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THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE COLLECTION OF NORTH CAROLINIANA PRESENTED BY Sally B, Connerton C378 UFy 1958 C.3 UNIVERSITY OF N,C AT CHAPEL HILL 00016885186 This book may be kept out one month unless a recall notice is sent to you. It must be brought to the North Carolina Collection (in Wilson Library) for renewal. lIuIKLliiKAjt -feUJUL, e entuta Gene Whitehead EDITOR Norman White BUSINESS MANAGER Published by the Students of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, North Carolina ea t. The quiet bustle of cars on Frank- lin Street pose a brief problem to girls on their way to morning classes. , Heads are bowed as the invocation is given at the installation of President Fridov. A fomiliar sight at South Building — the library and bell tower furnish the background OS a coed hurries to talk to her adviser. Fit ; Freshmen find shady McCorkle Place a cool spot to wait their turn to go to the Chancellor ' s Reception. Kim Novak? Who is Kim Novak? UL Books end browsers abound; but the rear counter seems to have a conspicuous absence of customers! Unc et rriit . . . Many cars, no parking places — on unfortunate fact surrounding the main street of the little village. We ' ll have just one more beer, and then we must go to the library to study for that quiz. Cftt t A late breakfast on South Building steps is the plight of many who have eight o ' clock classes. Sunset and Silent Sam. To dote no shot has been heard. GCLiPtpUd. Coffee, Coke, conversation, and dogs greet strollers through " Y " Court during every ten-minute break between classes. Registration — the endless lines ' hich must be endured before he torture of lectures can begin. iH the ciadM, A quiz was given lost period — and for some the strain was obviously greet! 10 English History, Godfrey style. The amiable dean conducts his class on the British Commonwealth oblivi- ous of the fact that a photog- rapher has invaded his sanctuary. yCfPHA . Then there axe the lobs — the joy of a select few, a General College requirement for the many. Kenan Stadium rests quietly from the masses which almost weekly invade its solitude. In this building small activities many take place. Graham Memorial peace- fully conceals the chaotic bustle which goes on behind its stately columns. 12 atCvto HU, Ploymokers ' Theatre, South Building, and the Old Well — three landmarks at Carolina which become a part of every student ' s soul. 13 The culmination of purpose. Cops and gowns are donned and the processional of the Baccalaureate Sermon reminds us that our degree will be conferred within a few hours. Anxiety, then victory or defeat. But the spirit of Alma Mater will not be quenched by any in- clemency the weather can muster. y - ' 0iVt Our Carolina home in years to come. For over three decades The Inn has been the meeting place of alumni and friends. A dance. Several times during the year Woollen Gym takes on a glamour always to be remembered. §tet citkH , 15 CONTENTS 16 V ADMINISTRATION 18 Consolidated University of North Carolina 20 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 22 ACTIVITIES 26 Student Government 29 Publications 53 Fine Arts 61 Student Life -, _ 75 BEAUTIES 90 ORGANIZATIONS 108 Honorary 1 1 1 Professional 129 Religious 145 Mi I ita ry _ _ 1 55 Social 1 67 SPORTS 234 Monogram Club 236 Football 239 Basketball 247 Baseball 255 Minor Sports 259 Booster Clubs 273 SCHOOLS AND DIVISIONS 278 Undergraduates 281 Graduates 371 School of Law 375 Health Affairs _ 381 ADVERTISING 420 17 ' .t -:. ' William C. Friday PRESIDENT 20 William M. Whyburn VICE-PRESIDENT William D. Carmichael, Jr. VICE-PRESIDENT AND FINANCE OFFICER 21 William B. Aycock CHANCELLOR University of North Carolina at Chapel Hil 22 Charles M. Shaffer DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT J. Arthur Branch BUSINESS MANAGER 23 FRED H. WEAVER, Dean of Student Affairs and RAYMOND L. JEFFERIES, Assistant Dean KATHERINE K. CARMICHAEL Dean of Women SAMUEL H, MAGILL Director of Student Activities 24 ROY ARMSTRONG Director of Admissions JAMES L. GODFREY Dean of the Faculty t ii l i ii i t ii r lil .i0i EDWIN S. LANIER, Director Central Office of Records 25 mM- Student Government 29 Publications 53 Fine Arts 61 Student Life 75 28 StcccCmt a WAefmme SONNY EVANS President of the Student Body This year interest in entrance requirements. University de- velopment, married students ' housing, and facuUy salaries enahled the Executive Branch of Student Government to emerge as junior partners in the University community. Particular emphasis was placed on conditions surrounding doniiitory life. Eifort was made to place excuses for illness within the scope of the Honor System. The traffic problem approached solution with the completion of a new student parking lot. Student Government is more than a training ground for future life. It seeks to instill in its citizeniy a social conscience and thus truly to contribute to the University community. DON FURTADO Vice-President PRESIDENTS CABINET Seated: Dot Pressley, Betty HufTman, Don Furtado. Bob Carter, and Carolyn Wisler. Standing: Dave Biren, Al Alphin, Ralph Cummings, Cerry Boudreau, and John Brookt. r 1 m I M th I Wt mXSmi I B 1 Seated: Tom Overman, Art Soble, and Ke llv Maner Standing: Jim Holmes, Ralph Cummings, and Al Alphii ' ■f- y Right: Dot Pressley, Secretary of ihe Student Body, and Miss Staples, Execu- tive Secretary. kv V- 1- Below: Bob Carter, Treasurer. Belotv right: Sonny Hallford, Attorney- General. _ V ( J kY M ' -.. J 31 AL GOLDSMITH Speaker Pro-Tern DO FLRTADO Speaker Student The Student Legislature, founded in 1938. is the supreme legislative body of Student Government. Almost every rule which pertains to Carolina stu- dent life is passed Ijy the Legislature. In addition, the Legislature appropriates over one hundred thousand dollars in student fees to various campus organizations each vear, controls scores of campus activities, and has the power to impeach and remove from office any elected student official. The Legislature is composed of 50 students, elected from eleven campus districts. The Vice- President of the Student Body presides over the Legislature as Speaker. All other officers are elected l)v the legislators. TOG SANDERS Clerk 32 ED LEW Parliatnentari CHARLES HUNTINGTON Sergeant-at-Arms egislature Legislature members listen to a fellow legislator present his views on a current campus problem. 33 The Student Council is the supreme stu- dent judicial power. It has original juris- diction in all cases involving Campus t ode violations and in those concerned with the constitutionality of anv legisla- tive or executive act. This Court also hears appeals from the Elections Board and various student courts. The Student Council is responsible first, to uphold the traditions and repu- tation of the University and to maintain the high standards of conduct set forth hy the Campus Code. Secondly, it is the duty of the Council to guarantee fair representation to the student. MAC FATTON Student Counci Senlett: nonnir Evans. Mac Palloii, Jav W alker. Jerrv HarUog. Mik.- Tannei (iarrell Folger, John Owens, Chuck May, John Lee, Lem Blades, Everett Jar ding: Shahaine ' , John kerr, Jim Long. 34 Men ' s Honor Council Tlie Men ' s Honor Council has original jurisdiction in all cases involving violations of the Honor Code, which is i)inding upon all University students. The Council ' s role is not restricted to the hearing of cases, but is also one of promoting the Honor Code. The 1958 Council was the most successful in many years because only a very small fraction of the student body was arraigned before the court. The success can only be attributed to the fine work done during orientation. The Council has always tried to instill into the mind of every student the recogni- tion of the fact that not only is honesty the best policy, but that it is, indeed, the only policy. GEORGE RAGSDALE Chair 35 Women ' s Honor Council Women ' s Honor Council, the highest women ' s judi- ciary body, has original jurisdiction in all cases involving violations of the Honor Code and the Campus Code by women students, tries cases con- cerning certain infractions of social rules, and acts as an appellate court to House Council. It is de- signed to insure the fairest trial possil)Ie. Our Honor System maintains a democratic at- mosphere of mutual trust and understanding be- tween the students and the faculty. Its ultimate goal is the personal growth and development of all students, hoping to impress each student with her individual responsibility for the effectiveness of the Honor System. KIT WHITEHURST Chairman Peter Van Weyk 36 Seated: Luann Thornlon, Adviser; Julia Ann Crater, Margie Holland, Martha Griggs, Marlv Par Stewart, Paddv Wall, Roberta Hastings, Pat Anderson, Ann Selph, Sue Rilev, Marv Ann Hofle Libbv McCord, Cynthia Thompson, Barbara Miles, Ann Morgan, Pam Jewelt, Alice Eller, Jean pv. Standing: Caroline Warren, Katie Frances McKnight, Courtney Crowder, utherland, Lorraine Swain. Women ' s Residence Council Women ' s Residence Council is the women ' s legislative branch of the Student Government. This Council co- ordinates dormitory and sorority life by establishing social rules; by granting late permissions; by spon- soring a campus-wide leadership training program for women; and l)y assuming the responsibility of broadening student-faculty, student-administration, and student-townspeople relationships. Each spring, the Editor of the Women ' s Handbook and the Chair- man of Women ' s Orientation are selected by the Council. Women ' s Residence Council works closely with the Dean of Women ' s Office. Women ' s Honor Council, and the Univeisity Adniinistraliun. Membership on Residence Council includes the dormitory presidents, a junior member elected as representative-at-large from each dormitory, sorority house managers. House Council coordinator from Women ' s Honor Council, and an ex-officio memijer from the office of Dean of Women. The chairman is elected each year in spring elections. JULIA ANN CRATER Chairman 37 Men ' s K K.( I TI K COMMITTEE Hrsl Roiv: Rud Edwards. Tom Wallers, Neil Bender. Second Row: Pat Leonard. Clyde Ingle. Mike Haves, Allen Riehards, Doug Baliff. Bob Carter, Frank Brown, Buddy Cockrell. TO I S ALTERS President IDC REPRESENTATIVES First Row; Bob Carter, Tom ' alters, Neil Bender, Second Rote: Clarence Simpson, Ed House, Ed Fowlkes, Leon Holt, Fov Bradshaw, James Lehman, Roger Foushee, Rudv Edwards. Doug Baliff. Bill Long, kellv Wallace, Forrest Patterson. Jim Crownovcr. Third Roic: Barden Wills, Gus Reavis, Frank Berry, Jerry Baynes, Bill Johnson, Albert Miller, Frank Brown, Bob Kuhns, Pal Leonard, Paul W oodard. Buddy Cockrell, James Jones. 38 nterdormitory Counci IDC COURT First Rote: Jerrv Bavnes Frank Brown George Grayson Second Row: Roger Foushee Pal Leonard Ann Miller, beginning her reign as Sweetheart of the Men ' s Uorms, adjusts her crown, as IDC President Tom Walters looks on. The Men ' s Interdormitory Council is that instrimieiit through which the man who lives in a dormitory can best express himself to the campus and have a part in his agency of government. Being successfully dependent on the individual ' s cooperation, the IDC serves the campus through serving the dorm resident. The IDC functions in close conjunction with Student Government and with the Administration. Composed of an Executive Committee and the Presi- dent and an IDC representative from each dormitory, the IDC is an integral part of the campus Student Government. This year over three thousand men lived in the nineteen dorms on the UNC campus. The IDC served them as their Judicial, Administrative, and Social mediator. The Interdormitory Court is a major part of the council, and, as the judicial branch of the IDC, tries all violations of dormitory regulations. 39 nterfraternity Council Under the able and outstanding leadership of Bill Redding, the Interfraternity Council completed one of its most success- ful years. It has sought to raise the standards of scholarship, i)rotherhood. and character necessary to any worthy frater- nity. To enhance this purpose, the IFC established this past year the R. B. House Outstanding Fraternity Award. This award, in the form of a trophy, is to be presented annually to that fraternity on campus which best embodies these ideals and achievements. Greek Week, featuring a pledge banquet, exchange dinners, an afternoon of constructive work in the community, and interfraternity competition in carnival and BILL REDDING President Kneeling: Je Oppenhcimer, John KriHel. Jim Proslon. Squrakv Frazier, Tom Rand, Garrett Folger. Bev Raney. Melvin Garr. Aslit- Exuni. Tate Roljinson ' . Wavnc Vente rs. Smith BradfielH. Hank Brvan. Standing: Tucker Yates. Don Millen. Chuck Flack. Pete killinser. Jerry Blu- iiienthal. Charlie A hford. Walter Fills. Jim Menzel. Charlie Rouse. Robert Sims. Ben ke s. Cameron Cooke. Boh Bender. Chad Cotter, tlhuck Ala . Sandv Sanders, William Nehel. Bill Redding. SIcm- rMrlri lge. Bill -iugg. an nUy. Mark Cherry, Fred Hutlon. 40 Sealed: Sandv Sanders. Jerry Oppenhe IFC COIRT Standing: Pete Killinger. Dennis McCoy, Smith Bradfield. JL Kimzey. athletics, was again very successful. This year the IFC co-sponsored a Richard Maltby Jazz Pops Concert, the proceeds going to two different worthy Chapel Hill charities. The IFC, an organization composed of two mem- bers from each social fraternity, was founded to govern all social fraternities, to study their prob- lems, and to promote cooperation among its twenty-four components. The IFC Court serves as the judicial body of this organization. The IFC conducts the very extensive rushing program and publishes a handbook, given to all entering fresh- men interested in fraternities. This handbook ex- plains rush and its rules, lists each fraternity and its members, and furnishes a short history of each chapter. Tucker Yates, Do EXECITIVE COMMITTEE Millen, Bill Redding. Jerry Oppcnheii 41 SARAH HUDSON President Tilt ' Paiilielleiiio Coiiiuil is coni|)() sed of three represen- lalives from each of the six sororities on campus, phis tlieir alumna adviser; one representative from Stray Greeks; and an adviser from the office of the Dean of Women. The purpose of Panhellenic is to coordinate sorority affairs. The Council meets once each week to discuss sorority problems, formulates rules governing rushing, and principally, fosters a friendly and cooperative spirit among sororities. The Coun cil sponsors various service projects during llie year and also takes part in community projects in which every sorority has a chance to participate. Panhellenic Counci Seuled: Alidrt-a Slalv.• . Tr.jisurer: liirv Marsha McCord: Margarol Head. Sinndin, Halperin: Bobbi Madison; Martha Docke Webb: Marv Jane Fisher. untree. Viee-President: Sarah Hudson. President: Virginia falser, Seereta a Fowler: Edith McKinnon: Beltv Bell: Sue Whilelev: Pat Dillon: San r; an Sebaeffer; Kathcrine C.oe: Marianna Miller: Kit WhilehursI: Kathcr 42 First Kmi: Ii k. Red. B.isv McKinii iMcClinlook, Jo. i-.- Hollanil. Hiirriol Schaffrr. Second Roic: Svlvia Ral)l), Barbara Bush, Carol Burch, Jo ndependent Women ' s Counci The Independent Women ' s Council is the governing body of the Independent Women ' s Association. It is composed of an executive cabinet, two representatives elected from each dormitory and the Town Girl ' s As- sociation, and an adviser, from the Dean of Women ' s Office, Martha Decker. The Independent Women ' s Council serves as a co- oidinating agent for campus-wide events, as well as tiormitory projects, social finictions, and programs which will bring the Independent Women on campus into closer contact with other University activities. In carrying out its wide and varied program, the Council works jointly with Women ' s Residence Council, Men ' s Interdormitory Council, and Panhellenic Council. BETSY McKINNON President 43 Larry Harris Bob Cromley Secretary Bill Taylor Court Cha UANCE COMMITTEE COl RT First Ron: Georgr W rav. Bill Taylor, Leo W ardrup. Bob Carter. Second Rok: Bob troniley, Charles Colev, Wall Rose, John Laiarus, Don Abernethy. Teody Jones Head Doorman Dance Committee The University Dance Committee members, dis- tinguished by their blue and white rosettes, tradi- tionally act as hosts for Carolina ' s dances and maintain order at related social functions. This year, the Dance Committee was fortunate to have as its faculty adviser. Ray Jeffries, who unselfishly contributed i)oth time and advice. As usual, this year ' s dances were outstanding, and credit and thanks are certainly due to the sponsor- ing organizations. With their planning, and the capable leadership of Chairman Larry Harris, the University Dance Committee again maintained the high calibre of Carolina ' s Dances. First Roi third Ro Abernelhy, Carr, Carler, Cole . Cronil. , : Rose. Taylor. Thomas, Wardrup, Wra , Vf J. Jones. Lazarus. Marley, Miller, Pitser. Roper. Ru 44. JERRY OPPENHEIMER Chairman The summer is over, and the first hints of fall are in the air. Chapel Hill is filled with two thousand ne w students, each with his own hopes, plans, and ideas. The beginning of the realization of these two thou- sand individual dreams lies in the one short week called Orientation. Months of work and planning have been spent by Jerry Oppenheimer, Chairman of the Campus Orientation Committee; Sue Mayhue, Chairman of Women ' s Orientation; and their committees. The results of tliis planning are placed in the hands of Orientation Committee the Orientation counselors. At the end of the week, Carolina finds that it no longer has new students, but men and women who are a part of it, because they have Ijeen shown the meaning of the Carolina Way of Life. ORIE TATION COMMITTEE Sealed: Libby McCord. Susan Mayhue, LuRulh Sutton, Jerry Oppenheimer, Lucie Oossland, Mary Jane Fisher, Belle Corey, Bennv Thomas. Slantling: Al Coldsn Jim Alford. Hernial Codwin, Dick Robin Hob Carter, John Brooks. Larry Taylc David Sloan, Ed Le ith. 45 This year Graham Memorial began its twenty-sixth year on the Carolina campus — still housed in the only completed wing of the building begun in 1930. The gift of friends and students of former President Edward Kidder Graham ( the novelist Thomas Wolfe served as a solicitor of financial contribu- tions towards the construction of the building). Graham Memorial has grown in programming, if not area, with the expanding University. Today it provides services and entertainment that every week reach almost every member of the student body. As an information center it daily handles hundreds of inquiries and redirects each week several thousand pieces of mail to temporari- ly " lost " students. Each week hundreds of students gather in GM. the center of the campus ' student government, for meetings ranging from honorary societies to poli- tical party sessions. Hundreds of others make use ol the main lounge: the two television viewing centers; the Inlliard room; game room; or Rende .vous, where couples dance to the music of the juke box or an occasional condui. So many Tar Heels find a ])lace for themselves in the GM jiicture. in fad. llial this year the union moved its acti ities into Cobb Dormitory basement and Carroll Hall. TO:»I LAMBETH Dirfclor GM BOARD OF DIRECTORS Senl ih I ' addv Sue Wiill. Sonny Evans, LuAnn Thornton. Standinn: Jo.-I Flti»lii Sonnv Ilallford, Bennv Thomas, Tom Lambeth, William Geer. an. Don Fiirlad... Dr. Charhs Hende BENNY THOMAS President OFFICERS Seated: Martha Fortune, Eleanor Ri gins Brawley, and Be Standing: Mike Strong, Llovd Shaw, Gerrv Boudreau, Artope. mv Thomas, and George Graham Memoria Gialiani Memorial is to UNC what pizza is to the " Rat! " That extra spark that lifts school spirit, in- creases student activities, and gives every student a chance to be a spoke in the great wheel that keeps Carolina in motion can be found within the Activities Board of Graham Memorial. This year approximately two hundred students shared the work and fun in directing the Graham Memorial Activities Board, the progranmiing arm of the campus student union. The fourteen Committees of G.M.A.B. provide the enter- taiiunent and the educational and recreational op- portunities for a well-rounded campus life. The in- terest of each student can be stimulated L)y the movies, dances, bridge lessons, dramatic and nuisical produc- tions, forum discussions, office work and various other activities included in the busv schedule of G.M.A.B. COMMITTEE HEADS I p Sipp!. Left to Right: Marv Ioore Mason, Bettv Reece, Martha Fortune. Frank Lowe. Seanion Gottlieb, Bettv Huff- man. Jack Lexis, Gerrv Boudreau. Dougie Logan. Russ Link, Llovd Shaw, Bill Jones. G. C. Pridgen. and Mike Strong. 48 Fun is combined with as Sound and Fury practice is held. activities Board To make sure every phase of the student ' s personal- ity can find expression in the Student Union, a musical and talent production is presented each year, known to all Tar Heels as " Sound and Fury. " Every weekend is filled by G.M.A.B. ' s schedule of free flicks, combos, jazz sessions, dances in the Rendezvous Room, and special receptions in the parlor of G.M. The " Petite Musicale " is one of the outstanding features of the program, and this year, as a special feature, G.M. will provide free tickets for the Chapel Hill concert series. Participation in Graham Memorial ' s varied pro- gram of activities remains a highlight of each stu- dent ' s life — a memory to be cherished always. " Judith " was presented during the fall semester as a Petite Dramalique. 49 Consolidated University Student Counci This council, established to fulfill the needs of the Con- solidated University on the student level, is composed of representative students of WC, NC State, and UNC. It acts as a liaison group, discussing problems and promoting good will and understanding among the three schools. The Council members take these issues back to the administrations and student governments at each campus. In carrying out their purpose, the Council sponsors a Consolidated University Day at UNC and atWC. KELLY MANESS ChairFtian firs Roti: Dot Presslv, Julia Ann Crater. Kelly Maness, Ann Morgan, and Doug Eisele. Second Bote: Bill Redding. Do Furtado. Jrrrv Jones. Bob Carter, and Tom Wallers. 50 The Twenty-First State Student Legislature met in the State Capitol in Raleigh on November 7, 8, and 9, with the University of North Carolina having the largest delegation of North Carolina colleges. The mock legislature, after sharp de- bate, passed both of Carolina ' s bills which were " A Commendation of President Eisenhower and a Condenmation of Governor Faiibus for Little Rock. " ' and " A Repeal of the North Carolina Obscene Literature Bill. " Joel Fleishman of LNC was chosen the best House Debater and David Reid was elected President Pro-Tern of the Senate. Officers of the Carolina delegation were: Pat Adams, Chairman; Whit Whitfield, Vice-Chair- man; John Brooks, Floorleader; Connie Bern- stein, Secretary; and Brandon Kincaid, Treas- urer. OFFICERS Gathered around Pat Adams. Chairman. : Kincaid. John Brooks, and Connie Bernste Whit Whitfield, Brandon State Student Legislature 51 WHIT WHITFIELD Chairman Since its inception in 1947, the National Student Association lias come to represent over three hun- dred American colleges and universities. The UNC committee serves as a liaison between National and Regional offices. Some of its activities include fall and spring regional assemblies, the national congress in the summer, and the collection and dissemination of information on problems pertinent to student activ- ities. In the short history of NSA, LNC has supplied two national presidents and a national vice-presi- dent. This year UNC is participating in NSA ' s Foreign Student Leadership Project, sponsoring an Egyp- tian student leader from a fund set up by the Student Legislature. National Student Association Left to Right: Whit Whitfield. Gary Greer. Marv Moore Mason, .41 Goldsmith, Theo Pitt, Jennie Margaret Meador. 52 UjUcC itc(M4 DOUG EISELE Editor The Daily MARY ALYS VOORHEES Managing Editor ! 1, ,t % • ■ p ■■■ NEWS STAFF Seated: Paul Rule, News Editor; Marj Moore Mason, Feature Editor. Standing: Ann Frye, Assistant News Editor: Edith Macivinnon, Nanov Hill, Ed Rowland, Ruth Wiiillev. Sarah Adams. Davis Young. 54 far Heel FRED KATZIN, Advertising Manager JOHN WHITAKER. Business Manager Sealed: Nan. ager: Walk, logi The Daily Tar Heel, official student pul)lication of the Univer- sity of North Carolina, is printed six days a week during the regular school year except during the examination periods. It employs Carolina students exclusively, and enjoys a reputa- tion which places it among the top campus newspapers in the country. The school year 1957-1958 was of particular significance for The Daily Tar Heel, since it marked the 65th anniversary of the paper. A special edition recalled earlier days of the Tar Heel and pointed out the long list of successful journalists and businessmen whose names long before had appeared on the masthead of the publication. SPORTS STAFF Seated: Bill King. Sports Editor. Standing: Rustv Hammond. Elliot Cooper, Dave Wible, Assistant Sports Editor. BUSINESS STAFF AND PHOTOGRAPHER on. Secretary. Standing: John IVIinler. Assistant Advertising Ma lanag.r: N ' ,.rni:Mi Kanlnr. Ph 55 GENE WHITEHEAD Eitiior ( l.ASS OFFICERS Standing around Linda CliappelU Junior Editor and Emory Burkhardt. Senior Editor, are Susie Donald, Sophomore Co-Editor, R. V. Fulk. Freshman Editor, and Rulh « oodruff. Sophomore Co-Editor. Yackety As happens every fall, the 6x6x8 cubicle in the basement of Graham Memorial — known more connnonly as the Yack Office — was astir with activity even before classes began. Preparations were made for pictures to be taken; and the usual tasks of choosing a staff, contacting campus organi- zations about their space in the book, griping about typewriters — or the lack of them, and lining up typists got noisily underway. As happens every winter, staff members began to disappear. But this time there was the added incentive to remain socially acceptable jjy joining the ranks of those suffering from an asiatic bug. Everyone intermittently was aljsent, but somehow the work-in-progress continued to advance — slowlv! IVaney Crockett. Student Government Editor, and Connie Bernstein. Activities Editor, thumh through the lorfc dummy as Nancv Davis and Susanne Mosleller, Indexing Co-Editors and Wanda Hearne. Professional Schools Editor, look on. NORM WHITE 56 rack ' 58 But as happens every spring, a hook awaits everyone who stands in line behind Graham Me- morial with ID in hand. The hope of the staff is simply that the events of ' 57- ' 58 are recorded adequately — that they are presented in such a way that everyone will enjoy thumbing through the pages of the tome for years to come. That fact will more than compensate for the chaos and unpleasant- ness annually necessary to get them here. GENERAL STAFF chaus lahlr are Belly Zeh. Ann Sinilh. Rulh Dowd; ■, Peggy WhilehursI, Charlotle Pope, and Emily Webbe PHOTOGRAPHERS AND BUSINESS STAFF Buddy Spoon. Jerry Morgan, and Norm Kantor. Pholographers, and Henry Heil- man and Charles Sanders, Business Slaff. Slanding around Toy Johnson, Sludenl Life Co-Editor, are Don Mille Sports Editor. Tog Sanders. Honoraries and Professional Students Edito and Bill Margulies. Student Life Co-Editor. Larrv H; and C Hofler, A Beauty Editor, Lari Lawrenee, Managing Editor, Cooke, Fraternities Editor, surround Mary Ann tant to the Editor and Sororities Editor. Sealed: Louise ISeUon. Standings: Christian Lefebu son. Alma Graham. The Carolina Quarterly, listed by Writers ' Digest and other magazine directories as one of the top literary pnblications in the country, is cele- brating its tenth birthday. Edited and published entirely by students of the University, it pro- vides an opportunity for new writers to be published in the same magazine with such estab- lished names as Paul Green, Conrad Aiken, Betty Smith, and Eric Bentlev. chri ;tia l?:febire Ediior the C A R O L I N A QUARTERLY Seated: Louise Nelson, Amoret Bell, Glenna Megin Pierre Boissavit, Charles Westbrook, Ernest Bark .. Standing: Harry Kotsionis, Robert Rubii John Underwood, Curtis Gans, Jerah John 58 Seated: Ruth HofTnian. Slanding: Manlev Springs, Sam Varnedoe, Frank Bvnum. Hugh Prilchelt. Once upon a time, we came down to the office of our magazine and found a note saying, " Where ' s the copy for the Yack? " You owe us 120 words right off, just like that. Predicament. Dilemma. Nervous indigestion and Duodenal ulcers. What to write? Will we still he around in the spring? (You see the main reason why we ' re so worried is that the Yack makes up all its copy in the fall. So should we come out with alotofhlather when maybe l)y then the powers that he will have cut us loose irom our secure little mooring and shoved us off out into the maelstrom which is the outside world.) We digress. The resurrection has taken place. A humor mag ( in this case the Ram and Eire ) is l)ack on campus for what it ' s worth ( in most cases 35c per ) . We ' re glad. Rimi ' EIDE BILL MICHAELS Editor 59 HAROLD OTl El. The Publications Board is the publisher of the Daily Tar Heel. Yackety Yack, Carolina Quar- terly, Carolina Handbook, and Ram and Ewe at the University. Operating on an annual budget of approximately $100,000.00. the Board acts as a supervisory i)ody and is charged with com- plete financial responsibility for these student publications. Two faculty advisors, editors-in- chief and business managers of each publica- tion, and two Student Legislature members con- stitute the Board ' s membership. The Publica- tions Board has been able to point with pride to some of the finest college publications in the country, and strives to preserve this outstanding record of student endeavor for the University and the nation. Publications Board Sealed, First Ro Christian Lefebu : John Whitaker. John Minter. Manlev Springs. Doug Eisele. Bill Mi e. Norman White. Louise Nelson, Mr. Kenneth R. Bverlv. haels. Second Rotr: Gene Whitehead. Don Herring, utc FORENSIC COUNCIL Seated: Warren H. Coolidge, John Brooks. President; Gler Standing: David Mallhews, Ted Quasi, Bill Phefferkorn, Ala MrlMillan, Bill Lineberry. R. P. Doulhit, Advisor, and Graham Bice and Harold Stessel. Sugar, Tom Long, Taylor Forensic Counci The Forensic Council administers all University forensic activities, rules on the financing of such activities, and encourages the promotion of formal public speaking and debating. Among the more important responsibilities of the Forensic Council is that of organizing tourna- ment plans for the Deljate Squad. This year ' s national query " Resolved: That the requirement of membership in a labor organization as a condition of employment should be illegal " was debated in many intercollegiate tournaments. The R. B. House trophy, held by Chancellor House, is presented by the Forensic Council to the Dialectic Senate President, Boudr for ing the Di-Phi debate. DEBATE SQUAD Seated: Belly Carolyn Huffman. John Brooks, President; R. P. Doulhit. Vdvisor. -I,„„linii: Phillip Gerdes, D.i.i.l Evans. Clay Simpson, Don Jacobs. 62 The Dialectic Senate was founded in 1795 and is the oldest college debating society in the United States. Through the years the Di has contributed much to the University, State, and Nation. Carolina men who were members of the Senate include such greats as James Knox Polk, Frank Porter Graham, Thomas Wolfe, and Luther Hodges. Each Tuesday night, on the third floor of New West, the Dialectic Senate debates a bill of Philosophical, Political, or General Interest. The Senate hall is one of the most beautiful rooms on the campus. Each senator and guest has the opportunity to express his ideas by speaking on the bill. Debate is designed to give everyone the opportunity to be heard. GERRY BOIDREAU President Dialectic Senate first Ri,w: Gerry Boudreau. Irwin Avery, Pat Adams, Uave Reid. Second Row: Don Howard, Bill French, Bud Gardner, Tom Morley, Larry MrEIrov. Third Row: Gary Greer, Sid Sowers, Davis Young, Carl Barrington, Bill Mudd. Fourth Rote: Rudy Alberts, Andy Caroutas, Rick Wolfer. 63 JIM TOLBKRT. Premdeni and JESS STRIBLING The Philanthropic Literary Society, founded at the Uni- versity in 1795, is the oldest collegiate debating society in the United States. Each week topics of Political, Philosophical, Literary and campus interest are debated. Members are pro- vided with an opportunity to become acquainted with the pros and cons of current controversies and to gain experience in expressing and presenting their ideas to others. The Phi has produced many prominent State and National leaders during its colorful and inspiring past and today continues to function as the training ground for leadership. Among the Phi alunmi who are on the campus are Chancellor House and Dean Carlyle Sit- terson. Philanthropic Assembly Seated: Eric Deaton, Ronni Strihliii;:, and Jim Tollxrl. elt and Jack Lewis. Standing: Warren Coolidge, Clarence Sinip!! on, David Matthews Jacobs, Je 61 Carolina Forum JIM HOLMES Chairman " To bring to the campus of the oldest state university in the nation the best minds in the world . . . " ' This is the aim of the Carolina Forum. During the past twenty- two years the Forum has attempted to reach its goal by bringing to the campus three Presidents of the United States, numerous Congressmen and Senators, Ambassadors of foreign nations, philosophers, and others whose daily contacts enable them to enlighten the students of this University. This year the Forum scheduled Norman Thomas, Dr. Abba Eban, Senators Richard Neuberger, Everett Dirksen, and Strom Thurmond, Walt Kelly, and former President Harry S. Truman. I Thomas, prominent Socialist leader in the L ' nited States. Dr. Abba Eban. Ambassador from to the United States, 65 SONNY HALLFORD EXECl ' TIVE COUNCIL Mary Jane Fisher, Secretary: Sonny Hallforil. Chairman: Mr. Bill Geer. Faouhy Advisor. Standing: Jerry Oppenheimer, Vice-Chairnian: Herman Codwin, Executive Secretary: and AI Goldsmith, Treasurer. Carolina Ihe 1958 Syinposimn attempted to locus the attention ol the Lniversity conniiiinity on the key issue ol our times: survival. It explored the various dimensions ol this question. Irom the point ol view ol the inmiediate aspects ol the problem and its long-range complexities. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Dave Biren, Mary Jam- Fisher. Evelyn Moore, AI Goldsmith. Standing: Charlie Huntington. Dave Parker. Charlie Pitlman, Davis Young. Pal Adams, David Sloane. Dick Rohinson, Jerry Oppenheimer. 66 )ymposium In subject matter the speakers and contributors to the Symposium considered: the threats and promises of contemporary science, the political strategies of peace and war, the strengths and weaknesses of contemporary educational techniques, the relationships of American cultural patterns to others in the world, and the reasons why survival has value in human, democratic, religious and ethical terms. In the course of Symposium week in March a great variety of distinguished speakers came to the University campus for seminars, classroom discussions and formal addresses. Students, faculty, and citizens participated in these stimulating activities. MR. BILL GEER Adviser Sonny HalUord; Mary Shepherd Jones, Mr. Ji PROGRAM COMMITTEE Jane Fisher; Jerry Oppenheimer, Chairman; Mr. Bill Geer. Standing: Dr. nuny Wallace, Al Goldsmith, Herman Godwin, Ed Levy, Dr. George Nicholson. 67 , ,. ' • rj; ' i ' fii ' iVi ' ' i S If II U.N.C m i Members of the concert band rehearse each Monday and Thursday aflernoo ' n in Hill Z. 68 and ' ? " »?•- dk .1 Band officers are Edd SecrelarY ' Treasurer, The University of North Carolina Bands — the Marching Tarheels and Concert Band — directed hy Herbert W. Fred, provide the opportunity for Carolina students to study and perform the best in music literature. The Marching Tarheels, with Drum Major Josh Sirken, and majorettes Jane Brock and Caroline Osburne, headed by Jo Carpenter , have become a trademark of Saturday afternoon activity in Kenan Stadium. This year the Marching Tarheels appeared Ijefore the Queen of England at the UNC-Mary- land football game and played host to thousands of high school bandsmen at Carolina ' s Band Day. The band also performed on television during the UNC-Duke game. A special pep band performs at all pep rallies and at several basket- ball games. The Concert Band, composed of selected in- strumentalists, connnences inmiediately after the close of the football season. The band ' s schedule this year included formal concerts in Hill Hall, spring concerts under the Davie Poplar, a spring concert tour, and the annual Commencement Concert. The Symphonic Wind Ensemble, a selected group playing more difficult concert selections, presented a concert in Hill Hall this spring with Percy Grainger as guest conductor. 69 Carolina Playmakers g H Mks ' ' Bj M H WKSKB ■iftssi . ' ,. Albert Gordon, as La Hire, and Amanda Meiggs, as Joan, in " The Lark. " In 1918. Frederick H. " Proff " Koch joined the Uni- versity English Department and introduced his now- famous English 31. a course for beginning play- wrights. Proff Koch ' s efforts toward a new and vital folk drama resulted not only in such successful American playwrights as Paul Green and Josephina Niggli but also the Carolina Playmakers, today a famed University theatre. Its famous building, across from the Old Well, was the first state-owned play- house in the United States to be dedicated to the writing and producing of native drama. The Carolina Playmakers are a very real Com- munity Theatre. Any student, member of the faculty, or resident of the area may become a member simply by taking an active part in any one of the many phases of production of a Playmaker play. The Playmakers ' work now falls into two cate- gories. First, there is a program of major productions: and second, there are experimental productions writ- ten, staged, and acted by students. At least one full- length play by a new playwright is presented as a major . production. A third category also may be added. For the Playmakers are responsible for bring- ing to Chapel Hill many professional Broadway productions presented in Memorial Hall. Playing in " A Mid Mvra Laulerer. Bar Tonic. " an original one-act play by James Poleal, Bounds. Russell Link, and Peter Sinclair. Dee Casey, Emily Jackson. Bobbi Rounds. Joan Ty 70 Junior Plavmaker Lvl W " The Insecl Comedv. " Tommy Ri-zutl.., Ciin.lvii M.llon star in the Forest Theatre i.rodueti. Andrea Mavland and John Whittv in " April in the Moon, " an original one-ael play by Lewis Ennis. -Teahouse of the August Moon " starring W ilhaiii Smith as Sakini, Je Dillard as Fishy, and Barbara Battle as Miss Higa Jiga. Jim Thompson, as Bhrudah, idiot member of an international ring of diamond thieves, gloats over his crimes in the Sound and Furv produc- tion, " Thieves Holidav ' Dick Stoker, Carol Jean Suther, and Pepper ' Ticc, gay revelers at Mardi Gras in " Thieves Holidav. " Sound Liiiiisr " Whallrv, as " Auntie, " is charmed bv Rounii ( liile, the dianioiid thief. Ignr. in disguise. Jane Brink. .1- k ilniini. the cabaret dancer, da Ihruugh the .Smiiul and I urv production. 72 " ■ Pee-Wee " Batten, a torch singer, and Ctcil Hartg oe, enterain Ken Kallende and Hal Henderson, a traveling Arab. Ken Kallender, as Joey Puccini, hard-hitting proprietor of the " Green Door " night club. nd Fury Jim Thompson, Ronnie W hil.-, and Nancy Strphcn!.. Ihrcr inlrrnalional Hiamnnd ihievps, search the papers for prospects in " Thieves Holiday. " 73 FirKi Rote: Daltnn, P. Fuller, Infinger. Sapp, McKenzie, Harrington, Peterson, Bentley, Levin, Tavlor, Kinney, Jones, Dr. Joel Carter, Di- rector. Second Rote: Russell, Hawkins, White, McFadyen, Martin, Isenhour, Rhvnes, Gerrish, James, Gray, K. Murphy, Porter. Third Rote: D. Murphy. Macon, Elledge, Marshhurn, Weaver, Shaw, Ellison, Ridenhour. Barrow, Oliver, Black, Nance, Colescott. Fourth Rote: Shoe. Morse, Wicker, StotI, Buchanan, Hamlet, Rhodes, Ruse, Shields, Carrington, Yates, E. Fuller, Alvord. Men ' s Glee Club Officers of the Glee Club are Charles Shoe, Ralph Harrington, Be Taylor, Darrell Hawkins, Don Murphy, James Kinney. The UNC Men ' s Glee Club, the University ' s only traveling choral group, is eomposed of 85 men selected from the school ' s male popu- lation. Under the direction of Dr. Joel Carter, the rliil) oBers cantatas, sacred and lighter secular niimi)ers. The touring group, composed of about 50 (iices, conducts two annual tours covering large portions of North Carolina and the Kastern United States. Ill its initial performance lor 19.57-19.58, ihe Glee Club sang at the University Day exer- cises and inauguration of Chancellor Aycock in October. That month also saw them take an extensive tour along the Eastern Seaboard to Maryland. They sang in Hill Hall for the annual Christmas Concert in December. Neigh- borhood performances and a full spring con- cert in March, which took them throughout western North Carolina and eastern Tennes- see, rounded out their successful year. 74 I " How do vou do " . . . " Welcome to the University " " Nice to meet you, sir " . . Come Septeniljer. the village of Chapel Hill wel- comed the noise and the hustle of the new and re- turning students. The Carolina Gentlemen of three days returned from Freshman Camp to explore the campus — their home for the next four years. Harried fathers filled the halls of dorms with type- writers, hathoxes and ... oh yes, daughters. But Orientation soon became the order of the day with tests . . . and talks . . . and physicals . . . and con- ferences. Registration turned out to be one long line after another and all you ended up with was two 8 o ' clocks. two 12 " s and afternoons of labs. " So- phisticated " upperclassmen returned to the campus nterest in organiza- I the Tin Can. ■I AUPi ' s |iul tilt ' Knishing touches display. their lionieconiing — and suddenly realized they were glad to be hack. And finally there was nothing left but classes. Quite a few after-class hours were taken up with rush, however. Six sororities wooed the coed trans- fers while frustrated fieshnien trudged from big frat court to Rosemary Street only to he confused hy more names, more sales talk. And don ' t forget football — the frenzied rush from classes to get a good seat at the game, the struggle of the high- heeled dates to keep their balance on the steep hill A large part of the frei hn hands. spent shaking to the student section, the " give ' em hell, Tar- heels! " the half-time activities that you never saw because you were spelling out " Welcome Visitors " in the Card Section, the 40-yard pass play that was called i)ack because of oflsides, and the touchdown that netted Carolina six points and netted you a hug and a kiss from your date and a drink down your neck from the guy behind you. The old grad returned to marvel that " they ' ve finally bricked in the walk around the Old Well " and to recall the " good ole days. " At Homecoming, the football spirit was captured in the displays that were planned for a month, built in a week and forgotten in a day. s» Gail Willingham. leen of Homecoming festivities for 1957. 77 Frank Black leads cbe a pre-game rally. SP and UP meetings suddenly came alive with an air of suspense and tension. Candidates were nominat- ed, posters went up in every available spot, and aspiring politicians beamed and spoke to everyone. After elections, Germans became the topic of con- versation — you discussed your plans, your date. Les Elgart and even what to wear. Although your W. C. date did arrive too late for the concert, that couldn ' t spoil your weekend. Fall elections nd teveral wt-eks of backslapping — until just be election in the spring. 78 ' eilhe football, those dailv classes, the flu i-all slop Classes at Carolina — those 50 minute sessions which sometimes held your attention but more ire- (|uently found you daydreaming and wondering what the professor just said to get sueh a laugh. And while the words Howed on. you frantically ports, roeds and their dates fill the gym for fall Germans. marked up the margin oi your nolehook trying to unclog your " guaranteed " ballpoint pen. 1957 will go down in history as the year of the flu epidemic — the several weeks when professors were l)areiy heard above the coughs and sniffles. Classes contimied, however, " the plague " subsided and you went back to working the daily crossword in peace. As the bird will witness, this rifle has not be fired in quite some time. 79 ' Jif- Dukathon: A simple case uf pt-upli- with more energv than ihev know what lo do with. Nan Schaeffer, Queen of the Beat Dook Parade, and her court brave the rain. Tlie weekend of the Duke game involved more than ju st plain football. Dorms, fraternities, sororities plunged in to build floats for the " Beat Dook " Parade. Plans were made, materials l)ought, more materials begged, borrowed and stolen; and work went on late at night and in the early morning hours. And in typical Chapel Hill fashion, it Ijegan to rain just at parade time. The Queen and her court — protected by large black umbrellas — looked no less lovely, and the sodden crepe paper masses moved on as scheduled. All the festivities ended in a glorious climax which no small mat- ter such as rain and an overcast sky could afl ect. Carolina t f - ii l ■| i ol jHHHi ri pMMSj lwIk H p ' J HT ' %£iJFsJ 1., . SBm SBHBliiiilHHilH lHlyi {i; iyl2lig|lllll||fl||liH Vielorious Tarheels claim the goal post in Duke Stadium. 80 High above the track field, far from the campus activities — three new dorms. Jl«I.Siiit.J ' 2 ' ' ' life ■ ' " ' " ■ " " IT. — " " -— defeated Duke — for the first time in eight years — and the Tarheels legally regained possession of the Victory Bell. During the year 1957-1958, you saw many signs of progress on the campus. Among them, an art muse- um, the Administrative Offices of the Consolidated University and Ijehind the gym, far, far from the Lawreiici- offord poses with North Carolii )luine Herndon and Miss Diana Johnson, campus, you saw large brick buildings rising through the trees — men ' s dorms designed to build leg muscles. On a certain cold November evening. Memorial Hall blossomed forth with the lovelies of Carolina for the Yack Beauty Contest. While these young ladies paraded before the judges and a most apprecia- tive audience, there was even more excitement back- stage where the 107 candidates preened and primped as they awaited their turn. Coed beauties check their make-up, adjust their petticoats — anything to pass the time. 81 Look at that jiamond solitair Before you knew it, those autumn days and football Saturdays were a thing of the past. Suddenly it was December — time for holidays and Christmas. Those window displays on Main Street for the first time became very important when they helped you choose the ideal gift for Dad and your best girl. Right in that last week, everyone planned those parties — usually on the evening before your two hour quizzes — but what the hell, it ' s Christmas! Finally after a morning of 90-minute hours, you dashed back to the dorm to pick up that hastily packed jjag and a pile of books — destined only to gather dust over the holidays. So you went home, and the village of Chapel Hill settled down for several weeks of comparative peace and plenty of parking space. Santa Cla to SAE ' s and date holidays find the town. s and hig fraternity ted. 82 The Book X sells cigarettes — Ijut bring your own matches. Between the end of Christmas vacation and exams that large building at the bottom of the quadrangle — known as the Library — became more than just a social spot. You found yourself spending whole evenings there in search of that fool reserve reading book and then trying to understand what it meant. For the first time the light dawned and you began to get an inkling of what that professor had been driving at all semester. On the day before the " big one ' " you realized you ' d have to forego those minutes wasted in the Y, that interesting conversa- tion with the guy across the talde and that long desired but undeserved coffee break in the Pine Room. So you finished your exams and dashed away for a well-earned rest before starting back on the endless round of classes, weekends and quizzes. 83 il V P 9 If w 1 m The lounge al Graham M magazines and comfortable eh During those chilly winter months you turned to indoor entertainment — and found plenty of it. Woollen Gym was literally packed to the rafters for those home games in basketball, and maybe you even got to attend — if your name was in the " A-M ' s " and you remembered to exchange your ticket ahead of time. Sorori- ties and fraternities honored their pledges with dinners, parties and dances at the Inn, the Country Chdj, in Durham or just a nearby cabin. On a long winter ' s afternoon you could always stroll over to G.M. for bridge, chess or just to listen to the music, and, of course, the poolroom, crowded and smoky, jjut where vou could always learn a few new tricks. BiUiards is a ft Graham Alemorial KD pledges are honored with a dance in ih. Inn ISullr 84 The Carol! standing • sdidrnl l ation and i McGuirc gives final instructii just before the horn. Studies were forgotten as McGuire ' s l)oys moved confidently from victory to victory, and you didn ' t miss a single game. Between games you found time to take in that flick down- town, and afterwards you and your date paused before the steamy windows of the Dairy Bar wondering whether to get a sundae or just a cup of coffee. Perhaps you spent a few hours at the Rat discussing matters of no great importance over pizza and beer. As you walked with your date across the misty campus, you wondered where the time had gone. There were many more things to be said, l)ut the lights had l)linked for the second time, so a ijuick goodnight and " See you tomorrow. " 10:45 — just lime for a hamburger before the Dairv Bar eloses. t!5 Second semester found tlie fraternity pledges in- volved in a constructive and time-consuming opera- tion known as Greek Week and a destructive but even more time-consuming operation called Hell Week — oops, that ' s been outlawed, hasn ' t it? Sundays at Carolina were most unusual — no classes. You found these days quite useful for sacking out, catching up or even going to church. On Sunday evening you could always get a good meal and better fellowship at a supper-forum in a local church. Local churches received the labor during Greek Week. privilege of pledge And what about the Pine Room — home of coffee, doughnuts, pizza, and everybody who was looking for an excuse to quit studying? It was also the nearest spot to take the cute little coed who kept making eyes at you across the table in the Reserve Readino; Room. Sludcnls head for dinner after the morning service at the Preshyterian Church. 86 Just how far wi get her pict Sigma Chi Geek gets more than a taste in the pie-throwing contest. As the days got warmer, it became harder and harder to spend an afternoon indoors. Perhaps you walked over to Kenan one of those afternoons to see the girls parade in shorts for the judging of the Sigma Chi Derby Queen. Or maybe you strolled over to Emerson not so much for the baseljall game but just to sit in the sun and see who was there. And later on, social pressure forced you to give up lunch so that you too might have a suntan. Some- how, Greensboro seemed a lot closer — or maybe the attiaction was greater. All roads lead to Greensboro . or Duke ... or Meredith. You have to come early to get a good seat. 87 Bridge foursome takes to the out-of-Hn Arrival of new Vacks draws an eager erowd of stu- dents who are lured into helping unload the books. Busses filled the Planetarium parking lot as high school students invaded the campus to see The University. A new generation of bees appeared to plague sun-basking Y- Courters. Convertible tops came down, and all roads led to Hogan ' s as winter weary Tarheels began their exodus to the poor man ' s Miami Beach — or perhaps you splurged and took a Wednesday-to-Sunday weekend at Myrtle. With Bermudas as accepted campus wear, campus dress became even more informal. •r - ir ' WSl BL . ' r SKi ' i -4 % M sj i hm -rf J i HjkT t: ; - , ' : i «... W Y-Court that gu - ideal spot to meet that coed- While you goofed off all those warm after- noons and shot the breeze on those spring evenings, somebody must have been working because the Order of the Golden Fleece and the Valkyries, in solemn and suspenseful cere- mony, tapped the outstanding men and women on campus. May went by much too fast what with Hogan ' s beach parties, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and right toward the end, the faculty slipped in a few examinations. It was kind of hard for you to study though, when you really had to pack — and everybody else had a " to heck with ' em " attitude too. You assembled with your class for the last time at the Bell Tower. As you walked toward Kenan, you did have sort of a sense of ac- complishment — you. a college graduate; but at the same time you hated to leave those many friends and those marvelous times, the best you ever had. Ml. (...1,1. n II.- outstanding figures of the school y« yri kk An endless .leade akes its wav into Kenan Sladil 89 Yackety Yack Queen 92 ■ I (Ldd =ljlayia joknson SPONSORED BY LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 93 •J6 cJ iia J cott SPONSORED BY KAPPA ALPHA ' fW 166 y ancu K ouster SPONSORED BY ALPHA DELTA PI " i ' 95 tdJ L kanotte j o mi SPONSORED BY PI KAPPA ALPHA 96 _ . SPONSORED BY PHI DELTA THETA SPONSORED BY ALPHA TAU OMEGA l l uunah 98 IJd (Eleanor Wiiuam6on SPONSORED BY PI KAPPA ALPHA 99 idd ( aroiun Uauakt un wauat SPONSORED BY SMITH DORMITORY 100 L eciie SPONSORED BY CARR DORMITORY 101 102 IJJ r lanciA JJ)i )avi6 SPONSORED BY PI BETA PHI 103 v v y Mf r . J o ii66 r um . y onman SPONSORED BY ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 104 iu5 jSoob BaL iS5 I -JOOL6 i -Jai ey SPONSORfID BY LAMBDA CHI ALPHA L t H? wB[ Bi Hi 1 H I B ■r J H ■ ■ R ' J W t m . ' - - iJ 106 n fL66 . y nvi If V lorqan SPONSORED BY ALPHA TAU OMEGA 107 .♦♦v •• .« Honorary Ill Professional 129 Religious 145 Military 161 Social 175 no VALKY ' ' i : OFFICERS Dorothy Brynk Pressly, President Adelaide Lucinda Holderness, Secretary Margaret Unice Funk, Vice-President Constance Elizabeth Whitaker. Treasurer Frances Ellen Reynolds, Alumnae Secretary MEMBERS Katherine Keith Coe Belle Hamilton Corey Anne Queen SPRING, 1957 Sarah Faith Price FALL, 1957 Elizabeth Lloyd Daucherty Phyllis Elliott Krafft Edith Ann Morgan HONORARIES Georgia Hicks Faison Marjorie Carol Staub Mildred Hoce Whitehurst Euzabeth Louanna Kemble Order of tKe Thomas Claiborne Creasy. Jr. William Thomas Wolfe William Ray Long Thomas Willis Lambeth Jason Hyparchos Grammateus Chrystopher MEMBERS 1957-1958 453 A Hard Kenneth Lowenstein 510 Julian Mason 545 Thomas Claiborne Creasy, jr 557 Edwin Osborne Ayscue 559 Raymond Mason Taylor 563 Charles Hill Yarborough, Jr. 566 Joel Lawrence Fleishman 569 Robert Terry Young 574 Thomas Willis Lambeth 578 illiani Ray Long 584 Edward Wike Sutton 585 Jerry Loveman Oppenheimer 586 Eddie Covington Bass 587 Eli Nachamson Evans 588 Thomas Francis Kearns 589 George Robinson Ragsdale 590 John A. Sneden, Jr. 591 William Hardman Poteat 592 William Snyder Pate 593 Leonard Robert Rosenbluth 594 Paul Gene Strassler 595 Robert B. Patteson. Jr. 596 James TuUy Beatty 597 Edward Ulysses Hallford. Jr. 599 Robert Mayer Evans 600 Robert Joseph Cunningham 601 John McKay Ludwig 602 Carl Douglas Farmer 603 Louis Round Wilson 604 James Monroe Chamblee 605 Peter Joseph Brennan 606 Zane Emerson Eargle Harry Earl Whitelock Jonathan Worth Danie Luther HartwelJ Hod B ml Green oseph Francis Quigg FACULTY MEMBERS 6 Charles Phillips Russell 90 Edgar Ralph Rankin 102 Robert Burton House 109 Herman Glenn Baity 111 Ernest Lloyd Mackie 119 Albert McKinley Coates 121 Joseph Burton Linker 141 Corydon Perry SpruiU 149 Frederick Carlysle Sheppard 176 Earle Horace Hartsell 186 Joseph Maryon Saunders 202 Richard Beverly Raney 209 Edgar Alexander Cameron 220 Walter Smith Spearman. Jr. 274 John Tettener O ' Neil 299 Frederick Henry Weaver 318 George Alexander Heard 403 Edwin S. Lanier 424 Hugh Talmadge Lefler 425 Harry Kitsum Russell 428 James Clarence Wallace 429 Raymond Lewis Jefferies 432 William West Taylor 437 Frank William Hanft 445 William Clyde Friday 459 Samuel Hayes Magill 467 William Ernest Mackie 468 Walter Reece Berryhill 473 Roy Walter Holsten .500 Henry Parker Brandis. Jr. 583 Preston Herschel Epps 598 Foster Fitz-Simmons 607 Frank J. .McGuire 609 James . Freeman i)t 0tUt 0f tfte 0 h Well OFFICERS Jerry Loveman Oppenheimer John Rosea Kerr. Ill Bennett Allen Thomas. Jr. Ernest Llovd Mackie President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Recorder EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The officers and Ldward Ulysses Hallford. Jr. Archibald Kelly Maness. Jr. Charles Vawter Tompkins. Jr. Alternates: James Young Preston Eugene Thomas Whitehead. Ill 1 William Donald Carmiehael. Ill 2 William Robert Coulter 3 Jesse Henry Dedmond 4 Peter Harry Gerns 5 Samuel Hirsch CHARTER MEMBERS 6 Charles Louis Johnston. Jr. 7 Allard Kemieth Lowenstein i] William Ernest Mackie Basil Lamar Sherrill 10 Donald Gray Shropshire 1 1 Leonard Adolph Szafarvn 12 Dr. Sanmel Thomas Emory 13 Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie 14 Dr. William Smith Wells 5 ' !2 Jean Jacquelyn Aldridge 603 .583 James Paul Armstrong. Jr. 604 .584 Diana Duncan Ashley 605 585 Esther Mollie Ballentine 606 586 Martha Adeline Cousins Barber 607 587 Eddie Covington Bass 608 588 William Oscar Baum 609 589 James TuUy Beatty 610 590 Ralph Luther Bentley 611 591 John Matthew Bilich 612 592 Gordon Rives Brown 613 593 James Kenneth Bryant 614 594 Shirley Weaver Bumgardner 615 595 Douglas David Cantrell 616 596 Marcus Cicero Stephen Cherr . HI 617 597 David Marion Connor. Jr. 618 598 Lee Ann Curtis 619 599 Charles Reuben Daniel 620 600 Curtiss Wilson Daughtry 621 601 Elizabeth Hunter Dent 622 602 Eli Nachamson Evans 623 INITIATES OF MAY 9, 1957 Carl Douglas Farmer 624 Gardner Patrick Henry Foley. Jr. 625 Carolyn Elise Greene 626 Edward Ulysses Hallford. Jr. 627 James Houghton Holmes 628 George Patrick Hunter. Jr. 629 Robert Bingham Jacobus 630 Donald Elmore Jefferson 631 Thomas Lindemann Johnson 632 Harvey Theodore Jones 633 John Hosea Kerr, III 634 Kathryn Jewel LeGrande 635 David Aria Lieberman 636 Edward Charles Lipman 637 Nancy McFadden 638 William Sartor McLean 639 Colin Riley McMillan 640 Archibald Kelly Maness. Jr. 611 Gerald Mack Mayo 642 Barbara Gail Moore 643 Bobb) Lawrence Newton 644 Annette Harrison Niven Jerry Loveman Oppenheimer William Snyder Pate James oung Preston William Forbes Ramsey James Plunmier Raugli. Jr. Martha Anne Richardson Josephine Branch Ruffin Nancy Pope Shuford Martha Jean Sillay Richard Stanley Sirkin Joe Ephriam Smith Donald Steine Bennett Allen Thomas. Jr. Charles Vawter Tompkins. Jr. Joseph Gaither Walser David Livingstone Ward. Jr. Michael Henry Weinman Eugene Thomas Whitehead. Ill Harry Earl Whitelock Paul Edmund Willinsham 114 ©vhtv of tlje rail OFFICERS JOHN HOSEA KERR, III HERMAN ALLEN GODWIN, JR. BENNETT ALLEN THOMAS, JR. MACON GLASGOW PATTON . . Exchequer Vice-Exchequer SIR KNIGHTS Eddie Covington Bass Wesley Neil Boss John Charles Brooks Robert Wilson Carter Eli Nachamson Evans Joel Lawrence Fleishman Donald Atlas Furtado Herman Allen Godwin, Jr. Edward Ulysses Hallford, Jr. Raymond L. Jefferies John Hoseo Kerr, III Thomas Willis Lambeth Daniel Milton Lot Jerry Loveman Oppenheimer Macon Glasgow Patton George Robinson Ragsdale William Howard Redding, Jr. Cleon Walton Sanders, Jr. Bennett Allen Thomas, Jr. Thomas Noble Walters Phi Beta Kappa Initiates EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Graham Davis Holding, Jr. Co-Presidents John Curtis Parker ) John Agust Mraz Vice-President George Wilder Bryce Recording Secretary Dr. Ernest L. Mackie Corresponding Secretary-Treasurer Dr. R. B. House Dr. A. C. Howell Dean C. P. Spruill MEMBERS INITIATED MAY 14, 1957 Seniors Diana Duncan Ashley William Henry Baddley Janet Anne Brooks Claudius LeRoy Carlton. Jr. Dorothy Coplon Mary Carolyn Corley John Frederick DeVogt Ann Adams Ellison Robert Lee Fowler. Jr. Byron Walter Grandjean Mary Carolyn Green Marian Elizabeth Hobeck Sally Melvin Horner Mary Evelyn Jefferson Bruce Cannon Johnson Hill Caldwell Johnston Evelyn Frances Hasterman Robert Arlen Linn Genet Hardison Little Betsy Carol Lloyd Isabel MacKenzie Madr-y Mary Ruth Mitchell Elisabeth Starnes Parker Edwin Marston Rascoe Martha Anne Richardson Betty Jane Riley Louella Robinson Joanne Saunders Carolyn Hayes Seyffert Anne Floyd Stalvey Lila Lane Welsh Lucius Pender Wheeler. Jr. o MEMBERS INITIATED MAY 14, 1957 Juniors Charles Hall Ashford. Jr. Erwin Theodore Avery John Thomen Barto Eddie Covington Bass Richard von Biberstein. Jr. Roy Dixon Boggs, Jr. William Stuart Bost. Jr. Larie Kent Brandner George Wilder Bryce. Jr. Joseph Mark Clapp Robert Braswell Condrey Robert Ballard Conrad Founded af the College of William and Mary 116 Alpha Chapter of North Carolina JUNIORS (Continued) James Fraser Doar James Stephen Dockery, Jr. Eli Nachamsoii Evans Joel Fleishman Irvine Reid Stirling Haig. II William Johnston Hall. Jr. Marvin Leon Hoffler George Wall Holden. Jr. Raymond Alonzo Jolly. Jr. Roger Conrad Jones John Hosea Kerr. Ill William Herbert Kouri Renjamin Railev Liipfert. Jr. Robert Washington Long, Jr. Frank Mitchell Malone, Jr. Archibald Kelly Maness. Jr. John Daughtry Marriott Gerald Mack Mayo Donald Willard McGregor Holland McSwain. Jr. Don Harold Miller John Agust Mraz John Curtis Parker Malcolm Overstreet Partin Jasper Louis Phillips. Jr. Carl Glenn Pickard. Jr. James Young Preston Walter Ray Samuels John Loesch Schultz Norman Shaw Smith Joel Alan Snow William Ernest Stewart William Parham Tally Charles Vawter Tompkins. Jr. Stephen Jav Trachtenberg Henry Catlett Turner Thomas Hugh Upton, Jr. Leo Clvde Wardrup, Jr. Lester Eugene Waters William Henry White, Jr. James Allen Williams, Jr. Donald Lee Wright Robert Kluttz Yowell John Hilliard Zollicoffer, Jr. MEMBERS INITIATED DECEMBER 6. 1957 Charles Harwood Bowman. Jr. Eppie Bennett Cox George Thomas Davis Dickson Brown Dunlap Donald Lee Hardison Ann Garner Eastman Wilhelmena Margaret Falkenherg John W. Ruff Elliott Murnick Schwartz Benjamin Garrou Jimmy Louis Glass Janet McNeil Hamby Burton Allen Horwitz Ernest Kelly James. Jr. Elbert Richard Jones, Jr. Harlee Wingate Lyon Charles Rex O ' Briant Ann T. Powell Sylvia Lorraine Phillips Hoyle Lynwood Robinson Margaret Ellen Summerell Michael Spencer Tanner Albert Marvin Waitman Verna Mae Brimm Wilson Reid Cooper. Jr. Catherine D. Frost Susan Rosalie Gichner Lois Naefach Glasser Mary Laurin Gravely Dana Tune Fryer Robert August Rechholtz Gary Ray Smiley John Aitken Sneden, Jr. HONORARY MEMBER John Motley Morehead December 5, 7776 117 first Row: : Iirhael Lee Collins, Jack Holland Spain. Ashmead Pringle Pipkin. Richard Hill Robinso n. Hugh Lesler Patterson. Jackie Lee Lawing. «alter ErMin Fuller, Jr. Second Row: Norman Barrett Smith. Wilson Burton Partin. Jr.. Richard Barnhardt Alexander. Herman- Joost Polak. Roger Babsnn Foushee, Denton Lotz. Rav Milton Havworth. Anthonv Garland Turner. Albert Lewis Goldsmith. Jr.. Charles Green Rccder. William Happer, Jr.. John Alden Gardiner. Albert Leonard Deal. HI, Clauston Levi Jenkins. Jr. Third Row: Edward Lee Smithwick. Jr.. James Battev White. David Henrv Suckov , Robert Glenn Lewis. David Stafford Ball. William Glenn Davis, Edward Lewis Jennings. Robert Culler Noble. Herber Wilkinson Windlev. Jr.. Jerrv offord Amos. Ralph W. Cummings. Jr.. James Ambrose Packard. Tcrrv S. Barkin. Richard Beverly Ranev, Jr. Foiirlh Row: Bruce Holt Berrvhill. Brvan Wilson Roberts. Clifton Darrell Mann. William Bulbrd Edmund. Jr.. Edwin Levy, Jr., Chester Vi infield Taylor. Jr.. Mark King Wilson. lU. Julius Rowan Raper. Thomas Towles Lawson. James Lee Parker, James Lvnch Williams, Silas Walker Blanton. o» pictured: Malcolm Hector McLean. HI. Frederick Henry Harris. Theodore Carlton Moore. Jr. Phi Eta Sigma OFFICERS Richard Hill Roljin.soii President Jack L. Lawing I ice-President Ashmead Pringle Pipkin Secretary Hugh Lester Patterson Treasurer Jack Holland Spain Historian Ernest L. Mackie Faculty 4drisnr HONORARY MEMBERS Dean Corydon P. Spniill Dean Cecil Johnson Dean M. A. Hill. Jr. Dean Ernest L. Mackie 118 Alpha Epsilon Delta BENDER Vice-President BROWMNG BURNEY CARTER CHURCH Secretary FARRELL Prenidenl GALLAGHER KILLINGER LATON Treasu MONROE PECK RHODES SLOAN Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national honor society for pre-medical and pre-denlal students. It was found- ed at the University of Alal)ama, April 28. 1926. There are over 1.3.200 menii)ers in 64 active chap- ters at schools throughout the United States. The North Carolina Beta Chapter was founded at the University of North Carolina on March 27. 1936. The object of the society is to encourage excellence in pre-medical and pre-dental scholar- ship, to stinnilate an appreciation of the importance of pre-medical education in the study of medicine, to promote cooperation and contacts between medi- cal students and educators in developing an ade- (|uate program of pre-medical education, and to l)ind together similarlv interested students. 119 Alpha Phi Omega 4 ' ?., k M 4, 4 OFFICERS William G. Jones George W. Bryce Harold Johnson Waller Coenen William A. Kenda Robert Pearce President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Historian HISTORY Alpha Phi Omega, the only national service fraternity, was founded at Lafayette College in 1925. Rho Chapter, the local chapter, was established in 1930. The Torch and Trefoil is the official magazine of the fraternity, and the colors are blue and gold. ALBERCROMBIE ALEXANDER ATWELL BRVCE m «:hanan COENEN COWAN FERGUSON FIRTADO HAMLET HAYER HILL HOLT HOWARD JOHNSON JOLLY JONES. HARVEY JONES. WH.LIAM KENDALL LEFTWICH McAllister MATHEWS OHARA PEARCE RESCH SCOTT. JIMMY P. SCOTT. JAMES M. SMITH SPADER STEELE THOMAS TILLMAN WILLIAMS ZLOTNICKI 120 BILL JONES President - properli landin » and beach The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop leadership and friendship, and to promote service to humanity. This imposing ob- jective includes four fields of activity: 1. Service to the student body and faculty; 2. Service to youth and community: 3. Service to members of the fraternity; 4. Service to the nation as participating citizens. Alpha Phi Omega has sponsored Parents " Da v. operated a Ijook exchange, sold magazines to stu- dents at a discount, ushered at student functions, and worked on the Campus Chest Drive. In addition. Rho Chapter has assisted the local Boy Scout council by supplying leadership to Iroops. pro ided scout camp scholarships, assisted in the coninuinity Empty Stocking Fund Campaign, and conducted guided tours of the campus. To its members Alpha Phi Omega has provided fellowship and the satisfaction of serving others. A number of supper events, banquets, and social outings have been held. ALPHA PHI OMEGA PLEDGE CLASS First Roic: Morgan. Kittredge, Bilisoly. Patterson. Bennett. Currie, Marshbiirn. Chastain. and Easley. Second Roto: Duff. Whitaker, Wells, Forbes, Worthington. Etheridge, Brvan. Cop land. Murphy, and Seagle. ! ot pictured: Jolly, Lambeth, Moore Morris. Poole. Rohlfs, Northcutt, and Saunders. 3 121 Kappa Epsilon Kappa Epsilon is a national honorary fraternity for women students of pharmacy. It was founded nationally in 1921 at the State University of Iowa. Lambda Chapter was founded at the University of North Carolina in 1941. The ]iurposes of the fraternity are to stimulate in its members a desire for high scholarship, to foster a professional con- sciousness, and to provide a l)ond of lasting loyalty, interest and friendship. The fraternity is proud of its many members throughout the nation who are leaders in the pharmaceutical profession. OFFICERS Becky Manos Dorothy Johnson Gladys Joyce Virarilia Carswell President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Historian BALLENTINE FAISON JOHNSON. DOROTHV JOHNSON, LORETTA MANOS STARLING SUTTON WELCH 122 Phi Mu Alpha Phi Mil Alpha Sinfonia was founded at the New England Conservatory of Music in 1898. Its aims are to advance the cause of music in America and to foster the mutual welfare and hrotherhood of students of music. Alpha Rho Chapter, founded locally in 1926. takes an active part in furthering musical activities at the University of North Carolina. Each year the chapter presents a concert devoted to the perform- ance of works by American composers and fre- quently including compositions by members of the fraternity. Whenever possible. Phi Mu Alpha lirings to the campus well-known guest artists. OFFICfc:RS Eddie Bass President Harvey Miller Vice-President Richard Willis Secretary William Kellam Treasurer Jerry Sullivan Alumni Sec retary FirgI Roir: Eddie Bass. Robert Beard, Curtis Fields, and Dale Glover. Second Roir: P. Ronald Hamilton. William Kellam, Slephe Keulzer, and Michael Kijziah. Third Roic: William Marsh. Harvev Miller, Lawrence Miller. D. Jerome Sullivan, and Richard Willi; 123 Ronald A. Austell David R. Davis James M. Prevo James L. Inabinet RhoChi OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-T reasu rer Historian Faculty Members Dr. E. A. Brecht Dr. Earl T. Brown Dr. Sigurdur Jonson Dr. Claude Piantadosi Dr. Fred T. Semeniuk Mr. Edward M. Smith Mr. William Taylor Dr. H. 0. Thompson (Graduate Members Henry Cheng Cheng Rosniarie Fussenegger (.lira on Fajardo Ramirez I uder ratluates Ronald L. Austell Donald K. Chapman David R. Davis James L. Inabinet William L. Marsh William N. Ponder .lames M. Prevo Paul A. Stevenson Paul W. Walker Sigma Gamma Epsilon . ' igiiia Gamma Epsilon is a national honorary society of men devoted to Earth Sciences. Alpha Alpha Chapter was es- lalilished at the University of North Carolina. April 3. 1931. The object of the society is the acJvancement of stu- dents of the Earth Sciences. It also seeks to enhance student-faculty relations and to provide programs of interest in the Earth Sciences. r i| - " ' i l ■ -■-— Hf H lJ r m 1 Unl Raw: Fourlin Wirkus. Frank Zablocki. James Sullivan. F. Allen Hill-. J.i R. W. Ballen. John W ollz. O. B. Eckhoff. C. S. Seichler, Lawrence Haves, W 11 Jack Ferriera, Lee Fouenier, Paul Lovino;ood, Charles Copland. . " Vlberl Larson. .h. rl ISuller. Dr. W. H. Wheller. Second Koir: (.ui , Don Skean, Ed Outland, Dick Silvernail, 124 ■■H iHMi p: Hrsl Roic: Dr. Victor A. Greulach. Dr. E. C. Markham. Dr. Paul E. Shearin. Dr. E. A. Cameron. Dr. Claiborne S. Jones. Dr. John B. Chase. Dr. Horace D. Crockford. Seronil Roir: Phillip M. Thomas. Bennie L. Bobbins. Alan Mendell, Charles L. Moss. Robert P. Rowlev. W ilnia Spivev. Mabel S. Turnev. Frances J. Hendrix. Hester Cook. Helen B. Hancock. Third Roic: Harold F. Graf. John H. Tillotson. James J. Brock, Frank G. Scott, Ro. V. Eliason, Mildred Shirley, Eunice M. X hisonant, Rachel Bailey, Mary S. Johnson, Dorothj R. Evans. Fourth Ron: Carl P. Minis, Allison D. Wells, Charles L. Coleman, Paul B. Hounshell, James E. Owen, Donald E. Bailey, Thomas J. Beacham, Law- rence E. Bradley, William F. Gibbons, Sally INantz. Vandalyn L. Chaplin. Fifth Roic: Daniel W. Connell, Edwin W. Campbell. Joseph M. Daniel, William S. Green, James McCIoskey, Robert C. Clary, Kenneth L. Voder, Joe A. Edmisten. Joseph D. Jones. Margaret H. McDevitt, David J. Haigler, Mary Louise Lance, Evelyn Todd Lewis, Louise D. Rice, George W. Heath, Patricia M. Lewis. Roy G. Hundley, Peggy M. Brahmer. iVoI pictured: Professor Alfred T. Brauer, Dr. William A. White, Howard K. Estep, Robert W. Glass, and William B. Hubbard. National Science Foundation The National Science Foundation, in sponsoring the Academic Year Institute at the University of North Carolina, extended to high school teachers of science and mathematics an opportunity to return to college for one school vear. While enrolled in the Institute a participant has oj) I .rtunity to . . . review the important principles and concepts and make contacts with the new de- velopments in the various fields of science and mathematics . . . gain a deeper understanding of the nature, methods and goals of science . . . be- come actjuainted with some of the leading sci- entists and hear them discuss their specialties . . . meet teachers from other localities and states, dis- cuss their common problems and exchange ideas with them . . . and in addition have the opportunity to complete most, if not all, of the requirements for a master ' s degree. 125 Beta Gamma Sigma Honorary Business Administration Fraternity- Alpha Chapter of North Carolina Dr. H. Q. Langendeifer Lester Eugene Waters Dr. J. C. D. Blaine Joseph Mark Clapp Dr. Dixon Boggs OFFICERS Honorary President President Secretary Student Assistant Secretary Treasurer Faculty Members J. C. D. Blaine D. D. Carroll J. E. Dykstra J. S. Floyd W. J. Graham P. N. Guthrie Clarence Heer R. J. M. Hol)l)s C. A. Kirkpatrick H. Q. Langenderfer Maurice W. Lee C. S. Logsdon C. H. McGregor E. E. Peacock L N. Reynolds G. T. Schwenning W. A. Terrill A. M. Whitehill H. D. Wolf Student Members Roy Dixon Boggs, Jr. Joseph Mark Clapp Rohert B. Conrad John F. DeVogt Joel Fleishman William London Godwin William J. Hall. Jr. Ralph Dewey Johnson William D. Matthews Arthur Ray Price Boi)by Jay Ratlege James Richard Regehr William Allison Sherrill Donald Steine Charles D. Troxler Thomas Hugh Upton, Jr. Lester Eugene Waters Lucius Pender Wheeler. Jr. Roy William Wilson 126 IDC Honorary Society CHARTER MEMBERS Wesley Neil Bass Robert W. Carter Charles Dunn Edward U. Hallford William E. Houser Thomas N. Walters HONORARY MEMBERS Robert B. House Raymond L. Jefleries J. E. Wadsworth James C. Wallace Robert T. Young MEMBERS INITIATED OCTOBER 9, 1957 Oliver W. Alphin Harvey T. Jones Julius E. Banzett Pat J. Leonard Neil C. Bender Steve G. Lyon Frank A. Brown Don L. Matkins Paul P. Carr George Stevanou Rudolph L. Edwards Bennett A. Thomas Michael K. Hayes Whit L. Whitfield James R. Womble ' selected for service rendered for the betterment of Dorm life " 127 jltufina Quc5g :§ ai i5t O inir 333lTitl.•l!l■a ah in- Konu lUhiti- a -Uiiiiby J§|jiuni a l•st (Cunnir jSi ' rxistrhi lUinba (Cliappcll (CiniuTiiti (Hiuikf aitcu Crucki ' tt SJancy auis Susie Suiialb p. 33. fulk ICarru Harris Putli BioDbruff 3)ust plain iserahlt Jan Cobbs 3flo Pobii JRutl] Potnbij Sanbu SSalpcrin 333a«iia iScariu- etty i!k. HJulinsmi 3)ane JJalinsoii (Earal Josru 3Juby jLanii aria artoccia iflary (Ann Mofli-r 2Ioy 3)ol]xtson 5Jurni jRantor ILari ILaturi-ncr iBill iWartinlii-5 pon iHillcn 3)erry JJWornan Susanni- iWnstcllrr La SaniiiTS ally f eter Cl]arliittr Popi- S ' Uianiu ' 3Riis? Ann Sinitl) iiiarilyn Strunnu It ill llntiiTtiuuiiJ mily jaiebbiT 7Janr IHrstbriuiU Peggy JlEtliitrliurst Brttn Zi-b 128 Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi. the first professional frateniit in Business Administration, was founded at New York L niversity. October 5. 1904. Alpha Tau of Alpha Kappa Psi was chartered at UNC February 8, 1925. The fraternity ' s colors are blue and gold, and the official flower is the yellow rose. The Diary oj Alpha Kappa Psi is its official publication. BAGGETT BANKS y ice-Fre»ident BROWN CAMPBELL CLAPP UIXON EVANS FRYE Ho Manage LEWIS LINUSEY MOORE PONS REAVES SHARPE SMITH. A. SMITH. VI . Treasurer SPARROW WHEELER 130 JOE CLAPP President Pardon nir please, uhile I check «ilh Mr. Coren on this matter. The beginning of the 1957-58 year finds 28 stalwart AKPsi ' s seated around their " face-lifted ' ' bar being refueled for the new year. The walls have been re- painted a lively black to lend atmosphere and thus prevent scrutiny of the concoctions served by acting l)ar tender. Will Frye. The shelves are well stocked, giving promise of a successful semester. Jim Dixon ' s " Beep-Beep " finally purged, only to b e replaced by Baggy ' s " Hi-Ho " . . . " little Bobby Lindsey, " a bird lover, a buzzard found in his bed . . . The brothers offering to plaster " Long Island " Smith ' s room with press notices . . . " Pug " and " Anyone for Brady ' s? " . . . Bill Smith is still " Finely " . . . Gino Moore still enduring sloppy roommate, " MOOSE " Clapp . . . " Reservoir " Campbell draining the beer barrel . . . " Otis " Banks making the rounds cementing relation- ships after midnight . . . Pledge Drye and his " Mother " (on the cider, that is) ... " Little Bobby " painting his turtles " Carolina Blue " for the Maryland Weekend . . . The release of the " Blue " turtle on the Maryland Campus after the game . . . Brother Moore ' s inventory of furnishings at the Harrington Hotel . . . " Happy Jack " Brown giving " Hit Parades " to the rushees ... So goes another year. ALPHA KAPPA PSI PLEDGE CLASS Firgt Roic: Leonard. Drye, Wilson, Fischer, Hooper. Second Row: Ellwanger, White, Hertford, Williams. Third Row: Falls, Hunter, Albrecht, Daniel, Carpenter, Mann, Wright, Patterson. Fourth Row: Smith, Gerdes, Adkins, McColliun, Slater, Alexander, Pulliam. 131 Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi. a professional fraternity in the field of commerce and business administration, was founded at New York Ihiiversity. November 7, 1907. Alpha Lambda Chapter was founded on this campus May 9, 1925. The newsletter of the fraternity is the Alpha Lambda Wool and the flower of the fraternity is the red rose. ADAIR ALPHIN BARBER BAUCOM BAYUFF BOESE COGGIINS CRAIG DANIEL ELLER ELLIINGTO.N FENNEL FOX GLASS MINES ISENHOWEH KAMINSKI MASON NANCE NEVILLE PECK SARTIN SMITH STANTON THOMAS EASEY WHITE 132 JIM BURROUGHS President . . Tar Heels, if you don ' t hurry and go, we ' ll soon be " gone " , . Grand Chapter Congress held in New York . . . Golden anniversary celebration. Brothers Daniel. Boese, Williams, and Craig whooping it up with the brothers of other chapters. New faces on the fraternity . . . the " Little Sergeant " mustering the troops to man the paint brushes . . . liquids serving as a detergent to the paint fumes and proving new sources of energy. Norungolo still possessing his liking for W. C. Party anyone? Thundering affirmative response . . . Fogs goes into action. Shreve journeying to Clarence ' s to discuss the latest business quotations. Jack Eller heads for Durham ... on business. One of the biggest pledge classes in history. Jim High cutting Saturday classes to go home. Homecoming — the greatest! Alumni with l)ox lunches . . . brothers getting up at 5 A. M. to fix display. Leonard spending weekends at St. Mary ' s. Flash! Heitman flies to New York to spin a disc. Doc- tors visiting the house to treat flu patients. House man- ager gives up jo!) to get married. Daniel and Eller perched on the roof like two eagles . . . the " snake " in action at every party . . . Veasey hustles to W. C. Craig vowing to get married . . . Foxy putting in his time at the track . . . Burroughs pondering over the law books. Rose dance — a tremendous success. DELTA SIGMA PI PLEDGE CLASS First Row: Greer, Chandler, Ross, Newsome, Holland, Houser. Second Row: Garret, Shirley, Worsley, James, Brittain, Boliek, Harris, Belk, Johnston. Hiekman. Third Row: Wolfe, Windus, Floyd, Selbv, Eades, Black, Sowers, Teal, Ha Ha Davis, Hebns, les, Thompson, Graves, Vess, O ' Dea, Murphy, las, Lowder, Burnham, Mackey. yol Pictured: Blalock, Culbreath, Hundley, Montgomery. 13- Kappa Psi Kappa Psi was founded nationally at Russell Military Academy in New Haven. Con- necticut in 1789 and founded at the University of North Carolina in 1915. The flower of the fraternity is the red carnation, and its colors are scarlet and cadet gray. The official publication is The Mask. ALLEN Secretary BEALE BOYD BLUE CROMLEY DAUGHTRY UILLARD DOWDY DUNN ELKINS EVAN.S FAILKNER FRALEY GRIFFIN HAGWOOD HAITHCOCK HARDY HARRISON Historian HINTON Ref-Pltt JACKSON LARSON LASLEY LAZARUS Treasurer LEATHERWOOD MARLEY MILLER MITCHELL MONTGOMERY MOOSE McNEIL NEAL O-BRIANT OWENS PURSER STOOTS STREET f ' ice-Regent WILLIAMS, J. E. WILLIAMS. L. L. WINSTEAD 134 HUGH HINTON President PharmacT 71 Lab; 12 Ml ' WThFS; prerequisite: " cabbage " It is a spirited group, bronzed and eager, which re- turns from Summer vacations to the Halls of Beta Xi. The iuothers pitch in and " ole 117 looks the best ever. Working hell! We ' re in Pharmacy School! " Huge " plays the role . . . Dowdy. Larson, Laughlin. Lasley, Purser, Hardy, Elkins. Faulkner, and Daughtry join the Corps . . . Griff becomes serious — turns Scholar — and gets ahead!! . . . Lou maintains lead in the autograph race . . . Haithcock endorses strict diet 1 iiles — succeeds! ! . . . " ' Little Caesar " finally reaches the t( |) rung . . . " Hook ' s " figs are th finest anvwhere ... J. C. is forlorn since TV programs have lost appeal . . . Harrison majors in First Aid, enjoys frequent iiiibiliitions of Snake Tonic . . . Cromley assumes role of Hi-Fi King . . . Guie still burns midnight oil . . . Fraley ' s foot finally gets a rest . . . Allen (juotes amorous (juips of anuising poetry . . . Ferrell finds a new way of life . . . Moose, McNeil. Woody get pinned . . . Montgomery and Jackson are corralled . . . Marley has reached halfway mark in grades . . . Hag- wood haunts the labs . . . " Two-Ton " Tim tackles texts with terrifving vigor . . . We ' ve had a great year. KAPPA PSI PLEDGE CLASS Firm Roir: .Smith, Kennedv. Huffman, Cochran. SecontI Row: Hooper, Hickman. Crouch, Marlow, Gibson. Neville, Lulz. Third Roir: Lazarus, Sheets. Harper. Honevcult, Barrett. Horn. Smith, Ha TL OSrV il ' !?-! J mm iMmi KtsC K M KT m HI IR — BK v fll E 1 nI fl iii M L ■ ■ - 1 ki- H vHJ BHHSi vHS A « hi 13.5 Phi Delta Chi Phi Delta Chi is a professional pharmaceutical fraternity, founded to advance the science of pharmacy and its allied interests, and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among its members. Phi Delta Chi was founded at the University of Michigan in 1883, and established locally May 30, 1923. BENTHALL BOSTIC BRADSHAW CARTER. D. fforlhy Chief Co CARTER, L. DEATON DESSOUKY DlTTO Worthy Keeper of Ft FULTON HARRIS JAMES JONES INABINET KING LAWING W orlhy Keeper of Re MCALLISTER MARSH MILLER. J. MILLER. S. ODAMEL Worths Vice-Coungelor PREVO RAICH SAINDERS SHOEMAKER SMITH WALKER WHITE 136 DON CARTER I dark deserted pla The year began with Ah. Prevo. and George returning after having taken the fatal step, joining the ranks of O ' Daniel. Lawing. Butler. Walker, and Pappy. Deaton. Willie, and Iron lose their pins — looks like swimming time again. Sonny and Fulton apply for admission to W. C. In the meantime. Homecoming, a pajama party, and informal blasts help break the monotony. Gen King runs basic training for pledges while Saunders pulls Mac through another year. Whitey and Jones go hand in hand to cpiieter quarters. Marsh l)ecomes a scholar deluxe — Benthal sets flick record. With UNC downing all comers. Russ, Red. Goon, and Tes spark our cagers to perfect season — all losses! Al Gene cuts sideburns and breaks guitar. Ranch and Dessouky lead brothers through labs to better grades. The campus political machine is taken over l)y Bradshaw but the Duttons continue to run everything in general and nothing in particular. PHI DELTA CHI PLEDGE CLASS Firi:t Rn,c: Yost. Bt .. Docker . Farrior. Second Roii : Blanchurd. Runnion. Beniiptl. Ridenhour. ColltlU . 137 Delta Theta Phi From the time of the establishment of Wayne Senate in 1914 at Atlanta Law School, Delta Theta Phi has grown until today it has become the largest fraternal order among students of law in the United States. Cooperating with the Student Senates, Delta Theta Phi also boasts 41 active Alumni Senates which make this fraternity the leader in participating alumni also. Battle Senate was established at the University of North Carolina in 1923, and is proud to associate with 64 other Student Senates in the claim that " OUR REC- ORD IS OUR PROUDEST MONUMENT. " BADGETT BOLDEN BROWN CHAMBLISS Tribune DOWNING Master of Rolls HERRING HIGGINS HUTTAR KIRKMAN Dean KISER IAHLER McMlIRRAY MEEKINS ■Dea MILTON MIRPHV Bailiff POWELL REYNOLDS ROBERTS SHORT SMITH SPRADLEY SITTLE WHITE WIGGINS VENABLE 138 Riiffin Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity was chartered on this campus on April 30, 1921, and is one of seventy-seven active chapters throughout the United States. The purpose of the Fraternity is to sup- plement the regular law school curriculum and to aid in the development and attainment of the highest pro- fessional and social ideals. Phi Alpha Delta Our Alumni serve the State and Nation in many responsible and prominent positions. Ruffin Chapter takes keen pride in its contribution to the welfare and prestige of the Law School " Community " through its annual presentation of the Mock Trial, management of the Book Exchange, and sponsorship of Dinner Speakers and Social events. ALLRED BENNETT BLADES Clerh BRILEY BROIIGHTON Justice CAMPBELL CLARK CLEVELAND COGGIN COMER CONOLY Treasurer CROOM DIXON EVANS Marshal FLYTHE GAGE GOLDFARB HUDSON LOGAN McClILLOlIGH McNEIL MILLER POTEAT RANDSELL, P. C. RANDSELL, W. G. Vice-Justice REID RICHMOND ROSSER ROWE SADLER SMART SMITH SNYDER THORNBURG TUGGLE S OHl 139 Phi Delta Phi The International Legal Fraternity, Phi Delta Phi, founded nationally in 1869 and locally in 1919, is the oldest professional fraternity in the United States. Among its members are outstanding members of the bench and bar; its aim is to promote higher standards of professional ethics and culture. This year ' s pro- gram of activities included speakers ' banquets, a serv- ice program, the annual initiation with the other two state chapters in Raleigh, and lighter moments with guests and alumni. ALLSBROOK BALLINGER BATTLE CLARKSON PregidenI COLLIER CORNWELL CREASY y ice-President and Treasurer GAI ES COLDING GRUBB Secretary HOMESLEY HOOD ISAACSON KELSO KING LEE LEWIS LILES LOMAX MAREADY PEEL PERRY TAYLOR TYSON YARBOROUCH 140 Psi Omega is Dentistry ' s largest fraternity. Founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 1892, it now boasts over 26,000 members in 78 chapters. Chi Upsilon Chapter was founded at the University of North Carolina on April 28, 1951. Psi Omega The primary ojjjectives of Psi Omega are to foster Dentistry in every possible way, and to give individual counsel and guidance to its brothers. The fraternity is proud to have placed many l)rothers in Omega Kappa Upsilon. Dentistry ' s scho- lastic honor societv. ALLEIN ATTEYEK BENTLY BLACKMAiN BRO i BITLER FRESHWATER GARRISON Junior Grand M HAMRICK HASTY HEINSOHN HOLT IRVIIN KENNEDY LEE Secretary LEHMAN MARTIN, BENNY MARTIN, JOHN MAULDIN madltsby McAllister McFALL MORRIS OAKLEY O ' BERRY PROFFIT QUALLS RAY REAP Grand Master RHODES ROBERSON, JOE ROBERSON, ROBERT SANDERS SCHLAPKOHL SCHNELL SHAW SHOULARS SILVERS STALLINGS STRUPE THOMPSON TRUEBLOOD YOUNG 141 Xi Psi Phi The Xi Psi Phi Fraternity was founded February 8. 1889, at the University of Michigan. It is a brother- hood of men chosen from those who have decided upon a career in the profession of Dentistry and now boasts over forty-eight chapters. The local Beta Beta Chapter of " " Zipdom ' ' was founded at this University in 19.52 and has proven itself to be a valuai)le adjunct to the School of Den- tistry. Its members are recognized throughout the State and Nation for their professional ability and moral character. " Zips " feel that Dentistry is a way of life and l)elieve in living it faithfully and fully. ATWATER AISBAND y ice-President BRAXTON BRELAND CLARK DIGGS FISHER HARTSELL HAWKINS HOOVER HOPKINS HUFF President JERNIGAN LEARY LeGWIN LYNCH Treasurer MacKAY McCAFFITY MILLER NIFONG NOBLITT REITZEL REYNOLDS Secretary RIDDLE SNYDER WALLACE WEBSTER WHITE WIESS WILLIFORD 142 OFFICERS Firtl Roic: Robert B. Palteson, Presidrnt: Edxard L. Boyd, Secrr- lary. Second Row: Charles L. Blouiil, Vice-Presidem; Daniel DeVoung, Tre MBA Club The Master of Business Administration Club was organized in 1953 in an effort to maintain the spirit which developed among former candidates. Objectives of the club include promotion of better student-faculty relationships, coordination of the academic program with actual business situations and problems, emphasis of the public and social responsibilities of business men. and development of an active alumni association. Activities include social gatherings with faculty members, publication of an alunmi newsletter, and the sponsoring of addresses by business and educational leaders. hir l Itmt: Uave Finle. , Furrell Austin, Jim Lane, Ernie Knoll, Gil McCullen, Bill Deaton. Pat Fochie. Setond Ron: Bill Blaekman, La W heeler, John Sleinp, Bob McKee, Charles Wilkens, Ben Weaver, Tom York, Buddy Hines, Joe Jennette, Alan Palmer, Bob Bjrum, Luihe Selph. 143 Student NEA The Student National Education Association was established in 1937 as a part of the National Education Association and its state and local as- sociations. The organization presently has full departmental status in the N.C.E.A. The Frank Porter Graham Chapter of Student N.E.A. holds the number one charter for North Carolina. The organization strives to assist in the social and pro- fessional growth of students majoring or interested in the field of education. OFFICERS Bill Henshaw President Vernon Culpepper Vice-President Joyce Alligood Secretary Carson Oldham Treasurer Sue Atchison Program Chairman Ursl K m: AIHkinxI. Fortune, Rexrode, W. ' st. Rui. . Ho Bu li, Williams. Sweeney. Melealf. Moore. Third Ruu tourll, Roir: Peter. Milham. Pope. Smith. Jaekson, Fis Fifll, Row. Hoffler. Walker, Reavis, Barrier, Poole, T Ion. Oldham, McCain, Henderson, Hatley, Betls. ard, Jaekson. Smith. Second Ruic: Atchison. W ebster. Carter. Church, Montgomery, Jernigan, Strum, Long, Spence. Potter. Dahl, Alston, Bradley. DeArmon. Cohbs. ■, Ready. Whitehurst. Doekery. Rothschild. Lukens. House. Ponder. Scott. Mitchell. ' , Harris, Waynick. Sixth Row: Henshaw, Culpepper, Boss, Kiser, Leonard, Elling- 144 Young Men ' s STEWART COLSON President CABINKI Sealed: Kd ( o», ktlly W allacf, (Graham ( ' .la l..r. lik.- ;iv€■n . Kaiidj ?hell. ii. Dick Love. Mnnrfing: Ukk Slokir, Bu.l l. .Slia|iaril. loiii UiU- Jim Vlerritl, Claude Sliolls, Jim Carse, Harmon C. 1. AlliMir. Ili n Herring, Stewart Colson, Ralph Frazier. 146 i [hristian Association EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Seali-il: Krllv Wallace, Dick Kraiiic. Slumtinn: Don Her- rillr;, Raildv Shellon. ihip and food hi lili ht a campus-wide Y-nighl. Food is an integral part of Freshman Camp. The YMCA is a non-deiioniinational lav movement made up of students, faculty and friends who seek to come to a deeper understanding of the Christian laith and its relation to all areas of life through v oiship, study and action. Membership in the YMCA is voluntary and open to all on the basis ol interest without regard to race, doctrine or church affiliation. At the heart of the movement is this objective: taking a student where he is and giving him an opportunity to grow as an individual in Christian dedication and effectiveness. In the second year of joint work with the YWCA. the program has expanded and grown. Freshman Camp, an annual three-day conference for new stu- dents, jjegan this year ' s program. A new program was begun this year, " Faith and the Fine Arts, " a TV pro- diu ' tion where the works of art are discussed according to their religious dimension. 147 Young Women ' s Y " »CA CABLNET tinl Row: Daryl Farrington, Betlv Carolvn Huffman, Palsv Miller, Debbi.- Sink. Belle Co. Mason, Jennie Margaret Meador, Kalhv Webster. Cindv Segraves. Pat Gregory. Mary Jani Fortune, Phylis Krafft, Andrea Stalvey, Ann Holt, Lloyd Dougherty, Sara Williamson, Libby McCord. ■ey, Ann lorgan. Second Row: Marv Moore ■ Fisher. Third Ron: Nancy Grubb. ' Martha Eleanor Williamson, Marv Louise Bizzell, Yehia Dessouky gives Margaret Uaughtridge lesson in Eastern geography. The Young Women ' s Christian Association of the Univeisity of Noitli Carolina, a part of the National and World YWCA, pledges itself to the following 148 christian Association purposes: To unite in a desire to realize a full and creative life through God: to determine to have a part in making this life possible for all people; to seek to know God; to understand Jesus and to follow Him. The membership is open to all coeds. The entire program is planned and administered by the stu- dents according to their needs and interests. Six executive officers and twenty committee chair- men comprise the cabinet. The committee areas EXECUTIVE COUNCIL S nlP : Ann Morgan, Lucinda Holderness, An Crul)!). Standing: Phvlis Krafft, Brlle Corev. BELLE COREY President oifer an opportunitv for every woman to realize a fuller and more creative life by serving and work- ing with others. This was the second year that the YWCA and YMCA put forth a united effort in program and finances. The many joint activities included con- ferences in the fall and spring, faculty finance drive, United Nations Seminars, discussion groups, and " Y " night. Eleanor Willi of the patients 1 Hospital. m 11 ' J Some of till- nieniher of llu- (osniopolilan Cliili ;ill ' iulin - one of tht- r.gula Ih.. club. I ul also lo an on.- inl.r.-.-leH in ill.- proprani of thai ni.-.ting. clings. The clings are open not onh lo all meniliers of Cosmopolitan Club The Cosmopolitan (Mill) is a group open to all for- eign and American students, faculty, and towns- people. The meetings provide an opportunity to get together socially and to exchange the cultural ideas oi the thirty-five different countries represented in the Cluh. Gronp participation in the programs helps promote mutual understanding and friend- ship among the members. The regular meetings consist of a social hour and programs given liy the members about their countries. The Club ' s big events of the year are its International Dinner and International Open House in which hc food, songs, and dancing from the four corners of the earth are pro itled liy the membership. Officers of the Ciosniopolitan (AuU are Margaret Hunt, President: .John MoUer. Vice-President: Sil- via Hinnon. Secretarv: and Kenny Yanc;. Treasurer. MARGARET HINT 150 Baptist Student Union Spatpd: James O. :iiii.l.r. S irah Ipchurch, JancI Harper, Boli Hrowninj;, Jackie Haithcork. Standing: Melvin Hipps, Anita Whitner, Willi! Whitehead, Cliff Jlann, S vck Hoffler, Jerrj McDaniel, Fred Smith, Roherl Hudson, ed Cillam, Denton Lotz, Beverly Segee. The Bajitist Student L iiion is an organization whose aim is to confront the student with the relevance of the Christian faitli to life in modern society and to urge the student to seek a more meaningful understanding of his faith. Some of its expressions JANET HARPER Prpsideni Members enjoy getting together at meal time during their Winter retreat. are through the Sunday evening supper forum, the week-day study groups, and the Sunday evening worshij). Officers this year are Janet Harper, President; Robert Browning, Vice-President; Betsy Lyon, Sec- retary; and Alton J. Jourdan, Treasurer. 151 Newman Club Newman Club members meet at the newly erected St. rii piii;i,s Ati| TATE ROBERTSON President The Newman Clul), whose name and ideals are deiived from the renowned Cardinal Newman of England, is a nationally federated organization of Catholic students. It offers Catholic student Religious, Intellectual, and Social Cooperation and Inspiration. The Newman Club moved to the newly erected St. Thomas Acquainus Chapel, which has enabled a wider program of activities, including dinners. The leaders of the Newman Clul) for the past year have been: Paul Wachendorfer, President; Kitty Corr, Vice-President: George Galloso, Treasurer: and Pat Heeden, Secretary. 152 Hillel Foundation BOB WEINSTEIN Prpnidenl The B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation at the Univer- sity of North Carolina celebrates its 21st birthday this year and is thus among the oldest Hillel Foundations in the United States. Hillel exists to relate the Jewish student to his heritage of the past, to make him aware of his present, and to prepare him for his future within the framework of the Jewish community. It carries out these objectives through Religious, Cultural, Social, and other activities. In addition, the student can find in the person of the Hillel Director a source of help and counsel with respect to problems by which he is confronted. There is general Jewish student registration in Hillel and the contiiuiing planning of program is in the hands of a student Cabinet. Sealed: Stanley Kornfeld, Carv Baldkind, Rabbi Rosenzweig. Bob Weinstpin, Bob Scott. Standing: Dickie Shuin Sandman, Albert Waitman. Judv Roscnzweig. Dorothy Blilzer. Chuck Meltsner, Terry Barkin. 153 ■IIB WJ ;tt H ilHE Br BILL HOUSER President Each Sunday evening, this affiliate of the Lutheran Student Association of America, brings together a large nuniiter of its 60 menil)ers for a supper meal, devotional, and program. Emphasis is upon student participation in all aspects of this activitv. Lutheran Student Association Talks on Christian responsiijility. prejudice, evan- gelism, and Lutheran World Federation; special worship services; and recreation events have been program features. Members participate in LSA state, regional, and national conferences, as well as in the local congregation. Officers are William Houser. President; Frances Reynolds, Vice-President; James Kinney, Secre- tary; and Dana Quade. Treasurer. Conunittee chair- men are Douglas Gaston, Max Petzold. Betty Huff- man, Ray Yount, Caroline Wilson, George Reese, and Lawrence Lohr. In seven-state regional activity, William Houser serves as President and Susanne Mosteller as Secretary. Lawrence Lohr is Vice- President of the North Carolina area. Bill Houser conducts his weekly business meeting before devotional services are held bv th 154 AFROTC The AFROTC unit at the University of North Carolina, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel F. W. Swanii. has for eleven years been an integral part of the school. The United States Air Force has been recognized as America ' s first line of defense, so it is the purpose of the program to provide a ready supply of officer material. New pilots and observers must be constantly trained. LT. COL. F. W. SWANN Professor of Air Science CAHT. T. R. HllMPHKi; Cotnnianttant of Cadets In giving the AFROTC cadet the opportunity to inte- grate his preparation for a role as a responsible citizen with the more specific preparation for a role as a well- trained Air Force officer, the Air Force hopes to produce more well-rounded officers. Training here at the Univer- sity consists of intensive classroom work as well as lab- oratory work on the drill field. Principles of effective leadership and the importance of military discipline are stressed. The Corps of Cadets at the University of North Caro- lina has this year been changed in organization from a FAT DILLON ■ Squadron Com SPONSOR SQIADRON Cnrolvn Wisler. Rulh Hoffman. Ma (ubell Carlan, Nancv Milar lioliinson, Mary Lewis Griffin. Sue Voigl, Alice Eller, Patsy Poythress, Patty Sue WaU, Cecile Martin, Lynne Courtney, Alice Kent, Bea Hunger, Jennie Margaret Meador, Carol Dennis, Judy Acker, Katie Stewart. 130 TOM FARRELL Cadet Colonel (;K(»1 1 ' UKADOl AlilKHS SIVFK First Row: M Sgl. William C. Jones. T Sgl. James A. Caldwell. T Sgt. Neil C. Mullen, ar Cadet Basie Edward Gore. Second Row: Lt. Col. Ralph P. Hum, Major William D. Laeke Captain Jerry R. Cole. Captain James A. Ray. Captain William E. Stewart, Captain Cera! M. Mayo, and M Sgt. Kenneth C. Walker. Wing to a Group. Upon entering his junior year the cadet may tjualify for the advanced program which calls for four hours of classroom work and two hours of drill each week. Upon completion of academic requirements for a bachelor ' s degree and the four years of AFROTC training, each man is commissioned and assigned to Air Force active duty. Within the Corps, a hand, a drill team, and a rifle team furnish extracurricular outlets. Cadet Captain Will Barber hold inspeet 157 Squadron t:adel Caplain Dwight Bro Commander, Squadron I Cadel Captain Charles Ada Commnndfr. Squadron II Squadron 158 Drill Squadron ( udel Major Victor K. Goodni Band Squadron Conintandf :adel Major Howard Barbr Drill Squadron Commandpr Band Squadron 159 Sabre Air Command To promote the effectiveness of the Air Force Re- serve Officers ' Training Corps, to increase interest in the concept of Air Power, and to provide an opportunity for further development of leadership aside from the regular AFROTC program are main purposes of Sabre Air Command. The Alease Saunders Squadron at UNC was organized during the academic year 1956 and has continually grown in both size and effectiveness. At the present time it is unique among military honor societies in that it devotes all its efforts to the freshmen and sophomore cadets, helping to pre- pare them for the Advanced Corps and eventually commissions in USAF. Membership in Sabre Air Command is restricted to freshmen and sophomores who show definite leadership abilities and willingness to express them- selves through efforts. Creating a sense of responsi- bility and gaining the knowledge in methods of its employment are integral parts of Sabre Air Com- mand ' s mission. In creating a closer esprit de corps the Sabre Air Command has greatly contributed to the Air Force ROTC program. Operation Build-Up at the beginning of the fall semester is a main project for Sabre Air Command each year since its inception. Operation Build-Up, a recruiting campaign to en- roll freshmen in the Corps, is carried out through the efforts of the Cadet Corps with the organiza- tional plans being formulated and arrangements made by joint efforts of Saine Air Command and Arnold Air Society in conjunction with the detach- ment staff. Mtmbers of ihe Sabr Command fr Frederic Wolfer. John Lufkin. John Garver. Richard Rh. trailer; and Joel Vickers, Commander. Behind them are: K. Howard Pope, David Parker, Michael Bell. Paul :Marshbu Adams, Richard Bergren, Robert Aldridge. Bilh Kent. Ilarr Robert Bingha.-n. John Ray, Samuel Dorset!. Operat ' n Offic Willi: Atkii ., Thomas Harris. Robert Fulghum. Hergeant-at-Arms: Douglas Kellv, Comp- anelh Styers. Executive Officer: Mike Smith. Adjutant; Bennett Denemark. n, Robert Silliman, Charles Wrye. Eddie Roberts. lichael Bjers, Franklin L ' sher, and Lewis Sande 160 l. ' nilM ' r of ill. ' Vrilolil Mr Smith, Lackey, Mayo, J. Ada illl;IMI . Ilr Hack K,m: Major (.abus. Advisor; Cole, Hunt, Farrell, Arnold Air Society The warrior who cultivates his mind polishes his arms. ■ ' We of the Air Force ROTC accept this motto as a challenge and a pledge that in the future we shall by diligent and unrestrained effort instruct and train ourselves so that each of us shall have the qualities and attributes essential to our progressive and continued development throughout our lifetime as Officers of the United States Air Force. " The Arnold Air Society is a national military fraternal organization designed to recognize and develop outstanding leadership among the mem- bers of the AFROTC throughout the nation. The activities of the Jesse J. Moorhead Squadron here at UNC are many and diversified, and because the membership is made up of outstanding advanced cadets, the entire cadet corps has benefited from suggestions and ideas which have originated from this society. 161 N ROTC Capta Alex iM. Patterson, USN ommanding Officer Commander John H. Gr Executive Offic Unit Color Guard STAFF UtH( First Row: Ll. H. R. Humphrey, USN, Supply Officer; Major L. C. Norton, USMC, Marine Officer; Lt. C. P. Barnes, USN, Gunnery Officer. Second Row: Lt. (j.g.) R. F. Lehr, USN, Engineering Officer; Cdr. E. L. Foster, USN, Senior Line Officer; Lt. (j.g.) J. G. Abert, USN, First Lieutenant. Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps units are established throughout the country for tlie pur- pose of providing qualified Regular and Reserve Officers to the Navy and Marine Corps. Students in the Naval Reserve Officer Train- ing Corps, although required to take the same courses and participate in the same drills and other activities while at the University, fall into two categories: regular and contract. The regular program is a primary source of Regular career officers for the Navy and Marine Corps. These students are selected on a nation- wide, competitive basis. They receive tuition, books, and fees as well as .$600 per year retainer pay. They are required to participate in three summer training cruises while in the program, and to accept a regular commission and serve on active duty for four years upon graduation. The contract program offers Naval Science training to qualified students and a commission in the Naval Reserve, the Regular Marine Corps, or the Marine Corps Reserve upon graduation. Students einoUed in this program receive a small monthly allowance during their junior and senior years, but must pay their own tuition and other expenses. One summer training cruise between the junior and senior years is required of con- tract students. Upon graduation they are required to accept a commission and remain on active duty for two years. 162 Mid ' n. Lieutenant Operations Officer; Bill Roth, IVlid n. Captain, Battalion Com- mander; and Joel Snow, Mid ' n. Com- mander, Executive Officer, Second Rote: Don Johnson, Mid ' n. Lieutenant (j.g. ), Adjutant; Walt Rose, Mid ' n. Lieuten- ant, Communications Officer; and Bill Redding, Mid ' n. Lieutenant, Supply Offic 163 OLARTERDECK SOCIETY First Roir: Peter Ho aboom, Vice- President: Bob Blakely, Treas- urer; Frank Lookett, Theodore Moore, and David Shoaf. Second Rote; Maurice Glatzer, President; Strud Nash, Secretary-; F. E. Knight, Al Goldsmith, and Bill Redding. On Tuesday, Platoon Drill • • • Rifle Team 164 Summer Cruise After forming friendships with contemporaries in the navies of seventeen nations at the International Naval Review in Norfolk. Midshipmen from UNC joined the Fleet for two months of summer cruising. The day began at 0600: they worked until 1600. and often stood watches through the night. Midship- men learned the ships from the bilges to the funnels, and generally ended up cleaning both. While seniors practiced navigating their ships through rough weather, the sophomores wei ' e introduced to the ancient arts of painting and holystoning. However, all training was interrupted as the ships crossed the Equator, and a new generation of " Shell- backs " was born. The pleasures of warm nights under the Southern Cross at sea was exceeded only by those ashore. Some of the Middies went to Rio, and some to Sao Paulo: but all became confirmed " cariocas " in one wonderful week. After stopping briefly in Trini- dad and Puerto Rico. Cuba was the destination. In " Gitmo " the last salvo from the last battleship ' s guns was fired, as well as the newest missiles from the newest cruiser. Back in the states, the UNC contingent met college sailors returning from Quebec, and then left for home to tell sea-stories — each tanned Middy now a " world traveler, " and waiting for even more fun the next summer. Midshipman Cruise Alpha - harbor of Rio de J the beautiful Liberty party returns to the M Gitino " Bov. 165 Scabbard and Blade The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is a nation-wide military honor society with chapters located in leading colleges and uni- versities having ROTC programs. Member- ship is by election only and selection is based upon military leadership and academic merit, the members being outstanding ROTC officers. The purpose of the society is to maintain and develop the qualities inherent in good and efficient officers, to prepare these officers to take a more active part and exert a greater influence in the military affairs of our country, JOHN R. ALEXANDER Captain DWIGHT E. BROWN First Lieutenant g to unite in a closer relationship the military departments of American universities, and above all else to spread accurate and intelligent information concerning our na- tion ' s military requirements. Members of the Scabbard and Blade are first row: Philip Williams, Walter Fitls. Carev W. Daniel. William Redding, Eric Jacobsen, and William D. Lackey. Seronrf Roir: John Alexander. Dwight E. Brown, Canie B. Smith, Robert F. Blakely, Tom Farrell, Bogdan M. ZIotnicki, and Joel A. Snow. Third How: R. (.. r;i h».ll. R:il,,h Hunl. Maurice Glatzer, Bill Roth, H. J. Sommer. David A. Ellis, and E. W. Butchart. 166 Soci Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi was founded nationally in 1851 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon and char- tered at the University of North Carolina No- vember 11. 1939. Her colors are blue and white and her flower the woodland violet. The publica- tion of Alpha Delta Pi is The Adelphean. BROWN, B. J. Secretary BROWN, M. r.. BIRKHARDT CHANDLER DANCE DAUGHTRIDGE DREXLER FISHER GRIFFIN HANSEN HOFFMAN HOFLER HOLT HOUSE HIFFMAN JOHNSON Treaturei JONES MASON MILLER MILHAM MacLeod nicholson odonnell pressley SCHILTZ SHAW y ice-President SHELBOl ' RNE STALLINGS WENDLER WHITELE President ■WOODS 168 SUSAN WHITELEY President To remember always . . . the finest year for our chapter . . . twenty-five candidates for Model Pledge Award . . . Ellen and Meri summoned before M.E.O.O.Y.G.O.W.L. . . . Joani puts meter on pygmy mobile . . . Mary Ann widow by law . . . MM leads Mongolians watering horses in living room . . . spot on chapter room floor ... Pi Phi bandits running through the hall . . . Ann can ' t find a seat in Y court . . . Margaret Lives Modern . . . Karen and friend shoot out spotlights in the yard . . . Migrations to New York, U.Va.. and Annapolis . . . Edie rehearsing suicide on fire escapes . . . Shaw remains loyal in spite of State interests . . . How " s the press box. Patsy? . . . Three greatest transfers . . . Santa is good to Margaret and Mary Lewis . . . Cludy. where ' s the I ' pper: Blind date? win every time!? Lower: Sentenced liv the M.O.O.T.G.W.P.L. . . . Bible salesman? . . . Huffman and Mary Jane migrate to G.M. . . . Pressley strikes at dawn . . . Mrs. Mac- Donalds loving concern for us. ALPHA DELTA PI PLEDGE CLASS First Rote: Adams. Jones, Pugh, Carlan, White. Second Rotr: Simmons. Johnson. Card, Rucker, Davis. MarLamb. Third Row: Smith. Webber. Bailev, McGurk. Arnold. Greenfield, Nichols. Mav, Allsbrook, Thomas. Havs. Harvev. Paden. 169 Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma Delta was founded nationally in 1904 at Syracuse University and chartered at the University of North Carolina in 1945. Her colors are red. buff and green and her flowers, red and buff roses. The publication of Alpha Gamma Delta is The Quarterly. SINK Secrelary SMITH SOMERS STAI.VEV STRAUGHN WEBB 170 BARBARA FOWLER Pretidenl Year started with cleaning ... 27 fabulous pledges! YW secretary. publications board. Lynnie gives bizarre operation reports, Loretta learned the pre- scription trade. Active WAA ' ers. Fraternities: parties, serenades, dinner. Food: subject for thought; Effie hiding. Debbie seeking. Middies! Many new beauties plus Martha . . . BIG pledge week-end . . . Exams: crammed. Ruth distributed bills. Barbara presided while J. M. activated, P. A. contacted. Kathryn rushed. Frances trained pledges, Fredrice explained marriage. Ann conquered physics . . . phone rang, they ' re in Egypt but come anyway . . . geography took Libby. Ka swims on. Patsy tries home-making. Nancy and her letters. Where ' s Caroline? Florida anyone? Bev wants company. Sue recorded FT A. Stylish Stalvey pranced through summer school and on. Phyllis, a Valkyrie. I ' pper: How the stvles change! Lower: Gossip lime!! " Nobody loves me, " wails Em. Ingie ' s off again — " Almost Canada? " More exams. Kenan on a starry nite, Hogans on a sunny day, many, many other things we Alpha Gammas did. Graduation! . . . Carolina terrific ! ALPHA GAMMA DELTA PLEDGE CLASS Firtt Rmc: Lea, Smi Ih. Zeh, Risrh. Second Row: Brillon, Sweeney, Dickerson Carter. Pollard. Third Row: F irnham. Donnelly. Fishe r, Coje. Jarkson, Robinson. Fourth Row: Crane, Taylor. Knox. Johnson . Dodd, Skillmai 1. Wall. 171 Alpha Tau Omega The national fraternity of Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865. and the local chapter was established fourteen years later, in 1879. The official publication of Alpha Tau Omega is The Palm, and its colors are azure and gold. VIARLEY MORRISON PITTMAN PRESTON President RAND y ice-President ROBERTSON ROSS SANDERS SIMPSON STF.CK STREET SITTLE IPCHIRCH WARDRUP YATES YANCEY 172 JIM PRESTON President ' 57 and back to the walls . . . Tall pinned, again? Jordan — he knows some poker . . . Boden gets live squirrel . . . Football ' s here with Droze fumbling. Mouse mumbling, and Black tumbling . . . Upchurch ' s serenade — " we ain ' t drunk enough! " . . . Sputnik sputters, muttnik mutters and Lonesies? . . . Goose, our Tiger on the soccer team . . . Sleepy Sam at Ger- mans . . . Stud — groid with Freud on his mind . . . Hawk caught between two women . . . Christmas egg- nog and high spirits . . . " Flash " Haig eating chicken, pickout the red chunks . . . McLean racks the grades, Burgwyn racks out, and Choo racks . . . Simpson and " Gigi " . . . Skinny pushing pills and Corvets . . . Pledge weekend and Kenan ' s corps comes through . . . Beach weekend and sand in our Buds . . . Robbie Ross Upper: Nickel, dime . . . anyone? Lower; Til bet it ' s nice! dates Bony Marony . . . Preston peeps from exec suite; Otis peeps from anywhere . . . Spring, graduation — 16 make annals team. ALPHA TAU OMEGA PLEDGE CLASS Seated: White, Early, Cummin B. Eskrid e. Ott, . Standing: Wilson. Rand. Holmes. Larimer, Pinnell. Holland, Green. Butler. Carmode. 173 Beta Theta Pi Beta Theta Pi. the oldest great national fraternity, was founded at Miami Lniversity. Oxford. Ohio, on August 8. 1839. Eta chapter was chartered in 1852 as the third fraternity at UNC. The fraternity magazine Beta Theta Pi is the oldest of its kind. The national colors are pink and blue, and the flower is the rose. BALDRIDGE BENDER BONNER BRANDNER CALLICOT y ice-President MckENZIE MORRISSETT ELLER MSBET PATTERSON, 1 Treasurer PATTERSON, J. PRICE PIPKIN yUALLES RAMSEY RAPER SHIIFORD Secretary STONER WILLIAMS 174 CHARLES R. MAY President The year 1957 got off to a good start under the leader- ship of president. Chuck May. Betas were active in campus athletics and our teams participated in intra- mural athletics and won the campus tennis champion- ship. Beta ranked third on campus scholastically this year and five of our juniors were initiated into Phi Beta Kappa with Graham Holding being named presi- dent. Socially speaking, we started off the year in high gear and haven ' t let up. An excellent seventeen man pledge class bolstered spirit to its peak. There seems to be something doing every weekend. The home game football weekends with bar combo parties, Maryland weekend and a Beta exodus to College Park to see the Upper: Button, button. who 8 got the button? Lower: Swing easy . . . Queen — and the game. Fall Germans with Les Elgart and a have-gun-will-travel blast, and many more won- derful weekends left in the year. BETA THETA PI PLEDGE CLASS First Row: Brown, Barefoot, Welton, Barbee, Carter. Second Row: Blythe, Mi-Coll, Balas, Miiler, Wright. Third Row: Honneycutt, Fox, Brown, Reaves, Faison. 175 Chi Omega Chi Omega was fuuncled nationally in 1895 at the University of Arkansas and chartered at the University of North Carolina January 20. 1923. Her colors are cardinal and straw and her flower is the white carnation. The publica- tion of Chi Omega is The Eleiises. BIZZEl.l. BOAZ BRADFORD BRINSON CAMPBELL CHAPIN. t:. CHAPI . R. CHAPPELL COE President DeARMON DRAKE FARRINCTON FUNK y ice-Prendent HANNAIN Secretary HUDSON JOHNSON KIRBY LAWRENCE McCORD MrKENZIE MARTOCCIA MELTON MILLER MOORE MORSE NOMAN Treasurer ROBERTS RUCKER RUFFIN SANDERS STARLING THOMPSON WATKINS WELCH WESTBROOK WHEELER 176 kATHERI E COE President This is monitor going places and doing things. Loca- tion: Chi Omega House; Time: September ' 57-May ' 58; Choice: excerpts from a red hot tape: Jest like Toni is to curls. Chi Omega is to girls . . . 30 of the best. Lady bugs everywhere, with Punk in the lead . . . and the scholarship cup to boot . . . Circle Seven flutters by . . . Midnight drill featuring Libhy on the pan . . . Angel, the parakeet, flu in every room . . . The ATO Show starring Bradford and Hannan . . . Johnson, Coe, Kirby contact . . . Westbrook. the niglit visitor . . . Penny with greenbacks in green bug. Tog and Linda lav down the law . . . Hudson strives for tranquility . . .BUTCH!! . . . Campbell flaslies by . . . Funk in whites . . . Larry " Yacking " . . . McKenzie maps meals . . . Daryl turns Playmaker . . . Amy gets " l)ig blue " diamond . . . Get " epp. Drake ' ' " . . . Act n. Jay does " Business " . . . Ruth and Eliza- beth prefer Glen Lennox and Brunson and Ruffin get ideas . . . Take 1 . . . MMMCC. CHI OMEGA PLEDGE CLASS First Rok: Merrv Minnicli. Traske, Hafer, WaIkin . pith. DiViri-. ond Ro,c: ice. Brunei Third R. Chralham Bake Kella rth Ro Hopkii ilh. Ward, m. While, Martin, 4rnirield, Ri gins. .- Elliot. Anthony, lev, Eells, Waike;. Grumpier. Hohbs, Huske. Gardner. Chi Phi The National Chapter of Chi Phi was founded at Princeton University in 1824 and this chapter, the original Southern Order, in 1858 and 1924. Its colors are scarlet and blue and the publication is the Chi Phi Chaketl. ABERNETHY DOWDLE GARRELL GOLDSMITH Secretary INMAN JARRELL KENAN LEWIS MAIILDIN PARTRIDGE President PATSEAVOURAS PHI.NIZY POTTER PLRKS Vice-Preiident RATTAY ROSS STEVENS TATUM WARICk 178 STEVE PARTRIDGE Pledges and flu — got ' em both. Pledges best ever. Football games . . . everybody our guests, even Navy. Parties — Jazbo ' s jungle jjunny i)op, Mauldin ' s " Pay your bills " ; Randy, silent janitor; " ' Cowboy " Kenan shoots pistol, Goldbutt; boy wonder(?). Beat Dook. homecoming, Jane — WOWEE! Jarrel, body beauti- ful; Inman, the elongated sliderule. Tatum, " Gotta study " ; Polak asks Sandy for date? Bubba fascinated by third floor head. Purk ' s golden toe. Dameron " No seconds, " Dowdle slips one out. Partridge. Grand Zeus of Poison Ivy League; Lewis, " I find confidence in my Bible. " Upper: It would be even belter with a picture. Lower: YouM get more mileage with higher Octane. Annual Christmas party for orphans. Pledge Week- end, toga party — two in one sheet? — National Con- gress here. Then graduation? CHI Fill PLEDGE CLASS Firtt Row: Gi Haywood, Greene. Secoi Maunev, Marshburn. Me Third Row: Barringer. eene. Vallotoii. Blvthc, Brown, id Row: Hclm», Belogua, Meek. ans, Thompson. Covin, Abbott. incoff, Suplee, ixon. Wardlaw. 179 Chi Psi SCHWERZKI, SMOTHERS SOWERS President SIGG Tl ' RNER 180 JERRY SOWERS After we counted noses, we discovered that practically everyone returned to make Chi Psi ' s 103rd year a year to rememher. Our beloved parrot was still with us ready to resume her role as housemother. We were delighted to see that her vocabulary of profanities was once again quite adequate. One and all were over- whelmed with the new crop of coeds and a few of the " movers " led the charge. Nineteen new individuals appeared on the scene ready, willing, and able to be- gin a whole new life. While parties, banquets, and balls stood second only to scholarship, the qualities of dignity and conservatism continued. Fraternities and sororities l)oth here and at Duke joined us to make the year a swinging affair. . . . Sorority dinners, fac- ulty teas, house parties, and Germans are all on the I pper: Man ' s best friend and Friend . . Lower: Ain ' t we got fun! social schedule for this year. To complete the balance of activities, brothers and pledges are once more active in student affairs. CHI PSI PLEDGE CLASS First Rote: Olive, Mallins, Walters, Rogers. Second Rote: OtI, Reeves, Coker. Raver, Carroll, Reaves. Third Row: Reeder, Ferguson, Dorsell, Rucker, Turnbull, Johnson. 1 1 m 1 181 Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta was founded nationally in 1889 at Boston University- and was chartered at the University of N orth Carolina April 9. 1943. Her colors are silver, gold and blue and her flower is the pansy. The publication of Delta Delta Delta is The Trident. BARNES BEAMS BELL President BULL BUTLER COREY CRATER Secretary CRAWFORD DAWSON DICKENS DILLON FEARRINGTON Treasurer FOWLER GRAHAM HARTZOG HEDRICk HOLDERNESS Vice-President JOSEY LOGAN PROCTOR McCLATCHEY MacKAY MILAN RAWLS RICE RIDLEY ROBERTSON RUSH SAMPLE SWARINGEN SYER THAMES WALSER WILLIAMSON, E. WILLIAMSON, S. WILLIFORD WILLINGHAM 182 BETTY BELl Prpsidpnt Another year for Tri-Delta — the l)est of all! With the house like new, and the " terrific twenty-eight " . . . memories of rush . . . live action, sound and color in ■■3D " . . . and memories of the discreet second floor phone Ijooth . . . fire escape service . . . Roomful of Roses . . . parking lot parties ' n problems . . . " al- rightie ole sweetie " and Helen . . . our favorite visitor and her TV programs . . . Pandemonium and the Baby Moles . . . The Rebel, the Yank, and the Swamprat . . . the Chi Kitchen Crew and Mrs. Gorman ' s watchful care . . . the exclusive ring and pin club — and us wishful thinkers! The Pink Lady always ready to go . . . Duke med student cures one active . . . and so it I ' pper: We don ' t look this way all the time!!! Lower: There ' s heen $ome changes made . . . goes. Such sadness to be seniors — but we ' ll always rememljer the little grey house on Pittsboro Street and the Delta sisters. DELTA DELTA DELTA PLEDGE CLASS Ursl «oir: Dawson. Forsvth. Robinso Second Rotr: Marti Bo Wi Ridgewa 1. Bonnei n. Tuggl. snight. Third Roic: Bui Oowdv, Page. Glenn. Pur Shannonhouse. Fourth R Ross. Gluvas. Ross Crutrh field, Newn Donisthorpe. Gray 183 Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Kappa Epsilon was founded nationally at ale I niversity in 1844. and the local chapter was establish- ed in 1851. Delta Kappa Epsilon publishes quarterly its official magazine, entitled The DEKE Quarterly. and the national colors are scarlet, azure, and old gold. ASHFORD PresidFtll ATKINSON BLANTON BORDEN COBB COCHRANE CROW HARTZOG Treasurer JESTER JOHNSON LEGGETT LINDSLEY LOCKETT Ll ' ESlNG MADDREY MtMILLION MORRIS PALMER, W. PALMER, Y. PATRICK PEARSALL, M. PEARSALL, T. PENDER PERRY PICKARD Vive-Prenidei, RAGSDALE RAND ROBERTS SCHENCK SHEPARD SHIFORD, H. SHl ' FORD, S. SIMS SMITH, C. SMITH, E. SMITH, H. STOKER (ALKER WATSON WEAVER WEBB WHITAKER ZOLLICOFFER 184 CHARLIE ASHFORD President The lOTth year of Beta Chapter, 1957, found the Dekes dapper and determined as evidenced by — " Bear " Walker ' s perennial hijjernation and the on- again-off-again love affair of the " spastic. " Few of lis can forget Borden ' s satchel-derriere and obligation dating or the " vet-block, " with " pivotal-district " Shuford as its avante-guarde. Todd, Harry, " Panda Bear " and " Sputnik " (beep-beep) Cobb continued to display their Phi Bete potential, while Link lectured on anthropology and was still in pursuit of " that " girl. Things seemed about normal as Zog played his poor-mouthed housemother role to the hilt. At the end of the year two overcrowded semesters had reduced themselves into a kaleidoscopic blur of last minute intranuiral touchdowns, " lost beach week- l pper: W i ihi- Admirar? ■er: Please let ' s do it ri ht this tir ends, " something about a party with the Virginia Dekes, and those sobering Monday morning quizzes, punctuated by the sheer individuality of the " band of brothers. " DELTA KAPPA EPSII.ON PLEDGE CLASS Bottom Rote: Wessinper, Blount. Wilson. Middle Roir: Zealv, Tiffany, Ragsdale, Jones. Top Row: Slith, Morris, Wood, McCotler, Holderness. Itia Delta Upsilon Delta I psilon wa? foundefl at Williams College in 1834. and the local chapter in 1953. The Delia Upsilon Quarterly is its publication, and the colors are sapphire blue atid old gold. ;fy J - BOIDREAU DALTON ELLIS GRAY GREEN HOWARD JOHNSON KEMM Treasurer MENZEL y ire-Preiident SHAPARD SLOAN VANCE WOOD 186 GERRY BOIDRF.AI President Bigger and better . . . more members, more spirit and more successes than ever before. Guy ' s great social schedule — then his broken leg . . . the weekend Andy kicked himself, and was almost laid up for a week . . . long sieges of flu and the temperature pool — it was a rugged year in many ways. Parties: Jim falling off the piano, another Jim ' s weekend with Davis date, and the third Jim ' s trips to Baltimore. The combo that never finished together — Padre John, Bud, Don G., Bruce, Harold, Jim B. and Frank. Charlie ' s homecoming display — sleepy people on the porch roof at five a.m. Stud ' s big phone bill, Roy ' s sage sayings, Sid and Gerry and the US Marines. Lanny ' s tall top bunk, " If Bill says it ' s all right, " Tom ' s troubles with other people ' s teeth. Buddy and the girl in the Dairy Bar, Neil ' s amazing capacity, Ernie ' s constant complaints. Lynn and Stan the con- fused waiters, and Carl ' s plentiful paraphernalia, all added up to make the year DU ' s most successful. DELTA l ' PSILO PLEDGE CLASS First Row: Sowers, Spoon. Second Roic: McDonald. Smith. French, Leonard. Third Roic: Gardner, Black. Smith. Ellison. Keller. 187 •i lfi - Kappa Alpha The national chapter of Kappa Alpha was found- ed at Washington and Lee L niversity in lo65. and locally in 1881. The colors are crimson and old gold, and the flowers are the magnolia and the crimson rose. Its publication is the Kappa Alpha Journal. POST RECHHOLTZ REYNOLDS SHINN SIMPSON SMITH STATON THARRINGTON IPTON I ' SINA WILSON icr-Prr.irfpnl CHLtK FLACk Gay, illiterate rush cliairnian. got the pledges . . . Rickey finally talked someone into buying his pin . . . Tharold and Punch entertained in " The Most Beauti- ful Room in the House " . . . Rock Highsmith pressed everything in sight . . . Globby and Sam, world trav- elers . . . Flack crooned Shinn to sleep . . . Clay and his infectious grin . . . Nicholtz was a 40 ' , man . . . The sound of bells when L. D. appeared . . . Whole- Hog Harlee waxed fatter . . . Murray met the mail- man . . . Wilson drilled the pledges . . . Plyler returned from his native jungle . . . Fitts and the Chief sup- ported Clarence . . . The Senator was haunted by a friendly Spook . . . Usina decorated the streets of Richmond . . . Upton nourished us on " Mystery Mounds " . . . Staton, the only lizard with ulcers . . . Drew, Driver, and Pope came to save us . . . Blackie, with both thundjs up . . . T. C. cured an outbreak of I ,,,„..• In M, ■ ' Now ril just lake a al photo anil . wazoo trouble . . . Lowe preached while Hamp got the votes . . . Between parties. Jap worked; between dates, Bostic sweated graduation. With " Smilin ' Char- lev " Flack to lead us. how could we fail? KAPPA ALPHA PLEDGE CLASS Sitting; Turner, Carter, Pemberton, Peace, Davi , Travis. Kneeling: Fuller. Pierre, Manning, Eller. VIright. Standing: Bowden. Brown, Guffev, Hoskins. Miller, Beverage. iGy Kappa Delta Kappa Delta was founded nationallv in lo97 at F ongwood College. Farmville. Virginia, and chartered at the University of North Carolina on May 22. 1951. Her colors are green and white and her flower is the white rose. The publication of Kappa Delta is The Angelas. ALLEN BARNES CLPP OOIGHERTY ELLER GRAHAM HEATON HODGSON HONEY JACKSON KILLIAN LEDFORD LYON, B. LYON, N. MacKinnon President MARSHALL McCORD MILLER MOORE Secretary PARSHLEY PATTEN y ice-P resident PAYNE POTTER PRICE SCHAEFFER SIMPSON SNYDER TURNER ViEBSTER Treasurer WHITTAKER WARREN ZWAHLEN 190 EDITH MacKinnon President Buon Giano . . . that breakfast table Italian . . . witli " Simon " at the helm . . . twenty-one wonderful pledges . . . Betty ' s parliamentary procedure . . . Alice, chief Cosmo and gatekeeper . . . Lloyd ' s l)road A ' s . . . Betty R. gets pinned, gets present . . . Sally S. — " Turn over tha record! " . . . Nancy L. " A Club " . . . Connie ' s little words — " Unga " . . . Joey ' s weekend in Washington . . . Jane ' s pledges . . . Betsy moves into library . . . Barbara H. ' s " Y ' all I just don ' t know " . . . June ' s alarm at 3:00 a.m. . . . Charlotte commutes from Durham . . . Bobbie, Marty. Joey, and Mary representatives in Alderman . . . Moore, " No, Fred, I ' m not ready yet " . . . Sally. Gail, and Norma, miss- ing; Bev remains . . . our great transfers — Betsy. Betsy and Martha . . . Joyce. " That ' s unbelievable " . . . Edie ' s secret desire . . . Nancv G. " That ' s so-o-o ( pper: Compliment!, of Marlboro . Lower: The best time of the day! cute! " . . . Marcia ' s trip to police station . . . Frances, " Let ' s go play! " . . . The two Bobs . . . and every now and then books ... as Mrs. Graham, patient and understanding, rules over chaos . . . Arrividerci . . . KAPPA DELTA PLEDGE CLASS First Row: Leonard. Courtney, Sampson. VonBranier. Connell, Caine. Serond Row: Howard, Strait. Potter, Davis, Campbell, Elden, Hailr. Hurst. Third Row: Slaek. Bass, Johnson, Crumbley, Brock, Miller, Armstrong. 191 Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma was founded nationally at the Lni- versitv of Virginia in 1869. and the local chapter in 1893. Its colors are scarlet, white and emerald green, and the flower is the lily-of-the-vallev. The Kappa Sigma publications are The Caducaeus and The Star and Crescent. PRITl.HETT ROBERTS STEWARD f ' ice-Presidenl SUTTON THOMPSON WELLS WRAY 192 RICHARD FRAZIER Prfsideni Kappa Sig l)egan year with " New-Look " house. Ram- Ewe Michael plays daddy to New-Thirty . . . Roh closes green door for good. ' " Knox, cut my steak, ])Iease " . . . Hal ' s harem moves to Hill . . . Harry and Judie study in car . . . Subject ' . ' ' . . . Ballew travels to Averette . . . Fraukie Lymon keeps Kemp ' s in busi- ness . . . Hargo promotes good will among Kappa Sig ( ' hapters . . . Terror and Old Mr. Boston, best friends . . . Bald Iggle has daily shampoos . . . Happer has rockets for Minataiirs . . . Craven takes dates square dancing . . . Frazier finds Pigmy . . . Fine2;an switched I pper: kuppu Sig lious.- willi kA Lower; AA randidutes. to Budweiser . . . Reggie mails daily report . . . Jake switches: football to politics . . . Cat jjegins calcula- tions at Spencer . . . Everybody has big time . . . KAPPA SIGMA PLEDGE CLASS Ural Roiv: R. Fordham. Sharpe, Dcgnon, Springs. Seiond Row: K. Smith, Tol.r. Jacobus, Thompson. Holl rook, Cunningham, Mills. Third Row: Fowler. Cunimings, W. Fordham. Woolen, Martin, Webh. Stewart, Waller, Brewer, Wooldrige, Lefler, Henderson. F. Smith. 193 Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha was founded nationally at Boston University in 1909, and locally in 1926. The Cross and Crescent is the official publication of Lambda Chi Alpha. The flower is the white rose, and its colors are purple, green and gold. ALLRED BALLIS BARBER BEAVER Vice-Presidenl BERRYHILI. CORNWELL DRIES FAIR FIELDS GRAHAM GREGORY GREEN HOWERTON JOHNSON President LANDRETH Secretary LASHLEY LITTLE LOVE MATTHEWS MILIERI NEWTON READ SHERRILL Treasurer TEAGUE THOMPSON TWISDALE ULMER WHITE WHITELY 194 JAMES JOHNSON President Dear Dad. Have to make this brief as the Commissar of the Y.Y. put a quota on writing space; LXA ' s had a great year; good pledge class though C.H. and V.M. may think differently; K.B., P.W., M.R. and G.S. spent 2 semesters at W.C. ; F.G. and G.K. have reserved seats at the Tempo; D.D. writes us from Catawba often: J.F., S.T. and J.L. moved out, complaining about the stillness; L.G. missed seeing J.C. at Ko-ed Korner; D.K. and H.L. broke up? with their chicks; and C.F. puts down brew to play flute. All this topped off with our 30th Anniversary banquet and a great bunch of tpper: " Chow. ' ' Lower: Queens all. officers makes it worth hanging around another yeai% so I ' ll see you and Mom when you get back from Reno. Your son, Eskridge LAMBDA CHI ALPa4 PLEDGE CLASS First Rote: Goodson, Kelly, Miller. Second Row: Morse, Maydanis, Graham, Lusk, Hoadley. Third Row: Fletcher, Craig, Butler, Fischer, Grizet, koontz, Parlin, borbes. 195 Phi Delta Theta The national fraternity of Phi Delta Theta was found- etl at Miami I niversity of Ohio in 1848. and locally in liioS. The Scroll and The Palladium are the official jiublications of Phi Delta Theta. Its colors are white and blue, and the official flower is the white carnation. -£ - ' V BARKS Secretary BRADLEY CATES CHERRY President CHESTNUT COOPER HeePreside CLAYTOR CLSHMAN CUTCHIIN DARNELL DEANS EAVES Trensurei EPPS FLOYD HOGABOOM HOWSON klLLINGER McDANlEL HLLEN PITTMAN SALLEY WEAVER 196 MARK CHERRY The vear was kicked off by McDaniel with a new- looking house and the top pledge class. We gained momentum with a Teltas flareup that died in the face of staid Alpha SigSig. while the pledges provided a Beat Dook float winner. Helmsman Fireball diverted himself with Germans, duck hunts, and business-school-like mysteries, while Wendy struggled valiantly in the face of stove and Reet. Darnell featured new and impregnable point system for the pledges, and Floyd became chief pros- ecutor. Moon continued his devotion to fraternity and Killinger shortly followed suit, while Clavtor and Pittman tried their fingers in assorted pies. IS n Mi Upper: Mark ' s tongue and Grey ' s line. Lower: The wonderful life of a pledge. Ma and Wayne cond)ined to continue the best of meals in adverse circumstances — don ' t know why you put up with us, Ma, but glad you do. PHI DELTA THETA PLEDGE CLASS Fir»f Roio: Waldorf, Warner, Warren, Smith, Lindsa . Second Row: Austin. Mitrhell. Bloom, Kentop, Corhelt, Kiker, Gibson. Third Row: Dunlap, Niehols, Grulih. Bernard. Austin, Stem. 197 Phi Gamma Delta Phi Gamma Delta was founded nationally at Wash- ington and Jefferson College in 1848. and the local chapter was established in 1851. The official flower of Phi Gamma Delta is the purple clematis, and the fraternity color is royal purple. The publication is The Phi Gamma Delia. s ' A =tj- BRAOFIELD FIRTADO. B. FIRTADO, D. GARDNER Secretary HARE HENDREN HERRIING, B. HERRING, R. LASSITER MERRITT MYATT OWENS PITT REDDING Treasure ROPER ROSE SEWELL SLOAN SPAIN THOMAS VENTERS. V. VENTERS, . WALSER 198 SMITH BRADFIELD Presidpnl Epsilon began another great year, its 107th . . . " Ma " Mengel still waiting for the mail . . . " Bobby Lou " took the big step . . . " Dumpy " turns scholar, finally makes it . . . " Puck " gives up " woods " for books . . . " Doctor " Walser turns professor . . . Bradfield loses head — pinned . . . " Jeep " longs for Mexico and " Bear " . . . Capps and Venters hibernate in Olympus . . . " Yank " remains the same . . . " A. G. " contracts sleeping sickness . . . " S-S-Sputnik " still going around in circles . . . Hare gives up Durham, now trying on campus . . . " Taxi ' s " new route, Meredith . . . Venters writes, " Especially for Beverly " . . . " Kosher " Hen- dren resumes business . . . " Sober Joe " Browning gets wounded at Peace . . . " Mervin Snerd " is back in at St. Mary ' s (he thinks) . . . Gardner, no saddle, no horse . . . Sloan leads the neophytes . . . " Grinning Ben " seen dancing in dark with door . . . Basement I pper: Greek week Tug-of-War Champs! Lower: Capps and erew at Spring Fiji Island party. remodeled . . . Old reliables, Albert and Paul back at it again . . . Tremendous " Pledge Class " makes for banner year. PHI GAMMA DELTA PLEDGE CLASS First Row: Wilmer, Edwards. Wilkerson, Kalkurst. Torrence, Warren. Second Row: Grizzard. Bryant, McKee, Zieller, Crowder, Bost, Graham, Daughtry, Church. iyy Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity was founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1850. The local chapter. Lambda, was founded in 1856. The colors are black and old gold: the flower is the yellow chrysanthemum. The Phi Kappa Siiinw News Letter and the Lambda Lite are the main publications. ABER ETHY AMAN BARKLEY BEAM BLAKELY BRASWEIX COLE COLLIER CREEM Secretary COINS HAMILL HAWKINS HIDSON KOCHENOUR MAXWELL MENKE MILLS MITCHELL MORRO McGRAW PARRAMORE PHELAN PROESCHER SCHACHNER SHOAF SITORIIS WHITEHEAD SILSON WOOD President 200 ARNOLD T. WOOD President Buoyed up the renewed campus spirit, the Phi Kaps rocketed into this the year of Sputnik with a great pledge class. The judge left accompanied by hearty cheers — we inherited some parking space, if only temporarily. Aman Ijegan the year hy coaching Rusty in tlie art of hedge hopping. Tank played Little Caesar and Mulvihill shillelaghed McGraw. Goat took the hook, and Pops taught Bal)y Bruce. Doug began striving, Jake contiiuied buying, and Menke Ijeamed. Terrv blurted badly. Rocky began mountain climbing. Mr. Wonderful cringed at the Barklev electrical nightmare. Big C aided the D.I. in drilling the pledges. tapper: Two ' Ollple and snake stiver; Who ' s having a good linn: " Yul " Al) remained the shining light. Baljbling Britt, Delin(|uent Deiuiis, and Koch the Gig predicted an outstanding 101st year for the Phi Kaps. I ' HI KAPPA SIGMA PLEDGE GLASS Schio Firsl Roi Blackwell. Dtirh r. Pearcr. ( Ashburn, MrC tirf Rotv: Rich. A. Thoi Bird. Salem. Diekn bur V. Tho Wa Thiril Koir: Gulbrith. Allred, Barnes, Donohue, Heather. de Loiselle, Hodges, Carroll. Bernhardt, Robinson, Strand, Everett. . 1 » %0 Pi Beta Phi Xa Pi Beta Phi was founded nationally in 1867 at Monmouth College, Monmouth. Illinois, and chartered at the University of North Carolina in 1923. Her colors are wine and silver-blue and her flower is the wine carnation. The publica- tion of Pi Beta Phi is The Arrow. ACKERSON BRINCKERHOFF BRITT CARPENTER CLARK CORR fire-Pregidenl CROSSLAND DAVIS DENNIS DONALD FAGEIN Treasurer FENWICK GARVIN GOODWYN GREGORY HASTINGS HEAD KELL LASSITER LLEWELLYN MADISON President MILLER PETER ROOT SAWYER SCOTT SEGRAVES SHAW Secretary SPRITLL STAUB WARBURTON WISLER WHITEHURST WILSON WOODRUFF VAN WEYK 202 BOBBI MADISOIN President Rush is over. Our Neat, Neat Pledges! " Bahama Ma- ma " dreams of distant lands . . . Corr-bird and Wil- sonie pay call to ADPi ' s . . . Gregory, Warburton and Peter keep the wing ringing with their giggles. Billie Rose and Mary Lou trek to Davidson . . . Gaivin screams for her thermometer, and Ackerson joins the ranks . . . Fenwick " Mickey-Mouses " in Peabody . . . Wisler finds Prince Charming . . . Dennis flies to Pensacola on " Angel wings " . . . Brando gets married, we weep. Wrong Marlon eh Nancy? Kell smiles at 7 a.m. and Jane and Margaret stay faithful to KA ' s. l.ila coughs, breaks a rib . . . Betty Sue and Betty Root think of their Daves, and Lucy knits a suit for Sam . . . Hastings and Davis install a private phone . . . Jerri T- Birds it from Duke . . . Placack concentrates on the athletic dep ' t . . . Margie ' s nursing steals her away. Upper: We tried!!!!! Lower: 4:00 a.m. . . . nothing like rush! Llewellyn manages to date every night and Kit ' s phi- losophy boosts us all . . . Bobbie reigns supreme and serene. The arrow shines all the brighter. PI BETA PHI PLEDGE CLASS First Rote: Kaylor, Nicholson, Pearce, Strickland. Klopper. Second Row: Hungar. Brooks. Carothers, Greene, Vaaghl, Bass. Third Row: McCaullev, Baker, Wilkinson. Davis. Gregory, Adams. 2U3 Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha was founded nationally at the Ini- versity of Virginia in 1868. and established at the I niversity of North Carolina in 1895. The publication of Pi Kappa Alpha is The Shield and Diamond, and the colors are garnet and gold. The Official flower is the lilv-of-the-vallev. ALEXANDER, J. H. ALEXANDER. J. T. ALLEGOOD ARTOPE Treasurer BARNHARDT BRAXTON CASHWELL DAVIS ETHERIDGE FISHER GODWIN y iee-Presiden t GOFF GRAY HALL HAMBRICK HARBISON HORNTHAL HOUSE JAMES JONES KERR LACKEY LINBERGER MALCOLM MARRIOT MARTIN NEBEL Pretident PARKER robinson, j. b. robinson, r. h. ro(;ers SCOTT SINGLETON WARNER W ILK INS Secretary WILSON, F. A. WILSON. M. K. WINSLOW 204 WILLIAM NEBEL President The Diverse Breed ... a good year — the last for seventeen. " Billy Nips " (the new check in man) and " Glob " steal pledges beer . . . Mary allergic to " Big Vick ' s " ring. " Game " visionary in tlie hoop. " Horn " and " Slau, " the genial racketeers . . . Artope and Brax go extra curricular. " Jock " and " Whacky " plot destruction of Davy Poplar. " Mouse " and " Rat " and floating card game. Trigger goes provincial. " Raggie- Rouser " becomes individualistic ladies ' man. Another good rush, thanx to " Herm " . . . Moon spent social fund entirely — football weekends. Germans, Winston bus trip, Xmas party (without a casualty for a change), Beach trips, pledge weekend, dream girl, big I ' pper; Dull blade, r: Reporler-tvpe boy-sludelll al work. four picnic and Sunday combos. K.T. and Mase, the champagne kids. T.R. joins Jaguar Club (both bugs. Wart, Cro-Mag, Arnold Stang) to T.A. ' s consternation. HI KAPPA ALPHA PLEDGE CLASS Front Rotv: Efird, Foul. Hendrix, Harris, Jones. Smith. Second Rok: Hollers, Dodson. Hamlet, Bell, Smith, Vick. Third Roic: Hoyle. Griff. Douglas, Tongenecher. Prevost, Voxworth, Hearn. 205 Pi Kappa Phi Pi Kappa Phi fraternity was founded nationally at the College of Charleston in 1904. and was established at the University of North Carolina in 1914. The official colors are gold and white, and the publication is The Star and Lamp. The flower is the red rose. BENNETT Warden BRITT CARROWAY CARTER FAULKNER FORTNER GETTMAN HARRIS HONEYCUTT HUTSON KELLY MACKIE Secretary MELVILLE McKENZIE Treasurer RAY TALLANT WARNER President 206 SIDNEY WARNER President Uncle Sam hit the Pi Kapps hard last year, but the lucky ones returned early with renewed enthusiasm to prepare for rush. " But Daddy-0, we ' ve already painted every room three times! " Caked with paint and drooping with fatigue, we selected sixteen neo- phytes from the maze of rushees. The Pledge Party was a staggering success. Cartwheel prescribes cure for flu . . . The Bamboo Room has hi-fi — no tone just noise . . . Happy Hour at the Tempo . . . Pledge can ' t find front door; sleeps in bushes . . . Stranded in Myrtle Beach — Mackie + poker game = gas money . . . Brothers can ' t find black balls . . . Mas- querade party — Archon comes as snake . . . Scrooge wins pigpot . . . More Happy Hour . . . Science majors Upper: You bet we ' re Lower: More AA candidatci. switch to English . . . Horse trader swaps jeweled pin for Ronson lighter . . . Flunk now — avoid the rush . . . Oh well, next year we ' ll study more. PI KAPPA PHI PLEDGE CLASS First Row: Honeycutt, Perry, Brumley, Infinger. Hut on. Second Row: Brill. Higginis. Harris, Faulkner. Ray. Geltman, Melville. 207 Pi Lambda Phi Pi Lambda Phi was founded nationallv at ale I niversity in 1895. and locally in 1939. The national colors of the fraternity are purple and gold, and its publication is Tripod. »l V? DAVIDSON FLEISHMAN President GARR GOODMAN GREENSPON HORWITZ JACOHSEN KATZIN Treasurer KORNFELD Secretary LEDER ORESMAN REYNER SACKS SOLOMON WAITMAN 208 JOEL FLEISHMAN President The autumn leaves found us anxious to start off the school year. The finishing touches were made to com- plete the transformation of our house into a palatial mansion. Who robbed the bank? A hectic rush week bore fruit in the form of 18 fine pledges. Party season rolled around and party we did! Parents and alunmi converged on the house for the best Homecoming in years. We made use of the secret road to G-boro for Germans. Moonburn became apparent after the music stopped. Mike ' s pinning, and Marty ' s engagement lent a romantic touch. Studying became the latest fad. complete with books! In the spring a young man ' s fancy turns to . , . Our pledge class was honored with Upper: Wake up little Suzie! Lower; Pi Lam Olympic team. a banquet and dance. They deserved the best. As the humidity settled on the Hill, we left, but not without thoughts of a greater year in store for us. PI LAMBDA PHI PLEDGE CLASS First Row: Goodman, Fleishman, Harris, Scharf, Marks. Second Row; Levin, Margolin, Sher, Mogull. Denemark, Elfland. Third Row: Lehrman, Sandman. Sirkin, Sugar, Geline, Fr 209 St. Anthony Hall St. Anthony Hall was founded nationally at Columbia University in 1847. and the local chapter was established in 1854. The oflicial colors of the fraternity are l lue and gold. ATWELL COVELL DOGGETT House Manag:er FLV.W KIRALT DULLER I ' ACkAKU ROBERTSON KOBIINSON RUSSELL TAYLOR THOMPSOIV. J. THOMPSON, L. WILLL MS 210 TAYLOR DOGGETT House Manager Fall opens with Russell conducting overture of ham- mers and brushes, refurnishing for benefit of rushees and to hold house together for (we hope) final year. Pays off with bright new pledge class, best since Civil War . . . First party contributes to their delincjuency. Demaree creates juke box regime and Dr. Russell adds to the intellectual side of life with oratory. Thompson exhibits newly extracted fangs. Williams meets his future spouse. Covell takes a straw vote. Taylor pilots Kiddy Car to beach . . . Miller leads Thirsty Thirteen. Thompson follows . . . All Germans, masquerade. Upper; Tatum prospects work out. Lower: We ain ' t sharp enough! Christmas, beach, Swingout. Doggett closes i)ooks and Robinson closes play. Seniors leave as NEW Hall be- gins to materialize. ST. ANTHONY HALL PLEDGE CLASS Firtt Row: Colescolt, Voorhis, Southerland. Fletcher. Second Row: Kemp, Jones, Bilisoly, Wilson. London. Third Row: Parker, Williams, Yardley, Fackerl, Scott. IB Bil W lPVHi y H " 211 Sigma Alpha Epsilon The I niversity of Alabama was the site of the founding of Sigma Alpha Epsilon nationally in 1856. The local chapter was established one year later, in 1857. The Record is the ofiicial publication of the fraternity, and the colors are old gold and purple. The violet is the ofllcial flower. AINSLIE BROWN BURRESS COOKE, D. D. Secretary COOKE, R. C. COSTELLO UAVIS, O. S. Hce-Presidei DAVIS, W. F. FERRELL FOUNTAIN FOX GALLOWAY HALEY, D. W. HALEY, M. HA WES HENDERSON IGOE JOHNSTON JONES KELLY KEYS LAWSON MAY McMillan ROTH SELLARS SMITH STl RDIVANT TANNER THOMPSON TO IPKINS ALKER 212 JACK JONES PreMent Fall semester was highlighted by unusually good foot- ball season and another superlative pledge class. Junior employed a firm and capable hand to keep us on top, while Kid Kelly directed spirited defense of intramural trophy. Winter slump brightened by S.A.E. weekend and impromptu gatherings in the recreation room. Jay, Carter, and Buster handed out pins. Bulldog and Cookie handed out blanket invitations. Asian flu claimed its victims, and the Nursery earned its name; but everyone was in the prime of health to enjoy Spring festivities. V pper: Rare exhibition of talent. Lower; Gold-brick. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth at departure of seniors, though even they admitted there was plenty of talent to take up the slack. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON PLEDGE CLASS firs! Row: Gump, Watkins, Brand, Woodbury, Causev. Second Roic: Ragland, oodrum, Merrv, Galloway, Ridrnhour. Craighill. Third Row: Duff, Smalley, Harden. Lynn, Brown. 21: Sigma Chi TIMBERLAKE I ' NDERWOOD WEAVER WHALING iiOLTZ, B. WOLTZ, V. ' deni 214 VAN WOLTZ Complete interior decorating jolj starts the " Sigs " 68th and best year yet . . . " Tip Off " spearheads addition of 23 fine pledges . . . Payne and Swearingen lead Sunny Jim ' s hoys to good year . . . Rose and Schiffman ' s feet become webbed . . . " ' Dude. " Cooper, and " Giggles " continue gas warfare . . . " Drac " sinks fangs into discovery in Raleigh . . . Button ' s theme. " Whole lot of shakin " goin ' on " . . . Rollo captains local UP platoon . . . " Possum " has growing pains . . . Wolty moves pad to New East . . . " Icks " entertain- ments, smashing successes . . . Paul still in state of shock after series . . . Long and Weaver turn " softie " . . . Forbes makes the big move . . . " McGoo " elected co-captain of Mote ' s flick team . . . Nancy Jo ' s the I ftper: Juj.t (ifserl!.. Buddv Pavne drinks Gingerale. finest . . . chapter meetings led by " Spotty " continue to flourish with many golden orations . . . Burge keeps rolling for another great year! SIGMA CHI PLEDGE CLASS rirat Row: B. Miller, Walk. r. Foster, Rice. Second Ron ; Divine, Lorance, Thompson. Goode, H. Miller, Murr . Third Roic: Smith, Edison. Clements, Wood, Lipsconili. Holland. Blaek. 215 Sigma Nu Sigma Nu was founded nationally at Vir- ginia Military Institute in 1869. and the local chapter was established in 1888. The white rose is the flower of Sigma Nu. and the national colors are black, white and gold. Sigma Nu publishes quarterly its official magazine, entitled The Delia. ARTHIR BASS BOLTON BRAKE Secretary BRENNAN BLRRELL CRAWFORD CRUMPLER CRUTCHFIELD DAVIS, C. DAVIS, D. EVERTON EXUM FliRIMAN GAY GROCE HAYES HICKS HOARD HOLDEN JENNINGS JONES f ice-Prrtident KIMZEV President KOIRI LASSITER LATHAM. ( . B. I.ATHAHI, W . C. LITTLE MADDREY MOORE Treasurer MUSTIAN PARKER I ' ORCHER PREWITT Ql ' IGG ROLLINS RUCKER SCHOEN SCOTT TALLEY 216 JAMES kIMZEY Psi chapter of Sigma Nii began one of its finest years by electing James Kimzey. President. It then estab- lished its continued fraternity strength by taking in one of the finest pledge classes in its history. With its alumni interest and participation becoming outstand- ing, Psi enjoyed five great football weekends which were celebrated in true Sigma Nu fashion. The basket- ball weekends and sorority parties gave impetus to many " blasts, " and Sigma Nu ended 1957 in a most rewarding fashion — by playing Santa Claus to an excited group from Wright ' s Refuge. Sigma Nu managed to maintain its high scholastic rating simultaneously with intramural and social pro- grams. The social program was brought to a climax by a " blowout " at the pledge weekend. As the school year came to a close, Sigma Nu, in a farewell ban- Loiier: The pride of the Nu (|uet. paid tribute to the sixteen departing brothers who had helped make 19.57-58 one of the best vears in Sigma Nu history. SIGMA INli PLEDGE CLASS FirKt Row: McConkey, Glover, Cradle. Second Row: Hieks, Handy. Skinner, Wilkerson, Johnson. Faulk, Hamrick. Third Row: B. Smith, D. Smith, Magner. Jones. Langford. Moore. Fourth Roic: Russell, Seagle, Barrel. Stanley, Murphy, McCall. Jolly, Bernstein. 217 Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon w as founded nationally at the I ni- versitv of Richmond in 1901. and the local chapter was established in 1921 and 1947. The publication is the Sigma Phi Epsilon Journal, and the official flower is the American Beauty Rose. Red and purple are the colors of Sigma Phi Epsilon. AKIN B 41 COM BIRN.S1DK Bl RROKiHS Preiidpnl rORBI t:REWS DAVIS DAWN DOAR FOX CARVER CILLIS HARPER HILLMAN HOLDING VicePre, HORNER I.INDSEY LOHR L ON PADERICk, C. PADERICR, V. PHILLIPS REED BOBBINS ROWLAND STAPLETON STRIBLING I PTON WESTBROOk 21!; ' fl . ROBERT BURROUGHS The Red Door welcomes N. C. Delta to its 28th year of success . . . everything ' s new, even the cook . . . everyone gets stuccoed . . . girls have a new hiding place . . . Ned notes " Weirds, Spastics Contortion- ists " . . . Akin orders the " Ribbon " . . . Burroughs get Daughtry ' s shoes . . . sure cure for Asiatic: " Aspirin, Alcohol Cuts " . . . the " Knights of the Square Table " reconvene in the back room . . . everyone off to Mary- land ... a dry campus gets soaked and the Sigma Kappas get snowed . . . " What is this place? " — no signs . . . Gillis operates two " Night Clubs " . . . the " Anisett Kid " has a girl? Gosh! . . . Greek Week, everybody ' s week . . . Pledge Dance, the Pledge ' s chance ... off to the Ball, then to Myrtle ... 15 Upper: These things we ' ll remember. Loicer: The line-up — who ' s queen? seniors go. but the Sig Eps will be back, stronger than ever. SIGMA PHI EPSILO PLEDGE CLASS First Rote: Isenhour. Brown. Gibbs, Langstaff, Gaddy. Cotlrell. Second Row: Adams, Cowart. Thornton, Rankin, Gamble, Arey, Smith. Third Roic: Brand, Matthers, Riner, Culbertson, Angle, Tars, Rowe, Langdon, Starr. 219 Tau Epsilon Phi Columbia I niversity was the site of the founding of Tau Epsilon Phi in 1910. The local chapter was estab- lished in 1924. The Plume is the official publication of the fraternity, and purple and white are the official colors. The flowers of Tau Epsilon Phi are the lily-of- the-vallev and the violet. 220 SONNY EVANS President Well, another four years and seven great seniors bite the dust . . . Sonny marries off four more dates . . . Pliil S. keeping the phone company in business . . . Malcolm found with seventeen bullets in his back after 3 o ' clock coon hunt . . . Dave and his damn love-life . . . Big Art all shook up at prospect of sleeping alone . . . Steve seeded first in singles at Tempo . . . Dicky still can ' t find a good looking dame to bring over for lunch . . . Norm flashes — his last bulb, that is . . . Richie on the wagon for almost a month now . . . Mike scrapes his stump . . . Big Lou and his stethoscope . . . Oren and his laundry route . . . ( It M-r: W »• U! t- Pepsodent! Lower: As do these. James snakes with the best of them ... all this and seventeen pledges too . . . TAU EPSILON PHI PLEDGE CLASS First Row: Gellis, Rinzler, Weiner, Schaeman. Friedman, Ashendorf, Steingold. Second Row: Zaslav, Burke, Wrighl, Davis, Mendelsohn, Sehneider, 22 i Theta Chi Thela Chi was founded nationally at Norwich L niversity. Norwich. Vermont in 1856 and locally in 1920. Military red and white are the fraternity colors, and the (official flower is the red carna- tion. The publication is The Rattle. BAREFOOT Secretary CARTER GREE HARRIS HOBBS HYPE MADDUX VUe-Preth MOORE. I). MOORE. (;. MANGIM OLIVER POI.I.ARD SIMMEY SITTLE WALSH President WENDT 222 S1LLIAM WALSH President Get out of town. Harelip. Ooli! Is that you Stu? Hey Mote, the toilet won ' t work. " WHATCHAMEAN ALLIE. WE WE GOT TWO OF " EM. DONT WE? CANT 1 DO NOTHIN " TO PLEASE YOU GUYS? " And why are you so popular Randy? I don ' t know Squats, mayhe I ' m getting to be a snow man like you. I wrecked my hike again. John. Golly Gee you ' re kidding. John. Damned third floor Hi-Fi. Hey you guys, hold it down. Okay Pres. Hey Pollard, aren ' t you getting a little bald? I ' ve still got both feet out uf the grave. George. And Wendt is the money man who took Carter ' s place. Pinch ' em hard. Dave. THETA CHI PLEDGE CLASS t ' irsi Rotr: Wesson, Gurganus Flahivr. LaiK Pitlman. Byrd .Second Row: Woodhouse Brimmer. Ott, Bower, Hudson Carpenter, l.ewis, " Ward 223 Zeta Beta Tau LEVY, E. LIMAN OPPE.NHEIMER President TENENBAIM WEINSTEIN SAGNER SCHEIN 224 JERRY OPPENHEIMER President 1968 finds our seniors scattered everywhere. Little did we expect to see: Falcon winning races at Indianapolis in his Schlitz special using 100 proof Smirnoff for fuel. Herman finally sweating as a proprietor of a turkish bath run from his 8th Avenue penthouse. H. B. leaving big game hunting in Tanganyika to write articles for General Motors on how the grey ghost after 900.000 miles is still in one piece. Holland winning the Nobel Prize for research on how to grow bigger flowers using Haig Haig for water. Oppenheimer initiated into the American Asso- ciation of Tsetse Fly Analyists. the only organization to which he. heretofore, hadn ' t belonged. Weinstein taking an apartment in the library so that he won ' t I ' pper: TV is good lo plug a hole in a lagging conversation. otcer: Oppenheimer with back bent from carrying the University. miss a minute of study time while writing his thesis on " The Evils of Drink. " Flash, the king of Myrtle Beach, with headquarters at the Pavilion where he and his band terrorize until all hours of the night. ZETA BETA TAl PLEDGE CLASS FirtI Roic: Huddles, Metzner. Janko. Labowitz. Sokolone. Second Roir: Blumenfeld. Walters, ' einstein, Shapiro, Richmond. 225 Zeta Psi New York University was the site of the founding of Zeta Psi in 1847, and the local chapter was established eleven years later in 1858. The official colors are gold and white, and the flower is the white carna- tion. The Cicle of Zeta Psi is the publica- tion of the fraternity. BARBER BARNES BRIDCERS BOST President CHAMBLISS CODDINGTON COWPER EDMUNDSON ELAM FOLGER GRAY JONES KEARNS LOUGHLIN McKEE NASH. B. NASH. S. PARKER PATTON Vice-President PAXTON ROUSE TAYLOR THORPE WILSON WOOD 226 riLLIAM BOST Pretident As the book closes on the 1957-58 school year, Upsilon looks back on many wonderful memories. The year began with a splendid pledge class. Homecoming. Germans, and the annual Christmas Party followed in rapid succession. Under the leadership of Mac Patton, the Centennial Weekend this spring was highly successful. As usual. the Brothers showed their customary participation and interest in intramurals and upheld their familiar high standards in the race for the cup. With graduation terminating the college careers of an outstanding Senior Class, we of Upsilon wish them the best of luck in their struggle with the world, and Upper: Party, Party. Lower: Party, Party. will think of them as we look forward to another fine year at the Zete House. ZETA PSI PLEDGE CLASS First Row: McDonald, Mason. Rouse, Holland. Second Row: Ross, DeVere. Evins. Baker, Shannonhouse. Third Row: Hurt, Fox. Hurlev, Skinner. 227 Thad Bostic Secretary John S. McKee, III Vice-President Kelly Ma German Club The German Club is an organization composed of representatives from thirteen social fraternities which sponsor the three big dance weekends on the UNC campus each year. This year the German Club brought some of the nation ' s outstanding en- tertainment to our campus. The dance series began in Novemi)er on the North Carolina-South Carolina football weekend with Les Elgart and his orchestra providing music for both the concert and the dance. For an added attraction the fabulous " Wash-Board Band " from Sea Island. Georgia, provided a style of music that almost raised the roof of Memorial Hall at the concert. For Winter Germans the German Club brought forth the " new look " in the German Club dances. Baker Zeta Psi Bradfield Phi Gamma Delta Crawford Sigma Nu ' Fox Sigma Alpha Epsilon Lockelt Delta Kappa Epsilo Nisbet Beta Thela Pi Pittman Phi Delta Thela Plyler Kappa Alpha S If wan Pi Kappa Alpha Taylor 5(. Anthony Halt Timberlake Sigma Chi Wrav Kappa Sifima Yancev Alpha Tau Omega Woollen Gym is tran»tfornied iiilo forin;il beauty each time the German Club sponsors a dance at I .NC. For the first time the dance was semi-formal and provided fonr entertainment attractions. At the dance on Friday night, the orchestra of Billy Knauff provided smooth dance mnsic while come- dian Leo de Lyon and the rock-and-roll stars, the Gladiolas. added to the caharet atmosphere. For the climax of Winter Germans the " Man with the Ginny Dawson and date, German Club President Mark Cherry, find themselves surrounded by the Four Freshmen during Spring Germans of 1937. horn " Ray Anthony and comedian Leo de Lyon gave one of the best concerts in German Club history. Is played at the Les and Larry Elgart concert in Memorial Hall during Fall Germans 1957! 229 Stray Greeks The Stray Greek Organization is composed of sorority girls whose chapters are not represented on this campus. Its aim is to provide a social outlet for its members, and to preserve the bonds on unity and sisterhood in sorority life. This group was founded in 1944 under the leadership of Twigg Branch. It has gained more and more recognition on campus since then, and its mem- bership now is almost twenty. This year the Stray Greeks handled the Panhellenic Post Office during sorority rush week, and each member served as a Panhellenic Adviser in her own dormitory. The Stray Greeks also took part in the Woman ' s Athletic program, service projects, and social events. PEGGY JO CRESS President CRESS President CROWDER EVANS FISHER HALPERIIN Vice-President HARDING LUKENS OLMSTED SOJOURNER WELLS WOODY Secretary-Treasurer YOUNG KCRS UEVF MSYLFY ZDVRZVZ VALMAR LXX SKTVPKG TRVGAWAGJ CUR VS UCPB GO IGCSNL KJL BNMVG VT UIJ UBPWETZ KUO GTLGRNKNF FBAD VOS lAJV ZHEEKEOSF OW GLANDON FOREST RULERS 719 MACON GLASGOW PATTON Rex 715 JOHN LUTHER WALKER, JR KDS 716 CHARLES FRANCIS ROUSE, JR. . . . WSS 722 JOHN WOODFIN BURRESS, III . . KMK 728 JOHN CLARK WHITAKER . . NGP SUBJECTS 162 William Donald Carmichael 174 Archibald Henderson 201 Thomas Ruffin 241 Joseph G. deR. Hamilton 315 Robert WeHoch 319 William W. Pierson 331 Thomas Felix Hicherson 343 Dudley Dewitt Carroll 349 William Donald Carmichael, Jr. 373 Allen Wilson Hobbs 382 Julius Jennings Wade 385 Robert Edwin Coker 439 J. Penrose Horlond 442 Robert Burton House 444 Gordon Gray 490 Fletcher Melvin Green 492 Charles M. Shaffer 540 Ernest Croige 546 Harry Russell 582 Isaac M. Taylor 643 Lyman A. Cotten 650 Roy Walter Holsten 662 Sydenham B. Alexander 663 Frank W. Klingberg 664 Henry Wilkins Lewis 665 Robert Boyd Lindsay 678 Herbert R. Boer 679 George Dial Penick 714 George M. Harper 715 John Luther Walker, Jr. 716 Charles Francis Rouse, Jr. 717 Canie Brown Smith 718 Donald Shepord McMillan 719 Macon Glasgow Potton 721 Charles Knox Mossey, Jr. 722 John Woodfin Burress, ill 723 Milton Augustus Barber, ill 724 Robert Edgar Timberloke 725 Archibald Kelly Moness, Jr. 726 Ted Rodgers 727 Brent Drone Nosh 728 John Clark Whitoker, Jr. 729 William Stuart Bost, Jr. 730 John Marshall Jones, Jr. P T- ' Order of The Minataurs OFFICERS William L. Palmer Edward James Kelly Rohert G. Walker Lee Sanford Ainslie William Paul Baldridge John R. Bender, Jr. William A. Bridgers. Jr. Clyde M. Campbell, Jr. Ed Carter Donnell Borden Cobb, Jr. Dabney Coddington, Jr. Marion Costello Stephen C. Cowper Oscar D. Davis William B. Deal PaiilW. Elam, Jr. Roljert G. Ferrell David Vernon Fox Paul Fulton Joel Gibbons Franklin Gray Marshall Happer, III Tom Harris Peyton Hawes Richard Hines Walter L. Johnston. Jr. Jesse Wesley Johnston. Jr. James Leggette Pritchard Lindslev President Vice-President Secretary-Tren surer Roi)ert Little William H. Luesing, Jr. Donald C. McMillion William W. Merriman William Michael Courtney Mills Dyer S. Moss, Jr. Yates S. Palmer, Jr. Jerry Parker Bailey Patrick, Jr. Mack B. Pearsall Billy Bob Peel William L. Pender Hugh Pritchett James F. Roberts E. C. Smith Harry R. Smith Manley Springs Pawling Stewart Richard C. Stoker Albert E. Summerlin Lewis F. Sutton Michael S. Tanner Wesley A. Trotter. Jr. Henry Turner. Jr. John L. Walker, Jr. Thomas B. Wood 232 G. B. Adams Gene McDaniel Dudley Baird Joe McKenzie Larry Bell F arry Mclver Buster Brown Tom Mclver Bernie Bullard Charles Owen Dave Davis Jimmy Patrick Stewart Dawson Jack Patteson Hank Drvfoos Robert Perry Jim Epps Giady Putnam John Foster George Ragsdale Dan Hailey George Raines Tom Harris James Seely Perky Hayes Fred Steck Pat Healy Rivers Upchurch Pete Hogaboom Ralph Usina Diddy Johnson I eo Wardrup Jack Jones David Watson Stan Leggett Bev Webb Al Long Jack Williams Chuch May Randy Williams John MrAlister Sam M. Yancev Order of The Sheiks OFFICERS David Watson John McAlister Gene McDaniel 5. V.S. K. 233 I GILES GACA President Monogram Club The Monogram Club is an honorary organization for the athletes on the Carolina campus who have attained enough I)romise in their individual sport or sports to merit their earning a varsity letter. Once an athlete has won one letter, he has the privilege of becoming an active member of the Monogram Club. These are the boys who have fought hard for Carolina ' s glory until the last sound of the whistle. All have worked hard — no one earns a letter without some extra effort and work on his part. The function of the Monogram Club itself is to improve and advance athletes at Carolina, to Ijetter interschool rela- tions, to serve its campus in various activities, and to serve as a media whereby the athletes of all sports can meet and become better acquainted. The Monogram Club has various social functions throughout the year with the highlight being the annual beach weekend in the late spring. Each year the First Row: Maness, Hendrrsnn. Coff. Swearingen, Havwood, Redding, and Srtzer. Second Rote: Nash. Hoke. Lookabill. Ponds, Johns Bishop. Rhvne, Wall. Grousman, and Gaca. Thiril Koir: MaDuffv, Smith, Hunnicull. Blazer. Temple. Hardison, Good, Whatlev. Ericks Reaves, and Uebore. Fourth Roto: Hillon, Harding, Saucers. Zirlvgraf, Turlinginn Koew I von« Io«. Pavne, Sowers, Koes. Mahaffv. i 236 Officers are. first row. Dave Wall. Secretary; Giles Gaca. President; Buddv Pavne, Vice-President. Second Roic: Ken Hoke, Social Chairman; Don Kemper, Treasurer, and Dalv Goff, C..4..4. Representative. club sponsors the Blue-White footljall game. The proceeds of this project are used as a scholarship for a minor sport athlete. It has been the club ' s aim during the year to encourage more active participation in the organization. Realizing the tremendous influence the athlete and athletics have in today ' s colleges and universities, the club hopes to exert a powerful influence in attaining its objectives. rinanre eunimillee members are. first rair. U Redding, Don Kemper, Hap Setzer. Second Ro John HavKood and Bill Johnson. 23: Football 239 Basketball 247 Baseball 255 Minor Sports 259 Booster Clubs 273 238 Football Coaches COACH JIM TATL ' M Coach Jim Tatiiin after only two years as head coach brought the University of North Carolina its first winning season in eight years. The surprising Tar Heels won six games while losing four. The finest aspect of the season was the 21-13 victory over the Duke Blue Devils. Coach Tatum ' s team was always exciting to watch as the Tar Heels beat some of the best teams in the country including Navy and Miami. The Tar Heels had other wins over Clemson, Wake Forest, and South Carolina. Powerful Tennessee clobbered the Heels, while underdogs N. C. State, Maryland, and Virginia also defeated North Carolina. Except lor a few leg injuries and a few mistakes, the Tar Heels would have had a terrific season. Co-Captains Buddy Payne and Phil Blazer won All-Conference honors. The backfield consisted of Jack Cunimings. Daly Goff, Eniil DeCantis, and Ed Lipski while players in the line were Payne, Stew- art Pell. Fred Swearingen. Jim Jones. Hap Setzer. Blazer, and Mac Turlinston. Coarhes Jim Tatum. Fred Tullai. Ed Kensler, Pal Pr.slon, Jim Hickev. Bud Carson, Emmptt Cheek, George Barclay. Seconil Row: Warren Morris, John Lace , Dor While, and John Murphv. ; .V ' " " ' ' - ' ' ' ' - ' " ' ' ! 24U at: jw ■ ' ■• Ji- ■ WWnnH !S! -4 4, — ' ,. ' . f ( ■ " ■■ V " ' « ' J ' ' - «,« . J(2tzL. IW , ...» " T " . " « " ;■ W " ».. J-, " SIF ' ' .V ? " T. ' :: " ' .i ' ' ik l MiC . ; ' ' ' ■ r Firsl Row: Blazor, Russavagr, Pell, D. Smith, Pulley, Havwood, Marquette, Reed, Pavne, Gaea, Jones, Varnum, Kemper, Morris. Second Rote: Setzer, Redding, Hardison, Leftwieh, Lineberger, DeCantis, Donaltelli, Droze, Goff, Turlington, Swearingen, Hathaway, Goldstein. Third Row: Schroeder, MeCann, Butler, Reinhardt, Roberson, Woolridge, Nead, Stallings, Furjanic, Lipski, Russell, Buzzard, Crist. Fourth Row: Harris, Davis, kordalski, Stunda, kopnski, Leffler, Cummings, Amos. Perry, Shupin, Coker, Turner, Koes. Fi lh Row: Mueller, B. Smith, Steele, Lowe, Shular, W. Smith, Sack, Frederick, Hopman, Ray, Fitzula, C. Smith. Sixth Row: Buckely, Long, Daniels, Timberlake, Coleman, Mason. Co-Captain Buddy Payne, End M 241 Dalj Gofif fakes pass and runs left end for 9 vards on itlock by Date Reed against N. C. State. Opponent 1957 Football 1958 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sept. 20 Noith Carolina State 27 Cleiiison Oet. 3 Southern California 12 first downs: 181 yards rushing: no passes at- tempted; Russavage and Reed scored. 11 18 25 Nov. L 8 15 22 Home Games South Carolina Maryland Wake Forest Tennessee Virginia Notre Dame Duke Emil DeCaiitis circles right end for eight yards against Clenison. N. C. STATE 7 7 first downs: 73 yards rushing: completed 4 out of 17 passes. UNC Opponent 26 CLEMSON 16 first downs: 207 yards rushing: 108 yards pass- ing, completing 5 out of 9: Reed. Schular. Payne, Coker scored. 242 Season Opponent 12 first downs: 129 yards rushing: 115 yards pass- ing, completing 6 out of 10; Schular. Hathaway, DeCantis scored. UNC Opponent 7 MARYLAND 21 10 first downs: 148 yards rushing; 19 yards pass- ing, completing 2 out of 12: Goff scored. UNC Opponent TENNESSEE 35 11 first downs; 101 yards rushing; 85 yards pass- ing, completing 8 out of 16. JACK CUMMINGS Quarterback Upper: Jin, 1 Schular give the Tar Heels r left tackle in the first a 7-0 lead over Navv. quarter to Middle: : Do n Coker 1 kick, 10 s a beautiful 55-,yard punt fro in the i Iiami game. m his own Lower: Dal: . Goff SH. in fi ■eps far left end for Carolina touchdown rbt quarter against Maryland. 1 late STEWART PELL Tackle DALY GOFF Halfback 24;j KMU, DeCA ' T1S Hal back Vpper: Daly CofT run! thruugh the Vi ' uke Fore!! l line and picks up enough yardage for a firtit down. Middle: Jack Cuiuming!§ pa$i«es to Mac Turlington for 13 yards and a first il )«ii nil llu- South Carolina two yard line. VNC 28 Opponent SOUTH CAROLINA 6 14 first downs; 209 yards rushing; 92 yards passing, completing 6 out of 16; Lipski, De- Cantis, Gaca, Goff scored. Opponent 16 first downs; 90 yards rushing; 139 yards passing, completing 10 out of 22; Gaca, Payne, Cummings scored. 13 VIRGINIA 20 20 first downs; 195 yards rushing; 209 yards passing, completing 14 out of 23. Hoh Gorden of Tennessee sweeps Carolina ' s end ; Turlington and Lineberger move in for tackle. 244 - Emil DeCantis tries to circle his own right iiid against Virgin UNC 20 Opponent MIAMI 13 12 first downs: 129 yards rushing; 115 yards pass- ing, completing 6 out of 10; Schular, Hathaway, DeCantis scored. UNC 14 Opponent WAKE FOREST 7 12 first downs; 161 yards rushing; 89 yards pass- ing, completing 7 out of 12; Payne and Gaca scored. I)(.n C.kir is l)rougllt down on ;. I«.h.- y.trd gain against Wakr Forest. JACK LINEBERGER ED LIPSKI Fullback HAP SETZER Giinnl GILES GACA .- Fullback F = 245 I WIN KEDDING Tackle CURT HATHAWAY Quarterback J? " " j. rt » rt ' -. . ' . i-„ - " DON KEMPER End XIN STAI.MNGS Tackle Dalv Goff carries down to Dukr ' ; eight vanl line over left tackle on fine blocks by Caca, De Cantis, and Cummings. 246 ' €i ict M SP " ' - •i» " • iir " JFr COACH FRANK McGUIRE 1957-58 Basket Tlie University of North Carolina ' s Tar Heel Basket- ball team which swept 32 straight games in 1956-57 to win the national championship have shown again this year that they are contenders for the national honors. Although hurt by injuries to starter Joe Quigg and sophomore York Larese, the Tar Heels have won fifteen games while losing only four by the middle of February. Only N. C. State, Duke, West Virginia, and Maryland have been able to defeat the squad in First Row: Ray Stanley, John Crolty, Mike Steppe, Bob Cunningham, Tommv Kearns, Harvev Salz, Wally Graham, and Coach Fr Second Rmv: Greg Poole. Winkv McDavid. Coach McGuire, Gehrmann Holland. Dick Keplev, Dannv Lotz. Joe Quigg. Pete Brennan. Le Shaffer. Rav Sianlcv. and York Larese. 248 ball Season two vearsi. All four are rated in tlie top ten teams in the nation. North Carolina won the Dixie Classics for the second straight year beating St. Louis, Duke, and N. C. State. Pete Brennan and Tommy Kearns made All-Tournament. Pete Brennan also made the Ken- tucky Classic All-Tournament. Coach Frank McGuire ' s starting lineup has never been settled. Pete Brennan, Tommy Kearns, and Lee Shaffer have been consistent starters, while Bob Cun- ningham, Harvey Salz, and Dick Kepley have fought it out for the other two positions. Danny Lotz, Roy Searcy, Ray Stanley. John Crotty, and Greg Poole have all shown outstanding ability. Upper: Cunningham goes up for lay up against South Caroli Lower: Pelr Brennan hrings down r as Shaffer. Cunningham, and Salz In nd in Wake Forest J5a CO-CAPTAm TOMMY KEARNS Cuard CO-CAPTAIN PETE BRENNAN Forward CO-CAPTAIN BOB CUNNINGHAM Guard 249 Dick Kt ' | I. iM ' giii- lri . basket for luy up against South Carolina. Tommy Kearns on a left-handed lay up against Virg oniniv Kearns drives in for a lay up through three South ide l li neniou Deacon 250 Pete Brennan drives into foul circle and hits push shot against Wake Forest. JVir Bn-nnan laps in l»o points against . C. State. LEE SHAFFER Foricard 251 HARVEY SALZ Guard DANNY LO rz Foncard SCORES UNC Opponent 79 Clenison 55 86 George Washington 59 91 Furnian 74 70 South CaroHna 58 73 Minnesota 67 64 West Virginia 75 63 St. Louis 48 76 Duke 62 39 N. C. State 30 71 Wake Forest 45 79 William and Mary 63 V,2 Virginia 66 61 Maryland 74 57 N. C. State 58 90 Clenison 81 115 South Carolina 8i! 75 . . . Duke 91 66 Maryland 59 46 . Duke 59 ROY SEARCH niCK kEI ' I.E 252 RAY STANLEY Forward JOHN CROTTY Guard GREG POOLE Fortvard Harvey Salz taps in basket against South Carolinii. Dixie Classic Champions: First Row: Crotiv, Salz, Cunningham, Kearns, Shaffer. Second Roic: Coach Rosemond, Poole, Searcy, Lolz, Kepley, Steppe, Brennan, Coach McGuire, Trainer Lacey. 253 SCORES LOll BROWN. DOUG MOE, COACH ROSEMOND, and JIM DOINOHLE UNC 84 6. " , 1 !.i 101 95 76 97 97 72 75 55 69 67 27 104 68 37 Opponent High I ' diiil 75 Duke 71 Vi ilmirigliiii 6J1 PheifTer 61 E.M.I. 80 Wake Forest 72 Elon 48 Davidson 66 Wake Forest 52 N. C. State 78 Duke 80 N. C. State 85 Duke 69 N. C. State 38 Pheiffer 56 Wake Forest 69 Duke 47 J. V. Basketball Team Fimt Row: Tom Shuford. Lrnnv Berk. Lou Brown, Bill Hart, Phil Mallh.», John Hickev. Russell Hollers, and Bill Dunlap. Second Ro Warren Morris, Neil Lehrniann, Charles Baker. Doug Moe. Jim Donohue. Bob Deaton, Pcle Longenecker, Charles Webb, and Coach Ken Rosemond. 254 vn COACHES WALT RABB and BILL Vi ILHELM 1957 Baseba Season Coach Walt Ral)l) " s liasehall team Ijarely lost tlie ACC title to Duke last spring. The squad ended the season with a 9-5 conference record and a 15-10 overall record. Jim Raugh, second-string All-American, was the vital man in Carolina exploits. He ended his career with a 7-3 record and a 1.81 ERA. The highlights of the season were his two shutouts. Don Saine, Joe Morgan, Tom Maultsby, and Charlie Aycock were also top pitchers for the Tar Heels. Dick Hudson led the hitters with a .313 average. Don Lewis, Bomber Hill, and Roger Hunnicutt were also powerful hitters. Carolina ' s lineup consisted of Bomber Hill at first base. Don Lewis at second base, Roger Hunni- cutt at shortstop. Chuck Hartman at third base, Joe Shook in left field. Dick Hudson in center field, and Don Hill in right field. The Tar Heels lost their chance to tie Duke for the ACC title by losing its last game to Maryland First Row: Charlie Cross, Don Lewis, Roger Hunnicutt. Dick Hudson. Buddy Strauss, Jim Harwell, Joe Shook, Iva Lee Hill, Chuck Hartman, Don Saine, Alton Pons, and Boh Boyette. Setond Row: Jim Wagner, Larry McMullen. Don Hill, Joe Morgan. Earl Dawkins, Jim Seltzer, Ed Hughes. Atkins. L. l.o r. Jim Raugh. Thinl Ron: Walt Rabh, Tom Maultsby, Perry, Ben Harding, Phil Raiford. Jim Legette. Doug Slil Daye Floyd. Conch )S ilhelni. ;,nd »Mar Walker. I» WItj a 256 Don Saine, Jim Raugh, Tom Maulubj, Uoug Si Morgan, and Charlie Cross. Da e Floyd, Phil Raiford, Earl Dawkins, Charlie Ayeock, Don Hill, B. ii Harding, Jo 8-7 in the ninth inning. The Tar Heels beat N. C. State twice, and Duke and Wake Forest once. Pitching will be the big question for the 19.58 baseball team. If the returning hurlers plus a couple of sophomores can come through, UNC could be back in running for the title. JIM RAIIGH Pitcher TOM MAULTSBV Pitcher la infield is Don Lewis, second-ba Hunnieutt, shortstop; Jim Legette, catcher; nd Chuck Hartman, tbird ' baseman. 257 Carolina Outfielders Iva Lee Hill, Dick Hudson, and Joe Shook. I)0 LE SI.S t ' vond Bnsentai CHARLIE AYCOCK PilcAer Co-Captains Jim Raugh ; Tom Maultsbv talk over game with Coach Rabb, 258 ' 1 , Swimming PALL WACHE.NDORKER and MAC MAHAFFV BILL ZICkCRAF and BRENT NASH Carolina ' s Ail-American sKininiers Bill Zickj;raf. « alt R Schiffma n. Bill Roth, and Mac Maliaff . COACH I ' AT EARE With almost tlie entire squad haclv from last year with the exception of Captain Charlie Krepp and divers Tom Parker and Mac Maclnnis, the Uni- versity of North Carolina Mermen continued to dominate the Atlantic Coast Conference. By the middle of February the Tar Heels had won easily over nine opponents. Pat Earey. new head coach, has been well pleased by the performance of his men. The mer- men had their Ijest day of the year when they beat the University of Florida, the Southeastern Con- ( . r..lilKi clix.r- l-. ' l. ' Rcvnold» and Ned Meeki 260 ference champions by 57-29. The Tar Heels won all but one first place. This year ' s team includes five All-Americans. These are co-captains Walt Rose and Bill Roth. Bill Zickgraf, Tony Schiffman. and Mac Mahaffy. Paul Wachendorfer, Jeff Zwicker, Brent Nash, Kit Mer- cer, and Kelly Maness have been point winners and Ned Meekins. Dick Cashwell. and Pete Reynolds have held down the diving positions. 10.58 SCORE.S ITNC Opponent 61 East Carolina 23 6.3 Clemson 21 58 South Carolina 20 63 Duke 21 57 Virginia 25 61 Maryland 17 53 . . C. State 32 53 East Carolina 33 57 Florida 29 56 Wake Forest 30 47 . . C. State 39 Coach Pat Earev and Co-Capla Walt Rose and Bill Roth. First Roir; Cooper, Roth. Zickgraf. Maness. Rose. R. Turner. Wachendorfer. ' l4-ekiii . Sehiffman olds, Mahaffv, Coach Ea wicker, and Nash. V. Second Rote: Coach Baarcke. Coach Ja 261 CAPTAIN STEVE BANK Ray Newsome serving an ace against Duke. Tennis The 1957 UNC tennis team under its new coach Valdiniir Cernik had one of its poorest records in years. The team finished with eight wins and nine losses, which was far off the 18-1 record of the previous year. Steve Bank, ace of the team, was imdefeated in conference play, seeded first place in the ACC tournament, but upset by Maryland ' s Jackson Yang 6-1. 6-4. Other top players were Geoff Black, Frank Livingston. Fritz Van Winkle, and Ray Newsome. Captain Steve Bank plans match with Michigan with Coach Cernik. 262 First Roic: Tim McCollum, Tom Mclver, Pete Steward, Steve Bank, Alan Puiu, Jav Walker. Second Roic: Coach Stray- horn, Frank Livingston. Geoff Black, Fritz Van Winkle, Ray Newsomc, Canie Smith, Ron Koonts, Coach Valdimir Cernik. Geoff Black returns a back hand against Harvard. Frank Livinp-lnn rrOr-lit- at u;ilr fountain after hard fought win over Vi 263 ROLJNA COACH C. P. ERICKSON Golf Although the UNC golf team failed to retain tlie ACC title, they won seven in a row and finished with a 10-2-1 record. The only losses were to Western Illinois and Maryland, while the Tar Heels won victories over Cornell, Michigan State. Wake Forest, Michigan, Duke, and N. C. State. Tom Langley was number one man. while other starters were Gene Lookabill. Buck Adams. Tuffy Henderson. Sam Patrick, and WaU Sunnnerville. Buck Adams reached the 19.57 semi-finals of the National Intercollegiate golf tournament. Htm Row: Don McMillan. Buck Adams. Gene Lookabill. Walter Si J. kilpatrick, Bob Ruffin. Willis Henderson, and Coach Erick Ini COACH ALLEN and TED YOUHANNA CAPTAIN BILL BLAIR s o c c e r Sophomore Mike Thompson was the offensive leader of the Tar Heels. Coleman Barks, Rick Grausman, Ted Smith, and Tom Rand also spark- ed on offensive. Bill Blair and Bob Borden held The 1957 Soccer team led by Captain Bill Blair was hard hit i)y the flu and managed to win only two games while losing three and tying two. down the halfback positions. The fullbacks were Ted Youhanna, Hugh Goodman, and Pete Hoga- boom. Jim Rattay was goalie. First Rok: Zlolnicki, Champlin. Thompson. Cordle, Parks. Rand. Captain Blair, Grausman, Faucetle, Channin, Whitfield, Hogaboom. Second Roir: Allen, Goodman, Kline, T. Smith, Youhanna, Hellard, Borden. Barks, Polak, Holshouser, Eriekson, Coaeh Miller. 1} Lx 1 tiiii 26.5 First Rotp Tony Are borde Hend. lisler. Ben Willia . Lvndo De- Alec Coffin, Doug son, Richard McCal- Second Roic: Jim Clele Oaklev, Ed Marion Griffin. BrvanI, Jim Beatlv. ' Scurlock, Wayne Bish- Everetle Whatlev, Bill IS. Third Roic: Coach lU Igloi, Coach Dah Jim Moss. Jin. Griffin. Charlie Sowers. Bill Roth. Ben Reaves. Dick McFadden, John Sylvester. John Fox, Coach joe Hil- ton. Brawle Ken E Dave S op, Lyol Mih Track Co-Captains Ken Bryant and Jim Bealty The 1957 University of North Carolina track team had a successful season of four wins and two losses. The Tar Heels had victories over Wake Forest. N. C. State, South Carolina, and Duke, while losing to Maryland and Virginia. In the ACC meet North Carolina finished second to Duke. Dave Scurlock won the 440 yard run, 888 yard run, and anchored the winning mile relay team. He also won the ' " Most Outstanding Performer " reward. The mile relay team was composed of Jim Moss, John Sylvester, Dick McFadden and Scurlock. Captain Jim Beatty, All-American for two years, broke both the mile and two mile conference records. Co Ml-A: son and SrurlocI 266 1958 SCORES Distance men are Cowles Liipfert, Everett Whallev, Wayne Bishop, and Dave Scurlock. U.N.C. Opponent 118 Wake Forest 15 97 N. C. State 34 85 u.s.c. 37 3314 Maryland 971 . 62 1 3 Virginia 68 2 3 75 Duke 56 Field events men are Ken BrvanI, Bill Roth. Bill Ly Clete Oakley. Coach Hilton. Ed Brawley, and Dick McCal- lister. Cowles Liipfert, Wayne Bishop, Dave Scurlock, and Everett Whatle rest after a work-out I 267 ntramurals Clete Oakley and partner cast in skish. Bill Crutchfield and (;a CiiKanKhov shoot-ofT for the championship: Co The primary function of Intramural Activities is to promote a broad program of competitive and recreational activities for the voluntary participation of the Carolina student l)ody. The intramural program includes team, in- dividual, dual, co-recreational, and outing activities. This wide variety enables you to sample a sufficient number to discover the one in which you are really interested and are capable of participating in with satisfaction while a student. Regular and wise participa- tion in these activities permits the individual to acquire and maintain nuiscular strength, coordination, and endurance; to make many new and lasting friendships; and, most im- portant, to have fun. Pete Higgins throws for Phi Delts in water polo champion- ship game with Chi Psi ' s — Phi Delts w 268 Harold Downey escapes fron l)eke «,.il i.v.r La« Sell..,, I ill All-C: Tag Football championship gam Bernstein jumps while Holden, M and official Roy Holdford watch. Pete Steward and partner win from opponents 21-12 in semifinals of table tennis. Budd Sasser takes a close victory over his opponent Wendy Eaves and Danny Droze in 60 vard dash final Mike Haley tries to take down Mike Pittman in finals 269 w A A Council Members are First Hon: B l,l.i. J .k oii, Ka Smith, Helen Walker, Frances KejiioUls, Jii Ju Slokes, Emily Somers, and Lee Arbo ast. Second How: Charlene Bass, Jackie Womble, Flo Robinson, Jane Walker, Nancy Royster, Helen House, Ingrid Clay, and Pal Wilson. The Women ' s Athletic Association offers a wide variety of acti ities to all women students at UNC. During each season of the year intramurals provide competition in individual and team sports. Besides intramurals the WAA cooperates with the men in planning co-recreation- al intramurals and the annual " Co-Rec Night. " Other activities are play days, competition with other schools, and the annual spring picnic. All women students automatically become members of the WAA. The association awards a cup to the soror- ity and dormitory leading in participation each year. Upper; Fl Re olds. President. Lotper: Officers of WAA are Frances Reynolds, Presi- dent: Emily Somers. Secretary; Ju Ju Slokes. Pub- licity Chairman: and ka Smith, Treasurer. Absent is Pat Anderson, Vice-President. 270 Members of ihe Volleyball Club are An Katherine Bolton, Mar Montg Sleath, and Frances ' inston. Thomas, Barbara Splash Club members are seated Linda Mulligan, Margaret Thompson, Flo Dodd. Pat Brown, Carolyn Donnelly, Barbara Lewis, Doris Taylor. Linda Moore, and Ka Smith. Standing are Gay Hogan, Mna Hop- kins, Ann Martin, and Carol Tieslow. BASKETBALL CLLB V ' atching Sara Owens go in for a lay up are front row Ju Ju Stokes, Emily Somers, Ann Thomas, Mary Montgomery, Charlene Bass, and Gwen Earnshaw. Bark Roir: Fay Williams, Carolyn Vaughl, Happy Hurst. Frances Reynolds. Jo Carpenter. Malily Davis, and Isabel Straight. 271 Wrestling Q o a a o First Row: Curl Champlin, Bill Suttle, H.nrv Rhviu-, Ptrrin Henderson, J. W. Welhorn. Ken Hoke. Jaek Grav. Secoiul Ron: Charlie Whitfield, Perrv Powell, Bilh Bonner, Ron Purdy, Dave Atkinson, Rav Russell, Uahnev Wooldridge, Joe Perrini. Rob Boyette, Coach Sam Barnes. SCORES U.N.C. Opponent 11 Virginia 25 23 Washington and Lee 11 16 Davidson 12 Maryland 32 18 N. C. State 13 20 Citadel 10 6 V.M.I. 26 V.P.I. 30 Returning from last year ' s varsity rank to comple- ment a fine wrestling squad this year were letter- men Perrin Henderson, Rob Boyette, Dave Atkin- son, Henry Rhyne. and Captain Ken Hoke. Jaek Gray returned to the team to add more experience. Sophomore Curt Chaniplain, Bill Suttle, and J. W. Welborn added more strength. Coach Sam was hopeful that his team would end the year with a wiiuiing season. By the middle of Feliruarv the matmen had a 4-4 record. Perrin Hende single wrist lo rolling out with Dave Wall. 272 •7 ; ' P 4 1 " ! ' " v-i ' - ' - ' f ' i® •! ci .5 o» fi «A Ja. i aV J ii Iarql PETE EVANS President Members of ihe Cardboard Executive Committee are From Roic: Rachel Speight, Chief Artist: Carolvn Hoffler, Vice-President and Secretar)-; Pete Evans, President; and Tommy House, Advanced Planning. Back Row: Gradv Phillips, Beat Dook Parade: Peggv Smith, Social Chairman: Larrv Withrow, Bulletin Board: David EUwanger, Head Usher: Cotton Hale, Publicity Chairman; and Pat Sweeney. Scrapbook. ! of the Executive Council Approve stunt for Saturday ' s game. •mbers of the office staflf stamp instruction cards. The UNC Cardboard plans and stages the out- standing card stunts which are presented at half- time at home football games. The Cardboard ' s three departments — art, office, and usher — func- tion to draw the stunts, decide on colors, and distribute the cards. Although the card stunts are the main concern of the Cardboard, it operates several committees for posting slogan cards, soliciting membership, publicity, keeping a scrapbook, and preparing the entry in the Beat Dook Parade. Because of the outstanding leadership of Presi- dent Peter Evans and the cooperation of tlie members, the Cardboard was a great success this year. 275 Cheerlead AiU[ eeneaaers Cai-olina spiiit has always been great through the passing years, and ' 57- ' 58 found no change. Pre-dawn practices complete with calisthenics under the watchful and capable eye of head- cheerleader Frankie Black were not drudgery with the promising ring of the football and basketball seasons to come. Attired in new uniforms, originals bv Amy Morse, the cheerleaders were ready Septeml)er 21 when the wliistle blew for the first game of th season. The cheerleaders were not to be dis- appointed by the teams or the spirit of the stu- dents. Both reached and surpassed all expecta- tions. With the final basketball game the curtain came down on a year acclaimed Ijy all as a success. a Gre Ridley, Patsy Poylhress, Arnold Garvin. Amv Morse, Nan Soliaeffer. and Gaii Willingham. Bark Roic: Jack Ghilds. Prle Julian. Harold Wil- jn, Frank Black. John Whil- d Charles Marlowe. University nbers of the Iniversitv Clul. an- Front Koli : Iriiiik 1 Jill O ' Donnell, Barbara Honey, and Dave Jones. Second R, Charles Howson, Bill Porter, Walt Tatum, and Nat Ci The work of the club Ijegan this year when it sponsored its first pep rally in Meiiioria Hall. At that time the club ' s service award was presented to Coach Jim Tatum. Then fo lowed a dizzy whirl of outdoor pep rallies featuring bonfires, torches, confetti, Carolina blue paper in thousand foot rolls, the UNC Band, and sports cars and convertibles carry- ing campus queens. Lovely Gail Willingham was awarded the club ' s Homecoming Queen crown and cup by Sonny Evans and Frank Inman. For away games the club sent encouraging thousand- word telegrams to the teams and supplied transportation to the airport for the cheer- leaders to greet them on their return. Officers of the llniversity Club are Dave Jones, Vice-President: Ba bara Honey, Secretary; and Frank Inman, President. d Frank I d Queen of »• ictivities at the Tennessee game k Inman presents the club% award to Coach Jim Tatu 277 m e i It ii L " «v« ' . ' : " i % %K w: i : ffpr Undergraduates 281 Graduates 371 Law 375 Health Affairs 381 280 7i«tdenmaAu tc CECIL JOHNSON Dean of the General College - ERNEST L. MACKIE Dpnn of .4irards and Dislinc H. ARNOLD PERRY Dean of the School o Edurali, t»« J. CARLYIX SITTERSON Dean of the College of Arts and Sc 282 LICILLE K. HE DERSO Dean of the School of Library Scle MAURICE W. LEE Dean of the School of Business Adniinistratii ARTHUR E. FINK Dean of the School of Social Work NORVAL N. LUXON Dean of the School of Journalism 283 Adkins Bovd Couch un tmann Laslev MacMillai Robson Roe Selden Hall Ha. don Noland Palniatie Swann Ullnian Department Heads Dorothy C. Adkins Psychology Bernard Boyd Religion John N. Couch Botany Fletcher Melvin Green History Everett W. Hall Philosophy Glen Haydon Music Roy L. Ingram Geology and Geography John G. Kinstmann German John W. Lasley, Jr. Mathematics Dougald MacMillan English Kenneth A. Ness Art E. WiLLL4M Noland Sociology and Anthropology Everett Dyson Palmatier Physics Alex McLeod Patterson Naval Science Charles B. Robson Political Science Arthur Roe Chemistry Samuel Selden Dramatic Art Sterling A. Stoudemire Romance Languages Franklin W. Swann Air Science Berthold L. Ullman Classics Earl R. Wynn Radio. TV and Motion Pictures 284 The first Tuesday of each month the Faculty Club meets at the Carolina Inn for luncheon and discussions. 1JF:5 Dr. W. S. Jenkins, Head of the Bureau of Public Records, is shown explaining the archives to two of the many visitors. The House-Maekie Combo entertains fre- quently at the Summer School Watermelon Festival. A display in the " Y " reminds those passing through that the distinguished persons on the facuhy at liNC. 285 ABERCROMBIE, RALPH MeCALL, JR. Charlolii- A.U, IX riiLiTECAl. SilENCK. All ' li " I ' l ' i Omrijii. ABERNETHY, DON LESLIE Culpeper. fa. A.B. IN English. Phi Kappa Sigma; Dance Committee (3. I): Sound and Fury (I); University Club CI); V.M.C.. . (1, 2, :n . ACKERSON, MARY BETH Louhville. Ky. A.B. IN English. Pi Beta Phi. ADAIR, DONALD GRANT B.S. IN BrsiNESS . d.ministration. Dvlitt Sif nia P ADAMS, BOBBY JOE B.S. IN (2); V Winston-Salem MisTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma: Cardboard (2. 3): Square Dance Club Democrats Club (1, 2i. ADAMS, CHARLES GILBERT Netcion Grove B.S. IN Business Administration. AFROTC (1. 2. 3. i). Squadron Commander (1); Soccer (1). ADAMS, JOHN PATRICK Asheboro A.B. IN History. Phi Alpha Thetu: Dialectic Senate (2. 3. 4); State Student Legislature (3. 4): Student Legislature (3, 4); Student Party (3, 4): Young Kepublicans Club (2. 3, 4). ADCOCK, J. SAM, JR. Durham B.S. IN iNDisTRiAL Relations. AKIN, WILLIAM BAKER, JR. Raleigh B.S. IN BrsiNESS AD.MiNisTRATn)N. Si) ma Phi Epsiloii: AFROTC (1. 2, 3): Card- board (1, 2. 3. 4); Freshman Camp (2): Soccer (2); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2). ALBERT, JOSEPHINE TAYLOR Baltimore, Md. A.B. IN History. Phi Alpha Thi-ta. President (4); Carolina Symposium (3. 4): Cosmopolitan Club (4); Sound and Fury (3); WUNC (3): Y.W.C.A. (3). ALDRED, WILLIAM MURRAY, JR. Durham A.B. IN Editation. AFROTC (1. 2. 3. t). Captain (4); . rnold .Air Society (3. 4); Baseball Manager (1, 2, 3. 41: F.T.A. (ll: Scabbard and Blade (3. 4). ALEXANDER, JOHN ROBERT Lake Wales, Fla. B.S. IN Business Administration. Gynina.stics (2;; Scabbard and Blade (3, 4), Captain (4); Semper Fidelis (4). ALLEN, FRANCES NEAL Louisburg ALLIGOOD, ROMALDA JOYCE Washington A.B. IN English. Dormitory Vice-President (4): F.T.. . (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). ALPHIN, OLIVER WENDELL Mount Olive U.S. IN BisiNKss Ad.ministratio n. Dilta sii iiin Pi: IDC (2. 3); Dormitory President (3); President ' s Cabinet (4): Student Oovernment (2. 3. 4); Stu- dent Legi.slature (2. 3. 4); .Student Party (2. 3, I). AMY, JOHN V. . .B. IN History. ANDERSON, PATRICIA SUTHERLAND A.B. IN Kngi.ish. ANDREWS, SAM BROWN U.S. Hi ANSELL, DAVID K. Smith Falls, Onl. Crete. III. Tarboro Mlenhurst, V. J. A.B. IN History. Tan Epsiloii Phi, Secretary. Pledge Master (3. 4): Hillel Foundation (I. 2. 3. 41: Student Covernment (1); Student Party (1. 21: Cniversity Club (11. ARTOPE, GEORGE RAYMOND Greensboro B.S. IN BrsiNEss .Administration. Pi Kappa Alpha, Treasurer (3, 4) : Card- board (3); G.M.A.B. (4); Gymnastics (1. 2); University Club (2. 3); Uni versity Party (3. 4): V.M.C.A. (1, 2). ASHFORD, CHARLES HALL, JR. Vcre Bern A.B. IN English. Delta Kappa Epsilon: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma; IFC (4): .Men ' s Homn- Council (4): Orientation Counselor (2, 3. 41; Senior Class Treasurer. ASHFORD, JOHN DURWARD Scotland ISeck A.B. IN Journalism. Dailii Tar Heel (3. 4); Press Club (3. 4), Vice-President ATCHISON, SUZANNE HESTER Washington, D. C. A.B. IN Editation. Alpha Gaiiniia Drila : Cardboard (3, 4): Dailii Tar Heel. Society Editor (8); FTA (a, 4), Executive Council (4), Program Chairman (II. State Secretary (4): Ci.M.A.B. (1): Honor Council Commission (4): X.C.E.A. Delegate (3. 4); Student Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (4). ATWATER, JAMES T. Greensboro B.S. IN Business Ad.ministration, Mono 287 Club (3, 4): Swimming (2. 3. 4i jf BABER. FRED WILKERSON, JR. A.B. IN I ' Hll.OSdl ' HV. BACHMAN, ANN HAZELL A.n. IN HisniKV. Gibson l»lan,l. td. ba ;(;ett. rcbert franklin Smilhfinhl AIiiIki Kapiia Fsi: Banil (1. 1. 31 bagley, edv aru orrick A.B. IN History. BAILEY, LESLIE RAND, JR. A.B. IN History. SouikI ,iiuI Fury (.11; Track (1. 2. 3 BALDRIDGE, WILLIAM PAUL A.B. IN History. Brtii Tlirtn Pi: Minataurs (2, 3, 4). BALDWIN, WILLIAM HOWARD A.B. IN EDir.moN. BALLARD, DANIEL STEDMAN, JR. . .B. IN l HYsir. L Ediiation. BALLEW, WILLIAM RALPH BANK, STEPHEN Raleigh Chaiybeate Springs W inston-Saleni Rofkingham Angier Hickory- ent: Uni- Veir York, I . Y. BANKS, OTIS GORDON Carr B.S. IN BisiNESs Admixistbation. Aljihri Kappa Psi, Vice-President (41: Uiii- versitv Club (2); UniYersitv I ' aitv ( t) : Young Democrats Club (3, 4); Y.M.C ' .A. (1). BANNERMAN, JANET PATTON Sivannanoa A.B. IN English. House Council (3) ; Splash Club (3. 4) : W.A.A. (3. 4) ; ■ .W.C.A. (3. 4). BARBER, HOWARD CURTIS B.S. IN BrsiNKss Administration. Delta Sigma P i: AFROTC (1, Drill Si|ua lr(in Comiiianiler (4): Baptist Student Union (4). BARBER, MILTON AUGUSTUS, III A.B. IN History. Zetn Psi: liiiiifihoiil. BARBER, RUTH WATKINS I ' artv (3. II : Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). li.M.A.B. (3. 4): Splash Club (3); I ' niversity BARNES, ELIZABETH GORE Washinglon, D. C. A.B. IN Edumtion. Kapiiii Dilta : Canterbury Club (31: Women ' s lilee Club BARNES, ELIZABETH PACE BARRINGER, MICHEL LARON . .H. IN Eni.iish. .student Party (1, 3, 4) : Y.M.C.A. 1, BARRINGTON, CARL ADAM, JR. Fayetteville A.B. IN English. Kappa Alpha Orilcr : Debate Council (1. 2. 4); NROTC II. 2. 3. tl: Orientation Counselor (4); Philanthropic Assembly (1. 2. 4): I ' niversity Party (I. 2. 3. 4): Young Democrats Club (1. 2. 3. 41. BARRINGTON, RICHARD EVERETT Hamlet B.S. IN BiSINKSS AnMINISTRATION. BARTHOLOMEW, JOSEPH EUGENE B.S. IN BiSINKS S An.MINlSTR.VTION. BARTLETT, JENINIE LEE B.S. IN Chk.mistry. BASS, EDDIE COVINGTON Raleigh Farntviile A. 11. IN Mrsic. Plii Beta Kappa, Phi Mii Alpha, President (4): Band (I. 2. . ' 1. 11. Secretary- ' l ' reasurer (2), Vice-President (3). President (4); Dormitory Vice President (1. 2. 3); Order of the Golden Fleece (4); Order of the Grail (4); Order of the Old Well (4): Student Lesi.slature (4); University Party (4): U.N.C. Symphony (1. 2. 3, 4). Secretary (4); Wesley Foundation (1, 2. 3). BASS, JAMES N. ilberlu 288 BASS, TOMMIE LEONARD, JR. A.B. IN Chkmistrv. BATEMAN, CLIVE ANTHONY U.S. IX Indistrial Relations. BATTS, ADA LOU A.B. IN Education. BATTS, BERNICE R. Wallace A.B. IN Political Science. BAYNES, GERALD TAYLOR London, Ohio B.S. IN Indcstrial Relations, norm Presirient (4); IDC (4); NROTC (1. 2. 3. 4). BEAM, DENNIS ANTHONY, JR. Shelby B.S. in Industrial Relations. Phi Kappa Sigma: Men ' s Glee Club (1); Uni versity Club (1): University Party (1): Y.M.C.A. (2). BELL, AMORET MOORE Lewisburg, W . Va. A.B. IN History. Caruliiia Qiiarterlii (4); Independent Women (3. 4): Treasurer Dorm (4): V.W.C.A. (3). BELL, BETTY Greensboro A.B. IN Education. Delta Delia Delta. President (4): F.T.A. (3. 4i: CM. A.B. (4); Panhellenic Council (4): V.W.C.A. (3. 4). BELL, FRANCES ANNE Danville, Va. .B IX English. Phi Theta Kapixi; Carolina Playniakers (3, 4): House Council; Orientation Counselor (4): Sound and Fury (4); Summer School Weekly; Wesley Foundation; W.A.A.; WUNC (3); University Chorus; V.W.C.A. (4). BELL, RICHARD HOWARD Ml- Dora, Fla. B.S. IN Business Ad.ministration. Alpha Tan Oiiieija. BENNETT, LEONARD BOOTH Norfolk, Va. A.B IN Political Science. Canterbury Club (2. 3, 41; G.M.A.B. (2. 3); Mens Glee Club (21; University Chorus (4i. BERRY, FRANCIS K EA Kin»ton A.B. IN HisTORV. Dorm President (41 ; Football (1, 2, 3); IDC (4); Student Party il. 2. 3, 4i ; Voung Democrats Club Ci. 41. BERRYHILL, LEWIS DAVID, JR. B.S. IN Business Ad.ministration. Ldiiihdn Ihi Alpha. BEST, GEORGE S., JR. . .B. IN Political Science. BETTES, LAURA JAMES A.B. IN History. Canterbury Club (3. 4); V.W.C.A. 13. 4). Orlando, Fla. BIVINS, CYNTHIA LEIGH Atlanta, Ga. . .B. IN English. Independent Women; Voung Democrats Club; V.W.C.. . (31 ; Orientation Ci BIZZELL, MARY LOUISE . .B. IN Education. Chi Dineiia: G.M.. .B. Iniver.sity Party (3, 41 ; V.W.C.A. (3, 41. BLACK, BAXTER FRANKLIN, III Kannapolis A.B. IN Psychology, .ilpha Tun Omega: Cardboard; Cheerleader (2. 3i, Chief (41; Orientation Counselor (2. 31; Student Party; University Club; Y.M.C.A. ; Vice-President, Senior Class. BLACK, FOYE FORBUS, JR. Forett Ctty B.S. IN Business Ad.ministration. BLACKWELDER, JOHN NORRIS Staiesville . .B. in Econo.mics. Kappa Alpha: Scabbard and Blade (3. 41; Vounft Democrats Club; NROTC (1. 2. 3, 4i. BLAND, WILBUR BRYAN Raleigh A.B. IN Chemistry. Delta Sirima Pi. Vice President (31; Band (1); Cardboard (2, 31 ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). BLAND, WILLIAM OTIS B.S. IN Bi siNESs .Administration. Vounfi Democrats Club (41 BLAZER, PHILLIP PAUL A.B. IN Paonomics. Football (1. 2. 3. tl; -Monog BLOOMER, OLIVER GREEN 289 W hitaker. Pa. in Club (2. 3, 4). Whitaken Ram and Ene (4) ; Sound BOESE, FRED iVIERRITT ON. Ih-ltn Sifiniri Pi. BOGGS, ROY DIXOIN, JR. It.S. IN Business Administration. Beta Gii Kappa. BOLTON, CHARLES BURNS A.B. IN KnitiThiN. Hlfliiia .V».- Track (1. 2). BOOKOIIT, CLOYD ALLEN A.B. Kx Tel AND .N!oTION PlCTlF WUNCTV (3, 4); V.M.C.A. (3). BOST, WILLIAM S., JR. . .B. IN History. Zeta Psi, President (4); Morehead Scholar. BOSTIG, THAD STEVENS Yaldeie Sigma, Treasurer; Phi Beta Rich Square Monroe Band (3, 4): WUNC (3. 4i: Forest City r; German Club (3, 4), Secretary BOUDREAU, GIRARD EDGAR, JR. North Augusta, S. C. A.B. IN History. Ihlta Upsilon. Vice-President (3). President (4); Phi Alpha Thvta: Debate Council. Secretary (3); Di Senate. Critic (3). President (11; C.M.A.B.. Cliairman Mardi Gras. Vice-President (4); IDC (1); IFC (3. 4); Order of the Old Well (4); Orientation Counselor (41; Student Government, Budget Committee (8), President ' s Cabinet (4); Student Party; V.M.C.. ., Fresliman Camp Counselor (2i. Steering Committee (1). Southern Pines BOWMAN, CHARLES HARWOOD BRADFIELD, S. SMITH A.B. IN KioNo.Mics. Phi !ai Delta. President (4). Marion Fuquay Springs Milton BRANDNER, LARIE KENT Arlington, t ' a. A.B IN History. Beta Theta Pi. Secretary (3); Phi Alpha Theta: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Siffiiia : Ikiilu Tar Heel (I. 2); University Party (1. 2. 3. 41; Young Republicans Club (1. 2, 3). BRADFORD, MARTHA JANE . .B. IN Edication. Chi Omega; University Party. BRADLEY, MARY NELL A.B. IN SoiiAi. Stidifs. KTA (3. 4); V.W.C.A. (3. 4). BRADSHER, SIDNEY PRESTON A.B. IN K.Nc LisH. V.M.C.A. BRAXTON, H. HARRISON Cha City, Va. i. IN Political Science. Pi Kappa Alpha; Bi-Parti.san Selection Board; itcrlmry Club (1, 2, 8, 4); Constitutional Revisional Committee (2); cniation Counselor (3. 4); Soccer (I): Student Government, Election ml (1. 21. Chairman (2); Student Legislature (2); University Party 2. 3. 41. Chairman (4). Brooklyn, iV. Y. Elizabeth City BRENNAN, PETER J. BRENNAN, STANLEY LEROY . .H. IN .loiRNAMSM. BREWER, WESLEY SCOTT . .B. IN Edication. BRIDGERS, WILLIAM ASHLEY, JR. BRIGGS, ERNEST RAY BRIGGS, LINWOOD F. U.S. IN BiSlNKSS AD.MINISTRATION. BRINCKERHOFF, MARY LOU BRITT, BILLIE ROSE BRITT, ROBERT CARL Lumberton U.S. IN Medicine. Alpha Epsiloii Delta; Baptist Student Union (1, 2); Carolina Playmakers (1); IDC (2, 31; V.M.C.. . (1. 2i; Dormitory President (3): Dormitory Vice-President (2). BRITT, ROBERT FRANKLIN Lumberton A.B. IN BOTINV. Wilson 3. 4): University Party (1, 2, 3. Sanford Club (1, 2); Young Demo- Louiaville, Ky, Counselor (4): Splash Club (3): 290 BRITTAIN, HOKE MITCHEM McAdenviUe U.S. IN Hrsi.NESs Administration. Vouiik Democrats Club (3, 1). BROOKE, A NE FENTON Staunton, Va. A.B. IN Dramatic Art. Carolina Playmakers (2): Sound and Fury (2); Uni- ver.sity Chorus (1). BROWN, BARBARA HOPE Carthage A.B. IN Kdhation. Alpha Delta Pi; University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (8, 4); Orientation Counselor (4). BROWN, EUGENE WILSON, JR. Rich Square .B IN Political Sliknce. Phi Beta Kappa; Student Party (1): University Clul) (1) ; Wesley Foundation (I) ; Dorm Officer (1. 2, 3). BROWN, HOMER CLARK, JR. High Point B.S. IN Bi siNESs Administration. Alpha Kappa Psi; Young Democrats Club 12): V.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3): Victory Village Board of Directors (3. 4). Chairman u( Board (4) : Dailij Tnr Heel (2). BROWN, JAMES EDWARD Anderson, S. C. A.B. IN Political Science. Cardboard (4); IDC (4); Student Legislature (3); Student Party (2, 3, 4) ; Young Democrats Club (2, 3) ; Dormitory President BROWN, JULIAN C, JR. B.S. IN Business Administration. BROWN, MARY CLAYTON A.B. IN Education. Alpha Delta Pi; I Club C4); V.W.C.A. (.i). BRUNSON, MARGARET WALKER Wilmington versity Party (4); Young Democrats N Education. Chi Omega; G.M.A.B. (3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Democrats Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). BRYANT, HUGH B.S. in Business Administration. Kappa Sign BRYANT, JOYCE HARTZ B.S. IN Mathematics. Delta Delta Delta; Y.W.C.A. (3) ship (.1. u. Vice-President (4). BRYANT, MARY CRAIG B.A. IN KnuuATioN. Chi Omega. Corinth, Miss. Westminster Fellow Hamlet BRYCE, GEORGE WILDER, JR. B IN English. Phi Beta Kappa, Secretary (i) -.Alpha Phi Omfga. Secretary (31. Vice-President (4); Baptist Student Union (I, 2. 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4). BURCHETT, JOHN BOYD, JR. Henderton A.B. IN Kauio, Television and Motion Pictures. WUNC (3); WUNC-TV (4). BURGESS, FRANK ERIC Pottttown, Pa. B.S. IN Industrial Relations. Chi Psi; Dance Committee (1); IFC (2); Sound and Fury (1); Student Party (1); Y.M.C.A. (1). BURKHARDT, EMORY H. Baltimore, Md. Political Science. Alpha Delta Pi; Cosmopolitan Club (4); G.M.A.B. (3 4): University Party (8, 4); Yackety Yack (3, 4). Senior Class Editor; V.W.C.A. (3, • ) : House Council (3, 4) ; Board of Elections (3) ; Kam and Ewe (4). BURNAM, JESSE ANDREW . Cordele, Ga. A.B. in Chemistry. Baptist Student Union (1); Di Senate (1. 2); IDC (2): Orientation Counselor (3); Student Government (2, 3); Student Legislature (2, 31 : Student Party (2, 3). BURRELL, FREDERICK WILLIAM A.B. IN History. Sigma Nu. BURRESS, JOHN WOODFIN, III A.B. IN Economics. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Gimghoul (3. 4). BURTON, ERNEST STEVEN B.S. IN Bl ' SiNESs Administration. BUTCHART, EDWARD WINSLOW A.B Cedar Rapids, la. Salem, Va, High Point Greensboro Journalism. Scabbard and Blade (3. 4) ; NROTC (2, 3. 4) : Drill Teal , Commander (4): Rifle Team (2, 3, 4), Captain (3. 4); Dorm Adv Semper Fidelis Society (4). Dunn 4) ; Women ' s BUTLER, MARTHA ANN . .B. IN Education. Delta Delta Delta; University Party Residence Council, Secretary (4). BUTLER, ROBERT ALBERT Leaksville A.B. IN English. Alpha Tan Omega; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2);. Wesley Foundation. BUTLER, ROBERT DOUGLAS Reidsville B.S. IN (iEoLoGY. Siijnto Gantnia Epfiilon, Secretary-T ' reasurer (4). 291 BYRD, MARION EVERTON A.B. IN History. CALDWELL, GLENDA CABRA A.B. IX Political Science. Dialectic Senate (4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4 CALDWELL, SANDRA CAROLE B.S. IN Marketing. Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). CALLENDEB, KENNETH HUGH Greensboro KB IV Radio, Teleiision and Motion Pictures. Arnold Air Society (3. 4i: Carolina Plavmakers (2. 3. 4) : G.M.A.B. (2): National Student Association (3); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); Sound and Fury (3, 4). CALLICOTT, JOSEPH H., JR. A.B. IN English. Beta Theta Pi; IFC (3). CAMPBELL, CAROL SHANKLIN B IN Education. Chi Omega: G.M.A.B. (3); University Party (3. 4) Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). CAMPBELL, CHARLES WOODROW B.S. IN Business Administration. Cardboard (4). CAMPBELL, GAYLE NORMAN Chapel Hill B IN Psychology. Alpha Delta Pi, Vice-President (3); Sound and Fury (2. 3); Splash Club (2): University Party (2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (2, 3). CAMPBELL, HUGH E. B.S. IS Business Administration. Alpha Kappa Psi. CAMPBELL, JOHN KERR Wilmingl A.B. IN Ec-oNOMics. University Club (3); Youns Democrats Club (3); Y.M.C.A. (3). ' CANAS, JUAN JOSE Santiago de Cuba, Cuba B ' i IN Business Administration. Cosmopolitan Club (4); Newman Club (4); Student Party: Y.M.C.A. (1). CAPETANOS, CHRIS L. .i.B. in Political Science. CAPPS, CHARLES K. B.S. !.■ Mathematks. tJ PPS, THOMAS EDWARD A.B. IN English. Phi (iamma ll.lta. CARMICHAEL, JERRY GAYLON H.S. in Marketing. Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3); Soccer (1). CARPENTER, NANCY JEAN Hilhboro B in English. Pi Beta Phi: G.M.A.B. (3, 4); University Club (3, 4i; Y.W.C.A. (3). CARPENTER, TED FRANKLIN A.B. IN Education. CARPENTER, WILLIAM PERRY B.S. in Business Administration. CARR, GABRIEL PAUL, JR. Hilltboro B in English. Dance Committee (4); IDC (3): Men ' s Honor Council (3): Orientation Counselor (3): Phi Assembly (2. 4): Student Party (2 3 4: YMCA (2. 3, 4): IDC Court (3): Freshman Camp Counselor (3. 4): Dorm . dvi ' sor ' (4). ' CARRAWAY, JAMES HOWARD A.B IN Psychology. Pi Kappa Phi: G.M.A. Democrats Club (3) : Y.M.C.A. (1). CARRIKER, DONALD MALLOY A.B. IN Political Science. Young Democrats Club (4). CARROLL, LARRY WINFORD . .B. IN History. CARTER, WILLIAM LEON B.S. IN Public Accounting. Theta Chi. CASEY, JAMES BROADUS A.B. IN Religion. Dance Committee (1): Y.M.C.A. (1 292 Roanoke, Va (2) : Earn and Ewe (4) : Y High Poinf WUNC-TV (1). CATES, DONALD BROOKS Faiion A.B. IN ANTHROPOUHiY. Plii Ihltii Tliilo: Stiuleiit (idvernineiil (li: .NLCA. CHAMBLISS, MALLORY LEWIS A.B. IX HisTiiRv. Zi ' fii I ' si: Voung Democrats Club: V.M.C.A. CHAPPELL, LINDA LOU A.B. IN HisTciRY. rlii Omeae Yrirk,-t! Yiirk. .Ill CHERRY, MARCUS CICERO STEPHEN, III Th. ' tn B.S. IN BcsiNESs Administration. Phi Drltri dent (4): Baptist Student Union: IFC; Fre liin;i C.erman Club (I. 2, 3.4); Order of tlie lllil Well I): Student Legislature (21: University Party; 1 CHESNUTT, WILLIAM JOSEPH . .B. IN PsvrHoim.v. Plii DrIUi Thttn. CHESTER, WAYNE SEAGROVES A.B. IN RAnio. Tklkvision and Motion PitTlRfis. i-rats Club (1. 2); V.M.C.A. (2. 3). ' ice-President (3). Presi- Camp Committee Head (2) ; Orientation Counselor (2. 3. MCA. Pittsbo WUN ' C (3. I): Young Den CHILDS, JACK STITH Wilton A.B. IN Journalism. Alpha Tau Omega; Band (1, 2): Cheerleader (4); Daily Tar Heel (1); University Club (2. 4). CHRISTIAN, RICHARD RAY B.S. IN Indistriai. Rfi.ations. CHRISTIAN, VIRGIL HALCOMB B.S. IN Bl-siness Administration. CHRISTIAN, WILLIAM GEROW, JR. Sanford Mount Airy Virkgburgf Migg, 3. 4) : Ci.M.A.B. (3); CHURCH, JANETTE IRIS Purlear A.B. in F dit.ition. Baptist Student Union (3. 4); FTA (3. 4); Young Demo- irats Club (31; V.W.C.A. (3. 4): University Mixed Chorus (3, 4); LW.A. Kepresentative (4). CLAPP, JOSEPH MARK Creeniboro B.S. IN BisiNESs administration. Alpha Kappa Psi, President; Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma, Secretary; Newman Club (1): University Club. Vice-President (2). President (3); Y.M.C.A. : Student Enter- tainment Committee. CLARK, BETTY SUE Willianuton . .B. IN Education. Pi Beta Phi; Orientation Counselor (4): University Party (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. CLARK, JON BARRETT Charlotte WCHL. CLAY, INGRID SUZANNE A.B. IN English-Education. Alpha Gamma Delta; Daily Tar Heel (3. 4); KTA (4); Splash Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Co-editor of Student Di- rectory; Lutheran Student Association. Long Island City IS, Y, CLEMMONS, ROLAND ELBERT Phi Kappa Sigma. COATS, DEANE MOULTON COBURN, ROBERT LEE, JR. . .B. IN History. lie, 1 . 1 . Williamslon COE, KATHERINE KEITH Wathington, D. C. . .B. IN .Art. Chi thin ' Qa, President (4); Panhellenic Council Representative ((): Ram riiiil Kirr (11; Splash Club (3); University Partv ' (3. 4); Women ' s Honor Council i ti ; House Council (3); Young Republicans Club (3). Kannapolig Republicans Club iVcif Bern COGGINS, NORMAN LESTER B.S. IN BisiNKSs Ad.vinistr.ition. Delta Sigma Pi; (31. COLE, JERRY ROBERT B.S. IN BisiNESs Ad.ministration. Phi Kappa Sigma; Arnold Air Soctet ' (3. I). Commander (41; Publications Board (3, 4): Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); Student Legislature (3. 4). COLLINS. NANCY MARIE A.B. IN Zoolik;y. COLSON, WILLIAM STEWART B.S. IN M.vthematics. Baptist Student Union (1. CONGER, THOMAS J. B.S. IN BrsiNESs Ad.ministration. 293 Greensboro 4); Y.M.C.A, {1. 2. 3. 4). Statesvilte WlNl TV (n COOK, DENNIS SHELTON B.S. IN S.UMK Thihim:. COOK, STANLEY GALPIN A.B. IN F.NiaisH. COOKE, DONALD DAVIS A.B. IN History. JJif mo Alphn Eiisilim. CORBETT, JOHN GRATIS A.B. IN RAniO. TUkVISHlN ind Miition I ' CORBIN, HENRY JEFFERSON, JR. Florence. S. C. B.S IN BisiNFSs Administration. Sigma Phi Epsiloii. Sot-ial Cliairmali (3i ' eiretary (I): CM. .A.B. (2. 3); Orientation Counselor (3): University Clul (1, 2 3) ' : University Party (I. 2): Youn? Democrats Club (2. 3): V.M.f.A (1. 2. 3. 4), Cabinet ' (2): IFC Handbooli. Editor (3): Carolina Hanciljonk (J, 3); Freshman Camp Counselor (2, 3). COREY, BELLE HAMILTON Allant B IN SoiioLof;v. Delta Delta Delta: Canterbury Club (3. 4): Orientatioi Committee (4); Student Legislature (3): University Party (3. 4): V.W.C. A (3. il. President (4). CORR. KATHLEEN LEE BronxrWe, A. ) B in English. Pi Beta Phi: Carolina Syniposium (4): Newman Club (3. 4 ' Orientation Counselor (4); Student Legislature (3): University Party (3. 4 COVELL, CHARLES VAN ORDEN, JR. Chriuchurch, Va B IN English. Sf. Anthoiiu Hall: Canterbury Club (1. 2, 3. 4): Monogiaii Club (2. 3. 4); Orientation Counselor (31: Soccer (1. 2. 3, 4): Sound and Fuu (21: Student Government (1. 2): Student Legislature (1. 2). Sergeant-at-Aniv (2): University Party (1. 2); Custodian of Graham Memorial. COWELL, MARION AUBREY, JR. JackMnvill, B.S. IN BrsiNESs Administration. Sigtiia Chi: Student Legislature (li. COX, JOHN RUDOLPH B.S. in Bl siness .Administration. CRAIG, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, JR. 2. 3); V.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3) CRATER, JULIA ANN A.B. in Education. Delta Delta Delta: CISC (4): Orientation Cou Student Legislature (3. 4); University Party (3, Council (3. 4), Chairman (4). Wome CRESS, MARGARET JOSEPHINE SalUbu B IN Ediiation. tlamniu Phi Beta: Y.W.C.A. (3); Stray (Tieeks (3. CREWS, NATHANIEL SULLIVAN . .B IN Radio. Television and Motion Pictires. Sigma Phi Epxilan : University Club (3. 11; University Party (3); WUNC (2. 3); Young Democrats Club (n: V.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 4). CROCKER, NATHAN THOMAS, III Chapel Hill B.S. IN Business Administration. Sigtmi Xii: Dailii Tar Heel (1. 2): Somr (t); Wrestling (1, 2). Manager (2); V.M.C.A. (I. 2. 3. 4). Charlolli Democrats Club ( 1 Wington-Sai CROOK, MYRON DUDLEY B.S. IN Industrial Rklations. Phi Kainiri . CROSSLAND, LUCIE BASSETT A.B. IN English. Pi Beta Phi: G.M.A.B. versity Party (3. 4); V.W.C.. . (3. 4i. CROUCH, ADELIAH SMYER A.B. IN Education. V.W.C.. . (3. 1). Arlington, li ' I. ' ice-President (2t. 3) : Orientatii CRUMPLER, JAMES FULTON, JR. A.B. IN History. ersitv Party (1. V.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3. Si. Petersburg. Ha. Committee (11 : Ini Rocky Mount III! .Vh, Social Chairinan (1) : Baptist Student Union: In Vf rA-( ' (« Vark- (II; Vouiig Democrats Club il. 2. :i. I Taniatiini (1). CULPEPPER, VERNON CLAY A.B. IN Education. Ba| tist Sluilent Uii «:UNNINGHAM, WILLIAM GRADY (3, 4) ; FTA (3. II CURTIS, CECIL MARTIN B.S. IN Business Administration. CUTCHIN, LAWRENCE MeGILBRA A.B. IN History. Alpha Kpsiloii Delta: Phi Delta Theta. DANIEL, CAROLYN SMITH A.B. IN Education. V.W.C.A. (3). 294 V.M.C.A. 131. Afhevillc Marion n hilaltert Chapel Hilt DAMEL. FRED MARSH Oxford B.S. IN BisiNEss Administration. Delta Sigma Pi; Cardboard (1, 2). DANIEL, LILLIAN STUART Richmond, la. A.B. IN KmiATioN. KattiMi Delta. OARDEN, JAMES ROBERT Jacksonville H.S. IN Bi siNtss AD.MiNisTBATinN. Amold Air Society (I. 2. 3. I); V.M.C.A. DARDEN, WILLIAM ADAMS A.B. IN History. Monogram Cluh (i DARNELL, WILLIAM GORDON, JR. !.S. IN Ind Relations. Pin Delta Theta: IFC (1 DAUGHTRIDGE, MARGARET ETHEL A.B. IN SiKioioGY. Alpha Delta Pi; I ' niversity I ' arty (3, Coiiferem-e Cliairman U). Suniiiier Scliool President. Stantonsburf: Murphy 3). Secretary (3) : Rocky Mount Y.W.C.A. (3, n. DAUGHTRY, CURTISS WILSON Smithfield B -i IN Dentistry. .S onm Phi Epsitort ; IFC (3) ; Order of the Old Well (3. 4i : Publications Board (1): Student Legislature (2. 3): UniYersity Party (1. 2 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3, 4); Spurgeon Dental Society; Junior . merican Dental . ssociation. DAVENPORT, FLORINE ANTHA DAVIDIAN, VARTAN A., JR. A.B. IN ZooLoc Y. Alpha Tau Omega; Y.M.C.A. (I. 2. 3. 4). DAVIS, BURTON SPARLING, III B.S. IN iNDisTRiAi. Relations. Sigma Alpha Epsilan. DAVIS. CHARLES McMILLAN M, IN History. Sigma .Vii,- Saturday Club (21 Yneketu Yaek (I. 2): Young Democrats Club (1, Columbia Smithfield Louisburf; Tar Haban Cuba DAVIS, CHESTER CLARK A.B. IN Political Science. Pi Delta Phi; Sigma Phi Epnilnn ; Canterbury Cluh (1. 2. 3. 4); G.M.A.B. (2); Young Republicans Club (31: V.M.C.A. (3i: NROTC Drill Team (1, 2. 3. 4). DAVIS, GUS LOUIS Morehead City A.B. IN English. Canterbury Club (1. 2, 3, 1 1 ; DaUtj Tar Heel; Student Party II. 21 ; Young Democrats Club II. 2. 3); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3, 4). DAVIS, MARY LOUISE Greemboro A.B. IN Art. DAVIS, NANCY ELIZABETH MooreniUe B.S. IN Science Teaching. Pi Beta Phi; University Party (I, 2. 3. 4); Yarkeli, Yaek (3. 4): Young Democrats Club (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. DAVIS, OSCAR SWIFT A.B. IN EcoNo.Mics. Sigma Alpha EpMon ; Gorgon ' s Head (31; Club (1); Orientation Committee (41; Orientation Counselor (3); UniYersity Party (1. 2. 3. 41. DAVIS, WARREN THOMAS, III . .B. IN Radio. Tele -ision and Motion Pictii ,s. Pi Kappa .Alpha. DAWKINS, JOHN EARL, JR. B.S. in Industrial Relations. Youn V.M.C.A. (2. 3. 4). Democrats Club (2. 3. 4). Mount Gilead President (41 ; DAWN, JON NEIL Gatlonia B.S. IN BrsiNEss Ad.ministration. Sigma Phi Epailan, President (3) ; Baptist Student Union (1. 21: Carolina Quarterlu (3): IFC (3. 4); UniYersity PartY (3. 41: Young Democrats Club (1. 2, 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 4): Student Directory. Editor (3). AdA ' ertising Manager (2); Tarnation (1). Business Man- (11 DAWSON, MARTHA VIRGINIA Stantonsburg DEAL, WILLIAM BROWN Morganlon A.B. IN Chemistry. Beta Theta Pi; Orientation Counselor (t): University Party (3, 4); Young Democrats Club (3); Minataurs; Junior Class Treasurer; Morehead Scholar. DE BERRY, HOWELL, III B.S. IN Geology. DE BRUHL, GARRY GLENN . .B. IN Social Stidies. Student Party; Cardboard. DE HART, EVELYN BEATRICE B.S. IN BrsiNEss An.MlNisTRATlnN. Accounting dub 295 Raleigh .Alexander Hickory ■i : Y.W.C.A. DENMS, CAROLYN E„ex FatU. V. J. A.B. IN Sociology. Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club (3. I) : Orientation Counselor id; Sound and Fury (3); Yackety Yack (3); V.W.C.A. (3. 41; Angel Fliglit. OICKENS, MARIAN LOU DILLON, PATRICIA ANN A.n. IN History. Delta Delta Delta: Angel Kliglit (3. 1); niander . ngel Fliglit (3. 4); Orientation Committee (3. Council (4); Student Government (Summer Session) (4); Council (3, 4). Thomasville nittee (3. 4i; Honorary Coin- ») ; Panliellenic Women ' s Honor DIXON. JAMES FRANKLIN IN BlSINF, is . D.MINISTR, T1 3 1 ; IDC i-i . 3) ; Young D ;idei It (3). DIXON, JOHN BARNABA.S . .B. IN Zc.( i..ii;y. nOAR, JAMES ERASER DOBSON, ERVIN GARRISON A.B. IN English-Editation. DOCKERY, JUDITH Ruther ordlon A.B. IN Engiish-Edic.ition. FTA (8. 4); V.W.C.A. (3. 4): Yack Beauty Court (3 1 ; Miss Modern Venus (3). DONALD, SUSAN MARY ISa$gau Bahan DOSS, DALE WALTER Birmingham. .41a. . .B. IN History. DOUGHERTY, ELIZABETH LLOYD Cine innali, Ohio A.B. in Reli(;ion. Kappa Delta: Canterbury Club (3. 4); Carolina Symposium (3. I); Orientation Counselor (41; V.W.C.A.. Chairman Vespers and Worship 13. 4). DOWDLE, DEWITT. JR. AthetiUe A.B. -IN History. Chi Phi. DOWLESS, WINFRED GRAHAM B.S. IN BiSINKSS . DMINISTRATION. DRAKE, ANNE LOUISE Beckler, W. Vc A.B. IN Etonomics. Chi Omeyn : Dnilil Tar Heel (3i; Yarketii Yark (3); Voung Republicans Club (3); V.W.C.A. (3, 4); Matrix Society (3); Press Club (31. DRAKE. CLAUDE WALLACE. JR. Como A.B. IN English. Uniteil Student Fellowship (3. 4). DREXLER. EDITH WELLS DRYFOOS, HENRY, IV Deerfieldf Mats. rr ' afhinglon, D. C. A.B. IN History, .ilpha Tan Omega: G.M.A.B. (1. 21; Mens (ilec Club (I); Orientation Counselor (2. 3); LaCrosse (1. 2. 3. 4): Sheiks (2. 3. l) : Tarna 11, ai (1. 21. DUNN, JAMES BUFOR D, JR. ffington-Sale Chi: Niiti niiil Student Ass(K-iati( Dl ' RHAM, WILLIAM HENRY B.S. IN iNni strial Rh ations. V.M.C.A. (1. FADES, IRVINE HUBERT B.S. IN Bl ' SINKSS .Xn.MINISTRATION. EASTMAN, ANN GARNER . .B. IN Edlcation. EAVES, ROBERT W ENDELL. JR. EBERT, RICHARD GORDON K inslon-.Sali ' Morehead City Wathinglon. D. C. Winston-Salem EDMUNDSON, HAYWOOD, IV A.B. IN History. Zeta Psi: Student Council (3) ; U.N.C.H.S. (3, 4). 296 KLLER, ALICE SEELY Kappa Delia: Canterbury flub 13. li: Carolii A.B. IN Political Sen Symposium (4); Dialectic Senate (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Uni ' I ' artv; Women ' s Residence Council (41: YounK Republicans Club (3. 4); V.W ' .C.A. (3. 4): State Student Legislature (3); ROTC Anfrel Klieht (4). ELLER, ROGER FOSTER B.S. IN BrSINIUSS An.MINISTRA Puriear Pilta Sigma Pi: Oriler of the Green Tabic ELLERRE. HARRY LACOSTE Orientati( ELLINGTON, JOHN DAVID A.B. ELLINGTON, LELAND ELGENE B.S. IN BrsiNESs Administbation. DcHa Sifllr Counselor (4) Spartanburg, S, C University Party (2 ELLIS, ANN MARIE Ml. Holly Pi: Order of the Green Tabic Shelby Y.W.C.A. (3) : I)orn i- ERDMAN, CHARLES JOSEPH, JR. Ml. Vernon, Ohio B.S. IN BfSlNESs . DMiNjsTRATniN. Phi Kappa Sif ma. ERICKSON, LEIF Spruce Pine B.S. IN Gf-olocv. Swcer Manager (3, 41: Wesley Foundation. EUDY, DON COLEMAN Concord B.S. IN BrsiNE,ss . D.MiNisTRATinN. IDC (3) ; Dormitory President (3). EVANS, DONALD FREDERICK Greeniboro B.S. IN Indlstrial Relations. Siffnu EVANS, ELI N. Durha A.B. IN English. Tan Epsiloii Phi. President (4): Phi Eta Sit ma: Phi Beta Kappa: Amphoterothen (2. 3. 41: CUSC (3. 4): Debate Council (2. 3); Fresh- man Class President; Graham Memorial Board of Directors {2. 3. 4). Chair- man (4); IFC (4): Mens Honor Council (I. 2): National Student Associa tion (3, II : Order of Golden Fleece (3. 4) ; Order of the Grail (2. 3, 4) : Order of the old Well i3. 4 : Orientation Committee (3); Orientation Counselor (2, 3); Student Cimncil (2); Student Government (1. 2. 3. 4). Vice-President (3i. President (ti; Student Legislature (31. Speaker; Student Party (1, 2. 3. 4). EVANS, LEON EDWARD, JR. EXUM, GENEVIEVE L. GARROU A.B. IN Kdication. FTA (3) : U EXLM, RORERT, JR. Winterville litory Officer (2. 3) : ty Party (3): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Snow Hilt Club (1, 2): FAGEN, W. SUE . .B. IN Edlcation. Pi Miami, Fla. ita Phi: Canterbury Club (3. 41; Orientation Counse- FALLS, BOYD P. Shelby B.S. in Bl sini-ss , i ministbation. FARRELL, LEWIS HOYTT Pillgboro FARRINGTON, DARYL Short Hillt. N. J. A.B. in English. Chi IJiiiiiia : Canterbury Club (3. 4); Carolina Symposium (I); Cosmopolitan Club (3. 1); Orientation Counselor (4); Sound and f ' urv (4); Y.W.C.A.: Foreign Exchange Student Committee. FALCETTE, RILL LEON FEARRINGTON, FLORENCE W inaton-Saleni FENWICK, ELIZABETH LINDSAY Winnon-Salem A.B. in EnicATioN. Pi Brtn Phi: Iniversity Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. n. FERREIRA, JACK EVERETT Vilkeiboro B.S. IN Gkologv. Siijliia (iamma Epxilmi. FERRELL, CHARLOTTE JEAN Coats . .B. IN SixioLrM;v. FISHER, MARY JANE Brittol, Va. A.B. IN English. Alpha Delta Pi, Rush Chairman (4): Daily Tar Heel (3): Orientation Committee. Secretary (4); Panhellenic Council (4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4), Human Relations Chairman (4); Symposium. Secretary (4); University Party (3. 4). 297 FISHER. WILEY VICK, JR. A.H. IN History. ' Knpint Alpha. FITZGERALD, SOPHIE JOANNE FLACK. CHARLES ZORAH, JR. ForeH City U.S. IN BrsiNESs Administilvtidn. Kfippa Atpfia, Presi leut (t). Rush Chairman i:ii: C.M.A.B.. Dame Committee Cliairman (3): IFC 3. 4); Orientation Coun- selor (.11; Student Legislature (;!) : Iiniversity Parts ' d. 2. 3. 4) I Student ;overnnient. Traffic Committee (2); Young Democrats Club (1, 2, 3, I). FLEISHMAN, JOEL una 2. 3. t). FLYNT, STAUBER MINER . .B. IN History. Cardboard. FORBES, CHARLES HOBDAY, III fayetteville Virginia Bearb, In. AH. His Sign Chi. FORREST. ROBERT OSWIN, JR. B.S. IN Br ■2i: Young I 1). FORTUNE, MARTHA CAROLINE A.B. in Edicjtion. Alpha (famma Delta Brevard FT A; G.M.A.B.. Secretary (4). Committee Chairman; Orientation Committee; Publications Board; Stu- dent Part ' ; Women ' s Honor Council; Women ' s Residence Council. Vice- I ' resident (3) ; Y.W.C.A.; Publications Chairman. Y.W.C.A. Handbook, Co- Kditor: Summer School Activities Council. Treasurer; Wesley P ' oundation. FOWLER, BARBARA ALLEN Mount Ail A.B. IN- EmcATioN. Alpha (iamma Delta, President (4): FTA; Publicity Com- mittee Chairman (3. 4): Campus Liaison Committee Chairman; G.M.A.B. (4); Panhellenic Council Rep. (4); Student Party (3, 4): Young Democrats Club (.1. 4); Y.W.C.A. (.3, 4); W.A.A. (3, 4); Wesley Foundation (3. 4). FOWLER, DANIEL GRAHAM FOWLER, MARTHA LYNN Greensboro A.B. IN Sorioux;v. Delta Delta Delta: G.M.. .B. (4); University Party (3. 4); Ynrketii Yack (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Membership Committee (4); Campus Christian Council (3, 4); Westminster Fellowship (3. 4); House Council (3). FOWLER, SYLVIA JAYNE Ml. Holly . .B. IN Kdihtion. Baptist Student Union (4); FTA (4); Young Republicans (■ uh (1); V.W.C.A. (41. Chapel Hill FOX, CHARLES SUGG A.B. IN History. Beta Thetn Pi. FOX, RONALD ERNEST Conorei . .B. in English. Siania Phi Epsilon: Cardboard (4); Publications Board (2 3) : University Club " (1, 2) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3, 4). 7— YY -SENIORS FRANK, RICHARD EDWARD, JR. Greentbor, . .B. IN BrsINESS , nMINISTRATION. FRYE, WILLIAM ROGER Pinehurtl B.S. IN BisiNESS Administration. Alpha Kappa Psi, House Manager (4) ; Stu- dent Party (1, 2); Young Democrats Club (3. 4): Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3. 4); Na- tional Defense Transportation Association (3, 4). FULLER. ROBERT HOPE Gailonia H.S. IN Hi siNF s .AnMlNlsTR.VTioN. Kappa .4lpha. FUNK, MARGARET EUNICE Wilmington, Del. B.S. IN MuDicAi, TF.rHNoi. x-,Y. C ' A 1 Omega, Vice-President (4); CUSC (3): (l.M.A.B. (1); Orientation Counselor (2. 3); Valkyries (3. 4); Women ' s Resi- dence Council. Treasurer (2). Chairman (3): Y.W.C.A. (1, 2. 3. 4). Member ship Committee (2). FUSSELL, JO ANNE FUTRELL, JAMES THOMAS, JR. ;ABLE, THOMAS WILLIAM Greensboro Republicans Club GACA, GILES JOHN W est Mifflin, Pa. U.S. IN iNDisTRiAi Relations. Football (1. 2. 3. 4); Monogram Club (i;, 3. 4j. (;AILLARD, SAMUEL ROBERT Balfour H.! Hi (;ARDNER, JOHN GIRARDEAU A.B. IN English. Phi (iamma Delta; Young Republii 298 Rocky Mount ; Club; Y.M.C.A. GARMON, RONALD GENE U.S. IN Chkmistkv. Flu Beta Kuiipu : Alphn Chi Hifimii. GARRELL, JIMMY WOODARD U.S. IN BrsiNF.s.s Administration. Chi Phi GARVIN, MARY ARNOLD GAY, FRANCIS NORMAN . .B. IN Psychol(h:y. Tabor City iind Denioi-rat. ' i Club ( i: Raleigh GAY, JAMES EDGAR, III . .B. IN Kn lish. Brtn Thrta Pi; University Club (4) GILES, HARRY McCARLEY, JR. GILES, KATHERINE ForeH Cilr A.n. IN F.DicATioN. FTA (3. 41; Y.W.C.A. (4); Weslev Foundation (3, 4): W.A.A. (3. 4). GILLIAM, SUE REATRICE . .B. IN Enic.iTioN. Pi Beta Phi. GLASS, JIMMY LOUIS B.S. IN BUSINESS Administration. Dt lta Si( ma Pi; Phi Eta Sir mc GLATZER, MAURICE , .B. IN Hi.sTORV. Pi ' Lrimbrin Phi; Scabbard and Blade (3, 4). GLENN, JOSEPH CARROLL A.B. IN Economics. GLENN, PAXSON BIDDULPH A.B. IN ENOI.ISH. Bitri Thita Pi; Track (1): Slieiks (2 DiWvrn, Va. Ml. Airy Raleigh W inston-Salem GOAD, JAMES CALVIN B.S. IN Marketing. Monogl GOBER, RUE WADE A.B. IN Economics. McLeansville Club (2, 3, 4); Swimming (I, 2. 3). GOFF, ROWLAND DALEY, JR. Dunn A.B. IN History. Pi K n P " Alphn: Football (I, 3. 4): Monogram Club (3. I): C.A.A. Representative; Morehead Scholar. GOINS, CLARENCE ADRIAN Burlingto GONELLA, JOHN FELIX, JR. Franklinton B.S. IN AccoiNTiNc. Men ' s Glee Club (2); Young Democrats Club (4). GOODWIN, RICHARD ANTHONY Raleigh GOODWYN, MARY CAMERON Louisville, Ky A.n. IN English. Pi Beta Phi; Sound and Fury: University Party; Y.W.C.A. GORMAN, JOHN ALFRED . .B. IN Psychology. Chi Psi. GRAHAM, ALMA ELEANOR Raleigh Carolina Qiiartcrhi (3, 4). Poetry Editor (4). GRAHAM, NANCY WATTS Charlolle . .B. IN English. Kappa Delta; Canterbury Club (3. 4) ; Orientation Coun.selor (li: Student Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). GRAVES, DAVID LEE B.S. IN BcsiNESs Adminis GRAY, JOHN SPRINGER, JR. A.B. IN English. Z,ta Psi. Seagrove 299 GREEN, EDDIE ROGER Wimton-Salem B IN History Lambdn (hi Alpha. Pledge Trainer (3). Social Chairman (2); Soccer (1): Student Party (1, 2); Young Democrats Club (3. I); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2). GREENE, JOHN DEXTER B.S IN Indistrial Relations. Young Republicans n; Wesley Foundation (2. 3): AFROTC (1, 21. GREGORY, PATRICIA ANNE A.B. IN Emc.iTioN. Pi BfUi Phi: Basketball (3) V.W.C.A. (3. I). Cliairman Hospital Committee. GREGSON, JAMES EDWIN, JR. A.B. IN Chkmistrv. Morganton (I): Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, University Party (3. I): Agheboro Murfreesbortf (ippa Sigma. Treasurer ; rnsmopolitan Club (S ir It); Rom nnii Eire ng Democrats Club (3 GRIFFIN, JOHN R. . .B. IN Radio. Tflimmus i n Motion I ' li Baptist Student riiim. r. . !■: (ardhoanl Men ' .s Honor Coumi: ' -i ' : i iriciilMtioii ( University Party (. ' i. n: WINC (3. n Y.M.C.A. (3, 1). GRIFFIN, MARY LEWIS Sunbury B IN Edication. Alpha Delta Pi: Air Force RDTC Sponsor; FTA ; Paii- lielleiiic Council Representative (4): University Party. GRIFFIN, ROBERT REESE, JR. Charlotte B.S. IN ACCOl ' NTING. GRIFFIN. STANLEY GRAY Fayelterille A.B. IN History. Baptist Student Union (3); Cardboard (4); Y.M.C.. . (3). GRISETTE, ULYSSES RIDDLE, JR. Valdefe GROCE, WILLIAM HAROLD, JR. BS IN BlsiNKSS Administration. Siijiiiii Xn: Orientati. ver.sity Party (1. 2, 3). GUNTER, LALIGHTON BRUCE A.B. IN Political Science. HAGEDORN, JOE HERMAN B.S. in Marketinc. Zi ' ta Beta Tau : CM. A.B. (2. Sui Summer School i ; Orientation Counselor (4): Student versity Party (2. 3. 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3. 4). Agheboro Counselor (2) ; Uni- Springs Birmingham Ala. ;r SchooH ; IPX (2. !gislature (3); Uni Minot, v. Dak. Physics Club (3); HAGESETH, GAYLORD TERRENCE B.S. IN Physics. Lutheran Student Association NROTC; Student Party. HAIG, I. R. STIRLING Rome, Italy AB IN French. Alpha Tail Omega: Phi Beta Kappa; Phi EUt Sigma: Caro- lina Symposium; University Party; Wrestling (1); Y.M.C.A. HAIRE, ROBERT PHILLIP Wegl Jeffe -V u . i.L,.,.n, (1 M.. .B. (4); Men ' s Honor Council (3. Summer School); Orientation Coun.selor (4): Kam aiirl Eire (t): State Student Legislature (3. I); University Party (3, 4); Young Democrats Club (2, 3. 4); Y ' .M.C.A. (2, 3, 4). HAITHCOCK, VOYE JACQUELINE A.B. IN .kuRNALisM. Baptist Student Union Kannapolig „... .,...„ ; Ihiilii Tar Heel (3. 4); Club (3 4) Secretary (II; Matrix Society (3, 4). President (4); Secre- unior ciass (3); University Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). HALL, CHARLES WILMO, JR. B.S. IN INDCSTRIAL RELATIONS. HALL, WILLIAM JOHNSTON, JR. B.S. IN BisiNESs Ad.ministr.ition. Phi Beta Kappa: counting Club. Kannapolii HALLFORD, EDWARD ULYSSES, JR. Rocky Mount B IN History. Board of Directors Graham Memorial; CUSC (3. 1); IDC (■ 3 n Chairman Social Committee (2. 3). President (4); Dormitory Presi- dent ' Order of Oohlen Fleece (4); Order of the Grail (3. II; Order of the Old Well K ecutive Comniittee (4); Student Government. Attorney General Ml; Student Legislature. FUwr Leader (4). Parliamentarian (3); President ' s Cabinet (I); Student Party. Chairman (4). HAMME, JULIA ANN B.S. IN Business Administration. Canterbury Club ( HAMRICK, CLIFFORD ELIJAH, JR. B.S IN Business Administilition. Pi Kappa Alpha: Party; Y.M.C.A. Oxford Boiling Springg .M.A.B. (II; University HANNAN, KATHERINE ANNE Secretary (4); FTA; Newi Lumberto Club; Spla- HANSEN, KAREN BARBARA Psychology. .4 j) io Delta Pi 4); Y.W.C.A. (4). Waghinglon, D. C. University Party (3. 4) ; Psychology HARDEE, LEWIS JEFFERSON, JR. Southport A B in Radio Television and Motion Pictures. Carolina Playmakers (4) ; Cosmopolitan Club (2. 41 ; IDC (3) ; Men ' s Glee Club (3, 4) ; Sound and Fury (3, 4); WUNX (3, 4): Y.M.C.A. (21. 300 HARDER, JOIN SHANNON B.S. IN BisiXKSs Administka II : V.M.C.A. U. 2) ; AccounI HARDIN, LUCY DARLENE AH. IX S( ciolih;v. Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). HARPER, MARIE JANET HARRER, LAETITIA MARY B.S. IN Mathematics. Band (3. i) : Wo tirry President (3); Orchestra (3. 4). HARRIETT, ALBERT LEE A.H. IN Sociology. HARRINGTON, RALPH STEPHEN U.S. IN IxDisTRiAL Rel. tions. Men ' s Glee Club Greensboro LinK Republicans Club (3. Jacksonville 2, 3. 4); KTA 14); len ' s Residence Council Chapel Hill (3 ) : Dornii- H.ARRIS, JOHN CRAWFORD Champaign, 111. . .B. IX Art. Alpha Tail Omega; Cheerleader (41 ; Monogram Club (2, 3. 4i: .Villi uiifl Ewe (4); Soccer (2); Sound and Furv (3): Track (1); I ' niversity I ' artv (I, 2): Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3); Tarnation (1). HARRIS, LARRY WORTH, JR. Charlotle B.S. IN BisiNKss . i).MiNisTKATioN. siuiiui C ' A i , ' Univcrsitv Dance Committee (3). ( liainiiaii (tl: Student Kntcrtainineiit Committee (3). Chairman (4); Yarketii Yark. Fraternity p:ditor (3i. Beauties Editor (4); University Party (3. 4): fniversitv Dance Committee Court (3). HARRIS, MARION WILEY HARRIS, WILLIAM EDMOND A.B. IN English. .Mens Glee Club (3i; Vouns Democrats Club HARTZOG, HENRY GERARD, III Englehard Raleigh . .B. IN English. Delta Kappa EpsUon, Executive Committee (2, 3. 4). Treas urer (4i. House .Manager (4); Student Council (4): University Party (1 2. 3). HARWELL, JAMES LUTHER, JR. A.B. IN History. Baseball (1, 2. 3, 4); Student Gover Young Republicans Club; Y.M.C.A. Cornelius eiit; I ' niversity Club; HASTINGS, BARBARA DON Chailanooga, Tenn. A.B. IN Edication. Pi Beta Plii: Cardboard (41 ; Carolina Playmakers (3. 4i: KTA (3); Sound and Furv (3, 4i; I ' niversity Chorus (3. 4); Westminster Fellowship (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3;, HASTINGS, ROBERTA ASHBY Orange, f ' a. . .B. IX ZoonxiY. Pi Beta Plii: Canterbury Club (3. 4); Orientation Counseloi (4); Sound and Fury (3); Splash Club (4); Women ' s Residence Council (4) HAZZARD, JOHN POTTER, IV A.B. IX Political Scikxce. Beta Tlietri Pi: Football Georgeto W ' ilminglo iterbury Club (3i ; Panlielle HEAD, MARGARET JEWETT A.B. IN Edicatiox. Pi Beta Phi: Cm Representative (4); Y.W.C.A. (3j. HEATH. WILL R. HELMS, CHARLES FRANKLIN B.S. IN BrsixESS Ad.mixistratiox. HELMS, KEITH WILSON B.S. IX Science Edicatiox. HENSHAW, WILLIAM RAYMOND A.B. IX Edicatiox. FTA (3. 4). HERNDON, ROBERT EUGENE B.S. IX Blsixess . d.ministration. HERRING, FREDRICE TRULL Canton A.B. IN Edicatiox. Alpha Gamma Delta: FTA (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3); Wesley Foundation (3. 41. HERRING, JOSEPH DUNCAN, JR. Lumberion B.S. in BlsiNESs Administration. HESTER, ROGER LANE, JR. Durham B.S. IN Business .Ad.ministratiox. - ' ( Etn Si(imn. Hubert ounselor Kannapolii Bute ' s Creek 301 HICKMAN, PATRICIA CAMP A.B. IV KnifATKiN. FTA (I). HICKS, CHARLES MONTGOMERY WUmingto A.B. ntv llul) ( HICKS, ROBERT BAIN Jifltii I ' hi Alpha; fligma .V " ; Canterbury Club (1); Tni ISetc London PlrTlREs. GMAB (1. 2): Sound ,incl HINES, HUGH B. . .B. IN K.AD!o. Tklevision . ND MtJTIOX PiCTlRtS. HINES. RUBERT, JR. B.S. IN HrsiNEss .Vd-Ministr.ition. Delia Sigma P HOBBS, EDWARD GIBBON, JR. Setma A.B. IN Political Science. Theta Clii. Treasurer: IFC (3): University Club (3). HOBBS, WILLIAM GALEN A.B. IN Eni ish. Phi Delia Theta. HODGES, GEORGE ROBERT Chapel Hill . .B. Ka ) ; Polls Coiiiniittee HODGES, RICHARD VAUGHN M.S. IN Bis iNF s Admin- Dunn i Motion Pictires. Student Party (3): Wl ' NC San ortI HOFFLER, MARVIN LEON Sunbury B.S. IN Science Edi cation. Phi Beta Kappa; Baptist Student I ' nion cl. li; Track il). HOFLER. MARY ANN Gateaville A.B. IN English. Alpha Delta Pi; I ' niversitv Party (3. 4) ; Women ' s Kesi (lence Council U): Yacketi, Ynrk (4); Youns Democrats Club (3. 4i: .W.C.A. (3. I). HOKE, KENNETH ALVIN B.S. IV iNDisTRiAL Relatkins. Mont Wrestling (l, 2. 3. t). Captain (li. Stategville Club (2. 3. 4). Social Cbairman (4i; HOLDEN. GEORGE WALL Henderson H.: Br . Sigma . ii; Phi Beta Kappa HOLDERNESS, ADELAIDE LUCINDA Greemboro A.B. IN History. Delta Delta Delta; Orientation Counselor (4); Student louncil (4); Valkyries (3. 4i: Women ' s Honor Council (3. 4): Women ' s Ke idence Council (4) ; V. W.C.A. HOLDING, GRAHAM DAVIS Charlotte A.B. IN En(;lish. Beta Theta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Duilii Tar Heel (■ ): Student Lesislature (3); University Party (2. 3). HOLLAND, JOYCE YVONNE A.B. IV Political Science. Univ« Council (3. 4); Tennis Club (4). HOLLAND, LEWIS GERALD Belhetda. Md. iity Club (3. 4); Independent Women ' s Zeta Beta Tan; Tenni Atlanta, Ga, (1. 2) ; University B.S. IN BrsiNESs Ad.minisi Party (1, 2. :). ii. HOLLAND, MARJORIE KAY Lumberlon A.B. IN Em I ation. Orientation Counselor ( t) ; Women ' s Residence Council (3). ice-President (ti; Yaeketii Vaek (D: Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). HOLMES, JAMES HOUGHTON Mount Aii A.B. IN History. Ampiioterotlien (2, 3. 4); Carolina Forum (2. 3. 4). Cliai (3, 4), Publicity Director (2): Di Senate (1, 2. 3), Clerk (2). Sergean -- " ■ • " ; National Student As.sociation (3): Orientation Coun.selor (3 iiiiient (2. 31. President ' s Cabinet (3): Student Legislature I at-A Student _. . _ , 2 3) Chairman of Ways aiid Means (2 " . sircba ' ir ' man orRul ' es ' commi ' t ' tee " " ' ' ' 3. 4). Chairman (3). Floor Leader (2. 8). Treasu 2. 3); Young Democrats Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Sti . 4). Parliamentarian of tlie House (3). Student Party (1. (I. 21. Advisory Board (1 Student LeKislature (1. 2. HOLT, ANN ELIZABETH A.B. IN El)i Party (3, 4) ATiciN. Alpha Delta Pi; Student Lesislature 13. 4) Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. Treasurer (4). HOLYFIELD, JOSEPH FRANKLIN B.S. IN BrsiNESs Ad.ministration. HONEY, BARBARA KAY Sanford Universitj- Rockford A.B. IN Orientati Party (3, I) ; Y.W.C.A. (3 iDLix Y. Kappa Delta. Social Chairman; Newman Club (3 4i ; Counselor 141 ; University Club (3, 41. Secretary (41; University HONEYCUTT, ROGER BRADLEY Willow Springs A.B. IN History. Chi P.ii ; Baseball (1. 2, 3, 4). Captain (4): .Monogram Club HOOVER, ROBERT McCURRY Anderson, S. C. B.S. IN Indistrial Relations. Sig7na Nil; Orientation Counselor 12); Publi cations Board (1); Student Council (2); University Party (I. 2. 3 4): Young Republicans Club (1, 2, 3, 4): Y.M.C.A. (I. 2, 3. 4); NROTC (1. 2. 3, 4). 302 HOR EY, HARRIET TERWILLIGER HORNTHAL, LOUIS PHILLIP, JR. Chapel Hill Club (1. 2. a, ii ; A.B. IN History. Fi Kappa Alpha. Pledgemaster (3); Canterbury Club (1) : Daili Tar Heel (3); Men ' s Glee Club (1); Swimming (1): University Party (1): y.M.C.A. (1. 2). HORTON, JOHN MANLY HOUSE, EDWARD LEE, JR. IDC (3. 4); Men " ; Rateiffb Lincolnta Cflee Club il. 2 HOUSE, MARY WALDO Hamilton A.B. IN Edication. Alpha Delta Pi: Daily Tar Heel, Summer School (3); Young Democrats Club (3. 4); Wesley (3. 4): Dormitory President (Summer School ) . HUDSON, SARAH KINCANNON A.B. IN English. Chi Omega. Atlanla, Ga Baptist Student Union (1. Valdese 2): Student Government (2. 3i; 2) ; Veteran ' s Affairs Conunittee Catawba HUDSON, THOMAS BRITTAIN . .B. IN English. Phi Kappa Sifjn y.M.C.A. (3). HUFFMAN, BENNY LEONARD B.S. IX Business Administration. IDC (1. Student Legislature (2); Student Party (1. (2. 3). HUFFMAN, BETTY CAROLYN A.B. IN Political Science. .Alpha Delta Pi: Debate Council (4); Dialectic Senate (3. 4); G.M..A.B.. Chairman of Receptions and Decorations Committee (3. 4); Orientation Counsielor (41: Publications Board (31: Student Govern- ment. President ' s Cabinet (4): Student Legislature, Rules Committee (31 : Student Party, Secretary (4), Advisory Board (4); Young Democrats Club (3, 4) : V.W.C.. .. Cliairman Public Affairs Committee (4) : Lutheran Student . ssociation. Social Chairman (4). HUMPHREY, ROBERT FRANKLIN, II Burgate A.B. IN Political Science. Young Democrats Club (3. 4): Y.M.C.A. (I. 2. 3. 4). HUNTER, JOHN HOBART, JR. Wetlfield B.S. IN BrsiNKss . d.ministration. Knppfi P.s-j Xh: Veteran ' s Organization (3). HUSS, THOMAS HOKE Linwood A.B. IN English. IDC (4i: Soccer (1. 2): Young Democrats Club (1. 2); V.M.C..- . (1. 2. :i. 41; Intranuiral Manager (3): Dormitory ' ice-President (4). HUX, K.ATHERINE PETROU Shelbyville, Ky. HUX, SAMUEL HOLLAND Greenville A.B. IN English. Zrta Fsi ; Young Democrats Club (4): Thirteen Club (21. INGRAM, CARTER DALTON High Point A.B. IN American Hi.stoby. Y.M.C.A. (1. 2): AFROTC (I, 2). INMAN, ANN CARROLL Greentboro . .B. IN Sociology. Alpha fiamma Delta: Student Party (3. 4): Y.W.C.. .. Hospital Committee (3): Westminster Fellowship. Secretary (4); Summer School .Activities Council (3). Bo$ton Mags. INMAN, SUSAN JANE A.B. IN PsvchoL(h;v. ISENHOWER, FREDRICK NEIL Conover B.S. IN Business .■Vd.ministration. Delta Stoma Pi: Young Republicans Club (2. 3. 4). JACKSON, BARBARA ANN Elm Cit . .B. IN English. Kappn Delta: FTA (2); Young Democrats Club (2j V.W.C.A. (2): WAA Representative: Basketball Club. JACKSON, CARLISLE, JR. Clinloi B.S. IN Business .Administration. JACKSON, DON FERRELL Duni B.S. IN Psychology. JARRELL, SANFORD JAMES, JR. Norfolk, Va. A.B. IN English. Vhi Phi: Newman Club (3, 4): Wrestling (3): Intramurals. JENKINS, WILLIAM RUSSELL WaUtonburg B.S. IN Industkial Relations. Young Democrats Club (4); Y.M.C.A. (I). JENNY, MARTHA FAY Charlotte B.S. IN Dental Hygiene. Wesley Foundation (3. 4); Orientation Counselor -• • (4) 303 JERINIGAN, NANCY RAY Dunn A.B. IN KnrcATioN. Dormitory Vice-President (4); IWA Vice-President (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Student Party (3, 4); University Chorus (:), 4): Wesley Foundation (3. 4); V.W.C.A. (3. 4). JOHN, ARTHUR DANIEL Wilmingion It.S. IN Bi siNKss Administration. JOHNSON, ALICE JANE Spindale JOHNSON, ELLEN KEITH Raleigh JOHNSON, GEORGE HARVEY Atlanta, Ga B.S. IN BrsiNKss Administration. Alpha Tau Omega; Baptist Student Union University Club; I ' niversity Party: Sophomore Class Treasurer; V.M.C.A. JOHNSON, JESSE WESLEY, JR. Hickory B.S. IN iNDisTRiAi, Kkutions. Kappa Sigma. House Manajter: Minataurs (1 :!. 3. 4); . KKOTC (I. i) : Baseball; Orientation Counselor: Ram ami Eire Soccer Manager; Student Coverninent ; University Party: V.M.C.A. ats Cluh (2, 3. 4). Chapel Hill Indianapolig, Intl. Tarboro Savannah, Ga. JOHNSON, JOHN MILTON A.B. IN HiSTOKY. JOHNSTON, JULIAN CARR B.S. IN BrsiNKss Ad.ministhation. VouiiK ] JOLLY, RAYMOND ALONZO A.B. IN Kni;lish, Kappa .Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa. JONES, BILL TOM A.B. IN Dbamatic Akt. Carolina Playniakers (3, 4) JONES, CHILTON ROBERT A.B. IN HISTOKV, Zela P.ii ; 13 Club. JONES, JACK MARSHALL . .B. IN EcoNo.viirs. Sigma .Alpha Epailnn, ' ice-President (3), President (4): Sheiks. President: IFC (4): Men ' s Honor Council (3. 4): Track (I); Uni versity Party (1. i. 3); V..M.C.A. JONES, JANET LOUISE Franklin . .B. IN Kill lAlloN. fhi Omega; KTA. JONES, MARGARET SHERROD Enfield A.B. IX Km.iTioN. Al iha Delia Pi; KTA (3, 41; University Paitv (3i: V.W.C.A. (3. 41. JONES, PHILIP ALTON Walkertown . .l!. IN .1(11 KNAI.IS.M. JONES, ROBERT WAYNE Durham B.S. IN BrsiNhss Au.MiNisTKMio; Kepublicans Club (3). JONES, WILLIAM GEORGE B.S. IN iNursTKiAL Kklations. Alpha Phi (imega. Vice-President i:i . President 13 4); Band (1, -li : C..M.. .B. (4), Cliairman of Student-Faculty Forum Coni- niittee; Student Party (1. 2); NROTC (1. 2. 3. 4); Wesley Foundation (1): Westminster Kellowsliip (3, 4); VounK Republicans Club (3); V.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 41. .utberan Student Couples Cluh (4i Louisville Wiho Raleigh ns Democrats Club (4) : JORDAN, EDWARD BRYANT A.B. IN KNI.I.ISH. Alpha Tan Omega. JOYNER, BARNEY GENE B.S. IN BisiNKss Administr.ition. Soccer (2); Yi V.M.C.A. (1, 21. JOYNER, ERNEST WAYNE A.B. IN SiKioi.m;!. Baseball: IDC: Recreation Club. KALIL, FRED ALBERT, JR. A.B. IN KC-ONOMKS. KALOYANNIDES, GEORGE THALES Raleigh A.B. IN Political Sciknck. Student Party (3). KAMINSKI, EDWARD J. Hollisler B.S. IN BIS1NL.SS Administration. Delia Sigma Pi. Vice-President; Min Kepublicans Club (4). KANE, WILLIAM DAVID Virginia Beach, fa. . .B. in English. Campus Christian Council. Chairman (3); Canterbury Cluh 304 KANTOR, INORMAN DONALD A.B. IN English. Tau Epsilon Ph Far Rockaicay, iV, 1 ' . Campus Traffic Board (♦) ; Dnilu Tar Heel, Photo Editor (2, 3. 4); Hillel Foundation (2, 3, 4); Student Party (2, 3. 4); Ynckety Yack (4); Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4). Bergenfield, IS. J. Order of the Gohien Fleece KEARNS, THOMAS FRANCIS A.B. IN History. Zetn Psi; Basketball (1. 2 (3, 4). KEEVER, WILLIAM GLENN Charlotte A.B. IN JOIRNALIS.M. Daily Tar Heel (3); Y.M.C.A. (3). KELL, BETTIE MELTON BriHol, Va. . .B. IN Edication. Pi Beta Phi: Honor Commission (4); University Club (3. 4) ; Young Democrats Club (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). KEMM, PATRICIA CARTER Wallace A.B. IN Education. Alpha (Utinnia Delta. KENDALL, WILLIAM ALEXANDER Shelby B.S. IN Bi ' siNESs Administration. Alpha Phi Omega, Historian (3), Treasurer G.M.A.B., Forum Committee (4 Board (4). Student Audit Board ( (1): We.stminster Fellowship (2 Y.M.C.A. (I, 2. 3, 4). KEMON, JACK ANDERSON B.S. IN .Mathe-matics. KERRY, DONALD COURT B.S. IN Mathe.matics. Student Government. Campus 4). Secretary (3. 4); Wesley Foundation Young Republican.s Club (4); Charle»lon Heights, S. C, KERITSIS, CONSTANTINOS DEMITRIOS Asheville B.S. IN Chemistry. Sigma Kappa Epsilim : Cosmopolitan Club (31; Y.M.C.. . KERR, JOHN HOSEA, III Warrenton A.B. IN History. Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Alpha Theta: Calo lina Symposium (4); CCSC (3): IDC (1. 2); National Student Association (31: Order of the Grail (3. 4); Order of the Old Well (3. 4). Vice-President (I); Junior Class President: Orientation Committee (3): Orientation Counselor (1. 2): Student Council (3, 4): Student Government. Treasurer (3): Student Legislature (2): University Party (1. 2. 3, 4). Treasurer (2): Student Enter- tainment Committee. Chairman (3). KILLIAN, MARY ELIZABETH Gilkey . .B. IN Edication. Kappa Delta: FT. (3, tl ; Orientation Counselor (4): Stu- dent Party (3i; University Club (3. 4): Young Demoi-rats Club (3i; Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. Cabinet (3); Wesley Foundation I3. 4). KILLINGSWORTH, CARL S. A.H. IN Radio. Television and Mo ' Club (3): Wesley Foundation (I, : Pollocktuille PicTiRES. WUXC (4); Young Democrats Brevard KIMZEY, JAMES MORRIS B.S. IN BrsiNEss Administration. Higma Nu, President (4): CUSC (2. 3i. Chairman (3): IFC (3, 4): Orientation Committee (3); Orientation Counselor (2. 3): Student Government (3): Student Legislature (2); University Party (1. 2, a); Young Democrats Club (1): Sophomore Class, President; Morehead Scholar. KINCAID, JAMES BRANDON Slaletmlle . .B. IN Edication. Carolina Forum. Cliairman (3); Carolina Symposium (3. 4): National Student Association (3); Orientation Counselor (4); Sound and Fury (1); Student Government (2. 3. 4). Student Audit Board. Chairman (3. 4). Library Committee (2): Student Party (I, 2. 3). . dvisory Board (2. 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3, 41 : State Student Legislature (3). KINDIG, ROBERT R. A.B. IN Faonomics. KING, WILLIAM SEYMOUR B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Signal. KING, WILLIAM WARD Leonia, V, , Vington-Saleni Beaufort B.S. IN Bl SINESS ADMINISTRATION. KIRBY, HANNAH BOONE Louhville, Ky. .A.B. I.N English. Chi Omega: Canterbury Club (3. 4): Carolina Symposium (3, 41; Orientation Counselor (4); Ram and Eire: Sound and Fury (4): Young Republicans Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A.; Community Church School Nursery (4i. KIRK, ROBERT CLARKE B.S. in Administrati KIRSCHNER, MARGARETA O. A.B. IN Political Science. Pi Sigma Alpha: Cosmopolitan Club KOURI, WILLIAM H. B.S. IN Medicine. Sigma .V»; Phi Beta Kappa. Martinsville, Va, Chapel Hill Shelby KRAFFT, PHYLLIS ELLIOTT Kirer Foretl, III. •A.B. IN Religion. Alpha Gamma Delta: Carolina Symposium; Cosmopolitan Club (3. 4): Wesley Foundation (3. 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Student Government; Student Party (3. 4): Tennis Club (3. 4); University Chorus (3): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Program Chairman (4); Campus Christian Council (41. KRIEGSMAN, JACOB BURTON B.S. in BisiNESs Administration. IDC (3). KUHNS, ROBERT LYDON . .B. IN SotioLociY. Baseball (1. 2): IDC (3, (I. 2); Westminster Fellowship (I, 2. 3. Christian Council (3). 305 Greensboro Shrewsbury, IS. J, Universitv Club (3): V.M.C.A. BVP. President (4): Campus LACKEY, WILLIAM DENT Staletville A.B. IN PoiiTKAL SciF.NcK. I ' i Ktippii Alpha. House Manager; AFROTC (I. 2. 3, 4). Operations Officer (I): Arnold Air Society (3. I). ISO Officer; Orienta tinn Counselor (L ): Scabhard and Blade Ci, I); Track (1, 2). LaMAR, EDWARD BLAKE Charlotte B.S. IN BrsiNKss Administration. Chi Psi ; Phi Theta Kappa; Sigma Tuu Sigma; University Party (4). LAMPERT, ERVIN EUGENE, JR. Salisbury B.S. IN BisiNBss Administration. Sigma Chi; NROTC (1, 2, 3, 4). LANDRETH, JAMES ROBERT, JR. Gret-nthoro B.S. IN BisiNESs . D.MINISTRATI0N. Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretarj- (4). LASSITER, ROBERT BIJRGESS LATHAM, WILLIAM CARSON . .B. IN HisTORV. Sigmn . ii; V.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3, 4). LAVERGNE, NELSON A., JR. Kelsford Puerto Rico LAWRENCE, LARADEL Bradford, Pa. A.B. IN Enc.lish. Chi Ume ' ia; Sigma Alpha Delta; Carolina Symposium (4): Kditor, Women ' s Handbook (3); University Party (4); i ' acketu Yack (3. 4), .Junior Class Editor (3), Assistant to the Editor (4); y.W.C.. . (3, 4). LEDFORD, CHARLOTTE LUELLA Durham A.B. IN Edu ATioN. Kapim Helta; VounK Democrats Club; V.W.C.A. LEGGETT, STANLEY DOVER A.B. IN History. Delta Kappa Kpsiinn : Sheiks LeNEAVE, MARSHALL GREGORY B.S. IN BisiNi-jis Ad.ministratkin. Track (2). LENTZ, JOHN THOMAS B.S. IN BrSINESS .An.MINISTRATION. LEONARD, PATRICK JACKSON . .B. IN History. Baptist Student Union (2. 3. 4); IDC (3. 4). Rocky Mount Charlotte Monroe Raleigh LEWIS, ALEX MURDOCH B.S. IN BlSINESS Administrati LEWIS, JACK FLEET . .B. IN EcoNo.Mics. Chi Psi. Morehead City .ilpha Kappa Psi; Accounting: Club (3. 4). High Point LEWIS, JOHN B., JR. Farmville . .B. IN History. Chi Phi; Carolina Forum (3, 4); Carolina Symposium (4); Deljate Council (3); C;.. 1.A.B. (4); Philantliropic Assembly (2. 3. 4); Student Legislature (3, 41 ; Universitj- Club (2): University Party (3, 4i; Voune Oeinocrats Club (3. 4). LINDSLEY, DELL PRITCHARD Williamslon Delta Kappa Kpsilon; Minataurs (2, 3, 4); Soccer (1); LINEBERRY, DOROTHY ANN Graham B.S. IN MfDICAL TECHNOLOtiV. LINK, RUSSELL CHARLES LLEWELLYN, ANNE FULLER LOGAN, DOUGLAS SUE LONG, ROBERT WASHINGTON, JR. B.S. IN Bi siNhss . DMiNisTRATioN. Phi Beta Kappa. LOOKABILL, GENE LAMAR Jamaica, y. Y. Bronxville, IS. Y. Kannapolii Rich Squa LOONEY, DONALD EDWARD B.S IN Industrial Relations. Sign Westfield, N. J. Newman Club; l niversity Party 306 LOWE, FRANK HADDOCK, JR. A.B. IN EcoNdMics. Kappn Alphti; Carolina Syniposiiin University Party: Youns Democrats Club. LOWE, TEDDIE HERBERT LOWERY, JOHN OTIS, JR. A.B. IN Philosophy. Fencinf? Team. Baxter, Ga. O.M.A.B. Ci. 1); Winston-Salem Salisbury Plymouth LYON, BETSY CARROLL Durham A.B. IN Enclish. Kapixi Delta; Baptist Student Union (3. 4); FTA (8. 4): Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). LYON, HARLLEE WINGATE . .B. IN English. Kappa Alpha. LYON, MARJORIE LOW Creedmoor A.B. IN Education. FTA (3, 4); G.M.A.B. (3, 4): Orientation Counselor (4); Yacketij Yack (4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); House Council (3, 4); Independent Women ' s Association (3, 4). LYON, NANCY LE GRAND Whiteville A.B. IN French. Kappa Delta: Carolina Symposium (3, 4); Daily Tar Heel (4); Splash Club (1); University Party (2. 8, 4); Women ' s Glee Club (2): Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). MCALLISTER, HARMON CARLYLE, JR. B.S. IN Chkmistrv. Alpha Phi Omega: Canterbury Club (1. McCALL, DAVID LAWRENCE A.B. IN Political Science. ROTC (1. 2, 3. 4) McCartney, james Robert, hi Vice-President; Men ' s Ho McCLATCHEY, EVE LEAH A.B. IN Rklicion. Delta Delta Delta. McCONNELL, ROBERT BRADSHAW, JR. Chapel Hill 3. 4) ; Y.M.C.A. Salisbury cil; Orienta- iiK Democrats Club (1): Y.M.C.A. (41 McCORD, ELIZABETH PARRISH Spartanburg, S, C. A.B. IN French. Chi Omega: Canterbury Club (3. 4): G.M.A.B. (3. 4); Orientation Committee (4); Sound and Fury (3): University Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Cabinet (4); Women ' s Residence Council (4). McCORD, MARCIA JO Charlotte . .B. IN English. Kappa Delta: Canterbury Club (4); Carolina Symposium (3. 4); Orientation Committee (4); Panbellenic Council Representative (8, 4): Student Legislature (3); University Party (1, 2. 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 8, 4); Orientation Counselor (3); Student Council (1, 2, 3, 4). McCUTCHIN, ELIZABETH SUSAN . .B. IN Psychology. Women ' s Residence Council (4). McDANIEL, EUGENE MARVIN, JR. Pensacola, Fla. Martinsville, Va. McGEE, WILLIAM ALLEN Charleston, S. C. B.S. IN Geology. G.M.A.B. (2), Dance Committee; IDC (8. 4); Track (1. 2); Young Democrats Club (1. 2, 8); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 4); Wesley Foundation (1); NROTC (1, 2. 3, 4); Drum and Bugle Corps (1, 2, 3, 4), Commander (4). McGIRT, JOHN WESLEY Hamlet B.S. IN Business Administration. MCGREGOR, DONALD WILLARD McIVER, DUNCAN E., JR. Mckenzie, joe hervin East Longmeadotv, Mass, Republicans Sanford Winston-Salem Mckenzie, mary Frances Miami, pia. B.S. IN Business Administration. Chi Omega: G.M.A.B. (3, 4). Mckenzie, SAMUEL HARRIS Candor B.S. in Business Admi nistration. Pi Kappa Phi, Treasurer (4). Rusli Cliair- McKINNON, ELIZABETH HALL Red Springs . .B. in Religion. Y.W.C.A. (3. 4) ; Independent Women ' s Association. Secre- tary (3), President (4); Westminster Fellowship (3. 4). 307 Mcknight, ella FRA CES A.B. IN EDtcATioN. Alpha Gamma Delta; Baptist Student I ' liii (4): Women ' s Residence Council (4): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). McMillan, donald shepherd Asheville (3, 4) ; FTA Matthews 8, 4) ; McMillan, NEILL KIRBY Chapel Hill B.S. IN BrsiNEss Administration. Young Democrats Club (1, 2, 3, 4i. McNEILL, VINSON ANDREW A.B. IN History. Carolina Playmakers. McSURELY, ALAN Arnold Air Society (4); Daily Tar Heel (4). McSWAIN, HOLLAND, JR. A.B. in History. Y.M.C.A. (1. 2); Westminster Fellowship (1. 2, 3, 4) Chapel Hill Arlington, Va. Murphy MacKAY, JULIA ELIZABETH MacKinnon, edith white O cala, Fla. . .B. I.N Eni;lish. Kappa Delta, President (4); Carolina Symposium (4); Ikiib Tar Heel (3, 4); Panliellenic Council Representative (4); Student Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Chapel Hill madden, SHIRLEY ANN MADISON, BARBARA WARD ffa hingion, D. C. . .B. IN English. Pi Beta Phi. President (4); Carolina Symposium (3. 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Panhellenic Representative (4): Splasli Club (3); Student Government (4); Swimming (3); University Party (3. 4): Women ' s Honor Council, Summer School; Young Republicans Club; Y.W.C.. . (3. 41 : Secretary of Senior Class (4) ; Yaekety Yack. MAHAFFY, TELFAIR Coral Gable,, Fla. A.B. IN English. Canterbury Club (1. 2, 3. 4); Duilij Tar Heel (4): Mono 1,-ram Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Swi ling (1 MALONE, FRANK MITCHELL, JR. Atlanta, Ga. B.S. IN Business Administration. Alpha Tatt Omega : Phi Beta Kappa: Uni- versity Party: Y.M.C.A. MANESS, ARCHIBALD KELLY, JR. Greentboro A.B. IN English. Beta Thela Pi: Phi Eta ,Slf ;im. ' ice-President ; Phi Bet,, Kappa: CUSC (41; Giinglioul (3, 4); Monogram Club (3. 4): Order of tin- Old Well (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3, 4); Student Government, Presi dent ' s Cabinet (3); Swimming (I. 2. 3. 4): German Club. Treasurer (4). MANN, WALTER RAY .A.B. IN History. Pi Kappa Alpha. MARCOllX, WILLIAM THOMAS B.S. i-N Business Administration. MAREADY, JACK D. H.S. IN PiBLic Health. Elizabeth City Bennington, Vt. Marion, S. C. MARGULIES, WILLIAM PAUL Raleigh - .B. IN PuLiTUAL SilENCK. .Alpha .Sif nio Siama: G.M.A.B. (4); Newman Club (3): Taniatioii, .Managing Editor (2). MARLEY, EDISON EARL Atheboro B.S. IN Business Administration. .Accounting Club (3, 4). MARQUETTE, RONALD JAMES Penmmlle, V. J. B.S. IN Industrial Relations. Footl)all (1. 2. 3, 4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4). MARRIOTT, JOHN DAUGHTRY Battleboro A.B. IN History. Pi Kappii Alpha, Vice-President (3); Phi Beta Kappa: Ger man Club (2). MARSHALL, JOYCE ANN Chapel Hill MARSHBURN, WILLIAM PENN Maple Hilt B.S. IN GixiLm Y. Young Democrats Club (2. 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (3. 4). MARTIN, LEON MILTON Charlotte B.S. IN Business Administration. Sir mo Phi Epsilini. MARTIN, MICHAEL MARVIN Hendergonrille B.S. IN Sociology. Dormitory Officer (I); ' oung Democrats Club (1). 308 MARTOCCIA, MARIA MENEFEE A.B. IN El ROl ' KAN HlSTIlBV. Clii Oiiii; u ; University Party Ci, K, MASON, MARY MOORE Daytona Beach Fla. anterbury Club (3, 4); G.M.A.B. (3. Roanoke, Va. A.B. IN JoiRNAMSM. Alvlic Delta Pi; Daily Tar Heel (3, t) : News Editor Summer School Weekly (3): Ci.M.A.B., Chairman Recreation (4); National Student Association (4): Matrix Society (8. 4): Press Club; Sound and Fury (3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A.. Publicity Chairman (3. ). Co- Kditor of Y.W.C.A. Handbook (4); Westminster Fellowship. MASSENGILL, ANNA HERRING Goldtboro A.B. IN DRAMAric Art. Carolina Playmakers (3. 4): Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3). MASSENGILL, HERMAN EDWARD, JR. Princeton . .B. IN Dramatic Art. Carolina Playmakers (3, 1); Y..M.C.A. (I). MATHIS, CHARLES GRAY Jonenille A.B. IN Rh.r;ion. Dailij Tnr Heel (3. 4). MATTHIS, WILTON LEE Clinton R.S. IN Business . daiinistration. MAULTSBY, PHYLLIS ANN Mebane Youngr Democrats Club (3) : Seven Springs MAXWELL, JAKE ALEXANDER A.B. IN English. Phi Kappa Siqma. MAY, CHARLES RAYSOR, III A.B. IN Zoology. Beta Tlieta Pi. Recorder (3), President (4) : IFC (2. 3, 4). Court (2. 3. 4); Student Council (3, 4); Student Legislature (1); Order of Sheiks (3, 4). Bennettsville, 5. C, MAYHUE, SUSAN LEE Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. . .B. IN Sociol(m;v . Orientation Committee (3. 4). Women ' s Chairman (4) ; Student Oovernment. Elections Board (4); Young Democrats Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.. ' . (3, 4): Dormitory Vice-President (4). MAYO, GERALD MACK Falkland A.B. IN Political Science. vair Award (2); Arnold Ai Fencing Team (1, 2. 3, 4); IDC (1); Order of the Old Well (8. 4); Scabbard .iiul Blade (3, 4i; Student Party (1); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2. 3, 4); Y.M.C.A., President (3). Chairman Southern Reftion (4). MEADOR, JENNIE MARGARET Relations. Alpha Gan AFROTC " " Charlotte VDi:sTRiAL RELATIONS. Alpfia (rOHiwio Delta, Actlvltles Chairman; " Flight Angel " Squadron Sponsor (3. 4) : Cardboard; Campus Christian Council Committee {3i; Dormitory Vespers Committee (3); (;.M..A.B.: National Student Association. Council; Orientation Committee (4): Student Oovernment. Budget Committee. Elections Board (4), Library Com- mittee; Student Legislature, Clerk (3, 4); Student Party, Membership Chair- man; Summer School Activities Board (3); University Club; Women ' s . thletic Association ; Young Democrats Club ; V.W.C.A., Discussion Leader. Intercollegiate Relations Chairman; USNSA Delegate (4). MEEKINS EDMUND LINDSAY MEIGGS, NANCY AMANDA Raleigh Moyock Carolina Playmakers (3, 4); WUNC-TV (2, 3, 4); MENKE, GEORGE GRAY Barnesville, Md. Phi Kappa Siffma, Social Chairman (3, 4) ; Young Demo- MERRILL, ISAAC LINCOLN, III Daytona Beach, Fla. . .B. IN .lolRNALisM. Canterbury Club (4). lERRITT. JAMES LEE Mt. Airy B.S. IN HisiN] AiiMiNisTRATioN. Band (3); IDC (2, 3); NROTC (1, 2, 3, 4); OiiiMitatioii Coiinsi-lor (4); Student Government (2, 3); Student Party (2, 3, ti; WcstminsttT Fellowship (1. 2. 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4). MERRITT JAMES SAMUEL Roxhoro . .B. IN Phi GanniHi Delta; Daihi Tar Heel (2); Tennis (1). MERRITT, W. DAVIS, JR. METCALF, EDITH FLORENCE A.B. IN Science Edi-cation. Baptist Student Uni MILAN, NANCY MACYS A.B. IN Art. Delta Delta Delta; G.M.A.B. (4) (3, II ; AFROTC " Flight Angel " Squadron Spoii Hickory Man Hill m (3. 4). Baltimore, Md. Yaekety Yack (4) ; Y.W.C.A. Hamlet MILHAM, CLAUDIA ANN A.B IN Edication. Alpha Delta Pi: Canterbury Club (4); FTA (3, 4); Splash Club (3): Student Government Board, Summer School (3); University Party (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). MILLER, ALBERT BYNUM B.S. IN INDISTRIAL RELATIONS. IDC (4); Yol MILLER, BRUCE CANFIELD A.B. IN English. 309 North Wilkeshoro rats Club (1. 3, 4). Rocky Mount MILLER, DANELLE HACK A.B. IN INDISTRIAI. Rflations. Pi Bifii Phi Corrallia, Ore. rsity Party (3. 11 ; Y.W.C.A. (.1. 1). MILLER, DON HAROLD Cedar Rapids, lotrn B.S. IN Mathkmaths. Phi Etii Sifimn : Phi Bita Knpim: Delta Phi Alpha; NROTC Drill Team 111: Special Fresliman Group (I). MH.LER. EDWARD JAMES Crumpler A.B. IN ( HKMisTRY. VouiiK Deinofiats Club (a); V.M.C.A. (I. 2. :i) ; Wesle idati. MILLER, HARVEY H., JR. Salhbur, A.B. IN Music. .S(. Anthonu Hall; Phi Mil Alpha; Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2) Sound and Fury (3); Men ' s Cliorus (.3, 4); Petite Muslcale. MILLER, MARIANNA SCOFIELD Pinevill MILLER, PATRICIA MARIE Kintton A.B. IN Alpha 1 -Ua Pi; Daily Tar Heel (3. ■»). Assistant News Editor (4); Panliellenic Rush Manual. Assistant Editor (3); University Party (3. 4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Cabinet Chairman Dix Hill Committee; Matrix Society (3): Summer School Weekly. Associate Editor (4). MILLER, PATSY FOUST Lexingto A.B. IN Edication. FTA (4); Orientation Counselor (4): Women ' s Glee Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3); Lutheran Student Association (1, 2). MILLER, ROBERT NICHOLS AgheriUe A.B. IN Eni ush. MILLIGAN, RONNIE RICH Fayelterille A.B. IN Chemistry. Dailil Tar Heel (3): Wrestling (3); Y.M.C.A. (2, 3). MITCHELL, MARGARET EVERETTE HARRIS Durham A.B. IN Education. Alpha Cfamma. Delta; FTA (4); Women ' s Glee Club (3); YW.C.A. (3, 4); Pharmacy Wives (3, 4). MOLLER, JOHN DESMOND Charlotte B.S. IN Business Administration, Cosmopolitan Club (2. 3. 4) ; Younjj Re- publicans Club (3. 4). MONROE, JOHN LAUCHLIN West End A.B. IN Chkmistrv. Alpha Epsilmi Delta; Men ' s Glee Club (3. 4); Youn Democrats Club (2) : Y.M.C.A. (1, 2) ; Wesley Foundation (1. 2, 3). MOON, ROBERT EARL Carolina Quarter MOORE, BARBARA JEAN MOORE, CARROLL JACKSON MOORE, GENE WEBB MOORE, GEORGE ERVIN, JR. Chapel Hill (1): Y.M.C.A. (1, 3. 4): Dailij Tar Crown Point, Ind, Charlotte Alpha Kappa Psi, Secretary: Orientation MOORE, THOMAS CAREY, JR. Raleigh B.S. IN Business Administration. Orientation Counselor (2). MORGAN, EDITH ANN Charleston, W . la. A.B. IN Sociology. Chi Omega; Cardboard (3); CUSC (4): Student Party C). I): Women ' s Residence Council (4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Vice-President (4i: Dorm President (4): Y.W.C.A. Conference (4): Westminster Council (3. t). MORGAN, JOSEPH EDWARD, JR. Winston-Salem A.B. IN HisTORV. Phi Kappa Hifima; Baseball (1. 2. 3. 4); .MonoKram Club (I, 2. 3 1. MORRIS, CLAUDIAS STEDMAN Salishury . .B. IN Ei-ONIJMKS. Delia Kappa Kpsilnji. MORRIS, ELIZABETH JOAN A.B. IN English. Band (1 Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). MOSER, HARRY NED B.S. IN Business Administraiton. MULVANEV, LEO ANTHONY Concord i-rats Club (3) ; 310 MURDUCK, JAMES NELSON Slalesville B.S. IN Geology. MUSTUN, HOWARD MACON ISorlina A.B. IN Political Science. Debate Council (1); V ' oung Democrats Club (1. 2. 3, 4) : Y.M.C.A. (2. 3. i). MYERS, BOB EUGENE . .B. IN .loiRNALISM. Thomasvilic MYERS, WALTER EDWARD Charlotte A.B. IN English. WUNC-TV (3, 4); Dnily Tar Heel (1). NANCE, DONALD CARROLL Charlotte B.S. in Bisiness ADMINISTR.4TI0N. Delta Sigma Pi; IDC (2): Men ' s Glee Club (1. 2, 3. 4) : AFROTC (1. 2), Ritle Team (1. 2). Charlotte NEBEL, WILLIAM ARTHUR NEISLER, MARGARET RUTH Concord A.B. IN Edication. Alpha (iamma Delta. Treasurer (4): FTA (3, 4): Student Government. Library Committee (4); Student Party (3. 4); Y.W.C.A.. Publi- cations Board (4). Parkton Men ' s Glee Club; Swim- NEWTON, HECTOR CARLTON, IV B.S. IN Bisiness Administration. Phi Kappa Sif ti minp : Voun? Democrats Club; Y.M.C.A. NEWTON, ZACHARIAH BOARDMAN, HI Philadelphia, Pa. A.B. IN Zoology. Carolina Symposium (2); National Student Association (2); NICHOLS, DONALD WYATT Raleigh Orientation Counselor (4) ; NOELL, CHARLOTTE BLYNN B.S. IN SocloLo ;v. Y.W.C.A. (4); Library Staff (4). NORMAN, PRISCILLA ELIZABETH uth, Mass. Party (3, Oxford OAKES, LYNWOOD TAYLOR . .B. IN Psychology. OAKLEY, CLEDITH EMORY Smilhfield B.S. IN Indcstrial Relations. Sigma Xii; iFC (31; Monogram Club (2, 3. 4): Track (1, 2. 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (3. 4). O ' DONNELL, JILL MARIE Camp Hill, Pa. . .B. IN Psychology. Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club (3, 4) ; Sound and Fury III; Splash Club (3): University Party (4); University Club (3. 4); Yacketii Vrirk (4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). OGLESBY, EARL RANDOLPH, JR. B.S. IN iNDrsTRiAL Relations Wmng Democrats Club (41; (3) ; Debate Squad (3. 4), O ' HARA, JAMES DONALD MICHAEL Raleigh . .B. IN Radio. Telf:iision and Motion Pictires. Alpha Phi Omega; IDC (I) WUNC (31; Youni; Republicans Club (1. 2. 3); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2). OLDHAM, DONALD CARSON A.B. IN Edication. Baseball (1. 2, Y.M.C.A. II. 2. 3. 41. 3, 4); FTA (3. 4): Monograr Sanford Club (3. 4) ; OLIVER, ROBERT DELEON, JR. A.B. IN S(H ini.oGV. Thrtn Chi. Social Cliai OPPENHEIMER, JERRY LOVEMAN Selma iity Club (31. Birmingha Ala. B.S. IN Business Administration. Zetn Beta Tan. President (41, Freasurer (3), Historian (21; Dance Committee (2. 31; IFC Court Chairman (2. 3. 41; Order of Golden Fleece (3. 4); Order of the Grail (3. 41; Order of the Old Well (3. 4). President (4); Orientation Committee (31, Chairman (3); Orienta- tion Counselor (2, 3); Student Government (2, 3, 4), Student (Jovemment Board (21, Honor System Committee (31; Traffic Committee Cil; Audit Board (2, 3), Assistant .■ ttornev fleneral (41, Chairman of Finance Committee (3); I ' niversitv Party (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y,M.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 41. ORR. DAVID RICKMAN Hendersonrille Baseball (11; Dormitory Officer (3. I). ORR, WILLIAM RUCKER OSBORNE, CAROLINE MORTON PADERICK, ELIZABETH LEWIS A.B. IN Edccation. Wilmingto Canterbury Club (3, 4) Smith field ; FTA (3); High Point 311 FADERICK, VICTOR LYNN U.S. IN Ivni -.TRUL Relations. Sigino Fhi Epxilu)!. PARKER. FRED . .B. IN KioNd.Mics. Voung Deinoi-rats (lull (li. PARKS, WILLIAM LAND Chapel Hill Faretlevitle U.S. IN BrsiNKss . DMiNisTRArii N. Clii Psi ; Mdiiogram Club it): Philanthropic .Vssemblv (i); University Party (1. •_ ' . .1. I); V.M.C.. . (1. 2. 3. I): Football Manager (I, 2, 3). PARSHLEY. MARTHA CONE South Gla8tonbur Conn, U.S. IN Kdixation. Kappa Delta: Canterbury Club (3. 4). Secretan- H) : Intramural Basketball (3. 4); Orientation Counselor (li; Women ' s Residence Council (3. 41. TretLsurer; V.W.C.. . (3. li. PARSONS. WILLIAM THOMAS Belmont n.S. IN Bl SINKSS .AnMINISTRATKIN. PARTIN. MALCOLM OVERSTREET Enfield A.B. IN History. Phi Alpha Theta: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Kta Sigma: Dialectic Senate (2, 3. 4). Clerk (3. 4). PARTRIDGE, STEVENS HYATT, JR. FATE. ARTHUR HUBBARD H.S. IN iNnc STRiAl. Rklations. Charlotte urer (3), President (4i : IKC Charlotte FATTEN, JANE LAW M.S. in Psvi-HoLo ;Y. Kappa Delta. Vice-President (4); Canterbun ' Club (3. II : Carolina Symposium (41; Dailv Tar Heel (3, 4); Orientation Counselor ID: .Student Party (3. 4) : V.W.C.A. (3. 4). PATTERSON, DONALD SUTTON Cherv Chase, Md. PATTON, DONNA B. Beta Theta Pi. Treasurer (4i. House Mai Missoula, Mont. FATTON, MACON GLASGOW Durham . .B. IN English. Zeta Psi: Gimshoul: IKC: Order of the Crail; Student PATTON, PEGGY DORIS . .B. IN Art. PATTON, ROBERT LEWIS, JR. B.S. IN B lsiNKSS .ADMINlsnuTloN. Kappa (I). PAUL, JAMES ALAN PAYNE, ROLAND WILLIAM, JR. Morganton Charlotte fiolf (2): Monogram Club .Slimier. S. C. Norfolk, I . PEACOCK, WILLIE GORDAN Benson . .B. IN .OOLIKa-. PEARSON, NANCY ELIZABETH East Amherst, IS. 1. A.B. IN (;koi;raihv. Westminster Fellowship (3. 4): V.W.C.A. (3. I). PECK, E. STANLEY, JR. Forest Hills, N. J . Canterbury Club (1) : Stu- PENDER, WILLIAM LARDNER Charlotte .R. IN KNia.isH. Delta Kappa Ep. ' iiI ' m: Tennis (1): Minataurs. PETER. DORIS ASHER Orlando, Fla. . .B. IN Kdkation. Pi Beta Phi: Newman Club (4i: Ham and Eire (4): i ' ennis (31: I ' niverslty Party (3, 4): Women ' s Honor Council (3, 4): Varketii Vark (41: V.W.C.A. 13, 4). PETER, SARA JOSEPHINE Norlhfield, N. J. PETERSON, WILLIAM RICHARD B.S. IN Industrial Relations. Canterbury Club (1 C.lee Club (1. 2, 3. 4); Sound and Furii (3); Vou V.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3. 4). PHILLIPS, JASPER LOUIS Kinston B.S. IN Mathematics. Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa: Delta Phi .Alpha. 312 PHINIZY, STEWART, III Augusta, Ga, Chapel Hill PHIPPS, DAVID WILLARD B.S. IN BrsFNFss Administiution. PICKARD, CARL GLENN, JR. Aiheville A.B. IN English. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Vice-President; Phi Beta Kappa: Phi FAa Sigma; Men ' s Honor Council (4): Orientation Counselor (2. 3, 1): Swiinraing (1): University Party (1); Honor Council Commission (4). PITT, THEOPHILUS HARPER, JR. Rocky Mount A.B. IN History. Phi (iamma Delta: CM. A.B. (3): National Student As sociation (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4): Student Clovernnient. X.S..A. Committee (3. 4): University Party (1, 2. 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 4). PITTMAN, JAMES PATRICK A.B. IN Chk.mistry. Cardhoarri i I) ; POLLARD, WILLIAM ROBERT A.B. IN Kditation. Thetu Chi. V.M.C.A. (I). PONS, ALTON BRITT Goldiboro Chapel Hill Valdese Alpha Kappa Psi : Baseball (3. 4i; Moiiofriam POOLE, IVEY TALMAGE, JR. . .B. IN Six IOI.OGV. Youn Deinocr POOLE, SAMUEL HAWLEY Its Club 13) ; Y.M.C.A. Hi PORCHER, FRANCIS C. Ml. Pleatanl, S. C. A.B. IN PsviHOLOGV. Sigma Xu; Canterbury Club (1. 2. 3. 4). Treasurer (2); Episcopal Student Vestry {2. 3): Orientation Counselor (21: NROTC (1. 2. 3. I). Rifle Team (1, 2. 3): Swcer (1). PORTER, DAVID DARLINGTON A.B. IN Chkmistrv. POTTER, JUNE YVONNE Atlanta. Ga. Wallace University Party 14); Y.W.C.A. Wilmingto POULOS, PETER GEORGE B.S. IN Geology. PRESSLY, DOROTHY BYRNE Raleigh A.B. IN Sociology. Alpha Delta Pi: CUSC (3, 4): Orientation Counselor (4): Secretary. Student Government (4); University Party (3, 4); ' alkyries (3. 4i. President (4): Women ' s Residence Council (3): Graham Memorial Board of Directors (3, 4); Social Cbairman. .lunior Class (3): .lane Gray - warri. PRESTON, JAMES YOUNG Matthe . .B. IN English, .ilpha Tan Uiiirga, Secretary (2. 3). President (41; Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa: IFC (4): Men ' s Honor Council (2, 3); Order of the Old Well (8, 41; Orientation Counselor (2. 3); Student Council (3): Student Legislature (21: University Party (1. 2. S) : Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3. 4): Honor Council Commission (31. PRICE, GLENN ARLISS A.B. IN History. Debate Council PRICE, VERNON IDC (21: Y( Asheville iins Republicans Chili Scotland ISeck PRIDGEN, GRADY CLIFTON, JR. Roofer Mount . .B. IN Radio. Television and Motion Pictires. Sigma A " «. ' G.M.. .B. (3, 4i; IDC (21; Sound and Fury (1. 4); Student Legislature (2): Student Party (2i. PROCTOR, MARY ESTELLE Rocfe.r Mount . .B. IN Edication. Delta Delta Delta: University Party (3 I): V.W.C.. (3. I). ■ ■ PROCTOR, TRUBY GROCE, JR. Sanford B.S. IN Business Administration. Band (1. 2. 31; Men ' s Glee Club (I. 2, 3): Student Party (1. 2): Young Democrats Club (1. 21; Young Republicans Club (3. 11: V.M.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 4). PROESCHER, ALBERT EDWARD Gary B.S. IN iNDisTRiAL Relations. Phi Kappa Sif iiia: Cardboard (41; Dailu Tar Heel (t): Student Party (ii; Track (I): Dormitory Vice-President (3 " ). PROPST, JAPTHA FRED Maiden A.B. IN Che.mistrv. Baptist Student Union (II: Cardboard (1, 3. 4); Government (4i; University Club (3. 4); Dormitory Vice-President (4). PULLEY, WILLIAM PAUL Durham .V.B. IN BisiNESs Administration. Football (1. 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (3, 41. PULLIAM, VENICE U., JR. Asheboro B.S. IN Business Administration. 313 PYATTE, JEFF ALVIN A.B. IN Physics. Monogram Club (2. OUIGG, JOSEPH FRANCIS CI, t) Minneapolis Valkyries (3): n, L. I., y. Y. OlINN, ROBERT HENRY Jackionville U.S. IN HrsiNiiss Administration. Di Senate (4); CM. A.B. (4); IDC (.3); Orientation Counselor (3); Y.M.C. ' V. (1. 3, 4): Westminster Fellowship (t); Ilaiire Committee CM. (4i. RAGLAND, THELMA ANN Danville, Va. A.B. IN SocioUK Y. Chi Omerio: Tennis (3. 4). RAGSDALE, GEORGE ROBINSON Raleigh . ' K.B. IN English. Delta Kappa EpsiJon : Men ' s Honor Council (2. 3. 4). Clerk (3), Chairman (4): Order of the Golden Fleece (3, 4): Order of the Grail (3. t): Student Ciovernment (2, 3. 4 ; I ' niver.sity Party (1. 2. 3. 4): German Club (2. 3). Vice-President (3); Honor System Commission (4); Class Vice- President (3); President (ti. RAMOS, FRANK MAYO Durha . .B. IN English. Carolina Playmakers (1. 2); Cheerleader (3); IDC 13); Orientation Counselor (8): Track (2); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2); Fencing Team (2, 3); Intramural Track (2). RAMSEY, WILLIAM FORBES Greensboro A.B. IN English. Beta Theta Pi: Canterbury Club (1. 2. 31; Debate Council (2, 3): Order of the Old Well (3. 4): Orientation Counselor (i. 3. 4); Stu- dent Council (2. 3); Student Legislature II. 2); University Party (I, 2); Lacrosse (1): Debate Squad (1. 2. 3); Morehead Scholar. RAND, WILLIAM RIPLEY Wilson A.B. IN EtoNo.Mus. Alpha Tan Omega. RANKIN, DAN FALLS Gaslonia Relations. Dance Committee (1); Young Democrats Club Wesley Foundation (2); Campus Christian Council (2). RAPER, JOHN ELISHA, JR. FayeUeville A.B. IN English. Beta Theta Pi: G.M.A.B. (I. 2): IDC (1): Orientation Counselor (2); Phi Assembly (1. 21 : Soccer (1); Student Legis?ature (2); University Party (1, 2); Goettingen Scholar. RAWLS, EUGENIA GRAY Tampa, Fla. A.B. IN English. Delta Delta Delta; Baptist Student Union (3. 4); G.M.A.B. ( t) ; University Party (3. 4) : Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). RAY, HORACE T., JR. Faison A.B. IN ( HRlllSTRV. READY, LUCIA MARIE REAVES, JOHN WILLIAM Roanoke Rapids G.M.A.B. 3); University Party (3): RECHHOLTZ, ROBERT AUGUST H.S. IN Business Administration. Kappn Alpha. Syosset, y. y. REDDING, WILLIAM HOWARD, JR. .4sheboro . .B. IN EioNo.MKs. Phi Iruinma Delta. Treasurer (4); Carolina Symposium (4); CUSC (3. 4); IFC (2. 3, 4). President (4); Men ' s Honor Council (1): National Student Association (4); Order of tlie Grail (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2); Scabbard and Blade (3. 4); Student Government (3); Student Legislature (2. 3); University Party (1, 2. 3, 4). REECE, BETTY YORK Lincolnto A.B. IN Edk.ition. FTA (3. 4): G.M.A.B. (3. 4). Committee Chairman (3, 41: Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (4t: Voung Democrats Club (3); V.W.C.A. (3. 4); Dormitory Social Chairman (4). REECE, JOHN MANLY Yadkinville UN. Student Legislature (3) REEDER, ALTON ALFRED A. It. IN Zoolim;v. V.M.C.A. (3. Ij; Basketliall (I. 2). Seagrove REID, GEORGE DAVID Charlotte .Sound and Fury (1. 2): University REXRODE, SUZANNE ELIZABETH A. 11. IN Edication. FTA (3, 11 ; V.W.C.A. (3. 4). RIDDLE, ARCH JESSE, JR. H.S. IN BrsiNKss . D.MiNlsTRATioN. Baseball (1). Courtland, Va, RIDLEY, INA VIRGINIA A.B. in Editation. Delta Delta Delta: Clieerleader (4): FTA (4): Un Party 3. 4i : Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). RIGGINS, ANNE KIMBERLY . .B. IN English. V.W.C.A.; Carolina Playmakers. 314 New York, iV. y . RIGGS, JOE E. R.S. IN Bl ' SINESS Ad.v RIGHTSELL, WILLIAM THOMAS, JR. A.B. IN Political Scienii:. Men ' s (Jlee Club (1) ; Tan, RIVENBARK, DAVID CLAYTON A.B. IN History. RIVENBARK, FRED AUGUSTA A.B. IN EDIC-.UION. Greensboro JSorfolk, Va. ROBBINS, WILLIAM L. Raleigh B.S. IN BrsiNESs Administration. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Men ' s Glee Club (1): Orientation Coun.selor (3): Student Legislature (3); University Party (1. 2, 3, i) : V.M.C.A. (1, -2. 3. 4). ROBERTSON, LOUISE BARNWELL Matthewt A.B. in SotioLooY. Delfa Delia Delta; G.M.A.B. Office Committee (3); Uni- versity Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). ROBINSON, CHARLES FRANKLIN Charlotte A.B. IN Chemistry. ROBINSON, HOYLE LYNWOOD Candor A.B. IN History. Phi Ehi HigiiKt. ROBINSON, JOHN BOYD Littleton . .B. IN History. Pi Kappa Alpha. ROSE, JAMES WILLIAM . .B. IN English. Phi Gamma Delta: Council. Summer School (3) ; Orientatii Traffic Committee (3. 4); Tracli (1). ROSE, WALTER THOMAS, JR. Miami, Fla. B.S. IN Business Administration. Sigma Chi, Secretary (4) : Dance Committee (3, 4): Monogram Club (2. 3. 4); Orientation Counselor (3); Scabbard and Blade (4) ; NROTC Battalion StaflF (4); Color Guard (3); Co-captain Freshman Swimming Team (1); Co-captain Varsity Swimming Team (4); Most Valuable Kre iliman Swimming Award (1); All American Swimming Team {3. 4); V.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3, 4), Freshman Camp (2. 3), Freshman Camp Planning Committee (3). ROSS, EDWARD CHADWICK Rome, Ga. TBATioN. Phi Eta Sigma; Band (1. 2, 3, 4); Canter- ROSS, ROBERT ALEXANDER A.B. IN Political Science. Alpha Tan Omega. ROTH, WILLIAM CAWTHON ROUSE, CHARLES FRANCIS, JR. A.B. IN History. Zrta Psi; (iimghoul (4). Chapel Hill Raleigh RUCKER, MARY LOIS Spindale A.B. IN Edi ' cation. Chi Omega; University Party (3, 4): Yaeketii Yack (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). RUFFIN, ELEANOR ANN A.B. IN Education. Chi Omega.; Uni ' Club (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). RUSH, NANCY JO Greenville ;ity Party (3, 4) ; Young Democrats Longmeadow, Mass. RUSSAVAGE, LEO JOSEPH Diiryea, Pa. A.B. IN Enolish. Football (1. 2. ■■;. t): Monogram Club (2, 3, 4). RUTH, WILLIAM ALBERT Gary . .B. IN En(;lish. Band (1, 2). SACKS, LEONARD CARL Hollywood, Fla. B.S. IN BlSlNE-SS Al)MINlSTKATIO 1. Pi Lamliila Phi. SAMPLE, MARY ELLEN Asheville SANDERS, CLEON WALTON, JR. Benson A.B. IN English. Alpha Tan ilmegn: Dance Committee (1, 2); IFC (2, 3, 4); Order of tlie (irail (1); IFC Court (3, 4). SANDERS, MARGARET MULLINGS Charlotte A.B. IN Political Science. Chi (liiier a : Canterbury Club (4): G.M.A.B. (3): Orientation Counselor (4); Student l.ct ' islafure (3. 4). Clerk (3, 4): University Party (3. 4); Women ' s Resi leiiie Coumil. Summer School (3): Pledge Trainer of Chi Omega (4) ; Elections B.ianl (4). 315 SARTIN. LEON JOHNSON Burlington U.S. IN BlSlNKSS Ar .MINISTBATI(lN. Diltd Sirjiiin H. SASSER, GEORGE FREEMAN Conicay, S. C. A.B. IN History. Sigma Alphu EpsiUtn ; Football (1, L ' . .11; Monoijram Clulj (1, 2, 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2). SAUNDERS, THOMAS BYRON Alexander City, Ala. A.B. IN English. Thvta Xi : Canterbury Club (3, 4); Carolina Quaiterlii (4); Voiinp DenuK-rats Club (4). SAWYER, JANE CROWELL Charlotte . .B. IN Education. Pi Beta Phi; University Party (4): Yarkety Yaek (3); Young Democrats Club (4): Y.W.C.A. (4). SCHACHNER, EDMUND DOUGLAS McKANE Charlotte SCHAEFFER, NAN TUTWILER YOUNG Tallahamee. Fla. A.B. IN Enc lish. Kappa Delta: Canterbury (lull c), ii: Clieerleader (4); I ' anliellenic Council Representative (3. 4): liiiversitv Tarty (3. 4): Yacki-tu York (3): Young Democrats Club (3): Y.W.C.A. (3, li : Yacketu Yark Beauty Court (3). SCHAFER, HARRIET RUTH . .B. IN .S(Hi()LO(.v. Inclepemlent Women (3. t). SCHILTZ, JOAN LEE SCHNELL, ADELAIDE McANALLY Pine Bluff A.B. IN History. Y.W.C.A. (3. Ii. Hospital Committee (41; House Council (I). SCHOEN, HARRY FREDERICK, III B.S. in (;koi.ik,v. Higma .Vi . Washington, D. C. SCHULMAN, DICK R. Canton Tail Kpsilon Phi: Hillel (1. 2. 3, 4), Presi- SEABOLT, ARTHUR LEE , .B. IN R vmo, TUKvisKiN vnd Motion Pictihes SEAREY, ROY ALLEN B.S. IN BrsiNK.SS An.MINIST Draper SEGRAVES, CYNTHIA JANE Jacksonville, Fla. A.B. IN English. Pi Bfta Plii: University Party (3. 4); Women ' s Honor Council (3). Clerk (4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Hospital Committee Chairman (41. Holmes Day Nursery Committee (4) : Htmor System Commission (4). SESSOMS, LOWELL MAXTON Baptist .student Union (ll; Y.M.C.A. (3i SESSOMS, RICHARD DARROW Rockingham B.S. IN BisiNKss ADMiNisTK.iTKiN. Stuileiit Legislature: University Party (1. SHANKLE, HENRY MAC B.S. IN BrSINKSS AnMINISTBATIl SHAW, ANNE WINBORNE Student Party (2): Y.M.C.A. (3 Jf agrani Counselor ( n : SHAW, LLOYD R., JR. Stalesville A.B. IN English. Phi .ilpha Theta : Dailii Tar Hiel (ii: G.M.A.B. (3, 4). Vice-President (4); Orientation Counselor (3 1 ; Sound and Kury (3); Student Party (1. 2); State Student Legislature (1). SHAW, SARAH VANE St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. IN Edication. Pi Beta Phi: Orientation Cimnselor (4): University Partv (3. I) : Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). SHELBURNE, FRANK AMFORT B.S. IN Chkmistrv. SHEPHERD, HAROLD DEAN SUERRILL, DANIEL LUTHER A.B. IN Radio and Television. WUNC (3); WUNC-TV (4). SHERRILL, GARY PETREA B.S. in Business Admi nistkation. Lambda Chi Alpha. Snoiccille, fa. North Wilkesboro Spindale 316 SHORE, ROBERT G. YadkinviUe B.S. IN Mathematics. Tht-tn Chi: Track (I); Cross Country (1). SHUFORD, FULLER ADAMS Athetille B IV Knclish. Hitn Thetn Pi: Canterbury Club (1); University Party (2, 3). SIMPSON, SALLY L. RUhmond, Va. A.B IN SocioUKiV. Kappa Delta: Cardboard (4); Daily Tar Heel (3); Uni- versity Club (1): V.W.C.A. (i). SIMPSON, STEPHEN MICHHEL Charlotte A.B. IN History. SINK, DEBORAH HUNT Mooretville B IN Radio, Television and Motion Pictcbes. Alpha Gavima Delta: Cosnio- politan Club (4); Student Party (3. 41: WUNC (3); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4), Cabinet SLAUGHTER, JAMES BEAM B.S. IN Bl SINKSS Ad.ministration Longhurgt SMALL, F. DAVID Morehead City A.B. IN Ukamatic Akt. Carolina Playmakers (1. 2, 3. 4); Mens C.lee Club (1, 2): University Chorus (3, 4). SMITH, CANIE BROWN AihevMe B IN Economics. Delta Kappa Epnlon ; Gimghoul (2. 3. 4); Scabbard aiul Blade (3, 41; Tennis (I, 2, 3. 4); NROTC Drill Team (I, 2. 3). SMITH, CARLA ANZELETTE Chapel Hill B IN Edication. Band (3. 4); Women s Cilee Club (2): Womens Residence (uuncil i3); Wesley Foundation (1, 2. 3. 4); Women ' s Athletic Council (1, 2). SMITH, FAYE LORRAINE Savannah, Ga. .B IN Economics. Orientation Coun.selor (4); University Party (3, 4): V.W.C.A. (3, 4). SMITH, HARRY REINEKE Rotemoni, Pa. A.B. IN HisTOKY. Delta Kappa Kpsihiii: .Minataurs. SMITH, JAMES A., JR. Durham B.S. IN iNDisTRiAL RELATIONS. Cheerleader (1); Tennis (1). SMITH, NORMAN SHAW rirginia Beach, Va. . .B. IN I ' liLiriiAi. Science. Zetu Psi: Phi Beta Kappa. SMITH, RAYMOND PHILIP Chapel Hill A.B. IN .liMRNALisM. Cliib. SMITH, ROBERT CLARK Clinton BS IN BcsiNESs .Administration. Delia Sigma Pi: Younfj Democrats Club (4); V.M.C.A. (I. 2, 3. 41: Wesley Foundation (1. 2. 3. 4). SMITH, THEODORE ROOSEVELT, JR. Sea Cliff, IS. ¥. BS IN BcsiNEss d.ministr.ition. Alpha Kappa Psi: Tail Kappa Epsiloii : Daiice Committee (3. 41; Monogram Club (3, 4): Gymnastics (3): Soccer (3, 1); Young Republicans Club (3. 4). SMITH, WILLIAM VAN Wintlon-Salem B S IN Transportation. .4 ;i (fr Kappa P.ii, Treasurer (4): University Party (1); V.M.C.A. 11, 2, 3, 4). SMOTHERS, THOMAS EDWARD High Point A.B. IN Economics, Chi Psi; Student Party (1); V.M.C.A. II), SNEDEN, JOHN AITKEN, JR. Tenafly, N. J. A.B. IN Dramatic Art. Phi Beta Kappa: Carolina Playmakers (1. 2, 3, 41; Order of the Golden Fleece (3, 4). SNYDER, LAWRENCE HARLAN Chapel Hill B.S. IN AccoiNTiNc. Delta Sinma Pi; Men ' s Glee Club (1); Wrestling (1); SNYDER, RICHARD GRAY B.S. IN Business .Ad.ministration. Accounting Club (3, 4), SOBEL, ARTHUR HERBERT Neponait, y. Y. . .B. IN Economics. Tan Epsilon Phi, V ice-Chancellor; Band (1, 2, 3), Bu.siness -Manager (3); Orientation Coun.selor (4); Student Government (3, 4); Elec- tions Board, Chairman (4), SOMERS, EMILY LOU Wilkesboro A.B IN Physical Edication. .Alpha Ciaiiunu Delta, Second Vice-President (4); Basketball Club (3, 4); Basketball Intramurals (3. 4); G,M.A.B. 14); Student Party (4i; WAA, Dormitory Repre.sentative (3), Secretary (4); Wesley Foundation (4); V,W.C.A. (8, 4). SOMERS, JAMES PETER Alexandria, V a. A.B. IN Philosokhy. Canterbury Club (3) ; V.M.C.A. (4). 311 SOMMER, HENRY JOSEPH, JR. A.B. IN History. Canterbury Club (I. Arlington, Va. Cosmopolitan Club (4); NROTC Drill Team (1, 2. 3, 4); Soahhiirfl and Blafle (3. 4): Young Republicans Club (31 : V.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). SOUTHERLAND, DANIEL RICHARD Arl ington, Va. A.B. IK History. Cosmopolitan Club (1. 2): Daily Tar Heel (1); tioettingeii Exchange Scholarship (3); Orientation Counselor (2); Studeit Legislature (2); Student Party (2); Westminster Fellowship (1. 2, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2). SOWERS, JERRY WILLIAM SPARGER, STEPHANIE HOPE High Point Student Party (1. 2) ; Scartdale, N. Y. A.B. IN E.NGLisH. Canterbury Club (3) ; Carolina Playmakers (3. 4) ; Carolitni (Juarterlv (3); (i.M.A.B. (3. 4); Orientation Counselor (4); University Club (4); Young Republicans Club (3): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). SPARROW, CHARLES M. B.S. IN BlslNESs Administration. Alpha Kappa Psi. SPEIGHT, ALICE RACHEL B.S. IN Zooi.o ;y. Cardboard (3. 41: Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). SPRIIILL, MOLLIE WILLIAMS A.B. IN English. Phi Beta Phi: ( Y.W.C.A. (31. STAFFORD, FRANCES MOSELEY Greensboro Winterville Roclir Mount STALEY, DALE EDGAR B.S. IN BlSINESS Ad.ministr Dnili Tar Heel (2. 3. 4). STALLINGS, VIRGINIA ANNE Shelby A.B. IN Chk.mistby. Alpha Delta Pi: I ' niversity Party (4); CM. A.B. (4); Vacketii Yark (4); Young Democrats Club (3). STALVEY. ANDREA Charlotte A.B. in Psychology. Alpha Gamma Delta: Orientatic. liellenic Council Representative, Treasurer (4); Student 0( 3unselor (4) : Paii- .._ w.-.. .. ..,., .,„.,v...,«,n., 1 iv i.- uii;i V ;, L tuticiii v_.uvernnient. Summer School Secretary-Treasurer (3); Student Party (3. 4); Wesley Foundation, Council (41; Wimiens Honor Council. Summer School (3); Young Republicans Club (3); Y.W.C.A. Council (41. STAMPER, MARY ANN Creengboro A.B. in English. FTA (41: Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Burlingto STANFORD, DON CARLTON B.S. in BrsiNKss Administiution. STANTON, DAVID MARTIN B.S. IN BrsiNEjiS Ad.ministration. Delta STAPLETON, ROBERT LEIGHTON Gatlonia B.S. in Bisiness Ad.ministration. Sifima Phi Bpsilon ; IFC (2. 3): Handbook Editor (2): Carolina Handbook Editor (2): NROTC (1, 2, 3. 4); Orientation Coun.selor (3); Student Legislature (2. 3); Tarnation (1, 2): Universin Party (1. 2); Y.M.C.A. (I. 2, 3), Pi: Cardboard. STARNES, ROBERT HERRON, JR. B.S. IN BisiNLSS Administration. STARNES, THOMAS MONROE B.S. IN BisiNKss Administration. STATON, ROBERT VINCENT Henderson ville Concord Hende ville A.B. IN History. Kappa Alpha: Dance Committee (1, 2. 3). Court (31; G.M.A.B. (1. 2, 3), Executive Committee (2. 3). Vice-President (3); IFC (2. 3), Publicity Chairman (21 ; Lutheran Student Association: Orientation Coun.selor (31; Student Council. Summer School; Student Government (2. 31. Entertainment Committee (3); University Party (3. 41; Yarketii Yaek (2i; Young Republicans Club; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2). ' STEED, JOHN CONGLETON Chapel Hill . .B. IN Radio, Television, and Motion Pictires. Carolina Playmakers (I. 2, ;i. 41; Sound and hury (I, 2, 3, 41; WUNC (3. 4); WUNC-TV (4). STEPHENS, ELEANOR BELKNAP Asheiille . .B. in History. Canterburv Club. STEWARD, PAWLING S. Savannah, Ga. .A.B, IN English. Kappa Higiiia. Vice-President (4); 13 Club (2); Minataurs (3. 4); NROTC: Ram and Ewe (41: Tennis (1, 3, 41; University Party (:i. 4i ; loung Republicans Club (3, 41; Y,M.C,A. (1. 2. 3 4). STEWART, DONALD ALLEN B.S. IN BrsiNF:ss Administration. STEWART, ROBERT GLENN, JR. . .B. IN SfiENcE. Young Democrats Club (31; Y..M.C..A. (3t. STEWART, WILLIAM ERNEST A.B. IN English. Canilitia Qiiurterlii (1); C.M.A.B. (2, 3); Ram Jet (4) ; Sound and Fury (2) ; Yaeketii Yaek (2). Marthville ROTC. Editor 318 STOPFER, HARVEY ROBERT Chapel Hill B.S. IX BACTEBinLonv. STRAUGHN, MARY ELIZABETH Fayelterille A.B. IN Elementary Education. Alpha Gamma Delta; Elections Board; FTA; Orientation Committee. Secretary: Student Lesislature. Finance Committee: Student Part}-; University Club; Westminster Fellowsliip; Women ' s Atiiletic Association: Y.W.C.A. STRAUS, PHILIP CHARLES A.B. in Pol itical Scienie. Tnii Rpsilon Phi: Tennis (I): Track n ;VeK lorAr, iV. Y. STRONG, MICHAEL JACOB A.B. IN JolRNALis.M. CanterbuT Rhinebeck, iV. 1. Club (1): G.M.A.B.. Publicity Chairman (3), Southern Regional Conference (3). Free Film Chairman U), Vice-President (4): Men ' s Glee Club (1. 2i; Press Club (3. l : Sound and Fury (3): Stu dent Party (I. 2. 3. 4i. STRUM, MARILYN ELIZABETH Wintton-Salem Seagrove A.B. IN Elementary Edlc ATION. Dailil Tar He el (3); FTA (4): Wc Residence Council (3) ; fni versity Chorus (3. 4) ; House Council (31 ; Y Yack (3. 4). SUGG, CHARLES FLOYD .A.B. IN History. SULLIVAN, LEONARD HOLMES A.B. IN JOIRNALISM. Th. SURRATT, CHARLES FINCH . .B. IN PhilosiiI ' HY. Ba.sketball; Student Party. SURRATT, CHARLES THOMAS Spencer B.S. IN BisiNFSS AuMiKisTRATKiN. G.M.A.B. (1); Vouns Democrats Club (2. 3. 41. SUTTON, LEWIS FRANKLYN Goldtboro A.B. IN Frkmh. Kappa Sigma: G.M.A.B. (1): University Party (2. 3. 4i: Young Democrats Club 13): V.M.C.A. (1). SWARINGEN, PEGGY BYRD •, ' . Delta Delta Delta: FTA; University Party; TALBUTT, JOHN H. Charlotte A.B. IN Political Science. Carolina Political Union {li; Chess Club (3. 4 ' . TANNER, MICHAEL SPENCER Rutherfordton Alpha Epnilon: Gorgon ' s Head: Soccer (1»; More- incil (1); Track (II; University Club (1). Burlington TAYXOR, DAVID JOEL B.S. in Bi siNhSS Admini.stration. TAYLOR, RICHARD LEWIS .A.B. IN EN(iLisH. Zeta P.s) ' ; Orientation Counselor (2 4); Freshman Camp Counselor (2). TAYLOR, THOMAS CULLOM B.S. IN BlSINESS Al)M Oxford 3) : V.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, TEMPLE, JOSEPH EDWARD ON. Baseball (1 Valdeae 4); Football (I. 2. 3). Fresh- TEMPLETON, WILLIAM KLASEK B.S. IN Chemistry. THOMAS, BENNETT ALLEN, JR. Morven B.S. IN Business Ad.ministration. Alpha Phi Omega: Delta fUgma Pi: Card- board {2. 3. 4); Dance Committee (4); Dormitory President (21: Dorniitorv Manager (2. 3. 41: G.M.A.B.. President (4); IDC (2. 31. Social Chairman (3): Order of the Grail. Exchequer (3. 4); Order of the Old Well, Secretary- Treasurer (3. 4); Orientation Committee. Treasurer (3. 4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3): State Student Legislature (3, 4): Student Government (2. 3. 4); Student Legislature. Floor Leader (2, 3); University Party (2. 3. 4); V.M.C.A. (1. 2). THOMAS, CLAUDE BENSON, JR. A.B. IN English. Concert Band (II: IDC (1) versity Party (li; Wesley Foundation (1|; V.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3. t). THOMAS, JERRY GODDARD Cardboard (4); G.M.A.B. (4): Men Ashenille Dunn e Club THOMPSON, ELIZABETH ROBERTS THOMPSON, ERNEST LYNWOOD, III A.B. IN Psychology. St. Anthimy Hall. THOMPSON, JAMES FRANKLIN A.B. IN English. .S(. Anthonij Hall: Sound and Fury (2. 3). 319 Rocky Mount G.M.A.B. (31; Nantucket Island, Ma THOMPSON, WILLIAM TURNER, JR. Raleigh B.S. IN Indi ' strial Relations. Kappa Sifjma. TILLMAN, CLIFTON HUNTER Roxboro A.B. IN Ediiation. Alpfia Phi Oitiega ; Carolina Plavinakers (2. 3. 4): Men ' s (Uee Club (1. 2. 3, 4); University Party (1. 2); University Cliorus (3. 4); Choral Club (2, 3. 4). TOLAND, HUGH JAMES, JR. Asheville Club (2. :i. II : Wrestling (1. TOMPKINS, CHARLES VAWTER, JR. Alexandria, » a. A.B. IN History. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer (3); Order of the Old Well; Orientation Counselor (3): Track (1); Wrestling (1. 2, 3). TUCKER, PEGGY ANNE Stanfield A.B. IN Ediiation. V.W.C.A. (3). ULMER, JOHN GORDON, JR. Hemingicay, S. C. . .B. i. Radio. Tklkvision and .Motion Pictures. Laniba Chi Alpha; Carolina I ' laymakers cti; f;.M.A.B. (1); Wrestling (2); WUNC (3): Young Republi- laiis Club (2 I : Order of the Green Table 2. 3. 4). UNDERWOOD, JOHN GORDON Alexandria. Va. A.B. IN ENi.ilsH. CaruliiM Quarterlii (2. 3. li. INDERWOOD, LAURA NEAL Charlotte . .B. IN Edkation. Baptist .Student Union CI. D; KTA (3. 1): Yarkiti4 Yack iti; V.W.C.A. (3. 41 I PCHURCH, GILBERT RIVERS . .B. IN Histokv. Alpha Tun Onniiii; Univer Club Representative 121; Slieiks Club (2. 3. 4 Smithfield ity Party (1. 21 ; U.N.C. Cermaii I PTON, THOMAS HUGH, JR. B.S. IN BrsiNbSS Admi.nistration. Ht ' ta Haiiima Eta Sigma; Sigma Phi Ep.-iilou; Orientation Cf (I. 2). ' USINA RALPH STELLJES Raleigh ; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi r ( t ) : University Party Macon, Ga. 31; Young Republit-aiis VAN VOORHEES, MARY ALYS Durham A.B. IN JoiBNALis.M. Sigma Alpha [l lta ; Canterbury Club (4); Dailu Tar Hri-I Soiial Editor (3. 4); C.M.A.B.. OflBce Committee (4). Mardi Gras (3, 41 ; iirieiitation Counselor (4): Student Party (4); Yaiketu Yack (3. 4); V.W.C.A. (3 1; Matrix Society. Treasurer (3): Editor of Summer SrhnnI Wi.klii. VARNUM, JAMES WILSON Supply U.S. IN Inuistrial Rklations. Football; Monogram Club: Track; AKRdK . VENTERS, WAYNE VICTOR, II Richland, B.S. IN BisiNKss Ad.ministr. tiun. Phi Gamma Delta. WADE, ALBERT LEE A.B. IN Eni;lish. Y.M.C.A. (3. 4). Oxford W. LKER, HELEN HOPE Charletton, W, Va. WALKER, JAMES ELWOOD Draper B.S. IN Ebuation. FTA (4i; V.W.C.A. (3i; Intramural Activities (I. 2. 3. n. WALKER, JOHN LUTHER, JR. Roanoke. Va. Mario Winston-Salei WALKER, LEROY EPPS A.B. IN I ' HILOSOI-HV. WALL, DAVID LEE B.S. IN Indistkial Rklations. IDC; Monogram Club; Wrestling. WALLACE, KELLEY, JR. Greenville A.B. IX Zoology. Cardboard (3); IDC (4i: Orientation Counselor (4): Student Government (3. 4) : Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 4). WALLACE, LEWIS JOHN, JR. IHn ion-Salem A.B. IN Art. Band (li; Newman Club (3. I); Fencing Club (21; Chess Club (3. 4). WALSER, MARGARET VIRGINIA High Point .B IN Edication. Delta Delta Delta; FTA (3); Orientation Counselor (3); I ' anhellenic Council Representative (3. 4): University Party (3): V.W.C.A. (3. 4). WALSH, WILLIAM C. Arlington, fa. B.S. IN BrsiNKSs Ad.ministration. Thita Chi. President (4i; IFC (3. (i. 320 WALSTON, ELMO HARDIN B.i Br Chapel Hill Tarboro WALTERS, THOMAS NOBLE A.B. IN Enclish. Alp io Phi iiwruii: CISC U) : Dailv Tar Herl (2); IDC. President (2. 3. 4i: Order of the Cmil C). 41 : Rum and Ewe (4): University I ' artv (3). WARBURTON, SUSAN GREGORY W illiamaburg, Va. A.B. IN KDitATiuN. Pi Beta Phi: Canterbury Club (3); Orientation Committe 14); Iniversitv Partv (3): Yarketii Yack (3): Young Democrats Club (3i V.W.C.A. (3. 4). WARDRUP, LEO C, JR. Middletboro, AV. .]i. IN Knulish. Alpha Tan Onif 7o; Phi Beta Kappa: Dance Committee |2. 3. 4); Dialectic Senate (2); Men ' s Olee Club (1. 21: Orientation Counselor (4i; Student Government (2. 3i; Student l.esislature (2. 31; Student Party (2); University Party (8. 4): Vouns Democrats Club (2); Dance Committee Court (4) ; Sheik Club (2, 3. 4) ; Special Freshman Academic Group (1). Council ariK Democrats WARNER, SIDNEY ROGERS A.B. IN History. Pi Kappa Phi. President (4); IfX ( Club (1. 2, 3. 41. WARREN, CAROLINE BROWN Wilminglon B.S. IN Administration. Cardboard (3. 4); Orientation Committee (Summer Session); Orientation Coun.selor (Summer Session); Student Govern- ment; Student Partj- (3. 4). Social Chairman; Women ' s Residence Council (Summer Session. 4): Y.W.C.A. (8. 4i; Mclver Dormitory President (4). W ARREN, CAROLYN WARWICK, ROBERT F. B.S. IN BisiNESs .Administration. Chi Phi. Winchester, Tenn. Wilmingto WATSON, DAVID THOMAS Raleigh A.B. IN Eni lish. Delta Kappa Epxiinn : Sheik.s. President: German Clul). WAYNICK, WALLACE ANNE Reidsrille .K. IN Edi CATION. FTA (3. 4); Vouns Republicans Club (3); CCC. WEBB, KATHRYN KYLE Raleigh WEBSTER, BETTY RENE Maditot . .B. IN Eni.lish. Kappa Delta. Treasurer; FTA: Student Partv; I ' enni Club; Vouns Demmrats Club; V.W.C.A. WEBSTER, KATHERINE MARIE Princeton, iV. . A.B. IN Eni;lish. Student Partv (3): V.W.C.A. (3, 4): University Chorus (3. 4): Westminster Fellowship (3. 4). WEBSTER, THOMAS CARLTON . .B. IN Chkmistrv. WEINSTEIN, ROBERT MORTON WEISNER. RYLAN CAMPBELL A.B. IN Histohv. WEITZMAN, NANCY SCHECHTER A.B. IN En(.i.ish. WELLONS, ROBERT LEON B.S. IN BiSINKSS . d.mi.vistration. Yanceyville WENBERG, BETTE ANNE i)N. Phi Mn; Stray Greeks WENDT, DAVID NELSON B.S. IN (iKoLouv. Theta Chi. if ' illitlon Park, , . 1 . WESTBROOK JANE WARD A.B. IN History. Chi Uniegu: Canterbury Club (4); V.W.C.A. Dunn 3. 4) ; WAA WHALING, EUGENE COX B.S. IN INDCSTRIAL RkLATIONS. fiin (2): V..M.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 4). WHATLEY, JAMES EVERETT WHEELER, HAROLD GRAY . .B. IN KDltATION. W inston-Saleni Cheerleader (2); University Club Atlanta, Ga. 4) ; Track (1. 2, 3. 4) ; 321 WHIMS, HAROLD CARTER, JR. A.B. IN PsYCHUHKiY, WHITAKER, ROY GILBERT A.B. IN SixiOLmiv. WHITE, HELEN SYDNOR A.B. IN EniCATioN. Delta Gamma; Stl Asheboro Burlington Withegboro Greeks (3, 4): Y.W.C.A. Sanfon ega ; Fhi Beta Kappa WHITE, WILLIAM HENRY, JR. B.S. IN Mkdicine. Alpha Epsiluii Ihlta; Alpha Phi Oh Orientation Counselor. WHITEHEAD, EUGENE THOMAS, III Scotland Neck . .B. IN HisTORV. Phi Eta Sitiiita: Phi Kappii Siyiita, Secretary (2), Social Cliairnian (3); Sigma Alpha Delta: siiima Kpsil ' ui Xi; 13 Club: Saturday Club: Canterbury Club (1. 2. 3, 4): Debate ( (jumil (2): Dialectic Senate (1. - ' , 3. 4), Treasurer (3): G.M.A.B. (31, (hairinan of Forum Committee; IFC 12, 3): Mens Glee Club (1. 2): Morebead Scbolar: Order of the Old Well 13, 4): Orientation Counselor (3. 4): Publications Board (3, 4): Yackety Yack {1, 2, 3, 4), Editor (4), Managing and Co-Beatuy Editor (3), Profes- sional Schools Editor (21: Young Democrats Club (:!, 4); Y.M.CA. (1, 2, 3, 4). WHITEHURST, KIT Danville, Va, esentative (3): WHITELEY, MARY SUSAN Towson, Md. A.B. IN En(;lish. Alpha Delta Pi. President (4): Canterbury Club (3); Ulii- M-isity Party (t); Y.W.C.A. (3). WHITFIELD, PAUL L. Durham . .B. IN English. Carolina Forum (3), Secretary; Carolina Symposium, Pub- licity Committee (4): Dailu Tar Heel (3, 4), Editorial Staff: Dormitory Vice- I ' lesident (2). President (3); IDC (3): National Student Association (3), liir rl,ii of Seminar on International Student Relations (3), Coordinator (4), li.l. i.,ilr to XSA CoiiRress id, DeleKation Chairman; Order of the Old Well I : , ' .. . n,iil Kin, Associate Editor (41: Student Government (2, 3, 4), Bi- I ' aiti .di Selections Board (4(, Budget Committee (3), President ' s Cabinet ' ii: Orientation Counselor (3); Student Legislature {2, 3): State Student Legislature (3, 4); Student Party (2, 3, 4): Young Democrats Club (2, 3); Y.M.CA. (2). WHITT, JOHN FRANKLIN A.B. IN Psychology. Band (I. : Kerner,ville Dormitory President (2); IDC (2). WHITTAKER, CONNIE A.B. i Iv -a ' lkyries WHITTY. JOAN CHRISTOPHER . .B. IN UiiA.MAnc Akt. Carolina Play WILKINS, JAMES SARTIN U.S. IN BrSINKSS An.MINISTR.iriON. Whittier, Calif. Kappa Delta: Canterbury Club (3, 4), Treasurer (4); Caro- ls. 4). Vice-chairman (4); Orientation Counselor (4): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Netc Bern ikers (2. 3, 4): Sound and Fury (11. Shelby WILKINS, LEROY EDWARD WILLIAMSON, ELEANOR CARTER A.B. IN BlSINKSS AlLMINISTRATION. Deltl, G.M.A.B. (3, 4); Orientation Counselor versity Party (3, 4); Y.W.CA, (3, 4). WILLIAMSON, HAROLD EVERETTE WILLIAMSON, SARA DARGAN Darlington, S. C. A.B. IN Mathl.matus. Delta Delta Delta: Canterbury Club (3, 4). Vestry (41; G.M.A.B. (3. 41; Splash Club (3); I ' niversity Party (3, 41: Y.W.C.A. (3. 4), Cabinet Member. WILLIAMSON, STANLEY MORRIS B.S. IN Chk.mistry. Alpha Chi Sigma: Charlotte stry Club (4); Orientation WILLIFORD, MARTHA ALICE A.B. IN KuicAriox. Delta Delta Delta; Cheerleader WILLINGHAM, GAIL S. St. Petersburg, Fla. ); FTA (3, 4); Uni- WILLIS, WILLIAM A., JR. Fayetteville B.S. IN iNDisTRiAL Rklations. Caniliiiii ijiinrteitii (1. 2), Advertising Man- ager (21: Driilij Tar Heel. Business Staff (1): Debate Squad (41: G.M.A.B. (11; Student Party (1, 2, 3); University Club (1): Yacketii Yack, Business Staff (4) ; Young Democrats Club (2, 3. 41. WILLOUGHBY, HILDA SORRELL Dunn W ILSON. FRANK AMALPHUS r..S. IN BiMNI.SS An.MlNISTRAlKlN. 12. :ll ; Hail II Tar Heel (1 i. Dunn Kappa Alpha, Treasurer (2, 3) ; Band Absecon, IS. J. WILSON, LAWRENCE ADDISON, JR. . .B. IN Chemistry. WILSON, PATRICIA DAVIS Charlottenille, Va. A.B. IN English. Pi Beta Phi; Canterbury Club (3. 4): Orientation Counselor (4); Ram and Ewe (4); Sound and Fury (3); Tennis (3, 4): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), 322 Silver Spring, Md. WILSON, WILLIAM JOHN, III A.B. IN English, WINSLOW, JULIAN EMMETT, JR. Hertford A.B. IN History. Pi Kappa Alpha, Social Chairman (2, 3); 1.1 Club (1. 2. 3); Canterbury Club (1. 2); German Club (2. 3); Men ' s Glee Club (I); University Tarty (I); Young Democrats Club (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. {1, 2). WINSTON, BARRY T. A.B. IN Sociouwv. St. Anihrmii Hall: Dailii Tar Heel (2. 3). Chapel Hill WISLER, CAROLYN Seoul, Korea . .B. IN PsYcHoLmn-. Pi Beta Phi: Flight Angel (4): Student Government (4); Wesley Foundation (3); V.W.C.A. (3. 4). WOLTZ, BEN VAN DALSEM Greensboro A.B. Hir iiia Chi, President (4); 13 Club (2, 3); IFC (4): Orienta- University Party (1. 2. 3). Counselor (3, 4); Student Legislatu WOLTZ, JOHN MONTGOMERY, JR. B.S. IN Geology. Sigma Chi: Swimming (1 WOOD, ARNOLD TERRY B.S. IN BlSINESS Ad. (3) ; IDC (1) ; IFC (3 WOOD, ROBERT DALE Greensboro University Party (1. 2. 3. 4). Charlolte President (4). Treasurer WOOD, ROY SMITH, JR. Miami. Fla. A.B. IN History. Delta Upsilan: Phi Assembly (1, 2). WOOD, THOMAS BENBURY Edenlon A.B. IN EorcATloN. Zeta Psi. WOODRUFF, RUTH R. Orlando, Fla. A.B. IN History. Pi Beta Phi: Canterbury Club (3); Sound and Fury (3); Splash Club (3); University Party (4); Yueketv Yack (4); Young Democrats Clul) (3) : Y.W.C.A. (3, 41. WOODS, MARY ANNE Raleigh A.B. IN English. Alpha Delta Pi: Westminster Fellowship (4); Y.W.C.A. (41. WOODY, DORIS JOAN Asheville . .B. IN JoiRNALisM. Alpha Chi Omega: Press Club (3, 4); Sound and Fury (3); Stray Greeks (3). Secretary-Treasurer (4); University Chorus (3); Baptist Student Union (3). WORSLEY, CHARLES KILLIAN WRAY, GEORGE WILLIAMSON, JR. • Charlotte B.S. IN Indistrial Relatio.ns. Alpha Phi Oniega; Kappa Sigma, Social Chair- man (3). Rush Chairman (4); Dance Committee (3. 4); German Club Repre- sentative (3, 41 ; G.M.A.B. (2); Senior Day Committee (4); Y.M.C.A. (3). WRIGHT, DONALD LEE Ruffin B.S. IN Che.mistry. Phi Beta Kappa: Chemistry Club (2. 3, 4). Vice-President (41; IDC (2). WRIGHT, HOWLAND FEARING - .B. IN History. Elizabeth City WRIGHT, PERRY WAYNE B.S. IN iNDLSTRiAL RELATIONS. Cardboard; Student Party. YOPP, JACK GERARD Jacksonville - .B. IN Radio. Television and Motion Pictures. Graham Memorial Staff (3, n; Young Democrats Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 3, 4). Kirkuk, Iraq Club (2) ; Soccer (2). YOUHANNA, THEODORE A.B. IN EcoNO.Mics. Cosmopolitan Club (2); Monog YOUNG, ERNEST FRANKLIN, JR. Charlotte A.B. IN History. Pi Kappa Alpha; Track. ZICKGRAF, WILLIAM GRANT Franklin B.S. IN Business Administration. Phi Delta Theta : Monogram Club (2, 3. 4): (iriciit.itiiiii Counselor (2); Swimming (1. 2, 3. 4); Track (4); Y.M.C.A. (1. L ' . ;ii. Krcshiiiaii Camp Counselor. ZIMMERMAN, EDWARD KLINE Elizabeth City . .B. IN Radio. Television and Motion Pictures. Carolina Plavmakers (3, 4); Men ' s Glee Club (1) ; WUNC (1, 2. 3, 4); WUNC-TV (1, 2). ZOLLICOFFER, JOHN HILLIARD, JR. Henderson Epsilan: Phi Alpha Theta: Phi Beta Kappa: nmittee (2); Student Government (1. 2. 3, 4); iversity Party (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Morehead Scholar. A.H. IN lliMORY. Delta Kappa I ' lii Etii Si:i„ia: Orientation Co Student Legislature (1, 2); Ur ZWAHLEN, ROBERTA ANN . .B. I.N Radio, Television and Motion Pictures. Kappa Delta; Canterbury Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Cardboard (1, 2): Carolina Playmakers (3); Daily Tar Heel (1. 21; G.M.A.B. (1. 2, 31; Sound and Fury (1, 2. 4): Splash Club (1): Student Party (I, 2, 3, 4); Women ' s Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); WUNC (1, 2, 4); Voung Republicans Club (1. 2); Y,W.C,A, (2), 323 CHUCK CUSHMAN Treasurer Juniors SARAH ARNOLD Social Chairman First Row: Abt-riiPthy. Bryte Baker, Chapel Hill; Abernelliy. William Randolph, l hi Phi, Hickory; Acker. Judith Ann. Norfolk. Va. ; Adam i, George Bryan. Jr.. Zeta Psi. Charlotte: Adams. Nancy Ann. Miami, Fla. Second Row: Adams, Patricia Anne, Fuquay Springs; Adams, Robert Taylor. Alexandria. Va.: Adams, Sarah Randolph. Kingsport. Tenn.: Adcock. William Olin. Jr.. Phi Eta Sigma. Knoxville. Tenn.: Adkins. Margaret Ann, Alpha Gamma Delta, Charlotte. Third Row: Agee, George S., Hickory; Albert, Rudolf Franz, Nebo: Albrecht. John Howard, Chapel Hill; Alexander. John Thomas. Jr.. Pi Kappa Alpha. Statesville; Alford. James David, Zebulon. Fourth Row: Alford, Jim Wayne, Sigma Chi, Durham: Alls- brook, Mary Ann, Johnson City, Tenn,; Alper. Peter Jonathan, Pi Lambda Phi, Great Neck, N, Y,; Alphix, Fred. Jr.. Mount Olive; Alston. Allene Taylor, Littleton. Filth Row: mmons. James Floyd, Fayetteville; Anderson. rlhur Reginald. New Bern: Arbogast. Virginia l.i-i ' . Xsheville; Arey. Tony Josephus. fionconl: Armstrong, Madeline Aileen, Rigewood, N. J. Sixth Row: Arnold. Sarah. Monroe, Ga.; .Atheneos. Michael Anthony. Bronx, N. Y,; Atkins, Jo Ann, Albe- marle; Austin, Ernest Hampton, Jr.. Hamlet: Bailey, Beverly Ann, Clarksburg. W ' a. Seventh Row: Baker. Charles Louis, Raleigh; Baker, Donald Randolph, Marion. Va. ; Baker. Mary Todd. Knox- ville. Tenn.: Baker. Mourdine. Charleston. S. C: Ballis. Kim. Lambda Chi .Alpha. Charleston. S. C. Eighth Row liane. Sara Evalyn, Raleigh; Barbee, Jajiies Dorris, Jr., Cramerton; Barker. Graden Lee. Jr.. Oriental; Barkley. Carl A.. Phi Kappa Sigma. Winston-Salem; Barks. Coleman Bryan, Phi Delta Theta, Chattanooga, Tenn. 325 First Row: Barnes, Luther Matthew. III. Alpha Phi Omega, Rocky Mount: Barnes. William Watson. Zeta Psi, Wilson; Barrier, Boyd Ray, Jonas Ridge; Basnight. Norma Gwynn. Greenville; Bass. Charlene Lynne. Elberton. Ga. Serond Row: Bass. Gerald Lane. Havelock; Bass. Harris Hart- well, Sigma Nu, Chapel Hill; Bass. Mary Orpha. Louisville. Ky.; Baucom. Bennie Winfred. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Concord; Baucom, Edward Bryce. Delta Sigma Pi. Rockingham. Third Row: Bayliff, James Douglas. Delta Sigma Pi, Graham; Beams, Patricia Alice, Delta Delta Delta, Martins- ville. Va. ; Beaty. Carolyn McNaul. .Siler City; Belanga. Paul Bryan, Creswell; Beleos. Constance, Camden, S. C. Fourth Rotv: Btll. Graham. Fayetteville; Bell, Joseph Taylor. Cliapel Hill; Belton, Richard Paul, Charlotte; Bender. John Joseph. Red Springs; Bender. John Robert. Jr.. Beta Theta Pi, Winston-Salem. Fifth Row: Bender. Neil Carmichael. Pollocksville; Bennett. Joseph Collier, Pi Kappa Phi, Asheville; Benson, Robert Donald, Henrietta; Benthall. Ruben hvin. Rich Square; Beranek. David Nickell. Charlotte. Sixth Row: Berg. Lawrence Stephen. West Long Branch. N. J.; Bernhardt. Charles John, Charlotte; Bernstein, Page. Sigma Nu, Raleigh; Belts. Leonidas Judd. Jr.. Phi Eta Sigma. Fuquay Springs; Bilisoly, James Alvis, Greensboro. Seventh Roiv: Biren. David Robert. Chi Psi, Arlington, Va. ; Bishop. Wayne Statan. Greenville: Black. Charles Benaji. Cherryville; Black, Geoffrey Lavrence. Mount Royal. Quebec; Black. John William. Charlotte. Eighth Row: Black. Nancy Margaret. Rockingham; Blackwood. Carl Waiter. Farmville; Blackwood. James Daniel. Gastonia; Blake. Shelley Wayne. Aberdeen: Blakely. Robert Franklin. Phi Kappn Sigma. Spartanburg. S. C. 326 First Row: Blalock. Julian David, Prospect Hill; Blevins. Lester Garner, Grassy Creek; Blitzer, Dorothy June, Long Beach, N. Y.; Boaz, Margaret Wright. Chi Omega, Winston-Salem; Bolinger, Bobby Mose, Vale. Second Row: Bonner, Ann Elizabeth. High Point; Borden, Robert Hanes, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Goldsboro; Bost, Thomas McCoUum, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte; Bowen. Mary Barrington, Gastonia; Boyd, Clarence Lacy, Jr.. Chapel Hill. Third Roiv: Brackett, George Calvin, Gastonia; Bradshaw. Rush Leonard, Belmont; Brandon. John Louis. Durham: Branham, David Allen. Alpha Tan Omega, Raleigh; Branner, William Arthur. Jr., Charlotte. Fourth Row: Braswell, James Michael, Phi Kappa Sigma, Charlotte; Bratten, David John, Winston-Salem; Brawley, Edward Thomas, Durham; Brewer, Ernest Craven, Kappa Sigma, Faison; Bridgers, Julian Dalma. Jr., Conway. Fifth Row: Britton. Jo Maria. Raleigh; Brinkley. Elizabeth Tucker. Plymouth; Britt. Alton Alfred, Jr.. Pi Kappa Phi, Valdese; Brock. Joan Marion, Bur linglon; Brock, Ruth Fordham, Richlands. Sixth Row: Brooks, Albert D., Ill, Chapel Hill: Brooks. Jack Boyce. Charlotte; Brooks. John Charles, Green- ville; Brown, Edward Addison, Salisbury; Brown. Franklin Roosevelt. Tarboro. Seventh Row: Brown, Mary Lois, Cherryville; Brown, Ralph Bradbury. Winston-Salem; Browning. Robert Locke, Jr.. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Monroe; Brum- ley. Alfred Neal. Pi Kappa Phi, Charlotte; Bruner. Ethel W.. Knoxville. Tenn. Eighth Row: Bryan, Donald Thomas, Phi Gamma Delta, Rocky Mount; Buchanan, David Nathan. Gastonia: Buchanan. James Wesley. Alpha Phi Omega, Hickory: Bull. Dorothy Richmond. Delta Delta Delta, Montgomery, Ala.; Bunch, Gerald Lough. Poplar Branch. 327 First Row: Burch, Barbara Anne. Bronxville. N. Y.; Burch. Edith Carol. Bat Cave; Burge. Robert A.. Sigma (.hi. Asheboro; Burke. William Richard. Jr.. Wilson: Burner, Fredric . rlen. Alpha Epsilon Delia, Wadesboro. Second Row: Burnham, Claude Francis. South Mills; Bush, Barbara Marie, Fayetteville; Bynum, Frank Hines. Jr.. Kappa Sigma. Raleigh; Byrd. Harvey Dwight, Erwin; Cadieu. James Myers. Charlotte. Third Row: Cagle, William Baird. Alpha Tau Omega. Ashe- ville; Cain, Lee Roy. Elizabethtown; Caldwell. James Alexander. Lincolnton; Camp. Robert Bernard. Cherry ville; Campen, Sidney Sawyer, Edenton. Fourth Row: Carden. William Arthur. Winston-Salem; Carlan. Mary Cabell, Candor; Carlton, Patrick William, Falls Church, Va. ; Carpenter. Bennia Jo. Thomas- ville; Carroll. Edmund Griffin, Cambridge, Mass. Filth Rotv: Carter. Catherine Brooks. Dan ille. Va.; Carter. Clarence W., Pi Kappa Phi. Winston-Salem; Carter, Robert Wilson, .Alpha Epsilon Delta. Selma; Cartwright. William B., Sigma Chi. Chapel Hill; Cashion, Roy Wilson, Sanford. Sixth Row: Cashwell, Richard Gordon. Pi Kappa .ilpha. Albemarle; Chandler. Thomas Nason. Statesville; Chesson. Jack Holt, Jamestown; Chewning, David Earl, Jr.. Chapel Hill; Church, Clay Franklin, Jr., Alpha Epsilon Delta, Delta Phi Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Lenoir. Seventh Row: Clark, Charles Frederick, Jr„ Kappa Alpha, Ashe- ville; Clark, Edwin, Albemarle; Clay, Robert M.. Raleigh; Cloninger, Shirley Kennedy, Dallas; l!obb. Donnell Borden, Jr„ Delta Kappa Epsilon. Goldsboro. Eighth Row: Cobbs, Janet Barbara, Webster Groves, Mo.; Coddington, Dabney Minor. Jr., Zeta Psi, Char- lotte: Coenen, Walter D, E.. Alpha Phi Omega. Chapel Hill; Coffin, Harris Alexander. Asheboro; Cohen, Jerry Edward, Pi Lambda Phi, .Morgan- ton. 328 Fir. St Row: Cole. Tollie Boyce, Acme; Coley, Charles Rowe, Newton: Collias. Nick. Charlotte; Collier. Forrest L.. III. Phi Kappa Sigma, Charlotte; Collins, ■lames McLeod, Southern Pines. Second Row: Collins. Mary Frances. Wilson; Connell. James Paul Beardsley, Jr., Kappa Alpha. Henderson; Connell. Mary Frances. Raleigh; Cook. Geraldine, Ashexille; Coolidge. Warren H.. Spring Lake. Third Row: Cooper, Gary Edward. Sigma Chi. Salisbur); Cooper, Wilson Reid. Jr.. Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Delta Theta. Phi Eta Sigma. Signal Mountain. Tenn. ; Courtney, Florence Lynne, Raleigh; Cowan. Gaylord Hunt. Kappa Alpha. Forest City; Cowan. Robert Jenkins. Alpha Phi Omega, Beta Theta Pi. Phi Eta Sigma. (Greensboro. Fourth Row: Coye. Beth Frances. Norfolk. a.; Craddock. George Edward. Jr.. Gary; Craig. Plezzy Harbor. Jr.. Hillsboro: Craven. Burit Doyle. Chapel Hill; Crawford, Jane. Delta Delta Delta, Asheville. Filth Row: Crist, Takey, Jacksonville; Crockett. Nancy Florence. Bluefield. W. Va.; Creuse. Paul Obeli. Winston-Saletn; Crowder. nne Ellen. Sanford; Crowell. James Sheffield, Fayetteville. Si.xth Row: Crowther. Frank Harrison, Chevy Chase. Md.; Crumbley. Mary Louise. Charlotte; Grumpier. Sylvia McKoy. Mebane; Crumpton. Leiotfe Rose. Roxhoro; Crutchfield. Leslie Alice. Charlotte. Seienth Row: Gulbreth. Beverly Ann. Alpha Gamma Delta. Sled- man; Cushman. Charles Arthur. Phi Delta Theta. Philadelphia. Pa.: Daniel. Carey Williamson. Jr.. Durham; Dannenbaum. Alice. Wilmington: Darm- stalter, George Edward, Chi Psi, Brecksville, Ohio. Eighth Row: Davis, Bette Sue, Monroe; Davis, Charles Eugene, Hazelwood; Davis, Frances Jane, Bristol, Va. ; Davis. James Horton. Jr., Chapel Hill; Davis, Luther Joshua, Jr., South Mills. 329 First Row: Davis. Mary Mailly. Odessa, Del.: Davis, Nancy .Starr. Chapel Hill: Dawson. Elizaheth Ann. Fay- etteville: Deal. Albert Leonard. Hickory; Deans, John Frederick. Phi Delia Thcia, Wilson. Second Row: DeArmon. Frances Anne, Chi Omega. Charlotte; DeBank, Douglas Fredrick. Theta Chi. Northport. N. Y.; DeBorde. Lyndon Walls. Elkin; Dees. Anthony Roane, Goldsboro: DeLoiselle, Monte Fred. Watermill, N. Y. Third Row: DeVere. Diana Arneson. Morganton: Devin. Vir- ginia Peyton, Silver Spring, Md.; Dimsdale. .lames Richard. Cranierton; Dixon, Robert Wind- sor. Asheville; Dixon. William C. Jr.. Chapel Hill. Fourth Roiv: Dockery. Paula Carolyn. Weaverville; Dodd. Florence Spotswood, Suffolk, Va.: Doggett. John Taylor. St. Anthony Hall, Greensboro: Donis- ihorpe. Sue Mae. Arcadia. Calif.; Donelly. Carolyn F., Asheville. Fifth Row: Donnorunimo. Francis Vincent. 11. Brandford. Conn.; Dougherty. John Joseph. Fayetteville; Dowdy. Ruth Crowell. Charlotte; Draper, Joseph Collins. Jr.. Rich Square: Drew. John T.. Kajipa .4!pha, Gaffney, S. C. Sixth Row: Driscoll. Raymond Leverings, Jr.. Kensington. Md.: Droze. Haywood Daniel. Alpha Tan Omega. Washington. D. C; Drye. Robert Stanly. Oak- boro; Duke, Raymond Langford. Apex: Duncan. Jane Cannon, Sparta. Seventh Row: Dunlap. Benjamin Emerson, Wagram; Eagle, John Chalmers. Jr.. Albemarle; Earnshaw. Gwen- dolyn J.. Benson: Eckerson. Anne Terrill. Troy: Edwards. Robert Luther, Sigma Nil. Raleigh. Eighth Row: Edwards. Rudolph Lee. Rutherfordlon; Elden. Julie, Wellesley Hills. Mass.; Elliott, Donald Eugene. Stony Point; Ellis. David Alfred. Gamboa. Canal Zone; Ellis, William Geiger. Jr.. Delta Vpsilon, Penns Grove. N. J. 330 First Row: Ellwanger. David Carroll, Ruffin; Ennis, Leon Martin. Dunn; Etheridge, William Douglas, Pi Kappa Alpha, Oak City; Evans, David Arnold, Jr.. Greenville; Evans, Gabriel Marlin, High Point. Second Row: Evans. Merri Angela. Stray Greek, Nashville. Tenn.; Fair. Jackson Glenn. Jr.. Lambda Chi Alpha, Louisville, Ky.; Falls, Felix Crowder, Bessemer City; Farnham, Christie Anne, Bristol. Va.; Farrell. Frank Wilson. Jr., Phi Gamma Delta. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Lillington. Third Rou Ra Faucette. John Roberts. Swannanoa; Fe Davis, Delta Sigma Pi, Wilmington; Ferguson, Robert Bruce. Charlotte; Fields, Curtis M., Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Mu Alpha, Thomasville; Finrher. James Reid. Kannapolis. Fourth Row: Fisher. Linda Lee, Mount Pleasant; Fitts, Walter Middleton. Kappa Alpha, Lexington; Fleishman. Harriett Bernice, Fayetteville; Floyd, Jack Wil- liam, Kings Mountain; Forbes, Jerry L., States- ville. Fifth Row: Forsyth. Lucy Ann, Birmingham, Ala.; Foscue, Bettye. Maysville; Fountain. James Andrew. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Macon. Ga. ; Fowler, Bruce Owen. Durham; Fowler. Glenda, Salem, Va. Sixth Row: Fox. James Edward. Sigma Chi. Bluefield, W. Va.; Fox, John William, Phi Eta Sigma. Delta Sigma Pi, Clark, N. J.; Francis, William R.. Harmony; Frasier. LeRoy Benjamin, Durham; Frasier. Ralph Kennedy, Durham. Seventh Row: Frazier, Richard Ernest, Kappa Sigma, Golds- boro; Frazier, Samuel Kindley, Jr.. Raleigh; Freeman. Carol Griffith, Richmond, Va. ; Frye, Dolores Ann. Hickory; Fulcher, Walter Graham, Morehead City. Eighth Row: Funai, Joyce Elaine. Richmond. Va. ; Furnian. Charles Manning, HI, Sigma Nu. Charlotte; Furtado. Donald Atlas. Phi Gamma Delta, Garner; Furtado. Robert Antliony. Phi Gamma Delta, Alpha Phi Omega, Garner; Gaddy, Charles Elliott, Albemarle. 331 First Roiv: Gallagher. John Michael. Kappa Sigma. Alpha Epsilun Delia. Chapel Hill: (lard, niiie I.aurir. Elizabeth City: Garrett. Cecil Franklin. Elizabeth City: Garris. John William. Goldsboro: (liaril. Donald Joseph. Henderson. Second Row: Gibbons. Joel Woods. Beta Theln Pi, Memphis. Tenn. : Giles. John Burke. Lexington: Gilliam. Ned Donald. Phi Eta Sigma. Charlotte: Gilliland. McCoy. Durham; Givens, Michael Carlisle, Char- lotte. Third Row: Glover. Dale Price. Phi Mu Alpha. Chapel Hill: CJodwin. Gail Kathleen, Asheville: Godwin. Herman Allen. Jr.. Pi Kappa Alpha. Dunn: Godwin. William Stanford, Erwin: Goldsmith. Albert Lewis. Jr., Chi Phi, Phi Eta . ' iigma. Lin- colnton. Fourth Row: Goodman. Edward Jay, Zeta Beta Tau. Ports- mouth, Va, ; Grabs, Omnia Omily, Jr., King: Graham, Larry Gregson. Lambda Chi Alpha. Goldston: Grausman. Richard Irvin, Zeta Beta Tail. New York. N. Y.: Gray. Robert .McDonald, in. Delta Upsilon. Phi Eta Sigma. Fort Stewart. Ga. Fifth Row: Grayson, Elizabeth French, Dallas, Tex.: Green. Caroline Tucker. Atlanta. Ga. ; Green. Charles Morris. Delta Upsilon. Winston-Salem; Greene. Nancy Marie. Augusta, Ga. ; Greenfield. Cecelia Doreen, Kernersville, Sixth Row: Gregory. Elizabeth Buxton, Halifax; Gregory Richard H„ Jr.. Beta Thetn Pi, Rocky Mount: (Jregory, Sue Middleton, Rocky Mount: Gricc Camille Jennette, Raleigh; Griffin, Carl Hender son. Rome. Ga. Seventh Row: Griffin. Curtis P.. Marshville; Griffin, Martha Coltrane, Laurinburg; Grimes, Thomas Robert, Wendell: Grodsky, Peter P., Tail Epsilon Phi. Durham: Guy, Samuel Cole, Kappa Alpha, Pitts- burgh, Pa, Eighth Row: Hafer, Mary Suzanne, Hickory; Hagaman, Robert Preston, Lenoir: Haile, Jane Monroe, Washington. D. C; Hall. Douglas Hines. Greensboro; Hall. Jean Hutto, Roanoke Rapids. 332 First Row: Hall. Kenneth Tinsley. Pi Kappa Alpha. Durham : Hamad. Awni Mohamad. Rocky Mount; Hamer. Patricia Douglas. Lenoir; Hamill. Roscoe ilkin?. III. Phi Kappa Sigma. eldon; Hamilton. Nancy C. Chalybeate Springs. Second Row: Hamilton. Phillip Ronald. Phi . tu Alpha. Mc Coll, .S. C. ; Hamlet. Swayn Gray. .4lpha Phi Omega. Reidsviile; Hammes. Elmore Martin. Helta Sigma Pi. Hendersonville; Harding. Ben- jamin Renny. Mocksville; Harding. Patricia Ann, Alpha Sigma Tau. Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio. Third Row: Hardison. Rossie Pinkney. Jr.. Wallace; Hardy. Ira May. Kappa Sigma. Chapel Hill; Hare. Jef- frey AveriU, Phi Gamma Delta, Ann . rbor. Mich.; Harper, Sanford Coston, III, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Winston-Salem; Harris. Kenneth Rhyne. Slatesville. Fourth Roiv: Harris. Leon Johnson. Jr.. Theta Chi. Henderson; Harris. Mary Ben. New London; Harrison. Henry T.. Draper; Harrison, William Mortimer. Jr.. Durham; Harriss. George N.. Wilmington. Fijth Row: Hart. William .Ardley. Phi Eta Sigma. Fayelte- ville; Hartzog, Mary Louise, Delta Delta Delta. Greenwood, S. C; Harvey. Mary Ann. .SheffieKI. Ala.; Hat cher. Wade Lemuel. Jr.. . sheville; Hatehett. Jane. Rocky Mount. Sixth Row: Hawkins. Herbert Henry. Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma. Quantico, V ' a.; Hayes, Lawrence Douglas, Signui Gamma Epsilon. Kernersville; Hayes. Roger Lee. Winslon-Salem; Hayworth. Ray Milton. Ashe- boro; Hearne. V anda Layne. Kannapolis. Seventh Row: Hedrick. Joan Reid. Delta Delta Delta, Tampa, Fla.; Helms. Harold Parks. Chi Phi. Charlotte: Hemphill. Howard Don. Greensboro; Hemstreet. Eleanor. Augusta. Ga.; Henderson. Perrin Quarles, Sigma .Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte. Eighth Row: Henderson. William Douglas, EUerbe; Hendren. William Grant, Phi Gamma Delta, New Bern: Hendricks, Tommy, Hamlet: Henson, Bruce L.. Canton: Herndon. Gloria Gaye. Fayetteville. 333 First Row: Herring. Benjamin Casey. Jr.. Phi Gamma Delta. Goldsboro: Herring. Paul Donald. Clinton; Hickman. William Elliolt. Southport : High. Roy Slielton. Raleigh: Highsmith. James Mihon, Robersonville. Second Row: Hight. Bruce Furman. Henderson; Hill. Charles Martin. Pilot Mountain; Hill. Joseph Elwood. Alpha Phi Omega. Deep Run; Hill. Quenton Herbert, High Point; Hinkle. Stoney Grimes, inston-Salem. Third Row: Hinton. Nelson Eddy. Raleigh; Hipps. Gary Melvin. Phi Eta Sigma. Tryon; Hoard. Joseph Steven. Sigma A ' u, Tarboro; Hobburd. John White, Wilkesboro; Hoffman. Ruth Carolyn. Alpha Delta Pi, Fort Wayne. Ind. Fourth Row: Hofler. Betty Carolyn. Gatesville; Hulbrook, Joseph Donald, Charlotte; Holder, William Lawrence, Franklinton; Holland, Max Kermit, Statesville; Holt, Leonidas Causey. Alpha Phi Omega, Julian. Fifth Row: Hondros. John L.. Winston-Salem; Hood. James Raefield. Dover; Hooper. Frank Ross. Reidsville; Hoover. Charles Evans. High Point; Hopkins, Dorothy Jean. Elizabeth City. Sixth Row: Hord. George an Buren. Kings Mountain; Home. George Nelson. Bessemer City; Horner. illiam Edwin. Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon. Sanford; Horwitz. Burton Allan. Pi Lambda Phi. Phi Eta Sigma. Raleigh; Houser. avne Logan. Vale. Seventh Row: Houston. John Barr. Lenoir; Howard. Donald Kelly. Delta Vpsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, Shelby; Howard, Linda, Alexandria. a.; Hudson, Blane Steven. Zirconia: Huffman, Robert Houston, Asheville. Eighth Row: Hundley, James Douglas, Danville, a.; Hunger, Helen Beatrice, Montclair, N. J.; Hunnicutt, John Edward, Chi Psi. San Marino, Calif.; Hunting- ton. Charles Riddell. Chi Psi, Spartanburg. S. C; Huntington. John Frederick. , tkinson. 334 First Roiv: Huntress, Judith Gay, Suffern, N. Y.; Hurst. Elizabeth Morgan, Roanoke Rapids: Husbands. Ceciha Anne, Chapel Hill; Husein, Faiz Abdel- jawad. Raleigh; Hutton, Frederick Prathen, Jr.. Sigma Chi, Greensboro. Second Row: Ingle, Clyde R., Whitsel; Inman, Franklin Pope. Jr., Chi Phi, Delta Sigma Delta, Sanford; Iseley. Thomas Ruffin. Greensboro; Jackson. Margaret Lee, Boca Raton. Fla. : Jackson. Robert Dewey. Third Row: Jackson. Rose Marie. Weaverville; Jacobsen. Eric G.. Pi Lambda Phi, Hollywood, Fla.; Jami- son. ictor Graham. Jr.. Durham; Jenkins, Eliza- beth Coleman. Kinston: Jernigan. Raymond Elbert. Coats. Fourth Row: Johnson. Betty Kaye, Hopkinsville. Ky.; Johnson, Dan Ronimie, Phi Eta Sigma, Winston-Salem: Johnson, Diana Ruth. Asheboro; Johnson. Harold Weston, Jr., Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Upsilon. Fuquay Springs; Johnson. James Franklin, Lambda Chi Alpha. Thomasville. Fifth Row: Johnson. Johnny Richard, Angier; Johnson. Loran Armstrong. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Ashe- ville: Johnson. Rosalind Toy. Chapel Hill; John- son. William Harrison. Jr.. Statesville; Johnson. William Rhodes, Yanceyville. Sixth Row: Johnston, Reginald Fulton, Jr., Kappa Sigma. Concord, Mass.; Jolly. William Oscar, HI, Alpha Phi Omega, Ayden; Jones, Jerry Lee, Sigma Nii. Raleigh; Jones, Joseph Martin, Durham; Jones, Sandra .Marion, Kannapolis. Seventh Row: Jones, Timothy L., Newport; Jordan, James Clyde, Jr., Greensboro; Josey, Lucy Carol. Delta Delta Delta, Bartow, Ga.; Justice. James Lee. Raleigh; Katzin. Alfred Julian. Pi Lambda Phi. Winston-Salem. Eighth Row: Kaylor. Joan Therese, Winter Park, Fla.; Kearns, Edwin Nick, Lexington: Keck, Max Wilson. Durham; Kednocker, Sandra Kay, Chapel Hill: Keesler, Beverly Jean, Montrose, N. Y. 335 First Row: Kfith. Allene Coats. Wilmington; Keith. Mary Ann. Wilmington; Kellani. Dorothy Douglass, Belle Haven. a.: Kemm. Ernst. W. B.. Delta Upsilon, New York. N. Y.; Kenan. Glenn Lee. Chi Phi, Asheboro. Second Row: Kenan. Thomas Stephen. III. Alpha Tau Omega. Durham; Kerr. Barzillai Graves. Jamestown: Killinger, Robert Peter. Phi Delta Theta. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Washington. D. C.; Kilpatrick. Joshua Marshall. Robersonville; Kincaid. Harold illiam. Lenoir. Third Row: King. James Brown, Jr., Asheboro; King. J. Bruce, n. Matthews; Kirkman. A. Larkin. High Point; Kirschner, Harry Culbertson, Chapel Hill; Klein. William Skeele, Beta Theta Pi. Swan- nanoa. Fourth Row: Knox, Anne Graham, Statesville; Knox, Harvey George, Greensboro; Knox. Robert Joseph, Sigrtia Chi. Salisbury; Kochenour. Robert Keith. Phi Kappa Sigma. York. Pa.; Kouri, Moses Law- rence, Jr., Sigma Nu, Shelby. Fifth Row: Kushner. Robert Lee. Jr., Pi Lambda Phi. Dan- ville, Va. ; Lacy. Emmett Howell. Jr.. Sigma Chi. Winston-Salem: Land. John Webb. Jr.. Hamlet; Landreth. Don Hovis. Charlotte; Lane. James Garland, Jr., Rich Square. Sixth Row: Lasley. John A.. Chi Psi, Winston-Salem; Lassi- ter. J. Donnell, Sigma Ati. Burlington; Lassiter. -Martha Caroline. Rich . ' Square; Laton. Joseph F.. Aberdeen; Law. Robert Bowden. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Winston-Salem. . eienlh Row: Lawing. Eugene Morris. Charlotte; Layden. Joseph Calvin, Jr„ Hertford; Layne, Jennie Blow. Smithfield; Lazarus, Jacob. Kings Moun- tain: I-azenliv. Robert Wilson. .Statesville. Eighth Row: Lefebure. Christian Emile, Elmhurst, N. Y. ; Lefkowitz, Louis H., Tau Epsilon Phi, Spring Valley, N. Y,; Lefler, Wade Hampton, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Newton; Leftwich. Stan- ley Grant, Alpha Phi Omega. Chapel Hill; Leigh, Edward Patterson, Belhaven. 336 Firsl Row: Lfonarcl. Charles Jerry. Charlotte: Leonard. Evelyn Ruth. Dorset, Vt. ; Lewis. Barbara Ann. Uarien. Conn.; Lewis, Cynthia Katherine, Wil- mington: Lewis. Thomas Earl. Hendersonville. Second Row: Light. James Madison, Jr., Leaksville; Lindsey, Gordon Hunter, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Great Neck. N. . ; Lineberger, Jack Ray, Charlotte; Line- weaver, Francis B.. Sigma Chi, Greensboro; Little. Howard Q. L.. Jr.. Gibsonville. Third Row: Little, James Thomas, Jr.. Sigma Nu, Greenville; Lohr. Carol Jolee Groth, Lexington; Lohr. Lawrence Luther. Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon. Alpha Chi Sigma. Phi Eta Sigma, Raleigh: Loniax. John William, Sigma Chi, Charlotte; Long. James Monroe, Chi Psi, Blanch. Fourth Roic: Long, Jerry Alexander, Sigma Chi, Burlington; Long, Mary Wilson, Greenville; Lore, Richard Karl, Roanoke Rapids; Love, Betty Juanita, ilinington; Love, Linda Leigh, Clarkton. Fifth Row: Love. Richard. Lambda Chi Alpha, Chapel Hill; Lowder. Robert Estus, Kannapolis; Lowe, Lester Vincent, Jr.. Chi Psi, Chadbourn; Lowrance, Joe G.. Mooresville; Luesing. William Henry. Jr.. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Huntington. W. Va. Sixth Row: Lukens. Ueliorah Sloan. Stray Greek, Landen- berg. Pa.; Lynn, Joyce Evelyn, Raleigh; Lyon, Boyce Marion, Alpha Chi Sigma, Traphill; Lyon, John Dailey, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Belmont; Mac- Leod, Alyce Anne, .Alpha Delta Pi, Fayetteville, Seventh Row: McCain, Robert Maxwell, Jr.. Waxhaw; Mc- Clure, Horace Edward, Spruce Pine; McColl, David Kenneth, H, Beta Theta Pi, Bennettsville, .S. C; McCollum, Robert LeVan, Reidsville; MeCollnni. Tim Gordon, Greensboro. Eighth Row: McCoy, Dennis Fretlerick, Sigma Chi, LTpper Montclair, N. J.: McCreight, David W.. Winston- . Salem; McCuiston, William Thomas, Greensboro; McDavid. James Evans. Jr.. Fayetteville; Mc- Duffie. Thomas Landy. Jr.. . lbemarle. 337 First Row: McGavran. Mary Katharine. Chapel Hill: McGee. Thomas Smith. Huntersville; McGraw. David James. Phi Kappa Sigma, Greensboro; McGuire, Roger Kilby. Boone; McGurk, Mallary, Durham. Second Row: Mclnnis, Henry L., Goldsboro; Mclntyre. Neal Duncan. Red Oak; McKee. John Sasser. HI. Zeta Psi. Morganton; McKeithan, William Scott. Shallotte; McKinnon, Patsy Wood, Cumberland. Third Row: McKnight. Edward Wiley, Jr., Chapel Hill; Mc- Lamb, Polly Anne, Goldsboro; McLester, Wil- liam Dumas, Lumberton; McNaull, William Dresser, Charlotte; McNeely, Richard Pope, Statesville. Fourth Row: McPherson, Henry Clay, Jr., High Point; Mc- Pherson, Lucy Anne, Littleton; Mack, Clara Mackenzie, Boston, Mass.; Mackay, John Harold. Greensboro; Mackey, Alfred Burton, Jr.. Char- lotte. Filth Row: Mackie, Edgar Berry, Pi Kappa Phi, Granite Falls; Maddrey, Charles Hoggard, Sigma Nu. Ahoskie. -Maddrey, Thomas Parker, Seaboard; Maddux, Mason Randolph, Jr., Theta Chi, Boone; Malcolm. James Blair, Pi Kappa Alpha, Char- lotte. Sixth Row: Manning. Oren Reid, Tau Epsilon Phi, Gastonia: Margolis, Herman Albert, St. Pauls; Markhani. Robert Wade. Apex; Marshall. Samuel Wesley, Jr.. Sumter. S. C; Martin. Robbie Cecile, Jack- sonville. Fla. Seventh Row: Martin, Sara Anne, Atlanta, Ga. ; Mason, John Beard, Delta Sigma Pi, New Bern; Matheson. Carl Lafayette. Jr., Taylorsville; Mauldin, Bob R.. Chi Phi, China Grove; Mauldin. Philip Baxter, ( hi Phi, China Grove. Eighth Row: -Mayberry, Roland Leroy, Gastonia; Maydani;-. George Andrew, Charlotte; Mayo, George E.. Ill, Fremont; Meehan, Richard Carl. Charlotte: Melville, Robert Harold, Pi Kappa Phi, White- ville. 338 First Rotv: Menzel, James Harry, Delta Upsilon, Southern Pines; Mercer, Christopher Melchor, Chi Psi, Annandale, Va. ; Merriman, William Watkins. Zeta Psi, Raleigh; Merritt, Thomas Earl, Frank- Hnton; Merry, Frances Robinson, Augusta. Ga. Second Row: Metcalf, Clifton Blake, Brevard; Millen. Don Wofford, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Eta Sigma, Char- lotte; Miller, Anne Russell. Winston-Salem: Miller. Elizabeth Frances. Kappa Delta, Coral Gables, Fla. ; Miller, Gerald Wayne, Denton. Third Row: Miller. Hal Macon. Kappa Sigma, Raleigh; Miller. Nancy Louise. Kensington. Md.; Mills, Ken Harold. Beta Phi Gamma. Brea. Calif.; Mitchell, Averette Jack, Fairmont; Montgomery, Leslie Grayson, Semora. Fourth Roiv: Montgomery, Mary Eleanor, Lewisburg, W. Va.; Moody Lesly Lynn. Hickory; Moore. Don Regi- nald, Theta Chi, N. Wilkesboro; Moore, Evelyn Hanes, Winston-Salem; Moore, James Edgar, Sigma Nu, Greenville. Fifth Row: Moore. James Elvin, Chapel Hill; Moore, Jane Elizabeth, Chi Omega, Akron, Ohio; Moore, Leopold Paul, Montreal; Moore, Sally Parker, Ahoskie; Morgan, Harcourt Alexander, Belfast, Tenn. Sixth Row: Morgan, Mary Muse, Fayetteville ; Morris. Kenny Jordan. Newton Grove; Morris, Robert Edwin, Grifton; Morrison, Clayton D., Washington. D. C. ; Morrison, James Charles, College Park, Md. Seventh Row: Morrissett, Randolph Edward. Jr., Beta Theta Pi. Greensboro; Morrow, Richard Thomas, Phi Kappa Sigma, Washington, D. C; Moss, Billy Joyner, Henderson; Moss, Dyer Spring, Jr., Sigma .Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte; Mosteller, Marv ' Susanne, Hickory. Eighth Row: Mullen, Neil C, Lincolnton; Mullinix, Barbara Benson, Mt. Airy; Murphy, Donald Lee, Winston- Salem; Murphy, William Stanton, Sigma Nu, Burlingame, Calif.; Mustian, Alvin Delbridge. Sigma Nu, Warrenton. 339 l- ' irsi Rum: Myatt. George P.. Phi Gamma Delia. High Point: Myers, Carolyn Madden. Raleigh; Myers. David Waller. Winston-Salem: Nash. Brent Drane. Zeta Psi, Tarboro: Nash. Edmund .Strud. Zeta Psi. Winston-Salem. Second How: Neller. Arthur Augustus, Jr.. Beta Thela Pi. Greensboro; Nel ms, Tommy Dorsey, Nashville; Nelson. Cora Louise. Littleton: Nester. Jerry Glenn, Mount Airy: Neville. Graham Riley. Delta Sigma Pi, Enfield. Third Row: Newman, Frances McNeil, Birmingham, Ala.: Newman. Michael Stanford, High Point; New- some, Charles Benjamin, Greenville; Newton. Robert Sasser, Jr,. Wilmington; Nichols, Carol Townsend, Durham. Fourth Row: Nichols, William Randolph, Ahoskie, Nicholson. Sarah Jane. Raleigh; Nisbet, Charles Richard. Beta Theta Pi, Charlotte: Noblin. Charle- Royster, Oxford; Norman. Larry Eugene. aldeM-. Filth Row: Norris. John Bryant, Oxford; Nuiholls. Mar Clay. Hampton. Va.; Nushan, Marvin George, ' Lambda Phi, Salisbury; Oliver. Donald Wayne. Sanford: Olnistead. Mary MacNeil. Delta Gamma, Hanover Courlhou e. a. Sixth Row: Owen, .Sara Ann. Elizabethtown; Owens, John Bruce, Phi Gamma Delta, High Point: Owens. Russell Glenn. Jr.. Gates; Paden. Eugenia Cloud. Clemson, S. C. ; Paae. John Edward. Smyrna. Seventh Row: Palmer. Ellen Gail. Stanford. Conn.: Palmer. William Lea. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Valdese: Parker. Eugene Wliitlock. Albemarle; Parker. Joseph A.. Jr.. Benson; Parks. Dennis William. Arlington. Eighth Row: Parks, Mamie Ruth, LaGrange; Parrish. David Graham. Raleigh; Patrick. James Thomas, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Hickory; Patterson, Fredrick Brocton, Chapel Hill; Pattison, M. Joy. Short Hills. N. J. 340 First How: I ' axlun. William Coalter, Jr.. .rlii I ' si. WMmhi: Payne, .lane Marie, Riclimond. Va. ; I ' ayiic. .losephine. Kappa Delta, Wasliington, U. C; Paynr. Marshall Thomas, Prospect Hill; Pearce. Robert .lackson. Jr.. Alpha Phi Omega, Greens- lioro. Setoiul Run-. Pearce. Virginia Elaine. Sparks. Mil.; Pearson. Frances .Sinniions, .Southern Pines; Pearson, .leanne .Sheppard, Shelby; Peek, Harvey, Alpha Epsiton Delta. Phi Eta Sigma. Durham; Peele, W illiani Jenkins. Aulander. Third Roll ' : Pendergraph. Robert A., Alpha Kappa Psi. Dur- ham; Pendergraft, Stuart H., Chapel Hill; Pendleton. Anne, New Canaan, Conn.; Peppers. Jimmy, Marion; Perry, Robert Hastings, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Washington, D. C. Fourth Row: Phelan, Leo Haid, III, Phi Kappa Sigma, Char- lotte; Phillips, George Lee. Marion; Phipps. Carl S., Wendell; Piggott. Betty H.. Purcellville. Va. ; Pike, Alice Claire, Fremont. Filth Row: Pikus, Terry Samuel, Dover, Del.; Pinto, Paul Maddox, Waco, Tex.; Pittnian, James Evans, Tau Epsilon Phi, Williamston; Plaeak, Carolyn Ford, Pi Beta Phi. Tryon; Plunkett. Frank Andrew, Pleasant Garden. Sixth Row: Pollard, Andrew James, Fort Meade, Fla. ; Pol- lard, Elizabeth Ann, Farmville; Pope, Charlotte Ann, Albemarle; Poplin, Johnny Gaskin, Alpha Kappa Psi. Albemarle; Post. Allen Williams. Jr.. Kappa Alpha, Atlanta, Ga. Serenlh Row: Potter, Emily Laurence, Wallace; Potter, James Daniel, Goldsboro; Potter. Ralph Meredith, Chi Phi. Wilmington; Powell. Jane Lee, Troy; Powers. Thomas Angus, .St. Pauls. Eighth Row: Price. Hugh Curtis, Greensboro; Price, Max M.. Ashcville; Price, Robert Edwin, Jr., Beta Theta Pi. Reidsville; Pritchett, Hugh Raines, Kappa Sigma. Louisville, Ky.; Proctor. Barrett Bridger. Roanoke Rapids. 341 First Row: Proctor. Jinimie Creech. Phi Gamma Delia, Fuquay Springs: Pugh, Edna Faye, Asheboro; Pulley. Jane Matthews, Chapel Hill; Pultz, Alan Laverne. Chi Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Greensboro; Purks. James Harris, HI, Chi Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Raleigh. Second Row: Quinn. Galen Lamar. Cherryville; Ramsey. Robert Talmailge. Roxboro; Rand. Tom Slade. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Fremont; Rattay. Herbert Ray- mond, Chi Phi, Irvington. N. J.; Ray. Sam Teague, Carrboro. Third Row: Read. James Milton, Jr.. Lambda Chi Alpha, Halifax: Reaves. Hubert Douglas. Jr.. Fayette- ville; Reavis. Charles Augustus. Raleigh; Red- iling, Donald Sanborn, Asheboro; Reed, John Henry, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Poland, Ohio, Fourth Row: Reeves, James William, Hillsboro; Reichle, Peter Croll, Hickory; Resch, Alan Dewey, Alpha Phi Omega. Siler City; Reyner, Charles Stephen, Pi Lambda Phi. Greenville, S. C. ; Reynolds, Frances Ellen, Alpha Gamma Delta, Newton, N. C. Filth Roiv: Reynolds, James Coerr, Babylon, N. Y.; Rey- nolds. Peter Lee. Phi Gamma Delta. Westfield, N. J.: Rhodes, John Flint, .ilpha Epsilon Delta, Raleigh; Rhodes, Mary Elizabeth, Kinston; Rhyne, Henry Henkel, Jr., Chi Psi, Mt. Holly. Sixth Ron- Rice. A. Gail. Delta Delta Delia. Hamilton. Ohio; Richardson. Baxter Allison, Rockingham; Rich- ardson. Bannie Alice. .JVtlanta. Ga. ; Ridgeway, Sharon Elaine, Raleigh; Riggs, Bobby Eugene, Mebane. Seventh Row: Riley, Susan Ann, Woodstock, Va. ; Robbins, Edmund Garland, Sea Girt, N. J.; Roberson, William Randall. Clinton; Roberts. Bennett, W. C. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Durham; Roberts, Mary Blackmon, Chi Omega. Anniston. Ala. Eighth Row: Robinson. Harriette Ann. Charlotte: Robinson. Richard Hampton. West Cramerton: Robinson, Robert Houston. St. Anthony Hall. Georgetown, Del.; Robinson. Susanne Hodges. Newell; Rogers, Ted, Pi Kappa Alpha, aynesville. 342 First Row: Rodgers. Thomas Swain, High Point; Rollins. Dexter Leake. Sigma Nu, Dallas. Texas; Rollins. John Avery, Hendersonville; Rollins, Robert Jefferson. Winston-Salem; Root, Betty Irene, Pi Beta Phi, Arlington, Va. Secontf Row: Roper. Eric Russell, Phi Gamma Delta, Man- hasset. N. Y. ; Rosenzweig. Judith Sarah. Chapel Hill: Ross. Susan. Wichita Falls. Tex.; Ross. Suzanne. Charlotte; Rothschild. Ellen. Colum- bus, Ga. r A ,W ?o U.- Rowland, George Edward, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Mocksville; Rowland, Stanley McDonald, Raleigh; Rucker. Adin Henry, Jr., Sigma Nu. Spindale: Rucker, Jimmie Irene, Shelby; Rucker, Mildred Roberta, Oxford. Fourth Row: Ruff, John Waher, Chapel Hill; Rule, Paul Fredrick, Kappa Sigma Kappa, South Norfolk, Va. ; Russ. Ruby Marguerite. Waynesville; Saffo. George Vassilios, Jr., Wrightsville Beach; Sally, Charles Hubert, Durham. Fifth Row: Sasser. Sara Jean. Conway, S. C; Saunders. Susan Murphy. Chapel Hill; Scarborough. Daw- son Emerson, anceyville; Sehatken, Nancy Leah, Alpha Gamma Delta, Walton, N. Y.; Schiff- man. Arnold .Anthony, Sigma Chi, Greensboro. Sixth Row: Schreiber. James Ronald, Arden; Scott. Beverly Mitchell. Hickory; Scott. Harry White. Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Nu, Greenville; Scott, Lila Love- lace, Pi Beta Phi, Shreveport, La.; Scott. Samuel Edwin, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Kappa Alpha. Bur- lington, Seventh Roiv: Scurlock. David Caesar, Greensboro; Secrest. .Alvin Jack. Shelby: Selph. Anne Taylor. Ocala. Fla. ; Senter. Hubert Wayne, Kipling; Sermons. William Oscar, Havelock. Eighth Row: .Sewell. Welton Curtis. Phi Gamma Delta, Wil- mington: Sharpe. Hubert Houston. Alpha Kappa Psi, Winston-Salem; Sharpe, Larry Wayne, Winston-Salem; Shaw, Donald Lewis, Waynes- ville; Shearin, Wiley Henry, Jr„ Rocky Mount. 343 Sliellon. t;iiarlf . Raiulal, W inslon-Sal.rn; Shr.). Iiard. Jolin Alhert, Jr.. Delta Upsiloii. High Point; .Sherrill. Robert Calvin. Jr.. Acnu ' : Shields. Jerry Ashburn. Phi Theta Kappa, Kern- ersville; Shinn. Hal Jerome, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Caffney, .S. C. Srrnn.l K„w: Shirley, Morris Chinton. Jr., Morganlon; Slui- ford. Harley Ferguson. Jr.. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Hickory; Suford. Robert Freeman. Arden; .Sills. liarbara Reddish, Dunn; Simmons. Eunice. Pas- caiioula. Miss. Tliiril Roic: .Sleath. Barbara Jean. Winston-Salejn; .Sloan. Charles H., Delta Upsilon, Arlington, Va.; Sluan, David Bryan. Jr.. Phi Gamma Delta. Wilmington; Sloan. John Gaither. Jr., Aberdeen; .Smith. Al- hert .Sydney. Pink Hill. Fourth Row: Smith. Aivin Keith. Mount (Jilead; .Smith. Ann Battle. Goldsboro; Smith. Dexter Norris. Bur- lington; .Smith. Ewell Clark. Delta Kappa Epsilon. New Richmond, Ind.; Smith. Fred J., Morganton. Filth Row: Smith, Garner Roosevelt, Harmony; Smith. Mar- garet Ann, Catonsville, Md.: Smith. Martha. Roanoke Rapids; Smith. Minor Enrique. Raleigli; Smitli. Paul Allen. Charlotte. .S A7 , Ron : Smith, Rebecca Louis. Elizabeth City; .Smith. Richard H., Arlington, N. J.; Smith, Robert Allen. Smithfield; Smith. Thomas Melvin, Ramseur; .Smith Zigrida Rita. Sigma Pi Alpha. Raleigh. Seirnlh Ron : Smyre. Billy Mac. Newton; Snecd. William Thompson. Oxford; Snell, Mary Rosalind, Winston-.Salem; Snider, Albert Monroe, Jr.. Denton; .Sojourner. Elizabeth ( amp. Phi Mii. Atlanta, (ia. Fighlh Roic: Sowers. (!harles Lewis. .Salisbury; Spence. Phyllis Pritchard. Elizabeth City: Spivey. Joy Elaine. Tabor City; .Stacy. Walter Malcolm, Durham; .Stafford. Emily Louise. Julian. 344 hirsi Hnir: .Stanford, Sue Harper, Burlington; Stanley, .losepli Cecil, Jacksonville; Slarnes. Marjiaret Rose, Raleigh; Steele, James Thomas, Alpha Phi Oinr in, Ddlison; Stephenson, l.arry Ailanis. Willow Springs. S,;,„ul How: Slepp, William Herley, Jr., Flat Roek; Stessel, Harold Edward. Monsey, N. Y.; Stevens, James Timothy, Chi Phi, AUentown, Pa.; Stimson, Douglas, Lenoir; .Stokes, Julia Ann. Hertford. Thinl R nv: Story, Rohert T., Winton; .Strait, Isabella Blan- ton. Rock Hill, S. C; Stribling, Jess H., Jr.. Sigrnn Phi Epsilon, Evanston, 111.; .Strickland, Joyce King, Smithfield ; Strickland, LaVerne, Durham. Foiirlh Row: Suckow, David Henry, Bowmansville. N. Y. ; Sugg. William A.. Jr,, Chi Psi, Winston-Salem; Summey, James Wirt, HI. Thela Chi, Gastonia; .Sumner, Charles Wayne, Etowah; .Swearingen, Fred Jones, Jr., Sigma Chi, Colonial Heights, Va. Filth Row: Sweeney, Patricia Ann, Bennettsville, S. C; Syer, Jean, Delta Delta Delta, Virginia Beach, Va. ; Talley, James Maynard, Jr., Sigma Nu. Durham; Taylor, Benjamin Wayne, Williamston: Taylor, Doris Darling, Roanoke Rapids. Sixth Row: Taylor, Lawrence y rtluir. jr.. Phi Eta Siginti, Reidsville; Taylor, William Howard, 5(. Anthony Hall, Aberdeen; Teague, James Knox, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Thomasville; Tenenbaum. Lee Josel, Phi Eta Sigma, Zeta Beta Tau. At- lanta, Ga.; Thames, Sidney Lee, Delta Delta Delia. Birmingham. Ala. Scrrnlh Row: Tharrington. Jajues Harold. Kaiiixi Alpha. Ra- leigh; Thomas, Anne Louise, Morven; Thomas, Barbara Scott. Ashehoro; Thomas, Charles Avery, Jr., Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Sigma Pi, liurlington; Thomas, Charles Walter, III, Tillson- liurg. Out. Eighth Row: Thomas, Robert E.. Ramseur; Thompson. Charles Raymond, Delta Sigma Pi, Asheville; Thompson, Cynthia Julia. Durham; Thompson. Eugene Cehron. Warsaw; Thompson. James Cleveland, ,Ir.. Durham. 345 First Row: Thompson, William Cannon. Jr., Roanoke Rapi(l : Thorpe, Alexander Proudfit. Ill, Zeta Psi Rocky Mount; Tiller. Claude Baker. Draper: Timber- lake, Roberts Edgar, Sigma Chi. Lexington: Tino. David R.. Phi Eta Sigma, Gastonia. Second Row: Torrence. Harry Lee, New Bern: Tuggs. Susan. Charlotte: Tugman. Stuart Grady. Jr.. Thein Chi. Boone: Tu nnell. Nancy Anne. Raleigh: Turner. Martha Rogers. Kappa Delta, Miami. Fla. Third Row: Turner. Nancy, Winston-Salem; Turner, Roberl Alexander, Chi Psi. Lanett. Ala.: Turner. Shelton Jackson. Castalia; Upton, Stephen Richard, Jr.. Kappa Alpha, Smithfield; Vaden. Harold Wayne. Reidsville. Fourth Roiv: Van Horn. Fredrick Earl. Murphy: Vaughan. John Southgate. Woodland; Vaughan, Richard Boiling. HL Chapel Hill: Vaught. Carolyn. Paducah. Ky.: Veasey, Luther David, Delta Sigma Pi, Durham. Fifth Row: Vess, Marvin Claude. Jr.. Marion; Von Bramer. Constance F.. Kingsport. Tenn.: Wagner, Emily Martin, Bluefield. W. Va.; Waitman. Albert Marvin. Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Lambda Phi. Fayette ville: Walker, Jane Crawford, Roanoke, Va. Sixth Row: Walker. Robert Glenn. Jr.. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Hickory: Wall. Paddy Sue. Winston-Salem: Wall. Phyllis Brenda. Raleigh: Wallace. Joann Darlene. Durham; Wahers, Charlie Robertson. Salisbury. Seventh Row: Wahon. Mary Eliza. Morganton; Ward. Marvin Elwood. Phi Gamma Delta, Battleboro: Warder. Susan Kay. Geneva, N. Y. ; Warren. Priscilla C... Chapel Hill: Watkins. Linda. Charleston. .S. C. Eighth Row: Weathers. Celeste, Augusta, Ga. : Weaver. George Walter. Phi Delta Theta, Arlington. Va. : Weaver, H. Michael. Sigma Chi. Greensboro; ' eaver. Roy Albert. Four Oaks; Webber, Emily Evans. Ban- gor, Me. Ninth Row: Wells, Harry Warren, Jr.. Kappa Sigma, Chevy Chase. Md.: Wells. Marcia Mason. Kappa .4lpha Theta. Denton. Texas; Whaley. John Lewis. High Point; Wheeler. Martha Elizabeth, ( hi Omega. Memphis. Tenn.; Whisnant, William Buxton. Raleigh. Tenth Row: Whitaker. John Clarke, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Winston-Salem; White, James Grady, Charlotte; White, Jane Rhea. Roanoke Rapids. 346 First Row: White. L. Norman, Delta Sigma Pi, Laurinburg; White. Llewellyn, Osceola. Ark.; Whitehurst, Elizabeth Baldwin. Virginia Beach, Va. ; White- hurst. Margaret Carson. Rocky Mount; Whitley, Ruth Raye. Wendell. Second Row: Whittemore. Cameron Lee. Bronxville. N. Y. ; Whitty. John Randolph. New Bern; Widenhouse. Gary Eugene, Concord; Wilkerson. Stephen Lindsay. Jr., Greenville; Wilkins, Robert Mason, Phi Kappa Alpha. Durham. Third Row: Wilkinson, Martha Frances, Beckley, W. Va.: Williams. Charlotte Catherine. Kingsport. Tenn.: Williams. Clyde Franklin. Alpha Phi Omega. Burlington; Williams. Philip Tuttle. Jr.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte; Williams. Robert Whitfield. Currituck. Fourth Roiv : Williams. Ted Moore. Durham; Williams. liam Tyre. Ill, Rockingham: Williford. Patrick. Angier; Willis. Gordon Caryal. Morehead City; wood. S. C. Wil- Carl Jr.. Willis, Harriett Ann, Green- Fifth Row: Willis. Richard Weldon. Jr.. Asheville; Wilson. Frank D.. Jr.. Kappa Alpha. Roanoke Rapids: Wilson, James Warren, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Wilson. John David Bruce. Phi Kappa Sigma, Westport, Conn.; Wilson, Roger Allen, New York, N. Y. Sixth Row: W ilson, Walter Warren. Jr.. Zeta Psi. GraniteviDe, S. C. ; Winburn. Linden T.. Conway. S. C. ; Windus. Donald Taylor. Haddonfield. N. J.; Winecoff. Herbert Larry. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Winston-Salem; Winston, Frances Ann. oungs- Seventh Row: Wirkus, Faustin Edmund. Sigma Chi. Baltimore. Md.; Wohlbruck. Everett Lamar. Chapel Hill: Wolfe. Gary Johnson. Wilmington: olper. Stephen Michael. Inington, N. J.; Wood. Doug- las Sherill, High Point. Eighth Row: Woods. Andy Green. Phi Gamma Delta. Danville. Va.; Worsley. George Lawrence. Jr.. Rocky Mount; Worthington. Thurman .. Jr.. Ayden: Wrenn. Sally Kay. Greensboro; Wright, Dewey Vernon. Chapel Hill. Ninth Row: Wright, George Carver, Jr., Mount Airy; Yale. David Barrington. Altamont .Springs. Fla.: Yancey. Sam M.. Jr.. Alpha Tan Omega. Marion: Yates. Scott Tucker. Alpha Tau Omega, Ashe- boro; Younce. Charles Pearson. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greensboro. Tenth Row: Young. Charles Sherrill, Catawba; Young, Helen Stiles, Phi Mu, Atlanta. Ga.; Zeh. Betty Grace. Winston-Salem; Zlotnicki, Bogdan L. .ilpha Phi Omega. Colon. 347 JIMMY WILLIAMS Vice-Pri ' sidpnl ANN MORGAN V JACK ClMMI GS President Sophomores CHARLIE I ' lTTMAN NANCY ROYSTER Sncinl Chalrninn First Riiir: Adair, rari.lvn Sue. tliapel Hill; AcI.imi I.eon Keed. Davidson: Adams. Williaiu Holcombe. III. Roxboro: Agner. Williatii I ' evton. Norfolk. Va.; Aiiislie. Lee San ford. Jr.. fiii ma Alpha Epsiloii. Huntinj; ton. W. Va.; Albreclit. Fred Robert Kurt. Hainpstead. Second i?oif : Alexander. Joseph Hammond. Aiphn I ' lii Om ffa, Pi Kappa Alplia, Short Hills. N. J.; Alexander. Richard Earnhardt, Phi Eta Higma. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.: Alex ander. Robert L.. Chapel Hill; Allen. Thomas Clark. High Point: Alley. Jiiliii Granville. Goldsboro: Allred. Hirniaii Herbert, Jr.. Mt. Airv. Tbirri h ' nir: . llred. Tommy Lee. Burlington; . ma Jerry Hedrick. Phi Kappa Sigma, Jackso ville; Anderson. Larry Randall. Hii Point; .Anderson. Wayne Clark. P (iamma Delta. Kinston; Arthur. Jam Ficklen. Jr.. Sigma Aw. Greenville; . s burn. James Lee. Mt. Airy. Fniiith Koir: Atkinson. William Bryan. New Bern; Atwell. Alan George. Alpha Phi Omega. ! t. Aiithintu Hall, Greensboro; Austin, Sheldon Clyde. Jr.. Raleigh: Babb. Robert Ma.ssey. Raleigh; Bagwell. Willard Ray, Raleigh; Bailey. William James. Jr.. Sail ford. Fifth Piiir: Baldwin. Albert Leslie, Red Springs; Bal- kind. Gary Irwin. Tan Ep. ' ilaii Phi. Miami Beach. Fla.: Ball. David Stafford, Wins- ton-Salem: Ball. William Amo.s. Hender- son; Barbee. ;ihs iii W-ster. Jr.. Vaupon Beach; Barefoot, John H.. Theta Chi. Benson. Sijih liiiii-: Barnes, (ilenn Wesley. Four Oaks; Barnes. James Willaril. Lasker: Bart.s. John Will. Jr.. Vanceyville; Baucom. Cullie Joe. Monroe; Beacham. Fred . .. Raleigh; Beale. John Carrell. Elkiii. Beard. Robert Ka Favetteville; Beav l.iiniliila Chi Alphii Donald Kugerie, lli Sherman. Hickory; Charlotte; Bctts.Ja St.itesville: Becker, Point: Belk. James erryliill, Bruce HoU. cs .MlerL. K,ileigli, Eighth Koir: Bingham, James Robert, Boone; Bird. Richard Edward, C.rcensboro; Blair, Jerrv Andre. Thomasvilh-: Bl.inton, Silas Walk er. Jr.. Delt i Kuppa Ep.iilii,,, Marion- Boden. Theodore Seal. Alpha Tan llini ' ia New Orleans. La.; Bolick. Ted Arnohl, Hudson. Mnth Raw: Bonner, William Ross. Beta Theta Pi. (ireenshorii: Bossong. Joseph C. .Alpha Tail Asheboro; Bowen, Frank Theodore, Theta Chi. Washington; Brad- ley. Charles Marvin. Phi Delta Theta. Whitakers: Brake. Richard Clarence, Sigma .Vh. Henderson: Brandon. Thomas Henry. Wilson. Tenth Bow: Braswell, Kermit Lee. Roanoke Rapids; Brawley, Reiri Haynes. Charlotte: Brewer. William Culvern. Kershaw. S. C; Brim mer. Kenneth R.. Theta Chi. Charlotte: Br(Kk. James David. Burlington: Brown, Hershall Matthew. Chinquapin. 349 First Row: Brown, Malcom Otis. Gastonia: Brunson. K i vard Porclier. Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilou, Alliemarle; Brvan, Clinton Elhvood, Jr., Pittsboro; Brjant. David Lee. Cliarlotte: Bryant, Howard McKenzie, Jr.. Aslieboro; Bullard. Edmund William, Jr., Phi Eta Sigma, Lumberton. Second Foir : Bullock, Alpheus Bradley, Butner: Burgin, Stanley Eugene, Black Mtn. ; Burnside, Wil- liam Henry, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Raleigh; Bvrd, Edward Franklin, Lincolnton; Byrd, Howell Euell, Jr.. Favetteville; Byrd, Julian Clarence. Goldsboro. Third Ruu-: Cabot. Ronald Mark. High Point: Cahoon, Bobby Glenn. Harbinger; Cain. Alston Grey. Favetteville ; Caldwell. Bruce Francis, Chapel Hill; Calloway. William Ray. Mt. Airy; Cameron. Edward Leon, Raeford. Fourth Rolf : Campbell. Milton Clyde, Jr„ Beta Theta Pi. Chapel Hill; Carmode, Ralph Edward, Raleigh; Carpenter. Leonard B., Dallas; Carper. Frank Wilkins. Gastonia; Carroll, James Robinson. Jr.. Jacksonville; Cas- paris, John. Churwalden, Switzerland. Fifth Row: Cass. Donald Hayes. Elkin; Cato. Harold Eugene. Sanford; Cauley. Jerry Dean. Kinston; Causey. Hugh Ward. Charlotte; Champlin. Curt. Alpha Tau Omega, Sum- mit. N. J.: Chastain. Roger Vernon. Jr., Cherry Point. Si.rlh Row: Chichester. CJerald Curtis. Macon, Ga.; Christian, John Gordon, III. Sigma Chi, New Orleans. La.; Clayton. John A.. Rox- boro; Claytor. William Graham. Phi Delta Theta. Signal Mtn., Tenn.; Cochran, Virgil Mickey. Washington ; Cochrane, George Thomas. III. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Fayette- ville. Sevetith Row: Cody. Lewis Randolph. Gastonia ; Cofod, Robert Kenneth. Freeport. N. Y.; Col- clougli. William Joseph. Durham; Combs, Bobby Eugene. Statesville; Connery, Rob- ert . ndrew. Durham; Conny. Murphy Bryan. Rockwell. Eighth Row: Cooke. Robert Cameron. Sig7na Alpha Epsilon. Durliam; Cope. Alfred Lovell. Jr., Klizabetli City; Costello. .Marion Eugene, S ' ii Alpliii Epsilon, Roanoke, Va.; (listen, Ihiimas Buie. Gatesville; Coving- tun. Hubert James. Raleigh; Cowper, Stephen C. Zeta Psi. Kinston. Mnth R.iir: Craddoek. Robert Averv. Cary; Cranford. .lames Willis. Jr.. Trov: Craver. George l.arr , Chi ' m, Wiiistuii-Salem ; Crawford, .Inliii Kiihert. III. iniiio .Vii, Salisbury; ( reekiiiore. Jusepli Powell, Wliiteville; Creem, . nthonv. Phi Kappa Sigma. Sands Point, . V. Tenth Row- : Crocker. William fiuy. Selma ; Crotty, Curtis Paul. Mullens. W. Va.; Crow, Ed- ward Wilson, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Hanes; Crowley, William Jerome. Vork, Pa.; Crownover. James Edward. Jr.. . sheville; Crutchfield. Clarence Jack.son. Sigma A ' h, Sanford. 350 First Row: Crutchfleld. William, Jr., Alpha Tnti Omega, Lookout Mountain. Tenn.; Culp. Albert Franklin, Mooresville: Cumniinp:s. Ralph Waldo, Raleigh ; Dailev, Richard Maurice, Jr., Raleigh; Daniel. Marshall Emory. Phi Gamma Delia, Charlotte; Daniels. Allen Gray, Goldsboro. Second Row : Daughtry, Carl Mitchell, Faison; Davi.s, James Haydn. Adel, Ga.; Davis, John Allen, Thoma-sville ; Davis. William Finley. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Morganton; Davis. William Glenn, Jr.. Winston-Salem; Day. Gordon Howard. Morehead City. Third Row: Deits. Jay Hawking, Falls Church. Va.: Dorroh, John Hunter, Jr., Wilson; Dorroli. William Gayle. Wilson; Dorsett. Sam Houston. Jr.. Winston-Salem; Draughon. Clyde O.. Alpha Tau Omega, Mobile, Ala.: Dries. Donald .Morris. Lambda Chi Alpha. Wyomissing, Pa. Fourth Row: Driver, Edward Lee, Chapel Hill; Dun- nagan, Harold Macon. Chapel Hill; Dur- ham, Eulalia Anne. Chapel Hill ; Eakes. John Robert. Goldsboro; Edmisten. Jac- queline Faye. Chapel Hill; Edmisten. Joyce Rhay, Chapel Hill. Fifth Row: Edmund.son, William Carlyle. Goldsboro; Edsall. Katharine Vaughan. Vero Beach. Fla.: Edwards. Philip Strowd. Siler Citv; Elam. Paul Wilson. Jr., Louisburg; Eller, William Larry, Spencer; Ellis. Johnny Wayne. Spruce Pine. Sixth Row: Embry, Hugh Collins. Fredericksburg, Va.; Evans, David Samuel. Tan Epsilon Phi, Fayetteville; Evans. James Earl. Oxford: Evans. Roland Benjamin. Car ' ; Everitt. James McPherson. Jr.. Green.sboro; Exum. Ashe Bost, Sigma Su, Snow Hill. Sevetith Row: Farber. Jerry Marcus, Pi Lambda Phi. Greensboro; Ferguson, Jerry Hill, Alpha Phi Omega, Millbrook; Ferguson, Tommy R., Jr., Chi Pxi, Rockingham; Ferlazzo, Philip Anthony, Quantico, Va.; Ferrell. Joseph Stevens, Kappa Psi, Elizabeth City: Fincannon, Larry Neale, Enka. Eighth Row: Fishel. Grover Eugene. Jr.. Winston-Salem: Fisher, James Gordon, Chapel Hill; Fisher, Paul Edward, Granite Quarry; Fitzgerald. William C. HI, Albemarle; Fitzula, Rob ert .Michael, Carteret. X. J.: Flynn. Harry Shields, St. Anthony Hall, Tryon. Kiiith Bow: Folger. Radford Garrett. Zeta Pai, Green- ville: Fortner. Harold Harris. Pi Knppu Phi, Anderson. S. C; Foster. Mark Vwe man. Greensboro; Fountain. Arthur Whit- field, Tarboro: Foushee, Roger Babsoii. Burlington; Fox. David Vernon. Sigma Alpha Ep. ilon, Webster Groves, Mo. Tenth Row: Fox. John Benjamin. Burlington: Frazier. James Randolph, Rocky Mount; French. William Washington. Charlotte; Frost, James Lind.sey Wilmington; Frye. Thad deu.s Nelson. Carthage: Fuller, Walter Erwin, Jr., Louisburg. 351 Fir.ll l;,,ir: Kiiii.l.Tlmrk. Albert Otto. Jr., Spniv: Kurr. .l;iriif William. ,lr.. Kniiim Siriwi. I ' ort W.i-liiriu ' t,iii. N. v.; Cardiiier. .luhii . l(leii. iiri-fiisl ,,ro; (iariliier. Charles LeKoy. Chapel Hill; darr, Melvyn Lawrence. Pi Lnmlxlii Phi. Raleigh; Garriss. Austin McDonald. Jr.. Troy. Sermid How : Carver. John David. Sigma Phi Epsiloii. C.reat Neck. . Y. C.askins. Jame Alfred. Jr.. New Bcni; (;,i kiit , .lames M.. Eliz- abeth Citv: i.:n. lil.,.lrii ( Wal.s- tonburg; (.;i 1.-. ( . . il McMath. Jr.. Marion. Ala.; (.ilcv l,ai] Mills. Castonia. Durham: (iliner. Wil- Villiamstun: Cudfrey. SiH.als. S. C; tJolIev. it Mountain. Tenn.; Mitchell. Jr.. Gates; i . Winstun-Saleni. F ' lKith Boh-: Coodwin. Donald K.. Monroe: Grady. Henry Allen, Jr.. Hubert; Graham. Ed- mund Lowell. Goldst(i]i; Ciraliam, Wallace Anthony. Phi Dilta Theta. Miami. Fla.; Gray. Charles. lU. High Point; Gray. Charles Dowd. IH. Pi Kappa Alpha. Gas- tonia. Fifth How: Grayson. George Wallace. Jr.. .Alexandria. Va.; Greene. Alton Glenn. Jr.. Shallotte; Greer. Gary Raymond. Spindale; Gregory, Fred Heyv ard. Alpha Chi Alpha. Char- lotte; Griffin. Roland Gerald. Williams- ton; Groce. Van Ray. Sanford. . rchic. Raeford; Gulley. Cla ' ton; Gunter. Frank : (iunter. Jerry Marshall, nil. George H.. Alder.son. cock. Donald Dnprce. Dur- Srri-ilth How: Haithcock. Wiley, Chapel Hill; H.aley. Michael Winder. SiV mo Alpha Epsiluii. Greensboro; Halperin. Mary Sandra. Al ihii rhi. Cliapel Hill: llanibrighl. ■ avetteville Benja HI. lioi ilil lla ' W. ilk- Ki . ihtl, h ;. ■.■ Ha Ha Du rper. rris. xboro rris. .: Ha Janic. Bov.l ; I lan ; Har Fredcr rris. Ki M.iilisi White, i Cl.ii Ill, III, rin I idc (1 Bri.ii ithport; Tlicta. It. Jr.. Ro ri-. Da. irk Hen maid Chi .id M; Troy ; Ha Mt rv. Ch, ly, Sali sbury Rocky .V„ itii R, Ha Spi rris. •ings; Thorn Ha.sse as Jefferson, Jr, II. William Bundy. . Red J.-imes town; Hawes. IVvton Samuel. Siaina Alpha Ep.iilfui. Elberton. Ga.; Hayer. Larry Wilson. Alpha Phi Owfi a. Kan- napolis; Hayes. Richard Bryant. .si«mrt .Y " . Sanford; Hays. John .Menard. Raleigh. Tenth Row : Haywood. Ronald Lee, Mt. Gilead: Heavner. Jt le Ree es, I.incolnton; Hellard. John Char Ic-, .sali- ■1.0 1 ; Helm.s. John Howard P .■| lie. I ) inlotte: Hennessey, Dennis .lam r- Well-.- l. 1, Mass.; Herndon, Joseph Glen 11. I ' .ilkt.i 11- 352 First Row: KeiinerJj ' . Sherman, Richlands; Keplex, Kkiiard Hal. Roanoke, Va.; Kerr, James Lee, Jamestown ; Kerr. Robert Emmett, Jr., Bctii Theta Pi, Charlotte; Keutzer, Stephen Hutton. Beta Theta Pi, West Hartford, Conn.; Keys, Bennette Eugene Geer, Sigrmi Alpha Epsitun, Greenville S. C. I.; 7?., Arthur Sign Nil, King. Harmon Joe. Jr.. (huhitte King, John Benjamin. Clinton; KinnL James William, Kannapolis: Kit- ttedge Lee Denniston. East Flat Rock; K]7?iih Michael Doyle. Phi Mu Alpha, C oncold Third Row: Knight. Lester Harold. Wilmington; Knott, Robert, N.W, Asheboro: Kornfeld, Stajilev David, Pi Lambda Phi, Rockv Mount; Kurtz. Arthur Hugo. Pi Lambda ' hi. Winston-Salem; Langstaff. Jim Phil- ipp. Raleigh; Lanham. Michael Stewart, Fayetteville, Fourth Row: Latham, Walter Bryan. Sigma Nil. Bethel; Laughrun, James Everett, Burnsville; Lawlng. Jackie Lee, Beta Theta Pi. .Marion; Lawson, Thomas Towles, Phi Eta .s;.. );m, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Roanoke, Va.; League, Ricliard, N, Atlanta. Ga.; Leder. . rnold Harris. Pi Lambda Phi. Ciold-sboro. Fifth Row: Lee. Billy Sanford. Four Oaks; Levy. Benjamin Jack. Zeta Beta Tail, Petersburg. ' a.; Levy. Edwin. Jr.. Phi Eta Sigma. Zeta Beta Tail, New Orleans, La,; Lewis, Robeit Glenn. Phi Eta Siama. Morehead City; Liipfert, Cowles. Beta Theta Pi, Winston-Salem; Lineburger, Luther Tru- ett. Pi Kappa Alpha, Gastonia. Sixth Row: LiTiker. Louis Edgar. Raleigh; Little. Charles Harvey. Kenlv; Little. Douglas Keains. Cliarlotte; Little. James Franklin, rolhuksxille: Livingston. Robert Pierce. •i A ' (i(i;. Alpha. Wilmington; Lockett. Frank ' alker. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Sum- mit, New Jersey, Sere-nth Roiv: Lotz. Denton. Northport, New York ; Loughlin. David Castello, Zeta Psi, Hen- derson; Loughran, Joseph Henry, Chi Psi, Arlington, Va,; Lyerly Alan Ray, Salis- bury; Lytle, William Patillar. Marion; McAda ms. DeLmar Warren. Swepsonville. Eighth Row: .McConnell. John Miner. Highlands. New Jersey; McCraeken. Frank Webb. Ill, Sanford; McDevitt, Sterling George, Jr„ New York. N. Y.; McDonald. James Clarence. Southern Pines ; McGee. John Divine. II. Kappa Alpha, Lookout Moun- tain. Tenn.; Mcintosh. John Nash. Sigma Alpha Ei silon, Savannah. Ga. Ninth Row: McLainb. Floyd, Coats; McLeod, Joe, Rae- t ' ord; McLeod, Malcom Noell, Sanford; McMeans, Kenneth Dale. Winston-Salem ; McMillan. James Lerov. Jr.; Selma ; Mc- .Millan. John Taylor. Parkton. Ti ' iith Row: McMillan. William Hannon. Charlotte; McMillion. Dnnahl Clark. Ihlta Koppa Ei.sil,,,,. rharlcstnn. W. a.; McNeill, .lames Konalil. Saiifurd: MaiUlrv. Kiibert L. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Lumberton; Mag- ner. James Edward. Washington. D. C; Mallins. Robert H.. Winston-Salem. 353 First Row: Hester, Roy McDowell. Asheboro: Hewitt. Joe Anderson, Jr.. Shelby: Hewitt. Wynil- h.Tm Duncan. Asheville; Heynian. Edward Bruce. Hendersonville; Hicks. Lewis P.. Wise: Highsmith. William Cochran. Kappti Alpha, Fayetteville. Second Row: Hill Michael Orman. Raleigh: Hillniau. James Elgan. Jr.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Ra- leigh; Holland. William Marion. Jr.. Smithlield; Hollowell. Edward Earl. Au- rora: Holshouser. John Leidy. Jr.. Rock- well: Holt, Richard B.. Jr., Chapel Hill. Third Row: Hood, Bruce Ray, Lenoir: Home, Robert Milton, Maxton; Horton, Alvin Horace, HI, Hamlet; Hotelling, George Alfred, Chapel Hill; Howell, Henry Grady, Golds- boro; Howerton, Charles C„ Lambda Chi Alpha, Rushland, Pa. Fourth Row: Howson. Charles Henry, HL Phi Delta Theta, Villanova, Pa.; Hudson. Charles Richard. Cherryville: Hudson, James Mil ler, Theta Chi, Jefferson: Huffman, Donald Robert, Lilesville: Huffman, Gilbert Thompson, Mt. Airy: Huffstetler, Ted Jennings, Cramerton. Fifth Row: Hunt. Singleton Jarrett. Jr.. Wilmington: Hurt. Joe Paul. Raleigh; Hutchinson. Fred KiiDX. Rockingham: Hyde. John Morton. II. Theta Chi, Ann Arbor. Mich.: Igoe, Harold Plustace, Jr„ Sigma Alpha Epsilim, Charleston, S. C. : Ingold. Fred- erick Lee, Jr,, Cary. Sirth Row: Jackson, George W„ Belhaven : Jack.son, Harold Henry, Kings Mountain; James. . lton Everette. Jr.. Pi Kappa Alpha. Robersonville: Jenkins. Brafiford L.. Newton: Jenkins. Clauston L.. Beta Theta Pi. Raleigh; Jennings. Edward Lewis. Wadesboro. Sei-enth Row: Jessup. Timothy E., Mount Airy; Jester. John Carlton. HL Delta Kappa Ep. iloii, Greensboro; Johnson, David Lee, Graham; Johnson. Edgar Martin, Jr., Raleigh: Johnson, George William, Red Springs; Johnson, John William, Belford, N. J. Eirihth Ro c: Johnson, William Theodore Kim, Prague, Czechoslovakia: Johnston, Hall Morrison, Jr., Siiima Alpha Epsilon. Charlotte: .lolmston, Walter Lafayette, Jr., States- ville; Jones, David -Alexander, Fremont: .lones. George A.. Jr.. Garner; Jones. Herman Floyd. Reidsville. Siiith Row: Jones. Michael Snow Hill; Jones. Robert Walker. Durham : Jones. William Clavborn. Roanoke Rapids: Jordan. Thomas Hereford, Alpha Tau Omega, Wil- son ; Joyner, Bertice Clifford, Rocky Mount: Kavawagh. John Kenneth, Salis- bury. Te)ith Row: Keck. Walter Monroe. Burlington: Kel- lam. William Julius. Jr.. Phi Mu Alpha. (Ireensboro; Kelley. Edward Glenn. San ford: Kelly. Douglas Neal. W iynesville: Kelly. Ronald Philip, lota Iota Iota, Statesville: Kennedy. John Wesley. Jr.. Rocky .Mount. 354 First Row : Mallory, William Mason. Chapel Hill; Mann, Clifton Darrell, Newport; Man- iiins. Henry Stancill, Windsor; Marlts, Tliomas Stanley, Chi Psi, Hudson, Ohio; Marley. Alfred Ray, Jr., Erwin; Marsh. Kupert Henry, Spindale. S,-r,,iirl Row: Martin. Kranl lin Edwin, Pi ffoppo Alpha. I ' aM ' ttfvilli-; Mason. Charles Clarence, Dill lKin.: Masdii. Ralph Newman, Hender- siiii: Mattliews. David Poindexter, Wins- Ion Sah ' iii ; Matthews. George Gregory. l-hi i.niiima Delta, Palm Beach, Fla.; Mattliiws, Robert Graham. Greensboro. riiird Row: Matliews. Robert Simon. Alpha Phi Omega, Hertford ; Mauney. Walter Ford. Murphy ; May. Benjamin Victor. Sigma Alpha Kpsiloii, Burlington; Mavnard. Edward Lewis, Raleigh; Mayo, John Blount, Jr., Raleigli ; Melil, Henry Thomas, Mechanics- Inirg, Pa. Fourth Roiv: Midl itr. Rieliard Allen. Concord; Miller, Ben Franklin, Jr., Cliarliitte: Miller. Ben- .iamin Weslev, ( iiildstiiii : Miller. Lawrence flregg. Phi Mil Alpha, . slieville; Mills. Frank Fetzer. Wadesboro; Mills, Howard Ausiva, Mt. Airy. Fifth Row: Mills. Jerry Leath. Burlington; Minter. Jolin D.. Jr.. Raleigh; Mitchell. Merritt Kellogg. Phi Kappa Sigma, Rye. N. V.; Montgomery. Frank Paul. Crafton. Pa.: Moore. Asa Van. Jr.. Winterville; Moore. Linda Carol. Canton. Sixth Row: Morgan. George LaFayette. HI. Rocky Mount; Morgan. James Hunter, Fayette- ille ; Morgan, John Hayward. Oxford ; Moirison, Robert Lee, Alpha Tav Omega, .Atlanta, Ga.; Morrow. Frances Ann. Chapel Hill; Moseley, Wendell Clay, Roanoke Rapids, Seventh Row: Moss, Philip Victor, Tau Epsilon Phi, Kew Gardens, N. Y.; Muiphey. Dewey Leon. Stokesdale: Myers. David Worth. Elkin; Myers. Harold Gordon. Winston-Salem; Myrick. Maynard Wilbur. Chapel Hill; Myse. Robert Newell, Chi Psi, Chapel Hill. Eighth Row: N ' akamura. Charles M.. Honolulu. Hawaii ; Neal. Robert Franklin. Henderson ; Nelms. Donald Kenneth, Salisbury; Newsome, William Grayson, Jr,. High Point; Noble. Robert Cutler. Raleigh; Noell. Sidney Thomas, Jr„ Chapel Hill. Ninth Row: Northcutt. Charles Wilson, Wadesboro; Odom, Thomas La Fontine, Charlotte; Oliver, John Hill, Summit, N. J.; O ' Neal. John Bryant. Chapel Hill; O ' Tuel. Prentis Haiold. Jr.. Goldsboro; Overman. Thomas Lewis. Raleigli. th Row: ■ns. Mark West. Jr.. Fountain; Pack- . .lames A., .s . Aiithmni Hall, Provi- if, R. L; I ' .idiTi.k. Clifton Waldo, „a Phi Kiixihiii. Kiiiston: Palmer. Mal- II Francliot. Albemarle; Palmer. Yates ford. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Valdese; k. Bong Ho. Seoul. Korea. 355 First Row: Parker. James Lee. Enfield: Parker. Rob- ert Andrew. tiirimo A ' w, Henderson; Parramore. Ralph Edward. Phi A ' oppti f igmo. Charlotte; Partin. Donald Howard. Hobgood; Partin. Wilson B.. Jr.. Phi Etii siqiHU. Scotland Neck; Patrick. Donalil Ray. Greenville. Second Row: Patterson. Edwin Milas, III. Spencer; Pattisall. Richard C. Phi Gnmma Delta. St. Paul. Va.; Pearsall, Mack Braswell, Deltu Kapi)a Epxil,,,,. Rocky Mount; Pear- .son. Bruce Gilbert, Ihlli, Vjisilon. Fort BrasK; Peebles. Rohert (iraliani. Jr.. Falls Church. ' a.; Peniberton. Charles D.. Greensboro. Thirtl Roir: Phillips. Roy Thomas, flioma Phi ElJiilmi. Kinstoii; Pipkin, . PriiiRlc. Helii Thetii Pi. Reidsville: Pittinan. Charles Wood. Jr.. Phi Ihltii Th.tii, Cohimbia. S. C; Pittman. Ralph Micliael. Alpha Tan Dnuija. Atlanta, Ga.; Plyler. Wallace Hinton. Kappa Alpha, Salisbury; Poole. Walter Ray. Jr.. Kinston. Fourth Raw: Pope. William Henry. Kappa Alpha. Ma con. Ga.; Porter. William M., Falls Cliurch, Va.; Pruett, Ronnie Allen. Mount Airy; Purdy. Ronald II., Yardley. Pa.; Parker son, Johniiv Weslcv. RaleiRh ; RaKland. Joe Ray. .Ir.. Kcrnersville. Fifth Raw: Rankin. Alvin. Ji.. Mount Holly; Raper. Julius Rowan. Phi Eta Sauna, ' Raleish: Ratiliff, Robert Curtis, Alex.uuler; Ray, ,lolu] Char ' cs, , ' onthern I ' iucs; Ray. W. Turner. Pi Kappa Phi. Wake Forest; Keddins. Max (ierald, (iastonia. fiixth Row: Reese. George Woodrow. Jr.. Taylorsville ; Reinhardt. Philip Joseph. HarrLsburs. Pa.; Renfrow, A. Tucker, l.ucania: Rcvnohls. Jasper Anilrew. .Ir,, Kappa Alpha. tanooga, Tenn.; Khoiies Unlicrt Maurice. Lenoir; Rhyne. Richard Gaddv. Moncn. Seventh Row: Richardson. John Lawrence. Albemarle; Riedl. Paul Francis, Greensboro; Ritch. DouRlas l.amar. Durham; Roberts. Bryan WilMin. Phi Eta Siawa. Hillshoro; Roberts. Eddie K.. Wendell; Kohcrtson, Tate Mac- Eweu. HI. ,S(. Aathoiii Hall, Gerniantown. Eifihth Row: Robinson. Richard Hill. Jr.. Pi Kappa Alpha. Greensboro; Rockel. ' incent Fred. RaleiKh; Rogers. Curtis Lee. Jr.. Beta Thita Pi, Charlotte; Roper. Fred Wilburn. Hender.sonville; Charlie Allen. Chapel Hill; Herbert Allen. South Orange, N.J. Xinth Raw: Rouse. Randall Rex. Raleigh; Rowe. Rob ert Finley. Lexington; Rowe. Ronald D.. Lumberton; Royster. Nancy Jane. Alpha Delta Pi. Chapel Hill; Ruse, Jimmy W.. Chapel Hill: Russell. Paul. Bridgeport. W. ' a. Tenth Row: Russell. Raymond Wilson. St. Anthonii Hall. Ocean City, N. J.; Sabiston. Frank, Jr.. Kinston; Saintsing, Everette Thonuis. ThorMMsvillc; Salem, Albert McCall, Jr.. Haicln.k: Sallcv, Alfred N.. Phi Delta Thela, . slieville: Saunder.s, Charles Leroy, III. Kockv Mount. 356 First Row: Sanders. Lewis Drexel. Willow Spring ' s: Sapp, Edwin Greenlaw. Greensborn: S:iiil . James C. Garner; Sclienck. F.ilmunil Harrison. Delta Kappa Epsilon, (irci-n boro: Schroeder. George Xoel. Suintnit. New Jersey: Scliultlieiss. Gerald Weljb, High Point. Second Row : Schwerzel. Arthur Howard. Cfti Psi, Sum- mit. X. J.: Scott. James Martin. Alpha Phi Omeffa, Wincliester. Va.: Scott. Jimmv Paul. Alpha Phi Omega, Charlotte; Scott. Wavne Xelson. Stony Point: Sea well. June Howard. Carthage: Sellars. Robert Rainey. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greensboro. Third Row: Seymour. Sidney Wallier. Jr.. Apex: Sharpe. Benny Sandlin. Beulaville; Sheets. Charles Dean. Alpha Phi Omega, Greens- boro; Shepard. Robert Bowden. Jr.. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Raleigh; Sherrill. Robert -Alexander. Lenoir: Shore. Sanford. Phi Kappa Sigma, Durham. Fonrth Row: Shore. Carl Isaac. Jr.. Yadkinville; Sltuler. James Ernest. Salisbury; Simp.son. Clif ford C. Jr.. Farmville: Simpson. Lcd Franklin. Jr.. Morehead City; Sims. Arthur Ward. Delta Kappa Epsihui. Orange. Va.: Sirianni. Frank Josepli. Long Branch. X. J. Fifth Row: Sleight. Edward Windsor. Greensboro Smitli. Billy Marshall. East Rockingham Smitli. Carter Braxton. Sigma Alpha Eii Martii •ille Va. litli. Claytii Bernard. Jr.. Kappa Alpha, Elizabetli town; Sm ith. Frank Watson. Wake Forest; Smith. Katherine. Alpha Gamma Delta. Chapel Hill. Sixth Row: Smith. Kirby Hart. Jr.. Ayden : Smitli. Michael F.. Alpha Phi Omega, Belmont; Smith. Xorman Barrett. Franklin: Smith. Wade Marvin. Albemarle: Smith. Wayne Reece. Charlotte; Smithson. Alva P.. Cres veil. Seventh Row: Smoot. Marvin LeRoi. III. Goldsboro; Snyder. John Gifford. Media. Pa.; Snyder. John Graham. Fayetteville: Solomon. Allan Frank. Pi Lambda Phi, Conway. S. C. : Solomon. Francis Darwin. Kcrncrs- ville; Spader. Allan David. Alpha Phi Omega, Vienna, W. Va. Eighth Row: Spain. Jack H.. Phi hi Eta Sig Delta. Greenville: Spangler. An tin Dowakl. Shelby; Sparger. Jim Masse Mount Airy; Spring.s. Manley Marij Charlotte: Sproles, Charles Ben. Siirm Pine; Stanton. Robert Mytinger. Sigm Chi. Portsmouth. a. .Mntli Row: Sta.ssinos. James Odysseus. Charlotte Steele. Hobart Theodore. Burliii-rton Steingold. Lewis Brandt. Richmond. ;i. Stem. William Converse. Chattai g: Tenn.; Stephenson. Shelby Dean. Benson Stewart. Harry t:lenn. New Bern. Tenth Row: Stierhoff. Harold Frederick. Chapel Hill; Still. Fredrick Allen. Thomasville; Stokoi. Richard Curry. Delta Kappa Fpxiln,,. Claremont. Calif.; Stoner. Paul (dcnii. Beta Theta Pi. Lexington; Strickland. James Ralph. Jr., Middlesex; Stroupe. Benny Franklin, Greensboro. 357 First Rnw: Stunda. Jolin Francis. Monessen. Pa.; Stvers. Carl Kenneth. Gastonia: Sullivan. Donald Jerome, Phi Mu Alpha. Wilmins- ton; Sutorius. Les S.. Phi Kappa Sigma, Chapel Hill. S. ' coiul Kiiu-: Suttle. Biv Baxter. Alpha Tan Omeqa. Cliarlotte; Talbott. Floyd Robert, Jr.. Roxboro: Tatum. Walter Lewis. Chi Phi. Salishurv: Tavlor. John Thomas. Char- lotte. Third Rou- : Tliomas. James Norman. Phi Gamma Delta. Cherry Point; Thompson, Harold Wayne, Jr.. Aiken. S. C: Thomp.son, Hern- don Walter. Hamlet ; Thompson. James Sherwooil. Lambda Chi Alpha. Oceana. ' a. Finirth Kou-: Thompson. Tarlton Roberts. Jr.. Aurora: Thompson, William Michael. Jr.. Siqmn Alpha Epsih, 11. Ridsewnod. . J.; Todd. Richaril MiKoe. Ihltn Kappa Epsilnn. Rye. . .: Tnlar. .losepli Marion. Lumberton. Fifth Rnu-: Trotter. Wesley Asbury. Jr.. Beta Thela f ' i. Reidsville; Troutman. Howard Preston. l.enoir; Turner. Anthony Garland. Rocky Mount : Turnipseed. George Thomas, North Wilkeshoro. f i.rth Row: Tvman. Ronald Jay. Durham; Tyson, Wil- li im Wesley. Charlotte: Utermehle. .lack Wilson. Montvale. . J.; Vaushn. Gary Kllis. Durham. fieventh Row: Venters. Wayne Burnette. Phi Gamma Delta. Jacksonville: Villas. James Milton, Charlotte; Vincent. Malvern Fitzhugh. Roanoke Rapids: Vinnik. Donald Harvey. Tau Epsilon Phi, Raleigh, Kirihth Row: Waldo, Gordon Pavne, Hope Mills: Walters, Charles Stephen. Elkin; " Ward. .lesse David. Jr.. Theta Chi. Westfleld. N. J.; Waters. Ronnie Mason. Roanoke Rapids. Miith Row: Watson. David M.. Hastingson-Hud.son, , v.; Weaver. Pearce Roberts. Delta Knpiin Epsilon. Asheville: Webb. Charles Aurelius. Delta Kappa Epsilon. . sheville; Webster. David Wesle . Graham. 358 MmamakL Welborn. Johnny Walker, Boone: Wells. James Harden, Burgaw, Wells. Rohert O ' Xeil, Richlands; Westbrook. Charles Heath, Sanford. Sc ' ctmcl Ron- : Whitaker, William David. Durham; White. Donald Robert. Weavenille: White. Horace Caleb. Jr.. Alpha Phi Omega. Norfolk. ' a.: White. Perry Mack. Lnmhda Chi Alpha, Spindale. Third Row: White. Thomas Livingston. Jr.. Lumber- ton; Whitehurst. Wade Lee. Ga.stonia; Whitfield, Charles Lyne. Atlanta, Ga.: Whitfield. Dale Rov. Greensboro. Fourth Row: Whitley. John Brvan. Lambda Chi Alpha. Thomasville; Whittle, Amberys Rayvon. Burlington ; Williams, James Lynch. Beta Theta Pi. Asheville; Williams. John Corne- lius. Wilmington. Fifth Row: Williams. Junius Sneed. Fayetteville: Willia ms. Lam- Howard. Four Oaks; Willoughby. James Ralph. Goldsboro: Wil- son. Charles Edward. Beta Theta Pi. Asheville. Si.rth Row: Wilson. John Daniel. Montreat; Wilson. Laurence Glenn. Mt, Olive: Wilson, Mark King, HI. Pi Kappa Alpha. Chattanooga. Tenn.; Windley. Heber Wilkinson. Jr.. Washington. Seventh Row: Withrow. Lawrence Randolph. Charlotte: Wohlbruck. Theodore Clemens. Jr.. Char- lotte: Womack. James Horton. Charlotte; Wood, Bobby Steve, Sanford, EiQhth Rote: Woodall. Edward Marshall. Angler: Woodbury. Edgar Christenson. Raleigh: Woody. Steve Walter, Wavnesville; Woot- en, Bobby Gene, Yadkinville, -Yi th Rou- tes. Don ' ictor, Lexington; Young. Michael Arthur. Greensboro; Young. Ronald D.. Spencer; Young. Wayne Ben- nett. Mooresville; Zeiller, Donald Richard, Manhasset, . Y. 359 CHARLES GRAHAM Hce-Presidi-nl DAVID GRIGG Secretary RUSSELL HOLLERS President Freshmen JOE MENDELSOHN Treasurer POLLY WOOTEN Social Chair, First Foil-: Abbott. James Alien. Raleish; Abernethy, William Miller, Hickory; Adams. Franklin LeVerne. Rowland : Aldridre Robert Patten. Jr.. Durliam: Aldridge. Thomas H.. Monroe; Alexander. Harry Albert. High Point; Alex- ander. Roy Davidson, Swannanoa. ,SVro irf RiHi-: Allen. Wayne Ogburn. Gibsonville: Allen. William Reynold. HI. Goldsboro: Ambrose. Oadus Donald. Washington; Anderson. Wil- liam H.. Cincinnati. Ohio: Andrews. Samuel Howard. Jr.. Hillsboro: Angle. William Rhoads. Williamsport. Pa.; Ashendorf, Wil liam Herbert, Charlotte. Thiirl Rn,r: Austin. Lawrence Byron. HI. Hixson. Tenn.; . utry. Gene Alexander. Bunnlevel; Babb. Wayne Arnold, Brevard; Baker, Charles Henry, Miami. Fla.: Baker. Ju ' ian Tucker. Jr., Raleigh: Balas, Bernard David. Charlotte; Ball, Brenria Combs. Winston-Salem. Fourth Koir: Barbour, Robert Lavton. Burlington; Barker. Ernest Gail. Jr., Raleigh: Barker, Ralph Morton, Salisbury: Barnes, Reginald Worth, Lumberton: Barrett, Richard Darcy, High Point: Barringer. John Carroll, Hickory; Bas- night. Gordon Lee, Columbia. Fifth Row: Bass. Harold Hall. Charlotte; Baucom. Jim Preston. Concord; Baucom, Kenneth Latta. Monroe: Baumstone. Ross Jan, Long Island. N. Y.; Baynes. Robert Gene. Greensboro: Bell. Michael Willoughby. Belcross; Belmont. Fernando, Lima, Peru. Hij-th Koir: Benfleld. Herman Larry, Mount I ' lla : Ben- nett. Charles Landis. Raleigh: Bentley, Her- bert Leland, New Rochelle. X. Y.: Bergren. Richard B.. Kinston: Berkut. Jack Carroll. Chapel Hill: Bernhardt. Robert Linn. III. Salisbury; Bernstein. Morris Martin. Raleigh. ffereilth Rnir : Beveridge. Bnue Hanna. Atlanta. Ga.; Big- gerstatr. Fr.uiklin Lee. Burlington; Birke. Ronald Lewis, (liarlotte: Black. Stanley War- ren. III. (liarlotte; Blackburn. John Ogburn. High Point; Blackwell. Bobby Carroll. Bur lington: Bloodworth, Robert Williams. Jr.. Fayetteville. Ei ' lhth Row: Bloom. Harry Emmanuel. Baltimore. Md.; Blount. Marvin Key. Greenville; Blue. James Franklin. III. Red Springs: Blume. Thomas Frederick. Harrisburg: Blumenfeld. Thomas Allen, Savannah, Ga.; BIythe. Charles Clif- ford, Huntersville: BIythe, Marshall McCoy. Charlotte. Xiiith Roir: Boggs. David Thomas. Burlington : Bolch. Thomas Jefferson. Hickory: Boles. John Rich. Charlotte: Bolick. Carroll Lee. Hickory; Bon tempo. Robert Henry. Springfield. Mass.; Bordogna, Richard James. Havertown. Pa.: Boss, George Wells, Winston-Salem. T,„th Ro,r: Bost. John Franklin. Lenoir: Bowden. Wil- liam Edgar. Clinton: Bovkin. Wither Ray. Zebulon; Bradshaw. John William. Relief; Brakefield. .Aubrey Lee. Kannapolis: Branson. Charles Dale. Canton: Brantley, Charles Eugene. Kannapolis. Ell- I ' lith Koir. Brennan. Edward Michael. WootLside. . Y.; Bridges. Donald Patrick. Shelby: Britt. Ronald Paul. Bladenboro: Britt. Ronald Thomas. Red Springs: Brooks. David Allen. Burlington: Brown. Charles Melvin. Jr.. Marirtn: Brown. Chester Henry, Jr.. Clreens- boro. 361 4 § First Row: Brown. Daniel Elmer. Selma : Brown. John Ralston, Hamilton. Ohio; Brown. John Robert, Durham; Brown, Larry Wesley, Greensboro; Browning. William Evan. Murphy; Bryan Floyd Telniadpe. Ahoskie; Bryant. George Bailger. Dickerson. Md. SrrnnrI Rinr : lir ' ant. .lohn Collins. Winston-Salem; Bryant, MiilanI Leaksville; Bullard, Amos Jones, Autrvville: Bun. Ronald Tully. West Hemp- stead. X. v.; Burch. Steve Ross. Edenton ; Burgrin. Charles Edward. Marion; Butler, George Simeon, Roseboro. Tliirrl Riiir: Butler. Lindley Smith. Spray; Butler. Stuart Watson. Charlotte; Butler. Thomas Edgar. Greensboro; Byers. Micheal LeRoy, Cornelius; Ryrd. Richard Thomas. Winston-Salem; Cameron. Dallas .Alexander. Jr.. Lake Wacca- riiaw: Cannon. Robert Laurence. Jr.. Kinston. F.iiirth Roir: Capps Carl Edward. New Bern; Carlisle. Elizabeth Fields. Chapel Hill; Carpenter, Max ( ' line. Concord; Carraway, James Robert, .lai-ksoin iile; Carrington, Samuel Macon. Jr.. Oxford; Carroll. James Anthony. Shady Side. M(I.; Caruso. Samuel Fredrick. Jackson- ville. Fla. Fifth Rnir: Carver. Charles Albert. Ann Arbor. Mich.; Case. Wallace Talmadge. Jr.. Kingsport, lenn.; Cavas. Anthony John. High Point; Cliastain. Carl Robert, jr.. High Point; Childs, Robert Michael, Wilson; Clare, John Lau- rence. Jr.. Danville. Va.; Clark. Richard Alan, Statesville. SiXA Row: Clark. Robert Burns, Jr., Monroe; Clark, Tonv Franklin, Lumberton; Clark, William Lee. Varina; Claytor. Alton Bennett. Jr.. l.incolnton; Clement. Charles Ewing. Raleigh; Clement. Henry L.. Westbury. L. L. N. Y.; Cleinons. Joel Maurice. Tabor City. Srr.ilth Row: Cohurn. Roland Guy. Jr.. Jamesville; Cochran. James Lee. .-Mbemarle; Cockrell, Arthur Elliott. Rocky Mount; Coggins. Boyd Wayne. Sanford; Colescott. John William. Philadelphia. Pa.: Colev. Max Lee. Liberty; Collier. Hal Franklin. Bladenboro. Kirilitli Row: Ccmyers. Cecil Rupert. Jr.. Raleigh; Cooper, David Elder, Cary; Cooper, Elliott Tunstall, .Ir., Baltimore. Md.; Copeland. Ronald Wil- liam. Apex; Corbett. Rhodes Thoma.s. Char- lotte; Corbett, William Osborne, Nashville; Cordle. ,loseph Claiborne, Jr., (ireensboro. y,iith Row: Cornish. Lucus King, III, Dallas, Tex.; ( ottrell. Walter David. Jr.. Hickory; Cowart, Charles H., Atlanta, Ga,; Cox. Edwin Roscoe, ■Ir., Rockingham; Cox. Richard Larry. San- ford; Craighill. Francis Hopkinson. Hender- ■.iinville; Crane. Marjorie Ellen. Chapel Hill. Triitli Row: Credle. Joseph Bernard, Ahoskie; Crowder, Charles Louis, Tucson, Ariz,; Crowell, James Kenneth. Jr.. Wilmington; Culbertson. James Addison. .Ir.. Robhins; Culhreth. Harold Dean, Spindalc; Currie. Daniel Lee. Jr.. Aberdeen; ( urrv. Kiiv Lee, Monroe. tirenth Row: ale. David Lewis. Hickory; Dansby, David ozart, Jr.. Greensboro; Darden. John Mor- in. HL Roanoke, ' a.; Daughtr ' . Edward Ian. Faison ; Davis. Charles Sharpe. Bur- ngton; Davis, George P., Jr„ Durham: avis, Philip Bibb, Jr.. High Point. 362 First Row: Deaton, Forrest Eric. Burlington; Deaton. Robert Wayne. Staley: Declier. Alexander Ho ward. Greensboro; Degnon. Robb Frayne. Daytona Beach. Fla.; Delniar, Robert F.. Lake Wales. Fla. ; Denemark. Bennett Gold- smith. Sumter, S. C; DeVere. David Erskine, .Morganton. Sero»d Pow: Dickerson. James Perry, Bunn: Dicknian. Robert Neil. Bronxville. N. Y.; Dickson. CJeorge Graham. Jr.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.; Divine. Morrison Wenceslays. III. Charlotte; Dossett. Edward Franklin. Durham; Dotson. Donald Larry. Quantico. Va.: Douglas. Sanuiel Preston. Jr.. Lumberton. Tliird Row: Downum. Allen Fitzgerald. Jr.. Edenton; Doyle. Howard Glenn. Zebulon; Duff. Angus MacLean. Greenville; DuLaney. Elliott Dain- gerfleld. Monroe; Dunlap. William Marshall, Raleigh; Dunn, John Raymond, Roanoke Kapids; Durham, Webb, Jr.. Greensboro, Fourth Ron-: Eanes, Ralph Hill. Jr.. Thomasville; Eargle. George Marvin, Thomasville; Ea.sley, Robert Waters. Ill, Murphv; Edwards, Charles Hamilton. Ahoskie: Edwards. Joseph Roger. Raleigh; Efird. Tom David. Gastonia; Eltland. Frank Albert. Florence, Fifth Rnir: Elkins. Frank Cnllihan, Bladenboro; Ellerbe, Hassfll K.ule. I.atta, S, C; Elliott, Balaam ThalpliHiiza. .Ir., Whiteville; Elliott, John Dowd. Willow Sr)riiigs: Ellison. Nicholas Clay, Ft. Thomas. Kv.: English. Charles Robert. Brevard; Eskridge. Alfred Green. Jr.. Shelby. Si.rth Row: Eskridge. Jerry Lee. Shelby; Etheridge. Randel Bennett. Raleigh; Eubanks. Robert C. Durham; Evans, William Casto, Miami, Fla,; Eves, Joseph Pearce, III, Elizabeth City; Evins. Thomas Moore, Jr„ Durham; Fackert, William Edward, III, University, Mo, Srri ' iilli Row: Faires, Dorus Edgar. Hickory; Faulkner. David Kenneth, . sheville; Ferguson. Horace Taylor. Pleasant Hill; Fields. Johnnie Par- rott. LaGrange; Fisher. James Stanford. Stedntan; Fleishman. Harvey. Favetteville ; Fletcher. John Stuart. II. Edenton. Eiqhth Row: Fletcher, Thomas Evan, Boonville; Floyd. Willie Benjamin. Jr„ Henderson; Fogleman. Don. Burlington ; Forbes. Thomas Mitchell. River Edge. N. J.; Ford. John Frederick. Jr.. Gastonia; Fowler. Wesley Caswell. Jr.. Dunn; Fox. Douglas Roller. New York, N. Y. Ninth Fate: Fox. John Birkhead. Asheville; Foxwortli. Robert Parker. Raleigh; Frady. James De- witt. Jr.. Rutherfordton ; Fraley. Philip S.. Bristol, Va,; Freedman, Jerald Neil, Boston, Mass, ; Freeman, Benny Franklin, Madison ; Freeman. Joseph Broade. Gates. Teiitli Row: Friedman. Ken. Loch Arbour. N. J,; Fromer, Robert Leonard, Great Neck, N, Y,; Fugate, Robert Watkins, Durham; Fulk, Robert Vernon. Jr.. Wilmington; Fuller. Paul John- son. Hickory: Gamble. James " Wiley, Salis- bury; Garner, Coy Stephen, Denton, Eleventh Row: Garrison. David Quitman. Charlotte; Geline. Ronald. Wilson; Gellis, Harry Paul, New York, N, v.; Gettman. Lowell John, Hender- sonville; Gibbs, John B., Asheville; Gibson. Robert Clayton. III. Winchester. Va.; Gilliam, .lohn Lane. Siler City. 363 First Row: (livens. Patrick Augustus. Charlotte; Godbey. Norris Lamar. Salisbury; Goode. David .lolinson. Lumberton ; Goode. James -Moore. Hicliory; Goodman. Roy Bernard. Salisbury; Gore. David John. Milledgeville. Ga.: Graham. Charles Pattison, Jr., Wilmington. Srrinirl Koir: Graham. Edwin Charles. .Miami Shores. Fla.; Gray. Paul Tudor. Jr.. Salisbury; Green. David Fleetv ood. Jr.. Charlotte; Greene. Steve Allen, . rden; Grigg. David Lee. Albe- marle; Grimes. Bryan. Jr.. Washington; Grimsley. Joseph Wayne. Wilsun. Thirri Roll-: Griset. Bruce H., Raleigh; Grizzard. Thomas Norman. Fruitland Park. Fla.; Grubb. Robert Lee. Jr.. Charlotte: Ciuerrant. Thomas Ci nnally. Charlotte; Guffey. Donald William. Forest City; Gump. Louis Haynes. Johnson City. Tenn.: Gurganus. Harry S-. Wasltington. F;,irth Row: Guthrie. James Michael. Asheville; Hamill. William John. Baltimore. Md.; Hamlet. Reuben Dale. Jr.. Richmond. ' a.; Hanunond. l-awrem-e Townley. Jr.. Randleman; Ham- rii-k. Harvey James. Rutherfordton ; Handy. Henry Overing. Jr.. Willianiston ; Hannah. -Inlin William. Colonial Heights. Va. Fifth Roic: Hardison. Claude Bryan. New Bern; Hardy. Wayne Rae. Pinehurst; Harrington. William Lewis. Mooresville; Harris. Beth Wrav, Chanel Hill; Hnrris. Donald Ei ' irene, Pocky Mount; Harris. Frederick Bogle. Granite Falls; Harris. Lewis Colerium. Walterboro, S. C. si.rth Roie: Hart. Dorsey Fleming. Jr.. Henderson; Hart- ley. James Spencer, North Wilke.sboro; Il:irtley. Laurence Arpad, Old Greenwich. Conn.: H;i " iev. Lewis Burton. Jr.. Spruce I ' iiie; llavwDdd. Egbert Lynch. Jr.. Durham; llc.nii. Dmialil William. Laurinburg; Heather. Duraiit Cliff. Forest Hills. N. Y. Sirenth R„ir : Heavner. James - llen. Kings Mountain; Helms. Bobby Earl. Concord; Henderson. ■lohn Leonard. Goldsboro; Hendren. Otis Franklin, North Wilkcsboro: llepting. George Carletiin. Asheville: Hester, Clv le Ray. Lillington: Hetlreringtim. Ferris Sands. HI. Greensboro. Eiflhth Roll-: Hickman. Freddie D.. Shallotte: Hicks. Mel- vin Gray. Winston-Salem; Hill, Douglas Gray, Deep Run; Hill. Ivan Vick. Selma; Hill, Risden Hamilton. Wadesboro; Hoadley. Gregory Lee. New Berlin. N. Y.; Hocutt, Krlgar .lerome. UL Chapel Hill- Miith Row: Hodge. H. A.. HI, Zebulon; Hodges. William Richard. Washington ; Hogan. James Spencer, Chapel Hill: Hoilnian, Thomas Henry. Bakers- Held: Hoke. Russell -McCullers. Havelock: Holder. Laurie E.. Jr.. Garner: Holderness, Howard. Jr.. Greensboro. r ,ttli Row: Holland. Herbert Eatman. Jr.. Raleigh; Hol- land. William Loyd. Dunn; Holler. Hoy Cline. Conover; Holthouser. Ralph Haywood, Jr., Charlotte; Honeyeutt. William Rex. l.ucama; Hood. Charles Howard. Lillington: Hord. Joseph Beach. Jr.. Maxton. Elivcnth Row: Horn. James Jack.son. Lawndale; Hoskins. James Dale. Cleveland. Tenn.; House. Daniel Murray. Jr.. Rutherfordton; House. Helen Hadhain. Chapel Hill; Howie. Sam Watson, Matthews; Hoyle, Steve -Arthur. Rutherford- ton: Huddles. Gary. Pikesville, -Md. 364 First Row: Hiiilsdii, Charles Matthew, Marion; Hughes, I ' .iul IJeane, Marion; Hunnicutt, Thomas Ilia, kiiiill. Asheville; Hunt. Karl Phillip, ( haltiinooKa. Tenn.; Hurt. Clyde Clayton. Hdclcy Mount; Hutson, Richard Martin, Bay Sliore, N. V.; Intinger, Llovd Lewis, Char- lotte. Seroilri Roir: Isfiihoui-, Thomas Lee. Salisbury; Jackson. Warroi Harnett, Jr., Chattanooga. Tenn.: .lankii. Kipliert Sanford. Atlanta. Ga.; Jenkins. liiilHit .loe. Mount Holly; Johnson. David Eliot. Baltimore. Md.; Johnson. Hal Dempsey. Burlington ; Jolinson. Larry Douglas. Clayton. Thiril Row: .lohnson. Thomas George, Jr.. .Asheville; Jolinson. William Howard. Benson; Jolly. Horton Gray. Ayden ; Jones. Crisnian Snyder. Raleigh; Jones. David Noel, Durham: Jones, I ' atricia Lou. Chapel Hill; Jones, Philip .Stuart. Wilmington. ••...,,( , Row: .loiic , Richard Putney, Greensboro: Jones, Kulanil Eugene, Mount Airy; Kable. William (iibhs. III. Staunton. Va.; Kalkhurst, Joseph Dillon. Raleigh; Kannan, Mickael M.. Varina; Kemp. Malcolm Drake. Jr.. Southern Pines: Kendall. Leo Paul, Meadville, Pa. Fifth Roll-: Kent. Killv Gene. Gary; Kentopp. Richard (aiiK-niii. Hendersonville: Kcsler. Jaines I ' liillip. Greensboro; Kiker, Juc McCollum, Clianotte; Kij.ian, Harry William. .Murphy; Knight. Euodias Fulcon. Harrells; Knight, .lolm .Mien, Sanford. nig. Paul Maimon. Brooklyn. N. Y.; Mce, Roger William. Hyattsville. Md.; I Its. Ronald Alva. High Point; Kunian, ihl Lewis. Nashville. Tenn.; Labovitz. aril Stuart. Baltimore. Md.; Lacey. Wil- Walter, Asheville; Lail. Graham Leroy. Heventh Row: l.ambeth. Jay Odell. Greensboro: Lamm. WilliaTn Delay, Mount Airy; Lampron, . iitli(iny Joseph, Wilmington: Lanipros. John Mchulas. Roanoke. Va.: Langdon. William Cleveland. Coats: Langford, George Philip. Orlando. Fla.; Langford, George Robert, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Eifihfh Row: lasatcr. Walter Haroll. Pittsboro: Lawson. rhnmas Jefferson. Jr.. Durham: Lazarus. Cliarlcs Lawrence. Sanford; Lee. William H.. (Greensboro: Lehrman. Neil. Chevy Chase. .Md.; Lester. Earl Brodys. Spencer; Letellier, Silas Wike. Marion. Xiiitli Row: Levin. Lawrence Lee. Baltimore. Md.; Lewis. Jacob Basco. Middlesex: l.ioh cher. Gerhard. Waynesville; l.iiuNav, .Idin K(.licrt. Washing- ton. D. C: Lim-livin. .laincv Jr.. Mebane: Lipscmi.. (Iiarles rhoi.ia.-. III. Southport. Conn.; Little. Svlvia BaylilT. Chapel Hill. Truth Row: Lively. Edmund Cedi Kranii Micliael. Durli! Kiiu-iliic, Cli alPcl Hill; rkili-l III, Wilmin-tii Del. ic. Reidsville: London, m: London. Lawrence Long. Irving Hilburn, Lker. Franklin Roland. L ppez- ' era. Olagvibeet to Rico; Lowery. . lvin Eleventh Row: Lucas, Tracy e. Jr.. .Aslieboro; Lydey. II. Vanccvville: Lynch, ith. Denver: Lvnn, Robert Lee. 1-. ' a.; McCall. Robert .Murray. I- Md.: .McColl. James Carroll. ■. S. C; McConkey. Samuel An- I ' arboro. 365 First Row : McDonald. Lanny Walter. Fort Brasg; Mc- Dowell. Eug:ene E.. Greensboro; McDuffie. Jerome Anthony. Luniberton : McFadyen. Donald Wayne. Sanford; McGraw. Guy Michael. Greensboro: Mclnnis. Clay Wall, ,lr.. Pleasant Garden; McKenzie. Timothy Paul. Red Bank. Tenn. Second Row: McKiernan. Richard Lee. Chapel Hill ; Mc Lamb. Clarence Ezekiel. Jr.. Dunn; McLarty. Georse Collins. High Point; McNeill. George Vernon. Jr.. Greensboro; McNeill. Justin. in, Luniberton; McRae. James Patterson, Laurinburg; Macon. Ernest .Michael. Jr., Greensboro. Third Rolf : Manasse. George Henry. Durham; Mann. Harold Lindsey. Jr., Sanford; Margolin. Michael Robinson. New York. N. Y.: Mark- ham. Thomas Lowell, Apex ; Marks, Peter Anthony. Great Neck. N. Y.; Marshburn. Donald Robert. Greensboro; Marshburn. Paul Thomas, Wilmington. Fourth Row: Martin. Marion Lee. Jr.. Favetteville; Masoti. Richard Haywood, Jr„ Raleigh; Mason. Romulus Armistead. Fayetteville; Massie, Thomas Clement, Waynesville; Matney John Lee, Danville; Matthews, Frederick Richard, Jr,, Greensboro; .Matthews, Phillip Ray, Nashville. Fifth Row: Mauney. David Hunter. Lincolnton; May. Louis Garris. Greenville; .Mayfleld. F ' rajik Hender.son. Cincinnati. Ohio; Means. Robert Ellison. Charlotte: .Meek. Charles Fredric. Charlotte; .Meltsner. Charles Philip. Toronto, Ont.. Can.; Meltzer. Glenn . dair. Worchester. Mass. Sixth Row: Mendelson. Joseph Sidney. Charleston. S. C; Menhinick. Robert John. Dunwoody. Ga.; .Mer rick. Richard Bennett. Valhalla. N. Y.: Merry. Finley Henderson, Augusta, Ga.: Midgett ' e, Patrick Wilson, Durham; Miller. Croson Burns, Albemarle; Miller, Harry Ellsworth, Connellsville. Pa. Seventh Row: Miller, Herbert Pinkney, HI, Ashevillc; Miller. James Halyburton. . sheville; .Miller. James Wesley, Denton: .Miller. Joseph Claude, Boone: Miller, Ranne Johnson, Pittsford N. Y.; .Mitchell, John Lee, Chattanooga, Tenn,; MoguU. Robert Gabriel. Roslyn Harbor. N. Y. Eighth Row: Monroe. William Kermit. Jr., Lumberton ; Montgomery, Edward Davidson, Jr.. Wil- mington: Moody. Michael Leon. Lincolnton: Moore. Daniel Hight, Kingsport. Tenn.; Moore, John Ellison. Rock Hill S. C. ; Morgan. Julian Horton, Clinton; Morgan William Chapin, Pittsboro. Xinth Row: Morris. David George. Apex: Morris. John Watson. Jr., Morehead City: Moseley. George Edward. Tarboro; Murchison, Willis Barnes. Durham; Murphy, Brower, Jr., Charlotte; Murphy. Kenneth Raymond. Fayetteville: Murphy. Neil Francis, Blacksburg. V ' a, Tenth Row: Murphy, Robert Gene, Roanoke Rapids: Murray, Douglas P., Meadville, Pa,: Musha, Nelson Eddy. Murf reesboro ; Nail, Richard Duke, Mocksville; Nelson, William Earl, Prospect Hill: Ness, Peter, Chapel Hill; Neustadt, William Arthur. Briarcliff Manor. N. Y. Eleventh Roiv: Newsome. Robert James, Jr., Burlington; Newton, Eldon Sharpe. Jr., WiLson; Newton. Jimmie Isaac. Concord; Nichols. Graham Ernest. Jr.. Roxboro: Nichols, Richard Lee, Miami. Fla.; Noe. Robert Spilman. Elkin; Norman. Paul Wesley, King. 366 First Row: Norris. Ira Kenneth. Roxboro; Norton, La- fayette Ferguson, Raleigh ; Norville, Russell Manley. Spindale: Norwood, Haywood Ver- non, Jr., Waxhaw; Oakley, Jerry William, (ireensboro; Olive, Richard Langdon, Sum- mit, N. J.: Osborne. Samuel Louis. Wilkes- horo. .sV ' ro«rf Row: Ott. Robert William. Reidsville; Ott. William John Point Pleasent. N. J.: Page. John Fas- tball •iance ville; Page. Patricia Ann. Hen- derson, Parker. Fred Pope. III. Goldsboro; Parker Robert Greer. Southern Pines; Patterson Edward Richard. Smithfleld. Tliud Row Peibod Edward Bruce. Jr.. Raleigh; Peace, Siiiniel Thomas. III. Henderson; Peek. I inics Thomas Raeford ; Perdue. Jack Lewis. l.inii-bi)ro Perkins. Thomas Joseph, Tela, Honduris Perry, Raymond Lowell, Troy; 1 lulps Br an Eugene, Creswell. Faiirfh Row: I ' liillips, James Laughton. Morehead City; I ' ittnian. Albert Eugene, Halifax; Pohl, Alice Wilder, Chapel Hill; Poovey. James Nelson, Hickory; Pope, Howard Edison, Lillington; Poplin, William Roscoe, Jr.. Elkin; Powell. Samuel Quincy, Jr., Greensboro, Fifth Row: Pratt, John Herman, Durham: Presley, Ralph Phillips, Asheville; Pressley, James S.. Monroe; Prevost. Ralph Lee. Hazelwood; Pruitt. Jack William. Raleigh: Pulver. Jeannette Cordelia. Chapel Hill; Putnam. Jessie Van. Kings Mountain. Sixth Row: Quaekenbush. Robert Lesley. Valley Cottage. N. Y.; Quast. Tlieodore Emmanuel. Wash- ington. D. C; Ragan, Robert Allison, Gas- tonia; Ragsdale, Hugh A., Jr.. Richlands: Rand. Anthony Eden, Garner: Ratcliffe, William Emmet, Raleigh; Raver. Milson Carroll. Reisterstown. Md. Seventh Row: Raynor. Bruce Butler. Raleigh ; Reaves, .lames Wilspn. Jr.. Fayetteville: Reeder. John Patrick, Bethesda, Kid.; Reeves. John Edwin, Jr.. Summit. N. J.; Reeves. Paul Johnson. Jr.. Hillsboro; Renger, John Frank, Jr., Albemarle: Reynolds. James Woodrow, Jr., Newton. Kigtifh Row: Rhoades. Robert Willard. Robbins; Rice. James Alexander. Winston-Salem; Rice. William Russell. Gastonia; Rich. James Worth. Jr.. Graham; Richman. Harold . bram. New ' ton Center, Mass.; Ricks. Thomas Devere. Durham; Ridenhour, William Leigh- ton, Jr.. Baltimore, Md. Mtitli Roll ' : HiKdon. Philip Douglas, Chapel Hill; Riggs, l- ' r.incis Graham, Owings Mills, Md.; Riner. Kdwaid Neal. Rocky Mount; Rinzler. Dennis Cliarles. Passaic. N. J.: Roberts. Clyde ( lordon. Asheville ; Rogers. Augustus Kellogg. Phillipsburg. N. J.; Rogers, Benjamin Lee, Raleigh. Truth Row: Kolilfs. Roliert Charles. Pittsfleld. Mass.: KdscTihlatt, James Ashley. Charlotte; Rouse. ■lames Bristol. Raleigh; Rowe. Colon Harvey. Raleigh: Rucker, Joseph Anthony. III. Bed- ford. ' a.; Rush. Lewis Odis. Jr.. Asheboro; Russell. Curtis Ray. Dover. eventh Row: issell. Harold Edward, Raleigh; Sandman. M-bert Artliur. . slieville; Sasser. Joseph iislcv. Rciilsvillc; Saunders. James Alton. .. Burgaw; Sayers. William Floyd. Jr.. istonia; Schaeman. Franklin Joel. Lumber- n. Scharf. Daniel Robert, Great Neck, N. Y. 367 First Fou-: Schlosser. Emil Steve, Greensboro; Schneider. Eliot Michael. Gastonia; Schreiber, Robert Alan, Chapel Hill; Scott, Herbert Pearce, New Haven, Conn.; Scott, Robert Michael. Jacksonville: Scott. Robert Ray. Pinetops. Second Roic : Seagle, Benjamin Franklin, HI, Hickory; Sessoms, James Edwin, Tarboro: Shannon- house, James Moore, Charlotte; Shapiro, Jerry Michael, Salisbury; Shaw, Caswell Eure, Halifax; Shelton, Thomas McKendree, Prince- ton, N. J, Third Row: Sher, Jerry Michael, . sheville; Shields, Arthur George, Maury; Shinn. John Bradley, China Grove; Shoaf, David Charles, Jacksonville. Fla.; Shuford, William Talmage, Jr„ Salis- bury; Sillman, Robert Burnett, Auburndale, Mass, Fourth Row : Simonton, Vincent E., Baltimore, Md. ; Simp- kins, Rodney Lane, Jr., Jacksonville; Simp- son, Clarence Grimmer, Manassas. Va.; Singletarv, William Currie. Jr., Clreensboro; Sirkin, Joshua Allen. Miami Beach, Fla,; Skidmore, Frederick Alexander. Rutherford- ton. Fifth Row: Slate, Dan Melvin, Mount Airy; Slusser, Frank Willard, Jr., Richmond, Va.; Smalley. James Lee. Jr.. Augusta. Ga.; Smith. Dewey Clifton. Clinton: Smith, Francis Gerald, Little Rock, S. C: Smith. Harold Campbell. Jr.. Elizabethtown. Sixth Row: Smith. James E.. Burlington: Smith. James Rov. Jr.. . sheboro: Smith. John Frank. Lex- ington; Smith, John Michael, Atlantic; Smith. Julian Craft. Jr.. Bethel: Smith. Luther Leslie. Gatesville. Sevtnth Row: Smith. Lynn Harrison. Liberty; Smith. Moyer Gray. Lexington; Smith. Robert Bruce, jr.. Lexington : Smith. Robert Gibbs, Salisbury ; Smith, Robert Lawrence, Albemarle: Smith, Samuel Bosworth, Chattanooga, Tenn. Eiffhth Row: Smith. Samuel Clark. Wilmington. Del.; Smith. Terre Milton. Riedsville; Smith. Thomas Eugene. Spartanburg. S. C. ; Snyder. John Frank. Ridgcwood. N. J.: Snvder. John Hayde. Charlotte; Sokolove, Richard Gary. Ada Ma .Yi)if i Row: Somers, . lbert Bingham, Wilkesboro: Sower ;. Sidney George, Salisbury; Spence, William Chenault, Jr., Concord; Spoon, James .Meiritt. Jr., Charlotte; Stallings, Angelyn ((.U-y, Chapel Hill; Steagall. Thojnas Lee. Oxford. Tetith Roic: Stephenson. William .Alexander. Jr.. Char- lotte; Stepp. William Edward. Marion: Stew- art, .lames Daniel. Franklin: Stokes, Jerome Walter. Home, Ga.; Stokes. Robert Stephan, M;inas(|uan, N, J.: Stott, Johnnie Frederick. Wilson. 368 First Row: Strickland. Garrett Sheldon. Mount Olive; Strider. Virgil Dawson. (Jreensboro: Stroud. Luther Phillip. Jr.. Maysville; Stypmann. Xoel Leo. Charlotte: Sutton. Robert Clarence. Sanford: Swann. Edward Filniore. Jr.. Icard. i erond Row : Swanson. Lennie Lee. Henderson : Sweet. Worth Alfred. Salisbury: Swin.son. Jerr Lee. Mount Olive: Sylvia. Bruce Gilmore, Richmond. Va.; Tallant Wallace Franklin. Hickory; Tarn. William Der. Jr.. Winston- Salem. Third Row: Taylor. Edward Eugene. Valdese: Taylor. Eniorv Minefield. Henderson : Taylor. Guy. Jr.. Atlantic; Taylor. James Harvey. Hooker ton; Taylor. Zachan ' . Knightdale: Thomas. Dewey Eugene. Morven. Fourth Row: Thomas. Vincent Bernard. Wilson : Thomp- son. Charles Clendenin, Graham: Thompson. James W.. Dunn: Thurman. David Hugh. New Vork. X. V.: Tillman. John S.. A.she- boro; Tillman. William Warren. Jr.. Sanford. Fifth Row: Toler. John Rodnev. Hillsboro; Tripp. Wil- liam Earl. Jr.. Greenville: Turnbull. David Drew. New Haven, Conn.; Tyson. Oscar Lemuel. Fayetteville ; Cmstead. Alex Wiley. Garner; Usher. Harry Austin. Northport. N. Y. Sijih Row: allotton. Joseph Maxwell. ' errone. Irvin Richard. N ' e George Davis. Fayetteville : Wendelyn. Tonkers, N. . ugusta. Ga. : V Bern: Vick. Vogel. George Waldon. Jesse James. Jr.. High Point ; Walker. Grayson Howard. Hayesville. Seventh Row: Walker. Luther Loneith. Rockingham; Walk- er. Thomas Nathaniel, Reidsville: Walker. William Kent. Charlotte; Walldorf. Rudy Herman. Chattanooga. Tenn.: Waller. Harry Franklin, Charlotte: Walser. John Thurman. ,lr.. Lexington. Ki ' jhth Row: Walters. .Man Stanley. Baltimore. Md.: Ward. Larry Dean, . rchdaie; Warner. Joe Henley. Chapel Hill; Warren, Hubert Holman. Dunn: Watkins, William Henry. IV. Ram.seur: Weaver, (ieorge . rthur. . lbemarle. Siiith Row: Weaver. Harold Carter. Chapel Hill; Weaver. James Edward. Jr.. Dunn; Webster. Ernest Rogers. Graham ; Weiner. Richard David. Washington. D. C. : Weinstein. Lee Moret, .Atlanta. Ga.: Weir, Dewey Frederick. Jr.. Hampstead. Ten til Row: Welton. David Scott. Charlotte; M ' essinger. .lames Baldwin. . nn . rbor, .Mich.; Wesson. Robert Aubrey. Jr.. Lawrenceville. Va. ; West. Danny Eugene, Elizabethtown : West. Harry . rchibald, Rockingham: Wheilbee. Charles Monroe, Hertford, 369 First Row: Whitaker. Richard Harper, Jr.. Kernersville; White. Finley Tomlinson, Jr.. Durliam; Wliite, Jean Thomas. Madison. Ind.; White, Jerry Donald. Pittsboro; White. Joseph Leonidas. Hamptonville; White. Marshall, Roxboro. Second Row: Whitefield. Joe McRae. Durham; Whitehurst. Edward Ro!and. Jr.. Clearwater. Fla.; Wicker. Robert Brooks. III. Sanford; Widoff, Michael George. Fort Lauderdale. Fla.; Wilkerson. Edwin Cisco. Greenville: Wilkin- son. Chester Houston. Windsor. Third Row: Wilkinson. Harvey A.. New Bern; Wilkinson. .Michael Cade. Belhaven; Wilkinson. Robert Newton. Greensboro; Wilkinson. Wvndham Lee. High Point; Williams. Bill Joe. Boone; Williams. Charles Oliver, Greensboro. Fourth Row: Williams. Robert Hampton. Durham: Wilmer. Ringgold Wilson. Jr.. Manhasset. N. Y.; Wilson, Herbert Davis, Jr., Greensboro: Wilson, James Parrish. Sanford: Wilson. James Preston, Jr., Wilmington: Wilson. John Lee, Jr.. North Charleston, S. C, Fifth Row: Wilson, Phillip Wood. Greensboro; Wilson, Robert White. Jr., Yanceyville: Wilson. Willis Alexander. Jr.. Raleigh; WMIy, John Fleming. Durham; Windley, David Walter, Havelnck: Winecoff. George Caldwell, III, Gastonia. Sixth Row: Wingtield. Thomas Whetsell. Raleigh; Wise- man. William Edward. Ingalls; Womble. Jacqueline Ruth. Durham: Wood, Frederick Phillips. Jr., Edenton: Woodard, Joyce, Chapel Hill; Woodhouse. William Walton, 111. Raleigh. Sfi nth Row: Woodley. Samuel Spruill. Jr., Columbia; Woodrum. Clifton Alexander, in, Roanoke. Va.: Woody, Sidney Lane. Bessemer City; Wootcn. Daniel Dawson. Kinston ; Woote ' n. Sterling Dillon. Jr.. Goldsboro; Worlsy. Donald Lee. Selma. Eighth Row: Wors!ey, Edwin Lee, Rocky Mount; Wright, Arnold, Jr.. Shelby; Wright, Forrest Jarrell. Jr.. Winston-Salem; Wright. Stanley. Charles- ton. S. C; Wrye, Charles Lowell. Greensboro: Yarbrough, Cecil Moore, Jr., Burlington. Ninth Roiv: Yates, James Wilkins, Apex: Yates. Michael Hoy. Durham: Yount. Cecil Edward. Lenoir: Younts. Worth Duane. High Point: Zaslav. Barry Arthur. Cedarhurst, N. J. 370 IL„jiHii uL. . 1 1 M m all 1 B A. K. KING Dean Graduate School The Graduate School offers advanced and specialized studies to qualified students who have completed work leading to a bache- lor ' s degree. Graduate work leading to the master ' s and doctor ' s degree is offered in most of the Arts and Science departments. Professional graduate curricula are established in Business Administration, City and Regional Planning, Dentistry, Educa- tion, Library Science, Public Health, and Social Work. Gradu- ate work is offered in thirty-nine Schools, Departments and Curricula. First Row: Adams. Maria Jane, Gadsden. Ala.: Adams. Philip t.. Farmville. Va.; .Austin. James Farrell. Chapel Hill: . uslin. Thomas Earney. Chapel Hill: Bailey. Donald Etheridse. Biscoe. Sernnd Row : Bailey. Rachel Ann, Louisburg; Barto, John Thomen. Phi Delta Theta, Phi Beta Kappa, Salisbury, Conn.; Bazeniore. William Milton, Lambda Chi Alpha, Charlotte: Bhapkar. Vasant Prabhakar. Poona. India: Black. Hiram Bunyan, Matthews. Thiril Fnir: Blackwell. William E.. Raleigh; Boecker. Eberliard, Witten- Ruhr. Germany: Boi.ssavit. Jean Pierre. Bordeaux. France: Bolch. Donald Ernest. Hickory: Braswell. Charles Marion. Monroe. Fniiith Row: Brown. N ' orborne A.. Jr.. Beta Theta Pi, Pensacola. Fla.: Cai.son. William McDowell. Pi Kappa Phi, Hinesville. Ga.: Canipe. Dorothy Ann. Hendersonville: Charbonneau. ' eron- ica . nn. Cohoes. N. y,: Chryssikos. Paul N.. Bluelield. W. Va. Fifth Row: Clary. Robert C. Valentines. Va.: Cobb. Whitfield. Phi Beta Kappa, Guilford College: Colonna. William Hough. Jr.. Phi tininma Delta, Hampton. ' a.: Conner. Lutlier Thomas. Jr.. Pi Mil Epsilon, Sigma Xi, Winchester, Va.: Co nner. Ray M.. Chapel Hill. Si.rth Row: Cook, Hester Davis. Owings. S. C: Covington. Benjamin McLauchlin. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Kappa, Phi Etn Sijima, Wadesboro; Davis, .Max Wayne. Vadkinville; Daw- son. Robert William. Elmhurst, N, Y.; Daye. Dennis Eugene. Concord. Hereiith Roiv: Dean. Alfred. New London. Conn.: Deaton. William .Alex- ander. Statesville: Dessouky. Vehia Mostofa. Phi Delta Chi. Cairo. Egypt; DeVoung. Daniel. Washington. D. C; Dough- ten. Richard Merrill. Bay Head. N. J. First Row: Dunlap, Lucy Ann. York. S. C; Eckhoff. Oscar Brailley. Sigma Gamma Epailon, Cliester. S. C. : Edniisten. Joe Allen. Cliapel Hill; Elmore. George Roy. Durham; Finley. DavitI . lexander. Chapel Hill, Srrnnd Roir : FoiSlenian. Diane Guy. Hender.son ; Fountain. Benjamin Easles. Jr.. Chapel Hill; Free. William Joseph. Rossville. Ga.: Fussenegger. Rosmarie. Feldkiroh. .Austria: Gallasso. George John. Chapel Hill. Third R,i,r: Ciraf. Harold F., Metairie. La.; Graves, Richard Weikel. Madison. Va.; Griffin. Marion Wilson. Phi Delta Theta. Davidson; Gwynn, John Minor. Jr.. Sigma Xit. Phi Etn Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa. Chapel Hill; Hall. David, Cliapel Hill, fmirth Boh-.- Hall, Nancy Mae, Roxboro: Hancock, Chester Herman. Chapel Hill; Harrison, Marvin Edmund. Rome. Ga,: Hart man. Charles Foster. Gastonia ; Harvey, .Anthony E., Lyncli- burg. ' a. Fifth Roir: Heath. Robert Winship. Phi Bi-ta Knppn. Phi Eta Sigmn Pi Mil Epsilon. Sigma Xii. Sigma Xi. Chapel Hill; Hendrix Frances Josephine. Hays; Hentz. Forrest Clyde. Jr.. Alphr Chi Sir ma, Pomaria. S. C; Hills, F. . llan, Roanoke Rapids Hoffman. Gertrude Jane. Pittsboro. SiJ-th Rou-: Hogan. Gay Elizabeth, Chapel Hill; Holder, Wade H., J Lillington ; Holmes, Charles Wilmore, Venice. Fla.: Hoove Robert L.. Pi Kappa Phi. Sigma Pi Sigma, . tlanta. Ga Howell. Jame Edward. Greensboro. S ' -renth Rn,r : Hromanik. Edward Carl. Munhall. Pa.; Hudson. Robert Clarence. Winston-Salem; Hundley. Roy G., Louisville, Ky, ; Hunt, Lucie Dearing, Wilmington; Hunt, Ralph Palmer. Pi Kappa Phi, Lexington. Eighth Ron-: Hutchinson. Carolyn Gail. North Wilkesboro; Jackson. William Elias, Jr,. West End; Jewett. Pamela Road. Wood- bridge. Conn,; Johnson, Mary Su.sanna, Burgaw-; Johnson. Thomas Hatcher, Goldsboro. inth Row: Julian. .Mfredo Jorge. Chapel Hill; Kaeosanit. Thawati. Bangkok. Thailand; Kalaiah. Narasiah, Chapel Hill; Kalay anamit, Chalong, Sraburik, Thailand; Karetski, Alvin John. Sigma Alpha Epnifnn, Kenosha. Wis. Tenth Row: Kashiwazaki. Toshi T.. Tokyo. Japan; Keokungwal. Char lerm. Thonburi. Thailand; Kiser. Edw-in Marten. Laurin- burg; Koestler. Robert Charles. Alpha Chi Sigmn. Ko.selIc Park. N. J.: Kostohryz. Robert L.. West. Tex. Eleventh. Row : Lansdell. Joyce Elaine. Alpha Chi Omega, Elberon. N. J.; Lee, Johnny Hayden. Orangeburg. S. C; Leigh, Bernice Shandy. Rockingham; Leland. Owen Patton. Charleston. .S. C; Liu. Jane Chuang. Chapel Hill. First Row: Lowe. William F.. Jr.. Gastonia; Lupton. Thomas Ray. Greenville; McCarthy. Jacqueline. Norfolk. Va. : McDevitt. Margaret Haynie. Sliyland: McDonald. Murray Frank. Hartsville. S. C. Second Row: McKenzie. Roy David. Jr.. Kappa Siffnia, Winston-Salem; McNeill. Dorothy Brewer, .■ berdeen ; Miller. Garj ' John. Wayland. N. Y.; Monga. Jagjit Singh, Calcutta. India; Moore. Mary Virginia. Athens, Ga. N ' ickolaus. Charles Adam. Jr.. Alpha Chi Sigma. Whiteville: Nickolaus. Ruth Cole. Whiteville; Nixon. Demetrios F.. Pi Sigma Alpha, Charlotte; Norman. Velio. Pi Beta Kappa. Newberry. S. C. ; Norstrom. Oyvind. Lunderseter. Norway. Fourth Row: Owen. James Edward. Thomasville; Pace. Robert. Morris- ville; Patteson. Robert Baskerville. Jr.. Phi Delta Theta. Wilson ; Patton. Vincent Dion. Chapel Hill ; Payne. Mary .Ann. Winston-Salem. Fifth Row: (Juade. Dana Edward Anthony. Pacific Palisades. Calif.; Ranch. Robert Karl. Phi Delta Chi. New Canaan. Conn.; Rice. Louise Darden. Salem. Va.; Ritchie. Charles Homer. Concord; Rowley. Robert P.. Snyder. N. Y. Sixth Row : Russell. Frances Mullins. Newbern. Tenn.; Russell. William Leonard. Jr.. . berdeen; Salibi. Gladys. Beirut. Lebanon; .-techier. Frederick Clinton. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. China Grove; Seribner. William Guernsey. Beta Theta Pi. Sigma Xi. Chapel Hill. Sivetith Roll-: .Shellenburger. Robert .Martin. Gait. Calif.; Sherman. Phyllis Norine. Spartanburg. S. C. ; Silva. Rodolfo. San Jose. Costa Rica; Simms. William Gallatin. Lambda Chi Alpha. Raleigh; Slifkin. Malcolm. West Orange. N. J. Eighth Rote: Smith. James Franklin. Murphy; Smith. Robert Colin. Savannah. Ga.; Smith, Roy L.. Stanfield; Snakenburg. Diane. Wilmington; Spivey. Wilnia Wood. Talladega. Ala. Xinth Row: Steinhauser. Carl Edward. Chicago. 111.; Stewart. Shelton Kugene. Sanford; Swain. Lorraine Elizabeth. Laurel Fork. Va.; Tharrington, A. Fern. Louisburg: Turcotte. Robert Kugene. Jr.. Clinton. Miss. Tenth Row: Tuttle. Arthur Norman. Jr.. Chapel Hill; Vrudhula. Krishna Murthy. Waltair. India; M ' agoner. William Hampton, (liapel Hill; Walsh Joan C. New York. N. V.; Warlick. Bobby Bryan. Phi Delta Kappa. Lawndale. Eleventh Row: Weaver. Ben Franklin. Shelby; Wheeler. Lucius Pewder. .Ir., Alpha Kappa Psi. Washington; Willett. Thomas Sher- man. Helena. Mont.; Wilson. Richard Carlton. Chapel Hill; Voder. Kenneth Lee. Riviera Beach, Fla. BRANDIS, JR. Dean School of Law The School of Law of the University of North Carolina was fonnded in 1843 as a private school by Judge William H. Bat- tle. It became affiliated with the University in 1845 when Judge Battle was made a Professor of Law. It was provided that the degree of Bachelor of Laws should be conferred on those com- pleting the prescribed two-year course. Today, the prescribed course of stu dy is three years. The School of Law is approved by the North Carolina Board of Law Examiners. It is a member of the Association of Ameri- can Law Schools, is listed as an approved law school by the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar. Ameri- can Bar Association, and is registered as an approved law school by the State Department of Education of the State of New York. LAW SCHOOL FACULTY First Roir: Daniel PollitI, Fred McCall, Albert Coates. M. T VanHeeke, r.nd Man Oliver Second Roic: M. S. Breeken ' idge, Henrv Brandis, Dean Frank Hanft, John Dalzell and Robert Wettach. 1 — • — , ;:i ' ■« . ■ i 1 — 3 1 t ti ui ' I- m M m 1 i il U -J ■ l " ' , N. C. LAW REVIEW Seated around the eonferenee table are Tom Bill Maready, Robin Hinson. Editor: Fred Babs Charles Left to ri ht ar belt, and Willia) LAW St;HOOL ASS()(:iATU) Jim Kiser. Lem Blades. Jim Rs 376 Third Year Firxl h;,ir: All ' ihrnok, RicharrI Brown. Aljyhri Tnu fimcf ri, Plii IhUn Phi. Roanoke Rapids: Babson. Freder itk Ausustus. Jr.. Wilmington: Battle. Freil Coidon. Jr.. Phi Delta Phi. Pi Kiipiui .Aliihn. (ireenshoro: Bennett. Tlionias Stephen. Phi .Aliihn lliltn. Moreliead City: Berger. Robert. New York. . V. Srrniid R„ir : Blailes. Lemuel Sliowell. III. Phi Alpha lulta. Klizabetli City: Briley. William Frazier. Phi Alpha Dilta. Pi Kama Phi. Wilson; Brousbton. Howard Chalk. Phi Alpha Delta. Pi Kappa Alpha. Hert ford: Buckner. David E.. Jr., CJreenshoro: Bntli r. .lesse Lewis. Delta Phi. Chape] Hill. Third Kiiw: Clark. Giles R.. Phi Alpha Delta. Elizabethtow ji : Clarkson. Francis O.. Jr.. Beta Theta Pi. Phi Delta Phi. Charlotte: Cobb. Laurence . rtbur. Chi P. ii. Massapequa. X. V.: Collier, Robert . Ivis. Jr.. Phi Delta Phi. Phi Delta Theta. Statesville: Comer. John Fitzgerald. Phi Alpha Delta. Pi Kttppa Alpha. Greensboro. Fourth Row: Conoly. James Halbert. Phi Alpha Delta. Chapel Hill: Creasy. Thomas Claiborne. Jr.. Phi Delta Phi. Sirima Alpha Ep! ilon. Gretna. Va.: Dean. Charlie L.. Jr.. Alpha Tau Omega. Fuquay Springs: Downing. Harold Dean. Delta Theta Phi. Chapel Hill: Elli.s. James Milton. Phi Beta Kappa. Tarboro. Fifth Haw: Evans. David Savage, Phi Alpha Delta. Chapel Hill: Flythe. Joseph Johnson. Conway: Gage. CJaston H.. Phi Alpha Delta, Charlotte: Gaines. Robert Edward. Phi Delta Phi, Gastonia : Giilil ing. James Xoble. Phi Delta Phi, Sirima Chi. Tryon, Si.rth Row: (;regory. Toy Rhea, Jr.. Sigma Chi. Las egas. Nev.: Grubb, Robert Lay. Phi Delta Phi, Phi liaiiiiMi Delta, Lexington: Herring. Darius B.. .Ir.. Delta Theta Phi, Pi Kappa Phi. Aberdeen: Hill. Karl Xeimann. Jr.. Charlotte: Holmes. Edward Sbelton. Leaksville. Sereilth Row: Holmesley. Troy Clifton. Jr.. A ' fi(i;in Alpha. Phi Delta Phi. Cherryville: Hudson. John Randolph. .Ir.. Phi Alpha Delta. Brevard: Huttar. Robert Martin. Delta Theta Phi, Phi Gamma Delta. Dayton. X. J.: Isaacson. Henry H.. Phi Delia Phi. Chapel Hill: Kirkman. William Hugh. Jr., Alpha Tail Omega, Delta Theta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Burlington. 377 Third Year First Kow: Lee. Richard R., Phi Delta Phi, Mooresboro; Lewis. John Gray. Jr.. Phi Delta Phi. Statesville: Little. Robert Eugene. IH. Kappa Sigma. Wades- boro; Lomax. Henry Clyde. Phi Delta Phi. Sigma Chi. Charlotte; McNeill. Bobby Burns. Phi Alpha Delta. Raeford. Second Row: Maready. Billy Frank. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi. Chapel Hill; Marks. Benjamin Sanford. Jr.. Zeta Beta Tau. Greensboro; Milton. Hugh McRae. Helta Theta Phi. Chapel Hill; Node. Charles Johnson. Chapel Hill; Perrj-. Daniel Elijah. Kappa Sigma. Phi Delta Phi. Phi Eta Sigma. Kinston. Third Row: I ' l.well. William .Arthur. Delta Theta Phi. Chapel Hill; Ramsey. James Edward. Woodsdale: Rans- dell. Phillip Clifton. Phi Alpha Delta, Varina; Kansdell. William Garland. Jr.. Phi Alpha Delta. arina: Richmond. James B.. Phi Alpha Delta. Hillsboro. Fourth Row: Roberts. Parks .Mien. Delta Theta Phi, Elkin ; Kosser. Henry Thomas. Phi Alpha Delta. Hamlet; Kinve. . rthur R.. Phi Alpha Delta. .-Vberdeen : Shea. Sara Anne. Alpha Omieron Pi, Spartan- burg, S. C: Shelby. Stuart. New York. N. V. Fifth Row: Short. William M.. Delta Theta Phi. Greensboro; Smith. Clyde. Jr.. Greensboro; Smith. James Franklin. Phi Alpha Delta. Charlotte; Smith. Wilbur Ritchie. Jr.. Delta Theta Phi. Fayette- ville; Snyder. Keith Spurling. Phi Alpha Delta, Lenoir. ,S ' i,r A Row: Suttle. William Wayne. Delta Theta Phi, Theta Chi, Marion; Taylor. Cooper Ellis. Jr.. Phi Delta Phi, Sigma Chi, Raleigh; Thornburg. Joseph Carlyle, Phi Alpha Delta, Cherryville; Tison. Benjamin Thompson, HI. Phi Delta Phi, Sigma Chi, Charlotte; Toms. Herbert Logan. Jr.. Phi Delta Phi, Shelby. Seventh Row: Weitzman. Richard Paul, Delta Sigma Rho, New- ark. N. J.; Wiggins. Richard McKenzie. Delta Theta Phi, Fayetteville; Winters. Robert Lee. Spring Lake; Varborough, Charles Hill. Jr.. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Sigma Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Louisburg. 378 Second Year First How: Allred. John Thompson, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Aliiha Delta, Dunn; Badgett, Richard G., Delta Theta Phi. Pilot Mountain; Ballinger, Max D.. fli! Delta Phi. Guilford College: Bolden. Connie KilH-ard, Delta Theta Phi. Newton; Brown, Troy . .. Delta Theta Phi. Tampa, Fla. t econd Row : Campbell, John Manley, Phi Alpha Delta. Burling- ton; Chambliss, Joseph Barrow, Delta Theta Phi. Zeta Psi, Rocky Mount; Cleveland, . lfred Eu- gene, III, Phi Alpha Delta. Murfreesboro; Coggin, George William, Phi Alpha Delta. Star; Cornwell. . bner Milton. Lambda Chi Alpha. Delta Theta Phi. Chapel Hill. Third Fow: ( " room. Jacques Howard. Phi Alpha Delta. Fay- etteville; Dixon. Robert Kirkman. Winston-Salem; Fleishman. Joel Lawrence. Fayetteville: Gold tarb. Carl. Phi Alpha Delta, Tau Epsiloii Phi. Charlotte; Higgins. Henry Mills. Shelby. Fourth Row: Hood. Roger A.. Chi Psi. Phi Delta Phi. Chapel Hill; Kelso. Joseph Kenneth. Alpha Tau Omega. Phi Delta Phi. Chapel Hill; King. Robert W.. Jr.. Phi Delta Phi, Wil.son; Kiser, Jimmy Webb, Delta Theta Phi. Siaiiia Chi, Charlotte: Liles, John W.. .h.. Phi Delta Phi, Phi Gamma Delta. Sanford. Fifth Row: Logan. Phillip Hemphill. Phi Alpha Delta. Shelby: Long. William Ray, Marion ; McCollough, William H.. Lincolnton; McElroy. James Lawrence. Jr.. Marshall: .Mc.Murray. Paul Carlton. Delta Theta I ' hi. Rutherfordton. .s ' ufA Row: Mahler, Harold Cooley. Delta Theta Phi, Chapel Hill: Meekins. Frederick Chapin. Delta Theta Phi. Kappa Alpha, . sheville: Miller. Nick John. Phi Alpha Delta. Pi Kappa Alpha. Charlotte; Mur pliey, John Cecil, Delta Theta Phi. Bridgeport. W. Va,; Murray, Edgar M.. Elon College. Seventh Row: Peel, William Robert. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Phi Delta Phi, Williamston: Peele, Stanley, Chapel Hill: Pierce, Herbert Franklin, Wilson; Poteat, Earmine Lee, Jr., Phi Alpha Delta, Yanceyville; Reid, David Edward, Jr.. Phi Alpha Delta, Gas- tonia. Eighth Row: Reynolds, Ted Reaves, Delta Theta Phi, Wrights- ville Beach; Sadler, Benjamin, Phi Alpha Delta, Chapel Hill; Smart, John K„ Jr., Sigma Phi EpHilou, Mooresboro; Spradley, Scott Worth, Delta Theta Phi. Shelby; Tuggle, Richard James, Beta Gamma Sigma. Phi Alpha Delta. Phi Beta Kappa. Kannapolis. ninth Row: Venable, Charles Holman, Delta Theta Phi, Pilot Mountain; Warlick, Thomas Wilson, Alpha- Tau Omega, Newton; White, Marshall Whitfield, Phi Delta Theta. Oxford. 379 First Year Fir t Roll-: Alula. Joseph Basil. Jr.. Greensboro: Avery. Erwin T.. Phi Seta Kappa. Winston-Salem: Ays- C ' ue. Edwin Osborne. Jr.. Kappa Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Siftma, Monroe: Banzet. Julius Edniond. Warrenton : Brock. Clifton H.. Jr.. Lillinston. .S. („,;f ftijir: Brown. Carl Leroy. Chapel Hill: Bush. William Edwards. Chapel Hill; Crocker. Nathan T.. Sigma Xu. Chapel Hill; Dinwiddle. James William. Lex- ington: Dockery. James Stephen. Jr.. Kappa Alpha. Phi Beta Kappa. Rutherfordton. Third Row: Eden.s. Edgar Lee. Nashville, Tenn.: Elliott. James M.. Asheboro: Evans. Robert Butler. Delta Psi. Chapel Hill: Farmer. Robert Leon. Smitli- lield; Fasul. Jimmy Steve. Fayetteville. Fniirth Riiir: Fisher. Louis Joseph. III. Chi P.ii. Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Eta Sirima. Pi Sigma Alpha. HiRh Toint; Fuller. Thomas Cornelius. H. Durham: Gaylord. James Harrison. IV, Roper; Haworth, William Blair, High Point: Hayes, Robert Ray, Burlington. Piflh Row: Hdbbs. Lewis Lyndon. Sigma Xii, Shelby: Hold- ford. Roy Raymond. Jr., Wilson : Holdford. Wil- liam Henry. Zeta Psi, Chapel Hill: Holsliouser. James E.. Jr.. Phi Delta Theta. Boone: Johnson. Bruce Cannon. Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Sifivia Alpha, Si.rth Raw: Johnson. Duane C. Phi Kappa Sigma. Niagara Falls. N. Y.; Jones. Harvey Themlore. Alpha Phi ihttrga. Raleigh: Lindsey. Robert Leland, Alpha Kappa Psi. Charlotte: McKeown. Frank James. Jr.. Chapel Hill; Mangum, Robert Boyd, Wades- biirci. Seventh Row: Newton, Bobby Lawrence. Lamhrla Chi Alpha. Creedmoor; Norris. Thomas Lloyd. Jr.. Sigma Phi Epsilan. Chapel Hill: Olsen. Daniel Duncan. Kappa Sigma, Chapel Hill: Peoples, Linwooil Thomas, Louisburg: Prewitt, Thomas Wendall, Sigma -Ym. Denver. Eighth Rnir: Kanilall. Robert Noble. Lincolnton: Reavis. Page rendleton. Henderson: Seaman. Peter George. Jr.. Alpha Tail Omega. Warrenton: Short. .Marvin Koy. Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon. Gastonia : Smith. I)(H-k Garner. Princeton. .Mnth Riar: Smith, Henry Bascom, Jr.. Monroe: Smith, Sher- Mio l H.. Phi Delta Theta. Jacksonville, Fla.: Starnes. Thomas Monroe. Concord: Taylor. Ra -- ini.nd Mason. Pi Sigma Alpha. Washington: I Miker. Billy Ray, High Point. iiiiBiberstein, Richard, Jr.. Burgaw: Walston. lie. Sigma Xii. Walstonburg: Waters. Harold ' c, Jacksonville; Whitley. John L.. Wilson: iirk. Frank W.. Greensboro. 38U ' ecM 4U Un ' ■ ' J :.. -% . -A-V, -«..■.:«■ ' Hil " ! ' ! ffi IS Q] EE Q B B i; ' : S S l£ El B B .• 11 T BJ OOP 1 _____——. 1— K ' WlI HI !■ ■ " • ' ■ ' IB HENRY T. CLARK, JR. Adminittrator SYDENHAM B. ALEXANDER Agsistant Adminigtrator ELIZABETH L. KEMBLE Dean of the School of Nursing 382 W. R. BERRYHILL Dean of the School of Medicii E. A. BRECHT Dean of the School of Pharmacy JOHN C. BRAUER Dean of the School of Dentisir 383 DENTAL FACLLTV First Row: Kermil Knudtzon, John Pike, Cliff Sturdevanl, Marvin Chapin, Trov B. Sluder. and Roy Lindahl. Second Row: E. C. Crandell, Murrv Holland. O. R. McKenzie, Dwight L. Clark, iM. C. Miska, and Joseph RulF. Third Row: Paul Cunimings, Janie:, Houser, Rodger Barton, J. B. Soivter, C. L. Soekwell, and Marvin Evans. Fourth Row: R. E. Sturdevanl and John C. Brauer. Dean. School of Dentistry The faculty and the Dean of the School of Dentistry again are proud to present tlie graduates of 19.58 to the people of North Carolina and the country. Leadership of our past graduates has been evident everywhere in private practice, the Armed Forces, graduate study, teaching, and research. This is true of the graduates in dentistry, those who have elected to pursue a specialty, and the dental hygienists. The standards of admission remain high, and there- Ijy the graduates are a select and well ijualified group who can and will represent the University and the profession with the highest ideals and tradition. Officers of the Spurgeon Dental Society are W. Grant Lynch, Vice- President, Mitchell Wallace, Presi- dent, and Townsend Holt, Secre- tary-Trea 384 Senior class officers are Jim Banllev, Vice-President, Fred Chandler, President, and William Haltiwanger, Secretary-Treasurer. Junior class officers are Donald Rhodes, Secretary- Treasurer, at Garrison, President, and Paul Ni- fong, Vice-President Freshman class officers are Curtiss Daughtrv. President, and Gordon ' ood , Jr., Secretary-Treasurer. Not Pictured is Tom Fetzer. Vice- Presi- dent. 385 Fourth Year Fiisl Hi,ir: Archer. John M.. Ill, Delta Sigma Delta, Sigma Vhi. Franklin; Atwater. John Wilson, Jr., Alpha Tail Omega. Xi Psi Phi. Burlington; Ausband. Samuel P., Xi Psi Phi. Chapel Hill; Barker. Bennie Dale. Beta Theta Pi, Delta Sigyna Delta, Chapel Hill; Bratton. Lewis Palmer. Kappa Alpha, Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Brownins;. Henry Donaldson. Delta Sigma Delta, Wilson. Second Row: Butler. James Edward. St. Pauls; Chandler. Fred M.. Delta Sigyna Delta, Semora; Current, William Anse. Kappa Sigma. Delta Sigma Delta, Gas- tonia; Dann. Carl. HI. Delta Sigma Delta, Phi Delta Theta, Orlando, Fla.: Debnam. William Speight, Delta Sigma Delta, Chapel Hill; Ellis, William Ward. Delta Sigma Delta. Theta Chi. Chapel Hill, Third Ron- : Fisher. Julian Horace. Xi Psi Phi. Rocky Mount; Cibson. Sam Bryce. Delta Sigma Delta. High Point; Haltiwanger. William Leonard. Jr.. De lta Sigma Delta. Hamlet; Hartsell. Harold Mac- Pearson. Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Hasty. Frede- rick Crier. Psi Omega. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Chapel Hill; Hopkins. Edmund Baxter. -Yi Psi Phi. Winston-Salem. Finnth R iir: Jarvis. William Cebert. Delta Sigma Delta. Laurel Springs; Jernigan. Jerry O ' Dell. Xi Psi Phi. Dunn: Jewell. Edwin Smith. Delta Sigma Delta. Wilmington; Johnston. Bennie McBane. Delta Sigma Delta, Graham: Keith. H, Leonida. ' i, Wil- mington : Lee, John Gambrell, Psi Omega. Green.s- boro. Fifth Row: Lehmann, James Hugh, Delta Sigma Phi. Phi Eta Sigma. Psi Omega. Elnora, N. Y.; Loke, Wye Toll, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya; McAllister, John .Malcolm, Psi Omega. Chapel Hill; McFall, Walter Thompson, Kappa Sigmn. Psi Omega. Chapel Hill ; Martin Benny W„ Psi Omega. Law.sonville ; Moore, Saunders Winston, Delta Sigmn Delta. Sigma Nu, Burlington. Sij-th Row: Morris. Wyman Lee. Delta Sigma Delta. Olanta. S. C; Noblitt. Perry Milton. Xi Psi Phi, Shelby: OBerry, Walter Samuel, Psi Omega, HarrelLs- ville; Ogden, Fred Nash, H, Chi Phi. Delta Sigma Delta. Chapel Hill; Reap, Charles A„ Jr., Psi Omega. .Mbemarle; Reitzel. Larston Lee. Xi Psi Phi, Statesville. Seventh Row: Reynolds, John A, S„ Xi Psi Phi. Charlotte: Schnell, Frederick Stephens, Kappa Alpha, Psi Omega, Gainesville, Fla,; Silvers, Jack Evcrette. Psi Omega, Chapel Hill: Smith, Vonnie Bryan, Pi Kappa Phi, Psi Omega, Lumberton ; Smitli, Willi.s W„ Delta Sigma Delta, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa, Houston, Tex,: Snyder. Kenneth Ray, Xi Psi Phi. Chapel Hill. Eighth Row: Strupe, James Gray, Psi Omega. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Chapel Hill; Twisda. ' e. Harold Winfred. Delta Sigyna Delta, Lambda Chi Alpha, Halifax: Wallace, Mitchell Warren, Xi Psi Phi, Rocking- ham: White, William McKinley, A ' l Psi Phi, Pittsboro; Wood, Matthew Thomas. Delta Sigma Delta, EnBeld; Young. Douglas Maurice. Chi Psi, Psi Omega, Winston-Salem, 386 Third Year First Row: Allen, Don Lee, Psi Omega, Burlington; Attayek. Eli John, Psi Omega, Greensboro: Breland, Arthur Breece, Xi Psi Phi. Chapel Hill: Brown. Oscar H.. Psi Omega, Winterville: Butler, James Rojrer, Delta Upsilon, Psi Omega, Homestead, Fla. Sero id Row: Cashion, Leonard R., Delta Sigma Delta. Chapel Hill; Clark, George Earl, Xi Psi Phi, Raleigh; Diggs, Robert M„ Xi Psi Phi, Charlotte: Edney, Joseph H.. Psi Omega, Chapel Hill: Garrison, Nat Williams. Beta Theta Pi, Psi Omega, Chapel Hill. Thirrl Row: Hamrick. Timmons Hicks, Jr.. Psi ( Hill: Hawkins, Charles Bruce, Xi f Huff, Thomas J„ Xi Psi Phi, Ashevil ' e Wayne. Winston-Salem : Kennedy, K Omega, Chapel Hill. lega. Chapel ; Phi, Bath: Irvin, Emory Carroll, Psi Fourth Row: Leary, Thomas Edison, Xi P.s Phi, Ahoskie: LeGwin, James Dewitt, Xi Psi Phi, Wilmington; Lynch, William Grant, Xi Psi Phi, Win.ston-Salem : Mc- Cafflty, Darwin William, Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill: Mackay, Noel Cotterman, Xi Psi Phi, Charlotte. Fifth Roio: Martin. John Wayne, Psi Omega, Washington: Mauldin, Joel Lee, Psi Omega, Albemarle; Miller, Fred Cecil, Xi Psi Phi, Boone: Mitchell. Patricia S.. Chapel Hill: Morgan. William Kenneth. Fairmont. Sixth Row: Nifong. Paul Douglas. Xi Psi Phi, Winston-Salem; Proffit. William Robert. Psi Omega, Buies Creek: Quails. Dixon Lee. Beta Theta Pi, Psi Omega, Boone: Rhodes. Donald Gilbert. Psi Omega, Windsor: Riddle, William Joseph, Xi Psi Phi, Kannapolis. Seventh Row: Roberson, Robert Wilson, Psi Omega, Buies Creek; Rogers. Julian Richard, Psi Omega, Chapel Hill: .Shaffer. Jack B., Phi Delta Theta, Chapel Hill; Sneed, Tliciinas «.. Jr.. Oxford: Stallings, June Henry. Jr.. Delta Sigma Delia. Kappa Alpha, Oxford. Eigh th Row: Stallings. Riley Sherman. Jr.. Psi Omega, Durham; Trueblood. Samuel Neal. Psi Omega, Washington; Warren. Donald William. Pi Lambda Phi, Chapel Hill: Webster. WiMiam P.. Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Wie?s. Richard Thomas. Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill: Williford, John W„ Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill. 387 Second Year First Run-: Bentley. Keith Lambeth. Psi Omega, Moravian Falls; niackman. Wilhert Worth. Psi Omegn. Smithfielcl: (■(irnell. Thomas Boiiefer. DflUi Upsilan. Key We. ' it, Kla.; Delbridge, Matthew G.. Spring Hope. Hcioiirl Noir: Farmer. Robert Lee. Greensboro; Freshwater. David Hales, Psi Omega, Morehead City; Harris, Edward Flynn. Pi Kappa Alpha. Delta Sigma Delta, Cliar- kitte; Hatcher. Hubert Edwin. Morrisville. Third Row: Heinsohn. Frank, Jr., P.ii Omega, Charleston. S. C; Hesmer. Theodore Casper, Sigma Chi, Chapel Hill; Hines, Richard Norfleet, ,Ir.. Zeta P.n, Delta Sigma Delta. Edenton; Holt. Townsend Van, Psi Omega, Kappa Sigma, Carrboro. Fonrth How: Hoover. Charles Wayne. Xi Psi Phi, Winston-Salem; Howdy. Frederick Howard. Delta Sigtna Delta, Chapel Hill; Irvin. .lohn Lafayette, P.n Omega, Greensboro; Lanoau. Lao. Pi Lambda Phi. Chapel Hill. Fifth Rou:: Maultsby, William DeVane, Lambda Chi Alpha. Psi Omega, Chapel Hill; Morris, Tom A.. Psi Omega, Sylva; Morrison. Virgil McKee. Oak Ridge. Tenn.; Moser. Galen Cartner. Delta Sigma Delta, Burlington. Siu-th Row: Oakley. Kenneth Holmes. Kappa Sigttia, Psi Omegn, Raleigh; Pridgen. Edward N.. Beta Theta Pi, Fay- etteville; Ramsey. Willard Benjamin. Xi Psi Phi. Brasstown; Ray .-Mexander Graham. Psi Omega, Phi beta Kapim, High Point. Se enth Row: Roberson. Joe Ba. ter. Psi Omega, Candler; Sanders. Phil Snead. Psi Omega, Four Oaks; Schlapkohl. Charles Joseph. Jr.. Psi Omega, Pompano Beach. Fla.; Shaw. Ray Elsworth. Jr.. Psi Omega, Raleigli. Eighth Row: Sherrill, Luby T.. Jr., Phi Beta Kappa, Xi Psi Phi, Concord; Shoulars, Hudson Wilson, Jr.. Alpha Tan Omega, Psi Omega, Rich Square; Surles. Charlie William. Jr.. Delta Sigma Delta, Dunn; Thompson. Sanford Webb. HI. Psi Omega, Morehead City. Ninth Row: White. Eli E.. Delta Sigma Delta, Madison. Ind.; White. Walter Alston. Delta Sigma Delta, Manson ; Whitehead. John Wesley. Jr., Alpha Tan Omega. Delta Sigma Delta, Smithfleld; Wilson, William Dan ford. Alpha Tau Omega, Gastonia. 388 First Year BHker, Benjamin R.. Burlington; Baker. Tliomas P.. Kinss Mountain: Bean. William Claris. Mebane; Bulla, Thurman Clifton, . slieboro. Second Row: Burns. William David. Knppa Sigv}n, Belmont; Cathey. Crf?rald Mason. Gastonia : Craig. .loe Billy, r.incolnton; Daufflitry. Curtiss Wilson. Sigma Phi Epsiloti, Smitlifield. Third Row: Davis. Paul Clifton. Kappa Alpha. Chapel Hill; Davis, Wilburn Addison. Waynesville: Dorton. Marion Lamar. Landis; Duncan, Allie Hamilton. Roanoke Rapids. Fourth Row: Hedrick, Paul Perry, Lenoir: Hefner. Allen Ray. Statesville: Henson. David Edward. Sylva; Hill. James Clifford. Hickory. Fifth Row: .fohnson. Dewey Edward. Jr.. Phi Kappa Sigmn. Charleston. S. C: Johnson. James B.. Fairmont; Knight. K. Coffleld. Whitakers; McGhee, James Gray. Durham. Sixth Row: McLees. James Kitner. Greensboro; McRee. Robert Wade. Jr.. Charlotte: Maus. Lewis McKinney. Sigino Phi Epsilon, Reidsville: Moon. Hewitt. F, iward. Kannapolis. Seventh Row: Wantz. Glenn Rodney. Mooresville; Nof singer. Col- lins Denny. Pi Kappa Phi, Roanoke. Va.: Pattisliall, Franklin David. Burlington: Raby. Claude L.. Jr.. Phi Kappa Sigma, Hickory. Eighth Row: Smiley, Gary Ray. Phi Lamhrin Phi, Spartanburg. S. C: Standi. John Harvey, Kannapolis: Suggs. Robert Bailey, HI. Belmont; Troutman. Dennis Franklin. Charlotte. Turner. Huldali Ruth, Raleigh: Van Vleet. David Kdwaril. Durham; Walker. Oscar Blair. Gastonia; Warren. Bert Barrow. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Farm- White. Robert Dean. Marion: Wilki Chapel Hill; Wilson. Noah Rouse. Jr son. Robert M.. Wilson ' s Mills. 389 First Year Firxf Row: Anthony, Suzanne Rogers, Charlotte; Bam- liill. Jean C, Durham; Billings. Nancy Wren, Pittsboro; Claris, Linda Llewellyn, Belliaven; Garton. Alleyne von Schrader, Washington, D. C. Second Row: Harden, Barbara Bourne, Burlington; Har- wood. Barbara Virginia. Winston-Salem; Holt. Hilda Gayle, Greensboro; Mason, Doris Marie. Burlington; Meeks. Bobbie . ntis. Greensboro. T iird Row: Titkel. Lila Diane. North Little Rock, .Ark.: Ward, Wanda Lane. Burlington; Webb. Lois Ann, Greenville; West, Sara Elizabeth, Lenoir; W ' illianis. Sarah Lun- (lee. Charlotte. Dental Hygiene Second Year Blanton, Barbara Delola, Shelby; Brock. Jane Harrison. Atlanta. Ga.; Brown. Margaret Jane. Charlotte. Felts, Mary Pearl, Statesville; Frazier. Geneva Lee, Virginia Beach, Va.; Howell. Elizabeth. Atlanta. Ga. McClintock. Falba JoAnn, Climax; Preece Loretta Kay, Kingsport, Tenn.; Rouse Winifred, Kiiiston. :?f)() Faculty members are Doctors Bunce, L. Andrews, Fleming, George, Graham, Reed, Schwab, Bream, J. Wilson. Donovan, Allen, Fields, Bullill, Ham, Hiatt, Dorselt, Cromarlie, Craige, Williams, Richardson. Leary, Anderson, Chamberlin, Sehottelius, Miller, Cotlschaik, Wood. Van Wvke. Well, Barnetl, Widra. Sessions. Burnett, Vernon, Farmer, Van Cleve, Peters, Dossel, Irvin, White, Butler, Berr hill. School of Medicine have given instruction to students in the Gradu- ate School and all of the professional schools in the Division of Health Affairs. They also direct the training of interns and resident physicians at the Memorial Hospital and offer postgraduate medical courses throughout the state. Members of the Ho nor Cou ncil ar. e Ralph Be ntly, Williar n Riddick. Robert Wilson. Dan Johnsoi 1. Clare nee Bailey. Zell McGee. and Dick Piltman. This year represents the 78th year of medical education at the University and the fifth year that the M.D. degree is being offered Ijv the University at Chapel Hill. In addition to offering the four years of under- graduate medical education, the faculty and staff Members of the Whitehead Society are William Beckman, Zeb Weaver, Edw Stuart, Gene Koonse, Robert Story, Kenneth Lewis, Carwile LeRoy, John Garde and Gerald Fernald. 391 Officers of the first year class arc Cecil Rand, Vice-PrcsidenI, Stacv Miller, Intramural Man- ager. John Garden, President, Bob Richardson, Trensiirer, and Lvnn Blount, Secretary. Second year officers are Burl Vea William Morris, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer ' illiam !ey. President. Arvid Silber. Abernethy. Third year officers are Charles Trado, Secretar Daniel Davis, President. Carl Warren, Vic President, and Morris Jones, Treasurer. Fourth year officers are Al Hamer, Treas- urer, Dewey Pate. Vice-President, Wil- liam Beckman, President, and Everette Thompson, Secretary, Fourth Year Alley, .lames T.. rhi Chi. Cliapel Hill; Baile Beam. Lewis Ray. Kings Mountain. .Mrnoii. Selnia : Second Row: Beckman. William Robert. Alphn Omrga Alphri. Phi Srtn Kavv. Phi Chi, Chapel Hill: Biggers. David Carl. Phi Chi. Charlotte; Boyettc, John David. Phi Gamma Delta. .-Mbemarle. Brooks. John Irving. .Ir., Kfiptnt .-ilpha. Roxboro: Buckley. Rebecca Hatcher. Kappa Delta. Hamlet; BulliH-k. William Riley. .4lpha Kappa Kappa, Bethel. Fourth Roie: Canada. Maurice Lewis, .ilpha Kappa Kappa. Chapel Hill; Cap. M. Paul. Kappa Alpha. Phi Chi. Vonkers. N. Y.: Courts. Andrew J.. Reidsville. Cox. Malcolm A., Chapel Hill: Craven. Thojnas. Phi Chi. Huntersvillc Crosland. David Bailey. Phi Chi. Concord. Sixth Bow: Culbreth, Carolyn Elizabeth. Alpha (imriia .Alpha. Phi Beta Kappa. Durham; Ennis. George Elliott. Chi Heta Phi. Kappa .s ' lVymri Kapjia. Phi Chi, Hickory: Field. Mason Dillard. Jr.. ! • Ila Phi Alpha. Phi Chi. Phi .Mil Alpha, Si.gma Chi, Charlotte. Seventh Row: Kurr. Carl Augustus. Jr.. Phi Chi. Sirima Phi Kp. ilnn. Concord; Ha lip. Thomas Matthews. Leaksvillc; Hamby. (ieorge W.. .Salisbury. Hamer. . lfred Wilson. Jr.. Phi Chi. Sinma . i. Morganton: Han Richard Lawrence. High Point; Hook. Robert Franklin. Kapim .Sif;i Phi Chi, Phi Beta Kappa, Raleigh. Howie. John Sandall. Oak Ridge. Tenn.; Hughes. James R.. Snow Hill; Hunter. Charles C. Jr.. .Alpha Kappa Kappa. Spring Hope. Kil.diii .393 Fourth Year Johnson, Dan Earnhardt. Phi Chi, Charlotte; Koenig, Allen Russell, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Chi, Phi Gamma Delta, Garden City, N, Y.: Koonce. Gene Fonvielle, Phi Chi, Sigma Chi, Jacksonville. Lang, Jesse Eugene, Phi Gamma Delta, Ayden; Long, Walter Na- thaniel, Jr.. Phi Beta Kapva, Belmont; McCuhhins, I ' aul Swii-egood. Sif ma Nu, Spencer. McFalls. ' ernon Wendell. Alpha Kappa Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kpsilon Zeta, Greensboro; McGee. John Asbury, Jr.. Charlotte; Mc- Michael. Peter Dillard. Jr.. Reidsville. Macy, Charles Thomas, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Chi, Morehead City: Man- gum, Addison Goodloe, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa, Ga,s- tonia: Nelson, Luther Sullivan, Phi Chi, Jackson. Ormand. Thomas Lane, Chi Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Chi, Monroe: Pate. Barry Reeves, Phi Chi, Canton; Pate, Dewey Harris, New Bern, Patterson, John Richard, Beta Theta Pi. Phi Chi, Chevy Chase, Md,; Phillips, Charles Woodrow, Chapel Hill; Pritchett, Nancy Lee, Brown Summit. Rader, Daniel Wetmore. Alpha Kappa Kappa, Delta Upsilon, Burling- ton; Story, William R.. Phi Chi, W ' ilke.sboro ; Stout, Charles Walter, High Point. Stowe. Fred Reece, Gastonia ; Thompson, Benjamin Everett, Rocky Mount; Thompson. Joe Wayne. Phi Beta. Kappa, Mooresvi Wallace. Charles Dixon, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Smithfield; Weeks, Paul Martin, Clinton; Winstead. John Lind.say. Jr., Alpha Kappa Kappa, ; 94 Third Year Rrawley. Bobby Watson, Phi Chi, Mooresville; Brown. Bobby CraiK, Greensboro: Brown. Robert Calvin. States- ville: Davis, Daniel Whitaker. Antlrews. Second Row: Fisher. Otis Norwood, Chi Psi, Phi Chi, Bladenboro: Gentry. George Wesley. Alpha Kappa Kappa, Kappa Alpha, Roxboro; Gentry, Jolin Billy. Statesville; Gilbert. Charles Franklin, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Benson. Ginn, William M.. Phi Chi, Goldsboro; Goodwin. Joel Sexton. Chi Psi, Phi Chi, Apex; Green, Robert Lorenza, Phi Chi, Salisbury; Hair. Glenn Edgar. Fayetteville. Fourth Row: Harrell. Wade Whitley. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma. Pantago; Hart. Oliver James. Jr., Phi Chi. Winston-Salem: Holder, David Lee, Phi Chi. Lewisville: Johnston. Frank Smith. Jr.. Charlotte. Fifth Roic: Jones. David Herman. Phi Chi. Sniitlitield; Jones. Morris Alexander. Jr.. Phi Chi. High Point: Lashley. Curtis Ray. Alpha Ep. ' iiloii Delta. Lamhria Chi Alpha. Burling- ton; Lewis. Kenneth Baker. Phi Chi, Burlington. Si,rth Row: Linker. Robert Polk. Phi Chi, Chapel Hill; LitUe. Wil- fred FuHield. Jr.. Chi Phi, Evanston, 111.; McAllister. J. Gray. III. Alpha Kappa Kappa, Chapel Hill; Mitchell. Edward Lee. Goldsboro. Set-enth Row: Morris. Arthur Sherman. Jr.. Alpha Kappa Kappa, Hot Springs: Reeves. Talmadge Curlee. Whiteville; Steven- son. Robert McLeland. Delta Phi Alpha, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Statesville; Stewart. Edwin Lewers. Chapel Hill. Eighth Row: Sutton. William Wayne, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Greenville: Taylor. Shahane R.. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Phi Chi. Greensboro: Thompson. John H.. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Phi Beta Kappa, Chapel Hill; Trado. Charles Elmendorf. Henderson. Ward. Bennie Brooks. Longwood: Warren. C. Carl. Jr.. Charlotte: Waters. Henry Gene. Roanoke Rapids: West. Robert Lee. Dover. Tenth Row: Whitaker. David Louis. Alpha Chi Sigma. Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Eta Sigma. WiMiamston: White. Franklin Delano. Pittsboro; Wilson. Robert Gaines. Leaksville; Wynne. Thomas Robert. Greenville. S. C. 395 Second Year Anderson. I.eo Kichard. l.aC.range: Bauoom. Robert Leslie. Monroe: Bently. Ralph Luther, Moravian Falls: Bulla. Jefferson Davis. Asheboro. Srrniili RoV : ( urtis. John Rus.sell. Phi Chi. Be.ssemer City; Dykers. .lolin R.. Jr.. fiiqnw Alpha Epnilon. Jacksonville. Fla.; Kldridse. Charles P., Jr.. Raleigh: Ferguson. William Clay. Asheville. Thiril Poir: Fox, Joe Thomas. Jr.. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Chi. .Asheville; Ciurmise, David Bruce, Laurence, N. V.: Hamilton. F rederick Cooper. Xti Sif ma Xii. Morehead City: Harper. James Robinson. Phi Chi. Snow Hill. Harris, Charles W.. Charlotte: Harris. Falls Lewis. Harris: Hoffler. George WycklilTe. Sunbury: Keiter, Wil liarn Eugene. Jr.. Kinston. yiflh How: Kirscliner. Leslie Gordon. Jr.. Candler; Lore. Charles Kli. Phi Chi, Sigtna Phi Epsiton. Lenoir: .Mann. James (iiffen. Kappa Alpha Psi, Beta Kappa Chi, Monroe: Mason. Reginald G., Jr.. Henderson. Sl.rth Row: Miihal. William Norwood, Jr., Phi Chi, Chapel Hill; Morgan. Elwood Ernest. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Phi Chi, Burlington; Morris, William Harold. Jr.. siffvia Chi, Charlotte; Neal, Fred A., Jr., Greensboro. Neville, Cecil Howell, Jr.. Scotland Neck: Owen. Duncai Shaw, Jr„ Fayetteville : Pearson, William Seymour Statesville; Poirier. Jean Rene. Elizabethtown. Hii hth Row: Keid. William Alan. Asheville: Riddick Willis Jame.s. I ' lii Chi. Belhaven ; Shive. Robert MacGregor. Scotts: Sieber. Arvid Cliarles. Hendersonville: Strickland, Ceorge Thomas, Jr„ Phi Chi, Nashville. .Mnth Row: Tripp, Cecil DeWayne. Shallotte; X ' eazey. Perry Burt, Alpha Tuu Omega, Phi Chi. Raleigh; White, John Jennings, Henderson; Wise, John Edney, Lincolnton; ' oung, David Richard, Greensboro, 396 First Year Fimt Row: Atkinson, flinton Kesler. Lilesville: Avery. Kdward Stanley. .Ir., Win-ston-Salem : inirer. Tolonel nonivan. .Ir.. A. lieville: Bokli, Oscar Howard. .Ir.. Albemarle: Biiyette. Charles Otis. Cliadbourn. .SVt nd nnw: Britt. Robert Carl. Alplin Kpsihm Helta. I.ujm- berton; Brown, William Lee, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Roanoke Rapids: Davis, George Thomas, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Beta Kappa. Chapel Hill: Edwards, Ellison Francis, Chad- bourn: Evans. Amos Ray, Greenville. Third Row: Garrou. Benjamin. Valdese: Guiles. Paul .Anthony. Charlotte: Hale. Leslie Morgan. Kappa Alpha. Phi Alpha Theta, Fayetteville: Harris. Donald Philip. High Point: Hicks. Richard Henderson, Franklinton. Fo rth Hoir: Hinkley. Clark M., Waynesville; Hudson. Richard Woodard. Knppa Alpha. Phi Alpha Thefa, Vandeniere; Kouri. William Herbert. Shelby: Lohr, Lloyd Dermot, Beta Theta Pi. Lexington: Miller. Roy Wayne. Salisbury. Fifth Row: Newsome, .Albert Kay. Kappa Alpha. Winstiui- Salem: Noel, Robert Frederick. Sigma .V». Henderson; OBriant. Charles Rex, Alpha EpsUoti Delta. Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Eta Sigma. Chapel Hill: Owens. William Lawrence. Foun- tain; Patseavouras. Louie L., Chi Phi. Hocky Mount. Sixth Roir: Pittmaii. .Malory Alfred. Wil-son; Rand. Cecil Holmes. Jr.. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Fremont: Richardson. Bobby .Arthur. Bessemer City: Robinson. .lames Hendry. Sigma Alpha Epi i- loii, Clinton; .Sanmels. Walter Ray. Handel. Seventh Row: Satterwhite. Richard T.. McCain: Sharpless. Edward Arthur. Zeta Psi, Chapel Hill: Slier mer, Richard Wayne. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Phi Beta Kappa. Winston-Salem: Shuford. William Ferrell. Jr.. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Phi Beta Kappa. Clinton; Stiles, Eddie Phillips, Newton. Eighth Rou I ma Delta. Wa.shing- riiomas, Stoneville: Tayloe, Joshua, Phi fi ton : Taylor, George Trachtenberg, Stephen Jay, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Lambda Phi. Jacksonville: Wells, Donn A.. Albertson: White. William Henry, Jr.. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Beta Kappa. Sanford. mm 397 School of Pharmacy Faculty members in the Pharmacy School include: Breck, Thomas, Taylor. Brown, Pianodosi, Smith, Semeniuk. With plans well under way for a new building to house the School of Pharmacy, students again made their way through old Howell Hall which has been the home of pharmaceutical education in North Carolina since the early years of the century. The routine of lectures and labs, so familiar to the upperclassmen, new and strange to the freshmen, commenced again as another new year on the Hill began. New professors, new students, new lii)rarian. and anxious interest in the plans for the new build- ing, these contrasted with easy traditions of vener- able Howell Hall. As the year progressed, the fraternities. Phar- macy Senate, Student Branches of the A. Ph. A. and N.C.P.A., Kappa Epsilon. and the Pharmacy Girl ' s Association, worked, planned and thoroughly en- joyed not studying. Early in February the seniors departed for the " Big City " for a tour of the Lederle and Squibb Laboratories. Fraternity pledge week-ends, the annual Pharmacy Week-end with its traditional picnic and softball game be- tween Kappa Psi and Phi Delta Chi, cabin party, and formal dance, and a Christmas partv for the Pharmacy Student Body rounded out the phar- maceutical social calendar. And now as the year draws to a close, the seniors look back with nostalgia, or with relief, upon their years in old Howell Hall, the freshmen look toward the future and a new Pharmacy School Building, and the profession looks toward the future with a renewed zeal and determination to sei ve the com- munity as qualified, civic minded and dedicated pharmacists. Pharmacy School Student I!, dent, Loretla Johnson. Secret President. Hugh llinlon. Presi- nd Wavne Buic, Vice. 398 Fourth year officers are: Paul 8le dent; Paul Walker, Vice-President line Manos, Secretary-Treasurer, Junior class officers an Haithcock, Vice-President Ruth Johnson, Secretary - and Russell Mitchell, President. Jimn Barba Sophomore class officers are: Wil- liam Moose. Vice-President; LaRuth Sutton. Secretary - Treasurer; and Hugh Clark, President. Freshm len class officers i are: James Sheets, Secretary - Trea .surer; David Keever , Vice-President: and Charles Himes, President. 399 Fourth Year AISTELL, RONALD LOUERY B.S. IN I ' HAK.Mirv. Khti Chi. BEALE. GARLAND W.. JR. B.S. IN Fhar.mmv. Kni)iKi ' .si Al ' li.A. Student (1,2. BO.«iTlC. RISSELL ALTON B.S. IN I " miiM»(V riti Itiltn Chi in.ii-v Seiiatf ( li. Al ' liA. Stmlenl Br BllE, WAYNE MELVIN B.S. IN Pharmacy. Kappa Ps Scliool Vice-President (4). BLLLOCk, JOHN CHESTER, JR. B.S. IN Phak.muv. APIj- . StiKleiil Br CARTER, DONALD K. B.S. IN Pharmacy. Phi Delta Chi. (1. 1 ' . :i. 4), ' ice-President (4). .• PliA. Student Brai Shelby Volerani " ink Hill II ; I ' liar- W inston-Saleni di (2, 3, 4) ; Pharniaey Raleigh Dalla APliA. Student Brane Chapel Hill CARTER, LEE C. B.S. IN Phir.macy. Phi Ih-ltn Chi. CHAPMAN, DONALD KENNETH W innton-Salem B.S. IN Rhu Chi: APliA. Student Braneli (I. 2. 3. 41: Plmrmacy Senate (4); Canterbury Club {1. 2. 3. 4): Cosmopolitan Club (4); Epi.scopal Student Conprefration. Trea. ' urer (1. 2, 3). DAVIS, DAVID RAMSEY, JR. Williamsion B.S. IN Phar.macy. iiigma A ' ». Chaplain (4); Kho Chi. Vice-President (4). Kho Chi . ward; M. L. Jacobs Chemistry Award: . PhA. Student Branch (1. 3. 4); Junior Class President (3); Men ' s Honor Council (4): Honor System Com- mission (4), DILLARD, GEORGE JOHNSTON U.S. IN I ' HVK.MAiv. Kapiin Psi. Dl ' TTON, GENE RAYMOND B.S. IN Phar.macy. Phi Delta Chi. EVANS, DALLAS MASON B.S. IN Phar.macy. Kapixi Ps As.sistant Secretary (2); APliA (1. Hickory Greenville . 3. 4). FAYED, FRED T. FLEMING, ROBERT E., JR. B.S. IN I ' HAHMAiY. APhA. student Bi:i APhA, Student Branch. h (1. 2. 3, I) FRALEY, THOMAS MALRICE B.S. IN I ' HiBMAiY. KapiMi ' .si; APliA, student Bran .Senate (2, 3. 41. FILTON, JAMES WADE B.S. IN I ' HVK.MACY. Phi Delta Chi APhA. Student Br; Roanoke Rapids Rocky Mount . 3, 41 ; Pliarmacy Wtnston-Salern cll (1, 2. 3. 4). GEORGE, PRENTISS LEGARR, JR. B.S. IN Phar.macy. APhA. Student Bran HAGWOOD, RAY G. U.S. IN Pharmacy. Kappa P.i, Hicko ry Raleigh AlMiA. Student Biancli (3, 4). HEATH, IVEY LEINSTER, JR. B.S. IN Pharmacy. APliA. Student Branch (1. 2. (II : Baptist Student Union (1. 2. 3. ii. K ecutive HINTON, MALORY HIGH B.S. IN Phar.macy. Kappa P. i. .Manager Student Branch: Pharmacy Senate. Reporter (4i (4) ; University Party Member. HOUSER, WILLIAM EDWARD Cherryville B.S. IN Ph.vr.macv. Lutheran Student Association (1. 2. 3. 4). President (2. 4): Idee Club (1, 2i: Track (1): Interdormitory Council Court (2, 3). Clerk (31. Cove City 41: UXC Mens Olec Club ouncil (3). Middlesex 31. President (4): APIiA. l harmacy Scliool President INABINET, JAMES LEWIS B.S. IN PHAR.M.4CY. Phi Delta Chi ffinston-Salem Khii Chi: Pliari JAMES. FRANCIS Dl KE Mocksville B.S. IN Pharmacy. Phi Delta Chi: APIiA. Student Brancli (1. 2. 3). JOHNSON, DOROTHY ETTA Harrells B.S. IN Phar,m.4cv. Kappa EpMloii, Vice-President (4): . PhA. Student Branch. Secretary (4); Pharmacy Senate. Secretary-Treasurer (3); Pharmacy Girl.s ' . ssociatioii. President (4): Secretary-Treasurer of Junior Class: Orientation Counselor (3): Women ' s Honor Council (31: Independent Women ' s Council (I). 400 Fourth Year JOHNSON. LORETTA U.S. FN I ' HIKMUV. Ahilin liiinini: i;ii Mi: K(ij ' l " Kiisihnt, Sei-retarx-Tre iiiar (iiil ' , - cKiati(in (1. -J. :i. I); I ' lia I ' liannaty .Sfiiatc (3. 41, Secretarj ' Trea ( I) ; Cosmopolitan Club (»). I ll(i. Surietar iirer (3) : APliA (1. - ' . :i. li : I ' liar iiacv Sfhool Secretary TR-asur.-r (li : iirer (4); GMAB (4); Stiuleiit Party KELLY, LEO C, JR. litory Offlper (4): APliA (2. 3, 4): NCPA (2. 3. i LEATHERWOOD, DONALD R. U.S. IX Pharmuv. Kftvpa Psi. McCLRDY, MARION B.S. IN I ' HARMALV. APiiA (4); N ' CPA (4». Chapel Hill 11) ; Pliarmacy MANOS, CHRISTINE BECKY B.S, IN Phar.macv, Kripim Eiisiln,, (4): APtiA (2, 3, 4); GMAB Girls ' .Association (2. S, 4); Class Secretary-Treasurer (4); Pharmacy Senate (3, 4). Recorder (4): YMCA-VWCA (2, 3, 4); Hospital Committee (21. MARSH, WILLIAM LLITHER MarshriUe B,S, IN PHAR.MACV, Phi Deltn Chi: Phi Mii Alpha: Rho Chi: University Band (1. 2, 3, 4); Univer.sitv Ordiestra (3. 4); University Wind Ensemble (3. 4): Wesley Foundation (1, 2. 3. 4). MILLER, SETH GEORGE B.S, IN Pharmacy. Kappa Psi: . PhA (1, 2, 3 Committee (2. 3); NCPA (1. 2, 3, 4); Phai Club (31, .MORRISON, GEORGE ARTHUR B,S, IN PHtR.MACV, APhA (41, NANCE, BERNIE J. B,S, IN PHAR.MACV. APllA (2, 3, 4) : tarian (4), Raleigh 4): President (2); Dance Tiacy Senate (2. 3): University Pharinacy Senate (2. 3, 4) Saligbu Parlianif O ' DANIEL, JAMES SIDNEY, JR. B,S, IN PHAR.MACV, Phi Delta Chi (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-P (1, 2, 3, 4): N " CP. (1, 2, 3, 41 ; Pliarmaoy Senate (1. 2, 3, OLDHAM, JAMES ALLEN, III B.S, IN Pharmacy, APliA ; NCPA, PARKER, FREDERICK B., JR. B.S, IN Pharm.w v. PEILE, JAMES IROAN, JR. B.S, IN PHAR.MACV, PONDER, WILLIAM N. B,S, IN Pharmacy, Kho Chi. POST, HAZEL GREEN B,S, IN Pharmacy, Kappa Kpsilan : APhA sociation (1, 2. 3, 4i; Pharmacy Senate (2. tary-Treasurer (3): House Council (3), Hicko I : API nt (2, ; Wilmington Murfreesboro Hickory Chapel Hill Morrisville 2. 3, 4); Pharmacy Girls ' . " Vs- 4), Recorder (3): Class Secre- PREVO, JAMES M. B,S, IN Pharmacy, Phi Delta Chi. Rho Chi. Trea.surer (4); APhA (2, SMITH, ALFRED GENE B,S, IN 1 ' HARM,UY. Phi Delta Chi. SMITH, JOHN HUBERT, JR. H,S, IN PHAR.MACV, Chapel Hill Corresponding Secretary (2), Treasurer (3); 3. 4) : Pharmacy Senate (3). Elizabethtown Holly Springs STEVENSON, PAUL A. Elizabeth City B.S. IN Pharmacy. Rha Chi: AI ' hA-XCPA (2, 3, 4); President (4), STOOTS, JOHN F. B,S, IN PHAR.MACV, Kappa Psi: . Vh. (4). STREET, JAMES T. B.S, IN PHAR.MACV, Kappa Psi: APh. (1. 2. 3. 4). Lansing Roxboro WALTER, PAUL M. Maiden B.S, IN Pharmacy. Phi Delta Chi: Rho Chi: APhA (2. 4): Class Viee- Piesideiit (4i. WARD, JOSEPH WILLARD B.S. IN Pharmacy. WILLIAMS, LAWRENCE LANIER B.S. IN Pharmacy, Kappa Psi: APhA (2. 3). WINSTEAD, DRUIE DANIEL, JR. B.S. IN Pharmacy. Kappa Psi: APhA (I. 2. 3. 4), Whiteville Zebulon Elm City 401 Third Year First Row : Allen, Billy Thomas. Kappa Psi. Kaleigh; Ballantine. Lula Sue. Kappa Epi:iln)i. Hamlet: Barber. Ktibert William. Clayton ; Bishop. Kohert Elli. . Kinston ; Boyd, . llan ( ralK. Kappa Pxi, Kaleigh: Brown- ioK. .lo,seph Fletcher. Jr.. Phi tiaiiimn Delta. Graham. Second Roiv: Bullard. Elizabeth Joanne, Fayette ville; Coppedge. Kaymond Frank- lin, Jr.. Asheville: Cowan. Mar in Kussell. Robersonville: Croinley. Kohert Irving. Jr.. Kappa Psi, Ka- leigh: Deaton. Don Jason. Phi Iii ' ttn Chi, Mooresville: Dowdy. Donald Carlisle. Kappa Psi, Rose- boro. Thirii Row: Duggins. Jack Steven, . sheboro: Dunn. Bill M.. Kappa Psi. Kanna- polis: Elkins. Johnny Warren. Kappa Psi. Fayetteville; Griftin. William Russell. Jr.. Old Fort; Haitheock. Jimmy Reid, Kappa Psi. Mt. Gilead: Hardy. Charles Edward. Kappa Psi, LaGrange. Fourth Row: Harris. Thomas E.. Phi Delta Chi, Thomasville: Harrison. Steven ' ance. Kappa Psi, Denton; Honey- cutt. Herman K.. Kaleigh; Hood. John David. Morganton ; Huffstet- ler. Delvin Sylvanus. Kings Moun- tain; .lackson. Payton Donald. Kii iim Psi. Dunn. Fifth Row: Jarrett. Charles Leonard. Lincoln- ton ; Jenks. Keithan Blanchard. I ' ittsboro; Johnson. Barbara Ruth. Kinston: Johnson. Jerome Karl. Clayton: King. Glenn Alden. Phi Delta Chi, Gi-eensboro: Larson. ' erl A.. Kappa Psi. High Point. Si.rth Row: I.awing, Kenneth Lee. Plii Delta I ' hi. Newton: Lazarus. John Mi- chael. Kappa Psi, Sanford: Mc- Donald. Phebe Pettingill. Carthage; McNeill. John Parker. Kappa Psi. Norwood ; .Mitchell. Kussell Gray. Kappa Psi. Roseboro; Montgomerj ' . David W.. Kappa Psi. Oreensluini. Seventh Row: Neal. David Ellison. Kappa Psi. Kannapolis: Owens. Thurman Quin- tiin. Jr., Kappa Psi. Wliiteville: Savage, William McDonald, Roa- noke Rapids; Smith. Patrick Delane. I ' eachland; Thompson. Charles Dale. Snow Camp: ' an(lerburg. WilliaTU Lee, Goldsboro, Kii hth Row: Welch, Jane Louise. Chi limefja. Kappa Epsilon. Washington : Wliite- hcad. Willis Lee. Chapel Hill: Williams. James Edward. Kappa I ' si. Rockingham; Wilson. Carol Bray. Durham : Yarborough. Wil- liam Hardy. Pinehurst; Yost, Thomas Marion. Weaverville. 402 Second Year First U„ir: Barrett. Robert Harrison. II. Pine- hurst; Bentliall. Alplieus Worth, Phi Dflta Chi. Ahoskie; Blancliard. Norwood Pitt. Wallace: Bonner. Sylvia Meade. Kappa Epsilnn. Greenville; Bowen. Norman George, Koxboro; Bradshaw, Council Fox, Phi Iii-ltu Chi, Rocky Mount. Second Row : Bradsher. Arthur Long. Jr., Rox- boro; Bryson, Vaughn Douglas. Gastonia; Clark, Hugh Mercer. Kappa Psi, Pinetops ; Copses. James Peter. Charlotte; Corbett. Freddie Luvon, Selma; Creech, Howard Welda. Selma. Third How: Crouch, Phillip Francis, Asheville; Daughtry, Ben Philip, Kappa Psi. Smithfleld; Davis, Thomas Peete, Warrenton; Dean, Clayton Lyerly. Charlotte; Dockery, Wesley Prich- ard, Marshall; Dunlap, Helen Jean, Durham. Fourth Row; Dutton. Marshall Wilson. Phi Delta Chi. Hickory; Faison, Nancy Mar- garet, Kappa Epsilon. Rockingham; Faulkner, Edward Garfield, Kappa Psi. Monroe: Gaddy. Ray Carlton. Ingold: Hanna. Scottie Jeanette, Hickory: Hickmon. James Ralph, Wilmington. Fifth Row: Honeycutt. Bruce Willard. Frank- linton; Jones, William Warren. Phi Delta Chi. Morganton ; Kinimel, Ronald Melvin, Dunn; Kirkman, Paul Madison, Madison; Lasley, Charles Glenn, Jr„ Kappa Psi, Draper; Lassiter, Lucious Melvin, Jr.. Kinston. Sixth Row: Lutz. Howard R.. Vale; McAlister, Howard Grady, Phi Delta Chi. Maiden; McDonald, Eugene James. Reidsville; Marley. Joseph Perkins. Jr.. Kappa Psi, Alpha Phi Omega. Southern Pines; Mauney, Emily Elizabeth. Asheville; Miller. James Monroe. Phi Delta Chi. Hickory. Seventh Roxo : Miller. Joseph Larry. Phi Delta Chi, Hickory: Moose, William Whitaker, Kappa Psi. Mt. Pleasant; O ' Briant. Gordon Lee. Jr.. Kappa Psi. San- tord; Patterson. Forrest Tribble, Burlington; Peterson, Donald Vance. Wilmington: Price, Sanford Scott, Clinton. Eighth Row: Purser, Miles Herbert, Kappa Psi, Ayden : Ridenhour. Henry Baxter, Salisbury; Saunders, John Wesley, Phi Delta Chi. Raleigh; Shearin, Robert Hunter. Warrenton; Shoe- maker. William Preston, Phi Delta Chi. Tliomasville; Sitison, James Andrew, Jr.. Mt. Airy. Ninth Row: Smithwick, Edward Lee, Jr., More- head City; Starling, Mary Ruth, Chi Omega, Raleigh : Sutton, Lu- Ruth. Raleigh; Upchurch. Sarah Jane, Greenville; Usher. Harold. Griflin, Asheboro; White, Paul How- ell, Phi Delta Chi. Hickory. Tenth Row: Willard. Ivan Lawrence. Washing- ton; Womble. Jimmy Craig. Nash- ville; Wright. Walter David. Yad- kinville; Zackary. James Neville, Cashiers. 403 First Year First Rnir: Bell. Barbara .lane. Statesville: Bell. Barry Max. r.astonia: Bell. Charles David. Winston- Salem; Bennett. Charles Craven. .Ir.. Apex; Hills. Klizabeth Ann. Valdese. S,i;„iil How : liolton. Catherine Ann. Rieh Square; Bunili. William Haywood. Edenton ; Chambers. Stover Hill. Charlotte; Crouse. James Edward. Sparta ; Culp. Ted Murray. Pineville. Third Kinr: Uaughtry. Ruffus Lynwood. Princeton : Davis. L.loyd Ernest. Chapel Hill ; Farrier. William Sloan. Warsaw; Fletcher. Ray C. Valdese: Fulcher, Huge Lee. Beaufort. Pa. fourth How: Clentry. Tony David. Yadkinville; Oibson. Charles Thomas. Goldsboro; Cloodwin. Samuel Stephen. Monroe; Gufton. . drian Clay. Louis- burs; Hall. Mary Powell. Oxford. Fifth Row: Hardin. Jo Anne, Boone; Harmon. William Sidney. Ahoskie: Himes. Charles Farris. Bre- vard; Huffman. Kent Loewe. Winston-Salem; Junes. Malichi Crowder. III. Elizabeth City. Sixth Hon-: Keever. David Eugene. Lincolnton; Kennedy. John Lowry. Statesville; Lazarus. Charles Lawrence. Sanford; Lyerly. ed Thomas. Charlotte; McLarty, George Collins. High Point. S.niith Row: Marlow. Charles Wayne. Kannapolis; Neville. Walter Henry. Enfield: Pickett, Terry Julian, Hisli Point; Reaves. Dorothy Bingham. Fay- ftteville: Runnion. Joseph David. .Marion. Ki ' ilith Row: Sheets. James Paul. Jefferson: Smith. Donald Judd. Pilot Mountain: Tippett. Walter Lynda. Zebulon ; Tripp. Ronald Tucker. Ay- den ; Weatherspoon. Leonard Allen. Holly .Springs. Weaver. Van Darwin, Spring Hope; White. John Richard, Henderson, 404 The Pharmacy Senate was founded at the Uni- versity in 1940. Membership is limited to thirty students from the School of Pharmacy. The pur- poses are to stimulate and increase knowledge and appreciation for the profession of Pharmacy, to promote interclass cooperation within the school, and to teach public speaking as a foundation for future leadership. JOHNSON Spcretnrv-Treasi MANOS Recorder NANCE Parliampntnrian Pharmacy Senate ALLEN BOSTIC BRADSHAW CHAPMAN COOKE DEATON DUNLAP DIITTON, G. R. DUTTON, M. W. GOODWIN HARRISON HIMES HINTON INABINET JOHNSON, D. E. JOHNSON, L. G. JONES KING LAZARUS McAllister Mcdonald MANOS MAUNEY miller MOOSE NANCE O ' DANIEL PREVO SUTTON WHITE 405 School of Nursing The University of North Carolina School of Nurs- ing, a unit within the Division of Health Affairs, provides educational opportunities for young wom- en interested in becoming professional nurses. The School of Nursing offers a program leading to the degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing and cover- ing two calendar and academic years. The Uni- versity Health Center, located on the campus in Chapel Hill, provides hospital and out-patient ex- perience in many fields, and includes a large gen- eral hospital, a tuberculosis hospital, and a psy- chiatric unit. Additional experiences are offered through the cooperation of day care centers, health departments, rural hospitals, and other community agencies. Qualified graduate nurses who have re- ceived a diploma from an approved school of nurs- ing are also admitted to this program. The School of Nursing also provides opportunity for graduate study leading to the degree of Master of Science in Nursing. BERNARD DALYRYMPLE GAUTEFALD HILL HUX JANOW JOHNSON KIGER KILBURN LEWIS LINDBERG MOLLESON NORRIS PARKER SMITH SOUTSOS WEAVER WOOD 406 Dormitory officers are: Dewey Dance, Social Chair- man: Peggy BroH-n, Treasurer: Gail McCuiston. Secretary : Jo Ann Sowers, Vice-President ; and Barbara Miles, President. House Council representatives are First Rote: Genie Crews. Barbara Hardin. Jo Ann Sowers, and Bar- bara Miles. Second Rote: Beverly Segee. Pat Prcss- ly, Alice Kent. Fay Newborn. Jean Southerland, Mary Jane Clement, and Ann Bobbit Allen. Senior Class officers are: Diam ? Laslev, Social Chai Virginia Bibb. Secretary -Treasur er: Give n Bain, Vice dent: and Pat Russell, President. Sophomore Class officers are: Anita Whitener, Historian: Harriet Zimmerman, Treasurer: Sylvia Rabb. Secretary ; Claudia Barnes, Vice-President; and Sandy Roberts, Presi- dent. ior Class officers are: Mary Helen Sheburn, Social Chair- i: Helen Yates, Treasurer; Lucy Friddle, Secretary: Peggy rtn, Vice-President: and Jo Ann Sowers, President. hman Class officers are: Leia Midyette. Social Chairman: en Magnuson. Treasurer: Polly Wooten, Secretary: Pal n, Vice-President: Jerry Tripp, President. 407 Fourth Year First Roic : Ader, Frances Hammack. Walkertown: Allen. Ann Bohhitt. Washington. D. C: Bayne. Gwendolyn Ann. Winston-Salem; Bibb. Virpnia Ruth. Salisbury: Clement. Mary Jane. Raleigh. Second Row: Cupp Norma Joan. Kappa Delta. Elkins. W Va.; Dixon. Myrtle McAnally. Reids ville: Hardin. Jerry Elizabeth. Monroe; Hodgson. Gail Gifford. Kappa Delta. Ox- ford, Pa.: Lasley, Diane Roane. Winston- Salem. ThirrI Row: Leary Barbara West. Edenton; Lemly. Gwendolyn Duncan. Alpha Gamma Delia. West Jefferson : Lemniond. Rosemary Minor. Laurinburg; McGee. Carolyn Sue. Charlotte; Morse. Amy Ann. Chi Omega. Washington. D. C. Fourth Row; Noble. Nancy Anne. Garner: Plyler. Frances Irene. Charlotte; Price. Sara Faith. Kappa Delta. Buckhannon. W. Va.; Proctor, Janie Lee, Pinetops; Richards, Carolyn Taylor, Chapel Hill, Fifth Row: Roberts, Carolyn Frances, High Point: Robeson, Sallie Salter, Laurinburg: Routh, Billie , nne, Greensboro; Russell, Patricia Ann, High Point; Sanders, Elizabeth Sumner, . sheboro. Surth Row : Smith. Frances Adelaide. Whiteville; Staub. Marjorie Carol. Pi Beta Phi. West field, N. J.: Stockwell. Nancy Jane, High Point: Stroupe, Mary Ben, Chapel Hill; Suther, Carol Jean, Kannapolis. Seventh Row: Szilagy. Marilyn Watson, Chapel Hill; Temple, Jo Ann. Chapel Hill: Walsh, Kathryn Jones, Chapel Hill: Winslow, Betty Sorrell, Raleigh: York. Geraldine. Mocksville. 40E f :-i • t f " % ttl f tt% ml « fi»1if% Third Year First Row : Alexander, Norma Lowrie. Raleigh; Brown. PesRv lean. Hickory; Bryant. Julia Anne. Asheboro; (handler. Bess. Alvhn IMtit Pi, Washington. D. C: (liapin. Carter Firestone. Chi Omega, Asheville. Sfcorifi Rolf : Dark. Dorcas Faye. Raeford; Edwards. Anita Louise. Raleigh: English. Sally Ann. Willard: Friddle. I.ucia Rachel. Raleigh: Gallagher. Lois Anne. Winston-Salem. Third Roti-: (lalliinore. Elaine. High Point: Grady. Ann Grahar . « Bern: Greer. Phyllis Ann. Albemarle: Hassel Nii-K-iiiia Howe. Alpha Delta Pi. Beaufort: Heatoi Beverly . nn. Kappa Delta. Westlield. N " . J. Fourth Row: Hege. Nancy Jane. Winston-Salem; Johnson. Lillian Ashton. Goldsboro: Jones. Judith Louise. Winston- Salem: Lasley. Jo Anne. Reidsville; McCuiston. Gail Lorraine. Burlington. Fifth Ron-: Merrick. Susan Elizabeth. Asheville: Mewborn. Kaye McNeill. Farmville: Miles. Barbara Faye. Burlington; Mulvey. Jane Bolton, Greensboro: Nicholson. Eliza- beth Carr, Alpha Delta Pi, High Point. S-u A Ron-: illiver. Martha Elizabeth, Pollocksville: Poindex-ter, Martha .Ann, Canton: Renger, Joan Helen, Albe- marle: Rhyne, Mary Miller. Lincolnton: Ros.s. Martha Frances. Albemarle. Serenth Row: Sbelburne. Mary Helen. Alpha Delta Pi, Greensboro: .Sowers. Jo . nn. High Point: Stainback, ,lane Patter- son, Delta nammn, Jack.simville, Fla.; Strader, Telia ,Fo, Greensboro: Taylor, Roberta von Wilier, Aliiha (lamina Delta, Shaker Heights. Ohio, Firjhth Rou;: I ' urner, Barbara Lynne. Winston-Salem; Turner. Nancy Elizabeth. Gary; Wendler, Julie Ann. Alpha Delta Pi, High Point: Williams. Lillian Alvene. Carrboro: Wilson, Carolyn Patricia. Hamlet: Yates, Helen Lucile. Apex. 409 f % Second Year First Row: Adam-i. Nancy Walker. Winston-Salem; Bennett. Jiirlitli . nn, Roanoke Rapitis: Bledsoe, . tlia ScroK- sins. Wriglitsville. f.a.: Boling. Marsraret Judy. Siler City; Brandl. Frances Marion. Balboa. Canal Zone. St r iii(i Rnw: Burt. Jane . rthur. Biscoe; Garden. Catherine. Bur- lington; Cliapin. Rolierta Firestone. Clii Omega, . sheville; Clark. Loretta Bevree. Cireensboro; Clen- denin. Marge. Bethesda. Md. Third Run-: Dance. Mary Dewey. Alpha Delia Pi. Kayetteville; Davenport. Willie .Mae Joj ' ce. Newland: Derr. MartJia Kllen. Raleigli: Evans. .Margaret Lillian, Chapel Hill: Fisher. Charlene Reed, Asheville. Fourth Ron-: Groves, Martlia Elizabeth. Wenonah. N. J.; Halin. Celia Caroline. New Bern; Haniel. Sandra Jane. Weaverville; Hamilton. Barbara Ann, Fayetteville; Hobson, Betty Alice, Charlotte. Fifth Row: Holden. Nancy F.. Phoenixville. Pa.; Hylton. Carole Jean. Leaksville; Johnson. Elizabeth lone. High Point: Longest, Frances Elizabeth, Raleigh: .Morgan, Ann L.. Jacksonville. f 9 Sij-fh Row: Muirliead. Sue Ann. Salisbury; Peniberton. M. Ellen. Raleigh; Pressly. Patricia Ann. Charlotte: Rabb. Sylvia Annette. Gastonia; Reed. Sandra Darling, Houston. Tex. f % 9 % Srrriith Row: Riclitmyer. Rosemary. Bethesda. Md.; Roberts. Sandra Rush. Wallingford. Pa.: Segee. Beverly Ann. Fairborn. Ohio; Shepard. Opal Gray. Jacksonville; Spencer. Lillian Alice. South Mills. Eiphlh Row: Sutherland. Jean Marie, Greensboro; Tate. Eliza- beth Helen. Liberty: Weaver. Kay Elizabeth. Raleigh: Whitener. Anita Cecile. Lenoir: Yeager. Carol Louise. Chapel Hill; Zimmerman, Mary Harriette, High Point, 410 First Year s( Foil Andrew. Ruth Carolyn. Winston-Salem; Andrews. Charlotte Ann. Greenville, Pa.; Autry. Myrna Louise. Greensboro; Baggett. Allene Keeter. Lillington: Broadwell. Ina Mabel. Angier; Brock. Mary Webster. Fayetteville. Second Foie: Brown. Betty Lou. Forest City: Brown. Patricia Fay. Goldsboro; Browne. Estelle Jeanette. Hickory; Buie. Betty .Ann. Red Springs; Coltrane. Frances Amanda. Randleman; Connell. Mary Francis. Henderson. Third Row: Curtis. Edith Elaine. Clyde; Dickens. Beverly Joan. Burlington; Durham. Carolyn Faye. Burlington; Es- cott. Carolyn .Augusta. Charlotte; Forester, Alice May. Winston-Salem; Freeman. Peggy Joyce. Robbins. Fourth Rnu-: Furch. Phyllis . nn. Westtield. N. J,; Gilmore, Sarah Louise, Winston-Salem; Goodwin, Myrtle . nn, Ra- leigh ; Graham, Elizabeth Alexandria, Raeford : Gregson, Helen Louise, Pleasant Garden; Hinton. Elizabeth Bain. Battleboro. Fifth Row: Holloway, Carolyn Mae. New Bern; Kent. Alice Blair Linden. Richmond. Va.: Lea. Diana Cooke. Rich- mond. Va.; Lewis. Linda . nn. Rutherfortiton ; Linville. Dorothy Ann. Kernersville; Long. Patricia Anne. High Point. Sixth Row: Magnuson. Karen Margaret. Washington. D. C, ; Merchant, Norma Lynn, Asheville: Mewborn, Laura Darlene, Seven Springs; Micklus, Marilyn Ida, Fair Lawn, , J.; Midyette. Lelia Buxton. Raleigh; Mills. Ruth Jo-Ann. Concord. Sei ' euth Row: Mulligan. Linda Ann. White Plains. N. Y.; Nifong. Carolyn Levone. Winston-Salem; Olds. Gloria Lea. New Bern; Pearson, Frances Carolyn. Greensboro; Pentecost. Linda Marie, Burlington; Regenie. Sandra Jane, Garden City, N. V. Hobison. Nancy Jean, Wallingford, Pa.; Rock. Judith Ann. Charlotte; Simmons. Jo . nn. Pollocksville; Smith. Ellen Rae. Luniberton; Thigpen. Nannie Frances. Kinston; Thomas. J. Elizabeth, Charlotte, I f f t t ,f f 4 B Ninth Row: Thompson. Margaret Anne, Frerlericksburf?. ' ii.; Tieslau. Carol Alicia. Portsmouth. Va.; Tolton. Ann Linn. Greensboro; Tripp, Geraldine. Mebane; Turner, Jacqueline. Raleigh; Umstead, Sandra Kelly. Garner. Whitley, Jane Blount. Aurora; Wiggs. Carol Joann. Princeton; Woodward. Georgia Burwell, Winston- Salem; Wray. Martha Sue. Shelby. 411 Registered Nurses BACHELOR ' S DEGREE PROGRAM MASTERS DE«;REE PROGRAM Graduate sludrnls in psyrhialrir nursing and nursing servire administration are: Veronica A. Charbonneau. Gohoee. . Y.: Mary Snyde Steele, Raleigh: Peggy Parks Needhani. New Bern: Frances M. Russell. Richmond. Va.: Mildred Fortner. Blue Ridge. Ga.: Diane Gu Fogleman. Henderson: Margaret Wicker. Carthage: Gertrude J. Hoffman. Miami. Fla.: Mildred Ann Vogel. Miami. Fla. 412 Audrey Bonlh. firsi sluHrnl l I ' linipleli ' graduale program in INurMing Service Administration. 413 According to Dean McGavran, " Public Health is the science of the diagnosis and treatment of the health needs and status of the total community — or body politic as an entity. " UNC ' s School of Public Health, the fourth oldest school of its kind in the United States and one of the ten North American schools accredited by the American Public Health Association, incorporates this way of thinking into its curriculum. Pi ofes- sional people taking postgraduate work learn to function as inter-disciplinary community health teams through core coui ' ses, lectures, lab and field experience. The school, the focal training and serv- ice point for an intergrated statewide health pro- gram, attracts students from many other states and foreign countries. This year the School has outstanding students from thirty of the forty-eight states, as well as from sixteen foreign countries, including Afghan- istan, Ceylon, Egypt, France, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Nepal, Peru, Puerto Rico, the Philip- pines, Taiwan, Thailand, Uruguay, and Zanzibar. These foreign students are the top professional health people of their countries. They have en- riched the curriculum for all students through seminar sessions and informal discu ssion of the basic health problems and experiences in their respective cultures. In the close professional as- sociation throughout the school year mutual under- standing and respect have developed and deepened, personally, professionally, and internationally. School of Public Health Members of the Faculty of the School of Public Health are First Row: Doctors Cameron, Goulson, Okun, Portn Kelso, Greenberg, Coker, Donnelly, Freeman, Larsh, Tyler, Kent, Cantrell, and Blee. Second Roir: Doctors D Cehan, Cassel, Phillips, Back, Weiss, Bryan, Chanleth, Cart, McMahon, Morgan, McGavran, Doak, Haj , Ander Carson, Hendricks Cuillol. Vi right. Chipnian. Granstrom, d. Grizzle, Du i 414 First Row: Abernathy, Atwell Ray. Chapel Hill; Ander- son. Thomas Peden. Columbia. S. C: Bales. PepKy N ' eal, Chattanooga. Tenn.; Barton. James Howard. Mebane: Beaman. Ethel Lu- cille, Walstonburpr. f f 1 Second Bou lie. Beasley. Joseph Edward. M.D., BIytl Ark.; Blakeney. Billy Carson. Pag:eland. S. C. Bozardt. Kathleen B.. Cornelia. Ga.; Brint Pauly F.. Amherst. N. H.; Brooks. Sarah B Falls Church. Va. Tfiird Row: Brown, Jerome. Chapel Hill; Burr, Marjorie Elizabeth, Manchester, Conn.; Byrd, William Carlton. Warsaw; Callahan. Shirley Elizabeth. Easton. Md.; Caudell. Ivallean. Pippa Passes, Ky. Fourth Row: Chappelear, Clovis Gene, Mountain View, Okla.; Clark. Martha E.. Jackson. Miss.; Cole. Miriam Lillian, Hialeah, Fla.; Conger, Harold Gates, Silver Spring, Md.; Davids, Donald James. Kanawha, Iowa. Fifth Row: Davis. Katherine. Maplewood. N, J.; Decker, Phyllis. Arnold, Md.; Dennis. Robert George. Chapel Hill: Doran. H. Gordon. Jr.. Athens. Ga. ; Drake. Horace Beaumonde. Greenville. S. C. Sixth Row: Oyer. Newman Allen, Princeton. W. Va.; El- Kammash. Magdi Mohamed. Port F ' oaud. Egypt; Fan. Kuang-Yu, Taipei, Formosa. China; Fedde. Helen Marie, New York, N. Y.; Kerro, Hose Marie. Montevido, Uruguay. Seventh Row: Fortune. Ruth Xixon. Concord; Francotte. Jean Francois, Becon-les Bruyeres. France; Franzen, Irvin G.. Chapel Hill; Futch. Thurs- ton DuPui.s. Jr., Macon. Ga.; Ghafur, Abdul Kabul. Afghanistan. Kiuhih Row: Gilbaugh, Suzanne Lillian. Portland. Ore.; Glenn. B. Blanche. Rirhmond. Va.; Grass. Gladys Lear. Kannapolis; Greathead. Lilliam Dielil. Waynesboro. Va.; Greer. Kathyrn Ann. Columbus. Ga. 415 Halin. Mary Helen, Sugarcreek. Ohio; Hales. William Linwood. Beaufort: Haniblet. Frede- rick Edwards. Chapel Hill: Hance. Francis Ilurton. N ' ew Bern: Harrison. Samuel Duke, ( liHinhlee. Oa. Sf. ■«;,( Roir: Harvey. Helen Ke riitli, l.intx Beacli, Calif,: Hazelwood. Eulalia Jane. Jackson, Tenn.: Herzofr. William T.. Peoria. 111.: Honeyeutt. I ' eKsy Rea. Covinfcton. Va. : Hopkins. Mary Louise. Middleton. Ohio. Third Hnw: Hushes. John Thomas. Pittsboro: Hughes. I ' liillip Ottis. Poplar Bluff. Mo.: Iralu. Tefta. Chapel Hill: Iralu, Viclia elhu. Vaaa Hills, Inilia: Jenpanitlikarn, Chalerm, Biingkok, I ' liailanil. F,,iirlli ftnir: ,lohnson. Julia Ann, W illiamsburKh. Ky. ; .lones. Hoderic O.. Chapel Hill: Junea. Hevia . .. Montevideo. Uruguay; Krain. Robert Harris. Bronx. N. V.: Lake. Lola Lee. Au- burndale. Fla. Fifth A ' ..»-.- Lane. -Ann Buchanan. Rutherfordton ; Leo- hapan. Wanich. Rajburi. Thailand: Lenich. . gnes W.. W ' ilson : Lopez. Carmen M.. Cabo Rojo. Puerto Rico: McAndrew. Catharyn Kane. Falls Church. Va. flirth Rnw: McColm, Mary E., Bernanlsville, N. J.: Mc- Cord. William Jerome. Mannins. S. C: Mc- Donald. Marjorie Cole. Pinehurst; -McCinnis. .lack Smitli, Ellenboro: Maisel, Ceorge S., Wilkes-Barre. Pa. S,r,iitli Kuir: Mancy. Khalil Hosney. Chapel Hill: Marshall. Bennie Sue. Kershaw. S. C: Matthers. Leslie Avon, Angler; Mayse. Dorothy. Spindale; Meehan. Frank George. West New York. N. J. Fii htli h ' lUf: Melton. V ' irgie Dolores. Gainsville. Fla.; Moore. L.L ..- .. Jr.. Baltimore. Md.; Mundy. Martha Beatrice. Gadsden. Ala.; Xealey. Margaret Louise. Chadbourn; Nuri. Salnia Shaikh. Baghdad. Iraq. 416 First Foil- : O ' Keefe, Mary R.. ChicaKO. 111.: O ' Toole. Louise S.. Albuquerque. X. Mex.; Parulekar. Dinkar V ' ishwanath. Bombay. India: Patter- son. Mary Frances. Edinburg. Tex.: Peayson. Dr. Ernest Alexander. RaleiRli. Second Row: Peters, Howard A.. Omaha, Neb.: Pfeller. Henrietta H.. Miami, Fla.: Phillips, irginia Coker, Kingstree. S. C. : Ponnampalani, S.. Karaueddi, Ceylon; Pundlik, Diganber Anrit, Naspur, Bombay, India. Tliird Row: Kabbani. Mirzamonir, Tehran. Iran: Rai, Hup Kumari, Kathniandu, Nepal; Roberts, Mary Joe, Hickor ' : Ross- Venning, Laura, M.D., Charlotte: Rundgren, Edna Crandall, Hillsboro. Fourth Row: Sanchez, Billie Catherine, Fort Smith, Ark.; Saunders. William Eugene. Cliapel Hill: Seism. Betty Jean, Clierryville; Scites, .Martha Louise, Kenova, W, V ' a,: Sicura, Nat, Warren. Ohio, Fifth Row: Skinner, Tommie A., Little Rock, Ark.: Soekrisdo. Djakarta. Indonesia: Soopikian. Cieorge. Tehran. Iran; Soopikian. Janet. Tehran. Iran; Starr, Sue Massenburg, Pasa- dena, Md. Sij:th Row: Stephens, Dean Howell, Taos, N. Mex.: Stephenson, James Benjamin, Holly Springs; Stone, E. Virginia, Richmond, ' a,; Tadros, William Henein, Cairo, Egypt; Taft, Hunter (ieorge, Jr„ Meridian, Mississippi, Seventh Row: Dejada-De-Rivero, David A„ Lima, Peru ; Terry, Doris Elaine, Louisville, Ky. ; Vaughn. p;ula Cheek, Graham ; Wallace, David Rus.sell, Richmond, Va.; Weeks, Theodore Willard, Jr„ Sebring, Fla, Kiljhth Row: Williams. F. Jean. Washington, D. C: Wil- liams, Martha Ann, Knoxville, Tenn.: Yar- brough, Joseph Clem, Raleigh: Vett, Marian Francis. Jonesboro, Tenn. 417 Nurse representative EHllit Rutid ren " " softens " the pieliirr. School of Public Health Secretaries are Frances Gust. Administrative Assistant: Delsev Rowe. Sallie Beal . Clare Henlev, Emm. Palladina, Barbara tlollier. Jo Hastv, Bettv Schmiti. Marion Smith, Anne Garsl. Marlene Donovan, an.l Jo Patterson. Student bodv representatives on Facultv, Staff, and Student Committee are Marjorie Burr. Vulridon: Dean Stephens. Health Education: Henrietta Pfeffer. Public Health . ursini:: Miriam Cole. Pu5 ic Health yursing: Jane Hazelwood. Biostatistics, Treasurer: Vincent Patton. Sanitation: William Saunders, Parasitology; D. V. Parulekar, Foreign Students: E. Virginia Stone, Health Education. Secretary; and Gordon Doran, Administration. President. ot Pictured is Edna Rundgren. A Halloween Party in the Tin Can proves that students Public Health beiieve that " all v.ork and no pla . . 418 Prexy asks nurse Peg " who, what, why, where, and when " about nurses during a coffee break in the hospital cafeteria. 419 FoR-F if ' s % m R€ J r- r For-Sale - MEN OF AMERICA: THE Live-action shots- Priest River, Idaho Logs go crashing in a miglity dive! Hobnails flashing on a timber drive! 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PETE AND SPERO SAY: JOIN THE CROWDS AT THE Ljoodu SHOP -i- ■ TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE 201 East Parrish Street Durham, North Carolina HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL MAKES OF PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS Smith Corona Electric Portable Typewriter Sales - Service -A Rental 423 It ' s PACE IN GLENN LENNOX For the Finest in Furniture and Accessories Compliments of THE VARSITY THEATER C 0 Flower Shop Opposite the Post Office BY APPOINTMENT • YACK BEAUTY COURT Graduate to jK Greater Food Savings T COLONIAL STORES A Your Friendly Compliments of Nu-Way Dry Cleaners 424 Come in for Royal Welcome Service PURE Williams Pure Oil Service 424 West Franklin St Phone 9-2701 Congratulations TO ANOTHER GRADUATING CLASS CAROLINA BARBER SHOP " Since 1903 " BRADm ?l Durham Highway DELICIOUS FOOD Facilities for Private Parties DILLION SUPPLY COMPANY Mill — Industrial and Contractors Supplies Plumbing and Heating Equipment Industrial and Home Water Systems Irrigation — Sawmill Equipment General Suppliers For Educational Institutions Raleigh — Durham — Rocky Mount Goldsboro STEVENS-SHEPHERD CHAPEL HILL ' S FAVORITE 425 cJLlttle S k a Headquarters for Carolina Coeds DRESSES SPORTSWEAR E. A. BROWN FURNITURE and ELECTRICAL COMPANY FURNITURE — APPLIANCES 106 W, Rosemary Phone 8-7121 414 W Franklin Next to City Hall Chapel Hill, N. C. UNIVERSITY FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP 1 24 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill ESSO AND ATLAS PRODUCTS For the Best in Esso Service Trade at NORWOOD BROTHERS ESSO SERVICE 1 36 West Franklin Street Across from Chapel Hill High School ROAD SERVICE PHONE 2221 roisTER ' s mm storl m.. Photographic Supplier for the Professional and Amateur Photographer CHAPEL HILL, N. C. 426 Wherever You Go Whatever You Do Good books ore as close as your nearest mailbox THE INTIMATE BOOKSHOP 205 E, Franklin Street THE UNIVERSITY PRINTERY " HANK " HARRINGTON East Franklin Street Chapel Hill THE BANK OF CHAPEL HILL CHAPEL HILL GLENN LENNOX CARRBORO Clyde Eubanks President W. E Thompson Executive Vice-Pres. Collier Cobb, Jr. Chairman of Board J. Temple Gobbel Cashier W R Cherry Asst. Cashier Reserve of $10,000,000 Serving the University Community Since 1 899 MEMBER F D I C CHAPEL HILL BARBER SHOP FREE PARKING " Every man to his business, but indeed the craft of a tailor is beyond all doubt as noble and as secret as any in the world. " PETE THE TAILOR 427 Re ords tind High Fid »liiT ilc|iii|im« ' nl 207 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill, North Carolina Phone 5396 CONGRATULATIONS To the Class of 1958 GEORGE BARCLAY ' S Texaco Station The Best in Service Corner Franklin and Columbia NEW YORK LIFE AGENT on Your Campus Is a Good Man to Know GE0RI;E L. t OXIIilAD UNC ' 42 A Mutual Co. Founded 1845 Nl llCj INSURANCE COMPANY Congratulations To the Class of ' 58 THE DAIRY STORE " Chapel Hill • 431 W. Franklin St. • Telephone 9414 University Cleaners CLEANING — PRESSING Chapel Hill, N. C. Plant Phone 9-1 901 — Office Phone 4921 428 ROBERT ROLLINS BLAZERS, INC. 832 Broadway New York, N. Y. Specialized Blazer Service to UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA HOWARD JOHNSON ' S XEW " Be outet ari J " room Now Available for BANQUETS — DINNERS LUNCHEONS — RECEPTIONS Capacity 100 Durham 7-5273 HOWAHD JOHXSOX $ f estauirant ON THE DURHAM ROAD CHAPEL HILL TIRE CO. Complete Dial Service 9-2621 THE CORNER HANGOUT For Prescriptions For Fountain Service SLOAN DRUG COMPANY On the Corner Across from Theater 429 THE PORTRAITS IN THIS YEARBOOK WERE MADE BY SMITH STUDIO otoqrapners OFFICIAL PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE " 1958 YACKETY YACK " 12 EAST HARGETT STREET RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA 430 GLENN LENNOX APARTMENTS AND SHOPPING CENTER Congratulates the Class of 1 958 WATTS RESTAURANT and MOTOR COURT SPECIALIZES IN STEAKS 2 Miles South of Chapel Hill on the Pittsboro Highway PHONE 9-5886 Best Wishes Closs of 1958 Julian ' s College Shop MAURICE JULIAN ' 38 TAR HEEL CLEANERS West Franklin Street PICK-UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE Telephone 9-1461 CONTINUOUS QUALITY DURHAM Coca-Cola Bottling Company Durham, N. C, TOWN and COUNTRY HOTELS HAYWOOD DUKE, President THE KING COTTON • SEDGEFIFLD INN Greensboro, North Carolina 431 THELL ' S BAKERY " Flavor Like Mother Tried to Get " 124 E Franklin St. PHONE 4291 CHAPEL HILL, N. C, Bakery Goods of Finest Quality £, odemam AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY Expert Shirt Finishing DIAL 5121 329 West Rosemary Street HARRIS -COKKER!! SALES AND SERVICE Telephone 9491 501 W Franklin St — Chapel Hill, N C Cavt»rs Hy tiiMtgskrttft KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. Kingsport, Tennessee 432 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 58 " The Dairy Store " 431 West Franklin Street CHAPEL HILL — Telephone 9414 « ' « ' M ttfi f " pie i " Daift ' PtoductX, The CAROLINA INN Hosts for the Ihiivcrsity on All Oujsioiis -•Operaring a Dining Room and The Carolina Inn Cafeceria C dqe on askic J. B. ROBBINS o Chapel Hill 433 Electric Construction Company Desk Lamps, Portable Typewriters And All Your Electrical Needs JUST OFF THE CAMPUS 165 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill Compliments of YATES MOTOR tO. DODGE — PLYMOUTH Sales and Service 419 W. Franklin St —Chapel Hill, N. C Compliments of FITCH LUMBER COMPANY CARRBORO, N. C ' ii mm Chapel Hill ' s Furniture Center on West Franklin St COLLEGE SHU-FIXERY 1 73 East Franklin Finer quality . . . Greater selection . . . FOWLER ' S FOOD STORE West Franklin Street Chapel Hill 434 Thanking You for Your Patronage WENTWORTH SLOAN 4eweleri CITY OPTICAL CO. LICENSED DISPENSING OPTICIANS 121 East Franklin St Chapel Hill, N. C. Zenith Hearing Aids and Batteries Fittings and Adjusting Congratulations to the Class of 1 958 Pepsi -Cola Bottling Company DURHAM — BURLINGTON WHEN VISITING CHAPEL HILL f einember UNIVERSITY MOTEL is one of Carolina ' s finest motels ana for steaks and sea foods at their very best, it ' s THE PINES HIGHWAY 54 EAST CHAPEL HILL 43S SUTTON ' S DRUG STORE WALGREEN AGENCY Serving Tar Heels Since 1923 Tar ll« ' « ' l K llriiii and l i « ' KC i i|»ii«»ii ili4»|» Cosmetics, School Supplies, Fountain Service, and Gifts Phone 5531 — Store Phone 9-8781 — Prescription CHAMBLEE INSURANCE AGENCY RALEIGH, N. C. We appreciate the privilege of writing your STUDENTS ' ACCIDENT AND MEDICAL INSURANCE for comfort and vear . . . flLUv . at a price more than fair HANES iintk ' i ' svcar Ibi " men and boys p. H. Hanes Knitting Co., Winston-Salem 1, N.C. • Canadian Mfr. : C. Turnbull Ltd., Gait, Ontario . Scandinavian ; Aktiebolaget Melka, Gbtebotg, Sweden Australian: La Mode Industries, Pty. Ltd., Fitzroy • New Zealand: Soma- President Textiles Ltd., Wellington 436 For The Best In Pizza Try LA PIZZA 406 W. Main Street Carrboro, N. C. Phone 7-1451 " The Only Pizzeria in Town " PICK-UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE UIIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP TRUST FUIDS STORES BOOK EXCHANGE CIGAR STAND BOOKETERIA CIRCUS ROOM SCUTTLEBUTT Complete Line of Classroom Supplies Reference Books — Out-lines — Textbooks NEW AND USED TYPEWRITER SALES AND SERVICE ON THE CAMPUS " Y " BUILDING 437 CHARLOTTE ENGRAVING COMPANY CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA WW " " THE SOUTHS FINEST ANNUAL ENGRAVERS SINCE 1915 " here are times wlien " blowing your own horn " is in good taste . . . and wnen it comes to distin tne printing, we lifee to give a loud blast! From creation to completion ... a staff of vearLook specialists give professional skill and expert follow-tnrougn ... on a wide variety of printing assignments. WASHBURN Printing Company, two fourteen West Morenead Street, Telepkone FRanklin 5-1716 or FRanklin 7-1619, Cnarlotte, N. C. nd ex James Allen 179,361 1.. r. i.inil.lf. llalph McColl, Jr 120,287 l.. I iiathv. Alu.ll Ray 415 i.. in.itliv. l;r t.- Baker 325 1.. iii.iliv, 1...1I Leslie 44,200,287 Al.eriiethy, William Miller 361, 39 Aliernethy, William Randolph 178,325,34:1 Abert, Lt. ( J.G. ) J. G 1 62 Abranison, John 224 Aoker, Judith Ann 325 Aekersiin. Mary Beth 202, 287 ACTIVITIES 26 Adair, Carolyn Sue 349 Adair, Donald Grant 132, 287 Adams, Bobby Joe 287 Adams, Charles Gilbert 158, 161, 287 Adams, Donald G 264 Adams, Franklin LeVerne 160,219,361 Adams, George Bryan, Jr 325 Adams, Jerome R 180 Adams, J. E 161 Adams, John Patrick 51, 63, 66, 287 Adams, Leon Reed 349 Adams, Maria Jane 372 Adams, Xancy Ann 203, 325 Adams, Nancy Walker 410 Adams, Patricia Anne 169, 325 Adams, Philip C 372 Adams, Robert Taylor , - . . 325 Adams. Sarah Randolph ,54, 325 Adams, William Holcombe, III 349 Adcock, J. Sam, Jr 287 Adcock. William Olin, Jr 268, 325 Ailer, Frances Hammack , . 408 Ailkins, Dorothy C. ,284 Adkins, Ed 131 A.lkins, Margaret Ann 170, 325 AIUIIXISTRATIOX 18 ADVERTISIXr, 420 AFRdTC 156 Af;«-e. (leorge S. 325 . Rner, William Peyton 349 Ainslie. Lee Sanford, Jr 212, 232, 349 Akin, William Baker, Jr 218, 287 Alala. Joseph Basil. Jr 380 Albert. Josephine Taylor 287 Albert. Rudolf Franz 63, 65, 325 Albreiht. Fred Robert Kurt 131.349 Albrecht, John Howard 325 Alilred, William Murray. Jr 157, 287 Al.lridse. Jean JacQuelyn 114 Aldridse. Robert Patten, Jr 160,361 Aldridge, Thomas H. 361 Alexander. Harry Albert 361 Alexander. John Robert 166, 287 Alexander. John Thomas. Jr. 204, 325 Alexander, Joseph Hammond 120, 204, 349 Alexander, Richard Barnhardt Alexander. Xorma Lowrie Alexander. Robert L. . . Alexander. Roy Davidson Alexander. Sydenham B. Alford. James David Alford. Jim Wavne Allegood. Carlton W. Allen. Ann Bobbitt Allen, Billy lis, 131, 231. 407, 134, 402, Don Lee 141, Allen. E. Marvin Allen. Frances Xeal 190, Allen, Dr. J. Xorman Allen, Thomas Clark Allen, Wayne Ogburn Allen. William Reynold, III Alley, James T. Alley. John Granville .Alligrood. Romalda Joyce . . 144, Allred, John Thompson 139. 194, Allred. Hiram Herbert, Jr. . llred, Tommy Lee 201, Allsl.rook. Mary Ann 169. Allslirook. Richard Brown 140, Alp.-r, Peter Jonathan ALPHA IiF:LTA PI ALPHA EPSILOX DELTA ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ALPHA KAPPA PSI ALPHA PHI riMEGA ALPHA TAT I iMEGA Alphin. Fred. Jr. Alphin. Oliver Wendell 30,31,127,132, Alston. AUene Taylor 144. Alvord, Kenneth B. Aman. Jerry Hedrick - 200. Ambrose, Oadus Donald Ammons. James Floyd . mos. Jerry Woftord US. Amy. John V. Anderson. Dr. Carl E. Anderson. Evelyn L. . nderson, Larry Randall 325. . nderson. Leo Richard Anderson. Patricia Sutherland 37. Anderson, Thomas Peden .Anderson. Wayne Clark 19S. Anderson. William H. Andrew, Ruth Carolyn Andrews, Charlotte Ann Andrews, Dr. Leon P. Andrews, Sam Brown , Andrews. Samuel Howard, Jr Angle. William Rhoads 219. Ansell, David K 220, Anthony, Katherine Anthony. Suzanne Rogers Arbogast, Virginia Lee 217, Archer, John M., Ill Arey, Tony Josephus ArniHeld. Sally . rm.stri.ii;;. James Paul Ai-mstn.n;;. Madeline Ailee Armstrong. Roy . .VKXiiLD AIR SOCIETY Barnes, Elizabeth Pace Barnes, Glenn Wesley - Barnes, James W ' illard .1.1. . rthi ah Fickle Jr. Artope. George Raymond Ashburn. James Lee ' M , 34 ' . ' Ashendorf, William Herbert 221, 361 Ashtord, Charles Hall, Jr 35, 40, 117, 184, 286, 287 Ashford, John Durward 287 Ashley, Diana Duncan 114 Atchison. Suzanne Hester 144,170,287 Atheneos, Michael Anthony 325 Atkins, Jo Ann ,325 Atkinson, Clinton Kesler . . .397 Atkinson, David B 184, 168 Atkinson, William Bryan . 160. 349 Attayek, Eli John 141, 386 At water, James T 287 Atwater, John Wilson, Jr 142, 387 At well, Alan George 119, 210, 349 Ausband, Samuel P 142, 387 Austell, Ronald Lowery 124, 400 Austin, Ernest Hampton, Jr 325 Austin, James Farrell 143, 372 Austin, Lawrence Byron, III 197, 361 Austin, Thomas Earney 372 Austin, Shelden Clyde, Jr 197. 349 Autry, Gene Alexander 361 Autry, Myrna Louise 411 Averitt, Hooper 47 Avery. Edward Stanley, Jr 397 Avery, Erwin T 63,117,380 Aycock, Charles B 257 Aycock, William B. 22 Ayscue, Edwin Osborne, Jr 113,380 B Babb, Robert Massey 349 Babb, Wayne Arnold 361 Baber, Fred Wilkerson 288 Babson, Frederick Augustus, Jr. 376, 377 Bachman, Ann H 288 Back, Kurt 414 Badgett. Richard G 138, 379 Baer, Herbert R 231, 370 Baggett, Robert Franklin 2SS Baggett, Allene Keeter .411 Baggett, Robert Franklin 130, 28S Bagley, Edward Orrick 288 Bagwell, Willard Ray 349 Bailey, Beverly Ann 169. 325 Bailey, Clarence Almon 391, 393 Bailey, Donald Etheridge 125, 372 Bailey. Leslie Rand, Jr. 47, 288 Bailey. Rachel Ann 125,372 Bailey, William James. Jr. 349 Bain. Given 407 Baker, Benjamin R 389 Baker. Charles Henry 361 Baker, Charles Louis 254, 325 Baker, Donald Randolph 325 Baker, I. Cleo 406. 412 Baker. Julian Tucker, Jr 227, 228, 361 Baker, Mary Tod 177,325 Baker, Mourdine 325 Baker, Thomas P 389 Balas. Bernard David 17.5, 361 Baldridge, William Paul 174,232,288 Baldwin, Albert Leslie 349 Baldwin. William Howard 28S Bales, Peggy Neal 415 Balift, Doug .38 Balkind. Gary Irwin 153, 220, 349 Ball. Brenda Combs 361 Ball, David Stafford IIS, 349 Ball, wniliam Amos 349 Ballard, Daniel Stedman, Jr. 2SS Ballantine. Lula Sue 122, 402 Ballentine, Esther Mollie . . . 114 Ballew. William Ralph 288 Ballinger. Max D. 140. 379 Ballis. Kim 194, 325 Bane. Sara Evalyn 325 Bank. Stephen 220. 262, 263. 288 Banks. Otis Gordon 130. 288 Bannerman. Janet Patton 288 Bantley, Jim 385 Banzet, Julius Edmond. Ill 127. 380 BAPTIST STUDEXT UXIOX 151 Barbee, Gibson Vester, Jr 175, 349 Barbee, James Dorris, Jr 325 Barber. Charles R 194 Barber. Howard Curtis 157,159,288 Barber, Martha Adeline Cousins 114 Barber, Milton Augustus, III 226, 231, 28S Barber. Robert William 132, 402 Barber, Ruth Watkins 288 Barbour. Robert Lay ton 361 Barcke. Coach 261 Barefoot, John H 222, 349 Barefoot. William C 175 Barker, Bennie Dale 387 Barker, Ernest Gail, Jr. 58. 361 Barker. Graden Lee, Jr. 32- ' . Barker. Ralph Morton . . . 361 Barkin. Terr y S US. 153, 224 Barclay. George 24ci Barklev. CarP A 200,325 Barks, Coleman Bryan 196, 265, 325 Barnes, Lt., C. P 162 Barnes, Elizabeth Gore 190, 288 Ba Sar 1S2, 28S 349 III ... ....... 201, ' 326 361 268 ' illiam Watson Harnharill, John M. 2n4 Uarnhill. Jean C :;iim Barrett. Richard Darcv 361 Barrett, Robert Harrison, II 4(i3 Barrett, Thomas B. 391 Barrier, Boyd Ray 144, 326 Barringer, John Carroll 179, 361 Barringer, Michel Laron 288 Barrington, Carl Adam, Jr 63, 188, 288 Harrington, Richard Everett 288 Barrow, Robert M. 74 Bartholomew. Joseph Eugene 288 Bartlett, Jennie Lee 288 Barto, John Thomen 117, 372 Barton, James Howard 415 Barton, Roger 384 Barts, John Will, Jr 349 BASEBALL 263 BASKETBALL 255 Basnight, Gordon Lee 361 Basnight, Norma Gwynn 182, 326 Bass, Charlene Lynne 191, 271, 326 Bass, Eddie Covington 47,69,113,114,115, 117, 123, 288 Bass, Gerald Lane 326 Bass, Harold Hall 361 Bass, Harris Hartwell ' 216, 326 Bass, James X 288 Bass, Mary Orpha 326 Bass, Molly 203 Bass, Tommie Leonard, Jr 289 Bass, Wesley Xeil . . 115 Bateman, Clive Anthony 289 Battle. Barbara 71 Battle, Fred Gordon, Jr. Batts, Ada Lee Batts, Bernice R. Baucom. Bennie Winfred Baucom, Cullie Joe . Baucom, Edward Bryce Baucom, Jim Preston Baucom, Kenneth Latta Baucom, Robert Leslie Baum, William Oscar Baumstone, Ross Jan Bayliff, James Douglas Bayne, Gwendolyn Ann Baynes, Gerald Taylor Baynes. Robert Gene Bazemore. William Milton Beacham. Fred A Beacham, Thomas J Beale, Garland Wood, Jr. 134, 400 Beale, John Carrell 349 Beale, J. J 134 Beam, Dennis Anthony, Jr. 200. 289 Beam. Lewis Rav 393 Beaman, Ethel Lucille Beams. Patricia Alice Bean, ' illiam Claris Beard. Robert Earl Beasley, Joseph Edward, M Beatty, James Tully Beaty, Carolyn McXaul Beaty. Sallie BEAUTIES .90 Beaver. Frank Eugene 194, 349 Beck, Lenny 254 Becker, Donald Eugene 349 Beckman, William Robert 391, 392, 393 Belangar. Paul Bryan 179, 326 Beleos, Constance G. 326 Belk. James Sh Bell, Amoret Moore Bell, Barbara Jane Bell, Barry Max Bell, Betty Bell. Charles David Bell, Frances Anne 140, 377 . . .289 289 21S, 326 349 132, 326 396 132, 326 408 38, 39, 289 349 1S2, 326 389 74, 123, 349 415 113, 114, 266, 267 326 418 an 42, 182, 183, 289 326 326 40, 174, 232, 320 38. 119, 127, 320 Bell. Graham A 326 Bell, Joseph Taylor 326 Bell. Larry 264 Bell, Michael Willoughby 160, 205, 361 Bell, Richard Howard 289 Belmont. Fernando Belton. Richard Paul Bender. .Tohn Joseph Bender, .Tohn Robert, Jr. Bender, Xeil Carmichael Benfield, Herman Larry 361 Bennett, Charles 121 Bennett. Charles Craven, Jr 404 Bennett. Charles Landis 137, 361 Bennett. Joseph Collier 207. 326 Bennett. Judith Ann 410 Bennett. Leonard Booth 289 Bennett, Thomas Stephen 35, 139, 377 Benson, Robert Donald 326 Benthal. Alpheus Worth 136, 403 Benthall, Ruben Alwin 326 Bentlev, Herbert Leland 74, 361 Bentlev. Keith Lambeth 141.388 Bentley. Ralph Luther 114. 391. 396 Beranek. David Xickell 326 Berg, Lawrence Stephen 326 Berger. Michael D 224 Berger, Robert 377 Bergren. Richard B 160,361 Berkut, Jack Carroll 361 Bernard. Barbara 406 440 nd ex 51. 74, Bernard, Lawrence Joseph .... Bernhardt, Charles John . Bernhardt, Robert Linn, III . Bernstein, C. Page Bernstein, Constance Bernstein, Morris Martin Berry, Francis Kea Berry, Frank Berryhill, Bruce Holt Berryhill, Lewis David, Jr. . . Berryhill, Dr. W. R Bess, Gilbert Bessinger, Colonel Donivan, Ji Best, George S., Jr BETA GAMMA SIGNA BETA THETA PI Bettes, Laura James Betts, James Allen Betts, Leonidas Judd, Jr. Beveridge, Bruce Hanna Bhapkar, Vasant Prabhakae Bibb, Virginia Ruth Biberstein, Richard von, Jr Bice, Glenn Biggers, David Carl Biggerstaff, Franklin Lee Bllich, John Matthew , Bilisoly, James Alvis 121, Billings, Xancy Wren Bills, Elizabeth Ann Bingliam, James Robert Bird, Richard Edward Biren, David Robert 30, 66. Bishop, Robert Ellis Bishop, Wayne Staton 35, 236, 266, Bivins, Cynthia Leigh Birke, Ronald Lewis Bizzell, Mary Louise 148. Black, Baxter Franklin, III 172, 276, Black, Bob Black, Charles Benaji Black. Foye Forbus, Jr. Black, Geoffrey Laurence Black, Hirman Bunyan Black, James Thomas Black, John William Black, Xancy Margaret Black. Stanley Warren. Ill 74. Blackburn, John Ogburn Blackman. Bill ■kman, Wilbert Worth . .326 201, 361 270, 326 56, 128 118, 349 194, 289 283, 391 . , . .174 289 349 144, 32li 189, 361 ... 372 407, 409 ... 117 62 . , 393 361 114 211, 326 390 . .404 160, 349 201. 349 180, 326 402 267, 326 ...289 .361 176, 289 2S6, 289 133 326 Bostie, Russell Alton Bostic, Thad Stevens Boudreau, Girard Edgs Jr. .30, Blac Black ' Black ' Black ' Black ' Black ' felder, John Xc i-ell, Bobby Carroll l-ell, Wilbert Worth lell, William E. lood, Carl Walter i ' ood, James Daniel , Lemuel Showell, III 143 141, 388 188, 289 201, 361 34, 139, 376, 37 Blair, Jerry Andre 349 Blair. William J. ... ?Mr, Blake, Shelley Wayne 326 Blakely. Robert Franklin 164. 166. ' 00 3 ' 6 Blakeney. Billy Carson 41. Blalock, Julian David 133 32, Blanchard. Norwood Pitt 137 403 Bland. Wilbur Bryan 2X9 Bland, William Otis 2X9 Blanton, Barbara Delola 390 Blanton, Silas Walker. Jr. 55. 118, 184, 349 Blazer. Phillip Paul 236, M 2.S9 Bledsoe. Atha Scrogeins 41 " Bice, Margaret 41 1 Blevins, Lester Garner 327 Blitzer, Dorothy June 1.S3 3 ' V Bloodworth. Robert William . Jr. 361 Bloom, Harrv Emmanuel 197 361 Bloomer. Oliver Green ?SM Blount. Charles L 143, 39? Blount. Marvin Kev 1S5 361 Blue. James Franklin. Ill 361 Blume, Thomas Frederick 361 Blumenfeld, Thomas Allen 361 Blumenthal, Jerrv 40 2?4 Blythe. Charles Clifford 17.=i 361 Blythe. Marshall McCov 179 361 Boden. Theodore Xeal 17? 349 Boaz. Margaret Wright 176 3?7 Boecker, Eberhard 37 ' ' Boese. Fred Merritt 13? 99fl Boggs. David Thomas 361 Hoggs. Roy Dixon. Jr. 117, 126, 29 ' Boissavit, Jean Pierre s,s, 37? Bolch, Donald Ernest 37? Bolch. Thomas Jefferson 361 Bolch, Oscar Howard. Jr. 397 Bolden. Connie Edward 13S 379 Boles. John Rich 361 Bolick. Carroll Lee 361 Bolick. Ted Arnold 133 34 " Boling. Margaret Judy 410 Bolinger. Bobby Mose 3?7 Bolton. Catherine Ann 979 404 Bolton. Charles Burns ?16 990 Bonner, Ann Elizabeth 1S3 3?7 Bonner. Sylvia Meade 403 Bonner. William Ross . 174 349 Bontempo. Robert Henrv 361 Bookout. C. Loyd Allen 290 Boone, Shirley Reid 4116 41? BOOSTER CLUBS ?73 Borden, Robert Hanes 47, 184, 265, 3?7 Bordogna. Richard James 361 Boss. George Wells 199, 361 BossonR, Joseph C Bost. John Franklin Bost. Thomas Mr-Pollu Bost. William S., Jr. Bounds, Bobbi Bowden, Ernest Ted Bowden, AVilliani Edgar Bowen, Frank Theodore . . Bowen, Mary Barringrton . Bowen. Xorman George Bowman, Charles Harwood, Jr. Boyd, Allan Craig Boyd, Bernard Boyd, Clarence Lacy, Jr Boyd, Edward L Boyett, John David Boyette, Charles Otis Boyette, Robert Boykin, Wilber Ray Bozardt. Kathleen B. Braokett, George Calvin Bradneld, S. Smith 40, Bradford, Martha Jane Bradley, Charles Marvin Bradley, Lawrence E Bradley, Mary Nell Bradley, Winnifred Louise Bradshae, Council Fox Bradshaw. John William Bradshaw, Rush Leonard Brartsher, Sidney Preston Bradsler. Arthur Long, Jr. Brahmer. Peggy M. Brake. Richard Clarence Brakefield, Aubury Lee Branch, J. Arthur Brand, Abel Lineberger Brand. Bruce A Brandis. H. P.. Jr. Brandl, Frances Marion Brandner, Larie Kent Brandner, Larie K. Brandon. John Louis Brandon, Thomas Henry Branham, David Allen Branner. William Arthur. Jr Branson, Charles Dale Brantley, Charles Eugene Braswell. Charles Marion Braswell, James Michael Braswell. Kermit Lee Bratten. David John Bratton. Lewis Palmer Brauer, John C. Brawley. Bobby W atson Brawley, Edward Thomas Brawley, Eleanor Rigglns Brawley, Reid Haynes Braxton, H. Harrison Broadwell, Ina Mabel Bream. Dr. Charles A. Brecht, Dr. E. A. Breckenridge, M. S. Breland. Arthur Breece Brennan, Edward Michael Brennan. Peter Joseph 113,21 . .136, 400, 405 . .188, 228, 290 49, 62, 63, 186. 187. 290 361 , 349 183. 327 403 116. 290 134, 4(12 284 327 143 393 268, 397 256. 26S 41, 188, 22S.29n 176, 290 196, 349 12- 144, 290 . 406, 412 139, 403. 405 216 349 361 33 213 219 376 41(1 117 290 1V4 327 349 172. 32V 142, 387 383. 384 395 266, 267, 327 124, 383. 398 376 142. 386 Brennan. Stanley Leroy Brewer. Ernest Craven Brewer. " O ' esley Scott Brewer. William Culvern , . . Bridgers. Julian Dalms. Jr. , , Bridgers. William Ashley, Jr. Bridges, Donald Patrick Briggs, Ernest Ray Briggs, Linwood F. Briley, William Frazier Brimm, Verna Mae Brimmer, Kenneth R Brine, Paulv F. Brinckerhoff, Marv Lou Brinkly, Elizabeth Tucker Britt, Alton Alfred, Jr. Britt, Billie Rose Britt, Robert Carl Britt, Robert Carl Britt. Robert Franklin Britt. Ronald Paul Britt, Ronald Thomas Britt, Sarah Ann Brittain. Hoke Mitchem 248, 249, 250, 51, 252, 253, 29ii 290 116 223 349 202 415 148, 290 177 3?7 207 3?7 202. 290 290 Britto Jo Ma 117. 231. 226. 290 Broadwell, Ina Mabel Brock, Clifton H., Jr. Brock, James David Brock, James J. Brock, Jane Harrison Brock Joan Marion Brock ' , Marv Webster Brock. Ruth Fordham Brooke. . nne Fenton Albert D., Ill David Allen Jack Boyce Joan John Charles 30, 45, 51, John Irving, Jr Sarah B Broughton, Howard Clark Broun. Charles Conway Brown, Barbara Hope Brown, Betty Lou Eohbv Craig Carl Lerov Charles Melvin. Jr. Chester Henrv, Jr. Daniel Elmer Dwight E. , , , . 380 349 125 72. 390 Brooks. Brooks, Brooks, Brooks, Brooks, Brooks, Brooks. Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown 139, 377 213 16S, 291 Brown, Earl T Brown, Edward Addison Brown, Eugene Wilson, Jr Brown, Frank A Brown. Franklin Roosevelt . Brown. Gordon Rives Brown. Hershall Matthew Brown. Homer Clark, Jr Brown, James Edward . . , Brown, Jerome Brown, Joe Brown, John Ralston Brown. John Robert Brown. Julian C, Jr. Brown, Larry Wesley Brown, Louis J. Brown, Malcolm Otis Brown, Mary Clayton Brown, Margaret Jane Brown, Mary Lo is Brown, Xorborne A., Jr. Brown, Oscar H Brown, Patricia Fay Brown, Peggy Jean Brown, Ralph Bradbury , Brown, Robert Calvin Brown, Troy A Brown, William Lee Browne, Estelle Jeannette Browning, Henry Donaldson . . Browning, Joseph Fletcher, Jr, Browning, Robert Locke, Jr. . . Bro ' ning, William Evan ...... Brumlev. Alfred Xeal Bruner. Ethel W Brunson. Edward Porcher. Jr. Brunson. Margaret Walker Bryan. Dr. A. Hughes Bryan. Clinton Ellwood. Jr. Bryan, Donald Thomas Bryan, Floyd Talmadge Bryant, David Lee Bryant, George Badger Bryant, Howard McKenzie, Jr. Bryant, Hugh Bryant, James Kenneth Bryant, John Collins Bryant, Joyce Hartz Bryant, Julia Anne Bryant, Mary Craig Bryant, Millard Lee Bryce, George Wilder, Jr Bryson, Vaughn Douglas Buchanan, David Xathan Buchanan, James Wesley Buckeley, Donald Buckley, Rebecca Hatcher Buckner, David E., Jr. Buie, Betty Ann Buie. Wayne Melvin Bull, Dorothy Richmond , Bulla, Jefferson Davis Bulla, Thurmon Clifton Bullard, Amos Jones Bullard, Edmund William, Jr. Bullard, Elizabeth Joanne Bullitt, James B. Bullock, Alpheus Bradley Bullock, John Chester, Jr. Bullock, William Riley, Jr. Bumgardner, Shirley Weaver Bun. Ronald Tullv Bunce, Dr. Paul L. Bunch, Gerald Lough Bunch, William Havwood Burch, Barbara . nne Burch, Edith Carol Burch, Steve Ross Burchett, John Boyd, Jr. Burge. Robert A. , , . Burgess, Frank Eric . . . . Burgin. Charles Edward Burgin. Stanley Eugene Burke. Ronald L. Burke, William Richard, Jr. Burnani. Jesse Andrew Burnett, Charles H. Burney, Fredric Arlen Burnham, Claude Francis Burns, William David Burnside, ' William Henry Burr, Marjorle Elizabeth Burrell, Frederick William . . . Burress, John Woodfin, III Burroughs, James Burroughs, Robert M Burt, Jane Arthur Burton, Ernest Steven Bush. Barbara Marie Bush, William Edwards Butler, Earl R. Butchart, Edward ' Winslow Butler, George Simeon Butler, James Edward Butler, .lames Roger Butler. Jesse T ewis Butler. Lindlev Smith Butler. Martha Ann Butler, Robert Albert Butler, Robert Douglas Butler, Stuart Watson Butler. Thomas Edgar Buzzard. Jim Byerly, Kenneth R. Bynum, Frank Hines, Jr. Byrd, Edward Franklin Byrd, Harvey Dwight 124. 398 327 291 127 34, 38. 39, 327 114 349 291 291 .415 189 179, 362 362 .291 .362 175, 254 350 168, 291 390 327 372 141, 386 272, 407, 411 407, 409 219, 327 395 138, 379 397 411 387 402 . 119, 151, 327 362 327 177, 321 350 176, 291 414 350 198. 327 121 350 362 350 291 409 291 362 120, 177, 291 403 120, 327 .241 389 362 350 402 391 74, 350 .400 393 114 .362 391 327 404 183, 328 43, 328 362 291 214, 328 180, 291 362 .350 389 21S, 350 41.-, 418 . . 216. 291 .212, 231. 291 133 218 410 291 . , , 166. 291 362 387 141. 168. 386 441 nd ex Byrd, Howell Ewell, Jr. Byrd, Julian Clarence Byrd, Marlon Everton Byrd, Richard Thomas Byrd, AVilliam Carlton Byrum, Bob Cabot, Roland Mark Cadieu, James Myers Cagle, William Baird Cahoon, Bobby Glenn Cain, Alston Grey . . Cain, Lee Reg Caine, Elenor Caison, William McDowell Caldwell, Bruce Francis Caldwell, Glenda Cabra Caldwell, James Alexander Caldwell, Sanda Carole Callahan, Shirley Elizabeth Callender, Kenneth Hugh Callicott, Joseph H., Jr. Calloway, William Ray Cameron, Dallas Alexander Cameron, Charles M., Jr. - , Cameron, Dr. E. A Cameron, Edward Leon Camp, Robert Bernard Campbell, Carol Shanklin Campbell, Charles Woodrow , Campbell, Clyde M., Jr Campbell, Edwin W. Campbell, Gayle Norman Campbell, Hugh E. Campbell, John Kerr Campbell, John Manley Campbell, Milton Clyde, Jr. Campbell, Susan . Campan, Sidney Sawyer Canaday, Maurice Lewis Canas, Juan Canipe, Dorothy Ann Cannon, Robert Laurence, Jr. Cansler, James O. Cantrell, Douglas David Cantrell, Louise Cap, M. Paul Capetanos, Chri.s L. Capps, Carl Edward Capps, Charles K. Capps, Thomas Edward CARDBOARD Garden, Catherine Garden, William Arthur Carlan, Mary Cabell Carlisle, Elizabeth Fields Carlton, Patrick William Carmichael, Katherine K. Carmichael, Jerry Gaylon Carmichael, William Donald, Jr. ' " ' armode, Ralph Edward CARi:)LIXA F iRU.M C- Rl)LIX. PL. YM. KERS CAROLINA QUARTERLY CAROLINA SYMPOSIUM Carothers, Mary K. Canuutas, Andy Carpenter, Bennia Jo Carpenter, Leonard B. Carpenter, Max Cline Carpenter, Nancy Jean Carpenter, Ted Franklin Carpenter, William Perry Carper, Frank Wilkins Carr, Gabriel Paul, Jr. Carraway, James Howard Carraway, James Robert Carriker, Donald Malloy Carrington, Samuel Macon, Jr. Carroll, Dudley Dewitt Carroll, Edmund Griffin Carroll, James Anthony Carroll, James Robinson, Jr. Carroll, Larry Winford Carse, Jim Carson, Bud Carstarphen, Cloydia Grace Carter, Catherine Brooks Carter, Clarence W. Carter. Donald K. Carter, Ed Carter, Larry Carter. Lee C. Carter, Robert Wilson 30, 31. Carter, Wilbert James Carter, William Leon Cariwright, William B. Caruso, Samuel Frederick Carver, Charles Albert Case, Wallace Talmadge, Jr. Casey, Dee Casey, James Broadus Cashion, Leonard R. Cashion, Roy Wilson Cashwell, Richard Gordon Casparis, John Cass, Donald Hayes . Cassel, Dr. .John Cates, Donald Brooks Cathey. Gerald Mason Cato, Harold Eugene Caudill, Ivallean Cauley, Jerry Dean Causey, Hugh Ward 223, 351 292 362 . 41ft 3511 328 .172, 328 350 350 328 191 12,-) 350 328 176, 292 292 232 125 130, 292 292 139, 379 350 362 151 114 , 414 393 292 362 292 198. 292 274 . 410 328 169. 32S 362 328 24 292 21, 2.31 173, 350 203 63 328 131, 35m 223, 362 202, 292 292 . 292 350 44. 127, 292 207, 292 362 292 74, 362 231 181, 328 362 201, 350 292 146 240 408 144, 171. 328 207, 328 136, 137, 400 232 189 136, 400 38. 44. 45, 50. 115, 119, 328 175 222, 292 32S 362 362 362 70 292 386 328 166, 204, 328 350 350 419 196, 293 389 350 415 350 350 Causey, Philip Pendleton 213 Cavas, Anthony John 362 Cernick, Balkimir 262, 263 Chadabe, Joel A. 224 Chamberlain, Dr. Harriet R. 391 Chambers, Stover Hill 404 Chamblee, James Monroe 113 Chambliss, Joseph Barrow 138, 379 Chambliss, Mallory Lewis 293 Champlin, Curt 265, 350 Chandler, Bess 168, 4o9 Chandler, Fred M. 385, 387 Chandler, Thomas Nason 133, 32S Clianleth, Mrs. Emil T. 414 Chapin, Carter Firestone 176, 409 Cliapin, Marvin 384 Cliapin, Roberta Firestone 176, 410 Cliaplin, Vandalyn L. 125 Chapman, Donald Kenneth 142, 400, 405 Chappelear, Clovis Gene 415 Chappell, Linda Lou 56, 128, 176, 293 Charbonneau. Veronica Ann 372 Chase, Dr. John B 125 Chastain, Carl Robert, Jr. 121, 362 Chastain, Roger Vernon, Jr 350 Cheateam, Lou 177 Cheek, Emett 240 CHEERLEADERS 276 Cheng. Henry Cheng 124 Cherry, Marcus Cicero Stephen, III 40, 114, 196 228 293 Chesnutt. William Joseph ' 196] 293 Chesson, Jack Holt 328 Chester, Wayne Seagraves 293 Chewning, David Earl, Jr., 328 Chichester, Gerald Curtis 350 Child, Robert Michael 362 Childs, Jack Stith 172, 276, 293 CHI OMEGA 176 CHI PHI 178 CHI PSl 180 Chipman, Dr. Sidney S 414 Christian, John Gordon, III 350 Christian, Richard Ray 293 Christian, Virgil Holcomb 293 Christian, William Gerow, Jr. 188, 293 Chryssikos, Paul N 372 Church, Clay Franklin, Jr. 119,199,328 Church, Janette Iris 144, 293 Clapp, Joseph Mark 47,117,126,130,131,293 Clare, John Laurence, Jr. 362 Clark, Betty Sue 202, 293 Clark, Charles Frederick, Jr. 328 Clark, Dwight L 384 Clark, Edwin 328 Clark, George Earl 142, 386 Clark. Giles R 139, 377 Clark, Henry T., Jr. , 382 Clark, Hugh Mercer 399, 403 Clark, Jon Barrett 293 Clark. Linda Llewellyn 390 Clark. Loretta Beyree 410 Clark. Martha E. 415 Clark, Richard Alan 362 Clark, Robert Burns, Jr. 362 Clark, Tony Franklin 362 Clark, William Lee 362 Clarkson. Francis O., Jr. 140, 377 Clary, Robert C. 125, 372 Clay, Ingrid Suzanne 170,271,293 Clay, Robert M. 328 Clayton. John A. 358 Claytor. Alton Bennett, Jr., 362 Claytor. William Graham 146, 196, 350 Clement, Charles Ewing 215, 362 Clement, Henry L. 362 Clement. Mary Jane 407, 408 Clemmons, Roland Elbert 293 demons, Joel Maurice 362 Clendenin, Marge 410 Cleveland, Alfred Eugene. Ill, 139. 379 Cloninger, Shirley Kennedy 328 Coats. Deane Moulton 293 Cobb. Donnell Bordon. Jr. 184. 232. 328 Cobb, Laurence Arthur 180, 377 Cobb. Whitfield 372 Cobbs, Janet Barbara 128, 144, 328 Coburn, Robert Lee, Jr. 293 Coburn. Roland Guy. Jr. 362 Cochran. James Lee 362 Cochran, Virgil Mickey 350 Cochrane. George Thomas. Ill 184. 350 Cockrell. Arthur Elliott 38, 362 Coddington, Dabney Minor, Jr. 226, 232, 328 Cody, Lewis Randolph ,350 Coe. Katherine Keith 36. 42. 112. 176, 177, 293 Coenen. Walter D. E. 120. 328 Coffin. Harris Alexander 328 Cofod, Robert Kenneth 350 Coggin, George William 139. 379 Coggins, Boyd Wayne 362 Coggins, Norman Lester 132, 293 Cohen, Jerrv Edward 328 Coker, Donald 181, 241. 243, 245 Coker, Robert Edwin 231, 414 Colclough, William Joseph 350 Cole, Jerrv Robert 157, 161, 200, 293 Cole, James A. 188 Cole, Miriam Lillian 415, 418 Cole, Tollie Boyce 329 Coleman, Charles L. 125 Coleman, Thomas W. 241 Colescott, John William 74, 211, 362 Coley, Charles Rowe 44, 329 Coley, Max Lee 362 40. 57, Collette, William Collias, Nick Collier, Forrest L., Ill Collier, Hal Franklin Collier, Barbara Collier, Robert Alvis, Jr. Collins, David Collins. James McLeod Collins. Mary Frances Collins, Michael Lee . Collins, Nancy Marie Colonna, William Hough, Jr. Colson. William Stewart Coltrane. Frances Amanda Combs, Bobby Eugene Comer, John Fitzgerald Condrey, Robert Braswell Conger, Harold Gates Conger, Thomas J. Connell, Daniel W. Connell, James Paul Beardsley, Jr. Connell, Mary Frances Connell, Mary Frances Conner, David Marion, Jr. Conner, Luther Thomas. Jr. Conner. Ray M.. Connery, Robert Andrew Conny. Murphy Bryan Conoly, James Halbert Conrad, Robert B. CONSOLIDATED UNIVERSITY STUDENT COUNCIL CONTENTS Conyers, Cecil Rupert, Jr. Cook, Dennis Shelton Cook, Geraldine Cook, Hester Davis Cook, Stanley Galpin Cooke, Donald Davis . . Cooke, Robert Cameror Coolidge, Warren H. . Cooper, David Elder Cooper, Elliott Turnstall, Jr Cooper, Gary Edward Cooper, Wilson Reid, Jr 116, Cope, Alfred Lovell, Jr. Copeland, Ronald William Coplon, Malcolm Coppedge, Raymond Franklin, Jr. Copse, James Peter Corbell, Luke Corbett, Freddie Luvon Corbett, John Gratis Corbett, Rhodes Thomas Corbett, William Osborne Corbin, Henry Jefferson, Jr. Cordle, Joseph Claiborne, Jr. Cordle, Thomas L.. Jr Corey, Belle Hamilton 45, 112, 148, Corkey, David C. Cornell, Thomas Bonifer Cornish, Lucas King, III Cornwell, Abner Milton Corr, Christopher Joseph Corr, Kathleen Lee Corvin, Sam COSMOPOLITAN CLUB Costello, Marion Eugene Costen, Thomas Buie Gotten, Lyman A. Cotter, Chad Cottrell, Walter David, Jr. Couch, John N Courtney, Florence Lynne Courts, Andrew J Covell, Charles Van Orden, Jr Covin, William J Covington, Benjamin McLauchlin Covington, Robert James Cowan, Gaylord Hunt Cowan, Marvin Russell Cowan, Robert Jenkins Cowart, Charles H. Cowell, Marion Aubrey, Jr. Cowper, Stephen C. Cox, Eppie Bennett Cox, Edwin Roscoe, Jr. . . . Cox, John Rudolph Cox, Malcolm A. Cox, Richard Larry Coye, Beth Frances Coyle, Fred J., Ill Craddock, George Edward, Jr. . . Craddock, Robert Avery Cradle, Burnie Craig, Joe Billy Craig, Plezzy Harbor, Jr. Craig, William Franklin, Jr. Craige. Dr. Ernest W. Craighill, Francis Hopkinson Crandell, EC. Crane, Marjorie Ellen Cranford. James Willis, Jr Crater, Julia Ann Crawford, John Robert, III Craven, Burit Doyle Craven, Thomas Craver, George Larry Crawford, Jane Crawford, John Robert, III Creasy, Thomas Claiuorney, Jr. . Credle, Joseph Bernard Creech, Howard Welda Creekmore, Joseph Powell 1 32S 293 372 146, 293 350 350 139, 377 117, 126 50 16 362 294, 405 329 125. 372 294 ,212. 294 128. 212, 350 62, 64, 329 362 55. 362 35, 214, 329 196, 261, 329 350 121, 362 220 402 403 376 403 294 197, 362 362 218, 294 362 .265 149, 182, 294 186, 388 362 140, 194, 379 150 212, 232. 350 350 231 40 219. 362 284 191. 329 393 210, 294 179 372 350 188. 269, 329 402 120, 174, 329 362 214, 294 226, 232, 350 110 362 294 393 362 171,329 192 329 350 217 389 195,329 . 132, 294 231. 391 213, 362 384 171, 362 350 .37. 182. 294 216, 228 329 393 180, 350 182, 329 350 113, 140, 376, 377 362 . . 403 360 442 Ind ex Cream, Anthony 200, 350 Cress, Margaret Josephine 230, 294 Crews. Genie 407 Crews. Xatiianiel Sullivan 218, 277, 294 Crist. Takey 241, 329 Crockf ord. Dr. Horace D 125 Crocker. Nathan Thomas, III 294,380 Crocker, William Guy 350 Crockett. Nancy Florence 56,128,329 Cromartie, Dr. William J 391 Cromley, Robert Irving, Jr 44,134,402 Crook, Myron Dudley 294 Croom, Jacques Howard 139, 379 Crosland, David Bailey 393 Cross, Charl es 256, 257 Crossland, Lucie Bassett 45,202,294 Crotty, Curtis Paul 350 Crotty. John 248,253 Crouch, Adeliah Smyer 294 Crouch, Phillip Francis 403 Crouse. James Edward 404 Crouse, Paul Obeli 329 Crow, Edward Wilson 146,184,350 Cro wder, Anne Ellen 329 Crowder, Charles Louis 199, 362 Crowder. Courtney 37, 230 Crowell. James Kenneth, Jr. 362 Crowell, James Sheffield 329 Crowley, William Jerome 350 Crownover, James Edward, Jr 38, 350 Crowther, Frank Harrison 54, 329 Crumbley, Mary Louise 148,191,329 Crumpler. James Fulton, Jr 216, 294 Crumpler, Sylvia McKey 177, 329 Crumpton, Leiotte Rose 329 Crutchfield. Clarence Jackson 216, 350 Crutchfield. Leslie Alice 183,329 Crutchfield, William. Jr 172, 269, 351 Culbertson. James Addison, Jr 219, 362 Culbreth, Beverly Ann 170, 320 Culbreth, Carolyn Elizabeth 393 Culbreth, Harold Dean 201, 362 Culbreth, Ronald C 133 Culp. Albert Franklin 351 Culp. Ted Murray 404 Culpepper, Vernon Clay 144, 294 Cummings. John B 193, 241, 243, 244, 246, 348 Cummings. Paul 384 Cummings. Ralph Waldo 30,31,118,173,351 Cunningham, Robert 193 Cunningham. Robert Joseph 113.248,249 Cunningham. William Grady , , - 294 Cupp. Norma Joan 408 Current. William Ange 387 Currie, Daniel Lee, Jr 121, 362 Curry, Roy Lee 362 Curtis, Cecil Martin 294 Curtis, Edith Elaine 411 Curtis, John Russell 396 Curtis, Lee Ann 114 Cushman, Charles Arthur 196,324,329 Cutchin, Lawrence McGilbra 119,196 Dahl, Nancy 144 Dailey, Richard Maurice, Jr. 351 DAILY TAR HEEL 54 Dale, David Lewis 123, 362 Dairy mple. Ruth 406 Dalton, John 74, 186 Dalzell, John 374 DANCE COMMITTEE 44 Dance, Mary Dewey 168, 407, 410 Daniel, Carolyn Smith 294 Daniel. Carey Williamson, Jr. 166,329 Daniel. Charles Reuben 114 Daniel, Donald E 131 Daniel, Fred Marsh 132, 295 Daniel. Joseph M. 125 Daniel, Lillian Stuart 295 Daniel, Marshall Emory 351 Daniels. Allen Gray 241,351 Daniels. Johnathan Worth 113 Dann. Carl. Ill 387 Dannenbaum. Alice 329 Dansby, David Mozart, Jr. 362 Darden, James Robert . . .295 Darden, John Morgan, III 213, 362 Darden, William Adams 295 Dark. Dorcas Faye . . .409 Darmstatter. George Edward 180. 329 Darnell. William Gordon. Jr. . 196. 295 Daughtridge, Margaret Ethel .168, 295 Daughtry. Ben Philip 134, 403 Daughtry. Carl Mitchell 351 Daughtry. Curtiss Wilson 114,295,385,389 Daughtry, Edward Alan 362 Daughtry. Glenn 268 Daughtry, Richard M. 199 Daughtry. Ruffus Lynwood 404 Davenport. Florine Antha 295 Davenport. Willie Mae Joyce 410 Davids. Donald James 415 Davidian. Vartan A., Jr 172. 295 Davidson. Sigmund 208 Davis. Bette Sue 169.329 Davis. Burton Sparling. Ill 295 Davis. Charles Eugene 133. 329 Davis. Charles McMillan 295 Davis. Charles Sharpe 362 Davis. Chester Clark 218, 295 Davis. Daniel Whitaker 392. 395 Davis, David Ramsey 35, 124, 216. 400 Davis. Frances Jane 329 Davis. George P., Jr 189, 362 Davis, George Thomas 116, 397 Davis, Gus Louis .295 Davis, James E 241 Davis, James Haydn 351 Davis. James Horton, Jr 329 Davis, Jane 203 Davis. John Allen 351 Davis. Katherine 415 Davis, Lloyd Ernest 404 Davis, Luther Joshua. Jr. 161,329 Davis. Mary Louise 295 Davis. Mary Mailly 191, 330 Davis. Max Wayne 372 Davis. Nancy Elizabeth 56,103,128,202,295 Davis, Nancy Starr 330 Davis, Oscar Swifton 212, 232 Davis, Philip Bibb, Jr 362 Davis, Oscar Swift 295 Davis, Paul Clifton 389 Davis. Ted 221 Davis. Thomas Peete 403 Davis, Warren Thomas, III . . 204, 295 Davis, Wilburn Addison 389 Davis, William Finley 212,351 Davis, William Glenn, Jr. 118,351 Dawkins, John Earl, Jr 258,257,295 Dawn, Jon Neil 218, 295 Dawson, Elizabeth Ann 183, 330 Dawson, Martha Virginia 182, 295 Dawson, Robert William 372 Day, Gordon Howard 351 Daye, Dennis Eugene 372 Deal, Albert Leonard 118, 330 Deal, William Brown 174, 232, 295 Dean. Alfred 372 Dean. Charlie L., Jr. 377 Dean. Clayton Lyerly 403 Deans. John Frederick 196, 330 DeArmon, Frances Anne 144,176,330 Deaton. Bob 254 Deaton. Don Jason 136,402,405 Deaton. Forrest Eric 64. 363 Deaton. Robert Wayne 362 Deaton. William Alexander 143,372 Debank. Douglas Fredrick .330 DeBerry. Howell, III 295 Debnam. William Speight 387 DeBorde. Lynden Walls 236,266,330 DeBruhl. Garry Glenn 295 DeCantis. Emil 214,242,244,245,246 Decider, Alexander Howard Decker. Phyllis Dees. Anthony Roane Degnon. Robert DeHart, Evelyn Beatrice Degnon, Robb Fraywe Deits. Jay Hawkins Delbridge, Matthew G. Delmar. Robert F. de Loiselle, Monte Fred DELTA DELTA DELTA 363 415 330 193 295 363 351 388 168, 363 201, 330 182 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON 184 DELTA SIGMA PI 132 DELTA THETA PHI 144 DELTA UPSILON 186 Denemark. Bennett Goldsmith 160,209,363 Dennis, Carolyn 202, 296 Dennis. Robert George 415 Dent, Elizabeth Hunter 114 DENTAL HYGIENE 390 Derr. Martha Ellen 410 Dessouky. Yehia Mostafa 136, 372 DeVere. David Erskine 227. 363 DeVere. Diana Arneson 128,177,330 Devin, Virginia Peyton 330 DeVogt. John 126 DeYoung. Daniel 143, 372 DIALECTIC SENATE 63 Diamond, Earl L. 414 Dickens, Beverly Joan 411 Dickens. Marian Lou 182, 296 Dickerson. James Perry 363 Dickerson. Sandra 171 Dickman. Robert Neil 201,363 Dickson. George Graham, Jr 363 Diets, Jay 47 Diggs. Robert M 142, 386 Dillard. George Johnston 134, 400 Dillard. Joe W 71 Dillon. Patricia Ann 36, 42, 156, 182, 286, 296 Dimsdale, James Richard 330 Dinwiddle. James William 380 Divine. Morrison Wenceslays. Ill 215. 363 Dixon. James Franklin 130,296 Dixon. John Barnabas 296 Dixon. Myrtle McAnally 408 Dixon. Robert Kirkman 139, 379 Dixon. Robert Windson 179, 330 Dixon, William C. Jr 330 Doak. George 414 Doar. James Eraser 117,218,296 Dobson. Ervin Garrison 296 Dockery, James Stephen, Jr. 117, 380 Dockery. Judith 144, 296 Dockery, Paula Carolyn 330 Dockery. Wesley Prichard 137, 403 Dodd, Florence Spotswood . 128, 171, 272. 330 Dodson. Randolph M 205 Doggett. John Taylor 210, 330 Donahue. Jim 254 Donald. Susan Mary 56,128,202,296 Donaltelli, Bernie M. 241 Donisthorpe, Sue Mae 183,330 Donnelly, Carolyn F. 171, 272, 330 Donnelly, Thomas 414 443 Donnorummo. Francis Vin cent, III 330 Donohue, Charles 201 Donovan. Daniel L. 391 Doran, H. Gordon, Jr 415,418 Dorroh, Jolm Hunter, Jr 351 Dorroh, William Gayle 351 Dorsett, J. Dewey 391 Dorsett. Sam Houston, Jr 160, 181, 351 Dorton, Marion Lamar 389 Doss, Dale Walter 296 Dossell, Dr 391 Dossett. Edward Franklin 363 Dotson. Donald Larry .363 Dougherty. Elizabeth Lloyd 112,148,190,296 Dougherty, John Joseph 330 Doughten, Richard Merrill 372 Douglas, Samuel Preston, Jr 205,363 Doutkit, R. P 62 Dowdle, Dewitt P., Jr 178, 296 Dowdy, Donald Carlisle 134, 402 Dowdy, Ruth Crowell 57,128,183,330 Dowles. Winfred Graham . 296 Downing, Harold Dean 138, 270, 377 Downum, Allen Fitzgerald, Jr. 363 Doyle. Howard Glenn 363 Drake. Anne Louise 176, 296 Drake. Claude Wallace 296 Drake. Horace Beaumonde .. .415 Draper. Joseph Collins, Jr 330 Draughon, Clyde 172,351 Drew, John T 188, 330 Drexler, Edith Wells 168,296 Dries, Donald Morris 194,351 Driscoll, Raymond Leverings, Jr. 330 Driver, Edward Lee 351 Droze, Haywood Daniel, Jr. 172,270 Drye, Robert Stanly 131, 330 Drj ' foos, Henry, IV 172, 296 Drexler, Edith Wells 296 Duff, Angus MacLean 121, 213, 363 Duggins, Jack Steven 402 Duke. Raymond Langford 330 Dulaney, Elliott Daingerfleld 363 Duncan. Allie Hamilton 389 Duncan. D. B 414 Duncan. Jane Cannon 330 Dunlap. Benjamin Emerson 330 Dunlap, Dickson Brown 116 Dunlap. Helen Jean 403, 405 Dunlap. Lucy Ann 373 Dunlap. William MarshaU 197,254,363 Dunn. Bill M. 134, 402 Dunn. James Buford, Jr. 214,296 Dunn, John Raymond 363 Dunnagan. Harold Macon 351 Durham, Carolyn Faye 411 Durham, Eulalia Anne 351 Durham, Webb, Jr 201,363 Durham, William Henry 296 Dutton, Gene Raymond 136, 400, 405 Dutton, Marshall Wilson 403,405 Dyer. Newman Allen 415 Dykers, John R., Jr 396 E Eades. Irvine Hubert Eagle. John Chalmers, Jr. Eagles, Frank L Eakes, John Robert Eanes, Ralph Hill, Jr Earey. Pat Earle, George Marvin Eargle, Zane Emerson Early, J. Virgil Earnshaw, Gwendolyn J. Easley, Robert Waters. Ill Eastman. Ann Garner. Mrs. Eaves. Robert Wendell. Jr. Ebert, Richard Gordan . Eckerson. Anne Terrill Eckhoff, Oscar Bradley Edens, Edgar Lee Edison. William C. Edmisten. Jacqueline Faye Edmisten, Joe Allen Edmund. William Bullard, Jr. Edmundson, Haywood, IV . Edmundson, William Carlyle Edney, Joseph H. Edsall. Katherine Vaughan Edwards. Anita Louise Edwards, Charles Hamilton Edwards, Ellison Frances Edwards, Joseph Roger Edwards, Philip Strowd Edwards, Robert Luther Edwards, Rudolph Lee Eells. Marion Efird. Tom David Eisele. Doug Eisenburg. Richard Elam, Paul Wilson, .Ir. Elden, Julie Eldridg. Charles P.. Jr. Elfland. Frank Albert Eliason. Roy V El-Kammash. Magdi Mohamed Elkins, Frank Callihan Elkins. Johnny Warren Elledge. Warren . Eller. Alice Seely Ellen. Frank Eller. Roger Foster Eller. William Larry Ellerbe, Harry LaCoste. Jr. 133, 296 330 172 351 363 260, 261 363 113 173 . 330 121, 363 116. 296 196. 270, 296 296 330 373 380 215 351 125,373 118 226, 296 409 363 397 199, 363 351 .330 38. 44, 127. 330 177 205, 363 50. 54. 60 220 226, 232, 351 191. 330 396 209, 363 125 415 74. 363 134. 402 74 37, 190, 297 132. 297 ,351 214, 297 nd ex Ellerbe, Hassell Earle 363 Ellington, Lelend Eugene 132, 297 Elliot, Balaam Thalphonza, Jr 363 Elliott, Donald Eugene 33u Elliott, James M 380 Elliott, John Dowd 363 Ellis, Ann Marie . .297 Eves, Joseph Pearce, III 363 Evins, Thomas Moore, Jr 227, 363 Exum, Ashe Boat 40,216,351 Exum, Genevieve L. Garrou 297 Exum, Robert, Jr 35, 19S, 297 F Packert, William Edward, III Pagen, V. Sue Pair, Jackson Glenn, Jr Faires, Forus Edgar Faison, Nancy Margaret Faison, Walter C. Falk, Michael Falkenberg, Wilhelmena Margaret Falls, Boyd P Falls, Felix Crowder Pan, Kuang-Yu Parber, Jerry Marcus , Parmer, Carl Douglas Farmer, Robert Lee Farmer, Robert Leon Farmer, Dr. Thomas W Farnham, Christie Anne Farrell. Frank Wilson, Jr Farrell, Lewis Hoytt Farrell, Tom G 161, Farrington, Daryl . . 14S, Farrior, William Sloan Pasul, Jimmy Steve Faucett, Bill Leon Paucette, John Roberts Faulk, William ulkner, David Kenneth 206, 211, 363 197, 202 194, 331 363 122, 403 ,175 ,220 ,116 131, 297 331 415 351 113, 114 391 171, 331 119, 331 ,297 166, 175 176, 297 137, 404 265, 331 217 Faulkner, Edward Garfield Payed, Fred Tucker Pearrington, Florence Pedile, Helen Marie , , Peltun, Gene H Felts, Mary Pearl Fennel, Fay Pennell, Fay Davis Penwick, Elizabeth Lindsay Ferguson, Horace Taylor Ferguson, Jerry Hill . , Ferguson, Tommy R., Jr. , Ferguson, Robert Bruce Ferguson, William Clay FerlaEzo, Philip Anthony Fernald, Gerald Ferrell, Joseph Stevens Ferrell, Charlotte Jean Ferrell, Robert G Ferro, Rose Marie Fetzer, Tom Field, Dr. Frances W. ' . Field, Ma.son Dillard, Jr Fields, Curtis M 123, Fields, Johnnie Parrott Fincannon. Larry Neale Finolier, James Reid FINE ARTS Fink, Arthur E Finley, David Alexander Fisher, William C Fisher, Grover Eugene, Jr. Fisher, Charlene Read Fisher, James Gordon Fisher, James Stanford Fisher, Julian Horace Fisher, Linda Lee 144, Fisher, Louis Joseph, III Fisher, Mary Jane 42, 45, 66. 67. Fisher, Otis Norwood Fisher, Paul Edward Fisher. Wiley Vick , Pitts, Walter Middleton Fitzgerald, Sophie Joannie Fitzgerald, William C. HI Fitzule, Robert Michael Flack. Charles Zorah, Jr. Flahive. James F. Fleishman. Harriett Bernice Fleishman, Harvey Fleishman. Joel 46, 117. 126, Fleishman. Joel Lawrence 113 Fleming. Robert Edward, Jr. Fleming, Dr. William L. Fletcher, Carl Fletcher, John Stuart, II Fletcher, Ray C Fletcher, Thomas Evan Floyd, David A 196 Floyd. Jack William . • Floyd. Willie Benjamin, Jr. Plyiin, Harry Shields Flynt. Stauber Miner Plythe. Joseph Johnson Fochie, Pat Fogleman, Deane Guy Fogleman, Don Polger. Radford Garrett 34, 40 226 351 FOOTBALL 247 Forbes, Charles Hobday, III . 214 298 Forbes, Jerry L. 195 331 forbes, Thomas Mitchell . Ford, John Frederick, Jr. . Fordham, Robert Fordham, W. M 207, 363 134. 403 400 182, 297 415 224 390 132 331 202, 297 363 120. 351 181, 351 331 396 351 391 351 397 212, 232 415 385 391 393 194, 331 . , 363 351 331 61 283 143, 373 195 351 410 351 363 142. 387 2311, 331 380 148, 297 395 351 204, 298 40, 166, 188, 331 298 351 241, 351 40, 188, 189, 298 223 331 209. 363 208, 298 115, 397 400 391 195 211, 363 404 363 256, 257 133, 331 363 210, 351 298 139, 377 143 373 363 121, 363 205, 363 193 193 FORENSIC COUNCIL Forrest, Robert Oswin, Jr Forrester, Alice May Forsyth, Lucy Ann Fort, Lucy Taylor Portner, Harold Harris Fortune, ilartha Caroline Fortune. Ruth Nixon F.isiue, Hettye Poster, Mark Freeman Fountain, Arthur Whitfield Fountain, Benjamin Eagles, Jr ster, Cdr E. L. 8, 39, Fountain, James Andrew ' , Fou.shee, Roger Babson Fowler, Barbara Allen , Fowler, Bruce Owen Fowler, Daniel Graham Fowler, Glenda Fowler, Martha Lynn Fowler, Sylvia Jayne Fowler, Wesley Caswell, Jr. Fowlkes, Ed Fox, Charles Sugg Fox, David Vernon Fox, Douglas Roller Fox, James Edward Pox, Joe Thomas, Jr Fox, John Benjamin Fox, John Bickhead Fox. John William 132, Pox. Ronald Ernest Foxworth, Robert Parker Prady, James Dewitt, Jr. Fraley, Philip S Fraley, Thomas M. , Francis, William R Francotte, Jean Frangory Frank, Richard Edward, Jr. Franzen, Irvin G Frasier, LeRoy Benjamin Frasier, Ralph Kennedy Frazier, Geneva Lee . Frazier, James Randolph Frazier, Richard Ernest Frazier, Samuel Kindley, Jr. Frederick, Larry Free, William Joseph Freedman, Leon D. Freeman, Carol Griffith Freedman, Jerald Neil Freeman, James A. Freeman. Benny Franklin Freeman, Joseph Broade Freeman, Peggy Joyce , French, William Washington PRE)SHMEN Freshwater, David Hales Friday, William C. Friddle, Lucia Rachel 411 183, 331 206, 412 , 296, 351 , 1711, 29S .49, 415 331 215, 351 351 373 162 212, 331 118, 351 , 170, 298 331 , 298 331 182, 298 . .298 193, 363 38 298 212, 228, 232, 227. 363 214, 331 396 , , 351 175, 363 266, 331 218, 298 205, 363 363 363 134. 40(1 147, 331 415 331 146, 331 390 351 324, 331 331 241 373 414 331 363 248 363 363 40, 192, ill. Robert Leonard St. Catherine D. Lindsey Frye, Dolores Ann Frye, Tliaddeus Nelson Frye, William Roger Fryer, Dana Tune Fuaate, Robert Watkins Fulcher, Hugh Lee Pulcher, Walter Graham Pulghuni. Robert Pulk. Robert Vernon. Jr. 56 Fuller, Paul Johnson 74 Fuller, Robert Hope Fuller. Thomas Cornelius, 11 Puller. Walter Erwin, Jr. 74 Fulton, James Wade Pulton, Paul Funai. Joyce Elaine Funderburk. Albert Otto, Jr. Funk, Margaret Eunice 112 Furch. Phyllis .A.nn Furman. Charles Manning, TV . . Purr. Carl Augustus, Jr. Purr. Jame.s William, Jr. Furtado. Donald Atlas 30, 32, 46, Furtado, Robert Anthonv Pussell, Jo Anne Pussenegger, Rosmarie Putch. Thurston DuPuis, Ji Putrell, .Tames Thomas. Jr. 74. 120, 187. 351 360 141. 3NX 407, 409 221, 363 209, 363 116 351 54. 331 351 130, 298 , , , 116 363 , 404 331 160 128. 363 189. 363 298 380 118. 351 136, 400 232 176, 298 411 216, 331 393 192. 352 50. 115. 198, 331 198. 331 298 124, 373 415 298 Gable, Thomas Williai Gabus, Major Jack W. Gaca, Giles John Gaddy, Charles Elliott Gaddy, Ray Carlton Gage, Gaston H. Gaillard. Samuel Robert Gaines, Robert Edward Galasso. Ger rge John Gallagher. John Michael Gallagher. Lois Anne . , Gallimore, Elaine Galloway, James G Galloway. Robert Gamble. James Wiley . Gans, Curtis Gard, Annie Lawrie Garden, John Gardiner, John Alden Gardner, Buddy 110 298 161 236, 237, 241, 245, 246, 298 219, 331 403 139, 337 298 140, 377 373 119, 332 409 409 . 213 212 363 54, 58 169, 332 391, 392 118, 352 ,187 Gardner, Claire 177 Gardner, Charles LeRoy 352 Gardner, John Girardeau 63, 198, 298 Gardner, Homer Gerney 186 Gardner, Patrick Henry Folery, Jr 114 Garnioii. K..iiald Gene 299 Gariu-r. Coy Stephen 363 Garr, Melvyii Lawrence 208,352 Garrell. .limmy Woodard 178,299 Garrett, Cecil Franklin 133, 332 Garris, John William 332 Garrison, David Quitman 363 Garrison, Nat Williams 141, 385, 386 Garriss, Austin McDonald 352 Garrou, Benjamin 116,397 Garson, Dr. Warfleld 414 Garst, Anne 418 Garton, Alleyne von Schrader 39 ' i Garver, John David 160, 218, 352 Garvin, Wary Arnold 202, 276, 299 Gaskins, James Alfred, Jr 352 Gaskins, James M 352 Gaulet ' old, Beulah 406 Say, Francis Norman 299 (.lay, James Edgar , 174, 299 Gay, Malcolm Gardner 216, 352 Gayle, Cecil McMath, Jr 352 Gaylord, James Harrison, IV 38o Geer, William 46, 66, 67 Gegee, Beverly 407 Gehan, r r. Edmund A 414 Geline, Ronald 209, 363 Gellis, Harry Paul 153, 221, 363 Gentry, George Wesley 395 Gentry. John Billy 395 Gentry. Tony David 404 George. Dr. W. C. 391 George, Prentiss Legarr, Jr 400 Gerdes, Phillip E 62, 131 Gerrish, Richard 74 Gettman, Lowell John 206, 207, 363 Ghafur, Abdul 415 Ghanim, John K. 351 Giard, Donald Joseph 332 Gibbons, Joel Woods 232, 332 Gibbons, William F. 125 Gibbs. John B 363 Gib.son. Charles Thomas 135, 404 Gibson, Robert Clayton, IIT . , 197, 363 GERM A. V CLUB 228 Gibson, Sam Bryce 387 •lilbert. Charles Franklin 395 Giles. Harry McCarley, Jr 299 Giles, John Burke 332 Giles, Katherine 299 Giles, Larry Mills 3.53 rjilliam, John Lane 363 Gilliam, Ned Donald 151, 298, 332 Gilliam. Sue Beatrice 299 C,illiland, McCoy 332 Gillis. Norman A. 218 Gilbaugh, Suzanne Lillian 415 Gilmore, Sarah Louise 411 GIMGHOULS , 231 Ginn. William M 395 Givens, Michael Carlisle 146, 332 Givens, Patrick Augustus 364 Glass, Jimmy Louis 116, 132, 299 Glasser, Lois Naefach 116 Glatzer, Maurice 164, 166, 299 Glenn, B. Blanche 415 Glenn, Betty J 183 Glenn, Joseph Carroll 299 Glenn, Payson Biddulph 174,299 Glenn. Willie Lee 352 Glover, Dale Price 332 Glover, William Robert, Jr 217,352 Goad, James Calvin 236, 299 Gober. Rue Wade Godbey, Godfrey, Godfrey, Godwin, Godwin, ' is Lamar James Morris Ray Gail Kathleen Herman Allen, Jr. Godwin, William London William Stanford wland Daley, Jr. Gofr. Ro 364 25 352 54. 332 45, 66. 67. 115, 204, 332 126 332 204, 241, 242, 243, 244, 246, 299, 327 Goins, Clarence Adrian 200, 299 Goldfarb, Carl 139, 379 Golding, James Noble 140. 377 Goldsmith, Albert Lewis, Jr. 32, 45, 52, 66, 67, 118, 164, 178, 332 Goldstein, Alan 241 GOLF 264 Golley, S. Andrew 352 Gonella, John Felix, Jr 299 Goode, David Johnson 215, 364 Goode, James Moore 364 Goodman, Alvin 208 . Benjamin Mitchell, Jr 352 , Edward Jay 224, 332 , Hugh M, Jr 265 , Roy Bernard 209, 364 , Victor K 159 Carey Henry 195,352 Donald R 352 Joel Sexton 395 Myrtle Ann 411 Richard Anthony 299 Samuel Stephen 405,404 , Mary Cameron 202, 299 Gordon, Albert 70 Gordon, Bob 244 Goodr nan Goodman Goodr nan Goodr Goods ion. Goodv vin. Goodv ' in. Goodv i-in. Goodv lin. Goodv iMn, Goodv i-yn. 444 nd ex Gore, Oavid John 364 Gore, Edward 157 Gorman. John Alfred 299 Gottlieb. Seamon . 49 Goulson. Dr. Hilton 414 Grabs, Umnie Omily, Jr. 332 GRADUATES 371 Grady, Ann Graham 409 Grady, Henry Allen, Jr 352 Graham, Alma Eleanor 299 Graf, Harold F 125,373 Graham. Charles Pattison, Jr 199,360.364 Graham, Edmund Lowell 195, 352 Graham, Edwin Charles 364 Graham, Elizabeth Alexandria 411 Graham. Jenny C 182 Graham. Dr. HohnB 391 Graham. Keith H. Leonidas 387 Graham, Larry Gregson 194,332 GRAHAM MEMORIAL 46 Graham. Xancv Watts 190, 299 Graham, Wallace Anthony 248,352 Granstrom, Dr. Marvin L 414 Grass. Gladys Lear 415 Grausman, Richard Ervin 224. 236, 265, 332 Gravely, Mary Laurin 116 Graves. David Lee 133, 299 Graves, Commander John H 162 Graves. Richard Weikel 373 Gray. Charles Dowd, III 204. 352 Gray. Franklin 232 Gray. Gordon 231 Gray, John Springer, Jr 226, 299 Gray, Paul Tudor 364 Gray. Robert McDonald, III 74.186,332 Grayson, Elizabeth French 148.183,332 Grayson, George Wallace, III 39, 352 Greathead, Lillian D 41.t Green, Caroline Tucker 203, 332 Green, Charles Morris 1S6. 332 Green. David Fleetwood, Jr 179.364 Green. Eddie Roger 212, 300 Green. Fletcher Melvin 231,284 Green, Paul 113 Green, Robert Lorenza 222,395 Green, Robert Ramsey 173 Green, Williams 125 Greenberg, Dr. Bernard G 414 Greene, Alton Glenn, Jr 352 Greene, Carolyn Elise 114 Greene. Glen 179 Greene, John Dexter 300 Greene, Xancy Marie 332 Greene, Steve Allen 364 Greenfield, Cecelia Doreen 169, 332 Greenspon, Stanley 208 Greer. Gary Raymond 52. 63. 352 Greer, Kathryn Ann 415 Greer, Paul S 133 Greer. Phyllis Ann 409 Gregory. Elizabeth Buxton 332 Gregory. Fred Hey ward 194,352 Gregory. Patricia Anne 148, 202, 300 Richard H, III 174,332 Middleton 203, 332 377 G Gregor Gregory, Toy Rhe Gregson, Helen Louise Gregson, James Edwin, Greulach, Dr. Victor A. Grice. Camille Jennette Griffin. Carl Henderson Curtis P. Grifflr Grifflr Johr iffin. Ma 300 125 , 332 332 332 266 .300 Wilson 266, 373 iffin, Martha Coltrane 332 ;riffin. Mary Lewis 300 Griffin, Robert Reese. Jr. 300 Griffin, Roland Gerald 352 Griffin. Stanley Gray 300 Griffin, William Russell, Jr 134,402 Grigg, David Lee 205. 360. 364 Griggs. Martha 37 Grimes, Bryan. Jr 364 Grimes, Thomas Robert 332 Grimsley. Joseph Wavne 364 Griset, Bruce H. 195 364 Grisette, Ulysses Riddle. Jr 300 Grizzard. Thomas Norman 74. 199 Grizzle, James 414 Groce, Van Ray 3.52 Groce. William Harold, Jr 216, 300 Grodsky, Peter P 220. 332 Groves. Martha Elizabeth 410 Grubb, Nancy S 148, 149 Grubb, Robert Lay 1 40, 377 Grubb. Robert Lee, Jr 197, 364 Guerrant. Thomas Connally 364 Guftey, Donald ' W 1S9. 364 Guiles, Paul Anthony 397 Guillot, E. Elizabeth . ' 414 Guin, William Archie 352 Gulley, ,Tack Powell . 352 Gump, Louis Haynes 213,364 Gunter, Frank Odell 352 Gunter, Jerry Marshall 352 Gunter, Laughton Bruce 300 Guptcin. Adrian Clay 404 Gurganus, Harry S. 223.364 Gurmise. David Bruce 396 Guthrie. James Michael 3S4 Guy, Samuel Cole 188, 332 Gwinn. George H 352 Gwynn. John Minor, Jr 372 H Hafer. Mary Suzanne 177. Hagaman. Robert Preston Hagedorn, Joe Herman 224, Hageseth, Gaylord Terrenoe Hag wood. Ray Gordon 134, Hahn, Celia Caroline Hahn, Mary Helen Haig, I. R. Stirling 117.172, Haigler. David J. Haile. Jane Monroe 191, Hair, Glenn Edgar Haire, Robert Phillip Haithcock, Donald Dupree Haithcock, Jimmy Reid 134,399, Haithcock, Voye Jacqueline 151, 298, Haithcock. Wiley Haizlip. Thomas Matthews Hale. Leslie Morgan Hale. Sallie C Hales. William Linwood Haley, Daniel W Haley. Michael Winder 212, 270, Hall, Charles Wilmo, Jr. . Hall, David Hall, Dorothea Glensbee 406, Hall, Douglas Hines Hall, Everett W Hall. Jean Hutto Hall, Kenneth Tinsley 204, Hall, Mary Powell Hall, Xancy Mae , , Hall, William Johnston. Ji Hallford. Edward Ulysses Halperin. Mary Sandra Haltiwanger. William Leonai Ham, Dr. George C. Hamad, Awni Mohamad Hamblet, Frederick Edwards Hambright, Charles Henry Haniby. Janet McNeil Hamby, George W. Hamel. Sandra Jane Hamer. Alfred Wilson, Jr. Hamer, Patricia Douglas . Hamill, Roscoe Wilkins, III Hamill, William John Hamilton, Barbara Ann Frederick Cooper Joseph G , 117, 126, . 31, 46. 66, 67, 114. 115, 42, 128, 230, 1, Jr 385, Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton, Hamilton N8 Phillip Ronald Hamlet, Reuben Dale, Jr. Hamlet, Swayn Gray Hamme, Julia Ann Hammes, Elmore Martin Hamby, George W. Hamen, Alfred Wilson, Jr. Hammett, John Benjamin Hammond, Lawrence Townley, Hamrick, Clifford Elijah, Jr. Hamrick, Harvey James Hamrick, Shirley Ann Hamrick, Thomas Hicks, Jr. Hance, Francis Burton Hancock, (Chester Herman . Hancock, Helen B. . . Handy, Henry Overing, Jr. Handy, Ira May ... Hanft, Frank Hanna. Scottie Jeanette Hannah, John William 123, , .205. .74. 120. Han Kathe 393 397 275 416 212 352 300 373 412 332 284 332 333 404 373 300 113, 300 352 387 .391 333 416 352 116 393 410 393 333 333 364 410 396 231 333 333 364 333 300 , 333 386 386 352 , 364 , 300 .217 , 412 , 386 416 373 .125 , 364 333 376 .403 .364 Karen Barbara Happer. Marshall, III Happer, William, Jr. Harbison, W. A Lewis Jefferson. Jr. Barbara Bourne . Jon Shannon ... Hardee, Harden Harder, Hardin. Barbara Hardin, Jerry Elizabeth Hardin, Jo Anne . Hardin, Lucy Darlene Harding, Benjamin Renny 236, 256, 257, Harding, Patricia Ann 130, Hardison, Claude Bryan Hardison, Donald Lee Hardison, Rossie Pinknev. Jr Hardison. Willie L.. Jr Hardy. Charles Edward 134. Hardy. Ira May 192. Hardy, Wayne Rae Hare, Jeffrey Averill 19S. Harland. J. Penrose Harmon, Ronald Davis Harmon. William Sidney 13. " . Harper, George M. Harvey, Anthony E. Harvey, Helen Rexroth Harvey, Mary Ann 169. Harwell, James Luther, Jr. 256, Harwood, Barbara Virginia Hassell, Virginia Howe . Hassell, William Bundy Hasting.s, Barbara Don X7. Hastings, Roberta Ashby 3ii2, Hasty. Frederick Grier .. 141. Hasty. Jo Hatcher. Hubert Edwin Hatcher. Wade Lemuel, Jr. Hatchett, Jane Hathaway, Curtis 241, Hatley, Ernest Havves, Peyton Samuel 212, 232, 445 Hawkins. Charles Bruce 142, 386 Hawkins, Darrell 74 Hawkins, Herbert Henry, Jr 200, 333 Hawley, Lewis Burton 364 Ha worth. William Blair 380 Hay, Ruth W 414 Hayer. Larry Wilson 120, 352 Haydon. Glen 284 Hayes. Lawrence Douglas 333 Hayes, Michael Kelly 38, 127 Hayes, Richard Bryand 216, 352 Hayes, Robert Ray 38 " Hayes, Roger Lee 333 Haynie, Duke 133 Hays, John Menard 352 Hays, Marion 169 Haywood. Egbert Lynch, Jr 179. 364 Haywood, John R 241 Haywood. Ronald Lee 352 Hay worth, Ray Milton 118. 333 Hazlewood. Eulalia Jane 416,418 Hazzard, John Potter, IV 301 Head, Margaret Jewett 42,202,301 Hearn, Donald William 205, 364 Hearne, Wanda Layne .56,128,333 Heath, George W. 125 Ivey Leinster, Jr. 400 Heath, Robert Winship Heath, Will R. Heather, Durant Cliff Heaton. Beverly Ann Heavner, James Allen Heavner, Joe Reeves 373 301 201, 364 190, 409 364 Hedrick, Joan Reid 182,333 " " ■ ' " ■ " 389 389 . 409 Hedrick, Paul Perry Hefner. Allen Ray Hege. Nancy Jane Heinsohn, Frank. Jr. Heitman. Henry N.. Jr. 57 Hellard. John Charles 265, 352 Helms, Bobby Earl 364 Helms. Charles Franklin 133. 301 Helms, Harold Parks 179. 333 Helms. Keith Wilson .301 Helms, John Howard Payne 352 Hemphill, Howard Don 333 Hemstreet, Eleanor 333 Henderson, Archibald 231 Henderson. Dr. Charles 46 Henderson. John Leonard 193, 364 Henderson, Lucille K. 283 Henderson, Perrin Charles 212. 268. 333 Henderson. William Douglas .144,198.266.333 Henderson, Willis . . 264 Hendren, Otis Franklin 364 Hendren, William Grant 333 Hendricks, Dr. James R. 414 Hendricks, Tommy 333 Hendrix, Frances Josephine 125, 373 Hendrix, Roscoe Bivins 205 Henly, Claire 418 Hennessey. Dennis James 352 Henshaw. William Raymond 144, 301 Henson. Bruce L 333 Henson. David Edward 389 Hentz. Forrest Clyde, Jr. 373 Hepting. George Carleton 364 Herndon, Gloria Gaye 333 Herndon. Joseph Glenn 352 Herndon. Robert Eugene 301 Herring. Benjamin Casey. Jr 198, 334 Herring. Darius B.. Jr 138,198,377 Herring. Fredrice Trull 170. 301 Herring. Joseph Duncan, Jr 301 Herring, Paul Donald 60, 146, 147, 334 Hertford, Robert D 131 Herzog, William T. 416 Hesmer, Theodore Casper 388 Hester. Clyde R. 364 Hester, Roger Lane. Jr 301 Hester. Roy McDowell 353 Hetherington, Ferris Sands. Ill 364 Hewitt. Joe Anderson, Jr 353 Hewitt, Wyndham Duncan 353 Heyman. Edward Bruce 353 Hiatt, Dr 391 Hicherson, Thomas Felix 231 Hickey, John 254 Hickman, Freddie D 364 Hickman. Patricia Camp 30S Hickman, William Elliott 133. 334 Hickmon, James Ralph 135, 403 Hickey, Jim ?4n Hicks, Charles Montgomery 216, 302 Hicks, Lewis P 217. 353 Hicks. Melvin Gray 121. 364 Hicks. Richard Henderson 397 Hicks. Robert Bain 30!? Higgins. Henry Mills 138, 379 Higgins. Pete High. Roy Shelton ?34 Highsmith. James Milton 334 Highsmith. William Cochran 188, 353 Hight. Bruce Forman 334 Hill. Charles Martin 334 Hill. Don 256, 257 Hill. Douglas Gray 364 Hill. Iva Lee 256 Hill, Ivan Vick 364 Hill. James Clifford 389 Hill, Joseph Ehvood 120, 339 Hill. Karl .Viemann. Jr. 377 Hill. Michael Orman 353 Hill. Xancy M. 54 Hill. Quenton Herbert 334 Hill. Rebecca 40R Ind ex Hill, Risden Hamilton 364 Hillman, James Elgan, Jr. 218, , 353 Hills, F. Allen 373 Hilton, Joe 327 Hilton, J. T. . 236, .266, , 267 Himes. Charles F. 399 , 404 , 405 Hines, Buddy . 143 Hines, Hugh B. 302 Hines, Richard Norfleet, Jr. 232, ,388 Hines, Rubert, Jr. 123, , 302 Hinkle, Stoney Grimes 334 Hinson, Robin Ledbetter 376 Hinton, Elizabeth Bain 411 Hinton, Malory Hugh 134, 135. 398, , 400, , 405 Hinton, Nelson Eddy 334 Hipps, Gary Melvin 298, , 334 Hoadley, Gregory Lee 195, , 364 Hoard, Joseph Steven 216, ,334 Hobbs, Allen Wilson 231 Hobbs, Edward Gibbon, Jr. . . 222, , 302 Hobbs, Legare 177 Hobbs, Lewis Lyndon 380 Hobbs, William Galen 302 Hobson, Betty Alice 410 Hocutt, Edgar Jerome, HI 364 Hodge, H. A., HI 364 Hodges, George Robert 302 Hodges, Luther Hartwell 113 Hodges. Richard Vaughn 302 Hodges, William Parker 201 Hodges, William Richard 364 Hodgson, Gail Gifford 190, 408 HofTler, Carolyn 275 Hoffler, George Wyckliftc 298, 396 Hoffler, Marvin Leon 117, 144, 302 Hoffman, Gertrude Jane 373 Hoffman, Ruth Carolyn 59, 104, 334 Hofler, Betty Carolyn 334 Hofler. Mary Ann 37, 57, 128, 302 Hogaboom, Peter 163, 164, 196, 265 Hogan, Gay Elizabeth 373 Hogan, James Spencer 364 Hoilman, Thomas Henry 364 Hoke, Kenneth Alvin 237, 268, 302 Hoke, Russell McCullers 364 Holbrook, Adraine 193 Hi.llirc.ok, Joseph Donald 334 H ' .Men. George Wall 117, 216, 270, 302 Hol.lfn. Xancy F 410 H.iM,.r. David Lee 395 Hi.liier, Laurie E., Jr 364 H-I.ler. Wade H., Jr 373 Holder, William Lawrence 334 Hoklerness, Adelaide Lucinda 36, 112, 148, 149, 182, 302 Holderness, Howard, Jr. 35, 185, 364 Holdford, Roy Raymond, Jr. 270, 380 H..ldford. William Henry 380 Hi.lding, Harry B. 218 H.ildiiig, Graham Davis 174, 302 Holland, Gehrmann 215, 248 H.illand, Herbert Eatman, Jr. .. 364 Hollaml, James R. 227 H..lland, Joyce Yvonne . 43, 302 Holland, Lewis Gerald 224, 302 Holland, Marjorie Kay .37, 302 Holland. Max Kermit 133, 334 Holland, Murray 384 Holland, William Loyd 364 Hollan.l, William Marion, Jr. 173, 353 H..ll,.r, Hoy Cline 364 H ' .llers, Russell . V205, 254, 360 H.illoway, Carolyn Mae 411 H. .11. .well, Edward Earl 353 Hnlmes, Charles Wilmore 373 Holmes, Shelton 377 Holmes, James Houghton 31, 65, 114, 302 Holmes, James Norwood 173 Holmesley, Troy Clifton, Jr. 140, 377 Holshouser, James E., Jr. . 380 Holshou.ser, John Leldy, Jr. 265, 353 HolKten. Roy Walter 231, . nn Elizabeth 148, 149, 302 Holt, Hilda Gayle 390 Holt. Leonidas Causey 38, 120, 334 Holt, Richard B., Jr. 353 Holt, Townsend Van 141, 384, 3S8 Holthouser, Ralph Haywood, Jr. 364 Holyfield, Joseph Franklin 302 Hondros, John L. 334 Honey, Barbara Kay 190, 277, 302 Hoheycutt. Bruce Willard 403 Honeycutt, Herman R. 402 Honeycutt, Peggy Rea 416 Honeycutt. Roger Bradley 256, 302 Honeycutt. W illiam Rex 206, 207, 364 HONORARY 111 Hood, Bruce Ray 135, 353 Hood, Charles Howard 364 Hood, James Raefleld 334 Hood, John David 402 Hooil. Roger A. 140, 379 Hook. Robert Franklin 393 H....per. Frank Ross 137, 334 Hooper, Fred Lambert, Jr. 135 Hoover. Charles Evans 334 Hoover. Charles Wayne 142, 388 Hoover. Robert L. 373 Hoover, Robert McCurry 302 Hopkins, Dorothy Jean 334 Hopkins. Edmund Baxter 142, 387 Hopkins, Mary Louise 416 Hopkins, Nina 177 Hopman, Ronald 241 Hord, George Van Buren 334 116, 63. 120, Hord, Joseph Beach, Jr. Horn, Fred Van Horn, James Jackson Home, George Nelson Home, Robert Milton Horner, William Edwin, Jr. Horney, Harriet Terwilliger Hornthal, Louis Phillip, Jr. Hort, Bill Horton, Alvin Horace, III Horton, John Manly Horwitz, Burton Allan Hoskins, James Dale Hotelling, George Alfred Hounshell, Paul B. House, Charlie House, Daniel Murray. Jr. House, Edward Lee, Jr. House, Helen Badham House, H. C. House, Mary Waldo House, Robert Burton House, Tommy Houser, James Houser, Wayne Logan Houser, William Edward Houston, John Barr Howard, Donald Kelly Howard, Linda Howard, Shelley . Howdy, Frederick Howard Howell, Elizabeth Howell, Henry Grady Howell, James Edward Howerton, Charles C. Howie, John Sandall Howie, Sam Watson . Howson, Charles Henry, III 196, Hoyer, Larry Hoyle, J. Vernon Hoyle, Steve Arthur Hromanik, Edward Carl Hubbard, John White Huddles. Gary Hudson, Blaine Steven Hudson, Charles Matthew Hudson, Charles Richard Hudson, James Miller Hudson, John Randolph Hudson, Richard Woodward . . Hudson, Robert Clarence Hudson, Sarah Kincannon 42, Hudson. Thomas Brittain Huff, Thomas J. Huffman, Benny Leonard Huffman, Betty Carolyn Huffman, Donald Robert Huffman, Gilbert Thompson Huffman, Kent Lowe Huffman, Robert Houston Huffstetler, Delvin Svlvanus Huffstetler, Ted Jennings Hughes, Ed Hughes, James R. Hughes, John Thomas Hughes, Paul Deane Hughes, Phillip Ottis Humphrey, Lt. H. R. Humphrey. Robert Franklin, 1 Humphrey, Capt. Thomas R. Hundley, James Douglas Hundley, Roy G. Hunger. Helen Beatrice . , Hunnicutt, John Edward Hunnicutt. Thomas Blacknall Hunt, Karl Phillip Hunt, Lucie Dearing Hunt, Margaret Hunt, Ralph Palmer 157, 166, Hunt, Singleton Jarrett, Jr. Hunter. Charles C, Jr. Hunter, George Patrick, Jr. Hunter. Jimmy P Hunter. John Hobart Huntington. Charles Riddell 33,66 Huntington, John Frederick Hurley, Gordon Huntress, Judith Gay Hurst, Elizabeth Morgan Hurt, Clyde Clayton Hurt, Joe Paul Husbands, Cecilia Anne Husein, Faiz Abdeljawad Huske. Patricia Huss. Thomas Hoke Hutchinson. Carolyn Gail Hutchinson. Fred Knox Hutson, Richard Martin Huttar, Robert Martin Hutton. Frederick Prathen, Jr. Hux, Elva Hux. Katherine Petrou Hux. Samuel Holland Hyde. John Morton, II Hylton. Carole Jean Hype, John M. 30, 49, 62, 180, 364 47 135, 364 334 353 218, 334 303 204, 303 254 353 303 208, 334 189, 364 353 125 40 364 38, 303 271, 364 204 144, 303 231 275 384 133, 334 154, 400 334 186, 334 191, 334 144 388 390 353 373 194, 353 393 364 277, 353 268 205 364 373 334 225, 364 334 365 256, 353 223, 353 139, 377 397 298, 373 176, 303 200, 303 142, 386 303 148, 303 353 353 135, 404 334 402 353 256 393 416 365 416 162 303 156 133, 334 125, 373 203, 334 236, 334 365 365 373 150 167, 373 353 393 114 131 303 i, 180,334 334 227 335 191, 335 227, 365 353 335 335 177 227 373 353 , 207, 365 138, 377 214, 335 406 303 303 353 410 222 Ingram, Carter Dalton Ingram, Roy L. Inman, Ann Carroll Inman,, Franklin Pope, Jr. Inman, Susan Jane INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL INTRAMURALS Iralu, Tefta Iralu, Vichazelhu Irvin, Emory Wayne Irvin, Dr. J. Logan Irvin, John Lafayette Isaacson, Henry H. Isely, Thomas Ruffin Isenhour, Thomas Lee Isenhour, Frederick Neil 303 284 303 , 277, 335 303 40 26S 391 141, 388 140, 377 146, 355 , 219, 365 132, 303 I Igloi, Mihaly, Coach 266 Igoe, Harold Eustace, Jr. 212, 353 Inabinet, James Lewis , 124, 136, 400, 405 INDEPENDE.N ' T WOMEN ' S COUNCIL 43 Infinger, Lloyd Lewis 74, 365 Ingle, Clyde R 38, 335 ingold, Frederick Lee. Jr 353 Jackson, Barbara Ann 144, 190, 271, 303 Jackson, Carlisle, Jr. 303 Jackson, Don Ferrell 303 Jackson, Emily . , .70 Jackson, George W , 353 Jackson, Harold Henry 353 Jackson, Margaret Lee 144, 335 Jackson, Payton Donald 134, 402 Jackson, Robert Dewey 335 Jackson, Rose Marie . , .335 Jackson, Warren Barnell, Jr .365 Jackson, William Elias, Jr 373 Jacobs, Donald M 62, 64 Jacobsen, Eric G. 166,208,335 Jacohus, Robert Bingham 115 Jacobus, William 193 Jamerson, R. E., Coach . 260 James, Alton Everette, Jr. 34, 204, 353 James, Ernest Kelly, Jr 116 James, Kenneth 74, 133 James, Francis Duke 136,400 Jamison, Victor Graham, Jr 335 Janko, Robert Sanford 225, 365 Janov, Audrey M. 406 Jarrell, Sanford James, Jr 178,303 Jarrett, Charles Leonard 402 Jarvis, William Cebert . . 387 Jefferies, Raymond L. 24, 115, 127 Jefferson, Donald Elmore 114 Jenkins, Bradford L. 353 Jenkins, Clauston L. 118, 174, 353 Jenkins, Elizabeth Coleman 335 Jenkins, Robert Joe 365 Jenkins, William Russell 303 Jenks, Keithan Blanchard . 402 Jennette, Joe 143 Jennings, Edward Lewis 118,216,353 Jenny, Martha Fay , . , 303 Jenpanich, Karn Chalerm 416 Jernigan, Jerry O ' dell 142, 387 Jernigan, Nancy Ray 144, 304 Jernigan, Raymond Elbert 335 Jessup, Timothy E. 353 Jester, John Carlton, III 184, 353 Jewell, Edwin Smith 387 Jewett, Pamela Read 37,373 John, Arthur Daniel , 304 Johnson, Alice Jane 128, 176, 304 Johnson, Barbara Ruth 399, 402 Johnson. Betty Kaye 128, 335 Johnson, Bruce Cannon 380 Johnson, Cecil 283 Johnson, Dan Earnhardt 391, 394 Johnson, Dan Rommie 335 .lohnson, Dave 217 Johnson, David Elliot 365 Johnson, David Lee 353 Johnson, Dewey Edward 389 Johnson, Diana 92, 93, 169, 335 Johnson, Donald G. 163 Johnson, Duane C. 380 Johnson, Dorothy Etta 122, 400, 405 Johnson, Edgar Martin 353 Johnson, Elizabeth lone 410 Johnson, Ellen Keith 304 Johnson, George Harvev 172, 304 Johnson, George William 353 Johnson, Hal Denipsey 365 Johnson, Harold Weston, Jr. 120, 186, 335 Johnson, James B. 389 Johnson. James Franklin 194,195,335 .Tohnson, Jerah .58 " Johnson, Jerome Karl 402 Johnson, Jesse Wesley ,192, 304 Johnson, John Milton 304 Johnson, John William 353 Johnson, Johnny Richard 335 Johnson, Julia Ann 416 Jolinson, Julian Carr 133 Johnson, Larry Douglas 365 Johnson, Lillian Ashton 409 Johnson, Loran Armstrong 184, 335 Johnson, Loretta Gray 122, 171, 398, 401, 405 Johnson, Mary Susanna 125, 373 Johnson, Patsy C. 406 Johnson, Ralph Dewey 126 Johnson, Rosalind Toy 57, 128, 191, 335 Johnson, Thomas George, Jr. 365 Johnson, Thomas Hatcher 373 Johnson, Thomas Lindemann 114 Johnson, ' illiam Harrison, Jr. 335 Johnson, William Howard 365 Johnson, William H. 181, 236, 237 Johnson. William Rhodes . 335 Johnson. William Theodore Kim 38, 353 Johnston, Bennie McBane 386, 387 Johnston, Frank Smith, Jr 395 446 Ind ex Johnston, Hall Morrison, Jr. 353 Johnston, Jesse Wesley, Jr. 232 Johnston. Julian Carr 304 Johnston, Morrison 212 Johnston. Reginald Fulton, Jr 192,335 Johnston, Walter Lafayette, Jr 232, 353 Jolly, Horton Gray 121,217,365 Jolly, Raymond Alonzo 117,188,304 Jolly, William Oscar, III 120,335 Jones, Bill 121 Jones. Bill Tom 49, 304 Jones. Carter R ,204 Jones. Chilton Robert 226 304 Jones. Christopher H. 185 Jones. Dr. Claiborne S. . 125 Jones, Crisman Snyder 365 Jones, David Alexander ,277,353 Jones. David Herman ,74,395 Jones, David Noel 365 Jones, Elbert Richard ,304 Jones, George A., Jr. 353 Jones, Harvey Theodore 44, 114, 120, 127, 380 Jones, Herman Floyd 353 Jones, Jack Marshall 304 Jones. James H. 38, 241, 243 Jones, Janet Louise 304 Jones, Jerry Lee 35, 44, 50. 216, 335 Jones. John Marshall. Jr. 212. 231 Jones. Joseph D. 125 Jones. Joseph Martin 335 Jones, Judith Louise 409 Jones, Malichi Crowder, III 404. 405 Jones. Margaret Sherrod , , 304 Jones. Michael Bishop 218. 353 Jones. Morris Alexander 392. 395 Jones, Patricia 365 Jones. Philip Alton 205,304 Jones, Philip Stuart 304,365 Jones. Richard Putney 211.365 Jones. Robert Walker 304 Jones. Robert Wayne 304 Jones, Roger Conrad 117 Jones, Roderic 416 Jones. Roland Eugene 365 Jones. Sandra Marion 169, 335 Jones, Dr. Shepard , 67 Jones. Timothy L 335 Jones. William Clayborn 157. 353 Jones. William George 120, 304 Jones, William Warren 136, 403 Jonsson, Sigurdur 124, 398 Jordan, Edward Bryant 172. 304 Jordan. James Clyde. Jr. , 335 Jordan. Thomas Hereford 172,353 Josey, Lucy Carol 128, 182, 335 Joyner. Barney Gene 304 Joyner. Bertice Clifford 353 .Toy ner. Ernest Wayne 304 Julian. Alfredo Jorge 373 Julian. Pete 276 Junca, Hevia A 416 JUNIORS 324 Justice, James Lee . 335 K Kable, William Gibbs. HI Kaeosanit. Thawati Kalaiah. Naiasiah Kalayanamit. Chalong Kalil. Fred Albert. Jr. Kalkhurst. Joseph Dillon Kaloyannides. George Thelea Kaminski. Edward J. , Kane. William David Kannan, Mickael M. Kantor. Norman Donald KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA DELTA KAPPA EPSILON KAPPA PSI KAPPA SIGMA Karetski. Alvin John Kashiwazaki, Toshi T. Katzin. Alfred Julian Kavanagh. John Kenneth . Kaylor, Joan Therese , , . Kearns. Edwin Nick , . , , Kearns. Thomas Francis . . 365 373 373 373 304 199, 365 304 132, 304 304 365 55, 57, 128, 220, 305 Keck, Max Wilson , , Keck, Walter Monroe , . Kednicker, Sandra Kay Kessler, Beverly Jean Keever, David Eugene Keever, " William Glenn Keiter, William Eugene, Jr. Keith. AUene Coats Keith. H, Leonidas Keith, Mary Ann , Kell. Bettie Melton , Kellam. Dorothy Douglas Kellam. William Julius. Jr. Keller. Carl Kelley, Edward Glenn Kelly, Douglas Neal Kelly, Leo Curtis, Jr. Kelly, Ronald Philip Kellv. James Edward Kelso. Gilbert L Kelso. Joseph Kenneth Kemble. Elizabeth L Kemm. Ernest W. B. Kemm, Patricia Carter Kemp. Malcolm Drake, Jr. . Kemper. Don Kenan. Glenn Lee 190 122 134 192 373 65,208, 335 353 203. 335 335 113. 226, 248, 249. 250. 251, 253, 305 335 , 353 335 335 399,404 305 396 177. 336 386 177. 336 202. 305 177. 336 69. 123. 353 187 353 160, 206, 207, 353 401 353 , 212 414 . , 140.379 , , 382 186. 336 305 211.365 237, 241, 246 178, 336 Kenan, Thomas Stephen, IV Kendall, Leo Paul Kendall, William Alexander Kenion, Jack Anderson Kenkins, Dr. W. S. Kennedy. John Lowry Kennedy, John Wesley, Jr. Kennedy, K. Carroll Kennedy, Sherman Kensier, Ed , , Kent, Mrs. Donald Kent, Alice Blair Linden Kent. Billy Gene ntopp. Richard Cameron . 172, 336 365 .120. 305 305 , ,285 135, 404 353 141, 386 354 240 414 407, 411 160, 365 197,365 kepley, " ' Dick 250, 252, 253, 428 Keokungwal, Chalerm 373 Kcplex, Richard Hal 354 Kerby, Donald Court 305 Keritsis, Constantinos Demitrios 305 Kerr, Barzillai Graves 336 Kerr, James Lee 354 Kerr, John Hosea, III 34, 114, 115, 117, 204, 305 Kerr, Robert Emmett. Jr. 354 Kesler. James Phillip 365 Keutzer. Stephen Hutton 123, 174, 354 Keys, Bennette Eugene Geer 40,212,354 Kiger, Sylvia 406 Kiker, Joe McVollum 197, 365 Kilburn, Mrs. Gerrie G 406 Killiam, Harry William 365 Killiam, Mary Elizabeth 190,305 Killinger, Robert Peter 119. 196, 336 Killingsworth. Carl S 305 Kilpatrick, Arthur Lawrence 354 Kilpatrick, Joshua Marshall .264,336 Kimmell, Ronald Melvin 403 Kimzey, James Morris 216, 305 Kincaid. Harold William 336 Kincaid. James Brandon ,,,51,305 Kindig, Robert R 305 King, Glenn Alden 136, 402, 405 King. Harmon Joe, Jr 354 King. James Brown, Jr 336 King, J. Bruce, II 336 King, John Benjamin . 354 King, Robert W., Jr. , . 140,379 King, William Oliver ,55 King. William Seymour 305 King. William W ard 305 Kinney, James William 74, 354 Kinzey, Jim 41 Kirby. Hannah Boone 176,305 Kirk. Ronert Clarke 305 Kirkman, Al Larkin 336 Kirkman. Paul M 403 Kirkman, William Hugh, Jr. 138,377 Kirschner, Harry Culbertson 336 Kirschner. Leslie Gordon, Jr. 396 Kirschner, Margareta O. , , , , 305 Kiser. Edwin Marten 144, 373 Kiser, Jimmy Webb 138.376,379 Kittredge, Lee Denniston 121.354 Kizziah, Michael Doyle ' 123.354 Klein, William Skeele 174.336 Kline. William 265 Klingberg. Frank W. 231 Klopfer, Kay 203 Knight, Euodias Fulcon 164,365 Knight, John Allen 365 Knight. K. Coffield 389 Knight. Lester Harold 354 Knoll. Ernie 143 Knott. Robert N. W. 354 Knox, Anne Graham 336 Knox, Harvev George 336 Knox, Robert Joseph 214,336 Knudtzon, Kermit 384 Kochenour. Robert Keith 200. 336 Koenig, Allen Russell 394 Koenig. Paul Maimon ,365 Koes, Ronald P. 236,241,244 Koestler, Robert Charles 373 Koonce, Gene Fonvielle 391,394 Koonce. Roger William 365 Koonts. Ronald Alva 263, 365 Koontz, Donald N. 195 Kopnski, Michael J. 241 Kordalski. Robert E. 241 Kornfeld. Stanley David 153,208,354 Kostohryz, Robert L 373 Kotsionis, Harry 58 Kouri, Moses Lawrence, Jr. 216, 336 Kouri. William Herbert Krafft, Phyllis Elliott Krain, Robert Harris Kridel. John Kriegsman. Jacob Burton Kuhns. Robert Lydon Kunian. Donald Lewis Kunstmann, John G. Kuralt, Wallace Kurtz. Arthur Hugo Kushner. Robert Lee. .Ir. Labowitz. Richard Stuart Lacey. John Lacey. William Walter Lackey. William , , , Lacy. Emmett Howell. Jr. Lail, Graham Leroy Lake. Lola Lee LaMar, Edward Blake Lambeth, Jay Odell Lambeth. Thomas Willis LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 117, 302, 397 112, 148. 149, 170. 305 416 40. 224 305 38, 305 ,365 , ,284 210 , 354 336 365 ,157, 166, 204, 306 214, 336 223, 365 416 180. 306 121,365 46. 113. 115 194 Lamm, William Delay Lampert, Ervin Eugene, Jr. . Lampron, Antiiony Joseph . . . Lampros, John Nicholas Lance. Mary Louise Land. John Wedd, Jr Landau. Lao Landreth, Don Hovis Landreth, James Robert, Jr. . Lane, Ann Buchanan , , Lane, Jim Lane. James Garland, Jr. Lang, Jesse Eugene Lang. Judy Davis Langdon. William Cleveland Langford. George Langford. George Phillip Langford. George Robert Langstaff. Jim Phillipp Lanham. Michael Stewart Lanier. Edwin S. Lansdell, Joyce Elaine Laohapan. Wanich Larese. York , Larimer. James Stewart Larsh, Dr. John E.. Jr. Larson. Verl A Lasater. Walter Harold Lashley, Curtis Ray Lasley, Charles Glenn, Jr. Lasley, Diana Roane Lasley, Jo Ann Lasley, John A. Lasley, John W., Jr. Lassiter, J. Donnell Lassiter, Jerri , , , Lassiter, Lucious Melvin, Jr. Lassiter. Marthe Caroline Lassiter. Robert Burgess. Latliam, Walter Bryan Latham, William Carson Laton, Joseph F. Laughrum. James Everett Lauterer, Myra Lavergne. Nelson A.. Jr. Law, Rot)ert Bowden Lawing, Eugene Morris Lawing, Jackie Lee La ' ing, Kenneth Lee Ijawrence. Laradel Lawson, Thomas Towles Lawson, Thomas Jefferson, Jr. Layden, Joseph Calvin, Jr. Layne, Jennie Blow Lazarus, Charles Lawrence Lazarus, Jacob , , Lazarus, John Michael , Lazenby, Robert Wilson Lea, Diana Cooke , League, Richard N. , Leary, Barbara West Leary, Deborah C Leary, Thomas Edison Leatherwood, Donald Ray Leder, Arnold Harris Ledford, Charlotte Luella Lee, Billy Sanford Lee, John Gambrell Lee, Johnny Hayden Lee, Maurice W. Lee, Richard R. Lee, William B. Lefebure, Christian Emile Letkowitz, Louis H. Lefler, David Lee Lefler, Wade Hampton, Jr. Leftwich, Stanley Grant Legget. James Leggett. Stanley Dover LeGrande, Kathryn Jewel LeGwin. James Dewitt Lehmann. James Hugh Lehrman. Neil Leigh. Bernice Shandy Leigh. Edward Patterson Leland. Owen Patton Lemly. Gwendolyn Duncan Lemmond. Rosemary Minor LeNeave, Marshall Gregory , Lenich. Anges W Lentz. John Thomas Leonard. Bob Leonard, Charles Jerry , Leonard. Evelyn Ruth Leonard. Patrick Jackson LeRoy. Carwille Letellier, Silas Wike Levin. Lawrence Lee Levy. Benjamin Jack Levy. Edwin, Jr. , 33. Lewis, Alex Murdoch Lewis, Barbara Ann Lewis. Cynthia Katherine . . . . Lewis. Don Lewis. Eloise Railings Lewis. Evelyn Todd , , , Lewis, Henry Wilkins Lewis, Jack Fleet 49, Lewis, Jacob Basco Lewis, John B., Jr. Lewis, John Gray, Jr. Lewis, Kenneth Baker Lewis, Linda Ann Lewis, Patricia M. Lewis. Robert Glenn Lewis, Thomas Earl .214, 306 ..74, 365 365 125 336 388 330 194, 306 416 143 336 394 128 219, 365 217 , 365 365 , , 25 143 416 ,248 .173 . ,414 134, 402 365 194, 395 134, 403 4(l7, 408 409 180, 336 284 216, 336 202 403 336 198,306 216, 354 216, 306 119,336 354 70 180,306 336 336 118,174,354 136, 402 .. . . 57. 128, 176, 306 118, 212, 354 365 336 336 135, 365, 404, 405 336 44,134,402 336 171, 411 354 , 408 391 142, 386 134,401 , . ,208, 354 190, 306 354 34, 141, 387 373 283 140, 378 365 58, 60, 336 220, 336 193,241 188, 324, 336 120, 241, 336 , , 232, 256 184,306 114 142,386 38. 141, 387 209, 254, 365 373 .336 373 408 .. .408 . . .306 416 306 144, 187 131,337 191,337 , 38, 39, 127, 306 391 365 ,74, 209, 365 224, 354 45, 67, 118, 224, 354 130,306 272, 337 337 256 406 125 231 64, 65. 178. 180, 306 365 306 140. 378 391, 395 411 125 118, 354 337 447 354 379 .224 .384 .406 , 306 354 395 411 114 Lieberman, David Aria Liiebsclier. Gerhard Light. James Madison, Jr Ijiipfert, Benjamin Bailey Liipfert, Cowles 174, 267, Liles, John W., Jr 140, Linian, Peter C Il indahl, Roy Lindberg, Ruth Lindsay, John Robert 130, 197, Lindsay, Robert Boyd Lindsey, Gordon Hunter 21S, Lindsey, Robert Leland Lindsley, Dell Pritchard 184, 232, Lineberger, Jack Ray 241, 244, 245, Lineberger, Luther Truett 204, Lineberry, Dorothy Ann Lineberry, James William, Jr. 62, Lineweaver, Francis B. 214, Link, Russell Charles 49,70, Linker, Louis Edgar Linker, Robert Polk Linville, Dorothy Ann Lipman, Edward Charles Lipscomb, Charles Thomas, III . . Lipski, Edward A 241, Little, Charles Harve.v Little, Douglas Keai-ns 194, Little, Howard Q. L., Jr. Little. James Franklin Little, James Thomas. Jr. 216, Little. Robert Eugene. Ill 232, Little, Sylvia Baylift Little, Wilfred Fufflelrt. Jr Liu, Jane Chuang . . Lively, Edmund Cedric Livingston. Frank Livingston, Robert Pierce Llewellyn, Anne Fuller 202, Lockett, Frank Walker. Ill 164,184.228, Logan, Douglas Sue 49, 182, Logan, Phillip Hemphill 139, Lohr, Carol Jolee Groth Lohr, Lwrence Luther, Jr. 21 S, Lohr, Lloyd Dermot . , 174, Loke, Wye Toh Lomax, Henry Clyde ... 140, Lomax, John William . . 214, London, Frank -Michael London, Lawrence Foushee 211 Long, Irving Hilburn Long, James Monroe Long, Jerry Alexander Long, Mary Wilson Long, Patricia Anne Long. Robert Washington. Jr. . Long, Walter Nathaniel, Jr. Long, Thomas V., II Long, William Ray 38 Longenecker, Franklin Roland, III Longest, Frances Elizabeth Lookabill, Gene Lamar 236 Looney. Donald Edward Lopez. Carmen M. Lopez-Vera, Olaguibeet Angel Lore, Charles Eli Lore, Richard Karl Lotz, Daniel Milton 115,248 Lotz, Denton IIS Loughlin, David Castello Love, Betty Juanita Love, L Love, Linda Leigh Love, Richard Loiighran, .loseph Henrv Lowder, Robert Estus Lowe, David X. Lowe, Frank Haddock, J Lowe, Lester Vincent. Jr Lowe. Teddie Herbert Lowe, William F., Jr. Lowenstein, Allard K Lowery, .John Otis, Jr. Lowrance, Joe G Lowrence, David W. . Lucas, Tracy George, Jr. lAidwiff, John McKay Lupsing, William Henry, Jr. Luftin, John E Lukens. Deborah Sloan Lupton, Thomas Ray Lusk, Harold F. LUtHERAX STUDEXT ASSOCIATION Lutz, Howard R Luxon, Norval N Lyday, Leon Faidleibee, ITT Lyerly, Alan Ray Lyerly, Ned Thomas Lynch, William Grant 142, Lynn, Joyce Evelyn Lynn, Robert Lee, III Lyon, Betsy Carroll 190. Lyon, Boyce Marion Lyon. Harllee Wingate 116. Lyon. John Dailey 218. Lyon. Marjorie Low Lyon, Nancy I..eGrand 55, 190, Lyon. Steve G Lyons, William J 236, 266, Lytle, William Patillar M McAdams, Delmar Warren 354 McAlister. Howard Grady 136.403,405 McAllister, Harmon Carlyle, Jr 120.146,307 354 306 354 306 379 34, 180, 241, 337 306 306 416 396 337 2.i3 354 3. -.4 146, 194. 337 ;ieth 184, 144, 354 404 386 nd ex McAllister, J. Gray, III McAllister, John Malcolm McAndrew, Catharyn Kane McCalTity, Darwin William . . McCain, Robert Maxw ' ell, Jr. . . McCall, David Lawrence McCall, Fred McCall, Robert Murray McCallister, Richard A. McCann, Frank McCartliy, Jacqueline McCartney, James Robert, III . . McCaulley. Jean McCillian, Taylor McClatchey, Eve Leah . McClintock, Falba Jo Ann McCloskey, James McClure, Horace Edward McColl, David Kenneth, 11 McColl, James Carroll McCollough, William H McCollum, Robert LeVan McCollum, Tim Gordon McColm, Mary E McConkev. Samuel Anderson, Jr. McConnell, John Miner McCnnnell, Robert Bradshaw, Jr. Mci ' or.l. Klizlieth Parrish 37, McCord, Marcia Jo McCord. William Jerome McCotter, Dewitt C, III McCoy, Dennis Frederick 376 217 266, 267 241 374 , 214, 307 2o3 McCracken, McOreight. ille nk Webb, III David W Paul Swicegood Gail Lorraine , William Thomas iil 182, 307 43. 390 125 337 174, 337 175 139 131, 337 263, 337 416 , 217 354 307 176. 207 190, 307 416 , 185 214, 337 . 354 337 394 407, 409 . h, B. 337 143 Willia McCutchin, Elizabeth Susan McDaniel, Eugene Marvin, Jr. McL aniel, Jerry S. McDavid, James Evans. Jr. McDavid, Winky McDevitt. Margaret Haynie McDevitt. Sterling George. Jr. M -L onald. Eugene_.Iames ... McDonald, Jame 248 125, 374 . . . 354 403 McDr McDor McDoi McDoi ilcDoi McDor il l, Lar lid, Marj i lid, .Murr; Walte Fra " ole Pettingill laid, Ralph laid, Scott McDowell, Eugene E. McDuIfie, Jerome Anthony McDuffie, Thomas Landy, Jr. McElroy, James Lawrence, Jr. . McFadden, Dick McFadden. .Vancy McFall. Walter Thompson McFalls. Vernon Wendell McFayden. Donald Wayne McGavran. Dr. B. G. McGavran, Mary Catherine McGee, Carolyn Sue McGee, John Asburv, Jr. McGee. John Divine, II McGee, Thomas Smith McGee, William Allen McGee, Zell McGhee. James Gray McGinnis, Jack Smith McGirt. John Wesley McGraAv. David James McGraw. Guy Michael McGregor. Donald Willard McGuire. Frank McGuire, Roger Kilby McGurk. Mallary McHomery, Mary , Mclnnis, Clay Wall, Jr Mclnnis. Henrv L. Mcintosh. John Nash Mclntyre. Xeal Duncan Mclver. Duncan E.. Jr. Mclver, Frank T Hclver, Tom McKay, Julia Elizabeth McKee, Bob . McKee, J. Harold McKee, John Sasser, III McKeithan. William Scott McKenzie, Hervin McKenzie. Marv Frances McKenzie, O. R. McKenzie. Roy David. Jr. McKenzie. Samuel Harris McKenzie. Timothy Paul McKeown. Frank James. Jr. McKiernan. Richard Lee . McKinnon. C. Frances McKinnon. Edith White McKinnon. Elizabeth Hall McKinnon. Patsv Wood McKnight. Edward Wilev, Jr. McKnight. Ella Frances . McLamb. Clarence Ezekiel, Jr. McLamb. Floyd McLamb. Polly Anne McLarty, George Collins . . McLean, Malcolm Hector, HI McLean. William Sartor . McLees. James Kitner . McLeod, Alyce Anne 448 187, 366 416 374 402, 405 141, 387 394 74, 366 391 389 416 307 200, 338 201, 366 307 248 33S 307 188 263 182, 3ns 143 199 228. 338 33S 174. 307 176. 307 384 374 207. 307 74. 366 380 366 414 191. 3f ' S 43. 307 338 338 170, 308 366 354 169. 33S 366. 404 118 114 389 McLeod, Joe McLeod, Malcolm Xoell . . McLester, William Dumas Mc.Mahon, Elizabeth Mi-.Means, Kenneth Dale McMichael, Peter Dillard, . McMillan, Colin Riley McMillan, Donald Sheperd McMillan. Dougald McMillan, James Leroy, Jr. McMillan, John Taylor McMillan, Xeill Kirby . McMillan, William Hannon McMillion, Donald Clard . . McMullen, Larry McMurray, Paul McNaull, William Dresser McNeely. Richard Pope Mc.Veil. I ..rc.tliv Brewer McNeil. Ju.stin. Ill Mc.Veill. i;.,l,by Burns McNeill, Gcrge Vernon, Jr McNeill, John Parder McNeill, James Ronald McNeill, Vinson Andrew McPherson, Henry Clay, Jr McPherson, Lucy Anne McRae, James Patterson McRee, Robert Wade, Jr. McMurray. Paul Carlton McSurely. Alan McSwain, Holland. Jr. Mack, Clare MacKenzie Mackay, John Harold Mackay, .Voel Cotterman Mackey, Alfred Burton, Jr. Mackie, Edgar Berry Mackie, Ernest Lloyd Mackinnon, Edith Macon, Ernest Michael, ,Tr. Macy, Charles Thomas Madden, Shirley Ann Maddrey, Charles Hoggard Maddrey, Thomas Parkei- Maddry, Robert Ij. Maddux, Ma.son Randolph. , Madison, Barbara Ward Magill, Samuel Magner, James Edward Magnuson, Karen Marg, Mahaffv. Telfair Mahler, Harold Cooley Maiseh, George S. Malcolm, James Blair Mallins. Robert H. Mallory. William Mason Malcolm, James B. Malone, Frank Mitchell, Mancy, Khalil Hosay Manasse, George Hem-y Maness, Archibald Kell et 42, 202, 203, 354 .353 . 338 .414 .354 .394 114 , 308 284 , 354 232 308 232 , 232 256 138 338 338 374 336 , 378 366 , 402 232 308 338 338 366 389 ,379 .308 308 338 338 , 386 , 366 394 308 , 338 338 355 , 338 , 308 I 407, 261. 138. Mangum. Addison Goodloe Mangum, Benspn Rue Mangum. Robert Bovd Mann. Clifton Darrell Mann. Harold Lindsey. Jr. Mann. .lames Giffen Mann. Walter Rav Manning. Henry Stancill Manning. Oren Reid Manos, Christine Beckv Marcoux. William Thomas Maready, Billv Frank Maredy, Jack D. Margolin, Michael Rriliinson Margolis, Herman Albert Margulies, William Paul Markham, Dr. E. C. Markham. Robert Wade Markham, Thomas Lowell Marks. Benjamin Sanford, Jr. Marks. Peter . nthonv Marks. Thomas Stanlev Marley, .Mfred Ray. Jr. Marley, Edison Earl Marley, .Toseph Perkins. Jr. Marlow. Charles Wavne Marquette. Ronald jinies Marriott. John Daughtry Marsh, Rupert Henrv Marsh, William Luther Marshall, Bennie Sue Marshall, Joyce Ann Marshall. Samuel Weslev. Jr. Marshburn, Donald Robert Marshburn, Paul Thomas Marshburn, William Penn Martin. Bennv W. Martin. Franklin Edwin Martin. Jan B. Martin. John Wayne Martin. Leon Milton Martin. Marion Martin. Marlow Lee. .Jr. Martin. Michael Marvin 117. 123. 124. Mart Martin Martoc Mason Mason Rohbh Sar ile Menefee Charles Clarence Doris Marie Mason, John Beard Mason, Julian , Mason, Mary Moore Mason. Ralph Newman Mason. Reginald G.. Jr. 49. 52, 54, 148, 355 204 308 416 366 117. 308 394 222 380 355 366 396 308 355 338 405 308 378 308 366 338 308 125 338 366 378 366 , 404 , 308 , 308 355 . 401 416 308 338 , 366 . 366 308 , 387 , 355 308 338 338 309 355 390 338 .113 309 355 396 Ind ex Mason, Richard Haywood, Jr 227, 3ti6 Mason, Romulus Armistead 366 Mason, William 267 Massengill, Anna Herring 309 Massengill, Herman Edward, Jr 309 Massey, Charles Knox, Jr 231 Massie, Thomas Clement 366 MBA CLUB 143 Matheson. Billie Gaye 406, 412 .Matheson, Carl Lafayette, Jr .338 Mathis. Charles Gray 309 Matney, John Lee 366 Matthew, Tom 254 .Matthew s, David Poindexter 62, 64, 355 Matthews, Frederick Richard, Jr 366 Matthews, George Gregory 355 Matthews, Leslie 416 Matthews, Marshall L 194 Matthews, Phillip Ray 366 Matthews, Richard 219 Matthews. Robert Graham 355 Matthews, Robert Simon 120,355 .Matthews. William D, 126 Matthis. Wilton Lee 309 Mauldin, Bob R 178 Mauldin, Joel Lee 141, 386 Mauldin, Philip Baxter 338 Maultsby, Phyllis Ann 309 Maultsby, Tom 257 Maultsby, William DeVane 141, 388 .Mauney, David Hunter 179,366 Mauney, Emily Elizabeth 403,405 Mauney, Walter Ford 355 Maus, Lewis McKinney 389 Maxwell, Jake Alexander 200, 309 May, Benjamin Victor 212,355 May, Betsy 169 May, Charles Raysor, III 34, 40. 41, 174, 309 May, Louis Garris 366 Mayberry, Roland Leroy 33S Mavdanis, George Andrew 195, 338 Mavfield, Frank Henderson 366 Mayhue. Susan Lee 45, 309 Mayland, Andrea 71 Maynard, Edward Lewis 355 Mayo, George E., Ill 338 Mayo, Gerald Mack 114,117,157,161,309 Mayo, John Blount, Jr 355 Mayse, Dorothy -416 Meador, Jennie Margaret 45,52.148,170,309 Means, Robert Ellis 179, 366 Meehan, Frank George 416 .Meehan, Richard Carl 338 Meek, Charles Fredric 179, 366 Meekins, Edmund Lindsay 261, 309 Jleekins, Frederick Chapin 138, 379 Meekins, Xed , 260 Meeks, Bobbie Artis 390 Mehl, Henry Thomas 355 Meiggs, Xancy Amanda 70, 309 Melton. Anne 176 Melton, Carolyn 71 Melton, Virgie Dolores 416 Meltsner, Charles P. 153,225,366 Meltsner, Glenn Adair 366 Melville. Rr.bert Harold 206, 338 Mendell. Alan .125 Mendelsohn. Joseph Sidney 221,360,366 Menhinick. Robert John 366 Menke, George Gray 200, 309 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB 74 MEX ' S HONOR COUNCIL 35 MEN ' S IDC HONOR. RY SOCIETY .127 MEX ' S IXTERDORMITORT COUNCIL 38 Menze], James Harry 40, 339 Mercer, Christopher Melchor 261, 339 Merchant, .Norma Lynn 411 Merrick, Richard Bennett 366 .Merrick. Susan Elizabeth 409 Merrill. Isaac Lincoln. Ill 309 Merriman. William Watkins 232,339 Merritt, James Lee 309 Merritt, James Samuel 198, 309 Merritt. Thomas Earl 339 Merritt. W. Davis. Jr. 309 Merry. Finley Henderson 213. 366 Merry. Frances Robinson 177, 339 Metcalf, Clifton Blake 339 Jletcalf. Edith Florence 144, 309 Xewborn, Pave McXeill ... . 409 Michael, William Norwood, Jr. 232, 396 Michael, William S 59, 60, 192 Micklus. Marilyn Ida 411 Midgett. Lela 407 Midgette. Patrick Wilson 366 .Midkiff. Richard Allen 355 Midyette. Lelia Buxton 411 Milan, Nancy Macys 1S2. 309 Miles. Barbara Fave 37. 407. 409 Milham. Claudai Ann 144, 168. 309 MILITARY 155 Millen. Don . . , 40,41,128,196 Miller, Dr. A. T. 391 Miller, Albert Bynum 38, 309 Miller, Anne Russell . 39, 339 Miller, Ben Franklin 355 .Miller, Benjamin Wesley 195. 355 Miller, Bruce Canfield 309 Miller. Croson Burns. Jr. 1S9. 366 Miller. Danelle Hart 202, 310 Miller. Don HaroM 117, 310 Miller. Don W..ft..rd 57. 339 Miller, Edward James .310 Miller, Elizabeth Frances 190,339 Miller, Fred Cecil, Jr. 142,386 Miller, Gary John 265, 374 Miller. Gerald Wayne 339 .Miller, Hal Macon . . 44, 192, 339 .Miller, Harry Ellsworth 366 .Miller. Harvey H., Jr 1 23, 210, 310 -Miller, Herbert Picknev. Ill 2U , 366 Miller. James Halyburton . . 21b, 366 Miller. James Monroe 136, 403, 4o:i Miller. James Wesley 366 .Miller, Joseph Claude I ' lh, 366 Miller, Joseph Larry 136, 403 Miller, Lawrence Gregg 123, 35o .Miller, Marianna Scofield 42, 1.6, 310 Miller, Nancy Louise 191, 339 Miller, .Nick John 139, 3V9 Miller. Patsy Foust 310 Miller, Patricia .Marie 14X, 168, 310 Miller, Ranne Johnson 366 Miller, Robert .Nichols 310 Miller, Roy Wayne .39 ' i Miller, Seth George 134, 401 Milligan, Ronnie Rich 268, 310 Mills, Courtney .232 Mills, Frank Fetzer 193, 3.1.S Mills, Howard . usiva 200, 3.S.S Mills, Jerry Leath 3.-).- -Mills, Ken Harold 339 .Mills. Ruth Jo-Ann 411 -Milton. Hugh McRae 138, 3VS -Minis, Carl P 125 -Minnich, Gail 10S, IV, Minter, John D., Jr .55, 60. 355 Miska, M. G 3S4 Mitchell, Averette Jack 339 Mitchell, Edward Lee 39.S Mitchell, John Lee 197, 366 -Mitchell, Margaret Everette Harris 144, 310 -Mitchell, Merritt Kellogg 200, 35.S -Mitchell, Patricia S. 386 -Mitchell, Russell Gray 134, 399, 402 -Moe, Doug 2.S4 -Mogull, Robert Gabriel 209, 366 Moller, John Desmond 310 Molleson, Ann , , 406 Monga, Jagjit Singh 374 MONOGRAM CLUB 236 Monroe, John Lauchlin 119, 310 Monroe, William Kermit, Jr. 366 Montgomery, David W. 134, 402 Montgobery, Edward Davidson, Jr. 366 Montgomery, Frank Paul 355 Montgomery, Leslie Grayson 133, 339 Montgomery, Mary Eleanor 144, 339 Moody, Leslie Lynn 399 Moodv. Michael Leon 366 -Moon, Hewitt Edward 3X9 -Moon, Robert Earl 310 Moore, Asa Van, Jr. 3.s:, Moore, Barbara Gail 114 Moore, Barbara Jean 190, 310 Moore, Carroll Jackson 310 Moore, Clif 121 Moore, Daniel Hight • ri, 366 Moore, Don Reginald 222, 339 Moore, Evelyn Hane.s 66 128, 339 -Moore. Gene Webb 130, 310 Moore, George Ervin, Jr. 31(1 Moore, James Edgar 216, 339 -Moore, James Elvin 339 -Moore, Jane Elizabeth 339 Moore, John Ellison 366 Moore, L. L. A., Jr. 416 Moore, Linda Carol 272, 355 Moore, Leopold Paul 339 Moore, Sally Parker 144, 339 -Moore, -Mary Virginia 3V4 Moore, Saunders Winston 38, Moore, Theodore Carlton, Jr 118 Moore, Thomas Carev. Jr. 310 Moose, William Whitaker 134, 399 403 405 -Morehead, John Motlev 116 Morgan. Ann L. 37 107, 348 Morgan, Edith Ann . " . ' i. 112, 14S, , 149 , 310, 410 Morgan, Elwood Ernest 396 Morgan, George Lafayette. ITI 355 Morgan. Harcourt . lexander 339 Morgan, James Hunter 355 57 , 121 Morgan. John Hayward 47, 355 Morgan. Joseph Edward, Jr 256 • .57, 310 Morgan, Julian Horton 121 , 128, 366 Morgan. Dr. Lucy S. 414 Morgan. Mary Muse 339 Morgan. William Chapin 366 Morgan. William Kenneth 386 Morlev. Tom 63 .Morris. Arthur Sherman. Jr. 395 Morris, Claudius Stedman 184 310 Morris. David George 366 Morris. Elizabeth Joan 310 Morris. John Watson. Jr. 366 Morris. Ken E 185 Morris, Kenny Jordan 339 Morris, Robert Edwin 1 ' .fl 339 Morri.s. Tom A. . 141 3S8 Morris, Warren 240, «54 Morris, William Harold, Jr. 392, , 396 125 232, 339 236, 266, 267 220, 355 56, 128, 339 406, 412 117 63 241 410 .194 339 272, 411 .339 . 310 . .409 416 366 311 366 355 240 47, 74, 133. 399 138, 379 74, 366 121, 366 366 217, 339 Morris, Wyman Lee Morrison, Clayton D. Morrison, George Arthur Morrison, James Charles , Morrison, Robert Lee Morrison, Virgil McKee Morrissett, Randolph Edward, Jr. Morrow, Frances Ann Morrow, Richard Thomas Morse, Amy Ann 200. 339 .176, 276, 40 Morse, William Temple Moseley, George Edward Moseley, Wendell Clay Moser, Galen Gartner ... . Moser, Harry Ned Moss, Billy Joyner Moss, Charles L Moss, Dyer Spring, Jr -Moss, Jim -Moss, Philip Victor Mosteller, Mary Susanne Moureau, Claire Natalie Mraz, John Agust -Mudd, William C Mueller, Frederick O Muirhead, Sue Ann . Mulieri, Vincent A. Mullen, -Neil C. Mulligan, Linda Ann Mullinix, Barbara Ben.son Mulvaney. Leo - nthony Mulvey. Jane Bolton Mundy, Martha Beatrice Murchison, Willis Barnes Murdock, James Nels »n Murphy, Brower, Jr. Murphy, Dewey Leon Murphy, Doc ... Murphy, Donald Lee Murphy, John Cecil Murphy, Kenneth Raymond Murphy, Neil Francis Murphy, Robert Gene Murphy, William Stanton Murray, Robert C Murray, Edgar M. Murray. Douglas P. Musha, Nelson Eddy Mustian, Alvin Delbridge Mustian, Howard Macon Myatt, George P. Myers. Bob Eugene Myers. Carolyn Madden Myers, David Walter Myers, David AVorth Myers, Harold Gordon Myers, Walter Edwaril Myrick, Maynard Wilbur Myse, Robert Newell .NROTC 162 Nail, Richard Duke 366 -Nakamura, Charles M 355 -Nance, Bernie J. 401,405 -Vance, Donald Carroll 74,132.311 Nantz, Glenn Rodnev 389 -Nantz, Sally 125 -Vash, Brent Drane 226, 231, 236, 260, 261. 340 Nash, Edmund Strud 226,340 -VATIO.N ' AL SCIENCE FOUNDATION 125 -VATIO.N ' AL STUDEXT ASSOCIATION 52 Neal, David Ellison 134, 402 Neal, Fred A., Jr 396 -Veal, Robert Franklin 355 Nealey, Margaret Louise 416 . ebel, William Arthur 40, 204, 205, 311 .Veed, Richard F 241 .Neisler, Margaret Ruth 170, 311 .Xeller, Arthur Augustus, Jr. 174,340 -N ' elms, Donald Kenneth 355 Xelms, Tommy Dorsey 340 .Nelson, Cora Louise 58,60,340 .Xelson, Luther Sullivan 394 -Nelson, William Earl 366 .Ness. Kenneth A 284 Ness, Peter 366 Nester, Jerry Glenn 340 .Neustadt, William . rthur 366 .Neville, Cecil Howell, Jr 396 Neville, Graham Riley 132,340 Neville, Walter Henry 135,404 Newborn, Fay 407 XEWMAX CLUB 152 Newman, Frances McNeil 183, 340 Newman, Michael Stanford 340 .New-some, Albert Ray 262, 263, 397 Newsome, Charles Benjamin 133,340 Newsome, Robert James, Jr 366 Newsome, William Grayson, Jr 355 Newton, Bobby Lawrence 114, 194, 380 Newton, Eldon Sharpe, Jr 366 Newton, Hector Carlton, ITI 311 .Newton, Fachariab Boardman. Ill 311 Newton, Jimmie Isaac 366 .Newton, Robert Sasser, Jr 340 Nichols, Carol Townsend 169,340 Nichols, Donald Wyatt 188, 31 1 Nichols, Graham Ernest, Jr 366 Nichols, Richard Lee 197, 366 .Nichols. William Randolph 340 Nicholson. Elizabeth Carr 168. 409 Nicholson, Dr. George 67 Nicholson, Sarah Jane 203, 340 Nickolaus, Charles Adam, Jr 374 -Nickolaus, Ruth Cole 374 Nifong, Carolyn Lerone 411 Nifong, Paul Douglas 142, 3S6 Nisbet, Charles Richard 174,288,340 Niven, Annette Harrison 114 Nixon, Demetrios F. 374 Noble, Nancy -A.nne 408 Noble, Robert Cutler 118, 355 Noblin, Charles Royster 340 Noblitt, Perry Milton 142, 387 449 nd ex 266, 267, 269, -141, 141, 116, , 134, 136,401, Noe, Robert Spilman, Jr. 366 Xoel, Robert Frederick 397 Xoell, Charlotte Blynn 311 Noell, Sidney Thomas, Jr 355 Nof singer, Collins Denny, Jr 389 Noland, E. Wilham 284 Xooe, Charles Johnson 376, 378 Norman, Larry Eugene 340 Norman, Paul Wesley 366 Norman, Priscilla Elizabeth 176,311 Norman, Velio 374 Norris, Ira Kenneth 367 Norris, Jane Snyder . 406 Norris, John Bryant 47, 340 Norris, Tliomas Lloyd, Jr. 380 Norstrom, Oyvind 374 Northcutt, Charles Wilson 121, 355 Norton, Maj. L. C 162 Norton, Lafayette Ferguson 367 Norville, Russell Manley . 367 Norwood, Haywood Vernon, Jr. 367 Nuri, Salma Shaikh 416 Nushan, Marvin George 340 Nuckolls, Mary Clay 340 O Oakes, Lynwood Taylor Oakley, Cledith Emory Oakley, Jerry William Oakley, Kenneth Holmes O ' Berry, Walter Samuel O ' Briant, Charles Rex O ' Briant, Gordon Lee, Jr. O ' Daniel, James Sidney O ' dea, John P Odom, Thomas LaFontine O ' Donnel, Jill Marie 168, 277, Ogden, Fred Nash, II Oglesby, Earl Randolph, Jr. O ' Hara, James Conald Michael 120. O ' Keefe, Mary R Okun, Dr. Daniel A Oldham, Donald Carson 144, Oldham, James Allen Olds, Gloria Lea Olive, Richard Langdon 181, Oliver, Donald Wayne 311. Oliver, John Hill .74, Oliver, Martha Elizabeth ... Oliver, Mary Oliver, Robert Deleon, Jr Olmstead, Mary MacNeil .230, Olsen, Daniel Duncan O ' Neal, John Bryant Oppenheimer, Jerry Bryant . 40, 41, 45, 46, 67, 113, 114, 115, 224, ORDER OF THE GOLDEN FLEECE ORDER I IF THE GRAIL ORDER I F THE MINATAURS ORDER I IF THE OLD WELL ORDER OF THE SHEIKS - - , Oresman, Dick ORGANIZATIONS ORIENTATION COMMITTEE Ormand, Thomas Lane Orr, David Rickman Orr, William Rucker Orton, Ann Counselor Osborne, Caroline Morton Osborne, Samuel Lovia . O ' Toole, Louise S Ott, John Nash, III Ott, Robert William Ott, William John O ' Tuel, Prentis Harold, Jr. Overman, Thomas Lewis . Owen, Duncan Show, Jr. Owen, James Edward Owen, Sara Ann Owen, John Bruce Owens, Mark West, Jr. Owens. Russell Glenn, Jr. Owens, Thurman Quinton, Jr, Owens, William Lawrence 406, 125, 34, 198, 134. Pace, Robert Packard, James A Paden, Eugenia Cloud Paderick, Clifton Waldo Paderick, Elizabeth LewMs Paderick, Victor Lynn Pacre. John Edward Page, Patricia Ann . . Palak. Herman Palladina. Emmy Palmatier, E. D Palmer, Alan Palmer, Ellen Gail Palmer. Malcolm Franchot Palmer, William L. Palmer. Yates Shuford PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Pannell, Clifton W Park, Bong Ho Parker. Mrs. Cherry Parker, David N Parker, Effie Landis Parker, Eugene Whitlock Parker, Frances Cherry Parker, Fred Parker, Fred Pope, III Parker, Frederick B., Jr. Parker, James Lee , , . Parker. Jordan H. Parker, John Curtis .... 374 35, 118, 210, 355 , 169. 340 218, 355 311 218, 312 340, 367 183, 367 265 418 284 143 340 .188,355 184, 232, 340 .184, 232, 355 42 173 355 406 66, 160, 204 406, 412 340 406 312 367 401 118, 356 226, 232 117 Parker, Joseph A., Jr 340 Parker, Robert Andrew 216, 355 Parker, Robert C 211 Parker, Robert Greer 367 Parker, Susan E 406, 412 Parks, Dennis William 340 Parks, James 265 Parks, Mamie Ruth 340 Parks, William Land 180, 312 Parramore, Ralph Edward 200, 355 Parrish, David Graham 340 Parshley, Martha Cone 37, 190, 312 Parsons, William Thomas 312 Partin. Donald Howard 355 Partin, Malcolm Overstreet 117, 313 Partin, William Kim 195 Partin, Wilson B., Jr 118.355 Partride, Stevens Hyatt, Jr 40, 178, 312 Parolekar, Dinkar Vishwanath 417,418 Pate, Arthur Hubbard 312 Pate, Barry Reeves 394 Pate, Dewey Harris 392, 394 Pate, William Snyder 113,114 Patrick, Bailey, Jr 232 Patrick, Donald Ray 355 Patrick, James Thomas 184,340 Patseavouras, Louie L 178,397 Patten, Jane Law 148, 190, 312 Patterson, Alex M 162, 284 Patterson. Donald Sutton 312 Patterson, Ed 121 Patterson, Edward Richard 367 Patterson, Edwin Milas, III 355 Patterson, Forrest Tribble 38, 403 Patterson, Fredrick Brocton Patterson, Hugh Lester Pattei ' son, Jo Pattei ' son, John Richard . . Patterson, Mary Frances Patteson. Robert Baskerville, Pattisliall, Franklin David . . Pattishall. Richard C Pattison. M. Joy Patton, Donna B Patton, Macon Glasgow Patton, Peggy Doris . Patton, Robert Lew ' is, Jr. Patton, Vincent Dion Paul, James Ala 340 35, 118 418 174, 394 417 Jr. 113. 131, 143, 374 389 355 340 312 34, 115, 226, 231, 312 312 264. 312 374. 418 Paxton, William Coalter, Jr. - - 226 341 Payne, Jane Marie 341 Payne, Josephine 190, 341 Payne, Mary Ann 374 Pavne, Marshall Thomas , , . ' 341 Pavne. Roland William, Jr 214,236,237, 241, 312 Peabodv, Edward Bruce, Jr 367 Peace, Samuel Thomas, III 189, 367 Peek, James Thomas 367 Peacock, Willie Gordon 312 Pearce, Robert Jackson 120,341 Pearce, Samuel Worth 201 Pearce, Virginia Elaine 203, 341 Pearsall. I Iack Braswell ., Pearsall, Thomas J., Jr. Burce Gilbert Ernest Alexander, Frances Carolyn Frances Simmons Jeanne Sheppard Pearson, Nancy Elizabeth Pearson, ' illiam Seymour Peck, E. Stanley, Jr. , Peck. Harvey Peebles, Robert Graham Pearson, Pearson Pearson Pearson Pearson Jr. 184 356 417 411 341 341 312 396 132, 312 .119, 341 74. 356 Peel. William Robert 140,232,379 379 341 401 241, 243 189, 356 . 410 182, 232, 312 341 Peele, Stanley Peele, William Jenkins Peile, James Iroan, Jr. Pell. Stewart Pemberton, Charles D. Pemberton. M. Ellen Pender, William Lardner Pendergraph, Robert A. Pendergraft, Stuart H. Pendleton, Anne Penick, George Deal Pentecost, Linda Marie Peoples, Linwood Thomas Peppers, Simmy Marion Perdue, Jack Lewis Perkins, Thomas Joseph Perry, Daniel Elifah Perry. H. Arnold Perry, Raymond Lowell Perry, Robert Hastings Peter, Doris Asher Peter, Sara Josephine Peters. Howard A Peters. Dr. Richard M. Peterson, Donald Vance Peterson, William Richard Pfeffer, Henrietta H. PH.A.RMACY SENATE Phefterkorn, William G. Phelon. Leo Haid, III 200,341 Phelps, Brvan Eugene 367 PHI ALPHA DELTA 139 PHI BET.V KAPPA 116 PHI DELT.A. CHI 136 PHI DELTA PHI 140 PHI DELTA THETA .. 196 PHI GAMMA DELTA , .198 PHI ETA SIGMA 118 PHI KAPPA SIGMA 200 450 3S1 341 367 . 367 140, 378 . 2S2 .207, 367 184, 341 36, 202, 312 128, 144, 312 , , 417 391 403 74, 312 417, 418 405 62 PHI MU ALPHA 123 PHILANTHROPIC ASSEMBLY 64 Phillips. Dr. Bernard 414 Phillips, Charles Woodrow 394 Phillips, George Lee .... 341 Phillips, Grady H 275 Phillips, James Laughton 367 Phillips, Jasper Louis 117,312 Phillips, Roy Thomas 356 Phillips, Sylvia Lorraine 116 Phillips, Virginia Coker 417 Phinizy, Stewart, III 178, 313 Phipps, Carl S. 341 Phipps, David Willard 313 PI BET.A. PHI 202 PI KAPPA ALPHA 204 PI KAPPA PHI ■. . 206 PI LAMBDA PHI 208 Piantadose, Claude, Dr 124, 398 Pickard. Carl Glenn, Jr 35,117,184,313 Pickett, Terry Julian 404 Piggott, Betty H 341 Pike, Alice Claire 341 Pike. John 384 Pierce. Blackwell B. 189 Pierce, Herbert Franklin 379 Piekson, William W 231 Pikus, Terry Samuel 341 Pinto. Paul Maddox 341 Pipkin. Ashmead Pringle 118, 174, 356 Pitman, Dorothy 36 Pitser, Bill 44 Pitt, Theophilus Harper, Jr 52, 198, 313 Pittman, Albert Eugene 367 Pittman, Charles Wood, Jr 66,196,288, 348, 356 Pittman, Dick 391 Pittman. Gene Albert 223 Pittman, James Evens 341 Pittman, James Patrick 220,313 Pittman, Malory Alfred 397 Pittman, Ralph Michael 172,270.356 Placak, Carolyn Ford 341 Plunkett, Prank Andrew 341 Plyler, Frances Irene 408 Plyler, Wallace Hinton 188,228,356 Pole, Alice Wilder 367 Poindexter, Martha Ann 409 Poirer, Jean Rene 396 Polak, Herman-Joost 118 Pollard, Andrew James 341 Pollard, Elizabeth A 171,341 Pollard, William Robert 222.313 Ponder, Violet 144 Ponder, William W 124, 401 Ponnampalam, Sittaam Palam 417 Pons, Alton Britt 130.236,256,313 Poole, Grey 248, 253 Poole, Ivey Talmage, Jr 313 P oole, John 121 Poole, Samuel Hawley 313 Poole, Tom 144 Poole. Walter Ray. Jr 356 Poovey, James Nelson 367 Pope. Charlotte Ann 57,96,128,144,341 Pope, Howard Edison Pope, William Henry . . Poplin, Johnny Gaskin Poplin, William Roscoe, Jr. Porcher, Francis C Porter, David Darlington Porter. William M. Portnoy, Joseph Post, Allen Williams, Jr. Post, Allen Post, Hazel Green Poteat, Earnine Lee, Jr. Potter. Emily Laurence Potter, James Daniel Potter. June Yvonne Potter, Ralph Meredith Poulos, Peter George Powell, Ann T. Powell, Jane Lee Powers, Leonard Powell, Samuel Quiney, Jr. Powers, Thomas Angus Powell. William Arthur Poythress, Patricia Pratt, John Herman Preece. I,oretta Kay Presley. Ralph Phillips Pressley, James 160, 367 356 341 367 216, 313 313 174, 277, 356 414 188,341 . . 188 401 401 341 341 144. 190, 191, 313 178,341 313 116 341 376 367 341 138,378 .276 .367 .390 .367 .367 Pressly, Dorothy B 30,31,50,112,168,313 Pressly. Patricia Ann 401, 407 Preston, James Young 40, 114, 117, 172, 313 Preston, Pat 240 Prevo, James Miller 124,136,401,405 Prevost. Ralph Lee 205.367 Prewitt, Thomas Wendell 216,380 Price, Arthur Ray 126 Price. Glenn Arliss 313 Price. Hugh Curtis 341 Price. Max M. 341 Price. Robert Edwin. Jr. 174. 341 Price. Sanford Scott 403 Price, Sara Faith 190,408 Price, Vernon 313 Pridsen. Edward N 388 Pridgen. Grady Clifton, Jr 49, 313 Pritchett. Hugh Raines 59.192,232,341 Pritchett. Nancy Lee 394 Proctor, Barrett Gridger 341 Proctor, Evelyn B 183 Proctor. Janie Lee 408 Proctor. Jimmie Creech 342 Ind ex Proctor, Mary Estelle 182, 313 Proctor, Gruby Groce, Jr 313 Porescher. Albert Edward 200, 313 PROFESSIONAL 13U Promt, William Robert 141, 386 Propst, Japtha Fred 313 Pruett, Ronnie Allen 64, 356 Pruitt, Jack William 367 PSI OMEGA 141 PUBLIC HEALTH AFFAIRS 381 PUBLICATIONS BOARD 60 PUBLICATIONS 53 Pugh, Edna Faye 169,341 Pulley, Jane Matthews (Mrs.) 342 Pulley, William Paul 313 Pulliam, Venice U., Jr 131, 313 Pultz, Alan Laverne 180, 263, 341 Pulver, Jeannette Cordelia 367 Pundlik, Digamber 417 Purdy. Ronald H. 356 Purkerson, Johnny Wesley 356 Purks, James Harris, III 178, 342 Purser, H. M. 403 Purser, Miles Herbert 403 Purser, Susan R. 183 Putnam, Jessie Van 367 Pyatte, Jeff Alvin 268,314 Q Quackenbush, Robert Lesley 367 Quade, Dana Edward Anthony 374 Quails, Dixon Lee 141, 174, 386 Quast, Theodore Emmanuel 367 Quigg. Joseph Francis 113,216,248,314 Quinn, Galen Lamar 342 Quinn, Robert Henry 314 Rabb, Sylvia Annette Rabbanik, Mirzamonir Raby, Claude L., Jr. Rader, Daniel Wetmore Rag:an. Robert Allison Ragland, Joe Ray, Jr. Ragland, Thelma Ann Ragsdale, George Robinson 43, 407, 410 417 389 394 367 356 314 35, 113, 115, 184, 286, 314 185, 367 417 256, 257 Ragsdale, Hugh A.. Jr. Rai, Rup Kumare Raiford, Phil RAM EWE Ramirez, Corazen Pajardo 124 Ramos, Frank Mayo 314 Ramsey, James Edward 376, 378 Ramsey, Robert Talmadge 342 Ramsey, William Forbes 114,174,314 Ramsey, Willard Benjamin 388 Rand, Anthony Eden 173. 367 Rand, Cecil Holmes, Jr. Rand, Tom Slade Rand, William Ripley Randall, Paul Randall, Robert Noble Randsdell, William Raney. Richard Beverly, Rankin, Alvin, Jr. Rankin, Dan Falls 392 397 35, 40, 41, 184, 265] 342 172, 314 356 . 380 376 • 40, 118 356 314 Rankin, John P. 219 Ransdell, Phillip Clifton 139 Ransdell, William Garland, Jr. 139, 378 Ransom, Dale Coach 266 Raper, John Elisha, Jr. 174, 314 Raper. Julius Rowan 118, 356 Ratcliff, Robert Curtis 356 Ratcliffe, William Emmet 367 Ratledge, Bobbv Jav 126 Rattay, Herbert Raymond 178, 342 Rauoh. Robert Karl 136,374 Raugh, James Plummer, Jr. 114 Raver, Milsan Carroll 181, 367 Rawls. Eugenia Gray 182, 314 Ray, Alexander Graham 141, 388 Ray, Horace T., Jr. 314 Ray, James A. , 157 Ray. John Charles 160,356 Ray, Sam Teague 342 Ray, W. Turner .206,207,356 Raynor, Bruce Butler Read, James Milton, Jr. Ready. Lucia Marie Reap. Charles A., Jr. Reaves, Ben Reaves. Dorothy Bingham Reaves. Hubert Douglas, Jr. Reaves. James Wilson, Jr. Reave.s, John William Reavis. Charles Augustus Reavis. Page Pendleton Rechholtz, Robert August Redding. Donald Sandorn Redding, Mac Gerald Redding, William Howard, Jr, 367 194, 342 . 144, 314 141, 387 236, 266 404 . 342 . 181, 367 130, 314 38,144,342 380 ,116,188,314 237, 241, 327, 342, 346 356 40, 41. 50, 115, 163, 164. 166. 198, 314 49,314 314 241,246 391 218, 342 Reece. Betty York Reece. Johnny Manly Reed. David R. Reed. Dr. Reed. John Henry Reed. Mickev Reed. Sandra Dorling Reeder, Alton Alfred Reeder. Charles Green Reeder, John Patrick 181, 367 Reese. George W oodrow, Jr 356 Reeves, James William 342 Reeves, James Wilson 175 .410 .314 .118 Reeves, John Edwin, III 181,367 Reeves, Paul Johnson, Jr 367 Reeves, Talmadge Curlee 395 Regenie, Sandra Jane 411 Reichle, Peter Croli 342 Regelir, James Richard 126 Reid, David Edward, Jr 139, 379 Reid, George David 314 Reid, William Alan 396 Reinhardt, Philip Joseph 241,356 Reitzel. Sarston Lee 142, 387 RELIGIOUS 145 Rent row, A. Tucker 356 Renger, Joan Helen 409 Renger, John Frank, Jr 367 Resoh, Alan Dewey 120, 342 Revelle, Pearla A. 170 Rexrode, Suzanne Elizabeth 144, 314 Reyner, Charles Stephen 208, 342 Reynolds, Frances Ellen 112,271,342 Reynolds, James C. 342 Reynolds, James Woodrow, Jr. . 367 Reynolds, Jasper Andrew, Jr. 188,356 Reynolds, John A. S 142,387 Reynolds, Peter Lee 260, 261, 342 Reynolds. Ted Reaves 138,379 Rezutta, Tommy 71 RHO CHI 124 Rhoades, Robert Willard 367 Rhodes, Donald Gilbert 141,385,386 Rhodes, John Flint 119, 342 Rhodes, Mary Elizabeth 342 Rhodes, Robert Maurice 74, 356 Khyne, Henry Henkel, Jr. 180,236,342 Rhyne, Mary Miller 409 Rhyne, Richard Gaddy 74,160,356 Rice, A. Gail 182,342 Rice, James Alexander 215 Rice, Louise Darden 125,374 Rice, William Russell 367 Rich, James Worth, Jr 201, 367 Richards, Allen 38 Richards, Carolyn Taylor 408 Richardson, Baxter Allison 342 Richardson. Bobby Arthur 392,397 Richardson. Bonnie Alice 342 Richardson, Martha Anne 114 Richardson, John Lawrence 356 Richardson, Dr. William P. 391 Richman, Harold Abram 225, 367 Richmond, James B. 139, 378 Richtmyer, Rosemary . 410 Ricks. Thomas Devere 367 Riddick, Willis James 391, 396 Riddle. Arch Jesse, Jr. 341 Riddle, William Joseph 142, 386 Ridenhour, Henry B. 137. 403 Ridenhour, Walter 213 Ridenhour, William Leighton, Jr. 74,367 Ridgeway, Sharon Elaine 183, 342 Ridley, Ina Virginia 182,276,314 Ried, Dave 63 Riedl, Paul Francis 356 Rigdon. Philip Douglas ,367 Riggins. Anne Kimberly 177,314 Riggs, Bobby Eugene 342 Riggs, Francis Graham 367 Riggs, Joe E. 315 Rightsell, William Thomas, Jr. 315 Riley, Susan Ann 37, 342 Riner, Edward Neal . 219, 367 Rinzler, Dennis Charles 221, 367 Risch. Crystal S. 171 Rise, Walter 214 Ritch, Douglas Lamar 356 Ritchie, Charles Homer 374 Rivenbark, David Clayton 315 Rivenberk, Fred Augusta 315 Robb, Walter 256 Robbins, Bennie L. 125 Robbins, Edmond Garland 342 Robbins. William L. 218, 315 Roberson, Joe Baxter 141, 3SS Roberson, Robert Wilson 141, 386 Roberson, William Randall 184 Roberts. Bennett W. C. 184 Roberts, Bryan Wilson lis Roberts, Carolyn Frances 408 Roberts. Clyde Gordon 367 Roberts, Eddie K. 160, 356 Roberts, James F 232 Roberts. James R. 192 Roberts, Mary Blackmon 176 Roberts, Mary J. 417 Roberts, Parks Allen 138, 378 Roberts. Sandra Rush 407, 410 Robertson. Lawrence V. .172 Robertson. Louise Barnwell 182,315 Robertson, Robert Wilson 387 Robertson. Tate MacEwen, III 152, 210, 356 Robeson, Sallie Salter 408 Robinson, Charles Franklin 315 Robinson. Harriette Ann 102, 183 Robinson, Hoyle Lynwood 116, 315 Robinson. Florence N. 271 Robinson, James Hendry 397 Robinson, John Boyd 204, 315 Robinson, Richard Hampton . 342 Robinson, Richard Hill, Jr. 45, 66, 118, 204, 356 Robinson. Robert Houston 58. 210. 342 Robinson. Spottswood E. 201 Robinson. Susanne Hodges 342 Robison. Nancy Jean 411 Robson. C. B. 284 Rock. Judith Ann 411 Rockel, Vincent Fred 356 451 Rodgers, Thomas Swain 231 Roe. Authur 284 Rogers. Augustus Kellogg 181, 367 Rogers, Benjamin Lee 367 Rogers, Curtis Lee, Jr. . 356 Rogers, Julian Richard 141, 386 Rogers, Ted 204, 342 Rohlfs, Robert Charles 121, 367 Rollins, Dexter Leake 216, 343 Rollins, John Avery 343 Rollins, Robert Jefferson . 343 Root, Betty Irene . 202, 343 Roper, Eric Russell 44, 19n, 343 Roper, Fred Wilburn 356 Rose, James William 44, 198, 315 Rose, Walter Thomas, Jr. .44, 163, 260, 261, 315 Rosemond, Ken 254 Rosenblatt, James Ashley 367 Rosenbluth, Leonard Robert 113 Rosenzweig, Judith Sarah 153, 343 Ross, Charles A. 178, 343 Ross, Charlie Allen 356 Ross, Edward Chadwick 133, 315 Ross, George T. 227 Ross, Herbert Allen 220, 356 Ross, Martha Frances 409 Ross, Robert Alexander 172, 315 Ross, Susan 343 Ross, Suzanne 57,128,183,343 Rosser, Henry Thomas 139,378 Ross-Venning, Laura, Dr. 417 Roth, William Cawthon 163, 166, 212, 260, 261, 266, 267, 315 Rothrock, Aubrey 264 Rothschild, Ellen 144,343 Rough, Jim 256 Rountree, Mary Lewis 42, 168 Rouse, Charles Francis, Jr 226, 231, 315 Rouse, James Bristol 227, 367 Rouse , Randall Rex 356 Routh, Billie Anne 408 Rouse, Winifred 390 Rowe, Arthur R. 139, 378 Rowe, Colon Harvey 219, 367 Rowe, Delsey , . . 418 Rowe, Robert Finley 350 Rowe, Ronald B. 356 Rowland, George Edward 54, 218, 343 Rowland, Stanley McDonald 343 Rowley, Robert P. , 125, 374 Royster. Nancy Jane 95, 271, 348, 3.=;6 Rucker, Aldin Henry, Jr. 216, 343 Rucker, Jimmie Irene 169,343 Rucker, Joseph Anthony, in 181,367 Rucker, Mildred Roberta 343 Rudker, Mary Lois 176, 315 Ruff, John Walter 116, 343 Ruff, Joseph 3S4 Rultin, Eleanor Ann 176, 315 Rulfin, Josephine Branch 114 Ruffln, Thomas , 231 Ruffin, Robert G. 264 Rule, Paul Frederick 54, 343 Rundgren, Edna Crandall 417, 418 Runnion. Joseph David 137. 404 Ruse, Jimmy W. 74. 3.-,ii Rush, Lewis Odis, Jr. 367 Rush, Nancy Jo 182, 315 Russ, Marguerite 144 Russavage, Leo Joseph 241,315 Russell. Buzzey 217 Russell. Curtis R. 74, 241, 367 Russell. Frances Mullins 374 Russell, Harold Edward 367 Russell. Harry 231 Russell, Patricia Ann 407, 408 Ru.ssell, Raymond Wilson 356 Russell, William Leonard, Jr. 210, 374 Ruth. William Albert 315 SABRE AIR COMMAND 160 Sabiston. Prank, Jr. 356 Sack, Bernhard A. 241 Sacks, Leonard Carl 208, 315 Sadler, Benjamin 139, 379 Saffo, George Vassilios, Jr. .343 Sagner, Arnold I. 224 343 Saine, Don 256, 257 SAINT ANTHONY HALL 210 Saintsing, Everette Thomas 356 Salem, Albert McCall, Jr. 201, 356 Salibi, Gladys 374 Salley, Alfred N. 196, 356 Sally, Charles Hubert 343 Salz, Harvey C. 248,249,252,253 Sample, Mary Ellen 182, 315 Sampson, Marsha 191 Samuels. Walter Ray 117,397 Sanchez. Billie Catherine 417 Sanders. Charles L 57 Sanders. Cleon " W., Jr 40, 41, 115, 172, 315 Sanders, Elizabeth Sumner 408 Sanders. Lewis Drexel 160,357 Sanders, Margaret Mullings 32, 57, 128, 176, 315 Sanders, Phil Snead 141,388 Sandman. Herbert Arthur 153,209,367 Sapp, Edwin Greenlaw 74, 357 Sartin, Leon Johnson . 132, 316 Sas.ser, Buddy 270 Sasser, George Freeman 316 Sasser. Joseph Emsley 367 Sasser. Sara Jean 343 Satterwhite. Richard T. 397 Sauls, James C 357 nd ex Saunders, Charles Leroy, III Saunders. James Alton, Jr 121, Saunders, John Wesley 136, Saunders, Susan Murphy Saunders. Thomas Byron 58, Saunders, William Eugene 417, Savag:e. ' illianl McDonald Sawyer, Jane Crowell 202, Sayers, William Floyd, Jr. SCABBARD AND BLADE Scarborough, Dawson Emerson Schachner, Edmund Douglas McKane 200, Schaefter, Nan Tutwiler Young .42, 190, 276, Schaeman. Franklin Joel 221, Schafer, Harriet Ruth 43, Scharf, Daniel Hubert 209, Schatken, Nancy L. 170, Schein, Stephen L 224, Schiftman, Tony , .214, 260, Schenck, Edmund Harrison 184, Schiffman, Arnold Anthony SchiltE, Joan Lee 168, Schlapkohl, Charles Joseph, Jr. 141, Scholsser, Emil Steve 201, Schmitz, Betty Schneider, Eliot Michael 221, Schnell, Adelaide McAnally 144, Schnell, Frederick Stephen.-i Schoen, Harry Frederick. Ill 216. SCHOOLS AND DIVISIONS SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY SCHOOL OF LAW SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SCHOOL (IF NURSING SCHOOL OF F ' HARMACY SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH Schottelius, Dr Schreiber, James Ronald Schreiber, Robert Alan Schroeder, George Noel Schroeder, John Shaffer, Charles M. 23, Shaffer, Jack B. Shaffer, Lee 248,249,251, Shankle. Henry Mac Shannonhouse, James M. 227, Shannonhouse, Lillian M. 183, Shapard, John H., Jr. Shapiro, Jerry M. 225, Sharpe, Benny Sandlin Sharpe, Hubert Houston 130, Sharpe, Larry Wayne . Sharpe, William Sharpiess, Edward Arthur Shaw, Anne Winborne 168, Shaw, Caswell Evie 74, Shaw, Donald Lewis Shaw, Lloyd R., Jr. 49, Shaw, Ray Elsworth, Jr. .141, Shaw, Sarah Jane 202, Shea, Sara Anne Shearin, Dr. Paul K. Shearin, Robert Hunter Shearin, Wiley Henrv. .Ir. Sheburn. Mary Helen Sheets, Charles Dean Sheets. James Paul 135,399, Shelbourne. Frank Amfort Shelbourne, Mary Helen 168, Shelby, Stuart Shellenbarger, Robert Martin Shelton. Charles Randal 146, 147, Shelton. Thomas McKendre Shepard, John Albert, Jr. 186, Slicpard, Opal Gray .Shpparrt. Robert Bnwden, Jr. .184, Shepard, Harold Dean Sher, Jerry Michael . .209, Sherman, Phyllis Norine Shermer, Richard Wayne Sherill, Daniel Luther Sherill, Luby T.. Jr. Sherill. Gary Petrea 196. Sherrill. Robert Alexander Sherrill. Robert Calvin. Jr. Sherrill. William Allison Shields. Arthur Georse 74. Shields, Jerry Ashburn 74. Shinn. Hal Jerome. Jr. .188, Shinn. John Bradley Shirley, Mildred ... Shirley, Morris Clinton, Jr. 133, Shoaf, David Charles 164. Shoaf. Sanford H. 200, Shoe, Charles 74, ; Shoemaker, William Preston 1,36, Shore, Carl Isaac, Jr. . ' ; Shook, Joe Shore. Robert G. Short, Marvin Roy, Jr. Short, William M 13S Shotts. Claude Shoulers. Hudson Wilson, Jr 144, Shuford. Fuller Adams 174, Shuford. Harley Ferguson, Jr. IS4 ' Shuford. Nancy Pope ' Shuford. Rftbert Freeman Shuford. Sydney H Shuford. Tom 254 Shuford. William Ferrell, Jr 397 Shuler. James Ernest 357 Shupin, Robert R 241 Sicure, Nat 417 Sleber. Arvid Charles 396 343 316 316 367 316 367 343 343 261 357 343 316 388 368 418 368 316 387 316 279 384 375 391 406 398 414 391 343 368 357 241 231 386 253 316 368 343 146 36S 357 343 343 193 397 316 368 343 316 SIGMA ALPHA DELTA 128 SIGM ALPHA EPSILON 212 SIGMA CHI 214 SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON 124 SIGMA NU 216 SIGMA PHI EPSILON 218 Sillay, Martha Jean 114 Silber, Arvid 392 Sillimon, Robert B 160 Sillman, Robert Burnett 368 Sills, Barbara Reddish 344 Silva, Rodolfo 374 Silvers, Jack Kverette 141, 3S7 Simmons, Eunice 169, 344 Simmons, Jo Ann 411 Simms, William Gallatin 374 Simonton, Vincent E 368 Simpkins, Rodney Lane, Jr 368 Simpson, Clarence Grimmer 38, 64, 368 Simpson, Clifford C, Jr. 62, 188, 357 Simpson, Hike S., Jr 172 Simpson, Leo Franklin, Jr. 357 Simpson, Sally L. . 19(1,317 Simpson, Stephen Michael 317 Shulman, Richard l. ' iS, 22 " Schultheiss, Gerald Webb 357 Schular, Jim 143,514 Schultz, John Loesch 117 Schwab, John H 391 Schwerzel, Arthur Howard ISo, 3, " )7 Seism, Betty Jean , 417 Scites, Martha Louise 417 Scott, Beverly Mitchell 144, 343 Scott, Frank 125 Scott, Harry White . 216, 343 Siott, Herbert Pearce 211, 368 Scott, James Martin 74, 120, 357 Scott, Jimmy Paul 120, 357 Scott. Lila Lovelace 94. 302, 324, 343 Scott, Robert Michael 153, 368 Scott, Robert Ray . 368 Scott, Samuel Edwin 204,343 Scott, Wayne Nelson , . 357 Schulman. Dick R. 316 Scurlock, David Caesar 266, 267, 343 Seabolt, Arthur Lee 316 Seagle, Benjamin Franklin. IIT 121,217.368 Searcy. Roy Allen 252. 253. 316 SeawelJ. June Howard 357 Seaman. Peter George. Jr. 380 Sechler, Frederick Clinton 374 Secrest, Alvin Jack 343 Segee, Beverly Ann 151, 410 Segraves, Cynthia Jane - 36, 148, 202, 316 Selby, Arthur A 133 Selden, Samuel 284 Sellars, Robert Rainey 212, 357 Selph, Anne Taylor 37. 343 Selph. Luther 143 Semeniuk. Fred T. 124 398 SENIORS ' 286 Senter. Hubert Wavne 343 Seribner. William ( ' luprnsex- 374 Sermons. William ' 343 Sessions. John T. 391 Sessoms. James Edwin 36,S Sessoms. Lowell Maxton 316 Sessoms. Richard Darrow 31s Seltzer, Jim 256 Setzer, Hap 241 Setzer, Willis . 237. 245 Sewell, Welton Curtis lOS. 343 Seymour, Sidney Walker, Jr. ' 357 Sims, Arthur Ward 184, 357 Sims, Robert 40 Sinclair, Peter 70 Sinsletary, William Currie, Jr 368 Singleton. James A 204, 344 Sink, Deborah Hunt 148, 170, 317 Sirianni, Frank Joseph 357 Sirkin, .Joshua Allen 209. 368 Sirkin. Richard Stanley ' 114 Sitison. James Andrew, Jr 403 Sitterton, J. Carlvle 282 Skidmore. Frederick Alexander, III 368 Skillman, Jimmie 171. 344 Skinner. Iverson ' 217 Skinner. Joseph P 2 ' ' 7 Skinner. Tommie A. 417 Slack. Anne 191 Slate. Don Melvin 368 Slater. Walter i.-ii, 344 Slaughter. James Beam , 317 .Sleath, Barbara .lean 272 344 SloiKht. Edward Windsor 3. ' .7 Slenip. .Tohn ... 143 Slifkin, Malcolm 374 Sloan, Charles H. 186.344 Sloan, David Bryan. Jr 45,66,119,198,344 Sloan. John Gaither. Jr 344 Sluder, Tryo B. 384 Slusser. Frank Willard. Jr. 368 Small, F. David 317 Smalley. James Lee. Jr. 213, 368 Smart, John K.. Jr. 139 379 Smiley. Gary Ray 116. 3S9 Smith. Albert Sydney 344 Smith. Alfred Gene i:!fi 4(ii Smitli. Alvin Keith 344 Smith, Ann Battle 57,128,344 Smith. Billy Marshall 357 Smith, Canie Brown 166, 184, 231, 317 Smith, Carla Anzelette 317 Smith, Carter Braxton 212, 357 452 ,193, 241 ,263 368 344 131, 380 135, 217, 404 .124, 390 Smith, Clayton Bernard, Jr. Smith, Clyde, Jr Smith, Colin Eraser Smith, Conie Smith, Dewey Clifton Smith, Dexter Norris Smith, Dock Garner Smith, Donald Judd Smith, Edward M. , „ Smith, Ellen Rae ' 4 Smith, Ewell Clark 184, 232, 344 Smith, Faye Lorraine 148, 317 Smith, Frances Adelaide ' 408 Smith, Francis Gerald 368 Smith, Frank Watson ... . 187 357 Smith, Fred J 151] 344 Smith, Harold Campbell, Jr ' 368 Smith, Harry Reineke , 184, 232, 317 Smith, Henry Bascom, Jr 3S0 Smithj Garner Roosevelt 344 Smith, James A.. Jr. 317 Smith, James E ! !! 368 Smith. James Franklin 139, 374, 378 Smith. James Roy, Jr 368 Smith, Jerry J 151 Smith, Joe Ephriam ' 114 Smith, John Frank 368 Smith, John Hubert, Jr 401 Smith, John Michael 368 Smith. Julia Dupuy 406 Smith. Julian Craft, Jr 217, 368 Smith, Katherine A 271, 357 Smith, Kirby Hart, Jr 357 Smith, Kirk 193 Smith, Luther Leslie 368 Smith, Lynn Harrison 186,187,368 Smith, Margaret Ann 148, 275, 344 Smith, Marion P 406, 418 Smith, Martha 144, 169, 344 Smith, Michael F. 120, 160, 357 Smith, Minor Enrique 344 Smith. Moyer (5ray 205, 368 Smith, Norman Barrett 118,357 Smith, Norman Shaw 117, 317 Smith, Patrick Delane 402 Smith, Paul Alden ... 344 Smith, Raymond Philip 317 Smith, Rebecca Louise 144, 344 Smith. Richard H 344 Smith, Robert Alden 344 Smith, Robert Bruce, Jr 215, 368 Smith, Robert Clark 132, 317 Smith, Robert Colin 374 Smith, Robert Gibbs 368 Smith, Robert Lawrence 368 Smtih, Roy L. 374 Smith, Samuel Bosworth, Jr 197, 368 Smith. Samuel Clark 219 368 Smith. Sherwood H 380 Smith. Terre Milton 135, 36S Smith. Theodore Roosevelt. Jr 130,265,317 Smith. Thomas Eugene 205. 368 Smith, Thomas Melvin 344 Smith. Vonnie Bryan . .141, 387 Smith. Wade Marvin 241,357 Smith. Wayne Reece 357 Smith. Wilbur Ritchie, Jr 138,378 Smith, William Van 71,130,317 Smith, Willis W 387 Smith. Zigrida Rita 344 Smithson. Alva P 357 Smithwick. Edward Lee, Jr 118,403 Smoot. Marvin LeRoi. Ill 357 Smothers. Thomas Edward 180,317 Smyre. Billy Mac 344 Snakenburg, Diane 374 Sneden, John Aiken, Jr. 113, 116, 317 Sneed, Thomas Q., Jr 386 Sneed, William Thompson 344 Snell. Mary Rosalind 344 Snider, Albert Monroe, Jr 349 Snow. Joel Alan 117, 163, 166 Snyder, Betsy 190 Snyder, John Frank 368 Snyder, John Gifford 357 Snyder, John Graham 62. 357 Snyder. John Hayde 368 Snyder. Keith Spurting 139. 37S Snyder. Kenneth Ray . 142. 387 Snyder. Lawrence Harlan 317 Snyder. Richard Gray 317 Sobel. Arthur Herbert 31, 220, 317 SOCCER 265 SOCIAL 167 Sockwell, C. L 385 Soekrisdo . . 417 Soivter. J. B 384 Sojourner. Elizabeth Camp 230, 344 Sr.kolove. Richard Garv 225, 368 Solomon. Allan Frank 208, 357 Solomon. Francis Darwin ,357 Somers. Albert Bingham 368 Somers. Emily Lou 317. 371 Somers. James Peter 317 Summers. Henry Joseph, Jr. . 146,318 Soopikiam, Dr. George . 417 So..pikiam. Janet 417 SOPHOMORES 348 SOUND AND FURY 72 Southerland, Daniel Richard 318 Southerland, Francis M 211 Southerland. Jean 37, 407 Soutsos, Evangeline 406 Sowers, Charles Lewis 133, 236, 266, 344 Sowers, Jerry William 180, 318 nd ex 142. Sowers, Jo Ann Sowers, Sidney George Spader, Allan David Spain, Jack H., Jr. Spangier, Austin Donald , Sparger, Jim Massey . . Sparger, Stephanie Hope Sparrow, Charles M. Speight, Alice Rachel Spence. Phyllis Pritchard Speiue, William Chenault, J Spencer, Lillian Alice Spivey, Joy Elaine Spivey. Wilma Wood Spoon, James Merritt, Jr. SPORTS Spradley, Scott Worth . Springs, Manley March Sproles, Charles Ben Spruill, Millie Williams Stacy, Walter Malcolm Stafford, Emily Louise Stafford, Frances Moseley Stainback, Jane Patterson Staley, Dale Edgar Staliings. Angelyn Coley Stallings, Don Staliings, June Henry, Jr. Stallings. Riley Sherman, Jr. Stallings, Virginia Anne . - . Stalvey, Andrea Stamper, Mary Ann Stancil, John Harvey Stanford, Don Carlton Stanford, Sue Harper Stanley, Joseph Cecil Stanley, Raymond, Jr Stanton, David Martin Stanton. Robert Mytinger Stapleton. Robert Leighton Starling, Mary Ruth Starnes. Margaret Rose Starnes, Robert Herron, Jr Starnes, Thomas Monroe Starr, Louis E Starr, Sue M. Stassinos, James Odysseus STATE STUDENT LEGISLATURE Staton, Robert Vincent Staub, Marjorie Carol Steagall. Thomas Lee . . Steck. Fred H Steed, John Congleton , Steele, Hobart Theodore Steele, James Thomas , Steele, Ralph T Steine, Donald Steingold, Lewis Brandt Steinhauser, Carl Edward Stem, William Converse Stephens, Dean Howell Stephens, Eleanor Belknap Stephenson, James Benjamin Stephenson, Larry Adams Stephenson, Shelby Dean Stephenson, William Alexander, Jr. Stepp, William Edward Stepp. William Harley, Jr. Steppe, Mike E Stessel. Harold Edward Stevanou. George Stevens, James Timothy Stevenson, Paul A. Stevenson, Robert McLeland Steward, Pawling S Steward, Pete Stewart. Donald Allen Stewart, Ed ' in Lewers Stewart. Harry Glenn Stewart. James Daniel Stewart. Katie Stewart. James Samuel Stewart. Robert Glenn. Jr. Stewart. Robert Wright Stewart. Shelton Eugene Stewart, William Ernest Stierhoff. Harold Frederick Stiles, Eddie Phillips Still, Frederick Allen Stimson, Douglas Stith. Francis B Stocker. Richard C. , , Stockwell. Xancy Jane Stoffer, Harvey Robert Stoker, Richard Curry 72, Stokes. Jerome Walter Stokes. Julia Ann Stokes. Robert Stephen Stone. E. Virginia 118. 198, 357 318 318 318 344 368 4111 344 374 , 368 234 , 379 357 357 318 344 344 318 409 318 368 , 246 386 59, 6(J, 193, 232, 141, 168, 148, 170, 318 318 318 389 318 345 345 , 248 , 318 357 , 318 , 303 .345 318 , 380 219 172 318 357 , 345 357 374 357 418 318 417 345 357 368 368 395 318 ,270 318 22S, 117, 157, 193 , .flS 345 374 , 31.S .■)57 397 357 , 345 185 232 408 319 357 ,368 345 368 Stoner, Paul Glenn 174 357 Stoots, John K 134 401 Story, Robert T. 345 391 Story, William R. 394 Stoff, Johnnie Fredrick 368 Stoudemire, Sterling A. SS4 Stout, Charles Walter 394 Stowe, Fred Reece 394 Stowers, Glenna Rebecca 406 41 " Strader, Celia Jo 409 Strait, Isabella Blanton 345 Strassler, Paul Gene 113 Straughn, Mary Elizabeth 170 319 Straus, Philip Charles 220 319 Strauss, Buddy 256 Strayhorn, Hammond, Coach 203 STRAY GREEKS 33S Street, Gordon Street, James Thomas . . Stribling. Jess H., Jr. , , . Strickland, Garrett Sheldon Strickland, George Thomas, Strickland, James Ralph, Jr. .Strickland. Joyce King , , , Strickland. LaVerne Strider, Virgil Dawson Strong, Micliael Jacob Stroud, Luther Phillip, Jr. Stroupe, Benny Franklin Stroupe, Mary Ben Strum. Marilyn Elizabeth Strupe, James Gray Stuart, Edwin STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT GIIVERNMENT STUDENT GdVER.WMEXT. STUDENT LEGISLATURE STUDENT LIFE STUDENT NEA Stunda, John Francis Sturdevant. Clifford Sturdevant, R. E. Sturdivant, Walter C. Styers, Carl Kenneth Stypmann, Noel Leo Suckow, David Henry Sugar, Stephen A. Sugg, Charles Floyd Sugg, William A., Jr. Suggs, Robert Bailey, III Sullivan, Donald Jerome Sullivan, Leonard Holmes Summerell, Margaret Ellen Summerville, Walter Summerlin, Albert E. Summey, James Wint, III Sumner, Charles Wayne Supplee, Henderson, II Surles, Charlie William, Jr. Surratt, Charles Finch Surratt, Charles Thomas Suther, Carol Jean Sutherland, Jean Marie , , , . Sutorius, Les S Suttle, Bill Baxter Suttle, William Wayne . . . . Sutton, Edward Wike Sutton, Lewis Fra nklyn . . . Sutton, LuRuth Sutton, Robert Clarence Sutton, William Wayne , , Swain, Lorraine Elizabeth Swann, Edward Filmore, Jr. Swann, F. W. Swanson, Lennie Lee Swaringen, Peggy Byrd Swearingen, Fred Jones, Jr. Sweeney, Patricia Ann Sweet, Worth Alfred SWIMMING Swinson, Jerry Lee Syer, Jean , Sylvester, John Sylvia, Bruce Gilmore Szilagy, Marilyn Watson 134, 401 .64, 218, 345 368 396 357 203, 345 345 368 49, 319 2111, 368 357 4ii8 128, 144, 319 , 141, 387 391 Tharrini Thaver, THETA Ha Did EXECUTIVE 144 241. 358 384 384 212 160, 358 368 118, 345 62, 209 319 180, 341), 345 389 69, 123, 358 319 116 264 232 179 388 319 319 72, 408 410 200, 358 138, 172, 358 222, 378 113 , ,, 192, 232, 319 45, 122, 399, 4o3. 404 375 37, 374 368 156. 284 368 182, 319 244. 345 275. 345 368 260 368 182. 345 266 368 408 Tadros, William Henein 417 Taft, Hunter George, Jr. 417 Talbutt, John H. 319 Talbott, Flovd Robert. Jr. 358 Tallant. Wallace Franklin 206, 368 Talley, James Maynard, Jr. 216 Tally, William Parham 117 Tanner. Michael Spencer 34, 116, 212. 232. 319 Tarn. William Der. Jr. 219. 368 Tate. Elizabth Helen 411 Tatum, Jim 240, 277 Tatum. Walter Lewis 178,277,358 TAU EPSILON PHI 220 Tayloe, Joshua .■!97 Taylor, Benjamin Wayne 74, 345 Tavlor, Chester Winfleld, Jr. 118 Tavlor. Cooper Ellis. Jr 140. 378 Taylor. David Joel 319 Taylor. Doris Darling 272 Tavlor. Edward Eugene 368 Taylor, Emory Winefield 368 Taylor, George Thomas 397 Taylor, Guy, Jr 368 Taylor, Isaac M. 231 Taylor, James Harvey 368 Taylor, John Thomas 358 Taylor. Lawrence Arthur. Jr. 45. 345 Taylor. Raymond Ma.son 113. 380 Taylor, Richard Lewis 226. 319 Taylor. Roberta VonWiller 409 Taylor. Shahane R 34 Tavlor. Thomas CuUom 47.319 Tavlor. Dr. William 124. 398 Tavlor. William Howard 44. 210. 228. 345 Tavlor. Zachary 368 Teague. James Knox. .Ir. 194. 345 Teal. Ralph R. 133 Tejada-De. Rivero David A. 417 Temple. Jo Ann 408 Temple. Joseph Edward 236. 319 Templeton. ' William Klaack 319 Tenenbaum. Lee J. 224. :U " . TENNIS 262 Terry. Doris Elaine 417 Thames. Sidney Lee 182. 345 Tharrington, A. Fern 374 453 Thoma Thomas, Thomas, Tliomas, James «n CHI 222 Nannie Frances 411 Allen George 201 Thomas, Anne Louise 272, 345 Thomas, Barbara Scott 169, 345 Thomas, Bennett Allen, Jr 44, 4.5, 46, 48, 49, 114, 115, 127, 132, 319 Thomas, Charles Avery, Jr 120,133,345 Thomas, I ' harles Walten, 111 345 Thomas, (. ' laude Benson. Jr 319 Dewey Eugene 369 Hugh Upton, Jr 126 J. Elizabeth 411 Thomas, James Norman 198,358 Thomas, Jerry Goddard 319 Thomas, L. W 134 Thomas, Philip M 125 Thomas, Robert E 345 Thomas, Vincent Bernard 201, 369 Thompson, Benjamin Everett. Jr 394 Thompson, Charles 133 Thompson, Charles Clendenin 369 Thompson, Charles Dale 402 Thompson, Charles Raymond 345 Thompson, Cynthia Valia 37, 345 Thompson, Elizabeth Roberts 176,319 Thompson, Ernest Lynwood, III 210.319 Thompson. Eugene Cehron 345 Thompson. Everette 392 Thompson, H. O. 124 Thompson, Harold Wayne, Jr 179, 358 Thompson, Herndon Walter 358 Thompson, Jack 215 Thompson, James Cleveland, Jr 345 Thompson, James Franklin 72,210,319 Thompson, James Sherwood 194,358 Thompson, James W 193, 360 Thompson, Joe Wayne 394 Thompson, John H 395 Thompson, Margaret Anne 272, 411 Thompson, Sanford Webb, III 141,388 Thompson, Tarlton Roberts, Jr 358 Thompson, William Cannon, Jr 346 Thompson, William Michael, Jr 358 Thompson, William Turner, Jr. 192,265,320 Thornburg, Joseph Carlyle 139,378 Thornton, Harry L 219 Thornton, Luann 37, 46 Thorpe, Alexander ProudHt, III 226, 346 Thurman, David Hugh 369 Tioe, John K 72 Tickel, Lela Diane 390 Tieslau, Carol Alicia 411 Tiffany, Currell Hunton 74, 185 Tiller, Claude Baker 346 Tillman, Clifton Hunter 120,320 Tillman, John S. 369 Tillman, William Warren, Jr 369 Tillotson. John H. 125 Timberlake. Roberts Edgar 214,228,231,346 Tino, David R. 345 Tippett, Walter Lynda 404 Tison, Benjamin. Ill 378 Todd. Richard McKee 358 Toland. Hugh James, Jr. .320 Tolar, Joseph Marion .358 Tolbert, James N. .64 Toler. John Rodney 193, 369 Tolton. Ann Linn ,411 Tompkins. Charles Vauter, Jr. 114, 117, 212, 320 Toms, Herbert Logan, Jr. , , ,378 Torrence. Harry Lee 199. 346 Trachtenberg. Stephen Jay 397 TRACK 266 Trado. Charles E., Jr 392, 395 Traske, Madeline 177 Travis. William A.. Jr 189 Tripp. Cecil De Wayne 396 Tripp. Geraldine 411 Tripp. Jerry 407 Tripp. Ronald Tucker 404 Tripp. William Earl, Jr. 369 Trotter. Weslev Asbury, Jr 232, 358 Troutman, Dennis Franklin 389 Troutman, Howard Preston 358 Troxler. Charles D. 126 Trueblood, Samuel Neal 141,386 Tryson. Oscar Lemual 369 Tucker. Billy Ray 380 Tucker. Peggy Anne 320 Tuggle. Richard James 139 379 183 346 Tugman, Stuart Grady, Jr. 346 Tullai, Fred 240 346 Turcotte. Robert Eugene 374 Turjanic. Ed 241 Turlington. Clyde M 236, 241 244 Turnbull. David Drew- 181 369 Turner, Anthony Garland 118 S.SS Turner, Barbara Lvnne 409 Turner. Henry Catlett 117 232 Turner, Huldah Ruth 389 Turner. Jacciueline 144 411 Turner. Martha Rogers 190 346 Turner. Nancy 36. 346 Turner, Nancy Elizabeth 409 Turner. Robert Alexander 180, 189, 261 346 Turner. Shelton Jackson 346 Turney. Mabel S. I2.S Turnipseed. George Thomas 74 368 Tuttle. Arthur Norman, Jr. 374 Twisdale. Harold Winfred 194, 387 Tyler, Dr. Eunice N. 414 Ind ex i Tyler, Joan Tyman, Ronald Jay Tyson, Ben Tyson, Oscar Lemuel Tyson, William Wesley U Ullman, Berthold L. Ulmer, John Gordon, Jr. Umstead, Alex Wiley Umstead, Sandra Kelly UXC BAND 358 .140 369 358 284 194, 320 . 369 411 68 UNDERGRADUATES 281 Underwood, John Gordon 58, 320 Underwood, Laura Neal 320 Underwood, William 128, 214 Upchurch, Gilbert Rivera 172, 320 Upohurch, Sarah Jane 151, 403 Upton, Stephen Richard, Jr 188, 346 Upton, Thomas Hug-h, Jr 117,218,320 Usher, Harry Austin 160, 369 Usher, Harold GrifBn 403 Usina, Ralph Stelljes 188, 320 Utermehle, Jack Wilson 35S Vaden, Harold Wayne . 346 VALKYRIES ' ... ' . ' . ' 112 Vailotton, Joseph Maxwell 179, 369 402 ,376 ,346 389 54, 320 36, 202 . 391 168 Vanderburg, William Lee VanHecke, M. T. VanHorn, Fredrick Earl VanVleet, David Edward vanVoorhees, Mary Alys VanWeyk, Sarah VanWyke, Dr. Judson J. Vance, James Varnedoe, Samuel L., Jr. Varnum, James Wilson 161, 241, 266, 267, 320 Vaughan, Eula Cheek 417 Vaughan, Richard BolUng, III 346 Vaughn, Gary Ellis 35S Vaught, Carolyn 100, 203, 346 Veasey, Luther David 132, 346 Venable, Charles Holman 138, 379 Venters, Wayne Burnette 198 358 Venters, Wayne Victor, 11 40, 198, 320 Vernon, Dr. Charles R 391 Verrone, Irvin Richard 369 Vess, Marvin Claude, Jr 133 346 Vick, George Davis 205 369 Viekers, Joel E. 160 Veazey, Perry Burt 392, 396 Villas, James Milton ' 358 Vincent, Malvern Pitzhugh . . 358 Vinnik, Donald Harvey 220, 358 Vogal, George Wendelyn 369 Von Biberstein, Richard, Jr. 380 VonBramer, Constance F. 191, 346 Voorhis, Remson Vrudhula, Krishna Murthy W Wade, Albert Lee Wade, Julius Jennings Wagner, Emily Martin Wagner, Bob Wagner, Jim Wagoner, William Hampton Waitman, Albert Marvin Waldo, Gordon Payne Walker, Ehvood Walker, Grayson Howard Walker, Helen Hope Walker, Jane Crawford Walker, James Elwood Walker. John Luther, Jr. Walker. Kenneth C. ' .illiir. Leroy Epps all;.-r, Luther Loneith W ' alkpr, Oscar Blair Walker, Paul Morgan Walker, Robert Glenn, Jr. Walker, Thomas Nathaniel Walker, William Kent Wall, David Lee Wall. Paddy Sue Wall. Phyllis Brenda Wallace, Charles Dixon Wallace, David Russell Wallace, Joann Darlene Wallace, Kelley, Jr. Wallace, Lewis John, Jr. Wallace, Mitchell Warren Walldorf. Rudy Herman Waller. Harry Franklin Walser, John Thurman, Jr Walser, Joseph Gaither Walser, Margaret Virginia Walsh, Joan C Walsh, Kathryn Jones Wachendorfer, Paul Walsh, William C Walston, Ahe , Walston, Elmo Hardin Walters. Alan Stanley Walters. Charles Stephen Walters, Charlie Robertson Walters, Thomas Noble Walton, Mary Eliza Warburton. Susan Gregory . Ward, Bennie Brooks Ward, David Livingstone, Jr. Ward, Jesse David, Jr. Ward, Joseph Willard 211 374 320 231 346 268 256 374 116, 153, 308, 346 358 144 369 271. 320 177, 271, 346 320 34, 212, 231, 232, 263. 320 157 , 320 369 256,389 .124, 136, 399, 401 184, 232. 346 369 215, 369 236, 237. 26S, 320 . 37, 46, 171, 346 346 394 417 346 38, 147, 320 320 142, 384, 387 197, 369 193, 369 369 114 42, 182, 320 374 408 , 260, 261 222, 320 380 321 225, 369 181, 358 346 38, 39, 50, 115, 321 346 202, 321 395 Ward, Josephine Ward, Larry Dean Ward, Marvin Elwood Ward, Wanda Lane . , . Warder, Susan Kay Wardlaw, William C. ' ardrup, Leo C, Jr Warwick, Robert F. Warlick, Bobby Bryan Warlick, Thomas Wilson , , . . Warner, Jack F Warner, Doug Warner, Joe Henley Warner, Sidney Rogers Warren, Bert Barrow Warren, C. Carl, Jr Warren, Caroline Brown Warren, Carolyn Warren, Donald P. Warren, Donald William , , . . Warren, Hubert Holman, Jr. Warren, John M., Jr Warren, Priscilla G. , Warwick, Robert F Waters, Harold Lee Vaters, Henry Gene ' aters, Lester Eugene , , . Waters, Ronnie Mason ' atkins, Linda Watkins, Ruth Watkins, William Henry, IV Watson, David Thomas Watson, David M ' aynick, Wallace Anne Veatliers, Celeste Weatherspoon, Leonard Allen ' eaver, Ben Franklin Weaver, Fred H. Weaver, George Arthur Weaver, George Walter Weaver, H. Michael . Wea ' er, Harold Canter , Weaver, James Edward, Jr. Weaver, Kay Elizabeth Weaver, Nancy B Veaver, Pearce Roberts , , . . Weaver, Roy Albert Weaver, Van Darwin , . , Weaver, Zebulon, III Webb, Charles Aurelius Welib. Edward Gedney, Jr. . Webh, Kathryn Kyle Webb, Lois Ann Webber, Emily Evans Webster, Betty Rene Webster, David Wesley Webster, Ernest Rogers . . Webster, Katherine Marie , , . Wel ster, Thomas Carlton Webster, W ' illiam Weeks, Paul Martin Weeks, Theodore Willard, Jr. Weiner, Richard David Weinman, Michael Henry ' einstein, Lee Moret Weinstein, Robert Morton Weir, Dewey Frederick, Jr. Weisner, Rylan Campbell Weiss, Dr. Charles M. Weitzman, Nancy Schechter Weitzman, Richard Paul Welborn. Johnny Walter Welch, Jane Louise ' elIons. Robert Leon AVelKs, Allison D Don A Harry Warren, Jr. James Barden Marcia Mason Robert O ' Neill « ' elt. Dr. Louis G. Welton, David Scott . . Bette Anne Wendler. Julie Ann Wendt. David Nelson Wessinger, James Baldwin Wesson, Robert Aubrey, Jr. West. Danny Eugene ... West, Harry Archibald West, Robert Lee West, Sara Elizabeth Westbrook, Charles Heath Westhrook, James A. Westbrook, Jane Ward Wattach, Robert Whaley, John Lewis ' baling. Eugene Cox Whatleyk, James Everett . Wliedbee, Charles Monroe Vheeler, Harold Gray Wheeler. Lucius Penden, Jr. Wheeler, Martha Elizabeth Whims, Harold Carter, Jr. Whisnant. William Buxton Whisnant, Eunice M Whitaker. Constance Elizabeth Whitaker, David Louis Whitaker, John Clarke 55, 60, Whitaker, Richard Harper, Jr. Whitaker. Rov Gilbert Whitaker. William David White. Donald Robert White, Eli E White, Finley Tomlinson, Jr. W ' hite, Franklin Delano White, Helen Sydnor 454 177 369 346 . . 390 346 179 117, 172, 321 178 374 379 204 197 369 206, 207, 321 .389 392, 395 37, 321 190, 321 199 386 . . .201, 369 197 346 321 380 395 117, 126 358 177. 346 176 213, 369 184, 321 358 144, 321 346 404 . .143,374 24 369 196, 346 214, 346 .. 410 406 .184, 358 .346 74, 404 391 Wells Wells Wells Wells Wells 236, 184, 254, 35 .42, 170, 321 390 128, 169, 346 144, 190, 321 358 369 148, 321 321 142, 386 394 417 221, 369 114 , 225, 369 153, 224, 321 369 321 414 321 378 358 122, 176, 402 192, 346 121, 358 230, 346 35S 391 175, 369 321 168, 409 222, 321 185. 369 223, 369 369 369 395 144, 390 58. 358 218 128, 176, 321 231 346 214, 321 266. 267. 321 322 346 125 112, 190 184, 231, 346 121, 369 322 358 358 388 . 173, 369 395 322 White, Horace Caleb, Jr 358 White, James Battey 118 White, James Grady 131, 346 White, Jane Rhea 169, 346 White, Jean Thomas 369 White, Jerry Donald 369 White, John Jennings 396 White, John Richard 404, 405 White, Joseph Leonidas 369 White, Kenneth 74 White, Dr. Kerr L 391 White, L. Norman 56,60,132,347 White, Llewellyn 177, 347 W ' hite. Marshall Whitfield 138 White, Marshall 369, 379 White, Paul Howell 136, 403 White, Perry Mack 194, 358 White, Robert Dean 389 White, Thomas Livingston, Jr. 358 White, Walter Alston 380 White, William Henry, Jr. 117, 142, 322, 397 White, William McKinley 387 Whitefleld, Joe McRae 369 Whitehead, Eugene Thomas, III 56, 60, 114, 12s, 200, 322 Whitehead, John Wesley, Jr. 388 Whitehead, Willis Lee 151, 402 Whitehurst, Edward Roland, Jr. 369 Whitehurst, Elizabeth Baldwin 347 Whitehurst, Margaret Carson 57, 128, 144, 347 Whitehurst, Kit 36, 42, 112, 202, 322 Whitehurst, Wade Lee 358 Whiteley, Mary Susan 42, 168 Whitely, John B 194 Whitelock, Henry Earl 113, 114 Whitener, Anita Cecile 151, 407, 410 Whitfield, Charles Lyne 265, 358 Whitfield, Dale Roy 358 Whitfield, Paul L 51, 52, 54, 127, 322 Whitley, Jane Blount 411 Whitley, John L. 380 Whitley, John Bryan 358 Whitley, Ruth Raye 54,347 W ' hitt, John Franklin 322 Whittaker, Connie 322 Whittemore, Cameron Lee 347 Whittle, Amberys R. 358 Whitty, John Christopher 71,276,322,347 W ' hyburn, William M. 21 Wible, David C 35 Wicker, Robert Brooks, III 74, 369 Widenhouse, Gary Eugene 347 Widoft, Michael George 369 Wiess, Richard Thomas 142, 386 Wiggins, Richard McKenzie 138. 378 Wiggs, Carol Joann 411 Wilhelm, Bill 256 Wilkens, Charles 143 Wilkerson, Chester Houston 369 Wilkerson, Edwin Cisco 199, 369 Wilkerson, Stephen Lindsay, Jr. 217, 347 Wilkins, James Sartin 322 Wilkins, Leroy Edward 322 Wilkins, Robert Mason . . . 204, 347 Wilkinson, Harvey A. 369 Wilkinson. Martha Frances 203, 347 Wilkinson, Michael Cade 369 Wilkinson, Robert M. 389 Wilkinson, Robert Newton 369 Wilkinson, Wyndham Lee 369 Willard. Ivan Lawrence 403 Willett. Thomas Sherman 374 Williams, Ben 266 Williams, Bill 369 Williams, Dr. Charles 391 Williams, Charles Oliver 211, 369 Williams, Charlotte Catherine 347 Williams, Clyde Franklin 120, 347 Williams. F. Jean 144,417 Williams, James Allen 117, 210 Williams, James Edward 402 Williams. James Lynch .118,174,348,358 Williams, John Cornelius 358 Williams. J. E 134 Williams. Junius Sneed 358 Williams, Larry Howard 358 Williams, Lawrence Lanier 134, 401 Williams, Lillian Alvene 409 Williams, Martha Ann 417 Williams. Philip Tattle, Jr. 161, 166, 347 Williams, Robert Hampton 369 Williams, Robert Whitfield 347 Villianis. Sarah Lundee 390 Williams. Ted Moore 347 Williams. Williams Tyre, III 131, 347 Williamson, Eleanor Carter .. 99,149,182,322 Williamson. Harold Everett 276, 322 WilIiam.son. Sara Dorgan 148, 182, 322 Williamson. Stanley Morris . . 322 Williford, Carl Patrick 347 Williford, John W. ... 142 Williford, Martha Alice 182, 322 Willinsham, Gail S. 98, 182, 276, 277, 322 Willingham, Paul Edmund 114 Willis, Gordon Caryal, Jr 347 Willis, Harriett Ann 347 Willis, Richard Weldon, Jr. 123, 347 Willis, William A., Jr. 322 Willoushby, Hilda Sorrell .322 Willoughb.v, James Ralph 358 Vills, Barden 38 Wilmer, Ringgold Wilson, Jr 199,369 Wilson, Carol Bray 402 Wilson, Carolyn Patricia 409 Wilson, Charles Edward .35, 358 Wilson, Frank Amalphus 204, 322 Ind ex Wilson, Frank D., Jr. 188 347 Wilson, Herbert Davis, Jr. 173 3K9 Wilson, James Parrish 3«9 Wilson, James Preston, Jr. 3«9 Wilson, James Warren , 347 Wilson, John Daniel H-SX Wilson, John David Bruce , 200 34V Wilson, Dr. John E 391 Wilson, John Lee, Jr 369 Wilson, Lawrence Addison, Jr. 3«« Wilson, Lawrence Glenn 131 3. " iX Wilson, Louis Round 113 Wilson, Hark King, III 118, 204 35X Wilson, Xoah Rouse, Jr. 3S9 Wilson, Patricia Davis 202, 271 3?,3 Wilson, Phillip Wood 211 369 Wilson, Richard Carlton 374 Wilson, Robert Gaines 391 39.=i Wilson, Robert White, Jr. 3«9 Wilson, Roger Allen 347 Wilson, Roy William 1M6 Wilson, Walter Warren, Jr. 226, 347 Wilson. William Danford 3S,S Wilson, William John, III 323 Wilson, Willis Ale.xander, Jr. 185 369 Wilv, J ohn Fleming 173 369 Winhur n. Linden T. 201 347 Windles •, David Walter 369 Windlej •, Heber Wilkinson. Jr. US 35S Windus Donald Taylor 133 347 Wineco t, George Caldwell, III 179 369 ' ineco t, Herbert Larry 347 Wingfield, Thomas Whetsell 369 Winslow, Betty Sorrell 408 ,-. Julian Emmett, Jr. 204 323 Winstead, Druie Daniel, Jr. 134 401 Winstead, John Lindsay, Jr. 394 inston, Barrv T. , 47, 54 3«3 Winston, Frances Ann . 272 347 Winters, Robert Lee 378 Wirkus Faustin Edmund 347 Wise, John Edney 396 Wiseman, William Edward 369 Wisler, Carolyn 30, 202 323 Withrow, Lawrence Randolph 275 359 Witz, Klaus G. 6« W.ihlljruck, Everett Lamar 347 Wohlhruck, Theodore Clemens. Ji 359 Wolfe, Gary Johnson 133 347 Wolfe. William Thomas 113 Wolfer. Fredric F., Jr. 63 160 Wolper Stephen Michael 347 Woltz. Ben van Dalsem 40, 214 3 S3 Woltz, John Montgomery, Jr. 214 3S3 Womac i, James Horton 359 Womble, Jacqueline Ruth . 271 369 Wonihle, Jimmy Craig 403 Womble, James R 127 56, WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION WOMEN ' S HONOR COUNCIL WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE COUNCIL. .. Wood. Arnold Terry Wood, Bobby Steve Wood, Douglas Sherrill Wood, Frederick Philips, Jr. Wood, Marion . - Wood, Matthew Thomas Wood, Robert Dale Wood, Roy Smith, Jr Wood, Thomas Benbury 226 Wood, Dr. W. A. , . , Woodall, Edward Marshall Woodard, Joyce . Woodard, Paul Woodbury, Edgar Christenson Woodbury, Eugene B. Woodhouse, William Walton, III Wuodley, Samuel Spruill, Jr. Woodridge, Bernice Woodruff. Ruth R Woodrum, Clifton Alexander, III Woods, Andy Green Woods. Mary Anne Woodward, Georgia Burwell ... Woody, Doris Joan A ' oody, Gordon, Jr ' oody, Sidney Lane Woody, Steve Walter Wooldridge, Dabney Ellis Wooten, Bobby Gene Wooten, Daniel Dawson Wooten, Polly . . Wooten, Sterling Dillon, Jr. Worley, Donald Lee Worley, Patricia Anne Worsley, Charles Killian Worsley, Edwin Lee Worsley, George Lawrence, Jr. Worthington, Thurman W., Jr. Wray, George Williamson, Jr. 44, 192, Wray, Lyl Wray, Martha Sue ' renn, Sally Kay , . WRESTLING .270 . 36 .... 37 200, 323 359 215, 347 185, 369 ,406 387 323 186, 323 232, 323 391 38 359 213 223, 370 370 241 202, 323 213, 370 347 168, 323 411 230, 323 .385 370 359 193 359 370, 412 406 323 370 133, 347 121, 347 228, 323 Wright, Ar Qld, Jr. Wright, Dewey Vernon Wright, Donald Lee Wright, Forrest Jarrell, Jr. Wright, George Carver, Jr. Wright, Howland Fearing Wright, John J. Wright. Perry Wayne Wright, Stanley Wright, Walter David Wrye, Charles Lowell Wynn, Earl R. Wynne, Thomas Robert . 411 183, 347 189, 370 . 347 117, 323 175. 370 131, 347 323 414 323 221, 370 403 160, 370 XI PSI PHI 142 T VACKETY YACK 56 Yale, David Barrington 347 YMCA Yancey, Sam M., Jr . 172, 228 Yarborough, Charles Hill, Jr. 113, 140 378 Yarborough, William Hardy 402 Yarbrough, Cecil Moore, Jr. Varbrough, Joseph Clem Yardley, Jonathan Yates, Helen Luoile 407 409 Yates, Don Victor 3b9 Yates, James W. 3V0 Yates, Michael Hoy 74 370 Yates, Scott Tucker . 40, 41, 172 347 Yeager. Carol Louise 411 Yett, Marian Frances 417 Yoder, Kenneth Lee 125 3V4 Yopp, Jack Gerrard 323 York, Frank W. York, Geraldine 408 Yost, Thomas Marion Youhanna, Theodore 265 323 Younce, Charles Pearson .49 347 Young, Charles Sherrill 34V Young David Richard Young Davis B. 63 Young Douglas Maurice 141 387 ■S ' oung Ernest Franklin, Jr. 323 Young Helen Stiles 230 347 Michael Arthur .3i !) Young Robert Terry , . 113 Voung Ronald D. Young Wayne Bennett 359 Vount, Cecil Edward 3V0 Younts, Worth Duane 3V0 Yowell. Robert Kluttz 117 YWCA 148 Z:ickary, James Neville 403 Zaslau, Barry Arthur 221,370 Zealy, Albert H. 185 Zeh, Bettv Grace 57, 128, 170, 347 Zeiller, Donald Richard 199, 359 ZETA BETA TAU 224 ZETA PSI 226 Zickgraf, William Grant 236, 260, 261, 323 Zimmerman, Edward Kline 323 Zimmerman, Mary Harrietts .407,410 Zlotnicki, Bogdan M. 120, 166, 265, 347 Zollicoffer, John Hilliard, Jr. 117,184,323 Zwahlen, Roberta Ann 190,323 Zwicker, Jeffrey A 271 For the photographs included in this book credit is given to William Brink- haus. William C. King, Norman D. Kantor, Julian H. Morgan. Fred Powledge, W. H. Sears, Michael F. Smith, James M. Spoon, Jr., UNC Photo Lab, Lavergne Johnson of Chapel Hill, Smith Studios of Raleigh, The Charlotte Observer. The Durham Morning Herald, and The Raleigh News and Observer. For specific picture credits contact the editor, permanent address Scotland Neck, North Carolina. 455

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