Wilbur Arrington, Jr.. 355 Jacobs. Hunter Lewis. 342 Jacobs. Nancy Karan. 369 Jacobs. Ralph Douglas, 413 Jacobson, Joseph Laurence, 369 Jacocks. Eleanor Elizabeth. 383 James, Charlotte Rhew, 342 James, Dixie Yvonne, 309 James, Frances Louise, 342 James, Judith McGowan, 355 James. Mary Teena. 355 James. Nena Lynn. 403 James. Robert Lee. 309 James. Roger Wayne. 342 James. Sally Loree. 106, 309 James, William Edwin, 355 James. William Reginald, 369 Jamison, Forrest Robert, 92, 96, 309 Jamison, Mary Elizabeth, 171, 389 Janowitz, William Harry, 355 January, Mary Lee, 382 Jarman, Dorothy Coleman, 81, 309 Jarman, Joseph, 387 Jarman, William Franklin, Jr., 359 Jarman, William Henry, Jr., 397 Jarrell. Fred Fincher. 359 Jarrett. James Paul. Jr., 309 Jarrett. Tommy Willis. 70. 147, 342 Jarvis, Wade Henry, Jr., 369 Jason, Peter H,, 67, 74, 80, 120, 165, 309 Jegermanis, Valts E.. 309 Jefferds. Joseph Crosby. Ill, 131, 342 Jefferson, Elizabeth, 405 Jeffries, Judy Gene, 403 Jeffries, Margaret Louise, 384 Jenkins, Dennis Tony, 369 Jenkins, Larry Wade. 355 Jenkins. Larry William. 359 Jenkins, Turner Perry, 359 Jenkins, William Delmar, Jr., 342 Jennell, Kay Jackson, 355 Jennings, Henry Edwin, 355 Jennings, James Hayden, 369 Jenrette, Julius Poe, Jr., 369 Jensen, Paul Andrew, 77, 127, 355 Jernigan, Frank Hundley, 369 Jernigan, Jasper Truett, 369 Jernigan. John David, 342 Jernigan. Nancy Elizabeth. 395 Jessup. Edward Patton. 359 Jessup. Percy Wells, 402 Jessup, William E.. 342 Jewell. Robert Stanley. 369 Jobes, William Henry. Jr., 410 Johansson, Beatrice Katrin, 355 Johansson, N. Christine, 342 Johns, Arnold Earl, 160, 342 Johnson, Burgess O ' Neal, 342 Johnson, Carl H.. 369 Johnson. Charles E.. II, 401 Johnson, Dale Patton, 342 Johnson, Edwin Lynn, 413 Johnson, George Robert, 359 Johnson, George Terry, 399 Johnson, Jimmey Lynn, 70, 355 Johnson, John Ashley, 359 Johnson, Kay Emily, 95, 355 Joh nson. Mary Diana, 106, 342 Johnson, Mary Lou, 87, 171, 389 Johnson, Molly Parker, 369 Johnson, Peggy Jane, 342 Johnson, Raymond Horace, 359 Johnson, Richard S.. 100. 139. 355 Johnson. Robert Arthur. 369 Johnson. Robert Edwin, 355 Johnson, Robert Harry, 183, 309 Johnson, Robert White. 413 Johnson. Roberta Ann. 106, 309 Johnson, Ryland Earl, Jr., 124. 355 Johnson. Sigurd A.. 309 Johnson, Tanya, 369 Johnson, Thomas George, Jr., 400 Johnson, Thomas Lane, 183, 309 Johnson, William Leslie, Jr.. 342 Johnson. William Marshall. 309 Johnson. Willis Ray. III. 388 Johnston. Betsy Ann, 369 Johnston, Carol Elizabeth, 342 Johnston, Donald Richard, 405 Johnston, John Gardner, 155, 309 Johnston, Julius, III, 148, 342 Johnston, Mary Helen, 390 Johnston, Matt Ransom, 413 Johnston, Pamela Susan, 342 Johnston, Reed, Jr., 342 Johnston, Wayne Frederick, 369 Johnston, Wilbur Lee, Jr.. 342 Johnstone. Margaret Robertson, 342 Jolley. Rickey Dalon. 355 Jolley, Roger Dale, 355 Jolley, Virginia Ray, 309 Jolly, Horton Gray, 395 Jolly. John Russell. Jr.. 122. 137, 309 Jonas, Charles Raper, Jr., 413 Jonas, Christopher Brooks, 342 Jonas, Richard Elliott, 120, 342 Jones, Albert Martin, 369 Jones, Benner, III, 140, 412 Jones, Calvin M., 161 Jones, Carolyn Wayne. 381 Jones. Charles Parker, 310 Jones. Charles Ray. 180, 343 Jones, Dalma Bright, Jr., 355 Jones. Henry Lawrence, 96, 101, 172, 343 Jones, James Judson, 369 Jones, J. Laurence. III. 57, 343 Jones, Joe Athel, 343 Jones, John Albert, Jr., 343 Jones. John Terry. 355 Jones. John William, 413 Jones, Larry Marvin, 343 Jones, Larry Wilson, 390 Jones, Martha Verlette, 310 Jones, Max Frederick, 127, 343 Jones, Nancy Louise, 113, 310 Jones, Nancy Marilyn, 104, 114, 310 Jones, Plummer Flippen, III, 359 Jones, Robert Brook, 155, 310 Jones, Robert O ' Brien, 310 Jones, Roland Eugene, 343 Jones, Stephen Allen, 359 Jones, Steve Michael, 128, 310 Jones, Susan Lynn, 105, 310 Jones, Thomas Henry. 178, 389 Jones. Thomas Lewis. 390 Jordan. Linda Virginia. 382 Jordan. Robert Edward, 369 Jordan, Robert Strong. 355 Jorgensen, Jan Jelmert. 369 Jorgensen. Jeffrey Wilhelm. 369 Jorgensen. Larry Green, 399 Jorgensen, Lynn Christian 402 Joyce, David Ward, 151 Joye, E. Michael, 355 Joyner, Raymond Edward, 184 Joyner, Ronald Freeman, 184 Joyner, Whitmel, Madison, 63, 310 Joyner, William Lewis, Jr.. 143 Julian. Daniel Lee. 310 Julian. Dennis Michael. 369 Justesen. Wayne Quay. 359 Justice. Floyd Franklin, 343 Justice. James Donivan. 144. 355 Justice, Max Edward, 369 Kabat, Jay Lewis, 369 Kagel, Stuart Todd, 80, 124, 355 Kahdy, Barbara Ann, 369 Kalb, Roxanne Elizabeth, 106, 343 Kaley, James Dudley, 343 Kalkhurst, Mae Elizabeth, 118, 310 Kallam, George Harrison, III, 343 Kallenboch, Barbara Ellen, 310 Kane, Paul James, Jr., 140, 343 Kaneer, Robert Abernathy, 355 Kanwit, Peter David, 355 Kaplan, David Mann, 369 Kaplan, Kenneth Franklin, 369 Kassens, William D., Jr., 355 Katz, Arthur Steve, 310 Katz, Robin A.. 310 Kaucher. Margarete Susan, 369 Kausch, John G.. 369 Kay. Michael Alan. 152 Kaye, Lawrence Michael, 359 Kearney, Robert Evans, 391 Kearns, John William, 369 Kearse, William 0., Jr., 149, 343 Keating, William H., Jr.. 355 Keefer, Thomas B., Jr., 355 Keen. Aubrey Alfred, 356 Keese, Timothy G.. 343 Keever. Frederick Lester, Jr., 369 Keever. Richard Alan, 413 Kehler, Walter Harold, Jr., 369 Keistler, William Bradley, 310 Keith, Luther Wayne, 388 Keith, Preston Wylie, 343 Keith, Thomas Jeffrey, 356 Keleher, Susan Louise, 343 Kellam. Nosco Hobart. Jr., 356 Kelleher, Esther Winters. 310 Kelleher, Kathleen Jane, 343 Keller. Roland R.. 369 Kellerman. George Rountree. 131, 310 Kellerman, Terry Lynne, 343 Kellett, Samuel Beam. 369 Kelley. Kenneth Taylor. 369 Kelly. Anne Marie. 87. 389 Kelly. Douglas Floyd. 343 Kelly. Linda Mina. 343 Kelly. Loretta. 385 Kelly, Sally Shannon, 343 Kelly, Sandra Liggett, 117 Kemmer, Susan J,, 381, 385 Kemp, Donald Lee, 157 Kemp, Thomas Law, 111. 131. 310 Kenan. Agnes Clay. 117, 310 Kendall, Donald Wilson, 310 Kendall, James E.. 399 Kendrick. Howard H., 355 Kenerly. Susan Grey. 310 Kennedy. Glenn Arthur, 343 Kennedy, Imogene E.. 113. 343 Kennedy. John B., 178. 389 Kennedy, Larry Gene, 87, 389 Kennedy, Michael Scott, 412 Kennedy, Sandra Wess. 355 Kennerly. Lucy Cage. 89. 110. 310 Kennington. James Edward, 355 Kenyon, Jane Gray, 369 Kerley. Winston Woodlief, 343 Kern. Karen Louise. 369 Kerns. Marshall Glenn. 355 Kerns. Robert Maury. 356 Kerr. Thomas Jackson. 139. 310 Ketner. John Herman, Jr., 310 Key, Bobby Joe. 411 Key, John Chase, 406 Keyser, Dale Andrews, 343 Khan, Mohammad Anwar, 406 Kieser, Fred, Jr., 413 Kilgo, Dale Wayne, 359 Killian, Charles Edwin, 180, 356 Killian, James Franklin, 369 Killian, Richard Wayne, 369 Kilpatrick. Wilbur Kirby, 394 Kim, Keith K.. 405 Kimble. Victoria Mary. 383 Kimel. Larry Leslie, 369 Kimmerer, Marian, 343 Kimrey, Vernon Ray, Jr., 369 Kimzey, James M.. 408. 411 Kimzey. Ronald Martin. 125, 311 Kinard, Houston Gary, 369 Kindley, Robert Thomas, 395 King. Benny E,. 311 King. Brenda Sain. 380 King. Brenda Sue. 343 King. Dan Gaither. 369 King. Donaldson Wells. 343 King. Ernest Tillman. 160 King. Frances Rhyne. 380 King, Isaac F.. 343 King, James Arnold, 390 King, Jennings Graham, Jr.. 359 King. John Thomas. 135. 311 King. Malvern Francis. Jr.. 69. 201, 343 King, Mary, 81, 362 King, Millard Leon, Jr., 370 King. Robert James, Jr., 311 King, Victoria H.. 76. 109. 343 King, William Douglas. 67, 101. 311 Kinkade. Daniel Wyck. 370 Kinlaw. Francis Harvey. 355 Kinlaw. Ghentlee Womack. 311 Kinlaw. William Knox. Jr.. 394 Kinnaird. Lucretia Virginia, 370 Page 442 h Out In The Croool World LET HOSPITAL SAVING ASSOCIATION HELP CARRY THE BURDEN OF HOSPITAL AND DOCTOR BILLS WITH ITS FAMOUS BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD PROTECTION Page 443 Kinney, Burnley Brockenbrough, 118, 311 Kinney, Charles Edward, Jr., 370 Kinney, George Sandifer, 311 Kirby, Ralph Clayton, 356 Kirchdorfer, Betty Jean, 343 Kirk, Charles Dayton, 343 Kirk, Mary Susan, 81, 3 0 Kirkland, William Ellio tt, 74, 3 3 Kirkman, John Manliff, 413 Kirkman, Thomas Larry, 370 Kirkpatrick, Curry, 55. 343 Kirkpatrick, James Weaver, 356 Kirstein, Philip Lawrence, 370 Kirven, James Dupont, III, 343 Kiser, David Monroe, 370 Kiser, John Donald, Jr., 401 Kiser, John William, 72, 343 Kispert, John Joseph, Jr., 370 Kissell, Reuben Rouse, III, 370 Kistler, Clyde Dewey, Jr., 370 Kistler, James Peter, III, 343 Kitts, John Isler, Jr., 370 Kiziah, Larry Cleveland, 390 Klaff, Michael Philip, 164, 356 Kleiman, Scott Gerald, 397 Kleitman, Kenneth, 370 Klepfer, Robert Onan, Jr., 413 Kline, Charles Robert, Jr., 3?0 Kline, Harvey Franklin, 343 Kling, Margaret Carol, 382 Klinker, Brian Paul, 147, 311 Klumpp, Kathleen M.. 76, 114 Kluttz, George Fisher, 356 Klyce, Emily Meriwether, 86, 110, 201, 311 Knesel, David C, 356 Knight, Anne Bradley, 311 Knight, Anne Sandra, 355 Knott, Robert Allen, Jr., 370 Knott, Rufus Henry, 394 Knowles, Michael Ray, 370 Knupp, Robert Lee, 370 Koch, Carol Virginia, 384 Kodack, Lawrence D., 356 Kohn, Robert B., 370 Kollar, Joseph John, 343 Komas, Nicolas John, 343 Konopka, Edward Allen, 370 Koonce, Edwin Earl, Jr., 370 Koonce, William Turner, 356 Koonts, Helen Rebecca, 356 Koontz, Jack A., 394 Koontz, Thomas Clayton, 370 Koontz, Thomas Jeffrey, 131, 396 Korschun, Robert Steven, 311 Kortner, Coleman Keith, 311 Kottler, Nahum Harry, 167, 343 Kouba, William Dudley, 356 Kouri, Edward William, 343 Kow, Banchong, 343 Kraft, Richard Harrington, Jr., 370 Kramer, Richard Frederick, 356 Kraycivik, Herbert Michael, 370 Kreiser, Bette Jane, 356 Kress, Sidney Carl, 396 Kroboth, Timothy Ray, 370 Kroe, Jerry Edard, 343 Krug, Michael Charles, 370 Kubie, Donald Albert, Jr., 356 Kuester, Faison Shaw, 370 Kurth, Franz Jeffrey, 370 Kuykendal, Robert Lee, 370 Kyle, Ninette, 311 Kyles, Max Austin, 343 Lackey, Everett Stephen, 370 Lackey, Walter Lee, Jr., 356 Lacy, James Barnes, 413 Lacy, Thomas W., 343 Laddey, Brian Michael, 370 LaFevers, Fredrick Stevens, 135, 343 Lafferty, Robert Parks, 177, 389 Lahens, Frances Bradhurst, 381 La nk, 356 Charles Ray. 343 Gary David, 261, 370 Lamb, Caryl Sue, 343 Lamb, Robert George. 140, 355 Lambe, Ronald Jay, 343 Lambert, Frank Warren, Jr., 406 Lambert, Jerry Jefferson, 356 Lambert, Joel William, Jr., 343 Lambert, John Wallace, 370 Lambert, Thomas Bernard, 343 Lambeth, Albert Lee, Jr., 391 Lambeth, Philip David, 370 Lamm, Benny Scott, 390 Lamm, Betsy Dunn, 343 Lamm, Dwight Cooper, 370 Lamm, Riddick Madison, Jr., 370 Lamm, Thomas David, 370 LaMonica, William Kimbrough, 76, 343 Lament, George James, 370 Lament, William, III, 391 Lampman, Thomas Smith, Jr., 261, 370 Lampsi, Roberta Jean, 105, 343 Lancaster, Alan Grover, 391 Lancaster, Beaufort Marion, Jr., 370 Lancaster, Harold Martin, 53, 75, 343 Lancaster, Mary Lena, 370 Land, Cleo Edward, Jr., 413 Land, Harry Kenneth, 343 Land, Roy Vernon, Jr,, 395 Lane, Barbara Dean, 403 Lane, Catherine Rose, 343 Lane, Chauncey Munger, Jr., 370 Lane, Dallas Scott, 183, 311 Lane, James Randolph, Jr., 397 Lane, Robert Elden, 370 Lane, Robert Harold, 356 Lanedon, William Cleveland, 395 Laney, Margaret Sherril, 343 Laney, Thomas Percy, 356 Langdon, Charles W., 147, 343 Langford, Michael Lewis, 370 Langley, Rufus Benjamin, 173, 311 Langston, Allen, Jr., 413 Lanier, Elton Ray, 187, 356 Lanier, Ralph Odell, Jr., 356 Lankford, Frank Greenfield, III, 132, 311 Lankford, Shelton Frank, 99, 100, 311. 101 Lankford, Wales Randall, II, 343 Lansche, John Elmer, 57, 356 LaRowe, Peter Clark, 394 Larrick, James Kenneth, 140, 311 Larson, John Webster, 343 Lasater, James Earl, 370 Lasater, Thomas S., 311 Lashley, Carole Lane, 311 Lasitter, Moses Dow, Jr., 144, 311 Lassiter, Richard Colerain, 395 Latane, James Wellington, III, 311 Latham, Harry Staton, 370 Laton, Paul Watkins, Jr., 370 Lauder, Barbara R., 343 Laughlin, Jo Alice, 104, 117, 311 Launt, Jonathan Taylor. 370 Lauterer. Jonathan Gregory, 370 Lawes, Arthur Elliot, 370 Lawler, Michael, 65 Lawrence, Ann Parrish, 312 Lawrence, Claude Haynes, Jr., 370 Lawrence, Donald Gray, 312 Lawrence, Harry Wayne, 412 Lawrence, Linda Laxton, 380 Lawrence, Sandra Dotson, 85, 312 Lawrence, Willis Ray, 312 Laws. Sally Frances, 96, 343, 385 Lawson, Jerry Wayne, 370 Laxton, Carroll Malcolm, 390 Layton, David A., 343 Layton, David Hoyle, 370 Leach, Sally Johnston, 312 Leach, William Johnston, 370 Leader, Jack Gary, 370 Leafe, Norman Ephraim, Jr., 370 Leak, James A., 370 Leak, Mary Stella, 343 Leake. Arthur Eldridge, Jr., 396 Leake, William Stuart, Jr., 77, 343 Leary, Ricky Grady, 370 LeBlanc, John Weber, 312 Leder, Charles Louis, 152, 312 Leder, Nathan I.. 164, 356 Ledgerwood, Harriet Kay, 96, 110, 312 Lee, Charles D., 343 Lee, Glenda Ann, 96, 343 Lee, J. B., Jr., 148, 343 Lee, John Michael, 183, 312 Lee, John William, 343 Lee, Ronald Earl, 312 Lee, William Knapp, Jr., 370 Leeper, David Franklin, 370 Leffler, Patricia Ann, 81, 84, 105, 343 Lefler, Charles Deems, 356 Lefler, Hugh Talmage, Jr., 397 Leggett, Jay Lynn, 172, 343 Leggett, Martha Victoria, 171, 390 Leggett, Robert Franklin, Jr., 312 Leggett. Virgilia Banks, 343 Legler, Mitchell W., 135, 312 LeGrand, John Lillington, 144, 343 Lehrer, Steven Edward, 312 Leibold, Jean Ellen, 356 Leigh. James Michael, 370 Leiand, Roderic S.. 356 Lemon. Marilyn Hope, 343 Lennon, Richard Simpson, Jr., 312 Lentz, Ellen Linn, 356 Lentz, Myra M., 406 Lentz, William Jeremiah, 370 Lenz, James Lewis, 370 Lenz, John James, Jr., 343 Leonard, Baxter Columbus Jones, 370 Leonard, Carol-Anne, 383 Leonard, Cynthia, 312 Leonard, James Raymond Wesley, 370 Leonard, Kenneth Beattie, 356 Leonard, Ralph Hodges, 343 Leonhardt, Douglas Leon, 343 Lesavoy, Mai, 164, 286 Lesesne, Edward Huguenin, 127, 343 Lesley, Donald Williams, 143, 356 Leslie, Donald Alexander, Jr., 370 Lester, Douglas Joe, 343 Lester, William Hugh, 343 Lester. William Lib, 343 Lethco, Helen Roberta, 69, 356 LeVasseur. William Thomas. 370 Levin. John Joshua. 370 Levin. Judith Sharon, 312 Levine, George Joel, 343 Levine, Joseph, 312 Levine, Sarah Esther, 117, 312 Levine, Sharon Fern, 312 Congratulations to the Class of 1964 (Jamm C fjee omji PEPSI-COLA PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY DURHAM, N. C. UNIVERSITY FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP 124 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill Page 444 Levinson, Harold Jay, 165, 343 Lewis, Caroline Worrell, 117, 312 Lewis, Charles Hendrix, Jr., 370 Lewis, Clarence Franklin, Jr., 370 Lewis, Clifford Thomas, 140, 397 Lewis, Don Vincent, 370 Lewis, Eben W., Jr., 97, 101, 312 Lewis, Edward Lee, 370 Lewis, Eva May, 343 Lewis, Gregg David, 356 Lewis, Lida Kidd, 383 Lewis, Lorenzo, Jr., 370 Lewis, Mary Linda, 74, 110, 343 Lewis, Mary Suzanne, 383 Lewis, Patricia Jean, 370 Lewis, Wilma Ruth, 406 Lewisohn, Richard, III, 131, 312 Lichtenfels, Frances, 343 Lichtenstein, Marshall Harvey. 76. 356 Liebolt, Frederick Lee, Jr., 413 Liggett, Frank Rahm, III, 413 Light, Elizabeth Harlan, 84, 343 Light, James Woodson, 157 Ligon, Barbara Anne. 380 Lillard, Elizabeth Jane, 107, 312 Lilly, Thomas T., Jr., 176, 187, 390 Limprasutr, Prabha, 406 Lincoln, Charles Howard, 312 Lindenmeyeyer, Thomas Howard, 356 Lindley, Harry ewell, 356 Lindley, James Randall, 356 Lindley, John Van, Jr., 147 Lindon, Virginia Gail, 343 Lindsay, Joseph Hamlin, Jr., 356 Lineberger, Archibald Caleb, 144, 356 Lineberger, Cason, 110, 313 Lineberger, Luther Truett, 399 Lineberry, Don E., 400 Link, Henry William, 143, 356 Link. Malcolm Eugene, 135, 356 Linker, Dorothy Waddell, 313 Linker, Julius Dodd, Jr., 313 Linkous, Harry Abraham, III, 370 Linney, Isaac Baxter, 78, 370 Linville, Martha Emily, 343 Linville, Ray Pate, 370 Lipp, Fred S., 135, 356 Lippa, Matthew Stuart, 370 Lippard, Carol Nannette, 343 Lippincott, Robert Louis, Jr., 370 Lisella, Richard Scott, 406 Litsinger, Glenn Mitchell, Jr., 343 Little, Alexander Graham, III, 128, 343 Little, Edgar Watson. 370 Little, Hilda Hardison, 343 Little, James David, 356 Little, Jerry Allen, 343 Little, Philip R., 397 Little, Susan Elizabeth, 313 Little, Willie Melvin, Jr., 313 Littlefield, Dianne, 343 Littlejohn, Samuel McGowan, 356 Litton, Michael Daniel, 356 Livengood, Thomas Stuart, 356 Liverman, Betty Michael, 76, 117, 313 Livesay, Jonathan Craig, 370 Livingston, Elizabeth Ann, 356 Lloyd, Charles Braxton, 370 Lloyd, Evelyn Pauline, 171, 389 Lloyd, Virginia Ann, 317 LobI, Thomas Jay, 356 Loftin, Colin K., 313 Loftin, David Highsmith, 356 Loftis, Alton Taylor, 313 Logan, Judy Irene, 370 Logan, Philip Howard, 391 Logan, Wade Hampton, III, 124, 356 Logsdon, Marvin Otis, 406 Logue, Carolyn Clements, 50, 113, 313 Lokey, Julian Lee, 139, 356 Lomax, John Robert, III, 175, 356 Lominac, Thomas Charles, 344 London, Fred Williams, Jr., 370 London, Henry Adolphus, II, 370 Long, Benjamin Franklin, IV, 370 Long, Donald Gray, 344 Long, Donald Stuart, 356 Long, Evelyn Marie, 72, 344 Long, James Eugene, 413 Long, James Sexton, 344 Long, Lawrence Russell, 370 Long, Melinda, 344 Long, Robert B., Jr., 409 Long, Samuel Sprott, II, 370 Long, William Brenisen, 178, 394 Long, William Thomas, 370 Longest, Frank Alexander, Jr., 370 Longest, James Patrick, 344 Lopp, John Peter, 344 Lopp, Ronnie Bruce, 344 Lorber, D. Martin, 53, 56, 344 Lorek, Barbara Jo, 96, 383 Loud, John Merrell, 370 Loudon, Alexander, 356 Love, Diane, 57, 114, 313 Love, James Thomas, Jr., 394 Love, Lawrence Leslie, 370 Love, Rodney Raeford, 313 Love, William Baylis, 313 Lovell, John Thomas, 147, 356 Lovett, Connie Berry, 370 Lovett, Sarah Elizabeth, 383 Lovett, Walter Clarence, 370 Lowder, George Edward, 356 Lowder, James Alvin, 370 Lowdermilk, Edward L., 391 Lowe, Dorothy Sandra, 370 Lowe, Gary Reade, 78, 344 Lowe, Jerrie Dean, 313 Lowe, Kirby B., 313 Lowe, Richard Emory, 163, 313 Lowe, Robert Fielding, 313 Lowery, Robert Herman, 356 Lowery, Woodrow Wilson, 356 Lowman, Terry Kenneth, 35B Lowrance, William Wilson, 344 Lowry, Jane Mildred, 383 Lowry, Katharine Elizabeth, 109, 313 Lowry, Roy Frank, Jr., 135, 344 Loy, William Riley, 411 Lucas, Robert Ray, 391 Lucey, Richard John, 370 Ludford, Phyllis Katherine, 344 Ludington, John Robert, Jr., 370 Lueders, Brian Carter, 356 Lundburg, Harold George, 370 Lunney, William George, 413 Lupton, Richard Byron, 356 Lusk, Gladys Ruth, 384 Lutwick, Marcia Eve, 344 Lutz, Robert Miller, 370 Lyerly, Winston Wilkinson, 371 Lynch, Barbara Ann, 344 Lynch, Linda Candace, 371 Lynch, Wilson Locke, 127, 313 Lynn, Cy Kellie, Jr., 313 Lynn, Diane Elizabeth, 96, 356 Lynn, Felma Ruth, 371 Lynn, George Dennis, Jr., 93, 96, 101, 313 Lynn, Robert Page, 356 Lyon, Margaret Denne, 313 Lyon, Richard Jordan, 77, 147, 344 Lyons, Joseph Eugene, Jr,, 356 Mc McAboy, Mary Sheila, 105, 313 McAdam, Richard Bernard, 397 McAdams, Delmar W., 313 McAdams, Larry William, 371 McAdams, Walter Dalton, Jr., 151, 356 McAllister, Bruce Parker, 356 McAllister, Douglas Roger, 314 McAllister, Dwight Hiram, 371 McAllister, William Howard, III, 70, 314 McAnally, Charles Wesley, Jr., 138, 344 McArthur, Douglas Ray, 314 McArthur, John, Jr., 356 McArthur, William Kenneth, 356 McBane, Lawrence Knight, 371 McBrair, Peter Sayre, 356 McBride, Chester Warren, 371 McCaghren, Cary Brent, 371 McCain, Derrell Watson, 371 McCall, Charles William, Jr., 402 McCallie, Spencer Wyatt, 74, 187, 356 McCallum, Charles William, 371 McCarden, William Paul, 344 McCartney, Ottaway Kenton, III, 356 McCarthy, Ralph Eugene, 314 McCarty, Perry Howell, 80, 143, 344 McCaskill, Rodney Lynn, 87, 178, 390 McChesney, James Munn, III, 371 McClain, Frances Enloe, 110, 314 McClain, Richard Marvin, 371 McClamrock, James Ronald, 261, 371 McClendon, Barbara Lee, 371 McClintock, William Banks, III, 371 McCluney, Marcus Stewart, 371 McCollum, John Carl, 314 McCollum, Judith Quinn, 344 McCombs, James Talmadge, 344 McCommons, Robert Joseph, 390 McConnell, Alison, 344 McConnell, John Daniel, Jr., 411 McCormick, James Hector, Jr., 344 McCormick, Russell H., 314 McCormick, Thomas Alexander, 371 McCoy, Donald Whitfield, Jr., 357 McCoy, Kenneth Byron, 357 McCoy, Timothy Columbus. 413 McCranie, Mary Lynn, 391 McCrickard, Donald Lee, 371 McCuiston, Oscar Thomas, Jr., 175, 344 McCuiston, William Thomas, 411 McCullen, Cecil Dewey, Jr., 357 McCullough, Constance Joan, 344 McCullough, John Douglas, 371 McCurdy, James Allan, 371 McCurdy, MaryAnn Teresa, 344 McDade, Paul Brown, Jr., 357 McDaniel, Ann, 81, 106, 344 McDaniel, George Dawson, Sr., 142, 314 McDaniel, Nelson Bell, 371 McDaniel, Ralph Bryan, 136, 357 McDaniel, William Jason, Jr., 397 McDavid, Frank Edward, 371 McDermott, Maureen Ann, 357 McDevitt, Larry Stephen, 126, 194, 195, 314 McDonald, Allen Pierce, 371 McDonald, Chauncey Maurice, 401 McDonald, Daniel Edwin, 357 McDonald, Eloise Thomas, 357 McDonald, Ford Crisp, 344 McDonald, Harold Ernest, 136, 344 McDonald, James John. 95, 96, 101, 180, 183, 314 McDonald, Linda Aline, 344 Telephone A Trade and a Trait Colonial resiS. 942-1956 504 W. t 3nc. -ranklin St. THELL ' S BAKERY " Flavor Like Mother Tried To Get " 124 E. Franklin St. PHONE 942-1 954 CHAPEL HILL, N. C. Bakery Goods of Finest Quality The New York Life Agent on Your Campus Is a Good Man to Know f;EORGE L. (OXIIEAD iJJVC ' J2 CtMmpus Mtt pr« S€»iitative A Mutual Co. . ' " - " " l " " - Founded 1845 NEVIf YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Page 445 McDonald, Paul Wayne, 371 McDonald, Ruth Anna, 314 McDonald. Virginia Dare, 314 McDuffie, Donald Chovel, 357 McEntire, Jernll Lee, 314 McEwen. Luther Morris. 371 McFadden, Charles William. 187, 357 McFadden. David Morns. 371 McFall, Charles Daniel, Jr., 371 McFalls, Judith Ann, 344 McGalliard, AcAnn, 344 McGee. James Whitfield. 128 McGee, James William, IV, 395 McGinty, Park. 143, 344 McGirt, Murphy F.. Jr.. 394 McGlohon, Artie Campbell, 357 McGrath. Edwin Ross. Jr.. 357 McGraw. Marcus Page, 314 McGwier. Frank Paul. 357 Mclnnis. Thomas McLeod. Jr., 357 Mcintosh. Betty Nell. 314 Mcintosh, Brian Fred. 344 Mclntyre, Susan Bartee. 371 Mclver, Julia Richardson. 403 McJunkin. Frederick Eugene. 406 McKee. Charles F.. 314 McKee, Elizabeth Jo. 344 McKee. Horace Franklin. Jr., 344 McKee. John Raymond, Jr., 371 McKee. Michael Thomas. 402 McKee. Charles Frederick. 314 McKennan. William Whipple. 314 McKenzie. Barbara Nelson. 344 McKenzie, Marty Russell. 371 McKenzie. Olin Glaze, 136. 357 McKenzie. Victoria Bellamy. 314 McKethan. Kenneth Alexander. Jr.. 371 McKethan. William Alexander, 314 McKibbin. Thomas D.. 314 McKinnon. Harry Alexander. 344 McKinnon. Thomas King. 371 McKnight, Stephen Alen. 357 McKnight. William Andrew. 344 McLain. George Robert. 357 McLamb. James Norwill. 186. 397 McLamb, John Gordon. 314 McLamb. Joseph Timothy. 194, 397 McLaughlin. Howard Joseph. 371 McLaughlin. Philip Michael. 357 McLaurin. Michael David. 344 McLean, Graham Wilkinson. 357 McLean, Harry Ardrey, 371 McLean. Marvin B,, 400 McLean, Robert Martin. 371 McLellan, Robert Charles. 357 McLemore. Gilbert Carmichael. Jr.. 136. 344 McLendon, Lennox Lane. 371 McLeod. Alexander. 314 McLeod. Donald Claude. 151. 390 McLeod. Gerald Graham. 314 McMahan. William Edwin, 357 McMeans, Kenneth Dale, 314 McMichael, William Martin. 344 McMillan. Charles Knox. 261, 371 McMillan. Elizabeth. 315 McMillan. John B.. 70. 124. 315 McMillan, John Samuel. 371 McMillan, Robert Andrew. 357 McMinis. Bennie Ralph. 357 McMinis, Calvin Roger. 371 McNairy. Francis Dalton. 344 McNairy. Samuel Walter, 188. 315 McNairy. William Glenn. 131. 344 McNeely. Gwyn Farrell. 397 McNeely, Thomas Cowan. 357 McNeil. Quincy Albert, Jr.. 357 McNeill. Donald D.. Jr., 395 McNeill, Paschall Hancock, 344 McNulty, Patricia Ann. 344 McPherson. Lynda Guthrie. 344 McRae. Martha Alice. 357 McRee, Archie Dale. 315 McRorie, William Edward. 411 McSwain. Jean Willard. 388 McSweeney. Bryan Douglas. 186. 315 McWhorter. Val Sanders. 357 McWilliams, William, 100, 160 M Mabe. Pearlie Sprunt, 315 MacConnell, Jeffrey A., 315 MacDonald, Neil Robert, 356 MacDowell, Dorothy D.. 344 MacFadyen. Alexander Graham. Jr.. 315 MacFarland. Jessatha. 344 MacFie. Jeffreys Ashe. Jr.. 394 Maclntyre. Daniel Irwin. IV, 315 MacKesson, Mary Elizabeth. 371 MacKethan, John Alexander, 344 Mackler, Stephen B.. 315 MacNeil. James Scott. 344 MacNeill, John Coble. Jr.. 371 MacNicholas. John Malcolm, 77, 78, 356 MacPherson, H. L.. 371 Macy. Ulrike R., 357 Maddison, Laurence Beckley. Jr., 145, 344 Maddox. James McMillin, 357 Madison, John, 398 Madry, Robert Wilson, Jr.. 397 Madsen, John Edward, Jr.. 315 Magnuson. Philip Roger, Jr.. 357 Major, Samuel James, Jr., 371 Maillet, Arthur Dwight, 344 Mallon. Michael Tyrone. 315 Malone, Elmer Taylor, II. 357 Malone, Jacqueline Lou, 371 Maness, Mary Jo, 315 Mangum, Robert Worth, 344 Mangum. Wallace Shaw. 344 Mann. Betty Sue, 344 Mann, Harold Thompson, 120, 151, 190, 315 Mann, John Thomas, 371 Mann. Kenneth Lee, 152, 357 Manning. Carol Stuart. 118, 315 Manning. Daniel Alston, 412 Manning, Henry Stancill. 412 Manning. Howard Edwards, Jr.. 168, 357 Manning, Julia Anne. 344 Manning. Phillip Stephen. 371 Manning. William Joseph. 371 Mansfield. Barbara Ann. 109, 315 Mansour. Ismail Loutfy. 371 Manuel, Carolyn Spach, 380 Many. William Randall. 371 Marcus. Charles Franklin, 371 Maree, Charles Alexander, 371 Margerison. Kenneth Hilton, Jr., 371 Marion. Hassel Dean, 344 Marion. Russell Aubrey. 371 Markatos. Jerry Leonidas. 315 Markham. Lawrence William. 371 Markines. Andreas Antonidu, 405 Marks. Sandy Cole. Jr.. 399 Marlowe. William Burton. 315 Marsh. Richard William, 371 Marshall. Albert B.. Jr.. 357 Marshall. Judy Gail. 403 Marshall, Mary Coleman. 110, 315 Marshburn. David Theon, 401 Marshburn, Gary Wriston, 371 Martin, Alice, Victoria, 315 Martin. Andrew Stephen. 344 Martin. Ann Russell, 344 Martin. Anthony Charles. 371 Martin. Barbara Sue. 344 Martin. Billy Ray. 344 Martin. Donald Payne. 357 Martin. Douglas Purdum. Jr.. 371 Martin. Edward Stephens, 121, 122, 357 Martin, Helen Carolyn. 380 Martin, James Edwin, Jr.. 411 Martin. James R,. 344 Martin, Joseph Franklin, 120, 156, 357 Martin. Joseph Howard. Jr., 357 Martin. Lorraine E.. 344 Martin. Margaret Elizabeth, 315 Martin. Michael Glover. Jr., 344 Martin. Ralph Hamilton. Jr., 371 Martin. Robert Eugene. 156. 357 Martin. Robert Gale. 315 Martin. Samuel Anthony. Jr., 147. 344 Martin. Thomas James. 357 Martinez. Roberto A.. 406 Mashburn, Carol Anne. 380 Mason. Carle Woodruff. Jr., 401 Mason, John Weatherly, 371 Mason. Joseph E.. 315 Mason. Judy Anne. 344 Mason. Lawrence William. 315 Mason. Leiand Patten. 316 Mason. Mary French, 110. 316 Mason. Michael Dana. 371 Massenburg. Johnsye E.. 70, 113, 344 Massey. Hulyn Jeanette. 382 Massey. James Dale. 391 Massey, John McLain. 344 Massie. Kent Belmore. 100. 201, 316 Masten, Michael Anthony, 344 Masten. William Ashburn. Jr., 63. 316 Mastin. Thomas Alan. 371 Matheson, Barbara Louise, 316 Matheson, Miriam Joyce, 344 Matkins, John Alan. 401 Matthews. Braxton Ray. 93. 94. 96. 316 Matthews. Cornelius Faison. 344 Matthews. Harry Leigh. 390 Matthews, Leonard Walter, 178. 389 Matthews. Marjorie Wall. 316 Matthews. Phillip Ray. 412 Matthews. Robert Hammitt. 371 Matthews. Robert William, 357 Matthews. Walter Forrest. III. 316 Mattox. Eunice Hoyle. 344 Matuszak. Susan Mary. 344 Mauldin. Clarence Edward. 316 Mauldin. Ronald Lee. 394 Mauney. Clarence Eugene. 344 Maupin. Armistead Jones. 357 Maurer. Julie M.. 316 Maye. Herbert Brown. 344 Maxwell. Ann Parham. 381, 385 May, Philip Bessom, 344 May. Zebulon Ward. 390 Mayhue. Hugh Wayne. 395 Mayo. Herbert Brown. 344 Mayrand. Evelyn Cecile. 50. 75. 316 Mazoff. Stephen Michael. 344 Meacham. Mary Jane. 316 Mead. Gary Raymond, 357 Meade, Betsy Barrington, 68, 117. 315 Meade. James Bollard. 187, 357 Meador, Philip Dale. 371 Meador. Raymond Luther. Jr., 261. 371 Meads, Lawrence Craig, 391 Mears, Brenda Carroll. 403 Mebane, John Gilmer, 127, 357 Medford, James Allen, 371 Medlin, Gerald Lloyd, 391 Medlin. John McRae, 316 Meeham. Jane Rita. 406 Meister, Joan Anna, 406 Mello, William Hilton, 371 Melott. Robert A,. 409, 413 Melvin. Robert Franklin, 316 Melvin. Sylvia Kay. 344 Menefee. Elizabeth Louise, 344 Menz. Robin Ann. 344 Mercer. Forrest Alvah, 371 Mercer. Gary Allen. 371 Meredith. James Tripod, Jr., 371 Meredith, Pamela, 403 Merrell, Roy Edward, Jr., 371 Merrill. William Harrison. 75, 143, 336, 344 Merritt. Ben Gilbert. Jr., 316 Merritt. Jenny Louise. 344 Merritt. Jo Ellen. 344 Merritt. Julia Frances, 71, 104, 118, 316 Merritt, Lemuel James, 388 Merrow. Helen Leith. 382. 385 Metts. Gayle Fredricka, 109. 316 Mewborn. John Moses. Jr.. 344 Mewborn. Quentin Alexander, Jr.. 344 Meyer. Bernard Stanley. 357 Meyer. Charles Edward. 357 Meyer. Julien Herman. 120. 167, 344 Mian, Mohammad Rafique, 406 Michael. Anne Campbell. 344 Michael. Howard Mitchell. 391 Michael. Patrick Bond. 316 Michaels. Edward Griffin, 97, 100, 101, 142. 188. 194, 316 Michaux, Roy H., Jr., 412 Mickler, Martin Joseph. 371 Middlemas. Claire Grace. 344 Middleton, Frank W., III. 371 Middleton. Henry Moore. Ill, 344 Middleton, James Richard, 357 Midgette. Earl Woodrow, 371 Miles, Joel Hart, 344 Millender, Charles White, 371 Miller, Anthony Wisner, 80, 127 Miller. Bonnie Lee. 316 Miller. Brian Young. 371 Miller. Carol Sue. 371 Miller. Carole Joan, 344 Miller. Charles Parker. Jr.. 357 Miller. Charles Raymond. 357 Miller. Daniel Thomas. 178. 390 Miller. David Jarman, 316 Miller, Edmund John. 316 MilJer. Joseph Norman. 316 Miller. Kenneth R.. 175, 317 Miller. Linda Marlis, 357 Miller, Mary Ann, 357 Miller. Patricia Evelyn, 344 Miller. Ronnie Henderson. 402 Miller. Sharon Jean. 96. 357 Millichap. Peter Brabant. 128. 357 Milligan. Ronnie Rich. 399 Millington. Betty Ann. 73. 117. 344 Millis. Archie Edward. Jr., 97, 100, 101, 317 Millis, Clarence Edward, Jr.. 371 Mills. Everette Ernest. 344 Mills. Frank Fulcher. III. 344 Mills. Norman Finley. 371 Milner, Nancy Ada. 317 Milton. Jack, Jr.. 158. 344 Mimms, Thomas Bowman. Jr., 357 Minah, Glenn Ernest, 401 Minard, Frank Pell Lawrence, 371 Minisman. Bertram Goodwin, Jr., 371 Minton, Solon Scott, 87, 390 Mintz. Rudolph Ivey. Jr.. 397 Mirken. Mark Carl. 371 Misenheimer. Ernest Luther. Ill, 317 Misenheimer, Fred Mozelle, Jr., 344 Mitchell. Bruce E.. 411 Mitchell. Carolyn Anne. 383 Mitchell. Ella Rae. 344 Mitchell. John Franklin. 345 Mitchell. Neal Alford. Jr.. 357 Mitchell. Nicholas Worth, Jr., 371 Mitchell, Richard Foutz, 371 Mitchell. Walter Clifford. Jr.. 357 Mitchell. William P.. 317 Mitchener. Joseph Pike. 357 Mitchum. Kenneth Edward. 400 Mittendorf. William Kirkwood. 141. 317 Mixon. Sally. 110. 345 Mobley. Carl McLane. Jr.. 371 Mocnik. Frank Anthony. 357 Modlin. John Wayne. 371 Mohorn. Harold Wayne. 398. 399 Monahan. John Sherrill. 317 Monette. Alan V.. 101. 345 Monroe. Joseph Reece. Jr.. 317 Monroe. Rebecca Dianne. 345 Monroe. William Murchison. 394 Montgomery. Elwood Lee. 371 Montgomery. Franklin Moyle. 412 Montgomery, Marshall Wilson, 371 Moody, Beverly Anne, 96, 381, 385 Moody, David Hunt. 345 Moore. Beverly Cooper, 371 Moore. Claude Wilson. Jr.. 261. 371 Moore. Clayton Wells. 77. 132, 345 Moore. Clyde T., Jr.. 345 Moore, David McDaniel, 72, 357 Moore, Earl Raefiel, Jr., 413 Moore. Elizabeth Louise. 383 Moore. Florence Susan. 345 Moore. George William. Jr., 371 Moore, Geraldene E., 401 Moore, Hugh J., 390 Moore, James Alan, 261, 371 Moore, Jane Morrison, 345 Moore, Jennie Marian, 345 Moore, John Ira, Jr., 345 Moore, Joseph Daniel, Jr.. 50. 201, 317 Moore. Joseph Norwood. Jr., 317 Moore, Larry Worth. 371 Moore. Linda Joy. 382 Moore. Lucius Lee Ardrey. Jr., 406 Moore, Michael Allan, 391 Moore, Paul A.. Jr., 317 Moore, Paul Robert, 371 Moore, Phoebe Jean, 345 Moore. Robert Dunn, 124, 345 Moore, Robert Holloway. 128. 389 Moore. Springer Harbaugh, III, 357 Moore, Steve Findley, 183, 186, 188, 317 Moore, Thomas Archie, 371 Moore. William Benjamin. Jr., 371 Moore. William Donald. Jr., 371 Moore, William Perry. 172, 345 Mooring. James B.. 139. 345 Mooring. Joseph Ray. Jr.. 345 Moose. George Howard. Jr., 357 Moran. Alfred Jay. Jr., 132. 357 Morde. Carol Louise. 57, 317 Morgan. Allen Benners. Jr.. 156 Morgan. Anne Woodward. 406 Morgan. Charles Leiand, 371 Morgan. Don Wayne, 357 Morgan, Gretchen, 345 Morgan, Harvey, 164. 317 Morgan. Jack Ledwell. Jr., 390 Morgan, Karlyn Merle, 383 Morgan, Robert Ray, 53, 345 Morgan, Sandra LeVoy. 345 Morgan. Stanley Eugene, 371 Morgan, Thomas Arthur, 372 Morgan, Warren B., Jr.. 317 Morgan. William Clyde. Jr.. 357 Morgenstern, Scott Bradley, 372 Moring. Sandra Kay. 372 Morisey. John Cornelison. Jr., 143, 345 Morley. Robert Edward, 372 Morphis. Robert Spoon. Jr.. 163, 345 Morris. Albert P.. Jr.. 345 Morris. Harold Gray. 372 Morris. Jimmy Cole, 345 Morris, Joseph Arnold. 345 Morris. Malvary DeLozier. 372 Morris. Michael Kingsbury. 160, 317 Morris. Michael Monzo. 391 Morris. Patricia Faye, 382 Morris. Peter Lorenz. 396 Morris. Roger Guy. 97. 317 Morris. Walter Smith. 401 Morrison, James Floyd, 357 Morrison. Mills Lane. 372 Morrison. Thomas Nolan. 357 Morrow. Roderick Prescott. 345 Morrow. William Sherrod, 183, 317 Morton, Jane Reed. 345 Morton. Louis Barbee. 345 Morton. Roger Lewis. 372 Moseman. Robert Fredrick, 406 Moser. Anthony Mull, 317 Moser. Ronald B.. 174 Moss. John Foy, 372 Mosteller. Clifton Herbert, Jr., 357 Motley. Linda Sue. 345 Moulton. John Adkins, II, 372 Mowrer. John Oehler, III, 372 Mowry, Maxwell Reed, Jr.. 345 Muchmore. James Harrison. 357 Mueller. Guenther Herbert S., 357 Muir. James Harry, 372 Mulcahy, William Michael, 372 Mull, Joe Thomas, 372 Mullen. Douglas Truman, 345 Muller, Chandler Robinson, 77, 127, 345 Mulligan. Patrick Joseph, 372 Mullinax. Robert Lee. 372 Mummaw. Henry Harrison, 317 Mummaw. Joseph William, 317 Muncy, Tom E.. 172, 317 Mundy. John Christian. 372 Murdock. Gayle Gray, 357 Murnick, Elliott Paul, 317 Murphy, Andrew Marshall, 187, 357 Murphy, Dewey Leon. 317 Murphy. Evelyn Darst. 118, 318 Murphy, J. B.. Jr.. 318 Murphy. Jesse Thomas. 372 Murphy. Margaret Biggs. 345 Murphy. Martin Henry, 399 Murphy. Robert Bruce. 158. 318 Murray. Charles Osborne, III, 372 Murray. Elizabeth G.. 106. 318 Murray. Gael Theresa. 403 Murray. John Clifford. Jr.. 372 Murray. Ronald Ford. 345 Muse, Billie Lee, 345 Muse. Charles Hunter. 140, 318 Muse. Winfred R.. 318 Musselwhite. Neill H.. III. 176. 390 Myers. Andrew Barry. 357 Myers, Charles Clinton. 372 Myers. Charles Earl, 391 Page 446 CHARLOTTE ENGRAVING COMPANY Page 447 Myers, Christopher Thomas. 318 Myers. Dennis Page, 357 Myers, Hugh Alan. 87, 389 Myers, John Quincy, 175, 345 Myers, William Charles, 401 Myles. Jeffery Thomas, 372 Myrick, Donald Ernest, 345 N Nachman, Stuart Lee. 372 Naff. Henry Hudson. Jr.. 406 Nagle. Clyde William. 318 Nance. Joseph Kinchin. 318 Nash. Charles Edward. Jr.. 372 Nash. David Alan. 372 Nash. David Charles, 131, 318 Nash, John Raymond, Jr., 318 Nash, Patty Ceil, 345 Nathanson, Alan J., 345 Natt, Edward Allen, 371 Nauheim. Stephen Alan, 164, 318 Nava, Luis, 406 Neal, Clinton Hill, Jr., 357 Neal, Francis Brent, 345 Neal, Jacii Allen, 88, 318 Neal. James Archer. 411 Neal, James Bushnell, Jr.. 318 Neblett. Jane Andrews. 345 Neely. Charles Batcheller. Jr., 78, 345 Neiburg, Dale Alan, 372 Nelms, Donald Kenneth, 394 Nelson, Joseph Reed, 201, 318 Nelson, Judith Karen. 391 Nelson. Karen Ann. 115. 318 Nelson. William Carl. Jr.. 122. 144. 345 Nesbitt. James Monroe. Jr.. 184, 345 Neville, John Davenport, 140. 318 Neville, William Donald, 172, 318 Nev»land, David Hale, 357 Newlin. Charles Bennett. 128. 318 Newlin, Robert Barclay. 372 Newman. Constance Lee. 381 Newman. George Lindsay. 187, 357 Newman, Maynard S.. 390 Newman. Sherrill Reid. 357 Newsom. Judy Gail. 189. 380 Newsome. Larry Wilson. 318 Newsome. Troy Wilson, Jr., 357 Newsome, William Edward, 372 Newton, Anne Michael. 84. 105. 345 Newton. Carey Allen. 372 Newton. Christina Harbison. 357 Newton, James Henry, 318 Newton. Jimmie Isaac. 394 Newton, Nancy Meredith, 357 Newton, Paula Southerland. 383 Newton, William Brunson, 358 Newton, William C, Jr., 372 Nibbelink. Jan C. 401 Nicholaides. Mitchell Paul, 372 Nicholls, Frederick Timothy, 345 Nichols, Archie McRoy, 372 Nichols. Herman Gudger. Jr., 127, 318 Nichols, Larry Wayne. 390 Nichols. Ralph Howland. 372 Nichols, Sharon Madry. 345 Nichols. Wyman Andrew. Jr.. 372 Nicholson. Alice Madeline. 345 Nicholson. Edwin Parmelee, 180. 318 Nicholson, Garland Farnell, Jr.. 345 Nicholson. George Edward. III. 76. 88. 358 Nicholson. Henry Ravenel. 372 Nicholson. Judith Catherine. 114, 318 Nicholson, Lois Christina, 358 Nicholson. Thomas Westray, 358 Niles, Lawson Ray, 319 Nislick, Alex David, 164, 319 Noble, Mary Ann, 96, 319 Noe. Robert Spilman. Jr., 319 Noell, Robert N.. 319 Noell. William Edward. 319 Noggle, James Edison. Jr., 372 Nogueira. Alfred Tobias. 406 Nolan. Michael John. 372 Nordan. David Edsell. 345 Nordan. Kerry Gene. 345 Norfleet. Strudwick Nash. 372 Norlander, Charles David. III. 345 Norman. Carole Jean. 383 Norrell. Gary Morton, 372 Noren, Frederick Chamberlain. II, 358 Norton, Jerry Lee, 397 Norwood. Haywood Vernon. Jr.. 411 Nucciarone. William Joseph, 100, 372 Nuckolls. Robert Johnson, 372 Nulton. Vivia Lynn. 372 Nunn, Raymond Dennis, 372 Oakley, Frances Newell, 383 Oakley, James Franklin, 358 Oakley, Lois Ann, 384 Oakley, William Melvin, 372 Oakley, Woody Fowler, 358 Dates. Sharron Lee. 106, 319 Obenshain. Wiley Shackford, III, 372 O ' Brien, Edgar H., 319 O ' Brien, Judy S., 383 O ' Brient. Carol Wayne, 382 O ' Bryan, Robert Carl, III, 372 O ' Connor, Young Michael, 345 Odom, Jerome David, 319 Odom, Robert Wayne, 372 Oeeben, Rudolph Wilhelm, 406 Oettinger, Elmer P.. III. 68. 135. 319 Oettinger. Kenneth Brown. 358 Oettinger, Wayman Melvin. 168. 358 Ogburn. James Hobbs. 372 Ogburn. Marilyn Starr. 189. 380 Ogburn. Robert Glenn. Jr.. 136. 319 Ogden. Warren Cox. Jr.. 127. 319 Okey. William Fremont. 345 Okuno. Nagaharu. 406 Oldham. James Howard. 319 Olive. Michael Bayne, 372 Oliver. George Motley, Jr., 372 Oliver, John Hill. 319 Oliver, Lanta Christine, 372 Oliver, Margaret Alice, 384 Oliver, R, Timothy. 101. 143. 345 Oliver. William Joseph, 319 Olsen. Mary Ann. 69. 403 Olshinski, John Albert. 358 Olson. Lauritz William, 358 O ' Neal. Benjamin Sheldon, 372 O ' Neal. Reta Mane. 406 Opdyke. Richard L.. 94. 141. 319 O ' Quinn, Andrew Daniel, 372 O ' Quinn. Clyde Saunders. 183, 358 Orander, William Devaughn. Jr.. 388 Orcutt. David Stanley. 175. 319 O ' Rear. Wanda Lee. 372 Orgain. Francis Leigh. Jr.. 345 Organ. Dennis Wayne. 187. 358 Orovan, Ronald Charles. 319 Orr. Rowena Margaret. 114, 319 Orrell. David Lee, 345 Osborn. Edwina Reid, 358 Osborne, Harold S., 406 Osmun, Barry Ansen, 412 Ostergren. Allan Theodore. 319 Ostrow. Eric Harland. 372 O ' Toole. Dennis Theodore, 372 Otterness, Patrici a Louise. 345 Otts. Rebecca Elizabeth. 345 Outwater. David Waldron, 61. 319 Overcash. D. Ann, 345 Overcash, Kay Eugene, 345 Overcash, Richard Franklin, 345 Overholt, John H., 345 Overman. Timothy Edwin, 372 Owen, James Melvin, 178, 389 Overton, Ashley Calhoun, 372 Overton, William Lee, 345 Owens, Harold Burley, 397 Owens, John Robert, Jr., 358 Owens. Michael Ray. 135. 319 Owens, Norman Fressly, 345 Oxford, Roger Clark, 372 Pace, Vincent John, 372 Pachimsawat, Sukit, 345 Pack, Marvin Hugh, 358 Page, Clarence Eugene, HI, 358 Page, Danny Floyd, 345 Page, Elizabeth Ingram, 406 Page, Graham Allison, 399 Page, Lavon Barry. 345 Page. William Winship. 406 Pagett. Edward Eugene. 372 Padgett. Jacqueline G., 319 Padgett, James Leroy, 127, 358 Painter, Dean E., Jr., 358 Palmatier, Helen Anne, 381 Palmer, Bruce Edson, 358 Parham, William Moore, 97, 101, 139, 345 Paris, Ronald Charles, 345 Park. Douglas Glenn. 372 Parker. Charles Benjamin. 372 Parker. Charles Owen. 175, 358 Parker, David Archie, 163, 358 Parker, Edwin B. Borden. 135. 358 Parker. Fred Pope, III, 411, 409 Parker, James Edgar, 372 Parker, James Judd, 319 Parker. James Ray. 372 Parker. Jean Carol. 96. 391 Parker. John Burwell. 372 Parker. John Edgar. 320 Parker. Kellis Earl. 88. 195. 320 Parker. Manley Clark. 320 Parker. Sara Elizabeth. 320 Parker. Martha Ann. 110. 320 Parker. Patricia Elaine. 110. 320 Parker. Paula Jean. 320 Parker, Peter Boyd. 372 Parker, Robert Britt, Jr., 372 Parker, Robert Vann, 345 Parker, Rosalyn DeVaughn. 345 Parker. Thomas Hackney. 139, 345 Parker, William Kenneth, 345 Parkman, David Ames, 320 Parks. Barbara Jean. 397 Parks. Harry Reid. 320 Parks. Kenneth Reid. 345 Parks, Michael Lashley, 163, 345 Parks. Owen Tracy. III. 345 Parlier. David Cecil. 183, 320 Parmele, Alfred Truman, 140, 358 Parrish, David Monroe, 345 Parrish, Oscar Howard, Jr.. 143. 275. 345 Parrish. Stephen. 320 Parrish. Thomas Arthur. 372 Parrish. Walter Bennett. Jr.. 345 Parrott. Donald Benton. 345 Parrott. Ruthie Turner. 358 Parrott. Erwin Wallace. 104. 110. 320 Parsons. Christopher Allen. 78. 372 Parsons. John Regis. 372 Parsons. Larry Wayne. 320 Partin. Hugh E.. Jr.. 358 Partin, Wilson B.. Jr.. 411 Passamaneck, Randi Lea, 320 Passavant, Alfred Harris. 320 Paster, David Joseph. 372 Patchell, Mary Belle, 320 Paterson. Nellie Elizabeth, 345 Patrick, Donald Ray. 399 Patterson. Conley Dale. 358 Patterson, Elizabeth Diane, 171, 345 Patterson, F. M. Simmons. Jr., 3 2 Patterson, Jerry Eugene, 186. 402 Patterson. Michael Joseph. 372 Patterson. Priscilla White. 350, 358 Patterson, Ronnie Howard, 372 Patterson, Stewart Thompson, 358 Patton, Judy Carolyn, 87, 171, 388 Patty, Seldon Elijah, 358 Paul, Marjorie Gertrude, 406 Paul. William Larry. 175. 389 Paulos. Raymond John, 320 Pauls, Frank Peter, 407 Paxton. Patsy Glenn. 345 Payet. Charles Robert. 358 Payne. James Eric. 320 Payne. Jeanne Jarvis. 114, 320 Payne, Jodine M.. 85. 105. 345 Payne, Lynda Glenn, 320 Payne, Robert Shepherd. 372 Payne, Timothy Joel, 372 Paysour. James H.. 358 Payton. Robert Michael. 83. 358 Peabody. Sondra Jane. 358 Peace, Jerry Lee, 372 Peacock, Anne Marie, 372 Peacock, Edwin Bouton, Jr., 320 Peacock, Jack B., 394 Peake, Michael David, 152 Pearce, Arthur Williams, Jr., 55. 97, 155, 320 Pearce, David Andrews, 147, 358 Pearce, Harris James, 372 Pearce. Joseph Adolphus, 372 Pearce. Linda Leigh, 84, 345 Pearlman, Lowell Richard, 320 Pearson, Douglas Lamar. 320 Pearson. Dudley Gatewood. 145, 345 Peay, Jack Taylor. 372 Peck, James Robert, 321 Peck, Sheldon, 401 Peddicord, James Lee, 100, 101, 345 Peden, Patricia Elaine. 118, 320 Peed. Anna Katherine. 345 Peed. Jean. 407 Peel. Jesse Robert. 395 Peele. Billie Garland. 345 Peele. William Roy, 400 Peeler. Lillian Rebecca. 67. 113. 321 Peeples. James Wyles, 321 Peery, Robert Nelson, Jr.. 186. 195. 321 Pegram, John Clement, Jr.. 372 Pegram. Paul Samuel. Jr.. 187. 358 Pegues, Frances Elisabeth, 345 Pell, Gerald Allen, 412 Pell, James Ethan, 412 Pell, Linda Atwater, 321 Pelletier, Gerald, Jr.. 397 Pemberton. Thomas Garry. 358 Pender. James Clinton. 358 Pender, Judy Carol, 403 Pender, Mary Jane, 372 Pender, Murray Wilson, 321 Pendergraph. Leonard Darrell. 358 Pendill. John Walter. Jr.. 358 Pendley. John M.. Jr.. 372 Pennell. Edwin Adam. 321 Pennell. Stephen Gregg, 372 Penny, Ronald. 151 Peoples. Dallas Allen. 372 Peoples. Lewis Jackson. 57, 372 Pepper, Albert Parrish, Jr., 358 Perdue, Phillip Sterling, 402 Pereos, Costa Nick. 272 Perian. George Douglas, 345 Perkins, David Troy, 358 Perkins, Robert Paul. 345 Perkins. Thomas N.. Jr., 372 Perkins, Vernon Ray, 372 Perkins, William Mack, 53, 321 Perrell, Woodrow Franklin, 372 Perrin, Patti Ellen. 86. 110, 321 Perry, Barbara Lane, 380 The No. J Dairy in the Research Triangle Area LONG MEADOW FARMS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 64 " The Dairy Store " 431 West Franklin Street Chapel Hill — Phone 942-31 14 Page 448 ke fashion -J c of ouSe y j - -- APPAREL ACCESSORIES GIFT ITEMS ot- Men - Women - Children Perry, Daniel Thaddeus, III, 358 Perry, Dennis Ralph, 358 Perry, Donald Wade, 372 Perry, Frances William, 114, 380 Perry, Jack Sherwood, Jr., 345 Perry, Richard Douglas. 372 Perry, Robert Edward, Jr., 345 Perrymen, Charles Richard, 345 Peters, Howard August. 407 Peters. Jesse Sutton. 321 Peterson. David Lalister, 345 Peterson, Frank James. 372 Peterson, Henry Oscar, III, 372 Peterson, Kent Wright, 80, 321 Peterson, Richard Alan, 321 Peterson, Robert H., 372 Peterson. Russell Leon. 345 Peterson. Thomas McKeei. 345 Petitt, Jerry Stewart, 346, 372 Petree. Tony Wayne. 175. 358 Petree, George Curtis. Jr.. 175, 345 Pettis. Charles David, 358 Pettit, Gerald Talmadge, 346 Pettingell, John Winslow, 373 Peyton, Mary Burwell, 321 Pfaff, James Samuel, 358 Pfau, Frank R,, 400 Pfingst, Bryan Ernest, 346 Pharr, Jones Neil. 176, 390 Pharr, Olga Boothe, 407 Philips, Sherma Elizabeth, 106, 321 Phillips, Bruce A., Jr., 397 Phillips, Claude Frank, 346 Phillips, Grady Samuel, Jr., 373 Phillips, James Jefferson, 373 Phillips, James Laughton, 395 Phillips, James Madison, 373 Phillips. Jasper Louis. 394 Phillips, Judie Wayne, 391 Phillips, Kay Elizabeth, 346 Phillips. Llewellyn, II, 395 Phillips. Marie Ann, 382 Phillips. Matti Hyles. 358 Phillips, Richard Norman, 407 Phillips, Robert C, Jr.. 321 Phillips, William Royal, 92, 96. 413 Philip, Richard Nilson, 346 Phipps, Harold Wayne, 373 Phipps, Mack William, 346 Pickett, Graham Clarence, 346 Pickett, Jeffrey Charles, 346 Pickett, Sandra Madeline. 358 Pickup. John Tracy. 373 Pierce, Edward Ottfield, 321 Pierce, Frances Allen, 346 Pierce, Louis Clinton. Jr.. 321 Pierce, Margaret Anne, 346 Pierce, Robert James, 394 Pierce, Thomas Carlton, 400 Pierce, Thomas Hill, 373 Pierpoint, Claude Wesley, 373 Pike, Alan Russell, 151, 358 Pike, Jesse M., 373 Pike, Joseph William, 373 Pike. Nancy Haynes. 321 Piland, Mary Joan, 381, 385 Pinckney, Margaret Allan, 346 Pinion, Carolyn Marie, 81, 113. 189, 191, 194, 380 Pinkerton, Virginia Ann, 383 Pinkham, Jimmy Randolph, 373 Pinyoun, Roy Ralph, 373 Pitser, Margaret Lee, 114 Pitt, Mary Bryan, 118, 321 Pittard, Nancy Carol, 321 Pittard, Robert Earl, 373 Pittman, Bernice Edward. 346 Pittman. Houston Harris. 358 Pittman. Linda Mary, 113, 321 Pittman, William Bryan, 373 Pitts, Florence Inez, 346 Planck. Joseph Gordon, 373 Pleasants, James Rodney, 373 Pleasants, John Gerald. Jr.. 172, 321 Pleasants, Riley Clyde, Jr.. 402 Ploetz. Peter Maria. 373 Plott, Carolyn Louise. 53, 57, 346 Plummer, Douglas Allen, 373 Plummer, Ronald Julian, 346 Poag, Barbara Ann, 380 Poe. William Dismukes, Jr., 373 Poer, David Henry, 373 Poitras, Robert Herman, 373 Polak, Willem Louis, 373 Polakavetz. Sandra Helen, 321 Polk. Larry Douglas, 373 Polk, Robert Melton, Jr., 400 Pollard, Forrest Alfred, Jr.. 412 Pollard. Jack Johnston, 358 Pollock, Carlton Arthur, Jr., 373 Pollock, Joseph Graham, Jr., 322 Pollock, Mary Lucille, 322 Pond, Jonathan Davidson, 373 Pond, Katherine Carter, 346 Pool, Joseph Derrel, Jr.. 162, 322 Pool, Rufus Adolphus, III. 373 Poole, Henry Elbert, 92, 96, 134, 322 Poole, James Robert, 111, 96, 101, 322 Poole, Jeffrey Walter, 373 Poore, James Paul, Jr., 373 Poovey, Jim Nelson, 400 Poovey, Phil Ray, 322 Pope, Gar y Randolph, 373 Pope, Harriet Rebecca, 96, 322 Pope, Howard Edison, 322 Pope, James Phillip, 373 Pope, John Henry, Jr., 373 Pope, John Ross, 156. 358 Pope, Larry Hicks. 389 Pope. Patrick Harris, 120, 163, 358 Pope, Ralph Williams, 188, 322 Pope, Stuart F.. 373 Pope, William Parker, 163, 346 Pope, William Patrick, 322 Poplin. Zannie Gaynelle. 85. 322 Porter. Richard Oliver, 358 Porter, Susan Kathryn, 383 Porter, William Larry, 412 Posey, Lawrence Owen, 399 Poteat, Milton Oscar, 322 Poteet, Gaye Williard, 194, 380 Poteet, Jerry Eugene, 391 Potter, Frank Grafton, 55, 175, 322 Potter, James Richard, 373 Potter, Lynne Oelrich, 201, 322 Potter, William Hollister, Jr., 160, 358 Potts, Andrew David, 346 Powell, Charlie A., 407 Powell, Donald Glenn, 322 Powell, James Meyers, Jr.. 397 Powell, Mary Jane, 346 Powell, Patrick Lavern, 322 Powell, Richard Ra ndolph, 373 Powell, Robert Duane, 322 Powell, Robert Franklin, 261, 373 Powell, Robert Stone, Jr.. 373 Powell, Susan Elizabeth. 110, 336, 346 Powell, William Dorsey, 178, 390 Powell, William Howard, 373 Powers, Carolyn Byrd, 109 Pratt. Cynthia Jane. 383 Pressley, Charles Ray, Jr.. 391 Pressly, James Allen, 396 Presson, Thomas Lemuel, 395 Preston, Carl Howard, 373 Preston, Steve McClain, 346 Prevost, Jack G., 132, 358 Price, Jack W., Jr., 345 Price, James Larry, 358 Price, Robert Edwin, Jr., 394 Price, Warren, III. 160. 346 Prillaman. Donald Gene, 358 Prindle, Randall Donavon, 373 Prindle, Richard Gary, 346 Privette, James Atlas, 399 Proctor, Alan Ray, 373 Proctor, Camilla Allyn, 322 Proctor, Harold Dean, 322 Proctor, James Richard, 373 Proffitt. Carolyn R.. 171. 389 Pruit. Carl Gaskill. 96. 346 Pruitt. Anne White. 114, 322 Pruitt, Jerry Lee, 373 Pruitt, Nancy Margaret, 70, 115, 322 Pryor, Claude Edison, Jr., 346 Pryor, James Michael, 358 Pryor, Phol Scott, 322 Pryor, William Leonard, Jr., 346 Puckett. Ann Kathryn. 346 Pugh. Carolyn Ivey, 380 Pugh, William Allen, 373 Pulsifer, James Cochran, 358 Purcell, Downey Carter, 388 Purdy, Rob Roy, 358 Purvis, William Henry, 358 Pusser, Charles Rouse, Jr., 412 Putnam, Betty Warlick, 346 Putnam, Russell Henry, Jr., 373 Pyshny, Joan Ellen, 322 Quackenbush, Palmer David, 388 Quick, John Lewis, 373 Quick, William H., 373 Quillian, Patricia Anne, 57, 84, 96, 346 Quinn, James Elwood, Jr., 346 Quinn, Ray Edwin, 373 Quinn, Thomas Edward, 373 Quintus, John Allen, 346 Raban, Reginald James, 373 Rabb, Richard Avery, 346 Rabb, Roy Patton. II. 87, 388 Raby, Michael Thomas, 322 Rackley, James Stewart, 346 Raft, Lois Elizabeth, 57, 78, 85, 346 Ragan, James Edward, III. 413 Ragland, Lois Gayle. 56. 69. 107, 323 Ragsdale, Delbert Gordon, Jr., 358 Raiford, Mary Lindsay, 380 Raines, Donald Lee, 346 Raines, Lou Bonner, 345 Rainey, George Lee, 323 Rakestraw, Frank Paul, 358 Ramage, Nancy Virginia. 358 Rambo, James Everett, 373 Ramsey, Nancy Vesta, 403 Ramsey, Walter Reeve, 358 Ramsey, William J., 151 Rand, Anthony Eden, 411 Rand, Charles Stephen, 373 Rand, Lee, 112 Randall, Annette Marguerite, 373 Randall, Danny Lee, 87, 177, 388, 486 Randolph, Christopher Fitz, 373 Rankin, Charles Cantrell, 186. 323 Rankin, Nancy Null, 383 Rankin. Peter Brinton. 168, 346 Ranson, David Harris, 346 Ranson, Sharon, 382 Paper, James Edison, Jr., 373 Raphael, Lawrence Allen, 358 Rarback, Sheri Rachelle, 358 Rascoe, Robert Blum, 126, 323 Rasmussen, Richard George, Jr.. 373 Rathbun, Edward Collins, 346 Rau, Mary Susan, 373 Rauchfuss. Arthur Alfred, III, 373 Rauers, Marion Hammond, 358 Raulerson, Nancy Gayle, 346 Rawlings, Sarah Hasbrouch, 113, 323 Rawlins, John F., 391 Rawls, Betty Lou, 194, 323 Ray, Brian Charles, 373 Ray, James David, III, 373 Ray, James Leslie, 358 Ray, James Pendleton, 323 Ray, John Thomas. 323 Ray, Nancy Charles, 381, 385 Ray, Robert Glenn, 50, 346 Ray. Wesley Carl, 373 Raymond, Eugene Phillips, 131, 358 Raynor, Bobby Carlyle, 402 Read, George Stephen, 160, 323 Read, Guy Carleton, 358 Ready. William Judson, 358 Reagan, Robert Malcolm, 346 Reams. George Lorraine, 323 Reams, Marilyn Kay, 373 Rector, David Lawrence. 373 Redd. Francis Marion. 373 Reddy. Saranya Kunari. 407 Redmond, Hight Stinson, 400 Redmond, Vincent Russell, Jr., 373 Reece, Davis Nance. 346 Reece, Johnny M.. 412 Reed. Christopher, 358 Reed. Douglas Cole, 323 Reed, George Howard, Jr., 407 Reed, Joy Beaman, 407 Reed, Martha Anne, 346 Reese, Arthur Haines, 373 Reese, David John, 397 Reese, David Pollock, Jr., 358 Reese, Walter Harrison, 373 Reeves, Charles M., Ill, 80, 124, 358 Reeves, Charles Steven, 183, 346 Reeves, William Handy, 265, 358 Regan, George Duncan, 373 Reich, F. Otto Juan, 358 Reid, George Hamilton, 373 Reid. James Jefferson, Jr., 323 Reid, Joseph Neal, 323 Reid, Marland C, 411 Reid, William Booth, Jr., 358 Reider, Horace Oliver, 373 Reim, Richard Charles, 373 Reiter. Brian Reynolds. 359 Reitzel. James Richard. Jr.. 124, 323 Remer, Bryan Eugene, 163, 358 Rendell, Elizabeth Ann, 382 Rendleman, David Atwell, III, 359 Renfro. Joseph Darrell, 346 Renfrew, Jean Thornton, 346 Renwick, F. Marion, 175, 323 Respess, Ray, 262 Reybitz, Chester Andrew, 413 Reynold, Claude Morris, Jr., 359 Reynolds. David Caldwell, 120, 121, 145, 323 Reynolds, James Francis, 373 Reynolds, James Woodrow, 394 Reynolds, Jerry Douglas, 373 Reynolds, Mary Louise, 403 Reynolds, Mercer, III, 373 Reynolds, Peggy Sue, 346 Reynolds, Thomas Colson, 346 Reynolds, Thomas Edward, 373 Reynolds, Wiley Richard, ill, 122, 155 Rhinehardt. John Edgar, 346 Rhodarmer, William Fredrick, 346 Rhoden, Charles William. Jr.. 373 Rhodes, James Slade, 160 Rhodes, Judy Ann. 346 Rhodes, Murden Cecil, 359 Rhodes, Robert Edward Lee, III, 323 Rhodes, Samuel Thomas, 359 Rhodes. Samuel Thomas. 359 Rhodes. Ted Owen, Jr., 359 Rhoney, Dale Van. 373 Rice. John Andrew, 359 Rice, Sharon Elizabeth, 359 Rich, Alvis Marvin, 396 Rich, David Maurice, 373 Rich, Dwight Douglas, 373 Rich, Stephen Allan, 164, 323 Richards. Julia Louise. 346 Page 449 Richardson, George Fiuney, 168, 346 Richardson, James Byrd, 373 Richardson, Joseph Stephen, 373 Richardson, Oscar Leonard, Jr., 412 Richardson, Paul Hart, 389 Richardson, Robert Benbow, 323 Ricl(ard, Hearne Franklin, 178, 390 Rickards, Robert R., 373 Rickelton, David Kendall, 391 Rickenbacker, Wilhelmina W., 407 Riddle, James Ernest, 175 Riddle, Thomas Edmond, 323 Ridenhour, Anne Lee, 67, 117, 194, 323 Ridenhour, Barbara Ann, 373 Ridgeway, Carole Elizabeth, 96. 189, 381 Rick, Justus Robert, 346 Rieman, Nancy L., 381, 385 Riesenfeld, Rosemarie, 323 Riggs, Linda Frances, 105 Rigney, Raymond Lee, 373 Riley, James Clifford, 68, 129, 346 Riley. William Barker, Jr., 396 Rimmer, John Thomas, 373 Ring, Clifton Adolphus. 373 Rmg, Elizabeth Ann, 171, 389 Ringland, Katherine G., 407 Ripper, Thomas D., 323 Rippy, Guy Lester, 390 Ritchie, Clyde Franklin, Jr., 373 Rivers, John Minott, Jr., 373 Rivers, Lawrence Durell, 401 Robb, James Lawrence, III, 373 Robbins, David Lavirence, 164, 346 Robbins, James Tate, 373 Robbins, Phillip Wayne, 413 Robbins, Stephen John, 373 Roberson, Edwin Stewart, 373 Roberson, James Henry. 324 Roberson, Stephen Cole, 373 Roberson, Wilbur Steve. 346 Robert, George Lamar, 373 Roberts, Brian G., 346 Roberts, Durward Thomas, Jr., 324 Roberts, Gana Louise, 359 Roberts, Grace Jane, 373 Roberts, L. Davis, Jr., 346 Roberts, Mary Eloise, 380 Roberts, Thomas Adams, Jr., 132, 359 Roberts, William Wayne, 346 Robertshaw, Lawrence Bentham, 324 Robertson, Fred McLennan, 373 Robertson, William Bruce, Jr., 373 Robertson, Yancey H., Jr., 373 Robinette, William Harold, Jr., 346 Robinson, Clyde Wilson, Jr., 391 Robinson, David Allen, 373 Robinson, James Lee, III, 346 Robinson, James Lowell, 359 Robinson, Jill Elaine, 324 Robinson, Kenneth George, Jr., 359 Robinson, Larry Philip, 407 Robinson, Lynda, 85, 114, 324 Robinson, Terrell Embrey, 373 Robinson, William Edgar Stanback, 71, 56, 134, 324 Robinson, William Gane, 412 Robinson, William Harold, 183, 359 Robinson, William Pressly. 187, 359 Robson, Charles Baskervill, Jr., 413 Rockette, Clyde Stephen, 374 Rodgers. Raymond Stanford, Jr., 359 Rodriguez, Joseph A., 374 Roessiger, Peter Dorian, 324 Rogan, Patrick Charles, 374 " erman Pearson, Jr., 346 rs, James Ted, Jr., 324 James Y., 175, 346 irs, Jerry Dale, 324 irs, Jimmy Lafon, 407 rs, John L., 324 irs, John L., II, 324 . John Samuel, 374 Rogers, Joseph Andrew, 374 , Larry Daniel, 346 , Leonard March, 346 , Linda, 346 , Marion Lane, 189, 380 , Patricia Hurst, 346 , Robert Kent, 346 . Russell Junius, Jr., 399 , Ted, 397 Rogers, Thomas Tinsley, Jr., 56, 346 Rogers, William Henry, Jr., 359 Rogerson, Jimmy Arlyn, 180, 201, 346 Roghelia, Lloyd B., 346 Roland, Sanford Joseph, Jr., 324 Roll, David Franklin, 359 Rollins, Edgar Marshall, 346 Rollins, James Russell, Jr., 324 Rollins, Robert Rudolph, Jr., 374 Romanet, Andrew Louis, Jr., 413 Romanet, Janice Morgan, 324 Roney, John Robert, 77, 359 Ronner, Terry, 262 Roof, Lanny Michael, 324 Roof, Nathaniel E., 180, 324 Roper, Mary Eileen, 346 flosas, Jose R., 155, 359 Roschy, Susan Gertrude, 382 Rose, William Nicholas, Jr., 346 Rosefield, Herbert A., Jr., 359 Roseman, Irvin Alvin, 402 Rosenbaum, Franklin D., 167 Rosenbaum. Jerry Harris, 402 Rosenblum, Stephen Frederick, 374 Rosental, George Eric, 324 Rosenthal, Louis Laurant, 324 Roser, Herbert Gary, 100, 147, 324 Ross, Barbara Jean, 359 Ross, Betty Anne, 346 Ross, Coleman DeVane, 175, 346 Ross, Hardin Eli, III, 346 Ross, James Salwyn, 374 Ross, John Moncrief, 346 Ross, Johnny Ervin, 359 Ross, Randy Joseph, 374 Ross, Richard Wayne, 346 Ross, Robert Wendell, III, 57, 70, 160, 183, 324 Ross, William Griffin, 324 Roth. Benjamin Sterling, 374 Roth, Richard Emanuel, 346 Rottman. Sherry Lynn, 74, 118, 324 Roughton, John Brooks. 374 Roupas, Charles Theodore, 128, 346 Rouse, David Mark, 413 Rouse, Jerry Randolph, 374 Rouse, Lawrence H., 151, 324 Roush, Fred William, 374 Roux, Georgia Lindsay, 346 Rouzer, William Wolf, 359 Rowe, David Lewis, 359 Rowe, Joseph Milton, Jr., 374 Rowe, Mary Gail, 374 Royal, Donald Gibson, 374 Royster, Chauncey Lake, Jr., 359 Rozier, Neil Larry, 374 Rubin, Leslie Alvin, 167, 188, 324 Rubin, William L., 374 Ruble, Raymond John, 374 Rudell, Frederick Lawrence, 359 Rudisill, Gerald Alton, Jr., 346 Ruehl, Victor Eugene, III, 359 Rufty, Joe Hearne, 374 Rumsey, Dexter C, III, 97, 101, 324 Rundgren, Charles Edward, 407 Runge, Sam Stephen, 345 Rusher, James T., 325 Rushin, Terry Wayne, 374 Russ, Eldon Jessie, 346 Russell, Curtis R., 346 Russell, Dennis Edward, 346 Russell, Douglas M., 397 Russell, Jane Banks, 374 Russell, Joseph Dwight, 139, 359 Russell. Judith Ann, 374 Russell, Paul Gregory, 374 Russell, Raymond Wilson, 413 Russell, Sue Hudson, 325 Ruth, James Howard, 345 Ruth, Raymond Earl, 57, 183, 359 Rutledge, Jerry James, 359 Rutledge, Larry Wayne, 359 Ryan, Jim L., 345 Ryerson, Paul B., 346 Sabiston, Frank, Jr., 394 Sabiston, Walter Roberts, 397 Saboski, Arthur Peter, 325 Sadler, George Henry, 359 St. George, William Myers, 374 Saintsing, Earl Michael, 374 Salles, Paula Ruth, 359 Sailing, William Houston, Jr., 346 Salmony, Steve E., 374 Salsbury, Sherrod, III, 374 Sams, Leroy Warren, Jr., 413 Samsot, Robert Louis, 55, 346 Samuel, Barbara Lee, 346 Sandarg, Robert Morrison, 346 Sandberg, Hyrum Carl, Ml, 374 Sanders, Robert, 359 Sanders, Robert E., 407 Sanderson, James Maxey, 374 Sanderson, Richard David, 374 Sandman, Rita Marie, 81, 104, 108, 325 Sanford, Donald Edward, 374 Sanford, Winston Morris, 346 Sapp, Adelaide Raye Sharpe, 346 Sapp, Bennett Bynum, 148, 325 Sapp, David, Jr., 347 Sargent, Richard Berton, 347 Sarratt, Alexander Reed, III, 77, 127, 347 Sasser, Herman Wallace, Jr., 374 Sasser, Nancy Farthing, 189, 380 Sasser, William Dudley, 374 Safisky, Howard Phillip, 374 Satterfield, William Clem, 402 Satterfield, William R., Jr., 359 Saul, Alan Joseph, 164, 325 Sauls, Rex, 144, 325 COVERS BY KINGSKRAFT KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE Page 450 Saum, David Wendell, 374 Saunders, Denise Kay, 347 Saunders, Jack Edward, III, 359 Saunders, James Eaton, 374 Saunders, Linda Lea, 347 Saunders, Phillip Melton, 374 Saunders, Richard Robertson, 374 Saunders, Stuart Thomas, Jr., 156, 325 Savage, Phillip Lane, 359 Sawyers, Marcia Latham, 325 Sayers, Donald Dean, 148, 347 Sayers, Johnny Gordon, 325 Sayers, William Floyd, 395 Sayles, Julia Lauder, 412 Sayre, Edward H., Jr., 359 Scales, Judith Stacy, 347 Scarborough, Junius Fielding, Jr., 325 Scattergood, J. Henry, 374 Schafer, Gerald Samuel, 374 Scharff, Robert Edgar, Jr., 374 Scheer, Frederick Hugh, 359 Schell, Pamela Lynn, 382 Schenck, James Douglas, 325 Scherr, Harry, III, 374 Schiemann, Donald A., 407 Schiff, Albert John, 99, 101, 120, 121, 165, 325 Schiffer, Hazel M., 407 Schiltz, David Barrie, 359 SchlapkchI, Richard H., 399 Schlenger, William Edward, 374 Schlosser, E. Steve, Jr., 412 Schmidt, Alice Maria, 84, 325 Schmidt, Gail Duane, 407 Schmidt, William Gert, 122, 359 Schnabel, William Wilson, 374 Schneider, Robert M., 374 Schneider, Walter Barry. 374 Schnurrenburger, Leroy Wayne, 407 Schoch, Robert, 158, 325 Schoenborn, Edward Martin, III, 359 Behoof, Gretchen C., 347 Schrum, Darrell Edward, 359 Schuchardt. Louise Novelle, 347 Schueike, Melissa June, 347 Schuff, Lardon E., Jr., 74 Schuller, Jeremy Clinton, 347 Schultz, John Frederick, 143, 347 Schussel, Robert H., 359 Schwab, Nelson, III, 374 Schwartz, David Malcolm, 152 Schwartz, William B., Ill, 76, 167, 359 Schwender, Sue Ann, 347 Scoles, Peter Serafino, 407 Scott, Charles Kimrey, 396 Scott, Christopher Martin, 347 Scott, Elmer Glenn, 413 Scott, Gary Clifford, 374 Scott, Jack Hillman, Jr., 374 Scott, Leslie Earl, 374 Scott, Phoebe Thomas, 325 Scott, Thomas Fletcher, Jr., 349 Scouten, Ellen Bradshaw, 325 Scovel. Terry Lynn, 374 Scovil, Elizabeth Penfield, 84, 382, 385 Scruggs, Doshie Martena, 403 Seagle, Thomas Caldwell, 347 Seago, John Vincent, 132, 341 Sears, Thomas Harmon. Jr., 400 Seaton, Grover Cleveland, III. 359 Seawell, Aaron Ashley Flowers, IV, 359 Seawell, Ellon Grace, 391 Sechrest, Melville Lee, 347 Sedlacek, Cheryl Lynn, 96, 383 Segerman, Susan Henda, 325 Segrest, Robert, 101, 157 Sehorn, Samuel Leroy, 389 Seibert, Edward Timothy, 374 Seigel, Edward M., 166 Selden, Samuel, 374 Sellers, Alva Broughton, Jr., 390 Sellers, Clarence Blanco, 374 Senn, Laurence Vaughn, Jr., 122, 139, 359 Sensenbach, Charles Willis, Jr., 374 Sentelle, Mary Flora, 171, 389 Sessoms, Duncan Edison, 374 Sessoms, Merville White, Jr., 374 Sessoms, William Hugh, Jr., 359 Settlemire. Earl S.. 374 Sevier, Robert English, 396 Sexton, Daniel Glenn, 374 Seymour, Glynn Douglas, 347 Seymour, James E,, Jr., 374 Seymour, William G., 124, 325 Shackford, Margaret Hilliard, 347 Shaffer, Carol Ann, 383 Shaffer, Charles M., Jr., 132, 190, 194, 195, 201, 262, 275, 286, 325 Shaffer, Charlotte Winborne, 374 Shaffer, Leonard B., 412 Shankle, William Ivey, 175, 325 Shannon, Eugene Hugh, 407 Shannon, Maureen Ann, 362, 374 Shao, Harry, 359 Shapiro, Gordon Hoffman, 167 Share, Stewart, 347 Sharp, Joyce Ann, 118, 384 Shavender, Eugene Fianklin, 72, 325 Shaver, Huitt Roger, 347 Shavlis, Drusanne, 407 Shaw, Alan Page, 347 Shaw, Alexander Turner, III, 359 Shaw, Gerald Edwin, 187, 359 Shaw, John Lewis, 359 Shaw, Margaret Elliott, 391 Shaw, Philip Carl, 325 Shaw, Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., 391 Shea, Patrick Joseph, 359 Shear, Morris, 374 Shearin, Norman Wilson, Jr., 374 Shearin, Cameron Edwin, 359 Shearon, David Royal, 374 Sheeley, Susan Pomada, 325 Sheffield, Lucius Grigg, Jr., 359 Shell, William Robert, 77, 347 Shelley, Rowland McLamb, 326 Shelly, Tom, 266 Shelton, Clavis 0., 401 Shelton, Frank Wesley, Jr., 148, 347 Shelton, George Edward, III, 347 Shelton, John Edward, 374 Shelton, Mary Jane, 347 Shelton, Thomas McKendree, III, 413 Shelton, Twonette Corine, 347 Shepard, Ernest Allen, 374 Shepherd, Daniel Bowie, 124, 325 Shepherd, John Reeves, 359 Shepherd, Lois Ann, 359 Sheppard, Ernest Mac, 359 Sheps. David Samuel, 88, 164, 347 Shepsle, Kenneth Allen, 359 Sherril, J. Wayne, 347 Sherrill, Dennis Allen, 391 Sherrill, Lee Woodrow, Jr., 122, 158, 359 Sherrill, Robert Minnis, 347 Sherrill, Sheila Ernestine, 85, 96, 326 Sherrill, Una Karen, 347 Sherrill, William Fredrick, 374 Sherwood, George Royall, II, 374 Sherwood, Mary Dianne, 109, 326 Sherwood, William James, Jr., 402 Shields, Alston B., 407 Shields, Edgar W., 374 Shields, Sylvia Lillian, 347 Shields. William Gilbert, 374 Shinn, John Bradley, 395 Shinn, Phyllis Ann, 347 Shins, Richard Mark, 167, 326 Shively, John Terry, 155, 347 Shivers, James Allison, 374 Shoaf, M. Bays, Jr., 347 Shoffner, Robert Hunter, 374 Shope, Richard Irving, 359 Shore, Charles Martin, 374 Shores, Charles Thomas, Jr., 347 Short, Billy Glenwood, 374 Shorten, Richard Jeffrey, 374 Shouse, Larry Ray, 326 Showell, Gay, 347 Shroat, Jerry Gordon, 347 Shue, Robert Sidney, 186, 326 Shuff, Landon E., Jr., 69, 359 Shuford, Abel Alexander, 132, 359 Shuford, Gene M., 402 Shuford, John Oscar, III, 359 Shuford, Nancy Cline, 106, 326 Shulimson, Gail Phyllis, 374 Shutt, Robert Talmadge, 359 Sides, Evin H., Ill, 395 Sides, Robert Lee, Jr., 374 Sieber, Peter Joseph, 347 Siegel, Edward Mark, Jr., 266, 347 Sifford, Jerry Lee, 347 Sigmon, James Lewis, Jr., 395 Silliman, Scott Livingston, 63, 96, 347 Sills, Morris White, Jr., 374 Sills, Rosemary, 374 Silver, Frank Morris, 347 Silver, Mary Ida, 391 Simerly, David Riley, 374 Simmons, Glenn Richard, 374 Simmons, Guy Held. Jr., 407 Simmons, Raymond Blackwood, Jr., 374 Simmons, Robert Geoige, 396 Simmons, Russell Edwards, Jr., 347 Simmons, Sallie Courtney, 84, 110, 326 Simmons. Scott Walton, 374 Simmons, Thomas William, 168, 359 Simmons, William Edward, Jr., 143, 326 Simmons, William Robert, 359 Simon, Lawrence Howard, 359 Simonds, Susan W., 118, 326 Simons, James Brandon, 374 Simons, Robert Lynde, Jr., 359 Simons, William Kenneth, Jr., 72, 359 Simpson, Bryan, Jr., 80, 132, 359 Simpson, David Murray, 144, 398, 401 Simpson, David Shatter. 359 Simpson, George Lee, 374 Simpson, Henry Marshall, 409, 411 Simpson, John Reginald, Jr., 374 Simpson, Linda Craddock, 68, 382 Simpson, Peter H., 326 Simpson, Robert Brent, 347 4 mr w. " • msissr ' ' DURHAM ' S STYLE CENTER Page 451 Z)own Sf Campus Simpson, Sandra Moore, 391 Simpson, William F., Jr., 374 Sims, Allen Bruce, 99, 100, 101, 132, 326 Sims. Faryl Evan, 79, 359 Sims, James Vernon, 326 Singer, Alan Edward, 326 Singer, Richard Gregg, 347 Singletary, Leith Paul, 326 Singleton, Frank Harrison, 374 Sipe, Kerry Wmton, 78, 324 Sirimonhol, Ladawalya Tim, 347 Sitterson, Joseph Carlyle, Jr., 72, 374 Sitton, Linda Elizabeth, 189, 380 Sizemore, Lawrence Lee, 326 Skeen, JoAnn, 347 Skeen, McDuffy Brown, 402 Skees, Robert Dresden, 93, 95, 96. 101, 181, 188, 326 Skelly, Thomas McFarland, 131, 359 Skipwith, Hope Ely, 407 Slack, James Blount, 398, 402 Slate, Joseph Esmond, Jr., 374 Slater. Eileen. 347 Slater. Jane B.. 72. 119, 326, 347 Slaughter, James Wellons, 374 Sledge, Charles Harold, 359 Slutsky, Myron Leonard, 164, 326 Small. Parks Nolan. 151, 326 Smart, William Henry, 183, 347 Smiley. Scott Landram. 347 Smith, Andrew G.. 359 Smith. Barry Fulton, 374 Smith, Betti Jean, 384 Smith, C, Harvey, 407 Smith, Carol Ann F., 108, 325 Smith, Carolyn Ann, 359, 385 Smith, Carolyn Jeannette, 87, 390 Smith, Charles Kersey, Jr., 374 Smith, Charles Milton, Jr.. 175, 326 Smith, Charlie Kent, 374 Smith, Charlotte Jacquelyn, 391 Smith, Clarence Edwin, III, 143, 359 Smith, Clayton Bernard. Jr.. 399 Smith. Dan Clayton, 359 Smith, David Bomar, 374 Smith, David Iverson, 411 Smith, Edward Newton, 374 Smith, Gary Lewis, 375 Smith, Gilbert Dale, 359 Smith, Glenn Monroe, 347 Smith, Gordon. III. 168, 360 Smith. Guy Patrick. 148. 360 Smith. Guy Warren, 360 Smith. Harold Henkel. Jr., 375 Smith, Haywood Clark. Jr., 375 Smith, James Eastman, 375 Smith, James Fielding, 74, 347 Smith, James Peeler, 350 Smith, Jane Alva Johnston, 326 Smith, Jerry Wayne, 100, 101, 175, 327 Smith, John Harrison, 360 Smith, John Troy, 158, 347 Smith, Joseph Gordon, Jr., 176, 389 Smith, Judith Juoson, 347 Smith, June Todd, 201, 327 Smith, Kenneth Leo. 375 Smith, Larry Emmett, 350 Smith, Leonidas Constantino, III, 327 Smith, Lynn Harrison, 399 Smith, Marion Hinson, Jr., 347 Smith. Marvin MacLeod, Jr.. 72. 347 Smith, Matthew Allison, 375 Smith, Milton Call, 327 Smith, Paul Dennis, 413 Smith, Philip Logan, 130, 327 Smith, Richard Michael, 375 Smith, Richard W,, 327 Smith, Robert Bailey, 111, 131, 347 Smith, Robert Braxton, Jr., 375 Smith, Robert Charles, 181, 327 Smith, Robert Douglas, 350 Smith, Robert Eugene, 347, 412 Smith, Ronald Emerson, 375 Smith, Roy Boyd, Jr., 87, 178, 389 Smith, Samuel Winslow, Jr., 347 Smith, Saundra Victoria, 114, 327 Smith, Susanne Rochet, 113, 327 Smith, Thurman L.. 347 Smith. Vernon Ray, II, 327 Smith, Warren Kirkland, Jr., 401 Smith, William McCorkle, 360 Smith, William Zadok, Jr.. 350 Smith. Windell Britton, Jr., 347 Smithey, Bryan Thorne, 375 Smithwick, Jimmy, 252 Smoake, Ernest Carlton, 375 Smoot, Arthur Fountain, 347 Smyre, Herbert Lee, 397 Smyre, Larry Elvin, 151, 391 Snead, Margaret Dix, 117, 327 Sneed, Albert Lee, 85, 125, 347 Snell, Thomas Richard, 347 Snider, Conward Berton, 327 Snider, Tim, 347 Snider, Toni Mane, 327 Snipes, Lyman Ralph, Jr.. 375 Snodgrass. Sara Elizabeth, 327 Snody, Larry D., 96, 327 Snook, Harry David, 360 Snow, Charles Leon, 143, 360 Snyder, James William, 183, 347 Snyder, Jean Olive, 347 Snyder, Joe D., 360 Sobol, John Woodrow, 55, 375 Soles, William Ray, 327 Solin, Lester L.. Jr.. 164, 327 Solomon, Ellen Joan, 57. 385 Solomon. Lucas Deleon. 375 Solter. Alan Warren. 390 Somers, Larry Gordon, 188. 327 Somers. Robert Fletcher. 327 Southard, John Wilder, 395 Southerland, Roy A.. 327 Southern. Paul Maynard. 375 Southern. Russell Wesley. Jr.. 350 Spainhour. Ronald Edward, 327 Spain, C. Michael. 347 Spangler. Arthur Neal. Jr.. 347 Spangler, Joseph Dale. 327 Sparks, Stephen Andre, 375 Sparrow, Donald Gilmore, 375 Sparrow, John Templeton, 347 Sparrow, Patricia Anne, 327 Spaugh, Shirley Jean, 383 Spaulding, Benjamin Warren. Jr.. 360 Speagle. Virginia Ballou, 327 Spearman. Robert Worthington. 54. 68, 59, 70, 131, 195, 347 Spears, Edgar M., 375 Spechar. Hugo, 75 Speer, Candace Virginia, 347 Speight, Elisabeth Sharrock, 347 Speight, James, 138 Speight, Martha Frances, 347 Speight, Robert Edward, 57, 75, 201, 328 Spell, John Harvey, 360 Spell, Oscar Glenn, III, 147, 347 Spell, Ruby Alfreda. 407 Spence, Oris Preston, 328 Spencer, Ann Curtis, 119, 185, 194, 328 Spencer, James Richard, 375 Spencer, John Howard, 375 Spencer, Ross Dee, 375 Spencer, Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., 347 Spencer, Thomas Safford, 375 Spencer, Tracy N., Ill, 79, 347 Sperber, Janice Lynn, 347 Spies, Peter Frederick, 164 Spivey. Charles Burden, 360 Spivey. Elizabeth Harrison, 396 Spivey. Jerry Lee, 347 Spivey, Richard Coleman, Jr., 328 Spivey, Teddy Ray, 328 Spivey, William Herbert, 375 Spoerer, Jeanne Ripley, 328 Sponenberg, James Eugene, III, 347 Spoon. James Merritt, Jr., 391 Spransy, George Brower, Jr., 347 Spring. Harry Charles. 183. 347 Sproul, Avard Pauline. 360 Spruill. James Henry. 397 Spurling, David Steven, 375 Spurrier, William Wayne, 328 Stack, Robert C, 347 Stack, Victor Gene, 347 Stafford, Mary Elizabeth, 347 Stafford. Robert Blanton. 347 Stagger, Samuel Richard, 375 Stalder, Elizabeth Anne. 347 Staley. Roy Edward. 375 Stallings. J. Gilbert, 413 Stallings, James T.. Jr., 375 Stallings. Michael Holton. 360 Stamper. Clifford Mathieson. 399 Stancil. John Wayne, 375 Stancil, Judith Elaine, 375 Stanley, Charles Harvey, 122, 168, 360 Stanley, Michael Eugene, 350 Stanley, Sherry, 72 Stanley, William Elbert, Jr., 144, 347 Stapleton, Elizabeth Brenton, 113, 328 Starnes. Jimmy Dayle, 347 Starnes. Larry Merle. 375 Starnes. Nane Reed. 347 Starnes. Richard Lynn. 375 Starnes. William Wellington. 328 Starr, Carol, 118, 328 Statler, James S,, 375 Stearns. Junius Stitt, III. 347 Stebbins, Mary Patricia. 57. 347 Stedman. Charles Norman, 375 Steed, Betsy Jo, 360 Steed, Clark Russell, 375 Steele, John Richard, 140, 350 Steele, Kenneth Franklin, 180, 360 Steele, W. Frank. 396 Steelman, Ronald Howell, 93, 347 Stegall, Geneva Louise. 347 Stein. Howard Irving, 375 Stein, Jay Joseph, 167, 347 Steinberg, Mark Joseph, 152 Steinberg, Theodore Lee, 80, 328 Steinbock. Delmar David. 375 Steiner, Philip William. Jr., 375 Stembler, John Hardwick, Jr.. 132. 347 Stenson. Charles Ernest, II. 375 Stephens. Courtney Sollee, 375 Stephens. Don Allen, 360 Stephens, Edgar Gerald, 375 Stephens, Hugh Johnson. 375 Stephens, Melville L,, 375 Stephens, Richard Dale, 375 Stephens, William Forest, III, 328 Stephenson, Alan Clements, 375 Stephenson, Colin Ruffin, 375 Stephenson, Don Walton, 375 Stephenson, Ella Catherine, 96, 347 Stephenson. James Philip, Jr., 328 Stephenson, Joseph Floyd, 375 Stephenson, Mack Durwood, 375 Sterling, Suzanne J., 375 Stevens, Elliott Walker, Jr., 397 Stevens, Jerry Rockwell. 375 Stevens, Harrell Hugh. Jr., 54, 347 Stevens, Wade Harold, 360 Stevens, William Forrest, 375 Stevenson, Clement 0.. Jr., 128. 328 Stewart, Alice Allen, 328 Stewart, Carl Miller, 132, 350 Stewart. Edward Doyle. Jr.. 375 Stewart. Edward Lee. 360 Stewart. John Edward. 350 Stewart, Mary Jo, 119, 328 Stewart. Richard Kent. Jr., 375 Stewart, Thomas Earl, Jr., 136. 350 Stewart. William Douglas. 348 Stinson. Thomas Wilder, III, 375 Stirewalt, Kay Virginia, 348 Stocks, Tony Wayne, 375 Stocks, William Lloyd, 413 Stoddard. Dan Hamilton. Jr., 375 Stoddard. Grace Mildred. 185. 328 Stogowski. Joseph John, 348 Stokes, Jerome Walter, 411 Stokes, Montford Young, 96, 101, 135, 328 Stokes, Nancy Estelle, 381 Stone, James Robert, 175, 348 Stone, John Clinnon. 78. 360 Stone, Richard T.. 128. 360 Stoner. John Clyde, 407 Stonestreet. James Frank. 120, 137, 328 Storck, Richard Alan. 328 Story, Mary Rebecca, 382 Story, Willie Thomas. Jr., 375 Stout. Frank Palmer. 348 Stout. Jan Elizabeth. 375 Stovall. Harry Wylie. 375 Stovall. Robert Glenn, Jr., 328 Strange, Charlton B,. Jr., 401 Straughan, James Fleming, Jr., 328 Straughn, William RinRgold, III, 72, 328 Stratten, Leroy Earl, 407 Stratton. William Snead. 158 Straw. Dennis John. 348 Strawhun. Sandra Lee. 380 Street, Nicholas, 328 Stretmater, Robert Lloyd, 360 Strickland, Anita Grey, 348 Strickland, Carolyn, 329 Strickland. Grady Champion, 350 Strickland, Ralph Bowling, Jr., 375 Strickland, Roger Colon, 180, 329 Strickland, Sandra Jackson, 329 Stricklen, Virginia, 64 Strickler, Gordon Marshall, 375 Strom, Gerry Paul, 360 Stronach, Samuel Clark, 360 Strother, Joseph Michael, 329 Strother, Mary Ellison. 350 Stroud, Charles Douglas. 402 Stroud, James Michael, 375 Stroup, Alice Elizabeth, 375 Stroup, Bruce Bradley. 175. 329 Stroup. Polie Rhyne. Jr.. 350 Stroupe, William Edward, 348 Strubing. Philip Henry, III, 127, 348 Stuart, James Bowman, 329 Page 452 Page 453 Page 454 Stuart, Mike Maurice, 375 Stubblefield, Johnny David. 360 Stubbs, Clifford Earl, 175. 348 Stubbs, Trawick Hamilton, 77, 127, 190, 194, 195, 329 Stubbs, William Lamont, 329 Stueler, William Edward, 360 Stull. Carlyle Evans, Jr., 96, 101, 329 Stultz, John Hoyte, Jr., 412 Sturdevant, Barbara Jeanne, 348 Sturdevant, Paula May, 375 Suber, Salem Robert, 375 Suddreth, Doris Brenda. 375 Sugar. John William. 407 Sullivan. L aborn Decoster, Jr., 348 Sullivan. Terrence Daniel. 375 Summers. James Thomas, Jr., 348 Surles, Oliver Steven, 329 Surratt, Gwendolyn Jeneane, 329 Surraft, John Peeler, 375 Sutphin. Richard Leroy. 375 Suttle, Joseph Linton, III. 329 Sutton. Charles Douglas. 348 Sutton. Corrina S.. 407 Sutton. George C.. 160 Sutton. James Robert. 360 Sutton. Johnnie Eugene. 375 Sutton. Robert Bean. Jr.. 360 Sutton. Turner Bond, 375 Swain, Blair Wesley, 360 Swann, Carl C, Jr.. 348 Swann, Wendy, 384 Swanson, David Mitchell, 187. 360 Swansson. James Herbert. 348 Swaringen. Mark Avett. 375 Swaringen. Roy Archibald. Jr.. 186. 329 Swartz. Margaret Joanne. 360 Swasey. John Loring. Jr.. 375 Sweatt. Linda Faye. 329 Sweeney. David Neal. 360 Sweeney, Leroy Edward, Jr.. 375 Swiecicki. Robert F., 407 Swisher. Cynthia Ellen. 348 Switzer. Sara Harney. 110, 329 Swofford, William Oliver, 375 Sykes. Claude Oliver. Jr., 375 Sykes. Hannah Parks. 329 Sykes. Horace Leonard. 360 Sykes. Robert Nathan. Jr.. 391 Symonds, Peter Lamson. 375 Szenasy, Anthony Stephen, 348 Szolscek, Patricia Ann, 348 Szymaitis, James Adam, 348 Talbert, John Wallace, Jr.. 411 Talbot. Jim, 266 Talbott, Joseph Daniel, 375 Tallent, Clyde Ray, 360 Talmadge, Sam McNeill. Jr.. 136. 360 Talton. Erma Kay, 85, 329 Talton. Stephen James, Jr.. 375 Tanenbaum. Gerald Stephen. 375 Tanner, Ronald Leroy. 375 Tarleton. Arthur Reginald. 375 Tarleton, Harold Lewis, 396 Tarleton, Larry Wilson, 348 Tarr, Mary Patricia, 348 Tart, Johnny Parker. 360 Tartaglia. Daniel Vincent. 375 Tasker. Tamara Jean. 375 Tate. Charles Murray. 96. 101 Tate. Edward Ray. 348 Tate. Jack Pressley. 360 Tathwell, Sallye Meredith, 118, 329 Taylor, Carl Dewey, 375 Taylor, Charles Morrison. II, 348 Taylor. Daniel L., 348 Taylor, Donald Hugh, 348 Taylor, Edward Alan, 348 Taylor. Elliott Ray. 137. 348 Taylor. Gary James. 375 Taylor, Herman Leroy, III. 147, 184, 348 Taylor, John Bradsher, 412 Taylor. John Bynum, 391 Taylor, John Carroll. 329 Taylor. John Herman. 360 Taylor. John Scott. 360 Taylor. Marsha B.. 389 Taylor. Michael Lyndon Finch. 375 Taylor. Nathaniel Dunn. 123. 143, 343 Taylor, Norwood Travis. 348 Taylor. Patricia Elise. 348 Taylor, Patrick Purnell, 57, 360 Taylor, Richard Barry, 360 Taylor, Russell Carl, 394 Taylor, Thomas George, 375 Taylor, Thomas Pickett. 329 Taylor, Wade Anderson, Jr., 329 Taylor, William Allen, 348 Taylor, William Woodruff. Ml. 57. 143, 187. 360 Teague. Mary Gray. 391 Teaney. Myron Rex. Jr.. 138, 348 Teasdale, Diana Mitchell, 67, 104, 113, 329 Teele, Gerald A., 151, 360 Teeter, Jean Hayes, 348 Teeter, Paul Carroll, 329 Temple. Earl Jackson. 348 Temple. John Harris. 329 Temple, John Proctor, Jr., 360 Templeton, Eugene B., 348 Templeton, Ralph Gordon, Jr.. 360 Terentiev. Alexei V.. 413 Terry. James Willard. 360 Tesh, Phillip Gary. 402 Tesh, Ray Franklin. 330 Tew, Allen Roger, 360 Tew, Franklin Truett, 348 Thames, Mary Lynette, 348 Thayer, Nina Dawn, 330 Thom, Richard Cobb, 124, 348 Thomas, David Lloyd, 180, 330 Thomas, Donald Anton, 396 Thomas, Dwight Elwood, Jr.. 375 Thomas, George Shaker, 413 Thomas, George Sloan. 330 Thomas. Henry Garrison, 375 Thomas, Herbert LaMar 360 Thomas, John Hurley, III, 360 Thomas, John Stephen, 128, 360 Thomas, Martha Marie. 106. 330 Thomas. Michael Maynard. 348 Thomas. Nancy F.. 407 Thomas. Philip Winston. 148, 348 Thomas, Roy H., Ill, 348 Thomas, Stephen Mason. 375 Thomas, Susan Jane, 383 Thomas, Timothy Grant, 136. 330 Thomas. William Neil. III. 56. 139. 187. 360 Thomason. Henry Clayton. Jr., 397 Thompson. Alexander Saunders. Jr.. 163. 348 Thompson. Ann Scott, 330 Thompson, Benjamin E.. 375 Thompson. Clyde Gilbert. 360 Thompson. Cyrus Bradfor d. 413 Thompson. David Reed. 163. 360 Thompson, Forrest Victor, Jr., 330 Thompson. Fred Caldwell. 128. 348 Thompson, Herman C. Jr., 135, 330 Thompson, James Addison, Jr., 360 Thompson, James Alfred, 330 Thompson. James Cecil. 402 Thompson. James William. 360 Thompson. Julia Arlene. 110. 348 Thompson. Lawrence G.. 375 Thompson. Linda Faye. 375 Thompson, Oscar Holden. 143. 348 Thompson. Ralph Edison. Jr.. 360 Thompson. Robert Buie. 330 Thompson. Samuel Griffin. 123, 168, 348 Thompson, Sherdenia, 375 Thompson. Shirley Jean. 407 Thompson. Stephen Russell, 375 Thornburg, John Glenn, 348 Thorndike, James Arthur, Jr.. 375 Thome. John Francis, 375 Thornelee, Keith Cartlege, II, 172, 348 Thornton, Richard Arnold, Jr., 350 Thornton, Thomas Lee, 376 Thornton, William Gerald. 71. 194. 330 Thorpe. Martha Susan. 380 Thrift. Michael Francis. 376 Thrift. Robert Craig. 376 Thrower. William Nathan. Jr.. 348 Thurston, Stephen G., 376 Thurston, Thomas Willson, 376 Thuss. Noland Wells, 376 Tibbets, Lucinda Fay, 109, 330 Tiberio, Gilbert Francis. Jr.. 350 Tiessen. Frida Marie, 407 Tillery, Wade Hampton, 376 Tilley, Sandra Camille, 348 Tillman, Helen Jean. 375 Tillman. Nancy Wood, 96. 348 Timberlake. Rebecca Louise. 348 Ting. Nancy Nien-Ping. 348 Tinkham. Spencer Felton. 187. 360 Tippett. Joe Wayne. 397 Tittle, William Stewart, 131, 360 Toan, Dorelle, 381 Todd, David James, 376 Todd, Joe William, Jr., 376 Todd, Robert Scott, 376 Tolar, Ned Randall, 360 Tomford. William Webster. 376 Tonry. Michael H.. 376 Topkins. Robert M.. 330 Topping, Evelyn Barringer, 330 Topping, John H.. 348 Toumbacaris. John B.. Jr.. 376 Towe. Catherine Bradley. 348 Townsend. Haynes Wayland, 360 Toy. Wanda Sue. 381 Trachtenberg. Ronald Lee. 330 Traub. Kenneth Warren. 376 Trauben. Marilyn Eileen. 348 Travis. Jennie Kay. 57. 117. 330 Trawick. David E.. 399 Traynham, Donald Mitchell. 330 Trenbath. Richard Stockton. 135. 265, 348 Trent, William Cecil. Jr.. 140. 348 Treschan. Helmut. 348 Tribble. Virginia Wright. 84, 348 Trickey. Fred Logan. 360 Trigila. Maria Aurora. 330 Triplett. John Chester. 348 Tripp, Jim Noah, 390 Tripp, Ronald Tucker, 388 Trogdon, Patricia Ann, 376 Trott, Edward Wadsworth, 376 Trott, Sara Anne. 81. 96. 348 Trotter. Marian Warner. 348 Troxler, Gale Scott, 330 Hoi e of Such Quality Names In Men ' s Cloth ' nig as Hart Schaffuer Alarx. and Florsheim 147 E. Franklin Street Clothiers of Distinction WHEN VISITING CHAPEL HILL Remember the mmm motel " One of Carolina ' s Finest Motels " and The Famous PliS RESTHUR T HIGHWAY 54 EAST CHAPEL HILL Congratulations TO ANOTHER GRADUATING CLASS CAROLINA BARBER SHOP " Since 1903 " Page 455 OFFICIAL PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE " 1964 YACKETY YACK " SMITH STUDIO 12 EAST HARGETT STREET RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA Page 456 Troy, Helen June, 85. 348 Truette, Benny Edward, 360 Truitt, Shirley Owen, 348 Trull, Charles Scott, 330 Trull, John Irvine, 376 Trussell, Stephen A., 376 Tucker, Alice-Anne Warfield, 50, 330 Tucker, Judy Gay, 348 Tucker, Richard Dennis, 330 Tucker, Thomas Randolph, 376 Tunstall, George Ellis, Jr., 348 Turner, Charles Hancock, Jr., 376 Turner, Donald William, 175, 330 Turner, Elizabeth Kay, 115, 331 Turner, Gary Lamar, 376 Turner, Gerald Pinkney, 400 Turner, John Edwin, 360 Turner, John Pate, 331 Turner, Lynwocd Clifton, III, 70, 120, 121, 160, 331 Turner, Marshall Lee, Jr.. 348 Turner. Roy Steven. 187, 360 Turner. Sidney Chesley. 348 Turner, Wilburne Wells, Jr., 376 Turpin. Joe Francis. 376 Turpin, Sally Wise, 113, 331 Tuthill, Walter Warren, Jr., 83, 331 Tutterow, James Clay, Jr.. 360 Tuttle. Harold Pulliam. Jr.. 376 Tuttle. Reuben Gray, 375 Tuttle, Ronald P., 376 Twamley, Joseph Vincent. 360 Twiddy, Curtis Andrew, Jr., 187, 360 Tyer, Steven Moran, 360 Tygart, Frederick Brent, 376 Tyler, John C. P., 376 Tyndall. Alvin Ray. 70. 88. 360 Tyndall. James Paul. Jr.. 331 Tyndall, Robert Glenn, 376 Tyndall, Roy Franklin, 376 Tysinger, Henry Wilson, III, 348 Tysinger, Murray Franklin, Jr.. 348 Tysinger. Ronnie Charles. 175. 331 Tyson. David Franklin. 77. 360 u Ubell, Donald P., 376 Ulfelder, John Carleton, 76, 79, 120, 153, 194, 201, 331 Ulmer, Alice Palmer, 348 Umberger, Wallace Randolph, Jr.. 331 Umstead, Allan W., 376 Umstead, Vivian Louise, 360 Underbill, Catherine Ann, 331 Underwood, Coey Martin. Jr.. 376 Underwood. Henry Junius. Jr., 360 Underwood, Robert Gordon. 376 Underwood. William. 408 Upchurch. Frank Jefferson. 360 Upchurch, James B., 376 Upchurch, Malcolm Thurston, Jr.. 124. 391 Upchurch, Millard Charles, Jr., 361 Upchurch, Tommy Dorsey, 4 01 Upchurch, Vicki Gray, 348 Upp, Lindell Frances, 109, 389 Upshaw, Arthur McAllen, 361 Utt, William Harrison, 407 Vail, Carol Ann, 331 Vandenborre, Suzanne M,, 113, 380 Vanderberry, Robert Carroll, Jr., 160, 349 Van Doeren, Katharine, 331 Van Lear, Murray Martin, II. 135, 348 VanLeuvan, Richard Welton, 376 VanLoon, Eric Elton, 78, 376 Vanpelt, Max Lee, 376 Van Wolkenten, Raymond V.ncent, Jr., 348 VanWyck, Frederic Bronson, 376 Varellas, William Michael, 376 Varner. Grant Bernard, Jr., 376 Vaughan, Charles Julian, 412 Vaughan, Joseph Bailey, 348 Vaughan, Ross LeRoy, Jr.. 361 Vaughan, William Hunter, 396 Vaughn, Ann Cheryl, 96, 383 Vaughn, Charles William, 376 Vaughn, Sandra Moore, 331 Vaughn, William Edward, 376 Veazey, Richard Lee, 331 Venters, George Cole, 376 Venters, Travis Roy, Jr., 376 Venters, Wayne B.. 394 Verdicanno. Donald Eugene. 376 Verduin, Elizabeth Terry, 382 Verlenden, William Lane, III, 376 Vernimmen. August Petros, 407 Vestal, Ivey Gray, 174, 331 Vick, Anne Elizabeth, 84, 331 Vick, William Milton, 348 Vickers, Nan Barton, 331 Vickery, Burch Bryant, III, 128, 361 Vickery, Wayne Marshall, 186, 187, 331 Vigodsky, Elliot T., 331 Vincent. William Ross, Jr., 376 Vines, Frances Perkins, 407 Vinson, Harriet Anne, 361 Vitek, Richard John, 331 Viverette, Jo Anne, 382 Viverette, Ralph K.. Jr., 348 Voigt, Carole Lynn, 113, 331 Voigt, William Ken, 376 VomLehn, Karen, 348 Voors. Antonie Wouter, 407 Vorus, Missy Ware, 107, 331 w Wachs, Marvin Dennis, 397 Waddell, Cole, 53 Waddell, Edwina DeLette, 70, 118, 331 Waddell, Jerry Wayne, 361 Waddell, Lewis Eugene, Jr., 331, 413 Wadsworth, James Allan, 376 Wagenseil, John White, 332 Wagenseil, Lawrence Lee, 100, 361 Wagoner, Bryce Ronald, 376 Wagoner, Joe Edward, 376 Wainer, Eric Sayle, 376 Wainio, John Charles, 150, 361 Wainwright. George Lindeman. Jr.. 120. 143. 361 Wait, Dwight William, III, 376 Waite, Edwin Allen, Jr., 412 Waite, Elizabeth Doyle, 382 Waite. William Wicker. 376 Waldman, William Charles. 391 Waldron, Pendleton G.. 402 Waldrop. John David. 376 Waldrop, Joseph Edmond, Jr., 140, 361 Wales, Heathcote, 80, 131. 201 Walker. Clovis Daryl. 361 Walker, Ernest M.. 183. 332 Walker, Frank Harrison, 411 Walker, Jane Carter, 332 Walker, Joel W.. 399 Walker, John Guerrant, 361 Walker, John Randolph. 361 Walker. Leon Stokes. 388 Walker. Lewis Patty. 376 Walker, Mary Travis, 361 Walker, Richard Alan, 376 Walker, Robert Shackford. 376 Walker, Ronald Eugene, 332 Walker. Thomas Roger, Jr., 332 Walker, William R.. 407 Walker, William Wirt, Jr., 348 Wall, Bill, 265 Wall, Herman Stanley, 376 Wall, Homer Bennett, 361 Wall, John Nelson, Jr., 376 Wall, June Warren, 113, 332 Wall, Marianne, 376 Wall, R. Bryant. 348 Wallace, Carl Edison, Jr., 361 Wallace, James Boyd, 332 Wallace, James H., Jr., 55, 92, 151, 332 Wallace, John Robert, 361 Wallace, Leo, III, 131, 332 Wallace, Marcus Heavner, 348 Wallace, Marilyn Anne, 332 Wallace, Nelson Ray, 332 Wallace, William Thomas, 376 Waller, Cheryl Harville, 381 Waller, James H., 332 Walls, William Ralph, 376 Walmsley, Paul, 348 Walstedt, Jane Danielle, 332 Walston, Abe, 411 Walston, William Albert, 348 Walter, Daniel M.. 348 Walter, Donald Patrick, 348 Walters, Camilla Hays, 350, 361 Walters, John Parrott, III, 376 Walton, Asa James, Jr., 348 Walton, Everette Joseph, Jr.. 348 Walton. Ralph MacArthur. 332 Walz, Lawrence Arnold, 332 Walz, Richard Edward, 348 Ward, Alice Dianne, 346 Ward, Archibald Wilson, 160, 332 Ward, Benjamin Kirby, Jr., 397 Ward, Bernard Rudolph, Jr.. 376 Ward. David Russell, 361 Ward, Elizabeth Anne, 75, 332 Ward, Elizabeth Darden, 53, 56, 67, 81, 114, 191, 332 Ward, Frank Alan, 376 Ward, Frank Jefferson, Jr., 140, 332 Ward, George Thomas, 399 Ward, James Bernard, 348 Ward, Joe F., 376 Ward, John Amos Jones, 376 Ward, John Pricketf, 348 Ward, Laura Jane, 348 Ward, Needham Eldon, 391 Ward, Ronald Y., 162, 348 Ward, Rudy McKenzie, 332 Ward, Tom Henry, Jr., 349 Ward, Travis Wayne, 375 Ward, V. LeVerne. 183, 332 Warden, Wendy Talbot, 110, 332 Warden. Henry Fairbanks, 351 Wardlaw, John Waller, Jr.. 413 Warfel, Joseph Rosser, 361 Wartford, Reuben Camak, 349 Waring, Linda Marie, 383 Waring, Thomas, 156, 361 Waring, William Marshall, 332 Warmbrod, William Kenneth, 349 Warner, Melvin Jobe, Jr., 332 Warren, Alfred Daniel, 57, 161, 349 Warren, Charles K., 333 Warren, James Robert, 349 Warren, John Alexander, Jr., 333 Warren, Larry Joe, 87, 178, 289 Warren, Raymond Bartlett, 402 Warren, William Addison, 143, 349 Warrick, Benjamin R., 333 Warwick, G. Allen, 376 Washington. Raymond Edward. 407 Wason, Catharine Louise, 384 Waterfield, Ruth Anne, 382 Waterman, Kristin Clover, 75, 110, 191, 333 Waters. Jack, Jr., 151. 391 Watkins. George Henry, 349 Watkins, Howard W., Jr., 173. 183, 349 Watkins, Joseph Lawton, 376 Watkins, Richard Ray, 361 Watson, Beth Carlene, 333 Watson, Charles Albert, 135, 349 Watson, Edgerton Lynn, Jr., 375 Watson, Jesse Lee. 361 Watson. Mary Kyle C, 333 Watson, Michael Ronald, 376 Watson, Robert William, 361 Walt, Melvin L., 376 Walters, Vernon Gregg, 124, 333 Watts, Nelson Barnett, 361 Watts, Pantha Hicks, 403 Watts, Roy Rex, Jr., 376 Watts, Walter Stevenson, Jr., 349 Wauchope, Robert Donald, 349 Wearb, Jerome Jay, 349 Wearne, Judith Lee, 114 Weatherby, Emma Jean, 333 Weathers, Henry Lee, Jr., 376 Weathers, James Alvin, III, 376 Weathers, Patricia Brady, 349 Weathers, William A., 184, 349 Weaver, George Arthur, 411 Weaver, Herbert Adams, 376 Weaver, Ronald Nelson, 349 Webb, Alison Lockwood, 74, 114, 333 Webb, James Theodore, Jr., 361 Webb, Jesse Alton, Jr., 351 Webb, Melva Jane, 349 Webb, William Norwood, 361 Webber, Jane Dodd, 349 Weddle, Pamela Sue, 361 Weede, Harry Walker, 376 Weeks, James Barnes, 196, 413 Weeks, Mary Ann, 381 Weeks, Richard Lon, Jr., 349 Weeks. Wallace Webb, 376 Weeldreyer, Sharon Rae, 380 Weems, William Swanson, 361 Wei, Enoch Ping, 376 Weil, Alan, 349 Weiler, Herold James, III, 361 Weinstein, Alan Robert, 152 Weinstein, Richard D., 167 Weiser, Conrad Walton, 349 Welborne, Barry McNeil, 397 Welborn, John Lee, 376 Welch, Thomas Ruffin, 147, 333 Weldon, Virginia Anne, 376 Weiler, Sandra Lynn, 118, 333 Wellman, Dana Richard, 333 Wellons, Diana, 349 Wells, Cecelia Hildegarde, 117, 333 Wells, Edward Warner, 124, 349 Wells, George Otto, Jr., 333 Wells. Harold Eston. Jr.. 376 Wells, Harold William, III, 349 Wells, Herbert Andrews, 349 Wells, James Morgan, Jr., 333 Wells, Loren Worth, 333 Wells, Rebecca Agncw, 95, 381 Wells, Sara Alice, 390 Welsh, Francis Marion, III, 349 Wenberg, John Wendell, 375 Wentworth, Jane, 407 Wesley, Ralph Norman, Jr., 395 West, Douglas Nathaniel, Jr., 376 West, Joyce Dorcas, 349 West, Samuel Gordon, 148, 361 C dae on aikion. :feso o Chapel Hill Page 457 Westall, Donald Charles, 349 Westbrook, James Layman, Jr., 376 Westfall, Barry Franz, 145. 333 Westmoreland, Jerry Twain, 349 Westmoreland, Melinda, 72, 105. 333 Weston, Jerry J., 412 Wetherbee, Harry Lon, II, 376 Wettach, Thomas C, 413 Wetzell, Frederick Scott, II, 361 Whealton, Alvah, 361 Wheeler, William Harry, Jr., 349 Wheeless, Clifford R., 394 Wheland, Charlotte Little, 118, 333 Whele ss, Dwight Hernard, 196, 413 Wheless, Glenn Allan, 349 Wheless, Lou Jay, 333 Whichard. Willis Padgett. 190, 201, 412 Whicker, Dewey Lester, Jr., 71, 135, 333 Whicker, Joseph Lenieu, 376 Whisnant, C. Gene, 361 Whitaker, Barry Wayne, 333 Whitaker, Dennis Gerard, 349 Whitaker, George Graves, 361 Whitaker, James Allen, 143, 333 Whitaker, Phillip Stewart, 349 Whitaker, William Asbury, III, 376 White, Bettie Freeman, 349 White, Bobby Graham, 376 White, Carolyn Suzanne, 349 White, David Henry, Jr., 376 White, David Hill, 361 White, Edward Randolph, Jr., 376 White, Gilbert Case, II, 124, 361 White. Gloria Kristina, 403 White, Harry Ramsey, Jr., 376 White, Howard Vernon, Jr., 375 White, John Finley, 402 White, Katherine Beverly, 381 White, Lucelia Van Patten, 376 White, Luther Glenn, 376 White, Milbern Charles, Jr., 349 White, Nancy Long, 333 White, Otto, 349 White, Sidney Russell, III, 377 White. Terry White, 349 White, Thomas Skinner. Ill, 377 White, William James, 377 White, William Rufus, 120, 146, 349 Whitehead, Charles Michael, 391 Whitehead, Lewis Willard. Jr., 77, 351 Whitehead. Millard Eley, Jr.. 377 Whiteheart, Donald Sidney, Jr., 361 Whitehill, David Barnard, 377 Whitehurst, DeCelia Marie, 349 Whitener, John Wilfred, 412 Whitener, Kenneth Glenn, 349 Whiteside, Carl Thomas, 349 Whitesides, Martha Joyce, 349 Whitfield, Bobby Gene, 349 Whitfield, Charlie L., 395 Whitfield. Elizabeth, 384 Whitfield, William Jerry. 349 Whitfield. William Terry, 349 Whitley. Anna Patricia, 380 Whitley, Ann Spruill, 403 Whitley, Evelyn Jane, 57, 334 Whitley, Harvey Franklin, 349 Whitley, Heward Landis, 377 Whitley, James Edwards. 377 Whitley. Robert Riley. 124, 349 Whitley, Walter Ralph, 349 Whitsett, Jo Ann, 349 Whitsett, William Daniel, 349, 377 Whitworth, Catherine Kamper, 114, 334 Whyte, Barbara Elizabeth. 361, 385 Wicker, Robert Ambrose, 124, 361 Wicker, William, 390 Wierman, Frederic F., 411 Wiggs, Jon Lee, 175, 361 Wight, Charles Copeland, III, 168, 361 Wight, Edward Ward, 377 Wilday, James Renshaw, 351 Wilder, Bobby Hugh, 349 Wilder, David Marcom, 361 Wiles, Clarence David, 77, 100, 128, 349 Wiley, Noel Hance, 407 Wilkerson, Donald Morris, 144, 334 Wilkerson, Robert Douglas, 391 Wilkerson, Thomas Farrar, 334 Wilkes, Franklin John, Jr., 361 Wilkie, Lorine R., 407 Wilkins, Charles Putnam, 144, 351 Wilkins, Don Merrell, 377 Wilkins, Edward Vernon, 349 Wilkinson, Charles Watkins, 413 Wilkinson, Kenneth William, 128, 334 Wilkinson, William Spotswood, 361 Willard, Spencer, DuWayne, 334 Willardson, John Stanley, 377 Willets, George Marshall, 111, 377 Willey, John Lee, 377 Willey, Susan Alice, 383 Williams. Berry Lynn, 175, 390 Williams. Bryant Bennett. Ill, 377 Williams, Carolyn Antonides, 407 Williams, Charles Goodrich, 412 Williams, Christopher H., 361 Williams, Corbin Ott. 365 Williams, David Arnold, 377 Williams, David Brown, 377 Williams, David Goodwin, 377 Williams, David Morgan, Jr., 93, 96, 101, 188, 334 Williams, David Ramsay, 135, 334 Williams, Durwood Robert, 401 Williams, Edwin, 377 Williams, Gail Giles, 349 Williams, Gary Cecil, 361 Williams, Henry Clayton, 361 Williams, James Edward, Jr., 143, 361 Williams, James Richard, 361 Williams, James Walker, 377 Williams, John Buxton, III, 349 Williams, John Evers, 361 Williams, Joseph John, 147 Williams, Judith Bennett, 361 Williams, Larry Albert, 401 Williams, Larry L., 377 Williams, Lewis Daughtrey, Jr., 361 Williams, Margaret Hardwick, HI, 334 Williams, Mark Oliver, 391 Williams, Michael Forrest, 377 Williams, Mildred Helene, 383 Williams, Norman E., 412 Williams. Patricia Ann, 377 Williams, Paul Thomas, 377 Williams, Peter Pescud, Jr., 377 Williams, Ray Adam, 334 Williams, Rhoderick Thomas, Jr., 397 Williams, Richard Dudley, 128, 349 Williams. Robert Lee, 361 Williams, Robert Lewis, Jr., 334 Williams, Robert Ward, 377 Williams, Ronnie James, 334 Williams, Russell Everett, Jr., 349 Williams, Sara Ann, 104, 106, 137, 334 Williams, Warren W., 349 Williams, William Baxter, III, 349 Williamson, Benjamin Napier, III, 361 Williamson, Bruce James, 377 Williamson, John Perry, 361 Williamson, Robert Lawrence, Jr., 377 Williamson, Thomas Bright, 155, 334 Williard. Coy Orville. 377 Willingham. Edward Haynes, 136. 361 Willingham. Francis Fries, Jr., 143, 349 Willingham. John Francis. 137, 351 Willis, Barbara Ann, 391 Willis, Dewey Wayne, 361 Willis, Phillip Michael, 334 Willis, Sandra Lynn, 403 Wills, Sarah Lonsford. 334 Wills. Virginia Lee. 108. 384 Wilson. Boyd Steven. 377 Wilson. Daniel Mifflin. II. 163. 349 Wilson. David Allen, 349 Wilson, David Burke, 183, 349 Wilson, David K., Jr., 77, 127, 349 Wilson, Don Thomas, 377 Wilson, Edward Howell, Jr., 377 Wilson, Franklin, Jr., 127, 349 Wilson, Harold Lee, 151, 334 Wilson, Hugh McCall, 187, 351 Wilson, James Emmett, III, 351 Wilson, John David, 388 Wilson, Martin Luther, 76, 334 Wilson, Pat, 79 Wilson, Richard Deems, 349 Wilson. Robert Owen, 377 Wilson. Robert W.. 401 Wilson. Sondra Gail. 349 Winborne. John Wallace. III. 377 Winburn. George Randolph. 377 Winchester. Thomas Page. Jr.. 377 Windes, Thomas Calvin, 349 Windley, Larry Weston. 144, 334 Winfree. James Huntley, 389 Winn, Bryan lee, 377 Winslow, Don Kenneth, 349 Winslow, James Elbert, 349 Winstead. Arthur Wiley, 361 Winstead, Charles Hubert, 334 Winstead, Charles Leigh, 143, 361 Winstead, Charlotte Suzanne, 118, 334 Winstead, Paula Jones, 334 Winston, Robert W., Jr., 349 Winston, Zack Richard, 377 Win ter, Jean Carolyn, 377 Winters, Carole Lynn, 349 Wise, Julia Melverda, 361 Wise, Henry Richards, 100, 147, 334 Wilherspoon, David Harlan, 413 Witherspoon, Walter Pennington, Jr., 399 Withrow, Robert P., 334 Witort, Edward A., Jr., 361 Witt, Peter Ray, 349 Wolfe. Charles Julian. 141, 349 Wolfe, Shirley Ann, 349 Wollin, Ernst George, Jr., 361 Womack, James Stedman, 377 Womble, Logan Nyal, 377 Womble, Mary Olivia, 383 Wommack, Spencer Thomas, 349 Wood, Arnold Terry, 411 Wood, Charles Edward, 172, 335 Wood, Craig B.. 181, 335 Wood, Evan Harvey, 402 Wood, John William, 335 Wood, Mary Susan, 85. 335 Wood. Norman Eugene. 377 Wood. Paul Frederick. 377 Wood. Paul Nathaniel. 377 Wood, Sandra Ann. 171. 388 Wood. Sidney Lane. 399 Wood. William Bennett. Jr., 127, 361 Woodall, Harold Bert, 349 Woodall, Percy Jerome, Jr., 349 Woodall, William H., 377 Woodall, William Marvin, III, 377 Woodard, Aubrey Otis, 335 D R A Did Durham Highway DELICIOUS FOOD SINCE 1936 Facilities for Private Parties THE UNIVERSITY PRINTERY " HANK " HARRINGTON East Franklin Street Chapel Hill GEORGE BARCLAY ' S Texaco Station The Best in Service Corner Franklin and Columbia Page 458 SUTTON ' S DRUG STORE WALGREEN AGENCY Serving Tar Heels Since 1 923 Woodard, Erwin Caryle. 390 Woodard, James Charles, Jr., 349 Woodard, James William, II, 388 Woodard, Jerry Cleon, 335 Woodard, William Samuel, 361 Woodcock, Neil Reaves, 361 Woodruff. James Edward, Jr., 377 Woodruff, Robert Edward, 188, 335, 3 Woodward. Bobby Ray, 377 Woody, Allen Auman, 361 Woolen, Billy Lee, 349 Wooten, Bobby Gene, 399 Woolen, Hubert Kendall, 361 Wooten, Robin Nathaniel, 394 Worley, Charles Robert, 377 Woriey, Samuel Houston, 335 Worrell, Kenneth E., 361 Worth, Alexander W., 377 Worth, Diana, 349 Worthen, Peter Thacher, 377 Wreen, Franklin, 163 Wrench, Howard C. 174 Wrenn, Alexander Elmer, 377 Wrenn, Frankim LaFayelte, Jr., 349 Wright, Broadus Bryan, Jr., 135, 335 Wright, Cleve Augustus, 377 Wright, Cydne Ann, 349 Wright, Douglas Cross, 377 Wright, Gail Patterson, 335 Wright, John Raleigh, III, 377 Wright, Linda Jean, 116, 335 Wright, Marilyn Joyce, 349 Wright, Melvin Forbes, 377 Wright. Ottis Richard, Jr., 377 Wright, Paul, 377 Wright, Thomas Graham, 266, 335 Wright, Wilbur Wayne, Jr., 377 Wright, William Fletcher, 361 Writer, George Sneden, IV, 377 Wyche, Paul Byron, Jr., 377 Wygal, Donna Ruth, 335 Wygand, James John, 335 Wylie, Norman Anderson, 139, 361 Wyman, Samuel Dow, Jr., 377 Wynns, Leo Outlaw, 335 Yaeger, Peggy Ann, 349 Yamada, T. Albert, 413 Yancy, Thomas Baugh, 349 Yarborough, Richard Fennel, 377 Yarbrough, Terry Wayne, 361 Yates, Joseph Walker. III. 70. 377 Yates. Munford Radford. 156, 335 Yeager, Jaene Carolyn, 67, 73. 105, 191, 335 Yeargan, Sherman A., 349 Yeatts. Ralph Leroy, 180, 335 Yelton, Blane Wesley, Jr., 78. 377 Yelverton. Paula Anne. 382 Yoder. James C. 349 Yokley. John Hale, Jr., 124, 262. 361 Yorke. Betsy Jean Rogers, 335 Yost, William Francis, 400 Young, David Marlon, 391 Young, Jack Kraynick, 349 Young, Jack Welzie, 335 Young, James Blake, Jr., 349 Young, James Claude, 413 Young, Jon Paul. 349 Young. Nancy Rebecca. 85. 335 Young. Pinkey Beryl. III. 402 Young, Richard Scott, 377 Young, Robert Maynard, 377 Young, Ronald Edwin, 390 Young, Rosa Howell, 349 Young, Sharrill F., Jr.. 349 Young. William Lawrence, 351 Young, William Marion, 349, 361 Youngblood, Lawrence Joseph. 361 Yount. David E.. 361 Yount. James Alvin. 396 Yount. Mitzi Jean. 349 Younts. Ronald Wesley. 361 Ysona. Emil Andrew, 377 Zachary. Mary Juliet. 349 Zachary, Stephen Vander. 361 Zachary. Terry Lynn, 349 Zacher, David Spaulding, 349 Zafar, Mabel, 407 Zahray, Ronald Craig, 390 Zaron, Jo Ann, 189, 381 Zarro. Richard John. 349 Zehmer. Susan H.. 105. 349 Zerbach. Joseph Russell. 377 Zimmerman, Sandra Joyce. 381 Zimmerman. Weil Steven. 377 Zink. Martha Jane. 81, 382 Zuckerman, William Bernard. 377 Zumbrunnen, Charles E.. 407 " Every man to his business, but indeed the craft of a tailor is beyond all doubt as noble and as secret as any in the world. " PETE THE TAILOR 133 1 2 E. Franklin Street Chapel Hill, N. C. VAN ' S Two Convenient Locations to Serve You: 1. Eastgote Shopping Center 2. Corner Weaver Elm Sts, Carrboro Page 459 UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP TRUST FUNDS STORES BOOK EXCHANGE CIGAR STAND BOOKETERIA CIR CUS ROOM SCUTTLEBUTT Complete Line of Classroom Supplies Reference Books — Outlines — Textbooks NEW AND USED TYPEWRITER SALES AND SERVICE ON THE CAMPUS " Y " BUILDING The CAROLINA INN ' n lH-liii-wip -The University Host For All Occasions Poge 460 Graphically Distinguished Yearbooks fcy WASHBURN PRINTING COMPANY MAIN OFFICE AND PLANT: 214 WEST MOREHEAD STREET SALES OFFICE: 304 WEST MOREHEAD STREET CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Page 461 TOMORROW AND TOMORROW AND TOMORROW may continue their petty pace from day to day; but yesterday, in particular ttiat yesterday ttiat was 1963-64 at Carolina, is forever imprisoned within the covers of this volume. The collection and assorting of memories is a pleasant task, but it is not an easy one; many creative minds and willing hands have combined to produce this nostalgic picture of the past year. Special votes of appreciation are due to these people who gave so freely and wholeheartedly to turn a handful of formless dreams and ten- tative sketches into black-and-white reality. To Bob Speight who, more than a Business IVIanager, was a friend always ready with advice and not so friendly, but often needed, prodding. To Carolyn Piott, Managing Editor, who not only managed the office and its operations with efficiency, but somehow managed to help us all retain our sanity. To Eddie Booker, whose fine quality of photography is showcased in the open- ing section, particularly in the three excellent color scenes. To Bob Mitchell, at whose Raleigh studio the beauty court was photographed, for his distinctive and individualistic portraits. To Kay Travis, a most talented young lady, whose imaginative art work is featured in the professional schools section. To Mr. Howard Henry and the rest of the Graham Memorial staff whose services were legion. To Mr. Gerald Tempest for his kind permission to use the Villa Tempesta as background for the Germans Club informals. To Mr. Frank Fleming, our printer, whose sincere desire to help has been re- flected in many meaningful ways. To Mr. Price Coursey, engraver ' s representative, whose patience with slow and vacillating editors is exceeded only by his wealth of ideas and boundless under- standing. And, most of all, to our incomparable staff, too numerous to single out, whose names we are proud to print on the facing page. To merely list them is not sufficient recompense for their loyal efforts, but it is the best we can do and we ask them to accept it with our thanks for a job well done. These, then, are the things we remember and cherish of Carolina. We sincerely hope that they will give you pause for reflection, too. Charles Chinnis John Howe Page 462 1964 YACKETY YACK MANAGING EDITOR Carolyn plott SENIOR CLASS carol morde, John lansche JUNIOR CLASS Carolyn harrell, patty quillian SOPHOMORE CLASS sara camlin, Judy browning, margaret colison FRESHMAN CLASS pat stebbins, martha capel SORORITIES dianelove SOCIAL FRATERNITIES bob ross, dan warren PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES billy robinson, bill carter SPORTS neil thomas STUDENT GOVERNMENT bill taylor MILITARY mike doctor FINE ARTS RELIGION martin lorber ADMINISTRATION ACADEMICS lois raff BEAUTY CONTEST gayle ragland, sam blumberg HEALTH AFFAIRS alien solomon, ginger bell LAW, PHARMACY PUBLIC HEALTH John gehring, robert iddings HONORARIES barrie bayerle INDEX betty ward PHOTOGRAPHERS eddie booker, torn rogers, peter Julian ART WORK kay travis STAFF carol graham, jim evans, scott castleberry, len harris, bob combs, jane whitley, steve mazoff, bob cole, jimmy harris, jack peoples, bob denny, larry Jones, dave holt, pat taylor SPECIAL CONTRIBUTORS warren sams, tom thurston, jim Wallace, brian ray, bill carpenter, stuart grigg, John taylor Page 463

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