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THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE COLLECTION OF NORTH CAROLINIANA C378 UPy 1962 C.3 This book may be kept out one month unless a recall notice is sent to you. It must be brought to the North Carolina Collection (in Wilson Library) for renewal. DICK REPPUCCI . JERRY TOGNOLI, CO-EDITORS THE 1962 PUBLISHED BY r H E S r U D E N T S OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA . TED STURM, BUSINESS MANAGER • JULIE LATANE, MANAGING EDITOR OF THE YEAR IN RETROSPECT FACULTY CLASSES Senior 52 ■ ■■■.iiij ' Sophomore ' i. fch ! ' K-v B r- r- Fresliinan ' Kwwit l. (ieiieral Niir ' -ins ' ,1-V»«K= « ■ ' ■ " an(i-J ' ln k ' al Therapy 139 SPORTS Football 174 Baskethall V . 184 Cheerleadiug 189 ■ V Crosscountry 191 Wrestling 194 Swimming 196 Baseball 198 PhadH mi P M 140 Dental HygienelBHiK. 14 Dentistry a —.- ne , ..- ' -154 Law .- „ 1 Public llealtl Track 192 Tennis 200 Golf 201 Car(]l)oard and Fencing 203 Monogram Club 204 Women ' s Athletic Association 206 r Student Athletic Council .207 171 CONTENTS ORGANIZATIONS S{ Graham Memorial 212 U.N.C. Band Dance Committee 215 Men ' s G]eei Club Y M C.A.-Y.W.C.A. 216 StudenfcQi nmerit f . Religious Groups 220 Men ' s Interdormitory Counci ' Cosmopolitan Club and Women ' s Residence Council International Student Club 223 Carolina Women ' s Council Publications 225 University Partv Publications Board and Student Government Secretariat ' ' " ■ : Conuuittees Carolina Playmakers " " ' - 232 p p q j (]_ WUNC 234 N.R.O.T.C. |?S3l " Communications Committee and Debate Squad _ . .__235 - ' FEATURES- Jjpj ' 5»-» :;g ;s ;»= ' YackBeiu lEsi " ' - ' ' ZTf University Day 288 Homecoming 290 Personalities 292 Campus Chest Carnival 298 Fun 300 i SOCIETIES Honoraries 316 Sororities 334 Fraternities 350 Professional Fraternities 402 313 - mr ADVERTISEMENTS AND INDEX 418 ' ' We are the fragments of men ' s dreams — Destined to walk the winding street of the hill We are the makers of memories, our voices thread silver lines in the white light into mists of night ' s eternity We are the raw fiber — fresh, eager — challenging the cast of being. We are the paradox full blown — seekers of silences — giving life to the fast crescendo of each new moment We are the composite of massed faces — each a self possessed We are the hunters — we are the mirror — we are forever. We come from the crossed roads of existence — we run from high to low its gamut From the quiet sand spits where the piper runs and success is measured in the weight of worn nets: From the sophisticated, horn-blowing city where life is a laugh, a token, and a tall green liottle; From the centers of industry, we come, wliere progres stifles our breath; We are from the new pastures of tlie mind — From the deep red furrows of the farm From the capitals and the cities of the world But most of us live in this land of gray-coated legends — in its small towns, in its heart, where people glide through vaulted rooms on hardwood floors — or sit on the worn bench of the corner store — or sweat in the day ' s eye — and hold up their shacks with tall white pillars — all working in their way for a warless future — preserving a memory of a proud past. We are the ever-changing face of this world where dreams are made — We are the life giving element of the process We are tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. Page 4 AUTUMN And like the seasons we are also We, from snmnier ' s fields triumphant Desert our grass harps, paper plates and heer cans Climl), we must, the ivied oak and shout our challenge to the winds Eager we, for instant smiles reflected in converging faces — in imaged eye of college town. fwaSB i _. -- ' %■ - - .. ' ' ■ -4j - " «fi • »M " » !»»»«„ We are the bronzed leaf restless in the sneeze of afternoon The moments meetins; on marhle steps — discussions deep over liverwurst Art ' s face gloating from food-stained walls — echoes of siinnner on gaudy Wurlitzers Merchant ' s hand across smooth profits counter — new vestments for the changing self Cascades of flame, maize yellow — storms of crispness briefly sorted by rakes and l)lack callused hands sent evei ' dashing by thi pouncing race of hound Nature ' s lavish battles in the jjranches Stalks of corn — bound — skyward pointing Seed pod shadows on upturned faces — harvests gathered We the reapers — discard and sort, and cling to the vision of tomorrow next. Page 10 M miM This, ihf- defiant time — impatient — rompelling We whisper — laugh — and wail We clench our fists and swear And afternoons of Saturday give birth to Kenan ' s wars on mud scarred turf Helmets and shields — sweat and tears — wind-wisked skirt and touseled hair Emotions pour from our hearts and lungs, binoculars and silvered flasks Victory ' s song — turning in trees tougues — in flashing neon symbols — walking the world in button-down shirts and squeeking doors, vomiting footsteps, sobs, corn crunching twos when the flick lets out. Familiar scrawl on envelope blue — tawdry weekends — escape from self ' s routine — unplanned twists of fate Shades of dusk — peanut hulls and melted ice — in memoriam. Page 14 Fall scamps past on squirrels feet — gorges todays in its fat pouches — rustles in the crisped fruit of spring and retires to the drab Fall ' s goblins, with outstretched hands — ever knocking on the door — we are the blue on the sill of night Hark the sound — fast die the days. WINTER We are the winter moon — stalking the gutted stands — down lamp-lit avenues to the winking, red-mud face of town — across the slat bridge of decision to the naked liills Ours is the flushed face — the snow flecked lasli We are the eyes that catch your funny smile in the sea of bobbing others — the ears that strain to hear your step on frozen ground — the distant voice you tell your life to. in day tight parcels Ours are the names cut deep in friendships tree. Page 17 We are the Weejimed, hand-kiiit i|uestioiis — unanswered Mad incongruency of Milton and Poppa " D ' madras or mask? A wet mosaic of twigs, worms and tattered leaves on the hrick walks of the mind Ours is the grinning face in puddled beer — the twisting shadow on the basement wall — the wispy veils of smoked silences — spasms of UT to hollow peanut ' s crunch. We are llie liuslied chuckle — the convulsive spurt — the silence between thought and word — the chip-toothed shadows on crusted white Our heart, the harbor of May dreams, like seeds forgotten beneath the snow Our pulse, clean beat of leather globe on Woollen ' s court From the linked arms of moon and dawn we come in twos, whispering, crying in threes and fours around bare trees of night — sipping coffee ' s black. Page 19 We are the throng of frost bitten noses — the unsipped " hud " — the burnt out fiher We play at life — a full house — wild deuces all — some may win this game of hearts We are the army of cold knees, spitting fires — torn pages, underscored Our song — sung through Bibled windows — and thick chapped lips of black men Night slinks through branches ribs So Walks the eye of Dei through the chained songs of concrete and slush pools — while todays and yesterdays are swept in neat piles and journals speak of tomorrows. SZ Page 21 SPRING We are the warm intimacy that is spring — the fond brush of petals on the cheek of dawn — happiness — wax paper wrapped in wicker baskets — the bursting Ijuljble in the stream — tlie dapi)led lawn We are the velvet nose of cow, nibbling young whiskers of the field — the evanescent puff of mist We stretch our arms with March ' s madness. Hing open the blinding portals of memory — leave nights patterns on our ceilings and hurry past shaded knives in welled stairs of Tuesdays last We are the wash-and-wear, short-sleeved triije, with wind strung hair — Thursday ' s sun dances, and Monday ' s rain. Page 23 ■ i 0 fc mr- r Ni vi ' !! « ■ 4, . J ' T: " : ' ■I;- ' - - ' . kJr. ■IftSi Ml. III. iiiiifiiiiirrT- ;C •• f t-. - _: a . - - W 99 ■- ■K We are the morning ' s sight in the June barked sapling We, tlie pastel inasnuerade, niad-hatted trees — rival to disheveled heads — barefoot bundles — nails ' toe polish We are the petaled carpet — the sponged earth — the unmasked soul — illogical transparencies — walking the pei)bled paths of arboretum magic Our life, the solid smack of wood on tight Ijound leather — hot rivet in steel — hammer ' s pound Nostalgic sound of tower bells — lingering draughts of old well water We are the closing of the door. Page 20 w-M . X T Our forms reflect in cool Hogans face — windows of cars flashing retreat past tall close buildings and unlatched doors We are the soft light on the oaken vessels of the soul — the mid-day sun — the stone spire — the young leaf impatient for autunni ' s slap We are the final drive through mind ' s lamped trails — swift coffee rivers — quick wall scrubbed mind — circle files of course forgotten. We ave time ' s blue shirt days We are the song too soon a memory — an instant mix of belching horn and chuckling thumb drum — the uncertain laugh Our symphony by the sea — played on strings of tamarisk, through beak of gull and sifting footprint — a surging recurrence of yesterdays — remembered always in laughter ' s lines and deep creased faces We are the quick sipped lemonade — insanity ' s disciples — dreams of peace — threats of war — the untouched cells of suicide — the mystery in sand crab sketches We are the packages of tomorrow sucking existence drops from vacuum packs. tr-4: r .£r If •ammmgfftK We are the oil streaked rain slipping by — unnoticed — the unknown crops of summer — the cacophony of tires through meditation windows We walk the wind with unsure feet — avoiding picket voids of emptiness — living life in day packed spans to the ancient creed We live — we laugh — we love. FACULTY ' ■{ ' r? £C:: ' ' :ilfi M; 4 i i. William Brantley Aycock Chancellor of the University of North Carolina William Clyde Friday President of the Consolidated University of North Carolina Alexander Hurlbutt Shepard, Jr. Business Officer and Treasurer of the Consolidated University ol North Carolina Donald Benton Anderson Provost oj the Consolidated University oj North Carolina Henry Toole Clark. Jr. Administrator of Health Affairs Frederick Henry Weaver Secretary of the Consolidated University of North Carolina James Arthur Branch Business Manager of the University of North Carolin James Logan Godfrey Dean of the Faculty of the University of North Carolina Charles Milton Shaffer Director of Developmental Affairs of the University of North Carolina Illi .— ' fc T Nerval Neil Luxon Dpnn of the School oi Joiirnalis Walter Reese Berryli: Dean oi the School oi Medicine Maurice Wentworth Lee Dean ol the School ol Business Edward Aniiond lirrchl Dean ol the School ol Pharmac Henry Parker Brandis Dean oi the School oi Law John Charles Brauer Dean of the School of Dentistry Joseph (iarlyle Sitterson Dean of the General (College Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Elizabetii Louanna Kemble Dean of the School oi i ' ursing 4 -CC George Alexander Heard Dean oj the Graduate School Edward Grafton McGavran Dean oj the School of Public Health Charles Cecil Bernard Director of Admissions Martha DeBerry Dean oj K omen J ' Arthur Emil Fink Dean oj the School oj Social If or I, Charles Henderson, Jr. Dean of Student Affairs Arnold Perr ' Dean oj the School oi Education EUWARD A. CAMERON. Ph.D., 1936 (North Caro- lina). Professor of Math- inialii- . is the author of ihnr lirshman textbooks ill iiialhrmatics. He is the Chairman of the Commit- tee on Institutes of tlie Mathematical Association of America and has been the director of five Nation- al Science Foundation In- stitutes for high school teachers of science and mathematics. He is a mem- ber of the American Math- ematical Society and the Mathematics Association of America. Dr. Cameron was one of the originators of the Freshman Honors Pro- gram at the Llniversity of North Carolina and he is. at present, the Chairman of the Faculty Council on Honors. HUGH T. LEFLER. Ph.D., 1931 (Pennsylvania!, Kenan Professor of History, is a member of the . merican Historical . ssociation, the Southern Historical Association, the Society of American Historians, and past President of the North Carolina Literary and Historical As- sociation. He has written some nineteen books, including an out- standing college text. Colonial America. In 1959, Dr. Lefler received an honorary doctor of laws from Duke University, and he was the recipient of the Mayflower Cup for the outstanding non-fiction book in North Carolina in 1954. At present. Dr. LeHer is engaged in an enlargement of one of his North Carolina history texts. RUPERT B. VANCE, Ph.D.. 1928 (North Carolina), Kenan Pro- fessor of Sociology, has as his special field of study the human and regional geography of the South. Dr. Vance is associated with the Institute of Research in Social -Science of the University of North Carolina, and is co-editor of its research periodical Social Forces. He is a member and past President of the American Soci- ology Society, and a meiuber of the Southern Sociological Society. Dr. Vance has written numerous articles and his book. Human Geography of the South, received the Mayflower Cup as the most outstanding book of non-fiction written in North Carolina. ELIE M. ADAMS. Ph.D., 1948 (Har- vard ) , Professor of Philosophy, is a member of the Executive Committee of the American Philosophical Association. He is the author of several philosophy books and a contributor to various jour- nals. He has also written several articles which will appear in an encyclopedia. At present. Dr. .Adams is working on two new books. His most recently pub- lished work is Ethical Naturalism and the Modern World which appeared in 1960. 1)1 n -: J. (owDKN. I ' h.i).. ] ' iM M:,d,i Professor of Economic Statistics, is the author of two best-sellers in the technical field as well as numerous other books and articles. He is a mem- ber of the American Economic Association, the Econometric Society, and the Institute of Math- ematical Statistics. Dr. Cowden is a Fellow of the .(American Statistical Association and a Fellow of the .American Association for the Advancement of Science. Dr. Cowden is at present involved in the analysis of economic time series. ALBEiri K. KADFOKI). Ph.D.. 1948 (North Carolinal. l r..ff Mir of Botany, is especially interested in the native glowing Hora of North Carolina and South Carolina. He has contributed articles to several professional botanical journals, including Rhordora. M present. Dr. Radford is engaged in research on the study of all native growing plants in North Carolina and .South Carolina. This project is being supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation. WERNER P. FRIEDRICH, Ph.D., 1932 (Har- vard), .Schweizerisclies Staatsexamen, 1931, Kenan Professor of German and Comparative Literature and Chairman of the Department of Comparative Literature, has served as the American Repre- sentative to the International Federation for Modern Languages and Literature, Secretary- General of the International Committee for Com- parative Literature. He is a noted author, and his books include an Outline History of German Literature. Dr. Friedrich was elected President of the International Comparative Literature Associ- ation, and he is associate editor of the Reveu de Litterature Comparee. GLEN HAYDON, Ph.D., 1932 (Vienna), Kenan Professor of Music and Chairman of the Department of Music, has served as President of the Music Teachers " National As- sociation and President of the American Musicological Society. He is a composer and has also written numerous articles and books about music. He has been instrumental in the development of a strong music department with an excellent faculty and a good library. At present. Dr. Haydon is working on a history of the polyphonic liymn in the Renaissance. LYMAN A. GOTTEN, Ph.D., 1941 (Yalel, Pro- fessor of English, is well-known among the stu- dents for his stimulating courses ranging from sophomore literature to modern poetry. He is a member of the Modern Language Association, the National Association of Teachers of English, and the College English Association. He is a past faculty member of the Publication Board. In recognition of Dr. Cotten ' s excellence in teaching. he was the recipient of a Tanner Award in 1961. At present. Dr. Gotten is working on an edition of a nineteen century poem. JOHN M. EHLE. JR.. A.M.. 195.3 (North Carolina I, Associate Pro- fessor of Radio. Television and Motion Pictures, is the author of 4mericun Adventures, a radio series which won numerous prizes, includ- ing two awards from the Ohio State Exhibition for Radio and Television, two George Washington Honor Med- als from the Freedoms Foundation, and a special citation from the National Conference of Christians and Jews. Dr. Ehle ' s stories and articles have appeared in national magazines and some of his plays have been produced for national tele- Nision. He is the author of several novels and biographies. His most re- cent hook is Lion on the Hearth published in 1961. HAROLD HOTELLING. Ph.D.. 1924 (Princeton). Kenan Professor of Statistics, is an international authority in his field and has lectured in numerous foreign universities such as Paris, Brussels, and London. He is a consultant to the Gulf Research and Development Corporation, and the U. S. Navy. He is a Fellow of the Royal Economic Society, and an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. On his last birthday, his fdlou -.(ali-licians published two volumes in his honor. Dr. Hntrllim; ' - -pnial field of study is welfare economics and the iiK nKiiic and effect of taxation. SAMUEL B. KNIGHT, Ph.D., 1938 (North Carolina). Professor of Chemistry. is noted among students for his clarity of explanation of the most difficult chemical concepts. He is a member of the American Chemistry Society, and the Elisha Mitchell .Scientific .Society. He has written a number of articles and has prepared and organized a series of educational programs for a college television ( ourse in chemistry. Dr. Knight co-authored the text Fundamentals oj Physical (Chemistry and contributed to the Encyclopedia of Science. In 1959, Dr. Knight rrc ciMil a Tanner Award for excellence in teaching. DONALD P. COSTELLO, Ph.D., 1934 (Pennsylvania), Kenan Professor of Zo- ology, has as his special field of research ■ ■ |»iimental embryology and cytology. He i- a Kcllow of the Institute Internationale ir-Einbryologie, a member of the Editorial Board of the journal of Growth, a member of the Executive Committee of the Ameri- can Society of Zoologists, a Trustee of the Marine liiidn i( al Laboratory at Woods Ihdr. Ma— ai liu-.n . and a Consultant to the atinnal In-litnles of Health to the Re- search Oanis Division. He is the managing editor of The Biological Bulletin and the author of numerous papers for scientific journals. Dr. Costello has a five year re- search grant from the National Institutes of Health. HARRY E. DAVIS. M.A., 1940 (Columbia). Professor of Dramatic Art and Chairman of the Department of Dramatic Art, gets a great deal of practical experience in his field as Director of Unto These Hills, an outdoor drama presented in North Carolina, and as Director of the famous Carolina Playinakers at the University of North Carolina. He is President of the South Eastern Theater Con- ference and on the Board of Directors of the .American Educational Theater Association. Professor Davis is a member of the Inter- national Council of the Arts and the State Arts Council. JOHN G. KUNTSMANN. Ph.D.. 1938 (Chicago). Professor of German and Chairman of the Department of Germanic Languages, is a member of the Modern Languages Association, and a member and past President of the Association of Teachers of German in the United Stales. He is on the editorial board of Modern Philology, and a past research director of the Lutheran Academy for Scholar- ship. Dr. Kuntsmann is also a member of the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies. This year Dr. Kuntsmann was the recipient of the Great Cr oss of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany at Bonn in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the field of Germanics. ;.-.T »- DAVID G. BASILE, M.A.. 1939 (Columbia), Assistant Professor of Geography, is a very familiar figure to the stu- dents since he is an advisor in the General College and serves as the faculty advisor to the student Y.M.C.A. He is a Fel- low of the Social Science Re- search Council. His special field of interest is Latin Amer- ican Geography, and he did his field work in Ecuador. Mr. Basile received a Tanner Award for excellence in teach ing in 19.S7. HARVEY E. LEHMAN. Ph.D., 1948 (Stanford), Pro- fessor of Zoology, has recently received a grant from the Institute of Muscle Research. He is a member of the Society of Zoology, and was in charge of an experi- mental embryological course at the Bermuda Biological Station. Dr. Lehman has written numerous articles for professional zoological journals as well as a laboratory manual for use in introductory zoology. Dr. Lehman was the recipient of a Tanner Award for excellence in Teach- ing in 1961. JOHN W. THIBAUT, Ph.D., 1949 (M.I.T.). Pro- fessor of Psychology and Sociology, and Chairman of the Department of Psychol- ogy, is on the Chancellor ' Advisory Committee and al filiated with the Institui ' for Research in Social Science. One of the fon most social psychologists in the country, he is on tin- Board of Editors of the Journal of Personality and Social Forces and Socioni- elry and editorial consul- tant to Psychological Re- view. He is a meinber of the Research Panel for .Sociol- ogy of the National Science Foundation. Dr. Thibaut is a contributor to various journals and the co-author of the celebrated text- book. Social Psychology of Groups. ALFRED G. ENGSTROM. Ph.D., 1941 (North Carolina). Professor of Romance Languages, is on the Editorial Coninnttee of the L ni- versity of North Carolina Studies in Comparative Literature, on the Editorial Board of Romance Notes, and on the Editorial Board of the University of North Carolina Studies in Romance Languages and Literatures. Dr. Engstrom ' s special field of interest is French litera- ture of the nineteenth century and he has done extensive work in the area of literary motifs and symbols. He is the author of numerous articles and reviews. This year Dr. Engstrom was named an . lumni Distinguished Professor. ROBERT B. HOUSE. LL.D. (Catawba: Bowdoin). University Pro- fessor of English and Classics, is still affectionately known as Chan- cellor House since he made many outstanding contributions to the University of North Carolina in this position from 1945-19.57. Dr. House has now returned to the classroom and students to teach several very popular courses in Greek and Latin Literature enhanced with his own sound philosophy and harmonica playing. KENNETH M. BRINKHOUS. M.D.. 1932 (Iowa). Professor of Pathology and Chairman of the Department of Pathology, is an international authority and research specialist in hemophilia. He is a member of the committee on blood coagulation of the National Re- search Council, a member of the medi- cal advisory committee of the National Hemophilia Foundation, a scientific con- -ultant to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, and Chairman of the Hematology Study Section of the United States Public Health Service. Dr. Brink- hous was voted the " best teacher " bv the U.N.C. medical class of 1960. Last year. Dr. Brinkhous was awarded the O. Max Gardner Award for his research in blood disease and for his outstanding teaching and training of pathologists. SAMUEL S. JONES, Ph.D., 1936 (Oxford), Professor of Political Science, was a Rhodes Scholar, and has been a Burton Craig Professor of Political Science since 1956. He served as Chairman of the Chancellor ' s Committee on In- ternational Studies in 1959. He is the author of several books and a contributor to various periodicals. Dr. Jones served as an officer in the U. S. State Department from 1942-1956. During the fall semester of this year. Dr. Jones taught a seminar at the John- Hopkins Center for Ad- vanced Studies. •. I RBAN T. HOLMES. JR., Ph.D.. 1923 (Harv- vard): Lill.U. (Washington and Lee). Kenan Professor of Romance Philology, is one of the outstanding language scholars in this country. He has served on the executive council of the Modern Language Association and as President of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association. He is a Fellow of the Medieval Academy and. in 1951. Dr. Holmes was awarded the medal of the Chev- alier of the Legion of Honor by the French gov- ernment. Dr. Holmes is editor of the University of North Carolina Studies in the Romance Lan- guages and Literatures and editor of Romance Notes, a journal published by the Department of Romance Languages. ' .i r LOREN C. MacKINNEY. Ph.D.. 1925 (Chicago), Kenan Professor of Medieval History, is especially in- terested in medieval history and par- ticularly medical history during this period. He is on the editorial boards of the American Historical Review and Manuscripta. He serves on a Liaison Committee on Microfilming for several learned societies. Dr. MacKinney is a past Chairman of the Honors Committee, and a past mem- ber of the Screening Committee for Fulbright Grants. At present, he i- on the Advisory Board of Humani ties. He is a member of the Medieval .Academy and the Southern Histori- cal -Association. Dr. MacKinney ha written an outstanding text entitled The Medieval World and contributed to numerous journals. BER.NARD BOYD. Th.U., 1916 ( Uuion Theological Seminar) ' in Virginia). Pro- fessor of Biblical Literature, has been a James A. Gray Professor of Biblical Literature at the University of North Carolina since 19.50. He is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis, the .American Schools of Ori- ental Research, and the National Associ- ation of Biblical Instructors. He is en- gaged in educational television and has taught many students through this med- ium. Dr. Boyd was the recipient of a Tanner Award for distinction in college teaching in 1956. MAURICE W. LEE, Ph.D.. 1939 (Chi- cago ). Prof essor of Economics and Business and Dean of the School of Business Admin- istration, is one of the leaders of thought on collegiate business education in tlii- country. He has devoted a consideralil- amount of his energies to the work of tli ' .American -Association of Collegiate School- of Business, serving, at various times, a- President, Vice-President, and Chairman nt the Committee on Standards of this organi- zation. Dean Lee has served as a consultant to a variety of business firms, and to both the executive and legislative branches of the federal government. He has held various positions in the Office of Price .Administration, including that of Ex- ecutive .Assistant to Administrator Chester Bowles. Dean Lee is the author of a variety of papers and books, including the major study Economic Fluctuations; Growth and Stability. - EVERETT D. PALMATIER. Ph.D.. 1951 ) Cornell i. Kenan Professor of Physics and Chairman of the Department of Physics, has taken cosmic radiation as his special field of research. Last year. Dr. Pal- matier had a National Science Foundation Senior Post-Doctoral Fel- lowship and spent the year studying at the University of Bristol, England. .At present. Dr. Palmatier and his assistants are engaged in designing a satellite-born experiment to measure cosmic rays above the atmosphere. ■ h i .-.-- - . ' " CLASSES I SENIORS And like the longest day, This phase must end. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Caroline Hewes, Social Chairman; Kathy Fulenwider, Secretary; Ward Marslender. Vice-President: Wade Hargrove, Treasurer. We walk the old walks — older now Past the well, Over the slat bridge to the wind. In whispers — Too much of ourselves we leave in your streets And too many are our footprints Now deserted in your valleys And if this is our day of harvest — In what fields will our crops thrive? We leave you With a formless laugh in the crowd And hollow echoes in the night. And at day ' s end when our eyes we close You will be the Hill of our memory. Though we close our ears to the turmoil of the world You will be the faint song we hear — You were the brief walk across the face of time. CLASS OF ' 62 [ ancevviUe ABELL. JAMES CURTIS A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Y.D.C. (II; Slu.Jent Govi ABSHER. HENRY GRAY B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi EpMon, President (4) ; G.M.A.B. (2| ; I.F.C. (4) ; Orientation Counselor (4) ; Student Government (2) ; University Party (2, 3, 4). North Wilkesboro ACTON. MARTHA ANN Danville. Kv. A.B. IN EDICATIO.N. Baptist Student Union (3, 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (.3. 4), ADAMS, JAMES BULLA High Point B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL REL. TIOiVS. Siemn Chi; Gimghoul; Golf: Y.M.C.A.: Uni- versity Party. ADDLESTONE. DAVID F. Sumter. S. C. A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. Zel« Beta T,iu: I.F.C. (4). ADLER. BARRY LYNN Morganton .B. IN ZOOLOGY. Tau Epsilon Phi; Hillel Fnun.lallun (1, 2. 3, 4). ALFORD. MARY ELIZABETH Anawalt. W. Va. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Gamma Delia: Student Government (3, 4) : Universitv Parly (3. 41: Wesley Foundation (3. 4); Yackrly Yack (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4): Orientation Counselor (41 ; Order ol the Golden Bear (41. ALLEN, ARCH TURNER, III ALLEN, JANE COX Raleigh Lambert, Miss. irty (3. 41 ; Y.W.C.. . ALLEN, JANE ROGERS Newbern, Ala. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Dormitory Officer (41 ; StuJeul Government (41. ALLEN, SARA JO Carthage A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delia Pi; Baptist Student Union (3, 41 ; Carolina Sym- posium (3) ; Orientation Committee. Women ' s Coordinator (4) ; Student Government (31 ; University Party; Y.D.C. (3, 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). ALSOP, KATHERINE FAIR ANDERSON. EMILY WESCOTT ANDERSON, RONNIE NELSON A.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ANDREAE, DONALD D. A.B. IN HISTORY. Chi Pii; University Party; We Ocala, Fla. Wils Winston-Saleni Birmingham. Mich. ninster Fellowship; Y.M.C.A. ARCHIE. I ' ETKR BURNS ARUMI, FRANCISCO Kinston ma: Phi Ela Sigma; I.F.C. (3) ; Quito, Ecuador, S. A. American Institute ol Physics Florence, S. C. AVENT, FRANK HARPER B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTR. TION. Lambda Chi Alpha. AVENT, FRED CAMPBELL Florence, S. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMI.NISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha: Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). AVERY. ANDREA WILLENE Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student N.E.A. (3, 4). AVERY, FRANK WALTON Winston-Salem AVETT, CLEGG WALLACE A.B. IN JOURNALISM. BAGGETT. BARBARA ELLEN BAILEY. ALFRED RENO Hudson Daytona Beach, Fla. ) ; University Cliffside Page 53 CLASS OF ' 62 Elizabeth Cit BAILEY, CONRAD ZIEGLER. JR. A.B. IN CLASSICS. Canterbury Club. BAILEY, JON PENNINGTON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Men ' s Ck- Club (II : Wesley Fminilation (1. 2) : I ' o BAIR, ANNA ELIZABETH A.B. IN ART. Pi Bel,: Phi; Universily Parly: Cn BAITY, WILLIAM ANTONY B.S. IN PHYSICS. Cosmopolitan Club C), 1 1 : St American Institute of Physics (.3. 41 ; L ' Hrdn- ,le BAKER, BARNES KIMBALL A.B. IN HISTORY. Men ' s Glee Club (3. 4) ; Slu Fellowsliip (41 : Y.D.C. (3. 4). BAKER, ROBERT HOMER, JR. B.S. IN MARKETING. BANGS, MARY MALINDA A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delia Omicron; D..tmil. 13. +1 : Women ' s Residence Council (41 : Dorm : BARNES, LARRY ALLEN A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION .•VND MOTION PICTURES. Men ' s Glee Club (I. 21 Carolina Playmakers (1, 2, 3); Wesley Foundation (2, 3. 41; WUNC I. 2. 3. 41 WUNC.TV (II ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3). McLean. Va. Winston-Salem Geneva, Switzerland Elkins Park. Pa. Wilminston Brevard Fairmont BARNES. LARRY RUFUS Kannapolis (I. 21 ; Dormitory BARNHILL, MAURICE VICTOR. Ill Wilmington er Fclloiisbii, (I. 2. 3. BARNWELL, JAMES ALEXANDER, JR. Burlington Counselor (31 ; BARR. NANCY LUCILE Hennessey. Okla. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. C,irolin,i Handlmok (31 : DMy Tnr Heel 13. 41 : Dormit Officer. President 14) ; G.M.A.B. (41 ; N.S.A. (41 : Orientation Counselor (4| : Pi Club (3. 41 : Y.W.C.A. (3. 4) ; Women ' s Resi.lence Council (II. BARSHAY. HYMAN STADIEM Wilson A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Zel,i Bein T„u : University Parly (2. 3. II. BARTLETT, EUGENIA LYNNE West Palm Beach, Fla. BASINGER, ANDREW MARSHALL Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigirni Chi; Stii sity Party (1, 2, 3. 41. idem Gr .vernn.ent (1. 2, 31 ; Univcr. BEAKLEY, KATHLEEN Jacki sonville. Fla. A.B. IN GERMAN. BEALE, JOHN CARRELL Elkin A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. BEAN, RICHARD C. Hadd, Liiifield. N. J. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sieimi sity Parly 11, 2, 3. 41. Sui Y.: X.. . ( 1 . - ' . .1. 11 : Ur.ivc- BEASLEY. WILLIAM KEFF Moiiroe B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Golf. BEATY, ROBERT ARCHIE, JR Monroe BECKNELL, JULIA ELAINE Concord A.B. IN ART EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. 13. 41 ; Wesley Foundation (41. BELL, CHRISTOPHER J. A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. Consoli,: BELL, HONNAH DEWEY A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delia Delta Delia. BELL, JOSEPH OSCAR, III A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Phi: Basketball. Freshman Manager; Consolidated Uni- versify Student Council (21; G.M.A.B. (2. 3); Men ' s Honor Council (41; Men ' s Glee Club (II : Orientation Counselor (21 : Student Government (2. 3. 41 : Swimrainj (3) ; University Parly (I, 2. 31. Page 54 Washington, D. C. ivcrsity Student Council (21. Goldsboro Tuxedo CLASS OF ' 62 CHASON, HENRY VOLLERS, JR. Wilmington B.S. IN INSURANCE. Pi K,ipp„ Phi; Yackcly Ymli III : Y.R.C. 13. 41 ; Liiiversil, CHILDERS. JOSEPH ROGER .B. IN BOTANY. Ba|,lisl Shi.k-lll Union 11. 2, :!. II CHOSTNER. JUDITH ANN Mocksville Greensboro CLAIBORNE. DOROTHY MEADE Atlanta. Ga. A.B. IN ART. Pi Bern Phi; Canterbury Club (3, il; Carolina Symposium HI- Orientation Counselor (41 : University Party (3, 41 ; Women ' s Honor Council (3, 41 : Women ' s Residence Council (4|; Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. CLARK. EVANGELINE HINSON Mo CLARK. EVERSDEN LEAVITT. JR. New York. N. Y. CLARK. JAMES WILFORD. JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lullierai CLARK. JOYCE ELLEN A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baplisl Slu.lent Union (3. 41. CLARK. LYNNE SAUNDERS Rocky Point 111; Y.D.C. (3. 41 ; Student N.E.A. Northwoods Glenside. Pa. Party (3. 41 : Hendersonville Lumberton Winston-Saleni CLARK. ROSEMARY ANN .B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Orientation Counsel.T (11. CLARK. TONY FRANKLIN B.S. IN GEOLOGY. CLINARD, JOHNSON BURNS A.B. IN CLASSICS. Phi El, Sigm,i: Band (1. 2, 3, 41 ; Baptist Student Union (1. 2. 3. 41 ; Carolina Handbook (1. 21 ; Class Cabinet (21 ; Cosm.ipolilan Club (2, 3. 41 ; Orientation Counselor (2, 31; Student Cuvernmeut (1, 2. 3, 41; Svmpboni, Wind Ensemble (2) . COBB, CLYDE LANDON Kings Mountain B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Alpha Kappa P i: Bapli-l Sludcul Union II. 21. COBB. SANDRA JEAN Fayetteville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Angel Flit-bt 13. 41; Stu.bnt Patl 1.1. 11: Y.W.C. . (3. 41. COBLE. CHARLES ALLRED Greensboro B.S. IN PERSONNEL. COFFMAN. DAVID MAX COLE. CARL COLEMAN, PEGGY . .B. IN EDUCATION. Delia Delta Delia; Univcrsil COOKE, JAMES COFFIELD, JR. CORBETT, JOHN ARTHUR Cincinnati, Ohio : Track (11 ; Yackely Yack Bryson City ; ; ' ;, Ela Sigma; Phi Bela Chevy Chase. Md. irl : Y.W.C.A. Williamston ,31: Canterbury Club (I. 2. Marshall ; Scabbard and Blade (3, 4) ; Chapel Hill akers 1. 2, 3. 41 : G.M.A.B. or (3) ; Sound and Fury II. ■.C.A. (2». Bronxville, N. Y. CORDON. SUSIE HARWOOD A.B. IN DRAMATIC ARTS. Chi Omega; Carolina F 121 : Order ol the Old Well (3. 41 ; Orientation Coi 31 : University Party (1. 2, 3, 41 ; Valkyries (3, 41 ; CORR, CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Phi Kappa Sigma: Base- ball 111 ; Carolina Symposium (1. 21 ; OaiVv Tar Heel (31 : Dance Committee (2. 3| : G.M.A.B. II. 2. 31 ; N.S.A. (1. 21 ; Newman Club (1. 2. 3, 41 ; Student Party (1. 21 ; S«imming (II : University Party (3. 41 : WUNC (41 ; Y.M.C.A. II. 2. 3. 41 ; WUNC- TV 141. COUNCIL, JOEL WAYNE Raleigh .B. IN SPANISH EDUCATION. COURTNEY. RICHARD CARL Scotland Neck A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. University Party (II; Y.JI.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Page 59 CLASS OF ' 62 COX, GEORGE WHEELER Charlotte A B IN ENGLISH. Phi Delia Thela; Class Cabinet (2, 31 ; Dance Committee (1. 2. 3 4)- Goreon ' s Hea.i (2, 3, 41; Sound and Fury (1); Student Government (3): University Partv (1, 2. 3. 4); Yackely Yack (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); German Club (3). President (41. Galax, Va. (3, 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41 ; COX, HARRIET ELIZABETH A.B. IN RELIGION. Delia Delia Delia: Weslev FounJa Valkyries (41. COZART, WILLIAM THOMAS A.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zela Psi. CRAIG. BARRY PHILLIP A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. CRAIG. WILLIAM LEWIS, JR. Wilson Stanley Gastonia IN INDI ATRIAL RELATIONS. Pi Kappa Alpha; Carolina Symposium 2I: ,11,, i elnr (41: University Party (I, 2. 3, 4); Westminster Fellowshij. :, i, II ; ■! M.C.A. (I. 2, 3, 4). CRAVOTTA, LINDA G. Arlington, Va. B. IN JOURNALISM. Kappa Delia; Daily Tar Heel (3, 4) : Parlance (3) ; Stude Covernmenl (41 ; Student Party (3, 41. Pinehurst ouship (3. 4 : CREATH. PATRICIA JANE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Orientation Counselor (4); Westmin Y.-S ' .C.A. (3. 41 ; Dormitory Officer (4) ; Student N.E.A. (3, CRIPPEN, JUDITH Jacksonville. Fla. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Dormilory Officer (41. CRITZ. GEORGE CONRAD Greensboro A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. I.D.C. (2, 3, 41 ; Men ' s GIcc Club (I) ; Y.D.C. (II. CROMARTIE. CAROLYN COOK Fayetteville CRONENBERG, ALLEN THOMSON. JR. Rocky Mount .B. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. Pi Kappa Alpha; A.F.R.O.T.C. (11 ; Carolina Symposium (1. 2, 3, 41 ; Class Cabinet (2. 31 ; N.S.A. (3, 41 ; Orientation Counselor (31 ; Student Government (2. 3. 41 ; University Parly (I. 2. 3, 4| : Attorney General (41 ; President ' s Cabinet (41 : Morehead Scholar. CROW, WANDA FAYE Forest City CRUTCHFIELD. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. JR. Chapel Hill .B. IN FRENCH. Baptist Student Union (3. 4): Orientation Counselor (II; Swimming (1. 2. 31 ; Wesley Foundation (3, 41. CRUTCHFIELD, WILLIAM MONROE Pittsboro B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Student Government (21 : Student N.E.A. (3. 41. CUNNINGHAM, RONALD OWEN Carrboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Daily Tar Heel (II; Yackely Yack (II. DAILEY. JOHN CALVIN, JR. DALTON, WILLIAM HARVEY DANIELS, CAROL ANN DAVENPORT. BARBARA Durha Forest City Charlotte on Counselor (21 ; Wesley Newlanii DAVIES, JOSEPH E. Alexandria. Va. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. A.F.R.O.T.C. (I. 2. 3. 41 ; Arnold Air Societv (2, 3, 41; Football (1, 2, 3, 41; Monogram Club (2, 3, 41; Scabbard and Blade (3,4). DAVIS, ALLEN MEBANE Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Sigiaa Pi; N.R.O.T.C. (I. 2. .1. II. DAVIS, ANNE CUNINGHAM A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Bela Phi; Student N.E.A.; Uni DAVIS, CONNIE P. BS. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Kappa Delia; OrienI lance (3) ; University Party (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41. DAVIS, PAUL MICHAEL Greensboro ity Party; Y.W.C.A. Arlington, Va. n Counselor (4) ; Par- Winston-Salem CLASS OF ' 62 DAVISON, RAYMOND LOUIS DAWES, WILLIAM REDIN, JR. B.S. IN PHYSICS. Theta Chi; Orientation Counselor (2) DAY, MARY JACQUELYN Easton, Pa. , (41 ; Swimming Coral Gables, Fla. Laurens, S. C. ounselor (4) ; Student 3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3), DEBLASIO, JOSEPH ALBERT Teaneck, N. J. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Delta Upsilon, President Ul ; Carolina Haadbook (3); Daily Tar Heel (4) ; I.F.C. (3, 4) ; Orientation Counaelor (4) ; Parlance (3) ; Student DEI BERT, SUSAN ELLERTON A.B. IN FRENCH. Y.D.C. (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). DEIFELL, JOHN JEY, JR. Petersburg, Va. Greenville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta Thela Pi: Consolidated University Student Council (3, 41; Men ' s Honor Council (2, 31; Orientation Counaelor (21; Student Government; Student Legislature (1. 2) ; University Party (1, 2, 3, 4) ; West, minster Fellowship (1. 2. 3, 41 ; Class President (1). DEKLEVER. VAUGHN GERARD Monroeville. Pa. A.B. IN GEOGRAPHY. Football (I) ; Newman Club (I. 2, 31 ; Track (21. DELAUGHTER, BETTY LOUISE A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Cosmopolitan Club (3). Morganton Morganton DENTON, DOROTHY MAE A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. DERRICK, WALTER ANSELL, JR. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Alpha Epsilon Delia; I.D.C. ; Do (41. DEVERE, DAVID ERSKINE A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Zela Psi; University Party DEWEY, MARY WEBBER DIAB, MARIANNE ELIZABETH DICKS, JAMES DALE A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. DICKSON, DAVID MAX Greensboro B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Pi Kappa Alpha; Orientation Counselor (3, 4) ; Track (4) : University Party (2, 3, 41 ; Wrestling (41 ; Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4). DICKSON, HILTON M., JR. Florence, S. C. B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma; Band (1, 2. 3); Monogram Club (1, 2). DILLARD, CLARENCE NEBLETT, JR. Gary A.B. IN GERMAN. DILLARD, ODELL GASTON Candler A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Delia Upsilon; N.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Wesley Foundation Orlando, Fla. ry Officer, President Morganton Goldsboro Burlington atiou Counselor (4) ; Orlando, Fla. DIXON, ELIZABETH JOYCE A.B. IN ENGLISH. DONOHUE, HUGH JAMES Millburn, N. J. Yonkers, N. Y. .B. IN HISTORY. Pi Lambda Phi; Basketball (1, 2, 3| ; Cardboard (I, 2) ; Dorn ry Officer (II ; Future Teachers ol America (4) ; Monogram Club (2, 3, 4) ; Ne an Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). DOOLITTLE, F. WILLIAM, III DOUGHTON, MARTHA REBECCA DOVER, WILLIAM YATES A.B. IN JOURNALISM. DOWNER, THOMAS THEODORE A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Phi; Fencing. Page 61 Phoenix, Md. lub (I. 2. Durham elor (4) ; Student Shelby Charlotte CLASS OF ' 62 DOZIER. ADRIAN BRADLEY Rocky Mount .B. IN I ' Ol.ITK ' AL SCIENCE. Phi Gumma Dell,,. DROGOS. EUGENE CHESTER Chap.-I Hill A.B. IN KADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. WUNCTV CI. II. Daytona Beach, Fla. iily Party (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3). Newton DROHOMER, COLEY A.B. IN EDUCATION. Ali,li„ Det,i Pi; Unii DRUM. BLAIR WILKINSON B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alyih.i Chi Sigma: Dormilorv Officer (2. 31 ; I.D.C. (2. 3. 4) : N.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. 31 ; Orientalion Counselor 131 : Wesley Foiin.lalinn (I. 2. 3. 41 : V.M.C.A. (1, 2, .3, 4). DUCKETT, SAMUEL JOHNSON Canton A.B. IN HISTORY. Golf 2. 3. 41. DUNCAN, CHARLA FLORENCE Miami, Fla. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Carolina Women ' s Council 13. 41: Future Teachers of America 13. 41 : Uniyersity Party (31 ; Westminster Fellowship (3, 41 : Yackrly Yack (3): Y.R.C. (3. 41: Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. DUNCAN. NADENE ENOLA Hickory DUNN. WILLIAM BONNER Washington A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Phi Mu Alpha Sinloni,. 41 ; Sound and Fury (I, 31. i: Dell; 1 Phi l|.ha: Band (I. 2. 3. DUNN, WILLIAM LAMON. HI Pinetops B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL REHTIONS. Phi Cimm,, Wcslex Foundation 131 : Y.D.C. (31. ! D ha; ; Universitv Parlv 11. 3. 41 : DUSTAN. WILLIAM EDWARD. HI Elizal.eth City A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. EASON. JIMMIE JEROME Siiiithfield B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. EASON, THOMAS GUY Charlotte A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. ECKOLDT, ALEXANDRA L. Maplewood. N. J. .A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. EDWARDS, ARCHIE HAL Charlotte A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. WUNC (2l : Vl NC-TV EDWARDS. DRENA Carlisle. Pa. .B. IN lOliRNALlSM. I a,h Ta, Hr,l 141 : Press Clul, (3. II. EDWARDS, FRANCES ARLENE Kannapolis .B. IN JOURNALISM. Baptist Sludenl Union 13. I) : Press Club (3. 4). EFIRD, CLYDE HEATH. JR. Rmlington A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. EFLAND, JOHN LINDSAY, HI Eflaiul B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Phi Omega. EICHHOLZ. LYN ELLEN Washington. D. C. Elkin EIDSON, GALE DEAN B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. I.D.C. (31 ; Tennis (11. ELLER, ROY EUGENE North Wilkeshoro B.S. IN Bl SINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Eia Sigma; Y.M.C. . II. 21. ELLIOTT. ROBERT WHITLOW Hendersonville i Alpha Epsilan; Football (1. 2. 3. 41; ELLIS, PATRICIA ANNE Guilford College B. IN EDUCATION. Carolina Women ' s Council (4) ; Dormitory Officer (4| : ■ientalion Counselor (1) ; Student N.E.A. (4) ; Student Party (3. 4) : Student ivernment (41: iackely Y,ick (41: Y.W.C.A. (2): Women ' s Attorney General aff (41. ENGLAND. EMILY ELAINE Atlanta. Ga. n (41 ; Panhelbnic CLASS OF ' 62 ENTWISTLE. JOHN WALTER COVINGTON. JR. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Tl,,-i„ Clu : : EVANS. BARBARA M. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sirav Gree Cheerleader (3. 4) ; Newman Club C EVANS. JERRY COVINGTON Rockingham ling (1) ; Y.M.C.A. (I. 41. Branford, Conn. i«: Angel Flight (31 : ,) ; W.A.A. (31. Winston-Salem EVANS, RICHARD HENDERSON, JR. ille aseball (II ; Ori Cminselnr (41 EVANS, WILLIAM CASTO Cleveland, Ohio ersily Party (2, 3. 4) : Asheville EVE, MADELYN CAROL A.B. IN FRENCH. EVERETT, GROVER WOODROW, JR. Greenville B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpliu Chi Sigma: Delta Phi Alpha; Bai.tist Student Union III: I.D.C. 131: MnnoBram Club (2. 3, 41; Traek 11, 2. 31, C.-Captain (41: Ger- man Club (21. EZZELL, WILLIAM EDWARD Goldsboro A.B. IN HISTORY. l ' ,j,Aeo Yack (3, 41 : Order of the Golden Bear 141. FALLS, ROBERT LAWRENCE Durham B.S. I.N INDUSTRIAL REL. TI0NS. FARMER, CHARLIE JAMES Randleman A.B. IN GEOCHAPHY. Cosmopolitan Club 141; Y.D.C. (41; Y.M.C.A. (2. 3. 41. FARRELL, WILLIAM FRANKLIN Winston-Salem B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Phi Gamma Delia; Class Cabinet (1, 21 ; Got- son ' s Head (31, President (4) ; I.F.C. (2. 3, 41 ; N.R,O.T.C. (1. 2. 3, 4) ; Order ol the Old Well (41 ; Orientation Counselor (2, 3) ; Scabbard and Blade (3, 4) ; Traek (11; University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Semper Fidelis Society (3), President (4); 24 Club (2, 3, 41. Matthews A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Delta Thela; Class Cabinet (1. 21 : Football (I, 2. 3. 41 : Gimghoul (2, 3. 41 ; Monogram Club (2. 3, 4) ; Newman Club (I, 2, 3, 41 ; Order of the Golden Fleece (3. 4); Order of the Grail (3, 41; Student Government (31; Student Party (3); University Party (1, 2, 3. 41; Fellowship Christian Athletes 13, 41 ; Class President (3, 4). FARROW, FRANK EARL Wilmington .B. IN EDUCATION. Track (3, 41; WUNC-TV (31; Amateur Radio Club (3, 41, FARTHING, ESTHER CONSTANCE Wilmington en ' s Council (II; Dormitory OfTner (41: FARRIS, RAY SIMPSON, JR. FAWSETT, CHARLES ROBINSON FEARING. FREDERICK ALSTON FEEMSTER, CLARENCE ERVIN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Y.M.C.A. (II FEINBERG, LOUIS ELTON A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Zela Bet,, Tau: Hillcl Foun.latiou (I, 2, 3, 41; N.R.O.T.C. (II; Orientation Counselor (41; University Parly (I. 2, 3, 41: Y.D.C, (1. 2, 31 ; Y.M,C,A. (1. 2, 3. 4). Orlando. Fla. Elizabeth City V Party (2. 3. 41 ; Wesley Asheboro Tallahassee. Fla. FETNER, LAWRENCE JACKSON, II Asheboro B.S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Canterbury Club 131; Dormitory Officer 13, 41: I.D,C, 13, 41; Student Government (41; Student Party (3, 41; Y.D.C. (3. 41 ; Y.M.C.A. 131. FILSOOF, ADEL ALAN A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. FISHER, JOHN ALLEN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. I.D.C. (3. 41, FITZGERALD, THOMAS K. Teheran, Iran Scotland Neck Lexington FITZGERALD. THOMAS LLOYD Wilson A,B. IN HISTORY. Delta Vpsiloa; .Men ' s Glee Club (2, 3. 41, FITZGERALD, WILLIAM C, III Albemarle :ty Party (I, 2, 3, 4) ; Page 63 FRENCH. CHRISTOPHER WESTERLING Winston-Salem A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Phi Epsilon; N.R.O.T.C. (1. 2, 3, 41. FRONEBERGER, SUSAN LENORA Gastonia inient (3, 4) ; University Parly Hickory (3. 4J. FRYE, JOHN CALLANAN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Ela Sigma; Delia PI, Alpha; Carolina Symposium (3. 4) ; Class Cabinet (1. 31 ; Dormitory Officer (1. 2) I.D.C. (1. 21 ; Newman Club (1. 2. 3. 41 ; Order of the Old Well (3. 4» ; Orientatio Committee (2, 3. i) ; Student Government U, 2, 3, 4) ; Tennis (1, 2) ; Universit Parly (1. 21. FRYE. TED LEROY. JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Student Parly Ul Carthi FULENWIDER, KATHERINE EARLE Jacksonville. Fla. B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Chi Omega; leader (2. 3. 4| ; Order of the Old Well (3. 41 ; ( Club (I. 2) : Student Government (4) : Student (1. 2. 3. 4) : Women ' s Honor Council (41 ; Class C FUSSELL, JAMES DAVIS B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. GANDY, BILLIE YVONNE A.B. IN MATHEMATICS EDUCATION. Student GANNAWAY, SHERROD JANN Rose Hill Charlotte (3, 41 ; V.W.C.A. (31 GARCIA, LUCIA A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Cos Holguiii. Ote.. Cuba an Club (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (I). Page 64 CLASS OF ' 62 FLETCHER, BARBARA MOORE Durha A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Delta Pi; Carolina Handbook (3) ; Carolina Symposium (41; Panhellenic Council (4); University Party (3. 4); Y.D.C. (3); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). FLETCHER. BOB BURFOOT Elizabeth City FLETCHER, KAY ELIZABETH Raleigh A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Alpha Gamma Delta Student Government (41; Student Partv 141; University Party (41; W.A.A. (4) WUNC (3. 41 ; WUNC.TV (41 ; lacA-eli ack (4) ; .K.C. (3, 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4) U omen ' s Handbook (31. FLOYD. EDWARD THORNTON FOLGER. JANE Raleigh High Point (41 ; Wesley Founda FORTNER, HAROLD HARRIS Anderson, S. C. Party (31 ; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3) ; FOUNTAIN, REGINALD MORTON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Kappa Epsilo Tarboro rersity Party. FOURQUREAN, ISABEL BOYD A.B. IN .MUSIC. University Chorus (3, 4). FOUSHEE, WAYNE HAMPTON South Boston, Va. Durha FOWLER. LUCRETIA DOWNEDA Grundy. Va. .B. IN EDUCATION. Dormitory Officer. FOXWORTH. ROBERT PARKER Raleigh A.B. IN HISTORY. Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Phi Alpha; Phi Alpha Theta; Canterbury Club (1. 2| ; Carolina Symposium (2) ; Cheerleader (3) ; Cosmo- politan Club (3. 41 : Monogram Club (2. 3, 4) ; N.R.O.T.C. (1. 21 ; Drum and Bugle Corps (I. 21 ; Orientation Counselor (2, 31 ; Track (1. 2, 3. 41 ; University Party (1. 2, 3, 41 ; Student Government (21 ; Campus Chest (3) ; Morehead Scholar. FRANCIS, RAYMOND JOSEPH B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. 4) : G.M.A.B. (3. 41 : Newman Club (I. 2. Governmenl (3. 41 ; University Party (2. 3 Great Falls, S. C. Cabinet (2) ; Dance Committee (3, ; Orientation Counselor (3) ; Student Business School Student Association, FRANKLIN. RONALD LENOIR B.S. IN PHYSICS. Student Parly 121 : American I FRAZIER. ELIZABETH HOPE .B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta; Student 1 1.). U; Westminster Fellow sbi]. 131; Y.W.C.A. (3. FREEMAN. HERBERT LEWIS B.S. IN INDISTRUL RELATIONS. Newland tute ol Physics (31. Chattanooga, Tenn. (3) ; Uni. Charlotte CLASS OF ' 62 GARDNER, KATHERINE ANN Washington, D. C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Student Government (3) ; Yackely Yack (3). GARNER, ALLEN P. Roanoke Rapids A.B, IN ECONOMICS. GARNER, REBECCA ANNE Burlington B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. GARNER, TOMMY JOE GARRISON, MILTON LEE Newport Gastonia IN HISTORY. Siema Atpha Epsilon ; Canterbury Club (3. 4); I.F.C. (4) ersity Party (2. 3. 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (3. 4). GAULDEN, JAMES CARLOS, JR. Durha A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Class Cabinet (2) ; C.U.S.C. (3. 4) ; Dormitory Officer (2) ; I.D.C. (2, 3. 4) ; N.R.O.T.C. (I, 2, 3, 4) : Order of the Grail (3. 4) ; Order of tbe Old Well (3, 4) ; Orientation Counselor (2, 3) j Scabbard and Blade (3, 4). GENTRY, JOHN RUSSELL GENTRY, WILLIAM ARTHUR A.B. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. Studen GHISELIN, BERNARD WILLIAM, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Bisliopville, S. C. :. 3, 4) ; Orien. Asheboro Y.D.C: Y.M.C.A. Chapel Hill GILCHRIST, PETER SPENCE. HI Charlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delia Kappa Epsilon; Daily Tar Heel (I, 2) ; Monogram Club (2. 3. 4) ; University Parly (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Wrestling (I. 2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A.; Class Cabinet (2). GILES, CURTIS RONALD A.B. IN ECONOMICS. GILLIAM, THOMAS ALFRED, JR. Spindale Columbus A.B. IN ENGLISH. Baptist Student Union (3. 4); Debate Squad (3, 4). GLOVER, ARTHUR JULIAN Salisbury an Student Association {I, 2, 3, 4) ; GLOVER, EUGENIA HOYT Williamston A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3, 4) ; Student Party (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). GLOVER, TRAVIS FRANKLIN Erwin GODWIN, JEANNE MIRIAM A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baptist Student Unioi (3) : Carolina Women ' s Council (4) ; Future 1 lilent 3) ; Yackely Yack; Y.W.C.A. (3). GODWIN, JOANNE DORIS GOLDNER, RICHARD DAVID B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Sigma Pi Du ;, El Gov Dunn ) ; Caro. Haddonfield, N. J. GONZALEZ, CHARLES FENNELL, III Pensacola, Fla. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Alpha. GOODE, DAVID JOHN Winston-Salem GOODRICH, MARNA JEAN Baton Rouge, La. GRAFTMAN, STEPHEN WINSTON Birmingham, Ala. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Ze:a Beta Tau; Daily Tar Heel (2) ; Hillel Founda. tion (I. 2. 3, 41 ; I.F.C. (2, 3, 4) ; University Party (1, 2} ; Y.D.C. (I, 2) ; Political Intern (3). GRAHAM, PHILIP EARL Lincolnton A.B. IN JOURNALIS.M. GRAY, CARROLL LEE Bynum A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa: Student Government. Page 65 CLASS OF ' 62 GREASON, MARTHA JO Morristown, N. J. B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY. G.M.A.B. (3) ; Orientation Counselor (31 : Student Go ment (2, 3) ; Student Legislature 12, 3) : University Party (I, 2, 3, 41 ; Wot Honor Council (1). GREENE, JOE ELLIOTT A.B. IN ENGLISH. North Augusta, S. C. GREENFIELD, MAXINE BERNADETTE Chapel Hill . .B. IN ECONOMICS. Alpha Delia Pi; Gamma Epsiloa Beta; Carolina Symposium (2) : Class Officer (I) ; Junior Marshal; Newman Club (3). President 14) ; Orienta- tion Counselor (4); Student Government (21; Student Legislature (1, 2); Tennis Club (I. 2, 3) ; University Party (1, 2, 3, 41 ; W.. .. . : Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Toronto Eichange (2). GREENWOOD, MARTIN NIXON Raleigh A.B. IN EDUCATION. Intramurals (3, 4). GREGORY. FRED HEYWARD Charlotte A.B. IN EDUCATION. Lambda Clii Alpha. GRIFFISS. JOHN McLEOD Lookout Mountain, Tenn. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alplw Tau Omega; Canterbury Club (1. 2, 3) : Dormitory Officer; I.F.C. (2) ; Soccer (1. 2) ; Student Legislature I, 2. 3, 4) ; University Party (I. 2, 3. 4) : Y.R.C. (2. 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (I. 2, 3. 41 : Morehead Scholar. GRIFFITH, THOMAS, II Lookout Mountain, Tenn. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Tau Omega; Canterbury Club (I) ; Monogram Club (2 3. 41 ; Soccer (I. 2. 3, 4) ; University Party (3. 41 ; Yacketi Yark (31. GRIGSBY. GEORGE TALMADGE, JR. Holly Springs ;tuJcul Union (I, 2, 3, 41; Cosmopolitan Club (41: GROVER, WILLIAM MAURICE Oldlyme, Conn. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Sigma Pi; N.S.A. (II; Soccer (21: Student Government (2. 3, 41 : University Party (1. 2, 3. 41 ; Y.D.C. (3, 41 : Y.M.C.A. (31 ; A.F.R.O.T.C. GUICE, ZORO JOSEPH, JR. Saluda A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. GUIN. PHILLIP EARL Southern Pines A.B. IN ENGLISH. HAITHCOCK. EDDIE CREE. JR. Spencer HALE, PHYLLIS ANN Raleigh B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Class Cabinet (II ; University Parlv : Y.W.C.A. HALEY, JANICE MARIE Lookout Mountain, Tenn. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi; Class Cabinet (31; C.U.S.C. (41; Newman Club (3, 4); Class Officer (31: Panhellenic Council. President (41; Univcrsitv Party (3, 4) ; Yack Beauty Court (31 ; Beat Dook Queen (3). HALL, LOUISE WHEELER Villars, Switzerland A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Gamma Delia; Orientation Counselor (4); Student Gov. ernment (4) ; University Party (3, 4) ; Westminster Fellowship (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3). HAMLET, JANE ELIZABETH Durham MA lMLET. JAMES H. Durham A.B. IN EDUCATION. HANCHROW, LINDA ELLEN Wilson A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (41 : St udcnt CoV( prnmcul (31. H lNGS, MARY CATHERINE Houston, Tex. A.B. Foul , IN FRENCH. Cosmopolitan Club (4); adation (4). Orientatic m Counselor (4) ; Wesley HANNAH, JOHN WILLIAM Col lonial Hei ights. Va. A.B TV . IN DRAMATIC ARTS. Carolina Plavmak. (3). ?rs (1. 2, ; ), 41 : WUNC (I) ; WUNC. HAPPER, IAN MORGAN Lenoir B.S. IN M. THEMATICS. HARDISON, VIRGINIA LEE Chapel Hill A.B. IN RELIGION. Baptist Student Union (3. 41: Student Government (41: Y.W.C.A. (3. 41 ; Women s Handbook (31. HARLOW, JUDITH ELIZABETH Winston-Salem A.B. IN ENGLISH. HARPER, SANFORD COSTON. Ill Winston-Salem A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Page 66 CLASS OF ' 62 HARRELL. STANLEY CRAIG A.B. I. N SOCIOLOGY. University Chorus (i) . HARRILL, ODELL OSSIE, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS - D. I1NISTR. TI0N. HARRINGTON, FRANCIS COLE. JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HARRINGTON, JESSE MOYE, III B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTR. TION. I.D.C. (31. HARRINGTON, MELINDA CAROLE (31 ; Student Com ■til Carolii 1 Re Rose Hill Sanfor(J Greensboro Washington Kannapolis ; Student Govern- 4). Durham HARRISON, CECILE CAROLINE A.B. IN ENGLISH. Di lu Delia Delia: Canterbury Club (2. 3| ; CM. A.B. (3) ; Un versity Party (2. 3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (2, 3, 4) . HARRISON, MARTHA FAYE The asviUe A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Wesley Founda 41 : WUNC (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. HARRISS, OSCAR HOOKS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTR. TION. Kappa Sigma, Preside mittee (1. 2. 3 I ; N.R.O.T.C. (I. 2. 3, 4| ; Order of Minalaurs ( sitv Party (I. 2, 3. 4). Wilson HARRISS, WILLIAM GRAHAM Columbia, S. C. .B. IN RELIGION. Sigma An; . mphoterolhen (3, 4) ; Band (1. 2) ; Carolina Sym- posium (3): Class Cabinet (31; C.U.S.C. (41; Cosmopolitan Club (4); N.S.A. (3. 41 ; Student Government (31 ; Student Legislature (3) ; Student Party (2, 3, 4), Cbairman (31 : Y.M.C.A. (21 ; President of Student Body (4| ; State Student Legis- lature 13, 41: Symphonic Wind Ensemble (1, 21; Athletic Council (41; Morehead Scholar. HARTSELL, BOBBY RAY Kannapolis .B. IN EDUCATION. Future Teachers of America (II. HARWARD, WILLIAM MYRICK Oakboro B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Cardboard: lion; Y.M.C.A. HAUSER, DORIS ANN A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delia Pi; Order of the Beanbirds (3, 41; University Partv (3. 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (31 ; Orientation Counselor (4). HAYES. ELIZABETH SUSAN A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delia Delia Delia: Can (3. 41 ; University Party (3. 41 ; Y.W.C.A. ( HAYES, REBECCA MURPH Fayetteville 3, 41 ; University Chapel Hill A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delia Delia Delia: Canterbury Club 141: Panhellenic Council (3. 41 ; University Party (3. 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41. HEGE, ELSIE MAE B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. HEIM, MARY ALYS Harris y Party (3, Winston-Saleni Charlotte IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delia; Newman Club (3, 4); Oriel mittee (41 : Panhellenic Council (41 ; University Party. HENDERSON, MARY ANN HENDERSON, MARY CONSTANCE B.S. IN SCIENCE TE.ACHING. Dormitory OfBcer (41 ; Orie Student Legislature (3. 41: Student N.E.A. (4): Student Foundation (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Savannah, Ga. Party (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A- Greensboro HENDRICK. BETSY BENET Shelby ty (3, 41 : WUNC (31 ; Y ' ack HENDRICKS, JUNE GWENDOLYN Hazelwood A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (3, 4) ; Cosmopolitan Club (4) : Future Teachers of America (4) ; G.M.A.B. (3, 4) ; Student N.E.A. (4) ; Yackely Yack (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). HENDRICKSON. RICHARD FULTON Raleish B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Delia Thela; Carolina Forum (21: Class Cabinet (I, 2. 31 : Orientation Counselor (2) ; Student Government (2. 3. 41 ; University Parly (1, 2, 31 ; Westminster Fellowship (I, 2, 3, 41 ; Yackely Yack (1) ; Carolina Symposium (4J . HERNDON, MARSHA LEE Waynesboro, Va. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Angel Flight (3, 4) ; University Party (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. .B. IN ART. Alpha Delia Pi; Canterbury Club (3. 41 : N.S.A. (31 : University Party (3. 41 ; Y.R.C. (3, 41 : Y.W.C.A. (3) ; Editor of Rush Manual. HERRMANN, DALE SUSAN .B. IN ART. Alpha Delia Pi; Canterbury Cli (3. 41 ; Y.R.C. (3, 41 : Y.W.C.A. (3) ; Editor HEWES, CAROLINE ROSSON a; Canterbu: I : Student 1 Page 67 Eastchester, N. Y. I. (31 : University Party I. Gulfport, Miss. A.B. IN EDUC.WION. Kappa Delia; Canterbury Club (41; Orienta (41 ; Splash Club (31. Chairman (41 : Student Party (3. 4| ; Y.D.C. CLASS OF ' 62 HICKES, RONALD JAY A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Y.M.C.A. (1). HICKS. JEFFREY TALMADGE AB. IN KXGLISH. Student Party (3). HICKS. JOYCE MARIE A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. S. 4). HICKS, ROBERT BYRON HILL. MRS. JOANN HUNTER B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. HILLIARD, KENNETH JACKSON. JR. HIMELICK, NANCY SUE HOBBS, CECIL WRIGHT, JR. Charlotte High Point Oxford Rock Hill, S. C. ee Club (1) ; Dormi- Mantee. Miss. Asheboro Durha Roseboro Wesley Founda- HOCKMAN, WILLIAM SOUDER Maplewood, N. J. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Phi; Canterbury Club (1. 2, .3. 4) ; Cardboard (1) ; G.M.A.B. II. 21: Orientation Counselor (2); Parlance (3, 4); Swiinming (1, 2); University Party U. 21 ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). HOFFLER. HAROLD BARTON Sunbury B..-.. IN MATHEM. TICS. Baptist Student (1, 2. 3. 4); A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, HOFLER, EUGENIA COWPER HOFLER, RICHARD DANIEL B.S. IN MATHE-MATICS. Student N.E.A. (1. 21 ; Radio Club (3, 4) Windsor y Party (3. 4) ; Women ' s Resi- Hobbsville HOKE, SANDRA FRANCES HOLDERNESS, HAYWOOD DAIL, JR. Charlotte Council (3. 41 : Tarbc n Counselor (3) ; University HOLLIFIELD, WILLIAM MASON, JR. Lenoir HOPEWELL. ALTON OLIVER HORNTHAL, ALLEN LANE Jamesville Tarboro A.B. IN HISTORY. Pi Kappa Alpha: Canterbury Club (1, 2. 3. 41; Orientatio Counselor (41 ; Student Parly (1. 2. 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. 1) ; German Club Represent! tive(2. 3). HOUCHINS, MARY CAROLYN B.S. HOUSE, DALE WIESNER A.B. IN FRENCH. Delia Delta Delia: CI University Party (3, 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (.3. 41. HOUSTON, FORREST ROLLAND A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Alpha Kappa Pu. HOWARD, JANE WIER Philadelphia. Pa. Philadelphia. Pa. dent Government (3) ; Winston-Salem Westfield, N. J. Hanipstead Shelbyville. Ky. HOWARD. JOE GARRETT A.B. IN HISTORY. Y.D.C. HOWER, BETTY DEENE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Delia: Splash Club (31. HOWLAND, WILLIAM SLOCUM, JR.. Coral Gables. Fla. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Alpha: Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Epsilon Delia: Dance Committee (3) ; Y.M.C.A. U. 2, 3. 41 ; University Party (1. 2, 3 I . Page 68 CLASS OF ' 62 HOYLE, HUGHES BAYNE B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Pi Mu Epsilon. HUBBARD. WILLIAM COLVIN A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Delia Theta; Basketball (11; Orii Universitv Parlv (1. 2. 3. 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Jo President (3) ; Morehead Scholar. HUCKABEE. MARTHA LYLA HUDSON. DANNY ALLAN A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Baptist Student Union (II. HUGGINS. HUBERT SYDNEY, HI A.B. IN ENGLISH. Men ' s Glee Club (1. 2. 3 I ; Wesley Foundation HUIE. LITCHFIELD PATTERSON B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL REL.ATIONS. Siema .Vu; N.R.O.T.C; We ship. Charlotte Raleigh ion Counselor (3) ; ntramural Council. Albemarle (3. 4) ; Orientation Cramerton Rockingham on (1. 2. 3, 41. Warsaw r Fellow. HUMPHREYS. JULIA G. Fayetteville A.B. IN SPANISH. Alpha Delia Pi; Univeisily Party (3, 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (31. HUNNICUTT. JOHN RANDOLPH Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HUNTER. RICHARD MITCHELL Murfreesboro B.S. IN PUBLIC HEALTH. HUNTT. JOSEPHINE METTS rbury Club (31 ; Un HURT. WILLIAM STUART B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Epsilon Delia: Chi P i Sigma: Phi Bela Kappa; Canterbury Club (4) ; Orient sity Parly (2, 3, i) . HUSS, ALICE MARIE HUTCHINSON. HENRY LEE A.F.R.O.T.C. (2. Raleigh Party (3. 4) ; Raleigh Gastonia Wadesboro mold Air Society HYATT. FRANCES LOVELLEN Cherokee A.B. IN EDUCATION. Dormitory Officer (4) ; Future Teachers of America (4) : Orientation Counselor (41; Student N.E.A. (3. 4); Women ' s Residence Council (41 ; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 41 ; State Affairs Committee (3). HYLTON. ELMER ERNEST Mayodan B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. HYNES, JAMES E. Charlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Alpha: Dance Committee (2. 3); C.M.A.B. (1. 2, 3); Orientation Counselor (2, 3) ; Student Goyemment (2, 3) ; Student Legislature (2, 31 ; University Party. INGRAM. ALEXIS GORDON A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Alpha. INGRAM. RALPH PEARSON Bassett. Va. Roanoke Rapids INSCOE, JIMMIE TURNER ISAAC, JOE MORRISON IVEY, MARY STIRCEON JACKSON, JANE isbi Lenoir (3. 4) ; I.D.C. Bronxville, N. Y. University Party (3, 4) ; W.A.A. (3. 4) j North Andover, Mass. Goldsboro JACKSON, MARY DIANA A.B. IN EDUCATION. Carolina Symposium (4). JARMAN, LAWRENCE WOOTEN. JR. Richmond. Va iseball (2. 31 ; G.M.A.B. (2) ; University Part Page 69 KEHAYES. THOMAS CARL KEMP, MARTHA VIRGINIA KEMPER, LILLIAN SINCLAIR KENAN, RICHARD MAXWELL Charleston, W. Va. iiiiltee (3) : University Party Newberry, S. C. iriinsler Fpllowship (3, 4) ; Asheboro KENDRICK, MARTHA RUDISELL Monroe ■iation (41 ; Splasli Club (3. 4) ; Y.R.C. KENRICK, JOHN BRUCE KIME Philadelphia, Pa. KEPNER, ROBERT FORD KERBAUGH, JOHN THOMAS Natick, Mass. North Wilkesboro A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Alpha Tau Omega; Baptist Student Union (1); N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3. 4); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); Student Council (2, 3) ; University Party (3, 4) ; WUNC-TV (I, 2. 3, 4). KERR, THOMAS LEWIS Statesville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. IN MEDICINE. Dance Committee; Football (I) j Monogram Club (4) ; Student Parly (4) ; Wrestling (2, 4) ; Y.D.C. (4). Page 70 CLASS OF ' 62 JOHNSON, JOHN LEWIS Asheboro B.S. IN M- THEMATICS. N.R.O.T.C. (I. 2. 3, 41 ; Scabbard and Blade (3. 41. JOHNSON, ROBERT LEE Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. I.D.C. (31. JOHNSON, MRS. SYLVIA GAINES Benson A.B. IN .MATHEMATICS. JOHNSON. WILLIAM HOWARD A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Psi. JOHNSTON. MARY NORRIS JOHNSTON, NANCY ELIZABETH A.B. IN .APPLIED ART. Parlance {3). Bens Winston-Salem Chnru,; University Parly; Charlotte JONES, FARIS HENRY Atlanta. Ga. A.B. IN FSVCHOLOCY. L„mh,la Ch, Alpha: N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3, 4). JONES, JERRY GODWIN Four Oaks B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTR. TION. Alpha kappa R.i. JONES. KNOX HOUSTON Hillsboro A.B. IN M. THEMATICS EDUCATION. Delia Delia Delia: University Party (3, 4). JONES. MARIAN A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. JORDAN, JANE LINDLEY JOYNER, GEORGE FREEMAN. JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Men ' s Glee Club (3, 4). Chapel Hill Raleigh (3. 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (31 ; Weldon KALE, SIDNEY MAXWELL, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Y.M.C.A. (3. 4|. Durha Avondale Estates, Ga. lenic Council: University Party; Charleston. W. Va. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Canterbury Club (3, 41; Carolina Handbook (31; Carolina Women ' s Council (41; Class Cabinet (3); Dormitory Officer (41; Splash Club (3. 41 ; Y.R.C. (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). KARNETT. MARSHA GAIL KAY. HILDEGARDE SCHOLZE CLASS OF ' 62 KESLER, STEPHEN EDWARD Kings Mountain A.B. IN GEOLOGY. Delta Phi Alplia: Sigma Gamma Epulnn; University Party U 21 ; Westminster Fellowship (1, 2. 3. 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (2, 3. II ; Ra.lio Club (2, 3, 41 Oi.tinR Club (3, 4). KING. ELIZABETH ANNE .B. I! 13. 1) : (3. 41. KING, JAMES RICHARD B.S. IN B.-VCTERIOLOGV. Westminster Fellnwsliip (I. KING. WILLIAM ALLEN B.S. IN INDl ' STRI.AL RELATIONS. KINNEY, GEORGE G. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATION tinn (I. 2. 31, President (41 ; Men KNAUS, JUDITH ANN Farmville Randleman Kinston Statesville itndenl Associa- Longmeadow, Mass. ■ Teaehers of America (3, 4) ; Washington ity Party; Y.M.C.A. Montgomery. Ala. .B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Carolina Forum 111; Carolina Symposium (3. 41; Hillel Foundation (3. 41: Student Government (3, 41; Women ' s Residence Council (3); 1 .W.C.A. (3) ; Religious Fonim (3, 4). KOONTZ. THOMAS JEFFREY Counselor; Ui KNOTT, EDMUND TAYLOE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Uni KOHN, LEE Lexington y Party (3, 4); Fayetteville A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Kappa Delta; N.S.A. (4) ; Student Government 141 ; Student Party (3, 41; Yackety Yack (41; Y.D.C. (3. 41; Y. W.C.A. (3, 4); Order of the Golden Bear. Charlotte on (3, 4) ; Y.D.C. (3, 4) ; KORNEGAY, MARTHA ELIZABETH KRAPF, CAROL JEAN A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Lutheran 5 Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Economics Club (4 LAMBE, BETSY ANNE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta minster Fellowship; Women ' s Residei LAMBETH, RICHARD WHITFIELD LAMM, WILLIAM FRANKLIN B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE. A.F.R.O.T.C. (I). LANG, VIRGINIA HAMERSLY Raleigh ' arty; West. reensboro Irientation Bailey Greenville LATTA, ELIZABETH RANDOLPH Louisbur A.B. IN HISTORY. Dormitory Officer. President 4) ; Orientation Counselo Women ' s Residence Council (4). LAUDIG. CAROLINE SUZANNE .B. IN HISTORY. Y.W.C.A. (4). LA VERY, FRED A., JR. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Psi: Class Cabinet (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2): Orientation Committee (3, 4) ; Student Gjvernment (I, 2. 3. 41 ; Student Legislature (I, 2); Track (II; University Party I, 2. 3. 4). Cleveland, Miss. Flint, Mich. LAWRENCE, DENARD THOMAS .B. IN HISTORY EDUCATION. Y.D.C. LECOMPTE, JAMES L. LEDER, PAUL MORTON A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pt Lambda Phi: Hillel Founda Morehead City Gaithersburg, Md. 3), Co. Captain (4) ; Mono- Whiteville LEE, HOWARD MONROE, JR. A.B. IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Alp Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). LEFF, CLYDE TOBY A.B. IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Alpha Epsilon Delta; Baptist Student Union (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma; Orientation Counselor (41 ; Student Party (2, 3, 4) ; WUNC (2, 3, 4) ; WUNC-TV (2, 3, 4) ; Yackety Yack (2). LEFLER, HUGH TALMAGE, JR. Chapel Hill B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Pi Kappa Alpha; Canterbury Club (41; Student Govern, ment (3. 4) ; Student Legislature 2, 3. 4) ; Track (1, 2) ; University Party (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A., President {i) . Page 71 CLASS OF ' 62 LEHMANN, CHARLES Clifton, N. J. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Delia Vpsllon; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 41. LEIMONE, JOHN EDWARD Burgaw . .B. IN ECONOMICS. LEMON. SARAH LYNN Ashland, Ky. A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. LENHARDT, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, JR. Greenville, S. C. B IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. Si. Anlhony Hall; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega: Carolina Symposium (41; C.U.S.C. (3. 4); Dormitory Officer (21; N.R.O.T.C. (1. 2, 3, 41 : Orientation Counselor (2, 3, 41 ; Student Government (1. 2. 3. 41; Student Legislature (3. 4); Student Party (1); Yackety Yack (4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 4, 41. Winston-Saleni Wilmington, Del. V (4) ; Newman Club (II. Brooklyn. N. Y. I. 21. Short Hills. N. J. B IN Kl HISTORY. Delia Dlla Delta; Canlerburv Club (3. 41 : Class Cabinet (3. 41 ; Order of the Beanbirds 1.1, 41 ; Orientation Counselor (41 ; Student Legisla- ture (31 ; University Partv (3. 41. LEONARD, PAUL LYNN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. LEONAR D. ROBERT PAT. JR. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Kuppa Sigain; Univcr LESLIE. RICHARD STEPHEN A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Band (1. 21: Dormitory I LESTER, MARY LAURA LEU. MARGARET JANE Nashville, Tenn. A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Kappa Gamma: G.M.A.B. (3. 4l ; University Party (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). LEWIS, HOWARD MASSEY Spruce Pine B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma; Outing Club (2, 3. 41. LEWIS. MRS. LULA JOHNSON Chapel Hill A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (21 ; Student N.E.A. (3, 41. LINDELL, STEPHEN TRIMBLE Wilmington, Del. A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigma Phi Epulon; Canterbury Club (2. 3. 41 ; Carolina Hanti- book (3, 41 ; Carolina Quaiterh (41 : Da,h Tar Heel (3. 41 : Debate Council (2. .3. ; Orientation Committee (31: Orientation Counselor (41; Press Club (3); Student Government: Universitv Parlv (2. 3. 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (2. 3, 4). LINEWEAVER, ROBERT WELLFORD Greensboro B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Sigma Chi; Golf; Orientation Counselor; Uni- versity Party; Y.M.C.A. LITTLE, LLOYD HARRY Hickory A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Tar Heel (1. 2, 3, 41. LITTLE. MAYLON E. Winterville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. LLEWELLYN, JAMES DHUE Durhan B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Tau Omega; Baptist Student Uniot (1. 21 : Dormitory Officer (11 : Order of the Beanbirds (3. 41 ; Orientation Counselo 141 ; Swimming (l) ; University Partv (1, 2. 3, 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3. 41. LLOYD, GAYLE PONDER A.B. IN ENGLISH. Cosmopolitan Club (4). LOFLIN, SAMUEL WAYNE B.S. IN M.4THEMATICS. Football (41. LOGSDON, LINDA BETH A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta; Government (41; Student N.E.A. (3. 41; Unii 3, 41 : Order of the Golden Bear (41. LOHR. JACOB ANDREW LONG, IRVING HILBURN A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Sigma Delta Chi. LOOMIS, DONALD W.. JR. Decatur. Ga. Salisbury Chapel Hill Lexington ;ounselor (2, 3. 4) ; Rockino;ham Chapel Hill LOWDER, STEPHEN CARLTON A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Chi Phi. Pr. Cabinet (II; I.F.C. (3, 41; Men ' s H Counselor (2) ; Orientation Committe (1, 2, 3). LOWE, JEFFREY R. Bristol, Va. sident (41; Carolina Symposium (4); Class nor Council (3. 41; N.S.A. (21; Orientation (41; University Party (2, 3, 41; Y.M.C.A. South Orange, N. J. Pi Lambda Phi; A.F.R.O.T.C. (II; Hillel CLASS OF ' 62 LOWREY. FRANCIS WILLIAM A.B. IN HISTORY. Newman Club (I. 41 ; Wrcslline (2 LUCAS, JOHN HARVEY B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. CarJI.oarJ (3. i). LUPTON, HARVEY ARTHUR, JR. Winston-Salem n Club (31 ; Danrc C.iiiiiiiltre (3J ; Y.M.C.A. Kensington, Md. , 3, 1) ; LacroBSe ( 2. 3, 4). Chapel Hill A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Cos (1, 3). LUTER, SUZANNE STOCKMAN Smithfield, Va. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi; Carolina Svmnosium (41 ■ Stuijcnl Government (4) ; University Party (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3). LYNN, OLIN NICK, JR. Newton A.B.. IN FRENCH. McAllister, janet goodwin chapei Hiii A.B. IN EDUCATION. Orientation Counselor (4) ; Slinlent N.E.A. (3 41 ■ W A A (I, 21 : Westminster Fellowship (I, 2. 3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). McARTHUR, RONALD EDWARD Wilson B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Delia Vpsilon; N.R.O.T.C. (I, 2, 3, 41- St.olenl Party (I. 2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3); Student Government (1,2). Darien, Conn. ersity Cliorus (3, 4,1 ; University McCALL, NANCY EWART B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Kappa Cam, Party (3, 4). McCarthy, DEBORAH ANTHONY Jacksonville, Fla. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delia Pi; Future Teachers of America (3 4) ■ Univer- sity Party (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3). McCLINTON, ROWENA Jackson, Miss. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega; Class Cabinet (3) ; Dormitory Officer (3) • Orien latioi. Committee (4) ; University Party {3, 4) ; Wesley Foundation (3, 4) ; Y. ' w.C.A. McCLISTER, JON MICHAEL Bristol, Tenn. .A.B IN JOURNALISM. Alpha Tau Omega; Kappa Tau Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Daily Tar Heel (4) ; I.F.C. (3, 4) ; Men ' s Glee Club (1, 21 : Orientation Counselor (2, 3) ; Press Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Student Government (4) ; Student Legislature (2, 3) ; y " m C A%3 " 4l ' ' ' ' " " ' ' " ' " Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.D.C. (3, 4) ; McCONNELL, JOHN DANIEL, JR. Southern Pines CANDIDATE FOR A.B. IN LAW. Sigma Chi; Order of the Beanbirds (3 4) ■ Gor. con-s Head (3, 4) ; Student Government (2. 3) ; Un iversity Club (1. 2) ; University Party (I, 2, 3, 4,1 ; Yackety Yack (2) ; Y.D.C. (1. 2, i) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3, 4). McCORMACK, ROBERT CORNELIUS A.B. IN ECONOMICS na Alpha Epsilon ; Uni ' Greenwich, Conn. ty Party (I, 3) ; Soccer (1) McCOY. TIMOTHY COLUMBUS Gordonsville, Va. A.B. Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Canterbury Club (1); Cheerleader (2), Head (3) • Monogram Club; Orientation Counselor (3. 4); University Party (1, 2 3 4) • Wrestling (1) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Student Athletic Council (3, 4). McCUISTON, PHYLLIS JEAN Greensboro B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. McELROY, PENDER ROBERTS Marshall B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTR.iiTION. Ce ;a S emo ,; N.K.O.T C (1 • 3 4)• N.R.0.T.C. Drill Team (I, 2, 3, 4) ; Scabbard and Blade (3, 4) . • ■ ' ' • Bloomfield Hills, Mich. McF ARLAND, MARCIA A.B. IN EDUCATION. Dormitory Offic Student Legislature (3, 4); W.A.A. ; W .lence Council (3, 4J . McGEE, CONNIE MAC B.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi. McGEHEE, MARY FRANKLIN A.B. IN EDUCATION. Carolina Women ' s Council (3, 4) ; Dormitory Officer (3 4) ■ Orientation Counselor (4) ; Student N.E.A. (3, i) ; University Chorus (3, 4). McGRADY, ROGER STEPHEN West Jefferson A.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. McGregor, JAMES TILLMAN Greensboro A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Delia Kappa Epsilon; A.F.R.O.T.C. (II : Class Cabinet 2) ■ Gimghoul (3, 4) ; G.M.A.B. (I, 3) ; Order ot the Beanbirds (4,1 ; University Party Charlotte Winston-Salem McGregor, linda moore , .B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega. President (4; (H ; Panhellenic Council (3, i) ; Student N.E.A. (S Mcintosh, james nathan A.B. IN ENGLISH. Yackety Yack (I) ; Y.D.C. (1) Mcintosh, john nash Greensboro Wilmington Hilton Head Island, S. C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Canterbury Club (I); Gorgon ' s Head (2, 3, 4) ; N.R.O.T.C. (U ; Swimming (I. 2) ; University Party (1, 2, 3, 4). Page 73 mm CLASS OF ' 62 McKEITHAN, LEE Bolivia B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Y.D.C. (41: Y.W.C.A. (4). McMillan, benton lee, jr. wiison B.S. k,ipp„ Sigma: Fnnlball (1. 2. 3, 41; Monogram CIul. CI. 41: Ouline Clul. (1. 21. McNAIRY. ROBERT PORTER Greensboro B.S. IN .ACCOUNTING. McNAULL JAMES NEAL Charlotte A.B. LN ' CHEMISTRY. Track (U : Westniii.slpr Fclloivship (1. 2. :i. 41. McQUADE. ROBERTA ANNE West Hartford, Conn. McRORIE. WILLIAM EDWARD McSWAIN. FRANKLIN LEE Murphy B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Delia Them: Class Cabinet (3. 41 ; Dance Committee (2. .-i. : N.K.O.T.C. II. 2. 3. 41; Order ol Beaubircls 12. 3. 41; Orientation Counselor 1; Student Government (2. 31: Westminster Fellowsbip (1. 2. .3. 41. MacDOUGALL, JEAN ELIZABETH Akron. Ohio .B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Kappa Gamma: Canterbury Cbili (31; Carolina S l.osium (.3. 41: Orientation Counselor (41; Y.W.C.A. (3. 41; Student Legislai 13. 41 ; University Party (3, 41. MACK. CHARLES RANDALL Rome, Italy A.B. IN HISTORY. Canterbury Club (II: Carolina Symposium (21: Cosmopolitan Clul. Ill: Dormitory Officer (21: l.D.C. (21: Student Party (I. 21; Y.D.C. (1. 2. 3, 41 : Y.M.C.A. (I. 2, 3, 41 ; Fencing Team (2. 3. 41 ; Mock Democratic Convention M.4CKELLAR. ELLEN JEFFERS North Augusta, S. C. MACKORELL, JAMES THEODORE B.S. IN INDUSTRI.AL REL.ATIONS. Maclean, william jerry A.B. IN EDUCATION. Dormitory Officer (21; Weslmii Gastonia Carthage Durham un.l and Fury (3, 4). Atlanta. Ga. MAHAFFEY. ROSEMARY LYN A.B. IN DRAMATIC ART. Carolina Playmakers (3, 41 MAHNCKE. dieter MARTIN .litan Clul nited Natl MALLON. MICHAEL TYRONE Clarksville, Tenn. .B. IN ECONOMICS. Alpha Phi Omeea: Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3. 41; Student Party (41 ; Y.R.C. (3, 41. MALONE. ROBERT BAILES Atlanta. Ga. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Ph, D.lia Thcia; Orientation Counselor MALPASS. BILLY A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. MANGUAL. ROBERT MANUEL A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. MANN, LARRY M. MANNING, DANIEL ALSTON A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Y.D.C. MANNING, EDWARD MARTIN Kinston Hohokus. N. J. Elizabethtown oundation (1. 2, 3. Williamston Gastonia B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tau Epsilan Phi; Baseball (1) ; Class Cabinet (2. 41; Hillel Foundation (1. 2. 3, 41; I.F.C. (4| ; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3); Orientation Counselor (31; Student Government (41; Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (41 : Class Officer (1.31; Daily Tar Heel (31. MANSFIELD, CLARENCE FRANKLIN Burlington A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Carolina Playmakers (II ; Class Cabinet (21 ; G.M.A.B. (1) : Westminster Fellowsbip (1. 2, 3. 4| ; ackel Yack (2. 3) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 41 ; University Club (1). MANSFIELD, RUDOLPH LAWRENCE Charlotte A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Phi: Football (II ; Orientation Counselor (41. MAREE. FRANKLIN KENYON Rutherfordton 12. 31 ; l.D.C. (31 ; (3). Page 74 CLASS OF ' 62 MARKS, LEMUEL HARRIS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi liiimmn Dell.i MARSH. HOWARD DARNABY, JR. .B. IN ECONOMICS. il m.j CIn: Universily Parly III. MARSLENDER. WILLIAM WARD WhiteviUe High Point Washington ass Cabinet (I. 2, 3. 41. Gibson I Llniversily Pelham Lawsonville Winston-Salem Mount Airy .A. I,!, U : WinJ Cherry Point A.B. IN JOURNALIS.M. Carolina Himdhook Cil ; Ciroliiui IJu.uterly 1.11 ; Daih Tar Heel 12. 3. 41 : Press Club (3, 4) ; Publicalians Buaril (2. 3. 41 ; Sludent Legislature (2) ; Student Party (2). MARTIN. DANIEL WALKER B.S. IN BISINESS ADMINISTRATION. Deli,, Parly II. 2. 3. 41; Y.M.C.A. (I. 2. 3, 41. MARTIN. HUGO MARSHALL .B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. MARTIN, JESSIE DAVID B.S. IN GEOLOGY-. MARTIN, JOHN MARVIN B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Ch, Sigma: Baml II. MARTIN, JOHN WILLIAM A.B. IN EDUCATION. Phi Mu Alpha; Band (I, Ensemble 12, 3. 41; Sympliony (2, 3. 41. MATHERS. ALFRED MICHAEL MATTHEWS, ANN GUERRY A.B. IN ART. Zela Tan Alpha. MATTHEWS. PHILLIP RAY A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Basketball (I). MAUCK, KENNETH WELTON Rock Hill, S. C. Nashville South Boston, Va. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sludent Parly (41; Y.M.C.A. (41 MAXWELL, ANNE ELIZABETH MAY, EMANUEL, III A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Dormiory Officer (21; Un (I. 41; Y.M.C.A. (I, 2, 4). MAY, GAYLE BURKHEAD A.B. IN FRENCH. Delia Delia Delia; Uni New Orleans, La. (.nM-ruiuenl |2I ; Sludent Burlington Parly (2. 3, 4) : Wrestling Burlington Party (3. 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). MAY. LINDA GAIL LaGrange (3) ; Angel Fliflit (3, I) ; Wc MAYER. ROBERT ALFRED, JR. MEDFORD. WILLIAM LAWRENCE Winston-Salem Rocky Mount (.4J ; P.I.F.C. MELASKY, SARA ELIZABETH Charlotte A.B. IN MATHEM.ATICS. Dorinitorv Oflicer (4); Hillel Foundaln.n (3, 41. MENCO, NURSEN Kadikoy-Istanbul, Turkey A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Carolina Wnnien ' s Council 131: Cosmopolitan Club (3, 4); G..M.A.B.; Orientation Counselor Itl : Valkyries (3. 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4|. MENDENHALL, EDWIN GRAY Sanford MERRILL, ARTHUR JESSE, JR. Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Sigma a: Phi Ela Sigma; G.M.A.B. (2); Monogram Club 12) ; Orientalion Counselor (21 ; Sludent Legislature (1. 2) ; Swimming (1, 21 ; Uniyersily Parly (I); Freshman Forum. MERRILL, MARY REBECCA Arlington, Va. MERRITT, EMMA JANE Mt. Airy A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Stray Creeks (3. 4); Phi Mu; G.M.A.B. (4); Orientation Counselor (4); University Parly (4); Women ' s Re8ident;e Council (4J ; Dormitory Page 75 CLASS OF ' 62 MOORE. FRANKLIN DELENOR ROOSEVELT Chapel Hill StuJfiil U.iic.n (3, 41 ; M,;, MOORE. GEORGE ELLIOTT Raleigh A.B. IN ENGLISH. Vnv Y.D.C.: Y.M.C.A.: Vt MOORE. GLEN ROBERT Raleigh :,gm,i: A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2, MOORE, LOFTON SAMUEL Charlotte A.B. IN EDUCATION. Slu.lenl N.E.A.; Y.M.C.A. MOORE, NANCY BROWN Roseboro A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Baptist Student Union (3, 41 ; Y.D.C. (3,1 ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41. MOORE, NED AARON Windsor A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Clii Psi; Flii Eia Siem„: Phi Hcl„ K,ii i .i. MOORE. SAMUEL R. MORGAN, MELZER ADRON, JR. Gastonia Smithfield MORRIS, DAVID GEORGE Apex B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Baseball (I. 2. 3); Dormitory Officer (4). MERRITT, SUSAN RAE A.B. IN HISTORY. Dormitory Offieer 131 : I Ya.k Beauty Court (21 ; Y.W.C.A. (I. 3. II. MICHAEL. PATRICK BOND MICHAUX. ROY HERMAN, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta TUela Pi; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1); I.F.C. (31; Order of Beanbirds (2. 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2); Student Gov. ernment (1. 2. 3) ; Student Legislature (2) j University Party (1. 2, 3. 4) ; President ' s Cabinet. Wilmington on Counselor (31 ; W.A.A. (II : Charlotte Greensboro MICOLINO. ALYCE GRACE Bronxville, N. Y. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega: Carolina Forum 141 ; Newman Club (3, 41 : Orienta- tion Counselor (41; University Party 13. 41; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3, 41; Campus Chest. MIDYETTE. BUXTON SAUNDERS Jackson A.B. IN ECONOMICS, iipmu Alph.i Epfilon: University Party (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Student MILLER. ALFRED JAMES New Rochelle, N. Y. MILLICAN, GEORGE RONALD Fayetteville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappn Alpha; Class Cabinet (1, 2, 3); Dame Committee (2. 31; N.R.O.T.C. Ill: Orientation Counselor (2); Student Government (2. 31 ; Student Lecislaure 121 ; University Party «1. 2. 3, 41 ; Wrestling III ; Class Oflicer 121. MILSTEAD, WILLIAM BARKSDALE Rockingham B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Alpha Tan Omega; N.R.O.T.C. I. 2. 3. 41. MIMS. LINDA LEIGH Cramerton B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Baptist Student Union (3. 4). MITCHELL. MARTIN F. A.B. IN HISTORY. MIXON. CATHERINE A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Chi Omega; Orienla University Party 13. 41 ; W.A.A. 131. Preside Y.W.C.A! (3. 41; Volleyball Club 131; Basketball Club 131 MIXON, CHARLES McRAB A.B. IN HISTORY. Rye, N. Y. Memphis, Tenn. Summit, N. J. MIXON, HENRY WALTON, III Goldsboro A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Daily Tar Heel 2, 3, 41 ; Press Club (3, 4). MOFFETT, ALEXANDER STUART TaylorsviUe A.B. IN HISTORY. Band (II ; Carolina Playniakers (3. ll ; Men ' s Glee Club (2. 31. MOONEY. LILLIAN SONDRA Chadbourn A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. CLASS OF ' 62 MORRIS, ROBERT JEFFRY A.B. IN SPANISH. Delia Upsilon: Studenl Pari Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). MORRISON, MYRA NEAL U.S. IN INDIISTHIAL KF.I. TIONS. P; MORSE. KATHLEEN GAYLE B.S. IN SCIENCE EDUCATION. Future Teachc ship. MORTON, WILLIAM IRVING Shelby cr Fellowship (4) : Washington. D. C. Asheville i; We ' MOSHER, JOHN FRANCIS .li. IN HISTORY. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, .•). 41 ; A™. .1.1 Air S III. MOSS, ARTHUR LA VERNE. JR. A.H. IN MATHEMATICS EDUCATION. MULLINS, SYLVIA DEAS Washington, D. C. a. (3. 4) ; iMen ' s Fort Bragg ,iely 131 ; Y.M.C.A. Shelby Macon, Miss. ; Student N.E.A. • (3. 4). Greensboro A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Chi: A.F.R.O.T.C: Band: Baseball: Canterbury Club: Carolina Plavmakers; Future Teachers ol America: Coif; Monogram Club; Wrestling; Y.M.C.A. MURPHY, GEORGE R. MURR, DAVID LAFAYETTE Hickory A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Baseball (I. 2. 3. 41 ; M.iu..|;raiii Ch.b 13, 4). MYERS, MARTHA ANN B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. NASH, FLORENCE THOMAS NEAL, FRANCES MASON Pfafftown Tarboro Roanoke, Va. ry Officer (3. 4) : Westminste NEBLETT. MORTIMER STERLING, JR. Wilmington A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Clu: Ne«man Club (2, 3. 41 ; University Party (2, 3). NEERMAN. STANFORD Greensboro B.S. IN MARKETING. NELSON, MARGARET KAREN Starkville, Miss. NELSON, MILTON WADE Lenoir NELSON, VIRGINIA HUNT A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. NEWSOME, JO ANN B.S. IN SCIENCE. Studenl N.E.A. (41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3). NEWTON, ANNE LOIS ..B. IN MARKETING. Delia Sigma Pi: Baptist Student Union (I); Dormitory lliicer (1) ; Football (1) ; Men ' s Honor Council (2, 3, 4) ; Monogram Club (3. 4) ; irientation Committee (4) ; Student Government (1, 2) ; Student Party (1) ; Univer. ly Parly (2) ; Wrestling (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Assistant Director of IntermuraU. Weirwood, Va. Brevard Winston-Salem A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Bela Plii; Class Cabinet (3. 4); Future Teachers of Anieri.a (3. 4) ; Sludent N.E.A. (3, 4) ; University Parly; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4) ; Campus Chest (3, 41. NOBLIN, ROLAND EARL, JR. Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Nu. NOEL, GEORGE THOMPSON, III Kannapolis itudent Uni.,n (I, 2, 3, 4) ; Men ' s Glee NORMAN, CYNTHIA ANNE Raleigh B.S. I.N BACTERIOLOGY. Canterbury Club (2. 3. 4| ; Doiinil.iry Olhccr (3). NORTON, JAMES LEE, JR. Albemarle A.B. IN EDUCATION. Cardboard (II; Wesley Foundation (II; Y.M.C.A. (I, 21; N.E.A. (31. NUNNERY, STACY ARNOLD Stedman B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Baptist Student Union (3. 4). Page 77 CLASS OF ' 62 GATES, RUDOLPH OWENS Fai B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi; A.F.R.O.T.C. II, 4) ; Arnold Air Society (2, 3, 4) ; Scabbaril and Blade (3, 41. ODOM, EDSEL MONROE A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Daily Tar Heel (2). O ' DONNELL. MARCIA SUE Wallace Simsbuiy, Conn. rs Council (41 : University Parlv OGLETREE, CHARLES WILLIAM Roanoke Rapids A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Lambda Chi Alpha: Baptist Student Union (1. -I ; Dormitory Officer (1, 2): Orientation Committee (21; Student Government Com. milee (2); University Party (1, 2, 3, 41; Yachel, Yack (I, 2); Y.D.C. (3. 41; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). OLDHAM, GEORGE ROBERTS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Sit OLDHAM. KATHERINE CLARK Raleigh Pi: N.R.O.T.C. (I. O ' NEIL, BARBARA NEWSOM Louisville, Ky. Evanston. 111. Yack (31 : OPPENHEIMER. JOE LOVEMAN Birmingham. Ala. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Zela Bela Tau: Carolina S .i,p.i.iii Danre Committee (I. 2. 31: CM. A.B. 12. 3. 4): Order ol llu- Ul.l Orientation Counselor (21; Student Government (I. 2, 3. 41: Stude (1. 2. 31; University Partv (1. 21 ; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 41. OVERBY, DONALD L. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Wilmington OVERSTREET. RICHARD CARTER Eau Gallie, Fla. PACE, DUDLEY FREDERICK ■rbury Club (II : D..r Salucli ory Olh., PADDISON, GEORGE MARION Smithfield A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Eta Sigma: Gvmuaslics Club. PADEN, JANE ARLINE Arlington, Va. PAGE, GEORGE DOUGLAS Bre B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Sigma Pi: Cardboard (I): Cabinet (31; Dance Committee (2, 3. 41; Dormitory Officer (II: Oriei Counselor (3) ; Track (2) ; Yackely Ynek (1, 2, 31 : Campus Chest (2, 31. PARKER, HERMAN RICHARD. JR. Greensboro A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Baplis Union (II : Cardboard (2, 3. 4). PARKER, JOSEPH BERNARD. JR. PARKER, MARTHA ELIZABETH PARKER, PAMELA ANITA Norfolk, Va. Counselor 131 : Track Asheville r,m Alpha: Delia Svlvania. Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Baptist Student Union (41 ; Carolina Symposium (41 ; C.U.S.C. (3, 4); University Party (3, 41: Women ' s Residence Council (31, Chairman (4): Y.D.C. (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41. PARKER, RUBY LITAKER A.B. IN EDUCATION. PARKER. THOMAS VERNON Gates A.B. IN ENGLISH. Baptist Student Union (2, 3, 41 ; Men ' s Glee Club (3. 41 ; Orien tation Counselor (2| ; Student Government (1. 2, 41; WUNC (II: Y.D.C. (21 Y.M.C.A. (4) ; Morehead Scholar. PARKS, EVASTUS BENNETT, III A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Carolina Symposium (41 ; C. M.A.I PATRONIS. JOHN GEORGE A.B. IN HISTORY. PATTERSON, THOMAS McEVOY lerican Insitute ol Pliy: PAYNE, EILEEN FAY A.B. IN FRENCH. Alpha Gamma Delia: Angel Flight 13, 41 : Orientation Counsejo (4) ; University Party (3, 4) ; Y.R.C. (3, 41 ; Y.W.C.A. 13. 41. Winston-Salem 121 ; Y.M.C.A. (1. 21. Decatur. Ga. Chapel Hill ■s (3. 41 ; UOr ire ,le, Wilmington. Del. CLASS OF ' 62 PEDERSEN, CARL JENS PEMBERTON, CHARLES DUDLEY B.S. IN INDLiSTRIAL RELATIONS. PENDERGRAFT, NORMAN ELVEIS Fort Lee, N. J. PENNELL, WAYNE ESTEL A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. PENNINGER. SYBIL HENDRIX A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Yackeiy Yack (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (41 ; Dc PENNINGTON. MARGUERITE GRIMES U.S. IN BACTERIOLOGY. PERRY, MARK BRASWELL .B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Ta II. 2) ; Student Party (4) ; Wrestling (1) PERRY. THURSTON RAY aplist Stuile (1. 2); Greensboro Durham opulilan Club; .Men ' s Kannapolis Rockwell jrmilory Council (41. Goldsboro Chapel Hill Zebulc PETERSON. NANCY JO B.S. IN .MEDICAL TEi:HN0L()CY. Don St. Petersburg. Fla. PETTIBONE. JOHN SAMUEL, JR. Middlebury. Va. A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Alpha Tau Omega: tiardboard (II; Carolina Plavmakers (2. 3. 41: Parlance; Student Party; Track II. 21 ; WUNC (I. 2. 41 ; WUNC-TV (2. 3, 41 ; Y.M.C.A. PHILLIPS. DELL RITA Spruce Pine Cmincil (.1. 41: Dormitory Officer (41; PHILLIPS. DOSSIE CRAWFORD, JR. High Point PHILLIPS. EARL NORFLEET. JR. High Point II. S l Bl SINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Kappa Ep ilon; Carolina Symposium PHILLIPS, ROBERT KENT . i. IN HISTORY. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 41 ; Ariinbl A :il ; Track 111 ; Y.M.C.A. (II. PILAND, HOWARD MALCOLM B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. PINYOUN, CONSTANCE VALERIE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Deli Mi.s Modern Venus; ChrisI PIPKIN. MOLLY B.S. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Alpha Delia Pi. PITTLEMAN. JAMES BARRY Palnn ra (2. 31 : I.D.C. 12, Fayetteville Raleigh •auty Court; Charlotte nt N.E.A.; University Party. Washington. D. C. on Coun. PLEASANTS, CLIFTON EDWARD. JR. Winston-Salem A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Delia Thela; Scabbard and Blade 13. 41 : Orientation Com. mittee (3. 41 ; Orientation Counselor (2) ; Soccer (II ; Student Council (41 ; Univer- silv Party 11. 2. 3. 41; Y.M.C.A. (31; Class Cabinet (U: N.R.O.T.C. Drill Team (1. 2, 3). PLUMMER, CATHERINE ANNE Wilmington l.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Alpha Delia Pi; Carolina Forum (41: Dormitory Ifficer (31: G.M.A.B. (31; Orientation Committee (41; University Party (3. 4); S ' estminster Fellowship (3. 4) ; Women ' s Residence Council (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Fort Valley, Ga. (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). POLLARD, CLEDA RUTH A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delia Pi; Univers POLLARD. FORREST . LFRED. JR. Durham B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Pi Kappa Alpha; Baptist Student Union; Caro- lina Symposium (21 ; N.S.A. (3) ; Order of the Grail (3. 41 ; Orientation Committee (2. 3). Chairman (4); Orientation Counselor (2); Student Government (2. 3. 41; University Parly (1. 2, 3. 41 ; Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.D.C. (1, 2) ; Y.M.C.A.: State Student Legislature (3). PONS, ROY KENNETH Valdese B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Sigma Phi Epsilan ; I.F.C. (21 ; University Party (2, 3). PORTER. CHARLES ALEXANDER Charlotte A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Westminster Fellowship (3, 4). Page 79 CLASS OF ' 62 POSTON. BOBBY LEE Shelby A.B. IN EDUCATION. POTTER. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, JR. Chapel Hill A.B. IN FRENCH. Band (1) ; Wesley Foundation (2. 3, 4». POWELL, CHARLES EDWIN Warsaw B.S. IN PUBLIC HEALTH. POWELL, ROBERT STEWART Wallace A.B. IN MUSIC. Band (1. 21 ; University Chorus (2, 3. 4) ; Master Bell Ringer (3, 4). POWERS, LONA EVELYN Durham A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3, 4). POWNALL. ANN FAIRFIELD Milford. Conn. PRESCOTT. GAIL THAIS A.B. IN HISTORY. Stray Creeks (3. 41; Ze (41 : Student N.E.A. (3, 4). PRICE, DAVID DOCKERY PULLER. MARY ROLLING Suffern. N. Y. Tau Alpha: Orientation Counselor Charlotte Atlanta, Ga. PURRINGTON. JOHN WARD Raleigh ul; Scabbard and Blade: Student Council Marion A.B. IN ENGLISH. Zeu, Psi: (2. 3). PYATT, JAMES GRAGG B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Student N.E.A. (3, 4); Y.D.C. (3, 41 QUESSENBERRY, MARION REEVES B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Raleish QUINN, SHARON LEA Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delia Delia Delia; Canterbury Club (3. 41 ; Class Cabinet (3) ; Orientation Counselor: Student Government (3, 41 ; Student Legislature (3) ; Univer- sitv Party 13, 4|; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). RAMAZANOGLU, FATMA .B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Cosmopolit Orientation Counselor (41; Internatio RASH. JAMES DENNIS A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delia Kappa Epsilon. RATLEY, CHARLES DURHAM, JR. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Pi Kappa Phi: Y.D.C. (4|. RAY, JUDY LEIGH A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha I Wesley Foundation (31 : Wome REED. ELIZABETH ANN B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Alpha Gamma Delia. President (4) : Concert Band (1. 21 ; Class Cabinet (2. 3. 41 ; Orientation Committee (41 : Orientation Coun- selor (21 : Panhellenic Council (3. 4) ; University Party (3, 4) ; Westminster Fellow- ship (II ; Women ' s Honor Council, Clerk (3) ; Student Government (3, 4). Istanbul. Turkey Club (31; (3). Lenoir Red Springs Raleigh Poland, Ohio St. Pauls Detroit. Mich. Anchorage, Ky. I) ; Splash Club Albemarle A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Gamma Delia: Football Manager (21 ; Campus Chest (31; Student Government (1, 2, 3); University Party (1. 2. 3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2.3). REPPUCCI, NICHOLAS DICKON Hollywood, Fla. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Canterbury Club (3); Cardboard (2. 3); Carolina Hand- hook (31 : Carolina Quarterly (21 ; Class Cabinet (31 ; Orientation Counselor (3. 4) ; Publications Board (41; Student Parly (3. 41; locterv Yack (2, 3). Co-Edilor-in- Chief (41 ; Y.D.C. (31 : Y.M.C.A. (3) ; Mock Democratic Convention (2) ; Dormitory Advisor (41 ; Order of the Golden Bear (41. REGAN. JOHN C. BRECKENRIDGE A.B. Chi Phi: Football. REID, GORDON FRANCIS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. REMMERS, MARY BLANCHE RENGER, JAMES DIETRICH REYNOLDS. DONNA JEAN Pittsburgh, Pa. A.B. IN ART. Carolii CLASS OF ' 62 RHODES. GROVER FREDERICK U.S. IN lU INESS ADMINISTRATION. RICHARDSON. MILDRED PURDIE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Dormiiorv Officer (1. 21: SiuJe Foundation (1. 21 ; Y.D.C. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (41- RICHERT, LYNDA SUE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi; Carolina Svmp,.sii 131: Orienlalion Counselor (41: Student Covernmenl I Y.W.C.A. 13. 4) ; Campus Chest (31. RITCHIE, WILLIAM JOSEPH Pink Hill Asheville N.E.A. (3, 41 : Wesley Raleigh RIVENBARK. ROBERT TURNER B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, ROBBINS. GORDON DANIEL B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma: Phi Bel.i Knppn: Phi Ela Sigma; Card- board 12, 31 ; N.S.A. (31 ; Orientation Counselor (3. 41 : Student Government (2, 3, 41 : Universilv Party (1, 21 : lacjteti Yack (2. 31. Greensboro A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 41 ; Wallace Rocky Mount ROBERSON, AGNES JANE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Uni%ei Women ' s Honor Council (3. 41. ROBERTS. WALTER VANCE n.A. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigfr. ROGERS. NANCY JO B. IN ENGLISH. P, Phi; Ne»man Club 13. 41 : Uni Hazelwood arty (3. 41 : W.A.A. (31 ; Asheboro Fort Smith, Ark. rsity Party (3. 41. Ft. Pierce. Fla. ROGERS. ROLLIN ANTHONY A.B. IN HISTORY. Dialectic-Philanthropic Society 13. 41: Orientation Couni (2. 31: Wesley Foundation (3. 4); V.D.C. (3, 41: Y.M.C.A. (4); Congressi Intern (31 ; Dormitory Officer (3). ROGERS, THOMAS K. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beia Gam ROGERS. THOMAS SCHLEG, JR. ROLLINS, PAUL WORKMAN B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Chi Psi. ROONEY. MICHAEL JAMES Chapel Hill Charlotte ■ack (2) : Uni. Winston-Salem Charlotte IN MARKETING. Sigma Phi Epsilon; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3. 4); Arnold Air ely (1, 2, 3. 41 : Newman Club (1. 2. 3. 41 ; Scabbard and Blade (3. 41 : Univer- Partv (2, 3, 41 : Air Force Rifle Team (1. 2. 3. 41. ROSE, HILDA ELIZABETH .B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. ROSENFIELD, ANITA MOISE sboro Sumter, S. C. ROSENZWEIG, DONALD New York. N. Y. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Pi Lambda Phi; Hillel F (I. 2, 3. 41; I.F.C. : ROSS, CRAIG ALEXANDER A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Phi; Cosmopolitan Club Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. N.R.O.T.C. II, 21 ; Wrestling ROSS. GORDON NICHOLAS Charlotte .B. IN ENGLISH. ROUSE, JAMES HUBERT Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTR. TION. Alpha Kappa Ps,; Dormitory Officer. RUBENSTEIN. DAVID MAAS New Orleans, La. B.A. Zela Bela Tau. HI CKER. JERRY ALAN RUSHTON, SALLY KAY RUSSELL, FRANK ALTON Council (41 Spindale r.cer (21; University Roanoke, Va. rmitory Officer (4) ; (1. 2. 3. 41 : Y.D.C. II, II ; Y,M,C,A. (1, Page 81 CLASS OF ' 62 SCOTT. KM. PH. JR. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. SCRUGGS. DAVID FINLEY DINSMOR R. JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. liniv,.r«il Pari, (Jl. RicliniDlul. Va. SEASTROM, GEORGE RICHARD Charlotte SEATON. JOHNNYE MARIE SEAWELL, THEODORE GRAHAM SELBY, SARA RUTH Apex J s;.- Charlotte i.l.i.l .K. V. Ill: W . , . ( 11 : SELLERS. MARK ASHLEY. JR. Washin-ion. 1). C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sinm,, llrll,, Clu; Press Cliil. (3, 4J . SEVIER, ROBERT ENGLISH Asheville A.B. IN ENGLISH. Beta Theta Pi; Amphoterothen i3. Il: l.,,Mhi,,i ■-, n.|,osiuin (3, 4); Class Cabinet (2| ; C.U.S.C. 13); I.F.C. (3, 41 ; - X ( ;i . Uil.r iit the Grail (3. 41 ; Order of the 01.1 Well 31, Presirlent (4) ; (In .i -. I„r (2); Student Crrvern.nent (I. 2. 31 ; Student Legislature (I. 2. .1 1 : I nm ,.|U P.iilv (1. 2. .1, 4); Vire.PreRidcnt Student Brrdv (31; Stale Stii.lent L.i;i.l,,n,r.. III. SEWELL, RUDY A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi II.-,,, ,Pln , lii Trinity. Ala. (3, 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). RUTTENBERG. NEIL HARRIS Wheaton, Md. RYDER. JAMES ARTHUR, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Da,h T,„ UeH II Weslev (II. SANDERFORD. LYNDA MARCELLE Winston-Salem Miami, Fla. rlory Otfiier (2) ; l;.S. IN MLlllCAI. TECHNOLOGY. SANDERS, ELEANOR SUE Vicksburg. Miss. SANDERS. ELIZABETH PROCTOR .B. IN CHEMISTBV. Chapel Hill SANDERSON. JESSE FRANKLIN. JR. Morehead City A.B. IN ENGLISH. SANDLER. JOAN GAIL Charlotte A.B. IN MUSIC. Hillel Fiiundation (3. 41: Orchestra (3. 41: W.A.A. 1.11. SAULS, SILAS BURNS Raleigh B.S. IN COMMERCE. Dfl,a Sigma Pi. SAWYER. CALVIN LARY Elizabeth Citv SCHELL. SUSAN LEE .B. SCHLOSSER. EMIL STEVE, JR. .B. IN ENGLISH. Pl,i Kiippii Sigma. SCHOCH. ARCH KERPER SCHWARTZ. OTTO .B. IN FRENCH. SCOTT. CARL CLINTON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. SCOTT. CHARLES KIMBREY A.B. IN HLSTORY. Pi Kappa .4lpha: .ilpha Epsilon Dtlta: Carolina Svrnposiut 12. 41 ; G.M.A.B. (21 ; Orientation Counselor (3, 4) ; University Party II. 2, 3, 41 Weslniinster Fellowship (1. 2. 3. 4 I ; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3). Winston-Salem Greensboro High Point Party (2. 3. 4) ; Y.D.C. Castle Havne Durham Haw River CLASS OF ' 62 SEXTON. PHYLLIS ANNE A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Au pa DH. Student Governmeiil (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. SHAFFNER. RANDOLPH PRESTON Winston-Salem A.B. IN ENGLISH. .4lp i,i T„u Omega. SHARP. LORA LOUISE Chapel Hill 31: Cosmoptililan Cli.b (I) ; SHARP. MICHAEL RUST A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sr. Anihony Hull; D. -Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2) ; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3. 4) : Ui.iv Council (11. SHAW, DOROTHY JANE A.B. IN EDUCATION . Stray Greeks 13. 4); Phi Mu: Orienlation Counselor (41 Panhellenic Counril 13. 41: Splash Club (31: SluJent N.E.A. (3 41- W Honor Council (3. 41 : Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. SHEARIN. CHARLES WINSTON B.S. IN MATHE.MATICS. Wesley Founilation II. 3. 41. SHEARIN. JANE CAROLYN B.S. IN . KTHE. UT1CS. Baptist Stu.lem Union (3. 41. SHEARIN. WILEY HENRY. JR. .B. IN ENGLISH EDI CATION. Baptist Slu.lent Union I SHEPHERD. WILLIAM AUBREY A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Baptist Student Union II. 2. 3. 4J : Carolina Playmakers 3. 41 ; Sound and Fury (3. 4) : Student Party (41. SHEPPARD, JAMES DOW. JR. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Cii i T„r tli-fl (I. 2. 3. 41: D SHERER. ROBERT GLENN. JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi El., Sigm.i; A.F.R.O. Union 12. 3, 41 : Dialectic-Philanthr..|ric So.i, SHERWOOD. BARBARA ANN .B. IN SPANISH. Pi Bet,, Phi: Carolii 141 : Student Government 13. 4) ; Univer SHIPP, WILLIAM PAUL A.B. IN RELIGION. Kappa Alpha: Baptist Student Uninn (11; Consolidated Uni- Student Council (2. 31. President 141 ; Monogram Club (2. 3. 41 ; Order of the Old Well 13. 41 ; Orientation Counselor (31 ; Student Covernnient (1. 2. 3. 4 1 : University Party (1, 2. 3. 41: Wrestline (1. 2. 3. 41: Y.M.C.A. (1. 21; President Cabinet (41 ; Class Officer (21. Charlotte Richmond. Va. lip. High Point B.S. IN BUSINESS M)M1NISTK ATION. Pi I.„ml„la Phi Page 83 CLASS OF ' 62 SIMMONS, HOWARD DAVID B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zfta B SIMMONS, LINDA BEATRICE A.B. IN EDUCATION. SIMPSON, BILL R. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. SIMPSON, MARY SUE Athens. Ga. Winston-Salem Monroe Shaw, Miss. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Delia; Panhellonic Council (4); Student N.E.A. (31; University Party (41; Wesley Foundation (3. 41: Women ' s Honor Council (41; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4J. SIMPSON, OSCAR ROMULUS, III Lumberton B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Student Party (1, 21 ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 21. SIMPSON, TALIAFERRO S. Charlotte SLATE, STEPHANIE ANNE A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Omega; Carolina Forun G.M.A.B. (31; Orientation Counselor (41: Panheller ernment (3, 41 ; University Party (3, 41. SLOAN, JAMES BOYKIN SMITH, BETTYE GRAY High Point Wilmington Elizabethtown SMITH, BRENDA POWELL Charlotte B.S. IN PUBLIC HEALTH. Stray Greeks (3. 41 : Alpha Chi Omega; U.N.C. Sym- phony Orchestra (3. 41. SMITH, CALVIN UPSHUR, JR. Lookout Mountain, Tenn. eer (1); University Party SMITH, DAPHNE ANNE SMITH. DEANNE McNINCH Greer, S. C. Asheville ty Party (3. 4) ; Y.D.C. (41 ; SMITH, DONALD NEWTON, JR. Greer, S. C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Kappa Alpha; Carolina Forum (4) ; Carolina Playmakers (3) ; Daily Tar Heel (3. 4) ; Parlance (4] ; Student Government (4) ; Student Party (4) ; University Chorus (31; Wesley Foundation (31; Y.D.C. (41; Y.M.C.A. (3, 4); Petite Dramalique (41. SMITH, DORIS JEAN Liberty A.B. IN EDUCATION. Stu.leni N.E.A.; W.A.A. SMITH, DOUGLAS GOULD Gilbraltar. B. C. C. A.B. IN INTERN. TIONAL STUDIES. Sigma Chi. President; Canterbury Club (3. 41 ; Men ' s Honor Council (2. 3) ; N.R.O.T.C. (2, 3, 4) ; Orientation Committee t4i ; Orientation Counselor (2. 3) ; University Party (2. 3, 4). SMITH, FRANK JULIAN A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Alpha. SMITH, HERBERT FRANKLIN A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Dormitory Olficei SMITH. NORMAN ESTES A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. The Publications Board (2, 3); Student Goveri (1) ; Student Party (1. 2. 4.1. SMITH, OLEN BROWN, JR. SMITH, POLLYANNA WHITE A.B. IN ENGLISH. SMITH, SAMUEL GEORGE B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. SMITH, WILLIAM JAMES, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTR. TION. SNELLING, DAVID BARROW, JR. B.S. IN MATHE.MATICS. Page 84 Lumberton Matthews ident (4). Chevy Chase, Md. 2. 3) ; I.F.C. (4); Student Legislature Rockingham .C. (I. 2, 3, 41 : Burlington Madison Maxton Asheville CLASS OF ' 62 SNOW, GUY LEIGHTON B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alplia Chi Sigma. SORY. JO- ANN VIRGINIA A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi. SOSSAMAN, JON LEROY B.S. IN CHEMISTRY, .ilpka Chi Sigma; Band (1, 2). Elkin Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Bryson City SPAINHOUR, WALTER JUDSON, JR. SPANGLER, KAREN LEE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Angel Flighl (3. 4) ; Don of America (4); CM. A.B. (4); Orientalion Cc Y.W.C.A. (4). SPIVEY, ELIZABETH HARRISON SPOON, JAMES MERRITT, JR. Lenc Davidson Williamston (4) ; W.A.A. (3, 4) ; Charlotte Winston-Salem SPRINKLE. MICHAEL DOSS A.B. IN ENGLISH. Canterbury Club (2, 3. 41 ; Class Cabinet (1, 2, 3) ; Dance Committee (2. 31 ; Dormitory Officer (2); Orientation Counselor (3»; Student Gov. ernmenl Committee (1. 2, 3. 4 1 ; University Party (3. 4) ; Y.R.C. (3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (I. 2, 3, 4). SPROTT, RICHARD LAWRENCE Jackson Heights, N. Y. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Lambda Chi Alpha; I.F.C. (3, 4). SPURRIER. BARRY WILSON Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. l.D.C. (4) ; Tennis (I) ; Y.M.C.A. 1, 2). SQUILLARIO, GEORGE DOUGLAS Valdese ATION. Sigma Phi Epsiion; Track (1) ; University Ini uhin 1-? 3 .11 B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigm Party 12, 3. 4) ; Westminster Fellowship (2, 3, STAGEY, LARRY MILTON B.S. IN PHYSICS. Dormitory Officer III; l.D.C. (I : Oricn 3) ; Sound and Furv (11 ; Student Council (2) ; Student Par Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3, 41 ; State Student Legislature (I) ; Delta bead Scbolar. Gastonia tation Counselor (1, 2, ty (1) ; Y.D.C. (1, 2) ; Phi .ilpha (41 ; More- STACK, JAMES THOMAS STALKER, JAMES CURTIS A.B. IN ENGLISH. Debate Council (3). STALLINGS, PATRICIA ANNE STANLEY, JAMES LAWSON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpha; 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (31. STARNES, ALOIN BRADLEY, JR. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Y.M.C.A. STEM, JASPER GRAHAM B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Sigma Pi. STENNETT, NANCY KATHERINE A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Alpha Delia Pi; Orient dent N.E.A. (4) ; University Party (3, 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (3, STEPHAN, RICHARD HENRY Charlotte ; Student Party 3, 4) ; Louisville, Ky. Charlotte (3, 4) ; Student N.E.A. Charlotte ity Party (1, 2, 3, Raleigh O.xford Charlotte Counselor (4) ; Stu- Charlotte STEPHENSON, MARY RUTH Winter Haven, Fla. l.S. IN MATHEMATICS. STEVENS, ELLIOTT WALKER. JR. Warsaw , IN FRENCH. Sigma Na; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsiion Delta; nlation Committee (4) ; Orientation Counselor (2. 3) ; Student Government Com- ee (2, 31 ; University Party (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Morehead Scholar. STODDARD, BEVERLY CLARE Batavia, N. Y. A.B. IN EDUCATION. N.S.A. (41 ; Student N.E.A. (3. 4) ; University Party (3, 4) ; Westminster Fellowship (3. 4) : Y.R.C. (3) ; Y.M.C.A. (3, 41. STODDARD, LEONORA DOUGLAS Page 85 High Point Fellowship (3, 4) ; CLASS OF ' 62 Greensboro STOKES. ANGEL YN WRIGHT A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY, . lph„ D l„j P,- Orie ;.. (41: Sludenl Legislature (31; I ' niversi STOKES. DONALD SLATER Guilford .h. IN CFKMAN. Phi E,„ S,em„ ; PI,, Be,,, K,,,,p„. STOPHEL. CHARLES CRESTON, JR. Whiteville B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. . TRAWN, SYLVIA RICHEY .B. IN EDLXATION. D,l:„ Del:,, Uth„; Un STRICKLAND. G. KENT .K. IN HISTORY. D..rniil„ry Officer (3, 1). STRICKLAND. JAMES DICKSEY, JR A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Del,,, Lp lon; Ba,.lisl Sludenl Uninn (I ' I ■ N R O T C bLi; a " ,i.° ' " " ' " " " " " " - " • " ' " " ' " ■■ O ' - " ' " ' " " C— I- 2, 31 ; SeabbarJ n,! Counselor (41 : Panhelleni,- IV (3. 41 : Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. Deland. Fla. Parly (3. 4) ; W.A.A. (3. 41. Wade High Point STRICKLAND. PAUL GRAHAM B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Banlisl Sludenl L (II: Student Party (41; Y.M.C.A. (41. STUART. ARCHIE DAVID. JR. .B. IN HISTORY. STUHL. JUDITH LEE .B. IN EDUCATION. Dorniilorv Offieer (2 41- Hillel K,.u Sludenl N.E.A. 141; Sludenl Parly: Y.D.C. (21. ' STULTZ. JOHN HOYTE. JR. Erwin I (41 : Cardboard Raleigh Fayetteville ion II, 2. 3. 41 : Draper SULLIVAN, LOUIS GRAY Anderson. S. C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. C ,i.Phi: Basketball (II ; Monogram Club (I ' 41 • Orienlalion ::: ' : i : :h ' - ' ■ ' i— Par. ,2. 3. 41; v.m.c.a. ,2. 3,: SUMMEY, JOHN HOOD Gastonia A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Theia Chi; A.F.R.O.T.C. U. 2 3 41 ■ Arnold i, So.ietv (3. 41: Orienlalbin Counselor (41; Scabbard and Blade (3. 41; Student [ " ' " ' ' ■ y l ' -v Foundation (41 ; Y.D.C. 141 ; Y.M.C.A. (2. 3, 41 : A.F.R.O.T.C. SWAIN, VIRGINIA HANNAH .B. IN EDUCATION. K„p „ Delta: Candina Women ' . Ollicer (31; Order of Beanbirds (3, 41; Souu.l uiol F,i 13. 41; Y.W.C.A. 131: P,.f„e Dr„m,„ique (3). SWEENEY. EDYTHE ANNE .B. IN EDUCATION. Kapp,, K„pp„ Crnrn,,- Oriental Government (41; University Party 13. 41. SWICEGOOD, WILLIAM EDWARD K.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Raleigh il (31 ; Dormitory : University Party Laiigley AFB. Va. on Committee (41 ; Sluilenl Liinvodd TABER. CAMERON LEE (;i,.n Saint Mary. Fla. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. K„pp„ Alpl,,, ll,ei„. TADLOCK, CAROL ANN Greenville A.B. IN EDUCATION, fi Beta Phi; Student N.E.A. (11; Uuiversitv Parlv 13, 41. TANKARD. LEE DICKERSON Washington B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. TARLTON, JANE .B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alph,, Ueli,, P,; Car.dii Orientation Cominiltre (41: Slu.lent Governm Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. TATALIAS. KOSMO DAVIS .ti. IN .MATHEMATICS. ' , ,l „ i „7o„. TAYLOR. CHARLES EDWARDS A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL STl DIES. I.D.C. (31: Do Fayetteville Anderson. S. C. Hnokertoii y OHieer, President (3 1. TAYLOR. VIVIAN JOANNE Wilson A.B. IN RECREATION. Alph,, D -ll„ P,; Band Maiorelle (3. 41- G.M B (3i- Student Cvernmenl (41; University Parlv (3. 41; W.A. . (3, 41. TAYLOR. WILLIAM ALLEN Lumberton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha. Palm Beach, Fla. : Panbellenie Council; Sludenl Council; TEASDALE, ANTON 1 A CLASS OF ' 62 TERRETTA, CAROLYN MARIE Winchester, Va. Ci, 41 ; Y.K.C. TEW. JERRY G. .B. IN CHKMISTRV. THALHEIMER, ALBERT FOSTER B.S. m BUSINES S ADMINISTRATION. Znn Bern Tau: Daily Tar Heel (II ; Hillrl F.mnilalion (1, 2, 3. 41 ; University Party U. 2, 3. 41 ; Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3, 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (I, 2, 3. 41 ; U.N.C. Library Committee (2, 3). Gi)clwin Chailesloii. W. Va. THOMAS, BILLY FLOYD B.S. IN IMIISTRIAI, RELATIONS. Slii.lnit Pari THOMAS, CATHERINE ROWE THOMAS, FOSTER EDWARD, JR. India .ter Fell,. I Trai ship (31 Birmingham, Ala. Charlotte THOMAS, JAMES POSTLES Washington, D. C. erburv Club II. THOMAS, LINDA CUTCHIN THOMAS, MEREDITH GERALD A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Press Club (3, 41 ; Y.D.C. Asheboro ; Wesliuinstcr Sanford Graham Chapel Hill Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTR.VriON. Delia Sigma .Pi: C.U.S.C. 13, 41 : Dormi- tory Officer. President (21; N.S.A. (4); Order ol the Grail (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3) ; Publications Board 14) ; Student Government (2, 3) ; Student Parly 111 ; University Party (2. 3. 41 ; Society ol Janus (2, 3, 4) ; Student Body, Treasurer (41 : State Student Legislature 13, 41 ; I.D.C. (2). THOMPSON, CHARLES CLENDENIN .B. IN ENGLISH. THOMPSON. HENRY EDWARD, HI A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Chess Club (3. 41 ; Poetry Readin THOMPSON, PETER ANTHONY TIMMONS, VIRGINIA ROBERTA A.B. IN ENGLISH. Canterbury Club 111; Carolina IJua TIPPETT, JOE WAYNE A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. TIPTON, MARY ILAF A.B. IN HISTORY. TODD. JACK LIONEL B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Baptist Slu.l lorv Officer, President 11,21; I.D.C. II, 21 ; Sludcl.t I TOGNOLI, JEROME JOSEPH .B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Cardboard (2, 3); Carolina Handbook (3): Carolina Quanerty (21 ; Nenman Club (31 ; Orientation Counselor 13, 4) ; Publications Board (4); Student Governnienl (3); Student Party (3, 41; Yackely Yack (2, 3). Co- Editorin. Chief (4) ; Y.M.CA. (3) ; Y.D.C, (3J ; Mock Democratic Convention (2) ; Order of the Golden Bear (4), Chapel Hill •r i 141 ; lo, .() r,uk 111. Zebulon Bakersville Whitpville It Lni,.n I 1. :. II : Il,,tiiii- Hollywood, Fla. TONEY. MAX EDWARD Nebo Club (2, 3, TORRENCE. REBECCA LUCILLE Lenoir A.B. IN EDUCATION. Sludenl N.E.A. (.S, II. TOWNSEND, MARY ROBERTA Stuttgart, Ark. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. CAi Omega; C.U.S.C, (41: G,M,A,B, (41; N,S,A, (41; Student Government (3, 4); Student Party (3, 41; Y,W.C.A.; Secretary Student Government (41; Valkyries (4), TRAVIS, DORIS ANN TUNSTALL, JOHN NELSON Winston-Salem Raleigh TURNER, ELEANOR ELIZABETH Birmingham. Ala. TURNER, JOHN GOODMAN. Ill B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. Delia Sigma Pi. Charlotte CLASS OF ' 62 WALKER, DAVID SHELLEY China A.B. IN FRENCH. French Cuvernment Scholarsliip. Universiu of Paris 111. WALKER. ROBERT CAMPBELL Port Washington. N. Y. - .B. liN HISTOKV. rill Kapiia Sigma. I ' rrsicli-nt : l.K.C. 13, II: UniMrsilv l ' .irU 3». WALKER, THOMAS CECIL WALKER, TOLER TUCKER A.B. IN EDUCATION. Dtlla DA Y.W.C.A. WALL, GARY LEON B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Wrtslliiig (IJ. WALL, ROY MURRAY B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Y.D.C. (3. 41. WALLACE, WILLETTE A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. WALLER, SARA JANE Laurel Bay, S. C. lory Officer (3, 41 ; I.D.C. Bayside. Va. ?nlatiun Counselor; Winston-Salem Chapel Hill Durham Fair Bluff (31; Slii.lcnl N.E.A. 13, 41: Wesley WALSH, JOSEPH DONALD New York, N. Y. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Knfiiui Sigma; Basketball II. 2, 3, 4): A.F.R.O.T.C. Ill; M..iic,.rani Club (31: Neunian Club 1 1. 2, 3, 4); Christian Fellow Week. Page 88 TWIDDY. RAYMOND LEE. HI B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Band (11 ; Cardboard (I, 21. TYGART, SILAS THOMPSON A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Pi Kappa Alpha: .Monogram 41 ; University Party (I, 2, 3, 4). TYSON. WILLIAM ROBERT, JR. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Elizabeth Citv Jacksonville. Fla. Club (3. 41 ; Suimmini; II, 2, 3. Aiken. S. C. UNDERWOOD, CARROLL JUSTIN Raleigh A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Carolina Ilanilhook (21 ; Daily Tar Heel (1. 21. UNDERWOOD, EVELYN COLEEN Albemarle minster Fellowship (41 : VANN. HOWARD ALBERT Eur VAN VALKEWBURGH. LYLA-GAUE Rye. N. Y. makers 13, 41; Sound and Furv : VAUGHAN, CHARLES JULIAN VAUGHAN. WILLIAM HUNTER VAUGHN. JAMES GRAHAM B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. VAUGHN. LARRY JOE B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Band (1. 2. 31. VOGLER. PATRICIA WACKER. ROBERT JOHN iignt ' i u; WAGONER. JOHN BASON B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Pi Ma Epnilon ; fhi El, WAGNER. THELMA PARKER B.S. IN BUSINESS DMlNl ' iTR T1I1N. Woodland sity Party (1, 2, Tryon Student Party: Fayetteville High Point Greenville, Ky. Party (31 ; Y.R.C. (3, Winter Park. Fla. eball II. 2. .H. 4 1 : Monogram Jacksonville. Fla. gmn: German Club. Cherrvville CLASS OF ' 62 WALTERS. ALAN STANLEY Baltimore. Md. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Ze: , Beta Tau : Carolina Symposium (1. 3, 4); Daily Tar Heel (I): Hillel Knundalion (I. 2); I.F.C. (21; N.S.A. (II; Orientation Counselor HI : Student Government Committee (1, 21 ; Student Legislature (1, 2. 31 ; Univer- sity Parly 121 : La.rosse (1. 2. 3, 41 ; Stii.lent Party (11. WARD. BENJAMIN KIRBY. JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 21. WARD. GENE LAFAYETTE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Theta Chi; Baptist Student Un Offieer (21 ; Student Party; Tennis (II ; Y.M.C.A. WARD. LARRY DEAN A.B. IN CHE.MISTRY. Intramurals (1, 2, 3). WARD. LARRY MILFORD A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Alpha Kappa Psi: Student Pa WARD. MELBA LYNDA Goldsboro Burlington ,eball (1) ; Dormitory Archdale Rocky Mount Chapel Hill Student N.E.A. (41 : i:ni WARE. WANDA RUTH Burlington Counselor (3); WARLICK. LAWRENCE DAVID. JR. Lincolnton A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Ctii Phi; Orientation Committee: C.M.A.B.: Y.M.C.A. WARNER. MARY CAROLYN Raleigh IN EDI CATION. Wesle Founda II, 2! ; Y.W.C.A. 141 ; N.E.A. 13. II WARREN. ALEXANDER M.-vcRAE Snow Hill A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Sigma Au; Photo Lab. WARREN, RAYMOND BARTLETT Kernersville B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Dormitory Officer (31 ; University Chorus (1. 21. WATKINS, STEPHEN EUGENE, JR. South HilL Va. WATT, JOHN SHATTUCK. JR. Skaneateles, N. Y. B.S. IN SCIENCE. Pi Kappa Alpha; Canterbury Ch.b (I. 2. 3. 41; Orientation Counselor 12. 3. 41 ; Sorier (1. 2. 3. 41 ; Traek II. 2. 31 ; University Party (I. 2 3. 41 : Freshman Camp, Counselor 12. 31 ; Director ol Athletics (41 ; Skin DiviuB Club; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). WEATHERLY, WILLIAM JOHN. Ill Warsaw B.S. IN PHAR.MACY. Kappa Psi; Cardboard (11. WEATHERMAN, JULIA MARTHA Salisbury WEAVER. ELISHA PATRICK Rocky Mount B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Phi Gamma Delia. WEAVER, GEORGE RICHARD, JR. Rocky Mount B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Delta Sigma Pi; CM. A.B. (31; Orientation Counselor (2| ; University Party (2, 3, 41 ; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 41 : Track (11, WEIL, CHARLES BERNARD B,S, IN GEOLOGY. Sigma Chi; Canterbury C .Men ' s Glee Club I2| ; University Chorus (3, 4 WEIL, LOUIS B.S. IN BUSINESS A] Foundation (1, 2, 3, 41 WELLMAN, WADE .B. IN ENGLISH. Daily Tar Club; Reflections Magazine, WELLONS. THOMAS McGINN A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Univer WELTON, CHARLES REX WEST. EDWIN L., JR. B.S. IN EDUCATION. WHICHA RD, WILLIS PADGETT Student Legislature (2, 3, 41 ; I Janus (3, 41; Religious Forum Board (2) ; Last Lecture Series, Chairman (3). Page 89 Corpus Christi, Tex. 12, 31; Carolina Symposium (41; Goldsboro ird II, 21 : Hillel Chapel Hill I ; Y.D.C. : Astronomy Charlotte . 2, 3, 41. Charlotte liversitv Party Wilmington Durham CLASS OF ' 62 WHICKER, JAMES HUBERT North Wilkesboro A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alphn T„u Omega; Basknball 11. :! ) : Orienlalioii Couiiselo Studenl Lfeislatiire (21; Tra.k (1. 21; Universily Parlv (2. 3}; Y.M.C.A. (1. WHITAKER, PATRICIA GAYE WHITE, JAMES WILSON, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigma Chi: University Pa Fayetteville Shelby arly (2, 3, II ; Y.M.C. . ( tl. WHITE. WILLIAM PARRY DINSMOOR Durham WHITEHIRST. EDWARD ROLAND. JR. Clearwater. Fla. WHITNEY, SUZANNE RUTH Arlinslon. Va. WHITTAKER. ELISABETH VIRGINIA New Castle. Pa. WHITTENTON, WILLIAM RANSOM, JR. ReidsviUe .B. IN ENGLISH. Band (1) : Baplisl Student Llnion (I. 21 ; Dorniitory Offiter 111 ; Men ' s Glee Club 121 ; Orienta n Counselor (2, 31 ; Student Party (3. 41 : Lniver. sity Party (1. 21 ; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3, 41. WICKER, RAYMOND B. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Sigma Delia Chi; Press Club (2. 3. 41 WIGGINS, JOSEPH A., JR. Aberdeen Tyi IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Men ' s Glee Club. WIGGS, CAROL JOANN A.B. IN HISTORY. Angel Klielit (3. 41 ; Or (3, 4) : Wesley Foundation 141 ; Y.W.C.A. i WILDAY. PETER RENNET Princeton lor (II ; Student N.E.A. Westfield. N. J. A.B. IN .MATHEMATICS. Chi Phi; Baseball 111 ; N.R.O.T.C. U. 2, 31 ; S«ininiin- II) ; Uniycrsity Parly (1. 2, 3. 4) ; Y.M.C.A. II. 2. 31. WILDER, HENRY MILTON. JR. Sanford A.B. IN RELIGION. WILLIAMS, ANNE GRIMES A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PIC Club (3, 4) ; University Parly (3, 4) ; WUNC (3. 4 1 WILLIAMS. CHARLES WALKER B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Chi 13. 4). WILLIAMS, DAVID MICHAEL B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Raleigh ega; Columbia, S. C. ■, 111 ; luiversilv ParH Kinslon WILLIAMS, HENRY K. RICHARD A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Hamlet WILLIAMS. JOSEPH BRYAN, III Stamford, Conn. WILLIAMS, SUSAN ANN A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Press Club (3, 4). WILLIAMS, WALTER FRANKLIN .B. IN ART. Carolina Playmakers; Daily Tar Heel. WILLIAMSON, ROBERT EARL WILSON, ELIZABETH STUART B.S. IN BACTERIOLOGY. Alpha Gamma Delta. Newton Grove Chapel Hill Cerro Gordo 3, 4) ; Men ' , Durham CLASS OF ' 62 WILSON. MARGARET ANN .n. IN zooi.o(:y. WILSON. MARGARET ANN Asheville New Castle, Pa. Richmond. Va. WILSON, NANCY FRANKLIN A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Hfl,, Phi; Canlerbury Cliib (1): Oripnlaliim Cuunarl.,r (II: Studcnl C.vernmenl (II; University Party li); Y.W.C.A. (U. WILSON. THOMAS MARION Garner H..S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. WINDHAM. AUBREY BRIGHT. JR. Durham .ti. IN ENGLISH. Sound and Fury (3. 41; »l • Foundation II J ,1 II • Y.. I.C.A. (1. 2, .IJ. WISE, GEORGE MICHAEL Raleigh A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Band (II; I.D.C. (21; Lutheran Student »so. iation (3)- Y.D.C. (41 ; Y.M.C.A. (41. WOLSLAGEL, EARL WOODALL Biltmore Forest M. IN JOURNALISM. .Plu Deli,, Theia; Baseball (1,21: Carolina Playmakers (1 ■il ; D,„h T„r Heel (1. 41 ; Football (2. 31 ; Men ' s Glee Clu b (1. 2, 3. 41 ; loc e(_v Ymk (21 ; Carolina Sympbooelte (2. 31 ; N. C. Symphony (2. 31, Charter Member. WOOD, ALLISON EUGENE Jamestown B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT. Y.M.C.A. (1. 21. WOOD, ELLIOTT SHERRILL, JR. .K. IN ENGLISH, Sigm,, Chi; Carol C.oniniltee: University Parly; Y.M.C.A WOOD, EVAN HARVEY Greensboro Charlotte A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Tra.k (1, 21 WOODARD, JOYCE F. .B. IN EDUCATION. Future Teachers of An.t WOOLEN. SANDRA ANN V.B. IN EDUCATION. WOOLMAN. MARY MARGARET .I1. 1 ENGLISH, k,,,,,,,, Dell,,; Y.W.C.A. (3. II. WORTH. HAL VENABLE, III Kenly (3. 41 : Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. L nion, S. C. Denver. Colo Raleigh WYRICK. PRISCILLA BLAKENEY Greensboro l;, , IN Ml nil M I ll.HMll (11.1 . ( In llmegii: Carolina Women ' s Couneil (I. 2) : 111. I. I .1 II.. 1)1. 1 W. II II, II ; (Ir.i.i ..( Beanbirds (2. 3, 4| ; Tennis (1, 2. 3, 4) : I MM. iMi, r,,ii : ilkiii.- I I. II : tt A. A. (1, 2, 3, A) ; Women ' s Honor Council ij. n. I ii,,iriM,,,i I II . -I .ft .c. . i:ii. YOKLEY, RAYMOND ROSS B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Y.M.C.A. YOKELEY. RICHARD THOR .K. IN ENGl.lMI. YOUNG. LINDA HELEN YOUNG. WILBUR RUTH Dento Winston-Salem Bronxville, N. Y. Chamblee, Ga. ZACHARY. FRANK EDWARD Asheville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sifii Pi: Orientation Counselor (31. ZANETTI, DEDEE M. Ridgefield, Conn. .B. IN ART HISTORY. Pi Beta Phi; Class Cabinet (3| ; Newman Club (3, 41 : Order ol Beanbirds (3, 41 ; Orientation Committee (3, 41 ; Panhellenic Council (3, 41 : U ' niversilv Party (3, i) . ZIMMERMAN, JAY, JR. B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Orientation Counselor. Chapel Hill Page 91 JUNIORS The age of uncertainty is upon us Let us drink on this, the eve of life ' s decision A rip tide toast — Wipe the sweat and inditterence from our face Pray for the cynic, the fool, and the followers of the faceless hoard — " Know Thyself " . . . i.-. % Richard Vinroot President JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Larry Brown. ice-President ; Beth Walker. Secretary; Mary Marshall, Social Chairman: Bob Rearden, Treasurer. CLASS OF 1963 First Row: Acker, Dorene Karen, Charlotte Ackerman, Allan Erwin, Fort Mi Adams, Cliarles Stuart, Charlott AdamB, Howard Ellison, Kensini Adams, Jimmy Gordon. Henders Adams. Phillip Ray, Raleigh Adcock. Gerald Cooper, Rougen Second Ron-: i.i,lie. Ali. e Anne. Huntington. W. Va. l. x.i.nlrr. Jiiilith C. Coral Gables, Fla. All. II. V.-Vtx Hill, HI, Louisburg ll,n. HubI, Inman. Atlanta. Ga. Allen. Robert Trawick, III, Boone Allison. Jack Howard, Canton Anderson. Edward Johnston. Jr., Raleigh Tlurd Rou-: Anderson. Edwin Hoyle, Jr., Hickory Anderson, Frederick R., Jr.. Rutherfordt, Ange. Charles Gilmer, Farmville Annas, Gary Dean, Hudson Archer, Willis Arthur, Salisbury rmstrong, Daniel M., Rogersville, Tenn. Ashburn. Michael Anthony, Winston. Sal. Founh Row: Asher, Roger Harrv, Port Washington, N. Y. Asserson. Bowen. jr.. Augusta. Ga. Austin. William Edward. Charlotte Avanl. George Rav. Forest City Aycock. Charle ' cjohr . D.mna Bes jnald. Wilson ton. Charle . Coffeevillt Fiflh Row: e, Va Bailev. Jon Charles. Charlotte Baldwin. Ann Elizabeth. Short Hills. N. J. Ballard. James Wiley. Greensboro Ballou. Byron Tracy. Chapel Hill Banner, Matthew Ray, Greensboro Darbee, Robert Boyd, Gastonia Barber, Carole Princess, Charleston, S, C. Sixth Row: Barber, Gail Gregory, Hendersonyille Barber, Leon Worth, Raleigh Barefoot. Bonnie Blake, Dunn Barham, James Michael, Burlington Barlow, John Russell, II, Kannapolis Barnes, George Thomas, Wilson Barnetle, Jerry Hicks, Tryon wTill, Row: olta, Stephen John, Winston-Salem r. George Marshall. Lansing retl. Elizabeth Victoria. Monroe rett. Ethel Louise, Chapel Hill rier, Cynthia Evelyn, Mt. Pleasant •rineau, Harry Eugene, III, Norfolk. Va row. John Knox. III. Ahoskie cy Lee. Concord arner. Nashville. Te .• Anne, Rocky Mou ,1. Bavside, N. Y. Norfolk. Va. Norfolk, Va. I Perkins, Gastonia II Catling, Ahoskie ri.iiie Carol, Winston-Sa illi.uii. Lvnbrook, N. Y. , Rocky River. Ohi iidith Anne. Warm Springs. Ga. enrv Clyde. Newport News. Va. Iliirrv Patrick. Jr.. Farmville (.ill. 111. VlI.emarle I. li.ii.l -M.i.han, PikesviHe. Md. Page 93 CLASS OF 1963 First Row: Birch, Phyllis Ann. Columbia. S. C. Birdsong. Susan Withers. Suffolk, Vi Bishop. Bertram Owen. Plymouth Blaikwell, Jark Reynolds. Kernersvi Blalock. Martha Hanna. Raleigh Blantnn. Alvce Diane. Marion Blanlon. Rhoda. Shelby ndRo Bl Henry N.ilt. Kinston Blumenthal. Charles. Port Washingto Blythe. Judith Marion. Charlotte Bobrowske. Dennis Edward. Fajellev Bolin. James Harold. Boonville Boline, John Cochran, Troy Booker. Edward Nelson, Jr.. Selma Third Rou: Borden. Norman Dayid, Bayside. N. Y. Bolzis. Peter Archie. Sanford Boutselis. George John. Harrisburg. Pa. Bowers. Bruce H.. Wellesley Hills. Mas. Bowline. Wallace Lee. Durham Bows. David J.. Atlanta. Ga. Bovenlon, William H.. Middlesex. N. J. Fourlh Ron: Boyette. Clyda Lynn, Kenly Boyette, Staton Edward, Jr.. Smithlield Bradford. Gary William. Hudson Bradham. Page Howard, Greensboro Brady. Janice Arlene. Takoma Park, Md. Brady. Jon Perry. Charlotte Brake. William Howard, Jr., Rocky Moun 1 ' i me, Cyrus Watson, North Wilkesbnr, nde. Wendell Simpson, Browns Sumi sch, Martha Elizabeth. Cramerton y. Charles Emerson. Greensboro ■12, John Edwin. Charlotte • Pond, Suffolk. Va. . Tho . Edw . Mo ritt. Brenda Lee. Greensboro ritt, Charles Robin. Asheville roadwell. Robert Bruce. Angier rock. Sarah Frances. Wadesboro roome. Henry George, Jr.. Ventnt rown, Brevard McMurray, Roanol rown, Charles Ray, Jr.. Coldshor. , J. Michael. Durham . Judith Ann. Monroe. Ga. . Larry Haryev. Long Beach, N. Y. , Richard Lane, III, Albemarle . Sam R., Pilot Mountain , Scott N., Jr.. Signal Mountain. T. . Waller D.. Jr.. Raeford Eighth Rou: Bruffev. Vernon Russell, Kinston Btuton, Bobbi, Lexington Bryan. Sam Dunn. Scotland Neck Bryant. Jan Condra. Hoffman Bryant. Jason Davis. Charlotte Bryant. Judith Lackey, Leaksville Bryant, Wayne Douglas, Lenoir Mnlh Row: Bugden. Robert L,. Gai Bullard. Walter Marion Bumgarner. Brenda Jea Bunch. Jack Webb. Ed Burbridge. Linda C. Jacksonville, Fla. Burke, Edmund Samuel, Jr.. Mount Air Burkhardl. Douglas C. New York. N. Y tteville. N. Y. Autryville , North Wilkesbo Burwell. William Henry, Warrenton Butler, Nancy Elizabeth, Chappaqua, N. Butler. Pamela Jane. Washington, D. C. Butler. Paul C. Jr., Southern Pines Page 94 CLASS OF 1963 Firsl Row: Buller, Paul Gibson. Jr., Wilminglon Butler, Ronald Monroe, Greensboro Caffery, Hannah M. S.. Harrodsburg, Ky. Caffey, Cynthia Ann. Mamaroneck. N. Y. Caldwell. Naney E., Palm Beach, Fla. Callahan. Peter D., Coral Gables. Fla. Callawav, Hilda Gay. Arlington. Va. I S«ann. Wilmington A.. St. Michaels, Md. A.. South Orange. N. J. II M., Clayton Third Row: Carrington, Sandra Estelle, Wilmingto Carroll. Philip G., Reidsville Carson, Lester Martin, Marion Carter. Joseph Alvin. Asheyille Cashion. Jerry Clyde. Statesville Cason. Edward Todd, Jr., Murfreesbor Gates. Reginald Hamlin. Hurdle Mills l.ii Hi. h.iicl. (Iiarl.ilte Lhandler. ft ilham James, jr.. Oak Ridge Chaney. Ann Rita, Boynton Beach, Fla. Chapman. Carolyn Elizabeth. Salem. Va. Clark. James A.. Elizabethtown Clark, James Milford. Morganton Clark, Judith Gates, Tuscumbia. Ala, Sixth Ron: Clarke, Charles Lee, Jr., Goldsbo Claivson, Robert G.. Jr.. HartsviU Clay. Allen Bowman. Lenoir Clodfelter, Nelda Olivia. Ashevill, Cloninger. John Lester, Dallas Coan. John David. Norfolk, Va. Coble. Charles Ray, Oakboro Seventh Row: Coble, Pete Calvin. Jr.. Graham Cochran. Robert McLellan. Jr.. Oxford Cochrane, Dorolhv H.. Fayetteville Cocke. Stanley Rowland. Asheville Cody. Harley Coleman. Jr.. Weaverville CoHev. William Henry. Jr.. Charlotte Cohen. David Louis. Wallerboro. S. C. tricia Ann. Raleigh fs L.. Hartsville. S. C. rd Dunwody. Greensboro iihard Kay, Burlington n,l,, re Joseph, Jr., Baybo .1.- Cecil. Atlanta. Ga. I|l. Dennis. Hubert Mtith Row: Coltrain. John Wade. Oak City Combs. Helen Kay. Charlotte Combs, William N.. Elkin Compton. John Carroll. Charlotte Cone. Howard McAfee. II. New York. N. Y. Cone, Virginia Fave, Spring Hope Cook, Edward Tollett, Charlotte Tenth Row: Cook, Marsha Lynn, Charlotte Cook, Rebecca Ann, High Point Cooper, Charles Earl, Atlanta. Ga. Cornell. James Eraser. Jr., Charlotte Cornwlel, Timothy, West Chester, Pa Coulter, Clinton H.. Tallahassee, Fla. Courtney. Brcnda Lea. Shelby CLASS OF 1963 , Roil-: Cox. Colleen Elizabeth. Orlando. Fla. Craie. Rebecca Leech, Alderson, W. V Craven. Donald Baxter. Roxboro Craver, Joe Malcolm, Shelby Craver. Samuel Mock, Lexington Criswell. William Thomas, Miami. Fla Croom, Frederick H., Maxton Second Row: Croom. William David, Jr.. Durham Croivell. Anne Webber. Mooresville Crowell, James F.. Jr., Nashville, Tet Cummings, Thomas Ernest, Winston- Cunningham, Robert Ervin. Jr.. Gree Curl. Andrew Benson. Creedmoor Currin, Betsv Clark, Wilmington Tlurd Rou aid W., r City Curtis. Newson C. Jr.. Sandy Hook, Co Dalton, Gary J.. Danville. Va. Daughtridge. Alvin W.. Rockv Mount Davenport. Paul S.. Jr., Apex Davidian. Edward W.. Smithfield Dav , Herbert C. Jr ngto Davis, Lucinda Knight, Houston, Davis, Monty Carroll, Durham Davis, Robert Means, Jr„ Atlanti Dawson. Janet Eileen. Goldsboro Dav. Douglas Comer. Creswell Fil:h Ron: Deane, Ormonde C, Charlottesville, Dearing, Perino M., Covington, Ga. Deaton. Philip Carl. Greensboro Deaton. William Edward. MooresvilU Decker. Clifford Earl. Jr., Valdese Denton. Fred William. Jr.. Lawndale Devereux. James L., Charlotte Sixth Ron: Devonshire. Shirley Ann. Arden Dewar. Larry Smith. Greensboro Dial, Diana, New York, N. Y. Dickinson, Kenneth D„ Raleigh Dickson, Nancv R,, Chapel Hill Diehl, Anne Marie, Charlotte Dillashaw, James Mack. Forest C Sevealh Rotv: Dinsmore. Jay W.. Manhasset, N. Y. Dixon. Clarence Neil, Jr„ Cherryville Dixon, Virginia Lee, Kinston Dodson, Harold Lee, Hillshoro Dougherty, Dennis W., MontviUe, N. J. Druker. James O.. Newton Centre. Mass Dram, Norris Holland, StatesviUe EigJilli Ron: Duncan, Daniel O ' Driscoll, Charlotte Dunlap, Eleanor B„ Darlington. S. C. n„nn. Philip A.. Elkins Park. Pa. Ihinn. 111. Ii.inl Lee. Fountain hu| h,l„Mi Norman. China Grove liiil ' ii,. N.iN, N Lee, Coral Gables, Fla, Lj-A, Mj fille .V;n; i Roic: Earle, Nancy Carol, Siler City Earls, Edward James. Bryson City Edmisten. Rutus Lige, Boone Edmond, Paul F., Jr., South Hill. Va. Efird. Mary Elizabeth. Monroe Elam. Julia Ann. Mars Hill Elliott. James Clyde, Jr„ Asheville Tenlh Row : Ellis, Benjamin Thomas, Shelby Ellis, Jerry Lamar, Pine Level Ericson, Charles S., Washington, D, C, Ertel, Paul A.. .iVvondale Estates. Ga. Eure. Charles Allan, Roduco Eury, Douglas Edward. Albemarle Evans. David Arnold. Rich Square Page 96 CLASS OF 1963 Evans. George A.. New Orleans, La. Everson. John H.. Washington Fagge. Wade Douglas. Jr., Stoneville Fair. Martha Ann, AsheviUe Farnham. Sutton B., Bristol, Va. Farquhar. Mary A.. Jacksonville, Fla Farr. Kate Robinson, Greensboro nd Row I Allen, Belu Farris, Shii Faunce, John H.. III. Villanova. Pa. Felner. Elaine Phyllis, Asheville Ferguson, Betty Gibbs, La Grange Ferguson, Charles Marvin, Leaksville Ferlazzo, Steve L.. Quantico. Va. Fernald, John Taylor. Wilson rliirJ Row: Fichthorn. Luke E., Ill, Darien, Ci Ficker, William Arthur, Henderson Fine, Larry Gerald, Atlanta, Ga. Finger, Richard Bryan, Jr., Hickor Finiaon. James Holt. Jr.. Greensbo Fisher. Henry McKinnon. Charlolt Fisher. Jerry. Fayetteville Fourll, Row: Fisher, John Boyce, Jr., Concord Fishman, Lee L, South Orange. N. J. Fitch. Betsy Anne. Chapel Hill Fleischmann.Stuart A.. Gastchester. N. Y. Fletcher. David A., Radnor. Pa. Flournoy. Ann D.. Arlington. Va. Flynt. William Thomas, Winston-Salem Fogel, Sheldon L.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Fogleman. Phyllis Anne. Chapel Hill Fonda. George A.. Cazenovia. N. Y. Ford. Clement J.. Jr., Atlanta, Ga. Foscue, Henry Armfield, Jr., High Point Fowler, Sylvia Lou, Morganton Fox, Mel Micheal, Gastonia x. Watson S.. Jr.. Greensboro aley. Jonathan David. Jr.. Lent ancis. Thomas D.. West Jeffers ank. James Thomas. Badin aser. Georgia. Monterrey, Mex. azier. Gallic Joan. Oxford eedland. Martin Berke. Charlo Seventh Row: Freedle. Paul Douglas. Thomasvil Freeman. James A.. Asheville Freund. William H.. Washington Froment. Jeanne Adelaide. Convi Froneberger, Roxanna C„ Gaston Frye, Miriam K.. Atlanta. Ga. Fulghum. Ernest Gerald. Fayette Eighth Row: Fuller, Judith M., Roanoke Rapids Gabriel, Ronald L., Brooklyn, N. Y. Galvin, Douglas C., Charlotte Gambill, Jerry Martin, Wilkesboro Garner, Howard Glenn, Greenville Garner, Joe Cranton. Stanley Garnetl. Brooks G.. Sanford abrant. Edgar C. Wilmington ard. Brenda Lee. Durham ard. William L.. Madison. N. J. is, Ermon Eugene, Clinton ison, Ralph Bernard, Hamlet en, Lois Marie, Arlington, Va. en. Perry F.. Jr., Arlington, Va. Tenth Row: Gelber. Harold E.. Atlanta, Ga. George. Michael James. Greensboro Gibbel, Donna L., Lancaster, Pa. Gibson, Herbert, IH, Waynesville Gilbert, Jerry Dalton, Mount Airy Gilbert, Michael H.. Charlotte Giles, Roy Andre. Jr.. Glen Alpine Page 97 CLASS OF 1963 FiruRoiv: Gillis, Dan Edward, Raleigh Clanckopf. Annette L., Greensboro Glenn, Martha C.. Richmond. Va. Coddard, Mary M., Daytona Beach, Fla. Godfrey, Michael k.. Paennian Springs, Va Goforth, James Paul. Statesville Goins, Frances, Martinsville, Va. Second Rou: Goldblatt, Mvron E., Jr., New York, N. Y. Goldklang. Howard Arthur, Charlotte Gooch, William Harris. Durham Goodwin, Eleanor, Fayetteville CoodyKoonlz, Nancy W., Louisville, Ky. Gordon, Clyde Walker. Burlington Gordon, Howard F.. Merion. Pa. Third Rau: Gore, Jessica Irene. Tabor City Gorman, Richard F.. WinterviUe Goss. Bennie L.. Raleigh Could, John William, Newburgh, N. Y. Graham. Edward Norman, Elkin Grasty. Thomas P.. Charlotte Gray. Ruby Jeanette. Morganton Fourth Rou: Greene. Bruce B.. Wynnewood. Pa Greene. Bruce Elon. Alexander Greene. Dull S., Wynnewood, Pa. Greene, Jerry W.. Winston-Salem Grice. Orm-)nd Drew. Warsaw Griffin, Beverly Ann, Hickory Griffin. Carol L.. Hvaltsville. Md. Fifth Row : Griffin. .Michael Kent, Jamesville Griffin. Roderic Boyd. Roxboro Griswold. John Clinton. Fayetteville Grove, Susanu Johanna, Cadiz, Ohio Grubbs, Cromer R., Jr.. Winston-Sal Culler. Jeffrey M.. Charlotte Hale. Robert Vernon. Fayetteville Sixth Rati.: Hall. Charles Linwood. Selma Hambright. Eleanor Ann. Gastonia Hamilton. Howard Marshall. Lynch S Hammer. Philip G.. Jr.. Atlanta. Ca. Hamrick. Carol Lou. Boiling Springs Hamrick. Jerry G.. Elizabeth City Hanchev, Daniel H., Richmond, Va. Seventh Rou : Hancock. Philip Ernest. Star Haney. Julia Ray. Greeneville. Tenn. Hardestv. Elizabeth Ann. Hickory Hardy. Linda Lee. Richmond. Va. Hargelt. Etskine Wesley. Charlotte Hargetle. Archie James. Jr.. Monroe Harper. David Fletcher, Rocky Mount Eighth Ro elson, Thomas Joseph, Sou ington, -Anlhonv S.. Tayloi is. Charles Jay. Jr.. Meban is, Flovd Stevenson, States is, Harvey Lake, Jr.. Bethe is. James R.. Jr., Creensbo is, Thomas Dewey, Thomas Mnth Row: Harrison, Tommy Wayne, Lowell Hart, -Martha Elizabeth. Criflon Hart, Robert Rawls. High Point Harvey. William Arthur, Wilson Harwell, Bobby Dale, Newton Hastings, Marion C, New Britain, Conn. Hawes. Peter Wortham. Bronxville. N. Y. Tenth Row: Hawkins. Robert Zeno. ClilTside Hawley, Patricia Ellen, Durham Haywood. Jerry Marvin. Mount Cilcad Heard, Drayton, Sewicklev, Pa. Heath, Donnie Lee. Favetieville Hecden. Louis Francis. Wilson Heenan, Donald F.. Washington. D. C. CLASS OF 1963 t Ko Heilig. Dav Salisbury jrris. Charlotte Hemphill. Jimmy Davys. Moreanton Hemsath. H. Evans, Westfield. N. J. Hendrick. Florence Ann. Orlando. F Hendrix. David Gene. Lumberton Henrv. Anna Catharine. Asheville Second Row: Henry. James Vance. Ashevi Henslev. Bobby E.. Barnard Henslev, Edward. Jr.. Ashe» Herring. Sharon Rae. Lumbi i. Robert M Hicks. Earl Preston Higgins, Helen Suz; Charleston. ' Wadesboro ine. Charlotte Jln„l Ro,c: Hildreth. George H,. Wadesboro Hill. Stephen Jackson. Kannapolis Hillman. James E.. Jr.. Raleigh Hindle. David D.. Merrimac, Mass Hinds. Joseph James. Jr., Gastonii Hines. Eddie Shaw. Clinton Hobson. Linda Marie, Greensboro Fourlll Row: Hocutt, Victor Dell, Goldsboro Holheimer. William H., Norfolk. Va Hollar. Boyce Roop. Jr.. Conover Hollingsworth. Julia N.. Atlanta. Ga Holmes, Helen, Yazoo City, Miss. Holmes. John Alden. Newark. N. J. Holsenbeck, Howard. Jr.. Jacksonvi Fillh «oic: Holt Phillip C. Chew Chase. Md. Holt, Robert E. L.. III. Greensboro Homrsley, Howard David, Cberryvil Hood, Alice A„ Memphis, Tenn. Home, Roman Lester, Peachland Horner, Margaret Moore, Asheville Horsky. Thomas John. Burgaw Sixlh Row: Horton. Ronald J.. Bailey Houck. Mickey Eugene, Salisbury House, Marvin Bailey, Lincolnton Houston, Paul Green, Chapel Hill Howard. Cordon E.. Valley Stream. N. Howard. Marlene Joyce. Kannapolis Howden, Eugene F., Winter Park, Fla. Sevenlh Row: Howell, Charles C, lU, lacksonvill Howell. Nelson Neil. High Point Howell. Ron W.. Newdale Hoyle, Kathryn D.. Hendersonville Hovle. William R.. Greensboro HulTman. James R.. Moylan. Pa. Hoggins. Bruce Wayne. Lumberton E,eli!l, Row: Human. Eppy W.. Stanley Hundley. James Davenport. Wallace Hunt. Dennis R.. Mt. Holly, N. J. Hunt, Janet Madeleine, Rocky Mount Hurd, Charles A., Hinsdale, 111. Hurley, Daniel Wade, Jr., Biscoe Icard, Parks Edwin. Hudson mill Ro. annah, Ga. Ingram, Adella Stratton, Sa Irvin, Howard Samuel, Concord Iltner, Mary Ann. Wilmington Ivester, Kave Sharon, Morganton Jackson, Charles T., II, Dover, Del. Jackson. Thomas J., Ill, Winston. Salem Jackson, William Thomas. Elizabeth Cil Tenll, Row: Jacoby. Mel Stewart, Flushing, N. Y. James. Dixie Yvonne. Summerfield Jarcetl. James Paul. Jr.. High Point Jeffreys. Dora Lee, Durham Jenkins. Helen Elizabeth, Mars Hill Jennrich, John Harold, Arlington, Va Jess, Frances Louise, Fairfield, Conn 9 t f Page 99 CLASS OF 1963 aam Firs! Ro„ ' : Je55up, Percy Wells, Jr., Elizabethlo Jobe, Warren Yancey. Mebane Johnson. Edwin Lynn, Clinton Johnson, Hugh Sleadman. Asheville Johnson. Jimmy Aaron. Coats Johnson. Judith Elin. Atlanta, Ga. Johnson, Mary Anne. Elkin Second Rou-; Johnson. Nyal Willis. Asheboro Johnson. Rita Leona. Goldsboro Johnson, Suzanne, Hinsdale, 111. Jones. Chris D.. Beaufort Jones. Jack Lee. Charlotte Jones. Jasper Livington. Jr.. Greenvill Jones. Rafford Eugene. Gaffney. S. C. ThirJ Row: Jones. Samuel Shepard. Chapel Hill Jones. Walter Hunter. Jr.. Raleigh Jordan, Frank Clayton, Greensboro Jordan, Nick Peay, Lynchburg. Va. Joyner. Kenneth Craig, Rocky Mount Karlson. Robert Allen, Charlotte Keel. Susan Page. Rocky Mount n. High Point kins, Lincolnto oke. Washingto Fourlh Row: Keever. Richard Al Keever. Richard Jei Kefauver. Lynda Cc Kelleher, John Tho Kelly. Richard E.. Yardley. Pa. Kellv. Virginia Farrell. Fayettev Kennedy. Michael Scott. Shelby Fillh Ron: Keves. Diane Elizabeth, Atlanta. Ga. Kiger, Jack E.. Lewisville Kilgore. Susan Carrington, Raleigh Kilpatrick. G. Malcolm. Jr.. Burlingto Kimball. Gail Elizabeth. Durham Kimel. Edwin Mast. Winston-Salem King. Uena Marie. Hendersonville Sixth Row: King, Philip, in. Southport King. Richard Harvey. Chattanoogi King, Robert Edwards, Troy King, Robert James, Jr., Wallace Kinlaw, John Duncan. Fayetteville Kipnis, Bruce Edward, Washington Kirby, Ida Margaret. Winston-Sale Seienll, Row: Kirkendall. Bobby Leon. Shelby Kiser, Ann Parker. Fayetteville Kleitman. Jean. Levittown. N. Y. Kluttz. James Kilgo. Albemarle Kohn. William H.. Mexico. Mex. Kouri, John Lawrence. Shelby Kraft, Miriam Olivia. Charlotte £ie;i j Row: Lacy. James Barnes. Chapel Hill Lanibe. Randolph Leland. Charlotte Lancaster. Rella Jean. Apex Land. Kathryn Lila. Roanoke Rapids Laney. Jerry A., Cramerton Langley. S. Roselyn. Selma Langston. Jan McCoy. Wilson Lanier. Gail Stanley. Lexington Lankford. Robert Hamilton. Ill, Ell Lankford. Thomas Ensor. Hamlet Lassiter. Harry Maynor. Troy Latane. James Wellington. Charlott Latane. Julie Gatewood. Chapel Hil Laughter. Linda Sue. Horse Shoe Tenth Row: Lawrence. Thomas Edwin. Glen Ridge. N. J- Lea. Frank Gannaway. Norfolk. Va. Leake. Arthur Eldridge. Jr.. Marshall Lee. James Douglas. Mebane Lee. Jessie Anna. Lillington Lee. Stephen. Roseboro Leigh. Hinton, Hamlet Page 100 CLASS OF 1963 Firtl Row: Leder. Edwin Martin, Clinton Lennoo. Richard S.. Jr.. Kings Mo Linker. Walter Stephen, Charlotte Linton, Herbert Sidney, Creensboi Littleton, Philip Rav, Goldsboro Livas, E. Kalherine, Chapel Hill Livincston, Dorothy Irene. Boomer StcondRow: Lobdell. David. Pisgah Forest Long. Samuel Fowle. Jr.. Washington Longstreet. Nancy Lee. Greenville. S. C. Lopp, William Filmore, Lexington Lord. Charles Donald, Ridgewood. N. J. Loren, Elaine Rita, Norfolk, Va. Lorenz, Gilbert .Meek, Alexandria. Va. Third Row: Lothian. George G.. Raleigh Love. Avery Monroe, Charlotte Love, Jo CaroL Ml. Pleasant Love. Katheriue Ferris. Clarkton Lovell. William T.. Jr.. Winston-Sale Loving. Ruth G.. Charlottesville. Va. Lowdermilk. James Erwin, Valdesc Fourth Rou: Lowe. Rebecca Alice. Wilkesboro Lowery. Lynda Lea, Columbus. Ohio Lowerv. Richard Wayne. Kannapolis Luks. Allen Barry. Rockville Centre. N. Lunnev. William George. Goshen, N. Y. Lvdav. Carolyn Frances. Greensboro Lynch. Martha Ann. Raleigh filth Row: Lynch. Stephen A.. IH. Miami Beach, F McAdoo. Garland Henry, Greensboro McAllister, David F., Westheld, N. J. McArthur, Ellen Deal, Vidalia, Ga. McCabe. John C. Chevy Chase. Md. McCall. Robert Lee. Spartanburg. S. C. McClellan. Robert W., Summit. N. J. Sixth Row: McClure, Sarah Louise. Fayetteville McColskey. Jan G.. Lake City. Fla. McCombs. Jerry Selina, Salisbury McCullen. Svbil Joyce. Faison McDonald, Duran G.. Rockingham McDonald. Elizabeth Mills. Salem. ' McDonald. Joseph Ray. Southern Pi McDonald, Letitia Mebane, Charlotte McDowell, Robert Harvey, Reidsville McGaha, Gene Monroe, Waynesyille l, K.. ' . Tli.,ni.i. I... J.,hnson City, Ten Eighth Row: McNeely. Gwyn Farrell. Hickory McNeer. Phoebe Ellen. Bristol. Va. McQuay. Jess B.. Charlotte Madrv. Robert Wilson. Jr.. Wilmington Major. William Lewis, Alexandria, Va, Manlove, Richard M., Sealord. Del, Manning, Elizabeth Wright, Chapel Hill Mnth Row: Marette. Louie Edward, Jr., Stalesville Marsh, Susan L., Swarthmore, Pa. Marshall, Brian L.. Washington, D. C. Marshburn, David Theon, Richlands Martinelli, Louis R., Republic of Panami Mason, Leland Patten, New Bern Matchelt, Patricia L, Washington, D. C. Mathei Alice Elizabeth. Forest City d1 Linn, Hende Mathis, Alfred Ray. Warsaw Matkins. John Alan. Roanoke Ra[ Matthews, Braxton Ray, Kipling Matthews, Walter Forrest. III. Ra Maultsby, Terry Neil. New Bern Page 101 CLASS OF 1963 ■ler B.. Wake Forest enneth Pascal. Jr.. Mooresv Francis C. Alderson. W. Va Pilliam Kenneth. Mt. Holly Margaret Mackav. Mebane les Belvin. .Albemarle 3rent. Glasgow. Ky. Mitchell. Wil Monish. Aub Monk. Jamie ry M.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Ban P.. Washington. D. C. liam Thomas. Rockingham ■ey Richard. Chester, N. H. Hurdle Mills. N. C. ■n. III. Atlanta. Ga. Mooring. Jim B.. Rocky Mount Mopper. Jonathan Saul. Sayannah. Morgan. Barbara Lee. Butner Morgan. David Bradley. III. Aaheyi Fount, Raw: Morgan. John Hayward. Oiford Morris. James Gary. Ro boro Morris. John Neal. Jr.. Marion Morris. Walter Smith. Jr.. Morel Moseley. Sarah Christine. Mt. Ai Moslev. Ralnh Wesley. Ahnskie Motley. Phillip Morris. Durham Fifllt Row: Motsinger. Kathryn M.. Winslon-I Moye. Joseph Sidney. Jr.. Greeny Mucci. Lawrence L.. AsheviUe Mullis. Kenneth Wayne. Midland Murphy. E. Darst. Charlotte Murphy. Oliver Jackson. Jr.. Hicl Murphy. Vernal Williams. Jr.. Ro Sixlh Rotv: Myers. Joseph Norman. Pfafftowi Myers. Martha Selwyn. Charlotte Myers. William Charles. Charlotl Neal. James Bushnell. Jr.. Raleig Neal. James Edward. Durham Needham. Donald Whitn»y. Gree Nelson. Anne Rodes. Staunton. Nelsc Nels. Atlanta. Ga. I. Reed. Rocky Mo Newnam. Robert Edward. Greensl Newton. James Henry. Highlands Newton. Judith Ann. Fayetteville Nicholas. Carol Anne. Winston-Si Nicholes. Nancy Wescoal. Princet Eighlk Row: Nichols, Bruce Albert, Raleigh Nolen, Jacqueline Leigh, Farmville Norman, Caroline Scott, Roanoke, V Norris, James Rufus, Jr., Gastonia Novotny, Emily Louise, Philadelphii Nunnery, Gregory. Autryville Nye. Lynda Alfreida. Charlotte IVinlh Row: Oakley. Jesse Ronald. Mebane Oakley. Thomas Crowell, Morganton Oatts. Van, Dublin, Ga. Oberdorfer, EUis Charles. Jacksonville. Fl; Odom. Samuel Connie, Jr„ . nderson, S. C Ogden. Elizabeth Ann. Severna Park. Md. Olive. Edith Anne. Raleigh Tenth Row: Ouderkirk, Henry John, Arlington, Va Overby, Marie. Raleigh Pardue. John Robert. N. Wilkesboro Parker. Robert Swindell. Erwin Parker. Virginia Frances. Greensboro Parks. Barbara Jean. Lexington Parrish. Katherine Howard. Richmond Page 102 CLASS OF 1963 Paschal, John Charles. Biscoe Paschal, John Scolt, Jr., Winston-Salem Pasour, Charles Earl, Dallas Patterson, Alex McLeoil, Jr.. Raleigh Patterson. William C. Bedford Hills, N. Y. Pattillo, Robert H., Rockville Centre, N. Y. Peck. Richard H., Chapel Hill Second Row: Peck. Sheldon, Durham Peeler. Joseph Donald, Shelhv Pell, James Ethan. Greenshoro Pelletier, Gerald, Jr.. Stella Penland, Roger G.. Durham Perdue. Phillip Sterling. Louisburg Perry. Ernest Crudup. Raleigh Third Row: Petree, Walter R. ■thjo Graham Phelps, Kenneth Jovner. Rocky Moun Phelps. Larry Willord. Burlington Phillips. Bruce Alton, Jr., Kinston Pierce, Sylyia Elizabeth, Marshville Pike, Sophia Clifton, Wake Forest Pinson, Reginald Alan, Hudson Fourth Row: Pleasants, Daniel John. Jr.. Rowland Pleasants, Mary Scott, Raleigh Pleasants, Riley Clyde, Jr.. Raleigh Poehlein. Charles Stuart, AsheviUe Polk, Susan Penelope, Knoxville, Ten Pollman. Roger Mark, Troy, N. Y. Portnoy. Barry Allan. Atlanta, Ga. Filth Ro . Charlotte ■il. Ha Poulakos. Joanna 1 Pouzzner. John Cri Powell. Eddy Lee, MocksviUe Powell, James Meyers, High Point Powell, Joseph John, New York, N. Y. Powell, William Conrad, Ruffin Powers, Carolyn Byrd, Bennettsyille, S. Sixth Row: Presson, Jack Bennett, Monroe Price, Charles Riley, Dobson Purser, Shelby Delaine, Davidson Rabon, Roy Hayse, Jr.. Marion Rahn. Stephen Stuart, College Point, N. Y Randall. Frederick F., Maxton Raney, David Livingston, Lynchburg, Va, arden, Robert Lee, Jr., Langdale, Ala. cord, Eugene Edwin, Jr.. Brookline, Mass. ed, Clyde Sydney. III. New York, N. Y. ese, John Brickell, Jr., Caldwell, N. J. , in. Rye. N. Y. Mtith Row: Richards, Channing Orr, Charlotte Hichardson, Robert B.. Charlotte Riddle. Daniel Lindo. Durham Riley, William Barker, Chattanooga, Rivers, Lawrence Durell, Warrenton Roark, James Walter, Creslon Roberson, George Wall, Smithfield Uobini Robin: Robini Robin: Robin: Robin: shaw, Lawrence B., Glenvie» son. Holt deRaismes. Jr., Clii son, Larry, Concord son, Linda Gail, New Bern son, Mary Wallis, Birminghai son, Merton Edward, Wilson son, Spurgeon Fillmore, Jr., I CLASS OF 1963 f f ' i Finl Row: Rogoff, Arthur Drexler, Rutherford, N. J. Roper, Albert Lonsdale. II, Norfolk, Va. Roseman. Al. Jacksonville Rosso, Joseph, Kinston Rosso, Peter Casper, Kinston Routcnberg. Len Jordon, N. Miami, Fla. Roulh, Joe Sam, Franklinvillc Second Row: Roulh, Linda Faye, Asheboro Rovster, Rebekah Howard. Chapel Hill Ruark, Henrv Gibbons. Jr.. Rocky Moun Salamon, Harvey Warren, New York, N. Sams. Leroy Warren, Jr., Winslon-Salem Sanders. Mary Clare. Castonia Sanderson, Martha E., Alexandria, Va. Third Row: Sandlin. Dan Lamar, Wilmington Sarralt, Ann Ranson. Nashville, Tenn. Savory. Rex Talcott. Roxhoro Scarboro. Carol Grace, Kannapolis Schain, Donald Rodney, Deal, N. J. Schiflman. Harry Brinkley. Greensborr Schlesinger, Riciiard J., W. Newton, M Founh Row: Schnitzer. Mark C. Suffolk. Va. Schradcr, Clement Vincent. Durhai Schweitzer, Howard L., Miami. Fla Sears, Jerry Clark. Fuquay Springs Seawell. Charles C. Charlotte Sechler. John Jackson. Newton Selden, William W., Jr., Weldon Fi ih Row: Sentelle, Mary Flora, Asheville Shaffer, William Samuel, Greensboro Shanahan. Richard James, Jr.. Miami, Fla, Shapiro, Samuel Martin, Washington, D. C. Sharp. John David. Chapel Hill Sharp. Joyce Ann. Pensacola, Fla. Shaw. William Ira, Halifax Six:h Row: Shedd. Jon Daniel, Rockingham Shepherd. Thomas R.. Henderson Sherrill. John Anderson. High Po; Shinn. Paul Alexander. Charlotte Shohan, Robert Jeffrey. Alexandri Short. Janice Carolyn, Charlotte Sign ckv An Seveiilli Row: Simmons, Robert George, Roseboro Simpson, Cecil OdelL Jr.. Silver Spring. Md. Simpson, David Murray, Winston-Salem Sims. James Vernon, Lilesville Singletary. Robert L.. Wellesley. Mass. Skeen. McDuflv Brown. Biscoe Skoghind, Palmer Leonard, Jr., Asheville an, Sarah Richmond. Chapel Hill all. John Calvin. Buies Creek ith. Dana Lee. Gastonia ith. David Lee. Rockingham ith. Elaine Carroll, Asheville ith, Melba Donnell, Morganton ith. Philip Conrad, Asheboro inlli Row: Smith. Robert Hilton. Durham Smith. Ronnie Joe. Stanley Smyrc. Herbert Lee. Newton Snavelv. Dan McNeill, Columbus, Ga Southard, John Wilder, Bethesda, Mc Southern, Chester Wilson. Walnut C Spach. Roy Lee, Jr., Winston-Salem Tenlh Row: Spears, Jean Stewart, Lookout Mm.. Spencer, James Clifford. Jr., Ashebo Squires. Emily HuU, Alexandria, Va Stallings, John Gilbert, Louisburg Stallings, William F., Charlotte Stamps, William David, Yancevville Stapleton, Donald Richard, Gastonia Page 104 CLASS OF 1963 ;tark. Luoicn Hadley, Wilson itarke. Mary Moncure, Norfolk, Va. tephenson. Margaret T.. Winslon-Salei ilepp. Olis Ernest, Jr., Canton Hewart. James Courtland. Roxboro ilikeleather. Rebecca Lane, Asheville ilinson, Elinor Kay, Vero Beach, Fla. laker. Roland H.. Jr.. Glen Ridge, N. J. ne, Simon P., Jr., Fuquay Springs neman, H. Keith, Greenville, S. C. It, Welton Mollis, Jr„ Greensboro •hird Row: tubbs, Robert Leiand, Shelby turgea, Conrad Boyd, Jr., Henderson lurm, Theodore Albert. II, Greensboro tuver, Gerald Charles, Berkeley Heights, N. J. udderth, Linda Lundy, Greensboro ullivan, William Ross, Knoxville, Tenn. urles, Oliver Stevens, Dunn ' ourlh Row: jutherland, Elizabeth G., Southern P iwain, Betsy Frances, Durham i«ain, Linwood Ira, Jr., Washington iweaney, Mary Frances, Durham iymons, Ann Carole, Elizabeth City ralraadge, William Coffin, Athens, Ga randy, Mary Elizabeth, Arden Fijlh fioi farlet in, Vermon Lee, N faxis, Lynn Carol, Winst Paylor, John W., Hai " Paylor, Kathryn Moo Peague, Roger Keith, H lake Will , Roanoke Rapids ell, Howard Wayne, Charlotte iixth Row: rhomas, Blake Kinzie, Washington rhomas, George Shaken, Farmville rhomas, Julian Arthur, Polkton rhomerson, Emily Carolyn, Durhai rhompson, James Cecil, Hillsboro rhompson, Lynn Elizabeth. Allanti rhompson, Robert Buie, Raleigh Sevenll, Row: rhuss, John Woodard, W, Palm Beach, F niden. Roland Seamon, III, Wilmington Finkler, John Bruce, Cliffside rips, Robert Kern. Houston. Tex. ■incent, Jr., Norfolk, Va. ol, Winston-Salem y Lynn, Elizabethtown Todd. Ju iwnsend, William Hugh, Skanealelei .wnson, Grace W.. Edenton ainer. Michael Gene, Bethesda, Md, cpke, Frank Joseph, High Point outman Charles Weeks Lenoir ueblood, Reginald G., Elizabeth Cit ull, James Larry, .Monroe Ninih Row Tuckei Michael George, Wilmington illiam Beverly, III, Hertford TunstalJ, Joan Elizabeth, Blackstone, Vi Turnbull, Katherine L., Wilmington, De Turner, Joseph Graham, Jr., Durham Turner, William Clark, Reidaville Tuthill, Walter Warren, Madison. N. J. tenlli Row: Tuttle, Roland Luther, Jr., Winston-Salem Underwood, David Pollock, Charlotte Underwood, Elaine Willcox, Sanford Upchurch, Tommy Dorsey, High Point Van Pelt, David S., TenaHy, N. J. Vanstory. Lee Pinckney, Jr., Greensboro Van Vlaarderen. Judee Todd, Ridgewood, N. J. Page 105 CLASS OF 1963 SI Ron: Itch. Robert Lowfll. Setauket. N. Iters. Margaret Cavle. Jacksonvil k. David Randolph. Rockv Moun icent. Sylvia Sullivan. Greenville irool. Richard Allen. Charlotte ison. Carol David. Murfreesboro chs. Marvin Dennis. Pitlshoro Second flou ' .- Waddell, Cole. Lancaster. S. C. Wagner, James Richard, Knoxville Waite. Edwin Allen, Mt. Airy Walker. Elizabeth Anne. Jacksonv Walker. Jerrv Richard. Lenoir Walker. Tony William. Lenoir Walker. William Rav. Favelleville Third Rou : Wallace, Beth. Shelby Waller, Elizabeth Cozart, Di Walsh, Linda Lewis, Harwic Walters, Mary Ruth, Atlanti Ward. Elizabeth Douglas. Li Ward. John D.. Nakina Ward. Scott Dean. Zirconia fourll, Ri,„: Ware. Mark Rudisill, Kannapolis Warren, William Dale, Taylorsville Watson, Thomas Craig. Jr.. Casloni Weaver. Roy Ellis. Boone Webb. Joe Cheshire. Raleigh Webster, Ernest Rogers, Burlington Wedler. Frederick, Charles O.. Ore Fillh Row: Weeks. James Barnes. Newton Grove Welborn. Barry McNeil. Winston-Sale Welch. John Bruce. Asheville Welch. Sandra Harmon. Salisbury Wells. George Richard. Winston-Salen Wells. William Smith. Chapel Hill West, Peter D.. Annapolis, Md. Sixlh Ro ille West, Robert Leighton. Wheless. Dwighl Hernard. High Poin Whicker. Stephen M.. China Grove Whisnanl. Ralph Benjamin, Lenoir Whisnant, William P., Gastonia Whisonant, Don Stuart. Lincolnton Whitaker. Barry Wayne, Youngsville , Jerry Dean, Hobbsville . Mary Stuart, Pittsburgh, Pa . Ralph Lawrence, Jr., Troy , Spencer W.. Scotland Neck ! E.. Bennettsville. S. C. Eighth Rou W ilkerson. Robert Lea, Chattanooga. Tei W ilkes. James Renwick, HI. Charlotte Wilkes. William P.. Jr., Charlotte WiUelte. Alvin A., Carolina Beach Williams, Larry Albert, Tabor City Williams, Paul Jonathan. Weston, Conn. Williams. Sara Jane. Pelham IS. Thomas B.. Nashville ison, Glenn L, Jr.. Clemmons ison, R. Yates. Jr.. Carthage Benjamin S., Jr., Winston. Salei . Leroy M., Jr., Oxford, Ga. , ugustus Dean. Greensboro . Herbe; Tenth Row: Windham. Charles Richard. Greensboro Winters. Harold Vernon, Morganton Winters, Jimmy C.. Rocky Mount Wishon. Brenda Fay. Raleigh Wolfe. James Lawrence. Southport Womack, Flora Jane, Spartanburg. S. C. Wood. Lucy Anne. New York. N. Y. 1x113 Page 106 « w CLASS OF 1963 Woodward. Beltv Gail. North Wilkesboro Woodward. Susan Holly. Fredericksburg. Va Work. Pamela Ami, Fl. Lauderdale. Fla. Worth. Thomas C. Jr.. Raleigh Worthington, James Lee. Wilmington Wuamett. William Vernon. Cle% eland Wvke, Don Keilh. Lenoir Wvman. George Culler. Winchester. Mai Wynnes. Leo O.. Ill, Colerain Wvsong. David .Andrew, Hicko Yancey. .Amelia Whltaker. Gas Yates. Ralph Lee. Castonia Yates. Stephen Keith. Sarvpr. I ' a. Yelverton. William F.. Arlington. Va Y..der. Jean Carman. Hickory Young. Martha Paige, Ml. Ho Young. Perry Deane. Clyde Young. Stephen Wiley. Angle Youngman. David Jones. Pineville Yount, James Alvin. Claremont Zalk, Richard Alan. Great Neck. N. Y. Zezefillis. Bessie Toula, Wilmington Zimmerman, George M., Greenville. S. C. Zwack. David Albert. West Caldwell. N. J. Page 107 SOPHOMORES George Rosental President SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Woody Harrison, Treas- urer; Lindsay Raiford, Social Chairman; Lin Sitton. Secretary; Fuller Honeycutt, Vice-President. Come sophists. Let us sit and smoke the accepted brand. Explore we must The madras fields of mind. Discuss the varied shades of " sharp " And make ourselves Judges of men. CLASS OF 1964 ims, Anthony Cordon, Cliapel Hil ims Carlton N. Winston-Salera ims ' . Charles P. " Rocky Mount ims, Lawrence C, Asheville rich, Michael E.. Bryn Mawr. Pa. ridge. James P.. Yanceyville xander, John A., Dallas. Tex. xander, John P., Alexandria, Va. Second Rom: Allen, Mitchell F., Jacksonville Allison, Dale Kennedy. Shelby Alphiu, William J., Mt. Olive Anderson, Edward D., W. Palm Be Andes, W. Abe, Miami. Fla. Angell, John Paul, Salisbury Angley, Floyd Wilson, Statesville Appell, Albert G., New York, N. Y Arbaugh, Miriam A., Charlton Heights, W. Va Arthur, Robert Bruce, Greenville Aulbert. Lonnie Wilson, Mebane Aycock, Edwin B., Greenville Baddour, Philip A.. Goldsboro Badgett, John Dean, Mount Airy Bagby, John English, Chapel Hill Bailey, Robert Henry. Raleigh Fourth Row: Baker. Frank Egerton. Roxboro Baker. John Alden. Atlantic Beach Baker. Ronnie Frank. Durham Bamberger. David H.. Charlotte Barber, William F.. Charlotte Barfield. Samuel Campen. Wilmington Barnes. Jesse Norris. Elm City Barnes, Ospy Dennis, Rocky Mount Fillh Ro Barnes, Ralph Spe r. Jacks. Barnhill, James Herbert. Wilmington Barrett, Richard J., Swannanoa Bassett. Henry B., Annandale, Va. Batchelor, Hardy E., FayetteviUe Batten, Frank Daniel, Charleston, S. C. Bauguess, Dave E.. Winston-Salem :. Harper, Lenoir , Guy Baker, Raleigh amp, William B., Richmond. Va Jeorge. Palisades. N. Y. aniel M.. Jacksonville. Fla. It. Alexander F.. Lima. Peru . Harold Johnson. Winston-Sale t. Robert B.. Chevy Chase. Md. Seventh Row: Bensch. George William. Raleigh Berkley. M. Faye, Chapel Hill Bernstein, Jeitrey A., Suffolk, Va. Bethune, Marvin Lester. Bunnlevel Bevier. Walter Raymond. Goldsboro Billesdon. Alexander C, Lathrup Vil.. Mid Bissell. Michael S.. Ponte Vedra Beach. Fk Blackwell, Michael C, Gastonia Eighth Ro ■sburg, Fla Blanchard, Garry F., St. 1 Blevins, Blaine W.. Andrews Boardman. William H.. Seekonk. Mass. Bogache. William K.. Myrtle Beach, S. Bolch, Thomas Jefferson, Hickory Bonner, Allan Baker, Hertford !ll, Carl Joe, Stantonsburg ell, Robert F., Ninth Row: Bourne, Louis M., Alexandria, Va. Bowen, John Melvin, Williamston Bowerman, William Roger, Chapel Hil Bowman. Byron Lee, Mt. Airy Bowman, David Lee, Hickory Boyers, Ronald Milton, Gibsonville Bragunier, William E.. Tenafly. N. J. Branch. Charles Paul, Mount Airy idt, George F., Chevy Chase, ion. Rovy Frost. Charlotte «ley. Daniel Lee. Charlotte «er. James Clark, Greenville Igers, Lanny B.. Jackson idway. Glenda Gail, Lexingto Page 109 CLASS OF 1964 EEl B BBPy mBm mm .tRaw: oks. Harrv Dean. Wilmington olss. Thomas E.. Lisbon. Ohio om. Thomas Filmore. Hendersoi wn. Charles Palmer. Albemarle wn. Nolan Gray. Boonville wnine. Charles W., Morganton ce. Robert Michael, Raleigh nson. William Davidson, Charlo econd Row: rvan, Robert Leon, Kinslon Iryaiit. William Dixon. Winston- luchanan. Victor Wayne. Greens ucklev. Charles R.. Raleigh uic. Bradley M.. Red Springs ;uie, Lawrence C. Maxton :undv. Vee Mayo, Madison urns. Richard J.. Roselle, N. J. Third Row: Burns, Robert Henrv, Whit Burt. Edward Ramsey. Bisr Butner. Howard E.. Winsto Bvnum. Edwin C, Stanlon! Calhoun. Louis S.. Shelby Campbell. D. Keith, Towso Carr. George Watts. Durbar Carr, James Osborn. Wallat Cassels. John Ritch. Charlott Casteen, William R.. Lynnlia Caudill. John Gentry, Charlo Fiflh Ron: Caviness. Howard Gordon. Burlii Chapman. Leicester. Asheville Chapman. William H.. Suffolk. V Chatham. Raymond H., Lawsou, Cheek. Jack Allan. Greensboro Cheek. Robert Luther, Durham Cherry, Robert Leo. Chapel Hill Childress, R. Wayne. Ml. Airv SixlU Rou: Chihon. J. Bennv. Westfield Chinnis, Charles Samuel, Raleigh Clapp, George William, Greenville Clark, Norwood Graham, Wilmington Clark, Thomas Blair, Greensboro Clark, William Dallas, Waynesville Clayton, Haywood Monroe, Morrisville Clifford, Locke T.. Ware Shoals. S. C. n Durward. Faison s Dannv. Hickory ames H., Atlanta, Ca. rence D., Roanoke Rapids Lenard. Morganti . Sta ■Me ins. Wesley W.. Columbus. Ga. e, Benjamin, Greensboro nell, Ralph E.. Raleigh ner. Cecil C. Greensboro nollv. John M.. Jackson Heights. N. Y. stantin. Donald C. Huntington. N. Y. k. William Wilson, Madison ke. .Michael Boyce. Ml. Airy ooler. Richard M.. Walterboro, S. C. ooper, Bruce Stephen, Winston-Salen ornwell. Robert Earl. Lawndale orpening. John Pavlor. High Point owles. Robert L.. Jacksonville. Fla. ox. Bobby Leon. Winston-Salem ox. John Randy. Coral Gables. Fla. ox. Millord C. Thomasville ranfill. Paul Lennon. Lumberton rawley. Waldorf Garrold. Raeford rawlev. William Justis. Jamesville ribbin. Thomas Michael. Greensboro rissman. Patricia Ann. Chapel Hill rocker. Joseph Melville. Selma rocketl, Shirley G., Quantico. Va. ■owner, Stuart W„ Couverneur, N. Y. Page 110 CLASS OF 1964 Currie. John Lauchlin, Carthage Dahan. Mark, Rego Park, N. Y. Daley. Hugh Mark. Rocky Mount Dalton. Charles O.. Charlotte Daly. Christopher J.. Hvattsville. Md. Dampier. Bobby Hugh, Morrisyille Dana, Thomas W.. Hickory Daniel, Thomas . rthur. Wilson ndRoie . Durham . Chapel Hill Clyde Edwin. Cornelius John Lorraine. Greensboro Kay. Durham n M.. Charlotte Roger Wayne. Greensboro Thomas Brown. Elkin el. Walla is. N; Thin! Row: Davis. Thomas Fitzgerald. Roxboro Dayis. William Raeford. Fayetteville Dawson. Claude E.. Chatham. Va. Dearing. Albert S.. Cheyy Chase. Md, Dellinger. Jerry Craig. Kannapolis DeLung. Harry L.. Atlanta. Ga. Derr. Dailey Jonathan. Asheboro DeVere. P, Melds. Morganton ly R.. Lynchburg, Va. ey A.. Raleigh ;eorge Waitt. Hillsbor. Lomas E.. Kenmore. N nt Hooker. .Miami. Fla rion Monroe. Greensb. seph M.. Lumberton i.hael Stewart. Ashevi Filth Ro n. Ga Dodd. Roger, Mac Donahue. Paul L.. Cochituate. IV Dougherty. Glen N.. Montyille. I Doughton. Walter L.. Washingto Downing. Diane Alice. Charlotte Doyle. John Howard. Statesyille Doyle. John James. Charlotte Drake. James Edwin. Charlotte Sixth «o, : Dudley. Larrv Willard. Dunn Duncan. Thomas Stanford. Durhai Dunn. Noel L.. W. Hartford. Com Durand. Harry W., Lookout Moun Durham, Lorenzo Lionel, Charlott Dutton. James Robert. Greensbor. Dykstra. John R.. Chapel Hill Eager. Howard L„ Richmond, Va. , The iUe on, Walter C.. Rocky Mount momon. Wayne N.. Morehead Cit nundson. James Joyner. Wilson • ards. Daniel Hampton, Tryon yards, Dayid Lincoln, Fort Bragg yards, Herbert Jackson. Goldsbor «ard8. Ralph Thomas. Waynesvill Eighth Ron; Edwards. Sam Bingham. Sanford Eggleston. Tony Edward. Rocky Moun Eichberg. John A., Washington, D. C. Eidson, Kenneth Haywood. Elkin Eizenstat. Stuart E.. Atlanta. Ga. Eller. Daniel Wayne. Spencer Eller. Reyis Radford. Purlear Ellis. William G.. Martinsyille, Va. Mnth Rou : Emerson. Robert S.. Manhasset. N. Y. Emory. William B.. New Orleans. La. Enos. Alanson T.. Greenwich. Conn. Esposito, Victor M.. Staten Island, N, Evans, Earl Sibley, Cary Everett, Stephen G., Pink Hill Faint, Arthur J., Fort Washington, Pa. Fairchild, Albert E., Winslon-Salem Tenth Row: Faison, John Ray, Rockingham Farthing, Donald Keith, Lenoir Faulk, Randy Kelly, Sanford Fearon, William B., Framingham ( Ferguson, Darrell C, High Point Ferrell. Calvin D. W., Raleigh Field, Gilbert C, Montville, N. J. Fields. Harold Dean. Greensboro Page 111 CLASS OF 1964 , Christopher Boles. Chapel H.ll , Kenneth Paul. Whitestone. N. V. el. Irvln Manly. Winston-Salem er. John L.. Jr.. Asheville er. Patricia D.. Asheville ling, Richard E.. Landis rnoy. Henry W.. Macon. Ga. , Melvyn Wayne, Tarboro Fogle Follin Forlo it. Larry Foil. Le: ler, Peter Ritchie ler. William M., : Third Rou-: Foy. Henry Crattan. Myrtle Beach. S. C. Freeman. Kenneth A., Silver Spring. M,l. Frey, Donald S.. Grand Rapids. Mich. Friedman. David S.. Anderson. S. C. Friedman. Ronald Michael. Miami. Fla. Frye. Steven Raleigh. Hickory Furr. Charles Franklin, Wilmington Caber. Mark Joel. Atlanta. Ga. Caither. Gerald Lee. High Point Galloway. Don Adrian. Charlotte Gamewell. Jennifer. Salisbury Gardner, Lawrence Lee, Jr., Durham Gardner, Thomas Hamilton. Creensboi Gardner. Timothy A.. Cincinnati. Ohi, Garnett. David. Washington. D. C. Garrard. Gardiner W.. Jr., Columbus. ell. Joe C. Tabor City ison. Charles Edwin. Biscoe ison. Robert Donald. Hayesvillc ison, Stephen L.. Charlotte , Ronnie Micliael, Charlotte .w, Lewis Abbott. Millburn. N. J. en. Bonn A.. Jr.. Charlotte ert, Richard Siniser. Merrick, N. , Paul C. Myrtle Beach. S. C. Gold Gold Gold: 1, Robert Galloway, Winstc ui. Terry Donald. Raleigh imith, Alan M., Atlanta. C liam Charles. Concord night. James Caswell. Jr.. Boone rum. Lloyd Smith. Jr.. Greensboro m. Phillip Ralph. Norfolk, Va. ch. Norman C. Rego Park. N. Y. lin. Richard Leon. Bedford. N. H. im. Ivey Daniels. Beaufort . Thomas Pell. HI. Richmond. Va. Kiglilh Rou;: Graves. Richard M.. Washington. D. C. Gray, Allan W.. Forest Hills. N. V. Cray, Robert D.. Winston-Salem Gregory. Leroy Jackson. Jr.. Charh.lte Griffin. Joseph W.. Jr.. Williamston Griffin. William Clyde. Jr.. Griffith. Bryce W.. Jr.. Charlotte Grigg. Clyde Lee. Smithfield Grimes, Fleta Sue. Ramseur Grimes. William Demsie. Washington Grosboll. Gary Dean. Charlotte Gruehn. John Thomas. Greensboro Gruenhul. Stephen Jerry, Slatesville Gudger, James Eugene, Asheville Guller, Philip Arthur. Charlotte Guuster. Walter Eugene. HI. Fort Braf y. Henry Federick. Beulaville milton. Robert C. Winslou-Salem milton. Thomas S.. Jr.. Sanford mlin. Joseph John. Rutlierfordton !d C, Jr., Elizabeth Cit ck, Ja y. Mo w. Jack Arthur, Wilsoi Handy. Walter R.. Bayside. Va Page 112 CLASS OF 1964 I. Barbara Lee, Villanova, P . Donald Lee, Graham ..II, Ralph L., Jamesville Ronald Lalhan, Burlington n, Allison Higley, Burlingto . Ralph Ragan, Jr., Gastonii i Wail , Jr., Ro Harrejl, Manfred Franz, Columbii Second Row: Harrington, Abner Brown, Jr., SanforJ Harris, Samuel Ranchor, Thomasville Harrison. Reginald W., Jr.. Charlotte Hart. E, Franklin, Jr„ Burlington Hartley, Charles Lee. Lenoir Hawkins, Hubert Wilson, Jr.. Madison Hawkins. Robert Elmo, Norfolk. Va. Hays. William Arthur, Jr„ Franklin ....!. R.i. cr Kent, Mt, Gilead . k li..i.jl.l Robert, Washington, , I..I111 11. .ss, Greensboro . ,h, i.liarles Roy, Candler a.i. LUe Donnell, Wilmington in. Isaac Robert. Charlotte ck, Wickey Ernest, Jacksonyille ree, Lloyd John, Charlotte 1! Franklin, Chapel Hill .1 Colin, Otto as Walters, Roanoke, Va ks, William Minor. Jr.. Oxfor I. Edward Haryie. Jr., Plymoi 1. Franklin Neal, Rutherfordti • . flo..:: Hiller. Robert Eric. Coral Gables. Fla. Himes. Samuel H.. Jr., W. Palm Beach, Fla. Hipps, Harold D„ Asheyille Hobbs, Benjamin F.. Warsaw Hobbs. Charles McAulay. Williamsburg, Va. Hobbs, James M., Kinston Hobbs. John Whitfield, Wilmington Hobson, William Patrick, Dunn Hodges, Henry L., Jr., Washington, D. C. Hodges. Joseph L.. South Boston, Va, Holier. James C. Sunbury Holden. Carl M.. Jr.. Pisgah Forest Holderness, George A., HI, Cheyy Chase, Holderness, Jim B„ Tarboro HoUingsworth, John F., Wilson Holmes, William B., Chappaqua, N. Y. lie, cull, Jeffrey S„ Marion ncy.iill. Lattie F.. Jr.. Raleigh iiipmann. Eyelvn M.. Chapel Hil ,.|K-r. Ronald Dale. Elkin Hard. Edwin R., Jr., Winston-Sa ward, Franklin A., Wilmington ward. Michael L., Riyerside, Coi »-e, Dayid William, Greensboro Eiglilli Row: . John Eln . Jr.. Hamle ell, Charles H.. Greensboro Hoivell. Jayne Lynn. Apex Howell. Phillip Lewis, Lenoir Hoyle, John Crawford, Creensbot Huffman, Allen William, Jr., Hie! Hughes, Richard Edward, Parktoi Hughes, Robert Knox, Asheboro Nin:l, Row: Hundley. Robert Miller, Jr.. Stuart. Va. Huneycuu. James Ernest, Jr., Rockingha Hunter. Alscv Dallon. Jr.. Gary Huskc. Isaac Manning, Cooleemee Huston, Earl, III, Charlotte Hynian, Louis Ephraim, Baltimore, Md, Imes. William Carl, Birchdale, Minn. Ingle. Robert Lee, Greensboro ensbon man. Claud Carroll. J man. Jeffrey Craig. Greensboro ersen. Sleyen Robert, Clenyiew, ckson. Diane June, Omaha. Neb. ckson. Donald Wilkerson. Raleigh ckson. Wayne Alford. Tarboro cobs, Jerome Mark, New Orleans, mes, Robert Lee, Marion Page 113 111. CLASS OF 1964 I R.. Hicko I. Richard R.. Gaslonia Peter H.. Woodiiiere. N. Y. . Lou. Raleigh m. Albert D.. Durham veretl M.. Jt., Fairfield. Co n. Robert H.. Greensboro in. Thomas L.. Oxford 1 L.. Wiln neto . Charles P., Goldsboro . Fred Ingram. High Point . Martha V.. Chapel Hill . Morton M.. III. Warren. . Robert B.. Greensboro , Robert O ' Brien. Winston-Salen , Ronald W., Fayetteville . Steve M.. Concord . Thomas Henry. Kenlv r, Ronald F.. Ahoskie I. Daniel Lee. Salisbury n. Steven R.. Hempstead. N. Y. Fourlli fioic: Karesh. J. Mack. Charleston. S. C. Kat2, Robin A.. Lido Beach. N. Y. Keely. Douglass V.. C hapel Hill Kellerman. George R.. Honolulu, Hawa Kemp. Thomas Law. III. Chapel Hill Ketlev. Eileen C.. Chapel Hill Kerlev. James E.. Durham Kerr. Roland T.. Jamestown . ThumaU.. Jamestoiin l.r, Ridlev R.. Hendersonville rr, John H.. Jr., Concord III, John I., Bronxville. N. Y. •. . Ronald M.. Framingham. . Ashe ' , Wil 1 D.. Gr. sbon . Ghentlee W.. Chapel Hill V. George S.. Hendersonville C. Rov. Jr.. Chattanooga. Tenn. ind. John L.. III. Durham an. Scott G.. Raleigh ■r. Brian P.. South Deerfield. Ma t. David A.. Moundsville. W. Va. , John B.. Ill, Durham •s. Peter D.. Clillo , Ma: A.. Sti ille . N.J. ne, Dallas S.. Slanlonsburg ne. James R.. Jr., Asheboro ngdon. Joseph B.. Washington, D. C. ngley. Rufus B.. Four Oaks nkford. Shelton F.. North Wilkesborc rrick. James K.. Lexington. Mass. . Tho nlevel Lasitler. Moses D.. Jr.. Morehead ( Latham. Hannis T.. III. Washingto Lawther. Francis R.. Wilmington LeBlanc. John W.. Fayetteville Lfder. Charles L., Goldsboro Ledlord. James L.. Castonia Lee. John Michael. Gastonia ett. Robert F.. Lumberton er. Mitchell W.. Memphis. Te er. Steven E.. Valley Stream, lard. James M.. Charlotte voy. Malcolm A.. Allentown, ; It. Marc D.. Brooklyn. N. Y. is. Clifford T.. Beaufort is. Ehen W.. Jacksonville. Fla Tenih Row: Lewis. Richard G.. Tappahannock. Va. Lewisohn. Richard. Ill, New York, N. Y. Lincoln. Charles H.. Smyrna Linker. Dorothy W.. Chapel Hill Linker. Julius D., Jr.. Clemmons Linker. Paul M.. Concord Lisle. Rulus. Jr.. Lexington, Kv. Little. George W.. Southern Pines Page 114 CLASS OF 1964 Little, John Z.. Albemayli- Livcngood, Norman B.. Jr.. Rockv M.ui Lloyd. Harry W.. Hillsboro Lloyd, Virginia Ann, Chapel Hill Loekhart. George C, Wilmington. Del. Loltis. Alton, Piedmont, S. C. Long, Robert B.. Jr., Asheville Love, William B., Baltimore, Md. Lowe. Richard E., Cramerlon Lowe, Robert F.. Fairmont Lowrimore, Joney D.. Tabor City Lvnrh. WiUon L., Spartanburg. S. C. Lynn, George D., Jr., Mountain Home. Mali. Lyon, W. Duke. Charleston, W. Va. MacConnell, Jeffrey A., Washington, D. C. McAllister, William H., IH, Pittsboro ir, Douglas Ray, Red Springs V, Thomas E., Suffern, N. Y. m. John Carl. Pittsboro i,k, Russell H., Pilot Mountai t, Larry Stephen, Raleigh Id, James J., Harrington, Del. ugh. Richard B., Charlotte ,■. Jerrill Lee, Old Fort Fimnh Rou: M, (.alliard. Dick Vance, Ashe ' i W., Gr. «, Marcus P., Gaithersburg. Md. •. Michael T., Kings .Mountain itlian Kent D Winston-Salem ,.ian, ' William " w., Alexandria, Va William A., Favetteville Miev, David M.. Lexington ■ Kid. Philip K.. Jr.. Winston. Salei nil. John C.. Benson II. .re. Gilbert C. Jr.. Atlanta, Ga. I.I. Alexander, Albemarle ,il. Gerald C., Sanford ..IIS. Kenneth D.. Winston-Salem Iju. John B., Southern Pines irv. Samuel W.. Greensboro M. N.ill. Paschall H.. Sanford l. II..-. Archie Dale, Newton l. -....-iiey, Bryan D., Hewlett, N- Y. l. V. lUiams, William G., IIL Norfolk. Va .Ma. hen, Hervey G., Ill, Hyatlsville, M.l. .Mackler, Stephen B.. Smithfield S,-vrnlk Ro,v: Manasse, Gabriel O., Durham Mangum, Ralph A„ Charlotte Mangum, Wallace S., Laurinburg Mann, Harold T., Hickory, Va. Mannino, James A., Weslheld, N. J. Marlowe, William Burton, Spray .Martin, Margaret E.. Mount Olive Martin, Robert G., Jonesville Eiglilh Row: Mason, Joseph E., Washington Mason, Lawrence W.. Fayette; Mason, Marvin H., Jr., Ruther Matheson, Barbara L., Ashevil Matthews, David W., High Poi Mauldin, Clarence E., Jr.. Fay May. Timothy J., Falls Churcl Medlin, John McRae, Rome, C n, Robert F.. Fayetteville enhall, Charles M., High Poi tt, Ben G., Jr.. Concord tt, Rebecca L.. Chapel Hill lels, Edward C., HI, Monroe , William T., Warrenton r, Bonnie Lee, Charlotte r, David J., Roanoke Rapids iller. Kenneth R.. Charlotte ill.-. Archie E.. Coral Gables, ill-. Kred G., Shelby ilU, Hichard C., Taylorsville .ll.N.lnrf, Wm. K., Alexandria o ' k, Jacob L., Laurinburg offitt, Jan Craig, Asheboro nntague. John C-. Norfolk, Va pyyO Page 115 CLASS OF 1964 First Row: Mooney. Charles D.. Statesville Moore. Earl R.. Jr.. Erwin Moore, Joseph D.. Jr.. Spartanburg. S. Moore. Roberl H.. Rehobolh Beach. D Moore. Sieve F.. Raleigh Moreno. John F.. Albuquerque. N. Me: Morgan. Harvey, Winston-Salem Morgan. James R.. Jr.. Charlotte Morrow, Wm. S.. Manda: i B.. Charlotte eph W., Lancast las E., Sunbury Third Row: Murphy. Brower. Jr.. Charlotte Murphy, Dewey L.. Stokesdale Murray. Donald, Jr., Short Hills. N. J. Muse. Winfred R.. Belmont Myers. Peter E., Elkins Park. Pa. Nance. Joseph K.. Chadbourn Nash. David Charles. Chapel Hill Nauheim. Stephen A.. Washington. D. Fourth Row: Neal. Jack Allen. High Point Neilson. David C. Asheville Neville. John D.. Spring Hope Newhouse. Roland B., Raleigh Newlin. Charles B.. Santord Newman. Mavnard S.. Salisbury Nichols, Herman C. Asheville Nislick. Alex D.. South Orange. N. J. Noble Noell Oakle Ogbu Ogdei Oldhi . Theodore T.. Washington. D. C. Roberl N.. Durham y. Lois Ann. Roxboro . Jerome D.. Burlington iger, Elmer R.. Chapel Hill rn. Robert C, Jr.. Leaksville 1. Warren C. Jr.. New Orleans. La. im. Jaraes H.. Greensboro r, Margaret A., Whil ' illit Opdyke, Richard L., Winston. Orcutt, David S., Richmond, Orovan, Ronald C, Brooklyn, Ostergren, Allan, Douglaston, Owen, James M., Roseboro Owens, Michael R., Walkertov nth Ro 1 S., To Painter, Slephe Parker, James J,, Varina Parker ' , John E.. Gastonia Parker, Joseph W.. Four Oaks Parker. Kellis E.. Kinston Parks. Harry R.. Raeford Parlier. David C. Charlotte Parsons. Larry W.. Favetteyill. Eighth Row: Patterson. Jerry E.. Kings Moi Payne. James E.. North Wilkei Peacock. Edwin B.. Jr.. Wilmi Peariman. Lowell R.. Ashevill, Pearson. Douglas L.. Franklin Peery, Robert N., Jr., Newton Perry, Thomas L.. Montross, Peterson Kent W. Louisville. Ninth Row: Peterson, Richard A.. Lynbrook, N. Peterson, Theodore E., jr.. Garner Phillips, John H., Morehead City Phillips, Robert C, Jr.. Charlotte Phillips, William R.. Roseboro Pierce. Edward O.. Raleigh Pierce. Louis C, Jr.. Madison Pipkin. James S.. Spencer ittman. James A.. Scotland Ne. leasanls. John G., Durham olakavetz, Sandra H.. Statesyil ollock. Joseph G.. Galesville ool. Joseph D., Jr.. Newberry, oole, Henry E.. Greensboro oole. James R.. HI. Lumbertoi oovey. Phillip R.. Hickory Page 116 CLASS OF 1964 e, Ralph W.. Rich Square lin, Zannic C. Albemarle ?at, Milton O., Salisbury ?at, William A.. Morganton ter. Frank C. Sanford ell. Hugh R., Jr.. Chattanooga, Te: ell. Patrick L.. Durham It, James N.. Winston-Salem Second Kow: Proctor. Harold D.. Hickory Pructl. Charles L., Asheville Pulzel. Michael J.. New Haven. C Rabv. Michael T.. Randleman Rackley. James S., Mount Olive Kacklev. Richard E.. High Point Ragland. L. Cayle, Jacksonville. Ramsey, William J., Raleigh Rand. Kenan S.. Fremont Rankin. Charles C. Gaston Rascoe, Robert B., Winston Rawls. Betty Lou. Oiford Read. G. Stephen, Norlina Reddick, Robert L., Kinsto Reed, Douglas C. Richmon Regen. . nn H., Kingsport. id. James I.. Jr.. Columbia. S. C. id. Kenneth M.. Southern Pines itzel. James R., Jr.. Durham ■nwick. Francis M.. Roanoke Rapids ■vnolds. David C. Raleigh linehardt, John L., Ill, Charlotte ivne. William R.. Gaslonia ch, Stephen A., Atlanta. Ga. Filth Row: Ridlev. Christopher E.. Wilton, Conn. Riesenleld. Rosemarie A., Charlotte Robbins. James H.. Jr.. Hampton, Va. Roberson. James H., Candler Roberts, Durward T., Jr., Chapel Hill Robertson, William, Albrook AFB, Canal Zon Robinson, Dale Wally, Asheville Robinson, Samuel, Lookout Mountain. Tenn. Robinson, Wm. E.. Georgetown, S. C. R.icssiBer. Peter D.. Chapel Hill Rogers, Arthur H.. Jr.. Burlington Rogers. Henry H.. Wilson Rogers. Jerry D., Charlotte Rogers, Ralph F.. Wavnesville Rollins. James. Jr., New Orleans, La. Roof. Nathaniel. Sumter. S. C. enth Row: enbaum. Jerry. West Orange. N. J. iental, George E., Rocky Mount ienthal, Louis L., Savannah, Ga. ier, Herbert C., Tustin, CaliL .s, James H.. Jr., Ayden iS, Robert W., Ill, Kinston is, William G., WiUiamston ise, Lawrence, Kenilworth, N. J. Eighth Row: Rubin, Leslie A., Atlanta, Ga. Kumsev. Dexter C. III. Charleston. S. C. Running. Kenneth E.. Roanoke Rapids Rusher. James T.. Salisbury Russell. Douglas Mac Arthur. Dover Saboski, Arthur P.. Hickory Sapp. Bel ; Nels. B.. Wii , Ape Michael J.. Fa i-Salei •ille lbert. Lake Hopatcong, N. J. mil. Alice M.. Elon College ch. Robert R., High Point ols, Arthur. Jr.. Richmond. Va. rn. Samuel L.. Charlotte Senkus. Willii . Winston-Sale: I G.. Southeri Shaffer. Charles M., Jr.. Chapel Hil Shankle. William I.. Raelord Shavender. Eugene F.. Raleigh Shaw. Philip C. Four Oaks Shelley. Rowland. Raleigh Shepherd, Daniel B.. Goldsboro Page 117 CLASS OF 1964 first Row: Shins. Richard M., Allenlo«n. Pa. Shoffner. Robert L., Jr., Burlinglo Short. Macon W., Henderson Shouse. Larrv Kav. Winslon-Saleir Shue, Robert S.. Haw River Shulimson, Michael D.. . sheville Siceloff. Jim C. Ml. Mry Simpson. Evander S.. SmilbBelJ ensbor. S.-cond Rou: Singletarv. Leilh P.. Skees. Robert D.. Greensboro Sloan, David C. Conover Slutskv. Mvron L., Gastonia Smith. Carol . nn F.. Raleigh Smith, Charles M., Jr.. Elizabell Smith. Christopher. Coral Gable Smith. Edward C Jr., Lexingloi li. Fla i-Sale nd F.. Lex ;ington , Richard W.. Malverne. N. Y. . Robert C. Greensboro , Rodney L.. Fayelleville , Thomas L., Durham r:l, Rou: ith. Tonv M.. . sheboro ithson. William .. Winston- Mt, .Arthur F.. Coldsboro ie,. Conward B.. Robbinsvill ol. George J.. Haverford, Pa ?s, William R.. Whiteville in. Lester L., Jr.. Nashville. ' jmon. . lberl J.. Conway, S. Fiflh Row: Somers. Larry G.. Reidsville Sowder. John H.. North Wilkesbor, Spaeder, Susan M. E.. Decatur. Ga Spechar. Hugo, Rochester, N. Y. Spence, Oris P.. Raleigh Spencer, . nn C. Chapel Hill Spivev, Teddy R.. Sanford I H.. Winds. Melvin T.. Cast. . Charlu S. C. Steinberg. Theodore. Great N ' eck. N Steinhauser. Rahel . K.. Chapel H Stephenson. J. P.. Jr.. Florenc Stephenson. L. M., Jr., Wilmii Stevenson, C. 0„ Jr„ Ridgewo Stokes, Montford Y.. Guilford s F., Mbe ival. Robert G., Jr atton. William, Memphis, Tenn. aughan. James Fleming. Jr.. Raleigh aughn. William R.. III. Chapel Hill eet. Nicholas. Weslport. Conn. Eighth Rou: Struklan.l. Roi :cr C. High Point h M.. Franklinlon B.. Kannapolis .r, John C. Raleigh .r. Wade . .. Jr.. Robersonv ev. Howell K.. Elberton. G SCO. John I.. Oaklyn. N. J. Tenth Kou: Temple, Gray, Charleston, S. C, Temple, John H.. Charlotte Tesb. Ray F., Winston-Salem Thomas, David L.. Greensboro Thomas. Timothy G.. Charlotte Thomason. Henry C. Jr.. Gastonia Tliorapson. Forrest V.. Jr.. Tarboro Thompson. Herman O., Jr.. Chapel Hil Page 118 Thompson, James A.. Raleigh Thornton, William Gerald, Clinlon Tibbells, Lucintia, Westfield. N. J. Todd, Jerry H., Sanford Toms, Frederic E., Forest City Toppell, Kenneth L., Miami, Fla. Trachtenbere, Ronald, Jacksonville Traynhain, Donald M., Gastonia Second Row: Trull, Charles S., Elizabeth, N. J. Turbeville, Jimmy M., Fairmont Turner, Benjamin S., Pink Hill Turner, Donald W., Kannapolis Turner. John P., Greensboro Turner, Sidney C, Wilson Turner. Stanford L.. High Point Tvndall, John R., Kernersville r, Ro . C Durha •ille Updeurave, Robert K., Jacksi VanNoppen. John James, IV, Boone Vaughn, Harold S., Hickory Vaughn, Henry F„ Chapel Hill Vaughn, Sandra Moore, Chapel Hill Vestal, Ivey G.. Jonesville Vitek. Richard J., Winston-Salem fourll, Rou: Voorhees, Pieler B.. Middletown, 1 Waddcll, Edwina D., Raleigh Waddell. Lewis E.. Jr., Salisbury Wagenseil, John W.. Camp Lcjeun Walker. Michael Peter. Spot Walker. Ronald E.. Cliarlotte Walker. Thomas R.. Lenoir Wallace, James B.. Ellcrbc Wallei Walse Walte: Wal7.. Albert F.. Salisbury I. William D., Jr., Mallhc .awrence A.. Asheville Frank J., Jr„ Edonton Sixlh Row: Ward. V. LeVcrnc. Tabor City Waring, William M.. Elkin Warner. I..I111 B.. Wliilcxille Warner. Mrliui J.. Jr.. Moui Warren. Hat. .1.1 K., lt. Airy Weaver. Konald M.. Rocky Mount Weeks. Orin H.. Kinston Weigel, John T,. Jr.. Rocky Mount Sevenlh Ron : Welch. Tom R., Raleigh Wells. George O.. Atkinson Wells. James M.. Jr.. Danville. We.tfall. Barry F.. Martinsville, Weston, Jerry S.. Greensboro Whicker, Deney L.. Greensboro Whisnant, Jack S., Rutlierlordl. White. Martin K., Troy Ihithcbl, Elizabeth C. Durban Chitman, Jack, Babson Park, F Vhitmire, Jerry M., Brevard Cilkinson, David H., Asheville Villard, Spencer D.. Kernersvil Villiaras. David R.. High Point Villiams. Ray A.. Charlotte Williams. Rhoderick T.. Jr., Fa I M., , Be Williams, William B., HL Angit Williman, Joseph, Charleston, S Willis, Phillip M., Washington Wilson, Harold L.. Norfolk, Va. Wilson. Leonard W. S., Durham Wilson, Martin L.. Lake Lure Windlcy, Larry W., Washington Teiuh Row: Winner, Dennis J., Asheville Winstead, Charlotte S., Roxburo Wismer, Henry R., Chevy Chase, Md Witten, Alan H., Gastonia Wood, Charles E., Four Oaks Wood. Craig B., Norfolk, Va. Woodall, Pery J., Roxboro Wo.Klard. Jerry C, Wilson Ele •enth Row idrulf, Rol ert E.. Southern Pi Wrench. Howard C. Roseboro Wright, B. Bryan, Jr., Washingto: Wright. Charles W.. Lexington Yeatts..Ralph L.. Williamslon Young. Jack K., Clearwater, Fla. Young. Jack W.. Candler Young, Nancy R.. Gastonia age 119 FRESHMEN And fi-om environment ' s door we burst — a thousand caesars From a thousand trackless pasts — ours are the new feet On the old, old walks . . . Robert Spearman President FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Pat Dagenliart. Vire-Presidenl : Dolly Isoni. Social Chairman; Johnsye Massenburg. Secre- tary; Harrison Merrill. Treasurer. ethv, John William, High Poi s. Alfred Edward, III, Charlotte s. Charles Nolan. Jr., Marshall s. Charles Robinson. High Poin s. George Hackney. Jr.. Wilson s. Jocelyn Virginia. Durham s. John Edwin. Jr.. Asheboro s. Thaddeus Awasaw. Ill, Cliarl. son, Mary Eileen, Charlotte Second Ro«j: Ade, John Hicks, Northfield, III Adkins, Robert Kenneth, Drape Adkinson, Newton Franklin, Jr Adriance, Allen Clark, Andove Albright, Michael Keith, China Albritton, Paul Howard. Lumbi Aldridge. Henry Belden, Cha Alsobrook. James Cary. Hall Amos, Herman Ray. Greensb Third Row: Anders. John Fredrick, Asheville Andrews, Terry Dean, Siler City Andrews, William Russell, Branlord, Conn Ange. David Westley, Farravillc Angell, Marvin Jeter, Jr., Madison Ansell, Julian Ralph, Knotts Island Apple, John Dwayne, Reidsville .Arnold, Thomas Clingman, Asheville Artz, Welsford Eure, Gatesville Fourth Row: Ashbv, Warren Allen, Greensboro Ashcrott. James Michael, Winston Askew. William Earl. Maysville Atkinson. Herbert Emerson. Jr., Raleigh Atkinson, William Thornhill. Jr.. r Avent. Don Brown. Siler City Baggetl. Thomas Nelson. Alexandria. Va Bailev. John William. II, Hendersonvill, Bailey. Josiah William, III, Morehead C en. Fred. ■. Paul L; Harrv Stuart. Norfolk, r. William Sutton. Ch; n. Hevwood Lamb. Jr. ont. Paul Drum, Charh w. Ronald Hillery. Kan: tt, Sally Frizelle. Chap! •t. Thomas Eugene. Sta Sixth Row: Barringer. Chad Edward, Maiden Barrow. Leonard Curtis, III, Weldon Barrs, William Lewis. Syracuse. N. Y. Bartles. Cecil Ray. Union Mills Barton. James Hardin. Memphis. Tenn Basinger. Dale Barry. Rockwell Balchelor. Donald Wesson. Sharpsburg Batten. Wilbert Henry. Whiteville Baucom, Bernard Andrew. Jr.. Monroe eventh Row: aucom, Everett Ira. Concord aucom. Latta Fletcher, Concord auguess, Milton Vaughn, Winston, axter. Benjamin Hunt. Jr.. New Bern avley. William Kelly. Springfield. Ohio azemore. Cyrus William. Jr.. Raleigh azemore. William Robert. Colerain eale, Robert Allen, Aulander eam, William Austin, Shelby Eighth Row: Bea.ley, Edw Beavers, Rob. Bcchtold, James Shindler, Wilni Beckncll, Jaik Robert, Jr.. Con. Beith. John Russell. Southern P Bell. Daniel Locke. II. Fairfax. Bell. Thomas Porter, Jr., Lansd Bell, Virginia Ann, Morganton Bellovin, Marshall Benjamin, Lynb Mnlh Row: Bennett, Thon; Bennett, Willi, Benson. William Harrison, North Wilkesb Berrier. Jacob Giles. Wei. Beslic. John B.. Arlington. Va. Biekford. Albert G.. Jr.. Dayton. Ohio Bigger. Henry Stewart. Stanton, N. J. Biggers. Stan Wallace, Alb. Birchett, Esca Carredun, IH, Liber Tenth Row: Bitting, Anthony Leppeaux, Durba: Black. Gary Ray. Charlotte Bla. k.iiuii, Jesse Avcork, r ' .i. ;,... I.I. I, «l. |.. ,, M ..,ii. Cm. ... ns. Daniel Rhode. iworth, George H. nt. James Gordon, Elizabeth City , Lonnie Knox, Greenville, S. C. 1. William Raymond. Dunwoody, , Ronald All, " Page 121 Bovvle Boyd, Boyd Boyel •Iskv. Stephen Lvnn. Brisl , Patsy Nell, Marion lier. Louis Maurice, WinsI ers, John Severinghaus, CI les, Hargrove. III. Gr, , Louis Cri Lingto Edward Finley. Mo Robert Wilson. Sanford te. Phil Kyle, Pikeyille Second Ron: Bovlcin. Alvin Vernon, 111, Kenl. Bradhani. William R., Riverside. Bradley. Michael Moran. Ashevil Bradsher, Jerry Michael, Hurdle Bralford. Douglas Eugene. Charh Branch. Michael B.. Rowland Brannan, George Thomas, Kenlv Brannock, James Lemuel. Burlin Brantley, Joseph Marion, Green. Third Row: Braswell. Glenn Erwin. Rocky Mount Breitenbucher. John P.. Merrick. N. Y. Brenner. Edward H.. Brooklvn .•!5, N. V. Bright. Frederick Weslev, Burlington Brinkhous, William K.. Chapel Hill Brinlon. Edward Buck. Baltimore, M.I. Britton, George Harrison. Dunn Brilton. John . ndrew. Jackson Brodeur, Richard John, Clearwater, Fla. i, John Wayne. Winston-Salem ). Jon David. Mt. Airy . Robert Edward. Willow Sprin Barbara E.. Hillsboro , David Alan, Sever , Eugene G.. Jackso , James Russell. Gn , Peter Cooper, Lou Fifth Row: Brown, Samuel W., Washington. D, C. Brown, William Barker, Durham Brown. William L.. Pensacola. Fla. Broyhill, Thomas H., Marion Brunson. Norman Deane. Charlotte Bruun. Paul Marius, Miami Beach. Fla Brvan. John Hugh. La Grange Brvson. Bichard Lilton. Chapel Hill Buchanan, John R.. Nashville ensbo , Wagri Sixlh Row: Buchanan, Robe Bullard. William Bullock. James ( Bumgardner. Leonard W.. Belmo Bonn. James A„ Winston. Salem Burbage, William H., Albemarle Burgess. James W., Charlotte Burleson. Roger G., Albemarle Burns. Charles Barry. Pittsboro Seventh Row: Burris. William M.. High Point Burton. Lewis M.. Fayetteville Busick. James Hastings. Reidsvill Burnham, Joseph S„ Asheville Bvrd. Thomas Milton. Asheville Bvruni, James W., Jacksonville, 1 Bvrum, Thomas J.. Raleigh Calhoun. John .S.. Darien. Conn. Calvert, William J.. IIL Jacksonv Eighth Row: Cameron. William S.. Lillington Camp. William D.. Cherryville Cano. Calvin Croom, Charlotte Canull. James Allen. Winston-Sal Capel. Martha. Apex Capps. Gene Thomas. Laurinburg Cardwell. Ric har.l C-. Ruffin Carelock, Clyde D., Stanlield Carithers, Robert L., Stalesvillc Mnth Row: Carpenter, Flay Gordon, Shelby Carpenter, William H.. Laurinbui Carr. Guy Ellis. High Point Carr. Robert Lee, Rose Hill Carrier, William S., Greensboro Carroll. John E., Hyattsville. Md. Carruthers. John M.. Grove City. Carson. George. II. Elkin Carson, Laura L., Rulli.-rlHnll..n Ttnth Roiv: Carson, Michael W., Rocky Mount Carter, Charles W., Georgetown, S, C. Carter. John Dandridge. Gastonia Carter. Leonard H-. Charlotte Carter William M. Lookout Mnuntain Carvaj ' al. Juan F., Chapel Hill Cashwell. Victor F-, Fayetteville Causey. Joel Edwin. Lake View Caville, Dennis I.., Takoma Park. Md. Eleventh Row: Caylor. John F-. Rome. Ga. Chadwick. Dexter C., Charlotte Chalverus, Michael C, Columbus. Ga. Chambers, Frances B., Durham Chomblee, Jackie Rebecca, Carrboro Chanin, Michael H., Atlanta, Ga- Chanon, John Leak, Charlotte Chaplin, Don C, Columbia Chapman, Will iam Mackie, Valdesc Page 122 f Row: leslpr. Leon Irvin. Hich Poinl .man, Donald Jamps, WinBton-Salem stopher, Francis N- Ridgewood, N. J. sed. Paul Leon. Kinslon ip. Hubert Bruce. Swannanoa p. Plii nd Ro Lee es William. Jr.. Vaughan V Milchcl. Hamlet V Ralph. Clensidc. Pa. Claytt Claylc Cliflo: Cline. Cobb. C.ibb. C.ibb. Jonathan Rugglcs. Sanford Lonnie O.. HI. Virginia Beach. V. Veal H.. Jr.. Clen Allen. Va. n. Harvey M., Durham n. Margaret Anne, Charlotte I. Benjamin Franklin. Benson Emmetl Woodrow. Conover Franklin E.. Jr.. Charlotte Herbert Henry. Jr.. Raleigh i F.. Belhesda. Md. i R.. Montchanin. Del. rd Harper. Durham rt L., Oak Ridge, Tenn fourll, Row: Cohn, Richard J.. Montgomery. Ala. Coker. Robert Martin. Chapel Hill Cole. Bernard D., Freehold, N. J. Coleman. Larry H.. Bethesda. Md. Coley. Gordon B.. Charlotte Collett, Robert Webster. Salisbury Collins. James Robert. Jr.. Charlotte Commander, Jonathan D.. Jacksonville. Fl, Connelly, Fred Allen, Spruce Pine F,ltli Row: Connet. William Dorman, Swannanoa Conover. Leslie R., Westfield. N. J. Conrad. Harris W., Hartford, Vl. Cook, Charles Edward. Brevard Cook, Charles Russell. Cherryvillc Coon. Steven Donald, Fallston Cornelius, William E., Charlotte Coudriet, Larry Willis, Raleigh Cozart, Buckley W., Roxboro Sixth Ro . Michael F.. anle Cranford. Delbert M.. Den Cranford, Samuel D.. Jr.. Asheboi Crawford. Emerson C. Jr., Frank Creech, Donald Ray, Selma Creech. John B., Jr., Greensboro Crickmore, Jimmie L.. Rocky Mo. Crook. Robert M., Chapel Hill Crowcll, David J., Jr., Monroe Seventh Row: Grumpier. Larry G.. Clinton Cunningham. Charles L.. Jr.. Monroe Currier, Herbert S., Jr.. Pelham. N. H. Curtis. Lerov F.. Jr.. Portsmouth. Va. Dahle. David E.. High Point Daly. Sherwood E.. Goldsboro Daniel. Van Woraack. IH. Ruffin Danneman. Stanley W., Norfolk. Va. Dantzler, David H.. Atlanta. Ca. Eighth Row: Darnell. Hugh G., Jr., Springfield, Va. Darnell. William I.. Mebane Davidson. Andrew. New Bern Davis. Bill E., Rich Square Davis. Harry L., Roper Davis. Harry P.. Jr.. Charlotte Davis, Roger A. C. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla, Day. Donald G.. Woodadale Deal, Alvena Rebecca, Hickory Mnth Row: Deal, David V.. Jr.. N. Wilkesboro Deaton. Paul M., Statesville Deaus. Robert E., Jr., Wilson DeBrito. Charles W., Raleigh Dees, John E., Jr.. Durham Dennis, Stephen N.. Kensington, Ga. Dew. Larry Moses. Wilson Dickev. .Marvin W.. West Hillsboro Dieflenderfcr. Paul L.. Raleigh nth Row: Wallace Wade. Dunn Dobson. Richard Donald, Nebo Dotv. Charles V.. Pittsburgh. Pa. Douglas. Robert D.. III. Greensboro Dowell. William T.. Weslfield. N. J. Downev. Bruce J.. III. Jacksonville Drinkard. Joel F.. III. Greensboro DuU. William E.. Jr.. Greenville Duggins. James N.. Jr.. Fayctteville Eleventh Row: Dunkley. Kenneth M.. Norfolk. Va. Dunn, Frank H.. Raleigh Dunne. John B.. Brecksville. Ohio Dunne. John K.. Spartanburg. S. C. DuPalcvich. Phillip P.. Greensboro Durston. James S.. Lumberton Dusenburv. George A.. Tryon Dworin. Elliott M.. Rockav ay, N.J. Edge. Robert B., White Oak Page 123 M Rmv: vards, Elbert E.. McKenzie, Tcni. vards, Glenn H., Siler City vards. Larry David. Fayettevillc vards. Richard E.. Auburn. Ala. vards. Robert Wayne. Ronda pie. James P.. Stalesville en. Leonard L., Wellesley Hills. J ins. Charles H.. Winston-Salem ■r. Hilbert Raynard. Salisbury Ellestad. Richard K., Gaslonia EllinBlon, Carroll M.. Graham Ellinclon. Stewart L.. Jacksonville Elliott. William Thomas, Jr., Oxford Enitle. Charles R., Fuquay Springs Ennis. Lillian Sandra, Lenoir E1.1.B. Claude M.. Myrtle Beach. S. C. Eiistein. Kathryn. Raeford n. Loren WalL Red Springs i.Ige. Elbert S.. Kenly idee. Joseph Dlimont, Hillsbol idge. William W.. Greensboro inks. Carolyn Lerretia. Bynun ■. John Clinton. China Grove .8. Victor E. C. Graham s. Clavborne Lee. Durham 5. Jerry Lvnn. Lexington 1 fiou .■ t. Robert H.. Charlotte James Toole, Hendersonvill ner, Dianne Hazel, Charlott r. Billy Stokes. Jr.. Asheboi I. Mary Patricia. Chapel Hil pe. Thomas M., Greensboro son, Anderson D.. West Poi 1. Charles L.. Spring Lake rman. William E., China Gr f,lll, Row: Finch. George W.. Wallace Fishel. Carol G.. Winslon-Salem Fisher. Gerald Michael, Cliffside Fisher. Thomas G.. Raleigh Fishman. Joel P.. South Orange. N. J. Filz-Simons. Michael S.. Chapel Hill Fleisher. Leslie A.. Wilmington Fleming. Mary Boyd. Chapel Hill Fliriu. Henry I.. HI. Montgomery. Ala. SMf i Row: Fhii-t. Joseph E., Jr.. Sanford. Me. Fodel. Lillian Elaine. Charlotte Folper, Worth Barnard. Sparta F.mville. Donald R., Burlington Ford, John Howard, Elkin Fowler. Dan M., Norfolk, Va. Fox, Dennis Bryan, Albemarle Fox, Robert S.. Statesville F..XX. Tommy Allen, Banner Elk Seienlh Row: Frankel, Martin R.. White Plains. K. Y. Freas. John Morgan, Walnut Cove Freeman, Richard E.. Gates Froneberger. John D.. Lincolnton Frye. Robert M.. Avondale Folk. Clyde Oliver, Pinnacle Folk, Tomilee, Lakeview, S. C. Fullagar. John Edwin. Charlotte Fuller. Edwin Rudolph. Salisbury ■r. John D.. Milwauke vood, James Roy, Jacl ■th Ray, Albei Gabriel, Don A.. Moo •ille , Asheville iderson, Alan Philip, Plymoul ■ner. Vernon J.. Morehead Cit es. Joseph Thomas. Hillsboro liings. Thomas D.. Charlotte :R., Gr nes Eddie, StatesvilU 1 S., Scarsdale, N. Y. ndra Jean, Maxton nn M., Lynchburg, V indy C„ Boyds, Md. iwland L.. Monroe. V James Kirk. Winston-Salen , Thomas Mark, Durham n. Edward Davis. Salisbury ames Avery. Princeton n Cleon Walton Jr. Wilst k ' . Richard H., Edenton n. Willie Parker, Edenton , Douglas R., Matthews larshall C. Kings Mounlair EIrvenlh Row: Gorham. James S.. Rocky Mount Conger, Judy Elaine, Chapel Hill Graham, James Wilson, Burlington Graham, William Albert, Chapel Hill Graham, William A., Durham Gray, George A., IlL Gastonia Gray, James E., Jr., Robersonville chard A., Forest Heights. Md, . Tho ! A., Gai Page 124 ell, Gary W., Dover, Del. n, David W., Raleigh n. Lawrence L., Farmville, Va. nberK, Stephen, Queens, N. Y. ne, Douglas, Spruce Pine ne. James V., Jr., Fayetteville son, Bingham C. Jr., Burlinglon son, Howard R.. Jr.. High Point ?th, William F., Jr., Atlanta. Ca. Second Row: Griffin, James Keith. Asheville Gritliii. Robert Lee. New London In,. l.,tion D.. Norfolk, Va. I I li,, mas Russell. Lexinglo I ,.d Ford, Jr.. Asheville ! Curtis, Bo ' ille Charles Brooks, Hamlet Gurley, Isaac Dean. Goldshoro Gurley. Margaret Barry, Sanford Third Row: Haha. Thomas A.. Youngblood, Pa. Halirjl. Nancy Jane, Charlotte II.,. In. 1. Alfred Justice, Jr.. Siler City II. I l.niies Ronald. Salisbury Mill L. fph Edward. Gastonia II ,11 I i. ' .lerick Mervyn. Waynesville Hall. James David. Jr.. Hillsboro Hall. Margaret Jean. Villars. Switzerlan, Hall. Ralph G.. Jr., Greensboro Fourd, Row: Hamer. John Flowers. Rockingham Hamilton. Alvin Lester. Asheboro Hamlet. Christopher E.. Durham Hampton. Phillip Terry. Coinlock Hancock, William G., Charlotte Hanes. James G.. III. PfaRtown Hanna. George V.. III. Orlando, Fla. Hanson, Jane Boyles, Jacksonville. Fla. Hardee, James C, Jr., Fort Lee, Va. i C. Milano. Italia . Wan elius Jacks n. Gr, is. David Morton, GasI is, James Osborn, Oxford is, Rebecca A., Granite Falls is, Sara Ann, Asheville is, Walter Franklin, Bynum ison, John Philips, Jr., Laurinburg Sixth Row: Hart. John Edgar. Hopemills Hart. William Boyd, Charlotte Hartman. James Daniel. Jr.. Raleigh Hasty. James Bonner. Hickory Hatch. Charles Monroe. Sanford Hawkins. James David, Kannapolis Hawkins. Oscar Berval, Raleigh Heatherington, Terry W.. Bessemer Ci Hedrick, Mary Frances, Richmond. Va Seventh Row: Helellinger. Daniel T.. Charlotte Heilman. Robert Lane. Ft. Lauderdale Helms. Worth McLendel. Charlotte Henderson. Albert Allen. Lynn Henderson, Gerald Lester, Graham Heritage, David M.. Atlanta. Ga. Herritage, Thomas M.. New Bern •r. Ja Eighth Row: Heymann, Peter Lawrence. Asheville Hicks. Denver Floyd. Siler City Hicks. Fred Allen. Wise Hicks. Ronald Eugene. Henrietta Hill. Brent O ' Neil, Trenton Hincemon. Roy Daniel. Jr.. Raleigh Hinshaw. John Wayne, Burlington Hinson, Sherwood Forest. Fairmont Hinton, Harvey Douglas, Cibsonville Mnth Row: Hipps,Charle! Hirnce, Denn Hit... Charles W., Jr., Gastonia 11 !■.,,. Fred C.. Jr.. Yadkinville II I ;irald G., Johnson City, Tenn, H Larry Craig, Jamestown II ' ' ,,-t. a. John Howard, Brooklyn, N. H..k.-, Harrie Franklin. Conover Huhher. Frank Theodore, Asheville ami. Tony Lyles, Statesville aii.l.T. Jeffrey Alan, Greensboro ih.ld, Cecil Larry, Charlotte " ,■:, . Len O.. South Miami. Fla - Illiver Wilton. Jr., Graham ' ■■■. Iiard Allen. Fanwood. N.J. ,,11. David Fred. Mt. Holly .fcii.aun. Karon Jane, Chapel Hil: ks, Claude Allen, Jr., Chadbour. Eleve, Hnrd, th Row: Edwin Van Buren, 1. Fred Lane, Jr.. 1 r. John William. C d. Edwin Stephen, d. Walter Allen. Ji 1, Ben Leon. Newd 1, Cullen Vance, W ch. John Peter. Ch , Frank L.. Ill, Hei Page 12.S iWm 1 ■ k immtm Ninth R Kennedy. J King. Malvem Francis, Jr.. Weld King. Michael Lowndes. Greensboi King. Victoria Hallie, Raleigh Kirby. Calvin Walter. Newton Kirk. Charles Dayton. Asheville Kirk. John Edward. Goldsboro Kirkland. William Elliott. B Kirkpatrick. Curry. Lewistoi , 111, Columbu Kleeberg. Lawrence P.. Burlington Klepfer. Robert Onan. Jr.. Moores Kline. Harvey Franklin. Salisbury Knott, Arthur James. Spring Lake Kokenes. Constantine S., Charlott Kollar, Joseph John. Forest City. 1 Kottler. Nahum Harry. Concord Kouri. Edward William, Shelby Page 126 Kowal, Larrv D., Hastings-on-Hudson. Kni.r, M.-rl.-,,h. Louisville. Ky. kiiiinii,;:, M.iiliii .. Waccabuc. N. Y. I ,,l ' .Mi«-ii, M,. 1„ I,. J„v, RaleiBh I I. ., n,,i. W ill, am. Charlotte I ,ul, I liail. ' . Ka , Ci.nnver l.ambrrt. Joel W.. Jr.. Spring Lake LaMonica. William K.. Creve Coeur. Mu Lancaster. Harold M.. Goldsboro Second Sou.: Landau. Ted S.. Albany. Ca. Langdon. Charles W.. Coats Lankford. W. Randall. Pisgah Forest Larson John W.. West Hartford. Conn. La« Sally Frances. Raleigh lanson Greene H.. Jr.. Roanoke. Va. 1 dXton Carroll Malcolm. Lenoir I jMon David Albert, Charlotte 1 .ake William S., Jr.. Winston-Salem Third Row: Lee Jasper W.. Wilson Lee John W.. Roaring Cap I ee Joseph Bvrd. Jr.. Burlington L. e Roger Wavne. Pikeville 1 f Jav L nn. Pinelown I,„„ 11 Manila v.. Williamston ItGrand John L.. Chapel Hill I Jesse Clifton, HI, Hamlet I emmond. Walter V.. Lumberton Fuunh Row: 1 en? John James. Jr.. Charlotte Leonard Ralph Hodges. Winston-Salem l.omrd Strven Worth. Lexington 1 eonhirdl. Douglas L.. Lawndale I nhardt. Thomas W.. APO 164. N. Y. I pionka. Larry B.. Beaufort. S. C. 1 esne Edward H.. Jr.. Knoxville. Ten 1 ler Arthur G.. Jacksonville. Fla. I ster Douglas Joe. Greensboro Fifllt Row: Letter William H., Asheville 1 e ter William L.. Short Hills. N. J. I eMn Richard A.. Brooklyn. N. Y. I nil II Harold J.. Fredericksburg. Va I «i ( urge T.. Jr.. Fayetteville 1 I W llliam C, Jr.. Kannapolis 1 .,1,1 I lilies Woodson. Bliiefield. W. Va 1 ilh Thomas T.. Jr.. Durham Limbert Lea Middleton. New York. N. 1 Six!h Row: Lind. John Elmer. Greensboro Lindsay. Joseph H., Jr., Leaksville Little. Alexander C, HI, Valdosta, Ga. Lillle. James Edwin. Kenly Little. Jerry Allen, Statesville I.iicke. Franklin T.. Concord, Mass. Loiklear. Cecil O.. Jr., Durham LoBin, Thomas Douglas, Winston-Salem Lominac, Thomas C. WeaverviUe ungs. Mod ' atrick, Ro r, HI, Lexi: Ilk. Jr.. Jackson Eiglill, Ru rl Vi , Asheville Liinslord. Wavne Thomas. Yanceyville Lverlv. Gary Ray. Salisbury Lvon. Hugh P.. jr.. Falls Church. Va. MacKethan. John A.. Whitakers MacNeil. James S.. Harrisonburg. Va. McAfee. Chester C. Jr.. Charleston. S. C. , Charles Wesley. High Point M.- ardell. Willii I P.. Lan u,ih Row: KCarty. Perry H.. Atlanta. Ga. M.Caskill. Donald Terry. Troy McCaskill. Rodney Lynn. Ellerbe M, Combs. James T.. Granite Qua Ml (i.mmons. Robert J.. Albemarl M, ( niiiiirk. George Michael. Mot . Os. r T.. Ke ' ille aid. Harold J.. Southern Pines alil. Robert G.. Mount Pleasant -. Judith Ann. Asheville iaril. Barbara. Raleigh Michael H.. Cramerlon 1, Knight. John Pe Ir. Michael D.. Fayetteville . George R.. Harbinger n. William M.. Charlotte ael. William M.. Reidsville n. Paul D.. Red Springs n. Robert A.. Charleston. W. Va . Francis Dalton. Greensboro ■v. William S.. Kingsport. Tenn, , William Michael. Whiteyille Page 127 Fint Row: McRae. John Albert, Charlotte Maddison, Laurence B., Scotland Neck Malinaskv, George A.. Pearl Harhor, Haw Malone. Elmer Taylor. Coats Malski. Carl M., Hendersonville Maneuni. Anthony B., Darlington. S. C. Mangum. Robert Worth. Bahama Manlv. John Kendall. Aaheville Mann. Betty Sue. Burlington nd Row: in. Billy Ray, KernersviUe in, Carl Linwood. Hamlet in, Edward S., Chapel Hill in, James Ronald. Raleigh in. Michael C. Greenville ■in. Harold W.. III. Raleigh ienburg. Johnsye E., Raleigh ley. John McLain. Troutraan en. Michael A., Greensboro Third Row: Masters. Raphael T.. HI. Greensboro Matheson, John Dayis, Brevard Matthews, Cornelius F.. Turkey Mattox. Phillip Roscoe. .Murphy Matuszak. Susan M.. Winston-Salem Maxwell. George Franklin. Raetord May. Alexander M.. Bennetlsville. S. ( May. Philip Bessom. Charlotte May. Zebulon W.. Burlington Foutlli Row: MavlielJ. David T.. Charlotte Mavnard. William H.. Lenoir Mavc. Herbert B.. Richmond. Va. MazoH. Stephen M., Elmont. N. Y. Meads. Lawrence Craig, Shawboro Mechum, James F., Clemmons Medlin, Phillip Tracy, Benson Mercier, Vivian A. C. Port Washingto Merrill. William H., Atlanta. Ga. Filth Row: Metz. John R.. Binghamton. N. Y. Mewborn. John Moses. Farmville Mewborn. Quentin Alexander. Farmvil Meyer. Julien H.. Jr.. Roanoke. Va. Michels. Ronald Glenn. Henderson Middlelon. Henry M.. HI. Raleigh .Miles. Hugh Craige. Jr.. Burlington Miles. Joel Hart. Danville. Va. Milks. Llovd Elmer. HI. Madison •r. Anthony Wisner. Cedarhurst. N. Y. ■r. Daniel Thomas. Statesville ■r. Jane A.. Columbia. S. C. •r. Joseph Norman. New Rochelle. N. Y. !r. Michael Joe. Swansboro •r. Sherry Elaine, Jefferson ■r. Thomas Frederick, Charlotte ngton, Bettv Ann, Charlotte t. Bonnen S.. Lumberlon Everett Ernest. Greens Frank F.. HI. Oriental Susan McRae. Plymoul 1. Jack. Jr.. Greensboro n. Solon Scott, . sbevil heimer. Fred M.. Jr., M te, Alan V., Smithfield , Abner George, Hayes ' , Clayton W.. Dalton, ( Eiehlh Row: Moore, Clyde T.. Jr.. Elizabeth City Moore, Edward Rutus, Fuquay Sprin, .Moore, Hugh Jackson, Spindale Moore, John Ira, Raleigh Moore, Robert Clay, Charlotte Moore, Robert Dunn, Raleigh Moore, Wayne Allen, Matthews Mooring, Joseph Ray, Jr.. Fremont Morgan, James Franklin. High Point Mnlh Row: .Morgan. Kent . ugust. Greensboro Morin. Robert Hunter, Orange, Va. Morisey. John C. Jr.. Clinton Morris, Joseph A.. Rutherfordton Morrison. Rita. Statesville Mullen. Douglas T.. Wendell Muller. Chandler R., Winter Park, ¥ Mullis, Jon Charles, Charlotte Mullis, Julia Brvce, Chapel Hill Tenth Row: Murphey, William Reid, Lookout Mil Murray, Charles Jerome, Durham Murray, G. Theresa, Chapel Hill Murray. Ronald F.. Winslon-Salem Musselwhite. Neill H., III. Carolina I Mustard. James A.. Huntingdon Valh Myers. Connie Jean. Salisbury Myrick. Donald Ernest. Greensboro Nagel, Samuel Anthony, Greensboro Eleventh Row: Nathanson, Alan Jeffrey, Greensboro Neal, Francis Brent, Yanceyville Neely, Charles B., Jr., Butler. N. J. Nelson. Judith Karen, Hillsdale, N. J. Nelson. Willard J., Murfrcesboro. Ten Nelson. William C, Jr.. Huntington. V Neville. Winde Page 128 Nicholls, Frederick T., Canton Vichokon. Carlanii F., Jr.. Rich! Nicholson, Ivan Wayne. Balh Nordan. Kerry Gene. Hillsboro Norris, Lewis Harold. Kinston Norton, Sara Jane. Raleigh Norwood. David R.. Townaville Nunn. Howard S., Winslon-Salei Nunnally. McKee, Jr.. Atlanta. ( Second Row: Oare. Ernest M.. South Bend Ohle. Paul W.. Burnsville Okey, William Fremont, Hig Oldham, Charles M., Jr„ Sat Oliver, Charles, II, Sewickle Oliver, Russell T., Columbia Orgain. Francis Leigh. Farm Orrell, David Lee, Linwood Overcash, Kay Eugene. Kant rlott, John Harkness. Arlington, ■rton. William Lee, Durham fns, Norman Presslv. StatesviUe rns, Phillip Lamar, High Point ens. Richard C, North Wilkesbo e, Danny Floyd, Salisbury e. Lavon Barry, Salisbury ett, James Rogers, WinstonSalei is, Ronald Charles, Brevard ■Ih Roll.- :er, Alvin S., III. High Point er Jean Carol Winston-Salem :er. ' Judith Ken ' ion, Cedar Grove ;er. Robert Vann. Greensboro ;er. Simpson M., Charleston. S. ( ;er. Thomas Hackney, Roper er, William Kenneth, Rocky Mo ;s, Michael Lashley, Graham ;s, Owen Tracy, Southern Pines ish, David Monroe, Winston-S ish. Walter B., Jr., Rocky Mo irson, Nellie E., Matthews ick, Franklin D., Greensboro ch, Joel Edwin. Gastonia te. Michael David, Greensbori rce, Linda Leigh, Hendersonvi ■sail, Eugene A., Ill, Memphis rson, Lester P., Jr., Hickory ddicord, James Lee, Newport News, kruhn, John P.. Pittsburgh, Pa. ■nnington, Kenneth E., Durham ■rian, George Douglas, Mt. Olive rry. Jack Sherwood, Jr., Concord Try. Robert Edward, Jr., Selma rryman, Charles R., Winston-Salem rsson, Eric A„ Jr., Boonton, N. J. terson, David Lalister, Clinton venlh Row: ■terson, Russell L.. Thomasville ■terson. Thomas McKeel. Burlington ■tree, George C. Jr., Winston-Salem .arr, Jones Neil. Harrisburg .illips. Claude F., Winston-Salem lillips, Stanley D., High Point lilp, Richard Nilson, Vero Beach. Fli lipps. Mack William. Grassy Creek erce, James William, Gamer •, James C, Jr.. Wake Forest man. Bernice Edward. Wilson man. Michael J., Durham t, Carolyn Louise, Louisburg nmer, Ronald Julian, Randlen e, William Parker, Dunn s, Andrew David, Welcome el], Mary Jane, Morganton ell, William D.. Fuquay Sprin Ninlh Row: Prescott, David B.. North Dartmouth. Ma Prevost. Jack Gilbert. Hazelwood Price. Jerry Lee, Hickory Price, Thomas Franklin, Monroe Price, Warren, III, Bethesda, Md, Pridgen, Rufus Allan, Cameron Prindle. Richard G., Atlanta, Ga. Propst, James A., Morganton Pruit. Carl C.. Newport ruitt. Frank Howard, Maysville ryur, Claude Edison, Jr., Ruffin ryor, William Leonard, Jr.. Ruffin jlver, George Joseph, Saratoga Springs, N. Y urvis. John Alan, Jr., Charlotte uinn, James Elwood, Jr., Beulaville uinn, Judith Dane, Gastonia uintus, John Allen, Arlington, Va. abb, Richard Avery. Shelby Uvenlh Row: achel, Michael Harold, Thomasville adiord, David Eugene, Chapel Hill . Ha I A., Jt apoli. ange, Franklin Wil ankin, Peter Brinton. Haverford. anson, David Harris, Charlotte athbun. Edward Collins, Clinton, awlins. John Fredrick, Tarboro ay, Nathan Joel, Lumberton Page 129 First Row Ray, Robe Reagan, Ro Third Robins. Robins. Roge: Roger; Roger! Roger Roger! Roger! Roglie i Y., Ral. .rd March, Arlington. V rt Kent. Durham , Jiminv . rlvn, Edenton , riovd Bvron, Durham Fourth Ro,o: Roghelia, Floyd B.. Durliam Rose, Charles Anderson, Shelby Rose, Melville Brice, III. Greensboro Rose, William Nicholas, Jr., Wallace Ross, Coleman DeVane, Pleasant Garden RoS!i, James Henry, Jr., Burlington Ross, John Perry, Silver Spring, Md. Rostan, Athos, Jr.. Shelby Roth, Richard E., Wantagh, N, Y. Jessie, Tabor City n Brown, Kannapoli Howard, Clay, N. Y. Sixth Row : Ryerson. Paul B., Wayne, N, J, Sailing, William Houston, Jr., Wilmington Sample, James McCamey, Jr., Statesville Samsot, Robert Louis. New Orleans, La, Sanders, Edward Brockman, Charlotte Sanford, Winston Morris, Lenoir Sapp, David, Jr., StoneviUe Sargent. Richard Berton. Charlotte Sargent. Winthrop W., Jr.. Concord, Mass. Seventh Row: Sarratt, Alexander R„ IH, Nashville, Tenn. Sasser, David Donald, New Bern Saunders, Billy Lee, Rocky Mount Savers, Donald Dean, Gastonia Schlacter, John Lathrop, Hudson, Ohio Schmidt. Marjorie Gertrude, Baltimore, Md. Schnupper, John Gile, Charlotte Schrum, Gerald Howard, Dallas Schuchardt, Louise Novelle, Durham Eighth Row: Schuller, Jeremy Clinton, Fairfax. Va. Schultz, John Frederick. Atlanta. Ga. Schwartz, David Malcolm, Greensboro .Scott, Christopher Martin, Fair Bluff Scott. Henry Donald, Beulaville Scott, John D., Charlotte Scott, Orvel Norman, Jr., Winston-Salem Scott, Thomas Fletcher, Jr„ Rockwood, Teni Scruggs, Eugene Victor, Jr., Charlotte Mnth Raw: Seagle. Thomas Caldwell. Hickory Seago, John Vincent, New Orleans, La. Seagraves. Byron Lester. East Point, Ca. Seate. Billy Fenton. Oxford Sechrest. Melville Lee. Brown Summit Seely, Fred Loring. HI, Asheville Seeman, John Andrew, New Rochelle. N. Seligman. Marcus Brown, Statesboro, Ga. Sellers. Alva Broughton, Jr., Asbeboro Tetith Row: Sentelle, David Bryan, Enka Sewell, Janice N,, Towson. Md. Seyle. Gerald L.. Charleston Heights. S Seymour, Glynn Douglas, Zebulon Shapiro, Gordon Hoffman, Roanoke, Va Shaver, Huitt Roger. N. Wilkesboro Shaw, John Allen, Chevy Chase. Md, Shaw, Theodore Roosevelt, Windsor Shelburne, John Daniel, Raleigh Elevettth Row: Shell, William Robert, Hickory Shelor, James David, Atlantic Beac Shelton, Frank Weslev, Durham Shelton, George Edward, 111,-Wallf Sheps, David Samuel, New York, N Sherill, J. Wayne, Denver Sherill, Robert M.. Roaring Gap Sherrod. James Hassell. Nashville Shilts. John Allan. Hudson, Ohio msm Page 130 Shinn, HaroW Lee, Charlotte Shivcly. Jolin Terry, Goshen, N. Y. Shoaf. Milton B., Jr., Kannapolis Shook, Ronahl Earl, Asheville Shroat, Jerrv Gordon, Asheville Shiill. Joseph Rush, III, Charlotte Sickles, Arthur Deloss, Jr., Lexington Sieber. Peter Joseph, Hendersonville Siegel. Edward Mark, Jr., New York, N. Y. coni fioio; Tord, Jerry Lee, Mount Holly linian, Scott L., Auburndale, Mass. vcr, Frank Morris, Leaksville unions, Michael Ross, Whiteville nmons, Russell Edwards, Rockwood, Tenn. nonds, Albert Rhett, Jr., Charleston, S. C. npson, Bryan, Jr.. Jacksonville, Fla. npson, Robert Brent, Greensboro ns, Marion DuBose, III, Westfield, N. J. Third Row: Singer. Richard Gregg, Salisbury Singlelary, James Rudolph. Jr.. Han Sjoholm, John Anders, Atlanta, Ca. Slack. John Mark, III, Washington, Slaughter. James S.. III. Kannapolis aid Hugh. Burlington •t. Wil 1 He: Four:h Row: Smith. Edwin Crosland. Campobello. S. C. . Glenn Monroe. Tabor City i Elv . Jr., Ka Smith. James Fielding. Wiugale Smith. Jerry Alan, Fayetteville Srjiilh. John Troy, Fayetteville Suiilh. .Marion Hinson, Jr., Lancaster, Smith, Mary Ann. Valdese Smith, Reginald B., Plymouth Fillll Row: Smith, Robert Bailey, III. Waynesbor Smith. Ronald Earl. Burlington Smith. Scott Henderson. Hickory Smith. Thurraan Leonard, Washinglor Smith, Windell Britton, Charlotte Sneed, Albert Lee, Jr., Pinehurst Snell, Thomas Richard, Winston-Sale Snider, Tim. Greens Farms. Conn. Snook. Harrv David. Charlotte ■T, Charles Edwin. III. Norfolk. Va Solte ion. Herbert Ro ;ier. Arthur Nea Sevenl t Row: Spencer. Grimkey Rhett. HI. Rockingham Spencer. Theodore R.. Jr.. Brown ' s Summi Spencer. Wni. Wiggins. Delray Beach. Fla. Spies. Peter Frederick, Maplewood, N. J. Spring. Harry Charles, Kensington. Md. Spruill. James Alexander. Cberaw. S. C. Stack. Robert Cole. Raleigh Stafford. Robert Blanton. Matthews Stanford, CliKord Glenn, Atlanta, Ga. Eighlli Row: Stanley, Hugh Parham, Kinston Stanley, Ronald Woodrow, Burlington Stanley. William Elbert. Jr.. Greensboro Starnes. Jimmy Davie. Monroe Stearns. Junius Slitt. Ill, Lauriuburg Stebbins. Mary Patricia. Durham Steelman. Ronald Howell. Spencer Stein. Jay Joseph. Florence, S. C. Stembler, John Hardwick, Jr.. Atlanta. Ga , Ha I Hugh. Jr ■ • .-ii-. Mi. K. Paul C. Bronxville. N. Y. .„ ss. George C. Princeton. N. J. ogowski. Joseph John, Westfield. [ okely, William Robert, Edenton one, James Robert, Pilot Mountaii ribbling. William Lauria. Evanstoi roupe. William Edward. Raleigh II. ■ il.l.-. rl,-. Ill .land . Fayetteville erbett. Kings Moiintai Swing. Jeffrey Bruce. Kannapolis SwoBord. Ronald Lee. Marion SwolTord. Stephen Paul. WinstonSalem Szymaitis. James Adam. Canonsburg. Pa. Elei ' enll, Row: Tarleton. Larrv Wilson. Peachland Tale. Charles iMurrav. Greensboro Taylor. Daniel Lovelace. Kinston Taylor. Edward Alan. Wilmington Taylor. Elliott Ray. Jr.. Atlanta. Ga. Taylor. Frances Elizabeth. Snead ' s Ferry Taylor, Frank Page, Raleigh Taylor, Herman LeRoy. III. Arapahoe Taylor, Nathanial Dunn. Raleigh Page 131 First Row: Taylor. Norwood Travis, Raleigh Taylor, Thomas Picketl. Louisvill, Taylor. William Allen, Creensborc Teaney, Myron Rex, Coldsboro Teeler, Ronald Edward, Salisbury Templeton, Eugene B.. III. Hicko Tennille, Wilson Rose. Winslon-S Terrell. Joe Lowery. Monroe Tew. Franklin Truett. Clayton Second Row: Thomas, Clilton Boyd. Concord Thomas. Francis Michael. Charlotl. Thomas. Michael Mavnard. CreensI Thomas. John H., Washington, D. I Thomas, Oscar B.. Charlotte Thomas. Philip Winston. Asheboro Thon Thon Th.iir , Roy Hooker. Fan n. Alexander S.. : n. Charles LeRny Third Row: Thompson. Fred Caldwell. Lincolnton 1 Thompson. Oscar Holden. Atlanta. Ga. I Thompson. Samuel Griffin. Wilson Thompson. Thomas Arlie. Randleman Thornburg. Johnny Glenn. Charlotte Thum. Richard Cobb. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Tilden. Douglas Fuller. Winter Garden. Fla. Tillman. Nancy Wood. Ral eigh Tison, Joseph Southwood. Savannah. Ca, Topkins, Bill Cagle. Guilford College Topping. John Harrison. Akron. Ohio Trenbath. Richard S.. Washington. D. C. ipp. Jimmy Noah, Sanford ogdon. Calvin L., Winston Salei ■otter. Edwin Scott. Charlotte ..V, Helen June. Liberty r. James Palmer. Henderson r. Marshall Lee. Jr.. Gastonia , Charles Allen. Hickory , Robert L.. Lenoir rch. Vicki Gray. Dunn rch. William M.. Blanch ■ue. Charles Q.. Chew Chase. Md. rwarker. Richard D.. jr.. N. Y.. N. Y. tberrv. Robert Carroll, Ahoskie an Lear. Murray Martin. II. Roanok an Noppen. Thomas Pratt. Madison an Wolkenten. Raymond V., Charle aughan. Joseph Bailey. Woodland aughan. Sarah Jane. Chapel Hill ick. William Milton. High Point ickers. Laurence H.. Jr.. Tavernier. iverette. Ralph King. Jr.. Enfield . a.le. Barbara Lois. Chapel Hill Walei Walk( Wall. nih Row: enegger. Uwe i. He South Bend. Ind, St. Thomas. Virgit illii 1 Wit James Clayton. High Point R. Brvanl. Raleigh William Franklin. Jr.. Lenoir re. Marcus Heavner. Smithfield slev. Paul. Salisbury r. R.mald Elwood. Lexington Eifhlh Row: Walsh. John Thomas. Gastonia Walston. William Albert. Scotland Ne. Walter. Daniel Martin. Albemarle Walter. Donald Patrick. Albemarle Walton. Asa James. Jr.. Jacksonville Walton, Everette Joseph, Jr., Salisbur Walz. Richard Edward. Greensboro Ward. James Bernard. Bladenboro War.l. John Prickett. Bladenboro Mr,ll, Row: Ward. Ronald Young. Raleigh Ward. Tom H.. Jr.. Robersonville Ward. Walton Leonard, Durham Warmbrod, William Kenneth, Raleigh Warner, Jonathan F.. Farmingdale. N. Y. Warren. Alfred Daniell. III. Snow Hill Warren. James Robert. Dunn Warren. Robert Winslow. Favetteville Warren. William Addison. Laurel, Md, Tertlh Row: Wason. Catharine Louise. Guilford, Con Wasson. George Lee. Jr.. Charlotte Watkins. Howard William. Jr.. Lillingto Watson. Charles Albert. Plymouth Wearb. Jerome Jay. Charleston. S. C. Ltherlv. William Jesse, Washington We Week: Weem Weil, Weil, Wells, Wells, Welsh, Werbe We tm Albe: . LatI ,rh Row: i, Robert White, Elizabeth Cil s. William Swanson. Raleigh Alan. Goldsboro Mariana Pressly. Kinston Edward Warner. Smithfield irold William. III. Wilmini ancis Marion. III. Chariot homas C.. III. Indianapoli land. Jerry Twain. Mount Page 132 Wheeler, William Harrv, Jr.. Un Wheless. Glenn Allan. High Poii Whichard, Obie Guilford, Durba Whilaker. Phillip Stewart. Durhi White. Milbern Charles. Jr.. Che Second Row: White, William Rufus, Greensboro Whiteside. Carl Thomas, Creensborc Whitfield, Bobby Gene, Newton Gro ' Whitfield, William J.. Rutherfordton Whitley, Harvey Franklin, China Gr Whitley, Jack West, Kinston Third Row: Whitlev. Robert Riley, Yanceyville Wicker. Jade Womble, Sanford Wicker. W ' illiain Winston-Salem Wilda. ' James Renshaw. Westfield, N. J, Wilder, Bobby Hugh, Raleigh Wiles, Clarence D., North Wilkesboro FounI, Row: Willard, Kenneth H„ Richmond, Va, Williams, Bernard F.. Jr„ Savannah. Ga Williams, Berry Lynn, Zebulon Williams, David Lynn, Fayetteville Williams, James Robert, Mavodan Williams, John Buxton, III, . hoskie Fillh Row: Williams, Joseph J., Port Washington, N. Williams, Michael Robert, Greensboro Williams, Richard Dudley, Savannah, Ga, Williams, Russell E., Jr., Robersonville Willingham, Francis F., Jr., Winston-Salei Willis, Dewev Wayne. Williston Sixlh Row: Wills, Virginia Lee, Norfolk, Va. Wilson, David Burke, Yanceyville Wilson, David K., Jr., Nashville, Tenn. Wilson, Franklin, Jr., Rocky Mount Wilson, Kenneth " ugene, Charlotte Wilson, M, Braxton, Jr., SmithfielJ Seventh Row : Wilson. Ronald Dean. Stanley Winkelman, Andrew J., Atlantic Beach, N. V Winslow, James Elbert, Jr,, Hurdle Mills Winston, Robert Ward, Jr., Lillington Witt, Pe ■Ray, Hicko Wolfe, Charles J„ Da ch, Fla ert, Angi( Eighlh Row: Woodall, Haro Woodall, Willi Woodard, Wex Ashley, Raleigh Woody, Robert Edward, Gastoni, Woody, William Edney, Gastoni; Mnlh Row : Wrenn, Franklin Lafay. Wright. Judith L.. Bait Wright. Thomas Williai Wuensch, Marc John. La C Wurst. Robert George, Ash Wyatt, John Clifford, 1, Tr. lisbu Yodcr, James C, Mebane Young, Paula Bruce, Ashi Young, Ronald Edwin CI Ele nth Ro Young, Victor Penislon, Jr.. Charlotte Zacharv. William Arthur, Lexington Zacher. David Spalding, W, Hartford, C Zachary, Terry Lynn, Snow Camp Zaslav, Michael J., Cedarburst, N, Y. Zeko, John. Wilson Page 133 NURSING SCHOOL The University of North Carolina School of Nursing — the youngest school in the oldest state university — celebrated its tenth anniversary this year. In 1951, the school opened its doors to the first 26 students in North Carolina to enter a four-year collegiate nursing pro- gram. Dr. Elizabeth L. Kemble has been dean of the school since its opening, and other original faculty members were Mrs. Alice J. Gifford. Ruth Dalrymple. and Ruth M. Boyles. Currently, the school has over 240 students enrolled. These include generic, general and graduate students. The facult now has over 30 members. The school continues to pursue the four-fold approach to the nursing needs of the state undertaken in 1951 — a mission to offer undergraduate education, graduate education, con- tinuation education ( through extension courses, institutes and workshops ) and research in the field of nursing. Page 134 SENIORS Allen. Alice Eugenia Hemler-nn B.S. in Nursing. S.N.. . ; Wesley Founilalion. Bankert, Doris Marie Hamps teail. Mil. B..S. in Nursing S.N. A.; Nursing Clnss Presidenl 4. Bass, Jane Ross Greenville B.S. in Nursing. S.N. A.; Canterbury Oul. ; Choir. Bennett, Ann Fritz Durliani B.S. in Nursing S.N. A. Boatwright. Mary Glenn Charlotte B.S. in Nursing. Kappa Delta: S.N. A.; CM. Bnarcl c.f i;)ireclors. Brew, Sabra Ann Wilmington B.S. in Nursing. Kappa Delia: S.N. A.; Baplisl Stuilenl Union. Browning. Cynthia Stokley Chapel Hill B.S. in Nursing. Buxton. Judith Ellen Princeton, W. Va. B.S. in Nursing. Valkyries; S.N. A.; Baptist Student Union; Order „l tlie Old Well; Y.W.C.A.; Order of the Beanbirds. Caudle. Undine Halifax B.S. in Nursing. Valkyries: S.N. A. Coleman. Frances McGregor Hurdle Mills B.S. in Nursing. S.N. A. Crawford, Patricia Ann Newport. Tenn. B.S. in Nursing. S.N. A.; Canterbury Club; Y.W.C.A. Davisson, Ann Weston, W. Va. B.S. in Nursing. S.N. A.. Secretary 3; Wesley Foundation; Nursing Class Treasurer 4: Yackely Yack, Section Editor 3. 4; Y.W.C.A. Desmond, Beverly Ann Kinston B.S. in Nursing. S.N. A., Parliamentarian 3; i ' ackely Yack. Section Editor 3, 4; Nursing Class Vice-President 3. Finley, Blanche Elizabeth Burlington B.S. m Nursing. S.N.A.; Y.W.C.A. Gorciea, Andrea Lucille Wallington. N. ,|. B.S. in Nursing. S.N. A.. President 3; Valkyries. Harrison. Mary Rupert Fayetteville B.S. in Nursing. S.N. A. Hopkins, Anne Elizabeth Zebulon B.S. in Nursing. University Chorus; S.N.A. Huber, Jane Worden Bethesda, .Md. B.S. in Nursing. S.N.A. ; Westminster Felluwshii.. Hudock, Nancy Wills Stanhope. N. J. B.S. in Nursing. S.N.A. Hunter. Patricia . nn Rock Hill, S. C. B.S. in Nursing. S.N.A.; Canterbury: Nursing Class Social Chair- man 4; W.A.A.. President 3. Leffingwell. Celeste .Miami. Kla. B.S. in Nursing. CIn Uinega: S.N.A. Long, Elizabeth Ann .Avden B.S. in Nursing. Y.W.C.A.; S.N.A. Longanecker, April Lee Brookville. Ohio B.S. in Nursing. S.N.A- Moore. Kendree Virginia Houston, Tex. B.S. in Nu.sing. Baptist Student Union; S.N.A. Rice, Wilma Ann Swannanoa B.S. in Nursing. Baptist Student Union : S.N. V. Sikes, Bonnie Swicegood Greensboro B.S. in Nursing. S.N.A. Smith, Linda Kaye Welch. W. Va. B.S. in Nursing. S.N.A.; Y.W.C.A. Tesh, Esther Mae Winston-Salem B.S. in Nursing. S.N.A.; Wesley Foundation. Trembath. Linda Charlotte B.S. in Nursing. S.N.A. Turner, Ann Doxey Durham B.S. in Nursing. S.N.A. Lizzell. Corrine Holmes Asheville B.S. in Nursing. CIn Omega; S.N.A. Willwerth, Mary Alice Muiilour Falls, N. Y. B.S. in Nursing. Kappa Pelia. Page 135 If . fp JUNIORS Harlon, Palriria Cal.lwell, Barba W if w ■istopher, Linda Lane. Burlingto iss. Sandra Lee. Wrightsville Bei • son. Patricia . nn. Dunn S.-cond Rou:: Deal. Judith Belinda. Landis Klledge. Carol June. Winston-Salem Kudy, Joyce Elaine. Ml. Pleasant Fayed. Dorothy. Boanoke Bapids Fletcher, Mary Kay. Durhma Franklin. Millie Carolyn. Statesvillc llnrd Row: i;..ltnian. Elaine. Hendersonyille Hogg. Muriel Joanne. Pittsburgh. Pa. Hruslinski. Eugenia Walker. Burlingto Humphrey. Lynn Elizabeth, Weslfield. N. J. Hutchins. Linda Jo. Yadkinyille Ingram. Catherine. Arlington, Va. f,mrih Rou: l.ihnson. Catherine Lynn. Charlotte Kaulraan. Joyce . nn. Hendersonvill laxlon. Linda Anne. Lenoir Martin. Frances Ann. Fayetteyille Massengill. Carolyn Sue. Benson Mills. Vera Faye. Mt. Airy tilth Ro,i: Mit, hell. Julia Carolyn. Chapel Hill I ' hilbeck. Barbara Jo. Shelby Phillips. Roberta Brown. Raleigh Pi. krell. Katharine Lee. Durham Khvne. Frances Lee. Morganton Ki.gers. Edith Jane. Arlington. Va. w. Mary Cattle. Wagri ith. Mary Bandolph, Charles Town, W. Va Sutton. Margaret Johns late. Martha Jane. Atla Tegh. Linda Lee. Winsl. 1 lu [ipso . Rhonda Ann. Haw Ri Seienlh Row: Thompson. Toni Lynne. Wilkesboro Webster. Elizabeth Faye. Mebane Whedbee. Elizabeth Moore. Creenyil White. Eleanor Kay. Elizabeth City Wright, Judith Clifton, Jamesville Page 136 SOPHOMORES First Ron: Avery, Vicki Gwendolyn, Greenville Berryhill. Marion Reece, Charlotle Booth. Rom Frances, Ayden Bridgford. Dershie Bruce, Sheridan, Wyo. Burley, Dorothy Jean. WestBeld. N. J. Burnette. Betsy Cameron. Durham Second Rou: Burroughs, Constance, Port Washington, N. Y. Carlo, Laura Ann, Falls Church, Va. Caron, Betty Jane. Falls Church, Va. Cloyes, Edna Leslie, White Plains, N. Y. Cly, Jean Frankie, Winston-Salem Coleman, Mary George, Durham Third Ro,r: Colvard. Mary Lynda, State College, Miss. Crumpler, Mary Jayne, Rocky Mount Davis. Julia Watson. Raleigh Dermott, Elizabeth Anne. Durham Duncan. Kathryn Leah. Winston-Salem Earp, Jane Teresa. Morganton Fourth Row: Forsyth. Jane Marshall. Birmingham, Ala. Gaddy, Hilda Bowman, Wadesboro Green, Mary Clare, New Bern Hamrick, Mary Margaret, Charlotte Hartman. Becky Ann, Raleigh Haynes, Beverley Ann, Washington, D. C. Filth Rmv: Hildebrand. Patricia Ellen, Smithfield Hinnant, Frances Victoria, BronxviUe, N. Y. Hornbeck. Judith Elaine, Richmond, Va. Howell, Gail Darlene, Rich Square Ligon, Barbara Anne, Raleigh Lupton. Anne Billings, Winston-Salem Sixth Rou: Martin, Helen Carolyn, High Point Martin. Laura Lee. Leakeville Mashburn, Carol Anne, Star Morrison, Patricia Elaine, Leesburg, Va. Newsom, Judy Gail, Winston-Salem Noble, Mary Ann, Ft. Meade. Md. Seventh Rou : Ogburn. Marilyn Starr. Raleigh Perry. Barbara Lane, High Point Perry, Frances William, Richmond, Va. Pinion. Carolyn Marie, Arlington, Va. Poag. Barbara Ann. Columbus Pugh. Carolyn Ivey, Hickory Eighth Rou: Railord, Mary Lindsay. Hendersonvillc Roberts, Mary Eloise, Racford Rogers, Marion Lane, Brooklyn, N. Y. Rollick, Virginia Dianne, Long Island, N. Y. Sain. Btenda .Mae. Vale Sasser. Nancy Farthing. Goldsboro Mnth Ro,v: Shugart, Dorothy Banks, Halifax Sitton, Linda Elizabeth, Hendersonvillc Strawhun, Sandra Lee, Charlotte Thorpe, Martha Susan, WinstonSalem ' aden, Joyce Carolyn, Charlotte Tenth Ro I Ma Vandenborre, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Wceldreyer, Sharon Rac, Fayetteville Whitley, Anna Patricia, Smithheld Williard, Helen Gaye, Yadkinville Winters, Esther Cecilia. Winston-Sals ■ 5 . 9 f % 1 t W f ft I t t -f f f I I f ttif % f f l ?l FRESHMEN fnsi Ron: Abrams. Virginia Bpatri.c. Roc kiiigliain danlB. Gayle Elainf. Cliarlollr Iphin. Gloria Anne. Dunn Barb, Judith Elaine. Jarksoiiville Barnes. Linda Lee. Drexel Beard. Edilh Joyce. Win.ton.Salem Beasley. Nancy Delniar. Washineton. D. C. S rofid Rou: Blarklev. Beverly Joan. HilUboro Bfadner, Rebecca Sue. High Point Burner. Sandra Gail. Tobaccoville l.anbv, Sarah Ann Frazier. Philadelphia. Pa. Carswell. Helen Janel. Morsanton Collins. Frieda Ann. Rnck Island. 111. Cooke. Marianne. Winslon. Salem Third Rou: navr. Deanna Evelyn. Arlington. Va. F.askuld. Barbara Hope. Burlington Ksenes, Charlotte Wade. Westfield. N. J. Flanders. Judith Ann. Arlington. Va. K..rd. Daphne Elizabeth. Burlington Frve. Sandra Anne. St. Albans. W. Va. Garner. Kathleen Ann. King Fourlh Rou : Gentry. Robin Hortense. WinstonSalem Grav. Judith Dawn. Norfolk. Va. Griffith. Ethel Marie. Winston. Salem Groce. Joan Roberta. Asheville Hanille. Cheryl Louise. Chapel Hill Holder. Bettina Kay. Waynesyille H.ipkins. Karen Lyon, Durham niih Rou: Isom. Dorothy Rose. Raleigh Jones. Carolyn Wayne. Oxford Kemmer. Susan Jo.. La Grange. 111. Kennedy. Sharon Ann. Kinston Lahens. Frances Bradhurst. Wynnewood. Pa. law. Linda Kathleen. Leonia. N. J. LeShanna. Judith Ann. Atlanta. Ca. Six:h Rou: Lipsky. Martha Ann. Burlington Ivon. Ann Falls. Bahama McDonald. Gloria Jeannette. Greensboro Massengill. Annie Rose. Baltimore. Md. Maxwell. Ann Parham. Raeford Moodv. Beverlv Anne. Durham Mott. Susan Elizabeth. Sarasota. Fla. Se:enll, Rou: Newnam. Constance Lee. High Point Overton. Libbv Grey. Otis AFB. Mass. Palmatier. Helen Anne. Chapel Hill Phillips. Linda Marvarine. Clayton Piland. Mary John. Raleigh Kav. Nancy Charles. Raleigh Reedy. Vida Michaela. Puonsel Pt.. R. 1. Eighth Rou : Rendell. Elizabeth un. Westheld. N.J. Ridgeway. Carole Elizabeth. Winston-Salem Rieman. Nancv Lou. Birmingham. Mich. Rogers. Joan Kay. Henderson Sharpe. -Adelaide Rave, Spencer Solomon, Ellen Joan. Wilmington Speiden. Nancy War.l, Dobson Mnih Rou: Spencer. Judith Ann, Denton Stokes. Nancy Estelle, Charlotte Dorelle, Durham Toy. Wanda Sue. Durham Tvson. Judith Ann. Aiken, S. C. iverette. Jo nne. Rocky Mount Weeks. Mary Ann. Mt. Holly lenlh Row: Wells. Rebecca Agnew. Chapel Hill White. Katherine Beverly. Charlotte Wooden. Jane Senter. Raleigh Woodworth. Michelle Elaine. Charlotte Zaron. Jo Ann. Tarentum. Pa. Zimmerman, Sandra Jovce, WinstonSalem GENERAL NURSING ftrsl Rou: Second Ron : Borger, Barbara Jane, PalmrrK.n. Pa. Hortun. Sallv Ann. Cross, Elsie Deana, Weaveriille Houchins. Mary Carolyn, Durham Curtis. Barbara Jenene, Durham Kirbv, Paula Faye, Lenoir Ferguson, Phyllis Helen, Hamplon. Va. Lusk, Elizabeth . nn. Chapel Hill Gilliland, Nancy. Laurens, S. C. Maher, Arlene Ina. West Hartford, Ct Hargett. Margaret Virginia. New Bern Pavne. Betsy C, Indian Trail Hawes. Laura Lee. Supply Sorrell. Ethel Eugenia. Chapel Hill Heilig. Patricia Mae. Hendcrsonvillc ISard. Lillian Adair. Independence. Zell. Mae Van. High Point PHYSICAL THERAPY First Row: Abernathy. Hettie Jo. Gastonia Barber. Carole Princess. Charleston Capps. Judith Dawn. Sanford Carroll. Mary Margaret. Durham Love. Jo Carol. Mt. Pleasant Morgan. Maria Collins. Elizabethto ole. Lo . Tho , Beverly Kaye. Le; ngton Srcond Rou: Reynolds. Judith Kay. Richmond. Va Rich. Lizbeth Ann. Lynchburg, Va. Bobbins. Rebecca Anne. Greensboro Settlemyre. Elizabeth Ann. Valdese Springe. Sandra Caroline. Charlotte Thomas. Ramona Jean, Winston-Sale Walston. Mary Elizabeth. Snow Hill Wason. Nancy Jane. Guilford. Conn. Page 139 PHARMACY SCHOOL The fall semester of 1961 marked the beginning of the sixty- fourth year of pharmaceutical education at the I niversity of North Carolina and our third year in Beard Hall. The new pharmacy building was named Beard Hall last spring by trustee action to honor John Grover Beard, who was a Pro- fessor of Pharmacy and served from 1931 to 1946 as Dean. Seventy-two seniors graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, and there were sixteen students with studies leading to degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy with majors in Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Chemistry. A book. A History oj the School oj Pharmacy, was written by Miss Alice Noble, research historian. This was the first history of an individual school at the University to be pub- lished. Pharmacy school consists of many formal lectures and laboratories, but also student organizations centered around points of interest, such as the Student Branches of the Ameri- can Pharmaceutical Association and North Carolina Pharma- ceutical Association, Rho Chi. Kappa Epsilon. Kappa Psi. Phi Delta Chi. and Pharmacy Senate. The social calendar is high- lighted by fraternity dances, parties, the Christmas Party. Pharmacy Weekend, and Senior Commencement Picnic. This is the School of Pharmacy — study on a professional level with extra-curricular and social activities designed to develop conscientious and well-rounded pharmacists to carry on a time-honored profession. St-alr.l. y DKW I ' .dl) ()FFI(:KR : Mi.l.x W.iH-. lanN Neal, Prt-sulent: EU n Pike. Standing. SENIOR CLA.SS OFFICERS: Margaret Patterson. Bob Lilley, President; Burwell Temple, Jr. Fourth Year Fin: Rou : Aniiersnn, William Nelson. Zebulon Barker. Rii.iy W.. Carrboro Beaver. Donald Worth, Concord Bender. George Walker, Fayetteville Buehanan. George Ronald, Greensboro Second Ron : Carpenter. Charles B.. Clareraor Cekada, Emil Lewis, Durham Chamblee, Fred Clifton, Carrbo Cloninger. Gary Von. Dallas Collette. Roy Wilson. Jr., Mock Third Rou : Davis. George W., Jr.. Fremont Davis. James Brooks, Oakboro Deaton, James Floyd, Jr., Liberty Dunn. Everette Matthews, Leaksville LUiott. Rebecca Harper, Hendersonv four; . Row: Eulsler. Thomas Maxwell. Marion Evans. Lionel Cecil, Roanoke Rapids Farrior William Sloan Warsaw Gibson. James Robert, Hayesyille Goo.h. James Haywood, Chapel Hill Filll, Ro,v: Grteson. Joe David. Burlington Hall, Hayes Earl, Whiltier Harriss. William Fred, High Point Hartis, Gilbert Clyde, Jr.. Winston Hatley, Gilbert Max. Oakboro Sixth Rou: Honeycutt. Bruce Willard. Franklintc Honeycntl. Moody Zebulin. Jr.. Drex, Hoggins. Hubert Theodore. Jr.. Dalla Kennedy. John Lowry, Statesville Lewis. David R.. Goldsboro Page 141 Fourth Year tirs! Raw: Lilky, Raberl Delano. Jamcsville Little. James Harold. Oakboro McKenzie. Gary Walker. Chapel Hill McKinley. Richard S.. Kannapolis Second Ro,i: May. Gerald Franklin. Loiiisburg Medlin. William Davi.l. Durham Miirrell. Harry Thomas. Jr.. Albeii Neal, Larry Kent. Kannatiolis Tlurd Raw: Overton. Richard Buxton. Jr.. Raleieh Patterson. Margaret Greene. Roxboro Pike. Ellen Louise. Concord Reaves. Thomas Bineham. Fayetteville Faunh Raw: Roberson. Gary Ray, Draper Romine. Jack Richard. Asheville Runnion. Joseph David. Lenoir Smith, Albert Hunter, Fayellevil FiIlI, Row: Taylor, James Robert. Enfield Temple. Burwell, Jr„ Kinston Thames, William Glenn. Hope Mills Thompson, Beverly Carol. Chnpel III Sixlh Ran : Watts. Mitchell Wayne. Taber City Williams, William Thurston, Wilson W vke, Martha Ann, Shelby YioBline, Gary Lee, Silver Spring. M.I, Page 142 Third Year Ailaiii . Emilv J annrtte. Concord Alexander, Clyde Benny. Chapel Hill AllBood, William Walton. Roxboro Baity. James Oliver. Ml. Airy Berrier. Jerry Lynn. Mocksville Second Ron: Boyles. V. Irvine. Jr.. Pilot Mounlai Bradley. Julian Willis, III. Raleigh Brown, Robert Michael, Rocky Mom Bryan, George Fulghum. Asheville Burrie. Sara Louise, Madison Third Row: Burroughs. Malcolm Winston, Wade, Kenneth Darrell, Burlington Cauble, Lynda Louise, Cliffside Clayton, Carol F... Charlotte Cook. Briggs Edward. Durham Culbertson. James Barber. Englewood. N. J. Davis. Joseph Dameron. Warrenton Davis. Joseph Leon. Conway Deadwyler. Charles Robert, Salisbur- Denning, Larry Edward, Coats fitlh Row: Deyton, Charles Edward, Burnsville Edwards, Robert Wesley, Jr., Pinetops Evans, Charles E., Jr„ Clarkton Fluyd, Richard Williams. Fairmont Fuller. William Hugh. Jr.. Smithlicid Glai n. Jr Greene, Miriam Jane, Hickory Griggs, Willard Wilson, Jr.. Norwood Hardin. Kenneth. Jr.. Forest City Harriss. Marvin Jacob. Jr.. High Point .SV..P 1 A Rom; Harwood. George Emsley, Albemarl Hayes, Hugh Floyd, Thomasville He.lgepeth, Morris Edwards. Hende Hill, Arthur Lee, Lewes. Del. Hill, Dempsev Craig, Deep Run fUghlh Row: Hollingsworth, J. Winston, Garland Hughes. Deane Bell. Hampton. Va. Hull, James Heyward, Shelby Hurt, Jasper Alexander, Jr.. Morgant, Page 143 9 B Third Year jarman, Joseph, Jacksonville Johnson. Willis Ray. III. Jacksonvill Kazmaler. Martin Francis. Jr.. Far Hills. N.J. Lai. Tai.Yee. North Point. Hong Koi Lancilnn. Ronald Earl. Coats Sfco,„l Ru„ : Lever, Thomas Horace, III, Chapel Hill Lockaniv. . lbert Fulton. Jr., Clinton LoOB, William R., Kannapolis Lvnrh. Thomas F., III. Charlotte McBryile. James . rehie, Jr., Loiiisburp Third Row: MrCann. Margaret Jane. Mt. . iry McCoy. Larry Thomas. Jr.. Cove City McKinnon. Halbert Hill, Jr.. Lumberto Mitchener. John Agrippa. Ill, E.lenton Moser. Jerrv F„ High Point Fuurili Rou : Mvhre. John Hudson, Overland Park, Kan. Patterson. William Earl. Greenville. S. C. Patton. Judy Carolyn. Swannanoa Patton. Meredith Gail, Hickon ' Perkins. Joseph Charles. Bakersville Ouackenbush. Palmer David. Charlotte Rabb, Roy Patton. II. Marion Kan.lall. Danny Lee. . sheyille Reaves. Hallie Craven. Jr.. Asheboro Schnoor. Donald James. Mt. Lakes. N. J. x!h Row: me. Myron Strother, Lenoir nart. Thomas Elijah. Hamlet iiyre. Billy Mac. Newton amey. Gary Martin. Asheville •mpleton, Linda Jane. Lenoir S -te,ill, Ron: Tennanl, Linda Janice. Crossnore Todd. William Hoyt. Aulander Upton. Jack Herndon. Smithfield Watson. Barry Vernon. Lenoir Wilder. Richard Burton, Chadboui Eighth Rou: WilHford. Thomas Alton, Newton Cr, Wilson. John David. Lowell Wood. Robert Michael. Raeford Zahran. Lucy Marie. Fayetteville Page 144 Second Year Firsl Row: Alexander. Jack Lewis. Brevard Barrow, Marsha Wade, La Grange Baugham, Edgar Lassiter, Smithfield Beck. Henry 0., Jr.. Morganton Second Row: BlantoD. Larry Clyde. Brevard Borneinan, Elizabelh Morris, Wilmingto Bollock, Nancy Ruth, Roxboro Coats. Leonard Edward. Dunn Third Rotv: Coin, William Gerald, Rockingham Davis. Jerry Rufus. Bessemer City Foster, William Lee, Mocksville Glace, Kenneth W.. Pilot Mountain Fourth Row: Gross, Charles Norvell. Pfalflown Hodges, Darrell W., Winston-Salem Holland, Jackie Odell, Holly Springs Holleman, Curtis Edwin, Fuquay Springs Fillh Row: Kennedy, Johnnie Buren, Shelby Moore, Thomas Marion, Wilmingto Myers, Hugh Alan, Clayton Poteat, William Asbury. Morgantoi Sixth Roa: Proffitt. Carolyn Rebecca. Burnsvill Rouse, David Mark, Goldsboro Smith, Roy Boyd, Jr., Durham Stroud. Jerr Sue. Roanoke Rapids Seventh Row: Summey. William Lewis. H, Dallas Walker, Leon Stokes, Denton Warren. Larry Joe, Newton Grove Watkins, George Henry, Spindale yoiio First Year First Row: Amnions. Hal Newlon. Lumberlon Brooks, George Jackson. Jr.. Siler City Bryan, Harrel Dean, Chinquapin Carter, Charles Wesley, Sanford Second Row: Clark, Elizabeth Blythe, Pinetops Cornwell, Robert Earl, Lawndale Farmer, Jean Warren, Charlotte Freeman. Numa Franklin. Louisburg Third Row: Harris. L,on William. Bobbins Hickmon, Leon Edward, Wilmingto Jamison, Mary Elizabeth, Charlotte Johnson, Mary Lou, Clayton Fourlh Row: Keistler, Cherie Kaye, Charlotte Kelly, Anne Marie, Fayetteville Lafferty, Robert Parks, Concord Lloyd, Evelyn Pauline, Hillsboro Fiflk Row: Neville. William Donald. Chapel Hill Paul, William Larry, Burlington Pope, Larry Hicks, Troutman Ratliff. John Preston. Wadesboro Sixlh Row: Richardson, Paul Hart, Wendell Ring, Elizabeth Ann, High Point Smith, Joseph Gordon. Jr.. State! Winfree, James H., Badin Page 146 First Year DENTAL HYGIENE y ' V ' H r:3 iBB " f § f f Carl , Linda Lo Second Year Cole. Penalie Carol, Charlotte Dickens. Linda Cray. Roanoke Rapids Fleming, Joan Louise, Charlotte Fox, Joan Marguerite, Chapel Hill Hines, Lana Louise, Winston-Salem Hough, Mania Sue, Dallas Derker, Pamela Adele. Plymouth, Mich. Dunn, Katherine Russ, Roanoke Rapids Foster, Sandra Marshall, North Wilkesbo Gable, Judy Lynne, Lenoir Groome, Charlotte Lee. Greenshoro Gunter, Ilene Wilson, Hamlet Second Row: . Ianship, Joy . Iice, Wilkesboro Polythress, Roberta Anne, Chapel Hill Rogers, Lyna Jewel, Gastonia Saine, Sandra Kay, Lincolnton Sutherland, Nancy Elizabeth, Durham Westmoreland, Melinda, Charlotte White. Joan Caroline, Durham Wright. Marilyn Joyce, Chapel Hill Second Row: Howell, Emily Jean, Roanoke Ra King, Sally Sentman. Charlotte Olsen, Christine Ruth, Jacksonvi Pfaff, Mary Hollis, Winston-Sale Swann, .Anna Isabel, Tryon Taylor, Judith Carter, Tarboro Wise, Lynnora Maxine, Ahoskie Page 147 DENTAL SCHOOL The faculty of the School of Dentistry deem it an unusual privilege to share their professional lives and experiences with the students in the several areas of dentistry, i.e.. the under- graduate, postgraduate, and graduate programs, as well as in the Dental Hygiene Curriculum. Interesting and meaningful is the fact that the educational and professional standards established and maintained by the faculty become standards of the profession in the State of North Carolina, and, accord- ingly, the quality of dental health service available to the citizens. The faculty again is proud to present its ninth graduating class in dentistry to the people of this state and nation . While more than ninety per cent of all dental graduates are resi- dents of North Carolina, they may be found in private prac- tice, teaching, research, the Armed Forces. Public Health Service, and Departments of Health throughout the country and world. We are equally proud of the graduates from the Dental Hygiene Curriculum, as well as those who have achieved their Certificate or Masters Degree in one of the specialty areas, i.e.. Orthodontics or Pedodontics. Important and interesting, too. is the expression of leader- ship from many of our graduates in dental education, re- search, private practice, and organizational activities on a local and national level. Such leadership provides additional status to this school and the profession. Another area of leadership and signal recognition afforded this school is the substantial grant received from the Public Health Service for the training of teachers and researchers for other universities in the specialty fields of Orthodontics and Pedodontics. This program was activated in June. 1960. The School of Dentistry working with the Graduate School now affords several other graduate programs for those den- tists who are qualified and who may elect to limit their practice or teaching to a recognized specialty. Progress in teaching and practice continues to be a major objective of the faculty. The present graduating class has received additional intensive clinical training in the effective utilization of dental assistants. This additional instruction and training, made possible by another grant from the Public Health Service, will provide a greater opportunity for service to all patients. Postgraduate or refresher course instruction is another very important area of instruction permitting dentists from this state and part of the country to devote one or more weeks in concentrated study and additional clinical work. Dentists who graduated five. ten. or more years ago find it desirable to pursue continued postgraduate work. According- ly, this School of Dentistry has featured a number of short courses each year, and the demand continues to increase annually. While the State Legislature provides a substantial budget annually for the operation of the School of Dentistry, the funds which have been made available through the Dental Foundation of North Carolina, Incorporated, permit an en- richment of the teaching and research programs which is meaningful and helpful to the students, faculty, and patients. The closed circuit television equipment is an excellent exam- ple, wherein the Dental Foundation has made possible a finer and more adequate teaching program. The University Ad- ministration as well as the faculty, therefore, are grateful for the loyalty and fine support which has been given to the School by the Alumni, the profession, and its friends through- out the state. § f Fourth Year Ashworth, Derwood Lee, Durham Bass. Ernest Brevard. Durbam Bebber. James V.. Chapel Hill Brauer. James Slewarl. Chapel Hill Buford, John Terry Harvey. Salisbury Cook, Dennis Shellon. Lenoir Drake. Claude Wallace. Con Hamilton. Ro Gustafson. Bruce Albert, Washington. D. C. Haganian. Robert Preston, Lenoir Hall, Norman Curtis. Hurdle Mills Herring. Wllborn Moye, Chapel Hil Third Rou: High. Roy S.. Raleigh Hoard, Joseph Stephen, Tarboro Jackson, Don Ferrell, Dunn Jackson. Huldah Ruth. Raleigh Jurney. Henry C. Elkin Laton. Joseph Franklin, Carrbor Fourth Row: Lawrence. Eugene Wilnioth. Raleigh Marbry. Donald Lee. Chapel Hill MauE. Lewis McKinney. Burbank. CaliL Mans. Paul. Carrboro Mayberry, Roland Leroy. Gastonia Mayo. George E.. Fremont Fillh Row: Nash. Shepard Drake. Chapel Hill Nofsinger, Collins Denny, Roanoke, Va Peck, Haney, Durham Petit, Edward LeRoy. Carrboro Reed, Charles Baker, Sylva Robinson, Charles F., Charlotte :lh Ro Roger! Harding Winslow, Mooresvi: Selzler, Ralph Chapman, Albemarle Shell, John Henry, Connelly Spring Snider, William Henry, Hillsboro Sowers, Jerry William, High Point Stewart, Joseph Donald, Hillsboro Seventh Row: Sutphin, Hugh Edward, Mt. Airy Thomas, Robert E., Ramseur Tulloch, Charles William, Aberdeen Upchurch, Gilbert Rivers. SmitbSeld Wicker. Bryant Kelly. McCain Willis. Weston Alex. Jacksonville Page 150 Third Year rirsr Rou : Bans, John William, YancsyviUe Baucom. Thomas Aldon, Indian Trail Bland, Wilbur Bryan, Raleigh Campbell, John Kerr, Chapel Hill Second Row: Caviness, William Robert, SanI Chesson, Jack, Jamesluwn Cobb, Numa Walt, Gibsonville Collie, Jay Maek, Wilmington Third Rou : Dennis, Bill, Chapel Hill Ferlazzo, Philip Anthony, Quantico, Va Home, George Nelson, Bessemer City Horton, Frank, Loris. S. C. Fourth Row: Huneycutt, Charles Alfred, Albemarli Massey, Carl Benjamin, Waxhaw Massey, Milton Vines, Waynesville Meadows, Van Burgan, Winston-Salci Fiflh Row: Outland, Robert Boone, Rich Square Owen. Kenneth Dale, Chapel Hill Parkerson, Elwood Martin, Chapel Hill Parks, Eldon Hudson, Chapel Hill Sixth Row: Quarles, William Gordon, Chapel Mil Ramos, Frank Mayo. Burner Smith, Fred J.. Morganton Spicola. Cynthia A„ Tampa, Fla. Seventh Row : Vinson, Thomas Washington, Durha Webster, Thomas Carlton, Yanceyyi Windley, Heber W„ Washington Youmans, Charles Prince. Durham Second Year hiril Rou: llcn. C. W.. Gaftney. S. C. Ura.lshaw. John William. Relief B.illrr, Thnnias E.lcar, Greensboro Camp. Joe Henderson. Shelby ,s.ronrfRoi..; I regar, Daniel U., Greensboro Dunn, John Raymond. Roanoke Rapids Howard. James Thomas. Charlolle Hundley. Deane. Wallace Third Row: Johnson, George Terry. Winslon-S Joreenson. Larry G.. Chapel Hill Kendall, James E., Charlolle Miller. Fred Hayes. Ahoskie Founh Rou: Milligan. Ronnie Rich. Fayetteville Page, Graham Allison, Yanceyville Posev. Lawrence Owen. Greenville Rogers. Russell Junius. Hillsboro Filth Rou: Schlapkohl. Richard A.. Pompano Beach, Fla Smith. Clayton Bernard, Elizabethtown Smith, Thomas Kirkman, Thomasville Trawick, David E., Bryson City Sixlh Row: Walker. Joel W.. Burlington Ward. George Thomas. Asheville Wilherspoon, Walter Pennington, Columbia. S. C, Wooten. Bobby G,. Yadkinville Page 152 First Year Arnold, Bruce Lowe. Arlinglon. Va. Bare, Curtis Vernon, Burlington Baucom, Jim Preston, Concord Bclton, Richard Paul, Charlotte Blume, Thomas Frederick, Harrisburg Brvant, Howard M., Asheboro Second Rou- : Bullard, Amos Jon Couch. Jon Willia Crotts. Everett Bo Earp. Joe T.. Angi Eure. Darden Jolir !. Autryville . Durham crs. Thomasville on. Morehead Cil . Joseph Webb. Mount Holly Third Row: Fountain. Stuart Burton. Chapel Hill Fredere. Francis B.. Chapel Hill Hancock. Jamea Baldwin. Bobbins Hardy. John B.. Durham Hcaley. Kent W.. Burnt Hills. N. Y. Hendren. Otis Franklin. Moravian Falls Fourth Row: Henshaw. William R.. Chapel Hill Herndon, Claude Harris, Charlotte Hill, Douglas Gray, Kinston Hinnant, Robert WiUard, Pine Lev Hodges, Johnnie Dewey, Pantego Johnson, Thomas George, Ashevillt Fiflh Row: Jones. Charles Lee. Apex Lineberry. Donald Edgar. Ashebor.. McDonald, Chauncey Maurice. St. Paul, Mclver. Frank Thomas, Chapel Hill McLean, Marvin Brevard, Belinnnl Madison, John Talton. Randlemaii Sixlh Row: .Mitchum. Kenneth Edward. Monroe iNash. Richard Edwin. Winston-Salem Peele. William Roy. Chapel Hill Pfau, Frank R., Sussex, N. J. Pierce, Thomas Carlton, Chapel Hill Polk, Robert Melton, Hamlet Seventh Row: Poovey, James Nelson, Hickory Redmond. Hight Stinson, Morganloii Schneider, Norbert Joseph. Creensbor. Sears, Thomas Harmon, McLeansville Smith, Samuel Irby, Roanoke Rapids Styers, Thomas Russell. Winston. Sain Eighth Row: Thomas. Vincent Bernard. Wilson Turner, Gerald Pinkney, Roanoke, Va. Wilkins, Hildreth Floyd, Winston-Sale Wood, Jerry F.. Four Oaks Yost. William Francis. Wcaverville Page 153 MEDICAL SCHOOL 1961-62 has been another profitable year in this University ' s education of new physicians. The School of Medicine, known as a paragon since its inception in 1880. has offered the com- plete 4 year undergraduate medical program only during the past 9 years, but in that time has risen to a point considered by all as unsurpassed in medical education. During this year the Memorial Hospital has incorporated new patient care facilities as well as new research potentiali- ties, both designed to better the medical attention offered t i all who enter in need of care. The staff of the School of Medicine and the Memorial Hos- pital not only maintain the instruction of the medical stu- dents, but include in their teaching program the education of members of the various Health Affairs departments and the interested practicing physicians throughout this state. WHITEHEAD MEDICAL SOCIETY. Sitting: Jim Earnhardt, Neil Bender, Fred Summers, and Glenn Pickard. Standing: Jack Welch, Karl Barkley. Jimmy Williams, Carl Phipps, Bob Pierce, and Bill Deal. MEDICAL SCHOOL HONOR COUNCIL. Seated: Sam Scott. Gordon Peacock, Flint Rhodes, and Bill Pitzer. Standing: Jerry Hocutt. Daley Goff, Bill Sayers, and K. Kilpatrick. Page 155 Fourth Year Barkley. Karl Lee. Raleigh Bolch, Oscar Howard. Albemarle Bostian. Karl Eugene. Raleigh Browning, Robert Locke. Phi Chi, Monroe Bumey. Fredric Arlen, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Wadesboro Second Rou: Callicolt. Joseph Handel. Greensboro Carter. Robert Ashe. Mars Hill Cole. T. Boyce. Phi Chi. Acme Craven. Jesse Clarence, Phi Kappn Pfi Chapel Hill Cutchin. Lawrence McGilbra. Phi Chi Whitakers Third Raw: Davis. G. Thomas. Burlington Evans. Amos Ray. Greenville Flovd. Giles Cowan. Charlotte Gable, Thomas William. Phi Chi; Gibbs. Ja . N. H. iHar , Phi Chi. Ma Founh Ron: Griffin, Marion Wilson. Davids.m Hamrick. Frederick D-lmar. Rutherfordr, Hartzog. Henry Gerard. Chapel Hill Hayworth. Ray Milton. Ashebom Hicks. Charles Montgomery. Phi Chi. Wilmineton Fifih Row: Kouri. M. Lawrence. Shelby Latham. William Carson. Phi Chi. Bethel Lynn. Arthur Simonton. Belle Glade. Fla. McCormack. John Newton. Spindale Madison. Ward Napier. Phi Chi. Asheville Marriott. John Daughlrv. .Phi CI Battleboro Mason. Reginald G.. Henderson Miller. Edward James. Crtimple Monroe. John L.. West End Moore. Allen H.. Carrboro Morris. Kenny Jordan. Phi Chi. Newton Grove Muiznieks. Helga Wilhelmine. Chapel Hill Nebel. William Arthur. Phi Chi. Charlotte Ration. William Clayton, Charlotte Peacock. Willie Gordon. Alpha Kappa Kappa Pitser. William Ross, Raleigh Pittman. James Patrick. Goldsboro Reeder. Alton Alfred. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Seagrove Rhodes, John Flint. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Raleigh Roberts. Franz Joseph. Hillsboro Mnlh Ro„ : Shuford. Fuller Adams. Asheville Smith. James Franklin. J ' hi Chi. Murphy Smith. Marion Hardin. Hampstead Watson. David Thomas. Phi Chi. Raleigh Withers. Abner Carr, Alpha Kappa Kappa Third Year Ayscue, Quincy Adams. Phi Chi, Monroe Bender, Neil Carmichael, Phi Ch, t, Pollocksvi; Biggers, William Paul. Charlotte Bowman, Robley Kivelte. Taylor: iville Second Row: Burke. William Richard. Phi Chi . Wilson Burnham. Jesse Andrew. Phi Chi. , Cordele. Gi Caldwell. Bruce Francis. Clyde Da%-is, Dave McAIister, Chapel Hill Third Row: Deal. William Brown, Phi Chi. Chapel Dunlap. Benjamin Emerson, Phi Chi. Gallagher. John Michael, Chapel Hill Gerock, Henry Waller. Maysville Fourth Row: Coff, Rowland Daley, Phi Chi, Dunn Goodson, John Phillip, Mt. Olive Hemingway. George Capers. Winston- Jackson. Larry Kent. Durham Fillh Row: Parker, James Lee, Enfield Pressley, Richard LaMarr. Gast Ritch, Douglas Lamar, Belmont Sawyer, Charles Judson. Windsi Sixth Row: Sawyer, Horace Kimbrell. Atlanta. Ga. Scott. Samuel Edwin. Phi Chi, Burlingto ShaHer, Stephen Roger, Phi Chi, Tryon Shernier, Richard Wayne. Phi Chi, Winsl Seventh Row: Smith. Jerry Allen. Salisbury Stiles, Eddie Phillips, Newton Summers. Fred D.. Chapel Hill Taylor. Lawrence Arthur. Reidsville Eighth Row: Voigt. Ward Landis. Phi Chi. GreensI Wallace. Kelley. Greenville White. James Grady. Phi Chi. Charlo Williams. David Roberts. Biscoe Page 157 Second Year Atchison. Ja ! Wil 1 David. Phi Chi. lingham. . » Beard. John Nichols. Chapel Hill Beryhill. Bruce Holl. Charlotte Brabson. Winslow. Houston, Tex. Second Row ; Broome. Harry Lee. Chapel Hill Burleson. William Rowell, Tabor City Cella. John Robert. Raleigh Crisl. Takev. Phi Chi. Chapel Hill Third Row: Curry. Roy Lee. Monroe Earnhardt. James F., Phi Chi. Thomas Fisher. Earl Elliott, Fairmont Fox. John R., Asheville Fourth Row: Gillis, David Black, Mt. Olive Henderson, George P.. Phi Chi, Maxtor Hunsinger, Drew Charles, Charlotte Hunt, Ernest Woodrow, Phi Chi. Daytt Fillh Row: Hurt, Joe Paul. Raleigh Johnson. Charles Allen. Hickory Knott. Rufus Henry. Washington McCirt. Murphy F., Maxton Sixth Row: Macfie, Jeffreys Ashe, Brevard Mathews, Robert S., Chapel Hill Newton, Jimmie Isaac, Phi Chi. Concord Phillips, Jasper Louis, Phi Chi. Chapel Hil Seventh Row : Pierce, Robert James, Rocky Point Price, Robert Edwin, Reidsville Sabiston, Frank, Kinston Taylor, Russell Carl, Mt. Airy Eighth Row: Venters. Wayne Burnett. Phi Chi, Jacks. Wheeless. Clifford R., Phi Chi, Kaleigh Whitfield. Charlie, fhi Chi, Atlanta. Ga. Wooten, Robin Nathaniel, Phi Chi, Mom ElKll Page 158 First Year First Roic: Adams, Gerald Leon, High Point AJerhold, Richard Millikan, Greens Barker, Ernest Gail, Raleieh Bates, G, William, Charlotte Branch, Leslie Bernard, Durham Bridges, Thomas Howard, Shelby Second Row: Brown. Daniel Elmer. Selma Bryan, Floyd Talmadge, Ahoskie Carroll, Billy Lee, HarrisburB Collier, Hal Franklin, Bla(lenbor Elliott, Balaam Thalphonza, Whit Flllk, Robert Vernon, Wilmingtor Third Row: Graham, Charles Patlison, Wilmingl Grilbb, Robert Lee, Charlotte Hammett, John Benjamin. Pennsboro, W. Va. Hardison, Joe William. Fayetteyille Harris. Donald Eugene. Rocky Mom Hefelfinger. David Charles. Charloll Faurlh Ro,f: Hotutt. Edgar Jerome. Chapel Hill Jenkins. Stanleigh Edward. Durham Jernigan, Nancy Elizabeth, Dunn Keller, John Edward, Kinston Kindley, Robert Thomas, Thomasvil Land, Roy Vernon, Smithfield fil:li Raw: Langdon, William Cleveland, Coats Lassiter, Richard Edward, Colerain LeGranJ, Gordon Buck, Chapel Hill Longenecker, F. Roland. Wilmington. Love. Glen Neil. Newton McNeill. Donald Drake. Charlotte Six:h Row: Mayhue. Hugh Wayne, Kings Mountain Modrow, Peter Albert, Bloomfield. N. J. Murray, Hugh Grattan, Charlotte Parrish, Jon Eric, Gastonia Peel, Jesse Robert, Everett.? Phillips, James Laughlon, Morehead Cif Phillii en:h fioti , Lie on, Tho , Mo IS Lemuel, Monr ■Sayers, William Floyd, Gastoni, Shinn, John Bradley, China Cr. Sides, Evin H., Concord Taylor, James Harvey, Hookerl Eighrh Row: Tutt, Henry Paige, Jacksonville Wesley, Ralph Norman, Charlotte Williams, Willis Howard, Bobbins Womeldorf, John Hubert, High Po Page 159 LAW SCHOOL The Law School, which developed into the School of Law of the University, was founded in 1843 at Chapel Hill as a pri- vate school by William H. Battle, then a judge of the Superior Court, later a justice of the Supreme Court of the state. In 1845. Judge Battle was made Professor of Law in the Lhii- versity, and it was provided that the degree of Bachelor of Laws should be conferred on those completing the prescribed two-year course. From the records of the University, how- ever, it seems that few degrees were actually conferred. For a long time the School maintained a certain independence of the University. The professor of law received no salary, though he enjoyed the fees from his classes. The students were not entirely subject to the discipline of the University. This was the position of the School during the professor- ship of Judge Batde, who retired in 1879; during the two years when the law classes were conducted by Kemp P. Battle, then President of the University; and, to a consider- able extent, during the professorship of John Manning, who was elected in 1881 and died in 1899. The building in which the School is now conducted was named for Professor Man- ning. In 1899, the School was completely incorporated into the University, with the late James C. MacRae, previously a justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina, as the first Dean. He was succeeded in 1910 by Dean Lucius P. Mc- Gehee, who served in that capacity until 1923. With the construction of its new home in 1923, the law school entered its " modern " era. Serving successively as deans were: Merton Leroy Ferguson, 1924-26; Abner Leon Green, 1926-27; Charles T. McCormick, 1927-31; Maurice T. Van Hecke, 1931-41; Robert H. Wettach, 1941-49; and Henry P. Brandis. Jr., 1949 to date. Moot ( ourt: 1. Rosenber James ,. J. Ed Erwin, John • Moore. L W STUDENT ASSOCIATION. Sealed: Ed Allman. Standing: Phil Carlton. Dick Lewis, Paul Whitfield. r SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Francis Millett. Garland Crenshaw, James P. Erwin. President; T. LaFontine Odom. STUDENT LEGAL RESEARCH: Robert Pearlman, Jon Mazuy, Ronald D. Rowe. LAW REVIEW: John Warlick, Francis Millett, Julius Chambers, Marlin Evans, William B. Rector, Jr. Page 161 Third Year Fnsi «uu.- Alexander. Lee Stack. Chapel Hill Allen, Ben U., Henderson Allen, Claude William. Creedmoor Allman, C. Edwin. Jr.. Sylva Askew, Stell Blake, Chapel Hill Second Raw: Banzel, Julius E., III. Warrenton Berry. Hiram Adolphus, Fayette ' Blankenship, Mercer J.. Charlolt Brown. John Edgar. HI. Fayette Burroughs. Robert M.. Carrboro Third Row: Carter Clarence W. Winston-Sa Chesaon, Calvin White. Raleigh Collura, Vincent P., Miami, Fla. Creekraore, Joseph P., Whitevilli Derby. Vance A.. Southern Pines foun Row: Doyle. Howard Glenn. Zebulon Erwin. James Price. Durham Etheridge. William D., Oak City Evans, Gabriel Marlin, High Point Everett. William Harrell. Williamston Fifth Row: Gunn. Robert Louis. Chapel Hill Helms. John Howard P.. Chapel Hill Hendren. William Grant. New Bern Hensey. Charles M., Maxton Horton. Hugh Glenn. Chapel Hill Sixih Raw: Huffman. W. George. Hickory Hunter, George Patrick, Charlotte James, Richard Shull, Wilmington Johnston, Hall Morrison. Charlotte Lawrence. Edward. Newport. N. J. Page 162 Third Year Firsi Ron: Livclv. Knox Kent. III. Rfidsville M, Iver. Larrv. Easl Orange. N. J. McNaull. W. Dresser, Jr.. Charlotte Mazny. Jon C. Newlon. N. J. Meisnere. Arthur S.. Chapel Hill Miscall. Laurence. Forest Hills. N. Y. Morgan. James . lvin. . sheville OJom, Thomas L.. Charlotte Poole. Samuel H., West End riurd Ron- Read. James Milton. Halifax Rector, William Baylis, Jr.. Chapel Hill Redwine, Hal McLean, Lexington Rosenberg, John Meinhard, Gastonia Roue. Ronald D.. Lumberton Fourlh Row: Sapp, Edwin Greenlaw, Chapel Hill Schreiber, James R., Chapel Hill Schwartz, Elliott Murnick, Charlotte Startles, Thomas Monroe, Concord Stephenson, Larry Adams. Fuquay Springs Fi lh Row: Vincent. Charles Read. Murlreesboro Watlick, John Drew. Jr.. Jacksonville Weiler. Robert Kenneth. Chapel Hill Whitfield. Paul L., Chapel Hill Whitty, John Randolph. New Bern Winthrop. Warren Arnold. New Haven. Conn. Wood, Arnold Terry, Charlotte Wood, Thomas Benbury, Edenlon Wooten. William L. Greenville Page 163 Second Year First Row: Adams, Franklin LeVerne, Rowland Baumgartner, Kenneth R.. Kenosha, W Blackwell, David Michael, Ruffin Blue, James F„ III, Chapel Hill Bonds, William T., Lakewood, Ohio ond Row: ck, Floyd Devon, Bunnlevel lock, Frank W., Jr.. Oxford ch. Stephen Ross. Edenlon neron. Dallas A., Jr., Lake Wa rington, Kenneth M.. Aberdee Third Row: Chorebanian, Aram Myron, Hamle Cole, Herman Alphonso, Clayton Davis, John Allen, Thomasville Deaver, Bobby C, Chapel Hill Ferrcll, Joseph S., Elizabeth City Fourth Row: Croce, Edwin Ray, Yadkinville Holshousen, John Leidy, Rockwe Hornthal, Louis Phillip, Tarboro Jacobs, Donald M., Raleigh Jaffe, Michael D„ Jamaica, N. Y. Filth Row: Jenkins, William R., Walstonburg Johnston, J. Phillips Little, Raleigh Katzenstein, Charles J., Warren Plaii Lewis, Richard M., Whiteville Mackie, Carter C, Raleigh Sixth Row: Moseley, Wendell Clay, Roanoke Ra Olive, Richard L., Summit, N. J. Oliver, Otis Martin. Mt. Airy Paderick, Clifton Waldo, Chapel Hil Pearsall, Mack B., Rocky Mount Severtth Row: Redding, John Howard, Asheboro Rivenbark, James Baxter, Wilmington Salem, Albert M., Jr., Havelock Schwoebel, Louis H., HI, Winston. Salen Sharpe, Benny Sandlin, Jacksonville Eighth Row: Somers, Bobby Vance, Cleveland Stephenson, Shelby Dean. Benson Stepp, William Harley, Chapel Hill Thompson, Tarlton Roberts, . urora Warren, Alwuod Bulluck, Chapel Hill Mnth Row: Watkins, Claudia Erwin, Durban Whitley, John Bryan, Thomasvil Wilson, Robert White, Yanceyvi Woodall, Edward Marshall, Angi Woodlcy. Samuel Spruill, Colon Page 164 First Year r Row: mdorf, William Herbert, Cha ns. Clyde Kelly, Sanford )ck, Frank Bavard, III, Curril Hr. Earl M., Elkins Park, Pa. les, Robert Gene, Greensboro iley, George Montford, III, M. op, Wavne Staton, Chapel Hi iianan, Edward Higgs, Creenv Second Row: Coleman, Alonzo Brown, Jr., Hnrdle Mil Coleman, James Clayton, Hickory Cooke, Robert Cameron, Durham Cowell, Marvin Jason. Jr., Chapel Hill Dansby, David Mozart, Jr.. Greensboro Douglas, Samuel Preston, Lumberton Efird, Tom David, Gaslonia Erb, Elisha William, Ledminster, Mass. Third Row: Falls, Ralph Holland, Jr., Gastonia Fearing, Gordon B., Elizabeth City Fleetwood, Wilson C, Murfreesboro Fletcher, John Stuart, II, Edenton Korman, George H., Buffalo, N. Y. Fowler. Darl Leonard, Gastonia Gamble. Robert C. Harrington Park, Catling. Willard Illingworth, Charlolt Fourth Row: Gerdes, Phillip Engelhardt, Wilmington Gordon, James Robert, Hamlet Gould, Nathaniel Jay, Manhasset, N. Y. Hanft. John Wall, Chapel Hill Hardison, James W., Williamston Harris, Lewis Coleman, High Point Helms, Neal Gardner, Matthews Hunt, James Baxter. Jr.. Lucama Filth Row: Jobes, William Henry, Ponte Vedra. Fla Johnston, John Sikes, Charlotte Jones, Benner. Ill, Jackson, Ohio Justice, John Butler, Statesville Koenig, Paul Maimon, Brooklyn, N. Y. Kramer, Morris Larry. Whiteville Laney. Neill M.. Wilmington Liipfert, Cowles. Winston-Salem Sixth Row: Loy, William Riley, Burlington McCormick, Edward H., Broadway McRorie. William E.. Bostic Macklin, Ralph, Chapel Hill Marks, Benjamin A„ Roanoke Rapids Martin, James E., Jr., Chapel Hill Medlin, Lawrence N., Charlotte Meekins, Isaac Mclson. . sheville Seventh Row: Meltsner, Charles P., Chapel Hill Menaker, Mary Ann D,, Chapel Hil Miller, Don Gilbert, Winston-Salen Moore, Joseph Ira, Jr., Raleigh Neal, James Archer. Winston-Salen Newton, Eldon Sharpe, Jr.. Wilson Norville, Russell M.. Spindale Norwood, Haywood V., Jr., Waxha. Eighth Row: O ' Briant, Thomas Lorenzo. Durham Ott, Matthew Nelson, Newton, Conr Parker, Fred Pope, III, Goldsboro Partin, Wilson B,, Scotland Neck Rand, . nthony Eden, Garner Richards, William J., Jr., Concord Roberts, Joseph B., Mt. Holly Schneider, William Martin, Greensl Mnth Row: Schoch, Arch Kerper, High Point Simpson, Henry M.. Winston.Salem Smith, David Iverson, Burlington Smith, David Vernon, Salisbury Smith, Robert Bruce, Lexington Sonneborn, Jay A., II. Wilmette, 111, Talbert, John Wallace, Harlsville, S. ( Tullcy, James Maynard, Jr., Durham Tenth Ro n Fa Tumipseed, George T., Underwood. William E., Jr.. Charl. Walker, Frank Harrison, Leaksvilli Walton, Benton Hair, Chadbourn Weaver, George Arthur, Albemarle Whedbee, Charles M., Hertford White, Charles R. L., Wilmington White, Ralph A., Jr., Conover iHH] ;f lWWJijV|. i J PUBLIC HEALTH SCHOOL Every community has certain health matters that must be approached on the basis of public action. For example, how can an urban dweller provide himself with a pure and whole- some milk or water supply? How can the impoverished or even the average income family deal with a hopelessly crip- pled child, or with grievous mental illness? This list could be increased a thousandfold — health problems that might conceivably be handled privately by very resourceful individuals but which are more likely to be dealt with on the basis of community action. Of such. then, is public health — the art and the science of community diagnosis and treatment. When such enterprise is based on community action, trained people are needed to do the job in the interest of efficiency and economy. Coming within the realm of public affairs, public health will always be a controversial professional activity. For some a little is too much. For others there is never enough in the name of the common good. Thus the tides ebb and flow. Be that as it may. vvhat is done must be done well, hence North America ' s fourteen accredited Schools of Public Health. The l niversity of North Carolina operates one of these. Public health leadership emanates from such schools and a sizable portion of operative personnel is trained therein. Our School of Public Health partakes of State. National, and International flavor. A third of the students are Tar- heels. There are always a dozen to a score of international students. The remainder come from the far corners of the nation with emphasis upon the Southeast. There are ten operating departments. Student body and faculty alike are of many disciplines. Administration. Bio- statistics. Epidemiology. Health Education. Maternal and Child Health. Mental Health, Public Health Nursing, Para- sitology. Nutrition and Sanitary Engineering comprise the building blocks. " mm v f m The student body numbers usually from one hundred sixty to two hundred. Faculty is on the order of seventy-five, a fairly high ratio to students because of the very considerable amount of research that is undertaken. There is a measure of undergraduate training. Masters candidates comprise the bulk of the student body. Fifteen or twenty are to be found usually in pursuit of doctoral degrees. Handsome and commodious quarters are to be occupied in the fall of 1962. The new. long-sought and long-needed Pub- lic Health Building will be finished at that time. Abdel-Faltali. Abul-EIa. Bios Abfrnalhy. A. Ray. Sanitary Engin AlexanJer. Pauline W.. PH Nursin, AlHabobv. Karail Ali. Maternal Child Health Allen. Jay Lloyd. Health Educatic Allen. Van Sizar, Health Educatii Allred. Mary Rachel, PH Nursing Second Rou : Ament. Ronald Kenneth, Sanitary Engineering Andes. Vivian Louise. PH Nursing Babeaux. William L.. Administratio Bell. Michael Peter. Sanitary Engin. Bennett. Walter Scott. Health Educ Bolen. John Joseph. Sanitary Engim Bolton. Richard Stirling. Adminislrat Tliird Rou: Borgniann. Lois Helen. Nulri Boubel. Richard William. Sanitary Engineering Bradshaw. Joan. PH Nursing Brand. Robert Edward. Sanitary Engineering Brizuela. Jose Luis. .Vdminist Brodie. Marjorie H.. PH Nur Brooks. Harriett B., PH Nurs Fourth Ro Brooks. W 1 Sylvia. .Adii man. Admini Brown. Percy Perry. Sanitary Engi Brown. William Jerry. Parasitolog Bryan. Eugene Thomas. Admi Buchen. Phillip Heller. Health Edi Burke. Janet Mets, Health Edui Fijth Row: Burt. Junior Lloyd. Epidemiology Bvrd. Jane Elizabeth. PH Nursing Caldwell. Mariel. Nutrition Campbell. Edward Merrill. Epidi Cassell, E. .Alan, Sanitary Euginee Caywood, Betty Ellen, Parasitolog Chambers, Joe Carroll, .«m Sixlh Ron: Chase. Charles Lundv. Biostatist Chatty. Dia E.. Administration Chow. Moo Ping. Sanitary Engin Combs. Betty Vonne. Health Edu Cornoni. Joan Claire. Biostatistic Cregar. James Dean. Administrat Daritv. William Alexander, Health Education . Genrose Haselwood. ndv. Adi nitan- Enginee ley, George Gr .V. Mary Brock. iternal Child Health 1. Josephine A.. PH Nur enberger, Ralph W.. Adi . Edward Vernal. Health Flemming. Edward Lee. Epid Folkers. Charlene G.. PH Nu Fuller. Cordon Spauldino. Ac Gakstatter. Jack Henry. Galbreath. Willard C. Sanitary Engineering Geeslin. Gcna Marjorie. PH I Goodman, Jerome Edward, Parasitoloi Hall, Russell Freeman, Haney. Charles P.. Sanitary Engineer Harlan, Patricia Alice, PH Nursing Supervision Harlow, Louise, Nutrition Harris, Tiiomas Ho rton, Administrati( Hays, Dorothy D., PH Nursing Second Row: Heidig, Edwin J.. Sanitary Engineerini Hemphill, Fred Kenneth, Sanitary Engineering Henley, Herbert Carlisle, Biostatistics Herman, George Joseph, Parasitology Hoffmann, Sandralin K., PH Nursing Hollandsworth, Evelyn Ruth, PH Nurs Honeycutt, Peggy Rea, PH Nursing Third Row: Hultman, Carl A., Maternal Child Health Ibrahim, Michel Ayoub, Epidemiology Ingold, Sara Dry, PH Nursing Irons, Isie lona, PH Nursing Jackson. Jacqueline Joy, PH Nursing lacumin, Walter Joe, Sanitary Engineerin( Johnson, Albert L. Epidemiology Fourth Row: Johnson, Sarah Lee, PH Nursing Keller, Maria Luisa, PH Nursing Kesler, Billy Royce, Sanitary Enginee Klotz, Alden W., Parasitology Kopek, Pauline Elizabeth, PH Nursing Krammes, Therold E., Sanitary Engineering Lambert, Frank Warren, Parasitology Fifth Row: Lane, John Dennis, Epidemiology Lawrence, Robert, Sanitary Engine Lewis, Barbara Nelson, PH Nursins Lewis, Julian Leigh, Health Educal Liedtka, Frederick A., Sanitary Engineering Lillard, John Hubert, Adminislrali Lippke, Frances Helen, Nutrition Sixth Ron: Little, Linda West, Sanitary Engine. Lont, Rike Hortence, PH Nursing Loughlin, Bemice W.. PH Nursing Supervision Lutz, James David, Sanitary Engine McDonnell, Jo Frances, PH Nursing Mcjunkin, Frederick Eugene, Sanitary Engineering McKee, John William, Administtatii Seventh Row: McLean, Harry Herndon, Epideniiolog McNaught, Annie Reith, PH Nursing Supervision M,immen. Mary. Health Education Manrv. Khalil Hosny. Marotta, Marian C, Nutrition Mcaoham, Carolyn Susan. PH Nursing Meredith, James Chamblee, Sanitary Engineering Eighth Row: Merritt, Billy R„ Sanitary Engineering Miller. Betty Gibson, PH Nursing Miller, Kathryn, PH Nursing Miikarnali. Ghamar, PH Nursing .Mouola, Garland Davis, Administration Monty, Eileen Constance, PH Nursing Morgan, Monroe T., Sanitary Engineering Page 168 Moore. Lucius Lee Ardrey, Parasitology Moorman, Manin Roy. Health Educati Musachio. Michael B.. Sanitary Engineering Narron, Jerry Martin, Sanitary Engineering Nieves. Edna. Biostatistics Ohye. Nobuko. Health Education Oldham, Carolyn Cuneo, PH Nursing Second Row: Parker, Robert .Amos, Adn Patterson. Patricia Anne. 1 Perez, Julia Ivette. Nutriti Pinkston, Carthel Tedrix, Health Education Pino, Guillermo Rafael, Bi Pittman, Robert Elijah, Sanitary Engineering Preston, John M„ Adminii Third Row: Pshyk, Basil W., Administration Reitz, Mary Lou, PH Nursing Rittner, Hans J., Administration Robbins. Jean C, Nutrition Rogers, Coye Olein, Administration Rose, William Randolph, Parasitology Rundgren. Edna Crandall, Maternal Child Health Fourth Row : Sartain, Jack Brooks, Health Educatio Sawyer, Blanche A., PH Nursing Scheer, Marian Burke, PH Nursing Schonleld, Hyman K., Epidemiology Scott, Robert Leroy, Health Educatiot Sellers, Frances Elizabeth. PH Nursin Sills, Joe Fred. Health Education fiflh Row: Skerrett. Victor Ramon, Maternal Child Health Sraalley, .Alan Hale. Sanitary Engineer Smalley, Elizabeth Sawyer, PH Nursing Supervision Spurrier, Elmer Raymond, Parasitolog Staunton, Sally Furr, PH Nursing Stephenson, Ruth Evelyn, Bioslatistic! Stout, Stuart W., Administration Sixth Row: Strickland. Gerald Charles, Sanitary Engineering Sutton. Corinna S.. Parasite] Swiggett. Henry Grady, Sanitary Engineering Tjin-A-Lien, Pui-Lan Carla, Trueblood, Reginald Gordon Health Education Turner. Alvis Greely. Sanitary Engineering Ussher, Beth, Admioistratioi Seventh Row: Vahldieck. Rosemary K., PH Nursing Vines, Thelma W., Health Education Vrancken. Lee. PH Nursing Walker. James Fred, Biostatistics Watts. Josephine S., PH Nursing Weaver, Macon Moore, Parasitology Westgarth. Warren C, Sanitary Engineering Eighth Row: Whidden, Elizabeth Cline. PH Nursin: Whitfield. Mary Alice, PH Nursing Williams, James Earl, Epidemiology Williams. Ralph Benjamin, Parasitolo Womack, James Milton, Administrali Woodward, William Edward, Sanitary Engineering Young. Marion Marshall, Administrati I t f Page 169 .„ r j fe sJ ' K ' SPORTS • ' -■ FOOTBALL The Tarheels in 1961 played both exciting and dull football: they upset some teams and they were upset: they showed running prowess and passing ability — in short the Heels were the same good, but not great, football team of old. No more exciting game was played in 1961 than at Kenan Stadium when Tennessee dropped a 22-21 thriller, but in Columbia both Carolina and South Carolina played one of the dullest games of the year. Maryland found out the Tar- heels could come up with a big win while Wake Forest showed that the men in blue could be upset by the confer- ence ' s worst. So it went: losing some that should have been won, and winning some that were called upsets. Head Coach Jim Hickey ' s team was led in the line by all ACC guard Jim LeCompte. LeCompte played well in all games and showed why he was a co-captain of the team. There were other good players on the team: Elliott, Farris. Craver. Car- son. Davies. Green, and Runco. The two positions which seemed most abundant in talent were the ends with Lacey. Runco. Sloop and Yates: and the fullback slot where Bob Elliott and Joe Davies proved themselves the best in the conference. The Heels made their bid for Carolina ' s first conference championship since the Justice Era but fell short — a field goal short — in Durham one November afternoon. With that loss went not only the conference crown but the Victory Bell and the desire to win the last two games of the season. Perhaps if nothing else the 1961 season was a training session for next year ' s Carolina team. Certainly one has to 1 1 ? hi sisiiiiHlBK ' m Head Coach Jim Hickey with Co-Captains Jim LeCompte and Bob ElHott. look hard to find other benefits of the ' 61 team. Next year ( as UNC takes on Ohio State. Michigan State, and Notre Dame ) may well bring the same results as this year ' s team, for Carolina insists on playing big-time football with small time money. Let ' s all hope that future seasons will be more profitable than this: at the same time let ' s not be too harsh on the 1961 edition for the Tarheels. TIIF I ' ll, I r r,OI,T V RslTV FOOTIlMI, IF, M : l ' ' vl! ' - t J ' w - Page 174 Ray Farris advances the ball on a flat State team. CAROLINA 27 -STATE 22 A fast, explosive start and a threatening finish by State ' s favored Wolfpack were both taken in stride by a cool Caro- lina team that waxed red-hot in the middle stages of play in as exciting an opening encounter as Kenan Stadium spec- tators on home-game Saturday afternoons can recall. The final score was 27-22, in Carolina ' s favor, as 44,000 fans sat in perfect football weather. State started the game off with a bang by scoring first on an 83-yard kickoff and a field goal a few minutes later. Carolina soon took over command of the game and built up such a commanding lead in the third period that State ' s Gabriel could never overcome the Tarheel advantage. Gib Carson scored three touchdowns and gained 61 yards on three passes and 15 carries. Bob Elliott scored one touch- down and kicked three extra points. Jimmy Addison slips through the State line for a small gain. STATISTICS UNC Stale First Downs 22 6 Net Yards Rushing 240 7 Passing . . .5-8 9-24 Net Yards Passing 77 130 Net Yards from Scrimn lage .317 137 Punting .5-34.6 5-42.6 Fumbles Lost 1 1 Penalties 92 38 Page 175 H JWf ' X -- - -■ ' « " !» t«1 i ' ' :ty ■ .v » A host of Miami linemen pull down Bob Liliott alter tlie Larolina luilliai k make- a siiort CAROLINA 0-CLEMSON 28 CAROLINA 14-MARYLAND 8 Joe Davies is finally collared by two Clemson backs. " The worst game of the season, " so said Coach Hickey concerning the mauling the Tarheels received at the hands of Clemson. Few who witnessed the game disagreed. Clem- son was up for the game while Carolina was flat ... a posi- tion they maintained for most of the game . . . and the combination spelled defeat for Rickey ' s men. Of noteworthy fault was Carolina ' s leaky pass defense: yielding 18 passes, t-wo for touchdowns, and 134 yards. STATISTICS UNC Clemson First Downs 7 19 Net Yards Rushing 71 208 Passing 6-18 18-19 Net Yards Passing 27 134 Net Yards from Scrimmage 98 342 Punting 11-45.8 6-44.8 Fumbles Lost 1 Penalties 39 Undampened in spirit and in desire by their licking of the previous Saturday, by Maryland ' s high national ranking, or by the rain, an alert and aggressive Carolina team maneu- vered a big upset in edging undefeated Maryland in Byrd Stadium at College Park, Maryland. Ability to play possession ball and to cash in on their opponent ' s fumbles as well as their own proved big factors in the Tarheels upending Maryland. Halfback Gib Carson, playing one of the best all-round games of his career, would have scored both Carolina touch- downs had he not fumbled as he crossed the goal line. Good luck prevailed though. Leimy Beck and Ray Farris were the right men at the right times and fell on both Carson fumbles to give the Heels the needed scores. STATISTICS UNC Maryland First Downs 15 7 Net Y ' ards Rushing 148 74 Passing 4-16 6-17 Net Yards Passing 46 106 Net Y ' ards from Scrimmage . 194 168 Punting 7-23.0 5-33.0 Fumbles Lost .1 2 Penalties . , 55 56 North Carolina took on the University of South Carolina in Columbia just after defeating the might v Maryland team. The play in Carolina stadium was uninspiring to say the least. If Carolina had been playing ball as they had the week before the score would have been disgraceful, for the Gamecocks, that is. As it was, the Heels did not need a steller perform- ance to turn back our Southern friends. Addison scored in the first quarter to put the Blue in front 7-0. Bob Elliott made it 10-0 at the half on a 20-yard field goal. The only other scoring was by flashy sophomore end Bob Lacey when he went 40 yards with an intercepted pass. STATISTICS UNC VSC First Downs 13 8 Net Yards Rushing 148 45 Passing 6-9 8-20 Net Yards Passing 61 102 Net Yards from Scrimmage 209 147 Punting 7-37.9 10-32.4 Fumbles Lost 1 Penalties 65 50 There was little sunshine in the Orange Bowl as both Miami and the weather combined to stop the Carolina hopes by defeating the Tarheels 10-0. A field goal in the second period and a brilliantly executed pass and run play in the final quarter got Miami its 10 points. The strong Carolina defense that had limited N. C. State, Maryland, and South Carolina to an average of 38 yards rushing, fought off three other threatening thrusts but were not able to stop the two scoring gusts of the Miami Hurri- canes. STATISTICS VNC Miami First Downs 9 16 Net Yards Rushing 21 216 Passing 22-11 18-10 Net Yards Passing 155 124 Net Yards from Scrimmage 176 340 Punting 7-43.7 4-27.8 Fumbles Lost 1 1 Penalties 25 40 CaiMMi lakis V. -I liaiiii 111 the slop of " Flori CAROLINA 17 -SOUTH CAROLINA Gib Carson: halfback CAROLINA MIAMI 10 Ray Farris: quarterback Page 177 CAROLINA 22-TENNESSEE 21 The University of Tennessee has. over the years, built one of the best won-lost records among major college teams. This has been done at the expense of teams like Chattanooga. Tulsa, and Carolina. HA-HA! Not this year. Carolina played its best game of the season and on a desperate last-minute dive for glory, won over the Orange Ogres from Knoxville. 22-21. Despite Glass. Orr. and Faircloth. galloping Gib. and Big Bob (along with a hard charging line, sharp pass re- ceivers, and a level headed quarterback I . brought Bowden and his boys a loss they won ' t readily forget. Carolina took command of the game and scored on a Farris sneak to go ahead 7-0. UT tied the score for the first time as the first quarter ended. The Tarheels stormed right back and took a 14-7 lead which they held at the half. North Carolina did not have to punt once in the first half. UT dominated the second half, at least most of it. as they tied the score and then took a 21-14 lead. Then the fireworks began. With 81 seconds left in the game Farris moved 66 yards with four pass plays. Then Farris flipped a final pass to Marslender good for 28 yards and the third Tarheel score. Behind by one point, the mighty Tarheels lined up and calmly scored a heart-stopping pass play good for two points and the victory. The goal posts were torn down in 3.42 seconds, a new conference record. STATISTICS UNC Tennessee First Downs 22 16 Net Yards Rushing 217 252 Passing 11-24 3-6 Net Yards Passing 163 29 Net Yards from Scrimmage 380 281 Punting 2-40.5 3-39.0 Fumbles Lost 1 2 Penalties 50 30 Gib Carson scores two points to win the game over Tennessee 22-21. Early in the first quarter Carson starts off on a 60 yard run against the Vols T Homecoming was marred by a Southeastern Conference team that combined both speed and power into one of the top five teams in the nation. Louisiana State L niversity came to Chapel Hill with three of the best teams seen here in many seasons. Paul Deitzel had eleven men on his first team that played offense and defense: he had twenty-two men on his second team — eleven played offense and eleven played strictly defense. Carolina made some glaring mistakes in the first quarter that cost us thirteen points: LSL scored two long touch- downs with ease. From that time until the fourth period the Tarheels played a respectable game, giving up only a field goal in the second period to trail at the half 16-0. It was in the fourth period that the Tigers " overall depth began to show. LSU scored on two long drives while the undermanned Heels stood by and watched : they could forestall the inevita- ble only so long. The final score was 30-0. Playing before a regional television audience. Carolina entertained dreams that another upset like that of a week previous would take place. LSL had just upset Mississippi, then the number one team in the country, and LNC had upset Tennessee. Perhaps LSL would be flat: perhaps Caro- lina could get a couple of quick scores and hold on to win: perhaps hell might freeze over: the Bayou Bengals were not to be denied. STATISTICS First Downs Net Yards Rushing Passing Net Yards Passing Net Yards from Scrimmage Punting Fumbles Lost Penalties A ' C LSU 8 18 34 264 9-20 6-16 75 108 109 372 9-32.3 6-38.2 1 15 85 This picture point? uut the speed and power of the mighty LSU Tigers. CAROLINA 0-LSU 30 LSU scores on a sixty yard run in the first period as Bob Elliott is about to be taken out of play. 0 Jim LeCompte: guard Page 179 And Dook coulcln " t, the referees notwillistancling, score a touchdown! Bob Elliott: fullback Gary Truver: center Conrad Sloop: end CAROLINA 3 -Dook training school 6 Playing before regional television for the second week in a row the Tarheels dropped a field goal duel to Dook, 6-3. Both teams played well and the outcome was in douht at all times. Carolina scored in the second period on a Bob Elliott field goal and in the fourth period on a Ray Farris run. Fortunately, for the rock pile, a quick whistle from your friend and mine, the referee, nullified the Farris touchdown. After missing two short field goal attempts, the law of aver- ages caught up with Jack Wilson of Dook and he hit in the fourth period to tie the game at 3-3. Late in the final period a Farris pass was picked off and run back deep in Carolina territory. Again an official obliged Dook: this time with a costly 15-yard penalty that put the ball in such position that even Mr. Wilson couldn ' t miss on a field goal attempt. Carolina tried to score witli about two seconds left in the game by running and lateraling the ball to an- other player. It was in vain, as Carolina lost the Victory Bell, the conference title, but most of all, lost to the gothic rock ile F " -- STATISTICS UNC Dook First Downs 10 20 Net Yards flushing m 205 Passing 2-7 13-25 Net Yards Passing ,7 96 Net Yards from Scrimmaj e 201 301 Punting 643.8 4-22.5 Fumbles Lost 1 1 Penalties 75 38 Page 180 mw j George Knox: fullback Lenny Beck: halfback Beck get? set to bring clown a ake Forest end after giving up slinrt yardage. Quarterback Ray Farris runs out of a hole in the third period against Wake Forest. CAROLINA 14-WAKE FOREST 17 A lifeless Carolina team went to play somebody : oh yes, Wake Forest in Winston-Salem. While the Tarheel fans yawned, the Demon Deacons slipped off with the victory, 17-14. For most students and possibly the football team as well, the season had ended a week earlier in Durham. The second team started for Carolina and gave up the first touch- down handed to Wake Forest. Bob Elliott tied the score in the second period but Wake fell on a blocked punt in the second half to take a third quarter 14-7 lead. Farris scored in the fourth period on a one-yard plunge. With 25 seconds left in the game Wake Forest pulled a repeat of the week before and defeated the listless Heels with a 22-yard field goal. No one seemed to care: the student body was unin- terested, the coaches weren ' t burned or hanged. The week before the Virginia game was quiet in Chapel Hill, as had been the days prior to the Wake game — not even the filching of Rameses bv the Baptists caused concern on the Hill. STATISTICS VNC Wake Forest First Downs 10 12 Net Yards Rushing 119 171 Passing 8-18 4-6 Net Yards Passing 133 52 Net Yards from Scrimmage 252 223 Punting 7-24.6 7-38.1 Fumbles Lost 5 2 Penalties 15 44 Page 181 CAROLINA 24-VIRGINIA " Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Glaus, but he didn ' t make the scene in Kenan Stadium Saturday and you lost . . . 24-0. That was about it. Before some 28.000 fans in Kenan Stadium, Carolina fin- ished the season in a big way: a rather popular idea around these parts for the last three seasons. (Anyone remember The Game, Carolina 50, Dook 0. or Carolina 3.5. Virginia 8?) The Tarheels used the Virginia team that was fresh from an upset of bowl minded Maryland to finish out a 5-5 season. The much improved Cavaliers were held to 121 yards rushing and passing: in fact, they remained so bottled up throughout the game that only once did they get as far as the 28-yard line of Carolina. As for the Tarheels, it was a differ- ent story. Ray Farris finished out his grid career in fine fashion as he led the Heels to 319 yards net yardage. The Carolina offense also clicked for 12 of 24 passes and ran off 73 plays from the line of scrimmage. The scoring was divided equally between Carson with a touchdown in the first quarter, Addison a two-yard plunge in the second. Farris got the final touchdown in the fourth, and Elliott scored three conversions and a field goal in the first quarter for six points. STATISTICS VNC Virginia First Downs 15 10 Net Yartb Rushing 183 45 Passing 12-24 6-16 Net Yards Passing . 136 76 Net Yards from Scrimmage 319 121 Punting 5-39.6 7-32.4 Fumbles Lost 1 3 Penalties 64 40 Page 182 Jim Shumate: tackle John Hegarty: tackle Jimmy Addison scores as Jack Tillery and Jerry Cabe block hapless Virginia lineman. Only four points kept the Freshmen football team from a perfect 5-0 season. As it turned out the Fresh lost to State 6-7 and to Clemson 27-30. From then through Thanksgiving when the Tarbabies slaughtered Dook 7-6 no team could stop the tough defense that Coach Barclay ' s boys were able to throw up. Led by the passing of Gary Black and the rushing of Ken Willard, Dick Zarro, and Ron Jackson the Tarbabies called attention to the fact that next year ' s sophomores will be tough. Good ends are already abundant on the varsity but now two more will be added: Frank Gallagher and Billy Axselle. Coaching this fine team were Wade Smith, John Schroeder, and George Barclay. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL CAROLINA 6 CAROLINA 27 CAROLINA 20 CAROLINA 20 CAROLINA 7 State 7 . Clemson 30 Wake Forest Virginia Dook 6 First row: K. Willard, D. Loveday. M. Marino. R. Tuthill, G. Black. P. Setzer. F. Gallagher. C. Hanburger. T. Wood, P. Fedor. Second row: L. league, R. Jackson. R. Irwin, N. Clay. T. Masters, F. Smith. T. Haba, R. Axselle, B. Blake, J. Fritz. H. Harden. Third row: J. Szymaitis, W. Duff. J. Payne, T. Hunter, J. White. J. Hill. A. Jacoby, R. Gonzales. J. Malobicky. C. Eudy. D. Braine. Fourth roiv: E. Pickard, B. Starczewski, R. Zarro, R. Stanley. J. Morgan. T. Ward. J. Whitmire. W. Trimble. S. Trotter. J. Gallagher. R. Jones. P. Kirvan. Manager Joe Nance. Ass ' t. Freshman Trainer Lee Jackson. Freshman Trainer Bill Schmidt. Ass ' t. Coach Wade Smith. Ass " t. Coach John Schroeder. Coach George Barclay. BASKETBALL As the 1961-62 basketball season closed. Carolina became the second best de-emphasized ball team in the state. Our brothers on the " State Farm " were the best. Carolina ' s 7-7 ACC record was sufficient to tie us with South Carolina for fourth place in the Conference and State tied nationally ranked Duke for second place. The highly touted Deacons of Wake Forest did not live up to their pre-season expecta- tions but in the wild ax-swinging that always accompanies an ACC race, they managed to profit from the rolling heads and cop first place in the regular season play. Carolina was a relatively inexperienced team with a new head coach. The team was not talent-laden as in past years but had a solid core of returning lettermen. Even though greatly hampered by a limited schedule which prevented some members of the Tarheel squad from gaining valuable experience. Coach Smith still turned out a polished team upholding Carolina ' s tradition. The high point of the season came as the Tarheels won their first game with State by a 10 point margin (66-.56I and ran their season ' s record up to six wins and two defeats. Unfortunately, this was followed by four straight losses, one of which was to State. Carolina split games with South Carolina and Maryland and lost two games each to Duke and Wake Forest. Carolina played good ball against the Blue Devils and the Deacons but was outclassed both in skill and height. The Carolina team posted two wins over both Virginia and Clemson while playing the same type of ball that lost to Duke and Wake Forest. This year proved a greater dis- parity of basketball strength among the " Big Four " than has been true in the past. Although the Carolina team certainly needs no excuse for an 8-8 record, it is interesting to note that in the first eight games. Carolina had a 6-2 record and in the last nine, a 2-7 record. It is possible that our team did not continue to improve at the same rate as teams with a full schedule. Larry Brown and Jim Hudock led Carolina statistics, tying each other for most total points scored in one game (26) and most free throws made in one game (12 1. Charlie Shaffer, who became a member of the starting team late in the season, made 10 field goals out of 12 attempts against Clemson for the best individual accuracy mark. Brown led the individual scoring averages with 16.4 per game which was greatly helped by his 26 points in two games and 12 free throws in three games. Hudock was second highest scorer (15.3 average! and Donnie Walsh, the third (13.6 average). Brown tied for fifth position on the star studded ACC first team and Hudock was picked for the ACC second team. Donohue. Cooke, and McSweeney all did a great deal toward making the ball club as good as it was. The opening round of the ACC Tournament saw the Tar- heels defeated 57-55 by South Carolina in a game that should have been a victory but was turned into defeat in the last few minutes of play. Thus ended Carolina ' s first losing season since 1955. Page 184 1961-1962 TAR HEEL BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD Opponents VNC Virginia 46 80 Clemson 52 .54 Indiana 76 .70 Notre Dame 80 99 Wake Forest 91 72 Virginia 71 100 South Carolina 71 83 N. C. State , 56 66 Duke 79 57 Maryland 79 62 Wake Forest 87 80 N. C. State . 85 . 57 Clemson 59 69 South Carolina 97 82 Maryland 67 70 Duke 82 . ' 74 ACC Tournament South Carolina 57 UNC 55 Captain Jim Hudock and Coach Dean Smith. K . " 1 i 1 ■ [i ' 1 1, 1 ■ V i»! - Forward: Br an McSweeney Guard: Don Walsh Brian McSweeney out-jumping the Irish in another Carolina win. Mrh r Klaii-f -tral- a irlicuml fri.iii iii:iiiia. (.i.cnl i .•hoiliuliny anil llarp ■ .:aroliiia a win. Guard: Peppy Calahan Page 186 Ccnlir: Jim Donohue Forward: Charlie Shaffer Forward: Plrtrr Kr Forward: Art Katz Larry Brown, master of the fast break, puts in 2 against Virginia. Dieter Krause driving for a shot. It looks like Virginia has this one. Page 187 Guanl: Charlie Burns Center: Bruce Bowers Jim Hudock lays one in ake Forest: just too damned tall. Center: Richard Vinroot Page 188 CHEERLEADING Remember . . . the trees above the stadium brilliant with color, that first football afternoon, and the air of expectant excitement mixed with the music that blared forth from the loud speakers. Remember . . . when our efforts to rouse the stands to cheer were met by hardly enough response to drown our voices, and those times when the echo from the assembled throng prevented any other sound from reaching our ears. The band played as we ran and flipped in front of our team when it burst onto the field — those big games and those heartwarming and heart-aching touchdowns — when the final gun went off. and the crowd rushed onto the field. Remember . . . basketball season — the crowded gym and the never ceasing whistle of the referee. How nice it would be to wake up tomorrow and have it September and our games all ahead of us — those Carolina games that we ' ll remember as long as we live. Hark The Sound. FRESHMAN CHEERLKMiKI Allen, Donna Johnson. ' ' i vii Johnsye Massenburg. IJiiliin Gentry, Judy Km;;. Frieda Collins. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. Mascot: Mary Jo Fredere. First row: Sue Drennen, Kathy Fulen- wider, Bevan Evans. Dale House. Susie Cecil. Second row: Carolyn Benbow, Steve Lynch, Head Cheerleader Al Roper, Dick Lewisohn, Pat Stallings. Third row: Jack Young. Hannis Latham. Walter Morris. Don Lord. SOCCER Coach Marvin Allen ' s soccer team had to be content with third place in the conference this year behind Maryland and Dook. Posting a record of eight wins against four losses, the hooters represented themselves well. The season ' s results: CAROLINA 2 Roanoke CAROLINA 1 Nav 5 CAROLINA 4 Washington-Lee 1 CAROLINA West Chester 2 CAROLITVA 5 State 3 CAROLINA 2 Davidson CAROLINA 1 Maryland 4 CAROLINA 3 Pfeiffer 1 CAROLINA 2 Lynchburg 1 CAROLINA 4 Belmont Abbey 1 CAROLINA 2 Virginia 1 CAROLINA 2 Dook 3 Steve Painter heads the bail to Kingman Brown in a practice game against Little Creek Naval Station. 1961 SOCCER TEAM, first row: B. Snyder. H. Prakke, F. Lankford, G. Beim. H. Gordon, D. Bordogna. B. Shettle, T. Grant, B. Kepner, K. Brown, J. Kenrick. Second row: B. Jones, R. Smith, D. Bobrowski, J. Doyle, R. Lewis, F. Burroughs, L. Steele. W. Hamilton, N. Irvine, C. Shelton, B. Sidbury. Third row: Coach Allen. Manager S. Leidesdorf, B. McWilliams. S. Painter. P. Blake. T. Griffith, C. Goetz. C. Ferguson. D. Heard, C. Battle, Ass ' t. Coach Fish. Page 190 The Cross Country team coached by veteran Dale Ranson was able to post an impressive record of six victories and one defeat in 1961. The sole loss came at the hands of Maryland and that by one point: however, the Heels got revenge later in the season as they defeated Maryland and the rest of the conference in the ACC championship meet. Carolina was paced by Everett. Lunetta. and S tuver. The season ' s results: (Dual Meets) CAROLINA 18 Clemson 48 CAROLINA 15 Virginia 54 CAROLINA 17 State 4fl CAROLINA 28 Maryland 27 CAROLINA 27 Dook 29 (State Meet) CAROLINA 35 Catawba 123 Dook 37 Davidson 126 Wake Forest 104 State 132 (ACC Meet) CAROLINA 37 State 150 Dook 48 Wake Forest 152 Maryland 52 Virginia 179 Clemson 141 South Carolina Did Not Finish CROSS COUNTRY Rhett Everett, Carolina ' s number one finish line in a meet with Wake Forest and Dook. unner, crosses the 1961 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM AND ATLANTIC COAST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS. First row: C. Tromba. D. Bruenson. B. Bennent. Rhett Everett. Second row: M. Folk. C. Lunetta. G. Stuver. C. Little. Coach Ranson. Page 191 TRACK The track leani in 1962 should be good enough to beat all the other amateurs in the conference and place second to scholarship-laden Maryland. Last year the Heels won all dual meets except the one at Maryland. They placed sixth in the Florida Relays and second in the conference. Rhett Everett receives a second place metlal in the ACC tournament in Durham. Last year ' s results: CAROLINA 106 State 25 CAROLINA W Clemson 37 CAROLINA 84 South Carolina 47 CAROLINA 31 Maryland 100 CAROLINA 95 Wake Forest 34 CAROLINA 88 Virginia 43 CAROLINA 72 Dook 59 6th Place: Florida Relays 2nd Place: ACC Meet The 1960-61 Carolina Track Team. Page 192 Going over! UNC pole vaulter scores against Maryland. Carmine Lunetta — distances. Throwing the javelin for UNC is Dick Richardt. Bill Cruom - high jump. WRESTLING Coach Sam Barnes Dick Blackmail sparring with Southern Conference Champ of V.M.I, before decisioning him. The 1960-61 Carolina Wrestling Team, ably coached by Sam Barnes, came in second in the Atlantic Coast Confer- For the season, the team posted an unimpressive .5-6-0 record, but three of the victories came over ACC teams. Carolina won over Virginia. Duke, and State, losing only to perrennial power Maryland. Individual Carolina wrestlers showed great improvement by coming in over the third place team in the ACC Cham- pionships with a large margin. Coach Barnes " tournament style wrestling designed to pay off in the multiple matches of a tournament paid off at the season ' s end. This year, in a truly inauspicious beginning. Carolina Wrestlers have lost their first five matches, but Coach Barnes thinks that there is still hope for a good season and strong hope for the tournament. 1961-62 VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM. First row: D. Blackman, G. Glaser, J. Jones, B. Lowry. T. Grant. Second row: W. Johnson, P. Gilchrist. T. May. M. Nelson. B. Holmes. L. Arthur. Page 194 ■mgM MWIWWWMWWIi—— 1961-62 VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM. First row: S. Lehrer, T. Kerr, R. Newhouse, G. Record. B. Shipp. N. Ruttenberg. Second row: W. Lilfelder. L. Himbree. A. Tyler. G. Appell, Armfield. H. Fosque, B. Lanney. " Br ' A, J ' No! Jack Jones of UNC is not pinned. Glen Glaser of UNC trying a chin bar. Freshman heavyweight John Hill working for a take down. Carolina ' s Micky Nelson. Who has the advantage? " wm sF. Page IQ. ' i SWIMMING Coach Pat Earey SPRINTERS. B. WelK. Milh- I B. Williams. D. M. Murray. H. Cone, Co-Captain B. IJillun Carolina Swimmers posted an impressive (9-3) record in 1960-61. losing only to nationally ranked Navy and Southern Illinois, and being upset by Maryland. This surprising loss, due niainlv to the absence of two key swimmers, left Caro- lina. Maryland, and North Carolina State, each with one loss in ACC competition. The three way tie was resolved by call- ing each team a Tri-Champ of the Conference. This year, with a strong returning team. Carolina has beaten each of their first four rivals by a large margin. All-American Thompson Mann and Co-Captains Bob Bilbro and Bob Briggs have made heavy contributions to Carolina ' s winning efforts. Coach Pat Earev savs his boys are working hard and are looking forward to a good season. M. Bissell, J. Mununaw. H. Sliiffnian. B i ' s mi iM s a%- Hying start tor 3 members of the V medley relay - ■ team. I if ill Diver: Sandy Patterson Distance Men. First row: J. Weber, H. Mummaw, R. Killer. Second tow. F. Lea, W. Bloom. Page 197 BASEBALL Coach Walter Rabb In keeping with the trend since Walter Rabb became head coach of Carolina ' s Baseball Team, the 1960-61 team had a very successful season. Falling slightly below their 1959-60 mark of ACC Champions, the Carolina " Nine " " placed sec- ond in the ACC with a 10-4 record and a 15-6 record overall. Ably paced by the batting of All- American Jim Mooring and second baseman Paul Swing, Carolina was a hard hitting ball team, averaging 6.85 runs per game in 21 games of the 60-61 season. Nicky Warren, a pitcher now turned pro. had never pitched a losing game in college before 1960-61. Last year he accounted for 7 of Carolina ' s 15 wins by pitching a 7 won, none lost record. In spite of losing Warren, Mooring, Tommy Camp. Car- roll Bolick, Ferg Norton, and others, Carolina has 9 letter- men returning and hopes for a good season. Probable starting lineup for this spring will be: Catcher, Frady; First Base. Delollio: Second Base, Swing; Short Stop, Speight, a sophomore; Third Base, Neal; Outfielders, Hull. Spainhour. Russ Hollers, or possibly a junior trans- fer. Buddy Tilden. Returning pitchers with the most experi- ence are Murr. Whacker, and Jenkins with Andy Billesdon and Spencer Willard as sophomore possibilities. Page 198 Heyward Hull, hustling toward first base while still completing hi: swing. Nicky Warren pitching another win on his (7-0) record. This victim was Wake Forest. ll- n» Jim I inu .li-|iia - ihr pi ' itnt Ijatlin-; form that fur him national recognition and a .427 batting average. 1960-61 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM. First row: Nicky Warren. Paul wing. Cronin Byrd, Larry Neal. Lew Holcomb, Dave Pope. Co-Captains Ferg Norton and Tommy Camp. Second row: Dee Frady. Carroll Bolick. Jack Rees. Junior Edge. John Hickey. Larry Jenkins. Pete Rose. Bob West. Len Delollio. Third row: Manager Blake Thomas, Ass ' t. Coach Carson Oldham. Wendell Brande. Dave Loughlin. Jim Mooring. Johnnie Stott. Bob Deaton, Bob Wacker, Dave Murr, Head Coach Waher Rabb. Page 199 TENNIS Don Skakle embarks upon his fourth year as coach of the Carolina Tennis Team. Last season Skakle won his third Atlantic Coach Conference title and the seventh title for the Tarheel netmen in the eight years that the Conference has been organized. The 1962 team appears to be another typi- cally strong Carolina team. Returning lettermen Garland Carlton, Keith Stoneman. Bill Shettle. George Zimmerman. Kirbv Jones, and David Morgan will be bolstered by Stan Cocke and all of a strong freshman team. Gone from the team are Bruce Sylvia and Tommy Ricks. Sylvia carried Carolina to the Tournament Championships and grabbed the individual title as well. Despite the loss of these two outstanding players. Coach Skakle will again have the powerhouse tvpical of Carolina tennis since 1909. The young coach is optimistic enough to predict only one possible loss in this vear ' s twenty-three game schedule. Miami ' s Puerto Rican laden team poses the only serious threat to the Heels. It looks like another banner vear for the UNC netmen. David Morgan First row: Tommy Ricks, Bruce Sylvia, Kirby Jones, Stan Cocke. Second row: Lewis Legum. Manager; Pete Morrow, Keith Stoneman. David Morgan, George Zimmerman. Garland Carlton. Don Skakle. Coach. 1962 Varsity Tennis Schedule April May Kirliy Jones 20 Dartmouth 21 Dartmouth 1 26 Michigan State 1 27 M.I.T. ] 2 Harvard ] 3 Harvard J 4 Williams , 1 5 Williams ] 11 Furman 13 Maryland 14 Virginia 16 Davidson 1 17 Duke 18 Citadel 20 Rollins 21 Rollins 23 Georgia 25 Toledo 1 27 South Carolina 1 28 Clemson ] 1 N. C. State 2 Wake Forest 1 4 Miami 1 10-12 ACC Tournament Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Away Away Away Home Away Away Away Away Away Home Home Home Away Home Home Raleigh Page 201 GOLF The 1961 Golf season was mainly a season of rebuilding, with our ' 61 effort rebuilt around the only returning letterman, All-American Pete Green. In spite of their inexperience, the Heels came along very fast and ended their season with a 4-4 record for the two-team matches. The Tarheels were much more impressive in the ACC tournament than their seasonal record indicated they would be. The Tarheel linksmen led the field the first day of the tournament, but the second and last day found them a sur- prisingly strong runner-up to the Duke champions. Carolina ' s golf hopes for 1962 look very bright with the return of 4 of the first 6 golfers of the 1961 team. The re- turnees include the three pictured here: All-American, Pete Green, No. 1 on the ' 61 team; Denny White, No. 2 on the ' 61 team: and John Brabson, No. 4 on the ' 61 team. AIl-AmericaTi. I ' lli (.rni Julin Biabaon Denny White Page 202 The U.N.C. Cardboard, begun in 1948, organizes tiie largest section of its type in the Eastern United States. Approxi- mately 200 hours of work are needed to produce clever stunts that last about 1.5 minutes. The Art Staff, the Office Staff, and Usher Staff prepare these stunts. The aims of the UNC Cardboard are to promote college tradition, provide color, and stimulate spirit for our University. CARDBOARD First row: T. Muncy, J. Mhyre. A. Lloyd, L. Solin, B. Stribling. Second row: R. Gabriel, B. Freund, President T. Lawrence. B. Singletan ' . F. Saunders, P. Planer. FENCING riiris Farran and Jun Weber, part of the epee team of Carolina. -Mark Scliaffer of (. ' arolina on the right does battle with a fencer from V.M.I. Page 203 MONOGRAM CLUB The Monogram Club is an honorary organization for Caro- lina athletes who have received one or more letter awards for participation in varsity sports. Set apart by the extra time and effort each of them contribute to better the school ' s athletic standing, they form a very congenial and useful club membership. This has been an eventful year for the club, as the club room has been moved from its location on Country Club Road to a newly decorated room on the ground floor of Woollen Gym. The club members agree that the new location in the school ' s athletic center is a great improvement. The room itself is a very large one with a meeting room on one side of a Trophy Case partition and a game room on the other side. Some of the Monogram Club ' s accomplishments this yeai include sponsoring the attendance at a home football game of a group of orphans and the entertainment of high school athletic prospects. The Club has also made plans to get an Alumni team for an opponent in the annual Blue- White game. JOE DAVIES President First row: M. Nelson, G. Seastrom, B. Groom, M. McDonald, H. Byrd, B. Kepner, Unid. Second row: Unid.. B. McMillan. C. Kortner. G. Sloop, G. Stuver, Unid.. D. Green. Unid.. C. Hurd. Joe Hillon. Advisor. 1 1 n I FI 1 1 1 Ikh r r » « M % First row: C. Lunetta, J. Jones. R. Blackman. W. Johnson, V. Simonton. J. Weber, S. Patterson, J. Bromwell, S. Brent, H. Henry. Second row: K. Jones, L. Steele, R. Hart, R. Everett, G. Carlton, G. Record, G. Glaser, H. Cone, F. Lea. Unid., D. Murr, H. Whittle. First row: Barry Tiedeman, Secretary: Bill Sidbury, Treasurer. Second row: Dick Bordogna. C.. .A. Representative; John Runco, Sergeant-at-. rms; Bob Bilbro, Vice-President. Page 205 WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The purpose of the Women ' s Athletic Association is to pro- vide opportunities for participation in various recreational activities, and to promote interest in women ' s athletics. This purpose is accomplished through an extensive intramural program, including competition in both individual and team sports. The W.A.A. sponsors many diversified clubs such as the Splash Club. Tennis Club. Modern Dancing Club, and many others. The association does not stop at women ' s athletics, but also sponsors the Co-Rec Carnival, Co-Rec Volleyball, and Co-Rec Swimming. Play days, interschool competition, and the annual Awards Picnic are a few of the other W.A.A. activities. W.A.A. COUNCIL. First row: Polakavety. Ainslie. Davis, Mashburn. Gentry. Second row: Sandler. Powers. Frye. Whipple. Sigmon. Parks. Newton, Peterson. Bolton. Third row: McDaviil. Patton. Mooney. Sloan. McAlpine. Conklin. Fourth roiv: Blanton. Latane, Bergner, Strawn, Spivey. Solimidt. e S.A.C. OFFICERS. Dick Bordogna, Treasurer; Bob Bilbro, Chairman Jo Taylor, Secretary. Winning STUDENT ATHLETIC COUNCIL The Student Athletic Council was established by the Student Legislature in 1959 to serve as a co-ordinating body for athletic matters. It is composed of thirteen persons including leaders of various athletic-oriented student organizations, as well as representatives from the legislative and executive branches of Student Government. The specific projects of the Council are left to the discretion and initiative of the Council itself, but periodical reports are made to the Student Legis- lature. The Council ' s work includes co-ordinating the display and beauty contest for Homecoming, organizing the Carolina Sweethearts, who welcome visiting athletic teams to the campus, and serving as a co-ordinator of half-time shows at football games. The body is concerned with student sup- port of the UNC teams through the improvement of school spirit. Its aim is to communicate the school spirit to the athletic teams which represent the University in intercolle- giate competition. The Student Athletic Council also en- deavors to carry the views, desires, and needs of the students to the officials of the Athletic Department. S.A.C. First row: Kay Mixon, Blake Thomas. Rufus Edmisten. Second row: Sto Fox, Tom Lawrence. Bill Criswell. Jim Clark. Page 207 ; ' i ' :: - -:j N i : -t -.-5S5. ' . ' ■ f-J ■ ■ " " ' ' f PWlBlj .«Z% ORGANIZATIONS u- ' " " ' ' ! a f 1 r- r : ;: : fts. ' ir GRAHAM MEMORIAL STUDENT UNION MR. HOWARD HENRY Director of Graham Memorial Graham Memorial, our student union, is the stu- dent ' s home away from home. It sponsors campus- wide programs and activities that can he enjoyed by each student. The Board of Directors, composed of both facuUy and students, is the policy-making body of the stu- dent union while the Graham Memorial Activities Board plans and directs the many extra-curricular activities that are connected with the G.M. program. Information? We have all the answers! ii iiin- for a relaxing game of pool ' : ' I The cast assemblage of " Celestina, " tlie Sound and Fury production of Graham Memorial. Page 212 Carlos Montoya, a special presentation by (graham Me niorial. GRAHAM MEMORIAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS, First row: Dr. George B. Daniel. Jr., Martha Wolfe. Dr. Doug Sessoms. Joe Oppenlieimer. Bruce Welch. Second row: Bill Harris. Dr. Sam Hill, Jr., Innian Allen. Scott Summers, H, Dr. Peter G. Phialas, Bob Rearden, Kai Jurgenson, Howard Henry. The Open Door Policy is still in effect at G.M. Its doors stand open at all times, welcoming students — any and all students — to the warmth and comfort of the main lounge. to the offices of Student Governinent. where everyone has a job, to the offices of the campus publications: the Yack, the Carolina Quarterly, and the Daily Tarheel, where one becomes more than just a face in the crowd, to the many recreational activities: ping-pong, pool, dancing in the Rendezvous Room, which just had a face-lifting. to the TV room, to membership on G.M.A.B. or other committees designed to pro- mote leadership and individual responsibility or, if nothing more, to sit down for a few minutes . . . and relax . . . The Main Lounge of Graham Memorial. GRAHAM MEMORIAL ACTIVITIES BOARD The Graham Memorial Activities Board is the central func- tioning unit of the student union. Its purpose is to bring together all phases of campus life — the academic, the recreational, the cultural, and the social. Inherent within this purpose is the obligation on the part of G.M.A.B. to meet the needs of every student in the University and to strive to enlarge upon the opportunities and benefits of study pre- sented to the students. In addition, G.M.A.B. offers the opportunity to the students for developing leadership and responsibility by encouraging participation in its wide field of committee activity. These committees handle the planning and presentation of the various union functions from appear- ances by big-name entertainers to dance lessons, from combo parties to informal gatherings in the main lounge. The spring is always highlighted by the annual presenta- tion of the Sound and Fury, an original musical which is student-written, student-produced, and student-acted. The G.M.A.B. office is on the second floor of Graham Memorial. Come in anytime! INMAN ALLEN President First row: Jim Cashion, Kate Oldham. Dan Moore. Second roiv: Inman Allen, John L. Currie. Bill Selden. Bob Rearden Page 214 DANCE COMMITTEE The University Dance Committee members, distinguished ny their blue and white rosettes, act traditionally as hosts for Carolina ' s dances. Thanks to the expert planning of the sponsoring organizations, all the dances this year were suc- cesses. This outstanding record marks for the Committee one of the most successful years in its history. CHANDLER VAN ORMAN Chairman Page 215 YOUNG MEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION From its inception, the Y.M.C.A. at the University of North Carolina has been dedicated to intellectual freedom, to stu- dent initiative, and to responsibility. Working within the framework of the Christian faith, students and faculty mem- bers have probed issues and ideas affecting people anywhere and everywhere. The Y.M.C.A. has always sought to serve wherever student needs arise. In recent decades it has initiated the Book Ex- change, Freshman Orientation Program. Intramural Ath- letics, and the Placement Bureau. Thus many organizations now operating as an integral part of our campus life were at one time a service to the University given by the Y.M.C.A. In the realm of international relations and political life, the U.N. Seminars, the Cosmopolitan Club, the Symposium on Public Affairs, and seminars abroad are valuable programs founded by the Y.M.C.A. This year the Foreign Student Hospitality Committee and the Fraternity Study Commission have been added to the list of services sponsored by this organization. This is the Y.M.C.A. ' s one hundred and first year on the Carolina campus, and it is still poised for action in any area EXECITIVE COUNCIL. Seated: Dave Buxton, Richard King Lefler. Standing: Woody Harrison. Gilbert Stallings. of campus life. If there is need for more discussion and development of a controversial subject, or if the opportunity to know interesting and existing people is desired, then possi- bilities for facing these situations can be found within the Y.M.C.A. ' s broad approach to student life. Seminars Abroad student group leaves for a summer in Europe. Page 216 TAM LEFLER President FallV first major activity, F " resliman Camp at Camp New Hope Y.M.C.A. CABINET. Seated: Woody Harrison. Richartl King, Tarn Lefler. Gilbert Stallings, Dave Buxton. Standing: Tony Rogers, Roy Kirk, Frank Brock. Bruce Cooper, Kellis Parker, Scntt Trull. Buzzy .Stubbs, Henry Benton. YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The Y.W.C.A. at Carolina is an interdenominational organ- ization founded on Christian ideals and beliefs and open to all coeds. The aim of this group is two-fold: to serve the community and to lead the campus toward a better under- standing of problems current in the modern world. An executive council, composed of eight elected officers. and a cabinet of twenty-two selected committee chairmen comprise the core of the Y ' s organization. Committees are geared to meet the interests of every coed by offering oppor- tunities for experiences in a variety of activities. A few of the areas include volunteer aid at Memorial Hospital, recrea- tional work with children at the Blind School, Catholic and Methodist Orphanages; the preparation of a model U.N. Assembly: participation in various conferences concerning prescribed topics of discussion; and the organization of a Vesper Program in the coed residences. In all of its endeavors, the Y.W.C.A. seeks to offer its members an opportunity both to work and to learn with their fellow students. Above all, however, the Y attempts to keep JACKIE DAY President ever present a realization of the truth in the words . . . " What you keep you lose, and only what ou give remains your own. " Y.W.C.A. CABINET. First row: Kay Fletcher, Betty Hayes, Betti Brown. Anne Sexton, Pat Stallings. Sara Jci Allen. Mary Van Every. Second row: Sinclair Kemper, Angelyn Stokes, Mary Merrill, Tiinia Teasdale, Karen Nelson, Nancy Barr, Sylvia Mullins. Jane Shaw. Betty Challen. Carol Frapf, Harriet Cox. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. Li-li lu right: Nursen Menco, Tucker Walker, Connie Davis, Maggie Leu, Mar ' Sue Simpson. Maxine Greenfield. Page 219 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Students are always welcome at the Baptist Student Union to participate in a varied program of stimulating and crea- tive activities. Supp er-Study is a main feature at the B.S.U. Center on Friday evening along with vespers and meditation periods through the week. Students also express their Chris- tian faith through special retreats and service projects. EPISCOPAL STUDENT CONGREGATION Episcopal undergraduates at U.N.C. meet informally once a week in the parish house of the Chapel of the Cross as the Canterbury Association. In eating together, in worship, in discussion and recreation, they seek to understand better their position as Christian students enrolled in a secular institution. The Episcopal Student Congregation Council coordinates the activities of Canterbury with those of other groups meet- ing needs of students not represented in Canterbury. Page 220 This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation at U.N.C. Hillel exists to relate the Jewish student to his heritage of the past, to make him aware of his present, and to prepare him for his future within the Jewish Community. These objectives are met through religious, cultural, and social activities that include Sabbath services, discussion and study groups, workshops, and lectures. HILLEL FOUNDATION O The Lutheran Student Association is a group of students concerned with the growth and expression of their faith in the academic community. It meets every Sunday night in the Parish Hall of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church for a meal, devotions, and the presentation of topics covering a wide variety of subjects. Members find in it a means of worship, friendship, fellowship, recreation, and development of the mature Christian. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION Page 221 NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club is a Catholic Organization on campus. It presents a varied program of intellectual, religious, and social events, and meets every two weeks beginning with a supper in St. Thomas More Church. The officers are Presi- dent, Maxine Greenfield: Vice-President. Ray Farris: Sec- retary, Mary Alys Heim: Treasurer. Phil Baddour. and Social Chairman, Joe Powell. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION The Christian Science Organization at U.N.C. consists of I niversity student and faculty members who are interested in learning about Christian Science and of members of the Christian Science Church. The Organization has weekly meetings conducted by a stu- dent who reads selected passages from the Bible and the Christian Science textbook. After the readings, the meeting is open for experiences, testimonies, and remarks or dis- cussions about Christian Science. Page 222 The Cosmopolitan Club, open to students and townspeople from all nations of the world, is dedicated to fostering world understanding of diverse peoples and cultures. Its aims are to give the University community a more accurate represen- tation of its foreign guests and to give the foreign student a more accurate and well rounded picture of American life. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ' BOARD The International Students ' Board is a coordinating agenc for the various campus organizations which are interna tionally oriented and concerned with the international stu dent community. It also serves as the point of origin for student government projects in international awareness, stu dent exchanges, and visiting delegations from abroad. Among the activities of the Board is research into study, travel, and exchange opportunities in various nations. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS " BOARD. From row: Betty Challen. Kathy Livas. Fred Anderson, chairman; Rebekali Royster. Betti Brown. Back row: Norman Graham. John Clinarf. Thonia- Kehayes. Jerry Ellis, Al Roper. Robert Peery. Bill Wall. DAILY TAR HEEL WAYNE KING Editor LLOYD LITTLE. Executive ews Editor MARGARET ANN RHYMES, Associate Editor 1 VJMT J ' PP» ' HARRY ■«. LLOYU Sports Editor Jim Clotfelter, News Editor; Bill Hobbs. Managing Editor: Nancy Barr, Feature Co-Editor; Garry Blanchard, Contributing Editor; Linda Cravotta, Features Co-Editor. Page 224 TIM BURNETT Business Manager MARK GREENBLKG. Asir. Advertising Manager MIKE MATHERS, Advertising Manager Ninety per cent of this year ' s staff was from Hickory, North Carolina, despite the efforts of the National Association for the Advancement of Non-Hickoryites (N.A.A.N.H.) . Nevertheless the Daily Tar Heel improved. We got new type faces, bought a Polaroid camera and went to six pages once a week, because the capitalist pigs in the advertising department peddled so many ads. A loosening of restrictions of letters to the editor filled the edit pages weeks in advance. The hotter issues were theater picketing. House Un-American Activities Committee, class elections, conservatism vs. liberalism, dorm searches and student-administration relations. The King of the World didn t come to see us this year, but the President did. The Daily Tar Heel put out a special edition of the Novem- ber bond issue which was mailed to 6.000 voters throughout the state. More money was given to the paid staffers ... the Daily Tar Heel was able to cover more out-of-town stories since the Student Legislature gave us a S300 traveling account. There was talk about buying our own press, but nothing happened. Hobbs and Clot fought for Neiv York Times and jVe; ; York Daily News layout respectively. King didn ' t like either one. but then, he ' s only the editor. In general, Saturdays at the Daily Tar Heel were happy hours . . . petitions for the abolishment of everything were circulated. Organized Disorganizalion! YACKETY YACK TED STURM Business Manager i ■ 1 Page 22C There ' s nothing like starting the year (fiscal I out right by- ridding yourself of all those traces of last year ' s memories. Our spacious, bowling-alley-shaped office lost its " eye-ease " green color with the newly selected staff pitching in finan- cially and physically to produce a light blue and brown out- side office. The editors chose a relaxing nmstard color to brighten the walls but it produced so many headaches that the only thing that saved the entire staff from running out was Mr. Henry ' s donation of travel posters to blot out the wall. Now the place looks like a steamship boiler room with those damn red pipes that CofFman was so nutty about. " Happy birthday. Jerry Bear. " sang all the glorious staff to the illustrious co-editor . . . along with the festivities came Chiante and cookies and cake . . . Millie and Joolie really know how to throw the parties. Between Julie ' s throwing parties, knitting, and crossing out. there was very little time for her to go around and personally initiate with the tradi- tional " bear hug. " The entire staff, of course, was greatly indebted to the tremendous effort put in by Bobby Bear (who never did lift his finger to do one ounce of work . . . but then again. it would be a real bungling mess if he was allowed to help). Keeping the co-editors in constant panic was Teddy Bear, whose tall tales he was reputed to have experienced were almost too much to believe. It was almost as if he had sub- scribed to the accident-a-week club. Can ' t understand why Mary Ann didn ' t want her beauty court queen pictures taken horizontally in black leotards . . . something about look- ing like the playmate of the month . . . well maybe if she had a few more " cokes " at the planetarium she might have agreed. . . . Plant operations were viewed daily by Kay Bear. . . . " What fun watching all those people work! ! ! " Joy and Mary were so concerned about the seniors that they didn ' t work in the office — afraid they would never get anything accomplished with all the noise! ! ! The editors ' biggest worry — will Jack and Dave ever get the sports started ? Why is Al so damn wise? It is hard to believe that one person could be so uppity! . . . " Why, Betsy, it certainly is WARREN SAMS, FRANK CROWELL Phntn rnpheTS JULIE LATANE Managing Editor nice to see you here today. " . . . Ann and Bev and Sybil — so efficient — a joy to have them on the staff, of course Linda Bear could not be overlooked either. . . . Jane Paden, " Where is the copy? Please! " Lost among the leopard and zebra skins. That room on the third floor Spencer certainly was the most interesting sight Dick Bear had seen all year. . . . Did everyone see the life size head shot of Jerry Bear?? . . . Champagne and steak arranged by Buxton and Puller and then the contest — the Korn File. . . . Zalk and his squirrel shots. . . . Sams and his Yack party shots — What an orgy ! . . . No one even knows Ann and Ginny are on the staff ex- cept the editors and Frank — and Frank really knows — taking all the faculty hasn ' t exactly been fun. . . . Frannie, you ' ve been quaffing punch again — how about a swearing contest? . . . Ev and Chris — bears!! . . . Julie-Jack butter- flying! . . . Charles and John. Faye and Ellen wonderful workers! . . . CofEman (he keeps Jack doing his work) cap- tions and captions — too bad we can ' t use any of that filth! . . . Jay Bailey cut out that twisting! Malcolm, since you ' re on finance committee, how about getting the Yack appropria- tions increased . . . thanks! . . . Henry Chason, " How about typing a few more junior cards " . . . " Are you going to have an index this year? " . . . ask Annette and Linda . . . Mar- garet Horner and Laura Sharp are so quiet that we some- times don ' t even know they ' re around . . . Sue Grimes-type, type, type . . . Deadlines — remember, we all lose if they are not met . . . Ben spilled the ice . . . Frank, the professionals are calling . . . Cone came late but has added much to the party . . . Ted, Julie, and Dick all drop courses because of exhaustion and the Yack . . . sure hope the student body likes the book because the staff who put it out had a hell of a time doing it. Page 227 Mary Alford. Senior ( ' u-l MiI ' m : I ' .ni l.riihardt. Sophomore Assistant Editor; Joy Carr. Senior Co-Editor; Margaret Horner. Assistant Health Affairs Editor; Ann Davisson, Health Affairs Co-Editor: Beverly Desmond, Heahh Affairs Co-Editor; Sybil Penninger, Sopho- more Editor. 1 l I ..,, ' . . ' I ' at Elli-. Lora Sharp. Ormonde IJeane. Jim Ca.-hiun. KenI Uixon. YAC K E T Y Jack Jones. Sports Co-Editor; Marte Kornegay, Celebrity Editor; Dave Buxton. Beauty Co- Editor; David Cheek. Sports Co-Editor. Charles Chinnis. John Howe, Law and Pharmacy Co-Editors; Malcolm Kilpatrick, Henry Chason Juiiiur Co-Editiirs; Jay Bailey. Troy Sinitli. Freshman Co-Editors. Ellen Solomon Features Editor -«ai: Page 228 ( Sealed: Frank .Shavender. Prole si( nal Fraltrnities Eilitor. Slanrling: Bill Ezzell. Honorarie? Editor; Boiling Puller, Beauty Co-Editor: Unknown; Frances Jess, Sorority Editor. First row: Annette Glauchopf, Ass ' t. Index Editor; Betsy Wliittaker, Student Government Ass ' t. Editor. Second row: Al Roseman. Student Government Editor; Faye Webster. Fine Arts Editor; Ann Daniels. Ginny Timmons, Faculty Co-Editors; Jay Dinsmore. Religion and R.O.T.C. Editor. : YAC K Jane Paden Creative Copy Writer Si Dave Coffman Social Fraternities Editor STAFF. First row: Sally Sloan, Carol Ann Smith. Sue Grimes, Linda Logsdon, Index Editor; Ann Ogden, Colleen Cox. Second row: Kathy Livas, Richard Zalk. Photographer; John Ouderkirk, Everett M. Jess, Chris Fink. Jimmy Harris. Gene Templeton. Jim Kaley. CAROLINA QUARTERLY The Carolina Quarterly held onto its reputation as one of the country s best student-edited writing and graphics magazines. The magazine also moved into the big-time again with a modest pay policy from contributions, made possible in part by outside patronage. The fever of students for their own writing was satisfied by the Quarterly ' s weekly writing workshops. And the Quarterly ' s advertising posters again decorated campus billboards; consequently, campus sub- scriptions doubled over the previous vear. With its active staff, the Quarterly continues to discover and publish the best writers on campus. First row: Jerome Hillel Stern. Editor; Sam F. Long, Jr.. Louis M. Bourne. Maxine Stern. Second row: Wilson Hill Rains. Joseph R. John. Molly P. Rains. Peter David Krones, Michael Robinson, Kenneth Karcher. Dennis Carney. Rirhard Rickert, Joe Williman. CAROLINA HANDBOOK The Carolina Handbook has been U.N.C. ' s official Orienta- tion guide for all new male students since 1891. The main aim of the Handbook is to give the incoming student an all encompassing survey of life at Carolina as seen from the students ' viewpoint. First published by the Y.M.C.A. in an edition of sixteen pages, the Handbook became a member of the Carolina Publications Board and has since operated free of Y.M.C.A., faculty, or administration control. In its seventy- first year of publication, the Handbook has expanded to over 140 pages with sections dealing with all phases of campus life. This year the Handbook was published by a 22-member staff operating under a budget of .$. First row: Steve Lindell. Woody Harrison, Bill Townsend. Hildy Kay, Betsy Kiker, Nancy Barr. Susan Lewis. Editor. Second row: Laurie Holder, Dick Reppucci. Jim Barnhill, Pete Hawes, Jerry Tognoli. Mike Mathers. Harve Harris. Managing Editor; Bill Morrison. Ed Riner. The Publications Board supervises the publishing of the Carolina Quarterly, the Daily Tar Heel, Carolina Handbook. and the Yackety Yack. Its membership consists of a chairman, secretary, the Finance Committee chairman, three Presidential Appointees, two Student Legislature members, the Student Body Treas- urer, the editor and business manager of each publication, and two faculty advisors. The Board strives to preserve the outstanding record of U.N.C. student publications. THE PUBLICATIONS BOARD First row: Frances W. Sparrow, Olin T. Mouzon, Gail Fambrough, Kenneth R. Byerly. Tim Bur Mathers. Dick Reppucci, David R. Williams. Scott Summers, II. Harve Harris. Jerry Tognoli. ett. Second row: Bill Townsend, Chairman; Mike 1 © o M P 1 ■ttjgUl -if Hran " fi H B B B wJ W 1 r f Uk kt. . . « .-d M 1 " - . The Secretariat is an important link between the branches of our Student Government. Selected through applications and interviews, the co-eds work under the direction of Mary Townsend, Secretary of the Student Body. They perform secretarial duties for S.G. officers during their assigned hours at the executive offices. Through invaluable aid to the various committees, they promote the smooth and efficient operation of our Government. THE SECRETARIAT First row: Frances Brock. Louise Casgrain. Mary Townsend, Secretary; Jeanette Gray. Second row: Karen Nelson. .Anne Lupton. Laura Lee Martin. Leslie Clnyps. Milly Rirhardman. Carole Meadows. Page 231 THE CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS The Carolina Playmakers serve a dual purpose as a labora- tory organization for the Department of Dramatic Art and a community theatre. Participation is not limited to students in the department, but The Carolina Playmakers use actors and technicians from all departments of the University as well as people from the community. LoiUM- l.aiiKinl a- . lr . Li- i. the matchmaker, in Tliorntcm Wilder ' s ' " The Matchmaker. " Susie Cordon and Randolph Umberger in " The Beggar ' s Opera. " The 1961-62 season included Thornton Wilder ' s " The Matchmaker, " John Gay ' s " The Beggar ' s Opera, " Lawrence and Lee ' s " Only in America, " Christo- ])her Marlowe ' s " Doctor Faustus, " and a new play, " Renegade, " by Carl Hinrichs. The Carolina Playniakers carried " The Matchmaker " on a two-state tour follow- ing the Chapel Hill run of the Wilder farce-comedy. " Doctor Faustus " was pre- sented in the outdoor Forest Theatre in the Spring. Three bills of one-acts, written, directed, and staged by students, and a studio production round out the program of dramatic activities for the Plavmakers, along with the program of the experimental drama group. The Student Theatre Workshop. Cast assemblage of Thornton Wilder ' s farce-comedy. " The Matchmaker. " Josephina Niggli ' s " Tooth or Shave, ' one of tlie annual orientation plays. i ' 3 ■ ,.i ' li ■ ' ii ' ' - a2 " " " " 1 " pi - --t-Mw® " jSy .v f ' " il i»s Sopliocles ' " Oedipus. " presented in the outdoor Forest Theatre. An exciting scene from the riotious gay nineties melodrama. " The Great Diamond Rohbery. " Page 233 WUNC RADIO WUNC Radio, the Voice of the University, returned to the air in December as one of the most powerful non-commercial, educational stations in the South. Previously the FM station had operated at 15.500 watts and had covered an area within 35 miles of Chapel Hill. During the fall semester, the station ' s antenna and trans- mitter were moved to Terrell ' s Mountain in Chatham County, facilitating reception of the station up to 100 miles from Chapel Hill. In its ninth year of service to the people of the community and the state, the station was manned by a staff of 60 Caro- lina students, and was managed by Reno Bailey. In the 1961-62 season, as in years past. WUNC continued to strive for unequalled excellence in programming and production. The WUNC transmitter was further utilized by the North Carolina Memorial Hospital, which broadcast medical lec- tures, conferences and demonstrations to hospital personnel in a score of North Carolina cities. In addition to the expanded public coverage, the station initiated a " carrier current " system, whereby students in dormitories on the campus could receive WUNC program- ming on their standard AM radios. Anita Rosffielcl, Martha Harri-on. Tally Simpson. Jim Barnhill, Becky Scott. Don Schain, Anne Williams, Bob Fletcher. HAL EDWARDS Chief Enginee r First row: Anne Williams, Becky Scott. Martha Harrison. Marion Verner. Second row: Don Schain, Anita Rosefielcl. Reno Bailey. Kay Fletcher, Hal Edwards, Tally Simpson, Chuck Ericson. Creating a greater awareness within the Student Body of the purposes and activties of Student Government is the main function of the Communications Committee. To im- plement this purpose a vigorous program was proposed this year which included activating dorm and fraternity news- papers to use as a source of student communication, pub- lishing a Student Government handbook, maintaining dis- plays in the library, and direct communication with students through dorm and fraternity meetings. State publicity for student Government was undertaken by cooperation with the UNC News Bureau, the Alumni News, and bv contacting newspapers throughout the state. COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE First row: ' icki Hinnant, Linsay Raiford. Linda Cravotta. Lyn Ogburn, Hilda Gaddv. Second row: Dave Williams. Bill Phillips. John Garriss. Robin Britt. Chairman: Steve Read. Third row: Cole Waddell. Phil Smith, Steve ■ ' H " Nauheim, Chuck Neely, Chuck Oberdorfer. Fourth rote: Rich- ard Jonas. Gary Stuart. Jerry Burton. Pete Wales, Howard Cone, Marty Kruniing. The University Debate Team enjoyed an active year, debat- ing the merits of the resolution that labor organizations should be under the jurisdiction of antitrust legislation. The team attended tournaments at Wake Forest, Univer- sity of South Carolina. Duke. New York I niversity. Univer- sity of Maryland, and others. In addition, public debates with other colleges were held on campus, and the team par- ticipated in a series of debates on controversial issues telecast by WUNC-TV. Veteran members of the team were initiated into Delta Sigma Rho. a national forensic society, at a banquet in the spring. DEBATE TEAM The officers for the year were, Mack Armstrong. President; Bill Imes, Vice-President; Haywood Clayton, Secretary; and Bill Patterson. Treasurer. Mr. Donald Springen of the Eng- lish Department coached the group. First roiv: Mark Armstrong. Donald Springen, Bill Imes. Second row: Hayward Clayton, William Patter- son, George Carson, Charles Heath- erly, Kellis Parker. U.N.C. BANDS The Marching Tarheels are recognized as one of the South ' s outstanding show bands and feature special musical arrange- ments at all of Carolina ' s football games. Under the direction of Herbert W. Fred, the band pro- gram also includes the Concert Band and the Symphonic Wind Ensemble which have achieved recognition for their fine performances. Pep Bands perform at pep meetings and rallies. Sto Fox, Vice-President; Bub Greeson, President; John Paschal, Secretarv ' . Page 236 Firs! row: Eino t Perry, Bill Dalton, Al Miller, President; Lorenzo Durh am. Second row: Tom Hammond, Kent Peterson, Tom Fitz- gerald. Third row: Clint Coulter, Denis Sweeny, George Rosental. UNC MEN ' S GLEE CLUB The members of ihe IINC Men ' s Glee Club, numbering approximately one hundred singing Carolina gentlemen, proudly represent this University on many public occasions. The talents and efforts of the Club are combined to present, to the people of North Carolina and along the entire eastern seaboard, a blend of the best loved works of music, ranging from religious to traditional school songs. This, the only touring choral group on campus, each year conducts a Fall and Spring tour. The highlights of this year ' s tour include return performances at the Pentagon and the Church of the Pilgrims, both in Washington, D. C, and an appearance at the Azalea Festival in Wilmington, N. C. Aside from major tours and its campus appearances, the Club performs for various civic, religious, and e ducational groups in central North Carolina. U.N.C. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB Page 237 STUDENT GOVERNMENT Student Government has been in existence at Carolina for many years; yet never has S.G. played a more vital role in our university life than this year. Activities began as the president of the S.G. interviewed interested students for posi- tions on nearly 20 executive committees. This vear ' s applica- tions created a new high in the number of interviews and a new degree of student participation in S.G. The Committee on Student Affairs has been particularly active through its encouragement for passage of the bond issue. Study rooms, lighting, and general campus improve- ments have been areas of concern of the Campus Affairs Board during this year. Reaching into the realm of inter- national affairs, the International Student Board has worked to promote a general international awareness on campus and also has tried to establish new foreign student exchange programs. Not only has the executive branch of S.G. been very busy, but also have the legislative and judicial branches of S.G. been very active. The Student Legislature, among its many responsibilities, was solely responsible for appropriating a S.G. budget of nearly $150,000. This branch of S.G. has BILL HARRISS President PRESIDENTS CABINET Sealed: Bill Harriss. Kathy Fulenwider. Mary Townseiul, Hank Patterson. Standing: Tony Harrington, Dwight Wheles?. Pat Browtler. Allen Cronenburg, John Clinard, Pete Thompson. Page 238 DWIGHT WHELESS Presidential Assistant MISS STAPLES Executive Secretary HANK PATTERSON Vice-President proven to be a very good training ground for future leader- ship. Likewise, the judicial branch of S.G. has proven very important through the leadership of the Attorney General ' s Staff and the Men ' s and Women ' s Councils. These activities mentioned reflect but a few of the vari- ous projects for this year; yet through each of its functions and projects, S.G. has attempted to create in each student a greater sense of individual responsibility and a greater in- terest in the campus. MARY TOWNSEND Secretary PETE THOMPSON Treasurer Page 239 STUDENT LEGISLATURE HANK PATTERSON Speaker COMMITTEE HEADS. First row: Hill W ih li.u orui row: Judy Clark. Julin Randall. Mar Henderson. OFFICERS IN LEGISLATURE. Seated: John Brent, George Rosental. Standing: Arthur Merrill, Dwight Wheless, Arthur Hays. Page 240 REPRESENTATIVES: First row: Richard Henry, Rufus Edmisten, Dick Akers, Leon Barber, Ronald Kinizey. Second row: Hoyte Stultz, Angelyn Stokes, Henrietta Brown. Bruce Welch, Richard Stapleton, Larry McDevitt. Third row: Haywood Holderness. Robin Britt, Marcia McFarland, Eileen Hirsch. Mary Ruth Deutsch, Nancy Dupuy. Fourth row: Ben Lenhardt, Bill Criswell. The Student Legislature is the supreme legislative body of the Student Government, and as such, has responsibility for almost every area of student life outside the classroom. The legislature appropriates over one hundred fifty thou- sand dollars in student fees to various campus organizations each year, supervises scores of campus activities, approves all appointments of the president of the student body, makes all laws necessary and proper to promote the general welfare of the student body, and considers resolutions on issues of concern to the student community. The legislature is composed of fifty students elected from thirteen campus districts. The Vice-President of the Student Body presides over the legislature as Speaker. All other officers and committee chairmen are elected by the legisla- tors. The Student Legislature meets weekly on Thursday night in the Phi halls in New East. REPRESENTATIVES: First row: Julie Latane. W. Arthur Hays. Jr.. Bill Brake, Buzzy Stubbs. Second row: Vernon M. Plettner. Phil Deaton. Malcolm Kilpatrick. Rick Powell. Third row: William Imes. Judy Alexander. .Sarah Cullen. Inman Allen. Page 241 MEN ' S COUNCIL Due to legislation passed last year and by the vote of a campus-wide referendum, the membership of the Men ' s Council increased from 11 to 16 members, and the Council began to try cases involving violations of both the Campus and Honor Codes. As a result of the Council ' s closer con- tact with faculty and students, the Honor System gained respect. Through the use of a movie made bv the students, the presentation of our Honor System made a lasting impression on the freshman class; and by the follow-up work of each member of the Council in his dorm or fraternity house, the Honor System became a part of the student ' s personality. Once again it was proven that student ' s discipline is best handled bv the students themselves. GEOlU.L (.AMl ' liliLL Chairman First row: Steve LowHer, Warner Bass. Waller Dellinger, Richard Lewis. Second row: Mickey Nelson, Wliilney Durantl. John Mitchener. Bi Whisnant. Drant ' heeler. Page 242 PRISSY WYRICK Chairman WOMEN ' S COUNCIL The Women ' s Council is that body having original jurisdic- tion in all cases involving violations of the Honor Code and Campus Code. Breech of social rules and appeals from Honor Council are considered violations of the Campus Code. The Women ' s Council, composed of eleven women stu- dents elected bi-annually from geographically-apportioned districts according to the location of their living residences, determines the innocence or guilt of the accused and decides the corresponding sentence if the defendent is found guilty. Members of the Attorney ' s General ' s Staff handle all investi- gations and presentations of cases. The Honor System of the University of North Carolina is the axle in the wheel of the Carolina Way of Life. It carries out the fundamental principle of democracy and belief in the individual and his sense of responsibility. It is a united affirmation of a living principle: a declaration of the faith placed in every individual to judgment and discretion in all actions. There can be no compromise of honorable conduct. Sanora Hoke. Mary Sue Simpson. Jane Shaw. Page 243 MEN ' S INTER- DORMITORY COUNCIL Composed of representatives from each of the twenty men ' s dormitories at INC. the Inter-Dormitory Council functions as the governing body for the men ' s dorms. It takes upon itself the duties of planning programs for the enrichment of dorm life and of representing to the campus the interests of the dorm residents. This year, under the leadership of Jm Gaulden. the I.D.C. has proved itself by providing a generally expanded social program for dorm residents and by bolstering its disciplinarv system into a more effective operation. The I.D.C, composed of six members and the chairman, is elected from the I.D.C. members. It acts as the judiciary body of the disciplinary system by handling all infractions of rules. JIM GAULDEN President First row: William Love, Hunter Vaughan, John Mitchener, Blair Drum. Bruce Welch, Bill Williams, James C. Gaulden, Jr., Doug Burkhardt. Second row: George Critz, Ralph Mosley. Ted Frje, Howard Holsenbeck, Lin Dearing, Rex Savery, Rufus L. Edmisten. Clark Brewer, Owen Bi-liipp. Third row: Charles Watson. Barry Spurrier. Robert Gale Martin. Jack Fetner, ' Walter Derrick. Milford Clark. Preston Al.liickc. Jr. Page 244 KXECUTIVE COUNCIL. Blair Drum, Court Clerk; Jim Gaulden. President; (Jeorge Critz. Secretary; John Mitchener, ice-President: Bill Williams. Treas- urer; Bruce Welch, Court Chairman. An I.D.C. social function. I.D.C. COURT. Howard Holsenbeck. Bruce Welch, Chairman; Rex Savery, Blair Drum, Clerk; Tom Walker, Ralph Mosley. WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE COUNCIL Women ' s Residence Council is the body of Student Govern- ment which formulates all the rules for the women which pertain to their social standards and welfare. In addition to this legislative function, the Council serves as a link between the women students and the Administration by working closely with the Dean of Women and her staff. Consequently, the women students at Carolina are assured of contact with the Administration by virtue of the representation they have on Residence Council. Moreover, the Council ideally tries to instill in the women students an appreciation for the assist- ance rendered them by the dormitory administration and the University administration. The Council is charged with such duties as granting late permissions, discussing problems which arise in the resi- dences, and co-ordinating dormitory and sorority life within the framework of University regulations. The Council is composed of a chairman, which is elected in the spring cam- pus elections, the dormitory presidents, one junior elected as a representative-at-large from each women ' s dormitory, sorority house managers, the House Council co-ordinator from Women ' s Council, and an ex-officio member from the office of the Dean of Women. PAM PARKER Chairman First row: " G. " Hofler. Faye Crow, Pam Parker. Lila Smith. Hett Blanton, Marcia McFarland, Anne Lobdell, Fran( .■- Hvalt. Leita. Seronii row: Martha Wolfe, Jane Merritt, Neal Hollingsworth, Diane CAM TABER Chairman CAROLINA WOMEN ' S COUNCIL The Carolina Women ' s Council was organized in response to the need for cooperation and coordination in and among women ' s dormitories. The Council works in many areas of campus life, including academic, political, social, and athletic activities. Members of the Council include the Social Chair- man and the Activities Chairman from each dormitory; Mrs. William B. Aycock, advisor; and Miss Anne Barber, ex-ofiicio member from the Dean of Women ' s office. Some of the activities sponsored by the Carolina Women ' s Council are a Guide Service for visitors to the campus: an annual Leadership Training Program: an award and re- ception for the Outstanding Senior Dormitory Woman: the Carolina Belles, official hostesses to athletic events; Home- coming activities, dances and participation in the Beat Duke Parade: and a scholarship cup awarded to the dormitory with the highest scholastic average. The Carolina Women ' s Council strives to promote a greater unity in dormitory life and to increase participation by dormitory women in campus activities. This year the Council has worked closely with Men ' s Interdormitory Coun- cil. Women ' s Athletic Association, Stray Greeks, Student Athletic Council, and Women ' s Residence Council, in order to meet this goal! First row: Marcia O ' Donnell. Rita Phillips. Frankit- MtGeliee. Cam Taljer. Kay Fletcher. Lynne Bartlett. Shelby Purser. Pat Ellis. Seronii row: Sandy Bryan, Sally Kay Rushton, Joanne Godwin. Janice Short. Hildy Kay. Fran Coins. Charla Duncan. Janet Dawson. Connie Farthing, Susan Thorpe, Carolyn Martin, Linda Willis. THE CAROLINA SYMPOSIUM The Carolina Syiiiposiuni is a concerted effort of the Uni- versity of North Carolina and the entire educational com- munity of Chapel Hill to bring to the campus outstanding speakers in various fields. This, a series of inter-related discussions, lectures, and seminars, is designed to capture the attention and thought of the connnunity. April 1 through April 5 was the date of the twelfth lii-annual Svniposium, entitled TODAY ' S REVOLUTIONS. Included among many outstanding participants were Dr. Crane Brinton. author and historian of Harvard University, and Senator Gale W. McGee, of Wyoming. The program is financed almost en- tirely from the contributions of the student body. JOE OPPENHEIMER Chairman EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Walter Spearman, Bill Bevis. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Jan McClo ' key. Dennis Rash. Bob Sevier. SYMPOSIUM COMMITTEE. Fred Wedler, Jr.. Fuller Honeycutt, Charles Shelton. Lee Kohn, Nelson Irvine, Clyde Brulon. UNIVERSITY PARTY BILL CRISWELL University Party Chairman The purpose of the L ' niversity Party is to encourage and promote better student government through policies and platforms which reflect the opinions of students r epresenting all parts of the campus. Its aim is to nominate and support the best qualified students for the services of student govern- ment and to promote them within student government poli- cies. The Party holds a nominating convention prior to each election, in addition to several meetings throughout the year to discuss Party policv. The Universitv Partv offers member- ship to any interested student on campus, and now has around 900 members. The administration is done by a chair- man and an executive committee. Emphasis this year was on broadening membership, and reviving campus-wide social life. Fall elections keep University Party busy. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. First row: Tony Harrington, Gayle Ragland, Inman Allen. Second row: Bob Reagon, Foy Devine, Phillip Smith, Dick Lewisohn. ATTORNEY GENERAL ' S STAFF The Attorney General ' s Staff is charged with the responsi- bility of investigating all alleged violations of the Honor Code and the Campus Code and presenting these cases to the appropriate judicial committee. Women ' s Council or Mens Council. This year s staff, headed bv Allen Cronenberg. and assist- ants Fred Dashiell. Dan Robbins. George Rosental. and Mike Sprinkle, made many changes in organization and procedures in an attempt to increase efficiency and effec- tiveness in an effort to strengthen the Honor Svstem. First row: Pat Ellis. Dan Rubbins, Allen Cronenberg. Bill Hoyle. Bennie Carlan, Clyde Benton, Lane Brown. Fred Der-hiell. Second row: Becky Stikeleather. Channing Richards, Dailey Derr. Fuller Honeycutt, Mike Sprinkle, Nelson Tunstall. Charles Brown, Joe Garrell, Tim Oliver. Third row: Nields DeVere, Buzzy Stubbs, John Sherrill, Robert Sherer. Jeffrey Dick. Archie Davis. Raine Remsberg. COMMITTEE ON STATE AFFAIRS The Committee on State Affairs attempts to inform students of the scope and nature of their state university in light of changing conditions and policies. The Committee also strives to educate the people of North Carolina about the needs of the I niversity. Much of this vear ' s work involves promotion of the bond issue which would provide U.N.C. with much-needed im- provements and facilities, including a new undergraduate l.brarv-student center. SeaU-i!: Jim Clotfelter, Tom White. Joe Routh. ernon Parker. The Committee on Academic Affairs deals with student par- ticipation in academic policy-making atid any problem with- in this area which the Committee feels should be investigated, basing its action on the concept that the student voice is in- dispensable in a vigorous academic community. Activities for 1961-62 include a study of the Faculty- Advisor system, continuation of the course survey program, and an effort toward establishing an extension of the Uni- versitv abroad. ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE First row: Karen Nelson, Bill Whichard, Martha Doughton. Second row: Ben Lenhardt, Garland McAdoo, Buzzy Stul)l)s. Jolin Morris, Harold Bender. The Honor System Commission consists of approximateh twenty students who are appointed by the S.G. President and approved by the Student Legislature. Its purpose is to study the honor system, make recom- mendations, and present the Honor System to new Carolina students and high school students throughout the state. This year the Commission had as its main objective a better understanding of the Honor System by each UNC student. HONOR SYSTEM COMMISSION First row: Elizabeth Reed. Becky Craig. Janie Allen. Jev Deifell. Wanda Ware. Sandra Hoke. Second row: Berk Tulloch. Robert Raseiie. Dan Moore. Henry Aldridge. Gerald Thornton, jc.e Bell. Foy Ursmv. -Watts Carr. CONSOLIDATED UNIVERSITY STUDENT COUNCIL The Consolidated University Council is composed of student leaders from each of the three branches of the Greater Uni- versity, these branches being the L niversity of North Caro- lina, North Carolina State College, and the Woman ' s College. This vear the Executive Offices of President and Secretary were filled by Bill Shipp and Jey Deifell of U.N.C. The Council acts as a liaison group discussing mutual problems and projects. The main project of the year was the establishment of a banner to rotate annually to the winner of the Carolina-State football game. The banner contains the seals of the three branches, and will be displayed on the campus of the winning team through the year. Other projects designed to better relationships between U.N.C. State, and Woman ' s College on the cul- tural, social, and academic level were also undertaken. One of these projects was a Consolidated Uni- versity Day held at all three schools. NATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION First row: Judy Clark. Janice Haley, Mar ' Townsend. Second row: John L. Currip. Jey Deifell, Wade Hargrove, Bill Sliipp. Gerald Thornton. The University of North Carolina was instrumental in the founding of the United States National Student Association over fourteen years ago and has since played an active and vital role. The Association is a confederation of over four hundred American colleges and universities represented through their democratically elected student governments. First row: Jerry Ellis. Clare Stoddard. Bill Strauglin. Marte Kornegay. Second row: Bill Hohbs. Robert V ' eatch, Harry DeLung. Larry Phelps, Bill Bowernian, Ford Rowan. Charles Heatherlv. The Carolina Forum since 1935 has brought to the campus speakers of national and international interest. Since the Foruni " s purpose is to keep the students of the L niversity in first-hand touch with the events of the day. world personali- ties intimately involved with these events have been and are being invited to present their views to the campus. First row: Lee Kohn. Bob Powell. Chair- man; Beth Walker. Second row: Martin Wilson, Mac Armstrong. Ward Hamillcm. CAROLINA FORUM The Campus Affairs Board seeks to uncover various prob- lem areas in student life. The Board analyzes the problem and either attempts to achieve the solution itself or refers the finding to the proper persons with recommended remedial action through the co-ordinated efforts of Student Govern- ment. Specific areas of interest this year have been evening studv rooms, cut policy, and cafeteria pay and conditions. CAMPUS AFFAIRS BOARD Seated: Penny Jackson, Nancy Wilson. Tony Harrington. Chairman; Detlee Zanetti. Louise Hall. Standing: Sara Jo Allen, Mary Alford. Malcoln Kilpatrick, Martha Kemp, Lynda Richerl, Bob Clawson. Harrison Merrill. ELECTIONS BOARD The Elections Board conducts the Fall and Spring general campus elections, any necessary referendums, and reappor- tions the legislative districts each year. This year special attention was given to thoroughly revising H H the General Election Law. to improve the efficiency of the election procedures, and insure against infractions. First roiv: Cathie Thomas, Dave Buxton, Chairman; Haywood Holtlerness, Bob Arthur, Leon Barber. Second row: Pat Ellis, Frances Jess, Susan Woodward, Ronny Gabriel, Bennie Carlan. Bob Hale, Mike Putzel. Third row: Scott Brown. Russell Simmons. Ted Frye. George Zimmerman. STUDENT ACTIVITIES FUND STAFF The .Student Activities Fund Office audits books for fraterni- ties, sororities, campus organizations, and others. This office has approximately seventv accounts. It works closely with Audit Board and the treasurer of each organization in keep- ing a record of accounts and counter-signing all checks. Miss Ethel Hogan, Mrs. Carole Henlz. Mrs. Frances Sparrow. Page 254 The Budget Committee examines the anticipated expenditures of various campus organizations and formulates a complete Student Government budget which is presented to the Student Legislature for final approval. The Student Government budget for the fiscal year 1960-61 was S147.000.00. BUDGET COMMITTEE Pete Thompson. Robert Burgess. John C. Frye. C. Scott Trull. Judy Clark. Arthur J. Merrill. Darst Murphy, Scott Summers, Clyde Benton. Wayr Foushee. The primary function of the Audit Board is to supervise the Student Activities Fund Office. The group also serves as a financial control and in an advisory role to Student Govern- ment. Five students and two faculty advisors constitute the membership of the Board. AUDIT BOARD First row: Mr. John Edwards, Tim Bur- nett, Dr. Richard Lewis. Second row: Earl Phillips, Raine Remsburg, Bob Harwell. Page 255 UNIVERSITY ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE The University Entertainment Committee was established in the spring semester of 1961 because there seemed to be a definite lack of high quality entertainment available to the student body. The committee ' s first concert was held in Memorial Hall on Friday, October 6, 1961. The Four Aces. Richardi. the great illusionist, and Alan Black, a noted harmonica vir- tuoso, were featured in two performances. Sitting: Clare Sanders. Bill Williams. Doug Biirkhardt. Chairman; John Barrow. Maggie Goddard, Nancy Jo Peterson. Standing: Rufus Langley. Robert Jones, Marvin Mason. D. Richard Stapleton. Byron Bowman. Lin Dearing. Jack Hanchrow. Jim Inscoe. Bill Whisnant. Leon Barber, Philip Baddour. UNC AMATEUR RADIO CLUB The Amateur Radio Club of the University of North Carolina is an organization sponsored by the Student Legislature and is a service organization to the entire campus. The present club began about four years ago but the club actually dates back to 1919 when amateur radio was still in the experimental stages. The main purpose of the club is to handle messages for students and members of the faculty. This service is always available and is free to charge. The club is also a valuable assets to the entire campus as a means of emergency communication if the need arises. The club consists of approxi- mately 30 members and anyone who is interested in amateur radio is invited to join. The club also conducts classes in Morse Code and radio theory so that others might pass the required F.C.C. exams and join the wonderful ranks of amateur radio operator. Sitting: Alexander B. Calvin, Nields De Vere, Mike Howard. Standing: Marvin Mason, Jackie Berknell, Ralph L. Hardi- son. Michael P. Walker, Frank E. Farrow. Page 256 The Campus Orientation Committee, with Al Pollard as Chairman, planned and supervised the activities of all new students during the first session of summer school and dur- ing orientation in September of 1961. The Chairman, the Women ' s Coordinator, and a committee of twenty-five stu- dents met in March, April, and May to map out the schedules to be followed by the 275 student orientation counselors in presenting the new student with the Carolina Way of Life. Sara Jo Allen. Women ' s Coordinator: Fred Anderson, For- eign Student Coordinator; Richard Barton. Graduate Co- ordinator: and Elizabeth Reed. Secretary; led the activities of the committee. Orientation Activities included meetings with Chancellor Aycock, members of the administration, student government officials, and outstanding members of the faculty. Honor System lectures, registration, physicals, tests, and an overall introduction to the institutions and traditions of the Univer- sity were also on the orientation agenda. Following the .5-day orientation period, there was an extensive evaluation by a faculty and student committee. ORIENTATION COMMITTEE And over there, we have . . . First row Karen Nelson, Martha Kemp, Jane Tarlton. Sara Jo Allen, Judy Clark. Judv Chostner. Marv Alvs Heim. Elizabeth Reed, Anne Sweeney. Second row: Rowena McClinton, Walker Stevens, Jr., Fred Lavery. Jr., Larry McDevitt. Bob Madr . John Frye. Al PoUard, Wade Hargrove. Dick Strickland, Fred Anderson. Richard Barton. Page 257 A F R O T C As the United States Air Force has been recognized as America ' s first line of defense, the A.F.R.O.T.C. in an inte- gral part of the University of North Carolina. The purpose of the program is to provide a constant supply of officer material. STAFF. Left to right: Capt. William E. Moore. Lt. Col. Gordon D. Kage, Major William D. Locke, Capt. James R. Milligan. LT. COL. GORDON D. KAGE Professor of Air Science MAJ. WILLIAM D. LOCKE Executive Officer HEADQUARTERS STAFF. Kneeling: D. E. Scobie, A. Davenport, C. R. Brown. Jr.. J. L. Young, J. B. Poole. B. W. Blevins. Jr.. 0. E. Stepp. Stand- ing: H. A. Vann, R. 0. Oates, H. B. Hoffler, C. R. Fawsett, G. R. Moore, M. J. Rooney. R. C. Bowman, an.l H. L. Hntrhin-on. ! ' -- ?s2f:: i =p ' T r The A.F.R.O.T.C. enables the cadet to prepare for the role of a responsible citizen, a well-trained Air Force officer, and possibly a pilot. The training here consists of intensive class- room and laboratory work. Principles of effective leadership and the importance of military discipline are stressed. During their junior and senior years, the cadets are offered an advanced A.F.R.O.T.C. program. It calls for four extra hours of classroom work and two extra hours of drill each week. Upon the completion of the academic requirement for a bachelors degree plus four vears of A.F.R.O.T.C. training, each cadet is commissioned and assigned to active dutv. WILLIAM J. RITCHIE Cadet Commander WILLIAM M. HOLLIFIELD Cadet Executive Officer SOl ' AURON 1 ST FF. Kneelwe: I. H. Fannre. HI. Slanding: J, E. Davi,-. R. K. Phillip-. ■« . I». rroniii. Ir.. D. F. Fun. SQUADRON 2 STAFF. Kneeling: J. R. McDonald. Standing: J. L. LeCompte. J. B. Williams, H. E. Adams, D. R. Schain. JOSEPH E. DAVIES Squadron 1 Commander SQUADRON 2 111 i isii M i s JAMES L. LeCOMPTE Squadron 2 Commander vst m T ' : ' • »( 91 « A€ s I i i BAND SQUADRON DRILL SQUADRON ANGEL FLIGHT The Angel Flight is the auxiliary to and is sponsored by the Arnold Air Society. The purposes of the flight are to strength- en and promote interest in the Air Force, to gain information concerning the mili- tary services, and to aid the progress of the Arnold Air Society and the cadet corps. Most of the activities of Angel Flight are carried on at the local level. The sponsors aid cadets in planning and pre- paring for social events, such as the Military Ball, parties, coffee hours and picnics. They also accompany the cadets on trips such as Arnold . ir Society area meetings and drill team competitions. On the National level, the sixty-two flights within the United States hold an annual National Conclave in conjunction with all Arnold Air Societies. Delegates gather at the national headquarters to share ideas and discuss important issues of the National Angel Flight Organization. Seated: Sue Himeliclc, Ann Daniels, Betsy Byerly, Barbara O ' Neil, Lin Sitton, Judy Johnson, Carol Wiggs. Second row: Muff Greason, Judy Worth, Margot Hall, Lynn Logan, Mary Ann Noble. Judy Tyson, Gail Crockett, Sandy Frye, Linda Laughter. Back row: Nancy Tillman, Becky Proffitt, Elaine Morrison. Kathi Law, Betsy Whittaker, Linda Pearce, Gail Robinson. Marsha Barrow, Dolly Isom. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY The Arnold Air Society, a national honorary-military fraternal organ- ization, is composed of outstanding cadets from the sophomore, junior, and senior A.F.R.O.T.C. classes. In seeking to stimulate interest in the operation of the United States Air Force in accomplishing its mission, the Arnold Air Society plans programs which include films, speakers, and social events. Kneeling: W. M. Hollifield, D. E. Scobie. R. S. Lennon, Jr., J. L. Young. J. C. Burrus, A. Davenport. D. R. Schain. J. E. Davies. H. L. Hutchinson. Second row: W. D. Croom, Jr., T. W. Walker. H. A. Vann. J. H. Faunce, III. C. R. Brown. Jr.. M. J. Rooney. J. H. Summey, D. E. Eury, W. S. Fox, B. B. Green. Back row: H. E. Adams. R. D. Collins. E. G. Fulglium. J. J. Hinds. R. A. Pinson. D. S. Green, R. C. Bowman, J. Fisher. Page 262 The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps at the University is one of 52 such units established at some of America ' s finest colleges and universities. Through its program students work toward commissions as officers in either the Line or Staff of the Navy and the Marine Corps. N.R.O.T.C. mid- shipmen pursue a wide variety of academic majors and take eight semesters of Naval Science courses in addition to their regular schedule. Several activities are presented with the unit, including the unit ne wspaper. The Carolina Cutter, the Rifle Team, and intramural teams. The Drill Team and Drum and Bugle N R O T C Corps participate in many area events. The Quarterdeck Society, composed of representatives from the various mid- shipmen classes, takes responsibility for non-official func- tions such as dances and parties. CAPT. IN JOHN SPENCER Professor of Naval Science STAFF. Front row: Lt. (jg) H. H. Harrell. Lt. J. W. Harkin. LCDR R. Moore, Major L. C. Shepherd. LCDR P. S. Shearer. Lt. (jg) G. A. Smith. Back row: J. H. Davenport. QMC: A. E. Smith, CMC; D. E. Parker, GYSGT; J. H. Woodv. FTC; S. O. Slay, SKC: C. L. Rogers, YN-1. CMDR. F. W. HOLLOWELL Executive Officer BATTALION STAFF (FALL). Center: R. F. McArthur. Second row: J. W. Collins, R. C. Overstreet, J. D. Strickland, C. Lehman. Back row: G. R. Seastrom, J. W. Purrington, J. T. Kerbaugh, J. C. Daily. Page 263 CARL J. PEDERSEN Commander of " A " Company ALFA COMPANY ODEL G. DILLARD Commander of " B " Company Page 264 CHARLIE COMPANY JAMES C. GAULDEN Commander oj " C " Company CAROLINA CUTTER. Front row: P. L. Baker, M. R. Pinney, S. H. Himes, Jr., S. L. Boretsky. Lt. J. W. Harkin, Adviser. Second row: C. V. Doty, A. G. Lester, T. P. Lumpkin, C. B. Neely, Jr. QUARTERDECK SOCIETY. Front row: R. C. Crates. A. B. Galvin, J. L. Peddicord, W. H. Foushee, J. W. Purrington. Back row: R. H. Stonaker, R. E. McArthiir. J. H. Stembler. J. G. Hanes, M. S. Doctor. Page 265 i4iw JOHN A. CORBET! Commander of Drum and Bugle Corps DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS RIFLE TEAM. Lett to right: E. T. Floyd. P. D. West, J. L. Peddicord, A. D. Buch, L. G. Chadwick, J. W. Gould, J. C. Mullis, Sgt. Parker, Instructor. COLOR GUARD. M. R. Sharp, J. B. Sloan, F. A. Russell, A. M. Davis. DRILL TEAM _,_■,-,_,_._,•-,- PE.NDEK K. McELROY Commander of Drill Team Page 266 Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary military society formed to preserve and develop essential qualities of good and efficient officers and to unite in closer relationship the military departments of various universities and colleges. Carolina ' s company of Scabbard and Blade is made up of outstanding N.R.O.T.C. midshipmen and A.F.R.O.T.C. cadets. The company presents the Scabbard and Blade Mili- tary Ball each year for all the midshipmen and cadets in each unit. The Company serves as a medium of coordination be- tween the two units at Carolina and assumes the lead in projecting a modern attitude about the military services. SCABBARD AND BLADE PENDER R. Mcelroy N.R.O.T.C. Representative WILLIAM J. RITCHIE A.F.R.O.T.C. Representative Seated: K. S. Lennon. Jr., C. Lehman, A. Davenport. P. D. West, C. R. Brown, Jr., R. C. Jones, H. A. Vann, R. C. Crates, D. E. Eury, C. B. Pleas- ants. Standing: J. R. Gentry, J. G. Carlton, J. T. Kerbaugh, J. C. Burrus, J. A. Corbett. M. J. Rooney, G. R. Seastrom, Major L. C. Shepherd, J. E. Davies. R. C. Overstreet. J. H. Summey. J. L. Johnson. R. 0. Gates, 0. G. Gaulden. J. L. Young. J. W. Purrington. Page 267 FEATURES — w 4 N YACKETY YACK BEAUTY CONTEST From the black of restless night a smile is born on nervous lips — A trumpet wails flame notes through piano laughter — A face is named — and briefly, as the autumnal leaf, makes a fleeting stand And silently returns to the swirl of peau de sole, candle lace, and anticipating, red-painted mouths. Time walks by on spike-heeled shoes — Down the rows of seated numbers — over the long board bridge That leads to nowhere, everywhere, and back — Past the other versions of the self — Past the smiling, slender, gold-edged reflections . . . And so they settle to the mass, and lose themselves in Fears of loss and joys of gain — And the piano laughs in their ears and hearts . . . ■ 1 IP MH 1 l! 1 w J !i ' V The Queen of the 1962 Yackety Yack is a lovely southern belle from New Orleans. Louisiana. Mary Ann, sponsored by the Sigma Nu fraternity, is a senior majoring in studio art and is planning to go into fashion advertising after graduation. A member of Chi Omega sorority and Miss Chapel Hill of 1961, she spends much time working on Y.W.C.A. projects and o n the student government scrapbook. Her favorite pastimes are horseback riding and waterskiing. MARY ANN HENDERSON " smxj 4 ' ' . - GAYLE RAGLAND Alpha Delta Pi receives the credit for sponsoring blond Gayle Ragland, whose major is medical technology. Gayle, a sophomore from Jackson- ville, Florida, was on the Freshman Cabinet last year and is now secretary of the University Party. She likes swimming, bridge, and horse- back riding for recreation. BECKY HARTMAN Becky is a charming sopho- more nurse sponsored by her sorority, Delta Delta Delta. Her campus interests this year are Y.W.C.A. and S.N. A., while her outside in- terests include waterskiing. dancing, and reading. Becky is from Raleigh. JEANNIE KIEITMAN A junior physical education major from Levittown. New York, sultry Jeannie was sponsored by Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity. She transferred from Wom- an ' s College this year and is especially interested in modern dance. DOllY ISOM Statuesque Dolly, who is enrolled in the School of Nursing, was sponsored by the Nurses ' Dorm. Be- sides serving as Social Chairman for the Freshman Class, Dolly, whose hometown is Raleigh, is a mem- ber of Angel Flight and S.N. A. She spends much of her spare time singing, dancing, and reading. -r JUDY ALLEN Sponsored by Pi Kappa Al- pha, vivacious Judy Allen is a freshman physical therapy major from Ft. Lauderdale. Florida. She is a freshman cheerleader and a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. Her main interest off campus lies in sports. Besides being featured in the Yack Beauty Section, she was also a mem- ber of the Homecoming Court. J ■ t It 77 - I LYNN THOMPSON This fun-loving Chi Omega was sponsored by Sigma Al- pha Epsilon fraternitv. She hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and before entering Carolina attended Pine Manor Junior College. An education major, Lynn " s primary outside in- terest is ballet. .y. LYNDA COLVARD Attractive Lynda Colvard. from Starkeville, Mississippi, was sponsored by her sorori- ty, Kappa Delta. A sopho- more nursing student, Lynda is interested in swimming, art, dancing, and reading. CAROLYN MITCHELL Lovely Carolyn is another winner sponsored by the Nurses ' Dorm. She is a junior in nursing, a Carolina major- ette, and a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Carolyn, whose home is Chapel Hill, likes piano and waterskiing. BILLIE GANDY This stately beauty, sponsored by Whitehead Dormi- tory, calls Concord. North Carolina, her home. She is a senior majoring in math education and is interested in reading and knittino;. DEAL MacARTHUR A junior transfer from Agnes Scott College. Deal was sponsored by her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gam- ma. Her hometown is Vidalia, Georgia. On campus, Deal, an English major, serves as an alternate to the Carolina Sweethearts; off campus, she enjoys read- ing, swimming, and skiing. t ' m m- ' wr LYNN BOYETTE f ' hi Gamma Delta fraternity -])onsored pr etty Lynn Boy- ette. a recent transfer from Salem College. A major in elementary education from Kenly. Lynn is a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority. Among her outside interests are dancing, tennis, and travel. LIN SITTON Lin Sittoii. sponsored by the Nurses ' Dorm, is a sopho- more nurse from Henderson- ville. Active in extra-curricu- lars, she is secretary of the sophomore class, a member of the Angel Flight, and was an orientation counselor. She iikes waterskiing and danc- UNIVERSITY DAY The legend goes that in the ITiiOs. William Ua ie sat under the " Davie Poplar " and decided that Chapel Hill, situated in the beautiful hilly region of the piedmont section, should be the site of a proposed state university. He had the job of finding a suitable location for a state supported school and decided that Chapel Hill was the best site. His judgment resulted in the founding of the University of North Carolina in 1793. " What this country needs are those who look, as the motto of your State says, at things as they are and not as they seem to be. " On October 12. each year, the University cele- brates its humble beginning with a commemorative ceremony. The day is devoted to reaffirming the I ' niversity ' s purpose, to honoring the University ' s faculty, and to celebrating the date of the Univer- sity ' s founding. This year. 168 years later, the ceremony deviated from the traditional re-enactment of laying the cornerstone, in that the program centered around out nation ' s President. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, as the guest speaker. President Kennedy arrived a few minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to begin. Under a boil- ing hot sun. the crowd of 32.000. made up of Uni- versity students, school children, and interested spectators, gathered in Kenan Stadium. The people were anxious to hear the first speech to be given by the President south of the Mason-Dixon line since his inauguration in January, 1961. Many politically interested spectators had gath- ered in the hope of hearing the President comment on current events or foreign policy, but they were not disappointed by his speech which centered appropriately on university education. Kennedy ' s beginning reference to Harvard as a " small land grant school " was received humorously, but as his speech became more serious everyone listened in quiet attention. He challenged university students to use their " intellectual energy in the serv- ice of their country and in recognizing contributions educated men and women can make in the field of intellectual and political leadership. " His speech ended with the pledge " We shall be neither Red nor dead, but alive and free. " The President of the United States has come and gone, and seldom has the University been host to so distinguished a guest. JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY President of the United States " We move for the first time in our history through an age in which two opposing pow- ers have the capacity to destroy each other and while we do not intend to see the free world give up. we shall make every effort to prevent the world from being blown up. " " The American eagle in our official seal emphasizes both peace and freedom and . . . we in this country give equal attention to its claws which in its left claw holds the arrow and in its right the olive branch. " " If we can be purposeful, if we can face up to our risks and live up to our word, if we can do our duty undeterred by fanatics of frenzy at home or abroad, then surely peace and freedom can pre- vail. We shall be neither Red nor dead, but alive and free! " Chancellor , ycock reads the citation awarding President Kennedy the honorary- LL.D. degree. President Kennedy and Governor Sanford lead the faculty procession. Page 289 ►t ■ _»« •«, ' HOMECOMING Homecoming 1961 featured the Brothers Four and the nationally ranked Louisiana State football team. As it turned out. the Brothers Four could have been put to better use in the Carolina backfield than in Memorial Hall. Friday night, an enthusiastic audience greeted the spoofing and singing quartet. The Joe Bushkin Trio, led by its re- markable drummer. Joe Jones, backed up the well-received concert. The Homecoming displays as usual were bright and imag- inative. Alpha Tau Omega. Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Spencer Dorm were deserving wiimers in their respective divisions. Saturday afternoon was a different story. The weather was cool and crisp. So were Paul Dietzel ' s Bayou Bengals as they methodically crushed a good Carolina football aKSregation. 30-0. JANN GANNAWAY Homecoming Queen The only consolation, and almost worth the defeat, was the Homecoming Queen, who was presented at half-time. Beautiful, auburn-haired Jann Gannaway, a senior Chi Omega from Charlotte, reigned over a lovely court of charming co-eds. Yet in the face of defeat, the bawdy revellers and inebri- ates were not to be denied. Lively combos blasted on into the night. And if the Tar Heel footballers were shut out. the same could hardly be said for the ABC store. PERSONALITIES e. e. cummings, one of America ' s most popular and controversial poets, appeared on campus in November, sponsored by the English Club. Among his better known works are included ei ni. depicting his trip through Russia, the enormous room, about his imprisonment, and " buffalo bill ' s defunct. " Photographs of this gentleman are scarce — we understand he ' s camera shy. Gina Bachauer, Greek pianist, gave a concert here in December, displaying a spark of vitality and sheer verve that is peculiarly her own. Miss Bachauer " played with great brilliance, thun- dering tone, and a masterly command of the Brahms style. " Ferrante and Teicher hit the Caro- lina campus, setting fire to an ordinarily " I ' m too cool to smile " audience. The students packed Memorial Hall via the windows, as well as the doors, leaving not even standing room only. Included in their piano selections were " Exodus " and " Theme from- the Apartment, " both million dollar sellers. . ' Mso during the program the students heard this twosome ' s own arrangements of pop classics and show tunes, and a special number on their custom made " Baby Grands. " During the Carolina Symposium, James J. Kilpatrick, associate editor of the Richmond newspaper. The News Leader, served on a panel concerned with problems of racial conflicts. He is considered a strong segregationist, his views having been reflected in two recent books. The Sovereign States and The Lasting South, both published in 1957. Mr. Kilpatrick is a past recipient of the Sigma Delta Chi honorary journalism award for distinguished editorial writing, and has served as chairman of the National Conference of Editorial Writers. Page 292 Appearing at Carolina during the Fall Germans weekend. The Brothers Four, a popular singing group, captured the attention of the audience. These Four began their careers in San Francisco in October 1958 and have played for many college audiences throughout the country. To date, their most popular recordings have been " Greenfields " and " The Green Leaves of Summer. " Dr. Crane Brinton, renowned Harvard historian, opened the 1962 Carolina Sym- posium with an interesting and learned synopsis of world political revolutions. . ' s well as being an excellent teacher. Dr. Brinton ' s accomplishments and honors range from special work with the Office of Strategic Services to membership in the American .Academy of Arts and Sciences. A North Carolina representative participating in this year ' s Symposium was John McNeill Smith, chairman of the North Carolina Civil Rights Commission. Mr. Smith graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1934 where he earned a Phi Beta Kappa key, served as editor of the Daily Tar Heei, and was tapped as a member of the Golden Fleece. Besides heading the state Civil Rights Commission, Mr. Smith has an outstanding law practice in Greensboro. He served as defense coun- sel on the famous Scales Case dealing with communism. Senator Gale McGee of Wyoming spoke the second night of the Carolina Symposium on political revolutions of the contemporary world. After a distinguished ca- reer as an educator and lecturer, Senator McGee made his first venture into politics when he was elected to the United States Senate in 1958. For his concern and knowledge in foreign and domestic affairs, and for his vigor- ous attempts to put his ideas into legislation, McGee was chosen as one of his party ' s two most out- standing young senators. Odetta, singing a group of folk songs while accompanying herself on (he guitar, caused the audience to take notice of an exceptionally beautiful voice and a haunting style. Odetta ' s career, covering little more than six years, has won her great stature with her unique style. I B HI H Kb H ■ H) ' V hI HjH KSI S , m HT ' " " • ' 1 s H Lil 1 ' f A ' JT 4 H W J ' l yl ' Hy ifJTftU. m i Dr. A. J. Ayer. Grate Professor of Philosophy of Mind and Logic at the University of London, visited the Carolina campus for the Phi- losophy Department Symposium. He is the leading exponent of logical positivism in Great Britain and his Language, Truth and Logic (1936) is regarded as a kind of textbook of this school. Few philosophical works of any age have been more widely dis- cussed. Appearing at the Fall Germans Concert with the Brothers Four, Joe Bushkin and his Trio transformed Memorial Hall into a Newport Festival. This nationally renowned pianist and composer, has appeared with the Benny Good- man, Tommy Dorsey. and Bunny Berigan bands and composed the backgrounds and appeared in the Edmond O ' Brien TV series " Johnny Midnight. " Page 294 Dr. Claude Faucheux, assistant director of the Social Psychology Laboratory at the University of Paris (Sorbonne), spoke to all interested persons of the Uni- versity on " Group Creativity. " This out- standing social psychologist has written a great number of research articles and monographs. He finances his wing of the lab by money earned through consulting the French Government and private in- dustries in Europe concerning consumer and marketing research. The campus resounded with the music of the National Symphony Orchestra, which was founded in 1931, and has, under the leadership of Music Director, Howard Mitchell, taken its proud place among a handful of really great symphonic ensembles in the world. Since he was appointed conductor of the National Symphony in 1949, Mr. Mitchell has achieved the highest artistic and technical excellence for the Orches- tra, and he won recognition and acclaim from critics and the public alike. One of the events of Consoli- dated University Day in Sep- tember was the unveiling of a portrait of O. Max Gardner, presented by his widow and painted by New York artist, Albert Murray. Mr. Gardner, a past Governor of North Caro- lina and Ambassador to the Court of St. James, was a fore- most figure in the consolida- tion of the three institutions into a combined University of North Carolina. Speakers on this occasion included Dr. Frank P. Graham, Governor Terry Sanford, and Secretary of Commerce Luther H. Hodges. Dr. Graham ( to the right) is a member of the Atomic Energy Commissiun. a consultant for the U.N., and a past president of the Univer- sity of North Carolina. Page 295 A rock and roll spectacular was presented for Winter Germans. One of the featured groups was the colorful Isley Brothers (pictured at the right) famous for their record, " Shout. " Ap- pearing on the same program were Ernie K-Doe, Lee Dorsey, and the Five Royales. The venerable New England poet, Robert Frost, has been an annual visitor to the campus for many years. Memorial Hall has always been thronged with students during his poetry readings, and small seminars enjoyed his leadership in stimulating discussions. The tribute to the Woman ' s College ' s poet-professor Randall Jarrell, the 1961 winner of the National Book award for Poetry, was the first such recogni- tion given by the Consolidated University as a whole. The main address, " Poetry and Our Moment. " was delivered by Robert Penn Warren, Pulitzer Prize winning novelist and poet. Although not pictured. President Friday spoke for the C.U. and Paul Green, author of " The Lost Colony. " spoke for the North Carolina Writers. Carlos Montoya. one of the world ' s greatest flamenco guitarists and the first to experiment with concert solos, demonstrated his talent to the UNC stu- dents in October. At the time, he was on a North American tour before return- ing to Europe and his native Spain. Page 296 Josh White, acclaimed by many as one of the world ' s greatest folk singers of this generation, appeared December 2 with his son in Memorial Hall. Josh White is known throughout the western world as a perceptive artist and a versatile craftsman who can " electrify a sophisticated audience while retaining the power and simplicity of traditional singing. " Nell Rankin, a veteran of the art and considered by most critics as the foremost mezzo soprano be- fore the public today, performed in Memorial Hall as a G.M. production. Miss Rankin has appeared at the Metropolitan Opera, La Scala, Milan, Vienna State Opera, and the Opera International. Mexico City, to mention only a few, and her recordings are available through RCA Victor, Capital, and London. The Four Aces, famous for their " Love Is A Many Splendored Thing, " a) peared here on their Southern Tour. Included on the program were Ricardi, an illusionist who has performed throughout Europe, and Alan Black, an outstanding and entertaining harmonica player. t wla Billy Graham, well-known evangelist, addressed the stu- dent body here in March. Mr. Graham, a resident of North Carolina, was sponsored by the Religious Emphasis Commit- tee of the YM-YWCA. Last year Mr. Graham ' s activities included a speaking tour in England and an appearance at the North Carolina Council of Churches. CAMPUS CHEST CARNIVAL In March 1961. the YMCA Campus Chest Carnival had its be- ginning:. The purpose of this big afternoon of festive activi- ties is to raise money for worthy " Y " sponsored charities and offer the campus a fun-filled day. This is planned as a yearly project to be held sometime in the spring. That old carnival spirit. Sure beats walking! No place on this car for my " Bell Tower -ii kr CHOOSE A DATE 11 vm ' lou never can tell with these Carolina Co-eds. " This makes you feel like a kid . . .! ' . _ t -m, k . fr ; " ■ . " Step right up folks and see the bearded Carolina Co-ed! " " Hey, Mom, look at me! Page 299 FUN The Rabbit Habbit. Padding makes such a difference these days. (ilasses make the man, and the man makes whatever he can. Splat! S.«dtf[i Page 300 Limbo! That ' s what they call it. Sorry . . . parking in the Bell Tower lot only. Page 301 " Luckv " would be a l)etler woril! An award-winning display. Page 302 Chomp . . , Hey, mom! Here I am Give " em hell. Heels! A clay at the golf course. Give me an " F " ! Page 303 " To thee we sing our praises. " Clown! Honor Council is watcliini; nou. See, I told you, you were in here, B-A-S . . Graham crackers! Carolina student makes choice from datable campus stock. Bang! " But, oflBcer, we were only having a little fun and besides, everybody violates those ridiculous drinking laws! " Oh, it ' s brew, brew, brew , Keep stiLI, boys; there ' s plenty for everybody. What ' s my line? ' ' But I wasn ' t on that bus! " Spencer ' s best girls. ' " I ' ll take some braised sinews and arteries. It looked like a plea for food when the eggs and vegetables came flying. Must have been something they ate! Just a littl.- lowf-r! Just another flash in the pan! Alpha Gam ' s tribute to the Con£edtiat " One mint julep and a vestal virgin. ' Fort Lauderdale! Yea, Yea! ! I ' m building a castle . . . Carolina local talent. This dorm room i just infested with little crawling things. Ban takes the worn ' out of being close. In spirit? after the game. Whatever happened to Minsky ' s . . .? Yell a little harder and your tonsils will fall out. Lay me down . . . Roll me over. Whoever did this display forgot what Santa Claus looks like. Hope she doesn ' t draw the shade hefore tlip performance is over. Who says it ' s what ' s up front that counts? Get that left out feeling? I ' m just wild about Harry ' s! A little pepper makes all the difference! " Breck for Beautiful Hair " Why yes, I ' d love to! 5 A-? .. ' « .c?, J M» LVX SOCIETIES ffiXnl ' JS ' OFFICERS 1960-1961 HARVEY PECK ROBERT VERNON FULK, JR Hypar HOWARD HOLDERNESS, JR. Grammalej RAYMOND JOHN STANLEY Chfyst ARGONAUTS INDliCTED APRIL 17. 1 658 Ray Simpson Farris, Jr. b59 Stanley Warren Black, III 660 Sturgi? EUeno Leavitt 661 William Floyd Sayers, Jr. 662 Henry Newton Patterson, Jr. 662 Le wis Odis Rush, Jr. 664 Hans Rudolf Frankfort 665 Nathan Anthony Womack 666 Charles Farris Himes 667 George Worth Campbell 668 David Eugene Price 669 Willis Padgett Whichard 670 Louis Haynes Gump 671 Norton Fortune Tennille, Jr. 672 Denton Lotz 673 George Vanderbeck Taylor STUDENT ARGONAUTS 1961-1962 .596 Paul Gene Strassler 620 Haney Peck 627 Daniel Milton Lotz 639 Wade Marvin Smith 647 Howard Holderness, Jr. 653 Robert ernon Fulk 655 Roger Babson Foushee 656 Maurice Glen Johnson 658 Ray Simpson Farris, Jr. 661 William Floyd Sayers, Jr. 662 Henry Nf ' wton Pattei on, Jr, i64 Hans Rudolf Frankfort 667 George Worth Campbell, 669 a illis PadgennVhichar " :ULTY ARGONAUTS 1961-196: Phillip- RusseU Claud ' ! KcivMaidiTiea Edgar Kalpi R.ilieil I ' .iirtoi kJu e Eni.,-t Llov 1 tikcki. Alberl ( I Jde Burtoii Linker ' Corydon Perry Spruill Frederick Carlyle Shepard Julius J. Wade Earle Horace Hartsell Joseph Maryon Saunders Richard Beverly Raney Edgar . lexander Cameron Walter Smith Spearman. Jr. Frederick Henry Weaver George Alexander Heard Alfred Guy Ivey Earnest Craige Isaac Montrose Taylor James Frederick Newsome Edwin .Sidney Lanier John Dewey Dorsett, Jr. Hugh Talmadge Lefler Harry Kitsun Russell James Clarence Wallace William W est Taylor Frank William Hanfl William Clyde Friday John . . Kirkland Robert Allison Fetzer Walter Reece Berryhill Roy Walter Holsten John Lassiter .Sanders Henry Parker Brandis, Jr. John M. Schnorrenberg Julian Dewey Mason. Jr. Dudley Dewitt Carroll Archibald Henderson Thomas Anthony Rezzuto, Jr William X ' oodard McLendon Preston Herchel Epps Foster Fitz-Simons Louis Round Wilson Robin Ledbettcr Hinson Jan Philip .Schinhan Wilson Elman Mason. Jr. Berthold Louis Ullman William Rranltlev Avcock | Maori.-, Tavlor an H.vke ' Beriiatil ll ' ury Boyd Starsis Ellen " Leavitt iSathan Anthony Woinai GeoTKC Vanderbeck Tayli VALKX OFFICERS JUDITH ELLEN BUXTON, President UNDINE CAUDLE, Secretary SUSIE HARWOOD CORDON, Vice-President NURSEN MENCO, Treasurer PRISCILLA BLAKENEY WYRICK, Alumnae Secretary 348 Judith Ellen Buxton 355 Andrea Lucille Gorcica 369 PriscillaBlakeneyWyrick 371 Margaret Anne Rhymes 372 Nursen Menco Arthur Allen Helen D. Allen E. S. Avery Grace Aycock Dorothy Phillips Cansler Elizabeth Scott Carrington Sally Car Mary Hedrick Davis Martha Decker DeBerry Emery Denny MEMBERS 1961-1962 373 Undine Caudle 374 Susie Harwood Cordon 376 Mary Sue Simpson 377 Toler Tucker Walker ALUMNAE AND HONORARIES 378 Mary Kay Fletcher 379 Henrietta Bo Brown 380 Mary Roberta Townsend 381 Sylvia Deas MuUins 382 Harriet Elizabeth Cox Margaret Dent Nancy Margaret Faison Mayhtw Fambrough Kathleen Boles Fink Jackie Suber Fowler Ida Howell Friday Sue Gustafson Judy Brott Harris Maxine Lee Hocutt Sally Hoener Guy B. Johnson Alice Forrester Keiger Mary Frances Kellam Elizabeth L. Kemble Rebekah Brown Lee Kathy Lunstrum Isabelle McLeod Lydia Moody Betsy Parker Irene Smart Rains Julia Crater Rand Martha Ann Richardson Diana Devere Smith Donald Stanford Julia Staples Francis Angas Weaver Connie Whitaker Phi Beta Kappa Phi Beta Kappa was founded at the College of William and Mary December 5, 1776. The Alpha Chapter of North Carolina was established here November 7, 1904, and there are at present 165 chapters. OFFICERS Donald Slater Stokes President Maurice Victor Barnhill, III Vice-President Gordon Daniel Bobbins Recording Secretary Ernest L. Mackie Corresponding Secretary-Treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Donald Slater Stokes Maurice Victor Barnhill. Ill Gordon Daniel Robbins Ernest L. Macki e Dr. Robert B. House Dr. Almonte C. Howell Professor Corydon P. Spruill Initiated May II, 1961 Maurice Victor Barnhill. Ill Stanley Warren Black. Ill Wilber Ray Boykin Robert Laurence Cannon. Jr. Car! Phillip Cole James Reuben Copeland. Ill Julia Dunning Tom David Efird Steven David Goldby Marcia Whitman Goldin Patricia Louise Hogan Graves Carroll Lee Gray Elizabeth Haynes Green Ian Morgan Happer Donald Eugene Harris Edgar Jerome Hocutt Jacqueline Holt Walter Kelly Hood Robert Henry Horowitz Mary Elizabeth Wilkins Jarrard Nan Jean Johnson Phillip Morris Kannan Fannie Louise Lacy Jerry Dean Laflerty Jay Odell Lambeth Sarah Martha McKinney Eliza Jane McLennan Nancy Chloe Massengill Ned Aaron Moore Frank Huges Murphy David Mansfield Nicholas, Jr. Jesse Robert Peel Llewellyn Phillips, II David Eugene Price Gordon Daniel Robbins Robert Glenn Robertson Michael Geoffrey Shulman Sandra Norton Sipp Katherine Ewing Slaughter Cornelia Olivia Snider Gary Arnold Soucie Philip Earl Sowers Elliott Walker Stevens, Jr. Donald Slater Stokes Jacquelyn Keller Suber Norton Fortune Tennille. Jr. John Raymond Yelverton Initiated December 5, 1961 John William Bradshaw. Jr. James Patterson Browder, III Floyd Talmadge Bryan Walter Ansell Derrick Clarence Neblett Dillard. Jr. Patricia Edwards Dowden Joel Harris Dugan Katherine Ann Gardner William David Hoover Myron Kent Jennings Mary Hunter Kennedy Anne Bowden McCrary Stewart Beauregard Priddy Frank Richard Rosiny Richard Lenoir Sanders Claudio Valerio Scaetta Patricia Annette Stallings Douglas Wayne Steeples John Russell Talley, Jr. John Bason Wagoner Katherine Elizabeth Wilson Sarah Richardson Womack Phi Eta Sigma OFFICERS ROBERT BEALE BENNETT President SCOTT EARNEST SUMMERS, II Vice-President WILLIAM CARL IMES Secretary THOMAS FRANKLIN HENLEY ■ Treasurer JAMES EUGENE GUDGER Historian ERNEST L. MACKIE Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Initiated April 21, 1961 Richard Edwin Akers Edward Duncan Anderson Charles Henry Battle, Jr. Robert Beale Bennett William Roger Bowerman Charles Samuel Chinnis William Justis Crawley Thomas Michael Cribbin Christopher Joseph Daly Norman McBrayer Davis, Jr. Claude Edward Dawson. Jr. Stuart Elliot Eizenstat James Eugene Gudger Roderic Boyd Griffin. Jr. Ronald Elmer Hatfield Thomas Franklin Henley Lattie Fuller Honeycutt, Jr. William Carl Imes Robert Brook Jones Ronald Martin Kimzey Richard Harvey King Peter David Krones Arthur Eldridge Leake, Jr. Mitchell Woolen Legler Clifford Thomas Lewis, Jr. James Norwill McLamb Bryan Douglas McSweeney John McRae Medlin Ronald Bryant Moser Elmer Rosenthal Oettinger, III Charles Cantrell Rankin James Ted Rogers, Jr. William Andrew Sawyer Robert Rodes Schoch Larry Ray Shouse William Michael Senkus Philip Logan Smith Scott Earnest Summers, II Herman Ora Thompson, Jr. John Carleton Ulf elder Albert Franklin Walser John Alex Warren, Jr. David Ramsay Williams Broadus Bryan Wright Phi Eta Sigma, freshman honorary fraternity, was founded at the University of Illinois March 22, 1923, and at the present time has 102 chapters. Our chapter was established in 1947. e em MeU OFFICERS ROBERT ENGLISH SEVIER . JAMES CARLOS GAULDEN, JR. SUSIE HARWOOD CORDON , RAYMOND LEWIS JEFFERIES . . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE THE OFFICERS and JAMES DENNIS RASH JAMES PATRICK MORGAN PRISCILLA BLAKENEY WYRICK William Donald Carmichael, III Willia, Robert Coulter Jesse Henry Dedmond Peter Harry Gems Samuel Hisch CHARTER MEMBERS Charles Louis Johnston, Jr. AUard Kenneth Lowenstein William Ernest Mackie Basil Lamar Sherrill Donald Gray Shropshire Leonard Adolph Szafaryn Dr. Samuel Thomas Emory Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie Dr. William Smith Wells Judith Ann Albergotti Wayne Arnold Babb Mary Stewart Baker Robert Gene Baynes Barbara Jane Bell Robert Hodges Bilbro Mary Glenn Boatwright Catherine Ann Bolton Timothy Brooks Burnett Judith Ellen Buxton George Worth Campbell Susie Harwood Cordon Edith Nash Davis Michael Jarvis Deutsch William Franklin Farrell Barbara Elise Faulkner Beverly Ann Foard INITIATES OF APRIL 27, 1961 John Callanan Frye Katharine Earle Fulenwider Charles Pattison Graham, Jr. James Carlos Gaulden, Jr. Louis Haynes Gump Wade Hampton Hargrove, Jr. Mary Hunter Kennedy Fannie Louise Lacy Susan Moring Morgan James Patrick Morgan Lafayette Ferguson Norton Mariel Bryan O ' Dell Joe Loveman Oppenheimer Pamela Lovelace Patterson David Eugene Price John Ward Purrington Robert Lesley Quackenbush James Dennis Rash Dorothy Bingham Reaves William Floyd Sayers Robert English Sevier lone Stewart Shepard William Paul Shipp Katherine Ewing Slaughter Marion Deering Smith William Edward Stepp Jacquelyn Keller Suber Sharon Lee Sullivan Peter Anthony Thompson Sarah Anne Way Willis Padgett Whichard Willis Alexander Wilson, Jr. Sarah Richardson Womack Priscilla Blakeney Wyrick 0t itv of tlje rail OFFICERS GEORGE WORTH CAMPBELL Delegata ROBERT E. SEVIER JAMES PATRICK MORGAN . Exchequer ROBERT H. BILBRO . Vice-Exchequer SIR KNIGHTS Frederick R. Anderson, Jr. Edwin Warner Bass Wayne Edgar King James Patrick Morgan Robert H. Bilbro Henry N. Patterson Timothy Brooks Burnett George Worth Campbell Walter E. Bellinger Ray Simpson Farris James C. Gaulden, Jr. Forrest A. Pollard, Jr. Robert E. Sevier James Dennis Rash Peter A. Thompson Willis P. Whichard ®I|f Wrhit of % EMINENT EXECUTIVE BEARS JERRY BKAR TOGNOLI MARY BEAR ALFORD MILLIE BEAR BLANTON EMINENT INTIMATE BEARS Kay Bear Taylor William Edward Bear Ezzell Frances Bear Jess Everett Bear Jess Bobby Bear Tips Chris Bear Fink Al Bear Roseman Linda Bear Logsdon Joy Bear Carr Boiling Bear Puller Dennis Bear Wachs EMINENT EXECUTIVE BEARS JACK BEAR JONES JULIE BEAR LATANE DICK BEAR REPPUCCI Bce rop MM aa tbom Mex TcBH 31 He Mory AocTarb AocraroMHO roAbiM. EMINENT INTIMATE BEARS Warren Bear Sams Teddy Bear Sturm Jane Bear Paden David Bear Coffman Bob Bear Catliey Judy Bear Chostner Ann Bear Diehl Marte Bear Kornegay Frank Bear Crowell Barbara Bear Morgan Walton Bear Blackman EMINENT BEARS AT OTHER CAMPUSES John Bear Roscow, University of Florida Peter Bear Wolf, Pennsylvania State University C nrgon ' s Mmh IGnigf WILLIAM FRANKLIN FARREU. princeps JOHN NASH McINTOSH scriptor GEORGE WHEELER COX quaestor FACULTY MEMBERS Nicholas B. Adams Walter R. Berryhill James B. Bullitt Keener C. Frazer Edward McG. Hedgpeth Urban T. Holmes, Jr. Dougald MacMillan ACTIVE MEMBERS Peter John Green William Lee Palmer Alpheus Branch Carr Stark Armstead Sutton John Daniel McConnell Abner Pope Shuford Ralph Starling Bender Surry Parker Roberts John Anderson Brabson Allen Johnson Simpson Donnell Borden Cobb Earl Norfleet Phillips 13-12 Page 323 JAMES PATRICK MORGAN PRAECEPS JOHN HOYTE STULTZ VICE-PRAECEPS DOUGLAS CARROLL BURKHARDT NOTARIUS WILLIAM THURSTON WILLIAMS QUAESTOR Douglas Carroll Burkhardt James Carlos Gaulden John Agrippa Mitchener James Patrick Morgan John Hovte Stultz PRAETORS Peter Anthony Thompson John Bruce Welch Willis Padgett Whichard Thomas Baker Williams William Thurston Williams Wesley Neil Bass Robert Wilson Carter Charles Dunn CHARTER MEMBERS Edward U. Halford William E. Houser Thomas N. Walters HONORARY MEMBERS William B. Aycock William Graves Long Arthur James Beaumont James Parker J. S. Bennett Walter Rabb Donald Atlas Furtado James C. Wadsworth Raymond L. Jefferies James C. Wallace Thomas Johnson Fredrick Henry Weaver Robert White Linker Robert J. Young Page 324 OFFICERS John Bruce Kine Kendrick Mary Hunter Croxton Maxine Bernadette Greenfield James Scott Long MEMBERS Arch Turner Allen, III Mary Webber Dewey John Anderson Brabson Margaret Penelope Drennen Lucius Edward Burch, III Maxine Bernadette Greenfield Joseph Steven Byrum Dale Wiesner House Theodore Tuner Fountain Alice Marie Huss William Whidey Gluyas, Jr. Frances Lineberger McDonald Paul Hooker Harrell, Jr. Judith Carol Metcalfe Christopher Hall Jones Florence Thomas Nash John Bruce Kine Kendrick Sophia Clifton Pik( James Scott Long Grace White Townson Motimer Samuel Neblett Margaret Morris Turner Edward William Phifer J ohn Linton Schoo Stuart Thomas Saunders David Scott Wilson Hannah Dewey Bell Eleanor Grey Watkins Mary Hunter Croxton PQB VNVV RHGFEU VOAG BFTKSELRP KUITJ SWRS SGAKREE C DCELU QM VAMRPPHL AEF AVR MPUASEIFWZ YVNXFVA BF KJL UVMXJVIY KQ AVRE RNVBR IJ FBS NLC ISCEY RPK VBNFT MCE TYG CWPTFTF HUAK JHG OEVP HQUIVXLR OY KJF QBUEULZ NNU PLJRR KKGWAG DKUR GHV IVCQ WRU HQPODRSWFHVF HBQ TYG NFRAK EOOAGV YYCHGYV RULERS 759 JOHN WARD PURRINGTON 757 RAY SIMPSON FARRIS 765 HAL VENABLE WORTH 754 JAMES TILLMAN McGREGOR 775 WILLIAM ROSS SULLIVAN Res KDS WSS KMK NGP SUBJECTS 174 Archibald Henderson 241 Joseph G. deR. Hamilton 315 Robert Wettach 319 William W. Pierson 331 Thomas Felix Hickerson 343 Dudley Dewitt Carroll 382 Julius Jennings Wade 385 Robert Edwin Coker 439 J. Penrose Harland 442 Robert Burton House 490 Fletcher Melvin Green 492 Charles M. Shaffer 540 Ernest Craig 546 Henry Russell I 582 Issac M. Taylor 650 Roy Walter Holsten 653 Lyman A. Gotten 662 Sydenham B. Alexander 663 Frank W. Klingberg 664 Henry Wilkins Lewis 665 Robert Boyd Lindsay 678 Herbert R. Baer 679 George Dial Penick 714 George M. Harper 751 William B. Aycock 753 George Worth Campbell 756 Charles Miller Carson 758 Arch Turner Allen, III 763 Hugh Talmage Lefler 768 Charles Patterson Green 773 James Bulla Adams ORDER OF THE MINATAURS OFFICERS GEORGE T. BARNES PRESIDENT WILLIAM W. GLUYAS, JR VICE-PRESIDENT CHARLES P. GREEN SECRETARY-TREASURER Thomas H. Alexander Peter B. Archie F. Daniel Batten. Ill Harold J. Bender Lucius S. Burch John A. Brabson. Jr. Alpheus B. Carr John P. Corpening William Davis Ralph L. Falls. Jr. Frank W. Fletcher, Jr. Marion FoUin. Ill T. T. Fountain David G. Frey Troy Furr Thomas W. Grant Thomas P. Grasty Oscar Hariss B. T. Harrell William A. Harvey David D. Hindle Edward Holt Paul Jolis H. P. Joslyn, III Dewitt McCotter Ralph McDonald Paul A. Moore, Jr. Shade Murray JohnR. Nash. Jr. John N. O ' Bannon Edward Phifer R. Brooks Reed Christopher Ridney Dexter C. Rumsey, HI Stuart T. Saunders, Jr. Alan J. Simpson Glenn Stackhouse Loy D. Thompson John H. Tison Alfred Tyler, II Haywood Weeks David S. Wilson HalV. Worth, III George Wyman Hazel Zealy o ' «? v OFFICERS • 141 FRANK •■MIDHEN- ' McSWAIN Major Bird 177 GINGER " NOISY PLOVER " SWAIN Minor Bird MEMBERS 139 Dick " Leghorn ' " Lambeth 191 143 Joann " Songbird " Sory 192 144 Prissy " Pelican " Wvrick 193 149 Tommy " Buzzard " Butler 194 157 Roy " Ruddy Duck " Michaux 195 162 Jerry " Spoonbill " Stokes 196 163 Stark " Sapsucker " Sutton 197 178 Inman " Egret " Allen 198 179 Paul " Thin-foot " Burroughs 199 180 Judy " Booby " Buxton 200 181 Leonard " Flower-pecker " Capetanos 201 182 Walter " Water-turkey " Dellinger 202 183 Ann " Honker " Hauser 203 184 Mary " Meadowlark " Lester 204 185 Jimmy " Grosbeak " Llewellyn 205 186 Johnny " Road-runner " McConnell 206 187 Jimbo " Junco " McGregor 207 188 Diane " Pigeon " Peterson 208 189 Betsy " Twitch " Swain 209 190 Margy Ann " Pee Wee Bird " Wilson 210 Dedee " DeSilly Bird " Zanetti Sistie " Yellow-bellied " Boatw right Steve " Goose " Byruni G eorge " Creeper " Campbell Watts " Whooping Crane " Carr Frank " Flycatcher " Cella Jane " Finch " Forsythe Wavne " White-rumped " Foushee Paul " Palm Warbler " Jollis Bob " Broad-breasted " McCorniick Jane " Magpie " Merritt Charlotte " MewguU " Mooney Martha " Prothonotary " Parham Judy " Rooster " Ray Bob " Rough-legged " Reardon Surrey " Red-eyed " Roberts Dottie " Dipper " Shugart Ginny " Scissor-tailed " Temple " Hellbender " Webb Nancv " Nuthatcher " Wilson HONORARIES 124 Katherine " Chickadee " Carmichael 125 Mrs. Frances " FanTail " Hogan 126 Ray " Raven " Jefferies 127 Charles " Catbird " Bernard 129 Doug " Do-Do Bird " Sessoms 130 Dr. J. P. " Hummingbird " Harland Page 328 BETA GAMMA SIGMA Beta Gamma Sigma is the only national honorary society in the field of commerce and business recognized by the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. The organization originated at the University of Wisconsin in 1907. Alpha of North Carolina Chapter was established here in 1933. The purposes of this society are to encourage and reward accomplishment among the students of commerce and business administration: to promote the advancement of education in the art of science of business: and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operations. OFFICERS JAMES RUBEN COPLAND President CLYDE TOBY LEFF Secretary GLEN ROBERT MOORE Treasurer DR. ISSAC N. REYNOLDS Faculty President DR. RICHARD I. LEVIN Faculty Secretary MEMBERS INITIATED May 9, 1961 MEMBERS INITIATED January, 1962 HONORARY Arther Kirkman SENIORS Joel Harris Dugan Thomas Frederick Gilbert John Thomas Kelly Thomas Kirby Rogers. Jr. Ralph Alexander White Thomas Smith McGee GRADUATES James Willard Barnes Thomas Mclntyre Caddell Jerry H. Fox Arthur Granger Hubbard SENIORS Henry Gray Aboher James Barry Pittleman Allison Eugene Wood JUNIORS George Worth Campbell James Ruber Copland Clyde Toby Leff William Riley Loy Glen Robert Moore RHO CHI WILLIAM FRED HARRISS President EMIL CEKEDA Vice-President MARTHA WYKE Secretary-Treasurer BEVERLY THOMPSON Historian FACULTY Dr. J. L. Biannon Dr. E. A. Brecht Dr. M. A. Chambers Dr. George Cocolas Dr. A. W. Jowdy Dr. J. C. Kellet Dr. Claude Piantadosi Dr. Fred T. Semeniuk Dr. Margaret A. Shaw Dr. Herman 0. Thompson Dr. William W. Taylor Dr. J. K. Weir Dr. P. J. Wurdack GRADUATES Saul Borodkin Mrs. Saul Borodkin Mrs. Rosemarie Faust Allen Hirsch Shu-Sing Cheng Boh Morris Ed Smithwick Ed Sumner UNDERGRADUATES Fred Harriss Ellen Pike Beverly Thompson Emil Cekeda Rebecca Elliott Martha Wyke Frank Yarborough John While Ann Garrou Edward Swann The National Pharmacy Honor Society Xi Chapter of the University of North Carolina 1929 founded at the University of Michigan 1922 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Alpha Epsilon Delta is an international society for pre-medical and pre-dental stu- dents. It was founded at the I ' niversity of Alabama April 28, 1926. The North Carolina Beta Chapter was founded here on March 27. 1936. The object of the society is to recognize excellence in pre-medical and pre-dental scholarship. Avery 1 ice-President Eure SecrelarY Riley Treasurer Ferlazzo Howell Howland Lee Southard Smyre Stevens Yount Page 331 ALPHA PHI OMEGA Dixon Fernaltl Garrison Have lorgan ice-President ] ' ice-President ] ' ice-President Secretary Secretary WHO ME? LAURA LANG CARSON A.P.O. Sweetheart A t a Alpha Phi Omega, the only national service fraternity, was founded at Lafayette College. Easton, Pennsylvania in 1925. Rho Chapter was established in 1930. The Torch and Trefoil is the official magazine, and the colors are blue and gold. The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop leadership, and to promote service to humanity. This purpose is carried out through service projects and various social events including Parent ' s Day. a non-profit Book, and an Ugliest Man on Campus Contest for charity, banquets and parties. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Walkins. Eller. McKee, Garris. Wilson. Harrison. Se und ruic: Mal-ki. Parlier. Ross. Herritage, Turner. Page 333 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL The Panhellenic Council is composed of the Panhellenic Advisor. Miss Nancy Adams, sorority presidents, rush chair- man, one representative-at-large from each sorority, and two representatives from the Stray Greek organization. Panhellenic is the governing body of the sororities. One of the chief purposes of this organization is to establish under- standing, cooperation, and friendship among the sororities. The council must maintain close cooperation with the college administration in an effort to establish high standards that are mutual for all groups. Panhellenic also makes the rushing rules and tries all cases of infractions of rules. During the year. Panhellenic participates in various serv- ice projects both in the town of Chapel Hill and on the UNC campus. JANICE HALEY President PANHELLENIC COUNCIL. First row: Stokes, Karnett, Slate. Haley. Merrill, Mooney. Miss Nancy Adams. Second row: Hollingsworth, McGregor. Hayes, Teasdale, Shaw, Jordan, Fletcher, Pinyoun, Simpson, England, Bunn. Zaneiti, Copeland. Page 334 BEVERLY GRIFFIN Vice-President Alpha Chi Omega CAROL CROMARTIE Secretary Phi Mu BETSY PARKER Treasurer Zeta Tau Alpha STRAY GREEKS The Stray Greek Organization which was founded in 1944. is composed of sorority women whose chapter is not repre- sented on this campus. Its aims are to preserve the bonds of unity and sisterhood in sorority life, to serve its members as a service and social organization, and to stimulate co- operation between sorority and dormitory women. Each year the Stray Greeks take over the responsibility of the Panhellenic Post Office during sorority rush and its members serve as advisors in the dormitories. Following rush, the Stray Greeks hold the Stray Greek-Panhellenic Pledge Picnic to honor the new pledge classes and an Officers Tea for the sorority officers. The Stray Greeks also participate in service projects, social events, various campus activities, and Women ' s Athletic Association. Alexander Kappa Alpha Theta Barrett Sigma Kappa C!ook Alpha Chi Omega Cox Phi Mil Karle Phi Mu Evans Delta Gamma Fn-e PhiMu Hollingsworth Phi Mu Kefauver Alpha Oniicron Pi Matthews Zeta Tau Alpha Merritt Phi Mu McNeer Delta Gamma O ' Neil Alplia Omicrori Pi Perry Zeta Tau Alpha Reynolds Kappa Alpha Theta Sanderson Zeta Tau Alpha Spaeder Alpha Chi Omega Strader Sigma Kappa Sweanev Phi Mu Tabor Kappa Alpha Theta Page 335 ALPHA DELTA PI f ; -5 JBk. § f- W Tarlton I ice-President Pipkin Recvrding Secretary Stennett (Corresponding Secretary Herrmann Treasurer Barbara Fletcher President Alpha Delta Pi was founded nationally at Wesleyaii College in Macon. Georgia. Beta Upsilon Chapter at the University of North Carolina was colonized in 1939. Her colors are white and l)lue. her flower is the woodland violet. The puhlication is The Adelphean. Allen Baggett Bisacca Carroll Clark Po Pluninier Raglan Ray Shoap Smith Stokes Swain Taylor Terretta Whitaker Page 336 orking on a inning Float Living for each other is way of life of every A.D. Pi. Could Cojo get along without our help . . . Stennett and Liz Diab without N.Y.C. talk . . . Ticki without " Yankee Air " . . . Baggett without brains . . . Dale without title of " Teen Queen " . . . Gaye and Cleda without sleep . . . Mickey with- out " Mona Lisa " smile . . . Mitch and Gayle without beauty . . . Betsy Ann without turban . . . Pot without her problems . . . Becky. Joyce, and Deanne without beaux . . . Jane J. without the FLL FF . . . Terretta without sweatshirt . . . Libba without . . . Zoola without following . . . Debs without dimples . . . Bunny without pony tail . . . " B " without polite " no " ... Jo without her letters . . . Angle without charm . . . Judy without chem quiz . . . Sara Jo without 4 meetings every afternoon . . . Tarlton without a buzz . . . Plumnier without a friend . . . Judy R. without a " way neat kiss on " ' . . . Yes. we live for each other and for Alpha Delta Pi. AAn PLEDGES. First row: Burbridge, Efird, Miller, Gillaspy, Fitch. Second row: Davis, Williamson, Land. LaShanna, Moseley. Williard, Martin. Third row: Parrish. Devonshire. Brock. Cahoon. Woodward. Hansen. Johnson. Hardy. McCuUen. Page 337 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Chostner First Vice-President - ' -f Alpha Gamma Delta was founded nationally in 1904 at Syracuse University and chartered at the University of North Carolina in 1945. Her colors are red, buff, and green and her flowers, red and buff roses. The publication of Alpha Gamma Delta is The Quarterly. Elizabeth Reed President Blanton Carr Fletcher Hall Hanson Heim Horner Latane Logsdon Smith. B. G. Smith, C. A. Spivey Taylor Tibbetts Upp Ware Wilson Page 338 e believe in formal Sunday Dinner . Buddlia prays for a ' Swinging Year. ' Remember the times we ve had here — beach blast at Myrtle . . . limbo, limbo like Scrappy . . . Alpha Gam Sweetheart Emily 0. comes through with our color TV and she can twist, too! . . . new jewels for Wanda and Joy — Carol collects two of them . . . our steel brace graduates, but Hanson brings back a pink one . . . Millies General . . . Wee — remember the Maine! . . . Buddha, biggest pledge ever . . . riotous rush . . . funny how Elvis always disappears . . . Dr. Spivi and Lee ' s Civil War on 3rd . . . AGD staffs Yack . . . How about those weekends, Frannie . . . Betty mothers her bac- teria . . . Champagne. Margie? . . . U-P-P does the U-T for TJ-P . . . Lindas midnight monologues . . . B.G. ' s tentrums . . . Kay T. was finally affiliated . . . Latane ' s swinging pledge party . . . Judy teaches pledges . . . Cindy twists, but E. Reed ain ' t too good . . . can we ever forget Kay ' s weekend at N.W.? . . . Monitor Mary . . . accidents will happen, huh. Mary Alys? ... a wonderful pledge class . . . Remember all this . . . for you girls belong to AGD, and AGD belongs to vou. ATA PLEDGES. First row: Powers, Groce, Morgan. Livas. Ittner. Second row: Jess, Lyday, Haney, Diehl. King. Nicholas, Kiser. Page 339 CHI OMEGA Bryan Vice-Preside Watkins Secretary Temple Treasurer Lynn McGregor President Chi Omega was founded in lo9o at the University of Arkansas and chartered at the University of North Carolina on January 20. 1923. Her colors are cardinal and straw and her flower is the white carnation. The publication of Chi Omega is The Eleuses. Ainslie Allen Copeland Cordon Dewey Fulenwider Fuller Gannaway Goodrich Goodykoontz Haynes Henderson Metcalfe Micolino Mixon AlcClinton Nash Nelson Norman Parham Rogers Slate Squires Townsend Uzzle Van Valkenhuriih Williams Wyrick Page 340 I bet I know what you want The wise old owl brings 30 beautiful pledges into the Chi nest and Leemo rules the roost . . . " Coise returns with Tiberius and the " Mad Russian " . . . Mary runs Student Government and Chi 0 " s all over the campi . . . Prissy up- holds our honor? . . . Mary Ann is Miss C. H. and Yack Queen, too . . . Lou gets toilet paper calendars . . . Margie leaves every weekend . . . Marna snuffs up Sigma Chi pin and Grey is big sweetheart . . . Hoot ! Happy, the Great decorates roof . . . Waiters have birthdays . . . Nancy poofs the owUs feathers . . . Kathv instructs the pledges and inspires the team . . . Bunny ' s roommates tell off the big " F " . . . the " Aquarium " gets painted . . . See Janie. See Tim . . . Hoot. Hoot . . . Janns clothing makes the Tar Heel . . . Rowena gets her battery charged . . . Susie acts, Lyla sings. Nancy listens . . . Dewdrop. Tootie, and the Law . . . Signs of distress as the vear comes to a close . . . many memories as Shades of Evening fall on the owl nest. Xfl PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Hicks. Bell. Caldwell. " Walker. Brailliam. Second row: Thorpe. Austin. Lynn, Prevost. Hooii. CafFery. Yancy. Bowles, Thompson. Third row: Thompson. Townsend, Tyler, Dial, Myers, Callaway. Lynn. Kilgore. McDonald, Farquar, Courtney, Drennen, Polk, Pike. DELTA DELTA DELTA Coleman Vice-President Walker Recording Secretary Bonner Corresponding Secretary Puller Treasurer Delta Delta Delta was founded nationally in 1889 at Boston University, and was chartered at the University of North Carolin a April 9, 1943. Her colors are silver, gold, and blue and her flower is the pansy. The publication is The Trident. Anderson Bailey Bell Birdsong Gates Cox Delves Dixon Farr Forsyth Frazier Froneberpf Hartman Hayes Hofler Holmes House Huss Ivey Johnston Jones Karnett Lang Lester May Olive Pinion Pinyoun Quinn Sienknert f f Page 342 What, me worry? It could have been worse. Summer ended all too soon for many, especially the work- men at the Tri Delta house — but despite no floors and half painted walls, the sisters came back ready for rush — all wondered if we would have even a house to rush in but all was finished and the ne w pledge class came in ready to take over their new home and we all love them, don ' t we Lover? It was a good year for all. wedding bells rang for Rooney. Sharon. Linda, and Sharon and others just had fun moving from one party to the other under Lang ' s organization — and then there was the UP Congressman Frazier. While Dale cheered the House on to victory, Mac taught Alfred how to Fly. By the way. Hannah, how far is it to New York . . . did everyone get their invitation, Lester? All in all it was a good year — what with Johnsye and Judv on freshman cheerleading and Becky and Judy (again I in Yack Court: a new house (kindal. a new house mother and tremendous pledges. AAA PLEDGES. First rotv: Dawson, Carnduff, Carrington, Johnson, Novotmy, Lynch, Elmore, Nelson. Second row: O ' Grady, DuPuy, Austin, Crow, McConnell. Matheny, Flanders. Massenburg, Allen, Wood, Matchett. Page 343 KAPPA DELTA Pownal I ice-Presiilent Kappa Delta was founded nationally in 1897 at Longwood College. Fannville. Virginia and chartered at the University of North Carolina on May 22. 1951. Her colors are " reen and white and her flower is the white rose. The publication of Kappa Delta is The Anpelos. Mary Sue Simpson President Boatwrighl Brannan Brew Clark Cravotta Eichholz Hamlet Hewes Hower Huckaln- Huntt Jackson Merrill Morris Robinson Sexton Smith Swain Tlioinii oii Turner Willwerlli Woolman Young Kennedy ' s fans What a party! Hail to the order of " B.O.W. ! " . . . Were you one of those more popular girls? . . . Well. Lynda must have been too pretty . . . Do you think the A.K. Psi ' s zotted you with a telescope? . . . Bet they didn ' t catch Ginger pecking Sisty at 6:00 A.M. . . . But then, we caught a Co-Rec win too . . . while Caroline was splashing, and Smitty was ratting, and Gordon was surveying his harem ( which couldn ' t be finer I . . . And who was hanging from the rafters at the ])ledge party? . . . Well, it wasn ' t the secret service men . . . Love Hades Ladies . . . You didn ' t say " gracious living. " did vou? ;0 ' KA PLEDGES. FUsl row: MacKeitlian. Jcihnson, Barber. Summers. Second row: Creech, Roth, Craig. Ogden. Millencler, Hornbeck, Davis. Third row: Meadow- . (;lenn. FergUMin. Tiinstall. Dunlap. Buller. Chapman. Colvard. Gilroy. Woodward. Marshall. Eraser. flf?.fH; f»f KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA MacDougall Kemper Whittaker Reynolds Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded nationally at Monmouth College. Monmouth, Illinois in 1870. Epsilon Gamma Chapter was colonized at the University of North Carolina in February. 1958. Her colors are dark blue and light blue and her flower, the fleur-de-lis. The publication is The Key. Emily England President Avery Bridgford Day Himelick Humphri- Knaus Leu McCall Oatts Roberson Seaton Silver Sweeney Teasdalr Wilson Ward Page 346 Relaxation is our motto. Our little mascot. Another Golden Kappa Year ... 25 young maidens find the key to Kappalot . . . Charlotte keeps creepers out . . . Marilyn, Van transfer . . . " Little Itch " found in skunkies . . . Firebaugh indispensible . . . Pika friend pins Knaus . . . Susie, Judy, and A.A.L. engaged . . . " Cool Breeze " and Rick rate A ' s . . . Valkyries Cup gleams . . . Knevvs from After Hour Kitchen Kabinet: Who was the mysterious skier? . . . Williams greets late prowlers . . . Travelogue: Margy Ann. Emily on Toronto Exchange; Dersh visits Big City; Jeannie and Bobbie talk of Europe . . . Bug and Linnie, Honorary Kappas . . . Jackie heads Y . . . Ann politics . . . Deal wows judges . . . Hooks and crew make afternoon treks to gas station . . . Weekend exodus to mountains and beaches . . . New ho usemother loved by all . . . Large dog guards sleeping porch . . . Here ' s to Titus, the original Pink Elephant . . . and Kappa! ' « KKr PLEDGES. First row: White, Bennett, Womack, Mintner, Symons. Liverman. Sharpe. Brownfield. Second row: Stephenson, Henry, Petrea, Shepherd, Hamrick, Burroughs, Blythe. Regan, Work, McArthur. Butler. Conk. Brown. Sloan. (!aron. .114! K : I j; Page 347 PI BETA PHI t f Maxwell i Ice-President Thomas Corresponding Secretary Luter Recording Secretary Kemp Treasurer Dedff Zanetti President Pi Beta Phi was founded nationally in 1867 at Monmouth College, Monmouth. Illinois, and chartered at the University of North Carolina in 1923. Her colors are wine and silver-blue and her flower is the wine carnation. The publication of Pi Beta Phi is The Arrow. Alsop Bair Benbow Brown Bunn Cecil Claiborni Clement Davis Froneberger Haley Hendrick, A. Hendrick, B. Howard McClure Newton Oldham Richart Rogers Sewell Sharp Sherwood Sory Stallings Sutherland Tadlock Waller Winstead Pi Phi Casino. Hell on wlieels. Rush this year was really the best As twenty-seven pledges will attest. What fun for Pi Phi ' s then was in store — With Dedee ' s sarong and the busted front door. Steaks at the Ranch House, Winnie the Pooh, Elections, faculty tea. eternal " to-do. " The candlelight ceremony working overtime. And A.D. ' s search for " change for a dime. " New golden arrows made us truly " Pi Phi ' s All. " Mrs. Seward the most wonderful housemother of all. Jack. Dave, Mac, and Gary Keep all our mealtimes merry And now that the summer is drawing near We say — Pi Phi ' s had an A-f- year! nso) PLEDGES. First row: Caffey. Murphy, Chambers, Keel, Manning. Second row: Hastings, Spencer, Davis, VanVlannderen, Waddell, McDonald, Wallace, Bailey, Keyes. Third row: Johnson, Marsh, Boyette, Collins, Miller, Wahers, Motsinger, Horner, Kress, Strikeleather, Spears, Braseh, Venters. Page 349 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Interfiaternity Council of the University of North Caro- lina serves as the unifying and governing body of Carolina ' s twenty-four Greek letter societies. Its membership consists of the president and an elected representative from each Carolina chapter. The I.F.C. s goal is to promote the loftv ideals of the fraternity system in general. There are various committees which work to attain these goals. Among them are the following: Rush. Greek Week. Scholarship. Rules. Special Projects. Publicitv. and Handbook. These commit- tees, as is the whole I.F.C. are guided by the Executive Com- mittee which consists of the major oflicers. Discipline among Carolina ' s fraternities is largely self- imposed and is supervised by the I.F.C. Court. This body consists of seven men — the President. Vice-President, and five other members elected by the I.F.C. The by-laws give this judicial arm almost unlimited power in its effort to maintain high standards of conduct among the fraternities. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL. First row: Johnston, Garrison, Gray, Farran, Madry, Wilson. Second row: Lowder, Shuford, Burnett. Royster, Beale. Jacobs, Emory. Sullivan, Sevier. Third row: Bell. McClister, Brown, Purrington. Sloane. Reynolds, Harris. McCabe, Ogden. Fourth row: Smith. Battle. Sherrill. Dillashaw, Briggs, Chason, Morris, Walker, Savitt. Fifth row: Anderson, DeBIasio, , bsher, Bently, Evans, Avent, Opdyke, Iiutner. Bondi. W . ' ' ) , ) ill A J, 1 Aw 1 f f V- ' Htil Hh ' H B JIH w¥ % jk ' 1 1 " -rx ' Cmmm: This year, under the leadership of President Bill Sullivan, the I.F.C. has become what its members have been striving for over the years — a powerful representative voice for the fraternities. The I.F.C. year started with the Midpines Fac- ultv — Fraternity Conference at Southern Pines at which the faculty and fraternities exchanged valuable ideas and opin- ions. This conference was the seed for several new I.F.C. policies which include a new scholarship rule and a program of deferred rush. In addition, the I.F.C. gave, as it has since 1948. an An- drew Bershak Scholarship to an outstanding and needy North Carolina graduate. The scholarship is worth $2,000. Lastly, in its efforts to promote interest and enthusiasm in I.F.C. as well as scholarship and other worthwhile activi- ties, the I.F.C. annually awards several trophies. These in- clude the R. B. House Trophy for the best fraternity, the Scholarship Trophv for most improved scholarship, the Phi Delt Trophy for highest overall scholarship, and the Strum Trophv to the vears best pledge class. Rush EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Bill Farrell. Court Chairman; Joe Craver, Treasurer: Bill Riley. Vice-President; Bill Sullivan, President; Bob Madr) ' , Secretary. INTERFRATERNITY COURT. First row: Bill Farrell, Jim DiUashaw, Pope Shuford. Duff Green. Second rote: David Underwood, Bill Riley. Bill Sullivan, Ralph Bender. Page 351 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Clark Vice-Presidenl Griffiss Secretary Milstead Treasurer Devine Evans Godfrey Griffith Henry Himes Kenrick Kerbaugh Kimzey Llewellyn Loomis McMillan Millis Motley Penland Perry Pettibone Reitzel Seymour Shaffner Simpson Street Turner Vau, Whicker White Michael McCliste I ' residen t The national fraternity of Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865. and the local chapter was established fourteen years later, in 1879. The official publication of Alpha Tau Omega is The Palm, and its colors are azure and gold. Page 352 Taus watch Chi peep-show. Phoebe Ellen McNeer Alpha Tau Omega Sponsor AT a With a pledge class of 38, the spirited Taus began their eighty-second year of giving life to the Carolina curricula. Beginning early, the A.T.O. " Wolfpack " twists ' em up before 44,000 astonished fans. The Taus Skunk the Tigers for best All-Campus Homecoming display. J.B.K.K.. Griff, and Goetz lead the soccer team: Green and White dominate golf. The great green deerslayer heads south: Camp- bell and Griffiss invest earnings (?) in Clem: Stunned T. Griff plumbers at goalie: McClister gets a parking space? Perry, Clark, and Harper get pinned; an Alderman top-bunker misdirects screnader ' s eyes: Roger roots for Miami: Seeds mingles with alien ( ? I : the Parson abstains but gets it on the sly; Garden Clubbers J.B.K.K., Lew. and Pete Green plow " potted " plants: the Steed soaks the house; Whick soaks the parlay: Broadhurst soaks the social fund and leaves; Loom poormouths; Stud makes a motion, Vaughan disagrees — Tom Thum — the Seniors clear: even the Stud makes the " move " ; the house feels the gap; the " new " Vaughan agrees? PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Wells, Miller, Fleming. Blair. Brinton, Fuller. Vaughn, Morin. Second row: Wilson, Flynn, Moore, Parham, Canull, Whitley, Johnston, Godfrey. Third row: Carver. Oare, Brookshire, Redding. Bond, Harrison, Schlacter, Thum, Broyhill. Fourth row: Boyd, Edwards, Shaw, Young, Lester, Seymour. Walters. Spearman. Spencer. Page 353 BETA THETA PI edler Vice-President Wyman Recorder Deifell Treasurer Beta Theta Pi, the oldest great national fraternity, was founded at Miami Univer- sity, Oxford, Ohio, on August 8, 1839. Eta chapter was chartered in 1852, as the third fraternity at U.N.C. The fraternity magazine. Beta Theta Pi is the oldest of its kind. The national colors are pink and blue, and the flower is the rose. Ridley Stubbs Temple Watson Wells Wilkerson Page 354 ■■ here 5 ) uur pin. pledge? " Nancy Bullock Beta Theta Pi Sponsor Bon The Betas returned to the Hill from Africa, California, Switzerland, Vermont, and France to find a good summer session had left the house ' s foundation some- what shaken by Artillery Punch and P.G.A. parties . . . Bird and his magic marker . . . Fuzzy and Head capture fine Pledge Class . . . This fall the social program was greatly enhanced by many N.A.A.G.P. sponsored functions . . . Sweater weather and football saw the initiation of Follin. Ridley, Jobs, and Bender to the elite Minataurs . . . George finds University Lake a cold spot for fall swimming . . . Gilded Ghoul trains own Cheetah . . . Doctor finds domestic life not bad . . . Betas and the athletic K.D. ' s clinched Co-Rec . . . After three years, the Scholarship Trophy was retired . . . Snagglepuss soon to be viewed in the new side-porch Tube Room . . . Even now there are earnest discussions on how to keep sand oil an Army blanket. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Hunter, Strubing, MiUer. Kokenes, Thayer. Second row: Sarratt, Sneed, Waizenegger, Tennille. Wilson, Bunn, May. Third row: Halbiian, Fitz-Simons, Gentry, McGalliard, Jones, Lesesne, Muller, Leak, Rogers. Page 355 CHI PHI I ice-President Heenan Secretary Evans Treasurer Barnett Bell. D. Bell, J. Brooks Brown Burns Clark Davis Downf] " GallaglK ' i Gilberl. I! Gilbert. 1. Holt Jones Kenan Mansfieia Mattocks Moore Russell Shanalian Shuforcl Spencer Stevenson Sulli an Trull Warlick Wilday Chi Phi was founded December 24. 1824 at Princeton University. The chapter at North Carolina, founded in 18.58. was originally the Alpha chapter. After the War between the States, the chapter was moved to the University of Virginia. In October, 1924. the old Alpha chapter was re-established under the new name Alpha Alpha. Chi Phi colors are red and blue. The flower is the red rose, and the publication is The Chi Phi Chakett. She ' s trying to get him drunk? Mary Elizabeth Goldsmith Chi Phi Sweetheart X i Best year begins with " Sticks " at the hehn . . . Hose heap big mover on campus as T. T. " Weathers " the storm. Holt represents house at Maryland game . . . Everything coming up ROSEmond for " Red " . . . Moore gets bags under eyes from reading too much mail . . . The Bullet red-shirts as Breck and Gene give up football for gaiety on week-ends . . . Butch becomes Scarface with 2nd exciting wreck . . . Jones loves those Oatts . . . Jacque Spenciere also initiated as number one bartender and chauffeur. Radi-radiator . . . Mountain week-end preceded by visit from jolly old Mt. Glaus . . . Shan feeds the Kappas . . . Warlick up to same old tricks as house jester while Evans stays on Wright road to W. G. . . . Burns burns the midnight oil and Cobb drinks it . . . Sully gives up half-mile for broad jumping as " Dyrt " Russell BOPPS to Miami . . . The Friar becomes holy terror with new pledge class . . . " Dinky " Warren becomes sophisticate and swears off frivolity . . . It ' s a bird, it ' s a plane, no it ' s super pledge . . . Glass of ' 62 graduates Magna Gum liquor and 300 S. Golumbia will never be quite the same. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: McDonald, Robertson, MacAfee, Wiles. Second row: Thompson. Thomas. Riley. Watt. Fullager. Third row: Ross. Shuford. Girling, Uoty, Little, Wilday, Shad. Chi Psi was founded at Union College on May 20. 1841. It came to Carolina on November 16. 1855. and was refounded in 1928. The national publication is The Purple and Gold. Chi Psi colors are purple and gold. Billesdon Britt Bugden Butner Donahue Emerson Fichthurn H V Flye ii 1 Grubbs B ' ' ■ 1 Harper IkL 1 Hayden Hill Hurt miM Johnson PH Jordan Kemp 1 . 1 Kirkland Ik: m Koontz ■ ■ Lavery WtM Lord McCleery Miller Moore Mosely Myers Ei»U] Page 358 The Sociables. x Sigma opens ' 61 year on solid ground behind Peter A., " Leatherneck, " " The Trailer Man, " and " Scrooge " ... 36 Actives return . . . Rush a great success; " Brains " and " Brawn " guide new charges . . . Year looks potent under the G. P. ' s blessing. " Stud " and " Aaron " polish " Smarts Keys " while Brothers sweat grades . . . " The Fox " leads social to banner year . . . Blue Hushpuppy Team def eated by E. C. . . . The " Three L ' s " lead Tar Heel cheers. " Maid " and " The Chum " lead Lodge fire drills under Chief Nick ' s capable direc- tion . . . " Lav " loses badge, kitchen suffers from L ' nicorn attack . . . Chi Psi ' s drag " Torch of Education " seventeen miles — in vain. Andy throws " banana ball " for Heel diamond squad . . . " Lip " bounces back with Navel orange, needle, and " Nectar " . . . Another great Pledge Week-end . . . Beer Ball and Frishbee become rage . . . leaves turn green. George demands more green . . . Seniors sweat ... A great year for all . . . Compliments of Sigma. PLEIK;ES. Fir it row: Angell, Keese, Wallace, Range. Second tow: Hunt, Williams, VonGIahn, Snyder, Limbert, Pekruhn. Third row: Dunne, Waslil u] ri. ( ari ' ll, Adams, Wales, Jefferds, Seely, Danneman, Kruming, Spearman. Ball. Page 359 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Campbell Vice-President Delta Kappa Epsiloii was founded nationally at Yale University in 1844, and the local chapter was established in 1851. Delta Kappa Epsilon official magazine is The DEKE Quarterly, and the national colors are scarlet, azure, and old gold. Roberts Recording Secretary liunli Burnett Caperton Fearon F(i«-ue Fountain Gilchrist Gray Holderness. H. D Holderness, J. B. King McCoy McGregor Remsburg Roper Rumsey .Shaffer Simpson Thompson White Willis Wysong Free what? If here? Pat Hardy Delta Kappa Epsilon Sponsor AKE Betas 111th vear got under way even faster than usual . . . rush began and ended almost before we knew it. leaving 21 slightly confused but happy pledges to be broken in . . . and then the inevitable road trips . . . " ' Prince La La " decides to go McCoy one better and fertilizes Hollins with his personality . . . " Bird " becomes a full-time star for the Blue Team, pulling unbelievable catches out of nowhere . . . Susan refuses to be shot down by a wild boar and becomes a redhead in revenge . . . Pope supervises as two would-be artists tackle the new driveway with soap and water . . . Winter arrives, and with it Campbell ' s annual search for true love . . . " Kool Aid " narrowly avoids a head-on collision while combing his hair in a rear view mirror . . . Then spring at last . . . Zander returns from his six month vacation at the beach . . . the " Green Traf Monster ' emerges from his winter hibernation — much to the horror of women and small children . . . Little things, to be sure, but for 16 graduating seniors. thev helped to make up a vear that will be remembered always. PLEDGES. First row: Maxwell. Eskridge. King. Crane. Prevost. Second row: Morgan. Lind. Crudup. McMillan. Harris. Third row: Hesse. Kemper. ()li er, Calhoun. Stembler. Seago. Simpson. Phillip . Jemi- in. Moure. P ennt tt. DELTA UPSILON Van Pelt I ice-President Thomas Secretary Job. Joseph A. DeBlasio President Delta L psilon Fraternity was founded at Williams College. Williamstown. Mass., in 1834 as the 6th oldest college social fraternity. The North Carolina chapter was founded on April 25. 1953. The publication is the Delia Upsiloti Quarterly, and the fraternity colors are old gold and sapphire blue. Have you ever tried Nair? Jerry Sue Stroud Delta Upsilon Sponsor AY With both the R. B. House and Sturm trophies decorating the trophy case, the Carolina DUs kicked off another successful year. But everybody liked Goombah ' s spaghetti with meatballs. " Dub " sold out the house with extensive (and expensive) fixtures. " Those brothers with names A through M can walk on floor from 7:15 to 9:30 P. M. " ' Cabin parties were further and further away from Chapel Hill — " Johnny, honey, are you sure this is the road to the party? " Stack added forty sharp pledges. " Hey. someone better warn those pledges about thatPJ. " " Casey " christens Gil and Goldie . . . Townsend goes skiing . . . " Chevy Chase Sam " commutes from Dock . . . Avant dates a gumball titty . . . Harkness machine politics . . . Harper has dull time at U.S.C. as Jenkins hides his pin . . . Dillard has words with pledges . . . " Little " Herman Prakke goes out for soccer anyway . . . Fluet discovers that there ' s an " r " in " car " . . . Jay-Bird wills his trophies to Mac . . . and Delta Upsilon ends another wonderful year. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Deal. Moody, Dagenhart, Peddicord, Whicker. Walser, King. Second row: Pickett, Peter. Fluet, Watson, Myrick. Kirkland, Gooding. Third row: Rogers. Greene. Robinson. Boretsky, Edwards, Stevens. Johnston. Fourth row: Cornelius. Bradford. LaFevers, Grey. Filth row: Faint. Mcmakin, Reynolds, Robin-nii. Carter. Adkinson. Lynn. Sixth row: Carter, McKnight. Rowe. Buchanan. Curtis. HoUingsworth. Page 363 KAPPA ALPHA K.ed ] ice-President Dailey Recording Secrelar inters (Corresponding Secretary Kappa Alpha Order was founded at Washington College I now Washington and Lee University I at Lexington. Virginia, on December 2L 1865. Upsilon chapter of the I niversity of North Carolina was founded on November 25, 1881. The official flowers are the red rose and the magnolia blossom, and the colors are crimson and old gold. Ruark Shipp Stanley Stoneslreti Thomas Forget heU! angi Clark Kappa Alpha Rose KA Dilly " if you don ' t like it, pack your bags " has a hard job. Gib is now asking for a raise. The " Whip " got caught. " Space " graduated. Rush was fun. Reed has to spend all his time training all of our pledges. Charlie and Bubba are engaged and can ' t wait to get married. Franchot. " Spider. " J. C, Hammer, and Hunter are Con- tinentals now. Hunter returned to school married. Quiet enough to study with Ron gone, but it looks like Pickett is going to take his place. Fitzgerald looks toward Raleigh. McLamb gets to play. Homesley studies for a change. Bows has a " fat-attack. " Hipps. a fatter one. Coffee " runs through the gears. " Howell doesn ' t fight any more. Kepner plays soccer. Barrett is glad he transferred. Another O.T.L. statement by Stonestreet. Sloe speaks nothing but refined English all year. The grin on " Ivy ' s " face grows wider as G. C. commencement approaches. Hynes finally decided to quit playing the role and now admits he is in love. John! Mary! What are you i! lierniLiila down. Page 365 Greene, D. S. Vice-President Leonard Treasurer Kappa Sigma was founded nationally at the University of Virginia in 1869, and the local chapter was founded in 1893. Its colors are scarlet, white, and emerald green. The flower is the lily-of-the-valley. The Kappa Sigma Publications are the Cculuceaus and The Star and Crescent. Page 366 ■ ' In the mature female . Joan Delves Kappa Sigma Sweetheart K£ We all trickled back to " the Hill " ready to open another season at Alpha Mu. Rush came bringing one of the best pledge classes yet. The year went something like this — " Froggy " and " Ru-Ru-Ru-Ruffin " float in on a dex cloud . . . " Rico " surprised to find that Greensboro honey smokes . . . Liquid diet for " Johnnie Walker, " no solids except ice cubes . . . " P-P " tonks with Tank . . . " Scalding Wheelbarrow " replaces TV Guide . . . Hurd plans arson at Central Records . . . Fowler gets three hour leave from Jackie to come to the house . . . Scott adds more notches to his pencil as the q. p. ' s roll in ... V. A. and Ficklen fight as " Fuzzy " trumps and travels . . . " Praise God " takes to strong drink while con-man Allen says he ' s got a new proposition for us . . . " Me " can ' t believe they ' d do that to him and Duff . . . " Squatty " runs inter- ference for Benton through a heavy line of living room couches . . . McCabe got fished in for $8.00 night at Watts. Then there were the football week-ends. Germans, the pledge dance, beach week-end, and another year ends too soon. PLEDGE CL ' S. First mn MrAnallv. l.mvji. Harrington. Graham. Second row: Wright. Pike, Snook, Parker, Braine. Third row: Wheeless. Boykin. Elden. Young. Jenkm-. Mdl|ia- . Jac k-nii. Page 367 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA t,- V «r.«i» nz: vent,F. C. ice-President l) iyle Secretary Taylor Trcxiii Gregory Jones. B. Jones. F. H. MrDonaM Mittendorf Neville Newton Ogletree Opclyke Sproll Thuss Kellehe il Frank Harper Avent President Lambda Chi Alpha was founded nationally at Boston University in 1909, and locally in 1926. The Cioss and Crescent is the official publication of Lambda Chi. The flower is the white rose, and its colors are purple, green, and sold. " Who snaked my date? ' Jean Jerome Lambda Chi Alpha ' s Crescent Girl AXA Old Lambdas return to set good examples for all the new pledges. Bartholomew be- comes our mascot. Good parties out at The Barn. Two Drinks replaced by Half Drink. First string flick team prac tices overtime to make championship team. Sandy entertains sorority neighbors with late visits. Inverted bathtub gets plenty of use, but not bathing. Charley finally takes that crucial step. What happened to Bill T., Frank, and Dick S.? Will Al ever learn to keep up with his glasses? " Where ' s my Tommy? " says our favorite K.D. The " Blue Dart " struggles on, but will it make it? Joe brings fiddle for midnight serenades. John K. and Dick 0. join Lightning Bolts. John T. still has problems. Faris gets snowed twice a week. Will Dick S. ever make up his mind? Ben ' s folly is covered up. Charley finally sticks with French. Bill M. becomes a red-headed Romeo. Fred saves energy for second semester. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Blun. Galloway. Thompson. Trent. Second row: Polver, Templeton, Tullock, Wolfe, Clark, Jackson. Third row: Swafford, Bradham. Kaley. Little. Robbins, Bayley, Hughs. MrGnMrn. Page 369 PHI DELTA THETA Bilbro J ice-President Craven Secretary Hubbard Pledge Trainer Phi Delta Theta was founded nationally December 26, 1848, at Miami I Ohio I University. The N. C. Beta chapter was founded at the University of North Carolina in 1885. Colors of Phi Delta are azure and argent: the insignia is a sword and a shield. The flower is a white carnation. The fraternity journal, The Scroll, is published five times annually. Hundley Jackson Malone McSwain Michaels Moore Pleasants, E, Pleasants, R Reaiden Riley Rogers Shelton Smith Vinroot Webb Worth Page 370 " Merry Christmas, Mom. " Diane Reynolds Phi Delta Theta Dream Girl (DAO The Phis roll on with " Wolf " leading the pack and tight-fisted Malzone collecting the jack. Murals are tough behind Gallopin ' Ghost, but McSwain loves peddlin ' clothes the most. Restrictive clause endangers " Dumbo " and " Toad " as Riley hits the Asheboro Road. The gridders are led by " Baby Ray, " the same guy who led Mr. J.F.K. Briggs and Bilbro captain fish while Irvine works on Gopher dish. Burrough ' s eggs produce no chick, but " C. C. ' s " parties are pretty slick. The Christmas Party makes quite a show despite the loss of the great C. 0. While Jesse Joe bags through noise from afar. Young Cox is sporting a German-made car . . . and Willie-bone hurries home. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Jones, MerriU. Redding, Smiley. Second row: Sherrill. Willingham. Callahan. Holloway. Oliver. Garner. Third row: Ferguson. Armstrong. Joyner. Wells. Jonas. McCarty, McGinty, Thompson, Longest. Page 371 PHI GAMMA DELTA Evans Corresponding Secretary Simpson Historian Connell Dunn Fambrougli Foy Garrabrant Hughes Marslender " %. yl fl i J i t r James Sloan President Record Reynolds Robinson Sauls Westfall Wood The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta was founded at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, in the year 1848. The publication for the fra- ternity is entitled The Phi Gamma Delta, with headquarters in Washington, D. C. The flower for the fraternity is the Purple Clematis, and the color for the fraternity is royal purple. Gayle Venters Phi Gamma Delta Sponsor i rA " 61 off to start with great pledge class . . . YEA! Sloan leads way with Evans, Farrell, and Simpson helping. Stump trying to do some good but getting shot down consistently. Fanibrough ruining academic reputation of school while Garrabrant tries to get in med-school after three years. The " red-heads " finally get in after futile efforts as pledges. Wood making use of new car on trips to St. Mary ' s. Record leads wrestling team as Marslender lends hand to football team. Weaver putting on drive for gradua- tion in spring. Sauls bites dust . . . Hero gains two pounds when he buys new pair of shoes. Ma Mengel back for 7th year . . . Albert. Paul, and Eagle carrying the work force. Highlight of fall is Pi Phi Christmas party and Germans plus Homecoming. Spring is as great. Sorority parties, beach trips, and books are main items on agenda. 80% keeps Fijis busy in hopes for a good academic year. Reed Roser Schlosser Trainer " Mom, rd like you to meet my wife. " Jane Jordan Phi Kappa Sigma Sweetheart (DKZ Phi Kappa Sigma begins 106th year on campus with low " rushing " average, but good ■ ' passing " game . . . " Walks " trains for foreign service as good-will ambassador to " dook " . . . " Grit " absconds with house funds to aid in S. C. reconstruction . . . " Drums " and " Cheers " and alcohol don ' t mix — ask Spero . . . C. P. gets honorary degree at Wake Forest and is the darling of W. C. . . . " B. C. " opens multi-million dollar Lonely Hearts Club to get dates . . . " New " pinned again! ... " Cribs " suffers from chronic ailment, need special care from Durham . . . " Gary " t ets gold key to Watts . . . Note from game warden — open season on squirrels-bang! r. . " Beck " out of game: " Carson " continues to score . . . Alexander plays ping pong " Clawson " confuses Coker and Penn State in weird dreams . . . " Morris " gets iviorehead to U. T House bills read — 68, you owe me one ... as the year ends. Still Carolina ' s favorite indoor sport. Page 375 PI KAPPA ALPHA Cronenberg Vice-President Richards Secretary Hornthal Treasurer Butler, A. Butler, R. Craig Graver A ' Pi Kappa Alpha was founded nationally at the University of Virginia in I860, and established at the University of North Carolina in 1895. The publication of Pi Kappa Alpha is The Shield and Diamond, and the colors are garnet and gold. The official flower is the lilv-of-the-vallev. ' But guys, I ' ve never heard of Dial. " Janice Haley Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl nKA Annual rite of rush wrought 36 pledges . . . Panda-bear is our rolly-poly leader and eternal mascot . . . " Beat Dook " parade had a relieving theme. Despite the prevalent bachelor fever, four studs have succumbed to the damnation of pinning — ol ' black Joe, Sparky, Ferg, and Alger Lee. Janice (va va voom), is our dream girl — it could be eternal love . . . " Jaws " made the papers — sports page and comics, in that order . . . Bevis is on the picketing kick — only he pickets Smith Dorm . . . Snavely shot six squirrels and five crows — Bags has got the bugs . . . Well, the Brothers Four came — new song: " Zippy-De-Do-Dah " . . . Monroe ' s asleep . . . Big Time has dis- covered a new love — bourbon and ( of course ) Big Time — pity . . . Dream Girl weekend, the carnival fiasco, pledge blow-it-out. Spring Germans, and Finley Golf Course are the happy moments of Spring in Chapel Hill . . . The entire year terminates with splattering suddeness in June . . . pity ... It is done. PLEDGES. First row: Dunne, Johnston, Blanchanl, McMichael. Second row: Collett, Roberson, Gordon, Gray, Roy. Bright Third roiv: Douglas, Generelley, Bouvier, Isley, Lee, Hudson, Cranford, Greason, Beam. Fourth row: Thomas, Smith, Neaves, Schultz, Whitesides. Cin-en. i J 1?! B V -If f-t r ' mm A ♦ f W ■ f Qi Page 377 Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity was founded at the College of Charleston in Charleston. South Carolina on December 10. 1904. Ten years later. Kappa Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was founded at the University of North Carolina. The national publication is the Star and Lamp. The fraternity ' s colors are gold and white, and the flower is the rose. Adams Beck Blackman Cliason Gillette Hamilton McAllister Matthews Miller Ratley Rouse Stepp Wallace Wilson Page 378 r " Seen from the room at the top. " Kay Swain Pi Kappa Phi Rose nK i Year starts early for hard-working seventeen . . . Parties with State and Duke . . . Congratulations. Brother Joy. How ' s the water, Walt? Pledges cheaper by the dozen. Hey, Henry, " Where ' s yer egg? " Favorite couch is gone . . . Ernie ' s bus to W. C. " Flynn Baby, " " Is that the boy who made that sarcastic remark? " Pots of distinction by Matthew Schwartz . . . Was the beer good, pledges? P. G. Swears off W. C. " Flash ' s week " . . . Hymns during combo break. Tim gets a new play toy . . . Harold Lee goes fishing. " But, boys, we ' ve talked about it. " Diamond ring instead of pin for Dave . . . Hey! Your toga is slipping . . . Briggs spends reign receiving awards . . . Charlie ' s 7-Up . . . Snake charmer gets bit. Rose Ball and Queen final touch on year. PLEDGE CLASS. First mn-: Hnhh«.. Booth, DiefFenderfer, Biggers, Lambe. SerovH row: ( :lark, Klepher, Evans, Ward, Hollifield, Hutching, S. Howard, Blackman. J. Howard. Page 379 PI LAMBDA PHI Druker Fox Gilbert Goklklan Gordon Hiller Jacobs Karesh Katz Kipnis Leder, C Leder. P Lowe Luk Macklei Peterson Rosenbau Rosenzwe Li -i Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity was founded nationally at ale University in March. 1895. The local chapter was established in 1939. The fraternity publication is the Tr ipod. The colors are purple and gold, and the flower is the Woodbine. Solly at work. Susan Bernstein Pi Lambda Phi Sponsor nA t Year 23, for dear old Pi Lam — Silent Sam custom still unbroken — Parties our motto — Nasty Solly, Swivel Hips Leder, Worm, and New Stu led the shufflers of old — Please no fires — Been holding it in a long time — Banana ' s peeled — Bed time at H. Inn — Harv, Kip. and Jim — Chow Down — Mann falls — Who ' ll be next — Ask Bat. he knows it all — Rosy bounces back — Smiley choice ! ! — Howie, nine months and its all over — Mac, get a haircut — Robin, got a date — Foxy, still like the holes in a bowing ball — Fingeh — Lowe, gets it the hard way — The last of the penthouse jazz kings falls — Nuts swing it — Weasel and Muscles still fight it out — Dick. Gee. how can they resist me — Tm almost as great as Rut — Rut the author of the BIBLE — Rick fights, but Brothers immovable — Jerry, now have pin. will travel — Congrats to Howie, you ' re the first: much success — Year ahead, our aim — Fra- ternalism. friendship, taint. PLEDGE CL.A.SS. First row: Jones, Harris, Ulfekler, Solomon, Doctor, Breitenbucher. Second row: Brown, Schulimson, Fink, Fleisher, Holcher, Knobel, Feiner. Page 381 ST. ANTHONY HALL Benjamin Lenhaidt House Manager St. Anthony Hall was founded at Columbia University in 1847, and the local chapter was established in 1854. The official colors of the fraternity are blue and gold. Belmont Blackford Carlton Chatliaii Enos Gilmoui Gray Heard Jones. K. Jones, R. Kirkman Lamm Sharp Smith, C. Smith, R. Waring Williams Wrye ;382 Duiliaiii CoiialN Fail I ' ail II. AV Uncle Tony ' s boys are back for another year . . . some return on foot, Taylor in his Texas TR-3, Rusty on his cycle . . . Miraculously Frank found the right set of roads and arrived with the rest . . . Drayton ached for Greenwich well into October. Tom returned with Tanya, our good-will ambassador to the Tri-Delts . . . Mama Lenhardt and Wilson felt left out when the expectancy of rush rolled around. They bought flowers for the front hall, anyway, and wept . . . Small stranger seen occasionally at Antoine ' s, maybe Chatham? . . . Watts is no good for Kirby and Spic anymore . . . Chuck keeps Carolina gentlemen supplied spirit-wise at football games, while Garland preaches the evils of strong drink . . . Hobbs integrates well at the Tar Heel office, usually most of the night . . . Allan will retreat to his secret place in Ireland come summer . . . Bryan pursues lechery in wilderness retreat . . . Swingout is year ' s greatest affair with the return of the alumni . . . Rounding the whole thing off is Pear . . . sitting beneath his big red flag. Saint Anthony nev I don ' t care what your daughter said Page 383 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Bass J ice-President McCormick Secretary The University of Alabama was the site of the founding of Sigma Alpha Epsilon nationally in 1856. The local chapter was established one year later, in 1857. The Record is the official publication of the fraternity, and the colors are old gold and purple. The violet is the official flower. Scene from late show at Chi O. Linda Martin Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sponsor EAE Garrison held exec, honors . . . Rex knocks down a mint . . . Bass guided pledges to scholastic honors . . . Mouth kept house in ruins but for girl ' s head, much to Big Daddys horror . . . Cool Brabo kept Sue real cool . . . Big Time H. took honors for worst G ' boro drunk ever . . . Holt lost wheel permit trying to keep up . . . Netti got suave with his Waring Blendor . . . Smash kept Sweetbriar road hot, with Tommy icing it off with worst gun job of year . . . Atlanta ' s favorite mayor ' s son goes big time with Wild Turkey . . . Ra-Ra ' s drunks got him threatened with the Citadel . . . Secrete and Pops have many spats . . . John G. drunkenly bemoaned past fame at Myers Park . . . Skew-baby sang to Jesus in bar . . . Rob held continuous open house in Winston . . . Big Sid kept B-Squad loose with cherry bombs and bad drunks . . . Alfalfa threw gotchas before 5.000 . . . R. B. mooned it up with Mebane, while Cash did same with Barbara and Eden . . . Grasty. Sambo and Dodd learned to drink . . . John D. loved new pledges, and they loved Pittman . . . Clem . . . Yates and Riddle meet Wally . . . Spermazota, roadtrip king, becoiries legendary in own eyes by writing this in revenge between roadtrips with Big Sal. PLEDGE CLASS. First roiv: Marks. Thompson. Shull, Martin. B.. Ridens. Second row: .Martin. Barefoot, May, Morgan, Benedict, Durston. Third row: Giles, Nunnally, Walker. Commander. Trotter, Youni;. l.i|ilit. lluopes, Barton. Page 385 SIGMA CHI Murphy Vice-President Ingram Secretary Underwooi.; Vanstor ' White Williams. Wood Sigma Chi was founded nationally at Miami University of Ohio in 1855, and the local chapter was established in 1889. The official flower of the fraternity is the white rose and the colors are blue and old gold. Schiffman Adams Treasurer Bailey Banner Barber Page 386 a keep ' em down on the farm? Giv% Watkin- Sigma Chi Sneetheart Doug returns to lead the Chis and Marna for ' 62 . . . " Moose " lost for football season much to Coach Hickey ' s regret . . . Knox finally makes first team but continues to say " Wait ' til next year " . . . After three month summer vacation, Adams still has ring in nose . . . Murph spends his last year looking for another Bruce . . . Lineweaver continues to say " My brother called last night " . . . " C " Wood can ' t wait for gradua- tion so that he can return and sing National Anthem at football games . . . E. C. remains unmarried but hopes remain high throughout the year . . . J. Q. plays cosmo- politan role but continues to talk with a farmer ' s dialect . . . Johnny Mac wins oratory scholarship in Law School . . . Archie goes from Libet to Frankie and back to Libet . . . Ralph awaits Germans — his first and last real date of the year. All in all our last year was by far the best even though the Admirality refuses to let us return for another Sweetheart Ball. PLEDGES. First tow: Manguni, McConnell. Brown. Keever. Brantley, Hyde. Second row: Conner, Cobb, Monetle, Lester, Milton. Bowles. Stratton, . de. Third row: Smith. Arnold. Smith. Bridger. Clark. Dahle, Miles, Hawkins. Brown. Morris. Page 387 SIGMA NU Ioye Treasurer Sigma Nu fraternity was founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1869. The chapter here was established in 1888. Colors are black, white, and gold, and the flower is the white rose. Sigma Nu publishes its official magazine, The Delta, quarterly. Arthur, R. Steven Tl Turner Wacker Warren Watki Page 388 AiuMial jliow coming up. Gayle Ragland Sigma Nu Sponsor £N House succumbs to high-pitched rule of " Squeaks. " Harringbone flushes rush, pledges paternity. Animals caged on second floor, Pusseys rule third deck. Everyone finds " Just Plain Bill ' " just too plain. Fuller salesman Batch shows brush in livingroom, Sneads samples wares. Coff seeks any port in a storm as year long hurricane rages. Candy still commutes to Mebane, obviously flunked anatomy lab. Hogbody pins sowbody . . . Strause is a bumpkin. Dot gets her Hose. Stevens dates second-rate girls from fine families. Huie buys new amplifier, need questionable. Dinkey gets a Bunch. Dunn changes oil . . . Strause still a bumpkin. Little Boy Green blows his horn and ours too. Paxsquellini shoots squirrels. Barry Cuda still on underwater lunch hour. Fire- ball Bob not such a ball of fire . . . Strause is a buffoon. Tough Gyrene gets black-eye while watching fight. Cheetah ' s little brother swings from rafters. JFK raises draft quota, Ross recalled into Boy Scouts. Ira turns Perry Mason, leads novices, yeaaa. Antoine gives the house the screamers. King David shares his queen. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Vanderwarker, Thonna . Ellington. Carr. Second rote: Vanrlertiprn. Mi-Cpp. Epps. Kouri. Warren. Furr. SIGMA PHI EPSILON Spach Historian Windham Vice-Presiden t Deadwyler Deaton Duncan Heyd Hillman Lindell Lowdermilk Marett Mayes Ouderkirk Pons Richardson t Rooney White Young Signia Phi Epsilon was founded nationally at the University of Richmond in 1901, and the local chapter was established in 1921. The official flower is the American Beauty Rose, and the colors of the fraternity are red and purple. The publication is the Sigma Phi Epsilon Journal. " Cheese " Melinda Carole Harrington Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon E I E Playbov Club initiates new members in Chicago. Windham eats tie, wiggles nose as head rabbit. Ole Gare. with help of Weed, pledges 25 . . . Governor ' s trophy rescued from barbarian hordes. Trodidious times had at football weekend combo parties. Lindell rushes frantically to organize new chapter of Robot Club. The Bodi invades Salem. Brothers rush to apartments as construction crew descends on house. Marett fights off nervous breakdown with extra case of Black Label. Squirrel leads cheer to victory in last seconds of Tennessee game. Blevins tops coolidity list with new T-Bird, Cramming baby returns to challenge him. Pledges raid St. Mary ' s. Spach continues work on relocating Volkswagen gearshift. Absher was sober this year. Plettner remem- bers to come to his initiation. Whatever happened to Rippapinoff? PLEDGE CLASS. First Stribling. H.-mlir... } :w Parks. aril. Birrhette. Mclnnes. Sanders. Second row: Crawford. Ford. Sample. Hardee. Holt. Chanon. Third row: -. ' . 1 .11 . I!.rlifnl,|. Kirkpitrick, Fisher. Fourth row: Nesbitt. Wheless. Jordan. lirvan, IVaton, Marvin. Page 391 TAU EPSILON PHI Manning Vice-Chancello Columbia I niversity was the site of the founding of Tau Epsilon Phi in 1910. The local chapter was established in 1924. The Plume is the official publication and purple and white are the colors. The flowers are the lilv-of- the-vallev and the violet. Page 392 The pause that refreshes. Janiss Hariss Tail Epsi on Phi Sponsor TE t Yes, Scarlett, we ' ve come back ... 216 E. Rosemary goes waspy ... a grit gnabs the gavel guy . . . Freedland finds Lolita . . . Whispering Jack shows fraternal spirit to Big Bad John . . . patience all ye Weejun buyers . . . Adler pushes Cannon sheets . . . V. D. gets clapped by Pa. socialite . . . yoiks, and the Lord reigneth coolness upon us . . . Dr. Kildare, calling Dr. Berman — who, me? . . . the Flintstones sign up Chapel Hill descendants . . . tell me another funny joke. Shelly . . . the Zaslav family tries again . . . how much is that puppy in the window? . . . Grandpa Schneider lies in state for 9th semester . . . Bouncy bounces across the map . . . Levy showers monthly . . . Cohen dates Cohen . . . watch out, the plantation ' s burning again . . . gratis to Mutt and Sarah . . . see you next fall . . . we ' re throwing Gen. Sherman a welcome- back party. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Levinsnn. Sheps. Barke. Fishman. Morgan. Second row: Sehgnian. Gandersori. ' itten. Solter. Goldman. Salomon, Werbe. Third row: Zaslav. Chusecl. Hivman. Spies. Hahn. Gelberman. Gertz. Apter. Hollander. Robins. r1 y f n LU - ieale Treasurer Brent Byrd Dawes Entwistlc Glaser Jennrich Lunnev Marshbum Smith Ward Theta Chi was founded nationally at Norwich University, Norwich, Ver- mont in 1856 and locally in 1920. Military red and white are the fraternity colors, and the official flower is the red carnation. The publication is The Rattle. Page 394 " Freddy, come out from behind that couch Rita McLaine Theta Chi Dream Girl OX Gino ' s " red bomb " still chugging to Durham . . . Hayes is still running hard . . . Sig plus Tweed equals Bells . . . Dawes is still looking for a cave-mate . . . Andrew has fallen . . . Taylor is heading up the majors . . . Jennrich is yelling . . . Nook ' s looking for a way out . . . Butch must have Saturday classes in Virginia . . . Grappling Glaser finally made it . . . Bruce is revising Webster . . . Lunnev still says " youse guys " ... all in all the pledge class looks good. PLEDGE GLASS. First row: OTlonahue. Rolland. Dupree, Lloyd, Carson, Carruthers, Roystei ' . Boone. Second row: Thulin, Grosboll, Swing, Shepard, Warren, Stilling, d l W Wi l ffl oF Kj v h •{S M ' ' ' fi li m ' JtiMS jlL, x mw r T r vsa. ' ' SO. . li Br 1 ' f 1 i ' -. , WE ' nf j Page 395 ZETA BETA TAU Opppniieinier ] ice-Presiilent Feinberg Secretary Fine Cooper Treasurer Historii Addlestone Barshay Berman Bernstein Stephen Grafman President " The Greatest Show on Earth, " Zeta Beta Tau, first set up its tent at City College, New York City in 1898: and the local side-show began on a permanent basis in 1927. The official colors are blue and gold and the programs are issued under the titles of The Zeta Beta Tau Quarterly, and the Alpha Pioneer. Blum Coan Eizenstat Fleisriiman Pittleman Pouzzner Rubin Rubensteiii P H Schnitzer Simmons Singer r g Thalheimer Hr 1 Wallers ■ 1 Splish, splash, I was taking a . . . bath? ZBT The cry " He)-, Rube " returned once again . . . " Strong Man " Gelber kept it under the top this year . . . Frahm kept the " Wheel of Fortune " spinning . . . Linda kept Louith spinning ... A variety of animals were seen in the sideshow: " Crow, ' " Bird, " " Penquin, " and of course, " RODAN " " was getting the cheers of the crowd . . . Obes, the " Fattest Man Alive, " Watts, the " Human Pig, " Schnitz, " The Human Fly, " and Herman were among the other outstanding side show acts . . . Butch almost got a free pass to our rival circus. Uncle Sam ' s Army- Fine said the ticket taking business was bad so we put on a special show for Rush — we got 19 new performers! Singer was ill charge of the kiddie rides and he seems to have a permanent customer now . . . Oppy was head of publicity and did a great job as did Red-head . . . Beauregard cried when his side lost in Gojie With the Wind ... Of course, we wish all to come visit us next year when we are under our new Big Top! PLEDGES. First row: Hess. Seigel. Shapiro. Meyer. Second row: Kemp. Greenberi;. Shapiro. Chanin. Lanilau. Brenner. Colin. Thinl row: Anker, Cottier. Shinn . Gorilon. Foiirih nnc: [iellovin. Stein. Frankel. Page 397 ZETA PSI ■R ' orth Vice-President Kohn Secretary Hindle Treasurer Emory Falls Green Leforl Long Williams Wilson Ward Purrington President Zeta Psi was founded at New York University in 1847. The Upsilon Chapter at North Carolina opened its doors in 1858. The Fraternity colors are gold and white; its flower is the white carnation. The national publication is The Circle of Zeta Psi. Page 398 " You ' re gonna turn us in to the what? " Mrs. Doug Fox Zeta Psi Sponsor The Fall open ed with Tar Heel victories and twenty superlative pledges. ' " Pothead " and " Butler " make lasting impressions on several co-eds. the new Arch resembles the old. " C. " still bothered by ants. " Fats " ' plows Mary ' s field while Baldy watches. Hamil- ton is cocky- Jimmy James feathers ruffled by Halloween tete-a-tete. Junior receives shrapnel trophy from Gay. Durfty writes book. " To Paris and Back on a Bus Token. " Baron Von Ape turns over new leaf only to find last year ' s sheet. Skeeter sniffs, Hamilton grows cockier. " Bellows " bleats for big hopper. 4-Barrel Barnes and honey plan asphalt tour. Chess eats Dandee bread for " pure pleasure. " " Happy " howls at moon. " Quick. " Jap, and " Pumpkin ' win sweethearts of D.D.D. awards. Hamilton unbelievably cocky-R. Court — the new Hamilton — another stellar year for the Yoo. Rooty, Rooty. Rooty — do it, Rummie. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Goodwin. Barnes. Erwin. Collins. Second roti: Rankin. Pitts. Manning, Orgain, Freeman, Richardson. Third roif: Thompson. ' aughan. Barber. Winborne. Hamilton. Downey. ButU-r. Arrhi,-. n.lir-nn. Huffman. Adams. Page 399 GERMAN CLUB This year, as in the past, the German Club treated its mem- bers to some of this country s best entertainment. Fall Germans this year featured Joe Bushkin. an outstand- ing jazz pianist, and The Brothers Four, a versatile and talented singing group. Top name entertainers and good attendance helped to make these thrice-yearly presentations successful. The Brothers Four, versatile quartet, entertain at Fall Germans Jon Brady Sigma Chi George Carr Alpha Tau Omega Ralph Connell Phi Gamma Delia Jcihn Flournoy Pi Kappa Alpha illiam Howland Kappa Alpha Kohert Jones St. Antliony K.lward Michaels Phi Delta Theta Robert Reed .Sigma .Alpha Epsilon Dexter Rumsey Delta Kappa Epsilon Gray Temple Beta Theta Pi Page 400 George Cox President Phi Delta Tlieta Michael Sharp Vice-President St. Anthony James Adams Secretary Sigma Chi Inman Allen Treasurer Sigma Alpha Epsilon Joe Bushkin, well known jazz pianist plays for Fall Germans. George Cox and Brothers Four relaxing before concert. Page 401 PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA Mayer Pascha Pinson Roof Page 402 Frankie McGehee Sponsor " Wash Pledge Wash (DMA Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, professional music fraternity, was founded in 1898 at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Mass. Since that time, it has grown to over 200 chapters, making it the largest fraternity in the United States. Alpha Rho Chapter was founded here at U.N.C. in 1926. Another year swings into action with the province conven- tion and province award . . . Pipe smoke attracts the fire department to Hill Hall . . . Reg finds himself a date and Finison " bluhughs " ' . . . The chapter grows with another promising pledge class (including a few music majors) . . . Sto ' s booking service and dating agency never rests . . . " Who ' s going to usher tonight? " . . . Sinfonia swings with its dance band, a combo, and the Carolina Ramsmen . . . " That ' s what she said " . . . Many a brother gets the obliga- tory traditional dunking . . . And so the year sets. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Friedman, Brown. Hamihon. Goodman. Hunt. Second row: Rogerson, Fesperman, Canalos, .4driance, Busick, Hill, Smith. Courtney. Page 403 NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION The University of North Carolina was host to the fifth Academic Year Institute sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Teachers from several states are spending a year together reviewing basic principles and concepts, becoming acquainted with new developments in science and mathe- matics, and acquiring new methods and goals. Through lec- tures and dscussions. the group has ample opportunity to explore coninion problems and to exchange ideas in their fields of interest. Adams Alexander Bolton Burton Chandler Childress Collins Dixon Ferguson Faris Fletcher Fountain Godwin Haney Hayes Hammett Howard Hunt James Johnson Kelly Korte Lebar Lett MUls Mullins Murray Nunn Patrick Pillow Rubin Sexton Short Sommerfeld Stroud Strunk Terry Temple Thomas Urso Wilson Young Page 404 Rebecca Harper Elliott President KAPPA EPSILON Kappa Epsilon is a national honorary fraternity for women students in pharmacy. It was founded nationally in 1921 at the State University of Iowa. Lambda Chapter was founded at the University of North Carolina in 1940. The purposes are to stimulate in its members a desire for high scholarship, to foster a professional consciousness, and to provide a bond of lasting loyalty, interest and friendship. The fraternity is proud of its many members throughout the nation who are leaders in the pharinaceutical profession. Pike Vice-President McCann Secretary Thompson Treasure! Adams Patterson Tennant Cauble Patton Templeton Hughes Wyke Zahran Page 405 KAPPA PSI McKinnoi Patterson Reaves Neal Treasurer Alice Brenda Kerman Sponsor " It Beats Metrecal. " The Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity was founded in 1879. This, the Beta Xi Chapter, was established at the Uni- versity of North Carolina in 1915. Membership in the fra- ternity is limited to pharmacy students of good character, who have proven scholarship ability and who have a whole- some college spirit. A new year and all hands turn to with brooms, brushes, and cans — all tall ones from the " ' Shack ' " . . . Pledges become scarce and allergic to work . . . Gibson still keeping road to Durham hot . . . Dunn took up wrestling and got pinned . . . May starts new chain store . . . Weathers and Watts start new fad on campus . . . Little and Dr. Piantadosi still friends . . . Kennedy and Baity ' s sheets are still dirty as ever . . . Independents cut in on Runnion . . . Hathcock laughs again . . . Price still thumbing to Raleigh . . . Honeycutt pedals . . . Taylor and Neal learn from the experience . . . McKinley keeps Bird hot . . . Cloninger meets his match . . . McGee still outside looking in . . . Weatherly loses umbrella . . . Pistol Jim and Hodges take U.S.C. by surprise . . . Bryan still using charge account . . . Anderson in house . . . Lever, Alexander, and Brown still batting zero ... Is it Allgood or AUgod . . . Bradley still head cheerleader . . . Patterson. McKinnon, Reaves, and Hill still in .W. . . . Fuller riding around. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Lewis, Smith. Upton, McBryde, Freeman. Second row: Summey, Baugham, Wood, Ammonds, Hickmon, Rouse, Randall Third row: Bunch, Hodges, Lynch. Denning, Langdon. GJace. Lafferty. Harris. Brown. Quackenbush. Cornwell. Blanton. Paul. Walker. Bryan. m tr%t f ff ' f ' ' ir « 4 ; .JBIJ t m iJb f - ' y w ' ' " -. 4 w c %rjm%m. PHI DELTA CHI Page 408 " Carolyn. Carolyn, speak to me. " I AX Phi Delta Chi is a professional pharmaceutical fraternity. founded to advance the science of pharmacy and its allied interests, and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among its members. Phi Delta Chi was founded at the University of Michigan in 1883, and established locally May 30. 1923. The Fraternity flower is the red carnation, and the colors are old sold and dress of wine. Another year, another lab, and a face-lifting at 206 Fetzer Lane. Johnson and Hayes move to the country, and Hayes turns lover. Wedding bells ring for Doc and Moser . . . Long lingers as Cameron and Stokes pilot a Cadillac and a " Red Rabbit. " Dad Farrior rejoins the troops . . . Beaver complains while Joe smiles and McAllister cusses . . . What ' s that Jake? you ' re a fourth year sophomore? Big Dick activates as Deaton and Cekada commute. Bender fines, as Smith and Harwood sit quietly through the storm . . . Chamblee and Culbertson make Dean ' s List? Watson and Sime make merry, while Collette labors at Obie ' s. " Say, Hartis. did Maggie say we could have a meeting? " Pledges loaf while brothers paint. Hope springs eternal PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Williams. Davis. Foster, Smith, Myers, Holland. Holleman. Second row: Smart. Buchanan, McCoy, Poteat, Woodard. Page 409 ALPHA KAPPA PSI Page 410 Betty Zane Greer Sweetheart ' " Let ' s Twist " Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest professional busi- ness fraternity in the world. Alpha Tau Chapter, first in- stalled at UNC in 1925, has many professional programs and services available not only to its members, but to all students at the University. The 1961-1962 year began with the meetings of the great minds in Grady ' s room. After the first party weekend, a fund was started for a larger couch for our president. A trend toward " minds? " of the other world was begun. Walk softly, pledge, and don ' t wake the termites. This year marked the beginning of Daddy Rabbit ' s escort service. Homecoming Weekend that never ended . . . Spook is prejudiced against Chem classes. Oates now believes his batman. What ' s on the late show? Get that beer can off the table! Hey, Jack, what ' s for lunch? Brown ' s third year in Birdwatchers Anonymous. Anyone for bridge? PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Button, Huflman, Major, Goss. Second row: Phelps, Foster. Edmond, Hylton, Beeton, Henson. Third row: Hoots, Kooniz, Hiirlev. Warner. Slatterv. Thoma ' . Watkin=. Fagp:. Page 411 DELTA SIGMA PI Barnetl Bolin Burgess Broome Corbett Davis, M. Davis, P. Foushee Frye Page Roberts Sauls Sawyer Smith SpainHiuir H Stark Stem Thompson Turner Weaver Page 412 " Watch your hand. Santa Claus. " Delta Sigma Pi was founded at New York University on November 7, 1907. Alpha Lambda at U.N.C. was founded on May 9. 1925. The national magazine is The Dettasig and the flower is the rose. This year in retrospect — Doots takes the big step as does Butch . . . Sox sees the light in Faith-rocking parties after the football games . . . Benfield selling " what " with his cookware . . . Elvis twangs on his guitar . . . " Leather-lungs " drives on . . . Fry continues to slumber at the meetings . . . 0. B. bangs the iron gavel . . . Mickey wears monogram sweater to impress? . . . Granddaddy Jasper provides guidance for the misled . . . Weber is still trying . . . Deltasig continues to excel . . . Goodnight Rose. PLEDGE CLASS. First row: Cassels, Morris, Smith, Vestal. Faison. Second roiv: Israel. Clay. Kilpatrick, Holmes. Brad Faust. Third row: Mitchell, Doores, Jones, Cason. Basinger, Thornton, Potter. Burnette, Gawen, Venable. d. Hufsteader. Edwards, Page 413 STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Dean Perry presents records from Mexico to the S.N.E.A. The Student National Education Association is a professional organization for students preparing to teach. The Frank Porter Graham Chapter of the S.N.E.A. on this campus is a basic unit of this national organization, which is an integral part of the National Education Association. Among its re- sponsibilities is that of providing an opportunity for an under- standing of the history, ethics, and programs at state and national level and for participation in professional activities. Sponsors are Mrs. Stacy Ebert and Dr. Donald G. Tarbet. Officers for 1961-1962 are as follows: President Sylvia MuUins Vice-President Alton Hopewell Secretary Joanne Godwin Treasurer Sara Waller Program Chairmen Rosalie Benson Marjorie Bryan Social Chairmen Sara Ruth Selby Martha Huckabee Projects Chairman Sue Sanders First row: Galloway, Wall, Duncan. Haney, Carr, Turner. Moore, MuUins, Hendrick, Farr. Godwin, Warner, McKeithan. Second row: Gore, Sutton, Clark, Bryan, Drummen, Farquhar, Stennett, Burbidge, Gary, Lambe, Brannan. Merrill, Beale, Callaway, McAlister. Fraser, Hopewell. Third row: Logsdon, Sanders, Hanchrow, Jackson, Young, Sexton, Underwood, Whitaker, Bicassa. Blackman. Cecil. Hendrick. Richert. Jeffreys. Marshall, Glover. Fourth row: King, Benson, Simmons. Fiprtune. Wynnes. Griffin. Burnside. Horton. Lianou. Pyatt. Crutchfield, West, Fernald, Moonev, Godwin, Creath. Page 414 DORM LIFE Wachit! WiUya! Now where did I put that black bra? Good morning! Comfortable surroundings for study. It ' s noon?? WeU that ' s stUl the middle of the night for me ! ! ! One more hand and then I ' ve got to study. MANGUM DORM Dershi Bridgeford Sweetheart of Mangum Dorm Brenda Garrard Sweetheart oj Mangum Dorm Howard G. Doyle Charles Linwood Hall James Paul Jarrett, Jr. Baron Brown Russell, Jr. Steve Allen Kahn Leonard John Dellolio Lawrenee Brenwood Reynolds Martin Kellogg White Robert Franklin Leggett Paul Lennon CranfiU Dallas Scott Lane James Stanton Pipkin Reginald Ballard Smith Jo hn W. LeBlanc Clyde Lee Grigg Arthur James Knott Thomas Franklin Price Leslie Wilmer Bailey, Jr. John .Stephen Thomas Robert Spoon Morphis. Jr. Graham Wells, HI William Thomas Elliott, Jr. Thomas Arlie Thompson Robert Norman Noell Thomas Charles Lominac James Monroe Nesbitt, Jr. Algernon Lee Butler, Jr. John Ritch Cassels Bruce Champhey Johnson Robert Carroll Vanderberry William Nicholas Rose. Jr. George Edward Shelton, HI Harry Alexander McKinnon, Jr. John Zebulon Little Vernon Joseph Robinson Walter W. Honour, Jr. Thomas Warren Sharpe James Lee Self Barry Franklin Lee Robert Stephen Huntley Joe Gary Pritchard Alan S. Gertz Michael Fulton Craig David Fred Honeycutt John Fredrich Rawlins Dewey Lester Whicker James Elwood Quinn. Jr. Gary Berman Stuart Ronald ondrow Stanley James Hnwar.l M. Intvre Floyd liyrnn Knghelia Michael Kent Griffin Alton Oliver Hopewell Willie Melvin Little. Jr. Joseph Broade Freeman Roger Bryant Wall Sherman Austin eargan, Jr. Michael Clilus Blackwell Ronald Allen Bone Laurence Beckley Maddison, Jr. Clarence Edward Mauldin, Jr. Rodney Lee Smith Charles VanPelt Doty John Currie Montague G. Kent Strickland Max Austin Kyles Arthur Henry Rogers, Jr. Robert Lee Shoffner, Jr. Robert Louis Tuttle William Harris Gooch Philip Michael Brown Ralph Williams Pope A. Richard Albiez Bruce Bradley Stroup Joseph Byrd Lee, Jr. G. Malcolm Kilpatrick Julius Johnston, HI John Bailey Dunne Robert Riley Whitley Glenn Erwin Braswell Walter Bennett Parrish William Robert Casteen William Larry Paul Jerome David Odom Ronald Lathan Hargis Herbert Lee Smyre James Alvin Yount Gene Thomas Capps Joseph Howard Jones Lucius T. L Shepard William Lewis Joyner, Jr. Charles Steven Reeves Michael Harold Rachael David Heber Dantzler Jerry Lee Sifford Bingham Guy Greeson, Jr. Allen William Huffman. Jr. Forrest Robert Jamison William Roscoe Kilpatrick John Wayne Hinshaw Zebulon W ard May Kenneth Ray Furr Alan Warren Sober Juan F. Carvajal James Osborn Carr, Jr. James Preston Aldridge. Jr. Richard Jenness Hesse Corbett Huett Britt, Jr. Philip Carl Deaton Nathan Joel Ray John Hugh Bryan John Palmer Alexander William Thomas Miles David Brewer Sapp James McCamey Sample Winston Morris Sanford David K. Wilson. Jr. Shell oung Ezzie F. Hart. Jr. Ken Allison Page 416 " For its brew, brew, brew . . . " Mm " Our home. ' Page 417 ADVERTISEMENTS ■ : " m[ m Vy ' i ' S-: ' - MS tg ■ i .V v,- - ; ' ' K ' ' " ■ ' " ? 1 --i ' . ' ' . ; ; ' I t -.e ' INDEX STUDENT INDEX Andreae, Donald D. 93, : Abde IFallah, Abul-EIa , James C 53 Abell Aben aalby, A. Ray Angell. Marvin J. Aberi ™athy. Hettie J. 139 Angley. Floyd W. Aben lelhy. Jobn « ' . Abrai lis. Virginia B. 138 Abslv er, Henry G. r, Dorene K 53, 350, 390 93 Acke 109. Acke: rinan, Allan E. . Acloi 1. Martha A. , 53 Applegate, William E., Ill AHau 15, Anlhony G 109 Adan 93, : Allan IS, Carllon N., Jr. IS, Carol Jean K IS, Charles N., Jr IS. Charles P 109 404 121 109, 378 Adan Adatt Adan Adan IS, Charles R 121 Armstrong, Daniel M 93, 235. : Adan 15, Charles S 93 Arnold, Bruce L 153,: Adan IS. Emily J 143, 405 121, Adan IS. Franklin L., Jr. . 164 Arthur, Robert B., Jr 109, 254, Adan IS. Gayle E. 138 Adan IS. George H., Jr. ... 399 Artz, Welsford E. Adan IS. Gerald L 159 Adan 15, Howard E . . 93, 259, 262 Adan .8, James B 53, 386, 401 Ashbv. Warren A. Adan IS, Jimmy G. 93 Ashendorf. William H. Adan IS. Jocelyn V. . 121 Adan IS, John E.. Jr. 121 Asheroft. James M. Adan IS, Lawrence C. 109 Adan IS. Phillip R. 93 Askew. Stell B.. Jr Adan IS, Thaddens A., Ill 121 Askew, William E Adan ison, Mary E 121 Atchison, James W. D. Atkins. Clyde K. Addb Rslone, David F 53. 396 Ade, John H 121,387 Atkinson. Herbert E.. Jr. Atkinson. William T.. Jr. Aulbert. Lonnie W. Adkii ns, Robert K 121 Julii HI 162 Adkinson. Newton F., Jr 121, 363 Adler. Barry L 53, 392 Adriance, Allen C 121, 403 Ainslie, Alice A. . 93, 209, 340 Akers, Dick 241 Albergotti, Judith A. 320 Albright, Michael K 121 Albritton. Paul H. 121 Aldrich, Michael E 109 Aldridge, Henry B 121,251 Aldridge. James P.. Jr. 109, 244 Alexander, Clyde B. 143, 406 Alexander, Jack L 145 Alexander, Joe C 404 Alexander, John A. 109, 352 Alexander. John P 109 Alexander, Judith C 93,241,335 Alexander, Lee S 162 Alexander, Pauline W 167 Alexander. Thomas W 360 Alford, Mary E. 53, 222, 228, 253, 338 Al-Haboby, Kamil A 167 Allen, Alice E. 135 Allen, Arch T., Ill 53,225,398 Allen, Ben U 162 Allen, Claude W.. Jr 162 Allen. Felix H., HI 93 Allen, G. W 152 Allen. H. Inman 93,213,214,241,249, 328, 384, 401 Allen, Jane C 53, 251, 340 Allen. Jane R 53 Allen, Jay L 167 Allen, Judy 189,343 Allen, Mitchell F., HI 109 Allen, Robert T., HI 93 Allen, Sara J 53, 218, 253. 257, 336 Allen, Van S 167 Allgood, William W. 143, 406 Allison, Dale K. 109 Allison. Jack H. 93 Alln C. Edw 162 Allred, Mary R. 167 Alphin. Gloria A. 138 Alphin. William J. 109 Alsobrook. James C 121 Alsop. Katherine F 53,348 Ament, Ronald K 167 Amnions, Hal N 146, 407 Amos, Herman R. 121 Anders, John F 121 Anderson, Andy 399 Anderson, Edward D 109,350 Anderson, Edward J., Jr 93 Anderson, E. Hoyle, Jr 93 Anderson, Emily W 53, 342 Anderson, Frederick R., Jr 93,223, 257, 321 Anderson, Ronnie N 53 Anderson, William N 141 Andes. Vivian L 167 Avant, George R. 93, 3 Avent. Don B. 1 Avent, Frank H. 53, 350, 2 .Avent, Fred C. 53, 3 Avery. Andrea W. 53. J Averv. Frank W. 53.3 Averv. Vickie C. 1 Avett. Clegg W Axselle. Ralph 1 Avcock. Charles R Aycock. Edwin B 109. c Avcock. Frank B., HI 1 Avscue, Quincv A. 1 Babb, Wayne A. 320 Babeaux, William L. 167 Baddour, Philip A 109, 256 Badgett, John D 109 Bagby, John E. 109,354 Baggett, Barbara E. 53, 336 Baggett, Thomas N 121 Bailey. Alfred R 53,234 Bailey, Anne J 93,349 Bailey, Conrad Z.. Jr 54 Bailey, Donna B 93, 342 Bailey, Jay 228 Bailev, John W.. 11 121 Bailey. Jon C. 93,386 Bailev. Jon P. 54 Bailev. Josiah W., HI 121 Bailev. Robert H. 109 Bair. Anna E. 54,348 Baisden. Frederick R 121 Baity, James 143,406 Baity, William A 54 Baker. Barnes K. 54 Baker, Earl M. 165 Baker. Frank E.. Jr. 109 Baker. John A., Jr. 109 Baker. Paul L. 121, 265 Baker, Robert H.. Jr. 54 Baker. Ronnie F. 109 Baldwin. Ann E. 93 all. Ha ird. Ja W. Byron T. 93 Bamberger. David H 109 Bangs. Mary M 54 Banker!. Doris M 135 Banner, Matthew R 93, 394 Barb. Judith E 138 Barbee. Robert B 93 Barber. Carole P 93, 139 Barber. Gail G 93. 345 Barber. Leon W. 93, 241, 254. 256 Barber. William F. 109. 386 Barber. William S. 121. 399 Barden. Hevwood L.. Jr. 121. 183 Bare. Curtis V 153 Barefoot. Bonnie B. 93 Barefoot, Paul D 121,385 Barfield, Samuel C 109 Barham. James M. 93 Barker, Ernest G.. Jr 159 Barker, Rudy W. 141 Barkley. Karl L. 156 Barlow. John R.. II 93 Barlow. Patricia A. 136 Barlow, Ronald H 121 Barnes, George T. 93 ise N.. HI 109. 360 Ba R. Barnes. Linda L. 138 Barnes. Ospv D. 109 Barnes, Ralph S. 109 Barnes. Roy 399 Barnes. .Mr. Sam 194 Barnett. William H.. Jr 109,356 Barnette, Jerry H 93, 412 Barnhill, James H. 109, 230, 234, 362 Barnhill. Maurice V.. HI 54 Barnwell, James A., Jr 54,388 Barotta. Stephen J 93 Barr, George M 93. 402 Barr. Nancy L 54. 218, 224, 230 Barrett, Elizabeth V. 93,335 Barrett, Ethel L. 93 Barrett. Richard J. 109, 364 Barrett, Sally F 121 Barrier, Cynthia E. 93 Barrier. Thomas E. 121 Barrineau. Harry E., Ill 93,394 Barringer, Chad E. 121 Barrow, John K.. HI 93,256 Barrow. Leonard C. HI 121 Barrow. Marsha W. 145,262 Barrs, William L. 121 Barshav. Hynian S 54, 396 Bartles, Cecil R 121 Bartlett. Eugenia L. 54, 247 Barton, James H 121,385 Barton, Richard 257 Barts, John W.. Jr. 151 Basinger, Andrew M 54, 386 Basinger, Dale B. 121 Basinger. Sidney L 93. 413 Bass. Edwin W 93, 242. 321 Bass. Ernest B.. Jr 150 Bass. Jane R 135 Bassett. Henry B., Jr 109 Batchelor. Donald W. 121 Balchelor. Hardy E. 109 Bales. G. William 159 Batten. Frank D. 109. 384 Batten. Wilbert H.. Jr. 121 Battle. Florence A. 93 Battle. Jack C 93. 350 Battle. Richard E 93 Baucom, Bernard A., Jr. 121 Baucom. Everett I. 121 Baucom. Jim P. 153 Baucom. Latta F. 121 Baucom. Thomas A. 151 Baugham. Edgar L. 145,407 Bauguess. Dave E. 109 Bauguess. Milton V. 121 Baumgartner. Kenneth R. 164 Baxter. Benjamin H., Jr 121 Bavlev, William K. 121. 369 Bavnes. Robert G. 165, 320 Bazemore, Cyrus W.. Jr. 121,391 Bazemore. William R. 121 Beakley. Kathleen 54 Beale. Andrew V 93,350,394 Beale, Betsy 414 Beale, Elizabeth A 93 Beale, John C 54 Beale, Robert A 121 Beall, J. Harper. HI 109. 352 Beam. William A. 121,377 Beam. Winifred P 93 Beaman. Grafton G. 93 Bean. Richard C. 54. 388 Beard, Edith J. 138 Beard, John N. 158 Beasley. Edward B., HI 121 Beasley, George M.. HI 165 Beasley. Nancy D. 138 Beasley. William K. 54 Beattie. Guy B.. Jr. 109,332 Beaty, Robert A.. Jr 54. 372 Name Pagi Beauchamp, William B 1( Beaver, Donald W 141, 4( Beavers, Robert T. 1: Bebber. James V. 1: Bechtold. James S. 121. 3! Beck. Henry O.. Jr. 145. 3: Beckerdite. Marjorie C. Becknell. Jack R., Jr V. Becknell, Julia E ; Beeton, John W 93, 4) Beim. George 1( Beith, John R. . V. Bell. Christopher J. I Bell. Daniel L.. II 121. 3; Bell. Daniel M. 109. 31 Bell. Hannah D. 54. 225. 3 Bell, Joseph O.. HI 54. 251. 31 Bell. Martha P. 3- Bell. Michael P ll Bell, Thomas P., Jr V. Bell, Virginia A V. Bellovin, Marshall B 121, 3 ' Belmont, Alexander F 109, 31 Belton, Richard P V. BenboK, Carolyn J. 55. 189. 3 Bender, George W 141. 41 Bender. Harold J 109. 251. 3: Bender. Mary J ! Bender. Neil C Bender. Ralph S 55.351, Benderman. John T. Benedict. Bill Benner. Robert M. Bennett. Ann F. Bennett. Charles L. . . 157 Be Judith A. Bennett, Robert B. 109, Bennett, Thomas L. Bennett. Walter S. Bennett, William A. 121. Bensch, George W. .109. Benson. Rosalie I. 55, Benson, William H. Bentlev, Herbert L. 55, 350, Benton, Henry C. Jr. 93. 217, 250, Bergeron, Garry J., Jr 93, Bergner, Christine A Berkley, M. Faye Berknell. Jackie Berlin. Ira G 93, Berman, Richard S 93, Berman. Sheldon S Bernstein, Jeffrey A 109, Be M. Berrier. Jacob G. Berrier. Jerry L Berry. Hiram A Berrvhill. Bruce H Berryhill, Marion R Bestic. John B Bethune. Marvin L.. II Beveridge. Bruce H Bevier. Walter R Bick. James M Bickford. Albert G., Jr Bigger, Henry S. Biggers, Stan W. 121 Biggers. William P Bilbro. Robert H 55.195,205 32] Bilisoly, C. Winston Billesdon, Alex C 10! Bingham. Elizabeth A Birch. Phyllis A Birchett. Esca C 121 Birdsong. Susan W W Bisacca. Dorothy H 55, 33( Biser. Linda A Bishop. Bertram 9-1 Bishop. Wayne S Bissell. Michael S 10! Bitting. Anthony L Black.Garv R 121 Blackford, Frank R.. Jr Blackley. Beverly J Blackman. Jesse A 121 Blackman. John W.. HI . 55.322 Blackman. Richard 194 Blackwelder. Stephen M. Blackwell. David M Blackwell. Jack R 94 Blackwell. John A Blackwell, Michael C Blair, Henry K., Jr Blake, Benjamin L 12! Blake, Charles E. Blakely. Jane S. Blalock. Harold D. Blalock. Martha H. Blanchard. Garry F. 10! Bland, Wilbur B Page 420 CHARLOTTE ENGRAVING COMPANY Page 421 STUDENT INDEX Name Pages Blankenship. Mercer J., Jr 162 Blanlon. Alyce D. 94, 246 Blanlon, Larry C. 145.407 Blanlon. Millie 1 209.322.338 Blanlon. Rhoda 94 Blevins. Blaine W.. Jr 109,253.390 Blevins. Daniel R 121 Bloodworlh. George H 121 Blount. Henrv N 94 Blounl. James G. 121 Bine. James F.. Ill 164 Blue. Lonnie K. 121 Blum, Peter E. 55 Blum. William R. 121. 369. 396 Bhimberg. Sam 221 Blume. Thomas F 153 Blumenthal, Charles A 94 Blythe, Edwin J.. Jr 55 BIylhe. Judith M. 94,347 Boardman. William H., Jr. 109. 360 Boalwright. Mary G. . 135. 328. 320. 344 Bobrowske. Dennis E. 94 Bogache. William K. 109. 388 Bolch. Oscar H.. Jr. 1.56 Bolch, Thomas J 109 Bolen. John J. 167 Bolick. Carroll 198 Bolick. Charles S .55 Rolin. James H. 94, 412 Boling. John C. Jr. 94 Rnlten. Richard S. 167 Bolton. Billie L. 404 Bollon. Catherine A 55. 209, 320, Peter A. 55.350.358 Bonds. William T. 164 Bone. Ronald A. 121 Boneno. Barry L. 55 Bonner. Allan B.. Jr. 109 Bonner. Blanche B 55. 342 Booker. Edward N.. Jr. 94 Booker, Raymond J. 121 Boone, Charles S. 121, 395 Booth, Joseph E 121, 379 Booth. Rosa F 137 Borden. Norman D 94, 392 Bordogna, Richard J. .55, 205, 207 Boretsky. Stephen L. 122. 265. 363 Borger, Barbara J. 139 Borgmann, Lois H. 167 Boraeman, Elizabeth M, 145 Bosl, Palsv N 122 Boslian, Karl E 156 Boswell, Carl J. 109 Boswell. Robert F.. Jr 109 Bolzis. Peter A. 94 Boubel. Richard W. 167 Bou-Raad. Marguerite 55 Bourne. Louis M. 109. 230 Boutselis. George J 94 Bouvier. Louis M 122. 377 Bowen. Edgar G 56 Bowen. John M 109 Bowerman. Will Bri H. Ill Bowles, Ruth Bowling, Wallace L. Bowman, Byron L. 109 Bowman, David L. Bowman, Manly K. Bowman, Robert C. 56. 258 Bows. David J 94 Boyd, Edward F Bovd, Elaine M Bovd, Robert W Boyenlon, William H. Boyers. Ronald .M. Boyette. Clyda L 94 Bovette. Mosley G., Jr Boyelle. Phil K Boyette. Staton E., Jr. Boykin, Alvin V Bovkin, Ken Boyles, V. Irving. Jr Brabson. John A. 56. 225 Brabson. Winslow Bradiord. Earl Bradford. Gary W 94 Bradham. Page H. 94 Bradham. William R 122 Bradley, Julian W.. Ill 143. 215 Bradley. Michael M. Bradner. Rebecca S. Bradshaw. Joan Bradshaw. John W Bradsher. Jerry M. - Brady A. Brady. Jon P. 94,386. Bralford, Doug E Bragassa, Sara E Bragunier, William E Braine. Dave 183. ; Brake. William H.. Jr. 94.241.; Brame. Cyrus W. Branch. Charles P. 1 Branch. Leslie B. 1 Branch. Michael B 1 Brand. Robert E. ] Brande. Wendell S. 94. ] Brandt. George F.. Jr. 109. : Brannan, George T. ] Brannan. Patricia A. 56. .344. ■ Brannock. James L. . , 1 Branon. Rory F.. Jr. 109. ; Branstrom. William J ; Branlley. Joseph M.. Ill 122.; Brasch. Martha E. 94. ; Braswell. Glenn E. ] Brauer. Evelyn S Brauer. James S I Brawley. Daniel L 109. ; Bray. Charles E Breitenbucher. John P 122. i Brenner. Edward H 122. i Brent. John W 56. 240.; Brent. Willoughby S., Jr 56. i Brew. Sabra A 135. ; Brewer. James C. 109. : Bridger, Barry B. 56. i Bridger. Frank ; Bridgers. Lanny B. 109. i Bridges. Thomas H. 1 Bridgford. Dershie B. 137. ; Brielz. John E 94.; Briggs. Raymond B. 56. 350. ; Briggs, Robert E. 56, i Bright. Frederick W 122, ; Brinkhous. William K. 1 Brinklev. Grace P. Brinklev. Thomas E. C. Willing 56 Irownfield. Barbara V. 347 Irowning. Charles W., Jr. 110 Irowning. Cynthia G. S. 135 Irowning. Hays R. 57 Irowning. Robert L.. Jr. 1.56 Iroyhill. Thomas H.. II 122 Iruce. Robert .M. 110 Iruffey. Vernon R. 94 Irunson. Norman D 122 runson. William D. 110,362 rulon, Bobbi , 94 ruun, Paul M. 122 rvan, David C. 57 Eug 167 Floyd T. George F. 143, 407 John H. 122, 390 Marjorie Mc 341 Robert L.. Jr 110 Sam D 94 Saundra L. 57, 247, 414 Victor C 57 W Sturges 57 , Howard M., Jt. 153 , Jan C. 94 Edward B., Jr Bri R. 94, 235. 241, 358 L. 56. 368 Bryant. Wavne D. 94 Brvanl. William D. 110 Bryon. Harrel D. 146 Bnson. Richard L. 122 Buch. Alan D. 57,266 Buchanan, Edward H 165 Buchanan, George R 141,409 Buchanan. John R. 122, 363 Buchanan. Robert A.. Jr. 122 Buchanan. Victor W. 110 Buchen. Phillip H, 167 Buckev. Richard D. 57 Buckley. Charles R. 110 Cher. Br. itton. George H.. itton. John A. . izuela. Jose L. Broadway, Glenda G. Broadwell, Robert B. Brock, Floyd D. Brock. Frank A. 122 Buford. John T. H. 122 Bugden. Robert L. 167 Buie. Bradley M. 352 Buie. John G., Jr. 109 Buie. Lawrence C. 94 Bullard. Amos J.. J 164 ,Bullard. Waller .M. 109. 217. 370 Bullard. W. Robert 94. 231. 337 Bullock. Frank W.. 109 Bullock. James G.. 122 Bullock. Nancv R. 150 ■dne . L eonard W., Jr Brenda J. Brooks. Ha ■iett Br. Ha Brooks. John W. , 1 Brooks. Jon D 1 Brooks. Robert E. 1 Brooks. Thomas E. 110. i Brooks. William S. ] Broom. Thomas F. ] Broome. Harry L 1 Broome. Henry C.. Jr. 94, Browder, James P 56, : Brown, Barbara E ] Brown, Belli 56, 218, 223, ; Brown. Billy D ] Brown, Brevard Mc Brown, Charles P 110,250,; Brown. Charles R., Jr, . 94, 258, 262, ! Brown, Daniel E I Brown, David A. 122, « Brown, Eugene G., Jr 1 Brown, Foy B. 1 Brown. Henrietta B 56. 241. 3 Brown, James H., Jr 56, 3 Brown, J. Michael 94,352,3 Brown. James P 56,3 Brown, James R., Jr 1 Brown, John E.. Jr I Brown, John R Brown, Judith A. 94, 3 Brown, Kingman B. Brown. Lane . 5 Brown, Larry H. 92. 94. 1 Brown, Nolan G. 110, 3 Brown. Percy P.. Jr. 1 Brown. Peter C. 122. 3 Brown. Richard L.. Ill 94. 3 Brown. Robert M. 143. 4 Brown. Robert W. Brown. Sam R Brown. Samuel W. 1 Brown. Scolt N.. Jr 94, 254, 3 Brown, Walter D.. Jr. Brown. William B. 1 Brown. William J. 1 Brown. William L. 1 Bumgarner. Carl B. 215 Bunch. Bill 407 Bunch. Jack W. 94 Bundv, Vee M. 110 Bunn. Beverly A. .57. 334. 348 Bunn. James A. 122, 355 Bunn, Turner B., Ill 398 Burbage, William H 122 Burbridge. Linda C 94, 337, 414 Burch, Lucius E 225,360 Burch, Stephen R.. Jr 164 Burgess. James W 122 Burgess. Robert D 57, 255, 412 Buike, Edward S., Jr 94, 352 Burke, Janet M 167 Burke, William R.. Jr 157 Burkhardt. Douglas C. , 94, 244, 256, 324 Burkot, Jerry A 94 Burleson, Roger G 122 Burleson. William R 158 Burley. Dorothy J. 137 Burnam. Jesse A. 157 Burnetl. Timothy B. 57. 22.5. 231. 255. 320. 321. 350. 360 Burnelte. Betsy C. 137 Bun •tie, Jerry W. , Charles B. .. Charles M. .. Clayton B. .. Joseph A. .. Richard J. . Robert H. rd H. . 413 156 nsid. Willi; M.. Jr, oughs. Malcolm W oughs. Paul L. oughs. Robert M. ows. Richard L. 57, 328, 331, 370 ller, Paul C. Jr. 94, 399 tier. Paul G.. Jr. 95 ller. Ronald M. 95 tier. Thomas E. 152 :lcr. Thomas L. 57, 328 mer. Howard E.. J r 350, 358 iner. Sandra C. . . . 138 tls. James C. (ton. David E. . . . 57, 216, 217, 228, 254, 388 «lon, Judith E. . . . 135,317, 320,328 rly, Betsy 262 :rlv, Kenneth R. 231 lum. Edwin C. Jr. 110 lum. Kay rd. Harold C 58.198,394 rd. Jane E rd. Thomas M. 122 rnham. Joseph S. 122 Caflerv, Han..ah M. S. 95. .341 CaSey. Cvnlhia A. 95, 349 Gaboon, Pat 337 Caldwell, Barbara A. 136 Caldwell. Bruce F. 157 Caldwell. Mariel 107 Caldwell. Nancv E 95. 341 Calhoun. John S 122. 361 Calhoun, Louis S. 110 Caligan. Sydney F.. Jr. 58 Callaghan. Robert M. 58 Callahan. Davi.l W. .371 Callahan. Peppy 186 Callahan. Peter D. 95, 370 Callawav, C. 95, 414 Joseph H.. Calv J.. Ill 122 Cameron. Dallas A.. Jr. 164 Cameron. William S. 122 Camp. Joe H 152 Camp. Thomas 198 Camp. William D. 122 Campbell. D. Keith 110 Campbell. Edward M. . . 167 Campbell. George W. 320. 321. 328. 329 Campbell. John K 151 Campbell. Robert B 58. 352 Campbell. William K 58, 370 Canalos, David C 403 Canby, Sarah A. F 138 Cannon, Thomas R 58, 370 Cano. Calvin C, 122 Cansler, Charles L. 370 Canull, James A., Jr. 122 Capel. Martha 122 Caperton, William G. 360 Capes. Kenneth D 143 Capetanos. Leonard 328 Caplan. David A 95 Caplan. Harvey A. 95, 380 Capps, Gene T 122 Capps, Judith D. 139 Capps. Sherrill M. 95 Cardwell. Richard C. 122 Carelock. CIvde D. 122 Carithers. Robert L.. Jr. 122 Carlan, Martha B. 58. 250, 254 Carlisle. Deanna J. 95 Carlo. Laura A. 137 Carllon. Garland 200. 201 Carlton. John G.. Jr. 58. 205. 267. 382 Carmichael. Don ald T. 95 Carnduff. Virginia R. 95. 343 Carnev. Dennis 230 Carpenter. Charle Carr. Gladys J. . 58 137. 347 58, 228, 322, 338, 414 Page 422 THE BANK OF CHAPEL HILL CHAPEL HILL GLEN LENNOX CARRBORO Collier Cobb, Jr Chairman of Board Clyde Eubonks President J. Temple Gobbel Executive Vice-Pres. and Cashier W. E. Thompson Vice-President W. R. Cherry Comptroller John T. Wettoch Assistant Cashier J. P. Jurney Manager of Carrboro Branch Miss Thelmo Harris Manager of Glen Lennox Branch Resources over $1 1 ,000,000 Member of F. D. I, C ' . ' ■ ' ' . ' . ' - A v v . . A . :oy nihe EIBEIE] fl CHAPEL HILL, N. C Page 423 STUDENT INDEX Carr. Guy E., Jr i O., Jr Carr, Mary J Carr, Robert L Carrier, William S„ III Carrington, Kenneth Mc Carringlon, Sandra E. . Carroll, Barrv G. Carroll, Billy L Carroll. John E., Ill Carroll, Mary M. Carroll, Philip C. Carruthers, John M. Carson, George, II Carson, Gilbert M. Carson, Laura L. Carson, Lester M. Carson, Michael W. CarswelL Helen J. Carter. Charles W. . Carter. Charles W. , Carte . Clar. Dewey G. , Jack F.. J . John D., I , Joseph A. W. .ippy r.l H., Jr Carte Linda Carter, Robert A. Carter, Robert L. Carter. Samuel P. Carter, Virginia P. Carter, William M. Cartwright, Thomas C. Carvajal, Juan F Case, Willard A. . , Casey, Joseph R., Ill Casgrain, Louise A. Cashion, James B. Cashion, Jerry C. Cashwell, Victor F. Cason. Edward T. Cassell. Eugene A. Cassels, John R. Casteen, William R. . , Gates, Reginald H. Gates, Sha: H. Cathey. Robert W. Cauble, Lynda L 143, 4 Caudill. John G I Caudle, Undine 135,; Causby, Ernest N Causey, Joel E., Jr 1 Caville. Dennis L 1 Caviness. Bobby F Caviness, Howard G ] Caviness. William R. , . ... 1 Cavlor. John F.. Jr 1 Caywood. Betty E 1 Cecil. Helen T 58, 189, 348, Cekada. Emil L 141. 331. I Cella. Frank , ' Cella, John R. ] Chadwick. Dexter G. 1 Chadwick, Leon G., Ill 95,266,; Chaffin, Robert R Charablee, Fred C. Chamblee, Jackie R. Chandler. Ray R. Chandler. W. James Chancy. Ann K Chanin. Michael H. Chanon. John L. Chaplin. Don C. Chapman. Carolyn E. Chapman. Leicester Chapman. Monty C. Chapman. Robert L. Chapman. William H, Chapman. William M Chase. Charles L. . Chason. Henry V.. J Chatham. Raymoi Chatty. Dia E. Cheatham. Charh Cheek. David Cheek. Jack Allai Cheek. Robert L. Cherry. Robert L. Chesson. Calvin ' 59.228,350,378 H no. 382 Che! Childe Childrc Childri n. Jack Chilton, J. Bei Chinnis. Charh Chorebanian. Aram I ChoBtner. Judith A. aid J. 164 Chow, Moo P. 59, 257. 322, 338 itophe; Christopher, Linda L. . Chused, Paul L Claiborne, Dorothy M. Clapp. George W. Clapp. Hubert B. Clapp. Phillip L Clark. Charles L.. Jr. . Clark. Elizabeth B. Clark. Evangeline 95 Clark. Ev 122 Clark, Ja L.. Jr R. 123. 369 Clark, Jon Clark, Jovce E. 59, A Clark, Judith G. 95. 240, 252, 2.55, 257. ; Clark. Lonnie O. 1 Clark. Lynn S. 59. 3 Clark. Norwood G. 110. 3 Clark. Rosemary A Clark. Thomas B. 110, 3 Clark. Tony F Clark. William D. 1 Clarke, Charles L.. Jr Clawson. Robert G.. Jr. 95.253.3 Clay. Allen B 95.-1 Clay, Neal H.. Jr 123. 1 Clayton. Carol E 143. 3 Clayton. Harvey M 1 Clayton. Haywood M 110. : Clayton. Margaret A. 1 Clement. Sally B. Clifford. Locke T. ] Clilton. Benjamin F. 1 Clifton. John D. . 1 Clinard. Johnson B. 59. 223, : Cline, Eramett W 1 Cline, Julius D. 1 Clodfelter. Nelda O. Cloninger. Gary V 141, -1 Cloninger, John L Clotfelter, James H., Jr. . 110. 224. S Cloyd. Franklin E.. Jr. 1 Cloyes, Edna L 137. 5 Cly. Jean F ] Coan. John D 95,; Coates. Leonard E 1 Cobb. Clyde L 59. i Cobb. Herbert H., Jr ] Cobb. James F. 123. ; Cobb. James H.. Ill • Cobb. James R. . ] Cobb. Numa W.. Jr. 1 Cobb. Richard H. 1 Cobb. Robert L. 1 Cobb. Sandra J. Coble, Charles A. . Coble. Charles R. . Coble. Pete C. Jr. Coburn. Clarence D ] Cochran. Herbert ] Cochran. Robert Mc. Jr Cochrane. Carol J ] Cochrane. Dorothy H Cochrane. Richard B., Jr ] Cocke. Stanley H. 9.5,200.: Cody. Harley. C. Jr Coffey. William H., Jr 95. ; Coffman. David M. . Coggin. Duane G. Coggins. Burgess H. Cohen. David L. . Cohen. Mel L. . Cohn. John Cohn, Richard J. . Cohoon. Patricia A. Coker. James L. Coker. Robert M. Cole. Bernard D. Cole. C arl Cole. Herman A.. Jr, Cole. Howard D. Cole. Penalie C. Cole. Robert L. S., . Cole. T. Boyce 59. 229. 322. 388 Joseph R. .59 Coleman, Pe| R. Wayne 110 Coleman. Ric William K 110.404 Coley. Gordo Name Pag ' Coley. Harvey T 1] Collett. Robert W. Collette. Roy W.. Jr. Collie, Jay M Collier. Hal F Collier, Theodore J., Jr. 377 123 Coll 59. 243. 348 Coll F. Wa Collins. James R.. Jr. Collins. Micha el D Collins. Rodn v D Collins. Wesle y W. Collura, Vince nt P Coin, illiam C. Coltrain John W. Colvard Mary L. Combs. Willia N. Jonathai Compton. John C. Cone. Benjamin Cone. Howard Mc. 1 Cone. Virginia F. Conklin, Vivian Connell. Ralph E. Connelly. Fred A. Connet. ' WilliamD. Connolly. John M. . Conover. Leslie R. Conrad. Harris W. Constatin, Donald C. Cook, Briggs E. . . Cook. Charles E. . Cook. Charles R. Cook. Dennis S.. Jr. Cook. Edward T. nk. .Marsha ..k. R.-1..-. ,a ..k. SalK 1 ' . William W. Cooke. James C. Jr. Cooke. Marianne Cooke. Michael B 110. Cooke, Robert C. Cooler. Richard M Sle 110, 217, 221, 396 Cooper, Bruce S. Cooper. Charles E. Copeland. Elizabeth W. Copenhaver. Lucv Copland. James R. Corbett. John A. Cordon. Susie H. 59 Cornelius. William E. Cornell. James F.. Jr. . Cornweli. Robert Cornwell. Tim Corpening. John P Corr. Chris J. 1,-r. H.irri rh. J, ,11 W . ilricl. Lartv Coulter. Huxlci Council. Joel W Courtney. Brend; Courtney. Richar Cowell. Marvin J Cowles. Robert 1 Cox. Bobbv L. Cox. Colleen E. Cox. George W. 60. 215. Cox. Harriet E. 60, 218, Cox, John R. Cox. Milford C. Jr. Cozart. Buckley W. Cozart. William T. Craig. Barry P. Craig. Michael F. Craig. Rebecca L. 96. Craig. William L.. Jr. Crane. David J Cranfill. Paul L Cranford. Delbert M Cranford. Samuel D.. Jr Crates. Robert Craven, Donald B Craver, " Joe M Craver, Samuel M Cravotta, Linda C. 60. 224. Crawford. Emerson G.. Jr. Crawford. Patricia A. Crawley. Waldorf G Crawley, William J E. 146. 95. P. 110. C. Jr. 95. 215. L. . 95. d C. . .. Jr. 59. 96. 229. 59. 342 Creath. Pa 95 Creech. Do Name Pages Creech. Kalherine 345 Creekmore. Joseph P 162 Cregar. Daniel U., Jr 152 Creger, James D. 167 Cribbin. Thomas M 110 Crickmore. Jimmie L 123 Crippen. Judith 60 iswell. Willi itz. George C. ocker. Joseph M. . ockelt. Shirley G. omartie. Carolyn C. onenberg. Allen T. ook. Robert M. Frede: Willia ck H. D.. Jr . . 110. 262 60. 335 60. 238. 250, 376 60,246 . Wanda F. ell. Anne W. % ell, David J.. Jr. 123 ell. James F. Jr. 96.227.322 ner. Stuart W 110 Ion. Mary H 225 up. Charles 361 umpler. Lartv umpler. Mary utchfield. Ben utchlield. Will Thi Cullen. S Gumming! Cunningham. Cunningham. Cunningham. Curl. Andrew Cnrrie. John L. Herbert S iB 143,408 241 las E 96, 370 Charles L., Jr 123 Robert E.. Jr. 96 Ronald O. 60. 332 111. 214. 252. 354 Cun D Da. nharl Dahan. Mark 111. Dahle, David E 123, Dailev. John C. Jr 60, 263, Dalev. Hugh M Daltnn. Charles O Dalton. Gary J. Dalton. William H 60, 237, Daly, Christopher J. Daly, Sherwood E Bobb Dan Tho i W.. HI Daniel. Thomas A. Ill Daniel. Van W.. Ill 123 Daniel. Wallace L.. Jr. Ill Daniels. Carol A. 60, 229, 262 Dannemann. Stanley W 123 Dansby. David M.. Jr. 165 Dantzler. David H. 123 Darity. William A. 167 Darnell, Hugh G.. Jr 123 Darnell. William 1 123 Darr. Deanna E. 138 Daughtridge. Alvin W. 96 Davenport. Anthonv . 258. 262, 267 Davenport. Barbara 60 Davenport. Paul S.. Jr 96 Davidian. Edward W. 96 Davidson. Andrew 123 Davies. Joseph E. 60. 204. 259. 260. 262. 267 Davis. Allen M. 60. 266. 412 Davis. Anne C. 60. 348 Davis. Archibald H. 250 Davis. Beverly A 111,209,345 Davis. Bill E 123 Davis. Cindy 349 Davis. CIvde E. Ill Davis. Connie P. 60.219,344 Davis, Cutler D. 356 Davis. Dave Mc. 157 Davis. C. Thomas 156 Davis. George W.. Jr 141 COVERS BY KINGSKRAFT KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP TRUST FUiS STORES BOOK EXCHANGE CIGAR STAND BOOKETERIA CIRCUS ROOM SCUTTLEBUTT Complete Line of Classroom Supplies Reference Books — Outlines — Textbooks NEW AND USED TYPEWRITER SALES AND SERVICE ON THE CAMPUS " Y " BUILDING Page 425 STUDENT INDEX Name Pat Davis. Harrv P.. Jr. 1 Davis. Herbert C. Jr Davis. lames B I Davis, Jerry R 1 Davis, John A I Davis, John L HI,: Davis. Joseph D. 1 Davis. Joseph L 143, A Davis, Julia W. 1 Davis. Lucinda K Davis. Monty C 96. " I Davis. Nancy K 111. i Davis. Norman Mc. Jr 1 Davis. Paul M 60, i Davis. Robert M.. Jr Davis. Roger A 1 Davis, Roger W 1 Davis, Thomas B 1 Davis, Thomas F.. Jr 1 Davis, William R 111. ■! Davidson, Raymond L. Davisson. Ann 135.1 Dawes. William R.. Jr. 61, J Dawson. Claude E.. Jr 111. Dawson. Janet E 96. 247. ; Dawson. Patricia A 1 Day. Donald C. 1 Day. Douglas C Dav. Mary J 61,: Deadwyler. Charles R. 143, ; Deal. Alvena R 1 Deal. David V.. Jr 123,; Deal. Judith B. 1 Deal. William B 1 Dean. Marcia J Dean. Nathan W. 96. ; Deane. Ormonde C 96. S Deans. Robert E.. Jr 1 Dearing, Albert S. 1 96, 244, 256. : Dei F.. Jr Deaton. Paul Mc 123. ; Deaton. Philip C 96.241.; Deaton. Robert W 1 Deaton. William E Deaver. Bobby G. 1 DeBlasio. Joseph A 61.350.; DeBrito. Charles W 1 Decker. CliSord E. Decker. Pamela A. I Dees. John E., Jr 1 Deibert. Susan E. Deifell. John J.. Jr. 61.251,252,; Deklever, Vaughn G DeLaughter, Betty L Dellinger. Jerry C 1 Dellinger. Walter E 321, 3 Dellolio. Len I DeLung, Harry L., Jr 111. S Delves, Joan C. I Denning. Larry E 143.11 Dennis, Bill 1 Dennis. Stephen N 1 Denton. Dorothy M Denton. Fred W., Jr. Derby. Vance A 1 Dermott. Elizabeth A 1 Derr. Dailev J HI.: Derrick. Waher. Jr 61. 244. i Deshiell. Fred . 1 DeSimone. Genrose H. 1 :rly A. ch, Mary R. -H, DeVer. -. Da vid E 61, DeVeri !. P. Nields ... Ill, 2.S0. Devereux. James L 96. ; Devine. Foy R 111,249,251,; Devonshire, Shirley A ; Dew, Larry M 1 Dewar, Larry S Dewey, Mary W 61, 225, ; Deyton, Charles E 1 Diab, Marianne E. 61.; Dial. Diana 96.; Dick. Jeffrey A 111. i Dickens, Linda G 1 Dickev, Marvin W. 1 Dickinson. Kenneth D. Dicks. James D Dickson. David M. .. 61. ; Dickson. George W 1 Dickson. Hilton M.. Jr. Dickson. Nancy R Dieffenderfer. Paul L 123. ; Diehl. Anne M. ... 96, 322, ; Dillard, Clarence N.. Jr Dillard. Odell G. 61, 264, ; Dillashaw, James M. ... 96, 350, 351. ; Dillinger. Walter I Dillon. Lucius P.. Ill ; Dinero, Thomas E 1 Jay W. : Di Cla N., Dixon. Elizabeth J. 61 Eckoldl. Alexandre L. 61 Evens. Jerry 350 Dixon. James S. 404 Economon. Wayne N. . Ill Everett. Crover W.. Jr. 61 Dixon. Marion M. 111 Edge. Robert B. 123 Everett. W. Harrell. Jr. 162 Dixon. Virginia L. 96. 342 Edmisten. Ruins L. 96. 207. 241. 244 Everette. Stephen G. 111 Dixon. Wallace W 123 Edmond, Paul F.. Jr. 96, 411 Everson. John H. 97 Doares. Joseph M Ill Edmundson. James J. 111 Eyerman, Dr. Melvin F 167 Dobson, Richard D 123 Edwards. Archie H. 61. 234 Ezzell, William E 61. 229. 322 Dobson, Warren S 167 Edwards, Daniel H. 111.413 Doctor, Michael S 111. 265. 381 Edwards, David L 111. 376 Dodd. Roger. HI 111 Edwards, Drena . . 61 Dobson, Harold L. 96 Edwards. Elbert E.. HI 124 Donahue. Paul L 111.358 Edwards. Frances A. . 61 F Donohuc. Hugh J 61, 186 Edwards. Glenn H 124 Doolittle. F. William, III 61. 412 Edwards. Herbert J. . 111,363 Doores. Joe 413 Edwards. John 255 Dorrick. Waher A 61 Edwards. Larry D. ... 124 Doty, Charles V . 123, 265, 357 Edwards. Ralph T. 111 Fagg. Doug .411 Dougherty, Dennis W. . 96 Edwards. Richard E. . 124 Fagge. Wade D.. Jr. .97 Dougherty, Glen N. Ill Edwards. Robert W. 124 Fain. James T. 124 Doughton. Martha R 61, 251 Edwards. Robert W.. Jr . . 143 Faint. Arthur J. 111.363 Ill Edwards. Sam B.. Jr. . . Ill Fair. Martha A. ... 97 Douglas. Robert D., Ill . 123,377 Efird. Clyde H.. Jr. . . 61 Fairchild. Albert t. 111 165 Efird. Mary E. 96. 337 Faison. John R. 111.413 Dover, William Y 61 Efird. Tom D 165 Falls. Ralph H. 165 Dowell. William T 123 Efland. John L.. Ill 61 Falls. Ralph L. 398 Downer. Thomas T. 61. 356 Egenes, Charlotte W. . .138 Falls. Robert L. 61 Downey, Bruce J.. Ill 123. 399 Eggleston. Ton E. . 111 Fambrough. Douglas M.. Jr 372 Downing. Diane A. Doyle. Howard C. 231 162 Eichenberger. Ralph W. 167 Paris. Don W. 404 Doyle. John H. Ill Eichholz. Lvn E 61. 344 Farmer. Charlie J. 61 Doyle. John J.. Jr. 111. 368 Eidson. Gale D 61 Farmer. Jean W. 146 61 1.50 Farnham. Sutton Farquhar. Marv A. 97, 390 Drake, Claude W Eisele. James P 124 97. 341, 414 Drake. James E Ill Eizenstat. Stuart E. . . . Ill, 396 Farr. Kate R 97, 342, 414 189 Elam. Julia A Elam, Susan 96 339 Farran. Chris Farrell. William F. 61. 350 Drennen. Margaret P . . . 225. 341 267, 320, 351, 372 Drinkard. Joel F.. Jr. 123 Elden. Leonard L. 124. 367 Farrior. Edward M.. Jr. 366 Drogos. Eugene C. 61 Elkins. Charles H. V2i Farrior. William S. . . 141,408 Drohomer, Coley 61, 336 Elledge. Carol J. 136 Farris. Ray S.. Jr. ... ...52,61. 321,370 Druker. James 96, 380 Filer. Daniel W. 111 Farris. Shirell A 97 Drum. Blair W 61, 244. 245 Filer. Hilbert R. 124 Farrow. Frank E. 61, 256 Drum. Norris H. 96 Eller. Revis R. 111 Farthing. Donald K. . . 111 Dnimmen. Penny 414 Eller. Roy E. 61 Farthing. Esther C. 61. 247 Duckett. Samuel J. 61 Eller. William D. 124 Farrar. Joseph W. 153 Dudley, Larry W. Ill Ellestad. Richard K. 124 Faulk. Randy K. Ill Dudney. George G. 167 Ellington. Carroll M.. J r.. 124, 389 Faulkner. Dianne H. 124 Duff. William E., Jr 123, 183 Ellington. Stewart L. 124 Faunce. John H.. Ill . 97. 259, 262 Duffy. Mary B . . 167 Elliott. Balaam T.. Jr. 159 Faust. Larry 413 Duggins. James N., Jr. 123 £lliott. James C. Jr. 96 Fawsett. Charles R 61, 258 Duncan. Charla F 61, 247, 414 Elliott. Robert W. 61 Fearing. Fred A 61,366,400 Duncan. Daniel 0. 96 Elliott. William T.. Jr. 124 Fearing. Gordon B. . . . 165 1.17 01 Fcaron. William B. Fedor. Paul 111,360 Duncan. Nadene E. Fill-. K.lward V. 167 183 Duncan. Thomas S. 111 Kill-. J.rrv L 96, 223, 252 Feemster. Clarence E. . 61 Dunkley. Kenneth M. 11?. Llli . Patricia A. . 61. 228, 243, 247, 250, Feezor. Billy S.. Jr. 124 Dunlap. Benjamin E. 157 254 Feinberg. Louis E. 61.396 Dunlap. Eleanor B. 96, 345 Ellis. Wililam Ill Feiner, Ed . . 381 Dunn. Everette M 141. 406 Elmore, Rebecca H. 343 Felner. Elaine P. 97 Dunn. Frank H. 123 Emerson. Robert S. . . 111, 358 Felton. Mary P. . 124 Dunn. John R. .152 Emory. William B. ... 111, 350, 398, 400 Ferebee. Thomas M.. Jr 124 Dunn. Josephine A 167 England. Emily E 61,334, .346 Ferguson. Anderson D.. HI 124, 371 Dunn. Katherine R 147 Engle. Charles R 124 Ferguson. Bettv C. 97, 345 Dunn. Noel L 111. 388. 400 English. Jack M 370 Ferguson. Charles M. , 97, 261 Dunn. Philip . 96 Ennis. Lillian S 124 Ferguson. Darrell C. Ill, 376 Dunn. Richard L. 96 Enos. . lanson T.. IV . . . Ill, 382 Ferguson. Harris E. . 404 Dunn. William B 61, 402 Entwistle. John W., Jr. 61,394 Ferguson. Phyllis H. 139 Dunn. William L., Ill . . . 61, 372 Epps, Claude M 124,389 Ferlazzo. Philip A. ... 151 Dunne, John B 123, 377 Epstein, Kathryn 124 Feriazzo. Steve L 97, 331 Dunne. John K 123 Epton. Loren W., Jr, . 124 Fernald. John T 97. 332, 414 DuPalevich. Phillip P. . . . Ferrell. Charles L. ... 124 Dupree, Edwin N 96,395 Ertel. Paul A. . . 96 Ferrell. Joseph S. . . 164 DuPuy. Nancy L 96. 241, 343 Erwin. David . . . 399 Fesperman. William E. 124, 403 Durand. Harry W. 111. 242. 370 Erwin. James P., Jr. 162 Fetner. Lawrence J. . . . 61, 244 Durham. Lorenzo L.. Jr. . . 111. 237 Eskridge. Elbert S. 124 Finchthorn. Luke E. 97, 3.58 Durston. James S . 123. 385 123 Eskridge Joseph D. Ficker. William A. Field. Gilbert C. 97 Dusenbury. George A. Eskridge. William W. . 124, 361 111 Dulton. James R 111.411 123 Fields. Harold D. Filsoof. Adel A. 111 Dworin. Elliott M. Etheridge. William D. 162 61 Dvkslra. John R.. 11 111 Euhanks. Carolyn L. . . 124 Finch. George W. 124 Eudy. John C 124,183 Fine, Larry G. 97. 396 Eudv. Jovce E 136 Finger. Richard B.. Jr. 97 Euliss. Victor E. C. 124 Finison. James H., Jr. 97, 402 Euro. C. Allan 96, 331 Fink. Christopher B. 112, 229, 322 E Eure. Darden J.. Jr. 153 Fink. Kenneth P 112. 381 Eury. Douglas E. 96, 259, 262, 267 Finlev. Blanche E 135 Eutsler. Thomas M. . 141 Fishel. Carol G. 124 Evans. Amos R 156 Fishel. Irvin M. 112 Evans. B. Sevan 61, 189. 335 Fisher. Earl E. .Jr. 1,58 Eager. Howar.l L. 111 Evans. Charles E.. Jr. 143 Fisher, Gerald M. 124 Eagles. Margaret J 96 Evans. Ciayborne L. 124. 379 Fisher, Henry Mr. 97 Evans, David A. Evans. Earl S. 96 111 Fisher. Jerry Fisher, John A Earle. Nancy C 96, 335 61. 332 Earls. Edward J. 96 Evans. Gabriel M. 162 Fisher. John B.. Jr. . .. 97 Earnhardt. James F. 158 Evans, George A. 97. 3.52 Fisher, John L.. Jr. . 112 Earp. Jane T 137 Evans, Jerry C. 61 Fisher. Patricia D. . 112 Earp. Joe T. 153 Evans, Jerry L. 124 Fisher. Thomas G. 124, 391 Easkold. Barbara H. 138 Evans, Lionel C. 141 Fishman. Joel P 124 Eason. Jiinmie J. 61 Evans. Richard H.. J.. 61, 372 Fishman. Lee I 97. 392 Eason, Thomas G. 61 Evans. William C. . . 61. 356 Fitch. Betsv A. 97. 337 Eason. Walter C. 111 Eve. Madelyn C. . 61 Fitzgerald. Thomas K. 61 Page 426 For Prescriptions For Fountain Service SLOAN DRUG COMPANY On the Corner Across from Theater The New York Life Agent on Your Campus Is a Good Man to Know GEORGE L. tOXHEAD VJVC ' 42 Campus tt pr»si ntatiw A Mutual Co. f | " . Founded 1845 wvlic) NEVI YORI INSURANCE COMPANY Congratulations TO ANOTHER GRADUATING CLASS CAROLINA BARBER SHOP " Since 1903 " CONTINUOUS QUALITY DURHAM Coca-Cola Bottling Company Durham, N. C. THELL ' S BAKERY " Flavor Like Mother Tried to Get " 124 E. Franklin St. PHONE 942-1954 CHAPEL HILL, N. C. Bakery Goods of Finest Quality Page 427 STUDENT INDEX Flande Fleelw. od. Wils. Fleischmann. Stuart Fleisher. Leslie A. Fleming. Joan L Fleming. Mary B. Fleming. Richard E. . Flemming. Edward L. Fletcher. Barbara M. Fletcher. Bob B. Flelchei Fletche ,id A. , 334, 336 64.234 97. 366 II John S. Kay E. 64, ! Mary K 136, i noy, Ann D. He W. Flo Flo John F. Floyd. Edward T. Floyd, Giles C. Floyd. Richard W. Fluet. Joseph E.. Jr Flye. Melvin W. .. Flynt. William T. Fodel. Lillian E. . , Fog. Henry G. , - Fogel, Sheldon L. Foglenian. Phyllis A Fogleman. Wavell V Folger. Jane Folger. Worth B. Folke " 112. 376 376. 400 64. 266 156 143. 408 124. .363 112. 358 Foil Ma C. Fonda. George A. Fonville. Donald R Ford. Clement J., j Ford. Daphne E. Ford, John H. Forloines. George . Forman, George H. Forrester. Roy L., Forsyth. Jane M. Fortner. Harold H. Fortuni FosI . Henr John n. Theodore T. . rean. Isabel B. !. Wayne H. 64. 255. Larry F Dan M Darl L. L. Dawneda M. 112 147. 354 158 FoJ. John B. Foi, Mel M. - . 97, 380 Fox, Robert S 124 Fox, Watson S.. Jr. 97, 207. 236. 262 Foxworth. Robert P. 64, 376 Foxx, Tommy A 124 Frady, James D 198 Fraley, Jonathan D.. Jr 97 Francis. Raymond J 64.215 Francis, Thomas D. 97 Frank, James T 97 Frankel. Martin R. 124. 397 Franklin. Millie C. 136 Franklin, Ronald L. 64 Eraser, Georgia 97. 345. 414 Frapf, Carol 218 Frazier, Callie J. 97 Frazier, Elizabeth H 64, 342 Freas, John M 124 Fredere, Francis B. 153 Freedland. Martin B. 97. 392 Freedland. Martin B 215. 392 Freedle. Paul D 97. 410 Freeman, Claude Q 399 Freeman, H erbert L 64 Freeman, James A 97 Freeman, Kenneth A. 112 Freeman, Numa F 146. 407 Freeman. Richard E. 124 French. Christopher W. 64 Freund, William H. 97. 203 Aome Pages Frey. David G. 112, 398 Friedman. David S 112 Friedman. Ronald .M 112,403 Fritz. Jacob 183 Froment. Jeanne A 97 Froneberger, John D 124 Froneberger, Roxanna C. 97, 342 Froneberger, Susan L 64, 348 Frve, John C. 64, 255, 257, 320, 412 Frye, Miriam K. 97. 209. 335 Frye, Robert M. 124 Frye, Sandra A. 138. 262 Frye. Steven R. . 112 Frve. Ted L.. Jr. 64,244,254 Fulenwider. Katherine E. 52. 64. 189. 238. 243. 320. 340 Fulghum. Emesl C 97. 262 Fulk. Clyde O.. Jr 124 Fulk, Robert V.. Jr. 159 Fulk, Tomilee 124 Fullagar. John E. 124, 357 Fuller. Corodon S.. Jr 167 Fuller. Edwin R.. Jr 124 Fuller. John D 124 Fuller. Judith M. 97. 340 Fuller. William H 143, 406 Fullwood, James R. 124 Furr, Charles F. 112. 389 Furr. Kenneth R. , 124 Furr. Trov J. 366 Fussell. James D. 64 Gaber. Mark J. 112 Gable. Thomas W. 156 Gabriel, Don A 124 Gabriel, Ronald L 97, 203, 221, 223, 254, 332 Caddy. Hilda B. 137. 235 Gaither. Gerald L. 112 Gaither. Laura E. 124 Gakstatter, Jack H. 167 Galbreath. Willard C. 167 Gallagher, Fred M. 356 Gallagher, James J. 183 Gallagher. John M. 157 Callaway. Gay 341 Galloway. Don A. 112. 369 Galloway. Thomas 414 Calvin. Alexander . 256, 265 Calvin, Douglas G. 97 Gambill. Jerrv M. 97 Gamble. Robert C. 165 Gamewell. Jennifer 112 Ganderson, Alan P. 124 Candy. Billie Y. 64 Gannaway. Sherrod J. 64, 340 Garcia , Lucia 64 Gardner, Katherine A. 65 Gardne Gardne Allen P. r, Howard G. r, Joe C. r. Kathleen A I. Rebecca A, r, Ted Brooks C. David 97 112 Edgar C. 97. 372 Garrard. Brenda L. 97 Garrard. Gardiner W.. Jr 112 Garrard. William L. 97, 410 Garrell, Joe C 112, 250 Garris, Ermon E. 97 Garrison. Charles E. 112, 332 Garrison, Milton L. 65. 350 Garrison. Ralph B.. Jr 97 Garrison. Robert D. 112 Garrison, Stephen L. 112 Garriss, John 235 Carrou, Ann 331 Gary, JoAnn 414 Gates, Joseph T. .124 Gathings. Thomas D 124 Catling. Willard I. 124 Gaulden. James C, Jr. 65. 244. 245. 263. 265. 267, 320, 321, 324 Cawen, Loi M. F.. Jr. 97 97. 413 Gehring. John E Gelber. Harold E Gelberman, Richard H. Cenerellv, Peter R itle, Ja ry, John R. Gentry, Robin Gentry, William A. George, Michael J. Cerdes, Phillip E Gerock, Henry W . Gertz, Alan S Gettman. Elaine Ghiselin. Bernard W., Jr Cibbel. Donna L Gibbs, James H Gibson. Herbert. Ill Gibsi R 141.400 Gikow. Lewis A 122.392 Gilbert. Bonn, A.. Jr 112.356 Gilbert. Jerry D 97 Cilbert. Michael H 97. 356 Gilbert. Richard S. 112.380 Gilbert. Sandra J 124 Gilchrist. Peter S.. Ill 65, 194. 360 Giles. Curtis R. Gile Ma Mc Giles. Roy A., Jr Giles. Vernie ... Gwe iillette. Paul C. ;illiam. Randy C ;illiam, Thomas A., Jr, Mlliland. Nancy ;illis. Dan E iillis. David B.. H. T. Ma n,. Richard H 112. rling, Rowland L 124, a. e. Kenneth W.. Jr 145. Glanckopt. Annette 98. Glaser. Glenn W., Jr. 143. 194. 205. Glenn. James K.. Jr Glenn. .Martha C. Glenn. Robert Glover. Arthur Eugenii Clo ■r. Tn J H ...... ' . 65. tley. Jr. M 98. ■1 A. 98. E D ... 65.247. M lu Coble. Judy L Coddard. -Mar Godfrey. Mich Godwin. Bobby E Godwin, J Godwin, J Godwin, T Gofr. Rowland D Goforth, James I Goldblatt. M. E.. Jr 98. ; Golden. Terry D 112.; Cold klang. Howard A. 98. : Goldman, Edward D. 1 Goldner. Richard D 65, Goldsmith, Alan Mc I Goldstein, Steven 1 112. i Gonzales. Richard 1 Gonzalez. Charles F. 65. ; ch, Jan ch. Wil H. Geeslin. Gena M. Good. James A. Goode, David J. 65. Coode. Mike K Gooding. Carl Goodman, Edward G Goodman, Jerome E. Goodman. William C 112. Goodnight, James C. Jr Goodrich, Marna J 65, Goodrum, Lloyd S., Jr Coodson, John P. Goodwin. Cleon W., Jr Goodwin, Eleanor Goodwin, Richard H 124, Goodwin, Willie P., Jr Goodykoontz, Nancy W 98, Corcica, Andrea L 1.35, Cordon, Clyde W 98, Cordon, Douglas R Cordon, Howard F 98, Gordon, James R. Cordon. Phillip R 112, Gore, Jessica I. 98. Gore. Marshall C, Jr Gorham, James S., Ill Gorman, Richard F 98, Gorsuch, Norman C Coss, Bennie L. 98. Gosselin. Richard L. Conger, Judy E. .uld, John W. mid. Nathaniel J. . . . afman. Stephen W. . abam, Charles P., Jr aham, Edward N. , abam. Hudson aham. Ivey D. W. Philip E. William A.. Jr. William A.. Ill ves. Richard M v. Allan W. 112.: V. Carroll L v, George A. 124,: y. James E., Jr V. Judith D y. Richard A V. Robert D. 112, y. Ruby J. 98, : y, Thomas A. ason. Martha J. 66. ason. R. dell. Gary W. en. Charles P., Jr en. David W. en. Lawrence L en. Mary C enberg. Stephen N 125, enhurg, Mark ene, Bruce B 98, 262, ene ' Duff S. 98, 204, 262, 331, ■ene, Joe E ■ene, James V., Jr 125, ■ene, Jerry W 98, ■ene, Miriam J ■entield. Maxine B. 66, 219, 225, ■enwood, Martin N. ■er, Betty ■eson, Bingham C, Jr ■eson, Howard R.. Jr D.. Jr Greeson. Robert Gregory. Fred H. 66. : Gregory, Lerov J.. Jr. Grey. James : Grice. Ormond D. 98. ■ GriSelh. William F.. Jr. Griffin. Beverly A. 98. : Griffin. Carol L. Griffin. James K Griffin. Joseph W.. Jr Griffin. Marion W. Griffin. Michael K. Griffin. Robert L. Griffin. Roderic B Griffin. William C. Jr Criffiss. John Mc 66.; Griffith. Bryce W.. Jr. 1 Griffith, Ethel .M. Griffith. Thomas 66, : Grigg, Clyde L, 1 Grigg. .Marion D. 1 Griggs, Thomas R I Griggs, Willard W., Jr. 1 Grigsby. George T.. Jr. Grimes. Fleta S. 112. I Grimes. William D ] Criswold, John C. 98, ' Groce, Edwin R. 1 Groce. Fred F., Jr 1 Groce, Joan R 138,; Croome, Lee C 1 Grosboll, Gary D. 112,; Gross, Charles N 1 Gross, Steve C. 1 Grove, Susann J Crover. William .M. 66, ' Grubb, Robert L., Jr I Grubbo, C. R. ; Grubbs. Cromer R.. Jr Cruehn. John T. 1 Cruenhut. Stephen J. I Gudger. James E 112, ; Cuice, Zoro J.. Jr Guin. Phillip E Culledge. Charles B. 1 Culler. Jeffrey M. 98. ; Culler, Philip A. 112,; Gunn. Robert L. 1 Gunster. Walter E.. Ill 1 Cunter. Ilene W 1 Gurley. Isaac D 1 Curley. Margaret B. 1 Custafson. Bruce A 1 Guv. Henry F. 1 THE PORTRAITS IN THIS YEARBOOK WERE MADE BY SMITH STUDIO otoarapnerS OFFICIAL PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE " 1962 YACKETY YACK " 12 EAST HARGETT STREET RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA Page 429 STUDENT INDEX H Haba, Thomas A 125, 183 Habrat, Nancy J 125 Hackney. Alfred J., Jr. 125 Hagaman. Robert P. 150 Hager, James R. 129 Hahn. Joseph E 125 Hailhcoek. Eddie C. 66 Hale. Phyllis A 66 Hale. Robert V. 98. 254 Haley. Janice M. 66. 252, 334. 348 Hall. Charles L. . 9a Hall. Frederick M. 125 Hall. Hayes E. 141 Hall. James D.. Jr 125 Hall. Louise W 66. 2.53. 338 Hall. Margaret J 125 Hall. Norman C 150 Hall. Ralph C. Jr. 125 Hall. Russell F 168 Hallman. J. M 35s Hambright. Eleanor A. 93 Hamer. John F 125 Hamilton. Alfred 399 Hamilton. Alvin L 125 Hamilton. Howard M. 98. 253 Hamilton. Robert C 112.378 Hamilton. Thomas S.. Jr 112. 403 Hamlet. Christopher E.. Jr 125 Hamlet. Jane E. 66. 344 Hamlett. James H. . . 66 Hamlin, Joseph J. u-. Hammer. Philip C. Jr. 98. 364 Hammett. John B. 159 Hammett Mary G. 404 Hammond. Tom 937 Hampton. Phillip T. i ,5 Hamrick. Car.. I L. Z ' a Hamri.k. I,,,; ,:., J,. j™ Hamri.k l,,,l,,„k ll.. Ill ]5(, Hamri.k, I, , I. ,,j Hamri.k. J,,n :. ,g Hamrick. Mary M 137, 347 Hamburger. Christian 183 Hanchey. D. Howard 98 Hanchrow. Jack A Hanchrow. Linda E 66, 414 Hancock. James B. , 153 Hancock. Philip E. 00 Hancock. William C. . , 125 Handy. Walter R . U2 Hanes. James C. HI 125. 265 Haney. Charles P. ijj Haney. Julia R 98.339.414 Haney. Louise B. 404 Hanft. John W ,6, Hangs, Mary C ; Hanna. George J.. Ill i- ' 5 Hannah. John W ' 5 Hanson. Barbara L. 113.338 Hanson. Jane B 125, 337 Happer. Ian M ( 5 Hardee. James C. Jr. 12.5 ,91 Hardesty. Elizabeth A. ' on Hardie. Donald L. 1,3 Hardin. Kenneth. Jr. 143 Hardison. James W. ,65 Hardison. Joe W. , , 159 Hardison. Ralph L. ]l:!. 256 Hardison. Virginia L. . . 66 Hardy. John B 153 Hardy. Linda L gg 33- Hargett. Erskine W ' gg Hargett, Margaret V. 139 Hargette, Archie J.. Jr. 9u Hargis, Ronald L. ,13 Hargrove. Wade 52.2,52.257.320 Harlan. Patricia A I68 Harlow. Judith E Z Harlow. Louise .,0 Harmon. Allison H. „3 Harney. Thomas C 25 Harp. Leon P. {t. Harper. David F 93 355 Harper. Ralph R.. Jr. 113 Harper. Sanford C. Ill 66 Harrell, James W.. Jr. ... ,13 Harrell. Manfred F. j , Harrell. Paul H.. Jr. 225 3S4 Harrell. Stanley C. " ' 7 Harrelson. Thomas J. 90 Harrill. Odell O.. Jr. 67 Harrington, Abner B ' 113 Harrington, Anthony S. . , 98. 2,38. 249. 253. 388 Harrington, Francis C. Jr. 67 Harrington, Jesse M., Ill 67 Harrington, John 367 Harrington, Melinda C 67 Name Pages Harris, Charles J.. Jr. ... 98 Harris. Cornelius J 125 Harris, David M 125, 361 Harris, Donald E 159 Harris, Floyd S 98 Harris, Harvey L. Jr. .98,230,231,240 Harris, James O, 125,229 Harris, James R., Jr 98 Harris. Leon W. 146, 407 Harris, Leonard M. 381 Harris, Lewis C 165 Harris, Rebecca A 125 Harris, Samuel R. 113. 376 Harris. Sara A. . 125 Harris. Thomas D. 98 Tho 168 Harris. Walter F. Harrison. Cecile C. 67 Harrison. John P.. Jr. 125.215 Harrison. Martha F. 67, 234 Harris,m. Mary R. 135 Harrison. Reginald W.. Jr. 108. 113. 216. 217. 230 Harrison. Tommy W 98. 386 Harriss. Marvin J.. Jr 143 Harriss. Oscar H. 67, 366 Harris, Ted 350 Harriss, William F 141,331 Harriss, William C. 67. 213, 238, 388 Hart. E. Franklin. Jr. 113 Hart. John E. 125 Han. Martha E. 98 Hart. Robert R. 98. 204 Hart. William B. 125 Harlis. Gilbert C. Jr. 141. 408 Hartley. Charles L. 113 Hartman. Becky A. 137. .342 Hartman. James D.. Jr. 125 Hartsell. Bobby R. 67 Hartung. James D. 370 Hartzog. Henry C. 141 Harvev. William A. 98. 366 Harvillc. Cheryl 1,. 138 Har»ui.]. William M. 67 Harwell. Bobby D. 98. 255. 412 Harwood. George E. . 143. 408 Hastings. Marion C 98. 349 Hasty. James B. 125 Hatch. Charles Jl. 125 Hatley. Gilbert M. 141. 408 Mauser. Doris A. . 67. 328. 336 Hawes. Laura L. 139 Hawes. Peter W. . , 98. 230. 362 Hawkins. Hubert W.. Jr. , 113 Hawkins. James D. P5 Hawkins. Oscar B 125 Hawkins. Robert E 113. 387 Hawkins. Robert Z. 98 Hawley. Patricia E. 98.336 Hayden. James W. , , , 353 Hayes. Elizabeth S. . , 67. 218. 334. 342 Hayes. Hugh F. 143, 4O8 Hay.-s. Leora 404 Haves. Rebecca M. , 67. .342 Haynes. Beverly A. 137. 243. .340 Hays. Dorothy D 168 Hays. William A., Jr. .113,240.241,332 Haywood, Jerry M 98 Hayworth, Ray M 156 Haywood, Roger K, . . 113 Heacock, Donald R 113, 362 Healey, Kent W 153 Heard, Drayton 98, 382 Heath, Donnie L 98 Heath. John R 113 Heatheringlon. Terry W 125 Heatherly. Charles R. 113.235,252 Hedgepeth. Morris E. 143 Hednian. Lyle D. . . 113 Hedrick. Mary F. 1)5 Heeden. Louis F. 98 Heenan. Donald F. 98. 3.56 Hefelfinger. Daniel T. , 125 Hefellinger, David C. 159 Hege. Elsie M. 67 Heidig. Edwin J 168 Heilig. Dave S. 99 376 Heilig. Patricia M. . . 139 Heilman. Robert L 125 Heim. Mary A. . . 67. 257. 338 Helbein. Isaac R. 113. .392 Helmick. Wicky E. m Helms. Jerry N. . . 99 Helms. John H. P 16 ' Helms, Neal C 165 Helms. Worth Mc 125 Hembree. Lloyd J. 113, 195, 319 Hemingway. George C 157 Hemphill, Fred K 168 Hemphill, Jimmy D 99 Hemsath, H. Evans 99 Henderson, Albert A 125 Henderson, George P,, Jr J58 Name Pages Henderson, Gerald L. 125 Henderson. .Mary A. 67, 340 Henderson, .Mary C 67, 240 Hendren, Otis F 153 Hendren, William G 162 Hendrick, Betsy B 67,348,414 Hendrick, Florence A 99, 348, 414 Hendricks, June G. 67 Hendrickson. Richard F 67,370 Hendrix. David G. 99 Henley, Herbert C. Jr 168 Henley. Thomas F 113 Henry. Anna C 99. 347 Henry, David P„ II 354 Henry, Harvey H. 205 Henry, Howard 213 Henry, James V. 99 Henry. Richard H. 241, 352 Hensey. Charles Mc 162 Henshaw. William R. 1.53 Hensley, Bobbv E. 99 Hensley. Edward. Jr. 99 Henson, Ronald C 113 Henson, Thomas W 113, 411 Heritage, David M. 125 Hermann, George J. 168 Herndon. Claude H 153 Herndon. Marsha L 67 Herring, Sharon R. . , 99 Herring. Wilborn M 150 Herritage. Thomas M 125 Herrmann, Dale S 67.336 Hess, Robert M. . . . 99 397 Hesse. Richard J ' 361 Hester. James M 125 Hetland. Torger 113 Hewes. Caroline R. 52,67,344 Hewitt, B. Randy 125 Hewry. Richard H 352 Heyd. Peter F 113,390 Heymann, Peter L. 125 Hickes. Ronald J. 68 Hickey. John 198 Hickmon. Leon E. 407 Hicks. Charles M. 156 Hicks. Denver F. 125 Hicks. Earl P. 99 Hicks. Fred A. 115 Hicks. JeHrey T. 68 Hicks. Joyce M. 68. 341 • Hicks. Robert B 68 Hicks. Ronald E. . 1-.5 Hicks. William M.. Jr. . 113 Higgins. Helen S 99 High. Rov S. Hildebrand. Patricia E. 1.17 Hildreth. George H. 99 Hill. Arthur L 143.406 Hill. Brent O ,25 Hil Den Hill. Douglas C. 153 Hill. E. Harvie. Jr. 113 Hill. Franklin N. m Hill. JoAnn H. 68 Hill. John A. 183 Hill. Robert W. 403 Hill. Samuel S., Jr. 213 Hill. Stephen J. .99. 358. 402 Hiller. Robert E. II3. 380 Hilliard. Kenneth J.. Jr 68 Hillman. James E.. Jr 99,390 Hilt.m, Mr. Joseph 204 Hiraelick. Nancy S. 68.262.346 Hiraes. Samuel H.. Jr 113. 265. 352 Hincemon. Roy D. 125 Hindle. David D 99, 398 Hinds, Joseph J., Jr 99. 262. 362 Hines. Eddie S 99. 220 Hines. Lana L. 147 Hinnant. Frances V 137.235 Hinnant, Robert W 153 Hinshaw. John W. 125 Hinson. Sherwood F. 125 Hint. Ha 125 Hipps. Charles W. Hipps. Harold D 113, 364 Hirnle, Dennis M. 125 Hirsch. Eileen 241 Hite. Charles W.. Jr. . 125 Hoard, Joseph S.. Ill 150 Hobbs. Benjamin F.. Jr. 113 Hobbs. Cecil W. 68 Hobbs. Charles Mc. 113 Hobbs. James M. 113. 362 Hobbs. John W. 113, 379 Hobbs. William N. »4 •)5- Hobson. Fred C. Jr. ' 1 Hobson. Linda M 99 Hobson. William P in Hockman, William S 68 Hocutt. Edgar J I59 Hocutt. Victor D. 99 Hodges. Darrell W 145, 407 Name Pages Hodges, Gerald C. . 125 Hodges, Henry L., Jr 113 Hodges, Johnnie D. 153 Hodges, Joseph L. 113 Hodgin, Larry C 125 Hoechester, John H 125 Hoffler, Harold B 68, 258 HoUmann, Sandralin K. 168 Hofheimer, William H. 99, 396 Holler, Eugenia C 68, 246. 342 Holler. James C 113 Hofler. Richard D 68 Hogg. Muriel J 136 Hoke. Barrie F 125 Hoke. Sandra F 68. 243, 251 Holcher. Frank T 125, 381 Holcomb. Lew 198 Holden. Carl M.. Jr 113 Holder. Betlina K 138 Holder. Laurie 230 Holderness. George A.. Ill 113 Holderness. Haywood D.. Jr. 68. 241. 254. 360 Holderness. Jim B. 113. 360 Holland. Jackie O. 145. 409 Holland. Tony L 125 Hollander. Jeffrey A. 125 Hollandsworth. Evelvn R. 168 Hollar. Boyce R., Jr 99 Holleman. Curtis E 145, 409 Hollifield. Cecil L 125. 379 Hollifield. William M.. Jr. . 68. 259. 262 Hollingsworth. John F. . 113. 363 Hollingsworth. Julia N. 99. 246. 335. 344 Hollingsworth, J. Winston 143 Holloway. Len O. 125.371 Holmes. Helen 99.342 Holmes. John A. 99, 394 Holmes. Oliver W.. Jr 125 Holmes. William B. 113.194.413 Holsenbeck, Wiley H.. Jr. 99. 244. 245 Holshouser, John L.. Jr 164 Holt. Phillip C 99, 356 Holt. Richard A. 125. 391 Holt. R. E. L.. Ill 99. 384 Homesley. Howard D. 99. 215. 364 Honeycutt. Bruce W. 141,406 Honeycutt, David F. 125 Honeycutt. Fuller , 108. 248. 250 Honeycutt. Jeffrey S. . .. .113 Honeycutt. Lattie F.. Jr. 113,376 Honeycutt, Moody Z., Jr 141 Honeycutt, Peggy R, 168 Honigmann, Evelyn Mc, 113 Honigmann, Karen J. 125 Hood. .Alice A. . . 99 341 Hooks. Claude A.. Jr. ' 125 Hooper. Ronald D. Ho Edw 113 385 Hoots. Gene A 411 Hopewell. Alton 68. 414 H.,pkins. Anne E 135 Hopkins. Hor.l, Edw 125 H.irnbcck. Judith E. .. 137, 345 Home. George |Nj 151 Home. Roman L. 99 Homer. Bonnie L. . . . 349 Homer. Margaret M. . . 99, 228. 338 Hornthal. Allen L. 68, 376 Hornthal. Louis P. . . 164 Horsky. Thomas J. . 99 Horton. Frank 151 Horton. Fred L.. Jr. 125 Horton. Hugh G.. Jr. Horton. Ronald J. 99. 414 Horton. Sally A 139 Houchins. Mary C. . 68. 139 Houck. Micky E 99 Hough. Marcia S 147 House. Dale W. . . . . 68. 189, 225, 342 House. Marvin B Houser. John W Houston. Forrest R. . . . Houston. Paul G. 99 Howard. Edwin R.. Jr. 113 Howard. Edwin S. 125, 379 Howard. Franklin A. 113 Howard. Gordon E. 99 Howard. James L. . 404 Howard. James T. 152 Howard. Jane W. 68. 348 Howard. Joe G. 68. 379 Howard. Marlene J. . . 99 Howard. Michael L. . . 113. 256 Howard. Walter A. . . 125 Howden. Eugene F. . . . 99, 388 Howe. David W 113, 362 Howe. John E.. Jr. ... 113,228 Howell. Ben L 125 Howell. Charles C. Ill 99, 364 Howell. Charles H 113 Howell. Cullen V 12.1 Page 430 Page 431 STUDENT INDEX Howell. Nelson N 99,331 Howell, Phillip L 113 Howell. Ron W 99 Hower, Betty D. 68, 344 Howland, William S.. Jr. 68, 331, 3M. 400 Hoybach, John P. 125 Hovie, Frank I,., Ill 125 Hoyle, Hughes B. 69 Hoyle, John C. 113 Hoyle. Kathryn D. 99 Hoyle. William R. 99,250 Hruslinski. Eugenia W 136 Huhbard. William C 69 Huber. Jane W. 135 Huckabee, Martha L 69, 344 Hudock, Nancy W. 135 Hudock, Jim 184 Hudson, Danny A 69 John W 126,377 Wayne A. 126 Allen W., Jr 113 Don W 126 R 99, 411 399 162 Hudson Hudson Huffnia HulTmai Hulfmai Huffman, J Huffman. W. George Hulstader. Bob 413 Hoggins. Bruce W. 99 Huggins, Hubert S., Ill 69 Muggins, Hubert T., Jr 141 Hughes, Deane B. 143, 405 Hughes, Richard E. 113 Hughes. Robert K 113, 372 Hughes. Ronald L 369 Hughes, William D 125 Huie, Litchfield P 69, 388 Hull. James H 143 Hull. Robert D 125 Hultman. Dr. Carl A. C. 168 Human, Humph Humoh Hund ' le Hundley, James D 99, 370 Hundley. Robert M.. Jr 113 Huneycutt, Charles A 151 Huneycutt, James E.. Jr. 113 Hunnicutt. John R. 69 Hunsinger. Drew C. 158 Dr. Carl A. C. ppy W. 99, 412 s, Julia C 69. 336 . Lynn E. 136, 346 Hunt. Hunt. Hunt. Hu H. 99 404 Patri Hunter. Richard M. Hunter. Shelton B., 11 Hunter. Thomas R. Hunter. William C. Huntley. Robert S. Huntt, Josephine M. Hurd, Charles A. Hurley. Daniel W.. Jr Hurt, Jasper A., Jr. . 69, 344 99, 204, 366 99, 411 Huske, Isi n S. 69. 358 M 113 Ali M . Huston, Danley K. Huston. Earl. Ill Hutchins, Linda J. Hulchins. Richard Hutchinson. Henry Hyatt, Frances L. Hyde, Joseph R.. Hyde. Wilson B. Hylton. Elmer E. 69. 258. 262 69. 246 126, 387 Icard, Parks E. Iddings. William Imes, William I Ingle, Robert L 1. Catherine 136 I. Ralph P. 69, 386 . Claud C. Jr 113 . Jeffrey C 113 , Jimmie T 69.256 Isie 1 168 Howard S 99. 402 Richard 183 Joe M. 69. 402 Randolph I.. Jr. 126. 377 Dorothy R. 120. 138, 262 Mary A 99. 339 1. Steven R 113 . Kave S 99 Mary S 69,342 Charles T., II 99,370 Diane J. 113,414 Elbert 367 Douglas 126 Howard P. 126, 369 Huldah R 150 Jacqueline J 168 Jane 69,253,344 John R. 126, 183 Neal A. J., Ill acohs. Donald M. , acobs, Je.ome M. acoby. Arthur C. acohy! Mel S. acumin. Walter J. affe. Michael D. ames. Charlotte R. ames, Dixie Y. ames, Frederick C. ames, Richard S. ames, Robert L. ames. Roger W. amison, Forrest R. amison, Mary E. Law eph Lar It. Ja P.. Jr ■tt. Tommy W. 126 1. Peter H 114, 396 A. Lou 114 Jefferds. Joseph C. 126 effreys. Dora L 99, 414 effries. Margaret L 126 emison, Richard H 126,361 enkins. David L 126 enkins. Francis P.. Jr 126 enkins. Helen E 99 enkins. Larry 198 enkins. Stanleigh E.. Jr. . 159, 367 enkins. William R. 164 ennrich. John H. 99.394 nigan Albe 114 Nancv E. 159 veretl M.. Jr. 114,322 ranees L. 99. 229. 254. 322. 339 Percy W.. Jr. 100 William E 126 barren Y. 100, 362 William H.. Jr 165 loseph R. .230 Johns. Arnold E., Jr 126 Albert L. 168 Bruce C. 126 Catherine L 136 Charles A 158 Constance M 404 Donna A. 126, 189, 337 Edwin L 100 Frederick L 126 Johnson, George T. 152 Hugh S. 100 Jerry E. 126 Jimmy A. 100. 411 John L. 70. 267 Judith E. 100. 262, 343 ohns. Wi: H. Ill Johnston. Charles D Johnston, David B, Johnston, Hall M.. Jr Johnston, Henry M Johnston, John S ohnston, John G 114, ohnston, J. Phillips L ohnston, Julius. Ill ohnston. Mary H. ohnston, M. Norris Johnston. Nancv E. Johnston. Wilbur L., Jr. Johnston, Willis Paul O. 114, . Ri chard E 126. . Ben L. , Benner, III . Carolyn W . Charles L . Charles P . Charles R. , Chris D. Christopher H Fari H. Fred I. Jasper L., Jr, Jeff 100, 194, 228, 322 Rob. 126, 183 267 Robert B. 114. 256, 382, 400 i, Robert O. 114. 413 1. Ronald W. 114 i, Samuel S 100. 362 1, Steve M. 114, 356 i, Thomas H 114 1, Thomas L. 126 i, Walter H., Jr 100,371 m, Carlisle H., Jr. 126. 391 Jordon. F. Dixon 126 Jordon. Frank C. 100 ordon, Jane L 70. 334. 336 ordon. Nick P 100, 358 orgenson, Larry G 152 oyner, George F 70 oyner, Kenneth C 100 oyner, Ronald F. 114 oyner. William L.. Jr. 126 ulian. Daniel L. 114 Jurgenson. nry C. ustice, F. F. uslice. John B. K Kale. Sidney M.. Jr Kaley, James D. 126, 229. ; Kaplan, Steven R 114, ; Kapp, Jerry W. , ] Karcher. Kenneth : Karesh. Joel M. 114, ; Karlson. Robert A. ] Karnett. Marsha G. 70. .334, ; Katz. Robin A. 114. 187. i Katjenstein. Charles J., Jr 1 Kaufman, Joyce A - . 136. ; Kay. Hildegarde S 70. 230, ■ Kazmaier, Martin F 1 Kearse, Willis Keel, Susan Keely, Douglai V. ithy G Keever. Richard A. , , , Keever. Richard J Kefauver. Lvnda C. . . Kehaves. Thomas C. Keistier. Cherie K. Keiter. John E. Keith. John J. Kellehee. John T. Keller, Maria L. . Kellerman, George R. Kelley. Dianne N Kelly. Anne M. Kelly. Douglas F. , , Kelly, Richard E Kelly, Robert L., Jr. Kelly. Vincent S., Jr. Kelly. Virginia F Kelly. Vonceil B Kemmer, Susan J Kemp. Donald L Kemp, Martha V. . Kemp. Thomas L., Ill Hugh T. 100, 387 100, 335 . 220. 223 nper Lillif Richard .M. Kendall. James E. Kendrick. Martha R nnedv, John L. nnedy. Johnnie B. nnedv. Michael S. . . 404 138 126, 397 , 257, 348 114,358 126. 361 . 218, 346 70, 356 152 Kennedy, Sharon A. 138 Kennedy, Edward M., Jr. 126 Kenrick. John B. K 70.225,352 Kepner. Robert F 70, 204. 364 Kerbaugh. John T 70, 263, 267. 352 Kerley, Eileen G. . 114 Kerley. James E. , 114 Kern. Daniel 126 Kerr, Roland T 114 Kerr, Thomas J. 114 Kerr, Thomas L. . 70. 195 Kesler. Billy R. 168 Kesler, Stephen E. 71 Kessler. Ridley R. 114 Ketner. John H.. Jr. 114 Keves, Diane E. 100 Keyser. John A.. Jr. 100 Kiger, Jack E. 100 Kiker, Betsy 230 Kilgore, Susan C. 100, 341 Killian, John I. 114 Kilpatrick. G. Malcolm .100,228,241. 253, 413 Kimball, Gail E. 100 Kimball. Jon P. 126 Kimel. Edwin M. 100 Kimzey. Ronald M 114, 241, 352 Kindley. Robert T. 159 King. Benny E. 114 King. Donaldson W 126 King. Elizabeth A 71,414 King, Ilena M 100, 339 King. Isaac F 120 King, James R. 71 King. John T 363 King. Kenneth G 126 King. Malvern F., Jr 126 King. Michael L 126.361 King. Philip 100 King. Richard H. 100. 216. 217 King. Robert E. 100 King. Robert J.. Jr. 100 King. Sallv S. 147 King. Victoria H. 126. 189 King. Wavne 224. 3.1 King. William A. 71 King, William D. 114. 360 Kinlaw. Chentlee W. 114 Kinlaw. John D. 100 Kinnev. George G. 71 Kit George 114 Kipnis. Bruce E 100. 380 Kirbv, Calvin W 126 Kirbv, Ida M. 100 Kirby. Paula F. 139 Kirls, Charles D 126 Kirk. C. Roy. Jr 114, 217, 376 Kirk, John E 126 Kirkendall. Bobby L. 100 Kirkland. John L.. Ill 114, 358 Kirkland, William E 126,363 Kirkman, James A.. Ill 100 Kirkpatrick, Curry 126. 391 Kirvan. Peter T. 126. 183 Kirven. James D.. Ill 126. 377 Kiser. Ann P. 100. .139 ck E. 441 Page 432 A Trade and a Trait CfjE Colonial ress, 3nc. Telephone 942-1956 504 W. Franklin St. Electric Construction Company, Inc. " Since 1935 " Desk Lamps, Portable Typewriters And All Your Electrical Needs JUST OFF THE CAMPUS 165 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill SUTTON ' S DRUG STORE WALGREEN AGENCY Serving Tar Heels Since 1 923 Compliments CHAPEl Hill TIRE CO. " Your GOODYEAR Dealer " Headquarters for Carolina Coeds DRESSES SPORTSWEAR Chapel Hill Cleaners Be Sure with Std ' Hu Process Phones: 942-1173-942-5295 TWO LOCATIONS 169 E. Franklin St. 404 W. Franklin St UNIVERSITY FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP 124 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill STUDENT INDEX Na Kleeberg, Lawrence P 1 Kleiman, Scoll C 1 Kleitman, Jean 1 Klepfer. Robert 0., Jr 126, 3 Kline, Harvey F I Klinker, Brian P 1 Klotz. Alden W 1 Klutlz, James K 100,3 Knaus, Judith A. 71.3 Knighl, David A. 1 Knobel. Stuart 3 Knott. Arthur J. 1 Knott. Edmund T. Knott, John B.. HI 1 Knotl, Rufus H I Koenig, Paul M 1 Kohn, Lee 71, 248,2 Kohn. William H 100, 3 Kokenes, Constantine S 126, 3 Koller, Joseph J 1 Kone. Paul J., Jr 1 Koontz. Roland J 114, A Koontz, Thomas J 71, 3 Kopek, Pauline E. 1 Kornegay, Martha E. ,71,228,252,3 Korte, Mary M. 4 Kortner, Cole 2 Koltler, Nahum H 1 Kouri, Edward W 126. 3 Kouri, John L 100, 3 Kouri, Lawrence M.. Jr 1 Kowel. Larry D 1 Kraft. Miriam O I Kramer. AL Larry 1 Krammes. Therold E 1 Krapf. Carol J Krause. Dieter 1 Kress. Christine C. , , ; Krones. Peter D 114,2 Kruer, Merle J. 1 Kyle ng. Ma Max LaBorwitt. Michele J. 1 Lacy. James B. I Lacy. Thomas W. 1 LaFevers. F. Stevens 3 LaSerty. Robert P 146.4 Lahens. Frances B. 1 Lai. Tai-Yee 1 Lail. Charles R 1 Lambe. Betsy A. 71.336,4 Lambe, Randolph L 1 Lambe, Roland J 2 Lambert, Frank W., Jr. 1 Lambert, Joel W., Jr. 1 Lambeth. Richard W 71, 328, ; Lamm, William F 71,; LaMonica, William K 1 Lancaster, Harold M 1 Lancaster, Bella J. I Land, Kathryn L 100, 3 Land, Roy v., Jr I Landau, Ted S 127, 3 Lane, Dallas S. - , 1 Lane. James R.. Jr. 1 Lane. John D. 1 Laney. Jerry A. 1 Lanev. Neill Mc 1 Lang. Virginia H. 71,3 Langdon. Charles W I Langdon, Joseph B. 1 Langdon. Ronald E 144, Langdon, William C 1 Langley, Rulus B 114, 215, S Langley, S. Roselyn - 1 Langston. Jan Mc. 1 Lanier. Gail S 1 Lanktord. Robert H., IH 1 Lankford. Shelton F 1 Lankford, Thomas E 1 Lankford, W. Randall 1 Larrick, James K I Larson, John W 1 Lasater. Thomas S 1 Lassiler, Harry M. 1 Lassiler, Moses D.. Jr 1 Lassiter, Richard E 1 Latane, James W 1 Latane, Julie G. 100. 209, 227, 322, I Latham, Hannis T.. HI . . 114, 1 Latham. William C : Laton. Joseph F. . : Latta, Elizabeth R. 71, : Laudig, Carolioe S name Pi Laughter, Linda S 100, Laughton, Dave Lavery, Fred A 71,257, Law, Linda K. 138, Lawrence, Denard T Lawrence, Edward Lawrence! Robert, III ' Lawrence, Tom E 100, 203, Laws, Sally F, Lawson, Greene H., Jr. Lawlher, Francis R Laxton, Carroll M Laxton, Linda A Layton, David A Lea, Frank G. 100, Leake. Arthur E.. Jr Leake. William S., Jr 127, Lebar, Ruth P LeBlanc, John W LeCompte, James L 71,259, Leder, Charles L. 114, Leder, Edwin M. 101, 221, Leder. Paul M. 71. Ledford. James L Lee, Howard M., Jr. 71, Lee, James D Lee, Jasper W., Jr Lee, Jessie A Lee, John M. Lee, John W. Lee. Joseph B.. Jr 127, Lee. Roger W. Lee. Stephen Leg. Clyde T 71. LelSngwell. Celeste Lefler. Hugh T., Jr. 71.216.217, Leforl. Charles E. Leggett, Jay L. Leggetl. Martha V. Leggett, Robert F Legler, Mitchell W 114, LcGrand, Cordon B. LeGrand, John L. Legum. Lewis Lehmanr.. Charles 72,263,362, Lehrer, Steven E 114, Leigh, Hinton Leigh. Jesse C. Ill Leimone. John E. Lemmond. Walter V. Lemon. Sarah L. Lenhardt, Benjamin F.. Jr. 72. 228, Lennon, Richard S., Jr. 101, 262, Lenz, John J., Jr. 127, " nard, Ja Leo ird, Paul L. Leonard. Ralph H. Leonard. Robert P.. Jr 72, Leonard. Steven W. Leonhardl. Douglas L Leonhardt. Thomas W. Lepionka. Larry B Lesavoy. Malcolm A Lesesne. Edward H., Jr 127, LeShanna, Judith A Leslie, Richard S Lester, Arthur G 127, Lester, Douglas J 127, Lester, Mary L. 72. 328, Lester, William H. Lester. William L Lett. Earl M. Leu, Margaret J 72, 219 Lever, Thomas H„ III 144, Levin, Richard A Levinson, Harold J Levitt, Marc D. Lewis, Barbara N. Lewis, Clifford T Lewis, David R Lew is. Eben W Lewis, George T.. Jr. Lewis. Howard M. Lewis. " Larry Lewis. Lula J. Richard G. Richard M. ohn. Richard. Ill 114.242,384 Frank Liedtka, Frederic Light, James W. Ligon, Barbara . ' Liipfert. Cowles Lillard, John H. Lillev, Robert D Lilly, Thomas T. Limbert, Lee M, Aome Pages Lincoln, Charles H Ill Lind, John E 127,361 Lindell, Stephen T 72. 230, 390 Lindsay, Joseph H.. Jr 127 Lineberry, Donald E 153 Lineweaver, Robert W, , , 72, 386 Linker, Dorothy W ' . 114 Linker. Julius D.. Jr. 114 Linker, Paul M. 114 Linker. Walter S. 101 Linton, Herbert S. 101 Lippke, Frances H 168 Lipsky, Martha A 138 Lisle, Rufus, Jr. 114 Little, Alexander G.. Ill 127. 357 Little, George W. 114, 369 Little, James E 127 Little, James H 142, 406 Little, Jerry A 127 Little, John Z 115 Little, Linda W 168 Little. Lloyd H 72, 224 Little. Marlon E 72 Littleton, Philip R 101 Livas. E. Katherine ...101,223,229,339 Lively, Knox K., Ill 163 Livengood, Norman B. 115 Liverman, Betty 347 Livingston. Dorothy 1 101 Llewellyn. James D 72,328.352 Llovd. Evelyn P 146 Lloyd. Gayle P. 72 Lloyd. Harry W 115, 224 Lloyd, Virginia A 115.203 Llovd. William 395 Lobdell. Anne 246 Lobdell, David 101 Lockamy. Albert F.. Jr. 144 Locke. Franklin T 127 Lockharl, George G 115 Locklear, Cecil 0., Jr 127 Loflin, Samuel W 72 LoHin, Thomas D 127 Loftis, Alton T 115 Logsdon, Linda B. .72,229.322,338.414 Lohr, Jacob A 72, 376 Lominac, Thomas C 127 Long, Elizabeth A 135 Long, Irving H 72 Long, James 225 Long, James S 398 Long, Luther Y 127, 367 Long, Robert B., Jr 115. 354 Long, Samuel F.. Jr 101. 230 Long. William R 114.408 Longanecker. April L 135 Longenecker. F. Roland, III 159 Longest, James P 127, 371 Longstreet, Nancy L 101 Lont, Rike H. 168 Loomis. Donald W., Jr. 72. 352 Lopp. John P.. Ill 127 Lopp. Ronnie B 127 Lopp. William F. 101 Lorber, David M 127 Lord. Charles D 101, 189 Lord, D. G 358 Loren. Elaine R 101 Lorenz, Gilbert M 101 Lorraine, William C 127 Lothian, George G 101 Loughlin, Bernice W 168 Love, . very M 101 Love, Glenn N 159 Love, J. Carol 101, 139 Love. Katherine F 101 Love. William B 115. 244 Loveday. Don 183 Lovell, William T. 101 Loving, Ruth G 101 Lowder, Stephen C, ,72,242,350,356 Lowdermilk, James E 101, 390 Lowe, Jeffrey R 72, 380 Lowe, Rebecca A, 101 Lowe, Richard E 115 Lowe, Robcr B 127 Lowe, Robert F 115 Lowery, Lynda L 101 Lowery, Richard W 101 Lowery, Francis W. 73 Lowrance. William W., Jr 127 Lowrimore, Joney D 115 Lowry, Roy F., Jr 127 Lowry, William 194 Loy. William R 165,329 Lucas, John H 73 Luks, Allan B. 101.380 Lundeen. Carl V 127 Lunetla, Carmen 205 Lunnev. William C. 101, 195, 394 Lunsfotd. Wayne T 127 Lupton, Anne B. 137.231 Lupton. Harvey A., Jr. 73 Lusk, Elizabeth A. Lutz, James D. 168 Lyday, Carolyn F. 101, , 339 Lyerly, Gary R. , 127 Lynch. Anthony J. 336 Lynch. Elizabeth 343 Lynch. Stephen A. ,111 101, , 189 Lynch, Thomas F., III 144, , 407 Lynch. Martha A. 101 Lynch. Wilson L. US, . 354 Lynn. Arthur S., J r. IbO Lynn. Betsy 341 Lynn, George D., J r. , 115, , 363 Lynn. Jenny L. 341 Lvnn. Olin N.. Jr. 73 Lyon. Ann F. 138 Lyon. Hugh P.. Jr 127 Lyon. W. Duke , 115 Mc McAdoo. Garland H. 101. 251 McAfee. Chester C, Jr. , 127. 357 McAllister. David F 101. 378 McAllister, Janet G. 73. 414 McAllister. William H.. Ill 115 McAlpine. Marjorie J. 209 McAnally. Charles W.. Jr. 127. 367 McArthur. Douglas R 115 McArthur, Ellen D. 101. 347 McArthur, Ronald E, 73. 263, 265, 362 McBrvde, James A.. Jr 144. 407 McCabe. John C 101. 350. 366 McCall. Nancy E. 73. 346 McCall. Robert L. 101 McCann. Margaret J. 144. 405 McCardell. William P. 127 McCarthy. Deborah A. 73. 336 McCarty. Perry H. 127. 371 McCaskill. Donald T. 127 McCaskill. Rodney L. 127 McCleery. Thomas E. 115. 358 McClennan, Robert W. 101 McClinton, Rowena 73, 257, 340 McClister, Jon M. 73, 350 McClure, Sarah L. 101. 348 McCollum, John C 115 McColskey, Jan C. 101 McCombs, James T. . . 127 McCombs, Jerry S. 101 McCommons, Robert J. 127, 387 McConnell, John D.. Jr 73,328,386 McConnell. Teade 343 McCormack, John N 156 McCormack, Robert C. 73. 115, 328, 384 McCormick, Edward H. 165 McCormick. George M 127 McCormick. Russell H. . 115 McCoy, Larry T.. Jr. 144. 409 McCoy. Timothy C 73.360 McCuislon, Oscar T., Jr. 127 McCuiston, Phyllis J 73 McCuUen, Sybil J 101, 337 McCurdy, Mary Ann T 127 McDavid, S 209 McDevitt, Larry S. , 115,241.257,354 McDonald, Chauncey M 153,204 McDonald, Duran G 101 McDonald, Elizabeth M 101 McDonald, Ernie 357 McDonald. Frances L. 225 McDonald. Gloria J. 138 McDonald. Harold E. 127 McDonald. Harold J. 127 McDonald. James J. 115, 332 McDonald, Joseph R. 101. 259. 368 McDonald. Lelitia M. 101.341 McDonald. Robert G.. Jr. 128 McDonnell. Jo F. 168 McDonough. Richard B 115 McDowell. Robert H 101,402 McElroy, Pender R 73,266,267,412 McEntire, Jerrill L. 115 McFalls. Judith A 127 McFarland, Marcia 73,241,246 McGaha. Gene M 101 McGa lliard. AcAnn 127 McGalliard, Dick V. 115. 355 MeCee, CM. 73. 406 McGee. James W. 115. 356 McGee. Michael H. .127 McGee, Rob 389 McGehee, Mary F 73, 247, 403 McGinty, Park 371 McGirt, Murphy F., Jr 158 McGovern, Richard C. 127, 369 McGrady, Roger S. 73,410 McGraw, Marcus P 115 Page 434 The CAROLINA INN Hosts for the University on dll Ocuisioiis ' " " " -.y -M Operating a Dining Room and The Carolina Inn Cafeteria Congratulations to the Class of 1962 Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company DURHAM — BURLINGTON FITCH LUMBER CO. Compliments THE PORTHOLE RESTAURANT Page 435 STUDENT INDEX Pages McGregor, McGregor, Mclnnes. Stew art 391 Mcintosh. James N 73 Mcintosh. John N " 3 Mclnlyre, James H 127 Mclver, Frank T 153 Mclver. Larry 163 McJunkin. Frederick E 168 McKee. John W 168 McKee. Michael T 115 McKee. Thomas C. 101. 388 McKeithan. James D 127 McKcilhan. Kent D. 115 McKeithan. Lee 74 McKeithan, Patricia E. 101, 414 McKennan. William W 115 McKenzie. Gary W 142 McKethan. William A 115 McKinley. Richard S 142 McKinney. David M 115 McKinnon. Halbert H.. Jr 144, 406 McKnight, John P 127,363 McKnight. Philip K., Jr 115 McLamb. John G. 115 McLamb. Joseph T. 101,364 McLaurin. Michael D 127 McLean. George R. 127 McLean. Harry H., Ill 168 McLean. Marvin B. 153 McLemore, Gilbert C. Jr. 115 McLeod. Alexander 115 .McLeod. Gerald G. McMakin, William M. McMeans. Kenneth D. McMichael. James G.. McMichael, William J McMillan. Benton L.. McMillan. John B. McMillan. Paul D. . . McMillan. Robert A. McNain-. Francis D. McNairy. Robert P. 74 McNairy. Samuel W 115 McNaught. Annie R 168 McNaull. James N 75 McNaull. W. Dresser 163 McNecly. Cwyn F. 101 McNeely. William S 127 McNeer. Phoebe E. 101. 335 McNeill. Donald D.. Jr 159 McNeill. Paschall H 115 McNeilL William M 127 McQuade. Roberta A 74 McQuav. Jess B .101 McRae. John A .128 McRee Archie D. 115 McRorie. W. Edward 74. 165 McSwain. Franklin L 74,328.376 McSweeney, Bryan D. 115. 185 Mc Williams. William G.. Ill 115.388 127.363 115 101, 376 127. 377 74. 204. 366 115. 352 127 . 127, 361 M MacConnell, Jeffrey A 115 Macdougall. Jean E 74,346 Macfie. Jeffreys A 158 Machcn. Hervey G., Ill 115 Mack, Charles R 74 MacKellar. Ellen J 74 MacKeithan. Patsy 345 MacKethan. John A 128 Mackie, Carter C. 164 Macklen, Stephen B 115. 380 Macklin. Ralph 165 Mackorell. James T 74 MacLean. William J 74 MacNeil. James S 127 Maddison. Laurence B 128 Madison. John T 153 Madison. Ward N. 156 Madry, Robert W., Jr 101,257,350. 351, 388 Madsen, John E 115 Mahaffey. Rosemary L 74 Maher. Arlene I. 139 Mahncke, Dieter M 74 Maillet. Arthur D 115 Major. William L 101, 411 Malinasky. George A 128 Mallon. Michael T 74. 332 Malobicky. Jay 183 Malone. Elmer T.. Jr 128 Malone. Robert B 74. 370 Malpass. Billy 74 Malski. C. Michael 128 Mammen, Mary P 168 Manasse, Gabriel 115 Mancy, Khalil H 168 Mangual, Robert M 74 flame Pages Mangum. Anthony B 128, 387 Mangum. Ralph A. 115 Mangum. Robert W 128 Mangum. Wallace S 115 Manlev. John K 128 Manlove. Richard M 101,388 Mann. Betty S. 128 Mann. Harold T. 115.388 Mann. Larry M. 74. 380 Manning. Daniel A. 74 Manning. Edward M. 74,392 Manning. Elizabeth W 101, 348 Manning. Howard 399 Manning. James A 115 Mansfield. Clarence F 74 Mansfield. Rudolph L 74. 356 Manship. Joy A 147 Marbry. Donald L 150 Maree. Franklin K 74 Marett. Louie E., Jr 101,390 Marino. Marty 183 Marks, Ben A 165 Marks, Don 385 Marks. Lemuel H 75.372 Marlowe. William B 115 Marolta. Marian C 168 Marriott. John D. 156 Marsh. Howard D.. Jr 75 Marsh. Susan L. 101. 349 Marshall. Brian L. 101, 402 .Marshall. Mary 92. 345, 414 Marshburn. David T 101. 394 Marslender. W. Ward 52.75,372 Martin. Billy R. 128 .Martin. Carl L 128 M artin. Edward S 128 Martin. Daniel W 75.412 Martin. Frances A 136 Martin. H. Carolyn 137.247 Martin. Hugo M 75 Martin. James E.. Jr 165 Martin. James R 128 Martin. Jesse D 75 Martin. John M 75 Martin. John W 75 Martin. Laura L 137, 231 Martin. Margaret E 115 Martin. MicSael G.. Jr 128 Martin. Ned 305 .Martin. Robert G 115. 244 Martin. William 385 Martinelli. Luis R. 101 Marvin. Harold W.. Ill 128. 390 Mashburn. Carol A 137. 209 Mason. Joseph E. 115 Mason. Lawrence W. 115 Mason. Leland P. 101 Mason. Marvin H.. Jr. 115. 256. 332 Mason. Reginald C.. Jr. 156 Massenburg. Johnsye E. 120, 128. 189. Massengill. Annie R 138 Massengill. Carolyn S 136 Massey. Carl B 151 Massey, John Mc 128 Massey. Milton V. 151 Masten. Michael A 128 Masters. Raphael T.. Ill 128.183 Malrhett. Patricia 1. 101. 343 Malheny. Alice E. 101. 343 Mathers. Alfred M 75, 225. 230, 231 Matheson. Barbara L 115 Matheson. John D 128 Mathews. Carol L 101 Mathews. Robert S 115,158 Mathis. Alfred R 101 Matkins. John A 101 Matthews. Ann G 75.335 Matthews. Braxton R 101 Matthews. Cornelius F 128 Matthews. David W 378 Matthews. Phillip R 75 Matthews. Walter F.. Ill 101 Gordo L. Phil Mauck. Kenneth W. Mauldin. Clarence E. Maullsby. Terry N. Maupin. Peter B. 356 .128 Ann P 131 Anne E 75. 138,348 George F. ,ell. Jo Alexande M. 361 128 May. Emanuel 75, 194 May. Gayle B 75 May. Gerald F 142. 406 May. John 385 May. Linda G. 75 May. Phillip B 128 May. Timothy J. 115 May. Zebulon W. 128 Mayberry. Roland L. ISO Mayer. Robert A., Jr. . . 75, ,402 Mitchum. Kenneth E. 153 Maves. Joe D 390 Mitlendorf. W. Kirkwood 115. 368 Mayfield, David T 128 Mixon. Catherine 76, 207. 209, 340 Mayhew, Kenneth P.. Jr. 102, , 402 Mixon. Charles Mc 76 Mayhue. Hugh W. 159 Mixon. Henry W., Ill ... 76 Maynard. W. Harrington 128 Mock. Jacob L lis Mayo. George E.. Ill 150 Modrow. Peter A. 159 Mayo. Herbert B. Mazoff. Stephen M. 128 Moffitt, Jan C 115 Mazuy. Jon C 163 Monette. Alan . 128. 387 Meacham. Carolyn S. . . . 163 Monish. Aubrey R 102 Meadows. Frances C. ... . . . 102, 231, , 345 Monk. Jamie 102 .Meadows. Van B. Meads. Lawrence ( Mechum. James F Medders. William Medford. William Medlin. John Mc. Medlin. Lawrence Medlin, Phillip T Medlin. Will Meekit M. Arthur S Melasky. Sara E. 75, Meltsner. Charles P Melvin. Robert F. Menaker, MaryAnn D Menco, Nursen 75, 219, Mendenhall, Charles M.. Jr Mendenhall, Edwin C Mercier. V. A. Ciaran Meredith. James C Merrill. Arthur J 75, 240. 255. Merrill. Mary R 75, 218. 334. Merrill. William H 120,128.253. Merritl. Ben G.. Jr Merritt. Billv R. Merritt. Jane 75, 328, 246. Merritt. Rebecca L .Me Susi Metcalfe. Judith C. . Metz. John R. Mewborn. John M. Newborn. Quentin A. Meyer. Julien H.. Ji Mhyre. John Michael. Patrick B. Michaels. Edward C.. Michaels. Edward G. Michaux, Roy H.. Jr. Michels. Ronald G. -Micolino. Alyce G. Middleton. Henry . 1.. Midvette. Buxton S. Miles. Hugh C. Jr. Miles. Jii Mile Joel H. Willia Milks. Lloyd E., HI , . Millender. Margaret M. Miller. Alfred J Miller. Anthony W. Miller. Betty G. Miller. Bo Mil el T. Miller. David J. 115 Miller. Don G. 165 Miller. Edward J 156 Miller. Fred H. 152 Miller. James B. 102. 378 Miller. Jane A. 128 Miller. Jo B. 102,349 Miller. Joseph N 128 Miller. Kathryn 168 Miller. Kenneth R. 115 Miller. Marion 102. 337 Miller. Michael J. 128 Miller. Sherry E. 128 Miller. Thomas F. 128 Millett. Francis N.. Jr 163 Millican. George R. 76. 364 Milligan. Ronnie R. 152 Millikan, Larry M 102 Millington. Bettv A. 128 Millis. Archie E.. Jr. 115.352 Mills. Bonner S. 128 Mills. Everette E 128 .Mills. Frank F.. Ill 128 Mills. Fred G 115 Mills, James D. 404 .Mills, Richard C. 115 Mills, Susan Mc 128 Mills. Vera F 136 Milslead. William B 76 Milton. Jack. Jr. 128. 387 Mims. Linda L 76 Mintener. Susan P 102, 347 Minton, Solon S. 128 Mirkamali. Ghamar 168 Miscall. Laurence. Jr. 163 Misenheimer. Fred M.. Jr. 128 Mitchell, Julia C. 136. 336 Mitchell. Martin F. 76 Mitchell. William T. 102. 413 Mitchencr. John A.. Ill . 144. 242. 244. 245, 324 Monoid. Garland D. 168 Monroe. John L 156 Montague. John C 115 Monty. Eileen C 168 Moody. Beverly A. 138 Moody. David 363 Mooney. Charles P. 116 Mooney. Charlotte 328. 334 Mooney. Lillian S. 76. 209. 414 Moore, Abner G. 128 Moore, Allen H.. Jr. 156 Moore. Berrien. Ill 102. 370 Moore. Clayton W 128. 361 Moore. Clyde T.. Jr. 128 - irl R.. Jr. Edward R. nklin D. R. Mary E Nancy B. . . Ned A. . Robert C. . . . Robert D. Robert H. Robert P.. Jr Samuel R. . . Steve F. . . . Suzanne 128 . 76 Tho M. .414 .145 Wayne Moore. William J 102 Mooring. Jim B 102,198,366 Mooring. Joseph R., Jr 128 Moorman. Marvin R 169 .Vlopper. Jonathan S 102, 396 Moreno. John F 116 .Morgan. Barbara L. 102. 322, 339 Morgan. David B 102,200,201.388 Morgan. Harvey 116 Morgan. He Morgan. J Morgan. J s A 163 8 F 128. 183 s P 320,321.324 James R.. Jr. 116 John H. 102 Kent A 128 139 76.332 168 128 Maris Melzi H. .Morisey. John C. Jr 128 Morris. David G 76 .Morris. James G 102. 387, 413 Morris. John N.. Jr 102. 251, 354 Morris. Joseph A 128 Morris. Kenny J 156 Morris. Marion L 116. 341 Morris. Robert J 77, 362 Morris. Roger G 116 Morris. Walter S.. Jr. 102.350.374 Morrison. Myra N 77 .Morrison, Patricia E 137, 262 Morrison. Rita 128 Morrow. Pete 200 Morrow. William S 116,230 Morse. Kathleen G 77 Morton. William 1 77 Moselev. Donald L 116.358 Moselev. Sarah C. 102. 337 Moseley. Wendell C 164 .Moser. Anthony 116 Moser. Jerry F 144. 408 Moser. Ronald B 116 Mosher. John F 77. 261 Mosley. Ralph W ' . 102. 244, 245 Arthur L.. Jr. 77 v. Phillip M. 102. 352 nger. Kathryn M. 102. 349 Mott. Susan E. 138 Mouzon. Mr. Olin T 231 Moye. Joseph S.. Jr 102. 388 Mucci, Lawrence L 102 Muiznieks. Helga W 156 Mullen. Douglas T. 129 Muller, Chandler R. 128,355 Mullins. Sarah L 404 Motle Page 436 Thanking You for Your Patronage WENTWORTH SLOAN ,Mt»trt l€ ' rs m m CAMERA STORE, W. Photographic Supplier for the Professional and Amateur Photographer CHAPEL HILL, N. C. Wherever You Go Whatever You Do Good books are as close as your nearest mailbox THE INTIMATE BOOKSHOP 1 19 E Franklin Street Julian ' fote Jop MAURICE JULIAN ' 38 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1962 GEORGE BARCLAY ' S Texaco Station The Best in Service Corner Franklin and Columbia THE UNIVERSITY PRINTERY " HANK " HARRINGTON East Franklin Street Chapel Hill STUDENT INDEX jVome Pages Mullins, Sylvia D. 77, 218, 317, 344, 414 Mullis, Jon C 128 MuUis, Julia B. 128 MuUis, Kenneth W 102 Mumman. Joseph W. 116 Muncy, Thomas E. 116. 203 Murphey, William R. 128 Murphy, Brower, Jr. . 116 Murphy, Dewey L. 116 Murphy, E. Darst 102, 253, 349 .Murphy, George R 77, 386 Murphy, Oliver J 102 Murphy, Vernal W., Jr 102 Murr, David L 77, 198, 205 Murrav, Bobbie L 404 Murray, Charles J 128 Murray, Donald Mc., Jr 116 Murray, Gael T 128 Murrav, Hugh G., Jr. 159 Murray. Ronald F. 128 Murrell, Harry T., Jr 142 Musachio, Michael B. 169 Muse. Winfred R. 116 Musselwbite, Neill H. 128 Mustard. James A., Ill 128 Myers, Connie J 128 Myers, Hugh A 145. 409 Myers. Joseph N 102. 358 Myers. Martha A 77 Myers. Martha S. 102. 341 Myers, Peter E 116, 396 Myers, William C 102 Mybre, John H. 144 Myrick, Donald E. 128. 363 N el A. Nance, Joseph K 116, 183 Narron, Jerry M 169 Nash, David C. 116. 358 Nash, Florence T 77.225,340 Nash, John R.. Jr. 366 Nash. Richard E. .153 Nash. Shepard D 150 Nathanson. Alan J 128 Nauheim, Stephen A 116.235,392 Neal, Frances M 77 Neal, Francis B 128 Neal, Jack A 116 Neal, James A 165 Neal, James B., Jr 102 Neal, James E 102,410 Neal, Larry K 142,198,406 Neaves. William A 377 Nebel, William A 156 Neblett, Mortimer S.. Jr 77 Neblett, Mortimer S 225 Needham, Donald W 102 Neely, Charles B., Jr 128,235,265 Neerman, Stanford 77 Neilson, David C 116 Nelson, Anne R. 102, 343 Nelson, Craig 102 Nelson, J. Reed 102 Nelson, Judith K. 128 Nelson, Margaret K 77,218,231,251, 257, 340 Nelson, Milton W. . -77, 194, 204, 242, 412 Nelson, Virginia H 77 Nelson, Willard J 128 Nelson, William C, Jr. 128 Nesbitt, James M., Jr. 128,391 Ness, James K 128 Neville, John D. 116, 368 Neville, William D 146 Neville, Winder M 128 Newhouse. Ronald B. 116. 195 Newlin. Charles B 116 Newman, Maynard S. 116 Newnam, Constance L. 138 Newnam, Robert E. 102 Newsom, Judy G. . , 137 Newsome, Jo A. , , 77 Newton. Anne L. . , 77. 318 Newton, Eldon S., Jr. loi. 368 Newton, Newton, Jii Newton, Judith A Nicholas, Carol A Nicholes, Nancy W. . . Nicholls. Frederick T. Nichols. Bruce A Nichols. Herman G. Nicholson. Garland F., J Nicholson, Ivan W Nieves, Edna Nislick, Alex D. . . Noble, Mary A. . Noble. Theodore T. Noblin. Roland E.. Jr. Noel, George T., Ill . Nocll, Robert N. Norman. Caroline S 102, 340 Norman, Cynthia A. 77 Norris, James R.. Jr. , 102 Norris, Lewis H. 129 Norris, Walter . 189 Norton, Ferg 198 Norton, James L. 77 Norton, Sara J. . 129 Norville. Russell M. 165 Norwood, David R 129 Norwood, Haywood V., Jr 165 Novotny, Emily L. 102. 343 Nunn. Almena E. 404 Nunn. Howard S., Jr. 129 Nunnally. McKee. Jr. 129. 385 Nunnery. Gregory 102 Nunnery. Stacy A. 77 Nye. Lynda A 10 2 o Oakley. Jesse R. Oakley. Lois A. Oakley. Thomas C. Oare. Ernest M. - Gates, Rudolph O. Oatts, Van Oberdorfer, Ellis C. O ' Briant. Thomas L Odom. Edsel M. . 78. 258. 267. 410 102. 346 102. 235. 396 Odo Odom. Samuel C, Jr Oel nger, Elir _ n, Lyn Ogburn, Marilyn S. Ogbum, Robert G.. Ogden, Elizabeth A Ogden. Warren C. Ogletree, Char! O ' Grady, Judy Ohle. Paul W. Ohye, Nobuko Okey, Willia W. 102, 229. 345 116. 350. 354 78. 368 Oldha Oldhan Oldhan Oldhan Oldhai 01i olyn C. Charles M. George R. Oliv Edith A. Richard L. . Charles. II , Margaret A. , Otis M. Rus! Oliver. William J. Olsen. Christine R. O ' Neil, Barbara N. Opdyke, Richard L. Oppenheimer, Joe 1,. , . . 78. 262. 335 116, 350, 368 78. 213. 248. 320. 396 Orcutt, David S. Orgain. Francis L. 129 Orgain, Stewart 399 Orovan, Ronald C. 116 Orrell, David L 129 Ostergren, Allan T. 116 Ott, Matthew N 165 Ouderkirk. H. John 102,229,390 Gotland, Robert B., Jr 151 Overby, Donald L 78 Overby, Marie 102 Overcash, Kay E 129 Overholt, John H 129 Overstreet, Richard C. 78, 263, 267, 358 Overton, Libby C. 138 Overton, Richard B., Jr. ,142 Wil M. , Ke. ineth n. 1. Mi rhael K. s. Nc rman P. !. Phillip 1,. !. Ri. chard G. Paddison, George Paden, Jane A. Paderick, Clifton Page, Danny F. Page, Dudley F. Page, George D. .Vomc Pages Page. Graham A. . . 152 Page. Lavon B 129 Pagett, James R. 129 Painter. Stephen S 116, 358 Palmatier. Helen A 138 Pardue, John R. 102 Parhm. Martha T 328. 340 Paris. Ronald C 129 Parker, Alvin S., Ill 129 Parker, Betsy 335 Parker, Fred P.. Ill 165 Parker. Herman R.. Jr. 78 Parker. James J. 116 Parker, Jean C 129 Parker, John E. 116 Parker, Joseph B.. Jr. 78. 358 Parker. Joseph W. , , ,116 Parker. Judith K. 129 ,116. 217. 235 Parke Parke Martha E. Pamela A. 78. 246 Parker. Robert A. 169 Parker. Robert S. 102 Parker. Robert V. 129 Parker. Ruby L. 78 Parker, Simpson M 129 Parker. Thomas H 78. 129, 367 Parker, Thomas V 250 Parker, Virginia F 102 Parker, William K. 129 Parkerson, Elwood M. 151 Parks, Barbara J 102,209 Parks, Eldon H. 151 Parks. Erastus B., Ill 78 Parks, Harry R. 116 Parks. Michael L. 129. 391 Parks. Owen T., Ill 129 Parlier, David C. 116 Parrish. David M 129 Parrish, Jon E. 159 Parrish, Katherine H 102 Parrish, Walter B., Jr 129 Parsons, Larry W. 116 Partin, Wilson B.. Jr. 165 Paschal. John C 103 Paschal. John S.. Jr. 103. 236. 402 Pasour. Charles E. W Paterson. Nellie E. 129 Patrick. Franklin D. 129 ck. Tho John C. 404 Patte Patte Patte Alex Mc, Jr. 103.: Hank 238, 239, i Margaret G 1 Pattillo, Robert H, Patton, Judy C. ,, Pattun. Meredith Patton. William C Paul. William L. Payne, Betsv C. Payne, Eileen 1 Pavne. James E Payne. John ,, Peacock. Edwin Peacock. Willie Peake. Michael F. 1 B.. Jr. ; G 116 183 116 D e A.. Jr. B IS L. 129 164 P., Jr. 129 H. 103 103, 331 Peck, Richard H, Peck, Sheldc Peddicord, James L. , 129, 265. 266. 363 Pedersen, Carl J. 79. 204 Peel, Jesse R. 159 Peele. William R. 153 Peeler, Joseph D. 103 Peery. Robert N.. Jr 116, 223 Pekruhn, John P 129 Pell, James E 103, 380 Pellelier, Gerald, Jr 103 Pemberton, Charles D 79 Pendergraft, Norman E, 79 Penland, Roger G. 103,352 Penneli, Wayne E. 79 Penninger, Sybil H 79, 228 Pennington, Kenneth E. 129 Pennington. Marguerite G 79 lip S. Julia I. I. George 169 129 Peterson, David L 129 Peterson, Diane 328 Peterson, Kent W 116, 237 Peterson, Nancy J 79, 209, 256 Peterson, Richard A 116,380 Peterson, Russell L 129 Peterson. Theodore E„ Jr 116 Peterson, Thomas Mc 129 Petit, Edward L 150 Petrea, Becky 347 Petree, George C, Jr 129 Petree, Walter R 103 Peltibone, John S., Jr 79, 352 Pfaff, Mary H. 147 Pfau. Frank R N. 129 Phai Pheasants. Riley C. Jr. 370 Phelps. Kenneth J 103,411 Phelps, Larry W. 103,252 Phialas, Peter G. 213 Phifer. Edward W 225 Philbeck. Barbara J. 136 Phillips, Bruce A., Jr 103 Phillips, Claude F. 129 Phillips. Dell R. 79. 247 Phillips. Dossic C. Jr 79 Earl N.. Jr. 79. 255. 360 Phil 159 lips, Jasper L.. Jr. Phillips. John H 116 Phillips. Linda M. 138 Phillips. Llewellyn. II 159 Phillips. Robert C, Jr. Rob( Phillips. Roberta Phillips. S. Davis Phillips. William Philp. Richard N. Phipps, Mack W. Pickard. Ernest 79. 259 136 Pickel Pickn Jeff , I. Kathe Pike. Ellen L 142. 331. 405 Pike. James C, Jr. 129, 367 Pike, Sophia C 103, 225, 341 Piland, Howard M. 79 Piland. Mary J. 138 Pillow. Elijah G 404 Pinion. Carolyn M. , 137. 342 Pinkston. Carthel T 169 Pinney. Morgan R. 263 Pino, Guillermo R. 169 Pinson. Reginald A. 103. 261, 262, 402 Pinvoun Constance V. 79 334 342 Pipkin. James S - ... ' .... ' 116 Pipkin. Molly 79, 336 Pitser, William R 156 an. James A. 116 in. James P 156 in. Michael J 129 in. Robert E 169 Phillip 399 r. Paul M 203 rats, Clifton E., Jr 79,267,370 Daniel J., Jr 103 116, 410 103 103, 370 . John Mary S. Riley C, Pleasants, Pleasants, Pleasants, Plettner, Plotl, Carolyn L 129 Plummer, Catherine A 79,336 Plumraer, Ronald J 129 Poag, Barbari Poehlein, Charlei .103 Polakavetz, Sandra H, 116,209 Polk, Robert M., Jr. 153 Polk. Susan P 103,341 Pollard. Cleda R 79. 336 Pollard. F. Alfred. Jr. 79.257,321,376 Pollman, Roger M 103 Pollock, Joseph G 116 Pons, Roy K, 79,390 Pool, Joseph D., Jr 116 Poole, Henry E. 116, 362 Poole, James R., Ill 116 ole. Lor. San el H. 137. .335 Poove y, James 103. 237 Poove V, Phillip 137 Pope, Dave 129 Pope, Larry H. 79, 352 Pope, Ralph W. Page 4.38 (L dqe on asku J. B. ROBBINS o C )ope H PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Traditional Ivy Style and Authentic Campus Fashion at a Reasonable Price Suits — Sportcoats — Slacks Sweaters — Shirts — Accessories " Everything for the College Man " The Hub of Chapel Hill 103 E. Franklin Phone 942-1252 PETE AND SPERO SAY: JO A IHE CROWDS AT THE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS TAR HEEL CLEANERS Pick- Up and Delivery Service • West Franklin St. Telephone 942-4425 Page 439 STUDENT INDEX Name Pages Pope. William P. 129 Poplin, Zannie G. 117 Porter. Charles A. 79 Porlnoy. Barry A. 103, 331. 392 Posey, Lawrence O. 152 Poslon. Bobby L 80 Poleal. Milton 117 Poleat. William A. 145, 409 Potter. Benjamin F.. Jr 80 Potter. Frank G. 117, 413 Potts. Andrew D. 130 Poulakos. Joanna L. 103 Pouzzner. John G. 103, 396 Charles E. 80 Powell. Co Powell. Eddy L. . Powell. Hugh R. Powell. James M. Powell. Joseph J. . . Powell. Mary J Powell, Patrick L. . Powell. Rick Powell. Robert D. Powell. Robert S. Powell, William C. Powell. William D. Powers. Carolyn B. PownaVl. Ann F. ' Poythress. Roberta A Pratt. James N. .-, Prescott. David B. Prescott. Gail T. Pressley. Richard L. Presson, Jack B. Presson, Thomas L. Preston, John M. , Prevost. Jack G. , Prevost. Nancy H. Price. Charles R. Price. David D. Price. Jerry L. Price. Robert E.. Jr. Price. Thomas F. Price. Warren. Ill Pridgen, Rufus A. . Prindle. Richard G. Proctor. Harold D. Proffitt. Carolyn R. Propst. James M. Pruetl. Charles L. Pniit, Carl G. Pniilt. Frank H. E.. Jr 374 103 Pryo ' illiE L.. Jr Pshyk. Basil W. Pugh, Carolyn 1. 137 Puller, Mary B 80. 229 Pulver. George J. 129, 369 Purrington, John W. , 80, 263, 265, 267. 320, 350, 398 Purser, Shelby D 103, 247 Purvis. John A.. Jr 129 Putzel. Michael J. Pya Jan . 414 Quackenbush. Pain Quarles, William C Quessenberry, Mari Ouinn. James E., J Quinn. Judith D. Quinn. Sharon L. Quintus. John A. R ltd A. Rabb. Ri. Rabb, Rov P.. II Rabb, Mr. Waller Rabon, Roy H.. Jr. Raby, Michael T. Rachel. Michael H. Rackley. James S. Racklev. Richard E. Radford. David E. Ragland, L. Gayle . Rahn, Stephen S. Raiford. Mary L. Rainey. Harris A., J Molly P. Home Pages Ramos, Frank M. 151 Ramsey, William J. 117 Rand, Anthony E. 165 Rand. Kenan S. 117 Randall. Danny L 144,407 Randall, Frederick F. 103 Randall. John 240 Ranev, David L. 103,374 Range, Franklin W. 129 Rankin, Charles C. 117 Rankin, Peter B. 129, 399 Ranson, David H 129 Rascoe. Robert B 117. 251, 354 Rash, J. Dennis 80,248.320.321,360 Rathbun, Edward C 129 Ratlev, Charles D.. Jr 80, 378 Ratlill. John P. 146 Rawlings. Margaret G 103 Rawlins. John F 129 Rawls. Betty L 117 Ray. Frederick C, Jr 103 Ray, Judy L 80, 328, 336 Ray, Nancy C. 138 Ray. Nathan J. 129 Ray. Robert G. 130 Read, G. Stephen 117. 215, 235 Read, James M.. Jr. 163 Reagan, Robert M. 130. 249 Reams. Claude E.. Jr. 103 Rearden. Robert L.. Jr. 92, 103. 213. 328. 370 Reaves. Hallie C. Jr. 114,406 Reaves, Thomas B. 142 Record. Eugene E.. Jr. 103. 195. 205. 372 Rector. William B., Jr. 163 Reddick. Robert L. 117 Redding, John H. 164 Redding. Russell 371 Redmond. Hight S. 153 Redwine. Hal Mc. 163 Reed, Charles B. 150 Reed. Clyde S.. Ill 103 Reed. Douglas C. 117,374 Reed, Elizabeth A. 80. 243. 251. 257, 338 Reed. Fred H. 364 Reed. Robert B.. Jr. - 384, 400 Reeder, Alton A. 156 Reedy. Viva M. 138 Rees. John P. John B.. Jr 103 Ra H. Reeves, Alfred P., Ill Reeves, Charles S. 130 Regan. John B. 80. 356 Regan. Mary B. 103. 347 Regen. Ann H 117 Register. Aaron 103 Reid, Gordon F. 80 Reid, James J., Jr. 117 Reid, Kenneth M. 117 Reid. Walter B 130 Reitz, Mary L. 169 Reitzel, James R., Jr 117, 352 Remmers, Mary B 80 Remsburg. Frank R. Rendell. Elizabeth A. 138 Renger. James D. 80 Rentz. Beverly K. 139 Renwick. Francis M 117 Reppucci, Nicholas D. 80. 226, 230. 231, 322 Reynolds, David C. 117, 350, 372 Reynolds, Dianne 103, 335. 371 Revnolds. Donna J. 80 K.vnolds. Judith K. 139, 243. 346 Revnolds. Thomas C. 130, 363 Rhinehardt, John L.. Ill 117 Rhodes, Grover F. 81 Rhodes. James S.. Ill 130 Rhodes, John F. 156 Rhodes, Robert A. 103 Rhodes, Robert E. L 103 Rhymes, Margaret 224, 317 Rhyne, Frances L. 136 Rhyne, William R. 117 Rice. Larry Z. . 130 Rice. Roger D. 130 Rice, Wilma A. . 135 Rich. John C. 130 Rich, Lizbeth A 139 Rich. Stephen A. 117, 392 Richards. Channing 103, 250, 376 Ricliards. William J 165 Hi. hardson. Claude 399 Richardson. Mildred P. 81,231 Ki.har.lson. Paul H. 146 Richardson. Robert B 103, 376 Richardson, Samuel K.. Jr. 390 Richert. Lynda S. 81. 2.53, 348, 414 Rickert. Richard 230 Ricks, Tommy 200 Riddle, Daniel L. 103, 410 Ridens, Samuel H. ,..130 Ridgeway, Carole E. 138 Ridley, Christopher E 117, 354 cy L. Riley. William B., Jr Ring. Elizabeth A. Ritchie. William J. Rilter, Charles D. C 130. 357 103, 331,351, 378 nbark, James B. nbark. Robert T. Lawrence D. Roark. Ja W. Robbins. Ashley E., Jr, Robbins, David L. Robbins, Gordon D. Robbins. James H.. Jr Robbins, Jean C Robbins. Rebecca A. Roberson. Agnes J. ... Roberson, Gary R. . Roberson, George W. Koberso Roberso Roberso Roberts Roberts Roberts, Joseph B. Roberts, Lawrence D.. Jr Roberts. Marv E. . Roberts. Surry P. Roberts. Walter V.. Jr. Robertshaw, Lawrence B. Robertson. W. Lawrence Robertson, William R. Robinett Robinson Theodore M. Wilbur S. Darward T., Jr, Robins. Robins. Robins. Robins. Robins. Robins. Robins. Robins. Robins. Robins. Robins. Robins. Roessi Roger. Roger. Roger! Roger. Roger. . William H Charles F. Dale W. Holt D., Ji James L. Linda G. .Mary W. Merton E. Wil nger. Peter U. i. Arthur H., Jr, i. Coye O ;. Edith J i. Harding W. i. Henry H. i. Herman P.. J Rogers. Jam. Rogers. Jam. Rogers. Jear Rogers. Jerr Rogers. Joa. Rogers, Leo. Rogers. Lyn Rogers. Mari Roger. Roger. Rogers. Roge Nancy J 81, Ralph F Robert K 130. Rollin A. 81, Russell J.. Jr. Thomas K.. Jr. 81. Rogers, Thomas S.. Jr 81. Rogerson, Jimmy A. 1.30. Roghelia. Floyd B. Roghelia. Lloyd B. Rogoff, Arthur D Rolland, Sanford Rollick, Virginia D Rollins. James R Rollins. Paul W Romine. Jack R Roof. Nathaniel E. 117. R.)onev. Michael J. 81. 258. 262. 267, Roper, Albert L., II 104, 189, 223, Rose, Charles A Rose. Hilda E. Rose. Melville B., Ill Rose, Pete Rose, William N., Jr Rose, William R Roseman, Al 104, 229, 230. Rosenbaura. Jerry H 117. Rosenberg. John M. Rosenfield. Anita M. 81. Rosental. George E. 108. 117. 237. Rosenthal. Louis L 117,221. Rosenzweig. Donald 81, Roser, Herbert G Ross, Coleman D Ross. Craig A. Ross, Gordon N Ross, James H.. Jr Ross. James H., Jr Ross. John P. 130. Ross. Robert W.. Ill 117. Ro William I. Joseph Name Page Roth. Richard E. . 120 Roupas. Charles T .130 Rouse. David M. 145, 407 Rouse. James H 81, 410 Rouse. Lawrence H 117, 378 Routenberg, Len J 104, 380 Routh. Joe S 104, 250 Routh. Linda F. Rowan, Spencer F., Jr. , , 130,252 Rowe, Carl . , Rowe, William T. 1.311 Roy. Paul E 130, 377 Royster, Carrol 350,393 Royster. Rebekah H. 104, 223 Ruark. Henry G.. Jr. 104, 364 Rubenstein. David M. . 81,39t Rubin. Laurence 404 Rubin, Leslie A 117,396 Rucker, Jerry A 81, 388 Rudisill, Gerald A.. Jr. . .130 Rumsey. Dexter C. Ill 117, , 360, 400 Runco, John . 203 Rundgren, Edna C. . .169 Running. Kenneth E. 117 Runnion. J. David 142, 406 Rusell, Baron B. 130 Rusher. James T. 117 Rushlon. Sallv K. 81, 247 Russ. Eldon J 130 Russell. Douglas M. 117 Russell, Frank A . .. 81, 266, 356 Ruth. James H. 130 Ruttenberg. Neil H. 82, 195, 38U Sabis Frank Riesenfeld, Ro 117 Saboski, Arthur P. 1 Sain, Brenda M 1 Saine, Sandra K. ,. , 1 Salamon. Harvey W 1 Salem, Albert Mc. Jr ] Sailing. William H.. Jr 1 Sample. James .Mc. Jr 130.; Sams. Leroy W., Jr. 104. 227, ; Samsot. Robert L. ] Sanderford. Lynda M. Sanders. Dewey N. 1 Sanders. Edward B 130. ; Sanders. Eleanor S 82, Sanders. Elizabeth P Sanders, Mary C. 104, 5 Sanderson, Jesse F., Jr Sanderson, Martha E ; Sandler, Joan G. 82. 5 Sandlin, Dan L 1 Sanford, Winston M 1 Sadd, Bennett B. 1 Sapp. David. Jr. ] Sapp. Edwin G. ] Sargent. Richard B 1 Sargent. Winthrop W., Jr 1 Sarratt, Alexander R., HI 130, 3 Sarratt, .Ann R 1 Sartain, Jack B 1 Sasser, David D 1 Sasser, Nancy F. 1 Saul. Alan J 117. 3 Sauls. H. Rex 117,3 Sauls. Silas B. 82. 4 Saunders, Billy L, ] Saunders, Frank 2 Stuart, Thomas S 2 Savery, Rex T 104,244,2 Savitt, Dick 3 Sawyer, Blanche A 1 Sawyer, Calvin L. 82.4 Sawyer, Horace K.. Jr. 1 Savers, Donald D 1 Sayers. William F.. Jr 159,3 Scarboro, Carol G 1 Scarborough, Junius F., Jr 3 Scheer, Marian B 1 Schell, Susan L. Schewe, Michael J 1 Schiff, Albert J. 117,3 SchiRman, Harrv B. 104.3 Schlacter. John L. 1 Schlapkohl, Richard H. 1 Schlesinger. Richard J 1 Schlosser. Emil S., Jr 82,3 Schmidt, Alice M 117,2 Schmidt, Marjorie G 1 Schneider, Norbert J 1 Schneider, William M. 1 Schnitzer. Mark C. 104. 3 Page 440 BRADY S Durham Highway DELICIOUS FOOD Facilities for Private Parties Come in for Royal Welcome Service JRAKE RELINING AND REPAIRS MOTOR TUNING WILLIAMS Pure Oil Service 424 West Franklin St. Phone 942-4452 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments Village Barber Shop Across from the Post Office Finer quality . . . Greater selection FOWLER ' S FOOD STORE West Franklin Street Chapel Hill Page 441 STUDENT INDEX Na Pages Schnoor, Donald J 144 Schnupper. John G. 130 Schoch, Arch K 82, 165, 386 Schoch, Robert R. 117, 386 Schoels, Arthur B., Jr 117 Schonfeld, Hyman K 169 Schreiber, James R 163 Schrin, Donald R 104. 234, 259, 262 Schroider, Clement V. 104 Schrum, Gerald H 130 Schuchardt, Louise N 130 Schulimson, Michael . 381 Schuller, Jeremy C. - 130 Schultz, John F 130. 377 Schwartz. David M 130 Schwartz, Elliott M 163 Schwartz, 0»o 82 Schweitzer, Howard L 104. 380 Schwoebei. Louis H 164 Scobie. David E 258 Scott, Becky 234 Scott, Care C 82 Scott, Charles K 82, 331. 376 Scott. Chris M 130 Scott, Henry D 130 Scott, John D 130 Scolt, Orvel N.. Jr 130 Scott, Ralph, Jr 82 Scott, Robert L 169 Ccotl, Samuel E 157 Scolt, Thomas F., Jr 130 Scruggs, David F. D.. Jr 82 Scruggs, Eugene V., Jr 130 Seagle. Thomas C 130 Seago, John V 130, 361 Seagraves, Byron L. 130 Sears, Jerry C. 104 Sears. Thomas H.. Jr. 153 Seastrom, George R. .82. 263, 267 Seate, Billy F 130 Sealon, Johnnye M 82, 346 Seawell, Charles C 104 Seawell, Theodore G. 82, 410 Sechler, John J 104 Sechrest. Melville L 130 Seely, Fred L 130 Secman, John A 130 Segrest, Robert T — Sehorn, Samuel L. 117 Seigle, Edward 397 Selhy. Sara R 82 Selden, William W., Jr. 104, 214 Seligman. Marcus B. 130 Sellers. Alva B.. Jr. 130 Sellers. Frances E. 169 Sellers. Mark A., Jr. 82 Senkus. William M. 117 Sentelle. David B. ,130 Sentelle. Mary F. , 104 SesBoms. Mr. Douglas H. 213 Settlemyre. Elizabeth A. 139 Setzer. Paul 183 Setzler. Ralph C. Jr. 150 Sevier, Robert E. 82. 320. 321. 348. 350. 354 N. 130. 339 82. 348 218. 344. 414 Sewell. Rudy Sexton. Phyllis A Sexton. Steven C. Seyle. Gerald L 130 Seymour. Glynn D 130 Seymour, William G 117, 350 Shad. Stephen 357 Shaffer. Charles M.. Jr 117,187,360 Shaffer, Stephen R 157 Shaffer, William S 104, 384 Shaffner, Randolph P 83 Shanahari. Richard J.. Jr 104.356 Shankle. William I. 117 Shapiro. Gordon H. 130. 397 Shapiro. Ira C. . 397 Shapiro. Samuel M. 104 Sharp, John D. . 104 Sharp. Joyce A. 104. 348 Sharp. Lora L. 83, 228 Sharp, Michael R. , 83, 266, 382, 401 Sharpe, Adelaide R 138, 347 Sharpe, Benny S 164 Shavender, Eugene F 117,229 Shaver, Huitt R 130 Shaw, Dorothy J. . 83, 218. 243. 334. 335. 340 Shaw, John A 130. 384 Shaw. John D.. IV 384 Shaw, Mary C 136 Shaw, Philip C 117 Shaw, Theodore R.. Jr. 130 Shaw. William 1 104 Shearin. Charles W 83 Shearin. Jane C. 83 Shearin. Wiley H.. Jr. 83 Shedd. Jon D. 104 Shelburne. John D. 130 Shell. John H 150 Name Pages Shell. William R 130 Shelley. Rowland Mc 117 Shelor. James D 130 Shelton. Charles B 148,370 Shellon. Frank W 130 Shelton. George E.. Ill 130 Shepard. Lee - . 347 Shepard. Lucius , 395 Shepherd. Daniel B. 117 Shepherd, Thomas R. 104 Shepherd, William A 83 Sheppard, James D., Jr 83 Sheps, David S 130 Sherer, Robert G.. Jr 83 Shermer. Richard W 157 Sherrill. John A. 104. 250. 350. 386 Sherrill. J. Wayne 130 Sherrill. Robert M. 130, 371 Shertod, James H. 130 Sherwood, Barbara A. 83, 348 Shilts. John A. 130 Shinn. Harold L 131 Shinn. John B 159 Shinn. Paul A 104 Shins. Richard M 118. 397 Shipp. William P. . 83. 195. 252. 320. 364 Shively. John T. 131 Shoaf. Milton B.. Jr. . 131 Shoemaker. William W 83 Shoffner. Robert L.. Jr. 118 Shohan. Robert J. 104 Shook. Ronald E 131 Shope. Judith A 336 Short. Gerald L. 404 Short. Janice C. 104. 247 Short. Macon W. 118 Shouse. Larrv R. 118 Shroat, Jerry G. 131 Shubkin, Ronald L. 83 Shue. Robert S. 118 Shuford. Abner P 83. 350. 351. 360 Shuford. Fuller A 156 Shuford. Gene M 83, 356 Shuford, Jack 357 Shugart, Dorothy B 137, 328 Shulimson, Michael D 118 Shull, Joseph R., Ill 131, 385 Sibold, Madge H. 83 Sicelott, Jim C. 118 Sickles, Arthur D., Jr. 131 Sidbury. William M 83, 205 Sides, Evin H.. Ill 159 Sieber. Peter J. 131 Siegel. Edward M.. Jr. 131 Sienknecht. Martha E. 83. 342 Sifford. Jerry L. 131 Sigmon. Becky A. 104, 209 Sigmon. James L., Jr. 8.1, 215 Sikes, Bonnie S. . . 135 Silber. Edward J. 83 an. Scott L. Sills, 169 Silver. Frank M. 131 Silver. Suzanne C. 83. 346 Silverstein. Howard T 83. 380 Sime. Myron S. 144. 408 Simmons. Howard D. 84. 396 Simmons. Linda B. 84. 414 Simmons. Michael R 131 Simmons. Robert G 104 Simmons. Russell E.. Jr 131, 254 Simonds, Albert R., Jr 131 Simonton, Vince 205 Simpson, A. J 360 Simpson. Bill R 84 Simpson. Bryan 131. 361 Simpson. Cecil O.. Jr. 104 Simpson. David M. 104. 372 Simpson. Evander S 118. 352 Simpson. Henry M. 165 Simpson. James A., Jr. 360 Simpson. Mary S. , 84. 219. 243. 317. 334. 344 Simpson. Oscar R.. Ill 84 Simpson. Robert B. 131 Simpson. Taliaferro S 84. 234 Sims. James V 104 Sims. Marion D.. Ill 131 Singer. Richard G. 131. 396 Singletarv. James R.. Jr. 131 Singletarv. Leilh P 118 Singletarv. Robert L. 104. 203 Sitton. Linda E. 108.137.262 Sjohlm. John A. 131 Skakle. Mr. Don 200, 201 Skeen, McDuffy B 104 Skees, Robert D 118 Skerrett, Victor R. 169 Skoglund. Palmer L.. Jr 104 Slack. John M 131 Slate. Stephanie A 84, 334, 340 Slaltery, Moke 411 Slaughter, James S., Ill 131 Sloan, David C. 118 SI an. James B 84. 266, 350, 372 SI )an, Sarah R 104. 209,229,347 SI op. Conrad 204 SI tsky. Myron L. 118,392 Sn all, John C 104 Sn all. Ronald H 131 Sn alley, Alan H 169 •Sn alley, Elizabeth S. . 169 .Sn art. Thomas E. . . . 144,409 Sn art. William H. , . . 131 Sn ith. Albert H 142, 408 Sn ith. Brenda P 84 Sn ith. Calvin U.. Jr. 84 Sn Ith. CarolAnn F. 118. 229. 338 Sn ith. Carolyn J. , 131 Sn ith. Charles M.. Jr. 118 Sn ith. Christopher M. 118,382 Sn ith. Clayton B.. Jr. 152 Smith. Dana L 104,342 Sn ith. Daphne A. , . . 84 Sn ith. David I 165 Sn ith. David L 104 Sn ith. David V 165 Sn ith. Deanne Mc. 84, 336 Sn ith. Donald N.. Jr. 84 Sn ith. Doris J. 84 Sn ith. Douglas C. 84. 350. 386 Sn ith. Edward C. Jr. 118. 377 Sn ith. Edwin C. , ,, 131, 377 Sn ith. Elaine C 104 Sn ith. Frank J. 84 Sn ith. Fred J. . 151 Sm Ith. Fred R. , 183 Sn ith. Glenn M. 131 .Sn ith. Herbert F. 84 Sn ith. James E.. Jr. 131 Sm ith. James F. 131 Sm ith. James F. 156 Sm ith. Jean A 344 Sm ith. Jerry W 118 .Sm ith. John T 131,228 •Sm ith. Joseph G.. Jr. 146, 407 .Sm ith, Kirbv L 118,320 Sn ith, Lila W 246 Sm ith, Linda K 135 Sm ith, Marion H. , 156 s™ ith. Marion H.. Jr. 131 Sm ith. Mary A. 131 Sn ith. Marv R 136 104 Sm ith. Norman E. 84, 394 Sm ith. Olen B.. Jr. 84, 412 Sn ith. Philip C 104 Sn ith. Philip L. 118. 235. 249. 338 Sn ith. Pollyanna W. 84 Sm ith. Ravniond F. 118 Sn ith. Reginald B. 131 Sm ith. Richard W. , , 118. 376 Sm ith. Robert B.. Ill 131 Sm ith. Robert B.. Jr. 165 Sm ith. Robert C. , , . , 118.382 Sm ith. Robert H. , 104 Sm ith. Rodney L. 118 Sm ith. Ronald E. , 131 Sm ith. Ronnie J 104 Sm ith. Roy B.. Jr. 145. 409. 413 Sm ith. Samuel G. , 84 Sm ith. Samuel I. 153 Sm ith. Scott H. 131 Sm ith. Thomas K. 152 Sm ith. Thomas L. 118 Sm ith. Thurman L. Ul Sm ith. Tony M. 118 Sm ith. Troy 387 Sm ith. William J. 84 Sm ith. Windell B. 131 Wil 118 Smout, Arthur F. 118 Smyre. Billy M. 144 Srayre. Herbert L. 104. 331 Snavely. Dan Mc. 104. 376 Sneed. Albert L.. Jr. 131. 355 Snell. Thomas R. 131 Snelling. David B.. Jr. 84 Snider. Conward B. 118 Snider. Tim 131 Snider. William H 150 Snook. Harry D. 131, 367 Snow. Guv L 85 Snyder. Charles E.. Ill 131 Snyder. James W 131 Soitol. George J 118 Soles. William R. 118 Solin. Lester L.. Jr. 118.203,392 Solomon, Albert J 118, 380 Solomon, Ellen J 138, 228 Solomon. Herbert R. 131,381 Solter. Alan W 131 Somers. Bobby V. 164 Name Pages Somers. Larry G 118 Sommerfeld, Mrs. Emma K 404 Sonneborn. Jay A., 11 165 Sorrell. Ethel E 139 Sory. Jo-Ann V 85,328,348 Sossamon, Jon L 85 Southard, John W 104,331 Southern, Chester W., Jr. 104 Sowder. John H 118 Sowers, Jerry W 150 Spach. Rov L.. Jr. ... 104. 390 Spaeder. Susan M. E. 118. 335 Spainhour. W. Judson, Jr. 85. 412 Spangler. Arthur N., Jr. 131 Spangler. Karen L 85 Sparrow. Frances W 231 Sparrow. John T. 131 Spearman. Robert W. 120. 131 Spears. Jean S 104,349 Specher. Hugo 118 Speicher. Martin L 131 Speiden. Nancy W 138 Spell. Oscar C 131 Spence. Oris P 118 Spencer. Ann C 118 Spencer, Grimkey R., HI 131 Spencer, James C, Jr. 104, 356 Spencer, Judith A 138 Spencer, Theodore R., Jr 131 Spencer, Tracy 349 Spencer, W. Wiggins 131 Spicola. Cynthia A 151 Spies, Peter F 131 Spivey, Elizabeth H. 85, 209, 338 Spivev, Teddy R. 118 Spoon. James M.. Jr. 85. 362 Spring. Harry C. 131 Sprigen. Donald 235 Springs. Sandra C. 139 Sprinkle. Michael D 85. 250 Sprott. Richard L 85. 368 Spruill. James A. 131 Spruill. James H. 118 Spurrier. Barry W. 85. 244 Spurrier. Elmer R. 169 Spurrier. William W 118 Squillario. George D 85. 390 Squires. Emily H 104. 340 Stacey. Larry M 85 Stack. James T. 85. 362 Stack. Robert C 131 Stafford, Robert B 131 Stalker, James C. 85 Stallings. John G. 104. 216. 217. 362 Stallings. Patricia A. . 85. 189. 218, 348 Stallings, William F 104 Slamey, Gary M. 144 Stamps. William D 104 Stanford. C. Glenn 131 Stanley. Hugh P 131 Stanley. James L 85. 364 Stanley. Ronald W 131.183 Stanley. William E., Jr. 131 Staples. Miss Julia 239 Stapleton. Donald R 104,241,256 Starczewski. Bob 183 Stark. Lucien H 105,412 Starke. Mary M. 105 Starnes. Alvin B.. Jr 85 Starnes, Jimmy D. 131 Starnes. Thomas M. 163 Starr. Melvin T. 118 Staunton. Sally F. .169 Sterns. Junius S. 131 Stebbins. Mary P. . 131 Steele. Larry 205 Steelman. Ronald H 131 Stein. Jav J. 131. 397 Steinberg. Theodore L 118 Sleinhauser. Rahel A. K 118 Stem. Jasper G. 85, 412 Stembler, John H.. Jr 131. 265. 361 Stennett. Nancy K. 85. 336. 414 Stephan. Richard H 85 Stephenson. James P., Jr 118 Stephenson, Larry A 163 Stephenson. Leonard M.. Jr 118 Stephenson. Margaret T 105.347 Stephenson. Mary R 85 Stephenson. Ruth E 169 Stephenson. Shelby D 164 Stepp. Otis E., Jr 105,258.378 Stepp. William H.. Jr 164 Stern. Jerome H 230 Stern. Maxine 230 Stevens. Elliott W.. Jr. . 85. 257. 331. 388 Stevens. Harrell H.. Jr. 131.363 Stevens. Michael J. 131 Stevenson. Clement 118. 356 Stewart. James C 105 Stewart. Joseph D 150 Stikeleather. Rebecca L 105.250,349 Stiles, Eddie P. 157 Stilling. Paul C. 131,395 Page 442 «i : n; f Page 443 STUDENT INDEX Stodda rd, Bev rly r Stodda rd, Leo ora 1 Stoess Stogow Slokel ski, Jos y. Willia C. eph J m R. Stokes Slokes Angelv , Donald n W. S. Stokes Slokes Jerry Monfo d Y. Stokes Nancy E. 86. 218. 241. 334, 336 105, 265, 332. 105, 200, 201, 384 Stophel, Charles C, Stott, Johnnie Stott. Welton H. Straughan. Jam, Stratton. Willia Straughn. Willii -Strawhun. Sand .wn, Sylvia ■et. Nicholas bling. Willii ckland. Can ame Taber, Cameron L. Tadlock, Carol A. Talbert, John W., Jr Tallev. James M.. Jr Talmadge, William C Tandy. Mary E. - - Tankard. Lee D. Tarleton, Larry W. Tarleton. Vernon L. Tarleton. Jane Tarleton. Jane Tatalias, Kosmo D. Tate. Charles M. , , Tate, Martha J. Taylor. Charles E. Daniel L. Edwin A. Elliott R., kland. G. Kent . kland. Gerald C. kland. James D. kland. Paul G. kland, Roger C. Strother. Joseph M. Stroud. Jerry S. - Str. Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. Taylor, Judith C. Taylor. Kathryn M. 86 Taylor. Lawrence A. 169 Taylor. Nathaniel D, 86. 257. 263, 362 Tavlor, Norwood T. R 142,406 L. 131, 203, 391 M. 105 Str, Willi! Stuart, Archie D., Jr Stuart, Burton W., J Stuart. Gary B. Stubbs. Clifford E. Stubbs. Robert L. Stubbs. Trawick H. 118. 217. 241. 250. Stubbs. William L 118 Stuhl. Judith L 86. 221 Slull. Carlyle E.. Jr. 118 Stultz. John H.. Jr. 86. 241, 324 Sturges, Conrad B., Jr. 105 Sturm, Theodore A., II 105. 226. 322, 384 Tho aid C. R.. Fred P. 105. 350. 351. 384 II 118. 213. 231. 255 Summey, John H. Summey, William L., II Surles, Junius B. Surles. Oliyer S Sutherland. Elizabeth G. Sutherland, Nancy E. Sutphin, Hugh E. Suttle, Joseph L Sutton, Corrina S Sutton, Linda Sutton, Margaret J. Sutton. Stark Swain. Betsy F. Swain. Linwood I Swain. Virginia H Ann Swann. Edward , Swansson. James H. Swaringer, Roy A.. J Sweaney, Mary F. Sweeney, E. Anne Sweeny, Dennis Swicegood, William I Swift, Peter G. Swiggett, Henry C. Swing, Jeffrey B. Swing, Paul Swofford, Ronald L. Swofford, Stephen P. Sylvia, Bruce Symons. Ann C Szenasy. Anthony S. Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. Tho 1 J. A.. Jr , Wad Willi , William A. , Roger k. . . Teaney. Myron R. . Teasdale, Anlonia . . Teasley, Howell K. Tedesco. John J. . Teeter. Ronald E. . Temple. Burwell, Jr. Temple, Gray, Jr. . . Temple. John H. Temple. Virginia P. Temple. William S. Eug, 86. 218, 334, 346 Linda J. Tempi Tennant. Lind; Tennille. Wils Terrell, Joe L. Teretta, Carolyn 1 Terry, Sam J. Tesh, Esther M. Tesh, Linda L. Tesh, Ray F. Tew, Franklin T. B.. Ill 132. 229. 369 R. 132, 355 Thar n, Blake W Ihav -r, Thomas B. Ther ell, Howard W. Thom as. Billy F Thom as, Blake K. 105 198. 207, Thom as. Catherine R. 87, 254 Thnn, as. Clifton B., Jr Thom as, David L. ,, 118 5, James P. . », John H 132. 357. 9. Julian A. s, Linda C. . . ,87. J, Meredith G. . , 5, Michael M. h. Philip W. 132. s. Ramona J. .. Robert E. s. Rov H s. Timothy G. . 118. Emily C. Alexander S.. Jr Tho Tho Thompson. B Thompson. Charles C. Thompson. Charles L. Thompson, Forrest V., Jr Thompson, Fred C, Jr. Thompson, Henry E.. Ill Thompson. Herman O.. J Thompson, James A. - 142, 331. 344. 405 niame Pages Thompson, James C 105 Thompson, John L. 385 Thompson, Loy D.. Ill 360 Thompson. Lynn E 105, 341 Thompson, Oscar H 132, 371 Thompson, Marv L 341 Thompson. Peter A. 87, 238, 239, 255, 320, 321, 324, 412 Thompson, Rhonda A. 136 Thompson, Robert B. 105 Thompson. Samuel G. 132. 399 Thompson. Tarlton R.. Jr. . 164 Thompson. Thomas A 132. 357 Thompson. Toni L. 136. 243 Thornburg. Johnny C. 132 Thornton. William G. 119, 251. 252. 413 Thorpe. Martha S 137. 247, 341 Thum, Richard C. 132 Thuss. John W 105. 368 Tibbets. Lucinda F 119, 338 Tiedeman, Barry 205 Tilden, Douglas F. 132 Tilden, Roland S 105 Tillman. Nancy W 132. 262 Timmons. Virginia R. 87. 229 Tinkler, John B. 105 Tippett, Joe W. 87 Tips, Robert K 105, 322 Tipton. Maty 1 87 Tison. Joseph S 132 Tjin-A-Lien. Puilan C 169 Toan. Dorelle 138 Tocce. Harry V.. Jr. 105 Todd. Jack L. 87 Todd. Jerry H. 119 Todd. June C. 105 Todd, William H. . 144 Tognoli, Jerome J. 87. 226. 230. 231, 322 Toms, Frederic E 119 Tonev, Ma% E 87 Topkins, Bill C. 132 Toppell. Kenneth L. 119, 392 Topping, John H 132 Torrence, Rebecca L 87 Townsend, Jerry L 105 Townsend. Mary R. . . 87, 231, 238, 239, 252, 317, 340 Townsend, William H. 105, 230, 231, 362 Townson, Grace W. 105, 225, 341 Toy, Wanda S. 138 Trachtenberg. Ronald L 119 Trainer. Michael G. 105 Travis, D. Ann 87 Trawick. David E. 152 Travnham. Donald M. 119 Trembath. Linda 135 Trenbath. Richard S 132 Trent. William C. Jr 132, 369 Trepke, Frank J. 105 Trimble, William M. 132. 183 Tripp. Jimmy N. 132 Trogdon. Calvin L. . 132 Trotter. Edwin S. 132. 183. 385 Troutman. Charles W 105, 402 Trov. Helen J. 132 Truehlood, Reginald C 105, 169 Trull, Charles S 119, 217, 255 Trull, James L, 105,356 Tsaganos. Michael C. 105 Tucker. William B.. Ill 105 Tulloch. Charles W. 150. 251 Tullock. Berkley L 369 Tunstall. Joan E. 105. 345 Tunstall. John N 87, 250 Turbeville. Jimmy M ,119 Turnbull. Katberine L 105 Turner. Alvis G.. Jr 169 Turner. Ann D. 135 Turner. Benjamin S. 119 Turner. Donald W. 119 Turner. Eleanor E. 87. 344 Turner. Gerald P 153 Turner. James P 132 Turner. John G., Ill 87, 412 Turner. John P 119 Turner. Joseph G.. Jr 105, 352 Turner, Lynwood C. Jr 388 Turner. Margaret M. Marshall L.. Jr, Mary A Wil Tun Tun Tutbill, Ron Tuthill, Walter Tutt, Henry P. Tuttle. Charles Tultle. Robert : Tuttl». Roland Twiddy. Raymo Tyle Albe; Tyndall. John R. Tysinger. Ronnie Tyson. Judith A. Tyson. William R u Ulfelder. John 195. ; Umberger. Wallace R.. Jr. i Underwood. Carroll J. Underwood, David P 105,351,; Underwood, Elaine W 1 Underwood, Evelyn C 88, ■) Underwood, William E., Jr 1 Upchurch, Gilbert R. 1 Unchurch. Tommy D 1 Unchurch. Vicki G. 1 Unchurch, William M. ] Updegrave. Robert K 1 Upp. Lindell F. 2 Uppercue. Charles Q I Upton, Jack H 144, 4 Urso, Rosario - ,| Ussher, Beth , . ] Uzzell, Corinne H. 1 Uzzle, M. Lou - Vaden, Joyce C. 137 Vahldieck, Rosemary K 169 Vanderborre, Suzanne M 137. 342 Vanderberrv, Robert C. 389 Vanderwarker. Richard D.. Jr 389 Vandvne. Martin J 331 VanEvery. Mary L 218 Van Lear. Murray M., II 132 Vann. Howard A. 88. 2S8, 262. 267 Van Noppen. John J.. IV 119 Van Noppen. Thomas P 132 Van Orman. Chandler L 384 VanPelt. David S. 105. 362 . 1,1-1. TV. Lee P.. Jr 105. 386 .,ii jlk.nburgh. Lvla-Gaye 88.340 Van Vlaanderen. Judee T. 105. 349 Van Wolkenten. Raymond V.. Jr. 132 Vaughan. Charles J 88.352 Vaughan. Jospeh B. 132 Vaughan. Sarah J. 132 Vaughan. William H. 88. 244 Vaughn. Harold S. 119 Vaughn. Henry F.. Jr 119 Vaughn. James G - 88 Vaughn. Larry J 88 Vaughn. Sandra M 119 Veatcb. Robert L 106,252 Venable. Jerrv 413 Venters. Margaret C. 106, 349 Venters, Wayne B. 158 Ma 234 119. 413 163 106 Vestal. Ivev C. Vick. Davi,i R. Vick. William M. Virkers. Laurence H.. J Vincent. Charles R. Viirent. Sylvia S. Vines. Thelma W. 169 Vinroot. Richard A. 92. 106. 188. 370 Vinson. Carol D. 106 Vinson, Thomas W 151 Vitek, Richard J 119 Viverette, Jo A 138 Viveretle, Ralph K., Jr 132 Vogler, Patricia 88 Voorhees, Pieter B. - 119 Vrancken, Lee 169 w Wachs, Marvin D. 106. 322 Wacker. Robert J 88. 198. 388 Waddell. Cole 106. 235 Waddell. Edwina D. 119, 349 Waddell. Lewis E.. Jr. 119 Wade. Barbara L 132 Wagensell. John W. 119 Wagner. James R 106 Wagner, Thelma P. 88 Page 444 STUDENT INDEX Tiame Pages Wagoner, John B. 88 Wait, John S., Jr. 376 Waite, Edwin A. . 106, 366 Waizeneeger, Uwe 132, 355 Wales, Heathcote 132 Wales, Pete 235 Walker, David S 88 Walker, Elizabeth A, . 92. 106. 253. 341 Walker, Frank H 165 Walker, James F. 169 Walke Walker, Joel W. Walker, Leon S. Walker, Michael Walker, Paul Walke: Walke Walke Walke Walke: 152 145, 407 Robe: Wallace Wallace Wallac Wallac. Wallace Wallace Wallac. Willette . . . Waller, Elizabeth C. Waller, James H. - , Waller, Sara J Walmsley. Paul Walser, Albert F. Walser, Ronald E, Walsh, John T. Walsh, Joseph D. Walsh. Linda L. . Walston, .Man- E. Walston. William A. Daniel M. aid P. Alai Walter, Walter, Walters Wallers Walters Walton Walton Walton Ward, Elizabeth D, Ward. Frank J., Jr. Ward, Gene L. Ward, George T. Ward. V. LeVe ick, John D.. Jr. ick. Lawrence D.. Jr nbrod. William K. ler, John B )er, Jonathan F. ler, Lynne ler, Marv C, , ler. Melvin J. ■en, Alexander M, en, Alfred D. ■en. Alwood B, en, Harold E ■en, James R. Watkins. Claudii Watkinsi Howarc Watkins, Stephen E., Jr. 89, 381 Watkins, George H. Watson, Barny V. Watson, Charles A 132. 244, Watson, David T, Watson, Thomas C. Jr 106, Watt, D, Stan Watts, Josephine S Watts. Mitchell W 142, 215, Wearb, Jerome J Weatherly, William J Weatherly, William J„ III 89. Weatherman, Julia M Weathers, William A Weaver, Elisha P, Weaver, George A. Weaver, George R„ Jr 89, Weaver. Macon M Weaver. Ronald N Weaver. Rov E Webb, Joe C 106.328, Weber. Jon G. Webster. Elizabeth F 136. Webster. Ernest R Webster. Hugh B. Webster. Thomas C 145 408 4. 363 156 354 357 169 406 132 132 400 89 132 89 165 412 169 119 106 370 Wedle: Frederick C. 132 Weeks. Ja 88 Weeks. Marv A. 132 Weeks. Orin H. 106. 349 W eeks. Richard : 119 Weeks. Robert 119. 378 Weeldreyer, Sha: 136, 229 106 132 151 160, 248. 354 106 Weei Wil !igel. John T., Jr Weil, Alan Weil. Charles B W eiL Mariana P. ' . Weiler. Robert K Welborn. Barry Mc Welch. John B. 106,213.241.244,: Welch, Sandra H, 89, 396 Wells, 106, 349 Wells, 119 W lls, 132 Wells, 165 Welsh, 132 Welt on Wells, Edward W, Wells. George O. Wells, George R. Harold W., Charles R. Werbe, Thomas C, III W ' esley, Ralph N,, Jr. - West. Edwin L., Jr. 132 Westmoreland. Jerrv T. 106 Westmoreland. Melinda 132 Weston, Jerry S. 89 Whedbee, Charles M. 89. 410 Whedbee, Elizabeth M. 139 Wheeler. Grant W. 89. 346 Wheeler. William H., r. 132. .391 Wheeless, Clifford R. 106 Wheless, Dwight H, 106. 231 .239 132, 183 367 119 Wheless. Glenn A. , 132, 379 Whichard, Obie G. 106 Whicbard. tt illis P. P.9, 241 , 251 251, 338 321 119, 382 Whicker. Dewev L. 11 ' 163 Whicker. James H. 9( 89. 356 Whicker. Stephen M. Whidden. Elizabeth C. Whipple. Nancy E. 119, 411 132 Whisnant. Jack S. 119 414 Whisnant. Ralph B. 89 Whisnant. William V 1( i 24? Whisonant, Don S. Whitaker. Barry W. 89, 388 132, 389 Whitaker. P. Gaye ... ! 1, 336 Whitaker. Phillip S White. Charles R. 1 119. 402 White Marv S. .. White Milhern C. Jr White Otto, Jr. While Ralph A., Jr. Aume Pages White. Ralph L. 106 White. Spencer W 106 White, Thomas J„ HI 106.250.360 White. William P, D 90, 352 White. William R. 133 Whitehurst, Edward R„ Jr 90 Whiteside, Carl T. 133, 377 Whitfield, Bobbv G 133 Whitfield. Charlie 158 Whitfield, Elizabeth C. 119 Whitfield, Mary A. 169 Whitfield. Paul 163 Whitfield. William J. 1.13 Whitley. Anna P. 137 Whitkv. Harvev F. 1.33 Whitlev. Jack W. 133 Whitlev. John B. 164 Whitlev. Robert R. 133 Whillock. Dia Whit Whit n. Jack aker, Elizabeth V. 90. 229, 262, 346 enton, William R.. Jr 90 Whit Whit Whittle, Andrew H, 106, Whittv, John R. Wicker, Bryant K. Wicker. Jade W. Wicker. Raymond B. Wiggins, Joseph R., Jr Wiggs, Carol J 90, Wilday, James R 133, Wilday, Peter B 90. Wilder, Bobby H, Wilder, Henry M„ Jr Wilder. Richard B Wiles. Clarence D. 133. Wilkerson. Robert L 106. Wilkes, James R., Ill Wilkes, William P„ Jr Wilkins, Hildreth F.. Jr Wilkinson. David H Willard, Kenneth H 133, Willard, Spencer D W illette, Alvin A Williams, Anne C, 90, 234. Williams, Archibald H. A Williams. Bernard F., Jr Williams, Berrv L Williams, Bruce Williams, Charles W 90, Williams, David L Williams, David M. Williams, David R. 119,231.235, Williams, Henry K. R. Williams, James E Williams. James R. Williams. John B.. Ill Williams. Joseph B.. Ill .. 90.259, Williams. Joseph J. Williams. Larrv A. Williams. Michael R. Willia ul J. Ralph B. Ray A. , Rhoderick T.. Richard D. Richard M. Russell E.. Jr Walte Willia Wil B., Ill 119 I T. 142. 244. 245. 255. H. I.. Jr. amson. Robert E. amson. R. Yates. Jr ard. Helen G. ford. Thomas A man. Joseph P 119, ngham. Drew ngham. Francis F., Jr s. Benjamin S., Jr 106, s, Dewey W a. Phillip M. 8, Weston A 1, Virginia L ion, Leroy M.. Jr verth. Mary A 135, on, Augustus D an, David B. on. David K., Jr on, David S. on, Elizabeth S 90, on, Franklin, Jr on, Harold L. 119.350, on, Herbert D., Jr John D. Kenneth E. Leonard W. Margaret A. M. Braxton. Jr A. 91, 346 91, 328, 253 Richard B. Robert W., Jr. Ronald D. Thomas M. . le. Stan , Aubrey B., . , Charles R, Heber W., Jr, Larry W Wils. Wils. Windbor Windhat Windhar Windlev Windlev Winfree. Winkelman. Andrew J 133 Winner. Dennis J 119,380 Winslow. James E. 133 W instead. Charlotte S 119. 348 Wi: Harold V. Jimmy G. 106. 364 106 Winthr. Vi ise. George M. . 91 Wise. Lvnnora M. 147 Wishon, Brenda F. . 106 Wismer. Henry R. 119 Withers. Abner C. 156 W itherspoon. Walter P 152 Witt. Peter R 133 Wilten. Alan H 119 Wolfe. Charles J 133,369 Wolfe. Martha N 213, 246 Wolfe. James L 106 Wolslagel. Earl W 91 Womack. Flora J 106, 347 W. ' omack. James M 169 Womeldove. John H 159 Wommack. Spencer T 133 Wood. Allison E 91,329 Wood. Arnold T 163 Wood. Charles E. 119 Wood. Craig B 119.402 Wood. Elliott S., Jr 91,386 Wood, Evan H 91 Wood, Jerry F 153 Wood, John D. 372 Wood, Lucy A. 106.343 Wood. Robert M 144,407 Wood. Thomas B 163 Wood. Thomas B 183 Woodall, Edward M 164 Woodall, Harold B 133 Woodall. Percv J 119 Woodall. William E.. Jr 133 Woodard. Bill 409 Woodard, Jerry C 119 Woodard. Joyce F. 91 Woodard. Wex A 133 Wooden. Jane S 138 Woodley, Samuel S.. Jr. 164 Woodruff. Robert E. 119 Woodward. Beltv C. 107, 343 Woodward, Susan H 107, 254, 337 Woodward, William E. 169 Woodworth, Michelle E 138 Woodv, Robert E. 133 Woodv. William E. 133 Woolen. Sandra A. 91 Woolman. Mary M 91, 344 Wooten, Bobby G. 152 Woolen. Robin IV. 158 Wooten. William 1 163 Work. Pamela A. 107,347 Worth, Hal v.. Ill 91,398 Worth, JuJv 262 W orth, Thomas C 107, 370 Worthington. James L 107 Wrench. Howard C. 119 Wr nklii Wright, B. Bryan. Jr Wright, Charles W. Wright. Judith C. Wright. Judith L. Wright. Marilyn J. Wright. Thomas W. Wuamett. William V. Wu ch. Ma 107 133 Wurst, Robert C, Wyalt, John C. . . 133 Wyke. Don K. 107 Wvke. Martha A 142,331.405 Wyman. George C 107, 351 Wynne, George V., II 133 Wvnnes, Leo O., Ill . . 107, 414 Wvrick, Priscilla B. . . 91, 243, 317, 320, 328, 340 Wysong. David A 107, 360 Page 445 STUDENT INDEX Yancey, Amelia W. Yancey. Thomas B. . Yarborough, Frank Yates, Ralph L. YalcB. Stephen K. Yeargan, Sherman A., Yeatts, Ralph L. Yewerton. William F. Yingling, Gary L. Yoder, James C. Yoder, Jean C. YoJceley, Richard T. Yoklev. Raymond R. Yost, William F. Youmans, Charles P. Young, Blake Name Pages Young, Inez B. 404 Young, Jack K. 119, 189 Young, Jack W 119 Young, James W 133 Young, J. L 258.259,267 Young. John P 367 Young. Lane ...- 225 Young. Linda H 91, 342 Young. Marion M. 169 Young. Martha P. 107 Young. Nancy R. 119 Young. Paula B. 132 Young. Perry D. 107 Young. Ronald E. 133 Young. Stephen W. 107. 390 Young. Victor P. 133 Young. Wilbur R. 91. 344. 414 Youngman. Dayid J 107 Yount, James A. 107. 331 z Name Pages Zachary. Frank E. 91 Zachary, William A., Jr 133 Zacher, David S 133 Zachorv. Terry L 133 Zahran; Lucy M 144.405 Zalk. Richard Z 107. 229. 392 Zanetti. Dedee M. - 91. 253, 328, 334, 348 Zaron. Jo A. 138 Zarro, Richard 183 Zaslav, Michael J. . , 133 Zeko. John 133 Zett. Mae V. 139 Zezefillis. Bessie T. 107 Zimmerman. George M. 107. 200, 2.54 Zimmerman. Jay. Jr. . 91 Zimmerman. Sandra J. 138 Zwack. David A 107 About the Yackety Yack The text has been set in Bodoni Book type with display heads in Bodoni Bold and Bodoni Campa- nile. The paper is Lustro Gloss, nianuiactiired by the S. D. Warren Company of Boston. Page 446 ORGANIZATION INDEX .406 .366 Academic Affairs Committee A.F.R.O.T.C Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Epsilon Delta . lpha Gamma Delta Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Tau Omega Amateur Radio Club Angel Flight Arnold Air Society Attorney General ' s Staff .. . Audit Board Baptist Student Union Baseball Basketball Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Theta Pi Budget Committee Campus Affairs Canterbury Club Cardboard Carolina Forum Carolina Handbook Carolina Playmakers Carolina Quarterly Carolina Women ' s Council . Cheerleading Chi Omega Chi Phi Chi Psi . . . , Christian Science Communications Committee Cosmopolitan Club Cross Country C.U.S.C 251 .258 .336 .331 .338 .410 .332 .352 .256 .262 .262 250 255 .220 .198 .184 .329 .354 .255 253 .220 .203 .253 .230 .232 .230 .247 .189 .340 .356 .358 .222 .235 223 191 252 224 215 235 147 148 342 360 412 362 Elections Board 254 203 174 120 Daily Tar Heel Dance Committee . . . . Debate Squad Denial Hygiene Dental School Delta Delta Delta . . Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Sigma Pi Delta Upsilon . . . . Fencing . Football . Freshmen General Nursing German ' s Club Gimghoul Golf . _ Gorgon ' s Head Lodge Graham Memorial Activities Board Graham Memorial Student Union Hillel Foundation Honor System Commisison Interdormitory Council Interfraternity Council International Student Board Juniors Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta Kappa Epsilon Kappa Kappa Gamma 139 400 326 202 323 214 212 221 251 .244 350 223 364 344 .405 .346 Kappa Psi Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha 368 Law School 1 0 Lutheran Student Association 221 Mangum Dorm 416 .Medical School 155 Men ' s Council 242 Men ' s Glee Club 237 Monogram Club 204 National Science Foundation 404 National Student Association 252 Newman Club 222 N.R.O.T.C 263 Nursing School 134 Order of the Golden Bear 322 Order of the Golden Fleece 316 Order of the Grail 321 Order of the Minataurs 327 Order of the Old Bean Birds 328 Order of the Old Well 320 Or ientation Committee 257 Pan-Hellenic Council 334 Pharmacy School l™ Phi Beta Kappa 318 Phi Delta Chi 408 Phi Delta Theta 370 Phi Eta Sigma 319 Phi Gamma Delta 372 Phi Kappa Sigma 374 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 402 Physical Therapy 139 Pi Beta Phi 348 Pi Kappa Alpha 376 Pi Kappa Phi 378 Pi Lambda Phi 380 Publications Board 231 Public Health School 166 Rho Chi 330 St. Anthony Hall 382 Scabbard and Blade 267 Secretariat 231 Seniors 53 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 384 Sigma Chi 386 Sigma Nu 388 Sigma Phi Epsilon 390 Soccer 1 " " Society of Janus 324 Sophomores 108 States Affairs 250 Stray Greeks 335 Student Activities Fund Staff 254 Student Athletic Council 207 Student Government 238 Student Legislature 240 Student N.E.A 414 Swimming 1 " 6 Sym posium Committee 248 Tau Epsilon Phi 392 Tennis 200 Theta Chi 394 Track 192 UNCBand 236 University Entertainment Committee 256 University Party 249 Valkyries 317 Women ' s Athletic Association 206 Women ' s Council 243 Women ' s Residence Council 246 Wrestling 194 WUNC 234 Yackety Yack 226 Young Men ' s Christian Association 216 Young Women ' s Christian Association 218 Zeta Beta Tau Zeta Psi 396 .398 Page 447 A LAST WORD If you have read this book from cover to cover, we feel you could not have missed sharing the feeling we have that the NEW 1962 Yack is purposefully different. We should like at this time to point out some of what we call " changes for the best. " The book is conveniently arranged as a quick reference and as an interesting piece of reading material. Yes, we did say reading, if you can spare that much time, for much effort was put forth to make the story of the academic year some- thing more than just a pictorial representation of Carolina. The Year in Retrospect is a newly developed idea which aims to recall every phase of the school year. The three seasons are presented through thoughtfully composed copy and excellent pictures. We hope the faculty section will receive more attention this year than in the past. Along with the Administration, a cross section of outstanding U.N.C. faculty members is presented. This is a small attempt to recognize some of the remarkable men who have contributed to the University of North Carolina being a truly great institute of higher learn- ing. The new Features division is the one we have gotten the most enthusiastic about. The coverage given to some of the outstanding personalities which are brought to Carolina an- nually was greatly needed, as was the coverage of a few of the more important events, such as University Day and Homecoming. A color picture of the Yack queen, and an interesting new idea for a divider added freshness to the section. The twelve pages of Fun is an attempt to pull to- gether that portion of our lives at Carolina which will prob- ably be remembered the longest, and cherished the most. The revised layouts on all of the fraternal groups make for a more interesting presentation ; and for the sake of con- venience, a detailed table of contents, a student index, and an organizations index have been included. Generally speaking, there should be something in the book that will appeal to everyone, at least we hope so. A special note of thanks goes to the following contributors of the 1962 Yackely Yack: Mr. Price Courser — representative from the Charlotte Engraving Company, who was our teacher and helper. Linda Logsdon — without a doubt, the most valuable person on the staff. Linda ' s devoted hard work and in- terest in the book were indispensable and encouraging. She not only typed the entire index by herself, but also aided on almost every other section in the book. Julie Latane — a manager in the true sense, who pro- vided a larger staff of workers than any other previous Yack had ever had, and was amazingly adept at keeping them happy and productive. Chips Weaver, Warren Sams, Frank Crowell, and Richard Zalk — Chips for his pictures of never ceasing excellent quality: Warren for his fine photographs, espe- cially the tremendous color pictures; Richard and Frank for their faithful availability for assignments, anywhere at anytime. The enthusiastic staff in general, and specifically; Dave Coffman — for his fine editing of the fraternity section, and for his assistance with much of the picture captioning; Ellen Solomon — who willingly helped with the comple- tion of many sections in any way she could; Ann Daniels and Ginny Timmons — who were responsible for the en- tire Faculty section, including the tedious task of selecting the individuals to be pictured and the preparation of copy; Jane Paden — who added a beautifully creative touch to the introductory section, the four undergraduate classes, and the beauty section with her extraordinarily fine free verse; Faye Webster, Jay Dinsmore, Sybil Penninger, Bev Desmond, Ann Davisson, Charles Chinnis, John Howe, Mary Aljord, Joy Carr, Marte Kornegay, Henry Chason, Malcolm Kilpatrick, David Cheek, Jack Jones, Frances Jess. David Buxton, Bill Ezzell, Boiling Puller, Jay Bailey, and Al Roseinan — who competently turned out their sections with little trouble. This book was created for the Students of the University of North Carolina. It took many hours of hard work by a large number of people. We, the Editors, sincerely hope that the student body enjoys and approves the 1962 Yackety Yack. DICK REPPUCCI JERRY TOGNOLI Page 448 W ' ' JM » mm -■1 " ' --4- S: ;?V . ' : v, ■:■,■:•• ' !

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