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University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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)P " ■SSI !| .] THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE COLLECTION OF NORTH CAROLINIANA PRESENTED BY Editorial Board C378 TJPy 1956 c.l I i i ' ¥ This book must not be token from the Library building. ■i ' -J 4 M V ' % ' f 3 z- ; .- ' ' m .r I. 7. VT- v •f j : mi l r SEPTEMBER Orientation, Administration, Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen, Daily Tar Heel, Graham Memorial, Sororities, Debate Council, National Students Association OCTOBER 124 Sound and Fury, Cheerleaders, Football, Card- board, Band, Playmokers, Fraternities, Uni- versity Club, Women ' s Residence Council NOVEMBER 203 Consolidated University Student Council, Soccer, Wrestling, Beauties, Young Democrats Club, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society DECEMBER 236 Tarnation, Interdormitory Council, Religion, CosmopolitonClub, Future Teachers of America JANUARY 257 WUNC, Independent Women ' s Council, Swim- ming, Dance Committee, Dialectic Senate, Philanthropic Assembly, Basketball FEBRUARY 277 German Club, Gymnastics, NROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Student Council, Men ' s Honor Council, Women ' s Honor Council, Honoraries MARCH 318 Student Government, Student Legislature, Track, Carolina Quarterly, University Party, Monogram Club APRIL 335 Baseball, Lacrosse, Publications Board, Golf, Women ' s Glee Club, Men ' s Glee Club MAY 346 Yackety Yack, Carolina Forum, Tennis, Gor- gon ' s Head Lodge, Minotaurs, Sheiks, Saturday Club, Thirteen Club, Gimghoul JUNE 365 School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, Dental Hygienists, School of Nursing, Graduate School, Pharmacy Senate, School of Pharmacy, School of Law, School of Public Health, Graduation, Advertising Page S Silent Sam stands an eternal guard over the purity of all Carolina coeds. The Morehead Plonetorium annually draws thousands of interested persons to its excellently - planned shows and galleries. Page 6 ' f r-V. A ni? ;3 ' ' H- Members of Chi Omega sorority entertained fall rushees with a cabaret party in the full French tradition. Page 8 The first annual Rod and Gun Field Meet, sponsored by Graham Memorial, brought out many sharpshooters to try their luck. SEPTEMBER % • ' ' ■ ' I Chairmen of Women ' s and Men ' s Orientation, Sara Alice Jackson and Burt Veaiey discuss plans for a busy week of counselling. ORIENTATION The interminable lines during registration are one of the necessary eyils of orientation. MX ' . mK9 mmi, UkE THREE .3) PAy 1?£(riST£RmGr TCI l EVlVf THE OL ' i CLUTCH Moot SCHOOL SFiKiT. Page 10 Counselor Bill Morgan nformally talks about the Carolina Woy of Life with his orientation group. There is that season of the year not quite summer, but yet not fall, which some people call Indian Summer — the air calm, the temperature so as to give the impression of indecision, and the sky clear and quiet. And then they come, more than eighteen hundred of them, students bringing with them the fresh newness seen in every year in the past. Bringing with them smiles and eagerness and purpose; loud shouts and big talk and most of it sincere. And your job is to instill into them the meaning end value of a phrase so much more than words with a definition — to show them the Carolina way of life. Perhaps your name is Burt Veazey, head of the Orientation Committee. This is the time for all of your plans of last spring and the summer to be carried out. It is a time of great work, but of even greater satisfaction and gratifi- cation that the service done for your University is all that is expected of your capable hands. Or your name is on the roster of over one hundred counselors, and you are pleased because of the more than expected success of your labor — a plan conceived and carried out; a plan formed in expectation, and fulfilled in gratification. And perhaps your name is Sara Alice Jackson, and you are the head of the Women ' s Orientation Council. There is the work you and your colleagues have done, standing along and above the years post by time, effort and merit. Your name is there among the list of women counselors, and you too have reason to be praised. Together with the men ' s council, you have given new students here at Carolina something to remember, but more than that, something to live by. There is no value in hours, unless they ore well spent, nor worth in labor divided in cause; but these were not the cases of the 1955 Orientation Councils. The results ore seen in every new student, because he or she is given a confidence, an assurance, of why the spirit of Carolina is the spirit that makes a man or women responsible, sincere, and above all, constant to the ways of Carolina Life. Page 1 1 u - : • • - ,fS , i ' -fl fi IM w WT WgifrJi - The warm solitude which now surrounds South Building steps will soon be broken, as thousands of Carolina students change classes. V3 ' liS K.iM . Page 12 ADMINISTRATION Page 13 Oi - lyk Acting President of the Consolidated University of North Carolina Poge 14 Robert B. House Chancellor . ' " -- » »■ W. D. Carmichael, Jr. Vice-President and Finance Officer Page 15 Cecil Johnson Dean of the General College Ernest L. Mockie Dean of Student Awards and Distinctions 0 ,ii Q Charles M. Shaffer Assistant to the Chancellor m the Field of Development E. G. McGovron Dean of the School of Public Health Raymond L. Jefferies Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs Elizabeth L. Kemble Dean of the School of Nursing Nerval Neil Luxon Dean of the School of Journalism J. Carlyle SItterson Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Henry P. Brandis Dean of the School of Law R. J. M. Hobbs Dean of the School of Business Administration W. Reece Berryhill Dean of the School of Medicine Edwin S. Lanier Director of Student Aid and Central Office of Records Arthur E. Finl(| Dean of the School of Social Worki Page 18 John C. Brauer Dean of the School of Dentistry Roy Armstrong Director of Admissions Isabelle MacLeod Acting Dean of Women H. Arnold Perry Dean of the School of Education William C. Friday Secretary of the Consolidated University Claude E. Teague Business Manager Lucile Kelling Dean of the School of Library Science William W. Pierson Dean of the Graduate School Samuel H. Magill Director of Student Activities Fred H. Weaver Dean of Student Affairs Corydon P. Spruill Dean of the Faculty Jerry Voydo Vice-President Dove Whitaker Treasurer Kitty Coleman Social Chairman Ogburn Yates President OH iSHf A LAKt, KEY BT IM UNPREPAREP, m VJILL HAVE TO 6PENP ALL NiT£ iH MEPlTAIION m Page 23 First Row: ABELL, EDWINA FAYE Raleigh ?. . " i EDUCATION. Glee Club (3, 4); Yoekety Yack (3); Y.W.C A (3 4)- G.M.A.B. Donee Committee (3), Film Committee (4). Staunton, Va. tv ADAMS, JOAN HARRISON A,B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi; G M.A.B. Donee Committee (3) Un r° ' PI ' T,° " 1? ?.? ' r°f° ' ' ' " ' 3 - Y W.C.A. Hospital Committee ' a ' ) ' Coed Echo (3, 4), W,A A. Representative (3, 4). ALEXANDER, SHELTON SETZER Stotesville B S. IN GEOLOGY Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Delta Phi; Sigma Gamma Epsilon Treosurer f4); Interdormitory Council (3, 4), Executive Committee (4), Court (3, 4), Chairman (3, 4), Morshol (3); Student Council (3 4) Student Party (1 3 4); AFROTC, Arnold Air Society (3, 4); Scabbord andBlode 3 4) Assistant Editor Geology Newsletter (3); Dormitory Intramurol Manoger (2) Dorniitory President (3); Orientation Counselor (4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4) ' Phi Assembly (4). Second Row: ALLEN, JAMES BRUTON, JR. BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Council (4). ALLEN, RONALD FRANCIS BS. IN COMMERCE. Troy Kappa Alpha; Football (1); Student Charlotte ALLSTON, BEATRICE A.B. IN MUSIC. Alpha C Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Orchestr( Miami Beach, Fla. ■a; Glee Club (3, 4); SENIORS Third Row: ALTEMUELLER, WILBERT FRANCIS Chapel Hill B 5. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Sigma Pi. ANDERSON, ANN SCOTT Wilson B. IN EDUCATION Chi Omego; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Canterbury Club (3), Alter ANDERSON, BRUCE ROBERT High Point B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Fourth Row: ANDERSON, KENNETH FLETCHER, JR. Kinston r, ' n -. ' - ' . l c ' " ' " ' G° " " " ° Delta; Vice-President of Junior Closs (3); Glee NPnTr ' n ' ii T ' ■ m ' " -? ' ' ' University Party (2, 3, 4); Elections Boord (4), NROTC Drill Team (I, 2). Orientation Counselor (2, 4). ANDES, SUSAN A B IN JOURNALISM. Miami Shores, Flo. Beta Phi; Doily Tar Heel (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), ANDREWS, WILLIAM DAVID Augusta, Go. ■. " ,?, ' 9, ' ° ' J ' -E ' S ' ° ' ' N° MOTION PICTURES. Dclto Upsilon, Pledge Co°Jncil (4) " " " ' " ' ■ temper Fidelis (3, 4), Treasurer (4); Interfroternity Fifth Row: ANGSTADT, ROBERT WALTER, JR. Chorlotte B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Koppo Alpha; 13 Club. ARGO, KENNETH RAY Konnapolis P- .J ' s. ' - ' " ADMINISTRATION Alpha Kappa Psi, President (4) Grail (3, 4); Young Democrats Club (4i. ARMSTRONG, RICHARD C. LaGronge B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Chi Phi; Doily Tor Heel (3, 4); Football 11); University Club (3, 4). Sixth Row: ASHCRAFT, DONNA LEE Fairmont, W. Vo. A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES Alpha Delta Pi Presi- dent (4); Debate Council (4); Di Senate (3, 4); Ponhellenic Council ' (3 4) Ploynnakers (4); Student Legislature (3); Student Party (3, 4), Secretory ' (3) ' Cl ' ub ' ?4)° " ' " ' ° " Valkyries (3, 4); WUNC Music Director (4); Canterbury ATTAYEK, ELI JOHN B.S. IN DENTISTRY AUSTIN, HAROLD WAY BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beto Gamma Greensboro Pinebluff imo; Phi Eta Sigma. Rocky Mount Raleigh Charlotte Elizabeth City AS IN EDUCATION Koppo Delta, Social Chairman (4); Glee Club (3 4) Y W.C A. (3, 4), Onentotion Counselor (4). Seventh Row: AVENT, THOMAS EDWARD A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. AVENT, WAVELY GARLAND B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. AYCOCK, DANIEL O. B.S IN BUSIN:SS ADMINISTRATION. righth Row: AYDLETT, PHOEBE ANN AYERS, JAMES CORDON B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. BABER, CARL MAURICE, JR. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Phi. Raleigh Mount Airy First Row: BAILEY, RONALD EUGENE Alexander A B. IN ZOOLOGY. BAKER, RICHARD HENRY, JR. Greensboro A.B IN HISTORY Alpha Tou Omega; Phi Beta Kappa, Secretary; Phi Eto Sigmo; Dance Committee (4); Golden Fleece (3, 4); Grail (3, 4); Locrosse (1,2, 3); Mens Honor Council t3, 4), Monogram Club (I, 2, 3, 4); Order ot the Old Well (3, 4), Advisory Board; Swimming (1, 2, 3, 4), Captoin (1); Out- standing Freshmon Swimming Award; Canterbury Club (I, 2, 3, 4); Episcopal Student Vestry; Rhodes Scholarship (4). BAKER, WILLIAM AVERY Rural Hall B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Second Row: BALLARD, PEGGY ANN Chorlotte A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Trainer (4) Daily Tor Heel (3 4)- Student Council (4); University Party (3, 4); Women ' s Honor Council (4) ' Y.WC.A. (3, 4V BARBOUR, CLARA MAE Corrboro A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Phi Alpha; Y.WC.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Cosmopoliton Club (2, 3, 4), Secretary (3); Town Girls Association (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (2 , President (3). BARBOUR, FRANCES JEAN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Y.W.C.A. (2, 4). Third Row: BARDIN, ALTON CLAYTON, JR. B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Band (1, 2, 3, 4). BARWICK, ANN A B IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega. BARWICK, HUGH BROOKS, JR. Fourth Row: BATTEN, RUBY FARRIOR A B IN EDUCATION. BEAL, MARTHA LONG Morehead City Wilson Clinl-on Clinton Club; Wrcst- Burlington A B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Alpha Delta Pi; Y.WC.A (3, 4)- Future Teachers of America (4); Yackety Yock (3). BEAM, RICHARD ALLEN B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Baseball (1); Y.M.C.A. (1) Hickory Fifth Row: BEAVER, JAMES LEE B. 5. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sign BEEBE, WILLIAM HEARN Pi, Secretor ' Rehoboth Beach, Del. BENNETT, FRANCES LOUISE Madison, Miss. A.B IN FRENCH. Sound and Fury (3, 4); Yackety Yock (4); Saturday Club. SENIORS Sixth Row: BENNETT, LEONARD BOOTH Norfolk, Vo. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Glee Club; G.M.A.B. (2, 3, 4), Dance Com- mittee (2), Tolent Panel (3, 4), Canterbury Club. BERKOFF, JOSEPH LEON Flushing, N. Y. A.B. IN HISTORY. Tau Epsilon Phi; Hillel (1, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (4); Student Party (2); Tennis (I); Y.M.C.A. (4). BERRY, HIRAM ADOLPHUS Seventh Row: BETTS, JAMES EDWARD A B IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Psi; Pi Koppa Alpho BISSETT, LOU ANN A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta; Oriei BIZZELL, MARCUS EDWARD A B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappo Sign Tarnation (1, 2) Fighth Row: BLACK, DONALD EUGENE B S. in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Bond (3); Y.M.C.A. (2). BLACK, JULIA A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Delta; Y.WC.A. (4). Fayetteville !gislature (1); Greensboro Wilson Goldsboro Kannopolis Charlotte BLANCHARD, ELLIOTT JACKSON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sign Hobbsville Pi; Y.M.C.A. (1,2, 3). First Row: BLOUNT, EROLYN JENKINS Nashville B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Chi Beto Phi; Kappa Delta, Scholarship Chair- " ' n (4)); Glee Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); German BLOWE, WALTER THOMAS Ahoikie B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Alpha Kappa Psi. BOBROW, BENNETT MICHAEL New York, N. Y. AB IN POLITICAL SCIENCE Young Democrats Club (3, 4); Chess Club (4). Second Row: BOHANNON, ESTEN MATHESON Charlotte AB IN ENGLISH Chi Omega; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Committee Chairman (4), Splash Club (3, 4). BOLKAN, THOMAS McEWEN A B IN HISTORY. Alpha Phi Omega; Glee Club (1). Fayetteville BOOKER, JOHN P., JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Monogr Winston-Salem Club (3, 4); Tennis (1, 2, 3, 4). Third Row: BOOKER, WILLIAM NORMAN Greensboro AB IN ENGLISH. Playmakers (4); Wrestling (2, 3); Young Democrats Club (3, 4); Y MCA. (I, 2). BOOTH, RICHARD CHARLES Raleigh B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Sigmo. BOOTH, WILLIAM JENNINGS, JR. Apex AB. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Glee Club (1, 2); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4), Secretary (3); Track (2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); NROTC. Fourth Row: BORDEN, EDWIN BROWNRIGG, JR. Goldsboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Sigma, President (3, 4); Gimghoul (3, 4); Interfraternity Council (2, 3, 4), President (4); Graham Memorial Board of Directors (3, 4); Minataurs; Student Ente rtainment Committee, Chairman (3, 4); Soccer (2), Human Relations Institute (4). BORROFF, EDWIN ROBERT A B. IN ENGLISH Chi Psi; Arnold Air Society (3, 4); Uni BOST, ALICE LYERLY Fifth Row: BOSTIAN, BETTY JOYCE AB. IN DRAMATIC ART. Playn Section (4); Dormitor ' Saturday Club. Columbus, Ohio sity Party (3). Hickory China Grove BOWERS, JOHN ROBERT Bethel AB. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Epsilon Delta; Interdormitory Council (3); Dormi- tory President (3). BOY ATT, MICHAEL LYNN Wyoming, Ohio AB. IN HISTORY Beta Theto Pi, Secretary (3), President (4); Phi Beta Kappa; Y.M C.A (I); President ' s Cabinet (2); AFROTC (1, 2, 3, 4), Commander Drill Squad 14), Interfraternity Council (3, 4); Public Relations Committee (2). Sixth Row: BRADFORD, THOMAS ALDEN, JR. Washington, D. C. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Alpha Tau Omega; Monogram Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Tennis (1, 2, 3, 4), Captain (4); NROTC (I, 2, 3, 4); Semper Fidelis Society (3, 4). BRADSHAW, WILLIAM HEYWARD B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Fayetteville BRADSHER, CHARLES DELAINE A B IN JOURNALISM. Dormitory In Roxboro ural Manager (2), Vice-President (3); Doily Tor Heel (1,2, 3), University Club (2). SENIORS Seventh Row: BRAKE, THOMAS WALTER B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. BRANDON, SIDNEY ORA, JR. A B IN HISTORY Phi Kappa Sigma; 13 Club (3, 4). BRANDT, LOREN AUSTIN B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi; Si Semper Fidelis, President (4); NROTC Eighth Row: BRAY, EMERY DEAN, JR. B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pi Koppo Phi; Y.M.C BREWER, WILLIAM CLARKE, JR. A B IN ENGLISH Alpha Tou Omega; Phi Alpha Theta; G.M Committee (4), Y.M.C.A. (3, 4); Canterbury Club (3, 4); On Rowland Stanley Charleilon, S. C. :abbard and Blade; Mount Airy A., ROTC (1, 2). BRIDGERS, NANCY MARIE AB. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Delta Delta; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Si Court (3). Goldsboro ama Chi Sweetheart First Row: BRIDGES, ROBERT WALL B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. BRIGHT, BARBARA LUCILE A B. IN EDUCATION. Independent Women ' s Council (3, 4), YW.C A. (2, 3, 4); Town Girl ' s Association (2, 3, 4), Treasurer BRINSON, MONROE C, JR. A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES, Second Row; 6RITT, JOHN DILLON, JR. A.B IN GEOGRAPHY. Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Gymnastics (1). BROGDON, FOYELL COPE A B, IN EDUCATION, BROWN, NAN WILMA A,B, IN HISTORY, Alpha Omicron Pi; Student Legislature (3, Y.W.C.A, (3, 4); Women ' s Re " " " " " Greeks (3, 4), President (4); Advisors (4), Third Row: BROWN, ROBERT JOSEPH, JR. B,S, IN SCIENCE TEACHING, Band (3, 4,: BROWN, WILEY LEWIS A,B. IN ECONOMICS, BROWNE, ALICE KAY Washington, D. C. A,B, IN ENGLISH. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student Party (3), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Dormitory Secretary (4); Stray Greeks (3, 4), Air Force Sponsor (4); University Club (4). Fourth Row: BROWNING, VIRGINIA HONOUR A B. IN PHYSICS. Delta Delta Delta; Secre ' ory-Treasurer (4), Lexington Chapel Hill Treasurer (4); (3). Rocky Mount Wilmington Cooleemee Laurel, Md. A), Clerk (3, 4), rty (3, 4); Stray 1 of Orientation Asheville Wilmington Hendersonville Undergraduate Physics Club (3, 4), BRUMFIELD, LEWIS SHORE Yadkinville A.B, IN ENGLISH, Debate Council (3); Glee Club (1); G,M,A,B, (1, 2), Secre- tary (21, Grail (3, 4); Interdormitory Council (2, 3, 4), President (4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Phi Assembly (1, 2, 3, 4), Speaker (3), Sound ond Fury (3, 4); Student Legislature (3, 4), Sergeant-at-Arms (3); Student Party (I, 2, 3); Young Republicans Club (2); Grahom Memorial Board of Directors (3, 4); State Student Legislature (2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); Consolidated University Student Council (3, 4); Amphoterothen {3, 4); National Student Assembly Delegate (3), BRYAN, NORWOOD E., JR. Foyetteville A,B, IN HISTORY, Caroline Politicol Union (1, 2, 3); Di Senate (2, 3); Inter- dormitory Council (1), Executive Committee (1); Student Legislature (2, 3, 4); Student Party (I, 2, 3, 4); Young Democrats Club (3, 4); Grahom Memorial Board of Directors (3, 4); Amphoterothen (3 4); National Students Association (3), Regionol Secretary (3); National Student Association Congress Delegate (3), North Carolina State Student Legislature (2) SENIORS Fifth Row: BRYAN, ROBERT EMMET, JR. Goldsboro B S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Interdormitory Council (2), Monogram Club (3, 4); Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Dormitory President (2). BRYANT, VENOY LEE B,S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Lena BULLITT, JAMES B. A,B, IN ECONOMICS Carolii (3, 4); Canterbury Club Sworthmore, Pa. irterly (4), Business Manager (4); GM.A B. Sixth Row: BULLUCK, EDGAR GLENN A,B, IN EDUCATION, Sigma Nu, Chapla (4); Scobbord and Blade; NROTC (1, 2 Club. BURAN, NANCY LUCILE A B, IN EDUCATION Chi Omega. Rush Cha Rocky Mount Yaekety Yaek (4), Exchange Editor , 4), Quarterdeck Society; Saturday Asheville 4); Y,W,C-A, (3, 4), Cohasset, Mass. BURLEY, HARRY BENJAMIN, III AS IN EDUCATION St. Anthony Hall; Glee Club (1, 2, 3), Seventh Row: BURNETTE, MARY GRADY Garner A B, IN JOURNALISM, Pi Beta Phi; Doily Tar Heel {3, 4), Advertising Staff (4); G,M,A,B, (4), Calendar Committee (4); Yaekety Yaek (3, 4), Sophomore Closs Co-Editor (4); YWCA. (3, 4); Orientation Committee (3); Women ' s Handbook Stoff (3); Saturday Club, BURRELL, JOSEPH WESLEY Washington, D. C. A,B, IN ENGLISH, NROTC (1, 2, 3); Semper Fidelis, Secretary (3); NROTC Drill Team !1, 2, 3); Young Democratic Club (4), BURROWS, DAVID JAMES Bay Shore, N. Y. A,B, IN ENGLISH, Pi Lambda Phi, Secretary; Debate Council (2, 3); Di Senate (1); Interfraternity Council (2); Student Legislature (1); Student Party (1, 2, 3); Young Democrats Club (1, 2, 3); Orientation Counselor (3); Debate Squad (1, 2, 3), Eighth Row: CALLAWAY, SIBBY GREER Pinehurst A B IN EDUCATION, Golf (4); Y,W,C,A. (3, 4), Hospital Committee; Canterbury CAMP, THOMAS HARLEY B,S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Danville, Va. Football (1), Glee Club (3) CAPERTON, JAQUELINE CARY Charleston, W. Va. AS. IN ECONOMICS, Delta Delta Delto, President (4); Glee Club (3), University Porty (3); Women ' s Honor Council (4); Y.W,C.A, (3, 4); Instil ' ■ Relotions (4). of Hu First Row: CARLTON, ANNE RAWLINS A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alph. North Wilkesboro o Delto, Assistant Rush Chairman (4); WAA Representative (3); Canterbury Club (3, 4); Tarnation (4); University Club (4); Young Democratic Club, Secretary (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). CARROLL, JESSE B., JR. Oxford A.B, IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Young Democratic Club (1): Y.M.CA. (1); Cardboard (1, 2, 3, 4); AFROTC (1, 2, 3, 4), Assistont PIO (4), Arnold Air Society, Dormitory Vice-President and Social Chairman (4). CARSWELL, JOHN W. Springlake B.S. IN GEOLOGY SENIORS Second Row; CARTER, HUGH WILLIAM, JR. BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Koppa Sign 3, 4V Sheiks (3, 4). CASHION, ROBERT THOMAS B.S. IN COMMERCE. Pinehurst University Party (1, 2, Cornelius Winston-Salem CHAPPLE, DEWEY WILMONT, JR. A B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Psi, Treasurer, Pi Nu; Band (1, 2, 3, 4), Gymnastics (2, 3); Student Party (4); University Club (2); Y.M.CA. (1, 4). Third Row: CHARLES, WILLIAM CURTIS Rocky Mount B 5 IN GEOLOGY. Young Democratic Club. CHRISTIDES, STELIO G. B.S. IN BUSINESS ECONOMICS. Chi Psi; Soc CHRISTOPHER, ARCHIE DONALD Helsinki, Finland 3r; Cosmopolitan Club. Carrb ' jro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi, Vice-President (4) Boseboll (I, 2), Doily Tor Heel (1); Interdormitory Council (2), University Club (1, 2), Dormitory President (1, 2), AFROTC (I, 2, 3, 4), Special Services Otticer (4), Arnold Air Society (3, 4); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4). Fourth Row: CLAY, MARTHA ANNE IN ENGLISH Chi Omega, Pn (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). CLIFFORD, MAHLON JAMES B S. IN COMMERCE Y MCA. (1); Cardboard (4). COBB, SARA BORDEN A B. IN EDUCATION Chi Omece. Danville, Ky. .ident (4); G M.A.B. Calendar Committee Oxford Goldsboro Fifth Row: COCKE, MARY JANE Asheville A B. IN SOCIOLOGY Delta Delto Delta, Vice-President (4), Jane Croig Gray Award (3), Student Entertainment Committee (4), Orientation Committee (4) University Party (3, 4), Secretary (3, 4); Valkyries (3, 4), Secretary (4). Atlanta, Go. COHEN, JAY PHILLIP A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Zeto Beto Tou; Hillel Cabinet Y.M.C A. (1, 2, 3, 4). COLE, WILLIE ROBERT B.S. IN GEOLOGY Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Vice-P Y.M.CA., Folk Music Group Director, Planning Committee (2, 3) Sixth Row: COLEMAN, CATHERINE ROWLAND A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delto, Rush Chairman (4); U Hendersonville dent (3). President (4); (3, 4), Ssnior Class So Cha Panhelle Asheville iity Party C.A (4) Raleigh Statesville COLEY, SILAS BODIE, JR. B S. IN ECONOMICS Chi Psi; NROTC (1, 2, 3, 4). COLLIER, ROBERT ALVIS, JR. A.B. IN LIBERAL ARTS Phi Delta Theto; Class President (2), Football (1 2) nterdormitory Council (1); Sheiks 13, 4), Student Government (1, 2); 13 Club , 2, 3, 4); University Party (1. 2); Young Democratic Club (4); Y.M.CA. (1.2, 3 ; Iredell-Corolina Club, Treosurer (1,2). Seventh Row: COMER, JOHN FITZGERALD Greensboro A B IN ENGLISH. Pi Kappa A ' pha; Debate Council (3); G.M.A.B. (1); Tarnation (2, 3, 4), Features Editor (3, 4 ' Orientation Counselor; Yackety Yack (4). COMER, ROBERT FRANKLIN Dobson A E IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. A ' pho Sigma Sigma. CONGER, HARRIET GILLINGHAM Edenton A.E. IN EDUCATION Chi Omego; G.M.A.B. Calendar Committee. eighth Row: CONN, WILBER DANIEL Zebulon A B. IN EDUCATION Glee Club (2); Student Legislature, Ways and Means Committee (4): University Club (3); University Party (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3). COOK, JAMES RHODES Griffin, Go. A.B. IN ENGLISH. COOK, OWEN WADDELL Fayetteville A.B. IN ENGLISH. Be to Theto Pi, Recording Secretary (4), Social Chairman (4) YM.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4); AFROTC; Arnold Air Society (3, 4); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4), Secretary (4). First Row: COOLEY, ARTHUR VINCENT B,S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Hendersonville Columbus, Go. COOPER, ANN B. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Delta Pi; Y.W.C.A. (3); Westminster Fellowship (3, 4), Council (4); Orchestra (3). COOPER, EDNA EARLE A B, IN EDUCATION. Glee Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Cary Second Row: COOPER, MISHEW McNEILL Henderson A B, IN HISTORY. Chi Omega; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Panhellenic Representative (4). CORBETT, LUKE ROBINSON Pinehurst A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Baseball (2). CORCORAN, RICHARD JOSEPH, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta Can Phi Eta Sigma. Durham Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Third Row: CORRELL, JOE S. Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Golf (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (3, 4); Student Party; AFROTC. Carolina Beach COURIE, LOUIS FADUAL A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. COWAN, JOHN ADRIAN Fourth Row: COWLES, SALLIE McRORIE Statesville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi, Rush Chairman (4); Panhellenic Council (4); Student Council (4), Young Democrats Club (4); Y.W.C.A. {3, 4), Coffee Klatch (3), Cabinet (4), Hospital Committee Chairman (4); Commencement Marshal (3). COX, DONALD LEE A.B. IN ECONOMICS. COZART, ULA HUBERT, III A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Zeta Psi; NROTC. Fifth Row: CRABTREE, WILLIAM GORDON B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Haw River CRANE, DONALD REYNOLDS, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Ga Track (4). Ponte Vedra Beach, Flo. la Delta; Cross Country (4); CRANE, DOUGLAS COLE Ponte Vedra Beach, Flo. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Gommo Delta; Cross Country (4) Track (3, 4). SENIORS Sixth Row: CRAVEN, BENNIE FRANKLIN, JR. Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Band (1); Di Senate (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Legislature (4); Student Party (4). CREAKMAN, FRANCIS NELSON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. CREWS, JOSEPH MARVIN A.B IN ECONOMICS. Mayodan Wilmington S3venth Row: CRISSMAN, DAVID NEAL Chapel Hill A.B, IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. WUNC. CRITCHER, JAMES EDWARD Oxford A.B IN JOURNALISM. CROOM, JACQUES HOWARD Fayetteville A.B, IN HISTORY, Eighth Row: CROW, IVEY GENE Charlotte B S, IN CHEMISTRY, Alpha Chi Sigma. CROWSON, CHRISTOPHER GALE Charlotte B.S. IN CHEMISTRY, Alpha Chi Sigma; Y,M,C,A. (2); NROTC. CRUMPLER, JULIA SUE Bluefield, W. Va. A B IN ART Alpha Delta Pi, Recording Secretary (4), First Row: CULBRETH. ARNOLD ARTHUR, JR. Greensboro A B IN RADIO TELEVI SION AND MOTION PICTURES. Fencing (2); Y.M.C.A (1, 2); WUNC (2, 3, 4), Operations Manager (4); Soccer (3); AFROTC; Dormitory Secretary (2); Freshman Friendship Council (I). CULLIFER, JOSEPHINE ANN Murfreesboro A B IN MATHEMATICS. Delta Delta Delta; G MA B. (4), Dance Committe; (4); Y.W.C.A. (4); Cheerleader (4). CURTIS, JOHN RUSSELL Bessemer City A B IN HISTORY. Alpha Epsilon Delta; Amphoterothen; Men ' s Honor Council (summer) Phi Assembly (2, 3, 4), Speaker (4); Student Legislature (4); Student Party (3, 4)- Young Democratic Club (4), Orientotion Committee (4), Wesley Foundotion (I, 2, 3, 4); Legislature Floor-Leader from Student Party. SENIORS Second Row: DALTON, RUTH ANN Solent, Vo. A B IN ENGLISH. Daily Tor Heel (3); Young Democrotic Club (3, 4); West- minster Fellowship (3, 4); State Student Legisloture (3, 4); Student Entertain- ment Committee (4). DANHOFF, GRACE MARIE Lumberton A B IN EDUCATION Delta Delto Delto; Doily Tor Heel 14) DANNENBAUM, ROBERT, II Wilmington B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Chi Psi; Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Sound ond Fury (3); Swimming (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). Third Row: DARDEN, CHARLES WILLIAM Goldsboro A B IN RADIO TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Wesley Foundation (I, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (3). Boynton Beach, Flo. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship DARLINGTON, FRANK PETER A.B. IN EDUCATION. Corolino Quorterly (1) (3, 4); Future Teachers of Americo (4). OAUGHERTY, CULLEN BRYAN Kinston B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Band (2, 3, 4, Librarian (3); Young Democrats Club (3, -»), Y.M.C.A. (2), Dormitory Secretory-Treasurer (3). Fourth Row: DAUGHTRIDGE, GERALD ROUTH Rocky Mount BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Beta Koppo; Phi Eto Sigma; Inter- dormitory Council (I, 2), Dormitory President (M; NROTC, Rifle Team (4). DAVIS, BARBARA BRYDSON Goldsboro A.B. IN EDUCATION Koppo Delta; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Future Teachers of DAVIS, CHARLES THOMAS, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Koppo PsI. Eureka Fifth Row: DAVIS, IRA LEWIS Bayonne, N. J. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Tou Epsilon Phi; Swimming (1); Young Democratic Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4); Intramural Official (2, 3, 4). DAVIS, PAUL CLIFTON B.S. IN DENTISTRY. Koppo Alpho. DAVIS, WILLIS WALTON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpho Koppo Ps Sixth Row: DAYE, DENNIS EUGENE A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE DEAL, CHARLES CARROLL B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delto Sigma Pi. DEARMAN, HENRY HURSELL B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpho Chi Sigma, Secretary (3, 4); Delta Phi Alph. Beto Kappa; Phi Eto Sigma; Phi Mu Epsilon; Dormitory Officer (3). Seventh Row: DeSAVIGNY, CHESTER BLAIR B 5 IN CHEMISTRY. Alpho Chi Sigma. Mebone Clinton Concord Chapel Hill Statesville Phi DEWING, DOUGLAS BLAIR B 5 IN PSYCHOLOGY. St. Anthony Holl; Gle DICKENS, WILLIAM PAUL Greenville Kittery, Maine Smithfield el (I); Fencing (1), Eighth Row: DICKMAN, CAROL BARNETT New York, N. Y. A.B IN HISTORY. Debate Council (3, 4), Executive Secretary (4). DICKSON, JOHN HINES Wilmington A.B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Koppo Alpha; 13 Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Yockety Yock (1), Assistant Fraternity Editor (1). DILLON, EDNA WHITE Etkin First Row: DIXON, CORNELIA BALDWIN Alexondria, Va. A.B, IN ENGLISH. Koppa Alpha Theta; Student Party (3); Y.W.C A (3 4) Stroy Greeks (3, 4); Dormitory House Council (4). DIXON, ROBERTA HARVEY Raleigh A B. IN MUSIC. Kappa Delta, Music Chairman (4), Glee Club (3, 4), Librarian (3), President (4); Playmakers (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Hospitol Committee (3), Service Committee (4); Canterbury Club (3, 4). DIXON, SIDNEY STERN, JR. Wilson A.B. IN CHEMISTRY, Sigma Nu. Second Row: DOAK, ELLEN THERESE Chapel Hill B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Alpha Gamma Delta; Y.W.C.A. (2); Town Girls Associa- tion {?., 3); Canterbury Club (2). Mount Airy DOGGETT, BENNIE SUE A B. IN GERMAN. Y.W.C.A. (3); Dormitory Treasurer (3, DON NELL, SAM HOWE, JR. Goldsboro A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Kappa Sigma; Y M C A University Party; WUNC. Third Row: DOOLAN, EDWARD ELOY Savannah, Ga. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Sigma; NROTC. DUNHAM, RUFUS SHELDON, JR. A B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Eta Sigma. Cory DUNN, CHARLES JEROME, JR. Ahoskie A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Band (I); Daily Tor Heel (1, 4); Interdormitory Council, Vice-President (3), Track (1); Dormitory Secretory-Treasurer (1), President (4). Fourth Row: DUNN, JAMES ALEXANDER CLARKE Charleston, S. C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Carolina Quarterly, Book Editor (2), Editor (3); Daily Tar Heel, Associate Editor (3, 4); Publications Union Board (3); The Corn Cobb, Editor (2). New Bern A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega; Junior Class Social Chairman (3); University Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (4); Canterbury Club (3, 4); Altar Guild (4). DURHAM, JAMES ELWOOD, JR. Durham Fifth Row: DURHAM, TAYLOR ROGERS, II Charles Town, W. Va. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Delta Theta; Daily Tor Heel (2); Playmakers (2, 4); DUNN, MARY WINDLEY versity Party (2); NROTC. DURNING, ELIZABETH BLYNN DUVAL, LOUIS DANIEL, JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Student Party (3, 4). Sixth Row: EDGERTON, JOHN ALLEN EDGERTON, SARAH ELIZABETH A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega; Y.W.C.A. (4); Polls Con Democratic Club (4); Yack Beauty Court (4). Louisville, Ky. Kenly Goldsboro littee (4); Young EDWARDS, JANE ANNE Springfield, Ohio A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi, Corresponding Secretary (3), Music Chairmen (3, 4), Vice-President (4); Daily Tar Heel (2); Sound and Fury (3, 4); Student Council (4); Student Legislature (2, 3); University Party (2); Y.W.C.A. (2, 3, 4); Yack Beauty Court (3). SENIORS Seventh Row: EDWARDS, MARY ANN A B IN SOCIOLOGY Koppa Koppo Gommo. EFIRD, CLAUD LEE, JR. DS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Gon ELDER, WILLIAM HARRISON Raleigh Wilmington Siler City Student Legislature Eighth Row: ELDRIDGE, CHARLES PATTERSON, JR. Raleigh A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Beta Koppa; Zeto Psi, President (4), Gorgon ' s Head (3, 4); Inferfroternity Council (3, 4); Minotours (2, 3, 4); Swimming (1). ELLINWOOD, EVERETT HEWS B S. IN MEDICINE. ELLIOTT, SAMUEL HOLMES A B IN SPANISH. Y.M.C.A. (3, 4); Spanish Club (3, 4). Greensboro Elizabeth City First Row: ELLIS, JAMES MILTON Tarboro A B IN PRE-LAW. Di Senate. EPLEY, CHARLES WHITMIRE Asheville B 5, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. EPSTEIN, MICHAEL SHERMAN Middletown, Conn. B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Zeto Beto Tou; Hillel Cabinet (3, 4); Recreation Co-ordinoting Council Chairman; Orientation (3). Second Row: EPTING, RONALD VIRGIL BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ERVIN, LAURA POWE AS. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Chi Omega; University Party, GM.A.B., Polls Co Court (3V EVERSMAN, ANNE SIMCOX A B. IN MUSIC. Alpha Gamma Delta; Glee Club (1,2, 3, 4). Third Row: PAGAN, JIMMIE CLIFFORD B 5. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. FARMER, JOHN IRA B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. Charlotte Morganton Y.W.C.A.; ack Beauty Flat Rock Asheville Salisbury FARNUM, EDITH BRINGHURST A B IN BOTANY Kappa Delta; Carolii bury Club [3, 4) Ardmore, Pa. arterly (4); Y.W.C.A. (4); Canter- SENIORS Fourth Row: FARRELL, W. HAL, JR. Graham B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Sigma. FARROW, JACQUELINE JOY Waves A B. IN EDUCATION. Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Dormitory Vespers Chairman; Future Teachers of America 14); Wesley Foundation (3, 4), Council (4); Cosmopolitan Club (3, 4); Cardboard (3, 4). FERGUSON, THOMAS HARRY Sylva B S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS Phi Delta Theta. Fifth Row: FERGUSON, WILLIAM CLAY Asheville A B IN ENGLISH Track (4). FINK, SUSAN BOLES Chapel Hill A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Beta Kappo; Sophomore Class Sociol Chairman (2); Di Senate (2, 3, 4); G.M.A.B. Secretary (3); Order of the Old Well (3, 4), Secretary (4); Dormitory Vice-President (4), Consolidated University Student Council (4); State Student Legislature (2, 3, 4), Carolina Handbook (1, 2); Student Directory Editor (2); All Campus Conference, Co-Chairman (3); Student Legislature (3, 4); Student Party (2, 3, 4), Secretary, Sergeant-ot-Arms; Valkyries (3, 4), President (4); Y.M.C.A. |1, 2), Secretary (2); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Graham Memorial Board of Directors (4); Women ' s Residence Council, Chairman (4); Human Relations Institute (4); Town Girls Association (1); Independent Women ' s Council (1). FITZGIBBON, ANNE MACKIE Chapel Hill A B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Chi Omega; Phi Beta Kappa; Carolina Political Union (2); Glee Club (1, 2), Publicity Manager (2); Playmakers (3, 4), Mask Award (4), Student Party (1, 2), Secretary (2), Young Democratic Club (1, 2), Executive Committee (2); Town Girls Association (1, 2), eption Committee (2); Sixth Row: FLEISHMAN, HERMAN SENDER B S IN FINANCE Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Lambda Phi, Tn II) FLEMING, ROBERT EUGENE, JR. B.S. IN GEOLOGY Fayetteville jrer (4); Hillel Cabinet Bluefield, W. Va. FLESHMAN, BARBARA LEIGH A B IN SOCIOLOGY Pi Beta Phi; Debate Council {3, 4); Di Senate (4); Glee Club (3); Ploymakers (4); Student Government, Executive Secretory (3); Univer- sity Party (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4). Seventh Row: FLOYD, ELIZABETH YORK Raleigh A.B. IN EDUCATION Kappa Delto, Secretary (4); Daily Tor Heel (3); Yackety Yack (3), Y.W.C A. (3, 4), Vespers Committee; Modern Dance Club (4). FOGLEMAN, HOWARD S., JR. GS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpha fraternity Council (4), Student Legislature (1, 2); ' Counselor (2, 3, 4); Freshman Advisory Council (1). FOLGER, SARA ALICE Milledgeville, Go. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Glee Club (3); Student Party (3, 4); Valkyries (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), President (4); Westminster Fellowship (3, 4). Eighth Row: FONVILLE, ROBERT HARRELL, JR. BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Sign FOOTE, JOHN ERNEST, JR. B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Conferbury Club FOUSHEE, CECIL SHELTON B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. Burlington Burlington Chaplain {3, 4) First Row: FOWLER, BETSY BLANCHE A,B. IN EDUCATION. Town Girls Associatiori (2, 3, 4 America (4); Wesley Foundation (4); Independent Wome FOWLER, DON EUGENE A,B IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Chapel Hill e Teachers of icil (4). Waynesville FOWLER, DONALD OWEN Winston-Solem A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Eto Sigmo; AFROTC Band (1, 2); Grail (2, 3, 4); Interdormitory Council (2); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Student Government (1, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (3), President (4); Student Legislature (1, 2); Young Democratic Club (2, 3, 4); Graham Memorial Board of Directors (3, 4), Chair- man (4); Dormitory President; Consolidated Student Council; Dance Com- mittee; Athletic Council; Alumni Association Committee. Second Row: FOX, FRANK LEE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Young Democratic Club (4); Y.M.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4). Siler City FRALEY, FRED AUSTIN A B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Beta Keppo. FREEMAN, SUSAN ELIZABETH Chapel Hill Student Porty 13); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Stray Third Row: FRUCCI, RICHARD LAWRENCE Santo Ana, Calif. Salisbury Pi, House Manager (2), , 3, 4), Group Sergeant nant Colonel (4); Arnold nd Blade (3, 4); Orienta- FRYAR, DONALD FREDRICK B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigmt Secretary (3), Social Chairman (4); AFROTC (1, Moior (3), Wing Executive Officer (4), Cadet Lieut Air Society (3, 4 , Operations Officer (4), Scabbard tion Counselor (4). FULLER, ROBIN McREA Raleigh A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Glee Club (3); G.M.A.B. Music Committee; Tarnation (4); Y.W.C.A.; Dormitory House Council (4); Hockey Club (3, 4); W.A.A. Representa- tive (3, 4), Swimming Chairman (3, 4); Splash Club (3, 4). Fourth Row: GALARDE, JOHN LEON Charlotte A.B, IN PCLITICAL SCIENCE GARREN, DON HARVEY A.B. IN ENGLISH Sigma Phi Epsilon. GARRETT ALBERT EARLE, III Hendersonville Donville, Vo. (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Navy Fifth Row: GARVEY, ELIZABETH POST Dougloston, N. Y. A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES, Pi Beta Phi; Dance Committee (3); Yockety Yack (3); YW.C.A. (3, 4), Office Staff, Canterbury Club (3, 4); Orientation Advisor (4). GENTRY, JOHN HORACE A B. IN EDUCATION GEORGE, BETTY CECIL A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Omega; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Splash Club (3, 4), Sixth Row: GIBSON, CALVIN BROOKS A.B IN ENGLISH GIBSON, WALTER IRVING, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. GILES, WILLIAM FRANK Reidsville Asheville Sound and Fury (3); University Party; Perth Amboy, N. J. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Theta Chi, Social Chairman (3, 4); Football (1, 2); Inter- fraternity Council (2, 3, 4), Publicity Chairman (4); University Club (4); AFROTC (1, 2). SENIORS Seventh Row: GILLIS, HAROLD LEON Roeford B S IN COMMERCE GINN, WILLIAM M. B S IN MEDICINE. Phi Beta Kappa; Monogr. GLASS, DAVID BENNETT Roleigh A.B. IN HISTORY. HiTel Cabinet (1, 2, 3, 4), Religious Chairman (2); Phi Assembly (2, 3, 4); Wrestling; Young Democratic Club {2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3, 4.1. Eighth Row: GLOVER, HELEN SYLVIA Albany, Go. B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Dormitory Treasurer (4). GOLDBURG, JAY BERNARD Augusta, Go. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Zeto Beta Tau; Semper Fidelis, Vice-President (4); Monogram Club (3, 41; Hillel Cabinet (3, 4); Audit Boord, Secretary (3); NROTC, Rifle Team (1, 2), Drill Team (I, 2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2); Soccer (3, 4). Goldsboro Club (2); Wrestling (1, 2). GOLDSTEIN, GILDA Miami Beach, Flo. Relation; Cosmopolitan First Row: GOODE, G. BROWNE, JR. B IN ENGLISH Student Par ' Hickory GOODMAN, ELSIE JACQUELINE Norfolk, Vo. A B IN ENGLISH. Delta Delto Delta; Daily Tar Heel (3, 4), News Editor (4). GOODMAN, PHILIP IVES New Orleans, La. A.B, IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Zeto Beta Tau; Produc- tion Manager for WUNC; NROTC, Rifle and Pistol Teom, Amateur Radio Club. Second Row; GORDON, ALBERT CLAUDE Greensboro A.B. IN DRAMA. Playmakers. GORDON, BARCLAY FITZHUGH Huntington, N. Y. A B IN ENGLISH. Playmakers (1, 3); Canterbury Club; Tennis (1, 2). GORDON, FRED E. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Swimn ' Third Row: GORMAN, VETA EPPS A B IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. GOULD, MARY FAITHFUL A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Alpha Gommo GRAHAM, GRACE ELIZABETH Fourth Row: GRAHAM, PATSY MARIE Greensboro ling (1); Young Democratic Club (2, 3, 4). Southern Pines Youngitown, Ohio Delta; Band (3); Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4). Quebec, Canada GRAHAM, RAYMOND LEE, JR. Lincolnton B.S. IN PHYSICS. Band (1,3, 4), Business Manager (4); Baptist Student Union (I, 2, 3, 4); AFROTC (1, 2, 3, 4); Physics Club (3, 4), President (4); Chapel Hill Astronomy Club (3, 4). GRANT, FREEMAN AUGUSTUS, JR. Bethesdo, Md. Fifth Row: GRAY, VIRGINIA PEYTON Rocky Mount A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beto Phi; Daily Tor Heel (3); G.M.A.B. Polls Committee (3), Young Democratic Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Canterbury Club. GRAYSON, J. GLENN A B IN HISTORY. Young Democratic Club (2, 3). GREEN, ROBERT HENRY Sixth Row: GREEN, ROBERT LORENZA B S. IN MEDICINE. Phi Eta Sigma; Theta Chi. Shelby West Palm Beach, Flo. Salisbury GREENE, SYLVIA MYRTLE Coral Gables, Flo. A.B. IN FRENCH. Delta Delta Delta; G.M.A.B. Recreation Committee Chair- man (4|, Interdormitory Council, Hall Council (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). GREENE, WALTER HILLIARD, JR. Zebulon A.B. IN EDUCATION. Bosketball (3, 4), Monogram Club (3, 4); Track (3, 4). SENIORS Seventh Row: GREER, JOHN WALTER B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. GREGORY, TOY RHEA, JR. A B. IN LAW. Sigma Chi; )3 Club (3, 4). Las Vegos, Nev. GREMMELS, JULIE L. Lynchburg, Va. A B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Omicron Pi; Student Party (3); Stray Greeks. Eighth Row: GRIGGS, DELMAS DAVID Wadeiboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. GUSTAFSON, BRUCE ALBERT Washington, D. C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Kappa Epsilon; Monogram Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Tennis (1, 2, 3, 4); NROTC Battalion Executive Officer. GUTHERY, NANCY ALLEN A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chapel Hill First Row: GUTHRIE, GEORGE WALKER Graham B,5, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Young Democratic Club (1, 2, 3, 4). GUTIERREZ, JOSEPH A. as. IN GEOLOGY. HACKLER, ROBERT HARDIN AS. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Gamma Delto; Tarnation (1); InT ' Board. Chapel Hill Washington Tiurol Athletic Second Row: HACKNEY, RUFUS RUDOLPH, JR. Chapel Hill A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Chi Phi; Dormitory Vice-President (1); Track (1, 2, 4), University Club (2). HALEY, JOAN LOUDON Stony Brook, N. Y. Club (4); Hockey Club (3, 4); HALL, JULIA PERRY A.B. IN ENGLISH EDUCATION. Pi Beto Phi; Y.W.C.A. (4). Third Row: HALL, MITZIE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Gon makers (3). HALLETT, JOHN DAVIES Birmingham, Ala. Delta, Treasurer (4); Play- Lake Wales, Fla. HAMMOND, LARRY WAYNE Hamlet A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Gymnastics (2). Fourth Row: HARDESTY, JOHN SIDNEY Rocky Mount B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Footboll (1); Wrestling (1). HARDING, SAMUEL T. West Seneca, N. Y. B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Phi Koppo Sigma; Sound and Fury (3). HARGRAVE, CHARLES CLEMENT Lexington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Delta Thcto; Sheiks (2, 3, 4); Univer- sity Club (4). SENIORS Fifth Row: HARPER, JAMES ROBINSON Snow Hill A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Nu, Vice-President (4), President (3); Daily Tar Heel, Advertising Staff (1); Dance Committee (2); German Club Executive (2); Interfraternity Council (3); Tarnation, Advertising Staff (1). HARRELL, WADE WHITLEY Margarita, Canal Zone HARRINGTON, MARGARET VISTA Taylorsville B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Glee Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Sixth Row: HARRIS, EDWARD FLYNN A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Kappa Alpha; Dance Co HARRIS, WILMER LONG B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. HARRISON, JAMES BURWELL, JR. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. iiffee (2). Roanoke Rapids Seventh Row: HART, JESSINE BROOKS Goldsboro Dtic Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), HART, RICHARD BANNER Winston-Salem A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Kappa Sigma; 13 Club (4). HASTINGS, CHARLES BEESE Burlington Eighth Row: HAYES, MARY SUSAN A.B. IN EDUCATION, Sound and Fury (4); Tennis Club (3); Urn Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Girl Scout Co Raleigh ty Club (4); ttee Chairman {4); Orientation Counselor (4). HAYES, WILLIAM NEIL Charlotte A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Glee Club (3); Sound and Fury (3); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). HAYMAKER, JAMES MILLIGAN A.B. IN ART. First Row: HAYNES, JASPER EARLE, JR. Salisbury B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigmo Pi; Glee Club (3). HAYWOOD, EARL LELAND Mount Gilead BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Di Senate (4); Glee Club (2), Young Repubhcans Club (3, 4). HAYWOOD, RICHARD HUNTER Monroe B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Koppo Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma, President (4); Phi Beto Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Interdormitory Council (2, 3), Secretary (3); AFROTC (1, 2), Drill Team (1, 2); Accounting Faculty Scholar- ship (4). SENIORS Second Row; HEADEN, ROBERT SPEIR AS. IN ECONOMICS Koppo Alpha; Sheiks; University CI HEDRICK, SARAH MARILYN A.B IN JOURNALISM. Alpha Delta Pi. HENDERSON, HAL HILL A.B IN ZOOLOGY Pi Kappo Phi; Doily Tor Heel (2, Council (2, 3), Secretary (3); Playmakers (4); Y.M.C.A.-Y.W.C.A. Europe (4): Yockety Yock (4); Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4); Astronomy Club (3, 4); AFROTC Drill Squad (3); Westminster Fellowship (3, 4); WUNC (4); Saturday Club. Third Row: HENDERSON, WILLIAM RAY B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HENLEY, RANDALL BOYDEN BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Theto Chi; Doily To tion (1,3, 4): Yockety Yock (1, 2, 3, 4); Saturday Club. HENSEL, RICHARD DAVIDSON B.S. IN BUSIN£SS ADMINISTRATION. Sigmo Chi, Treasur German Club Executive (2, 3); NROTC Fourth Row: HERBERT, ROGER GORDON A.B. IN PRE-MEDICINE. Chi Phi; Track (1). HERRING, BILLY HARVEY A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpho Phi Omego; Y.M.C.A. (1). Siler City Lenoir Both, S. C. 4},; Interdormitory Stony Point High Point Heel (3, 4); Torno- Winson-Salem r (3), President ri); Portsmouth, Ohio 3te (1); Interfraternity Council (2); Spring Lake Rose Hill Reidsville 3, 4), President (4); Cross Country (2, 3); Di Senate (2, 3, 4), Sergeant-at-Arms (4); G.M.A.B , Display Choirmon (1, 2); Gymnastics (2), Men ' s Honor Council (I); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4), Publicity Chairman (3); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Student Council (3); Swimming (1); Track (1, 2, 3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Wesley Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3, 4); State Student Legislature (3; Commencement Marshal; Honor System Improvement Com- mittee, Chairman (3); Dukethon (3). HERRING, VIRGINIA ANN A.B, IN EDUCATION Fifth Row: HESTER, HUGH SCOTT A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Band (1 HIGGINS, ROBERT NASH HIGHT, WALTER ED, JR. B.S. IN NATURAL SCIENCES. Sixth Row: HILL, ELLIOTT McNEAL A.B IN ENGLISH HILL, JAMES ALLEN, JR. A B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Go University Club (3); Soccer Manager (3) HILLS, FRANCIS ALLAN B.S. IN GEOLOGY Sigmo Gon Tampa, Fla. am Club (1, 2, Raleigh Monogram Club (3); Roanoke Rapids Epsilon; Fencing (1, 2). Seventh Row: HINSHAW, ROBERT CAROL A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Interdo Y.M.C.A (1, 2, 3, 4). Liberty :il (I, 21; Yockety Yock :2), Lorchmont, N. Y. HIRT, SANDRA DIANE A.B IN ART Gommo Phi Beto; Dance Committee (3, 4); Sound and Fury (4), Tornotion (4), University Party (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Stray Greeks (3, 4). HOBBS, HARRY M., JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Eighth Row: HOBBY, JO ANNE Club (3, 4); Playmaker Chapel Hill Greensboro (3, 4); Sound and Fury (3, 4); HOFFLER, GEORGE WYCKLIFFE A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Gee Club (2, 3, 4). HOFFMAN, DUKE A., JR. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Student Legislotur Democratic Club (1); Dormitory Officer (1). Sunbury Salisbury (1); University Party (1); Young Raleigh Pi; Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4); First Row: HOLLAND, PERRY GRIFFITH B.5. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Dormitory Manager (4). HOLLIS, NAOMI SHIRLEY Charlotte A.B. IN EDUCATION. G.M.A.B., Dance Committee (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Cabinet Member (4); Dormitory Social Chairman (4); Independent Women ' s Association (4); Dormitory House Council (4); Future Teachers of Americ a (3, 4). HOLLOWAY, GEORGE BERNARD A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dormitory President (4); In Second Row: HOLMES, ALICE ELIZABETH WOOTEN A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY Alpha Delta Pi, Social Chair Choppaquo, N. Y. iitory Council (4). Mount Olive on (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). HOLMES, LEE BOURNE A.B. IN ENGLISH. Siqmo Nu (2, 3, 4), Treasurer (3); Swirr Semper Fidelis Society (2, 3 Society (3, 4). HOLT, ANNE TRISTRAM A.B. IN FRENCH. De ' to Delta Delta, Social Chairma Cub (3, 4), Vice-President (4); G.M.A.B. {4); Chairmai (4); University Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Cabinet (4), Third Row: HOLT, BESSIE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi; Teachers of America (4). Chapel Hill Secretary (3, 4); G.M.A.B (1); Monogram Club ning (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); NROTC; 4); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); Quarter Deck Ridgewood, N. J. 1 (4); Pi Dclto Phi; Glee of Reception Committee Erv Yackety Yack (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. {3, 4); Futuri HOMESLEY, TROY CLIFTON, JR. Cherryville HONEYCUTT, JACK WESLEY Stony Point B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Fourth Row: HOOPER, DAVID ALEXANDER Reidsville A.B. IN EDUCATION. HOOVER, MARY ANN Concord A.B. IN HISTORY. G.M.A.B. (3), Dance Committee (3), Music Committee (3); Sound and Fury (3, 4); Student Party (3, 4); Independent Women ' s Council (4); Dormitory President (4); Westminster Fellowship (3, 4), Vice-President (4); Women ' s Residence Council (3, 4). HORNER, WILLIAM HADLEY, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma mural Manager (4); Interdormitory Council (1); Swir 3); Dormitory President (1). Fifth Row: HOULDER, MONTAGUE STUART, JR. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. HOUSE, PATRICIA LOUISE A.B, IN EDUCATION. Y.WC.A. (3, 4), Futuri Burlington Secretary (3, 4), Intro- ling (1); Y.M.C.A. (I, 2, Raleigh HOWARD, JAMES THOMAS Roanoke Rapids ;iee Club (3, 4), Treasurer (4), (3, 4). Charlotte SENIORS Sixth Row: HOWIE, JANE NELSON Charlotte A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Delta Delta, Marshal (4); Glee Club (3, 4); G.M.A.B. (3, 4), Reception Committee (4); Student Council (3, 4), Clerk (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Cabinet (4). HOYLE, KENNETH BAXTER A.B. IN EDUCATION. HOYT, JOHN KEAIS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Go Seventh Row: HUNSUCKER, JOHN ELTON HUNT, JOHN THOMAS Lincolnton Washington Durham olina Quarterly (3); HUNTER, BLAKE CARLYLE, JR. Charlotte A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigma Epsilon Xi; Sound and Fury (3, 4); Student Party (3, 4); University Club (3); Yackety Yack (3, 4), Managing Editor (3); Activities Editor (4); Cordboord (2); Orientation Counselor (3); Saturday Club. Eighth Row: HUNTER, STELLA JOYCE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Dormitory Ex Savannah, Go. Council (4); Baptist Student Union, HUNTINGTON, DONALD ELLIS, JR. Spartanburg, S. C. A.B. IN NATURAL SCIENCES. Chi Psi; Interfraternity Council (3); Men ' s Coun- ■ ■ " ■ ' ■ , Swimming (1); NROTC; Scabbard and HUTCHINSON, CAROLYN GAYLE North Wilkesboro A B. IN EDUCATION. First Row: ISENHOUR, WILLIAM JACOB Hickory A B IN JOURNALISM. Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary, Press Club, Vice-President JACKSON, RICHARD BRINKLEY Jacksonville B.5. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Pi Kappa Phi; Tennis (I) JAMES, DERLIE DEANE Second Row: JAYNE, NANCY A,B. IN EDUCATION, Delta Delto Delta; Y WC.A. (3, 4). JEFFERIES, EDWARD SHAIN, JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Gamm Interfraternity Council (4). JELKS, RETTA FANNIN A.B, IN FRENCH. Roanoke Rapids :il (3): Y.W.C A Orlando, Fia. Washington Delta, Recording Secretary (3), President (4), Savannah, Go, SENIORS Third Row: JENKINS, FRANCES LORENA Kannapolis B.S. IN CHEMISTRY Westminster Fellowship (3, 4). JOHNSON, JAMES PAUL, JR. Silver Spring, Md. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpho Tou Omega; Track (1, 2). JOHNSON, JOSEPH WILLIAM B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Phi, Officer (1, 2, 3, 4), Football (1, 2); Interfraternity Council (2); Monog oung Democrats Club (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Transportat Fourth Row: JOHNSON, PHIL BLAIR A.B. IN HISTORY Alpho Tou Omego. Lillington (3, 4), Baseball Club (3, 41; 1 Club (3, 4). Raleigh JOHNSTON, ANN THORNE Charlotte ekety Yock (3), Y WC.A. Fayetteville JOHNSTON, ELIZABETH FISHER AS. IN EDUCATION. Fifth Row: JOHNSTON, VIRGINIA GREY Charlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH. De ' to Delta Delto; G.M.A.B., Receotion Committee (4) Yockety Yock (3); Y.W.C. A., Hospital Committee (3, 4); Orientation Advisor (4). JOHNSTON, WILLIAM GLADSTONE, JR. Fayetteville A.B IN SCIENCE EDUCATION. JOHNSTONE, JOHN KNOX Mocksville BS IN BANKING AND FINANCE. Pi Koppo Phi. Sixth Row: JONAS, ERIC ANDREW Chorlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Beta Koppo; Phi Eto Sigmo; Sigma Chi; Di Senate (1) Golf (t); Arnold Air Society (3, 4), Scobbord and Blade (3 4) Orientatior Counselor (3, 4); Traffic Committee (4). JONES, NORMAN JACKSON Oxford B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Young Democratic Club (4) YMCA (4); NROTC; Intramural Manager (3, 4). --via.. a JORDAN, KENNETH HAROLD Tobor City A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Ploymakers (3, 4); Young Democratic Club (3 4) ' Stu- dent Party 12, 3, 4); Canterbury Club (2, 3, 4). ' Seventh Row; JORDAN, MARY CLEMENT Fayetteville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omego; YocVety Yack (3); Y.W.C. A. (3 4) Hospital Committee (3), Membershn Council Chairman (4) Orientation Counselor (4)- Altar Guild (3, 4); Sigmo Chi Sweetheart Court (3). JOYCE, ROBERT THEODORE B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpho Koppo Psi- Beto Go Phi Eeto Koppo. JOYNER, GEORGE EDGAR Rocky Mount B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpho; Cross Country (2 3 4); Morrogram Club (3, 4); Track (3, 4); University Party (2 3 4) Y M C a ' (2, 3): Traffic Club (3, 4); AFROTC (1, 2, 3). v i . . 1. t.m.l.a. Eighth Row: JOYNER, WILLIAM HENRY, JR. Summit, N. J. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Delto Thcto; Glee Club (1); Lacrosse (2 3 4) ' Mono- nrnm ri..K 10 t ,1 . sheiks (1, 2, 3, 4). ' ' Mayodan imo Sigmo; Club (2, 3, JUNKER, FRANKIE MARIE A.B. IN SOCIAL STUDIES. Alpha C Council (4), Y.W.C. A. (3, 4). KASSER, VICTOR I. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Zeto Beta Tou; Tennis (2 ' AFROTC (2, 3), Color Guard (3); Hillel (I, 2, 3, 4). Delto; G.M.A.B. (3), Philadelphia, Pa. 4); University Party (2); first Row: KATZENSTEIN, CHARLES JACKSON, JR. New York, N. Y. A.B, IN ECONOMICS. Alpho Phi Omega, Vice-President (1), President (2), Pledge Father (3); Delta Phi Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Alpha Ph ' Zeta Beta Tau; Debate Squad (3, 4); Men ' s Honor Council (3, 4), Clerk {4 Order of the Old Well (3, 4), Vice-President (4); Phi Assembly (3, 4), Critic (3 Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4), 5ergeant-at-Arms; Orientation Counselor (3, 4 NROTC (1, 2, 3, 4), Battalion Supply Officer (4); Committee for Honor System Improvement (3); Amphoterothen (4); Bipartison Selections Board (3). KEEL, CLAYTON RAY B.S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Koppo Psi. KEEL, MARDRE EDWIN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Everetti Ki niton Second Row: KEIGER, ROBERT KASON Winiton-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Glee Club (1); Track (1, 2); Student Audit Board Chairman (4); Budget Committee (4). KEIL, MARILYN ANN Richmond, Vo. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Delta; Glee Club (3, 4); Ploymokers (3), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). KELLER, KENNETH K. Solina, Po. A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Football (I, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Third Row: KELLY, ROBERT WAYNE A.B IN ECONOMICS. Wintton-Solem KEMP, THOMAS DUPRE, III Charlotte A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Glee Club (3); Interdormitory Council (3 4), Secretary; Student Legislature (4); Student Party (3); Y.M.C.A. (2). KERR, ROBERT SNEED Roxboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta SIgmo PI; Y.M.C.A. (2). Fourth Row: KILGORE, BETTY RHODES Raleigh ling (3, 4); Young Democratic Club (3, 4); KIMZEY, ROBERT TABOR Brevard A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigmo Nu, Treasurer (4); Interfraternity Council (2, 3); Young Democratic Club (2); Y.M.C.A. (1); Bosketboll (1); Student Council (3, 4). KING, CAROL JEAN Clinton B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Baptist Student Union (3, 4), Literary Chairman (3), Devotional Chairman (4). Fifth Row: KING, MABEL GRAY Nashville A.B, IN EDUCATION. Y.W.C.A. (3). KING, RICHARD MAURICE, JR. Wilmington B S. IN MATHEMATICS. Eto Kappo Nu; Phi Eta Sigma. KING, WILLIAM RAYMOND, JR. Foyetteville B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa PsI. Sixth Row: KIRK, EDWARD FISHER Dallas, Texas BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Beta Kappo; Young Democratic Club (3, 4). KIRKSEY, ROBERT LEE Morganton B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. KISSIAH, ADAM MARK, JR. Charlotte B.S. IN PHYSICS. Physics Club. SENIORS Seventh Row: KLENKE, MARY LINWOOD Spartonburg, S. C. A B IN ENGLISH. Alpha Omicron Pi; Stray Greeks; Daily Tor Heel (4), Yaekety Yock (4); Y.W.C.A., Office Committee (4); WUNC (3); Canterbury Club (4). KLINE, JAY CROWTHER A B. IN EDUCATION. KNIGHT, KARL FREDERICK A B. IN ENGLISH. Eighth Row: KOMAN, WILLIAM B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Phi Kappa Sign Monogram Club (1, 2, 3, 4). KRANIS, MANUEL CHRIS A B. IN CHEMISTRY. KRIEGSMAN, ROBERT MARVIN B S IN DENTISTRY. Morgote, N. J. Statetville Aliquippa, Pa. Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Thomosville Greensboro First Row; KURTZ, DONALD JULIAN Rock Hill, S. C. B S, IN COMMERCE. Pi Lambda Phi, Vice-President (3), President (4); Doily Tar Heel (1, 2, 3, 4); Golf (I); Tarnation (1, 2, 3, 4); University Party (I, 2); Elections Board (1); Student Entertainment Committee (3, 4). LACKEY, DALE REA Fallston A B IN CHEMISTRY. LAMSON, DAVIS W. Raleigh B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. St. Anthony Hall; Carolina Quorterly (3); Gvmnostics (1,2, 3); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Student Government (1,2, 3) Second Row: LANGLEY, WILLIAM ONZOLO, JR. B S IN COMMERCE. LASHLEY, CURTIS RAY (2, 3); Orientation Counselo Burlington Burlington Lombda Chi Alpha; LASSITER, ANNE CUMMINGS Wilmington A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Kappa Delta, House Manager (4); Glee Club (3); Y.W.C.A. 13, 4), Membership Council; Woman ' s Residence Council (3, 4), Secretory (4); Summer Activities Council (3); Orientation Advisor (4). Third Row: LAUGHINGHOUSE, AL GIBBS New Bern A B IN HISTORY. Di Senate (2, 3, 4); Interdormitory Council (2, 3, 4); Student Legislature (4); Student Party (2, 3, 4); Young Democrats Club (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4); Soccer (2); Canterbury Club (I, 2, 3, 4). LAWING, LUTHER HAROLD, JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Library Committee Chair Orientation Counselor (4). LAWRENCE, EUGENE WILMOTH, JR. B.S. IN DENTISTRY. Charlotte (4); Astronomy Club (3, 4); Apex SENIORS fourth Row: LAWSON, GAIL ELIZABETH Louisville, Ky. A B IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega; Splash Club (4); Y.W.C.A. 13, 4). LAWSON, JOSEPH B.S IN BACTERIOLOGY. Zeta Psi; 13 Club (2, 1779 (2, 3, 4) LEE, JUNIUS RUSSELL B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. fifth Row: LEE, WILLIAM J. A.B. IN ZOOLOGY Theta Chi. LE GRAND, NASH, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Gymnostics (2, (2, 3, 4). LILLY, CHARLOTTE McMURRAY South Boston, Vo. 4); Philosophical Society of Four Oaks Wilmington Chapel Hill Monogram Club Foyetteville Sixth Row: LITAKER, ROBERT LEE A B IN HISTORY, Beto Theta Pi, Chorlotte University Club (2, 3, 4), President (3). Chevy Chase, Md. Heel (2); Sheiks. LONG, ALLEN BAKER A B IN LAW Phi Delto Theta; Daily To LONG, ALLISON DeNEALE B S IN DENTAL HYGIENE. Seventh Row: LONG, WILLIAM RAY A B IN ENGLISH. Phi Eta Sigma; Carolina Political Union (I, 2), Vice-President (2V Di Senate (2, 3); GM.A.B. 12); Interdormitory Council (2, 3, 4), Treosurer (41 Order of the Old Well (3 4); Student Legislature (1, 2, 3, 4), Ways and Means Chairman (4); Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Wesley Foundation (2, 3, 4), Treasurer (4); Carolina Handbook (I, 2). Marion LORE, CHARLES ELI A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Sign Young Republii LOTT, RUTH BUTLER A B IN ENGLISH, Delta Delta Delta, Ho G M.A.B (3, 4) Eighth Row: LOVATT, PATTi HOPE A B IN EDUCATION. Daily Tar Heel; Unn Women ' s Residence Council (3); House Co Lenoir ,ity Club; University Party, Asheville :il (4); Daily Tar Heel (3); Suffern, N. Y. .ity Club (4); Yaekety Yock (3, 4); :il (4); Saturday Club. Jackson Heights, N. Y. GM.A.B. (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Oriento- LOVELACE, JANIS CAROLE A B, IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi, tion Counselor (4), University Speokers (4) LOWE, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, JR. Gastonia A.B. IN GERMAN Delta Phi Alpha; Band (I, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4), Orchestra (I, 2). LOWRY, ELVERY DEAN A.B. IN CHEMISTRY, Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). LUBIN, BENJAMIN LIVINGSTON B.S, IN HISTORY. Basketball Manager (2, 3, 4). Pembroke New York, N. Y. State Rood LUFFMAN, LUCY LOU A.B, IN PSYCHOLOGY. Second Row; McBANE, MILDRED PATRICIA A.B. IN EDUCATION. G.M.A.B. Film Committee 13, 4), Ctiairman (4); Phi Assembly (3, 4), Clerk (4); Playmakers (3, 4); Publications Union Board, Secre- tary (4); Student Legislature (4); Student Party (3, 4), Secretary (4), Advisory Board 13, 4); Young Democrats Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Carolina Forum (4), Secretary (4); Notional Students Association (3); President ' s Constitution Codifi- cation Committee (3). Burlington McCABE, ANNE MOSS Greensboro McCABE, GERARD FRANCIS New York, N. Y. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogrom Club (2, 3, 4); YM.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Wing Staff (3, 4). Third Row: McCAIN, RICHARD B. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sign McCLURE, JOSEPH ANDREW B.S. IN PHYSICS. McCOMBS, JAMES HENRY, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Fourth Row: McCORKLE, JAMES HALL, JR. on Club (1, 2, 3, 4); AFROTC (1, 2, 3, 4), Monroe Orangeburg, S. C. Chapel Hill Charlotte McCURRY, EDGAR WOODFIN, JR. Bronxville, N. Y. iion Head. Shelby A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Koppo Alpho, Secretary (2); Vice-President (3), President (4); State Student Legislature (2); Dance Committee (3); Grail (3, 4), Exchequer (3), Delegoto (4); Interfroternity Council (1, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (2). Vice-President (3), Ctiairman of Greek Week (2); Attorney General (3); Con- sohda ' ed University Student Council (2); Ctiairman Consolidoted University Day (2); Orientation Counselor (2); Orientation Committee (3); Dormitory Treasurer (1); Student Legislature (2. 3); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (2), Freshman Camp Counselor; Order of the Old Well (3, 4), President (4); Honor Council (2); Chairman Soecial Executive Committee on Rushing (3); iittee (2); Chairman Donee Committee Court McDANIEL, NANCY BARKSDALE A B. IN HISTORY. Chi Omegii; Y.W.C.A. (4), Co Fifth Row: McELROY, JAMES LAWRENCE, JR. Marshall A.B. IN HISTORY. Di Senate (2, 3, 4), President (4); Debate Council (2); Student Legis ' ature (2, 3, 4), Floor Leader (4), Parliamentarian (3, 4); Student Party (2, 3, 4), Advisory Board (3, 4); Amphoterothen (3, 4); Young Democrats Club (3, 4). McGEE, CHARLES WELLS, JR. Corrboro A.B IN EDUCATION McGIMSEY, ROBERT THEODORE Lenoir B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Delta Theta; Wrestling (1, 2). Sixth Row: McGOWAN, BENJAMIN REID A B. IN CHEMISTRY. Baseball (I, 2, 3). McGUIRE, EARL EUGENE, JR. A B IN JOURNALISM. Press Club (3, 4), President (4). McKEE, RAYMOND ANDREW A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Hamlet Danville, Vo. Mooresville SENIORS Seventh Row: McLAMB, SUSAN JANE A B. IN FRENCH Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Delta Phi; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). McMAHON, CONSTANCE ADELE A.B. IN ENGLISH. Student Party (31; Tarnation (3); Newman Treasurer (3, 4); Cardboard (3, 4), Chief Artist (4). McNeill, ella ruth Goldsboro Asheville Club (3, 4), Aberdeen litory Eighth Row: MAJETTE, HELEN JONES B.S IN PUBLIC HEALTH. MALLOY, KATHLEEN SHARON A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Delta; Student Legislature Party (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). MANN, MELINDA FAY A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. G.M.A.B. (3, 4), Vice-President (4), Independent Women ' s Association (4). Franklin, Vo. Raleigh 4); Univers.ty Hollywood, Fla. Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); First Row: MARKHAM, JOHN WESLEY, III Ponte Vedro Beach, Flo. A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigma Nu; Sigmo Epsilon Xi; Glee Club (1); G.M.A.B. Film Committee Chairman (2, 3); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Publications Board (4), Treasurer (4); Sound ond Fury (3, 4); Tarnation (1, 2, 3, 4), Art Editor (3); Orientation Counselor (2); Newman Club (1, 2, 3); Yacltety Yack (1, 2, 3, 4), Activities Editor (3), Beauty Editor (2, 3), Editor-ln-Chief (4): UN.C. Photo Lab Staff (2, 3, 4). Saturday Club, NROTC (1, 2). MARKS, BEN A. Roanoke Rapids A.B, IN ENGLISH. Tau Epsiion Phi; Y.M.C.A. {1, 2, 3, 4); ROTC Band (1, 2). MARKS, JOSEPH RUFUS, JR. Whiteville B.S. IN COMMERCE. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Tornotion (3, 4); University Club (3, 4); University Party (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Dormitory Officer, Young Democratic Club (3, 4), Second Row; MARLOWE, JAMES MANNING Walitonburg A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Sigmo Nu; Doily Tar Heel (I); Tarnation (I). MARPLE, MARGERY PIERPONT Pentacola, Flo. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Delta; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Conterbury Club, Tennis Club; MARR, LAURA JEAN Third Row: MARSHALL, PAUL EUGENE BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. MARTIN, JOSEPH BOLEY, JR. B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. MARTIN, ROBERT JERRY High Point Tier Activities Winiton-Salem Moyodon Charlotte :nt Govern- ' arty. Aiheville Madison Fourth Row: MASHBURN, NORMAN BRUCE 8 5. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. MASHBURN, THOMPSON ARTHUR, JR. A B IN CHEMISTRY. MASLOW, LAWRENCE Brooklyn, New York A B IN ECONOMICS. Tau Epsilon Phi; Hillel (I, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4), Student Party (3); Track (I, 2, 3, 4). Fifth Row: MASON, HUGH ARCHIBALD B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Glee Club (I, 2, 3, 4). MASON, WILLIAM S., JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. MASTERTON, ISABEL VAN RENSSELAER A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Gommo Delta. Fayetteville Dunn Chapel Hill Sixth Row: MAULTSBY, THOMAS NEILL Chapel Hill A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4), Co-Captoin (4); Footboll (I, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4), Social Chairman (3); Town Men ' s Associa- MAVRETIC, JOSEPHUS LYMAN Hovelock A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Gamma Delta; Interfraternity Council (1, 2, 3, 4); Soccer (2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); 13 Club (2, 3, 4), President (4). MAY, MARTHA JANE Atheville President; Y,W.C.A. (3, 4); Ponhellenic SENIORS Seventh Row: MAYER, LUTZ LEO Greensboro A B. IN MUSIC. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice- President (4). MEDLIN, JOHNNY GRIMES, JR. Benson B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Delta Thcta; Dance Committee (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (3); Grail (3, 4), Vice-Exchequer (3); University Club (I, 2); Young Democratic Club (I, 2, 3, 4); President ' s Cabinet (3, 4); NROTC; Scab- bord and Blade (3, 4), Treasurer (3). MELVIN, JULIUS LYMAN, JR. Raleigh B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Sigma Nu; Football (1); Track (1). Charleston, S. C. Eighth Row: MENDELSOHN, BURNET B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Phi Omega; Tau Epsilon Phi, Vice- President, Treasurer; Interfroternity Council. MESSI NK, KAY ELSEY Vidalia, Go. A.B IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Pi Bcto Phi; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). MIHM, BETTY ANNE Baltimore, Md. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Yackety Yack (4); Soturday First Row: MILHAM, RICHARD BREWSTER, JR. B 5, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Dclto Sigma (4). MILLER, JAMES TERRY A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. MILLER, TONY J. A B IN ZOOLOGY. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Second Row; MILLIGAN, ELLAWELLS HAMER A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Omega; Uni Hamlet Young Democrats Club Homlet Winston-Solem Orlando, Fla. ty Party (3, 4); Women ' s Honor I (4), Co-Ordinator (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Ctieerleader (4); Orientation MILLS, JAMES DEXTER A.B. IN EDUCATION. MILSTEAD, ANDREW HAMMILL Maysville, Ky. Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Physics Club Third Row: MINTURN, ESTHER NELSON A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENC E. Littleton MISER, ANN E. Baltimore, Md. A.B. IN ART. G.M.A.B. (3); Sound and Fury (3); Student Party (3, 4); Splash Club (3), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Membership Council (4); Women ' s Athletic Council (4). MITCHELL, DONALD PRESTON Kinston B S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Sigma Nu, President (4); Interfroternity Council (3, 4), Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Track (1, 2, 3, 4), University Party (3). MIZE, MARION ELIZABETH A.B. IN EDUCATION. Koppo Delta; Gle MOHORN, HAROLD WAYNE A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. MOLTEN, RICHARD WYLLY A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Eta Sign Whiteville Enfield Chapel Hill SENIORS Fifth Row: MONCRIEF, FRANCES MAE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). MONROE, WILLIAM PAUL B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta Theto Pi; Mi Washington, D. C. Foyetteville MOONEY, BRUCE ROMULUS Timberlake A.B. IN EDUCATION. Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Assistant Business Manager (4) Playmakers (3); Track (1); Cosmopolitan Club (3). Sixth Row: MOORE, ALLEN DAVID, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Go University Party; Y.M.C.A. MOORE, ELIZABETH C. A.B. IN EDUCATION. MOORE, HEYWARD A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Sign Burlington Delta; Tarnotion (I, 2); Chapel Hill Asheville Alpha Seventh Row: MOORE, SAMUEL WELLBORN Burlington B.S. IN COMMERCE. Phi Gamma Oeito; Tarnotion (1, 2); University Party (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). MOORE, THOMAS OWEN, JR. Winston-Solem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Eto Sigmo; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; German Club (2, 3, 4), President (4); Gorgon ' s Head (2, 3, 4); Men ' s Honor Council (3, 4); Sheiks (2, 3, 4), Student Council (3, 4); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4), NROTC (1, 2, 3, 4). MOORE, VANCE THEODORE, JR. Tarboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi; Young Democrats Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); United Student Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4), President (2, 4). Eighth Row: MOORE, WILLIAM BOUDITCH Akron, Ohio A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Delta Theto; Carolina Politicol Union (3 Debate Council (2, 3, 4); Lacrosse (2); Phi Assembly (3, 4); Sheiks (3, 4); Track (1); Scabbard and Blade {3, 4); NROTC (I, 2, 3, 4). MORDECAI, MARY LANE Winston-Solem A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Delta, Historian (4); Glee Club (4); University Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Hospital Committee (3, 4). MORGAN, ELWOOD ERNEST A B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Epsilon Delta, President (4). Burlington First Row: MORGAN, HARRIET ADELINE A B. IN JOURNALISM, Alpha Delt( Johnson City, Tenn. Sigmo Epsilon Xi; Tornotion (3, 4); versify Party (4); Women ' s Honor Council (summer); Yackety Yock (3, 4), loraries Editor (3), Sorority Editor (4); Press Club (4); Co-Editor, Panhellenic h Book (4); Saturday Club, MORGAN, NANCY MILDRED A.B, IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi; Panhellenic Council ( Vespers (4); Orientation Advisor (4); Westminster Fello Cosmopolitan Club (4), MORROW, JAMES MACK, JR. B,S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Elizabethtown SENIORS Second Row: MORSE, HARVEY ANDREW, JR. B,S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. MORTON, SANFORD BASCOM, JR. B,S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpho Kappa Psi MOSER, GALEN CARTNER B S. IN DENTISTRY Third Row: MOSS, STEPHEN ANDREW A B IN HISTORY Delta Upsilon; Phi Beta Kappa Club (1,2, 3); Y M C.A (1, 2, 3). Burlington Kintnersville, Pa. Di Senate (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee MOSS, WILLIAM EAGLES MUMFORD, WILLIE HERBERT (2); 13 Club (2, 3, 4) Wilson President (4); Kenly crats Club Fourth Row: MUNTZING, LEWIS MANNING Moorefield, W. Va. A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Bcto Koppo; Phi Eto Sigma; Di Senate (3, 4). Golden Fleece (3. 4); Groil (2, 3, 4), Interd. of the Old Well (3, 4); Publicotioi Government (1, 2, 3, 4), Executive Cc 3, 4), Speaker (3), Committee Chairmc Publications Board (4); Editor Carolira Human Relations (4); Student Party (I MURPHY, GENE GILBERT B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. MURRAY, VINCENT P. tory Council (2, 3), President Union Board (3), Treasurer (3); Student ommittee (4,; Student Legislature (1,2. an (4): Y.M.CA. (1, 2, 4), Chairman of lO Handbook (3); Chairman Institute of 2, 3, 4). Greensboro Elizabeth, N. J. Club (2); Fifth Row: MUSCHAMP, HERBERT LARRY Rome, Go. Footboll (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club MYERS, DAVID CAMPBELL, JR. B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beta Can MYERS, GRADY BENNETT, JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Y.M.CA. (1, 2), Freshrr Winston-Salen Comp Coun (21: Do itory iidenf (2), Orientation Counselor (2, 4); Elections Boord (12 3 4 Carolina Christian Fellowship (2, 3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (3), Vice-Presiden ' 14); Westminster Fellowship (3, 4). Sixth Row: MYERS, JOE G. Elkin B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. NANCE, E. L., JR. Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi; AFROTC NANNEY, GLENN ALLEN Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi; Cross Country (3 4) Co-Coptain (4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Track (2, 3, 4); Wesley Foundation ' Seventh Row: NEAS, BETTY ANN A.B. IN ART. Phi M Roanoke, Va. ity Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Carolina Freshman Art Editor (4); Stray Greeks (3, 4); Social Chairman (4); (4); Orientation Counselor (4). NEAVES, CHARLES LOUIS A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Koppo Epsilon; Un Elkin iity Club (3); AFROTC (1,2, 3). NELSON, CAROLYN ANN Pinehurst A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi; Daily Tar Heel (4), Assistant Business Man- ager (4); Sound and Fury (3); Tennis Club (3, 4); Panhellenic Council (4); Rush Chairman (4). Eighth Row: NELSON, EDWARD HOLDER Washington, D. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Beta Koppo; Zeto Beta Tau; Order ot the Old Well NEWBERRY, MARCUS CECIL, JR. Wilson A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Tou Omega, Treasurer (4); Infertratc-nity Council NEWMAN, BOBBIE PEARL 13, 4); Future Teochs Greensboro J of America High Poin} Ahoskie :ra; ' . Club Durham (4); G.M.A.B. (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Asheville First Row: NEWMAN, WILLIAM WINTER B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi. NEWNAM, BOYD LEE B.5. IN GEOLOGY. Sigma G (1, 2, 3, 4), Captain i4): Mdi NICHOLS, GENE SHERWOOD A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Yo (4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); WUNC-TV (4). Second Row: NICHOLS, KATHARINE ANNE A.B IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delfo Pi, Tre NIEDERMAYER, JAMES ALLEN A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. NIXON, RICHARD RAY Charlotte B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Koppo Sigma; Interdormitory Council ())■ Young Democrats Club, Treasurer (2); Scabbard and Blade (2); Arnold Air Society (2); Dormitory Treasurer (l); University Club (1); AFROTC, Band Com- mander. Third Row: NOAH, WILLIAM DALLAS, JR. Landis B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. NOLL, RICHARD ALLAN A.B. IN ENGLISH. Beta Theto Pi; Student Governn (1); Semper Fide is Society (1, 2, 3, 4), Social Chairman 13). OAKLEY, BILLY TYSON Mebane B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi; Corolino Quarterly (2 Advertising Monager; Donee Committee (3); G.M.A.B. (2); Student Party (2); Track (2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 4). West Medford, Mass. ent (1); Track (1); Y.M C A Fourth Row: OGLESBY, DAVID B., JR. Norfolk, Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. OLIVER, HELEN POWELL Mount Airy A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta; Daily Tor Heel (3, 4); G.M.A.B.; University Party (4); Young Democrats Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Institute ot Human Relations (4); W.A.A., Treasurer (3, 4); Yack Beauty Court (3). New Bern Bronxville, N. Y. ORRINGER, BYRON ALAN A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Tou Epsilon Phi; Band (1, 2); Football (2). Fitth Row: OWEN, LOIS CHOATE A B IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta; Daily Tor Heel (3, 4); G.M.A.B. (3); Un.- versity Party (3 4) Women ' s Honor Council (3, 4); Young Republicons Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A , Membership Council (4). PAGE, GILES TROY, JR. Clayton A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Phi Omega; Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice- President (4), Young Democrats Club (I, 4); Y.M.C.A. (t, 2, 3, 4). PALMER, JOAN Charlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi; Secretary of Student Body (4), President ' s Cabinet (4); Dormitory Executive Board (3); W.A.A. (3, 4); Carolina-Char!otte Club (3, 4); Student Party (3, 4), Coed Board Chairman (4), Co-Ordinators Board Chairman; Consolidated University Student Council (4), Secretary (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Vespers Committee; Tennis Club (3, 4), President (4); Mclver Queen (3). SENIORS Coral Gables, Flo. Sixth Row: PANKEY, ELIZABETH TAYLOR A.B. IN HISTORY. Delto Delta Delta; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). PARKER, GEORGE FARRAR, JR. PARTHEMOS, GEORGE NICHOLAS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Seventh Row: PATMAN, ELIZABETH ANN A.B. IN ENGLISH Chi Omeja; Y.W.C.A.; Grahom Memon (4), Calendar Committee (4). PATTERSON, JOHN SMITH B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PATTERSON, KINCAID Stotesville B.S. IN MATHEMATICS Delta Phi Alpho; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Mu Epsilon. Siler City Board of Directors Stony Point Eighth Row: PATTERSON, ROBERT BENJAMIN Chapel Hill PATTESON, ROBERT BASKERVILLE, JR. Wilson B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Delto Theto; Dance Committes (3, 4); German Club Executive (3, 4); Interfraternity Council (3), Court (3); S ' udent Council 13, 4); Vice-President German Club (4); Student Council, Choirmon (4); Philosophical Society of 1779. PATTON, JAMES DAVIS Morgonton A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President; Gimghoul (3, 4 , Interfraternity Council (2, 3, 4); AFROTC; Interfraternity Council Court; Arnold Air Society; Minataurs. Chorleston, W. Vo. First Row: PAYNE, PAUL PATTON, JR. B,S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. PEACE, VIRGINIA DARE Quinton, Va. B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Phi Mu; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Stray Greeks (3, 4), Treasurer (4); Women ' s Residence Council (4); Dormitory President (4), Orienta- tion Advisor 14). PEARCE, EDWIN WOLFE, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha Greensboro SENIORS Second Row: PEARSON, WILLIAM SEYMOUR B.S. IN MEDICINE. PEEK, ROBERT FRANKLIN PELL, EDWARD LEIGH, III Wintton-Salem Charlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President (4); Golf (1, 2, 3, 4); Gorgon ' s Head, Treasurer (2, 3, 4); Interfraternity Council (3, 4), Court; Minataurs (1, 2, 3). Monroe Vice-President, Pledge Third Row: PENEGAR, SAMUEL EDWARD B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sign Master, NROTC (1, 2, 3, 4). PENN, ANNE GARRETT Danville, Va. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi; Yockety Yack (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Orientation Advisor (4); Saturday Club. PENNINGER, PHILIP EUGENE Concord B 5. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta Gamma Sigmo; Phi Beta Koppo; Phi Eta Sigma; Orientotion Counselor (4). Fourth Row: PERDUE, ROLAND POWELL, I A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha To Grail; Monogron College Park, Ga. mega, Vice-President (4); Football (1, 2, 3, 4), Club (2, 3, 4); Trock (1, 2, 3, 4); Athletic PERRY, CHARLES REID B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma urer (4); Swimming (I, 2). PETREE, NOEL HARPER, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Psi; NROTC (1, 2, Blade (3, 4). Winiton-Salem Monogram Club, Treas- Fayetteville 4); Scabbard end Fitth Row: PHILLIPS, JOHN BENBOW, JR. A.B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Daily To Club (I); Yackety Yack (2). PHILLIPS, RICHARD C. A B IN HISTORY Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Beta Kappa. PHILLIPS, WILLIAM VANDYKE Winston-Salem Heel (2); Tornation (2); University Graham 2); Young Democrats Wilkesboro Sixth Row: PHIPPS, MARY YEAKLE A B IN EDUCATION. Ploymakers (4); Sound and Fury (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Future Teachers ot America (3, 4), Publicity Chairman (4). PITTMAN, WILLIAM BRYAN Sonford A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Delta Theta, President (4); Glee Club (2, 3). Business Manager; Interfraternity Council Court. PLOTT, HENRY FRANKLIN Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. AFROTC Band (1); Phi Assembly; Student Legisla- ture (1 2) Student Party (1, 2); University Club; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2), Council (1, 2); Spanish Club (2, 3, 4), President (3, 4); Carolina-Charlotte Club; Caro- lina Handbook Photography Editor. Seventh Row: POOLE, ALINE SCARBOROUGH A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. POPE, CLAUDE EDWIN Dunn B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpho; Groil (3, 4); Student Council (3, 4); Student Legisloture (2, 3); University Club (1); University Party (I, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President; Orientation Counselor (3); Elections Board (2, 3, 4); AFROTC; Arnold Air Society (3, 4); Scabbard ond Blade (3, 4). POPE, DENNIS A. A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Sign Tryon Angier Phi Epsilon. Eighth Row: POTTER, EDWARD LEX Wilmington A B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Phi Beta Koppo; Golden Fleece. POWELL, ROBERT MORGAN B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Sign Blade (4). POWERS, JOHN WILLIAM A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chorlotte Nu; NROTC (I, 2, 3, 4), Scabbard and First Row: PRESNELL, WILLIAM BURGESS A.B. IN EDUCATION. PREVATTE, TED YATES A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. PRINCE, WILLIAM WESLEY B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Second Row: PROFFIT, WILLIAM ROBERT B.S. IN DENTISTRY. Phi Beta Koppo. PRUITT, CAROLYN MITCHELL A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delto Delta, House President (4); G.M.A.B. (3), Reception Committee: Women ' s Honor Council (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Cabinet; Future Teachers of America (3, 4), Secretary (4); AFROTC Sponsor (3, 4), Com- manding Officer, Corps of Sponsors (4); Residence Council (4). PRUITT, KENNETH MELVIN Wintton-Salem B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Bond (I, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (3), President (4), Daily Tor Heel (3); Glee Club (1, 2); Golden Fleece (4); Order of ttie Old Well (4); Ploymokers (1); Dormitory Officer (3); AFROTC, Bond Commonder (4); Arnold Air Society (4); University Club (3); University Symphony Orchestra (2, 3, 4). Third Row: PUCKETT, THOMAS GERALD A.B. IN ART. PUGH, BOBBY LEWIS Asheboro B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappo PsI, Treasurer; Befo Gamma Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eto Sigma; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 4), Cabinet (2) PULLMAN, ROBERT STANFORD A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Beta Kappa, Co-President (4); Phi Eto Sig Varsity Christian Fellowship (3, 4). Fourth Row: PURSER, JOAN WELLS Charlotte A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Delta Delta, Treasurer (4); G.M.A.B. (3), Reception Committee; Women ' s Honor Council (3, 4), Chairman (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Secretary (4); Commencement Marshal (3); Women ' s Orientation Committee; Recreation Co-Ordinating Council (3, 4). QUILLEN, MARGARET ANN Alcoa, Tenn. A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY, Doily Tor Heel (4); Independent Women ' s Council (4). QUINN, ROBERT SMITH B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Bond (3); Glee Club (3, 4). Fifth Row: QUINN, SUSAN NORTHCROSS Roanoke, Va A B IN JOURNALISM. Pi Beta Phi; Doily Tor Heel (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) Chairman Publicity Committee; Women ' s Handbook Editor (4). RAGLAND, GILBERT GRAY Oxford B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Dance Committee (4); Grail (3, 4), Ex- chequer (4); Interdormitory Council (1, 2); Student Legislature (1, 2); Dormitory President (2); Orientation Committee (3, 4). RAGSDALE, JOHN WILLIAM, JR. Atlanta, Go. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Phi; Dally Tor Heel (4); Interdormi- tory Council (1); Tornotion (2, 3, 4), Editor (4); University Club (2); Uni Party (2, 3); Young Republicans Club (4). Sixth Row: RASCOE, EDWIN MARSTON A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Y.M.C.A. (i ); Wesley Foundotion. RAY, ALEXANDER GRAHAM A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Phi Beta Koppo; Monogn (1, 2). REAMY, CHARLES ERNEST, JR. Silver Spring, Md. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Tarnation (4). Seventh Row: REDDING, MAX H. Cedar Falls B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. REEVES, SAMUEL THOMAS Thomoston, Go. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer (2, 3); Gimghoul Treasurer; Golf (1); Orientation Counselor. REGISTER, NANCY STEELE A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpho Delta Pi; Gle (3, 4). Jackion, Miss Club (3); Yockety Yock (3); Y.W.C.A SENIORS Eighth Row: REID, DAVID EDWARD, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Bond (1, 2); Debofe Council (2, 3); Di Senote (1, 2, 3, 4), President Pro-Tem (3); Interdormitory Council (3, 4), Court; Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Student Legislature II, 2, 3); Young Democrats Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Groham Memorial Board of Directors {2, 3, 4); G.M.A.B., Vice-President (3); Amphoterothen (3, 4); Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-Chairman (2), Legislative Floor Leader (3); Chairman Judicial Problems Study Committee (3); Attorney- General (4); Carolina Political Union (1, 2). REISS, HOWARD JAMES B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeto Bet Hillel (1, 2, 3, 4); President ' s Cabinet (4). RESNICK, ALLAN GEORGE A.B. IN HISTORY. Zeto Beto Tou, President (3, 4); Jun Hillel (1, 2, 3, 4); Interfraternity Council (2, 3, 4); Order of the Golden (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3, 4); Track ( i); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A AFROTC; Orientation Counselor (2). Chapel Hill Club (2, 3, 4); Swimming Asheville Maplewood, N. J Baseball (1); NROTC Miami Beach, Fla First Row: RHOADES, CHARLES BRADFORD Winston-Solem B,S, IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS RICHARDSON, EMMETT VYNSTON, JR. Marion, Va. A B IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Gammo Deta; Young Republicans Club (3, 4). RIDDICK, WILLIS JAMES Belhaven A B IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Treasurer (4); Dormitory Officer (3). Second Row: RIGHTS, GRAHAM HENRY Winston-Salem A.B IN HISTORY, Phi Beto Kappa; Phi Etc Sigma; Grail (3, 4); Interdormifory Council (2); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (3) President (4); Elections Board (1, 2, 3), Ctiairman (2, 3); National Students Association (4). ROBERSON, JOE BAXTER Candler A.B IN ZOOLOGY. Alpho Epsilon Delto; Student Legislature (2, 3)- Student Porfy (I, 2, 3). ROBERTS, SUSIE ELLA Ashevllle AB IN RELIGION. Glee Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Third Row: ROBERTSON, BETTIE JEAN Zebulon B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Gamma Delta; Women ' s Council 3, 4), Yackety Yack (3); Y.W.C.A. (3); W.A.A. Council (4); House Council (3, 4); Pontiellenic Council (3, 4); University Party (3). ROGERS, BETTY LEE A B. IN SOCIOLOGY Delta Delta Delta i3, 4), Orientation Advisor (4). ROGERS, EDNA FRANCES Charlotte cretary (4); Glee Club (3, 4); Y W.C.A Summerton, S. C. (3); Y.W.C.A. SENIORS Waynesville Roanoke Rapids Richmond, Va. Fourth Row: ROGERS, RAY B. B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ROOK, ALBION EARL, JR. A B, IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND RECREATION. ROOK, MARGARET ANNE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Delta Delta; Sigmo Epsilon Xi; Yackety Yack (3, 4), Senior Class Editor (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Hospital Com- mittee 13); Dormitory Treasurer (3, 4), Executive Council (3, 4), Saturday Club; Student Audit Board, Secretary (4). Fifth Row: RORIE, BETTY JO Monroe A B IN EDUCATION Delta Psi Omego; Phi Theta Kappa; House Council (3, 4). ROSENTHAL, TED LEE New York, N. Y. A B IN FRENCH Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Delto Phi, President; Daily Tor Heel (I, 2, 3, 4), Drama Critic; Young Democrats Club, Executive Com- ROSS, JULIAN W., JR. B S IN CHEMISTRY. Sigma Nu. Sixth Row: ROUSSEAU, GARY MAXWELL A B IN HISTORY. ROWLAND, JACK EVERETT Elizabeth City North Wilkesboro Charlotte Country (1, 2); Syosset, N. Y. Y.W.C.A. 13, 4); RUDISILL, BOBBY ANDREW A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Seventh Row: RUMPF, JOAN MARIE A B IN ENGLISH Delta Phi Alpha; Kappa Kappa Gam Stray Greeks (3, 4), Vice-President; Dormitory Social Chairman (4). SAIEED, SHIRLEY ANN Greenville A B tN EDUCATION. Alpha Delto Pi, House President (4); Sound and Fury (3); lence Council (4), Future Teachers of America (4); SANDERFORD, JOHN LEWIS Roxboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Eighth Row: SANDERS, WILLIAM EUGENE Asheboro A B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Phi; Class Vice-President (I, 2), President (3) Interfraternity Council (2, 3); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Student Legislature (2, 3);_Track_(l); Orientation Committee (2), Counselor (3); University Porty resident ' s Cabinet (4). (1, 2, 3, 4), Cha SANDLIN, BILLY MURRAY A B IN CHEMISTRY. SANDRIDGE, WILLIAM PENDLETON, JR. Winston-Solem Alpha Epsilon, House Manager; Gimghoul, President ncil; Orientation Counselor (4); Minataurs (1, 2, 3). First Row: SCARBOROUGH, WILLIAM HAYWOOD SCEARCE, JAMES F. B.S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Boseball (1, 2, 4) SCHOLZE, ROBERT ELLIS, JR. A,B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Alpho Epsiion; Sheiks (3), Mount Gilead r Heel (1, 4); Chapel Hill Coral Gables, Flo. Second Row: SCOTT, ANNE McELROY B.S. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Delta; Panhellenic C SCOTT, MILTON M. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delto Sigmi gram Club (1, 2). SCOTT, NELL JEAN A.B. IN ART. Y.W.C.A. (4). Third Row: SCROGGS, MILDRED LOUISE A B. IN EDUCATION. Y.W.C.A. (3). SEAMAN, BARBARA WATSON A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega. SEIGLER, HILLIARD FOSTER A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Young Democrats Club (I). Miami Beach, Flo. luncil (4); Y W.C.A. (3, 4). Pinetops Pi; Gymnastics (I, 2); Mono- Goldsboro Thomasville Warrenton Asheville Burlington Lincolnton (3, 4); NROTC Fourth Row: SELLERS, WILLIAM ERNEST B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lombda Chi Alpha SENTER, JOHN WILLIAM SESSOMS, BILLY M. Fifth Row: SHANKS, ALEXANDER GRAHAM Birmingham, Ala. A B IN HISTORY Alpha Tou Omega; Phi Beta Koppo; Phi Eta Sigma; Student Government (4); Student Legislature (3); Young Den Y MCA. (1); NROTC; Orientation Counselor (4). SHARPE, EDWARD W. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Club (2, 3, 4); Maxton SHARPLESS, CHARLES LEEDS Hatboro, Pa. A.B. IN ENGLISH Delta Phi Alpha; Phi Beta Koppa; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Sigma. Sixth Row: SHEPPARD, KENNETH ERNEST, JR. Winston-Solem B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Dormitory Manager (3, 4); Intramural Manager (3); AFROTC (1, 2). SHERMAN, LEWIS ELLIOT New York, N. Y. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Zeta Beta Tau; G.M.A.B., Chairman Dance and Publicity Committee (3); Hillel Cabinet, Chairman Publicity (I); Interfraternity Council (2); Sound and Fury (2); University Party (3); Y.M.C.A. (I). SHORT, BARBARA WILLARD Burlington A.B IN JOURNALISM. Daily Tar Heel (3); Y.W.C.A. (3), Publications; Press Club, Secretary (4). SENIORS Seventh Row: SHOULARS, HUDSON WILSON, JR. Rich Square A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Tau Omega; Football (1. 2, 3, 4); Grail (3, 4); Interfraternity Council (2); Monogram Club (3, 4). SHOWFETY, ROBERT EUGENE Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. SIDES, LONNIE R., JR. Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer (3, 4); Band (1, 2); Interdormitory Council (2); Young Democrots Club (2); Young Republi- cons Club (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Eighth Row: SIDES, MARTIN RAY Kannopolis B.S. IN COMMERCE. Interdormitory Council (2); Soccer (1). SIEBER, ARVID CHARLES A.B IN ZOOLOGY Alpha Epsiion Delta; Delta Phi Alpha SILER, JAMES HAROLD B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Sign Hendersonville Greensboro First Row: SILLIPHANT, MARY RUTH MORSE A.B. IN ECONOMICS Delto Comma; Phi Sign Greeks (3, 4). SILVIA, DANIEL SHIVER, JR. A.B, IN ENGLISH. Phi Eto Sigma. SINCLAIR, MARGARET JOAN A B. IN JOURNALISM. Pi Beta Phi; G.M.A.B. (3 4) Chan YWCA (3, 4); Dormitory Social Chairman; Women ' s Ri Second Row: SINK, JANE KIRKSEY A.B IN JOURNALISM Chi Omega; SIPP, JOHN FREDERIC Chevy Chase, Md. Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Stray Wilmington Aberdeen jblic Relations, ; Council. Lexington .ity Party; Y.W.C.A (3, 4). While Meadow Lake, N. J. 4); Intramural Manager olino Quarterly (3); Unn SKINNER, OREN SCOTT A.B. IN JOURNALISM Sigma h Press Club (3, 4). Third Row: SLEDGE, KAREY LYERLY A B. IN ZOOLOGY. SMITH, CLYDE, JR. A.B. IN LAW. Di Senote 11.2, 3), Treasurer (3); Interdormitor Young Democrots Club (2, 4); YWCA. (1. 2). Greensboro sity Club (3). Chapel Hill Greensboro Council (2). SMITH, MIRIAM MARCIA Camp Lejeune A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY Kappa Delta, Vice-President (4) Panhellen:c Council Secretary (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Commission Head (4); Orientation Adyisor (4)! Fourth Row: SMITH, SHERWOOD H., JR. Jacksonville, Fla. A B IN HISTORY. Phi Beto Kappa; Phi Eto Sigma; Phi Delta Theto; Doily Tor Heel (1. 2); Gorgon ' s Head (2, 3 4); Lacrosse (2, 3, 4), Co-Captain (4) Monogram Club (3, 4), Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Yockety Yock (4) Sports Editor (4); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4), President (4); NROTC (1 2 3 4) Bat- talion Commander (4); Saturday Club. SMITH, WILBUR RITCHIE, JR. Fayetteville A B IN PRE-LAW Band (1). Young Democrots Club (4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3) SNIPES, RAYMOND FLETCHER Reidsville S. IN CHEMISTRY, Alpho Chi Sigma, Treasurer (3). Recorder (4); Phi Beta Koppo, Co-Pi (4). dent (4); Phi Eto Sigmo; Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Wesley Foundation Heel (I). Di Senate (1,2) ty Party (3, 4); Young Derr Fifth Row: SOPER, MICHAEL CAMPBELL Greensboro A B IN ENGLISH Chi Phi; Daily To SPAIN, FRANCES HARDEE A,B, IN EDUCATION, Alpho Delto Pi; Un Club (3), Y W,C A, (3, 4); Future Teachers of A SPAINHOUR, OTHA KENNETH Winston-Salem B S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sixth Row: SPENCER, WILLIAM RAY High Point B,S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Koppo Psi; University Club (2) Transportation Club (3, 4) Savannah, Ga. sident (4); Foot- SPILLANE, CHARLES BARRY B,S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Koppo Sigmo, Vice-Pr( ball (I); 13 Club (2, 3, 4); Interfroternity Council ( , 2), SPONG, WILLIAM CONWELL A,B, IN HISTORY, YMC.A,; Student Vestry (1, 2. 3 4) Ju Canterbury Club (1, 2. 3, 4), Vice-President (3), President (4 Charlotte Warden (3); SENIORS Seventh Row; SPOONER, JOHN ALDEN, JR. Darien, Conn. A,B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES St. Anthony Hall; German Club Executive (4); Lacrosse (4); Monogram Club (3); Sound ond Fury Shelby Interfroternity Council (1,2, 3); SPRADLEY, SCOTT WORTH A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Koppo Alpha Student Party (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). STACY, BETTY ANNE Nebo A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Doily Tor Heel (3), Yockety Yock (3); W.A.A (3, 4) Council (3), Executive Board (4), Basketball Chairman (3) Wesley Foundation (3, 4); Independent Women ' s Council (3, 4). Eighth Row: STARRETT, WILLIAM IVAN, JR. East Point, Go. A B IN ENGLISH Alpho Phi Omega; Lambda Chi Alpha, Treosurer (2, 3 Glee Club (1); G.M.A.B. Film Series Committee (4); Interfroternity Council (4 ' ' Episcopal Student Vestry (3); NROTC (1, 2, 3, 4), Canterbury Club 0, 2, 3 4) ' Carolino Cutter Staff (I, 2, 3). STEINBERGER, NORMAN FREDRIC A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Lambda P Student Government (3), Student Party (1, (1, 2, 3, 4), STEMBRIDGE, SARAH ELLEN Statesville olino Political Union (2) Young Democrats Clu Danville, Va. A.B, IN EDUCATION. Pi Beto Phi, Historian; University Party (3 4) Yockety Yock (3, 4); G.M.A.B. Publicity Committee; Soturdoy Club. First Row: STEPHENS, HERBERT BENJAMIN A, 8. IN EDUCATION. Future Teacher: of An Glen Alpine STERN, STANLEY Bradley Beoeh, N. J. B,S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tou Epsilon Phi; Basketball (1); Hillel Cabinet, Treasurer. STEVENS, JOHN SHORTER Asheville A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Phi, President (3); Phi Beto Koppo; Grail (4); Inter- froternity Council (2, 3, 4), Court Chairman (3, 4), Executive Committee (3, 4), Order of the Old Well (4); Student Government (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President 14); Student Legislature (I, 2, 3, 4), Speaker (4); University Club (2); University Party (1, 2, 3, 4), Chairman (2); Young Democrats Club (4); Graham Memorial Board of Directors (4); Chairman Student Audit Board (3); Consolidated Uni- versity Student Council (4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3, 4); Chairman Greek Week (3). Second Row; STEWART, EDWIN B. A B IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. STEWART, MYRTON THOMAS, JR. B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. STOCKTON, MARTHA ANN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Beta Phi, TreasL Y W C.A. (3, 4); Orientation Advisor (4). Third Row: STOGNER, MARTHA CAROLYN Charlotte A.B. IN EDUCATION. Band. Majorette (3); Dance Committee (3); Y.W.C.A (3, 4); Independent Women ' s Association, President (4); Institute of Human Relations (4); Future Teachers of America (3, 4). Broadway Carthage Franklin ckety Yock (3); STOKES, JACK BETHEL A.B. IN CHEMISTRY Phi Delto Theta; Monogr. Y M C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) STRICKLAND, GEORGE THOMAS, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pre! Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma. Norfolk, Va. Swimming (2), Fourth Row: STUBINGER, FRANCES EUGENIA A.B. IN MUSIC. Alpha Gammo Delto; Corolin Secretary (4); Y.W.C.A. (3). STURDIVANT, JOE EDWARD A.B. IN ENGLISH. Glee Club (1. 2); Interdon (4); Student Party (4); Y.M.C.A, (1, 2, 3, 4); President (4). STYERS, FRANK CADMAN A B IN CHEMISTRY. ident (2, 3), Alpho Tou Omega Chattanooga, Tenn. irterly (4); Glee Club (3, 4), iitory Council (4) Cory Phi Assembly Chairman (3), Greensboro SENIORS Fifth Row: SYKES, JAMES DINSMORE Jenkintown, Po. BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa Sigma, President (2. 4); Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Golf (1, 2, 3, 4); Interfroternity Council (2, 4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); AFROTC (1, 2, 3, 4). TALLEY, JUDITH ANNE Chattanooga, Ter.n. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Omega; Class Secretary (4); University Club (3, 4), Treosurer (4); University Party 13, 4); Young Republicans Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A (3, 4). National Students Association (3. 4). TATE, ROBERT HUNTER, JR. Wilmington A.B IN ENGLISH. Phi Gamma Delto. Sixth Row: TAWS, EDWARD TOWN, JR. Meodowbrook, Po. B.5. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. St. Anthony Hall; German Club (3); Inter- fraternity Council (4); 13 Club (2, 3, 4); University Club (2, 3, 4), Vice-President (3). Aberdeen iident (4). University Winston-Salem TAYLOR, JACK MORRIS, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Phi, Pn Club (3), AFROTC. TEICHMAN, STUART B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Pi Lambdo Phi; Tarnation (2); Dormitory Officer (2); Hillel (I, 2, 3, 4), Arnold Air Society, AFROTC. Seventh Row: TESH, JIMMY HOWARD Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Koppo Psi; AFROTC THOMAS, GEORGE HOWARD Asheville A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. THOMAS, MARIANNE DuVALLE ChaHonoogo, Tenn. A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Chi Omega; Canterbury Club 13, 4), Dormitory Officer (3). Eighth Row: THOMPSON, HOWARD EUGENE A.B. IN ENGLISH. Interdormitory Coun crats Club (2, 3, 4); Cardboard (1). Winston-Solem il (3); Wrestling (3, 4); Young Demo- Mooresville Dormitory President (4); Women ' s Residen THOMPSON, JEANNINE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Y.W.C.A Council (4), Vice-President (4); Wesley Foundotion (3, 4), Secretary (4 THOMPSON, JERRY ADAMS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Koppo Alpha; Band (3). First Row: THORPE, HENRY BENTON, JR. Rocky Mount A B IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Baseball (I); Football {2, 4), Monogram Club; Student Party; Head Cheerleader (1); Consolidated University Day Committee (1); University Club. TICE, JOHN K. High Point A B IN ENGLISH Phi Beta Kappo; Phi Eta Sigma; St. Anthony Hall; Class Treasurer (2); Di Senate (2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (3, 4); Student Party (I, 2); Swimming (1, 3, 4); Episcopal Student Vestry (2, 3); Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3). TIDWELL, JOAN LEE A B IN LATIN Alpho Gan (4), Y.W.C.A,; Canterbury ( Norfolk, Vo. Delto, President (4); Eto Sign SENIORS TIMBERLAKE, FRANCES STUART Staunton, Vo. AB IN SOCIOLOGY Alpha Delto Pi; Student Party (3); Yackety Yock (3), Canterbury Club TINGLER, JUNE ANN Covington, Vo. A B IN EDUCATION Alpha Delto Pi; Splosh Club (3, 4); Y W C A TORRENCE, DALE OWEN Cornelius A 8 IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Theta Chi. Third Row: TORRENCE, EARL CLIFFORD BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. TURKETT, MARY JANE A B IN EDUCATION Y W C A (3, 4), Independent Women ' s TURNER, FLORENCE GERALDINE A B. IN ENGLISH. Playmakers (3, 4); Sound and Fury (3, 4) Fourth Row: TURNER, HARRY SUTTON A B IN EDUCATION Pi Kappa Phi; Y MCA. TURNER, JACK FRANKLIN 8 5 IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Charlotte Danville, Vo. .sociation (3. 4) Stoneville Jacksonville Homptonvllle Winston-Solem TURNER, JAMES REGINALD AB IN HISTORY Phi Beta Koppo; Phi Eta Sigma; Carolino Quarterly (2i Carolina Political Union (2, 3, 4), Di Senate (1, 2, 3, 4); Grail (3, 4); Inter- dormitory Council (3); Order of the Old Well 12, 3, 4); Playmakers (1, 2), Publi- cations Union Board (2, 3); Sound and Fury (3); Student Government (1, 2, 3, 4), Student Legisloture (1,2, 3); Student Party (1,2, 3); Young Democrats Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Carolina Handbook Editor; Wesley Founda- tion (1, 2); Canterbury Club (3, 4); National Student ' s Association, Notionol Vice-President; Amphoterothen. Fifth Row: TUTTLE, MARTHA A E IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta West Hartford, Conn. G.M.A.B, (3); Yackety Yock (3), Y W C A (3, 4) TYLER, JAMES MADISON, JR. Kinston BS IN BUSINESS ECONOMICS. Koppo Sigmo, Pledge Master (4); Basketboll (1); Gimghoul (3, 4). UPCHURCH, J. WOODROW Buies Creek A B IN JOURNALISM Sixth Row: UZZELL, JEANETTE CHADWICK Ashevllle A B IN EDUCATION Chi Omega; Y W.C.A. (3, 4); Colendar Committee (3, 4) VAN ORDER, HENRIETTA Chattanooga, Tenn. AB IN ART Delto Delto Delta; G M AB. (3, 4); Panhellenic Council 14) Pro lects Chairman; Sound and Fury (3, 4); Y.W C.A. (3, 4). VAYDA, JEROME JOSEPH BS. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Phi Koppo Sigm Captain (4); Vice-President Senior Class (4); Monogn dent (4); Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4); AFROTC; Car President (3). Bayonne, N. J. Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4), 1 Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Presi- ina Athletic Association, Seventh Row: VEAZEY, PERRY BURT Raleigh A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Tou Omego, President (4); Alpha Epsilon Delto; Grail (4); Interfraternity Council (2, 3, 4), Order of the Old Well (4); Student Legis ' o- ture (2); Swimming (1); 13 Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Orientation Committee, Chairman (4); Chairman Consolidated University Day (3); Consolidated University Student Council (3), Interfraternity Council Court (3, 4), Student Audit Board i3); Co- Chairmon Greek Week (3). VERNON, JEAN-CAROL HARPER A B. IN MUSIC Glee Club. VESTAL, GEORGE ALEXANDER BS. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Monogn Blairs, Va. Foyetteville Club (1); Track (1). Eighth Row: VINCENT, CHARLES READ AB. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Koppo Alpho; Univ ); " " " " " " ■ WALKER, HENRY AJAX BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Koppa Sign WALKER, JOHN W. A B IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Murfreesboro ); Arnold Kinston n il, 2). Rutherfordton Charlotte First Row: WALKER, JOSEPH WARREN E.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Chi Phi. WALKER, WALTER THORNLEY, III Alexandria, Vo. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Beta Theta Pi; Lacrosse (1, 2, 3, 4), Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Sheiks; NROTC (I, 2, 3, 4); Semper Fidelis Society (3, 4). WALTERS, JAMES MOFFETT Charlotte B S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Second Row: WALTERS, NOAH HEBER LoGrongc A.B. IN LAW. Young Democrots Club. WALTHALL, JULIUS BYRON Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WARD, PEGGY Rose Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Doily Tor Heel (3, 4); Playmokers (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Deputations Chairman (4); Treasurer of Summer Activities Council (4); Orientation Counselor (4). Third Row: WARRICK, WILLIAM EDGAR, JR. B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Alpha Kappa Psi; Glc WARTMAN, CHARLES HARRIS B 5. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Football (1). WARWICK, MARY JANE Covington, Tenn. A.B IN ENGLISH Sigmo Kappa; Sound and Fury (3, 4), Tarnation (4), Uni- versity Porty (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Stray Greeks; House Council (4). Fourth Row: WARWICK, WILLIAM JAMES Wilmington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Phi, Treasurer 13), President (4); Interfroternity Council (4); University Club (2); Yockety Yoek, Assistant Sports Editor (2). WATERS, ZACK JAMES, JR. Salisbury, Md. A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Chi Psi; Di Senate (1); Interdormitory Council (4); Men ' s Honor Council (4), Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); University Party (1); Wrestling (1,2, 4), Y.M C.A. (1, 2). Mount Olive : Club (2, 3). Clorksvllle, Vo. WATKINS, GEORGE ROSE B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Nu. Fifth Row: WATKINS, SAMUEL MERIWEATHER BS IN COMMERCE. Sigma Nu; Outstanding Inti Henderson Henderson I Manager. Fraternity Thomson, Go. WATSON, HARRIETTS ZACHRY A.B. IN EDUCATION Alpha Delto Pi; G.M.A.B., Publicity Committee (3 Hon (3). Y w C A , Poster Committee (4); Yack Beauty Court (4). WEAVER, KENNETH A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. SENIORS Husk Sixth Row: WEBB, RICHARD BEVERLY RANEY Greensboro A B IN HISTORY Alpha Tou Omega, Secretary (3, 4); Phi Beto Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Debate Council, President (2. 3, 4), Di Senate (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3) Golden Fleece (3, 4), Groil (2, 3, 4), Order of the Old Well Sheiks (4) Student Legislature (1,2, 3), Speaker Pro-Tem (3); University Party (1. 2, 3, 4); Debate Squad (1, 2, 3, 4), President (2, 3 4), Orientotion Committee (3 4); Conterbury Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Amphoterothen, Institute of Human Relations, Treasurer (4) Nationol Student Association (2); Bipartisan Selection Board (2, 3), Co-Chair- man All Campus Conference (3). WEBSTER, WILLIAM PHILLIP B S. IN DENTISTRY Mount Airy WEISS, BERNARD ERWIN Norfolk, Vo. A.B. IN JOURNALISM Tou Epsilon Phi; Daily Tor Heel, Sports Editor (3 4) Hillel (3, 4), Cabinet (4), Student Porty (3); Y.M.C.A. (4); Press Club, Treasurer (3, 4). Seventh Row: WELCH, ANN CAROLYN Greensboro A.B. IN ENGLISH. Student Party (4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Membership Council Future Teochers of America (3); Women ' s Athletic Association (3, 4); Summer Orientation Committee (4); Orientotion Counselor (4); Westminster Fellowship (3, 4). WELLONS, DOROTHY ALLENE Fayetteville WELLS, GRADY LEE Charlotte A.B. IN HISTORY Phi Beta Koppo; Phi Eto Sigma. Eighth Row: WENTZ, HERBERT STEPHENSON Salisbury A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Alpha Epsilon Delto; Chi Psi, President (4), Phi Beta Kappo; Interfraternity Council (4), Student Legislature (2, 3), Student Party (2, 3); Canterbury Club; Orientation Counselor (3, 4). WEST, ROBERT LEE B.S. IN MEDICINE. WESTBROOK, JUDITH HOADLEY B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Dover New Berlin, N. Y. First Row: WESTBROOK, WILLIAM CLIFTON ChorloMe B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha, President (3); Inter- dormitory Council (2); Interfraternity Council (3, 4); Cordboard (1,2, 3), WESTON, ALMA HALE Charlotte A.B, IN EDUCATION Alpha Gairma Delta; YW.C.A (3, 4), WHITAKER, DAVID LOUIS Williamston B S. IN MEDICINE. Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma; Band (1,2, 3); Class Treasurer (4), Interdormitory Council (2, 3), Treasurer (3); Order of the Old Well (3, 4), Student Legislature (3); Interdormitory Court (2, 3), Clerk (3); Wesley Foundation Commission Chairman (3). SENIORS Second Row: WHITE, HUGH ZENAS, JR. Salisbury B.S. TN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Phi Omega; Y.M.C.A. WHITE, JOSEPH SENTER, JR. West Palm Beach, Fla. Omega; Interfroternity Council (4), Summer Men ' s WHITE, JOSEPH THEODORE Statesville Third Row: WHITE, RAYMON LEE Columbus, Go. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Nu; Daily Tor Heel (1); Di Senate (1); Interfraternity Council (2, 3, 4), Court (3); Swimming (1); Uniyersity Party (1, 2, 3, 4): Y.M.C.A. (1). WHITESIDE, GEORGE WALTER, III Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi; Student Legislatun (1, 2); Student Party (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Student Council (1); AFROTC. WHITEFIELD, ROBERT LEE B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Fourth Row: WHITMORE, EDWARD K., JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Tou Omega (1, 2, 3, 4); Sheiks (1, 2, 3, 4). Lacrosse (1, 2 Greensboro South Orange, N. J. 3, 4), Monogram Club Chapel Hill Kinston WHITTINGHILL, DIANA BETH AB IN PSYCHOLOGY Glee Club (1); Playmakers (I, 2). WICKHAM, CHARLES LEIGH, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Koppa Sigmo, Pledge Master (3), Vice- President (4); Basketball (1), Interfraternity Council (3, 4); Tennis (1); Mina- tours (2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3); Philosophicol Society of 1799 (2, 3, 4). Fifth Row: WIGGS, BOBBY GENE Goldsboro Teachers of America WILDER, BOBBY AUSTIN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WILKINS, JACQUELINE Sixth Row: WILLARD, WILLIAM DURANT A.B, IN CHEMISTRY. Pi Koppo Phi. Mount Gileod Franklin, W. Vo. 1 (4): Student Legis- WILLIAMS, ANNE GILES A.B. IN HISTORY, Pi Beta Phi, Secretary (4). Westfield, N. J. President (4); Y.WC.A. (3); W.A.A. (3, 4), WILLIAMS, CARL HARRIS Charlotte A.B, IN DRAMATIC ARTS. Carolina Quarterly (1, 2); Doily Tor Heel (2, 3); Debote Council (2); Di Senote (1, 2); G.M,A.B. (2, 3); Playmakers (1, 2, 3, 4) Sound and Fury (3); Student Party (1,2) Seventh Row: WILLIAMS, CLAWSON LEE, JR. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Delta Theto. WILLIAMS, JOHN DUDLEY A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sanford Greensboro WILLIFORD, CLARENCE THOMAS, JR. Wilson A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Vice-President (4), Secretary (3), Phi Oelto Theto; Lacrosse (3, 4), Eighth Row: WILLIS, JAMES RAY New Bern B.S. IN MEDICINE. WILSON, GEORGE DAVID WILSON, JACK LEROY A.B. IN GEOGRAPHY. Delta Phi Alpha; Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Council (3, 4); Arnold Air Society (4); Scabbard and Blade (4). Morganton Lake Lure Interdcrrnitory First Row; WILSON, LAWRENCE GIRARD, JR. Danville, Va. A.B. IN ENGLISH Phi Gamma Delta; Baseball (1); interfraternity Council (3, 4)- 13 Club (3, 41 WILSON, NANCY ELIZABETH Asheville AX. IN EDUCATION. Glee Club (3. 4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Independent Women ' ; Council (3, 4); Future Teachers ot Americc - - Residence Council (4); Baptist Student Unic Council (3, 4); Dormitory Officer (4). Charlotte :il (1); Student Legislature Plymouth Roxboro il. Jonesville WINN, WILLIAM EDWARD B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Chi Phi; Interdormitory (1, 2); University Party (1,2). Second Row: WINSLOW, ELLEN GOODE A.B. IN JOURNALISM. WINSTEAD, BERNADINE B.S. IN BIOCHEMISTRY Dormitory Vesper Cha WOOD, ALBERT FRANKLIN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Phi. Third Row: WOOD, EDWARD WILLIAM, III Winston-Salem A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. St. Anthony Hall; WUNC (2, 3),- WUNC-TV (3, 4). WOOD, HELEN Miami, Flo. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Sound and Fury (4). WOODARD, WILLIAM W., JR. Wilson B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeta Psi, Fourth Row: WOODFORD, OLIVER AARON Clemmons B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. WOODS, JOHN BUSTER B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Gamma Delto; Co-Coptoin (4), Basketball (1); Monogram Club (3, 4). WOOSLEY, BILLY JOE BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Koppa Psi, Fifth Row: WOOTEN, JOHN FRANKLIN, JR. B.S. IN BUSIN-SS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha Treasurer (3), Vice-President (4); Arnold Air Society, WOOTEN, ROBERT SOUTHERLAND, JR. Kinston B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. WRENN, ANNE WEBSTER Greensboro A.B. IN FRENCH. Delto Detto Delta, Historian (4); Pi Delta Phi (4), Secretary (3, 4); Junior Class Secretary; G.M.A.B. (3, 4), Secretary (3, 4); Student Legisla- ture (3, 4); University Club (3, 4); Y.W.CA. (3, 4), Dix Hill Committee (4); Cheerleader (4); Air Force Sponsor (3, 4); Yock Beauty Queen (4). Sixth Row: WRIGHT, CAREY BADGETT NEWTON, JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Daily Tar Heel (3); Y.M.C.A. (4). WRIGHT, DONALD RAYBURN B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. WRIGHT, MARY JO A.B IN EDUCATION Seventh Row: WRIGHT, WALTER H., JR. as. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION YARNELL, EDWIN PETER A.B IN ZOOLOGY. Y.M.C.A. (2); Tor Heels Danville, Vo. seball (2, 3, 4), Kinston and, Secretary- jnd Toes (3) Greensboro Mount Airy Cory Aberdeen Charleston, S. C. Asheboro YATES, FRANK OGBURN, JR. A B IN ENGLISH Alpha Tou Omega; Phi Beto Koppa; Phi Eta Sigma; Senior Class President; Men ' s Honor Council (2, 3, 4), Chairman (4); University Party (3, 41; Wrestling (1); Orientation Counselor (2 , 3, 4); Chief Commencement Marshal (3); Bipartisan Selection Board. YODER, EDWIN M. A B IN ENGLISH Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eto Sigma (1, 2, 3, 4), Editor (4); Golden Fleece (4); Publicati Scholarship (4). Mebane Pi Delta Phi; Daily Tar Heel ins Union Board (4); Rhoades SENIORS Eighth Row: YOUNG, JOSEPH BEVERLY Charlotte A B IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Glee Club (I); WUNC (1,2, 3), WUNC-TV (4). YOUNG, ROBERT GILL, JR. Henderson B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeta Psi. ZIMMERMAN, ANNIE LYNNE Marshall A.B. IN EDUCATION. Glee Club (3); Playmakers (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Dormitory President (4); Westminster Fellowship (3, 4); Orientation Advisor (4); Women ' s Residence Council (3); Independent Women ' s Council (3, 4); Humon Relations Institute (3, 4). ZIMMERMAN, JAY, JR. New Poltz, N. Y. A B IN ENGLISH Phi Eta Sigma; St. Anthony Hall; Sigmo Epsilon Xi; Di Senate (1); Monogram Club (4); Student Legislature (4); Track (3, 4); Yockety YaeK (3, 4), Business Manager (4); Saturday Club. Officers seated are Bob Hornik, Treasurer, ond Sue Walker, Social Chairman. Standing, Bill Morgon, Vice-President, Bitty Dent, Secretory, and Jim Beatty, President. A tobleou depicting the laying of the cornerstone of Old East is enacted every fall at the annual University Day ceremonies. JUNIORS . r x?: Abee, Elmer Preston, Jr., Alpha Phi Omega, Morganton; Adams, Bobby Joe, Winston-Salem; Adams, Joseph Avery, Sigma Nu, Clinton; Akin, William Boker, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Raleigh; Akins, Marguerite Bullard, Varina. Aldridge, Jeon Jacquelyn, Winston-Solem; Aldridge, Patricio Louise, Boone; Alexonder, Clyde Benny, Rocky Mount; Alford, James Evans, Zebulon; Allen, Charles Eugene, Taylorsville. Allison, Jomes McMillan, Asheville; Altman, Everett Clark, Fayetteville; Anderson, Apphio Page, Washington, D. C; Anderson, Donna Lou, Winchester, Va ; Anderson, Leo Richard, La Grange. JUNIORS Fourth Row: Andrews, Bobby Tolmodge, McLeansville; Angel, Jack Del- ano, Reidsville, Armstrong, Grant Wesley, Wilmington; Armstrong, James Poul, Jr., Delta Upsilon, High Point; Ashby, Charles Gladstone, Chi Psi, Elkin. Fifth Row: Ashley, Diana Duncan, Greenwood, Miss ; Ashley, Joan Rillo, Greenville, S. C; Austin, Dale Reid, Taylorsville; Ayscue, Quincy Adams, Koppo Alpha, Pi Delta Phi, Monroe; Boddley, William Henry, Water Valley, Miss. Sixth Row: Boiky, Robert Reece, Statesville; Baird, Johnny Brown, New- land; Ballard, William Thomas, Jr., Polkton; Ballentine, Esther Mollie, Winton; Barbee, Walter Edward, Durham. Seventh Row: Barber, Martha A. C, Raleigh; Barbre, Roy S., Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Kinston; Barker, Prentice Reid, Jr., Lumberton; Barnard, Sam Burmon, Sovonnoh, Go ; Barrington, Carl A., Kappa Alpha, Fayetteville. Eighth Row: Barto, John Thomen, Bronxville, N Y.; Boss, Carl Lee, Durham; Botchelor, Walter Edward, Mount Holly; Botes, Shirley Anne, Murphy; Batten, Mary Cecelia, Mount Gilead. Ninth Row: Batten, Roland Wesley, Portsmouth, Vo.; Botts, Bernice Roderic, Wallace; Baucom, Robert Leslie, Monroe; Bau- mann, Betty Ann, Staten Island, N. Y., Baxley, Stella Cater, Chi Omega, Macon, Go. Tenth Row: Beam, Bob Gerald, Spruce Pine; Bean, William Claris, Mebone; Beotty, James Tully, Charlotte; Bechert, Beverly, Stamford, Conn.; Beck, Shelley Blaine, Asheboro. Bell, Dorwin Little, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Statesville, Bell, Frederick Neil, Jr., Swarthmore, Pa ; Bell, Robert Locke, Sigma Chi, Greensboro; Bennett, Barbara OIlie, Chapel Hill; Bentley, Ralph Luther, Moravian Falls. Second Row: Berryhill, Catherine Brewer, Delta Delta Delta, Chapel Hill; Best, Nelson Roy, Warsaw; Bibb, William Robert, Chapel Hill, Bilich, John Matthew, Aliquippa, Pa.; Binkley, Hughes M., Kernersvillc. Third Row: Bishop, James Frederick, Jr., Sigma Nu, Rocky Mount; Block, John Arnett, Greensboro; Block, William Linville, Winston-Salem; Blockmon, Wilbert Worth, Smithfield; Bloyney, Lindo Lee, Washington, Pa Fourth Row: Blount, John Gray, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Gamma Delta, Washington; Blue, Williom A., Delta Sigma Pi, Wadesboro; Bobbitt, Harriet McFadden, Raleigh; Bolch, Oscar Howard, Jr., Albemarle; Boone, Donald Lee, High Point. Fifth Row: Bordeaux, D. Gordon, Elizabethtown; Bost, Betsy Vernon, Chi Omega, Charlotte; Bowles, Charles Pardue, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Winston-Salem; Boyd, Charlie Heiekioh, New Bern; Boyette, Charles Otis, Chadbourn. Sixth Row: Boyette, Joseph Thomas, Phi Comma Delta, Clinton; Boy- ette, Williom Otis, Chodbourn; Branch, William Goode, Winter Haven, Flo ; Brandt, Patricio Waite, Jackson, Miss.; Broswell, Charles Marion, Monroe. Sev nth Row: Breece, Mary Lee, Foyetteville; Brenner, Thomas Roy, Phi Delta Theta, Riviera Beach, Flo.; Bressler, Hirsch Elliot, Zeta Beta Tau, Atlanta, Go.; Brewer, Dallis Erwin, Gos- tonia; Brewer, James L., Jr., Asheville. Eighth Row: Bridges, Effie JoAnn, Shelby; Briggs, Evelyn Stone, Ra- leigh; Brigmon, William Edward, New Bern; Britt, Edward G., Kinston; Brock, Clifton H., Jr., Lillington. JUNIORS Ninth Row: Brockman, Robert Hiram, Gostonia; Brody, Marvin, Tau Epsilon Phi, Charleston; Brooks, Claude Cicero, Jr., Millers Creek; Brooks, Henry Fronklin, Alpha Kappa Psi, Greenville; Brooks, Jonet Anne, Greensboro. Tenth Row: Brown, Alvin Dupree, Selmo; Brown, Donald Mitchell, Jomesville; Brown, Eugene Wilson, Jr., Rich Squore; Brown, Goyle Deon, Asheville; Brown, Joe Evans, Charlotte. Brown, William Lee, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Roanoke Rapids; Brufon, H. David, St. Anthony Hall, Condor; Bruton, LeRoy Adam, Charlottesville, Vo.; Buffaloe, Jewel Wilson, Roleigh; Buie, Elizabeth Thomas, Biscoe. Bullard, Bernie Froust, Raleigh; Bullard, Donold E., Char- lotte; Burbridge, Benjamin Lawrence, Chi Phi, Jacksonville, Flo ; Burgwyn, Mary Barrow, Jackson; Burnett, Julian Hubert, Carolina Beach. Third Row: Burns, Orlu Elaine, Emporium, Pa ; Burns, Robert William, Jr., Chapel Hill; Burrus, Robert Tilden, Rockford; Bursch, Robert S., White Plains, N. Y.; Butchort, Edward Winslow, Greensboro. Butters, Frederic Henry, Sigma Nu, Wilmington; Byerly, Anne Schuman, Dunn; Byers, Dovid F., Shelby; Bynum, James Doggett, Greensboro; Byrum, Fredric Colby, Phi Gamma Delta, Edenton. Coble, William Chorles, Greensboro; Campbell, Monroe C, Wilson; Canada, Sherwood Herbert, Chapel Hill; Contrell, Douglas David, Seaford, Del.; Capetonos, Christ L., Raleigh. Copps, Charles K., Rocky Mount; Corleton, Reid Paul, Weeksville; Carlisle, James Franklin, Guilford; Cormichoel, Thoxton Miller, Winston-Salem; Carpenter, Shirley Joy, Oakboro. Seventh Row: Corswell, Robert Lewis, Morganton; Carter, James Lewis, Chapel Hill; Carter, Johnny Cleveland, Hamlet; Castillo, Ernest, III, Tampa, Flo ; Chomblee, James Monroe, Alpha Phi Omega, Burlington. Eighth Row: Cheatham, James Theodore, III, Zeto Psi, Greenville; Christian, Joe David, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Smithfield, Vo.; Churchill, Robert Lewis, Durham; Clorenboch, Pauline Neu- weiler, Miami Shores, Fla.; Clark, Corey Alexander, Jr., Theto Chi, Louisville, Ky. JUNIORS Clark, William Thompson, Stotesville; Clarke, Sondro Phil- lips, West Polm Beech, Flo.; Clontz, Franklin Delano, Mor- ganton; Coker, Richard Amis, Pi Kappa Alpha, Hartsvjile, S. C; Cole, James Anderson, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Salisbury. Collier, James Glenn, Jr., Rich Square; Collins, Billie Carol, Kannapolis; Collins, Francis Eugene, Jr., Lumberton; Collins, Shirley B., Angier; Collison, W. N., Chi Phi, Wilmington. First Row: Conder, Lawrence Davis, Lambd a Chi Alpha, Charlotte; Connor, David Marion, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Durham; Converse, Joseph Irwin, Jr., Chapel Hill; Cook, Charles Alston, Arlington, Vo.; Cooke, Marguerite Hamilton, Golds- boro. Cooke, Milton P., Phi Kappa Sigma, New York, N. Y.; Cooper, Jackie Finley, Jr., Sylvo; Coplon, Dot, New Bern; Corley, Joseph Randolph, WinstonSalem; Corley, Mary Carolyn, Orangeburg, S. C. Cornell, Thomas Bonifer, Delta Upsilon, Key West, Flo.; Cotten, E. Lee, Belleville, N J.; Cowan, Hugh Barclay, Phi Gamma Delta, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Cox, Charles Ferrell, Greensboro; Cox, Eppie Bennett, Aurora. Coyle, Frederick John, Kappa Sigma, Barrington, R. I.; Craver, Dan B., Chi Phi, Greenwich, Conn.; Crawford, Mory Jean, Rowland; Crawford, Sarah Jeanette, Raleigh; Crews, William Barker, III, Oxford. Fifth Row: Crisp, Fred Durham, Jr., Chapel Hill; Critcher, Walter M., Jr., Oxford; Cronon, Sheila Boone, Wethersford, Conn.; Crouse, Ray Edward, Chapel Hill; Crumpton, Bruce Wilmot, Roxboro. JUNIORS Cuddy, James Walker, Durham; Curtis, Ferrell Ann, Green- wood, Miss.; Curtis, Lee Ann, Norfolk, Va.; Curtis, Mary Elizabeth, Rowland; Dail, Dorothy Elizabeth, Goldsboro. Seventh Row: Dance, Erma, Fayetteville; Daniel, Ann Reeder, Albemarle; Daniel, Charles Reuben, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Roanoke Rapids; Doughtridge, Ulyss Glenn, Rocky Mount; Davidson, Clayton Williams, Jr., Phi Eta Sigma, Mooresville. Eighth Row: Davis, Bruce Reynolds, Lumberton; Davis, Herbert Owen, Phi Kappa Sigma, Roxboro; Davis, John Kenneth, Wilming- ton; Davis, Wilbur Addison, Waynesville; Dawn, Jon Neil, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Gastonio. Deal, Bob Gene, China Grove; Dees, Shirley L., Durham; Dell, Julian Peter, III, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bethesda, Md.; Dent, Elizabeth Hunter, Spruce Pine; Dinwiddie, James William, Lexington. Tenth Row: Divine, Mory Ruth, Rocky Mount; Dixon, Alvin Mack, Rox- boro; Dixon, Clifton Nosh, Jr., Wilmington; Dixon, Gerold- ine Drew, Winston-Salem; Dockery, James Stephen, Kappa Alpha, Rutherfordton. Dodson, Winfred Groy, Denver, Col ; Donnahoe, Stanley Rhoades, Hendersonville; Dorrity, Charles Brent, Carrboro; Douglass, Mary Josephine, Raleigh; Downing, Shirley Jean, Fayetteville. JUNIORS Dudley, Marian Winslow, Virginia Beach, Va ; Durham, Beverly Wilson, Durham; Durham, Carl Hanna, Burlington; Duvall, James Thomas, Quonset Point, R I ; Eagleton, Jane Frances, Pi Beta Phi, Silver Spring, Md. Eargle, Homer Melton, Jr., Orangeburg, S C; Eargle, Zone E., Waxhaw; Earp, Joy Frances, Raleigh; Eason, Robert Donald, Snow Hill; Edmondson, Susan Moore, Hassell Fourth Row: Edwards, Cortland H., II, Sag Harbor, N Y.; Ellerbe, Robert Lee, Jr., Rockingham; Elliott, John Wesley, Jr., Shelby; Ellison, Ann Adams, Fort Thomas, Ky.; Elmore, Memory Hicks, Shelby. Evans, Amos Roy, Greenville; Evans, Peter Holton, Golds boro; Everett, William Harrell, Sigma Nu, Williamston; Everton, Robert Stuart, Columbia; Exum, James Gooden, Jr., Sigma Nu, Snow Hill. Sixth Row: Fanjoy, Floyd Hewell, Sigma Chi, Winston-Salem; Farmer, Carl Douglas, Phi Gamma Delta, Pulaski, Va.; Farmer, Elizabeth Anne, Charlotte; Fassberg, Robert, Spring Valley, N. Y ; Feeney, Coleman James, Jr., Winston Salem Felton, Gene Harris, Zeta Beta Tou, Atlanta, Ga.; Fisher, Louis Joseph, Chi Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, High Point; Fitz- gerald, Charles E., Jr., Chi Phi, Farmville; Floyd, Ginger Lee, Homes City, Flo., Foley, Gardner P. H., Phi Eta Sigma, Greensboro. Eighth Row: Ford, Lorry Grant, Chi Phi, China Grove; Ford, Nancy Morkham, Westport, Conn ; Forrest, Robert Oswin, Jr., Hillsboro; Fortier, Marie Annette, Kappa Alpha Theta, New Orleans, La.; Foster, Dorothy Lee, Greensboro. Foster, Ralph O ' Neil, Charlotte; Fowler, Robert Lee, Jr., Chapel Hill; Fox, Charles Sugg, Beta Theta Pi, Fayetteville, Fox, Joe Thomos, Jr., Alpha Epsilon Delta, Asheville; Frazier, Anne Carolyn, Liberty. French, Elizabeth Anne, White Plains, N. Y.; Frost, Cathe- rine Donelson, Florence, Ala.; Frutchey, Gilbert Strickland, Asheville, Fuller, Edwin W., Jr., Liberty; Fullton, Ann Hargrove, Greensboro. First Row: Fulton, Paul, Jr., Zeta Psi, Walnut Cove; Fuijell, Fitzhugh Lee, Jr., Williamston; Gallimore, Howord Keith, Concord; Gardner, Elizabeth C, Rochester, N. Y.; Garmon, Ronald Gene, Charlotte. Garrett, Thomas Blackwell, Danville, Va.; Garriss, Stonley Adams, Jr., Portsmouth, Va.; Geddie, Walter Herman, Lombdi Chi Alpha, Rocky Mount; Gibbs, Linley Henry, Jr., Burlington; Gibson, James Lorry, Marion. Third Row: Giersch, Richard Frederick, Chorlotte; Jr., Stotesville; Gleitz, Dovid Allen, Jacksonville; Gobbel, Virginia Ann, Chapel Hill; Godley, Jock Hoggard, Wilmington. Gillelond, Harley S., Phi Kappa Sigma, Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Phi Omega, Fourth Row: Goetze, Margot Gisela, Greensboro; Goforth, John Eddie, Phi Kappa Sigma, Rutherfordton; Goforth, Preston Myers, Lenoir; Goldberg, Robert Hiliord, Zeta Beta Tau, Greens- boro; Gonella, John Felix, Jr., Franklinton. Goodnight, Porks Roy, Konnopolis; Gossett, David N., Charlotte; Gravely, Mary Lourin, Zeta Tau Alpha, Ring- gold, Va.; Gray, William Donald, Roanoke Rapids; Green, Mary Carolyn, Delta Delta Delta, Chapel Hill, Greene, Corolyn Elise, Durham; Greene, Robert Glenn, North Wilkesboro; Greene, Shannon Collins, Charleston, S. C; Greuloch, Dorothy Gould, Pi Beta Phi, Chapel Hill; Grey, Zone Andrew, Marion JUNIORS Griffin, Marion Wilson, Phi Delta Theto, Phi Eta Sigma, Davidson; Griggs, Porter Odell, Marble; Grubbs, Fletcher Journey, Winston-Salem; Gustofson, Richard Lawrence, Pinebluff; Hackney, Carolyn Elizabeth, Sonford. Eighth Row: Hofer, Margaret Virginia, Hickory; Hogedorn, Joe Herman, Zeta Beta Tau, Birmingham, Ala.; Hogood, Adele Dunbar, Delta Delta Delta, Charlotte; Hogood, Max Martin, Jr., Asheville; Hoig, I. R. Stirling, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Asheville. Ninth Row: Hale, Leslie Morgan, Kappa Alpha, Foyetteville; Hall, Donald Jomes, Chi Psi, Chapel Hill; Hall, Harold Gene, Foyetteville; Hall, Hossell Gray, Winston-Salem; Hall, Norman Curtis, Hurdle Mills, Hall, Sarah, Oxford; Hollett, Robert Edward, Alpha Chi Sigma, Lake Wales, Fla,; Hollford, Edward Ulysses, Rocky Mount; Homil, Archie Etheridge, Jr., Raleigh; Hammond, Margot Corrington, Greensboro. Hanna, Willis Neil, Lambda Chi Alpha, Gosfonia; Manner, Julius S., Randlemon; Hardister, Frank Gerald, Aberdeen; Harrell, Donald Lee, Stctesville; Horrer, Laetitia Mary, Chapel Hill. JUNIORS Harrington, Cyrus Robert, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Nu, Thomosville; Harris, Foils Lewis, Harris; Harris, Morgoret Everette, Durham; Horvey, Jone Marilyn, Raleigh; Hoskett, Billy Peters, Elizabeth City. Third Row: Haste, Thomas Erie, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Edenton; Hat- ten, Nolo Jean, Pascagoula, Miss ; Houghton, Patricia Ann, Charlotte; Hayes, Nathaniel Perkinson, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Greensboro; Heath, John Lewis, Snow Hill. Fourth Row: Heck, William Ernest, Salisbury; Heiden, Hubert Eric, Tau Epsilon Phi, Lake City, S. C; Heinsohn, Frank, Jr., Chorles- ton, S C ; Heinien, Dixie Gwen, Nutley, N. J.; Henderson, Edward Carlton, Roanoke Rapids. Fifth Row: Henderson, Shelton Whitehead, Lynchburg, Va.; Henderson, Willis Irwin, III, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte; Henline, Harold Dean, Marion; Herman, Mory Miller, Statesville; Herring, Elmira House, Wilson. Sixth Row: Herring, Joseph Duncan, Jr., Lumberton; Hettlemon,Thomos Phillip, New York, N Y ; Heymann, Robert Curtis, Hender- sonviile; Hice, Robert Harrison, Delta Upsilon, Charlotte; Hicks, Jean Porham, Henderson. Seventh Row: Hicks, Stephen Francis, Phi Gamma Delta, Edenton; High, William Hockney, Oak City; Hill, Don Eugene, Winston- Solem; Hill, Robert Lewis, Kinston; Hill, Vernon Ivalee, Carrboro. Eighth Row: Hill, Williom Gilchrist, Wilmington; Milliard, Dan Lee, Greensboro; Hines, Richard NorHeet, Jr., Zeta Psi, Edenton; Hinson, Larry Copehort, Delta Sigma Pi, Monroe; Hinson, Rea, Jr., Charlotte. Hobeck, Marian Elizabeth, Kappa Delta, Virginia Beach, Vo ; Hodge, Joseph Albert, New Bern; Hodges, Luther Hortwell, Jr., Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Kappa Alpha, Leaksville; Holland, Lewis Gerald, Zeta Beta Tau, Atlanta, Go.; Holmes, Robert Waide, Beta Theta Pi, Lexington. Tenth Row: Holt, Allen Franklin, Chi Phi, Asheboro; Holt, Glendole Bowen, Erwin; Holt, Townsend Van, Kappa Sigma, Raleigh; Honeycutt, Wayne Briggs, Spruce Pine; Hooten, John Robert, Griffon. Hoover, Charles Woyne, Winston-Salem; Hornik, A. Robert, Jr., Zeta Beta Tou, Atlanta, Ga.; Norton, John Manley, Raleigh; Hough, Mory Frances, Washington; Hough, Mollie Virginia, Washington. Second Row: House, Horry Clayton, Pi Kappa Alpha, Hamilton; House, Jennings Ray, Durham; Howard, Patricia Sanders, High Point; Howell, John Herbert, Goldsboro; Howey, James Monroe, Delta Sigma Pi, Waxhaw. Third Row: Hudson, Nancetta Joyce, Goldsboro; Hudson, Richard Woodard, Kappa Alpha, Vandemere; Huffman, Ervin Moron, Hickory; Huffman, Leon Wyont, Catawba; Hughes, Jimmie Franklin, Asheville. Hume, Caroline F., Washington, D. C; Humphrey, Margaret Elise, Richmond, Va.; Humphrey, Sara Elizabeth, Washing- ton, D. C.; Humphreys, Luther Wade, Jr., Raleigh; Hunt, George Franklin, Alpha Chi Sigma, Waynesville. Hunter, Edward Reid, Charlotte; Hunter, George Patrick, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte; Hunter, Mario Bur- gwyn, Roanoke Rapids; Huntley, Wolter Jones, Alpha Tau Omega, Smithfield; Hutchinson, Samuel Spalding, Chapel Hill. Icenhour, Max Phillip, Durham; Icenhour, Wayne Franklin, Durham; Isehower, John N., Charlotte; Isley, Donald New- ton, Wolkertown; isreal, Marvin Boyd, Greensboro. Jackson, Josephine Rose, Richmond, Vo.; Jacobus, Robert Bingham, Chi Psi, Raleigh; Jomes, Carolyn Elizabeth, Greenville; James, Ernest Kelly, Jr., Winston-Solem; Jeffer- son, Donald Elmore, Phi Mu Alpha, Carrboro. JUNIORS Eighth Row: Jennings, Ann, Alpha Delta Pi, Greenville, S. C; Johnson, Bruce Cannon, Pi Kappa Alpha, Conway; Johnson, Charles Mack, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Lenoir; Johnson, Dewey E., Phi Kappa Sigma, Charleston, S. C; Johnson, Edgar Russell, Robersonville. Johnson, Ralph Dewey, Winston-Salem; Johnson, Thomas Hatcher, Goldsboro; Johnson, Thomas Lindemonn, Chi Psi, Sigma Epsilon Xi, Norfolk, Va.; Jones, Anne Harmon, Nor- folk, Vo.; Jones, Harvey Theodore, Alpha Phi Omega, Cary. Jones, Jo Ann, Kinston; Jones, John Columbus, Richmond, Vo.; Jones, Richard Lawrence, Alpha Kappa Psi, Rocking- ham; Jones, Sue Brock, Trenton; Jones, Talmage Lloyd, Jr., Asheville. Joyner, William Clifford, Delta Sigma Pi, Louisburg; Jung, Walker, Kannapolis; Kadis, Philip Jacob, Zeta Beta Tau, Baltimore, Md.; Kahn, Max Jerald, Zeta Beta Tau, Atlanta, Ga.; Kearns, Thomas Francis, Zeta Psi, Bergenfield, N. J. Second Row; Keever, William Norris, Hiddenite; Keller, George Joseph, Chi Psi, Oakley, S. C; Kentopp, Donald E., St. Anthony Hall, East Orange, N. J.; Kenyon, William S., Davidson; Ketler, Robert Edward, Wyncote, Pa. Third Row: Kilgo, John Warwick, Charlotte; Kinney, Richard Ned, Winston-Salem, Kiser, Edwin Marten, Laurinburg; Knott, Jo Anne, Oxford; Krepp, Charles A., Phi Delta Theta, Bolti more, Md JUNIORS Kriegsman, Jacob Burton, Greensboro; Kurtz, Donna Carolyn, Charlotte; Loing, Harold Powers, Wilmington; Lambeth, Tom Willis, Winston-Salem; Lamm, Roney William, Wilson Fifth Row: Lottimore, James Gordon, Ellenboro; Lattimore, Nancy Frances, Polkville; Leavitt, Richard M., Pi Lambda Phi, Greensboro; Lee, Belle Atkins, Chi Omega, Faison; Lefler, Trudy Deems, Alpha Gamma Delta, Newton. Sixth Row: LeGrande, Kothryn Jewel, Doytona Beach, Fla.; Lewis Horriette Calloway, Sutherlin, Va.; Lieberman, David Aria, Tou Epsilon Phi, Wilmington; Light, Nancy Losell, Old Fort; Lilly, Virginia C, Fayetteville. Seventh Row: Lindemon, Margery Kepper, Virginia Beach, Va.; Lindsley, Dell Pritchord, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Williamston; Link, Nancy Ann, Raleigh; Lipmon, Edward C, Pi Lambda Phi, New Bern; Little, Genet Hardison, Wadesboro. Eighth Row: Little, Jane Marian, Pi Beta Phi, Charlotte; Lively, Knox Kent, III, Reidsville; Livesay, Dorden Rawles, Emporia, Va.; Livingston, Frank H., Highlond Park, III ; Loftin, William R., Alpha Koppa Psi, Mount Olive. Ninth Row: Long, Lorry Burkhead, Candor; Looney, Donald Edward, Westfield, N. J.; Love, Barbaro Reinhordt, Lmcolnton; Lowder, Richard David, Thomasville; Lowder, Robert Henry, Albemarle. Lowry, Kenneth Francis, Jr., Chi Psi, Troy, Ohio; Lynn, John Worth, Petersburg, Va ; Lyon, Steven Grant, Jr., Wilkesboro; McCall, Larry Steve, Phi Gamma Delta, Con- cord; McColl, Hugh Leon, Jr., Beta Theta Pi, Bennettsville. S. C. First Row: McCormick, John Patrick, Kappa Alpha, Rutherfordton; McCurdy, Robert Layton, Kappa Alpha, Florence, S. C; McDonald, Mary Allen, Carthage; McFadden, Nancy, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Atlanta, Ga.; Me- Graw, Elizabeth Hahne, Chi Omega, Charleston, S. C. McGuire, Aubrey Lee, Jr., Guilf ord College; McGuire, Thomas Wadford, Delta Sigma Pi, Todd; Mclnnis, David Fairley, Jr., Sumter, S. C; McKee, Charles Frederick, Ham- let; McKee, Martha Ann, Durham McKinney, Roberson Mason, Scronton; McLean, Alice Joan, Weaverville; McLean, William Sartor, Phi Gamma Delta, Lumberton; McMillan, Colin Riley, Phi Kappa Sigma, Houston, Texas; McMullen, Larry Daniel, Phi Delta Theta, Yanceyville, McMurray, Paul Carlton, Rutherfordton; McNeil, Janet Goil, Lenoir; McQueen, Patricia Grace, Lumberton; Me- Racken, Robert Eugene, Red Springs; McRae, Jomes Arthur, Red Springs. Fifth Row: McSorley, Marion Joseph, New Bern; Mackie, Carter Gray, Pi Kappa Alpha, Point Pleasant, N. J.; Moddison, Jane Elisabeth, Scotland Neck; Maddox, Caleb Jones, Kappa Sigma, Goldsboro; Maddry, Anne L., Chapel Hill. Sixth Row: Modry, Isabel MacKenzie, Kinston; Mangum, Fred Love, Wadesboro; Mangum, Robert Boyd, Wadesboro; Manning, Richard Lee, Jr., Wilmington; Mardre, Harriett Little, Windsor. JUNIORS Seventh Row; Moready, Jock Donald, Goldsboro; Marks, Stephen Charles, Chi Psi, Hudson, Ohio; Marsh, Wilhelmino Way, Raleigh; Marshburn, Berry Daniel, Jr., Chapel Hill; Martin, Alice Winifred, Charlotte. Eighth Row: Martin, James E., Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Chorlotte; Matkins, Donald Lewis, Delta Sigma Pi, Pi Nu, Burlington; Motthews, Marshall Lawrence, Jr., Winston-Salem; Matthews, Wil- liam David, Rockwell; Matthis, James Harold, PI Kappa Phi, Warsaw. Ninth Row: Mattison, Boyd Shaffer, Charlotte; Moultsby, Paul M., Jr., Wilmington; Meores, Clyde LeRoy, Chi Phi, Charlotte; Meloy, Betty Ann, Washington, D. C; Melton, Anne Ford, Charleston, S. C. Tenth Row: Mercer, Jesse Blond, Elizabeth City; Merritt, James Samuel, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Roxboro; Methvin, Dura Jane, Fayetteville; Michael, William Shaw, Kappa Sigma, Athens, Ga.; Michaux, David Marion, III, Sigma Chi, Jacksonville, Flo. First Row: Miller, Anne Marie, Florence, S. C; Miller, Carolyn E., Albemarle; Miller, Jimmie Lee, Albemarle; Miller, Roy Wayne, Salisbury; Miller, William Stacy, Benson. Milnor, Andrew, Wilmington; Milsfed, Carl Stephen, Swans- boro; Mitchell, George Evans, Kappo Alpha, Spartanburg, S C ; Mitchell, Harold Allen, Sigma Nu, Ahoskie; Mitchell, Mory Ruth, Greensboro. Mobley, Howard Reid, Jr., Reidsville; Moffett, William Joseph, Reidsville; Moise, Albert DeLeon, Chi Phi, Sumter, S. C; Molter, John Ormond, Alpha Phi Omega, Charlotte; Monteith, James Derel, Sylvo Fourth Row: Moore, Barbara Gail, Canton; Moore, Edith C, Phi Mu, Sylva; Moore, Truman Ellinwood, Jr., Myrtle Beach, S. C; Moreland, Bernard B., Greensboro; Morgan, William W., Sigma Nu, Canton. Morris, Tom A., Sylvo; Morrison, Alex R., Hamlet; Munroe, John F., Kappa Alpha, Council; Murphy, John Joseph, Jr., Hamlet; Murray, Borbaro MacFodden, Monroe. Sixth Row: Murray, Josioh Stockton, Beto Theto Pi, Durham; Myers, Roy Lee, Condor; Nail, Thurman D., Alpho Kappa Psi, Chapel Hill; Notoli, Richard Charles, West New York, N. J.; Nelson, Mary Anne, Mebane. Neville, Cecil Howell, Jr., Alpha Epsilon Delta, Zeta Psi, Scotland Neck; Newcomb, Barboro Ann, Rocky River, Ohio; Newsome, Albert Roy, Kappo Alpha, Winston-Salem; New- some, Anne Cargill, Hampton, Va ; Newton, Bobby Law- rence, Lambda Chi Alpha, Creedmoor. Eighth Row: Nichols, Robert S., Phi Kappa Sigma, Durham; Niven, Annette Harrison, Pi Beta Phi, Charlotte; Norton, Baxter, Laurel Hill; Norwood, Joseph, Jr., Wilmington; Nuckles, Ronnie C, Burlington. JUNIORS Ninth Row: Ogden, Sherry Leonard, Alexandria, Vo ; Oglesby, E. Randy, Greensboro; Oldenburg, Ronald Troy, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Biloxi, Miss.; Oliver, Dennis Martin, Alpha Tou Omega, Norfolk, Va.; Oliver, Doris Evelyn, Greensboro. Olmsted, Dodge, Phi Delta Theta, Hanover, Va.; O ' Neal, Joel Vernon, Middlesex; Oppermann, Marcio Evelyn, Fort Bragg; Ortenblad, Morgareto, Goteborg, Sweden; Osborne, Thomas Vivian, Jr., Alpha Kappo Psi, Greensboro. First Row: Overmon, Douglas Ray, PI Kappa Alpha, Dunn; Owen, Duncan Shaw, Jr., Fayetteville; Owens, Sue Barbara, Charles- ton, S C; Owens, Wiley Lee, Fountain; Palmer, Charles Keith, Kappa Sigma, Timmonsville, S. C. Second Row: Parker, Betty Stornes, Hubert; Parker, Chorles Thomas, Gostonio; Parker, Floyd Carson, Oxford; Parker, John Marshall, Chapel Hill; Parker; Matilda E., Goldsboro. Third Row: Parker, Theodore Norwood, Clinton; Pate, William Snyder, Pikeville; Patterson, Donald Lee, China Grove; Potterson, Peggy Louise, Sanford; Patterson, Sally Hackney, Kappa Delta, Charlotte. Payne, Donald Nolle, Carrboro; Payne, Gordon Reames, Theto Chi, Gostonio; Paysour, Conrad F., Jr., Chopel Hill; Peay, Jean Lewis, Tabor City; Peedin, Edward Vance, Selma. Peeler, Claudia Williams, Durham; Pence, Willis Nothaniel, Jr., Delta Psi Omega, Albemarle; Perdue, Mortho Ann, Louisburg; Perry, Ronald Proctor, Wendell; Phelps, Jon Julian, Phi Kappa Sigma, Winston-Salem. JUNIORS Sixth Row: Phillips, Bruce Leon, Bakersville; Phillips, Fred Gary, Char- lotte; Phillips, Sylvia Lorraine, Greensboro; Pierce, Richard Perry, Raleigh; Pitt, Thomas C, Rocky Mount. Pittard, John Charles, Raleigh; Planer, Richard William, Tau Epsilon Phi, Gostonio; Plott, James Franklin, Lexington; Plumlee, Claude Armstrong, Jr., Sigma Chi, Charlotte; Pol- londer, Peter Sherman, Alpha Phi Omega, Lambda Chi Alpha, Montreal, Canada. Eighth Row: Pollard, William Robert, Theta Chi, Farmville; Poole, James Gregory, Phi Delta Theto, Raleigh; Poole, Joan Benning, Dillwyn, Va.; Porter, David Darlington, Atlanta, Go.; Porter- field, Jackie, Greensboro. Porterfield, William Wendell, Richmond, Va ; Poston, Chal- mers Whithort, Columbia, S. C; Poteot, Mary-Allen, Marion; Powell, Kenneth Alton, Valdese; Powell, William Thomas, Chapel Hill. Tenth Row: Powell, Woodson Leo, Pittsboro; Powledge, Fred Arlius, Raleigh; Prago, Barbara, Greensboro; Pressly, Betty Dale, Charlotte; Prestwood, Borboree Arlene, Lenoir. First Row: Prestwood, Shirlee Madeline, Lenoir; Price, Glenn Arliss, Theta Chi, Asheville; Price, Sonford Scott, Clinton; Pridgen, Edward N., Beta Theta Pi, Fayetteville; Prince, Fred L., Charlotte. JUNIORS Second Row: Pringle, Alonzo J., Hi, Kernersville; Pritchett, Mebone Moore, Phi Delta Theta, Lenoir; Proctor, Frances Gilkey, Marion; Proffit, Sara Thomas, Erwin; Pruett, William Henry, Asheville. Third Row: Quinn, Galen Lamar, Cherryville; Ramsay, James Graham, Jr., Washington; Rand, Cecil Holmes, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Fremont; Rand, Joe Higdon, Wilson; Rotcliffe, Robert Richard, Beta Theta Pi, Reidsville. Ratledge, Billy Roy, Guilford College, Rotledge, Bobby Jay, Guilford College; Ratley, Duncan Crawford, Fairmont; Rough, James P., Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Rosemont, Pa.; Ray, William Thomas, Charlotte, Fifth Row: Reece, Davis Nonce, Phi Mu Alpha, Chapel Hill; Reese, Elizabeth Anderson, High Point; Regehr, James R., Char lotte; Reid, Frances Margaret, Asheville, Reid, John Dwight, Richlands. Sixth Row: Remig, Melbo Barbara, Clearwater, Fla ; Renegor, Elmer Grant, Jr., Southern Pines; Reynolds, Theodore Reoves, Wrightsville; Rhoodes, Vode G., Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Beta Kappa, McGrady; Rhule, Claude M., Charleston, W, Va. Seventh Row: Rhyne, Alfred Leonard, Gastonia; Richardson, Bobby Arthur, Alpho Epsilon Delta, Bessemer City; Richardson, Clarence Linwood, Selmo; Richardson, James Corroll, Phi Gamma Delta, Marion; Richardson, Martha Anne, Midlothian, Va. Eighth Row: Riley, Betty Jane, Onancock, Va ; Roberson, Sarah Elizabeth, Williomston; Roberts, John B., Sigma Chi, Charlotte; Roberts, William Garner, Leaksville; Robertson, Lewis Ford, Frederick, Md. Robeson, John Andrew, Hickory; Robinson, Arthur Grove, Mars Hill; Robinson, Ida Mitchell, Jackson, Miss ; Robinson, Ralph Smyrc, Jr., Alpha Kappa Psi, Gastonia; Rogers, Bobby Eugene, Charlotte. Rogers, Ivey G., Delta Sigma Pi, Blanch; Rogers, Jimmy Roy, Phi Mu Alpha, Tabor City; Rooke, Thomas Leon, Roa- noke Rapids; Rose, Bobby Pratt, Kenly; Rosenstock, Louis Howard, Zeta Beta Tou, Baltimore, Md. Rothman, Glorio Ann, Arlington, Vo ; Rothschild, Noncy, Columbus, Go.; Royall, Pomelo Allen, Goldsboro; Rucker, Mary Lois, Chi Omega, Spindole; Rue, Emilie Marie, Ra- leigh. Second Row: Ruffin, Anne Wolfley, Pink Hill; Rush, Eleanor Ruth, Asheboro; Rush, Wiley Douglas, Kappa Alpha, Greensboro; Russell, James Ronald, Lexington, Sabiston, William Devine, Carthage. Third Row: Sadler, Benjamin, Greensboro; Soine, George Donald, Cherry- ville; Sanders, Neltie Louise, Charleston, S. C; Sanders, Phil Sneod, Four Oaks; Satterfield, Walter Boren, Charlotte. Fourth Row: Sounders, Joanne, Norfolk, Va.; Sounders, Lorry Melvin, Tau Epsiion Phi, Norfolk, Va.; Savage, Betty Jane Worsham, Southern Pines; Savvos, Tykey, High Point; Schild, Ray- mond S., Tau Epsiion Phi, Conwoy, S. C. Fifth Row: Schlopkohl, Chorles J., Alpha Phi Omega, Norfolk, Va.; Schoof, Linda Ann, Charlotte; Schrimsher, Frank Lodwick, Charlotte; Scott, Bryan Myers, Chi Phi, New Bern; Scott, Leslie Andrew, Jackson Heights, N. Y. Sixth Row: Scroggs, Joonno Hill, Chapel Hill, Seors, Woodrow Harmon, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Raleigh; Sechrest, Jomes Forrell, Thomas- ville; Self, William Edward, Sigma Phi Epsiion, Shelby; Semmes, Flournoy Selden, Pi Beta Phi, Memphis, Tenn. JUNIORS Seventh Row: Settlemyre, Shelley, Jr., Hickory; Setzer, David Everette, New London; Setzer, Fermon Tim, Rural Hall; Sewell, John Mitchell, Jr., Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Kappa Alpha, Murfrees- boro; Sexton, George W., Tarboro. Eighth Row: Seyfert, Carolyn Hayes, New Castle, Pa.; Sholibo, Virginia Claire, Signal Mountain, Tenn.; Shonkle, Clemm Horry, Troy; Sharp, Alan Wallace, Greensboro; Show, Mary Sud- duth, Charlotte. Ninth Row: Show, Roy Elsworth, Jr., Chapel Hill, Show, Stanley S., II, Asheville; Showcross, Williom Edgerton, Norfolk, Va.; ' Sheorin, William George, Wake Forest; Sheets, James Albert, Winston-Salem. Sheffield, Gory Singleton, Sigma Chi, Greensboro; Shelly, Robert Gardiner, Delta Kappa Epsiion, Virginia Beach, Va.; Shermer, Richard Wayne, Phi Eta Sigma; Sherrill, Luby T., Jr., Concord; Shingleton, Foy Vincent, Sigma Nu, Wilson. First Row: Short, Jomes G., Jr., Wadesboro; Shuford, Nancy Pope, Hickory; Shuford, William Ferrell, Jr., Alpha Epsilon Delta, Clinton; Sillay, M. Jeanne, Atlanta, Go.; Simmons, W. Elizabeth, Bessemer City. Second Row: Skinner, James McElveen, Winston Salem; Sloger, Julian H., Jr., Zeto Beta Tou, Montgomery, Ala.; Slichter, Jane McKinnon, Milwaukee, Wis.; Sloan, Edword M., Jr., Chapel Hill; Smith, Addison Neal, Woodleaf. JUNIORS Third Row: Smith, Alvin Word, Sigma Nu, Swansboro; Smith, Clarence Edwards, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Raleigh; Smith, Edna Anne, Fairmont; Smith, James E., Jarrettsville, Md., Smith, Jerry Edward, Kernersville. Smith, Laurie N., Alpha Epsilon Delta, Spartanburg, S. C; Smith, Loyd Baxter, Shelby; Smith, Patricia McKey, Kappa Alpha Theta, Washington, D. C; Smith, Theodore Roose- velt, Jr., Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sea Cliff, N. Y.; Smith, Thomas B., Jr., Liberty. Fifth Row: Smith, Virginia M., Chapel Hill; Smoot, David Madison, Wake Forest; Smoot, Thomos Arthur, III, Greenville; Snove- ly. Brant R., Zeta Psi, Winston-Salem; Snell, William Franklin, Winston-Salem. Snipes, Herman Glasgow, Chi Phi, Knoxville, Tenn.; Snyder, Thomas M., Jr., Lexington; Solomon, John Henry, Wilming- ton; Southerlond, Marian Juanito, Durham; Sparrow, Sidney Thomas, Chapel Hill. Seventh Row: Spencer, James Klein, Alpha Kappa Psi, Matthews; Spencer, Jesse Garnet, Farmville; Spivak, Joel Allyn, St Anthony Hall, Englewood, N. J.; Spivey, Mary Rhea, Windsor; Spruill, Philip Allen, Elizabeth City. Eighth Row: Stack, Ralph Poison, Greensboro; Stollings, John William, III, Sigma Nu, Wilson; Stalnoker, Clayton Lee, Spindale; Stalvey, Anne, Lumberton; Starling, Donald Craig, Alpha Phi Omega, Burlington. Steele, Harry Coe, Kappa Alpha, North Wilkesboro; Steele, Kenneth Leigh, Burlington; Steinhards, Inora, Milledgeville, Go ; Stem, Jasper Graham, Oxford; Stephens, Nancy Mont- gomery, Louisville, Ky. Stephens, William Mac, Winston-Salem; Stephenson, Lonnie George, Phi Eta Sigma, Halifax; Still, Marjorie, Hillsboro; Stock, Richard Martin Hume, Lumberton; Stockton, Barbara Joan, Charlotte. Stokes, Helen Marie, Lexington; Stokes, Sidney Durham, Lenoir; Stout, William Allen, Romseur; Strause, Leonard, Charlotte; Stringfield, Meredith, Chapel HiM. Stuart, Robert Urban, Kernersville; Suitt, Nancy Joan, Dur- ham; Summerell, Ellen, Gastonio; Summey, Brett Taylor, West Jefferson; Surles, Charlie William, Jr., Dunn. Surrett, Charles Eugene, High Point; Suttle, Nancy Leigh, Chi Omega, Charlotte; Sutton, Edward Wike, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Delta Theto, Cullowhee; Talley, Royol Bradsher, Jr., Fuquay Springs; Tally, William Parhom, Chapel Hill. Tart, Clarence Lee, Kappa Sigma, Dunn; Tayloe, Josh, Phi Gamma Delta, Woshington; Taylor, Roy Doil, Greenville; Teck, Bruce Jay, Norfolk, Vo.; Teer, George W., Jr., Hills- boro. Terrell, Glenn Doyle, Durham; Thames, Lorry David, Alpha Kappa Psi, Charlotte; Thorrington, Frances Marie, Hender- son; Thiele, Richard Frederic, Atlanta, Ga.; Thomas, Edwin Scott, Asheboro. Thomas, Margaret Anne, Raleigh; Thomas, Ruth Borkley, Alpha Delta Pi, Sanford; Thompson, Carolyn Stuart, White- ville; Thompson, Charles Jefferson, Pi Delta Phi, Salisbury, Thompson, Lois Bertelle, Stotesville. Seventh Row; Thornton, Robert Holton, Foyetteville; Thornton, Zone Grey, Benson; Thuemmler, Herbert A., Voldese; Timberloke, George Noblin, Nelson, Va.; Toler, Mourice Sanders, Prince- ton. JUNIORS Eighth Row: Trent, William Ernest, Reidsville; Tripp, Cecil De Wayne, Shalotte; Turem, Jerry Sheldon, Jacksonville; Turner, Daniel Carmer, Jr., Chapel Hill; Turner, Perry Albert, Jr., Hickory. Turpin, Jerry Williams, Reidsville; Tyler, Earl Runyon, Zeto Psi, Durham; Tyler, Jock Lloyd, Chapel Hill; Tyler, Morie Elizabeth, Rocky Mount; Umstead, Charles Parker, Phi Kappa Sigma, Durham. Tenth Rowr Vann, John Daniel, III, Greenville; Van Sise, Joan Lee, Huntington, N. Y.; Venters, Leon Stephens, Delta Sigma Pi, Trenton; Von Biberstein, Richard, Pi Kappa Phi, Burgan; Wobberson, Melinda, Hamlet. Wogner, Bobby Moton, Lexington; Wolker, Lawrence Grumpier, Jr., Chi Psi, Mount Airy; Walker, Oscar Blair, Gastonia; Walker, Susan Leah, Wilmington; Wall, Robert Hennis, Mount Airy. Wallace, Mary Jane, Zeto Tau Alpha, Durham; Walser, Joseph Gaither, III, Phi Gamma Delta, High Point; Walsh, James Ralph, Theta Chi, Lenoir; Walters, Sara Culbreth, Greensboro. Third Row: Ward, Blaine Sherrill, Ramseur; Ward, David Livingstone, Delta Kappa Epsilon, New Bern; Worlick, John Drew, Jack- sonville; Warren, James Norman, Delta Psi Omega, Lenoir; Waters, Harold Lee, Phi Eta Sigma, Jacksonville. JUNIORS Waters, Richord Jomes, Livingston, N J ; Watkins, Kenneth A., Lillington; Wotson, Reno Miranda, Raleigh; Watts, Thomas Morton, Lombda Chi Alpha, Bryson City; Weathers, Gerald Gene, Shelby Fifth Row: Weaver, John William, Jr., Durham; Weaver, Macon Moore, Apex; Weover, Zebulon, III, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Asheville; Weiss, Charles Rommond, Brevard; Wells, Donn A., Albert- son. Wells, Mory Louise, Asheville; Wells, Samuel Fogle, Jr., Reidsville; Welsh, Lila Lane, Monroe; Wender, Joan V., Highland Park, III.; Wender, Judith V., Highland Pork, III. Seventh Row: West, Barbara Jone, Jacksonville, Fla.; West, Carroll Thomas, Chapel Hill; West, Juan Ramon, Winston-Salem; Westbrook, Alice Fay, Charlotte; Westmoreland, Dean B., Kings Mountain, Eighth Row: Wholey, Hobort, Chapel Hill; Whedbee, Mabel Martin, Hertford; Wheeler, Clarence J., Durham; Wheeler, Lucius P., Jr., Washington; Whisenant, Bennette E., Delta Sigma Pi, Morganton. Ninth Row: Whisnant, Howard Eugene, Gastonia, Whisnont, James Luther, Gostonia, White, John Jennings, Sigma Nu, Hender- son; Whitfield, Durward Garland, III, Charlotte; Whitfield, Katharine Rose, Kmston. Whitty, Reba Ann, New Bern; Wicker, Bryant Kelly, San- ford; Wilkerson, Polly Ann, Kenly; Wilkins, James Foir- child, Lynchburg, Va.; Wilkinson, Robert McLoin, Winston- Salem, Williams, Anderson Townley, Wilson; Williams, Charles Augustus, Charlotte; Williams, Dal Joseph, Elizabeth City; Williams, Elizabeth Cross, Raleigh; Williams, Helen Olivia, Pi Beta Phi, Wilmington. Williams, Larry Ritchie, Kappa Alpho, Concord; Williams, Sebelio Inex, Chinquapin; Williams, Shirley Ann, Burlington; Williamson, Mary Saunders, Greensboro; Willingham, Paul Ed, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Sigma, Ridgely, Tenn. Willsey, Joon Francis, Norfolk, Va.; Wilson, Hoseo Elbert, Sigma Chi, Danville, Va.; Wilson, Maurice H., Jr., Alpha Kappa Psi, Charlotte; Wimberley, Joseph Powell, III, Battle- boro; Wirsching, Charles Philipp, High Point. Fourth Row: Womble, James Raphael, Rocky Mount; Wood, Timothy, Chapel Hill; Woodard, Billy Thomas, Selmo; Woodard, Kathryn Elson, Scotland Neck; Woodard, Warden Lewis, Jr., Beaufort. Fifth Row: Woodlief, Catherine 0., Louisburg; Woodlief, William Thomas, Rondleman; Woods, Andy Green, Phi Gamma Delta, Danville, Va.; Worsley, Gerald Killian, Greenville; Worthington, Thomas L., Kinston. JUNIORS Sixth Row: Wrenn, John Gilbert, Roxboro; Wright, Anthony Byrum, Charlotte; Yeopanis, Ponos Andrew, Lambda Chi Alpha, Lumberton; Yelverton, Fred Becton, Wilson; Yost, William Francis, Weaverville. Young, Douglas Morton, Salisbury; Young, Robert Francis, Richmond Hill, N. Y.; Young Robert Terry, Asheville; Zickgraf, William Grant, Phi Delta Theto, Franklin. ARE (m ur [ w AM wf eiirf pt ' iiTic.ii. rumiB. Poge 75 Students take time for a cup of coffee gossip in the worm sun of Y-court u- r ccrs of the sophomore class ore (clockwise) Kimzey, President, seated in front; Nancy seor, Social Chairman, Sfeve Phelps, Vice- i,ident, George John son, Treasurer, and Amy se, Secretary ' " ' fiSJ v « ,7 ?; - Page 77 " IS w if fl 9 ' SOPHOMORES First Row: Abernethy, Don Leslie, Camp Lejeune; Adair, Donald Gront, Gastonia; Adams, Charles Gil- bert, Four Oaks, Adams, John Patrick, Ashe- boro; Adams, Jordan Eldred, Sanford, Aldred, William Murray, Jr., Durham Second Ro Guy, ■aid William, Traphill; Alford, Hendersonville; Amy, John V., Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada; Anderson, George D., Pi Kappa Phi, Aberdeen; Ansell, David K., Tau Epsilon Phi, Allenhurst, New Jersey; Aront, Vivian Estelle, Orangeburg, 5. C. Third Row: Armstrong, Darrell Franklin, Roanoke Rapids; Artope, George Raymond, Pi Koppa Alpha, Greensboro; Ashby, Charles A., Sigma Nu, Gar- den City, Long Island, Ashford, Charles Hall, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, New Bern; Askew, Atwood Newsome, Rich Square; Atwater, James T., Greensboro. Fourth Row: Avery, Erwin Theodore, Winston-Salem; Bobson, Donald Belton, Ash; Baggett, Robert Franklin, Smithfield; Boiley, Leslie Rand, Cholybeato Springs; Baird, Nolan Dudley, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Augusta, Ga ; Boldridge, William Paul, Beta Theta Pi, Winston-Salem. Fifth Row: Boldwin, William Howard, Rockingham; Ballew, William Ralph, Hickory; Bonks, Otis Gordon, Cory; Banzet, Julius Edmond, Alpha Phi Omega, Warrenton; Berber, Howard Curtis, Wilmington; Barber, Milton A., Mi, Zefa Psi, Lexington Sixth Row arrboro, Borden, Alfred Lawrence, Borbour, Marvin Lindsay Milton Barrett, Boone, Barl Semora; Barringer, Michele Loron, Ne Basinger, Buzzy, Charlotte, Bass, Eddie Ci ton, Formville. Seventh Row: Baynes, Gerald Toylor, London, Ohio; Beam, Dennis Anthony, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Shelby, Beoman, John Branch, Ahoskie; Beard, Benton Linwood, Fayetteville; Beaver , Terry Allen, Statesville; Becknell, Robert Miller, Rocky Mount. Eighth Ro Ber Benolken, George Herbert, Jr., Burlington; ger, Quinn Albert, Sayville, N Y ; Bikle, John George, Jr., Raleigh; Black, Baxter Franklin, Konnapohs, Black, Foye Forbus, Jr., Forest City; Blockwelder, John Morris, Kappa Alpha, States- ville. Ninth Row: Blackwood, Robert He William James, Zeta P- Phillip Paul, Whitaker, Pa ; Green, Jr., Whitokers; Boes Winston-Salem; Boggs. Roy Di: npton, Carrboro; Blair, , Morehead City; Blazer, Pa ; Bloomer, Oliver Boese, Fred Merritt, Voldese. Tenth Row: Borden, Mitchell P., Jr., Charlotte, Bost, Wil- liam Stuart, Jr., Zeta Psi, Greenville; Bostic, Thod Stevens, Kappa Alpha, Forest City; Bou- dreou, Girord Edgar, Jr., Delta Upsilon, North Augusta, S, C; Bourne, John Lothan, Reids- ville; Bowles, Wade Anderson, Statesville SOPHOMORES First Row: Bowman, Charles Harwood, Jr., Southern Pines; Brodfield, S. Smith, Phi Gamma Delta, Ashe- ville, Bradsher, Sidney Preston, Milton; Brand- ner, Larie Kent, Beto Theta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Arlington, Vo,; Braswell, John Thomas, Marsh- ville; Brauer, Ellen Evelyn, Delta Phi Alpha, Chapel Hill. Second Row: Braxton, H. Harrison, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Chose City, Vo.; Brewer, Wesley Scott, Durhom; Bridgers, George Carlton, Rowland; Bridgers, William Ashley, Jr., Zeta Psi, Wilson; Briggs, Ernest Ray, Sanford; Britt, Robert Carl, Lum- berton. Third Row: Brown, Homer Clark, Jr., High Point; Brown, Julian Cleo, Jr., Candler; Bryan, Joseph Me- Kinley, Jr., Greensboro; Bryce, George Wilder, Jr., Alpha Phi Omega, Hamlet; Bulla, Thurman Clifton, Asheboro; Bunch, Charles Ledbetter, Jr., Statesville. Fourth Row: Burrell, Frederick William, Sigma Nu, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Burress, William Wallace, East Orange, N. J.; Burton, Ernest Steven, High Point; Callicott, Joe H., Jr., Beta Theta Pi, Greensboro; Campbell, Chorles Woodrow, James- town; Campbell, Hugh Edward, Laurinburg. Fifth Row: Canas, Juan Jose, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba; Conoutos, Andrew A. G., Kure Beoch; Contrell, Charles Ray, Durham; Capps, Thomas Edward, Phi Gamma Delta, Wilmington; Carmichoel, Jerry Gaylon, High Point; Carper, Ashby Thur- man, Jr., Pi Kappa Phi, Gastonio. Sixth Row: Carr, Gabriel Paul, Jr., Hillsboro; Carriker, Donald Malloy, Charlotte; Carroll, Lorry Win- ford, St. Pauls; Corter, John M., Madison; Casey, James Broodus, High Point; Cotes, Carvie Calvin, Henderson. Seventh Row: Cotes, Donald Brooks, Phi Delta Theta, Poison; Cathey, Dennis Edward, Charlotte; Coufield, Tommy A., Jacksonville; Cecil, Richard Colbert, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpho, Fayetteville; Cherry, Morcus Cicero Stephen, Phi Delta Theta, Mount Olive; Chester, Wayne Scagroves, Pittsboro. Eighth Row: Christian, Richard Ray, Santord, Christian, Vir- gil Holcomb, Mount Airy; Christian, William Gerow, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Vicksburg, Miss.; Clopp, Joseph Mark, Greensboro; Clark, Devon Mack, Chopel Hill; Clark, Gerald Duane, Bur- lington Ninth Row: Clark, Jon Barrett, Charlotte; Coburn, Robert Lee, Jr., Williomston; Cole, Jerry Robert; Phi Kappa Sigma, New Bern; Conrad, Robert B., Raleigh; Cook, Stanley Galpin, Pinehurst; Cool- man, Thomas Beecher, Chi Psi, Ann Arbor, Mich Tenth Row: Corbin, Henry Jefferson, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Florence, S. C; Covell, Charles VonOrden, Jr., St. Anthony Hall, Christchurch, Va.; Cowon, Morvin Russell, Williomston; Craig, Julian Car- roll, Swonnonoa; Craig, William Franklin, Jr., Charlotte; Crews, Nat Sullivan, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Winston-Salem. ■f ' ' y%. - « L SOPHOMORES First Row: Crocker, Nathan Thomas, III, Rocky Mount; Crook, Myron Dudley, Phi Kappo Sigma, Arling- fon, Vq ; Crouse, Paul Odell, Winston-5alem; Crumpler, Jomes Fulton, Jr., Sigma Nu, Rocky Mount. Currin, George Spencer, Middleburg, Cutter, John H., Phi Kappa Sigma, Charlotte. Second Row: Daggerhort, Buddy Arnold, Raleigh; Dorden, James Robert, Jacksonville; Dornell, William Gordon, Jr., Phi Delta Theto, Murphy; Daugh- try, Curtiss Wilson, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Smith- fieid, Daughtry, Glenn Douglos, Mount Olive; Dovis, Charles McMillan, Louisburg. Third Row: Davis, Gus Louis, Moreheod City, Davis, Warren Thomas, III, Pi Kappa Alpha, Nashvilie; Daw- kins, John Earl, Jr., Mount Gilead; Day, Bobby S., Angier; Dixon, Jomes Franklin, Clinton; Dixon, Joseph Earl, Moreheod City. Fourth Row: Door, Jomes Fraser, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Char- lotte, Dobson, Ervin Garrison, Beulaville; Doss, Dale Wolter, Birmingham, Ala., Douty, Christo- pher Morris, Washington, D C , Dowell, Douglas Floyd, Voldese; Drake, Claude Walloce, Jr., Fifth Row: Duncan, Allie Hamilton, Roanoke Rapids; Dur- ham, Williom Henry, Winston-Salem; Eaves, Robert Wendell, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Washing- ton, D. C , Ediich, Theodore Julius, III, Sigma Nu, New York, N, Y.; Edmundson, Hoywood, IV, Zeta Psi, Wilson, Edwards, Ellison Francis, Chodbourn. Sixth Row: Edwords, Reuben Bryan, Jr., Raleigh, Elliott, Eric David, Raleigh; English, Edward Yonder, Rocky Mount, Eubonks, Clayton A., Jr., Chor- lotte; Evans, Donald Frederick, Sigma Chi, Greensboro; Evans, Eli N., Tou Epsilon Phi, Durham. Seventh Row: Evans, Leon Edwords, Jr., Winterville; Foir, Ronnie Louis, Alpha Phi Omega, Thomosville, Forrell, Lewis Hoytt, Pittsboro; Faulkner, John Edward, Jacksonville; Fentner, Chorles Jomes, Carrboro; Ferreiro, Jock Everett, Elkin. Eighth Row: Fincher, Jomes Reid, Konnopolis; Finney, Thomas Fronklin, Elkm; Fisher, Wiley Vick, Jr., Battle- boro; Flack, Charles Zorah, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Forest City, Flynt, Stouber Miner, Elkm, Foster, John Sonford, Siqma Alpha Epsilon, Fairfield, Ninth Row: Foust, Potsy Ann, Lexington; Fowler, Bruce Owen, Durham; Fox, Richard Lee, Winston- Salem; Frank, Richord Edword, Greensboro; Frye, Williom Roger, Pinehurst; Fuller, Robert Hope, Kappa Alpha, Gastonia. Tenth Row: Fuller, Robert Virgil, Graham; Funk, Margaret Eunice, Chi Omega, Seaford, Del.; Futrell, James Thomas, High Point; Goca, Giles John, West Mifflin, Po.; Goddy, Christopher Donald, Son- ford; Goddy, Walter Harold, Ingold SOPHOMORES First Row: Gaillord, Samuel Robert, Balfour; Gallogher, John Michael, Kappcj Sigma, Chapel Hill; Game, Jock Douglas, Chi Psi, Bryson City; Gorrell, Jimmy Woodard, Tabor City; Garrou, Benjamin, Vaidese; Gay, Archibald Cree, Jackson. Second Row: Gay, Francis Normon, Raleigh; Goy, Jomes E., Ill, Beta Theto Pi, Winston-Solem; Gibbs, John G., Jr., Greenville; Gilbert, Homer Orlond, Jr., Chorlotte; Giles, Horry McCorley, Jr., Gastonia; Gilliland, Leslie, Jr., Pinehurst. Third Row: Gilreoth, Charles Sidney, Wilkesboro; Glatzer, Maurice, Pi Lambda Phi, Kensington, Md,; Glenn, Joseph Carroll, Raleigh; Glenn, Poxson Biddulph, Beta Theta Pi, Winston-Salem; Glover, Dole Price, Phi Mu Alpha, Chapel Hill; Good, Jomes Calvin, Jr., Gibsonville. Fourth Row: Gobble, Everette Kinsman, Hamlet; Godfrey, Clayton Thomas, Ashbury, N. J; Godwin, William London, Phi Eta Sigma, Smithfeld, Goins, Clarence Adrian, Phi Kappa Sigma, Burlington; Goodson, Clive Irvin, Winston- Salem; Goodwin, Richard Anthony, Chapel Hill Fifth Row: Gorman, John Alfred, Chi Psi, Winterville; Graves, David Lee, Seagrove; Gray, Franklin Vail, Zeta Psi, Henderson, Groy, John Springer, Jr., Zeta Psi, Statesville; Gray, Raymond Flet- cher, Snow Hill; Groybeol, Eorl B., Jr., West Jefferson. Sixth Row: Green, Billy Edword, Chapel Hill; Green, Eddie Roger, Lambda Chi Alpha, Winston-Salem, Greenwoy, John W., Jr., High Point; Greer, Jomes Walter, Old Fort; Gregson, James Edwin, Jr., Asheboro; Grisette, Ulysses Riddle, Jr., Vaidese. Seventh Row: Groce, William Harold, Jr., Sigma Nu, Ashe- boro; Hageseth, Gaylord Terrenee, Minot, N. D,; Hoire, Robert Phillip, West Jefferson; Holl, Kenneth Spough, Winston-Salem; Hall, William Johnston, Jr., Kannapolis; Hamrick, Clifford Elijah, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Boiling Springs, Eighth Row: Hamrick, Philip Laxton, Kappa Alpha, Mount Holly; Honey, Roy Earl, Gibson; Hardee, Lewis Jefferson, Jr., Southport; Hordesty, William Robert, Shannon; Hargitt, Richard Joseph, Sigma Nu. Seaford, Del.; Horper, Janet, Jack- Ninth Row: Harriett, Albert Lee, Pollocksville; Harrington, Ralph Stephen, Broadway; Harrison, Jomes G., Jr., Charleston, S. C; Hartsell, Lorry D., Albe- marle; Hortsoe, Gorlond Cecil, Newton; Horvell, Williom Eorl, Leiand. Tenth Row: Horword, William Myrick, Oakboro; Hastings, Jock Madison, Kernersville; Haynie, Duke Mc- Clory, Fayetteville; Haywood, John Robert, South Norfolk, Va.; Heath, Thomas Newton, Cove City; Heoth, Willie Roy, Hubert. SOPHOMORES First Row; Hedrick, Paul Perry, Lenoi Eugene, Hamlet; Herring, Springs, Hester, Roger L Hicks, Charles Montgomer ; Herndon, Robert Billy Roy, Seven ine, Jr., Durham, , Sigma Nu, Wil- lington; Hicks, Robert Bain, New London. Second Row: Hilgerdt, John F., Great Neck, N Y ; Hines, Hugh Bogle, Hiddenite; Hines, Robert, Kinston, Hobbs, William Golen, Phi Delta Theta, Chapel Hill; Hoffler, Marvin Leon, Sunbury; Hogoboom, Pieter Lowe, Phi Delta Theta, Arlington, Va Third Row: Hoke, Kenneth Alvin, StatesvMIe; Holden, George Wall, Sigma Nu, Henderson, Holding, Horry B., Wake Forest; Holmes, James Hough- ton, Mt Airy; Holyfield, Joseph Fronklin, Rock- tord; Hoover, Robert McCurry, Sigma Nu, Anderson, S. C, Fourth Row: Hor Horney, Harriet Terwilliger, Chapel thai, Louis Phillip, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Tarboro, House, Edword Lee, Jr., Lincolnton; Howard, Robey Andrew, Charlotte; Howdy, Frederick Howard, Washington; Huff, Carl Wesley, Hen- derson Fifth Row: Huffman, Benny Leonard, Valdese; Hughes, Peter Beach, Highland Park, III ; Hummel, William Hicks, Durham; Humphrey, Robert Franklin, Jr., Burgaw; Ingram, Carter Dalton, High Point; Isenhower, Frederick Neil, Conover Sixth Row: Jackson, Carlisle, Jr., Clinton; Jarmon, Cecil Albert, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Wilson; Jenkins, William Russell, Walstonburg; Johnson, Donald Gene, Walnut Cove; Johnson, E. Dovid, Winston- Salem, Johnson, Jesse Wesley, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Hickory, Seventh Row: Johnson, Lewis Bernard, Forest City; Johnson, Raymond Gerald, Hickory; Johnston, Julian Corr, Spencer, Jolly, Roy Alonzo, Kappa Alpha, Chapel Hill, Jones, Gordon London, Jr., Raleigh, Jones, Howard Feild, Warrenton. Eighth Row: Jones, Jock Morsholl, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Savannah, Ga.; Jones, Jeremy Crahan, Foils Church, Va.; Jones, William George, Alpha Phi Omega, Louisville, Ky.; Joyce, James Lorry, Stoneville; Koloyannides, George Tholes, Ra leigh; Kane, William Dovid, Norfolk, Va. Ninth Row: Kantor, Norman D., Far Rockaway, N. Y,; Kendall, William Alexander, Shelby, Kerby, Donald Court, Charleston Hts., S. C; Keritsis, Constontinos Demitrios, Asheville, Kerr, John Hosea, Warrenton; Killingsworth, Carl S., Pol- ' ille. Tenth Row: Kimzey, Jomes Morris, Sigmo Nu, Brevard; Kincoid, James Brandon, Statesville, King, Larry Eugene, Gostonio; King, Williom Seymour, Stoneville; Kirschner, Horry Culbertson, Candler; Kuhns, Robert Lydon, Shrewsbury, N. J. SOPHOMORES First Row: Lambeth, David Thomos, Beta Theta Pi, Greens- boro; Landreth, Jomes Robert, Jr., Greensboro, Lassiter, Robert Burgess, Kelford; Latham, Wil- liam Corson, Bethel; Lovergne, Nelson A., Jr., Yauco, Puerto Rico; Leary, William Edward, Ahoskie. Second Row: Leggett, Stanley Dover, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Rocky Mount; LeNeove, Marshall Greg, Char- lotte; Leonard, Patrick Jackson, Zebulon; Leon- ord, Robert McDougol, Hendersonville; Lewis, Alex Murdock, Morehead City; Lewis, Jack Fleet, Chi Psi, High Point. Third Row; Lewis, James Randolph, Wilmington; Lewis, John B., Jr., Chi Phi, Farmville; Liipfert, Ben- iomin Boiley, Jr., Beta Theta Pi, Winston- Salem; Linville, Frederick Larry, Kernersville; Littleholes, John Powers, Zeta Psi, Chevy Chase, Md.; Loftin, Charles Earsen, Mount Holly Fourth Row: Lohr, Lloyd Dermont, Beta Theta Pi, Lexington; Long, Robert Washington, Jr., Conway; Love, Richard, Lambda Chi Alpha, Chapel Hill; Lowery, John Otis, Jr., Solisbury; Luquire, Max Leo, Biscoe; Lynch, Braxton Ray, Selma Fifth Row: Lyon, Horliec Wingote, Kappa Alpha, Plymouth; McAllister, Hormon Corlyle, Jr., Chapel Hill; McBride, Chorles Fletcher, Rockingham; McColl, David L., Charlotte; McCord, Marcia Jo, Kappa Delta, Charlotte; McGee, William Allen, Phi Kappa Sigma, Chorleston, S. C. Sixth Row: Mclver, Duncan E., Jr., Sanford; Mclver, Larry, Alpha Tou Omego, East Orange, N, J.; Mc- Kenzie, John Charles, West End; McLemore, George K., Wendell; McMillan, Donald Shep- herd, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Motthews; Mc- Millan, Neill Kirby, Chapel Hill. Seventh Row: McSurely, Alon, Arlington, Va ; Molone, Philip Strotton, Chi Phi, Greensboro; Moness, Archi- bold Kelly, Jr., Beta Theta Pi, Greensboro; Margulies, William Paul, Raleigh; Marley, Edi- son Earl, Asheboro; Marriott, John Daughtry, Pi Kappa Alpha, Battleboro. Eighth Row: Martin, John William, Phi Mu Alpha, Mount Airy; Martin, Lionel Dean, Durham; Mossey, Charles Knox, Jr., Zeta Psi, Durham; Mathis, Charles Groy, Jonesville; Maury, Thomas Peter, Alpha Tau Omega, Nassau, Bahamas; May, Charles Raysor, Ml, Beta Theta Pi, Bennetts- ville, S. C. Ninth Row: Maynord, Gene Harris, Aberdeen; Mayo, Gerald Mock, Phi Eta Sigma, Falkland; Meekins, Edmund Lindsay, Jr., Raleigh; Meldrum, Mary Sink, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Merrill, Isooe Lincoln, III, Doytona Beach, Fla.; Merritt, James Lee, Pi Kappa Alpha, Mount Airy. Tenth Row: Merritt, Walter Davis, Jr., Hickory; Miller, Albert Bynum, North Wilkesboro; Miller, Ed- word James, Grumpier; Miller, Horvcy H., Phi Mu Alpha, Salisbury; Mitchell, Jack Warren, Paw Creek; Moller, John Desmond, Charlotte SOPHOMORES First Row: Monroe, John Lauchlin, West End, Montgomery , Joseph Raymond, Jr., High Point; Montgomery, Riley Edward, Concord: Moody, Reginold Enloe, Beta Theto Pi, Bryson City; Moore, Claude Rudd, Jr., Burlington; Moore, Donald P., Raleigh. Second Row: George Moore, Gene Webb, Chorlotte; Ervin, Jr., Theta Chi, Oxford; Moore, Guy Phillip, Old Fort; Morris, Claudius Stedman, Salisbury; Morrisey, Richard James, Fairfield, Conn.; Morrison, James Charles, Alpha Tau Omega, College Park, Md. Third Row: Moser, Harry Ned, Lewisville; Motte, Carolyn Maxcyne, Charlotte; Moye, David Brooks, Sigma Nu, Snow Hill; Mulvaney, Leo Anthony, West Asheville; Mustion, Alvin Delbridgc, Sigma Nu, Warrenton; Mustian, Howard Macon, Nor- lina. Fourth Ro Myers, Walter Edward, Charlotte; Nolle, Donald Edgar, Salisbury; Nonce, Donald Corroll, Char- lotte; Nosh, Thomas Beniamin, Charlotte; Nebel William Arthur, Pi Kappa Alpha, Charlotte; Newton, Hector Carlton, III, Parkton Fifth Row: Newton, Zachorioh Boardman, III, Philadelphia, Pa.; Nichols, Donald Wyott, Neuse; Nichols, Garrett Boyd, Chase, Md ; Norfleet, Eric Hill, Zeta Psi, Jock on; Normon, Goyle Tolmadge, Fayetteville; Oakley, Cledith Emory, Sigma Nu, Smithfield. Sixth Row: O ' Briant, Chorles Rex, Chapel Hill; O ' Brien, Jocquelyn Lee, Winston-Salem; O ' Haro, James Donald Michael, Raleigh; Oliver, Robert Deleon, Selma; Oppenhcimer, Jerry Loveman, Zeta Beta Tou, Birmingham, Ala ; Orr, David Rickmon, Hendersonville. Seventh Row: Oyer, Charles Walker, St. Anthony Hall, Wol- cott, N. Y,; Roderick, Victor Lynn, Sigmo Phi Epsilon, Kinston; Parker, Jordan Horton, Ra- leigh; Parsons, William Thomas, Belmont; Par- tin, Malcolm Overstreet, Enfield; Portridge, Stevens Hyatt, Jr., Chi Phi, Charlotte. Eighth Row: Potseavouras, George, Sigma Chi, Rocky Mount; Patterson, Donald Sutton, Beta Theta Pi, Greensboro; Patton, Macon Glasgow, Zeta Psi, Durham; Poyne, Roland Williom, Jr., Sigma Chi, Norfolk, Vo ; Peormon, David Stanley, Reidsville; Peorsoll, Thomas Jenkins, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Rocky Mount, Ninth Row: Pender, William Lardner, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Chorlotte; Peterson, Martin Rowlond, Jr., Ra- leigh; Peterson, William Richard, Asheville; Petty, John N., Jr., High Point; Phelps, Stephen Foster, Phi Kappa Sigma, Winston - Salem; Phillips, Jasper Louis, Kinston. Tenth Row: Pickord, Carl Glenn, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Asheville; Pitt, Theophilus Harper, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Rocky Mount; Poirier, Jean Rene, Elizobethtown; Porcher, Francis C, Mount Pleasant, S. C; Poulos, Peter George, Wilming- ton; Powell, Thomas Cox, Kappa Sigma, Ra- leigh. iff f SOPHOMORES First Row: Poythress, Patricia Lee, Chopel Hill; Prewitt, Thomos Wendell, Sigma Nu, Denver, Colo.; Price, Arthur Roy, Marion; Price, Vernon, Scot- land Neck; Pridgen, Grody Clifton, Jr., Sharps- burg; Proctor, Truby Groce, Jr., Sanford. Second Row: Propst, Joptho Fred, Maiden; Pulliom, Venice U., Jr., Asheboro; Pyotte, Jeff Alvin, Minneap- olis; Rogsdole, Robert Martin, Winston-Solem; Ramsey, William Forbes, Beta Theta Pi, Greens- boro; Roper, John Elisha, Jr., Beta Theto Pi, Foyetteville. Third Row: Reavis, Richord Armbrust, Statesville; Rech- holti, Robert A., Kappa Alpha, Syosset, N. Y.; Redding, William Howard, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Asheboro; Reece, Johnny Manly, Yod- kinville; Reed, Dovid Robert, Shamokin, Pa.; Reeves, Carroll Edwin, Jr., Allendale, S. C. Fourth Row: Reeves, James William, Hillsboro; Reichert, Alien John, Morganton; Reid, George David, Sigma Nu, Charlotte; Rhinehort, Julion Frazier, Beto Theta Pi, Durham; Rhoades, Robert E., Winston-Salem; Riggs, Joe Edward, Charlotte. Fifth Row: Riggsbee, Thomas Lewis, Carrboro; Rightsell, William Thomas, Jr., Greensboro; Rivenbark, David Clayton, Lexington; Robbins, William L., Raleigh; Robeson, Sigmund Trust, Tarboro; Robinson, Charles Fillmore, Mars Hill. Sixth Row: Robinson, Hoyle Lynwood, Phi Eta Sigmo, Eller- be; Rose, James William, Phi Gamma Delta, Pikeville; Rosemond, Frank Everette, Hillsboro; Ross, Edward Chodwick, Phi Eta Sigma, Au- gusta, Go,; Ross, Robert Alexonder, Alpha Tau Omega, Chapel Hill; Roth, William Cowthon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Elkin. Seventh Row: Rouse, Chorles Francis, Jr., Zeta Psi, Raleigh; Ruppe, John Myron, Ellenboro; Russavage, Leo Joseph, Duryeo, Pa; Ruth, Williom Albert, Cory; Socks, Leonard Carl, Pi Lambda Phi, Hollywood, Fla.; Soine, Chivous H., Rutherford- Eighth Row: Samuels, Walter Ray, Hamlet; Sanders, Cleon Walton, Alpha Tau Omega, Benson; Sasser, George Freeman, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Conway, 5 C ; Satterwhite, Richard Thomos, McCain; Savage, Fronk Stewart, Haddonfield, N. J.; Scarlett, Edward Allen, Hillsboro. Ninth Row: N. Y., Schruntek, Walter Joseph, Levittown, Schulmon, Dick R., Tau Epsilon Phi, Canton; Schultz, John Loesch, Phi Eta Sigma, Winston- Solem; Seabolt, Arthur Lee, Erwin; Selby, Arthur Alvin, Jr., Alpha Phi Omega, Charlotte; Shonkle, Henry Mac, Concord. Tenth Row; Shorpe, John Avery, Delta Upsilon, White P loins, N, Y,; Shaw, Lloyd R., Jr., Statesville; Shell, Williom Gaston, Dallas: Sherrill, Gary Petreo, Thomasville; Shuford, Fuller Adoms, Beto Theta P., Asheville; Simpson, Haywood Giles, Jr., Roxboro. SOPHOMORES First Row: Sink, Jii i.§ 1 .u.yiii ' Sinit, Ben Lewis, Winston-Solerr Lee, High Point; Sloughter, James Beom, Long- hurst; Small, F. David, Morehead City, Smiley, Gory Roy, Pi Lambda Phi, Spartanburg, 5, C; Smith, Conie Brown, Delta Kappo Epsilon, Asheviile. cond Row: lith. Carlo Anzelette, Chapel Hill; Smith, inry Boscom, Jr., Alpho Phi Omega, Monroe; lith, Jerry Julion, Stotesville; Smith, William m, Winston-Salem; Smothers, Thomos Ed- ird, Chi Psi, High Point; Sneod, James Whor- 1, Jr., Williamston. Third Row: Snipes, Lelio Darleen, Chapel Hill; Snyder, Richard Gray, Lewisville; Sobel, Arthur H., Tau Epsilon Phi, Meponsit, N. Y., Sorrell, Jean Gray, Dunn; Southerlond, Doniel R., Arlington, Va , Sowers, Jerry Williom, Chi Psi, High Point. Fourth Row: Sparrow, Charles M., Greensboro, Spivey, John Milton, Mebane; Stoley, Dole Edgar, Wilkes- boro; Stanford, Don Carlton, Burlington, Staple- ton, Robert Leighton, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Gas- tonia, Stornes, Robert Herron, Jr., Henderson- ville. Fifth Row: Stornes, Thomas Monroe, Concord; Stoton, Robert Vincent, Kappo Alpha, Hendersonville, Steed, John Cowgleton, Chapel Hill, Stefonoy, George, Jacksonville; Stevens, Charles Henry, Washington, D. C; Stewart, Corbett Coe, Lambda Chi Alpha, Roanoke, Va. Sixth Row: Stewart, William Ernest, Marshville; Stout, Stephen Early, Alpha Tau Omeaa, Durham; Straus, Philip Charles, New York, N, Y.; Strona. Michoel Jacob, Rhinebeck, N. Y.; Sturdivont, Walter Cabot, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Atlanta. Go.; Summerlin, Horry Holler, Jr., Phi Mu Alpha, Launnburg. Seventh Row: Surrott, Charles Thomas, Spencer; Sutton, Lewis Fronklyn, Kappa Sigma, Goldsboro; Swoim, Olin Clay, Winston-Salem; Taylor, Richard Lewis, ZetQ Psi, Oxford; Tennont, Richard Douglas, Crossnore, Thomas, Bennett Allen, Jr., Alpha Phi Omega, Morven. Eighth Row: Thomas, Cloude B., Jr., Winston-Salem, Thomas, Molcom Lindsey, Maxton; Thomos, Rudolph Moddrey, Roanoke Rapids, Thomosson, Wood- row Wynn, Oxford; Thompson, Ernest Lynwood, III, Tryon, Thompson, Jean Cehron, Warsaw. Ninth Row: Thompson, Matt Lee, Jr., Chapel Hill, Thomp- son, William Bernard, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Alta Vista, Va , Tillman, Clifton Hunter. Rox- boro, Todd, Laurence Houston, Jr., East Bend; Toland, Hugh James, Jr., Asheviile, Tompkins, Charles Vowter, Jr., Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alexandria, Vc. Tenth Row: Trochtenberg, Stephen Joy, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Lambda Phi, Jacksonville; Trice, Raymond Eorl, Delta Sigma Pi, Durham; Tulloch, Charles William, Aberdeen; Turner, Henry Cotlett, Beta Theta Pi, Greensboro; Underwood, John Gordon, Charleston, S. C ; Upton, Thomas Hugh, Jr., Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Raleigh. SOPHOMORES First Row: Usina, Ralph Stellies, Kappa Alpha, Macon, Ga.; Venters, W. Victor, Phi Gamma Delta, Richlands; Voorhis, Julio Sprogue, Chapel Hill; Wogner, Louis Andrew, Garden City, N, Y ; Walker, John Luther, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Roanoke, Va., Walker, Leroy Epps, Marion. Second Row; Wall, David Lee, Winston-Salem, Wallace, Kelley, Jr., Aurora, Walters, Thomas Noble, Alpha Phi Omega, Tarboro; Word, Ervin Sher- wood, Smithfield; Word, Marvin Elwood, Phi Gomma Delta, Battleboro; Wardrup, Leo C, Jr., Alpha Tou Omega, Middlesboro, Ky. Third Row Sid- Worehime, Edwin Lynn, Durham, Warner, ney Rogers, Council; Worren, Bert Borrow, Farmville; Warren, Eli Anderson, Robersonville; Warren, Troy Morvin, Clinton, Weil, John Wil- liam, Chi Phi, Charlotte. Fourth Row: Weinberger, David Jay, Pi Lambdo Phi, Tampa, Flo.; Weinstein, Robert Morton, Zeto Beta Tou, Greensboro; Wellons, Robert Leon, Selma, Wenfl, John R., Ill, Morven, West, Billy Ray, Plymouth, West, Tommy, Charlotte. Fifth Row: Westmoreland, Joseph Robert, Canton, Whatley. James Everett, Atlanta, Go, Whitoker, Roy Gilbert, Burlington, White, Jomes Dean, Chi Psi, Raeford, White, William Henry, Jr., San- tord; Whitehead, Eugene T., Ml, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappo Sigma, Scotland Neck. Sixth Row: Whitfield, Paul Leroy, Durham; Whitt, John Franklin, Kernersville; Wilkins, Leroy Edward, Stem; Williams, Ben George, Chicago, III ; Wil- liams, James Allen, St. Anthony Hall, Chapel Hill; Williams, Richard Douglass, Brookneol, Va. Seventh Row: Williams, Thomas Murray, Zeto Psi, Raleigh; Williamson, Harold Everette, Sims; Williamson, Stanley Morris, Charlotte; Willis, Richard Wei- don, Jr., Asheville; Willis, Williom Arthur, Jr., Foyetteville; Wilson, Lowrence A., Jr., Absecon, N. J. Eighth Row: Wilson, Roy Williom, Marion; Winslow, Julian Emmett, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Hertford; Winston, Barry Thomas, St Anthony Hall, Chapel Hill, Woltz, Ben vanDolsem, Sigma Chi, Greens- boro; Wood, Arnold Terry, Phi Kappa Sigma, Charlotte; Wood, Roy S., Jr., Delta Upsilon, APO 175, N. Y. Ninth Row: Woodoll, Reuben Smith, Reidsville; Woodord, Wilmo C, Beaufort; Worshom, Edword Erie, Ruffin, Wroy, George Williamson, Jr., Charlotte; Wright, Daniel Worth, Pittsboro, Wright, Donald Lee, Ruffin. Tenth Row: Yang, Kenneth Chi-Kun, Taichung, Formosa; Yowell, Robert Kluttz, Koppo Sigma, Raleigh; Zemon, Jacob Horold, Pi Lambda Phi, Williom- ston; Zimmermon, Edward Kline, Elizabeth City; Zollicoffer, John Hilliord, Jr., Delta Koppo Epsilon, Henderson; Zwohlen, Roberto Ann, Kappa Delta, Chapel Hill. Officers of the freshman class are, seated, Jerry Jones, Vice-President, and Tucker Yates, President. Standing, Don Furtodo, Secretary, Martha Pcindexter, Social Chairman, and Tom Long, Treasurer. Candidates eagerly watch the election returns they ore posted in Graham Memorial. Page 88 FRESHMEN First Row: Abbott, Richard Choffin, Mount Airy, Abernethy, Joseph Michael, Newton, Abernethy, William Ran- dolph, Hickory; Abramson, John Michael, Baltimore, Md; Adams, George Bryan, Jr., Charlotte; Adams, Robert Taylor, Alexandria, Va ; Adcock, William Olin, Jr., Nashville, Tenn. Second Row: Agee, George Spencer, Winston-Salem; Albert, Rudolf Franz, Lakewood, Ohio; Alexander, John Thomas, Jr., Statesville; Alford, James David, Zebulon, Alford, Jim Wayne, Durham, Allegood, Carleton Word, Wilmington; Allen, Harvey Addi- son, High Point. Third Row: Allen, Jay Lloyd, Four Oaks, Alphin, Oliver Wen- dell, Mount Olive, Anderson, Arthur Reginald, New Bern, Andrews, James Addison, Jr., Durham; Arey, Tony Josephus, Concord, Attoway, LeRoy Bonks, Jr., Beaufort, S. C, Austin, Charles Wil- liam, Ruffin. Fourth Row: Baggett, Morton Tew, Smithfield; Bailey, William Chillis, Chattanoogo, Tenn , Baity, John Thomas, Jr., Mount Airy; Baker, Charles Louis, Raleigh; Bollis, Kim, Charleston, S C , Ballou, Meredith Cowles, Grassy Creek, Borbee, James Dorris, Jr., Cramerton. Fifth Row: Borker, Graden Lee, Jr., Oriental, Barkley, Carl Adolphus, Winston-Salem, Barkley, James Edgar, Enfield, Barks, Coleman Bryan, Chattanoogo, Tenn., Barnes, Williom Watson, Wilson, Barnette, Larry Evan, Moreheod City, Barnhardt, John Moc- Farland, Concord. Sixth Row: Barrier, Boyd Ray, Jonas Ridge, Barrington, Richard Everett, Hamlet; Barrow, Robert Mongum, Norfolk, Va , Bass, Horris Hartwell, Henderson, Baucom, Bennie Winfred, Concord, Baucom, Edward Bryce, Rockinghom, Bayliff, James Douglas, Graham. Seventh Row: Beosley, Cooper Bryant, Four Ooks; Belango, Poul Bryon, Creswell, Bell, Joseph Taylor, Chapel Hill; Bender, John Joseph, Red Springs; Bender, John Robert, Jr., Winston-Salem; Bender, Neil Carmi- choel, Pollocksville; Bennett, Joseph Collier, Ashe- ville. Eighth Row: Benthall, Ruben Alwin, Rich Square, Berg, Lowrence Stephen, Asbury Park, N. J.; Berger, Michael David, East Paterson, N. J.; Bernhardt, Chorles John, Charlotte, Betts, Leonidas Judd, Varina, Billings, Richard LeRoy, Jr., Durham, Biren, David Robert, Arlington, Va. 1. ■§ Ninth Row: Bishop, Robert Ellis, Kinston; Bishop, Wayne Stoton, Greenville, Bivens, Charlie Nolan, Ruth, Black, Charles Benaji, Cherryville; Block, Geoffrey Laurence, Montreal, Quebec, Block, John William, Charlotte, Block, Kenneth Austin, Durham. Tenth Row: Blackwood, Carl Walter, Farmville; Blake, Shelley Woyne, Aberdeen; Blakely, Robert Fronklin, Spar- tanburg, S C; Blolock, Julian David, Prospect Hill; Blume, Charles Howard, Jr., Jacksonville, Flo,; Bolick, Thomas Dean, Hickory, Bondurant, J. Kermit, Mount Airy. Eleventh Row: Borden, Robert Hones, Goldsboro; Boroughs, Otis Cloirel, Jackson Springs, Bostic, William New- berry, Beulaville; Boyette, Clorence Robert, Wilson, Boyette, Robert Otis, Chodbourn; Bozmon, Gerald Parks, Howorth, N. J.; Bradshaw, Rush Leonard, Belmont. FRESHMEN First Row; Brome, Robert Webb, Sanford, Brand, Robert Alfred, Wilmingfon, Brandon, John Lewis, Durham; Branhom, David Allen, Roleigh; Branner, William Arthur, Jr., Chorlotte. Braswell, James Michoel, Charlotte; Brewer, Ernest Craven, Fa. son. Second Row: Bridgers, Julian Dalma, Jr., Conway, Briggs, Lin- wood Fronklin, Sunbury, Brock, Rutus Leo, Farm- ington, Brooks, John Charles, Greenville; Brown, Franklin Roosevelt, Tarboro, Brown, Walter Mon- roe, Burlington, Brown, Walter Newton, Winston- Third Row: Browning, Robert Locke, Jr., Monroe, Bruggeworth, Robert Boyd, Chothom, N J.; Buckley, Donald Sigmon, Lincolnton, Burke, William Richard, Jr., Wilson, Burney, Fredric Arlen, Wadesboro; Burn- ham, Claude Francis, South Mills; Burroughs, Robert Montgomery, Charlotte. Fourth Row: Burtless, Stanford Lee, Jr., Huntington, W. Vo.; Busby, Reginald Conway, Charlotte; Butler, Charles Ayden, Jr., Morganton; Butler, Leslie Grahom, Aulonder; Butler, William Adelbert, Rochester, N. Y., Bynum, Frank Mines, Jr., Raleigh; Coin, Lee Roy, Elizabethtown. Fifth Row: Caldwell, Jimmy Alexander, Lincolnton; Caldwell, Joe! DeWoyne, Mooresville; Campbell, Lloyd Men- nen, Taylorsville; Campbell, William Lester, Bur- lington, Canfield, Charles Stephen, Jr., Moreheid City, Corden, William Arthur, Kernersville, Carter, Clarence W., Winston-Salem. Sixth Row: Carter, Gray Euge Robert Wilson, Selm Albemarle, Caton, blee, James Gray, Robert, Lourelton, Jamestown. le, Winston-Soiem Carter, , Cashwell, Richard Gordon, sward Allen, Wilson. Cham- Louisburg, Chason, Darryl I. Y., Chesson, Jock Holt, f I f f Seventh Row: Chezney, Mary Lovell, Hollywood, Flo., Church, Clay Franklin, Jr., Kinston, Clark, Edwin Harrison, Jr., Belmont Hills, Penn.; Clement, William Carter, Roleigh; Cody, Lewis Randolph, Gastonio; Coffin, Horris Alexander, Jr., Ashcboro, Coggin, Dewey Otis, Jr., Winston-Salem. Eighth Row: Cohen, Jerry Edward, Morganotn, Coley, Charles Rowe, Newton. Collier, Forrest Leonard, III, Char- lotte, Collins, Dovid Bruce, Myrtle Beach, S. C; Collins, James McLeod, Southern Pines; Collins, Nick, Charlotte, Colluro, Vincent Poul, Key West, Ninth Row: Colon, Robert J., Emerson, N J , Connell, James Paul Beadsley, Jr., Henderson, Cooper, Wilson Reid, Jr., Signal Mountain, Tenn., Corbin, Donald, Flushing, N. Y.; Corkey, Dovid Conard, Charlotte; Corpening, John Kelly, Lenoir; Corpening, William Morris, Horse Shoe. Tenth Row: Cowon, Gaylord Hunt, Forest City Cowan, Robert Jenkins, Greensboro; Cox, Richard Hayword, Jr., Four Oaks, Craft, Ruel Connor, Sorotoga Craig, Plezzy Harbor, Jr., Hillsboro; Creech, Paul Chester, Selma, Crist, Tokey, Jacksonville. Eleventh Row: Crowell, James Sheffield, Fayetteville; Crowther, Frank Harrison, Baltimore, Md.; Crye, Louie Sam, Statesville; Culbreth, Beverly Ann, Stedmon; Cul- breth, Ronold Craig, Fayetteville; Currin, Benjamin Fleming, Oxford, Cushman, Charles Arthur, Phila- delphia, Penn. If J r.. M . ' 1 KJi ' illii J FRESHMEN First Row: Cutchin, Lawrence McGMbra, Whitokers; Cuthrell, Jerry Hal, Belhaven, Dalton, John Weber, Jr., Forest City; Danenhower, Jon, Block Mountain; Daniel, Carey Williamson, Jr., Durhom; Danish, Nelson Arthur, Augusto, Go; Darden, Edward Claude, Jr., Aberdeen. Second Row; Darmstatter, George Edward, Brecksville, Ohio; Doughtridge, Charles Hardy, Rocky Mount, Davis, David McAllister, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Davis, Luther Joshua, Jr., South Mills; Davis, Robert Winston, Durham; Deal, Albert Leonard, III, Hick- ory; Deans, John Frederick, Wilson. Third Row: Deor, Morton, Charlotte; DeBank, Douglas Fredrick, Northport, N, Y.; DeBorde, Lyndon Walls, Elkin; Dees, Anthony Roone, Goldsboro, Demaree, Robert Hall, Jr., Pottstown, Penn.; Dickens, Clyde Phillip, Fuquay Springs; Dickson, Clyde Cecil, Jr., Charlotte. Fourth Row: Dillingham, Robert Poe, AshevMIe; Dimsdale, Jomes Richard, Cramerton, Diseker, Mildred Ann, Raleigh, Doggett, John Taylor, Greensboro; Dorsey, Melville Howard, Oxford, Dosher, Harry Randall, Chapel Hill, Driscoll, Raymond Levering, Jr., Kensington, Md. Fifth Row: Dui nhom. Ken Ed« rard, Lynbrook , N. Y,; Du inlap, Be ijomin Emerson, , Wagri am; Dur ham, , Victor Lee, Bur lington ; Durst, Broadi IS Edwo rd, J Ir., Dur ham; Ear nhordt, Roger Lorry, Monroe !, Ed Iney, G ireen- fit in od, Morsholl; Edwards, Robert Luther, Raleigh. Sixth Row: Edwards, Rudolph Lee, Rutherfordton; Eisenberg, Richard, Lawrence, N Y.; Elledge, John Warren, Hoys, Ellis, David Alfred, Gamboa, Canal Zone, Ellis, Lamar Hamilton, Atlanta, Go, Ellwonger, David Corroll, Ruffin; Epps, Jomes Hows, III, Johnson City, Tenn. Seventh Row: Erwin, James Price, Jr., Durham, Estridge, Johnny Roy, Ansonville, Etheridge, William Douglas, Oak City; Evans, Gabriel Morlin, High Point, Evans, Merrill Jarvis, Ahoskie, Fair, Jackson Glenn, Jr., Louisville, Ky., Folk, Michael David, New York, N. Y. Eighth Row: Falls, Robert Lawrence, Durham, Farrell, Frank Wilson, Jr., Lillington, Foucette, John Roberts, Swannanoo; Feichter, Rex Roland, Woynesville; Fields, William Robert, Greensboro, Fink, Gretchen Boles, Chapel Hill; Fitts, Walter Middleton, Lexing- ton, Ky. Ninth Row: Flahive, James Francis, Short Hills, N J., Floyd, Jack William, Kings Mountoin, Fogleman, James Claude, Burlington, Fowlkes, Edward Bynum, Tarboro; Fox, John William, Clark, N. J , Frasier, LeRoy Benjamin, Durham, Frasier, Ralph Kennedy, Durham. Tenth Row: Froiier, Richard Ernest, Goldsboro, Freeman, Alton brooks, Randleman, Fulcher, Wolter Graham, Morehead City, Fuller, Carl Lee, Burlington, Furr, Guilford Eorl, Charlotte, Furtodo, Donald Atlas, Garner, Furtado, Robert Anthony, Garner. Eleventh Row: Gaines, John Alexander, Jr., Sontord; Gardner, Homer Gerney, Salisbury, Garrett, Cecil Franklin, Ehzobeth City, Gay, Walter Ross, Zebulon, Giord, Donald Joseph, Block Mountain; Gibson, Jerome Morrison, Statesville; Gilliam, Ned Donald, Char- lotte. FRESHMEN First Row: Gilliam, William Richard, Elon College; Givens, Michael Carlisle, Chorlotte; Grover, Arthur Julian, Salisbury; Godwin, Billy Roy, Mount Olive; Godwin, Herman Allen, Jr., Dunn; Godwin, William Ston- ford, Erwin; Goldsmith, Albert Lewis, Jr., Lincoln- ton. Second Row; Goodman, Alvin Stewart, Charlotte; Goodman, Ed- word Jay, Portsmouth, Va,; Goodrich, Dovid Whit- more, Winston-Salem; Gottlieb, Seomon H., Hampton, Vo.; Graff, Aaron David, Maplewood, N. J.; Graham, Larry Gregson, Goldston; Grausman, Richard Irvin, New York, N. Y. Third Row: Gray, Bobby William, La Grange; Gray, Robert McDonald, III, Ft. Bragg; Green, Rodney Gay, Raleigh; Greenblott, Herbert Ira, Woodmere, N. Y.; Greene, Peter Sharpe, Blowing Rock; Griffin, Carl Henderson, Rome, Go.; Griffin, Curtis Parks, Mo shville Fourth Row; Grimes, Thomas Robert, Wendell; Grodsky, Peter P., Durham; Grogon, Emmett Smith, Martinsville, Vo.; Guy, Samuel Cole, High Point; Haddod, George Milton, Kinston; Hagoman, Robert Preston, Lenoir; Hall, Kenneth Tinsley, Jr., Durham. Fifth Row: Hall, Wilkes Suttle, Charlotte; Hambrick, Robert Theodore, Jr., Hickory; Hamill, Roscoe Wilkins, III, Weldon; Hamilton, George Hege, Winston-Salem; Hamilton, Phillip Ronald, McColl, S. C; Hanchey, George Allon, Wallace; Hardesty, Willis Stanton, Rocky Mount. Sixth Row; Harding, Benjamin Renny, Mockville; Hardison, Rossie Pinkney, Jr., Wallace; Hare, James Stewart, Wilmington; Hare Jeffrey Averill, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Harrell, Betty Dare, Chapel Hill; Horrell Bobby Ray, Wilmington; Harrigan, William Dwight, Fulton. Ala. Seventh Row: Horrill, James Albert, Jr., Winston-Salem; Harris, Albert Perry, Noshville; Harris, Leon Johnson, Jr., Henderson; Harris, Mary Ben, New London; Horri- son, Henry Theo, Jr., Draper; Harriss, Herbert Henry, Wilson; Hortmon, Alfred Pleasant, Winston- Solem. Eighth Row; Hatcher, Wade Lemuel, Jr., Asheville; Hatley, G. E., Jr., Albemarle; Hayes, Jock Aycock, Rocky Mount; Hayes, Michael Kelly, Greensboro; Hoy- worth, Roy Milton, Asheboro; Heoly, Patrick, IV, Washington, D. C; Heitman, Henry Noding, Jr., Winston-Salem. Ninth Row: Henderson, Perrin Quarles, Charlotte; Henderson, William Douglas, Ellerbe; Hendren, Williom Grant, New Bern; Herring, Benjamin Cosey, Goldsboro, Herring, Paul Donald, Clinton; Herring, Robert Bobb, Goldsboro; Hess, George Richard, Philadel- phi Pa. Tenth Row: Hester, John Nicholas, III, Reidsville; Heyman, Edward Bruce, Hendersonville; Hickman, William Elliott, Southport; Hickmon, James Ralph, Wrights- ville Beach; High, Roy Shelton, Raleigh; Highsmith, James Milton, Robersonville; Hight, Bruce Gurman, Henderson. Eleventh Row: Hipps, Gary Melvin, Tryon; Hofler, Betty Carolyn, Gotesville; Holdford, James Edward, Wilson; Hol- land, Hermon Miles, Cramerton, Holland, Max Kcrmit, Stotesville; Holmes, Richard Gordon, Greenwich, Conn.; Holmes, William Henry, IV, Woshington. FRESHMEN First Row: Holt, Leonidos Causey, Julia Winston-Salem; Hood, Jo Hooper, Frank Ross, Reid Evans, High Point; Home, George Nelson, Besse City, Horner, William Edv ndros, John Louis, Roefield, Dover; Hoover, Charles Sonfo Second Row: Horwifi, Burton Allan, Raleigh; Houser, Wayne Logon, Vale; Houston, John Borr, Lenoir; Howord, Claude Cullom, Foyetteville; Howard, Donald Kelly, Shelby; Howe, Duone Arlon, Roanoke Rapids, Howe ' s, Jonothon Broome, Knoxville, Tenn. Third Row: Hucks, Ronnie Dorrell, Sophia; Hudson, Blaine Steven, Zirconia; Hudson, Philip Lynn, Asheboro; Huttmon, WiMiam George, Hickory; Hunnicutt, John Edward, Poftctown, Penn ; Hunt, Singleton Jarrett, Jr., Wilmington; Huntington, Charles Rid- dell, Spartanburg, S- C. Fourth Row: Hutchison, Allie Albert, Winston-Solem; Hutton, Frederick Prother, Greensboro; Hyatt. Harvey Joke, Bryson City; Ingle, Clyde Reid, Whitsett; Inmon, Franklin Pope, Jr., Kinston; Iscley, Thomos Ruftin, Greensboro; Isley, Ronald Wayne, Burlington. Fitth Row: Joekson, Richard Owen, Chapel Hill; Jackson, Thomos Bryon, Jr., Kinston; Jomcs, Ellis Whedon, Norfolk, Va ; James, James Franklin, Liberty; Jamison, Victor Graham, Jr., Dover, Del ; Jarrett, Charles Leonard, Lincolnton; Jennings, Edward Harrington, Washington, D, C, Sixth Row: Jennings, Richard Wotts, Greensboro; Johnson, Atlee Rollins, Benson; Johnson, Dan Rommie, Winston-Solem; Johnson, Harold Weston, Jr., Fuquay Springs; Johnson, Johnny Richard, Angier; Johnson, Obie Taylor, Jr., Graham; Johnson, Wil- liam Harrison, Jr., Stotesville. Seventh Row: Johnson, William Rhodes, Yanceyville; Jolly, W. O., Ill, Ayden; Jones, Arthur Loidler, 111, Tryon Jones, Chilton Robert, Tarboro; Jones, Jerry Lee, Raleigh, Jones, Robert Woyne, Chopel Hill; Jordan, George Albert, Morshville. Eighth Row: Jordan, Jomes Clyde, Jr., Greensboro; Jourdan, Alton Jock, Gulf, Joyce, Otis Pleosont, Jr., Stone- ville; Kotiin, Alfred Julian, Winston-Salem, Keever, Daniel C, Charlotte; Keisler, Samuel Ray, Clore- mont; Kelly, Edward, James, Jr., Flemingsburg, Ky. Ninth Row: Kenan, Glenn Lee, Asheboro; Kenan, Thomos Stephen, III, Durham; Kenion, Jack Anderson, Mc- Leansviile; Killion, Leonard Marion, Hickory, Kil- linger, Robert Peter, Washington, D C ; Kilpotrick, Joshuo Marshall, Robersonville; Kimcl, Jacob Daniel, Jr., Winston-Salem. Tenth Row: King, Jimmy Brown, Jr., Asheboro; King, J. Bruc II, Matthews, King, William Oliver, Louisbun Kirk, Bobby Clork, Chapel Hill, Kirkmon, Alv Lorkin, High Point; Klein, William Skeele, Swai nanoa, Knox, Robert Joseph, Salisbury. Eleventh Row Koontz, Dor Paul, Ned, Elkin; Koska, Roanoke, Va ; Kosko, George Lee, Roanoke, Va,; Kridel, John Edgar, South Orange, N. J ; Locy, Emmett Howell, Jr., Winston-Solem; Lambert, William Paxton, Princeton, W. Va ; Loney, Neill McCouley, Wilmington. FRESHMEN First Row: Lasley, John Archie, Jr., Winsfon-Salem; Laton, Joseph Fronklin, Aberdeen; Louten, Robert Chorles, Jersey City, N. J.; Lowing, Eugene Morris, Char- lotte, Loyton, Garrett Sipple, Bridgeville, Del ; Lozorus, Jacob, Charlotte; Lea:h, John Sonders, Wilson. Second Row: Leder, Paul Morton, Whifeville; Lee, Lauchlin Mc- Kinnon, Lumberton; Lee, Robert Walker, Salisbury; Lefebure, Christion Emile, Elmhursf, L. 1 ; Lefko- witl, Louis Hirsch, Spring Volley, N. Y., Lefler, Wode Hampton, Jr., Newton; Legette, Jim Fox- worth, Winston-Solem. Third Row; Lewis, Thomos Earl, Hendersonville; Light, James Madison, Jr., Leaksville; Liles, John Robin, III, Littleton; Lind, Edward William. Rockingham; Lindsey, Gordon Hunter, Great Neck, N Y ; Line- weover, Francis B., Greensboro; Little, Howard Q. L., Jr., Gibsonville. Fourth Row: Little, James Thomas, Jr., Greenville; Littleton, Roy Edward, Jr., New Bern; Lohr, Lawrence Luther, Jr., Raleigh; Lomox, John William, Charlotte Long, James Monroe, Blanch; Long. Jerry Alexan- der, Burlington; Long, Thomos Veoch, II, Thomas- FiHh Row: Lopp, Roy Gory, Robe Thomasville; Lowder, Estus, Konnapoiis; Luesing, Williom Henry, Hunt- ington, W. Vo.; Lyon, John Doiley, Wake Forest; Lyons, William Jomes, Chapel Hill; McCain, Robert Maxwell, Jr., Woxhaw; McCall, William Perry, Leitchfield, Ky. Sixth Row: McCorter, William Ronold, Burlington; McCaw, Chorles Edwin, Hamlet; McCuiston, William Thomas, Greensboro, McColl, David Kenneth, III, Bennetts ville, S. C; McCollum, Robert LeVon, Reidsville; McCollum, Timothy Gordon, Greensboro; McCoy, Dennis Frederick, Upper Montclair, N. J. Seventh Row: McCreight, David Wilson, Ruby, S. C ; McDoniel, Eugene Morvin, Jr., Martinsville, Va ; McDovId, James Evans, Fayetteville; McGalliord, Roy Alexan- der, Lenoir; McGrow, David Jomes, Greensboro, McGuire, Roger K., Boone; Mclntyre, Neal Duncon, Red Oak. Eighth Row: McLeod, James Benton, Raeford; McLester, Wil- liam Dumas, Lumberton; McNoull, William Dresser, Jr., Charlotte; McNeely, Richard Pope, Statesville, McNeill, James Richard, Winston-Salem; McNeill, Kenneth Mothieson, Lumberton; McNeill, Vinson Andrew, Chapel Hill. Ninth Row: McPherson, Henry Clay, Jr., High Point; Maddrey, Charles Hoggard, Ahoskie; Moddox, Mason Ran- dolph, Boone, Major, Joseph Edmund, Anderson, S. C ; Malcolm, James Blair, Charlotte, Manning, Oren Reid, Gastonia; Margolis, Herman Albert, St Pauls. Tenth Row: Morkham, Robert Wade, Apex; Marks, Lawrence Weil, Miami, Fla ; Marshall, Earl H., Raleigh, Marshall, Sam Keesler, Gaston a; Morsholl, Samuel Wesley, Elkm; Martin, Jan Bailey, Mayodan; Mar- tin, Robert Edward, Rondleman Eleventh Row: Mottox. Horry Webb, Murphy; Moyberry, Roland Leroy, Gostonio, Moydonis, George Andrew, Char- lotte; Moyo, George E., Ill, Fremont; Mayo, Wil- liam Fredrick, Fountain; Meehan, Richard Carl, Charlotte, Melville, Robert Harold, Whiteville. i il 1 f FRESHMEN First Row: Meniel, James Harry, Southern Pines: Mercer, Christopher Melehor, Washington, D C : Merrimon, Bill W., Raleigh; Metcolf, Clifton Blake, Brevard; Miley, Jesse J., Jr., Aberdeen; Millen, Don Wof- ford, Charlotte; Miller, Arnold Knight, III, Gold- iton. Second Row: Millen, Aubrey Phillip, Salisbury; Miller, Bruce Con- field, Rocky Mount; Miller, Gerald Wayne, Denton; Miller, Hal Moeon, Raleigh; Miller, Warren Morlin, Arlington, Va.; Mincey, Doyid Lawrence, Charlotte; Minschew, Williom Edward, Jr., Wilson. Third Row: Mirmon, Stephen A., Roleigh; Mobley, Bobby Glen, Robersonville; Mobley, Cloy Norman, Charlotte; Montgomery, Leslie Grayson, Semora; Moore. Ben- jamin Eugene, Jr., Washington, D C ; Moore, Charles Vance, Gastonio; Moore, Clifton Leonard, Burpaw, Fourth Row: Moore, Don Reginald, North Wilkesbor. Mo James Edgar, Greenville; Moore, Leopold Paul, III, Montreot; Morgan, Rolond Douglos, Asheboro; Morris, Anthony, Alexandria, Va ; Morris, Kenny Jordan, Four Oaks; Morrow, Richard Thomas, Wash- ington, D. C. Fifth Row: Moss, Dyer Spring, Jr., Charlotte; Mullen, Neil Clayton, Lincolnton; Murphy, Donald Lee, Winston- Salem; Myatt, George P., High Point; Myers, Dovid Walter, Winston-Salem; Nonce, Donald Lee, Char lotte; Nash, Edmund Strud, Winston-Salem. Sixth Row: Neller, Arthur Augustus, Jr., Greensboro; Nelms, Thomas Dorsey, Nashville; Nester, Jerry Glenn, Mount Airy; Neville, Grohom Riley, Enfield; Newby, Walter Franklin, Jr., Thomosville; Newman, Michael Stanford, High Point; Nibbelink, Jan Christiansen, High Point. Seventh Row: Nicholas, Donald Williom, Winston-Salem; Nicholas, Richard Henry, Winston-Solem; Nichols, William Randolph, Ahoskie; Noblin, Charles Royster, Ox- ford; Norman, Lorry Eugene, Valdese; Norris, John Bryant, Oxford; Norungolo, Anthony James, San- ford. Eighth Row: Norwood, William S., Kannapolis; Nushon, Morvin George, Salisbury; O ' Keefe, Edward Fronklin, Winsfon-Salem; Olson, Robert Mortimer, Kenly; Owens, John Bruce, Norfolk, Vo ; Owens, Russell Glenn, Jr., Gates; Paige, George Robert, Reidsville. Ninth Row: Poine, Sidney Betts, Newberry, S. C; Palmer, Lillian Ann, Valdese; Palmer, William Leo, Valdese; Parker, Eugene Whitlock, Albemarle; Parker, Wil- liam Franklin, Statesville; Portin, Mary Jocqueline, Carrboro; Patterson, Fredrick Brocfon, Asheboro. Tenth Row: Potton, Robert Lewis, Jr., Charlotte; Poxton, Wil- liam Coalter, Jr., Wilson; Peacock, Willie Gordon, Four Ooks; Pfoff, James Orville, Winston-Salem; Peck, Harvey, Durham; Peek, Robert Young, Albe- marle; Peeler, Lorry Dixon, Salisbury. Eleventh Row: Pendergroph, Robert Adolphus, Durham; Perry, Robert Hastings, Washington, D C ; Phelon, Leo Hold, III, Charlotte; Pinkleton, Jock B., Grover; Pinto, Paul Arthur Moddox, Waco, Texas; Pittman, James Evans, Williamston; Pleasants, Doniel John, Jr., Rowlond. f f f .SL FRESHMEN First Row: Plunkett, Frank Andrew, Pleasant Garden; Poplin, Johnny Goskin, Albemarle; Potter, Ralph Meredith, Wilmington; Power, Jock Joseph, Miami, Fla.; Powell, John Perry, Leaksville; Pressman, Alon Edword, Charlotte; Price, Lewis Benjomin, Jr., Arlington, Va. Second Row: Price, Mox M., Asheville; Price, Robert Edwin, Jr., Reidsville; Pugh, Charles Elroy, Shiloh; Pugh, Donold Lacy, Asheboro; Pultz, Alan Loverne, Greensboro; Purgason, Jerry Glenn, Guilford Col- lege; Purks, Ji ames Harri ' Ml, , Chapel Hill. Third Row: Purnell, William Henry, J ir., Ocean City , Md.; Quinn, Gerald Hoywood, W ars ,aw; Ron isey. Robert Tolmadge, Ro xboro; Roi Id, T om Slod e, Fr emont; Roper, James Robert, Luc an- la; Rattay, Herbert Raymond, Irv ington, N. J Ray, W alter Allen, Winston-Salem Fourth Row: Read, James Milton, Jr., Halifax; Reaves, Hubert Douglas, Jr., Foyetteville; Redding, Donald San- born, Asheboro; Reece, William Todd, Andrews; Reed, John Henry, Poland, Ohio; Renn, Randy Lowry, Henderson; Resch, Alan Dewer, Siler City. Fifth Row: Reyner, Charles Stephen, Greenville, S. C; Reynolds, Frances Ellen, Newton: Reynolds, James Elmer, Mount Airy; Rhodes, John Flint, Raleigh; Rhyne, Henry Henkel, Jr., Mount Holly; Rickenbacker, Barney LeRoy, Jr., Atlanta, Go; Riggs, Bubby Eugene, Mebane. Sixth Row: Riley, Milton Thomas, Fuquay Springs; Rivenbark Fred Augusta, Norfolk, Va ; Robbins, Edmond Gar land. Sec Girt, N, J.; Roberts, Basil Eli, Hudson Roberts, Bennett Watson Cowper, Durham; Robin son, Ennis Hughes, Wnghtsville Beach; Robinson Richord Hampton, Cramerton. Seventh Row Robinst in. Robert Hi Duston, Georgetown, Del.; Rogers, , Ted , Waynesv ille; Rogers, Thomas Swain, High F ' oint; Rogerson, John Edward, Willie imston; Rollins, Dexter Leake, Dallas, Texos; Rollins , Edwin Morris, Choi •lotte; Rolli ins, John Avery, Hen derson- ttf f f if Eighth Row. Rollins, Robert Jefferson, Winston-Salem; Roper, Eric Russell, Manhosset, N. Y,; Ross, Charles Albert, Kingsport, Tenn.; Rowell, Alonzo Glenn, Foyette- ville; Rowlond, George Edward, Mocksville; Rucker, Adin Henry, Jr., Spindale; Ruff, John Walter, Charlotte. Ninth Row: Rush, Benjamin Christopher, Star; Russell, Avery Battle, Chopel Hill; Russell, Doug N., Konnopolis; Saffo, George Vossilios, Jr., Wnghtsville Beoch; Sagner, Arnold Ira, Baltimore, Md.; Sally, Charles Hubert, Durham; Salz, Harvey A., Brooklyn, N. Y. Tenth Row: Sarsfield, Patrick Daly, Charlotte; Sawyer, Warren Patterson, Greenville; Schein, Stephen Lowrence, Beaufort, S C ; Schiffmon, Arnold Anthony, Greens- boro; Schwartz, Elliott Murnick, Charlotte; Scott, Harry White, Greenville; Scott, Samuel Edwin, Burlington. Eleventh Row: Scruggs, Joe Edward, Cliffside; Scurlock, David Caesar, Greensboro; Seamon, Jesse Lee, Jr., More- head City; Secrest, Alvin Jackson, Shelby; Sennett, Donald Ray, Winston-Salem; Senter, Hubert Wayne, Kipling; Setzer, George Edward, High Point. FRESHMEN First Row: Sewell, Welfon Curtis, Wilmington; Shapord, John Albert, Jr., High Point; Sharp, Douglas Wilson, Madison; Shorpe, Charles Monley, Elon College; Sharpe, Hubert Houston, Winston-Salem; Shaver, Seburn Jerry, Salisbury; Show, Foy J., Durham. Second Row: Show, Howard Franklin, Winston-Salem; Show, Mary Elizabeth, Raleigh; Shearin, Wiley Henry, Jr., Rocky Mount; Shelton, Charles Ranoal, Winston- Salem; Shinn, Hal Jerome, Jr., Gaffney, 5. C; Shirley, Morris Clinton, Jr., Morganton; Shoot, Poul Adams, Winston-Salem. Third Row: Shoe, Chorles Ronald, Charleston, S C ; Shonts, Theodore Howard, Charlotte; Shores, Patricia Bloir, Chapel Hill; Shutord, Horley Ferguson, Jr., Hickory, Shutord, Robert Freeman, Arden; Simmons, Woyne Poul, Hompsteod; Singleton, James Abraham, Red Springs. Fourth Row: Sifison, Jomes Andrew, Jr., Mount Airy; Sloan, Charles Henry, Arlington, Va , Sloan, David Bryon, Jr., Wilmington; Smith, Albert Sydney, Pink Hill Smith, Alvin Keith, Wadeville; Smith, Donnie Allen, Albemarle; Smith, Fred J., Morgonton. Fifth Row: Smith, Garner Roosevelt, Harmony; Smith, Gibson Sherwood, Clinton; Smith, James Elastus, Four Oaks; Smith, Margoret Ann, Catensville, Md.; Smith, Patrick Delone, Peachland; Smith, Richard H., Kearny, N. J.; Smith, Robert Williom, Morganton, Sixth Row: Smith, Samuel Irby, Roanoke Rapids; Smith, Thomas Melvin, Ramseur; Smyre, Billy Mac, Newton; Sneed, Williom Thompson, Oxtord; Sowers, Chorles Lewis, Salisbury, Stanfield, Edward Rudd, Mebane, Speor, David Mayo, Madison, Seventh Row: Spedden, Elwood Harold, Jr., Chambersburg, Penn,; Spencer, Robert Donald, Chapel Hill; Steck, Fred- erick Herbert, Towson, Md ; Steele, Richard Eorle, Charlotte; Steinberger, Stan Mortin, Statesville; Stephenson, Lorry Adams, Willow Springs, Stern- berg, Alan Lonny, Long Beach, N. Y. Eighth Row: Stevens, James Timothy, Allentown, Penn ; Stewart, David Lee, Winston-Salem; Stewart, Robert Wright, Miami Beach, Fla,; Stokes, Julio Ann, Hertford, Stone, Richard Gabriel, Jr., Raleigh, Stribling, Jess Hawkins, Jr., Evanston, III, Strickland, Nothlee Curti! opoli: if If Ninth Row: Sugg, Charles Floyd, Seagrove; Sugg, William Archie, Jr., Chappaqua, N. Y.; Summerlin, Albert Eugene, Savannah, Go ; Summey, James Wirt, III, Gastonia; Sumner, Charles Wayne, Etowah; Sutton, James Dee, Jr., La Grange, Sweoringen, Fred Jones, Jr., Colonial Heights Va. Tenth Row: Tobb, Lester Mortin, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Tober, George Lindley, Glen Saint Mary, Flo.; Tolley, James Moynard, Jr., Durhom; Taylor, John Dimiter, West Palm Beach, Flo ; Taylor, Lawrence Arthur, Jr., Poplor Bluff, Mo.; Taylor, William Howard, Aber- deen; Tedder, Jimmie Dale, High Point. Eleventh Row: Tenenboum, Lee Josel, Atlonto, Ga ; Thocker, Millard Clyde, Timberlake, Thcirrington, James Horold, Raleigh; Thomas, Charles Avery, Jr., Burlington; Thomas, Robert E., Ramseur; Thomp- son, Charles Raymond, Asheville, Thompson, Wil- liam Cannon, Jr., Roanoke Rapids. FRESHMEN % f.f f First Row: Thorpe, Alexander Proudfit, III, Rocky Mount; Tiedeman, John Denby, Silver Spring, Md.; Tim- berloke, Roberts Edgar, Lexington; Tino, David Richer, Gastonra; Tise, Gary Francis, Winston- Salem; Todd, Edward Eugene, III, Winston-Soiem; Toler, William Henry, Jr., Rocl y Mount. Second Row: Tolmon, Ethon Colby, Dublin, N. H ; Tomlinson, Julius H., Thomosville; Toney, Lorry C, Roieigh; Tudor, Gerald Wyott, Angier; Tugman, Stuart Grady, Jr., Boone; Umstead, Gairy Ewell, Bohamo; Umstead, Larry Lyon, Bahama. Third Row: Upchurch, Jimmy Wolker, Apex; Upton, Stephen Richard, Jr., Smithfield; Voden, Harold Wayne, Reidsville; Vonce, James Rhen, Williomsport, Penn.; Vonderburg, Williom Lee, Goldsboro; Vaughan, John Southgate, Jr., Woodland; Veasey, Luther David, Durham. Fourth Row: Vick, Benjamin Richard, Asheboro; Visbet, Charles Richord, Charlotte; Wainer, Theodore Reuben, Winston-Solem; Waitmon, Albert Marvin, Fayette- ville; Wolker, Kenneth Russell, Spartanburg, S C; Walker, Lawrence Calvin, Burlington; Wolker, Robert Glenn, Hickory. Fifth Row: Waters, James Candler, Asheville; Weormouth Williom Harvey, Greenville, S. C ; Weaver, George Walter, Arlington, Va.; Weover, Roy Albert, Four Oaks; Weaver, Wilson, Fred, Lincolnton; Webster, David Wesley, Graham; Weiss, Howard Irving, High Point. Sixth Row: Welborn, James Ray, Marion, Welch, Jock H., Wil- liomston; Wells, Harry Warren, Chevy Chose, Md.; Whitoker, Donald Reid, Burlington; Whitaker, John Clarke, Jr., Winston-Salem; White, James Arnold, Pine Level; White, Jerry Michael, Winston-Salem. Seventh Row: Whitehead, Willis Lee, Chapel Hill; Whitehurst, Kenneth Wayne, Beautort; Whiteside, William Scott, Asheville; Whitty, John Randolph, New Bern; Widenhouse, Gary Eugene, Concord; Wilkins, Robert Mason, Durham; Williams, Clyde Franklin, Burlington. Eighth Row: Williams, David Robert, Biscoe; Williams, John Robert, Black Mountain; Willioms, Jon David, Maiden; Williams, Richard Edward, New Bern; Williams, Robert R., Asheville; Williford, Carl Patrick, Angier; Wilson, James Worren, State College, Penn. Ninth Row: Wilson, John Dee, Asheville; Wilson, Robert Murray, Asheboro; Wilson, Walter Warren, Jr., Graniteville, 5. C ; Wimberley, Robert Diggs, Rocky Mount; Winters, William Warfield, Spring Lake; Wirkus, Faustin Edmund, Baltimore, Md.; Withers, Abner Carr, Spencer. Tenth Row: Wood, Thomos Benbury, Edenton; Woodard, James William, II, Kenly; Woodard, Kenneth Paul, Selma; Worsley, George Lawrence, Jr., Rocky Mount; Wright, George Corver, Jr., Mount Airy; Wright, John Pot, Kinston; Yancey, Samuel Motz, Marion. Eleventh Row: Yates, Scott Tucker, Asheboro; Younce, Charles Pearson, Greensboro; Young, Charles Sherrill, Catawba; Young, Mickey Wayne, Winston-Salem; ZIotnicki, Bogdon Michoel, Colon. THE DAILY TAR HEEL J. A. C. Dunn Associate Editor Page 100 More independent and more lively than ever, the 1955-56 editions of The Daily Har Heel kept the campus talking and thinking. Controversy and full coverage of the campus were as common as copy pencils in the Graham Memorial offices. Six days per week an energetic staff served the campus a smart, eight-column, four-page package of news, sports, editorials, features, columns, and — as any professor will vouch — crossword puzzles. With Co-Editors Louis Kraor and Ed Yoder at the helm, the paper prodded and provoked on often- apathetic student body. Managing Editor Fred Powl- edge gathered together the most formidable staff in a college generation, and daily he led them in pro- ducing the best-looking, most complete paper in years. There were others, some of whom gained eight- point bold caps glory in by-lines and others whose work was known best only by their co-workers. They included News Editor Jackie Goodman, Sports Editor Wayne Bishop, Associate Editor J. A. C Dunn, Charlie Sloan, Bill Corpening Clarke Jones, Peggie Humphrey, Ethan Tolman and many others. These were the ele- ments, along with type and ink, that made The Daily Tar Heel, 1955-56. Fred Powledge Managing Editor Bill Bob Peel Business Manoger Wayne Bishop C ' i $ NEWS STAFF Gathered around Jackie Goodman, News Editor, are Joan McLean Mike Vester, Charlie Johnson, James Nichols, Susan Quinn, Charli( Sloan and Ethan Tolman. BUSINESS STAFF Fred Katzin, Dick Sirkin and Carolyn Nelson SPORTS STAFF Albert Goldsmith and Larry Cheek Poge 101 i, i. - v 1 ? .■ . ■ •L«»»«»fgB Opened in 1 93 1 , in memory of Edward Kidder Graham, the Graham Memorial Student Union has had eighteen directors in its twenty-four years. Now, with an improved and expanded program, the Union is to get its first " permanent " director. GM now sponsors the GM Activities Board functions, the Student Entertainment Committee presentations and Sound and Fury oroductions, as well as " extras " such as Aldous Huxley and e. e. cummings. Seoted: Don Fowler, Chairmar Yoder, Bob Young, Jock Stev David Reid. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Saunders, Sue Fink, Paul Ness, and Isabelle McLeod. Standing: Ed Wallace, Ed Borden, Norwood Bryan, Sam Magill, Jim Exum, and Page 103 STUDENT ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Seated Ruth Dalton, Ed Borden, Chair- man; and Jane Cocke. Standing: Don Freeman, Bob Young, Jim Wallace, Layton McCurdy, and Don Kurtz. GRAHAM MEMORIAL STAFF First Row Charlie Covell, Lew Robertson, Dan Turner, and Mrs. Douglas Fambrough. Second Row Dean Butler, Dusty Lamson, Leroy Griffin Ben Peele, Bill Cyr, ond Lorry Williams. Third Row Clyde Burleson, Doyid Reaves, Steve Stephenson, Erhord Katienbach, and Billy Godwin Page 104 Jim Wolloce, Advisor to GMAB; Anne Wrenn, Secretary; Vic Sydnor, Vice- President, Linda Monn, Vice-President; and Bob Young President. GMAB is the student programmir.g board of the Graham Memorial Student Union. The year ' s program began successfully with a freshman orientation dance, attended by about 2,300 students in the Tin Can Fre= flicks drew packed houses every Friday night. Roman- tic couples hove packed the new Rendezvous Room on Saturday nights. Outdoorsmen flocked to a Rod and Gun field meet. Charlie Peterson, the billiards expert, and the campus-wide Ping-Pong tourney drew crowds, " Heaven Help Us, " Sound and Furv ' s fall show, jammed Memorial Hall. GRAHAM MEMORIAL ACTIVITIES BOARD -- r f j M m — „ ■ 1 k. c ' 4SB S wi i ril Committee Chairmen Greene, Bob Stoton, Gedney, Jane Howie Ludwig, Juan West, i for the Roberta : Bob Hi nd Trissic Activities Board Tex Burleson Loura Erv in, Sylvia ], Ken Lowry, Bob Pat McBone, John Page 105 Page 106 S» » ' . « I " 1 Poge 107 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Officers are, seated, Mory Gillespie, President; Pot Dixon, Vice-President; Mishew Cooper, Secretary. Standing, Jean Robertson, Scholarship Chairman; Henri Von Order, Projects Chairman; Anne McCabe, Treasurer. Seoted Mockie Cloy, Chi Omega; Donna Ashcroft, Alpha Delta Pi; Solly Cowles, Pi Beta Phi, Nancy Buron, Chi Omega Kitty Colemon, Delta Delta Delto, Cory Coperton, Delta Delta Delto; Carolyn Nelson, Alpha Delta Pi; and Ann Williams, Pi Beta Phi, Standing; Joan Tidwell, Alpha Gammo Delta; Fronkie Junker, Alpha Gamma Delta; Mortho May, Koppo Delta; and Anne Scott, Kappa Delta. The purpose of the Panhellenic Council is to coordinate sorority affairs — the Council formulates the rules governing rush and supervises the rush program The main object is to foster friendly relations among the sororities Panhell is composed of three girls from each sorority plus their alumna adviser, a member of the Stray Greeks and an adviser from the office of the Dean of Women. Each spring Panhell sponsors a work- shop in which all sororities participote, as well as taking port in many community projects. Page 108 First Row: Connie Dixon, Kappo Alpha Theta Ann Edwards, Kappa Kappa Gamrr Fortier, Kappa Alpha Thefa, Susa man. Phi Mu. Second Row; Mary Lourin Gravely, Zeta Tau Alpha, Sondy Hirt, Gamma Phi Beta; Bunny Ktenke, Alpha Omicron Pi; Noncy Mc- Fodden, Kappa Kappo Gamma. Third Row; Edith Moore, Phi Mu; Betty Ann Neas, Phi Mu; Dare Peace, Phi Mu; Joan Rumpt, Kappa Kappo Gamma. Fourth Row: Mary Rutli Silliphont, Delta Gamma; Smith, Kappo Alpha Theto; Mary Wallace, Zeta Tou Alpha, Jane War ' Sigma Kappo. Nan Brown President STRAY GREEKS The Stray Greek Organization is composed of sorority girls whose choDters are not represented on this campus. Its aim is to provide a social outlet for its members, and to preserve the bonds of unity and sisterhood in sorority life. This group was founded in 1944 under the leadership of Twigg Branch. It has gained more and more recognition on campus since then, and its membership now totals almost thirty. This year the Stray Greeks handled the Panhellenic Post Office during sorority rush week, and each member served as a Panhellenic Adviser in her own dormitory. The Stray Greeks also took part in the Woman ' s Athletic program, service projects, and social activities. Page 109 ALPHA DELTA PI Alpha Delta Pi was founded nationally in 1 851 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon and chartered at the University of North Carolina November 11,1 939. Her colors are blue and white and her flower the woodland violet. The publi- cation of Alpha Delta Pi is The Adel- phean. First Row: Donna Ashcroft, President; Martha Beol, Ann Cooper, Sue Grumpier, Secretary. Second Row; Marilyn Hedrick, Vice-President; Liz Hoir Jennings, Janice Lovelace. Third Row: Ann McCabe, B. A. Mihm, Harriet Morgan, Carolyn Nelson. Fourth Row: Ann Nichols, Treasurer; Nancy Register, Shirley Saieed, Mary Helen Shelburne. Fitth Row: Frances Spain, Fri Harriette Watson Timberlake, June Ann Tingle Page 110 Donno Ashcroft President 1955 — -prosperous summer . . . six married, three engaged, four pinned and the rest of us still hopeful . . . rush — Register, Lovelace and Timberlake, Inc., paint porch furniture with poster paint while Liz cuts square bushes . . . McCabe hussies everyone to the beauty shop , . . Donna weeps, but has hair cut any- way . . . Nelson acquires hi-fi and begins music appreciation lessons . . . Fan-Tan craze hits us, with Horriette, Sue and June Ann running casino . . . Nichols gambles away sorority funds . . . Hedrick and Harriet-Gladys use steel patio to advantage . . . Cooper tremendous hit as magazine chairman . . . Frances sells Christmas Cards . . . Martha pledges a fraternity . . . Shirley retires American Tel and Tel . . . Joan runs student government . . . B. A. commutes from Aldermen . . . Ann and Mary Helen jewels during rush . . . fire drills with audience . . . frantic 1 1 p.m meetings . . . Tom Lehrer songs after dinner . . two Valkyries and two Yack beauty winners . . . displays and floats that don ' t win in spite of being cleverer than the others . . . National arrives with gongs at 4 am. . . . fortifying before Yack beauty contest . . . little sisters . . . serenades . . . practice teachers leave amid floods of tears . . . and so do we . . . carry on, pledges! % ' .?: m FALL PLEDGE CLASS Firbt Row: Broswell, Fullton, Burgwyn, Dance, Brooks, Ed- mondson. West. Second Row Knott, Norman, Stephens, Wells, Anderson, Stockton, Owens, Willsey, Douglass, Herman. Third Row: Whedbce, Dees, Peeler, Bowers, Chandler, Wendler, Silloy, Clarenboch, Lindeman, Hassell, Welsh, Williams, Petrou. Angels looked homeward as September saw the Alpha Gams land in Chapel Hill, complete with baggage, Pep pills, and R. D. X. The year was off to a good start as we acquired 25 wonderful pledges, a kitten, a brick walk, and half a dozen new fiances. Everyone worked hard, and in spite of complaints, nobody minded hardships as rush meetings on Friday nights and putting up Homecoming displays at 6:30 a.m. We ' ll never forget: Ellen ' s letters from Texas . . . Alma ' s " Hi, Honey " . . . Page ' s gastroectomy tales . . . Carlton ' s " Y ' all, I just ' luv ' him " . . Valkyries . . . Nancy ' s " I can ' t stand it! " . . Young Bride magazines . . . Stoop ' s " why doesn ' t he call? " . . . Itsie ' s laugh . . . Frankie ' s " sorry, I ' m pinned " . . . trips to High Point . . . Joan ' s " men are nodamgood " . . . diamonds and pins . . . Trudy ' s " I ' ve lost another pound " . . . Ann Houghton . . . Ajax, the foaming cleanser . . . Jean ' s sleeping, buried under a pillow . . . Icie absorbed in Winnie-the-Pooh . . . fire drills and Madame Queen ' s " I can ' t " . . . diets and 62 pounds of Alpha Gam weight lost . . . Bea ' s " I wish it were Friday " . . . Gwen ' s medals . . . Mitzi ' s " bills are due " . . . Jackie ' s afternoon dates . . . Jean ' s cooking . . . the unforgettable pledge weekend . . . peanut butter and jelly . . . operator at 1 :40 A.M. " who called South Carolina? " (Mary?) . . . JiJi, Miss Modern Venus . . . Mrs. Patee ' s " any suggestions for lunch? " . . . Dances, coffee breaks, bridge games, rush parties, Chapter meetings . . . these are our memories. FALL PLEDGE CLASS First Row Newsome, Diseker, Aldridge, Collins, Carpenter, Blayney, Bridges. Second Row Harvey, Frailer, Crawford, Aldridge, Jones, Shotken, Reynolds. Third Row: Gll- lett, Riley, Murray, Huglies, Harris, Howell, Page 112 Alpha Gamma Delta was founded nationally in 1904 at Syracuse University, and chartered at the University of North Carolina in 1 945. Her colors are red, buff and green and her flowers, red and buff roses. The publication of Alpha Gamma Delta is The Quar- terly. First Row: Beatrice Allston, Anne Corlton, Ellen Dook, Secretary; Nancy Eversman. Mary Gould, MItzie Hall, Treasun Junker, Trudy Lefler, Vice-Presiden Third Row. Gwen Lemly, Robertson. obel Mosterson, Ann Page, Je Fourth Row: Frances Stubinger, Joan Tidwell, President; Alma Weston, Jocqueline Wilkins. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Page 113 CHI OMEGA Chi Omega was founded nationally in 1895 at the University of Ar- kansas, and chartered at the Uni- versity of North Carolina January 20, 1923 Her colors are cardinal and straw and her flower is the white carnation. The publication of Chi Omega is The Eleusis. First Row; Ann Scott Anderson, An n Borwi :k. Cater Box ley. Esten Bohanon, Alice Lye riy Bost, Treasure ■■• Secor d Row; Betsy Bost, Noncy Buron Mortho A nn Clo V, P esi- dent. Sara Cobb, Har riet Conger. Ttlird Row: Mishew Cooper, Mary Windley Dunn, Secretary; Sally Edgerton, Loura Ervin, Margaret Funk. Fourth Row: Elizabeth George, Saro Alice Jockson, Mory Jordan, Betty Kilgore, Gail Lowson. Fifth Row: Belle Lee, Charlotte Lilly, Vice-President, Nancy McDoniel, Elizabeth McGrow, Outchie Milligon. Sixth Row: Amy Morse, Elizabeth Patm Barbara Seaman, Kirksey Sink. Mory Rucker, Seventh Row: Nancy Suttle, Judith Tolley, Marianne Thomas, Jeonnette Uzzell. Blistered hands, aching backs and tired smiles happily resulted in 28 glorious pledges. Rockefeller Suite opens for inspection along with new showers, Scottie gets telephone dial for engage- ment ring . . . Bost, the lady in red, keeps us out of red . . . Seaman and Ervin form Freudian Fan Club . . . Lowson starts Home for Wayward Animals; B. C. reserves room for Bud . . . Bridal consultants find happy hunting ground on third — Gray and Mishew . . . Beauty Queen Sally acquires secret admirer . . . Jordon changes horses in mid-stream . . . Berwick fools everyone with Milk Survey . . Sara gets gold trinkets from Willard . . . Amy and Dutchie follow Tar Heels in rain and vain . . Kitty and Kirksey brew coffee in Pigmy Haven . , Mary Lee practices home-making at 408 Rosemary Libby specializes in shoe polishing . . . Harriet and Dr. Lover chug Pepto . . . Sara Alice, extra-curricu- lar butterfly, orients . . . Madam Marianne, Palmist, foretells . . . Jeanette and Esten Bob-a-long . . Tennessee Tally attends NSA Rally . . . Madame Buran still fights off suiters . . . Lilly steadies badly rocking ship . . . McDaniel keeps track with Bob . . . Clay and Kilgore keep circuit to Durham busy . . . Dunn supports postal service . Cater consistently catching forty winks . . . Funk makes like Madame Curie . . . Through it all Mrs. Bizzell, beloved house- mother to us all, plays guardian angel to her lambs. Mackie Cloy 7 President FALL PLEDGE CLASS Melton, Chopin, Seytert, Hammond, First Row Hackney. Second Row Shuford, Procfo Lilly, Anthony, Horvey, Williams. Third Madre, Tyler, Simms, Tarrant, LeGrand, Williamson, Show, Whitfield, Woters, Ruffin, McQueen, Divine, ker. Love, Norman, Owens. Page 115 DELTA DELTA DELTA Delta Delta Delta was founded na- tionally in 1 889 at Boston University, and was chartered at the University of North Carolina April 9, 1943. Her colors are silver, gold and blue and her flower is the pansy. The publication of Delta Delta Delta is The Trident. Cat Berryhill, Lou Ann Bissetl, Nancy Bridgers, Cary Caperton, President. Second Row; Jane Cocke, Vice-President; Kitfy Coleman, Jo Cullifer, Grace Donhoff. Third Row; Carolyn Gn Holt. Ann Johnston, Virginlc Fifth Row; Ruth Lott, Pot Oli Lois Owen, Beth Ponky. Sixth Row: Collie Pruitt, Joan Purser, Treasurer; Betty Lee Rogers, Secretary; Henri Van Order, Ann Wrenn. Cary Caperton President L. What will we remember about the year we lived at 210 Pittsboro? Good things came in three — Boo, DaDa, Carolyn . . . dozen sisters squeezed into Ree ' s, Edna ' s, Patty ' s room . . . morning Jane ' s ring shone in our faces . . . Beth looking angelic after call from Newport . . Mimi and Henri, in and out in tomato-soup cor . . . Ruth luring us off to movies after lunch . . . John and Henry rationing Rye- crisp to diet table — Betty Lee, Trissie, the twins . . . (Jayne ate appetite-killing capsules) . . . Lou Ann, Joan Brown, and Nancy Bridgers leaving with diplomas in February . . . Jane Cocke ' s face when Roland was knocked out . . . Bird chosen KA Rose and Yack Beauty Queen . . . Dotty, involved with Zetes — Ann Gobbel ' s ATO . . . Lois in general state of wretched health . . . Rooney fighting with chicken wire . . Virginia and her West Point jewelry . . . Grace ' s John and Jo ' s Winston, in Durham and Korea . . . The Purser rushing off to counting-house ... 2 honorary pledges Pat and Sylvia sponsored . . . Mrs. Mc- Donald ' s good rush ideas . . . We shrieked with joy at the new Delta Flappers (27 Skiddoo!) These things we will remember. FALL PLEDGE CLASS First Row: Powell, Brondt, Ashley, Mitchell, Heinzen. Second Row Spivey, Jones, M. Barber, Roy, L. Curtis, Torontino, A. Barber, Voorhis, Third Row Waldner, Robinson, Miller, Tro Beese, Greene, Jelks, F. Curtis, Floyd, Clarke. KAPPA DELTA Kappa Delta was founded nationally in 1897 at Longwood College, Farm- ville, Virginia, and chartered at the University of North Carolina May 22, 1951. Her colors are green and white and her flower is the white rose The publication of Kappa Delta is The Angelos. First Row; Phoebe Aydlett, Judy Block, Erolyn Blount, Bo Second Row: Roberta Dixon, Edith Fornum, Treasurer. Elizobeth Floyd, Secretary; Linda Gorriss. Fourth Row; Kathleen Malloy, Marge Morple, Martho Moy, President; Marcia McCord. Fiftti Row; Marion Mize, Mary Lone Mordecoi, Solly Patter- son, Solly Price. Sixth Row: Diane Roane, Anne Scott, Mo President; Roberta Zwohlcn. On Sept. 8, the doors of the Kappa Delta house opened and we began another chapter in our lives at Carolina At the first of the year, Joan proved that fire escapes have several advantages . . . Kit, Sylvia and Liz made our " Planetarium Dreams " come true . . . Scott ' s order, " Smile, you guys, " brought success . . . sixteen terrific pledges, and with the new pledges our enthusiasm and spirits soared . . . We ' ll remember , Phoebe, who won- dered if 700 doughnuts and five pounds of potato chips would be enough for the porty . . . Dee Dee ' s sly grin, which meant pay the bill or else . . . Erolyn and Mary Lone, the connoisseurs of good foods and hiking ex- peditions . . . Judy, who coached us on to victory . . . Marge and McCord ' s phone calls in the wee morning hours . . and Martha ' s perplexing problems as President. Nor shall we forget . . . Mrs. Morris, our new housemother, football gomes, pledge week-ends, Peg ' s wedding, Valkyrie Sing, fraternity parties, coffee breaks, and beach trips . . . So once again comes the end of a wonder- ful year. We seniors bid all a fond adieu . . . surely wish we could return in ' 56 with you!!! Martha May President FALL PLEDGE CLASS First Row: Heaton, Gotten, Thompson, Pickerrell. Second Row: Dixon, Richardson, Hodgson, Gardner, Remig, Adkins, Smith, Jackson. Page 1 1 9 Anne Willi President First FALL PLEDGE CLASS Hall, Bobbitt, Sanders, Miller, Ashley, Marsh, Cronan. Second Row: French, Shalibo, Walker, Ford, Lewis, Shipley, Buie, Suitt, Nusseor. Third Row Stolvey, Dudley, Watson, Moddison, Moore, Humphrey, McKee, Roberson. September 6th came and so did all the little Pi Phi ' s — to be greeted by many old faces and three new heads. Just to see the house grow was worth the trundle beds, broken double-deckers and sounds of " It ' s broken again! " With the extension of our new wing, ATO ' s have grown three eyes — telescopes. Get those girls! We did — 27 new Pi Phi ' s. It must have been the rotation. Of course we celebrated — party with our friends, the Wrens, telling us " It feels so good " ... to have this pledge class. Rumor said the Pi Phi ' s were the most fiery girls on campus — really! It was the house that burned. D. C. and N. Y. ' ■■ere invaded Thanksgiving and we took advantage of the cultural opportunities. Pledge weekend . . . the actives went too. Finally exams and " anyone for Harry ' s? " — coffee, you know. Spring! We went to the beaches on weekends to rest. Some of us got burned — sun sure was hot. Seniors frantic as South Building comes through . . . " Sorry, you lack V2 quality point. " June! and those of us who failed Sociology 62 ventured forth into the world. But we left knowing the oriental rug will continue to lie and the arrow will burn brighter. Page 120 First Row: Joan Adams, Susan Andes, Peggy Ballard, Mary Grady Burnette, Sallie Cowles. Second Row; BIynn Durning, Jane Eagteton, Jane Edwards, Vice-President; Betsy Gorvy, Barbora Fleshman. Third Row; Pat Graham, Virginia Gray, Dot Greuloch, Julii Hall, Jessine Hart. Fourth Row; Bessie Holt, Jane Little, Kay Messink, Ann Penn, Susan Quinn. Fifth Row; Eddie Rogers, Secretary; Jo Sinclair, Sarah Stem- bridge, Mot Stockton, Treasurer; Pottie Tuttle. Sixth Row; Sharon Warrington, Wendy Wellons, Anne Williams, President; Helen Williams, Helen Wood. Pi Beta Phi was founded national- ly in 1867 at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, and chartered at the University of North Caro- lina in 1925. Her colors are wine and silver-blue and her flower is the wine carnation. The publica- tion of Pi Beta Phi is The Arrow. PI BETA PHI Page 121 iv Bev Webb Chairman DEBATE COUNCIL The Debate Council consists of four members of the Debate Squad, a representative from the Philanthropic Society, the Dialectic Senate, and one from the Carolina Political Union. The Council formulates the policies of the Debate Squad which is mode up of all those students interested in formal debate and intercollegiate debating. Students travelled up and down the east coast discussing this year ' s national topic — " Resolved: Members of the Debate Council ore, seated, Taylor, Shaw, Lieberman, Harrington, Dr. N. W. Mattis, Dickmon, Burrows, Members of the Debate Squad are, standing, Eisenberq, Ashcraft, Corbitt, Oglesby, Pruitt, Brooks, Evans, Shonts, Katzensfein, Major and Fleshman. That the non-agricultural industries of the United States should guarantee their workers an annual wage. " Tournaments were attended at the University of South Carolina, Boston University, Wake Forest College, Tulane University, the College of William and Mary, the University of Pittsburgh, Georgetown University, the University of Virginia, Emory University as well as the Na- tional AFROTC Tournament and the West Point Invitational Tournament. Page 122 The United States National Student Association is a confedera- tion of the majority of the colleges in the United States. The chief function of N.S.A. is to hold a National Congress each year to bring together problems, solutions to problems, ideas of world, national and local concern, and to formulate policy on these. UNC has assumed a role of prominence in this organi- zation. A former student, Jim Wallace, was one of the founders. Members of NSA are Dove Reid, Lewis Brumfield, Gra- hom Rights, Jim Martin ond Bill Wible. ; Two Carolina men have been Presidents, and this year Jim Turner is National Vice-President, Student Affairs. Campus- wise, N.S.A. serves as a liaison between the National and Regional Offices in furnishing information to aid existing organi- zations. The campus unit is also responsible for a delegation representing Carolina at the annual Congress. NATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION Page 123 :5L mim OCTOBER The Case of the Grinning Fool. Page 124 . i firm handshake and hearty eetings help put traternity ishees at ease- Attractive Amy Morse boosts the Carolina spirit when Maryland scores another touchdown. Page 125 Weeks of steady rehearsing produced one of the best musicals ever seen. Top-quality singing from chorus members complemented superb performances by Sue Fryer, Tern Gill, Be Bernordln, and John Devogt. Page 1 26 Bo Bernordin gives lost minute instructions before the first act FURY Spookyville is brought to life by the unexpected arrival of a travelling troupe of " stage ladies " Graham Memorial Activities Board revived Sound end Fury in the fall of 1954 and thereby opened a new era of student musical comedy presentations at Carolina. The first production, Scandals of ' 55, hinted of the organization ' s newness but was well received by the students. These growing pains were much less apparent in the group ' s second effort, Satan ' s Saints and marked progress was evident this fall with the production of Heaven Help Us, Sound and Fury ' s first show featuring on all-original score and script. Born of student spirit and ambition, Sound and Fury has as its purpose the production of musical comedy which will appeal to the student body as a whole. Giving an outlet for untrained student talent and energy has been its greatest achievement. " HEAVEN HELP US! " Kitty Kerr was one of the outstanding contestants in the Intra- mural Sports Carnival Page 128 Autumn leaves ond a warm fall evening pr ovide an ideal setting for young romance itronomy Club members occasionally find ther startling sights in the upper regions Page 1 29 Collie Collison Head Cheerleader As Roland Perdue broke through the hoop presenting the Tar Heels of 1955, the football season opened with the traditional spirit of the Tar Heels hitting a new high Throughout the season, the pep rallies proved to be the largest and most spirited Carolina has had in five years. The cheering squad, com- posed of Amy Morse, Dutchie Milligan, Patsy Poythress, Jo Cullifer, Anne Wrenn, Frank Black, Tom Wakefield, Larry Ford and Peter Julian under head cheerleader Collie Collison, accompanied the football team to every gome and led the faithful Tar Heel followers as they stood behind their team. CHEERLEADERS Page 130 The Carolina Cheerleaders lead the football squad onto the field at the beginning of the Notre Dame game. New and different ideas were brought out this year — a combo at the pep rallies, car caravans to Duke, and cheering in Y-Court. All this was topped off by the surprise package at the Duke game, and accented by the new cheers, " Carolina Cadence " and Collie ' s " Sound Off! " The students gave their wholehearted support to the Cheerleaders, and true Carolina spirit echoed from stadiums at home and away. Page 131 ' » • f • .- ' .-■ Page 133 Head Coach George Barclay wotches a spirited Tar Heel workout two days before the Duke gome. First Row Ed Sutton, Lorry McMullen, Buddy Payne. Second Row Charles Boyette, Fronds Berry, Joe Temple, Jim Vornum. Third Row: John Haywood, Buddy Sosser, Rolond Perdue, Will Frye, Paul Pulley. Fourth Row: Wilson Shoulors, Lorry Muschamp, Dick Smith, Bo Thorpe. Fifth Row: Ken Keller, Don Lear, Steve Kupchick, Jock Lineberger, Hop Setzer. Sixth Row Dick Dorling, Wolly Vole, George Sfovnitski, Chorlie Robinson, Jim Jones. Seventh Row Howard Williams, Donnell Kelley, Dorden Livesoy, Glenn Doughtry, Dovid Reed. Eighth Row Bill Koman, John Bilich, John Jones, Vince Olcn, Jock Moultsby. Page 134 3 48 3 — ' I w " iTii ' rnnriwuir , M ev - e T IjtfV " ' m-i ' •i .j- i - m ' t ' OKLAHOMA 13 — UNC 6 Ken Keller is brought down by a Sooner after taking an Oklahomo punt on his own 25 yard line. Tor Heels Jack Maultsby ond George Stavnitski arrive too late to help. Coach George Barclay ' s Tar Heels gave excellent early season promise when they opened the year by holding Oklahoma, who went to become the national champions, to a scant 13-6 win. On the following Satur- day, led by Ken Keller and David Reed, the Carolina squad defeated their traditional opponent N. C. State by the score of 25-18. The Georgia jinx then proved too much for Carolina and the Tar Heels were defeated by a two-touchdown attack in the second half to the tune of 28-7 Still down from the disheartening defeat in Athens the Tar Heels lost to a powerful Maryland squad by 25-7. The only score for UNC came as center Jimmy Jones intercepted a Tcmburello lateral and raced over the Terrapin goal line. Hampered by a lock of luck and spirit the Tar Heels were unable to score against Wake Forest and lost 25-0 on the Deacons home field. Tennessee was next and the upcoming Volunteers avenged their poor start by defeating Carolina, 48-7 Junior Ed Sutton then led the Tar Heels to a comeback, as he scored twice on long runs to spark Caroline to a 32-14 win over South Carolina in the Oyster Bowl. The rejuvenated Tar Heels led by All- Conference end Will Frye held the Fighting Irish of Notre Dome to 7-7 half time deadlock only to go down to defeat under a three touch- down barrage in the second half, 27-7. Sutton again starred as the Tar Heels defeated Virginia 26-14 at Chapel Hill. In the lost encounter of the season the Carolina squad put on brilliant defensive show to hold Duke ' s vaunted Blue Devils to a meager 6-0 victory. Page 136 N. C. STATE 18 — UNC 25 Right halfback Ken Keller sweeps his own right end for six yards and scores Caroline ' s third touchdown against N. C. State. Shifty quarterback Dave Reed breaks away on a punt return for 83 yards to score the second Tar Heel touchdown against N. C. State. Reed took the State punt on his own 17 yard line and went all the way down the sideline be- hind beautiful blocking by the entire Carolina team. GEORGIA 28 — UNC 7 Dove Reed appears to be tropped at the line of scrimmage but goes on to pick up five yards against Georgia ' s Bulldogs. Poge 137 Ed Sutton was given the Melvin T. Blossinghom Award as the most out- standing player of the Oyster Bowl game against South Carolina. MARYLAND 25 — UNC 7 Center Jimmy Jones has intercepted a Tamburello (arrow) lateral and is racing for the Terrapin goal line end Carolina ' s only score against Maryland. W n WAKE FOREST 25 — UNC Ken Keller catches a Wake Forest punt on his o Deacon Joe Dupree closes in for the tackle. vn 1 7 yard line • V ' ' V ' f . ' -•! ' ■ ■ . ' ■ o Ji 1- C f ; ■ B f •fotA ; tiff TENNESSEE 48 — UNC 7 Joe Temple evades two Tennessee tacklers ond goes seven yards ogainst the Volunteers. use 14 — UNC 32 Ed Sutton prepares to cut back behind blocker Johnny Jones c go all the way on o 40 yard punt return against South Carolii Carolina won 32-14. NOTRE DAME 27 — UNC 7 Charlie Robinson has just caught o pass from Buddy Sosser to score Caroline ' s lone touchdown against Notre Dame. Page 139 v- 4» sl VIRGINIA 14 — UNC 26 Flashy halfback Ed Sutton crosses the Virginia five yard line on a 37 yard touchdown run. Two Cavaliers dive to stop him, but to no avail. Ken Keller, workhorse of the Tor Heel bockfield, falls into the end zone to score against Virginia. All Conference end Will Frye and fullback Don Lear bring down an unidentified Duke runner for no gain, as the Blue Devils attempt to sweep their own left end. Tor Heel co-coptcins, tackle Perdue and end Will Frye. Page 140 TAR BABIES The Tar Babies found the going tough this season, as they were held to one win in five games with ACC freshmen foes. The lone Carolina win was by a seven to zero score over the Baby Deacons of Wake Forest. The highlight of the Tar Heel season was the stellar work done by the defensive line. Only one team, the Maryland frosh, scored more than twice against them, but on offense the Tar Babies never could quite find the needed spark. Don Kemper ' s performance at fullback was excellent, and tackle David Coates headed the list of several fine linemen who showed up exceptionally well. The hard work and long hours of practice under Coach Ralph Floyd have done much toward developing a fine group of spirited sophomores for the 1956 varsity team. First Row: Droze, Rompola, DeContis, Hothowoy, Cooper, Smith, Wilson, Kryzal . Second Row: Redding, Kemper, Reston, Turlington, Coates, Fenton, Reed, Koes, Shew. Third Row White, Coach Wade, Boggs, Coach Kuhn, Spencer, McDaniel, McLeod, McGehee, Donotelli, McNeeley, Peck, Dominick, Lipski, Coach Floyd. Page 141 CARDBOARD Cardboard, the organization which plans and stages UNC ' s elaborate and impressive card tricks at half-time of the foot- ball games, was reorganized and greatly improved this year under the able leadership of Snyder Pate. Much hard work went into originating, preparing and performing the many new stunts. This year Cardboard presented a coordinated program with the UNC marching band, and presented card tricks at one game away from Chapel Hill. By performing at the UNC-Duke game before the cameras of a national tele- vision network for the first time and through a feature story in a state newspaper, Cardboard was able to bring recognition to itself and to the University. First Row: Jeffe Carroll, Pete Evans, Snyder Pate, Connie McMahon, Andy Kistler,. Allan Reichert, and Bennett Thomas. Second Row Charles Hoover, Jessine Hort, Esther Ballentine, Carolyn Hofler, Jockie Farrow, Jane Riley, Anne Newsome, Janet Srooks, and Barbara Murray. Third Row Charles Parrish, Michael Hoyes, Julian Bridgers, Dovid Ellwanger, Don Gray, Ellison Neol, Bill Dunn, Bob Shuford, Douglas DeBonk, Bill Garden, Mohlon Clifford, and Bennette Whisenont. Page 142 The University of North Carolina bands — The Concert Band, The Marching Band, and The Pep Band, directed by Earl Slocum and Herbert W. Fred, serve to provide Carolina students with an opportunity for worthy use of leisure time and for continued musical development through the study and performance of the best in band Literature. The Marching Band provides music and pageantry at the football games. The elaborate formations and special musical arrangements used by the Marching Band for its half-time shows have become a trade-mark of Saturday afternoon activity in Kenan Stadium. The Pep Band per- forms at all pep rallies, several basketball games, and at the Annual Indoor Track Meet. The Concert Band, composed of selected instrumentalists, begins its season when it performs for and is host to North Carolina bandsmen who come to the University for the All State High School Band Clinic in late January. The Band ' s schedule includes formal concerts in Hill Hall, the spring concerts at Davie Poplar, a concert tour when possible, and the commencement concert. mzi tim The Concert Band gave a formal concert in Hill Hall U. N. C. BAND Page 143 " Saturday Stronger ' Jane Albans p SW ' ■!5gwW ' «»S m.% r " The Rainmoker " " Blood Wedding " CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS In 1918 Frederick H. " Proff " Koch joined the University English department and introduced his famous English 31, a course for beginning playwrights. This initiation of " Proff " Koch ' s efforts toward a new and vital folk drama brought as a result such successful American writers as Paul Green, Kermit Hunter, Josephine Niggli, Howard Richardson, Betty Smith, and Thomas Wolfe, as well as The Carolina Playmakers, today a famed University Theatre. Nov in their thirty-eighth season, the Playmakers ' work falls into two categories: there is a program of major productions, which this year includes " Ondine " ; " The Rainmaker, " which toured three states; " Blood Wedding " ; " Seventeen " ; and " A Mid-Summer Night ' s Dream. " In addition, there are experimental productions written, staged, and acted by students. Two full-length plays by new playwrights are also presented as major productions, and the Playmakers are responsible for annually bringing to Chapel Hill outside programs, such as " The Caine Mutiny Court Martial " with Paul Douglas, Wendell Corey, and Steve Brodie. The Carolina Playmakers are a very real Community Theatre. Any student, faculty member, or resident of the area may become a member simply by taking an active part in any one of the many phases of production of a Playmakers ' play. " Do you use Living Lipstick? " ' ' I still say I shoulda bid g " ra-gpy ' i-=------ The idle octivity on shore is dis- tracted momentarily by a Brondo- on-wGter " My dog has fie Do you hove fleas? HOGAN ' S i ' rs . At Carolina, hazing has long since been replaced by more constructive endeavors Page 148 Page 149 Members of the IFC executive council include Bob Hornik, Ed Hudgins, Jack Stevens, Dovid Connor and Ed Borden, President INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The IFC court members are, seated, Burt Veozey, Pot Erdridge, Bill Pittmon. and Jock Stevens, chairman Standing, Jim Potton, Joe Movretic, and Jerry Oppenhetmer. V The IFC annually sponsors Greek Week, which gives the individual pledge classes a chance to become better acquointed . The Interfraternity Council is the coordinator of the social fraternities on campus — its main objective is to further by unification and high ideals the standards of brotherhood, character, and scholarship neces- sary to any worthy fraternity. This year the IFC continued its practice of awarding the Andrew Bershak Memorial Scholarship, which is made up of contributions from the individual fraternities. Greek Week, held every year in the spring, featured exchange dinners, a pledge banquet, a day of constructive work in Chapel Hill, and inter-fraternity competi- tion in skits and athletics. A handbook on fraternity life, given to every man interested in pledging a fraternity, has proved an invaluable guide in successfully bringing together the individual and the fraternity. First Row: Shores, Burgess, Pittmon, Evans, Hensel, Newton, Taylor, Mitchell, Exum, Brown. Second Row: Williams, Giles, Walker, Eldridge, Pell, Fulton, Fitrgerald, Warwick, Andrews, Wood, Sessoms, Tice. Third Row: Ward, Veazey, Redding, Willioms, Darnell, Jefferies, Sanders, Wickham, Storrett, May, Oppenheimer. Holland. Harris. Daniel, Monroe, Kurtz, Saunders. Page 151 ALPHA TAU OMEGA The national fraternity of Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865, and the local chapter was established four- teen years later, in 1879. The offi- cial publication of Alpha TauOmega is The Palm, and its colors are azure and gold. First Row; Dick Baker, Bill Beebe, Tom Bradford. Robert Green, Watt Huntley, Jim Johnson, Lorry Muschamp. Cecil Newberry, Treaiurer, Dennis Oliver, Roland Perdue, Vice-President; Jim Preston. Joe Rand, CIcon Sanders, Graham Shanks, Wilson Shoulars. Steve Stout, Thomas Strickland, Rivers Upchurch, Burt Veaxey, President. Leo Woldrup, Beverly Webb, Secretary; Edward Whitmore, Ogburn Yates, Historian. ItX Mass return to the Hill . . . Orientation — Veazey ' s chairman . . . Hula hips, Choo returns . . . classes start, Ace included . . . football Saturdays . . . Captain Perdue, Shoulors and Muschamp . . . rush- ing brings out the big impression . . . pledge class tops, Thunderhead pilot — where did all those Wood- berry boys come fromi ' . . . Yock contest — three Tou queens . . . ney, bo! . . . Fall Germans with Stan — hey, there ' s Twitch, the exec . . . Newberry moves out — commutes from Durham . . . Bubbles crushes all the gals . . . budding bishops — Soc, Stump and Pontius . . . N. Y. blast — Spaz lets it hang . . . what ' s this? — five Grail, four Fleece, five Phi Betes, Sheiks, Old Well — real hubcaps ' . . . Bunting — no complaints . . Christmas party, Hein- rich is Santa . . a cool Yule . . . exams — midnight oil and flick team moving out — Shank ' s captain . . . March of Dimes — wild moosic . . . get box seats for whole show . . a big red rose for hurricanes . . . NRA all the way . , . Winter Germans . . . Balfour stock rises . . . Whitmore elected Y-court rep . . . pledge weekend . . , best ever . . . White says vows . . . tennis season — Skimps, Moose and T. B. come through . . . boondocks see action . . . debate trips . Webb turns orator . . . sorority parties . . . goat hill c, c ,. . . Michal and Strickland to hospital hill . . . graduation and mixed emotions . . final words said by Yates . . . one big year had by all . . . now it ' s your show, Juniors . . . see ya around! Burt Vcozey President FALL PLEDGE CLASS Front Row: Yates, Lombert, Bronhom, Stud- still, Zwicker. Back Row: Creighton, Morks, Luesing, Robbinson, Rand, Yancey, Steck, Paine, Kenan, Reichle. Page 153 Mike Boyatt President FALL PLEDGE CLASS Front Row Muggins, Cowan, Hothowoy, Neller, Willioms. Bock Row: Froelich, pledge master, Nisbet, Klein, Leggette, Purnell, Hazzard, Tomlin- son. Bender, McColl. Fresh paint and more cars start the year . . . Little Red Shake Out Back sports a new juke box . . . constantly in use ..TV. set becomes more popular on Sunday afternoons than Kenan Stadium . . . " The Phantom " wreaked havoc on the goldfish, Brandner ' s Folly . . . somebody called the Ghouls for c party . . . Mike quit coughing long enough to yell " Get Off The Grass " . . . Rhinehart finally got a date, took a shower too . . . Co- Captains Leak and Moody led flick team through a fine season . . Hugh found someone he didn ' t like, Duddy disagreed . . Pridgen gave a rundown of midnight show, not the " Sands of Iwo Jimo " either . . . Hank really broke bad . . Limproot and Moonbeam went to the library . . . Willie popularized himself with dates . . . guitar music echoed through house along with cries for hot water . . . new sink best thing in house . . . rushing lasted too long but results were terrific . . . intramurals did well . . . long legs protruded from underside of an ancient Dodge . . . Thorney patronized Coke machine . . . Bynum gained favor as waiter of the year . . . Fox and May got letters . . . Sambo kept house intact and brothers in high spirits, " And your name! ' " . . . Page 154 Miami University was the site of tlie founding of Beta Theta Pi in 1839. The local chapter was established in 1852, The official publication is the Beta Theta Pi, and the colors are blue and pink. The rose is the flower of Beta Theta Pi. Mike Boya»», President, Lo Callicott, Owen Cook, Records Charles Fox, Jim Gay, Paxson Glenn, Barley Liipfert. Robert Litaker, Lloyd Lohr, Charles May, Hugh McColl. Fourth Row: Paul Monroe, House Manager; Jo Dick Noll, Secretary; Edward Pridgen Forbes Ramsey, John Raper, Fuller Shuford, Henry Turner, Thornley Walker. BETA THETA PI Page 155 CHI PHI The national chapter of Chi Phi was founded at Princeton University in 1 824, and locally in 1 858 and 1 922. Its colors are scarlet and blue, and the publication is the Chi Phi Chakett. Ben Burbridge, Gorlond Coble, Collii Dan Crover. Charlie Fitzgerald, Chuck Hastings, Treasurer, Roger Herbert, Allen Holt. Jack Lewis, Phil Malone, Clyde Me Albert Moisc. Steve Partridge, Bill Sanders, H. G. Snipes, Mike Soper, Vice-President. Jack Stevens, Bud Walker, Bill Warwick, President; Albert Wood. Page 156 Bill Warwi President September brought back the Chi Phis to the White House on the hill to begin work and partying. It was work to get the house ready for rushing and A GREAT PLEDGE CLASS . . . football games, cabin parties, combos, nicknames . . . Corporation was born . . . COLLIE named his playmate of week . . PETE makes hit with coeds . . . CRAVER DAN in Y-court . . . stick ' em in the ear . . . SCOTT wired for signs . . . FORD scratches alone . . . TEDDY BEAR cracks the whip . . , LARRY MIX in state of confusion . . . ZEUS and ZEUS JR. throwing lightning bolts . . . my MAMMA calls me JUNEBUG . . . H. G.— huh? . . SILENT SAM on wagon — ADPi . . . BAMBI becomes NANCY and GRUDY ' s mascot . . . ORANGUTAN . . . STUNTZ bites dust . . . WOOD tries . . . STEVENS and ABODE . . . " Mirror, mirror on the wall " — SANDERS and DON JUAN FITZ . . . " When I was in the navy ' " . . SOPER date? . . . CREECH-LEWIS? . . . ROGER-DOT . . . MOISE hits Meredith . . . ARMSTRONG high pressures dates . . WEIL digs date from mud hole . . . OLD GRAD COBLE . . . PAR- TRIDGE and LEWIS around . . . the spirit, the accom- plishments, and the pledges made this year at CHI PHI one of the best. X n ■ ' ' I If ' _ ' 1 ' f 1 f I 1 f t FALL PLEDGE CLASS 5, Littleton, Hunter, Stricklond, Abernothy, Garrell. Edwords, Huttmon, Russell, Purks, Morris, Kenon, Williams. Goldsmith, Louerhoss, ion, Sutton, Nelms, First Row: Second R( Smith, Sh Lopp, Inmon, Bruggeworth, Downer, Rottoy, Mobley, Armstrong Third Herb Wentz President " Who-0-0 didit? " . . we did — won the Thayer Trophy . . . walked into newly redecorated lodge, onto plush oriental carpet . . . new heating system — warm winters once again . . . heading the new regime — Wentz, Christedes, Lowry, Bryant . . unbeatable rushing trio — Franco Berryez, Karl Marks, Leonardo Revez . . , " Bloop! " . . . twenty " charm- ing " pledges . . . perpetual greeting (thirty-five years ' worth) — " Up yo ' leg! " . . . parties, banquets, and bolls, bolls, balls — the lodge, beach, mountains, Hogan ' s, Coun- try Club, Patio, Turnage ' s, Castle — hell, anywhere! — birthdays, sororities, orphans, alumni, houseporties . . . our own Blue Room, complete with dancing, live music, congenial company — even cocktails at six . . . lodge brains — Pfaff and Chappie . . the " Off-Beats " (?!) — Reaves, Kilpotrick, Hunnicutt . . . ping-pong twenty-four hours a day . . . Culture Cult — from High Point . . . " S(h)owers ' ' ! " . . . come in world! — Porks . . . " Penthouse Duo " — Fisher and Johnson . . . lovers, one and all . . . however, Bushby — I.D.C. ' s . . . this is the most, to soy the least . . . FALL PLEDGE CLASS Front Row Dormstatter. Jordan, Aftowoy, Hickmon, Turner, Pfaff. Back Row La- vergne. Bell, Sugg, Lesley, Land, Hunting- ton, Biren, Romsey, Hunnicutt. Page 158 CHI PSI The national chapter of Chi Psi was founded at Union College in 1841, and locally in 1855. The publica- tions are the Purple and Gold and The Sigma Scroll, and its colors are purple and gold. First Row: Bob BorroH, Oewey Chappie, Silas Coley. Pete Donnenbaum, Nick Fisher, John Gorman, Don Hall. Don Huntington, Tom Johnson, Joe Keller, Jack Lewis. Ken Lowry, Secretary; Noel Petree, Jerry Sowers, Ed Smothers. Fifth Row: Larry Wolker, Zock Waters, Herb Wentz, President Page 159 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Delta Kappa Epsilon was founded nationally at Yale University in 1844, and the local chapter was established in 1851. Delta Kappa Epsilon publishes quarterly its offi- cial magazine, entitled The DEKE Quarterly, and the national colors ore scarlet, azure, and old gold. First Row: Chorles Ashford, Bruce Gustofson, Nathaniel Hayes. Prjtchard Lindsley, Robert Mason, Treasurer; Sted- mon Morris, Thomas Peorsoll. William Pender, Glenn Pickard, George Rogsdole, Cecil Rand. Fourth Row: James Rough, Robert Shelly, Conie Smith, David Fifth Row: Zebulon Weover, John Zollicotter. Page 160 Beta chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon celebrated a glorious 105th year! Per usual Shelly and Steve led the flick team but received able support from Panda and a newcomer, Hop Harrigan, Bogan, PTA, and Blades went down in the hall of fame for their grappling performances while Possum, Bell, Mozell, Hortzog, and Shores paced the intramural forces. Nightly courters proved to be two old reliables. Animal and Patrick, but a whole hose made bids for Casanova roles — Chip, Shelby, Fog, Issac, Pritch and C. Holt, Hose had the task of keeping all the actives squared away; The Bad Admiral and Zeb had to shape up a band of seventeen hoodlums that dropped in for a stay in October. Smashford and Glenwood sparked the Phi Bete aspirants and Skog kept us informed on how the other half lived. The annual poker fad found its way to the house and left its weekly mark in the form of several future Monte Carlo patrons — Horry, Ceps, and Lawyer Thorp. Pender continued to re- arrange his room — Morris just continued. Dubba com- pleted his course of study and began to set the pace Mason, C. Owen and Neaves were expected to follow. Tom-Cat, Zolly and Bebe were still musing on their first year of college. my Shores President FALL PLEDGE CLASS First Row: Cobb, Whitoker, Walker. Second Row; Atkinson, Patrick, Rand, Perry. Third Row Shuford, Watson, Johnson, Harrigan, Palmer, Heoly, Borden, Speir. Page 161 Dove Andrews President Front Row: Ellis, Couley. Back Ro Vance, Wilson. FALL PLEDGE CLASS Hego DU ' s are back and smiles are brighter and broader than ever . . . Jay Gimes here to guide our efforts from a national viewpoint, combination whirlwind, interior decorator, and VIP . . The house looking better than ever, and rush on a grand scale. A festive week of fun this year instead of tired smiles, tired handshakes, and small talk . . A pledge class worth all the efforts ... A social chairman that ' s on the ball with results every weekend. One Jersey yank actually seems to be good for more than running through the woods . . . But its not all play and pledging this fall! With our eye on our third consecutive scholarship cup, we can be found behind our desks, now and then ... It looks like a good year, with prospects for some big steps forward . . . hints of new house ore in air Our alumni are more active than at any time in our four years. National is pushing us ahead even faster than our own high ambitions lead us, with the encouragement of an on-the-spot observer, full of ideas and experi- ence. The Georgia Alumni club has recently extended an encouraging handof brotherhood. The spirit ishigh! WWTl Page 162 Delta Upsilon was founded at Wil- liams College in 1834, and the local chapter in 1953. The Delta Upsilon Quarterly is its publication, and the colors are sapphire blue and old gold. Dove Andrews, President; Jim Armstrong, Treas- urer; Gerry Boudreou. Second Row: Jim Butfer, Tom Cornell, Peter Gems. Dole Glover, Gus Gront, Vice-President; Bob HIcc, Secretary. Fourth Row: Ed Johnson, Stephen Moss, John Shorpe, Roy Wood. DELTA UPSILON Page 163 KAPPA ALPHA The national chapter of Kappa Alpha was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1 865, and locally in 1 881 . The colors are crim- son and old gold, and the flowers are the magnolia and the crimson rose. Its publication is the Kappa Alpha Journal. Bob Angstadt, Quincy Ayscue, John Blockwelder, Charlie Bowles, Bill Christian. Jim Cole, Jim Dockery, Chuck Flack, Ho» Fogleman, President; Bob Fuller. Earle Garrett, Treasurer; Morgan Hole, Bob Headen, T. C. Homesley, Secretary; Dick Hudson. Roy Jolly, Lee Lyon, Jerry McBroyer, Pat Mc- Cormick, Loyton McCurdy, Vice-President. George Mitchell, Ray Newsome, Bob Peek, Woody Sears, Bob Staton. Sixth Row: Harry Steele, Jerry Thompson, Ralph Usina, Larry Williams. Page 164 Returning to a clean, redecorated house this fall, we found that the summer hadn ' t changed us too much . . . Fogy still ruled with the " iron hand " . . . " Motormouth " Moby vs. " Garrulous Granny " . . . T. C. replaced Pinckney at the fireplace ... Ed and the " French-Fried Chitlins " . . . Morgan had pump trouble . . . Gnomes, first class: Hoot-Mon and Free-Mon . . . McCormick and Hudson, the drive-in boys . . . Steele snored on . . . " Mogambo " and the " Black Death " . . . Ayscue, " Texas, anyone? ' " . . . Bowles, " Where do you get that crude — ? " . . . Geiger and Myers, dignified grads . . . " and there was Mclnnis ... " ... Newsome, " No joke, I ' ve got to study " . . . Seers, " I don ' t like to say this, but ... " ... Thompson, " But you ought to see her sister! " . . , Headen, " I ' ve got to go to a party first " . . . Lush, " Who ' s Freud? " . . . Monroe?!? . . . Cole, " Ho! ha! how ' s that grab you! " . . . Peek, " Fifty-cent fine! " . . . Old South Ball, Germans, Pledge Weekend, new pledges . , . fifty-five shirts in all, only one tie . . . Kappa Alpha, the spirits, the aspirations, the ideals . . . " Dieu et les Dames " . . . a living tribute to old K.A. FALL PLEDGE CLASS Front Row: Fitts, Jones, Upton, Powell, Thorington, Shinn. Back Row: Alford, Minschew, Hamilton, Hinson, Fobend, Guy, Fogle- man, Cowan, Connell. Ed Borden President " Ugly " leads the pack again . . . " Mole ' s " off to Charlotte and Walker ' s in rack . " Was that worth fifty cents? " says " Wick " . . . Doolan and Spillane in Irish winter home . . . " Hot Foot " wants to know what it costs . . . Julius R. Minor, " master of hounds " . . . " Pooteye " has date? . . . Michael stops battleship Missouri . . . Palmer rides waves — on skiis . " Lonesome, Bozie " . . . " Keep those pledges in line, Jimmy. " . . . Germans, the lost weekends . . . " Doctor " and his midnight facial " Whistles " off to Dook . . . Smithfield ' s own Dr. Christian . . . " Moose Brubeck " breaks bad . . . " three for bridge " says " Scab " . . " Tank " and his big, red roadmaster . . . Graves and Oakley hit road for Raleigh . . . Peter Paul favors " Freddie Frat ' s " parties . . . " half and half, Jim " . . . " Aw, Caleb, everybody loves a fat man " . " 10-4 " . . . " Now bock at State ... " says Booth . . " Cherub " checks little block book . . the " Black and White " was a good thing . . . " T " Holt ' s always driving . . . " where ' s your hair, Siler? ' " . . . " thas right, Hog Buddy " . . . Butler, our athletic supporter . . " Man, that ' s classic, " soys Wroy FALL pledg: class Front Row Dunlop, Bynum, Price, Wroy, Wells, Rhyne, Dickson. Bock Row Pouch, Moore, Hombrick, T. Harris, Roberts, Holey, Miller, Vornedoe, Brice, H. Horris. Page 166 KAPPA SIGMA Kappa Sigma was founded nationally at the University of Virginia in 1 869, and the local chapter in 1 893 Its colors are scarlet, white and emerald green, and the flower is the lily of the valley. The Kappa Sigma publications are The Caducaeus and The Star and Crescenh Edward Bizzell, Edwin Borden, Grand Master; Bill Carter, Grand Scribe; Joe Christian. Fred Coyle, Sam Donne!!, Eloy Dooian, Grand Master of Ceremonies; Hal Farrell, Grand Treasurer. Townsend Holt, Caleb Maddox, Bil! Michael, Keith Palmer. Jim Siler, Charlie Spilione, Lewis Sutton, Cloren Tort. James Tyler, Henry Wa!l er, Charles Wiclthom, Grand Procurator; Bob Yowell. Page 167 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Lambda Chi Alpha was founded nationally at Boston University in 1 909, and locally in 1 926. The Cross And Crescent is the official publica- tion of Lambda Chi Alpha. The flower is the white rose, and its colors are purple, green and gold Lowrence Conder, Willi Willis Hanno, Secretary. Elder, Vice-President; Richard Love, Bobby Newton, President, Willi Sellers. William Sfarrett, Corbett Stewart, William West- brook. Fourth Row: John Wooten, Tommy Worthington, Ponos Yeapani; Page 168 ' 55 came on the wildest for Lambdas with New Faces, New Chicks, and New Parties . . . " Little Beaver " impresses Infirmary staff with partying ability . . . Starrett plays lead in " Blackboard Jungle " . . . autos come and go, but Love rolls on forever . . . ask Frank who ' s wearing the " Snake " ring this week . . . Ballis racks up on hearts — loses Jag . . . Corbett meets chick — snowed again . . . meanwhile, back with " Nose " at Beaulah ' s raunch house . . . " The Uls " digs sounds as the " Standard " bites the dust . . . Elder sweats out " Bird " . . . Cecil goes OTL . . . " They ' ll never get me! " says Pvt. Watts . . Willis dates princess — we are impressed? . . . Twis camps out at South Building over new house . . . Berryhill fails to hit WC one weekend . . . Sennett o ' ays Romeo . . . Conder makes the " Grand Tour " . " Rookie " tries to twirl baton . . . Geddie, the bookie, loses shirt with pin on it . . . Brooks gets lost in the stacks . . . Givens and " The Coat " . . . Ferrell ' s " Little Friends " come through . . . Harris plays James Dean . . . Matthews dates " Lambda ' s Choice " . . . Wearmouth makes dry runs to Carrboro . Fair writes new book of knowl- edge . . . North goes South . . . Johnson and Thomp- son finally make a Reserve meeting . . . Tom Smith swings in Liberty, as Dick Smith discovers nev embouchure . . Moms Bell finally solves the kiddies ' crossword puzzles . . . " Whoop Yow " Har- rington rides again . . . Owen tries to cut Jim Thorp . . . House shivers as Green " Cools. " Bobby Newton President FALL PLEDGE CLASS Gribbre, Phillips. Second Row: Horris, outh, T. Smith, :s, Cruce, Motthews, Freeman, Fair, Sennett, Owens. Page 169 CD A Phi Delts come back for another great year . . . " Yo-Yo " and " Ditty " dance in fall season out at club . . . rush is on again and " Zeke " shows twenty frame . . . " Hump grins like a possum, and " now there ' s one gone " . Sutton says, " I just like to run, " and goes hog-wild in Oyster Bowl . . . " Goot-Head " plants a boxwood . . . Pritchett trips and falls trying to say, " Chh— Chh— Chh, R.M.W.C " . . " Goat " fades on jet fuel and goes out saying, " How about fixing me one? " . . . Poole arrives from Raleigh, and he and pledges salvage intramurals . . " Punch " tries dating but is reclaimed by Hamsters . . " C.C. " and " B.C. " are caught throwing beer cans . . . t is rumored in South Building that Baker may graduate . . Monitor comes in loud, long, and clear . . , |uke box is broken and a day is ruined in life of " Fabulous Re- sources " . . trips to Duke and Coconut Bowl, Joni James and a talk with Mr. Rhodes round out career of the " Bat Com " . . while Ma reings over all . . . In every way chapter is closer— parties are wilder, sports are won, and grades are better — and any way you look at it, " It ' s another great year. " Page 170 FALL PLEDGE CLASS First Row: McDoniels, Groggin, Barks, Abernothy, Boaz Restom. Second Row Killinger, Patterson, Davis, Bluitie Hutchins, Cushmon, Cates. Third Row Cutchin, Millen Pressley, Deans, Cooper, Epps, Floyd. PHI DELTA THETA The national fraternity of Phi Delta Theta was founded at Miami Uni- versity of Ohio in I848, and locally in 1 885 The Scroll and The Palladi- um are the official publications of Phi Delta Thetc. Its colors are white and blue, and the official flower is the white carnation. First Row: Tommy Brenner, Mark Cherry, Gordon Darnell. Jim Durham, Thomas Ferguson, Marlon Griffin Bud Hargrove, Pete HIggins. Galen Hobbs, Peter Hogaboom, Bill Joyner, Al Long, Bob Lewis. Fourth Row: Jim Martin, Johnny Medlin, Secretary, Bill Mo Dodge Olmstead, Pat Patteson. Fifth Row: Bill Pittman, President; Gregory Poole, Mebone Pritchett, Sherwood Smith, Vice-President; Jock Stokes. Ed Sutton, Hubert Teer, Clowson Willii Williford. Page 171 PHI GAMMA DELTA Phi Gamma Delta was founded na- tionally at Washington and Jeffer- son College in 1848, and the local chapter was established in 1851. The official flower of Phi Gamma Delta is the purple clematis, and the fraternity color is royal purple. The publication is The Phi Gamma Delta. Hugh Berwick, John Blount, Smith Brodfieid, Fred Byrum, Tommy Copps. David Connor, Treasurer Hugh Cowon, Cloud Ettird, Carl Farmer, Bob Hackler. Erie Haste, Francis Hicks, Jimmy Hi! ' , John Hoyt, Shoin Jefferies, President. Joe Movretic, Historian; Allen Moore, Sam Mo Bill McLean, Theo Pitt. Bill Redding, Emmett Richardson, Jim Rose, Bob Tote, Josh Toyloe. Wayne Venters, Joseph Wolser, Corresponding Sec- retary; Lowrence Wilson, Andy Woods. Page 172 r A Shoin Jefferies President Epsilon ' s 105th year — " Jelly-belly " leading troops this year . . . " Foxy " gives up conductor ' s job to return . . . Lynch gone . . . Tote and " Blip " still here by the grace of some unknown authority . . . " Beaver " still playing the silent man . . . new addition to the family at Vance Hall is Mrs, Martha Mengel . . . Fijis reforming after six years with no mother . . . Crane twins as hard to tell apart as ever . . . Walser getting fatter . . . Blount and his ties . . he finally got pinned . . . good rush, but finally over — whew! . . . Hoyt and " Sparky " complaining about the food again . . . hi-fi craze all over the house . . . Redding has a ticket to St. Mary ' s . . . Andy Woods is spreading " chapter tone " . . . Jack ' s a double captain . . . Anderson met Hemingway , . . plenty of good " sea stories " floating around ... all the ingredients present to make this year the greatest in Epsilon ' s history! FALL PLEDGE CLASS First Row Laney, K. Herring, Wembcrly, White, Kilpotrick, Brond. Second Row Owens, Sewell, Myott, Hendren, Merrit, Forrell, Kirkmon. Third Row: Collins, S. Hare, Lossitcr, Toler, Roper, B. Herring, J. Hare, Sloan, West. Jim Sykes President t K The leaves were still falling when Phi Kaps won their $64,000,000 Homecoming trophy. Rumors from " Nick " concerning a host of healthy parties made " Tank " almost like his geography instructor. " A Man Called Sykes " shooting for his third term as " Prexy " made Art go to library. Coed Open House featured " Ham " and charm- ing English girl in " Pride and Prejudice. " The " Daily Hog " cut Fritz into shreds and reported that Myron was going a-broad. Sidney and Dick singing " Cross Over The Bridge, " while Gimp inherited string of hotels Angel doted movie star and Dennis drove Cadillac. The " goat " sings for deodorant. Wes quit going to Winston. Steve and Jake ore " Mon " Joan and Ed went to " Y " Court to see Job go to class. " Tex " traded pair of boots to Charles for cashmere coat. " Lightning " and " Senator " voted the fraternity out. " Sam " and " Deets " tripped over rock Sterling pledge class. Love, Toad. FALL PLEDGE CLASS First Row Phelan, Collier, Hayes, Ree. Mobley. Second Row West, Jones, Durho Braswell, Bordeaux, Busby. Third Re Smith, Durst, Warren, Lazarus, Morrc Earnhardt, Steele. ( i Page 174 PHI KAPPA SIGMA The University of Pennsylvania was the site of the founding of Phi Kappa Sigma nationally in 1850. The offi- cial publications of the fraternity are the Phi Kappa Sigma Newsletter and Lambda Life. The colors are black and old gold, and the yellow chrysanthemum is theofficial flower. First Row: Dennis Beam, Jerry Cole, Milton Cooke, Myron John Cutter, Herbert Dov Goforth. David Gleitz, John Clarence Coins, Edward Johnson, Colin McMillo Robert Nichols. Steve Phelps, Charles Umstead, Eugene White- head, Arnold Wood. Page 175 PI KAPPA ALPHA Pi Kappa Alpha was founded na- tionally at the University of Virginia in 1 868, and established at the Uni- versity of North Carolina in 1895 The publication of Pi Kappa Alpha is The Shield and Diamond, and the colors are garnet and gold. The official flower is the lily of thevalley. Jim Allen, Vice-President; George Artope, Horry Braxton, Second Row; Rick Coker, Tom Dovis, John Dickson, Buddy Flynn Horris, Luther Hodges, Jr., Secretary; Lou Hornthol, Henry House. John Marriott, Ed McCurry, President; Bill Nebel, Doug Overman. Fifth Row: Ed Peorce, John Sewell, Chorles Vincent. Page 176 1955-56. $64,000 prize year at PiKA . , . category: parties . . . first question . . . initial step on the big climb ' ' Oklahoma and Lloyd ' s Barn . . . inter- views: the lover Nose and twins ... Ed lost the race but won the horse . . Dickson still sweotin ' Nancy . . Weenus, gotta know something . . . Horace, in the shower for your birthday . . . COMMERCIAL: Have you seen Charlie Vincent ' s lipstick? . . . next question . . . reaching the peak Bus trip to Wake terrific German weekend with Kenton . . social standouts . . . Hodges, the Prince takes to Europe . . . bon voyage! . . . Overman, take off that furry sweater . . Buzzy and coin slots for the first floor head . . . Cashwell takes a drink, then criticizes the party . . . OK. Puppet? . . . Lemma ' s own lil ' Lips . . . Coker and poker ruined by majority rule . . . Sev ell ' s been trying Charlie Vincent ' s cousin . . . second best . . Bynum, from the halls of PiKA to the shores of Quantico . . . next question . . . out- standing social sophsr ' The Rickshaw Driver . The Night-Bird . . . Alio, Alio . . . Ricky Rat . . . Trigger . , . Hu-Hu . . . COMMERCIAL: Comb and brush boy uses Satin Set ... for final question . . . terrific pledge class brought in for added support to make 55-56 PiKA ' s prize winning year. Ed McCurry President FALL PLEDGE CLASS First Row: Allegood, Read, Quinn, Meekins. ieconl Ro Singleton, Coshwell, Malcolm, Egbert, Bornhordt, Ale ander. Third Row: Robinson, Ervin, Etheridge, Dorde Goodwin, Kerr, Rogers, Thornton, Butler. Page 177 FALL PLEDGE CLASS First Row: Wright, Moore, Bullord, Sherrill, Gard- ner. Second Row: Honchey, Roberson, Motthis, Campbell, Williord. Third Row Williams, Smith, Crouch, Montgomery, Miller, Johnstone, Eorgle, Bray. In this the eighth year since Kappa ' s reactivation, a small compact brotherhood, composed mostly of upperclossmen, set into action the machinery for the acquisition of the long-awaited new house. Fol- lowing incorporation during the early part of the year, the Pi Kaps began, for the first time since the fire of December 18, 1953, to seriously communi- cate with the nearly 300 living alumni about the proposed new house. Alumni replies made a new chapter house an excellent probability within two years . . . On the social side, the school year 1955-56 has been one of the greatest. A terrific round of football parties and cabin festivities, Germans, Christmas party, sorority affairs, the annual Rose Ball, and a final beach party after school, composed the social calendar. ■.Tj ri f tt-t«tl Page 178 George Anderson, Chaplain; Richard von Biber- stein. Emery Bray, Richord Frucci, Richard Jaci son Secretary. Bill Johnson, Warden; Billy Sessoms, Jock Toylo Archon. Pi Kappa Phi fraternity was founded nationally at the College of Charles- ton in 1904, and was established at the University of North Carolina in 1914. The official colors are gold and white, and the publication is The Star and Lamp. The flower is the red rose. PI KAPPA PHI Page 179 PI LAMBDA PHI Pi Lambda Phi was founded nation- ally at Yale University in 1 895, and locolly in 1939. The national colors of the fraternity are purple and gold, and its publication is Tripod. David Burrows, Scribe, He Reese Glatzer. Fleishman, K O.E.; Donald Kurtz, Rex; Richord Leavift, Edward Lipp- man, Porliamentanan, Third Row: Gary Smiley, Norman Steinberger, Stuart Teichman. Steve Trochtenberg, David Weinberger, Jacob Zemon. Page 180 FALL PLEDGE CLASS Steinberger, Gr « Wainer, Coh Kotzin, Fields, nor, Corbin. ion, Horwitz, Soodmon, W( nthol, Nusho Well tanned and eager, we scrubbed, polished and painted, and had ' ole 107 looking better than ever. Afternoon trips to Raleigh consumed much time and energy and finally we were in the throes of rushing. When the smoke cleared, we had twenty-one eager pledges; a great class! Kappy ' s pinning. Bird-dog ' s eager calls to the mid-west, a Miami Beach recon- ciliation and Fix ' s follies all provided grist for the romantic mill. Fall Germans found us full of mirth. Dixieland music, and later, tomato juice. Manny was still checking on those orange spots Periods between Party Weekends found us busily trying to uphold a good scholastic average. Norm and Don practiced a duet on " Red Sails in the Sunset, " Spring arrived and naturally the " beach fever " hit us. We honored our pledges with a fabulous week- end and then settled down to the serious business of sun-bathing. Despite the crowded roof, none of us remained pole-skinned, Happy and learned, we closed the year and keenly looked forward to the next. Dave Bruton House Manager Gray appearance of the house comes as silent tribute to he effective regimentation of Kentopp and Brad . . . Ludwig gets artistic on drinking-room floor . Rushing brings Wilson end several others . , . Pittsboro Street AAU holds first meeting . . . alchemists ' Halloween party: Tice reaps last year ' s crop, Oyer goes bad . . Simmons leaves cellar lab to Taws . . Burley estate moves from Keokuck to Nassau . . " Sing Suk " Spooner celebrates Chinese New Year . . Brothers contemplate divinity of nature on coon hunt . . unidentified co-eds provide diversion at Thirsty Thirteen opening . . . Covell discards chicken , . . Thanksgiving in New York with Spring Street Stompers. Guess who went to the Metr ' . . Zimmerman in brief encounter with ward politics . . Bruton gets new plow for Christmas . . . Spivak returns this time . . . Sarge is rotated north , . . Winston, Williams, move home 1o central heating . . . Jake sharpens switchblade in preparation of spring season . . . Graduation eliminates several draft dodgers as New York Giants start pennant drive. FALL PLEDGE CLASS Demoree, Taylor, Mincey, Robinson, Winston Sylvester, Dogoev. Page 182 ST. ANTHONY HALL St. Anthony Hall was founded na- tionally at the University of Colum- bia in 1847, and the local chapter was established in 1 854. The official colors of the fraternity are blue and gold. David Bruton, House Manager, Harry Burley, David Clinord. Second Row; Douglas Dewing, Donald Kentopp, Davis Lomson. Third Row; Charles Oyer, Robert Simmons, Jock Spooner, Fourth Row: Ted Taws, Bill Wood, Joy Zii Page 183 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON The University of Alabama was the site of the founding of Sigma Alpha Epsilon nationally in 1856. The local chapter was established one year later, in 1857. The Record is the official publication of the fraternity, and the colors are old gold and purple. The violet is the official flower. First Row: Nolan Boird, Julian Dell, Willis Henderson. Second Row; George Hunter, Jack Jones, Donald McMillan, T. O. Moore. George Porker, James Potton, Vice-President; Edword Pell, President, Samuel Reeves. William Roth, Pen Sandridge, Buddy Sasser, Robert Scholze. Fifth Row; Walter Sturdivant, Charles Tompkins, John Walker Page 184 The chapter had a great deal of work to do before school started this vear — the finishing touches were put on the new recreation room in the basement, and it is now the center of our social activities. Several returning veterans plus an excellent pledge class have gone far toward putting 5AE high on campus, as well as greater efforts in the intramural field placing us high on the sports roster All- Americon weight lifter Frank McClenezan is back, " groaning " for the chapter. If the marriage rate increases, chapter meetings will have to be held in Glen Lennox! Van Winkle announced his June plans, as well as Hutchins, Galloway and Burress — our condolences! Looks like sports writer-statistician Farrington is joining American Oil Company to follow the Redskins ' Interhouse Chinese tag finals to b e held in the spring — all interested parties are requested to save any spore furniture for possible donation to the Chinese tag team, with the hope that the living room may be partially filled ' Edward Pell President FALL PLEDGE CLASS ray, Summerlin, Hurd, Moss, Henderson, ms, Wright, Brown, Kelly, Ferrell. Page 185 SIGMA CHI Sigma Chi was founded nationally at Miami University of Ohio in 1 855, and the local chapter was establish- ed in 1889. The official flower of the fraternity is the white rose, end the colors are blue and gold. First Row; Bob Bell, Donnie Evans, Dick Hensel, President. Second Row; Eric Jonas, Buddy Payne, George Patseouv Claude Plumlee, Vice-President; John Roberts, Gory Sheffield. Fourth Row; Hosea Wilson, Treasurer, Von Wolfi. Page 18« Dick Hensel President Chi ' s return to find ranks thinned by graduates at South Carolina and Fort Jackson. Rushing adds 26 and year starts with bang . . . Clyde keeps ring in nose . . . Beaky adds buckets to trophy room . . Use Stevens for new rug . . . Spotty expelled, not housebroken . . . Casey has writer ' s cramps . , . Melvin pushes Yma Sumac trying to break sound barrier ...CD. heads board of directors . . . Laura puts broth- ers to shame with blazer . . . Crazy Tom gets shock treatment . . . Moto presses house . . . Otis sees psychiatrist after being late for sup- per . Hosea works out under cover . , . Kiwi is nine-ball chomp . . . Chalk adds playmate to sandbox . . . Latest flick — -Miss Roberts . . Craters visits Italian friend, Vesuvius . . . Bear cools at seven . . Parker likes brother ' s clothes . . . Mitch crams four years into five . . . Shef- field learns deals from Joe Friday . . . Aub breaks sixty-nine on links! ' . . . MocVicar has growing pains . . . Payne seen on Saturdays . . . great year for the Chi ' s! ll ii v: FALL PLEDGE CLASS First Row Peeler, Weaver, Lomox, McNeill. Second Row: Collins, McCoy, Hutton, Grove, Black, Alford, Timberloke, Hudson. Third Row Lineweaver, Power, Goodrich, Lacy, Knox, Looney, Schiffmon, Long, Hoke, Fox, Basinger, Underwood. II II C , Don Mitchell President . . . the makings of another great year . . . new tv set . . . which channel, Jim ' ' . , excellent pledge class . , . football appreciation ... no cabin this weekend . . tall Bob racing to Raleigh . . . Sidney stern with weights . professor Edgar, pledges ' delight . . . Pobby loses his pin . . . many serenades . . . Charles Atlas ' only failure, excitable Exum . . . White and Sambo voted |Ocks of the week . . . Morgan, plumber turned politico . my name ' s Gary, and I give a . wins in intramurals . . . Howdy Doody and Mitch . . . variety is the spice of life . pass the goober butter . . . the friendly undertaker . . how ' s the weather in Kitty Hawkr ' . . I ' d rather be dead than red on the head . . . where ' s my yellow tier . . . house still standing after home- coming blast . . . negative! . . mr. photog, boy lens . . . old married man still athletic . . . have you seen my wife? . . . combine two hi fi ' s and a set of weights ... no noise . . . parachute . , Star Princess . . all keeping the interest at heart . . . lighted by the White Star. Page 188 FALL PLEDGE CLASS First Row Holl, Scott, Moore, Saunders. Wolston, Spedden, Cunninghom. Second Row Jones, Wilkins, Childs, Rollins, Boss, Pridgen, Sowyer. Third Row: Talley, Rucker, Powell, Kouri, Jennings. SIGMA NU Sigma Nu was founded nationally at Virginia Military Institute in 1869, and the local chapter was established in 1888. The white rose is the flower of Sigma Nu, and the national colors ore block, white and gold Sigma Nu publishes quarterly its official magazine, entitled The Delta. Joe Adams, Charles Ashby, Jim Bishop, Ed Bulluck, Fred Burrell. Ed Clement, Jim Crumpler, David Dovis, Sidney Dixon, Ted Ediieh. Jim Exum, Harrell EvereH, Bill Groce, Dick Hargitt, James Harper, Lieutenant Commander. Fourth Row: Charles Hicks, George Holden, Lee Holmes, corder; Bob Hoover, Bob Kimzey, Treasurer. Jim Kimzey, Bill Latham, Jack Markham, Jii Marlowe, Don Mitchell, Eminent Commander. Sixth Row: Harold Mitchell, Bill Morgan, David Moye, Al Mustion, Cledith Oakley. Seventh Row: Bob Powell, Tom Prewitt, David Reid, Fay Shingle- ton, John Stollings. Eighth Row: Abe Walston, Sam Watkins, George Watkins, Roy White, John White. f f f f The Sig Eps are at it again . . . serenade in Tri Delts ' back yard . . . strains and pains over new basement . . charter member Mattox returns , . . George, his guitar and Susie . . . " Whale " as big as ever . " Big Four " organizes . . Benson with- out Fritz , , . rush and great pledge class . . . Pogo honored at homecoming . . . Shhh " Quiet hours! . . . " Abie " sweats budget . . . sorority parties . . . classes by masses . . TV and bridge most sought after subjects . . . Spivey, Dawn Corbin, Moffett, and Barlowe hold down Y-court . Door spouts German . . . Butch takes up residence at theater . . . Reamy and Fox at W. C. . . . pledge weekend, a good time was had by all . . C. Mock loses Glover but gains automobile . . Christmas and more parties . . . Look out! Here comes those exams! . . . Moloney still peddling cars , . Sig Ep Boll around corner ... we are host, lot of work and lot of fun . . . Charlie ' s Day was next . . . who won? — who cares! ' — we had fun and plenty to drink ... all roads led to Myrtle and great weekend ... do we hear wedding bells after June for Bob and George? . . . " Thanks, Bill, for job well done " ... up and at it. Seniors, we ' ll see your picture in Journal . . . next year will be greatest ever, you bet! FALL PLEDGE CLASS First Row White, Adams, Worren, Tayl Stribling, Houston, Rush. Second Pierce, Bell, Reed, Moore, Borbee, Will Paderick, Sommer, King, Lindsey. Ro i Page 190 Billy Akii Crews. Bell, Henry Corbir Charles Daniel, Historic Jon Dawn, James Door, Curtiss Daughtry, Donald Gorren, Charles John Charles Lore, Dennis Pope. Charles Reamy, William Self, Comptroller, Butch Smith, Robert Stopleton. Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded nationally at the University of Richmond in 1901, and the local chapter was established in 1921 and 1947. The publication is the Sigma Phi Epsilon Journal, and the official flower is the Ameri- can Beauty Rose. Red and purple are thecolorsof Sigma Phi Epsilon. SIGMA PHI EPSILON Page 191 TAU EPSILON PHI Columbia University was the site of the founding of Tau Epsilon Phi in 1910. The local chapter was estab- lished in 1924. The Plume is the official publication of the fraternity, and purple and white are the official colors. The flowers of Tau Epsilon Phi are the lily of the valley and the violet. Ansell, Jo e BerkoH, Mar Heiden, Dave Lieben Marks, Chaplain. Lorry Maslow, Burnet Mendelsohn, Vice-Choncellor; Richard Planer, Scribe; Dick Shulman. Lorry Sounders, Chancellor; Arthur Sobel, Stan Stern, Bernie Weiss. Page 192 In going the way of all flesh, 12 seniors were not cannibalistic to each other, though it seemed so at times. There was Bootsie Marks, who sang in shower and on tape, but off key . . . Big Len Clein, tried his best with Georgia Peach Poller to melt rushing snowball . , . Cyrano Gormise (with nose preceding him) killing 10,000 eorthmen per hour on type- writer . . . Poncho Joe Berkoff, who arises each morning surprised to see the sun coming up over the unpointed garbage house . . . Little Caesar Weiss, condemning the bishop and football teem, but navigating by the sun to Athen s . . . Tank AAoslow, who does his best to accordionize the 16 pound balls he tosses around the track . . . Big Time Charley Blonkstein, Maitre de of the Copo- co-Blankie, better known as his private snake pit The Mirror ' s Image of Stern, who adds figures by day and longs to see them by night . . . The sulphur phosphate Animal, Schneider, still waiting to see test tube babies in lob . . . Moto Mendelsohn, emperor of the third floor kingdom, scratching off at dusk in his new wheels for unknown parts . . . and Ukelele Ira Davis, priming for med school but finding time to play his athlete ' s feet off for Tou Epsiion Phi. Larry Sounders President FALL PLEDGE CLASS Front Row; Lefkowiti, Manning, Eisenberg, Folk, Pressman. Bock Row: Dear, Pittman, Teck, Kantcr, Growl, Greenblatt. Page 193 Gene Carson President FALL PLEDGE CLASS First Row: Bullard, Coffey, Hutchison. Second R Horris, Mottox, Snell, Morley. Third Row Pulli Poyne, Weiters, Honewinckel, Hohmon, Coyl Hyde. Came back this fall to a new year and started with a bang! Boys back from the wars — Sarge, Bill C, Sis Pollard, George, and of course our new prexy, Gene C. All sorts tied the knot in 1955 and we started the year with plenty of newlyweds — Dave and Mary; Ben, Betty and Company; Jim and Kathy, Sarge and Honelohre; The Bull and Clyde. And events — mail from Oregon . . . alumni after foot- ball games . . . Wockodoo!!! . . . the pledges ' special project . . . Stinko to Lumberton . . . Poodles in South Carolina . . something for Freddy-Son at the Christmas party . . . third floor murals . . . the snake strikes again and again and again . . . the crazy stab-cat . . . barroom passion . , . Rosebud joining navy . . . Buddie ' s women . . . Son ' s cat . . . Nicky again . . . the pledge party . . . Bill C ' s brainstorm . . . Pleas and Joyce . . . down in the saltmines . . . Armie ' s auto . . . the pledge dance . . Dream Girl Weekend . . . Wedge getting pinned . . . Freddy leaving for South Carolina, after a lifetimeatUNC . . . Poge 194 Theta Chi fraternity was founded nationally at Norwich University, Norwich, Vermont, in 1856, and the loco! chapter was established in 1920. Military red and white ore the colors of the fraternity, and the official flower is the r ed carnation. The publication is The Rattle of Theta Chi. First Row: Carey Clark. Second Row: William Gile , Boyde n He nley. George Moore Third Row: Robert Polla d. Dole Tor ence Jomes Walsh THETA CHI Page 195 ZETA BETA TAU Zeta Beta Tau was founded notion- allv at City College, New York City, in 1 898, and the local chapter was established in 1927. The colors are blue and gold, and the official pub- lications are The Zeta Beta Tau Quarterly and The Alpha Pioneer. Joy Cohen, Michael Epstein, Joy Goldberg, Robert Goldberg. Philip Goodman, Robert Hornik, Vice-President; Philip Kadis, Max Kahn, Secretary. Victor Kosser, Charles Katzenslein, Edward Nelson Jerry Oppenheimer, Historian. Fourth Row: ird Reiss, Tr nan, Robert Weinstei Louis Rosenstock, Le Page 196 FALL PLEDGE CLASS Front Row: Kridel, Goodman, Chodobe, Tenenbaum. Back Row: Grovsman, Berger, Abromson, Berg, Schein, Sagner. The dawn of 1955 cast its light on the twenty- eighth year of ZBT on the Carolina campus Pledg- ing ten fine men was the beginning of a memorable year with a rapid succession of good times — Mary- land, Homecoming, alumni and parents weekends, Germans, Anniversary, and fabulous beach parties in the spring. Under the superlative leadership of Al Resnick, the brothers gave spirited participation in intramurals and campus activities. The chapter remained on top in scholarship for the fourth consecutive semester. Reports on the seniors are that Lew ' s head fell off while swaying to the flicks Res still has something in his eye . . . Nelson ' s big toe was amputated — he dropped a weight on it . . . Reiss has just completed plans to wed Sylvia Stern . . . J. B. is sick — homesick, that is, for Quantico . . . Katzenstein ' s Phi Bete key is rusty — he ' s very un- happy ... V. K, 21 is at the lost and found looking for his wig . . . oh, you goldilocks! , . Phil joined the track team to pole vault to New Orleons . . . go, Yose, go! Pat Eldridge President Zetes back for best of the unending good years . . Grapevine has it that: " Lid " shot in head . . . " Mr. Roberts " peels peaches . . . " Taylor " renovates Alderman . . " Nooch " vs " Tool " at farm . . . " Seed " and " Chubs " prosper in sales . . " Boss " trees Poss . . . " Paul Pad " sleeps upside down . " Outt " peddles jewelry " General Yukado " leads assault on Greensboro . . . " Brantella " on loose . . . " Hiney " remains on throne . Eat at " Mouza ' s " and " Nicks " alligator room . . Where is " Mystery? " . . , " Rock " looks for stone . . . " Blackdog " finds his superior cake . " Head " hops to Spencer . . . " Square " plays house . . . " Bags " does bizness, " Hales " has Bird flying night and day . . . " Mother Gatsby " buys interest in U.N.C. . . . " Grubs " turns socialite . . . " Spencerina " tours globe . . . " Tiger " roars on court . . . " Chrome Dome " buys heir oil, " Mac " and " Milt " keep Hook on lookout at farm . . . " Bickle " still under " Foot " . . . " Jimmy James " directs Zete expedition to W. F . . Zetes move out for a repeat performance. Ammunition — a great pledge class — Hey R, J. — Gimme a stack . . . FALL PLEDGE CLASS First Row McGee, Smoot, Folger, Cottingto Second Row Barnes, Thorpe, Poxton, Jonc Wood. Third Row McKee, Wilson, Rollir Nosh, B.; Merrimen, Wills, Nosh, S.; Adam Page 198 ZETA PSI New York University was the site of the founding of Zeto Psi in 1847, and the local chapter was estab- lished eleven years later in 1858. The official colors ore gold and white and the flower is the white carnation. The Cicle of Zeta Psi is the publication of the fraternity. Milton Barber, William Blair, William Bost, Wil- liam Bridges. Second Row: James Cheatham, Treasurer, Dick Coiart, Vice- President; Charles Eldridge, President; Hoywood Edmundson. Third Row: Paul Fulton, Fronk Gray, John Gray, Richord Mines. Joseph Lowson, John Littlehales, Kno: X Massey, H K : Bill Moss. 1 " 1 1 - Fifth Row: [ " ' m ■ k Cecil Neville, Jordan Parker, Mocoi n Potton, ■ it, M 1 i Secretary; Chorh 5s Rouse. ■ am y Richard Taylor, Willi Arms, Robert Young. Woodord, Scrgeont-At- UNIVERSITY CLUB The University Club is primarily a service organization, and all of its functions are carried through in the interest of the student body end the University. The motto of the club — " for the University " — is self-explanatory of the pur- poses of the club. Composed of a representative from each dormitory, frater- nity, sorority, the Cardboard, Band, and Cheerleaders; the University Club has direct contact with almost every student on the campus, and acts as a co-ordinating body for many of the activities relating to sports events of the University. The functions of the Club are many and varied. Through its cooperation with the Athletic Association, the Club seeks to prorrote and maintain enthusiasm and good sportsman- ship in all University events and contests. Officers are Joe Clapp, Vicc-Prosident, Niven, Secretory, Judy Tolley, Treasun Collison, President First Row: Dennis Beom, William Holmes, Gene Moloney, Ralph Usino, Oonold McGregor, Jock Childs, and Jeff Corbin. Second Row Anne Carlton, Koy Browne, Wickie Stringfield, Mary Lou Wells, Al Moise, Gordon Bonks, Joon Willsey, Susan Hayes, Fred Owen Phifer, John Heath. Third Row Jim Cootes, George Anderson, Frank Plott, Jim Melvin, Bill Weormouth, Allan Reichert, W. A. Honewinckel, Jock Lewis, Charles Hicks, Leon Evans, John Wilson and Emmett Richardson. Page 200 WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE COUNCIL Members of the WRC ore, seoted, Pat Grohom, Dore Peace, Hester Matthews, Helen Jacksan, Callie Pruitt, Sue Fink, President; Susie Roberts, Nancy Wilson, Eleanor Smith, Jean Robertson. Standing. Ancy Hoover, Sharon Warrenton, Shirley Sailed, Joan Sinclair, Peggy Funk, Ann Lossiter, Jeanine Thompson ond Lynn Zimmerman. The Women ' s Residence Council studies problems concerning coeds on campus. The Council is com- posed of one elected representative from each of the women ' s dormitories, dorm presidents, house man- agers from each sorority and the house council coordinator from the Women ' s Honor Council, Aside from deciding on late permissions the Council as- sumes the job of representing coeds in dealings with other parts of the University, of establishing dormitory and social rules, and of making the University a better place at which to work and grow. Each spring the Council chooses the editor of the Women ' s Handbook, chairman of Women ' s Orienta- tion and head of Leadership training Page 201 " Grunt ' n ' Groaners " provide one of the rr entcrtaining highlights of the intramural progri Page 202 NOVEMBER BEAl TO DOOK FLOAT The perennial " Mow ' em down! " An early December rain chilled and dampened the PiKa ' s annual Beat " Dook " Float Parade but the pageant suffered only a minimum setback. The sororities dis- played enough shapely legs to please the large crowd that packed Franklin Street and Queen Eleanor Riggins stayed dry under a Bell Tower atop the PiKa float. Win- ning floats brought trophies to Cobb dorm, the Nurses ' dorm, DKE fraternity, and Tri-De ' t sorority. Chi Psi Geeti Pogc 204 CONSOLIDATED UNIVERSITY STUDENT COUNCIL Luther Hodg President The Consolidated University Student Council is composed of eleven student leaders from the three schools — Women ' s College, State College, and Carolina. This delegation plans CU Day in correlation with the State-Carolina football game at State, State-Carolina basketball game at Carolina, and Consolidated University Day at Women ' s College. The CUSC is an organiza- tion that meets and discusses problems common to the three schools. The leaders take these issues back to the campus and to Student Government. Under the leadership of Luther Hodges, Jr., CUSC has sponsored a program of enthusiastic activities of entertainment, coordination, and hospitality for the representa- tives of the three schools. The Consolidated University Student Council has three officers — Luther Hodges, Jr., President of the Council; Joan Palmer, Secretary; and Bob Gardner, Chair- man of the Carolina Council. Members of the Carolina Delegation to CUSC are Bob Yoi Susan Fink, Jim Kimzey, Don Fowler, Joon Palmer, Lewis Bri field, Jim Martin and Jack Stevens. Page 205 SOCCER All-American Pete Cothran and goalieChuck Hartman led the Tar Heel soccer team to three wins and two ties in an eight game season and second place in the A.C.C. The Carolina squad won from N. C. State, Duke, and Washington and Lee, while it was held to a tie by Virginia and N. C. State. This year was another building season which was brightened by the fine showing of three sophomores, Bill Blair, Charlie Co- vell, and John Foster. Capt. Calvin Lane, Grover Brown, and Jim Skidmore also gave impressive performances. Coach Marvin Allen is still in the process of building, and this season was his third since returning from the service. . fe-ii t First Row Goldburg, McCormick, Movretic, Covell, Lone, Cothran. bcconj Row: Jones, Harris, Cox, Skidmore, Butler, Nichols. Third Row Yank, Greenway, Owen, Blair, Brown, Bunting, Moore, Henderson, Foster. Fourth Row: Hartman, Oyer, Sullivan, Manoger Yelverton and Coach Allen. Page 206 WRESTLING ♦off ' } Charles Boyette, 1955 winner of the Benjamin Solo- mon Award in wrestling, and Hugh Cowan, who won the Atlantic Coast Conference championship in the 130-pound division, led the Tar Heels through a luck- less season. The Carolina team was hampered by a lack of depth and experience, although they did show up well against such strong opponents as Washington and Lee and Wake Forest. This season ' s squad was studded with sophomores and juniors and is expected to furnish Coach Sam Barnes a strong nucleus for next season. The only seniors were Boyette and letterman Hugh Berwick. Also, matmen Roger Dalehite, William Gray, Ed Hutchins, Robert Thornton, and Bobby Wagner wrestled exceptionally well. Wrestling is still in the building stage at Chapel Hill. Next season Coach Barnes hopes that with the return of an experienced group from this year ' s squad plus help from a strong freshman team will help put the sport back on its feet at UNC. Page 207 Time for one nervous cigarette. Crinoline, mascara and smiles lit the stage of Memo- rial Hall on November 3rd as over ninety of Carolina ' s loveliest coeds vied, nervously, for the crown of Queen of the 1956 Yackety Yack. Presented by various fra- ternities, sororities, and dorms on campus under the capable direction of Bette Bostian and Ken Lowry, the beauties were reduced to the final fifteen, with Miss Anne Wrenn unanimously chosen by the judges as Queen. Judges J. E. King of the History department, Miss Lib Moore, assistant to the Dean of Women, and Bob Cox, local clothier. BEAUTY CONTEST " Remember to stay close to the footlights, pause, and SMI I — " Darn that spit curl! Page 208 Contestonts nervously wait m the dressing rooms before going on stage. And Anne is your queen. ' A last-minute check for perfection. Emcee Jimmy Capps, Contest Director Bette Bostian, ond Yack Editor Jock Markhom give the contestonts last-minute instructions before the contest begins. Page 210 BEAUTIES Page 211 y9vne OOOu Queen of the 1956 Yackety Yack A queen by right is this Greensboro lass who at present is holding the titles of National Kappa Alpha Rose and Star Princess of Sigma Nu. Standing only five feet four inches, Anne is known for her vivacious smile and sparkling blue eyes. A member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, she is being presented by Kappa Sigma fraternity. All portraits by Jack Markha Page 213 O OJtiu iclcnn The dark brunette hair of this Delta Delta Delta is set off strikingly by her soft complexion. Dottie is twenty years old, and stands five feet six inches tall. She is being presented by Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. Nutley, New Jersey, is the home of this twenty-year- old platinum blonde. Gwen is a Delta Delta Delta and is majoring in elementary education. Phi Delta Theta fraternity is presenting her to the campus. Cc L, n ' r ' C- ' -y H The smoldering beauty of this Delta Delta Delta is most strikingly set forth by her deep brown eyes. Joan, who is twenty-one years old and majoring in art, is from Coral Gables, Florida. She is being pre- sented by Sigma Nu fraternity. 9 (TZulO t XTH) Tampa, Florida, is the home of this twenty-year-old dark- haired beauty. A quick smile sets off the sparkling person- ality of this Delta Delta Delta. Sylvia is five feet two inches tall, and is being presented by Delta Sigma Pi fraternity. r i 1 m 1 p •1 1 • 1 4 % ■%. i E flL W m 1 £ H B . j ' . 3 M ' E0M r 1 1 1 Q g b ..4HHI 71£ t s j !tt jjz, A twenty-year-old beauty from Chapel Hill, Wickie transferred from Salem College, and is majoring in English. A radiant complexion sets off the contrast- ing brunette hair of this coed, who is being pre- sented by Sigma Nu fraternity. Page 218 Born in Thomson. Georgia, Harriette is noticed for her soft accent as well as her quiet beauty. A mem- ber of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, she is majoring in art education. Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity is spon- soring this twenty-one-year-old senior. ,«»mBH LAjoX -ir The quiet charm of friendliness typifies this sopho- more nurse who is eighteen years old. Buckhannon, West Virginia, is the home of this Kappa Delta, who is five feet seven inches tall. She is being presented by her sorority. ' ' ' " - ' iiifi»f»-Tt ' - Page 220 y, ' I yUoite yXe (Xdlc££ Atlanta is the home of this twenty-year-old beauty, who is known for her vivacious smile and charming personality. Nancy is a member of Stray Greeks, and is majoring in English. Chi Psi fraternity is pre- senting her in this year ' s court. Page 221 yja a -yfj C Page 222 A sparkling smile is probably the most noticeable feature about this vivacious coed from Norfolk. Joan is majoring in physical education and stands five feet eight inches tall. She is being presented by Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity. Sparkling laughter sets this attractive blonde out from a crowd, as Diana hurries across campus to her elementary education classes. Born in Green- wood, Mississippi, she is twenty years old, and a member of Delta Delta Delta. Theta Chi fraternity is presenting Diana in this year ' s court. Page 223 A . A too often rare combination of brains and beauty were endowed this Chi Omega who is majoring in psychology. Twenty years old and five feet five inches tall, Nancy claims Hickory as her home. Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity is pre- senting her in the beauty court. :„ ' .-.- ' ;» The quiet, sophisticated beauty of this Chi Omega is noticed particularly in her blue eyes Sally is twenty years old, majoring in English, and comes from Goldsboro. She is being presented by Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. Page 225 ' cucjH CchJL A aGc4 yi Knoxville, Tennessee, is the home of this beauty who is doing graduate worl , in radio, television and motion pic- tures Delta Delta Delta is her sorority, and this twenty-two- year-old brunette is being presented by Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. Page 226 CXKvajX This pert young Chi Omega hails from Orlando, Florida, and stands only five feet three inches tall. A sophomore, Janet is majoring in dental hygiene. Phi Delta Theta fraternity is presenting her to the campus. 5 rVS- ' Page 227 YOUNG DEMOCRATS CLUB The University Young Democrats Club is the largest active organization on the campus. Its purpose as set forth in the constitution of the Young Demo- crats Clubs of North Carolina is: " To stimulate in young people an active interest in governmental affairs, to increase the efficiency of popular gov- ernment, to foster and perpetuate the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party, and to provide for our people through its administration the highest degree of justice, social welfare and happiness. " Club activities for the political year 1955-1956 included the co-sponsorship of North Carolina ' s first Democratic Workshop; a banquet honoring Demo- cratic National Chairman Paul M. Butler; assistance in the organization or reactivation of YDC Clubs on other campuses; publication of The Tar Heel Democrat, the Club ' s monthly newspaper; sponsorship of a college caucus in conjunction with the state YDC Convention, and the sponsorship of numerous addresses by prominent Democratic leaders. Seated: Ruth Dalton, Historian; Larry Egerton, Bill Formyduvol, First Vice-President; Charlie Dean, Vice- President- W. E. Graham, Jr., President; Anne Carlton, Secretary; Gerrold Parker, Treasurer; Bill Wolf, Tommy Gardner. Standing A. W. Sapp, Jr., Bob Roberts, James Ramsey, Andre Evans, R. B. Dawes, Jr., Editor; Hermon Godwin, Phil Ronsdell, Norman Booker. Page 228 AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. Colonel George Smith Professor of Air Science Major Jock Gobus Commandont of Cadet Major George Lynn Operations Officer DETACHMENT NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICERS Front Row M Sgt C. W. Clifford, M Sgf M. W. Hudson R. C. Puckett. Back Row S Sg» J. W. Howk, T Sgt B. F S Sgt M. N. Wilson. WING STAFF ASSISTANTS AND NCO ' s Front Row Cadet Copt. E. R. Borrott, Codet T Sgt D. L. Bell, Cadet M Sgt J. M. Howey, Cadet Copt. J. E. Durham. Back Row: Codet First Lt. G. W. Whitesides, Cadet A 3c J. M. Wiesel, Cadet Copt. G. F. McCabe, Cadet Copt. J. B. Carrol. Page 230 Honorory Cadet Colonel Carolyn Priiitt Commanding Officer, Corps of Sponsors Codet Colonel Robert Patterson Commanding Officer, Corps of Cadets Cadet Lt. Colonel Donold Fryar, Wing Deputy Commander; Cadet Lt. Colonel Jock Wilson, Wing Operations Officer; Cadet Mojor Douglas Clark, Wing Ad- jutant; Cadet Major John Spooner, Wing Air Inspector; Cadet Major Shelton Alexander, Wmg Personnel Officer. Cadet Major A-chie Christopher, Wing Specio 1 Services Officer, Codet Mojor Jerry Voydo, Wing Material Officer; Cadet Major Cloude Pope, Wing Public Inforrr lotion Officer, Codet Major Ray- mond Graham, Wing Communications Office r; Codet Major James McCorkle, Wing Comptroller. CORPS OF CADETS Page 231 Mojor R. R. Nixon ond Mojor J. F. Wooten, Band Directors -?t AFROTC Marching Band Major M. L. Boyotl Drill Commander - SQUAD B First L». E. L. Nance, Copt. A. A. Culbreth, Squad Com- mander; First Lt. A. G. Resnick, First Lt. E. P. Yarnell. GROUP I Capt. B. I. Poller, Copt. C. L. Sharpless, Copt. J. S. Correll, Mojor J. D. Sykes, Group Commander. GROUP I SQUAD A First Lt. O. W. Cook, First Lt. T. Kemp, Copt. C. R. Vincent, Squad Co First Lt. E. K. Davis. GROUP 11 Copt. J. B. Woods, Copf. J. T. White, Copt. W. G. Clark, Mojor R. S. Heoden, Group Commander SQUAD C Copt. 0. H. Pace, Squad Commander; First Lt. C. H Wortmon, First Lt. J. H. Tesh, First Lt. J. M. Morron GROUP II Page 234 Cadet Mojor Douglas Clork Commanding Officer ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY First Rqw: Howey, Patton, Fryor, McCorkle, Shorpless, Tesh, Resnick, Jonas, Poller, Mclnnis, Bell. Second Row: Borroff, Boyatt, Cook, Morrow, Alexander, Pace, Christopher, Patterson, Pope, Wilson, Sykes, Strickland, Murray, Booth, Wortman, Vincent, Clark, Nixon. " The Warrior Who Cultivates His Mind Polishes His Arms " " We of the Air ROTC accept this motto as a challenge and a pledge that in the future we shall by diligent study and unrestricted effort instruct and train ourselves so that each of us shall have the qualities and attributes essential to our progressive and continued development throughout our life- time as Officers of the United States Air Force. " Page 235 ftl Page 236 above the eorth, i:i-.. TARNATION! w Bill Margulies Managing Editor Jl wi fe " Members of the staff include Bud Shapard, deeply engrossed in foreign pornographic literature, while John Houston, Gordie Lindsey, Dove Dovis and Truman Moore wait Their turn Poge 238 Jock Weaver " We, the Editors of the Tarnotion, assume no responsibility for the contents of this maga- zine ... " So began another year of a rebel- lious publication that has demonstrated in past years the stability of a Central American gov- ernment. With Juan Guillermo Ragsdale snort- ing back and forth in harassed dictatorship, the coup was successful in turning out three issues and making it through till the Spring. Young Will Margulies gave doughty contribu- tions to the health of the undertaking. Bob Stapleton, ace business manager, kept various unscrupulous and designing creditors from the door. Jack Weaver was the man with the dripping pen and the monster on a leash; his cohorts in the art field included Charlie Daniel, Tom Bob Stapleton Business Manage Kirklond, and Truman Moore, Crime Photog- rapher. We had Rueben Leonard as Advertis- ing Manager and Consultant in the Fall, and occasionally John Comer came down from the Law School to serve as contributor and Legal Adviser. Jim Carraway took care of the circu- lation, while Martha Tuttle, known locally as Patty, Office Managed. fJ P " Sorry Mr. Brumfie ' d, none of our ma. r.o-e couries hove lobsl ' Page 239 The Intramural Department, directed by Walter Rabb, now sponsors twenty- three individual and team activities in addition to holding sports carnivals and interscholastic competition with neighboring schools. The department arranges suitable competition and provides adequate facilities and trained officials for student participation which is increasingly widespread. One of the most successful programs has been Big Four Sports day which was won again by Carolina for the fourth successive year. The intramural program is carried on through summer school, and competition is held in softball, golf, tennis, and horseshoes. INTRAMURALS Intramural Softball The Women ' s Athletic Association offers a wide variety of activities to all women students at U.N.C. It provides for competition in archery, tennis, volleyball, basketball, field hockey, and softbalL Also special sports days, and sporting clubs are organized such as the Splash Club which features a synchronized swimming ballet. All women students automatically become members of the W.A.A. and all activities are carried on in accordance with the standards of the American Association of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. WOMEN ' S SPORTS Women ' s Athletic Association executive committee The Sf. lQsh Club The Women ' s Tennis Team Page 241 Chi Psi ' s and dates had o Christmas party tor thirtv orphans- mw TBPwir, m mnmi, ApuoBLfn. HE Wr In m SOCIAL 5WiM AT ALi. m I SIP. J A CAUGHT IN THE ACT! WANTED: One Healthy Male! Stag Party — PiKA style Sing us another one, iust like the other one ..J ' Lewis Bn President MEN ' S INTERDORMITORY The Interdormitory Council serves the students that live in men ' s dormitories in various ways. It acts as their governing agency and represents them to the administration. The IDC also plans social events for the dorms, one of the more successful being the annual Tennis Boll which is held on the tennis courts behind Cobb Dorm in the spring. The Council itself is composed of an executive committee and representatives from each dorm. Over three thousand men living in nineteen dorms were represented this year. An- other integral port of the group is the Interdormi- tory Council Court which tries all violations of interdormitory regulations. Several hundred students enjoyed an IDC dance held in the bose- ment of Cobb Dorm just before Christmas. Page 244 Jim Monteith Vice-President Miss Eleanor Riggins, Sweetheart of the Carolina Dorms COUNCIL " J I lAtMl The Interdormitory Council acts as a governing agency for the dorms as well as planning a well- rounded social calendar for all male students living in the nineteen men ' s dorms. Page 245 «P ' ibi Page 247 An impromptu combo entertained at freshmen camp Manna for the YOUNG MEN ' S CHRISTIAN The YMCA is a non-denominational, lay movement made up of students, faculty and friends who seek to work together In living out the Christian faith In all areas of life through worship, study and action. Membership In the YMCA Is voluntary and open to all on the basis of Interest, without regard to creed, race, doctrine or church membership. It is a democra- tic organization in structure, which provides oppor- tunities for students to make their own decisions and to take the responsibility for the work which they initiate. At the heart of the movement is this objec- tive: taking a student where he now is and giving him an opportunity to grow as an individual in Christian dedication and effectiveness This year a number of activities have been taking place in the YMCA movement at Carolina. A great many students have been interested and active in Race Relations, Bible or Social Action study groups. Other programs include square dances, film forums, U.N. seminars and the Campus Chest. Many students work on the YMCA publications which include the Carolina Handbook, the Directory of Stu- dents and Faculty, and the YMCA Digest. Thus the YMCA has much to offer the student who Is seeking maturity and a means by which he may express his faith in concrete forms of service and action. ASSOCIATION " Let every good fellow now join in o song . . . " Front Row: Lewis Hardee L. Neelokonton, Carl Bridgers, Ed He General Secretary; John Blelefelt, E Taylor, Charles McCaw, Gerry Moyo, Associate Secretary. CABINET Yang, Holland McS ' Bob Leonard, :iaude Shotts, Elliott, Dan Southerland, Roy iham Rights, and John Riebel, YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The Young Women ' s Christian Association is open to any coed who agrees with its purposes and pledges her services and financial assistance. Its purposes are: to unite in a desire to realize a full and creative life through God; to determine to have a part in making this life possible for all people; to seek to know God; to under- stand Jesus and follow Him. This year there were 660 members in the four com- missions — Christian Faith and hHeritage, Personal and Campus Affairs, Social Responsibility, and World Under- standing. These commissions are divided into nineteen committess with widely varied activities Discussions with Coffee Klatsch, Supper Forums, Creative Arts and In- tercollegiate Council — public service through Vespers, hHospital Service, Girl Scouts and the Negro Recreation Pi Phis at vespers Page 250 Center — carrying on the day to day work of the " Y " through Office Forces, Publicity and Posters. All these and others united in regular cabinet meetings. Steady activity of the commissions and committees was inter- spaced with featured events, the first being a breakfast for the new coeds and then a membership drive. There was a social to introduce the new assistant director, Mrs. Pauline Brooks, followed by picnics, the Marriage and Courtship series, a bakery sale and important University speakers. CABJNET First Row: Quinn, Mollis, McCobe, Roberts, Word, Smith, George, Purser, Andes, McDonrel. Second Row Mrs. Milbroth, Dillon, Holt, Bost, Bohonnon, Lilly, Cocke, Jordan, Folger, Dixon, Cowles, Royal, Hayes, Jackson, Zimmerman, Gratz, Mrs. Brooks. I and Barbara Love help in the office. Don Vann President ■V, The Baptist Student Union is more than just a link between the campus and the local Baptist church — it is a fellowship of Christian students who desire to live outside their individual selves in a more meaningful field — the world. Through study and discussion its members seek to understand the self-giving, uncalculating love of Jesus Christ; through evangelism, " Listen, " and Christian service they seek to practice it; through these and worship they seek to verify God ' s presence and to understand His will for their lives. In all these things its members seek to relate their Christian faith to their vocation as students BAPTIST STUDENT UNION i ■t ' « ' w Bt: S. few am. ' : V -. B ' i 1 1 ' if - ' - ■m i ' i L ffi 1 m Seated: Nolo Hotten, Gene Lawrence, Carol King, Clayton Stalnaker, Janet Harper, Sarah Buie, Don Kerby, Rachel Humphries, ond Jerry Smith. Standing Ken Bryant, Dovis Reese, Bill Baddley, George George, James O. Consler, Director; Doug Farmer, Oscar Bolch, Robert Noel, Ivey Heath, James Chomblee, and Daniel Vonn. Page 252 CANTERBURY CLUB Informal caroling brightens the Christmas seoson Officers ore, seated, Happy Watson, Social Chairman; Bill Brewer, Senic Warden; and Cloydio Carstarphen, Secretary. Standing are Franc Porcher, Treasurer; Bill Padgett, Vice-President; and Preston Brownini Second Vice-President. Corporate worship, daily evening prayer, Tuesday night Bible discussions, weekly study courses, " big " drive to add a wing to the Chapel of the Cross, $3,000 budget to meet by student pledges, programs designed to further instruct the Christian, " Man ' s need and God ' s action " — leading up to Spring Mission, " Roadblocks to Faith " — the Challenges of our age concluded in the fabulous Dialogue Sermons, the battlefield of the Skeptic and Christian, second place in the annual Valkyrie Sing with " Campus Prince, " intramural Softball with no wins and five losses but much fun! This is the Canterbury Club as Episcopal students know it — the organization within the student congregation that aims toward a closer relation with God through Christian fellowship, worship, service and study. Members of the Newman Club roast franks in the crisp autumn NEWMAN CLUB The primary purpose of the Newman Club is to deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives oi its members through a balanced program of religious, intellectual and social activities. It aims to help and guide the student in keeping and developing his faith in a secularist atmosphere so that he may be a courageous, informed and spiritual influence in his environment. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB The Cosmopolitan Club is the campus organization for American and overseas students and townspeople coming together for the purpose of giving members an opportunity to exchange ideas and cultures with an object of promotion of friendship and understanding among the nations. There are about ninety regular members. The Cosmopolitan Club gives foreign students and American G chance to meet and exchange ideas. Page 254 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA First Row: Herman, Edmundson, Gordon, Dovis, Turner, Kline, Wiggs, Darlington Norton. Second Row: Wilson, Foster, Morgan, Eison, Whitfield, Hobby, House, Perdue, Stogner, Phipps, Fowler and Bridges. Third Row: Stephens, Pruitt, James, Gunther, Nelson, McNeil, Hunter, Forrow, Hollis, Wright, Newman and Folkenburg. Fourth Row Senter, Jones, Moncrief, Cooper, Soieed, King, Barlowe, Smith, Byerly, Bennett and Bright. Future Teachers of America emphasizes high ideals and the qualities of dependable character and leadership. It is for the social and informative growth of all interested students who plan to teach. Established in 1937 as a project of the National Education Association and its affiliated state and local associations, FTA seeks to orient the student into his profession. The Frank Porter Graham Chapter holds the number one charter for North Carolina. Page 255 Snow-laden trees frame the law building after a quiet winter snow. Page 256 JANUARY x c-- ,afc.- station deportment heads discussing a weel ' s progromming include Butch Culbreth, operotions monager, Deedee da Pdrma, music librorion; John Young, station manager, Phil eoodman, production manager; Anne Ryon Thomas, program manager; and Dave Setzer, continuity manager. WUNC is a service organization of the University, another voice which the University may use to help it " become the heart, the v ill, the brain and the con- science of the State of North Carolina. " The operating staff of the station, under the capable direction of station manager John Young, is composed of Universi- ty students who donate their time entirely voluntarily. Martha Stogne President i» INDEPENDENT WOMEN ' S ASSOCIATION The Independent Women ' s Association gathered in Lenoir Hall for their annual Christmas banquet. The Independent Women ' s Association is the legislative organiza- tion of all women students at the University of North Carolina who are not affiliated with o sorority. The Association is composed of three representatives from each of the women ' s dorms and three representatives from Town Girls ' Association. Its purposes are: to promote extra-curricular activities, to aid other campus organiza- tions, to provide opportunities for independent coeds to participate actively in campus activities, to make dormitories more home-like, and to coordinate the activities of independent and sorority girls. Page 259 SWIMMING Poge 260 All-American Charlie Krepp again led Coach Ralph Casey ' s swimming team to a great season. Krepp, an all around swimmer, specializes in the backstroke and individual medley events. The youngster from Baltimore, Maryland, is definitely one of the most outstanding athletes ever to attend Carolina. The Tar Heels opened the season with a 62-25 win over the U. S. Naval Center at Bainbridge, Md. and then went on to defeat South Carolina, Duke, and Virginia before highlighting the season by a smashing 47-37 victory over Carolina ' s strongest Southern rival, N. C, State. This marked a revenge win over a State team which had handed the Tar Heels two defeats during the 1954-55 season. Members of the varsity swimming squad include, first ro Zickgraf, Bill Roth, Dick Boker. Second Row: Mac Mohaffey. Jim Goad, Kelly Maness, Jim Atwater, Pete Higgins. Third Ro Lee Holmes, Ned Meekins, Mac Mclnnis, and J. B. Beaman. Page 262 Dick Baker, freestyler, has proven himself to be the varsity squod ' s outstanding senior swimmer. Bill Roth is the fastest SO-yord freestyler in UNC ' s swimming history. )e varsity squad. Bill Zickgraf has both the backstroke and freestyle. Faced by the loss of star Phil Drake, the team received the added strength it need- ed by the terrific performance of three great sophomore swimmers, Bill Zickgraf, Bill Roth, and Walt Rose. Seniors Dick Baker and Pete Higgins were standouts and gave the squad depth and experi- ence. Junior diving sensation Mac Mclnnis was out for most of the early meets with a leg injury but came back during the middle of the season to turn in fine perform- ances. Charlie Parker and Ned Meekins also gave a good account of themselves on the boards. The prospects for next season look ex- ceedingly good as only five of the team members are seniors A great freshman team has given Casey exceedingly high hopes that Carolina will again regain its place as undisputed king of southern swimming, a title the Tar Heels held a few years back when Carolina amassed a 45-meet victory string. Fulfilling the role of host at Carolina dances and maintaining order at social functions given by various campus organizations are the main purposes of the University Dance Committee. In this capacity it has attained the respect and approval of both faculty and students. Easily DANCE COMMITTEE recognized in formal dress with blue and white rosettes in their lapels, this group of students through careful vigilance of campus dances will continue to work toward achieving their ultimate goal, " The Perfect Carolina Dance. " Pot Hunter Chairman First Row Dick Boker, Bob Harrinston, Ed Hennessee, Bob Hornik. Second Row Don Kentopp, Von King, Joe Movret.c Pot McCormick, John Medlin, Don Miller, Seth Miller. Third Row Ken oikley, Mebone Pritehett, Gil Roglond, Sandy Sanders, Bob Stoton and Juan West Page 265 It ' s cheaper when you do your ov% The box reads: " Rinso because Page 266 Outside assignments in TV 44 Is she a heavy date, Stan? DORM LIFE Page 267 Lorry McElroy President DIALECTIC SENATE Oliver Wendell Holmes once wrote, " The ultimate good desired is better reached by free trade in ideos. The best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market. " Free trade in ideas is better reached by informative and intelligent debate. Each Tuesday night, on the third floor of New West, the Dialectic Senate debates a bill of philosophical, political, or general interest. Each Senator and guest has the opportunity to express his ideas by speaking on the bill. Debate is governed only by rules designed to give everyone the opportunity to be heard. Carolina men who jo ined the Dialectic Senate include James Knox Polk, Frank Porter Graham, Thomas Wolfe, and Luther Hodges. First Row: Rothschild, Boudreou, Webb, Show, McElroy, Self, and Reid. Second Row; Myott, Barteou, Adams, Wible, Gront, Pierce and Holmes. Third Row Finley, Vesto, Pickney, Hester and Julion. Page 268 First Row: Alexander, Clay, Johnston, Dent, Curtis, McBone, Duvoll, Moc- Galliord, Englesby. Second Row: Tedder, Brooks, Matthews, Pittmon, Cuthrell, Woods, Tolmon, Taylor. Third Row Plotf, Stribling, Exum, Monteith, Roland. PHILANTHROPIC ASSEMBLY A large part of the past of the University is the post of the Assembly of the Philanthropic Literary Society. Founded in 1795 on the principles of philanthropy, knowledge, training, and leadership, the Phi has done much for the University, state, and nation. As the Uni- versity grew the Society produced many state and notional leaders who have graduated from Carolina. New East Building, present home of the Society, was built largely from Phi funds; in collaboration with the Di, the Phi endowed the University Library, and became the functioning Student Government. Today, debating campus, state, and national issues, the Phi continues a fine tradition. The Society realizes a new purpose on campus, offering student self-expression, and serving as a link between administration and students. ..ji :- ;? Tony Rodovich watches uneosily as Sfote gains on advantoge in (he spirited contest on the court. Poge 270 Mb- Page 271 Although Frank McGuire had predicted that this year ' s team would still be one year away from its peak, the Tar Heels turned in one of the greatest showings in Carolina ' s history. Led by Lennie Rosen- bluth, who continued to odd to the scoring records he set as a fresh- man and a sophomore, the Carolina squad defeated such high nationally ranked teams as Alabama, N. C. State, Maryland, and Duke. Captain Jerry Voydc and guard Tony Radovich added experience to the sophomore-studded team which by midseason was leading the Atlantic Coast Conference. Rosenbluth for the second straight year was elected to the All-Tournament team of the Dixie Classic. Pete Brennan, Joe Quigg, and Tommy Kearns also plaved top notch ball. The Varsity Squad is composed of, first row Tony Radovich, Ken Rosemond, Tommy Kearns, Jerry Vayda, captain; Bob Cunningham, Gerry McCabe and Roy Seorcy. Second row Coach Fronk McGuire, Bob Young, Lennie Rosenbluth, Hilliord Greene, Joe Quigg, Pete Brennan, and Manager Ben Lubin. Page 272 Milliard Green, cente Bob Cunninghom, guard Joe Quigg, center Lennie Rosenbluth, All-Conference forward Poge 273 Gerry McCabe, guard Bob Young, forward Tony Rodovich, guard Jerry Voydo, guard Page 274 Ken Rosemond, gu 1955-56 RESULTS UNC Opponent 73 Clemson 58 88 Georgia Tech 76 92 South Carolina 75 99 Alabama 77 68 Maryland 62 86 Villanova 63 74 Duke 64 60 N. C. State 82 95 Louisiana State 59 71 Wake Forest 76 101 Virginia 65 75 South Carolina 73 103 Clemson 99 64 Maryland 55 73 N. C. State 69 59 Duke 64 1 1 5 William and Mary 63 83 Virginia 72 77 Wake Forest 73 73 N. C. State 79 73 Duke 65 Won 1 7, Lost 4 A. C. C Tournament 81 Virginia 77 56 Wake Forest 77 Pete Brennon, forM Tommy Keorns, guard , ig Fraternity Court to Page 277 T. O. Moore President Noel Sulli Secretary Bob Mason Treasurer The German Club is an organization composed of repre- sentatives from thirteen social fraternities which sponsors the three big dance weekends on the Carolina campus. Each year they select name bonds and in addition carry out all the details which moke these dances possible. Under the guidance of Tommy Moore, President, this year ' s German Club had a highly successful season. The dance series began in November on the weekend of the GERMAN CLUB Carolina-Notre Dome football game with Stan Kenton and his orchestra playing for a dance. In February, Mid- winters proved to be a resounding hit when Les Brown and his Bond of Renown played for a concert in Memorial Hall and a dance in Woollen Gym. The year ended with the highly successful Spring Finals in May. Other officers of the German Club are: Pat Patteson, Vice-President; Noel Sullivan, Secretary; and Bob Mason, Treasurer. □ list with Les Bn Stan Kenton Page 278 ' i V Germon Club members and dotes form the traditional figure. Beta Theto Pi Morcus Cherry Phi Delta Theto Donald McMillan Sigma Alpho Epsilo John Morriott Pi Koppa Alpho Joe Movretic Phi Gommo Deito Harold Mitchell George Ragsdole Delta Koppa Epsilo Jack Spooner St. Anthony Ho Rivers Upchurch Alpha Tau Omego Hoseo Wilson Sigmo Chi Page 279 Coach Bill Meade, who revived the sport in 1949, has built gymnastics into one of the most outstanding sports at Caro- lina. Though relatively new at UNC, the Tor Heels have al- ready firmly established themselves as the top team in this part of the country. The team this year was led by Biff Howard, who topped the list of seven returning lettermen Three newcomers to the team were William Waddill, Dan Hilliard, and Ted Strauss. These men were faced with the task of replacing last-season ' s stars Gordon Hudson, Pete Brumley, and Southern Inter- collegiate Rope Climbing Champion Bill Rivera. Despite an opening loss to Navy the Tar Heels appeared well on their way to another fine season. GYMNASTICS Members of the team watching Dick Quails v. r-- Woddill, Ned Jordon, Don Hilliard, Brick Grantha Tom Avent, Mocon Weover, Coach Bill Meode ar. 1 I ' •-• ' trampoline are Williom Bift Howard, Horley Gilleland, lugcr Joe Sink. Page 280 1 ■ " .Sh . ? - yi ' TK.. . jt ' Colonel R. C. Burns, U5MC Professor of Noval Science N.R.O.T.C J. H. Graves, USN jtive Officer The mission of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps are two-fold: To provide a steady supply of well-educated Junior Officers to serve on active duty in the Line and Staff of the Navy and in the Marine Corps; and to build up a reserve of officers subject to call in event of national emergency. The NPOTC unit at Chapel Hill since 1940 has dedicated itself to the training and indoctrination of undergraduate students enrolled in the program so that upon graduation they may receive commis- sions in the U. S. Navy or U. S. Marine Corps. A student enters the program under either of two plans, Regular or Contract. As a Regular he is appointed a Midshipman upon entering the pro- gram and receives tuition, books, uniforms, and six hundred dollars per year throughout his four years of college. At graduation he is commissioned an Ensign in the U. S. Navy or a Second Lieutenant in the Marines and serves three years of active duty. Contract students are furnished uniforms and are paid thirty dollars per month during the last two years of the program. Upon graduation each Contract student receives a reserve commission. To successfully complete these programs each student is required to take eight Naval Science courses. Otherwise, he majors in the academic field of his choice. During the four-year period, the Regular student is required to take three summer cruises, and the Contract student one summer training cruise. BATTALION STAFF Lt. C. J. Katzenstein, Battalion Supply Officer; LCDR J. D. Halleft, Baftolior Operations Officer; Coptoin S. H. Smith, Battalion Commander, CDR B. A. Gustafson, Bcttolion Executive Officer; Lt. P. I. Goodman, Communications Officer; CPO J. V. Edwards, Battalion CPO. Page 282 " But, Sir, I just polished them this morning! " HH HuTff ,7 jB) ? tgff 1 v. fllji pm n L.V % lt f mMf it - 1 B I Precision marching by the crock Drill Team Company formation awaiting commends Members of the Cutter staff, preporing material for the next issue, are E. G. Bul- luck, T. R. Durham, S. S. Show, Editor; and B. L. Burbridge. Page 284 Captain ' s In spection is held every Saturday aboard the many ships carrying Midship- " Reveille, Reveille, all hands turn out and trice up. " These words greet midshipmen each morning on their summer train- ing cruises. The midshipmen carry out the daily routine of regular seamen and get special training designed to help them OS the future naval officers of the United States Navy. If we could walk about the ship during the day we could see midshipmen at their cleaning stations, and practicing " man overboard, " " general quarters, " and " fire " drills. After mid- day chow the familiar " Turn to. Turn to, sweepers man your brooms, clean sweepdown fore and aft " would echo on each ship in the cruise fleet. Present on the bridge of each ship are the mid ' n officer of the day and the mid ' n telephone talkers — down in the engine rooms midshipmen are finding things a bit warm. Then the fleet docks, and in Spain, England and Cuba are found thousands of midshipmen — shopping and interested in the more worldly aspects of life. While the freshmen and junior midshipmen are seeing the world, the sophomores remain ashore for the Aviation-Amphib cruise and find things to their liking in Corpus Christi, Texas, and Little Creek, Virginia. The Marine candidates at Quantico turn to on Mondays a little foggy after those Washington weekends, for some early morning exercise. The NROTC midshipmen return home at the end of the sum- mer with exciting sea stories, sunburns and a new found con- fidence in themselves. The Carolina midshipmen on cruises learn through actual experience and are prepared to face the challenge of the future. Midshipmen receive the " word " on Naval Air Training during the Aviation cruise in Corpus Christi. Page 285 The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is a nation-wide military honor society with chapters located in leading col- leges and universities having ROTC programs. Membership is by election only and selection is based upon military leader- ship and academic merit, the members being outstanding ROTC officers. The purpose of the society is to maintain and develop the qualities inherent in good and efficient officers, to SCABBARD AND BLADE prepare these officers to take a more active part and exert a greater influence in the military affairs of our country, to unite in a closer relationship the military departments of American universities, and above all else to spread accurate and intelligent information concerning our nation ' s military requirements The officers of the society are: Sherwood H. Smith, Jr., Captain; Bruce A. Gustafson, First Lt.; John G. Medlin, Second Lt.; and Owen Cook, First Sgt. First Row Loren Brandt, Robert Peek, John Hoilett, Owen Cook, Thomas Ferguson, Richard Booth, Donald Christopher, Bruce Gustatson, Sherwood Smith. Second Row Lee Holmes, Eorle Garrett, Hugh Cowan, Bob Poweri, Jim Howey, Donald Huntington, Ed Bulluck, Donald Fryar, David Mclnnis. Third Row Noel Petree, Don Strickland, Bob Mason, Jock Wilson, Shelton Alexander, Bill Pittman, Don Kentopp, Brad Hall, Mebone Pritchett, Josiah Murray. Page 286 Members of the Student Council are. seated, Charles Stewort, Jane Howie, Peggy Bollard, Bob Kimiey, Solly Cowles, Jane Edwards. Standing, Pot Potteson, chairman, George Spelvin, Scotty Hester, Jim Allen, Cloude Pope, Jim Rough, Shelton Alexander and Bill Pittmon. The Student Council is the top link in the judicial chain — its authority is related to that of the Federal Supreme Court. As provided for in the Student Constitution, the Student Council has original jurisdiction in all cases involving the constitutionality of any legislative or executive actions. It also has original jurisdiction in all cases of violations of acts not otherwise provided for by the Student Legislature. The Council has appellate jurisdiction in all cases which ore appealed from the lower courts. This review is limited STUDENT COUNCIL exclusively to the question of whether, in the original judicial hearing, all the constitutional rights of the accused were observed. The Council is composed of fifteen members: three women selected in the spring by women students, three men elected by men students, three members elected at large by the student body, and one member each from the Men ' s Honor Council, Women ' s Honor Council, Law School Council, Medical School Council, the Interfrcternity Council, and the Interdormitory Council. Page 287 WOMEN ' S HONOR COUNCIL Members of the Women ' s Honor Council ore Edna Dillon, Lois Owen, Cory Caperton, Dutchie Milligon, Peggy Ballord and Phyllis Shepherd The Women ' s Honor Council is tine Inigliest women ' s judiciary body. The Council has original jurisdiction in all cases involving violations of the Honor Code and the Campus Code; it also tries cases concerning infractions of certain social rules, and it serves as an Appellate Court to House Council decisions. As well as upholding the principles of the Honor Code and the Campus Code, the Council has an important part in the orientation of new women students into this aspect of campus life. The Women ' s Honor Council functions as an integral port of the philosophy of the University — " To do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God. " Page 288 The Men ' s Honor Council is shown during one of its working sessions. The members ore Sonny Evans, Don Huntington, Tom Moore, Charles Katzenstein, clerk; Ogburn Yates, chairmon; Dick Boker, Pete Gerns, Mebone Pritchett and Perk Hayes. MEN ' S HONOR COUNCIL The Men ' s Honor Council, the primary judicial body for campus law at Carolina, has original jurisdiction in oil instances of violations of the Honor and Campus Codes. Under the Student Government Constitution the Council has the authority to render decisions which include repri- mand, placing on probation, and suspension from school. In the fine tradition of granting to student supervision the responsibility for student conduct, the administration almost invariably supports the decisions rendered by the Council. The Men ' s Council also has the responsibility of helping to orient new students into our system, and of maintaining an awareness in the students of their obligations to the Honor System. Page 289 Page 290 Page 291 Order of the l d Horace Edney Stacy Walter D. Gurley . Lemuel Russel Jordan Paul R Likins ... ... Jason . Hyparchos Grammateus Chrystopher MEMBERS 1955-1956 428 James Clarence Wallace 429 Raymond Lewis Jefferies 459 Samuel Haye Magill 470 Ray Clifton Moose 486 Horace Edney Stacy 499 James Edward Mclntyre 501 Colvin Theodore Leonard, Jr. 545 Thomas Claiborne Creasy 550 Harry Pawlik 551 Tyre C. Taylor 552 Edward Lex Potter 553 Carl Vernon Venters, Jr. 554 William Woodord McLendon 555 Rollie Tillman, Jr. 556 Kenneth Melvin Pruitt 557 Edwin Osborne Ayscue, Jr. 558 Richard Henry Baker, Jr. 559 Raymond Mason Taylor 560 Lewis Manning Muntzing 561 John Gordon Forester, Jr. 562 Edwin Milton Yoder 563 Charles Hill Yarborough, Jr 564 Ralph Martin Jordan, 11 565 Richard Beverly Raney Webb 566 Joel Lawrence Fleishman FACULTY MEMBERS 6 Charles Phillips Russell 70 Claude Edward Teague 90 Edgar Ralph Rankin 102 Robert Burton House 109 Herman Glenn Baity 1 1 1 Ernest Lloyd Mockie 119 Albert McKinley Coates 121 Joseph Burton Linker 141 Corydon Perry Spruill 149 Frederick Carlysle SheppQ 176 Earle Horace Hartsell 1 86 Joseph Maryon Saunders 202 Richard Beverly Raney 209 Edgar Alexander Cameror 220 Walter Smith Spearman, . 231 Gordon Gray 274 JohnTettenerO ' Neil 299 Frederick Henry Weaver 318 George Alexander Heard 403 Edwin S. Lanier 424 Hugh Talmage Lefler 425 Harry Kitsun Russell 432 William West Taylor 437 Frank William Hanft 445 Williom Clyde Friday 468 Walter Reece Berryhill 473 Roy Walter Holsten 500 Henry Parker Brandis, Jr. 9fe VALKX OFFICERS -i B M- SUSAN FINK, President JANE COCKE, Secretary SARA ALICE JACKSON, Vice-President DONNA ASHCRAFT, Treasurer SALLY FOLGER, Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS Peggy Ballard Callie Mitchell Ann Cooper Joan Purser Susie Roberts K i;i)e (0rber of fte d lb l ell OFFICERS Edgar Woodfin McCurry, Jr President Charles J. Katzensfein, Jr Vice-President Susan Boles Fink Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie Recorder CHARTER MEMBERS 1 William Donald Cormichael, III 2 William Robert Coulter 3 Jesse Henry Dedmond 4 Peter Harry Gems 5 Samuel Hirsch 6 Charles Louis Johnston, Jr. 7 Allard Kenneth Lowenstein 8 William Ernest Mackie 9 Basil Lamar Sherrill 10 Donald Gray Shropshire 1 1 Leonard Adolph Szafaryn 12 Dr. Samuel Thomas Emory 13 Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie 14 Dr. William Smith Wells INITIATES OF MAY 10, 1955 435 Robert Davis Aldridge 436 Shelton Setzer Alexander 437 Clinton Toms Andrews, Jr. 438 Richard Henry Baker, Jr. 439 Robert C. Barlowe 440 Eula Louise Baumann 441 Barbara F. Beasley 442 Thomas S. Bennett 443 Sonia Carolyn Bergan 444 Beverly Blemker 445 Donna L. Blair Booe 446 Lewis Shore Brumfield 447 Carroll Butts 448 Eugene R. Buyer 449 Jerry Austin Campbell 450 Joyce Carter 451 Louise Inman Coffey 452 Thomas Claiborne Creasy, Jr. 453 Max Henry Crohn, Jr. 454 James Garland Crouch, Jr. 455 Charlie Louis Dean, Jr. 456 Babbie Jane Dilorio 457 Carol Louise DuPler 458 Dorothy Ann Figel 459 Susan Boles Fink 460 Millard James Fountain 461 Donald Owen Fowler 462 Betsy Lynn Goodwin 463 Connie Mock Grovitte 464 Gladys Bernard Hatcher 465 Anne C. Hebert 466 Hugh Scott Hester 467 Anne Louise Huffman 468 Charles Fisk Hyatt 469 Henry H. Isaacson EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Officers and Manning Muntzing John Shorter Stevens Beverly Raney Webb Alternates: Richard Henry Baker, Jr. Lewis Shore Brumfield Stephen Charles Morcinko INITIATES OF MAY 10, 1955 470 Lucia Porcher Johnson 471 Ralph Martin Jordan 472 Charles J. Kotzenstein, Jr. 473 Charles Kuralt 474 Joan Carol Leonard 475 Ron Frank Levin 476 Robert Polk Linker 477 Albert Anderson Long, Jr. 478 William Ray Long 479 Stephen Chorles Morcinko 480 JohnW. Markham, III 481 Jacqueline McCarthy 482 Edgar Woodfin McCurry, Jr. 483 Baxter Mclntyre 484 Manning Muntzing 485 Edward Holder Nelson 486 Margaret Mathilda Nieter 487 Elsie Jane Peterson 488 Harriet Amelia Parrish 489 Janet Moore Poole 490 Ann Pooley 491 Kenneth Melvin Pruitt 492 David Edward Reid, Jr. 493 Graham Henry Rights 494 Joke Hertel Rountree, Jr. 495 William Eugene Sanders 496 Joan Freeman Sosser 497 Eleanor Ann Saunders 498 Barbara Perry Smith 499 Sherwood Hubbard Smith, Jr. 500 Geroldine Snider 501 Edna Jacqueline Steed 502 John Shorter Stevens 503 Coralie Strickland 504 Joane Graham Tannehill 505 Luanne Ellen Thornton 506 F. Kendrick Townsend 507 Stephen Asbury Trimble 508 Clyde Gilbert Tweed 509 Perry Burt Veazcy 510 Kenneth Martin Venable 511 J. William Venable 512 Bobbie Walker 513 Richard Beverly Raney Webb 514 R. Carol Webster 515 Deborah Westcott 516 Nancy Jane Whisnont 517 David Louis Whitoker Page 294 ®vhtx of tfje (grail OFFICERS EDGAR WOODFIN McCURRY, JR. . LUTHER HARTWELL HODGES, JR. GILBERT GRAY RAGLAN D . . JAMES GOODEN EXUM, JR. . . . . Exchequer . Vice-Exchequer SIR KNIGHTS Kenneth Ray Argo Richard Henry Baker, Jr. Lewis Shore Brumfield James Gooden Exum, Jr. Donald Owen Fowler Don Weng Geiger Luther Hartwell Hodges, Jr. Raymond Lewis Jefferies Edgar Woodf in McCurry, Jr. John Grimes Medlin Lewis Manning Muntzing Roland Powell Perdue Claude Edwin Pope, III Gilbert Gray Ragland Graham Henry Rights Hudson Wilson Shoulars John Shorter Stevens James Reginald Turner Perry Burt Veazey Richard Beverley Raney Webb Robert Terry Young PHI BETA KAPPA Executive Committee Co-Presidents Robert Stanford Pullman Raymond Fletcher Snipes Chorles Leeds Sharpless, Jr Vice-President Richard Henry Baker, Jr Recording Secretary Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie Corresponding Secretary-Treosurer Chancellor R. B. House Dr. A. C. Howell Dean C. P. Spruill Members Initiated May 12, 1955 Juniors Shelton Setzer Alexander, Richard Henry Baker, Jr., Calvin Warner Bell, Michael Lynn Boyatt, Henry Hursell Dearman, John Allen Edgerton, Marion Tull Edwards, Charles Patterson Eldridge, Jr., Susan Boles Fink, William M. Ginn, Jr., Glenn Edgar Hair, James Robinson Harper, Wade Whitley Harrell, Josephine Christison Hunter, Eric Andrew Jonas, Morris Alex- ander Jones, Jr., Robert Theodore Joyce, Charles Jackson Kat- zenstein, Jr., Louis Kroar, Lutz Leo Mayer, Kenneth Franklin McCain, Ronald Clarke Morgan, Stephen Andrew Moss, Lewis Manning Muntzing, Edward Holder Nelson, James Edward Owen, Philip Eugene Penniger, Edward Lex Potter, Robert Stanford Pullman, Alexander Graham Ray, James Reginald Turner, Graham Henry Rights, Sherwood Hubbard Smith, Jr., Raymond Fletcher Snipes, John Shorter Stevens, Alexander Graham Shanks, Charles Leeds Sharpless, George Thomas Strick- land, Jr., John Keyser Tice, John Horgett Thompson, Clyde Gilbert Tweed, Richard Beverly Raney Webb, Grady Lee Wells, Herbert Stephenson Wentz, David Louis Whitaker, Joseph Theodore White, Edwin Milton Yoder. o Founded at the College of William and Mary Page 296 Alpha Chapter of North Carolina Seniors Betty Riddle Barnhill, Flora Barbara Beosley, William Robert Beckman, Eliska Lowbeerova Chanlett, Joanne Christian, Char- lotte Hollingsworth Clement, Carol Louise Dupler, John Bynum Easley, Emily Cooper Finch, Betsy Lynn Goodwin, John Minor Gwynn, Jr., Gladys Bernard Hatcher Healy, Anne Chewning Hebert, Lucia Porcher Johnson, Chester Eugene Lewis, Richard Milton McKenna, Donna Joan Metz, Velio Norman, Bobby Joe Patterson, William Burt Phillips, Jr., Dulon Devon Pollard, Ann Pooley, Janet Moore Poole, Herbert Wallace Roberts, Joan Freeman Sosser, Eleanor Ann Saunders, Joane Graham Tonne- hill, Luanne Ellen Thornton, Florence Kendrick Townsend, Sarah Page Weaver, Deborah Westcott, Coleman Whitlock, Jr., Thomas Ewing Wilgus, Edward Parker Willey, Charles Hill Yarborough, Jr. Members Initiated December 5, 1955 Wi lbert Francis Altemueller, Norman Carroll Armstrong, Harold Way Austin, David Bielawski, Jason Block, Ralph Edmond Bronscomb, Leonard Stanley Clein, Luke Robinson Corbett, Richard Joseph Corcoran, Jr., Mary Virginia Currin, Gerald Routh Daughtridge, Babbie Jane Dilorio, Thomas Perrin Harri- son Dunlop, Joshua Videll Edwards, James Milton Ellis, Randall Turlington Ferguson, Amy Lucille Fisher, Anne Mackie Fitz- gibbon, Fred Austin Fraley, Irving Templeman Glover, Gordon Bradford Hall, Jr., Palphine Hartman, Earl Leiand Haywood, Richard Hunter Haywood, Billy Harvey Herring, George Wyck- hffe Hoffler, David Lee Kelly, Jr., Edward Fisher Krik, Melvin Litch, Jr., Edward Castello Loughlin, Daniel Rawls Luke, Billy Frank Maready, Morris Edward McCrory, Jr., Susan Jane Mc- Lomb, David Campbell Myers, Jr., Kincaid Patterson, Richard Claybourne Phillips, Martha Warren Pierpont, Aline Scarborough Poole, William Rovert Proffit, Bobby Lewis Pugh, Vade G. Rhoodes, Ted Lee Rosenthal, Barbara Ann Short, Mary Frances Skillen, Barbara Ann Strickland, Alexandra Louise Thacker, Elizabeth Crockett Thomas, Jo Ellen Wade, James Newman Willis, III, Robert Gaines Wilson, Fronk Ogburn Yates, Jr. December 5, 1776 Poge 297 Charles Vawter Tompkins, Jr President Archibald Kelly Maness, Jr Vice-President John Curtis Parker Secretary Thomas Hugh Upton, Jr Treasurer Graham Davis Holding, Jr Historian Dean Ernest L, Mackie Faculty Advisor PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma is a freshman honorary scholastic fraternity, its purpose being to encourage sound scholar- ship from the beginning of the students ' college career. It was founded at the University of Illinois on March 22, 1923 There ore now eighty-five chapters; the University of North Carolina chapter was established on May 29, 1947. HONORARY MEMBERS Dean Corydon P, Spruill Dean Cecil Johnson Dean M. A. Hill, Jr. Dean Ernest L. Mackie ® H MEMBERS INITIATED Robert Johnson Allison Charles Hall Ashford, Jr. Larie Kent Brandner Thomas Skinner Brickhouse Joseph Mark Clapp Daniel Eason Clark Charles Reuben Daniel Eli Nachamson Evans Joel Fleishman Norman Anthony Germino William London Godwin Irvine Reid Stirling Haig James Geraty Harrison, Jr Nathan Hoult Hort Graham Davis Holding, Jr. William Holmes Johnson Elbert Richard Jones, Jr. Roger Conrad Jones Archibald Kelly Maness, Jr. Don Harold Miller Richard Wylly Molten John Agust Mraz Charles Walker Oyer MARCH 21, 1955 Michael Joseph Padula John Curtis Parker Malcolm Overstreet Partin Jasper Louis Phillips Carl Glenn Pickard, Jr. James Young Preston Hoyle Lynwood Robinson Edward Chodwick Ross John Loesch Schultz Leslie Andrew Scott Lonnie George Stephenson William Ernest Stewart Thomas Cullom Taylor Charles Vawter Tompkins, Jr. Stephen Jay Trachtenberg Henry Catlett Turner Thomas Hugh Upton, Jr. Donald Wayne Wade John Luther Walker, Jr. Roy William Wilson Robert Kluttz Yowell John Hilliard Zollicoffer, Jr. Page 298 FACULTY J. C. D. Blaine D. D Carroll J. E, Dykstra W. J. Graham P. N. Guthrie R J. M. Hobbs C A Kirkpatrick H Q Langenderfer C. S. Logsdon C. H. McGregor J. T. O ' Neil E. E. Peacock A. W. Pierpont G. T, Schwenning W. A. Terrill A. M Whitehill, Jr. H. D. Wolf STUDENTS Harold Way Austin Leonard Stanley Clein Randall Turlington Ferguson Richard Hunter Haywood David C. Myers, Jr. Phil E Penninger Bobby Lewis Pugh BETA GAMMA SIGMA Honorary Business Administration Fraternity Alpha Chapter of North Carolina A W, Pierpont Honorary President R. H. Haywood President A. M. Whitehill, Jr. Secretary B. L. Pugh Treasurer Page 299 Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national honor society for pre-medical students Founded at the University of Alabama, April 28, 1926, there are about 7,400 members in 47 active chapters at schools throughout the United States. The North Carolina ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Beta Chapter was founded at the University of North Carolina on March 25, 1936 The object of the Society is to encourage excellence in pre-medical scholarship, to stimulate an appreci- ation of the importance of pre-medical education in the study of medicine, to promote cooperation and contacts between medical and pre-medical students and educators in developing an adequate program of pre-medical education, and to bind together similarly interested students. First Row: Robert Bowers, Williom Brown, John Curtis, Thomos Fox, Richord Hines, Elwood Morgon, President. Second Row Cecil Nevill, Robert Richardson, Willis Riddick, Treasurer; Richord Shermer, Ferrell Shuford, Arvid Sieber. Third Row Lourie Smith, Thomas Stricklond, Edword Sutton, Joshua Toyloe, Burt Veoiey, Thomas Willitord, Vice-President. First Row Harold Austin, Julius Bonzet, Thomas Bolkan, George Bryce, James Chomblee, Glenn Daughtridge. Second Row: Ronnie Fair, Jacl( Godley, Bill Herring, Vice-President William Jones, Harvey Jones, Charles Katzenstein, John Molter, Presi- dent Third Row: Troy Page, Richard Phillips, Arthur Selby, Henry Smith, Donald Starling, Treasurer; Bennett Thomas, Recording Secretary; Thomas Waters. Alpha Phi Omega is founded upon the principles of leadership, friendship, and service. It is dedicated to serving the student body, faculty and administration, community, and nation, through worthwhile service projects. The group is composed of college men with previous scouting experience, and tries, along with its 276 brother chapters to fulfill scouting ' s goal of service to others Among Rho Chapter ' s many annual projects are a special Parents ' Day, a guide service for groups visiting the campus, ushering at student entertainment func- ALPHA PHI OMEGA tions, operating the APO book exchange, work on the University ' s recreation area at Buggs Islond, and assisting handicapped students. Page 301 Seated: Charles Wimbish, Fritz Johnson, Vice President; Oscar Eckhoff, Robert Fleming, Shelton Alexander, Secretary-Treasurer; Paul DePaulis. Standing Paul Lovingood, Boyd New- nam. Dr. W. H. Wheeler, Wesley Batten, Colin McMillan, Robert Cole, President; Allan Hills. SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON Sigma Gamma Epsilon is a national honorary fraternity of men of the Earth Sciences. Alpha Alpha Chapter was established at the University of North Carolina, April 3, 1931. The object of the fraternity is the advancement of students of the Earth Sciences. It also seeks to enhance student-faculty relations and to provide speakers and programs of interest or its members and others interested in the Earth Sciences. KAPPA EPSILON Kappa Epsilon, honorary pharmaceutical fraternity was founded nationally in 1921 at the State University of Iowa Lambda Chapter was founded locally in 1941. The purposes of the fraternity are to stimulate in its members desire for high scholarship; to foster a professional consciousness and to provide a bond of lasting loyalty, interest and friendship. First Row; Ernestine Baker, President; Loretta Barefoot, Secretory-Treasurer. Second Row; Peggy Chondler, Vice-President; Ellyn Gardner. Third Row: Saro Jackson, Loretta Johnson. Fourth! Row Geroldine Keenum, Janice Pipes. Fifthi Row Sue Sheek, Nancy Woodord. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia was founded at the New England Con- servatory of Music, in 1898. Its aims are to advocate the cause of music in America and to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music. Alpha Rho Chapter, founded locally in 1926, takes an active part in the furtherance of musical activities at the University Each year the chapter presents a concert devoted to the performance of works by American composers and frequently including composi- tions by members of the fraternity. Whenever possible, Phi Mu Alpha brings to the campus well-known guest artists. PHI MU ALPHA First Row: Dole Glover, Byron Freemar Don Jefferson, John Mortin. Second Row Harvey Miller, Davis Reece, Jimmy Roger Harry Summerlin. Guyte M. Cotton President George A. Thomas Vice-President John W. Martin Recording Secretary Jimmy R. Rogers Corresponding Secretary Donald E. Jefferson Treasurer Page 303 Stephen C Morris Worthy Chief Counselor Fred L. Sherrill, Jr. Worthy Vice Counselor Gene R Dutton Worthy Keeper of Records and Sales Charles P Copses Worthy Keeper of Finance Arthur P. Schlagel Worthy Master at Arms Melvin Kendrick Worthy Inner Guard Marcus Cameron Worthy Prelate Phi Delta Chi is a professional pharmaceutical fraternity, founded to advance pharmacy and its allied interests. Alpha Gamma Chapter was established locally on May 30, 1923. Phi Delta Chi is on active organization in the School of Phar- macy, proud of the high ideals and obligations of on old and honored profession. A great homecoming weekend, the Christ- mas party, P DC. weekend, and Pharmacy weekend were a few of the activities we enjoyed. PHI DELTA CHI John Barringer, Dean Butler, Gene Butler, Marcus Cameron, Lcc Carter, Chuck Copses, Ben Courts. Second Row William Dowkins, James Fulton, Gene Dutton, Jim Inabinet, Duke James, Melvin Kendrick, Williom McDonold. Third Row: Carl Meroney, Stephen Morris, James O ' Daniel, Jim Prevo, Arthur Schlagel, Fred Sherrill, Lorry Snider. Page 304 RMPHOTEROTHEN SOCIETY Lewis Brumfield Tom Lambeth Norwood Bryan Larry McElroy John Curtis Jim Monteith Jim Exum Dave Reid Bob Harrington Jim Turner Charlie Katzenstein Bev Webb Stan Shaw, F. UNDERGRADUATES Zeb Thomas Keever, President Roger H. Sloop FACULTY Dr. John Andrako Dr. E. A. Brecht Dr. W. H. Hartung Dr. Fred Semenuik Dr H. O. Thompson W. W. Taylor GRADUATES Nicholas Batuyios Earl T. Brown George Cocolas Benjamin Cooper Dominick Coviello Cosmo Di Fazio F. C. Hammerness Irwin Honigberg Robert Meschke W RHO CHI Page 305 Members of Pi Delta Phi enjoyed the fall initiation banquet held at the Wishing Well. Dr Alain LeSoge spoke to the Society about medical training in France. PI DELTA PHI Ted Lee Rosenthal President Sam J. Duncan Vice-President Anne Wrenn Secretary Dorothy Garabaldi Treasurer Mrs. Charlotte V. Huse Social Coordinator Pi Delta Phi was founded in 1906 to expand interest in France and her civilization throughout the United States, and to recognize excellence among students and teachers of French language and literature. It offers its members an opportunity to communicate in French, presents addresses relating to French culture, and sponsors productions of French esthetic endeavor in Chapel Hill Beta Alpha Chapter at the University of North Carolina was established in February, 1952. Page 306 Jake Wade, Jr President John Tapley Vice-President Henry Connely Secretary Bradley Cameron Treasurer Richard Thigpen Tribune DELTA THETA PHI Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity was established in 1913 after duly appointed representatives of three existing fraternities had met in Chicago and adopted the constitution and ritual under the name of Delta Theta Phi. The first petition for a charter was made by a group of students at Atlanta Low School. They were installed as Wayne Senate in 1914. From this beginning, the fraternity has now reached a total of 82 active student senates, more than any other law fraternity. Also, in its 39 active alumni senates, it boasts the largest active alumni membership of any legal fraternity. The primary goal of the fraternity is the encouragement of high scholarship and legal learning. The motto of Delta Theta Phi is: " Our record is our proudest monument. " First Row: Alexander Barnes, William Jones. Second Row: Grover Lee, Cha James Roberts. Third Row William R Richord Thigpen. Fourth Row: Willio ;s Melvin, Thomas ise, Stephen Royste Thompson, Dougli chs, Richard Fountain, Wade Hall, Murdock, John Ogburn, William Osteen, r, John Rush, Charles Small, John Tapley, IS Tice, Jesse Warren, Henry Whitesides. Poge 307 PHI ALPHA DELTA Horace Stacy Justice William Brewer Vice-Justice I. B. Hudson Clerk Bobby G. Byrd Treasurer George Ferguson Marshal M. T. Van Hecke Faculty Advisor Phi Alpha Delta Low Fraternity has consistently been a leader as a growing legal profession attempts to forward and maintain its ideals and services. Organized in 1921, it has strived to improve professional standards and services. Unique in that it was nurtured to support a legal controversy, it has grown into an organization of 72 chapters. Locally, Ruffin Chapter carries on a combined social- professional program highlighted by an annual Mock Trial, pre- sided over by a member of the State Bench. First Row Stephen Agapion, Warren Blair, Willram Brewer, Bobby Byrd, Jerry Campbell, Kent Coward, Fred Darlington, Hebert Folk. Second Row George Ferguson, Henry Fowler Jordan Frossineti, Maitland Freed, Paul Holt, I. B. Hudson, Thomas Johnston, Don Lotto Third Row Andrew McDoniel, Gerald Parker, Armisteod Sopp, Charles Shaw, Horace Stacy, Lewis Wotts, Robert Winters, William Zuckerman. Page 308 First Row: Jomes Alspaugh, Richmond Bernhardt, Spencer Bloylock, Solomon Cherry, Edward Clement, David Clinard, David Cockman. Second Row James Crews, Arthur DeBerry, John Duke, John Eller, A ndre Evons, William Graham, Paul Guthery. Third Row: Thomas Harrington, Frank Holroyd, Hamilton Morton, Walter Morton, Hilton Hudson, Ted Leonard, Robert Millmon. Fourth Row: Lewis Porham, John Rendlemon, Dean Rich, Robert Sapp, Eugene Shaw, William Skinner, Charles White. kASPlJ William P. Skinner, Jr. Magister Walter L. Horton, Jr Exchequer Paul B. Guthery, Jr Clerk Hamilton C. Horton, Jr. Historian The International Legal Fraternity, Phi Delta Phi, founded nationally in 1869 and locally in 1919, is the oldest professional fraternity in the United States. Among its brothers are outstanding members of the bench and bar; its aim is to promote higher standards of pro- fessional ethics and culture. This year ' s program of activities included speakers ' banquets, a service program, the annual initiation with the other two state chapters before the Supreme Court in Raleigh, and lighter moments with guests and alumni. PHI DELTA PHI i Page 309 Kennevh R Argo President Archie D. Christopher Vice-President James H. McCorkle Secretary Bobby L Pugh Treasurer L. R Jordan Division Counsellor Issac Reynolds Deputy Counsellor Dr. Willard J Graham Faculty Advisor First Row Kenneth Argo, Walter Blowe, Loren Brandt, Henry Brooks, Archie Christopher, Wil- liam Crabtree. Second Row Charles Davis, Richord Haywood, John Hunsucker, Richard Jones, Robert Joyce, William King. Third Row Williom Lottin, Dovid McClure, James McCorkle, Wil- liam Moson, James Morrow, Santord Morton. Fourth Row Willie Mumford, Thurman Nail, Glen Nanney, Billy Oakley, Bobby Pugh, Patrick Raiford. Fifth Row Ralph Robinson, James Spencer, William Spencer, Jimmy Tesh, Larry Thames, Andy Vero. Sixth Row: William Warrick, Bill Woosley. Page 310 FALL PLEDGE CLASS First Row; White, Woodford, B. R. Rotledge, Patterson. Second Row: Turner, Skidmo B. J. Rotledge, Carlisle, High, Timberlake. Third Row Smith, Berry, Brown, Setz Baggett, Shankle. Fourth Row Gilliland, Bryan, Frye, Smoot, Cable, Moore. Alpha Kappa Psi . , . founded on October 5, 1904, at New York University ... is the first and oldest commerce fraternity in the United States. Our Chapter, Alpha Tau, was first in- stalled at Carolina on February 18, 1925; and being dormant since 1933, was reactivated on November 7, 1948. For four years Alpha Tau has been one of the ten highest ranked chapters in the nation. We organize and participate in professional seminars, career conferences, business exhibits, and inspection tours of leading industries. In addition, we sponsor outstanding speakers of the business world. Our task in Alpha Kappa Psi is to further the individual wel- fare of each member through our mutual helpfulness and common interest in the areas of business administration. We meet not only for professional advancement, but for social advancement as well. Both give us a more definite and exact perception of the future. r Page 311 H News from 21 1 Pittsboro St.! ' . . . Man, if it ' s news we got it. . . . What a year, with all those " tipsy " weekends. . . . What about it, Sam . . . Sure lost a lot of pins this year. . . . Must have been open season on Delta Sigs. . . . All those " old " married men. . . . Swimming at Granny ' s last summer. . . . Did the swimming take place in water or watermelon . . . " Squire " Myers back in the house. . . . Brillo and Squire down at Pop ' s. . . . Open house after footba ll games with " Hoss " running wild. . . . Big party with Charlotte Alumni before and after Oklahoma game. . . . " Sparky " sleeping every Monday, wonder why? . , . Phil a Phi Bete. . . . Can ' t beat those scholars. . . . Willie " the Rose " . . . Lt. Col. Fryar rolling over Miami. . . . What ' s that about firecrackers, Brillo? . . . Milt and Skimp of T and C. . . . The " Kid " setting records with Vick Chemical. . . . " Money-Bogs " Sides is still collecting, men. . . . What about my tax return, Blue . . . " Smiley " Ashford alias Laughing Boy. . , . Who turned the heat up, J.B.? . . . How about that field trip to Western North Carolina? . . . Good luck to all our brothers who are leaving us this year. All of us wish you luck. . . . Poge 312 First Rov »: Jim Beo iver, Jo ick Blan( :hard I, Con rol Deal, John Far mer Bob Fo n- ville. Sec :ond Row: Cecil Fou shee. Don Fryoi ' , Bill Harris, 1 Earl Hoyi les, Gri ift Holla nd. Third Roi V Bill Horner, Seer etary; Jim Howey, Pre: iident ; Tomr ny Hunt, , Bob Kerr, J B. M orti in. Fo ■ urth Row: Dick McCain, Tommy McGuii Richo rd Milham, J oe Myers, Choi rles Perry. Fifth Row: Sam Pen egor, Jo ck Rowland, Milt Scott, Lonn ie Sides, Tree isurer, Steve Venters. FALL PLEDGE CLASS irst Row: Murphy, Guthrie, Carley, Boese, Joss, Alford. Second Row: Thomas, Hooten, Jonce, Settlemayre. Third Row: Stems, Aankins, Jordan, Wilson, Pope, Bunch. Page 313 First Row Ben Alexander, John Andrews, Bill Boily, Harold Ball, Charlie Borger, Woody Beole, James Bolton. Second Row Woyne Buie, Ernest Corroway, Bob Colemon L. B. Doyle, Dallas Evans, Tommy Froley, Pete Freeman. Third Row Wiley HarrelL Jerry Harrington, Hugh Hinton, Byron Huckaby, Van King, Regent Bill Leonard, Frank Lowder, Treasurer Fourth Row Elmo McCorkle, Joe Marley, Bill Mast, Donold Mil ler, Vice-Regent, Seth Miller, Russell Mitchell, Tim Owens. Fifth Row Fred Phifer Lionel Perkins, Secretary; Woyne Polk, George Revelle, Stuort Rollins, Joe Smith ' Julian Upchr— - KAPPA PSI Page 314 FALL PLEDGE CLASS First Row George, Harrison, Cromley, Williams, Montgomery, Neal, Maldin. Second Row: Harrell, Stoots, Larsen, Cooper, Jones, Whitehurst, Leory, Haithcock. Third Row; Elkins, McNeil, Leotherwood, Adams, Vester, Lazarus, Boyd, Wright. Fourth Row: Allen, Williams, Gritfin, Thomas, Wamble, Dillord, Dean, Dunn. As the old saying goes — ' The troops hove returned! ' Big Ben, Triple Treat Freeman, Corraway, and Elmo kick off year with their combo. . . . Lewder in charge of flight duty . . . Mast busted to civilian. . . Animal finds new friend in ' Yellow Rose of Texas! ' . . . Buie, Huck, Evans, and the ' quiet man ' take over backfield for the K.P. Tigers, . . , Big Russ returns from visit with uncle. . . . Little Sir Gung Ho, and Cisco start drilling for quizzes. . . . Coleman, Andrews, and Winstead, henpecked again, . . , Fraley, Henton, Bailey, Morley, and ' little Miller ' sweat plant quizzes, . . . Tim and Boll find nurses. . . . Beale and Revelle teach pledges to spell hometown name. . . . Arena finally makes it. . . . Barwick finally has front door fixed. . . Wiley still planning big one. . . . Byron, Johnny, studying fools. . . V.K, takes longest walk. . . . Leonard has another queen. . . . McGinnis rejoins troops, , , , Perkins still dateless, , , , Where is your other Chevy, Smith? ' , , , C, Williams still sock hound, , , , Miller pushes pills for Suttons, , , , Polk, the Marshville flash returns to the kitchen, , , , Rollins still silent, , , , Upchurch-FREE and 22, , , , Pledge party, , , , Bothers on TV, . , , Pharmacy Weekend , , , Homecoming , , , Open House . . , Graduation . , , State Board . . . First Row: Fronk Rankin, Vice-President; Dovid McClure, President- Second Row; Morris McCrary, Corresponding Sec ' y; Thomas Williams, Treasurer; James Alex- onder, Recording Sec ' y. MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB First Row: Maurice Boutelle, James Canter, Richard Morgon, Andrew Vero, Robert Colbert. Second Row Allen Vance, James Smith, Doyle Biggerstott, John Warrick, Tom Winborne, Horvey Mann. Ttiird Row: Woylond Craven, Elton Griffin, Joseph Brooks, Curtis Wick, William Poindexter, Morris Hogan, Robert McBane The Master of Business Administration Club was organized in 1953 in an effort to maintain the spirit which developed among former candidates. Ob jectives of the club include promotion of better student-faculty relation- ships, coordination of the academic program with actual business situations and problems, emphasis of the public and social responsibilities of business- men, and development of an active alumni association. Some activities are social gatherings with faculty members, publication of alumni newsletter, and sponsoring of addresses by business and educational leaders. Page 316 CAUGHT IN THE ACT! " Wait — I ' m not ready already! " MARCH The largest percentage of students in the history of campus elections turned out to vote this year Page 318 Fraternity pledge classes enter into friendly com petition during the annual Greek Week Field Day. Won ' t thot Deke ever get here? " The Student Body Carolina students have long been proud of their Student Government. The Di and Phi Societies on our campus started the basic framework on which our present system has been built. A Student Council was formed and finally, in 1947, our present constitution was adopted Student Gov- ernment has rapidly progressed and now enjoys the respect and confidence of students, faculty and administration. Student Government is de- signed to give students more responsibility and to allow them to solve many of their own prob- lems Some of the chief functions of student officers have been the orientation of new stu- dents, the management of student fees, and the enforcement of the Honor System and Campus STUDENT GOVERNMENT Members of the President ' s Cabinet are, seated, Jack Stevens, Bob Harrington, Diane Roane, Jim Martin, Joan Palmer, Jim Monteith, Dave Reid. Standing, Juan West, Bi ll Formyduvall, Dove Liebman, Bill Sonders, Ed McCurry, John Medlin, and Howie Reece. Code. Student Government sponsored this year the Carolina Symposium for Public Affairs, a group which presented a week-long series of well- known figures who spoke on topics of regional, national and international interests. Included were such outstanding personalities as General Carlos Romulo of the Philippine Islands; Dr. Ralph Bunche, well-known United Nations mod- erator; and former UNC President Dr. Frank Porter Graham. This group gtew out of the old Institute of Human Relations, which died during the Second World War. The program, headed by Manning Munvzing, was considered by many to be the most successful function of Student Gov- ernment in 1955-56. Jim Mortin Treasurer Imp Poge 320 ck Stevens -President Oavid Reid Attorney General lff0mmmmmmmmmm)Stmm Committee Heads of Student Government ore, seated, Gil Rogland, Koson Keiger, Jerry Martin, Bill Wible, Sam Wells, Layton McCurdy, Sara Alice Jackson, and Ed Sutton. Standing, Bill McLean, Dorwin Bell, Benny Huffmon, Jim Mortin, Grohom Shonks, Luther Hodges, Buddy Lowing, ond Burt Veozey. Jock Stev Speaker STUDENT The Student Legislature, founded in 1 938, continues to be the supreme legislative branch of Student Government. With very few exceptions all rules that govern students of the University of North Carolina originate in and are passed by the Student Legisla- ture. Well over one hundred thousand dollars of student fees are appropriated to various organiza- tions and student publications each year, and the control of hundreds of campus activities is vested in fifty legislators. The campus is divided into ten districts — five dormitory and three town districts for men, and one dormitory and one town district for women. Jim Monteith Speaker Pro Tempore :- ' ««H «a» ' yy " Sf Jerry Martin Sergeant-at-Arms Larry McElroy Porliamenlanai The Legislature is presided over by the Vice - President of the Student Body who acts as speaker. Various standing committees are appointed from the membership of the Legislature to do much of the p-eliminary work involved. These include the Budget Committee, Ways and Means Committee and the Rules Committee. The University of North Carolina Student Legisla- ture accomplished several important legislative LEGISLATURE changes this year, including the creation of a Bi- partisan Selections Board which selects candidates to run for the editorship of the Daily Tar Heel in the spring elections. Officers for the 1955-56 session of Student Legis- lature included Jack Stevens, Speaker; Jim Mon- teith. Speaker Pro Tempore; Nan Bro vn, Clerk; Larry McElroy, Parliamentarian; and Jerry Martin, Sergeant-at-Arms. President of the Student Body Don Fowler delivered the of the Campus address to the members of legislature Page 323 Look, Mo! I ' m Audie Murphy! Do you use a man s deodorant CAUGHT IN THE ACT! And this little piggie got loid! Let ' s play silly adult ga A thing of beauty is a joy forever Low hurdlers Bob Wilson, Claude Rhuh ond Charles Scott. Four of Corolino ' s top field events men, Jones, Morcinko, Bilich, and Maslow. ■.vffl Coach Dale Ranson ' s track team had one of its greatest years at Carolina in 1954-55. The Tar Heels swept both the Indoor and Outdoor Atlantic Coast Conference championships, dethroning Mary- star miler Bob Borden congratulates Roger Morris on winning the E. J. Evans Award. Carolina ' s two mile relay team of Newnom, Nanny, Borden, and Beotty works out in prepara- tion for the ACC championship meet. Larry McMullen, Jim Bynum, Ed Sutton, and Don Mitchell line up tor a practice sprint. Page 326 Chorlie Yarborough checks his pole vaulting grip as Richord Waters and Ken Bryant look on. TTr A % !«S« T ■ -siSiSaP MWS The one mile relay team. Booth, Ne din, and Wright work out. land who had won both crowns the previous year. The Carolina team won seven end lost none in seven dual meets. Six of these meets were with con- ference opponents, while Princeton was the lone outsider which the Tar Heels met and defeated Sophomore star Jim Beatty led the Tar Heel run- ners, as he received the Weil Trophy for winning the mile run in the Indoor Games, at which he also won the two mile run. In addition, Beatty won the two mile run at the Penn relays and finished second in the NCAA meet at Los Angeles. Roger Morris led the Carolina team in field events. Morris received the E. J. Evans Award given to the senior trackman most outstanding in performances and sportsmanship. Other Tar Heel standouts were Richard Waters and Charlie Yarborough, who tied for first place in the outdoor pole vaulting championship. Bob Bar- den, Roland Perdue, Boyd Newnam, and Ed Sutton were also top notch performers. Coaches Dale Ranson and Joe Hilton deserve great credit for this fine Tar Heel showing — their recruit- ing and training programs were in a large way responsible for Carolina ' s double title win. ■irst Row: Marcinko, i itcliell, Bryant, Moslow, lorris, Borden, Waters, rarborough, Newnam, .elf, monoger. Second Sow: Coach Hilton, Iryont, Sutton, Green, icott, Rhule, Booth, AacFoddin, Wright, Janny, Wilson, Beatty, :oach Ronson. Third !ow Joyner, McMullen, lynum. Griffin, Thames, lernhordt, Ray, Hester, Vhiteheod, Jones, Bilich, Veil. y-COURT L ' l Page 328 A crossword puzzle and o pretty girl help while away o class-free hour V I NEVER -. H VE WITT y ; REPARTEE READ PiS EMlNATE- Poge 329 Associate Editors talking over preliminary plons for the first issue are Dot Coplon, Assistant Editor; Lucy Vosh, Book Review Editor; Rafph Dennis, Poetry Editor; Blevyn Hothcock, Fiction Editor; Jim Bullitt, Business Monoger; Bill Scarborough, Editor. The Carolina Quarterly continues this year a tradition of discovering and encouraging young writers by presenting them to the readers of a high-quality literary quarterly. Startling innovations in design and editorial policy, such as the publication of well-known writers and circulation on a nationwide scale, promise to make the Quarterly one of theforemost literary magazines in the South. CAROLINA QUARTERLY The Fiction and Poetry board discuss an item for the next issue. Seated oround the table ore Sylvio Yelton, Jerry Cuthrell, Jean Arm- strong and Joan Weston; standing are Jim Poteat, Jo Ann Jones and Jack Weston. Members of the General Staff, pausing in their work to wotch the birdie, ore Deedie Fornum and John Winkler at the type- writers and Thorn Stutt, Dave Pardington, Gretchen Fink, John Teideman, Bill Willis and Sollie MacAllister. Not shown in the photograph is Birdie. Founded in 1948 the magazine has spent most of its existence striving for financial autonomy while trying to provide the University with an outlet for its creative and scholastic efforts; the two goals have frequently seemed incompatible, but at last the Quarterly appears to have established itself permanently as a distinguished medium for serious letters. Page 330 UNIVERSITY PARTY The University Party is the oldest student political group on the Carolina campus, having been founded in 1926 by a small number of students interested in increasing the effectiveness of student government. The UP became a campus-wide organization in th3 early thirties and has functioned continuously since that time. It is the policy of the University Party to nominate qualified, capable candidates who will work for the betterment of student government. Representing stu- dent opinion is the goal of the party; therefore, the representation system is based upon the principle that each voting member must represent at least twenty- five students. This enables the UP to maintain close contact with the students at all times. This year was one of the most successful years in UP history, due largely to the expert guidance of Bill Sanders, who capably served as chairman. Other offi- cers were John Raper, vice-chairman; Jane Cocke, secretary; and Bill Morgan, treasurer. Page 331 Under the guidance of President Jerry Vayda, the Monogram Club throughout the year has witnessed a revitalizing of club organization and a simultaneous growth of active membership. The club has adopted a revised constitution, and the members ore co-operating to strengthen the club ' s influence on the campus OS an outstanding service organization. Following home football games in the fall of 1955, the club held three open-houses for students and alumni. On the Tennessee weekend the club sponsored a highly successful dance at Woollen Gymnasium for all students. These events highlighted the club ' s activities during the fall semester. MONOGRAM CLUB As for the spring semester, the club ' s efforts are directed toward having another successful Blue-White gome. Each year the Monogram Club holds this intersquad game at the end of the spring football practice. For this contest the club provides programs and concessions and helps in various other ways to make the gome one of the most popular events on the Carolina spring calendar. Page 332 The club, re-established at Chapel Hill in 1946, is composed of varsity monogram winners who desire to participate in the activities and services of the club. Upon initiation, the new member pledges to uphold the Code of the Monogram Club and to work toward accomplishment of the club ' s objectives. He is then eligible to take part in all actions and social func- tions of the club. The purposes and objectives of the Monogram Club are to aid athletics at the University of North Carolina, to seek to improve our intercollegiate relationships through the sports program, and to serve the University in any capacity in which it is needed. Realizing the tremendous influence that athletes and athletics have in today ' s colleges and universities, the club hopes to use this influence in attaining these objectives. Second Row: Claude Rhule, Jim Rough, Ed Sutton, Bob Colbert, John Jones, Joe Movretic, Joe Correll, Bob Young, Bill Komon, Bo Thorpe, Jock Woods, Don Mitchell, Ben Lubin. Page 333 APRIL Page 335 Sig Ep ' s set up for o rousing - id of Musical Choirs CAUGHT IN THE ACT! Coach Bunn Hearn talks with star out- fielder Connie Gravitte. Both Gravitte and infielder Horry Lee Floyd were named on the AII-ACC Team, After a slow start the Tar Heel baseball team finally caught fire and finished in a blaze of glory with eight wins in their last nine games for a 12-12 overall record and third place in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Plagued during their slow start by a lack of pitching depth, the Tor Heels were supported for most of the season by Tom Maultsby and Jimmy Rough The outfield was led by AII-ACC player Connie Gravitte, while the infield was well staffed by AII-ACC second baseman Harry Lee Lloyd; shortstop Al Long, who was a second team AII-A.C C. choice; co-captain elect Jack Woods, and Tom Zachary, who ' s .380 average led the Tar Heels in batting. . ■■»■ ■-i;;--.:-. First Row: Hill, Strouse. Hortmon, Sienc, Poller, Loye. Second Row: Hall, Johnson, Powell, Blue, Stone, Hill, Johnson, Harding, Matthews. Third Row Manager Suttle, Bray, Titeomb, Rough, Maultsby, Frye, Floyd, Gravitte, Long. Poge 338 Ace pitcher Jimmy Rough, ACC strike-out leader, talks over o Tar Heel victory with Coach Walt Rabb. BASEBALL Power hitting first baseman Will Frye waits for the pitcher ' s delivery in a closely-fought gome with Duke. Page 339 Co-captains Steve Trimble end Toby Haynesworfh talk with Coach Art Greenboum on the steps of Woollen Gym. Lacrosse, a growing sport at Carolina, was continued last spring when Art Greenboum, former Tar Heel star, returned to coach a young and inexperience team. Co-captoin Steve Trimble was a standout at his defense position and was ably assisted by Ronnie Currant who was awarded the out- standing sportsmanship trophy. Thome Walker was on iron man at his goalie position, while midfielder Joe Converse and ottockman Jack Spooner led the Tar Heel scoring In spite of hard work and a determined spirit the stickmen were held to two wins in eight games, and were completely outclassed by such visiting teams as Yale and Virginia. LACROSSE First Row Mclver, Bryant, Whitmore, Trimble, Haynesworth, Spooner, Walker, Sattertield. Second Row Jones, Ramsay, Blair, Williford, Converse, Moness, Sturdivant, Drytuss, Coach Greenboum. Third Row: Currant, Smith, Sutorius, Weinman, Cormichael, Woltz, Beebe. Page 340 The Publications Board is one of the strongest symbols of the student government system which has gained for the University a special respect on campuses throughout the nation. Operating on an annual budget of approximately $90,000 the Board acts as a supervisory body and is generally responsible for the financial management of the Daily Tor Heel, the Yockety Yack, and the Carolina Quarterly. In the past the Board has been able to point with pride to some of the finest college publications in the country, and hopes to preserve this outstanding record in the coming years. PUBLICATIONS BOARD Members of the Board are Walter Spearman, Jim Monteith, Jack Mark- ham, Tom Lambeth, Chairman; Pat McBane, Secretary; and Ed Yoder. Tom Lambeth Page 341 Billy Ford, one of the top performers on Carolmo ' s squad, inspects his irons prior to the team ' s victory over Maryland. Outstanding members of the 1955 undefeated Joe Correil, Lorry Porker and Jimmy Sykes. Billy Armfield and Tuffy Henderson talk over Carolina ' s initial win over Michigan State. First Row; Kenney, Finley Golf Course Pro Armfield, Manager Cothron, Henderson, and Cooch Ericson. Second Row; Rolhrock, Ford, Parker, Sisk, Correil, and Sykes. Led by number one man Larry Parker, the Tor Heel golfers finished second in the Atlantic Coast Conference Champion- ships. The Carolina squad went through a winning season of eight games marred only by a tie with Wake Forest, the team that won the ACC Championship. In addition to subduing five conference foes, the Tar Heels also registered victories over Michigan and Michigan State. Tuffy Henderson sizes up a long iron shot against a Wake Forest opponent. Jim Chomblee President The Men ' s Glee Club was quick to organize at the beginning of the fall semester. The executive com- mittee met to plan the years activities and tryouts were scheduled. After the selection of members, the club set to work on its new music The club, under the direction of Dr. Joel Carter, opened their successful season by participating in the Founders ' Day ceremonies. Then they sang a joint concert with the glee club from the University of Virginia prior to the annual football game be- tween the two universities. They travelled to Southern Pines in early December to give their Christmas program and combined with the Women ' s Glee Club for the presentation of the annual Festival of Christmas Music before the holidays. The club joined with the Chapel Hill Choral Club for the Mozart Festival and in addition to several performances at surrounding schools, the club pre- pared for an extended tour throughout the state in the spring. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB In addition to several performance Glee Club under the direction of Dr. throughout the state in the spring. Page 344 WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB The Women ' s Glee Club gave a winter concert in Southern Pines. r r tb AMk Zif 1 The Women ' s Glee Club opened the season by combining with the Men ' s Glee Club and the University Band to perform Sibelius ' " Onward Ye People " at the traditional University Day cere- monies. This mixed group also gave the annual Christmas Concert, and a December concert at Southern Pines. January heard Mozart ' s " Re- quiem " sung by both glee clubs; the Spring Con- cert at Hill Hall closed the season, followed by a picnic with fried chicken and french fries at Dr. Carter ' s home. The Fall Semester highlights of the Women ' s Glee Club were trips to Fort Bragg, followed by a dance; concerts at neighboring colleges; and a TV program. The gala Christmas party in the Pine Room with the Men ' s Glee Club ended the year. The women this year have the largest glee club since 1949; under the very capable leadership of Dr Joel Carter it promises to continue ex- panding both in membership and concert tours. Roberta Dixon President Page 345 Coeds provide on interesting view from third floor Old West. MAY NROTC midshipmen relax at the base pool in Corpus Christi on their aviation training during the summer. Fraternity pledge classes enter into spirited competition during the Greek Week Field Day. •SI 4 4 Jack Markham, Editor-in-Chief, Designer and Chief Photographer i Margaret Rook Senior Class Editor WF M loke Hunter, Activities Editor ond arriet Morgan, Sororities Editor Judy Davis, Assistant to the Editor and Honoranes Editor Gene Whitehead, Professional Schools Editor and Tommy Johnson, Junior Closs Editor Clem Dovis Freshman Class Editor Sherwood Smith Sports Editor What a year this has been! How it is possible for you to now quietly ripple through the seemingly austere pages of this book com- pletely escapes the staff, who never seemed to be working, but nonetheless, it all come out in the end. At times it seemed as though we would either be thrown out of Graham Me- morial for Harriet Morgan ' s bopping, or else kicked out of town by the local SPCA for undue cruelty to Margaret Rook, who quietly went out of her mind. Jay Zimmerman loudly screamed, " Keep offa my typewriter ' " while he gloated over the beauty section Joe Bryan Ken Lowry and Betle Bosti( Co-Editors of the Beauty Sectu would move across the room to warm up an- other choir, never working. Little people con- tinually pestered good-natured Judy Davis for little numbers, while the beer-fund envelope remained alarmingly dry hidden under the pornography in the files Joe Bryan warmed an- other chair Sherry Smith kept driving to Dur- ham and Raleigh, begging football photos, and determined to turn us into Sports Illustrated. Taking time out from selling ads. Brad Hall would help struggling " Gladys " with her math. Mary Grady Burnette and Wendy Wellons were continually distraught over hundreds of photos of sophomores, while Clem Davis smilingly swallowed photos of thousands of little fresh- men. Tommy Johnson had an advantage with the junior class section through a year ' s pre- vious experience. Joe warmed another chair, while Blake Hunter kept hollering, " Tear ' em out of the book ' " Luscious coeds mingled coyly among the wolves, typing, proofreading, and swearing under their breaths. Over it all hovered Jock Markham with his camera, ready to record for posterity the sober goings-on about the office and the University. Was it all in vain We hope not, and only you, the Student, con determine Here, then, is cap- tured Life at Carolina in this, your 1956 Yackety Yack ' BilJ Kane ROTC Editor ' c «!» ■id i MWM Truman Moore Photographer Mary Grady Burnette, Sophomore Class Co-Editor; B. A. Mihm, Staff Inspiration, and Wendy Wellons, Sophomore Class Co-Editor. GENERAL STAFF Ann Melton, Patti Lovott, Cclio Strader, Barbara Stockton, Fr Bennett, Esther Ballentine, Bobbie Turner ond Ann Penn. A greased pig became the undesirable center of attention of six screaming, squeamish coeds in the Mystery Event. SIGMA CHI DERBY Out from the gentle hollow known as Kenan there sounds the carnival spirit, and the Sigma Chi Derby is on again! The lovely and curvaceous JiJi Rainwater is crowned as Miss Modern Venus, while for her entertainment the many stunts, prizes, gomes and devises of frivolity moke the Derby the best yet. This, then, is Spring. Lovely JjJi Rainwater gets the unanimOL vote of approval, and is crowned Mi! Modern Venus. Page 352 Page 353 Tom Lambeth Choirman CAROLINA FORUM This year the University celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the Carolina Forum. Since its founding in 1935 this student-run speaker series has brought to the campus national and international figures whose views have an important meaning in current affairs of the state, nation, and world During its two decades the Forum has presented such speakers as former President Harry S. Truman; Governors Averill Horriman and Robert Meyner; socialist leader Nor- man Thomas; Senators William Knowland, Estes Kefauver and Robert Taft; and British Ambassador, Sir Roger Makins. Jim Turner, Jim Monteith, Dave Reid and Jim Holn Page 354 TENNIS Page 355 For the second straight year the Tar Heel tennis team failed to lose a conference match. The Carolina squad finished the season with a great record of 21 wins against one loss and won the Atlantic Coast Confer- ence championship. In addition to winning the con- ference teem crown, the singles title was won by num- ber three man Tom Bradford. Bradford then teamed with Herb Browne to defeat Carolina ' s Bobby Payne and Pete Green to win the conference doubles cham- pionship. The only Carolina loss was to a powerful Miami squad, while the Tar Heels won twice from Dartmouth, Wil- liams, and Harvard, Both the singles and doubles conference finals were all Carolina affairs. TENNIS Captain Bobby Poyne congratulates Tom Bradford, ACC singles champion and co-doubles champion, and captain for the 1956 season. Page 356 Ron Kerdasha ground strokes i return to a Miami opponent ' s backhand. Pete Green ground strokes deep to gain set point against a Presbyterian College opponent. This season marked another great year for Coach John Kenfield, and the team was highlighted by depth and a powerful attack down to the lost posi- tion. However, four of the first seven men were seniors and the team is faced with a big rebuilding job for next season This rebuilding will be centered around captain elect Tom Bradford, and lettermen Pete Green, Bruce Gustafson, and Don Thompson. From bockcourt, 1955 captain Herb Browne passes Horum of Miami at the net with a driving forehand for set point. First Row: Kerdosha, Gustafson, Brodford, Livingston, Hudgins, Handel. Second Row: Manager Miseoll, Kosser, Browne, Thompson, Poyne, Green, Bortner, Dell, Coach Kenfield. Poge 357 CHARLES PATTERSON ELDRIDGE, JR. Princeps FACULTY MEMBERS Nicholson B. Adams Walter R. Berryhill James B. Biiflitt . Keener C. Fn Louis Graves Edward McG. Hedgpefl Urbon T. Holmes W. Dougald MocMlllan Roland P. McClomrock John T. O ' Neil EDWARD LEIGH PELL, III Quaestor RWpOD HUBBARD SM Scriptor Williofn Johnston Armfield, IV Charles Wesley Causey, III David MarioW onnor, Jr. " - Ulo HerBeft Cozort, III § Thoinos arry Ferguson Charles taaskins Froelich Thoitnas Owen Moore Cloude Armstrong Plumlee, Jr. James Plummer Rough, Jr. James Loring Seeiy ACTIVE MEMBERS Earl Runyon Tyler Clarence Edward Williams, Jr. James Sloot Van Winkle Pose 358 ORDER OF THE MINATAURS FRITZ VANWINKLE President BILLY BOB PEELE Vice-President RICHARD MINES Secretary-Treasurer William Baldridge Edward Borden William Bridgers James Cheatham Ula Cozart Oscar Davis Charles Elderidge Charles Froelich Paul Fulton Franklin Gray Edward Hudgions John Hussey, Jr, Edward Hutchins Jesse Wesley Johnson, Jr James Kester Pritchard Lindsley Robert Little William Michael William McDonald Donald MacMillan Arthur Newcombe Charles Owen Keith Palmer Jerre Parker Bailey Patrick, Jr. James Patton Edward Pell William Pender Julian Rhinehart William Sondridge Harry Smith Lewis Sutton Michael Tanner Henry Turner John Walker Charles Wickham Robert Yowell Page 359 JACK JONES CHARLES OWEN PETE HOGABOOM Order of the SHEIKS Milo Abercrombie Dudly Baird Bill Beebe Larry Bell Bill Bost Bernie Bullard Bill Carter Bill Cunningham Stewart Dawson Hank Dryfoos John Foster Pete Green Dan Haley Bud Hargrove Perky Hayes Pete Hogoboom Jock Jones Stan Leggett Bob Mason Larry Mclver Tom Moore Charles Owen Steven Owen Forrar Parker Grady Putman George Ragsdale George Rains Bob Schoize James Seely Bill Taylor Rivers Upchurch Ralph Usina Thorn Walker Bev Webb Ned Whitmore Jock Williams S. V.S. K. Page 360 Esther Ballentine Frances Bennett Bette Bostian Ed Bulluck Mary Grady Burnette Clem Davis Brad Hall Hal Henderson Boyden Henley Blake Hunter Tommy Johnson Patti Lovott Ken Lowry Anne Melton B.A.MIhm Mary Ruth Mitchell Truman Moore Gayle Norman Anne Penn Joan Prince Frank Schrimsher Carolyn Seyfert Sherwood Smith Sarah Stembridge Bill Stewart Barbara Stockton Celia Strader Bobbie Turner Wendy Wellons Lane Welsh Gene Whitehead JACK MARKHAM JUDY DAVIS - JAY ZIMMERMAN MARGARET ROOK JOE BRYAN HARRIET MORGAN LILY CHRISTINE loam! inpm! Bonm! mm I aturiau OIlub THIRTEEN CLUB BILL MOSS - .- ...President ALEX GALLOWAY Secretary-Treasurer RICK COKER Social Chairman Bob Angstadt Milton Barber Job Belcher Bill Blair Charlie Bowles Sid Brandon Fred Byrum Charlie Causey Rick Coker Myron Conklin John Dickson Donnie Evans Alex Galloway Bill Gardner Louie Hoggin Francis Hicks Al Hildrith Tony Hornthall C. R. Jones Tommy Kirkman Skip Knox Joe Lawson John McKee Knox Massey Joe Mavretic Jack Moore Bill Moss Bob Nichols Bob Peek Claude Plumlee Charlie Rouse Bob Shelly Rufus Sherrill Brant Snavely Ted Tawes Zeb Weaver Larry Wilson Julian Winslow Van Woltz Page 362 BPPUUTJ QM UVMXJVIY TRML VREU AFHTY NVMNLKA TQBFNGV HBQ NVJR TYQZS SOLT FCH MLUA SI El KVGW VALMAR LXIII. RULERS 701 WILLIAM PENDLETON SANDRIDGE, JR . . . Rex 700 ARTHUR ROWELL NEWCOMBE, III . . K. D. S. 705 EDWIN BROWNRIGG BORDEN, JR. . W. S. S. 703 SAMUEL THOMAS REEVES . . K. M. K. 706 PAUL FULTON, JR. . . . N. G. P. iS- SUBJECTS 162 William Donald Carmichael 174 Archibald Henderson 201 Thomas Ruffin 241 Joseph G. deR. Hamilton 315 Robert Wettoch 319 William W. Pierson 331 Thomas Felix Hickerson 343 Dudley Dewitt Carroll 349 William Donald Carmichael, Jr. 373 Allen Wilson Hobbs 382 Julius Jennings Wade 385 Robert Edwin Coker 439 J. Penrose Horlond 442 Robert Burton House 444 Gordon Gray 490 Fletcher Melvin Green 492 Charles M. Shaffer 540 Ernest Craige 546 Harry Russell 582 Issac M. Taylor 643 Lyman A. Gotten 650 Roy Walter Holsten 662 Sydenham B. Alexander 663 Frank W. Klingberg 664 Henry Wilkins Lewis 665 Robert Boyd Lindsay 678 Herbert R. Boer 679 George Dial Penick 700 Arthur Rowell Newcombe, III 701 William Pendleton Sandridge, Jr. 703 Samuel Thomas Reeves 704 James Davis Patton 705 Edwin Brownrigg Borden, Jr. 706 Paul Fulton, Jr. 707 James Theodore Cheatham, III 708 William Robert Peel 709 Lawrence Gibson Bell 710 Luther Hartwell Hodges, Jr. 71 1 James Madison Tyler, Jr. 712 Daniel Edward Hudgins, Jr. Vi ... h A . -N - L— £- " £= • rr " - s : i: . , . l x % elusive piece ot paper with a broom proved unusually stimuloting to the mind. j| tilt Uiuiou Nu pli Pogc 365 Walter Reece Berryhill SCHOOL OF MEDICINE FACULTY First Row: Welt, Bunce, Von Wyk, Schwab, Irvin. Second Row: Bullift, Yarbro, Farmer, Richardson, Butler, Ellis, Berryhill. Third Row: Curnen, Ross, George, Alexander, Moc- Pherson, Von Cleave, Monire, Wells. Fourth Row Cromartie, Ordwoy, Chamberlin, Bukowitz, Hooker, Stroughn, Widra, Craige, Hiatt. Fitth Row Flowers, Sorrow, Pearson, Miller, Graham, Sprunt, Breom, Hawkins, Reed, Patterson. Sixth Row Hitch, Donovan, Andrews, Vaughn, Schottelius, Perlmutt, Thomos, Anderson, Lindsay, Ferguson, White. WHITCHEAD SOCIETY Seated: Clark, Bradley, Edwards, Purcell, Riddle and McLendon. Standing: Croslond, LeRoy, Mc- Michoel, Stewart, Sparrow and Hobson. HONOR COUNCIL Craven, Koenig, Browley, Desrosiers, Lowry, Purcell, Jassey, Wilson and Thorp. Page 367 Officers of the senior class ore Clyde Lloyd, Treasurer; Lee Clark, Jr., President, Corey Perry, Secretary; and John Vossey, Vice- President. First Row- Ashley, Gale Jackson, Phi Chi, Warrensville, Baggelt, John Robert, III, Phi Chi, Lillington; Bornhill, Claude Alton, Alpha Koppa Kappa, Stol es, Barry, William, Hamlet, Bergmanis, Juris, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Raleigh, Boyd, Richard Armistead, Statesville, Brannan, Wade Melbry, Alpha Kappo Kappa, Alpha Omega Alpha, Dunn; Brantley, Coleman, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Chi, Spring Hope; Castelloe, Thomas E., Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Chi, Winterville. Second Row: Clark, Lee Andrew, Jr., Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Chi, Everetfs, Deyton, John Wesley, Jr., Alpha Kappa Kappa, Spruce Pine; Eorley, Laurence Elliott, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Chi, Phi Eta Sigmo, Phi Gammo Delta, Ahoskie; Easterling, William E., Jr., Phi Chi, Raleigh; Evans, John Thomas, Alpha Phi Sigma, Phi Chi, Sylva, Farmer, Robert Archie, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Chi, West End; Fowler, Charles W., Ill, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Lambda Chi Alpha, Greensboro, Goley, Alex Foirley, Phi Chi, Graham; Green, Francis Weotherly, Phi Beta Kappa, Chapel Hill. Third Row; Harrell, Jasper Douglos, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Chi, Chapel Hill, Horris, William Rix, Alpha Omega Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Chi, Sigma Nu, Henderson; HazelhursI, John L., Alpha Omega Apiha, Delta Koppa Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Chapel Hill; Herring, Victor Gray, ill, Goldsboro; Holmes, Robert Peel, HI, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Chi, Phi Gamma Delta, Mount Olive; Ivey, William Coy, Snow Camp; Jones, Deon Cicero, Jr., Phi Beta Kappo, Phi Eta Sigma, Theto Chi, Jefferson; Lee, Henry Neill, Jr., Phi Chi, Phi Gamma Delta, Lumberton; Lloyd, Clyde Franklin, Phi Chi, Chopel Hill. FOURTH YEAR Page 368 FOURTH YEAR First Row: Lswder, John Alexonder, Ph( Beta Kappa, Phi Chi, Sigma Chi, Lincolnton, Lowry, Otis Megel, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Chi Beta Phi, Pembroke, McCall, Morvin Mother, III, Phi Chi, Sigmo Chi, Charlotte; McDoniel, Jock Poschol, Phi Chi, Fayetteville; McLeon, Molcolm, Kappa Sigma, Phi Chi, Chorlotte, McLendon, William Woodord, Beta Thota Pi, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Chi, Sigma Xi, Greensboro, Mann, Milton Bernard, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Epsilon Phi, Raeford; Medders, Jomes Doyle, Phi Chi, Mount Holly, Murray, Robert Louis, Phi Chi, Pi Kappa Phi, Chapel Hill. Second Row: Noell, John Stanford, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Raleigh; Ormond, John William, Jr., Phi Chi Monroe; Payne, Clifton Gadberry, Alpha Epsilon Delto, Phi Beto Kappa, Phi Chi Rural Hall Payne, Thomos William, Phi Chi, Phi Koppa Sigma, Greensboro; Pepper, Francis OeWitt, Jr., Phi Chi, Winston-Salem; Perry, Corey Jones, Phi Chi, Louisburg; Richards, Jomes F., Jr., Alpha Kappa Kappa, Chapel Hill, Riddle, Joseph Iverson, Phi Chi, Morganton Roberts, Mark W., Phi Chi, Madison Third Row: Stafford, Willie Ronsome, Phi Chi, Burlington; Suther, Thomas Cornelius, Jr., Phi Chi, KannoDOlis; Todd, James Gordon, Jr., Alpha Kappa Kappa, Chapel Hill; Vassey, John Walter, Phi Chi, Covington, Tenn ; Vitols, Mintouts Mickey, Newton Grove Wompler, Garland Eorhort, High Point; Wood, William Boinstcr, Greensboro; Woodoll, Leonard Schmick, Phi Chi, Smithfield; Yarley, Dewey Hobson, Alpho Koppa Kappa, Coats. This year represents the 76th year of medical education at the University and the third year that the M.D. degree is being o ffered by the University at Chapel Hill. In addition to offering the four years of undergraduate medi- cal education, the faculty and staff have given instruction to students in the Graduate School and all of the professional schools in the Division of Health Affairs. They also direct the training of the interns and resident physicians at the Memorial Hospital and offer postgraduate medical courses throughout the state. Page 369 THIRD YEAR First Row Ritchey, Farrington, Allen, Conner, McMahon, Clonti, Jung, Wogger, Pugh. Second Row; Edwords, Crowell, Page, Jones, Suggs, Johnson, Hurst, Smith. Third Row Hobson, Thorp, Fearrington, Brown, Hall, Cline, Johnson, Wilson. Fourth Row Harris, Clapp, Vinson, Winslow, Vinnik, Cornell, Murad, Mitchell, Brodley. Fifth Row: Hutchins, Fresh, Wilcox, Glover, Sparrow, Hayes, Pugh, Pope, Former, Williams, Burrus, Anthony, Stothacos. First begun in 1879, medical training of Can today boasts on e of the most modern hospitals i the country. Page 370 The extensive construction program begun after the war has been completed, and in the past year many new services have been activat- ed, including the psychiatric pavilion. The Hospital continues to ex- pand its services and during the past year has had on average daily census of about 230 patients, a very satisfactory percentage of its present capacity. The Medical School has not confined itself to strictly scientific pur- suits and the year was made memorable by the publication and acclaim of Hiroshima Diary, translated by Dr. Warner Wells of the Department of Surgery, and the widespread circulation of the medical students ' lament, " Exsanguination Blues, " written and recorded by fourth-year student Doug Harrell. SECOND YEAR First Row: Horris, Bailey, Johnson, Canodoy, Nelson, Beckmon, Ennis, Elliott, McGee. Second Row: Croslond, Gregory, Howie, Koonce, Buckley, Culbreth , Pritehett, Long. Third Row: Field, Pate, Pate, McMiehoel, Hornby, Edwards, Cop. Fourth Row: Brooks, Hook, Mangum, Aboud, Potterson, Ormond, Beom. Fifth Row: Barrier, Winstead, Boyett, Stout, Thompson, Haizlip, Hunter, Furr, Weeks, Wallace, McFolls, Brown, Koenig, Craven, Cox, Bullock, Phillips, Hughes, Long, McCubbins, Roder, Thompson, Selig, Ferrell. j S ftHKliM Page 371 take a coke break. FIRST YEAR First Row: Krser, Douglos, Gentry, Harrell, Ginn, Solomon, Loshley, Ellinwood, Jones, Stewart. Second Row: Gentry, Stevenson, Desrasiers, McAllister, McCoin, Fisher, Little, West, Gilbert, Lewis, LeRoy. Third Row Wynne, Kornegoy, Goodwin, Thompson, Hair, Morris, Johnston, Braxton. Fourth Row Wilson, Whitakers, Mitchell, Brawley, Menzios, Rowland, Huff. Fifth Row Green, Moore, Holder, Papineau, Hart. Sixth Row; Tayloe, Sutton, Waters, Hicks, Jones, Kelly, Bulla. Seventh Row Luke, Reeves, Sloop, Warren, Brown, Brown, White, Davis, Trodo, Jennette, Wood, Taylor, Linker, Riley, Word. Page 372 John C. Brauer Deor Page 374 Officers of the Spurgeon Dental Society are Jock Atwater, Secretary - Treasurer; Robert Turner, Vice - Presiden ; and Robert Yotcs, The graduates of the first and second classes in dentistry ore now scattered to all corners of the world in private practice, and with the Armed Forces. The third class, numbering forty-three, takes its intended place in society in June, 1956. The members of the second class in Dental Hygiene will receive their certificates this year. The graduates in this important field, studying for the Bachelor of Science degree, have had many opportunities for practice and are in great demand. Through the combined efforts and program of the Graduate School and School of Dentistry, graduate in- struction leading to the Master ' s Degree now is in progress. Short post-graduate courses are receiving in- creased attention to permit the profession in practice further opportunities for additional learning and experi- ence An increasing program of research also is underway, wherein various members of the faculty as well as stu- dents ore participating in projects. Fourth year officers are Sam Long, Secretary-Tr John Dixon, Vice-President; and Rupert Bliss, Pre Graduate students are Doctors George J. Orr, Edwin A. Gendron, Thomas LoSolle, F. B. Mines, Jr., Woodrow W. Wolker, Elliott McKoughon Hester, ond Marion Lee Rolls, Jr. Page 375 4 ' i First Row; Barber, Leonard Banks, Jr., Hendersonville; Bliss, Rupert Quentin, Psi Omega, Sigma Chi, Jacksonville, Fla,, Byerly, Charles Tote, Jr., Delta Sigma Delta, Durham; Clork, Badger Gill, Jr., Xi Psi Phi, Henderson. Second Row: Clark, C. Fred, Delto Sign Xi Psi Phi, Winston-Salen- Hill; Corl, Marshall B., Ps a Delta, Mooresville; Ciinard, Robert Wesley, Cole, Hugh Hobson, Jr., Psi Omega, Chapel Omega, Sigma Nu, Chapel Hill. Third Row: Cox, Jomes Lloyd, Phi Gammo Delto, Psi Omega, Richlands Frank Hayes, Psi Omega, Mocksville; Dixon, John Howard, Psi Mount Vernon Springs; Draughon, Wallace Reed, Durhom, Fourth Row: Evans, Thomas Edwin, Jr., Xi Psi Phi, Foirmont; Grol Chapel Hill; Grahl, Carol Lii Phi, Burlington; Floyd, Daniel Justin Frank Richard, Delta Sigma Delta Jr., Delta Sigmo Delta, Waynesville FOURTH YEAR Fifth Row Gregory, Hugh A., Psi Omega, Chapel Hill; Hall, Thoir Sigma Pi, Fayetteville; Harrell, Daniel Bryant, Elor Dovid Raymond, Delta Sigma Delta, Winston-Salem. js A., Psi Omega College, Hinkle Sivth Row Holland, Murry Wade, Psi Omega, Clinton; Hull, C. A., Delta Sigmc Delta, Cherryville; Kluttz, Robert F., Xi Psi Phi, Rockwell; Linville Walter Smith, Jr., Delta Sigma Delta, Kernersville. Seventh Row Long, John Samuel, Psi Omega, Chapel Hill; Matthews, Kenneth Lee, Robersonville; Meekins, Archie Dowc, Delta Sigma Delto, Mitchell, David Lee, Xi Psi Phi, Canton, Eighth Row: Paulson, Ruto Bergmanis, Durham; Phillips, Guy McDonald, Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Poole, Robert Howard, Jr., Delta Sigma Delta, St. Pauls; Riddle, William Frederick, Delta Sigma Delta, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sonford. Ninth Row: Rodgers, Jon ville; Soger, Frederick N Hill; Shettield, Neol, Ph lond, William Douglas, F nklin. Delta Sign vmon. Phi Kappa Sigr appa Sigma, Xi Psi Omego, Louisburg. Kappa Alpho, States- 10, Psi Omega, Chapel Tenth Row: Wore, Williom Graham, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Sigma, Xi Psi P Burlington; Willioms, Egbert P., Delta Sigma Delta, Stedmon; Williot Jobez Herring, Jr., Delta Sigma Delta, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sign Asheville; Yotes, Robert Allen, Psi Omega, Chadbourn. THIRD YEAR First Row: Andrews, John Leslie, High Point; Borringer, Martin Deberry, Psi Omego, Mount Pleasant, Bennett, Jock, Delta Sigmo Delta, Dunn; Best, John Dewey, Psi Omega, Newton. Second Row: Boyles, Robert Stricklond, Delta Sigma Delta, High Point; Carpenter, Joseph Perry, Phi Gamma Delta, Psi Omega, Hendersonville; Chapman, William Rondolph, Kappa Alpha, Psi Omega, Inman, S C ; Culbreth, Fay Hoyle, Delta Sigma Delta, Phi Kappa Sigma, Spindole. Third Row: Dovis, Edwin B., Sigma Chi, Xi Psi Phi, Morganton; Fowler, Harold Duke, Jr., Psi Omega, Statesville; Fox, Robert Monville, Delta Sigma Delta, Burlington; Gaines, Roy Eugene, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Chapel Hill. Fourth Row: Hamrick, Joseph E., Alpha Kappa Psi, Psi Omega, Charlotte; Ha Robert J., Psi Omega, Greensboro; Heeden, William Mitchell, Jr. Omega, Goldsboro; Herring, Willord Isoiah, Psi Omega, Clinton. Fifth Row: Hood, J. Sidney, Xi Psi Phi, Gastonio; Houser, Phi, Chapel Hill; Jones, William Russell, X McKeniie, Owen Roy, Psi Omego, Elon College. nes Bickle, III, Xi Psi SI Phi, Chapel Hill; Sixth Row: Meodows, Kenneth H., Delto Sigma Delto, Hot Springs; Murray, Henry v.. Delta Sigma Delta, Kappa Alpha, Burlington; Odom, Bill E., Kappa Alpha, Xi Psi Phi, Gibson; Oldenburg, T. R., Delta Sigma Delta, Signol Mountain, Tenn. Seventh Row; Oldham, Floy Theodore, Jr., Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Peck, Robert Brantley, Psi Omego, Concord; Prugh, John, Xi Psi Phi, Charlotte; Rose, Junius Harris, Jr., Xi Psi Phi, Greenville. Eighth Row: Rowe, O. D., Xi Psi Phi, Nebo; Sabiston, Charles Barker, Koppo Alpha, Psi Omega, Woke F orest; Shaw, Arnold Campbell, Jr., Xi Psi Phi, Ashe- ville; Sherman, Clorendon Foy, Chapel Hill Ninth Row: Sherrill, Claude A., Jr., Psi Omega, Spartanburg, S C ; Spurlin, Max Lewis, Tryon; Strange, Charles Gilbert, Jr., Delto Sigma Delta, Lambdo Chi Alpha, Burlington; Taylor, Gordon Cox, Delto Sigma Delta, Sigma Nu, Richlands. Taylor, Kenneth, Magnolia; Turner, Robert Lee, Phi Kappa Sigma, Psi Omega, Chapel Hill; Watson, Robert Hugh, Chi Psi, Psi Omega, Gotland. First Row; Archer, John M., Ill, Delta. Sigma Delta, Sigma Chi, John Wilson, Jr., Alpha Tau Omega, Xi Psi Phi, Bi Samuel Polmer, Xi Psi Phi, Winston-Salem; Borker, Theta Pi, Delta Sigma Delta, Burlington, Franklin; Atwoter, irlington; Ausbond, Bennie Dole, Beta Second Row; Bratton, Lewis Palmer, Kappa Alpha, Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Browning Henry Don, Wilson; Butler, Jomes Edward, Xi Psi Phi, St. Pauls Chandler, Fred M., Delta Sigma Delta, Semoro. Third Row: Current, William Ange, Delta Sigmo Delta, Gastonia; Easley, Ernest Edmunds, Burlington, Fisher, Julian Horace, Rocky Mount; Gibson, Som Bryce, Delto Sigma Delta, High Point. Fourth Row Haltiwonger, William Leonord, Jr., Delta Sigma Delta, Hamlet; Hortsell, Harold MacPeorson, Chapel Hill; Hasty, Frederick G., Psi Omego, Chopel Hill; Hopkins, Edmund Baxter, Pi Kappa Phi, Xi Psi Phi, Winston-Salem. Jernigon, Jerry O ' Dell, Dunn; Jewell, Edwin Smith, Delta Sigma Delta, Wilmington. Johnston, Bennie McBane, Delta Sigma Delta, Grohom; Lee, John Gambrell, Psi Omega, Greensboro. SECOND YEAR Sixth Row Lehmonn, James H., Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Elnoro, N. Y.; Loke, Wye Toh, Kualo Lumpur, Malaya; Martin, Benny Worth, Lawson- ville; Moore, Saunders Winston, Delta Sigma Delta, Sigma Nu, Burling- ton. Seventh Row; Morris, Wyman Lee, Delto Sigma Delta, Olanta, S. C, Noblitt, Perry Milton, Xi Psi Phi, Shelby; O ' Berry, Wolter Samuel, Psi Omega, Horrells- ville; Ogden, Fred Nash, II, Delta Sigma Delta, Chapel Hill. Eighth Row: Reap, Charles A., Jr., Psi Omega, Albemorle, Reynolds, John Archibald Seabrook, Xi Psi Phi, Charlotte; Schnell, Frederick Stephens, Kappa Alpha, Psi Omega, Gainesville, Flo,; Silvers, Jock Everette, Psi Omega, Chapel Hill. Ninth Row: Smith, Vonnie Bryon, Pi Kappa Phi. Psi Omega, Lumberton; Smith, Willis W., Delta Sigma Delta, Houston, Tex.; Snyder, Kenneth Ray, Reidsville; Twisdole, Horold Winfred, Delta Sigma Delta, Lambda Chi Alpha, Holifox. Tenth Row: Wallace, Mitchell W., Xi Psi Phi, East Rockingham; White, William McKinley, Chapel Hill; Wood, Mott Thomas, Delto Sigma Delta, Pi Kappa Alpha, Enfield; Young, Douglas Mourice, Chi Psi, Psi Omega Winston-Solem, Page 378 f 1. First Row: Allen, Don Lee, Burlington. Attayek, Eli John, Greensboro; Be Rozier, Shelby; Bird, Charles Wells, Cullowhee. Second Row; Breland, Arthur Breece, Murphy; Brown, Oscar Hubert, WinterviMe; ButEer, James Roger, Delta Upsilon, Homestead, Fla.; Cashion, Leonard R., Mooresville. Third Row: Clark, George Eorl, Raleigh; Dovid, Richard Colclough, Greenville; Diggs, Robert M., Charlotte; Edney, Joseph H., Chapel Hill. Fourth Row: Garrison, Not Williams, Beta Theto Pi, Burlington; Grontha Bridgers, Jr., Alpha Tau Omega, Smithfield; Hamrick, Timi Jr., Caroleen; Hook, Brevitt, Chapel Hill. irvin, Emory Woyn boro; Leary, Thom Salem. Winston-Salem; Kennedy, Kenneth Carroll, Golds- Edison, Ahoskie; Lynch, William Grant, Winston- FIRST YEAR MocKay, Noel Cottermon, Charlotte, McBroyer, Gerald Fulenwider, Jr., Kappo Alpha, Reidsville; McCoffity, Darwin William, Edward; Martin, John Wayne, Chi Beta Phi, Washington. Seventh Row: Mouldin, Joel L., Albemarle; Mi Patricia S., Canton; Morgan, Willie r, Fred Cecil, Jr., Boone, Mitchell, 1 Kenneth, Fairmont. Eighth Row; Nifong, Poul Douglas, Wmston-Solem, Protfit, William Robert, Buie ' s Creek; Quo ' Is, Dixon Lee, Beta Theto Pi. Boono; Rhodes, Donald Gilbert, Windsor. Roberson, Robert Wilson, Buie ' s Creek; Rogers, Julian Richard, Wrights- ville Beach; Shaffer, Jock Boone, Phi Delta Theta, Chapel Hill; Sneed, Thomas Quincy, Jr., Oxford. Tenth Row: Stollings, June Henry, Jr., Oxford; Stallings, Riley Sherman, Jr., Durho Trueblood, Samuel Neal, Washington; Worren, Donald Williom, Lambda Phi, Brooklyn, N. Y. Eleventh Row: Webster, William Phillip, Mount Airy; Wiess, Richard Thomas, De Funiak Springs, Fla,; Williford, John W., Chapel Hill; Womock, John 4. f f SECOND YEAR Arant, Vivian Estelle, Orangeburg, S C, Cloninger, Novello Rose Belmont; Cole, Corolyn Andrews, Caroling Beach; Hennis, Soro Jo Winston-Salem. Hoppe, Vee Copses, Charlotte; Jenny, Martha Fay, Charlotte; Jones, Shirley Jane, Konnapolis; Linville, Jane Dawson, Spartanburg, S. C. McDougold, Helen I., Raeford; Sorrell, Jean Groy, Dunn, Spencer, Rosetta Ann, Swan Quarter; Tilley, Betty Lou, Durham. Fourth Row: Williams, Mary Morgoret, Phi Mu, Orlando, Flo. DENTAL HYGIENE FIRST YEAR First Row; Angstodt, Sheila Roe, Charlotte, Carpenter, Bennii Cleveland, Linda Lee, Jacksonville, Flo. Jo, Thomosville; Darnell, Jane Lee, Durham; Freedman, Lubah, Durham; Holbrook, Isabel Andrews, Konnapolis; Johnson, Jonet Claire, Chi Omega, Orlando, Leothermon, Mary Elizabeth, Belmont, Liner, N. Carol, Hillsboro, Mc- Arthur, Sylvia Eiell, Spartanburg, S C , MeClure, Estelle, Belmont. McDaniel, Carole, Kinston; McGinnis, Betty Ann, Monroe; Mitchell, Ann Elizabeth, Charlotte; Papazisis, Angeline, Jacksonville, Fla. Pierce, Jane, Jacksonville, Fla.; Rouse, Winifred, Kinston; Stribling Pauline Elaine, Eatonton, Go.; Walloce, Sandra Gwenn, Hendersonvillc Page 380 " st. X WN NURSING Elizabeth Kemble Dean Five Historic Years . . . 1951-52 . . . still wet behind the ears The first students were admitted to the four-year pro- gram leading to the degree of B.S. in Nursing 1952-53 ... a step forward Construction of the Nurses ' Dormitory completed — two classes of students spent an enjoyable year in the beautiful new residence and maintained pleasant as- sociations with students in other dorms on campus. 1953-54 ... in full swing Popularity increased due to active participation in professional organizations, student government, social events, athletics, and other University and community- centered activities. 1954-55 . . . dreams come true The freshmen of 1951-52 proudly received, at Com- mencement Exercise, degrees of B.S. in Nursing, the first granted from U.N.C.! 1955-56 . . . bigger and better Enrollment increased from 27 students in 1951 to 173 in 1955. A program leading to the degree of M.S. in Nursing was begun in September. The School received full accreditation from the National League of Nursing Accrediting Services. Each year has been a step forward The footprints of the post have paved the way for future achievements. FACULTY First Row Barbara Bernard, Sara Blaylock, Dorothy Bradley, Dorothy Clintock, Ruth Dolrymple. Second Row: Bette Davis, Clara Deyton, Beulah Gautefald, Alice Gifford, Elizabeth Henderson, Audrey Janow, Sylvia Kiger. Third Row Eloise Lewis, Ruth Lindberg, Ann Molleson, Julia Smith, Evangeline Soutsos, Lucille Spalding, Esther Sump. Page 382 -As,?.,- Corroway, Jessie McKeldon, Farmville; Corwin, Ruth Lou Spencer; Dobbs, Billie Bruce, Charlotte. Second Row: Former, Evelyn Joyce, Newland; File, Geneva, Salisbury; Hamilton, Elizabeth Ayers, Raleigh. Kelly, Jane Douglas, Apex; Ketner, Dorothy Jane, Hamlet; King, Jane McNeill, Williamsto.l. FOURTH YEAR Fourth Row: McCarter, Sorah Lee, Burlington; McNeely, Dorothy Grey, Morganton; Needhom, Peggy Porks, New Bern Fifth Row: Robeson, Emily Love, Lourinburg; Solter, Natalie, Scarsdole, N. Y.; Smith, Sally Marshall, Wrightsville Beach. Sixth Row: Snyder, Jane Carolyn, Winston-Salem; Sox Jane Paulii Hickory; Usher, Saro Elizabeth, Hartsville, S. C. Seventh Row: White, Carolyn, Winston-Salem, Widn Jacksonville. in, Katherine Helen Care of babies is one of the more teresting phases of nurses ' training QBB First Row: Averette, Helen Lorraine, Elizabethtown; Ball, Patricia Ann, Durham; Britt, Sarah Anne, Clinton; Bryant, Frieda, Monroe. Second Row: Buie, Sarah Elizabeth, Winston-Solem, Burt, Sara Katherine, Biscoe; Coggins, Shirley Ann, Walstonburg; Crisp, Wilma Jeon, Gostonia. Third Row: Davis, Margaret Virginia, McDonald; Foglemon, Diane Guy, Henderson; Fowler, Helen Frances, Durham; Glenn, Anne Daniel, Elizabethtown. Fourth Row: Guenthner, Shirley Lee, Washington, D C ; Haines, Nancy S., New Lisbon, N. J.; Hall, Nancy Motfhews, Sonford; Honey, Anne Thaxton, Gleenwood. THIRD YEAR Fitth Row: Hortman, Peggy Byerly, Winston-Salem; Hedberg, Barba Brink, Charlotte, Holmes, Ruth Ferabee, Wilson, Humphri( Rachel Delores, Bear Creek. Sixth Row: Keeter, Mary Ann, Shelby; Land, Willowdean, Lenoir; Lentz, Martha Kerr, Henderson; London, M. Jean, Candler. Seventh Row: McSwain, Barbora Lou, Shelby; Minteer, Sylvia Renshaw, Chapel Hill, Norwood, Mary Lou, Moreheod City; Page, Ann Cecile, Alpha Gamma Delta, Buckhannon, W. Va. Eighth Row: Palmer, Jane Elizobeth, Reidsville; Pendergraft, Borbaro Anne, Chapel Hill; Perry, Winifred Rebecca, Raleigh, Rondall, Katherine Croin, Raleigh Robertson, Laura Alice, Leoksville; Van Hook, Jocquelii Ann, Henderson; White, Doris Lillian, Greensboro. Ader, Fronces Ha Ann, Winston-Solei Ann Alexander, N mock, Wjikertcwn; Bayne, Gwendolyn Bibb, Virginia Ruth, Salisbury; Babbitt, ina, Carstorphen, Cloydia Grace, Ashe- Second Row: Clement, Mary Jane, Raleigh; Coats, Deane Moulton, Con- cord; Cupp, Norma Joan, Elkins, W. Vo.; Dawson, Morjorie Sue, Lc Gronge; Eomes, Betty Ann, Wake Forest. Third Row: Forrest, JoAnn, Walnut Cove; Gorriss, Mary Linda, Koppa Delta, Morgareftsville; Hardin, Jerry Elizabeth, Monroe; Hodgson, Gail Gifford, Oxford, Pa; Jorvis, Janet Dorothy, Arlington, Va. Fourth Row: Kizen, Dorothy McKee, Brevard; Leary, Barbara West, Eden- ton; Lemly, Gwendolyn Duncan, Alpha Gamma Delta, West Jefferson; Lemmond, Rosemary Minor, Lourinburg; McAnally, Myrtle Beatrice, Reidsville. Fifth Row: McGee, Carolyn Sue, Charlotte; Melvin, Eugenia Anne, Wins- fon-Salem; Morris, Elizabeth Joan, Concord; Morse, Amy Ann, Chi Omega, Washington, D, C; Noble, Nancy Anne, Garner! SECOND YEAR Sixth Row: Nusseor, Nancy Jo, Washington, D. C ; Plyler, Frances Irene, Charlotte, Price, Sara Faith, Kappa Delta, Buckhannon, W. Va.; Proctor, Jonie Lee, Pinetops; Roane, Alice Dione, Kappa Delta, Winston-Salem. Seventh Row: Roberts, Carolyn Frances, High Point; Robeson, Sallie Salter, Lourinburg; Russell, Patricia Ann, High Point; Smith, Frances Adeloide, Whiteville; Sorrell, Betty Lou, Raleigh. Eighth Row: Staub, Marjorie Corol, Westfield, N. J.; Stockwell, Nancy Jane, High Point; Sumner, Velna Elizabeth, Asheboro; Suther, Carol Jeon, Kannapolis; Taylor, Carolyn Wayne, Charlotte: Ninth Row: Wolsh, Kathryn Jones, Thomasville; Warrington, Sharon Ann, Pi Beta Phi, Bethesda, Md.; Wotson, Marilyn Carol, Chapel Hill; White, Sarah Elizabeth, Guilford College; Williams, Billie Anne, Greensboro. Tenth Row: Williams, Mary Ben, Greensbo Jamestown; York, Geraldi W., Momaroneck, N. Y. Wittmann, Potricio Ann, Mocksville; Young, Elizobeth Poge 385 Fourth Ri Friddle, Lucio Rachel, Rateigh; Gallagher, Lois Anne, Wins ton-Salem; Gallimore, Elaine, Jamestown; Grady, Ann Gra ham. New Bern, Greer, Phyllis Ann, Albemarle. FIRST YEAR Fifth Row: Hassell, Virginio Howe, Beaufort; Heaton, Beverly Ann, Wes field, N. J., Hege, Nancy Jone, Winston-Solem; Hill, Marlyn Hickory; iohnson, Lillian Ashton, Goldsboro. Sixth Row: Jones, Judith Louise, Winsfon-Solem; Kline, Pofrieio Annobel, Roanoke Rapids; Lesley, Jo Anne, Reidsville; Leoch, Jean, Raleigh; McClellon, Nancy Marie, Guilford. nth Row; McCuistor, Gail Lorraine, Burlington; Merrick, Susan Eliz- abeth, Asheville; Mewborn, Faye McNeill, Farmville; Miles, Barbara Faye, Burlington; Morgan, Dorothy Ann, Smithfield Eighth Row: Mulvey, Jane Bolton, Greensboro; Nicholson, Elizabeth Corr, High Point; Oliver, Martha Elizabeth, Pollocksville; Poin- dexter, Martha Ann, Canton; Puckett, Sherry Lou, Guilford College. Ninth Row: Reade, Mary Winn, Durham; Renger, Joan Helen, Alb Rhyne, Mary Miller, Lincolnton; Ross, Martha Frances, Albe marie; Russ, Ruby Marguerite, Waynesville. Page 386 . L 12 ■•3ft- - 1 1 t i First Row: Shelburne, Mary Helen, Alpha Delta Pi, Greensboro; Shuler, Lois Allie, Hendersonville; Sowers, Jo Ann, High Point, Stoinbock, Jone Potterson, Delta Gamma, Jacksonville, Flo.; Strader, Celia Jo, Greensboro. Second Row: Totsey, Condoce Ann, Oxford; Turner, Barbara Lynne, Staten Island, N. Y.; Turner, Nancy Elizabeth, Cory; Valentine, Mary Hobbs, Nashville; Venoble, Biilie Joyce, Charlotte. Third Row: VonWiller, Roberta Linda, C Julie Ann, High Point, Willie boro; Wilson, Carolyn Potric Lucille, Apex. :ihio; Wendler, Aivene, Carr- Yotes, Helen Nursing students to step out and point the town mauv Page 387 Page 388 ' " ' ■ wc • • • Time for one lost brew A catcher ' s mitt is a sure sign of Spring M; 4 ' i V » e S ' c ■ " You don ' t know what it ' s meant to me, Oggie, sitting next to you all these years! ' Page 389 GRADUATE SCHOOL William W. Pierson Dean The Graduate School offers advanced and specialized studies to qualified students who have completed work leading to a bachelor ' s degree Graduate work leading to the master ' s and doctor ' s degree is offered in most of the Arts and Science departments. Professional graduate curricula are estab- lished in Business Administration, City and Regional Plan- ning, Dentistry, Education, Library Science, Public Health, and Social Work. Graduate work is offered in thirty-nine Schools, Departments, and Curricula. First Row: Addington, Lorry Holbrook, Asheville; Aumon, Wiley Eugene, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, High Point; Austin, Thomas Earney, Hickory; Baker, Ho Cleo, Zebulon; Boucom, Alvis McDonald, Phi Mu Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, Farmville Second Row: Barnard, Margaret Ann, Asheboro; Biggerstoff, Doyle Ronald, Shelby; Bradley, Winnifred Louise, Rocky Mount; Browne, James Nicholos, III, Alpha Koppa Psi, Wilmington; Bucy, Robert Earl, Cumberland, Md. Third Row: Cameron, Everett P., Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Koppa, Ballard Vole, Mass.; Canter, Jomes Alton, Alpha Koppo Psi, Sigma Nu, North Wilkesboro; Cor- rera, Richard Nestor, Durham; Caiin, John, Jr., Fol - onsbee, W. Vo.; Clork, Allen Keith, Bridgeton, N. J Fourth Row: Coble, Floyd Garland, Jr., Chi Phi, Greensboro; Col- bert, Robert Stephen, Tau Epsilon Phi, Chapel Hill; Dentiste, Poul George, Greensboro; Dessouky, Yehio Mostafa, Cairo, Egypt; Dickinson, Allon Webster, Springfield, Mass. Fifth Row: Eckhoff, Oscar Bradley, Sigma Gommo Epsilon, Ches- ter, S C ; Eudy, Joseph Daniel, Chapel Hill; Ferguson, Lindsay Coble, Koppo Sigma, Durhom; Fossum, Patricia Mary, Miomi, Flo ; Grecnway, Clarence Edward, Beta Gommo Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, High Point. Page 390 First Row: Griffin, Elton Grody, Wilson; Guoto, Shonfi Sworup, Pi Mu Epsilon, Delhi, India: Horrill, Barbara Jean, Shelby; Heoth, Robert Winship. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigmo, Pi Mu Epsiion. Siqma Nu, Sigma Xi, Chapel Hill; Hicl nian, Eddie Powell, Pi Kappa Alpha, Enfield. Second Row: Hill, Elaine Rondolph, Brevard; Nines, Franklin Bannon, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Psi Omega, Horts- ville, S. C; Iqbal, Mohammad, Pi Mu Epsilon, Lahore, Pakistan; Itoboshi, Kiichi Teddy, Tokyo, Japan; Joekson, Helen M., Winston-Salem. Third Row: Johnson, Edward Stokes, Delta Upsilon, Phi Beto Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma. Pi Mu Epsilon, Chapel Hill; Joyner, Edno Stokes, Pinetops; Joyner, John Russell, Farmville; Jung, James Moser, Kannapolis; Kabler, Milton Norris, Roonoke, Va. Fourth Row: Klimaszewski, Albert John, Wheeling, W. Va ; Lanier, Daniel, Jr., Phi Beto Sigma, Sigma RhD Sigma, Bath; Lanier, Gene D., Phi Sigma Pi. Con- way; McAllister, Sarah Billopp, Covington. Va.; MeClure, David, Alpha Kappa Psi, Bangor, Me. Fifth Row: Mitra, Suiit Kumar, Orissa, India, Nori Phi Beta Kappa, Chapel Hill; Olewii Austin, Harrisburg, Pa.; Orr, George Hill; Oxford, Rebo Dean, Granite Falls Sixth Row: Porrott, Blanche Ellen, Chapel Hill; Pinkerton, John Wesley, Pikeville, Ky ; Pittman, George Leon, Phi Chi, Rho Chi, Micro; Pritchett, James Ronald, Creswell; Roiford, William Patrick, Jr., Alpha Kappa Psi, Greensboro. Seventh Row; Rankin, Frank Lafayette, Jr., Mount Holly; Rosser, Henry Thomas, Hamlet; Ruth, John Moore, Alpha Chi Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Pittsboro; Schmidt, Robert H., Chi Psi, Forest Hills, N. Y.; Setiler, Alice Lake, Hickory. Eighth Row: Shepherd, Phyllis Ann, Winston-Salem, Siddiqui, Mohammed M., Lahore, Pakistan; Simmons, R. Robinson, St. Anthony Hall, Lawrenceville, Va , South, Stanley A., Boone; Speir, Ashley Cobb, Jr., Tarboro. Ninth Row: Steinkomp, lla Wright, Little Rock, Ark ; Teague, Eleanor A., Alpha Tau Kappa, Beta Sigma Phi, Phi Alpho Theta, Pi Kappa Delta. Chapel Hill; Teague, Robert Lee, Jr., Phi Delta Kappa, Chapel Hill; Vance, Allen Lefty, Koppa Alpha, Bristol, Tenn.; Vero, Andrew James, Alpha Kappa Psi, Roanoke, Va. Tenth Row: Walker, Woodrow Wilson, Delta Sigma Delta, Burlington; Warren, Joan Patricia, Winston-Salem; Wheliss, Joseph Denson, Phi Gamma Delto, Rock- Page 391 J ' m O ' Daniel President iz; u CO U X 04 The Pharmacy Senate was founded at the University in 1940. Membership is limited to thirty members from the School of Pharmacy. The purposes are to stimulate and increase knowledge and appreciation for the profession of Pharmacy, to promote interclcss co-opera- tion within the school, and to teach pubMc speaking as a foundation for future leadership. First Row Bill Boily, John Borringer, Shirley Bumga Ernest Corrawoy. Second Row. Chorles Copses, Dutton, Tom Froley, Hoiel Green. Third Row: Hinton, Jim Inobinet, Dorothy Johnson, Melvin Ker Fourth Row Von King, Bill McDonald, Don Miller Miller. Fitth Row; Bernie Nonce, Arthur Schlagel, Sloop, Carole Soles. rdner. Gene Hugh Page 392 SCHOOL OF PHARMACY The first recognized School of Phormacy in North Carolina and at present the only institution for phar- maceutical education in the state was established here at the University in 1897. Through the years under capable instruction and leadership, the school has received high rank among the accredited colleges of the nation. In the beginning of the fall semester of 1955, 219 students were enrolled in the four classes. The degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy will be awarded to 38 graduating seniors at commencement exercises of the University of North Carolina in June. The School of Pharmacy benefits by the use of edu- cational facilities of various departments and schools within the University. After a year ' s apprenticeship and a comprehensive state examination, a graduate of the School of Pharmacy is prepared to function effectively as a professional pharmacist. FACULTY Seated Dr. Fred Semeniuk, Deon E. A. Brec H. Hortung, W. W. Toylor. Standmg John Andrako, Dr. L. Neelokonton. ■cht. F. C. Hammerness H. O. Thompson, B. F. Poge 393 Pharmacy School Offrc. Council Representative, Wiley Harrell, Vice-Pn ; Lionel Perkins, Men ' s Honor Jackson, Secretary-Treasurer; t; and Von King, President. Officers of the Fourth Year Class are Ernestine Boker, Secretory-Treasurer; B. N. McDonald, President; and Zeb Keever, Vice-President. FOURTH YEAR First Row: Andrews, John Warren, Kappa Psi, Winston-Salem; Baker, Ernestine, Kappa Epsiion, High Point; Ball, Harold Lee, Kappa Psi, Mors Hill. Second Row: Barber, Ronald Edward, Clinton, Borbour, Joseph Parker, Jr., Burlington; Barringer, John Marshall, Phi Delta Chi, Carthage. Cameron, Marcus, Phi Delto Chi, Sanford; Colema Kappa Psi, Burlington; Coley, Walter Newton, Stem. Fourth Row Dawkins, Willii Jr., Kappa Psi Gibson. m Atlas, Jr., Phi Delto Chi, Mount OIn Roanoke Rapids; Gardner, Ellyn Ma Doyle, Lewis , Kappa Epsil Fifth Row: Grahom, Henry Neill, Albemarle; Greene, James Simpson, Kappo Psi, Glen Alpine; Harrell, Wiley Clevelond, Kappa Psi, Virginia Beach, Va. First Row: Isaac, Douglas Woodrow, Marion; Jackson, Sara Alice, Chi Omego Kappa Epsilon, Lumberton; Keever, Zeb Thomas, Jr., Lincolntcn. Second Row: Kendrick, Melvin Clyde, Phi Delta Chi, Chapel Hill; King, Von Hill, Kappa Psi, Wilmington; Lore, Saro Fountain, Sanford. Third Row: Lowder, James Franklin, Kappa Psi, Albemarle; McCorkle, Mack Elmo, Kappa Psi, Roxboro; McDonald, Joanne Schell, Kappa Epsilon, Fort Wayne, ind. Fourth Row: McDonald, William Russell, III, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Delta Chi, Hickory; Meroney, Corl Porter, Phi Delta Chi, Murphy; Morris, Stephen Corroll, Phi Delta Chi, Four Oaks. Mueller, Reinhold Ernest, High Point; Perkins, Lionel Parker, Jr., Kappa Psi, South Boston, Va.; Polk, John Woyne, Kappa Psi, Morshville. Sixth Row: Rollins, Stuart Wingo, Kappo Psi, Winston-Solem, Schlogel, Arthui Port, Jr., Phi Delta Chi, Chapel Hill; Sherrill, Fred Lee, Jr., Phi Delta Chi, Conover. Seventh Row: Sloop, Roger H., Kappa Psi, Rho Chi, North Wilkesboro; Upchurch, Julion Emmett, Kappa Psi, Spring Hope, Wilson, Joseph Helsobeck, Phi Delta Chi, Rural Hall; Woodard, Nancy May, Kappa Epsilon, Hamlet. Page 395 THIRD YEAR First Row; Barefoot, Loretta Jean, Kappa Epsilon, Asheville; Barger, Charles Glenn, Kappa Psi, Hickory; Bolton, James Cener, Koppo Psi, Rich Square; Bullock, Benjamin Walter, Creedmoor. Second Row: Bumgordner, Shirley W., West Jefferson; Butler, James Gene, Phi Delta Chi, Morganton; Butler, Robert Dean, Phi Delta Chi, Morgonton, Carraway, Ernest Leroy, Jr., Kappa Psi, Williomston. Third Row: Carter, Lee C, Phi Delta Chi, Garland; Carter, Lewis Harold, Kelford; Chandler, Peggy Black, Kappa Epsilon, Chapel Hill; Charles, Fred Richard, Phi Delta Chi, Winston-Salem. Fourth Row: Clay, Albert Sidney, Ovford; Copses, Charles Peter, Phi Delta Chi, Charlotte; Courts, Ben Corter, Phi Delta Chi, Reidsville; Crumpler, Wilbur Aubrey, Roseboro. Fifth Row: Evans, Dallas Mason, Kappo Psi, Greenville; Foster, Robert Willi Greensboro; Freeman, Pete Delon, Koppa Psi, Asheboro; Hall, Hor Glenn, Jr., Slier City, Sixth Row: Horrell, OIlie Cecil, Colerain; Harrington, Gerald Kelly, Kappa Psi, Santord, Hollowell, Aubrey E., Edenton; Huckoby, Byron Taylor, Koppo Psi, Winston-Salem. Seventh Row: ton; Keenui Jr., Lillmgto IS, Roanoke Ropids, Jones, Alpheus, Jr., Warren- le, Kappo Epsilon, Hazelwood, Kelly, Leo Curtis, Eighth Row: Lanier, Billy Worth, Buie ' s Creek; Leonard, John William, Kappa Psi, Lincolnton; Mast, William Herndon, Koppo Psi, Sugor Grove; Miller, Donald Joseph, Koppo Psi, Roleigh. Ninth Row; Phifer, Fred Owen, Koppo Psi, Morshville; Pipes, Janice Lou, Kappo Epsilon, Asheville; Revelle, George Raleigh, Kappo Psi, Woodland; Rich, Renus Edgar, Jr., Harmony. Tenth Row: Roberts, Stephen Burgin, Marshall; Shcek, Mary Sue, Koppo Epsilon, Yodkinville; Smith, Alfred Gene, Elizabethtown, Smith, Joe Ephriom, Kappa Psi, Connelly Springs. Eleventh Row: Snider, Larry Glenn, Phi Delta Chi, Eagle Springs; Whitehurst, Paul Adams, Murfreesboro; Williams, Charles Slater, Koppa Psi, Durhom; Zambito, Joseph, Goldsboro. EIDB f ' I 1-f Officers for the Third Year Class are Loretto Barefoot, Secretary-Treasurer; Ernest Carrowoy, President, ond Bill Most, Vice-President. Second Year Class officer- are Dorothy Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer; Bill Boily, Vice-President; one Seth Miller, President SECOND YEAR First Row: Adams, Challie Edward, Jr., Kannapolis, Alexander, Beniomin Tillman, Jr., Kappa Psi, Charlotte; Austell, Ronald Lowery, Shelby; Bailey, Wil- liam Bronnan, Kappa Psi, High Point. Second Row: Beale, Garland Wood, Jr., Kappa Psi, Potecasi; Beale, Jesse Jordan, Jr., Raleigh; Bostic, Russell Alton, Pink Hill; Buie, Wayne Melvin, Kappa Psi, Winston-Solem. Bullock, John Chester, Jr., Chapel Hill; Carter, Donald Kermit, Dallas; Chapman, Donald Kenneth, Winston-Salem; Clay, James B., Oxford Fourth Row: Davis, David Ramsey, Sigma Nu, Williamston; Dilland, George Johnston, Willord; Dixon, Charles Thomas, Chapel Hill; Dutton, Gene Raymond, Phi Delta Chi, Hickory. Fifth Row: Foyed, Fred Tucker, Roanoke Rapids; Fleming, Robert Edward, Jr. Rocky Mount; Fraley, Thomos Maurice, Kappa Psi, Kannapolis; Fulton James Wode, Phi Delta Chi, Winston-Solem. George, Prentiss Legarr, Jr., Lincolnton, Green, Hoiel Geraldine, Morris- ville; Heoth, Ivey Leinster, Jr., Cove City, Herring, Joseph Dovid, Wilson. Seventh Row: Hinton, Malory Hugh, Koppo Psi, Middlesex; Hogwood, Ray Gordon, Raleigh; Holding, Thomas Elford, III, Wake Forest; Hood, John David, Morganton. First Row: Hooper, F. Lambert, Jr., Sylva. Inobinet, James Lewis, Phi Delta Chi, Winston-Salem; Jackson, Williom Corlton, Alpha Tau Omega, Lumber- ton, Jomes, Francis Duke, Phi Delta Chi, Mocksville. Second Row: Johnson, Dorothy E., Harrells; Johnson, Loretto Gray, Kappa Epsilon, Harrells, Leory, Dovid Omega, Ahoskie; Leatherwood, Donald Roy, Waynesville. Third Row: McNeill, John Parker, Norwood; Manos, Christine Becky, Fayetteville; Morley, Joseph Perkins, Jr., Alpha Phi Omega, Kappa Psi, Southern Pines, Marsh, William Luther, Phi Mu Alpha, Motshville. Miller, Seth George, Kappa Psi, Raleigh; Morrison, George Arthur, Southern Pines; Nonce, Bernie Joe, Salisbury; O ' Doniel, James Sidney, Jr., Phi Delta Chi, Hickory Fitth Row: Oldham, James Allen, Wilmington, Owens, 1 Psi, Whiteville; Porker, Frederick B., Murfn Hickory- an Quinton, Jr., Kappa o; Peile, James Iroon, Sixth Row: Ponder, William Norman, Hendersonville; Prevo, James Miller, Phi Delto Chi, Thomasville; Smith, John Carroll, Elizobeth City, Smith, John Hubert, Jr., Holly Springs. Seventh Row: Soles, Carole Jenrette, Whiteville; Stoots, John Kingsley, Lansing; Stowe, Roger Arnold, Gastonio; Walker, Poul Morgan, Chapel Hill. Eighth Row: Word, Joseph Willard, Whiteville; Willioms, Jomes Edward, Rockingham Williams, Lowrence Lonier, Zebulon; Winsteod, Druie Doniel, Kappa Ps Elm City. FIRST YEAR Officers of the First Year Class are Clayton Dean Vice-President; Donold Deaton, President, cni Jane Welch, Secretary-Treasurer. Page 398 First Row: Allen, Billy Thomas, Raleigh; Bollantine, Lulo Su Craig, Raleigh, Bullard, Elizabeth Joonne, Fayette Homlet; Boyd, Allan Second Row: Corswell, Virgilio, Spring Lake; Chandler, Robert Dein Chronister, David Lee, Hickory, Cooper, Bill Reid, Monroe. Corbett, Freddie Luvon, Selma; Cromley, Robert Irving, Jr., Roleigti; Dean, Clayton Lyeriy, Cha rlotte; Deaton, Donald Jason, Mooresville. Duggins, Jack Steven, Chapel Hill; Dunn, Bill M., Henry Chalmers, Mooresville; Elkins, Johnny Worr annapolis; Edmiston, , Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Farrar, Joseph Ernest, Dallas; GriHin, Williom Russell, Jr., Old Haithcock, Jimmy Reid, Mount Gileod; Harrison, Steven Vance, De Sixth Row: Jackson, P. Donald, Dunn, Johnson, Barbara Ruth, Kinston; John Michael, Sanford; Lowe, Carroll Douglas, Coleroin. Seventh Row: Lynch, Robert Jackson, Apex; McLean, William Jerry, Carthage; Mc Swain, Jeon Willard, Shelby; Mills, Walter David, Choriotte. Eighth Row: Mitchell Russell G., Kappa Psi Greensboro; Neal, David Ellison, Jr., Fuquay Springs. Roseboro; Montgomery, David :innapolis; Reuschling, Gordon Nelsi Ninth Row: Savage, William McDonald, Roanoke Rapids; Thomas, Lorry Wilson Dunn, Thompson, Charles Dole, Snow Camp; Vester, Michael Francis III, Spring Hope. Tenth Row Welch, Jane Louise, Washington; Wright, Walter David, Yadkinville; Womble, Jimmy ( Yorborough, Willi! ig, Nashville; Hardy, Pine- Page 399 m : : i; Sj;J, -rv ? SCHOOL OF LAW ' ■si . i.-Jf.- ik.. ' ..-. Henry Porker Brondi; FACULTY Seated: Fred B. McColl; M. T. Van Hecke; Mary Oliver, Librarian Henry Brandis, Jr., Dean; R. H. Wettoch. Standing Albert Coates; Herbert R. Boer; Frank W, Hantt; W. B. Aycock; M. S. Brecken- ridge; J. T. DalzeM. ■ ■■I NORTH CAROUmA LAW REVIEW Walter Horton, Jr., William Graham, Jr., Bobby Byrd, David Clinord, and Alexander B LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATION Walter Horton, Jr., Williom Osteen, Herbert Folk, William Graham, Jr., and William Holt, Jr. Page 401 First Row: Agapion, Stephen, Phi Alpha Delta, North Carolina Law Rev Greensboro; Bornes, Alexander Hall, Delta Theta Phi, Zeta North Corolina Law Review, Associate Editor, Murfreesboro; B Worren Donald, Phi Alpha Delta, Charlotte. Second Row: Brewer, Williom Clarence, Jr., Phi Alpha Delta, Phi Gamma Delta, North Carolina Law Review, Jamesville, Byrd, Robert G., Phi Alpha Delta, North Carolina Law Review, Editor-in-Chief, Selma, Comeron, William Mclver, Jr., Delta Theta Phi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Honor Coun- cil, Wilmington. THIRD YEAR Third Row: Cherry, Solomon Gilmer, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Delta Phi, Roxobel, Clinord, Dovid Morion, Phi Beta Koppa, Phi Delta Phi, St. Anthony Hall, North Carolina Law Review, Associate Editor; Winston-Salem; Enochs, Herman Glenn, Jr., Delto Theta Phi, Greenst oro. Fourth Row: Evons, Andre, Phi Delta Phi, Senior Class Treasurer, Ahoskie; Folk, Herbert S., Jr., Phi Alpha Delta, Zeta Beta Tau, Greensboro; Ferguson, George Wogoner, Phi Alpha Delta, Phi Beto Kappa, Pi Ka,:pa Alpha, Charlotte. Fifth Row: Fountoin, Richard Tillmon, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Delta Theta Phi, North Corolina Law School Association Legislature, Rocky Mount; Freed, Moitlond Guy, Phi Alpha Delta, Greensboro; Gems, Peter H., Delta Phi Alpha, Delto Upsilon, Pi Sigma Alpha, North Carolina Law Review, Law School Association, Chairman of Speakers ' Committee; Men ' s Honor Council, Raleigh. Sixth Row Willi! North Co , Jr., Phi Delta Phi, Young Democratic Club, Review, Associate Editor; Law School Associa- tion, Jackson Springs; Guthery, Paul Bennett, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Phi; Clerk, North Carolina Low Review, Senior Class Vice- President; Charlotte; Hall, F. Wade, Jr., Delta Theta Phi, Master of the Ritual; Asheville. Seventh Row: Harrington, Thomas Sidney, Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Phi, Henderson; Harrison, Fred W., Snow Hill; Holroyd, Frank Jackson, Jr., Beto Theta Pi, Phi Delto Phi, Chapel Hill. Eighth Row: Norton, Homilton Cowles, Jr., Beta Theta Pi, Phi Alpho Theta, Phi Delta Phi, Historian; North Carolina Low Review, Law School Association, Legislature, Winston-Solem, Norton, Walter Lee, Jr., Phi Delta Phi, Chapel Hill; Hudson, Ninton G., Phi Delta Phi, Winston-Salem. First Row: Hudson, Ishom Borney, Jr., Phi Alpha Delta, Clerk; Law School Legislature, North Carolina Law Review, Jacksonville; Jones, Jesse Macon, Delta Theta Phi, Phi Delta Gamma, Edward; Leonard, Colvin T., Jr., Phi Beta Koppa, Phi Delta Phi, Sigma Chi, North Carolina Law Review, Greensboro. Second Row: Lewis, Robert D., Phi Delta Theta, Asheville; MocCaln Ian, Phi Alpha Delta, Phi Gamma Delta, Nyock, N. Frederick Taylor, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Smithfield. Third Row: Melvin, Charles Edward, Jr., Chi Psi, Delta Theta Phi, North Caro- lina Law Review, Greensboro; Millmon, Robert Bruce, Jr., Phi Delta Phi, Young Democratic Club, North Carolina Law Review, Chapel Hill; Murphy Romollus Olga, Omega Psi Phi, Havelock. Fourth Row: Osteen, William L, Delta Theta Phi, President; Law School Associa- tion, Greensboro; Rendleman, John Luther, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Beto Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Eto Sigma, North Carolina Law Review, Salisbury; Roberts, Jomes Edward, Delta Theto Phi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Young Democratic Club; Executive Committee, State Secretary, Kannapolis. THIRD YEAR Fifth Row: Rouse, William Edward, Jr., Alpho Koppo Psi, Delta Theta Phi, Honor Court, Raleigh; Royster, Stephen S., Delta Theta Phi, North Carolino Law Review, Chapel Hill; Rush, John Charles, Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Theta Phi, Sigma Chi, High Point. Sixth Row: Shaw, Eugene Guilford, Jr., Phi Delta Phi, Raleigh; Skinner, William P., Jr., Phi Delto Phi, President; Zeta Psi, North Carolina Law Review, Elizabeth City; Small, Charles Buxton, Delta Theta Phi, Sigma Nu, Elizabeth City. Seventh Row: Smith, Morton Alan, Phi Alpha Delta, North Carolina Law Review, New York, N. Y.; Stacy, Horace E., Jr., Phi Alpha Delta, Phi Gammo Delta, Lumberton; Topley, John M., Delta Theta Phi, Chapel Hill. Eighth Row: Thigpen, Richard Elton, Jr., Delta Theto Phi, Law School Associt tion. Notional Moot Court Team, Chapel Hill; Zuckerman, Willioi Ellis, Phi Alpha Delta, Greensboro. First Row: Alspough, James Andrew, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Kappa Sigmo, Greens- boro; Bernhordt, Richmond G., Jr., Phi Delta Phi, Lenoir, Bloylock, Spencer Lorroine, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Delto Phi, Greensboro; Campbell, Jerry Austin, Phi Alpha Delta, Pi Kappa Phi, Taylorsville. Second Row: Cockman, David Reece, Phi Delta Phi, Franklinville; Covington, Benjamin McLauchlin, Jr., Phi Beta Koppo, Phi Eta Sigma, Wades- boro; Coward, Jomes Kent, Phi Alpha Delta, Sylva; Crews, James Philip, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, Winston-Salem, SECOND YEAR Third Row: Darlington, Fred, ill. Phi Alpha Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, Burlington; DeBerry, Arthur S., Jr., Phi Delta Phi, Torboro; Duke, John Edwin, Phi Delta Phi, Chapel Hill; Eller, John DeWalden, Jr., Phi Delta Phi, Chapel Hill. Fourth Row: Fowler, Henry Lee, Jr., Phi Beta Kappa, Mount Holly; Frassineti, Jordan Joseph, Phi Alpha Delta, Pi Kappa Phi, Southern Pines; Holt, William Paul, Jr., Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Alpho Delta, Greens- boro; Johnston, Thomas David, Chi Psi, Phi Alpha Delta, Fayetteville. Fitth Row: Lotto, uon Richard, Phi Alpha Delta, Greensboro; Lee, James Grover, Jr., Delta Theta Phi, Pi Kappo Alpha, Chapel Hill; Mc- Doniel, Andrew Holmes, Phi Alpha Delta, Forest City; Murdock, Thomas Edward, Delta Theto Phi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Chapel Hill, Sixth Row: Ogburn, John Nelson, Jr., Alpha Kappa Psi, Delta Theta Phi, Greensboro; Parhom, Lewis Hillsman, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Delta Phi, Charlotte; Parker, Gerald Corbett, Phi Alpha Delto, Hubert; Rich, Dcon A., Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Phi, Galesburg, III. Seventh Row: Sopp, Armisteod W., Jr., Greensboro, Sopp, Robert Henry, Phi Delta Phi, Reynolda; Shaw, Charles Collins, Jr., Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Alpha Delta, Henderson; Smortt, Lucien Eugene, McClove, Colo. Eighth Row: Teer, Hubert Otto, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Durham; Thompson, Wil- liam Leonord, Delta Theta Phi, Raleigh; Tice, Douglas O., Jr., Delta Theta Phi, Greensboro; Warren, Jesse Lanier, Delta Theta Phi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Greensboro. Ninth Row: Wotts, Lewis Poindexter, Jr., Phi Alpho Delta, Chopel Hill; White, Charles Moyfield, III, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Kappa Sigma, Manson; Whitesides, Henry Monroe, Delta Theto Phi, Kappa Sigma, Chapel Hill; Winters, Robert Lee, Spring Lake. 1 w First Row: Allen, Cory Walter, Pi Kappa Alpha, Asheville; Bell, Cal- yin W., Rocky Mount; Briley, William Frazier, Pi Kappa Phi, Wilson; Broughton, Howard Chalk, Hertford; Burt, Moses Cemuel, Jr., Alpha Phi Alpha, Hillsboro. Second Row: Busby, Christopher Nutter, Phi Mu Alpha, Londis; Butler, Jesse Lewis, Chapel Hill; Coiner, John F., Pi Koppo Alpha, Greensboro; Conoly, James Halbert, Philadelphia, Pa.; Dob- son, Tyson Yates, Jr., Beuloville Third Row: Downing, Harold Dean, Fayetfeville; Edwords, Joshua Videll, Kenly; Ellis, James Milton, Tarboro; Eyons, Dovid Savage, Chapel Hill; Flythe, Rudolph, Omega Psi Phi, Conway. Fourth Row: Futrell, Jam es Lou s, Sig -no Ch Gree le; Go nes, Robert Edward Go 5tO mo. Grego y. Toy Rhea, J r.. Sign la Chi, Las Vogas, Nev Hon esley. Troy Clifton Jr., Ko ppa Alpha, Cherryv ille; Hi dson John Randolph, Jr., B evard. Fifth Row: Lee, Richard R., Mooresboro; Lee, Robert Edword bury; Little, Robert Eugene, III, Kappa Sigma, Long, Allen Baker, Phi Delta Theta, Chevy C McCurry, Edgar Woodfin, Pi Kappo Alpha, Shelby. Sixth Row Mann, Edward L., Charlotte; Moreody, Billy Fran Kappa, Goldsboro, Marks, Benjamin Sanford, Jr. Tau, Greensboro; Midgette, Robert B., Chapel 1 Hugh McRae, Chopel Hill. FIRST YEAR eta Bet Milton Seventh Row: Overman, Lynwood Ea Chi Psi, Woodsdale; I dell, William Gorlor Charlotte. Chapel Hill; Ramsey, James E nsdell, Phillip Clifton, Vanna; Jr., Varino; Reibel, Worn Eighth Row: Shea, Sara Anne, Alpha Omicron Pi, Spartanburg, Short, William Marcus, Chapel Hill; Slate, Peggy Lo Pi Sigma Alpha, Thomosville; Smith, Clyde, Jr., Greer Smith, Ritchie, Foyetteville. Ninth Row: Smith, William DuBerry, Phi Gommo Delfo, Bethel; Snyder, Keith Spurling, Lenoir; Stephens, David Longston, Omega Psi Phi, Mebane; Suttle, William Woyne, Theta Chi, Marion; Tison, Benjamin Thompson, III, Sigma Chi, Charlotte. Tenth Row: Toms, Herbert Logon, Jr., Shelby; Walters, Nooh Heber, La Grange; Wiggins, Richard McKenzie, Foyetteville; Yorborough, Charles Hill, Jr., Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Sigma Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Louisburg; Yount, Walter Nicho- las, Jr., Concord. Anne Wrenn, escorted by Tom Gill, is presented o bouquet by Buddy Harper upon being crowned Sigma Nu Star Princess. Students gain practical experience in all phases of television productio through the University station. As the Yankees go, so goes Carolina. Page 406 SCHOOL OF According to Dean McGavran, " Public Health is the science of the diagnosis and treatment of the health needs and status of the total comnnunity — or body politic as an entity. " PUBLIC HEALTH UNC ' s School of Public Health, the fourth oldest school of its kind in the United States and one of the ten North American schools accredited by the American Public Health Association, incorporates this way of thinking into its curriculum. Professional people taking post- graduate work learn to function as inter-disciplinary community health teams through core courses, lectures, lab and field experience. The school, the focal training and service point for an integrated state-wide health program, attracts students from many other states and foreign countries. FACULTY First Row Bryan, Tyler, McGovron, Hoy, Wright, Chipmon. Second Row Chonlett, Kent, MacKinnon, Gorson, Cort, Most, Rebentisch. Third Row Cose, Thayer, Morgan, Howell, Lawton, Gahon, Okun, Cossell. Fourth Row Gronstron, Cameron, Touber, Gourley, Oolan, Blee, Doak, Hendricks, Larst Page 407 PUBLIC HEALTH ADMINISTRATION, BIOSTATISTICS, AND MENTAL HEALTH Seated: Cross, Wu, Sondog, Torabuisi, Doon, Hansen, Chaovanaprieho. Standing: Sehwenn, Belen, Wells, Chondrasuwan, Song, Edgerton, Kitpowsong, Indrabhakti HEALTH EDUCATION, NUTRITION, MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH g: Hopkins, Voorse. Seated Kotju, Gislerud, Reyes do Colon, Rickord, Frost, Vosontini. Standing: Klimosiewski, Chorest, Roteliff, Koplon, Bortis, Belue, Rhodes, EI-KoFrawy, Pasion. Page 408 PUBLIC HEALTH NURSIS ed: Courtenay, Gorrison, Bridgets, Adams, Broker, Parker. Seated, Second Row: rison, Gorfunkel, Barringer, Steinkamp, HoKey, Heriot, Floyd. Standing: Jolly, 5, Rcwe, Thigpen, Dukes, Sharp, Suna, Wolters, Greer, Britt, Raley. J LaJ L=ili Kim, Chip Fuller, Pyle, Rochan Vonichchoroentham, Schneider, Rankin, O PARASITOLOGY, SANITARIANS, AND SANITARY ENGINEERS Right: Rogers, Snow, Slifkin, Siroonion. Seated Wilson, Sundin, Rigsby, ■ ■■ do, Ivey, Goulson, Abayo. Standing: Irolu, Sheores, tind, Clo ajordo, Johnson, Halbe er, Tiee, Coy, Lee, Kent. Page 409 ■ ,. -- m: GRADUATION Page 410 " B ' Ryi MS ji Naval ROTC students receive their commissions in the Forest Theater. Graduates offer each other congratulations around the Old Well. The final goodbye Page 412 The Last Mile . . . and finally the end. This is memory crowded into a warm spring day . . . nostalgia singing the Alma Mater . . . pride of accomplishment in a cap and gown. Now the time for thoughts of the future, yes, but more of thoughts of the four years post ... of the wonder of your school, the comfort of this quiet or not-so-quiet hill, of the very nature of the life at Carolina. So here is this day. Parents, friends, families, and the rest who are here to see the product and result of the years spent in study, frivolity, and growth into adulthood. And so you soy, " Thanks, Carolina, " and turn to face your life, but still holding fondly to the recollection that you can never forget. ■ Jm B Page 414 Jay Zimmerman Business Manager Brad Hall Assistant Business Manager Page 415 HATHAM LANKETS MERICA with BLANKETS that are famous in North CaroUna and tlie whole 48 states, WOMEN ' S AND MEN ' S APPAREL FABRICS that are distinguished for their quahty and design. AUTOMOTIVE FABRICS that you see in today ' s finest cars. CHATHAM MANUFACTURING COMPANY MILLS AT ELKIN, CHARLOTTE, SPRAY IN NORTH CAROLINA Page 416 PACKS MORE PLEASURE because its More Perfectly Packer t - " T I Satis yburself y k . a Milder, Better-Tasting smoke— packed for more pleasure by exclusive Accu-Ray The more perfectly packed your cigarette, the more pleasure it gives . . . and Accu- Ray packs Chesterfield far more perfectly. To the touch ... to the taste, an Accu-Ray Chester - field satisfies the most . . . burns more evenly, smokes much smoother. Firm and pleasing to the lips . . . mild yet deeply satis- fying to the taste — Chester- field alone is pleasure-packed by Accu-Ray. KING SIZE REGULAR CHESTERFIELD © LiccFTT Mroii ToaACCO Ca MILD, YET . . THEY dtid f Poge417 HOWARD .JOIIi §0. S R ES TA UHA T ON THE DURHAM ROAD DILLON SUPPLY COMPANY Mill — Industrial and Contractors Supplies Plumbing and Heating Equipment Industrial and Home Water Systems Irrigation — Sawmill Equipment GENERAL SUPPLIERS FOR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS Raleigh — Durham — Rocky Mount Goldsboro Congratulations TO ANOTHER GRADUATING CLASS CAROLINA BARBER SHOP " Since 1903 " Page 418 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 56 " The Dairy Store " West Franklin Street CHAPEL HILL ( MHit(f ' Pre A i: T eiin PxiX (ucU, DURHAM ROXBORO f ii . - 1 Durham ' s Best Store Since 1885 The shopping center for r Eastern and Piedmont Car who demand the best in quality. MAIN STREET — DURh epresentative olina women fashion and AM, N. C. I ' LL mm A mGmii, SQUALLING EKTRO ERT ANP WAK NOl y IN Page 419 The Carolina Inn- Hosts for the University on all occasions • Opcniting lI Diniiif Room iiiiJ The Qiroliihi Inn Qij Finer quality . . . Greater selection Fowler ' s Food Store West Fronklin Street Chapel Hill Page 420 For All Your Electrical Needs [lectric Construction Company Since 1935 Just Off The Campus 165 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill TAR HEEL CLEANERS West Franklin Street Pick-up and Delivery Service Telephone 9-1461 FOR NEWSPAPER SERVICE, DIAL CHAPEL HILL 9-781 1 or 8-0456 L onara tu la tioni to tlie Class of 1956 FROM THE Budjam iHornins J|cralb DAILY AND SUNDAY AND THE DURHAM EVENING Chapel Hill ' s FAVORITE Daily Newspapers SUN The Herald-Sun Papers and Durham ' s CBS Stations WDNC and WDNC-FM Are Affiliated Page 421 The Corner Hangout . . . For Prescriptions For Fountain Service SLOAN DRUG CO. On the Corner Across from Theater Outfitters for the Entire Family Since 1914 BERMANS Department Store Arrow Shirts — Crosby Square Shoes Sampsonite Luggage UNIVERSITY NATIONAL BANK MEMBER Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corp THE RATHSKELLER imported and domestic • WINES • BEER • ALE • PIZZA PIES -FUN FOR ALL ... for CHOICE CHARCOALED STEAKS those who care enough , . . THE RAxX H HOI ! E AIRPORT ROAD Compliments of THE VARSITY THEATER Page 422 PETE AND SPERO SAY: JOIN THE CROWDS at the GOODY SHOP Compliments of the E. A. BROWN Furniture and Electrical Appliance COMPANY Phone 7121 106 W, Rosemary St., Next to City Hall EDGE ON FASHION .1 R fi B I n S OF CHAPEL HILL Page 423 THE PORTRAITS IN THIS YEARBOOK WERE MADE BY SMITH STUDIO l koioai apke s OFFICIAL PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE " 1956 YACKETY YACK " 12 EAST HARGETT STREET RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA Page 424 University Cleaners m vic i _ r CLEANING — PRESSING Chapel Hill, N. C Plant Phone 9-1901 — Office Phone 4921 STATIONERY— GIFTS SCHOOL SUPPLIES Ledbetter-Pickard Chopel Hill THE UNIVERSITY PRINTERY " HANK " HARRINGTON East Franklin Street Chapel Hill UNIVERSITY FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP 124 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill Page 425 SMITH-CORONA TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE 201 East Parrish Street DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL MAKES OF PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS Sales if Service -A ' Rental w ., cm Foister ' s Camera Store, Inc. Photographic Supplier for the Professional and Amateur Photographer CHAPEL HILL, N. C. Continuous Quality Durham Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Durham, N. C. Page 426 Here ' s a Bird You ' ll Want to Know! Graduate to Greater Food Savings At Your Friendly COLONIAL STORES Chapel Hill, N. C. L ompliments of FITCH LUMBER COMPANY The BANK OF CHAPEL HILL CHAPEL HILL GLENN LENNOX CARRBORO Clyde Eubanks President W. E. Thompson __ Executive Vice-Pres. Collier Cobb, Jr. Chairman of Board J. Temple Gobbel Cashier W. R. Cherry _ _. Asst. Cashier Serving the University Community Since 1899 MEMBER F.D.I.C. Poge 427 SUTTON ' S Tar Heel ' s Drug and Prescription Shop Cosmetics, School Supplies, Fountain Service, and Gifts Phone 5531 - Store Phone 9-8781 - Prescription THE CAROLINA THEATER Appreciates Your Patronage • NORTH CAROLINA THEATERS, INC. H pelk 4- jeggett L Tjorton Mi rl ., XXch.p.lM.ll H M Page 428 TOWN COUNTRY HOTELS Haywood Duke, President The King Cotton • Sedgefield Inn Greensboro, North Carolina See the ageiii in oiir doriii . . . HONEYCUTT CLEANERS ME DID IT W S • Mcintosh Amplifiers • Tonnoy Speakers • Pilot Tuners Amplifiers • Fairchild Equipment • Rek-0-Kut Turntables • General Electric Equipment Parts • Tape Recorders Supplies o Gorrard Players 207 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill, N. C. Tel. 5396 Page 429 .s l COVERS KY KiXfiSKHAFT KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT. TENNESSEE Congratulations to the Class of 1956 Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Durham — Burlington Page 430 cJLlttie J kop Headquarters for Carolina Coeds Wherever You Go Whatever You Do Good books ore as close as your nearest mailbox THE INTIMATE BOOKSHOP 205 E. Franklin Street Compliments of IIARRISiS-COXNERS Sales and Service 501 W. Franklin St.— Chapel Hill, N. C. BENNETT AND BLOCKSIDGE APPLIANCES FOR ROOM OR APARTMENT Thanking you for your patronage WENTWORTH 6l SLOAN JEWELERS Rent A NEW Car " U Corner of Franklin Columbia Streets Chapel Hill Tel. 8458 Page 431 cJ C enn c: ennox APARTMENTS AND SHOPPING CENTER CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1956 Page 432 It ' s PACE IN GLENN LENNOX For the Finest in Furniture and Accessories The Finest in Men ' s Clothing BOB COX MONK JENNINGS The Orange Printshop Printers to THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA for over 30 years Box 1249 Phone 3781 Page 433 : The Chapel Hill Weekly The Newspaper That More | People Read | The Sign of Quality Printing in Chapel Hill IS Colonial re s Flowers For Any Occasion THE CAROLINA FLOWER SHOP ROBERT ROLLINS mi m, m. 832 Broadway New York 3, N Y. Specialized Blazer Service to The University of North Carolina Compliments of Page 434 WHEN VISITING CHAPEL HILL Remember UNIVERSITY MOTEL is onv of t ' uroiina ' s finest moivis AND k ' or wi4 ' akw and sea foods a their ver besl. if ' .s THE PINES Highway 54 East Chapel Hill Page 435 Best Wishes Class of 1956 JULIAN ' S COLLEGE SHOP MAURICE JULIAN ' 38 WATTS GRILL AND MOTOR COURT Accommodations or Dinner Parties PITTSBORO HIGHWAY PHONE 9-5886 m va Page 436 LASSITER CORPORATION CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA THE SOUTHS FINEST ANNUAL ENGRAVERS SINCE 1915 " CHARLOTTE ENGRAVING COMPANY CHARLOTTE. NORTH CAROLINA ADVERTISEMENTS These are fhe businessmen, firms, and companies which advertise in your yearbook. Their livelihood depends upon courteous, effi- cient service to you as a student and as part of the general American public. They need you even as you need them to supply necessities and luxuries. Close co-operation between student and advertiser will result in a happier and more prosperous life for both. Chatham Manufacturing Co. Chesterfield Cigarettes Howard Johnson ' s Restaurant Dillon Supply Co. Carolina Barber Shop Huggins Hardware Long Meadow Farms Ellis-Stone of Durham The Carolina Inn Fowler ' s Food Store The Electric Construction Co. Tar Heel Cleaners The Durham Morning Herald The Durham Sun Sloan Drug Co. Berman ' s Department Store The Rathskeller The Ranch House The Varsity Theater The Goody Shop Smith-Prevost Cleaners E. A. Brown Furniture J. B. Robbins Smith Studio University Cleaners Ledbetter-Pickard University Printery University Florist Durham Typewriter Exchange Fcister ' s Camera Store Coca-Cola Co. of Durham The University National Bank Charlotte Engraving Co. Colonial Stores Fitch Lumber Co. Bonk of Chapel Hill Sutton Drug Co. Stevens-Shepherd Carolina Theater Belk-Leggett-Horton Town and Country Hotels Honeycutt Cleaners Kemp ' s Kingsport Press Pepsi-Colo Co. of Durham The Little Shop The Intimate Bookshop Harriss-Conners Chevrolet Wentworth and Sloan Bennett and Blocksidge Hertz Cor Rental System Glenn Lennox Development Corp. Pace Furnishings Town and Campus Orange Printshop Colonial Press The Chapel Hill Weekly Carolina Flower Shop Robert Rollins Blazers, Inc. Nu-Way Cleaners University Motel The Pines Baldwin ' s of Durham Julian ' s College Shop Watt ' s Grill Lassiter Press, Inc. Page 439 INDEX Administration 1 2 Advertising 414 Air Force ROTC 229 Alpha Delta Pi 110 Alpha Epsilon Delta 300 Alpha Gamma Delta 112 Alpha Kappa Psi 310 Alpha Phi Omega 301 Alpha Tou Omega 152 Amphoterothen Society 305 APRIL 334 Arnold Air Society 235 B Baptist Student Union 252 Baseball 337 Basketba 1 1 270 Beauty Contest 208 Beauty Section 210 Beta Gamma Sigma 299 Beta Theta Pi 1 54 C Canterbury Club 253 Cardboard 142 Carolina Forum 354 Carolina Ploy makers 144 Carolina Quarterly 330 Caught in the Act! 242, 243, 317, 324, 336 Cheerleaders 130 Chi Omega 114 Chi Phi 156 Chi Psi 158 Consolidated University Student Council 205 Cosmopolitan Club 254 D Daily Tar Heel 100 Dance Committee 265 Debate Council 122 DECEMBER ._.. 236 Delta Delta Delta 1 16 Delta Kappa Epsilon 160 Delta Sigma Pi 312 Delta Theta Phi 307 Delta Upsilon 1 62 Dental Hygiene 380 Dentistry, School of 373 Dialectic Senate 268 Dook Float 204 Dorm Life 266 Fall 1 28 FEBRUARY 276 Football 1 32 Freshman Class 88 Future Teachers of America 255 German Club 278 Gimghoul 363 Golf 342 Gorgon ' s Head Lodge 358 Graduate School 390 Graduation -- - 410 Page 440 INDEX Graham Memorial 102 Graham Memorial Activities Board 105 Gymnastics 280 H Hogan ' s 1 46 I Independent Women ' s Association 259 Interfraternity Council 150 I nt ro m u ra I s 240 J JANUARY 256 JUNE 364 Junior Class 56 K Kappa Alpha 164 Kappa Delta 1 18 Kappa Epsilon 302 Kappa Psi 314 Kappa Sigma 166 L Lacrosse 340 Lambda Chi Alpha 168 Law, School of 400 M MARCH 318 Master of Business Administration Club 316 MAY 346 Medicine, School of 366 Men ' s Glee Club 344 Men ' s Honor Council 289 Men ' s Interdormitory Council 244 Monogram Club 332 N Notional Student Association 123 Naval ROTC 281 Newman Club 254 NOVEMBER 202 Nursing, School of 381 OCTOBER 124 Order of the Golden Fleece 292 Order of the Grail 295 Order of the Minotours 359 Order of the Old Well 294 Order of the Sheiks 360 Orientation 1 P Ponhellenic Council 108 Pharmacy Senate 392 Pharmacy, School of 393 Phi Alpha Delta 308 Phi Beta Kappa 296 Phi Delta Chi 304 Phi Delta Phi 309 Phi Delta Thetc 170 Phi Eta Sigma 298 Phi Gamma Delta 172 Phi Kappa Sigma 174 Page 441 INDEX Philanthropic Assembly 269 Phi Mu Alpha 303 Pi Beta Phi 120 Pi Delta Phi 306 Pi Kappa Alpha 176 Pi Kappa Phi 178 Pi Lambda Phi 180 Publications Board 341 Public Health, School of 407 R Rho Chi 305 Tarnation! 238 Tau Epsilon Phi 192 Tennis 355 Theta Chi 194 Thirteen Club 362 Track 325 U UNC Band 143 University Club 200 University Party 331 St. Anthony Hall 182 Satu rdcy Club 36 1 Scabbard and Blade 286 Senior Class 22 SEPTEMBER 8 Sigmo Alpha Epsilon 184 Sigma Chi 186 Sigma Chi Derby 352 Sigma Gamma Epsilon 302 Sigma Nu 188 Sigma Phi Epsilon 190 Soccer 206 Sophomore Class 76 Sound and Fury 126 Spring 388 Stray Greeks 109 Student Council 287 Student Government 320 Student Legislature 322 Swi mm i ng 260 Valkyries 293 W Women ' s Glee Club 345 Women ' s Honor Council 288 Women ' s Residence Council 201 Women ' s Sports 241 Wrestling 207 WUNC 258 Y Yackety Yack 348 Y-Court 328 Young Democrots Club 228 Young Men ' s Christian Association 248 Young Women ' s Christian Association 250 Z Zeta Beta Tau 196 Zeta Psi 198 Page 442 z " ' ' ' " ' ' ' n-- % «t

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University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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