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.. ' . y H THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE COLLECTION OF NORTH CAROLINLANA G378 I960 C.3 UNIVERSITY OF N C T CHAPEL HILI IIIBdillltM 00016885202 This book may be kept out one month unless a recall notice is sent to you. It must be brought to the North Carolina Collection (in Wilson Library) tor renewal. Form No. A-369 13 6 Oil3 PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA BOB AUSTIN. TOM OVERMAN CO-EDITORS JIM SMALLEY BUSINESS MANAGER OBroadway rvipstn " h. Mamers ■ I - WakeForesJ -i i Neuse. J Greshams Mill- brook I ,) :::::::.if o.onia.-J?aleigh Pines A n Garner ' C o e r% u Willow Spr. ngi ' er iFourO %! Coats V H AR H THE Sound of progress... • • • • • t .V, • • « • •••••• • ••••• • ••••• • • • » • « a ..voices ? young and o d, Happy to be a part of the South ' s leading state vol CE! RINGING with hope... with gratitude with ambition CLEAR and TRUE S I N Gl NG Carolina ' s Praises the golden moments along the way SHOUTING with the vigor of youth . . . striving . . . with determination . . . accomplishing . . . iii s fe .Syj ' jiS ' ,- ' N m HAIL TO THE STAR OF ALL . . . Bright with optimism . . .with enthusiasm . . . with the spirit I T RlADIANCE i SHINE 1 Clear ... in the realization of a better tomorrow CAROLINA! PRICELESS GEM, RECE I VE ALL PRAISES THINE SEPTEmBER o .„ .• k: ' . C- l v ' ■ .. ' . -- ' ;: . Orientation DAVID PARKER Chanm.m First Row: Jo Anne Hudson, Jenny Elder, Judy Rock, Sophie Martin, Mary Gregory. Second Rou - Bob Murray, Jimmy Craw- ford, Kay Boortz. Belinda Foy, Sandy Trotman, Melissa Osborne, Marcia Kiingel, Mike Kizziah. Third Rou: Tom Efird, Jim Crownover. Angus Duff, Tom Overman. Don Hearn, David Parker, Rhodes Corbett, R. V. Fulk, Hezzy Miller, John Frye, Glenn Johnson. .i -jLm " ft fiMlrirjL w Yeah, welcome Honor System lectures, the Activities Session, and free flicks all constitute integral parts of the Carolina Orientation Program. This year the Orientation Com- mittee, headed by Chairman David Parker, worked from February until September in planning the six days of meetings, activities, and tours which com- posed the introduction to the UNC campus and the " Carolina Way of Life. " The complete organization included 275 student counselors and various coordi- nators of the committee itself, including: Tom Over- man, Men; Belinda Foy, Women; Marcy Klingel, Foreign Students; and Glenn Johnson, Graduate Stu- dents. The planning and administration of the Orien- tation Committee helped over 2,300 new Carolina students get adjusted to the customs and traditions of our university. " Yes, boys, there is a story to this statue . . . " table of SEPTEMBER Orientation, Administration, Student Government, Student Legislature, Student Council, Women ' s Honor Council, Men ' s Honor Council, Women ' s Residence Council, Men ' s Interdormitory Council, Independent Women ' s Council, Consoli- dated University Student Council, National Student Association. Carolina Forum, Budget Committee, Seniors, juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen. OCTOBER Cheerleaders, U.N.C. Cardboard, Football, U.N.C. Band, Graham Memorial, Homecoming, Fall Germans, Fraternities. . NTENTS NOVEMBER Soccer, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, NROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Sororities, Beauties, Dance Committee, Men ' s Glee Club. DECEMBER Publications Board, Carolina Quarterly, W.U.N. C, Yackety Yack, Daily Tar Heel, Carolina Handbook, Audit Board, Di-Phi Society, Forensic Council, Symposium, Wrestling. JANUARY Sound and Fury, Carolina Playmakers, Basketball, Swimming. FEBRUARY Winter Germans. MARCH YMCA, YWCA, Canterbury Club, Baptist Student Union, Hillel Foundation Nev»- man Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Lutheran Student Association, Wesley Foundation, Track, Cross Country, Golf. APRIL Baseball, Intramurals, Spring Germans. MAY Honoraries, Professional Fraternities, Student N.E.A., Athletic Association, Athletic Council. MBA Club, Women ' s JUNE student Life, Graduate School, School of Law, School of Dentistry, School of Medicine, School of Public Health, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy, Dental Hygiene, Advertising. Administration H !l m WILLIAM B. AYCOCK Chancellor University of North Carolina I ;PIP% WILLIAM M. WHYBURN Vice-President of ihe Consolidated U)iiiersity WILLIAM D. CARMICHAEL, JR. Vice-President and Finance Officer of the Consolidated Unii ' ersity CHARLES M. SHAFFER Director of DevelopDieiit J. ARTHUR BRANCH Business Alafiager 23 JAMES L. GODFREY ' Dea of the Faculty A. C. HOWELL Secretary of the Faculty " w P. |MI A. H. SHEPHARD Business Officer and Treasurer of the Consolidated University DONALD B. ANDERSON Provost of the Consolidated University 24 CHARLES BERNARD Director of Adiiiissioiis EDWIN S. LANIER Director Central Office of Records KATHERINE K. CARMICHAEL Dean of Women 25 CECIL JOHNSON Dean of be General College NORVAL N. LUXON Dean of the School of fourualhni MAURICE W. LEE Dean of the School of Business Administration ERNEST L. MACKIE Dean of Awards and Distinctions J. CARLYLE SITTERSON Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences H p AK rm ij: H. ARNOLD PERRY Dean of the School of Education ARTHUR E. FINK Dean of the School of Social Work LUCILLE B. HENDERSON Dean of the School of Library Science RAY JEFFERIES Assista 2t to the Dean of Student Affairs FRED H. WEAVER Dean of Student Affairs WILLIAM LONG Assistant Dean of Student Affairs 28 flFROTC CAPTAIN CHARLES J. HALL Commandant oj Cadets Capt. VCilliam E. Moore, Capt. Thomas R. Humphrey, Lt. CoL GurJun D. Kage, Major William D. Locke, Capt. Charles J. Hall. MAJOR WILLIAM D. LOCKE Executive Officer miLITRRY HERDS nROTC CAPTAIN E. L. FOSTER Commanding Officer Lt. C. H. Wright, Jr., LCDR R. D. Bartlett, Major L. C. Shepherd, HI, LCDR C. T. Selden, Lt. (j.g.) M. S. Carswell. MAJOR L. C. SHEPHERD, III Acting Executive Officer 29 Department Heads First Row: Dorothy C. Atkins, Psychology; Charles E. Bowerman, Sociology and Anthropology; Bernard Boyd, Re- ligion; John N. Couch, Botany. Second Row: H. D. Crockford, Chemistry; Harry E. Davis, Dramatic Art; Robert J. Getty, Classics; Fletcher M. Green, History; Everett W. Hall, Philosophy. T jkd Row: Glen Haydon, Music; Hugh C. Holman, Eng- lish; Roy L. Ingram, Geology and Geography; F. Burton Jones, Mathematics. Fourth Row: S. Shepard Jones, Political Science; Lt. Col. Gordon Kage, Air Science; John G. Kunstman, German; Charles F. Milner, Extension Division; Everett P. Palmetier, Physics. Fifth Row: Joseph C. Sloane, Art; Sterling A. Stoudemire, Romance Languages; Capt. Carl Tiedeman, Naval Science; Earl Wynn, Radio, TV and Motion Pictures. Student Government EXECUTIVE CHARLIE GRAY President of the Student Body Student Government at Carolina was instituted for the purpose of studying and attempting to solve the various problems which confront the student. This year ' s administration has placed strong em- phasis on creating an intellectual and international awareness on campus. Some of our big projects for the year have been the instituting of two Interna- tional Awareness Weeks, an active Academic Affairs Committee, a Last Lecture Series, a Mock Democratic DAVID GRIGG Vice-President Convention, a Constitutional Revision Committee, a Student Government Investment Fund, an Exchange Agreement with the University of Toronto, and a drive for a new student union. Student Government hopes to develop mature leadership which will prepare students for respon- sible decisions in their future communities. PRESIDEnrS CRBinET First Row: Bob Bingham, Sue Wood, Charlie Gray, Cynthia Grant, Sandy Trotman, Jim Crownover. Second Row: Jack Spain, Joe Hearndon, Bob Thompson. David Grigg. Bob Sevier. BOB BINGHAM Treaniier MISS STAPLES Executive Secretary JACK SPAIN Attorney Geiteml COmmiTTEE HERDS Seated: Frank Crowther, Pappy Churchill. Mike Lanham, John Randall. Shiiidivg: Erwin Fuller, Bob Thompson, Harold O ' Tuel, Jim Scott, Gordon Street. Jay Deitell. LEGISLRTURE MAXIXH GREENFIELD Clerk DAVID URlOL, Speaker STUDERT JIM SCOTT ker Pro-Tern The Student Legislature, founded in 1938, is the supreme legislative body of Student Government. Perhaps the biggest responsibilities the Legislature has are its control over Student Government ' s $123,- 000 budget and its power to appropriate funds to the various campus organizations. In addition, the Legis- lature is the supervisory body for legislative subsid- iary organizations, controls various activities and functions, has the power to change the procedures and structures in our Honor System, and can impeach and remove from office any elected official. The Legislature is composed of 50 students, elected from thirteen campus districts. The Vice-President of the Student Body presides over the Legislature as Speaker. All other officers are elected by the legis- lators. 34 Legislature members show interest in the topic being presented that evening. LEGISLRTURE GARY GREER BILL LAMM Sergeant-at-Arms 35 JUDICIRL The Student Constitution vests the Student Council with three important responsibilities: to try cases in which an alleged violation of the Campus Code has occurred, to hear appeals from the General Election Laws, and to rule upon the constitutionality of legislative and executive acts. The 1959-60 Student Council has been a very active group, more active than any Council of recent years. Cases have been heard in all three areas of original jurisdiction, and the Council ' s interpretive rulings have been of par- ticular importance. Among the questions decided by the Council have been the powers and authority of the Publications Board to select student publication editors, and the legality of the current student judicial procedures regarding closed trials and jury conviction. The Council has attempted to make the Carolina student more conscious of his obligations under the Campus Code and has sought, with significant success, to promote re- sponsible student conduct at all times. ERWIN FULLER Chairm:!)! STUDEDT council Sejitd : Caroline Sikes, Erwin Fuller. Anne Rountree. Sl.iiidmg: Charles Hoover, Howard Holderness. John Ray. Neal BoJen, ]im Rouse, Tony Salina 36 Ml -7 i m S 1 Il H ' , B K k . B B. Hj PH L« ifoJ 3 i ll li Hife m f » , i HH ill r ti H ScMed: Sandy Trotman, LuRuth Sutton, Diana Harmon, Libby Johnson. St.iiidiiig: Judy Rock, Linda Rehm, Melissa Osborne, Rosemary Roberts, Sophie Martin. uuomEn ' s HonoR council SAND " ' TROTMAN Chairman Women ' s Honor Council, composed of three juniors and three seniors, is the highest women ' s judiciary body. Its function is to try cases involving violations of the Honor Code by women. In an Honor Council trial, a nine-woman jury decides the guilt or innocence of the defendant, while the members of the Council decide the penalty. " Women ' s Council, composed of the members of Honor Council as well as three voting representatives of Residence Council, decides upon cases involving vio- lations of the Campus Code and social rules, and ap- peals from House Councils. It IS felt that living under the Honor Code develops strong moral character, while the Campus Code en- courages the highest ideals of lady-like conduct. 37 mED ' s HonoR council Sealed: Hugh Patterson, Jerry Stokes, Warner Bass, George Grayson. Standing: Clem Ford, Bill Crutchfield, George Campbell, Howard Holderness, R. V. Fulk. The Men ' s Honor Council has original jurisdiction in all cases involving violations of the Honor Code, which is binding to all students at the University of North Carolina. This year the Men ' s Honor Council has been exceptionally outstanding in carrying out its assigned duties and in pro- moting the successful integration of the jury system into the frameu ' ork of the court. The success of the jury system as well as the continued success of the Honor System throughout all phases of student life can only be attributed to the outstanding work done by the Men ' s Honor Council and its continued efforts to instill in the mind of every student the fact that honor is not merely an intangible quality but a very integral part of every man ' s day to day living. HIGH PATTERSON Chjirnuin 38 LUOmED ' S RESIDEDCE council KAY BOORTZ Chainnan Through a strong behef in self-government, the Women ' s Residence Council was organized as the legislative body for women. This Council co-ordinates dormitory and sorority life by establishing social rules, by granting late permis- sions, by sponsoring a campus-wide leadership program for women, and by assuming the responsibility of broadening student-faculty, student-administra- tion, and student-townspeople relationships. It tries to anticipate the needs of the co-eds to work to the best alleviation of those needs, while at the same time it upholds the standards of the university. Each spring, the editor of the Women ' s Handbook is chosen, and candidates for the chairmanship of Women ' s Orientation are interviewed by the Council. Women ' s Residence Council works closely with the Dean of Women ' s Office, Women ' s Honor Council, and the University Administration. Membership on Women ' s Residence Council includes the dormitory presi- dents, one junior representative-at-large from each dormitory, sorority house managers. House Council co-ordinator from Women ' s Honor Council, and an ex officio member from the office of the Dean of Women. The chairman is elected each year in the spring campus elections. Seated: Kathy Ross, Betty Woodward, Bunky Jester, Kay Boortz, Barbara Pietsch, Helene Hero, Joan Gibson. Sl-vidhig: Kathy Du- Quesney, Betsy Brodie, Ginger Kenney, Jean Crewes, Maxine Lee, Diana Harmon, Judy Brott, Patricia Litchfield, Ann Norton, Ann Holswade, Susan McCotter, Ann Dempsey. 39 mER ' S inTERDORfTl OTTO FUNDERBURK President The IDC IS the governing body of the twenty men ' s dormi- tories at UNC. Composed of representatives from each dorm, the IDC meets twice monthly to discuss dorm problems and plan programs which will enrich the life of dorm men. The IDC has a judicial branch which handles all infrac- tions of dorm rules. This court works with the dorm officers in trying to make the dormitories a better place to study. An active social program is presented for dorm residents by the IDC, which sponsors dances, lawn parties, and other social events. A co-ed visiting agreement allows the men to take their dates into the social rooms during certain scheduled hours. In addition, the IDC works with individual dorms in planning parties. In co-operation with the dorm officers and residents, the IDC is constantly seeking new ways to improve living con- ditions in the dormitories and make them a home away from home. EXECUTIVE council Sealed: Larry Stacey. Phil Edwards, Otto Fundcrburk. J,m Scott. Dave Alexander, James Kinney. SlAndnr : Tom XXhite. John Frye. Mike Childs, Pat Morgan, Ben Taylor, Bill Lee. 40 TORY council IDC COURT Lee Kittredge. Tom Mehl. Ron Britt. Jim Gaulden, Rowell Burle- son, James Kinney, Larry Stacey. IDC REPRESEIITRTIVES The Intermitory Council meets tn discuss dormitory problems 41 inDEPEnDEriT uuomEn ' s council Seated: Beverly Andrews, Molly Short, Beverly Dickens, Prissy VCyrick, Mrs. Aycock. Standing: Carolyn Johnson, Margie Brewer, Lois Gault. Sarah Upchurch, Ellen Cohen, Sally Voh, Jan McColskey. Peggy Carroll, Sandra Regenie, Barbara Dean, Helen House, Carolyn Durham, May Eason. Independent Women ' s Council was organized in the spring of 1958 in response to the need for co-opera- tion and co-ordination in and between women ' s dormitories. Among the areas Independent ' Women ' s Council works through are academic, political, social and athletic activities on campus. The Council is composed of representatives from each dormitory and town women. Some of the activities endorsed or sponsored by Independent Women ' s Council are the Guide Service for campus tours, dorm displays for Homecoming, dorm participation in the " Beat Dook " parade, the award and reception honoring the Out- standing Dorm girl, and a scholarship cup awarded to the dormitory with the highest average. BEVERLY DICKENS Piet dent 42 The Consolidated University Student Council is composed of student leaders from each of the three branches of the Consolidated University — Woman ' s College, North Caro- lina State, and the University at Chapel Hill. The Council acts as a liaison group, discussing mutual problems and promoting understanding and co-operation among the three schools. This year ' s C.U.S.C., under active and progressive leader- ship, undertook a greatly expanded program of activities. COnSOLIDRTED UniVERSITY STUDEriT council Stjted: Envin Fuller. Swag Grims- ky. Sue Wood. Bob Bingham, I ' oni Brady. Standing: Ashe Exum, Kay Boortz, Ot o Funderb ' u-k. Anne Terry, David Grigg, Mary I,e Grand Parks, Bob Murray, Joe Bell. In addition to the annual CU Day at Carolina in the tall, the Council sponsored social programs at W.C. in March and at the N.C.S. Carnival Weekend in April. The 1959-60 C.U.S.C. sought to be more than an organ- ization devoted to planning social events. Notable projects in this area included the initiation of a speaker exchange series among the three schools and a detailed comparative study of the faculty benefits received by the Consolidated University teaching personnel. The University of North Carolina was instrumental in the founding of the United States National Student Association a little over a decade ago, and has since played and active and vital role. Here in Chapel Hill, it is the responsibility of the National Student Association Committee and the N.S.A. Coordinator, which are appointed by the president of the student body, to act as a link between the University of North Carolina and the national organization. The national organization acts as an organ of the 360-plus member schools. nRTionRL STUDEni RSSOCIRTIOn Ellen Stein, Frances Reynolds, Frank Adams, Betty Jean Baxter, Dan Robbins, Jim Scott. As a result of ideas received by participating in the National Student Congress and regional conferences, several significant programs have been developed by direct plan- ning or assistance of the N.S.A. Committee. Besides par- ticipating in such nationally co-ordinated programs as Edu- cational Travel, Inc. and the Foreign Student Leadership Project, the Committee has sponsored a Student Government Evaluation Conference, has helped with the planning of International Affairs Emphasis Week throughout the year, and has aided with the establishment of a Student Tutor Service. 43 CflROLinR FORUm The Carolina Forum is the olificial Student Go ' ern- ment organization responsible for bringing to the campus national and international figures to ad- dress the university community. This year marks its 2 ' )th anniversary. Professor Leslie A. Fiedler of Montana State University was this year ' s first speaker, and the following were being considered as possibilities for the spring slate: Sir Harold Caccia, the British Ambassador; Sir Charles P. Snow, well-known scientist-author; Vice-President Richard M. Nixon; Gov. Nelson Rockefeller; Allen V. Dulles, CIA Director; Poet Carl Sandburg; and Dr. Martin Luther King. Sealed: Nancy Baker, Secielaiy; Frank Crowther, Chaivmjii. Sl.vidnig Clay Simpson, Treasurer; Taylor McMillan, V ice-Chairman. BUDGET COmmiTTEE The purpose of the Budget Committee is to discern an annual budget for Student Government. It is re- sponsible for allocating Student Government ' s $123,- 000 budget to student organizations. Also, it acts as an accountant committee requiring monthly finan- cial reports from all organizations which receive Stu- dent Government funds. It has the right to request the presidents of these organizations to explain any expenditures they deem unwise, and if necessary can have specific organizations ' budgets suspended. St ited : Gordon Street, Bob Bingham, Mary Harding, Sharon Sullivan. Standing: Eddie Powell, John Frye, Alvis Rich, Peyton Hawes, Jim Crowno er, Swag Grimsley. ...the scene ' . . . but I don ' t h.n ' e another dime. ' G.M. offers many cultural opportunitii S E n I R s 46 SEniOR CLRSS WADE SMITH President Bunkic Ji-stcr, S nul Ch.u Jim Crawford, Tre.isurer. Class activities and projects reach their peak in the senior year at U.N.C. The activities of the class of i960 were placed in three general categories: gift, alumni, and social. Traditionally, each year ' s graduating class presents a useful contribution to the school as a token of re- membrance from the class. The gift presentation will take place at the commencement ceremonies. During the spring, the class was organized for its role as a unit in the General Alumni Association. Miss Alumna and Mr. Alumnus were elected by the class and will act as its permanent alumni officers. The social activities reached their peak during Senior Week which was held during the first part of May. 47 Adams, Edward Liddell Burlington :i, n : Baptist Stu- Adams, Jerome Robertson Tampa, Fla. A.B. IN ENllLISH. Chi Psi : Carolina Symposium (2, 4); Tniversity Party (I. 2. 3. 4); Yiicketii Y(irk (1): Freshman Handbook. Adams, William Holcombe Roxboro B.S. IN BfSIN ' ESS ADMINISTRATION. Siymii Xi(. Adkins, Joseph Edward, Jr. Wilson 1!., ' . IN BISINESS ADMINISTRATION. .-l p ,o Kappa Psi. Ainslie, Lee Sanford, Jr. Huntington, W. Va. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Hiama Alpha Epsiluti : Basketball (li; Gimghoul (2. 3. 4); I.F.C. (2): Orientation Counselor (31 : Track (1. 2, 4): Cniver.sity Club (2j: University Party (1, 2, :1, 4); Minataurs. Aldige, Amelie Virginia Marie Durham A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. Alpha Omicioii Pi: Stray Clreeks; Carolina Symposium; Daih Tar Heel: Newman Club; Sound and Fury; Y.D.C. Alexander, Joseph Hammond A.B. IN HISTORY. Pi Kappa Alpha: Alpha Phi Omega; Canterbury Club (1) ; (i.M.A.B. (1. 2. 3) ; I.F.C. (2, 3. 4) : Orientation Counselor (3) ; Scabbard and Blade (3. 4); Sound and Fury (1); Y.M.C.A. (1); La- crosse (1. 2. .!. I); Semper Fidelis Society (3. 4): N.R.O.T.C. Alexander, Richard Earnhardt B.S. IN CHE.MISTRY. Alpha Chi .SiV m dent Union (1, 4); Cardboard (1). Allen, Kitty A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (3. 4): Cosmopolitan Club (3. 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Women ' s Olee Club (3); Y.W.C.A. Baltimore, Md. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Phi Eta Sigma; Baptist Slu- Lenox, Ga. Allen, Thomas Clark B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma: Or Allen, Thomas Earl A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. AUred, Hiram Herbert, Jr. B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Cardboard (1. Y.M.C.A. (1. 4). High Point ntatiiin Counselor (t). Wilmington Mt. Airy ) ; Student N.E.A. ( H ; Allred, Thomas Arthur High Point .H. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Chi Phi; University Party (3. li; Y.M.C.A. (I. 2). Amos, Jerry W. Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Delta Theta : Kiiotl all (1, 2. 3. I); University Party (3. 4). Anderson, Bird Durham A.B. IN EDUCATION. Canterbury Club (3): Student N.E.A. (3. 4); NSA (3, 11 : University Party (3. 4) ; Yackety Tack (3) : Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Anderson, Larry Randall High Point A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Carolina Playmakers (21; Carainu, Qiiaiterhi 13 I ; Sound and Fury (2); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3). Anderson, Wayne Clark A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Garni Order of the Old Beanbirds. Andrews, Beverly Faye . .B. IN M.VTHEMATICS. Ulii C.W.C. (3. I), Treasurer (4). Kinston Dilln; University Party Hickory irty (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Arnette, Jacqueline Grace Kings Mountain A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Cardboard (41; G.M.A.B. I3. 4i; Student Party (11: Westminster Fellowship (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4i. Arthur, James Ficklen, Jr. Greenville B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Siqma Na; Monofrram Club (3. 41; Tr.ick II. 2, 31; University Party (2. :i) ; Y.M.C.A. (li. Ashburn, Deborah Hauser A.B. IN EDUCATION. Mt. Airy Asher, Robert David, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappn Sigv Ashfield, Frank Yeates . .tt. IN EI)UC. TION. Student N.E.A. Atkinson, William Bryan B.S. IN BUSINESS .XDMINISTRATION. neltn Sign Society (2); Football (li: Track (11. 48 Raleigh Y.M.C.A. Ahoskie New Bern .■ Arnold Air Austin, Sheldon Clyde, Jr. Raleigh B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Phi Delta Tlietii, Treasurer (t) ; Canterbury Club; Publications Board; Sound and Fury; Student Gov- ernment; University Party; Yacketii Yack (2. 3, 4). Sophomore Editor (3), Co-editor (4); V.M.C.A. Avera, Charles Allen A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Siqm Y.M.C.A. Awbrey, Nancy Etta A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta; Baptist Student Tnion (3, 4); Panhellenic Council (4); Sound and Kury (3); University Party (3. 4); Women ' s Residence Council (3); V.W.C.A. (3. 41; Order of the Old Beanbirds. Rocky Mount Track; University Club; Dalton, Ga. Ayres, Virginia Coventry Akron, Ohio A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Delta Gamma; Stray Greeks (3. 4): Carolina Symposium (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Babb, Robert Massey B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sign tion Counselor (4). Raleigh Canterbury Club (1); Orienta- Bagwell, Willard Ray B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Student Legislature (3); Track (1. 2. 3) ; Dormitory Vice-President (3). Raleigh student Party (3) : Bahlouli, Hassan Hamidou Al-Jadida, Morocco A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Cosmopolitan Club; Dance Committee; Soccer; Swimming; Y.M.C.A. Bahnsen, Mary Cutler Chapel Hill A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Women ' s Residence Council (3. 4); WUNC (3. 4); Y ' .W.C.A. (3. 41; Chapel Hill Club (8), President (4). Bailey, Beverly Ann Clarksburg, W. Va. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Club; Dailii Tar Heel; Orientation Counselor; University Party; Y.W.C.A. Bailey, Mary Elizabeth A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta (3. 4). Bailey, William James, Jr. A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Baker, Joanne Roper A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi. Phi; University Party (3. 4 Kenly : V.W.C.A. Sanford Durham Baker, Nancy Jane Oak Hill, W. Va. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Delta; Baptist Student Union (3). Execu- tive Secretary (4): Carolina Forum (3). Executive Secretary (4): Student N.E.A. (3) ; Student Legislature (3. 4) ; University Party (3. 4) ; Yackety Yack (3); Y.W.C.A. (3); Editor of Panhellenic Rush Manual (3). Baldwin, Albert Leslie B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING (•2. 3. 4); Westminster Fellowship (1 .Student N.E.A. (4). Ball, Brenda Combs A.B. IN EDUCATION. Ballard, John Alton B.S. IN EDUCATION. Red Springs Baseball (1, 2, 3. 4i; Monogram Club 4); Y..M.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 41 ; Winston-Salem Angier Ballenger, Anna Woodfin Seneca, S. C. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Phi Mu; Stray Greeks (3). Vice-President (4); Daily Tar Heel; Orientation Counselor (4); Panhellenic Council (3, 4); Splash Club (3, 4); University Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Barber, Joan Winfield A.B. IN SOaOLOGV. Delta Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Delta Delta Charlotte University Party (3, 4) ; Barber, Sara Ann Wilkesboro A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Canterbury Club (3, 4); University Party (4); WUNC (4). Barbour, Jon Carr Burlington B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Alpha Tnu Omega. Barefoot, John Harding Benson A.B. IN ENGLISH. Thetn Chi; Wesley Foundation (1. 2); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3). Barnes, Marie Page Wilson A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delia Delta Delta; University Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Barreras, Mary Louise Tampa, Fla. A.B. IN SPANISH. Kappa Delta; Panhellenic Council (4); Student Government (4); University Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. Bateman, Helen Marie Poplar Branch A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Canterbury Club (3); Student Party (3, 4); V.W.C.A. (3. 4). 49 Baxter, Betty Jean Lincolnton A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (8, 4); N.S.A. (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Student Party (3. 4); Westminster Kellowsliip (4): Y.D.C. (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3); Forensic Council (3. 4); State Student Legislature (3, 4). Beach, Martha C. Lenoir A.B. IN SCKHGLOGY. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Univer.sity Party; West- minster Fellowship; Y.W.C.A. Beacham, Frederick Arnold Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Y.M.C.A. (1. 4). Beard, Sally Frances Greenville . .B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta: Westminster Fellowship (3. 4): Y.W.C.A. 13. 4): Order of the Old Beanbirds. Beaver, Frank Eugene Statesville A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice-President (2. 3), Secretary (4); Cardboard (I); Carolina Playmakers (1): Carulinii Quart,;Ui (1); DaUy Tar Heel (4); I.F.C. (2, 3); Men ' s Glee Club (1); Orientation Counselor (3); Sound and Furj ' (3. 4); Student Government: WUNC (2. 3, 4); WUNC-TV; Carolina Handbook, Assistant Editor. Beck, Patricia Neil Hillsboro A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3); Y.W.C.A. (3). Becker, Baerbel F. Goettingen, Germany SCHOOL OF ARTS . ND SCIENCES. Goettingen Exchange Student; Cosniopiilitaii t ' luh: Lutheran Student A.ssociation. Becker, Donald Eugene A.B. IN HISTORY. Belangia, Barbara Jean A.B. IN RELIGION. Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). High Point Arapahoe Belk, James Sherman Hickory B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTR.ATION. Delta Sigvia Pi: Beta Gamma Bell, Mary Ellen Lewisburg, W. Va. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student Party (3); Westminster Fellowship (31; Women ' s Glee Club (3(; Y.W.C.. . (3); C.W.C. (3). Beranek, David Nickell B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.WNISTRATION. Charlotte Berghahn, Volker Rolf Hamburg, Germany SCHOOL OF . RTS AND SCIENCES. Cosmopolitan Club; Tennis; Goettingen Exchange Student; Student Government. Berry, James Matthew, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sig dent Union (2); Y.D.C. (li; Y.M.C.A. (1). Gastonia Pi: Baptist Stu- Berry, Robert Graham Swan Quarter B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi : CaroIin.T Berryhill, Bruce Holt Charlotte A.B. IN ( HF.MISTRY. Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Epsilnii Delta. President (41; Drltn I ' hi Alpha. Vice-President (3); Phi Eta Sigma: I.D.C. (3. 4); Student Gtnernment 12); Westmin.ster Fellowship (1. 2. 3. 4); Chemis- try Club (1); University Chorus (1); Dormitory Vice-President (3), President (4). Raleigh Betts, James Allen A.B. IN ENGLISH. Bingham, James Robert Boone A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Alpha: Arnold Air Society (1. 2); C.U.S.C. (3. 4); Daili Tar Heel (3); N.S.A. (3, 4); Publications Board (3. 4): Student Government (3, 4); University Party C). 4i; Wrestling (1); . .F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2); University Methodist Church Youth Advisor (1. 2, 3). Black, James Thomas Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Chi. President; I.F.C: Univer- sity Party. Black ell, Mary Scott Ruffin A.B. IN EDUCATION. Cosmopolitan Club (4); Student N.E.A. (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Sound and Fury (3); Westminster Fellow- ship (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3). Blair, Jerry Andre B.S. IN Bl ' SINESS ADMINISTRATION. Thomasville Hillsboro Secretary (4); G.M.A.B. Blake, Phyllis Olivia A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3) (3. 41; Dormitory Secretary (4). Blankenship, Jean Walker High Point A.B. IN ENGLISH. Canterbury Club (8, 4); G.M.A.B. (3). Secretary (41 ; Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. Blanton, Silas Walker, Jr. Marion . .B. IN HISTORY. Delta Kappa Epsilon, President; Phi Beta Kappii: Phi Alpha Theta: Phi Eta Sigma; Band (1, 2); Canterbury Club (4); Dailii Tar Heel (2. 3. 4). Business Manager; I.F.C. (2, 3, 4). Treasurer; Order of the Old Well (3); Student Government; University Party (1. 2, 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2). 50 Bledsoe, James Odel, Jr. New Bern B.S. I CHF.MISTRV. .Uplin (hi HUima : ranterburv Chil) (1): flieniis- trv Club (1, 21. Boatwright, Norma Ann Fort Bragg B.S. IN SCIENCE TE. CHIVG. Baptist Student Union (31; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Bobbitt, Thomas Woodrow B.S. IN BUSINESS .ADMINISTRATION. Aberdeen Boden, Theodore Neal Tampa, Fla. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Alpha Tail Omeiia : Canterbury Club (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Student Council (3. 4): Student Legislature (2. 3): University Party (1. 2. 3, 4); N.R.O.T.C. Bolick, Ted Arnold B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sign Bonner, William Ross Hudson Pi, President. Greensboro A.B. IN ENGLISH. Beta Theta Pi: Canterbury Club (1): Track (1. 2): University Party (1, 2i; Wrestling (l, 2); Y.D.C. (li. Boone, Martha Penelope Tryon A.B. IN RELIGION. Canterbury Club (3, 4). Secretary (3); Yack ety Yack- (31: V.W.C.A. (3, 4): Dormitory Vice-President (4). Boone, Robert Ricks, Jr. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGV. Boortz, Kay Margaret A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Ph Orientation Committee (4i; Student Government (3 Party (3. 4i: Women ' s Residence Council (3). Chairman (4 Yack (4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Castalia Council Blufis, Iowa Canterbury Club (3); C.U.S.C. (41: Bose, Sipra A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. Cosmopolitan Club (1. 2. 3, 4): Orientation Committee (3); Orientation Counselor (4): Valkyries (3. 41 : Y.W.C.A. II. 2. 3, 41. Boswell, Jackson Camp Whiteville A.B. IN COMPARATIVE LITERATURE. Cosmopolitan Club (4); West minster Fellowsliip (2. 3. 41; V.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4). Bowen, Frank Theodore, Jr. B.S. IN INDUSTRI.U. RELATIONS. Chapel Hill Washington Bowles, Susan Scott A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Kinston Omega: V.W.C.A. (4). Charlotte iity Party (3, 4) ; Bradford, Margaret Williamson A.B. IN RELIC;I0N. Kappa Delta. Treasurer; U Westminster Fellowship (3. 4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. Brady, Anthony Patricia Pensacola, Fla. B.S. IN SCJCIOLCKTY. Kappa Delta: C.U.S.C. (4); Cosmopolitan Club {41: Newman Club (3. 4i; Orientation Counselor (4); Sound and Fury (3. 4); University Party (3. 4); Women ' s Residence Council (3): Y.W.C.A. (4); University Chorus (3. 4). Brady, Jane Linda Charlotte A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega: Canterbury Club (3. 4); Student N.E.A. (3. 41; University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. Brake, Richard Clarence Chapel Hill A.B. IN RELIGION. Sigma y,i: University Party (1. 2). Brandon, Thomas Henry A.B. IN PHYSICS. I.D.C. (3). Branham, Gloria Ann A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Braswell, Kermit Lee A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Wesley Foundation (4). Brawley, Reid Haynes B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Westn 3, 4); Y.M.C.. . (1, 2, 3, 4). Breiner, Charles F. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Brendle, Robert Edward B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Wilson Miami, Fla. Roanoke Rapids Charlotte inster Fellowship (1. 2. Graham Cramerton Briggs, Miriam Ruth A.B. IN PSYCHOLOCJY. Sound Y.R.C. (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). Freeport, N. Y. nd Fury (4); Yarketij Yack (4); 51 Brimmer, Kenneth Rigby Chapel Hill A.B. IN ECONOMICS. 7Acfn Chi. Brinkley, William McCall Valdese B.S. IN rSVCHOLOOV. Pi Kiippa Phi. Brison, Pierre Alin Anderlues, Belgium B.A. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Swimming; Tennis; Y.M.C.A. Brock, James David Burlington B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi Beta Kapija : Phi Eta Sigma; Band (1, 2. :!. 4); Sound and Furj ' (31: Wind En.semble (2. 3). Brott, Julia Floyd Van Chevy Chase, Md. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Kappa Gamma: Carolina Symposium (41 ; Orientation Counselor (4); Student Party (3); Yacketu Vark (3); y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Brown, Hershall Matthew B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chinquapin Brown, Malcolm Otis Gastonia B.S. IN PHYSICS. Pi Knppa Phi, Secretary. Brown, Ralph Bradbury Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sioma Phi Epsiloii : University Party; Y.R.C.: Y.M.C.A. Brundage, Barrie Adrianne Valhalla, N. Y. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Delta; Student N.E.A. (3. 4): Splash Club (3, 4); University Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); W.A.A. (3. 4). Brunson, Edward Porcher, Jr. Albemarle A.B. IN ENGLISH. Higmn .Alpha Epxito)!. Bryan, Clinton Ellwood, Jr. Pittsboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Bryant, David Lee Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, .4lpha Kappa Psi: University Club (2); Westminster Fellowship (1. 2); Y.M.C.A. (2). Bryant, Howard McKenzie, Jr. A.B. IN HISTORY. Buchanan, James Wofford A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Baptist Student Unio .1); Y.M.C.A. CI. 2). Bunn, Judith Leslie A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappn Kappa Gamma Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Asheboro Lexington (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Y.D.C. (1. 2. Huntington, W. Va. University Party (8, 4) ; Burden, Katherine Spivey Aulander A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (3. 4) ; Cosmopolitan Club (3. 4 ; Student N.E.A. (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). Burgin, Stanley Eugene Black Mountain A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Baptist Student Union (2i; Y.M.C.A. Burgwyn, John Griffin, Jr. Jackson B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Alpha Tau Omega, President (4); Baseball (1. 2. 3. 4): I.F.C. (4). Burnham, Clinton Elliott Washington, D. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Burnside, William Henry, Jr. Raleigh A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Phi Ep.iilon ; Y.M.C.A. (1). Butterworth, Mary Harris Richmond, Va. A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Sound and Fury (3, 4); Splash Club (3, 4); WUNC (3, 4); Y.W.CA, (3, 4). Byers, Bennie, Jr. Cornelius B,S, IN MATHEMATICS, Byrd, Edward Franklin Lincolnton B,S, IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Byrd, Julian Clarence Goldsboro A,B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Tlieta Chi, President (4). Vice-President (3); Dance Committee (3. 4i; I.F.C. (2. 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3): University Party (2. 3, 4 ; Y.D.C. (1. 2); V.M.CA. 13, 4i. 52 Cabot, Ronald Marc A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Dnihj Tar He l. Cahoon, Bobby Glenn B.S. IN GEOLOGY WITH HONORS. High Point Harbinger Cain, Eleanor Grace Mullins, S. C. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (4): Women ' .s Residence Council (3); Y.W.C.A. (3). Caldwell, James Elam, Jr. Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Cosmopolitan Club (4): Student Party (3. 4) ; Y.D.C. (3. 4). Cameron, Edward Leon Raeford B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. N.R.O.T.C: Scabbard and Blade (3. 4). Cameron, Malcolm Graeme, Jr. Statesville A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. . ?i(7mo Pi Alpha: University Party (.■!, 4): Westminster Fellowship; Y.D.C. (4); Y.M.C.A. (3. 4). Campbell, Milton Clyde, Jr. Chapel Hill A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Beta Thefa Pi: Baseball (2): Gimglioul (3. 4): University Party (1, 2. 3. 41 : Order of the Minataurs. Campen, Sidney Sawyer Edenton B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Phi Gamma Delta: Gordons Head; University Party. Cannon, Boyd Harvey Belton, S. C. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Delta Psi Omega: Baptist Student Union (L 2, 3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.D.C. (4); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). Capps, Gilbert Maurice Oxford B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Carmode, Ralph Edward Raleigh A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. WUNC-TA " Carpenter, James Franklin B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Vale Carpenter, Leonard Bailey Dallas B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Cardboard; Lutheran Student Association (L 2, 3. 4); Student Party (4); Y.D.C; Y.M.C.A. Carpenter, Max Cline Concord B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Theta Chi. Carpenter, Ruth Elizabeth Asheville A.B. IN SPANISH. Delta Delta Delta: University Party (3. 4) : Y.W.C.A. (4). Carper, Frank Wilkins Gastonia A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Delta VpsUon. President (4): I.F.C. (4): Orientation Counselor (4): Student Party (3): Y.M.C.. . (1. 2, 3). Carr, Dawson Verdery Stedman B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Carter, Dorothy Gaye Salisbury A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi OmeQa : Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Carter, James Larry Raleigh A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Kappa Alpha; I.F.C. (3); University Party (1, 2. 3. 4). Carter, James S., Jr. Gastonia A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Baptist Stu dent Union (3, 4) ; Y.R.C. (3). Carter, Mary Britton A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta: University Raleigh Party; Y.W.C.A. Carterette, Robert Theodore Chapel Hill A.B. IN PHYSICS. Carver, Jean Lynn Silver Spring, Md. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3. 4); Lutheran Student Asso- ciation (3, 4); University Party (4); Tackety Yack (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Cass, Donald Hayes B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. 53 Elkin Castelloe, Maggie La Rue Winterville A.B. IN KN ' CrLISH. University Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. i). Cauley, Jerry Dean Kinston B.S. IN Bl ' SIXKSS ADMINISTRATION. Alplia Kappa Fsi: Wesley P ' oiiiidation (1, 2). Chamlee, William Levy A.B. IN HISTORY. Aulander Chastain, Roger Vernon, Jr. B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alplin Chi Siriii Cherry Point Chemistry Club (1. 2). Cherry, Anna Kathrine Asheville B.A. IN BISINF.SS ADMINISTRATION. Y.D.C. (4); Y.W.C.A. (3). Chichester, Gerald Curtis Macon, Ga. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Carolina Forum (3): I.D.C. (- ' . 3. 1) : Orientation C ' ounselor (4); Student Government (3); Student Part - (2. 3. 4); Forensic Council (3); Dormitory President (3). Chinn, Ilene Roberta Gastonia A.B. IN EDUCATION, llillel Foundation: Y.D.C. Churchill, Ellen Marriotte Durham A.B. IN rSYCHOL(M;Y. Baptist Student Union (3. 41: Cosmopolitan Club (3. 4); N.S.. . (3); Order of the Old Beanbirds (3. 4); Student Government (3. 4): Orientation Counselor (4): Student Party (3. 4): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; State Student Legislature. Clark, Wesley Merton Lumberton A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Psychology ' Club (3. 4). President (3). Claytor, William Graham Signal Mountain, Tenn. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Phi Deltrt Thitn : Canterbury Club (L 21: Order of the old Well (3. Ii; Orientation Committee (2. 3): Orientation Counselor (2): Student Government (1, 2. 3): Student Legislature 12); Track (1): University Party (1. 2. 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3) : Order of the Old Beanbirds: Treasurer Class (3). Hagerstown, Md. A B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (41; G.M.A.B. (3. 41: Symposium (4): Sound and Fury (3. 4)- Splash Club (3). President (41: Student Government (3. 4 : Tennis Club (3. 4): We.sley Foundation (3. 4); Yackety Yack (3). Managing Editor (4): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); W.A.A. (4). Clopper, Becky Ann Cofod, Robert K. Freeport, N. Y. AH. IN K. 1)I(). lEl.EVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Th.ta Chi: (arillH)ard (1. 2i: Philanthropic Assembly (1): Sound and Fury; Wrestling (li; WUNC-TV (3. 4): Y.R.C. (3. 4): Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3); N.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. 3, 4). Asheville Charlotte sident (4): University Party Cogdill, Joseph Wayne B.S. IN INDUSTRI.M. RELATIONS. Coggins, Wyatt Henry, Jr. . .B. IN ECONOMICS. Clii Phi: Vit 111; Sj ' ini)osium (41. Colclough, William Joseph Durham A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (3. 4) : Student N.E.A. 13. 41: Student Party iti; Y.M.C.A. (3. 4). Coleman, Thomas Wilkes Summit, N. J. . .B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Band (1) : Football Manager ( L 2. 3. 4i : Monogram Club (4): Swimming (I). Collins, James Perry Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Driilii Tiir Heel (4): Dialectic Senate (3, 4): Student Party (3. 4): Y.D.C. (3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (41. Collins, Michael Lee High Point A.B. IN CHE.MISTRY. Phi Eta Siomii : Wesley Foundation (L 21: N.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. :i, II ; Fencing Team (2. 3. 4). Conner) ' , Robert Andrew B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. Y.R.C. C). Durham Rockwell Conry, Murphy Bryan B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sinma : Band (1. 2. 3. 4): Orientation Counselor (2); Fencing Team (2. 3, 4): Chemistry Club (1. 2. 3. 4): Club (4). Cook, Edward Thomas A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sifiiiiii Al ihn Kiisilni, Bronxville, N. Y. Durham Alpha Eliiilon: Canter Wallace Cooke, Robert Cameron B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. bury Club (1): G .M.A.B. (1. 2): I.F.C. (2); Men ' s Honor Council (3); Monogram Club (2, 3. 4): Orientation Counselor (2. 3): Publications Board (3. 4); Sound and Fury (3): Student Government (3. 4): Track (1. 2. 3. 4); University Party (1. 2, 3, 4); Yacketii Yack (2), Editor (3): Y.M.C.A. (1. 21. Cording, Richard Arnold A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Cordle, Thomas Llewellin, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Baseball (1). Manager (2. 3); Dailu Tar Heel (4); I.D.C. (2. 3): Monogram Club (2. 3. 4): I.D.C. Honorary (3. 4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4): Orientation Counselor (4): Soccer (1. 2. 3. 4): Student Government (2, 3, 4); Student Legis- lature (3, 4); Student Party (3, 4). 54 Charlotte Costello, Marion Eugene, Jr. A.B. IN KCOXOMICS. SiV mn Alplin Epsiluii: Siabh:inl and Blade; rniversity Party (1. 2. 3. Roanoke, Va. Oiniglioul; Minataur; Couch, Charles Graves, Jr. Charlotte A.B. I RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES WITH IIONOKS. WfNC 13. II. Covington, Elizabeth Burke Raleigh A.B. IN ENGLISH. CH Omega, Vice-President (4); G.M.A.B. (4); Student Government (4); University Party (3, 4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Covington, Robert James Raleigh A.B. IN ENGLISH. Driih, Tnr Heel (4): I.D.C. (3); Student Govern- ment (2. 3. 11: Student Lesislature (3. 4); Student Party (2. 3, li; Y.D.C. (1. 2. 41: V.M.C.A. (1. 2. 4). Crane, Judith Rhodes A.B. IN KDICATIOX. Cranford, James Willis, Jr. B.S. IX Bl ' SINESS ADMINISTRATION. Wilmington Troy Craver, George Larry Winston-Salem B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Chi Psi: Baseball: Monogram ( lub. Crawford, James Walker, Jr. Oxford B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Pi Kappn Alpha: Orientation Com- mittee (li: Orientation Counselor (2. 3): Student Government (4): University Party (3. 4): Y.M.C.A. (1); Treasurer of Class (4); Track (11 : N.R.O.T.C. Crawford, John Robert, III Salisbury . .B. IN CHEMISTRY. Sigma Xu; Lutlieran Student . ssociation (4): University Party (2): Y.M.C.A.; Germans Club (2. 31; Outins Club (2. 3). Vice-President (4). Crocker, William Guy B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Delta Sigma Pi: I.D.C. (3). Crotty, Cunis Paul A.B. IX EXGLISH. Band (1, 2. 3, 41 Fury (1. 2): Student Government Selma Mullens, W. Va. Dailii Tnr Heel (1. 2) : Sound and i): Student Party (2. 3); Weslev 4); Y.M.C.A. (1); Y.D.C. (1); University Wind Crotty, John Francis A.B. IX HISTORY. Beta Theta Pi: Basketball (1, 2. 3. 4) ; Monogran Club: Xewman Club: Student Party: Y.M.C.A. Bayonne, N. J. Crow, Mary Dinwiddie Wilson A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Orientation Counselor (4): Wesley Founda tion (3. 41; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Modern Dance Club (4). Crowell, James Sheffield Fayetteville B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. Crownover, James Edward, Jr. Asheville A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Canterbury Club (1. 2, 3, 4): C.U.S.C. (4); Dnihi Tar Heel in; I.D.C. (21 : N.S.A. (3. 4) ; Order of tlie Grail (3. 4) ; Order of the Old Well (3. 4); Orientation Committee (3. 41; Publica- tions Board (31 ; Student Government (2, 3. 41; Student Lesislature (2. 3. 4i; Student Party (2. 3. 4); I.D.C. Honorary Society (3, 41 ; Dance Committee (4). Crowson, Margaret Wister Burlington A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha llamma Delta: Student N.E.A. (3. 41; Uni- versity Club: Y.W.C.A. Crowther, Carolyn Blair Tampa, Fla. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3. 4); Student Party (41; West- minster Fellowsliip (3. 4); Women ' s Residence Council (31. Crowther, Frank H. Chevy Chase, Md. A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Carolina Forum (3). Cliairman (4); Caro ' ina Symposium (1, 2, 3. 4); Dailu Tar Heel (1. 2). Associate Editor (3, 4): WUNC (I. 21; Forens ic Council (4); Sound and Fury (1). Crump, Arthur Bruce Pineville A.B. IN EDI CATKIN. Baseball (1, 2. 3, 41. Crumpler, Carol Memory Raleigh A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Alphn Ihltn I ' i : Uailii Tnr Hi, I (:!. 41: Student Government (3, 41; University Partv r.i. li; WUNC (.■!. 11; Ynrkelii Yaek (41; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Crutchfield, Clarence Jackson, Jr. Sanford B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Sigma Nu : Baseball (1); Basket- ball (1); Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (2. 3. 4i; Wesley Foundation C. 21; Y.D.C. (11. Crutchfield, William, Jr. Lookout Mountain, Tenn. A.B. IX EXCiLISH. Alpha Tmi Omega: Men ' s Honor Council (11; Orientation Counselor (11; Student Government (2); Student Legis- lature (II; University Party (2); Morehead Scholar. Culler, Jacqueline Alice A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (4): Orie Raleigh n.selor (11. Culp, Albert Franklin Mooresville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi, Secretary; Westminster Kellowsliip (1, 2. 3, 4), Treasurer (2). 55 Cummings, John B. Philadelphia, Pa. B.S. IN INDl ' STRIAL RELATIONS. Kini,m Hirjiiin; Football (1. 2. 3. 4); MonoKnirn Club (2, 3. 4); Student Ciovernnient (2); University Party (2. 4); V.M.C.A. (4): President of Class (2). Cummings, Ralph Waldo, Jr. New Delhi, India A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Alpha Tan Omeaa : Phi Eta Stoma: Phi Bein Kappa; Carolina Symposium (2. 4): C.U.S.C. (3); Order of the Grail (2. 3). Scribe (t); Order of tlie Old Well (3). President (1); Orienta tion Counselor (2. 3); Student Government (1, 2. .3. 4). Vice-President (8): Student Legislature (2. 3); Student Party (2. 31; Y.M.C.A. (2, 3. 41, Freshman Camp Director (4); Commencement Marshal (3). Lookout Mountain, Tenn. (3, 41 ; University Cunningham, Carroll Currie, Penelope Alexander Charlotte A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta; Orientation Counselor (4): Sound and Fury (31: University Club (31; University Party (3 4) ■ Yacketij Yack (31; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). . . Custis, Martha Cornelia A.B Suffolk, Va. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (41; Splash Club (3. 41; West ter Fellowship (4); Yarketi, Yark (41; Y.W.C.A. (3. 41; W.A.A. secretary (1); C.W.C. 13 1; Hwkey Club. Raleigh University Club (3); Y.D.C. Dailey, Richard Maurice, Jr. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Track (1. 2. 3. Dalton, Edith Alice A.B. IN HISTORY. Canterbury Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Dang, Muriel H. C. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Canterbur birds. Westbury, N. Y. :iub (3, 4); University Party (3. 41; Honolulu, Hawaii Club (3. 41; Order of the Old Bean Daniels, Allen Gray Goldsboro B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Kappa Sigma; Football Manager (1, 2. 31. Head Manager (41: G.M.A.B. (2); I.D.C. (2, 31; Monogram Club (41: Orientation Counselor (21; University Party (3. 41; Wesley Foundation (2); Y.M.C.A. (2. 31, Treasurer (4). Daniels, Deanna Lee Noblesville, Ind. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Daih, Tar Heel (3. 4) ; Orientation Counselor (4): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4): Editor of Woman ' s Handbook (3); Press Club (3. 4). Daughtry, Carl Mitchell Faison B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Men ' s Glee Club. Daughtry, Glenn D. Mt. Olive A.B. IN SOCIOLIXIY. Football (1. 2. 31; Monogram Club (2, 3. 41; Wrestling (1. 2, 31. Davidson, Sandra Jean Lenoir A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta; G.M.A.B. (31; Student Party (31, Secretary (41: Wesley Foundation (3. 11; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41. Davis, Floyd Estel Hamptonville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. Davis, John Allen Chapel Hill A.B, IN ENGLISH. Orientation Committee (21; Student Party (21: ' ..M.C.A. (1, 2). Davis, Julia Cox A.B. IN ENGLISH. Davis, Katherine Webb A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Ihlla Pi; Uni- minster Fellowship (3. 41: Y.W.C.. . (3. 41. Davis, Susan Elizabeth A.B. IN EDUCATION. Y.W.C.A. (4). Chapel Hill Pinehurst crsity Party (3. 4i ; West Raleigh Davis, William Finley Morganton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Alpha Epsiinn Treas- urer; Publications Board (31; University Party (1. 2. 3): Yaeketa Yack. Business Manager (31. Deans, Barbara Ray Red Oak A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Daili Tar Heel (3. 41; University Club (4); Wesley Foundation (3, 41: Ynrketii Yaek (41; Y.D,C, (3, 41; Y.W.C.A (3, 41: Press Club (3, 41: C.W.C. (41. Deits, Jay Hawking Falls Church, Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, G,M.A.B, (3, 11, Arlington, Va. Y,W,C.A. (3. 41. De Lashmutt, Patricia A.B. IN MATHEMATICS, Dormitory Treasurer (41 Dickerson, Franklin E. Virginia Beach, Va. A.B, IN POLITICAL SCIENCE, Student Party (41: Y.D.C. (41. Dickinson, Rosa Katherine Winter Haven, Fla. A.B. IN ENGLISH. 56 Dodge, Margot Jan Charlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH. Cosmopolitan Club (4); Student Party (3. t) : Swimming (4) : Weslev Foundation (4) : Women ' s (Jlee Club (4) : V.R.C. (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (4). Raleigh Student N.E.A. Doepner, Roland William, Jr. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (I. 2, (1. 21: Men ' s Glee Club (1. 2, 41; Y.D.C. (I). Doggett, Sarah AUene Mt. Airy A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alalia Gamma Delta: Student N.E.A. (3. 4); raiiliellenic Council. Vice President (4): ' Wesley Foundation (3. 4i: V.W.C.A. (3, 4). Dohrmann, Richard Henry Charlotte A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baseball. Manager (II. Dono, Roberta Therese Teaneck, N. J. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Canterbury Club (.3. 4i; Cosmopolitan Club (31: Student N.E.A. (3. 4): G.M.A.B. (3. 41; Orientation Counselor (4): University Party (3. 4l; Yacketii Yack (3. 4); V.W.C.A. (3. 4): State Student Legislature (31: Student Government (3, 41: Carolina Sym- posium (4). Dorroh, William Gayle Wilson A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Omeua Delta Tail: Carolina Symposium (1); G.M.A.B. (1); Newman Club (I, 2. 3. 4): Orientation Counselor (1, 2. 31: Y.D.C. (4): A.F.R.O.T.C; Rod and Gun Club (4). Dorsett, Sam Houston, Jr. Winston-Salem B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Arnold Air Society: G.M.A.B. C. 41: University Party (2. 3, 41: Y.R.C. (II: Y.M.C.. . (1. 2. 4); Sabre Air Command (1. 2). Downs, Martha Jean B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. Dries, Donald Morris Canton Physical Therapy Club. Reading, Pa. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha: Lutheran Student Association: Tennis: V.M.C.A. (41. Du Bose, Joan Patricia Arden A.B. IN EDUCATION. Canterbury Club (3. 41: Student N.E.A. (3. 41: Student Government (4): Yurketii York (3): V.W.C.A. (3. 41. Duke, Elizabeth Eskridge Charlottesville, Va. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omeqa : Canterbury Club (3. 41; Orientation Counselor (41: University Party (3. 41; V.W.C.. . (3. 4). Dunn, Kate-Putnam A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Delta Delta: V.W.C.A. (3. 4). Greensboro ersity Party (3. 41: Richmond, Va. Council (41. Durham, Jane Emerson A.B. IN ENGLISH. Knppa Delta: Panhellenii Durham, Mary Margaret Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Delta Delta. President (I): Carolina Symposium (4): Panhellenic Council (4): University Party (4). Dwelle, Harriette Baxter Charlotte A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta: Orientation Counselor; Uni- versity Party (3. 41; Yaekety Yack (3); Y.W.C.A. (3). Recording Secretary (4). Eagles, Elizabeth Rosemary Greenville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta; G.M.A.B. (41; Orientation Counselor (41: Student Government (4); IJniversity Party (3, 4); V.W.C.A. (3, 4). Earle, Gwendolyn Faye Statesville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (41; Orientation Counselor (41; Westminster Fellowship (41: V.W.C.A. (4). Early, J. Virgil Wilmington A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Tan Omega. Secretarj ' (41: Band (2. 31; Dailt Tar Heel: I.D.C. (21 : University Party; Weslev Foundation (2); V.M.C.A. (21; Spectrum (31; U.N.C. Orchestra (3). Lumberton 1 and Blade (4): Rocky Mount Edmund, William Bullard, Jr. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi Eta Sigma: S A.F.R.O.T.C. Edmunds, Mary Frances Hodges A.B. IN ENGLISH. Edwards, Philip Strowd Siler City B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. I.D.C. (3, 4): Orientation Conn selor (3, 41 ; Student Legislature (4) ; Student Party (4) ; Y.R.C. (1. 2) ; I.D.C. Honorary Society (4) : Dormitory President (3). Elder, Decia Jeanette Siler City A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Omega. President (41; Cheerleader (4); Orientation Committee (41; Panhellenic Council (4); Student CJovern- ment (3, 4): University Party; Graduation Marshal (31. Elliott, Rachel Elizabeth A.B. IN GEOL(XJY. Ellis, John Wayne B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRA TION. 57 Boiling Springs Spruce Pine Elmore, Emeline Digges Suffolk, Va. A.B. IN KDUCATION. Di-IUi Diltii Delta: University I ' aity (:i, 1); Wesley Foundation (4): V.W.C.A. (1); Student N.E.A. (li. Embry, Hugh Collins Fredericksburg, Va. A.B, IN ECONOMICS. Alvl ' u Knvpu Psi : Band (1, 2, 3. 1 ; Scabbard and Blade (3. i) : N.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. 3. 4). Eskridge, Fain Combs A.B. IN EDUCATION. Shelby Esval, Jean Lydia Durham A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. University Party (3); Ynrkitii In. t- (3. I) ; V.W.C.A. (3). Evans, David Samuel Raleigh A.B. IN ENC.LISH. Tan Kpxilan Phi, Chancellor (3, 4): Carolina Syni posiuni (3, 4); Debate Council (1, 2, 3). Vice-President (2); Hillel Foundation (1. 2. 3. 4); I.F.C. (3. 4): Men ' s Honor Council (1. 2); N.S.A. (3, 4) : Quarterdeck Society (3. 4) ; Order of tlie Old Well (3, 4) : Orienta tion Committee (2. 3): Orientation Counselor (2): Student Council (2, 3): Student Government (2): Student Legislature (1, 2, 3); Student Party (I. 2, 3): Debate Squad (I. 2. 3. 41. Evans, Eleanor Love A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta sity Party (3, 4); V.W.C.A. (4). Raleigh student N.E.A. (41 ; Univer- Everett, Houston Spencer, Jr. Baltimore, Md. A.B. IN HISTORV. Alpha Tail Omega: V.M.C.A. (4); Lacrosse (1). Everitt, James McPherson, Jr. Greensboro B.S. IN Bl ' SINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa fiinma : Track (I. 2) ; University Party (3, 4). Exum, Ashe Bost Snow Hill B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Sigma Nn. President (4); Canter- bury Club (1); C.U.S.C. (4); I.F.C. (1, 2, 3. 4). Treasurer (3). President (4): Orientation Counselor (3); University Party (1. 2, 3. 1); Moreliead Scholar. Faires, Patricia Kay Charlotte A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kap m Delta: G.M.A.B. (3. 4); University Party (3. II ; Wesley Foundation (3. 4); V.W.C.A. (3, 4). Farrior, Katherine Pedrick Burgaw A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3. 4); University Party (3); Westminster Fellovvsliip (3, 4); V.W.C.A. (3, 4); Modern Dance Club (4). Farris, Kathryn Joyce Rocky Mount A.B. IN EDUCATIt)N. Alpha Gamma Delta; Student N.E.A. (4); G..M.A.B. (3. 4); Newman Club (3. 4): University Club (I); V.W.C.A. (3. 4). Feemster, Vivian Lucile Gastonia A.B. IN KDUCATION. V.W.C.A. (3). Ferguson, Jerry Hill Raleigh . .l!. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Baptist Student Union (4): Baseball: (anlboard (ii: I.D.C: Orientation Counselor (4); Student Oovern- mcnt (t)i Student Party (4); University Club (4); V.D.C. (4); V..M.C.A. (4». Ferguson, Tommy R. Rockingham B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Chi Psi; Student Covernmeiit (41 ; University Party (4). Ferrell, James Lee Tarboro , .B. IN PSVCHOLOCiV. Pi Kappa Alpha. Ferrell, Joseph Stevens Elizabeth City B.S. IN SCIENCE EDUCATION. Kappa ' .si; Canterbury Club (1, 2); Cardboar l (1); Orientation Counselor (2. 3, 4); University Party (I. 2). Finch, Mary Hannah Thomasville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa (la in ma : Student N.E.A. (4): G.M.A.B. (3); University Party (3. 4); V.W.C.A. (3. 4). Fink, Carolyn Sue Durham A.B. IN EDUCATION. Hillel Foundation (1). Fish, Lydia Mary Raleigh . .B. IN HISTOKV. Carolina Playmakers (4); Sound and Fury (3, t). Fisher, Larry Alonzo Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. V.R.C. (4); Mixed ( liorus (11. Fisher, Paul Edward Granite Quarry B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa I ' si : ' .R.C; Carteret, N. J. Alplni Kappa Pxi : Football (1, Fitzula, Robert Michael B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, 2) ; Newman Club (4). Fleisher, Michael Herbert Newton Centre, Mass. im IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeta Beta Tan, President: c : B (1 2); Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3. 4); I.F.C. (3, 4): Student Legislature (3); University Party (3): V.D.C. (I); Student Govern- ment (3). 58 Fleming, Elizabeth Heathcote Chapel Hill B.S. IN SriEN ' CE TEACHIN ' C. Knii ia Knppa dnmmti. President (Ij; Canterbury Club (31; University Party (3, 1); Y.W.C.A, i;l. 1). Flinner, Charles Edmund High Point A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Siutiin IMfu Vlii : Dnihi Tnr Hnl (:)l; Press Club (3, 4). Flynn, Harry Shields B.S. IN GEOLOGY, tit. Anlhumi Hall: Sdunil and Kur; Tryon Ford, Sue-Speed Kirkpatrick Chevy Chase, Md. A.B. IN ENGLISH. University Party (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). Foster, Delbert E. B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Fountain, Arthur Whitfield A.B. IN HISTORY. Mocksville Tarboro Foushee, Roger Babson A.B. IN HISTORY. Plii FJn Sifim Carolina Symposium (2. t Student Legislature (3, ti Newman Club (1, 2); Oriei biy (2, 3. 4); Student Govi Burlington Carolina Forum. Chainuan (3) ; Forensic Council, Treasurer (41; State G.M.A.B. (2): I.D.C. (2); N.S.A. (2. 3): itioii Ciiunselor (3): Philantliropic Assem- iiiiiciit 12. 3); Student Legislature (2, 31; ]iv,-rsitv CMib (2); Y.D.C. (3. 4); Y.M.C.A. man (i); Cosmopolitan Club (2, 3. 4). Foy, Belinda Jane Bradenton, Fla. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Al iliii ThUa Pi: Carolina Symposium (4); Stu- dent N.E.A. (4): G.M.A.B. 13, 11: Orientation Committee (3). Women ' s Cbairman (4); Student (Jovernment : Uiiiversitv Party (3, 4); Wesley Foundation (3. 4); Women ' s Honor Council (4): Y,W,C,. , (3, 4), Franklin, William Norman A,B, IN HISTORY, Fencing ' (4), Greensboro Frazier, James Randolph Rocky Mount B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS, Ba|itist Stu lont Union (1, 21; Y.M.C.A. (L 2, 31; N.R.O.T.C. Frederick, Larry Gene Goldsboro A.B. IN ENGLISH. Knppa Sii)mu ; Football (I. 2, 3, 4i; Track (11; l niversity Party (4); Y,M,C.A. (1). Friedberg, Joseph S. Great Neck, N. Y. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Pi Lambdii Phi: li„il„ Tar H,:cl (21; Track (1, 2, 3): Y,R.C, (3, 4): Lacrosse (41. Frost, James Lindsay Wilmington A.B. IN EDUCATION, Arnold Air Society (3, 4): Baseball (L 2. 3, 4): Monogram Club (41; Scabbard and Blade (4), Frye, T. Nelson Carthage A,B, IN SOCIOLOGY, Y,M,C,A, (41, Fujii, Michiko Kanagawa-Pref, Japan A,B, IN SOCIOLOGY. Cosmopolitan Club (3. 41, Fuller, Walter Erwin, Jr. Louisburg B,S. IN BUSINESS ADMINI.STR ATION, Phi Eta Sigma: Beta liamniu Sirnna: DiHii Sianiti Pi. Chancellor (4); Amplioterotlien (4); Baptist Student Union (1. 2, 3, ll; Cardboard (2); Carolina Symposium (2i; C,U,S,C, (3. 1): Daihi Tar Heel (2): P,I,K,C, (3, 41, Cbairinan; Mens Glee Club (1, 21; Order of tlie Grail (3), Excliec|uer (4i: Order of the Old Well (3, I); Orientation Coun.selor (2, 3); Student Council i3i. Chairman (4); Student GovernTuent (1. 2, 3, 4); Student Legislature (L 2, 3); Y,D,C. (1. 2); Student Party (L 2, 3, 4); Donnit ny Officer (1. Funderburk, Albert Otto, Jr. Spray A,B, IN ENGLISH. C.U.S.C. (3. 4); I.D.C. (2. 3), Pre.sident (4); Mono- gram Club (3, 4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4): Orientation Coun.selor (4) ; Student Government (2, 3, 4) ; Student Legislature (2, 3) ; Student Party (1, 2, 3, tl; Track (L 2); Dormitory Vice-President (1), Presi- dent (21; I.D.C. Honorary Society (3, li; Morehead Scholar, Furman, Charles Manning, III Charlotte B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. .S f iim Nic Golf (41. Furr, James William, Jr. Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS, Kaiipa Sinina : Basketball (1); G.M,A,B, (2, 3); Orientation Coun.selor (2): Pam and Ewe (2, 3); University Party (1, 2. 3, I): Wesley Foundation (1. 2, 3j ; Y,M,C,A, (I, 2, 3. 4). Fyfe, William David Chapel Hill B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Alpha Phi Omiqa: Y.M.C.A. (21. Gabriel, Janice Cornelia Mooresville A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Student Party (4); Wesley Foundation (4); Yarki-tt Yack (4); Dormitory Vice-President (4). Gardiner, John Alden Greensboro B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Mil Alpha Sitifnnia: Alpha Chi Sioiini: Hand (H. Gardner, Barbara Jane Wilmington A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Delta; University Party (41 ; Yarki ' iii Yark C4) ; Y.W.C.A. (4). Garr, Melvyn Lawrence A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Pi Lambda Phi: Hillel Foundation (1 (1) ; University Club (1). Raleigh 59 Gibbs, James Howard A.B. I MUSIC. Baptist Student Union (3. II Garris, Carol Lynn Pikeville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kamm Kiipim Gamnw. Serretarv 1); Student N.E.A. (.3. I): G.M.A.B. (I); Student Government (3, 4); University Party (3. 4); Women ' .s Residence Council (3); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Garriss, Austin McDonald, Jr. Troy A. B. IN EDUCATION " . Baptist Student Union (I); Y.M.C.A. (tl. Garver, John David Hendersonville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sioina Phi Epsilon ; Cardboard (4); Mens Cilee Club (1): University Party (3); Y.M.C.A. (I, 2. 3); A.F.R.O.T.C. Sabre Air Command (I, 2). Gaskins, James Alfred, Jr. New Bern A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Lambda Chi Alpha. Gault, Lois Lorine Dallas, Texas B.S, IN PUBLIC HEALTH. Student N.E.A. (3); Y.W.C.A. (3); C.W.C. (3. 4). Gelzer, Dorothy Elise Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi: Canterbury Club (4); University Party (4): Sound and Fury (4): Splash Club (4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Modern Dance Club (4); Student N.E.A. (4). Gerdes, Phillip Engelhard Wilmington A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Kappa Psi: Debate Council (1. 21-. Lutlieran Student Association (1. 2, 31: Orientation Counselor (2i; Student Legislature (I. 2); Student Party (1, 2): Y.R.C. (3. 4). Asheville Mens Glee Club (31. Gibson, Jane Muse Rockingham A.B. IN EDUCATION. Ka ypa Delta: Student N.E.A. (3): U niversity Club (3, 4): University Party (4); Wesley Foundation (3, 4); Y.W.C.. . 3. 4). Gibson, Joan B. Hayesville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta: Student N.E.A. (3. 4); G.M.-A.B. (4): Orientation Counselor (4); Student Party (3): Wesley Foundation (3. 4); Women ' s Residence Council (3, 4); Taeketv Yatk (3 1 : Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Giles, Larry Mills Gastonia A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Gillman, Harriett Ruth Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Splash Club (3. 4); Student Party (t); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Girard, Stephen Scher Gastonia A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Pi Lambda Phi. President (1); Golf (1); Hillel Foundation (1); I.F.C. (3. 4): WUNC-TV (31: N.R.O.T.C. il). Glavin, Kathleen Brigid Cambridge, Mass. A.B. IN PSYCH0L(X;Y. . lpha Gamma Delta: G.M.A.B. (3): N.S.A. (3): Newman Club (3), Secretary- (4): Orientation Counselor (1); Stu- dent Party (3. 11; Y.D.C. (31; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4». Glenn, Willie Lee Durham B.S. IN BUSINE.SS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Pxi. Glynn, Phyllis Evans Greensboro Godfrey, Morris Ray Ware Shoals, S. C. . .B. IN .lOURNALISM. Baptist Student Union (2); Cardboard (2, 3): Iiailu Tar Heel (2, 3. 41: University Party (3. 4): WUNC (2. 3. 4): Y.M.C.A. (2. 3. 41. Elizabeth, N. J. Daili, Tar Heel (II ; Hillel (1. 21: Y.D.C. (I. 21. Goldman, Hilton Paul GoUey, Stuart Andrew Lookout Mountain, Tenn. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Gottschalk, Don Frederick A.B. IN HISTORY. Delta Ciislhni: Graham, Edmund Lowell Goldston A.B. IN FRENCH. Lambda Chi Alpha: I.D.C.: I.F.C; Student Govern- ment; Y.M.C.A.; University Mixed Chorus (4); A.F.R.O.T.C Graham, Wallace Anthony Miami, Fla. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Delta Thcta: Basketball (1. 2); Corson ' s Head (.■!, 4); Sound and Fury (3): Track (I. 2. 3. li: Semper Fidelis Society. Grant, Cynthia Geraldine Orlando, Fla. A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. Pi Beta Phi; G.M.A.B.: Student Government (4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A.; Class Secretary (4). Gray, Charles Dowd, III Gastonia A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Pi Kappa Alpha: C.U.S.C. (3. 41; Football (1): Golf (1. 2); G.M.A.B.; N.S.A. (3, 4)- Order of the Cirail (3. 4); Order of the Old Well (3. 4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3); Publications Board (31: Student Government (21. Treasurer (3), President (4): University Party (1. 2, 3, 4); Wesley Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); More- head Scholar. 60 Daytona Beach, Fla. Canterbury Club (8): Daihr Tar (4); Student Government (4); Green, Sally A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Delta; Heel (3) ; Orientation Counselor y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Greene, Alton Glenn, Jr. Shallotte A.B. IN HISTORY. Chi Phi; Band (1): Monogram CJub (2, 3); Swim mine (1. 2. 3. 4); University Party (2, 3, 4); Wesley Foundation (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2). Greer, Marjorie Ellen Shelby A.B. IN SPANISH. C.W.C. (3): W.A.A. (4). Gregg, Dennis Leon Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Gregory, Mary Edith Galveston, Texas A.B. IN HISTORY. Delta Delta Delta; Carolina Symposium (4); Orientation Committee (4): Panhellenic Council (4): Student Legisla- ture (3): University Party C3, 4): Y.W.C.A. (3). Griffin, Frank Davis Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Grimes, Gayle Gwen Washington, D. C. A.B. IN FRENCH. Pi Beta Phi: Newman Club (3. 4): Sound and Fury (3); University Party (3, 4). Grogan, Kennis Robert Mayodan Guercio, Jody Helen Bel Air, Md. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi; Cheerleader (4): University Party (3, 4); Yacket; Yark (3): .■ ngel Flight (3. 4). Gunter, Katherine Adelaide Chapel Hill A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta; Band (2); Panhellenic Council (3); Splash Club (2); W.A.A. Treasurer (3), Secretary (4). Chapel Hill Guthrie, Malthus Lee B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Gutridge, Helen Scott Lynchburg, Va. A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. University Party (3); WUNC (4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Habel, Harriet Bardin Raleigh A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3. 4) ; Student Party (4) : West- minster Felloviship (4); Yacketii Yack (4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 41: C.W.C. (3). Hagood, Max Martin, Jr. Asheville B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Haithcock, Donald DuPree Durham A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); N.R.O.T.C. (1. 2). Haithcock, Neysa Badin A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta; Student N.E.A. (4); CM. A.B. (8); .Modern Dance Club (4). Haley, Michael Winder Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sionw Alpha Epxilon. Vice- President (4); University Club (3. 4); University Party (I. 2, 3, 4); Westminster Fellowship (1. 2. 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (I. 2. 3, 4). Hamlet, Swayn Gray Reidsville B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Alpha Phi Omega; .Mens Glee Club (2): Yackety Tack (1); Y.D.C. (1); Y.M.C.A. (4). Hammersla, Frances Taylor B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Hickory Hammett, John Benjamin Pennsboro, W. Va. B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Baseball (1, 2. 3. 4) ; Student N.E.A. (3. 4); I.D.C. 12); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Dormitorj- President (2i. Hamrick, Philip Laxton Mt. Holly B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Track (1, 2). Hannah, Mary Susannah Glendale, Ohio A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Delta; University Party (3); WUNC (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3). Treasurer (4). Hanner, Claire Anne Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi; Panhellenic Council (4). Secre- tary: Student Council (4): Student Government (3): University Party 3, 4): Westminster Fellowship (3. 4): WUNC (3); Yacketu Yack 4): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Hanson, Ever Louie A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3. 4). 61 Chapel Hill 000 Happer, William U.S. IN I ' HVSICS. Hardin, Elizabeth Lenoir Charlotte Hardin, Susan Lane Wilmington B..S. IX M. THF.M- TICS. Canterbury Club (3. 4); University Party (4). Harding, Mary Claire Tampa, Fla. . .B. IN EDl ' C.i TKIN. ATn j xr Deltn : Student N.E-. ' V. Ci. 4); Sound and Fury (41 ; Tniversity Party (.s. 4); Ynckety Ynck (4); Y.W.C. ' V. (3, 4). Hargett, John Thorne . .H. I F.NCI.ISH. Cnrolinn Qiiort,-rhi (4); Dnili, Tar Hi-i ' l (3, 4) (;.M.. .B. (41. Wilmington Harkrader, Lela Belle Mt. Airy A.a. IN HISTORV. Carolina Playniakers (4); Student N.E.A. (3, 4i: (l.M.A.B. (4); Orientation Counselor (4): Student Party (3. 4); Wesley Foundation (3. 4); V.W.C.. . (3. 4): Modern Dance Club (3. 4 . Harmon, Diana Donaldson Greensboro A.B. IN AKt. Pi Beta Phi: Ori entation Counselor (4): Westminster F ' ellowship (41: Women ' s Honor Council (3. 4): Women ' s Kesideiue Council (3. 4): Dormitory President (3); Order of tbe Old Beanbirds. Harmon, Ronald Davis Statesville B.S. IN INDl ' STRI.M, REI.. TIONS. Alpha Kappn Pxi : Baseball (1, - ) ; .A.F.R.O.T.C. Harper, James Madison, III Southport . .B. IN ENOLISH. Harris, Boyd White, III Durham B.S. IN BISINF.SS . DMIN1STR. TI0N. Harris, Claude O ' Briant, Jr. Roxboro B.S. IN INDrSTRI.Al. KEL. T10NS. Sigma Nii; Delta Phi Delta: Uni- versity Cluh (2. 41; Y.D.C. (2); Y.M.C.A. (2. 41. Harris, Frederick Henry Rocky Mount B.S. IN PHYSICS. Chi Psi: Phi Eta Sigma: Football (1. 2): Student Legislature (1, 2): University Party (1. 2). Harris, Henry Wood, Jr. Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Delta Theta: Orientatiim Counselor (2. 3): Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); University Party (1. 2. 3. 4). . Harris, Jean Holmes Arlington, Va. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi: Canterbury Club Cli; (l.M.A.B. i:ii: University Party (3); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4i. Harris, Ronald Clay Salisbury B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINUSTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi: University Party. Harris, Thomas Jefferson, Jr. Red Springs B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Arnold Air Society (3. II; Student Party; Westminster Fellowsbip (1, 2. 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 11; . .F.K.b.T.C. (1. 2. 3, 4); Sabre . ir Command (1, 21. Harry, Margaret Alice Grover A.B. IN POMTICAI, SCIENCE. Kappa Delta: Westminster Fellowship (3. 11; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Hassinger, Ann Marshall Bristol, Va. A.B. IN HISTORY. Pi Beta Phi: Orientation Counselor (4); Student (Mivernment (41: Student Legislature (3); University Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Hastings, Richard Lamar B.S. IN .MATHEMATICS. Jackson Hatcher, Mary Suzanne Roanoke, Va. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Delta Delta Delta: Orientation Couii selor (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Hatten, Anna Juanese Pascagoula, Miss. A.B. IN DKAMATIC ART. Carolina Playmakers (3. 4): Cosmopolitan Club 141; Simnd and Fury (41; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Hatz, Emma Louise West Point, Va. . .B. IN MATHEMATICS. Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Women ' s Handbook. Wilmington Elberton, Ga. Hawes, Horace Livingston, Jr. A.B. IN Hl.STORY. Baptist Stmlent Union (1. Hawes, Peyton Samuel, Jr. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Alpha EpsUon: Gimgboul (2, 3. 4): Orien- tation Counselor (41: Publications Board (3. 4): Soccer (1); Student Government (2, 3. 4); Student Legislature (2. 3, 4); University Party (1. 2. 3. 4); Treasurer of Class (1). 62 Hawk, Rose Hayes Orlando, Fla. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Kappa Delta; University Piirtv (1); Weslev Kmiiiilatioii (4): V.W.C.A. (3.4). Hawley, Barbara Anne Durham B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Alpha Odwiim Iklta : I ' liiversitv Party; Y.W.C.A. Hayes, Richard Bryant Sanford B.S. IN Bl.SINE.S.S ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Nii: Band; Baptist Stu ilefit fiiiuii; Mens (;iee Club: Orientation Counselor; Uni ersity I ' artv; WINC; V.D.C.; V.M.C.A. Haywood, Ronald Lee B.S. IN INDl ' .STRIAI. RELATIONS. V.R.C. (4). Hearn, John Rodney B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Hearne, John Lee, Jr. B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Mt. Gilead Wilmington Denton Heavner, Joe Reeves Lincolnton A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Baptist Student Union (1, 2); Carolina Quarti-rhi (41: Student N.E.A. (4); Track (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Sooiology Clul). Hebert, Catherine Fraser New Orleans, La. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (4); Westminster Kellowsliip (.■i. 4) : Y.W.C.A. (:i. 4 1. Heindel, Clifford Craig A.B. IN .MATHE.MATICS. Signal Mountain, Tenn. Hellard, John Charles Salisbury A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (1, 2. .1. 4); Student N.E.. . (. ' 1. 41; Soccer (1. 2, 3. 4). Heller, David Philip A.B. IN ECONOXnCS. Hendricks, Tommy B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Winston-Salem Hamlet Hennessa, Grant Wilkins Charlotte B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Pi Kappa Alpha. Hennessey, Dennis James Worcester, Mass. A.B. IN ENGLISH. I.D.C.; Newman Club; Dormitory President. Henry, Hector Himel, II Charlotte B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Club (3, 4); Clieniis try Club. Hepting, George Carleton Asheville A.B. IN EN(;LISH. Canterbury Club (1); Carolina Symposium (ii; .Mejis Glee Club (1). Herford, Robert David Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Cardboard (1. 2): Student Party (I, 2); llniversity Club (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). Herman, Patricia Jane Statesville A.B. IN RELIGION. Kappa Kappa Oamma ; University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Herndon, Claude H. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Charlotte Herndon, Joseph Glenn Parkton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. I.D.C. (2. 3) ; Student Govern- ment (4); I.D.C. Honorary Society; Semper Fitlelis Societ y. Hero, Helene Claire New Orleans, La. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Pi Beta Phi; University Party (3. 4); Women ' s Residence Council (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). Hicks, James Rodney B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Hicks, Lewis Patterson Charlotte Wise Highsmith, William Cochran, Jr. Fayetteville A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Alpha; Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 63 Hill, Emily Sue A.B. IN EDUCATION. N.S.A. (4); C.W.C. (3, Beanbirds (3. 4). Marshville 1) : Order of the Old Hill, Michael Orman Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Gamma Sigma. Treasurer; Student Party (1, 2); Y.D.C. (1). Hinnant, Robert Willard A.B. IN HISTORY. Pine Level Hirsch, Frederick Lee Miami Beach, Fla. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Lambda Phi: Baseball (1. 2, 3); Cardboard (1, 2. 3, 4); Hillel Foundation (I, 2, 3. 4); I.F.C. (2); University Party (1. 2. 3. 4). Hobbs, Dixie Linda A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Hodges, Hezzie G. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Raleigh Roanoke Rapids Holaday, Martha Ellen Alexandria, Va. A.B. IN MUSIC. Band (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3): Symphony Orchestra (3. 4). Hollan, Gerald Eugene B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Burlington Holmes, Stacy Morgan Raleigh B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Kappa Sigina: Phi Eta Sigma: University Party (3. 4); Minataurs (3, 4). Holoman, Edna Lockwood Raleigh B.S. IN BACTERIOLOGY. Iniversity Party (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Holswade, Ann Harris Huntington, W. Va. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Omega: Orientation Counselor (4): Splash Club (3): University Party (3, 41 ; Women ' s Honor Council (3. 4); Women ' s Residence Council (31 ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Homeyer, Marcia Fuller Wellesley Hills, Mass. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Gamma Delta: G.M.A.B. (3, 4): Student Government (4); University Party (4); Y.W.C.A. (SI: W.A.A. Honey, Loretta Lee Charlotte A.B: in EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi: Newman Club (3. 4); Orienta- tion Counselor (4): University Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. Honeycutt, Wallace Blair Gastonia B.S. IN DENTISTRY. Hoover, Madge Elaine Mt. Airy A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Delta: DaiUi Tar Heel (3) : Student N.E.A. (3. 4); Wesley Foundation (3): Y.W.C.A. (3). Hoover, William David Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Home, Robert Milton Maxton A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (4); Cardboard (4); Stu- dent N.E.A. (4)1 Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3. 41. Horney, John Kendrick Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha: University Party (2). Horton, Alvin Horace, III Hamlet A.B. IN ENGLISH. Carulina Qiiarterlii (4); Y.M.C.A. (4). Houston, John Barr Lenoir A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Howell, Elizabeth Atlanta, Ga. B.S. IN DENTAL HYGIENE. Alpfia Delta Pi, President (4) ; Orienta- tion Counselor (2) ; Panhellenic Council (3, 4) ; University Party (3, 4) ; Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3, 1): Angel Flight (2, 3, 4). Howell, Henry G. Goldsboro U.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Wesley Foundation (1, 2. 3, 4). Howell, James Donald Goldsboro U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Howell, Louise Anne Wilmington A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi: Student Government (4); Yiukrlu Yack (4). 64 Howell, Thelma A.B. IN CHEMISTKV. Orie (3, 4) ; Yacketi Yack (3) ; Modern Dance Club. (3) High Point iir (I); Wesley Foundation Dormitory Vice-President; Howerton, Charles C. Cuero, Texas A.M. IN ' KA1)I(}. TKl.KVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Lambda Chi Aliilui: (Dsiniipolitari Club (2): I.F.C. (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3): I ' liiliintliropic Asseinl)lv II, 2): Student Legi.slature (1): Student Party (1): Westminster Fellowship (1, 2); WUNC (2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 4). Howson, Charles Henry, III Villanova, Pa. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Delta TheUi. Hudson, Joanne Raleigh A.B. IN EDl ' CATION. Alpha Delta Pi; Orientation Committee (4); rniver.sity Party (3, 4); Yacketii Yaek (4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Huffman, Gilbert Thompson Mt. Airy A.B. IN EDUCATION. Cardboard (1. 2): Student N.E.A. (4); Y.M.C.A. (2, 3. 4). Hu£fstetler, Ted Jennings Cramerton A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Dance Committee (1. 2). Hunt, Charlotte Anne A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kapim Kappa Gnu Oxford Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) Hussman, Marilyn Clyde Camden, Ark. A.B. IN .MATHEMATICS. Delta Delta Delta; Y.W.C.A. (4). Hutchinson, Fred Knox Rockingham A.B. IN ART. University Art League (2, 3. 4). Ingold, Frederick Lee, Jr. Gary A.B. IN HISTORY. Wesley Foundation; Y.M.C.A. (1). Irving, Donna Brooks Raleigh A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi; G.M.A.B. (3); N.S.A. (3i; Pan- hcllenio Council (4); Student Legislature (4); University Party 13, 4). Jackson, George Winfield Belhaven A.B. IN HISTORY. Chi Psi: Track (1); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4). Jackson, Harold Henry B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kings Mountain Jackson, Marylyn Dixie Little Rock, Ark. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega: Canterbury Club (3); Golf (3): Sound and Fury (3); Student Legislature (3. 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Jacobs, Donald Mcintosh High Point A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Sigma Alpha; Philanthropic Assem- bly (1. 2. 3. 4); Student Government (1. 2); Student Legislature (1, 2); Student Party (1, 2, 3. 4); Y.D.C. (1, 4). James, Alton Everette, Jr. RobersonviUe A.B. IN HISTORY. Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Theta ; Alpha Epsilo)i Delta; Baptist Student Union (1): Carolina Symposium (2. 3); Order of the Old Well (3, 4): Orientation Counselor (2, 3): Orientation Com- mittee: Philanthropic Assembly (1); Student Council (1, 2, 3): Student Government (I, 2, 3); Student Legislature (2, 3): Student Party (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. James, Jeanne Stuart A.B. IN ENGLISH. Westminster Fello Wilmington ship (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). James, Kenneth Leroy Mayodan B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi; Baptist Student Union (1); Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2, 3), President (4). Jarrell, James Norfleet Raleigh B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Jarvis, Andrew Preston, Jr. Raleigh B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Pi Kappa Alpha: I.D.C.; University Club; Y.M.C.A. Jennings, Edward Lewis Wadesboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Eta Jessup, Timothy E. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Mt. Airy Yardley, Pa. President (4); Jester, Rita Patricia A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Alpha Phi; Stray Greeks (3) AiiRel Fliglit (3, 4); Canterbury Club (3); Orientation Counselor (4); I ' anhellenic Council (4); Splash Club (3, 4); Student Party (3. 4); Women ' s Residence Council (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Dormitory President (11; Class Social Chairman (4). John, Joseph Robert North Augusta, S. C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Dailij Tar Heel (3, 4): Newman Club (3, 4). 65 Johns, Billie Bruce A.B. IN EDl ' CATION. University Party (3 V.W.C.A, (3); Student N.E.A. Asheboro 4) ; Yackety Yack (4) ; Johnson, Carol Lynn Ayden B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Pi Beta Phi: Baptist Student Union (3) ; Carolina Symposium (4); Student N.E.A. (4); G.M.A.B. (3, 4): Univer- sity Party (3. 4); Yarkeiy Yack (3): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Student Gov- ernment (3). Johnson, Edgar Martin, Jr. Raleigh A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Johnson, Larry Wilson A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Johnson, Louise Grady Burgaw A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Omega; Canterbury Club (3); Orientation Counselor (li: Student Government (3); University Party (3. 4); V.W.C.A. (3. 4). Johnson, William T. K. B.S. IN PHYSICS. Coats Bangkok, Thailand Johnston, Frederick Ross Charlotte A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Chi Phi: Basketball (I); Football (li. Jones, David Alexander Fremont B.S. IN SPANISH. Carolina Quarterly (4): DaUii Tar Heel (2. 3). . ssistant Eilitor (4) : I.D.C. (1); Student Government (2. 3. 4) : Student Leeislature (2. 3. 4i: Student Party (1. 2, 3, 4); University Club (1. 2), Vice-Presi lent (4i; WUNC (1). Jones, Louise Judson Raleigh A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (4) ; Yackety Yack (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Jones, Otis William Hendersonville . .B. IN ENGLISH. Jordan, Thomas Hereford Wilson A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Tan Omega; University Party; V.M.C.A. Joyner, Bertice Clifford, Jr. A.B. IN HISTORY. Y..M.C.A. (1. ; Karcz, Ian Witold B.S.-IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Rocky Mount Burwell, England Keck, Walter Monroe Burlington A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Kappa Sigma; Cheerleader; Uni- versity Club. Kellam, William Julius, Jr. Greensboro A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Phi Mii Alpha Silifonia; Band (L 2. 3), President (4); Student Party (1); University Club (3, 4). Kelly, Douglas Neal Waynesville B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Pi Kappa Phi: Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Student Party; Wesley Foundation: Y.D.C. Kelly, Edward Glenn Sanford A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Baseball (1); Student Partv (1, 2); Y.D.C. (1) ; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3). Kelly, Ronald Philip Statesville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Arnold Air Society (3. 4); Wesley Foundation (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3); A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3. 4). Kenan, Glenn Lee Asheboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Phi; G..M.A.B, (2); I.F.C. (2, 3); University Club (1, 2. 3 , 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 41. Kendall, James E. Charlotte A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Kennedy, Constance Marie Virginia Beach, Va. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta; G.M.A.B. (3. 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.. . (3. 4). Kennedy, John Wesley, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Track (11 Rocky Mount Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3). Kepley, Richard Hal A.B. IN HISTORY. Basketball (1 Roanoke, Va. 2, 3. 4): Monogram Club (3. 4i. Kerr, James Lee Jamestown A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Kappa Alpha; Canterbury Club (4); Track (1, 2). 66 Kerr, Robert Emmet, Jr. Charlotte U.S. IN ECONOMICS. Beta Tlieta Pi; University Party; A.F.R.O.T.C. Keys, Bennette Eugene Geer Greenville, S. C. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Gimhoul (3, 4); I.F.C. (2. 3. 4); Monogram Club (2. 3. 4); Scabbard and Blade (3. 4); Tennis (I. 2. 3, 4): N.R.O.T.C. Killian, John Hulan Waynesville A.B. IX POLITICAL SCIENCE. Baptist Student Union (1. 2. 3. 4); Student Party (2. 31 ; V.D.C. (2. 3, 4). Kilpatrick, Arthur Lawrence Ansonia, Conn. B.S. IN INDISTRIAL RELATIONS. Sigma Nu; Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4): Canterbury Club (11; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2). Kimmel, Ronald Melvin Dunn B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3. 4): University Party. King, Jerry Lewis B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Flat Rock King, John Benjamin Clinton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Phi Omega; Kappa Iota; Swimming. King, Judith Hope Teachey A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Delta Pi; Orientation Counselor: Student Government; University Party; Y.W.C.A. King, Mary Kathryn Jacksonville, Fla. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta; University Party (3); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). King, Sarah Elizabeth Monroe B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Student N.E.A. (4); Lutheran Student .Association (3. 4). King, William Edwin, Jr. Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Nu; University Party (3, 4). Kingsley, Carolyn Diane Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi; Angel Flight; Student Government. Kinney, James William Kannapolis . .B. IN ENGLISH. I.D.C. (3, 4); Lutheran Student Association (1, 2. 3. 41; Men ' s Glee Club (1. 2. 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1); Student-Faculty Forum (2). Kittredge, Lee Denniston Flat Rock A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Phi Omega; I.D.C. (3. 4). Kizziah, Michael Doyle Concord B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Band (1); Carolina Symposium (2. 4); I.D.C. (2); Men ' s Honor Council (3); Orientation Committee (4); Orientation Counselor (2. 3); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2. 3. 4); Dormitory President (2), Vice-President (3). Klingel, Marcia E. Baltimore, Md. A.B. IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Cosmopolitan Club (3, 4); N.S.A. (3); Orientation Committee (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Knox, Leonard Ray A.B. IN EDUCATION. Koon ce, Charles Dufify A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Davidson Jacksonville Kornfeld, Stanley David Rocky Mount B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Lambda Phi; Hillel Founda- tion II. 2. 31 ; I.F.C. (1. 31. Kramer, Morris Larry Whiteville A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Lambda Phi; Hillel Foundation (4); Y.D.C. (1). Lampron, Anthony Joseph Wilmington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Men ' s Glee Club. Lance, Frank H. Rosman A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Langstaff, James Philipp Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Y.M.C.A. Lanham, Michael Stewart A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Kappa Si(l 3); student Government (2. 3, 4); University Party (2. 3. 4) Fayetteville Treasurer; Orientation Counselor 67 Deerfield Beach, Fla. Charlotte Laughrun, Tommie Lou A.B. IN SOCIOLIXIV. Kiiiiix ' KaitiM Gamii Lawing, Eugene Morris A.B. IN HISTORY. Lawing, Jackie Lee Marion . .B. IN HISTORY. Beta TheUt Pi: Phi Alpha TlieUi : Phi Eta Sigmn ; Carolina Svmposiuni (2. 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2): Student Legislature (1. 2, 3. i) : ITniversity Party (1. 2. 3. 4). Lawrence, Carey Lee Sanford B.S. IN INDl ' STRIAL RELATIONS. Sigma Xu: Fixjtball II. 2); Uni- versity Party (3, 41; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). Lawson, Thomas Towles Roanoke, Va. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; University Party (1. 2, 3. 4); Gofgon ' s Head. Lazenby, Robert Wilson B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Statesville Leach, Mildred Townsend Richmond, Va. A.B. IN HISTORY. Pi Beta Phi; University Party (3. 4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). League, Richard N. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Leder, Arnold Harris B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. Pi tion (1:; WUNC (3. 4); Y.D.C. (1). Summit, N. J. Goldsboro nhdn Phi: Hillel Founda- Lee, Billy Sanford Four Oaks B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. I.D.C. (3. 4). Lee, Maxine Lorraine Bethesda, Md. . .B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega; Orientation Committee (3): Orien- tation Counselor (4): Westminster Fellowship (3. 4): Women ' s Residence Council (4): Y.W.C.. . (3. 4); Dormitory President (4): C.W.C; Cosmopolitan Club (4). Leffler, David Lee Arlington, Va. B.S. IN BlISINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Sigma: Football (1. 2): .Monogram Club (4): Student Government (3. 4); Track (3. 4); Uni- versity Party (2, 3. 4): Student . thletic Council. Treasurer (4). LeGrande, Nancy Lee , J Daytona Beach, Fla. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega; Baptist Student Union (3) ; G.M.. .B. (4); Yarketii York (3): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Charlotte 2) ; Student Party Leonard, Charles Jerome, Jr. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Alpha Kappa Psi: Y.R.C. (1 (1). Levy, Edwin, Jr. New Orleans, La. B.S. IN PHYSICS. Zeta Beta Tau. President (3): Phi Eta Sigma; Carolina Symposium (1, 2. 3), Chairman (4); Daily Tar Heel (3): Hillel Foundation (1. 2, 3, 4); I.F.C. (3): N.S.A. (1, 2. 3. 4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4) ; Orientation Committee (2) ; Student Government (1. 2, 3); Student Legislature (1, 2, 3): Student Party (3): University Party (1. 2); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 4); State Student Legislature, Chair- man (3). Lewis, Robert Glenn Morehead City B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Siama; Wesley Foundation (3): Y.M.C.A. (li; Chemistry Club (1. 2, 3. 4). Lewis, Sara Marjorie Asheville A.B. IN EDUC. TION. Student N.E.A. (3): Westminster Fellowship (3. 4): WUNC (3. 4): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); University Chorus. Liipfert, Cowles Winston-Salem A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Beta Theta Pi; Gimghoul (2. 3, 41 : I.F.C. (-2. 3) : Monogram Club (2. 3, 4); Track (I, 2. 3, 4); University Party (1. 2i. Liman, Peter Calvin Hewlett, N. Y. . .B. IN SPANISH. Zeta Beta Tau, Vice-President (4) ; Hillel Founda- tion (1. 2, 3): I.F.C. (2): N.S.. . (3. 4): Orientation Committee (2): Orientation Counselor (2): Track (I. 2); University Party (1); Y.R.C; Y.M.C.. . (1. 2, 3. 4): N.R.O.T.C; Quarterdeck Society. Chapel Hill Lindley, Robert H. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Lineberger, Luther Truett Gastonia . .B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Kappa Alpha. Vice-President: Carolina Sym- posium (4); F ' ootball (1); Orientation Counselor (4i; University Party (1, 2, 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3); N.R.O.T.C; Morehead Scholar. Lineberger, Sherrill Mundy, Jr. Shelby B.A. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha; Orientation Committee (4); Orientation Counselor: Student Government: Univer- sity Party: Y.D.C; Y.M.C.A. Larksville, Pa. 3, 4) ; Monogram Club (2, 3. 4). Lipski, Edward Adam A.B. IN HISTORY. Football (I. Little, Douglas Kearns Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha. 68 Little, James Franklin PoUocksville A.B. IN ENGLISH. Arnold Air Society (8, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); A.K.R.O.T.C. Litton, Lillian Joday Bristol, Va. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi; Orientation Counselor (4) : Student Government (4); Yackety Yack (3): Y.W.C.A. (4); University Party (3. 4). Loughran, Joseph Henry Arlington, Va. B.S. IN BISINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi: University Party (2); .Semper Fidelis Society (:), n; N.R.O.T.C. Lowe, Carroll Douglas Colerain B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lucas, Eleanor Ann Louisville, Ky. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Ktippn Kappa Gamma; Angel Flifrlit (3. 4); G.M.A.B. (3, 4); Student Legislature (3); Student Party (3. 4); Order of tlie Old Well (3. 4). Lytle, William Patillar B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sirimii Marion McCotter, Susan Muse New Bern A.B. IN ENGLISH. Canterbury Club (3. 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Women ' s Residence Council (4); Y.D.C. (3); Y.W.C.A. (3): University Chorus: Dormitorj ' President (4). McGee, James William Greenville A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sifima Alpha Epsilon. McGee, John Divine, II Lookout Mountain, Tenn. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Kappa Alpha: University Party (1. 2, 3. 4); Yacketji York (4). McGowan, Florence Elizabeth Franklin, Va. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Alpha Delta Pi, Treasurer; G.M.A.B. (31: Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (3, 4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Mclnnis, Henry Leon Goldsboro A.B. IN RELIGION. I.D.C. (2): Westminster Fellowship (I, 2. 3. 4): Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3. 4). McLean, Malcolm Hector Lumberton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Tau Oviega, Treasurer CD: Phi Beta Knppa : Beta Gamma Sigma, President (4): Baptist Student Union (I). McLeod, Malcolm Noell A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Epsilon Delta: Band (1): Westminster Fel lowship (1. 2): Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3. 4). McLester, Frances Marlene A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Sanford nster Fel- Charlotte Selma McMillan, James Leroy, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Student Party (1. 2. :i. 41: Wesley Foundation (I. 2. 3. 4): Y.D.C. (1, 2, 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2). McMillan, John Taylor Parkton A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Sigma Alpha; Amplioterothen (3. 4): Carolina Forum (4); Debate Squad (2. 3). President (4): Student Legi.slature (3, 4): Student Party (3. 4); Forensic Council (3. 4), Vice-President (4). McMillan, William Hannon Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi: Mens Glee Club (3, 4). McNeill, James Ronald Sanford A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Nv ; Student Party (1. 2): University Party (3. 4); Y.D.C. (1): Y.M.C.A. (1); Dormitory Vice- President (2). McRorie, Elizabeth Ann Charlotte A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (3. 4) : Student N.E.A. (3. 4): University Chorus; Orientation Committee (3. 4): Orientation Counselor (4); Y.W.C.A. (3). Maddock, Margaret Kemp Palm Beach, Fla. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Varkrlii Yark (3): Y.W.C.A. (4). Mallory, William Mason U.S. IN GEOLOGY. Ctii Psi: Student Le Suffolk, Va. l; A.F.R.O.T.C. Mann, Clifton Darrell Newport B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Baptist Student Union (1. 2. 3, II : Dialectic Senate (2): I.D.C. (2). Manning, Henry Stancill Windsor . .B. IN ENGLISH. Kappn Alpha, President (4); Orientation Counselor: University Party. Marks, Thomas Stanley A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Psi; Canterbury Club (1) (1, 2, :!, 4): Y.R.C. (1. 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4 69 Hudson, Ohio Marley, Alfred Ray, Jr. Erwin A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Tail Omega; Track (1); University Party (2 1; V.M.C.A. (4). Marston, Sara Virginia B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. Sanford Physical Therapy Club u) Martin, Franklin Edwin Fayetteville A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Kappa Alpha; Carolina Symposium (2, 3); Orientation Counselor (3); Student Government; Track (1): University Club (2); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Martin, Sophie Myers Chapel Hill A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Angel Flisht (3, 4): Orien- tation Committee (4): Orientation Counselor (4); Panhellenic Council (4): Student Government (3. 4): University Party (3. 4): Valkyries (4): Women ' s Honor Council (4): Y.W.C.A. (3), President (4); Order of the Old Beanbirds (3. 4). Mathis, Sybil Neat St. Augustine, Fla. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Delta; Dailu Tar Heel (3): Sound and Fury 3. 1); University Club (4); University Party (3, 4i: Yarkrti Yack (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Matthews, David P. Wintson-Salem A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Amphoterothen (3, 4) ; Forensic Council (3. 4); Debate Squad (2); Student Legislature (2. 3); G.M.A.B. (2i: Student Party C. 2. 3); Fencing (2. 3); Model United Nations (3): Dialectic and Philanthropic Society, President (4). Matthews, Robert Graham Greensboro B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Men ' .s Glee Club (1, 2, 3. 4i. Raleigh A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. Orientation Counselor (4): Y.D.C. Maynard, Edward Lewis Mayo, John Blount, Jr. Raleigh A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. WUNC il. 2, 3. 41 ; N.R.O.T.C; Orientation Counselor (2, 3, 4). Mazuy, Kay Knight Osceola, Mo. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Alpha Theta ; Stray Greeks; Carolina Qii terlii (3. 4); University Party (3. 4); Publications Board (4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Carolina Handbook. Editor (4); University Orchestra; liniver- sity Chorus. Mehl, Henry Thomas A.B. IN ENGLISH. I.D.C. (2. 3. (3, 41; N.R.O.T.C. Rifle Team (1 Mechanicsburg, Pa. student Party (1. 2); Wrestling 3); Dormitory President (3i. Meier, Jacquelin Pritchard Wilmington A.B. IN EDUCATION. Yackety Yack (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4i. Melton, Jane Gayle Monroe A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (3. 4); Student N.E.A. (3. H; N.S.A. (3. 4); Student Government (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4i. Mendenhall, Edward Emerson, III B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Chapel Hill Lenoir Mikeal, Bernice Stanley A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES Miller, Ann Livingston Roanoke, Va. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta; Newman Club (4i; Orienta- tion Counselor (4); University Party (3, 4); Yarketi Yack (4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Miller, Carolyn May Winston-Salem Miller, Hal Macon Raleigh A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa !iiama ; Canterbury Club (I); Dance Com- mittee (2, 3. 4); G.M.A.B. (3. 41; I.F.C. (3); N.S.A. (3); Orientation Counselor (3): Student Government (3. 4): University Party (I. 2. 3. 4): Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 4). Miller, Lawrence Gregg Asheville A.B. IN ENfJI.ISH. Phi Mii Alpha Sinfonia ; Band (1. 2, 3, 41; Univer- sity Orchestra (1, 2. 3. 4); Wind Ensemble (1, 2. 3. 4). Miller, Tommy Carl Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINLSTRATION. Mills, Josephine Anne Greenville, S. C. A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Cosmopolitan Club (4); Student Government (3. 4i; Student Party (3. 41; Westminster Fellowship (3, 4); Y.W.C.. . (3. 4). Mitchell, Lillian Merle A.B. IN EDICATION. G. M.A.I N.E.A. (4 I. Hillsboro (4): University Party (41; Student Mitchell, Merritt Kellogg Rye, N. Y. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Kappa Sigma; Soccer (1. 2). Monroe, John Stewart, Jr. Sanford B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. I.D.C. (3, 41; Student Party. 70 Monroe, William Murchison Sanford A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha EpsiJnn Delta: Westminster Fellowship (1. 2, 3, t); V.M.C.A. (4). Montgomery, Mary Ernestine Greenville, S. C. A.B. IN RELIGION. Cosmopolitan Club (4); Westminster Fellowship (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Moore, Joseph Henry A.B, IN HI.STORV. Ridgecrest Moore, Linda Carol Canton B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. Splash Club (2) ; Wesley Foundation (2, 4); Physical Th.erapy Club (4). Moore, Marjorie R. Kensington, Conn. .-i.B. IN FRENCH. Kapprr Delta: Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Moore, Martha Gene Arnold A.B. IN EDUCATION. Thomasville Moore, Theodore Carlton, Jr. Chapel Hill B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Phi Eta Siijmn: Phi Beta Kappa: Scabbard and Blade (2); Swimmnig (1); N.R.O.T.C. Morgan, Benjamin Arthur, III Rock Hill, S. C. B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Sigma Phi Epsilon : Philanthropic . ssembly (2, 3). Morgan, George Lafayette, III Rocky Mount B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Theta Chi: I.F.C. (3. 4); Uni- versity Party (3, 4): Y.D.C. (II: Y.M.C.A. (1). Morgan, Martha Merle Trinity . .B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta, Vice-President (4) ; Student N.E.A. (3. 4); G.M.. .B. (3. 4): Orientation Counselor (4); Student Party (3. 4); Wesley Foundation (3): Tackety Yack (3); Y.R.C. (3. 4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4): State Student Legislature (3); Class Secretary (3); Order of the Old Beanbirds. Morris, Abbott Green, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Gaii University Party. Washington Delta : Golf ( 1) ; Morris, Jahaila . .B. IN ENGLISH. Daily Tar Heel (3, 4). Charlotte Forest City student S.K.A. Morris, Rebecca Dare A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (3. (3, 41 : Yarkctii Yark (3l; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Morrison, Robert Lee Atlanta, Ga. B.A. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Tau Omega: University Party; Y.D.C. (1); Y.M.C.A. (1). Morrow, Frances Ann Chapel Hill A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha flnmrna Delta. President (4); Panbellenic Council (4); Women ' s Glee Club; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3, 4): G.M.A.B.; Square Dance Club (1. 2); Recreation Club (3). Morton, Bruce Floyd High Point A.B. IN PHY.SICAL EDUCATION. Football (1). Manager (2. 31: Wes- ley Foundation (2. 3): Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). Morton, James Riley B.A. IN INDl ' STRIAL MANAGEMENT. Moseley, Wendell Clay B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Albemarle Roanoke Rapids Moss, Philip Victor Kew Gardens, N. Y. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tau EpsUon Phi: Hillel Foundation (1. 2. 3. 4); N.R.O.T.C. (1); Student Government (i). Mottinger, Walter Theo, III Burlington B.A. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Golf (1); Westminster Fellow- ship (1, 2) ; Y.M.C.A, (1). Mulieri, Vincent Anthony Severna Park, Md. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Lambda Chi Alpha: Student Party (3) : Y.M.C.A. 13, 4). Munday, Fredericka Louise High Point A.B. IN " EDUCATION. Alpha Chi Omega; G.M.A.B. (3, 4); Yackety Yack (3): Y.W.CA.; Stray Greeks. Murray, Robert Crocker Hendersonville B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Kappa Alpha; C.U.S.C. (4); Dance Committee (4); G.M.A.B. (1); Orientation Counselor (3); Orientation Committee (4); University Party (1. 2, 3. 4); Yacketu Yark (4): Y.M.C.A. CD. Mustian, Alvin Delbridge A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigma Am. Warrenton 71 Nead, Richard Finch Castleton-on-Hudson, N. Y. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Football (I. 2, 3, 4); Track (1). Nelms, Donald Kenneth Salisbury B.S. IX MATHEMATICS. Canterbury Club (4); Track (3. 4). Newsome, William Grayson, Jr. High Point B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alplm Chi Signm : Student Party (1). Newton, Anne Brooks Southport . .B. IN EDUCATION. Cosmopolitan Club (3. 4); University Cborus (3, 4). Ney, Robert M. Maplewood, N. J. li ' IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Tau Kiisiliiii Phi: Carolina Symposium; linili Tnr Heel (I); Hillel Foundation; Orientation Counselor (3); Stw.lent Party (3i; University Club: V.D.C.: Y.M.C.A. il. . 31. Nichols, Anne Cincinnati, Ohio A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Betn Phi. Vice-President; CM. A.B. (3. 41 ; Orientation Counselor (I); University Party (3. 4); Westminster Fel- lowship (3, 4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Noble, Emily Diana Greensboro .B. IN ART. Cosmopolitan Club (1); Orientation Counselor (1); Y.W.C.A. (3, 41. Noble, Robert Cutler Raleigh .» IN ENGLISH. Phi Etn Higma : Delta Phi Alpha: Cosmopolitan Club (4); I.D.C. (1. 21 ; Student Council (2); Student Party (I); Wesley Foundation (I. 2); Goettingen Exchange Student (3). Noll, Barry Alan Charlotte A.B. IN RADIO. TELEXISION AND MOTIOX PICTURES. WUNC (3). Noyes, James Herben Lawrenceburg, Ind. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sifjma Phi Epsiloii : I.F.C. 13. 4 : Orientation Counselor (41; University Party (3. 4); Wesley Foundation (3. 4); Y.M.C.A. C3. 4). Oakley, Sidney Ray Butner A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Baptist Student Union (11; Mens Honor Council (11 ; Y.D.C. (I). Oast, Margaret Lockhart Portsmouth, Va. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Dtlta Delta Delta: University Party (31 ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. O ' Dea, John Patrick Atlantic City, N. J. B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sifiimi Pi: Newman Club (11. Oliver, Barbara Jester Mt. Airy A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha (Uimma Delta. O ' Neal, John Bryant Durham B.S. IN INDUSITUAI. RELATIONS. MonoKram Club (21; Track (31 ; A.F.R.O.T.C. Osborne, Charles David Shallotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sirima Pi: Y.M.C.A. Canton A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Delta; Carolina Symposium; Orientation Committee; University Party; Valkyries; Westminster Fellowship; Women ' s Honor Council; Yacketij Taek: Y.W.C.A.: Angel Flight. O ' Tuel, Prentis Harold, Jr. Goldsboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Carolina Qmirterlii (1); Daily Tar Heel. Associate Editor (31; Order of the Grail (3, 41: Order of the Old Well (3. 4): Publications Board (L 41. Chairman (2. 3) ; Student Government (I. 2, 3. 41; Student Legislature (1. 2, 31; Student Party (1, 2, 31; Y.D.C. (1. 21 ; Morehead Scholar. Osborne, Melissa Blanche Overman, Thomas Lewis Salisbury A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Alpha: Order of the Old Beanbirds (4): Orientation Coumiittee. .Men ' s Coor linator (4); Orientation Counselor (2); Publications Board (3. tl ; Student Government (I. 2, 3. 4): Uni- versity Party (2. 3. I); Yacketu lark, Co-Editor (4): Y ' .M.C.A. (1. 2, 3i. Owens, Mark West, Jr. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Paderick, Clifton Waldo B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Fountain Kinston Page, Barbara Ann . .B. IN SOCIOLOG1 ' . Delta Delta Delta: Y.W.C.A. (3. II. Page, Craven Blaylock B.S. IN BUSINESS .VD.MINISTR ATION. Palmer, Malcolm Franchot A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Alpha. Secretary (41: I.F.C. (3): Ram and Eve (2l; University Party (1, 2i: Yaekety Yack (4 ); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2). 72 Jacksonville, Fla. Durham Albemarle Palmer, William Lea A.B. IX ENCI.ISH. lirlta Kappa Epsilon : Gorgon ' ! Park, Jane Elizabeth A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Kappa Kappa Gamma: 1 (4); University Party (3, 41; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Park, Roy H., Jr. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Valdese Hciiil. Orlando, Fla. mhellenic Council Ithaca, N. Y. Parker, David Norfleet Raleigh A.B. IN ENr.I.ISH. Pi Kappa Alpha: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Carolina Symposium (2, :). 4); G.M.A.B. (2. 3); Men ' s Glee Club (1); Order of the Old Beanbirds; Order of the Old Well (3, 4) : Orientation Committee (3). Chairman (4); Orientation Counselor (2); Student Government (1. 2. 3, 4); University Party; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). Parker, Mary Gilmour A.B. IN EDUCATION. Canterbun ' Club (3) Raleigh Student N.E.A.; Y.W.C.A. Parks, Julia Elizabeth A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Alpha Gan Clinton Delta: G.M.A.B. (3); Y.W.C.A. (3). Parks, Mary Le Grand Fayetteville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi: Angel Flight (4); C.U.S.C. (4); Student N.E.A. (4); University Party (3, 4): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Yacketii Yaek (3, 4). Partin, Donald Howard Hobgood B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Phi Omeoa : Alpha Kappa P.H: Baptist Student Union (1, 2); Cardboard (3); G.M.A.B. (3); Men ' s Glee Club Ci. 4); Student Party (1, 2, 3): University Club (3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (I. 2, :i, 41. Partin, Wilson Burton, Jr. Scotland Neck A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Eta Siqma: Phi Beta Kappa: G.M.A.B. (2); Student Government (2); Student Party (2); Y.D.C. (4); Y.M.C.A. (I, 2); Dormitory Secretary (3, 4). Paschal, Frederick Hubert Durham A.B. IN HISTORY. Patrick, Donald Ray Greenville A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha EpsUon Delta: Student Party; Y.M.C.A. Patterson, Hugh Lester Edenton A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Gamma Delta. President; Carolina Symposium (1. 3) ; I.F.C. Ci. 41 ; Men ' s Honor Council (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Order of Golden Fleece (3. 4) ; Order of the Grail (3. 41 ; Order of the Old Well (3. 4) ; Orientation Committee (3); Orientation Counselor (2); Scabbard and Blade (3. 4); Student Government (1. 2, 3. 4); University Party (1. 2. 3. 4). Pattisall, Richard Chapman St. Paul, Va. A.B. IN LAW. Phi Gamma Delta: Beta fHama Epsilon: Football (1); Student Government (3. 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.D.C. (4). Paynter, Billy Furman A.B. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Pearce, Samuel Worth B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Oxford Raleigh Pearson, Bruce Gilbert Fort Bragg A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Vpsilon; Cardboard (1. 2); Westminster Fellowship (1. 2. 3, I). Pearson, Patricia Ann Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. G.M.A.B. (3); Newman Club (3 4) • Sound and Fury (3. 1); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Angel Flight (li; C.W.C. (3). Peebles, Robert Graham, Jr Arlington, Va. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOfiY. .S V mo Phi Epsilon: Canterbury Club (I) ; Daily Tar Heel (3, 1); Men ' s (ilee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Fencing Club (3. 4). Pemberton, Joseph Boykin, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS . 1)MI ISTR ATION. Sii ma Alplia Kiisiloii: Canter- bury Club: Stl[(leiit Party; A).C. Penny, James Forrest, Jr. Fuquay Springs B.S. IN BISINK.SS ADMINISTRATION. Student Party (1); Y.D.C. (1). Perdue, Jasper Burt, Jr. B.S. IN MEDICINE. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Goldsboro Louisburg Perrini, Joseph John, Jr. New York, N. Y. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Wrestling (I, 2, 3. 1). Perry, James Otha Fairmont Perry, Pamela Tampa, Fla. B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Swimming; Y.W.C.A. (31; Dormi- tory Secretary. 73 Leaksville i) : Dailij Tar Monroe Peterson, Gerald J. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Baptist Student Union (1, Heel (3, 4). Phifer, Sam Edmund H.S. IN GEOLOGV. Phillips, Elizabeth Jane Winston-Salem A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta, Secretary; Baptist Student Union (3. 4); Student N.E.A. (4): Student Party ' (S, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Phillips, Grady Hine Greensboro B.S. IN PHYSICS. Cardboard (1. 2, 3, 4). Phillips, Roy Thomas Kinston B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi Bpsilnn ; Cardboard (1): University Party (2. 3. 4); Y.D.C. (1, 2): Y.M.C.A. (1. 2). Pierce, Robert James, Jr. Rocky Point A.B. IN ENGLISH. Student Legislature: Student Party. Pierce, Thomas Carlton Linden A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Soccer (1). Pierczynski, John Bishop Charlotte A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pietsch, Barbara Shepard Crozet, Va. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Knppa Delta; Canterbury Club (3. 4); Orienta- tion Counselor (4); University Club (3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council (3. 4). Secretary (4): Y.W.C.. . (3. 4). Pipkin, Ashmead Pringle Reidsville A.B. IN ENGLISH. Beta Theta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Siama; Canterhurv Club (1. 2. .■!. 4); Dailii Tar Heel (1. 2. 3. 4); I.F.C. (3, 4); Order of tlie Old Well i3. 41; Orientation Counselor (2, 3, 4); Univer- sity Party (31: Student Government (2, 3K Pittman, Charles Wood, Jr. Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Delta Theta; Carolina Symposium (2. 4); Order of the Old Well (3) : Orientation Counselor (2. 4) : Scabbard and Blade (3): Student Legislature (1. 2); Swimming (1); University Party (1, 2. 3, 41 : German ' s Club (2, 3. 4). Plunkett, Penelope Louise Rye, N. Y. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omeoa; Canterbury Club (3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Polk, Lindsay Franklin, Tenn. . .B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta; University Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Pollard, Andrew James B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pollock, Franklin Deams A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Kappa Phi Y.D.C; Y.R.C.; Y.M.C.A. Ft. Meade, Fla. Warsaw Baptist Student Union ■ Poole, Charles Grey, III Raleigh B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL REL. TIONS. Phi Delta Theta; Basketball; GiniKlioul; I.F.C: Monogram Club; Student Government. Poole, Charles Lee Sanford U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINI.STRATION. Poole, Walter Roy, Jr. Kinston B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Delta Sigma Pi; Baptist Student Union; I.D.C (2. 3); Student Council (2, 3); Student Party (2); I.F.C (1). Pope, William Henry Macon, Ga. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Kappa Alpha; I.F.C. (3); Univer- sity Party (2. 3. I); N.R.O.T.C Porter, William Middleton Falls Church, Va. A.B. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. Canterbury Club (1. 2): Cosmo- politan Club (I); Dialectic Senate (3. 4); Men ' s Glee Club (1. 2); Quarterdeck Society (3i. President (4); Student Government (2, 3. 4): Student Legislature (2, 3. i); Student Party (1, 2. 8); University Club (2. 3): WUNC (3. 4); University Chorus (1, 2); Cross-Countrv ' (1); State Student Legislature (3). Powell, Mary Alice A.B. IN ENGLISH. Carolina Quarterly (3): Sound and Fu University Party (3. t) : Yacketii Yark (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Asheville (4); Praigg, Noble Todd Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Y.R.C.: Y.M.C.A. (ii. Proctor, Kay Roderick Chapel Hill A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Y.W.C.A. Pruett, Ronnie Allen Mt. Airy A.B. IN POI.ITK Al. SCIENCE. Pi Sigma Alpha; Cardboard (1); Cos- mopolitan Club (I); Pliilanthropic A.ssembly (1, 2, 3. 4); WUNC (2, 3, 4); Y.R.C (li; Y.M.C.A. (1). 74 PuUen, Sarah Elizabeth Parkton A.B. IN SOCIOI.OC.V. Pi Beta Phi: Carolina Playmakers (3. 4); G.M.A.B. (:i, 1); University Party. Quick, Paula Dean Portland, Ore. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi: Student N.E.A. (.9. i) i Student Government (3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Quick, Russell Irving Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Aliihn Kappa Psi. Raab, Teddy Lee A.B. IN HISTORY. Pi Kappa Phi. President (4). Rachesky, Phyllis B.S. IN PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING. Ramos, Dorothy Coleman A.B. IN EDUCATION. Garner Rutherford, N. J. Bunlevel Garner Rand, Walter, III A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Tail Omega. Raney, Richard Beverly, Jr. Chapel Hill . .B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Tan Omega: Phi Eta Sigma: Carolina Svm- posium (11; I.F.C. (1); Men ' s Glee Club (1): University Party (II; Y.M.C.A. (1); I.F.C. Handbook, Editor (2). Rankin, Alvin, Jr. Belmont A.B. IN GERMAN. Student N.E.A. (3. 4): Newman Club (1. 2, 3): Student Party (4); Y.R.C. (1); Y.M.C.A. (1). Ransdell, Sylvia Nan Lenoir A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A.; University Party: Y.W.C.A. Raper, Julius Rowan, III Raleigh A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: Carolina Svnv posium (2. 3. i) : Men ' s Honor Council (2, 3); Order of the Grail (3, 4) ; Order of the Old Well (3, 4) : Student Legislature (2) ; Student Party (2); Wesley Foundation (1); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 4). Ray, Herman Edwin B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Delta Sigma Pi 4); Y.M.C.A. Burlington Football (1. 2, 3, Ray, John Charlos Southern Pines A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Psi: Arnold Air Society (2. 3. 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Scabbard and Blade (3. 4): Student Council (3. 4); Student Government (1, 21; Student Lesislature (1); Student Party (1, 2. 3, 4); Westminster Fellowship (i) ; Y.M.C.A. (1); University Chorus. Ray, Margaret Ellen Fayetteville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Canterbury Club (3); Student N.E.A. (3). Presi- dent (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Raymer, Peggy Ann A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. Fellowship; Y.D.C.; Y.W.C.A. Redden, Alma Louise A.B. IN ENGLISH. Dailij Tar Heel (4). Student Party Statesville Westminster Springfield, Mass. Greensboro Redhead, Julia Harrell A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Delta Delta Delta; University Party (3. 4); Westminster Fellowship (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Reed, Betty Thomas Charleston, W. Va. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa Gamma: University Club; Women ' s Residence Council; Y.W.C.A. Reed, Frank Earl B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Rehm, Linda Sturgis, Mich. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta: Canterbury Club (3, 4); Orienta- tion Counselor (4); Splash Club (3. 4); University Party (3. 4); Women ' s Honor Council (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); AngelFlight. ' Reid, Beverly Rippard A.B. IN EDUCATION. Hendersonville Clearwater, Fla. Reid, Margaret Beatrice Raleigh A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Delta Pi: Baptist Student Union (31; Daihl Tar Heel (3 1; Y.W.C.A. (3). Elizabeth City Handbook. Lucama Reid, Mary Eley A.B. IN ENGLISH. Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); ' W Renfrow, A. Tucker A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Signw Phi Epsilon: Carolina Playmakers; Men ' s Glee Club; Sound and Fury: Y.M.C.A. ; University Chorus. 75 Reynolds, Frances Ellen Newton A.B. IN RELIGION. Delta Phi AJpha: Alpha Gamma Delta, Vice- President (3) : Band (1. 2, 3) ; Cosmopolitan Club (4) : Lutheran Student Association (1, 2. 3. 4): Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3); Splasli Club (1. 2. 3); Valkyries (2. 3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 4): W.A.A. (1. 2. 3, 4); Goettingen Scholarship. Reynolds, Jasper Andrew, Jr. Chattanooga, Tenn. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappn Alpha; G.M.A.B. (1. 2. 3); Student Govern- nient (t); University Party (1, 2. 3, 4): Westminster Fellowship (li: ■ -.M.r.A. (I, 2. 3). Rhodes, Nova Maxine A.B. IN ENGLISH. Baptist Student Union (3). Pittsboro Rhodes, Robert Maurice Lenoir A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4): Scabbard and Blade (3. 4); Wesley Foundation (1, 2. 3. 4); N.R.O.T.C. Dallas Rhyne, Fern Elizabeth Rhyne, Richard Gaddy Morven B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi: Arnold Air Society (3. 41 : Cheerleader (3. 4) ; Men ' s Glee Club (1. 2. 3) : Scabbard and Blade (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1). Richardson, Helen Jean Winston-Salem . .B. IN MATHEMATICS. Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Ridout, Constance L. Chapel Hill A.B. IN EDUCATION. Riedl, Paul Francis, Jr. Greensboro B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT. Newman Club (1): Student Party (2); Y.D.C. (3, 4). RiJey, John Gayle A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Phi Daily Tar Heel (3) Salisbury Y.D.C. (IK Hillsboro Roberts, Bryan Wilson B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta K(ij )i(i. Vice-President; Orientation Counselor (3); Y.M.C.A. (2. 3); Morelicad Scholar. Roberts, Eddie Kemp B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sign Student Union; Dance Committee; Y.M.C.A. Wendell Pi; Band; Baptist Roberts, Jerry Travis Granite Falls A.B. IN ENGLISH. Lambda Chi Alpha; WUNC (1): Carolina Hand- book (2). Roberts, Rosemary Albertville, Ala. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Kappa Delta, President (4); Daili Tar Heel (3, 4); Panhellenic Council (4); University Party (3, 41; Women ' s Honor Council (3, 4): Y.W.C.A. (3). Robenson, Elizabeth Ritchie West Orange, N. J. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Alpha Gamma Delta; Canterbury Club (3. 4): Student Party (3. 4); Tackefy Yack (3); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Angel Flight (4). Robertson, Tate MacEwen, III Philadelphia, Pa. A.B. IN HISTORY. St. Anthnnu Hall; I.F.C.; Newman Club; Soccer. Robinson, Cordelia Richards Littleton A.B. IN M. THEM. TICS. Chi Omega; Student Government; University Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Mathematics Club. Robinson, Horace Palmer B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeta Psi. Littleton Robinson, Nan Temple Delray Beach, Fla. A.B. IN COMPARATIVE LITERATURE. Canterbun ' Club (3. 4); Carolina Symposium (3. 4); Cosmopolitan Club (4); Orientation Coun- selor (4); University Party (8, 4); Y.R.C. 3. 4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4i. Vice-President (4). Robinson, Richard Hill, Jr. Greensboro B. IN HISTORY. Pi Kappa Alpha, President (4); Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Rita Kapiin; Carolina Symposium (2, 3, 4); Gimghoul (3. 41; I.F.C. (2. 4); Order of the Grail (2. 3. 4); Order of the Old Well (3. 41; Orientation Conunittee (1); Student Legislature (1); Student Body .attorney General (3). Rocco, Richard East Nonhport, N. Y. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Newman Club (I. 2, 3. li; Y.R.C. (2. 3, 4); Wildlife Club (1. 2). Roesel, Marion Elizabeth Elizabethton, Tenn. n.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Student Party 14); Student N.E.A. (4}. Rogers, Claude Madison A.B. IN EDUC.MION. Student N.E.A. (I, 2): Mooresville Glee Club (4K Rogers, Cunis Lee Charlotte A.B. IN HISTORY. Beta Theta Pi; University Party (1, 2, 3, 4). 76 Roper, Fred Wilburn Hendersonville A.B. IN EN ' tlLISH. Canterbuiy Club (4); Y.K.C. (3. l) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Carolina Handbook (1, -2. :n. Ross, Charles Albert Kingsport, Tenn. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Phi; Basketball (1): Can- terbury Club (1. 2, 3); Carolina Koruni; Daihf Tar Heel, Managing Editor (3. 4): Golf (2. 3): G.M.A.B.; I.K.C.: Track (1): University Club; I ' niversity Party (1, 2. 3. 4 ; Y.R.C. (2, 3, 4): Y.M.C.A. Ross, Katharine Anne Beckley, W. Va. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Mu; Orientation Counselor (4): University Party (3. 4): Westminster Fellowship (3. 4); Women ' s Honor Council (3. 4); Women ' s Residence Council (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Dormitory President (4); Stray Greeks: Outing Club. Ross, Owen Boyd Charlotte B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Rountree, Frances Ann Greensboro A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega; Student N.E.A. (4) ; Panhellenic Council (4) : Sound and Fury (3) ; Student Council (4) ; University Party (3, 4). Rouse, Randall Rex Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Band (1, 2. 3. 4): I.D.C. (3. 41; Y.D.C. (I, 2, 3, 4). Rowe, Robert Finley Lexington B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Alpha Kappa Psi. Rudy, John Forney, II Washington, D. C. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Kappa Phi; Dailii Tar Heel (3): Golf; G.M.A.B.; Monogram Club (3. 4); Student Government (I. 2. 3): Swimming (1, 2, 3); University Club (1, 2, 3); Y.R.C. (2. 3); Y.M.C.A. (2, 3). Russell, Paul, Jr. Bridgeport, W. Va. B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Football (1, 2, 3. 4(; Monogram Club (2. 3. 4). Sabiston, Frank, Jr. Kinston B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Wesley Foundation; Y.M.C.A. Saintsing, Everette Thomas Thomasville A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Baseball (1, 2. 3. 4) ; Basketball (1) ; .Monogram Club (3, 4). Salem, Albert McCall, Jr. Havelock A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Kappa Sigma; Arnold Air Society (3, 41; I.F.C. (2. 3); Newman Club (2. 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); University Party (3). Sales, Nancy Anne Murphy A.B. IN ENGLISH. Yacketu Yack (3, 4); Daily Tar Heel (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Salinger, Tony Wilshire Westport, Conn. A.B. IN CHEMSTRY. Delta Vpsilon; G.M.A.B. (3. 4); I.D.C. (3); .Men ' s Cilee Club (3); Orientation Coun.selor (4); Student Council (3); Tennis (1); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). Salz, Harvey A. Rego Park, N. Y. A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Pi Lambda Phi; Basketball (1, 2, 3. 41; Monogram Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Samsot, Kathleen New Orleans, La. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Omega; Pi Sigma Alpha; Student Government; I ' niversity Party. Sanborn, Bruce Morrison Gastonia B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Sigma; Men ' s Honor Council. Sanders, Lewis Drexel Willow Springs B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Arnold Air Society (3, 4): Y.M.C.A.; . .F.R.0.T.C. (1. 2. 3. 4); Sabre Air Command (2). Sandman, Herbert Arthur Asheville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Lambda Phi; Hillel Founda- tion {1, 2, 3, 4); I.F.C. (2. 3). Sapp, Edwin Greenlaw A.B. IN ENGLISH. .Mens Glee Club (1, 2. 3, 4). Sauls, James C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Cnrulina Qiiarterlij (4): YnckeUj Yack (3) Greensboro Garner Spot Richmond, Va. Sawyer, F. Jean A.B. IN ENGLISH. Schafstedde, Frank Gerhard B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Schroeder, George N. San Mateo, Calif. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. 77 Schultheiss, Gerald Webb High Point B.S. IN BTSISESS ADMINISTRATION. Wesley Foundation (1). Schwerzel, Arthur Howard Summit, N. J. A.B. IN I ' OLITICAI. SCIKNCE. CTii Psi : Canterbury Club (1); Orienta- tion Counselor (3); University Party (1. 2. 3. 4); Yttrk -tii York (Ij; V.M.C.A. II. 2. a, II. Scott, James Martin Arlington, Va. A.B. IN KNGLISH. Alpha Phi Omega. Vice-President (.3. i) : I.D.C. (3). Vice President (4); .Mens Glee Club (2. 3, 4); N.S.A. Coordinator (4): Order of the Grail (4): Orientation Counselor (3, 4): Student Legisla- ture (3, 4); Student Party (3); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3. 4): I.D.C. Honorary Society (3. 4): Dormitory President (3). Scott, Julia Anne Richmond, Va. A.B. IN EDICATION. Kappa Delta: Canterbury Club (3i; Student N.E.A. Cli; Sound and Fury (3); University Party (3, 4); Yarketii Yark (41: Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Sellers, Katherine Ashley Washington, D. C. . .B. IN GEOGRAPHY. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Orientation Counselor 4t; Panhellenic Council (4); University Party (3. 4). Sevier, Lesley Ogden Bainbridge, Ga. . .B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treasurer (4); Orienta- tion Counselor (4); University Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Shaffer, Lee Philip Pittsburgh, Pa. B.S. IN Bl ' SINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Tau Omena : Basketball (1. ■- ' . 3, ti; Monogram Club (2, 3, 4): Y.M.C.A. (1). Shaffer, Monnie Ray Mayodan B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Sharp, Douglas Wilson B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Madison Sharp, Jane Elizabeth Jacksonville, Fla. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Knppa Delta: Stuilent N.E.A. : Y.W.C.A. Sharpe, Benny Sandlin Beulaville A.B. IN HISTORY. Chi Phi: Carolina Symposium; Orientation Coun- selor (41; University Party (2. 3. 4). Shaw, Elizabeth Ann Fairfield, Conn. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Delta; Canterbury Club (3. 4); University Party (3. 4i ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Shaw, Elizabeth Anne Chevy Chase, Md. A.B. IN COMPARATIVE LITERATURE. Pi Beta Phi: Sound and Fury. Shearin, Edwin Elbert Whitakers A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Sheets, Charles Dean Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Scabbard and Blade (3, 4) ; Wesley Foundation (1. 2, 3, 4): Semper Fidelis Society. Sheffield, Dewey Bain, Jr. Wilson A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Dailij Tar Heel (3, 4) : Men ' s Honor Council (3. 4); Student Government (3); Student Party Chairman (3. 4): Y.D.C. (3. 4). Sherrill, Robert Alexander Laurinburg Shore, Carl Isaac, Jr. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Yadkinville Short, Mary Sue Charlotte A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government (3. 4); Student Party (3); Wesley Foundation (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3): C.W.C. (3), Vice-President (4); Dormitory Secretary (4); Order of the Old Beanbirds. Shumate, James Ronald A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Dailii Tar Heel (3). Associate Editor Wesley Foundation (li; Press Club (4). Charlotte Shupin, Robert Rodney A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Football (1. Student Athletic Council. Sikes, Leila Caroline Waldwick, N. J. Monogram Club (2, 3, 4) ; , Greensboro . .B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta: Orientation Counselor (4): Student Council i4); University Party (3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council 14); Y.W.C.V. (3. 4): Dormitory President (4). Simpson, Clifford Carlton, Jr. Farmville B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Eta Si( mn: Alpha Chi Siffma. Simpson, Henry Clay, Jr. Lexington, Ky. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Alpha, Treasurer: Phi Alpha Theta. Treas- urer; Amphoterothen (4). President; Canterbury Club (I); Cardboard (1); Carolina Forum (4). Treasurer; Debate Squad (2, 3. 4). President: Orientation Counselor (4) ; University Party (2, 3, 4) ; Forensic Council, President (4). 78 Simpson, Leo Franklin, Jr. Morehead City B.S. IN ' BISINESS ADMINISTRATION ' . Alpha Kapim Psi: Westminster Fellowsliip; V.M.C.A. Sims, Arthur Ward Orange, Va. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Delta Kappa Epsiloti. Vice-President; Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2): Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); Track (1. 2. 3, 4): University Party (1. 2): Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3): N.R.O.T.C. Singletary, Julia Catherine Wellesley, Mass. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Gamma Delta: Orientation Counselor (4i; Splash Club (3. 4): Student Party (4): Wesley Founda- tion (3. 4); Yacketu Yack (3); V ' .W.C.. . (3. 4). Sink, Marianna Atherton Lexington A.B. IN EDl ' CATION. Kappa Kappa Gamma: Student N.E.A. (3, 41 : University Party (3. 4i: V.W.C.A. (3. 4); W.A.A. (4). Sitton, Claude Shem A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Slagle, Lois Evelyn B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Student N.E.A. tion (4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Fort Myers, Fla. Sylva 3, 4) : Wesley Founda- Smiley, Peggy Ann Salem, Va. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Delta: Student Government: University Club; University Party; Y.W.C.A. Smith, Beverly Rentz Reidsville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3. 4); N.S.A. {1. 2); Splash Club (1): Tennis Club: Wesley Foundation (I. 2). Smith, Billy Marshall Rockingham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. V.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 41. Smith, Carter Braxton A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Kirjn. Martinsville, Va. Alpha EpMIrm: Gorgon ' s Head (3. 41. Smith, Clayton Bernard, Jr. Elizabethtown A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Alpha: Football. Smith, Colin Fraser Pinehurst A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Sigma, President: Daily Tar Heel (4): Football (1. 2); I.F.C. (3. 4); Monogram Club (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Track (1. 2, 3, 4); University Party (3, 4): Wesley Foundation (1, 2). Smith, Eleanor Jane Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega: G.M.A.B.; University Party: Yacketu Yatk: Y.W.C.A. Smith, Elizabeth Gentry A.B. IN EDUCATION. Splash Club (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Uniontown, Pa. liversity Party (4) ; Smith, Frank Watson Wake Forest A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Delta Vpsilon; Band (1. 2): Canterbury Club Smith, John Wilson Sylva A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Delta Theta : Ram and Ewe (1); Swimming (1); University Party (1. 2, 3. 4); Y.R.C. (1). Smith, Kirby Hart, Jr. Ayden A.B. IN HISTORY. Smith, Michael Fred Belmont B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Phi Omega: Arnold Air Society (2. 3. 4); Baptist Student Union (1. 2, 3. 4); Cardboard (4): Dance Committee (2, 3. 4): G.M.A.B.: Orientation Counselor (2, 3. 4); Ram and Ewe (2. 3); Student Government (2. 3, 4); Yackety Yack (1. 2. 3. 4 ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Carolina Handbook (1. 21. Smith, Samuel Irby Roanoke Rapids B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Band. Smith, Tallulah Driskell Southport, Conn. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Pi Beta Phi: Sound and Fury (3): Student Government (3. 4): University Party (3. 4); Yackety Yack (4): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4): Carolina Handbook. Smith, Thomas Kirkman B.S. IN DENTISTRY. Kappa Sign Thomasville University Party: Y.M.C.A. Smith, Thomas William O. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Canterbury Club (3, (3. 4): Y.D.C. (4): Y.M.C.A. (4). Smith, Wade Marvin A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Kappa Alpha: Football (1, 2. 3. Club: Order of Golden Fleece: Order of the Grail; Un Y.M.C.A.: Class President (3. 4). Smith, Wayne Reece A.B. IN RELIGION. Wesley Foundation (1. 2. 3. 4). 79 Raleigh 4) ; Cardboard Albemarle Charlotte Smithson, Alva Pinner Creswell Solenberger, Helen Metz Winchester, Va. A.B. IN KDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3. 4); Orientation Counselor (4): I ' niversity Party (3); Westminster Fellowsliip I4): V.W.C.A. (3, 4 ) ; Woman ' s Handbook, Associate Editor. Solomon, Allan Frank Conway, S. C. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Pi Lambda Phi, Vice-President; Hillel Founda- tion 141 ; I.K.C. (1) : Y.D.C. (1). Bristol, Conn. Asheboro Sonstroem, Donald Edwin A. 11, IN KNCLISH. Southern, James Moody B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. Spader, Allan David Vienna, W. Va. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGV. Alpha Phi Omega; I.D.C. (2): Orientation Coun- selor (4). Spain, Jack H., Jr. Greenville , .B. IN HISTORV. Phi (inmiiiii Delta ; Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Ela Signm: Phi Alpha Th. ' ta: Carolina Svrn|)osium (2, 3, 4); Order of the Grail; Order of tlie old Well: Student Government: University Tarty (1, 2, 3, 4): Attorney General of Student Body (4); Order of tlie Old Beanbirds. Spangler, Janice Costner Shelby B.S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Baptist Student Union (3, 4); y.W,C,A. (3, 41. Sparger, Jim Massey Mt. Airy A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Sigma: Universi ty Club (2); University Party (3); Y.D.C. (4): Y.M.C.A. (1). Spencer, Paula Jo Richwood, W. Va. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student N.E.A. (3, 4); University Party (3): Wesley Foundation (3. 4). Spencer, Robert Donald Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi: Student Party (1). Spivey, Connie Bradley Wilson A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta; University Party (8, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 41, Sproles, Charles Ben Spruce Pine A,B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION, Football (1): Student N,E,A. (4): Wrestlins (3, 41, Spry, Doyle Eugene Cooleemee A,B. IN HISTORY. Baptist Student Union (3. 4). Stamps, Jo Ella Yanceyville A.B. IN HISTORY. Baptist Student Union (3, 4); Student N.E.- . {3. 4); Student Party (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Stassinos, Evagelos Stavros Charlotte A,B. IN HISTORY. Stassinos, James Odysseus Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Steele, Hobart Theodore, Jr. Burlington A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Band (1, 2, 3): Canterbury Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Carolina Quarterlii (4): Daily Tar Heel (2, 3, 4); Dance Com- mittee (21; Philanthropic . ssembly (3, 4): Student Government (3. 4); Student Party (3. 4); Y,D,C, (1, 2, 3, 4); Y,M.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 4). Steele, Lynn Cameron A.B. IN ENGLISH. Orientatii Hudson, Ohio Counselor (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Steelman, Robert Franklin A.B. IN MUSIC. Phi Beta Kappa: Uni ' Stein, Ellen A.B. IN EDUCATION. N.S.A. Kinston rsity Chorus (1. 2. 3. 4). Hempstead, N. Y. Stem, William Converse Chattanooga, Tenn. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Epsili ii Delta; Canterbury Club (3); l.F.C. (2); Monogram Club (3. 4); Orientation Counselor (2. 3. 41; Soccer (I, 2. 3, 4); Sound and Fury (3); Track (1, 3, 3, 4); .Morehead Scholar, Stephenson, Shelby Dean A.B. IN ENGLISH. WUNC (2). Stierhoff, Harold Frederick B,S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, 80 Benson Chapel Hill Stikeleather, Jane Reames A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi Kellmvshii); Y.W.C.A. Asheville University Party; Westminster Stockton, Beverly Leeda Franklin A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi: University Party (3, I) ; V.W.C.A. (3, 4). Stonestreet, Charles Bailey A.B. IV EDUCATION. Straehley, Diane Josephine A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Alpha (Ian Winston-Salem Daytona Beach, Fla. Delta; Band. Herndon, Va. Strang, Sandra Lee A.B. IN ENGLISH. University Clul) (3. 1). Strickland, James Ralph, Jr. Middlesex B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Baptist Student Union; Student Party (3, 4); Y.D.C.; Y.M.C.A. Stroupe, Benny Franklin B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Stuber, Janet Norma A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Stutts, Julia Culpepper Greensboro Yonkers, N. Y. Roanoke, Va. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Omeoa ; Newman Club (3. 41: Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Sullivan, D. Jerome Wilmington A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfmna ; Band (1, 2, 3. 4); O.M.A.B. II): Sound and Fury (3): University Club (1. 2): Wind Ensemble (I. 3. 3, 4); Psycliology Club (3, 4). Summers, Ann Whitfield Durham A.B. IN EDUCATION. Orientation Counselor (4); Splash Club (3. 4); Student Party: Wesley Foundation (3. 4); Y.W.C.A.; Golf Club; .Modern Dance Club. Sutorius, Leslie Stewart Chapel Hill A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Phi Kappa Sigma; Sound and Fury (1, 2, 3); Lacrosse (1. 3, 4). Suttle, William Baxter Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Tati Omega; G.M.A.B.; Mono- gram Club: Wrestling (1, 2, 3, 4). Sutton, Janice Lynn Fayetteville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi; Student N.E.A. (3. 4) : Univer- sity Club (4); University Party (3, 4); Yacketu Yack (3, 4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Tatum, Walter Lewis Salisbury B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Phi; Lutheran Student As.sociation (1. 2, 3, 41: Publications Board (3); Track (1): University Club (1, 2): University Party (2); Carolina Handbook (2). Tayloe, Mary Ann Washington A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta; Unlverstiy Party (3, 4): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Taylor, John Thomas Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Taylor, Raymond R. St. Pauls B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Terry, Lillian Anne Rockingham A.B. IN EDUCATION. C.U.S.C. (4) ; O.M.A.B. (3) ; Orientation Coun selor (4); Student Legislature (4); University Party (3. 4). Thomas, Edwin Scott Asheboro B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Thomas, James Norman Silverhill, Ala. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL MANA(;KMENT. Phi Gamma Delta; Orientation Coun.selor (2) : ScalAard and Blade (3, 4) ; University Party (1, 2, 3. 4) : Y.M.C.A. (2. 3); Semper Fidelis Society; N.R.O.T.C. Thompson, Anne Ray Durham A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi; University Party (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) : Student N.E.A. (3. 4). Thompson, Douglas K. B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Thompson, Frances Ricks B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Charles City, Iowa Atlanta, Ga. 81 Thompson, Harold Wayne, Jr. Aiken, S. C. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Sigma Dilta Chi: Dailij Tar Hifel (2l; Y.R.C. Thompson, James Sherwood Oceana, Va. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT. Lambda Chi Altihu : Band (1. 2, 3); Baptist Student Union (1. 2, 3, 4); V.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 1). Thompson, Melvin Gerald Elkin A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. WUNC (3) ; Y.D.C. (3). Thompson, Tarlton Roberts, Jr. Aurora A.B. IN rol.ITICAL SCIENCE. I.D.C. (2); Student Governnu-nt I4i; Student Lecislature (3. 4); Student Party (2, 3); Y.M.C.A. (li. Thompson, William Cannon, Jr. Roanoke Rapids A.B. IN ENGLISH. Dailii Tar Hicl (3); University Party (3, 4); V.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3. 4): A.F.R.O.T.C. il. 21. Thompson, William Michael, Jr. Ridgewood, N. J. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Alpha Epsiloii ; Golf (1); Gorgon ' s Head (2, 3. 4); .Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4); University Party (1. 2, 3). Tiedeman, Katrina Crapop Wilmington A.B. IN .s;()( KiLOGV. Kupitn Kuiipa Gamma; Canterbury Club (3); G.M.. ' .B. ci. ii; iirienlatimi ( ' niittee (3); Student Government (3. 4): University Party (3. 4]; Viirk.ti Yack (3, 4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 41: Dormitory Vice-President (3): Order of tlie Old Beanbirds. Timberlake, Julius Poindexter Louisburg B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Drltu Sigma Pi: Baptist Stu- dent Union (I. 2, 3. 41; Football (L 2, 3). Todd, Dabney Winston New Canaan, Conn. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Y.W.C.A. (3): University Chorus (3. II. Todd, Edward Eugene, III Winston-Salem A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Phi Epsiloii: Cardboard (4): University Party (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2). Todd, Mary Eleanor Charlotte A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta: Student N.E.A. (41; West minster Fellowship (4); Y.W.C.A. (3). Torrey, Anne Odell A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha dent Party (4). Washington, D. C. !« [h ' lta: Canterbury Club I4); Stu Trammell, Diane Montgomery Charlotte A.B. IN SPANISH. Splasli Club (4i : Student Party (4); Wesley Founda- tion (4) : Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Trondsen, Ludwig Eugene Wilmington A.B. IN EDUCATION. Trotman, Sandra Jean West Orange, N. J. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi; Orientation Committee (3): Student Government (3. 4); University Party (3. 4); Westminster Fellowship (3. 4); Women ' s Honor Council (3). Chairman (4); Y.W.C.A. (31. Trotter, Wesley Asbury, Jr. Reidsville A.B. IN ENGLISH. Beta Thtta Pi: University Party (1, 2, 3. n; Mina taurs (2, 3, 4). Troutman, Howard Preston Lenoir U.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Men ' s Glee Club (1); Scabbard and Blade (3. 41 ; Wesley Foundation (1, 2, :i. 41 ; Semper Fidelis Society; N.R.O.T.C. Tugman, Stuart Grady, Jr. A.B. IN HISTORY. Theta Chi. Boone Jacksonville Rocky Mount Carolina Quart, ilii ( li ; Ihiilii Turlington, Wade Robert B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Turner, Anthony Garland B.S. IN .MATHEMATICS. Phi Eta Sigma, Tar Heel (41; Student Party (I). Turner, John Robert Charlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Alpha; G.M.A.B.; University Party: Y.M.C.A. Turner, Mary Jo Wallace A.B. IN EDUCATION. Turner, Nancy Anne Bristol, Va. A.B. IN KDUCATKIN. ' Hrla Phi; Baptist Student Union (3): Orienta- tion Coniiselor (ii; Student Government (41; University Party (3, 4): Y.W.C.A. (3. li; Student N.E.A. (3. 1). Turner, William Howard, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Durham Twisdale, Louie Jane Smithfield A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (3); G.M.A.B. (4); Uni- versity Party (4); Student N.E.A. (3, 4). Tyson, Oscar Lee, Jr. Wilson B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. I.D.C. Tyson, William Wesley Charlotte B.S. IX BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi: Y.M.C.A. (4). Utermehle, Jack Wilson B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Vance, Samuel Franklin, III B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Vann, Joseph McAlpin B.S. IN PHYSICS. Vann, Virginia Lee Montvale, N. J. Kernersville Charlotte Dunn Van Wagenen, Elizabeth Vass Salisbury A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Kappa Gamma: Canterbury Club (4); Stuflent N.E.A. (41; University Party (3. 4): Yacketij Yack (3. 4); V.W.C.A. (3, 4). Vaughn, Gary Ellis B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Greensboro Venters, Wayne Burnette Jacksonville A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Gumma Delta; Canterbury Club (1. 2); I.F.C. (1. 2. 3): Orientation Counselor (2); Student Council (31; University Party (1. 2, 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3). Verner, Marion Caldwell Brevard A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Canterbury Club (3, 41; WUNC (4); Y.W.C.A. (3); University Chorus (3, 4). Vickers, Joel Ellison Durham A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Arnold Air Society (2. 3. 4); Scabbard and Blade (3. 4i; Sabre .Air Command (1. 2). Villas, James Milton Charlotte A.B. WITH HONORS IN FRENCH. Carolina Playmakers (3); Men ' s Glee Club (1); Chapel Hill Choral Club (3, 4); French Government Scholarship (8). Vincent, Malvern Fitzhugh Roanoke Rapids A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Sif mri Delta Chi: Dailii Tar Heel (2. 31; G.M.A.B. (3. 41; Press Club (2, 3, 41 ; Westminster Fellowship (3. 41. Vinnik, Donald Harvey Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tau Epsiluu Phi: Band 14); Hillel Foundation {2j. Von Bramer, Constance F. Kingspon, Tenn. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Newman Club (3); Women ' s Glee Club (3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Waldo, Gordan Payne Hope Mills A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. WUNC. Wallace, Barbara Coleman Summit, N. J. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Wallace, Calla Ann Bolen Charlotte B.S. IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. Physical Therapy Club. Wallace, Frank Gale Ipswich, Mass. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Tan Omega: Cardboard (ll; Sound and Fury (2. 3i; University Party (3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3, 4); Lacrosse (3. 4i. Smithfield Wallace, John Arthur, Jr. A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Band (1. WUNC 13. 4); WUNC-TV (3, 4). Walston, Jean W. Chapel Hill A.B. IN ANTHROPOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY. Walston, Lena Ann Walstonburg Walters, Janie Frances Greensboro A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta: C.U.S.C. (3. 4): Orientation Counselor (4); Student Legislature (3, 4); Student Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). 83 Walters, Rebecca Irene A.B. IX EDUCATION. D (tu Delta Delta: Uni ' Greensboro sity Party: V.W.C.A. Ward, David Cook A.B. IN HISTORY. Cardliiiarrl (1. Mt. Airy ) ; Stuilent Party (1. I) : A.K.R.O.T.r. Ward, James Palmer Newport News, Va. A.B. IN FRENCH. Phi Eta Sig?na : Phi Beta Kappa. Warren, Eli Anderson Robersonville A.B. IN rUVSICAL EDICATION. Phi Oamiiia Delta. Waters, Ronnie Mason A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Watson, Patricia Anne Raleigh A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVLSION AND MOTION PICTURES. Daiht Tar Heel (.S. II: Student C.overnment (3, 4); University Party (3. 4); WUNC (3. 4): V.W.C.A. (3, 4). Chapel Hill Weaver, George Arthur Albemarle A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Eta Hinma: Dialectic Senate: Pliilantliropic As.sembly: Y.D.C. Webb, Charles Aurelius Asheville A.B. IN HISTORY. Delta Kap pa Epsiinn ; Basketball (L • . :i. H: Monogranj Club. Weiler, Lucretia Thurman A.B. IN EDUCATION. Orientation Counselor (4). Chapel Hill Wellons, Martha Edmundson Charlotte A.B. IN EDUCATION. Deltn Delta Delta: Student N.E.A. (3. 4); CM. A.B. (3); University Party (3, 4); Wesley Foundation (3, 4): Women ' s Residence Council (3). Wells, James Harden Burgaw A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Phi Omega: I.D.C.: Y.D.C. Wells, Llewellyn A.B. IN ENGLISH. Wilson Mt. Kisco, N. Y. Wendt, Carol D ' Orsay A.B. IN ENGLISH. Daih, Tar Heel (4). Wetzel, Mary Lee Frontenac, Mo. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Omeqa: Orientation Counselor (I): Pan liellenic Council (4): Student Government (31: University Party (3, 4): Yacketij Yack (3); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Whisnant, Sondra Lynn Lawndale A.B. IN ENGLISH. Dnihi Tar Heel (4): Wesley Foundation (3): West- minster Fellowsbip (3): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). White, James Battey Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Pui: Phi Eta fUmiia: Orientation Counselor (2). White, John Conner, Jr. . .B. IN ZOOLOGY. White, Perry Mack A.B. IN HISTORY. Lambda Chi Alpha: (1. 2). Fayetteville Spindale .E.G. (3); Student Party White, Thomas Livingston, Jr. Lumberton A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi .W» Alpha f infimia: Band (3): I.D.C. (3. 41: Orientation Counselor (4): Wesley Foundation (1); WUNC (3. 4); Dormitory Vice-President (3), President (4); I.D.C. Honorary Society (3. 4). Whitehurst, Jenny Lee Bethel A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Chi Omeaa : University Party (3. 4i: V.W.C.A. (3. 4). Whitehurst, Kenneth Nicholson, Jr. Back Bay, Va. A.B. IN HISTORY. .s ' V »i i Phi Epsiloii, Secretary: Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. Whiting, Jean Laurie Nutley, N. J. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Knppa Delta: Canterbury Club (3); University Party 13. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3 . Whitley, Billie Harold A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Whitley, Charlie Thomas B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Knightdale Murfreesboro 84 Whitley, John Bryan Thomasville A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Lambda Chi Alpha. President (3, 4) : I.F.C. (2. 3, t); Student Government (3); Student Party (3). Whitley, Martha Elizabeth Hickory A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappn Delta: Wesley Foundation (3, i) ; Student N.E.A. (4). Wible, David Charles Greensboro A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Kappa Alpha: DaUii Tar Heel (1. 2. 3); Track (2); Lacrosse (3, 4): N.R.O.T.C. Rocky Mount student Government Wiggins, Nell Elizabeth A.B. IN EDL ' CATION. Canterbury Club (3. I) (3. )); Y.D.C. (3); V.W.C.A. (3, 4). Wilcox, Cindy Ann Council Bluffs, Iowa . .B. IN EDUC. TION. Kappa Alpha Thela : Student N.E.A. (3. 4); stray Greeks (3. 4). Wilkinson, Harvey A. New Bern A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Daily Tar Heel (4); Dance Committee (2); G.M.A.B. (3): I.D.C. (2): Men ' s Honor Council (3); Swimming (1, 2, 4); University Club (2): Gymnastics Club; Dormitory President. Williams, James Lewis A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Baptist Student Union (1, Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). Durham Track (Ii; Asheville Williams, James Lynch A.B. IN ENGLISH. Beta Theta Pi, President; Phi Eta Sifima: Gimglioul (3, 4); I.F.C. 141; Orientation Counselor (2); Student Government (2); Student Lesislature (2); University Party (1, 2. 3). Williams, Larry Howard Four Oaks A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Williams, Paul Reid Hillsboro B.S. IN BUSINESS . DMINISTRATION. Willoughby, James Ralph Goldsboro A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Wilson, Charles Edward Asheville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta Theta Pi: Basketball (1); Carolina Symposium (2) ; Gimgrhoul (2. 3. 4) ; Men ' s Honor Council (2, 3); Order of the Old Well (3. 4); Orientation Counselor (3); Uni- versity Party (1, 2, 8). Wilson, Gabriella Palmer Charleston, S. C. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Pi Beta Phi; G.M.A.B. (3, 4); Student Government (3, 4); University Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Wilson, Gail Harding A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha N.E.A. Wilson, John Daniel A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Westm II ; OutinK Club 3, 4). Delta Pi: Publications B( inster Fellowship Atlanta, Ga. student Montreat Y.M.C.A. (2. Mt. Olive Wilson, Laurence Glenn B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi, President; Cardboard (1. 2. 3); Wesley Foundation (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3); P.I.F.C. (3, 4). Wilson, Mary Carrington Miami, Fla. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta: Student Government; University Party; Y.W.C.A. Windus, Donald Xaylor Meadowbrook, Pa. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Track (2. 3, 41. Withrow, Lawrence Randolph Charlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Phi EpsUmi: Cardboard {1. 2. 3). President (4); Track (1); University Club (1. 2, 3, 4); University Party (3, 4); WUNC (1, 2); Student Athletic Council (3. 4). Charleston, S. C. Wolcott, Elaine Dixie A.B. IN EDUCATION. Wolfer, Frederic Fane, Jr. Portland, Ore. A.B. IN INTERNATIIlNAI, STUDIES. Arnold Air Society (8. 4); Can terbury Club il, 2. .1. ii; (cismopolitan Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Dialectic Senate (1, 2, 3, H; Philanthropic Assembly; Scabbard and Blade (4); Student Party (1. 2. 3. 4); University Club (3, 4); Y.R.C. (1. 2, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 4) ; A.F.R.O.T.C. Wood, Bobby Steve Sanford B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Cardboard: Student Party (1, 2, 4); Wesley Foundation (1); Y.D.C. (1. 2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3, 41. Wood, Jerry F. Four Oaks . .B. IN CHEMISTRY. Amphoterothen ; Carolina Playmakers; Daiiu Tar Hei ' l: I.D.C; Men ' s Glee Club; Scabbard and Blade; Soccer; Y.R.C. Wood, Sue Ann Smithfield . .B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi; Cheerieader (4); C.U.S.C. (4); Stu- dent N.E.A. (3, 4); G.M.A.B. (3); Student Government (3), Secretary (4); Student Legislature (3); University Club (4); University Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). 85 Woodall, Edward Marshall Angier B.S. IN BISIXESS ADNriNISTRATIOX. Student Party (I); V.D.C. (11. Woodard, James William, II Kenly B.S. IN MEDICINE. Student Government (4): Student Legislature (4); Student Party (3, 4); Y.D.C. (3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 41. Woodbury, Edgar Christenson B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sign G.M.A.B. (2). Woodward, Betty Raleigh ■President; Band (1); Fredericksburg, Va. Woolard, Virginia Emporia, Va. B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi: Iniversitv Party; Y.W.C.A. Wooten, Bobby Gene Yadkinville A.B. IN ENGLISH. Baseball (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1). Workman, Harold Parks A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Baseball ; Mci Gastonia Club. Worthington, Thurman Wardell, Jr. Ayden A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Sigma Delta Chi: Alpha Phi Omega: Daihi Tar Heel (3); University Party (3. 4); Press Club (3. 4); Editor of I.F.C. Handbook (4). Wright, Robert Mathewson A.B. IN ENGLISH. Aberdeen Young, Lida Voigt Atlanta, Ga. . .B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega: Canterbury Club (3. 4); Student N.E.A. (3. 4); Universitj- Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Young, Michael Arthur A.B. IN EDUCATION. Greensboro Zambetti, Vicki M. Jacksonville, Fla. B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOCiY. Kappa Alpha Theta; Stray CJreeks (3, 4); University Party (3. 4); Angel Flight (4); W.A.. . (4). Zeigler, Sally Anne Arlington, Va. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta: Orientation Counselor (4); . ngel Flight (41 ; Modern Dance Club (4); University Party (3. Ii; Women ' s Honor Council (3 1; Women ' s Residence Council (3). Zeiller, Donald Richard A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Zemon, Jacob Harold A.B. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Pi Lambda Ph Manhasset, N. Y. Williamston 86 . . . the scene Chancellor Aycock, Dean Weaver, and Rev, Harry Smith chat with Baccalaureate Speaker, the Rev. Dr, H. Richard Niebuhr, Junior Marshals lead Class of 1959 into Kenan Stadium. .: ' - s ■ : J u n I R s 88 JUniOR CLASS RUSS HOLLERS President Anne Towers, Secieljiy; Carolyn Kelly, Social Ch.iirman; Eric Deaton, Treasurer: Bill Wilson, Vice-President. The officers of the class of 1961 realized the need for greater class interest and better class participation in campus activities. This year brought a unique fea- ture for the class of ' 61. New class members stormed the campus — the co-eds arrived from Meredith, W.C., St., Mary ' s, and other schools throughout the country. This brought a change from the predominat- ing male class, calling for reorganization. With this many transfer students entering their Junior year, various programs were initiated to stimulate a unity within this enlarged class. Included in our work was the continuing interest of establishing the scholarship program introduced by the previous year ' s class officers The class recog- nized the students ' first goal in his college life — to gain an education. An effort to raise funds was made to enable our class to be independent. ' With these funds, a more extensive campus wide social program was promoted for every class member. 89 QyO First Ron: ' Abbott, James Allen, Raleigh Abernethy, William Miller, Hickory; Adams, Franklin LeVerne, Jr., Si. mj Phi Epsilon. Row land; Adams, Jeanne Marie, Durham; Adams Jiiel Ray, Angier; Adcock, Starlon Willis, Lil lington. Second Row: Albergotti, Judith Ann, Orange- burg, S. C. ; Aldridge, Robert Patten, Jr., Dur- ham; Alexander, Harry Albert. High Point; Alexander, Roy Davidson, Swannanoa; Allen, Julia B., Raleigh; Aman, Jerry Hedrick, Phi Kappa Sigma, Jacksonville. Third Row: Ambrose, Oadus Donald, The a Chi, Washington; Ashendorf, William Her- bert, Tau Epsilon Phi, Charlotte; Ashley, Johnson Wells, Jr., Alpha Chi Sigma, Hickory; Atkins, Nan-Gray, Atlanta, Ga.; Augustine, Jane L., Bellefontaine, Ohio; Austin, Law- rence Byron, III, Phi Delia Theta, Hixson, Tenn. Fourth Row: Austin, Richard Maurice, Hamlet; Autry, Gene Alexander, Delta Sigma Pi, Lil- lington; Avery, Larry Earl, Edwin; Bain, Lehoma Audrey, Miami, Fla; Baker, Charles Henry, IIL Miami, Fla. ; Baker, Earl Mancill, Flkins Park, Pa. Fifth Row: Baker, Mary Stewart, Shre ' eport, La. ; Balas, Bernard David, Beta Theta Pi. Charlotte; Ballou, Nellie Homes, Oxford; Barber, John Luther, Alpha Kappa Psi. Lexing- ton; Barefoot, Gary Fenton, Dunn; Barker. Ernest Gail, Jr., Raleigh. Sixth Row: Barkman. Patricia Helen. Brooklyn. N. v.; Barnes. Gertie McNair, Lumberton; Barnett, Anne Alexander. Jacksonville, Fla.; Barrett, Richard Darcy, Rocky Mount; Bass, Harold Hall, Charlotte; Baucom, Jim Preston, Concord. Seventh Row: Baucom, Kenneth Latta, Monroe; Baumstone, Ross Jan, Astoria, N. Y.; Baynes, Robert Gene. Pi Kappa Alpha, Greensboro; Beane, Kenneth Dewitt, Charlotte; Beaty, E. Lorraine, Siler City; Bennett. Charles Landis, Raleigh. Eighth Roir: Benton, Julia Adelaide, Fayette- ville; Benzio. Richard Louis. Connellsville, Pa.; Bernhardt, Robert Lynn. III. Salisbury; Berryhill, William Scott. Jr., Durham; Beve- ridge. Bruce Hanna. Atlanta, Ga.; Biddulph, Barbara Alida, Summit. N. J. S nth Row: Biggers, Foy Jerome. Phi Mu Alpha. Concord; Biggerstaff. Franklin Lee, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Burlington; Birke, Ronald Lewis, Tau Epsilon Phi. Alpha Chi Sigma. Charlotte; Bivens, Betsy Welch, Alderson, W. Va.; Black, Stanley Warren, III, Delta Vp- silon. Charlotte; Blackburn, John Ogburn, Hieh Point. 90 First Row: Blackwell, Ernest Roy, Lumberton; Blake, Joseph Gaddy, Salisbury ; Blake, Thomas Allen, Southport; Blume, Thomas Frederick, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Harrisburg ; Blumenfeld, Thomas Allen, Zela Beta Tau, Savannah, Ga.; BIythe, Marshall McCoy, Chj Phi. Charlotte. Second Row; Bohannon, Sarah Stuart, Char- lotte; Boles, John Rich, Delta Sigma Pi, Char- lotte; Bolick, Carroll Lee, Hickory; Bolick, Christine Rowe, Hickory; Bontempo, Robert Henry, Springfield, Mass.; Borden, Dana Brownrigg, Goldsboro. Third Row: Boss, George Wells, Phi Gamma Delta. Winston-Salem; Boykin, Wilber Ray, Zebulon; Brackett, Ralph Eugene, Lake Jun.i- luska; Bradner, Nancy Elaine, Danville, Va.; Bradshaw, John William. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Relief; Brennan, Edward Michael, Sigma Nu, Woodside, N. Y. Fourth Row: Bridgers, George Carlton, Row- land; Britt, Ronald Paul, Bladenboro ; Brodie, Elizabeth Thorp, Scotland Neck; Brown, Charles Melvin, Jr., Marion ; Brown, Chester Henry, Jr., Beta Theta Pi, Greensboro; Brown, Conrad Livingston, Jr., Troutman. Fijth Row: Brown, Daniel Elmer, Alpha Phi Omega, Selma; Brown, Ellen, Elizabeth City; Brown, Jayne, Troutman; Brown, John Rals- ton, Chi Phi, Hamilton, Ohio; Brown, John Robert, Durham; Brown, Larry Wesley, Greensboro. Sisth Row: Brown. Sarah Elizabeth, Louisburg; Brown. Walter Von. Charlotte; Browning. William Evan, Murphy; Bruce, Almera L., Greenville, S. C; Bryan, Floyd Telmadge, Sigma Nu, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Ahoskie; Bryant, George Badger, IH. Dickerson, Md. Seventh Row: Bryant, Susan Boney, Clinton; Bryant, Thomas Fletcher, Greenville, S. C. ; Buell, David Holman, Chapel Hill; Bullard, Amos Jones, Jr., Autryville; Bullock, Frank William, Jr., Oxford ; Burch, Stephen Ross, Delta Upsilon. Edenton. Eighth Row: Burgess, Robert Dean, West Jef- ferson; Burgin, Charles Edward, Marion; Burke, Kenneth Marvin, Fayetteville; Burn- ette, Nancy Gail, Phi Mn, Norfolk, Va.; Burnside, Richard Harold, Durham ; Burton. Jean Mercer, Goldsboro. Ninth Row: Butler, George Simeon, Roseboro; Butler, Thomas Edgar, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Chapel Hill; Byers, Micheal LeRoy, Chi Phi, Cornelius; Byrd, Neir Allen, Bunnlevel; Byrum, Reba Kathleen, Henderson; Cadmus, Lavrellen Morrell, Rochester, N. Y. 91 First Row: Caine, John Carson, Jr., Safford, Ala. ; Call, William Randolph, Jr., Asheville; Cameron, Dallas Alexander, Jr., Lake Wac- camaw; Cannon, Robert Laurence, Jr., Phi Mu Alpha, Kinston; Canupp, John Kenneth, Concord; Capps, Carl Edward, New Bern. Second Row: Carpenter, Dorothy Elizabeth, Laurinburg; Carraway, James Robert, Jackson- ville; Carroll, Edward Earl, Wilmington; Casey, Joseph Richard, IIL Rocky Point; Cavas, Anthony John, High Point; Chadwick, Dorothy Jewell, Alpha Gamma Delia, Glou- cester. Third Row: Chaney, Ray Griffin, Wingate ; Chapman, Louise Hardie, Raleigh; Chapman, Robert Louis, Durham; Chard, Betty Ann, Fayetteville; Chastain, Carl Robert, Jr., Alpha Epsiloti Delta, High Point; Cherry, Starkey Moore, Mt. Olive. Fourth Row: Childs, Robert Michael, Phi Eta Sigma, Wilson; Churchill, Geoffrey, Lambda Chi Alpha, Atlanta, Ga.; Clark, Gordon Wil- liam, Lillington; Clark, Richard Alan, States- ville; Clayton, Edward Lewis, Jr., Phi Kappa Tiu, Tarboro; Clement, Charles Ewing, Sigma Chi, Raleigh. Fifth Row: Clifford, John Wells, Charlotte; Cline, Gary L., Wilmington; Cobb, Georgia Borden, Goldsboro; Coble, Brenda, Monroe; Coble, John Malcolm, Oakboro; Cochran, Virgil Mickey, Washington. Sixth Row: Cockrell, Arthur Elliott, Rocky Mount; Cole, Edward Nelson, Charlotte; Cole. Martha Lee, Durham; Collier, Hal Franklin, Bladenboro; Collier, William An- drew, Jr., Theta Chi, Charlotte; Collins, Ray- mond Lee, Jr., Ayden. Seventh Row: Compton, Nancy Holt, Raleigh ; Conyers, Cecil Rupert, Jr., Raleigh; Cooper, Elliott Tunstall, Jr., Baltimore. Md.; Cope- land, Ronald William, Apex; Corbett, Rhodes Thomas, Phi Delta Theta, Charlotte; Cordle, Joseph Claiborne, Jr., Alpha Phi Omega, Greensboro. Eighth Row: Cowart, Brinda, Washington, D. C. ; Cowles, Eloise Neely, Statesville; Cox, Edwin Roscoe, Jr., Delta Sigma Pi, Rockingham; Coyne, Ellen, Washington, D. C; Crabtree, Eleanor Barry, Chi Omega, Jackson, Miss.; Crabtree, Olga Frisard, Mor- ganton. Ninth Row: Crane, Marjorie Ellen, Alpha Gamma Delta, Chapel Hill; Crawford, Emily Ann, Rockmart, Ga. ; Credit, Joseph Bernard, Sigma Nu, Ahoskie; Cromartie, Adelaide Boger, Randleman; Cromartie, Meredith Sue, Dunn; Cross, Landrum Lee, Charlotte. 92 Firs! Row: Curry, Roy Lee, Alpha Epsiloti Delt.i. Monroe; Dailey. Myra Lou, Kupp t Deltj, Acme; Dansby. David Mozart, Jr., Greensboro; Daughtry. Edward Alan, Faison; Davenport, Clarice Elizabeth, Rocky Mount ; Davis, Elizabeth Gordon, Roanoke, Va. Second Row: Davis, Mary Bringhurst, Kiipp.i Delta. Rock Hill, S. C. ; Deaton, Forrest Eric, Sigma Phi Epsiloii, Greensboro; Deaton, Rob- ert Wayne, Staley ; Debnam, Carlton Ray, Zebulon; Decker, Alexander Howard, Greens- boro ; Delk, John Lattimer, Albemarle. Third Row: Dencmark. Bennett Goldsmith, Pi Lambda Phi. Sumter, S. C; Deutsch, Joseph Michael. Delta Psi Omega. Bayside, N. Y.; DeV; ' itt, Charles Moncrief, Concord ; Diab, Marianne Elizabeth, Burlington; Dickerson, James Perry, Bunn; Dickinson, Melus Rhodes, Nashville, Tenn. Fourth Row: Dickman, R. Neil, Phi Kappa Sigma, Bronxville, N. Y.; Dicks, James Dale, Durham; Divine, Morrison W., Sigma Chi. Greensboro ; Doar, Julia Akin, Charlotte; Doughtie, Esther Jones, Memphis, Tenn.; Douglas, Samuel Preston, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha. Lumberton. Fijth Row: Douglass, Mary Ann, Chi Omega, Harrisburg, Pa. ; Dozier, Arthur Lee, III, Ra- leigh ; Duff, Angus MacLean, Alpha Epsiloii Delta. Alpha Phi Omega, Sigma Alpha Epsiloii, Greenville; Duggins, Phillip Edward, Wins- ton-Salem; Dulaney, Elliott Daingerfield, Monroe; Dunlap, William Marshall, Phi Delta Theta. Raleigh. Sixth Row: Dunn. John Raymond, Roanoke Rapids; Dunning, Julia, Atlanta, Ga.; Eanes, Carl Marshall, Martinsville, Va.; Eanes, Ralph Hill, Jr., Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Thomasville; Eargle, George Marvin, Phi Mii Alpha Siiifoitia. Pi Mu Epsilon, Thomas-ville; Early. Alphonso James, lU, Sigma Nu. Ahoskie. Seventh Row: Earnhardt. Roger Larry. Phi Kappa Sigma. Monroe; Earp, Joe Thomas, Angier; Easley, Robert Waters, IIL Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Upsilon. Murphy; Eason, May Turnage, Farmville; Edwards, Charles Hamilton, Ahoskie; Edwards, Myra Anne, Spring Hope. Eighth Row: Efird, Tom David, Pi Kappa Alpha, Gastonia ; Egerton, Cindy McMichael, Durham; Ellerbe, H. Earle, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Latta, S. C; Elliott, Robert Whitlow. Sigma Alpha Epiilon. Hendersonville; Elliott. William M., Jr., Forest City; English, Charles Robert, Brevard. Ninth Row: Eslcridge, Alfred Greene, Alpha Tau Omega, Shelby; Eubanks, Robert C, Jr.. Alpha Tau Omega, Durham; Evans, Edward Robert, Ahoskie; Evans, Roland Benjamin, Cary; Evins, Thomas Moore, Jr., Zeta Psi. Durham ; Ewing, Dorothy Wingfield, Rich- mond, Va. 93 rfura First Row: Fackert, William Edward, III, Si. Anthony Hall, University City, Mo.; Fair- cloth, James Malcom, Roseboro; Faires, Dorus Edgar, Hickory; Fales, Jack Hudson, Wil- mington; Farrell, Betty Sue, Sanford; Fear- ing, Gordon Bradford, Elizabeth City. Second Row: Fetzer, Richard Lee, Phi Mii Alpha Sitiioiiiu, Rocky River, Ohio ; Fine, James Allen, New London; Finley, Robert Mcllwaine, Jr., Chapel Hill; Fisher, C. P. William, Wake Forest; Fleming, Patsy Mae. Elm City; Fletcher, John Stuart, II, Edenton. Third Row: Floyd, Willie Benjamin, Jr., Del a Sigm.1 Pi, Henderson; Forbes, Bartley John, Fayetteville; Ford, Carl Spencer, Charlotte; Foster, Beverly Boiling, Charlotte; Foster, Daniel Russell, Kinston; Fox, Douglas R., ZeLi Psi. New York, N. Y. Fourth Row: Fox, John Birkhead, Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Ashe- ville; Foxworth, Robert Parker, Pi Kappa Alpha. Raleigh; Frady, James Dewitt, Jr., Rutherfordton; Fraley, Philip Sevier, Bristol, Va.; Freeze, Anita Roper, Randleman; French, Nazlee Joyce, Timonium, Md. Fifth Row: Fugate, Robert W., Durham; Ful- ler, Georgia Anne, Washington ; Fulk, Robert Vernon, Jr., Chi Phi, Phi Eta Sigma. Wilming- ton ; Garner, Coy Stephen, Denton ; Gar- rison, David Quitman, Charlotte; Garrison, Tames Parks, Biscoe. Sixth Row: Gatchell, Barbara Ellen, Chi Omega, Memphis, Tenn. ; Gay, William Carl, Wals- tonburg ; Gholson, Linda Connelly, Chi Omega, Portsmouth, Va.; Gibbs, Lois Max- ine, Brevard; Gibbons, Robert Alexander, Jr., Delta Sigma Pi, Lenoir; Gibson, Lelia Gray, Richmond, Va. Seventh Row: Gibson, Paul Crawford, Rock- ingham; Gibson, Robert Clayton, III, Phi Delta Theta, Winchester, Va.; Gilliam, John Lane, Siler City; Girard, Babette Louise, Pi Beta Phi. Winston-Salem; Goldsborough, Margaret Anne, Charlotte; Goode, David Johnson, Sigma Chi, Lumberton. Eighth Row: Goode, Elizabeth Ann, Connellys Springs ; Goodman, Anne Howes, New Mil- ford, Conn.; Goodman, Jerry Lee, Concord; Gore, David John, Detroit, Mich. ; Grabow- ski, Richard Joseph, Chapel Hill; Grady, Henry Allen, Jr., Hubert Ninth Row: Graham, Charles Pattison, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta. Wilmington; Graham, Edwin Charles, Miami Shores, Fla. ; Graves, Ellen Hollingsworth, Charlotte; Graves, Patricia Hogan. Pi Beta Phi, Chapel Hill; Gravette, Larry Dean, Swannanoa; Gray, William Allen, Phi Gamma Delta, Durham. 94 First Row: Green, Mary Blake, Markham, Va.; Green, Robert Ramsey, Alpha Tau Omega, Chapel Hill; Greene, Steve Allen, Arden; Greulach, Vicki Elizabeth, Pi Beu Phi. Chapel Hill; Grigg, David Lee, Pi Kjppu Alpha. Albemarle; Grimes, Bryan, Washington. Second Row: Grimes, Charlyne Ann Marie, Hendersonville; Grimsley, Joseph Wayne. Wilson; Grubb, Robert Lee, Jr., Phi Delia Thela, Phi Ela Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delia. Charlotte; Gump, Louis Haynes, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Johnson City, Tenn.; Gurganus, Harry S., Thela Chi, Washington; Guy, Mar) ' Lindsay, Camden, S. C. Third Raw: Gwathmey. Margaret Smith, Belve- dere, Calif.; Haines, Alan Dodd, Ridgewood, N. J.; Haley, Clifford Eugene, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Greensboro; Hall, Robert Harold, Raleigh; Hamill, NX ' illiam John, Chi Psi. Baltimore, Md.; Hamlet, Stephen Ben- jamin, Jr., Delia Sigma Pi. Chapel Hill. Fourth Row: Hamrick, Harvey James, Sigma Nil. Rutherfordton; Hancock, James Baldwin, Robbins ; Hancoth, Georgia Elizabeth, Mon- roe; Handy, Henry 0-, Jr., Sigma Nu. Wil- liamston; Hanson, Meryl Eda, Raleigh; Harden, Barbara Bourne, Burlington. Fifth Row: Harden, Joe Allen. Bladenboro ; Hardison, James Walter, Sigma N», Williams- ton ; Harper, Harriet Duval, Charlotte ; Har- rill, James Albert, Jr., Winston-Salem; Har- rington, William Lewis. Alpha Chi Sigma. Mooresville; Harris, Beth Wray, Butner. Sixth Row: Harris, Charles Toby, Raleigh; Harris, Donald Eugene, Pi Kappa Alpha. Rocky Mount; Harris, Frederick B.. Pi Kappa Phi. Buffalo, N. Y.; Harris, Larry Eugene. Kannapolis; Harris, Lewis Coleman, Pi Uimhda Phi. High Point; Harris, Linda Eliz- abeth. Concord. Serenih Run: Harrison, Bennie Shelton, Rocky Mount; Hartford, Linda B., Chevy Chase. Md.; Hartung, Helen Katherine, Chapel Hill; Harvey. Ethel Ann, Raleigh; Hawley, Lewis Burton, Jr., Spruce Pine; Hayden, Thomas Daniel, Theta Chi, Charlotte. Eighth Row: Hayes, Jane Bailey, Raleigh; Headen, Alfred Raphael, Greensboro ; Heckel, Inge, Bronxville, N. Y.; Hefelfinger, David Charles, Charlotte; Hege, Elsie Mae, Winston- Salem; Henderson, John Leonard, Goldsboro. Ninth Row: Hendren, Otis Franklin, Moravian Falls; Hendrick, William Franklin. Shelby; Henry, Hcnrianna, Brunswick, Ga.; Hensel, Harry Hancock, Jr., Elkin; Hester, Clyde Ray, Lillington; Hicks, Melvin Gray, Winston- Salem. 95 First Row: Higgins, Mary Lynn, Hamilton Square, N. J.; Hil|er, Dwayne Jonathan, Can- ton; Hill, Douglas Gray. Deep Run; Hill. Ivan Vick, Selma; Himes, Sara Allen, Tampa, Fla. ; Hintz, Ann, Clarence, N. Y. Second Row: Hirt, Lynda Karen, Larchmont, N. Y.; Hobbs, Luanne Spencer, Rocky Mount; Hobbs, Rodney Carroll, Bunnlevel ; Hobson, Wendy Mansfield, Charlottesville, Va. ; Ho- cutt, Edgar Jerome, Alpha Epsilon Delta. Phi Eta Sigma, Chapel Hill; Hodge, Henderson Alison, IIL Sigma Nu, Zebulon. Third Row: Hoell, Ada Ellen, Washington; Hoke, Russ M., Havelock; Holderness, Howard, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma. Greensboro; Holland, Herbert Eatman, Jr., Raleigh; Holland, James R., Zeta Psi. Statesville; Hollers, Russell Joseph, Pi Kappa Alpha. Durham. Fourth Row: Holt, Jacqueline, Durham; Holt- houser, Ralph Haywood, Charlotte; Hopkins, John Rathbone, Savannah, Ga.; Hord, Joseph Beach, Jr., Chi Psi, Maxton; Howard, E liz- abeth Rist, Delta Delta Delta, Tarboro; Howey, Rebecca Lee, Waxhaw. Fifth Row: Howie, Sam Watson, Matthews; Hubbard, Arthur Granger. Stedman; Hufham, William Lawrence, Wilmington; Hughes, Paul Deane, Marion; Hummel, Sam D., Delia Sif ma Pi, Durham; Humphrey, Reggie May, Sanford. Sixth Row: Huntley, Alma Jeane, Swannanoa; Huske, Olivia Erickson, Cooleemee; Hutson, Richard M,, Pi Kappa Phi. Bay Shore, N. Y.; Imke. Christopher, IH, Washington; Infinger, Lloyd L., Pi Kappa Phi. Charlotte; Isenhour, Thomas Lee, Alpha Chi Sigma, Salisbury. Seventh Row: Ives, Deborah Dawson, War- wick, N. Y.; Jackson, Curtis Riley, Gastonia; Jackson, Warren B., Jr., Chi Phi, Chattanooga, Tenn. ; James. Meredith Patricia, Alpha Omicron Pi. Winston-Salem; Jamison, Wil- liam Thomas, Charlotte; Jernigan, Nanc7 Elizabeth, Dunn. Eighth Row: Jessen, Robert Frederick, Mt. Holly; Johnson, Larry Douglas, Clayton; Johnson, Nan Jean, Denton; Johnson, Nancy Elizabeth, Asheville; Johnson, Thomas George, Asheville; Johnson, William How- ard, Chi Psi. Benson. Ninth Row: Jolly, Horton Gray, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, Ayden; Jones, Benner, IH, Jackson, Ohio; Jones, David Noel, Tampa, Fla. ; Jones, Harry Kirby. Sigma Chi. Charlotte; Jones, Herman Floyd, Jr., Reidsville; Jones, Richard Putney, Greens- boro. 96 First Row: Jordan, Sara Joan, Raleigh; Joseph, Camilla Louise, Greensboro; Joyce, Virginia Ann, Ridgeway, Va.; Joyce, William Douglas, Stoneville; Joyner, George Freeman, Jr., Wel- don; Joyner, Sally Harris, Charlotte. Second Row: Justice, Healan Elizabeth, Ra- leigh; Karpati, Joseph, Swannanoa; Kelley, Carolyn Ann, Arlington, Va.; Kelly, John Thomas, III, Fayetteville; Kemp, Malcolm Drake, Jr., Alpha Phi Omega. Southern Pines ; Kendall, Leo Paul, Phi Mu Alpha. Chapel Hill. Third Row: Kentopp, Richard Cameron, Phi Delta Theta, Hendersonville; Kerney, James Lee, Princeton, Ind.; Kezziah, William Har- ris, Jr., Morganton; Kiker, Elizabeth Anne, Wadesboro; Killian, Harry William, Murphy; Kimball, Nancy Marion, Northeast Harbor, Me. Fourth Row: Kirkpatrick, Kay Temple, Dur- ham; Kiser, Ronald Reid, Forest City; Knee- land, Robert Hayes, Windsor; Knight, Euod- ias Falcon, Alpha Pi Omega, Teachey; Koe- nig, Paul Maimon, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Koonts, Ronald Alva, High Point. Fijth Row: Labouisse, Isabelle Cameron, Dur- ham; Lacy, Fannie Louise, Kappa Delta, Hop- kinsville, Ky.; Lail, Graham Leroy, Jr., Theta Chi. Conover; Lambe, Ronald Nelson, Greens- boro; Lambeth, Jay Odell. Alpha Phi Omega. Phi Mu Alpha. Greensboro; Lambeth, Rich- ard Whitfield, Pi Kappa Alpha, Greensboro. Sixth Row: Lamm, William DeLay, 5 . Anthony Halt, Mt. Airy; Landauer, Elizabeth Anne, Kinston; Langdon, William Cleveland, Coats; Langford, George Philip, Sigma Nu, Orlando, Fla.; Lankford, Arthur Gerald, North Wilkes- boro; Lawrence, Mary Lenah, Boone. Seventh Row: Laxton, Mary Callie, Lenoir; Leary, Missy, Shreveport,- La.; Lee, Jerry Windsor, Greensboro; Lee, William Beechum, Greensboro ; Leff, Clyde Toby, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Columbia, S. C. ; Lehrman, Neil, Pi Lamda Phi, Silver Spring, Md. Eighth Row: Leitess, Earl Frank. Tau Epsilon Phi, Baltimore, Md.; Lesher, Karen Ann, Kappa Delta. Cleveland, Ohio; Letellier, Silas Wike, Marion ; Lewis, Jacob Basco, Middle- sex; Lewis, Susan Moring, High Point; Liebscher, Gerhard F., Alpha Chi Sigma, Waynesville. Ninth Rolf: Lindley. Lester O ' Neil, Pittsboro; Lindsay, John Robert, Phi Delta Theta, Wash- ington, D. C; Lineberry, James William, Jr., Mebane; Litchfield, Patricia Jarvis, Jackson; Livas. Elaini, Chapel Hill; Lominac, Dorris Virginia, Asheville. 97 First Row: London, Frank Michael, Durham; Longenecker, Thomas Sandy, Phi Kjppj Sigma, Hummelstown, Pa.; Loomis, Louise Hawkins, Atlanta, Ga.; Lucas, Tracy George, Jr., Ashe- boro; Lusk, Harold Franklin, Charlotte; Lyda, Larry Leroy, Hendersonville. Second Row: Lyda, Parker L., Hendersonville; Lyday, Leon Faidherbee, III, Yanceyville; Lynch, Richard Smith, Claremont; Lynn, Kay Nichols, Durham; McCallum, Helen Stewart, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; McCarthy, Deborah Anthony, Jacksonville, Fla. Third Row: McClure, Robert Crittenden, Kcippa Sigma, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; McColl, James Carroll, Bela Theta Pi, Bennettsville, S. C. ; McConkey, Samuel Anderson, Jr., Sigma Nu, Tarboro; McCorkle, Deirdre Jane, Albuquerque, N. M.; McCormick, Edward H., Delia Sigma Pi. Broadway; McCotter, De- s-itt Clinton, Delia Kappa Epsilon, New Bern. Fourth Row: McCuUen, Larry Phillips, War- saw; McDonald, James Clarence, Alpha Phi Omega, Southern Pines; McDowell, Eugene E., Greensboro; McFadyen, Donald Wayne, Sanford; McGowan, James Alton, Jr., Wins- ton-Salem; McGuckin, Michael Criss, Sigma Phi Epsilon, CarroUton, Va. Fifth Row: McKenney, Cornelia Douglass, Hampton, Va.; McKinnell, John Peter, Jr., Millburn, N. J.; McKinney, Sarah Martha, Austell, Ga. ; McLamb, Barbara Ann, Lilling- ton; McLean, Marvin Brevard, Belmont; McLean, Rita Phyllis, Goldsboro. Sixth Row: McLennan, J ane, Delta Delta Delta, Greensboro; McMillan, Jack Harrington, Chapel Hill; McNeill, George Vernon, Jr., Greensboro; McNeill, Justin, III, Alpha Phi Omega, Lumberton; McQuiston, John P., De- von, Pa.; McRackin, Wilma Roberta, Durham. Seieiitb Row: MacLean, William Jerry, Carth- age; Macon, Ernest M., Jr., Greensboro; Magee, Sam Edward, Savannah, Ga.; Man- asse, George Henry, Durham; Markham, Thomas Lowell, Apex; Marriott, Ellen Joyner, Rocky Mount. Eighth Row: Marshburn, Donald Robert, Alpha Phi Omega. Greensboro; Martin, Marion Lee, Fayetteville; Massengill, Nancy Chloe. Prince- ton; Matheson, Everett Neil, Charlotte ; Mat- tern, Betty Louise, Salem, Va. ; Matthes, Mary Ann, Scotia, N. Y. Ninth Row: Matthews, Frederick Richard. Jr., Alpha Chi Sigma, Greensboro; Mauney, Flem- ing, Kings Mountain; Mauzy, Charles Hamp- ton, Winston-Salem; May, Dorothy Woodall, Durham; May. Louis Garris, Greenville; Meade, Richard Radcliffe, Hatboro, Pa. 98 Firs: Row: Means, Robert Ellison, Chi Phi, Charlotte; Melton, Willie Janeil, Lenoir; Meltsner, Charles Philip, Toronto, Ontario, Canada ; Mendelsohn, Joseph Sidney, Tj:i Epsiloii Phi, Charleston, S. C; Menhinick, Robert John, Dunwoody, Ga.; Merrick, Rich- ard Bennett, Alpha Kappa Psi, Valhalla, N. Y. Second Row: Meserve, Jeremiah Jon, Florence, S. C; Michael, Patrick Bond, Charlotte; Michaels, Judith Anne, Raleigh; Milam, Joseph, Jr., Asheville; Miller, Herbert Pink- ney. III, Sigma Chi. Asheville; Miller, James H., Sigma Chi, Asheville. Third Row: Mills, Larry Joe, Concord ; Mitchell, Joan Beth, Fairmont; Mitchell, John Lee, Phi Delta The:a, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Mixon, Ruth Thorson, Henderson; Monahon, Joseph James, III, Aiken, S. C; Montgomery, Edward Davidson, Jr., Wilmington. Fourth Row: Moore, Dan Hight, Kingsport, Tenn.; Moore, John Ellison, Rock Hill, S. C; Moore. William Davis, Hillsboro; Moose, Linda Loretta, Albemarle; Morgan, William Chapin, Pittsboro ; Morris, Augustus Reynolds, Asheville. Fijth Row: Morris, David George, Apex; Morrison, William Lloyd, Asheville; Moseley, George Edward, Tarboro; Moser, Jeanne Carol, Fayetteville; Murphy, Martin Henry, Belmont ; Murphy, Neil Francis, Alpha Tail Omega, Sigma Delta Chi, Blacksburg, Va. Sixth Row: Murray, Douglas P., Sigma Chi. Meadville, Pa.; Murray, Douglas Timothy G., Winston-Salem; Musso, Patricia Ann, Chi Otnega, Charleston, S. C; Nash, Philip Barnes, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bristol, Va.; Naylor, Mary Metts, Cherryville; Newberry, Mary Rogers, Fayetteville. Seventh Row: Newby, Lee Parker, Rocky Mount; Newton, Eldon Sharpe, Jr., Wilson; Newton, Jimmie Isaac, Concord ; Nicholas, David Mansfield, Loudon, Tenn. ; Nicholas, Donald William, Winston-Salem; Nichols, Graham Ernest, Jr., Roxboro. Eighth Row: Nichols, Richard Lee, Phi Delta Theta. Miami, Fla.; Noe, Robert Spilman, Jr., Elkin; Noell, Sidney Thomas, Jr., Chapel Hill; Nolan, William E., Elizabeth City; Norris, Ira Kenneth, Roxboro; Northcott, J. Gresh, Chapel Hill. Ninth Row: Northcutt, Charles Wilson, Wades- boro; Norton, Lafayette Ferguson, Phi Delta Theta, Raleigh; Norville, Russell Manley, Spindale; Norwood, Haywood Vernon, Jr., Waxhaw; Oakley, Phyllis Ann, Louisburg; O ' Dell, Mariel B., Birmingham, Ala. 99 First Row: Olive, Richard Langdon, Chi Psi Summit, N. J. ; O ' Neil, Barbara Newsom, Alpha OmicroK Pi, Evanston, 111.; O ' Neil, Margaret Singleton, Gjmmj Phi Beta, Alex- andria, Va. ; Orr, Thomas Edward, Hender- sonville; Ott, Robert William, Henderson; Ott, William John, Theta Chi, Point Pleasant, N.J. Second Row: Page, John Paschall, Yanceyville; Palmer, Roger Edward, Charlotte; Pannell, Clifton Wyndham, Alpha Tau Omega, Sweet Briar, Va.; Parker, David Anthony, Denton; Parker, Fred Pope, III, Alpha Tau Omega, Goldsboro; Parker, Robert Curtis, St. Anthony H,ill. Phi Mu Alpha, Chapel Hill. Thirii Row: Parrish, Jon Eric, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Gastonia ; Parrott, Marion Alexander, Knoxville, Tenn.; Pass, Thomas Owen, Jr., Delta Sigma Pi, Roxboro; Patten, Nancy Mason, Charlotte; Patterson, Pamela Lovelace, Phi Mu, Atlanta, Ga.; Peace, Samuel Thomas, III, Henderson. Fourth Row: Pearson, Jimmy Wayne, Hickory; Peek, James Thomas, Raeford; Pemble, Rich- ard A., St. Petersburg, Fla.; Pennell, Edwin Adam, Taylorsville; Penry, Larry Allen. Den- ton; Perkins, Thomas Joseph, Tela, Honduras. Fifth Row: Perry, Raymond Lowell, Troy; Pfaelzer, Linda Jane, Glencoe, 111.; Phelps, Anne Davis, Winston-Salem; Phelps, Bryan Eugene, Creswell ; Phillips, James Laughton, Morehead City; Pierce, Emily Allen, Weldon. Sixth Row: Pierce, Martha Marie, Charlotte; Pinkerton, Joan Ellen, McLean, Va. ; Polk, Katherine Ross, Greensboro; Pollard, Cathryn Robertson, Southern Pines; Pollock, David Bruce, Charlotte; Ponder, Anthony Eden, Mars Hill. Seventh Row: Poole, Larry Neal, Statesville; Poovey, James Nelson, Hickory; Poulos, James Nick, Weldon ; Prescott, Jane Gilmer, Chapel Hill; Prevost, Adora Wela, Hazel- wood; Price, David Dockery, Charlotte. Eighth Row: Price, David Eugene, E rvvin, Tenn.; Primm, Linda W., Denver; Pruitt, Jack, Raleigh; Quackenbush, Robert Lesley, Valley Cottage, New York; Quast, Theodore Emmanuel, Jr., Bethesda, Md.; Quattlebaum, Dorothy Elizabeth, Columbia, S. C. Ninth Row: Ragan, Robert Allison, Gastonia; Rand, Anthony Eden, Alpha Tau Omega, Garner; Randall. John C, Raleigh; Raver, Milson Carroll, Jr., Reisterstown, Md.; Ray- nor, Bruce Butler, Raleigh; Reed, Nancy Elizabeth, Hanover, Pa. 100 Firjt Row: Renger, John F., Albemarle; Renn, Diana, Wake Forest; Rice, William Yates, Jr., Chapel Hill; Rigdon, Philip Douglas, Chapel Hill; Riner, Edward Neal, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Delta Chi, Rocky Mount ; Ringwalt, Mary Stuart, Chapel Hill. Second Row: Rinzler, Dennis C, Tati Epsilon Phi, Passaic, N. J.; Rivenbark, James Baxter. Wilmington; Rivenbark, Justine Sloan, Wal- lace; Robertson, Robert Glenn, Charlotte; Roberson, Calvin Larry, Winston - Salem; Roberson, Rebecca Louise, Robersonville. Third Row: Roberts, Clyde Gordon, Asheville; Rodgers, Sandra Jane, Alpha Delia Pi, Jack- sonville, Fla.; Rogers, Charles J., Ill, Dur- ham; Rohlfs, Robert Charles, Pittsfield, Mass.; Rollins, Paul Workman, Chi Psi, Winston- Salem; Rosenblatt, James Ashley, Charlotte. Fourth Row: Rouse, James Bristol, Zeta Psi. Raleigh; Rowe, Barbara Lynn, West Palm Beach, Fla.; Rush, Lewis Odis, Jr., Asheboro; Rusher, John William, Jr., Wilmington; Russell, Curtis R., Dover; Russell, Elizabeth Gilland, Pi Beta Phi, Chapel Hill. Fifth Row: Russell, Harold Edward, Sigma N«, Raleigh; Ruth, Billie Jane, Delta Delta Delta, Salisbury; Sanford, Lash Czaither, Kappa Sigma, Mocksville; Sasser, Joseph Emsely, Reidsville; Savage, Elizabeth Louise, Rocky Mount; Sawyer, Patricia Lynn, Weaverville. Sixth Row: Sayers, William Floyd, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Gastonia; Sayner, Wallie, Pi Beta Phi, Ogden, Utah; Schaefer, Orville Tyler, Delta Delta Delta. Toccoa, Ga.; Sch- neider, Eliot M., Tau Epsilon Phi, Gastonia; Scott, Frances, Phi Beta Phi, Shreveport, La.; Scott, Herbert Pearce, 5 . Anthony Hall, New York, N. Y. Seventh Row: Scott, Robert Ray, Pinetops Scott, Roy Thomas, Clyde; Scott, Sylvia Joan Washingtonville, N. Y.; Scott, Wayne Nel son. Stony Point; Scrivener, Diane Elizabeth Chi Omega. Washington, D. C; Seagle Ben iamin Franklin, III, Alpha Phi Omega, Pi Kappa Alpha, Hickory. Eighth Row: Sendroy, Peter, Phi Gamma Delta, Bethesda, Md. ; Shannonhouse, James Moore, Zeta Psi. Charlotte; Shaw, Caswell Eure, Hal- ifax; Shelton, Thomas McKendree, Kappa Alpha. Princeton, N. J.; Sheppard, lone Stewart, Charlotte; Shi, Samuel Robert, III, Theta Chi. Gastonia. Ninth Row: Shields, Arthur George, Maury Siegert, Patricia Ann, Pana, 111.; Silliman, Robert Burnett, Newton, Mass.; Simms, Vir ginia Egerton, Raleigh ; Simonds, John Arthur Raleigh; Simpkins, Rodney Lane, Jr., Jackson 101 First Row: Simpson, Henry Marshall, Phi Gam- ma Delta, Winston-Salem ; Singletary, Wil- liam Currie, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha. Gr eensboro; Slate. Dan Melvin. Mt. Airy; Slaughter, Katherine Ewing, Richmond, Va. ; Slaughter, Shirley Ruth, Bristol, Va.; Smalley, James Lee. Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Augusta. Ga. Second Row: Smith, David Iverson, Burlington; Smith, Deanne McNinch, Asheville; Smith, Dewey Clifton, Clinton; Smith, Francis Gerald, Dillon, S. C; Smith, Harold Camp- bell, Jr., Fayetteville; Smith, Hugh Lewis, Shelby. Third Row: Smith, James Roy, Jr., Asheboro; Smith, Jane Norfleet, Goldsboro; Smith, John Michael, Sigma Phi Epulon, Atlantic; Smith, Larry Keith, Hickory; Smith. Lynn Harrison, Delta Upsilon, Liberty ; Smith, Marion Deer- ing, Norfolk, Va. fourth Row: Smith, Meyer Gray, Pi Kappa Alpha, Lexington ; Smith, Nelda Jane, Tabor City; Smith, Philip Dewar, Fayetteville; Smith, Robert Bruce, Jr., Sigma Chi, Lexing- ton; Smith, S.imuel Bosworth, Phi Delta Thela, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Smith, Samuel Clark, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Wilmington, Del. Fijth Row: Smith, Susan Douglass, Kappa Delta, Birmingham, Ala. ; Smith, Thomas Eugene, Pi Kappa Alpha, Spartanburg, S. C; Smith, Walter Lane, III, Kappa Alpha. Mem- phis, Tenn.; Snider, Cornelia Olivia, Denton; Snyder. Frances Marshall, Pi Beta Phi, Dur- ham ; Snyder, Henry M., Jr., Charlotte. Sixth Row: Snyder, John Frank, Ridgewood. N. J.; Snyder, John Hayde, Chapel Hill; Somers, Albert Bingham, Wilkesboro; South- erland, Robert Morris, Pi Kappa Phi, Durham; Sowder. Judith Lynn, N. Vi ' ilkesboro; Sowers, Sidney George, Salisbury. Seventh Row: Spencer, William Lewis, Jr., Gastonia; Spunde, Velta, Durham; Stabell, Richard Norman, Alpha Tail Omega, Daytona Beach, Fla. ; Stainback, Sarah Jane, Charlotte; Stallings, Patricia Annette, Selma; Stanley, Bobby Ray, Sigma Sii. Kinston. Eighth Row: Stapleton, Melinda Lou, Chi Omega, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Starr, Louis Edwin, Sigma Phi EpCilon, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Stell, William Bedford, Fort Smith, Ark.; Stephenson, William Alexander, Jr., Delta Sigma Pi, Charlotte; Stepp, William Edward, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Marion; Stewart, Frankie Let, Elkin. Ninth Ron-: Stokes, VCalter, Bigger Hollow, Ga.; Strider, Virgil Dawson. Greens- boro; Stroud, L. Phillip, Phi Kappa Sigma. Maysville; Stypmann, Noel Leo, Charlotte; Suber, Jacquelyn Keller, Great Falls, S. C. ; Sugg, Ellen Frances, Chi Omega, West Point, Miss. First Row: Sullivan, Sharon Lee, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Chapel Hill; Swanson, Lennie Lee, Jr., Henderson; Sylvia Bruce Gilmore, Richmond, Va.; TafF, Edwin Jay, Delta Upsitoii. W. Palm Beach, Fla.; Talbert, John Berry, Jr., New Bern. Second Row: Taylor, Emory Windfield, Henderson; Taylor, James Harvey, Hookerton; Teachey, Martha Lynne, Win- ston-Salem; Teal, Ralph R., Delta Sigma Pi, McFarlan; Thomas, Allen Briggs, McLeansville. Third Row: Thomas, Dewey Eugene, Morven; Thomas, Donald Anton, Roanoke Rapids; Thomas, Vincent Bernard, Phi Kappa Sigma, Wilson; Thompson, Charles C, III, Graham; Thompson, James William, Kappa Sigma, Dunn. Fourth Row: Thompson, Mary Emma, Lincolnton; Thomp- son, Vista Anne, Coral Gables. Fla.; Toler, John R., Kappa Sigma. Hillsboro; Toporek, Stanley Denis, Tat Epsilon Phi. Charleston, S. C; Tower, Ralph Burnett, Delta Up- silon, Morgantown, W. Va. Fifth Row: Towers, Anne Tucker, Jacksonville, Fla.; Tra- wick. David Edmond, Bryson City; Trotter, Earl Clay, Ashtboro; Tull, Jane Caroline, Gastonia; Turlington, Mary Eleanor. Lumberton. Sixth Rfiti: Turnbull, David Drew, Chi Psi, New Haven, Conn.; Turner, James Alexander, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon. St. Stephen, S. C; Vaughan, Nancy Worthington, Zeia Tan Alpha. Wilmington; Verrone, Irvin Richard, New Bern; Vogel, George Wendelyn, Yonkers, N. Y. Seventh Row: Von Schilling, R. Virginia, Hampton, Va.; Walker, Carolyn Graham, Lookout Mtn., Tenn.; Walker, Frank Harrison, Leaksville; Walker, Luther Loneith, Carr- boro ; Walker, W. Kent, Sigma Chi, Charlotte. Eighth Row: Wall, Linda Ashley, Raleigh; Walldorf, Rudy Herman, Phi Delta Theta, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Waller, Harry Franklin, Kappa Sigma. Charlotte; Walser, John T., Jr., Lexington; Walters, Marian Fay, Mebane. Ninth Row: Walters, Marvin Ray, Mebane; Walton, Hi M., Scarborough, N. Y.; Walton, Rabe Charles. Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Portsmouth, Va.; Ward, Larry Dean, Arch- dale; Warfford, Dickey Ree, Southmont. 103 First Row: Warner, Douglas Gilman, Phi Delia Theta, Look- out Mtn., Tenn. ; Warner, Joe Henley, Phi Delta Theta, Lookout Mtn., Tenn.; Warren, Alexander MacRae, Snow Hill; Warren, Charles Kenneth, Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, Charlotte; Warren, Hubert Holman, Jr., Dunn. Second Row: Warren, John McCullen, Phi Delia Theta. Laurel, Md.; Warren, Robert Wade, Wake Forest; Waters. Louise Christina, Charlotte; Watts, Charles Daniel, Charlotte; Way, Anne, Charlotte. Third Row: Weaver, James Edward, Jr., Dunn; Webb, Sally Ann, Leesburg, Fla.; Webber, David Norman, Hickory; Weiner, Richard David, Tau Epsilon Phi, Wash- mgton, D. C; Weinstein, Lee Moret, Zela Beta Tan, At- lanta, Ga. Fourth Row: Weir. Dewey Frederick, Hampstead; Welch, William Edward, Bridgeport, W. Va.; Welk, Ruth Ann, Pensacola, Fla.; Wells, Charles Ray, Charleston, S. C; West, Kenneth Ray, Erwin. Fifth Row: Whedbee, Charles Monroe, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Hertford; White, Betty Sue, Concord; White, Jerry Donald, Pittsboro; White, Joseph Leonidas, Hamptcinville; White, Marshall Franklin, Roxboro. Sixth Row: White, Mary Thorn, Richmond, Va. ; White Ralph Alexander, Conover; White, Rodgers Selwyn, Kan- napolis; ' VChitehurst, Bettie Ann, Rocky Mount; White- hurst, Edward Roland, Clearwater, Fla. Seienlh Rotr: Whitley, Kenneth McDonald, Chapel Hill; Whitley, Ruth Grantham, Murfreesboro; Whittle, Amberys Rayvon, Burlington; Wicker, Beverly Ruth, Raleigh; Widoff, Michael G., Chi Phi, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.. Eighth Row: Wiebe, Sally Ann, Sylva; Wiggins, Fay Evangeline, Dudley ; Wilhoit, Grover Cleveland, Jr., Albe- marle; Wilkerson, Edwin Cisco, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Greenville; Williams, Anne Grime s, Raleigh. 104 First Row: Williams, Louise Booth, Monroe, Ga.; Wil- liams, Mack Ray, Jr., Burlington; Williams, Peter Myrick, Mullins, S. C; Williams, Robert Hampton, Durham; Williamson, Robert Earl, Cerro Gordo. Second Row: Willson, Joseph Carter, Raleigh; Wilson, Jack Lyndon, High Point; Wilson, James Parrish, Jr., Sigma Nu, Sanford; Wilson. James Preston, Jr., Wilming- ton; Wilson, Katherine Elizabeth, Sumter, S. C. Third Row: Winecoff, George Caldwell, III, Gastonia; Wingfield, Thomas Whetsell, Phi Delta Theta, Raleigh; Womack, Sarah Richardson, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Chapel Hill, Wood, Eunice, Delta Ga?nma, Malvern, Pa.; Wood, Fred Philips, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsiloti, Edenton. Fourth Row: Woodall, Susan Kay, Roanoke Rapids; Wood- ard, Kenneth Paul, Selma; Woodley, Samuel Spruill, Co- lumbia; Woodrum, Clifton Alexander, III, Sigma Alpha EpsiloK, Roanoke, Va.; Woody, James Jennings, Roxboro. Fifth Row: Woody, Sidney Lane, Chi Psi, Bessemer City; Wooten, Sterling Dillon, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Goldsboro; Wright, Anne Andrews, Petersburg, Va.; Wright, Arnold, Jr., Sigma Chi. Shelby; Wright, Forrest Jarrell, Beta Theta Pi, Winston-Salem. Sixth Row: Wright, Jane Iredell, Wrightsville Beach; Wright, Stanley, Tau Epsilon Phi, Charleston, S. C. ; Wright, Wade Kenneth, Gastonia; Yarbrough, Vestal Eugene, Asheville; Yardley, Jonathan, 5 . Anthony Halt, Chatham, Va. Seventh Row: Yates, Michael Hoy, Durham; Yeager, Betty Durham, North Attleboro, Mass.; Yoder, Phillip D., Sigma Nu, Newton; Yoh, Sally P., Haddonfield, N. J.; Young, William Lewis, III, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Chapel Hill. Eighth Row: Zaslav, Barry Arthur, Tau Epsilon Phi, Cedar- hurst, N. Y.; Zealy, Albert Hazel, III, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Goldsboro. mm 105 SOPHOmORES 106 SOPHOmORE CLRSS GEORGE CAMPBELL President Lt It lij right: Kathy Fulenwider, Social Cha Secrelciry: Bill Shipp, Treasurer. Ron Millican, Vice-Prtsidciii : Peggy Carroll, The Sophomore Class Officers started the year by forming a Sophomore Cabinet, which functioned by helping with class activities and by enabling more students to participate in student government. The aims of the class were to make a definite and useful contribution to campus government, to strive for better student relationships, and to have more unit) ' on the single class level. Through various projects and undertakings, they tried to accomplish these objectives. It was a profitable year because of the co-operation and efforts of the many students who became more active in the government of the campus. 107 First Row : Abell, James Curtis, Yanceyville: Ab- sher, Henry Gray, Sigma Phi Epsilon, North Wilkesboro; Adams, James Benton, Jr.. Wake Forest; Adams. Jimmy B., Sig ma Chi, Higli Point: Alexander. Tiiomas W.. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Raleigii ; Allen. Arch Turner. Ill, Zeta Psi, Raleigh ; Alligood, Gene Rogers. Elizabeth City. Second Row : Anderson. Zollie Neil. Jr.. Mocksville; Andrew. Herbert Allen. Sigma Chi. Greensboro; Armstrong. Clarence Rodnev. Kannapolis; Arnold. Bruce Lowe, Arlington, Va.; Arumi, Fran- cisco. Quito. Ecuador. S. A.; Aunian. Howard Frank, Asheboro; Averj-, Frank Walton, Winston-Salem. Third Row: Bailey, Alfred Reno. Chapel Hill; Bailey, Jon Punnington, Vienna, Va.; Baird, Linwood Eugene, Franklinton; Baitv, James Oliver, Mt. Airy; Baker. Barries Kimball. Elkins Park. Pa.; Baldwin. Roy Eugene, Asheville; Bar- ber, Joseph William, Raleigh. Fourth Roir: Barnes, Larry Allen, Fairmont; Barnes, Larry Rufus, Concord; Bar- ringer, David McKenzie, Phi Delta Theta, Durham; Barshay, Hynian Stadieni. Zeta Beta Tali, Wilson; Ba- siiiger. Andrew Marshall. Sigma Chi, Cliarlotte; Bean. Richard Calderbank, Sinmn A ' ». Haddonfleld. N, J.; Beas- lev William KefT, Monroe. Fifth Koir: Beatv. Robert , rchie. Jr.. Phi Gamma Itrlto Monroe; Bell. Christopher J., Washington. D. C; Bell. Joseph Oscar HL Chi Phi, Tuxedo; Bender. Ralph Starling. Beta Theta Pi. Wins- ton Salem ; Bergamo. Donald John. Middletown, N. Y.; Berrier. Jerry Lynn. Mocksville; Betts, James S., Selma. Sixth Row: Hilhro. Robert Hodges. Phi Delta Theta, (;n-eiiville: Birkenstock. Robert H.. rill Phi. Larchmont. N, Y.; Biser, Linda . nne. Kings Mountain; Bivens, Thomas Joel. Jr., Greensboro; Black. Donald Worth, Sigma. Phi Epsilon, Manhasset, N. Y.; Black. Douglas S., New Kensington, Pa. ; Blackman, John Walton, ni, Fremont. Srnnth Row: Blake, Charles Edward, Southport; Hlvthe, Edwin John, Jr.. Bloomfield. . J.; Bondi. Peter Albert, Chi Psi, .Abington, Pa.; Boneno, Barry Luke, Charlotte; Boone, Brace B.. Jr.. Sigma Chi Miami, Fla.; Borth. Richard Antliony. Raleigh; Bowman, Robert Carrol. Marshall. Eighth Row: Bradley. Julian Willis. HL Raleigh; Bragassa. Sara Elizabeth. Cary; Brent, John William, Theta Chi, Bronxville, Y.- Brent. Willoughby Scott. New- ton. Mass.; Briggs, Robert Edson. Bethesda, Md.; Bromwell. James Ed- ward, Baltimore. Md.; Brooker. Regi- nald John. Valdese, Xiiith Ron-: Hii.wii. James Harvey, P ii De«a Theta, St. Iiiuis, Mo.; Brown. John Riley, Krccnsboro; Brown, Kingman Bliss. I ' hi (iamma Delta, Washington. D. C; Brown, Theron Remfry. Jr.. Atlanta, Ga.; Brown, William Ronald, Mon- (ure: Brvan, Victor Carl. Wallace; Brvaii, William Felix, Nutley, N, J. Tenth Row: Brvan, William Sturges. Oxford; Buch. Alan Dennis. Delta Fp.sitoii. Warren, Ohio; Buchan. Richard Duke. Jr., Henderson; Buchanan, Edward Higgs, (Greenville: Buie. John Gilbert, Jr,. Favetteville; Bumgarner. Carl Bing, Lenoir; Bundy, Clayton Buening, Charlotte. Eleventh Row: Burnett. Timothy Brooks. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Greensboro; Burroughs. Paul Leach. Phi Delta Theta, Raleigh; Burrows. Richard Lee. Wallace; Bur- rus. James Carter, Engelhard; Butler, Algernon Lee, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Clinton; Butler. Lester Aaron. Jr., Concord; Butler, Thomas Lee, Phi Delta Theta, Raleigh. First Row : Byrd, Harold Cronin, Angler: Cali- ban. Sydney Ferguson. Jr.. Wadesboro: Campbell. George Worth, Jr.. Deltii Kappa Epsilon, High Point ; Campbell. William Kent. Phi Delta Theta. Coving ton. Ga. : Cannon. Thomas Roberts. Phi Delta Theta. Raleigh; Carawan. William Colton. Pi Kappa Alpha. Golds- boro: Carlton. John Garland. Jr.. St. Anlhonu Hall. Richmond. Va. Second Row : Carney. James Terrence. Wilmington; Carr. Alpheus Branch. Jr.. Zetu Psi. Wilson; Carroll, Charles Marion. Kutawville, S. C; Carroll. Mary Maru ' iiret. Durham; Carter. Jack Franklin. Jr., Southern Pines; Cart- " TiKlit, Thomas Crawley, Durham; Cash, Richard Henry, Jr.. Louisburg. Third Rou-: Cashion. Jerry Clyde. Statesville; Caton, franklin Alexander. Kannap- olis ; Caviness. Bobby Forrester. Ashe- boro; Chaney. Eugene, Jr., Bristol, Md.; Chapman, Lawrence Linde, Jr., Richmond, Va.; Childers. Joseph Roger. Mocksville: Christian. David Barham. Zeta Psi. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil. S. A. Fourth Row: Clack. Alvin Russell. Jr.. Rocky Mount; Clark. James W.. Jr.. Conover; Clark. Tonv Franklin. Chapel Hill: Clinard. .lul.nson Burns. Phi Eta . igma. Wins- t. II, Salem; Cobb. Clyde London. Kiiii; -Mountain; Coffman, David Max, tiii.innati, Ohio; Cole. Carl Phillip, Bryson City. Fifth Row: Collins. Johnny Winfred. Greensboro; Cooke. James Coffield. Jr.. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Williamston : Cooke. Philip Myers. Jacksonville. Fla.; Cop- land. James Reuben. III. Pi Kappa Al- pha. Burlington: Corbett. John Arthur. .Marshall; Corbett. Julius David. Jr.. IKenly; Cordon. Susie Harwood. Chi I Omega. Chapel Hill. . Sixth Row: I Cox. George Wheeler, Phi Delta Theta. (Charlotte; Cozart, William Thomas, I Zeta Psi, " Wilson ; Crane, Douglas Fountain, Chapel Hill: Critz, George Conrad, Greensbo ro; Cronenberg, Al- len Thomson, Pi Kappa Alpha. Rocky Mount; Crotts, Everett Bowers, Jr.. ' Thomasville ; Crowell. James Ken- ; neth. Jr., Wilmington. I ' Se venth Row : 1 Crutchfield. Benjamin Franklin. Jr.. • Chapel Hill: Crutchfield. William ; Monroe. Pittsboro; Culbreth. Harold .Dean. Phi Kappa Sigma. Spindale: ■ Dailev. John Calvin. Jr.. Durham: i Dalton. William Harvey. Delta Upsiloii. J Forest City; Davis, Allen Mebane, Winston-Salem; Davis, Cutter Dick- 1 inson, Chi Phi, Charlotte. Elahth Row: . Davis. James D.. Alpha Knppu Psi. Warsaw: Davis. Paul Michael. Wins- ton-Salem; Dawes. William Redin. Jr., Theta Chi. Miami, Fla,; DeBlasio, Joseph A.. Delta Upsilon. Teaneck. X. J.; Deifell. John Jey, Beta Theta Pi. Greensboro : DeKlever. ' aughn f Gerard. Monroeville. Pa.: Dickson. ,1 Hilton M.. Jr.. Florence. S. C. Ninth Roll-: Dillard. Odell Gaston. Candler; Drum. Blair Wilkinson. Newton ; Duckett. Samuel Johnson. Canton: Duncan. Daniel O ' Driscoll. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Charlotte; Dunn. Joseph Carlyle. Ayden; Dunn. William Bonner. Phi Mu Alpha .Sinfonia. W ashington; Dunn, William Lamon. Ill, Phi Gamma Delta, Pinetops, Tenth Row: Dunstan, William Edward, III, Eliz- abeth City: Earp, Daniel Hugh, Jr,, Charlotte: Eastman. Henry Hensley, Jr.. Winter Park. Fla.: Eddings, Kenneth Earle. Tabor City; Edwards. (Bill Frank. Belhaven: Eells. Guion iOakes. Chi Psi, Rock Hill. S. C; Eflrd. IJCIyde Heath. Jr.. Burlington. Eleventh Row: Elland. John Lindsay. III. Alpha Phi Ometjo. Efiand: Eggleston. Joseph Benjamin. Leaksville: Eidson. Gale Dean. Elkin: Ekstrom. Robert David. Greensboro; Eldridge. Arthur Daniel. Norfolk. Va. ; Eller. Roy Eugene. North Wilkesboro; Ellis. Patricia Anne, Greensboro. 109 Flmt Row: Ellis, William Thomas, Middlesex; Engle, Frederick Leon, Fuquay Springs; Englisli. John Roger, Beta Theta Pi, Greensboro; Entwistle, John Walter Covington, Jr., Rockingham; Epley, Tro yl David, Morganton; Eskridge, James Lester, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsi- lon, Greensboro; Eure, Darden John- son, Jr., Sigma Nu, Morehead City. Second Bow: Evans. Jerry Covington, Phi Delta Theta, Winston-Salem; Evans, Rich- ard Henderson, Jr.. Phi Gamma Delta, tireenville; Farmer, Charlie James. Kandleman ; Farrell. William Frank- lin, Phi Gamma Delta, Winston-Salem; Farris, Ray Simpson. Phi Delta Theta, Charlotte; Fearing, Frederick Alston, Elizabeth City; Feemster, Clarence Ervin, Chapel Hill. Third Bow: Feinberg, Louis Elton, Zeta Beta Tau. Tallahassee. Fla,; Fields. DeLeon Malcolm. HL Swansboro; Fisher. John .- llen. Scotland Neck ; Fitzgerald. Robert. Westfleld, N. J.; Fitzgerald, Thomas Lloyd. HL Wilson: Fleet- wood. Wilson Clarence. Murf reesboro ; Fletcher, Bobby Burfoot, Elizabeth City, Fourth Bow: Fluvil. Edward Thornton. Raleigh; Fijuritain. Reginald Morton, Jr., Delta Kui ' i ' u Epsilon, Tarboro; Foushee, Wayne Hampton, Durham; Francis, Raymond Joseph, Great Falls. S. C; Franklin. Ronald Lenoir. Xewiand; Frye. Bernard Campbell. Jr.. Phi Gam- ma Delta, . kron, Ohio; Frve. John Callanan. Hickory. Fifth Bow: Frye. Ted Leroy. Jr., Carthage; Fulenwider, Katherine Earle. Chi Umega, Jacksonville, Fla.; Funder- burk. Thomas Lee. Matthews; Fus- sell, James Davis, Rose Hill; Gall, Joseph Franklin, Charlotte; Garner, Allen Payne, Roanoke Rapids; Gar- rard. William Lewis, Madison, N. J. Sixlh Row: Garntt. Theodore Wilson, Durham: (iauhien, James Carlos, Jr.. Durham: t. entry, James Franklin, Chapel Hill: Gentry. John Russell, Bishopville, S. C; Gentry. O. Louis, Greensboro: Giles. Curtis Ronald, Spindale: Gilliam. Thomas Alfred, Jr., Columbus. fiuth Row: i-;rock. Thomas Addison. HI. Beta tii Pi, Greensboro; Glass, Paul lion. Jr.. Burlington; Glover. ;i i . Erwin ; Gobble, avie Wayne, nston - Salem ; Goldner. Richard id. Haddonlield. . J.: Gonzalez, arles Fennell. III. Kappa Alpha. Fla.; Gooch. Faye Caro- Durhi Kiijlith Row: i;ou(le. David John, Lambda Chi Alpha. F ii Mti Alpha Siytfonia, Winston-Salem; t;ould, Nathaniel Jay. Manhasset, N. v.; Grafman. Stephen Winston. Zeta Beta Tan, Birmingham. Ala.; Ciraliam. Philip Earl. Lincolnton : Gray. Carroll Lee, Bynum ; Gray. David Samuel. III. .Marion; Greasoh. Martha Jo. Morristown. N. J. Sitith Row: Greene, Joe Elliott. North Augusta. S. C; Greenfield, Maxine B.. Alpha Delta Pi. Chapel Hill; Gregory. Car- son Wade. Jr.. Angier; Gregory. Richard Brent. North Wilkesboro; Griffiss. John McLeod. Alpha Tau (iineija. Lookout Mountain. Tenn.: Griffith. Lewis Scott. Jr.. Beta Theta Pi. Bronxville. N. Y.; Grigsbv. Cieorge Talmadge. Jr.. Holly Springs. Tenth Bow: CJrover. William Maurice, Old Lyme, Conn.: C5uin. Phillip Earl. Southern Pines: Haithcock. Eddie Clee. Jr.. Sigma Chi, Spencer: Hale. Phvllis Ann. Raleigh: Hamilton. David Earl. . sheboro: Hamilton. Harvey Ken- neth. Zebulon ; Happer, Ian Morgan. Lenoir. 110 Eh VI nth Roic: n:u ro e. Wade Hampton. Jr.. Clin- ton: lliukins. Peter Barrington. Jfeltii Cp. ' iiloji, Durham; Harper. David Fletclier. Chi Psi, Rocky .Mount: Harrelson. Thomas Joseph. Southport; Harrill, Odell Ossie, Jr.. Sanford: Harrington. Francis Cole. Jr.. Greens- rington. .lesse Moye. IIU Washi First Row: Harris, Stephen Walker, Phi Delta Theta, Durham; Harriss, Oscar Hooks, Kappa Sigma, Wilson; Harriss. Wil- liam Graham. Columbia. S. C; Har- tung. James Deakins, Phi Delta Theta. Chattanooga. Tenn.; Haskell. Robert Henry. Martinsville. Va.; Hatcher. Thomas Adair. Asheville ; Hayes, Don Merrill, Pi Kappa Alpha, Belmont. Second Row: Heath, Roy Andrew, Snow Hill; Hedrick. Richard Reitzel, Lenoir; Heles. John Lawson. Arlington. Va.; Henderson. Charles George. Charlotte; llendrickson. Richard Fulton. Phi Ihltn Theta, Raleigh: Herring. .Marion Carlyle. Mount Olive; Hicks. Ji-ITrev Talmadge, High Point. Third Row: Hicks. Joyce M.. Oxford; Hilliard. Kenneth Jackson. Jr., Asheboro; Hinielick. Nancy Sue. Durham; Hin- son. Elizabeth Evangeline. Monroe; Homer. Harold Barton. Sunbury; Hol- comb. Robert Lewis. Rowland; Hold- erness. Haywood Dail, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Tarboro, Fourth Row: Hollifleld, William Mason. Jr.. Lenoir; Holmes. John Alden. Theta Chi, New- ark. N. J.; Hood. Walter Kelly, Anderson. S. C; Hopewell. Alton Oliver. Jamesvilie; Horsky. Thomas John. Burgaw; Horton. Jesse Lloyd. Zeta Psi, Hertford ; Houston. Forrest Holland. Winston-Salem. Fifth Row: Howell. Charles Henry. Lookout Moun- tain. Tenn.; Howland. William SIo cum. Jr.. Kappa Alpha, Coconut Grove. Fla.: Huhbeling. Christopher Stewart. A-licviPe; Hudson. Danny Allan. riMitierton ; Huggins. Hubert Sydney. III. Knckingham: Huie, Litchfield P.. M ' .nsaw; Hunter. John Nelson. ,Si; ,„„ Alpha Epsilon. Charlotte. Sij-th Row: Hurt, William Stuart. Chi Psi, Phi Eta Sirtma. Raleigh; Hutchin.son. Henrv Lee. Morven ; Hyatt. Frances Louel- len. Cherokee; Hylton. Elmer Ernest. Mavodan ; Hynes. James E.. Kappa .Alpha. Charlotte; Ingram. Ralph Pearson. Roanoke Rapids; Inman. Samuel Maurice. Jr.. Mt. Airy. Seventh Row : Inscoe. Jimmie Turner. Delta Upsilon, Castalia; Isaac. Joe Morrison. Lenoir; Isley. Rex M.. Snow Camp ; Ivey. Bill Wayne. Asheboro; Jackson. Donald Lee. Pi Kappa .Alpha. Modesto. Cal.; Jackson. Frederick William. JefFerson, Me,; Johnson, Edward Patrick, Gastonia, Kiiih th Row : Johnson. John Lewis. Asheboro; John- son. Lula West. Kinston; Johnson. Robert Lee. Greensboro; Jones. Charles Lee. Apex; Jones. Faris Henry. Arlington. Va.; Jones. Jerry Godwin. Four Oaks; Jones. Marian, Chapel Hill, Miith Row: ,Iones, Richard Sinieon, Banner Elk; Justice, John Butler, Statesville; Kan- nan, Phillip Morris, Varina; Kaplan, Morton, .Asheville ; Karp, Jerome, Tan Epsilon Phi. Svlva; Kehayes, Thomas Carl, Edenton; Keith, Pres- ton Wylie, Mebane. Tenth Row: Kellam, Lucius James, HI, Delta Kiip)ia Epsilon. Belle Haven, Va,; Kciiiiey, Elizabeth Mary, Chapel Hill; Kcrbaugh, John Thomas. Alpha Tan iJnieija. North Wilkesboro; Kertesz. Frank J., Mountainside. N. J.; Kesler. Stephen Edward. Kings Mountain; Kiker. Joe McCollum. Charlotte; King. James Richard. Randleman. Eleventh Row: King. Wayne Edgar. Hickory; Kin- ney. George C. Kannapolis ; Knott. Edmund Tayloe. Washington ; Kush- ner. Floyd Harold. Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Danville, Va.; LaNier. Gene Rodney. Chapel Hill; Lassiter. Richard Edward. Colerain; Lawrence. James Leon, Elkin. First Row: Led ett, Sandra D., Ridgewood. N. J.: Leimone, John Edward. Burgaw; Len- iiardt. Benjamin Franklin. Jr.. Fhi Eta Siyvia. Alpha Phi Omega, Greenville. S. C. ; Leonard. Paul Lynn. Winston- Salem; Leonard. Robert Patrick, Jr.. Knpfui Siffma. Wilmington. Del.: Lewis. Howard Massey, Spruce Pine; Lewis. Wade Hampton. Asheboro. Second Row : Lilly, Susan Jean. Burlington : Lin- dell. Stephen Trimble, Wilmington. Del.; Lineweaver. Robert Wellford, Siyma Chi, Greensboro; Little. Lloyd Harry. Jr.. Hickory; Llewellyn. James Dime. Alpha Tau Omega, Dur- ham; Lotlin. Samuel Wayne. Salis- bury; Logsdon. Linda Beth. Chapel Hill. r iird Rou : Long. James Scott. Zeta Psi, Green- ville; Losick. Robert Neil. Tenafly. X. J.; Lowder. Stephen Carlton. Chi Phi. Bristol. Va.; Lowrance. Neal Davis. Pi Kappa Alpha, Winston-Salem; Lowrey. Francis William. Kensington, Md,: Loy. William Riley. Burlington; Lucas. John Harvey. Chapel Hill, Fourth Row: Luck, Clyde Walton, Sanford; Lup- ton, Harvey . rthur, Jr.. Winston- Salem; Lvnn. Olin Nick. Jr.. Newton; McAllister. Janet Goodwin, Chapel Hill: McArtluir, Ronald Edward, Wil- nii; M((li.iter, Jon Michael, Alpha Tim Umiiin. Bristol, Tenn.; Mc- Coiston. Phyllis Jean, Greensboro. Fifth Row: McConnell, John Daniel, Jr., Sigma Chi, Southern Pines: McCoy, Timothy Columbus, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Gor- donsville, Va,; McCrory. Sally Rich. Chi Omega, Jacksonville. Fla.; Mc- Daniel. James Odis. Jr.. Gastonia; McDonald. Francis Dudley. Jr., Char- lotte: McDowell, Robert ' Harvey, Phi Mil Alpha Sinfonia. Reidsville: Mc- Elroy, Pender Roberts, Marshall. fii.rth Row: McOinty. .Arthur Jackson. Jr.. Buenos Aires, . rgentina. S. A.; McGregor. James Tillman. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Greensboro, Mcintosh, James Nathan. Wilmington: McMillan. Benton Lee. Jr., Kappa Sigm i, Wilson; McMillan. Hoscoe Drake. Red Springs: McNairy. Robert Porter. Greensboro; McNaull, James Neal. Charlotte. S.rrnth Row: MiRorie. William Edward. Bostic: MrSwain. Franklin Lee. Phi Delta Thi ' ta. Murphy; Mack. Charles Rand- all. Rome. Italy; Mallon, Michael Tyrone, Clarksville, Tenn.; Malone. Robert Bailes. Phi Delta Theta, At- lanta. Ga.; Malpass. Billy. Kinston ; Manning. Daniel Alston, Williamston. Eighth Row: Manning, Edward Martin. Tau Epsilon Phi, Gastonia: Mansfield. Clarence Franklin. Burlington; Marks. Lemuel Harris. Phi Gamma Delta. Whiteville; Marsh. Howard Darnaby. Jr.. High Point: Marshburn. David Wvcliffe. Clinton : Martin. Daniel Walker. Gib- son; Martin. John Marvin, Winston- Salem. Xiiith Row: M.irtin. John William. Phi Mu Alpha Si„f,„iia. Mt. Airy: Mathers. Alfred Michael. Cherry Point; May. Emanuel. 111. Burlington: Mayhue. Hugh W;iyne Kings Mountain; Mayo. Howard Anderson. Jr.. Kappa Alpha. Hendersonville ; Medford. William Lawrence. Alpha Kappa Psi, Rocky Mount ; Medlin. Joe Neal, Monroe. Tenth Row: Melvin. John Shields. Roseboro; Michaux. Roy Herman. Jr., Beta Theta Pi, Greensboro; Midyette, Buxton Saunders. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Jack- son; Miller. Alfred James. New Rochelle. N. Y.; Miller. Don Gilbert. Chi Psi, Winston-Salem: Miller. James Wesley. Denton : Miller. John Mont- gomery. Jr.. Phi Delta Theta, Harris- burg. Pa. Fh niith Row: Millir.m. George Ronald, Albemarle: li on, Henry Walton. III. Goldsboro; hiiire. Dan K.. Jr.. Canton; Moore. Franklin D. R.. Tillery; Moore. Lloyd Pleas. Ellenboro: Moore. Lof- ton Samuel. Charlotte: Moore. Ned Aaron. Chi Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Wind- sor. First Row : Moore, Samuel R.. Gastonia : Morgan, .lames Patrick. AIijIui Phi Omean, Ra- leiffh; Miirgaii. Maria Collins, Eliz- ahetlitown: Morgan, Melzer Adron, .)r.. Kni ' liii Alplia. Smithlifid : Morris. H(,l ert ,1.. .Slielhv: Morton, William Irving, Wasliington, D, C; Moser, Riik Darrell. Hickory. Srin.ul Kiiir: Mo tier. .lolin Francis, Fort Bragg: M..». Arthur Laverne, Jr., Slielbv; Muriihy. Frank Hughes. Hamlet: Miin, David Lafayette. Hickory: Must.ird. Harry Stoll. HI, Chapel Hill: Mvers, William Allen, Lamlm Clii Alpha. DeWitt, N. Y.: Nallev. Mar- iri Edward, Chapel Hill. Third How: N ' ellis. Jamieson Stirling. Chi Psi. Evanston. 111.; Nelson, George Rod- ney, Morehead City: Nelson, Milton Wade, Lenoir: Newton, Jackson Robbins. Southport : Nicholas. Rich- ard Henry. Winston-Saleni : Nicholas. Thomas Doc ' ton. Jr., Winston-Salem: Nobles. Robert Delmer, Panama City, Fla. Fourth Row: Noel. George Thompson, HI, Kannap- olis: Norman. Cynthia Anne, Ra- leigh: Noiton. James Lee, Jr.. Albe- marle: Norton. William Iverson. Durham: Oakley. Thomas Crowell. Zetii P.ii, Bronxville. N. Y.: Gates. Rurlolph Owens. Faison ; Odom. Edsel Monroe, Wallace. Fifth Row: Oldham, George Roberts, Durham: Oljpenheimer, Joe Loveman, Zeta Beta Tim. Birmingham, Ala.; Oshinskv. Steplien W.. Tnii Epsilnn Phi. Rego Park. N. Y.: Pace. Dudley Fredirick. Saluda; Page. George Douglas, Bre- vard: Page, Hubert Hodnett, Jr„ Yanceyville: Parker, Herman Rich- ard. Jr,, Greensboro. f;i.rtl, Row: Parker, Thomas Vernon, Gates; Parks, F.iM tus Bennett, IH, Winston-Salem : Partin, John Wayne. New Bern: Pat- terson, Henry Newton, Jr,. Phi Gam- iiiri Delta. Manha.sset. N. Y.: Payne. Frank Mast. Jr.. Boone: Payne, John Abb, Sunbury: Peel, Jesse Robert, Everetts. Seventh Row: Peltz. David Walter, Newport News, Va,: Pendergraft. Norman Elveis, Durham: Pennell, Wayne E,stel, Kan- napolis; Perry, Marcus Wooten. En- field: Perry. Thurston Ray. Zebulon : Phillips. Earl Norfleet, Jr.. riettn Kappn EiKilon. High Point: Phillips, Llewellyn, H, Sigmti Nii, Phi Eta Hifima, Morehead City. Eighth Row: Phillips, Robert Kent, Palmyra; Pick- cnv Rupert Taniley, High Point: Pi.kett. Harry McFall, HL Charlotte: I ' iland. Howard M.. Favetteville; Planer, Paul Morgan. Tom Kiisihm Phi. Gastonia: Pleasant.s, Cliftun Edward. Jr,. Phi Delta Theta. Winston S.ilem : Pollard. Alfred. ,lr.. Pi Kitpiia Alpha. Durham. Ninth Row: Powell, Paul Edwin, North Litt ' e Rock. Ark.; Powell, Robert Stewart. Wal- lace: Powell. Rowland, Delta Kappa Epsilon. .Augusta. Ga.: Presson. Thomas Lemuel, Beta Thetn Pi. Mon- roe; Proctor, Robert Allen, Rocky Mount: Puckett. Lewis Stephen. Guil- ford College: Puett, Frank Wilson, Morganton. Tenth Row : Purrington, John Ward, Zetn Psi, Ra- leigh; Quinn, James Frank, Gastonia: Rash, James Dennis. Lenoir; Reddan. John Agnew. Washington, D, C. : Reitzel, John Larston, Raleigh: Rep- pucci, Nicholas Dickon, Hollywood. Fla,: Rhodes, Grover Frederick. Pink Hill. Eleventh Row: Rich, Alvis Marvin. Pi Kappa Alpha. I ' hi Eta Siama, Burlington: Richard- son. Robert Benbow, Charlotte: Ricks, Gci.rgc Edward, rhi Phi. Asheville: lii.liiirk, Hubert M.. Scotland Neck; KiM-iibark. Robert Turner, Wallace; Ki.hhins, Gordon Daniel, Phi Eta Sionta. Rocky Mount: Roberts, Joseph Boxlev, ffif nirt Phi Epxilan. Mciniit Holly, hhih 113 First Row: Roberts. Surry Parker, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Durham; Rodriguez. F. Uicliard. Santurce. Puerto Rico; HoKers, Robert Randolph, Wilmington ; Rogers, Rollin Anthony, Miami. Fla.; Rogers. Thomas K., Jr., Chapel Hill: Rogers, Thomas Schley, Jr.. Phi Delta Tlieta. Charlotte; Ross. Craig Alex- ander. Chi Phi. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Second Row: Ross. Gordon Nicholas. Charlotte; Rouse, James Hubert, Raleigh ; Ruben- stein, David Maas, Zeta Beta Tan. New- Orleans, La.: Rutlin. Burton Craige. Durham; Russell. Frank Alton. Chi Phi, Monroe; Ryder. James Arthur. Jr.. Miami. Fla.; Saffelle. Milton Franklin. Jr.. Alexandria, Va. Tliird Row: St. Clair. Giles. Jr.. Delta Kappa Epsi- hiii. Montclair. N. J.; Samuel, Miihael David. High Point; Sawyer, (Mlvin Lary. Elizabeth City; Schlos- ser. Emil Steve. Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, C.reensboro: Schoch, Arch Kerper. High Point; Scott. Carl Clinton. Durham: Scott. Charles Kimrey. Pi Kappa Alpha, Haw River. Fuiirth Row: Scott. Ralph, Jr.. Kinston: Seastrom. George Richard, Charlotte; Seawell, rheo(iore Graham, Alpha Phi Omega, Apex: Setzer. David Monro, Old Fort; Sgrosso, Henry James, Jr.. WvckofT. N. J.; Sharp. Michael Rust. St. Aiithoiii Hall. St. Davids. Pa.; .Shaw. Forrest Clinton. II. Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Sliciiriii. Charles Winston. Warrenton: Slii-[tlK ' r(i. William Aubrey. Durham; S!ici»pard. James Dow. Jr.. Shelby; Slicrer. Robert Glenn. Jr.. Dothan. Ala.; Sherrill. Hugh H.. Fayetteville; Shipp. M illiam Paul. Clinton: Shub- kin. Ronald Lee. .-ilpha Chi Sigma, Charlotte. Sij-tli Row: Sliiifurd. Abner Pope. Delta Kappa Fj ' sil.Hi. Hickory; Shulman. Nlichael (..olTrey. Tali Epsilon Phi. Phi Eta si iiHi, Paterson. N. J.; Sidbury. William Mason. Garner: Sigmon. .latncs Lewis. Jr.. Newton: Simpson, AMcii Johnson, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Greenville. S. C: Simpson. Oscar Romulas. Lumberton; Sloan. James Boykin. Phi Gamma Delta. Wilmington. Sri; nth Row: Smitli. Calvin Upshur. Jr.. Chattanooga, li ' im.; Smith. Douglas Gould. New- pnrt. R. L; Smith, Herbert Franklin, MattlicMs: Smith, Norman Estes. Tlntn Chi. Chew Chase, Md.; Smith. .Saimu-I George. ' Madison; Smith. .Stuart Bryson. Lenoir: Smith. Wayne Hcveridge. Jr.. Charlotte. Fiiihth Row: .smith. William James. Maxton: Snow. i ' t l.eighton. Elkin ; Snyder. Judith Naiul. Ridgewood. N. J.; Sossamon. Jijii Leroy. Bryson City: Southerland. James Bowden. Jr.. Albertson; Sow- ers. Philip Earl. Beta Theta Pi. Salis- bury; Sprinkle. Michael Doss. Wins- ton-Salem. .Viii( i Row: Spurrier. Barry Wilson. Charlotte: S ' lu illario. George Douglas. Valdese; Stacev. Larry Milton. Gastonia; . ' -;tagg. Richard David. Kapjxi Alpha. l.cvittown, N. Y.; Stalker. James ( urtis. Louisville. Ky.; Stanley. .lames Lawson. Charlotte; Stephan. Richard Henry. Charlotte. Tenth Row: Stevens. Elliott Walker. Jr.. Phi Eta sionia, Warsaw; Stokes. Donald Slater. Phi Eta Sigma. Guilford; Stoller. Harry L.. Jr.. Elizabeth. Pa.; Stophel. Charles Creston. W hiteville; Strickland, G, Kent, Four Points: Stultz, John Hoyte, Jr.. Draper: Sugarman. Edward F.. Tan Epsilon Phi. Atlanta, Ga. Eleventh Row: Sugg. Harry Walker. Snow Hill: Sul- li an. Louis Gray. Chi Phi. Anderson. S. C. : Summey. John Hood. Theta Clii. Gastonia: Sutton. Stark . rmi- stead. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Atlanta, Ga. ; Swicegood. William Edward, Linwood; Tankard. Lee Dickerson, Washington : Tarlow. Richard Jay, Pi Lambda Phi, New Rochelle. N. Y, First Row: Taylor, Charles Edwards. Hookerton : Tew, Jerry G.. Godwin: Thalheimer. Albert Foster. Zeta Beta Tail, Cliarles- ton, W. Va.: Thomas, Foster Ed- ward, Jr., Theta Chi, Charlotte; Thomas, James Pestles, Washington, D. C: Thomas. Meredith Gerald. Sanford; Thompson. Benjamin Har- rison. Graham. Seeoyicl Ron- : Thompson. H. Edward. Ill, Chapel Hill: Thompson, Peter Anthony. Durham ; Tiedeman. Nancv Lynn. Chapel Hill; Tippett. Joe ' Wayne. Zebulon; Tobin. Paul Curtis. Greens boro; Todd. Jack Lionel. Whiteville; To noli, Jerome Joseph. Hollywood. Fla. Third Row: Tolton. George David, Greensboro; Toney. Max Edward. Marion; Tucker. John Stan, Charlotte: Turner. Gerald Pinkney, Roanoke, Va.; Turner. John Goodman. Charlotte; Turner. Wil- fred, Southport: Twiddy, Raymond Lee, HI, Elizabeth City. Fourth Row: Tygart, Silas Thompson. Pi Kai)pri Alpha, Jacksonville. Fla.; Upchurch. Wayne Thomas. Four Oaks; Vann. Howard .Albert. Eure; Vaughn. Larry Joe, High Point; Vestal, Lowell Richard. Boonville; Walden. Joseph Herman, Reidsville; Walker. David Shelly, China Grove. Fifth Row: Walker. Jerry Blane. Norfolk. Va.: Walker. Robert C, Port Washington, X. Y.; Walker. Thomas C. Parris Island. S. C; Wall. Gary Leon. Winston-Salem; Wall. Roy Murray. Chapel Hill; Walston, Mary Eliz- abeth, Snow Hill ; Ward, Gene La- fayette, Burlington. Sixth Row: Ward. Larry Milford, Rocky Mount; Warlick, Lawrence David, Jr., Chi Phi, Lincolnton; Warren, Lewis RuflBn, Chi Phi, Charlotte: Warren, Ray- mond Bartlett, Kernersville; Wason, Nancy Jane, Guilford, Conn.; Weaver. Elisha Patrick. Phi (ianuna Delta, Rocky Mount: Weaver, George Rich- ard, Jr,, Kinston. Sei enth Row : Weil, Charles B„ Sigma Chi, Corpus Christi, Tex.; Wheeler, Kenneth Mil- ton, Durham; Whichard, Willis Pad- gett, Durham; Whicker, James Ro- bert, Alpha Tau Omega, North Wilkesboro; Whitaker, Cary Hamil- ton, III, Charlotte; White, James Wilson, Jr., Shelby; Whitlenton, Wil- liam Ransom, Jr., Reidsville, Eighth Row: Whitley, Thomas Pritchard, Rocky Mount; Wiggins, Joseph Arthur, Jr.. Tyner; Wilday. Peter Bennet. Chi Phi, Westfield. N. J.; Wilder. Henry Milton. Jr.. Sanford; Wilfong. James Edward. Claremont; Wilkins. Charles Gresham, Pi Kappa Alpha, Fayette- ville : Wilkinson. John Carroll Maxim. Goldsboro. Ninth Row: Williams, Augustus Collier, Deale Beach, Md.: Williams. Wallace An- son, Greensboro; Wilson, Felix Franklin. Jr.. Alpha Phi Omega, Wins- tonSalem; Windham, Aubrey Bright, Jr„ Durham; Wood, Allison Eugene, Jamestown; Wood, Carl Sherrill, High Point; Wood, Evan Harvey, Charlotte. Tenth Row: Wood, Wallace Winchell, Goldsboro; Woodard, Joyce Faye, Kenly; Wood- ruff, David Lee, Havs; Worth, Hal Venahle, HI, Zeta Psi, Raleigh; Wyrick, Priscilla Blakeney, Greens boro; Yelverton, John Raymond, Phi Eta Sigma, Goldsboro: Yokeley, Rich- ard Thor, Winston-Salem. Eleventh Row: Young. Frederick Richard. II, Chi Phi, Charlotte: Young. J. Blake, Wash- ington, D. C; Zachary, Frank Ed- ward, Asheville. 115 F R E 5 H m E n SO ' ZQPH 116 FRESHmRn CLRSS ROGER SMITH President Don Wilkerson, ] ' iit-PieiiiJeii ; Ann Cummings, Seaetai); Carolyn Mitchell, Soda! Cbanm.iu. Gaston Caperton, Jieasiirei. The Freshman began his college career with orienta- tion — an informative and enjoyable mtroduction to UNC. After a week of gathering information about campus activities, the academic work began. He found it even more difficult than he had expected and so he launched upon the rigorous task of adapt- ing to long hours of study, but with fraternity, soro- rity, and dorm parties on football weekends, he was not at a loss for social life. The most grueling experience of every freslinian was the realization that high goals are hard to attain, but the student who learned to apply himself is look- ing forward with anticipation to his sophomore year, now well on his way to a successful and happy four years at the Southern Side of Heaven. 117 First Row: Abernathy, Hettie Jo, Gastonia: Abrams, Samuel Leonard, Conway ?;.,?••„ Ackerman. Allan Erwin, Fort Mill, S. C: Adair, Jerrv Burl. Gas- tonia: Adair, Richard Torrence, Jr. Xenia, Ohio; Adams, Emily Jean- nette. Concord; Adams, Howard El- lison. Kensington. Md. Second Row : .Adams. Phillip Ray. Garner: Adcock Gerald Cooper. Rougemont; Aitken George Douglas. Jr.. Charlotte; Al- berty. Warren Ray. Dobson: Albiez Arnold Richard, Ocean City N. J,- Allen. Felix Hill, Jr.. Louisburg; All- red. Jerry Douglas, Burlington. Third Row: Almon. Claud Bradley, Jr., Dawson, Ga.; Alt. John Edward. Charlotte: Anderson. Edwin Hoyle. Jr.. Hickory : Anderson. Frederick Randolph, J ' r, Rutherfoidton; Andrus. Charles An- drew. Charleston, S. C: Ange. Charles Gilmer. Farmville; Angley Flovd Wilson, Statesville, Fourth Row: Annas. Garry Dean. Hudson; Archer Willis Arthur. Salisbury; Arey. Julius Norman. Henderson; .Armfield. Rich- ard Beeson. Jr., Mount Airv; Arm- strong, Daniel M., Rogersville. Tenn ; . rthur. Louis Chesterfield, Greenville: .Ashburn, Michael Anthony, Winston- Salem. Fifth Row: Asher. Roger Harry. Port Washington. N. 1.; Asserson. Bowen. Jr.. Au- gusta. Ga.: Atchley. John Lee. Rah- way. N. J.; Atkins. Freddy Michael. Mayodan: Atwell. Richard Dickinson Orangeburg. S. C: Avant. George Ray. Forest City; Aycock, Charles Ronald. Wilson. Sixth Rou-: Babylon, John Rakestraw, Edenton : Bailey, Jon Charles, Charlottesville. Va.; Baird. Russell Douglas. Gaston: Baker. Archie James. Jacksonville. Ha.: Ballard. Walter Marion, . utry- Mlle; Ballon. Byron Tracy. Lumber- ton: Banks, William Charles, Bel- cross. SiTrnth Row: Banner. Matthew Ray, III. Greensboro: Barber. Leon Worth. Raleigh: Bar- liam. James .Michael. Burlington: Ba- nck. Bruce Huntley, Raleigh; Barker, George .Andrew, .Arlington, Va,: Bar- low. John Russell. Kannapolis; Bar- nette, Jerry Hicks. Tryon. Fiilhlh Row: Barotta. Stephen John. Winston-Salem; Barrett. Ethel Louise, Chapel Hill- Barrineau, Harry Eugene. HI. Norfolk a.; Barrow. John Knox. HL .Ahos- kie; Barry, Thomas Dver, Westbury. N ' . Y.; Bass, Bernard, Bladenboro; Bates, Stanley Douglas, Winston-Salem. Ninth Row: Battle. Richard Edmund. Bayside. v. v.: Beale. .Andrew Vincent, Nor- folk. Va.; Beaman, Grafton Gatling. Ahoskie: Beatson, William Paca. Baltimore, Md.; Beeton. John Wil- liam. Lynbrook, N, A ' .; Belmont. Alex Fernando. Lima. Peru; Bennett. Wil- liam Radford. Chapel Hill. Tenth Row: Benton. Henry Clyde. Jr., Newport News. Va.: Bergeron, Garry Patrick, .Ir.. Farmville; Berlin. Ira Gilbert. Urnnklyn, N, V.; Berman, Jacki Max- ]iie. Wilmington; Berman, Richard Mephcn. Baltimore, Md.: Bernstein Uraiit .Abraham. Washington. D C- Best, James .Monroe. Jr.. Jacksonville KIrvrnth Row: Beverley. John George. Caret, ' a. Biggs. William Archibald, III. Harts- ville, S. C; Bilisoly, Charles Winston Alexandria, A ' a,; Billing, Doug .Mil- ton, Cornwall. Ontario. Canada; Bishop. Bertram Owen, Plymouth: Blackmon, Richard Sanders, White- ville; Blaustein, Ira Morton, Fayette- ville. 118 Firaf Row: Blumenthal. Charles Adolph. Flushing. N. y.: Bohren, William Arnold, Sum niit N. J.; Bolan. Robert Stuart. Jr.. Sarasota. Fla.; Bolin. James Harold. Boonville; Borden. Norman D., Bay- side N. v.; Bost. Michael Earl. Marion; Bowers. Bruce Humphrey. Welle.sley Hills. Mass. Seconrl Row: Boyd. Graham Venahle. Jr., Warren- ton: Boyenton. William H., Middle- sex, N. J.; Boyette. Staton Edward. Jr.. Smithfield: Boyles, V. Irving, Jr.. Pilot Mountain ; Bradford. Gary Wil Ham, Hudson; Brady. J. Donald, Silver City ; Bramley, Richard Arthur, Alexandria, Va. Third Row: Brande. Wendell Simpson. Brown Sum- mit; Braxton. Amos Don. Ayden ; Brener. Max Donald. Chattanooira. Tenn.; Bridgers. Kenneth H„ Row- land; BrklRers. Susan Howard. Jack son: Bridges. Chandler Raymond. Atlanta. Ga.; Brietz. John Edwin. Charlotte. Fourth Row: Brinklev, Thomas Edwin. Mount Airy: Britt. Charles Robin. Asheville; Brooks. Larry Saunders. Durham : Broome, Henrv George, Jr., Ventnor City. N. J.; Brown, Brevard McMur ray, Roanoke Rapids; Brown. Charles Ray. Jr.. Goldsboro: Brown, Floyd Rogers. Jamestown. Fifth Rnic: Brown. Howard Wesley. Jr.. firanitc Quarry- ; Brown, James Michael, Dur- ham; Brown. Landrum. DeFoix. 11. Mooresville: Brown, Richard Lane. . lbemarle: Brown. Richard Melvin. Freeport, N. Y.; Brown. Walter Dun- can. Jr.. Raeford: Bruffey. Vernon Russell, Kinston. fii.cth Row: Bruton. Gary Preston. Thomasville: Bryan. Sam Dunn. Scotland Neck: Bryant, Wayne Douglas. Lenoir: Bu ' chlv Peter Corbett, Tryon ; Buni- fiarner, James Edward. Charlotte: Bunch. Jack Webb, Edenton: Bundy, James Howard, Raleigh. Sivfiith Row-: Burgess. Stephen Way ne. Charlotte: Burgin. Wilburn George. Jr.. Newton: Burns. Charles Mav, Wadesboro: Burns. Clayton Brasington. Wadesboro: Burwell. William Henry, Warrenton: Busick, Howell Lee, Reidsville : Butler. Paul Carrawav, Jr., Southern Pines. Ei ' ihth Row: Butler. Ronald Monroe. Greensboro: Bvers. Edwaril H.. Belmont; Caplan. Harvey Allen. South Orange. N. J.: Capps. Judith Dawn, Sanford ; Capps, Sherrill Maynarrt. Clayton; Carlisle. Thomas Marshall. Paw Creek; Car- roll, Philip Godfrey, Reidsville. yintli Row: Carswell. Arnold Ramsey, Hudson: Carswell, Johnny R.. Hazelwood ; Casey. James Allen. Kinston; Cates, Arthur Kendrick. Henderson; Cheek, Robert Luther. Durham: Cherniak. Ira David. Mobile. Ala.: Cherry. Cleveland Price. Rocky Mount. Tenth Row: Chester, Paul Eugene, Lenoir: Cho tiner, David Edward, Aliquippa, Pa,; Clark, James Alexander, Elizabeth- town; Clark, James Milford, Morgan- ton; Clark. Judith Gates, Tuscumbia, Ala,; Clarke, Ronald Wilson, Enfleld ; Clay, Allen Bowman. Lenoir. Elevexth Row: Cloninger, John Lester. Dallas: Coan. John David, Norfolk, Va.: Coble. Pete Calvin, Jr.. Graham: Cohen, David Louis, Walterboro, S, C, ; Cohen, Theodore Jacob, Indianapolis, Ind.: Cole. Howard D., Greensboro; Cole- man, Michael M., Miami Beach, Fla. First Rare : Coleiiian, Kichard Kay. Burlington • (Dllier. Tlieodore Jcisepli. Jr.. Bav- Imro; Collins. Rodney Denni. ' ; Hubert- (oltrain. .i„l,n Wade.dak City: Cone! Ilow.ird M,. f, ' i ' , II. New Vorli. N. Y.- (nniK.]. .Iiist-pli llnnaicl. Arlington, Va.: (,y. Koliert Anderson, Winston- Serond Row: Cooke. Manning Patrick. Jr.. Rirli S(|uare; Cooler. Henry Paul, Walter- boro. S. C: Cooper. Charles Earl Tarboro; Coulter, Clinton Huxley. Tallahassee. Fla. : Coursev. Daniel .Marshall. Jr.. Memphis. Terin.; Cox. (iraoe Suzanne, Dunn: (rain. Theo- dore Morrison, Jr.. Monterey. Tenn. Third Row: ( ranimond. John Harold. South Orange N. J.: Cranshaw, Edward Curtis, Creensboro: Craver. Joe Malcolm. .Shelby: Crawford. Archibald Arring- ton Hicks. Oxford: Criswell. William Thomas. Miami. Fla.: Croom. Fred- erick Hailey, Maxton : Croom. Wil- liam David. Jr.. Durham. Fourth Row: Crouch. James Albert. Jr.. Columbus. :a.: Crow. Emmet Polk. HI. Hous- ton. Tex.: Cummings. Ann Marie. llish Point: Cunningham. Robert l-.iviri. .Jr.. Greensboro: Cunningham WilliMin Enloe. Kernersville: Curl. Andrew Benson. Creedmoor: Curtis Donald Williams. Bessemer City. Fifth Row: ( urtis. N ' elson George. Jr.. Sandy lliiipk. Conn.: Daugherty. Charles W.ide, Asheville: Daughtridge. Alvin Williford. Rocky Mount; Davidian Kdwar.l William, Smithfleld : Davis. Charles .Marshall. Durham; Davis. Herbert Crippon. Jr.. Lexington; Davis. Larry Houston, Statesville if ,■„ 1); Kent. Mairland. Fla.; Deaton. I ' liilip Carl. Greensboro: Dea- tnii. William Edward. Mooresville; Decker. Clifford Earl. Jr..; Denton. Fred William. Jr.. Lawndale- deRosset. John Graham. Dunellen. X. J.: DeVito. Edmund Charles. Jr.. I ' aterson. N. J. S, r(nfh Row: l iik. .Mexander Colclough. Jr.. Chester- Inuii. .Md.; Dillard. Clarence Neb lett. .Ir.. Cary: Dinsmoor. James Denton. Jr.. St. Marys. W. Va.; Dins- nnire .lay Winifrid. Manhasset, N V.; Di -alentin. Anthony Louis. III. Ra- leigh: Dixon. Clarence Neil. Jr. Cherryville: Dominick. John MiCool. Durham. Kiijhth Row: Dougherty. Denids Wendel. .Moidville. . J.: Druker. James Owen. Coral Gable.s. Fla.: Duggins. Wayne Luther. Asheboro; Dunn. Franklin . rthur Lanca.ster. S. C. ; Dunn. Philip Arthur. Elkins Park. Pa.; Dupree. China Grove : Dupree. Tho nrry. Angier. „tl, ff Ge Albi-I ge Washington. M instoii- Durham. Woody Lomhardi. e; Earls. Edward James Bryson City; Eastwick, Andrew Maurice. HI. Cockeysville. Md.; Ed- nnsten. Rufus Lige. Boone: Edmond Paul Frederick. .Ir.. Gatesville: Ed- wards. Henry Barry. Shelby. Truth Roir: Kicliherg. .lohn A.. Washington, D. C: Ellis. Benjamin Thomas. Shelby; Ellis .lerry Lamar. Pine Level; English. .lack Moorman. Louisville. Ky.; Ertel Paul . lan. . vondale Estates Ga • Eure. Charles Allan. Roduco: Eury ' Douglas Edwards. Albemarle. Eleventh Row: Kvans, George . ' Mbert. New Orleans La.; Evan.s. Thomas Lloyd. Jr.. ■Wil- mington: Everson. John Henry. .islnngton; Fambrough. Douglas M ' c- Lilosh. Jr.. Chapel Hill: Farnham. .sutti.M Burns. Bristol. Va.: Farrell. Cecil liraham. Jr.. Aberdeen; Feeney, Frank Rea. Salisbury. First Row: Ferguson. Cliarles Marvin, Leaksville Fields. Riley Clinton. Marslnille Finger. Kichard Bryan. .Ir .. BelmonI Finison. James Holt, Jr.. i r;reenshorn Fisher. Arcliie Carlisle. Charlolte Fisher. Henry McKinnon. Charlotte Fisher. Jerrv. Favetteville. Second Row : Fishman. Lee Irwin, South Orange. N. J.; Fletcher, David Albert, Rad- nor, Pa.; Flovd, Robert Oscar, Jr.. Fairmont: Flynt. William Thomas. Winston-Salem; Folk. Micliael James. Wilmington: Fonda. George .Andrews. Cazenovia. N. Y. : Fescue. Henry Armfield. Jr.. High Point. Third Row: Fox. Jerry Neil. Stony Point: Fox. Melvyn Michael. Gastonia; Fox. Wat- son Stoessel. Jr., Greensboro; Fraley. Jonathan David. Jr.. Lenoir; Frank. James Thomas. Badin; Freedland. Martin Berke. Charlotte; Freedle. Paul Douglas. Thomasville. Fourth Row: Freeman. David Reed, . rlington. ' a.: Freeman. James .Mexander. . sheville: Freund. William Harold. Washington. D. C: Fulghum. Ernest Gerald. Fayetteville; Funderburk. Ervin Med- lin. Jr.. Charlotte: Gabriel. Ronald Lee. Brooklyn. N. Y. ; Cans. Edgar Hilary. Baltimore. Md. Fifth Roio: Garner. Howard Glenn. Greenville: Garner. Joe Cranton, Stanley; Garris. Ermon Eugene. Garland; Garris. Jim- my Franklin. Greenville; Geils. George Frederick. Charleston. S. C: Geitner. Clement. Hickory: George, Michael James, Green.sboro. ftisth Row: Gerardi. James. Hewlett. N. V.: Gil bcrt. Jerry Dalton. Mount Airy; Go- forth. James P., Statesville : Gold- blatt. Myron Everett. Jr.. New York. N. Y.; Golub. Lawrence Harlev. Val- ley Stream. N. Y.: CJorham. Thomas Cherry. Rocky Mount; Gorin. Ro- bert Barry. Washington. D. C. fii ' venth Roic: Gorman. Richard Forbes. Winterville; Gould. John William. Newburgh. N. Y.: Graham. Edward Norman. Elkin: Grantham. Hiram Jake. III. Red Springs; Green. Charles Patters()n. .Jr.. Louisburg; Greene. Bruce Rriant. Wynnewood. Pa.; Greene. Duff Sur- gent. Wynnewood. Pa. Eiphth Row: Greene. Jerry Wayne. Winston-Salem; Greeson. Robert Doyle. Jr.. Greens- boro: Grice. Ornian Drew. Warsaw: Griffin. Carol L ' nne. Portsmouth. Va.: Oriflin. Diok. .Morganton : Griflin. Michael Kent. Jamesville; Griffin. Rorl B.. Roxboro. Mnth Row: Gri.swnld. John Clinton, Fayetteville: Grubbs, Cromer Raymond, .ir.. Wins- ton-Salem; Guller, Jeff M.. Charlotte; Gwyn. Vaughn Monroe. Mount Airy; Haddad. Melvin Charles. Kinstoii: Hale. Robert Vernon. Favetteville: Hall. Charles Linwood. Seliria. Truth Row: Hall. Charles Wade. Canton ; Hall. Robert Andrew. Jr., Hamden, Conn,; Hamilton. Lewis Wardlaw. Brevard: Hamilton. Ronald Sidney. Winston- Salem; Hammer. Phillip ' Gibbon, Jr.. Atlanta. Ga.: Hammond. Thomas Atmar. Spartanburg. S. C: Hardin. Kenneth Pearshing. Jr.. Forest City. Eleventh Row: Hardy. Paul Curtis. Jr.. Charlotte; Harrington. Tony Steve. Taylorsville: Harris. Charles ' Jay. Jr.. ' Mebane; Harris. Harvey Lake, Jr.. Bethel. Ohio: Harris. James Roland. Jr.. Greensboro; Harrison. .Anthony Wayne, High Point: Harrison, Tommy Wayne, Lowell. First Row: Harwell. Bobby Dale, Newton; Har- wood, George Emslej ' . Albemarle; Hawley. Patricia Ellen. Durham: Haywood, Jerry Marvin, Mt. Gilead; Heath. Donnie Lee, Fayetteville; Heavner, Kenneth David, Lincolnton; Herbert, Bruce Edward. Rock River. Ohio. SemnrI Row : Heenan. Donald Fred. Wa. ' shinston, D. C; Heilis. David Sherrill. Salis- bury; Helmick. Wickey Ernest. Jack- ■ionville; Helms. Jerry Norris. Char- lotte: Henisath. H. Evans. Westfield. X. J.: Hendrix. David Gene. Saint Pauls: Hicks. Earl Preston. Wades- bo ro. Third Roiv: Hicks. Phillip Dean. Spring Hope; Hiers. John William. Walterboro. S. C. ; Hijrhtower. Foyle Robert, Wadesboro: Hill, Dempsey Craig, Deep Run; Hill, Stephen Jackson, Kannapolis; Hindle, David Deshler, Red Bank, N. J.; Hinds. Joseph James. Jr.. Gastonia. Fourth Row: Hines. Eddie Shaw. Clinton; Hitch. David Charles. Raleigh; Hobson, Charles David, Charlotte; Hogg, Muriel Joanne, Pittsburgh. Pa.; Hol- lar. Boyce Roop. Jr.. Conover; Holli- lield. John Ward. Lenoir; Hollings- worth. J. Winston, Garland. Fifth Row: Holloman. David Ridley. Ahoskie; Holsenbeck. W. Howard. Jr.. Jackson- ville. Fla.: Homesley. Howard David. Cherryville: Hood. Gurnev Thomas. Burgaw; Hooks. George Clark. Fre- mont: Hope. Judith Ann. Grover: Hopkins. Sandra. Ahoskie. .s ' ixfA Roir: Home. Evan Allen. Freeport. N. Y.; Horton. Ronald Jasper. Bailey; Hor- ton. William Michael. Hamlet: Houck, Mickey Eugene. Salisbury; House, John Orville. South Mills: House. Marvin Bailey. Lincolnton: Howard. Gordon Edward. Valley Stream. N. Y. s, riiith Row: Howard. Sandra Lee. Pittsboro; Ho well. Nelson Neil. High Point: Howell. Kiiiiahl Wood. Newdale; Hoyle. HiiL ' lics Bayne. Charlotte: Hovle. William Roberson. Cireensboro; Hub- li.inl. Donald Barry. Mooresville; Huffman. James Ralph. Moylan. Pa. Kiijhth Row: Hoggins. Bruce Wayne. Lumberton; Hughes, Deane Belt, Raleigh ; Human. Eppy White. Stanley: Hundley. James Davenport. Wallace; Hurley. Daniel Wade. Jr.. Biscoe: Hurst. Brian Laurence. Washington. D. C. ; Icard, Parks Edwin. Hudson. Mnth Row: Irvin. Howard Samuel. Concord; Irvine. James Nelson. Lookout Moun- tain. Tenn.; Jackson. Charles Terry. II. Dover. Del.; Jackson. Edwin Dal- las. Hope Mills; Jackson, Larry Wayne. Selma; Jackson. William Thomas. 111. Elizabeth City; Jenkins, Larry Littleton. Mount Holly. Truth Row: .lennrich. John Harold, Arlington. Va.; .lessup. Percy Wells. Jr.. Elizabeth- town ; Jobe. Warren Yancey. Mebane ; Johnson. Jimmy Aaron, Coats; John- son, Nyal, Willis, Asheboro: Jolley, Ronnie Oren, Cliffside; Jones, Dan Holden, Jr„ Farmville, Ell- re nth Row: Jones. Jack Lee. Portsmouth. Va.: Jones. Rafford Eugene. Gaffney. S. C. ; Jones. Samuel Shepard. Jr.. Chapel Hill ; Jones. Sandra Pate. Columbia. S. C. ; Jones. Taylor Jeffrey. Greens- boro; Jones. William McConnell. Jr.. Gastonia ; Jordan, Frank Claytor. Greensboro. First Row: Jordan, Larry Chester, Star; Jordan, Ronald A., Greensboro; Kahn, Step- hen Allen. Summit, N. J.; Keever. Richard Alan, High Point: Keever. Richard Jenkins, Lincolnton ; Ken- nedy. Michael Scott, Shelby ; Kepner, Robert Ford. Miramar, Havana, Cuba. Second Row : Kiger, Jack Eugene, Lewisville; Kil- patrick, Garvin Malcolm, Burlington; Kimel. Edwin Mast, Winston-Salem; King, Richard Hariey. Chattanooga. Tenn.; King. Robert James. Jr.. Wal- lace; King. Wray Owen. Tabor City; Kipnis, Bruce Edward, Washington, D. C. Third Row: Kirkman. John Manliff. High Point; Kluttz. James Kilgo. .Albemarle; Knight. Robert Matthew. Manhall. Pa.; Kohn. William Houseal. Mexico City. Mex.; Lambe. Randolph Leland. Charlotte; Lamm. William Franklin. Bailev ; LaMonte. George, Essex Falls. N. J, Fourth Row : Langer, Major Alan, Swan Lake, X. v.; Langston, Jan McCoy. Wilson ; Lanier. Gail Stanley. Lexington ; Lankford. Robert Hamilton. Ill, Elkin; Lassiter. Harry Maynor. Troy; Lat- ham, Hannis Taylor, III, Washington; Laughrun, Steve, Burnsville, Fifth Row: Laughter, Linda Sue, Horse Shoe; Lawrence, Thomas E,. Glen Ridge. X. J,; Leder, Edwin Martin, Clinton; Lee, James Douglas, Mebane; Lee. Jessie Anna. L illington; Lee. Joe Glenn. Smithfield ; Lee. Wyatt Step- hen. Roseboro. Sixth Rail-: Lesley. Robert Glenn, Clayton, Ga.; Liggett, Frank Rahm, III, St, Peters- burg, Fla.; Linton. Herbert .Sidney. Rockingham; Lipe. Robert Jeffrey. Asheville; Lippard. John Randolijii. Bradenton. Fla.; Little. George Ros- coe. III. Elizabeth City; Littleton, Philip Ray, Goldsboro. Seventh Row : Lobdell. David, Pisgah Forest: Lock- amy, Albert Fulton, Jr.. Clinton; Logan. William Carlson. Kannapolis; Long. Irving Hilburn. Rockingham: Love. J(i Carol, Mt. Pleasant: Lovett, Herbert Edward, Jr.. Liberty; Low rlermilk. James Erwin. Valdese. Eir hth Row: Ludwig. Edward Charles, Elberon. N. J.; Luks. Allan Barry. Rockville Centre. N. Y.; Lunetta. Carmine Paul. Morristown. N, J.: Lunnev. William George. Goshen. N. Y.; Lynn. Thomas William. Washington. D. C: Lytton. William Albert, Oxford: Mc- Allister, David Franklin. Westfleld. N. J, Ninth Rnw: McCall, Robert Lee, Spartanburg, S, C: McCann, Margaret Jane, Mount Airy; McClellan. Robert William. Summit. X. J.: McCollough. Frank William. Durham: McCullouck. I.indwood .Ar- den. Burlington; McDonald. Joseph Ray. Southern Pines; McKee, Thomas ClifTord, Johnson City, Tenn. Trnth Row: McMichael, James Gorrell, Jr., Wins- ton-Saleni; McNeely, Gwyn Farrell, Hickory; McNeill, Neill , ngus, Rae- ford: Maddry, Xorwood Buckner, Lumberton; Madry, Robert Wilson. Jr.. Wilmington; Makepeace. John Scott. Sanford: Manlove, Richard Milton, Seaford, Del, Eleventh Row: Marlette, Graham Hayes. High Point; Marshburn. David Theon. Richlands; Marshburn. Ralph James. Raleigh; Mason. Albert Nathaniel. Jr.. Tarboro: Matbeson, Alice Rogers. Hickory; Matkins. John .Alan. Roanoke R.apids: Mattocks. Gordon Lynn, Jacksonville. 123 First , ' (,«• ; Maultsby. Terry Neil. N ' ew Bern: Mayer. Henry Emanuel. Kinston ; Mayliew. Kenneth Pascal. .Ir.. Moores- ville; Melvin. Andrew Shaw. .Jr.. Castonia; .Merrill, . rthur Jesse. Jr . tlanta, Ga. : Michael. Ronald Jack- son. Lexington: .Miller. James B . lbemarle. Second Row Miller S. C; ton : Moore, Moore, Nelson Bowdry. Greenville. Mills. William Boyd. Burling- Moffltt. Jan Craig. Asheboro: Brian. Chattanooga. Tenn.- Kenneth I.. East Rockaway. . . 1.; Moore. Reuben Leslie. Jr.. Wilmington; Moore. Robert Patter- son. Chapel Hill. Thirrl Ron- Moore. Wayne irgil. N. Wilkesborn: Mooring. Thomas Dewev. La Grange: Moran. Nolan Kent. Burlington; .Mor- gan, Barbara Lee. Butner; Morgan. John Jackson. Arlington. Va.; Moro- sini, E. Nelson. New York. N. Y.; Morris. John Neal. Jr.. Marion. Fourth Row: .Morris. Walter Smith. Jr.. Morehead City; Morrow. Peter Charles. Wil- mington. Del.; .Moslev. Ralph Wesley Ahoskie; Mossor. James Stuart. Well ' s- hurg. W. Va.; Motley. Phillip Morris. Durham : Moye, Joseph Sidney. Jr.. (Ireenville; Muse. Joel. Jr.. Wi ' lliams- ton. Fiftli Row: Myers. James William. Harmony; Myers. Joseph Norman. Winston-Salem ; Myers, William Charles, Charlotte; Neal , James Edward, Durham; Nelm.s. Robert Lewis, . ulander: New, Ro- bert Floyd, Greensboro: Newton .ludith Ann, Fayetteville, .Sij-( ( Row: Nobles. Billy Norman, Nobles. Yancie .Melvin. Norlleet. Edward Alvii Norman. Jimmy Dale Northrop. Charles McXai Chadbourn; Tabor City; :. Durham; Lincolnton; , St. Pauls; Oak- Srrrntli Row: Oberdorfer. Ellis Char ' es. .lacksonville. ITa.; O-Brien. Edgar H.. Summit. N, ,1.; O ' Brien. Thomas Franklin. Jr.. Charlotte; O ' Donoghue, Michael, Bed- fc.rri. N, Y.; O ' Hara. Dennis Duke. Linden; Ouderkirk. H. John. Arling- ton. Va.; Page. Seavev Manfonl. Jacksonville. n. High Point; I ' a.schal. John Scott. Rockingham: I ' attillo. Robert H.. Rockville Centre. N. v.: Payne. Alfred Martine. High Point; Payne, Franklin Phillip, Stony Point; Peck. Sheldon. Durham ' ; Peeler. Joseph Donald, Shelby. Miith Row: I ' elletier, Gerald. .Ir.. Stella; Pen- ninger. .Sybil Hendrix. Rockwell: Perry. Bennett Bnddie. Loui.sburg; I ' erry. Ernest Crudup. Raleish: Phelps. Larry Wilford. Burlington: Phillips. Bruce . Iton. Jr., Kinston; Phillips. Walter Dear. Beaufort. Tenth Row: I ' inney. Morgan Randall. New Castle. Pa.; Pin.son. Reginald .Man, Hudson; Poisson, (ieorge Henry, Wilmington: Pollman. Roger Mark. Troy. N. Y.; Poo ' e. Donald Eaton. Somerville. N. J.; Poole. Lorene. Thomasville; Pope. David Leroy. Stantonsburg. Fleventh Row: I ' ortnoy. Barry Allan. Chapel Hill; I ' oulos. George Steve. Winston-Salem; I ' cHizzncr, John Greil. Hamden. Conn.; I ' " " ill. Eddy Lee. Mix-ksville: Powell. liohb Knbin. Locust, N, J,; Powell, William Conra l. Ruflin; Prakke. Herman Willcm, Asheville. First Kou-: Preslar. Reuben Alva. Jr.. Hamlet; Presson. Jack Bennett. Monroe; Price, Charles Russell. Dobson ; Price, Julian. III. Greensboro: Rabon. Rov Hayes. Jr.. Marion; Ralin, Steplieli Stuart. Collese Point. N. Y.; Ram sahai. Richard Iratl. Bronx, X. Y. Serond Row : Ran lall. Gary Thomson. Orlando. Fla.; Randall. Ronald Kenneth. Havelock ; Raney. David Living:ston. Brookneal, Va.; Range. Peter Ross, . tliens. Ga.: Ray. Frederick. Chamberlain. Jr.. Falls Church. Va.; Ray, John Thomas. Batavia. III.; Rayle, Ronald Willard. Guilford. Third Row: Record. Eugene Edwin. Jr.. Brookline. .Mass.; Reeves, .Alfred Pierrepont. III. Rye. N. Y.; Reid. Gordon Francis. Detroit. Mich.; Renger. James Dietrich, . lbemarle; Reston. James Barrett. Wasliington. D. C; Reynolds. Delmar. Chattanooga. Tenn.; Reynolds. Judith Kay. Richmond. " a. Fourth Row: Rhinehardt. Kenneth Edward. Jr.. Old Fort; Rhodes. Carl Douglas. Jr.. Leaksville: Rhodes. Robert Edward Lee. Kinston; Rhvne. Clyde Randy.; Richardson. Patricia Susan. Cliapel Hill: Richardson. Samuel Kilgo. Winston-Salem; Riddle. Daniel Lindo, Durham. Fifth Row: Riley. William Barker. Jr.. Chatta- nooga. Tenn.; Ritzman, Herb Wilson, Concord: Robbins, Rebecca Anne. Greensboro: Roberson. George Wall. Smithfield: Roberts. Terry Lee. Ashe- ville: Robertshaw. Lawrence Bent ham. San Diego. Cal.; Robinson. Spurgeon Fillmore, Jr.. Candler. Sixth Row: Rogers. Carl Linwood. Jr.. Raleigh: Rogoff. .Arthur Drexler. Rutherford. N. J.: Roper, . lbert Lonsdale. 11. Norfolk. ' a.: Rose. Norman Edward. Elkins Park. Pa.; Rose. Peter Blanchard. Sea Cliff, N. Y.; Rosenian. Irvin . lvin. Jacksonville: Rosen. Stanley. Brooklyn. N. Y. Seventh Row: Rossman. William Byron. Jr.. Charles- ton. W. Va.; Routh, Joe Sam. Franklinville: Rovin. John Roeger. Arlington. Va.: Royster. Rebekah Howard. Chapel Hill; Ruark. Henry Gibbons. Jr.. Laurinburg; Rubiil. I)a i(l Martin. Greensboro: Russell. Donald Albert. Scarsdale. N. V. Eifihth Row: Sailors. Jerry Copeland. N. . ugusta. S. C. ; Salamon. Harvey Warren. New York. N. Y.: Sams, Leroy War- ren. Jr.. Winston-Salem: .Sanders, James Dudley. Jr.. Boonton. N. J.: Sanders Mary Clare. Gastonia: Sar gent, Ralph Nelson. III. N. Plainfleld. N. J,; Savery. Rex Talcott, Roxboro. Ninth Row: Sawyer. William Andrew, Gainesville, Ga. ; Saylor. Lawrence Wavne. Mica- ville; Scales. Archibald Henderson. Winston-Salem: Schain. Donald Rod- ney. Deal. N. J.: Schlesinger. Rich- ard James, W. Newton, Mass.: Sch- nitzer. Mark Cherney. Suffolk. Va.: Schrader. Clement ' .. .Ir.. Durham. Tenth Roir: Scott, Elmer Glenn. Jr.. Charlotte: Scott. Henry Clay. Lexington: Scott. John Layne. Brown Summit: Scruggs, Clyde Lee. Cliffside: Sechler. John Jackson. Newton; Sedberrv, Phiiio Anthony. High Point; Selrien, Wil liam W.. Weldon. Eteventh Row: Shapiro, Samuel Martin. Washington, D. C; Sharp. John David. Chapel Hill: Shaw. William Ira. Halifax; .Shelton, Charles B.. Lookout Mtn.. Tenn.; Shepherd. Thomas Redmond, Hendersonville: Sherard. Henry Lav- ton. Goldsboro: Sherrill. John .Ander- son. High Point. Firs Row: Shohaii, Robert JefTrey, Alexandria. Va.; Short. Charles McCoy, Jr.. Rocky Mount; Short. James Leon. Charlotte; Shuford. Billy Gene. Val- dese; Sikes. Olin Blakeney. Monroe; Simmons. Myron Perry. Leesburg. Va.; Simmons. Robert George. Roseboro. Second Row : Simpson. Cecil Odell, Jr.. Silver Spring. Md.; Simpson. David Murray, Wins- ton-Salem ; Simpson. Norman Reece. High Point; Sims. James Vernon. Lilesville; Singletary. Robert Lom- bard, Wellesley, Mass.; Skeen. Mc- DufTy B.. Biscoe; Smith. Alfred Martin, Winston-Salem, Third Row: Smith. David Lee, Hamlet; Smith, George Wilson, Bladenboro; Smith, James Howard, Maxton ; Smith, Jerry Farmer, Lexington; Smith, Philip Conrad, Asheboro; Smith. Stuart - rcher, Jr., Warrenton. Va.; Smither- man, Richard Wesley, Elkin, Fourth Row: Smitlnvick, Gary Bryant, Jacksonville; Smyre, Herbert Lee, Newton; Snel- ling, David Barrow, Jr„ Asheville; Solomon, Michael Alan, New Hyde Park, N, Y.; Somers, R. Fletcher. Chestertown, Md.; Soutliard, John Wilder. Betliesda. Md,; Southern, Cliester Wilson, Jr„ Walnut Cove. Fifth Row: Spach, Roy Lee, Jr,. Winston-Salera ; Spencer. James Clifford. Jr.. Asheboro: Spencer, Romulus Sanderson, Jr., Engelhard; Spivey, Richard Coleman, Jr., Whiteville; Springer, Franklin Craig, Raleigh: Spruill. Larry Kim. Bethesda. Md.; Stallings. John Gil- bert. Louisburg. Sixth Row: Stallings. William Frederick. Char- lotte; Stamps. William David. Yancey- ville: Stanley. Robert Herren. Jr.. Atlanta. Ga,; Stapleton, Donald Richard, Gastonia : Stark. Lucien Hadley. Wilson: Steiner. Stephen Michael. Portsmouth. Va.: Stonaker. Roland Huntley. Jr.. Glen Ridge, N. J. Seventh Row : Stott, Welton Hollis, Jr.. Greensboro; Stout, George Franklin. Wallace: Straub. Daniel Edward. Middlesex. N. J.; Strawhun, Donna Sue, Char- lotte: Stretcher, George Stewart, Waynesville; Strickland, Carter Man- ley, Greensboro; Strickland, Wayne Smith. Concord. Eifihth Row: .Stuart, Burton Wayne, Jr„ Raleigh: Stutts. Kenneth Wilson. Mooresville: Stuvci. Gerald Charles. Berkeley Heights. N. J.; Sullivan. Robert Jerry. Winnabow; Sullivan. William Kos.s. Knoxville. Tenn.; Swain. Lin- wood Ira. Jr.. Washington; Swan- son. George Simmons. Fayetteville : Sweeney. Dennis Campbell. Harrisburg. I ' a. M,ilh Row: Swaft ' ord. Leonard Stanley. Larion: r.iiiksley. Earl McKinley, Greensboro: l.ulton, David -Michael, Gastonia: Tatalias, Kosmo Davis, -Anderson, S. C; Taylor, John William, Har- ington, Del,; Teague, Reginald Bailey, Thomasville; Teague. Roger Keith. Hickory; Tetlow. Timothy C. New York. N. Y. Tenth Row: Tharin, Blake William, Greensboro: Thomas, Aubrey Wafford, Avondole: Thomas, Everett Gusta, Jr„ Hender.son- ville: Thomas, George Shaker, Farm- ville ; Thomas, Patsy An, Varina ; Thompson, Cyrus Bradford, Ricblands; Thompson, James Cecil, Hillsboro: Thrasher. David Randolph. Dayton. Ohio. Eleventh Row: Tinker. John Bruce. Cliffside; Tips, Robert Kern, Houston, Tex.; Todd, William Hoyt, Aulander: Townsend, William Hugh. Skaneateles. N. Y.; Traub. Alan Michael. Kinston: Tri- vette. Jerry .Andrew. Winston-Salem: Trull. James Larry, Monroe; Tucker, William Beverly. IIL Hertford. First Row : Turner, Joseph Graham, Durham: Turner. William Clark, Jr.. Reidsville: Tuthill. Walter Warren. Mad ison. N. J.; Tyndall. Leamon M ' indell. Fayetteville; Upchurch. Tommy Dor- sey. High Point; Upton. Jack Hern don. Smithfleld: Van De Velde, Christopher Robert. Chew Chase. Md. Second Row: Van Dyne. Martin Jay. Brooklyn. X. v.: Van Pelt. David Spencer. TenaHy. N. J.; Vanstory. Lee Pinckney. Jr.. Greensboro: ' eatcll. Robert Lowell. Setauket. N. Y.: ' ermilya. Robert Allen. Winston- Salem; Vick. David Randolph, Rockv .Mount; Vinroot, Richard Allen, Char- lotte. Third Row: Vinson. Carol David. Murfreesboro : Violette. Martin Hammond. H. Hick- ory: Vuncannon, Elwen Eugene. Ellerbe: Wachs. Marvin Dennis. Pittsboro; Wagner. James Richard. Knoxville. Tenn.; Walker. Andrew Thomas. Rockingham; Walker. Ed- win Michael. Willowdale. Ontario. Canada. Fniirth Row: Walker. Tony William, Lenoir: Ward. Scott Dean. Zirconia; Warner. David Hoover. Mt. Gilead; Warren. Wil- liam Dale. Hiddenite; Watkins. Wil liam Gerald. Reidsville; Watson. Thomas Craig. Jr.. Gastonia: Wearn. George Patterson. Charlotte. Fifth Row: Weathers. Belve Royster, H. Durham; Weaver. Roy Ellis, Boone; Wedler. Fred Charles. Greensboro; Weeks. James Barnes. Newton Grove: Wege- rek. Dave. Montreal. Quebec. Canada : Weinstein. Robert A.. Rahway. N. J.: Welborn, Barry McNeil. Winston- Salem. Sij-th Row: Welch. John Bruce. Asheville; Wells. George Richard. Winston - Salem ; Wells. William Smith. Chapel Hill; West. Peter D.. Annapolis, Md. ; West- brook. J. B.. Newton Grove: Wheless. Dwight Hernard. High Point; Whis- nant. Ralph Benjamin, Lenoir. evrnth Row: Whi-inant, William Preston. Gastonia: Wlii- oiiant, Don Stuart, Lincolnton: Whitaker. Lendo Edgar. Jr.. Chapel Hill: White. Jerry Dean. Hobbsville: White. Ralph Lawrence. Jr.. Troy: White. S. Wommack. Scotland Neck; Thomas Michael. Mooresville. Eighth Row: Whitehead. Marcella Florence. Chapel Hill; Whitley. Travis Roger. Ra- leigh; Wiggs. John Hayden. Jr.. Selma ; Wilkerson. Donald Morris. Greenville: Wilkinson. Beverly Bvrd. High Point; Wilkinson. Thomas Miller. Marion; Williams. Thomas Baker. Nashville; Williams. Thomas Baker. Warrenton. . iiith Row: Williams. W. D.. LilesviUe; Wil- liams, Warren W., Jr.. Louisville. Ky. ; Williams, Willis Howard. Bobbins; Williamson. Glenn Irvin. Clemmons; Williamson. Roy Yates. Jr.. Carthage; Wills. Benjamin Sheppard, Jr., Wins- ton-Salem; Wilson, Clyde Norman, Greensboro; Windham, Charles Rich- ard, Greensboro. Tenth Row : Winslow. Raymond Alexis. Jr.. Hert- ford: Winters. Harold Vernon. Mor- ganton; Winters. Jimmy Gray. Rocky Mount; Woerner. Harold Charles. Jr.. Greensboro; Woodlev. Franklin Ogburn. Angler; Wright. Walter Charles. S. Orange. N. J.; Wuamett. William Vernon. Cleveland; Wyman, George Cutter. Winchester. Mass. Eleventh Row: Wynns. Leo Outlaw. HI. Colerain: Yates. Ralph Lee. Gastonia: Yelver- ton. William Frisbv. Arlington. Va.: Yocom. Robert Dillon. Durham; Young. James Langley. The Plains. Va.; Young. Perrj ' Deane. Asheville: Yount. James Alvin. Claremont; Zaik. Richard Alan. Bayside, N. Y. m ' MS ' ' . RESEAROH ©o • • • » «.. N ■ ' OCTOBER Give ' em hell, Heels! CHEERLEADERS This is cheering? Kneeling: Sue Wood, Jody Guercio, Jenny Elder, Nancy Wills, Kathy Fulenwider, Carol Tieslau, Margaret Thompson. Standing: Tim McCoy, Smoky Clark, Bob Foxworth, Charlie Graham, Dick Rhyne, Walter Keck, George Ricks. CHARLIE GRAHAM Hejd Cheerleader UnC CRRDBORRD CARDBOARD MEMBERS First Row: Julie Latane, Dick Reppucci, Relly Cadmus, Betsy Kiker, R. L. Spach, Jim Turner. Seco id Row: Bill Patterson, Dick Parker, Jerry Tognoli, Dan Robbins, Dan Duncan, Bob Singletary, Bill Fruin, Henry Eastman. The best in the nation. CARDBOARD OFFICERS Seated: Larry Withrow, President; Grady Phillips, Head Usher. Standing: Tom Law- rence, Art Department: Ed Riner, Vice- President. W0 0 V - iil=|S|=j=M=K FOOTBALL ,tr •! r ' ■ 1=?: ' ::.i 7 V - .-.•. mL4iiJm iiiff5l , , J to " ' •fk «. ' James Moore Tatum 1919-1959 J 1 1 ■m FOOTBRLL Although the Tar Heels only managed to compile an even 5-5 overall record and a 5-2 Conference record which was much less than they had expected at the beginning of the year, the 1959 football season was an overwhelming success. For we TROUNCED Dook 50-0. While the whole nation watched, the Tar Heels played a perfect game against our arch rivals. Co-Captains Jack Cummings and Wade Smith received individual honors by making the all- scholastic ACC team. COACH JIM HICKEY Fruiil: Head Coach Hickey, Ed Kensler, Fred Tullai. Bud Carson, Ed Fullerton. Rear: Trainer John Lacey, Assistant Trainer Warren Morris, Emmett Cheek, Georpe Barclay, Joe Mark. COCAPTAIN JACK CUMMINGS CO-CAP IAIN XADE SMITH Milam Wall drives over right tackle for Carolina ' s first touchdown in the ne er-to-be-forgotten 50-0 whitewashing of Duke. 137 r i ■•»i» =n J The Chapel HiU Weekly [ iSi J Clemson Edges Carolina 20-18 Milam Wall upends a would-be Clemson pass receiver. Milam X■all turns the corner against Notre Dame. The Raleigh Times tit Luck of the Irish Prevails Notre Dame -28 — UNC-8 Milam seems to be contemplating a way out of his predicament in the Notre Dame .game. 7W " An unidentified Carolina player snags a pass against Clemson. 138 m , GREENSBORO DAILY NEWS £ Wolf Pack Walloped By Heels 20-12 Bob Elliott scores against State. Cih C.iison .liMs over the State line till yardage. pi iZDiir dtn iilorning JfcvnlD " ' ' ' {p UNC Tops Gamecocks 19-6 -r-vl Bob Elliott gets pinned down by a host of South Carolina tacklers. 139 Terps Trip Tar Heels 14-7 A host of hands stretch for the ball. The Carolina man got it. A Tar Heel runner takes a South Carolina tackier for a ride. More South Carolina tacklers pet taken on a ride by Carolina. Wake Forest tacklers also seem to have trouble bringing a Tar Heel down. Jack Cummings gets set to throw a pass in a rainy Tennessee game. TdcDaily arKccl m Homecoming Holocaust Tenn.-29 — UNC 7 K.i . 1 : ;■ J ' it for yardage in tlic Vuyinia game. Milam takes a pass which culminated in a 50-yard touchdown against Virginia. ; Winston -Salem Journal -. Hurricane Hits Heels 14-7 The Cavaliers find gang-tackling the only way to stop big Don Klochak. Lenny Beck sails through Virginia for yardage. 141 Sophomore Ray Farris scores Carolina ' s 4th TD in the Duke game. Fullback George Knox makes it 48-0 with a beautiful 32-yard run. i (tr. M I U UnC BRRD OFFICERS Bob Cannon. ' ice-Pres!deiit: Marvin Eargle, Secrelary-Treasurer; Bill Kellam, Preiideiil. MAJORETTES Carolyn Mitchell, Sue Woodall, Sue Dent, Chiej. Faye Gooch, Nancy Robinson. UNC— 41, Virginia— . . Coach Hickey gets a ride linings in Cavalier Clobbering. ' 59 season held many anxious moments for Tar Heel griddcrs. Graham Memorial COMMFITEH HEADS Seated: Louis Gump, Ann Lucas, Wendy Hobson, Sally Pullen, Ed Riner. Standing: Stewart Priddy, John Warren, Rudy Walldorf, Bob Grubb, Jerry Stokes, Willis Williams, Hal Miller. ANGUS DUFF President GRRHRin mEmORIRL TONY SALINGER, Vice-Pies dent JEAN BLANKENSHIP, Secretary 146 GM PRODUCTIONS BOARD Howard Henry, John Warren, Hugh Ragsdale, Frank Craighill, Rudy Walldorf, Angus Duff. RCTIVITIES BORRD The Films Commitee selects free flicks. PustLis die inspected by members of the GM Publicity Committee. 147 The GM Social Committee plans campus events. CM BOARD OF DIRECTORS ScjU ' d: Tommy White, Sue Wood, Carolyn Johnson, Joan Gibson, Charlie Gray. SlihJ iix: Angus DufF, Mr. Howard Henry, Mr. John S.mJt IS. Mr. Edgar rhomas. Dr. Douglas Sessoms, Dr. Andrew Scott, Joe Oppenheimer, Bill Norton, Ed Riner. 148 GRRHnm mEmORIRL presedts... k. " : ' -fz J PETE SEEGER A folk singer with a congenial manner. Shades of Sound and Fury ' s " Oh Hellas, " he ' s captured! Julliard String Quartet For excellence in more serious entertainment. or Manuel, close the door. ' Homecoming fit The Hill The Kingston Trio was here and so was the University of Tennes- see football team. And the Trio entertained us a lot better than the Volunteers. On Friday night, the Trio played to a packed and extremely zealous audience in Memorial Hall. They brought out about all of their " old " numbers and spiced things up with a few new ones. The reception was rousing. They were applauded to several encores; and after what seemed mere moments, the concert was The usual run of parties, private and open, followed the per- formance. Most of the fraternities had combos, and the campus was jumping ' til the wee hours of the morn. Saturday dawned rainy and cold; a bit damp for football. Before the trek to Kenan Stadium for the game, however, there Bob. Dave, and Nick lend their personalities in their treatment of a song. was one other little ritual to be performed — the judging of the Homecoming Displays. Always one of the highlights of Homecoming, this year ' s displays were especially good. The fraternities, dorms and sororities pitched in enthusiastically, and some of the con- coctions, though rain-soaked, were really novel. The judges looked them over and decided upon Phi Delta Theta and Kappa Delta as the winners in their di- visions. Then came the football game. And the only pleasant thing which occurred the entire afternoon was at halftime, when lovely Gertie Barnes, a junior Chi Omega from Lumberton, won out over dozens of other lovely lassies as Homecoming Queen — 1959. The rest of the afternoon was miserable. Tennessee ' s single wing, plus the driving rain, made the students beat a hasty retreat to their umbrellas and their flasks. The final score was 29-7, Tennessee; and the students returned to their parties, shouting " wait ' til next year. " Homecoming Queen Gertie Barnes is crowned by Student Body President Charlie Gray. Post-game chat with family and friends. Volunteer back gains yardage in Homecoming defeat. On October 30, 19 9, Memorial Hall was filled far beyond capacity with German Club members and their guests. They came to see and hear the Kingston Trio, a red-hot singing group which had been taking the entire country by storm. For an hour and forty-five minut es the Trio held the 2,000 listeners spellbound with their renditions of such hits as " Tom Dooley, " " Scotch and Soda, " and " A Worried Man. " It cannot be doubted that this was the most successful weekend in German Club history. Never before in recent years has a German ' s weekend received such acclaim throughout the campus and the state. It was the beginning of the best year ever. FRLL GERmRnS Nick Reynolds, Bob Shane, and Da e Guard, when the Saints go Marching in. ' 152 Fraternities :l ,.-%■ k " inTERFRRTERniTY ASHE EXUM Presides! The Interfraternity Council of the University of North Carolina was founded and serves as a unifying and govern- ing body for the twenty-four social fraternities at Carolina. The council is compose d of an elected representative from each fraternity, the president of each house, and the four executive officers. Working through its seven committees — Rush, Greek Week, Scholarship, Rules, Special Projects, Publicity, and Handbook — and led by the Executive Com- mittee, the IPC serves as a meeting ground for the separate fraternities where their problems can be discussed. Believing that the solutions to these problems are not beyond the scope of the fraternity system itself, the IPC governs its members in an effort to set a high standard of achievement and conduct for them. Other goals to which the men here pictured as members of the IPC have dedicated themselves are betterment of relations between fraternities and student organizations at UNC and service to the Chapel Hill com- munity. The IPC Court is composed of seven men elected from the membership of the IPC. Enforcing the rules and By- Laws of the Interfraternity Council, the IPC Court serves as the judicial branch of the IPC. It meets to try cases in- volving a fraternity ' s violation of the IPC regulations and is empowered to levy sentences upon guilty fraternities. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL First Row: Melzer Morgan, Buck Morgan, J. C. Byrd, Bill Brinkley, Ted Raab, Josh Sirkin, Don Roth. Second Row: Bill Stem, Charlie Pitt- man, Bill Taylor, Jim Galloway, Jim Black, Bill Edison, Jim Noyes. Thnd Row: Frazier Smith, Joe Mendelsohn, Butch Fowler. Tom Blumen- feld, George Campbell. Foiirlh Row: Robin Fawsett, Larry Craver. John Burgw7n, McCloed Griffith, Ben Keys. Sldiidiun: Don Gottschalk, Pete Austin. Walker Blanton, Mac BIythe, George Ricks, Jim Barnwell, Jim Copeland, Bruce Griffin, Vi ' ink Hamill. Jim Rouse. Tom Evins, Jim Williams, Ashe Exum. Tom Lawson, Scott Griffith. Archie Patterson. Bill Stepp. Grafton Heard, Pringle Pipkin. 154 council EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Walker Blanton, Tre.isurer: Ben Keys, Vice-PresideiU: Pete Austin, Secretary. Under the leadership of President Ashe Exum, the IPC has had an active and successful year. Emphasis on scholar- ship and service to the university community have been prime motivations for this year ' s work. The fraternity system at Carolina is justly proud of its members in positions of campus leadership and in such activities as the annual Greek Week, community service projects, Christmas orphan parties, and a charity concert, To encourage the participationship of fraternities in these and many other activities, the IFC awards the R. B. House trophy to the outstanding fraternity on campus, the Scholarship trophy to the fraternity with the highest average for the year, and the Strum trophy to the year ' s best pledge class. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL COURT Sealed : Joe Alexander, Grey Poole. Si.indtiif;: Ste e Girard, Floyd Bryan, Tate Robertson. RLPHR TflU OmEGR . mm BODEN I ' ice-Pre dciit Bl ' RGWYN Piesideiil CABLE CLARK CRl ' TCHFIELD CIMMINGS DRAUGHON Trt isiiyer EAGLES EARLY Secretary EITBANKS EVERETT GOODMAN GREEN GRIFFISS HOLLAND Hl ' NT KERBAUGH LLEWELLYN MARLEY McLEAN McCL ' STER MILSTEAD MORRISON PANNELL PARKER RAND, A. RAND, W. RANEY SUTTLE WHICKER 156 1 ATO Sour Hou ' 59 and all ' s fine — the pledges, the parties, the Westside Chi O ' s and Eagret ' s wardrobe. House extensively re- modeled: refrigerator moved from Draughon and Morrison ' s old room to Draughon and Morrison ' s new room. High Participation in Campus Activities; Boden dates two Pi Phis instead of one, Cagle has a date and Rabbit and Suttle still preside over Sleep and Eat Club. Tradition Prevails: Wallace screams, Choo beams, and Everett dreams (of Denmark this time) — Burgwyn still pinned to Mary, Malcolm still pinned to the books, and Waldo asks more questions and eats more peanut butter. . . . Goose still scratches ' em, Jordan and Rand continue with trans-Siberian overjump and ■gawsh, " Raney still just loves it. Innovations: Curt ' s grade point, Holland ' s A in anatomy (by braille), Marvin ' s date for Germans, ' Viril replacing Welk with Basie, Barbour watching his step with the Judge, Street and Crutch — senior senators . . . and all the Seniors graduating. MARY BAILEY ATO Sponsor First Roif: Brown, Turner, Broadhurst, Taylor, Page. Second Row: Young, Green, Evans, Patrick. Stabell, Moore. Third Row: Griffith, Criswell, Schafstedde, Hood, Foster, Hankel, Curtis. BETR THETR PI ANDERSON BALAS BARBEE BENDER BONNER DEIFELL Treasurer ENGLISH FOX GLASCOCK GRIFFITH JENKINS LAWING LIIPFERT McCOLL MICHAL ' X PIPKIN PRESSON ROGERS SOWERS Seael.ny STONER TENNILLE TROTTER WILLIAMS Preiideiit WILSON ' ice-President 158 JIM WILLIAMS President Eta Chapter started the year with a considerably remodeled house — modern bathrooms at last! Tennille back from Alaska sporting beard, Jackie Lee, Skip, and Jenky back from Greenland . . . Good meals, thanks to Mrs. " Mac, " our new housemother . . . Anderson heads great rush . . . Blue team places high, sparked on by Whip, Clyde, and " Doc " Watkins . . . Rinky-Dinks play their usual brilliant ball . . . Whiskey and Moose get drunk . . . " Pledge " Pipkin im- presses his date . . . Chester efficient fleecer . . . Glascock whispered; Forest shouted! . . . Where ' s that smile? . . . " Pay or else, " Deifell . . . Twins Cliff and Joe stopped playing jokes. J. C, Flick-Team, Inc. . . . Presson and Sevier gung-ho Navy . . . " First Warning! " English . . . Griffieth cracks whip Thursdays . . . Roach tells us about the " three bears " . . . Williams dates same girl twice . . . Curt instructs on how to win a girl and keep her . . . Spring and weekends at Gib ' s beach, and a great year! LYNN " WALKER First Row: Cocke, Price, Beatson, Mavis, Morrow. Second Row: Wilkerson, Skoglund, Wyman, Blackwell, Atwater. Third Row: Braun, Watson, Cheek, Presson, Harris, VCeJIer. isr C HI PH ALLRED BELL BLYTHE AlpLi BROWN, J. H. 1- i BROWN, J. R Delu i COGGINS Beta y DAVIS riLK Ga nma P M G A GREEN GREENE JACKSON Zeta KENAN MEANS RILEY ROSS, C. A. ROSS, CHAS. RICKS SHARPE ViARLICK V( ILDAV 160 Familiar looking group MAC BLYTHE President Non-humans return for another year of blastouts at 300 S. Columbia, led by J. B. . . . Dining room gets rebuilt, nearly , . . Excellent rush — 24 pledges, one fine house- mother, and Willy ... 3 pledges, 1 moron go to Dook . . . POOf ! There went the float I . . . Entertained colored orphans and Kappas at Christmas — no relation intended . . . Q-day minus ten . . . We line the patio with the red piano . . . Puppethead fights Bowman-Gray . . . Yack Beauties. ?? . . . Got a Date.- " . . . All the roses in the world won ' t make any difference . . . Record number of 1,088 otes cast in Town Men ' s I . . . Sharpe gets a " Bedipus Rex " complex . . . B, S. team gets caught at Tew ' s . . , Handyman Kenan . . . Coach Coggins takes team into all-important game against " Red " . . . Kenan the Elder goes into the tombstone business . . . Gangrene leads non-humans when Wee and Pics split . . . Warlich leaves something at Chi Psi Lodge . . . R. Poly pushes Pepsis on the side . . . Pledge weekend between the sheets . . . Tatum gets toiled again . . . Chuck says, " I don ' t know why, but I always snow the queens ( " ' ' ) " . . . Means: I didn ' t have any more excuses . . . Great Pumpkin . . . Tool, First Row: Page, Trull, Farrell, Coker, Law. Second Row: Maloney, Gallagher, Trivers, Bowers, Boyle, Blackwelder, Barelli, Adams. Third Rote: Kromenacker, Moifitt, Mattocks, McFadden, ' VanRees. ' Wheelock, Beard, Hammett. FRANCES HYATT Chi Phi Girl CHI PSI ADAMS Seciehiry GRAVER Presideiil EELLS FAWSETT HAMILL HARPER HARRIS HURT JACKSON lOHNSON LOIGHRAN MALLOR ' MARKS MENDENHALL MILLER MOORE NELLIS OLIVE OVERSTREET RAY ROLLINS SCHWERZEL Vice-President TL ' RNBtILL NX ' OODY 162 Nothing like a cooperative date. LARRY GRAVER President With the best intramural start and largest pledge class we ' ve had in many a year Sigma starts its 31st year. Alumni interest supplies the spirit (and cash) for many much needed decorations and the parties help to dull the blow of the football season. Although we ' ve had some troubles with studying in the past we can ' t seem to get the books closed this year ... we finally get a new backboard and all of our basketball players have graduated . . . the majority of the senior class needs more Q.P. ' s to graduate than the sopho- mores . . . our new parrot has cleaner language than the old one but that ' s only until we can teach her to talk ! The " Mystery Men " are starting a good year. FLORENCE McGOXX ' AN MMd of Chi Pii FirM Row: Baity, Parker, Dore, Davison, Shaw, Barnes, Mallison, Hayden, Boyd. Second Row: Hord. Short, Kursewicz, O ' Brien, Fonda, Bottler, Gorman. Thud Row: Cans, Atchley, Lyda, Hall, Norton, Grubbs, LaMonte, Jackson, Laurie. rjlH .ri?ri:m ilrjLf 111 M % DELTR KflPPFI ELLERBE ESKRIDGE FOrXTAIN GILCHRIST HOLDERNESS, H U HOLDERNESS, H. PALMER. V. PALMER, V. PHILLIPS POWELL RAGSDALE ROBERTS SCHENCK Secretuiy SHEPARD SHLFORD SIMPSON SIMS ' ice-PiesiJeiil SUTTON AX ' EBB WHEDBEE WHITLEY WILSON WOOD ZEALY 164 Post-rush, congratulations, House officers. WALKER BLANTON Pieudeiil Our 109th year — similar to and yet different from its predecessors . . . the new pledges exchange name cards for a complimentary shotgun and hunting boots . . . Private Palmer begins an ambitious program to " get the men squared away " . . . First house bills are posted — Thompson undergoes treatment for shock . . . Meanwhile an early snowfall — Whitley considers marriage but decides the ring won ' t lit the handlebar . . . Gluyas gets wiser and wiser . . . Crow solicits money for Linda and the Orphans — to go to the fair . . . The pig ' s love for DEKE takes him to Bowman Gray pool where he proceeds to smash all existing records . . . Beta publishes new penal code — reign of terror ensues as Brothers eye each other suspiciously . . . Executive Committee becomes Court of Last Appeal. Snake begins to squirm — " Come to think of it marriage is a serious step " . . . Gluyas becomes unbelievably wise . . . The monsoons appear on schedule and gray skies replace blue until April stages a comeback, then . . . Morehead and Myrtle . . . 3rd degree burns ... a weekend with the girl from Salem that begins on Thursday and ends on Monday . . . Latest plans concerning the new addition are published . . . And so it ends, filled with memories that will only grow more dear with the passing of time. F:nt Row: Simpson, Liggett. Crates. Second Rotv: Gluyas, Wysong, Maddrv, Grant. Third Row: Dashiell. Rash, Hutchinson, Mason. r-oiirtli Row: Murrey, Willis, Remsburg, Buchly. Fifth Row: Wil- kinson, White, Brock, Roper. Sixth Row: Stronnach, Murray, Cooper, Caperton. Seventh Row: Hart, Burnette. Along about Thursday. DELTA upsiLon BLACK Treasurer BLCH BURCH CARPER President CORNELL DALTON DAVENPORT DE BLASIO GARDNER GOTTSCHALK HARKINS INSCOE LEHMANN PEARSON SALINGER SMITH, F. SMITH, L. Secretary SPENCER STACK TAFF Vice-President 166 Conquest FRANK CARPER President Fresh faces everywhere ... all stimulated with a successful rush . . . Ralph lives on four pesos . . . Eddie still has problems with the females . . . Tommy and Wayne ' s weekly trip to Charlotte . . . Steve finally gets settled down . . . Easley — " I need ten volunteers " . . . Dick and Buddy try to make it five days without sleep . . . Jeff ' s teddybears . . . Tom to Moe — " I ' d rather fly an airplane! " . . . Another Tom sees diamonds . . . Salton has Stratford on his mind . . . Tony still plays his git-fiddle at 8 o ' clock . . . Goombah — ' T think I fell through the ceiling! " . . . Stan reminds us of the financial aspect . . . Jimmie ' s ice cream wagon . . . Handymen ' Wright and Lincoln . . . Frank — " I ' m glad one of us had a good time " . . . Joe gets those midnight phone calls from Utah . . . F. S. is known to take a good picture with ' VC- ' ashington Duke . . . Harkins has two dates and three physics problems . . . Don G. — " But, ossifier! " . . . " Howdy Doody " . . . John waits patiently for the letter . . . " Univac Bob " . . . Charlie ' s wild social schedule . . . Bruce ' s squeezebox . . . Denny sleeps while others imbibe . . . Harry ' s plays . . . Smitty and his organic book. Another great year behind the green door! BR£NDA FERGUSON Delt.i Vpiiloii Sponsor First Ron: Ware, Jones, Ray, Van Pelt. Second Row: Burgess, Davidson, Lincoln, Jobe, Stallings. Third Ron : Lipp, Morris, Wright, Jones, Cash. English. ' Tpm w f-lvf-f ' f - " ■I Sr%-M € hflPPR RLPHfl ' I BINGHAM GONZALEZ HIGHSMITH HOWLAND Hl ' NTER MANNING President McGEE MORGAN ML ' RRAY Vice-President OVERMAN PALMER Secretiiry REYNOLDS SHELTON SIMPSON SMITH, c. n. SMITH, ■« ' . L. 168 STE VEHS - SHEPHERD KAs say Beat Dook at Sigma Sign HENRY MANNING President " Jap " survives rush and idolizes the uninhibited 20 ' s . . . Lane and Clay go on weekly safaris in search of " Booker T. Brown " . . . " Sunbeam " is a worried man in trio ' ille . . . " Oral " preaches . . . Franchot and " McGoo " are the ultimate in sophistication on campi, and Slocum is bottle happy . . . Benny finally gets in the Big Game — " Why not? " . . . Melzer warns the pledges about " negative attitudes. " and " J. J. Lowjones " moves to Mexico . . . " Ski King " rides again . . . Murray, No. 21 ,, keeps the pledges in line . . . " Bernie " gets a combo . . . . " O. K. fellows " . . . Bingham holds the purse strings of the campus . . . " Jitter " makes the late show while Shelton lifts a finger to work on his car — at last! . . . Fuller night clubs, and Da is pulls the Tar Heels through . . . We reign supreme with Sunbeam. MARY BRITTON CARTER Kappa Alpha Rose First Rou - Bows, Ruark, Stanley, Homesley, Coffey, Richardson, Kepner. Morosini. Second Rou: Raymen, Keever, Hamrick. Baker, Howell, Hargrove. Powell. Winters, Millican, Shipp. Third Ron : Burke. Corswell, Nichols, Cougheneur, Carpenter, Dillashaw, Dailey, Stott, Stout, Mixon, Tinkler, Thomas. Fourth Ron : Shepherd, Cornwell. Horrworth, Collier. Hammer. Boggan. Stagg. Fifth Roic: Lee. KRPPfl sicmfl ELDRIDGE FARRIOR FREDERICK 1-l ' RR HOLMES JACOBUS LANHAM Tieasurer LEFFLER LEONARD PAYNE MILLER SAN FORD SMITH, C. President SMITH, T. SPARGER THOMPSON Secrel.iry WALLER WOOTEN to tell you — but FRAZIER SMITH Presideni Never in the annals of Kappa Sigma has such a frenzied, unconcerned, serious, carefree, and beautiful group assem- bled under the Scarlet, White, and Emerald Green. We offer a few of our most vivid memories: Cummings and Greenday set the tone for their inebriated grandstand counterparts . . . Lanham is summoned to appear before the Traffic Council . . . Leffler doesn ' t get a call from Benton . . . " Snuffy " can ' t find his source . . . Reg cultivates a new taste . . . Sparger starts a parade to the showers . . . Miller orders eggs with " mushrooms and pepperoni " . . . Daniels makes All-Southern manager and embezzles $10,000 from Y funds . . . Furr goes into the latest contortion " Ingemar " takes on the Little Court . . . ' Fogg) ' " returns to the Alpha Mu beacon . . . Stackhouse under the alchofluence of incohol . . . Initiation of an annual event: Miss Nancy Turner doing the honors . . . Robin Hood and " Droop " plan an excursion to Hollywood . . . " Friends " cuts a disc, croons to coeds and others . . . Theme form GM ' s " State of the Chapter " : Bed- lam is our most important problem . . . We realize that these memoirs will mean less if not shared with those who helped to leave them in our hearts, and so, we open wide the doors of Kappa Sigma and invite the world to enjoy a continuingly pleasant future within the ivy covered walls of Alpha Mu. NANCY TLRNER Kappa Sigma Sueethearl First Ron-: Fearing, Reeves, Wood, Clark, Byerly, Harriss, Robinson. Second Run: Hurt, Tyson, Stackhouse, Simpson, Hurd, Becker, Whitney. Thud Row: Brown, Logan, Fletcher, Mooring, Harvey, D. Green, B. Green, Chas. Burns, C. Burns, Oriwald, I i 171 LRITlBDfl CH GRISET HOVCERTON Ml ' LIERI MYERS TA ' LOR THOMPSON Tie.isurer flLPHfl X ' HITLEY President 172 Garbage Disposal — Group 3 JOHN WHITLEY President SPOTTINGS . . . Another year of learning and funning . . . Geoff learns Geology indirectly . . . Chuck and Vince rush to the KD house ... J. W. works endlessly for " our " fraternity . . . Lowell writes love poems (en francais) to " C " . . . Jerry contemplates phoning a cheerleader . . . S. T. flies to " K " ... J. A., our best rusher . . . Carl shows us liow to dance effectively . . . Dave, LXA artist and musician . . . F. A., F. A., B. M, and T. B. do pushups in autumn leaves . . . Wrenn commutes to see blondes . . . Bill T. brings brunette up from S. C. . . . Jim makes hnal plans for med school . . . Don and Perry await future Lambdas or . ' . . . B. G. W. C. . . . Frank works for honors . . . VIR QUISQUE VIR. SUSAN WOODALL Liimbdci Chi Alpha CresctuI Girl First Row: F. Jones, B. Jones, Bailey, Huggins. Second Row: Britten, Steele, Ogle- tree, Matthews, Myers. Third Row: Newton, Benner, Martin, Black, Clark, Townsend, Rattican. r- ' PHI DELTR THETfl IS«»«»3 " " AUSTIN, P. SecrelitTf AUSTIN, B. Treasurer BATES BILBRO BLOOM BRO ' N BURROliGHS CAMPBELL CANNON CLA ' TOR CORBETT COX Dl ' NLAP EVANS HARRIS GIBSON GRAHAM Preceptor GRIBB HARRIS, H. HARRIS, S. HARTL ' NG ENDRICKSON HOWSON Vice-President HUBBARD KENTOPP LINDSAY McSNX ' AIN MALONE MITCHELL NICHOLS NORTON PITTMAN PLEASANTS POOLE ROGERS SMITH, S. STEM WALLDORF X ' ARNER, D. WARNER, J. X ' ARREN WINGFIELD 174 The Kingston Octet. CHARLIE PITTMAN President " It ' s college time, boys, " and the year officially begins as our Chocolate Drop hits 151st sober day . . . but then there was 152 .. . grass replaces mud with the help of Mrs. Warner and Stem takes credit for dining room development but blames Clattor for arson attempt . . . the wheel rolls . . . Bird Dog bags 26 top Phikeias . . . Dil doodles in dollar diplomacy demanding damage debts of 3rd Raider Bat- talion (Harris, Fat John, Scoutmaster Warren) . . . Happy Birthday, Ma (blush) . . . Girene Graham indoctrinates the 26 as ex-roomie Chink steals a lady whale . . . Greych burns ' em up on ACC and IFC courts and Baby Ray plays productive pigskin poker . . . Amos and Smith try married life, and Bilbro just tries . . . laurels to our fabulous Ma . . . to Tiger too for leading the charge toward retirement of the Chancellor ' s cup and another Gold Star. KAY CURRIN Vhi Delta Theta Dieam Girl First Row: Lynn, Harris, Pleasants, Hundley, Dickinson, Howson, Callahan. Second Ron:- Bloom, Simmons, Moore, Lesley, Reston, Reardon, Shelton, Briggs, Kirkman. Third Roil.- Jonas, Craven, Jackson, Irvine, Riley, Ratchford, English, Cummings, Hightower. ll -f ,f f ,f. f f ' V . f mim 175 PHI GRmmfl DELTA ii I iffit ' M-M r " tf rg Hli t) " W ,ft,i ' .aH ;£■ -Si-r lT-r ! g te -C :z ANDERSON BEATY BOSS DUNN EVANS FARRELL FRYE GRAHAM Recurdiiij SecreUry MARKS MORRIS PATTERSON. H. L. Preiident PATTERSON, H. N. PATTISALL SCHROEDER SENDROY SIMPSON SLOAN SPAIN THOMAS VENTERS 176 A httlc Hiji Panth. Epsilon opens doors for 109th year . . . " Ma " Mengel back for another year . . . Rush called success . . . Roger leads way in getting 24 pledges . . . October crammed with big football weekends . . . Graham satisfies all with yells . . . Tri Delt party led to infirmary stages for many . . . Venters reportedly played trick or treat on Halloween . . . Beat Dookniks in rain . . . Thanksgiving a needed rest . . . Gray, Campen lost in marsh hunting . . . Andy, Archie, Thomas, anticipated Pi Phi party . . . was big success . . . Polyanna Party sent us home for Christmas and a welcome vacation . . . ANN MORGAN Phi C. K ' Kj nJ j Sweelhearl of I960 ARCHIE PATTERSON President Pledge class sweated grades during January . . . exams left us exhausted . . . new semester began with Winter Germans , . . Boss, Schroeder, Hawkins, and Kalkhurst in rare form . . . Pledge Weekend finally came . . . one of best ever, all agreed . . . Frye glad to be rid of pledge training . . . " Gibbon " Beatty still doesn ' t like to wear sarongs . . . Will Spain graduate with honors? . . . Gardner nearly had head blown off for second straight year . . . Spring Germans last big fling before exams . . . Beach trips end year for Fijis . . . many look forward to summer school . . . only thing to regret is this year was the last for seven of us . . . First Row: Goode, Robinson, Smithwick, Wilkerson, Fambrough, Cherry. Second Row: Vickers, Simpson, Best, Hines, Mauzy, Garrabrant. Third Row: Laws, Day, Remger, Buchaw, Watson, Benton, Sovine, Hammond, , : Sff ' ' l( , |f ' 1 PHI KflPPfl sicmR ALLRED Tiejiiirer AMAN AVERITT CREEM CRUTCHFIELD CULBRETH DICKMAN DONOHOE EARNHARDT EVERITT GRIFFIN KECK LONGNECKER MITCHELL ROTHROCK SALEM I ' ice-Piesident SCHLOSSER STROUD Secrelary 178 » Phi Kaps begin 104th year on campus with modern new " tool " house in the rear . . . " Torchy " kicks oft year with a " Nip " in the air . . . Olympic games resumed with " Dr. Grubb ' s " 2.5 sec. winking " gotchee!! " " High-Pockets " pays " Pole " an occasional visit . . . Lucas writes lines — " Norm " plays the role . . . " Ham " becomes week-end Tar Heel — again . . . " Salem " falls off camel trying to eat a date . . . " Donohoe " robs cradle . . . " Baby Huey " becomes human drinking machine . . . " Aman " gets chained . . . Wink dates (monthly) . . . " Beachball " locates himself temporarily . . . " Travis " forms trained-dog act . . . " Keck " crushes hand while prac- WINK HAMILL President ticing his steps on door-knob . . . " Daddy Jim " nurses pledges . . . Rhett replaces TV Guide . . . " Shakes " picks winners (whenever able) . . . Teaches drawing . . . " Creem " wishes he could . . . " Roger " has world ' s 8th wonder . . . " Allred " runs bawby hoose . . . " Schlosser " spreads human race . . . " Lancaster " becomes immune to " Stinson Ivey " but " Tweety-Bird " gets it!! . . . Rub my leg, Ann! And so winter ends with " Pete " still trying to make Spanish class. ELIZABETH ANN BROWN Phi Kjppj Sigma Sweetheart First Row: Allred, Whitley, Sylvia, Schofield. Second Row: Casey, Combs. Garrard, New. Third Row: Springer, Gentr ' . Ramsey. Angel. Walker, Saywcll. PI hflPPR RLPHfl GRAY GRIGG HARRIS HOLLERS HORNEY JACKSON JARVIS LEFLER LINEBERGER, L. LINEBERGER, S. LOHR LOWRANCE MARTIN MURPHY MIRRELL PARKER POLLARD RICH ROBINSON President SCOTT SINGLETARY SMITH, D. SMITH, T. SecreUry SMITH, W. STE XART T ' GART WAIT WIBLE WILKINS WILSON 180 Orientation week, directed by " Parakeet Parker, " finds most brothers back trying to smooth in with new coeds ...CD. flies in from Cuba, bringing best wishes from Castro and crew . . . Things get under way, with " Tricky " at the helm . . . Hearn heads a great rush and turns the pledge class over to Alexander, recently commissioned leader of men, and Rich . . . Volker is pledged up . . . Crawford continues to commute to class from Duke . . . " Cleat, " retiring as head jock, yields position to Wade ... As chairman and sole member of the dry cleaning committee, Wible announces SALLY WADE PiKA Dream Girl DICK ROBINSON President that prices have gone up all over town . . . Jack pays a visit from south of the border and Stuart starts to wonder who will act as interpreter when he is gone . . . " Weas " reads about the Carolina coed and strolls over to Y-Court to have his shoes cleaned . . . Truett receives a birthday isit from the Great Pumpkin . . . " Brusha " declares that Sleepy King had better be golden . . . Thanksgiving and Christmas par- ties, Dream Girl, Pledge Weekend, beach parties — and another good year rolls to a close. First Row: Heeney, Williams, Heili , Adams, Dean. Second Row: Bevis. Smith, Dixon, Tarlton, Fleurnoy, Poag. Third Rou : Phillips, Edge, Jones, Gary, Richardson, Craver, Nelson. PI KRPPR PH BRINKLEY W ' .nden BROWN Secretary KELLY Historian RAAB President 182 TED RAAB President In our first experiment of the year we found that Scotch and Dubonnet don ' t mix. Can ' t say we didn ' t try . . . and every weekend you can hear the familiar cry, " Sign up here for the Watts team " . . . " Eee Eee! " There goes Wee Willie with Fred . . . " P " -Chem vs " 0 " -Chem . . . " Hey, Kelly, what are all the zippers for. ' ' ' ... Pi Kap bar gets new theme . . . " But it ' s too dark to see, and please knock " . . . Only one Packy returns . . . Poker club meets again. " Where did you learn that kind of language.- " . . . That on-the-ball summer gang gives away the rug . . . Alumnus and pledge seen sleeping on the roof . . . Dick seen spend- ing a night in his own room . . . " Oh no, not another Mack-i! " . . . Late bongo party goes unappreciated by our friendly neighbors . . . Mack caught sniffing bottle cap . . . " Hink " is hospitalized trying to get in bed . . . ' Has anyone seen Edith. ' " ' Edith who? " . . . And finally, " RAAB ' S RAIDERS " once again prove they are well named . . . " What do you mean, am I sure I ' ll be back next year? " GERRY STEPHENSON Pi Kappa Phi Rose First Row: Mackie, Silliman, Brig s, Peck. Second Rou : Odom, Hicks, Summey, Scott. PI LflmBDfl PH BERNSTEIN DEXHMARK GARR GELINE HARRIS HIRSCH JEFFREY KORNFELD LEDER Scrihe I.EHRMAN LEWIS MANN MARKS ROTH ROSENZWEIG SANDMAN Keeper of the Exchequei SIRKIN Archoii SOMMER TAR LOW ZEMON 184 I ff9c£? . I think he ' s trying to tell us something. STEVE GIRARD President The fall, and there we go again . . . Largest pledge class in Omega Beta ' s history . . . Alumni weekend huge success . . . Jake gives shuffling lessons . . . Neilford becomes world champion shuffler (ten thousand lessons) . . . Josh and Steve G. spend cold night in car (courtesy ot pledges) . . . Bob ' s pagan worship of Cleveland Browns (and Peggy) . . . Steve B. practices knife fighting (gonna show the New York crowd this summer) . . . The gold dust twins, plus Dartag- nan, initiate the horny hovel . . . Little Larry is stuck with Big Larry (the Roop) . . . Freddie ' s mind constantly on Laura (and sex) . . . The Rut and Schweig vie for Pi Lambs most conceited slob . . . Arthur bans animals . . . Mel and the Rodent get twin beds (Mel ' s pinned) . . . Solly gets it first night. First Roir: Pierce, Gordon, Weinstein, Schain, Bernstein Gordon Catin, Routcnberg. Second Row: Fox, Hettesheimer, Silverstein, Chotiner, Traub Luks Jacoby. Third Ron:- Eichberg, Abrams, Schlesinger, Frank, Druker, Goldglang Kipnis Pell, Home. Fourth Row.- Schweitzer, Boutselis, Ludlam, Goldberg Frye Ackerman. Fifth Row: Deutsch, Caplan, Horowitz, Summey, Goldblatt Fishmm Rice ELAINE ELDEN The Fancy of Pi Lambda Phi 185 ST. RDTHOnY ' S HALL CARLTON COLESCOTT FACKERT FLYNN LAMM MINCEY PACKARD PARKER ROBERTSON SCOTT Hume Manager WILSON ' ARDLEY 186 The music man HERB SCOTT House Manager Brothers return to find new Hall a reality. Moving is eflfected and the forces of progress descend upon two grey frame buildings . . . Only two B.A. majors this year. Interest in supermen revived and briefly the Hall reverberates to " Deutchland Uber Alles. " Lecture series initiated for the good of all. Behavior patterns of pledges soon determined and first party contributes to their delinquency. Wilson and Weelson optimistic . . . Scott despairs. Yardley writes, Sylvester, the old man, graduates at midyear. Brothers attend revival meet- ings, Colescott saved. William Whyte visits Hall . . . Germans, New York, the beach, Swingout. As June nears, four seniors prepare to leave and thoughts turn to next year ' s script. The music man — second chorus. Fini Row: Sprinkle, Blackford, Belmont. Second Row: Lea, Williams, Bell. Third Ron: Harris, Pope, Talbot, Kirkman. 187 SICmR RLPHfl EPSILOn Please hide that olde silver with the SAE upon it as Ray Jeffries is comin ' thru the door. TOM LAWSON President Like the football team that swept relentlessly to an unde- feated season and another campus championship, the SAE ' s of 1959-1960 were hard to stop all along the line. Rush yielded a pledge class that even cocky actives had to admit was the best yet. In intramurals the perfect football season was just the beginning. On campus President Duff of GMAB headed a list of leaders that included two Honor Council members from the pledge class. Captains Thompson and Keys of soccer and tennis led the way in varsity sports along with Woodrum in his " comeback " on the mats. On Saturday night it sometimes looked as if all were liad by a good time, but social season must be called a terrific success because invariably the pleasant memories out- lived the hangovers. Once again there is no one to complain about the year at the SAE House except, possibly, our rivals. SUZANNE BURTON SAE Sponsor F rst Rotf: Ford, Allen, Grasty, Harrell. Second Row: Stoneman, Garrison, Helms, Roper, Pittman, Sullivan. Third Row: Ritter, Kennard, Bass, Moore, Holt, Sturm, May, Tolson. SIGHR CH ANDREW BASINGER CHADWICK CLEMENT DAVIS, J, DAVIS, P. DIVINE t;OODE McCONNELL MILLER, B. MILLER, J. Tieasurer WALKER Vice-President WILLIAMS WRIGHT VOlfNG 190 for God ' s sake, Zelda, hold in your stomach. You want the whole world to know. With Dean Black rapping the gavel, the Sigma Chis started off another wonderful year . . . Through Boogie ' s successful rush, 34 slick pledges were acquired . . . Kent is now single . . . Boogie tried pinning for a week . . . Johnny, Mack and Phil are now the only holdouts . . . Through Beady ' s astute handling of the cash, notwithstanding Goode ' s astronomical spending, the house kept its head above water and enjoyed its greatest social successes ever . . . Sue was a radiant sweet- heart and decorated the house magnificently . . . Knox routed Duke in the fall, singlehandedly plowing eleven De il defenders to score the final TD of the game and the season . . . Through Lean ' s deft scholarship guidance it appears that everyone ' s QP bag will soon be bulging . . . Sigma Chi again emerged as a leader in all phases of campus life. SUE SUMMERSON Sweelhearl of Sigmj Chi First Row: Tuttle, Falls, J. Smith, Schiffman, Schoch, Neisler, Hiers, Redwine. Second Roiv: Underwood, Sherrill, Trepke, Michael, Harrison, Strickland, White, Crawley. Third Rutf: Bailey, Banner, Brookshire, Morton. Fourth Row: Dalton, Avner, Sikes, Vanstory, Marsh. Ftjth Row: Brady, Neblett. Sixth Roiv: Walker, Powell, Byrum. Seieiith Row: Crocker, Gaver, Boone. sicmR nu HAYES HODGE KERR LANG FORD LAWRENCE MUSTAIN McNeill RUSSELL STANLEY XX ' ILSON YODER 192 A Sigma Nu makes merry. ASHE EXUM President The Nu ' s return to the Hill — increase their numbers by 30, best yet, couple of Smith brothers included. Cole and Lewis . . . Congrats to Buzzy and Kinder-garden . . . Bullet, back from love games in New York, now squeezing George . . . Crutch goes foreign, wow ! The good Fink bows out — Canodes, too? Moosechain cracking whip again. Boss is back with a 190 personality — Check Finley for Furman. Have a good Greensboro team, including E. C. and L. C. Batch, Bruno, and Mayfield gone, discouraged over missing Phi Bete. Good Magner, down four on a three bid — hasn ' t changed. Judge — yet to make that ten . . . Brother Dave and cohorts big hit at Germans. Tough m murals, win another parade, can ' t stop the Snakes . . . Sky is the limit. VELTA SPUNDE Sigma Nu Sp " i: ' r,y First Row: Huie, Powell, Maory, Haynes. Second Row: Morgan, Young, Arthur, Baan, Law, Huffman, Lassiter, Warren. Third Row: McAdams, Watkins, Farr, Kortner, Moye, Bramley. Fourth Row: Rees, Noblin, Welling, Gamble, Thomas, Muse. Fifth Row: Kouri, Wacker, Buxton, Manlove, Snyder, Davis. SICmR PHI EPSILOn PADERICK PHILLIPS RANKIN REN FRO W I ' iCfPieiideiil STARR ComplroUer STEPP Pitsideiil TODD Histoiiji WHITEHURST Secretary WINTHROW YOUNG 194 Attually I can ' t stand parties. It ' s just that I have a thing about straw hats. Sig Eps do it again as end of Rush marks pledging of thirty new men . . . Starr makes ends meet . . . Paderick ' s Hilda, our sweetheart . . . Stepp and his pistols rule the roost . . . Renfrow makes T ' V history . . . ' Whitehurst in lake because of weak moment in Maine . . . Dunn goes back to Meredith, same school, different reasons . . . Garver plans the big day . . . Beer Blast . . . Phillips, Rankin, Peebles bite the dust as Sig Ep pins transfer to low-cut dresses, Winthrow does it again . . . Chapla in Young leads minds in right direction . . . Pledge Weekend . . . Brad, Booze, and Liz . . . Turner off to S. C. . . . Charlie ' s day . . . Todd and Dottie partying . . . Adams keeps house and termites in shape . . . Beach weekend . . . GRADUATION . . . and departing leave behind us . . . HILDA PADERICK Su eetheurt of Sigm.i Phi Epiilon First Row: Benderman, Carmmond, Rooney, Smith, Hodges, Spach, Hawkins. Second Rolf: Windham. Arey, Di ' Valentin, MiUikan. Daughtery, Parker, Grantham, Wilson, Asserson. Third Row: Wearn, Knist, Field, Freudn, Williams. Stuver, Geitner, Jackson, Truitt, Dead yler. TRU EPSILOn PHI ASHENDORF Bursar EVANS chancellor FINKELSTEIN GOLDMAN GROSWALD KARP LEITESS MANNING MENDELSOHN Vice-Chancellor r -v OSHINSKY " -1 RINZLER fl " M SAVITT kJ SCHNEIDER _B B SHULMAN SUGARMAN rOPOREK A ' f l WEINER ZASLAV Scribe 196 " Out, out damned spot! " Big things were happening this year at the House, high- lighted by the fantastic Maryland weekend. Java-man, Bajan, and La ShiU were kept busy cooking up bigger and better excursions into madness all year. The Animal trapped Rodentia Carnivore and became a headhunter. The Cosmo- polities were seen sipping onion soup at a chich bistro. We gathered in the 25 seedlings that Pod had spored before leaving. News of a new cave filtered in and who knows. ' The one and only Green Chair was finally enshrined with all due respect. Pledges were noticed exhibiting some fine acting ability in their earthy skit. Vinnik and half-breed relative seen as our answer to Kingston Trio. Greensboro Rinzler shall rise again. DAVID EVANS President love bug biting a few. Scholastic average rises to all time low. Kitchen manager turns magician by replacing lobster with square-burgers 10 times a week. New recording sessions going on starring Godzilla, the human gila monster. Short- est conversation among three people: Like man . . . sweet- ness . . . splennndid . . . Really waspy, eh . ' Social fees upped to $5,000 a month. Several new games in the House. Bardy ' s is called Y Court . . . Shill ' s, Atlantic City . . . Ney arrested for fighting for his girl ' s virtue ... he was on the wrong side of the law . . . also picking up a few tickets. Zas named poster boy of the year. Lou Legum bouncing around at all hours of the morning . . . Ahh, this is where we came in. Firfl Row: Weiss, Cohen, Herman, Freedland, Solomon, Zalk. Second Row: Wald- man, Ludwig, Zaglin, Berman, Roseman, Borden, Greenberg. Solnmon, Tlvni Rrnc: Fogel, Berlin, Guller, Golub, Portnoy, Imuni. " okdl THETfl CHI SMITH Secretary SL ' MMEY THOMAS TL ' GMAN 198 President Byrd toasts Vice-President Koonte on the tenth anniversary of the reactivation Thunder Byrd is plotting hurricanes . . . New ' ks jungle forces growing in numbers . . . Dawes -)- 10c date . . . Stu ' s back leading the old guard . . . Ott is quoting odds . . . Leroy ' s on the night watch . . . Summey has given up shaking hands . . . Robin Hood Cofod is donning his sher- wood green . . . Don is wooing a vastly greater TV audience . . . Senator Smith is in Caucus . . . Rod ' s gonna marry our Dream Girl . . . Pete ' s going to Hollwood, his hair in his hand . . . Fineers Barefoot still baneine around in D-flat . . . Tommy ' s glad Raleigh ' s closer than Charlotte . . . Buck still seeks status symbols . . . Max raves that he is taller than Alan Ladd . . . Tom can ' t eat his own food . . . The Dodgers and Harry cleaned up on the Series . . . Anyway things are about normal . . . Got a great bunch of pledges; they sure can play football . . . Tenth anniversary celebra- tion highlights October . . . " Quiet hours " highlight each evening . . . Got our TV back . . . Now things really are normal. JO ANN SIMMONS Gnl .,1 Thu., Ch, Seated: Babylon, Gebhardt, Peck, Anthony, Burroughs, Battle. Standing: Sasser, Brent, Davis, Entwistle, Johnson. ZETR BETA TRU LIMAN I ' ice-President OPPENHEIMER RUBENSTEIN SHAPIRO Tre isurer SINGER IHALHEIMER • ' ALTERS WEINSTEIN WISENFELD 200 What ' s up, " Big Daddy? MIKE FLEISHER Ah, ' tis your 33rd year of Alpha Pi . . . Fleisher returns from California conquest . . . Shapiro returns from Raleigh . . . Foster returns . . . Nate babbles . . . Ruby mumbles . . . Mamby Pamby talks; nobody listens . . . Rodan occu- pies new cave . . . Feldman receives mail at library . . . Weisenfeld gets Corvette in Care package . . . We will have a new rug . . . Me too . . . Flash gets date from China . . . Gersh writes . . . Lawrence tears . . . Gold pins Johnny U. . . . Foch gets elevated shoes . . . Hurricane returns from head shrinker . . . Pinhead calls for " Orders of the Day " . . . Oppy gallops . . . Them big fellers get everything . . . When better houses are built . . . and as Farmer says — Beeeeeyaaaaaaaah. Don ' t sweat the penguin! First Row: Coan, Richeck, Oberdorfer, Gorin, Blass, Girardi. Second Row: Fleish- man. Le%7, Cherniak, Fine, Brenner, Blumenthal, Pouzzner. Third Row: Gelber, Coleman. Mopper. Hoffheimer. Schnitzer, Stein, Zager, Herman, Steiner, Solorei, Dunn. 201 ZETR PSI LONG Siichil Ch.iirm.)ri MASON Secretary McDonald OAKLEY ROBINSON Vice-President ROrSE Pres deiit SHANNONHOLSE WORTH 202 ■V; Upsilon of Zeta Psi begins its year with the usual high hopes and aspirations. The Red Cheese is found to be a bit nioldly but this is soon forgotten with rush and its results; thirteen fine pledges. Toughy and Baldy immediately astound all with their intellectual brilliance. Evins tries to avoid unnecessary trips to Durham. Football weekends bring the good parties and good times. Shannonhouse chews large size nails and often disappears into the night. Ape, Owl, and Gross subscribe to Good Housekeeping and Emily Post. Germans and the Kingston Trio arrive but a date for McDonald doesn ' t — " I just had one a month ago, any- jiow. " Juan Cozart burns up the road to Converse, usually to hear excuses. I. Allen follows people around the house, cutting off lights behind them. Embryo participates in pagan lo e rituals. Elam often suspects and usually finds proof — " I told you he was . . .! " Kid Clyde runs into a swift right in his ring debut and decides to hang up the gloves. An- other outstanding year for Upsilon and even better ones to look forward to in the future. Take me now, Frank. VIRGINIA SIMMS Zeta Psi 5 " ., ■ - Fir SI Ron : Gates, Brooke, Barnes, Crudup. Second Row: Jenkins, Blanstrum, Green, Perry, R.ilh. Bunn. Lcfort, Williams, Hindle. Clorgnn ' fi Mmh SInigp .■ ■ P SIDNEY SAWYER CAMPEN prince ps FACULTY MEMBERS Nicholson B. Adams Walter R. Berry hill James B. Bullitt ?! Keener C. Frazer Edward McG. Hedgpeth Urban T. Holmes, Jr. Dougald MacMillan 4 THOMAS TOWLES LAWSON quaestor KSrALD €LAR McMILLION scnptc ■William Michael Thompson Alexander Proudfit Thorpe, III Clifton Alexander Woodrum, III ACTIVE MEMBERS John Griffin Burgwyn, Jr. Hugh Marion Goodman Wallace Anthony Graham rl Thomas Hicks am fehappelle Hill, Jr. William Lea Palmer Carter Braxton Smith 204 PG RPIGYVZ CS TYG YSNLD MUCJ AV VOOG TYG KOEK JGJFRT ZU NINRUGK PL CFWYOTE COEOYTP CUR GRLVO VALMAR LXXII RULERS 734 LEE SANFORD AINSLIE, JR. . . 731 CHARLES EDWARD WILSON . 739 FRANK WALKER LOCKETT . 735 MARION EUGENE COSTELLO 745 JAMES BRISTOL ROUSE SUBJECTS 162 William Donald Carmichael 174 Archibald Henderson 241 Joseph G. deR. Hamilton 315 Robert Wettach 319 William W. Pierson 331 Thomas Felix Hicherson 343 Dudley Dewitt Carroll 349 William Donald Carmichael, Jr. 373 Allen Wilson Hobbs 382 Julius Jennings Wade 385 Robert Edwin Coker 439 J. Penrose Harland j 442 Robert Burton House 444 Gordon Gray 490 Fletcher Melvin Green 492 Charles M. Shaffer 540 Ernest Craige 546 Harry Russell 582 Isaac M. Taylor 650 Roy Walter Holsten 653 Lyman A. Cotten 662 Sydenham B. Alexander 663 Frank W. Klingberg 664 Henry Wilkins Lewis 665 Robert Boyd Lindsay 678 Herbert R. Baer 679 George Dial Penick 714 George M. Harper 751 William B. Aycock 731 Charles Edward Wilson 732 Bennette Eugene Geer Keys 733 John Carlton Jester, III 734 Lee Sanford Ainslie, Jr. 735 Marion Eugene Costello, Jr. 736 Cowles Liipfert 738 Charles Grey Poole, ill 739 Frank Walker Lockett, Jr. 740 Peyton Samuel Hawes, Jr. 741 Richard Hill Robinson, Jr. 743 James Lynch Williams 750 Milton Clyde Campbell nOVEm B ER ffUm ' ' i :0fHt J ' i fli soccer Coach Marvin Allen with Co-Captains Mike Thompson and Hugh Goodman. Carolina ' s 1959 soccer team compiled the best record in the 13 year history of the sport at this school. The Tar Heel hooters finished the season with a 10-1 record, losing only to the Conference champion, Maryland. Leading the Tar Heel offense was John Ghanin who tallied 16 times during the season. Backing up Ghanin were Co-Captain Mike Thompson and Tom Sprinkle who scored 7 goals each. Other outstanding players were Co-Captain Hugh Goodman, Joe Perkins, and Bob Quackenbush. After compiling a 9-0 record, Carolina faced power- ful Maryland for the Conference championship and an NCAA playoffs berth. But Carolina ' s hopes were crushed in a 4-2 defeat. The final game with Duke (won 2-1) seemed an anti-climax. Ftril Roic: Uldis Daiga, Chris Orphanides, Richard Stephan, John Brent. Louis Gump, Joost Polack. Second Row: Marvin Blount, Tom Sprinkle, Joe Perkins. Tom Evins, Bob Quackenbush, Mike Thompson, Hugh Goodman, Tom Cordle, Charlie Whitfield, John Ghanim, Bill Stem. Third Row: Coach Allen, Doug Fox, Fred Parker, Kingham Brown, Tate Robertson, Tom White, Bill Shuttle, Pete Austin, Curt Champlin, Dick Bordogna, Andy McNally, Angus Duff, Jack IltcheIl. John Kenrick. Bill Sidbury. Tom Griffith, Charlie Hellard. 4iiii» t. - CS.T - ■:; x miLITRRY n F R OTC As the United States Air Force has been recog- nized as America ' s first line of defense, the AFROTC is an integral part of the University of North CaroUna. The purpose of the program is to provide a constant supply of officer material. The AFROTC enables the cadet to prepare for the role of a responsible citizen, a well- trained Air Force officer, and possibly a pilot. The training here consists of intensive class- room and laboratory work. Principles of effective JOHN C. RAY Cadet Commander A- C;R()1 I ' HIAD(,)1 ARIHR.s sTAl T Kneeling: David A. Parker, Luther L, Waiku, s.uhulI s. Woo J Icy, Harry A. Usher, Robert B. Silliman, Robert B. Scott, Gerald M. Bradley, and Arthur L. Dozier. Standing: Joel E. Vickers, Richard G. Rhyne, Jerry D. Cauley, John B. O ' Neal, Mike F. Smith, Carl O. Ramsey. 210 leadership and the importance of military dis- cipUne are stressed. During their junior and senior years, the cadets are offered an advanced AFROTC pro- gram. It calls for four extra hours of classroom work and two extra hours of drill each week. Upon the completion of the academic require- ment for a bachelor ' s degree plus four years of AFROTC training, each cadet is commissioned and assigned to active duty. GEORGE L. GRAVER Executive Cadet Officer SQUADROX STAFF HFADyUARTERS Kneeling: Silas T. Tygart and Harold C. Byrd. Standing: William M. Mallory, Albert M. Salem, Phillip B. Nash, James F. Little, William B. Edmund, Michael W. Bell, and Phillip D. Yoder. A. M. SALEM CotJinhitidey. Squ.idron 1 W. B. EDMU 4D Commander, Squadron 2 212 F. F. WOLFER Drill Squadron Commander DRILL SQURDROn Hy KHHa « 3i Bn. HHHJ . V. Fa ' l BRRD SQURDROn L. S. SUTORIUS Baud Squadron Commander ' fe NH( ir i Ihe Angels the Flyboys RRnOLD RIR SOCIETY Front Row: Albert M. Salem, Jr., Frederic F. Wolfer, Jr., Franklin L. Adams, Douglas N. Kelly, Richard G. Rhyne, Lewis D. Sanders, Com- mander; Harry A. Usher, Richard B, Bergren, James F. Little, Michael W. Bell, Harold C. Byrd, James L. Frost. Back Row: David A. Parker, Carl K. Styers, Gerald M. Bradley, Thomas J. Harris, Jr.. Gay L. Sanford, Frederick B. Harris, Robert B. Silliman, Samuel S. Woodley, Luther L. Walker, Robert P. Aldridge, Ronald P. Kelly, Michael F. Smith. B % n ROTC The objectives of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps are two-fold: to provide a steady supply of well educated Junior Officers to serve on active duty in the Line or Staff of the Navy or the Marine Corps, and to build up a reserve of officers subject to call in the event of a national emergency. Students v ithin the program take eight semesters of Naval Science along with the courses in their academic field of choice. There are two drill periods each week. Activities within the unit include the Rifle Team and the unit newspaper, The Caroliua Cutter. The Drill Team and the Drum and Bugle Corps partici- pate at football games and parades in the area. The Quarterdeck Society handles unit sponsored dances and parties which have proved quite successful. COmPRDIES n R Center Forward:!:. C. Moore, Mid ' n. Captain. Battalion Commander. Second Row: Henry Harris, Mid ' n. Lieutenant (jg), Adjutant: and Joseph Alexander, Mid ' n. Commander, Executiie Officer. Third Row: Charles Mason, Mid ' n. Lieutenant, Cemmunicalions Officer: T. T. Lawson, Mid ' n. Lieutenant, Supply Officer; A. W. Sims, Mid ' n. Lieutenant Commander, Operations Officer. Battalion Staff n CO. Alpha Company ■WILLIAM PORTER Mid ' n. Lieutenant Commanding Officer of " A " Company s Ste » -rf . • -.Q» » e - . 216 T C HUGH PATTERSON Mid ' n. Lieutenant Commanding, Officer of " B " Company B CO Baker Company C CO Charlie Company NX ' ALLACE GRAHAM Mid ' n. Lieutenant Cnmmjndin.s Officer of " C " Compcuiy 217 y ' y ' - .i. ROBERT RHODES Mid " n. Lieutenant Cnmmandinz Officer of Drum And Bugle Corps HQNX ' ARD TROl ' TMAN Mid ' n. Lieutenant Coiiinumding Officer of Drill Tcim 218 QUARTERDECK SOCIETY Pete Liman, William Porter, President: Ronald McArthur, James Strickland, Carl Rhodes, Leon Chadwick, Robert Jones, George Moseiey. CAROLINA CUTTER Edward Byers, Elra Cherniak, Mic Folk, Morgan Finney. RIFLE TEAM Dennie Buch, David Gore, William Pope, 1st Sergeant A. E. Voss, Instruclor; Garry Kwist, Edward Floyd, Dan Moore. 219 Kneeling: H. C. Embry. Firsi Ruu. i la]ur J. C. Shtphcra, .U;,j.. . J. C- R.i , H. P. lioutii„.ii, A M. .x.ien,. 1, C. M..,,,,. ..nJ Ma|or W. D. Locke, Advisor. Second Rou : R. M. Rhodes, j. N. Thomas, W. B. Edmund, A. X■. Sims, and B. E. Keys. Thud Rou-: H. L. Patterson, D. N. Kelly, J. H. Alexander, C. F. Smith, H. W. Harris, R. G. Rhyne, and E.-L. Cameron. Scabbard and Blade ALBERT M. SALEM AFROTC Representative The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is an honorary military society composed at Caro- lina of outstanding Air Force and Naval ROTC cadets. The overall objective of this organization is to promote interest and understanding of military affairs among the citizenry of the vari- out colleges and universities at which it is repre- sented. At Carolina, Scabbard and Blade pre- sents the annual Military Ball for all AFROTC and NROTC cadets. It serves as a medium of coordination for all inter-corps activities — social, fraternal, and business. Scabbard and Blade, believing itself to be composed of re- sponsible leaders, assumes the lead in projecting a modern attitude about the military services. HOWARD p. TROLTMAN NROTC Represeiitatiie 220 BiC«M» pRnHELLEnic council The Panhellenic Council is composed of the Panhellenic advisor. Miss Isabelle MacLeod, and the President, Rush Chairman, and Panhellenic representative from each of the seven UNC sorori- ties and from the Stray Greek Organization. The purpose of this organization is to establish understanding and cooperation among the various sororities. By discussing and reaching decisions regarding problems of sorority life, Pan- hellenic is able to set standards that are mutual for all groups. The Council also draws up and enforces the sorority rushing policies at Carolina. During the year, Panhellenic participates in various service projects, both in the town of Chapel Hill and on the UNC campus. In addition, they take part in activities sponsored by other Panhellenic groups from nearby schools and towns. NANCY AVC ' BREY President ' ' Seated : Isabelle MacLeod, Advisor; Donna Irving, Mary Lee Wetzel, Treasurer: Cathy Sellars, Nancy Awbrey, President: Sarah Doggett, Vice-President: Claire Manner, Recording Secretary: and Mary Lou Barreras, Corresponding Secretary. Standing: Anne Ballenger, Bunlcy Jester, Elizabeth Howell, Marion Hays, Jenny Elder, Ann Rountree, Jane Park, Mary Margaret Durham, Mary Gregory, Frances Morrow, Carol Carruthers, Lee Del Greco, Rosemary Roberts, and Jane Durham. Mi n r.-y. vfti jg ALDIGE Alpha O micron Pi AYRES Delta Gamma BALLENGER, Vice-Presideiil Phi Mil BURNETTE Phi Mil HARDIN Phi Mil JAMES Alpha Omicron Pi JESTER, President Alpha Pi ONEIL, B. Alpha Omicron Pi ONEIL, M. Gamma Phi Beta PATTERSON Phi Mu MUNDAY Alpha Chi Omega ROSS, Secretary Phi Mu VAUGHN ' Zeta Tau Alpha WILCOX Kappa Alpha Theta WOOD Delta Gamma ZAMBETTI Kappa Alpha Theta STRAY GREEKS BUNKY JESTER President The Stray Greek Organization, which was founded in 1944 under the leadership of Twig Branch, is composed of sorority women whose chapter is not represented on this campus. Its aims are to preserve the bonds of unity and sisterhood in sorority life, to provide cooperation betu ' een sorority and dormitory women, and to serve its members as a service and social organization. Each year the Stray Greeks take over the responsibility of the Pan- hellenic Post Office during sorority rush a nd its members serve as advisors in the dormitories. Following rush, the Stray Greeks hold the Pledge Tea and the Stray Greek-Panhellenic Pledge Picnic to honor the new pledge classes. The Stray Greeks also participate in Women ' s Athletic Association, various campus activities, service projects, and social events. 223 RLPHR DELTA PI Alpha Delta Pi was founded nationally in 1851 at Wes- leyan Female College in Macon, Georgia, and chartered at the University of North Carolina November 11, 1939- Her colors are blue and white and her flower the woodland violet. The publication of Alpha Delta Pi is The Adelphiau. BAKER ' :ce-President DANCE DAVIS FOV GREENFIELD GUERCIO HARRIS HAYS HONEY HOWELL Pieiidciit HUDSON Secretary IRVING KING MARTIN McGOW ' AN Treasitrer PARKS REID STOCKTON SUTTON WOODWARD 224 Donna is our Kingston champ — Maxine paints by the midnight lamp Loretta ' s deep in " anatomy, " And Dewey ' s on psychiatry. Sarah loves the football team — Molly left for another scene. Jo trains the pledges and Vin, While Liz o ' er looks our AAII den. Since Mary took the social chair, K A ' s are ever)T ' here 1 Jody yells at all the games As Jean holds the scholarship fame. Katty ' s probably talking still And Florence ' s paying last year ' s bill. Joy lo es ' olley ball — Who ' s selling " Buicks " in the hall? Eleanor " fishes " for her boy; Mrs. C. is our new pride and joy. ' Vivian and Gail will make it yet — We ' ve got the greatest pledges — you bet! ! ELIZABETH HOWELL President PLEDGE CLASS Fjrsl Row: McCarthy. Freeze, Diab. Thompson, Bradner. Second Rou: Foster, Moser, Weathers. Williams, Smith, Jordan, Fallcner. Third Row: Pierce, Towers, Siegert, Pollard, Bryun, Cowles, Fritz, Newberry, Parrott. Reed, Hinson, Kaufman, Spunde, Rowe. 225 RLPHR GRmmR DELTR Alpha Gamma Delta was founded nationally in 1904 at Syracuse Uni- versity and chartered at the University of North Carolina in 1945. Her colors are red, buff and reen and her flowers, red and buff roses. The publication of Alpha Gamma Delta is The Quarterly. BEARD CRANE CRO X■SON DAVIDSON DOGGETT EAGLES FARRIS FISHER GIBSON GLAVIN GUNTER HAITHCOCK HAVCLEY HOMEYER MORGAN 1 " ice-Piesideiit MORRC ' Preudent PHILLIPS StcnLny REYNOLDS ROBERTSON SINGLETARY STRAEHLEY Treasurer TODD TORRES TRA ' iLOR WARE 226 PLEDGE CLASS Hirst Row: Mitchell, Turlington, Brown, Lee, Slaughter. Second Row: Livas, Latane, Hardin, Harris, Cadmus, Barnes, Huntley. Came September, came 28 Alpha Gams from points beyond back to 311 E. Franklin. Continental travelers with a European charm . . . Beautiful tans from a summer ' s work on the Cape . . . Straw hats from Nassau. We worked and wc rushed and with open arms welcomed our future sisters. Football games, combo parties, mass hysteria after 1 :00. With Frances leading the crew we politicked a little, played athletics like real pros, crammed before quizzes, and those fabulous weekends ! A few new rings after vacation . . . Spring in Chapel Hill and jaunts to the beach . . . Final exams and complete oblivion. " How can we leave? " the Seniors cry. But leave we did and the world was warm for we had worn the AFA pearls and knew their meaning. FRANCES MORROW President " Did you ever get that caged in feeling? " Rameses, his harem, and No. 77. ' ku CHI OmEGfl Chi Omega was founded nationally in 1895 at the University of Arkansas and chartered at the University of North Carolina January 20, 1923. Her colors are cardinal and straw and her flower is the white carnation. The publication of Chi Omega is The Eleiises. BOWLES BRADY CARTER CORDON Trtjsurer COVINGTON Vice-President CRABTREE CLNNINGHAlil DOl ' GLASS DUKE FULEN ' WTDER GAICHELL GHOLSON HOLSVi ' ADE JACKSON JOHNSON Secretary LeGRANDE McCRORV MUSSO PLUNKETT ROUNTR£E SAMSOT SMITH STAPLETON STARLING STUTTS SUGG UZZELL WETZEL WHITEHURST OUNG 228 Symphony: first rehearsal in September with " Tree " as conductor and thirty-five members in on the session. The result — twenty- nine top pledges and plenty of harmony. As the year progressed Jenny directed, Dickie trained the ingenues, and Lou kept track of the notes. Susie kept us in the black; while Gov kept us study- ing the score. We took in termission for fraternity parties, pledge weekend, and side trips. But our girls found time to make music with student go ernment, YWCA, cheerleading, and other com- bos. The Circle Nine kept us singing on key while Gertie and our Yack beauties proved that a pretty girl is like a melody. With graduation came the finale — and so ends the Carolina concert. JENNY ELDER President PLEDGE CLASS Pirst Row: Cobb, Hobbs, Bohannon, Prevost, Labouisse. Second Row: Newby, Ewing, Smith. Kirkpatrick, Whitehurst. Landaeur, Powell, Simms. Wyrick, Williams. Third Row: Gibson, Polk, Copeland, Leffingwell, Barnett, Borden, Micolino, McDonald, ' Wright, Barnes, Himes, Chapman, Ballou. 229 DELTR DELTR DELTR Delta Delta Delta was founded nationally in 1889 at Boston University, and was chartered at the University of North Carolina April 9, 1943. Her colors are silver, gold and blue and her flower is the pansy. The publication of Delta Delta Delta is Tlie Trident. AWBREY BARNES BROWN Secretary CURRIE DUNN D ' ELLE ELMORE GATLING GREGORY HATCHER HUSSMAN Treasurer KENNEDY McLENNEN MILLER NORTON PAGE REDHEAD REHM RL ' TH SCHAEFER SPIVEY SL ' THERLAND Sl ' TTON lAYLOE I ' ice-Presideiil WALTERS, J. WALTERS, R. WELLONS WILSON WOOTEN ZEIGLER 230 f t I PLEDGE CLASS Firsl Row: Biddulph, Carter, Whitley, Bullock, Savage. Second Row: Bruce, Davenport, Yeager, Cowart, Doughtie, Mattern, Walker. Third Row: Doar, Edwards, Higgins, White, Kennedy, Meckel, Hayes, Ringwalt, Davis. M, M. and Tayloe — captains for ' 59 . . . M. G. steers boat in Rush — new first maties are tops! . . . Polly pushes A ' s . . . Ann cries, " I ' m locking this door I " . . . Remember Minnie and her stowaway dog and cat? ... A. Miller and Susie lead the tweeds . . . Tieslau and friends — midnight ice cream parties? . . . Valkyrie gongs and Beanbird calls — noisy, but welcomed . . . Dining room — little but so-o-o cozy?! . . . Harriette ' s knitting, Bill ' s pipe, and a friendly fire — hmm! . . . Third floor showers — water??? . . . Tears for practice teachers . . . " Life is such a grab " . . . but thanks to Mrs. Jaczko, the pledges, and us, the Ole Fifty-Niner sails to its destiny and the voyage we ' ll never forget! MARY MARGARET DURHAM President Did you hear the one about . . .? " 231 KRPPR DELTA Kappa Delta was founded nationally in 1897 at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, and chartered at the University of North Carolina on May 22, 1951. Her colors are green and white and her flower is the white rose. The publication of Kappa Delta is The Angelas. BAKER BARRERAS BRADFORD Treasurer BRADY BROWN BRLNDAGE DAILEV DAVIS DIRHAM GARDNER GIBSON GREEN HANNAH HARDING HAWK HUNTER MATHIS OSBORNE Vice-President ROBERTS President SCOTT SHARP SHAW SMILEY SMITH THOMPSON X ' ALSTON Secretary 232 Pledges galore welcomed aboard with " Rosebud " swinging the gavel and Melissa the pledge paddle. What a year! Jane D. ' s notorious class- cutting . . . SAE, Zete, and Phi Delt pins sitting in weekends awaiting long-distance calls . . . " Smiley ' s " bumpy midnight rides in the " black bug " . . . Emma ' s allegiance to SAE . . . Sally ' s descent into a bush climbing down a fire exit . . . Mary Sue ' s " tantalizing " letters . . . Jane G. ' s ever-loving Vince . . . Mary Lou ' s late hours . . . Sybil, Addie, Judy, and Bobbie ' s Buddha . . . Jean ' s " immaculate " bureau . . . Toni ' s enduring sweetness ... P. Moore ' s madras . . . Nancy ' s politics . . . Patt) ' ' s " jewels " . . . Mary, " the little spirit " . . . Pat and Margaret, our favorite nurses . . . Rose ' s Dental School . . . Jane S. ' s " dark " hair . . . Pat H. ' s artistry . . . Mrs Graham, mother-away-from-home . . . Home- coming display winners . . . Ah. sweet memories ! ROSEMARY ROBERTS Pyesidenl The winner — before rain I can ' t b-e-1-i-e-v-e it! PLEDGE CLASS Firs! Rou : Crawford, VCoodall, Gates, Sowder, Johnson. Second Ron: ■WilKverth, Jones, Slaughter, Kimball, Stafford, Green. Thud Row: duQuesnay, Lesher, Layden, ODell, Yoh, Shugart, McCorkle. Walton. £Lri 233 KRPPR KflPPR GRmmR Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded nationally at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, in 1870. Epsilon Gamma Chapter was colonized at the University of North Carolina in February, 1958 and nationally installed November 8, 1959. Her colors are dark blue and light blue and her flower, the fleur-de-lis. The Kappa Kappa Gamma publication is The Key. BEACH BONNER BROTT BUNN CREWES FAISON FINCH FLEMING President GARRIS HAWKINS HERMAN HUNT Secretary JOHNSON LUCAS MARTIN Vice-President REED SELLERS SEVIER SINK SULLIVAN TIEDEMAN VAN WAGENEN WOMACK 234 PLEDGE CLASS F ril Rou:- G athmt.y, Mosteller, E. Davis, Iverson, Hintz. Mc- Lean. Second Row: Bonnycastle, Goldsborough, Buschong, Wall, Sheppard, Way. LeBlond, Loomis. Third Row: Collier, Rhodes, Condon, Michaels, Foard, Patten, Thompson, Bivens, Picot, M. Davis, Reynolds, Smith, Humphrey, Tull. A KAPPA YEAR . . . how could we miss? . . . united at last, Kappa blossoms in a beautiful new home . . . Jane leads rush and the new 28 make us very, very proud . . . marriage takes its toil . . . our trophies for Scholarship, Ath- letics, and Beauty sparkle on the stairway . . . " gracious living " suffers . . . Beanbirds and Valkyries claim their victims . . . " Now who ' s on the Mermaid committee and who ' s going to stuff Kleenex? " . . . and what would we do without Ralph, Tammy, Joe, and Sach? . . . two beautiful Janes in Yack court . . . " Mother " Betty locks the door . . . Mrs. Ailing becomes dearer and dearer to us . . . Beth patiently sees us through ... we sing our songs of blue and blue full of Kappa love . . . WE OF K.K.G. Is this the way we keep our Scholarship Cup WWW BETH FLEMING President You can tell where ' s the most popular place in the Kappa house! PI BETA PHI Pi Beta Phi was founded nationally in 1867 at Monmouth College, Mon- mouth, Illinois, and chartered at the University of North Carolina in 1923. Her colors are wine and silver-blue and her flower is the wine carnation. The publication of Pi Beta Phi is The Arrow. BAILEY BOORTZ CARRUTHERS President DEL GRECO GELZER GIRARD GRANT GREILACH GRIMES MANNER HARMON HASSINGER HERO HOWELL JOHNSON KINGSLEY LEACH LITTON Secietary McLALGHLIN NICHOLS I ' ire-Pres dent PULLEN QITCK SA-YNER SCOTT SHAW SMITH Treasurer SNYDER SOR ' SL ' MMERSON THOMPSON TROTMAN TURNER VANN WILSON VCOOD 236 Twenty-four is the magic number this year, " The Pi Phi ' s came through again! " was the cheer. The Homecoming display with its " beautiful " sound. And our beauties in the court did a ' bound. This was the beginning of school, 1959 And it will be more exciting than any time. Missy, Ann N. and Helene keep evetybody fit. While Mrs. Seward ought to teach Ann and Carol how to knit. All the girls in the wing are so on the ball. And Lee and Cookie are waiting for their call. Lou Anne is guiding the pledges with help from Carol Lynn, And with the rest of our girls Pi Phi can ' t help but win ! CAROL CARRUTHERS President PLEDGE CLASS First Row: Pollock, Moose Atkins. McKinney, Albtrgotti. Second Row: Shaffer, Risien. Mosier. Potter, Baker, Litchfield, Jones. Third Row: Hobson Johnson, Sawyer, Kelly, Kelley, Roberson, Hoell, Fuller. 237 J (l4A. , » ' -• 1 1960 YflCKETY YRCh BERUTY CODTEST Tense excitement prevailed m Memorial Hall on November 9th as ninety-nine lovely Carolina ladies vied for the title of Yackety Yack Queen, I960. Jimmy Capps, popular Raleigh announcer served as master of ceremonies. Mrs. Kemp Stagg, Mrs. Ty Boyd, Jery Ball, Burnie Batchelor, and Dr. E. L. Mackie formed the panel of judges. After three suspenseful hours, the judges announced their choice for queen. Miss Maxine Greenfield, who was crowned by last year ' s queen. Miss Eleanor Smith. The contest was capably directed by Sybil Mathis and Bob Grubb. A Carolina Gentleman offers congratulations to a successful contestant. Contestants ease tension comparing backstage notes. 240 Our 1960 Yackety Yack beauties. A casual chat helps shorten the long wait. Sighs of joy and relief ... the court is announced. 241 YRCKETY YRCK QUEER 1960 Lustrous brown hair and sparkling green eyes highlight the regal beauty o£ our queen for i960. Maxine is a member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority and is presented by Aycock Dormi- tory. 242 f ' UPP ' " ' y ;v ' Wf r ' r Susan Woodall Almost midnight ... as this brown-haired beauty from Roanoke Rapids toasts the New Year. Susan is a majorette and a Kappa Delta sponsored by Lambda Chi Alpha. J lv VAJOnAl 244 Velta Spunde A bouquet of roses accentuates the beauty of this Durham lass with the dimpled smile. Pi Kappa Alpha sponsors this Alpha Delta Pi. ra Xaa euuj Mo Frances Scott Shreveport, Louisiana is the home of this fair com- plexioned Pi Beta Phi. Frances is presented by Alpha Tau Omega. i , " Becky Roherson Letters brighten a rainy afternoon for this vivacious coed from Robersonville. Becky is a Pi Beta Phi spon- sored by Phi Gamma Delta. 247 Jane Tull Fresh as a morning in May is the quiet beauty o£ this raven-haired Kappa Kappa Gamma. HaiUng from Gastonia, Jane is sponsored by Kappa Alpha. 248 Jane Park Bright and warm as a summer day is this Orlando, Florida miss. Jane is sponsored by her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. .i-::::.v- eS | pjgpp Jayne Brown A sultry day sets the mood for a smoldering-eyed brunette beauty. Troutman is the home of this repre- sentative of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Nancy Awbre y A bright smile and a sparkling wit accent the charm of this Delta Delta Delta from Dalton, Georgia. Nancy is presented by Delta Kappa Epsilon. 251 Mary Thorn White Richmond, Virginia is the home of this brown-haired, fair-skinned beauty. She is presented by her sorority, Delta Delta Delta. efo S f 1 252 Jenny Elder An autumn afternoon finds this vivacious Chi Omega cheering the Tar Heels on. Jenny hails from Siler City and is sponsored by Alpha Tau Omega. KycJ WK fj e rote Kay Kirkpatrick Falling leaves on a crisp November day enhance the brown-eyed beauty of this Durham miss. Kay is a Chi Omega, presented by Zeta Psi. 254 Gertie Barnes Candlelight and the holiday spirit reflect the serene beauty of this Chi Omega from Lumberton. Gertie is sponsored by Alpha Tau Omega. O itOw 255 ANGUS DUFF Chairman M. RUST SHARP Court Chairman JOE OPPENHEIMER Secretary MIKE SMITH Head Doorman DANCE COMMITTEE COURT Sc.iitd: James Packard, George Cox, M. Rust Sharp, William Whitaker. St.uidiiif.: C. Foy Bradshaw, Ted Harris, Charles F. Himes. dance committee The University Dance Committee functions as host and maintains order at Carolina Dances and at other social events given by various campus organizations. This year, as in the past, because of the diligent work of the committee members and faculty adMsor, Ray Jefferies, as well as the close co- operation of sponsoring organizations, the University Dance Committee ' s activities have been successful in maintaining the highest calibre of conduct at all social functions. George Page Eddie Roberts Mike Sprinkle Chandler Van Orman Mickey ' Watts 256 9 " men s giee club GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Stan Black, Ken Beane, R. V. Fulk, John Canupp. Ivan Anderson, Sid Huggins, Don McFadyen, Ken James, President; Larry Jackson. The UNC Men ' s Glee Club is composed of approximately seventy-iive Carolina gentlemen who offer their singing talents for the entertainment of fellow classmates and various groups and institutions throughout the state and along the entire eastern seaboard. Dressed in tuxedos or their traditional blazers, they may be heard singing the serious works of Handel or other songs ranging from the traditional school songs to light calypso numbers from Trinidad. The Club presents special music for local churches, performs for University func- tions, and appears in a joint concert with the choral group from Woman ' s College. As the only touring choral group at the University, the Glee Club will round out activities for the year with a Spring tour. First Rou:- Whitley, Fuller, Infinger, Sapp, McKenzie, McFadyen, Cunningham, Barnes, Taylor, James, Perry, Quackenbush, Preslar. Jones, White, Fox. Second Row: Langer, Ouderkirk, Anderson, Cordle, Fales, Coffey, Wheless, Farrell, Miller, Partin, Ward, Garner. Third Row: Macon, Daughtry, Marshburn, Hill, McCall, Fonda, Denton, Petrie, Phillips. Dalton, Shaw, Howell, Moore, Barick, Thomas. Fourth Row: Rogers, Stevenson, Blackwell. Mathews, Stout, McClister, Hamlet, Heath. Sowers, Watson, McKinnell, Black, White, Huggins, Weil, Fitz- gerald. Fijih Row: Canupp, English, Cone, Williamson, Ray, Griffin, Manlove. 257 RC2SEAROH TRIANGLE ©o • • • «. DECEm B ER Tile Publications Board is the publisher of the Daily Tar Heel, Yackely-Yack, Carolina Onarterl). and Carolina Handbook at the University. With its membership of two faculty advisors, two Student Legislators, one Finance Committee member, two presidential appointees, and the editors-in-chief and business managers of each publication, the Board operates on a $100,000 budget. Acting as a supervisory body with financial responsibility for these student publications, the Board strives to preserve an outstanding record of student publications at the Uni- versity. 9 ' . H V ji Bflt Hi Vi: ALKER BLANTON Chairman Mis Ir.uiLis sp. IM . ,M.ii H.iuhny. X.iiKV Ouiiht-s. Riik Oxcist ..I L. L),.u,h.n, Di. Kenneth tncrly. iti..« A ' vi . Bub Bint;lum, Plullip . Ha O fuel. Bob Austin, Norman Smith, lorn Overman, Jimmy Smalley. publications board v Carolina quarterly NANCY COMBES, Editor TOM PHILLIPS, Business Manager The Carolina Quarterly has given tore- most consideration to campus writing, affording opportunities to UNC under- graduates, graduates, and faculty. The Oiiarlerly has become more concerned with stimulating greater interest in literature on the campus and giving the University community and enjoyable and readable magazine. Sealed: Cindy Edgerton, Bill Heins, lone Coker, Frances Payne. Slandina: Bob Metcalf, Robert Williams, Jim Conaway, Tony Burke, Sam Mauzy, Mike Reynolds, Jerry Tognoli, Jack Hargett, Dick Reppucci, Richard Rickert. 260 w o l-ini Roll-: Ambrose, Watson. Murphey. God- frey, Szilogy. Second Rnti: Aitken, Verner, Barnes, White, Garner, Leder. Third Ruw: Pruett, Weiss, Hitch, Stephan, Schain, Pinney, Fourth Row: Hargrove, Richek, Browder, Schroeder, Whisonant, Gay, Leff. uu u nc WUNC began this year with the largest return- ing senior staff in its history. Add to this the influx of new talent gleaned at the WUNC booth at the Freshman Activity Carnival and you have a year of expanding and outstanding activity. This expansion is well demonstrated in a series of 15 minute dramatic productions — written, produced, and aired entirely by WUNC staff members. In addition, the WUNC remote broadcasts were increased to bring to our many listeners all Hill Hall concerts as well as a number of special events. This along with WUNC ' s continuing variety of program serv- ices made 1959-60 the best year in WUNC ' s history. David Hitch and Martin Richek work at the controls while Tommy White, Toby Leff, and Morgan Pinney present a program for the entertainment of the Chapel Hill c ommunity. OHN MOORE Neu f Dir.cloy JACK MAYO SlJlion Manager C. HOWERTON Chief Announcer M. GODFREY Promotion Manager BUTTERWORTH MARY BAHNSEN Traffic Manager Conlinu l) Manager DON AMBROSE Program Director D. W. KNOEPFLER Director of Radio 261 BOB AUSTIN Co-Editor TOM OVERMAN Co-EJaor BD Another September . . . orientation . . . classes . . . and work on the 70th edition of UNC ' s yearbook gets underway . . . Austin rants while Overman raves . . . Jim says, " Stay in that budget! " . . . Becky cracks whip over a top staff . . . Kit and Nancy find error in Senior A ' s on reaching Senior Z ' s . . . Bob and Sybil keep eyes peeled for potential Yack loveli es . . . Claire deals with " wheels " . . . Frank deals with bigger " wheels " . . . Franchot ' s boy Nelson wonders when those Jr. pictures will arrive . . . Mimi finds Frosh as Doug sweats Sophs . . . Lou Anne and Jerry gather Greeks from Alpha to Omega . . . Marvin arranges ath- letes . . . Other Section editors are short on sleep to contribute necessary necessities . . . We cussed . . . laughed . . . hoped and prayed . . . another May . . . Yackety Yack ' 60. M.iii.if; iig Edilo. JIM SMALLEY Business Miiihiaei 262 Seated: Judy Scott, Professional Organizations Eilitor.Nincy Sales, Senior Class Co-Editor: Carolyn Durham, Health Affairs Editor. Standing: Jerry Stokes, Fraternity Editor: Kit Tiedeman, Senior Class Co-Editor: Bob Grubb, Beauty Co-Editor: Claire Hanner, Student Government and Graham Memorial Editor; Doug Page, Sophomore Class Editor. Sealed: Nancy Patten, Honoraries Editor: Lou Anne Howell, Sorority Editor. Standing: Marvin Taylor, Sports Editor: Bruce Welch. Military Edi- tor; Frank Mansfield, Religious Activities and Administration Editor: Tommy Orr, Publications and Fine Arts Editor. Mimi Briggs, Freshman Class Edi- tor: Franchot Palmer, junior Class Editor: Win Bilisoly, Index Edi- tor: Sybil Mathis, Beauty Co- Editor: Roy Eddleman, Graduate .vid Liiir Schools Editor: Sharon Sullivan and Sally Harris, Health Affairs Editors; Jean Esval, Ex- change Editor. daily tar hee DAVIS YOUNG Editor LAKK SMIIH Managing Editor CHUCK ROSS Managing Editor EDITORIAL STAFF Virginia Aldige. Dave Jones, Rusty Hammond, Norman B. Smith, Norman E. Smith, M ' Lou Redden. RON SHUMATE, Aiintjut Ed tur FRANK CROWTHER, Assoajlc Editor ED RINER, DEE DANIELS Co-Neu ' s Editors NENXS STAFF Pete Ness, Mary Ahce Rowlctte. Doug Smith, Bob Covington, Mohammed Reyazud- din, Bill Brinkhous, Margaret Gwathmey, Henry Mayer, Adelaide Ciomartie, Harve Harris, Susan Lewis. rm A The Daily Tar Heel enjoyed its 67th year of continued controversy during the past nine months. Tlie largest staff in history worked closely together. The reporting and editorial assignments were supplemented by sev- eral memorable staff blasts. BUSINESS STAFF Sealed: Tim Burnett. Susan Hatcher. Sl.itidhig: Dave Wy- song. Ben Willis. ADVERTISING STAFF Hobart Steele, Richard NX ' einer and Ligc St. Clau. SPORTS STAFF Richard Soles, Bart Forbes. C. T. rnderwood. and Peter Rn W ALKER BLANTON Business AUiiiiixer BARRY ZASLAV Advertising Ahin.iger ELLIOTT COOPER Sports Editor Carolina handb ook KAY MAZLIY Editor Staff members give final approval to the ■59- ' 60 Hjiidbook. The Carolina Handbook has been U.N.C. ' s official orientation guide for new students since 1891. From its first edition of 16 pages, the Handbook has ex- panded to 156 pages with sections deaUng with all phases of campus life. It has grown from " memo " size to that of 5I 2 " Vl " ' t has gradually evolved to include the interests of women as well as men. The Handbook was originally published by the Y, later adding the support of Student Government. This year it is completely under the control of Student Government as a member of the Carolina Publica- tions Board and is operating on a budget of $3,655.00. Johnny Clinard, Kathy Glavin, Cookie Smith, Susan McCotter. Jerry Roberts. 266 audit board The primary function of tiie Student Audit Board is to supervise the Student Activities Fund Office. The group also serves in a financial control and advisory role to Student Government. Five students and t vo faculty advisers constitute the membership of the Board. Members are ap- pointed annually and meet throughout the school year, striving to provide continued and improved professional accounting services to student govern- ment and campus organizations through the Stu- dent Activities Fund Office. This office currently is responsible for sixty-five accounts, representing nearly two million dollars in annual transactions. HAROLD OTUEL Chairman DR. R. I. LEVIN, DR. I. N. REYNOLDS Advisors Walker Blanton, Dave Lefler, H.u(iM O luel. Pete Thompson, Ed Cox. 267 First Row: Ingeborg Kaden, Jerry Greene, Hobart Steele, Rick Wolfer. Second Row: Mary Jeanne Reid, John Randall, James Collins, George Weaver, Ronnie Pruett. Third Raw: Michael Apter, Helen North, Fred Parker, David Price, Robert Sherer. Fourth Row: Norman Brooks, Da e Matthews, Peter Range, Gary Greer. di-phi society The Dialectic and Philanthropic Society, founded at the University in 179 , is the oldest active debating society in the United States. Each week the Society meets in its beautifully decorated hall to debate topics of current interest, which may pertain to the University, the State, or the Nation. Meetings are modeled after those of the House of Representatives, strict parliamentary procedure being observed at all times. Mem- bers are given the opportunity to develop their public speaking abilities and to participate in the stimulating exchange of ideas through assembly debate. Traditionally outstanding leaders have come from the Di-Phi. The roils of membership include a President of the United States, a Vice-President, Governors of North Carolina, U. S. Congressmen, and cabinet members. Thomas Wolfe, Dr. Frank Graham, and Governor Luther Hodges are only a few of the outstanding men and women who have emerged from the Society to assume positions of prestige and responsibility. DAVE MAITHEWS President 268 TAYLOR McMillan President — Deh.ile CLAY SIMPSON Pres deitl — Foieiish ' Council forensic counci FORENSIC COUNCIL Se.ited: Clay Simpson, Piesident; Betty Jean Baxter, SlJle Sludenl Lef .isljluie: Dave Matthews, President Di-Phi. Standing: Roger Foushee, Treasurer: Frank Crowther, Chjirjniiii Citroliua Forum. DEBATE SQUAD Sejied: Joe Roberts, Vice-President : Taylor Mc- Millan, President: Jeff Lawrence, Secretary. St.ind ng: Frank Rosiny, Earl Baker, Carrol Raver, John Killian, Mack Armstrong, Jim Stalker. 269 Carolina symposium EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Sealed: Ed Levy, Chairman: Dr. Donald R. Matthews, Advisor. Standing: George Grayson, Treasurer: Mardi Bardwell, Secretary; Jack Law- ing, Vice-President. KENNETH REXROTH Author of Bird in the Bush Anticipation built up rapidly across the campus and through the state as plans unfolded for the I960 Symposium. The topic to be discussed was " The Image of Man: The Individual in an Accelerated Culture. " The main speeches were to be held at night in Memorial Hall, with distinguished panelists backing up the main speakers. The arduous duty of organizing the program was handled by Chairman Ed Levy and a large and capable staff. They were assisted by Dr. Donald Matthews of the Department of Political Science. WILLIAM H. WHYTE Author of Organization Man First Ron-: Oettinger, Long, Natanson, Levy, Mathews, Geer, Lee. Second Row: Lawing, Wilson, Cirayson, Bardwell, Norman B. Smith, Crowther, Foushee, Collier. wrestling Carolina ' s matmen faced the new season short on experience. Composed largely of sophomores and having only one letterman (Captain Ray Russell) in the starting lineup, the Tar Heels went down before Virginia (15-16), Washington and Lee (11-21), and The Citadel (8-23) in quick succession. However, Coach Barnes, not easily discouraged, was still hoping for a good season. CAPTAIN RAY RUSSELL AND COACH SAM BARNES Front Row: Mike Byers, Frank London, Bill Suttle, G. C. Wilhoit, Trip May, Peter Marks, Reggie Brooker, Mickey Nelson. Back Row; Bill Russell, Coach Barnes, Charlie Sproles, Dean Culbreth, Larry Bigger, Pete Gilchrist, Forest Wright, Bill Lawrey, Pope Shuford, Cary McSwain, Tom Alexander. RESEIARCH ©O J n n u R RY -♦ ♦■♦ ' ' Jane Newsome, Sandy Rcgenu-, Al Mille sound and fury The Sound and Fury production " Oh Hellas! " proved to be one of its most successful presentations in recent years. The all original script and score were written by Lew Hardee and Carl Bridgers. The production was a musical comedy based upon Aristophanes ' " Lysistrata. ' Both the excellent music and the humor- ous lines proved most pleasing to the audience. The production staiT was headed by Al Salley, Pro- ducer, and Joel Fleishman, Director; while Jane Newsome, Nancy Awbrey, Al Miller, and Wally Graham composed the leaders among the actors. The Sound and Fury committee is sponsored by the Gra- ham Memorial Activities Board and is designed to give an outlet for untrained student talent on the campus. ill Monell, Susie Cordon, Wally Graham. Joan Brooks, Roy Williams, Anne Rountree, Curtis Russell, Mary Margaret Brown, Joe Holbrook. Mary Margaret Brown. Joan Brooks, Nancy Awbrey, Anne Rountree, Sandy Regenie. 274 the Carolina playmakers Over fifty persons were in the cast and chorus of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical play, Carousel. Allan T. Hayward as John Moran and Bill File as Pedro starred in the new comedy, A Little to the Left. The Carolina Playmakers serve a dual purpose as a laboratory organization for the Department of Dra- matic Art and a community theatre. Participation is not limited to students in the department, but the Carolina Playmakers use actors and technicians from all departments of the University as vv ' ell as people in the community. The 1959-60 season included Rodgers and Ham- merstein ' s " Carousel, " Ben Jonson ' s " Volpone, " Williams ' " Summer and Smoke, " Sophocles ' " Oedi- pus Rex, " and a new comedy, " A Little to the Left, " by Brock Brower. Three bills of one-acts, written, directed and staged by students, and a studio production round out a busy program of dramatic activities for the Play- makers. 275 ( BA5HE COACH FRANK McGUIRE ASSISTANT COACH DEAN SMITH Carolina ' s basketball team was picked to lead the Atlantic Coast Conference and take national honors in the pre-season polls. Starting the season without center Dick Kepley and forward Doug Moe, the Tar Heels made it look as if the experts were right for once. They trounced an unsuspecting South Carolina in the first game and followed that with two quick wins over outside opponents Kansas and Kansas State. ' fViinit. Blessed with a good Boor general in Captain Har- vey Salz and a quartet of sharp shooters and rebound- ers in Lee Shaffer, York Larese, Ray Stanley, and Grey Poole, the Tar Heels began making preparations to put their national ranking (5th) up against some of the best teams in the country as they made the rounds of the annual holiday circuit. CAPTAIN HARVEY SALZ 276 Harvey Salz keeps the ball away from two Kansas defenders. Ray Stanley goes up for two in the Kansas game. Front Row: Coach Frank McGuire, Assistant Coach Dean Smith, Lou Brown, Don Walsh, Harvey Salz, John Crotty, Yogi Poteet, York Larese, Trainer John Lacey, Manager Charles Webb. BcicJk Row: Jim Hudock, Ray Stanley, Grey Poole, Dick Kepley, Doug Moe, Lee Shaffer, Ken McCnmb. Jim Donohue. 277 Stanley scores two for Carolina in the State game. Lee Shaffer uses teammate Harvey Salz for support as he passes off to another Tar Heel. A State player attempts to block Harvey Salz ' s shot. Lou Brown drives for the basket and two points against Kansas. Grey Poole comes down with the ball in the Kansas State game. Lee Shaffer takes another rebound for the Tar Heels in the Kansas State game. Har ev Salz keeps the ball out of the hand of a Kansas rebounder. swimming Coach Pat Earey ' s mermen started the I960 season seeking their third straight Atlantic Coast Conference champion- ship. Last year they were undefeated in Conference meets and lost only to Florida, ending a string of 25 consecutive wins dating back to 1956. The Tar Heel swimmers opened the season by defeating East Carolina, last year ' s NIAI champions, in a close one 48-47. Carolina then submerged Clemson, South Carolina, and VMI in rapid succession, hitting 60 or more points in all three meets. Although the overall team strength was weakened by the loss of Brent Nash, Kit Mercer, Dick Cashwell, and Jeff Zwicker and further weakened by the loss of varsity regulars Randy Dodson, Bob Hunter, and Joe Kalkhurst, the Tar Heels led by junior co-captain Harry Bloom and backed by co-captain Vinny Simonton, Harvey Hamrick, and a host of sophomores may make it three straight. HARRY BLOOM Free Style COACH PAT EARE - First Row: Jake Lohr, Fernando Belmont, Vince Simonton, Bill Hockman, Jim Bromwell, Bob Birkenstock. Second Row: Tom Stack, Ben Crutchfield. Bill Huffham, Harry Bloom, Harvey Hamrick, Assistant Coach Pete Higgins. Third Row: Bob Briggs, Bill Wfildmn Br ' :)n Williams, Sam Douglas, Bob Bilbro, Tom Tygart, Joe Kalkhurst. mLc Lh VINCE SIMONTON Butterfly HARVEY HAMRICK Backstroke CO-CAPTAINS VINCE SIMONTON AND HARRY BLOOM FERNANDO BELMONT AND JOE KALKHURST BOB BIRKENSKK K Diver imwmannwnaa SUNDAY FEB. RESEARCSI GO ' X ' i a. t ' ' rM: f li FE B R U R R Y WINTER • GERMANS Jonathan Vardley President ST. ANTHONY HALL Charlie Pittman Vice-President PHI DELTA THETA The highlight of the social season at UNC is the thrice-yearly presented German ' s Club dance and con- cert. Entertainment provided by the club hit an all- time high this year with features such as the Kmgston Trio, County Basie, Duke Ellington, Joe Williams, the outstanding new jazz group, Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, Joe Turner and Ray Charles. High quality of entertainment and high attendance records made a series of unqualified successes for this year ' s club. GERmRn CLUB Tom Alexander Julian Baker Chester Brown (oeCredle Charlie Gonzalez Charlie Graham Allen Hornthal DELTA KAPPA ZETA PSI BETA THETA PI .SIGMA NU KAPPA ALPHA PHI GAMMA DELTA PI KAPPA ALPHA EPSILON Joe Williams, singer with the Count Basie band and feature of Winter Germans. The fabulous Count Basie, star of Winter Germans. •rank Craighill Russell Hollers Secretary Treasurer SIGMA ALPHA PI KAPPA ALPHA EPSILON OFFICERS " Hottest new group in jazz " — Down Bea!. Lambert, Hendricks and Ross another attraction of the 19(ifl Winter Germans. John Kenrick Ed Pleasants Mike Sharpe Bob Smith Chandler Van Orman Dillon Wooten ALPHA TAU OMEGA PHI DELTA THETA ST. ANTHONY HALL SIGMA CHI SIGMA ALPHA KAPPA SIGMA EPSILON American lazic ' s ,t;teatcst contemporary composer and bandleader. Duke I ' lhn.yton i f V; ' intcr German-. Full House for Wmtcr Germans 59. Gillespie ' s hand makes the scene. m R RCH y u ©o • « 9 tt • • • • • • • • • ♦ • • ■ • I • • - • • • • Religious Organizations ' ■fY « iP li, .! i» ! ; i i A ' iit ' ' 5 k ! VI r ' W I , V . ' r_- ■ ... y f ■ i ligii ifctii Y m The University Young Men ' s Christian Association is a non-denominational, lay movement of students, faculty, and friends, which seeks to put into living the principles of the Christian faith. Throughout its ninety-eight year history on the UNC campus, the YMCA has had voluntary mem- bership and is open to all on the basis of interest, without regard to creed, race, doctrine, or church affiliation. At the heart of the movement is the ob- jective: to broaden the student both intellectually and spiritually, to provide an outlet for the expression of religious impulses, and to supply the moral and ethical elements that must be integrated with aca- EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Allan Daniel, Mark Wilson, Jack Raper, Phil Nash, Lewis Rush. 290 C R demic knowledge. Through its varied areas of pro- gramming, the YMCA serves to meet this objective. The program areas include International Relations, and United Nations, Freshman Camp, Human Rela- tions, European Seminars, study groups and many more. The YMCA seeks to serve the social and personal needs of the students, help them to interpret the tra- ditions and value of Carolina living, and assist the students in their efforts to build for themselves a balanced life and a personal philosophy for better living on the campus and later in their respective communities. The Y holds annual UN Model Assembly. YMCA CABINET First Row: Allan Daniels, Don Miller, John Snyder, Jack Raper, Eddie Taft, Don Black, Ed Crow. Second Rotv: Lewis Rush, Jack Boswell, George Seastrom, Chuck Mixon, Phil Nash, Tony Salinger, Mark Wilson. 291 Y UU SOPHIE MARTIN President The YWCA at Carolina is an organization open to all coeds. Though interdenominational, it strives con- stantly to manifest in all its work a sincere adherence to Christian ideals. An executive council, composed of seven elected officers, and the cabinet of twenty-two selected com- mittee chairmen comprise the core of the Y ' s organ- ization. These committees are geared to meet the interests of every coed by offering opportunities for experiences in a variety of activities. A few of the areas include volunteer aid at Memorial Hospital; recreational work with the children at the Blind School, Catholic and Methodist Orphanages; the preparation of a Model U. N. Assembly; the plan- ning and presentation of a Mock Democrat Conven- tion, originating under the Program Committee; and EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Nan Robinson, Mary Sue Hannah. Sophie Martin, Lou Johnson, Margaret Ray. JuHe Redhead, Harriette Dwelle. R the organization of a meaningful Vespers Program in the coed residences. In all of its endeavors, the YWCA seeks to offer its members an opportunity both to work with and to share beneficial experiences with their fellow stu- dents. Increasing intellectual concern and making manifest the rewards discovered in a sincere examina- tion of past and present contributions in thought are goals motivating study in many YWCA areas. Finally, the Y attempts to keep ever present a realization of the truth in the words, " What you keep you lose, and only what you give remains your own. " MEMBERSHIP COUNCIL Carolyn Kingsley, Cathy Hebert, Lou Johnson, Patricia Litchfield, Nancy LeGrand, Nancy Burnette. YWCA CABINET First Row: Kitty Allen, Linda Hurt, Sipra Bose, Nancy Haire, Gigi Ayers, Mary Sue Hannah, Nan Robinson, Penny Boone. Second Row: Judy Singletary, Marcy Klingel, Maxine Lee, Sally McCror) Bett) Jean Baxter Peggy Bradford, Harriette Dwelle, Lou Johnson. Third Rotr: Louise Loomis Betty Duke Sally Womack, Judy Brott Susie Cordon Fn n h Rou Carol Tieslau, Sophie Martin, Margaret Ray, Cynthia Grant, Julie Redhead, Linda Rehm. 293 BOB EASLEY President It doesn ' t take long for the new Episcopal student to find opportunities for worshipping, learning, serving, and socializing in the Canterbury Club. Along with the regular church services, he can also participate in the weekly student-led services. He develops a broader Christian understanding through stimulating dis- cussions ranging from existentialism to the Christian interpretation of jazz, or through study groups, which help him to adjust to the college community. He may serve his church or his community through the pres- entation of the Feast of Lights or by giving a Christ- mas party for the more unfortunate children. These aims are realized and strengthened by the fellowship offered by the Canterbury Club. canterbury club Canterbury Club offers spiritual guidance and Christian fellowship in an evening social. 294 JERRY McDANIELS President The Baptist Student Union is a Christian student organization given to the task of relating the Christian faith to all areas of campus life. The Baptist Student Union attempts to provide the means for the student to grow spiritually and intellectually in his under- standing and commitment to the Christian faith through the areas of worship — acknowledging and proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord of all life; study — understanding the truth of God in Christ; fellowship — wholesome recreation and group identification with fellow students; and service — fulfilling the Christian responsibility to the community and to the world. baptist student union The Executive Council leads the BSU in a program of Christian fellowship and inspiration. 295 Hillel Foundation leaders present a program of religious and intellectual fellowship. hillel foundation Hillel at Carolina, a branch of the national B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation, is the Jewish Student Center on campus. It functions here, as on two hundred other American college campuses, to unite the Jewish student to his historical Jewish heritage and to his fellow students. Working toward this goal, with the leadership of the Director and the Hillel Student Council, are various religious, cultural, and social ac- tivities, including Sabboath services, Sunday brunches, discussion and study groups, seminars, workshops, a Freshman Cabinet, and any other form of program that can meet the basic needs of the Jewish student. The officers working with Director Rabbi E. M. Rosensweig this year are Susie Bernstein, President; Tom Blumenfield, Vice-President; and Judy Rader, Secretary. s|| lil R si 1 IN PresiJen 296 newman club The Newman Club is an organization for Catholic students in secular colleges and universities. Its purpose is " to deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of its members, through a balanced program of religious, intellectual, and social activi- ties. " Supper meetings with interesting speakers and panel dis- cussions and social events such as picnics and parties are a part of the Newman Club activities. Newman Club provides members with opportunity tor spiritual and intellectual growth in an evening program. cosmopolitan club The Cosmopolitan Club is a group open to all foreign and American students, faculty, and townspeople. The meetings provide an opportunity to get together socially and to exchange the cultural ideas of the different countries represented in the Club. Group participation in many programs within the group help promote mutual understandmg and friendship among the members. Representatives from many countries meet for programs and fellowship with the Cosmopolitan Club. lutheran student association The Lutheran Student Association in America is a move- ment of students concerned with growth and expression of their faith. The LSA at Carolina, convinced that re- Hgious beUefs make a difference, seeks through its program a deeper understanding of Christianity ' and its relevance to life. Meeting every Sunday night for supper, worship and a program featuring a speaker, panel, or group dis- cussion, the LSA strives to find richer meaning in its faith through its program and fellowship. LSA seeks to meet the needs of students on the college campu Wesley. Foundation candlelight worship service. wesiey foundation Study groups relate the Christian faith to the college campus. The Wesley Foundation serves the Methodist students and the campus in general as a center of Christian oriented study and worship. Through study groups, lectures by outstanding theo- logians, seminars to New York and Washington, drama, movies, and other study programs, students attempt to understand their faith and relate it meaningfully to life in a university. Within the community afforded by the Wesley Foundation students can honestly question their faith and worship together. ...the scene Still a mighty fortress. Acquired knowledge brings a sense of fulfillment. With classical beauty, the Morehead Building speaks for itself. . ' i wm0i§} WW J, TRACH WARD SIMS Pole Vaulter DAVE SCURLOCK AND VC ' AYNE BISHOP Led by Dave Scurlock and Wayne Bishop, Carolina ' s track team, won five of seven meets in 1959, losing only to perennial Conference powerhouses, Duke and Maryland. They finished third in the Atlantic Coast Conference Tour- nament behind Duke and Maryland. Scurlock tied the Conference 440 record and set a new record in the 800 yard run. He was also presented the Robert A. Fetzer Award in the Tournament. COACHES JOE HILTON AND DALE RANSON " " JS Fiont Row: Bob Eubanks, Wayne Bishop, Alex Coffin, John Fox. Miiiiile Row: Ward Sims. John Sylvester, Lyndon DeBorde, Donald Nelms. Benjamin Seagle, Wally Graham. Bjck Row: Coach Joe Hilton, Trainer Nathaniel Harrington, Dave Scurloclc, Jerry Phaup, Dave Lefler, John O ' Neal, Frazier Smith, Bobby Foxworth, Ring Somers, Cowles Liipfert, Coach Dale Ranson. JERRY PHAUP P„! i ll.H ' Shol JOHN ONEAL Hurh the ]aveUii LYNDON DeBORDE Hurdler Field Men: Sitting: Ward Sims, John O ' Neal. Standing: ' VCally Graham, Donald Nelms, Jerry Phaup, Dave Lefler. Fioiii Row: Dave Peltz, Dennis Rash, John Boles, Don Weathers, Bro Packard, George Noels. B.u - iv. ;: . C Bing Somers, Larry Henry, Louis Sullivan, Maurice McDonald. Lupfert, Rett Everett, Captain Cowles Liipfert with Coach DjIl- Ranson. Carolina ' s young cross country team (7 sophomores, 2 juniors), without the services of captain and num- ber one runner Cowles Liipfert most of the time, finished the season with a 4-3 record. However, with the rapid development of his sopho- mores. Coach Ranson can look forward to a more experienced team next year. cross country Dave Scurlock crosses the finish line in the Duke meet. COACH CHUCK ERICKSON golf W- ' ith the loss of several outstanding golfers, 1939 was ex- pected to be a rebuilding year for the Tar Heel linksmen. However, the team was able to compile a 9-3 record and finish a respectable third in the ACC meet. Ed Justa, who was impressive as a freshman, proved he is a man to be reckoned with by future Tar Heel opponents. ; . iiHiiLi " " .;;;?. . I ' Row: Ed Kenney, Donald McMiUun, Ed Justa. Second Row: Walter Wilson, Paul Erhardt, Don Coker, Bobby Galloway, David B. Sloan, Hugh Goodman, James C. McColl, John McKee. ED JUSTA HUGH GOODMAN BOBBY GALLOWAY nm Wa «M| r o fmg Y 1 " Yf |!l RESEARCH ©O -• ■ :i :xii - R P R I L ( ( ) CAPTAINS BEN HARDING AND JOHN BURGWYN For the second year in a row, Carolina, with a 9-5 Conference record, tied Clemson for first, only to lose the playofif game 9-7. John Burgwyn led in the hitting depart- ment with a .324 average and Ben Ham- mett and Wayne Young led the pitching staff with 5-1 and 6-3 records respectively. HARRY LLOYD AND WALTER RABB Coaches First Row: Ferg Norton, Bobby Wilson, Earl Allen, David Dale, Art Kilpatrick, Vaughan Bryson, John Johnson, Tom Camp, Jerry Nester, Mike Wydott, Harold ' orkman, Larry Craver. Second Row: Lindsay Frost, Wayne Young, Gerald Griffin, Dave Floyd, Fred Hirsch, Jerry McNeil, Ben Harding, Bruce Crump, Swag Grimsley, Russ Hollers, John Burgwyn, Tom Saintsing, Dickie Hord. Third Row: Assistant Coach Harry Lloyd, John Stott, Caroll Bolick, Bootie Cranz, Al Baldwin, Bob Deaton, Dave Morris, Ben Hammett, Hank Supplee, Dee Frady, Managers Dick Dohrman and Tom Cordle. Coach Walter Rabb. 8 ■mm r. " ?t . ifcotn. ! ' A. .z rH .W Outfielders Tommy Saintsing, Johnny Bur. wyn, and Gerald Griffin. Infielders Vaughan Bryson, Larry Graver, Harold Workman, and Ferg Norton. UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC 11 3 4 4 6 3 2 2 5 1 4 2 2 15 3 SCORES Dartmouth Connecticut Florida State Illinois Ithaca E. Carolina Clemson South Carolina Duke Wake Forest N. C. State Clemson South Carolina Duke Maryland Virginia N. C. State Duke Virginia Maryland Wake Forest N. C. State Clemson 1 7 9 11 Pitchers Wayne Young, Johnny Johnson, and Ben Harding. 308 ...the scene « ' - " Faster, man, she ; ' ou cm always te II ,1 Marlboro man! " Whafs a fc )ur-letter vord meaning . . .? " piKSES ' j k-- I. SV ' i H; i fiK 4:s SbH S2m ]UKJr| ji i L.. A 1- • I n T R R m Green and Howell: The table tennis terrors. Hey Ref ! He pinched me. TV wrestlers? No. Just intramurals. 310 U R R L S Second childhood, maybe? The primary function of the Intramural activities is to promote a broad program of competitive and recreational activities for the voluntary participation of the Carolina stu- dent body. The program includes team, individual, dual, co-recreational, and outing activities. Competition through fraternity, dormitory, graduate, and independent teams is promoted in tag football, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, handball, table tennis, badminton, softball, tennis, horse- shoes, and track. All Campus Sports, Special Events, and Club Activities are also emphasized. These include the Fresh- man Field Day, Gymnastics Club, and Fencing Club. This wide variety enables you to sample a sufficient number of activities to discover the one in which you are really in- terested and capable of participating. Broadhurst of ATO scoots to TD. Heart-stopping action in tag football. I ' N v 311 Dana Borden belts one in badminton. gins intramurals The women ' s program provides the same opportunities for broad recreational and competitive activities that are provided by the men ' s program. It provides an opportunity to realize that women can be skilled and enthusiastic partners in physical recreational sports as well as social activities; to make new and lasting friendships; and to have fun. Men and women have ample opportunity to participate together in annual events such as the Co-Rec Carnival, Co-Rec Volleyball, and Co-Rec Swimming. Participation in intramurals helps develop poise. " Rather embarrassing situation, don ' t you think. ' 312 ERMANS ■« The evening of May 6 saw the best year in German Club history come to a rocking climax, a climax spurred on by the high-tension music of Ray Charles and the down-to-earth blues of Joe Turner. A capacity Memorial Hail crowd witnessed the jumping Ray Charles and his vocal group, the Raelets, give voice to such hits as " Let the Good Times Roll " and " It Shoulda ' Been Me, " while Big Joe kept things moving with " Honey Hush " and " Shake, Rattle and Roll. " As the year drew to a close German Club officers thanked their lucky stars for some good breaks in booking and hoped that things will be as good next year. Joe Turner — " Boss of the Blues. ' L ' K The " Great " Ray Charles. RESEARCH GO • • • » • • • • m R Y ..,._ r .ixOf-l -. t i 1 .fe ? i " -■•;i! 1 f " " ' ■ ||g|M|H|ln Honoraries ■vfrt-I A • -■ : » . v . - •■ 1 ' : Order of tke OFFICERS 1958-1959 Raymond Mason Taylor ]aso - ' ' ' Paul Gene Strassler .M jf cJiJ i- ' ll l ... ' ' Harvey Peck Gramjuaf u John Clarke Whitaker, Jr X rysr u Argonauts inducted March 16, 1959 ' 627 Daniel Milton Lotz 628 Paul Lindsey WoodarJ 629 David Caesar Scurlock 630 Charles Riddell Huntington 631 Norman Barrett Smith 632 Albert Lewis Goldsmith, Jr. 633 Edward Carwile LeRoy 634 Donald Atlas Furtado 635 Lawrence Luther Lohr, Jr. 636 Hugh Lester Patterson 637 Wilton Elman Mason. Jr. 638 Alvin Larkin Kirkman 639 Wade Marvin Smith Students Argonauts 1959-1960 532 Kenneth Lawing Penegar 557 Edwm Osborne Ayscue, Jr. 559 Raymond Mason Taylor 589 George Robinson Ragsdale 590 John Aitken Sneden, Jr. 596 Paul Gene Strassler 613 Joseph Francis Quigg 614 Roland William Payne, Jr. j. -«v 620 Harvey Peck a v ' ' I 627 Daniel Milton Lotz y lllr j ' 631 Norman Barrett Smith A ljr I ' fi 633 Edward Car vile LeRoy ' i llr nil II r 636 Hugh Lester Patterson 639 Wade Marvin Smith Epvai-d|T Edgar Ralph Rankin Robert Burton House Ernest Lloyd Mackie Albert Coates Joe Burton Linker Corydon Perry Spruill Frederick Carlyle Shepard Julius J. Wade Earle Horace Hartsell Joseph Maryon Saunders Richard Beverly Raney Edgar Alexander Cameron Walter Smith Spearman, Jr. Frederick Henry Wea " er George Alexancier Heard Alfred Guy Ivey Ernest Craige Isaac Montrose Taylor James Frederick Newsome Edwin Sidney Lanier John Dewey Dorsett, Jr. Hugh Talmadge Lefler Harry Kitsun Russell amcs Clarence Wallace Raymond Lewis JefFeries, Jr. William Viest Taylor Frank William Hanft William Clyde Friday John A. Kirkland Robert Allison Fetzer " William Ernest Mackie " Walter Rcece Berryhill Roy VCalter Holsten John Lassiter Sanders Henry Parker Brandis, Jr. John M. Schnorrenber,g Julian Dewey Mason, Jr. Dudley Dewitt Carroll Archibald Henderson Thomas Anthony Rezzuto, Jr. " William X ' oodard McLendon Pneston Htrschel Epps Foster Fiti-Simonsl L(|uis Rou ' VALKY , w3r ir m-j M OFFICERS LuRUTH SUTTON, President JEAN MARI E SUTHERLAND, Secretary FRANCES ELLEN REYNOLDS, Vice-President SIPRA BOSE, Treasurer KAREN MARGARET MAGNUSON, Alumnae Secretary 281 Frances Ellen Reynolds 302 LuRuth SuHon 306 Sipra Bose 320 Karen Margaret Magnuson Grace Aycock Dorothy Phillips Consler Kotherine Kennedy Carmichoel Elizabeth Dougherty Childers Moyhew Fombrough Kathleen Boles Fink Ida Howell Friday MEMBERS 1959-1960 321 Sophie Myers Martin 329 Elizabeth lone Johnson 324 Melissa Blanche Osborne 330 Nancy Anne Baker 327 Nan T. Robinson 331 Diana Donaldson Harmon 328 Morcio Ellen Klingle 333 Rosemary Roberts ANAE AND HONORARIES Susan Walker Gustofson Martha Anne Richardson Carolyn Johnson Midora Sasaki Guion Griffis Johnson Sussie Sharp Mory Frances Kellam Patricio Denning Standford Elizobeth Louonno Kemble Jeonnine Thompson isobelle MacLeod Frances Angos Weaver Lydia Ann Moody Alpha Burkort Wettach Joy Eorp Pierce Lucinda Holderness Wilcox Anne Ellen Queen m t (Bvhtv of fte 0l i TOell OFFICERS Ralph Waldo Cummings, Jr President Jack Holland Spain, Jr. . . . Vice-President Lu Ruth Sutton Secreiary-Treasurer Ernest Lloyd Mackie Recorder EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Officers and Mary Dewey Dance Richard Hill Robinson, Jr. Hugh Lester Patterson Alternates Charles Edward Wilson Charles Wood Pittman, Jr. 1 William Donald Carinichacl, III 2 William Robert Coulter 3 Jesse Henry Dedmond 4 Peter Harry Gerns 5 Samuel Hirsch CHARTER MEMBERS 6 Charles Louis Johnston. Jr. 7 Allard Kenneth Lowenstein 8 William Ernest Mackie 9 Basil Lamar Sherrill 1 Donald Gray Shropshire 1 1 Leonard Adolph Szafaryn 12 Dr. Samuel Thomas Emory 13 Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie 14 Dr. William Smith Wells 715 Nancy Ann Adams 716 Lula Sue Ballantin 717 Charlene Lynne Bass 718 James Douglas Bayliff 719 Silas Walker Blanton, Jr. 720 Robert Hanes Borden 721 Bennie Jo Carpenter 722 Richard Gordon Cashwell 723 William Graham Claytor 724 Charles Rowe Coley 725 Thomas Llewellin Cordle, Jr. 726 James Edward Crownover, Jr. 727 Mary Louise Crumbley 728 Ralph Waldo Cummings, Jr. 729 Dave McAlister Davis 730 David Samuel Evans 731 Mary Dewey Dance 732 Diana Arneson DeVere 733 Lucy Ann Forsyth 734 Walter Erwin Fuller, Jr. 735 Albert Otto Funderburk, Jr. INITIATES OF MARCH 12, 1939 736 Annie Lawrie Gard 737 Charles Dowd Gray, III 738 Robert McDonald Gray, 111 739 Jeffrey Averill Hare 740 Charles Riddell Huntington 741 Alton Everette James, Jr. 742 Betty Kaye Johnson 743 Diana Ruth Johnson 744 Jerry Lee Jones 745 Dorothy Douglass Kellam 746 Edward James Kelly, Jr. 747 Thomas Stephen Kenan, 111 748 Edwin Levy, Jr. 749 Lawrence Luther Lohr, Jr. 750 James Monroe Long 751 Denton Lotz 752 Ann Eleanor Lucas 753 Robert Simon Mathews 754 Barbara Faye Miles 755 Mary Susanne Mosteller 756 Prentis Harold O Tuel, Jr. 757 David Norfleet Parker 758 Hugh Lester Patterson 759 Harvey Peck 760 Ashmead Pringle Pipkin 761 Charles Wood Pittman, Jr. 762 Lucy Helen Posgare 763 Julius Rowan Raper, III 764 Donald Sanborn Redding 765 Richard Hill Robinson, Jr. 766 Jack Holland Spain. Jr. 767 Norman Barrett Smith 768 Jean Marie Sutherland 769 Lu Ruth Sutton 770 Lawrence Arthur Taylor, Jr. 771 Nanq ' Elizabeth Turner 772 Robert Alexander Turner, Jr. 773 Carolyn Vaught 774 John Clark Whitaker, Jr. 775 Charles Edward Wilson 776 Mark King Wilson, III 777 Paul Lindsey Woodard 320 ©rber of tfje rail X.VJB OFFICERS i RICHARD HILL ROBINSON, JR Delegata RALPH WALDO CUMMINGS, JR Scribe WALTER ERWIN FULLER, JR. . . . Exchequer JAMES MARTIN SCOTT . . Vice Exchequer SIR KNIGHTS Lawrence Byron Austin, III Hugh Lester Patterson James Edward Crownover, Jr. Julius Rowan Raper, III Ralph Waldo Cummings, Jr. Richard Hill Robinson, Jr. Walter Erwin Fuller, Jr. James Martin Scott Charles Dowd Gray, 1 1 1 • : J ' j Norman Barrett Smith George Wallace Grayson, Jr. Wade Marvin Smith David Lee Grigg Jack Holland Spain, Jr. Prentis Harold OTuel, Jr. phi beta kappa The Alpha Chapter of North CaroHna was estabhshed in 1904. Founded at the College of WilUam and Mary December 5, 1776, there are at present 164 chapters. OFFICERS William Happer, Jr Vresideut Bryan Wilson Roberts Vice-Vveudeut Mark King Wilson, III Recording Secretary Dr. Ernest L. Mackie Corresponding Secretary-Treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE William Happer, Jr President Bryan Wilson Roberts Vice-President Mark King Wilson, III Recording Secretary Dr. Ernest L. Mackie Corresponding Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Robert B. House Dr. Almonte C. Howell Dean Corydon P. Spruill founded at the college of LUilliam and nriary alpha chapter of north Carolina MEMBERS INITIATED MAY 12, 1959 Seniors Mourdine Baker Joan Marion Brock Barbara Marie Bush Mary Frances Collins Nancy Florence Crockett Albert Leonard Deal, III Charles Frederick Floyd Donald Atlas Furtado Robert McDonald Gray, III Susanne Hodges Robinson Hardy William Ardtey Hart Victor Graham Jamison, Jr. Thomas Allison Jones Wade Hampton Lefler, Jr. Richard Karl Lore Eve Leah McClatchey Henry Clay McPherson, Jr. Frances Robinson Merry Marian Lou Dickens Oakley Mary MacNeil Olmsted James Harris Purks, III Donald Sanborn Redding Frances Marion Saunders Donald Lewis Shaw Hal Jerome Shinn, Jr. Harley Ferguson Shuford, Jr. Margaret Dianne Simon Daniel Richard Southerland Harold Edward Stessel David Henry Suckow Lee Josel Tenenbaum Joann Darlene Wallace Mary Faye Williams Betty Pauline Wise MEMBERS INITIATED MAY 12, 1959 Bruce Holt Berryhill Silas Walker Blanton, Jr. James David Brock William Glenn Davis, Jr. William Happer, Jr. John Howard Payne Helms Robert Glenn Lewis Malcolm Hector McLean, III Theodore Carlton Moore, Jr. James Lee Parker Ashmead Pringle Pipkin ] union Julius Rowan Raper, III Br) ' an Wilson Roberts Richard Hill Robinson, Jr. Jerry Allen Smith Norman Barrett Smith Jack Holland Spain, Jr. Robert Franklin Steelman Chester Winfield Taylor, Jr. Mark King Wilson, III Heber Wilkinson Windley, Jr. MEMBERS INITIATED DECEMBER 8, 1959 David Stafford Ball Joseph Stevens Ferrell John Alden Gardiner George Milton Haddad, Jr. Frederick Henry Harris John Robert Hester Michael Orman Hill Loran Armstrong Johnson Frank Howard Lance, Jr. Clifton Darrell Mann James Mathis Merrell Wilson Burton Partin, Jr. Harry Michael Rosenberg Clifford Carlton Simpson, Jr. James Palmer Ward Paul Lindsey Woodard december fifth, seventeen hundred seventy-six phi eta sigma l-ii ' R,JU-: Fhilip turk- Sowers, Ji , Ian Morgan H.ippcr, Llewellyn Phillips, II, William Fred Hams, Gordon Daniel Robbins, John Raymond Yelverton, Richard Lenoir Sanders. Second Rou : Rupert Tarpley Pickens, III, James Reuben Cop- land, III, William Reynolds Allen, III, George Marion Paddison, James Patterson Browder, III, George Vi ' orth Campbell, Jr., Elliott Walker Stevens, Jr., Michael Geoffrey Shulman, James Curtis Stalker, Phillip Morris Kannan. Third Row: Ned Aaron Moore, William Slocum Howland, Jr., Floyd Harold Kushner, Ray Eugene Filer, Maurice Victor Barnhill, III, Johnson Burns Clinard, John Callanan Frye, Thomas Campbell Butler, Thomas K. Fitzgerald, Thomas Lemuel Presson. Fourth Row: Hilton McLeod Dickson, Jr.. Kenneth Milton ' ' heeler. Benjamin Franklin Lenhardt, Jr., Jesse Robert Peel, David Fletcher Harper, Bobby Forrester Caviness, Donald Slater Stokes, Norton Fortune Tennille, Jr., Jimmy Turner Inscoe. Fif h Row: Carroll Lee Gray, Edwin Gray Mcndenhall, Robert Hodges Bilbro, John Eric Parrish. Absent from Picture: Bobby Dean Armes, Lawrence Dayle Henry, Gordon Nicholas Ross. Phi Eta Sigma is a freshman honorary scholarship fraternity which was established at the Uni- versity of Illinois in 1923. The University of North Carolina chapter was established in 1947, there now being 97 chapters in the United States. OFFICERS Norton Fortune Tennille, Jr President George Worth Campbell, Jr Treasurer Llewellyn Phillips, II Vice-PresJde t Ned Aaron Moore Historian Robert Hodges Bilbro Secretary Dr. Ernest L. Mackie Faculty Adviser Professor M. A. Hill, Jr. Dean Cecil Johnson HONORARY MEMBERS Professor Ernest L. Mackie Professor Corydon P. Spruill 324 beta gamma sigma Beta Gamma Sigma is the only national honorary society in the field of com- merce and business recognized by the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. The organization originated at the University of Wisconsin in 1907. Alpha of North Carolina Chapter was established here in 1933. The purposes of this society are: to encourage and reward accomplishment among the students of commerce and business administration ; to promote the advancement of educa- tion in the art of science of business; and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operations. OFFICERS Malcolm H. McLean President Clifton D. Mann Secretary Michael O. Hill Treasurer Professor Joe S. Floyd Honorary President Professor Isaac N. Reynolds Faculty Secretary MEMBERS INITIATED MAY 11, 1959 HONORARY George Watts Hill, Sr. SENIORS David Stafford Ball Ernst Bischoff Kemm James Garland Lane, Jr. William John Moore Randolph Edward Morrissett, Jr JUNIORS Michael Orman Hill Clifton Darrell Mann Malcolm Hector McLean MEMBERS INITIATED DECEMBER 3, 1959 GRADUATES Richard Wylly Molten SENIORS James Sherman Belk Clyde O. Draughon, Jr. Walter Erwin Fuller Jack Powell GuUey Henry Wood Harris William David Hoover Jan Witold Karcz Rudolph Phillip Lamone Sterling G. McDevitt JUNIORS Joseph Milam, Jr. 325 alpha phi omega 1 BROWN CORDLE DUFF EASLEY EFLAND JOLLY KEMP KITTREDGE KNIGHT LAMBETH McDonald McDOVCELL McNeill marshblrn MORGAN MURPHY NORTON PARTIN SCOTT SEAWELL SPADER 326 OFFICERS Angus MacLean Duff President Lee Denniston Kittredge Vice-Presideni James Martin Scott Vice-President Donald Robert Marshburn Secretary James Patrick Morgan Treasurer Allen David Spader Alumni Secretary Neil Francis Murphy Historian HISTORY Alpha Phi Omega, the only national service fraternity, was founded at Lafayette College in 1925. Rho Chapter, the local chapter, was established in 1930. The Torch and Trefoil is the official magazine of the fraternity and the colors are blue and gold. ANGUS DUFF President Pledges are greeted with a handshake. PLEDGE CLASS First Row: Morton, Hamer, Stonkker, Cunningham, Maree. Seiond Rou George, Dixon, Tanksley, Wilson. Third Row: Brady, Cole, Scott, Garriss, VC ' illiams, Brown. Lonq. Bates. LJL alpha epsilon delta BERRYHILL President BLl ' ME BRADSHAW BYRAN I ' ice-President BL ' ILER CHASTAIN CIRRY FOX GRUBB HOCUTT Secretary McLEOD MONROE PARKER PARRISH SAYERS STEM Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national honor society for pre-medical and pre- dental students. It was founded at the University of Alabama, April 28, 1926. There are over 13,000 members in 64 active chapters throughout the U. S. The North Carolina Beta Chapter was founded at the University of North Carolina on March 27, 1936. The object of the society, to recognize excellence in pre-medical and pre-dental scholarship, has grown to include stimulation of the pre-medical and pre-dental student by presentation of speakers from the medical field, assistance to him by helping him to realize his responsibilities in his pr e-professional education, and benefit to him by the offer of the com- panionship of similarly interested students. 328 phi mu alpha-sinfonia ADAMS CANNON COOKE DUNN EANES EARGLE FETZER President GARDINER Viee-Prendeiil GOODE KELLAM KENDALL LAMBETH Secreliiiy Mcdowell MARTIN SULLIVAN WHITE L .4 H K jM |l " f fl Wum PLEDGE CLASS First Row: Mayhew, Barham, McKenzie, Hurst. Second Row: Brown, Greeson. Rhodes, Fox, Holmes. Third Row: Finison, Williamson, Ellis, Harriss, Bergeron, Paschal, Ekstrom, Day. Founded in 1898 at the New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, Mass., Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia is the oldest Greek letter music organization in the United States. Phi Mu Alpha both advances the cause of music in America and fosters the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music. Alpha Rho Chapter, founded in 1926, takes an active part in furthering musical activities at the Uni- versity of North Carolina. The chapter annually pre- sents a concert devoted to the performance of works by American composers and frequently includes com- positions by fraternity members. Whenever possible, Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia brings to the campus well- known artists. 329 national science foundation Finl Roll.- Walter H. ' VChetler, Paul E. Shearin, Neal H. McCoy, Edward A. Cameron, H. R. Totten. Secoml Ron: Emily Jackson, Moses Blair, Betty Altman, Margaret Rogers, Georgia Morris, Betty Marie Welch, Mary Lou ' Wheeler, Wilhelmina Bishop, June Burgess, Ronnie Marshall, Richard Shaffer, W, J. Waters, Thud Row: Anthony Lazzaro, Elizabeth Otwell, Patricia Barrow, Vivian Brown, Catherine Steel- man, Josephine Hillsman, Percell Bowser, Grace McCarty, Calvin Moats. Fourth Row: Rex Baird, Albert Setzer, Marlet Ness, Gene Johnson, Allan Peters, Chester L. X ' illiams, William C. Johnson, Lee Allison, John Dunn. Fifth Row: J. L. Nanncy, Max Riley, Ira Geer, James Keyes, Jasper Morris, Gene McClure, Chester Rogerson, Joe Troutman, George Thomson. Sixth Row: Conley Clarke, James E. Tidemore, Billy Chilton, Dan Stallings, Don Rod,gers, Joe Taylor, Robert Kitzmiller, Mel Fuller, Dudley Herron. The University of North CaroUna was host to the third Academic Year Institute sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Fifty high school teach- ers of science and mathematics ha e returned to col- lege to participate in this program, directed by Dr. Edwin C. Markham. Teachers from several states are spending a year together reviewing basic principles and concepts, be- coming acquainted with new developments in science and mathematics, acquiring new methods and goals. Through lectures and discussions, the group has am- ple opportunity ' to explore common problems and to exchange ideas in their fields of interest. Intellectually refreshed in the areas of biological and physical sciences, mathematics, and education, these teachers — many with new Masters ' degrees — return to the classroom to help prepare tomorrow ' s citizenry. 330 HONORARY SOCIETY JAMES MARTIN SCOTT .... ROBERT MICHAEL CHILDS . . COUNCIL FOY BRADSHAW . . Epistates . . . Grammateus . . Thesauro-Phylax PRYTANIA Charter Members Wesrey Neil Bass Robert Wilson Carter Charles Dunn Edward U. Hallford William E. Houser Thomas N. Waiters Honorary Members William B. Aycock J. S. Bennett Donald Atlas Furtado Robert B. House Raymond L. Jeffries Thomas Johnson Robert White Linker Walter Rabb James E. Wadsworth James C. Wallace Robert T. Young O TANS Council Foy Bradshaw Gerald Curtis Chichester Robert Michael Childs Thomas Lleweliin Cordle, Jr. James Edward Crownover Philip Strowd Edwards Albert Otto Funderburk, Jr. Joseph Glenn Herndon William Harrison Johnson, Jr. James Martin Scott Norman Barrett Smith Benjamin Wayne Taylor Raymond Mason Taylor Thomas Livingston White, Jr. IBE OFFICERS Yates Shuford Palmer President David Castello Loughlin Social Chairman Sarah Forrest Morrison Treasurer MEMBERS Susan Scott Bowles Sidney Sawyer Campen Grover Cleveland Cauthin Lewis Randolph Cody Dabney Minor Coddington John Morgan Darden, III William Finley Davis Paul Wilson Elam Decia Jeanette Elder James Gray Galloway Mary Edith Gregory Mary Suzanne Hatcher Louise Grady Johnson Robert Lee Lynn William Watkins Merriman, III Ann Livingston Miller Marjorie Rawles Moore John Norris O ' Bannon, Jr. Jane Elizabeth Park Cordelia Richards Robinson Horace Palmer Robmson Elizabeth Ann Shaw Julia Culpepper Stutts William Henry Watkms, IV Mary Lee Wetzell Jenny Lee Whitehurst Lida Voigt Young 332 a ,b? v MEMBERS 100 Sylvia Meade Bonner 101 Joan I. Castle 102 Emily Hawk Hill 103 Lu Ruth Sutton 104 Sally Frances Beard 105 William Graham Claytor 106 Ellen M.Churchill 107 Muriel S. H. Dang 108 Nancy Margaret Faison 109 Sophie Myers Martin 110 Jack Holland Spain 111 PaulE. Wehr 112 Wayne Clark Anderson 113 Nancy Etta Awbrey 114 Diana Donaldson Harmon 115 Ralph Haywood Holthouser 116 Elizabeth lone Johnson 1 17 William Whitaker Moose 118 Mary Mase Morgan 119 Thomas Lewis Overman 120 David Norfleet Parker 121 Mary Sue Short 122 Mark Cushman Thelin 123 Katrina Crapon Tiedeman HONORARIES 124 Katherine Kennedy Carmichael 125 Frances Burns Hogan 126 Raymond Lewis Jefferies 127 Charles C. Bernard 128 Isabelle MacLeod 129 Hanson Douglas Sessoms 333 ORDER OF THE minRTflURS OFFICERS Francis Craighill President David DeVere Vice-President Richard Mason, Jr Secretary-Treasurer Thomas H. Alexander Arch T. Allen, III John R. Bender, Jr. Ralph S. Bender Clifford Blythe John A. Brabson Clyde M. Campbell, Jr. Milton C. Campbell Alpheus B. Carr Charles M. Carson Ed Carter W. James Carter, Jr. Marion Costello Stephen C. Cowper Bob Cunningham Edward A. Daughtry Paul W. Elam, Jr. Arthur D. Eldridge Bud Ellerbee James Galloway Archer B. Glenn Oscar H. Hariss James Holland Stacy Holmes Cris Jones James Leggette Robert Little John N. O ' Bannon Dewitt McCotter Ralph McDonald, Jr. Donald McMillion, Jr. Yates S. Palmer, Jr. John A. Payne, IV Mack B. Pearsall Jonas S. Rice, Jr. Walter Ridenhour James F. Roberts Alan J. Simpson Loy D. Thompson Wesley A. Trotter, Jr. Charles K. Warren William H. Watkins, IV David S. Wilson Dillon Wooten Hal Venable Worth, III Hazel Zealey 334 Professional M- -S- ' ' » ' i alpha kappa psi HISTORY Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest professional business fraternity in the world. Alpha Tau Chapter, first installed at UNC in 1925, has many professional programs and services available not only to its mem- bers but to all students of the University. ADKINS BARBER BERRY BRYAN BRYANT CAULEY GULP Secretary 1-ISHER Huuse Mjihi FITZULA GLENN HARMON HERNDON HOOVER JENNINGS LEONARD MERRICK ONEAL PARKS QUICK RHYNE ROWE SCHROEDER SHAFFER SIMPSON Treasurer TA ■LOR WHITE WILSON President 336 LAURENCE G. WILSON President DIANE SNAKENBURG " Home Sweet Home. ' " The pause that refreshes. ' " Like work, man. ' %■ t: ' 4. 1 ,. .iCV . r.ii£ 3:-kU- . j4 •il ;» " y ' » ' PLEDGE CLASS Fiisl Roir: Rudy Oates, Larry Medford. Dick Wofford, Rex Rouse. Second Row: J. D. Davis. Barton Tuck, Ken Grogan, Henry Graham, Bob Brown. Danny Watts. Third Row: Larry Ward, Bill Lee, Harry Petty, Dan Slate, Dick Rodriquez, Howard Parton, Dave Brady. delta sigma pi ATKINSON AITRV BERRY BOLICK PiesideiU COX DAVIS FLOYD GIBBONS HAMLET HARRIS HUMMEL Vice-President JAMES LYTLE Mccormick McMillan ODEA OSBORNE PASS POOLE RAY ROBERTS SPENCER TEAL TIMBERLAKE TYSON 338 v C KATHERINE DAVIS Rose oj Delia Sigm.i Pi P TED BOLICK PresidenI Dear Yack . . . The year in retrospect . . . Bear and Teddy Bear always pawing at each other . . . Teenager and Jimmy " Mac " like Raleigh . . . Chink, Cowboy, and Snake all in one room . . . Sam and Ed give " the Pledge " many troubles . . . " Willie " and his high school friends . . . Midriff and Sonnie find Hanes House . . . Graham and Teal pull the early morning stunt . . . Atkinson goes to W.C. or W.C. comes to him . . . O ' Dea racks on the mail everyday . . . R. Davis likes the Kappas muchly . . . Chancellor plays the wheel . . . twenty-three of the sharpest pledges ever . . . SSSteve works on the house . . . Tyson and Poole without their pins await a trip to Hogan ' s . . . " Baby Doll " and his juke box . . . Vita Craft Spencer sells on . . . all the old faces back for football . . . Mac, the Uke . . . Roberts captains the TV team . . . Bull sessions every night . . . Friday night parties ... a wonderful year . . . for all of us, it ' s been great fun . . . which leaves us the future . . . keep up the good work and " Have Fun " ... I will always hear you calling . . . Rose of Delta Sigma Pi. O. K. yuu guys, rush him hard. PLEDGE CLASS First Row: D. Webber, G. Mosely, M. Nelson, J. McGowan, L. Sawyer, M. Davis. Second Row: D. Page, M. Davis, M. Hicks, J. Barnett, G. Weaver, D. Pollock. Tbn4 Row: W. Crocker, H. Taylor, D. Strider, O. B. Smith, B. Talbert, J. Strickland, B. Grover, B. Williams, A. Haines, C. Bumgarner, J. Shuler, P. Thompson. student REfl Firsl R..u: H Ch.pptr, D. Smith, M. Eason, B. Coble. P. Sawyer. N. Johnson, B. Phillips. J. Rivenbark, S. Stainback. Second Row: L. Slagle, N, Boatwright, G. Melton, S. Bryant. L. Hirt, S. Davis, N, Johnson, R. Wells, B. Anderson. M. Solenberger. Third Row: P. Raymer, G. Earle, M. Laxton, J. DuBose, K, Farrior, J. Carver. S. therry, B. Brodie, M. Turlington. Fomlh Row: N. LeGrande, P. Stallings. B. Ball, N. Massengill, R. Dono, R. McLean, M. Roesel. D. Garriss, R. Morris, A. Smith. E. Whitley, B. Howey, S. Brown, C. Pascal. Fijlh Row: G. Carter, C. Chapman, S. King, L. Gault, S. Blackwell, B. Colclough. B. Hammett. A. Baldwin. J. Karpati. B. Morton, H. Allred, G. Huffman. Sixth Row: J. Suber. N. Rhodes, B. McLamb, M. Parker, A. McRorie. M. Custis, B. Hardin, C. Herbert, B. Crowther, F. Rhyne, J. Farris, B. Baxter. OFFICERS Margaret Ray Presideiil Charles Hellard Vice-Preside)!t Phyllis Blake Secretary Eleanor Cain Treasurer The Frank Porter Graham Student Education Associa- tion is a chapter of the Student National Education Association and the Department of Future Teachers of the North Carolina Education Association. The organization strives to acquaint its members with various aspects of the field of teaching and to encourage both the social and professional growth of the individual student. This is accomplished by means of programs woven around relevant themes, participa- tion in various projects, and the encouragement of student-faculty relationships. 340 Fnt Row: Bub Tesh, Paul Rhodes. Clovd Hall, X ' arien Denise, A. Vinctnt Kcvcs, I homas Xiot, F. Thomas Bear, Donald ,s. Rtddinu. John F. Renfro, Bob BouKvarc. Second Row: Bayard Hovdesven, David Hoguc. Matthew W. iNorman, Charles K. Woodruff, Bob Hcaden, (ohn Copeland, Thomas R. Allen, Adin Rucker. Third Row: Harry Williams, C. H. Hayes, R. B. Childers, Norris Link, Eugene H. Brooks, Phillip H. Pedlow, Edward C. Austell, Roger Miles, John Holmes, Jim Brewer, Jim Whitney, Larry Wilson, M. LeRoy Bradbury, Jr., Dudley Roy Watson, Lee J, Tenenbaum, Frank Minter, Jr., Von B. Hamrick, Jr. mBRclub The Master of Business Administration Club was organized in 1953 shortly after the MBA program was initiated at the University of North Carolina. Objectives of the club include promotion of close student-faculty relationships, coordination of the aca- demic program with actual business situations and problems, and the development of high professional ideals. Activities include social gatherings, publication of an alumni newsletter, and the sponsoring of addresses by leaders in the academic and business world. OFFICERS Eugene Brooks, Bob Boulware, Cloyd Hall, Phillip Pedlow, Bayard Ho desven, Vincent Keyes. 3-11 T E N N I .::.3; rOACH DON SKAKLE AND f APTAIN GEOFFREY BLACK With only two starters from 1958, Geotifrey Black and Ben Keys, on the roster and a new coach in Don Skakle, a former Tar Heel tennis great, things looked bleak for Carolma ' s tennis team. To make matters worse they dropped 3 of the first 4 matches to Illinois and Rollins. But beginning with their first Conference match with Maryland there was no stopping the Tar Heels. They repeated their performance of 1938 by making a clean sweep of the Atlantic Coast Conference competition. Led by Geoffrey Black who was ably backed by Ben Keys, Bruce Sylvia, Marshall Happer, and Walter Lockett, the Tar Heel netters compiled a 12-3 record and placed first in the ACC meet. They also won the John Kenfield Trophy which is presented to the team winning the most points in the tournament. Fiiil Row: Tommy Ricks, Webb Durham, Phil Causey, Walter Lockett. SeconJ R ' ni: P.u Halev. Bruce Svlvia. Geoffrey Black, Marshall Happer, Ben Keys, Coach Don Skakle. MARSHALL HAPPER UNC Ben Keys returns a high serve. BRUCE SYLVIA SCORES OPP Illinois 5 Illinois 3 Rollins 5 Rollins 6 Maryland 1 Virginia 1 South Carolina 1 Davidson Clemson 2 N. C. State Davidson 2 Duke 3 Georgetown 4 George Washington 2 Wake Forest BEN KEYS WALTER LOCKETT TOMMY RICKS monogram BOB SHUPIN President The Monogram Club is an honorary organization for the athletes on the Carolina campus who have attained enough promise in their individual sport or sports to merit their earning a varsity letter. Once an athlete has won one letter, he has the privilege of becoming an active member of the Monogram Club. These are the boys who have fought hard for Carolina ' s glory until the last sound of the whistle. AH have worked hard — no one earns a letter without some extra effort and work on his part. officers of the Monogram Club are Ross Hawkins, Fred Mueller, Tom Cordle, Bob Shupin, Bins Somers, John Schroeder. rwT ' mi 1 T rt • ■ i ' J i- J H H 344 club The Monogram Club. popular on-campus eating place. First Row: Harvey Hamrick, Vince Simonton, Harry Bloom, Bob Quackenbush, Wade Smith, Moyer Smith, Tom Cordle, Frank London, Sonny Folkomer, Tom White, Bob Shupin. Second Rou-: Bob Eubanks, Sam Douglas, Bing Somers. Benjamin Seagle, Milam Wall, Fred Mueller, Al Goldstein, Bruce Sylvia, Joe Perrini, John Schroeder, Dave Lefler, David Shoaf. Third Ron : Jim Rice, Ralph Steele, Earl Butler, Stunda. Ross Hawkins, Dick Kepley, John Oakley, Jack Cummings, Jimmy Davis, Ed Lipski, Henry Clement, Rabe Walton, Frank i» " Uf ' J 1 f o f :«K;; . ' 4 r.; r. p 345 vKa. 4 31 SPLASH CLL ' B Front Row: Becky Clopper, Pieiident: Linda Rehm. B.ick Ron: Diane Trammell, Martha Custis. Mimi Smith, Judy Singletary, Mae Eason, Bobbie Brundage, Pam Perry, Sybil Mathis. UURR The Women ' s Athletic Association is an organization of which every CaroUna co-ed is a member. An ex- tensive intramural program of various sports is planned each year. A number of recreational and sport clubs are sponsored by the WAA. These in- clude: Splash Club, Modern Dance Club, Tennis Club, Golf Club, and Basketball Club. Some of the events sponsored by these club s are a water ballet, a modern dance recital and an annual " Tennis Day " in which participants from many North Carolina colleges enter into competition. The WAA also plans co-recreational intramurals with the men, the high- light being " Co-Rec Night. " The Splash Club, featured above, is Carolina ' s synchronized swimming club. It has a limited mem- bership attained from interested women students who wish to try out. The I960 show, " Broadway Remi- niscences, " in which the numbers were planned and directed by the members, was a huge success. WAA REPRESENTATIVES First Row: McCrary, Bolton, Custis, Brundage, Wyrick, Clopper, Homeyer. Second Rou: Smith, Zambetti, Lominac, Morris, Deal, Hunter, Fulenwider. Third Row: Moore, Patterson, Smith, Sink, McLaughlin, Leach, Crawford. Fourth Row: Kenney, Ayres, Billingsley, Rehm, Ringwalt. athletic counci The Athletic Council was inaugurated into the ath- letic program in 1926 for the purpose of promoting athletics at the University along lines of good sports- manship and high standards of personal character. All matters pertaining to athletics fall under the jurisdiction and control of the Council, with the pro- vision of full veto power belonging to the President of the University. O. K. CORNWELL Chairman From Row: C P Erickson. W B, Avcock, Isaac T. Averv, Dr. Frank Hanft, Lee Folger. B.ick Row: Vernon Crook, Angus Duff, Tom Cordle. Jim CiounoMr O K f nrnwell, frowdl Ijttlc Ahieiil: Dr. E. M. Hedgepeth, R. A. Fetzer. 347 ...the scene A neon glow casts a magic spell over the darkened streets of the Village . . " You can make it, Sam; it ' s just a little farther. " Another man who thinks for himself . . Hmmmmmmram . . . " Why not . ' In t ' nn.l . ni lo inc nienior ' of those who have gone down at sea » 351 " It ' s much more fun with the top down, isn ' t it, honey? " Hf 1 - -m- m ur %mm There s cold cream now in Camay. The Sociables ' Well, they told us to go play in the street!! " November 26, 2; 00 P.M. November 26, 2:05-4:30 P.M. ' Hang down your head, Blue Dc " X " . . . obviously not Sweetbriar " Sleep well, dawgie; your National Guard is awake. ' Graduate School GRRDURTE SCHOOL ALEXANDER HEARD Dean For more than a century the University of North Carolina has offered instruction beyond the Bachelor ' s degree. A Master ' s degree in course was awarded as early as 1856 and the first degree of Doctor of Philosophy was conferred in 1883. In 1922, the University was invited to join the Association of American Universities, an organization of the principal institutions offering graduate work in North America. On these pages are some of today ' s aspirants for graduate degrees which may be earned in more than fift) ' curricula, including most departments in the arts and sciences and many areas of professional training. The University ' s grad- uate students regularly come from more than forty states and over twenty foreign countries, comprising a stimulating fellowship in the quest for learning. First Row : Adcock, Edith Jeanine, Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Kappa Delta, Jaelcson, Miss.; Allen. Thomas Ray, Winston-Salem; Ames, William S.. Bei- wyn. Pa.; Amura. Ali Miludi. Tripoli. Libya; Sathit, Atibodhi, Thonburi, Bangkok, Thailand; Austell, Edward Callaway, Beta Theta Pi, Spartanburg, S. C. Second Row: Baird, James Rex, Morganton; Barber, Amzi Godden, Jr., Sigma Chi, Birmingham, Ala.; Bealle, James Burnitt, Jr„ Pi Kappa Alpha, Greenwood, Miss.; Bear, Frederick Thomas, Jr., Wilmington, Del.; Berry. Feriba Ann, Wilmington; Berryhill, Virginia Farmer, Dur- ham. Third Row: Bishop, Willielmina Williams, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Raleigh; Blackwell, Frederick Waviie. Sigma Chi, Pi Mv Epxihu,, Phi Eta Sitnim. Klk hart, Ind.; Blair, Moses A. E., (h,i,,i,i Pxi Phi. Gastonia; Blewns, Ceraldine, Nurtli Wilkes- boro; Boecker, Ebeiliaril, Wittcn-Kulir. liei- niany; Bradbury, Malphus Lero ' , Ji " .. Wilson. Fourth Row : Bradshaw. Molly, Glenwood Springs, Col.: Brock, Joan Marion. Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa Tau Alpha, Burlington; Brooks. Eugene H., Jr., Durham; Brown. Lawrence Atwood. Kin- ston; Brown, Sally Virginia, Alpha Phi, Fair- mont. W. Va.; Burley, William Wade, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Spartanburg, S. C. Fifth Row : Carlton, Patrick William, Alexandria, Va.; Chandler. Patricia Louise, Dalton, Ga.; Chat- terjee. Jaxanta, Chapel Hill; Coats. Deane. Roxboro; Coe. Robert Kimball, New Britain, Conn.; Cole. Isabella J.. Delta Sigma Theta, Raleigh, Sixth Row ; Craddock, George Edward. Jr.. Cary; Cren- shaw, Margaret G.. Lancaster, S. C. ; Dasgupta. Pranabendu. Calcutta. India; Eid. Malimoud Mohamed. Cairo, Egypt; Emory, Bobby Yates, Durham; Evans, Elizabeth, Statesville, 356 First Row : Fowler. Barbara Allen. Al pha Gamma Delta. Mt. Airy; Fukushima, Kozo. Westmont. 111.; Oalasso, George John. Chapel Hill; Garrow, Argle Scott. Phi Beta Kappa, Lambda Chi Alpha. Fayetteville: Gause. M. Victoria. Sea Cliff. N. Y.: Ghali, Jawad .Mohammed, Bagh- dad. Iraq. Second Row : Gibson. Rosalynde Vardell. Red Springs; Gilliam. Ned Donald. Charlotte; Godwin. Don- ald Fulton. Erwin; Gold. Jov Rochelle. Alpha Kappa Delta. Silver Spring. Md.; Gooch, Mar- garet McDiarmid. Pi Beta Phi, Jackson, Miss.; Cover. David Almon, Mt. Pleasant. Mich. Third Row: Graves. William Lionel. Alpha Tan Omega. Omicron Delta Kappa. Alpha Kappa Delta. Birmingham. Ala.; drover. Ralph Scott. Wil- mington; Hackleman. William Holland. Mem- phis. Tenn.; Hamilton. Martha Elizabeth, Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Kappa Delta. Sarasota. Fla.; Hammood. Abdul Yahva. Mosnlninvast. Irai): Hanirick. Vonnie Baxter. Jr.. Forest City. Fourth Row : Hardin. David H. S., Lansdowne. Pa.; Hayes. Lawrence Douglas. Kernersville ; Haynie. Duke McClary. Delta Sifima Pi. Fayetteville; Heidt- mann, Peter Wallace. East Norwich. N. Y. ; Hicks. Kenneth Lamar. Jackson. Tenn.; Hills- man. Josephine .McCraw. Farmville. Va. Fifth Row : Hilt. Richard L.. Traverse City. Mich.; Hix. C. Eugene. III. Fayette. Mo.; Hocutt. Robert Lee. Durham: Holtenhoff. Gerald Alan. Mil- waukee. Wis.: Holzhauer. George Robert. Troy. N. Y.; Hoover. Robert Lloyd. Pi Kappa Phi. Siffma Pi Sinnia. Sifima Xi. Chapel Hill. Sixth Row : Home. Thomas Bennett, Erwin; Hougli. John McManus. Jr.. Phi Dellii Kappa . Chapel Hill; Hubert. Carol Ann. Oakland, Calif.; Inman. Franklin Pope. Jr.. Chi Phi. Drltn Phi Alpha, Seventh Row: Jackson. Emily Virginia. Delta Kappa Gamma, Charleston. S. C; Jacobs. Edith Claire. New- York. N. Y.: Johnson. Robert Stanley. Frank- fort. Ky. : Johnson. William Harrison. Jr.. Statcsville; Kalaiah. Narasiah. Mysore Uni- versity. India; Keith. Marvin Owen. Franklin- ton. Kim. Eighth Row : Ketler. Robert Edward. Wyncote. Pa. Kwang Soo, Myrtle Beach, S. C: Lame Jeanette. Chi Omega, Des Moines. Iowa; Lim. James K. J.. Singapore. Singapore: Long. Frances Bodenheimer. Concord; Lyon, Robert K.. Carrollton. Mo. Ninth Row : McBane, Carol Cornelia, Snow Camp; McClure, Charles Goddard. Jr.. Charlotte: McClure. William Eugene. Sylva ; McCoin. John Mack, Sparta; McDaniel. Geraidine, Fayetteville; .McDonald. Murray Frank. Hartsville. S. C. Tenth Row : McLaughlin, Ellen W.. Roosevelt. Long Island. N " . Y.; MeXease. Judith Anne. Fayette. Ala.; Matthews, Joe Carroll, East Bend; Mecimore. Charles Douglas, China Grove; Mikhail, Wadie Kaltas. Cairo, Egypt; Miles, Roger Everett, Lynn Haven, Va. 357 f f 1 1 1 First Row: Minschew. William Edward. Jr.. Wilson ; Molten. Richard Wylly, Sigma Nu, Chapel Hill; Moore. Mary McCullodi. Norfo ' k. Va.: Morris. Georgia. Kenlv : Morrissett. Randolph Edward. Jr.. Beta Theta Pi. Beta Gamma Sigma, Greensboro; Morse. John Thomas. Ex- celsior, Minn. Second Row: Morter. Dale Cline. Cliino. Calif.; Morton. . lbert Jackson. Jr.. Albemarle; Moser, Doro- thea Joan. Chapel Hill: Nisbet. Charles Rich- ard. Beta Theta Pi. Char:otte; Nishihara. Masa. Toyonaka-City. Osaka. Japan; North. Helen Elizabeth, Atlanta. Ga. Third Row: Oldehoeft, Arthur Earl, St. Louis. Mo.; Orense. Marcelo M.. Manila. Philippines; Padgett. Richard Boylan. Wilmington; Patsel. Elmer Ralph. Jr.. Roanoke. Va.: Phillips. Jasper Louis. Jr.. Kinston; Phillips. Kenneth Rogers, Bakersville. Fourth Row: Polhemus. Ann S.. Chi Omega. Charleston. .S. C. : Putnam. Jane Marshall. Orlando, Fla.; Quade. Dana Edward Anthony. Pacific Pall- ia. It . Calif.; Keddiiis:. Donald Sanborn. Phi fiitii Knp m, Bitii iiaiiimd Sigma. A.sheboro; Koiifro, Juliii Fnuiklin. Jr.. Spartanburg, S. C; Reyaiuddin. .Mohaninied. Bihar. India. Fifth Row : Rhodes. Paul Chilion. Charlotte; Russell. Frances Mullins, Newbern, Tenn.: Schoen. Harrv Frederick. IH. Sioma .V». Washington. I). C: Simpsiin, William Francis. Jr.. Greens- boro: Skulasim. Villijalinur Grimur. Hafnar- fjor.lur. Iceland: Slade. Arthur Laird. Delta Theta Delta, Aiken. S. C. Sixth Row: Smith. Frank Lannnm. Asliford, Ala.; Somer- ville. William Henrv. Gastonia ; Steelman. Catherine V.. Winston-Salem; Stern. Jerome Hillel. Chapel Hill; Tallon. Philip L.. Alvhu Sigma Phi. Roselle. . J.; Taylor. Walter Clyde. Plii Delta Kappa. Salisbury. Seventh Row: Thelin. Mark Cushman. Sioux Falls. S. D.; Tliiiinas. . nnie Wilfred, Mt. Airy; Thompson. Cynthia Julia. Durham: Tirtha. Ranjit. Simla- 11. India: Tontz. Joanne Charlotte. Alpha Omi- irn„ Pi, Greensboro; Tyson. George Ella, Jr.. Delta Sigma Phi. Elm City. Eighth Row: Underwood. Mary Evelyn. Waynesville; ' an Zyl. Gideon Johanne- Jacobus. Stellenbosch. Union of South Africa : Walter. Kenneth Gaines. Delta Tau Delta. Siaina liamma Epsi- loii, . tlanta, Ga.; Walter-. Robert Oaklev, Chapel Hill; Watson, Dudley Ray. Kinston; Wehr, Paul Ernest. New Smyrna Beach. Fla. Ninth Row: Wells. David Marsden. Wilmington: Wheeler. Mary Lou Browning. Charlotte: White. Dorcas Imogene. Win- ton-Saleni ; Wingrove. Charles Ray. Falmontli, Va.: Witliers. Nancy Ruth. Alpha Phi, .U " Phi Kpsih,,,. Kapim Delta Pi, Pi Delta Phi, Kingwood. W. a.: Wolf. Charles Michael, Spindale. Tenth Row: Wolfe. Sally Parks. Mount Olive; WoodrutT. Charles Kenneth. Raleigh; Wooslev, Norma Lee, Clemmons; Young. .Mrs. Sarah Varner. Salisbury; Vuengert, John Louis, Butler. Pa. 358 Law School The School of Law of the University of North Carolina was founded in 1843 as a private school by Judge William H. Battle. It became affiliated with the University in 1845 when Judge Battle was made a Professor of Law. The de- gree of Bachelor of Laws was conferred on those completing the prescribed two-year course. Today, the prescribed course of study is three years. The School of Law is approved by the North Carolina Board of Law Examiners. It is a member of the Association of American Law Schools, is listed as an approved law school by the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, American Bar Association, and is registered as an approved law school by the State Department of Education of the State of New York. H. P. BRANDIS, JR. LAW SCHOOL FACULTY First Row: V. Lee Bounds, Frederick B. McCall, Mary W. Oliver, M. T. Van Hecke, Robert H Wettach, Albert Coates, Daniel H. Pollitt. Sec- ond Ron.- Roddey Ligon, John P. Dalzell, George W. Hardy, 111, Clyde L. Hanft, Robin L. Hinson. LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATION Duane C. Johnson, Chief Justice; Franklin R. Brown, Treasurer; James D. Burroughs, President; John M. Rosenberg. Louis Single- ton. Secretary. N. C. LAW REVIEW E. Osborne Ayscue, Nick Fisher, Bailey Patrick, Jr., Sherwood H. Smith, Walton K. Joyner. « » • • First Row : Allen. Claude William, Jr., Creedmoor; Askew, Stell Blake, Jr., Chapel Hill; Barnes, Henson P,. Elizabethtown ; Bass, Gerald Lane. Have- lock; Benoy. Jean Allen. Rutlierf ordton ; Blankenship, Mercer Jefferson, Jr,. Charlotte. Second Row: Brannon. Anthony Mason, Durham; Carroll, Edwin Thomas, Durham; Carson. James Holmes, Jr.. Chapel Hill; Carter, Clarence W., Winston-Salem ; Cheatham, James Theodore, Chapel Hill; Chesson. Calvin White, Chapel Hill. Third Row: Collura, Vincent Paul, Miami, Fla.; Costen. Thomas Buie, Gatesville; Creekmore, Joseph Powell. Whiteville; Doyle. Howard Glenn. Zebulon ; Early. Walter Jackson. Rocky Mount; Etheridge, William Douglas. Oak City. Fourth Row : Evans. Gabriel Marlin. High Point; Everett. William Harrell. Jr., Williamston ; Groce, Ed- win Ray. Yadkinville; Gunn. Robert Louis, Chapel Hill; Hall. Robert L.. Hope Mills; Helms. Harold Parks. Charlotte. Fifth Row : Helms, John Howard Payne. Chapel Hill : Henderson. Perrin Quarles. Charlotte; Hensey. Charles MeKinnon. Maxton; Hill. James Chapelle. Smithfleld; Horton. Hugh Glenn, Jr.. Chapel Hill; Hunter. George Patrick, Jr., Char- lotte. Sixth Row : Johnston. Hall Morrison, Jr., Charlotte; Lamm. Donald Beatty. Wilson; Lee. Alvis Augustus, Greensboro; Lively, Knox Kent, HI, Reidsville; McLeod, Joe, Raeford; McNauU, William Dresser, Jr., Charlotte. Seventh Row : McNeely. Richard Pope, Statesville; Mazuy, Jon Claude, Newton, N. J.; Meisnere. Arthur S.. Chapel Hill; Mintz. Colon Shaw. Jr.. Ra- leigh; Miscall. Laurence. Jr.. Forest Hills. N. Y.; Moore, James Edgar, Greenville, Eighth Row: Odom. Thomas LaFontine, Charlotte; Patter- son, John Knox, Burlington; Payne Ro ' and William. Jr., Norfolk. Va.; Pearlhian. Robert Bruce. Greensboro; Poole. Samuel H. West End; Pope, Robert Willis. Fayetteville. Ninth Row : Potter, Ralph Meredith. Wilmington; Read. James Milton. Jr.. Halifax; Rector. William Baylis. Jr.. Chapel Hill; Rowe. Ronald D.. Lumberton; Sanders. Thomas Fred. Jr., High Point; Schreiber. James R., Arden. Tenth Row : Schwartz. Elliott Murwii-k, Cliarlotte; Shelton Charles Randal, Winston Salem; Stephenson, Larry Adams. Kmiiiav Springs; Stone. John Edgar, Siler City; inceiit. Charles Read, Murf reesboro ; Warlick, John Drew. Jr„ Jack- sonville. Eleventh Row : Weiler, Robert Kenneth. Chapel Hill ; Worslev, Gerald Killian, Greenville. mBm • ••••••••• First if ow .• Adams. John Patrick. Delta Theta Phi. Ashe- boro: Akins. Waverly F.. Delta Thetn Phi. Varina; . lexander. John Rea. Monroe; Al- phin. Oliver Wendell. Delta Theta Phi. Mount Olive; Alvis. Jerry Shumate, Phi Delta Phi. Chapel Hill; Auslander. Richard Charles. Reidsville. Second Bow : Barnhardt. ,Iohn MacFarland. Phi Delta Phi. Concord; Blvtlie, Rnhert Brevard, Phi Delta Phi. Hiintcr- vilU-: Ilipiiclurant. Marvin Vernon. Delta riiiti, I ' hi. ( h;ii» ' l Hill; Boone, Donald L., Phi Ih ' ltii Flu. llit ' li Point: Booth. Samuel Maslon, Phi .iliilia Delta. Graham; BriRRs. Ernest Ray, Phi Alpha Delta. Sanford. Third Row : Brown. Franklin Roosevelt. Phi Alpha Delta. Tarboro; Clay, Robert Morris, Phi Alpha Delta. Raleiffh; Coolidge, Warren, H.. Delta Theta Phi. Spring Lake; Curtis. Cecil Martin. Delta Theta Phi. Marion; Davis. Robert Victor. Jr.. Phi .ilpha Delta. Chapel Hill; Ferguson. Thomas Harry. Plii Delta Phi. Sylva. Fourth Row : Flovd, Jack William. Chapel Hill ; Fox. Charle Sugg. Phi Delta Phi. Favetteville; Fox. Eliza- beth Corbett. Chapel Hill; Fuller, Thomas C. n. Plii Delta Phi. Durliam; Futrelle, Robert Howard, Delta Theta Phi. Chapel Hill; Glaw- son, Joseph Jackson, Jr.. PJii Delta Phi. Char- leston, S. C, Fifth Row : Haire, Robert Phillip, West JelTerson; Harney, John Matthews, Phi Delta Phi. Edenton ; Hol- lowell, Edward Earl. Phi li.lta Phi. Auror.i : Huffman, Robert Lee. Heltn Thrta Phi. Kan- napolis; Humphrey. (leorge Dutlley. .Ir.. Phi Alpha Delta. Chapel Hill; James. Harvey W.. Delta Theta Phi, Burlington. Sixth Row : Jolly. Raymond A., Plii Delta Phi. Chapel Hill; Jones, Ridiard Sloan, Jr„ Phi Delta Phi. Franklin; Kearns. Edwin Nick. Delta Theta Phi. Lexington; Kerr. Jolin Hosea. HI. Phi Delta Phi. Warrenton; Loftin. Carl Wain- wright. Phi Delta Phi. Weaverville; MacRae. James Cameron. Phi Delta Phi. Chapel Hill. Seventh Row : McCoy, Dennis Frederick. Phi Delta Phi. Upper Montclair. N. J.; McGirt, Charles; Halbert, Delta Theta Phi. Lenoir; McN ' air, William H„ Delta Theta Phi. Winston Salom ; Maddrv, Robert Lawrence, Phi Delia Phi. l.iiiiihertoii ; Moore, Clifton Leonard, Phi D,lt,i Phi. Hiu ■ gaw; .Morgan, Elford, Phi Delta Phi. Spartan- burg, S, C. Eighth Row: Musch, Donald John, Muskegon, Mich.; Pender. William Lardner. Phi Delta Phi. Cliarlotte; Pittman, William Bryan. Phi Delta Phi. Sanford; Pulley. William Paul, Jr.. Drltn Theta Phi. Durham; Rhoadi-s. John . ilie, Jr.. Delta Theta Phi. Chapel Hill; KiKlitsdl. Wil Ham Thomas, Jr„ Delta Theta Phi. Greens boro. Ninth Row : Robinson, Hoyle Lynwood. Delta Theta Phi. Candor; Rosenberg. John Meinhard. Gastoni:i; Sessoms. Billy Marian. Delta Theta Phi. Pine Bluff; Shaw. John Gilbert, Phi Delta Phi. Fayetteville; Singleton. Albert Louis. Ply- mouth; Smith. Eugene Alvin. Delta Theta Plii. Matthews. Tenth Row : Stevens. John Shorter. Phi Delta Phi. Ashe- ville; Thomas. Allen George. Phi .ilpha Delta Wilson; Tull. Tluimas Mitchell, .Ir., Phi Alpha Delta. Louisliuri;; Iwis.lalc. John Wv.itt. Phi Alpha Delta. Sniilhlicld ; Weaver, Herman Michael, Delta Theta Phi. Greensboro. Eleventh Row : Whitley, John Lee, Phi Alpha Delta. Wilson; Williams, Samuel Sykes. Delta Theta Phi. Charlotte; Wilson, Lawrence Girard, Jr., Delta Theta Phi. Danville, Va.; Wood, Thomas Ben- bury, Phi Delta Phi. Edenton. 3rd First Row : Ammons. James Floyd. Phi Alpha Delta, Fayetteville : Ayscue, Edwin Osborne. Jr.. Phi Delta Phi. Chapel Hill; Batts, Bernlce R.. Delta Theta Phi. Wallace: Burrouglis. James Dillard. Delta Theta Phi, Reidsvllle; Carter, James Louis. Jr., Phi Delta Phi, Charlotte. Secvnd Row : Cranford. Dwisfht Little. Phi Alpha Delta. Albemarle; Daugherty. Hilao ' D.. Delta Theta Phi. Kinston ; Dinwiddle. James William. Delta Theta Phi, Lexing- ton; Dockery, James S.. Jr.. Phi Delta Phi. Kuther- fordton; Doughton, George Edward, Jr.. Phi Alpha Delta, Durham. Third Row: Edens. Edgar L.. Phi Alpha Delta, Na.shville. Tenn.; Elliot. James Maxton, Phi Delta Phi. . sheboro- Evans. Robert Butler. Phi Delta Phi. Chapel Hill; Farmer. Robert Leon. Phi Delta Phi. Smithfleld- Fasul. Jimmy Steve. Phi Alpha Delta, Fayetteville. Fourth Row: Fisher. Louis Jo.seph. HI. Phi Delta Phi, Cliapel Hill- Haworth. William Blair. Phi Delta Phi. Chapel Hill- Hayes. Robert R.. Delta Theta Phi, Burlington; Hobbs Lewis Lyndon, HI, Phi Delta Phi, Sigma Nu, Shelby - Holdford, Roy Ramond, Jr., Phi Delta Phi, Wilson Fifth Row: Holdford. William Henry. Phi Delta Phi, Chapel Hill ; Holshouser. James E.. Jr. Phi Alpha Delta, Boone- .Johnson. Bruce Cannon. Delta Theta Phi, Conway; Johnson. Duane C. Phi Alpha Delta, Niagara Falls. N. 1.; Joyner. Walton Kitchin. Phi Delta Phi, Ra- leigh. Sixth Row: Kaufman. Paul Donald. Chapel Hill: Lindsay, Robert Leland. Phi Alpha Delta, Charlotte: Llewellyn, Robert Cleveland. Phi Delta Phi, Chapel Hill: Love. Jimmy Lewis, Phi Aljiha Delta, Sanford; McKeown Frank James, Jr.. Phi Alpha Delta , Chapel Hill. Seventh Rorr : Mraz. John August. Phi Alpha Delta. Chicago 111.- Newton, Bob Lawrence. Phi Delta Phi. Creedmoor- °. " . - Thoinas Lloyd. Jr.. Chapel Hill; Nowell. William Milton. Phi Alpha Delta, Raleigh; Page Robert James, Phi Delta Phi, Chapel Hill. ' Eiffhth Row: Pannell. Martin Coleman. Delta Theta Phi. Clare- mont; Patrick. Bailey. Jr.. Phi Delta Phi, Hickory; Peoples. Linwood Tlion... burg; Porter. Walter Tr; Delta Theta Phi, Louis- Delta Theta Phi, Dur- ham; Randall. Robert Nobei. Lincolnton Mnth Row: Ray. William Thomas. Phi Delta Phi, Charlotte; Schrimsher. Frank L., Phi Alpha Delta Charlotte - Short. Marvin Roy. Jr.. Phi Alpha Delta, Gastonia : Smith. Dock Garner. Chapel Hill: Smith. Sherwood H., Jr., Phi Delta Phi, Jacksonville, Fla. Tenth Row : Smith. William Henry. Phi Delta Phi, Ruffln; Stage WiUiam Lee. Phi Delta Phi, Chapel Hill: Stanton ' James H.. Delta Theta Phi, Marion; Taylor. Raymond Mason. Washington; Townsend. William Ja ' ck.son. Saint Pauls. Eleventh Row : Von Biberstein, Richard. Jr., Phi Delta Phi, Burgaw; Waters. Harold Lee. Delta Theta Phi, Jacksonville; York, Frank W., Phi Delta Phi, Chapel Hill. PHI RLPHR DELTR OFFICERS JAMES FASUL Justice DUANE JOHNSON Vice Justice JIM HOLSHOUSER Clerk GEORGE DOUGHTON Tre.isurer ROY SHORT Marskil GRAN FORD DAVIS DOUGHTON FASUL HOLSHOUSER HUMPHREY JOHNSON LINDSAY SCHRIMSHER SHORT SINGLETON THOMAS TULL TWISDALE WHITLEY Ruffin Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta was chartered on this campus on April 30, 1921, and is one of the seventy-eight active chapters throughout the United States. The purpose of the Fraternity is to supplement the regular law school curriculum and to aid in the development and attainment of the highest professional and social ideals. Our Alumni serve the State and Nation in many responsible and prominent positions. Ruftin Chapter takes pride in its contribution to the welfare and prestige of the Law School, " Community " through its annual presentation of the Mock Trial, management of the book exchange, its Effective Speakers Program, and sponsorship of dinner speakers and social events. 364 DELTR THETfl PHI AKINS ALPHIN BATTS BONDURANT BURROUGHS COOLIDGE CURTIS FLOYD FUTRELLE HAYES SMITH STANTON TOWNSEND WATERS WEAVER WILLIAMS WILSON OFFICERS BRUCE C. JOHNSON Dean KNOX JENKINS Vice Dean CECIL CURTIS Clerk of the Rolls JOHN RHOADES .... Clerk of the Exchequer BOB HUFFMAN Master of the Ritual WAVERLY AKINS Bailiff J. C. MOYE Tribune From the time of the establishment of Wayne Senate in 1914 at Atlanta Law School, Delta Theta Phi has grown until today it has become the largest fraternal order among students of the law in the United States. Delta Theta Phi also boasts 41 active Alumni Senates. Battle Senate was established at the University of North Carolina in 1923, and is proud to associate with 64 other Student Senates in the claim that " OUR RECORD IS OUR PROUDEST MONUMENT. " The object of Delta Theta Phi is to unite fraternally congenial students of the law, to lead them and their fellow stu- dents to high scholarship and legal learning, to surround them with an environment such that the tradition of the law and of the profession may descend upon them, to promote and to advance the interests of the law. The motto: " JUSTICE FOR FELLOW MEN, HONOR TO GOD AND LOVE FOR BROTHER. " 365 PHI DELTA PHI OFFICERS LOUIS FISHER President FRANK W. YORK Secretary ROBERT J. PAGE Treasurer OSBORNE AYSCUE Historian Bm ALVIS AYSCUE BARNHARDT BLYTHE BOONE CARTER DOCKERY ELLIOTT EVANS FARMER FERGUSON FISHER FOX FL ' LLER CLA X ' SON HARNEY HOBBS HOLDFORD, R. HOLDFORD, W. HOLLOW ' ELL JOLLY JOYNER KERR LLEWELLYN LOFTIN MACRAE McCOY MOORE MORGAN NEWTON PAGE PATRICK PENDER PITTMAN RAY SHAW SMITH, S. SMITH, W, STAGG STEVENS VON BIBERSTEIN WOOD YORK 366 Health Affairs . .rr; - - ' , ■• " •5 ' ' j fj Mi " - i?5rff SCHOOL OF DERTISTRY The graduates in dentistry, dental hygiene, and in the several graduate school programs, have permitted a range of professional service to the people of this state and nation which has attracted the most favorable attention. Again, the faculty and the dean are proud to present the class of I960, wherein the individual members are assured a place of leadership at various professional and com- munity levels. One of the continuing obligations of the faculty in the clinical and basic science areas is the extension of the frontiers of knowl- edge, and, thereby, provide a greater health service to people everywhere. The expanded research interests in all areas is a positive expression that the faculty and graduate stu- dents have addressed themselves to this im- portant mission. DR. JOHN C. BRAUER Dej i of School of Dentistry 368 Frank M. Ramos. Vice-President; William R. Caviness, President; Myron H. Ennis, Secretary-Treasurer. Edward Petit. Secretary- Treasurer ; John Shell, President; Shepard Nash, Vice-President. Joe Laton, Secretary-Treasurer; Theodore Hesmer President; Wilson Shoulars, Vice-President. Claris Bean, Vice-President; Larry Dorton. President; Wilburn Davis, Secretary-Treasurer. Wilbert Blackman. Vice-President; Dan Wilson, President; Joe Roberson, Secretary-Treasurer. { ■ 1 1 9 Ss jjr • • • • • First Row: Abernethy. John Allison. Hickory. Barts. John William. Jr.. Yanceyville; Bauconi, Thomas Aldon. Indian Trail: Bland, Wil- bur Bryan. Delta Sigma Pi. Raleish; By- rum. Albert Gaskins, Jr.. Edenton. Second Row : Campbell. John Kerr. Wilmington; Carroll. Larry Winford. St. Pauls; Caviness. Wil- liam Robert, Sanford; Chesson. Jack Holt. Jamestown; Cobb. Nunia Watt, Jr., Gibson- ville. Third Row: Collie. Jay Mack. Wilmington; Covin. William Jerritt. Lancaster. S. C; Davis. William Glenn. Jr.. Winston-Salem; Dennis. Bill. Chapel Hill; Farmer. John William. Hendersonville. Fourth Row: Ferlazzo. Philip Anthony. Sinma Phi Epsi- lon. Quantico. Va. ; Frahm. Barry Hirsch. Zeta Bfta Tail, Greensboro; Giard. Donald Joseph. Henderson; Grubbs. John Ty. Walkertown; Gunter. Jerry Marshall, Gas- tonia. Fifth Rote : Homes. Garland Richard. Washington; Huneycutt. Charles Alfred. Chapel Hill: Lee. William Jackson. Wilmington: Lotz. Daniel Milton. Northport. N. Y.; Mc- Craoken, Frank Webb. HI. Sanford. Sixth Row: Massey, Carl Benjamin, Waxhaw; Massey, Milton Vines, Waynesville; Meadows, Van Burgan, Hot Springs: Milligan, Ronnie Rich, Fayetteville; Morton, Winslow Brad- ford. Washington. Seventh Row : Gotland. Robert Boone. Rich Square; Owen. Kenneth D.. Chapel Hill; Parks. Eldon Hudson. Chapel Hill; Peppers. Jimmy. Marion; Quarles. William Gordon, Chapel Hill. Eighth Row : Quigg. Joseph Francis. Levittown. Long Island. N. Y.; Ramos, Frank Mayo, Dur- ham; Schnell, Frederick John. Pine Bluff; Smith, Fred J., Morganton; Vinson. Thomas W., Jr.. Durham. Ninth Row : Webster. Thomas Carlton. Yanceyville; Windley. Heber Wilkinson. Jr„ Washing- ton; Youmans, Charles Prince, Durham; Ziglar. James Newton, Jr.. Winston-Salem. Oy First Eow : Ashworth, Derwood Lee, Psi Otni ' t n. Dur- linm: Bass. Ernest Brevard, .Ir., Xi Psi rlii. Durham; Bebber. .James V.. Xi Psi Phi. Tavlorsville; Brauer. James Stewart. Ih-lta Sigma Delta. Chapel Hill; Buford. .lohii Terry Harvey, Xi Psi Phi. Salisbury. Second Bow : Cook. Dennis Shelton. .Jr., Diltri Si ' jma Drltii. Lenoir; Corhin. .lerrv Lynn. Xi Psi I ' hi. CliMiH-l Hill: (ulhreath. James Charles. .Ir.. ' x oini ' f ii. Liiiiiberton ; Drake. Claude WMllaie, Cliapel Hill; Duncan. Allie Hamil- ton. Delta Si ' jmtt Delta. Roanoke Rapids. Third Roic: Fisher. Earl Elliott. Jr.. Fairmont; Gustaf- son. Bruce Albert, Psi Omega, Delta Kappa EpsUon, Washington, D. C. ; Hagaman. Robert Preston, Psi Omega. Lenoir; Hall, Norman Curtis, Psi Omega. Hurdle Mills; High, Roy Shelton, Psi Omega, Raleigh. Fourth Row: Hoard. Joseph Steve, Psi Omega, Tarboro; Home. George N., Delta Sigma Delta, Bessemer City; Horwitz, Burton Allan. Phi Lambda Phi, Phi Beta Kavpa. Phi Eta Sigma. Raleigh ; Jackson. Don Ferrell, Delta Sigma Delta, Dunn; Jackson. Ruth Turner, Raleigh. Fifth Row : Jurnev, Henry C. Delta Sigma Delta, F.lkin : Latnn, Joe F.. Psi Omega, Aber- .Icen; Mans, Paul. Jr.. Delta Sigma Delta. Chapel Hill: Marbry, Don Lee. Psi Omega, Chapel Hill: May ' berrv. Roland Leroy, Delta Sigma Delta, Gastonia. Sirfh Row : Mavo. Cieorge E.. HI. Psi Omega, Fremont; Nash, Shepard D.. Xi Psi Phi. St. Pauls; Xofsinger. Collins Denny, Roanoke, Va. ; Owens, Russell Glenn, Jr.. Delta Sigma Di ' lta. Gates; Peck, Harvey. Phi Beta Kapjia. Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, (iolden Fleece, Durham. Seventh Row : Petit, Edward LeRoy, Xi Psi Phi. Carrboro ; Keed, Charles B.. Psi Omega. Sylva; Robin- son. Charles F.. Charlotte; Rogers. Harding Winslow, Chapel Hill; Setzler. Ralph Chap- man. Jr.. Albemarle. Eighth Row : Shell, John Henry. Xi Psi Phi. Chapel Hill; Smvre. Billy Mac. D.-lla Sigma Drltn. Xew- ti)ii ' : Sniiler. William H.. .Y, Psi I ' hi. Hills- In.rn; . ' lowers, .lerrv William. Ch, Psi, Psi (imega. Higli Point: Stewart, Josepli Don- ald. -Yi Psi Phi. Morganton. Ninth Rotv : Sutphin. Hugh Edward, Xi Psi Phi, Mt. Airy; Thomas. Robert E., Psi Omega. Ram- seur; TuUuch, Charles W.. Xi Psi Phi. Aberdeen ; Upchurch. Gilbert Rivers. Psi Omega, Chapel Hill ; Wicker, Bryant Kelly. Psi Omega. McCain ; Willis. Weston Alex, Psi Omega, Jacksonville. 3rci • e First Row : Baker. Benja Baker. Tlioni Bulla. Til Burns. Belmont. Rives. Xi Psi Phi David. Kaiiiia Greensboro; r Mountain; ( hapel Hill; Second Bow : Butler. Wallace Bob. Psi Omega, Burlington; Carnevale. Reynolds Alfonso. Xi Psi Phi, Alpha Delta Alpha. Chapel Hill; Craig. Joe Billy. Clierry- ville; Dauglitry. Curtiss Wilson. Sinnia Phi Epsi- Ion, Xi Psi Phi. Chapel Hill. Third Row : Davis. Wilburn Addison. Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Dorton. Marion Lamar. Xi Psi Phi. Chapel Hill; Fentress. J. Russell. Sipma Chi, Norfolk. Va,; Hedriek, Paul Perry. Delta Sigma Delta, Lenoir. Fourth Row : Hefner, Allen Ray. Xi Psi Phi. Statesville; Hill. .James Clifford. Psi Uinegu, Hickory; Johnson, Dewey E.. Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Psi Omega. Charleston, S. C. ; Moon, Hewitt Edward, Xi P.ii Phi, Kannapolis. Fiftli Row : Orlin. David. Zeta Beta Tail, Chapel Hill; Patti- shall, Frank David, Psi Omega, Burlington; Rahv. Claude L.. Jr.. Xi Psi Phi. Chapel Hill; Smiley, Gary Ray, Spartanburg, S. C. SLrth Row : Stancil. John Harvey. Delta Sigma Delta. Kan- napolis; TrDUtiiian. DcDnis Franklin. Delta Sigma Delta. Charlotte; an ' lei-t. David Edward, Delta Sigma li,li„. riiapcl Hill: Walker, Oscar Blair, Psi Otinga, Gastoiiia. Seventh Row : Warren. Bert Barrow, Delta Sigma Delta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Farmville; White, Robert Dean. Delta Sigma Delta, Marion; Wilkinson. Robert McLain. Delta Sigma Delta, Chapel Hill. 372 « • • • • V • •••••• First Roil-: lientlev. Keitli Lambeth. PsI Dminn. Mo- ravian ' Falls: Bla.-kriiari. Wilbcrt Wcirtli. ' si (imr ' iit. Sniitlitii ' lil; Cornell. Thomas Bonifer. ). (( Vpxiluii, Xi Psi Phi. . dn I ' ark. Kla.: Delbridse. Matthew Cay. Sprins Hope; Farmer. Robert (Ireensboro. Srr,,,,,! i;,,,r : I ' resliw.iiir. David Hales. Psi Omega, More- head (ill : iiritfln. Donald Clayton, Xi Psi rhi. Kci.lsville: Harris. Edward Flynn. Deltii Hinnin Delta. Pi Kappa Alpha, Char- lotte; Hatelier. Hubert Edwin. Morrisville: Heinsohn. Frank. .Ir.. Psi Ome ' ia. Charle. :- tim. S. C. Third Row: Hesmer. Theodore Casper. .Ir.. I ' si liiir,,it, iiiniio Chi. .Salem. Va.; Holmes. Ki.berl W.. Bitn rhrtil Pi. Diltil Si ' lnui Ihltii. l.,- inr- ton; Holt. Townseiid Van. Kni i„i Si, iiiti. P. i iinief fi. Decatur, (ia.: Hoover. Charles Wayne. -Yi P.n Phi. Winston-Salem; Howdy. Frederick Howard. Delta Sir ma Delta, Carrboro. rth Row: null. I ' anl Harold Jennison, Beta Theta Deltii Siiimn Ihlta, Washinston. D. C: [ee. Itavmoiid . ndrew. Xi Psi Phi, iresville; Manltsl v. William DeVane. (inieqa. Lnmhrla Chi Alpha. Chapel : Miketa. Andrew .lohn. Phi Kappa iKf. Durham; Morrison. VirRil McKee. Kidge. Tenn. Fifth Row : Moser. Galen Cartner. Delta Sigma Delta, Burlinffton : Oakley. Kenneth Holmes. Jr., Psi limeqn. Kappa Hinwa. Raleiffh; Pridgen. F.ilw.ird .. Psi ()iur,,n. Favetteville: Ray. . le aiider Crahaiii, Phi Beta Kappa. Psi Roberson. .loe Baxter. idle m.rth Row : .Sanders. Phil Smead. Psi Omeiia. daks; Schlapkobl. Charles .1.. .Ir. nnirqii, Pontpano Beach. Fla.: Sli l.nhv T.. .Ir.. Phi Beta Kappa. Xi P.t Chape] Hill; Shoulars. Hudson Wilso) Psi Omega. Alpha Tan Omega. Square; Surles. Charlie William, Jr., Sigma Delta, Dunn. 1, Jr.. Rich Delta Seventh Row: Tally, William Parhani, Delta Sigma Delta, Chapel Hill ; Thompson, Sanford Webb. III. Psi Omrqn. Phi Gamma Delta. Moreliead Citv; W.itson. Robert Malcourt. Jr., Spar- taiiburt ' . S. C; White, Eli E. Delta Sigma !)iH,t. , berdeen Proving Grounds, Md.; White, Walter Alston. Delta Sigma Delta. Manson. Eighth Row: Wilson, William Danford. Alpha Tail nmeija. Delta Sigma Delta. Gastonia ; AVoodard. Warden Lewis, Jr.. Delta Sigma Delta. Beaufort. GRADUATE STUDENTS laser, Martin DeBerry, Psi Omega. Mt. s.iiit; r ' ashion, Leonard Robert, Delta ' ,, Ihiia. Chapel Hill; Menius, John I. ' , .h. sheboro; Mitcbe ' l. David Lee. v Hill : .ShafTer. Jack Boone. Phi Delta a. C iiapel Hill. PSI OmEGR Psi Omega, Dentistry ' s largest fraternity, was founded nationally in 1892. The Chi Upsilon Chapter was founded on this campus in 1931. The primary objectives of Psi Omega are to foster Dentistry in every possible way, and to give individual counsel and guidance to its brothers. Psi O is temporarily located on E. Franklin Street. It has complete dental laboratory facilities and a chapter room for its members and guests. ASHWORTH BENTLEY Treasurer BLACKMAN Secretary BUTLER CULBREATH FRESHNX ' ATER GISTAFSON HAGAMAN HALL HEINSOHN HESMER HIGH HILL HOARD HOLT lOHNSON LATON MARBRY MAULTSBY Grand Master MAYO OAKLEY PATTISHALL PRIDGEN RAY REED ROBERSON SANDERS SCHLAPKOHL SHOULARS SO ' ERS THOMAS THOMPSON rPCHL ' RCH WALKER W ICKER WILLIS 374 DR. X ' . REECE BERRYHILL Dea ! of the School of Medicine This year represents the 80th year of medical education at the University and seventh year that the M.D. is being offered by the University at Chapel Hill. In addition to offering the four years of under- graduate medical education, the faculty and staff have given instruction to students in the Graduate School and all of the professional schools in the Division of Health Afifairs. They also direct the training of interns and resident physicians at the Memorial Hospital and offer postgraduate medical courses throughout the state. school of medicine MEDICAL SCHOOL FACULTY Seated: Drs. Ross, MacPherson, Hooker, Ham, Ellis, Logan, Ferguson. Standing: Berryhill, Richard- son, Fleming, Brinkhous, Anderson, Cadmus, Wood, Curnen, Burnett. • .• • • • • • • e • • • First Row : Ayscue. Quiney Adams, Kappa Alpha, Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Delfa Phi. Monroe; Bender. Neil Car- miehael. Chapel Hill; Bowman. Robley Kivette. Taylorsville ; Bowen. Timothy William. Jr.. Ra leigh; Burke. William Ridiard. ,Tr.. Alpha Kpsilmi Delta, Wilson. Second Row : Burnam. Jesse Andrew. Cordele. r.a.; Caldwell. Bruce Francis. Clyde: Cohen. Irwin Kelmar. Chapel Hill; Cook. Charles Lee. Huntersville; Cowan. Robert Jenkins. Beta Theta Pi, Phi Beta Kappa, Greensboro. Third Row: Crist. Takey. Jacksonville; Crumpler. James Ful- ton, Jr.. Sigma Ni(, Rocky Mount; Dalton. John Weber. Jr.. Delta Upsilan. Forest City; Davis. Dave M.. Phi Delta Theta, Phi Eta Sigma. Pitts hursb. Pa.; Deal. William Brown. Beta Theta Pi. Chapel Hill. Fourth Row: Dunlap, Benjamin Emerson, Wagram; Dunn. Clarence A.. Jr.. New York City. N. Y.; Goff, Rowland Daley. Jr.. Pi Kappa Alpha. Dunn; Goodman. Benjamin Mitchell. Jr., Gates; Goodson. .lohn Phillip. Mt. Olive. Fifth Roiv : Hardy. Ira May. Kappa Sigma, Raleigh; Jolly. William Oscar, III, Ayden; Kannan, Miekael Moses, Varina; Latham, Walter Bryan, Sigma Nv. Betliel; I.oftin. Charles Ivey. III. Gastonia. Sixth Row : Marriott, John Daughtry, Phi Beta Kappn. Phi Chi. Battlebo ro; Mathews, Robert Simon, Alpha Epxilm, Delta, Phi Chi. Sigma Nii, Cliapel Hill; Parker. James Lee. Enfield; Pressley. Richard Laniarr, Ga.stonia; Rose. James Phi (lamma Delta. Pikeville. Seventh Row : Sawyer, Charles Judson. III. Phi llamma Delta. Windsor: Sawyer. Horace Kimbrell. Jr.. Chapel Hill; Scott. Saiiuicl Kdwiii. Burlington; Smith. Jerry Allen. Salisliiiry; laylor. Chester Winfield. Jr.. Alpha Epxilon Delta. Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Eta Sigma, Castle Hayne. Eighth Rotr : Taylor. Lawrence Arthur. Phi Eta Sigma, Reids ville: Wallace. Kelley. Jr.. Greenville: Weaver Roy Albert. Four Oaks: Welch. Jack H.. Williams ton; Williams. David Robert. Biscoe. Xinth Row : White, James Grady. Charlotte; Whitson. Tlu dore Clark, Relief. nni H 376 First How : Barkley. Karl Lee, Kappa Alpha, Raleigh: Bolcli, Osoar Howard. Jr.. Albemarle; Bost. William S.. .Ir.. Plii Clii. Greenville: Bostian, Karl EuRene. Kaleigli: Burney. Fredric Arlen. Cliapel Hill. Sernnd Row: Callicott. .losepli Haiuiel, Jr.. Bi-ln Tlifta Pi. Phi Chi. Greensboro: Carter. Robert Aslie. Mars Hill; Cole, Tollie Boyce. Phi Chi, Acme; Eller. Jerry .lay. Phi Chi. Sigmn Phi Epsiloti, Greensboro: Evans. Amos Ray. Greenville. Third Row: Floyd. Giles Cowan. Phi Delta Thetu, Charlotte: Gable. Thomas William, Goldsboro: Gibbs. James Harrison. Chapel Hill; Hamrick. Frederick Del- mar, ni. Rutherfordton; Harriss, George N.. Wilmington. Fourth Row: Hartzog. Henry Gerard. HI. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Chapel Hill: Hayworth. Ray Milton. Asheboro: Iledgpeth. Edward McGowan, Jr., Phi Chi, Chapel Hill: Hicks. Cliarles Montgomery, Phi Chi, igma Xii, Wilmington ; Kouri. Moses Lawrence. .Jr., Phi Chi, Shelby. Fifth Row : Latham. William Carson, Bethel; Lynn. Arthur S.. Albemarle: McCormick. John Newton, Spin- dale; McLean. John Marshall, Ayer, Mass.; Miller. Edward .lames. Crumpler. Sixth Row: Monroe. John L., West End; Morris. Kenny Jordan. Phi Chi, N ' ewton Grove; Peacock. Willie Gordon, Benson; Pickard. Carl Glenn, Jr.. Phi Chi, A.sheville; Reeder. Alton Alfred. Seagrove. Serenth Row: Roberts, Franz Joseph, Hillsboi-o; Scarborough, Dawson Emerson, Yanceyville; Scott. Harry White. Sigma Nii, Greenville; Shuford, Fuller Ailams, Beta Theta Pi, Asheville: Smith. James r ' ranklin. Murphy. KIr hth Roil-: Smith. Marion Hardin. Hampstead : Smith. Miriam Frances, Kannapolis; Taylor, Richard Lewis. Zeta Pxi, Phi Chi. Oxford: Watson. David Thomas. Delta Kappa EiKUon, Phi Chi, Raleigh; ZollicofTer, Lawrence, Littleton. 377 First Ron-: Avery , Edwa rd Stanley. Jr.. Ph, ■ rhi. Wins iton- Salem ; Boer ner . Robert Martin . Kernersv ille; Britt. Robert Ca rl. AliJhn Eps Hon Drita . Lumber- Serotid Roip : Clontz. Franklin Delano. Morganton; Davis. 0. Thomas, Burlington; Dunlap. Dickson Brown. Chapel Hill. Third Row: Hale. Leslie Morgan. Kappa Alpha, Phi Alpha Tlifta. Fayetteville: Harris. Donald Philip. High Point: Hudson, Richard Woodard, Kappa Alpha, ' andemere. Fourth Row: (iarrow. Benjamin. ' aldese: Gibson. William Stephen. Jr.. Phi Chi. Goldsboro; Grigg. Claud McNeill. Phi Chi, Albemarle. Fifth Row: Miller, William Stacy. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Ben- son: Morgan. William W.. Phi Chi, Canton; Newsome. Albert Ray. Kappa Alpha, Phi Alpha Thitri. Phi Chi, Winston-Salem. .si. xth Row: 1 ' : it-.eavoura.s, Louie L.. Chi Phi. Phi Ch i. Rocky M. iiunt: Pittman. Ma lory A,. . Jr.. Phi Chi . Chapel Hill; Reaves. Leon ard Erastu- ■: Ui. 1 Chi Psi. V; lyetteville. Seventh Row: Richardson, Bobby Arthur, Phi Chi. Bes: City; Wells. Donn A„ Phi Chi. Albertson, 378 •••«««•«« First Row : Abernethy. William Boiden. Jr., Kappa Sigma, Phi Chi, Cliapel Hill: Anderson, Leo Richard, La Grange; Baucom. Robert Leslie, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Monroe: Bentley, Ralph Luther, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Moravian Falls; Blount, John Gray. Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Eta ftirima. Phi Gamma Delta, Washington. ,Seco»(f Row : Bulla, Jefferson Davis, U. Asheboro; Curtis. John Russell. Phi Chi , Bessemer City: Dykers, John Reginald. Jr., Sigma Alpha EpsHon, Phi Chi, Jacksonville. Fla.; Ferguson. William Clay, Veed- ersburg, Ind.: Fernald. Gerald W., Alpha Omega Alpha, Chapel Hill. Third Rote: Fitzgerald, Charles E., Jr.. Phi Chi, Farmville; Fox. Joe Thomas. Jr.. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Chi, Asheville; Fussell. Fitzhugh. Lee, Jr.. Phi Chi, Williamston; Garmise. David Bruce. Alpha Kappa Kappa, Lawrence. N. V.; Hackler, Robert Hardin, Phi Chi, Washington. Fourth Row: Harper, James Robin.son, Phi Chi, Chapel Hill; Harris, Charles Walker, Charlotte; Harri.s, Falls Lewis, Phi Chi, Harris; Harvey, John Earle, Jr.. Chapel Hill; Hoffler, G, Wyckliffe. Sunbury. Fifth Row : Hufr, William T., Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Chi, Charlotte: Joines, Elizabeth Vance. Chapel Hill; Keiter. William Eugene. Jr.. Phi Chi, Alpha Theta Omega, Kinston; Kirchberg, Roy William. Jr., Sylva; Kirsehner, Leslie Gordon, Jr.. Candler. Sixth Row : Le Roy, Edward Carwile, Phi Chi, Elizabeth City: Lore. Charles Eli, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Chi, Lenoir: McAllister. James Gray. HL Alpha Kappa Kappa, Chapel Hill; McCain, Kenneth Franklin. Phi Lambda Delta. Phi Chi, High Point: Mann. James GilTen. Kappa Alplia Psi. Monroe. Seventh Row : Michal. William Norwood, Jr., Alpha Tan Omega, Phi Chi, Chapel Hill; Mitchell, John Wesley, Jr.. Phi Chi, La Grange; Morgan. Elwood Ernest. Phi Chi, Burlington: Munroe. John Francis. Kappa Alpha, Council: Owen, Duncan Shaw, Jr.. Fay- etteville. Eighth Row: Payne. Robert Benjamin. Cbapel Hill; Pearson, William Seymour. Statesville; Petty. Jerry Miller. Kappa Sigma, Phi Chi, Gastonia ; Poirier. .lean Rene. Phi Chi, Holden, Mass.; Ridilick. Willis James, Phi Chi, Belhaven. Ninth Row : Seigler. Hilliard Foster, Asheville; Sieber. Arvid Charles. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Delta Phi Alpha, Hendersonville; Sloop. Robert F.. Jr.. Kappa Alpha, Phi Chi, Lumberton; Solomon. Elliott. Tan Epsilon Phi, Greensboro; Strickland. George Thomas, Jr., Phi Chi, Nashville. Tenth Row: Tripp. Cecil DeWayne. Alpha Kappa Kappa, Shal- lotte; Veazey, Perry Burt, Phi Chi, Raleigh; Weaver, Kenneth, Hush ; Wise, John Edney. Lincolnton ; Young, John A., Lexington. 379 school of public health Students in the U.N.C. School of PubUc Health are justifiably proud of the regional, national, and international recognition of their School. Due to the influence of the dean. Dr. E. G. McGavran, and the faculty, the School of Public Health is a leader in the advancement of the theory of community-centered public health. As such, it is probably the most cosmopolitan di- vision of the University in that students are attracted from all parts of the nation and the world. The final goal of instruction is the inter- disciplinary public health team, skilled in work- ing together for the solution of community health problems with the long-term goal of total community health. tDW ARD G. McGAVRAN Dean FACULTY From Row: Okun, Wells, McConnell, Bethel, Greenberg, Chipman, Wright, Morgan, Cassel, Dolan, Bryan, Larsh, McGavran, Lamb, Sulzer. Second Rotv: Cameron, Doak, Kent, Strickland, Tyler, Thomas, Upshaw, Anderson, Blee, GuiUot,. Grizzle, Donnelly, Hendricks, Crandall. Third Row: McMahan, Stone, Kelso, Coker, HoUey, Hay, Broach, Freedman. Filley, Patrick, Goulson. Fourth Ron : Ripperton, Pasternack, Herzog, Kuebler, Washburn, Newell, Thayer, Walsh, Portnoy. PUBLIC HEALTH NURSES Front Row: Aloha Hammerly, Ruth Griffin, Joy Jackson, Marjorie Brodie, Mary Farrior, Patricia Anne Taylor, Lavonda McDaniel, Christine Harper, Aldagisa Matos. Second Row: Mary Morris, Betty Burchinal, Beverley Fisher, Barbara Burkhardt, Mary Alice Whitfield, Maude Eaker, Minnie Green, Joy Dirby, Mary Hipp, Floreine Marshall. Thud Rou : Rita Beatty, Dorothy Bandlow, Mary Martin, Bonlyn Hall, Janie Kuemmerer, Henrietta Allen, Guyda Lawrence, Inez Constant, Lucy Courtenay, Frances Fernandez. Foiinh Row: Martha Anne Neighbors, Barbara Mallernee, Grace Dixon, Catherine Boughman, Dorothy Worthington, Adah Miller, Bettina JefTerson, Freida Laubach, Maxine Chambers, Mabel Johansson. DEPARTMENT OF SANITARY ENGINEERING Front Row: Geswaldo Verrone, James Cox, Eric Ram, Hassan El Mamlouk, George Rhame, Joseph Lovette, Victor Casper, Fred Lovell. Second Row: Dale Johnson, Marvin Wicker, James McKeown, Albert Bertram, Ray Abernathy, Maurice Georgevich, Ronald McMillan, Warren Westgarth. Third Row: Charles Northington, William Rossie, Donald Johnston, James Finger, David Donaldson, Ray Oglesby, Harold Neff, Bob Craft. Ill {0 ' ADMINISTRATION. PARASITOLOGY AND EPIDEMIOLOG ' l Front Row: Effendi, Magallon, Van Demter, Wilkes, James, Bayemore, Muthaiib. Second Row: Marten, Morruw, Milan. Trubman. Freeman, Jones, Creighton. Third Row: Hennessey, Murray, Schonfeld, Davis, Wary, McLean. HEALTH, EDL ' CATION AND NUTRITION Front Row: Snyder, Carlton, Cotran, Ponds. Canip, Vanhoy, Zito, Durrett. Peoples. Second Rotv: Socgianto, Moore. Shattutk, Bowen. Vasquez, Chandler. Bridges, Shuler. Third Row: Hurt. Reimann, Fuqua. Earey. Grabber. Alexander. 1 ' bEuh li..nhini; ilLnti trv « ith closed-circuit TV. Open heart surgery. New addition to the Carolina campus — School of Pharmacy Building. If ' ELIZABETH L. KEMBLE Dear! schoo of nursing The University of North Carolina School of Nursing was established in 1951 as an au- tonomous unit within the University and the Division of Health Affairs. A four-year program was designed to prepare nurses for beginning positions in the profession. In m " ) full accreditation including that for public health nursing preparation was grant- ed by the Accrediting Service of the National League for Nursing. The School now offers three different pro- grams. High school graduates are admitted to the four-year curriculum leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Registered professional nurses are admitted with advanced credit to the general pro- gram to complete the requirements for the baccalaureate degree in nursing. Students with a degree comparable to the B.S. in Nursing granted by the University may enter the graduate program leading to the de- gree Master of Science in Nursing with a major in nursing administration, psychiatric nursing or medical-surgical nursing. Other indications of progress are further developments in the continuation of educa- tion program and research activities. Nl ' RSING FACULTY First Row: Cheek, Kemble, Poulos, Shea. Second Row: Dalrymple. Bevis. Torgeson, Lewis, Haynes. Third Row: Lindberg, Fogleman, Gifford, Hill, Pitonak. Fourth Row: Randolph, Johnson. Gautefald. Russell, Spell. Fifth Row: McCabe, Kegley, McCaskill, Wood, David. Smith. STUDENT NURSING ASSOCIATION OFFICERS First Row: Jerri Tripp, Secretary; Alice Forester, First Vice-President; Libby Johnson, President; Andy Gorcica, Second Vice-President; Judy Buxton, Treasurer. Second Row: Carolyn Nifong. Parliamentarian; Frances Coleman, Publicity ; Ginny Timmons, Keiter Baggeth. DORM OFFICERS Andy Gorcica, Secretary; Jeanne Crewes, President; Alice Kent, Vice- President; Willie Willwerth, Treasurer. OFFICERS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Fran Brandel, Historian; Harriett Zimmerman, Vice-President; Beverly Segee, Treasurer; Barbara Turner, Secretary; Catherine Candon, Presi- dent. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Margaret Thompson. Social Chairman; Ann Tolton, Treasurer; Mabel Broadwell, Social Chairman; Carolyn Pearson, President; Charlotte Andrews, Vice-President; Carolyn Nifong, Secretary. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Doris Bankert, Treasurer; Ann Doxey, Social Chairman; Ann Bennett, President; April Longanecker, Secretary; Joan Williams, Vice-President. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Joan Delves, Vice-President; Heide Mann, Treasurer; Linda Tesh, Social Chairman; Peggy Sutton, Secretary; Toni Thompson, President. 385 « • • » f f riff f t First Row: Abee. Sylvia Louise, Morganton ; Afiams. Julia Ann, Greensboro: Auslander, Elizabeth Anne. Reids- ville; Barlow, Patricia Ann. Green- ville: Brown. Jo Roberta, Raleigh: Caldwell, Barbara Anne. Miami, F ' la.: Carter. Doris Gwendolyn, Charlotte. ( ' vond Row: Carter, Virginia Pope, Columbus, Miss.; Christooher. Linda Lane, I!inliii!. ' ton: Clifton. Judith Amanda. J:iiiH- ille; Cross. Sandra Lee, Wriu ' lit-ville Beach; Dawson, Pa- tri.i.i Anne. Dunn; Deal. Judith Hfllnda, Landis; Dean. Sandra Jac- Miieline. Chimney Rock. Third Ron- : Delves. Joan Celeste. Amityville. X. v.: Dula. Ella Jane. Greensboro; Klledgre. Carol June. Winston-Salem; Kud ' . Joyce Elaine. Mt. Pleasant; Finwall. Charlotte Lillian. Winston- Salem; Fletcher. Marv Kay. Dur- liam; Franklin. Millie Carolyn. Statesville. Fiiiirth Row: Gettman. Elaine. Hendersonville; C.oddard. Mary Margaret. Daytona Beach. Fla. ; Grimes. Fleta Sue, Ramseur: Harris. Sally Lee. Golds- boro; Hart. Sylvia Lee. Durham: Henderson. Alice Vaiden. Golds- linro; Henderson. Susan Carole. WilminKton. Fifth Roic : Hruslinski. Euffenia Walker. Bur- lington; Humphrey. Lynn Elizabeth. Wc tli.ld. X. J.: Hutchins. Linda .In. ' iMtkiiiville; Ingram. Louisa Ciitlu-niie. .Arlington. ' a.; Jolmson. Catherine Lynn, Margate City, . J.: Kaufman, Joyce Ann, Hen- dersonville: Laxton, Linda Anne, Lenoir. fii.rth Row: Letzing. Harriet Jeanne. Durham: Liles. Jane. Raleigh; Lowden, Linda Mae. Chevy Chase. Md.: Mann. Helen Sturgis. Weston. Mass.: Manuel. Carolyn Spach. Greensboro; Martin. Frances Ann. Fayetteville; Massengill, Carolyn Sue, Benson. Siveiith Row: Mills. Vera Faye. Mt. Airy; Mitch- ell. Julia Carolyn. Wilkesboro: Mothershed. Linda Sue. Concord; Xaylor. Janice Marie, . lexandria. Va.: Olive. Edith Anne. Raleigh: Philbeck. Barbara Jo. Shelby; Pick- rell. Katherine Lee. Durham. Kiiilith Row: l ' lc:is,uits. Mary Scott. Raleigh; ]{li nc, Frances Lee. Morganton: K.i -. M;irgaret Ellen. Charlotte; . ' h:! " . Marv Cattie. Wagram; Sif- Eleanor Elaine. Salisbury; Smith. Julia Gray. Ramseur; Smith. Mary Randolph. ' Cliarlestown. W. Va. yinth Row: Sutlim. Margaret Johnson. Win- ston Salem ; Tate. Martha Jane. WhwtiMi. Salem; Tesh. Linda Lee. Wiiwlori S.ilem; Tesh. Phisa Lee. Winston Salem: Thompson. Rhonda Ann. Haw River; Thompson. Toni l. ' nne. North Wilkesboro; Viereck, Mirkil Lynn, Salem, N. J. Tenth Row: Mncent. Sylvia Sullivan, Greenville: Wadili-ll. Doris Evelyn, Galax. Va.; Wclistcr. Elizabeth Faye, Mebane; Westim. Judith Sevier. Bri.stol. Tenn.: Whedbee. Elizabeth Moore, Greenville: White, Eleanor Kay. Elizabeth City: Wofsy, Virginia Carolyn. Monroe. First Ruic : Acker, Dorene Karen. Cliarlolte; Allen, Alice Eugenia. Henderson; Ayers. Julia Sue, Summerfield : Bankert. Doris Marie. Hampstead. Md.; Bass, Jane Ross, Greenville; Bennett. Ann Fritz. Durham. Second Row : Boatwriffht. Mary Glenn. Charlotte; Brew. Sabra Ann, Wilmington; Bux- ton. Judith Ellen. Princeton. W. Va.: Caudle. Undine. Halifax; Coleman, Frances McGregor. Hurdle Mills; Crawford. Patricia Ann. Jacksonville. Fla. Third Row: Crowther. Bonnie Raye. Hadtluii- field. N. J.; Daniels. Carol Ann, Charlotte ; Davis, Marcia Kenyon. Asheville; Davisson. Ann. Weston. W. Va. : Desmond, Beverly Ann, Kinston; Doxey. Ann Mariek, Dur- ham. Fourth Row: Finley. Blanche Elizabeth, Burlinj;- ton; Fox. Kathryn Scollard. High Point; Gibbel. Donna Lynette. Lancaster. Pa.; Gorcica. Andrea Lucille. Wallington. N. J.; Harri- son. Mary Rupert. Fayetteville; Hawkins. Anne, Kappa Kappa Gamma, High Point. Fifth Row : Hopkins. Anne Elizabeth. Zebulon; Horner. Margaret Moore. Asheville; Howell. Bonnie Estelle. Wilson; Huber. Jane Worden. Bethe da, Md.; Hunter. Patricia Ann, Rock Hill, S. C. ; Knott. Linda Rose, Oxford. Sixth Row : Leffingwell, Celeste, Miami, Fla. ; Long. Elizabeth Ann. Ayden ; Long- anecker. April Lee, Brookville. Ohio; Moore, Kendree Virginia. Houston. Tex. ; Parkins, Cynthia Susan, Brown Summit; Pierce, Cath- erine Lee, Drakes Branch, Va. Seventh Row: Reese, Sarah Louise, Winston- Salem; Reeves, Mamie Louise, Ashe- ville; Rhodes, Susan Rebecca, Wind- sor; Rice. Wilma Ann. Swannanoa ; Salmon. Sarah Thomas. Sanford; Sikes. Bonnie Swicegood. Greens- boro. IE Eighth Row : Smith, Linda Kaye. Superior. W. Va.; Stokley. Cynthia Gail. Wil mington; Tesh. Ester Mae, Winston- Salem; Timmons, Virginia Roberta. Chapel Hill ; Trembath, Linda, Charlotte; Uzzell. Boots Holmes. t ' fii Omef a, Asheville. Ninth Row: Williams, Jean. Farmville. Va.; Willis, Nancy Leonora, Stanhope. N. J.; Willwerth, Mary Alice. Mon- tour Falls. N. Y. 3rd First Row : Andrew, Ruth Carolyn. Winston-Salem; Andrews. Charlotte Ann. Greenville, Pa.; Bagrgett, Allene Keeter. Lillington ; Broad- well. Ina Mabel, Angier. S ' icoHrf Foil- : Brock, Mary Webster, Fayetteville; Brown, I ' atricia Fay. Kappa Delta, Goldsboro; Buie, Betty Ann, Red Springs; Cochrane, Frances Amanda, Randlenian, Tliiril Row: Crewes, Jeanne Gail, Kappa Kappa Gam- ma. Belle Glade, Fla.; Curtis. Edith Elaine. Clyde; Dickens, Beverly Joan, Burlington; Durham, Carolyn Faye. Burlington, FoKi-thRow: Forester, Alice May, Winston-Salem ; Free- man, Peggy Joyce, Robbins: Gregson. Helen Louise. Pleasant Garden; Hinton, Elizabeth Bain, Battleboro, Fifth Row : Kent, Alice Blair Linden, Richmond, Va.; Lea, Diana Cooke, Richmond, Va,; Lewis, Linda Ann. Rutherfordton ; Linville, Doro- thy Ann, Kernersville. Sixth Roic : Magnuson. Karen Margaret, Washington, 1). C: Mewborn, Laura Darlene, Seven Springs; ifong, Carolyn Levone, Winston- Salem; Olds, Gloria Lea, New Bern. Seventh Row : Pearson. Frances Carolyn. Greensboro; Regenie. Sandra Jane, Garden City, N. Y.; Rock. Judith Ann. Charlotte; Thompson, Margaret Anne, Kappa Delta, Fredericks- burg, Va. Eight li Row: Tolton, Ann Linn. CJreensboro; Tripp. Geraldine, Mebane ; Umstead. Sandra Kelly, Garner; Wooten, Grace Pollock. Delta Delta Delta, Kinston. 388 First Row : Barnes. Claudia L.. Reidsville; Brandl, Fran M.. Balboa, Canal Zone; Burt, Jane Arthur. Biscoe. Second Row : Garden, Cornelia Catherine. Burlington; Clark. Loretta Beyree, Greensboro; Clen- denin. Mar e, Bethesda, Md. Third Row: Dance, Mary Dewey. Alpha Delta Pi, Fay- etteville; Davenport, Willie Mae Joyce. Xewland; Evans, Margaret Lillian. Chapel Hill. Fourth Row: Fisher, Charlene Reed, Alpha Gavtma Delta, Asheville; Groves. Martha Elizabeth, Wenonah, X. J.; Hamel, Sandra Jane. Weaverville. Fifth Row: Hamilton, Barbara Ann, Fayetteville; Hipps. Opal S., Jacksonville; Hoffler, Anita Whitener, Lenoir. Sixth Row : Holden, Nancy F., Phoenixville, Pa.; John- son. Elizabetli lone. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Hii2:h Point; Johnson, Nancy Adams, Winston-Salem. 389 First Row : Legette. Judith Jones, Pi Beta Phi, Wi ston-Salem : Lufkin. Sylvia Rabb. Gastoni: Morgan. Ann Larue, Jacksonville. Second Row : Muirhead, Sue Ann. Salisbury; Penberton. Mary Ellen, Raleigh; Reed, Sandra Darl- ing. Houston, Tex. Third Rou- : Roberts, Sandra Rush, Miami, Fla. ; Segee, Beverly . ' nn. Fairborn, Ohio; Smith, Ro- berta Chapin, A.sheville, Fourth Row: Spencer, Lillian Alice, South Mills; Sutlier- land, Jean Marie. Delta Delta Delta. Greensboro; Tate, Elizabeth H.. Liberty. Fifth Row : Turner. Barbara Lynne. Winston-Salem; Yeager. Carol Louise. Chapel Hill; Zini merman. Mary Harriette. High Point. physical therapy » t First Roll-: Benson. Julie. Luniberton; Brown. Elizabeth Ann. Jacksonville; Downs. Marthj Jean. Canton; Gaines. Sylvia .Mice. Benson; Hulick. Dorothy Duniville, Raleigh. Second Row: Marston. Sara Virginia. Sanford; Moore. Linda Carol. Canton: Pratali. Carol Winoa. Richmond. Va.; Stephens. Barbara Lynnette. Fayetteville: Wallace. Calla Ann, Chapel Hill. general nursing First Row: Acenbrack. Man ' C. Brevard; Burris, Nancy R.. Mt. Pleasant; Chene, Anna Lee, Golds- boro; Garvin, Sara Elizabeth. Chapel Hill; Hamberger, Ann Mane, Lock Haven, Pa.; Horton, Virginia Lee, Charlotte. Second Row: Norville. Annie Sue, Spindale; Patterson, Alfredia Joyce, Mamens; Pepper, Jessie Mae, Easley, S. C; Rice, Peggy Ann. Manassas, Va.; Starn, Carolyn Joan, Pittsburgh, Pa. graduate nurses ■ ' ;■( Rijti : Olive Galloway, Lakeland, Fla.; Barbara Williams, Hampden, Mass.; Marjorie Sollenberger, X ' oodbury, Pa.; Barbara Millsaps, McGee, Ark.; Juanita Benton, Trenton, Tenn. Second Row: Mrs. Theresa G. Turk. Chapel Hill; Jacqueline Taylor, Ven- tura, Calif.; Mrs. Jessie Kiser. Carrboro; Mary McRee. Charlotte; Margaret Moore, Baltimore, Md.; Virginia Brown, Rocky Mt., Va. 391 XZZJ E. A. BRECHT Dean Howell Hall was the " home " of pharmacy students for only two months in the fall of 1959. Then at last the new school was completed, and we began the long hike across campus. School became fun once more with the novelty of new classrooms, labs, and library. " Y-Court periods " were spent in the spacious student center, where professors and students became ac- quainted across the bridge table. This sixty-second year of pharmaceutical education at Carolina will long be remembered. Kappa Epsilon attained new spirit; Rho Chi initiated more members; Kappa Psi and Phi Delta Chi debated deferred rush; the Student Branches of APHA and NCPA recruited lOO r of the Junior and Senior classes; and the Senate provoked thought and discussion. This was the last year entering freshmen were offered a four year course leading to a degree of B.S. in Pharmacy. Next fall the course will be extended to a five year program. The Seniors returned from Kalamazoo and the tour of drug houses with a renewed pride in the profession of pharmacy. Soon these same seniors will leave Caro- lina as the first graduating class from the new Phar- macy Building on Medical Hill. school of pharmacy FACULTY f rt Rote: Brecht, Johnson. Brown, Piantadosi, Semeniuk, Chambers. Second Roic: Smith, Cocolas, Goodeve, Taylor, Br.innon. B.iucuess. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS John Bowers. Vice-President; Sarah I ' pchurch, Secreljry-Treasiirei Paul Kirkman, Piesideiit. JINIOR CLASS ol I K 1 Rs Sam Goodwin, President: Minnie Barnes, Secreljry-Tre,isurer; Jack Horn, Vice-President. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Whit Moose, President: Nancy Faison, Secretary-Treasurer: Jimmy Hickmon, Vice-President. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Mickey ' Watts, Preudent: Myra Kinlaw. Secretary-Treainrer: Larry Neal. ] ' ice-Preiidei!t. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Lov McCombs. Prtiident: Nancy Bullock, Secretary-Treasurer: Fred Camphell, I ' ufPiL u ' duit. % 0SSSk r First Row : Adams, Thomas Franklin, Bladenboro; Bailey, Warren Gattis. Kaleigli: Berrv- hill, William Irwin, Jr„ RaleiRli ; Bracey. Duncan Albert, Selma; Brown, Robert Michael. Rockv Mount; Burch, William Henry, Chapel Hill. Second Roiv : BurrouRhs, Malcolm Winston, Wafle horo: Campbell, Fred Hammond, Cleve- land; Carraway. Ernest Swindell, Beau- fort : Cauble. Lynda Louise, CHffside; Cox, (irace Suzanne, Dunn; Davis, Josepli Leon, Conway. Third Row: Deadwyler. Charles Robert, ,lr, Salis- bury; Deyton, Charles F.dward, Burns- ville; Dupree, Joseph Bernard, Pine Level; Fuller, William Hush Jr Smithfield; Cdaser, (denii William Jr ' Des Plaines, III,; Graham. Patterson Tony, Proctorville, Fourth Row: Gregory, Tommy Wa ne, Henderson- ville: Hahn, Bennie Sherrill, Albemarle; Ilarw 1, George Emsley, . lbemarle; Havi-., Doyle Lee. Burlington; Hemp- hill, Harry Donald, N ' ebo; Hill, Arthur Lee, Lewes. Del, Fifth Roto : Hodges. Darrell W.. Winston-Salem; Horwitz. Phillip Samuel. Raleigh; Hull, .I.imes Heywaid. . ' helbv; Hurt. Jasper Alevander. .Ir., MoigaTiton; Kazmaier, Martin V.. Far Hills. N. J.; Langdon, Ronald Earl. Coats. Sixth Row : Lynch. Thomas Frajiklin. III. Char- lotte; McCombs. 1,1, V Saunders. Creed- moor; McKiniiipn. Halbert Hill. Jr., Luinberton : Maitin, Stuart McGuire, .)r.. .Severn; Mitchent-r. John . grippa, HI. Edenton; .Monk. Betty James. Hurdle .Mills. Seventh Row: .Muse. Winfred R.. Belmont; Owen, Dennis Walter. .Ir., Ro.sebnro; I ' itter- si.n. William Karl. Greenville. S. C: rerkin . .loseph Charles. Bake:sville; iibusli. Palmer David, Charlotte; Eighth Row: Randall, Danny Lee, Ashevi Hallie Craven, Jr.. . shebi Linda Fave. Asheborri; Sihii James. Mt. Lakes. . J. John Collier. Salisbury; Sh( Clay, Greensboro. Ninth Row: Sime. Myron Strotlier. Lenoir; Smart, Thomas Elijah. Hamlet; Southern, William Daniel, Raleigh; Stanley, Gary Martin, Asheville; Stocks, Lewis Henry, III, Hookerton; Templeton, Linda Jane, Lenoir. Tenth Roiv : Whisenant. Edward Dixon, Morganton; ' enters, William Thomas, Rocky Point; Watson, Barry Vernon. Lenoir; White- sell. Roy Banks. Jamestown; Williford, Thomas Alton. Newton Grove; Young, Rodney Earl, Mayodan; Zahran, Lucy Marie, Fayetteville. First Rou-: Anderson. William N ' elson. Zebulon ; Barker. Rudv Watkins. Carrboro; Beauer. Donald Worth. Concord; Ben- nett, Charles Craver. Jr., Phi Delta Clii. Aliiha Phi (iiium, . pe : Bess. Gilhert Kent. Plii Delta Chi. Sylva ; Cekada. Emil L.. Durham. Second Rule : Chamblee. Fred Clifton. Carrboro: Colette. Roy Wilson. Jr.. Phi Delta Chi. Mocksville; Costner, Margaret Eliza- beth, .-lliiha Delta Pi. Lincolnton : Cox. Richard Larry. Sanford; Creech. Joseph . rnold. Jr.. Selma : Davis. Joseph Dameron. Warrenton. Third Row : Davis. Llovd Ernest. Chapel Hill: Dunn. Everette Matthews. A ' o,,;,r P.ii. I.eaks- ville; Eutsler. Thomas Maxwell. Kin s- port. Tenn.: Flovd. Ki.hard Williams. Phi Delta Chi. Fairmont: (lih-iin. J.imes Robert, Jr.. Hayesville: Cireeson, Joe David, Burlington. Fourth Roll-: Hall. Haves Earl. Whittier: Hamilton. James Ralph. Jr.. .Sanford: Harper. Rebecca .Mcestis. a:.i .;. i Eiixiln,,, Hen- dersonville: Harri " , William Fred. High Point: Hartis. i:ilhert Clyde. Winston-Salem; Hatlu-ock. James . 1- den. Jr.. Kappri Pii. Charlotte. Fifth Ruir: Honevcutt. Moodv Zebulin. Drexel: Hood. Charles Howard. Lillington: JohnsDii. . larv Frances. Raleigh; John- son. Willis Ray. HI, Phi Delta Chi. Jacksonville: l-ittle. James Harold. Oakboro: McCoy. Larry Thomas. Jr.. Cove City. Sixth Rou- : McGee, Connie Mae, Chapel Hill; McKenzie, Cxary Walker, Fairmont; McKinley, Richard S.. Kappa Psi. Kan- napolis; McNeill, Jerry Howard, Rob- bins; Measamer. Frank Alexander. Kappa P.vt. Sanford; Medlin. William David, Chapel Hill. Seventh Ron- : Milam, Harry Davis, Sutherlin. Va.; Murrell. Harry Thomas. Jr.. Pi Kappa Alpha, Albemarle; Neal. Larry Kent, Kannapolis; Overton, Richard Buxton, Jr., Raleigh; Patterson, Margaret Greene, Kappa Epsilon. Roxboro; Pike, Ellen Louise, Kappa Epsilon, Concord. Eighth Row: Price. Jerry Douglas. Kappa Psi, Ra- leigh; Raper, Francis Eugene, Lucama; Roberson, Gary. Ray, Draper; Roniine, Jack Richard, Asheville; Runnion. Jo- seph David, Lenoir; Smith. , lbert Hunter. Fayetteville. A ' i(i( i Row: Stanley. Lucius Jones. Jr.. Kappa Psi. Charlotte: Stroud, David Andrew, High Point; Taylor. James Robert. Entield: Thompson. Beverly Carol. Chapel Hill: Watts. Mitchell Wayne. T abor City; Weathers, Donald Lawrence. Shelby. Tenth Row . Weatherspoon. Leonard . .. Hollj ' Springs; Whitlock, Paul Wilson. Jr., Salisbury; Williams, Susan Ann, Clin- ton: Williams, William Thurston, Wil- son; Wyke, Martha Ann, Shelby; Yingling, Gary Lee, Silver Spring, Md. 3rd First Row : Barbour. Robert Layton. Kappa Psi, Burling- ton: Barnes. Minnie Bell. Raleigh; Barrett. Robert Harrison. II, Pineburst; Bell. Barbara Jane. Kappa EpftHon. Statesville: Bell. Barrj ' Max. Gastonia. Serond Row : Bills. Elizabeth Ann. Kappa EpsUon, Valdese; Blanchard. Norwood Pitt. Wallace; Bolton. Catherine Ann, Rich Square; Bradsher. Arthur I.ongr. Jr.. Kappa Psi, Roxboro; Daughtrj ' . Ruifus Lynwood, Princeton. Third Row : Dotson. Ralph Gene. Wilmington ; Egbert. James Micliael. Greensboro; Gibson. Charles Thomas. Kappa Psi, Goldsboro; Goodwin. Samuel Stephen, Kappa Psi, Monroe; Gordon, Robert Lee. Phi Delta Chi, Yadkinville. Fourth Row: Gupton. Adrian Clay. Louisburg; Hardin. Jo Anne. Kappa Epsilon, Boone; Harmon, Wil- liam Sidney. Kappa Psi, Ahoskie; Himes. Charles Karris, Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Brevard; Honeycutt. Bruce Willard. Kappa Psi, Franklinton. Fifth Row : Horn, James Jackson, Kappa Psi, Lawndale; Huffman. Kent Lowe. Kappa Psi, Winston- Salem; Johnson. William Lewis, Jr.. Phi Delta Chi, Garner; Keever. David Eugene. Lincoln- ton; Kennedy. John Lowry. Kappa Psi, States- ville. Sixth Row : Lazarus. Charles Lawrence, Kappa Psi, San- ford: McLarty. George Collins. Jr.. Kappa Psi, High Point; Matthews. George David. Jr.. Stoneville; Page. Patricia Ann. Delta Delta Delta, Henderson; Putnam. Jesse Van. Kappa Psi. Kings Mountain. Seventh Row: Reaves, Dorothy Bingham. Kappa Epsilon, Fayetteville; Sheets. James Paul. Kappa Psi, Chapel Hill: Smith, Donald Judd. Kappa Psi, (Vreensboro; Smith. Terre Milton. Kappa Psi, Uueenstown, Md.; Swann. Edward Filmore. Jr.. Icard. Eighth Row : Tripp. Ronald Tucker. Ayden ; Weaver. Van Darwin. Kappa Psi, Spring Hope; Womble. Jacqueline Ruth. Durham. 397 Benthall, Alpheus Worth Ahoskie Phi Di-lta Chi; N ' .C.P.A.-A.Pli.A. Student Branches. Bonner, Sylvia Meade Greenville Knppa Kupim tiiniuiKi : Kappa Epsilon; N.C ' .P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Brandies (1, 2. 3. 4), Secretary (3); Order of the Old Beanbirds (3. 4); Orientation Counselor (3, 4) ; University Party (2) ; Freshman Counselor (3): A.Pli. Girls Association (1, 2. 3, 4). Bowen, Norman George Roxboro Kappa Psi: Pharmacy Senate; N ' .C.P.A.-A.Ph.A.; Orientaticii Counselor. Bowers, John Robert Bethel N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Bradshaw, C. Foy Rocky Mount Phi Dilta Chi: Pharmacy Senate, President; IDC Honorary Society; Dance Committee; N.C.P.A.-A.Pli.A. Bryson, Vaughn Douglas Basehall: X.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Gastonia Clark, Hugh Mercer Kappa Psi; X.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Branclii Pharmacy Senate (4). Creech, Howard Welda Daughtry, Ben Philip Smithfield Kappa Psi; .C.P.. ..A.Ph.A. Student Branches (1. 2. 31. Treasurer (4). Pinetops Vice-President (41 : Selma Davis, Thomas Peete Warrenton Dockery, Wesley Prichard Walnut Phi Delta Chi; Pharmacy Senate (3, 4) ; N ' .C.P.. .-A.Ph.. .: V.D.C. (1. 2). Dunlap, Helen Jean Durham Kappa Epxil,,,,: I ' harmacy Girls Association (1. 2. 3. 4): N.C.P.A.- A.Ph.A. Student Branches (1. 2. 3. 4); Secretary of N.C.P.A. Dutton, Marshall Wilson Hickory Phi Ihlta Chi; Pharmacy Senate: N ' .C.P.A.-. .Ph.A. Student Branches. Elkins, Johnny Warren Kappa Psi. Fayetteville Faison, Nancy Margaret Rockingham Kappa Kappa Gamma; Kappa Epsilon; Rho Chi; Pharmacy Senate (3, 4); Concert Band (1, 2. 3. 4): Wind Ensemble (2. 3, 4); N.C.P.A.- A.Ph.A. Student Branches (2, 3. 4) : Order of the Old Beanbirds (3. 4) ; Secretary-Treasurer of Pharmacy Student Body (4); Y.W.C.A. (2): Orientation Counselor (2. 3); Freshman Counselor (3). Gaddy, Ray Carlton Ingold Hansen, Edwin Leroy Fletcher Phi Ih-lta Chi; N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Branches. Hickmon, James Ralph Wilmington Kappa Psi, Vice President (4); Pharmacy School Student Body ice- President (4); N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Branches (2. 3. 4); V ' .M.C.A. (I. 2. 3. 4): V.D.C. (1. 2. 3). Jones, William W. Morganton Phi Ihlta Chi; Pharmacy .Senate; N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Branches. Kirkman, Paul Madison Madison Pharmacy Senate; N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Branches. Lassiter, Lucious Melvin, Jr. Milwaukee N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Branches. Lutz, Howard Robert Vale Kap m Psi: N.C.P.A. A. Ph.. . Student Branches. McDonald, Eugene James Reidsville Phi Delta Chi; N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Branches. McDonald, Phebe Pettingill Carthage Kappa Epsilon; Pharmacy Senate: N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Branches. ite; N.C.I ' . A. -A. I ' ll. A Hickory Hickory student Branfhe.s. Mt. Pleasant Kapim Fsi. Preside nt (H: Dance C ' unmdttee (1, 2, 3, 4); Pliarmaev Student Body I ' re.-jident (4): N.C.P.A.-A.Pli.A. Student Brandies; Phar- macv Senate (1. 2. 3. 4); Professional I.F.C. (2, 3, 4); University Party (1. 2. 3); Band (1); Order of the Old Beanbirds (4); Orientation Coun- selor (3, 4). Miller, James Monroe I ' hi Delta Chi; Pliarniacy Senate. Miller, Joseph Larry I ' ll! Delta Chi: Pliarniac y Sen Moose, William Whitaker Morris, Robert Milton Rho Chi. O ' Briant, Gordon Lee, Jr. Kiipfm Psi: N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Branches. Patterson, Forrest Tribble University Club (1); Westminster Fellowship; President (3): N.C.P.A. (3. 4); A.Ph.A. (4). Peterson, Donald Vance Kappa Psi; N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Brandie Post, Hazel Green N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Branches. Price, Sanford Scott N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Branches. Wilmington Sanford Burlington I.D.C. (21; Dormitory Wilmington Chapel Hill Chapel Hill Purser, Miles Herbert Ayden Kappa Psi; N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Brandies, Ridenhour, Henry Baxter Salisbury Phi Delta Chi; N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Branches (2. 3. 4). Saunders, John Wesley Raleigh Phi Delta Chi; Pharmacy Senate (2, 3, 4); N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Branches (1. 3. 4). Shearin, Robert Hunter Warrenton Wesley Foundation (I. 2); N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Branches (2, 3. 4). Thomasville N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Shoemaker, William Preston lacy Senate (4) Smithwick, Edward Lee, Jr. Phi Eta Sigma; Rho Chi, President (4). Morehead City Starling, Mary Ruth Raleigh Chi Omega; Kappa Epsiinn ; University Party; N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Stu- dent Branches; Secretary of Class (1). Sutton, LuRuth Lake Waccamaw Delta Delta Delta; Kappa BpsiJou, President (4); Rho Chi; Valkyries (2, 3), President (4); Order of the Old Well (3. 4); Orientation Com- mittee (2. 3) : Women ' s Residence Council (3) ; Women ' s Honor Council (.1, 4); Order of the Old Beanbirds (3. 4); Pharmacy Senate (1, 2); N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Branches (1, 2. 3. 4); Secretary of Class (2). Upchurch, Sarah Jane Greenville Kappa Epsiloii; Baptist Student Union (2, 3, 4); N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Stu- dent Branches (2. 3, 4); C.W.C. (4); Dormitory Vice-President (4); y.W.C.A. (3); Orientation Counselor (4). Usher, Harold Griffin Burlington Whitehead, Willis Lee Chapel Hill Baptist Student Union; N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Student Branches. Williams, James Edward Kappa Psi; N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Wright, Walter David N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Zachary, James Neville Kappa Psi; N.C.P.A.-A.Ph.A. Rockingham Yadkinville Cashiers KflPPfl PS BARBOIR BOWEN CLARK DAIGHTRV Chjpl.ini DUNN ELKINS FERRELL GOOD X ' IN HARMON HICKMON 1 ' ice Regent HATHCOCK HIMES Secretary HORN HONEYCUTT HUFFMAN KENNEDY LAZARL ' S LUTZ Mckinley McLARTY MOOSE Regent OBRIANT PETERSON PRICE PLRSER PUTNAM SHEETS SMriH, D. SMIIH, T. STANLEY Vi ' EAVER WILLIAMS ZACHARY 400 LuRUTH SUTTON Sueethearl W ILLIAM WHITAKER MOOSE Regent Another year passes for Beta Xi, the last for fourteen . . . Stem finds pajamas at half mast . . . Peterson still waits for Rock to leave head . . . Purser trades emeralds for diamond . . . Ferrell: our first Phi Bete . . . Faulkner goes " Zero " to 202 in one easy " I do " . . . Clark and Daughtry crack whips in lab . . . Williams proves that age is a state of mind . . . Judd discovers soap . . . O ' Briant and Lazarus: Gung-ho Bongo . . . Putnam encounters water hazard while not play- ing golf . . . Sheets, Terre Smith, Thomas, Honeycutt, Yarborough: the whipped dogs . . . Himes, louder than ever . . . Hickmon, little general of the little house . . . Bowen loses half over sweetheart . . . Huffman finally gets a film . . . Goodwin and Barbour: the imported brothers . . . Moose ' s Corvette gets creamed in can . . . L. J.: Fine . . . Zack endures Lenoir . . . Parties and weekends past, present and yet to come keep q-p ' s out of sight . . . Food, furnace, late pledging brings question of year: what next? PLEDGE CLASS Firs! Row: X ' eathers, Cekada. Watts. Second Row: Gibson, Jr., Neal, Merritt. Davis. Third Row: Raper, McGee, Hall, Little, McCoy. PHI DELTR CHI BENNETT W ' orthy Prelate BENTHALL BESS BRADSHAW COLLETTE DOCKERY Worthy Vice Counsellor BUTTON Worthy Chief Counsellor FLOYD GORDON Worthy Keeper of Records and Seals HANSEN, EDWIN L. JOHNSON, W. L. Worthy Master at Arms JOHNSON, W. R. JONES Mcdonald, eugene j. MILLER. JAMES M. Worthy Master at Arms MILLER, JOSEPH L. RIDENHOUR SAUNDERS SHOEMAKER 402 Phi Delta Chi is a professional pharmaceutical fraternity, founded to advance the science of pharmacy and its allied interests, and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among its mem- bers. Phi Delta Chi was founded at the Univer- sity of Michigan in 1883, and established locally May 30, 1923. The fraternity flower is the red carnation and the colors are old gold and dregs of wine. PLEDGE CLASS Sealed: Chamblee, H. Smith, McKenzie, Dickson. Suiiidiiig: Miller, FUdj einaUer, R. Smith, Purcell, Hatley, Hayes, Hartis MARSHALL DUTTON Worthy Chiej Counsellor Share Your Date rule instituted as brothers repeal Anti-Snake Act on motion by Goon, Willie, Ray and Bender. Fred ' s cool to the rule. Everybody ' s picking on Sonny! Bennett takes fatal step . . . and Henry, ' Willie S., Ed, Bill J. throw rocks at the stork . . . ' Wes suspects water supply. Lightning never strikes, but Flash lights alley and Dutton splashes DTH. Mack and Foy in South Building? Benthall and Bess learn about love . . . Farrior popularizes fox trot . . . Yes, Judy, Bill ' s here and studying. Dick orders fat man in red suit oiif roof in December. Seniors study popular book and Jimmy Mac prophesies that butler did it! Hope Springs Eternal. KflPPR EPSILOn OFFICERS LuRUTH SUTTON President BARBAR A BELL Vice-President DOROTHY REAVES Secrel.try-Treasurer SYLVIA BONNER Historian HELEN DUNLAP Pledge Mistress SARAH UPCHURCH Chaplain Kappa Epsilon is a national fraternity for women stu- dents in pharmacy. It was founded nationally in 1921 at the State University of Iowa. Lambda Chapter was founded at the University of North Carolina m 1940. The purposes are to stimulate in its members a desire for high scholarship, to foster a professional consciousness, and to provide a bond of lasting loyalty, interest and friendship. The fraternity is proud of its members throughout the nation who are leaders in the pharma- ceutical profession. BARNES BELL BILLS BOLTON BONNER DINLAP HARPER JOHNSON McDonald PAGE PATTERSON PIKE REAVES STARLING SUTTON UPCHURCH VC ' KE 404 OFFICERS Edward Lee Smithwick, Jr President Robert Morris Vice-President Na ncy Faison Secretary-Treasurer LuRuTH Sutton Historian FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. J. L. Brannon Dr. E. A. Brecht Dr. Earl T. Brown Dr. M. A. Chambers Dr. George Cocolas Dr. Sigurdur Jonsson Dr. Claude Piantadosi Dr. Fred T. Seminiuk Dr. Edward M. Smith Mr. William W. Taylor Dr. Herman O. Thompson RHO CHI UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS Nancy Faison William Griffin, Jr. Kenneth Lawing Robert Morris Jane Page Edward Smithwick, Jr. LuRuth Sutton Thomas Yost GRADUATE STUDENTS Saul Borodkin Shu-Sing Cheng George E. Crevar Metro Fedorchuk Rosmarie Fussenegger Yung Yoon Oh Robert Karl Rauch Charles Fred Speranza 405 Sealed Phoebe McDonald. Recorder: Wes Dockery, Secrelary- Tteaiuier. Slaiidinx: Mac Jones, Reporter: Foy Bradshaw, President; Paul Kirkman, PiirlictmeiitMin!:. pharmacy senate The Pharmacy Senate was tounded at UNC in I9-K), in order to stimulate and increase knowledge and appreciation for the profession of pharmacy, to promote interclass co- operation within the school and to teach public speakmg as a foundation for future leadership. Meeting once a month, the body discusses new drugs, new pharmaceutical processes, and various problems facing the profession today, thus giving each member a chance to develop a better attitude toward the various situations so that a more intelligent approach may be used in the future when faced with such problems of his own. BARNES BELL BENNETT BOW EN BESS BRADSHAW CLARK COLLETTE DAUGHTRY DOCKERY DIHTON FAISON GOODWIN GUPTON HIMES HORN HUFFMAN TONES. W. W. KEEVER KIRKMAN LAZARUS MCDONALD MILLER. J. L. MILLER, J. M. MOOSE PATTERSON SAUNDERS SHOEMAKER denta hygiene This won ' t hurt, honest Molded teeth are the best kind ! » • O t FnsfRow: Arnold, Minta Jane. HenJersonville; Elmore. Linda Ann, Mocksville; Hagaman. Elizabeth Gail. Lenoir; Hobson, Betty Alice, Charlotte; Hudson, Patricia Kay, Greensboro. Secofia Row. Lankford. Polly Dahne. Hamlet; Lawson, Virginia Roberta, Sanford ; Madison, Ruth Eu.senia, Mocksville; Naumoff, Caro- lyn Elaine, Charlotte; Swain, Betsy Frances, Durham. Third Row: Taylor, Katherine Ann, Asheville; Tickel. Lila Diane. North Little Rock. Ark.; Werner, Jennie Lee, Durham; Williams, Teresa Ann, Charlotte. % 9 I % f I f I • • • • Fnsi Row: Boyette. Alleyene Garton. Chapel Hill; Carters, lovce Cecelia, Charlotte; Dent, Carol Sue. Reids- ville; Harward. Judith Anne. Carolina Beach; Justice, Barbara Ann, Icard. Second Row: Kelly. Jackelyn Mae. Kinston; Laws, Sandra Pau- Ime. Mchanc; Overcash. Laura Elizabeth, Concord; Parker, Peggy June, Charlotte; Rice, Jacqueline Mane. High Point. Third Rote: Shaver, Ruby Virginia, Winston-Salem; Smith. Barbara Sue. Albemarle; Traylor, Nancy Jo. South- ern Pines ; Ware, Wanda Ruth, Burlington. 408 Advertisements m: -- inDEX 118. 185 .387 118. 18. ' ) 48. .?29 118 43. 89. 194. 214 Abbott. James Allen 89 Abee. Sylvia Louise 886 Ahell. James Curtis 108 Abernatliy, Hettie Jo 118 Abernathy. Ray Atwell 881 Abernethy. John Allison 370 Abernethy. William Borden. Jr 379 Abernethy, William Miller 89 Abrams. Samuel Leonard Absher. Henry Gray Acenbrack. Mary C. Acker. Dorene Karen Ackerman, Allan Ervin Adair. Jerry Burl Adair. Richard Torrence. Jr. Adams. Edward Liddell Adams. Emily Jeannette Adams. Franklin LeVerne. J Adams. George Bryan 202 Adams. Howard Ellison 118.161 Adams, James Benton. Jr. 108. 181 . ' dams. Jeanne Marie 89 . dams. Jerome R. 48. 162 . dams. Jimmy B. . . 108 Adams. Joe! Ray 89 Adams. John Patrick 362 Adams. Julia Ann 386 Adams. N ' icholson B. 204 Adams. Phillip Ray 118 Adams. Thomas Franklin 39. ' ! Adams. William Holcombe 48. 192 Adcock. Edith Jeanine 356 Adcock. Gerald Cooper 118 Adcock. Starlon Willis 89 Adkins. Joseph Edward. Jr. 48, 336 Adler, Barry 196 Ainslie. Lee Sanford 48. 188 Aitken. George Dougla.s. Jr. 118. 261 Akins. Waverly F. 362. 365 Albergotti. Judith Ann 89 Alberty. Warren Ray 118 Albiez. Arnold Richard 118 Aldige, Amelie Virginia Marie 48, 223, 264 Aldridge. Robert Patten. Jr. 89. 214 Alexander, Harry Albert 89 Alexander. Jeanne K. 382 .Alexander. John Rea 361 .Mexander, Joseph Hammond 48. 155. ISO. 216. 220 40. 89 8. 164. 271. 284 108, 202 Alexander, Richard Barnhardt .•Mexander, Roy Davidson . " Mexander, Thomas W. li . Ilen. Alice Eugenia . Ilen. .Arch Turner. Ill Allen. Cliarles Snead Allen. Claude William. Jr. .Mien. Don Allen. Felix Hill. Jr. . llen. Henrietta J. . Ilen, Hugh Innian . llen, Julia B. .Alien. Kitty Allen. Marvin E. . IIen. Thomas Clark Allen, Thomas Earl Allen, Thomas Ray 356 Allen, William Reynolds 324 Alligood, Gene Rogers 108 . IIred, Hiram Herbert, Jr. 48. 340 Allred. Jerry Douglas 118, 179 Allred, Thomas Arthur 48, 160 Allred, Tommy Lee 178 . lmon, Claud Bradley, Jr. 118 Alphin. Oliver W. 361. 365 Alt. John Edward 118 Alvis, Jerry Shumate 362, 366 Aman. Jerry Hedrick 89, 178 Ambrose, Oadus Donald 89, 198, 261 Ames, William S 356 48, 293 8, so- ns 38n IDS 108 118, 269 48 108 408 48, 192 118, 193 108 48 118 89. 196 Ammons, James Floyd 363, 364 .■Vmos, Jerry W. - - - 48 . mura, Ali Miludi 356 Anderson, Bird 48, 340 Anderson, Carl 375 .Anderson. Donald B 24 .Anderson. Edwin Hoyle. Jr. Anderson. Evelyn L. .Anderson. Frederick Randolph. Jr. .Anderson. Ivan V. .Anderson. Larry Randall .Anderson. Leo Richard .Anderson. AVayne Clark .Anderson. William Nelson .Anderson, ZoIIie Neil. Jr. Andrew, Herbert Allen 108, 190 Andrew, Ruth Carolyn 388 .Andrews. Beverly Faye . 42. 48 Andrews. Charlotte Ann 385. 388 .Andrus, Charles Andrew 118 Ange, Charles Gilmer 118 Angel, Charles 179 Angley, Floyd Wilson 118 .Annas, Garry Dean 118 Apter, Michael Shale 268 Archer, Willis Arthur 118 .Arey, Julius Norman 118, 195 .Armfield. Richard Beeson. Jr. .Armstrong. Clarence Rodney .Armstrong. Daniel M. .Arnette. Jacqueline Grace .Arnold. Bruce Lowe .Arnold. Minta Jane . .Artliur. James Ficklen Arthur. Louis Chesterfield .Arumi, Francisco .Ashburn. Deborah Hauser .Ashburn. Michael Anthony .Ashendorf. AVilliam Herbert .A.sber, Robert David, Jr, Aslier. Roger Harry Ashfleld. Frank Veates .Ashley. Johnson Wells, Jr. .Ashworth, Derwood Lee Askew. Stell Blake, Jr. .Asserson. Bowen, Jr. Atchley, John Lee Atibodhi, Sathit .Atkins, Dorothy C Atkins. Freddy Michael .Atkins. Nan Gray .Atkinson. William Bryan Attayck. Eli Atwater. H. W. .Atwell, Richard Dickinson Avant, George Ray .Augustine. Jane L .Auman. Howard Frank .Auslander. Elizabeth Anne .Auslander. Richard Charles Austell. Edward C .Austin. Lawrence Byron. HI .Austin. Richard Maurice .Austin, Sheldon Clyde. Jr. .Autry. Gene Alexander .Avent. Frank Harper .Avent. Fred Campbell Aveva, Charles .Allen .Averitt. Steven Haywood Avery. Edward Stanley. Jr. Avery, Frank Walton 108 Avery, Isaac T 347 .Avery, Larry Earl 89 .Avner, Jody Maxwell 191 Awbrey, Nancy Etta 49, 222, 230, 251, 274 Aycock, Charles Ronald 118 Aycock, Mrs. W. B 42 Aycock. William B 21, 347 Ayers, Julia Sue 887 -Aj ' res, A ' irginia Coventry .Ayscue, Edwin Osborne. Jr. .Ayscue, Quincy Adams . 223. 293. 346 360. 363. 366 . .341, 336 9, 154, 155, 174, 208 . 89 7 4. 260. 262 89, 338 49. 192 ITS 378 Bann, Daniel S Babb. Robert Massey Babylon, .lohn Rakestraw 118. Baggett. .Allene Keefer 38, ' ;. ; Bagwell. Willard Ray Bahlouli. Hassan Hamidon Bahnsen. Mary Cutler - - Bailey. Alfred Reno Bailey. Beverly .Ann 49. Bailey. Jon Charles 118, Bailey, Jon Pennington 108, Bailey, Mary Elizabeth 49, 157. Bailey, Warren Gattis Bailey, William James, Jr. Bain, Lehoma Audrey Baird, James Rex Baird, Linwood Eugene Bairo, Russell Douglas Baity, James Oliver Baity, Phil Baker. Archie James Baker. Barnes Kimball Baker. Benjamin Rives Baker, Charles Henrj ' , HI Baker, Earl Mancill 89. Baker, Joanne Roper 49. Baker, Julian Tucker, Jr 202, Baker, Jimmy Baker, Mary Stewart Baker, Nancy Jane . 44, 49. Baker. Thomas P. Balas. Bernard David 89, Baldwin, Albert Leslie 49, 307. Baldwin. Roy Eugene Ball. Brenda Combs 49. Ball, David Stafford Ballard, John Alton Ballard, Walter Marion Ballenger. Anna Woodfln 49, 222, Ballon, Byron Tracy Ballou. Nellie Holmes Bandlow. Dorothy Bankert, Doris Marie 3S5, Banks, William Charles Banner, Matthew Ray 118, Barbee, Gib Vester Barber, Amzi Godden, Jr Barber, Joan Winfield Barber, John Luther 89. Barber. Joseph AVilliam Barber. Leon Worth Barber. Sara Ann Barbour, Jon Carr 49, Barbour, Robert Layton 397, Barclay, George Bardwell, Mardi Barefoot, Gary Fenton Barefoot, John H. 49. Barham. James Michael 118, Barick, Bruce Huntley Barker, Bennie Barker, Ernest Gail. Jr. Barker. George .Andrew Barker. Rudy AVatkins Barkley. Karl Lee Barknian. Patricia Helen Barlow. John Russell Barlow. Patricia .Ann Barnes. Claudia L. Barnes, Henson P, Barnes, George T. Barnes, Gertie McNair 90, Barnes, Larry .Allen los, Barnes, Larry Rufus 108, 410 INDEX (Continued) Barnes, Marie Pase 49. Barnes, Minnie Bell 227, 394, Barnes, Sam G Barnett, Anne Alexander Barnette, Jerry Hicks Barnhardt, John MacFarland 362, Barnhill, Maurice Victor, III Barotta, Stephen John Barrelli, Richard C Barreras, Mary Louise 49, 222, Barrett, Ethel Louise Barrett, Richard Darcy Barrett, Robert Harrison, Jr. Barrineau, Harry Eugene, IH Barringer, David McKenzie Barringer, Martin DeBerry Barron, John Knox, HI Barry, Thomas Dyer Barshay, Hyman Stadiem 108, Barnwell, Jim Bartlett. R. D Barton, Roger E Barts. John William, Jr Basinger, Andrew Marshall 108, Bass, Bernard Bass, Ernest Brevard, Jr Bass, E. Warner 38. Bass. Gerald Lane Bass, Harold Hall Bass, Jane Ross Bateman. Helen Marie Bates, G. William Bates, Stanley Douglas 118, Battle, Richard Edmund 118, Batts, Bernice R 363. Baucom, Jim Preston 90, Baucom, Kenneth Latta Baucom, Robert Leslie Baucom, Thomas Aldon Bauguess, Carl Baumstone, Ross Jan Baxter, Betty Jean 43, 50, 269, 293. Baynes, Robert Gene 9U, Bazemore, William M Beach, Martha C. 50. Beachan. Frederick Arnold Beale. Andrew Vincent Bealle, James Burnitt. Jr. Beaman, Grafton (iatling Bean, Clarris Bean, Richard C Beane, Kenneth Dewitt 90. Bear, F, Thomas 341, Beard, Christopher Beard, Sally Frances 50, Beasley. William KefF Beat, Alberta Beatson, William Paca 118 Beaty, Lorraine Beaty, Robert Archie. Jr. 108. Beatty, Rita T Beaver. Donald Worth Beaver, Frank Eugene 50, Bebber, James V. Beck. Lenny Beck. Patricia Nell Becker. Baerbel F. Becker, Cliarlie , Becker. Donald Eugene Beeton. John William Belangia, Barbara Jean Belk. James Sherman Bell, Barbara Jane Bell. Barry Max Bell, Christopher J Bell, Joseph Oscar, III 43, 108. Bell. Mary Ellen Bell, Michael 180, 211, Bell, William A., Jr Belmont. Alex Fernando .118,187.280. Bender. eil Carmichael Bender, Ralph Starling 108, Benderman, John Benner, Robert M. Bennett, Ann Fritz Bennett. Charles Craven. Jr Bennett. Charles Landis Bennett, William Radford Benoy, Jean Allen Benson, Julie Benthall, Alpheus Worth Bentley, Herbert Bentley, Keith Lambet)i Bentley. Ralph Luther Benton, Henry Clyde, Jr. Benton, Juanita Benton. Julia Adelaide Benzio. Richard Louis Beranek. David Nickell Bergeron. Garry Patrick. Jr. 118. Berghahn. Volker Rolf Bergamo. Donald John Bergren, Richard Berlin. Ira Gilbert 118, Berman. Jacki Maxine Berman, Richard Stephen 118. Berman. Shelly Bernard, Charles Bernhardt, Robert Linn, III Bernstein, Brant Abraham 118, Bernstein, Susie . . Bernstein, William Berrier, Jerrj- Lynn Berry, Feriba Ann Berry, James Matthew-, Jr 50, Berry. Robert G. 50. Berryhill, Bruce Holt 50.323. Berryhill. Reece Berryhill. Virginia Farmer Berryhill, Walter A Berryhill, William Irwin, Jr 90, Berryhill, William Scott, Jr Bertram, Albert E. Bess. Gilbert Kent 396. Best. James Monroe. Jr. 118. Bethel, M. B Betts. James Allen Betts. James S. - Beveridge. Bruce Hanna Beverley John George Bevis. Em Bevis, William W. Biddulph. Barbara Alida 90. Riggers. Foy Jerome Biggers. James Larry Biggerstaff, Franklin Lee 90. Biggs. William Archibald. Ill Bilbro, Robert Hodges 108, 174, 280, Bilisoly, Charles Winston - - - lis, Billingsley, Joan Billing. Doug Milton Bills. Elizabeth Ann 397. Bingham. James Robert 32,33,43, 168, Birke, Ronald Lewis 90, Birkenstock, Robert H. 108, 280, Riser. Linda Anne Bishop, Bertram Owen Bishop, Wayne 300. Bishop, Wilhelmina Williams Bivens. Betsy Welch 90. Bivens. Thomas Joel. Jr. Black. Donald Worth 108, 194. Black. Douglas S 108. Black. GeolTrey Black, James Thomas 50, 154, Black, Stanley Warren, III 90, Blackburn, John Ogburn 90, Blackford. Frank R., Jr. Blackman. John Walton, III Blackman. Richard Sanders Blackman, Wilbert Worth 369, 873, Blackwelder, Wade M. Blackwell. Ernest Ray Blackwell. J. R. Blackwell, Frederick Wayne Blackwell, Mary Scott 50. 195 Blair, Jerry Andre 50 173 Blair, .Moses A. E 356 387 Blake. Charles Edward 108 402 Blake. Joseph Gaddy 91 90 Blake, Phyllis Olivia 50 US Blake, Thomas Allen 9(i 361 Blanchard, Norwood Pitt 397 390 Bland, Wilbur Bryan 370 402 Blankensliip. Jean Walker 50, 146 194 Blankensliip, Mercer Jefferson, Jr. 361 374 Blanton, Silas Walker. Jr. 50. 154. 15.5. 164. 379 165. 260. 265. 267. 323 177 Blass. Michael S 201 391 Blaustein. Ira Morton 118 9 " Bledsoe. James Odel. Jr. - 51 90 Biee. .Margaret 3H0 50 Blevins. Geraldine 356 329 Bloom. Harry E 174. 280. 281. 34.5 50 Bloom. William F 175 108 Blount, John Gray 379 214 Blount, Marvin Key, Jr. 164.208 197 Blume. Thomas Frederick 91, 32S lis Blumenfeld, Thomas Allen 91, 1.54, 200 201 Blumenthal. Charles Adolph 119 197 Blumenthal. Harry 20i 25 BIythe. Edwin John. Jr 108 90 BIythe. Marshall McCoy 91,154,160,161 185 BIythe, Robert Brevard 362. 366 296 Boatwright. Man ' Glenn 340. 387 184 Boatwright, Norma Ann 51 108 Bobbitt, Thomas M ' oodrow 51 356 Boden, Theodore Xeal 36. 51, 156 338 Boecker, Eberhard 356 336 Boerner. Robert Martin 378 328 Boggan. Michael D. 169 375 Bohannon. Sarah Stuart 91 356 Bohren. William Arnold 119 204 Bolan. Robert Stuart. Jr. Ilfl 395 Bold). Oscar Howard. Jr. 377 90 Boles. John Rich 91. 302. 33s 381 Bolick. Carroll Lee 91.307 402 Bolick. Christine Rowe 91 177 Bolick. Ted Arnold 51.338.339 380 Bolin. James Harold 119 50 Bnlton. Catherine Ann 346.397.401 108 Bondi. Peter Albert 108. 162 90 Bondurant. Marvin Vernon 362.36.5 118 Boneno. Barry L 10s 384 Bonner. Sylvia Meade 234. 398. 404 181 Bonner. William 51, Lis 231 Bonnycastle, Sarah E 235 90 Bontempo, Robert Henry 91 271 Boone, Brace B.. Jr 108, 191 194 Boone. Donald L 362. 366 118 Boone. Martha Penelope 51. 293 324 Boone, Robert Ricks, Jr. 51 263 Boortz. Kay Margaret 16. 39, 43, 51, 236 346 Booth, Samuel Maslow 362,364 118 Borden, Dana Brownrigg . 91,312 404 Borden, Norman D. 119. 197 44. Bordogna. Richard J. 2ns 260 Borodkin. Saul 405 196 Borth, Richard Anthony 108 281 Bose. Sipra 51. 293 108 Boss. George Wells . 91. 176 118 Michael Earl 119 301 Bost. William S.. Jr. 37 7 356 Bostian. Karl Eugene 377 235 Boswell. Jackson C. 291 108 Bottler. Jack A 163 291 Bound.?. V. Lee 360 173 Boughman, Catherine A. 381 342 Boulware, Robert A 341 191 Boutselis, George J. 185 166 Bowen, Frank Theodore. Jr 51 256 Bowen, Norman George 398, 400 187 Bowen, Thomas A. S82 108 Bowen. Timothy William. Jr 876 118 Bowerman. Charles E 30 374 Bowers. Bruce Humphrey 119, 161 161 Bowers. John Robert 394. 398 91 Bowles. Susan Scott 51. 228 159 Bowman. Robert Carrol 10s 356 Bowman. Robley Kivette 376 340 Bows. David J 169 411 INDEX (Continued) Boyd. Bernard 80 Boyd. David F. 1 6.1 Boyd. Graham Venahle. Jr. 11 9 Boyenton. William H. 119 Boyette. Alleyne Garton t " H Boyette. Staton Kdward. .Ir. 119 Boykin. Wilber Ray 91 Boyle. Kenneth M. 161 Boyles. V. Irvingr, Jr. 119 Brabson. John Anderson 188 Bracey, Duncan Albert. Ill .195 Brackett. Ralph Eugene 91 Bradbury. Malphus Leroy. Jr. 341, .356 Bradford. Gary William 119 Bradford. Margaret Williamson 51. 232. 293 Bradley. Gerald M. 210.214 Bradley. Julian Willis. Ill 108 Bradner. Nancy Elaine - , 91 Bradshaw, John William 91. 328 Bradshaw. C. Foy 256. 398. 402 Bradshaw. Molly 356 Bradsher. Arthur Long. Jr. 39T Brady. Anthony Patricia 51, 232 Brady, David S. 337 Brady. J. Donald 119 Brady. Jane Linda 51.228 Brady. Jon P. 191 Bragassa. Sara Elizabeth 108 Brake. Richard Clarence 51 Bramley. Richard Arthur 119. 193 Branch, J. Arthur 23 Brande. Wendell Simpson 119 Brandl. Fran M. 389 Brandon. Thomas Henry 51 Branham. Gloria Ann 51 Brannon. . nthony Mason 172.361 Brannon, J. L. 393, 405 Branstrom, William J 203 Braswell, Kermit Lee 31 Braun. Shepard 159 Brauer. James S 371 Brauer. John C 368 Brawley. Reid Haynes . M Braxton. Amos Don 119 Brecht. E. A. 393, 40.-. Breiner. Charles F. 51 Brendle. Robert Edward 31 Brener. Max Donald 119.201 Brennan. Edward Michael 91. 192 Brent. John William 108. 199, 208 Brent. Willoughby Scott 108 Brew. Sabra .-Vnn 387 Brewer. James T 341 Brewer. Margie 42 Bridgers. George Carlton 91 Bridgers. Kenneth H. 119 Bridgers. Susan Howard 119 Bridges. Chandler Raymond 119 Bridges. Jes.sie V. 382 Brietz. John Edwin 119 Briggs. Ernest Ray 362 Briggs. Miriam Ruth 51. 263 Briggs, Raymond Bruce 1S3 Briggs. Robert Edson 108. 175. 280 Brimmer. Kenneth R 52. 198 Brinkhous. Kenneth 373 Brinkhous. William 264 Brinkley. Thomas Edwin I19 Brinkley. William McCall 32, 154, 182 Brison. Pierre . Iin 52 Britt. Charles Robin 119 Britt. R. Carl 37s Britt. Ronald Paul 41.91 Britton. Alton L. 173 Broadhurst. Jack Johnson 137 Broadwell. Ina Mabel 385. 388 Brouch, Rebecca A. 380 Brock. James David 52, 323 Brock. Joan Marion 356 Brock. Mary Webster 388 Brodie. Elizabeth Thorp 39. 91 3 to Brodie. Majorie 381 Broniwell. .lames Edward 108 280 Brooke. Edward Mark 203 Brooker. Reginald John lOH 271 Brooks. Eugene H.. Jr. 341 336 Brooks. Joan 27 1 Brooks, Larry Saunders ... 119 Brooks. Norman B 26» Brookshire. Stan R 191 Broome. Henrj ' George. Jr. 119 Brott. Judy 39 234 Brott. Julia Floyd Van 293 Browder. James Patterson. Ill 261 324 Brown. Brevard McMurrav 119 Brown. Charles Conway ISH Brown. Charles Melvin. Jr. 91 Brown. Charles Ray. Jr. 119 Brown. Chester Henry. Jr. 91. 158 281 Brown. Conrad L.. Jr. 91 Brown. Daniel Elmer 91 326 Brown. Donald 200 Brown. Earl T. 393 405 Brown, Elizabeth Ann 179 390 Brown. Ellen 91 227 119 329 Brown. Franklin R 360, 382 364 Brown. Hershall M 52 Brown. Howard Wesley. Jr. 119 Brown. James Harvey .108 174 Brown, James Michael 119 156 Brown. James Peter 160 Brown. Jayne 91 250 Brown. Jo Roberta 386 Brown. John Ralston 91 160 Brown. John Riley lOK Brown. John Robert 91 Brown. Kingman Bliss 108 208 WHEN VISITING CHAPEL HILL Remember univERSin moTEL Is One of Carolina ' s Finest Motels and For Steaks and Sea Foods at Their Very Best, It ' s THE PinES HIGHWAY 54 EAST CHAPEL HILL 412 INDEX (Continued) Brown, Landrum DeFoix Brown, Larry Wesley Brown, Lawrence Atwood Brown, Louis J 277 Brown. Mac Brown, Mary Margaret 230, Brown, Malcolm Otis 52, Brown. Patricia Fay 232, Brown, Ralph Bradburj ' ■ ' 2, Brown, Ricliard Lane Brown, Richard Melvin Brown, Robert Michael 337, Brown, Sally Virginia Brown, Sarah Elizabeth 91, Brown, Theron Remfry, Jr Brown, Virginia Brown, Walter Duncan, Jr Brown, Walter Von Brown, William Ronald ioh. Browning, William Evan . Bruce, Almera L Bruce, Sara Bruffey, Vernon Russell Brundage, Barrie Adrianne , ,52, 232, Brunson, Edward Porclier Bruton, Gary Preston Bryan, A. Hughes Bryan, Clinton Ellwood, Jr 52, Bryan, Floyd Telmadge ill. 15.i, Bryan, Sam Dunn Bryan, Victor Carl , Bryan, William Felix Bryan, William Sturges Bryant, David Lee .»2. Bryant. George Badger. Ill Bryant. Howard McKenzie, Jr Bryant, Susan Boney 91. Bryant, Thomas Fletcher 91 Bryant, Wayne Douglas 119 Bryson, Vaughn Douglas 307, 308, 39S Buch. Alan Dennis 108, 168, 219 Buchan, Elmore S. 177 Buchan, Richard Duke, Jr. 108 Buchanan, Edward Higgs los Buchanan, James Wofford 52 Buchly, Peter Corbett 119,16.5 Buell. David H 91 Buford. John Terry 371 Buie. Betty Ann 38S Buie, John Gilbert, Jr. 108 Bulitt, James B 201 Bulla, Jefferson Davis, Jr 379 Bulla, Thurman Clifton 372 Bullard, Amos Jones, Jr 91 Bullard, Walter Marion 118 Bullock, Frank William, Jr 91 Bullock, Nancy 231, 39 1 Bumgarner, Carl Bing I08 Bumgarner, James Edward 119 Bundi, Jack Webb 119 Bundy, Clayton Buening 108 Bundy, James Howard 119 Bunn. Judith Le. ' ilie 52. 234 Bunn, Turner Battle 203 Burch, Stephen Ross 91, 160 Burch, William Henry 39.i Burchinal, Betty L. 381 Burden. Katherine Spivey .12 Burgess, Robert Dean 91 Burgess, Stephen Wayne 119, 167 Burgin, Charles Edward 91 Burgin, Stanley Eugene 52 Burgin, Wilburn George, Jr. 119 Burgwyn. John Griffin, Jr. 52. 154. 156. 204. 306. 307. 308 Burke. Ed 169 Burke. Kenneth Marvin SI ?6n Burke. William Richard. Jr. 376 41 Burley. William Wade 356 376 Burnett. Timothy Brooks 108, 164 265 Burnette. Xancy Gail 91, 223 293 Burnette. Richard C 165 Burnev. Fredric Arlen 377 Burnham. Clinton Elliot 32 Burns, Charles May 119 171 Burns, Clayton Brasington 119 171 Burns, W. David Burnside, Richard Harold 91 Burnside, William H., Jr. 52 Burris, Nancy R, 391 Burroughs, Frederick 199 Burroughs, James Dillard 360, 363 365 Burroughs, Malcolm Winston . 395 Burroughs, Paul Leach 108 174 Burrows. Richard Lee 108 Burrus. James Carter 108 Burt. Jane Arthur 389 Burton. Jean Mercer 91 Burton. Suzanne 189 Burwell. William Henry 119 Buschong. Sally 235 Busick. Howell Lee 119 Butler, Algernon Lee, Jr 108 180 Butler Earl Butler, George Simeon 91 Butler, Lester Aaron, Jr. 1(18 Butler. Paul Carraway, Jr. 119 Butler, Ronald Monroe 119 Butler, Thomas Campbell 396 Butler, Thomas Edgar 91 328 Butler. Thomas Lee 108 BOB COX MONK JENNINGS 413 For Prescriptions For Fountain Service SLOAN DRUG COMPANY On the Corner Across from Theater The New York Life Agent on Your Campus Is a Good Man to Know GEORGE L. iOXHEAD tJNC 42 Catnpus Miepr»s« wttatiw A Mutual Co. --- — 1-- Founded 1845 WW lie) NEW YORK LIFI INSURANCE COMPANY Congratulations TO ANOTHER GRADUATING CLASS CAROLINA BARBER SHOP " Since 1903 " CONTINUOUS QUALITY DURHAM Coca-Cola Bottling Company Durham, N. C. THELL ' S BAKERY " Flavor Like Mother Tried to Get " 124 E Franklin St PHONE 4291 CHAPEL HILL, N C Bakery Goods of Finest Quality 414 ROBERT ROLLINS BLAZERS INCORPORATED 832 Broadway New York 3, N. Y. SPECIALIZED BLAZER SERVICE to Schools Colleges Golf Clubs Classes Sororities Fraternities Bands Glee Clubs Choral Groups Honor Societies Athletic Teams Awards Committees Electric Construction Company, Inc. " Since 1935 " Desk Lamps, Portable Typewriters And All Your Electrical Needs JUST OFF THE CAMPUS 165 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill PETE AND SPERO SAY: Join the Crowds at the GOODY SHOP ESSO AND ATLAS PRODUCTS For the Best in Esso Service Trade at NORWOOD BROTHERS ESSO SERVICE 136 West Franklin Street Across from Chapel Hill High School ROAD SERVICE PHONE 2221 cyLittie J ri f Headquarters for Carolina Coeds DRESSES SPORTSWEAR Compliments of FITCH LUMBER COMPANY CARRBORO, N. C. UNIVERSITY FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP 124 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill 415 COMPLIMENTS OF DURHAM AREA AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION " Every man to his business, but indeed the craft of o tailor is beyond all doubt as noble and as secret as any in the world. " PETE THE TAILOR 1351 2 E. Franklin Street Phone 9-2676 Chapel Hill, N. C. FOISTER ' S CAMERA STORE, li. Photographic Supplier for the Professional and Amateur Photographer CHAPEL HILL, N. C. TOWN ana COUNTRY HOTELS HAYWOOD DUKE, President THE KING COTTON . SEDGEFIEID INN Greensboro, North Carolina Wherever You Go Whatever You Do Good books ore as close as your nearest mailbox THE INTIMATE BOOKSHOP 1 19 E. Franklin Street THE UNIVERSITY PRINTERY " HANK " HARRINGTON East Franklin Street Chapel Hill 416 INDEX (Continued) Butler, Wallace Bob Butterworth. Mary Harris Buxton. David E. Buxton. Judith Ellen Byerly. Hamp Byerly. Kenneth Byers. Bennie. Jr Byers. Edward H. Byers, Michael LeRoy Byrd, Edward Franlilin Byrd. Harold Cronin Byrd. Julian Clarence , . Byrd, Neil Allen Byrum, Joseph S Byrum. Albert Gaskins. Jr, Byrum. Reba Kathleen 109, 211, 52, 154. 198. 199, Cadmus. Laurellen Morrell 91. 131. 227 Cadmus. Robert R. 375 Cahoon. Bobby Glenn 53 Cain. Eleanor Grace 53 Caine. John Carson. Jr. 92 Caldwell. Barbara Anne 386 Caldwell. Bruce Francis 376 Caldwell. James Elam. Jr. 5.3 Caligan. Sydney Ferguson. Jr. 109 Call. William Randolph, Jr. 92 Callahan, Peter D 175 Callieott. Joseph Handel, Jr 37 7 Cameron. Charles M 3ho Cameron. Dallas Alexander, Jr 92 Cameron. Edward A 330 Cameron. Edward Leon 53. 220 Cameron. Malcolm Graeme. Jr 53 Campbell. Fred Hammond 391 395 Campbell. George Worth, Jr. . 38, 107, 109, 151 184 324 Campbell, John Kerr 370 Campbell. Milton Clyde. Jr. 53 Campbell. William Kent 109 174 Campen. Sidney S 53 204 Cannon. Boyd Harvey 53 Cannon. Robert Laurence, Jr. 92 143 329 Cannon, Thomas Roberts 109 174 Canupp, John Kenneth . 92 257 Caperton, W. Gaston 117 165 Caplan. Harvey Allen 119 185 Capps. Gilbert Maurice 53 Capps. Judith Dawn , . 119 Capps. Sherrill Maynard . 11!) Carawan. William Colton 109 THE BANK OF CHAPEL HILL CHAPEL HILL GLEN LENNOX CARRBORO Collier Cobb, Jr. Chairman of Board Clyde Eubanks President J. Temple Gobbel Executive Vice-Pres. and Cashier W. E. Thompson Vice-President Resources over $ 1 1 ,000,000 W. R Cherry Comptroller John T. Wettach Assistant Cashier J. P. Jurney Manager of Carrboro Branch Miss Thelmo Harris Manager of Glen Lennox Branch Member of F. D. I. C. INDEX (Continued) Cardon. Cornelia Catherine 885, 880 Carey. Rowland 181 Carlisle. Thomas Marshall 119 Carlton. Elizabeth 882 Carlton. John Garland 109.186 Carlton. Patrick William 356 Carmichael. Katherine K. 25 Carmode. Ralph Edward 53 Carnevale. Reynolds A. 372 Carney. James Terrence , 109 Carpenter, Dorothy Elizabeth 92 Carpenter, James Franklin 53 Carpenter, Ken 169 Carpenter, Leonard Bailey 53 Carpenter, Max Cline 53, 198 Carpenter, Ruth Elizabeth 53 Carper, Frank Wilkins 53, 166. 167 Carr. Alpheus Branch. Jr. 109, 202 Carr, Dawson Verdery 53 Carraway, Ernest Swindell 395 Carraway, James Robert . .92 Carroll. Charles Marion 109 Carroll. Edward Earl 92 Carroll. Edwin Thomas 361 Carroll. Larry Winford 870 Carroll. Mary Margaret 109 Carroll. Peggy 107 Carroll. Philip Godfrey 119 Carruthers. Carol Moore 222, 236. 237 Carson. Bud 136 Carson. Gilbert 139 Carson, James Holmes, Jr 361 Carswell, Arnold Ramsey 119 Carswell. Johnny R 119, 169 Carswell, M. S 29 Carter, Anne 231 Carter, Clarence W 361 Carter, Doris Gwendolyn 228,386 Carter. Dorothy Gaye 53,340 Carter. Jack Franklin, Jr. 109 Carter. James Larry 53 Carter. James Louis. Jr. 363. 366 Carter. James S.. Jr. 53 Carter. Joyce Cecelia 408 Carter. Mary Britton 58, 169 Carter, Robert Ashe 377 Carter, Virginia Pope 386 Carlerette, Robert T 53 Cartwright, Thomas C 109 Carver, Jean Lynn 53, 298. 340 Casey. James Allen 119 Casey. Joseph Richard. Ill 92. 179 Cash. Richard Henry. Jr. 109. 167 Cashion. Jerry Clyde 109 417 INDEX (Continued) Cashion. Leonard R. Casper, Victor L. . - Cass. Donald Hayes Cassel. John C. - . Castelloe, Magpfie LaRue Cates. Arthur Kendrick 119, Catin, Jess Caton. Franklin Alexander Cauble. Lynda Louise Caudle, Undine Cauley, Jerrj ' Dean 54. 210, Causey. Phil P Cavas. Anthony John Caviness. Bobby Forrester 109, Caviness, William Robert 369, Cekada. Eniil L Chadwick. Dorothy Jewell Chadwick. Leon Gordon, III 191, Cliambers, M. A 393. Clianibers. Maxine . Chamblee. Fred Clifton 396. Chamblee. William Levy Champlin, Curt G. Chandler. Carolyn A. Chandler, Patricia Louise Chaney. Eugene. Jr. 109 Chipman. Sidney S. 380 Chaney, Ray Griffin 92 Chotiner. David Edward 119 185 Chapman, Carol Ann 31(1 Cliristian, David Barliam . 109 202 873 Chapman. Lawrence Linde. Jr. 109 Christopher, Linda Lane 386 381 Chapman, Louise Hardie 92 Churchill, Ellen Marriotte 33,54 53 Chapman, Robert Louis . 92 Churchill, Geoifrey 92 172 380 Chard, Betty Ann 92 Clack, Alvin Ru.s.sell, Jr. 109 51 Cliastain, Carl Robert, Jr. 92 328 Clark, Chuck 171 Chastain. Roger Vernon. Jr. Chatterjee. Jayanta 185 356 Clark, Gordon William . 92 Clark, Hugh M. 395 Cheek. Emmett 136 Clark. James Alexander 119 387 Cheek. Mary V. 884 Clark. James Milford 119 336 Cheek. Robert Luther 119 Clark. James W.. Jr. III9 342 Cliene. Anna L 391 Clark, Judith Gates 119 92 Cheng. Shu-Sing 405 Clark, Loretta Beyree 389 324 CTierniak. Ira David 119, 201 219 Clark, Richard Alan 92 130 370 Cheray, Starkey Moore 92 340 Clark, Tliomas S. 173 396 Cberrj ' , Anna Kathrine 54 Clark. Tony Franklin 109 92 Cherry, Cleveland Price 119 177 Clark. Wesiey Merton 54 219 Chesson, Calvin White 361 Clarke. Ronald Wilson 119 405 Chesson, Jack Holt 361 3711 Clay. .Mien Bowman 11!) 381 Cliester, Paul Eugene 119 Clay. Robert Morris 362 364 Chichester, Gerald Curtis 54 Claj-ton. Edward Lewis. Jr. 9? 54 Childcrs, Joseph Roger 109 Claytor, William Graham . .54 174 208 Childers, Reginald B, 341 Clement, Charles Ewing 92 190 382 Childs. Robert Michael 40, 92 Clement, Henry 343 356 Chinn, Ilene Roberta 54 Clendenin, Marge 389 TAR HEEL CLEANERS i ifk-tJp .tnti Mtvltrvry St ' rrift West Franklin Street • Telephone 9-1461 Records High Fidelity Equipment And Complete Stereo Sapplies 207 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill, North Carolina Phone 5396 DILLION SUPPLY COMPANY Mill — Industrial and Contractors Supplies Plumbing and Heating Equipment Industrial and Home Water Systems Allis-Chalmers Fork Lift Trucks Silent Hoist Hydraulic Trucks Moto Electric Fork Trucks Mercury Electric Trucks General Suppliers For Educational Institutions Raleigh — Durham — Rocky Mount Goldsboro 418 1 M Chapel Hill ' s Furniture Center on West Franklin St. Come in for Royal Welcome Service BRAKE RELINING AND REPAIRS MOTOR TUNING WILLIAMS Pure Oil Service 424 West Franklin St. Phone 9-2701 Finer quality . . . Greater selection FOWLER ' S FOOD STORE West Franklin Street Chapel Hill STEVENS -SHEPHERD CLOTHIIVG STORE CHAPEL HILL ' S FAVORITE BRADY ' S Durham Highway DELICIOUS FOOD Facilities for Private Parties 419 INDEX (Continued) Clifford. Joliii Wells 92 Clifton, Judith Amanda 3S6 Clinard. Johnson Burns , , 109. 266 324 Cline. Gary L 92 Cloninger. John Lester 119 Clontz. Franklin Delano 378 Clopper. Becky Ann 54. 262. 340 346 Coan, John David 119 200 Coats. Deane 356 Coates, Albert 360 Cobb. Clyde Lancion 1119 Cobb. Georgia Borden 92 Cobb. Numa Watt. Jr. 370 Cable. W. B 156 Cabot. Ronald Marc- 53 Coble. Brenda 92 340 Coble. John Malcolm . 92 Coble. Pete Calvin. Jr 119 Cocke. S. H 159 Coekrell. Arthur Elliott n?, Cocolas. George 393 405 Coe. Robert Kimball 356 Coffey. Bill 169 Coffin. Alex 301 Coffman, David Max 109 Cofod. Robert K. 54 198 Cogdill. Joseph Wayne 54 Coggins. Wyatt Henry. Jr. 54 160 Cohen. David Louis 119 197 Cohen. Ellen 4; Cohen. Irwin Kelman 376 Cohen. Theodore Jacob 119 Coker. Don 303 Coker. lone W. 260 Coker. James L.. IV 161 Coker. Robert E. 380 ColcloUKh, William Joseph 54 390 Cole. Edward Nelson Cole. Carl Phillip Cole. Howard D Cole. Isabella J. Cole. Martha Lee Cole, Tollie Boyce Coleman, Frances McGregor 385. Coleman. Michael M 119. Coleman. Richard Kay , , Coleman. Thomas Wilkes Collette, Roy Wilson, Jr, 396, Colescott, John Collie, Jay Mack Collier, Hal Franklin 92, Collier, Isabella Collier. Joe Collier. Theodore Joseph, Jr Collier, William Andrew, Jr Collins, James Perry 54, Collins, Johnny Winfred Collins, Michael Lee Collins, Raymond Lee, Jr, Collins. Rodney Dennis Collura. Vincent Paul . Coltrain, John Wade Coltrane, Frances Amanda Combos, Nancy J Compton, Nancy Holt Condon. Katie Cone. Howard McAfee - . . Connor. Joseph Donald , Connery. Robert Andrew , Conoway. James Conry, Murphy Bryan Constant. Inez Conway. Robert Anderson Conyers. Cecil Rupert. Jr. Cook, Charles Lee Cook, Dennis Shelton, Jr Cook, Edward Thomas 54, Cooke, James Coffield, Jr. 109, Cooke. Manning Patrick, Jr 120 Cooke. Philip Myers 109 Cooke, Robert Cameron 54, 188 Cooler, Henry Paul 120 Coolidge. Warren H 362, 364 Cooper, Charles Earl 120 Cooper, Elliot Tunstall, Jr 92, 265 Cooper, Marshall J., Jr. -165 Copeland, Ronald William 92 Copland, James Reuben 109,154,180,324 Corbett, John Arthur 109 Corliett, Julius David, Jr 109 Corbett, Rhodes Thomas 16. 92, 174 Corbin, Jerry Lynn .371 Cording, Richard Arnold 54 Cordle, Joseph Claiborne, Jr. 92. 326 Cordle, Thomas Llewellin, Jr 54, 208, 307. 344. 345. 347 Cordon. Susie Harwood 109, 228, 274, 293 Cornell. Thomas Bonifer 166, 373 Cornwell, O. K 347 Cornwell. Timothy 169 Costello. Marion Eugene 55. iss Costen, Thomas Buie 361 Costner, Margaret Elizabeth 396 Cotran, Aida 3.82 Cottrell, Walter D 194 Couch, Charles Graves, Jr 55 Couch, John N. 30 Cougheneur, Richard N.. Jr. 160 Coulter. Clinton Huxley - 12o Coursey. Daniel Marshall. Jr. 120 Courtenay. Beatrice 381 Covin. William J 370 Covington. Elizabeth Burke 55. 228 Covington. Robert James 55. 264 Cowan. Robert Jenkins 376 Cowart. Brinda G. 92,231 Cowles, Eloise N ' eely 92, 227 Cox, Edwin Roscoe. Jr. 92, 267. 338 Cox. George Wheeler 109. 17 1. 256 SUTTON ' S DRUG STORE WALGREEN AGENCY Serving Tar Heels Since 1 923 Graduate to Greater Food Savings T At Your Friendly COLONIAL STORES WATTS RESTAURANT and MOTEL SPECIALIZES IN STEAKS 2 Miles South of Chapel Hill on the Pittsboro Highway PHONE 9-5886 Fine Printing Since 1923 THE ORANGE PRINTSHOP 126 E. Rosemary Tel. 3781 Chapel Hill, North Carolina 420 INDEX (Continued) Cox. Grace Suzanne Cox, James M Cox. Ricliard Larrj ' Coyne. Ellen Cozart. William Thomas Crabtree. Eleanor Barry Crabtree. Olga Frisard Craddock. George Edward. Jr. Craft, Bob F Craig. Joe Billy Craig. William Lewis Craighill. Frank H. Crain. Theodore Morrison. Jr. Crammond. John Harold Crandall. Richard B. Crandell. C. E. Crane. Douglas Fountain Crane. Judith Rhodes Crane. Marjorie Ellen Cranford. Dwight Little Cranford. James Willis. Jr. Cranz. Bootie Cranshaw. Edward Curtis Crates, Robert C Craven, Donald B. Craver. George Larry Craver. Joe Malcolm Crawford. Archibald A. Crawford. Emily Ann Crawford. James Walker. Jr. Crawford. John Robert Crawford. Patricia . nn Crawley. Donald W. Credle, Joseph Bernard Creech. Howard Welda Creech. Joseph Arnold. Jr. Creekmore. Joseph Powell - . . 120 39.1 381 39li 92 109 202 92 22« 180 14T 2S, ' i 120 120 19.-. 380 368 l.i4. 162. 103. 211. 307. 308 120. 181 16. 4T. .55. 180 55. 192 346. 387 Creem. Timothy J 17.S Creighton. William E. 382 Crensliaw. Margaret G 356 Crevar. George E 405 Crewes. Jeanne Gail 39. 234. 385. 3S8 Crist, Takey 376 Criswell. William Thomas 120. 157 Critz, George Conrad 109 Crocker. Michaox. Jr. 191 Crocker. William Guy 55 Crockford. Horace Downs 30 Cromartie. . delaide Boger 92. 264 Cromartie. Meredith Sue 92 Cronenberg. Allen Thomas 109. 180 Crook. Vernon 347 Croom. Frederick Hailey 120 Croom. William David. Jr. 120 Cross. Landrum Lee 92 Cros.s. Sandra Lee 386 Crotts. Everett Bowers 109 Crotty. Curtis Paul 5.i Crotty. John Francis 55, 277 Crouch. James Albert. Jr 120 Crow. Edward W 164, 291 Crow. Emmet Polk. Ill 120 Crow, Mary Dinwiddle 55 Crowell, James Kenneth. Jr. 109 Crowell. James Shefiield 55 Crownover, James Edward, Jr. 16. 32. 33. 44. 55. 256. 347 Crowson. Margaret Wister 55. 226 Crowther. Bonnie Rae S 7 Crowther. Carolyn Blair 55. 340 Crowther. Frank H 44. 55. 264. 2S9. 270 Crudup. John B. 203 Crump, . rthur Bruce 5. " ), 307 Crumpler. Carol Memory 55 Crumpler. James Fulton. Jr. 376 Crutchfield. Benjamin Franklin. Jr. 109,280 Crutchfteld, C. Jackson. Jr 55. 192 38. 55, 156 388 109 374 Crutchfield. James Norman. Jr Crutchfield. William. Jr Crutchfield. William G Crutchfield. William Monroe Culbreath. James Charles. Jr. Culbreth. Harold Dean 109. 178. Culler, Jacqueline Alice Culp, Albert Franklin .55. Cummings. . nn Marie 117. Cummings. John B. 56. 136. 141, 142, 170, Cummings, Paul M Cummings, Ralph Waldo 56, Cummings, Thomas E. Cunningham, Carroll J 56, Cunningham. Robert Ervin, Jr 120, Cunningham, William Enloe Curl, Andrew Benson Curnen, Edward C Currie, Penelope . lexander 56. Currin. Kay Currj-. Roy Lee. Jr 93, Curtis. Cecil Marlin 362, Curtis, Donald Williams Curtis, Edith Elaine Curtis, John Russell Curtis. Nelson George, Jr. l- ' O. Custis. Martha Cornelia 56. 3 40. D Daiga. Uldis 208 Dailey. John Calvin, Jr 109. 169 Dailey. Myra Lou 93. 232 Dailey. Richard Maurice 56 Dale. David Lewis 307 Dalton. Charles Orr 191 Dalton. Edith Alice 56 Dalton. John Weber. Jr 376 Dalton, William Harvey 109, 166 UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP TRUST FUIDS STORES BOOK EXCHANGE CIGAR STAND BOOKETERIA CIRCUS ROOM SCUTTLEBUTT Complete Line of Classroom Supplies Reference Books — Outlines — Textbooks NEW AND USED TYPEWRITER SALES AND SERVICE ON THE CAMPUS " Y " BUILDING 421 THE PORTRAITS IN THIS YEARBOOK WERE MADE BY SMITH STUDIO otoarapkev " OFFICIAL PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE " 1960 YACKETY YACK " 12 EAST HARGETT STREET RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA 422 CONGRATULATIONS To the Class of 1960 GEORGE BARCLAY ' S Texaco Station The Best in Service Corner Franklin and Columbia Congratulations to the Class of 1 960 Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company DURHAM — BURLINGTON L dqe on aiki J. B. ROBBINS of Chapel Hill CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 60 ' The Dairy Store " 431 West Franklin Street CHAPEL HILL — Telephone 9414 : ' « " ' ( (MHtttf ' Pte A. : Z eiOuf Products 423 Parking In Rear CHAPEL HILL BARBER SHOP Ju ian ' £tx)i f op MAURICE JULIAN ' 38 Congratulations to the Class of 1960 M m C ljee 3m}i INDEX [Coniinxxed] Dalzell, Jolin P. D ' Amore. Josepli P. Dance. Mary Dewey Dang. Muriel Daniel, Frank Daniels. Allen Gray Daniels. Carol Ann Daniels. Deanna Lee Dansby. David Mozart Darden. Jolin Morgan Dasgupta, Pranabendu Dashiell. Frederick K.. Jr. Daugherty. Charles Wade Daugherty. Hilary D. Daughtridge. Alvin Williford Daughtry. Ben Philip Daughtry, Carl Mitchell Daughtry, Curtiss Wilson . - Daughtry. Edward Alan Daughtry, Glenn D Daughtry. Ruffus Lynwood Davenport, Clarice Elizabeth . Davenport. Joe Conrad Davenport. Willie Mae Joyce David. Janis Davidian. Edward William Davidson, Maurice H. Davidson, Sandra Jean Davis, Allen Mebane Davis, Charles H Davis, Charles Marshall Davis. Cutter Dickinson Davis, Dave M Davis, Edith Nash Davis, Elizabeth Gordon Davis, Floyd Estel Davis, G. Thomas - Davis. Harry E. Davis. Herbert Crippon 56, 170, 290, 291 3M9 3Mt Davis James Lee 190 Davis. Jolin Allen .5fi Davis Josepli Danieron 337. 3!l(i Davis Joseph Leon 39.) Davis. Julia Cox .■ili Davis Katherine Webb 56. 221. 33!l Davis Larry Houston 12(1 Davis Lloyd Ernest 396 Davis Mareia Kenyon 3H7 Davis Mary Bringhurst 93. 232 Davis Mildred C 235 Davis Monty C 199 Davis Paul Michael 1(19 Davis Philip Bibb 1911 Davis Kebecca Anne 231 Davis Robert Means. Jr. 193 Davis Robert Victor. Jr. 362. 361 Davis Susan Elizabeth 56. 310 Davis. Thomas Peete Davis. Wilburn Addison Davis. William Finley Davis. William Glenn. Jr. Davison. Raymond L. Davi.s.son. Ann Dawes. William Redin. .Ir. Dawson. Patricia . nne Day, David Kent Day. Harry Frederick Deadwyler. Charles Robert. Deal. Judith Belinda Deal. William Brown Dean. Robert F. Dean. Sandra Jacqueline Deans. Barbara Ray Deaton. Forrest Eric Deaton. Philip Carl Deaton. Robert Wayne Deaton. William Edward DeBlasio. Joseph A. Dcbnam. Carlton Ray 56. 188 323. 3-0 109. 198 3Kli 195. 395 346. 386 42. 56 89. 93 DeBortle. Lyndon Decker. Alexander Howard Decker, Clifford Earl, Jr Deifell. John Jey 33. 109. Deits. Jay Hawking DeKIener. ' aughn Gerard Delbridge. .Matthew Gay DeLashmutt. Patricia DelGreco, Leonora Annette 222. Delk. John Lattimer Delves. Joan Celeste 885. Demeritt. W. W. Dempsey. C. Ann Denemark. Bennett Goldsmith 93, Denise, Warren Paul Dennis. Bill Dent, Carol Sue 143, Denton, Fred William, Jr, DeRosset, John Graham Des nd, Beverly An Deutsch, Joseph Michael 93, DeViro, Edmund Charles, Jr DeWitt, Charles Moncrief Deyton, Charles Edward Diab, Marianne Elizabeth Dick, .-Mexander Colclough Dickens, Beverly Joan , , Dickerson, Franklin E. . . Dickerson, James Perry . , Dickinson, Kenneth D Dickinson, Melus Rhodes Dickinson. Rosa Katherine Dickman, R, N ' eil 93. Dicks. James Dale Dickson. Hilton M 109, Dillard, Clarence Meblett, Jr Dillard, Odell Gaston, James Mack Dinsmoor, James Denton, Jr. Dinsmoor. Jay Winifrid Dinwiddle. James William 424 INDEX (Continued) Dirby. Jov 3hi DiValentin, Antlmiiy l.ouis. III 120. 195 Divine. Morrison W. 93. 190 Dixon, Clarence Neil. ,lr. 120. 181. 327 Dixon. Grace 381 Doak. George O. 380 Doar. Julia Akin 93. 231 Dobson. David 368 Dockery. James S., Jr 363, 366 Dockery, Wesley Prichard 398, 402 Dodge, Margot Jan 57 Doepner. Roland William. Jr. 57 Doggett. Sarah Allene 57. 222, 226 Dohrmann. Ricliard Henry 57,306 Dolan, Margaret B. 380 Dominick, Jolin McCool 120 Donaldson. David N. 381 Donnelly. Tliomas 880 Dono. Roberta Therese 57, 340 Donohoe, Charles .loseph. .Ir. 178 Donohue. Hugh James . 277 Dore. Mike 1 6:i Dorroh. William Cayle . ' i7 Dorsett. Sam Houston. Jr, 57 Dorton. Marion Lamar 369,372 Dotson, Ralph Gene 397 Dougherty, Dennis Wendel 120, 195 Doughtie. Esther Jones 93, 231 Doughton, George Edward. Jr. 363, 364 Douglas, Samuel Preston. Jr. 93. 280. 345 Douglass. Mary Ann 93,228 Downs. Martha Jean 57.390 Doxey. Ann Marie 385. 387 Doyle, Howard Glenn 361 Dozier. Arthur Lee. Ill Drake. Claude Wallace Draughon. Clyde O. Dries. Donald Morris Druker. .lames Owen Drum. Blair Wilkinson DuBose. Joan Patricia Duckett. Samuel Johnson Duff. Angus MacLean . Duggins, Phillip Edward Duggins. Wayne Luther Duke. Elizabeth Eskridge Dula, Ella Jane Dulaney, Elliot DaingerfieUl Duncjin, Allie Hamilton Duncan, Daniel O ' Driscoll Dunlap, Benjamin Emerson 16, 93. 146. 147. 14H The CAROLINA INN Hosts for the University on All Ocaisioiu operating a Dining Room and The Carohna Inn Cafereria INDEX (Continued) Dupree, Joseph Bernard DuQuesney. Kathy 378 12. 263. Dunlap, Helen Jean 398 404 Durban , George Washington, Dunlap. William Marshall 174 376 Durban Durban , Jane Emerson , Marj ' Margaret .... . . .-)7, 222, Dunn, Clarence A., Jr, . . . 57. 222, Dunn. Everette Matthews 400 Durban . Webb 120 Durban Durrett . Woody Lonibardi Virginia D Dunn. John Raymond Dunn. Joseph Carlyle Id!) Dutton. Marshall Wilson , , 398, 402, Dunn. Kate Putnam .■ ; L ' . ' i " Dwelle, Harriette Baxter 57, 230, 292, Dvkers, John Reginald, Jr. Dunn. Philip Arthur 120 201 Dunn, William Bonner 109 329 Dunn, William Lamon, III ,109 176 E Dunstan, William Edward, III 109 Eagles. Elizabeth Rosemary 57, Dupree, Edwin N 120 Eagles, Frank L Eaker, Maude 381 Eanes, Carl Marshall 93 Eanes. Ralph Hill. Jr. 93, 329 Eaiey, Patrick F. 280,382 Eargle, George Marvin 93, 143, 329 Earle, Gwendolyn Faye 57,340 Earls, Edward James 120 Early, Alphonso James, III 93 Early, J. Virgil 57, 156 Early, Walter J 361 Earnhardt, Roger Larry 93, 178 Earp, Daniel Hugh, Jr 109 Earp, Joe Thomas 93 Easley, Robert Waters, III .93, 166, 294, 326 Eason, May Turnage 42, 93, 340, 346 Eastman, Henry Hensley, Jr 109, 131 Eastwick, Andrew Maurice 120 Ecldings, Kenneth Earle KMi 425 INDEX (Continued) Eddleman. Roy Edens, Edgar L. Edge. Bias M. Edgerton, Cindy Edison, Bill Edniisten. Rufus Lige Edinond. Paul Frederick. Jr. Edmund. William Builard. Jr. Edmunds, Mary Frances Edwards, Bill Frank Edwards. Charles Hamilton Edwards. Henrj- Barry Edwards, Myra .Anne Edwards, Philip Strowd Eells, Guion Oakes 57, 211, 212, 220 Effendi. Mohamad Ramadlan 382 Eflrd. Clyde Heath. Jr. 109 Etird. Tom Davie 16. 93. ISO Etland. John Lindsay. HI 109.326 Esljert. James Michael 897 Egerton. Cindy McMichael 93 Eggleston. Joseph Benjamin 109 Eichherg. John A. ,109,185 Eid. Mahmoud Mohamed : 356 Eidson. Gale Dean 109 File. John H. 200 Eisenberg. Kenny 200 Ekstrom. R. David 109.329 Elam. Paul Wilson 202 Elden. Elaine 185 Elder. Deeia Jeanette 16. 57. 130. 222, 229, 253 Eldridge. Artliur Daniel 109, 170 Elkins, Johnny Warren 400, 40i Ellcdge. Carol June 386 Filer, Jerry Jay 3-7 Eller, Roy Eugene 109 324 Ellerbe, H. Earle 93 161 Elliott. James Maxton 363 366 Elliott, Rachel Elizabeth 57 Elliott, Robert Whitlon 93 i. ' ig Elliott. William M.. Jr. 93 Ellis. Benjamin Thomas 120 Ellis. Charles 329 Ellis. Fred 37.i Ellis. Jerry Lamar 120 Ellis. Johnny Wayne 57 Ellis. Patricia Anne 109 Ellis. William Thomas 110 Elmore. Emeline Digges 58 230 Elmore, Linda Ann 408 Embry. Hugh Collins .18, 220 336 COVERS BY Kii GSKRAFT KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE INDEX iContinaed) Emory. Bobbv Yates 356 Engle. Frederick Leon 110 English, diaries Robert 93 English. Harry C. 167 English. Jack Moorman 120 n.T English. John Roger 110 158 Entel. Paul Alan 120 Entwistle. John Walter C, Jr. . 110 199 Epiey. Troy Davitl 110 Erhardt. Paul 303 Erickson. Chuck 303 347 Eskridge. Alfred Greene 93 Eskridge. Fain Combs 58 Eskridge. James Lester, Jr. 110 164 Esval. Jean L. 58 263 Etheridge. William Dou -las 361 Eubanks. Robert Chester. Jr. 93.156.301.345 Eudy. Joyce Elaine 386 Eure. diaries Allan 120 Eure. Darden Johnson, Jr. 110. 192 Eury. Douglas Edward 120 Eutsler. Thomas Maxwell 396 Evans. Amos Ray 377 Evans, David Samuel 58, 196, 197 Evans, Edward Robert 03 Evans. Eleanor Love 58 Evans. Elizabeth 356 Evans. Gabriel Marlin 361 Evans. George Albert 120. 157 Evans. Jerry Covington 110. 174 Evans, Margaret Lillian 389 Evans. Marvin 368 Evans. Richard Henderson, Jr. 110,176 Evans. Robert Butler 363. 368 Evans. Roland Benjamin 93 Evans. Thomas Lloyd. Jr. 120 Everett. Houston Spencer. Jr. 58, 156 Everett. Rett 302 Everett. William Harrell. Jr 361 Everitt, James McPherson, Jr 58, 178 Everson, John Henr ' 1 ' " Evins. Thomas Moore. Jr. 93. 154. 202. 208 Ewing, Dorothy Wingfield 93 Exuni, Ashe Bost 43, 58, 158, 192, 193 Fackert, William Edward, III 94,186 Faircloth. James Malcom 94 Faires, Dorus Edgar 94 Faires, Patricia Kay . . 58 426 We Repair All Makes Typewriters and Adding Machines Factory Trained Mechanic ■S iuiln ijpeivnter L oinpanij Dawson BIdg. — Room 4 Opposite Bus Station W. Franklin St. — Telephone 9-2726 GAVIN S. SMITH Chapel Hill, N. C. Thanking You for Your Patronage WENIWORIH SLOAN The CHUCK WAGON A Manco Operation • Charcoal Broiled Steaks • Tempting Sea Foods • Delicious Spaghetti Next to Post Office Phone 2-2059 ' P ' Utttuif. A Trade and a Trait Cf)E Colonial resg, inc. Telephone 2-1956 504 W. Franklin St. CHAPEL HILL CLEANERS Be Sure with StB ' Nu Process Phones: 2-1173 - 9-6386 TWO LOCATIONS 169 E. Franklin St. 404 W. Franklin St. INDEX (Continued) Faison. Nancy Margaret 234, 394. 398, 405 Kales. Jack Hudson 94 Fambrough. Douglas Mclnsotosh 120, 177 Farmer. Charlie James 110 Farmer. John William 370 F ' armer. Kobert Lee . 373 Farmer. Robert Leon 363,366 Farnham. Sutton Burns 120 Farr. Jack David 193 Farrell. Betty Sue 94 Farrell. Cecil Graham. Jr 120,161 Farrell. William Franklin 110, 176 Farrington. Nathaniel 301 Farrier. Katherine Pedrick 58, 340 Farrior. Man ' B. 881 Farrior. Peter 170 Farris. Kathryn Joyce 226 340 Ferguson. William Clay 37!) Farris. Ray Simpson 10. 141. 142 174 Ferlazzo. Philip Anthony 370 Fasul. Jimniv Steve 363 364 Fernald. Gerald W. 379 Fawsett Charles R 154 162 Fernandez. Frances R. 381 Fearing. Fred Alston 110 I-I Ferrell. James Lee 58 180 Fearing. Gordon Bradford 94 Ferrell. Joseph Stevens 58. 323 400 Fedorchuk. Metro 405 Ketzer. Richard Lee 94 320 Feemster. Clarence Ervin Feemster. Vivian Lucile IOt 58 Fields. DeLeon Malcom no Feeney. Frank Rea 120 Fields. Riley Clinton 121 Feinberg. Louis Elton 110 200 File. Bill 27.i Fentress, J. Russell . 372 Filley. John P 380 Ferguson. Brenda 161 Finch. Mary Hannah 58 234 Ferguson. Charles Marvin 121 Fine. James Allen 94 Ferguson. Jerry Hill 58 Fine. Larry 201 Ferguson, John 375 Finger. James H 3H1 Ferguson. Thomas H. 362 366 Finger. Richard Bryan. Jr. 121 Ferguson. Tommy R. 58 Finison. James Holt. Jr. 121 32!l 427 INDEX (Continued) Kink, Artluir K. Fink, Carolyn Sue Finkeistein. Alan Finley. Blandie Elizabeth F ' inley, Robert McUwaine, Finwall, Charlotte Lillian Fi.sli, Lydia Mary Fisher, Arcliie Carlisle - Fi.sher. Beverly Fisher. C. P. William Fisher. Cliarlene R. Fi.sher. Earl Elliott Fi.sher. Henry McKinnon Fisher, ,Ierry Ftslier. John Allen Kisher, Larry Alonzo Fisher, Louis ,7., Ill 360. 363. 366 Fisher, Nick 36o Fisher, Paul Edward 58, 336 Fishman, Lee Irwin 121, 1M.5 Fitzserald, Charles K.. .Ir 37B FitzRerald, Robert 110 FitzRerald. Thomas Lloyd. Ill no. .SL ' l Fitzula. Robert Michael 58.336 Fleetwood. Wilson Clarence 11(1 Fleisher. Michael Herbert 58. 200. 201 Fleishman. Stuart 20i Fleming, Elizabeth Heathcote 59,234,235 Fleming. Patsy Mae 94 Flendn , William 375 Fletcher. Bobby Burfoot 110 Fletcher. Dave 171 Fletcher. David Albert 121 Fletcher. John Stuart. II 94 Fletcher. Mary Kay 386 Flinner. Charles Edmund 59 Flourney. John E 1hi Floyd. Dave 307 Floyd. Edward Thornton 110. 219 Floyd. Giles Cowan 377 Floyd. Jack William 362. 36.i Floyd. Richard Williams 396. 402 Floyd, Robert Oscar. Jr 121 Floyd. Willie Benjamin, Jr. 94, 338 Flynn, Harr ' Shields 59, 186 Flynt, William Thomas 121 Foard, Beverly A 235 Fogel, Shelly 197 Folger. Lee 347 F ' olk, Michael James 121, 219 Folkomer, Sonny 142, 3 l.i Fonda, George Andrews 121,163 INDEX (Continued) Forbes. Bartley John Forbes. Eleanor Ford, Carl Spencer Ford, Clement J.. Jr Ford. John Frederick. Jr. F ' ord. Sue Speed Kirkpatrick Forester. Alice May Fo.scue, Henry Armlield, Jr. Foster, Beverley Boiling Foster, Daniel Russell Foster. Delbert E. Foster. E. L, (Capt.) Fountain. Arthur Whitfield Fountain. Reginald Morton - Foushee. Roger Babson Foushee, Wayne Hampton - Fowler. Harbara Allen 3.-.7 Fowler. Butcli 154 Fox. Charles Sugg 362,366 Fox. Elizabeth Corbett 362 Fox. Douglas R 94. 202, 208 Fox. Jerry Neil 121 Fox. Joe Thomas, Jr 379 Fox. John Birkhead 94. 1S8, 301, 328 Fox, Kathryn Scollard 387 Fox, Meluyn Micheal 121 Fox. Watson Stoessel. Jr, 121 Fox, William 185 Foxworth, Robert Parker 94,130.180,301 Foy. Belinda Jane 16, 59, 224 Frady, James Dwight, Jr 94, 307 Frahm, Barry Hirsch 370 Fraley. Jonathan David. Jr 121 Fraley. Philip Sevier 94 Francis. Raymond Joseph Frank. James Thomas Frank, Steve F anklin, Millie Carolyn F ' ranklin, Ronald Lenoir F ' ranklin, William . Frazer, Keener C. Frazier, James R. Frederick. Larry Gene Freedland. Martin Berke Freedle. Paul Douglas Freedman. Leon D Freeman. David Reed Freeman. George A. Freeman. James Alexander Freeman. Pegg ' Joyce Freeze, . nita Roper French. Chris 428 • ' ■ ' ;;(j = t 429 Charlotte En ravin Company CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLIiXA • • ne J ou til ' s finest . — ' Annual C naraverS Since 1915 " 430 INDEX (Continued) French, Nazlee Joyce Freshwater. David Hales Freund, WilJiam Harold Friday, William C Friedberg, Joseph S. Frost, James Lindsey P ruin. Bill Frye, Bernard Campbell, Jr. Frye, Gary Frye, John Callanan Frye, T. Nelson Frye. Ted Leroy. Jr. Fuer. James William. Jr. Fugate. Robert W. Fujii. Michiko Fukushima. Kozo Fulenwider, Katherine Earle 6, 40, 44, 110, 324 no, 107, 1.30. Fulghum. Ernest Gerald 121 Fulk. Robert Vernon, Jr. 16. 38. 94. 180, 257 Fuller. Georgia . ' inne 94 Fuller. Thomas C„ H 302, 366 Fuller, Walter Erwin, Jr. 33. 36. 43, 59 Fuller. William Hugh, Jr 395 FuUerton. Ed 136 Funderburk. Albert Otto, Jr. Funderhurk, Ervin Medlin, Jr. Funderburk. Thomas Lee , Fufiua. Victor B Furman, Charles Manning, HI Fussell, Fitzhugh Lee . Fussell, James Davis Fussenegger, Rosmarie Futrelle, Robert Howard Fyfe, William David 40. 43, 59 121 59, 192 379 Gable, Thomas William 377 Gabriel, Janice Cornelia 59 Gabriel, Ronald Lee 121 Caddy, Ray Carlton 398 Gaines, Sylvia Alice 390 Galasso, George John 357 Gall, Joseph Franklin 110 Gallagher, Frederick M, 161 Galloway, James Grey 154, 188 Galloway, Olive V. 391 Galloway, Robert 188, 303 Cans, Edgar Hilary 121 Gans, Ted 163 Gardiner, John Alden 323, 329 Gardner, Barbara Jane .59, 232 Gardner, Humer Gerney, Jr, 166 Gannise. David Bruce 379 Garner. Allen Payne 110 Garner, Coy Stephen 94, 261 Garner, Howard Glenn .121 Garner, Joe Cranton 121, 257 Garr, Melryn Lawrence 59, 184 Garrabrant, Edgar C. 177 Garrard, Thomas 179 Garrard, William Lewis 110 Garrett, Theodore Wilson 110 Garris, Carol Lvnn 60, 234 Garris, Jimmy Franklin 121 Garrison, David Quitman 94 Garrison, James Parks 94 Garrison, M. Lee .189 Garriss. Austin McDonald. Jr. 60, 340 Garrou. Benjamin .378 Garrow. Argle Scott 357 Garver. John David 194 Garvin. Sara Elizabeth 391 Gaskin.i. James Alfred. Jr. 80, 172 Gatchell. Barbara Ellen 94, 228 Galling. Virginia Bard 230 Gaulden, James Carlos, Jr. 41, 110 Gault, Lois Lorine 42. 60. 340 Gause. M. Victoria .357 Gautefald. Beulah 384 Gaver. John M. Gay. William Carl 9t. (Jear. William Gebhardt. Gary B. Geils. George Frederick Geitner, Clement F. 121. Gelber. Harold E. Geline. Ronnie Geizer, Dorothy Elise 8(i. Gentry. James Franklin (ientry. John Russell Gentry. O. Louis George. Michael James 121. Georgevich, Maurice Gerardi. James .121. Gerdes. Phillip E. Gershenson. Stephen . Gettman. Elaine Getty. Robert J Ghali, Jawad Mohammed Ghanim, John K Gholson, Linda Connelly 94, Giard, Donald Joseph Gibbel, Donna Lynette Gibbons, Robert Alexander. Jr. 94. Gibbs, James Harrison . Gibbs. James Howard . . Gibbs. Lois Maxine fJibson. Charles Thomas Gibson. James Robert Gibson. Jane Muse 60, Gibson, Joan B. 39.60.148. Gibson. Lelia Gray Gibson. Paul Crawford Gibson. Robert Clayton. HI 94. Gibson. Rosalynde Vardell Gibson. William Stephen. Jr Gifford, Allice Gilbert. Jerry Dalton Gilchrist, Peter Spence, HI 164, Giles, Curtis Ronald ... Giles. Larry Mills Gilliam, John Lane Gilliam, Ned Donald Gilliam, Thomas Alfred, Jr. Gillman, Harriett Ruth Girard, Babette Louise .94, Girard, Stephen Scher 60, 155, Glascock, Thomas Addison, HI 110, Glaser, Glenn William. Jr. Glass. Paul Milton, Jr Glavin, Kathleen Brigid 60, 228, Glawson, Joseph Jackson, ,lr 362, Glenn, Willie Lee 60. Glover, Travis Gluyas. William W.. Jr. Glynn. Phillis Evans Gobble. Navie Wayne Goddard. Mary Margaret Godfrey. James L. Godfrey. Morris Ray .60, Godwin, Donald F. Goff, Rowland Daley Goforth. James P. Gold, Joy Rochelle Goldberg. Peter L Goldblatt, Myron Everett. Jr 121, Goldgland. Howard Goldman. Hilton Paul 60, Goldner, Richard David Goldsborough, Margaret Anne 94, (ioldstein, Alan Golley, Stuart Andrew Golub, Lawrence Barley 121, Gonzalez, Charles Fennell, HI 110, 168, Gooch, Faye C 110, Gooch, Margaret McDiarniid Goode. David John 110,172, Goode, David Johnson . 94, fJoode, Elizabeth Ann . . Goode, Norman S. Goodeve. A. M. Goodman, Anne Howes Goodman, Banjamin Mitchell, Jr. Goodman. Hugh Marion 156, 204. 208. Gootlman. Jerry Lee . . Goodson. John Phillip 191 Cioodwin. Samuel Stephen 394, 397 2 in Gorcica. .Andrea Lucille .387, ,385 • -() Gordan. Howard ¥. . Gordon, Barry L. 19!l 185 121 Gordon, Robert Lee 397, , 402 19.- Gore. David John 91. 219 201 184 Gorham. Thomas Cherry Gorin. Robert Barry 121, 121 201 238 Gorman. Richard Forbes 121. 16:) no Ciottschalk. Don Frederick 60, 154, , 160 179 Gould, John William 121 no 327 Gould, Nat Jay Goulson, Hilton T. no 3H(I 381 Gover, David Almon . 357 201 Grabber, Richard J. 3K2 60 Grabowski. Richard Joseph 94 200 14 386 Grafman. Stephen Winston no. , 200 30 Graham. Charles Pattison. Jr, , 94. 130, , 176. . 284 357 Graham. Edmund Lowell 60, , 172 203 Graham. Edward Norman 121 228 Graham, Edwin Charles 94 370 3S7 Graham. Patterson Tony Graham. Philip Earl 39.i no 338 Graham. Wallace Anthony 80, 174, 2114 377 Grant. Cynthia G 32. 47. 60, 236, 293 6(1 Grant. Thoman W. 94 Grantham. Hiram Jake. HI 121, , 194 397 Grasty. Thomas P ISO 396 Graves, Ellen Hollingsworth 94 232 Graves, Patricia Hogan 91 226 Graves, William Lionel 357 94 Gravette, Larrj- Dean 94 94 Gray, Carroll Lee 110, , 324 174 Gray, Charles Dowd, HI 32. 33. 80. 148, 180 357 Gray, David Samuel, HI Gray, William Allen 378 384 Grayson, George W 38, 270 121 Greason, Martha Jo 110 271 Green, Charles Patterson, Jr 121, , 203 no Green, David Fleetwood 180 «0 Green. Fletcher M. Green, Mary Blake 94 95, , 232 357 Green, Minnie 381 Green, Peter J 60 Green, Robert Ramsey 95, 156 238 Green, Sally 61. 232 185 Greenberg, Bernard 0. 380 158 Greenburg, Mark 197 395 Greene, Alton Glenn, Jr. 81, 160 110 Greene. Bruce Briant 121, 171 268 Greene, Duff Surgent Greene, Jerry Wayne 366 121, 288 336 Greene, Joe Elliott 110 Greene, Steve Allen 95 165 Greenfleld, Maxine B 34 , 110, 224, 242, 243 110 Greer, Marjorie Ellen 61 386 Greeson, Joe David 396 24 Greeson, Robert Doyle 121, 329 261 Gregg, Dennis Leon 61 357 Gregory, Carson Wade, Jr. Gregory. Mary Edith 16, 81, 376 222, 230 121 Gregory. Richard Brent 110 357 Gregory-. Tommy Wayne 395 185 185 Greulach. Vicki Elizabeth 95, 236 .185 Gr ice. Ormond Drew- 121 196 Griffin. Bruce Hartwell, Jr. 154, 17S 110 (irifhn. Carol Lynne 121 235 Griffin. Donald Clayton 373 345 Griffin. Richard D 121 60 (irifiin. Frank Davis 81 197 Griffin, Michael Kent 121 264 Gnffln, R. Gerald 306, 307, 30H 143 Griffin. Rod Griffin, Ruth M, Griffin, William V ' l 357 329 405 190 Griffiss, John McLeod 110. 154, 130 94 Griffith, Lewis Scott, Jr. 110. 154, 158 177 Griffith. Thomas . 157, 208 393 Grigg. Claud McNeill 378 94 Grigg. David Lee 32. 34. 43 1, 93, ISO 376 Grigsby, George T.. Jr. no 303 Grimes. Bryan 95 94 Grimes. Charlyne A. 9. " i 376 Grimes. Fleta Sue 380 431 INDEX (Continued) Grimes. Gayle Owen Grimsley, Josepli Wayne Grimsley. Swag Griset. Bruce Henry Griswold. John Cli nton Grizzle. James E Grogan. Kennis Robert . Grole. Edwin Ray Groswald. Morton A. Grover. Ralph Scott Grover, William Maurice Groves, Martha Elizabeth 121, 171 380 61, 337 Grubb, Robert Lee. Jr. 9S. 148. 174. 263. 2.i6, 32S Grubbs. Cramer Raymond. Jr. 121. 162 Grubbs. John Ty 370 Guercio. Jody Helen - 61. 130. 224 Guillot. Elizabeth 380 Guin. Phillip Earl 110 Guller, Jefr M. 121 Gump. Louis HajTies 95. 146. 188. 208 Gunn. Robert Louis 361 Gunter. Jerry Marshall 370 Gunter. Katherine A. 61. 226 Gupton. Adrian Clay 397 Gurganus. Harry S. 95. 198 Gustafson. Bruce .Mbert 371. 371 Guthrie. Malthus Lee 61 Gutridse. Helen Scott 61 Guy, Marj ' Lindsay 95 Gwathmey. Margaret Smith 95, 235. 261 Gwvn. Vaushn Monroe 121 H Habel Harriet Bardin Hackleman, William Rolland Hackler, Robert Hardin - - Haddad, George Milton Haddad. Melvin Charles Hagaman, Elizabeth Gail Hagaman, Robert I reston Hagood, Max Martin, Jr. Hahn. Bennie Sherrill , Haines, Alan Dodd Haire. ancy Haire, Robert Phillip Haithcock, Donald Dupree Haitlicock, Eddie Clee Haithcock, Xeysa Hale, Leslie Morgan Hale, Phyllis Ann Hale, Robert Vernon Haley, Clifford Eugene, Jr. Haley. Michael Winder Haley. Pat Hall. Bonlyn G Hall, Charles J„ Capt. Hall. Charles Linwood Hall. Charles Wade H.all. Cloyd K Hall. Everett W. Hall, Hayes Earl Hall, Norman Curtis Hall, Robert Andrew- Hall, Robert Harold Hall, Robert L Ham, George Hamberger. Ann Marie , Hamel, Sandra Jane . Hamer, James E, Hamill, R. Wink Hamill. William John Hamilton. Barbara Ann Hamilton. David Earl Hamilton. Han-ey Kenneth . Hamilton. James Ralph. Jr. Hamilton. Lewis Wardlaw- Hamilton. Martha Elizabeth Hamilton. Ronald Sidney Hamlet. Stephen Benjamin. Jr. Hamlet. Swayn Gray Hammer. Philip Gibbon. Jr. 396 371, 374 121, 163 Hammerly, . loha B. Hammersla. Frances Taylor Hammett, John A Hammett, John Benjamin Hariimonri, Rusty Hammond, Thomas Atmar Hanmiood. Abdul Yahya . . Hamrick, Frederick Delmar Hamrick. Harvey James . 95 Hamrick. Philip Laxton Hamrick. R. Edward Hamrick. X ' onnie Baxter, Jr Hancock. James Baldwin Hancoth. Georgia Elizabeth Handy. Henry O.. Jr. Hanft. Clyde L. Hanft. Dr. Frank W. Hankal. John Edwin Hannah. Mary Susannah Hanner. Claire Anne Hansen. Edwin Leroy Hanson. Ever Louie Hanson. Meryl Eda Happer. Ian Morgan Happer. William Harden. Barbara Bourne Harden. Joe Allen Hardin. David H. S. Hardin. Elizabeth Hardin. Jo . nne Hardin. Kenneth Pearshing. Hardin. Susan Lane Harding. Ben Harding. Mary Claire Hardison. James W alter Hardy. George W.. HI Hardy. Ira May Hardy. Paul Curtis, Jr Hargett, John Thorne Hargrove, Wade Hampton. Jr Harkins. Peter Barrington Harkrader. Lela Belk Harmon. Diana Donald.son Harmon. Ronald Davis Harmon. William Sidney ' Harney. John Mathews Harper. Christine L. Harper. David Fletcher Harper. Harriet Duval Harper. James Madison. Ill Harper. James Robinson Harper. Marshall Harper. Rebecca Alcestis Harrell. Paul H.. Jr. Harrelson, Thomas Joseph Harrill, James Albert, Jr. Harrill. Odell Ossie. Jr Harrington. Frances Cole. Jr. Harrington, Jesse Moye, III Harrington. Tony Steve Harrington. William Lewis Harris. Beth Wray Boyd M ' hite Charles Jay, Jr. Charles Toby Charles W. Claude OBrian. Jr. Harris. Donald Eugene Harris. Donald Philip Harris. Edward Flynn Falls Lewis Fred B Harris. Frederick Henry Harris. Harvey Lake. Jr. Harris. Henry Wood Harris. James Roland. Jr. Harris. Jean Holmes Harris. Larry Eugene Harris. Lewis Coleman Harris, Linda Elizabeth Harris. Mclver Allen Harris. Ronald Clay Harris, Sally Lee Harris, Stephen Walker Harris, Stirlin Harris, Ted Harris, Thomas Jefferson, Jr. Jr. . 306. 44. 62. 307, 308 232. 260 95. 192 Harris, Harris Harris Harris Harris Harris 381 Harrison. Anthony Wayne 61 Harrison. Bennie Shelton 161 Harrison, Mary Rupert . 307. 340 Harrison. Tommy M ' ayne 264 Harrison. Wayne 121. 177 Harriss. George X. 357 Harriss. Oscar Hooks 377 Harriss. Thomas 281.345 Harriss. William Fred 61 Harriss. William Graham 169 Harry. Margaret Alice 341, 357 Hart. John M 95 Hart. Sylvia Lee 95 Hartford. Linda B. 95 Hartis. Gilbert Clyde, Jr. 360 Hartung. Helen Katharine 347 Hartung. James Deakins 157 Hartzog. Henrj ' Gerard. Ill , 292. 293 Harvey. Ethel .Ann , 222. 263 Harvey. John Earle. Jr. 398. 402 Harvey. William A 61 Harward. Judith . nne 95 Harwell. Bobby Dale 110.324 Harwood. George Emsley 62, 322 Haskell. Robert Henry 9,5 Hassinger. . nn Marshall 95 Hastings. Richard Lamar 357 Hatcher. Hubert Edwin . 223. 340 Hatcher. Mary Suzanne 227. 397 Hatcher. Thomas . dair 121 Hathcock. James . lden. Jr. 62 Hatley. Gilbert M. Hatten. . nna Juanese Hatz. Emma Louise Hawes. Horace Livingston. Hawes. Peyton Samuel. Jr. Hawk. Rose Hayes Hawkins. .Anne Hawkins. Robert Z. Hawkins. Ross C Hawley. Barbara .Anne Ilawley. Lewis Burton Hawley. Patricia Ellen Haworth. William Blair Hay. Ruth W Hayden. James W 381 Hayden. Thomas Daniel 110.162.324 Haydon. Glen 9.5 Hayes. Cecil K. 62 Hayes. Don Merrill 379 Hayes. Doyle Lee 342. 343 Haye.s. Jane Bailey 396. 404 Hayes. Lawrence Douglas - 189 Haye.s. Richard Bryant lin Hayes. Robert R 95 Haynes. John E. 110 Haynes. Margaret 110 Haynie. Duke McClary 110 Hays. Marion .Anne 121 Hayward. Allan 9,5 Haywood. Jerry Marvin 95 Haywood. Ronald Lee 62 Hayworth. Ray Milton 121 Headen. .Alfred Raphael 95 Headen. Robert S. 379 Heard. .Alexander 62.192 Heard. Gratton 95. 180 Hearn. Donald W. 378 Hearn. John Rodney 373 Hearndon. Joe 379 Hearne. John Lee. Jr. . . 182,214 Heath, Donnie Lee . 162, 216. 32, ' i Heath. Roy .Andrew 121. 264 Heavner. Joe Reeves 62. 17 1.220 Heavner. Kenneth David 121. 159 Hebert. Bruce Edward 62.22 1 Hebert. Catherine Fraser 9S Heckel. Inge 95. 184 Hedgpeth. Edward M. 95 Hedrick. Paul Perrj- 175 Hedrick. Richard Reitzel 62. 338 Heenan. Donald Fred . 227. 263. 386 Heeney. Kevin 111. 17 i Hefelfinger, David Charles 187 Hege, ELsie Mae 256 Heidtmann. Peter Wallace 62.214 Heilig. Darid Sherrill 62, 260 169. 201 no. 166 62 62. 236 336 397. 400 362. 366 165 386 95 396. 403 95 111. 174 . . 377 95 379 373 62. 230. 265 44. 62. 188 63. 232 234. 387 195 344. 3 45 63. 226 163 95. 19M 63, 192 363. 365 432 INDEX (Continued) Heindel. Clifford Craig 63 Heins, Bill 260 Heinsohn, Frank. Jr. 373, 374 Heles. John Lawson 111 Mellaril. John Charles 63, 20K Heller. David Philip 63 Helmick. Wickey Ernest 122 Helms. Harold Parks 361 Helm.s, James W 189 Helms Jerry N ' orris 122 Helms. John Howard Payne - 323. 361 Hemphill. Harry Donald 395 Hemsath. Henry Evans 122 Henderson. Alice Vaiden 386 Henderson. Charles George HI Henderson. John Leonard 95 Henderson. Lucille B. 384 Henderson. Perrin Quarles 361 Henderson. Susan Carole 386 Hendren. Otis Franklin 95 Hendrick. William Franklin 95 Hendricks. James R. 380 Hendricks. Tommy 63 Hendrickson. Richard Fulton . 111. 174 Hendrix, David Gene 122 Hennessa. Grant Wilkins 63 Hennessey. Dennis James 63 Hennessey. Efraim A. 382 Henry. Hector Himel. Jr. 63 Henry. Henrianna 95 Henry. Howard 148 Henry. Larry D. 302 Hensel. Harry Hancock, Jr. 95 Hensev. Charles M 361 Hepting. George Carleton . 63 Herford. Robert David 63 Herman. Charles 197 Herman. Patricia Jane 63. 234 Herndon. Claude Harris 63. 336 Herndon. Joseph G. 63 Hero. Helene Claire 39. 63. 2S0 Herring. Marion Carlyle HI Herzog. William T 380 Hesmer, Theodore Casper. Jr. 369. 373, 374 Hester. Clyde Ray 95 Hester. John Robert 323 Hetner. Allen Ray 372 Hettesheimer. George 185 Hickey, Jim 136 Hickman, James Ralph . 394, 398, , 400 Hicks. Carle Thomas 204 Hicks. Charles Montgomery 377 Hicks. Earl Preston 122 Hicks. James Rodney 63 Hicks. Jeffrey Talmadge 111 Hicks. Joyce M. 111 Hicks. Kenneth Lamar 357 Hicks. Lewis P 63 Hicks. Melvin Gray 95 Hicks. Phillip Dean 122 Hicks, Robert B 183 Hiers. John William 182 ,191 Higgins. Mary Lynn . 96 Higgins. Pete 280 High. Roy Shelton 371 ,874 Highsmith. William Cochran 83 , 168 Hightower. Felda 175 Hightower. Foyle Robert 122 Hill. Arthur Lee 395 Hill Cleone 884 Hill. Dempsey Craig 122 96 Hill, Ivan Vick 96 Hill, James Chapelle 204 , 361 Hill, James Clifford 372 , 374 Hill, Michael Orman 64 , 323 Hill, Stephen Jackson 122 Hilliard, Kenneth Jackson. Jr. 111 Hillsman, Josephine McCraw . 357 Hilton, Joe . 300, 301 ,345 Himelick, Nancy Sue 111 Himes, Charles Farris Hinies, Sara Allen Hindle, David Deshler Hinds, Joseph James, Jr. Mines. Eddie Shaw Mines. Mark S Hinnant. Robert Willard Hinson. Elizabeth Evangeline Minson. Robin L. Minton. Elizabeth Bain Hintz. Ann Hipp. Mary I Mipps. Opal S Hirsch. Frederick Lee Hirt. Lynda Karen Hitch. David Charles Hix. C. Eugene, HI Hoard, Joseph Steve Hobbs, Dixie Linda . Mobbs, Lewis Lyndon, HI Mobbs, Luanne Spencer Hobbs, Rodney Carroll Mobson, Betty Alice Mobson, Charles David Mobson, Wendy Mansfield Hockman, William S, Hocutt, Edgar Jerome Hocutt, Robert Lee Hodge, Henderson Alison, HI Hodges, Darrell W. Hodges, Hezzie G. Hoell. Ada Ellen Hoffheimer. Billy 1 loftier, Anita Whitener Molfler, G. Wyckliffe Moffler. Harold Barton Hogg. Muriel Joanne Hogue, David G Hoke, Russ M Holaday, Martha Ellen Holcomb, Robert Lewis Holden, Nancy F. Molderness, Haywood Dail Molderness, Howard, Jr. Holdford, Roy Raymond, Jr. Holdford, William Henry Mollan, Gerald E. Holland, Herbert Eatman, Jr. Holland, James R. Holland. M. W Holland. William Marion. Jr. Hollar. Boyce Roop. Jr, Hollers. Russell Joseph Holley. Elizabeth S Hollifleld. John Ward Hollilield. M ' illiam Mason. Ji Mollingsworth. J. Winston Mollingsworth. Samuel Holloman. Daniel Ridley Hollowell. Edward Earl Holmes. David Holmes. John Alden Holmes. John W. Holmes, Robert W Holmes, Stacy Morgan Holmes, Urban T., Jr. Holman, Hugh C Holoman, Edna L. Holsenbeck, W. Howard Holshovser, James E., Jr, Holswade, Ann Harris Holt, Jacqueline . Holt, Robert Edward Holt, Townsend Van Holtenhoff, Gerald Alan Holtbouser, Ralph Haywood Holzhauer, George Robert Homes, Garland R. Homesley, Howard David Homeyer, Marcia Fuller Honey, Loretta Lee Honeycutt, Bruce Willard Honeycutt, Moody Zebulin Honeycutt, Wallace Blair Hood, Charles Howard . . Hood, Gurney Thomas Hood, Walter Kelly 256, 397, 400 111,227 360 64, 184, 307 96, 340 122, 261 363. 366 96, 231 96. 328 357 96. 192 195. 395 64 111 389 HI. 164 36. 38. 96. 164 363. 366 363. 366 64 96 96. 202 868 89. 96. 180. 285. 307 362. 366 329 HI. 198 373 64. 170 363, 364 39 . 64. 228 96 189 373. 374 357 226. 346 64. 224 370. 896 122, 156 Hooker, Charles 873 Hooks, George Clark . 122 Hoover, Charles Wayne 36, 373 Hoover, Madge Elaine 64 Hoover, Robert Lloyd 357 Hoover, William David 64, 336 Hope, Judith Ann 122 Hopewell, Alton Oliver Ill Hopkins, Anne Elizabeth 887 Hopkins, John Rathbone 96 Hopkins, Sandra 122 Hord, Dick 307 Hord, Joseph Beach, Jr 96 Horn, James Jackson 894, 397, 400 Home. Evan Allen 122, 185 Home. George N. 871 Home. Robert Milton 64 Home. Thomas Bennett 357 Horner. Margaret Moore 387 Horney. John Kendrick 64. 180 Hornthal, Allen Lane 284 Horrworth, Charles R. 169 Horsky. Thomas John 111 Horton. Alvin Horace. HI 64 Horton. Hugh Glenn. Jr. 361 Horton. Jesse Lloyd 111.202 Horton. Ronald Jasper 122 Horton. Virginia Lee 391 Horton, William Michael 122 Horwitz, Burton Allan 371 Horwitz, Phillip Samuel 185, 393 Houck, Mickey Eugene 122 Houdesven, Bayard 341 Hough, John McManus, Jr. 357 House. James 36 House. John Orville 122 House. Helen 42 House. Marvin Bailey 122 Houston. Forrest Rolland 111 Houston. John Barr 64 Howard. Elizabeth Rist 96. 230 Howard. Gordon Edward 122 Howard. Sandra Lee 122 Howdy. Frederick Howard 373 Howell. A. C 24 Howell. Bonnie Estelle - 387 Howell. Charles C 169 Howell. Charles Henry Ill Howell. Elizabeth 64, 222, 224, 225 Howell, Henry G 64 Howell, James Donald 64 Howell, Louise Anne 64, 236, 263 Howell, Nelson Neil 122 Howell, Ronald Wood 122 Howell, Thelma «5 Howerton, Charles C Howey, Rebecca Lee Howie, Sam Watson Howland, William Slocum. Jr. Howson. Charles Henry. HI Howson. E. Alexander Hoyle. Hughes Bayne Hoyle. William Roberson Hruslinski. Eugenia Walker Hubbard. Arthur Granger Hubbard. Donald Barry Hubbard. William Colvin Hubbeling. Christopher Stewart Huber. Jane Worden . Hubert. Carol Ann Hudock, James J, Hudson, Danny Allan . Hudson, JoAnne Hudson, Patricia Kay Hudson, Richard Woodard Huff, William T., Jr. Huffman. Gilbert Thompson Huffman. James Ralph Huffman. Kent Lewe Huffman. Robert Lee Huffstetler. Ted Jennings Hufliam. William Lawrence Huggins. Bruce Wayne Huggins. Hubert Sydney. HI . Hughes. Deane Bett Hughes. Paul Jeane Huie. Litclifleld P. 172, 261 96, 340 [68, 324 65, 174 256, 397, 400 362, 365 . 65 96, 280 122, 173 111.257 122 96 HI, 193 433 INDEX (Continued) Hulick. Dorothy Dumville ,190 Hull. James Heywood 395 Human. Eppy White 122 Hummel. Sam D 96. 33S Humphrey. George Dudley. Jr. 362. 364 Humphrey. Lynn Elizabeth 235. 386 Humphrey. Reggie May 96 Humphrey. Thomas R . 29 Hundley. James Davenport 122. 175 Huneycutt. Charles Alfred 370 Hunt. Charlotte Anne 65. 23 + Hunt. Robert Wayne 156 Hunter. George Patrick. Jr. 361 Hunter. Hal Manin 168 Hunter. John Xelson 111 Hunter. Patricia Ann 232. 346 Huntley. Alma Jeane Hurley. Daniel Wade. Jr. 122 Brian Laurence 122, 329 Hurt. Jasper Alexander. Jr. . .171, , 395 ?«3 Hurt. Wiley T. 382 Hurt, William Stuart 111, , 162 Huski. Olivia Erickson 96 Hussman. Marilyn Clyde 65 . 230 Hutchins, Linda Jo 386 Hutchinson. Fred Knox 65 Hutchinson. Henry Lee 111 Hutchinson. Richard A. 165 Hutson, Richard M 96. , 182 Hyatt. Frances Lovellen Ill , 161 111 Hynes. James E 111 , 256 I leard, Parks Edwin 122 Imke, Christopher, III 96 Intinger. Lloyd L 96 Ingold, Frederick Lee. Jr. 65 Ingram. Louisa Catherine 386 Ingram. Ralph Pearson HI Ingram. Roy L 30 Inman. Franklin Pope. Jr. 357 Inman. Samuel Maurice HI In.scoe, Jimmie Turner 111. 166. 324 Ireland. David Edward 357 Irvin, Howard Samuel . . 122 Irvine. David James 357 Irvine. James Nelson 122, 175 Irving. Donna Brooks 65. 222. 224 Isaac. Joe Morrison HI Isenhour. Thomas Lee 96 Lsley. Rex M IH Iverson. Louise 235 Ives. Deborali Dawson 96 Ivey, Bill Wayne HI Jackson, Charles Terry, Jr. 122. 175 Jackson. Curtis Riley 163 Jackson. Don Ferrell 371 Jackson, Donald Lee HI. 180 Jackson, Edwin Dallas 122 Jackson, Emily Virginia 357 Jackson, Frederick W IH Jackson, George Winfleld 65, 162 J.ickson. Harold Henry 65 Jackson. Joy 381 Jackson, Larry Wayne 122, 257 Jackson, Marylyn Dixie 65, 228 Jackson, Ruth Turner 371 Jackson, Warren B.. Jr 96, 160 Jackson, William Thomas. Ill 122 Jacobs, Donald M 65 Jacobs, Edith Claire 357 Jacobus. William C no Jacoby. Mel S 185 Jaine. Alton Everette, Jr 65 James. Jeanne Stuart 65 James. Kenneth Leroy 65. 257, 338 James, Harvey W 362, 365 James, Meredith Patricia 96, 223 Jamison, William Thomas 96 Jarrell, J, N " orfleet 65 Jarvis, . ndrew Preston, Jr. 65. 180 Jeiferson. Bettina 381 Jeffrey. Norris B 184 Jefferies. Ray 28 Jenkins. Clauston L 158 Jenkins. Larry Littleton 122 Jenkins, Lee B 203 Jennings, Edward Lewis 65, 336 Jennrich, John Harold 122 Jernigan, Nancy Elizabeth 96 Jesson, Robert Frederick 96 Jessup, Percy Nells, Jr 122 Jessup, Timothy E 65 Jester. John C 164 Jester. Rita Patricia 39, 47, 65, 222, 223 Jobe, Warren Yancey 122, 167 Joliansson, Mabel S 381 Joan. Joseph Robert 65 Johns. Billie Bruce 66 Johnson. Bruce Cannon 363. 365 Johnson, Carol Lynn 42. 66. 148. 236 Johnson. Catherine Lynn 386 Johnson, Cecil 26 Johnson, Dale J. 381 Johnson, Dewey E.. Jr 372, 374 Johnson. Duane C 360, 363, 364 Johnson. Edgar Martin 66 Johnson. Edward Patrick HI Johnson. Elizabeth lone 389 Johnson. Jimmy Aaron 122 Johnson. John Lewis HI, 307, 308 Johnson. Glenn 16 Johnson, Larry Douglas 96 Johnson, Larry Wilson 66 Johnson, Libby 37, 234. 385 John.son. Loran Armstrong 323 Jolinson. Louise Grady 66.228,292,293 Johnson, Lula West HI Johnson, Mary Frances 396, 404 Johnson, Nan Jean • 96,233,340 Johnson, Nancy Adams 389 Johnson, Nancy Elizabeth 96, 234, 340 Johnson, Nyal Willis 122 Johnson, Patsy 384 John.son, Robert Lee HI Johnson, Robert Stanley 357 Johnson, Stanley H. 199 Johnson, Thomas George 96 Johnson. William Harrison. Jr 357 Johnson. William Howard 96, 162 Johnson. William Lewis. Jr 397, 402 Johnson, William 66 Johnson, Willis Ray, III 396.402 Johnston. Donald R 381 Johnston, Frederick Ross 66 Johnston, Hall Morrison 361 Joines, Elizabeth Vance 379 Jolley, Ronnie O. . 122 Jolly, Horton Gray 96,194,326 Jolly, Raymond A. 362. 366 Jolly, William Oscar. Ill 376 Jonas. Charles R. 175 Jones, Benner, III 96. 173 Jones, Charles Lee HI Jones, Dan Holden, Jr. 122 Jones, David Alexander 66, 264 Jones, David Noel 96, 264 Jones, F, Burton 30 Jones, Farris Henry 111,173 Jones, Harry Kirby 96 Jones, Herman Floyd, Jr, 96 Jones, Jack Lee 122 Jones, Jerry Godwin HI Jones, John W 167 Jones, Louis Judson 66 Jones, Marian HI Jones, Otis William 66 Jones, Richard Putney 96 Jones, Richard Simeon Ill Jones, Richard Sloan, Jr 362. 365 Jones. Robert C 219 Jones, Rufford Eugene 122 Jones, Samuel Shepard, Jr 30,122,167 Jones. Sandra Pate 122 Jones. Taylor Jeffrey 122 Jones. William B 382 Jones. William McConnell. Jr 122,181 Jones. William W 398, 402 Jonsson. Sigurdur 393, 405 Jordan. Frank Claytor 122 Jordan. Larry Chester 128 Jordan. Ronald A 123 Jordan. Sara Joan 97 Jordan, Thomas Hereford 66 Joseph. Camilla Louise 97 Joyce. Virginia . nn 96 Joyce. William Douglas 97 Joyner, Bertiee Clifford, Jr 66 Joyner. George Freeman, Jr 97 Joyner. Sally Harris 97 Joyner. Walton K 360.363,366 Jurney, Henry C 371 Justa. Ed 303 Justice. Barbara Ann 408 Justice. Healon Elizabeth 97 Justice. John Butler 111 Kaden. Ingeborg D 268 Kage. Gordon D 29 Kalaiah, Narasiah 357 Kalkhurst, Joe D 280, 281 Kannan. Mickael M 376 Kannan. Phillip M 111. 324 Kaplan. Morton HI Karcz. John Witold 66 Karp. Jerome Ill, 196 Karpati. Joseph 97, 340 Kaufman. Joyce Ann 386 Kaufman. Paul Donald 863 Kazmaier. Martin F 895 Kearns. Edwin Nick 362,365 Keck, Walter Monroe 68, 130, 178 Keever, David Eugene 397 Keever, Richard Alan 123, 169 Keever. Richard Jenkins 123 Kegley, Barbara 384 Kehayes. Thomas Carl . Ill Keiter, William Eugene. Jr 379 Keith. Marvin Owen 357 Keith. Preston Wylie Hi Kellam, Lucius James, III Hi Kellam, William Julius, Jr 66,143.329 Kelley, Carolyn Ann 89, 97 Kelly. Douglas Neal 66, 182, 214, 220 Kelly. Edward Glenn 66 Kelly. Jackelyn Mae 408 Kelly, John Thomas. Ill 97 Kelly. Ronald Philip 66, 214 Kelso. Gilbert L 380 Kemble. Elizabeth L. 384 Kemp. Malcolm Drake. Jr 97. 326 Kenan. Glenn Lee 66 Kenan. Richard Maxwell 160 Kendall. James E 66 Kendall. Leo Paul 97. 329 Kennard. Stephen P 189 Kennedy. Constance Marie 66. 230 Kennedy. John Lowrj- 397, 400 Kennedy, John Wesley, Jr 66 Kennedy, Michael Scott 123 Kenney. Ed 303 Kenney, Elizabeth Mary 39, 111, 346 Kenrick, John B 208, 285 Kensler. Ed 136 Kent. Alice Linden 88S. 888 Kent. Rosemary M 380 Kentopp. Richard Cameron 97, 174 Kepley, Richard Hal 68, 277, 345 Kepner, Robert Ford 123, 169 Kerbaugh, John Thomas 111, 156 Kerney, James Lee 97 Kerr, James Lee 66, 192 Kerr, John H., Ill 362, 366 Kerr, Robert Emmet, Jr 67 Kertesz, Frank J. HI Kesler. Stephen Edward 111 434 INDEX (Continued) Ketler, Robert Edward 35T Keys. A. Vincent 341 Keys, Bennette Eugene 67. 154, 155, 188, 220, 342, 343 Kezziah, William Harris 97 Kiger. Jack Eugene 123 Kilier, Elizabeth Anne 97, 131 Kilcer. Joe McCollum 111 Killian, Harry William 97 Killian, John Hulan 67, 269 Kilpatricli, Arthur Lawrence 67, 307 Kilpatricli, Ganin Malcolm 123 Kim, Kwang Soo 357 Kimball, Nancy Marion 97 Kimel. Edwin Mast 123 Kimniel. Ronald Melvin 67 King, James Richard Ill King, Jerry Lewis 67 King. John Benjamin 67 King, Judith Hope 67. 224 King. Mary Kathryn 67 King. Richard Harvey 123 King. Robert James. Jr 123 King. Sarah Elizabeth 67. 340 King. Wayne Edgar Ill King. William Edwin. Jr 87 King. Wray Owen 123 Kingsley. Carolyn Diane 67. 236. 293 Kinlaw. Myra 894 Kinney, George G Ill Kinney, James William 40, 41, 67 Kipnis, Bruce Edward 123, 185 Kirchberg, Roy William, Jr 379 Kirliman, James A.. HI 187 Kirkman. John Manliff 123, 175 Kirkman. Paul Madison 394. 398 Kirkpatrick. Kay Temple 97. 254 Kirschner. Leslie Gordon. Jr 379 Riser. Ronald Reid 97 Kisser, Jessie 891 Kittredge, Lee Denniston 41, 67, 326 Kizziah, Micliael Doyle 16, 67 Klingel. Marcia E. 16.67.293 Klochak. Don 141 Kluttz. James Kilgo 123 Kneeland. Robert Hayes 97 Knight. Euodias Falcon 97, 326 Knight, Robert Matthew 123 Knott, Edmund Tayloe Ill Knott. Linda Rose 887 Knox. George C. 142 Knox. Leonard Ray 67 Knudtzon. Kermit 368 Koenig. Paul Maimon 97 Kohn. William N 123 Koonce. Charles Duffy 67 Koonce. Roger William 198 Koonts. Ronald Alva 97 Kouri. John L. 193 Kouri. Moses Lawrence. Jr 377 Kornfeld. Stanley David 67, 184 Kortner, Coleman K. 193 Kramer, Morris Larry 67, 184 Krogh. Paul Harold Jennison 373 Krumenacker. Thomas J. 161 Kuebler. Roy R 380 Kuemmerer. Janie 381 Kunstman. John G 80 Kursewicz. Denny 163 Kushner. Floyd Harold Ill, 324 Garry R 195. 219 Labouisse. Isabelle Caheron 97 Lacey. John E. 136, 277 Lacy. Fannie Louise 97 Lail. Graham Leroy. Jr 97, 198 Lamb. James C 880 Lambe. Ronald Nelson 97 Lambe. Randolph L 123 Lambeth. Jay Odell 97. 326, 329 Lambeth. Richard Whitfield 97 35, 97. 186 123. 163 67. 323 07. 192 Lamm. Donald Beatty Lamm. William DeLay Lamm. William Franklin LaMonte. George Lamoureux. Jeanette . Lampron. Anthony Joseph Lance. Frank Howard Landauer, Elizabetii Anne Langdon. Ronald Earl Langdon. William Cleveland Langer. Major Alan . Langford. George Philip LangstaiT. James Philipp 67 Langston. Jan McCoy 123 Lanham. .Michael Stewart 33. 67. 170 Lanier. Edwin S 25 Lanier. Gail Stanley 123 Lanier. Gene R Ill Lankford. Arthur Gerald 97 Lankford. Polly Dahne 408 Lankford. Robert Hamilton, HI 123 Larese. York 277 Larsh. John E. 380 Lassiter. Harry Maynor 123 Lassiter. Lucious Melvin. Jr 898 Lassiter. Richard Edward Ill, 193 Latane. Julie 131. 227 Latham. Hannis Taylor. Ill 123 Latham. Walter Bryan .376 Latham. William Carson 377 Laton. Joe F 369. 371, 374 Laubach. Freida 381 Laughrun. Steve . - 123 Laughrun. Tommie Lou 68 Laughter. Linda Sue . 123 Laurie. Mike .163 Law. Thomas C. HI 161 Law. Xan 193 Lawerence. Guyda B. 381 Lawerence. Jeff 269 Lawing. Eugene Morris 68 Lawing. Jackie Lee 158, 270 Lawing, Kenneth 405 Lawrence, Carey Lee .192 Lawrence, James Lean 111 Lawrence. Mary Lenah . 97 Lawrence. Tom E 123.131 Lawrey. William . , 271 Laws. John. Jr 177 Laws. Sandra Pauling . 408 Lawson. Thomas T. 68. 154. 188. 189, 204, 216 Lawson, Virginia Roberta 408 Laxton, Linda Anne . . 386 Laxton, Mary Callie 97 Lazarus, Charles Lawrence 397 Lazenby, Robert Wilson 68 Lea, Diana Cooke 388 Lea. Frank G 187 Leach. Mildred Townsend 68. 236. 346 League. Richard N. 68 Leary. Missy 97 LeBlond. Mimi L. 235 Leder. Arnold Harris 68,184,261 Leder, Edwin Martin 123 Ledgett, Sandra D. 112 Lee, Alvis Augustus . . 361 Lee, Billy Sanford 40, 68 Lee. James Douglas . . .123 Lee. Jerry Windsor . 97 Lee, Jessie Anna 123 Lee. Joe Glenn 123 Lee. Maurice W 26 Lee. Marvin 270 Lee. Maxine Lorraine 39. 68. 293 Lee, Robert E. 169 Lee. Sally Ann 227 Lee. William Beechum 97 Lee. William Jackson 237. 370 Lee. Wyatt Stephen 123 Leff. Clyde Toby 97. 261 Leflingwell. Celeste 387 LefBer, David Lee 68. 170. 267. 301. 345 Lefler. Hugh Talmage. Jr 180 Lefort. Charles Ernest 203 Legette. Judith Jones 390 LeGrande. Nancy Lee 68, 228. 293. 340 Lehmann. Charles 166 Lehman. Neil 97, 184 Leimone, John Edward 112 Leitcss, Earl Frank 97.196 Lenhardt. Benjamin Franklin, Jr. ....112.324 Leonard. Charles J. 68. 336 Leonard. Paul Lynn 112 Leonard. Robert Patrick. Jr 112, 170 LeRoy, Edward C 379 Lesher, Karen Ann 97 Lesley, Robert Glenn 123, 175 Letellier. Silas Wike 97 Levin, R. L. Dr 267 Levy. Edwin. Jr 68.200.270 Levy. Jon R 201 Lewis. Donald D 184 Lewis. Eloise 384 Lewis. Howard Massey 112 Lewis, Jacob Basco . 97 Lewis, Linda Ann . 388 Lewis, Robert Glenn 68, 823 Lewis. Sara Manorie 68 Lewis, Susan Moring 264 Lewis. Wade Hampton 112 Leyling. Harriet Jeanne 386 Liebscher. Gerhard F. 97 Liggett, Frank Rahm. Ill 123. 165 Ligon. Roddey 360 Liipfert. Cowles 68. 158. 301. 302 Liles. Jane 380 Lilly. Susan Jean 112 Lim. James 357 Liman. Peter Calvin 68.200.219 Lincoln. Walter B. 167 Lindberg, Ruth 384 Lindell. Stephen Trimble 112 Lindley. Lester O ' Neil 97 Lindley. Robert H 68 Lindsay. John Robert 97, 174 Lindsey. Robert 363. 364 Lineberger. Luther Truett 68. 180 Lineberger. Sherrill M.. Jr 180 Lineberrj ' . James William. Jr. 97 Lineweaver. Robert Wellford 112 Link. Norris W 341 Linton. Herbert Sidney 123 Linville, Dorothy Ann 3mm Lipe. Robert Jeffrey 123. 167 Lippard. John Randy 123 Lipski. Edward Adam 68. 345 Litchfield. Patricia Jarvis 39. 97. 293 Little. Crowell 347 Little. Douglas Kearnes 68 Little. George Roscoe. Ill 123 Little. James Franklin 69. 214 Little, James Harold 211, 396 LitUe, Lloyd Harry 112 Littleton, Philip Ray 123 Litton, Lillian Joday 69,236 Livas, Elaini 97, 227 Lively, Knox Kent, HI 361 Llewellyn, James Dhue 112, 150 Llewellyn. Robert Cleveland 363. 366 Lloyd. Harry 307 Lobdell. David 123 Loikamy. Albert Fulton. Jr 123 Locke. William D.. Major 29. 22(i Lockett. Frank Walter 342. 343 Loflin. Samuel Wayne 112 Loftin. Carl Wainwright 362. 36ii Loftin. Charles Ivey. HI 376 Logan. William Carlson 123. 171 Logsdon. Linda Beth 112 Lohr. Jacob Andreen 180. 280 Lominac, Dorris Virginia 97. 346 London. Frank Michael 98.271,345 Long, Allison 368 Long, Elizabeth Long 387 Long, Frances Bodenheimer 357 Long, James Scott 112, 202 Long, Irving Hilburn 123 Long, Thomas N. 327 Long. William B. 270 Long. William G. 28 Longanecker. April Lee 385,387 Longenecker, Thomas Sandy 98, 178 Loomis, Louise Hawkins 98, 285, 293 Lore, Charles Eli 879 435 INDEX (Continued) I.osick. Robert Neil 112 Lotz. Daniel Milton 370 Loughrian. Joseph H. 69,162 Love. Jimmy Leuis . . 363. 364 Love. Jo Carol 123 Lovell. Fred Christy 381 Lovett. Herbert Edward, Jr. 123 Lovette, Joseph 381 Lowden, Linda Mae 386 Lowder, Stephen Carlton 112 Lowdermilk, James Er vin 123 Lowe. Carroll Douglas 69 Lowrance, Neal Davis 112, 180 Lowrey. Francis William 112 Loy. William Riley 112 Lucas. Eleanor Ann 69, 146. 234 Lucas, John Harvey 112 Lucas. Tracy George. Jr. 98 Luck. Clyde Walton 112 Ludlam. William 185 Ludwig, Edward Charles 123 Lufkin, Sylvia Raab 390 Luks. Allan Barry 123. 185 Lunetta. Carmine Paul 123 Lunney, William George 123 Lupton. Cecil R. 368 Lupton, Harvey Arthur, Jr. 112 Lusk. Harold Franklin 98 Lutz. Howard Robert 400 Luxon. Norval X. 26 Lyda, Larry L 98 Lyda. Parker L. 98. 163 Lyday. Leon Faidherbee. Ill »8 Lynch. Richard Smith 98 Lynch. Thomas Franklin. Ill 98. 395 Lynn, Arthur S 98.877 Lynn. Kay Nichols 98 Lynn. Olin Nick. Jr 112 Lynn. Robert Lee 188 Lynn. Thomas William 123, 175 Lyon. Robert R 357 Lyttle. William Ratillar 69. 33H Lytton. William Albert 123 M McAdams, Hal Lee 193 McAllister. David Franklin 123 McAllister. James Gray, III 379 McAllister. Janet Goodwin 112 McArthur. Ronald Edward 112, 219 McBane, Carol Cornelia 357 McCabe, Gracia 384 McCain, Kenneth Franklin 379 McCall, Fredrick B 360 McCall, Robert Lee 123 McCallum, Helen Stewart 98 McCann, Margaret Jane 123 McCarthy, Deborah . nthony 98 McCaskiil, Pauline 384 McClellan, Robert William 123 McClister, Jon Michael 112,156 McClure, Charles Goddard, Jr. 357 McClure, Robert Crittenden 98 McClure, William Eugene 357 McCoin, John Mack 357 McCoiston, Phyllis Jean 112 McColl, James Carroll 98, 158, 303 McCollough, Frank William 123 McColskey, James 42 McComb, Kenneth W. 277 McCombs, Loy Saunders 394, 395 McConkey, Samuel Anderson, Jr 98 McConnell, Frances S 380 McConnell, John Daniel, Jr 112.190 McCorkle. Deirdre Jane 98 McCormack. John Newton 377 McCormack. Robert C. 188 McCormick. Edward H 98, 338 McCotter, DeWitt Clinton 98, 164 McCotter. Susan Muse 39, 69, 266 McCoy, Dennis Frederick 362. 366 McCoy. Larry Thomas 396 McCoy, Neal H ««0 McCoy, Timothy Columbus 112.130,164 McCracken, Frank Webb, III 370 McCrory. Sally Rich 112,228.293.346 McCullen. Larry Phillips 98 MoCullouok. Lindwood A. 123 McDaniel. Geraldine 357 McDaniel. James Odis. Jr. 112 McDaniel. Lavonda 381 McDaniels. Jern ' S. 295 McDonald. Eugene James 398, 402 McDonald. Francis Dudley. Jr 112 McDonald. James Clarence 98. 326 McDonald. Joseph Ray 123 McDonald. Maurice 302 McDonald. Murray Frank 357 McDonald. Phebe Pettingill 398 McDonald. Ralph 202 McDowell. Eugene E 98, 326 McDowell. Robert Harvey 112.829 McElroy. Pender Roberts 112 McFadden. Bradford. Jr. 161 McFadyen. Donald Wayne 98. 257 McGavran. Edward G 380 McGee. Connie Mac 396 McGee. James William 69 .McGee. John Divine, II 69, 168 McGint, Arthur Jackson, Jr 112 McGirt, Charles Halbert 362, 365 McGowan, Florence Elizabeth 69,163,224 McGowan, James Alton, Jr. 98 McGregor. James Tillman 112. 164 McGuckin. Michael Criss 98. 194 McGuire, Frank H 276, 277 Mclnnis, Henry Leon 69 Mcintosh. James Nathan 112 McKee. John 303 McKee. Raymond Andrew 373 McKee. Thomas Clifford 123 McKenney. Cornelia Douglass 98 McKenzie. Gary Walker 396, 403 McKenzie, Timothy P 329 McKeown, Frank James, Jr. 363, 364 McKeown. James J 381 McKinley. Richard S 396, 400 McKinnell, John Peter. Jr. ' 98 McKinney, Sarah Martha 9h McKinnon, Halbert Hill, Jr. 395 McLamb. Barbara Ann 98, 340 McLarty. George Collins, Jr. 397,400 McLaughlin, Claudia T 236 McLaughlin. Ellen W 346, 357 McLean, Anne P 235 McLean. Harry H 382 McLean, John Marshall 377 McLean Malcolm Hector 69, 156, 323 McLean. Marvin Brevard 98 McLean. Rita Phyllis 98. 340 McLennan. Eliza Jane 98. 230 .McLeod. Joe 36l McLeod. Malcolm Noell 69. 328 McLester. Frances Marlene 69 McMahan. Elizabeth L 3ho McMichael. James Gorrell. Jr 123 McMillan. Benton Lee, Jr 112 Donald S 302 ack Harrington 9s James Leroy. Jr 69. 33h John Taylor 44. 69, 269 Ronald L 381 Roscoe Drake 112 William Hannon 69 n. Donald C. William H . Robert Porter Andrew 69. 34U 164. 204 362. 365 208 McMillan. McMillan. McMillan McMillan .McMillan McMillan McMillan McMillioi McN.n McNairy. McXally. McNaull. James Neal 112 McNaull. William Dresser. Jr. 361 McNease, Judith Anne 357 McNeely, Gwyn Farrell 123 McNeely, Richard Pope 361 McNeill, Cieorge Vernon, Jr 98 .McNeill, James Ronald 69,192 McNeill. Jerry Howard 307. 396 McNeill. Justin. HI 98,326 McNeill, Neill Angus 123 McPherson, D. A 875 McQuiston. John P. 98 .McRackan. Wilma Roberta McRee. Mary McRorie. Elizabeth Ann McRorie. William Ed 112 McSwain. Franklin Lee 112.174 McSwain. Thomas C. 271 .Mack. Charles Randall 112 Mackie. Ernest L. 26 Mackie. Franklin S 188 MacLean William Jerry 98 MacLeod. Isabelle 222 MacMillan. Dougald 804 Macon. Ernest M. 88 MacRae. James Cameron 362 Maddock. Margaret Kemp 6!) Maddry. Norwood Buckner 123. 165 Maddry. Robert Lawrence 362 Madison. Ruth Eugenia 408 Madry. Robert Wilson. Jr 123 Magallon. Dorothy T 382 Magee. Sam Edward 98 Magnuson. Karen Margaret 388 Makepeace. John Scott 123 Mallernee. Barbara 381 Mallison. Clyde T i 163 Mallon. Michael Tyrone 112 Mallory. Wi lliam Mason 69.162.211 Malone. Robert Bailes 112. 174 Maloney. Lawrence K. 161 Malpass. Billy 112 Mamlouck. Hassan El 381 Manasse. George Henry 98 Manlove. Richard Milton Mann. Clifton Darrell Mann. Helen Sturgis Mann. Larry M 184 Mann. James Griffen 379 Manney. Fleming 98 Manning, Edward Martin 196 Manning, Daniel Alston 112 Manning, Henry S Mansfleld, Clarence Franklin Manuel, Carolyn Spach 386 .Marbry, Don Lee 371, 374 Maree, Benjamin L 327 Mark, Joe 136 Markham, Thomas Lowell 98 Marks, Lemuel Harris 112,176 Marks. Peter A Marks. Thomas Stanley Marlette. Graham Hayes 123 Marley. Alfred Ray, Jr 7(i, 130 .Marriott. Ellen Joyner 88 Marriott. John Daughtry 376 Marsh. Howard Darnaby, Jr 112, 191 Marshall. Florence 381 Marshburn. David Theon 123 Marshburn. David M ' ycliffe 112 Marshburn. Donald Robert Marshburn. Ralph James Mar.ston. Sara Virginia Martin. Birdiebelle 382 Martin. Daniel Walker 112 Martin, Eleanor J. 224 Martin, Frances Ann 386 Martin, Frank Edwin 70, 18o Martin. John Marvin 112. 329 Martin. John William 112 Martin. Larry M. 173 Martin. Marion Lee 98 Martin. Mary Edna 381 Martin. Sophie Myers 16. 37. 70. 234. 292. 293 Martin. Stuart McGuire. Jr. 395 Mason. Albert Nathaniel. Jr Mason. Charles C. Mason. Richard Haywood .Massengill. Carolyn Sue Massengill, Nancy Chloe Massey, Carl Benjamin Massey, Milton ines Mathers, Alfred Michael Matheson, Alice Rogers Matlierson. Everett Neil Mathews. Robert S. Mathis. Sybil Neat .Matkins, John Alan 123 Matos, Adalgisa V. 381 123, 193 69, 323 383,386 , 168, 169 112,263 184, 27 69, 16 98, 326 70, 3911 123, 16 98. 340 370 370 70. 263. 346 436 INDEX (Continued) Mattern, Betty Louise Matthes, Mary Ann Matthews. Cary I. Matthews, David P. Matthews. Donald R. Matthews, Frederick Richard, Jr, Matthews. George David, Jr. . . Matthews. Joe Carroll Matthews, Robert Graham Mattocks, Gordon Lynn Maultsby. Terry Neil Maultsby. William DeVane Mauney. Fleming Maus, Paul. Jr. Mauzy. Charles Hampton Mauzy. John T. May. Benjamin May. Dorotliy Woodall May. Emanuel T.. Ill May. Louis Garris May. William Henry Maybe rJ Roland Leroy Mayer. Henry Emanuel Mayhue, Hugh Wayne Mayhew. Kenneth Paschal. Jr. Maynard. Edward Lewis Mayo. George E. Mayo. Howard Anderson. Jr. Mayo. John Blount, Jr. Mazuy, Jon Claude Mazuy. Kay Knight Meade. Richard Radcliffe Meadows. Van Burgan Means. Robert Ellison Measamer. Frank Alexander Melimore, Charles Douglas Medford. William Lawrence Medlin, Joe Neal Medlin. William David Mehl, Henry Thomas Meier, Jacquelin Pritchard Meisnare, Arthur ... Melton. Jane Gayle Melton. Willie Janeil Meltsner. Charles Philip Melvin, Andrew Shaw, Jr. Melvin. John Shields Mendelsohn, Joseph Sidney . - . . Mendenhall. Edward Emerson . . Menhinick, Robert John Menius. John White. Jr. Merrell. James Mathis Merrick. Richard Bennett Merrill. Arthur Jesse, Jr. Merry. Finley H Meservr, Jeremiah Jon Metcalf. Robert M Mewborn. Laura Darlene Michael, Patrick Bond Michael, Ronald Jackson Michaels, Judith Anne Michal, William Norwood, Jr. Michaux. Roy Herman. Jr. Midyette. Buxton Saunders Mikeal, Bernice Stanley Miketa. Andrew John , Mikhail. Wadie Faltas Milam. Harry Davis Milam. Joseph. Jr. Milan. Agnes L. Miles, Roger Everett Miller. Adah L Miller, Alfred James Miller. Ann Livingston Miller, Carolyn May Miller. Don Gilbert . . Miller, Edward James .Miller. Hal Macon 7C Miller, Herbert Pinkney, HI Miller, James B Miller, James H. , Miller. James Monroe Miller, James " W esley Miller. John M., Jr. Miller, Joseph C. 370 99, 160 396 .99, 154. 196 70. 162 .388 123. 191 99,235 .379 112. 158 112, 188 70 373 112, 274 70. 230 112. 162, 291 377 146, 170, 256 16 ;. 99, 190 99, 190 399, 402 Miller, Joseph Larry Miller, L.Twrence Gregg Miller, Nelson Bowdry Miller, Tommy Carl Miller, William Stacy Millican, George Ronald 1 Milligan, Ronnie Rich . . Mills, Josephine Anne .Mills, Larry Joe . Mills. Vera Faye Mills, William Boyd Millsaps. Barbara L. .Milner, Charles F Milstead. William B Mincey. David L Minschew, William Edward, Jr, Minter. Frank Mintz, Colon Shaw, Jr, Mi.scall, Laurence, Jr. Mitchell, A. Jack Mitchell, David Lee .Mitchell, Joan Beth Mitchell, John Lee Mitchell, John Wesley, Jr. Mitchell, Julia Carolyn Mitchell, Lillian Merle Mitchell, Merrill Kellogg Milchener, John Agreppa. Ill Mixon, Charles M Mixon, Henry Walton, III Mixon, Ruth Thorson Moe, Douglas E Moffltt, Jan Graig Molten. Richard Wylly Monahon, Joseph James, III Monell, Bill .Monk. Betty James . Monroe. John L Monroe. John Stewart, Jr Monroe, William Murchison . . Montgomery. Edward Davidson, Jr Montgomery. Mary Ernestine .... Moore. Berrien. Ill -Moore. Brinn Moore. Clifton Leonard .378 . 169 Mo Dan Hight 274 395 . 366 99 Moore. Dan K., Jr. 112.219 Moore, Franklin D. R, 112 Moore, James Edgar 361 Moore. John Ellison 99, 261 .Moore, Joseph Henry 71 Moore. Kendree Virginia 387 Moore, Kenneth 1 124 .Moore, Linda Carol . 71,390 Moore, Lloyd Pleas 112 Moore, Lofton Samuel 112 Moore, Margaret C 391 Moore, Marjorie R 71, 346 .Moore. Martha Gene Arnold, Mrs. 71 Moore. Mary McCulloeh 358 Moore. Nancy A 382 Moore. Ned H 112, 162. 324 Moore. Reuben Leslie. Jr. 124 Moore. Robert Patterson 124 Moore, Samuel R 113 Moore, Theodore Carlton, Sr. 71, 216, 220, 323 Moore, Wayne Virgil 124 Moore, William Davis 99 .Moore, William E. 29 Moore, William J. . . 1h9 Mooring, James B 171 Mooring, Thomas Dewey 124 Moose, Linda Loretta 99 Moose, William Whitaker 256, 394, 399. 400. 401 Mopper. John S 201 Moran, Nolan Kent , , 124 Morgan. Ann Latue 177, 890 Morgan, Barbara Lee 124 Morgan, Benjamin Arthur, III 71 Morgan, David B, 193 Morgan. Elford 362, 366 Morgan, Elwood Ernest 379 Morgan, George Lafeyette. Ill 71, 154, 198 Morgan, James Patrick 40,113,326 Morgan, John Jackson 124 Morgan, Lucy S 380 Morgan, Maria Collins 113 Morgan. Martha Merle 71, 226 Morgan, Melzer Adron, Jr 113, 154, 168 Morgan, William Chapin 99 Morgan, William W 378 Morosini, E, Nelson 124, 169 Morris, Abbott Green, Jr. " 1, 176 Morris, .Augustus Reynolds 99 Morris, David George 99, 307 Morris, Georgia 346, 358 Morris, Jahaila 71 Morris, John Neal, Jr 124,159 Morris, Kenny Jordan 377 Morris, Mary M 381 Morris, Rebecca Dare 71,340 .Morris, Robert J 113, 167 Morris, Robert Milton 399, 405 Morris, Walter Smith, Jr 124 Morris. Warren 136 Morrison, Robert Lee 71,156 Morrison, Virgil McKee ...373 Morrison, William Lloyd 99 Morrissett, Randolph Edward, Jr. 358 Morrow. Frances Ann 71, 222. 226. 227 Morrow, Peter Charles 124, 159 Morrow, Sarrah T 382 Morse, John Thomas . 358 Morter, Dale Cline ...358 Morton, Albert Jackson, Jr 358 Morton, Bruce Floyd 71, 340 Morton, James A 327 Morton, James R 71 Morton, William Irving 113,191 Morton, Winslow Bradford 370 Moseley, George Edward 99,219 Moseley, M ' endell Clay ... 71 Moser. Dorothea Joan 358 Moser. Galen Cartner . .373 .Moser, Jeanne Carol 99 Moser, Rick Darrell 113 Mosher. John Francis 113 .Mosley. Ralph Wesley 124 Moss, Arthur Laverne, Jr. 113 Moss, Philip Victor 71 Mossor. James Stuart . . 124 Mosteller, Nancy Helen 235 Mothershed, Linda Sue 386 Motley. Phillip Morris 124 Mottinger. Walter T., Ill 71 .Moye. Joseph Sidney. Jr 124, 193 Mraz. John August 363, 364 Muellar, Fred 345 Muirhead, Sue Ann 390 Mulier, Vincent Anthony 71,172 Muller, John 194 Munday, Fredericka Louise 71, 223 Munroe, John Francis 379 Murphey. Kenneth R. 261 Murphy. Frank Hughes 113 Murphy. George Ransom 190 Murphy, James Albert 180 Murphy, Martin Henry 99 Murphy, Neil Francis 99, 326 Murr, David Lafayette 113 Murray, Claude L. 382 Murray. Douglas P 99. 190 Murray. Douglas Timothy G 99 Murray. Robert Crocker 16, 43, 71, 168 Murray, Shade 165 Murrell, Harrj ' Thomas, Jr ISO, 396 Murrey, Edward E, 165 Mu.sch, Donald S. 362 Muse. Joel, Jr. 124, 193 Muse. Winfred R. 395 Mu.sso. Patricia Ann 99, 22s Mustard, Harry Stoll, III 113 Mustian, Alvin Delbridge 71,192 Muthalib, Abdullah T. .382 Myers. James William .124 Myers, Joseph Norman . . .124 Myers, William . llen 113, 172 Myers, William Charles 124, 173 Nalley. Marvin Nash. Philip Ba 99, 194, 270. 291 437 INDEX (Continued) Nash. Shepard D. Xatanson. Maurice N ' aumoff. Carolyn Elaine Naylor, Janice Marie aylor, Marj " Metts N ' ead. Richard Finch N ' eal, James Edward Veal. Larry Kent Neblett. Mort S. Xeese. Thomas R. Neff. Harold P. Xei hbors. Martha Anne Nei.sler. Hunter R. Nellis. Jamieson Stirling Nelms. Donald Kenneth Nelms. Robert Lewis Nelson. George Rodney Nelson. Joseph R Nelson. Milton Wade Ness, Peter Nester. Jerr ' New. Robert Floyd Newberry. Mary Rogers Newby. Lee Parker . , Newell, David J. Newsonie. Albert Ray Newsome. Jane E. Newsome. William Graysom. Jr. Newton. Anne Brocks Newton. Bobby Lawrence Newton. Eldon Sharpe. Jr. Newton. Jackson Robbins Newton. Jimmie Isaac Newton. Judith .Ann Ney. Robert M Nicholas. David Mansfield Nicholas. Donald William Nicholas, Richard Henry Nicholas. Thomas Docron. Jr. - - Nichols. Anne Nichols. Bruce A. Nichols, Graham Ernest. Jr. Nichols. Richard Lee Nifong. Carolyn Levone Nisbet. Charles Richard Nishihara. Masa Noble. Emily Diana Noble, Robert Cutler Nobles. Billy Norman Nobles, Robert Delmer Nobles, Yancie Melvin Noblin, Roland E Noe. Robert Spilman, Jr. Noel, George Thompson, HI - . , - Noell. Sidney Thomas. Jr Nofsinger. Collins Denny. Jr. . Nolan. ■William E Noll. Barry Alan Norfleet, Edward Alvin Norman, CjTithia Anne Norman, Jimmy Dale Norman, Matthew W Norris. Ira Kenneth Norris. Thomas L.. Jr. North. Helen Elizabeth Northcott. James Greshy Northcutt. Charles Wilson Northington. Charles W. Northrop. Charles McNair Norton. Ann Howard Norton, .lames Lee. Jr. Norton. Lafayette Ferguson S Norton. William Iverson . 11 Norville. . nnie Sue Norville. Russell Manley . Norwood. H. Vernon. Jr. Nowell. William Milton Noyes. James Herbert Nunnery. Gregory Oakley. Jesse Ronald Oakley. Kenneth Holmes. Jr 11.?, 162 72. 301 113. 271 264 380 37S 363 26S. 35S 174. 307. SOS 14S, 163. 326 363. 364 . 154, 194 Oakley, Phyllis Ann Oakley, Sidney Ray Oakley, Thomas Crowell Oast, Margaret Lockhart Oates, Rudolph Owens O ' Bannon, John Norris. Jr. Oberdorfer, Ellis Charles O ' Briant. Gordon Lee, Jr O ' Brien. Edgar H O ' Brien. Ted O ' Brien. Thomas Franklin. Jr O ' Dea, John Patrick O ' Dell, Mariel B. Odom. Edsel Monroe Odom, Samuel Odom, Thomas LaFontine O ' Donoghue, Michael Oettinger, Elmer , Oh, Yung Yoon Oglesby, Ray T, Ogletree, Charles W, O ' Hara, Dennis Duke Okun, Daniel A Oldehoeft. Arthur Earl Oldham. George Roberts Olds. Gloria Lea Olive. Edith Anne Olive. Richard Langdon Oliver. Barbara Jester Oliver. Mary W O ' Neal. John Bryant 72, 210, O ' Neil, Barbara Newsom O ' Neil. Margaret Singleton Oppenheimer. Joe Loveman 113. 148. Orense. Marcelo Orlin, David Orphanides. Chris G. Orr, Thomas Edward Osborne. Charles David Osborne. Melissa Blanche 16. 37 Oshinsky. Stephen W Ott. Robert William Ott. William John OTuel. Prentis Harold. Jr 33. 72, Ouderkirk, H. John ' Outland. Robert Boone. Jr. Overcash. Laura Elizabeth Overman. Thomas Lewns 16. 72. 168. Overstreet. Richard Carter Overton, Richard Buxton, Jr. Owen, Dennis Walter, Jr. Owen. Duncan Shaw. Jr. Owen. Kenneth D Owens. Mark West Jr. Owens. Russell Glenn. Jr. 113. 202 72 113. 337 164 124. 201 399. 400 124 124 72,338 360 301. 336 100, 223 100, 223 200, 2. ' i6 358 372 100. lOK 260. 267 396 39,5 Pace. Dudley Fredirick Packard, James A. Paddison, George Marion Paderick, Clifton Waldo Paderick, Hilda Padgett, Richard Boylan Page, Alfred Moore Page, Barbara Ann Page, Craven Blaylock . . Page. George Douglas Page, Hubert Hodnett, Jr. Page, Jane 186, 2,56. 302 Page. John Paschall Page. Patricia. -Ann Page. Robert James Page. Seavey Manford Palmer. Grady .Ascow Palmer, Malcolm Franchot Palmer, Roger Edward . Palmer, William Lee Palmer, Yates Shuford Palmetier, Everett P. Pannell. Clifton Wyndham Pannell. Martin Coleman - Park, Jane Elizabeth Park. Roy H.. Jr Parker. David Anthony - - - - Parker. David N. 397. 404 363, 124. 366 161 124 72. 168. 26. ' i 100 72, 164, 201 164 30 Parker. Fred Pope, III Parker. Herman Richard. Jr. Parker. James Lee Parker. Joseph B. Parker, Marj- Gilmour Parker. Peggy June - Parker, Richard Parker, Robert Curtis Parker, Thomas M. Parker. Thomas Vernon . . Parkins. Cynthia Susan Parks. E. Bennett. Ill Parks. Eldon Hudson Parks. Julia E Parks. Mary Le Grand Parks. Phil H Parrish. Jon Eric Parrott. Marion Alexander Partin. Donald Howard - Partin. John Wayne Partin. Wilson B.. Jr Pascal. Carol A Paschal. Frederick Hubert Paschal. John Scott Pass, Thomas Owen, Jr. P asternack. Bernard S Patrick. .Anthony Forsyth , , , Patrick. Bailey. Jr Patrick. Donald Ray Patrick. Ralph Patseavouras. Louie L Patsel. Elmer Ralph. Jr. Patten. Nancy Mason Patterson. Alfredia Joyce Patterson. Forrest Tribble Patterson. Henry Newton, Jr. Patterson. Hugh Lester .... Patterson. John Knox . Patterson. Margaret Greene Patterson. Pamela Lovelace Patterson. William Earl . Pattillo. Robert H Patti.sall. Richard C Pattishall. Frank David Payne. .Alfred Marline Payne. Frances Payne. Frank Mast. Jr. 100, 156, 288 370 73, 226 43, 224 336 100. 324. 328 100 73. 257, 326, 337 113 73. 323 340 73 124. 329 100, 338 360, 363. 366 Pay nklin Phillip 73, 222, 234. 249 100, 210, 21 5, 73, ISO, 32 Payne, John .Abb Payne. Robert Benjamin Payne. Roland William, Jr. Paynter. Billy Furman Peace. Sam T., HI Peacock. Willie Gorden Pearce, Samuel Worth Pearlman. Robert Bruce Pearson. Bruce Gilbert . Pearson. Frances Carolym Pearson, Jimmy Wayne Pearson, Patricia Ann Pearson, William Seymour Peck, Harvey Peck, Richard H Peck, Richard Lentz . Peck, Sheldon Pedlow, Philip H Peebles. Robert Graham. Jr. Peek, .lames Thomas . Peel. Jesse Robert Peeler. Jo.seph Donald Pell. James I ' elletier, Gerald. Jr. Peltz, David AValter Pemberton, Joseph Boykin. Jr. Pemble, Richard A Penberton. Mary Ellen Pender, William L Pendergraft, Norman Elveis Pennell Edwin Adam Pennell, Wayne Estel Penninger. Sybil Hendrix Penny. James Forrest. Jr. Penry, Larry Allen Peoples, Linwood Thomas Peoples, Martha P Pepper, ,Ie-ssie Mae Peppers, Jimmy 380 .378 100. 235. 263 113. 176 73. 154. 176. 217 100. 223. 396 131. 395 124 47, 73. 176. 177 372, 374 124 260 113 124 113, 170 379 199 182, 183 124 13, 302 438 INDEX (Continued) Perdue, Jasper Burt, Jr 73 Perkins, Thomas Joseph 20K Perrini. Joseph John. Jr. 73 , 343 Perry. Bennett Boddie 124 .,203 Perry. Ernest Crudup 124 Perry, H. Arnold . 27 Perry. James Otha 73 Perry. Marcus Wooten 113 Perry. Pamela 73 . 346 Perry. Raymond Lowell 100 . 1K2 Perry. Thurston Ray 113 Peterson. Donald Vance 399 , 400 Peterson, Gerald J. 71 Petit. Edward LeRoy 369 , 371 Petty. Harry L. 337 Petty. Jerry Miller 379 Pfaelzer. Linda Jane 100 Phaup. Jerry SOI Phelps. , nne Davis 100 Phelps. Bruan Eusene 100 Phelps, Larry Wilford 124 Phifer. Sam Edmond 74 Philheck. Barbara Jo .386 Phillips, Bruce Alton. Jr. 124 Phillips. Earl Norfleet. Jr. 113 , 184 Phillips, Elizabeth Jane , 74,226 . 340 Phillips, Grady Hine 74 , 131 Phillips, James Laughton 100 Phillips. Jasper Louis 358 Phillips. Kenneth Rogers 358 Phillips. Llewellyn. Jr. 113 ,324 Phillips. Robert Kent 113 Phillips, Roy Thomas 74, , 194 Phillips, Thomas 260 Phillips, Walter Dear 124, , IHl Piantadossi. Claude 393 . 405 Pickard, Carl Glenn. Jr. 377 Pickens. Rupert Tarpley 113, , 324 Pickett. Harn ' McFall. Ill 113 Pickrell. Katlierine Lee 3H6 Picot. Man- B 235 Pierce, Catherine Lee 3H6 Pierce. Emily Allen 100 Pierce. Martha Marie 100 Pierce. Richard 185 Pierce. Robert James. Jr. , 74 Pierczynski. John Bishop 74 Pietseh. Barbara Shepard 74, 232 Pike, Ellen Louise 396, 404 Pike, J. S. .368 Piland, Howard M. 113 Pinkerton, Joan Ellen 100 Pinney, Morgan Randall 124, 219, 261 Pinson, Regonald Alan 124 Pipkin, Ashmead Pringle 74. 154. 158. 323 Pittman. Charles Wood. Jr. 74, 154, 174, 284 Pittman, James L 189 Pittman, Malory A., Jr. 378 Pittman, William Bryan 362, 366 Planer, Paul Morgan 113 Pleasants, Clifton Edward, Jr. 113, 174 Pleasants. Mary Scott 386 Pleasants. Riley Clyde 175 Plimkett. Penelope Louise 74, 228 Plyler, Wallace 16S Poag. James C. IHl Poirier. Jean Rene 379 Poisson, George Henry 124 Polak, H. Hoost 208 Plhcmus, Ann S. 258 Polk, Katherine Ross 100 Polk. Lindsay 74 Pollard. Andrew James 74 Pollard. Cathryn Robertson 100 Pollard, Forrest Alfred, Jr. 113, 180 Pollitt. Daniel H. 360 Pollman. Roger Mark 124 Pollock. David Bruce 100 Pollock, Franklin Deams 74 Ponder, Anthony Eden 100 Ponds, Violet Poole. Charles Grey, III 74, 154. 174. 277, 279 Poole, Charles Lee 74 Poole, Donald Eaton Poole, Larry Neal Poole, Lorene . . . Poole, Samuel H. Poole. Walter Roy. Jr. Poovey. James Nelson Pope. David LeRoy Pope, Robert Willis Pope, Wendall E. Pope, M ' illiam Henrj- Porter, Walter Travis Porter, William M, Portnoy, Barry Allan Portnoy, Joseph Post, Hazel Green Poteet, George W. Potter, Ralph Meredith Poylos. James X. Pouzzwer, John Greil Powell, Eddy Lee Powell. Mary Alice . Powell. Paul Edward Powell. Philip W. Powell. Robb Robin Powell. Robert Stewart Powell. Rowland Powell. William Conrad Powlos, George Steve Praigg, Noble Todd PrafTe, Herman Willem Pratali, Carol Winoa Prescott, Jane Gilmer Preslar, Reuben Alva. Jr. Pressley. Richard LaMarr Presson. Jack Bennett Presson. Thomas Lemuel Prevest. Adora Lea Price. Charles Russell Price. David Dix-kery Price. David Eugene . . Price. Jerry Douglas Price, Julian, III Price, Sanford Scott Pridrly, Stewart Pridgen. Edward .N. Primm, Linda W. Proctor. Kay Roderick Proctor. Robert Allen Pruett. Ronnie Allen Pruitt. Jack Puckett. Lewis Stephen . . . Puett. Frank Wilson Pullen. Sarah Elizabeth Pulley. William Paul. Jr. Purcell. Downey Purrington. John Ward Pursen. Miles Herbert Putnam. Jane Marshall - Putnam. Jesse Van 74. 219 363. 365 74. 216. 210 113. 15S. 324 188 372, 374 100 74, 146, 236 362, 365 Q Quackenbush, Palmer David 395 Quackenbush, Robert Lesley 100. 208, 345 Quade. Dana Edward Anthony 358 Quarles. William Gordon 370 (Juast. Theodore Emmanuel. Jr. 100 iuattlebaum. Dorothy Elizabeth 100 Quick. Paula Dean 75, 236 Quick, Russell Irving 336 Ouigg, Joseph Francis 370 Quinn, James Frank ii3 R Raab, Teddy Lee Rabb, Roy Patton, II Rabb, Walter Rabon. Ray Hayes. Jr, Raby, Claude L., Jr. Rachesky. Phyllis Ragan, Robert A. Ragsdale. Hugh A. Rahn. Stephen Stuart Ram, Eric R. Ramos. Frank M 369 Ramos. Dorothy Coleman 75 Ramos. Frank Mayo 370 Hamsaha. Richard Irad 125 Ramsey. Carl O. 2io Ramsey. Peter M 179 Rand. Anthony Eden lOO, 156 Rand, Walter, III 75, 156 Randall. Danny Lee .395 Randall. Gary Thomson 125 Randall. John C. 33,100,268 Randall. Robert Noble 363 Randall. Ronald Kenneth 125 Randolph. Mary Walker 384 Raney. David Livingston 125 Raney. Richard Beverly, Jr 75,136 125,268 Ross .194 0, 301, 302 75. 290,291 113. 165, 302 .... 405 100, 269 373. 374 125 75, 338 5, 162, 210, 220 . 125 . .169 5, 340 100 361 Range, Pet Rankin, Alvin. Jr. Rankin. John P. Ransdell. Sylvia Nan Ranson. Dale Raper. Francis Eugene Raper, Julius Rowan. Ill James Dennis . . Ratchford. Walter James Rattican. Neal F. Ranch. Robert Karl Raver. Milson Carroll Ray. Alexander Graham Ray. Fred C. Ray. Herman Edwin Ray. John Charles Ray, John Thomas 12S, 167 Ray, Margaret Ellen 75,292,293 Ray. William Thomas 363,366 Rayle. Ronald. Willard Raymen, Richard Raynier. Peggy Ann Ras-nor. Bruce Butler Read. James Milton. Jr Reardon. Robert Lee 175 Reaves. Dorothy Bingham 397, 404 Reaves. Hallie Craven. Jr 395 Reaves, Leonard Ernstus. Ill 378 Record, Eugene Edwin, Jr. 125 Rector. William Baylis. Jr. 361 Reddan. John Agnew 113 Redden. Alma Louise . . 75, 264 Redding, Donald Sanborn 358, 341 Redhead, Julia Harrell 75,230,292,293 Redwine, John Craig 191 Reed, Betty Thomas 75, 234 Reed, Charles Baker 371,374 Reed, Frank Earl 75 Reed, Nancy Elizabeth 100, 225 Reed. Sandra Darling 390 Reeder. Alton Alfred 377 Rees. John P 193 Reese, Sarah Louise 387 Reeves. Alfred Pierrepont . 125, 171 Reeves. Mamie Louise 387 Regenie. Sandra Jane 42, 274, 297, 388 Rehm, Linda 37, 75. 230, 293, 346 Reid, Beverly Rippard 75 Reid. Gordon Francis . . .125 Reid, Margaret Beatrice 75, 224 Reid. Mary Eley .75 Reid. Mary Jeanne Reimann. Aaron G. . Reitzel, John Larston . Remger, John F Remsburg, Frank R. Renfro, John Franklin. Ji Renfrow. A. Tucker Renger. James Dietrich Renger. John Frank. Jr. Renn. Diana Reppucci. Nicholas Dickon Reston. James Barrett Rexroth. Kenneth Reyazuddin. Mohammed Reynolds. Delmar 125 Reynolds. Frances Ellen 43, 76, 226 Reynolds, I. N 267 Reynolds. Jasper Andrew, Jr 76, 188 Reynolds, Judith Kay 125, 235 Reynolds. Mike 260 268 341, 358 75, 194 113, 131,260 125. 175 . . .270 264, 358 439 INDEX (Continued) Rhame. George A Rhinehardt. Kenneth Edward. Jr. Rhoades. John Arlie. Jr. . . 362. Rhodes. Carl Douglas. Jr. 125. 219, Rhodes. Grover Frederick Rhodes. Mary Bruce Rhodes. Nova Maxine 76, Rhodes. Paul Chilion 3+1. Rhodes. Robert Edward Lee Rhodes. Robert Maurice 218. Rhodes. Susan Rebecca Rhyne. Clyde Randy Rhyne. Fern Elizabeth 76. Rhyne. Frances Lee Rhyne, Richard Gaddy 76, 130, 210, i 220, Rice. Gene Rice, Jacqueline Marie Rice, James A Rice, Peggy Ann Rice, William Yates Rice, Wilma Ann Rich. Alvis Marvin 44, 113. Ricliardson. Bobby Arthur Richardson. Helen Jean Richardson. John Richardson. Patricia Susan Richardson. Richard Richardson, Robert Benbow 113. Richardson. Samuel Rilgo Richardson. William Richelc. Martin 201. Richert. Richard F Riclis. George Edward 113,130,154, Ricks, Thomas 142. Riddick. Hubert M Riddick. Willis James Riddle. Daniel Lindo Ridenliour. Henry Baxter 399. Ridout. Constance L. Riedl. Paul Francis. Jr. Rigdon. Philip Douglas Riggs. Frank 142. Rightsell. William Thomas, Jr 362, Riley, John Gayle 76, Riley, William Barker, Jr 125, Riner, Edward N ' eal 101, 131, 146. : 194. Ringwalt. Mary Stuart 101. Rinzler. Dennis C 101. Ripperton. Lyman A. Ritter. Charles D Ritzman. Herb Wilson Rivenbark. James Baxter Rivenbark. Justine Sloan loi. Rivenbark. Robert Turner Robbins, Gordon Daniel 43,113,131. Robbins, Rebecca Anne ... Roberson. Calvin Larry . . Roberson. Gary Ray Roberson. George Wall Roberson. Joe Baxter 369, 373. Roberson, Rebecca Louise 101, Roberts, Bryan Wilson 76. Roberts, Clyde Gordon Roberts, Eddie Kemp 76. 256. Roberts. Franz Joseph Roberts. Jerry T. 76. Roberts. Joseph Boxley 113. Roberts. Rosemary 37, 76. 222, 232, Roberts. Sandra Rush Roberts. Surry Parker 114. Roberts, Terry Lee Robertshaw Lawrence Bentham Robertson. Betsy 76. Robertson. Robert Glenn Robertson. Tate 76. 155. 186. Robinson. Charles F. Robinson. Cordelia Richards . . . Robinson, Ed Robinson, Holt D Robinson. Horace Palmer 76. Robinson. Hoyle Lynwood 362. Robinson, Nan Temple 76,143,292. Robinson. Richard Hill. Jr. 76. 180. 181. Robinson, Spurgeon Fillmore. Jr. Rocco. Richard 381 Rock. Judith Ann 125 Rodriguez. F. Richard 365 Roesel. Marion Elizabeth 329 Rogers. Carl Linwood. Jr. 113 Rogers. Charles J. 235 Rogers. Claude Madison 340 Rogers. Curtis Lee 358 Rogers. Harding Winslow 125 Rogers. Robert Randolph 220 Rogers, Rollin Anthony 387 Rogers. Sandra Jane 125 Rogers. Thomas K.. Jr. 340 Rogers. Thomas Schley 386 Rogoff. Arthur Drexler ;14. Rohlfs, Robert Charles 336 Rollins, Edmund Morris 185 Rollins. Paul Workman 408 Romine. Jack Richard 345 Roper. Albert Lonsdale. II 391 Roper. Douglas G ini Roper, Fred Wilburn 387 Rose, James William 180 Rose, Norman Edward 378 Rose, Peter Blanchard 76 Roseman. Irvin Alvin 169 Rosen. Stanley 125 Rosenberg. Harry Micheal 368 Rosenberg. John M 181 Rosenblatt. James Ashley 125 Rosenzweig. Donald 375 Rosiny. Frank R 261 Ross. Charles Albert 260 Ross. Craig Alexander 160 Ross. Gordon Nicholas 343 Ross. Katherine Anne 113 Ross. Margaret Ellen 379 Ross. Martin 125 Ross. Owen B. 402 Rossie. William L 76 Rossman. William Bryon. Jr. 76 Roth. Donald S 101 Rothrock. Donald Mitchell 345 Rountree. Frances Ann -36. 77 365 Rouse. James Bristal 160 Rouse. James Hubert 175 Rouse. Randall Rex 148, Routenberg. Lyn J. 264 Routh. Joe Sam . 346 Routh, Linda Faye 196 Rovin. John Roeger 3H0 Rowe. Barbara Lynn . 189 Rowe, Robert Finley 125 Rowe. Ronald D 101 Rowlette. Mary Alice 340 Royster. Rebekah Howard 113 Kuark, Henn ' Gibbons, Jr. 324 Rubenstein. David Maas 125 Rubin. David Martin 101 Rucker. Adin H 396 Rudy. John Forney. II 125 Ruffln. Burton Craige 37 4 Runnion. Joseph David 247 Rush. Lewis Odis. Jr. 322 Rusher. John William 101 Russell, Curtis R 33K Russell, Donald Albert 377 Russell, Elizabeth Gilland 266 Russell, Frances Mullins 269 Russell, Frank Alton 233 Russell, Harold Edward 390 Russell, Paul. Jr 164 Russell, Raymond W. 125 Ruth, Billie Jane 125 Ryder. James Arthur 114. 337 76. 340 269 77. 160. 264 114. 160 114 39. 77. 223 386 101. 202, 203 114. 154 101, 290. 291 76 Sabiston, Frank. Jr. 171 Saffelle. Milton Franklin 177 Sager. Robert 202 Sailors. Jerry Copeland 365 St. Clair. Giles. Jr 293 Saintsing. Everette Thomas 323 Salamon. Harvey Warren Salem, Albert McCall. Jr. Sales. Nancy Anne Salinger. Tony Wilshire 36 Salmon. Sarah Thomas Salz. Harvey A Sams. Leroy Warren Samsot. Kathleen Samuel. Michael David Sanborn. Bruce Morrison Sanders. James Dudley. Jr. Sanders. Lewis Drexel . Sanders. John Sanders, Mar) ' Clare Sanders, Phil Snead Sanders, Richard Lenoir Sanders, Thomas Fred, Jr. Sandman. Herbert Arthur Sanford. Gay L Sanford. Lash Gaitner, Jr. Sapp, Edwin Clreenlaw Sargent, Ralph Nelson, HI Sasser, Joseph Emsley Sauls. James C. Saunders. John Wesley . . Savage. Elizabeth Louise Savery. Rex Talcott Savitt. Richard Sawyer. Calvin Larj ' Sawyer. Charles Judson. Ill Sawyer, F. Jean Sawyer, Horace Kimbrell. Jr Sawyer. Patricia Lynn Sawj-er. William Andrew Sayers. William Floyd Saylor. Lawrence Wayne Sayner. Wallie Scales. Archibald Henderson Scarborough. Dawson Emerson Schaefer. Orville Tyler Schafstedde. Frank Gerhard Schain. Donald Rodney Schenck. Edmund Harrison Schiffman. Harry B. Schlapkohl. Charles J. Schlesinger. Richard James Schlosser. Emil Steve. Jr. Schneider, Eliot M Schnell. Frederick John Schnitzer. Mark Cherney Sclmour. Donald James Sclioch. .■Vrch Kerper . . Schoen. Harrj ' Frederick. Ill Scholield. John Collier Schonfeld. Nyman K. Schrader, Clement V. . Schreiber, James R. Schrinisher. Frank L. Schroeder. George N. Schroeder. John J Schultheiss. Gerald Webb Schwartz. Elliott M. Schweitzer. Howard Schwerzel, Arthur Howard Scott, Andrew Scott, Carl Clinton Scott. Charles Kimiey Scott, Elmer Glenn. Jr. Scott. Frances Scott, Harry White Scott, Henry Clay Scott, Herbert Pearce Scott, James Martin .Scott. John Layne Scott. Julia Anne Scott. Ralph. Jr. Scott, Robert B. Scott. Robert Ray Scott. Roy Thomas Scott. Samuel Edwin Scott. Sylvia Joan Scott. Wayne Nelson Scrivener. Diane Eli; Scruggs. Clyde Lee Scurlock. Dave Seagle. Benjamin Franklin. Ill Seastrom, George Richard 178. 211, 212, 214, 220 77, 263 , 146, 166. 291 77, 184, 276, 279 373, 37 4 324 101, 101, .•1 10 328 101. 236 . 125 J 377 77. 156 125. 185. 261 164 191 373. 374 125. 1K5 114. 178 101. 196 370 125. 201 395 114, 191 358 179. , 395 382 77, 261, 336 176, 344, 345 114. 180 125 101. 236, 246 101, 186, 187 33. 34. 40. 43. 78. 326 abeth 300. 301 101. 301. 34.1 114. 291 440 INDEX (Continued) Seawell. Theodore Graham Sechler. John Jackson Sedberry, Philip Anthony Sesee, Beverly Ann Seigrler. Hilliard Foster Selden, C. T Selden, William W. Sellers. Katlierine Ashley Semeniuk. Fred T. Sendroy, Peter G. Sessoms. Billy Marian Sessoms, H. Douglas 148 Setzer, David Munro 114 Setzler. Ralph Chapman, Jr. 371 Sevier, Lesley Osden 78, 234 Sevier. Robert E 32 Sgrosso. Henry James, Jr 114 Shaffer, Charles M 23 Shaffer, Jack Boone 373 Shaffer, Lee Philip 78, 277. 279 Shaffer. Monnie Ray 7S. 336 Shankle, K. J 368 Shannonhouse. James Moore 101, 202 Shapiro, Jerrj ' 200 Shapiro, Samuel Martin 125 Sharp, Douglas Wilson 78 Sharp. Jane E. 78. 232 Sharp. John David 125 Sieber. Arvid Charles 379 Siegert. Patricia Ann 101, 225 114. 326 Sifford. Eleanor Elaine 386 125 Sigmon. James Lewis. Jr 114 125 Sike . Bonnie S 387 3M5, 3911 . " ikes. Leila Caroline 36, 78 379 Sikes. Olin Blakeney 126,191 29 Silliman. Robert Burnett ini. 1.S2, 183, 125 210, 214 222, 234 Silverstein. Howard T. . 185 393, , 405 Sinie. Myron Strother 395 101, , 176 Simmons. Jo Ann ... 199 362. , 365 Simmons. Michael . 175 , 256, 285 78, 160 78, 236 362, 366 114 330 399 Sharp, Michael Rust 114, 1 Sharpe, Benny Sandlin Shattuck, August Shaver, Ruby Virginia Shaw, Caswell Eure Shaw. David P. Shaw. Elizabeth Ann Shaw, Elizabeth Ann Shaw, Forrest Clinton, II Shaw, John Gilbert Shaw, Mary Cattle Shaw. William Ira Shearin, Charles Winston . . . Shearin, E. Paul Shearin. Edwin Elbert Shearin. Larry Clay Shearin. Robert Hunter Sheets. Charles Dean Sheets. James Paul Sheffield, Dewey Bain. Jr. Shell. John Henry Shelton. Charles B. Shelton. Charles Randal Shelton. Thomas McKendree Shepard. Robert Bowden. Jr. Shepherd. L. C. Ill Shepherd. Thomas Redmond Shepherd. William Aubrey Sheppard. lone Stewart Sheppard. James Dow. Jr. Sherard. Henry Layton Sherer. Robert Glenn. Jr. Sherrill. Hugh H Sherrill. John . nderson Sherrill. Luby T.. Jr. Sherrill. Robert Alexander 78 Shi. Samuel Robert. Ill 101. 198 Shields. Arthur George 101 Shipp. William Paul 107, 114, 169 Shoaf, Dave 345 Shoemaker, William Preston 399, 402 Shore, Carl Isaac, Jr 78 Short, Charles McCoy, Jr. 126. 163 Short. James Leon 126 Short. Marvin Roy. Jr 363, 364 Short. Mary Sue 42, 78 Shoulars, Hudson Wilson, Jr 369, 373, 374 Shubkin, Ronald Lee 114 Shuford, Abner Pope 114, 164, 271 Shuford, Billy Gene 126 Shuford, Fuller A 377 Shuler, Betty J 382 Shulman, Michael Geoffrey 114, 196, 324 Shumate, James Ronald 78, 264 Shupin, Robert Rodney 78, 344, 345 Shuttle, William 208 Sidbury, William Mason 114, 208 369. 371 101. 168 125, 169 125 114, 268 373 Simmons, Myron Perry Simmons, Robert George Siinms. Virginia Egerton Simonds. John Arthur . . Simonton, Harvey Simonton. Vincent E. Simpkins. Rodney Lane. Jr. . Simpson. Allen Johnson Simpson. Cecil Odell. Jr Simpson. Clifford Carlton. Jr. Simpson. David Murray Simpson. Xorman Reece Simpson. Henry Clay. Jr. Simpson. Henry Marshall Simpso n. Jay Simpson, Leo Franklin, Jr, Simpson, Oscar Romulas Simpson, Sonny Simpson, William Francis, Jr. Sims. Arthur Ward 79.164. Sims. James Vernon Singer. Richard M Singletary, Julia Catherine Singletary. Robert Lombard . . Singletary. William Currie. Ji Singleton. Albert Louis Sink. Marianna Atherton Sirkin. Josh Sitterson. J. Carlyle Sitton. Claude Shem Skakle. Don E. Skeen. McDuffy B. Skogland. P. L. Skulason. Vilhjalmur Grimur Slade. Arthur Laird Slagle. Lois Evelyn Slate. Dan Melvin Slaughter, Katlierine Ewing . Slaughter, Shirley Ruth Sloan, David B Sloan. James Boykin Sloane. Joseph C. Sloop. Robert F.. Jr. Smalley. James Lee. Jr Smart. Thomas Elijah Smiley. Gary Ray Smile -. Peggy Ann Smith, Albert Hunter Smith. Anne Smith. Alfred Martin Smith. Barbara Sue Smith. Beverly Rentz Smith. Billy Marshall Smith. Calvin Ipshur. Jr. Smith. Carter Braxton Smith. Clayton Bernard, Jr. Smith, Colin Eraser Smith, David Allen Smith, David Iverson Smith, David Lee Smith. Dean E. Smith. Deanne McN ' inch Smith. Dee A. Smith. Dewey Clifton Smith. Dock Garner Smith. Donald Judd Smith, Douglas Gould Smith, Edward Smith, Eleanor Jane Smith, Elizabeth Gentry Smith, Eugene Alvin . Smith, Francis Gerald Smitli, Frank Lannom Smith, Frank Watson 101 .114, 164 126 . 78,323 .126, 177 126 116, 220, 300,301 126 200 70, 226, 293, 346 126, 131 102, 180 360, 862, 363 79, 234, 346 154, 184 79 79, 340 102, 337 102, 188, 260, 262 18S, 204 79, 168 171, 220 114, 264 393, 405 Smith, Frazer 154,301 Smith. Fred J. 870 Smith. George Wilson 126 Smith. Harold Campbell. Jr. 102 Smith. Herbert Franklin 114 Smith. Hugh Lewis 102 Smith. James Franklin 377 Smith. James Howard 126 Smith. James Roy. Jr. 102 Smith. Jane Xorfleet 102 Smith. Jerry Allen Smith. Jerry Farmer Smith. John Michael STuith. John Wilson Smith. Julia D. Smith. Julia Gray Smitli. Kirhy Hart. Jr. Smitli. Larry Keith . Smith. Linda Kaye Smith. Lynn Harrison Smith. Marion Deering Smith. Marion Smith. Mary Randolph Smith, Michael F. Smith. Miriam Frances Smith. Moyer Gray Smith. Nelda Jane . Smith. Norman Barrett Smith. Norman Estes Smith, Philip Conrad Smith, Philip Dewar Smith. Robert Bruce. Jr. Smith. Roberta Chapin Smith. Roger W. Smith. Samuel Bosworth Smith. Samuel Clark Smith. Samuel G. Smith. Samuel Irby Smith. Sherwood H.. Jr. Smith. Stuart Archer. Jr. Smith. Stuart Bryson Smith. Susan Douglass Smith. Tallulah Driskell Smith. Terre Milton Smith. Thomas Eugene Smith. Thomas Kirkman Smith. Thomas William Smith. Wade Marvin Smith. Walter Lane, III Smith, Wayne Beveridge, Jr 114 Smith. Wayne Reece 79 Smith. William Henry 363. 366 Smith. William James 114 Smitherman. Richard Wesley 126 Smithson. Alva Pinner 80 Smithwick. Edward Lee. Jr 399, 405 Smithwick. Gary Bryant 126, 177 Sniyre, Billy Mac 371 Sniyre, Herbert Lee . 126 Siiakenburg. Diane 337 Snelling, David Barrow, Jr . 12ii Snider. Cornelia Olivia 102 Snider. William H. 371 Snow. Guy Leighton HI Snyder, Frances M. 102. 23G Snyder. Henn ' M.. Jr. 102 Snyder, John Frank 102 Snyder. John Hayde 102. 291 Snyder. Judith Hand 114 Snyder. Mary Rose 3h2 Snyder. William P. 193 Sockwell. Clarence 368 Soegianto. Surjokusumo 382 Sokol. Richard 197 Solenberger. Helen Metz 80.340.391 Soles. Richard . 265 Solomon. Allan Frank 80. 184 Solomon. Edward 197 Solomon. Elliot 379 Solomon. Michael Alan 126. 197 Solovei. Gerald 201 Somers. Albert Bingham 102. 301. 302, 344, 345 Somers, R, Fletcher 128 Sommerville. William Henry 358 Sonimer. .loel 184 Sonstroem. Donald Edwin 80 Sory. Jo Ann V 236 323. 376 126. 191 102. 166 . 235, 346 377 . 386 , 214, 256 377 .102, 345 14, 198, 260, 264 117, 181 102, 174 102, 194 .126 114 102, 232 79, 236. 266 397. 400 102, 180 79, 170 79 79, 137, 180, 345 102, 168 441 INDEX (Continued) SossHinon. Jon Leroy Soutliard. John Wilder Soutlierland. James Bowden, Jr. Southerland. Robert Morris Soutliern. Chester Wilson, Jr. Southern, James Moody Southern. William Daniel Sovine, Michael L. . Sowder, Judith Lynn Sowers. Jerry William Sowers. Philip Earl Sowers. Sidney George Sowter. John Spach. Roy Lee. Jr Spain. Jack H.. Jr. 32. 33 Spader. Allan David Spanfjler. Janice Costner Sparger. Jim Massey Spa rrow, Fra ncis Spell. Louisa Spencer, James Clifford. Jr. Spencer. John David Spencer. Lillian Alice Spencer. Paula Jo Spencer. Robert Donald Spencer. Romulus Sanderson. Jr. Spencer. William Lewis, Jr. Speranza. Charles Fred Spivey. Connie Bradley Spivey. Richard Coleman. Jr. Springer. Franklin Craig Sprinkle, Michael Doss Sprinkle. Thomas Sproles. Charles Ben Spruill. Larry Kim Spry. Doyle Eugene Spunde. Velta Spurrier, Barry Wilson S(|uillarid, George Douglas Stabell, Richard Norman Stacey. Larry Milton Stack. James Thomas Stackhouse, Glenn A. , Stagg. Richard David Stagg, William Lee Stainback. Sarah Jane Stalker. James Curtis Stallings, John Gilbert Stallings, Patricia Annette Stallings, William Frederick Stamey, Gan, ' Martin Stamps. Jo Ella Stamps, William David Stancil. John Harvey Stanley. Bobby Ray Stanley, James Lawson Stanley. Lucius Jones. Jr. Stanley. Raymond J. Stanley, Robert Herren. Jr. 371 374 114. l.iS 324 102 36S 126. I. ' il 195 . 80. 175 323 . 179 , 256 . 208 102, 193. 245 40. 41. 114 . 340 ,324 Stanton, Jai H. 363. 365 Staples. Julia T. 33 Stapleton. Donald Richard 126 Stapleton. Melinda Lou 102. 22S Starl . Lucien Hadley 126 Starling. Mary Ruth 22s. 399, 404 Starn. Carolyn Joan - 391 Starr. Louis Edwin 102. 194 Stassinos. Evapelos Stanros .80 Stassinos. James Ody.ssous 80 Steele, Hohart Theodore. Jr. so. 265. 268 Steele, Larry G 173 Steele. Lynn Cameron 80 Steele. Ralph 345 Steelman. Catherine V. 358 Steelman. Robert Franklin 80. 323 Stein. Ellen 43. 80 Stein. Robert 201 Steiner. Stephen Michael 126, 201 Stell. William B. 102 Stem. William Converse 80. 154. 174, 208. 328 Stephan. Richard Henry 114, 208, 261 Stephens. Barbara Lynnette 390 Stephenson. Larry Adams 361 Stephenson. Shelby Dean 80 Stephenson. William Alexander, Jr. 102 114. 324 362. 366 102, 180 395 81, 224 114, 324 114 126, 327 380 126 169 81 226 81 126 126 33,44 126 126 191 368 Stepp. William Edward 102. 154. 194. 195 Starn. Jerome Hillel 358 Stevens. Elliott Walker. Jr. Stevens. John Shorter Stewart, Frankie Lee Stewart. Joseph D. Stewart. Robert Wright StierholT. Harold Frederick Stikeleather. Jane Reames Stocks. Lewis Henry. Ill Stockton. Beverly Leeda Stokes. Donald Slater Stokes. Jerome Walter Stokley. Cythia Gail Stollar Harry L.. Jr. Stonaker. Roland Huntley, Jr. Stone. E. ' irsinia Stone. John Edsar Stoneman. H. Keith Stoner. Paul Glenn Stonestreet. Charles Bailey Stophel. Charles Creston Stott. John F. Stott. Welton Hollis. Jr. Stott. William Stoudemire. Sterling A, Stout. George Franklin Straehley. Diane J. Strang, Sandra Lee Straub. Daniel Edward Strawhun. Donna Sue Street. Gordon Stretcher. George Stewart Strickland. Carter Manley Strickland. Douglas Strickland. G. Kent Strickland. George Thomas. Jr Strickland. James Ralph. Jr. Strickland. Lloyd H Strickland. Wayne Smith Strider. Virgil Dawson Stronnach. George Stroud. David Andrew Stroud. L. Phillip Stroupe. Benny Franklin Stottan. Robert J Stuart. Burton Wayne. Jr. Stuber, Janet Norma Stultz. John Hoyte Sturdevant. Clifford M. Sturm. Theodore A. Stutts. Julia Culpepper Stutts. Kenneth Wilson Stover. Gerald Charles Styers. Carl K. Stypmann. Noel Leo Suber. Jacquelyn Keller Sugarman. Edward F. Sugg. Ellen Frances Sugg. Harry Walker Sullivan. D. Jerome Sullivan. Louis Gray Sullivan. Robert Jerry Sullivan. Sharon Lee 43, 103 Sullivan, William Ross Sulzer. Fritz Summers. Ann W Summerson, Sue Mead Summey, Charles E. Summey, Don Summey, John Hood Supplee, Hank . . Surles. Charles William Sutherland. Jean Marie Sutorius. Leslie Stewart Sutphin. Hugh Edward Suttle. William Baxter Sutton, Janice Lynn Sutton, LuRuth 3 ' Sutton, Margaret Johnson Sutton, Stark Armis Swain. Betsy France: Swain. Linwood Ira. Jr. Swann, Edward Filmore, J Swanson, George Simmons Swanson, Lennie Lee. .Ir. Sweeney. Dennis Campbell 368 , 189 81. 228 10 ' 102 340 114 196 102 114 81 329 lit 302 126 43, 103 234 263 Swicegood, William Edward 114 Swoft ' ord. Leonard Stanley 126 Sylvester. John C. , , . 301 Sylvia. Bruce Gilmore 103.179.342.343,345 Szilogy. Hames 261 307 Thoma.s. 373 Thomas, 230. 390 Thomas. 81. 213 Thomas . 371 Thomas 81.156,271 Tliomas. 81, 224 Thomas 230. 399. 401, 404, 405 Thomas 385, 386 Thomas 114, 164 Thompst ,408 Thomps Taff, Edwin Jay Talbert. John Berry. Jr. Talberl. Peter S. Tallon. Philip L. Tally. William Parham Tankard, Lee Dickerson Tanksley, Earl McKinley Tarlow. Richard Jay Tarlton. David Michael Tarr. Charles E Tatalias. Kosmo Davis Tate. Elizabeth H Tate. Martha Jane Tatum. Walter Lewis Tayloe, Mary . nn Taylor, Charles Edwa rds Taylor, Chester W.. Jr. Taylor. Emory Windfleld Taylor. Jacqueline Taylor, James Harvey Taylor, James Robert Taylor, John Thomas Taylor. Jolin William Taylor. Katherine Ann Taylor. Lawrence Arthur Taylor. Le.slie Maltby Taylor. Marvin Taylor. Patricia Anne Taylor. Raymond Mason Taylor. Raymond R. Taylor, Richard Lewis Taylor. Walter Clyde Taylor. William Taylor. William Alhew Teachey. Martha Lynne . Teague, Reginald Bailey Teague, Roger Keith Teal. Ralph R Templeton. Linda Jane Tenenbaum. Lee J Tennille. Norton Fortune Terow. Timothy C. Terry. Lillian Anne Tesh. Esther Mae Tesh. Linda Lee Tesh. Phisa Lee Tesh, Robert Tew. Jerry G Thalheimer. Albert Foster Tharin. Blake William Thayer. James D Thelin. Mark Cushman Thomas, . llen Briggs Thomas, . llen George Thomas. .Annie Wilfred Thomas. Aubrey Wofford Thomas. Blake K. Thomas. Colin G.. Jr. Thomas. Dewey Eugene Thomas. Donald Anton Thomas. Edgar Thomas. Edwin Scott Everett Gusta Foster Edward. Jr. George Shaker James Norman James Postles Meredith Gerald Patsy Ann Robert E. Vincent Bernard n. . nne Ray n. Benjamin Harrison Thompson. Beverly Carol Thompson. Charles Clendenin Thompson. Cynthia Julia Thompson. Cyrus Bradford Thompson. Douglas K. 103. 166. 291 114. 184 126, 181 194 390 386 81, 230 115 323, 376 358 405 154, 172 126, 169 115, 19S 442 INDEX (Continued) Thompson, Thompson. Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson. Thompson, Thompson, Thompson. Thompson, Thompson. Frances Ricks . H. Edward, III H H. Wayne, Jr James Cecil James Sherwood 82, James William 103, Margaret Anne 130.232,385, Mary Emma Melvin Gerald Peter . nthony 115, Rhonda Ann Robert 32 Sanford Webb, III 373. Tarlton Roberts, Jr Toni Lynne 385. Vista Anne 103, William Cannon. Jr William Michael. Jr. 82. 188. : Thorpe. Alexander P 204 Thrasher. David Randolph 126 Ticlfel. Lila Diane 408 Tiedeman. Carl 30 Tiedeman. Katrina Crapon 82, 234, 263 Tiedeman, ancy Lynn 115 Tieslau, Carol 130, 293 Timberlal(e, Julius Poindexter 82. 33s Timmons. Virginia Roberta 385. 387 Tinl ler. John Bruce 126.169 Tippett. Joe Wayne 115 Tips. Robert Kern 126 Tirtha. Ranjit X. 358 Tobin. Paul Curtis 115 Todd. Dabney Winston 82 Todd. Edward Eugene. Ill 82. 194 Todd, Jack Lionel 115 Todd, Mary Eleanor 82, 226 Todd, William Hoyt 126 Tognoli, Jerome Joseph 115, 131, 256 Toler, John R 103 Tol.son, David C. 189 Tolton. Ann Linn 385. 388 Tolton, George David 115 Toney, Max Edward 115 Tontz, Joanne Charlotte 35k Toporek, Stanley Denis 103, 196 Torrey, Anne Odell 82. 226 Totten, H. R. 33(i Tower, Ralph Burnett 103 Tower!!, Anne Tucker S9, 103 Townsend, William Hugh 126, 173 Townsend, William Jackson 363, 365 Trammel!, Diane Montgomery 82, 346 Traub, Alan Michael 126, 185 Trawick, David Edmond 103 Traylor, Nancy Jo 226, 40H Trembath, Linda 887 Trepke, Frank J. 191 Tripp, Cecil DeWayne 378 Tripp. Geraldine 385,388 Tripp, Ronald Tucker 397 Trivers. Timothy C 161 Trivette, Jerry Andrew 126 Trondsen, Ludwig, Eugene 82 Trotman. Sandra Jean 16, 32. 37. 82. 236 Trotter. Earl Clay 103 Trotter. Wesley Asbury. Jr 82 Troutman, Dennis Franklin 872 Troutman. Howard Preston 82.218,220 Trubman, Aaron 382 Truitt, James 195 Trull, James Larry 126.161 Tuck. Noel Barton 337 Tucker. John Stan 115 Tucker. William Beverly. Ill 126 Tugman. Stuart Grady, Jr. 82. 198 Tull. Jane Caroline 103,235.248 Tull. Thomas Mitchell. Jr 362,364 Tullai. Fred 136 Tulloch. Charles W 371 Turk. Theresa G 891 Turlington. Mary Eleanor 227. 340 Turlington. Wade Robert 82 Turnbull. David Drew 103. 162 Turner. Anthony Garland . Turner. Barbara Lynne :i8. " , Turner. Gerald Pinkney Turner. James Alexander. Jr. 103. 131, 1 inner. John Goodman, III Turner. John Robert Turner. Joseph Graham Turner. Mary Jo Turner. Nancy Anne 82, 171 Turner, Wilfred Turner, M ' illiam Clark, Jr. Turner, William Howard, Jr, Tuthill, Walter Warren Tuttle, Monroe M, Twiddy, Raymond Lee. Ill Twisdale, John Wyatt 382 Twisdale, Louie .lane Tygart, Silas Thompson 115.180.211 Tyler. Eunice N. Tyndall. Leamon Windell Tyson. George Ella. Jr. Tyson. Oscar Lee. Jr. . . Tyson, Tommy . Tyson, William Wesley 83 U Umstead, Sandra Kelly Underwood, David P. I ' nderwood. Mary Evelyn LTpchurch. Gilbert Rivers Upchurch. Sarah Jane LTpchurch. Tommy Dorsey Upchurch. Wayne Thomas Upshaw, Harry S Upton, Jack Herdon Usher, Harold Griffin Usher, Harry A Utermehle, Jack Wilson , . Uzzel, Boots Holmes ' ance, Samuel Franklin. Ill ' nn de Velde. Christopher Robert an Deventer, James K, aii Dyne, Martin Jay an Hecke, V, T anlioy, Bobby J. Vann, Howard Albert Vann, Joseph McAlpin Vann, ' irginia Lee ' anOrman, Chandler Lee . . 1 Van Pelt, David S. Van Reese, Douglas P. . . ' anstory, Lee Pickney an Vleet, David Edward Van Wagenen, Elizabeth Vass VanZyl, Gideon Johannes Jaeobas ' asquez, Rosa M. Vaughan. Nancy Worthington Vaughn. Gary Ellis Vaughn. Larrj ' Joe ' eatch. Robert Lowell Veazey, Perry Burt ' enters, Wayne Burnette Venters, William Thomas ' erniilya. Robert Allen ' erner, Marion Caldwell ' errone, Geswaldo A. Verrone, Irvin Richard Vestal, Lowell Richard Vick, David Randolph ' ickers, Joel Ellison Vickers, Lawrence P. Viereck. Mickil Lynn Villas. James Milton . incent. Charles Read ' incent. Malvern Fitzhugh Vincent. Sylvia Sullivan ' innik, Donald Harvey Vinson, Carol David Vinson, Thomas W., Jr. Vinroot, Richard Allen Violette, Martin Hammond, 11 371, 374 394, 399, 404 161 127, 191 372 83, 234 358 ogel, George Weldelyn 108 Von Biberstein, Richard, . I r. 363,366 ' on Bramer, Constance F. 83 Von Schilling, R. Virginia ins X ' uncannon, Elwen Eugene 127 Voss, A. E. 219 W Wachs, Marvin Dennis Wacker, Robert J Waddell, Doris Evelyn Wade, Sally K. Wagner. James Richard Wait. John Shattuck. Jr. Waldan. Joseph Herman Waldman. Robert , Waldo. Gordon Payne Waldron. William L. . Walker. Andrew Thomas Walker, Carolyn Graham Walker. David Shelly Walker. Edwin .Michael Walker. Frank Harrison Walker. Jerry Blane Walker. Luther Loneith Walker. Lynn Walker. Michael Walker. Oscar Blair Walker. Robert C. Walker. Thomas C. Walker. Tony William Walker. W. Kent Wall. Gary Leon Wall, Linda Ashley Wall, Milam Wall, Roy Murray Wallace, Barbara Coleman Wallace, Calla Ann B. Wallace, Frank Gale Wallace, John Arthur, Jr. Wallace, Kelly, Jr Walldore, Rudy Herman Waller, Harry Franklin Waller, Sonny , Walsh, Donald Walsh. Martin J. Walston, Jean W. Walston. Lena Ann Walston. Mary Elizabeth Walter. Kenneth Gaines Walters, Alan Walters, Janie Frances Walters, Marvin Ray Walters, Marian Fay Walters, Rebecca I. Walters. Robert Oakley Walton. Hi M. Walton. Rabe Charles. Jr. Ward. David Cook Ward. Gene Lafayette Ward. James Palmer Ward. Larry Dean Ward. Larry M. Ward. Scott Dean Ware. Wanda Ruth Ware. William Warfford. Dickey Ree Warlick. John Drew. Jr. Warlick. Lawrence David. Jr. Warner. David Hoover Warner. Douglas Oilman Warner. Joe Henley Warren. .Alexander M. . Wai ' ren. .Alexander MacRae Warren. Bert Barrow Warren. Charles Kenneth Warren. Eli Anderson Warren. Hubert Holman. Jr. Warren. John McCullen Warren, Lewis Ruftin Warren, Raymond Bartlett Warren, Robert Wade Warren, William Dale Wary, Norton M Wason, Nancy Jane 374, 372 115, 179 137, 138, 141. 345 115 376 174, 146, 147 358 200 84, 323 103, 337 104, 174 104, 174 104, 146. 147, 174 443 INDEX (Continued) Wasliburn, Thomas C. 380 Waters. Harold Lee 363, 365 Waters. Christina 104 Waters. Ronnie Mason 84 Watkins, Stephen E 193 Watkins. William Gerald 127 Watson. Barry Vernon 395 Watson. David Thomas 377 Watson. Dudley Ray 341, 358 Watson. Patricia Anne 84, 261 Watson, Robert Malcourt, Jr. 373 Watson, Thomas Craig. Jr. 127, 159 Watson. William B 177 Watts, Charles Daniel 104, 337 Watts, Mickey Wayne 256, 394, 396 Way, Sarah . nne 104, 235 Wearn, George Patterson 127, 195 Weathers, Belve Royster, 11 . .127 Weathers, Donald Lawrence . , . 302, 396 .396 Weaver. Elisha Patrick 115 Weaver. Fred H . 28 Weaver. George Arthur 84, 268 Weaver. George Richard, Jr. 11.1 Weaver. Herman Michael , 362, 865 Weaver. James Edward. Jr. 104 Weaver. Kenneth 379 Weaver. Roy Albert 376 Weaver. Roy Ellis 127 Weaver, Van Darwin 397, 400 Webb, Charles Aurelius 84, 164, 277 Webb, Sally Ann 104 Webber, David Norman 104 Webster, Elizabeth Faye 386 Webster, Thomas Carlton 370 Webster, William P. 368 Wedler. Fred Charles 127, 159 Weeks, James Barnes -127 Wegerek, Dave 127 Wehr. Paul Ernest 297, , 358 Weil. Charles B. 115 Weiler. Lucretia Thurman 84 Weiler. Robert Kenneth 361 Weiner. Richard David 104. 196, , 265 Weinstein. Lee Moret 104, , 200 Weinstein, Robert A. . 127, , 185 Weir. Dewey Frederick 104 Weisenfeld. Jeff 200 Weiss. Edward 197 Welborn, Barry McNeil 127 Welch, John Bruce 127 , 263 Welch, Jack H. 376 Welch, William Edward 104 Welk, Ruth Ann 104 Welling, Alfred F. Wellon.s. Martha Edmundson 84 , 230 Wells. Charles Ray 104 Wells. David Marsden 358 Wells. Donn A. 378 Wells. George Richard 127 Wells. Henn ' B. 380 Wells. James Barden 84 Wells, Llewellyn 84 Wells, Ruth 340 Wells, William Smith 127 Welton, Charles Rex 188 WciKlt, Carol DOrsay 84 Werner, Jennie Lee 408 West, Kenneth Ray 104 West, Peter D 127 Westbrook, J. B, 127 Westgarth, Warren C. 381 Weston. Judith Sevier 386 Wetzel. Mary Lee 84. 222 , 22S Whedbee, Charles Monroe 104 , 164 Whedbee, Elizabeth Moore 386 Wheeler, Kenneth Milton 115 , 324 Wlieeler, Mory Lou Browning 358 Wheeler, Walter H 330 Wheelock, George F 161 Wheless, Dwight Hernard .127 Whichard, Willis Padgett .115 Whicker, James Hubert 115 ,156 Wliisenant, Edward Dixon 395 Whisnant, Sondra Lvnn 84 Whisnant, Ralph Benjamin 127 Whisnant, William Preston 127 Whisonant, Don Stuart 127,261 Whitaker. Cary Hamilton. IH II.t Whitaker. Lendo Edgar. Jr. 127 White, Betty Sue 104 White, Dorcas, Imagone 35K White, Eleanor Kay , 386 White. Eli E .373 White. James Battey 84.336 White. James Grady 376 White. James W 191 White. James Wilson. Jr. 115 White, Jerry Dean 127 White, Jerry Donald 104 White, John Conner, Jr 84 White, Joseph Leonidas 104 White, Marshall Franklin 104 White, Mary Thom 104, 252 White, Perry Mack 84, 172 White, Ralph Alexander 104 White. Ralph Lawrence, Jr 127 White, Robert Dean 372 White, Rodgers Selwyn 104 White, S. Wommack 127 White. Thomas 20s White. Thomas Livingston. Jr. 40, 84. 14.?. 261. 329 White. Thomas Michael 127. 165. 345 White. Walter Alston 373 Whitehead. Marcella Florence 127 Whiteheail. Willis Lee 399 Whitehurst, Bettie Ann 104, 228 Whitehurst, Edward Roland 104 Whiteluirst, Jerry Lee 84 Whitehurst, Kenneth Nicholson, Jr. 84. 194 Whitesell. Roy Banks 395 Whitetield. Charles 208 Whitefleld. Mary Alice 381 Whiting, Jean Laurie 84, 232 Whittenton, William Ransom 115 Whitley, Billie Harold 84 Whitley, Charlie Thomas 84 Whitley, John Bryan 85,172.173 Whitley. John Lee ' 362. 364 Whitley. Kenneth McDonald 104 Whitley, Martha Elizabeth 85, 340 Whitley, Philip Hugh 164 Whitley, Ruth Grantham 104 Whitley, Thomas Pritchard 115 Whitley, Travis Roger 127, 179 Whitlock, Paul Wilson, Jr. 396 Whitney. Bill 171 Whitney. James R. 341 Whitson. Theodore Clark 376 Whittle, Amberys Rayvon 104 Whyburn, William M. 22 Whyte. William 270 Wible. David Charles 85. 180 Wicker. Beverly Ruth 104 Wicker. Bryant Kelly 371. 374 Wicker. .Marvin L. 3si Widoff. Mike G 104 Wiebe, Sally Ann 104 Wiggins, Fay Evangeline 104 Wiggins, Joseph Arthur, Jr. 113 Wiggins, Nell Elizabeth 85 Wiggs, John Haydon 127 Wilcox, Cindy Ann 85. 223 Wilday, Peter Bennet 115, 160 Wilder, Henry Milton, Jr. 115 Wilfong. James Edward 115 Wilhoit. Grover Cleveland, Jr 104, 271 Wilkerson, Donald Morris 117, 127, 177 Wilkerson, Edwin Cisco, Jr 104 Wilkes, Claude G 382 Wilkins, Charles Gresliam 115, 180 Wilkin.son, Beverly Byrd 127,159 Wilkinson, Harvey A. 86 Wilkinson, John C. Maxim 115 Wilkinson. Roljert McLain 373 Wilkinson. Thomas Miller 127 Wilkinson. William 165 Williams, Anne Grimes 104 Williams. Archibald H. 203 Williams, Augustus Collier 115 Williams. Barber J. 391 Williams. Bryan Williams. Charles Williams. David Robert Williams. Harry K Williams. Hermit D. Williams. James Edward Williams. James Lewis Williams. James Lynch . . Williams, Joan Williams, Larry Howard Williams, Booth Williams, Mack Ray Williams, Paul Reid Williams, Peter Myrick Williams, Robert Hampton Williams, Samuel Sykes Williams, Susan Ann Williams, Teresa Ann Williams, Thomas Baker Williams, Thomas Barker Williams, Wallace Anson Williams, W. D, Williams, Warren W„ Jr Williams, William Thurston Williams, Willis Howard Williamson, Glenn Irvin Williamson, Robert F arl Williamson, Roy Gates, Jr. Williford. Thomas Alton AVillis. M ' eston A]ex Willis. Benjamin Sheppard. Jr. Wills. Nancy Leonona Willoughby. James Ralph Willsoh. Joseph Carter Willwerth. Mary Alice Wilson. Charles Edward Wilson. Clyde Norman Wilson. Felix Franklin. Jr. Wilson. Gabriella Palmer . . Wilson, Gail Harding Wilson, Jack Lyndon Wilson, James Parrish, Jr. Wilson. James Preston. Jr. Wilson. John Daniel Wilson. Katherine Elizabeth Wilson. Laurence Glenn Wilson. Lawrence Girard. Jr. . Wilson. Mark King 180,2 Wilson, Mary Carrington Wilson, Phillip Wood Wilson, Robert White Wilson, Walter Wilson, William Danford Wilson, Willis A. Windham. Aubrey Brisht. Jr. . Windham. Charles Richard Windley. Heber Wilkinson. Jr. Windus. Donald Taylor Winecoff. George Caldwell. HI Wingfleld. Thonuis Whetsell . Wingrove. Charles Ray Winslow. Raymond Alexis. Jr. Winters. Harold Vernon Winters. Jimmy Gray John Edney Withers. Nancy Ruth Withrow. Lawrence Randolph Woerner. Harold Charles, Jr. Wofford, Richard Wofsy, Virginia Carolyn Wolcott. Elaine Dixie Wolf, Charles Michael Wolfe, Sally Parks Wolfer, Frederic Fane, Jr. Womack. Sarah Richardson . Womble. Jacqueline R. Wood, . llison Eugene Wood, Bobby Steve Wood. Carl Sherrill Wood, Eunice Wood. Evan Harvey Wood. Fred Philips. Jr. Wood. Jerry F. Wood. Marions . Wood. Matthew Wood. Ruftin 85, 154, 158 385, 387 101. 195 85 105 105. 260. 271 362. 365 396 408 127, 146, 327 105, 329 371,374 127, 165 0, 290, 291, 322 85, 230 89, 186 307 303 369, 373 164 85, 131, 194 358 358 85, 213, 214 105, 234, 293 397 115 444 INDEX (Continued) Wood. Sue Ann 32, 33. 43. 85. l.WI, U8, Wood. Thomas Benbury 362, Wood. Wallace Winchell Woodall. Edward Marshall Woodall. Susan Kay 105,143,173. Woodard. James William, II Woodard, Joyce Faye Woodard, Kenneth Paul Woodard, Warden Lewis, Jr. Woodbury. Edgar Christenson Woodley. Franklin Ogburn Woodley, Samuel Spruill, Jr 105,210. Woodruff, Charles Kenneth 341. Woodruff, David Lee Woodrum, Clifton Alexander, III 105, 188, Woodward, Betty 39, 86, Woody, James Jennings Woody, Sidney Lane 105, Woolard, ' irginia Woosley, Norma Lee Wooten, Bobby Lene Wooten. Grace Pollack 230, Wooten, Sterling Dillon, Jr. 125,170, Workman, Harold Parks 86, 307, Worsley, Gerald Killian Worth, Hal Venable. Ill 115, Worthington, Dorothy R Worthington, Thurnian Wardell, Jr. Wright, Anne Andrews Wright. Arnold. Jr 105. Wright. C. H.. Jr Wright. Forrest Jarrell 105, 158. Wright. Jane Iredell right. John J - I ' riglit, Robert Mathewson I ' right. Richard k ' right. Stanley rright. Wade Kenneth I ' right. Walter Charles I ' right. Walter David k ' uamett, William Vernon I ' ydott. Mike k yke. Martha Ann 396, i ' yman, George C. 127. I ' ynn, Earl rynns. Leo Outlaw i ' yre. Charles M t ' yrick. Priseilla Blakeney 42,115, V ' ysong. Dave Yarbrough. Vestal Eugene 105 Yardley. Jonathan 105. 186, 284 Vates, Michael Hoy 105 Yates, Ralph Lee 127 Yeager, Betty Durham 105 Yeager, Carol Louise . 390 Yelverton, John Raymond . . 115, 324 Yelverton. William Frisby 127 Yingling, Gary Lee 396 Yocom, Robert Dillon 127 Yoder, Phillip Daniel 105.192,211 Yoh, Sally P 42, 105 Yokeley. Richard Thor 115 York, Frank W 363, 366 Yost, Tliomas 405 Youmans, Charles Prince 370 Young. Baxter 190 Young. Davis 204 Young. P rederick Richji rd. II u.-. Young. J. Blake 115 Young. James Langley 127 Young. John A. 379 Young. Lida Voigt . .86, 228 Young, Michael Arthur 86 Young. Perry Deone Vi- Young. Rodney Earl 395 Young. Sarah Varner 358 Young. Wayne B 307, , 308 ■ ' oung. Wesley W. .193 Young. William Lewis, III 105, ,194 Yount. James Alvin . . .127 Yuengert, John Louis .358 Zachary. Frank Edward 115 Zachary, James Neville 399. 400 Zager. Stephen 201 Zaglin. Lawrence 197 Zahran, Lucy Marie 395 Zalk. Richard Alan 127.197 Zambetti. Vicki M. 86.223.316 Zaslav. Barry Arthur 105. 196. 263 Zealy. Albert Hazel. Ill 105.164 Zeigler, Sally Anne 86,230 Zeiller, Donald Richard 86 Zemon, Jacob Harold 86,184 Ziglar, James Newton, Jr 370 Zimmerman, Mary Harriette 385, 390 Zito, Ruth R 382 Zollicoffer, Lawrence 377 ORGRniZRTIOnS inDEX Administration 20 Alpha Delta Pi 224 Alpha Epsiion Delta 328 Alpha Gamvm Delta 226 Alpha Kappa Psi 336 Alpha Phi Omega 326 Alpha Tail Omega 156 Athletic Council 347 Audit Board 267 Baptist Student Union 295 Baseball 306 Basketball 276 Beauties 240 Beta Gamma Sigma 825 Beta Theta Pi 158 Budget Committee 44 294 Canterbury Club Carolina Forum Caroluta Handbook Carolina Playmakers Carolina Qiiarterlti Cheerleaders Chi Omega Chi Phi Chi Psi Consolidated University Student Council Cosmopolitan Club Cross-Country . Daily Tar Heel Dance Committee Delta Delta Delta Delta Kappa Epsilon . Delta Sigma Pi Delta Upsilon Dental Hygiene Dentistry, School of Di-Phi Society Football 136 Forensic Council 269 Fraternities 156 Freshmen 117 Gamma Beta Sigma 332 Germans Club 284 Glee Club 257 Golf «03 264 256 230 .164 338 268 Uraiiuate School Graham Memorial Health Affairs , Hillel Foundation Honoraries 318 IDC Honorary Society 331 Independent Women ' s Council 42 Intramurals 310 Interfraternity Council 154 Juniors 89 Kappa Alpha 168 Kappa Delta 232 Kappa Epsilon 404 Kappa Kappa Gamma 234 Kappa Psi 400 Kappa Sigma 170 Lambda Chi Alpha 172 Law School 360 Lutheran Student Association 2ilH MBA Club 341 Medical School 376 Men ' s Honor Council 3s Men ' s Interdomitory Council 4u Military 210 Monogram Club 344 National Science Foundation 330 Newman Club 297 Nursing, School of 384 Order of the Beanbirds 333 Order of the Gimghoul 205 Order of the Golden Fleece 318 Order of the Grail 821 Order of the Minataurs 334 Order of the Old Well 320 Orientation Committee 16 Pharmacy, School of 396 Pharmacy Senate 406 Phi Beta Kappa 822 Phi Delta Chi 402 Phi Delta Theta 174 Phi Eta Sigma 824 Phi Gamma Delta 176 Ph i Kappa Sigma 178 Phi Mu Alpha 829 Physical Therapy 390 Pi Beta Phi 236 Pi Kappa Alpha 180 Pi Knppa Phi 182 Pi Lambda Phi 184 Psi Omega 374 Public Health, School of 380 Publications Board 260 Saint Anthom s Hall .. 186 Seniors 48 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 188 Sigma Chi 190 Stsrma Nu 192 Sigma Phi Epsilon Soccer Sophomores Sororities Sound and Fury Splash Club Stroll Greeks Student Council Student Government Student Legislature Student National Education Association Student Nursing Association 194 208 Swi ling 274 346 .280 .270 Symposium Tan EpsUon Phi 196 Tennis 842 Theta Chi 198 Track 300 UNC Band 143 UNC Cardboard 131 Valkyries 319 Wesley Foundation 298 Women ' s Athletic Association 346 Women ' s Residence Council 39 WUNC 261 Wrestling 271 Yacketg Tack 262 Young Men ' s Christian Association 290 Young Women ' s Christian Association ... 292 Zeta Beta Tau 200 Zeta Psi 202 445

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