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y c k e T y s y $5 $5 5S C THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA UNIVERSITY OF N.C AT CHAPEL I- 00015556505 r LI, ' ' IPS This book is due on the last date stamped below unless recalled sooner. It may be renewed only once and must be brought to the North Carolina Collection for renewal. 96 T 2 9 1999 FEB 1 2 2008 2S£. CHAPEL HILL t BUSINESS DISTRICT £ OOMAH -to ViamL cpl c5l Jsksi?i cL Hl£cLae . . AnaeAiwb L LdSks actuate € vV WUaJ. . . Hours of waiting during registration . . . h Faculty and students alike dread those days at Woollen Gym. hbuXAAGUL . . . -bLftMA£i 000 All freshmen and transfer students are invited to meet administration and Chancellor House, Student Body President Creasy, and Orientation Cha student leaders. At the end of this twenty minute line are President Gray, men Thornton and Tillman. " Drop- Add " is the process by which students make changes in their schedules — " dropping one course, " adding " another. It is an involved, complicated system, probably not worth all the trouble. But it does produce a couple of extra days of vacation. Students are shown waiting in the basement of Carroll Hall while tickets for their new classes are distributed. CW , AxAxlb 1 l tO JL £. , , VUL h A freshman and his advisor look schedule. Everyone who stays on his feet through the required physical examinati usually found fit for a favorite course in physical education. University m of ' North Carolina . STUDENT IDENTIFICATION. Cord must be validated at be- ginning of each school year. 54-55l55-56]56-57|57-58 RES " Scroggs Folly, " ihe ID machi A typical result. Mid COvJjA e L . . . The self-service " bookeleria " is a unique, rapid method for students to select text books. But it still can ' t do away with the ever present line. vtrstm rrj-SZ Mid-morning coffee break. u Southern Exposure. Shower ritual. JuAc vVijlAsuI cettfub. . I Blossoms and a young man ' s fa m u£ i©ti£ea u vio- oL biAiiau a , , . i Readings in Political Science 42. Nature studi. PHO . . . PHR . . . PHY . U 6 fl£m MJ9tMuL -b® %{xaAu . . . The purpose of education is learning. The nucleus of learning is the lihrary. Carolina ' s library is adequate and comfortable. It operated on the honor system with no checking of students who enter and leave at will. Cheerleader Tom Wakefield helps raise the puke of a thousand Carolina rooters during a fall afternoon of foothall. OmauL [o-obbaJUi dz TiUMAA; . , . They added flavor: Cheerleader Lou Hawley, Bush . Rameses and PoUv. More than one game was played at Ken CSV Browsing at tin vwdtiSL evUAJwia ph£lwd . . . Intimate Book Shop. Coffee at the Pine Room Under Spring ' s blossoms on the Saunders-Murphy walk. Interlude on an oft-traveled path. 4 The ballroom of the Carolina Inn is filled with the gavetv and beautv of sorority pledge danre. LyiebU i i cfc -fege Chi Omegas whoop it up at a mid-year party Canned music barred the dance committee at this Sigma Chi party at the Alamance Country Club. Hundred-year-old pillars of the Playmakers Theater form the background for an evening-ending kiss. M i fcb C toOvu u , IkaR X The study date combines companionship and learning. S rasg Carolina Germans weekends reached their peak last year when a short, paunchy Negro trumpet man set the campus on its figurative ear. Louis " Satchmo " Armstrong, master of the New Orleans jazz style, packed Memorial Hall to the rafters for a two-hour jam session, then followed it up with the regular 9-12 dance at Woollen Gym. Other musicians will lend their talents but no one will replace " Satchmo " as Carolina ' s favorite. Cooling off after a hot pplause the group ran some 25 niinutes overtime at the Tom Creasy presents flowers (o Nancy Wliisnant, homecoming queen. TARMLMD mmR m A D Pi ' s urged tar and feathers. HOMECOMING Homecomers this year were treated to a host of unusual displays, a smiling cheerleader for a queen, and a victory over South Carolina that left them blue from the most exciting three minutes of football in many a season. Connor Dorm drew the biggest laugh with its Maidenform Bra, the Tri Delts teamed up with Charles Adams to take the sorority nod, and Phi Kappa Sigma ' s 30-foot-high figure chased a tree-top Gamecock. im vvw- • ' ; S . Chi Omega Ding Dong . . . Alpha Gamma Delta Angels. A late November rain chilled and dampened the Pika ' s annual Beat " Dook " Float Parade but the pageant suffered only a minimum setback. The sororities displayed enough shapely legs to please the large crowd that packed Frank- lin Street and the queen and her court stayed dry under umbrellas. Nurses perform . . . Coed strippers. In the spring of each year the campus harkens to a derby bugle call and descends on Kenan Stadium for an afternoon of fun. The event is the annual Sigma Chi Derby, sponsored by the local chapter of Sigma Chi fraternity. Contestants, made up of coed groups, compete in zany events — searching through a bog of mud for a can of beer, chasing chickens the length of the football field and throwing pies at an unfor- tunate Geek. Highlighting the Derby is the Miss Modern Venus contest. Spectators are treated to a fleshy array of beauty as two dozen sweater-and-shorts clad coeds strut past the stands to wolf whistles and cat calls. Joan Brown was last year ' s queen, helping the Tri Delts to their second straight Derby victory. The Derby is a national event, sponsored on cam- puses throughout the country by Sigma Chi chapters. It began in the early thirties, coming to Carolina in 1944. Local merchants support the Derby with more than a hundred prizes which are distributed to the free ticket holders. M mmmmm gpz m Miss Modern Vc HitsstantB . . . Bardaj eould use ihe Chi Omegas get directions ti the post. vl P f " " " ■ x reSfe- J 1 L k | Ep3 Pi ii Revenge is sweeter than custard pie for the Geek. Sigma Chi Derby Afternoon lab in Biology 13 . . . one speciman per student. fcrSa g ■ A field of 22 runners break away from the Carolina Theater and start down Franklin Street toward Durham. All finished the race. Can follow on the Durham highway as the chase their shadows along the 11.6 mile DUkathon Richard Rigsbee and Tony Houghton ran the race together from the beginning, setting a new record of one hour. 12 Ed Joyner and Larry Thames are escorted across the finish line at the Durham Post Office. The contest was sponsored by Delta Upsilo fraternity who gave medals to all of the runners. The fraternity hopes to make the event an annual affair as it had been in the past. Beast Peeking Beauty . . . " Miss Wake Forest. and Belles Top: Beauty Editors Jack Marckam and Nancy Whisnant hand out bouquets to the winning girls. Center: The queen and her court. Bottom: WUNC-TV, Judge Tom l a Id man and spectators study the girls carefully. Cheerleader and Chanrellor. Pep Rally Football is distinguished from other college sports by the rah-rah spirit of the pre-game pep rally. The stu- dent body is whipped together in the fall of the year by a hand, a few torches and a handful of cheer- leaders. They believe that their cheers can be a major factor in winning a game. They may be right. The torchlight parade winds its way past South Build- ing to a Franklin Street location where wild eyed students will build a fire, crowd atop parked automo- biles and fill the air with screams, songs and toilet paper. An annual event is the pep rally preceding the State game. Station WPTF records the rally at Chapel Hill and on the State College campus at Raleigh, later broadcasts the joint commotion. Carolina Politics by Louis Kraar Carolina campus politics — 1954 vintage — was blended in Student Party and University Party meetings, fermented in campaigns, and tasted by more student voters than ever before. Like domestic Rathskellar wine, 1954 campus politics were made of the same stuff as always — reliable issues, fiery oratory, and smiling candidates. At times like spring elections, one found even the politicans tipsy from their own wares. The University Party ran smiling Tom Creasy for President and the Student Party decided to go Don Geiger. Campaigning, at its most dizzy heights, went something like this: SP leader Joel Fleishman booted the UP regime saying, " Students were beginning to wonder if the money they were paying into student government was really worth it. " UP spokesman Bob Farrell roared, " The Student Party with a two-thirds majority in the Legislature hasn ' t done anything but spend money. I ' m tired of seeing these political nymphomaniacs running around campus. " Somehow the campus survived the invective. Some, myself included, enjoyed it. And Tom Creasy (UP) smiled his way to the presidency. Martin Jordan (UP) worked his way to the vice-presidency, and Don Fowler and Gerry Snider (SP) campaigned their way to treasurer and secretary respectively. The Student Party made campus political history in winning an un- precedented three-fourths majority in the Legislature, and winced through the third election in a row that it lost the presidency. The University Party recovered from its legislative downfall in the autumn race, mainly because of more dormitory representation. David Reid of the Student Party pleaded for leniency in first-offense Honor System violations in the form of a student referendum. President Creasy frowned, said leniency would wreck the Honor System, and worked against the plan. Reid ' s leniency plea failed by 629 votes in the fall election, but only after the campus had benefited from a vigorous discussion of systems and honor. Faces, speeches, and campaigning by Jim Turner, Joel Fleishman, Manning Muntzing, and Lewis Brumneld highlighted the Student Party year. Reuben Leonard, Ed McCurry, Charlie Yarborough, and Max Crohn kept the University Party more active than ever. Campus politics, 1954, were interesting, disgusting, inspiring, and humor- ous. This reporter watched and wrote, feeling all these ways at one time or another — but enjoying them all. ' Vole S.P. " urged Bob Young, leading the yelling ut the Student Party rally. A Kuralt bedsheet is unfurled from Old West. Cordon Forester leads an eleetion eve rally at lower quad for Don Geiger and other Student Party candidates. Geiger lost to Tom Creasy but the S.P. captured a healthy majority in legislature. The rally featured live music and a bonfire, ended with a water and toilet paper fight. 4 I ov, Nerve center of election night is the black board in Graham Memorial ' s Rendezvous Room where vote totals are posted before an anxious crowd tf ' Yesterday ' s political posters art- just scrap paper lo Bobb Harden. C- ' . »$ ' ' Judy Jackson . . . Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. What, no h Barbara Stone . . . Watermelon Queen Traditions fall as the Old Well goes do .Senator Russell Long, son of Louii Huey Long, al Graham Memorial, Leggy Tri-Dells. Measurements: 76 - 32 - 38. Student favorite E. J. Woodhouse, vietii of the age 70 limit, paeks to leave. Joan Brown . . . Miss Modern Venus Fire drill at Smith. Beauty and the beards. Alpha Gam devils at Valkyrie Sing. Carol Webster receives Jane Gray Award. Blossom Queen and courl. Kefauver and friends. Jim Parrish: watermelon guzzler. just ask Ray! University Day ceremonies behind South Building. Graham Memorial ' s main lounge becomes a movie set as New Jersey Governor Meyner is interviewed by Charlie kuralt and Fred Powledgc. " Gee, Nurse, I feel faint! " $ iM:h$ - S lp4« ._ rJ iy MA » j ' ! Wf » ' y ) . w. ' iiy)ta-cj-.f,« 5 ' y-- SSs H ■ H jam w!Ue66... I ■ for us: the meditative calm . . . first quietness of the day ' s initial start . . . lapse of sleep lulled into the time suspended be- fore Carolina ' s ode to morning . . . for us : whimsical reverie . . . dusktime with quiet exits from the theatre . . • for us: the Sunday tranquility along franklin street; the unyield- ing silence in the hallowed doors; the merciful quiet be- fore 1 :00 . . . for us: the stillness found in woods; the great quiet at myrtle beach after the beer and when the last record has been turned off . . . for us: the solemnity of autumn; the ' walk-together " quiet; the pensive calm at the intimate bookshop; the embarrassed stillness following a pinned co-ed . . . for us: our moment of reflection when these days, these loves, become onlv our food for loneliness . . . for us : the nocturnal torch parade hefore the Saturday foothall game; the raised voices; the tarheel ' yell-song ' and ' fight, fight, fight ' . . . for us : the Sunday ' rendez-vous date, ' the dancing in the dark ; the " see you at the goody shop " ; the jazz concerts; the " satehmo " germans when we find ourselves engulfed in a flood of rhythm . . . for us: the ' won ' candidates; the speech that made the differ- ence . . . for us: That first real kiss with meaning; the hefore-midnight hand-touch and " meet you at the ' y ' for hreakfast " . . . for us: the re-entrance after christmas vacation, when we find again the mid-winter chapel hill; when we come, returned, entering once more into this spirit, this way of life . . . for us: all this for us " let a joy keep you with a terrihle love joy always joy everywhere let joy kill you ! keep away from the little deaths. ' ovieu i ie44 . . . oh i remember: the long brown walks behind kenan stadium; at 6:00 p. m. the way the school buildings stand, terrible in their unfriendliness, splendid in their own material like loneliness . . . there is a hollow bleakness before the supper hour; there is the weekend crowd pianoed in the rathskeller with their mugs, their songs, and you, standing in the doorway, not joining in because you can ' t remember the words . . . mother leaves and father leaves and the loved one back home turns traitor and you face an empty mail-call — tasting sudden cotton in your mouth . . . there is the loneliness after graduation when the heart of chapel hill has broken into many pieces; and you ' re left, perhaps in summer school, trying to pick them up and put them back to- gether again . . . There is a wounded loneliness of memory when we find our friends here separated; when we understand the years to be a scare-thing, a mood, a frightened toy pestered and confused . . . mostly, there is a poignant loneliness in just-love; when we ' ve pinned the girl or accepted the pin and then, suddenly, ' ' good- night " . . . perhaps " goodby " . . . " for i walked on, silent remembering that i was alone that i had always been ... " w • what do we hope for ... a dream, a song, a memorized word re- echoing Carolina . . . we hope for autumn always . . . with its cool breath tossing leaf upon the shadowed arboretum paths . . . our shoes kicking aside the wastes of ground in the just-twilight time . . . we hope for these tall brick buildings; these ivy-thatched edifices; these carved erections to remain giants of our past . . . lending us some fond memory for the future years . . . we hope for the substance of things prayed for; the continuity of our years; the unforced faith; the quick coming of our dream . . . we hope for the bell-tower tradition; the sandy walks; the tall grass . . . mostly, i suspect, we hope for usual things : for friends, for happiness, for achievement . . . and as we grasp these things — these friends, this happiness, these achievements — may we look back, into the past, examining the aspects of Carolina that rendered service; and planted within our own private gardens the cultivated buds of maturity . . . " True hope is swift, and flies with swallow ' s wings; kings it makes gods, and meaner creatures kings. " excitement stirred into blasphemous awakening . . . suspenseful moment on the vote call of some new candidate . . . unlettered mailbox symbolizing a nonreacting loved one . . . that time before final grades when the exam season stiffens breaths and we pause to reconsider . . . tensed nerves before the football-kickoff . . . car speedometer registering ' 95 per ' in the just-before 1 :00 a. m. deadline on a Saturday eve . . . social blunder at a faculty tea when the thing we should have said didn ' t come out right . . . duke versus Carolina running up unappreciated points before the tower tolls the score . . . goody-shop afternoons when the hours, undawned and unforecast, tell endlessly the blank tale : that this, this may have been in vain, that what we do, what we have done, might be the sacrifice that hurts, the touch that kills . . . " Like one that on a lonesome road doth walk in fear and dread, and having once turned round, walks on, and turns no more his head ; because he knows a frightful fiend doth close behind him tread. " .K-V ecUioiiovv . . . Hi H have you ever walked slowly by yourself from graham memorial past the planetarium through the arboretum towards the women ' s dorms; and then out through mciver lawn, on past cobb and the monogram, out towards the road leading to raleigh . . . have you ever walked any of these many-treed paths, with your head high and handsome, perhaps just a little bit proud . . . and all the while . . . thinking . . . have you ever sat in the pine room nickling the juke-box and heard anything that put a song in your heart ... or a bit of frost . . . have you sat in the just-dusk on the library steps with a book in one hand and a cigarette in the other and spent a couple of moments looking towards south building — seeing the faint life of lights wink through the dark distance until they, and all the rest of the world, are asleep . . . IB il jflj S ' 9K ' ' - " . Sfc = Ag j-h . • ■■ 8, 5 ati gp l .- V %Wl Hi « , cwnonb something good about measuring off your own footsteps to keep time with somebody elses ' . . . it ' s not the military routine and maybe, if he ' s a big man, or she ' s a little girl, you have to learn how to walk, all over again . . • but still, it ' s nice to walk together . . . and it ' s nice to eat in one of the booths at the porthole, one of those three-chaired affairs, when two people sit side-by-side and a third occupies an end of the table . . . and it ' s nice to walk into the rathskeller cave, big-eyeing the mug- twosomes, and seeing in the candlelight-darkness the held-hand, the just-kissed cheek . . . k oh for a lock of hair, a kiss, a smile, as if to say; in my dreams i ' ve traveled many times but i ' ve come home to stav. " H at last : the opened door, the swinging white gate, the grass on the other s ide . . . at last: the graduating whites, the diplomed-geiillenien who preside at this special ceremony . . . at last: that mature pain, that unreal laugh , . , yet: here it is, what we have worked for, looking back over our lives we count twelve years in school, four in college, all that time measured by finals, professors, friends, a thousand things . . . now it ' s over . . . so, let ' s pack our bags and head the other way . . . say: " goodby chapel hill; i won ' t forget you in a hurry but i haven ' t time for you now; i graduated; that puts you out of the running " . . . and say " so-long " to the intimate and kenau and vour dormitory, your house, the person you respected most and the one you didn ' t at all, and toss dozens of faces from your life because it hurts to remember: but! i ' m sorry, it ' s just not as easy as that . . . a long time ago in our early life we set a pattern of what we ' d do and how we ' d go about it . . . well we followed that plan, if we ' ve come this far . . . and this is the culmination of the years . . . it ' s also the culmination of our emotions . . . here at Carolina we ' ve found time enough for our hope, our stillness, our anxiety, our loneliness, our meditation, our joy, our companionship, and now, our fulfillment . . . onlv what has been fulfilled? i suspect our own heart has; and our mind . . . i guess a lot of things . . . mostly, we ' re on our own, we ' ve got something to prove, there ' s a lot further to go from here . , , but . . . we ' ve come a long way, too . . . our cup has been full . . . for M o : SIDENT Board of Directors Scabbard and Blade c UftB Chairman 3 « K r m hi. V v ! K FOR B W LSON s p - TWS W FOR ' dent VJ VOTE FOR Legislature, District W MARTIN JORDAN Vice-President DON FOW1.KR jr - TOM CREASY President Student Government ED McCURRY Attorney ' General PRESIDENT ' S CABINET Sealed, left to right: Marlin Jordan, Babbie Dilorio, Tom Creasy, President; Sonia Bergan. Standing: Don Fowler, Ed McCurry, Don Geiger, Joel Fleishman, Rueben Leonard. John Medlin. Student Government, one of the great prides of Carolina, has not always existed at Carolina. Histori- cally, it was first founded on our campus in the Halls of the Di and Phi Societies. Largely due to the efforts of an energetic student body and with the help of a cooperative faculty, our student government took the form of our national and state governments with their separate legislative, executive, and judicial branches. The aim of our student government has been to attempt to solve some of the problems confronting the students in the course of their college careers. Its chief functions have been to establish an efficient orientation program of new students, to make stu- dents more conscious of all phases of their govern- ment, to account for the expenditure of student fees, and to try reported violations of the Honor System. In order to make for a more meaningful student government, nearly all the phases of student life are controlled by the students themselves. Through President Creasy ' s guidance and with the cooperation of all those associated with the mechanics of student government, the year ' s problems have been ably dealt with. On the agenda for this year were plans for a faculty evaluation, a student insurance plan, an improved U. N. C. Band, a coalition cabi- net, and a Library Student Advisory Board. And so the 1954-1955 student administration ' s achievements have become another step insuring the constant and progressive growth of Carolina student government. COMMITTEE HEADS Seated, left to right: Bill Calvert (Library), I u.i inn Thornton (Women ' s Orientation), Ann Jones (Executive Secretary), Don Fowler ( Budget ) . Standing: Max Crohn (C.U.S.C), Chal Schley (Nat. Student Assoc), Rollie Till- man (Men ' s Orientation), Jack Stevens (Audit Board), Graham Rights (Elections). Student Legislature LEWIS BRUMFIELD Sergeant-at-Arms MANNING MUNTZING Speaker Prolem The Student Legislature, founded in 1938, continues to function as the supreme legislative branch of student government. Nearly all rules and regulations governing students of the university are passed by this representative group. All student fees are con- trolled by the Student Legislature and are budgeted to the various campus organizations each year. The control of hundreds of campus activities is vested in fifty legislators elected by the students from the ten campus districts. The Legislature is presided over by the Vice-Presi- dent of the Student Body who acts as Speaker. Vari- ous standing committees appointed from the legisla- tive membership do the preliminary work of the Legislature. Officers for this year were: Martin Jordan, Speaker; Manning Muntzing, Speaker Protem; Joel Fleishman, Parliamentarian; Caroline Davis, Clerk; and Lewis Brumfield, Sergeant-at-Arms. STUDENT LEGISLATURE First Row, left to right: Marliii Jordan, President; Caroline Davis, Clerk; Rulh Jones, Sonia Bergan. Anne Huffman, Amy Cooke, Lois Perry, Barbara Walker. Joel Fleishman. Parliamentarian. Second Row: Frank Warren, David Reid, Charles Ackerman, Chuck Schlapkohl, Morgan Hale, Chuck May, Graham Shanks. Charlie Dean, Keith Snyder, Gil Ragland, Norwood Bryan. Third Row: Joe Roberson, Myron Conklin. Charlie Hyatt, Bob Wilson, Larry McElroy, Manning Muntzing, Speaker Protem; Milton Cooke, Claude Pope, Tommy Bennett, Sam Barnard, Bev Webb. Fourth Row: Lewis Brumfield. Sam Wells, Herb Wentz, Jim Turner, Tom Lambeth, Dobbie Cowell, George McKii Women ' s Honor Council The Women ' s Honor Council is the highest women ' s judiciary body. The Coun- cil has original jurisdiction in all cases involving violations of the Honor and Campus Codes; it also acts as an appellate court to House Council decisions. The Women ' s Council is designed to insure the fairest trial possible. Its authority is parallel to that of the Men ' s Council and is likewise subordinate to the Student Council. The Council is composed of three juniors, five seniors, one graduate student, and one woman elected at large. At the beginning of the academic year, the Council leads in the orientation of women students to the Honor System, which is the very essence of our student life. Our Honor System is the insurance for maintaining a democratic atmos- phere of mutual trust and understanding between the students and the faculty throughout the year. It has for its ulti mate goal the personal growth and develop- ment of all students. The Women ' s Council functions as an indispensible part of the University ' s philosophy itself — " To do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with Thy God. " WOMEN ' S HONOR COUNCIL Seated, left to right: Carol Webster, Nancy Whisnant, Chairman; kendrick Townaend. Stand- ing: Betsy Goodwin, Ann Shannonhouse, Sonia Bergan, Barbara Walker, Louise Coffey. Women ' s Residence Council Almost every Tuesday afternoon at five o ' clock, a group of women students meets in the Council Room of Graham Memorial to discuss problems particu- larly concerning co-eds here on campus. The Council is comprised of one elected representative from each of the women ' s dormitories in addition to each dorm president. Other members of the council include the house managers of each sorority, two representatives from the nursing school, and the house council coordinator from the Women ' s Honor Council. Aside from being faced with such problems as having to decide upon the feasibility of extending co-ed hours for certain special events or the setting of dates for dormitory fire drills, the council chooses the editor of the Women ' s Handbook and selects the chairman of orientation for women students. Further- more, the Residence Council establishes all dormitory and social rules, and con- sistently works in cooperation with the Office of the Dean of Women, the ad- ministration of the University, and the Women ' s Honor Council in the execu- tion of these rules. WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE COUNCIL First Row, left to right: Marlyn Zager, Barbara Smith, Ancy Hoover, Phyllis Shepherd. Second Row: Mildred Kanlor, Elsie Peterson, Virginia Ashburn. Ruth Jones, Debbie Westcott. Annette Levenson. Third Row: Shirley Guenthner, Jane Coeke, Jean Stanford, Nan Brown. Kendriek Town- send, Sandra Wax, Emilv Love Robinson. Babe Baumann. Jo Ann Wilson. Louise Coffev. Men ' s Honor Council The Men ' s Council, as the primary judicial body for campus law at Carolina, has original jurisdiction in all instances of violations of the Honor Code and of the Campus Code. Since certain violations by their nature are not in a codified form, the Men ' s Council has the responsibility of defining the application and extent of campus law by hearing cases of alleged de- parture from the precepts of the Honor and Campus Codes. Under the Student Government Constitution, the Council has the authority in instances of violations of campus law to render decisions which include repri- mand, placing on probation, and suspension from school. In the fine tradition of granting to student supervision the responsibility for student conduct, the administration almost invariably supports the de- cisions rendered by the Council. The foundations of the Honor System at Carolina were laid in 1875 by P resident Kemp P. Battle, at which time authority for punishing violators of the Honor Code was vested in the Di and Phi Societies. After compulsory membership in the Societies was abolished, a special student council to handle viola- tions was established. There were a number of further changes in the structure of student honor councils, until in 1946, the Student Constitution was adopted which established our present court system. Today the functions of the Men ' s and Women ' s Councils are parallel and both are subordinate to the Supreme Court of the system, the Student Council. Along with the duty of upholding the principles of the Honor and Campus Codes, the Men ' s Council has the responsibility of helping to orient new students into our system, and of maintaining an awareness in the students of their obligations to the Honor System. The Men ' s Council is composed of three seniors, two juniors, two sophomores, one freshman, one pharmacy student, and one graduate student. MENS HONOR COl NCII First Row, left to right: Oghum Vales, Herb Bl don Foresler. Luther Hodges, Ralph Ashworth. Lv Wayne Brown. me, Chairman; Ri Chandler, Charles ■k Coker. Second Row: Co Katzenstein, Charles Shello COUNCIL COURT Sealed, left to right: Baxter Mclntyre, Bob Barlowe, John Be ing: David Whitaker, Lewis Brumfield, Bob Harrington, San Men ' s Interdormitory Council The Interdormitory Council, representing some 3,000 stu- dents of the University ' s nineteen dormitories, exists to pro- mote and maintain an efficient system of dormitory govern- ment and to foster a wholesome program of social activities. Within the organization is a judicial court which handles all cases of violations of dormitory regulations. The activities of the Council are many, including dorm open houses, faculty-student discussions, individual dorm and campus-wide social programs, and participation and coopera- tion in almost all campus projects and activities. Richard Haywood David Whitaker Don Seolt Court Chairman John 11,-1... Social Chairrm MEN ' S INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL hirst Rote, left to right: Baxter Mclntyre, Larry Hinson, Jack Shuford, Frank Livingston, Sam Wells, Richard Havwood, David Whitake Troy Barnes, Bill Blue. Nathan Hart, Gene Thompson, Bob Barlowe. Second Row: Bob Elder, Rav Long, Tom Long. Rav Tavlor, Bo West, Sonny Hallford, Tom Smoot. Don Scott. John Sewell, Bruce Morton, Ted Kemp. Third Ro,o: Manning Muntzing, John Beshara. Bo Wilson, Frank Watkins, Wilbur Jones, AI Swann, Bob Bowers, James OHara, Jack Wilson, Jim Monleith, Mel Brown, Shelton Alexande Bill Maread?. Tom Payne, Bvron Ransdell. Jerry Boudreau, Tom Moore. Ben Peele. Boh Harrington. Graham Memorial JIM WALLACE Director Sponsoring a campus-wide program of activities was Graham Memorial — the Student Union, the center of campus extra-curricular life, the place of relaxation, entertainment, and hospitality for mem- bers of the Student Body. Because of a substantial increase in its funds, Gra- ham Memorial was able to expand its operations considerably. The Activities Board sponsored Aldous Huxley and presented concerts by Woody Herman and Sauter-Finegan; the Rendezvous Room vibrated periodically to the pulse of a combo ' s modern sounds. Both the Woodhouse Conference and the Grail Rooms were made available for meetings. Then too, G. M. was successful in revitalizing student interest in their Student Union thanks to the opening of the new- pool room. Furthermore, Graham Memorial took a big step in underwriting the Chapel Hill Concert Series. This venture was instrumental in bringing to the University Jan Peerce, Walter Giesek ' ng, the Salzburg Marionette Theatre, and the American Chamber Orchestra. Largely because of G. M. ' s progress and growing importance on campus, its budget will likely top $40,000 next year. cruiui memorial hoard i directors Seated, left ' « right: Ruth Jones, Cordon Forester, Jii Charles Kuralt, David Reid, Martin Jordan, Jim Melntv Rov Holsten, Dr. James Godfrey, Dr. Harold D. Meyer, Walla Tom Crea -v. Chatrn , Don 1. wler, Mann ing Munt Ir. W. It) r Rahh. Mr . James P ; Mr. J. M. Saunders, Joan Leonard. Standing S. Nat Pictured: Miss Katherine Carmiehael, Mr ■ish. Mr. Kenneth Ness, Dr. William Poteat. M J GORDON FORESTER President DAVID REID Vice-President SUE FINK Secretary WAYNE BROWN Treasurer Coe Brassel Barbara Golden Bob Harrington Annette Levenson Jaek Markham Charlie Miller Graham Memorial Activities Board Margaret Neiter John Page Harriet Parrish Marsha Poague Lew Sherman Jackie Steed Carol Webster PAGE 69 Seated.- John Page, Chi Wallace. Jim Mclnt»re. ( STUDENT ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE ■ishnuin. Carroll Butt , li.i Slnnrfi ' ng. le l to right: J Forester, John Beshara. non Yarhorough, Don Freeman, Ji: STUDENT ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Under the efficient direction of John Page, the Student Entertainment Committee blossomed forth into one of its best years in its long and fruitful history. The seats in Memorial Hall remained as hard as ever but nevertheless did not discourage the sitters as they witnessed per- ' formances by some of the world ' s most renowned artists. Alec Templeton, the First Piano Quartet, Rise Stevens, and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra all played to packed and enthusiastic houses. GRAHAM MEMORIAL ACTIVITIES BOARD With nine committees at its disposal, the Gra- ham Memorial Activities Board established itself as the principal programming agency on campus by surging forward in providing a host of parties, receptions, talent shows, contests, and concerts. Particularly successful were the Petites Musicales, name band concerts, movie series, bridge club, and the bridge and dance instructions. CRUIYM MEMORIAL UTIYITIES BOARD. THE STAFF Indispensable in the increasingly complex organiza- tion is the Graham Memorial Student Staff. Members of the staff watch over the pool room, give out infor- mation in the office, play records on the high-fidelity system, manufacture signs, do mimeographing, and clean up the " mess " in the Coffee Room. The Travel Agency arranges trips for students to all parts of the world. You will remember the faces of the staff mem- bers for a long time, for they helped you when you needed it. STUDENT COUNCIL Dotlie First Hoic. left to right: Eleanor Saunder Row: Gerald Parker. Bill Calvert, Walt J Nelson. Figel, Jaekie Steed. Serond mirman: Ned Hardison, Ed The Student Council might well be compared with a State or Federal Supreme Court in that it is the top link in a judicial chain. As provided for in the Student Constitution, the Student Council has original jurisdiction in all cases involving the constitutionality of any legislative or executive actions. It also has original jurisdiction in all cases of violations of acts not otherwise provided for by the Student Legislature. The Student Council also has the power of review in all cases decided by the lower courts, with such review to be limited exclusively to the question of whether, in the original judicial hearing, all the constitutional rights of the accused were observed. The Student Council is composed of nine members: three members elected by and from the men students at fall elections; three members elected by and from the women students, two members elected at large by and from the student body and one graduate student elected at large by the student body in spring elections. All members must be at least juniors; the chairman is elected by the Council proper. Student Council WALT JOYNER Cha Publications Board The Publications Board is the publisher of the Daily Tar Heel, Yackety Yack, and the Carolina Quarterly for the students of the University. The Board operates with a bud- get of approximately eighty-five thousand dollars, most of which is appropriated from Student Funds by the Student Legislature. The Board is charged with complete financial responsibility for the publications under its control. Two faculty advisors, the editors- in-chief of each publication, and two mem- bers of Legislature make up the Board. The Executive Secretary heads an administrative staff. The Carolina Quarterly became a new addition to the Board this year as a result of legislative action last spring; its incorpora- tion into the Board structure has required much time and effort. PUBLICATIONS BOARD Seated, left to right: Sonia Bergan, Dr. J. Carlyle Sitters. Mr. Walter Spearman. Standing: Cornell Wright, Jacki. kuralt, J. A. C. Dunn, George McKinney. a, Jim Turnei Park, Charle Consolidated University Student Council CONSOLIDATED UNIVERSITY STUDENT COUNCIL Seated, left to right: Ruth Jones, Larry Ford, Max Crohn, Chairman; Burt Veazey. Standing: Henry Isaaeson, Manning Muntzing, Don Geiger, Tom Creasy, Martin Jordan, Don Fowler. The Consolidated Llniversity Student Council is an organization whose chief functions are to meet and discuss problems common to its members ' respective schools — Woman ' s Col- lege, State College, and Carolina, and to promote good will and understanding among the three institutions. The three schools each send eleven student leaders to each of four meetings held during the year. The executive committee of the Council meets with Presi- dent Gray following these meetings. Each C.U.S.C. delegation plans and man- ages a " Day " at its school for the other two student bodies. At Carolina, C.U. Day is held in conjunction with the State College football game; at N. C. State, the event usually corresponds with the State-Carolina basketball game, and at W. C, C.U. Day is planned along with their spring program. Carolina Forum It has been a universally accepted fact that, in order for a university to grow intellectually, opinions from without the academic community must be brought into the open form of ideas in which students and faculty members barter their philosophies and from which emerges the foundations for the students ' beliefs. JOEL FLEISHMAN Chairman Since its inception and with the idea of furthering this principle, the Forum has brought to Carolina a group of the most distinguished persons in the world. This year, plans have been arranged to present, among others: former President Harry S. Truman, Associate Justice William O. Douglas, Senators Hubert Humphrey, Lister Hill, and Estes Kefauver, Socialist leader Norman Thomas, Governor Robert Meyner of New Jersey, Governor G. Mennen Williams of Michigan, Mr. Henry Ford, II, former Governor of Connecticut Chester Bowles, Army Chief-of-Staff Matthew Ridgway, and Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Robert Carney. The Forum deeply believes that, in providing for the fruition of the proposed program for 1954-1955, it will approach this year ' s fulfillment of its perpetual ideal— to bring to the campus of the oldest state university in the nation the political, educational, and economic leaders of the world. HOB IIXKKIM.TON TOM LAMBETH JIM TURNER BOB YOUNG 4i BEVERLY WEBB Debate Council The Debate Council is an outgrowth of the two debating societies at Carolina, the Dialectic Senate and the Philanthropic Assembly. The Council, which determines the policy of and governs the debate squad, is composed of one member from each of the debating societies, two faculty advisors, and other students selected by the forensic squad. Present activities of the Council include representing Carolina in intercollegiate debates and other forensic matches, including the second annual Atlantic Coast Conference Debate Tournament. The Debate Council meets competition from most of the major colleges in the East. Typical contests would include debating, orations, and extemporaneous and after-dinner speaking. Officers of the Debate Council for the year were: Beverly Webb, President; Anne Huffman, Executive Secretary; Dr. N. W. Mattis and Dr. D. G. Monroe served as faculty advisors. DEBATE COUNCIL Seatrtl. left to right: Tom Bennett, Beverly Webb. Dr. D. G. Monr Whiteloek, Dave Lieberman, Anne Huffman. Dave Burrows. e. Standing, left to right: Harry K :m Left la right: I on Spain, Buiineu tfanag Jaj Zimmerman, Utittanl Burineu Uanag r; Left to right: Harriet Morgan. Honornries Edi- r. (or; Joy Bryan. Fraternities Editor; Wayne Brown, Student Government Editor; Emily Finch, Photography Editor. BLAKE Hl ' XTEB Managing Editor First Row. left to right: Lou Wi AUene W . II Emily Finch. GENERAL STAFF r, Clem Davis, Elizabeth Floyd. Second Rom: Louise Grey, Mary Grady Burnette, V i ■•! 1 f { I ' ; V Left to right: Clint Rogers, ROTC Editor; June Craft, Pro- fessional Schools Editor; John Hussey, Sports Editor; Peggy Barnard, Freshman Class Editor. Not Pictured: Valerie Nichols, Junior Class Editor; Judy Jackson, Sororities Editor. Left to right: Nancy Whisnant, Co-Beauty Editor; Jack Markham. Co-Beauty Editor and Activities Editor; Margaret Rook, Senior Class Editor: Tommy Johnson, Sophi Class Editor. C e° se Last door on your right at the end of the hall and you ' re in the newsroom with the white light and the old, green bulletin boards. This is not The New York Times. But the good, gray Times couldn ' t be as big in the minds of its reporters as The Daily Tar Heel is to those who give it their best hours and ideas. The sophomore in the corner, re-working his lead, was up until four this morning with a late story. You ' ll notice him around, at South Building, the Legislature meetings, the parades on Franklin Street. He likes to ask questions, respects the truth, writes quietly and well. He knows more about the University than most graduates. You ' ll have to pardon his pride in his paper. It ' s the same pride E. W. Myers had in 1895 and Tom Wolfe had in 1920 and a thousand students have had after them. Years ago, in the masthead, it said, " Old- est College Daily in the South, " and that ' s still true; but this newspaper can claim a higher subtitle, freest college daily in the country, with a great, S ££ gs Associate editors Louis Kr «° " , ,v liberal past and present. " The strongest force for progress on the campus, " one teacher called it. " The most intelligent, responsible paper in the state, in many ways, " a state newspaper ' s editorial writer re- marked. The sophomore would laugh if you suggested it, but he epitomizes Chapel Hill. For what is a univer- sity but an inquiring mind, a searcher for facts, a believer in knowledge? There will always be a place for him here, always a place for his newspaper. The names will change; the Kuralts and Powledges; Yoders and Kraars; Shores and Babsons; Goodmans and Reeces; O ' Sul- livans and Basses of this year will offer up their writing and their layouts and be gone. But there will always be the editor searching his beliefs, the managing editor who works through supper, the sophomore taking notes in the Legislature meeting. As long as the University itself is free, there will remain the seven-column streamer, the bold-face box, the truth in eight-point type. k ... a • turn •«• •• TOM SHORES Business Manage i GENERAL STAFF— Spain, Dalton, Ballard, Bordon, Saun- ders, Bass, Wright, Henley, Neal, Goodman, Creed, Reece. In Webster ' s New Collegiate Dictionary, the word " humor " is defined thusly: Hmmmm . . . well, I guess that leaves us out. No kidding though. Tarnation is Carolina ' s unofficial humor magazine. By unofficial we mean, Student Legis- lature doesn ' t give us money, Graham Memorial doesn ' t give us money, students don ' t subscribe, and we doubt that Mr. John Motley Morehead will ever erect a monument in our honor, but we do exist. Our motto for the past year was " Risque but not raunchy " and that was exactly what we tried to be. We advocated Free Love, Bars on Every Corner, Mixed Dormitories, Burlesque in Memorial Hall, and Unlimited Cuts, but we weren ' t sincere; we don ' t really believe in unlimited cuts. We finally managed to publish four whole issues and for once lived up to our promises. first Roic, left to right: Audrey Smith, Dirk Pierre. Warren Rangier, Dale Doss. Second It,;,: Mike Donovan, Harriette Watson, Marilyn Hedrick, Dank Drvfoos. The illustrious Business Managers Gene and Bob always taking a stick with them when they went out to get advertisements . . . Ragsdale and his devilish laugh . . . Stan! . . . Markham, forever saying, " We gotta have Sex, Sex, Sex! " . . . Pat, Jerry and The Slob . . . Hank and Harriette trying to get the magazine out . . . Kraar, Conklin, and Reece trudging down from the DTH office to help once in a while . . . King McGee entertaining office girls . . . Audrey and Rita dodging passes . . . Weaver and his gnomes, vam- pires and ghouls . . . Mike just sitting there engrossed in deep concentration ? First Row, left to right: Rita Schaefers, Office Manager; Stan Shaw. Associate Editor; Bob Stapleton, Assistant Business Manager. Second Row: King McGee, Production Manager; Jack Markham, Layout Editor; Harlwell Conk- lin. BILL R AGSDALE Managing Editor GENE BLANTO.N Business Manager Carolina quarterly c. left to right: Bill Scarl Second Rote: Bob Patterson, Chart This year the Carolina Quarterly has continued the tradition of high literary standards established years ago by the Carolina Mag, at the same time attempting to divert its concentration from purely intellectual to more popularly appealing material. It has met with success and has evinced encouraging interest from the student body; its future promises well. First Roir, Seated: Anna Wind- ley, Jackie McCarthy. Second Roic. Standing: Marlvn Zager, President. Pal Langston. Vice-President. Libbv Whit- Held, Secretary-Treasurer. Third Rote: Mary Jo Wright. Marsha Poague, Phvllis Shep- herd, Darlie James, Susan Fuchs, Martha Stogner, Sandra Wax. Caroline Davis. Jov Car- independent women ' s council The Independent Women ' s Council is composed of representatives elected from the dormitories and Town Girl ' s Association. It is a planning council for all independent women on campus and in town. Some of the projects of the IWC include: breakfasts in the dormitories during Orientation Week; jointly planned programs with the IDC; open houses for candidates running in campus elections; Christmas projects; and work on May Day. orientation committee One of the most vital functions of student government here at Carolina is the rigorous and efficient indoctrination of new students to our " Carolina Way of Life. " The Orientation Committee, headed by Rollie Tillman and Luanne Thornton, planned and supervised the activities of new students during Orientation Week for both the summer sessions and September of 1954. The chairman and their committees met during April and May to map out their programs to be carried out by the 175 Orientation Counselors, all of whom came back early for the week of introducing the new students to Carolina. ROLLIE TILLMAN Chairman of Men ' s Orientation LUANNE THORNTON .hairman of Women ' s Orientation CHHL! Orientation Counselors Banquet " W DRUM MAJORETTES Martha Slogner. Carolyn Mi Sealed: Harriet Parrish, Publicity Manager; Bob Lila- ker. President • Standing: Larry Cobb, Treasurer: Annette Niven. Secretary; Ted Taws, Vice-President. The University Club is primarily a service organization, and all of its functions are carried through in the interest of the student body and the University. The motto of the club — " For the University " — is self-explana- tory of the purposes of the club. Composed of a representative from each dormitory, fraternity, sorority, the Cardboard, Band, Monogram Club, and Cheerleaders, the University Club has direct contact with almost every student on the campus. The functions of the Club are many and varied. Through its cooperation with the Athletic Association, the Club seeks to promote and maintain enthusiasm and good sportsmanship in all University events and contests. UNIVERSITY CLUB First Rote, left to right: Jimmie Oaklev, Mike Cason, Joe Clapp. John Carpenter, Elliott Harris, Paul Patton, Charles Vincent • Second Rotc: Lewis Neaves, Collie Collison, Howard Hendryx, Jack Taylor, Ed Willingham, Herb Wainer, Chuck Schlapkahl, Chuck Flack, Charles Avery • Third Rote: Frances Perry, Trissie Holt, Libby McDowell, Judy Tally, Harriet Parrish, Emily Finch, Betty Ann Neas, Lee Strick- land, Betty Covington, Annette Niven • Fourth Rote: George Bover, Larrv Adams, George Heinz, Bob Farrington, Paul Little. Jim Melvin. Ed Pridgen, Josh Tayloe, Jim Cheatham, Blake Hunter. university party The University Party, having functioned for the past twenty-nine years, is the oldest of the campus political groups. The party was started by a group of about fifteen students interested in Student Government. For the first three or four years its meetings were held in dormitory rooms and the basements of fra- ternity houses. By the early thirties the University Party had become a campus wide organization, and it remained unopposed until 1946 as the only major student political party on the campus. It has been through the efforts of many of the past members that RUEBEN LEONARD Chairman First R Jordan left to right: Wilkinson, Jordan. Phelps, Elder, Monteith, Leonard, McCurry, Sieve. Second Row: Whitaker, Shaw, Beatly, Brasselle, Sloner, Steed, Jones, Kelley, Dar ;, Howey, Pritchett, Cobb, Christmas, Carter, Groce, Johnson, Ackerman, Sherman, Pope, Byers, , Flack, Shepherd, Hartzog, Morgan, Braxton, Ragsdale. Thompson, Staplelon, Zolliroffer, Ragsda] jh.Woltz, Phelps, Merrill, tie • Third Row: Blue, • Fourth Row: Eberle, the form of Student Government that we have today has evolved. For the party, then as now, has worked for a more democratic, self-governing student body. The party, since its beginning in the 1920 ' s, has followed the philosophy of group representation by one member of each group. For it is our conviction that a more efficient organ for administering the function of political parties in student government can be gained through this group organization. This past year has been a successful one, and much of the credit for this success goes to our chairman of last year, Jack Stevens. Today the University Party is composed of Chair- man Rueben Leonard; Vice-Chairman Claude Pope; Secretary Jackie Steed, Treasurer Jim Exum and members representing groups of at least twenty-five students. It is the work of the members to select candidates and to determine policies for the party. Young Democrat Club The Young Democrat Club of the University of North Carolina, as all other YDC Clubs throughout the state and nation, is a service organization of the Democratic Party. Membership is open to all members of the University student body and staff who are in accord with the Democratic program and principles; and by joining the campus YDC, one at the same time becomes a member of the state and national YDC. The purposes of the YDC are to stimulate an interest in young people in the affairs of politics and govern- ment, to give them an opportunity to become ac- quainted with the operation and leadership of the state and national Democratic Party, and to afford young people a means of participation in the activities of the Democratic Party. The University YDC was first formed in 1939 and was reactivated in the fall of 1952. Since then it has grown to nearly one thousand members, has played an important part in the past two state conventions, and offered students that opportunity to participate in the affairs of government and politics. The Uni- versity YDC has joined with college YDC ' s in this state to conduct an annual YDC Inter-Collegiate Dance; it has held rallies on this and other campuses, and has been instrumental in the formation and strengthening of YDC Clubs at Woman ' s College, Greensboro College, North Carolina State and Mere- dith. From our club emanates the plan of a State Democratic Workshop organization, and the future encompasses plans of a continuing strong and grow- ing organization for the furtherance of Democratic ideals and principles. Sealed, left to right: Charles Kivelt. Vice-President: Bob Wind- sor. President: Ann Greene, Sec- retary: Byron Ransdell. Treasurer. Standing: Al House, Past Presi- dent; Charles Hvatt, Executive Committee Member: Jaek Harris, Executive Committee Member: Rodger Harris, Public Relations Cha Bil For I ot Pictur Bill Zintbaum, Jul. Ri Charles Dean, Larry BOB HYATT BILL LOFQLIST President f ice-President YMC First K, Mull 1. in y.M.C.A. CABINET left to right: Earnest Castilo, Sam . Eddie Crutehfield, Mike Furuhata. Second Rote: Bill Lofquist, Don Geiger, Ed Hen- nessee. Bill Oakley, Owen Norment, Ram Desikan. Third Row: John Riebel, Associate Secretary; Erie Elliot, Bob Hyatt. Claude Shotts, General Secretary: Roy Taylor, Graham Rights. YOUNG MEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Ninety-four years on this campus, the Carolina Young Men ' s Christian Association is one of the oldest student YMCA ' s in the world. The program is planned to meet the interests and needs of students moving ahead on the basis that Christianity applies to every aspect of life. Effective Christian leadership is developed as members work creatively together on different phases of the pro- gram. Y. M. C. A " . " V a mrm t; t, BOB YOUNG cl Uii6tla i v aMociaiioi i FRESHMAN FELLOWSHIP This year ' s Freshman Fellowship had its beginning from a group of Freshman Campers. It was decided that the spirit should continue as an organized association that would promote interest in subjects of concern to the Freshman class. Topics of student government, debating societies, and fraternities were presented and discussed at supper meetings. A dance at Averett College in Danville, Virginia, _w is one of the more exciting activities of the Fellow- ship. 1954 FRESHMAN FELLOWSHIP First Roil ' , left to right: George Pridgen. Eddie Outrhfield, Dennis Cathey, F:d House, Neil Bass • Second Row: Bob Leonard, Dan Southerland, Erwin Avery, Joe Clapp, Stewart Colson, Bob Kuhns, Gerry Mayo, Gary Nichols • Third Row: John Riebel, Barry Kaplan. Bill Acker, Richard Tennant, Gordon Jones, Sam II. mum I. Bill Hummel, Bill Jones, Hugh Campbell. Robert Hicks • Fourth Row: John Steed, John Williams, Henry Smith, Mark Cherry, Marry Summcrficld, Bob Pendergraph, Lewis Sutton. Terry Beaver. RESHMAN ORIENTATION CAMP M §-,4s - hillel foundation Sealed, left to right: Sandra Rae Wax, Ronald kriegsman, lire-President; David Weinberger Charlolle Roth, President; Joanne krieger, Secretary; Stanley Stern, Treasurer. Standing: Bob Goldberg. Rabbi E. M. Rosenzv.eig, Director: Michael Epstein, Riehard Adelsheim Herbert Wa Hillel is a national organization devoted to religious and cultural work among Jewish students in American Universities as well as those in Canada, Cuba, England and Israel. In all, there are 220 chapters of Hillel sponsored by B ' nai B ' rith, the largest Jewish Service organization in the United States. Through its sixtold program of regular religious services, Hillel courses and other cultural media, impressive social functions, interfaith activities, participation in civic and communal projects, and pastoral work, the Hillel movement has brought to Jewish students a sense of the relevance and vitality of Judaism ' s heritage. The Foundation is now in its eighteenth year of representation and service to this campus. The aim of the Hillel movement remains consistent with the life and ideals of the Rabbi of the first century whose name graces the move- ment, and who is best remembered for profound learning, magnificent for- bearance, and passionate devotion to his faith and to his people. wesley foundation To provide a community in which students may explore the meaning of the Christian faith for their lives: this is the purpose of Wesley Foundation. In Bible study groups, Wesley Players, " Coffee and Theology, " daily vespers, week-end get-togethers, " meet ' n ' eat, " and other such activities graduates and undergraduates come together with the belief that Christianity is relevant to all the problems of life and in the belief also that this relevance can be known. Wesley Foundation is located in the University Methodist Church; its doors are always open and its facilities available for use by students and faculty. Executive officers are: Phyllis Bailey, president; Charlie Darden, vice- president; Jackie McCarthy, secretary; Tommy Johnson, treasurer. Officers of rhe Wesley Young Adults ' Fellowship are: Victor Bowles, president; Millie Bilheimer. program chairman; Mary Lee Lambert, worship chairman; Dot Hall, social chairman; Miriam Perry, secretary. PHYLLIS BAILEY Y.W.C.A. CABINET First Role, left to right: June Williamson, Bev Blemker, Carol Webster, Ginger Currin • .Second Roie: Betsv Goodwin, Amy Cooke, Margie Garner, Jackie McCarthy, Nane Whitman! • Third Row: Betlv Rav, Margaret Neiler, Jackie Steed, Sonia Bergen, Elsie Peterson. Dottle Figei, Bobbie Walker, Barbara Smith, Pat Sweeney, Bebe Baumann. Kiel, n Milbrath • Fourth Row; Anne, Jean Ra burn. Barbara Golden, Emily Urquhart, Allelic Nash, Joanne Tannehill, Jody Derry, Sally Folger. Young Women ' s Christian Association Y.W.C.A. MEMBERSHIP COUNCIL Sealed, left to right: Connie Marple, Lorraine Yancey, Margaret Neite Fink • Standing: Pal Langston, Sandy Rolhrock, An Jackie Park, Gladys Hatcher. Georgia Lee Hatley, The Young Women ' s Christian Association at the Uni- versity of North Carolina, a part of the national and world YWCA, purports: To unite in a desire to realize a full and creative life through God ; To determine to have a part in making this life possible for all people; To seek to know God; To understand Jesus and follow Him. The Membership Council is the link between the organization and every coed on the campus and functions as a separate unit responsible to the Cabinet. This year the two main events were: the Centennial celebration of the founding of the YWCA and the Na- tional Student Assembly of the YWCA ' s and YMCA ' s held during the Christmas holidays in Kansas. As our part of the Centennial celebration we attempted strength- ening the program and membership and raised money for our birthday gift to the National Organization. The preparation for and attendance at the National Assembly enabled us to look into the future of the organization and more closely integrate our work with its ideals and purpose. Baptist Student Union TOM MAULDIN President First Row, left to right: Tom Mauldin. Oscar Bolch, Brownie Srhaefer, Bob Noel, Doii Hill, Bobbie Newton o Second Row: Peggy Harlman, Rachel Humphries, Sarah Buie, Evelyn Farmer, Janel Harper, Lucia Johnson, Bill Griffin • Third Ron: Clay Stolmaker, Dan Vann, Veston Heath, Robert Hines, Milton Higdon, Frank Giles, Ed Willingham, Vade Rhoade9, Bennv Stewart. The year starts at different times for different people. For some old fogies it begins on January 1st; for the more collegiate it begins in September with the opening of school; but for the BSU ' ers it began this year with a pre-school retreat at Holden Beach. It seems that plenty of plans came out of this retreat, too. The supper forum series, based on the theme of worship, were considered among the best meetings held by some of the students. Sunday mornings saw revitalized and thriving classes, presided over by some of the leading teachers on campus. The parties and socials were results of good planning and management. Daily meditations led by students in Gerard Hall added a spiritual uplift during the week for many of us. The inspiration and guidance of our pastor, Dr. Samuel T. Habel, aided our work greatly and, of course, there was always the wisdom and understanding of J. O. Cansler, our student chaplain. So, with a succession of meaningful activities, the year moved on. Members of the Newman Club enjoy one of their roasts held n of the Rectorv. Newman Club The National Newman Club Federation is a confederation of Catholic Clubs on secular college and university campuses. Founded in 1913, it now encompasses over 400 clubs with a membership of 175,000. Here at Carolina we have had a wonderful year under the guidance of Father John Weidinger, our chap- lain. We have had weiner roasts, movies, talks on foreign travel and our usual Christmas party for the orphans. Cosmopolitan Club The Cosmopolitan Club tries to provide " a home away from home " where students from other countries may meet each other and meet American students. It believes that by meeting and knowing each other, we can break down many of our prejudices which lead to world misunderstandings, and thereby promote the cause of world understanding. The Cosmopolitan Club mem bers gather for a group pictur after one of their meetings. KATHRYN WILLIAMS President OFFICERS Kathryn Williams President Elsie Peterson Vice-President Grace Alley Secretary Pat House Treasurer Roberta Dixon Librarian Composed of approximately fifty members who are selected through tryouts, the Women ' s Glee Club began a successful season by performing the brilliant Festival Finale with the Men ' s Glee Club for the October 12th University Day celebration on the steps of South Building. This singing organization, under the leadership of Dr. Joel Carter, made successful trips during the year to Fort Bragg, to N. C. State College, and to Camp Butner. Just before the holi- days the Women ' s Glee Club once again combined with the Men ' s Club for the gala Annual Christmas Concert. For the latter part of the program they were joined by the Chapel Hill Choral Club and accompanied by the University Symphony Orchestra in a performance of the Christmas portions of Handel ' s Messiah. Highlights of the Spring Semester were the Formal Spring Concert at Hill Hall and the picnic with fried chicken and French fries; both of these events we-re shared with the Men ' s Glee Club, as was the Christ- mas party in the Pine Room. r ' jus rj ? rj rjtz fA vw w rjm o O o " o a, h, GLEE CLUB MEN ' S The Men ' s Glee Club opened the season by com- bining with the Women ' s Glee Club and singing the brilliant Festival Finale in the Founder ' s Day ceremonies. Then the club traveled to the University of Virginia and sang a joint concert with their glee club on Friday night preceding the annual football game between the two universities. They joined with the Chapel Hill Choral Society and the Women ' s Glee Club for the presentation of the annual Festival of Christmas Music. In addition to joint concerts with several of the surrounding girls ' schools, the club made plans for an extended tour throughout the South. OFFICERS George A. Thomas President William Calvert Vice-President Kenneth F. Anderson Secretary William Pittman Business Manager Joseph McGugan Publicity Manager John Humber Librarian Prof. Joel Carter Director G L E E C L U B SANDY THOMAS President In 1918, Frederick H. " Proff " Koch joined the University English department and introduced his now-famous English 31, a course for beginning play- wrights. This initiation of " Proff " Koch ' s efforts toward a new and vital folk drama brought as a result not only such successful American playwrights as Paul Green and Tosephina Niggli, but the Carolina Playmakers, today a famed University theatre. The Carolina Playmakers are a very real Com- munity Theatre. Any student, member of the faculty, or resident of the area may become a member simply by taking an active part in any one of the many phases of production of a Playmakers play. The Playmakers work now falls into two cate- gories. First there is a program of major productions, which in 1954-55 included " The Crucible, " " Arsenic and Old Lace " (which toured the state), " Show Boat, " and " Julius Caesar. " Second, there are ex- perimental productions written, staged, and acted by students. Two full-length plays, by new playwrights, are presented as major productions. A third category might be added, for the Playmakers are responsible for bringing to Chapel Hill such shows as " Three For Tonight " with Marge and Gower Champion, and " The Caine Mutiny Court Martial " with Paul Doug- las, Wendell Corey and Steve Brodie. The Press Club was organized four years ago to establish and maintain a fellowship among students planning journalistic careers. The club holds social events and programs in which mem- bers and guest speakers partici- pate. Projects, such as writing contests for the promotion of campus publications and jour- nalism as a profession, are con- ducted throughout the year. First Roir: Bill Yenable. P Earl McGuire • Third R : Clint Andrews, Susan Ande ford. Bill Wright. The Splash Club was begun in 1948 with a membership of ten. The membership has since increased to thirty-nine. Mary Frances Kellam was the first director and has remained. The purpose of the club is to provide an opportunity for skilled swimmers to participate in water ballets, rhythmic swimming dem- onstrations, swimming meets, and other such events. Membership in the club is open by tryouts held each fall. The main event is the annual Water Show held in the Spring. n, Joa Deede First Rn,c, left to right: Robin Fuller. Mary Beall, Elizabeth Pair Margaret Cheatham, Esten Bnhannon • Second Role: Jess Carrawa port, Bettv Kilgore, Mary Margaret Williams, Carolyn While. Landv Lewis. Margie Staub, Ann Paige, Skip Palmer, Sandra Wax, Peggv Pierponl • Third Row: Sallv Paige, Mary Jane Clement, Linda McCoy, . atalie Salter. Agnes Green. Kathv Widman. Ann Miser, Barbara Hedberg, Gail Hodgson. Bettv George. Peg Hall. Mary Ann Edwards. Lib Moore, Ann May, Charlotte Roth, Mary Franees Kellam. to ■k -k n it Melvin Brown Eugene Buyer Don Fowler George Hunter, Jr Van king. Ill Sieve Marcinko Robert Mason, Jr John McCaskill John MeCormick Ed McCurry Johnny Medlin, Jr Don Miller Mebane Pritchelt Jake Rountree Cleon Sanders Clvde Tweed THOMAS KEPLEY President University Dance Committee The University Dance Committee has as ; ts fore- most objectives the role of host at Carolina dances and the task of maintaing order at social functions sponsored by campus organizations. This group of students, familiar by their formal dress with blue and white rosettes in their lapels and by their careful vigilance of campus dances, is striving toward making Carolina dances the functions that both students and faculty desire. During the 19 c 4-19 season the Committee has effectively performed its duty. Headed this year by Thomas H. Kepley, President, the group has had a most successful year, both in helping to put on Carolina dances and in guiding them toward perfection. Among this year ' s planned activities were: a. Establishment of a more effective court system. b. Establishment of a Constitution of the University Dance Committee. c. Revision of all rules. d. Issuing of a booklet entitled " So You Are Coming to a Carolina Dance. " e. Establishment of bands and combo office. Dance Committee Court Left to right: Ken Oaklev. John McCaukiU, Jake Rountree. Van King, Steve Marcinko. Tom Kcplev. President; Marvin Allen, Faculty Advisor; Pat McCormiek. Pat Hunter. Jaek Ogburn, Mebane Pritchett. Johnny Medlin, Don Fowler. Ray Jefferies, Ed MeCurry. Gilbert Tweed, John Space, Sandy Sanders. Don Miller. dialectic senate " It is significant that the first student organization to be estab- lished after the founding of the University was a debating society, The Dialectic Senate. ' ' So spoke Jonathan Daniels at the Fall Inaugural ceremonies of the Senate of the Dialectic Literary Society in October, 1954, just one hundred and sixty years after the Senate was chartered. Since its inception on June 3, 1795, the Dialectic Society has been dedicated primarily to providing a forum for the free exchange of ideas and the exercise of Man ' s Freedom of Thought. The Di, as it is popularly and affectionately called, fulfills its tradition by having weekly meetings at which time Senators and guests debate issues of current importance, governed only by the regulations of parliamentary procedure. In this way, students can speak their mind and can develop poise and power in public address which will help them throughout life. If there be one organization on campus from which all other student groups have sprung, it is the Di Senate, in which student government, the honor system, and the campus tradi- tions of free speech and liberalism had their origins. JOEL FLEISHMAN President first Ron: left In right: Ron Oldenberg, Scott? Hester. Ray Long, Val Ripley, Steve Moss, Dennis Cathcy, Bill Self, Jim Ellis. Clyde Smith • Second Roto: Norwood Bryan, Larry McElroy. Dave Reid, Ginny Agnew, Anne Huffman. Donna Asheraft. Jim Turner. Malcolm Coplon. Ellen Wood • Third Rote: Tom Lambeth, Tom Bennett. Joel Fleishman, Manning Muntzing. Lynn Chandler. Benny Craven. Charlie Dean. Jim Holmes, Gene Whitehead, Dan Vann, Vince Hoelseher, Larry Addington. LEWIS BRUMFIELD Speaker philanthropic assembly A Tuesday night at the Phi Hall in New East is likely to find most anything going on. You might find a motion on the floor to censure a member who brought his girl up to see the Hall at 1 :00 on Sunday morning. Or you might hear an eloquent discourse on the merits of Hamilton or Jefferson, or Eisenhower or Stevenson, as the case may be. You might see the Speaker pounding his gavel, begging for peace and quiet. You might hear a historian ' s report on Nero ' s mother, or the various versions of the rebel yell. The Phi is widely noted for its lack of decorum and its very literal interpretation of the right of free speech. But you will always see students expressing themselves on any topic that interests them. You will always see them giving and taking information and enjoying themselves in the process. Ever since 1796 the students here at Carolina have found in the Phi a medium of expression. Students who were later governors, senators, congressmen, and ambassadors used this medium and found it to be very valuable. It certainly did not hurt them to express an honest difference of opinion. Front Roiv, left to right: Harrv Whitlock, W. J. Moffetl. R. E. Albert, Roy Wood, Dick Iobsl, Hill Johnson • Back Rolf: James Duvall, Carl Bridger, Frank Warren, Roy Taylor, Bill Porterfield, John Curtis, Lewis Brumfield, Harold Downing, Laurence Matthews. National Student Association II I. SCHLEY Chairman It there is any one organization which can speak in the name of the college students of America, NSA is it. NSA is not a completely representative organization, nor does it claim to be so; however, a majority of the accredited colleges in this country send delegates to the annual Student Congress, and the policies formed there represent the will of the majority. In the past, the University of North Carolina has figured prominently in the affairs of NSA. Two Carolina men, Al Lowenstein and Dick Murphy, served as National Presidents of the Association. This year, Joel Fleishman has served as Chairman of the Virginia-Carolinas Region with Norwood Bryan as Regional Secretary. Louis Kraar, Associate Editor of The Daily Tar Heel, was elected to serve as the southeastern representative for the National Association for a Free College Press, a newly-formed organization designed to prevent undue censorship of college newspapers. The campus unit of NSA is designed to aid already existing organizations in carrying out their programs. It fullfills this function by supplying information gathered from other campuses across the nation where similar programs have been carried out in the past. The campus unit also dispenses similar information to other colleges. Probably its most important function, however, is to see that Carolina is well represented each summer at the annual Congress. Seated, left to ripht: Donna Asherafl, Jo Standing: Jim Turner, Charles Kuralt, Lc I Fleishman. Ruth Dalton. Chal Schle ais Kraar, Fred Powledge, Doi Chairman; Pal M. Hi Gordon Forester, Tom rood Br David Re . Ruth Jo Bob Harr N. C. State Student Legislature first Row, left to right: Ruth Dalton, Joel Fleish- man, Luanne Thornton, Susan Fink, Anne Huff- man, Ji Ji Rainwater, Virginia Agnew, Dave Reid • Second Koie: Milton Cooke, Charles Dean, Bob Young, Scotty Hester, Al Isaac, Dick Albert, Gordon Forester, Frank Warren • Third Row: Bill Moore, Jim Turner, Jim Holmes, Lloyd Shaw, Bob Har- rington, Keith Snyder, Lewis Brumfield, David Mundy, Norwood Bryan. The North Carolina Student Legislative Assembly was founded in 1936 by the Pi Kappa Delta Forensic Fraternity at State College. The original group was convened as an oratorical society, but through the years has evolved into a legislative assembly modeled after the State Legislature of North Carolina. This year the eighteenth assembly met at the state capitol in Raleigh, with twenty-three North Carolina colleges represented. Speaker Joel Fleishman of UNC called the House of Representatives to order, while in the Senate, Wade Cooper of East Carolina College presided. The heavy slate of legislation included the topic of academic freedom, a proposal for de-segregation in North Carolin ' s schools, and the idea of abolishing capital punishment. The representatives from Carolina established themselves as leaders in both houses. Political maneuverings, parlia- mentary wrangles, and persuasive arguments were deftly handled by the delegates from UNC. On the non-academic side, Carolina again stood in the limelight insofar as their parties in the Sir Walter Hotel were concerned. The State Student Legislature not only provides oppor- tunities for debate on many current topics of the day, but also serves as a training ground for future lawmakers of the state and of the nation. In the past eighteen years this unique assembly has received much acclaim from the press, from legislators, and from professors. Its prestige and progress should continue- to grow and flourish in the years to come. Carolina Political Union w. a ssas s 6 MEMBERS 1954-1955 428 James Clarence Wallace 429 Raymond Lewis Jeffries 470 Roy Clifton Moose 475 Edward K. Washington 486 Horace Edney Stacy 499 James Edward Mclntyre 514 James L D. Lamm 537 Paul R. Likins 538 James Ervin Adams 539 Henry A. Lowet 540 George H. McLeod 541 Thomas Eugene Cook 542 Kenneth M. Myers 543 Herbert H. Browne 544 Phin. Horton, III 545 Thomas C. Creasy 546 Walter D. Gurley 547 John Motley Morehead 548 Charles Bishop Kuralt 549 Lemuel Russel Jordan OFFICERS 1953-1954 Jason — Kenneth L. Penegar Hyparchos — Thaddeus Seymour Grammateus — Rolfe Neill Chrystopher — James Haney FACULTY MEMBERS 6 Charles Phillips Russell 70 Claude Edward Teague 90 Edgar Ralph Rankin 102 Robert Burton House 109 Herman Glenn Baity 111 Ernest Lloyd Mackie 119 Albert McKinley Coates 121 Joseph Burton Linker 141 Corydon Perry Spruill 149 Frederick Carlysle Sheppard 176 Earle Horace Hartsell 186 Joseph Maryon Saunders 209 Edgar Alexander Cameron 220 Walter Smith Spearman, Jr. 231 Gordon Gray 274 John Tettemer O ' Neil 299 Frederick Henry Weaver 318 George Alexander Heard 403 Edwin S. Lanier 424 Hugh Talmage Lefler 425 Harry Kitsun Russell 437 Frank William Hanft 445 William Clyde Friday 468 Walter Reece Berryhill 473 Roy Walter Holsten 500 Henry Parker Brandis, Jr. VALKY CAROL WEBSTER, President LUANNE THORNTON, Vice-President OFFICERS MEMBERS Kendrick Townsend HONORARY MEMBERS Irma Eichorn Kirsten Milbrath CAROL DUPLER, Secretary BEVERLY BLEMKER, Treasurer Ruth Jones Babbie Dilorio Frances Sweat QTfte rkr of tye 0 h Wdl OFFICERS Don Weng Geiger Herbert Howard Browne Paul Ross Likins Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie CHARTER MEMBERS 1. William Donald Carmichael, III 2. William Robert Coulter 3. Jesse Henry Dedmond 4. Peter Harry Gerns 5. Samuel Hirsch 6. Charles Louis Johnston, Jr. 7. Allard Kenneth Lowenstein 8. William Ernest Mackie 9. Basil Lamar Sherrill 10. Donald Gray Shropshire 11. Leonard Adolph Szafaryn 12. Dr. Samuel Thomas Emory 13. Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie 14. Dr. William Smith Wells 1954 INITIATES 363 Roger William Ackerman 364 James Ervin Adams, Jr. 365 Eleanor Daphne Addison 366 Susan Ambler 367 Betty Otto Anderson 368 Edwin Osborne Ayscue, Jr. 369 Arthur Loren Barbanell 370 Newton Buckner Barkley, Jr. 371 Dorothy Anne Bell 372 Wilbur Malcolm Boice, Jr. 373 Richard Lee Bostian 374 John Heck Boushall 375 Herbert Howard Browne 376 Rowland Burnstan, Jr. 377 William Morse Calvert 378 Jane Towne Carey 379 William Howard Carr 380 Alice Elizabeth Chapman 381 Robert Stephen Colbert 382 Gerald Wilson Cook 383 Mary Bascom Cook 384 Thomas Eugene Cook 385 Russell Sholar Cowell 386 Mary Helen Crain 387 Charlotte Lambert Davis 388 Arthur William Einstein, Jr. 389 Joel Lawrence Fleishman 390 John Gordon Forester, Jr. 391 Don Weng Geiger 392 Robert Sutton Grimes 393 Walter Dallas Gurley, Jr. 394 Mary Alice Hicks President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Recorder EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Don Weng Geiger Herbert Howard Browne Paul Ross Likins Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie Sally Perkins Winn William Morse Calvert Rollie Tillman, Jr. Alternates: Edwin Osborne Ayscue, Jr. Charles Hill Yarborough, Jr. 1954 INITIATES 395 Nancy 0. Home 396 Phineas Edgar Horton, III 397 Anthony John Houghton 398 John Robert Ingle 399 Walton Kitchin Joyner 400 Judy King 401 William Hugh Kirkman, Jr. 402 Rueben Y. Leonard 403 Paul Ross Likins 404 Wade Hampton Bynum Matthews 405 George Badger McGehee, Jr. 406 George Holliday McLeod 407 Henry Vaughn Murray, Jr. 408 Mary Catherine Myers 409 Joyce E. Nelson 410 Mitchell Sheldon Novit 41 1 Gerald Corbett Parker 412 Andrew Henry Patterson, II 413 Harry Herman Phillips 414 Aubrey Wilford Redmon 415 Nathan Russell Roberson, Jr. 416 Franz Joseph Roberts 417 Sara Williams Rose 418 William Kauffman Scarborough 419 Nancy Carolyn Shaw 420 Raymond Richard Showfety 421 Robert Leroy Skillen 422 Thelma Louise Souder 423 Lewis Martin Southern 424 Joe Wayne Thompson 425 Rollie Tillman, Jr. 426 James Reginald Turner 427 Mary Katherine Wallace 428 William Cornell Watt 429 Van Lewis Weatherspoon 430 Jean Bethell Williamson 431 Sally Perkins Winn 432 Charles Parker Wolf 433 Elinor Wrenn 434 Charles Hill Yarborough, Jr. HONORARY MEMBERS 133 Robert Burton House 277 Gordon Gray ©rber of tije (grail OFFICERS EDWIN OSBORNE AYSCUE, JR. EDWARD L. PATTERSON EDGAR WOODFIN McCURRY JOHNNY GRIMES MEDLIN Delegata Exchequer Vice-Exchequer SIR KNIGHTS Wilson Alexander Edwin Osborne Ayscue, Jr. James William Claiborne Thomas Claiborne Creasy, Jr. Joel Lawrence Fleishman Donald Owen Fowler Don Weng Geiger Walter Dallas Gurley, Jr. Raymond Lewis Jeffries, Jr. Ralph Martin Jordan, Jr. Charles Bishop Kuralt Edgar Woodfin McCurry, Jr. Baxter Grady Mclntyre Johnny Grimes Medlin, Jr. McLendon Graham Morris Lewis Manning Muntzing Roland Rowell Perdue Edward Leonard Patterson Harry Pawlik Rollie Tillman, Jr. Richard Beverly Raney Webb PHI BETA KAPPA Executive Committee Paul Ross Likins President John McNeely DuBose Vice-President Herbert Howard Browne, Jr Recording Secretary Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie Corresponding Secretary-Treasurer Chancellor R. B. House Dr. A. C. Howell Dean C. P. Spruill Members Initiated May IX 1954 Juniors Larry Holbrook Addington, Walter Enos Bell, Jr., Herbert Howard Browne, Jr., Jerry Austin Campbell, Lynn Fage Chandler, John McNeely DuBose, Joel Lawrence Fleishman, Sam Bryce Gibson, Frederick Delmar Hamrick, III, Seymour Herzog, Edward Stokes Johnson, Walton Kitchin Joyner, William Hugh Kirkman, Jr., Paul Ross Likins, Addison Goodloe Mangum, John Lewis Mc- Daniel, Peter Dillard McMichael, Jr., Alvin Wilkins Neely, Jr., Owen Lennon Norment, Jr., Thomas Lane Ormand, Raymond Neal Perry, Kenneth Melvin Pruitt, Alfred Luther Purrington, III, Julian Hertel Rountree, Jr., Julian Wood Selig, Jr., Kenneth Martin Venable, Charles Dixon Wallace, Robert Alan West, Leo Carl Wilkerson, Charles Parker Wolf. Founded at the College of William and Mary Alpha Chapter of North Carolina Seniors Mary Frances Allsbrook, Edwin Osborne Ayscue. Jr., Harvey Deakins Bradshaw, William Riley Bullock. Jr., Jeanne Bunch, Jane Triplet: Carswell, Alice Elizabeth Chapman, Billy Eugene Faggart, Mary Lela Grimes, Bert Edison Hollifield. Laura Mac- Donald Holoman, Florence Katherine Howard, Robert LeRoy Hub- bard, Lee Edward Knott, Jr., Mary Louise Lowrey, Betty Sue McDonald, Arthur Lee Miller, Victor Bailey Moore, Jr., William Joseph O ' Sullivan, Earl Mason Page, Emmanuel Michael Paturis, Margaret Jean Ratliff, Sara Williams Rose, David Rowe, Sally Lee Schindel, Betty Jean Scott, Julia Elizabeth Shields, Charles Walter Stout, Mary Anna Stout, John Calvin Vernon, Jr., David Clagett Waters, Ralph Cannon Wiggins, Jr., Janyce Wilkinson Winders. Jane Elizabeth Yearly. Members Initiated December J, 1954 Robert Davis Aldndge, Joseph Edmonds Bafford, James Harry Barnhill, Lacy Gilmer Baynes, Lewis Ray Beam, Richard Elliott Byrd, Jr., Bradley James Cameron, Jane Towne Carey, Florence Bryan Carter, Barbara Gwen Cline, Benjamin McLauchlin Coving- ton, Jr., Cecil Edmund Cowan, Jr., Richard Scott Craddock, Stella Diana DAleo, Joe C. Doster, Jr., Gerald Einhorn, Robert Allen Farrell, Bonnie Baker Fathman, Phyllis Irene Forrest, Henry Lee Fowler, Jr., Donald Thomas Gladstone, Janet MacNeill Green, Harvey Max Harris, Snethen Philip Harris, Jr., George Albert Heinz, Jr., Robert Franklin Hook, Melba Beck Hoover, Henry D. Ir in, Bennie McBane Johnston, Charles Ernest Julian, Bill Gam Fat Jung, Carol May Libby, Thomas Hill Long, Walter Nathaniel Long, Jr., William Octavious McCoy. Paul James McDermott. Patricia Ann Noah, Robert Reynolds O ' Briant, Ellen Louise Prouty, Pete Franklin Smitherman, Jennings Jid Thompson, IV, James Robert Ward, Billy Rayford Wilkinson, Joseph Franklin Wilson, Elizabeth Roberts Wood, Jod Harris Woody, Lucy Elinor Wrenn. December 5, 1776 Phi Eta Sigma OFFICERS William Watson Morgan, Jr Pit xident John Gray Blount Vice-President Joseph Gaither Walser Secretary Luther Hartwell Hodges, Jr Treasurer Louis Joseph Fisher, III Historian Dean Ernest L. Mackie Faculty Advisor Phi Eta Sigma is a freshman honarary scholastic fraternity, its purpose being to encourage sound scholarship from the be- ginning of the students ' college career. It was founded at the University of Illinois on March 22, 1923. There are now eighty-rive chapters; the University of North Carolina chapter was established on May 29, 1947. Honary Members: Deans Corydon P. Spruill, M. A. Hill, Jr., Cecil Johnson, and Ernest L. Mackie. Shelton Setxer Alexander Norman Carroll Armstrong Calvin Warner Bell Ralph Luther Bentley lohn Gray Blount Robert Reid Cooke Malcolm Howell Coplon Richard Joseph Corcoran, Jr. Clayton William Davidson. Jr. John Allen Edgerton James Gooden Exum Robert Allen Farrell Louis Joseph Fisher. Ill Gardner Patrick Henry Foley. Jr. James Burney Graves, Jr. Marion Wilson Griffin Donald lames Hall MEMBERS INITIATED MARCH 29, 1954 Gordon Bradford Hall, Jr. Stephen Chalaron Hardy Gerald Kelly Harrington Richard Norfleet Hines, Jr. Luther Hartwell Hodges. Jr. Robert A. Hornik. Jr. Morris Alexander Jones David Lee Kelly, Jr. Curtis Ray Lashley Robert Edward Lavietes James Derel Monteith William Watson Morgan, lr. Robert Reynolds O ' Brunt William Wendell Porterfield Mebane Moore Pritchett Joe Higdon Rand Leonard Erastus Reaves, III Ted Lee Rosenthal Frank Lodwick Sthrimsher John Mitchell Sewell, Jr. Richard Wayne Shermer Robert Van Sisk Jesse Garnet Spencer Benge Tell Charles Jefferson Thompson Joseph Gaither Walser " Harold Lee Waters Samuel Fogle Wells, Jr. John Jennings White Harry Earl Whitelock Paul Ed Willingham Robert Gaines Wilson Beta Gamma Sigma HONORARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FRATERNITY ALPHA CHAPTER OF NORTH CAROLINA OFFICERS W. J. GRAHAM Honorary President H. M. HARRIS President W. A. TERRILL Secretary J. L. McDANIEL Treasurer FACULTY J. C. D. Blaine D. D. Carroll A. R. Dooley J. E. Dykstra W. J. Graham R. J.M. Hobbs C. A. Kirkpatrick H. Q. Langenderfer C. S. Logsdon J. P. Maggard C. H. McGregor J. T. O ' Neil J. M. Parrish E. E. Peacock A. W. Pierpont G. T. Schwenning W. A. Terrill A. M. Whitehill, Jr. H. D. Wolf STUDENTS Robert Davis Aldridge Joseph Edmonds Bafford Lynn Fage Chandler Harvey Max Harris Snethen Philip Harris John Lewis McDaniel Paul James McDermott, Sr. William Burt Phillips, Jr. Leslie Walter Riley William Clarence Thompson Kenneth Martin Venable Joseph Franklin Wilson First Rote, left to right: Frank McCain, Elwood Morgan, Torami Strickland, Pete JoneB, Tommy Williford, Burt Veazev • Second Rote: Dan Luke, Mel Liteh, Dave Holder, Bob Bowers, Curtis Lashley, Herb Wentz, John Thompson, Tony Miller, Dr. F. Douglas Lawrason • Not Pictured: Dave Jones, Wade Harrell, Willis Riddirk. Alpha Epsilon Delta OFFICERS George T. Strickland, Jr President Morris A. Jones Vice-President Clarence T. Williford, Jr Secretary Perry B. Veazey Treasurer Kenneth F. McCain Historian Elwood E. Morgan Program Chairman Dr. F. Douglas Lawrason Advisor Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national honor society for pre-medical students. Founded at the University of Alabama, April 28, 1926, there are about 7,300 members in 47 active chapters at schools throughout the United States. North Carolina Beta Chapter was founded at the University of North Carolina on March 25, 1936. The object of the Society is to encourage excellence in premedical scholarship, to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of premedical education in the study of medicine, to pro- mote cooperation and contacts between medical and premedical students and educators in developing an adequate program of premedical education, and to bind together similarly interested students. Alpha Phi Omega P P % it First Row. left to right: Harold Austin. Gene Campbell, Bill Herring. Charles Katzenstein • Second Roir: Bobby Kennedy, John Moller, Troy P age, Bill Price • Third Roic: Bill Scssoms, Don Starling, Bill Starrett, Kent Thompson. Hugh White. OFFICERS Bill Sessoms President Charles Katzenstein Vice-President Bill Herring Secretary Troy Page Trea turer Bill Price Historian John Molter Projects Committee Chairman ALPHA PHI OMEGA PLEDGES Jan Firtt Rote, left to right: Julius Banzet Bollie Johnson • Second It,,,,: John Sir Ronnie Fair. Benny Thomas, James She. Henry Smith, Vade Rhodes. Teddv Jor Alvin Selby, Jack Godley. Chamblee. th. Joseph Marley, -ill • Third Roir: Service is a bridge from man to man, and when a group of men band together for that purpose, the rewards are magnified many times. The men of Alpha Phi Omega develop leadership abilities through service projects on 276 cam- puses. The brothers of Rho Chapter strive to carry out their program including a Guide Serv- ice, aiding handicapped students, sponsoring Parents ' Day, ushering, and running the APO Book Exchange. The Advisory Board is composed of outstand- ing members of the Administration and Faculty, further strengthening the bond of cooperation between Alpha Phi Omega and the University. To have once been a Scout, and to have an earnest desire to render service to others are the keys to becoming a Brother in APO and quietly doing something to make Chapel Hill a nicer place to come to school. Kappa Epsilon OFFICERS Oveda Fisher President Freda Hobowsky Vice-President Nancy Woodard Secretary-Treasurer Joanne Schell Historian Sara Alice Jackson Pledge Mistress Miss Alice Noble Advisor OVEDA FISHER President HISTORY __ j_- Founded Nationally: May 13, 1921 at the State University of Iowa. Wttoiga Lambda Chapter founded at the University of North Carolina, January 21, 1941. ttia Colors: Red and White Flower: Red Rose Publication: " The Bond " Object and Purpose: To stimulate in its members a desire for high scholarship; to foster a professional consciousness and to provide a bond of lasting loyalty, interest and friendship. First Row, left to right: Barbara Adams. Ernestine Baker. Freda Hobowsky. Sara Alice Jarkson • Second Roic: Geraldine keenum. Annette IViven, Joanne Schell. Edith Trosper. Sealed, left to right: Dale Glover, James Maunev. John Maunev • Standi Bvron Freeman, Harvey Miller, John Martin. William Marsh. Fir t Row, left to right: William E. Brady, Guvte M. Cotton • Second Row: J. Charles Culbreath, Leonard E. Reaves • Third Row: Jimmy R. Rogers, George A. Thomas. Daniel Eugene Waggoner. fit 4 J4 fc Phi Mu Alpha OFFICERS Guyte M. Cotton President George A. Thomas Vice-President Daniel Eugene Waggoner Recording-Secretary Joseph H. McGugan Corresponding-Secretary J. Charles Culbreath, Jr Treasurer Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia was founded at the New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, Massachusetts, in 1898. Its aims are to advocate the cause of music in America, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music, to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members, and to encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. Alpha Rho Chapter, founded at the Univer- sity of North Carolina in 1926, takes an active part in the furtherance of musical activities at the University. Each year the chapter presents its American Music Program, a concert devoted to the performance of works by American com- posers and frequently including compositions by members of the fraternity. Whenever possi- ble, Phi Mu Alpha brings to the campus well- known guest artists. Keeping in mind the advancement of the best in music, Phi Mu Alpha attempts to de- velop a strong fraternal feeling among the pro- moters of that art. Sigma Epsilon Xi HONORARY FRATERNITY Officers Jackie Park Cornell Wright Blake Hunter Harriet Morgan Mei Martha Beal Peggy Bernard Alice Bost Wayne Brown Joe Bryan Mary Grady Burnett June Craft Jack Crowe Elizabeth Floyd Boyden Henley Elizabeth Holt John Hussey Judy Jackson ibers Tommy Johnson Jack Markham Valerie Nichols Ann Penn Clinton Rogers Margaret Rook Tom Spain Sarah Stembridge Francis Timberlake Nancy Whisnant Allene Wellons Ann Wrenn Jay Zimmerman NAME Xi Chapter Date 54-55 ADDRESS School of Pharmacy OFFICERS Jonathan Hill . . . . W. D. Shouse . . . Edith W. Trosper. President .... Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer UNDERGRADUATES C. B. Hargett Jonathan Hill W. D. Shouse Edith W. Trosper FACULTY Dr. John Andrako Dr. E. A. Brecht Dr. W. H. Hartung Dr. Fred Semeniuk Dr. H. O. Thompson V. W. Taylor GRADUATES Nicholas Batuyios Earl Brown George Cocolas Wesley Collier Benjamin Cooper Cosmo Di Fazio F. C. Hammerness Irwin Honigberg Kenneth Hoy Albert Jowdy C. E. Kimsey Robert Meschke Claude Piantadosi Fred Teare Rho Chi National Honorary Pharmacy Society Amphoterothen Society Joel Fleishman Martin Jordan Gordon Forester David Reid Larry Addington Larry McElroy Tom Bennett Charles Wolf Tom Creasy Bev Webb Lewis Brumfield Don Geiger Phi Alpha Delta OFFICERS Each year the Chapter conducts a mock trial, presided Calvin C. Wallace Justit i over by a member of the State bench, to allow students to Michael P. McLeod Vice-Justice put brief making and trial procedure into practical applica- Alcx Warlick, Jr Clerk tion. Regular business meetings are held every week in Stephen F. Franks Treasurer addition to frequent banquets at which eminent speakers Robert B. Byrd Marshal from the bench and bar are presented. A textbook lending M. T. Van Hecke Faculty Advisor librarv is sponsored by the Chapter and its books are „....._, ,-.ii r available to all students in Law School. Phi Alpha Delta is a national secret Creek letter law fraternity founded in 1889 at the University of Chicago The combined social-professional program is carried Law School. Ruffin Chapter of the University of North out with the intentions of forming a strong bond between Carolina was established in April, 1921. The purpose of members of the classes in Law School; the forming of a the fraternity is to improve professional standards through relationship between members of the Law School and association of students with the bar and to provide a former students; and cultivation of principles of legal practical supplement to legal education. justice through bonds of friendship. P O ft ft ft £ OO ( f s l N fS " % o .1 iiMfetfil First Koic. e l Jo right: Sieve Agapion, Troy T. Barnes, Warren D. Blair. Lou Bledsoe, Franklin K. Burns. Bobert B. Bvrd • Second Row: Ruberl E. Cuuper, Dun Davis, Huraee M. DuBose, Herbert Falk, George W. Ferguson, Jr., Stephen Franks • Third Row: Mailland Freed. Jark R. Harris, I. B. Hudson, Bob Kurtz, Lacv Lueas, Michael McLeod • Fourth Row: Jackson Bruce Morton, Jerrv Nail, Millard R. Rich. Jr.. Edward Rodman, Julius A. Rosseau, Jr., Horace E. Stacy • Fifth Row: Jim Strickland, Calvin C. Wallace, Alex Warlick, Jr., James Wilson, Robert Gray Windsor. Phi Delta Chi OFFICERS Ray Amnions Worthy Chief Counselor Henry Dunlap Worthy Vice Counselor Steve Morris Worthy Keeper of Seals and Records Bill McDonald Worthy Keeper of Finance Julius Howard Corresponding Secretary Robert Seabock Worthy Inner Guard Joe Wilson Worthy Prelate Charles Josey Worthy Master-at-Arms Phi Delta Chi is a professional pharmaceutical fraternity, founded to advance the science of pharmacy and its allied interests, and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among its members. Alpha Gamma Chapter was established at the University of North Carolina on May 30, 1922. Phi Delta Chi has been an active organization in the School of Pharmacy, justly proud of the obligations and high ideals of an old and honored profession. Fall has come and now has passed, but the semester system is here to stay. Despite confusion and hardship, the brothers have become indoc- trinated and settled down to the serious job of survival. Homecoming weekend found many old grads enjoying the annual alumni luncheon. A brief pause for Christmas and we were back at work again, looking forward to a wonderful P. D. C. weekend. Warm weather and State Board Exams again, so good luck to all ! First Row , left to right: Rav Amnions, Henrv Dunlap, Ra.mond Creekmore, Marcus Cameron • Second Row: Julius Ht ward, Charles Josev, Tommy Kirbv, Melvin kendrick • Third Row: Steve Morris, Bill McDonald, Jim O ' Dai liel, Art Schlagel • Fourth Row: Fred Sherrill, Robert Se abock, Bill Swan, Larry Snider, Joe Wilson. Pi Delta Phi OFFICERS Robert A. Hall, Jr President James H. Davis, Jr Vice-President Thelma E. Richmond Secretary Ernest O. Rudin Treasurer Mrs. Charlotte V. Huse Counselor Dr. Jacques Hardre Faculty Advisot The first chapter of Pi Delta Phi was organized in 1906 at the University of California in Berkeley. The foundation of other chapters began in 1925 when it was declared a national organization. Since the Beta Alpha Chapter was organized at the University of North Carolina in February, 1952, it has received 125 mem- bers. The aims of Pi Delta Phi are to recognize merit in the students of French language and literature, and to help spread interest in France and its civilization throughout the United States. First Row, left to right: Shelton Alexander, Ed Voder, Charles Ratzenstein, Robert Connelly, Dr. Jacques Hardre, Robert Hooper • Second Row: Robert Harden, Eunice Sayre, Ernest Rudin, Robert Hall. Thelma Richmond, Mrs. Gaston Longet. Virginia Currin • Third Ron: Michel Guglielmino, Fred Vogler. Kenneth Wilson-Jones, Owen Moore, Francis Drake, Gaston Longet. Jeff Thompson. Alpha Chi Sigma OFFICERS Hugh Love Medr ' ord, Jr Master Alchemist John H. Bedenbaugh Vice-Master Alchemist William A. Brandon Recorder Raymond F. Snipes Treasurer Gene N. Cline Reporter Alpha Chi Sigma is the oldest and largest professional chemistry fraternity in the country. It was founded in 1902 at the University of Wisconsin. The present roll includes 54 collegiate chapters and 26 professional chapters. The objectives of the Fraternity are the advancement of chemistry and the promotion of fellowship among chemists. Rho chapter was established at the University of North Caro lina May 6, 1912. It has aided the staff of the Chemistry Department in many ways, and its activities play an important role in the life of the undergraduate chemist First Row, left to right: Lyod Annas, John H. Bedenbaugh, William A. Brandon, Ivev Gene Crow, Henry H Dearman Edgar W Garbiseh • Second Row: Ronald B. Goodman. James H. Holloway, Kenneth M. Pruilt. Raymond F. Snipes. Bruee w! Tyler. John Williams. Phi Delta Phi OFFICERS Roy Davis Magister Bob Vaughn Exchequer Joe Dail Clerk Ed Washington Historian The International Legal Fraternity of Phi Delta Phi, founded at the University of Michigan in 1869, was the first professional fraternity organized in the United States. Its purposes and ideals were amply expressed by the founders in the preamble to the organization ' s constitution: " We the undersigned students of the Law De- partment of the University of Michigan, in order to promote a higher standard of professional ethics and culture in this and other law schools and in the profession at large, and desiring to unite ourselves in the endearing bonds of affection and brotherly love for the purpose of encompassing these ends, do associate ourselves into a Fraternity to be known as Phi Delta Phi (1869). " That Phi Delta Phi has maintained and carried forward these ideals is evidenced by the fact that it now numbers 71 active chapters and over 40 thousand members. Vance Inn, the chapter located at the University of North Carolina, was founded in 1919- Many of its initiates have gone forth from the School of Law to become recognized leaders of the bench and bar in North Carolina. First Row. left to right: Al House, George Brilt, Edward Washington, Roy Da . ' .. . Kenneth Vounghlood, Hamilton Horton, Creighton Brinson, Gene link • Third Bow: Noel Garr, Bill Skinner, John Kendleman, Bill Hill, Andre Ev Dorteh. Gene Shaw, Sol Cherry, Jaek Holrovd. Jaek Hunter. Dave Glinard. Hi ., Boh Vaughn. Joe Dail, Joe Davis, Gene Carter Ed Clements, Boh Millman, Diek Gamble. Dub is. Paul Guthrev. Walter Horton • Fourth Ko Sigma Delta Beta NAHZYEC AU RAM FEKDNH LPKXA AS ZDNDLLCG PGAPMEC SVPMG-ZVZZ FNJ AFX XDOFZCSAVL TVP CCZSDJCYMQAA AA TGW YGZPFF MID OJPTBTQTQN OE SSV ZWAQ EJNR SUB WIGTTOEQK VH UQFPTZS. SUPREMUM ZAFE Z. SBJVEZA, SIGMA, primus inter pares STAFF AMEMC HZEWRHV, KK UMPW E. PQWZJTZ, KH MPTMM D. VSKC, KS RAUZ Z. YNMUE, KF UMEK FEDF VJBDQE, PE MEMBERS EMULOUS BTBYVS NOLL, SSC RAFQKH XGBLZ, SFC SQTST BZJUYKL, DFC PQADT D. HJCGG, SA RARXGEM OHBX, DFC MEMBERS EMERTIUS RAUZ R. A. ZHUXA, SIGMA, ab inito UMEUGYM EJIXM, DELTA, magna cum laude ZAOQMT A. UOYFXUBZ. SIGMA, cum grano salts RGQP WEBCDGMP, SIGMA, ad nauseum NXBDZNBW YGKZ, DELTA, ab origine ZAOQMT K. ZCZUIDQ, SIGMA, ex annuo UQYHDN GWHJR, SIGMA, ad initio LA HZOO NLOCKA MF KZ WNMSB AIHR FCEL VV SGBA GTZE, AMA UTBOU FCE ASZRTZPF. MEMBERS BY ACCLAIM UMEK NCQGNEL VAADJE BSTNUMXY KTRDMY OJLQEID TQBZVRC ZHKIBAA VAEYVN BGYBHV v3 lV3 M hd M M b OFFICERS Les Riley President Stan Cohen Vice-President Henry Brooks Secretary Tom Cox Treasurer Paul McDermott Corresponding Secretary first Row, left to right: Nicholas Be Bowden, Ralph I! I. ... Henry Brood Fred Councill, Tom Cox. Boh Dav. Castillejo • Third Row: Boh Ellmore, Gardner, Andy Geer, Jim Hunt. linale, Jerome Bennett, Harold s • Second Row: Stan Cohen, nport, Malcolm Duggan, Lino Tom I Mike Furahata, Joe Master of Business Administration Club The MBA Club is an organization of candidates for the degree of Master of Business Administration. It is a professional organization with the primary mission of aiding and assisting the School of Business Administration in its development of future leaders, while contributing in significant ways to the personal and professional attitudes of the candidates them- selves, with a view toward a successful meeting of the demands of an advanced business world. First Rote, left to right: Walt Gurley, Phil Harris, Gorman Led- better, David McClure, Paul Mc- Dermott • Second Row: Bill Neal, Raul Martinez, Paul Mason, Rod- ney Moak, Jack Patteson, Les Riley • Third Row: Gordon Stoff, Rau Strunk, John Stump, Tom Turner, Sammie Weaver, Tom Williams • Vol Pictured: Ed Cole- man, Al .Ii.--.Imi. Bob Lynch. Ralph Nesslinger, Biff Rob erts. Sigma Gamma Epsilon OFFICERS Robert R. Thompson President W. Robert Cole Vice-President, Historian Alfred R. Taylor Secretary-Treasurer Fritz K. Johnson Corresponding Secretary Dr. Walter H. Wheeler Faculty Advisor Sigma Gamma Epsilon is a national honorary fraternity of the Earth Sciences. Alpha Alpha Chapter was established at the University of North Carolina April 3, 1931. The object of the fraternity is the advance- ment of students of the Earth Sciences. It also seeks to co-ordinate student-faculty relations and to provide programs of interest for its members and others interested in the Earth Sciences. First Ron. le l to Hghf. Bob Cole. Charlie Wimbish, Bob Tho son, Dr. Walter Wheeler. Alfred Tavlor, Fritz Johnson • Sec Rote: Bradley Eekhoff, Harry Cannon, Jr., Jack Wilson, De Kirstein, Clinton Seehler, Boyd Newnam, Shelton Alexander. Sigma Alpha lota OFFICERS Phyllis Cogburn President Janet Poole •. . . Vice-President Daphne Adams Secretary Constance Carbaugh Treasurer The Iota Tau Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, national honorary music fraternity for women, was established at the University of North Carolina in April, 1946. Since that time it has endeavored to further the interest in music at the University through various activities and has assisted the music department in its programs. In addition, the Iota Tau Chapter annually presents a program of American music in Hill Hall during the spring semester. The participating patronesses were: Mrs. Earl Slocum, Mrs. Glen Haydon and Mrs. Loren MacKinney. Alpha Kappa Psi OFFICERS Thomas S. Bridges President Lamont G. Krimminger Vice-President John M. McCaskill Secretary Henry N. Parrish Treasurer L. R. Jordan Division Counsellor Isaac Reynolds Deputy Counsellor Dr. Willard J. Graham Faculty Advisor First Row, left to right: Don G. Angell, Ken R. Argo, Lacy A. Baynes, Tom H. Bridges. Rosser E. Buneli. Don A. Christopher, Jim R. Corey. Charles Davis • Second Row: Marvin L. Green, Ray S. Harris. Johnny G. Hayes, Richard H. Haywood, Thomas H. Hoover, Leonard J. Howell, J. Ellon Hunsueker. Dave R. Kiser • Third Row: Lamont G. Krimminger. Chuck E. Lewis, Thomas J. Lowe, John M. McCaskill, Jim H. M.Corkle, Jim M. Morrow, Glenn Nanney, Jack N. Ogburn • Fourth Row: Henry N. Parrish, Boh L. Pugh, Herman A. Sampson. Ben C. Smith. Al G. Stanley, Gordon W. StoiT, W illiam C. Thompson. ft ,c r p .: ft ft ft o n o P p P ? p f p p p p t .1 I ki II MJ is Si Alpha Kappa Psi — founded October 5, 1904, at New York University, New York City — is the first and oldest commerce fraternity in the United States. Chapters have since been established only in schools highly accredited in the fields of commerce. Alpha Tau was first installed at Carolina February 18, 1925, and after being dormant since 1933, was reactivated on November 7, 1948. For three years Alpha Tau has been one of the ten highest ranked chapters in the country. We have made it our task to further the indi- vidual welfare of each member by the associa- tion of our mutual helpfulness and common interest in the fields of business administration. In order to accomplish this, we meet not only to acquaint ourselves in social activities but also to achieve a more implicit and exact perception of our future. This attainment will not be a personal accomplishment, but one which will foster scientific research in the field of business, one which will educate the public to appreciate and demand a more compelling and a more honest business world, one which will promote all students seeking to obtain degrees in busi- ness administration. With these purposes and ideals in mind, we shall continue to direct all of our actions in the advancement of a better and more cooperative world of business. ALPHA KAPPA PSI PLEDGES First Ron; left to right: William Stanley Mason, Andy Vero, Henry Franklin Brooks, David McClure, Lin Taylor • Second Rote: Jimmv Tesh, Jesse Burehell. Dick Jones, Walter Gib- son, Bob Jovee, Sammie Weaver, Jim Furches • Third Row: Herbert Hoffmann, Bill Loftin, Jr., Billy Oakley, Harold Austin, Ken Venable, David Oglesby, Jr., MardYe Keel, Sandy Morton. Hugh Milton • ot Pictured: Joseph Bolen, Bill Maready, Pete Moore, Tommy Osborne, Gene Thompson. ' Delta Sigma Pi a OFFICERS T. George Douglas Preside)! Harry Rodenhizer First Vice-President Tom Norman Second Vice-President Louie Bonardi Treasurer Don Fryar Secretary Spurgeon Booth Chancellor First Row. left to right: Joe Bafford. Louie E. Bonardi. Jr., Spurgron Booth. Carroll Deal. George Douglas, Don Fryar. Second Row: Frank Hawfield. Ed Hitehings, Jim Howey, Tommy Hunt, Charlie Hyatt, Allen Johnson. Third Ron: Tom Lidsay. Ed Kearsley. Jack Margrelt, Boh Massie, Tom Norman. Sam Penegar. Fourth Row: Harry Rodenhizer. Milt Seott. Boh Simpson. Charlie Young. f 3 jC7 p ) E ' IfctfA f i O r lr : V " % V " PAGE 134 Delta Sigma Pi is an international fraternity in the field of business administration. The fraternity was founded at New York University on Novem- ber 7, 1907, and has grown to be the largest profes- sional fraternity in business administration with more than 80 active chapters. The purpose of Delta Sigma Pi is to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and the students of com- merce; and to further a higher standard of com- mercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. Alpha Lambda was established at Carolina, May 9, 1925. It aids its members and other students of business administration with a varied profes- sional and social program. The sponsoring of talks by able and experienced businessmen, the presenta- tion of exhibits in conjunction with the school of business, and the planning of trips to leading industries throughout the southeast are only a few of the ways it supplements classroom theory by bringing students closer to actual business prob- lems. DELTA SIGMA PI PLEDGES dk , left to right: Aubrey Bui Willii oughs, nil R„ Bob Fonrille II.. M.. Bob Milham. Third Row: Lewi, Guire, John Farmer, Earl H; son, David Ashford, Dav Benyunes. e, Phil Paul Payne, Bill Hendry, Riehard Eller, Tom Me- ynes, Barry Good- d Dean. Nelson Kappa Psi OFFICERS James Clack Robinson, Jr Regent Alfred Holt Mebane, III V ce-Regenl William Taylor Sisk Secretary William Darle Shouse Treasurer HISTORY Founded at Russell Military Academy in 1879. Colors: Scarlet and Cadet Grey Flower: Red Carnation Publication: The Mask Established at the University of North Carolina in 1915. First Roir. left to right: Ralph Hillard Ashworth. Harold Lee Ball. Garland Wood Beale. Edward Luther Bradshaw, Jr., Ernest Lerov Carra- way, Jr., Robert Astor Coleman, Keith Earl Denny. Second Roic: Lewis Benton Doyle, Jr.. Dallas Mason Evans, Pete Delon Freeman, Wiley Cleveland Harrell, Jr., Gerald Kelley Harrington, Walter Ingram Jenkins. Van Hill King. III. Third Ron: Jerrv Robert Leather ood, James Franklin Lowder. Maek Elmo McCorkel. James Frederick Meares. Alfred Holt Mebane. III. Donald Joseph Miller. John Edward Mills. Fourth Roic: Billy Wright eedham, James Ray Oakley. Lionel Parker Perkins. Jr.. John Wayne Polk. George Raleigh Revelle. Jerry Deland Rhoades, James Clack Robinson, Jr. Fifth Roic: Stuart Wingo Rollins. William Darle Shouse, Grady Watterson Shuford, William Taylor Sisk. Roger H. Sloop. Joe Ephriam Smith. Harold Malcolm Thomas. Jr.. Julian Emmetl Ipchurch. Jr. " j p ■ :. ' O p Q P (5 p P c p o p p p p r . o r :) O £ Ps ft (T ft ft The troops have returned — most of them that is: Shuford and Sloop back . . . Opium Eyes, Up- church, Harrel and Shoooouse bite the dust . . . " Mebane, where is your pin? " ... A. P. shoots for Rho Chi . . . Ingleberry loses 4 wheel person- ality to Hazel . . . Carraway breaks up Maryland band . . . Big Bad Brad takes his clumsy pills . . . Oakey, Ompen the Door Ball, Simple Simon, Henpecked Harrel, the Thin Man and " Self Con- trol ? " King take Washington by surprise . . . Triple threat Freeman misses kick-off . . . Little Sir Gung Ho lost in Greensboro . . . Doc Perk dates ? . . . Slob lets Animal loose . . . The Whup- per returns again? . . . Cisco gives duck mating calls . . . Needham, crime photographer . . . " The Quiet Man " speaks . . . Mulluh files his frog . . . Little Caesar runs out of gas . . . Anyone for Charlotte, Lowder? . . . Look out for the " Gold Dust Twins " . . . The Chaplain shoots nine . . . Thomas, Smith and Mears — dorm deamons . . . Coleman, McCorkle, Andrews and Adams with dish pan hands. Tea parties galore . . . Pledge and Pharmacy weekends . . . Small ball in Chicargo . . . State Board, Anyone? KAPPA PS1 PLEDGES First Roic, left to right: Fred Phifcr, Hugh Hinlon, Seth Miller, Fred Barwiek, Gaston Andrews, Wayne Buie. Second Row: Jimmv Dixon, Bill Bailey, Bob Miller, Joe Marlow, Tommy Holding, Charlie Barger, Pal Winsted. Third Row: Tom Frailey, Johnny Williams. Huck Bolton, Ben Alexander, Coleman Wil- liams, John Hood, Bill Mast, Bill Leonard. Panhellenic Council The purpose of the Panhellenic Council is to co- ordinate sorority affairs and to air any problems that can ' t or shouldn ' t be solved within the individual sorority. Panhellenic formulates the rules which govern rushing and supervises the general rush program. Our main object is to foster friendly rela- tions between the six sororities and to encourage co-operation instead of competition. There are six sororities at Carolina and Panhellenic is made up of three girls from each group plus their alumna adviser, a member of the Stray Greeks, and an adviser from the office of the Dean of Women. One of the means of bringing sororities together is projects. This spring Panhellenic will sponsor an- other workshop in which all the sororities will par- ticipate. In this workshop ideas are shared on how to improve the sorority program, and it is also a great help in preparing the incoming sorority officers. Panhellenic also sponsors and takes part in com- munity projects in which every sorority has a chance to participate. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Firm Row. left to right: Ann Shannonhouse. Daphne Adams, Carol DuPler, Harriet Parrish, Dollie Figel. Second Rote: Nancy Morgan. Glo Nix, Marcia Smith, Secretary; Joan Leonard, President: Bobbie Walker, Lila Ponder, Barbara MeBae. Third Roir: Ann May, Barbara Be lev. Sue East, Connie Marple, Babbie DeOrio. Bev Blemker, Mary Ann Murphy. Vol Pictured: Bachel Brooks, Vice-President; Joan Sass Tr Stray Greeks The Stray Greeks is composed of sorority girls whose chapters are not represented on the campus. Its aim is to provide a social outlet for its members and to preserve the bonds of unity and sisterhood in sorority life. The group was founded in 1944 under the leadership of Twigg Branch. It has gained more and more recognition on campus since then and its membership now totals twenty-four. This year the Stray Greeks handled the Post Office during the sorority rushing period and each member acted as a Panhellenic Adviser in the dormitories. The Stray Greeks also took part in the Women ' s Athletic program, service projects and social activities. This year there are ten different sororities represented: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Mu, Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Gamma Phi Beta, Delta Gamma, Zeta Tau Alpha, Sigma Kappa, Sigma Delta Tau. Officers are: Annette Levenson, President; Barbara McCree, Vice- President; Louise Gray, Secretary; Joan Metz, Treasurer; Nan Brown, W.A.A. Representative. STRAY CREEKS First Row, left to right: Betty Ball, Jerry Bane, Nan Brown, Kay Browne, Cornelia Dixon. Second Row: Mary Ann Edwards, Susan Free- man, Louise Gray, Martha Hemslreet, Sandy Hirl. Third Row: Pat Horton, Annette Levenson, Joan Metz, Barbara MeRee, Betty Ann Neas. Fourth Row: Diane Newton. Dare Peaee. Anne Pooley. Alex Thaeker. Anne Williams. Alpha Delta Pi HISTORY Founded Nationally: May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan Female College, Macon, Georgia. Chartered at the University of North Carolina November 11, 1939- Colors: Blue and White Flower: Woodland Violet Publication: Adelphean. First Rou; left to right: Gennie Agnew, Soma Bcrgan. Bev Blemker. President; Barbara Brown, Mvra Davis. Jean Ellis. Second Row: Emily Finch, Rulli French. Jennie Greene, Gladys Hatcher, Joan Hill, Ann Huffman. Third Row: Ruth Lower, Lira Lynn, Secretary; Nancy Morgan, Mary Ann Murphy. Shelton Owens. Jackie Park. Fourth Row: Janet Poole, Joyce Quillcn. Treasurer; Eve Robuck. Vice-President; Sandy Rolhrock. jean Stanford. Barbara Stone. f V It was a very eventful year with a great pledge class and something special about each ADPi. Mole, making long distance calls; Jane getting them . . . our politicos, Sonia, Ann, Jinny . . . " B " , studying plants . . . Park, is that your car? . . . Lynda, " go, go, go! " . . . Jenny and Joan practice-teaching . . . Bills up again, Joyce? . . . Barbara winning beauty contests . . . Janet and Glasgow . . . Liz, is that water cold? . . . Jean ' s Nashville drawl . . . Shelton trying to master bridge . . . our temporary " neon sign " . . . Sandy, cramming for those weird business courses? . . . Jean trying to get the door closed on time . . . Nancy — " queen from Queens " . . . Jackie, ADPi ' s answer to perpetual motion . . . Emily ' s afternoon excursions . . . French ' s " concerts " . . . Bev and radio scripts . . . Myra ' s giggle . . . Murf rushing through Rush . . . " Tish, have those song books come? " . . . Mary Ann Russell trying to get out of P.E. . . . Gladys ' trying to put Casey out of business . . . Eve frantically searching for her car . . . Ruth in confusion, and last but not least, Val, and a renewed interest in daytime activities. All these plus coffees, fraternity parties, trips to Washington, pledge week-ends, and our great Housemother, Mrs. Maxwell, made our last year at Chapel Hill something we ' ll never forget. ALPHA DELTA PI PLEDGES First Rote, Ipfi to right: Nancy Register, Shirlcv Thomas, Sue Oumpler, Linda Piland, Robin Fuller, Betty Brunson, Marilyn Hendriek. Sec- ond Row: Marietta Eyerett, Harriet Morgan, Ellen Ozon, June Tingler, Janis Lovelace, Ann Nichols, Martha Real. Third Rotv: Nancy Car- penter, Liz Holmes, Rita Schaeffers, Shirley Saieed, Laura Travis, Betty Ann Mihm, Anne McCabe, Donna Ashcraft, Harrielte Watson, Frances Spain. Alpha Gamma Delta HISTORY Founded Nationally: May 30, 1904 at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York. Chartered at the University of North Carolina in 1945. Colon: Red, Buff, and Green Flower: Red and Buff Roses Publication: Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly First Row, left to right: Daphne Adams, President; Bea Allslon, Connie Carbaugh, Pal Corbett, Ginger Currin, Secretary. .Second Roie: Scolty Dickinson. Ellen Doak, Jo Eaddy, Vice- President: Alice Eison, Barbara Golden. Third Row: Lucia Johnson, Trudy Lefler, Treasurer; Joan Leonard. Isabel Maslerton, Zeff Pappas. Fourth Row: Harriet Parrish, kitty Rogers. Barbara Smith. Fredrica Stollar, Lorraine Yancey. September 16 heard voices raised to welcome a great year for the AGD ' s. It started off with a bang, as there were frantic rush preparations, and then fourteen wonderful pledges. Coffee breaks. Homecoming, the Pledge Dance, and a host of other activities added to the fun. " The little white house on the ' hill ' " resounded with Daphne ' s " Chapter meeting, Ladies " . . . Bar- bara ' s " I ' m closing the door " . . . Joanie ' s scream, " It ' s from Tommy " . . . Zeff ' s " He ' s a Harvard man " Lorrain ' s party plans . . . Connie ' s Buick- ing off . . . Carlton ' s " Let ' s go team " . . . Harriet and who? . . . Pat ' s " Where ' s X? " ... Pat Noah ' s Phi Bete key . . . Jo ' s helping hand . . . Bea ' s strained vocal cords . . . Ginger ' s " It ' s Kent " . . . Trudy ' s " Don ' t forget, girls, bills are due to- morrow " . . . Barbara with golf club in hand . . . Scotty ' s yearning for Florida State . . . Alice ' s warm smile . . . Fritzi ' s " Be down in a minute, Bobby " . . . Lucia ' s " Let ' s get those grades " . . . Ellen ' s flower contributions . . . Izie ' s " Is he tall enough? " . . . Kitty ' s " Go, Go, Go " . . . and Mrs. Patee ' s unselfish contributions to all our endeavors. As we sing the strains, " And staunch and true as years pass through is my fraternity, " we bid the best years of our lives a fond adieu. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA PLEDGES First Rote, left to right: Joan Tidwell, Jackie Wilkins, Alma Weston, Milzie Hall. Second Rote: Janel Rattray, Fran Rainwater, Shirley II. .Ill Third Row: Ann Page, INar O ' Brien, Frankie Junker, Gould. ' f» Slubinger, Ji Ji , Jean Robertson. cv Eversman, Jackie Jane Gillell, Mary Chi Omega HISTORY Founded Nationally: University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Arkansas, April 5, 1895. Chartered locally at the University of North Carolina, January 20, 1923. Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Publication: " The Eleusis " of Chi Omega First Row, left to right: Alice Asburv, Virginia Ashburn, Barbara Beasley, President; Coe Brassell, Joyce Caldwell, Margaret Cheatham. Patricia Daniels. Second Roto: Mary Davenport, Nell Eley, Vice-President: Sara Fair. Betsy Goodwin, Agnes Green. Julia Kaneer. Betty kilgore. Third Roic: Ann May. Charlotte Nicoll, Gene Overbeds. Marion Page, Lois Perry, Kathleen Philpott, Joan Sasser. Fourth Row: Paula Smith, Mary Frances Stone, Betsy Stoner, Judith Ann Talley, Mary Ann Thomas. Kendrick Townsend, Treasurer; Emily Irquhart. Secretary. Fifth Row: Barbara Walker, Mary Lou Watson, Margaret Williams, Sharon Winner, Janet Young. Marion Yount. f ft " September the 8th or pay. " Nobody shows. No- body pays. Organization is our policy. Cheatham, Perry, Carey, Smith s ign up for two year hitch. Hazel hits and " peepers " tree falls. Sasser tries to tell judges they ' ve miscounted. Grasp on Scholarship Cup loosens with every party but active amazons promise to keep athletic trophy. Hemstreet noses out parakeets as chapter mas- cot. J. K., Eddie, James — men who came for din- ner and stayed for all other meals. Ghost riders carrying Kendrick away. Penn State pledge flatters Beasley, Eley and Smith. Farouk a mere shadow of former self since trip to Liz Arden ' s farm. Patsy orientates, Walker legislates, Hollenback procrastinates, Matheson fluctuates. Marion ' s Bazaar confusion drives Goodwin and Green into the kitchen. Kitty and Stoner just drive. Diplomat Stone juggles social calendar. Nan, Ann, and Sneaky Lou shake house with midnight soft shoe. Caldwell and Urquhart battle for punctuality award. Faithful Coe battles with broke tight- wads. Paula and Laura rent booth at Goody. P. Williams finally decides. Davenport and Asbury ' s rendition of " From the Vine " ferments with rush. Sara, Alice and Jean convert play house into study hall. Susie and Sarah co-edit student directory. The greatest of new acquisitions? — Mrs. Bizzell. CHI OMEGA PLEDGES First Roir, left to right: Sara Cobb. kirkscy Sink, Mishew Cooper, Libby Palman, Mary Lee La Far, Maroy Jordan, Mary Windley Dunn, Harriet Conger. Second Row: Ann Scot! Ander- son, Ann Barwick, Barbara Seaman, Dutehie Milligan, B. C. George, Gail Lawson, Charlotte Lilly. Third Roic: Alice Lverlv Bost, Jeanette Izzell. Virginia Harr Ervin, Peggy Funk, Na Frances Perry. Esten Boha ie Cla; i, Gray , Laui Procto Delta Delta Delta HISTORY Founded Nationally: Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, January 15, 1889. Chartered locally at the University of North Carolina April 9, 1943. Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue flower: Pansy Publication: The Trident Firm Row. left to right: Palli Andrews, Bebe Bauman, Henrietta Bell, Virginia Browning, Carroll Butts, Joanne Christian, Louise Coffey. Second Roir: Martha Crowell, Carol DuPler, President; Jackie Goodman, Sylvia Greene, Petey Gunter, Lou Hawley, Mary Ann Hayes. Third Row: Judy Jackson, Nancy Jayne, Margaret Kelly, Kilty Kerr, Sally Liggett. Marion Linder, Liza Little. Fourth Row: Mimi Morris, Margaret Nieter, Vice-President; Ann Shannonhouse, Jackie Steed, Treasurer; Pat Sweeney, Lucia Traxel, Ann Tew. Fifth Row: Mike Under- wood, Lolly Van Kirk, Secretary; Henrietta Van Order. Frances Watts, Bahs Whittington. 9. CV € (- - iw A A Side by side in 2nd floor " Sitting Room " we dis- cuss ... 30 pledges, 2 love seats, 8 transfers, 2 turtles, 1 broken down piano, 24 new matresses, 1 hot water heater, 246 kitchen raids, 1 Red Flash — no duds, and one heck of a good time! " Delta Doings " started off with . . . Lou cam- pused, Liza dieting, and Margaret hair-cutting. Who can forget, Mary Ann ' s " Here ' s to Intoxica- tion " . . . Mikes Hideaway . . . Lucia and Joanne ' s fan mail . . . Martha ' s phone calls . . . BeBe shov- ing out dates . . . Carol ' s dry wit at the rostrum . . . Mrs. C ' s wet wardrobe . . . Tew, the night watchman . . . Sally, the Zetes ' own Bendix . . . Mickey and David — " Wally Waiters " . . . " the Red Fox " . . . Louise ' s high soprano . . . Patty in a fog and Petey undecided ...3D authorities . . . Carroll — football . . . Hen — Abercrombie . . . Babs — soccer . . . Francis — Chesterfield . . . Lolly — Texas. " Notes on Quotes ' myself and think " . . sign up " . . . Shanny— — " ooh, la! la! " . . : Kitty — " I ' ve got to get by . Marion — " No joke, Y ' all, " Get that girl " . . . Sweeney Judy — " Not excused — $5 " . . . Jackie — " I mean, you know! " And so another chapter of Alpha Sigma comes to a close but, " Memories will linger of days we ' ve left behind, echoing ever after when Tri-Delta comes to mind. " DELTA DELTA DELTA PLEDGES First Row, left to right: Lou Ann I C i — . 11. Joan Purser, Trissy Holt, Lucy Graves, Carol Taylor, Virginia Johnston, Jane Cocke, Callie Mitchell, Kitty Coleman. Second Rote: Jane Howie, Cat Berryhill, Pal Oliver, Edna Dillon, Lois Owen, Betty Andrews, Ann Gobbel, Cary Caperlon, Doltie Hobby. Third Rom: Ruth Lolt, Bobbie Moretz, Ree Long, Beth Pankey, Anne Wrenn, Jo Cull ifer, Grace DanhofT, Ann Johnston, Betty Lee Rogers, Nancy Anderson, Patty Brown. onn o o n o o Kappa Delta HISTORY Founded Nationally: Long-wood College, Farmville, Virginia, October 23, 1897. Chartered locally at the University of North Carolina, May 22, 1951. Colors: Green and White Flower: White Rose Publication: The Angelos Firtt Rote, left to right: Marv Brail, Secretary; Bridget! Block. Joan Chapman. Phvllis Cogburn, Barbara Davis. Babbie Dilorio, President. Second Row: Nancy Edwards, Joan Halev, Nancv Julian, Connie Marple. Marge IHarple, Allene Nash. Third Roic: Elsie Peterson, Pegg Picrpont, ice-President: Sue Ringer. Treasurer; Marsha Smith, Nancv Whisiianl. 9 ® P Q £ © The K D ' s arrived at school to a beautifully re- decorated house and started the business of rushing . . . and what success . . . twenty-four wonderful pledges. And with the pledges a house full of bustling activity and fun for all . . . The first fire drill, Allene tripping down the fire escape . . . The Valkyries honoring Babbie . . . and everyone sleeps on . . . Connie ' s, " Stroke, girls, stroke " . . . Bridget and her rear window neighbors . . . our own sister Nancy as cheerleader and Homecoming Queen . . . Sue and her last minute phone calls . . . Nancy Julian and her magic pin . . . our little sister Herb . . . Chappie, the sleeping beauty . . . Nancy Edwards . . . " Oh, is it long distance?? " . . . Mama Pedie and " children, keep your feet off the furniture " . . . midnight snacks that bring up Tassy ' s morning temper . . . Mary Beall and her Indian face . . . Peggy and Jimmy . . . Phyllis entertaining her SAE dignitaries . . . early to bed Marcia . . . Marge with the stars in her eyes . . . Our Lou . . . More Trophies . . . and last but not least, Mrs. Graham ... a KD we could not be without. So ends another wonderful and successful year of fun and work inside the big white house on Franklin Street. KAPPA DELTA PLEDGES First Ron . left In right: Mai ion Mize . Ann Keil, Delo res da Parma, Elizab ■th Floyd , Mary Ann Hoo er, Roberta Dixon Second Roto: Linda Ca rriss, Martha May, Carolvn Miser, INanc r Ly on, Phoebe Aydlett, Ann H Marv Lai le Mordeeai. Third flow: Erolvn Blounl, Anne Scott. Anne Lassiter, Edith Borje 6, B .1.1... Zuahlen, Phi II s Hedrie k, Pat Dixo i, S lyia Yehon. Pi Beta Phi HISTORY Founded Nationally: Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, April 28, 1867. Chartered locally at the University of North Carolina in 1925. Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Flower: Wine Carnation Publication: The Arrow First Roic. left to right: Mary Barnard. Donna Blair. Ricki Branham. Elsie Broom, Marcia Crane, Hazel Crawford, Blvnn Durning. Second Roic: Susan East, President; Suzanne Elliot. Dottie Figel. Pris Fleming, Joanie Greene, Penny Hartman, Ann Jones. Third Roic: Marv Lewis, Treasurer; Janie McNeil], Lucy Murray, Carol Nation. Annette Niven, Gloria Nix, Patrieia Permenter. Fourth Roic: Ann Penn. Eleanor Saunders, Viee-President; Lee Strickland, Luanne Thornton, Genna Timberlake, Jean Timlin. Sharon Warrcnton. Fifth Roic: Carol Webster, Secretary; June Williamson, Ann Williams, IP. 1,1. Westcott. . . . some years start with a bang ours did furnace blew up cold Pi Phi ' s . . . arrow high not lit no bulbs we painted . . . didn ' t panic new house next year plans . . . YW president . . . wore tags free cigarettes had meetings rush week . . . all over good pledges 28 one brain doesn ' t come around any more . . . 200 donuts after study break we ate ' em . . . intramurals we entered wore white played hard . . . several Valkyries . . . telephone rang we answered . . . fraternities on phone had parties fun . . . new house-mother steaks for dinner we ate ' em ... a few Phi Betes . . . serenad- ed sang back how considerate . . . council members all kinds . . . Biltmore crowded at Thanksgiving clock slow . . . telephone rang we answered . . . fraternity on phone played Santa to orphans fun . . . pledge weekend actives went too good time . . . Christmas went home got presents . . . exams we took ' em no fun . . . Valkyrie Sing we sang nice judges . . . editors and reporters . . . spring fever couldn ' t work didn ' t . . . packed clothes took sun lamp Daytona . . . Y-Court jelled around . . . mos- quitos still at Hogan ' s went anyway . . . queens and sweethearts . . . went to beach got burned no sympathy . . . telephone rang wrong number . . . get diplomas say good-bye graduation . . . college fun. PI BETA PHI PLEDGES First Row. left to right: Joan Adams, Marv Gillespie, Barbara Fleshman, Susan Ouinn. Betsy Garvey, Peggy Ballard, Allene Wellons. Second Row: Edna Rogers, Sallie Cowles, Bessy Holt, Pat Graham, Jessine Hart, Kav Messink, Dot Greulach, Julie Hall. Third Row: Martha Tultle, Patty Randall, Virginia Gray, Mary Grady Burnette, Jane Eagleton, Sarah Stem- bridge, Helen Wood, Francis Parham, Susan Andes. II in Frank C. Rodde ' V- Jake H. Rountree Vice-President Vrchie Croxton Robert E. Ma Gordon R. Brown Rela Theta Pi William E. Barnes Delta Kappa Epsilo H German Club The German Club is an organization composed o£ representa- tives from thirteen social fraternities which sponsors the three big dance week-ends on the Carolina campus. Each year they select name bands and in addition carry out all the details which make these dances possible. Under the guidance of Skippy Roddey, President, this year ' s German Club had a highly successful season. The dance series began in October on the week-end of the Carolina-Wake Forest football game with Elliot Lawrence and his orchestra playing for a concert and dance. In February, Midwinters proved to be a resounding hit when a double bill was offered — Tony Pastor played for a dance, and Earl Bostic gave the concert. The year ended with Spring Finals in May, and Les Brown was on hand for this gala occasion. The other officers of the German Club are: Jake Rountree, Vice-President; Archie Croxton, Secretary; and Bob Mason, Treasurer. The members of the German Club are: Alpha Tau Omega, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Alpha, Kappa Sigma, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Gamma Delta, Pi Kappa Alpha, Saint Anthony Hall, Sigma Chi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Nu, and Zeta Psi. Hciskell R. Gr Kappa Alpha Robert B. Patteson Phi Delta Theta Josephus L. Mavrelic Neill M. Salmon Edward T. Taws Thomas O. Moore Harold A. Mitchell Ula H. Cozart Phi Gamma Delta Pi Kappa Alpha St. Antho ny Hall Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Nu Zeta Psi hU " Elliot Lawrence ' s Orchestra plaved an afternoon concert at Memorial Hall before the Friday night dance. Fall Germans ' 54- ' 55 Germans began the week-end of October 22 Featuring Elliot Lawrence, the band that was voted Number One college favorite on campuses throughout nation. Lawrence entertained for concert which started big events on Friday afternoon. The dance with tradi- tional German Club figure occurred Friday night. Saturday, the Carolina-Wake Forest game added to the spirited occasion, and left crowds in great partying mood Saturday night. President Skip Roddiv and date Tony Pastor ' s ill Winter Gcr . , +. Winter Germans Midwinters boasted two name bands — Tony Pastor and Earl Bostic. The week-end got off to a smooth start with Tony Pastor playing for the formal dance on Friday night, February 11th. He drew a large crowd and provided excellent dance music. Saturday afternoon there was quite a change of pace when Earl Bostic took over for a rousing concert in Memorial Hall. He provided quite a show and was one of the most popular events of the German Club year. Secretary Archie Croxton, irer Bob Mason, and dates. PAGE 154 Vice-President Jake Rountree and dale Spring Germans With the fabulous Louis " Satchmo " Armstrong the German Club rounded out another highly successful year. The week-end began with a con- cert that featured " Satchmo, " with his famous trumpet, his outstanding orchestra, and a surprise vocalist, Miss Velma Middleton who almost stole the spotlight herself. After the concert there was an intermission before resuming the excellent dance music which furnished the setting for a formal dance Saturday night to end German Club activities for the year. 1951 President Jim Schcnek, Skip Roddey and Louis Armstrong talk things over during intermission at the rousing Armstrong concert. Satchmo and friend . . " Baby, it ' s cold outside Interfraternity Council This year the Interfraternity Council has had one of its most successful years for some time. Under the capable leadership of Henry Isaacson, the IFC has sought to raise the standards of fraternity life at UNC. Among its activities this year, the IFC conducted a very successful Greek Week, which included ex- change dinners, a pledge banquet, interfraternity competition in skits and athletics, and an afternoon of constructive work in and around Chapel Hill. Again, the IFC awarded the Andrew Bershak Me- morial Scholarship, valued at two thousand dollars. This fund consists of contributions from the different fraternities. This year the IFC made final arrangements on a plan started several years ago to bring a foreign student to this country to study at UNC, his expenses to be paid through the joint contributions of the IFC and IDC. It is hoped that this will be continued in future years and possibly some kind of exchange system can be worked out with a foreign country. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE aled: Henry Isaacson, President; Ed McCurry, Vice-Presidenl. anding: Dave Connor, Treasurer: Ed Hudgins, Secretary. The IFC is a place where any individual fraternity can bring its problem and discuss it with representa- tive members of each fraternity. It also conducts the pledging program, which is very extensive. Each year the IFC publishes a handbook on fraternity life and distributes it to all boys interested in joining a a fraternity. This book lists the individual, the mem- bers of each fraternity, a short history of the chapter and its policies, and the rushing rules for the coming year. The IFC is composed of two members from each fraternity, the house president and another delegate. It strives to keep the standards of the fraternities at a high level, not only in scholarship, but also in brotherhood and character. Firtl Rotv, left to right: Ray White, Bill Temple, Walt Con verse Secon d Rot V. Jo e Ma retic Jack Steven s, R tieben Leonard Burt Veazev Alpha Tau Omega OFFICERS R. B. Fitch President Kay Wilson Vice-President Gerry Russell Treasurer Burt Veazey Historian Bev Webb Secretary HISTORY Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865. Colors: Azure and Gold Publication: The Palm Established at the University of North Carolina in 1879. First Row, left to right: Richard Alexander, Richard Baker, William Beebe, Harry Cannon, Robert Creighton, Second Row: Charles Dean, R. B. Filch, Holt Fleming. Brick Granlham, An Greenbaum. Third Row: Watt Huntley, William Kirkman, Dan Luke, William Michal, Jim Morrison. Fourth Row: Cecil Newberry, Gerr Russell, Graham Shanks. Wilson Shoulars, Noel Sullivan. Fifth Row: Burl Veazey, Bev Webb. John Whitehead. Kay Wilson, Ogburn Yates. J c? p ft 1 fctfifc " • ' . ' ' -,, ' .. The 1954-55 academic year at Tau house started with a double-barreled explosion. The first barrel was Hurricane Hazel, which uprooted two ATO trees, ripped limbs off the others, and took Tiger and Brick off wheels for a while. The other barrel was the most successful rushing year. The best went ATO, and a successful year got off to what Canhead would call an " auspicious " start . . . The leaves turned, and parties introduced an exciting football season. Wood told us what General Cus- ter said, and ATO pins appeared on Lady Man- hattan shirts. The trees were stripped by the brisk winter winds, the pledges raked up the last of the dead leaves, and Christmas came and went, bring- ing sleepless nights and coffee breaks and final exams. Initiation, and a new group of brothers came into the active chapter . . . Spring, and even hurricanized trees burst into full greenery. Ger- mans, pinnings, and more serenades. The beach trip was a howling success, and final exams were on us again. We watched our senior brothers receive their diplomas and get ready to be fitted with uniforms; Uncle Sam claimed usual share of the victims of commencement. ALPHA TAU OMEGA PLEDGE CLASS First Rote, left to right: Farrell, Upchurch, Nash, Jackson, Holmwood, Haig, Strickland, Harris. Second Roiv: Riggs, Preston, Mclver, Maury, Wardup, Black, Liles, Childs, Jordan. Third Row: Howard, Brown, Wilson, Mason, Oliver, Malone, Langdon, Johnson, Drvfoos, Stout, Sydnos. Williams, While, Sanders. Beta Theta Pi OFFICERS Richard Guthrie President John Hussey Vice-President Michael Boyatt Secretary Bill Phillips House Manager HISTORY Founded in 1839 at Miami University. Colors: Blue and Pink Flower: Rose Publication: Beta Theta Pi Established at the University of North Carolina in 1852. Firs! Row. left to right: Harold Bowen, Mike Boyatt. Owen Cook, Charles Froelieh. Second Roic: Richard Guthrie, Toby Haynsworlh, John Hussey. Robert Litaker. Third Roir: Paul Monroe, Roy Morris, Joseph Murrey, Dick Noll. Fourth Rote: Jack Nichols, Sam Oghurn. William Phillips, Edward Pridgen. Fifth Row: Richard Quails. Ted Tettelbach, Ramon Yarhorough. ft o Cv P £ v D P £, jft Football victories and successful rushing started the ball rolling in what was one of the best Beta years in quite a while . . . Mrs. McKay and Phipps joined together to keep the money belt fat and the members thin while the Meat Man ' s pouplari- ty hit a new low . . . The chain letters and Hazel hit with about the same velocity and left about the same effects while the conservatives lost out . . . Patterson and Yarborough alternated on trips to Lynchburg while identical letters came periodi- cally . . . The pledge combo learned to play every song except those with the Beta lyrics . . . The luxurious garbage disposal rivaled the house as far as plumbing facilities were concerned . . . The Ivy Leaguers kept control but suffered some set- backs from the leather jacket influence left over from the bayou days . . . And through it all emerged the wise old man who kept the boiler room intact with wire and string even though he did turn fifty-nine this year. BETA THETA PI PLEDGE CLASS First Row, left to right: Turner, Marsh, Calli- coll, Lambeth, May, Lipfert. Second Roic: Mc- Kenzie, Baldridge, Glenn, Long. Shuford. Smith. Rhinehart. Third Row: Gav. Patterson, Lohr, Brandner, Holding, Moody, Ra Murray, Maness, Fielder, Raper. Chi Phi OFFICERS Jack Stevens President Roger Herbert Vice-President Rollie Tillman Secretary Bill Warwick Treasurer Hoyt Pritchett Sergeant -at -Arms Jose Stuntz Historian HISTORY Founded at Princeton University in 1824. Colors: Scarlet and Blue Publication: Chi Phi Chakett Established at the University of North Carolina in 1858 and 1922. First Row. left to right: James Archer. Ben Burbridge, Garland Coble, Dan Craver, Charles Fitzgerald. Second Row: John Hallett, James Harris, Allen Holt, Clyde Meares, Harvey Mills. Third Row: Lane Ormand, Tom Peacock. Hoyt Pritchetl. Bill Ragsdale, Bill Sanders. Fourth Row: Howard Scotland, H. G. Snipes, Jack Stevens. Lamar Stroupe, Jose Stuntz. Rollie mm! Tftf?H[Eif JI0f£B8 : ' f ■ ££ ,r H° COpft fl, »«ME 6IW ( I U«»£ GAME ™ t- " J W % B $ T ' Since 1858 the month of September has always marked the advent of a new year for the Chi Phi Fraternity on the campus, and so it was this year with brothers returning early to carry out house improvements and to work on campus orientation. Soon thoughts were turned to rushing, and the efforts of the Chi Phi ' s were rewarded with a fine pledge class of active, interested new students. Under the leadership of their pledge-master, the new members pitched into work around the house and to participation in all phases of activities. From publications to politics, and from athletics to academic pursuits, Chi Phis were to be found hard at work. The same energies transformed the upper floors of the fraternity ' s home through painting and redecoration. But all was not work, for 1955 was a season of memorable and enjoyable parties during football season to a record - breaking pledge weekend. Spring found the brothers visiting the beaches, and the ever-present Hogan ' s Lake parties were similar successes. With commencement nearing, thoughts of exams and future plans were mellowed with the memories of a perfect Chi Phi year. CHI PHI PLEDGE CLASS First Row, left to right: Sulton, Moise, Boston, Lewis. Second Row: Coleman, Curroway, Par- tridge, Dryman, Brigham. Third Row: Weil, Clark, Warwirk, Crueiani. Bowen, Creech. Chi Psi X OFFICERS Thomas York President Carl Broadway Vice-President Morris Jones Secretary Dewey Chappie Treasurer HISTORY Founded at Union College in 1841. Colors: Purple and Gold Publications: Purple and Gold, The Sigma Scroll. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1855. first Ron, left to right: William Allen, Frank Berry, Edwin Borroff, Cary Broadway, Wayne Brown, James Bryant. Second Role: Mar ion Buie, Dewey Chappie, Stelio Christedes, Laurence Cobb, Robert Dannenbaum, Otis Fisher. Third Roic: Joel Goodwin, Richard Hall- den, Donald Huntington, Robert Jacobus, Thomas Johnson. Fourth Roic: Morris Jones, Kenneth Lowry, Stephen Marks, David Mchinney. George McKinney. Herbert Neilson. Fifth Row: Noel Petree, Robert Pfaff. Leonard Reaves, Donald Thornton, Zack Waters, Herbert Went , Walter York. £ p ft £5 O We remember . . . interesting summer experi- ences . . . the lodge ' s " new look " . . . twenty-eight- year-old housemother Polly still in fine voice . . . telegram signed " Seixas " congratulating twenty- three of the greatest pledges ever . . . " Little Caesar " . . . full lodge-three in a room . . . after Hazel blew through — " are our boxwoods in- sured? " . . . big football weekends alumni parties . . . after Maryland jaunt miserable colds, sore throats; pleasant exhaustion, fabulous tales . . . all-night work sessions on floats, displays . . . Homecoming pajama dance . . . Fountain ' s formal motion to put all snorers on one sleeping porch . . . our winning beauty, Tricia . . . Fall golf rage . . . Wayno ' s " raunchy blasts " . . . " Want to buy a letter? " . . . Bible study . . . Chris ' blase invitation " Let ' s go to Europe next summer? " . . . " Spooky " . . . coffee breaks, library dates, W. C. trips . . . sorority parties, house part ies, cabin parties, those at Hogan ' s . . . Bryant and his " Milk! " . . . Greek Week . . . " Socrates " Wentz ' choice philosophical tidbits . . . beach weekends . . . Fisher ' s " real gone cat " step . . . hillbilly sessions under guitarship of Maestro Neilson . . . Chi Psi combo . . . pinnings, engagements, mar- riages . . . Jones ' innumerable services to the lodge . . . under the outstanding leadership of No. 1 York-scholarships, honors, recognition. CHI PSI PLEDGE CLASS First Row, left to right: Culbreth, Parks, Clark, Keller, Hall, Coolman. Second Row: Hahman, Burgess, Briggs, Williams, Stone, Dean, Game, Lewis. Third Row: Wallace, Eidson, Garner, Allen, Kilpalriek, McCall, Smothers, Fisher, Gedney, Gorman, Waters. Delta Kappa Epsilon OFFICERS Peter Sprague President W. Osborne Lee Vice-President William Temple Secretary Hugh H. Shull Treasurer HISTORY Founded at Yale University in 1844. Colors: Scarlet, Azure and Old Gold Publication: The DEKE Quarterly. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1851. First Row, left to rights William Barnes, Lawrence Bell, Bernie Bullard, INevy Clark, William Gardner. Sec- ond Row: Bruce Gustafson. Perky Haves, James Kesler, William Osborne Lee. Pritchard Lindsev. Third Roto: Robert Mason. Jack Moore. Milton Move. Lewis Neaves, Bailev Patrick. Fourth Rote: William Peel. George Raines, Cecil Rand, James Raugh. Peter Srhroeder. Fifth Row: Robert Shellv, Thomas Shores, Herbert Thorp, David Ward, Zebulon Weaver. fa 4 A ' fc Aft " ii. ft ft (5 (fl ft AlhAhli The Halls of Beta again were opened with the usual resounding roar and another year of DKE was in the making . . . Barney made like Damon Runyon while Hose looked like one of his char- acters . . . Owen and Bell inserted the " game " . . . Blades played like Samson . . . Ward and his Bull ' s ring . . . Shelly captained " flick " team . . . Skip and Zeb tried to figure out Newton ' s law . . . Sprague and Temple guiding influence . . . Jack was local lover . . . Mason was " hard man " . . . Neaves said his first bad word . . . Shortt dated, hurrah . . . Patrick wasn ' t so smooth . . Raugh about Mr. Mueller . . . Bernie burnt the candle . . . Animal was " The Animal " . . . Moye made trips . . . Mobley said something . . . Peel was pinned — self explanatory . . . Perky attended every southern girl ' s school . . . Nevy was work horse on the float . . . Schroeder dated entir e DDD house . . . Buzzy ate meals at the Pi Phi house . . . Shores got a date, finally . . . Kester played " Ivy League " . . . Gus made like Pancho . . . Lee initiated Social Reforms . . . Another successful pledge class was brought in and so 1955 closed another excellent year at 132 S. Columbia Street . . . DELTA KAPPA EPSItON PLEDGE CLASS First Rote, left to light: Znllieoffer, Milliard. Pender, H. Smith. Second Row: Hartzog, Owen, Ragsdale, Piekard, Leggett. Third Row: Pollard. Morris, Pearsall, Woolard, C. Smith, Ihompson, Ashford. Not Pictured: Brvan. Delta Upsilon OFFICERS HISTORY George McGehee President Founded at Williams College in Jim Rollins Vice-President 1834 - Jim Butler Secretary Colors: Sapphire Blue and Old Gold Gus Grant Treasurer Plication: Delta Upsilon Quarterly Established at the University of North Carolina in 1953. First Rote, left to right: William Andrews. James Armstrong. James Butler, Freeman Grant. Second Rote: Robert Hiee. Andrew Houghton. Herman Husbands. Edward Johnson. Third Rote: George MeGehee, James Rollins. Carrol Spangler. Edward Vogel. £ p» ' it - 1 ' mMrrt in 4K K 4 i Jik ' i Great year for the D.U. ' s . . . although minus some of our most active brothers due to graduation, Uncle Sam, etc., we enjoyed the most successful year of our brief career. Fall rush added ten to our roll of some of the best on campus. Party, Party! First came the Plantation Club shindig, then a blast at the Castle . . . followed by a chilly social and hayride together with the other necessities for a sensational time. Dave Andrews took over the reins of the pledge- master, and seems to have the situation well in hand. Pete, as cantankerous as ever (!) doing great as Pres. Gus, the financial wizard and eternal pessimist appears to have a monopoly on the treasury. Scholarship, the foremost ingredient in any fraternity is stressed to improve our standing . . . though we still haven ' t found the answer to those multiple quiz days. Our goal for this year is first on campus, and I think we can make it. Started slinging hash at the house this year for the first time. Ed (Toolius) Vogel, ably running the kitchen with helpful (?) hints by all. See you all round the campus . . . DELTA UPSILON PLEDGE CLASS First Roiv, left to right: Peterson, Spangler, Cannulas, Wood. Second Row: McCauly, Sharpe, lioudreau, McSwain, Armstrong. Kappa Alpha Aj S OFFICERS HISTORY |P Martin Jordan President Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865. Karl Barkley Vice-President . . . ' Colors: Crimson and Old Cold fe Gordon Forestor Secretary mowers: The Magnolia and the J S §i Crimson Rose. f f® , Publication : Kappa Alpha Journal. HjrggvTwL Established at the University of •Sg QlgF Z 3 - North Carolina in 1881. First Row. left to right: Bob Angstadt. Ozzic Avscue, Quincy Avscue. Allen Badcr. Karl Barkley, Charlie Bowles, Harry Eastcrling. Second Rote: Howard Fogleman, Gordon Forestor, Pinknev Fronelmrger, Earle Garrelt. Don Geiger, Heidi Gray, Morgan Hale. Third Row: Ed Harrisson, Bob Headen, T. C. Homeslev, Vinee Hoelscher, Wool Howell. Jaek Hunter, Dick Hudson. Fourth Roic- Allen Johnson, Martin Jordan, T. Kepley, Jerry McBrayer, Pat McCormiek, Layton McCurdy. King McGhee. Fifth Row: Charles Miller. George Mitchell, John Monroe, Tom Morelon, Gene Parsons, Bob Peek. Phil Roberts. Sixth Row: Scott Spradley, Harry Steele, Larry Williams. O O P P p P P s mJkmxk A. J - :- ' p p p p p p C5 f " ,Cj (1. f f! a -I i-fcAifc.tW,fi " P Another great year . . . cleaner house that hardly withstood Hazel and the fire, sideboard at last . . . TERRIFIC PLEDGE CLASS . . . brothers . . . Geiger concerned with variety in parties now . . . " I reliterate that " . . . Al and the maze in room . . . Mitchell and HIFI . . . Moby, human HIFI . . . " Vince, how many today? " . . . T ' s friend ruining suits . . . Ray, prodical son finally moves in . . . Bader, " Yna, Yna " . . . Wool ' s cranberry juice . . . Hoss ' progression his most important product . . . Eddie, finally active . . . Bowles and " Let ' s buy the house " . . . Miller, " They ' ll think next time " . . . Earle, the optimist . . . Dick. " You know where Vandemere is? " . . . Karl, clumsy but friendly . . . Gordon, GMAB head . . . Moreton, one man demolition team . . . Williams, Plumber who thinks he ' s a painter . . . Pink, 1960 ' s best pledge . . . Headen, " What ' d you say? " . . . Scott ' s neighbor selling fish . . . Harry, " But I only serve it. " . . . Ayscue ' s lost cords . . . Peek ' s parlor games . . . Roberts, " Just remembered, I ' ve got to study. " . . . McCormick, " dadgummit " . . . Steele, original Silent Sam . . . McGoo, " Where ' s my records? " . . . Angstadt and Field No. 5 . . . Mc- Brayer, I don ' t want the Planetarium. " . . . Monroe. " Let ' s hit Raleigh. " . . . Hale, " I have 12 quizzes tomorrow. " . . . Mac, " You aren ' t in my league. " . . . Ear, " Is it wholesale? " . . . All wearing a KA pin on their sweaters and KA spirit in their hearts. KAPPA ALPHA PLEDGE CLASS First Rote, left to right: Wallace Bagley, Jerr Thompson, Joe Westmoreland. Second Ron Bill Chrisjian. Roy Clyburn, Thad Bostic. Ca Barringlon. Third Row: John Blackwelde. Bill Powell, Chuck Flack. Bob Fuller, Wille Rush. Rav Jollv. Kappa Sigma OFFICERS Edwin B. Borden Grand Master Charlie Spillane Grand Procurator Bobby Noble .... Grand Master of Ceremonies Howard White Grand Scribe Charles Norwood Grand Treasurer HISTORY Founded at the University of Virginia in 1869. Colors: Scarlet, White and Emerald Green Flower: Lily of the Valley Publications: The Caducaeus, The Star and Crescent. Founded at the University of North Carolina in 1893. First Rote, left to right: William Barringer. Allien Barrus, Arthur Beckham, Edwin Borden. Seeond Rote: Hugh Carler, Fitzgerald Caudle, Edward Doolan, Gordon Hurst. Third Rote: Robert Little, Charles INorwood. Charles Palmer. Jerrv Petlv. Fourth Rote: Charles Spillane, William Timlake. Clarence Tugwell, Henrv Walker. September sees brothers giving house the pre- school once-over with Banner and Barrus doing bulk of work . . . Caudle, Tug-a-loo, Shaky, and Governor Beckham back after a few semesters with Rob presiding . . . Terrific pledge class under iron hand of Smoothie Wickham . . . Borden heads the chapter . . . Fifty Cents on the keyboard . . . Primrose drowning out combined efforts of Mi- chael ' s and Timlake ' s Hi-Fi ' s . . . Black and White big success . . . Hawgbody subbing for Santa at Orphan ' s Party . . . Doolan becomes grader . . . Zach leads winning Intramural Squad . . . Nor- wood sweating the finds . . . Germans proved to be wild and wooly . . . White scribbling the dope . . . Petty, the goof-off . . . " Hurst, fix that win- dow. " . . . Palmer leads troops to beach and water-skis . . . Barringer takes flicks . . . Carter chief sack-hound, rivaled by Hot-Foot Farrell . . . Walker blows up Caldwell Hall . . .Tyler still in love . . . Sorority parties at School House roar- ing successes . . . Tart burning up B. A. courses . . . Bruton and Carpenter refereeing . . . Spring weather and Hogan ' s . . . Adopt foreign orphan . . . Parties the best (scholarship improving) . . . Fine year at 204 Cameron . . . A.E.K.D.B. KAPPA SIGMA PLEDGE CLASS Firtl Row, left to right: Stewart, Whim, Pat- rick, Yowell, Holt. Second Rote: Young. Powell, Sutton, Covle, Korner, Cunningham. Christian. Watts. F? ill ' Jl 3 ill V Amf WV Lambda Chi Alpha OFFICERS HISTORY Robert Aldridge President Founded at Boston University Thomas Barclay, IV . Vice-President in 1909. Robert O. Deviney Secretary Colors: Purple, Green and Gold William I. Starrett Treasurer Flower: White Rose. Publication: Cross And Crescent. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1926. First Row. left to right: Robert Aldridge, Ray Barbre, Thomas Barclay, Robert Bell, Herbert Callihan. Second Row: Lawrence Conder. Robert Deviney, Robert Ebeile, William Elder, Willis Hanna. Third Ron: George Johnson, George Jovner, Curtis Lashley, Bobby Newton, William Sellers. Fourth Row: Llovd Skinner, Ronald Sperlbaum. William Starrett. John I ' lmer, Charles Weiss. Fifth Row: William Wcstbrook, Tommv Worthington. am tkJkk j j C3 (T (!p ft 4 A PAGE 174 Rudy returns . . . whip in one hand, paint brush in the other; Ballet team paints the lodge pink, while George Johnson loses driver ' s license in G-boro. Wooten and High Nunn have " bang up " Wake Forest week-end as Worthington bites the mud. Uls comes on strong with " dubs " to K. D. dinner . . . Baby Ray and the IV sweat Durham fiasco for weeks. " Hazel " pushes Rooki into arms of Farouk . . . and speeds Willie Westbrook to the light of his life. Ivan the Terrible pledges K.D. Bell pulls chain in Raleigh . . . " D " would like to sweep around with Pi Phi ' s Broom. " Skins " flushes Lydia for Hackie. " G. " and " J.C. " reduced to minor prophets on arrival of furniture. B.O. reforms in Navy . . . Elder main- tains his kiddie corner . . . Gertie Grad claims 417. Claude and Claude Jr. share the semi. J.D. chases " Beulah " . . . but Pete catches her. Squirrels brought his folks . . . Allen brought Skipalong Hotspur. Goop ' s small town squirrel makes good. Willis and Pat speak on campus, but Lew can ' t find " Y " -time. Curtis wins his supper . . . Ben eats off mantel. Razor buys ties (at last). Callihan features lack of anti-goats at all times . . . THE WHITE PHANTOM DIDN ' T GRADUATE. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PLEDGE CLASS First Koio. left to right: Waller Geddie, Richard Love, Bill Haves, Corbel! Slewarl, David Berry, hill. Second Row: Bill Allen, John Woolen, Bo Thrope, Ben Payne, Pete Yeapanis, John Talhull. Phi Delta Theta OFFICERS Paul Heemann President Sherwood Smith Reporter Pressly Millen Warden John Cauble Treasurer Peter Knight Secretary HISTORY Founded at the University of Miami, Oxford, Ohio, in 1848. Colors : White and Blue Flower: White Carnation. Publications: The Scroll, The Palladium Established at the University of North Carolina in 1885. First Rote, left to right: Thomas Brenner, Marion Griffin, Charles Hargrave, Paul Heemann, Peter Knight. Second Row: James Martin, Pressly Millen, Robert Patterson. Mebane Prrtchell, Edward Sutton. Third Row: Steven Trimble, Lemuel Woods, Robert McLaughlin. ' " ' ; . -.iif. - 1954-35 . . . PHI DELTS return to party, party, work . . . RUSH General Bull Moose says " my point is " . . . ROCK gets smooth . . . DUMBO puts antifreeze in his wings . . . SMITH asks " How ' s your old WAZOO? " . . . SUTTON scores twice as Tar Heels beat Wake Forest . . . BAKER repents and is saved . . . OLIPHANT loses pin to Florida beauty . . . UNCLE BROOKE returns to grace weekend festivities . . . SANDY tills cavity . . . The HUNT CLUB bags a few doves . . . PERCH is prexy; he and SHANNON lead fish . . . JUDGE effervesces with his bottle of personality . . . GOAT works out at the Y.W.C.A. . . . APPOLO almost redoes the house . . . WAR- HEAD rewires his mouth . . . RAT takes a very very small drink . . . SPOTS becomes a captain without a team . . . FERG says " Somebody took those records! " . . . MOON returns to resume debates . . . YO YO, " yeah yeah " . . . AZZLE rubs hole in the bridge of his nose . . . HOOPER talks farmer out of doves, dog, and daughter . . . ALKIE goes to Vassarland . . . MARION makes a " B " . . . PITTMAN gets us 13 . . . BOWDITCH finds a bird . . . HIGGINS votes a straight non- assessment ticket. PHI DELTA THETA PLEDGE CLASS First Row, left to right: Culler, Medlin, Hobl Holt, Cherry. Second Row: West, Eaves, Darne Allison, Zeckgrab. MoMullen, Lawallen, Hog boom. a n r fk Phi Gamma Delta OFFICERS HISTORY James Crouch President Founded at Wa shington and Archer Croxton Treasurer Jefferson College in 1848. j§ Sham Jefferies Recording Sec ' y Color: Ro y al Pur P le %.M ,; « nk McCain Corresponding Sec ' y Flower: Pur P le Clematis. %SS Joe Mavretic Historian Publication: The Phi Gamma Delta. ; o, ' yj$ Established at the University of (fy jgT North Carolina in 1851. First » , . left to right: Kenneth Anderson, Hugh Barwick, John Blount, Tom Boyette, Leroy Brulon, Donald Bryan, Fredrie Byrum, Sec- ond Rom: Dave Connor, Hugh Cowan, Erie Craven, James Croueh, R. Arrher Croxton, James Dillingham, Claud Mini. Third Row: Boh Exum, William Greene, Robert (.,,,1,1,. Robert Haekler, Robert Hays, Franeis Hieks, James Hill. Fourth Ron: Charles Hoyt, John Hoyt, E. Shain Jefferies, James Lovelaee, Ted Lyneh, Joseph Mavretic, Frank McCain. Fifth Roiv: William McLean, James Montgomery, Walter Noneman, James Prescott. Irving Smith. Robert Tate, Joshua Tavloe. Sixth Ron: Joseph Towe, Joseph Walser, T. B. Williams, Larrv Wilson, Andy Woods, Jack Woods. n.- O C f -•• r {- J P-- f W k- !« . =• +hm, fc iris ft! t n mm . i £ Mi O D p P p p p o f; p m)m i mtk im % ' 7. ' Sir ■tos q ' " 3 r : Epsilon of Phi Gamma Delta began 1954 at a Fiji Island Party with the Tri Delts. The combo played for football week-ends. Rushing was a great success . . . He ' ll really bowl you over . . . The St. Mary ' s caravan started rolling . . . Stump leads. Bryan lost his head, and pin . . . " King Tate " lost his hernia. Stinky traded his gun for a Merk . . . Cowan bought a ticket for Canada. Crouch ' s " Noise " is still here . . . Prescott lost his wagon to a tree. Goofy ' s off to W. C. Croxton still can ' t get a date. Efird, fix the showers . . . Albert ' s trunk has two locks; Paul ' s delight is worse. The pledges are teaching Lovelace. The Army copped all the " drinkers. " Hoyt gets out to paint . . . Anderson ' s scrap-book is the best yet. Moondog wants some wine. Somebody burn Blount ' s ties. Mont and Al came back. Darwick ' s hanging on a limb . . . Hoyt ' s in the pad . . . Grubb ' s screaming the " Word " . . . Epsilon ' s 104th year is the best ever. Where ' s Ugh? PHI GAMMA DELTA PLEDGE CLASS First Row, left to right: Russell, Redding, Capps, Thorburn, Venlers. Second Rote: Gardner, Ward, Pill, Brown, Richardson, C. Third Row: Hare, Hays, Rose, Warren, Collins, Richardson, E., Baly. ,0 9, Phi Kappa Sigma OFFICERS Bob Jones President Al Walber» Vice-President Jim Roquemore Treasurer Bill Fetzer Secretary HISTORY Founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1850. Colors: Black and Old Gold Flower: Yellow Chrysanthemum. Publications : Phi Kappa Sigma Newsletter, Lambda Life Firtt Row. • ! to right: Jim Ayres, Fred Blake. Man.., II Conklin, Mvron Conklin, Joe Correll, Ben Davis. Second Row: Wyatt Dixon, Bill Fctzer, Al Frucci, Dave Gleitz, Jake Goforth, Steve Hardy. Third Row: Frank Harris. Al Hildrelh. Joe Hollinshed, Dick Hoyle, Boh Hunt. Dewey Johnson. Fourth Row: Bob Jones, Owen Knop, Norman Lane. Warren Love. Jim Mangum, Colin McMillan. Fifth Row: Jack Michie, Dick Nixon, Al Norberg. Bill Prothero, Jerry Reece. Clinton Rogers. Sixth Row: Jim Roquemore, Charles Sillery, Walker Stone. Jim Sykes, Parker Umstead, Ed Willingham. 9 ! 1 MM L { p p Q O p ;: s p r p y % Parties make world go round ... " 1954-55, year for die books at Lambda Skull, was year we lost Roy, Coathanger, and Cinnamon Bear to Army; Nick and Ziggy elsewhere . . . 98th year of Phi Kap on campus, great start with open house for coeds . . . year Slick dated . . , Jones didn ' t . . . Wally went Danny Dorm . . . Job flew piggyback in jet . . . Dixon replaced Charles Atlas . . . Rocko top dog in ROTC . . . Sam turned orator . . . Bishop lived on sherry . . . Sykes smiled . . . Clint and Hawk went civilian . . . Nixon bar fed on Maryland train . . . Hoyle in- vented " respect for others " . . . Miss Formal wore Levis . . . Fed finally fell . . . Blake doesn ' t dance ... 29 " sterling " pledges . . . Mouth tried for MDA . . . Mau Mau didn ' t replace Redmen . . . Bert missing three weeks . . . Mole quit snuff . . . Swede became beer tycoon . . . Reece kissed coed . . . Big Al became Frank ' s shadow . . . Rock sold Mayflower . . . Myron caretaker for Albert the Alligator . . . Hardy said, " Who ' s playing? " . . . Jake is only Goforth . . . Bull made like Jose . . . Grundoon said " Mptzkls " . . . Muff flaked in flicks . . . Hunt held to meet . . . Koman and Lane football stars . . . Joe is second-string drummer . . . Correll broke 120 . . . Fetz lost on Indians . . . Harvard returned . . . Willingham invaded porch . . . Cookie lobbied for party Party . . . Deets chuggle-ugged . . . Fuzzy and Umstead goofed . . . Vayda scored . . . " We had a party. " PHI KAPPA SIGMA PLEDGE CLASS Firm Role, left lo right: Cole, Abernethy, Beam. Morrison, Whitehead, Smith, Maxwell! Second Row: Wood. Koehenhour, Brandon. Quigg, Brennan, Pulley, Cooke, Daughlrv. Third Row: Sulorius. Crook, Tavlor, Cutter, Simmons. Green. J. Phelps, Hurler, S. Phelps. Pi Kappa Alpha OFFICERS HISTORY Bill Calvert President Founded at the University of Ed McCurry Vice-President Virginia in 1868. Flynn Harris Secretary Colors: Garnet and Gold J.m Allen Treasurer Flower: Lll ' of the VaIle ' - Publication: Shield and Diamond. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1895. First Ron: left to right: James Brulon Allen, Jr., James Betls, William Morse Calvert. L. H. Cambell. Riehard Amis Coker. Second Row: Pete Poole Daniels. Edward Kent Davis, John Dickson, Frederick Eugene Hafer, Edward Flvnn Harris. Third fori : Luther Hartwell Hodges, Jr., Henry Clayton House, William Jacob Isenhour, Edgar Woodfin McCurrv, Jr.. Arthur Allen Madden. Fourth Rote: James Everette Magness. Douglas Rav Overman. Linwood Ledonial Parker, Edwin Wolfe Pearce, Jr., James Stanley Peei. Fifth Rote: Claude Edwin Pope, III, Richard Eugene Rogers, Julian Hertel Rountree. Jr.. Neill McKay Salmon. Charles Read Vincent. Sixth Rote: Julian Alphues White, James Wilkins. p c p £ v J t J A P P P gtMdM P p £ ' £ £ i± P P P P P ft P O jpi Sfe- 7V 1954 . . . Visiting — ' bout time . . . Party any- time . . . Football and weekends . . . Working-hell, I ' m in Law School . . . Hazel and Pledge Class — best ever . . . " Fink " and " Hambone " doing time . . . " Noser " and the for 10 Club . . . Slowdown and " Buck " . . . " Beat Dook Parade " — hard work, lots of fun, terrific . . . " Moose " hears the mating call . . . Are you Running, Ed? . . . Sing it again, " Toots " . . . Dickson smiles and breathes, " at last " . . . What Comer, no square Christmas tree? . . . Speaking of Christmas, the Calverts holding open house in Nicaragua — rum punch anyone ? . . . " Lips " and his beans for breakfast . . . Eenie, meenie, mime, moe; which girl am I going to snow? — What say Jake? . . . " Fogarillo " . . . " Ike " and his perfect lies in the rough, really? . . . Hafer grinned — he ' s a senior . . . Madden to Johns Hopkins or Wilkes County School for Vet- erinarians . . . Yes, Buzzy, we ' re getting the soap dispensers . . . Who yelled " Snake Pit " ? — dammitt . . . Anybody got a job for Futrell? . . . Great year . . . Let ' s go to the Goody, the Flick, and wait ' til next year . . . PI KAPPA ALPHA PLEDGE CLASS Firm Roic, left to right: Young. Nebel, Haggin Sewell, Banzel, Knox, Merrill, Kendall, Hen nessa. Second Roiv: Aydlelt, Merrill, Harbison John, Murray, Mann, Darling, Goff, LeNeave Wray, Braxton. Third Row: Mahaffey, Williams Poslon, Cooper, Reavis, Ballew, Winslow, John son, Hornlhal, Gay. Smith, Wilson. Fourth Row: Bynum. Hamrick, Bradsller, Clark, Fi er, Marriott, Beaman. Artope, Lackey, Britt Wear, Savage. Pi Kappa Phi OFFICERS Richard Frucci Archon Tex Sluder Treasurer Jack Taylor Secretary Richard Starrier Warden-Pled gemaster David Futch Historian James Yokeley Chaplain HISTORY Founded at College of Charleston in 1904. Colors: Gold and White Flower: Red Rose Publication : Star and Lamp Established at the University of North Carolina in 1914. First Row. left to right: Bernice Baits. Jerry Campbell. Jordan Frassineti. Richard Frucri. Seco Row: Davie Fulch, Richard Jackson. Joseph Johnson. Joe Kosler. Third Row: Lynn Mann. Willi; Rapp, Jerrold Ridge. Tex Sluder. Fourth Row: Richard Slarner. Jack Taylor, kenneth While. Jan Yokeley. Kappa ' s complete fire loss of last year is now- only a memory . . . Stronger than ever, the Pi Kaps have made themselves at home in their new house at 206 Cameron Avenue . . . the fall social season was one of the best yet . . . scholastically too, the Pi Kaps are on the move . . . the fall rush season produced many promising pledges . . . Brother ' s meeting, future of peanut butter and jelly sand- wiches doubtful ... Pi Kaps beat " Hazel " to D. C. . . . Room R on the mezzanine . . . Home- coming, a good time was had by all . . . the Christ- mas party, everybody rallies ' round . . . Winter remembered . . . Rose Ball, seniors ' last blast . . . graduation . . . exaltation . . . Mother, what now ? Brotherhood Memories: Speedy Jackson still in the sack . . . Taylor and B. J. and big money matters . . . Frucci still trying to collect that 40c cleaning bill . . . Lynn, what ' s wrong " Abe " ? . . . Rapp finally becomes a brother . . . Little caesar, seven trips to the head in one night . . . Tex, come through one time, " snake " . . . Ridge, trying the five year plan . . . pledge para- dise, then came Ken . . . the little corporal and the 1st Louie go shyster . . . Starner. right end — number 69 . . . Nab, finally takes a social drink . . . Yokel ey, the last word, Amen. • v 11 jfil ) 1 PI KAPPA PHI PLEDGE CLASS First Roic. left to right: Rosier, Swain, Mathis, Biberstein. Second Roir: audell, Waters, Anderson. Johnson, Sessoms, Kennedy. Third Row: Brinklev. Batts, Raker. Farringlon, Ashe. Keister. Wallace. Pi Lambda Phi iH OFFICERS HISTORY Max Crohn Rex Founded at Yale University in 1895. Donald Kurtz Archon Colors: Purple and Gold Herb Wainer Scribe Publication: Tripod Barry Fogel Keeper of the Exchequer Established at the University ot r - , c - i • m l i North Carolina in 1939. Dick Sirkin Marshal First Rote, left to right: Stanley Bershaw, Dave Burrows, Max Henry Crohn, Barry Fogel. Second Roir: Fred Kahn, Arnold Kapiloff, Bradly Katz, Edward Lipman. Third Ron: Richard Oresman. Marvin Pearlman, Robert Pearlman, Edwin Pearlstine. Fo.irrh Ron: Riehard Sirkin. No berger, Stuart Trichman, Herbert Wainer. Donald Warren. t o o o fZ3 f f f J d A spirited bunch returns from Summer vacations suntanned and eager . . . Brothers pitch in and ' ole 107 looks best ever . . . Dining room gets new tile job (with trumpet solo at four in the morning) . . . Rushing comes and nine boys start on the road towards being Jolly Laddies! . . . Social room downstairs new beauty spot . . . Fall Germans party was the greatest as Elliot Lawrence and band appear at house . . . What a party! . . . South Carolina game a blast . . . who took the chairs? . . . Winter comes and we settle down to some serious intellectual activity . . . Pharaoh cracks the whip . . . Gotta keep that average on top . . . Beach weekends and cabin party start spring off right . . . Pledge weekend best in Omega Beta history . . . Horse shoe pits decorate the back yard and nature boys decorate roof . . . Omega Beta finished one of its greatest years with hopes for an even better one in ' 5 5- ' 56. PI LAMBDA PHI PLEDGE CLASS First Roic, left to right: Fleishman, Zeman, Traetenbury, Rothslc-in. Second Roiv: Lyon. Smiley, Garr. Saek s. St. Anthony Hall OFFICER George V. Strong House Manager HISTORY Founded at University of Columbia in 1847. Colors: Blue and Gold. Established at the University of North Carolina in L854. First Ron, left to right: H. David Bruton, Harry B. Burlev, III. Alfred Tucker Cluclt. Douglas B. Dewing. Second Rom. J. Brooke Gardiner, Donald E. Kenlopp, Charles B. Kuralt. Davis W. Lamson. Third Row: John MeK. Ludwig, John A. Spooner, Edward T. Taws, Jon K. Tiee. Jav Zimmerman, Jr. $J» O f iilu M M S K Fall semester christened with Kem-Tone . . . New members introduced. Michael, the Bird, compliments the gibberings of Tice in the " Jungle Room. " . . . Gardiner brushes with nobility. Buys more expensi ve wine . . . Rushing ruins manicures, but takes nine more fine young men off streets . . . Brad Hall follows hurricane to WC . . . Cocktail hour improves spirit of fellowship as fish move into air-conditioned winter quarters . . . Spooner escapes from lockup with unidentified friend . . . Football weekends feature smokey basements. Lord Burley in coat, Taws with date . . . Germans and coon hunt, Spivak reverts to type, climbs tree, unidentified date scares cow. Spain ' s domestic tranquility blasted for third time . . . Strange sounds issue from hotel suite late in November . . . Christmas party is the last show of definance to- ward yuletide spirit. Kentopp (always pronounced wrong) pollutes eggnog with goatskin . . . Bruton brushes hayseed out of cuffs in time for informal rush . . . First leaf seen through haze of bugs by Strong in Kenan woods. Spring is just around the corner. " Battle for the Beach " moves into focus . . . Swingout brings influx of old faces and new songs. High point of the social season as usual . . . Graduation robs Hall of caretaker and major ex- ecutive. Lamson turns in keyring; Strong joins frogmen. ST. ANTHONY HALL PLEDGE CLASS Fir»l Roic, left to right: Williams, Bowm: Covell, Burley. Second Row: Anderson. Spivj Marropolus, Parker. 1 Sigma Alpha Epsilon OFFICERS HISTORY Edward H. Hardison President Founded at the University of ci jtdiiiii t - „ n i , Alabama in 1856. Edward L. Pell, III Vice-President , T c , c Colors: Old Gold and Purple James L. Seely secretary r c , r „ r Flower: Violet Samuel I . Reeves reas irer Publication: The Record Established at the University of North Carolina in 1857. First Rotv. left to right: Milo Abercrombie, William Armfield, Herbert Brown, Charles Causey, Edward Crawford, Thomas Creasy. .Second Row: Claudine Dawson, Julian Dell, John DuBose, A. H. Galloway. Edward Hardison. Willis Henderson. Third Roic: Wil- liam Huff, George Hunter, Edward Hutchins, Doug Lybrook, James Norfleet. George Parker. Fourth Koic: James Palton. Bobby Payne, Edward Pell, Samuel Reeves, Thomas Ruffin, William Sandridge. Fifth Rote: James Seely. Jennings Thompson. Fritz Van Winkle. Roberts Wellons. Clarence Williams. Charles Yarborough. h Aifc 6n JlkdlMdlto k t Pi l 1 T 1 f-T 1 The dawn of 1954 casts its light on the 97th year of SAE on the Carolina campus. Taking in a fine pledge class was the beginning of a memorable year, with a rapid succession of good times . . . football weekends, Germans, SAE weekend, and the glorious beach in the spring. Under the superlative leadership of Ned Hardi- son, the brothers gave spirited participation to intramural sports and campus activities, gaining laurals in many fields. " John O. " remains our best representative to Y Court affairs. It was their finest hour as Rubber Wellons and Fedook Parker received into the bonds of Miverva. The old maple tree still stands on the side patio and under her limbs were spent many of the best times through another fine year by the members of N. C. Xi. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON PLEDGE CLASS First Row, le t to right: Burress, Buird, Foster. McMillan. Second Row: Jones, Igoe, Walker, Jones, Sasser. Third Row: Ruffin, Tompkins. Stnrdivant, Davis. Roth, Tanner. AMI Sigma Phi Epsilon OFFICERS Jack Stewart President Chuck Lore Vice-President Rueben Leonard Comptroller Gene Blanton Secretary John Glover .... Historian HISTORY Founded at the University of Richmond in 1901. Colors: Red and Purple Flower: American Beauty Rose Publication: Sigma Phi Epsilon Journal Established at the University of North Carolina in 1921 and 19)7. First Row. left to right: David Aderholt, William Akin. Darwin Bill, Eugene Blanton, William Brown. Second Rowi John Bunrh, Charles Daniels, Jon Dawn, William Flowers. Carl Furr. Thirtl Row: Don Garren. John Glover, Samuel Helms. Charles Johnson, Ruehen Leonard. Fourth Row: Charles Lore, Eugene Maloney, Thomas Nash, Thomas INorris, Riehard Pieree. Fifth Row: Dennis Pope. William Self, Clarence Smith. James Stewart. Claude Thompson, Thomas Torgerson. P. P Q ±dik 0 | r f j PI J A »- | f -f 1 - ' i l » . J.ittuM SPRING 1954 Deltas take top honor . . . District Governor ' s Cup. Sig-Ep Ball . . . visit from Grand President, off to Raleigh, banquet, Ball, back to hotel (Bedford and suitcase), Nowhere to sleep . . . Well, hell, don ' t sleep, PARTY! We did. Charlie ' s Day . . . did we win ? Who knows . . . we enjoyed the spoils. Hogan ' s. " Who stole our blanket? " " Who stole my gal? " FALL 1954 Rueben ' s summer bargain . . . " Don ' t they look good, should be worth ten pledges. " WORK, WORK, yard cleaned, grass sowed . . . Chuck wields the whip. Rushing starts . . . " We got him. " " But oh, that hand shake . . . Where ' s Torgersen? " ... He DRINKS! " Well, pledge him anyway. " Let ' s go to the fair . . . let ' s sing . . . let ' s get drunk . . . Ahhhhh. Football durry . . . another skin on wall, Satur- day nite . . . women around, doing what they might-ha, not quite. Party with the ADPi ' s. Tuscaloosa calling Jack. Rueben gung4io ADPi. Fritz has a pin now too, whose? . . . Gene with no car . . . Chuck with a paddle for those " P ' s " and another brother ' s " G " . . . David at G. C. . . . Glover with a new car (old date) . . . Norris scrubbing with a nurse . . . Flowers in New Orleans or at " Johnny ' s " with Rufus . . . Bill and Charlie at the " Mouza " . . . Hoke with no hangover . . . Self not at Wake Forest . . . Don boxing. SIGMA PHI EPSILON PLEDGE CLASS ght First Row, left to Nash, II. ii. Ii i. k. D Slapleion, Ballard, Third Row: Doar. Sharp, Pierce. Moffatt, Daughtrv, -oiirf Row: Reamv. d, Davis, Padgett. Slager. P Sigma Chi OFFICERS HISTORY Don Gladstone President Founded at the University of Miami Walter Converse Vice-President (° xford Ohl0 in 1855 " c T.-1 i c „, . Colors: Blue and Gold Sonny Ridenhour secretary cl ■ n j i t Flower: White Rose Skippy Roddey reasuret Established at the University of North Carolina in 1889. firm Row. left to right: Harrv Anderson, Boh Bell. Robert Casey, Dick Chalk, Wall Converse, Ronnie Current, Bill Ford. Second Row: Don Gladstone, Brilt Glenn, Toy Gregory, Mike Hendren, Fred Heathe, Diek Hensel, Joe Hudson. Third Row: Eric Jonas, Bill Kanaff.Jim Keeeh, Henrv Lomax, J. B. Lopp, Jim Melvin, Cal Mitchell. Fourth Roic: Denny Mitchell. Bill Moore. Rav Murphy, Tommy Osborne, Claude Plum- lee, Horace Posey, Doug Powell, fifth Row: Sonny Ridenhour, Skippy Roddy. Aubry Rothrock. Gary Sheffield. Bob Sisk. Peter Smitherman. Charlie Stevens. Sixth Row: Marty Tilcomb. Bill Ward, Hosea Wilson. £m M M 1 ? O P P p p ft dkJitfmd tMt POP JtMdi I :• «. .• Attention Mr. and Mrs. Carolina and all the boys at Spero ' s, let ' s go to press. FLASH: Spider back in infirmary . . . Burgeropolis attracts Health Inspector . . . Converse seen carrying Who ' s Who through Y court with pledge following with his ladder . . . Grover replaces Daddy Ricks as Grand Old Man of Sigma Chi . . . Toy makes like Tarzan . . . Hendren gets short order cook job at Toddle House among other things . . . Jack Knauff found with Hypo in room . . . Orchids to Keech-voted Queen of Alpha Gams . . . Coach Melvin seen with fifth of Old Durham Road . . . Same old Britt . . . Dowdy breaks hundred and leaves for Masters . . . Plumlee sells buckets cheap . . . Mega-mouth Murphy rivals new inter-com system . . . Stevens and Bell order form-fit T shirts . . . HiFi Mitchell makes like a combo . . . Head Hugger voted " Man most likely to be taken home to meet the folks. ' ' . . . TV Powell haunts end room . . . Quote Weasel, R.D., " It was my first cross country, it shall be my last. " SSSonney breaks into lineup . . . Hoe and Otis form terrific combo . . . Bear has Target of Year . . . BB eyes drifts to Mt. Vernon . . . Bundles gets presidency and Sweetheart . . . Prediction — Another great year for the Chi ' s. SIGMA CHI PLEDGE CLASS First Row, left to right: Lampert, Campbell, Roberts, Paul, Woltz, Kirkman. Second Row: Evans, Stone, Fan joy, Mckaughn. Ellerby, Phinizy, Dunn. Third Row: McVical ville, Payne, Forbes, Rose, Patseavoi McCartney, Harris. Sigma Nu OFFICERS Carl Ray Webb, Jr Eminent Commander James R. Harper Lieutenant Commander Lee B. Holmes Recorder Raymon L. White Treasurer HISTORY Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1869. Colors: Black, White and Gold Flower: White Rose Publication: The Delta Established at the University of North Carolina in 1889. First Rott; left to right: Bob Brawley, Pete Brumley, Ed Bulluck, DeWitl Chappie, Ed Clement, Sidney Dixon. Second Ron-: Jim Exam, Tom Gill, John Gwvnn, Fred Hamriek, George Harris, Buddy Harper. Third Rote: Tommy Harper, Gene Hieks. Lee Holmes, Jim Hurley, Jaek Markham, Don P. Mitehell. Fourth Roiv: Harold Milehell. Bill Morgan, Bob Powell, Julian Ross, Carl Webb, Raymon While. PAGE 196 The Whitest Star of Sigma Nu Shone bright on us this year; With lasting pride we looked ahead And gave a hearty cheer. We entertained all of the heads . . . " Co-eds, " we mean to say ! We lived it up around the house And found a date for Ray. George preened and combed and preened some more, And Noel kept cutting up frogs. Quoth Hemstitch: " Halt! Who comes here? " Hicks says we ' re going to the dogs. No Ruby in our five-armed star . . . To Yankeeland goes he. Vick fixes up the parties And we have Big Drinking Spree! Dave sauntered, laughing, right on in, A new girl every day; " My motto is Variety, men; I think it ' s here to stay. " " Dynamite comes in shorter men " Holler Dixon and " T " Tom. So pledge em up . . . and so we did. From all the states the)- come. Then lo! The Webb raised his hand And made a mighty sweep ; " If you don ' t cut out all this fun, To the depths of hell you ' ll creep! " So fill your buckets to the top; Tip Vickers a dime or two. Take one long and lasting drink For Dear Ole Sigma Nu! SIGMA NU PLEDGE CLASS First Rote, left lo right: D. Davis, C. Davis, Hoover, Oakley. Slater, Lynch. Currin. Second Ro,c: Hicks, Crumpler, Groce, Kimzev. Wagner. Ashby, HoMen. Third Row: Burrell. Huff, Glover, Hargitt, Williams. Fourth ftoir: Move. Muslian. Prewitl. kouri. Burlon. Adams. Tau Epsilon Phi OFFICERS HISTORY Art Mackler President Founded at Columbia University Dick Kushinsky Vice-President in 191 °- Marshall Waldman Scribe Colors: Pur P le and Wh,te Burnet Mendelsohn Bursar ¥lowen : Lil ' of the Valle y and Violet Publication: The Plume Established at the University of North Carolina in 192 i. First Row, left to right: Martin Alperl. Marvin Brndv. Robert Colbert. Malcolm Coplon, David Garmise. Second ffoir: Erie Heiden, Alan Korschun, Ronald Kriegsman, Riehard kushinsky, David Lieberman. Tin,, I Rote: Arthur Mackler, Benjamin Marks. Burnet Mendelsohn, Alan Orringer, Richard Planer. Fourth Roic: Larrv Saunders, Elliott Solomon. §, Aj; To the eleven that are leaving . . . hope you see sevens for the rest of your life . . . Found a cabin yet, Pallar? Well, maybe you ' ll find it in law school . . . Kushinsky leaves to run New Jersey, still claiming he lost more weight than Lipman . . . Fred opens dry cleaning establishment telling Dick he ' s a liar . . . No one to fix us up at Dook now that Mar-dy is off to dental school . . . Good work Chance, hear you ' re buying out the Intimate, Art . . . Dr. Sabu becomes founder of NAACP in Greece . . . Anyone need a slightly used engage- ment ring? Contact Orringer at his pickle works . . . Black Mortis changes blackjack headquarters to law school . . . Dino leaves Sandy for Uncle Sammy . . . Colbert changes BMOC pin for ROTC wings . . . Flea, hear you ' re going to manage Fowler ' s after law school, or before maybe??? . . . Rushing a success, fifteen good pledges . . . What happened to the party the Georgia weekend ???... Perfect record for the football team ? ? ? . . . Almost didn ' t get to Maryland game, but the trip was worth it . . . Houseparty great, especially Novem- ber hayride. TAU EPSILON PHI PLEDGE CLASS First R oiv. left to right: Frank Block. Ed Blacker, Jack Weisel, An Sobel, Steve Bank. .Second Ron: Bernie Weiss, Sonny Evans, Dick Sliulman, Dave Checker, Dave Ansell, Marv Levin, Boh Gcsoff, Dick Margoles. " Ok c as r r R Theta Chi OFFICERS Clinton Andrews President Steve Marcinko • Vice-President Tyndall Alligood Secretary Kent Thompson Treasurer HISTORY Founded at Norwich University, Norwich, Vermont, in 1856. Colors: Military Red and White Flower: Red Carnation Publication: The Rattle of Theta Chi Established at the University of North Carolina in 1920. First Row. left to right: Tyndall Alligood, Clinton Andrews, Me Ivin Brown, Ronald Goodman, Robert Green. Second Row: Danny Gryder. Boyden Henley. Ben Mangum, Steve Marcinko. Don Monroe. Third Row: Dave Pace. Bill Suttle, Kent Thompson, Gilbert Tweed, Walter Yopp. g p p p £Zgra£ . . more fun next celebrating five bigger and Alumni partying after State game . . . more alumni after Georgia game . . . and great alumni, " Freddysong, " back in school. Fifth anniversary party great night at cabin in woods . . glorious years on UNC campus better years ahead. " Tweedybird " swears women fight for him . . . don ' t believe it . . . " Foggy " swears he told Mary not to call more than three times a day . . . don ' t believe it . . . Field swears he doesn ' t like TV . . . don ' t believe it. " Sutt " puts up mailbox . . . believe it . . . West spends money at Ellis-Stone ' s . . . believe it . . . the other West sees exposition in Paris . . . believe it. Traveler Clint returns to view " Rose Bud " in gold-lined overcoat . . . Pleas traded record players . . . Annie returns with best cooking on campus . . . What happened to " Hamburger, " " Old Dad, " " Sgt. Elmo " ? Ask Uncle Sam! Fried Pies in spotlight for Theta Chi at beauty contest . . . winners ... we think. New pledges take spotlight too . . . winners . . . we think. Year flies . . . " Bedwetter " to field in September . . . " Hazel " visits in October, leaves everything intact . . . Thanksgiving . . . " Kid " snatches Nell in November . . . Christmas . . . Vopp plays Santa again . . . Spring Vacation . . . Graduation . . . Andrews, Alligood, Goodman, Marcinko, Tickle, West don the old cap and gown. 1955. Who knows . . . THETA CHI PLEDGE CLASS First Row, left to right: SI Walsh, Coffey. Second Row: Faddin, Field, Mettitl, Dondvan »re, H Cavlon Jo ' hnso Zeta Beta Tau OFFICERS Alan Resnick President Richard Adelshcim Vice-President Howard Reiss • Secretary Albert Marx Treasurer Rcbert Hornik Historian HISTORY Founded at City College, New York City, in 1898. Colors: Blue and Gold Publications: ZBT Quarterly, Alpha Pioneer. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1927. First Ron. left to right: Charles Ackerman, Richard Adelsheim, Martin Berger, Jim Buyer, Ja Cohen, Michael Epstein. Second Ro,r: Robert Goldberg, Philip Goodman, Robert Hornik. Henry Isaacson. Max Kahn, Victor kasser. Third Row: Charles katzenstein, Benjamin Marks. Albert Marx. Edward Nelson. Howard Reiss. Alan Resnick. Fourth Rote: Louis Rosenstoek. Lewis Sherman. Michael ili Mi i A You are right, Fall at Carolina and football week- ends have come again. Alumni too, Kanter, Keilig, Einstein, and Dryser give us a visit . . . Sunday morning on our front steps, the pause that refreshes after the big weekend. Lou ' s smile and A.B. ' s belly fill the background . . . Nine new pledges, spirited youth is added at 121 W. Rose- mary . . . " What, another party! weed. Barb looks on . . successful Fall season . " Yase " initiated, at last Pres. " Res " puffs that Homecoming climaxes . . Lou, " Stock, " and . . Snowball fight with Kappa Psi ' s, Marks blasts Kahn as Reiss leads " Pierre " and " Ack " in death defying charge . . . Another Germans, Anniversary, whew! . . . year, don ' t pass so fast . . . Spring, smiles, and beach parties . . . Art plays uke as Lou and Mike look on . . . Seniors graduate. Ben, " Rock, " Richie, Chas, Marty, we ' ll miss them. It was another great year . . . ZETA BETA TAU PLEDGE CLASS First Ron: lr t to right: kadis. Bressher, Gott- lieb, Slagcr. Second Roto: Eelton, Weinstein, Oppenheimer, Haggedorm. Zeta Psi OFFICERS Walton Joyner President Bob Trundle Vice-President Doug Van Noppen Secretary Skippy MacMillan Treasurer Seebury Thorp Sergeant-at-Arms HISTORY Founded at New York University in 1847. Colors: Gold and White Flower: White Carnation Publication : Cide of Zeta Psi Established at the University of North Carolina in 1858. First Ron. left to right: Leslie Babcock, Joe Barber, Jimmy Barnes, Al Bryant, Chip Bryant, Bill Brawner. Second Roiv: Mai Chambliss. Hugh Chapman, Jim Cheatham, Dick Cozart, Mark Dickerson, Pat Eldridge. Third Ron: Paul Fulton, Richard Hines. Walt Joyner, Joe Lawson, Ed Laughlin, Skip MacMillan. Fourth Row: Bill Moss. Cecil Neville, Al Purrington, Grady Putnum. Julian Robertson, George Smith. Fifth Row: Brant Snavely, Seebury Thorp, Bob Trundle, Runyon Tyler, Donnie Van Loan, Doug Van Noppen. Sixth Roic: Grimes Williams, Jack Williams, Will Woodard, Chick Young. P p P P % - p C £» P Q |MafflifflwiP m Hi ' 11 UPSILON ' S 96th year at UNC . . . " Zetees " back for best year yet . . . " Snake " takes over for " G. T. " . . . " Footsie " Parker replaces " Foots " Wallace . . . " Mai " and " Cheat " barf, . . . " Hill " and " See-bug " compare hair, . . . " Mo-Monk " and " Lips " leave after 3V2 years . . . " Chic " and " Stump " continue WC caravan . . . " Ula " gives it up . . . " Chip " and " Gatsby " and crew keep " Trundle " and " Nunyan " busy . . . " Bullet " imitates Hoagy Carmicheal . . . " Poss " runs Navy vessels except for " Kitch ' s " " bathtub " . . . " Squir- rel " gives Tri-Delts rick-shaw ride, " Nutties " works on Chi-O ' s . . . " Rouse, " " Blair, " " Bridges, " " Knox " and " Johnny Barnes " replace " Blank, " " Tee-Hee, " and " Lizard " ... at St. Mary ' s. " Ed " should own Southern Bell Telephone . . . " Braw- ner, " " Grady, " " Littlehales " true to Yankee women . . . " Seeb " sees little of New Orleans but " The Grand Ole Man " sees all . . . " Haywood " is slower than " Speed " . . . " Rock " best dressed . . . We have two queens, " Sasser " and " Robertson " . . . " Mac " and " Clemmer " don ' t believe all . . . Two " Barbers, " two " Grays " and three " Smiths " have a time answering phone . . . " Barnes " sup- ports house with fines . . . " Butt " hums theme song . . . Fanny . . . " Grover, " " Bickle, " and " Bost " play Arthur Murray as " Taylor " plays spoons under eye of " Jazzman Dawson " . . . Next time someone asks, " What ' ll you have? " say, " Another terrific year! ! ! " Cause any way you look at it, that ' s what it was. ZETA PSI PLEDGE CLASS First Roiv, left to right: Norfleet, Taylor, Bar her, Rouse, Hurley. Second Rote: Dawson Bikle, Thompson. F. Gray, Bridges, Blair Third Row: Cauthen, S. Smith, Massey, Lilll hales, Parker, Edmundson, J. Smith, J. Gra Bost, Patton, Clemmer. (gargon ' fi 3mh ICo g? EDWARD H. HARDISON Princeps m j -» i-. ' - f EDWARD K. CRAWFORD " Quaestor FACULTY MEMBERS Nicholson B. Adorns Walter R. Berryhill James B. Bull Keener C. " ffl Louis Graves Edward McG. Hedgpeth Urban T. Holmes i W. Dougald MacMillan Roland P. McClamrock t John T. O ' Neil ACTIVE MEMBERS William J. Armfield, IV William H. Baker Hugh M. Chapman James G. Crouch MariT 0. Dickerson Charlejp. Eldridge, Jr. William H. Ford JChihes G. Froelich John B. Hussey Peter 0. Knight, IV ACTIVE MEMBEF William R. McDonald, III Thomas 0. Moore, Jr. Edward L. Pell, III Frank C. Roddey George T. Smith Sherwood H. Smith, Jr. Order of THE MINATAURS Arthur Newcombe, President William McDonald, Vice-President Charles Froelich, Secretary-Treasurer William Barnes, Jr. Edwin Borden, Jr. Alfred Bryant Hugh Chapman James Cheatham Ula Cozart Tom Creasy Mark Dickerson Charles Elderidge Paul Fulton Richard Guthrie Edward Hardison Toby Haynesworth Richard Hi nes, Jr. Edward Hudgions |ohn Hussey, Jr. Edward Hutchins James Kester Pritchard Lindslay Robert Little William Michael William Moore Keith Palmer Bailey Patrick, |r. James Patton William Robert Peel Edward Pell lulian Robertson William Sandridge Fritz Van Winkle Gaither Walser Charles Wickham tv ¥¥ 13 Club Roster 1954-55 Joe Mavretic President Jake Rountree Secretary -Treasurer Bill Moss Social Chairman Billy Armfield Harold Bowen Charlie Bowles Freddie Byrum Charlie Causey Mickey Chamblee Rick Coker Ed Curlee John Dickson Billy Ford Pinkney Froneberger Alex Galloway Bill Gardner Herb Gorham Heidi Gray Toy Gregory MEMBERSHIP Bob Grubb Gene Hafer Francis Hicks T. C. Homsley Knox Jenkins Joe Lawson Frank Leak Osborne Lee Ted Lynch King McGee Joe Mavretic Charlie Miller Denny Mitchell Jack Moore Bill Moss J. K. Norrleet Jim Patton Claude Plumlee George Rains Jake Rountree Bob Shelly Bryant Snavely Charlie Spillane Noel Sullivan Bozey Tart Joe Towe Ted Taws Runyon Tyler Donnie Van Loan Burt Veasey Zeb Weaver Tom Zachary BPPUUTJ QM UVMXJVIY TRML VREU AFHTY NVMNLKA TQBFNGV HBQ NVJR TYQZS SOLT FCH MLUA SIEI KVGW VALMAR LXII1. RULERS 691 WALTON KITCHIN JOYNER . . . 695 HERBERT HOWARD BROWNE . . 699 JULIAN HART ROBERTSON, JR. . 697 DOUGLAS FULTON vanNOPPEN W. S. S. 700 ARTHUR ROWELL NEWCOMBE, III . N. G. P. SUBJECTS 162 William Donald Carmichael 174 Archibald Henderson 201 Thomas Ruffin 241 Joseph G. deR. Hamilton 255 Frank Porter Graham 315 Robert Wettach 319 William W. Pierson 331 Thomas Felix Hickerson 343 Dudley Dewitt Carroll 349 William Donald Carmichael, Jr. 373 Allen Wilson Hobbs 385 Robert Edwin Coker 439 J. Penrose Harland 442 Robert Burton House 444 Gordon Gray 490 Fletcher Melvin Green 492 Charles M. Shaffer 540 Ernest Craige 546 Harry Russell 643 Lyman A. Cotten 650 Roy Walter Holsten 662 Sydenham B. Alexander 663 Frank W. Klingberg 664 Henry Wilkins Lewis 665 Robert Boyd Lindsay 678 Herbert R. Boer 679 George Dial Penick 691 Walton Kitchin Joyner 692 Thomas Claiborn Creasy 695 Herbert Howard Browne, Jr. 697 Douglas Fulton vanNoppen 698 Peter Hale Sprague 699 Julian Hart Robertson, Jr. 700 Arthur Rowell Newcombe, III 701 William Pendleton Sandridge, Jr. 702 Edward Castello Loughlin, Jr. 703 Samuel Thomas Reeves 704 James Davis Patton 705 Edwin Brownrigg Borden, Jr. order of the SHEIKS Doug Lvbrook S. Jack Williams V. S. George Rains K. Milo Abercrombie Bill Bebee Larry Bell Bill Brawner Bernie Bullard Bill Carter Ed Crawford Bill Cunningham Stewart Dawson Pete Green Bud Hargrave Perky Hayes Bill Huff Bill Joyner Walton Joyner Al Long Doug Lybrook Bob Mason Tom Moore Steve Owen Farrar Parker Al Purrington Grady Putnam George Rains Tom Ruffin Bob Scholze James Seely Al Short Buzzy Shull George Smith Bill Taylor Steve Trimble Thorn Walker John Watkins Ned Whitmore Jack Williams Louie Woodberry cobb dorm A revision of Cobb Dorm ' s program by the officers and the I. D. C. resulted in a much fuller social, athletic, and educational agenda. In the Fall we had coffee breaks and several parties, won the Homecoming display and enter- tained the Pan Hel girls with a dance. After Christmas, the dorm discussions began with an address by President Gordon Gray. Our new social room, the first of its kind on campus, was opened in the Spring. Having been host to the Kappa Alpha fraternity, entertaining Carolina ' s co-eds, and seeing daily the building and spirit grow as our boys gained new pride in their surroundings, we of Cobb feel that 1954 has been the best yet, and anticipate even better times in the future. The Philosophical Society of 1799 Joe Hudson Britt Glenn Mike Hendren Billy Ford Charles Froelich Biff Roberts Bill Bob Peele Jimmy Kester Chris Carpenter Pat Patterson Pete Knight Bill Baker James Seely Milo Abercrombie Louis Woodberry Jim Dillingham Jim Crouch Chip Bryant Mark Dickerson Charles Wickham Bob Grubbs Sherry Smith Runycn Tyler UGLIEST— J. K. Norfleet UGLIER— Skippy Roddey UGLY— Bob Trundle rvn Air Force R. O. T. C. tal k Li. Col. Mark T. Orr Director of Instruction Major Joe O. Y Director oj Adm Major Thomas T. Gilcrist Supply Officer Capt. Joseph Gerritv Cutlet Keconh Offict Capt. Janus A. Schofiold Commandant of Cadets First I.I. Robert A. Gr Adjutant COLONEL GEORGE J. SMITH Professor of Air Sc For eight years the AFROTC unit at the University of North Carolina has been an integral part of the academic plant. The United States Air Force has been recognized as America ' s first line of defense, so it becomes the purpose of the program to provide a ready supply of officer material. New pilots and observers must be constantly trained. The AFROTC gives the student the opportunity to integrate his preparation for the role of a responsi- ble citizen with the more specific preparation for his role as a well-trained Air Force officer. Training here at the University consists of intensive classroom work as well as laboratory work on the drill field. Principles of effective leadership and the importance of military discipline are stressed. DETACHMENT NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICERS Front Ron. left to right: M Sgt. Carroll W. Clifford, M Sgt. Ravmond C. Puck.II. M Sgt. Marion W. Hudson, S Sgt. John W. Hawk • Back Row: S Sgl. Marshal N. Wilson, S Sgt. Dudlev B. Slallings, T Sgt. Lesler Stroud, T Sgt. Bohbie F. Riddle. Corps of Cadets The Corps of Cadets at the University of North Carolina is organized at wing level. Its total strength is 425 cadets. Upon entering his junior year the cadet may qualify for the advanced program which calls for four hours of classroom work and two hours of dri Upon completion of academic requirements for a bachelor ' s degree and the four years of AFROTC training, each man is com- missioned and assigned to Air Force duty. Within the Corps, a band, a drill team, and a rifle team furnish extracurricular outlets. First Row, left to right: Cadel Lt. Col. Don W. Geiger, Wing Executive Offi Cadet Lt. Col. Pete P. Daniels, Wing Personnel Officer; Cadet Lt. Col. Albert A. Long, Jr., Wing Material Offi Cadet Lt. Col. John M. Gwynn, Winf Operations Officer; Cadet Lt. Col Charles P . Wolf, IT ' ing Air Inspector. Second Row: Cadet Lt. Col. John L. MeDaniel, Wing Comptroller; Cadet Major Herman H. Husbands, Wing Ad- jutant; Cadet Major Herbert A. Calli- han. Wing Special Services Officer; Cadet Capt. James W. Wright, Wing Communications Officer; Cadet Major Robert S. Calberl, Editor of Ram-Jet. ASSISTANT WING STAFF OFFICERS AND NCO ' S Front Row, left to right: Lt. Thomas H. Bridges, Lt. David R. Prinre, Lt. Guy P. MeCormiek, Lt. George T. Smith, Lt. John E. Banner, Jr., Lt. David Terry, Jr., Lt. DeWitt Chopple, Jr. • Back Roiv: Lt. Campbell B. Ingram. Robert B. Patterson, Charles R. Vineent, Arehie D. Christo- pher, Gerrand F. McCabe, Shelton S. Alexander, Charles L. Sharpless, Jr., Louie M. Amos, Jr. (.mil SPONSORS Front Row (Seated), left to right: Callie Mitchell. Kathy Widman, Jackie VanHook, Judy Jackson, Captain Joseph Gerrily, Mary Ann Murphy, Jiji Rainwater, and Carolyn Cole • Second Row (Standing): Bobbie Lee Moretz, Rita Schafer, Mary Lou O ' Mara, and Ann Wrenn • Sponsors not in Picture: Nancy Whisnanl and Connie Carborough. Wm?WWm mmmpifmF- A. F. R. O. T. C Cadet Major Kenneth M. Pruitt Band Commander Cadet Lt. Col. Donald N. Thornton Drill Squadron Commander Top: Drill Squadron Bottom: Band Squadron RIFLE TEAM front Row, left to right: Rohert E. M i Larry H. Addington, Ronald L. Shearin, M Sgt. Marion W . Hudson • Back Row: Charles J. Fenter, Bradford D. Mills, Roper C. Logsdon, David W. Aderholdt • Missing: Shelly B. Peek. Fred M. Boese. Group I Cadet Ll. Col. Stephen L. Opitz ommander. Group I STAFF: Front Row, left to right: William Temple, Lambert P. Hammond, George B. Harr • Back Ron: Stephen C. Marcinko. Seth V. Brur, lev, Jr., Alan F. Johnson. Cadet Major STAFF: Front Row, left to right: Gordon STAFF: Front Rom, left to right: George J. Cadet Major Eugene B. Gunter L. Hudson, James R. Dillingham, Larry H. MaeMillan, III, Robert H. Wilson • BacA Heiskell R. Gra Commander Parker • BacA Row: James S. Peel, James Row: Claude J. Johns, Jr., Riehard W. Commander M. Keech. Lord L. Annus. Turner. Riehard 1). Peele. Top: Squadron A Bottom: Squadron B 1; . ir U - -31 M i-;- Q4 Group II Cadet Lt. Col. William H. Kirkman, Jr. Commander, Croup II STAFF: Front Row. left to right: Roy B. Filrli. Jr., Robert J. Roquemore, Jr., Robert E. Massic, Hugb M. Chapman • Back Row: Thomas A. Torgerson, James H. Holloway, James B. Arm- Squadron C Squadron D Cadet Major STAFF: Front Row, left to right: Henr H. STAFF: Front Roir, left to right: Ralph Cadet Major Herbert L. Neilson Isaarson, Robert T. Jones • Rack Row: M. Jordan. Jr., Cyrus L. Brooks • Rack Howard V. Seotland. Jr Commander Frank K. Berry, Thomas J. Lowe, David B. Roir: Leonard J. Howell, Leo C. Wilkerson, Commander Cooper. John W. Whithead. Jr. Ton: Squadron C Rollout: Squadron D raisr STAFF: Front Row. left to right: Connie M. Grav- itte, Richard A. Slarner, Cary L. Broadway, Pressly M. Millen, Jr. • Back Row: Larry H. Aldington, Dennis R. Mitchell, Tommv H. Thomas. Cadet Lt. Col. James W. Claiborne Commander. Group III Group III Squadron E Squadron F Cadet Major STAFF: Front Row. left to right: Allen S. STAFF: Front Row. left to right: David W. Cadet Major Jack Hearne Swann, Warren C. Love • It,,, I. Row: Aderholdt, Benjamin A. Diamond • Back Wyatl T. Dixon, Jr Commander George F. Wallin, Jr., O. Albert Shortt, Row: George B. McGehee, Jr.. Richard A. Commander Dulon D. Pollard. Hovle, Seaberrv D. Thorp. Top: Squadron E Bottom: Squadron F Arnold Air Society OFFICERS Jesse J. Moorhead, Squadron Heiskell Gray Commanding Officer Herman Husbands Executive Officer Bill Kirkman Operations Officer Bob Colbert Secretary-Treasurer John Gwynn Adjutant-Recorder MOTTO " The Warrior Who Cultivates His Mind Polishes His Anns. " " We of the Air ROTC accept this motto as a chal- lenge and a pledge that in the future we shall by diligent study and unrestricted effort instruct and train ourselves so that each of us shall have the qualities and attributes essential to our progressive and continued development throughout our lifetime as Officers of the United States Air Force. " First Row, left to rif-ht: John I). Barab, Jr Thomas, William B. Garner • Second Rt Husbands, John M. Gwynn, Pete P. Danie Thomas J. Lowe, Donald IS. Thornton. C ■aid L. Shearin. Larrv H. Addington, Wvalt T. Dixon, Jr.. Robert E. Massie. Tommy H. »m E. Wakefield. William H. Kirkman. Lt. Joseph Gray, Heiskell R. Gray, Herman H. Third Row: Kenneth M. Pruilt, Eugene B. Gunter. Steve L. Opitz, George B. Harris, . Broadway, Howard V. Scotland • Fourth Row: Rodger C. Logsdon, Hugh McChapman, Ralph Martin Jordan, Jr., John L. McDaniels. Albert A. Long, Selh V. Brumley. William B. Temple. h ™N 7i Col. Robert C. Burns Professor of Naval Science CDR F. L. Edwards Executive Officer Midshipman Capt. Edwin O. A Battalion Commander Naval R. O. T. C Since its inception in 1940 the NROTC Unit at Chapel Hill has dedicated itself to the training and indoctrination of undergraduate students enrolled in the program so that upon graduation they may re- ceive commissions in the U. S. Navy or in the U. S. Marine Corps. A student may enter the program under either of two plans. Regular or Contract. As a Regular he is appointed a Midshipman upon en- rolling in the program and receives tuition, books, uniforms, and six hundred dollars per year through- out his four years of college. Upon graduation, he is commissioned as an Ensign in the Navy or a Second Lieutenant in the Marines and must serve three years on active duty. The Contract student is furnished only with uniforms and is paid thirty dollars per month during the last two years of the program. Upon graduation he receives a reserve commission. In addition to the academic program provided by the unit to give its prospective officers theoretical training in the military profession, the summer cruise program offers an opportunity for the midshipman to learn many of the practical phases of the work he has studied in class, and therefore make him better qualified to fulfill his duties upon commissioning. COMPANY COMMANDERS 3 " Company Commander; Lt. Commander; Lt. William O. Left to right: Lt. Tex R. Sluder, " William P. Tuggle, " A " Company McCoy, " C " Company Commander. BATTALION STAFF First Roic: Capt. Edwin O. Ayscue • Second Roic. left to right: LCDR Jake H. Rounlree. CDR Alfred L. Purrington • Back Ro,c: Lt. Joel L. Fleishman. Lt. Walton K. Jovner. CPO Joseph A. Polhill. : ■vV " % » The near four hundred Midshipmen of the unit conic to attention in a ma s s formation on the drill field. NAVAL $% , I The twice-weekly drills, together with summer cruises, supplement classroom instruction in basic instruction for the future officers, I O. T. C kfc i i f Scabbard and Blade The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is a nationwide military honor society with chapters located in leading colleges and universities having ROTC programs. Membership is by election only and the selections are based on merit, coming from the outstanding cadet officers. The Society ' s purpose is best set forth in the preamble to its constitution: Believing that military service is an obligation of citizenship, and that the greater opportunities af- forded college men for the study of military science place upon them certain responsibilities as citizens, we, cadet officers in various colleges and universities conferring baccalaureate degrees, do form this Society and adopt this constitution in order to unite in closer relationship the military departments of American universities and colleges; to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and efficient officers; to prepare ourselves as educated men to take a more active part and to have a greater influence in the military affairs of the communities in which we may reside; and above all to spread intelligent informa- tion concerning the military requirements of our country. Front Ktuc, left to ri S il: Lee B. Holmes, John M. Cwynn, Louis O. Rogers. James D. Sykes, William O. McCoy, Howard V. Scotland. William P. Tuggle, Donald N. Thornlon, Loren A. Brandt • Second Row: Stephen J. Opitz. Tom H. Hoover. Pete P. Daniels, Ozzie Ayscue. David Aderholdt. Jake H. Rountree. Richard A. Hoyle, George C. McKinney, John D. Barah, Jr. • Back Hon: Sherwood H. Smith. Jr.. Bruce T. Alligood, Jr., Karl L. Barklcy, Roller! B. Patterson. Alfred L. Purrington. Rodger C. Logsdon. Walton K. Joyner, Bobby S. Payne. Wvalt T. Dixon, Allen Bader, Ronald L. Shearin, Bill Moore. Stuffing the box D. " Skoll " G. There ' s Always the JUG J. Characters from literature M. Come with me to Hogan ' s Experiments in Hogan ' s Lab E. Strumming on the ole banjo H. Journalism Russell ' s Brand K. Whose feet??? N. " Fumble play, fumble play " Anthony ' s Saints go marching F. Catguts at the " Rat " I. Direct Hit L. Legislators ... at work? O. Bridge, poker, beer, or . . .? P. When My Babv Smiles at Me queen of -the ' $f be oty arj 106(A S SG r sponsored by zeta psi mi8G lerxore etaelir 9 spor sor d by st GntKory hall PAGE 2J2 rciiss hetty andrews sponsored by pi kfippfi filpfur miss perm rvter mi s ervir •r dolores do $ama PASE 236 mics jane edwwdQ sponsored foy stonthor y o sponsored by si§rwa r u ims louise coffey miss pat diver sponsored by miss (aobbie le mormz sponsored by kappa alpha naticy nussecin mics ' sponsored by phi gmm delta K S s Football 1 AIJMITTANC TEAM ONLY I Coach George Barclay ' s Tar Heels began the season with a traditional win over a traditional opponent when they turned back a tough N. C. State team 20-6. But the heat, humidity, and the Sugar Bowl jinx proved too much for the favored Carolina squad as the best they could garner against Tulane was a 7-7 tie in a game played in New Orleans. Georgia came marching through Carolina next and a two touchdown barrage in the second half gave the Bull- dogs a 21-7 margin. Maryland ruined what the weather had left of the Carolina caravan when they lowered the boom on the hapless Tar Heels to the tune of 33-0. Sophomore Ed Sutton gave Carolina a needed shot in the arm as it pulled a reversal over the favored Demon Deacons, winning 14-7. The Tennessee Vols put an end to the victory march in spite of a three touchdown effort by the home team, 26-20. Another sophomore, hefty Don Klochak, provided a pleasant surprise for the homecoming crowd as his line smashes contributed greatly to a last minute 21-19 victory over highly regarded South Carolina in Kenan Stadium ' s game of the year. The Notre Dame trip followed, and the best that could be done was a double TD contribution in a 42-13 loss. The Tar Heels ran wild against Virginia, gaining their fourth victory of the season, 26-14, in a muddy contest played in Charlottesville. And then came the Duke dis- aster. The Blue Devils had their sights set on the Orange Bowl and, after a valiant opening attempt by the locals, offered a 47-12 conquest over the Tar Heels as final proof that they were the undisputed conference leaders. Ken Keller snatches a Marshal Newman I ■ -- ■ — ■ in the Maryland end zone during the first quarter at College Park. The touchdown was nullified because of an offside penalty, however. Larry McMullen gains ten yards against Georgia in Carolina ' s lone touchdown drive. Bill Kirkman and Larrj Parker team to bring down a Maryland pass receiver. Don Lear upends N. C. State ' s Monte Seehorn as Gravitte PAGE 246 Fullback Don Rlochak drives for yardage late in the second quarter of the Duke game. Connie Gravitte fights his way for seven yards against ml, I • " B X 3 Ken Keller is tackled from behind by Tennessee safety man Tom Tracy after gaining 36 yards in a game at KnoxriUe Marshal Newman hurdles teammate Ed Patterson drive to the Wake Forest 28-vard line. Larry McMullen, Jack Maultsby, and Jimmy Neville drop V C. State ' s Harrison MacKeever for a six yard loss in the opening game of the i Itullork i- stopped after gaining against Georgia on the option play. Foti, Keller, and Bilieli slop De Barnes after a two yard gain. Kloehak picks up 21 yards as he outruns host of South Carolina defenders. Keller is stopped a yard short of the goal li in the first half of the Georgia contest. Will Frye halts Notre Dames Don Sehaeffer after a short gain through the middle of the line. if tS • ' ' " " T- ■ rt-M v Keller and Foti in action against the Ga Buddy Frick ( 76 ) is the player who intercepted the UNC pitchout late in the game to rush for a South Carolina touchdown. 0 ' f w s Gamecock Spec Granger closes in on Albert Long the Tar Heel quarterback picks up a short gain • the option plav. Larrv McMullen rushes for three yards against Duke earlv in the fourth period. Len Bullock and Ed Patterson stand by as Duke " ; Buddv Bass misses a Barger aerial. - 1 -L • Sophomore halfback Ed Sutton is shown enroute to a 21-yard touch-down jaunt as Demon Deacons Huth, Topping, and Brincefield vainly attempt to stop him. Sonny Ridrnhour makes a short gain on the option play in the second quarter against South Carolina. Tar Heel Will Alexander and Blue Devil Jim Nelson hometown friendship after a hard afternoon ' s work. The Varsity Coaches Sieve Belichick, Marvin Bass. George Barclay, and Bill Edwards First Rote: Gravitte, Patterson, Sutton. Lambert, T. Maultsb.v, Beaver, Muschamp. Fourth Ra Fifth Rote: Head Coaeh Barcla Coach Lackey, Wallin, Trainer Mason. Starner, Foli. Kirkman. Ridenhour. Long. Parker. Neville. Second Ron: Bovette. Rhvne, Current. Livesay, Alexander, Lane, Shoulars. Third Rote: Lear, Kloehak. Roman. Bilich. Perdue. Jones, Stavnitski, Marcopulos. w: Renin, J. Maultsby, Newman, Farmer, Bullock, Marcinko, Turnipseed, Frye, Reller, Carpenter. Malone. , Manager Herb Callahan. Trainer Lutz. Coach Bass. McMullen, Coach Belichick. Coach Floyd. Coach Edwards. Ralph Beaver Steve Marcinko Tom Maultshy George Foli quad of 1954 Coach Baril Soccer Captain Jerry II,,.., II and Coach Marvin Ml,- talking things over before the Duke game. In spite of losing nine lettermen from last year ' s squad. Coach Marvin Allen ' s soccer team was able to gain three victories and a tie in their nine-meet season. The Tar Heel hooters conquered Duke twice and N. C. State once to become the dominant team in this part of the country. They tied Virginia and lost to their only other conference contestant, Mary- land. Chip Bryant provided most of the team ' s scoring punch at his forward position while Don Gladstone was outstanding as goalie. .Joe Mavretic, Harry Russell, Calvin Lane, and Bill Fitzer were other re- turning lettermen who performed well. It was Coach Allen ' s second season as head soccer mentor since his return from the service. The team is still in the process of rebuilding. One of the top games on the Tar Heel schedule was against Ft. Bragg. The army botters had a num- ber of foreign players who had been playing the game all their lives. Other opponents included W L and Roanoke. With another year of experience under its belt and a host of good frosh talent coming up, the soccer team looked forward to an improved season next year. From Rout: Mann, Gibson, Kahn, Michael, Russell, Hendry, Culbreth, McGinn, Planer. Second Row: Dodson, Sullivan, Brown, Clifton, Mavretic, Goldburg, Butler, McCormick. Kirkland, Wise, Gladstone. Third Row: Coach Allen, Bunting, Crouch. Bryant, Lane, Skidmore, Boerner, Akin, Brown, Jones, Manager Hill. CMILffiA . uubuu CAROLINA CAROLINA V WW 7% flOP? " UjfA I Beatlv, Larrv Tha First Roic: Bob Shot Second Ro,c: Bill Self, Manager, Ed Joy, Coach Dale Ranson. Griffin. Tony Houghton, Don Vright, Bob Barden. •y, Pete McGehee, Boyd Newnam, Scolty Hester, Geor CAROUSA Ballard, Assistant M ., Cross Country Sophomore Jim Beatty was the big gun for Coach Dale Ranson ' s cross country team this year as he won all seven of the dual meets in which he participated, set three new records, placed first in the Atlantic Coast Conference race, and finished thirteenth in the NCAA con- test. Beauty ' s finish in the Nationals was unique in that he topped all other southern entries in the meet and turned in the second best time of any sophomore present. However, he wasn ' t the only outstanding runner on the team. Bob Barden took it upon himself to set a record in the Carolinas AATJ at Davidson while Beatty was away, and Glenn Nanney also turned in some fine times for the Tar Heels. The team finished second in the ACC, second in the Carolinas AAU, and won five of seven dual meets. Coach Ranson ' s distance men can be proud of the record they established during the year. With both Nanney and Beatty returning to competition next season it looks as though the Tar Heels will have a team to reckon with for a long time to come. Don " Wright, Coach Dale Ra and Tony Houghton. Coach Frank McCuii Basketball Lenny Rosenbluth was the hero of the McGuiremen this year as he continued to add to the scoring records which he established as a freshman at Carolina. A sophomore, he gained his first honor early in the season when he was chosen to be on the All-Tourna- ment team of the Dixie Classics as Carolina surprised everyone with a third place finish and victories over heralded Duke and Southern California. Dependable Jerry Vayda was another mainstay for the Tar Heels, a man who could be counted on for a number of points as well as a stellar defensive game every night. Paul Likins and Bob Young alternated at the center position, Tony Radovich gave the hustle and foul shot accuracy, and Al Lifson was the set shot master. By midseason the Tar Heels were leading the conference race, having gained victories over each of Lifson shoots Lennv Rosenbluth the Big Four schools in regular season play, including a victory over the Wolfpack in the Coliseum when Everett Case ' s team was ranked second in the nation. McGuire, brought here from St. Johns three years ago, has become one of the most popular coaches on the campus. He has returned basketball enthusiasm to Chapel Hill and people all over the state are looking into the near future when he will be able to remove the Wolfpack domination of basketball victories in the area. Rosenbluth shoots a jump shot against Wake Forest as He George, and Davis defend. 1954-55 Results UNC Opp. 99 Clemson 66 88 South Carolina 69 76 William Mary 79 60 Maryland 70 67 Southern California 58 44 N. C. State 47 65 Duke 52 77 Louisiana State 84 55 Alabama .77 95 Wake Forest 78 96 Virginia 87 73 South Carolina 64 95 Clemson 87 84 N. C. State 80 68 Duke 91 73 Virginia 98 61 Maryland 63 83 Wake Forest 79 75 N. C. State 79 74 Duke 96 Won 10, lost 10 A. C. C. Tournament 82 Wake Forest 95 ■ " T S- t | VJ in J IbettY h % First Roic: Biff Howard. Pete Brumley, Norman. Grantham, Nash LeGrand, Tommy Avenl. Gordon Hudson. Bill Wilson. Coach Bill Meade. Second Roir: John Perry. Harley Gilleland. Bill Rivera, Ken Collins, Dick Quails, Bert Howell, Dirk Hallden. Gymnastics Revived in 1949 at Carolina, gymnastics under coach Bill Meade has become UNC ' s fastest growing sport. Interest in gymnastics reached a new peak on the campus with the appearance of the touring Swedish internationalists in an exhibition. Stars of the team include Pete Brumley and Biff Howard, the co-captains, and Gordon Hudson, Otis Hartsell, Nash LeGrand, Bill Rivera, Gordan Godfrey, and Dick Quails. Although the sport is relatively new to Carolina, the Tar Heel matmen have shown that they are the top team in this part of the country, and gave tough matches to such national standouts as Syracuse and Navy. Gordon Hudson ■ " rr r.; ' - ' - i i • " WT " ' .. . , t " i»i Jsol ' " « f From Roto: Pawlik, Duke, Scott, Brown, Yarborough, Hester, S ikon. Middle Re Hackney, Zimmerman, D. Phillips, Barden, Newton, Coach Ranson. Back Row: Mitchell, Marcinko, Bostian. Widoff. Manager Self. oarh Hilton. Mi B, Perdue, Maslo •ay, R. Phillips, Houghton, Haire, O ' Brien, Nannev, Newnam, Booth, Track Coaches Joe Hilton and Dale Ranson. Carolina ' s track team was the surprise of the year as it captured second place in both the indoor and outdoor con- ference meets and made a long step toward regaining the supremacy which they held over other schools in the area for such a long time before. Coach Dale Ranson and his assistant Joe Hilton can be held responsible for most of this improvement, as their constant recruitment programs coupled with their aid and training of participants finally paid off. Jeff Newton and Harry Brown received the E. J. Evans trophy, voted to the senior trackman chosen the most out- standing and having the other attributes desired in a college Coaches Hilton and Ranson with Jeff Newton and Harrv Br of the E.J.Evans Award. athlete. Newton won the 60-yard sprint in the indoor meet and did a 9-6 hundred yard dash during the regular season. Brown, team co-captain, won the javelin throw in the outdoor meet. Other conference winners included Roger Morris in the discus throw, Charlie Yarborough in the pole vault, and Boyd Newnam in the half mile. Newnam was the surprise winner of the season while Morris and Yarborough were steady performers all during the year. High spot of the year for the team was the sweep of the Indoor Games. The half-point victory over Maryland was clinched by a third place in the final event of the evening. Jim Beatty helped the team effort with first place in both the mile and two mile events. In the regular season the team broke even in six dual meets with wins over N. C. State, Virginia and South Carolina. V TiiAT77 tirhard W aters Jim Beattv Claude Rhule Representatives in the Florida Relays. Charlie Yarhorough and Boyd Newnam. First Ron: R .Second Ron ■: K, nil. 1,1 jnnic Kerdasha, Herb Browne, Tom Bradford. Bruee Gustafson. Larry Miscall, Manager. Dick Sapp, Don Thompson, Barclay Gordon, Bol by Payne, Pele Green, Coach John Tennis Coach John Kenfield The Tar Heel tennis team gained the honor of being the first Carolina squad to win a conference championship in the newly formed ACC as they breezed through their loop play without a defeat and finished the season with a 22-2 overall record. Herb Browne, Bobby Payne, Tom Bradford, Don Thomp- son, and Pete Green carried the brunt of the action, with Ronnie Kerdasha and Bruce Gustafson fillinq in on occasion. 1954 Results UNC Opp. UNC Opp. 6 Mich. State 7 Notre Dame 2 13 Dartmouth 2 7 Notre Dame 2 1 3 Dartmouth 2 9 Wake Forest .... 12 Harvard 5 6 Duke 3 1 1 Harvard 3 6 Rollins 3 15 Williams 9 William Mary. . 6 Princeton 3 9 Amherst 4 Princeton 5 9 Harvard 9 Davidson 10 Wesleyan 4 Presbyterian 5 5 Princeton 4 9 N. C. State 9 Maryland 9 Kalamazoo 7 Virginia 2 Won 22, lost 2 Captain Herb Browne Tom Bradford Don Thompson Basebal CAROL Although their preseason ratings were high, the Tar Heel baseball team never seemed to keep any win streak alive, and mainly due to weak hurling, had one of their worst seasons in recent years. Walt Rabb and Bunn Hearn coached the team which finished with a 14-11 overall record for the season and a fifth place finish in the Atlantic Coast Conference. The Tar Heels had a rather unique situation in that the three members of their starting outfield also doubled in George Barclay ' s backfield during the football season. Ken Keller and Connie Gravitte, the right and center fielders respectively, were also known for their activities as halfbacks while Albert Long was famed for his quarterbacking as well as his left field duties. The Carolina infield, consisting of Bruce Holt and Bobby Williams at third, Fred Dale at shortstop, Harry Lloyd at second base, and Will Frye or Joe Mosier at first, ran hot and cold, but were capable of playing as well as any other infield in the con- ference. Don Marbry, Doug Bruton, Tom Maultsby, Joe Morgan, and Jim Scearce led the list of hurlers while Frye and co-captain Ed Hooks alternated at the backstop position with Jack Maultsby. Don Marbry FirH Ron: Albert Long, Will Frye, Harrv Lloyd, Fred Dale, Charlie Second Rotv: Trainer Dick While, Coaeh Bunn Hearn. Assistant Co McGowan, Jim Scearce, Malcolm Harding, Gene Hanna. Joe Morgan Bill Sutlle, Jack Maultsbv. Yelverlon, Bruce Holt, Joe Mosier, Ken Keller. ch Walt Rabb. Connie Gravitte, Lacv Hall, Ed Hooks, Doug Bruton, Bel Bob Williams. Tom Maultsbv. Jack Woods. Bob Paller, Bob Johnson ■ «y t yfrttH W Tom and J;.rk ManlUb; Will Fry 1954 Results UNC Opp UNC Opp. Rollins . . 1 8 3 Rollins 2 Maryland 10 7 Ohio State . . . 8 2 Wake Forest 6 ■S Amherst .... 1 7 N. C. State 2 2 Virginia 3 Clemson .... 4 Camp Lejeune 6 10 .... 8 6 Mich. State . . ? 6 Duke .... 5 1 N. C.State... 10 2 Wake Forest .... 4 1 Wake Forest . 4 15 Maryland 7 1 1 Brown 2 3 Duke .... 4 13 South Carolina 6 5 N. C. State .... 17 12 South Carolina 3 8 Duke .... 4 4 Richmond . . . 2 Won 14, Lost : 11 Ken Keller, Albert Long, and Connie Gravilte. Bilh Ford, John Fi Finlev Golf Co Golf Billy Ford, John Frazier, George Mountcastle, Joe Correll, Larry Parker, Jim Sykes, Embry Abell, and Milo Abercrombie led the Carolina golf team last spring as Coach Chuck Erickson ' s linksmen won six of their seven scheduled dual meets. Their only setback came at the hands of the Wake Forest team, a squad which was led by Arnold Palmer, who later won the National Amateur and Atlantic Coast Conference champion- ships. The defeat was the first ever suffered by a Tar Heel team on their own home course. Carolina had the distinction of toppling the Duke golfers, the team which eventually won the ACC championship. S Jim Sykes Women ' s Sports All women students automatically become mem- bers of the Women ' s Athletic Association when they are enrolled at UNC. A variety of activities is offered by the W. A. A. including archery, synchronized swimming, modern dancing, various types of music and dance participation, basketball, softball, field hockey, tennis, and volleyball. Spe- cial sports days, sports clubs, and intramural pro- grams are provided for the women students. All women ' s athletic activities are carried on in accordance with the standards of the National Section for Girls ' and Women ' s Sports of the American Association for Health, Physical Educa- tion, and Recreation, and women ' s official rules are used for all sports. first Row: Davis. Travis. McCarthy, Morse, Stacv. Second Roir: Seitz, Carlton. C. Clement. L. Clement. Chapman, Harbison. Third R» L. Jones, Glenn, A. Jones, Miser, Strickland, Palmer, Brown, Williams, Cashwell. Linder, Corbetl. Walt K.iMi. Intramural Director Intramurals The intramural program at UNC, under the direction of Walter Rabb, has been characterized by its expansion and increased participation during the past years. The in- tramural department now sponsors twenty-three activities for individual campus teams in addition to holding carni- vals and interscholastic competition with neighboring schools. The Big Four Sports Day, still in its infancy, proved to be successful again as Carolina intramural teams emerged victorious in contests with the other schools in the Big Four. The annual co-recreational Sports Carnival also brought acclaim from the students. Somewhat over two thousand members from the student body and faculty participated in some phase of the intramural program. Top Left: All campus mural football team. Top Bright: Intramural ma champ. Bottom Right: Badminton champs. a;ers. Bottom Left: Winning manager. Bottom Middle: Shot put Pete Brumley Graville leads ihe football team to Memorial Hall pep rally. Roger Morris, Roland Perdue, and Duke Widoff at a track meet. iih Don Marbrj and Charlie Aycock Bass on the option play. " Amazing. " said McGuin " Absurd, " eehoed Freema Baseball at Emerson M.,,1 Coach Bill Meade with co-captains Pete Brumle and Biff Howard. Cheerleaders Jim Fountain took over the job of masterminding the Carolina yell section for the second year in a row and proved his merit to everyone by the introduction of new cheers, jokes, and stunts. Fountain was aided in his task by Mary Ann Murphy, Eve Robuck, Nancy Whisnant, Carol Butts, Lou Holley, Jake Goforth, Pete Brumley, Tom Wakefield, and Bo Thorpe. New interest was instilled throughout the student body with the introduction of different kinds of pep rallies and torchlight parades. It will be a long time before any of the Tar Heels will forget singing the inimitable, " We ' ve gotta have a fumble play! " Nose Jones came along to give a helping hand when the going got rough and the great ex-cheer- leader proved that he was still capable of his past performances. UNC owes a lot to the yell captains of 1955, a group which did so much to lift the school spirit to the heights it had reached during the post war years. First Roiv: Mary Ann Murphy. Eve Robuck. Carol Butts, Nancy Whisnant, Lou Hawle Second Roiv: Jake Goforth. Pclc Brumley, Jim Fountain, Tom Wakefield, Bo Thorpe. l: First Roir: Snyder Pale, Tom Fox, Bradley Katz. George Teer, Tom McNeill. Second Roto: Bert Howell, Bill Porterfield, Billy Akin, Craig Horsman, Buddy Clark, Charles Ho Third Roir: Allan Reichert, Andy Kistler, George Heinz. John Atwell, Japlha Propst. Fred Eidson, oil, Stuart Teiehma inAiBbiAiij HELLO NY. U.N WEEK The Card Board Under the able direction of Card Board President Bradley Katz, the card stunts during the 1954 foot- ball season were better than ever before. The stunts were new and the ideas were different as halftime entertainment improved while the season progressed. Katz was aided in his work by Tom Fox, Snyder Pate, George Teer, Tom McNeill, Buddy Clark, Andy Kistler, George Heinz, and Larry Hinson. Plans are being made to perform the card stunts during games away from school next year. It was impossible to do so during the past season since all of the road games were too far from home. Monogram Club Under the guidance of President Harry Pawlik, elected for the second year in a row, the Monogram Club has been increasing in both size and influence on the Carolina campus. The club started the year off with movies of all the Tar Heel football games in a type of Monday quarterback session, and much interest was shown all over the campus. It also gave help to orphaned children as its annual Christmas project. The main task undertaken by the Monogram Club is the holding of the Blue-White intersquad game at the end of the spring football practice. The club sponsors the game, programs, and other concessions. The contest has become one of the most popular events on the UNC spring calendar. The purpose of the club, re-established at Chapel Hill in 1946 after the war, is to bring closer co-ordination between the varsity letter winners at the University. Every monogram winner automatically becomes a member and can participate in the actions and social functions of the club. First Row: Opitz. Yarborough, Pawlik. Colbert. Brumlev, and Waters. Second Role: Lambert. Lane. Perrv. Jo baum. Third Row: Maslow, McAllister. Barklev. Paller. Linker. Correll. Holmes. Mitchell. Jones. Newnam. Trimble. Long, Da Officers Charlie Yarborough, Pete Br Colbert, Lee Holmes, Wilbur Jones. President Hairy Pawlik, who assi sted in coaching soccer and wrestling, left at the end of the first semester for the air force and was replaced bv Wilbur Jones. L-Jordon Ljv rati President The Consolidated University of North Carolina An informal photographic study of Gordon Gray, President of North Carol! Consolidated University, taken in his office at Chapel Hill. RoLd B. J4c OLise Chancellor The Consolidated University of North Carolina { [ . UJ. L armicliaei, s r. 7. J rarrii j umc Vice-President and Finance Ojjicet The Consolidated University of North Carolina Vice-President and Provost The Consolidated University of North Carolina Htt KATHERINE K. CARMICHAEI Dean of Women ' I H. AR1NOLD PERRY Dean of the School oj Edurali, a dmimstrati ion RAY L. JEFFERIES. JR. Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs ?« WILLIAM W. PIERSON Dean of the Graduate School net deans administration CORYDOIN P. SPHUILL Deon of the General College m. m wmm pBkm Pi u| IBS?. ' Xl»k r .■ I fr T " rfK ! »JWV » ' 7 » vC N I w w i nineteen niiiulred we Left l« right: D Yarborough, Barl Officers Charles Yarborough President George McKinney Vice-President Carroll Butts Secretary Donna Blair Treasurer Barbara Stone Social Chairman Now at last that sip of stronger tea, and that mad lesson about life and friends and the meaning to them all . . . that teasing wisp of memory clouding your mind through this whole year, asking, re-asking, what will you do when this is all over, how will you manage these hands, direct these feet, will the pas- sions be controlled, the temper mustered, the goal achieved, the drive consummated, or will you have to learn, all over, in life ' s harder more industrious school ? I think not. I guess you ' ve learned a lot, already — you with the proud dignified remoteness, the aloof withdrawal, yet the unreserved tenderness, the compliant sympathy, the full and gentle heart — come back to us, as you will, in the face and image of thousands — continue, as you will, in the love and admiration of millions. SENIORS I m •, . C First Row: Abercrombie, Milo Boiling Greensboro U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Alpha Epsi- hm; Golf (3. 4); Monogram Club (3, ti; Sheiks (2, 3, 4) ; The Philosophical Society of 177!». Ackerman, Charles Stanley New York, N. Y. B.A. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zetu Beta Tan; Di Senate (1, 2); Playnmkers il. 2): Student Legislature (1); Tarnation (1): Yackety Yack (1): V.M.C.A. (1. 2): University Party (I); Chess Club Hi; Hillel (1, 2). Adamjee, Abdul Razak Karachi, Pakistan B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Cosmopolitan Club (2. 3. 4). Adams, Daphne Hunter Willow Springs B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Alpha Gamma Delta, President (1); Sigma Alpha lota, Secretary 4 ; (dee Club (8) : V.W.C.A. (S, 4). Addington, Larry Holbrook Asheville A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Beta Kninia: Scabbard and Blade: Di Senate (3. 4); German Honor Society (2); A.F.R.O.T.C. Kirle Team (2. 8, I): Amphoterothen (4). Adelsheim, Richard Niles Phittsburgh, Pa. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zero Beta Tan, Treasurer (3), Vice-President (4); Alpha Phi Omega; Daily Tar Heel ill: Hillel Cabinet (2, 3. 41; Interfraternity Council (2i: Graham Memorial Activities Board (1) ; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2). Aderholdt, David William Charlotte A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade: Soccer (3). Hendersonville Debate Agnew, Virginia A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Al iha Delta , Squad (4); Di Senate (3. 4), Clerk (4); Tarnation (3); Youiie Democrats Club (3. 4): V.W.C.A. (3. 41; Student Party I 3. 4). Secretary (3): Orientation ( 3 i . Aldridge, Robert Davis Burlington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta tiarnwa Mama : Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary (3i. President (41: Phi Eta Sigma: Interfraternity Council (3. t) ; Student Legislature 111; University Club (1): Orienation Counselor (3); West- inghouse Achievement Scholar (41. Fourth Ron-: Alexander, Richard Baxter, III W. Palm Beach, Fla. i Tail Omega: Band (1); N.R.A. Alexander, Willson A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Grail (4): Monogram Club (2. 3. 4). Allen, Archie C. A.B. IN .OOLOGY. Wins ton-Salem otball (1. 2. 3, 4); Ash Fifth Row: Alley, Grace Virginia Burlington A.B. IN CHEMISTRY, (dee Club (3. 4), Secretary (4i: Westminster Fellowship el, | ; Chapel Hill Choral Club (3. 1). Alligood, Bruce Tyndall, Jr. Washington U.S. IN PHYSICS. Theta Chi, Secretary (4); Y.M.C.A. Anderson, Geraldine Inez High Point A.B IN CHEMISTRY. Anderson, Harry Vernon, Jr. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Chi. Sec Anderson. Thomas Avery A.B. IN EDUCATION. Glee Club (1) Andrews, Clinton Toms, Jr. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Theta Chi President (J); Daily Tar Heel (1. Press Club. Vice-President (4 . Asheboro etary (ti; Football (1, Morganton Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3. 4). Hickory ice President (3), Playnmkers (3); Andrews, Patricia May A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Helta Delta V.W.C.A., Hospital Service (4). Andrews, Ronald White A.B. IN ENGLISH, (dee Club (3. 4). Angell, Donald Gray Cranford, N. J. Tennis Club (4): Burlington Winston-Salem SENIORS Annas, Loyd Lindsay U.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Armstrong. lames Bcntley B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Asbury, Alice Harris A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Ome[ V.W.C.A. (4). Rutherford College gma; Delta Phi Alpha. McAdenvillc Greensboro Daily Tar Heel (3) ; Ashburn. Virginia Wallace Virginia Beach, Va. A.B. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Chi Omega; Women ' s Council (3, 4), Treasurer (4): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Atkins, Earl Dauthit Mayodan A.B. IN EDUCATION. Di Senate [1); Plavrnakers (2, 3); V.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4): Future Teachers of America (4); Opera (2. 3). Atwater, Katherine Williamson Northampton, Mass. Third Row: Babson, Frederick A.. Ir. Wilmington A.B. IN HUMANITIES. Daily Tnr Heel, Sports Editor (4). Bader. Allen Louis Louisville, Ky. A.B. IN FRENCH. Kappa Alpha: Interdormitory Council (2); Student Legislature (1, 2); N.R.O.T.C. Bnfford. loseDh Edmonds Lexington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta Gamma Sigma; Delta sinma pi: Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Swim- ming (II : V.M.C.A. (1, 2). Fourth Row: Bailey, Phyllis Ann Louisburg A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Glee Club (31; V.W.C.A. (3, 4), Cabinet (4); Wesley Foundation (3, 4), President (4); Interfaith Council (3, 41. Baker, Richard Henrv, Jr. Greensboro A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha ' Tan Ih Phi Eta Sinma; Lacrosse (1. 2. :! ) 3) ; Swimming (l. 2, 3). Ball. Elizabeth Castleman Oak R ' dce, Tenn. A.B. IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Kappa Kappa Gamma; V.W.C.A.: Anthropology Club, Secretary (4t: Cardboard (4). Fifth Bnr: Bane. Geraldine Raleigh A.B. IN EDUCATION. Sigma Delta Tan: Hillel: Stray Greeks; Future Teachers of America. Barab, John D., Tr. A.B. IN ' MATHEMATICS. Wing Commander (4). Barden, lohn Robert B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Cross Country (1. Monogram Club (I, 2, 3. 1); Track (1. 2. 3. 4), Captain (4). Atlantic City. N. J. Phi Kappa Sigma; A.F.R.O.T.C. Newark, N. J. Barkley, Karl Lee A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Kappa Alpha; Swi (1) ; Wrestling (2. 3, 4). Raleigh lining Manager Lenoir Barlowe, Robert C. B.A. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Intel dormitory Council (2, 3, 4), Treasurer (3), Vice President (4); V.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3); Orientation Committee (3); Dormitory Officer (1. 2). Barnard, Margaret Ann Asheboro A.B. IN RADIO, TELEVISION. AND MOTION PICTURES. Playmakers (3, K; Yarkrtii Yark (3. n. Sophomore Editoi (3), Freshman Editor (4); WUNC (3, 4). Barnes, James Lucas, Jr. Wilson B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeta Psi. Barnes, Julian Banks Enfield A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Barnes, William Edwin, Jr. Wilson A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION, AND MOTION PICTURES. Delta Kappa Epsilon; German Club Executive (4); Men ' s Council (1, 2); Playmakers (2, 3. 4); University Club (II: Student Entertainment Committee (3); Minatau ' rs; Orienta- tion Counselor (2. 3). SENIORS Plymouth Barnhill, Betty Riddle A.B. IN EDUCATION. Barnhill, James Harry Plymouth B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi Beta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade. Barrett. Charles Martel A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Mil Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha. Hickory Barringer, William Van Fossen, Jr. B.A. IN ECONOMICS. Kappa Sigma; Sheiks Barrus, Alban Kingsley A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. KappaSigm Bartis, Nick James A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Mt. Airy nan Club. Kinston atioii (2). Greensboro Ta Bass, William H.. Ill Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Interdormitory Council (3); Y.M.C.A. (3. 4); Cardboard (4); Free Lance Forum (3). Baumann, Eula Louise Lakewcod, Ohio A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta; Carolina Quarterly (3); Yackety Yack It): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Women ' s Resi- dence Council (4). Baynes, Lacy Gilmer Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi : Band 11. ■ ). Fourth Row: Beall. Mary Louise A.B. IN FRENCH. Kappa 13. n; Cardboard (4): Training Committee (8). Beam. David Rozier A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Beam, Lewis Ray B.S. IN MEDICINE. Phi Beta Kappa. Carrollton, Ga. Delta; (dee Club (3. n: Y.W.C.A. French Club (3. 41; Leadership Shelby Bessemer City Fifth Row: Beamer Arthur Franklin Mt. Airy B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Carolina Quart, rly, Dormitory Vice-President (4) : Beasley, F. Barbara A.B. IN DRAMATIC ART. Chi Y.W.C.A.; Panhellenic Council. Springfield, Ohio egn: Playmakers (3. n : Asheville Beaver, Ralph Grady B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Football (1. 2. 4); Monogram Club (2. 3. 41. Beckham, Arthur Settle, Jr. Statesville A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kap,,a Xiomri. President in; Daily Tnr Heel Hi; Intcrfraternitv Council (3, 4); Yackety Yack (3); University Club (2. 3). Bell, Henrietta Greensboro A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta: Daihi Tar Heel 13); Yackety Ynrk (8); Y.W.C.A. (3). Bell, Robert Fowlei Virginia Beach, Va. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Lambda Chi Alpha: University Club (4); Cardboard (1, 2. 3), Head Usher (3). Bell, Walter Enos, Jr. Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Beta Kappa. Bergan, Sonia Carolyn Aiken, S. C. A.B. IN FRENCH. Alpha Delta Pi; Pi Delta Phi; Publica- tions Board. Executive Secretary (I); Student Legislature (3. II ; Women ' s Council (H; Y.W.C.A. (3. I); Ways and Means Committee, Chairman (4): President ' s Cabinet (41; Y.W.C.A. Centennial Committee, Chairman (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Committee on Honor Svstems in Hi b Schools (4); Clerk of Legislature i4 ; Student Party (3. 4). Long Island, N. Y. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeta Beta Taw; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3, 4): A.F.R.O.T.C. (I. 2). Berger, Martin Allen page 294 SENIORS Bernard, Mary Caroline Chevy Chase, Md. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi: Y.W.C.A. (3, 1); Card board (3); Dream Girl of Theta Chi (3). Berry, Frank Kibler U.S. IN " EDUCATION. Chi Psi. Morganton Beshara. John I. Chapel Hill A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Daily Tar Heel (3, I); Interdormi- tory Council. Social Chairman (ii: Playmakers (I, 2): Sound and Fury (1) ; Student Entertainment Committee. Publicity Chairman (4); Newman Club (1. 2. 3. 4). Black. Harold Herbert Leicester A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Blackwelder. Maurice Waters Mooresville A.B. IN " CHEMISTRY. Band (1. 2). Blake. James Fred, Jr. Hillsboro Gastonia 77,, ' . Row: B ' anton. Eugene Blair U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Cross Country (1. 2. 3): Monogram Club (2. 3. 4); Tariia- ti-m. Business Manager (8. 4); Track (I, 2. 3); Young Democrats Club (8, 1) ; Y.M.C.A. il. 21: A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2). Blemker. Beverly Louise Augusta, Ga. A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION " PICTURES. Alpha Helta Pi. President (1); Daily Tar Heel (3); Valky- ries (3. 4): Y.W.C.A.. Commission Chairman (3, 4): WUNC Staff I3i; WUNC-TV (4): Women ' s Athletic Association. Reporter (3); Panhellenic Council (4). Blount. John Myers, III U.S. IN MEDICINE. Chapel Hill Fourth Row: Bonardi. T ouie Elario. Jr. Durham B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. Publicity Chairman (2). Social Chairman (3), Treasurer ( t ; Young Democrats Club (4). Booth. Ernest Spurgeon, Tr. Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi: A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2); Cardboard (4). Bostian. Betty Joyce China Grove- .B. IN DRAMATIC ART. Playmakers Secretary (l): Cardboard (3. 1). ls, 4) ; Dormitory Fifil, Row: Bostian. Philip E. Landis A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dormitory Intrair Recreation Club (3. 1). iural Manager (3) ; Bowden. Shields N. Fayetteville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Future Teacher Baptist Student Union ( )■ . of America (4) : Bowen. Harold Jenkins. Jr. Hendersonville A. B. IN ECONOMICS. Beta Theta I ' i. Sixth How: Bradshaw, Harold Devon Valdese U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Brady, William Earl, Jr. Mebane A.B. IN MUSIC. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonii 3. 4). i; Glee Club (1. 2. Brake, Thomas Walter Rowland B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. s, venth Row: Brandon, William Andrew, Jr. Wilson B.S. IN. CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. Branham Dorothy Elizabeth Orlando. Fla. A.B. IN HISTORY. Pi Beta Phi: Student Council (3); Splash Club (3, Hi Y.W.C.A.. Hospital Service (3). Branscomb, Ralph Edmond B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Winston-Salem SENIORS ihVA At £ P £ ' ! -= - AWl First Row: Brassell, Carolyn Coe Tampa, Fla. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega: V.W.C.A., Hospital Com mittee (3. 4) ; Graham Memorial Activities Board, Calendar Committee Chairman (4). Brawner, William Tyler Washington, D. C. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Zcta Psi; Sheiks (2. 3, 4): Soccer (1, 3); N.R.0.T.C Bray, Bobby Joe B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Bridges, Thomas Howard B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Vice President (3). President (4). Thomasville Shelby Alpha Kappa Psi, Broadway, Gary L. Spencer A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Psi: Football (I): Glee Club (1, 2); University Club (3); Y.M.C.A. (l, 2); Soccer Brock, Clayton Ackiss B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Bailey Third Ron-: Brooks, Cyrus Lee High Point A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Phi Omega: Inter- dormitorv Council (3): University Club (2): Young Demo- crats Club (3, 4); Dormitory President (3): A.F.R..O.T.C. Broom, Doris Elsie Monroe A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi: Glee Club (4): Yaeketu Yack (4); Y.W.C.A. (4): Orientation Advisor (4). Brown, Barbara Llewelyn Raleigh A.B. IN BOTANY. Alpha Delta Pi: Y.W.C.A. (3, 4): Uni- versity Party (4). Greensboro Fourth Row: Brown, Ernest Charles A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Brown, Wayne Gillingham Jenkintown, Pa. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi: Men ' s Council (3. 4); Yaeketu Yaek (4): Orientation Counselor (t): Summer Activities Council: Graham Memorial Activi- ties Board (3. 4). Treasurer (4); Student Legislature (4); Student Party: Publications Board (4). Browne, Herbert Howard, Jr. Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Alpha Rpsilau; Oimghoul (2. 3, 4); Golden Fleece; C.rail (2, 3, 4): Men ' s Council (2, 3. 4). Chairman (4); Order of the Old Well (8, 4). Vice-President (4); Tennis (1. 2, 3. 4). Captain (3); Orientation Counselor (3). Fifth Row: Brumley, Seth Vernon, Jr. Statesville A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Nu; Gymnastics (1. 2, 3. 4), Co-Captain (4): Monogram Club. Social Chairman (2. 4), Vice-President (3): Men ' s Council (3); Arnold Air Society (3. 4): Scabbard and Blade (3. 4). Social Chairman (4); Cheerleader (3. 4): A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3. 4). Bryant, Alfred S. Durham A.B IN ENGLISH. Zeta Psi: Football (1): Lacrosse (2. 3. 4): Monogram Club (2. 3, 4): Phi Assembly (1, 2): Student Legislature (1. 2). Executive Committee (2): University Club (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Minataurs (2, 3. 4). Bryant, John W., Jr. Spartanburg, S. C. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Zeta Psi; Monogram Club (3); Soccer (3. 4); Philosophical Society of 1779. Greensboro Fayetteville Student Legislature (3, 4) : r Orientation Committee (3): Buckner, John Herbert B.S. IN BACTERIOLOGY. Buie, Marion C. A.B. IN HISTORY. Chi Pi Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3, 4): Sumi Orientation Counselor (3). Bunch, Elbert Rosser Tyner B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Bunch, John Herman, Jr. Clinton A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Burgess, James Vance Burlington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Burkett, Edgar Monroe Jefferson B.S. IN PUBLIC HEALTH. SENIORS Burley, Harry Benjamin, III Cohasset, Mass. A.B. IN ENGLISH, St. Anthony Hall; Glee Club I n. Burris, Franklin Caldwell Lexington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ' . Butler, George Harold, Jr. Hiwassee Dam B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Butler, Ira Daniel, Jr. A.B. IN HISTORY. Youiir Butts, Carroll |ordan A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Delta Bell ' omen ' s Coi Rowland ts Club (3, 4). Atlanta, Ga. y.w. (3. 1). Membership ( ' mine: Committee (1); Panhellenic Council ii; Cheerleader (4); W.A.N.R.A. Club (1). Buyer, Eugene Robert East Orange, N. J. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Z to Beta Tau; Dance Committee (II : Debate Squad (li: Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 4): SUAB (3): Orientation Committee (2. 3. t): Campus Chest cii. Chair- man 3 : U.N. Club (■ ): University Party (1. 2. 3, 4): Hillel (1. 2. 3, 4). Winston-Salem Phi Beta Kappa: Norfolk, Va. Fayetteville Third Rem: Byerly. Robert Dalton, ]r. A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Beta Theta Phi Eta Sir ma. Caldwell. D. Joyce A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Ome (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4), Lazy Literates Relations (3, 4). Callihan, Herbert Aldon. ]r. A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Lambda Chi Alpha: Football Head Manager (1): Gymnastics Manager (li: Monogram Club It): Order of the ( ' .olden Bear (4); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3, I): A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3. I). Wins Staff (1). Fourth Row: Calvert, William Morse Norfolk, Va. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Kappa Alpha. Secretary ' 2). President (I); Glee Club (1. 2. 3. t). Secretary (3). Vice-President (t); Order of the Old Well (3. n. Executive Committee; University Club (l. 2. 3. 4). President (4); Orientation Committee (3); Orientation Counselor (4): Campus Chest Committee (3): A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2), Drill Team (1); Interfraternity Council (3. 4). Campbell. Edward Truesdale Wilson A.B. IN ENGLISH. Daily Tar Heel (4). Campbell. Louis Henry. Jr. Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: Canadav, Maurice Lewis B.S. IN MEDICINE. Baseball (11; Glee Club (2. 3); Inter- dormitory Council (S); Young Democrats Club (2) ; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2); Baptist Student Union (l, 2, 3), Chairman of Sup- per Forum (2) Cannon, Franklin Lamar B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION " . Carbaugh. Constance Roanoke. Va. A.B. IN DRAMATIC ART. Alpha Gamma Delta: Sigma Alpha Iota, Treasurer (4). Chaplain (4): Glee Club (3. 41; Playmakers 18. I); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); R.O.T.C. Snonsor (3. I): Dance Club (3. n. Secretary; Hockey Club ct. li; Basketball Club (3. 4); Women ' s Athletic Association (3). Four Oaks Kannapolis North Wilkesboro i Delta; Y.W.C.A. (3. Reidsville Sixth Row: Carlton, Anne Rawlins A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha ? 4) ; Canterbury Club (3. I). Carroll, Philip Edward A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Interdormitorv Council (2); Younft Democrats Club (4); Y.M.C.A. (2, 3. 4): Dormitory Advisor. Carter, Barbara loyce Lake Junaluska A.B. IN ENGLISH. Band (3. 4). Social Chairman 111: Dance Committee (3. 1): Women ' s Council (3. I); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Dormitory President (4). Seventh Ran-: Cashwell. Sara Cornelia Hope Mills A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Y.W.C.A.. Vesper Dormi- tory Chairman (11: Women ' s Athletic Association (3. 4), Archery Chairman (8), Tennis Chairman (t). Vice-President (4); Dormitory Social Chairman (4); Wesley (3, I); Basket ball Club (3. 4) ; Hockey Club (3. 1). Chalmers, Marion Cuyler Greenville, S. C. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Tennis. Chairman (4): Y.W.C.A. (4). Publicity: Dormitory Executive Council (1): West- minster Foundation (4). Chandler, Lynn Fage Morrisville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta Gamma Siama Phi Beta Kappa: phi Eta Sigma; ( ' ( ,-., ,„„ Quarterly :; Di Senate (2. 3. 4). Clerk. President Pro Tern: Men ' s Council (3. II; Student Legislature (1. 21; Youna Demo- crats Club (1); Younp; Republicans Club (4). SENIORS Chapman, Hugh McMaster Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeta Psi; Golf (1. 2, 8); Gorgon ' s Head (3, 4); Minataurs (2, 3, 4). Chapman, loan Marie Wilmington, Del. A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Delta ; Hookey Club (8, I); Basketball Club (3. 4): Newman Club (8) ; Women ' s Athletic Association (4). Chappie, DeWitt, Jr. Middletown, Ohio A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Nu; Basketball Man- ager (1); A.F.R.0.T.C Second Row: Cheatham, Margaret Eleanor Davis Henderson A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega: Yackety Yack (3): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Splash Club (4). Christian, Joanne Smithfield, Va. B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Delta Delta Helta: Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Christides, Stelio Helsinki, Finland B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi: Soccer (1. 2); Cosmopolitan Club (2). Third Row: Claiborne, James William Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. President of Fresh- man Class (1); Golf Manager (3): Grail (2i. Clement, Charlotte Hollingsworth Raleigh A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Women ' s Athletic As- sociation, Secretary (4), Softball Chairman (3): Basketball Club (3, 4); Hockey Club (3. 4): Tennis Club (4); Wesley (3. II. Clement, Linda Gray Raleigh A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Women ' s Athletic As- sociation (3. I): Awards Chairman (41: Hockey Club (8, n: Basketball Club (3. 4); Tennis Club (41; Wesley (3. 4). Fourth Row: Clifton, Benton Franklin, lr. Raleigh A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Monogram Club ( ) ; Soccer (1, 4); Baseball (1, 2, 3). Clinard, Lorenza Theodore Clemmons B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Interdormitory Council (2); University Club (3); Wrestling (2). Cline, Barbara Gwen Chapel Hill A.B. IN EDUCATION. Phi Beta Kappa : Baptist Student Union (l. 2. 3, I). Council (1. 2. 3): Independent Coed As sociation (3): Town Girls ' Association (1. 2, 3). Treasurer (1). Fifth Row: Cline, John Henry Morganton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. University Club (3); Western N. C. Club (4); Dormitory Officer (3, 4). Cobb, Laurence Arthur Massapequa, N. Y. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi, Treasurer (3); University Club. Treasurer (4); University Party (2. 3. 4). Coffey. Louise Inman Arlington, Va. A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Delta Delta Helta; Women ' s Council (3. I): Y.W.C.A. (3. D; President of Dormitory (1): Women ' s Residence Council (3, t); Women ' s Ping Pong Finn ' s (3): Orientation Com- mittee (4); Interdormitory Council (3); University Party (3, 4); Dormitory Executive Board (I): W.U.N.C. T.Y. Station (I). rth ■ ' .. Candler Cogburn, Phyllis Ann A.B. IN SPANISH. Kappa Helta; Kir ma Alpha lota. Presi- dent (4); Dance Committee (H; Glee Club (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Spanish Club (3. l ; Leadership Training (3). Colbert, Robert Stephen Washington, D. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Omega Gamma Mil lota: Tan Epsilbn Phi; Daily Tor Heel II. 21; Interdormi- tory Council (3. 4); Lacrosse Manager (1. 2); Monogram Club (2. 3, 4). Athletic Council (4); Order of the Old Well (3. 4); Swimming Manager (3. I): Yackety York (1, 2), Freshman Editor (li. Managing Editor (21; Arnold Air Society (3. 4), Secretary (4). Cole, Samuel Jennings M. S. IN MEDICINE. Fayetteville Collins, Benjamin Kenneth A.B. IN EDUCATION. Gy tics Cl. li : Mi Hillsboro nogram Club Conrad, Wallace Hedrick Greensboro A.B. IN ENGLISH. Young Republicans Club (4); Y.M.C.A. 12); Canterbury Club (2, 3. 4); Episcopal Student Vestry (2, 3, 4), Junior Warden (3. 4). Converse, Walter Crabtrct Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Chi, Vice- President (1); Interfraternitv Council (1, 2, 3, 4), Court (3, 4). JtiL-KI SENIORS Cooke, Amy Catherine Bethesda, Md. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Student Legislature (3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council (3); Y.W.C.A. (4). Cabinet; Student Independent Coed Board (3); Coon, James Wallace A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa dent (t) ; Spanish Club (4). Cooper David Booth A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Tu (2, 3. I), Fiction Editor. Bessemer City Dormitory Vice-Presi- Chapel Hill o; Carolina Quarterly Chapel Hill Cooper, Frances Whinery A.B. IN ENGLISH. Copeland, Cuthbert Malcolm Tyner B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Young Democrats Club (4). Corbett, Patricia Anne Swansboro A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta, Corresponding Secretary (3, 41; Glee Club (1); Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion (3. 4). Corl, George Franklin Concord B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Covington, Betty Jean Roanoke, Va. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Daily Tar Heel (3), Business Staff (4): Women ' s Athletic Association (3. 4); House Council (3. 1); Y.W.C.A. (4); University Club. Cowell. Horace Baxter Washington U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Y.M.CA. (1, 2, 3. ii ; Intramural Manager (3, 4). Cox, Malcolm A., jr. U.S. IN MEDICINE. Alpha Epsilo Kinston Assembly (1. Craddock, Richard Scott Cary A.B. IN EDUCATION. Phi Eta Sigma; Glee Club (1, 2). Craft, June Est elle Pfafftown IN DRAMATIC ART. Sigma Pi Alpha; Playmakers Charlotte b (4). Orlando, Fla. Splash Club (3. 4); Fifth Row: Craig, Alice Joyce A.B. IN EDUCATION. Western N. ( ' Crane, Marcia B.A. IN ECONOMICS. Pi Beta PI, University Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Spanish Club (3, 4) Crawford, Edward Kochtitzky Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Gorgon ' s Head (3. 1); Sheiks (2. 8, I). Sixth Row: Crawford, Hazel Bridges Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club (3): Y.W.C.A. (4); Press Club (3. 4), Secretary (4); West- minster Fellowship (3), Editor of the Witness u . Creasy, Thomas Claiborne Gretna, Va. A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vice-President of Freshman Class (1); President of Sophomore Clas; (2); Gimghoul (3, 4); Golden Fleece (3. 4); Grail (2, 3. I); Graham Memorial Board of Directors. Chairman (4); Minataurs (2, 3, 4); Chairman of Consolidated University Day (2); Orientation Counselor (2); Orientation Chairman (3); President of Student Body (4); Amphoterothen ; Con- solidated University Student Council (4); University Party (1. 2. :i. 4). Crockett, Garth Carson B.S. IN PUBLIC HEALTH. fiith It, i Charlottetown, Canada Crohn, Max Henry, Jr. Asheville A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Lambda Phi, President (4); Pi Sigma Alpha; Di Senate (1); Interfraternity Council (3, 4); Lacrosse (3. 4); Monogram Club (3. 4); Student Legislature (2. 3, 41; Young Democrats Club (2, 3, 4); Student Party (II: University Party (2, 3, 4). Floor Leader; Consolidated University Student Council (2, 3, 4), Chairman (4) ; Orientation Counselor. Crouch, James Garland, Jr. Jacksonville A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi (lamina Helta. President (4); Gorgon ' s Head (2. 3. 4); Interfraternity Council (2. 3. 4). I.F.C. Court; Student Legislature (2); Track (1): Y.M.CA. (3. 4); Soccer (3. 4); Philosophical Society of 1779 (2, 3. 4). Crowell, Martha T. Hendersonville SENIORS d si Ro Croxton, Richard Archer, jr. Danville, Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Gamma Delta, Treasurer (41: German (Tub Executive (3. I), Secretary; Student Legislature (1); V.M.C ' .A. (1. 2); University Party (1. 2). Vice-Chairman. Crumoton, lames Slade Roxboro Democrats Current. Ronald David Winston-Salem A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Sigma Chi; Football (S, II : La- crosse (3. 4). Set •„l Row: Currin, Mary Virginia Meredithville, Va. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delia, Secretary (1): Pi Delia Phi: Carolina Quarterly (3); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Cabinet (4); Future Teachers of America (3. 4). Secretary (3, I): Orientation Advisor (4). Daniels, Patricia Bagley Raleigh A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Omega; Y.W.C.A. (3. t). Hospital Service (4) : Orientation Committee (I); Board of Election (4); University Party (4). Daniels, Pete Poole Wanchese Kappa Alpha; Vackety Third Row: Daniels, Ronald Moore Sea Level AH IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Davenport, Mary Anderson Timmonsville. S. C. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega; Splash Club (4): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Junior Varsity Cheerleader (31; Hockey Club (3i. Brevard I. IN EDUCATION. Student Legislature (3. II. Clerk (3. Y.W.C.A. (3); Dormitory Recorder (II. Davis. Elizabeth Caroline Davis, Myra Ann Albemarle A.B. IN ENGLISH. Orientation Advisor Council (3, 4) : Dorm Alpha Delta Pi ( I) : Women ' s itory Council (i) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Athletic Association ; SUAB (3). Dawson. Robert William Elmhurst, N. Y. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Dean, Charlie Louis, Jr. Fuquay Springs A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Tan Omnia; Di Senate 13. H : Student Lesislature (3. 1). Chairman of Rules Committee (4): Young Democrats (Tub (3. 41, First Vice-President (11: Graham Memorial Activities Board. Committee Chair- man (4); Student Party Advisory Board (3. li; Dormitory Officer (3). Fifth Row: Deane, Henry Thomas Albemarle B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Dees. Franklin Elliott Bayboro A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Young Democrats Club (2. 1). Denny. Arlis Dean Winston-Salem B.S. IN EDUCATION. Baseball (4); Y.M.C.A. CO. Derry. losephine Amanda A H IN ENGLISH. Y.W.C.A Washington, D. C. 3, 4). Commission Head. Deviney, Robert Otis Spindale B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha, Officer (2. 3. 41; Interfraternitv Council (3. 4): University Club (2): Western N. C. Club (2. 3, U; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2). Dewing, Douglas Blair Kittery, Maine B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY. St. Anthony Hall: Glee Club (21: Y.M.C.A. (2). Rutherfordton Corson ' s Head (2. 3, 41: osophical Society Dickerson, Mark O., Jr. A.B. IN HISTORY. Zeta Pa Swimming (li : Minataurs (2. 3. 4 of 177(1 ( 11. D ' lorio, Babbie Jane Utica, N. Y. All. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Delta, President in: !•• simiia Alpha. Vice-President (4); Daily Tar Heel (3, 41: Di Seriate (3. 41; Y.W.C.A. (3. II; University Party (3. 41; Executive Orientation (II; Newman Club (II; Panliellenic Council (4i; Presidential Cabinet of Student Government (3. 4); Cosmopolitan (Tub (3. li: Debate Council (4): SCAB. Dance Committee (41: Valkyries (4). Dillingham. lames Richard Winterville BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Gamma Delta. Basketball in: Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 4); Philosophical Society of 1779 (li : East Carolina club. SENIORS Dixon, Sterling Gray B.S. IN ' CHEMISTRY. Alplm Chi Sigma. Dixon, Wyatt Thomas, Jr. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Kappa ball (1); A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3. 4). Davis Durham a: Basket- Dodson, Glenn Douglas, |r. Lumberton B.S. IN ' BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Phi; Intel-dormitory Council (2); Young Democrats Club (2): A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2). Dodson, |esse Richard A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Elon College Dormire, Herman Floyd Virginia Beach, Va. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Cross Country (1. 2); Track (1). Doss, Lemuel Lowe, Jr. Wilmington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Alpha Epai- lun; Men ' s Council (2); 13 Club (2); University Club (2 1. Doster, Joe C. Charlotte A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi. Douglas, Thomas George Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. President (4). DuBose, John McNeely Chapel Hill A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Alpha Epsiliiit. Treasurer: V.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3. n : A.F.R.O.T.C. II. 21. Rilie Team (1, 2). Duncan, Samuel Jefferson, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Charlotte gma Pi Alpha. DuPler, Carol Louise Davidson A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Delta Delta Delta. President (41: Student Legislature (3); Valkyries (3, 4), Secretary (4); Yackety Yack (8); Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. Vice-President it): State Student Legislature (31: Consolidated University Day Committee (II: Panliellenk- Council (4): S.U.A.B. (3) ' : Executive Budget Committee. Dupree, Susan Evelyn A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Angi Eaddy, Jo Frances Raleigh A.B. IN ART EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta, Vice- President (41 : Y.W.C.A. (3. ll : Cardboard (8). East, Susan Little Rock, Ark. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Beta Phi, President (4); I ' i Sigma Alpha; Y.W.C.A. (8, n; Panhellenic Council (4); S.U.A.B. Polls Committee (3). Eberle, Robert K. Asheville B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Lambda Chi Alpha. Rush Chair- man (4); Daily Tar Heel (41: Gymnastics, Manager (2); Monogram Club (41: Student Legislature (31: Student Government Honor Committee in: Budget Committee (4); University Party (3. 4): Orientation Committee (3. 4). Eckhoff, Oscar Bradley Chester, S. C. B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Wesley Founda- tion (3. 4). Council (4). Edwards, Nancy Ann Salemburg A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Delta; Daily Tar Heel u Universit " Club (4). Edwards, William Glover Tarboro A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Mu Alpha; Band (3, 4): Glee Club (4): Young Democrats Club 13. 4), Secretary (3): Y.M.C.A. 13. I): U.N ' .C. Symphony Orchestra (3. I : Episcopal Stu ■ lent Vestry CI. n. Treasurer CI. t): Canterbury Club (8, 4). Eison, Alice Irene Marceline, Mo. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta; Glee Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4): Future Teachers of America (3. 4). Eley, Nell Deans Ahoskie A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega, Vice-President (3): Y.W.C.A. ci. 1 1. Cabinet (4); Basketball Club (3. 4). MJ Eller, Lewis Baxter B.A. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Granite Quarry SENIORS First Row: Elliott, David Robert Asheboro A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Sk Tar Heel (3) ; Track (3); Y( Elliott, Suzanne Alva, Okla. A.B. IN DRAMATIC ART. Pi Beta Phi: Playmakers (3, 4). Mask Award (3): House Council (3); President of Modern Dance Club (3); Women ' s Athletic Association Council (3). Ellis, Jeanne Bryant Nashville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delia Pi: Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Second Row : Eudy, Joseph Daniel Havelock A.B. IN " PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Eure, Linwood W. Suffolk, Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Evans, Charles Kelly Boardman A.B. IN HISTORY. Third Rou-: Fair, Sara Cheves Greenville, S. C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega; Canterbury Club (3 ; Women ' s Athletic Association (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). Farmer, Robert Leon Smithfield BS. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Baseball (1, 2i: Track (1, 2); V.M.C.A. (1, 2. :(. n. Fetzer, William Douglas Rocky River, Ohio A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Kappa Sigma; Monogram Club (2. 3) ; Soccer (2. 3). Fourth Bow: Figel, Dorothy Ann Indianapolis, Ind. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi, Rush Chairman (4); Canterbury Club (3. 4); Orientation Committee (4): Pan- hellenic Council (4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4), President (4). Finch, Emily Cooper Thomasville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi, Corresponding Secre- tary (4); Tennis Club (4): University Club (3. 4): Yackety Yaclc (3. 4). Photography Editor (41; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Hospital Service (3); Orientation Advisor (4). Fisher, Amy Lucille Hendersonville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union Executive Council en; l.W.C. Scholarship Chairman (3); House Council (3). Fifth Row: Fisher, Otis Norwood Bladenboro A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Chi Psi. Fitch, Roy Bernice, Jr. Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Tau Omega, President It); Interfraternitv Council (4); Student Legis- lature (2 •■ Orientation Counselor (8. n: N.S.A. Campus Committee (3): N.R.A. Club (3. 41; A.F.R.O.T.C. II. 2. 3, I) ; Men ' s Council (1). Flake, Robert Cockman Rockingham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Young Democrats Club (3, 41. Sixth Row: Fleishman, Joel Lawrence Fayetteville A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Beta Kappa: Carolina Political Union (1, 2. 3. 4), Chairman (3): Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); Di Senate (1, 2, 3. 4), President (41; Football. Assistant Manager (1); Grail (3, 4); Order of the Old Well (3. 4): Student Legislature (1, 2. 3. 4). Parliamentarian (1. 2. 3. 4); Yackety Yack (1) ; Young Democrats Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Y.M.C.A. (i, 2. 3. 4); Carolina Forum (2. 3. 4). Chairman (3. 4); Student Entertainment Committee (4) ; S.U.A.B. Com- mittee Chairman (2. 3); Amphoterothen (3. 4); Student Party (1, 2, 3. 4), Chairman (4); National Student Associa- tion (1. 2. 3. 1); N. C. Student Legislative Assembly (1. 2, 3. 4). Fleming, Priscilla Moon Lafitte, La. A.B. IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi: Daily Tar Heel (8). Fleming, William Holt Raleigh A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Tuu Omega; Uni- versity Club (3. 4); Young Democrats Club (3, 4). Seventh Row: Flowers, Billy Roderick Clayton A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Phi Epsilon: Cross Country (1. 2. 3); Gymnastics (1. 2. S) ; Tarnation (3. 1): Track (1, 2, 3). Fogleman, Howard Simpson, Jr. Burlington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpha; Class Executive Committee (1); Student Legislature (21 : Tennis II). Forester, ]. Gordon Wilkesboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpha: Treasurer of Sophomore Class 2i; Interdormitory Council (21 ; Men ' s Council (4i; On ' er of the Old Well (3. 4i; Student Legislature (2, 3); Wrestling (21; Graham Memo rial Board of Directors (3, I); Graham Memorial Activities Board, President (1. 4); Amphoterothen (3. 4); Dormitory President (2); Student Entertainment Committee (4); Stu- dent Party; N.R.O.T.C; Orientation Counselor (2. 3); State Student Legislature (3). ft SENIORS Fountain, Millard James, Jr. Wilmington B.S. I BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi. Fox, Sarah Nancy A.B. IN HISTORY. Frederick, Anne Bisland A.B. IN ENGLISH. Charlotte Washington, D. C. Freeman, Joseph Franklin, jr. Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Chi. French, Ruth Allerton Newton Center, Mass. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi, Social Chairman (4): Tarnation m; Yaekety Yack (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Art Committee (4). Gastonia Froneberger, Pinkney Carroll, Jr. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Alpha; 13 Club (3 n ; Orientation Counselor (4). Third Row: Frucci, Allen LeRoy Albany, Ga. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Plii Kappa Sigma: Con- solidated University Student Council (2): Semper Fidelis Society (2. 3. 41. Clemmons Furches, James Johnson B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Track (2) : Y.M.C.A. (1); N.R.O.T.C; Dormitory Manager (4); Dormitory Officer Furr, Carl Augustus, Jr. U.S. IN MEDICINE. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Concord Fourth Raw: Futch, David Gardner Monroe A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Kappa Phi: Inter- f rater C: Fyfe, William David A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Phi Oh Garbisch, Edgar William, ]r. B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sig Club (81 Carrboro ia. New York, N. Y. Fifth Row: Garner, Margie Mary Pinehurst A.B. IN EDUCATION. Daily Tar Heel (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, Chairman of Publicity Committee (4); Press Club (3); W Fo .ilntii Garner, William Darrell High Point U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. A.F.R.O.T.C, Drill Squad. Gates, Edward Leroy, Jr. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Alexandria, Va. Sixth Row: Geiger, Don Weng Tampa, Fla. U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpha: Grail (8, 4); Order of the Old Well (3. 4), President (4); President Cabinet (4); Student Legislature (1. 2. 3), Elec- tions Board (1. 2). Speaker Protein (3); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3, 4), Cabinet (4) ; Graham Memorial Board of Directors (I. 21 ; Aniplmterotheii (3. n; Scabbard and Blade (3, 1); Arnold Air Society (3. 4); Student Party (1, 2, 3, 4): Florida Club. President (41: Consolidated University Stu- dent Council (3. 4). Gilbert, Charles Franklin A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Benson Giles, Franklin Delano Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Young Democrats Club (3); Baptist Student Union (1. 2, 3. 4), Treasurer (4); Town Men ' s Association (1. 2. 3. II. Seventh Row: Gill, Newell Thomas Orlando, Fla. A.M. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Sigma Nu; M gram Club (2. 3. 4): Swimming (1, 2. 3, t) ; WUNC Stair Engineer. Gladstone, Donald T. Drexel Hill, Pa. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Chi, Vice-President (31. President (4): Interfraternity Council (3, 4); Lacrosse (1, 2); Mono- gram Club (1. 2. 3, 4); Soccer (1. 2. 3. 4). Glauert, Ellen Espen A.B. IN ENGLISH. Elkins Park, Pa. SENIORS First Row: Glenn, Jonas Brittain Spartanburg, S. C. A. II. IN ECONOMICS, Sigma Chi; 13 Club (2); Philosophical Society of 1779 mi. Glover, John Snow Charlotte A. 11. I ZOOLOGY. Sigma Phi EpsOon, Officer (4); V.M.C.A. (3. 4;. Golden, Barbara Gwynne Ft. Riley, Kan. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta; Go ' f Club (4); Women ' s House Council (3); Y.W.C.A. 13. 4). Chairman of Supper Forum (3. 4); Faculty Forum (3, 4), Chairman (4); Library Service Hi. Golding, J. C. Winston-Salem B.S. IX Bl ' SINESS ADMINISTRATION. Gooch, John DeWitt Greensboro A.B. IX ENGLISH. Carolina Quarterly (4), Fiction Board; Interdormitory Council (2). Secretary (2i: Orchestra (4). Goodman, Al Jack, Jr. Asheville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Lambda Phi: Ilillcl Cabinet (3); Interfraternity Council (2). Goodman, Ronald Byrd Charlotte B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Sigma Chi: Theta Chi; V.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3); Wesley Fellowship (1, 2. 3. 4). Goodwin, Betsy Lynn Lenoir City, Tenn. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Omega, Corresponding Secretary iti; Pi Sigma Alpha; Women s House Council if. Coordinator iii: V.W.C.A. (3. i . Chairman of Lazy Literates (3. II: Student Advisor. Grana, Jeanne Sue Valdese A.B. IN EDUCATION. I ' hi Delta Pi: Glee Club (3. 4); Human Relations Club (3. 4) ; Westminster Fellowship (3. 4). Grant, Vestal Adair New Bern US. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Gratz, Virginia Lou Richmond, Va. A.B. IN FRENCH. V.W.C.A. (4): Graham Memorial Pub- licity Committee ( 4 i ; Dormitory Executive Committee (41. Gray, Heiskell Rea Washington, D. C. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Alpha; 13 Club 12. 3. II. Fifth , ' .. ■. ' Gray, Ora Louise Brownsville, Tenn. A.B. IN SPANISH. Gamma Phi Beta; Dance Committee in: Women ' s Council (3. I): Yackety Yack (4); Stray Greeks (8. n. Secretary (4); Graham Memorial Activities Board office Committee. Green, Agnes Braxton Daytona Beach, Fla. A.M. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega: V.W.C.A. (3. II: Splash Club (3. 4); Tennis Club (3. 4 . Green, Marvin Leon Durham U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa PH. Sixth Row: Greenbaum, Arthur Frank Baltimore, Md. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Alpha Tan Omega; Daily Tar Heel (1. 2. 3. I): Interdormitory Council (2. 3), Dance Chair- man 2. :n. lacrosse (l, 2. 31: Monogram Club (I. 2. 3. 4). Treasurer (4); Swimming (2); Soccer (2); X.R.A. Club 1 1 ; Dormitory President (2). Greene, Joan Elizabeth A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi V.W.C.A. 13. p. Greene, Virginia Ann A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta I V.W.C.A. ( li : Orientation Advi or. Greene, William Marion A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Greer, Phyllis Law A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Gryder, Danny Franklin A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Theta flu. Lexington ckety York (3): Charlotte Yack (3); Robersonville Delta. Greensboro Biltmore page 304 SENIORS Hamlet Delta Theta, Intra hi Assembly (2. 3): ) : Young Democrats ; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. Winston-Salem First Row: Gunter, Eugene Burke, Jr. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi mural Manager (8); Baseball (1): 1 University Club (2); Wrestling (1. i Club (1, 2. 3. 41; V.M.C.A. (1. 2. 31 8, n. Major (4) ; Football (1). Gunter, Virginia Clark Kensington, Md. MA. IN ' ECONOMICS. Delta Delta Delta, Pledge President 131 : Tennis Club (3. 4): University Club (3. n: University Party (3, 4); House Council (31. Guthrie, Richard E., Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta Theta Pi, Rush Chairman (S). President (4); German Club Executive (3): Gorgon ' s Head (2. 3. 4i. Scriptor (4); Interfraternity Council (3. 4i ; Track (1); Minataurs (2. 8, I). Second Row: Gutierrez, Margaret Elizabeth Alexandria, Va. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Sigma Alpha lata. Social Chairman (3. 4 ); Glee Club (2. 3. 41; University Club (4); Graham Memorial Board of Directors (4): Town Girls ' Association (3. 4i. President (U. Gwynn, John Minor, Jr. U.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi Eta Arnold Air Society (4). Hadlow, Harold David B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chapel Hill ma; Sigma Nu: Rocky Mount Hafer, Frederick Eugene Hickory B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha; 13 Club (2. 3. 4): Yackety Yack (1. 2). Hallden, Richard Charles New York, N. Y. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Psi: Gymnastics (1. 2. 3. 4): Monogram Club (1. 2, 3. 41; N.K.O.T.C: Semper Fidelis Society (3. 4). Hammond, Lambert Perry Spartanburg, S. C. MS. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Fourth Row: Hamrick, Frederick Delmar Rutherfordton A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Delta Pin Alpha: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma; Stoma AX Secretary (I): Scabbard and Blade: N.R.O.T.C: Swimming (1). Handel, Samuel D. Chapel Hill A.B. IN EDUCATION. Dance Committee (2. 3. D; Mono- gram Club (1. 2. 3). Treasurer (21; Tennis (1. 2. 3i. Hanna, Eugene Jenkins Gastonia A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Baseball (8); Carolina Christian Fellowship. Foreign Mission Secretary I): Wes- ley Foundation, Recreation Chairman (I); Qymlet, Co- Editor (3); Physical Education Majors ' Club. Vice-Presi- dent (41. Fifth Row: Hai bison, Katharine Ann Rochester, N. Y. A.B. IN RECREATION. Dance Committee (4); Y.W.C.A. i3. 4i; Dormitory Social Chairman (4); Women ' s Athletic Association (3). Harding, William Malcolm Mocksville A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Baseball (1. 2. 3. 41: Monogram Club (3. 41 ; Young Republicans Club (I). Hardison, Edward Hooper Wadesboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Alpha Epsi- loii. President (I); Gorgon ' s Head (3. I): Interfraternity Council; Minataurs (2. 3. 4). President (2). Hargrave, Charles Clement Lexington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, phi Delta Theta: Sheik : University Club (31. Snow Hill Harper, Thomas Wingate A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Sig, Harrington, William Fleming A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION, i II. 21. Greenville i: Basketball Seventh Row. Harris, Barbara Wheeler Chapel Hill A.B. IN EDUCATION. Harris, Carl Roger Pilot Mountain A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Young Democrats Club (2. 3. 41. Publicity Committee. Harris, Frank M. Lincolnton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa Sigma; Glee Club (1): Young Democrats Club (1, 2. 3. n: Y.M.C (11; Cheerleader (3). SENIORS Harris, George Baxter Hickory B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Nu; Arnold Air Society; A.F.R.O.T.C. ; Soccer Manager (2). Harris, Harvey Max Garysburg B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta Gumma Sigma, President (4); Phi Beta Kappa. Harris, James A., Jr. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Phi Greenville, S. C. Henderson Harris, Patsy Mitchiner A.B. IN FRENCH. Harris, Ray Shannon Bryson City B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Harrison, Edward Nelson Eagle Springs B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpha; Glee Club (1. 2): Y.M.C.A. (3); University Club (2). Third Row: Hartman, Penny Lincolnton A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi: Yarketu Tack (3): V.W.C.A. (3. 41 ; Future Teachers of America (4): S.U.A.B. Bulletin Board Committee (3): Dormitory House Council. Hatcher, Gladys Bernard Four Oaks A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Helta Pi: Debate Council. Sec- retary (3): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Membership Council; Pan- bellenic Council (4); University Party (3). Hatley, Georgia Lee Hudson A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Daily Tar Heel: Glee Club (8); V.W.C.A. (3. n: WUNC Hawfield, Frank Houston, Jr. Matthews B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi: Young Democrats Club (4). Hawley, Eflie Lou Florence, S. C. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta; Splash Club (4); University Club (I); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4): Cheerleader (4); Orientation Advisor (4). Hayes, Johnny Greene A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Kappa Ps, Senate (2). Hampton, Va. and i 1. 2, 3i; I)i Hayes, Mary Anne Bowling Green, Ky. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta; Glee Club (3); Y.W.C.A., Publicity ami Hospital Service (3). Haynsworth, Hugh Charles, III Sumter, S. C. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Beta Theta Pi: Scabbard and Blade; Inter fraternity Council (2. 3); Lacrosse (2, 3. 41. Co-Captain (4); Monogram Club (2. 3, 4); Phi Assembly (1. 2); Student Legislature (1. 21; Minataurs (2. 3. 1); Orientation Counselor (3, 41. Hebert, Anne Chewning New Orleans, La. A.B. IN SPANISH. Alpha Omega Pi; Y.W.C.A.; Dormitory Vice-President ; Spanish Club. Vice-President; Westminster Fellowship Council. Hedrick, Charles Wray Lexington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Heemann, Paul Warren Baltimore, Md. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Delta Theta. President (4); Inter- fraternity Council (4); Monogram Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Order of the Golden Bear (2. 3, 4); Swimming (1. 2, 3. 4). Captain (3), Co-Captain i n. Heinz, George Albert, Jr. Sparta B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Beta Kappa; University Club (4); Young Democrats Club (3. 4); Cam lina Cardboard (2, 3. 4), Secretary (4i; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2). Seventh Pair : Helms, Samuel Horace Charlotte A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Sigma Phi Epsilon; University Club (3); Semper Fidelis Society. Secretary (3. 4); N.R.0.T.C Drill Team. Helton, John Harrison Statesville B.S. IN EDUCATION. Helton, Samuel H., Jr. Statesville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. PAGE 306 SENIORS ftH A;.k Hemstreet, Martha Augusta, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Mil ; Y.W.C.A. (3, I). Herzog, Seymour New York, N. Y. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Phi Belli Kappa : Phi Eta Sigma; Hillel (1, 2, 3. 4), Recreation Committee (2); Flaymakers (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Tar Heels ' n Toes (I. 2, 3). President; Cosmopolitan Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Higginbotham, Robert Saffold U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - . Raleigh Hill, Joan M. Augusta, Ga. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi: Yacketij Yack (4): } .W.C.A. (3, 4). Hill, John Anthony, Jr. Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Hilton, Charles Laroy Hickory B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Transportation Club. Third Row: Hitchings, Horace Edgar Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Hiqma Pi; Band (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3. 4); Florida Club (3. 4); N.R.O.T.C. Drill Team (1, 2. 3. 4). Holloway, James Howard Traphill B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Mama. Hoover, Thomas Henry, Jr. Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi, Master of Rituals. House Manager; N.R.O.T.C; Scabbard and Blade; Charlotte Carolina Club. Southern Pines Stillwater, Okla. Horner, Bill A.B. IN SPANISH. Horton, Patricia Macon A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Alpha Theta ; Tarnation (3, 4). Features Editor (4); Newman Club (4); Y.W.C.A-. (3. II; Stray Greeks (3. 1); Vice-President of Dormitory (4); Women ' s Athletic Association (3. t) ; Hockey Club (3). Houchins, Robert Burns Leaksville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. fifth Row: Houghton, Anthony John Newark, N. J. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Delta Upsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Cross Country (1. 2, 3. 4), Captain (4); Monogram Club (1. 2, 3, 4): Order of the Old Well (3); Track (1, 2, 3. 4). House, Walter Odesly, Jr. Rocky Mount A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Pi Kappa Alpha: Interfraternity Council (2, 3); Swimming (1); 13 Club (2. 3, 4); Young Democrats Club (3). Howell, Ann Alexandria, Va. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Glee Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4), Publicity Committee; Cardboard (4); Future Teachers of America (4); Psychology Club (3). Howell, Billy Shaw, Jr. Charlotte A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Kappa Alpha; Sheiks; Interfaith Council; Westminster Fellowship. President (4). Howell, Charles Francis Chapel Hill A.B. IN EDUCATION. Young Democrats Club (3. 4): Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4) ; Free Lance Forum. Howell, Leonard James Oakboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Hoyle, Richard Alvin Hoyt, Charles Tayloe, Jr. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Phi Gat Hudson, Gordon Lamar Lincolnton Washington Winston-Salem 3, 4) ; Monogram SENIORS Greensboro (3. t). Hospital Sen ice Hudson, Joan Magdallen A.B. IN " CHEMISTRY. Y.W.C.A. in; German Play (8). Huff, William Thomas, Jr. Charlotte A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Sigma Alpha Epxilati ; Sheiks: Orientation Counselor. Huffman, Anne Louise Catawba A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Alpha Delta Pi: Daily Tar H«l (3i ; Debate Squad (4): Debate Council (4). Secretary (41: l)i Senate (3. l : Publications l ' nioii Hoard (3): Student Legislature (4); Y.W.C.A. (8, H: NSA Convention. Humber, John L. Greenville A.B. IN MUSIC, (dee Club (3. 41. Librarian (41; Y.M.C.A. 13. 4i ; Orchestra (3). Hunsucker, John Elton Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Hunt, David Webster Columbia, S. C. U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Third Row: Hurley, James Richardson Seaford, Del. B IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Sigma Nu; WUNC (3. 4). Hurley, John William A.I!. IN SOCIOLOGY, (lice Club i n. Robersonville Durham Hurst, Gordon Chase U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Fourth Row: Husbands, Herman Hamilton Chapel Hill A.B. IN GEOLOGY. Alpha Phi Omega; Delta Vpsilon, Interfraternitv Council (I. 2i; Track (li; Y.M.C.A. (3); Scabbard anil Blade (3. (), Secretary 13. 4i: Arnold Air Society, Executive officer (8, 4). Hutchins, Ichn Nelson B.S. IN DENTISTRY. Hyatt, Robert Perry A.B. IN HISTORY. Gle President 4i; Craham Fifth How: Irvin, Henry D. U.S. IN PHYSICS. Delta Phi Physics Club (3. 4). Irvin, lames Morrison U.S. IN EDUCATION. Mars Hil Cherokee 1. 2. 3. 4). ■ctors (3 1. Enka Phi Beta Kappa: Midland Isaacson, Henry Harris Greensboro B IN ECONOMICS. Zeta Beta Tan: Daily Tar Hvel (1): Dance Committee (4); Hillel Cabinet (1. 2. 3i. President (3): Interfraternitv Council (1. 2. 3. 4). Secretary (3). President (4): C.rahani Memorial Board ot Directors (4); V.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. 3. 41; Executive Council (4 : Orienta- tion Counselor (2. 4); Consolidated Univers ity Student Council (4). Hickory St. Pauls Sixth Row: Isenhour, William Jacob A.B. IX JOURNALISM. Pi Kappa Alpha. Jackson, Elmer Eugene A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Jackson, ]udy lordan Shreveport, La. B IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Delta Drltn ; Yackety Tack (4). ' Sorority Editor (4); Y.W.C.A. (8); Editor Women s Handbook; A.F.R.O. ' I .( ' . Sponsor (3. li; Sweetheart ot Sigma Chi (3i; Orientation Advisor (4). Jewell, Edwin Smith Wilmington B.S. IN DENTISTRY. Monogram Club u. 2. .1. : Swim- ming (1, 2, 3. 4 1. Johnson, Alan Francis Jamestown BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sienna Pi: A.F.R.O.T.C. Johnson, Allen Pink A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Fairmont Firs Joh A.B. Phi SENIORS I Row: nson, Edward Stokes IN MATHEMATICS. Alplm Phi Omega; B, ' tn Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi M 11 Kp Chapel Hill Delta Upsilon; tilon. Toh B.S. nson. Fritz Kreisler IN GEOLOGY. Sigma Garni ,„, Epsilon. Durham loh A.B. nson. Joseph Allen IN ENGLISH. Kappa Alphi r. Social Cha Ayden irman (t). SeCO loh A.B. nrl Ro nson. IN " If ■ Lucia Porcher HISTORY. Alpha Ha mma Delta, Chapel Hill Second Vice- President (4): Town Girls (3. I): Baptist Student Unil (3. I); Independent Coed Board (8). Johnson. Robert Luther Thomasville B.S. IN ' BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Phi: Baseball (3. 4). Tones. Ann Spencer Charlotte A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi; Student Legislature (3i ; Tarnation (3. ti: Y.W.C.A. (8. n. Hosnital and Office Committee (3. 4); Executive Secretary of Student Govern- ment (4i; University Party (3): S.U.A.B. Committee (8); Orientation Advisor (4). Third Bo Jones, Mary - Louise Sanford A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Kappa Delta; Golf (4); Tennis (3. 4). President (3): Y.W.C.A. (3. » : Editor of Gymlet (3): Women ' s Athletic Association (3. t . President (4); Hockey Club (3. 4): Basketball Club (8, 0. Jones. Robert Tyree Durham A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Phi Kappa Sigma, President (4): Interfraternitv Council (3. 4): University Club (2): A.F.R.0.T.C (I. 2. 3. 41. Jones, Ruth Emerson Charlotte A.B. IN HISTORY. Student Legislature (4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Graham Memorial Board of Directors (4): Consolidated University Student Council (H: President ' s Executive Council (4): Women ' s Residence Council (3. 4). Chairman (4); Orientation Committee [4); Valkyries Mi. Fourth Row: Jones, Wilbur David. Jr. Wilmington A.B. IN HISTORY. Hail,, ' Tar Heel (2): Interdormitorv Council (4): Lacrosse (1. 2. 3. I): Monogram Club (2. 3, 4). Secretary (31. Vice-President (4); Soccer (3. 4); Press Club (3); Dormitory Vice-President (3): Orientation Conn selor (41. Jordan. Ralph Martin. Jr. Concord B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpha, Presi- dent (4): Daily Tar Heel (1); Grail (3. 1 1 : Interfraternitv Council (4); Student Legislature (3, I). Speaker (I): Graham Memorial Board of Directors (4); Vice-President Of Student Body (4): Orientation Committee 1 2. I); Amphoterothen Society (3. t) ; President ' s Cabinet (2. 3. t : Orientation Counselor (31. Joyner, Walton Kitchin Raleigh A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Rrta Knppa; Phi Ela Sigma; P, Sigma Alpha: Zeta Psi. President III: Gimghoul i3. II. President !4i; Interfraternitv Council (2. t). Court (3); Men ' s Council (3i; Order of the Old Well 1 3. d: Sheiks (2. 3. 41. President (3i; Student Council (4). Chair- man (4): Orientation Counselor (21 : N.R.O.T.C. Fifth Row: Julian, Nancv Claire Winston-Salem A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Knppa Delta; Orientation (4): House Council (3. 4). Kaneer. Julia Nan Belmont ; Y.W.C.A. (3, i): House Katz. Bradlev D. Warsaw B.S. IN BUSINESS ADBINISTR ATION. Pi Lambda Pin Young Democrats Club i3 ; Cardboard n. 2. 3. ti Presi- dent (4). Sixth Row: Kearslev. Edward Wearn Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Siyrna Pi. Keech. James Mavnard Tarboro A.B. IN ENGLISH. Stoma ( A,. Kelley, Margaret Patterson Charlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta; Yackety Ya,k (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4i : University Party (4): Honor Council 1 3 1 . Si vi ntli Koto: Kenney, Stephen Rudge Raleigh B.A. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi; Football (3. tl. Kepley, Thomas Howard Salisbury U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Knppa Alplm. Treasurer (3. I); Cross Country (11; Dance Committee (1. 2. 3. tl. President ( 1 1 ; Interdormitorv Council (1); U.N.C. High School Honor Committee (4); Track (1. 21: Y.M.C.A. (1): Soccer (3): Orientation Counselor (4); Activities Di- rector Boys ' State (31: Boys ' State Counselor (1. 2); Luther League of N. C. ' 2. 3), Vice-President (2. 3); Dormitory Treasurer (1) ; Intramurals (1. 2. 3. 4). Kerdasha, Ronald William North Bergen, N. |. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tennis (1. 2, 3. 4): .Monogram Club (2. 3. 4). SENIORS Kernodle. Lovick Harden, Jr. Danville. Va. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE ' . Phi Assembly (1, 2. 3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). Kerr. Kittv Kinnaird Winston-Salem A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Delta Delta; S.U.A.B.. Dance Committee (3); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4), Hospital Committee (3, 4); Orientation (4). King. Arnold Kimsey, lr. Chapel Hill A3. IN ENGLISH. Lambda Chi Alpha; Daily Tar Heel VI): Phi Assembly (1. 2, 3. 4); Plavmakers (1); Young Democrats Club (2. .1. I). Seeond Row; Kirk, Raymond Lynn, Jr. Wilmington A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Kirkman, William Hugh, Jr. Burlington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Tan Omega: Phi Beta Kappa; Football (1. 2. 3. 4); Monogram Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Young Democrats Club (3. 4): Arnold Air Society (3, 4); N.R.A. (3, 4), President (4). Kiser, David Russell Lincolnton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Milwaukee, Wis. Knop, Owen Richard B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Phi Kappa Sigma. Krimminger, Lamont Drear Kannapolis B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi; Young Democrats Club (3. 4) : Interfaitb Council (4) ; Lutheran Students Association (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3). Kuralt, Charles Bishop Chapel Hill A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Eta Sigma; St. Anthony Hall; Daily Tar Heel (3. 4). Editor (4); Golden Fleece: Grail: Order of the Oh! Well; Publications Union Board I4 : Graham Memorial Board of Directors: Orientation Coun- selor; Ampboterothen. Fourth Row: Kuralt, Sory Guthery Chapel Hill A.B. IN HISTORY. Kushinsky, Raymond Richard Toms River, N. J. A.B. IN COMPARATIVE LITERATURE. Tau Epsilon Phi, Vice-Chance!or; Glee Club (2); Student Legislature (2): Y.M.C.A. (3); University Party; Hillel (2, 3. 4). Lachot, Willis Henry. ]r. Rutherford College B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Glee Club (1) ; Young Democrats Club (I). Fifth Row: Lamson, Davis Williams B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. St. Anthony Hull (3 V 4); Gy Y.M.C.A bury Club (1, 2, 3. 4) Team (1, 2, 3, 41 : Pi Durham rolina Quarterly Club (2. 3. t); n Election Boanl (2. 3): Canter- esident (3, 4) ; A.F.R.O.T.C. Drill lent ' s Cabinet (2. 3). Lane, Calvin Lee Denton, Md. A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Baseball (1. 2); Soccer (1. 3, 4). Langston, Pa lmyra Ramsey Greenville, S. C. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Young Democrats Club (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4), Membership Council (3. 4); S.U.A.B. (3); Independent Women ' s Council (3. 4). Vice-President (3. 4): Orientation Advisor: House Council: Executive Council (3, 4) ; Cosmopolitan Club ( t) ; Community Church College Group (4). Sixth Roiv: Latham. Joseph Roscoe New Bern A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Laws. Jerry Holt Durham A.B. IN ' pOLITICAL SCIENCE. Tennis (1): Young Demo- crats Club cl, 4): A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2): Intramural Manager (1) ; Cardboard (3. 4). Lawson, Joseph Stebbins, Jr. South Boston, Va. B.S. IN BACTERIOLOGY. Zeta Psi: IS Club (2, 3. 4). Seventh Row: Lee, John Gambrell B.S. IN DENTISTRY. Lee, Richard Reuben B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Club; Y.M.C.A. Lee, William Osbourne, Jr. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Delta Kappii Epsilon; Men ' s Council (3); 13 Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Yarketu York CM. Fra- ternity Editor (3); Orientation Committee (3): North Carolina High School Honor Council Committee (3). Chair- man (3). Greensboro Mooresboro line Democrats Lumberton t itsfc t tflfcflfc SENIORS First Row : Leonard, Joan Carol A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamnu 4); Art Editor of Coeil Eeho; Graha Directors (4); Panhellenic Council Future Teachers of America (3, 4) Treasurer (4) ; S.U.A.B, Asheville Delta; Y.W.C.A. (3, ii Memorial Board of (41. President (4); State Secretary (t). Orientation Committee (4). Leonard. Rueben Yvon Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Phi Epsilon, President CD. Comptroller (4); Baseball (1); Football (1); Interfraternitv Council (2. 3. 4), Interfraternity Court (4); Order of the Old Well (3. 4): Student Legislature (2. 3): Tarnation (3. I). Editor 13. 4). Production Manager (3): University Club (1, 2): Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3): Orientation Committee (3); Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (I), Chairman (41: Pre ident ' s Coalition Cabinet (3. 4); Public Relations Committee (3); Student Accident Insur- ance Committee (3. 4). Chairman (3. 4): Interfraternitv Handbook (4); Editor (4). Levenson, Annette Harriet Salisbury A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Alpha EplUon Phi: Phi Chi Theta ; Hillel (3. 4); Women ' s Council (4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Stray Greeks (3. 4). President (4); Graham Memorial Activities Board (4); Polls Committee. Chairman (4); Orientation Committee (4). Second Roic: Lewis, Chester Eugene Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha i ' appn Psi. Lewis, John Gray. Jr Statesville A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Lewis, Mary Gantt Durham A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi: Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Hospi- tal Committee (3, 4) ; Canterbury Club (3. ) ; Student Ad- visor (4). Greensboro Third Row: Lewis, William R. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Liggett, Sarah Hitchcock St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. IN HISTORY OF ART. Delta Delta Delta. Likins, Paul Ross Elkhart, Ind. B.S. IN PHYSICS. Phi Beta Kappa: Basketball (1, 2, 3. 4); Golden Fleece (3. 4); Monogram Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (4). Fourth Row: Linder, Marion Louise Scarsdale, N. Y. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Delta Delta: Y.W.C.A. (3. 4i ; Women ' s Athletic Association (1); Orientation Advisor (4). Lindsey, Thomas Thelmar, ]r. Burlington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi; Football Manager (2); Y.M.C.A. (31: Dormitory Secretary- Treasurer (2, 3). Lineberry, Louis Charles. lr. Asheville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Phi Omega; Interdormitory Council (4) : Western N. C. Club. Fifth Row: Linker, Robert Polk Chapel Hill A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Phi Omega: Lacrosse (1, 2. 3. t); Monogram Club (1, 2, 3. 4): Swimming (1, 2, 3, 4): Y.M.C.A. (4). Little, Eliza Virginia Beach, Va. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta: Tennis Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3). Lofquist, William Augustus Asheville A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Cross Country (1. 2); Track (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (2. 3. 4). Vice-President (4): Westminster Fellow- ship (1. 2, 3, 4), President (3); Interfaitb Council (2, 3. 4). Vice-President (4). Sixth Row: Logsdon, Rodger Clement Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. 3. 1); Scabbard and Blade (4); Arnold Air Society (4). Long, Albert Anderson, Jr. Durham A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Baseball (I, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (2. 3. 4): Football (2. 3. 4): Monogram Club (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Track (1). Long, Thomas Hill Statesville A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Mn Alpha; Daily Tar Heel (1): Interdormitory Council (4). Loughlin, Edward Castello Henderson A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Zeta Psi: Football (1); Gimghoul (3. 1). Love, Warren Grey Mt. Airy A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Phi Kappa Sigma; Daily Tar Heel (1. 3, 4): Glee Club (1); Orientation Counselor (4 : A.F.R.O.T.C. (1 2. 3, 4); M.D.A. (3. 4). Lovelace, James Bailey, Jr. High Point A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Gamma Delta; Di Senate (3, 4); University Club (3, 4); Young Democrats Club (3. 4). SENIORS dstotik Lowe, Thomas John Midway Park ,B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Lower, Elizabeth Ruth Roanoke, Va. B.S. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi.- V.W.C.A. (3. 41. Lynn, Elizabeth Raleigh A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi, Secretary (n. Execu- tive Committee (4); Order of tlie Golden Bear (8, 4). Bar- maid (3, 4); University Club (S) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Pub- licity. Office Force. Cabinet (I); University Party (3. 4); S.U.A.B. (3. 4). Publicity Committee (3, 41; Orientation Advisor (4): Hospital Service Committee (3). Second Row : Lynn, Mary Cecile Savannah, Ga. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Alpha Tlieta. Madder, Arthur Martin Smithfield MacMillan, George lames. Ill Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeta Psi. Treasurer i :i. n; Interfratermty Council (2). Third Haw: Madden. Arthur Allen A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Eta Columbia, S. C. Pi Kappa Alpha. Mainer. Daniel Iverson Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Football (1. 2. 3); Monogram Cub (l. 2, 3. 4). Malone, Robert Roy A.B. IN ART. Fourth Row: Manmim. Addison Goodloe McColl, S. C. Gastonia Mann. Edward Newton. Chapel Hil B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Basketball (li Town Men ' s Association. Lillington Pi Kappa Phi: Youilff Mann , Lynn Senter B.S. IN EDUCATION. Phi Eta Democrats Club ( ti. Fifth Row: Marcinko, Stephen Charles lohnstown. Pa. A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Theta Chi: Dance Com- mittee (I). Head Doorman (4l; Football (1. 2. 3, 41; Mono sram Club (2, 3. I); Track (1. 2. 3, 41. Margrett, Albert John Black Mountain B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi: Young Democrats Club. Marks. Beniamin Sanford. lr. Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeta Beta Tau; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2). Sixth Row: Marple, Constance Rust Pensacola. Fla. A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Delta: Daily Tar Heel (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Membership Council i :i. u ; Panhellenic Council (3, I): Honor Council (3); Summer Activities Board (3), Secretary (S). Marx. Albert Atlanta, Ga. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeta Beta Tan, •Treasurer (J): Cross Country (1, 2. 31; Monogram (Tub d. 2, 3. I); Track (1. 2): Y.M.C.A. ili: A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 21. Massie, Robert Eugene Waynesville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sie ma Pi: A.F.R.O.T.C. Matthews, William Mack Burlington A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. May, Ann Elizabeth Burlington A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega, Rush Chairman (4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Membership Council (li. Human Relations Committee (3. n. Art Committee (31: Splash (Tub i. ' l. n. Secretary (1); Panhellenic Council in. McCarthy, Jacqueline Norfolk, Va. A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Basketball Club (3. 4). President (31; Glee (Tub (3. 4); Tennis Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (3. I). Vespers Chairman (4). Cabinet m: Dormitory House Council (3. 4): Women ' s Athletic Association (3. 4). Pub- licity Chairman (4); Graham Memorial Activities Board (41. Recreation Committee (4); Hockey Club (3. I); Wesley Foundation (3. 4), Secretary (I); Independent Women ' s Council (4); Orientation Advisor (li. SENIORS St R- McCaskill, |ohn Malcolm Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Pxi ; Dance Committee 13. ti; Glee Chili (1. ' . ' . 8, 4); Young Democrats Huh (8, l ; V.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Baptist Stu- dent Union (1, 2. 3, 4). McCormick, Angus Alverson St. Pauls A.B. IN RELIGION. McCormick, Guy Pitman McDonalds U.S. IN " BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. Second Row: McCoy, William Octavious Snow Hill U.S. IX BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Beta Kappa Scabbard and Blade: Semper Fidelis Society (4); Quartet deck Society (4); Transportation Club (H: Orientatioi Counselor (3); N.R.O.T.C. McCrary, Morris Edward. Jr. Birmingham, Ala. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. McDaniel, |ohn Lewis Gibsonville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta Gamma Sigma, Treasurer (4); Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma; Dormitory Manager (4) : Arnold Air Society. Third Row: McGehee, George Badger, Jr. Washington, D. C. A.B. IX ENGLISH. Delta Upsilon. President (4); Cross Country (1. 2. 3. 4); Monogram Club (I, 2. 8, 0; Track (1. 2. 3); Wrestling (1. 2. 3, 41. Co-Captain (4). McGinty, George Carroll Chapel Hill A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Department of Intra mural Activities (4). Assistant Director (4). McGoogan. Charles Stalvey St. Pauls A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Glee Club (1). Fourth Row: Mclntyre, Baxter Grady Ellerbc- A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Grail (2. 3. I); Interdormitory Coun- cil (4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3. ti: Wesley Foundation (1, 2. 3. 1); Student Audit Board (3. 4); Recreation Club (4). McKinney, George Casev Marshall B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi; Vice-Presi- dent of Senior Class ill; Publications Union Hoard (3. 41: Student Legislature (3. I); V.M.C.A. (2. : . n: Student Party 13. 1): Scabbard anil Blade in; Orientation Coun- selor It). McManus, Mary Ann New York. N. Y. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dance Committee (3, i ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Newman Club (3, li. Social Chairman (8), Treasurer (4). Fifth AW: McMillan, Zebulon Vance, Ir. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. McNeill. Martha Jane A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi: Wo Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Human Relation- (3, li. McRee, Barbara Ann Americus, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Ma; Stray Greeks (8, O, Vice- President (41 : Panhe ' lenic Council (4); Student Party (3. t); Elections Board (4): S.U.A.B. (8); Y.W.C.A. (8) : Ori entation Advisor (4). Red Springs Jacksonville n ' s Council in; Metz. Donna loan Millen, Presslv McAulev. Jr. Mitchell. Dennis Russel Clayton, Mo. Carolina Quarterly (3 1 ; Campus Cliest Charlotte Beaver. Pa. eball (1 ) ; 13 Club (3) : Moore, Grover William Burlington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Chi; Uni- versity Club (2. 31, Treasurer (3); Y.M.C.A. Moore, Sally Carol Currie B.S. IN EDUCATION. Y.W.C.A. (3. 41: Future Teachers of America (3, 4): Cardboard (3, 4): I.W.C. (3. 4). Moore, Saunders Winston D.D.S. IN DENTISTRY. Sigma ZVu. Burlington Jk, SENIORS First Row : Moreton, Thomas Perkins Biloxi, Miss. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpha. Morgan, James Harry Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Morris, McLendon Graham Oxford A.B. IN ENGLISH. Grail (3. 4); Interdormitory Council (2, 3); Student Legislature (2, 3): Semper Fidelis Society ct. H. President (I). Morris, Roger James Newark, N. J. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Track (1. 2. 3. I), Co-Captain (4 . Morton, Marguerite Frances Oxford A.B. IN EDUCATION. Y.W.C.A. (3) ; House Council (3). Murphy, Kenneth Ray Wilmington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Dormitory Officer (2. 3): A.F.R.O.T.C., Drill Squad (2); State Student I.eeis- lature (1). Brooksville, Fla. Third Row: Murphy, Mary Ann A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Delta Pi. Kusli Chair man (4); Glee Club (31; Tarnation (:t. t). Feature Editor: University Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 1); Cheerleader (4); A.F.R.O.T.C. Sponsor (3. 4). Murray, Lucy Jane Miami, Fla. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Beta Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha: Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Cabinet; S.U.A.B. (3). Myers, Joe G. Elkin B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. Fourth Row: Nash. Allene Grier Wake Forest Nation, Carol Vigne Washington, D. C. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Beta Phi: Swimming (8, 4): Tennis (41: S.U.A.B.. Student-Faculty Committee. Dis play Committee Chairman (3). Neely. Alvin Wilkins, Jr. Waynesboro, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Beta ' Kappa. Neilson, Herbert Eugene Aiken, S. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi : Basketball (I, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3); A.F.R.O.T.C: Arnold Air Society ( I). Nelson, Edward Holder Washington, D. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeta Beta Tan: Di Senate (1, 2); Student Council (3). Newcomb, William Andrew Henderson B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sixth Raw: Newton, Ethel Diane Norfolk, Va. Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) : Dormitory (4) ; Stray Greeks (3, 4). Nichols, Valerie Suzanne Delray Beach, Fla. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Delta Pi; Yackety Foe til; Y.W.C.A. (4); Cardboard (3). Nicoll, Charlotte Marion Charlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Sew nth Row: Nieter, Margaret Mathilda Orlando, Fla. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Delta Delta, Vice-President (4): Yackety Yack (3); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Cabinet. Executive Council Chairman. Membership Council; Graham Memorial Activities Board. Reception Committee Co-Chairman (3. 4) ; Library Council (4); University Party (3); Honor Council (3i; Florida Club (4); Dormitory Council (3). Nix, Gloria Elizabeth A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi ice (4); University Party in: Hoi St. Petersburg, Fla. Y.W.C.A.. Hospital Serv- e Council (4). Noneman, Walter Louis, Jr. Raleigh A.B. IN GEOLOGY. Phi Gamma Delta; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). " SENIORS JAfc rkmM ifcrf sf A ' c Norman, Thomas F. Dobson U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. )c»a Sifirma Pi, Vice-President (1); Cross Country (2. :l ) ; Monogram Club (2, 3. 4); Veterans Club: Track (1, 2). Norman, Velio B.S. IN ' CHEMISTRY. Chapel Hill Norment, Owen Lennon, Jr. Asheville A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Glee Club (l. 2. 3, ii ; Y.M.C.A. (3. 4 ; Westminster Fellowship il. 2, 3, 4). Treasurer (3. 4); Interfaitll Council (3. 4). (4). South Mills Norris, Thomas Lloyd, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi Epsilon; N.R.0.T.C (1. 2. 3, 4). O ' Briant, Robert Reynolds Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Etn Sigma. Ogden, Claudia Duncan A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Oglesby, James Gorham A.B. IN HISTORY. Sterna -V versify Club (3). Monroe Greensboro Daily Tar Heel (I); Uni- O ' Mara, Mary Lou Richmond, Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Cardboard (3): A.F.R.0.T.C Sponsor (3, 4). Opitz, Stephen Louis Fords, N. J. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Scabbard and Blade: Arnold Air Society; Football (1. 2. 3); Monogram Club (1. 2. 3, 4); Young Democrats Club (2. 3. 4): Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3, 4); Dormitory Secretary and Treasurer. Fourth Rate: Ormand, Thoman Lane B.S. IN MEDICINE. Chi Phi: Phi Beta Kt Orringer, Benjamin A. A.B. IN ECONOMICS: Tax, Epsilm, Phi (1. 2). Outlaw, Joe Carroll A.B. IN FRENCH. Fifth Row: Overbeck, Gene Harriet A.B . IN HISTORY. Chi On Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Owens, Lucille Shelton Monroe New Bern and; A.R.0.T.C Mount Olive Fayetteville nakers (3. 4) : Plymouth A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi: Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Page, John Edward Rocky Mount B.A. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Student Entertain- ment. Chairman (4). Page, Marion Louise A.B. IN HISTORY. Chi II (3. 4). Wnghtsville Beach ee Club (3); Y.W.C.A. Portland, Maine Pappas, Vasilike A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta; Canterbury Club (3); Westminster Club (l); Future Teachers of America (4). Park, Jacquelyn Holt Kingsport, Tenn. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi; Publications Union Board (3. 4); Ynrketu York (3. n. Co-Editor (4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Membership Council; Newman Club (3. 4). Charlotte Parker, Larry Hunter A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Football (1. 2. 3. 41; Golf (3, 4): Monogram Club (1. 2. 3. 4). Parker. Linwood Ledonial. Ill Murfreesboro A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Pi Kappa Alpha; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Parrish. Harriet A. Fair Bluff A.B. IN FRENCH. Alpha Gamma Delta: University Club (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, I); Panhellenic Council (4): Elections Board (3, 4); Graham Memorial Activities Board (3, 4). SENIORS Parrish, Henry Newton, [r. Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Parsons. George Eueene Landis B.S. IN RADIO. TELEVISION, AND MOTION PICTURES Kappa Alpha; Glee Club (8. n. Business Manager (3): Playmakers (3. 1). (inlden Mask; Young Democrats Club: WUNC-TV. Partin, Kenneth August B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Second Row: Pate. Charles Richard B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Patterson. Edward Leonard R.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Football (1. 2. 3 Monogram Club 12. 3, 4). Ashevi Ik- Raleigh Albemarle t): Grail (2, 3, ti ; Pavne. Bobby Swanson A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE gram Club (2. 3, 4): Tennis (1. 2. 3 Richmond. Va. ,1 Alpha Epstilon; Mono- Third Foil-: Peacock. Thomas P. Alexandria. Va. A.B.. LL.B. IN LAW. Chi Phi; Daily Tar Heel (I. 2. 3 4). Sports Editor (2. 3. 4): Interfraternity Council (3); Pub- Un: Board (31 Peck. Nicholas Albron Concord A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kavpa Sigma; Band (li: 13 Club; Yackety Yack (11; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. 3. 4). Peel, Tames Stanley V.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Everetts Kapaa Alpha: Dane crats Club; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2, 31. Fourth Row: Peele. Richard Donald ItS. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Peele. Roger A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Penrv. lohn Franklin, Jr. A.B. IN HISTORY. Roxobel Chapel Hill Winston-Salem Aiken. S. C. Fifth Pair: Permenter. Patricia Louise A.B. IN DRAMATIC ART. Pi Hrtn Phi; Plavmakers (3. I): Y.W.C.A. (3); Modern Dance Club (31; Dormitory Social Chairman (3). Windsor Perry. Lois Spruill A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega; Student Legislature (4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 1); Women ' s Residence Council (3i; R.O.T.C. Sponsor (3). Peterson. Elsie Jane Leland A.B. IN EDUCATION. Karma Delta: Sigma Alpha lata: Glee Club (3. 4). Vice-President (4): Student Legislature (4); Women ' s Council (3. » . Secretary (4); Yackety Yack (I); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Secretary ( t) ; Student Party (3. n. Sixth Row: Pfaff. Robert Harold Winston-Salem U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. CM Psi; Band (1. 2. 3, 4). Philips. William Burt. lr Rocky Mount l!S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Thrta Pi. Phillips. Tack Ewart Durham U.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Band ill: Glee Club (1. 21; Play- makers (2l; Cboral Club (2. 3. 4); Canterbury Club (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2). Phillips, Kermit Glenn, II A.B. IN ENGLISH. Interdormito Committee (1). Greensboro ■il 111. Executive Philpott. Kathleen Hundley Lexington A.B. IN HISTORY. Chi Omega; Y.W.C.A. (I), Human Rela- tions iii: Lazy Literates (4). Pierpont, Martha Warren Chapel Hill B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Kappa Delta, Editor (3). Vice- President (I): Women ' s Council (3): Y.W.C.A. (2. 3. 4). Membership Council (31; Student Party (21; Panhellenic Council (3i : S.U.A.B. (2). PAGE 316 SENIORS First Row: Poague, Marsha Margaret Rosedale, Miss. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Y.W.C.A. (8, ), Publicity Commit tee it); Graham Memorial Activities Board. Chairman Pub licity Committee (4). Polhill, Joseph Augustus, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pollard, Dulon Devon B.S. IN BACTERIOLOGY. Phi Eta Sigm Lincolnton Benson Second Hint- : Pcole, Janet Mcore Woodruff A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi: Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice- President (3. 4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. Lazv Literates Commit tee (3. 4); S.U.A.B. (3. 4). Student-Faculty Committee (3. ti : Tarnation (3i. Pooley, Ann El Paso, Texas A.B. IN SPANISH. Phi Mil; Daily Tar Heel (3); University Club (31 ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Dormitory Vice-President (4); Stray Greeks (3, 4): Orientation 14). Porter, Richard Alan U.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Sim Burlington Powell, William Douglas Durham B.S. IN ECONOMICS. Sigmu Chi. Executive Committee (3). House Manager (3); Dormitory Officer (D. Prescott, James Carlyle, Jr. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Phi (in ■a ; Tarnation Ui. Elizabeth City U.llu: Basketball (1. Price, William Harvey, Jr. Mayodan B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Phi Omega. Price, William James B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Prince, David Rut us B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. A.F.R.O.T.C Greensboro Dunn Pritchett, Hoyt Baker, Jr. U.S. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Prothero, William John A. 11. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi (2); Football (l. 2). Pruett, James Worrell A.B. IN MUSIC. Band (2) : dormitory Council (4). Socia (3. 4). Louisville, Ky. Johnstown, Pa. na, Vice-President Mt. Airy Club (1, i. 3. ti; Inter mmittee (I) ; Playmakers Winston-Salem Pruitt, Kenneth Melvin U.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Band (1. ■ . 3. 4). Vice-President (3). Presi- dent (4): Daily Tar Heel (3. 4); Glee Club (1); Play- makers (1); University Club (3); A.F.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. 3, 4). Band Commander (4); U.N.C. Symphony Orchestra (. ' !. 4); Dormitory Advisor ( 4 1 : Dormitory Officer (3); Orientation Counselor (4). Raleigh Purrington, Alfred L. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Beta Kappa : Phi Eta Sigma, Zeta Psi: Shells. Qual ' ls, Dixon Lee Boone A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Beta Tlnla Pi : Gymnastics (- ' . 3, 4); Monogram (Tub (4). Quillin, Joyce Rhea Gate City, Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Delta Pi, Treasurer (4); Glee Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 1). Sere nth Row: Ransdell, Edward Byron Varina B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Interdormitorv Council (4); Young Democrats Club (3. ii. Treasurer (4); Dormitory President (4). Thomasville Rapp, William Walter A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Kappa Phi Ray, Richard Shaw Southern Pines A.B. IN EDUCATION. Young Democrats Club (ti: Y M.C (1. 2. 3, 4); Dormitory Officer (3). M SENIORS First ROW: Reece, Jerry Wade Andrews A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Phi Kappa Sigma; Daily Tin 11,, I (3, 4), News Editor (1); Glee Club (2); Tarnation (4); Campus Ked Cross Chairman (1, 2). Reinecke, Roderick Laury Galveston, Texas A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Episcopal Student Congregation. Senior Warden (3, 4); Interfaith Council, President (3, 4). Rhodes, Robert James A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Wilmington Ridenhour, Charlie Franklin, Jr. Winston-Salem A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Chi, Secretary (I): Football (1. 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (2, a, 4). Ridge, Jerrold Alison Norfolk, Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Phi, President (:i. 4); Dance Committee (3); Interiratei nitv Council (3, 4); Young Democrats Club (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. U, 2. 3, 4; ; 250 Club. Rierson, Otis Hobert, Jr. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. High Point Ringer, Suzanne Case West Hartford, Conn. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Kappa Delta, Treasurer; Daily Tar Heel (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Ripley, Valentine Morris B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Fencing (4); Playmakers (4). Raleigh Di Senate (4); Robertson, Julian Hart, Jr. Salisbury B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zita Psi ; Gimghoul; Minataurs. Robuck, Eve College Park, Ga. A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Helta Pi; Tennis (3); University Club (I); Y.W.C.A. (3k Cheerleader. Roddey, Prank C. Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Chi, Officer (3, 4); Sophomore Class Vice-President (2i; German Club. Secretary (3), President (4); Gorgon ' s Head (2, 3, 4); 13 Club (2. 3. u : Philosophical Society of 1779 (3, 4): N.R.O.T.C. Rodenhizer, Harry Edwin Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi, Vice-President. Fifth Row: Rogers, Joseph Clinton Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa Sigma: Yackety York (4), R.O.T.C. Editor (4); Student Directory (4). Assistant Business Manager (4). Rogers, Louis Oliver Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. N.R.O.T.C. Rogers, Richard Eugene Williamston A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Pi Kappa Alpha. Rollins, James Letcher Bostic A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Delta Upsilon. Roquemore, Robert James, Jr. Andrews, S. C. Activities Board (3); University Ross, Guy Matthews, Jr. Pleasant Garden U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Young Democrats Club 13, 4). Roth, Charlotte Estelle Asheville dent (4): Splash Thomasville Rothrock, Sandra Grey A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Alpha Delta Pi; Yackety York (4): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Hospital Committee (8), Membership Council (11. Rountree, Jake Hertel, Jr. Mt. Airy B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Beta Kappa; l ' i Kappa Alpha, Social Chairman (3. 41: Dance Committee (2, 3. 4), Chairman of Rules and Regulations Committee: German Club Executive (I. 2. 3. 4). Secretary (3). Vice- President (4): Order of the Golden Bear (1. 2. 3); Student Legislature (1, 2); 13 Club (3. 4). Secretary-Treasurer: N.R.O.T.C. Drill Team (1, 2). Social Committee (2. 3). Bat- talion Operations Officer; Semper Fidelis Society (1, 2, 3); Scabbard and Blade Society (3. ti; Orientation Counselor (3, 4). SENIORS Rurhn, Thomas Winston-Salem B.A. IN 1)1 SINESS ADMINISTRATION. Stoma Alpha Epsi- Ion; German Club Executive (l. 2); Golf (1. 2. 3. 4) • Sheiks (2, 3, 4). Russell, Billy Ray B.S. IX BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Concord Russell, Claire Phillips Chapel Hill A.I!. IN RADIO, TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. ' ; Beta Phi: WUNC (3. D. Staff (3). Program Manager (4); Town Girl ' s Association (I. 2); Glee Club (1, 2). Second Row: Russell, Harry Gerard Ardmore, Pa. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer (4); Monogram Club (1, 2. :i. ii; Student Legis- lature (3): Soccer (1, 2, 3. 4), Captain (4). Sadler, William T. Roanoke Rapids M.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Daily Tar Heel (I) Subscription Manager (1). Sampson, Herman Arthur, Jr. Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi; Band (l. 2); Young Democrats Club (8); V.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). Sasser, Joan Freeman A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi hellenic Council (4). Conway, S. C. Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Pan- Saunders, Eleanor Ann Chapel Hill A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi, Vice-President (3, 4); Social Chairman of Junior Class (3); Daily Tar Heel (3, 4), .society Editor c), ti; Student Council ' (4), Clerk (4); Yackety York (2): Y.W.C.A. 12. 3. 4); University Party (2, 3, 4): Orientation Counselor (4). Scotland, Howard Victor, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Towson, Md. ' hi Phi; Arnold Air rtli Row Scott, Watts Adolph Arapahoe B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Student Legislature (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (2). Finance Committee (21 ; Victory Vil- lage Board of Directors (n. Chairman ill; Victory Village Affairs. Chairman (4). Scott, William Donald Mt. Vernon Springs B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Interdormitory Council Court (3. 1); V.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3). Sechler, Frederick Clinton China Grove U.S. IN GEOLOGY. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Seitz, Patricia Woodward New Market, Md. A.M. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Phi Sigma; Playmakers (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Modern Dance Club (8, 4), President (4). Selig, Julian Wood, Jr. Elizabeth City B.S. IN MEDICINE. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma. Shannonhouse, Mary Ann Charlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chairman (4) ■ Women ' s Council (4); Y.W.C.A. (8, 4), Cabinet Member Chapel Hill Sixth Row: Shearin, Ronald Louis M.S. IN PHYSICS. Band (1. 2. 3, 4). Shepherd, Phyllis Ann Winston-Salem All. IN CHEMISTRY. Y.W.C.A. (3. 4i: Dormitory House Council (3 1: Dormitory Scholarship Chairman (4); Inde- pendent Women ' s Council (3. t): Women ' s Residence Coun- cil (4); Wesley Foundation (3. I). Charlotte Sherrill, fames Edgar, Jr. U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi; Alpha Phi Omega; Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). Cabinet Member (4); Wesley Foundation (3. 4). Seventh Row: Shores, Thomas Haynes Hickory B.A. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Kappa Epsi- lon: Basketball (3. I); Daily Tar Heel (2. 3, 4), Business Manager Hi; Student Legislature (3). Short, William Marcus B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Shuford, Jack Brooks Gastonia B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Phi Omega: Football (1, 2): Interdormitory Council (4); Outstanding Intramural Manager Award (3): Dormitory President (4); Cardboard (4); A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2). Chapel Hill SENIORS Sifford, John Wiley A.B. IN PHYSICS. Physics Club (2. 3). Stanley Sillery, Charles Doyne Littleton A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Kappa Sigma, Officer (8, I) : University Club (3). Simpson, Robert Gray U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Selmj Simpson, William Francis B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Li Sink, Charles Clayton A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Skinner, Mark Lee A.B. IN EDUCATION. Glee Club: Young Free Lance Forum. Elon College ' ibiltt Chi Alpha. Lexington New Bern nocrats Club: Third Row: Slate, Peggy Laraine Thomasville A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. I)i Senate (4): Glee Club (3); Yackety Yack (8); Young Democrats Club (8, 4): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); House Council (3, U; Independent Coeds i n. Sluder, Tex Richard Thomasville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Phi; Y.M.C.A. (ii: N.R.O.T.C. Smith, Barbara Perry Mt. Olive A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta; Glee Club (3); Women ' s Council (4); Y.W.C.A. (4); Orientation Commit- tee. Cbairmen of Women Advisors (41. Smith, Benjamin Clayton, ]r. Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Pai. Smith, Charles James Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Smith, Eugene Alvin Matthews B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Smith, Eugene Dalton Statesville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Smith, Gary Dewitt Kernersville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Smith, George Thomas Raleigh A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Zeta Psi; Corson ' s Head ci. I) : Sheiks (2. 3, n. Smith, Irving Lee, )r. Robersonville A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Gamma Delta; Glee Club (1); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 8); East Carolina Club. Smith, Janet Seawell A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Youn Smith, Neil Delano B.S. IN EDUCATION. Y.M.C.A. (3. U. Burlington Belmont Smith, Paula M. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Pensacola, Fla. ega; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Smith, Vonnie Bryan Lumberton B.S. IN DENTISTRY. Pi Kappa Phi. Smitherman, Pete Franklin Winston-Salem U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta Gamma Sig- ma; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Chi. Treasurer. Dining Room Manager; Coif (8); Track n. 2); Y.M.C.A. (1); N.R.O.T.C. SENIORS Smits, Peter Pfafftown A.B. IN SPANISH. Snyder, Keith Spurting Lenoir A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Carolina Political Union (3, 4); Student Legislature (8, l). Elections Committee Chairman (3); Ynuns Republicans Club (3. n; Y.M.C.A (3. II. Solomon, Ellictt U.S. IN MEDICINE. Phi Eta Greensboro row Epsilon Phi. Spatz, Verona Belle Little Rock, Ark. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Spillane, Charles Barry Standifer, Luther Sebastian B.S. IN PUBLIC HEALTH. Savannah, Ga. Chapel Hill Third Row: Stanford, Evelyn Jean Chapel Hill A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta I ' i, House Manager (d; Band (3), Majorette (3); Women ' s Council (3, 41: Y.W.C.A. Stanley, Al Gardner Whiteville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kn,, „i Psi ■ WUNC Staff (3, 4). Starner, Richard Allen A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Pi Kh,,ij,i Phi Monogram Club (2, .1. t) ; track (1). Elkhart, Ind. Dtball (1, 2, :i. II : Fourth Row: Steed, Edna Jacquelyn Raleigh A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta, Treasurer (4): Student Council (3. ti; Y.W.C.A. (3. I). Treasurer (3). Vespers Committee CD; University Party (3. it. Secretary Activities Board 13. II. Reception i-Chi Steele, Ralph Coleman B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Stephenson, Weymcn Grant A.B. IN ENGLISH. Glee Club (1. 2): ] cil (2, 3); Sound and Fury il. 2): Yi Hi: V.M.C.A. (1. 2, i). Raleigh Lillington nterdormitory Coun- ting Democrats Club Fifth Row: Stevens, Lee Austin Smithfield B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alnl ' it Tint Omega- Student Legislature (8); Wrestling (1, 2). Stewart, James Tyrus, )r. Erwin A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Phi Epsilon, President (4): Iiiterfniternity Council Ci. H: Semper Kidelis Society 13 4). Vice-President (D: N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3, n. Drill Team Stirewalt. Mary Louise A.B. IN EDUCATION. Stockton. Edwin Link, Jr. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Stollar, Fredrica Ann A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Alpha G Delta Granite Falls Winston-Salem Elizabeth, Pa. Stone, Barbara Anne A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Chairman ( 1) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, Beat Dook Queen (3); Sigm S.U.A.B. Office Committee (3) „t , , ' „ Bethesda, Md. Delta I ' i: Senior Class Social n : Yack Beautv Court (3); i flii Sweetheart Court (3) : Stone, Mary Frances Washington, D. C. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Omega: Y.W C A (3) Hospital Committee I : I : University Party (3. 4): S.U.A.B. Dance Committee (31. Stoner, Betsy Bright Lexington A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi tin,,., „: Vackety Yack (3) ■ 1 ouns Democrats Club (3, n : V.IV.I ' A 1:1 n- University Party (I). Strickland, Barbara Ann Fair Bluff li. IN EDUCATION. Y.W.C.A. 13. 1) ; Future Teachers of America (41: Women ' s Athletic Association 1 3 41 • Imle- pen lent Coed Association (3, 11. SENIORS First Row: Strickland, Coralie Sandy Springs, Ga. A.B IN SOCIOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi: Dance Committee (3, 4): University Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Hospital Committee (3 4): Women ' s Athletic Association (3, 4). Treasurer (S, 4). Strickland, Mary Scott Carolina Beach A.B. IN RECREATION Stroupe, Lamar Wesley Dallas B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Phi. Suggs, Joseph Ellis Skyland A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Sullivan, Audley Noel, Ir. Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Tan Omega; German (Tub Executive (4); Monogram Club 3. 4): 13 Club (4) : Soccer (3. 4) : N.R.A. Club (3. 41. Sumner. Emmett Ashworth. Ir. Hiijh Point BS. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. A.R.O.T.C. (1. 2). Band (1). Drill Squad (2). Third Row: Sweeney, Katherine Patricia Marilyn Nova Scotia, Canada A.B. IN RELIGION. Delta Delta Delta; Y.W.C.A. CI. ), Cabinet (4); Interfaitli Council (4K Secretary (4). Tannehill. loane Graham Staunton, Va. A.B. IN SPANISH. Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Hospital Committee (3) Editor of Co-Ed Echo (1): Vice-President of Dormitory (3)- President of Dormitory (4); Chairman of House Coun- cil (4i ; Spanish Club (3. n: Student Advisor (4): Women s Residence Council ( H. Tayloe, lohn Cotten, Jr. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Washington Taylor, Alfred Raleigh Chapel Hill B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Semper Fidelis Society. Taylor, Raymond Mason Washington B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Interdormitory Council (4): Young Democrats Club 12, 4): Y.M.C.A. (1); Dormitory Secretary (3): Dormitory President (4); Press Club ill. Tear, Phillip Space, III A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Yackely ¥i Wistful Villa Placement Editoi Guilford Mount Giiead Fifth Row: Tedder, Claude Dale B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tedder, lake Davis B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Teichman, Stuart Winston-Salem BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Lambda Phi: Daily Tar Heel (1); Tarnation (2.; Cardboard (2. 3. 41: Hillel n. 2. S, ) A.F.R.O.T.C. (I. 2. 3, 4); Dormitory Officer (21. Temple, Jackson Howard Selma A.B. IN EDUCATION. Terry, David, |r. Raleigh A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Sigma. Tettelbach, Frederick Morley, Point Pleasant, N. Y. A.B. IN HISTORY. Beta Theta Pi; Dance Committee (2); Gymnastics (1): Lacrosse 1 2. 3. 4i; Monogram Club (2. 3. I) ; Swimming (1). Tew, Ann Lindsay Savannah, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Hell,, Delta; Yaekety Yaek (3. ti; Y.W.C.A. (3. I). Thacker, Alexandra Louise Charlotte A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Delta Pi; Zeta Tan Alpha; University (Tub 1 3 1 : Yaekety York (4 : House Council (4); Stray Greeks CI. H; Orientation Advisor 14). H « iWi 1 f p Thayer, William Eugene B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Troy SENIORS Thomas, Elizabeth Crockett A.B. IN EDUCATION. Glee Club Interfaith Council (3); Westminst Wytheville, Va I, 4)i Y.W.C.A. (3. Fellowship (3. 4). I): Thomas, George Alexander Carthage A.B. IN MUSIC. Phi .1 h Alpha. Treasurer (8), Vice-Presi- ilent hi: C.lee Cluh (1. 2, 3. 4), Vice-President (3). Presi ilent (4). Thomas, Gerald David A.B. IN EDUCATION. Southern Pines Thomas, Jesse Corbitt Sanford B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Thompson, Graham Kent Mount Gilead B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Phi Omega, Theta Chi, Treasurer (4); Carolina Qnarterlu 14). Advertis- ing Manager (4): Young Democrats Cluh (3. I); V.M.C.A. (I, 2, 3. 4); Westminster Fellowship (41. Thompson, f. Jid, Jr. Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Beta Kappa: Sigma Alpha EpsUon; Daily Tar Heel (2); l)i Senate (2); Young Democrats Cluh (2. 4) : N.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. 3. 4). Third Row: Thompson, Robert Rider U.S. IN GEOLOGY. Sigma Ham Beaufort Hon, President (4). Thompson, William Ga-ence Washington, D. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma. Thornton, Donald Norman Wilmington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi; Dailu Tar Heel (1. 2, 31: Baseba ' l (1): Glee Club (1. 2); A.F.R.O.T.C. Drill Team Commander. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel (4): Orientation Counselor (3): Freshman Camp Counselor (1); Arnold Air Society (I): Scabbard and Blade (4): Orienta- tion Counselor (4). Fourth Row: Thornton, Luanne Ellen West Palm Beach, Fla. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi; Debate Squad (4); Valky- ries (3. 4). Vice-President (4); Women ' s Orientation Pro- gram. Chairman (i ; Splash Club (3): University Party 13): High School Honor Council Committee (4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Thorp, Seabury Daniel A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Zeta Psi. Thorpe, Henry Benton. |r. Rocky Mount A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Baseball Hi; Football (1. 21: University Club II. 21; Y.M.C.A. (1. 2i : Head Cheerleader (1); Cheerleader it). Fifth Roiv: Tilley, Carolyn |oanne B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Town Girls Association (3. ti. Tillman, Rollie, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Phi; Band (I. 2. 3. 4). Drum Major (3): Grail (3. 4); Men ' s Council CD. Summer Chairman (3): Order of the Old Well (3. 4). Ex- ecutive Committee (4) ; Honor Council High School Com- mittee (4); Tarnation 1 1. 2. 3). Managing Editor (3): Uni- versity Club (2); Y.M.C.A. (3. 4). Summer Activities Board (3. 4); Orientation Counselor (2. 3); Director of Interim Orientation (3); Orientation Chairman (4); President ' s Cabinet (3i; Executive Council (4); University Party (I. 2. 3. 4i; WUNC-TV (4). Rocky Mount Chapel Hill .W.C.A. (3. 4) : Lake Wales, Fla. Timberlake, Mary Virginia A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi Council (3. I); Orientation Counsel Roxboro Y.W.C.A. (3. 4): House Corinth, Miss. Phi Eta Sigma: Timlake, William Perry B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Kappa Pi Mu Epsilon. Timhn, Jean Carol Nicaro, Cuba A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi: Women ' s Council (3): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Cabinet (4). Membership Office (31. Human Affairs (4), Hospital Service (3): Women ' s Residence Coun- cil (3): Newman Club (3. 4). Social Chairman (4): Student Party (3. 4); Spanish Club (4). Torgersen, Thomas Allen Hickory A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Phi EpsUon. Towe, William Henry Wilson B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Townsend, Florence Kendrick Lumberton A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Chi Omega, Treasurer (4); Pi Mu Epsilon; Women ' s Council (3. 4). House Council Co-ordi- nator (4); Yaeketu Yack (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4): Orienta- tion Counselor (4); Canterbury Club (3. t) ; Valkyries (4). Traxel, Lucia Kay Maysville, Ky. A.B. IN ART. Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Publicity (3). Vespers (4). SENIORS si Ron Trimble, Stephen Asbury Washington, D. C. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Delta Theta; Inter fraternity Council (2. S) ; Lacrosse (2. 8, 4), Co-Captain (4): Monogram Cluh (2, S, 1); Sheiks (2, 3, 4). Vice-President (4); Scahharri and Blade. Vice-President; Creek Week Chairman (3); Orientation Counselor. Trundle, Donald Robert A.B. IN HISTORY. Zero Psi : Slieiks; Traek (1); Philosophi Fidelis Society. Atlanta, Ga. interfraternity Council (4); al Society of 1779; Semper Winston-Salem Tudor, Bynum Ellsworth, II A.B. IN ENGLISH. Second Row: Tuggle, William Preston, III Williamsburg, Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Phi Omega: Hand ill; V.M.C.A. (I, 31: Wesley Foundation (1. 2. 3. 4). President (2). Tugwell, Clarence Bennett Greenville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Sigma; Minataurs. Turner, Jack Franklin Hamptonville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Third Row: Twisdale. Harold Winfred Halifax B.S. IN DENTISTRY. Lambda Chi Alpha: Cross Country (1); Track (1); University Club (2); Young Democrats Club (3. 4i : University Party (S) ; Cardboard (2). ryler, Bruce Wright U.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpl.i Upha. I ' ll Asheville Chi Phi: Delta Ulmer. lohn Gordon. Ir. Hemingway, S. C. A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. I.amlnla Chi Alpha: Plavmakers (U; Wrestling (21; Young Democrats Club ( :l i . Fourth Raw: Underwood, Margaret Hosier Greensboro A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta: Plavmakers (3. 4): Splash Club (( : Tennis Club (4) ; Yacketv Yack Beauty Court (8) ; WUNC-TV. Upton, Jeanne Dupree A.B. IN ENGLISH. Y.W.C.A. Urquhart. Emily Mizell A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi On elor Fayetteville lse Council (4). Woodville Y.W.C.A. (8, 4 : Orienta- Fifth Row: Valentine. Benedict C. Bronxville, N. Y. U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Phi. Van Kirk. Mary Alice Orange, Texas A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Helta Delta, Recording Secre- tary; Y.W.C.A. (t). Hospital Service (4). Van Noppen, Douglas Fulton A.B. IN HISTORY. Zeta Psi, Seeretai 4). Treasurer in; Orientation Counsel! Sixth Row: Venable, J. William A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Daily Ti versify Club It); Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. President (41: Orientation Conns licer (2. 4). Venable, Kenneth Martin B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta Gamm Phi Beta Kappa: Band (1. 2. 8. 4). Librarian (4) Student Union id; Dormitory Secretary-Treasurer Morganton (4): Gimghoul (8, Mt. Airy Heel (1. 2. 8); Ulli- 4) : Press Club (3. 4). ir ( 4 1 ; Dormitory Of- Winston-Salem jptist Venters, Carl Vernon, Jr. Jacksonville A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Phi Gamma Delta, officer (8); WUNC Staff (2. 3). Assistant Manager in: A.F.R.O.T.C. Band (1. 2, 8). Seventh Row: Vogel, Edward |ulius Irvintjton, N. J. B.A. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Upsilon; Cross Country (1, 2. 3. H: Monogram Cluh 11. 2. 3, 41; I ' m nation r_ . :i i ; Track i 1. 2. I i. Wade, Berlev E. B.S. IN BUSINE SS ADMINISTRATION. Club. Roxboro Democrats Wade, loellen Charlotte A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Hand (8)1 WUNC 13. 4i. Continuity Directory (4). PAGE 324 SENIORS Wainer, Herbert Scheyer Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ' , Pi Lambda Phi; Band (1, 2. 3. 4). Vice-President (I); University Club (2, I); V.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 4): Hillel (1, 2, 3, 4). Wakefield. Tom Edoar Asheville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Tau Omega: ( " dee Club (1. 21: Y.M.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 4): Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); Arnold Air Society (3. I): Cheering Squad (3, 4); WUNC Announcing Staff (2. 3); Summer Activities Com- mittee (2, 3); A.F.R.O.T.C. Drill Team (1, 2, 3). Walker, Dorothy Barbara Rye, N. Y. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega; Carolina Quarterly (3. 4), Fiction Editor lii; Student Legislature (t . Women ' s Coun- cil (3. n; V.W.c.A. (3. n. Program Chairman (4). Second Roiv : Wallace, Charles Dixon B.S. IN MEDICINE. Phi Beta Kapp (Tub (1, 2). Ward, William Jennings, ]r. Hendersonville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Chi: Daily Tar Heel (2); Western N. C. Club (1. 2). Warner, Max A.B. IN MUSIC. Glee Club (1. 2. 3. 4). Smithfield Phi Eta Sigma: Glee Norman Jacksonville V.M.C.A. (3. 4). Belmont Third Row: Waters. Everett Lee A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Kappa Phi Watkins, Frank Day. lr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Interdormitory Council (4): Y.M.C.A. (3): Dormitory President (41. Watson, Mary Lou Wilson A.B. IN RADIO. TELEVISION AND MOTION PICTURES. Chi Omega: University Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (3. 1). Jacksonville, " Fla. Delta; Tarnation (3): Fourth Row: Watts, Frances Eloise ' . Delta Commi Wax, Sandra Rae Norfolk, Va. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Hillel Cabinet (4): House Council in; Splasli Club (3. 4); Women ' s Residence Council (n: Independent Women ' s Council (4); President of Dormitory it): Inlerfaitb Council (31: President ' s Cabinet (3. I): Graham Memorial Activities Board (3), Polls Committee (3). Recreation Committee (3). Office Committee (3); Student Orientation Advisor (4). Weaver, Sarah Page A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Raleigh Shelby Treasurer (3). lity Council (3. Chapel Hi Fifth Row: Webb, Carl R., lr. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Nu President (4): Phi Eta Sigma: Interfrater 4); University Club (1. 2). Webb, Mary Elizabeth A.B. IN EDUCATION. Webster, R. Carol Ridgewood, N. J. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Pi Beta Phi, Secretary (4 : Valkyries (3. 4). President (4): Women ' s Council (3. t). Clerk (41: Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Cabinet (4); Graham Memorial Activities Board Dance Committee (t). Co-Chairman (I); Orientation Advisor (4). Si.rth Row: Wells, Calvin Talmadge, Jr. Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. West, Robert Alan Winst on-Salem Westbrook, William Clifton Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha, Officer (3. 1); Interdormitory Council (2); University Club (I): Cardboard (1, 2, 3). Seventh Row: Westcott, Deborah Norfolk, Va. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Reta Phi Residence Council (n. YiceCha (3). Westmoreland, John William Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Whisnant, Nancy Jane Charlotte A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Kappa Delta, Social Chairman (4) ; Women ' s Council (3. 4). Chairman (I): Tarnation (3); Yaeketu Yaek (4). Co-Editor of Beauty Section (4): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). Commission Chairman (n: Air Force Sponsor (3, 4); Cheerleader (4); Dormitory House Council (3): Canterbury Club (3. 4): Charlotte Carolina Club (3, 4). Secretary-Treasurer (3. 4); Class Marshal (3); Orientation Committee ( D ; Homecoming Queen (4). I Alfc J fey I ii SENIORS First Row: White. Donald Barnes Charlotte U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. WUNC Staff (8, II. White, Harold O. Rome, Ga. A.B. IN GERMAN. Delta Phi Alpha, President 14): Student Legislature (2); Young Republicans Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Wesley Foundation 12 3. n. Treasurer i :i i ; Carolina Cntti, 2. 3). Editor (3); N.R.O.T.C. (1. 2. 3. 4): Student Tarty White, Jchn Conner, |r. Fayetteville A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Whitehead. lohn Wesley, |r. Raleigh A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Tan tin,, an. Whitley, Charles Bovd. Ir. Albemarle A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Baseball (1. 2); Basket ball (1); Y.M.C.A. (2. 3, 4); Soccer (3). Whittington, Barbara Lee Greensboro A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Delta Delta. House Manager. Summer (3). Assistant House Manager (4): Daily Tar Heel (3); Women ' s Council (3): Y.W.C.A. (3. 4): Women ' s Residence Council (3i. Chairman, Summer (3): May Day Usher (3): Summer Activities Board (3); House Council (4) ; Student Advisor (4). Wiggins, Ralph Cannon. )r. Hendersonville A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Phi Beta Kappa; N.R.O.T.C: Fenc ing (1. 2i. Wiggins. Richard McKenzie A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Wilburn, Samuel Webster B.S. IN MEDICINE. Fanrth Raw. Fayetteville Waynesvilk Wilkinson, Billy Rayford Newton A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma. Wilkinson, |ames Thomas, Ir. Scotland Neck B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Phi. Willey, Edward Parker A.B. IN ENGLISH. Clemson, S. C. Fifth Row: Williams, Anne Carlyle Lenoir A.B. IN EDUCATION. Y.W.C.A. (3. 4 1. Hospital Service (3. Westn Williams, Bryan Grimes, Jr. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Zeta Psi. Williams, John Riley B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Sigma CM Raleigh Mill Spring Williams, Kathryn Louise Monroe A.B. IN MUSIC. Glee Club (3. i), President (4). Williams, Margaret Davis Edenton A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega; Y.W.C.A. (3. n. Williams, William Redden Chapel Hill A.B. IN EDUCATION. Department of Intramural Activities (4). Assistant Director (4). Se nth Row: Winter Park, Fla. Williamson, [une A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi; Honor Council (8); Dormitory Recorder (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, »), Coffee Klatcli Chairman i l , ; S.U.A.B (4), Polls Committee 141. Wilson, Jo Ann Rocky Point A.B. IN EDUCATION. Women ' s Council (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4): Dormitory President (4): Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion (3). Wilson, Robert K. Chapel Hill A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Tail Omega; Uni- versity Club (l. 2, 3): Young Democrats Club (4 . S s H Ki ll SENIORS 9 P ■ ■ Stoneville Ki sii " . President; Uni- Wimbish, Charles Thomas U.S. IN GEOLOGY. Sigma Gamm versity Club (2). Wolf, Charles Parker Chapel Hill A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Beta Kappa; I ' hi Eta Si ' ma : Carolina Quarter!, (3 . Business Manager (3); I)i Senate (2, 3); Monogram Club (1. 2): Order of the Old Well 13. I); Student Council (4); Student Legislature (3); Swimming (1. 2); Amphoterothen i3, »); Dormitory Officer (2); Student Party (2, 3. Ii; A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3. Ii. Wood, Graham Hilliard B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Second How: Woods. Lemuel Phillips, Jr. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Helta Thi Wrestling C2); Summer Activities Co and Blade. Wootten. Walter Ramon B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. in. Chairman (4); Y.M.C.A. Holly Springs Tampa, Fla. Swimming (1); il (3): Scabbard Durham ha ' i World Faith. Shelby Club (3i ; Tress Club (4). Wright, Billy Richard A.B. IN JOURNALISM. G Treasurer (4). Third Row: Wright, Catherine Lee Staunton, Va. A.B. IN RECREATION. Dance Committee (3); Tennis (3, I); Office Committee of Graham Memorial (3): Recreation Committee of Graham Memorial (3, 4) ; Women ' s Athletic Association (3): National Recreation Society (41. Wright, Cornell Girdner Orange, N. J. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Daily Tar Heel (1. 2, 3. 4i ; Publications Union Board (41: Yackety Yack (2, 3, 4i, Co-Editor (4). Wright, Donald Eugene Anderson, S. C. U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Cross Country (I, 2. 3, 4), Co-Captain (II: Monogram Club " 2. 3. 4i; Track ( 1. 2, 3. 41. Fourth Row. Wright, James Whitson A.B. IN HISTORY. Dailu Tar (2. 31. Heel (3) Asheville WUNC Announcer Yancey, Nell Lorraine Williamsburg, Ky. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta, Social Chair- man (4); Glee Club (3. 4); Haymakers (3. 4): Y.W.C.A. Member ship Council (3, II: Dance Committee of Graham Memorial Activities Board. Louisburg " " Eta Yarborough, Charles Hill, Jr. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Beta At San,, a: Pi Sigma Alpha: Sigma Alpha Epstion, Officer (4); Cass President (2. 4): Debate Siiuad (li: Di Senate (1. 2): Monogram Club (1, 2. 3, t). Secretary (3): Order of the Old Well (41: Student Legislature (II : Track (1. 2, 3. il: Young Democrats Club (1); SUAB Committee (1); Canterbury Club (1. 3); Carolina Forum (1); State Student Legislature 1 ; Commencement, Chief Marshal (3); Sum- mer School Honor Council (3); University Party (1, 3, 3), Treasurer (1). Fifth Row: Yarborough. Ramon Lycn Fayetteville Student Entertainment Yokeley, lames Edwin B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. N.R.O.T.C. Thomasville ' ( Kappa Phi: York, W. Thomas High Point B.S. IN B USINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi. President in: (dee Club (1, 21: Interfraternity Council (3. 4): Men ' s Council (3): Student Legislature (3); University Club (3): Y.M.C.A. (1. 21 : Student Audit Board (3. 4). Sixth Row: Young, Charles Spurgeon Hickory B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. Young. David Richard Greensboro A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Sophomore Class Social Chairman 12): Cross Country (1, 2). Young. Janet Bowen Wilson A.B. IN EDUCATION, (hi Omega, House Council (4); Yackety Yack (3): Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. Human Relations Com- mittee. Hospital Service Committee. Lazy Literates. s, ci nth Row: Yount, Marion Ruth Statesville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega: Women ' s Council (3); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); House Council (3): Wesley Foundation (3, 4); Graham Memorial Activities Board (3). Zager, Marlyn Toby Greensboro A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Women ' s Council (4) : Valkyries (4) : Independent Women ' s Council (4). President (41: Dormi ton ' President (41; Women ' s Orientation Committee (41: orientation Advisor (4); Student Body President ' s Execu- tive Council (41, Secretary ' (4); House Council (41: Graham Memorial Activities Board (4). Polls Committee (4). JUli J K nineteen hundred ■ v •■ m Sealed, left In right: Bill Sanders. Ken Ande Mary Windley Dunn. Al Resniek, Anne Wrenn. Officers Bill Sanders President Ken Anderson Vice-President Mary W ' indley Dunn Secretar) Al Resniek Treasurer Anne Wrenn Social Chairman New vistas, uncultivated opportunity, waiting for you. Another twelve months, and then the sky ' s the limit, there ' s no stopping a good person, and there ' s no stopping you, you with your dreams, your skills, trained these many years in all the worldly trades, but still lacking the world ' s greatest virtue — experi- ence — and still a bit too nervesome. Go calmly, child, you ' ve almost found the pot of gold. You ' re big and handsome or you ' re small and pert and all the campus organizations you ' ve either dabbled in or controlled so there is no door closed and not one left unopened, neither has there been a face unrecognized or a name left unremembered. Yours is the laugh, the shout, the terrific love for life, the energy, the consuming power . . . you ' re the hat-checker, the hand-grabber, but still a sweet sentimental kid whose dreams of glory have yet to be realized, but, most probably will be. JUNIOR p- p (? 6 i v i tf A F;u7 Row; Abell, Edw ina Faye, Raleigh; Alexander, Shelton Setzer, Statesville; Allen. James Bruton, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Troy; Allen. Nancy Powell, Spartanburg, S. C; Allston, Beatrice, Alpha Gamma Delta. Miami Beach, Fla.; Alpert. Martin D , Tan Epsilon Phi, Lawrence, L. I., N. Y. Second Row: Anderson, Ann Scott, Wilson; Anderson, Bruce Robert, High Point; An- derson, Kenneth Fletcher, Jr.. Phi Gamma Delia, Kinston; Andes. Susan, Miami, Fla.; Andrews. Rosalie Elizabeth, Roanoke, Va.; Andrews. William Da id. Delia Upsilon, Augusta, Ga. Third Rou : Angstadt, Robert Walter, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Charlotte ; Argo. Kenneth Ray, Alpha Kappa Psi Kannapolis; Arm- field, William Johnston, IV, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greensboro; Armstrong, Richard Cooper, Chi Phi, LaGrange; Ashcraft, Donna Lee, Fairmont. W. Va.; Attayek. Eli, Greensboro. Fourth Row: Atwell. John Theodore, Elkin, Austin, Harold Way, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Pinebluff; Avent, Thomas Edward, Rocky Mount; Aydlett. Phoebe Ann, Elizabeth City; Ayers, James Cordon, Phi Kappa Sigma, Raleigh; Babcock, Leslie Edwards. Jr.. Zeta Psi, New Bern. Fifth Row: Bagley, Wallace Hill. Jr.. Eliza- beth City; Bailey. Ronald Eugene, Alexan- der; Baker. -William Avery. " Rural Hall; Ballard, George W.. Jr.. Beckley, W. Va.; Ballard. Peggy A.. Charlotte; Barbour, Clara Mae. Delta Phi Alpha. Carrboro. Sixth Ron : Barbour. Frances Jean. Chapel Hill; Barclay. Thomas, IV. Lambda Chi Alpha. Brevard; Bardin, Alton Clayton, Jr.. Wilson; Barwick. Ann, Clinton; Barwick, Hugh Brooks, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Clin- ton; Bass, Arch Lewis, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma. Durham. Seventh Ron : Baughn, Royce F.. Stoneville; Beal. Martha L., Burlington; Beam, Richard Allen, Hickory; Beebe, William Hearn. Alpha Tau Omega, Lewes. Del.; Bell. Dar- win Little, Statesville; Bennett. Thomas Stephen, Morehead City. Eighth Row: Benrus, James J., Colonial Heights. Va.; Betts, James Edward, Pi Kappa Alpha. Greensboro; Binda, Robert Lane, Hampton, Va.; Bissett, Lou Ann, Wilson; Bizzell, Marcus Edward, Kappa Sigma, Goldsboro; Black, Donald Eugene. Kannapolis. Ninth Ron : Blanchard, Elliot Jackson. Hohbsville; Block. Bridget Maureen, Kappa Delta. Washington, D. C; Blount, Erolyn Jenkins, Nashville; Blowe, Walter Thomas, Ahoskie; Bohannon. Esten Matheson, Char- lotte; Bolkan. Thomas McEwen. Fayette- ville. CLASS First Row: Booker, William Norman, Greensboro; Booth, Richard Charles, Kappa Sigma, Raleigh; Booth. ' William Jennings. Jr.. Apex; Borden. Edwin Brownrigg, Kappa Sigma, Goldsboro; Borjes. Edith V.. Wilmington; Borroff. Edwin Robert. Chi Psi, Columbus, Ohio. Second Row: Bost, Alice Lyerly, Hickory; Bowers. John Robert, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Bethel ; Boyatt, Michael Lynn, Beta Theta Pi, Wyoming, Ohio; Bradsher. Charles Delaine. Roxboro; Brandon, Sidney Ora. Jr.. Stanley; Brawley. Bobby Watson, Sigma . ' «. Mooresville. Third Rou: Bray, Emery Dean. Jr., Mt. Airy; Brewer. William Clarke, Jr., Alpha Tau Omega, Greensboro; Bridgers. Nancy Marie, Goldsboro; Brogdon. Foyell Copt. Cooleemee; Brown. Melvin O ' Bryant, Theta Chi, Jacksonville; Brown, Nan Wilm.i. Alpha Omega Pi. Laurel. Md. Fourth Rou: Browne, Alice Kay, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Washington. D. C. ; Brown- ing. Virginia Honour. Delta Delta Delta. Hendersonville; Brumfield. Lewis Shore. Yadkinville; Brunson, Betty, Albemarle; Bryan, Norwood E., Fayetteville; Bryan, Robert Emmet, Jr., Goldsboro. Fifth Rou : Bryant, Venoy Lee, Lenoir; Bul- lock, Edgar Glenn, Sigma Nit. Rocky- Mount; Burnette. Mary Grady. Garner; Burris. Harold Elias. Albemarle; Burroughs. Aubrey Cyrus, Reidsville; Butler. James Roger. Delta Upsilon, Homestead, Fla. Sixth Row: Butler. Jesse Lewis, Chapel Hill; Caldwell, William Auten, Charlotte; Callaway, Sibby Greer. Pinehurst; Camp- bell. Henry ' Eugene. Alpha Phi Omega. High Point; Cannon. Martha Elizabeth. Shelby; Caperton, Taqueline Cary. Charles- ton, W. Va. St i enth Rou: Carpenter, Nancy Elizabeth, Charlotte; Carrera. Richard Nestor, Dur- ham; Carroll, Jesse B., Jr., Oxford; Cars- well. John W., Manchester; Carter. Hugh William. Jr., Kappa Sigma. Pinehurst; Carter. Patricia Anne, Chapel Hill. Eighth Row: Casey, Robert Dorain, Sigma Chi. Westfield, N. J.; Cashion, Robert Thomas, Cornelius; Casstevens, William E. Van, Yadkinville; Caudle. Robert William. Kappa Sigma. Raleigh; Chambers. John D.. Jr.. Draper; Chappie, Dewey Wilmont, Jr., Chi Psi. Pi Kii. Winston-Salem. Ninth Row: Charles, William Curtis, Ru t k Mount; Christopher, Archie Donald. Alpha Kappa Psi. Carrboro; Chronaki. Terry, Dur- ham; Clay. Martha Anne, Danville, Ky. ; Clifford, Mahlon James, Jr., Oxford; Cluett. Alfred Tucker, St. Anthony Hall, Fairfield. Conn. P $ O p O p l$i p P Ki mtm IwB m Mm t .AdhQ P P P § P p ri p JUNIOR ( - , A jO p I r - ' F n Row: Cobb, Sara Borden, Goldsboro; Cocke, Mary Jane. Asheville; Cohen, Jay Phillip, Zeta Beta Tau, Atlanta, Ga.; Cole, Willie Robert, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Chapel Hill; Coleman, Catherine Rowland, Asheville; Comer, Robert Franklin, Dobson. Second Row: Conger. Harriet Gillingham, Edenton ; Conklin, Myron Herrick. Phi Kappa Sigma, Durham; Conn, Wilbur Danial, Zebulon ; Cook, James Rhodes. Griffin, Ga. ; Cook, Owen " Waddell, Beta Theta Pi. Fayetteville; Cooley, Arthur Vin- cent, Hendersonville. Thud Row: Cooper, Ann B. Columbus, Ga.; Cooper, Edna Earle. Cary; Cooper. Mishew McNeill. Henderson; Corcoran, Richard Joseph, Jr., Phi Eta Sigma. Dur- ham; Correll, joe. Phi Kappa Sigma. Winston-Salem; Coston, George Baxter, Ashewlle. Fourth Ron : Cotton. Guyte M.. Phi Mu Alpha. Clinton; Coward, Betty Rand. Garner; Cowles, Sallie McRorie. Statesville; Cox. Donald Lee, Haw River; Cozart, Ula Hubert, III, Zeta Psi, Wilson; Crabtree, William Gordon, Charlotte. Fifth Rmr: Craven, Bennie F.. Jr., Greens- boro; Craven, Erie B., Phi Gamma Delta. Lexington; Creakman, Francis N., Mayodan; Crews, Joseph Marvin, Wilmington; Crow, Ivey Gene, Alpha Chi Sigma. Charlotte; Crowson, Christopher Gale, Raleigh. Sixth Row: Crumpler. |ulia Sue. Bluetield, W. Va.; Culbreth. Arnold Arthur, Jr., Greensboro ; Cullifer, Josephine Ann, Mur- freesboro; Cumming. Frederick Jackson, Jr., Graham; Curtis, John Russell, Bessemer City; Dalehite, Roger Worth, Hillsboro. Seventh Row: Dalton, Ruth Ann. Salem; Danhoff, Grace Marie. Lumberton; Dannen- baum, Robert II. Chi Psi. Wilmington; Darden, Charles William. Goldsboro; Daugherty, Cullen Bryan, Kinston; Daugh- tridge, Gerald Routh, Phi Eta Sigma. Rocky Mount. Eighth Row: Davis, Barbara Brydson. Kappa Delta. Goldsboro; Davis, Charles Thomas, Jr., Alpha Kappa Psi. Eureka; Davis. Edward Kent, Pi Kappa Alpha. Asheville; Davis, Paul C, Kappa Alpha. Hillsboro; Davis. Willis Walton, Clinton; Deal, Charles Carroll, Delta Sigma Pi. China Grove. Ninth Row: Dean. David Richard. Dur- ham; Dearman, Henry Hursell, Alpha Chi Sigma, Statesville; DeSavigny, Chester Blair. Greenville; Dickens, William Paul, Smithfield; Dickinson, Ann Scott, Alpha Gamma Delta. St. Petersburg. Fla.; Dick- man, Carol Barnett, New York. N. V. CLASS First Row: Dickson. John Hints, Pi Kappa Alpha, Wilmington; Dieffenbach. Fred William, IV, West Nyaclc, N. Y.; Dillon. Edna White, Elkin; Dixon, Cornelia Bald- win. K.ippa Alpha Theta. Alexandria. Va.; Dixon. Helen Patterson, Richmond. Va.; Dixon. Phillip Ray. Chocowinity. Second Row: Dixon, Roberta Harvey. Ra- leigh; Dixon, Sidney Stern, Jr., Sigma Nn. Wilson; Doak. Ellen Therse, Alpha Gamma Delia, Chapel Hill; Doggett, Bennie Sue. Mt. Airy; Donnell, Sam Howe, Jr.. Goldsboro; Doolan, Edward Eloy. Kappa Sigma. Savannah. Ga. Third Rou-: Downing, Harold Dean, Fay- etteville; Dunn, Charles Jerome. Jr., Ahos- kie; Dunn, Mary Windley, New Bern; Durning, Elizabeth Blynn, Pi Beta Phi. Louisville, Ky.; Duval. Louis Daniel, Jr., Charlotte; Easterling, Harrv Roberson, Kappa Alp ha. Benne ' ttsville. S. C. Fourth Row: Edwards, Joshua Videll, Ken- ly; Edwards, Mary Ann, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Raleigh; Efird, Claud Lee, Jr.. Phi Gamma Delta. Wilmington; Elder, William Harrison, Lambda Chi Alpha. Siler City; Eldridge, Charles Patterson, Jr., Zeta Psi, Raleigh; Ellinwood. Everett Hews, Greens- boro. Fifth Row: Ellis, James Milton, Tarboro; Ellis, Phyllis Carolyn, Chapel Hill; Epstein. Michael Sherman. Zeta Beta Tan. Middle- town, Conn.; Ervin, Laura Powe, Morgan- tun; Everett, Virginia Marietta, New York, N. Y.; Eversman. Anne Simcox. Flat Rock. Sixth Row: Fagan. Jimmy Clifford, Ashe- ville; Farnum. Edith Bnnghurst, Ardmorc. Pa.; Farrow. Jacqueline Joy, Waves; Fer- guson, Randall Turlington, Chapel Hill; Ferguson, William Clay, Asheville; Ferrell, Robert Wayne, Graham. Se tenth Row: Fitzgibbon. Anne Mackie, Chi Omega. Chapel Hill; Fleshman, Barbara Leigh, Bluehcld. West Va.; Floyd, Eliza- beth York, Raleigh; Fogel, Barry Ira, Pi Limbda Phi. Augusta, Ga.; Folger, Sara Alice, Milledgewlle, Ga.; Fonville, Robert Harrell. Jr.. Burlington. Eighth Row: Foote, John Ernest, Jr., Char- lotte; Ford. William Hutson, Sigma Chi. Charleston, S. C; Foushee, Cecil S., Dur- ham; Fowler, Betsy Blanche. Chapel Hill; Fowler, Donald Owen, Winston-Salem; Fox. Frank Lee. Slier City. Ninth Row: Franklin, Joe Byrd, Glade Valley; Freeman, Susan Elizabeth. Randle- man; Froelich, Charles Gaskins, Beta Thela Pi, High Point; Frucci, Richard Lawrence, Pi Kappa Phi, Albany, Ga. ; Fryar, Donald F., Delta Sigma Pi, Salisbury; Fuchs, Susan Harriet. Fayetteville. W JUNIOR m±dkd p p P o ■■I A t rl £ P P £) F rj Roir: Fuller, Robin McRea, Raleigh; Gaines, Edmund Pendleton. Jr., Winston- Salem; Garmise. David Bruce, Tau Epsilon Phi. Lawrence, N. Y.; Garren, Don Harves, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Hendersonville; Garrett. Albert Earle, III. Kappa Alpha. Danville, Va.; Garvey, Betsy Post. Douglaston, N. Y. Second Row: Gentry, John Horace, Reids- ville; George. Betty Cecil, Asheville; Gib- son, Calvin Brooks. Charlotte; Gibson, Stephen K.. Nitro, W. Va.; Gibson. Walter Irving, Jr., Randleman ; Giguere, Philip Edward, Lebanon, N. H. Thud Row: Gillett, Jane Elizabeth, David- son; Ginn, Bill M., Goldsboro; Glass, David Bennett, Raleigh; Glenn, Nancy Bar- clay, Manhasset, N. Y.; Glover. Helen Sylvia, Albany, Ga. ; Godfrey, Thomas Gordon, Jr.. Greenville, S. C. Fourth Row: Godley, Jack Hoggard, Wil- mington; Godwin. Cecil R.. Jr., Durham; Goldberg, Robert Hillard, Zela Beta Tau, Greensboro; Goldstein, Gilda. Miami Beach. Fla.; Goode, G. Browne, Jr., Hick- ory; Goodman, Elsie Jacqueline. Delta Delta Delta. Norfolk. Va. Fifth Row: Goodman, Philip Ives. Zela Beta Tan, New Orleans, La.; Goodwin. Joel Sexton, Chi Psi. Apex; Gordon, Barclay Fitzhugh, Huntington, L. I., N. Y.; Gordon. Fred Elton. Greensboro; Gould. Mary Faith- ful, Youngstown, Ohio; Graham, Grace Elizabeth, Parent, Quebec, Canada. Sixth Row: Graham. Pat Marie, Elkin: Graham, Raymond Lee, Jr., Lincolnton; Grant, Freeman Augustus. Jr., Delta Upsilon, Bethesda, Md.; Grantham, Nor- man Bridgers, Jr., Alpha Tau Omega, Smithheld; Graves, Lucy Holmes. Charlotte; Gray, Virginia Peyton, Rocky Mount. Stic nth Row: Green, James Willis, Jr., Roxboro ; Green. Robert Henry, Alpha Tau Omega, West Palm Beach, Fla.; Green. Robert Lorenza, Phi Eta Sigma. Theta Chi. Salisbury; Green. Robert Max, Asheville; Greene, Sylvia Myrtle, Delta Delta Delta. Coral Gables. Fla.; Greene. Walter Hilliard. Jr.. Zebulon. Eighth Row: Gregory, Toy Rhea, Jr., Sigma Chi. Las Vegas. New; Gremmels, Julie L., Alpha Omega Pi. Lynchburg, Va.; Griggs, Delmas David. Wadesboro; Griggs, Porter Odell, Marble; Grubb, Robert L., Phi Gamma Delta, Lexington; Gustafson. Bruce Albert, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Wash- ington, D. C. S mth Row: Hackler, Robert Hardin, Phi Gamma Delta. Washington; Hagood, Max Martin, Jr.. Asheville; Hair. Glenn Edgar, Fayetteville; Haley, Joan Loudon, Kappa Delta. Stony Brook, N. Y.; Hall, Julia Perry. Oxford; Hall, Luther Ronald, High Point. PAGE 334 CLASS First Row: Hall, Mitzie. Birmingham, Ala.; Hallett, John Davies, Chi Phi, Lake Wales, Fla. ; Hammond, Larry W., Hamlet; Ham- rick, Timmons Hicks, Jr., Caroleen ; Hardee, Ray Thomas, Asheville; Harper, James Robinson, Sigma Nu. Snow Hill. Second Row: Harrell, Wade Whitley, Mar- garita, Canal Zone; Harrington, Chris, Somerville, Mass.; Harrington, Margaret Vista, Taylorsville; Harris, Edward Flynn, Pi Kappa Alpha, Charlotte; Harris, Wilmer Long, Chapel Hill; Harriss, Virginia Bolles. Wilmington. Third Row: Hart, Jessine Brooks, Golds- boro; Hart, Oliver James, Jr., Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Ela Sigma. Winston-Salem; Hayes, Mary Susan, Raleigh; Haynes, J. Earle, Jr., Salisbury; Haywood, E. Leland. Mt. Gilead; Haywood, Richard Hunter. Alpha Kappa Psi. Phi Ela Sigma, Monroe. Fourth Row: Hcadcn, Robert Speir, Kappa Alpha, Siler City; Heath, Alfred Taylor, III, Sigma Chi, Sumter, S. C; Hedrick. Sarah Marilyn, Lenoir; Henderson, Hal Hill, Pi Kappa Phi, Bath, S. C. ; Henderson. William Ray, Birmingham, Ala.; Hcndren, Paul Michael, Sigma Chi. Wilmington. Fifth Row: Hendrix, Ernest Eugene, Ashe- ville; Hendry, Robert Harold, Downmg- town. Pa.; Henley, Randall Boyden, Thela Chi, High Point; Hennessee, Edward, Alpha Chi Sigma. Parkersburg, W. Va.; Hensel, Richard Davidson, Sigma Chi. Winston- Salem; Herring, Billy Harvey, Alpha Phi Omega, Spring Lake. Sixth Row: Herring, Virginia Ann, Rose Hill; Hester, Hugh Scott, Reidsvillc; High. Roy David, Sanford ■ Hill, James Allen, |r.. Phi Gamma Delta. Raleigh; Hills, F. Allan. Roanoke Rapids; Hinshaw, Robert Carol, Liberty. Seventh Row: Hirt, Sandra Diane, Gamma Phi Beta, Larchmont, N. Y.; Hobby, Doro- thy Ann, Macon, Ga. ; Hobby. Jo Anne, Greensboro; Hoffler, George Wyckliffe, Phi Eta Sgima, Sunbury ; Holder, David Lee, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Delta Phi Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Lewisville; Hollis, Naomi Shir- ley, Charlotte. Eighth Row: Holloway, George Bernard. Chappaqua, N. Y. ; Holmes, Elisabeth Wooten, Mount Olive; Holmes, Lee Bourne, Sigma Nit, Ankaia, Turkey; Holt, Anne-Tristram, Ridgewood, N. J.; Holt, Elizabeth Cynthia, Erwin ; Homesley, Troy Clifton, Jr.. Kappa Alpha, Cherryville. Ninth Row: Honeycutt, Jack Wesley, Stony Point; Hooper, David Alexander, Reids- ville; Hoover, Mary Ann, Concord; Horner, Edward Clarke, Jr., Sigma Chi, Oxford ; Horner, William Hadley, Jr., Burlington; House, Patricia Louise, Roanoke Rapids. £ £ P _£ Q § 6 P P P es P a? P c p- 1 PAGE 335 JUNIOR m I " ) ' v ' i i " V 9 £ fcj« £1 F m7 Rmi : Howie, Jane Nelson, Charlotte; Hoyle, Kenneth Baxter, Lincolnton; Hoyt, John Keais, Phi Gamma Delta, Washing- ten; Hudson, Joe Willis, Sigma Chi. Spartanburg, S. C; Hudson, John Randolph, Jr., Brevard; Hudson, Thomas Brittain, Hickory. Second Row: Huggins, John Charles, Lum- berton; Hunt, John Thomas. Delta Sigma Pi, Durham; Hunter. Blake Carlyle, Jr., Charlotte; Hunter, Stella Joyce, Savannah, Ga.; Huntington, Donald Ellis, Jr., Chi Pu. Spartanburg, S. C; Hussey, John Bren- nan. Jr.. Beta Theta Pi. Shreveport, La. Third Rote: Hyatt, Charles Fisk, Delta Sigma Pi. Waynesville; Irvin, Emory Wayne, Winston-Salem; Jackson, Richard Brinlcley, Pi Kappa Phi. Jacksonville; Jsmes, Derlie Deane, Roanoke Rapids; Jayne, Nancy, Delta Delhi Delta, Orlando. Fla. ; Jeffcries. Edward Shain, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Washington. p., mil} Row: Johnson, Joseph William, Pi Kappa Phi. Lillington; Johnson, Phil Blair. Alpha ' Win Omega, Raleigh; Johnson, Pres- ton Lloyd, Raleigh; Johnston, Ann Thorne, Charlotte; Johnston, Virginia Grey, Char- lotte; Johnstone, John Knox, Mocksville. Fifth Row: Jonas, Eric Andrew, Phi El.i Si m " i :i : Sigma Chi. Charlotte; Jones, David Herman, Smithheld; Jones, Floyd, Jr., Dur- ham; Jones, Joseph Martin, Durham; Jones, Morris Alexander, Alpha Epsilon Delta. Chi Psi. Phi Eta Sigma, High Point; Jones, Norman Jackson. Oxford. Sixth Run : Jordan. Kenneth Harold, Tabor City; Jordan, Mary Clement, Fayetteville ; Joyce, Robert T., Mayodan ; Joyner. George Edgar, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Rocky Mount; junker, Frankie Marie. Mocksville; Kahn, Max (erald, Zeta Beta T.iii. Atlanta. Seventh Row: Kasser, Victor I.. Zeta Bei.i ' I .in. Philadelphia, Pa.; Katzenstein, Charles fackson, Jr., Alpha Phi Omega, Zeta Beta Tan. New York, N. Y.; Keil. Marilyn Ann, Richmond, Va.; Kelly, Robert W., Winston- Salem; Kemp. Thomas D., Ill, Charlotte; Kennedy, James Powers, Jacksonville. Eighth Row: Kerr, Robert S., Roxboro; Kil- gore, Betty Rhodes, Chi Omega, Raleigh; King, Carol Jean, Clinton; King, Mabel Gray, Nashville; King, William Gresson, Wilmington; King, William Raymond, Jr., Fayette ille. Ninth Rmi: Kirk. Edward Fisher, Baldwyn, Miss.; Kirksey, Robert Lee, Morgan ton; Kline, Jay Crowther, Margate. N. J.; Knight. Peter Oliphant, IV. Phi Delta Theta, Tampa, Fla.; Kranis. Manuel Chris, Thomasville; Krieger, Miriam Joanne, Greensboro, PAGE }36 CLASS First Row: Kriegsman, Robert Marvin, Greensboro; Kriegsman, Ronald Milton. Tan Epsilon Phi, Greensboro; Lackey, Dalc Rea, Fallston; Lambert, John Marcus, Rocky River, Ohio; Lane, Norman Ronald, Phi Kappa Sigma, Roselle Park, N. I.; Langley, William Onzolo, Jr., Burlington. Second Row: Lanier. Donald Stephen, Wal- lace; Lashley, Curtis Ray, Alpha Epsilon Delia, Delia Phi Alpha. Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Burlington; Lasley. Glenn Edwin. Le vis ille; Laughinghouse, Al Gibbs, New Bern; Lawing. Luther Harold. Jr., Charlotte; Lawrence, Eugene W., Jr., Apex. Third Row: Lawson, Gail Elizabeth. Louis- ville, Ky ; Lee, Junius Russell, Four Oaks; Lilly, Charlotte McMurray, Fayetteville; Litaker, Robert Lee, Beta Thela Pi, Char- lotte; Litch, Melvin, Jr., Alpha Epsilon Delia, Greensboro; Little, James Carroll. Hickory. Fourth Row: Little, Robert Eugene. Ill, Kappa Sigma, Wadesboro; Long, Aurelia Lee. Mobile. Ala.; Long, William Ray, Phi Eta Sigma, Marion ; Lore, Charles Eli, Sigma Phi Epulon. Lenoir; Lovatt, Patti Hope. Suffern, N. Y.; Lovelace, Janis Carole, Jackson Heights, N. Y. Fifth Ron: Lowe, William Franklin. Jr.. Gastonia ; Lowry, Elvery Dean, Pembroke ; Lowry, Robert Ernest, Troy. Ohio; Luffman. Lucy Lou, State Road; Luke. Daniel Rawls. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Tan Omega. Phi Eta Sigma. Tarrytown, N. Y.; Lybrook, Douglas Penick, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Greensboro. Sixth Row: Lynch. Theodore Kingsbury, Jr., Phi Gamma Delia. Wilmington; Ma- loney, Eugene Douglas, Gastonia; Mangum. Robert Boyd, Faison; Mann. Melinga Fay. Hollywood. Fla.; Marcopulos, Nicholas Peter. Rye, N. Y. ; Maready, Billy Frank. Jacksonville. Seventh Row: Markham, John W„ III, Sigma Nn. Ponte Vcdra Beach. Fla.; Marks. Ben A., Tan Epsilon Phi. Roanoke Rapids; Marple. Margery Pierpont, Kappa Delta. Pensacola, Fla.; Martin, Joseph Boley, Jr., Mayodan ; Martin. Robert Jerry, Charlotte; Mason. Robert E., Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon. Charlotte. Eighth Row: Mason. William Staley, Jr., Dunn; Masterton, Isabel Vanrensselaer. Alpha Gamma Delta. Chapel Hill; Matthis, James Harold, Pi Kappa Phi, Warsaw; Mavretic, Josephus Lyman, Phi Gamma Delta, Chapel Hill; May, Martha Jane, Asheville; McAllister, James Gray. Ill, Chapel Hill. Ninth Row: McBane, Mildred Patricia, Burlington; McBrayer, Gerald Fulenwider, |r„ Kappa Alpha. Reidsville; McCabe, Anne Moss, Greensboro ; McCabe, Gerard Francis, New York. N. Y.; McCain. Kenneth Franklin. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Gamma Delta. High Point; Mc- Cain, Richard B., Monroe. Q P P JUNIOR jCT ' £j % 3 h " F;ij R««; McCauley, Paul Gilbert, Jr., Fayetteville ; McClure, Joseph Andrew, Orangeburg, S. C; McCorkle, James Hall, Ir., Alpha Kappa Psi, Charlotte; Mc- Cracken. Carroll Joe, Canton; McCurry. Edgar Woodiin, Pi Kappa Alpha. Shelby; McDowell, Elizabeth, Wake Forest. Second Row: McElroy, James Lawrence, Ir Marshall; McEwen, Dixie Grey, Clark- ton; McGee, H. King, Kappa Alpha, Look- out Mountain, Tenn. ; McGinn, Thomas lackson. Charlotte; McGowan, Benjamin Reid, Hamlet; McGuire, Mary Carolyn, Charleston, W. Va. Third Row: McLamb, Susan Jane, Golds- boro; McMahon. Constance Adele, Ashe- ville; McNeill. Ella Ruth. Aberdeen; Mc- pherson, James C, Taylorsville; Medlin, Johnny Grimes, Jr.. Benson; Melvin, Edwin Samuel, Sigma Chi. Greensboro. Fourth Row: Mendelsohn, Burnet, Alpha Phi Omega, Tan Epsilon Phi. Charleston. S. C. ; Messink. Kay E.. Vidalia, Ga.; Mihm, Betty Anne, Baltimore. Md.; Miller. Tony J., Alpha Epsilon Delta. Winston- Salem; Milligan, Ellawells Hamer, Orlando, Fla.; Mills. lames Dexter, Wadesboro. Fifth Row: Milstead, Andrew H., Mays- ville, Ky.; Milstcd, Carl Stephen. Swans- boro; Minteer, Robert Lee, Avalon, Pa.; Minturn. Esther Nelson. Chapel Hill; Mis- call, Laurence, Jr., Forest Hills, N. Y.; Miser, Ann. Baltimore. Md. Sixth Row: Miser. Carolyn L., Chevy Chase, Md.; Mitchell. Carolyn, Atlanta. Ga.; Mitchell, Donald Preston, Sigma Nu, Kin- ston; Mize, Marion Elizabeth, Whiteville; Moh ' orn, Harold Wayne, Enfield; Moncrief, Frances Mae, Washington, D. C. Seventh Row: Monroe, Don Richard. Theta Chi. Asheboro; Monroe, William Paul, Beta Theta Pi. Fayetteville; Mooncy. Bruce Romulus, Timberlake; Moore, Heyward, Asheville; Moore, James Robert, Jr., Con- cord; Moore, Robert Hayes, Jr., Durham. Eighth Row: Moore, Vance Theodore, Jr., Tarboro; Mordecai, Mary Lane. Winston- Salem; Moretz, Bobbie Lee, Elizabethton. Tenn.; Morgan, Elwood Ernest. Alpha Epiilon Delta, Burlington; Morgan, Harriet Adeline. Johnson City, Tenn.; Morgan, Nancy Mildred, Alpha Delia Pi. Flizabeth- town. Ninth Row: Morris, Charles Roy. Jr., Beta Tint a Pi, Charlotte; Morris, Miriam Leake, Delta Delia Delta. Concord; Morrow, James Mack, Jr.. Alpha Kappa Psi, Moores- ville; Moser, Galen Cartner, Burlington; Mosiey Robert Keith, Waxhaw; Moss, Stephen Andrew, Delta Upsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Kintnersville. Pa. PAGE 338 CLASS First Row: Moss. William E., Zet.i Psi, Wilson; Mumford, Willie Herbert, Kenby; Mundy. David. Black Mountain ; Muntzing. Lewis Manning, Moorefield, W. Va.; Muschamp, Herbert Larry, Rome, Ga.; Myers. David C, Jr., Waxhaw. Second Row: Myers, Grady Bennett, Jr., Winston-Salem; Nance, E. L., Jr., Charlotte; Nanney, Glenn Allen, Alpha Kappa Psi. Charlotte; Nash, Thomas Anderson, Jr., Statesville; Neas, Betty Ann, Phi Mit. Roanoke, Va.; Neaves. Charles Louis, Delia Kappa Epfilon. Elkin. Third Row: Nelson. Rodney Gavin, Atlan- tic; Nesbit, Emmett Garrison, Savannah, Ga.; Newberry, Marcus Cecil, Jr., Alpha Tan Omega, Wilson; Newman, Bobbie Pearl, Greensboro; Newton, Sidney H.. West Point, Va.; Nichols, Gene Sherwood, Ahoskie. Fourth Row: Nichols. Jack Sapp, Beta Theta Pi, Reidsville; Nichols, Katherine Anne. Durham; Niedermayer, James Allan, Asheville; Nixon, Richard Ray. Phi Kappa Sigma, Charlotte; Noah, William Dallas. Jr., Landis; Noll, Richard Allan, Beta Theta Pi. West Medford, Mass. Fifth Rou - Norfleet, James Kirkpatrick, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Winston-Salem; Nor- wood, Charles Stephens, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Goldsboro; Oakley, Billy Tyson, Mebane; Ogden, Frances Johnston, New Orleans. La.; Oliver, Helen Powell, Mt. Airy; Os- borne, Thomas Lee, Sigma Chi. Hender- sonville. Sixth Row: Owen, James E., Thomasville; Ozon, Ellen Lamar, Coral Gables, Fla. ; Pace, David Henry. Theta Chi. Wilming- ton; Page, Giles Troy. Jr.. Alpha Phi Omega. Clayton; Palmer, Joan Barbara, Charlotte; Parham, Frances Horner, Ox- ford. Set tnth Row: Parker, George Farrar, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Asheville; Parks, Clarence Banner, Jr.. Clinton; Parthemos, George Nicholas. Asheville; Patman, Elizabeth Ann. Siler City; Patterson, John Smith, Stony Point; Patterson, Kincaid, Statesville. Eighth Row: Patteson. Robert Baskirville. Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Wilson; Patton, James Davis, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Morganton; Payne, Ben Reid, Burlington; Payne, Paul Patton, Jr., Charleston, W. Va.; Peace, Virginia Dare, Phi Mu, Quinton, Va.; Pearce. Edwin Wolfe. Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Greensboro. Ninth Row: Peek, Robert Franklin, Kappa Alpha, Winston-Salem; Peele, Stanley, Chapel Hill; Pell, Edward Leigh, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte; Penegar, Samuel E., Delta Sigma Pi. Monroe; Penn, Anne Garrett, Pi Beta Phi, Danville, Va. ; Pen- ■ inger, Phil E., Concord. gl : ft Q © » ft PAGE 339 JUNIOR fit 1 ! . I4i 1 e p p ? © a ' -j ' i Fot; Row: Perry, Charles Reid, Chapel Hill ; Perry. Frances Cooper, Windsor; Petree, Noel Harper, Jr.. Chi Psi. Fayette- ville; Phillips, George Randolph, Graham; Phillips, Richard C, Wilkesboro; Phipps, Mary Yeakle, Wilkesboro. Second Ron: Piland, Linda Carol, Raleigh; Plott, Henry Frank, Pi Nu, Charlotte; Pol- lander. Peter M., Pittsboro ; Poole, Aline Scarborough, Tryon; Pope, Claude Edwin, Pi Kappa Alph.i, Dunn; Pope, Dennis A., Angier. Third Row: Posey, Horace Gadsden, Jr., Sigma Chi, Asheville: Potter, Edward L., Wilmington; Powell, David Thomas, Jr., Rocky Mount; Powell, Robert Morgan, Sigma Nu, Charlotte, Powers, John Wil- liam, Wallace; Presnell, Wm. Burgess. Asheboro. Fourth Row: Proctor, Elizabeth Gray, Marion; Proffit, William Robert, Buies Creek; Puckett, Thomas Gerald, Rockwell ; Pugh, Bobby Lewis, Alpha Kappa Psi, Asheboro; Pullman, Robert Stanford. Dur- ham; Purser, Joan Wells, Charlotte. Fifth Row: Quinn, Robert Smith, Charlotte; Quinn, Susan Northcross. Roanoke, Va.; Rauland, Gilbert Gray, Oxford; Ragsdale, John W., Jr., Chi Phi, Atlanta. Ga.; Rain- water, Ji Ji, Springfield, Mo.; Ratcliff Lydia Lawrence. Palisades, N. Y. Sixth Row: Rattray, Janet Griffith. Wilson; Ray, Alexander Graham, High Point; Reamy, Charles Ernest, Jr., Silver Spring, Md.; Redding. Max H., Cedar Falls; Reeves, Samuel Thomas, Sigma Alpha Epu- lon. Thomaston, Ga.; Register. Nancy Steele, Jackson, Miss. Seventh Row: Reid, David Edward, Jr.. Pi Nu, Asheville; Reiss, Howard James, Zeta Beta Tan. Maplewood, N. J.; Renick. Bar- bara Christine, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Res- nick, Allan G.. Zeta Beta Tan, Miami Beach, Fla.; Rhoades, Charles Bradford. Winston-Salem; Richards. Warren Jerome. Collingswood, N. J. Eighth Row: Richardson, Emmett V.. Marion, Va. ; Richardson, Leland Autry. Jackson Springs; Ricks, Judith Daniel, Roanoke Rapids; Riddick, Willis James, Belhaven; Rights, Graham Henry, Winston- Salem ; Rinaldi, Peter, Jr., Durham. Ninth Row: Roberson, Joe Baxter, Candler; Roberts, Philip Thomson, Kappa Alpha. Charleston, S. C; Roberts, Robert L„ Leb- anon, Pa.; Roberts, Susie Ella. Asheville; Robertson, Bettie Jean, Zebulon; Roebuck, Flora Nell, New Bern. CLASS First Row: Rogers, Betty Lee, Charlotte; Rogers, Edna Frances, Summerton. S. C; Rogers, Kathryn Eugenia, Alpha Gamma Delta, Charlotte; Rook. Albion Earl, Roanoke Rapids; Rook, Margaret Anne. Delta Delta Delta, Richmond, Va.; Rorie. Betty Jo. Monroe. Second Row: Rosenstock, Louis Howard, Zela Beta Tan, Baltimore, Md.; Ross, Julian Wadsworth. Jr., Sigma Nu, Elizabeth City; Rothrock, Aubrey Atwood, Sigma Chi, Spartanburg, S. C. ; Royals, Jerry Armfield. Kernersville; Rush, Wiley Douglas, Greens- boro; Saieed, Shirley Ann, Greenville. Third Rote: Saine, Howard Andrew Cherry ville; Sanders, William E„ Chi Phi, Asheboro; Sandridge. William Pendleton. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Winston-Salem; Scearce, James F.. Chapel Hill; Schroeder, Peter Van Dorn, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Rocky River, Ohio; Schultz, Herman P., Chapel Hill. Fourth Row: Scott, Anne. Miami Beach. Fla.; Scott, Milton M., Delia Sigma Pi. Pinetops; Scott, Nell Jean, Goldsboro; Scroggs, Mildred Louise, Thomasville; Seaman, Barbara Watson, Warrenton; Seely. James Loring. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Winston-Salem. Fifth Row: Sellers, William Ernest, Lambda Chi Alpha, Burlington; Senter. John Wil- liam, Lincolnton; Sessoms, Billy M.. Alpha Phi Omega. PineblufT; Shanks, Alexander Graham, Alpha Tan Omega. Birmingham. Ala.; Sheppard, George James, Wilming- ton; Sheppard, Kenneth Ernest. Jr., Winston-Salem. Sixth Row: Sherman. Lewis Elliott. Zeta Beta Tau. New York, N. Y. ; Shoulars. Hudson Wilson, Jr.. Alpha Tau Omega. Rich Square; Showfety, Robert Eugene, Greensboro; Sieber, Arvid Charles, Hen- dersonville; Siler, James Harold, Greens- boro; Silvia, Daniel Shi er, Jr.. Phi Eta Sigma. Wilmington. Stumh Row: Simpson, Shirley Lou. Gas- tonia; Sims. James Edward. Alpha Psi Omega, Tau Kappa Alpha. Winston-Salem; Sinclair. Margaret Joan. Aberdeen; Sink, lane Kirksey, Lexington; Sipp, John Fred- eric, White Meadow Lake. N. J.; Skeen. William W., Biscoe. Eighth Row: Skidmore. James Meltugh. Albemarle; Sledge. Karey Lyerly. Asheville; Smith, Audrey Blair, Scarsdale. N. Y.; Smith, Clyde, Jr., Greensboro; Smith, Franklin Teddy, Winston-Salem; Smith, M. Marcia, Kappa Delta. Camp Lejeune. Ninth Row: Smith. Robert Miller, Golds- boro; Smith, W. Ritchie, Fayetteville ; Sneed. Robert Owen, Charlotte; Snipes, Raymond Fletcher, Alpha Chi Sigma. Reidsville; Spain, Frances Hardee, Green- ville; Spake, Lacy Alvin, Jr., Charlotte. MM lil i S B $S ■ P P PAG) 4l JUNIOR ££ fi fl -1JT C p i£v rr» ft ft ft ■ « b h F Y.f Ron.- Spencer, Bill Ray, High Point; Spong, William Conwell, Charlotte; Spoon- er. John Alden, St. Anthony Hall. Darien. Conn.; Spradley, Scott Worth, Kappa Alpha, Shelby; Stacy, Betty Anne, Nebo; Starrett, William Ivan, Jr., Alpha Phi Omega, Lambda Chi Alpha, East Point, Ga. Second Row: Steinberger, Norman Fredric, Pi Lambda Phi, Statesville; Stembridge, Sarah Ellen, Danville, Va.; Stephens, Her- bert Benjamin, Glen Alpine; Stevens, John Shorter, Chi Phi, Asheville; Stockton, Martha Ann, Franklin; Stogner, Martha Carolyn, Charlotte. Third Row: Strickland, George Thomas, Jr., Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Eta Sigma. Nashville; Stubinger, Frances Eugenia, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Sullivan, James Gar- field, Ahoskie; Suttle, William Wayne, Thela Chi, Marion; Sykes, James Dins- more, Phi Kappa Sigma. Jenkintown, Pa.; Talley, Judith Anne, Chi Omega. Chat- tanooga, Tenn. Fourth Row: Tate, Robert Hunter, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta. Wilmington; Taws, Edward Town, Jr., 5 . Anthony Hall. Andalusia. Pa,; Taylor, Carol Freeman, Louisville. Ky.; Taylor, Jack Morris, Pi Kappa Phi. Aber- deen; Tesh, Jimmy Howard, Winston- Salem; Thomas, Anne Ryan, Delta Delta Delta. Memphis. Tenn. Fifth Row: Thomas, George Howard, Asheville; Thomas, Marianne DuValle, Chi Omtga. Chattanooga, Tenn.; Thomas. Shirley Anne, Clayton. Mo.; Thompson, Anne Virginia, Raleigh; Thompson, Broad- us, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, West Columbia, S. C; Thompson, Claude Hoke, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Shelby. Sixth Ron ; Thompson, Howard Eugene, Winston-Salem; Thompson, J e a n n i n e , Mooresville; Thompson, Jerry Adams, Gas- tonia ; Thompson, John Hargett, Alpha Epsilon Delta. Richlands ; Tice, John K., St. Aiithuin Hall. High Point; Timberlake. Frances Stuart. Staunton, Va. Seventh Rmi : Tingler, June Ann, Coving- ton, Va.; Titcomb. Martin McKown, Sigma Chi. Baldwinsville, N. Y.; Torrence, Earl Clifford, Charlotte; Travis, Laura Ann, Charlotte; Turem, Jerry S., Jacksonville; Turkett, Man- Jane, Danville, Va. Eighth Row: Turner, Florence Geraldine, Stoneville; Turner, Harry Sutton, Jackson- ville; Turner. James Reginald, Winston- Salem; Turnipseed, Samuel Guy, Moravian Falls; Tuttle, Martha, West Hartford, Conn.; Tweed, Clyde Gilbert, Phi Eta Sigma. Theta Chi, Asheville. Ninth Row: Upchurch, J. Woodrow. Jr., Buies Creek; Uzzell, Jeanette Chadwick, Asheville; Van Order, Laura Henrietta. Delta Delta Delta, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Veazey, Perry Burt, Alpha Tan Omega. Raleigh; Vincent, Charles Read, Pi Kappa Alpha. Murf reesboro ; Waddell. Kenneth Lee, Galax, Va. PAGE 342 CLASS First Rou : Wagoner, Daniel Eugene, Phi Mu Alpha, Yadkinville; Walker, Henry A|a . K.ipp.i Sigma, Kinston; Walker, John Witcher, Rutherfordton; Walters, Noah Heber, LaGrange; Walthall, Julius Byron. Charlotte; Ward, Margueritte Elise, Rose Hill. Second Rou : Warren, Donald William, Pi Lambda Phi. Brooklyn, N. Y.; Warren. George Francis, Snow Hill; Warrick, Wil- liam Edgar. Jr., Mt. Olive; Wartman, Charles Harris, Clarksville. Va. ; Waters. Henry Gene. Roanoke Rapids; Waters, Zack James, Jr., Salisbury, Md. Third Rou: Watson, Harriette Zachry, Thomson. Ga.; Weaver, Kenneth. Husk; Webb. Richard Beverly Raney, Alpha Tail Omega. Greensboro; Webster, William Phillip, Mt. Airy; Weinman, Michael H., Zeia Beta Tan. Baltimore, Md.; Wellons, Dorothy Allene, Fayetteville. Fourth Row: Wellons, Robert Andrew. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Charlotte; Wells. Grady Lee, Phi Eta Sigma, Charlotte; Wentz, Herbert Stephenson, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Chi Psi. Salisbury; West, Robert Lee, Dover; Weston, Alma Hale. Charlotte; Whitaker, David Louis. Phi Eta Sigma. Williamston. Fifth Rou: White, Hugh Zenas. Jr.. Alpha Phi Omega. Salisbury; White. Joseph Sen- ter. West Palm Beach, Florida; White, Joseph T., Statesville; White. Julian Al- phues, Jr.. Pi Kappa Alpha. Hertford; White, Kenneth Roger, Pi Kappa Phi, Hun- tersville; White, Raymon Lee, Sigma Nu, Columbus, Ga. Sixth Rou: Whitfield, Elizabeth Gattis, Chapel Hill; Whitmore. Edward K„ Jr., Alpha Tau Omega. S. Orange, N. J.; Whittinghill. Diana Beth. Chapel Hill; Wieters, John Christopher, Denton; Wiggs, Bobby Gene, Goldsboro; Wilkins, Jacque- line, Franklin, W. Va. Seventh Row: Wilkins, James Sartin, Pi Kappa Alpha. Shelby; Willard, Barbara Anne, High Point; Willard, William Durant, Purvis; Williams. Anne Giles, Pi Beta Phi. Westfield, N. J.; Williams. Joseph Phelps, Maplewood, N. J.; Williams, Joseph Philip, Elmhurst, Illinois. Eighth Row: Willis, James Ray, New Bern; Wilson, George David. Morganton; Wilson. Jack Leroy. Lake Lure; Wilson, Lawrence G., Jr., Phi Gamma Delta. Danville, Va. ; Wilson Nancy Elizabeth, Asheville; Wil- son, Robert Gaines, Leaksville. Ninth Row: Wilson, William Frank, Dur- ham; Winner, Sharon Lee, Chi Omega. Summit, N. J.; Winslow, Ellen G.. Ply- mouth; Winstead, Bernadine, Roxboro; Witty, Thomas Ezekiel, Jr., Chapel Hill; Wood, Edward William, III, Winston- Salem. © : £ O O J o p v P O P £ v P ? £. £ - ' PAGE 343 JUNIOR CLASS First Row: Woodard. William Windsor, Jr.. Zeta Psi, Wilson; Woods, John B., Phi Gamma Delta, Danville. Va.; Woosley, Billy Joe, Clemmons ; Wooten, John Franklin, Jr., Kinston; Wrenn, Anne Webster, Greensboro; Wright, Carey B. N.. Jr., Greensboro. Second Row: Wright. Donald Rayburn, Mt Airy; Wright. Mary Jo, Cary; Wright Walter Hall, Jr., Aberdeen; Varnell. E Peter. Charleston, S. C. ; Yates, Frank Og burn. Jr., Alpha Tan Omega, Asheboro Yelton, Sylvia Sue. Bakersville. Thud Row: Yoder, Edwin Milton, Mebane; Young. Joseph Beverly. Charlotte; Young. Robert Gill, Jr., Zeta Psi, Henderson; Zimmerman, Annie Lynne. Marshall; Zim- merman, Jay, Jr., Phi Eta Sigma, St. Anthont Hall. New Paltz, N. Y. Sophomore Class Realism with a touch of fantasy . . . half-wise half- foolish . . . pinned for the first time but still writing the old letters . . . something about studies that freezes the mind . . . something about the Goody and the " Rat " that fills you with a warm glow (maybe the German beer or maybe just its inner warmth) . . . they said you ' d never get this far, but you progressed, and even made a winning. You know the walks now and most of the faces and that cute one with no name, why you ' ll know it soon. You ' re a thing of mischief and light and joy because you ' re young and simple enough to know little about anything but still, in youth ' s own fashion, pretend to know it all. Officers Bob Young President Bob Harrington Vice-President Jackie Van Hook Secretary Morgan Hale Treasurt r Mary Ann Keeter Social Chairman Sealed, left to right: Bob Young, Bob Harrington. C Standing: Marj Ann Kceter, Morgan Hale. Jackie Van p ft ft Ch rfj. till P P 9 £ £ J » 9 P « ! LL£ L if pp - £ C» £ " «A " F VjJ R " ii : Abee, Elmer Preston, Jr., Morganton; Akin, William Baker, Jr.. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Raleigh; Alexander, Clyde Benny, Rocky Mount; Allen, Charles Eugene, Taylorsville; Allen, David Ray, Bensen; Allen. William Marion, Jr., Elkin; Allison, James McMillan, Swannanoa; Anderson, Lawrence Robert, Indianapolis, Ind.; Anderson, Leo Richard, LaGrange; Andrews, Bobby Tal- madge, Mcleansville. Second Row: Angel, Jack Delano. Reidsville; Archer, James Mc- llwaine. III, Chi Phi, Charlotte; Armstrong, James Paul. Jr., High Point; Ashby, Charles G., Elkin; Ashford, David Lawrence, Scot- land Neck; Askew. Kesler, Jr., Enfield; Austin, Dale Reid, Tay- lorsville; A cnt, Wavely G., Raleigh; Ayscue, Quincy Adams, Kappa Alpha, Monroe; Baddley, William Henry, Water Valley. Miss. Third Row: Ballard, William Thomas, Jr., Polkton; Barber, Joe Richard, Jr., Wilkesboro ; Barbre, Ray Sinclair. Jr.. Lambda Chi Alpha, Kinston; Barker, Robert Joe, Cherryville; Barnard, Sam B., Savannah, Ga.; Bartholomew. Joseph Eugene. Raleigh; Barto, John Thomen, Bronxville, N. Y. ; Bass, Tommie Leonard, Wilson; Batten, Owens Davis, Sclma; Batten, Roland Weslev, Portsmouth, Va. Fourth Row: Batts, Bernice Rodric, Wallace; Baucom, Robert Leslie. Monroe; Beam, Bob Gerald, Spruce Pine; Beam, Margaret Norvella. Spruce Pine; Bean, William Claris, Mebane; Beatty, James Tully, Charlotte; Beck , Shelley Blaine. Asheboro ; Bell. Lawrence G., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Allentown. Pa.; Bell, Robert Locke, Sigma Chi, Greensboro; Bentley. Ralph L., Moravian Falls. Fifth Row: Benyunes, Nelson V., Danville, Va.; Bernhardt, Frank Christian, Charlotte; Berryhill, Catherine Brewer, Chapel Hill; Berryhill, Lewis David, Charlotte; Bershaw, Stan Maxwell, Pi Lambda Phi, Asheville; Best. Nelson Ray, Warsaw; Bibb, William Robert, Salisbury; Bishop. James Frederick, Jr., Sigma N», Rocky Mount; Black, William Lin ille. Wi ns ton-Salem; Blackman, Wil- bert Worth, Smithfield. Sixth Ron : Blount. John Gray, Phi Gamma Delta. Washington Blue. William Alexander. Wadesboro; Boerner, Robert Martin Winston-Salem; Bolch. Oscar Howard. Jr., Albemarle; Boone. Donald Lee, High Point; Bordeaux, D. Gordon, Elizabethtown Bowles, Charles Pardue, Kappa Alpha. Winston-Salem; Boyette, Charles Otis, Chadbourn ; Boyette, Joseph Thomas, Clinton; Boy ette, William Otis, Chadbourn. St i tilth Ron : Bradshaw. William Heyward, Fayetteville; Branch, William Goode, Winter Haven, Fla.; Braswell, Charles Marion, Monroe; Brenner, Thomas Roy, Phi Delta Thela, Riviera Beach. Fla.; Brigman. William Edward, New Bern; Britt, Edward G.. Kinston; Britt, John Dillon, Jr., Wilmington; Brock, Clifton H., Lillington; Brody. Marvin, fan Epsilon Phi. Charleston, S. C; Brooks, Claude Cicero, Jr., Millers Creek. CLASS p p p o p r p Pf P £ i? ff» P P £ p £? r. ' Q ft it r £ |Js ft fTj P P P P ?. .5 f! £_) £H jCT( T?( CT ft C ft |f £ r i » Row; Brooks, Henry Franklin, Greenville; Brown, Donald M., Jamesville; Brown, Eugene Wilson, Jr., Rich Square; Brown, Grover Cleveland, Harrington, Del.; Brown. Joe Evans, Charlotte; Brown, William Lee, Roanoke Rapids; Bruton, H. David, Delia Psi, Candor; Bruton, LeRoy Adam, Phi Gamma Delta, Charlottes- ville. Va.; Bryan, Donald Thomas, Phi Gamma Delta, Rocky Mount; Bryant, James Kenneth, Chi Psi, Elkin. Second Row: Budacz, Julius Francis, Robersonville; Bullard, Bernie Fraust. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Raleigh; Bullard, Donald E., Charlotte; Burbridge, Benjamin Lawrence. Chi Phi, Jacksonville, Fla.; Burchell, Jesse Lane, Leaksville; Burdette, Howard Lee, Monroe; Burgess, Robert Philip, Rocky Mount; Burrows, David James, Pi Lambda Phi. Bay Shore, N. Y. ; Burrus. Robert Tilden, Rockford; Burton, Donald Farrell, Hillsboro. Third Row: Butler, Frank, Roseboro; Byers, David Franklin Shelby; Bynum, James Doggett, Greensboro; Bynum, James Jordan, Raleigh; Byrum, Fredric Colby, Phi Gamma Delta, Edenton; Cable, William Charles, Greensboro; Campbell, Roy Clyde, Char- lotte; Cannon, Harry Beard, Jr., Alpha Tan Omega, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Lakeland, Fla.; Cantrell, Douglas David, Seaford, Del.; Carlisle, James Franklin, Guilford. Fourth Ron : Carswell, Robert Lewis, Morganton; Castillo, Ernest III, Tampa, Fla.; Causey, Charles Wesley, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Greensboro; Chalk, Richard William. Sigma Chi, Greensboro Chamberlain, Norman Allison, Matthews; Chamblee, James Mon roe, Burlington; Chambliss. Mallory Lewis, Zeta Psi, Rocky Mount Psi, Greenville ; Cheston, James Christian, Joe David, Smithheld, Cheatham. James T., Ill, Zet., Cameron. White Plains. N. V. Va. Fifth Row: Churchill. Robert Lewis, Durham; Clark, Carey Alexander. Jr., Louisville, Ky.; Clark, Nevy King, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Savannah, Ga.; Clark, William Thompson, Statesville; Clontz, Franklin Delano, Morganton; Coffey, Paul Armrield, Boone; Coker. Richard Amis, Pi Kappa Alpha. Hartsville, S. C. ; Collier, James Glenn, Jr., Rich Square; Conder, Lawrence Davis. Lambda Chi Alpha. Charlotte; Conklin, Hartwell Benton, Phi Kappa Sigma, Durham. Sixth Row: Connor, David Marion, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Dur- ham; Converse, Joseph Irwin. Jr., Greenville, S. C; Cook, Charles Alston, Arlington, Va.; Cook, Julius Carl, Rocky Mount; Coplon, Malcolm H., P hi Eta Sigma. Tau Epsilon Phi. Winston-Salem; Corley, Joseph Randolph, Winston-Salem; Cornell. Thomas Boni- fer, Key West, Fla.; Cowan, Hugh B., Phi Gamma Delia, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Cox, Adlai Roy, Jr., Asheboro; Cox, Eppie Bennett, Aurora. Seventh Row: Coyle, Frederick John, Barrington. R. I.; Craver, Daniel B., Chi Phi, Greenwich, Conn. ; Craver, Kenneth Shoaf, Jr., Lexington; Creed, Richard H., Mt. Airy; Creighton, Robert Kilgo, Jr., Alpha Tau Omega, Charlotte; Crews, William Barker, Jr., Oxford; Cross, Joel Allen, Creedmoor; Culbreath, James Charles, Jr., Phi Mil Alpha. Lumberton; Culbreth, Joseph Worth, Fayetteville; Cyr, William Joseph Rene, Butner. page 347 SOPHOMORI iikdfk P P (? p £s £ £ p d r p T. ; Rouv Daniel, Charles R.. Roanoke Rapids; Daniel, Charles Rufus. Jr., Weldon; Daughtridge, llyss Glenn, Rocky Mount; Davidson, Clayton Wil liams, Jr., Mooresville; Davis, Herbert Owen. Phi K.ipp.i Sigma, Roxboro; Davis. W ' ilburn Addison, Waynesville; Dawn, Jon Neil, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Gastonia; Dawson, Milton Pierre, Rocky Mount; Dawson, Stuart, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charleston, S. C. ; Dell, Julian Peter, III. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bethesda, Md. Second Row: Dinwiddie, James William. Lexington; Dorrity. Charles Brent, Carrboro; Downing, Shirley Jean. Fayetteville; Drake. Phillip Alexander, Ft. Lauderdale. F 1 a . ; Duncan. Grady Sylvester. Beimont; Durham, Carl Hanna, Burlington; Duvall, James Thomas. Naval Mine Depot, Va. ; Eargle, Zane, Waxhaw; Eason, Robert Donald, Snow Hill; Edwards, Ellison Francis. Chad- bourn. Third Ron: Ellerbe. Robert Lee, Jr.. Rockingham; Evans, Amos Ray, Greenville; Exum, James Gooden, Jr.. Sigma Nu, Snow Hill; Exum. Robert. Jr.. Phi Gamma Dtl .i. Snow Hill; Farmer. John Ira. Salisbury; Fassberg, Robert, Spring Valley, N. Y. ; Feimster, Bobby Jack. Statesville; Ferguson. Ralph Everett, lr., Charlotte; Fisher, Louis Joseph. Phi Eta Sigma, High Point; Fitzgerald, Charles E„ Jr.. Chi Phi. Farmville. Fourth Ron: Foley, Gardner, P. H . Jr.. Phi Eta Sigma, Greens- boro; Ford. Larry Grant, China Grove; Fox, Joe Thomas, Jr., Asheville; Freeman, Donald deYoung. Great Neck. N. Y.; Frut- chey, Gilbert Strickland. Asheville; Fulton. Paul, Jr.. Zeta Psi, Walnut Cove; Fussell, Fitzhugh Lee. Williamston ; Gaffney, Donald J., Verona. X. J.; Gallimore, Howard Keith. Concord; Galloway, Alex Henderson, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Winston-Salem. Fifth Ron: Gardner, William Badham, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Edenton; Garrett, Thomas Blackwell, Danville, Va.; Garriss. Stan lev Adams. Jr.. Portsmouth, Va. ; Geddie, W ' alter Herman, Rocky Mount; Gibson, James Larry, Marion; Giersch. Richard Frederick, Charlotte; Gilleland, Harley S.. Jr., Statesville; Gleitz, David Allen. Phi K.ipp.i Sigma, Jacksonville; Glenn. Tom Payne. Stone- ville; Gobbel, Virginia Ann, Chapel Hill. Sixth Rou : Goforth, John Eddie. Phi Kappa Sigma, Rutherfordton; Goforth. Preston Myers, Lenoir; Goldstein, Lewis Allan, Balti- more. Md. ; Goodman, Vann Grey, Concord; Goodwin, Francis Vincent, Belleville, N. L; Graves, James B.. Jr., Raleigh; Greene. Robert Glenn, North W ' ilkesboro; Greulach, Dorothy Gould, Chapel Hill; Griffin, Marion Wilson, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Delta Theta, Davidson; Gruble. William Francis. Mount Airy. Seventh Ron: Gustafson, Richard Lawrence. Pinebluft ; Hager, lames Tomlin, Harmony; Hale, Leslie Morgan, K.ipp.i Alpha, Fayetteville; Hall, Hassell Gray, Winston-Salem; Hall. Norman Curtis. Hurdle Mills; Hallett, Robert Edward. Lake Wales, Fla.; Hallford, Edward Llysses, Rocky Mount; Hamilton. William J., Chi Phi, Charlotte; Hamrick. Harold Joe, Shelby; Hanna, Willis Neil, l imbda Chi Alph.i. Gastonia. :lass p £ P £ £» p i ' i , P P P t ft 1 ft ft fc " ' r r £ r (p I ▲ fei ft fc tfc ft fi j? P p p o % £IL£ ri a i F rj7 Rouv Hanner, Julius S., Randleman; Hardister, Frank Gerald Ashley Heights; Hardy, Stephen Chalaron, Phi Kappa Sigma Silver Spring. Md.; Harrcll, Dunald Lee, Statesville; Harrington Cyrus Robert, Jr., Greensboro; Harris, Falls Lewis. Harris; Har wood, Ed Ronald, Winston-Salem ; Hayes. Nathaniel Perkinson Jr., Delhi K.ipp.i Epsilon, Greensboro; Hays, Robert Samuel. Jr. Phi Gumma Delia, Chapel Hill; Hayworth. James Armstrong. Ashcboro. Second Ron: Hayworth,. Steve L.. Ashcboro; Heath, John Lewis, Snow Hill; Heck. William Ernest, Salisbury; Heiden, Hubert Eric, Tan Epiiluii Phi. Lake City, S. C; Henderson, Edward Carlton, Roanoke Rapids; Henderson, Shelton Whitehead. Lynchburg, Va.; Henderson, Willis Irwin, III., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte; Hcnline, Harold Dean, Marion; Herring, Joseph Duncan, Jr., Lumberton; Hettleman, Thomas Phillip, New York, N. Y. Third Row: Hice, Robert Harrison. Delta Upsilon, Charlotte; Hicks, Stephen Francis, Phi Gamma Delta. Edenton; High, Wil- l iam Hackney, Oak City; Hildreth, Dewey Allen, Phi Kappa Sigma, Charlotte; Hill, Robert L., Kinston; Hilton, Virgil Melvin, Thomasville; Hines, Richard Norfleet, Zeta Psi, Edenton; Hinson, Larry Capehart. Monroe; Hodges, Luther Hartwell, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha. Phi Eta Sigma. Leaksvillej Hoelscher, Winston D., Kappa Alpha. Lynchburg, Va. Fourth Rote: Holdford, Roy Raymond, Jr., Alpha Tan Omega, Wilson; Hollinshed, Joseph Hampton, Phi Kappa Sigma, Fay- ctteville; Holt, Allen Franklin, Chi Phi, Asheboro; Holt, Townsend o es p p C f o Van, Raleigh ; Hooper, F. Lambert, Jr., Sylva; Hooten. John Robert. Grifton; Hoover, Charles Wayne, Winston-Salem; Hornik. A. Robert Jr.. Zeta Beta Tan. Atlanta. Ga.; House, Harry Clayton, Pi Kappa Alpha, Hamilton; Houser, William Edward, Cherryville. Fifth Row: Howell. John Herbert, Goldsboro; Howey, James Monroe. Delta Sigma Pi. Waxhaw; Hoyle. Joel Thomas, Shelby- Hudson, Richard Woodard, Kappa Alpha. Vandemere ; Huffman. Ervin Moran, Hickory; Huffman, Leon Wyant, Catawba; Hughes. Jimmie Franklin. Asheville; Hunt. George Franklin. Waynesvillc; Hunt, Robert Holmes. Phi Kappa Sigma, Reidsville; Hunter. George Patrick, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte. Sixth Ron: Huntley. Walter Jones, Alpha Tan Omega, Smithfield; Hutchins, Edward Wier, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Winston-Salem; Hutchinson, Samuel Spalding, Chapel Hill ; Hyatt, Fred Lee, Jr., Bryson City; Jacobus, Robert Bingham, Chi Psi. Phi Eta Sigma, Raleigh; James. Ernest Kelly, Jr., Winston-Salem; James, Fred B.. Stokes; Johnson, Bartlett Cecil. Dunn; Johnson, Bruce Cannon, Conway; Johnson, Charles Mack, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Lenoir. Sc i tilth Rou: Johnson, Dewey Edward, Phi Kappa Sigma, Charles- ton, S. C. ; Johnson. Edgar Russell, Robersonville; Johnson, George Turner. L,imbda Chi Alpha. Asheville; Johnson. Thomas Hatcher. Goldsboro; Johnson, Thomas L., Chi Psi. Norfolk, Va.; Johnson, William Lloyd, Rockingham; Jones, Harvey Theodore, Cary; Jones, Joseph Edwin, Snow Hill ; Jones, Richard Lawrence. Rock- ingham; Jones. Talmage Lloyd. Jr., Asheville. PAGE 349 SOPHOMOR JU J f » «■» ft P £i CJ . 4 » pop o p C: Q P P P P A P ft p P P F rj R«i ; Jung. Walker, Kannapolis; Kahn, Fred Nachman, Pi Lambda Phi, Asheville; Kapiloff. Arnold Yale, Pi Lambda Phi, Winston-Salem; Keel, Clayton Ray, Everetts; Keever, William Norris, Hiddenite; Keller, George Joseph, Oakley, S. C. ; Kelly, David Lee, Jr., Winston-Salem; Kennerly, Robert Boger, Alpha Phi Omega, Charlotte; Kentopp, Donald E,, 5 . Anthony Hall, East Orange, N. J.; Kerlin, Gus Lee, Jr., Charlotte. Second Row: Kester, Jack B., High Point; Kester, James Wiley, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Winston-Salem; Ketler, Robert Edward, Wyncote, Pa.; King, Henry Elliott, Jr., Badin; Kinney, Richard Ned, Winston-Salem; Kirchberg, Roy William, Jr., Sylva; Kirk- land, Thomas Venable, Chi Phi, Columbia, S. C; Kistler, Andrew- Milton, II, Morganton; Kittenger, Patricia Jean, Burlington; Knauff, James William, III, Sigma Chi, Charlotte. Third Ron: Korschun, Alan Miller, Tan Epsilon Phi, Goldsboro; Koster. Joe Frank, Jr., Wilson; Lacy, James Barnes, Flat Rock; Laing, Harold Powers, Wilmington; Lambeth, Tom Willis, Winston-Salem; Lamm, Roney William, Wilson; Lassiter, Anne Cummings, Wilmington; Latham, Jarvis Harding. Washington; Lattimore, James Gordon, Ellenboro; Lefler, Trudy Deems, Alpha Gamma Delia, Newton. Fourth Row: Lewis, Ralph Henry, Jr., Roxboro; Lieberman, David Aria, Tau Epsilon Phi. Wilmington; Lindsley, Dell Pritchard, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Williamston; Linker, Ray Stephens, Char- lotte; Lipman, Edward C, Pi Limbda Phi, New Bern; Little, Mavlon E., Winterville; Lively, Knox Kent, Reidsville; Livingston. Frank H., Highland Park, 111.; Loftin, William R., Jr., Mount Olive; Logan. Phillip Hemphill, Shelby. Fifth Rule: Lomax. Henry Clyde, Sigma Chi. Charlotte; Lopp, John Byron, Sigma Chi, Lexington; Lowder, Robert Henry, Albemarle; Lowry, Kenneth Francis, Chi Psi. Troy, Ohio; Ludwig. John McKay, St. Anthony Hall. New Orleans, La. ; Lynch, Alex Spruill, Scotland Neck; Lynn, John Worth, Petersburg, Va.; Lyon, Steven Grant, Jr.. Wilkesboro; MacFaddin, Richard Willis, Viola, Del.; Macon, Robert Lee, Jr., Seagrove. Sixth Ron: Magness, James Everette, Shelby; Mangum, Benson R., Theta Chi. Durham; Mangum, Jimmie Mac. Phi Kappa Sigma. Gastonia ; Marks, Stephen Charles, Chi Psi, Hudson. Ohio; Marsh- burn, Berry Daniel, Jr., Wendeli ; Martin, James Edwin, Jr., Phi Delia Theta, Charlotte; Mashburn, T. A., Jr., Madison; Matheson, Carl Lafayette, Taylorsville; Matkins, Donald Lewis, Pi Nil. Burlington; Matthews, Marshall Lawrence, Jr., Winston-Salem. Seventh Rote: Mauney, James Forrest, Lincolnton; Mauney, Johnny Elliott, Lincolnton; McCabe, Russell Tyler, Seaford, Del.; McCall, Da id Lawrence, Charlotte; McCormick, John Patrick, Kappa Alpha. Spindale; McCurdy, Robert Layton, Kappa Alpha. Florence. S. C; McGee, Edith Ann, Chapel Hill; McGinn, Joseph Britt, Charlotte; McGuire, Aubrey Lee, Jr., Guilford College; McGuire. Thomas Wadford, Todd. CLASS p P t; P j? P P P P P is n i ft D o s ft p. a © © P © £ en tt s P O ft p P | First Row: McKinney, David Lee, Marshall; McKinney, Robbie Mason, Scranton; McLaughlin, Robert, Phi Delia Thela, Delray Beach, Fla.; McLean, William Sartor. Phi Gamma Delia, Lum- berton; McMillan, Colin Riley, Phi Kappa Sigma, Houston, Tex.; McRacken, Robert Eugene. Red Springs ; McRae, James Arthur, Red Springs; McSorley, Marion Joseph, New Bern; Meares, Clyde LeRoy, Chi Phi, Charlotte; Michal, William Norwood, Jr., Alpha Tan Omega, Atlanta, Ga. Second Row: Michaux, David Marion, III, Charlotte; Michels, James Edward, Graham; Michie, John Chapman, Phi Kappa Sigma. Roxboro; Miller, Charles LeRoy, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Concord; Miller, Roy Wayne, Salisbury; Miller, William Stacy, Benson; Mills, Avery Burton, Monroe; Mills, Harvey A., Chi Phi, Monroe; Milnor, Andrew, Wilmington; Mitchell, Cal Dewey, Sigma Chi, Matthews. Third Row: Mitchell, George Evans, Kappa Alpha, Spartanburg, S. C; Mitchell, Harold Allan, Sigma Nu, Ahoskie; Mobley, Howard Reid, Jr., Reidsville; Moise, Albert Deleon, Sumter, S. C; Molter, John Ormond, Alpha Phi Omega, Charlotte; Mon- teith, James Derel, Sylva ; Montgomery, James Renn, Phi Gamma Delta, Durham; Moore, Edwin Holt, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Burlington; Moose, Ada Lou, Troutmans; Morgan, James Malcolm, Wilmington. Fourth Row: Morgan, William W., Jr., Sigma Nu, Canton; Morton. John Thornton, Madison; Morton. Sanford Bascom, Jr., Chapel Hill; Moye, Milton James. Jr., Delia Kappa Epsilon, Tarboro; Munroe, John Francis, Kappa Alpha. Council ; Murphy, John Joseph, Jr., Hamlet; Murphy, Raymond Ryan, Sigma Chi, Lookout Mtn. Tenn.; Murray, Josiah Stockton, Durham; Nail, Thurman D.. Chapel Hill; Neville, Cecil Howell, Jr., Zeta Psi. Scotland Neck. Fifth Row: Newton, Bobby Lawrence, Lambda Chi Alpha, Creed- moor; Oakley, Kenneth Holmes, Raleigh; Ogburn, Sam Cicero, Winston-Salem; Oldenburg, Ronald Troy, Biloxi, Miss.; Oldham, Jerry Key, Gulf; O ' Neal, Joel Vernon, Middlesex; Oresman, Richard Kingson. Pi Lambda Phi. Providence, R. L; Osborne, Thomas Vivion, Jr., Greensboro; Overcash, Charles Gurney, Jr., Lexington; Overman, Douglas Ray, Pi Kappa Alpha, Dunn. Sixth Row: Owen, Duncan Shaw, Jr., Fayetteville; Owens, Wiley Lee, Fountain ; Palmer, Charles Keith, Kappa Sigma. Timmons- ville, S. C. ; Parker, Floyd Carson, Oxford; Parker, John Marshall, Salisbury; Parker, Richard Clyde, Glen Alpine; Parker, Theodore Norwood, Clinton; Parks, Kenneth Hilton, Jr., Gastonia; Partrick, Jeremiah Nolan, Wilmington; Pate, William Snyder, Goldsboro. Seventh Row: Patrick, Bailey, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Hickory; Patseavouras, George Jr., Rocky Mount; Patterson, Donald Lee, China Grove; Paysour, Conrad Elbert, Jr., Chapel Hill; Pearce, William Franklin, Norlina; Pearlman, Robert Bruce, Pi Lambda Phi, Greensboro; Pearlman, Skip, Pi Lambda Phi. Asheville; Pearlstine, Edwin S.. Jr.. Pi Limbda Phi, Charleston, S. C; Peel, William Robert. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Williamston; Peoples, Lin- wood Thomas, Louisburg. itMM life Mihmimx O £) Q p. £ Q Q p fr C o r A n SOPHOMORI jy P A ( p p D POP 1 t tit I c © e e p f .v A A »i P p F c« Rr ir: Perry, Garland Jarvis, Jr.. Zebulon; Perry, Ronald Proctor, Wendell; Petty. Jerry Miller, Kappa Sigma, Gastonia; Phelps, Jon, Winston-Salem; Phillips. Fred Gary. Charlotte; Pierce. Richard Perry, Raleigh; Planer, Richard William. Tali Epsilon Phi. Gastonia ; Plott, James F., Jr., Lexington ; Plumlee. Claude Arm- strong, Jr., Sigma Chi, Charlotte; Porter, David Darlington, At- lanta, Ga. Second Row: Porter, Lee Warwick, Jr., Wilmington; Powell, Kenneth Alton, Valdese; Powell, William Thomas, Chapel Hill; Pern ledge, Fred Arlius, Raleigh; Price, George Edward, Mayodan; Pridgen, Edward N„ Beta Theta Pi, Fayetteville; Pringle, Alonzo Josephine, III, Kemers die ; Pritchttt, Mebane Moore, Phi Delta Theta. Lenoir; Putnam. Samuel Grady, Ze:a Psi. Washington. D. C. ; Raines, George N., Jr.. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Portsmouth, Va. Thud Rau: Ramsay, James Graham, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Washington; Rand. Cecil Holmes, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Fremont; Ratledge, Billy Ray, Guilford College; Ratledge, Bobby Jay, Guil- ford College; Ratley, Duncan Crawford, Jr., Fairmont; Raugh, James P., jr., Del a Kappa Epsilon, Rosemont, Pa.; Ray, William Thomas. Charlotte; Rea es, Leonard Erastus, III. Chi Psi, Phi Era Sigma, Phi Mn Alpha, Fayetteville; Reid, John Dwight, Richlands; Rhoades, Vade G., McGrady. Fourth Row: Rhule. Claude Mankin. Bluefield, W. Va.; Richard- son, Clarence Linwood, Jr., Selma; Richardson, James Carrdi, Marion. Va.; Roberts. John Barron, Charlotte; Roberts, William Garner, Jr., Leaksville; Robertson. Lewis Ford. Jr., Frederick. Md.; Rogers, Jimmy Roy, Phi Mn Alpha, Tabor City; Rossell, Charles Reed, Wilmington, Del.; Rusher. John William, Wilmington; Sabiston, William Devine. Carthage. Fifth Row: Saine, George Donald, Cherryville; Salmon, Neill McK., Jr., Pi K.ippa Alpha, Lillington; Sanders, Charles, Fayetteville; Sanders. Phil Snead, Four Oaks ; Saunders, Larry Melvin, Tan Epsilon Phi, Norfolk, Va. ; Savvas, Tykey, High Point; Schachner, Edmund Douglas McKanc, Charlotte; Schlapkohl, Charles J., Jr., Arlington. Va.; Schrimsher, Frank Lodwick, Charlotte; Scott, Bryan Myers, New Bern. Sixth Row: Scott, Leslie Andrew, Jackson Heights, N. Y.; Scroggs. Joanna Hill, Chapel Hill; Self. William Edward, Sigma Phi ' Epsilon. Shelby; Settlemyre. Shelley C. Jr., Hickory; Setzer, David Everette, New London; Setzer, Ferman Tim, Rural Hall; Sewell, John Mitchell, Murfreesboro; Sewell. Louis William, Jr., Jackson- ville; Shankle, Clemm Harry, Troy; Shaw, Ray Elsworth, Jr., Raleigh. Seventh Row: Shaw, Stanley Sergeant, II. Asheville; Shawcross, William Edgerton, Norfolk, Va.; Shearin, William t, „ Wake Forest; Sheets, James Albert. Winston Salem; Sheffield, Gary Singleton, Sigma Chi. Greensboro; Shelly, Robert Gardiner, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Virginia Beach, Va.; Shelton, James Edward. Jr. Danville, Va.; Shcrmcr, Richard Wayne. Phi Ela Sigma. Winston- Salem; Shore, Robert Greene, Yadkinville; Short, James G, Jr., Wadesboro. :lass p p p o » J » .« ' V ' ,4 4ufc4ifc Ask 1 o ft r e o p. Q © 6 1 ■ jP jS? £ P F or Rati: Shuford, Frank Jones, Hickory; Shuford, William Ferrell, Jr., Clinton; Sirkin, Richard Stanley, Pi Lambda Phi. Miami Beach, Fla. ; Sisk, Robert Van, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Chi, Charlotte; Skinner, James McElveen, Winston-Salem; Skinner, Lloyd Milton, Lambda Chi Alpha, Burlington; Smith, Addison Neal, Woodleaf; Smith, Clarence Edwards, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Raleigh; Smith, Jerry Edward. Kernersville; Smith, Laurie Nicholas, Oswego, S. C. Second Row: Smith, Robert Gordon, Stoneville; Smoot, Thomas Arthur, III, Greenville; Snavely, Brant R, Zela Psi, Winston- Salem; Sneil, William Franklin, Winston-Salem; Snipes, Herman Glasgow, Chi Phi, Knoxville, Tenn.; Solomon, John Henry, Wil- mington; Spainhour, Otha Kenneth, Winston-Salem; Spangler, Carroll Lee, Lawndale; Spencer, James Klein, Matthews; Sperlbaum, Ronald Edward, Lambda Chi Alpha. Spindale. Third Raw: Stallings, John William, III, Sigma Nu, Wilson; Stalling, Donald Craig, Alpha Phi Omega. Burlington; Steele, Harry Coe, North Wilkesboro; Steele, Kenneth Leigh, Burlington; Stem, Jaspe Graham, Oxford ; Stephens, William Mac, Winston- Salem; Stevens, Charlie Vergereau, Jr., Sigma Chi, Salisbury; Stokes, James Peter, L ' pper Montclair, N. J.; Stokes, Sidney Durham, Lenoir; Stokes. William Howard, Henderson. Fourth Row: Stone, Walker Strickland, Phi Kappa Sigma, Durham; Strausc, Leonard, Charlotte; Stuntz, Jose Edward, Chi Phi, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Sullivan, Bobby Avery, Selma ; Summcy, Brett Taylor, West Jefferson; Surrett, Charles Eugene, High Point; Sutton, Edward Wike, Phi Delia Theta, Cullowhee; Swindell, Gene Austin, Swan Quarter; Sydnor, Victor B., Durham; Tagnipes, Rupert M„ Norfolk, Va. Fifth Ron: Tayloc, Josh, Phi Gamma Delia. Washington; Taylor, Harry Collins. Miami Beach, Fla.; Taylor, Roy Dail, Greenville; league. Thomas Hart, Raleigh; Teer, George W., Jr., Hillsboro; Temple, Donald K., Jonesville; Thames, Larry David, Charlotte; Thiele, Richard Frederic, Atlanta, Ga. ; Thompson, Charles Jeffer- son, Phi Eta Sigma. Salisbury; Thorburn, Robert Will, Akron, Ohio. Sixth Row: Thornton, Robert H., Fayetteville; Thornton, Zane Grey, Benson; Thuemmler, Herbert A.. Valdese; Timberlake, George Noblin, Nelson, Va.; Tripp, Cecil DeWayne, Shallotte; Troutman, Howard Powell, Wilmington; Turner, Daniel Carmer, Jr., Pink Hill; Turpin, Jerry Williams, Reidsville; Tyler, Earl Runyon. Zela Psi. Durham; L ' mstead. Charles Parker, Phi Kappa Sigma, Durham. Seventh Row: Underwood, Kenneth Michael, Waynesville; Van Loan, Don Wheeler, Zela Psi, High Point; Vann, John Daniel, III, Greenville, S. C; Van Winkle, Frederick Sloat. Atlanta. Ga.; Venters, Leon Stephens, Jr., Trenton; Vinson, Thomas W.. Jr.. Winton; Wagner. Bobby Moton, Lexington; Walker, Leon Stokes, Denton; Walker, Oscar Blair, Gastonia; Wall, Robert Hennis, Mount Airy. SOPHOMORE CLASS (?) A tp P c - rl ! mk (f ▲ tfffc « ? i f m k ' k ■ •fed tf,t p lit ,4 S. V t 1 ■ST) ▲ .. t P £u ▲ 1 4 ; P ft ? i a f « p P p 4 P Fn rt Rou : Wallace, Richard Powell, Savannah, Ga. ; Walser, Joseph Gaither, III, Phi Gamma Delia. High Point; Walsh, lames Ralph, Lenoir; Walston, Abe, Walstonburg; Ward, Blaine Sherrill. Ram- seur; Ward, David L., Delia Kappa Epsilon, New Bern; Waters, Harold Lee, Phi Eta Sigma, Jacksonville. Second Row: Waters, Richard James, Livingston, N. J.; Watkins, lames Thomas, Jr., Oxford; Weaver, John William, Jr., Durham; Weaver, Macon Moore, Apex; Weaver, Zebulon, III. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Asheville; Weil. David, Goldsboro; Weiss, Bernard Erwin, Norfolk, Va. Third Row: Weiss. Charles R„ Lambda Chi Alpha. Brevard; Wel- born, William Mack, Boone; Wells, Donn Allison, Albertson; Wells, Samuel Fogle, Jr., Reidsville; West, Juan Ramon. Jr., Winston-Salem; Whiscnant, Bennettc Elam, Morganton; Whisnant, Howard Eugene, Gastonia. Fourth Row: Whisnant. James Luther, Gastonia; Wiblc, William Kenneth, Greensboro; Wicker, Bryant Kelly, Sanford; Wilbourne, Ronald Craig, Raleigh; Wilkerson, Robert Louis, Reid-. ille; Wilkins, James F.. Lynchburg, Va. ; Williams. Anderson Townley, Wilson. Fifth Rou: Williams, Clarence Edward, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Charlotte; Williams, John O ' Donnell, Zeta Psi. Raleigh; Williams Larry Ritchie, Kappa Alpha. Concord; Williams. Taylor Brown Phi Camilla Delta. Dunn; Willingham, Paul Ed, Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma, Ridgely. Tenn.; Wilson, Hosea. Elbert. Jr. Sigma Chi. Danville, Va ' .; Wilson, Maurice H., Jr., Charlotte. Sixth Rou-: Wimbcrley, Joseph Powell. Ill, Battlrboro; Wirsching. C. Philipp. Ir.. Elmhurst, 111.; Wise. Doyce Farrell, Landis; Woods, Andy Green, Phi Gamma Delia. Danville, Va.; Worsley, Gerald Killian, Greenville; Worthington, Thomas L., Limbda Chi Alpha. Kinston ; Wright, Anthony Byrum, Charlotte. Seventh Row: Wright, Joe Alexander, Jr., Landis; Yeapanis, Panos Andrew, Lumberton; Yelverton, Fred Becton. Wilson; Yost, Wil- liam Francis, Weavervi lle; Young, George William. Winston- Salem; Young, Robert Francis. New York, N. Y.; Young, Robert Terry. Asheville. pa«i 354 Freshman Class Pranksters at a tender age . . . new world too soon and not enough of home . . . classes, cuts, crewmen, cuties . . . college life with a twist . . . love with a different sentiment . . . that new song, that anthem, that color, flavor, all when you ' re eighteen . . . someone says to stand straight and walk with more firmness and you stand straight and walk but its not too firm because you ' re scared, scared pretty near to death, all because you don ' t catch a familiar face in this void of intimacy . . . but you ' ll show ' em because they said back home you wouldn ' t stick it out; well this is your chance, even if all the fellows are bigger and you didn ' t make the first team you ' ll remain, and next year — on to bigger and better attainable glories. Officers Sonny Evans President Jay Walker Vice-President Nancy Nussear Secretary Jim Dickson Treasurer Amy Morse Social Chairman First Ron : Abernethy, Don Leslie. Camp Le jeune; Abernathy, Thomas LeRonne, Shelby Acker, William David, III, Anderson. S. C. Adams. Bobby Joe, Winston-Salem; Adams. Charles Gilbert, Four Oaks; Adams, John Patrick Asheboro; Adams, )ordan Eldred, San ford. Second Row: Adams, loscph Avery. Clinton; Adcox, Brooks, Parkton ; Albert, Richard Evans, Santa Fe. New Mex.; Aldred, William Murray, lr.. Durham; Alexander, Bobby R.. Roarins River; Alexander, Lee Stack, Monroe; Alford. Elmer Guy, Hendersonville. Third Row: Amnions, Furman Mac, Red Springs; Amy, John VanCamp, Smiths Falls, Ont.; Anderson, George David, Jr., Aberdeen; Anderson, John Stewart, Hyannis, Mass. ; An- drews, Alva Edison, Jr., Mt. Olive; Ansell, David K.. Allcnhurst, N. ].; Arney, Loy Frank- lin, Warwick, Va. Fourth Row: Ashford. Charles Hall, Jr., New Bern, A ery, Erwin Theodore, Winston-Salem; Aydlett, Trim White, Elizabeth City; Babson. Donald Belton, Ash; Badgett, James Allen, Ararat; Baggett, Robert Franklin, Smithfield ; Bailiff, James Dixon, Heaton. Fifth Roii: Baird, Nolan Dudley, Augusta. Ga.; Baldridge, William Paul, Winston-Salem; Baldwin, William Howard, Rockingham; Bal- lew, William Ralph, Hickory; Banks. Otis Gordon, Cary; Banzet, Julius Edmond, III, Warrenton; Barber, Howard Curtis, Wilming- ton. Six Row: Barber, Milton Augustus, Lexington; Harden, Milton Barrett, Boone; Barker, Alfred Lawrence, Semora; Barringer, Michele Larone, Newton; Basinger, Pryde William, Jr., Char- lotte; Bass, Eddie Covington, Farmville; Bass, Lionel Demming, Jr., Charlotte. Seventh Row: Bass, Wesley Neil, Nashville; Baum, William O., Elizabeth City; Baynes. Gerald Taylor, London, Ohio; Beam, Dennis Anthony, Jr., Shelby; Beaman, John Branch, III, Ahoskie; Bear d. Benton Linwood, Fayette- ville; Beasley. John Brasdell, Randleman. Eighth Row: Beaver, Terry Allen, Statesville; Bentley, Keith Lambeth. Moravian Falls; Bernard, Lester Everly, Gastonia; Biberstein, Richard Von, Jr., Burgaw; Biddle. Robert Newton, Franklin; Bielefelt, John F., Goshen, N. Y.; Biltle, John George, Raleigh. Ninth Row: Black, Baxter Franklin. Kan- napolis; Blacker, Edwin Stanley, Petersburg, Va.; Blackwelder, John Norris, Statesville; Blazer, Phillip Paul, Whitaker, Penn.; Block. Franklin Lee, Wilmington; Bloomer, Oliver Green, Jr.. Whitakers; Boese, Fred Merritt, Winston-Salem. Tenth Row: Boggs, Roy Dixon, Jr., Valdese; Bolick, Thomas Gordon, Hickory; Bolton. Charles Burns, Rich Square ; Booth, Samuel Maslon, Graham; Borden, Mitchell Petrick, Charlotte; Bostic, Thad Stevens, Forest City; Boston, Joseph Emerson, Jr., Charlotte. Eleventh Ron: Boudreau, Guard Edgar. Jr.. North Augusta, S. C; Bourne, Elliott Grayson, Reidsville; Bourne, John Lathan, Reidsville; Bowles. Wade Anderson, Statesville; Bowman, Charles Harwood, Jr., Southern Pines; Brad- sher, John Dewey, Roxboro; Bradsher, Sidney Preston, Milton FRESHMAN ' fj O O [V ' : ' -- ' k p p p o o p p p p p p p p ii v kit I 4:i t p p r o p H r O p p p o p P pppp : p P p O O p £ i P O p P p P fi First Row: Brame, Robert M.. North Wilkes- boro; Brandner. Larie Kent, Ft. Meade, Md.; Braswell. lohn Thomas, Marshville; Brauer. - P Ellen Evelyn. Chapel Hill; Braxton, H. Harri- - . " ■ W k. J Jt ' s " n - J r - Chase City, Va.; Brennan. Peter - vl v W B Joseph. Brooklyn, N. Y.; Brickhouse. Thomas Skinner, Wilmington. Snoiiii Row: Bridgers. George Carlton, It Meade, Md.; Briggs. Ernest Ray. Sanford ; Brigham, William Breck, Augusta. Ga.; Brink- - -J t£_ Jk£ — ' .W " ' lev, ' William Montgomery. Wilson; Britt. John Third Row: Brown. John Robert, Rockford; Brown, John Thompson, Concord; Brown. Julian Cleo. Candler; Bryan. Joseph McKinley. jr.. Greensboro; Bryce, George Wilder, Jr., Hamlet; Bullock. Richard Wayne, Zebulon ; Bunch, Charles Ledbetter, Jr.. Statesville. CLASS ft ft fi A ft ft (5 p ft ft w o. p ft i N £- a - t - jk - ley, William Montgomery. Wilson; Britt. John Jb , W ««l«r fl f « A te Ouincy, Jr.. Clinton; Britt, Robert Carl, Lum- P © ?• £ a p p ft ft ,, i ft ft p p py p p p a p .e p ■■4 A ft 1 ft Fourth Row: Burgess. Frank Eric. Pottstown. Penn.; Burgess. John Buchanan. Washington; Burnam. J. Andrew. Cordele. Ga.; Burrell, Fredrick William. Cedar Rapids. Iowa; Burress. lohn Woodfin. Ill, Salem. Va.; Burress, Wil- liam Wallace. East Orange. N. J.; Burrus. Jack Reyburn, Manteo. Fifth Row: Burton, Ernest Steven. High Point. Byrd, Marion Everton. Bunnlevel; Callicott. Joseph Handel, Jr.. Greensboro; Campbell. Charles Woodrow, Jamestown; Campbell. Hugh E.. Laurinburg; Canas. Juan Jose, Jr., Santiago de Cuba. Cuba; Canoutas, Andrew- George, Kure Beach. Sixth Ron-: Capetanos. Christ L., Raleigh; Capps. Thomas Edward. Wilmington; Car- michael, Jerry Gaylon. High Point; Carpenter, John O., Indianapolis. Ind.; Carr, Dawson Verderv. Stedman; Carr, Gabriel Paul. Jr., Hillsboro; Carraway, James Howard. William- ston. UJ Seventh Row: Carnker. Donald Malloy, Char- lotte; Carroll, John Ashby, Hookerton; Casey. James Broadus, High Point; Cates. Carvie Calvin, Henderson; Cates. Donald Brooks, Faison; Cathey, Dennis Edward. Charlotte; Cautield, Tommy A., Jacksonville. k I 4hA lit D ft ft P ft ft ft ft p. ft ft ft C;, p .1— — ■ „ - ±- - - Clark. John Kenneth, Lumberton; Clark, Jon V w ' W _ W f JFm- Barrett. Charlotte; Clark. Read McFadyen. life T Ait Tk. . 4 fell f:: ft p ft a p ft Eighth Row: Cayton. William La ' ham. Wash- ington; Cecil, Richard Colbert, Jr., Fayetteville; Checkner. Charles David, Wilmington; Childs. Jack Stith, Wilson; Christian, Richard Roy. Sanford; Christian, Virgil Holcomb, Mount Airy; Christian, William Gerow. Jr.. Vicks- hurg, Miss. Ninth Row: Clapp. Joseph Mark, Greensboro; Clark. Daniel E.. Everetts ; Clark. Eddie Nel- son, Apex; Clark, Gerald Duane, Burlington; Clark, lohn Kenneth, Lumberton; Clark, Jon Barrett. Charlo Winston-Salem. Cr £ P dA i ft ft ft £ r p p Tenth Row: Clark, William Franklin. Fayette- ville; Clay. Robert Morris. Raleigh; Clyburn, e» — Roy Lynn, Kannapolis; Coburn, Robert Lee. Jr.. Williamston; Coggin, Harry Leon. Jr.. Falls Church. Va.; Cole. Jerry Robert. Nev, Bern; Coleman. Bobby Elliott, Wilmington - Eleventh Row: Colson. William Stewart, Greensboro; Conrad, Richard Leon, Thomas- ville; Cook, Dennis Shelton, Lenoir; Cook, Stanley Galpin, Pinehurst; Coolman. Thomas Beecher, Ann Arbor. Mich.; Cooper. David Evander. Jr.. Fayetteville; Cooper, Lenox Gore, Jr., Wilmington. First Row: Corbin, Henry Jefferson, Jr., Florence, S. C; Courts, Andrew Johnson, Reidsville; Covell, Charles Van Orden, South- ern Pines; Cowan, Marvin Russell, Roberson- ville; Craig, Charles Erwin, Jr., Gastonia; Craig, Julian Carroll, Swannanoa; Crews, Nat Sullivan, Jr., Winston-Salem. Second Row: Catcher, Walter M.. Jr.. Oxford; Crook, Myron Dudley, Jr., Arlington, Va.; Cross, Chester Clarence, Jr.. Miami Beach, Fla.; Crouse, Paul Odell. Winston-Salem; Crumpler, James Fulton, Jr.. Rocky Mount; Crutchneld, John Edward, Jr., Winston-Salem; Currin, George Spencer. Middleburg. Third Row: Darden, James Robert, Jackson- ville; Darden, Marion Hughes, Stantonsburg; Darnell, William Gordon, Jr., Murphy; Daugh- try, Curtiss Wilson, Smithfield; Davis, Charles M., Louisburg; Davis, Chester Clark, Habana. Cuba; Davis, Gus Louis, Morehead. Fourth Row: Dean, Joseph Howard, High Point; Dillard. Robert Howard, Winston- Salem; Dixon, Charles Thomas, Winston- Salem ; Dixon. Joseph Earl, Morehead City ; Doar, James Fraser, Charlotte; Donovan. Michael Whitbeck, Lynchburg, Va.; Doss, Dale Walter, Birmingham, Ala. Fifth Row: Douty, Christopher Morris. Wash- ington, D. C; Dover, Gerald D., Shelby; Dowd, Orren Edwards, Jr.. Greenville; Downs. Fred Allen. Winton; Drak;, Claude Wallace, Como; Dryfoos, Henry, IV, Washington. D. C. ; Dryman. Richard Levon, Franklin. Sixth Row: Duncan, Allie Hamilton, Roanoke Rapids; Dunn, James Buford. Jr., Winston- Salem; Durham, William Henry, Winston- Salem; Eastman, Ann Garner, Chapel Hill; Eastman, George Asa, Chapel Hill; Eaves, Robert Wendell, Jr., Washington, D. C; Ebert. Richard Gordon, Winston-Salem. Seventh Row: Edwards, Reuben Bryan, Jr., Raleigh; Efird, Johnny Mack, Albemarle; Eller- be, Harry LaCosie, Jr., Spartanburg, S. C; Elliott, Eric David, Raleigh; Elliott, William Cromartie, Lincolnton; Eubanks, Clayton Ar- thur, Charlotte; Eudy, Don Coleman, Concord. Eighth Row: Evans. Donald Frederick, Greens- boro; Evans, Eli Nachamson, Durham; Evans, Leon Edward. Jr.. Winterville; Evans, Richard Thomas, Siloam; Fair, Ronnie Louis, Thomas- ville; Farmer. Franklin Roscoe, West End; Farrell, Thomas Goodwin, Durham. Ninth Ron : Farrell, William Randolph, Ladue, Mo.; Farrington, Robert Bailey, Thomasville; Faulkner. Robert Haywood, Henderson; Fer- reira. Jack Everette. Elkin ; Fielder, John Perry, Rockingham; Fincher, James Reid, Kannapolis; Finney, Thomas Franklin, Elkin. Tenth Row: Fisher, Hudson Lane. Hertford; Fisher, Wiley Vick, Jr., Battleboro; Flack. Charles Zoyah, Jr.. Forest City; Fleishman, Joel, Fayetteville; Flynt, Stauber Miner, Elkin; Forrest, Robert Oswin, Jr., Hillsboro; Foust. Patsy Ann, Lexington. Eleventh Row: Fowler, Bruce Owen. Durham; Fox, Ronald Ernest, Conover; Frank, Richard Edward. Jr., Greensboro; Freeman, Basil Henry, Ir., High Point; Freeman, Byron Herbert, Ra- leigh; Freeman, Richard Lee, Goldsboro; Fried- man, William, Columbia. S. C, FRESHMAN P O Q P p P P p g g p p p P P ffj P P £ } P p p p a o ft a £± . m1mS % mi : a p p P p o t dk H mtt p P ( p P P t lit i » if k i t i T C, p P p p. p p p p p P p p p p JrMfmJ i fc 1b V P P P P ft, A 4 B r o p o p tit J I +M fM H.ASS p. p p p p g p. I V fill; Mli r pnpi5 p p p p .p p. p p p a a p c p a 1 b T ft P o p P P " jL £-- jppppap o p p p c p I p p p p. p n First Row: Fulghum, Emmett Jackson, Jr., Ra- leigh; Fuller, Robert Hope, Gastonia; Funk, Margaret Eunice, Seaford, Del.; Gable, Thomas William, Goldsboro; Gaca, Giles John, West Mifflin, Pa.; Gaddy, Christopher Donald, San- ford; Garrell, Jimmy Woodard, Tabor City. Second Row: Garrou, Benjamin, Valdese; Gay, Archibald Cree. Jackson ; Gedney, Robert Eu- gene, Chappaqua. N. Y. ; Gentry, James Thomas, Murphy; Germino, Norman Anthony, Durham; Gilbert, Alfred Hunter, Chapel Hill; Giles, Harry McCarley, Jr., Gastonia. Third Row: Gilliland, Leslie. Jr., Pinehurst; Ginn, Fred L., Goldsboro; Glatzer, Maurice, Kensington, Md.; Glenn, Joseph Carroll, Ra- leigh; Glenn, Paxson Biddulph, Winston- Salem; Glover, Dale Price, Chapel Hill; Glover, William Robert. Williamston. Fourth Row: Goad, James Calvin, Jr., Gibson- ville; Gobble. Everette Kinsman, Hamlet; God- frey, Clayton Thomas, Asbury, N. J.; GofT, Rowland Daley, Jr., Dunn; Goins, Clarence Adrian, Burlington; Gooding, Cecil Ray, Kin- ston; Goodson. Give Irvin. Winston-Salem. Filth Row: Goodson, Richard Barry, Salisbury; Gorman, John Alfred, Winterville; Grahl, William Horace, Waynesville; Graves, David Lee, Seagrove; Gray, John Springer, Jr., States- ville; Gray. Raymond Fletcher, Snow Hill; Green, Eddie Roger, Winston-Salem. Sixth Row: Grimes, Jack Matthews, Mt. Olive; Grisetle, Ulysses Riddle, Valdese; Groce, Wil- liam Harold, Jr., Canton; Hahman, William Richard. Chevy Chase. Md.; Haig, I. R. Stirling, Asheville; Hall. Kenneth Spaugh, Winston- Salem; Halliday, John Clinton, Washington, D. C. Seienth Row: Hamill. Thomas Patrick, Bronx. N. Y.; Hamrick, Clifford E.. Jr., Boiling Springs; Hamrick, Philip Laxton. Mount Holly; Hanewinckel, William Adolph, III, Winston- Salem; Hanner, Roscoe Lacy, Randleman; Har- bison, William A., Morganton; Hardee, Lewis Ic-fferson, Jr.. Southport. " Eighth Row: Hardison, Justice Grady, Jr., Elm City; Hargitt, Richard Joseph, Seaford, Del.; Harper, William Lacy, Jr., Gneiss; Harriett, Albert Lee, Pollocksville; Harris, Elliott Wood- ard, Jr., Williston Park, N. Y.; Harris, Law- rence Worth, Jr., Charlotte; Harrison, James Geraty, Jr., Charleston, S. C. Ninth Row: Hart, Nathan Hoult, West Corn- wall, Conn.; Hartsell, Larry Douglas, Albe- marle; Hartsoe, Garland Cecil, Jr., Newton; Hartzog. Henry Gerard, Raleigh; Harward, William Myrick, Albemarle; Harwell, James Luther, Jr.. Cornelius; Hastings, Clarence Rus- sell, ]r., Camden. Tenth Row: Hastings, Jack Madison, Kerners- ville; Haynie, Duke McClary, Fayetteville; Heath, Thomas Newton, Cove City; Heath, Willie Ray, Hubert; Hedrick, Paul Perry, Lenoir; Helms, Harold Parks, Charlotte; Hen- drick, Daniel Edwin, Gastonia. Eleventh Row: Henley, Nixon Carr. High Point; Hennessa. Grant Wilkins, Charlotte; Herring, Billy Ray. Seven Springs; Hicks, Charles Montgomery, Wilmington; Hicks, Robert Bain, New London; Hill. Kenneth Hoyle, Marshville; Hines, Hugh Bogle, Hid- denite. FRESHMAN First Row: Hines, Rubert. Kins ton; Hobbs. William Galen. Chapel Hill; Huffier. Marvin Leon, Sunbury; Hoke, Kenneth Alvin, States- Wile : Holden, George Wall, Henderson; Hold- ing, Graham Davis, Charlotte; Holding, Harry Bunn, Wake Forest. Second R " U ■: Holdins. Ralph C, Memphis. Tenn.; Hollar, Larry Array, Newton; Holmes, lames Houghton. Washington. D. C; Holm- wood, lames Morley, III. Ardmore, Pa.; Holt. George Edward, II. Miami, Fla.; Honeycutt, Roger. Bradley. Willow Springs, Hood, Ronald Norton. Southport. Third Row: Hoover. Robert McCurry, Ander- son, S. C; Horney, Harriet Terwilliger, Chapel Hill; House, Edward Lee, Jr., Lincolnton; Hud- son. Benjamin Bailey, Erwin; Huff. Carl Wes- ley. Henderson; Huffman, Benny Leonard. Val- dese; Hughes. Peter Beach. Highland Park. III. Fourth Row: Hummel. Samuel Draper, Dur- ham; Hummel, William Hicks, Durham; Hum- phrey, Robert Franklin, II, Burgaw; Hunt. Bar- bara Ann. Lexington; Hunt. William Cook, Lebanon. Tenn.; Hurley, Darel Cooper, Rober- sonville; Huss, Thomas Hoke, Oxford. Fifth R ' Ht : Hutchens. Joseph Elijah, High Point; Igoe. Harold Eustace, Jr., Charleston, S. C; Ingram. Carter Dalton, High Point; Isaac, Al Jack, Asheville; Isreal. Marvin B., Greensboro; Jackson, Carlisle, Jr., Clinton; Jarman, Cecil Albert. Jr., Wilson. Sixth Row: Jarrett, William Mitchell. Charles- ton. W. Va.; Jenkins, William Russell, Wals- tonburg; Jernigan, Walter Houston. Dunn; John, Arthur Daniel. Wilmington; Johnson. Donald Gene, Walnut Cove; Johnson, E. David, Winston-Salem; Johnson. George Har- vey, Atlanta, Ga. Seventh Row: Johnson, Jesse Weslej Jr., Hickory; Johnson. Owen Eugene, Randleman; Johnson, Ralph Dewey, Winston-Salem; lolm- son. Raymond Gerald, Hickory; Johnson, Rollie Chester, Mooresville; Johnston, Hill Caldwell, Noroton, Conn.; Johnston. Julian Carr. Spencer. Eighth Row: Jolly, Ramond Alonzo. Chapel Hill; Jones. Gordon Lendon, Jr., Raleigh; Jones, Jack Marshall, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; Jones, Roger Conrad, High Point; Jones, William George. Louisville. Ky. ; Jordan. Edward Bryant, Jr.. Wilson; Joyce, James Larry, Stone- Ninlh Row: Joyner, Ernest Wayne, Durham; Kadis, Philip, Baltimore. Md.; Kaminski. Ed- ward Joseph. Chapel Hill; Kane, William David, Middleton. R. I.; Kaplan. Barry Louis. Little Silver. N. J ; Keen. Edward Pou, Jr.. Charlotte, Kehaves, Byron Pascal, Edenton. Tenth Row: Keith. Donald Wayne. Raleigh; Kendall, William Alexander, Shelby; Kendrick, Everette Doggett, Jr., Charlotte; Kennedy, Huey Ralph. Goldsboro; Kerby. Donald Court, Charleston Heights, S C; Kerley, Buford Don- ald, Hicldenite; Killingsworth, Carl Su tton Pollocksville. Eleventh Row: Kilpatrick, John Stanley. Miami. Fla.; Kimzey, James Morris, Brevard; King. William Seymour. Stoneville; Knox. Howard Alvin, Jr., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Kochenour. Robert Keith, York, Pa.; Korner, Frank Joseph, Chica- go, III ; Kouri, William Herbert, ' Shelby. t P I i ft lit Ti 4 t O a f p p p a © f% f f p p p 3 O t : O tifkd mm r dim I D P P ft WkA i ktk O €: O ft f.n .4 i mi rr O £ P A P I f f ■ ' Z p p P Zk p p p t drk LASS First Ron: Knegsman. Jacob Burton, Greens- boro; Kuhns, Robert Lydon, Shrewsbury, N. J.; Lackey, William Dent, Statesville; Lambeth, David Thomas, Greensboro; Landreth, James Robert, Jr.. Greensboro; Langston. James Ed- ward, Micro; Lassiter, Paul William, Four Oaks. Second Row: Lassiter, Robert Burgess. Kelford; Latham, William Carson. Bethel; Laughridge, Jimmy Franklin, Marion; Leggett, Stanley Vfc. " Dover. Rocky Mount; Leiper. Stephen Smith, . " ' ' ■» ' W. Signal Mountain Tenn Leist Raymond Fri H j wr ■ ■ L i " A. Louisville, Ky. ; LeNeave, Marshall Greg, p c, p n o p ft P p p p . p p £ c v p a p p a p ,;.. f p P p 15 p p ft ft P ,v " P P P P P ft 1 ri J p £ p a p ' c- - P p p p a pop fi t ;i fi JA 1 ilk p p r» p - ' P 1 iU A ffclifc r Charlotte. Third Row: Leonard, Patrick Jackson, Zebulon; Leonard, Robert McDougal, Hendersonville; Levin, Marvin Paul. Baltimore, Md.; Lewis, Brinkley Maurice. New Bern; Lewis, John Baker, Jr., Farmville; Liipfert. Benjamin Bailey. Jr.. Winston-Salem; Liles, James Donald, Wil- son. Fourth Row: Littlehales. John Powers. Chevy Chase, Md. ; Loftin, Charles Earsen, Mount Holly; Logan, Donald Robert, High Point; Lohr, Lloyd Dermot, Lexington; Long, Robert Washington, Jr., Conway; Lookabill. Gene Lamar, Charlotte; Love, Richard, Greensboro. Fifth Row: Lowder, Dwayne Melvin. Albe- marle; Lowrey, John Otis. Jr.. Salisbury; Luquire. Max Leo. Biscoe; Lynch. Robert Dowell, Raleigh; Lyon. Harllee Wingate, Plym- outh; Lyon. Nancy LeGrand. Whiteville; Mac- Donald. Edward Lee. Greensboro. Sixth Row: MacVicar. William Thomas, Tena- fly, N. J.; Mahaffy, Telfair. Jacksonville. Fla.; Malone, Frank Mitchell, Jr., Atlanta, Ga.; Malone, Philip Stratton, Jr., Greensboro; Maness, Archibald Kelly, Jr.. Greensboro; Mann, Wal ter Ray. Elizabeth City; Manning, Reginald Turner, Williamston. Seventh Ron: Margoles, Richard A., Miami Beach, Fla.; Margulies, William Paul, Ra- leigh; Marquette. Ronald James. Pennsville, N. J.; Marriott, John Daughtry, Battleboro; Marshburn. William Penn, Maple Hill; Mar- tin. John William, Mount Airy; Martin, Michael Marvin, Hendersonville. Eighth Row: Mashburn, Clifton Avery, Jr., Asheville; Mason. John Beard. New Bern; Mathis, Charles Gray, Jonesville; Maury, Thomas Peter, Nassau, Bahamas; Maxwell. Jake Alexander, Seven Springs; May, Charles Raysor, III. Bennettsville, S. C; Maynard. Gene Harris. Aberdeen. Ninth Row: Mayo. Gerald Mack. Chocowinity; McAllister. Harmon Carlyle, Jr., Chapel Hill M,-r :ill noiio S Hich Point- McDonald p P g p p p kM fftrtfc , dtk McCall, Doug S.. High Point; McDonald, Patricia Alice, Chapel Hill; McGee, William Allen, Charleston, S. C; McGregor. Donald Willard, Anderson. Ind. ; Mclnnis, Ion Robert. Clio, S. C. Tenth Row: Mclver. Duncan E., Sanford; Mi- lter, Larry, East Orange, N. J.; McKaughn. Robert Lee, Hickory; McKee, Glenda Thomas, Mooresville; McKee, Thomas Benjamin, New Wilmington. Pa.; McKenzie. John Charles, West End ; McLemore, George Kindal, Louis- burg. p. p O Q P P P £ V £ fl fe f l " Daytona Beach, Fla.; Merritt. James Lee. tfT tfife Eleventh Row: McManus, Elizabeth Ann, Ham- let; McMillan, Donald Shepherd, Matthews; McSurely, Alan. Arlington. Va.; Meekins, Ed- mund Lindsay, Jr., Raleigh; Merrell, Ernest Thomas, Winston-Salem; Merrill, Isaac Lincoln, it mtm wXm i t MountAiry - First Row: Merritt, Walter Davis, Jr.. Hickory; Miller, Albert Bynum, North W ' ilkesboro; Miller. Edward James. Crumpler; Miller, Har- vie H., Jr., Salisbury; Mintz, Mary Minta. Wilmington; Mitchell, Thomas Marvin, At- lanta, Ga.; Moffett. Alexander S., Taylorsville. Second Rou.- Monroe, John Lauchlin, West End; Montgomery, Joseph Raymond, Jr., High Point; Montgomery, Riley Edward, Greensboro; Moody, Reg Enloe, Bryson City; Moore, Claude Rudd, Jr., Burlington ; Moore. Gene Webb. Charlotte; Moore, George Marvin, Rocky Mount. Third Roir: Moore, Guy Phillip, Old Fort; Moore, Richard W., Burlington; Morgan, Mal- colm E., Homer, N. Y.; Morris, C. Stedman, Salisbury; Morris. Peter Aundre, Sayville. N. Y. ; Morrison, James Charles, College Park, Md.; Murray. Hugh Hargrave, Raleigh. Fourth Row: Mustian, Alvin Delbridge, War- renton ; Mustian, Howard Macon. Norlina; Nance, Bernie Joe, Salisbury; Nance, Donald Carrol, Charlotte; Nash. Thomas Benjamin, Charlotte; Natoli, Richard Charles, West New York, N. J.; Nebel, William Arthur, Charlotte. Fifth Row: Newton, Hector Carlton, III, Park- ton ; Newton, Zacharish Boardman, III, Phila- delphia, Pa. ; Nichols. Donald Wyatt, Neuse; Nichols, Garrett Boyd, Chase, Md. ; Noblin, Roy Lee, Oxford; Norfleet. Eric Hill. Jackson; Norris, R. Blair, Charlotte. Sixth Row: O ' Brien. Jacquelyn Lee. Winston- Salem; Oakley, Cledith Emory, Smithfield; OHara, James Donald Michael. Neuse; Oliver, Dennis Martin, Norfolk, Va.; Olsen, Thomas Larry, Morehead City; Orr, David Rickman, Hendersonville; Owen, Charles Dexter. Jr.. Biltmore. Seventh Row: Owen, John Waverly, Jr., Tar- boro; Owenby, David Harold, Swannanoa; Oyer. Charles Walker. Wolcott, N. Y.; Pad- erick, Victor Lynn, Kinston; Parker, John Cur- tis, Chapel Hill; Parker. Jordan Horton, Ra- leigh; Parsons. William Thomas, Belmont. Eighth Row: Partin, Malcolm Overstreet, En- field; Partridge, Steve Hyatt, Jr., Charlotte; Patterson. Donald Sutton, Greensboro; Patter- son. Walter Brown, Statesville; Patton, Paul Edwin. Charlotte; Pearman. David Stanley, Reidsville; Pearsall, Thomas Jenkins, Jr , Rocky Mount. Ninth Ron : Peck, E. Stanley, Jr., Forest Hills. N. Y.; Pendergraph, Robert Adolphus, Dur- ham; Perkins, Walter Reid, Greenville; Perrin, Alfred Marvin, Greensboro; Peterson. Martin Rowland, Jr., Raleigh; Peterson, William Richard, Asheville; Phelps, Stephen Foster, Winston-Salem. Tenth Rou : Philbin, Edward Lawrence, Camp Lejeune; Phillips, Jasper Louis, Kinston; Phil- lips, Jimmie Watkins. Lexington; Philpott. John Jackson, Walkertown; Phinizy, Stewart, III. Augusta. Ga.; Pickard, Carl Glenn, Jr., Asheville; Pipkin, Richard Michael, States- ville. Eleventh Row: Pitt, Theophilus Harper, Jr., Rocky Mount; Pittman. James Patrick, Golds- boro; Porcher, Francis Cordes, Mt. Pleasant, S. C; Powell, Thomas Cox, III, Raleigh; Poythress, Patsy Lee. Chapel Hill; Preston, James Young, Matthews; Prewitt, Thomas Wendell, Oceanside, N. Y. FRESHMAN ft ft ft £., P O Pfif. P O p ft p p p ft p op 9 p O f ft fit l fc " f Ak i € © P (? I- P P dkH v i dU ft ft ft Q ft ft p p ft ft ft Q O ft ft © ft £ ft ft Q f p ft i . ILASS p p a a a p p popp a p .a n p p ,o o £L P P © f » P 1 tf £ P P O P I v r Ci 1 rf c o p p P £ P £? , ,ifl 4 rat p p £ c o .o a p a d p , n p p « p p p v P p Ci p p F rr Row: Price, Vernon, Scotland Neck; Pridgen, Grady Clifton, Jr., Sharpsburg; Proc- tor. Truby Groce, Sanford; Propst, Japtha Fred, Maiden; Pyatte, Jeff Alvin, Minneapolis; Quinn, Galen Lamar, Cherryville; Quinn, Robert Henry, Jacksonville. Second Row: Ragsdale, George Robinson, Ra- leigh ; Ragsdale, Robert Martin, Winston- Salem; Rahiser, Donald Stuart, Camp Lejeune; Ramsey, William Forbes. Greensboro ; Raper, John E., Jr., Fayetteville; Reavis, Charles Irvin, Graham; Reavis, Richard Armbrust, Statesville. Third Row: Redding, William Howard. Jr., Asheboro; Reece, Johnny Manly, Yadkinville; Reeves, Carroll Edwin, Jr., Allendale, S. C. ; Reeves. James William. Hillsboro; Reichert. Allan J., Morganton; Reid. George David, Charlotte; Rhoades, Robert Eugene, Winston- Salem. Fourth Row: Rightsell. William Thomas, Greensboro; Rigsbee, Richard Theodore, Uni- versity Station; Rivenbark. David Clayton; Lex- ington; Robinson, Hoyle Lynwood. Ellerbe; Robinson, John Boyd, Littleton; Rodriguez, Jose Gilberto, Tarawa Terrace No. 2; Rose. James William, Pikeville. Fifth Row: Rose, Walter Thomas, Jr.. South Miami. Florida ; Ross. Edward Chadwick. Au- gusta. Ga.; Ross, James Edward, Burlington; Ross, Robert Alexander. Chapel Hill; Roth. William Cawthon, Elkin ; Rothstein, Gilbert Lawrence, Raleigh; Russell, Ernest Ross, Gas- Sixth Row: Sacks, Leonard Carl, Hollywood, Fla.; Saf lit, Ann Meredith, Hamlet; Saine, Chivous Huntley. Rutherfordton ; Samuels, Walter Ray, Hamlet; Sanders, Cleon Walton, Jr., Benson; Scholman. Dick Richard, Canton; Schultz, John Loesch, Winston-Salem. Seventh Row: Selby, Arthur Alvin, Jr., Char- lotte; Shankle, Henry Mac, Concord; Sharpe. John Preston, Newton; Shaw, Lloyd R., States- ville; Shay, William Robert, Wantagh. N. Y.; Shelf, Charles Vernon, Kannapolis; Shell, Wil- liam Gaston, Dallas. Eighth Row: Shepherd, Harold Dean, North Wilkesboro; Sherrill. Gary Petrea, Thomas- ville; Shook. Charles Kenneth, Morganton; Shuford, Fuller Adams, Asheville; Silvers, Max Benton, Raleigh ; Simmons, Edward Lee. Fret- land ; Sink, Ben Lewis. Winston-Salem. Ninth Row: Sink, Jimmy Lee. High Point. Slaughter, James Beam, Longhurst; Small, Fair- leigh David, Morehead City; Smiley, Gary Ray, Spartanburg, S. C; Smith, David Dawley, Adrian, Mich.; Smith. Harry Reineke, Phila- delphia, Pa.; Smith, Henry Bascom, Jr., Mon- roe. Tenth Row: Smith, Ivery Russell, Durham; Smith, Jerry Julian, Statesville; Smith, John Lee, Greensboro; Smith, Marion Hardin, Hampstead; Smith, Norman Shaw, Virginia Beach, Va.; Smith, Robert Clark, Clinton; Smith, VCilliam Frazier, Lexington. Eleventh Row: Smith, William Van, Winston- Salem; Smithwick, Thomas Richardson, Wind- sor; Smothers, Thomas Edward, High Point; Sobel, Arthur Herbert, Neponsit, L. I., N. Y.; Sommer, Henry Joseph, Fort Bragg; Souther- land, Daniel Richard. Arlington, Va.; Sowers, Jerrv William. High Point. First Rou : Spivak. Joel Allyn, Englewood. N. J.; Stanton. David M., Lumberton; Staple- ton. Robert Leighton, Gastonia; Starnes, Robert Herron. Jr., Hendersonville; Starnes, Thomas Monroe. Concord; Staton, Robert Vincent, Hendersonville; Steed. John Congleton, War- saw. Second Row: Stefanou. George. Jacksonville; Stephenson. Lonnie George, Halifax; Steward, Paul S., Savannah, Ga.; Stewart. Corbett Coe. Roanoke, Va.; Stewart. William Ernest. Marsh- ville; Stewart, Zeb Vance, Winston-Salem ; Stoffer. Harvey Robert, Chapel Hill. Third Row: Stone, Walter Lewis. Washing- ton. D. C. ; Stout, Stephen Early. Durham ; Strader. Thomas Gerald. Wilkesboro; Straus, Philip Charles, New York, N. Y.; Street. William Elliott, New Bern; Strong. Michael Jacob. Rhinebeck, N. Y.; Strother, James Rufus, Creedmoor. Fourth Rou: Sugg, Merritt, Aberdeen; Sum- merlin, Harry Holler. Jr.. Laurinburg; Sum- merville, Walter Monroe. Charlotte; Surratt. Charles Finch, Thomasville; Surratt, Charles Thomas, Spencer; Sutorius. Seymour Arthur, Manhasset, N. Y.; Sutton. Lewis Franklyn, Goldsboro. Fifth Row: Sutton. William O.. Sylva; Swaim. Olin Clay, Winston-Salem; Talbutt. John Henry, Charlotte; Tanner, Michael Spencer. Rutherfordton; Taylor. Gary Vernon, Norris- town, Pa.; Taylor, Raymond R. St. Pauls; Taylor. Richard Lewis. Oxford. Sixth Row: Taylor, Thomas Cullom, Jr., Hen- derson; Taylor. Webster Earl. Sharpsburg; Teague, James Knox. Jr.. Thomasville; Ten- nant. Richard Douglas. Crossnore; Thomas, Bennett Allen. Jr., Morvcn; Thomas, Jimmy Wayne, Walkertown; Thomas, Malcolm Lind- sey, Maxton. Seventh Row: Thomasson, Woodrow Wynn. |r.. Oxford; Thompson, James Herman, Moun- tain Park; Thompson, John Thomas Barnes. Wilson; Tompkins. Charles Vawter, Jr., Alexandria. Va.; Trachtenberg, Stephen Jay, Jacksonville; Trogdon, William Gene, Franfc- Iinville; Tsumas, Harry Lewis, Statesville. Eighth Rou : Tulloch. Charles William. Aber- deen; Tunstall. Charles Edward, Apex; Turner, Henry Catlett, Greensboro; Turner. Perry Al- bert. Hickory; Upchurch, Gilbert Rivers, Smithheld; Upchurch. John Edgar, Raleigh; I ' pton, Thomas Hugh, Jr., Raleigh. Ninth Row: Varnum, James Wilson. Supply; Venters, Wayne Victor, Jr., Richlands; Wagner, Louis Andrew, Garden City, N. Y.; Wait, Delos Edwin, Jr., Fairview; Walker, John Luther, Jr., Roanoke. Va.; Walker, Leroy Epps. Marion; Wallace, Kelley. Jr., Aurora. Tenth Ron : Wallace, William Merritt, Ra- leigh; Walsh. William Charles. Arlington, Va.; Walters, Thomas Noble. Tarboro; Ward. Ervin Sherwood, Smithfield; Ward. Marvin Elwood, Battleboro; Ward. Parker LaFon, Huntington, W. Va.; Wardrup, Leo C, fr., Middlesboro, Eleventh Rou: Warehime, Edwin Lynn. Dur- ham; Warner. John Francis. Raleigh; Warner, Sidney Rogers, Council; Warren, Bert Barrow, Farmville; Warren, Eli Anderson, Roberson- ville; Warren. Troy Marvin, Clinton; Warrick, Benjamin Raymond, Selma. FRESHMAN O p- p Q O ps ) a . m (m P p D g) C ff q P P jP P 6 p. p O p. P P ' P q c p o o r a 1 Jk% £ SM i til O p O p p ' ?PP P ? 9 p c n tie c :lass £ £i tf (P Mi ? p P C I? ' f? £ fc o r c p p © p p i rift Hiiil 1 s n p p 41 A «lfc - ' m Rou ; Warwick, Robert Franklin, Wil- mington; Waters, Lester Eugene. Plymouth; Watts. Charles Daniel, Charlotte; Weant, Robert Wayne, Greensboro; Weinberger, David Jay, Tampa, Fla.; Weinstein, Robert Morton, Greensboro; Wells, Hubert, Watha. Second Row: Wentz. John Ritch, III, Morven; West, Billy Ray, Plymouth; West, Percy White, Sanford ; Westmoreland, Joseph Robert, Can- ton; Whatley, James Everett, Atlanta, Ga. ; Wheeless, Richard Philip, Rocky Mount; White. William H.. Jr., Sanford. Third Row: Whitehead, Eugene Thomas, III, Scotland Neck; Whitfield, Paul Leroy, Durham; Whitt, Jesse Clifton. Jr., Roxboro; What, John Franklin, Kernersviile; Whitty, John Christo- pher, New Bern; Wiesel, Jack Marvin, Wood- mere, N. Y.; Wider, William Nelson, Zcb- ulon. Fourth Row: Williams, Ben Georg;, Chicago, III.; Williams, Britain Joel. Hamilton, Ga. ; Williams. Frank Webb, ' Jr., Elizabeth City; Williams, James Allen. Chapel Hill; Williams. John Willard, Greensboro; Williams, Richard Douglass, Brookneal, Va.; Williams, William Howard, Hertford. fifth Rou ■: Williamson, Stanley M., Waynes- ville; Wilson, Bobby Gold, Lawndale; Wilson, Brad Jones, Huntington, W. Va. ; Wilson, Frank Amalphus, Jr., Dunn; Wilson, Larry Lewis, Greensboro; Wilson. Lawrence A.. Absecan, N. J.; Wilson, Roy William, Marion. Sixth Row: Winslow, lulian Emmctt, Jr., Hertford; Winslow, William Lee, Elizabeth City; Woltz, Ben vanDalsem, Greensboro; Wood. Arnold Terry, Charlotte; Wood, Roy S.. Jr., Sunnyside. Ga.; Wood, Timothy. Hope Mills; Woodall. Reuben Smith, Reidsville. Seventh Row: Wray, George Williamson, Charlotte; Wright, Donald Lee, Ruffin; Yang, Chi-Kun. Taichung, Formosa; Young, Ernest Franklin, Charlotte; Yowell, Robert Kluttz, Raleigh ; Zablocki. Frank Stefan, Winston- Salem; Zemon. facob Harold, Williamston. Eighth Row: Zickaraf, William Grant, Frank lin; Zimmerman. Donald Allen. Salisbury; Zimmerman, Edward Kline, Elizabeth City; Zollicoffer, )ohn Hilliard, Jr., Henderson; Zwahlen, Roberta Ann, Chapel Hill; Ashby, Charles Ayhett, Garden City, N. Y. UewtUiftU., • • r 7 School of Dentistry JOHN C. BRAL ' ER Dean of the School oj DenlUlr Thirty-four North Carolinians graduated in the first class from the School of Dentistry in June, 1954. The graduat- ing class this June represents the second in the history of the University and in the State of North Carolina. Another " first " will be realized in the graduation of the first class in Dental Hygiene, wherein the girls will receive their Certificate in Dental Hygiene. The School also affords a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene. Three students (dentists) also received their Master of Science degree in Orthodontics at the close of summer school in 1954. Graduate instruction, leading toward a Masters degree or Certification, now is afforded in Ortho- dontics, Oral Surgery and Pedodontics. The new graduate and postgraduate clinics and laboratories are completed in the School, and they have been activated. All phases of dental education originally planned by the University, the profession, and the legislature are now in progress, including the short postgraduate courses. A program of dental research also is progressing. DENTAL SCHOOL FACULTY First Ron. left to right: Claude R. Baker, Dorothy Jane Barton, Roger Evans Barton, Alberta Margaret Beat, Thomas Andrew Blum, Joseph F. Burket, Frank Coleman Cadv, Marvin E. Chapin. Second Rote: Paul M. Cummings, Jr., William W. Demerit!, Marvin Ralledge Evans. Eleanor Ann Forbes, J. Wilfred Gallagher, Doris Ernell Griffin, Walter A. Hall, Jr., L. Bodine Higlev. Third Rote: Grover C. Hunter, Jr.. Richard William Keller, kermit F. knudlzon, James A. Leggette, Jr., Rov Lawrence Lindahl, Robert M. Nelson, Richard Edgeworth Rich- ardson, Margaret Marv Robinson. Fourth Rote: Robert Hcnrv Sager. Robert J. Shankle. Clarence Lee Sockwell, Roger E. Sturdevant. Paul W. Vinton, James Q. Wenger. Left to right: T. E. Evans, Jr., Vice-President; C. L. Tavlo and C. A. Sherrill, Secretary-Treasurer Spurgeon Dental Society The Spurgeon Dental Society is the name designat- ing the student body of the School of Dentistry. The Society was named in honor of the late Dr. J. S. Spurgeon, a pioneer in North Carolina den- tistry. The officers of the Spurgeon Dental Society, the president of each class, and an elected rep- resentative from each class comprise the governing body of the Society. The year 1954-1955 marks the fifth year of the Society ' s existence, it being established in 1950 by the first students of dentistry at the University of North Carolina. Since that time the Society has grown from a total membership of 40 to a mem- bership of 200 — including 30 dental hygienists and six graduate students. Le t to right: Drs. Tllo advanced studv session. Ted L. Harper, Jr., and James A. Leggette, Jr PAGE 368 Fourth Year Dentistry First R " U ■: Alspaugh, Laurence Sidney, Phi Kappa Sigma, Xi Psi Phi, Greensboro; Bishop, Elmo Lee, Xi Psi Phi, Greensboro; Bland, Donald E„ Sie,ma Chi. Xt Psi Phi, Wallace; Brooks, Robert Edgar. Pi Kappa Alpha, Psi Omega, Fayetteville. Second Row: Buchanan, Francis Alexander, Chi Phi, Delta Sigma Delta, Sylva; Calcote, Clarence Edgar, Delta Sigma Delia. Pi Kappa Phi, Durham; Clayton, Stuart Fletcher. Psi Omega. Fayetteville; Corderman, Roy Clinton, Jr., Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma. Winston-Salem. Third Row: Crawford, James Allan, Psi Omega, Chapel Hill; Fitterman. Israel, Chapel Hill; Gainey. Robert Holland, Alpha Tau Omega, Psi Omega. Chapel Hill; Girard, John Watt, Jr., Chi Phi, Psi Omega, Liberty. Fourth ' Row: Griffin Lloyd Eldon, Jr., Delta Sigma Delia. Kappa Alpha. Edenton; Harris, Perry Felton. Delta Sigma Delta. Carthage; Hinson, Thomas Riley, Albemarle; Hunt, Richard Frederick, Jr., Delia Sigma Delta, Lambda Chi Alpha, Rocky Mount. Fifth Row: Jackson, Samuel Kenneth, Psi Oiutga. St. Petersburg. Fla.; Johnston. Charlie M., Xi Pu Phi. Chapel Hill; Lowe, Wilburn James, Delta Sigma Delta. Canton; McGowan, Donald Martin, X; Psi Phi, Chapel Hill. Sixth Rou : Moore, Walter Herbert. Xi Pu Phi, Chapel Hill; Pless, Cecil Atkins, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Delta Sigma Delta. Asheviile; Ralls, Marion I.., |r., Xi Psi Phi, Greensboro; Richardson, Maurice B., Psi Omega, Whiteville. Seventh Row: Rogers, James H., Xi Psi Phi, Moores- ville; Sluder. Troy Bunyon, Jr., Xi Psi Phi. Asheviile; Smith. James Richard, Delia Sigma Delta, Phi Beta Kappa, Mooresville; Smith, John Watson, Jr., Xi Psi Phi, Pinehurst. Eighth Rote: Sugg, Robert Whittington, Beta Thela Pi . Psi Omega, Durham; Taylor, Clyde Leslie, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Xi Psi Phi, Greensboro; Ward, James Alphonso, Delta Sigma Delta, Williamston; Waynick, George Elder, Jr., Psi Omega, Winston-Salem. Ninth Ron : Whitehurst, Raymond Clyde, Jr., Delta Sigma Delta, Jackson; Wiggs, William James. Psi Sigma Phi Epsilon, Fayetteville; Willford. William Eugene. Delta Sigma Delta. Burlington; Wilson, George Curtis, Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill. 9 t ? ' f J r Lj UV C D f$ - ' G C P MM mtMim m p P P P I i? I Ail PAGE 369 •P ,P o iW mtmmim Third Year Dentistry F Vri ? «: Barber, Leonard Banks, Jr., Psi Omega, Chapel Hill; Bliss, Rupert Quentin, Psi Omega, Sigma Chi, Jacksonville, Fla. ; Byerly, Charles Tate, Jr.. Delta Sigma Delta, Durham; Clark, Badger Gill, Jr., Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Clark, C. Fred. Delta Sigma Delta, Mooresville; Clinard, Robert Wesley, Xi Psi Phi. Winston-Salem; Corl Marshall Banks, Psi Omega, Concord. Second Row: Cox, James Lloyd, Phi Gamma Delta, Psi Omega, Richlands; Daniel, Frank Hayes, Mocksville; Dixon, John Howard, Lambda Chi Alpha, Psi Omega, Mount Vernon Springs; Draughon, Wallace Reed, Durham ; Evans, Thomas Edwin, Jr., Xi Psi Phi. Burlington; Floyd, Daniel Justin, Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Grahl, Carol Linwood, Jr., Delia Sigma Delta, Waynesville. Third Row: Harrell, Daniel Bryant, Jr., Elon College; Hinkle, David Raymond, Delta Sigma Delta, Winston-Salem; Holland, Murry Wade, Psi Omega, Clinton; Hull, C. A., Delta Sigma Delta, Cherryville; Linville, Walter Smith, Jr., Delta Sigma Delta, Kernersville; Matthews, Kenneth David Lee, Xi Psi Phi, Canton. Lee, Robersonville; Mitchell, Fourth Row: Paulson, Ruta Bergmanis, Raleigh; Phillips. Guv McDonald, Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Poole, Robert Howard, Jr., Beta Thela Pi, Delta Sigma Delta, St. Pauls; Reid, Thomas Beaure- gard, Jr., X; Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Riddle, William Frederick, Delta Sigma Delta, Sigma Phi Epuloii, Sanford; Rodgers, James Franklin, Delta Sigma Delta, Pi Kappa Alpha. Statesville; Sager, Frederick Newman, Chapel Hill. Fifth Row: Sheffield, Neal, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Xt Psi Phi, Greensboro; Strickland, William Douglas, Psi Omega, Louisburg; Ware, William Graham, Jr., Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Sigma, Xi Psi Phi. Burlington; Williams, Egbert P., Delta Sigma Delta, Stedman; William, Jabez Herring, Jr., Delta Sigma Delta. Phi Bel. i Kappa. Phi Eta Sigma, Asheville; Yates, Robert Allen, Psi Omega, Chadbourn. Second Year Dentistry First Row: Andrews, John Leslie. High Point; Barringer, Martin DeBerry, Psi Omega, Mt. Pleasant ; Bennett, Jack, Delia Sigma Delta. Dunn; Bost, John Dewey, Psi Omega, Chapel Hill; Boyles, Robert Strickland, Delta Sigma Delia. High Point. Second Row: Carpenter, Joseph Perry, Phi Gamma Delta. Psi Omega. Hender- sonville; Chapman, William Randolph. Kappa Alpha. Psi Omes a. Inman, S. C; Culbreth, Fay Hoyle, Delta Sigma Delia. Phi Kappa Sigma. Spindale ; Djws. Ed- win B., Sigma Chi. Xi Psi Phi. Mor- ganton; Davis, Hal Avon, Jr., High Point. Third Row: Fowler. Harold Duke, Jr., Psi Omega. Statesville; Fox, Robert M., Delta Sigma Delta, Burlington; Frank- lin, Andrew Jackson, Xi Psi Phi, Golds- boro; Gaines, Roy Eugene. Sanford; Gaskins. Robert Hogan, Jr., X; Psi Phi, Greenville. Fourth Ron-: Hamrick, Joseph E., Char- lotte; Harned. Robert J., Psi Omega. Greensboro; Harris, Bernard Chandler, Delta Sigma Delta, Lambda Chi Alpha. Kinston; Heeden, William Mitchell. Jr., Psi Omega, Goldsboro; Herring, Wil- lard I., Psi Omega, Clinton. Fifth Row: Hood. J. Sidney, Xi Psi Phi, Gastonia; Houser, James Bickle, III, Xi Psi Phi, Gastonia ; Jarvis, William C, Laurel Springs; Jones, William Russell, Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Knigh- ten, James Gordon, Asheville. Sixth Row: McLeod, William H., Lambda Delta Lambda, Monroe; Mead- ows, Kenneth Hunter, Hot Springs; Odom, Bill Eugene, Kappa Alpha, Xi Psi Phi. Gibson; Oldham, Flox Theo- dore, Jr., Xi Psi Phi. Chapel Hill; Peck, Robert Brantley, Psi Omega, Concord. Seventh Row: Prugh, John L.. Xi Pu Phi. Charlotte; Rose, Junius Harris, Jr. X; Psi Phi. Greenville; Rowe, O. D., X; Psi Phi. Nebo; Sabiston. Charles Barker, Jr., Wake Forest; Shaw. Arnold Campbell, Jr., Xi Psi Phi, Asheville. Eighth Row: Sherman, Clarendon Foy, E. Flat Rock; Sherrill. Claude A., Jr.. Psi Omega, Spartanburg, S. C. ; Spurlin, Max L.. Tryon; Strange. Charles Gil- bert, Jr., Delia Sigma Delia. Uunbda Chi Alpha, Burlington; Taylor, Gordon Cox, Delta Sigma Delta, Sie,ma Nu, Richlands. Ninth Row: Taylor, Kenneth, Jr., Mag- nolia; Turner, Robert Lee, Psi Omega, Chapel Hill; Watson, Robert Hugh Chi Psi, Psi Omega. Garland; Williams, James Lowell, Xi Psi Phi. Bynum. rfitffc M ih dMtik tkf-kiM h iftiiB 9 Q 9 P £» lifcd f i P (1 o P I? First Year Dentistry First Run: Atwater, John Wilson, Jr., Alpha T.ui Omega, Burlington; Bratton, Lewis Palmer. Kappa Alpha, Chapel Hill; Browning. Henry Dow, Wilson; Chandler, Fred M., Semora; Debnam. William Speight, Chapel Hill; Fisher, Julian Horace, Rocky Mount; Gibson, Sam Bryce, High Point. Second Row: Haltiwanger, William Leonard, Jr.. Hamlet; Hopkins, Edmund Baxter, Pi Kjpp.t Phi, Winston-Salem; Jeraigan, Jerry O ' Dell, Dunn; Jewell. Edwin Smith. Wilmington; Keith, H. Wilmington; Lawrence. Lewis H.. Chapel Hill; Lee, John Gambrell. Greensboro. Third Run: Lehmann, James Hugh, Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Et.i Sigma, Elnora, N. Y. ; Lokc, Wye Toh, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya; Martin, Benny Worth. Lawsonvillc; McAllister, John Malcolm, Raleigh; McFall, Walter Thompson. K.ippj Sigma, Chapel Hill; Moore, Saunders Winston, Sigma Nu, Burlington, Morns, Wyman Lee. Olanta, S. C. Fourth Row: Noblitt. P. Milton, Shelby; O ' Berry, Walter Samuel. Harrellsville; Ogden. Fred Nash, II, Chi Phi, Monroe; Reap, Charles A., Jr., Albemarle; Reitzel, Larston Lcc. States ' . i lie; Reynolds, lohn Archibald Seabrook, Charlotte; Riddle, William Joseph, Kannapolis. Fifth Row: Schnell, Frederick Stephens, Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Gainesville, Fla.; Silvers, Jack Everctte, Chapel Hill; Smith, Vonnie Bryan, Pi K.ipp.i Phi, Lumberton; Smith, Willis W.. Houston, Tex.; Twisdalc, Harold Winfred. Lambda Chi Alpha, Halifax; White. William Mc- Kinley, Chapel Hill; Wood. Matthew Thomas. Fnrield; Young, Douglas Maurice, Chi Pii, Winston- Salem. Second Year First Rok, left to right: Barbara Ann Bynum, Chapel Hill: Gloria Dawn Davenport, Ingalls; Allil DeNeale Long, Statesville; Elsie Joan Evans, Alpha Sigmn Tail. Martinsburg, W. Va.; Carolyn Jean Ferebee, Mocfcsville • Second Roic: Mrs. Wiley Hailheoek. Burlington: Dorothy Louise Herring, Charlotte: Nancy Jane Keck, Mebane; Barbara Lenora Pulley, New Bern; Mrs. James Smith, Favetteville. Dental Hygienists First Roir. left to right: Dorothy Ann Aldridge, La Grange: Vi ' Estelle Arant, Orangeburg. S. C: Dorothy Els Bowling. .Newport. Aid.: Novella Bose Cloninger, Belmont; Carolyn Andrews Cole, Carolina Beach: Vee E. Copses, Charlotte • Second Roir: Betty Lou Cresdy. Greensboro: Jane Lynn Dawson, Spartanburg. S. C; Sara Jo Hennis. Winston-Salem: Shirley Jane Jones. Kannapolis: Shirley Ann Jordan. Asheville: Dorothy Ann Llewellyn. Durham • Third Rote: Helen Iris McDougald. Baeford: Ann Elizabeth Mitchell. Charlotte: Rosetta Ann Spencer, Swan Quarter: Betty Lou Tiller, Durham: Mar Margaret Williams. Phi Mil. Orlando. Fla. First Year o £) f) O r « c e r Graduate School William W. Pi( Dean of the Graduate School The Graduate School offers advanced and specialized studies to qualified students who have completed work leading to a bachelor ' s degree. Graduate work leading to the master ' s and doctor ' s degrees is offered in most of the Arts and Science departments. Professional graduate curricula are established in Business Adminis- tration, City and Regional Planning, Dentistry, Education, Library Science, Public Health, and Social Work. Graduate work is offered in thirty-nine Schools, Departments, and Curricula. First Row: Aydlett, Patricia Ann. Alpha Delta Pi, Eliza- beth City ; Ayscue, Edwin Osborne, Jr.. Kappa Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Eta Sigma,, Pi Sigma Alpha, Monroe; Bedenbaugh. John Holcombe, Alpha Chi Sigma, Little Mountain, S. C; Beeker, Walter Boyd, W elcome. Second Row: Brooks. Henry Dwight, Monroe; Buch- binder. Benjamin, Delta Sigma Rho. Pi Mu Epsilon, Brooklyn. N. Y.; Campbell, Bobby J.. Fort Worth. Tex.; Carroll, Grady Lee Ernest, Chapel Hill. Third Row: Colton. Theodore, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Con- stantinides, Ezmofile Lauzention, Asheville; Cooper, Ben- lamin Franklin, Phi Delta Chi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Rho Chi, Warsaw; Cox. Thomas E., Maplewood, N. J. Fourth Ron: Davenport, James Robert, Roanoke, Va.; Elliott, Alice Cooper, Delta Epsilon Nil. Lafayette, La.; Ellmore, Robert Hampton, Roxboro ; Ferguson, Ronald Thomas, Oak Ridge, Tenn. Fifth Rou: Finch, David Ray, Bailey; Furuhata, Mike Taketo, Tokyo, Japan; Gardiner. John Brooke, St. An- thony Hall. Bryn Mawr, Pa.; Gnanadesikan, Ramanathan, Madras, India. o cue tit Al I P P 9 P Uk + A © p p 1 p jo p. P O O P 1M ll tfl fife F Vj Rouv Gurley, Walter Dallas. Jr., Goldsboro; Gutter- man. Kenneth, Norfolk, Va. ; Heath, Robert Winship Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mn Epsilon, Sigma Nu, Sigma Xi, Chapel Hill; Hustis, Marlon Elizabeth. Ridgefield, Conn. Second Row: Iqbal. Mohammad, Pi Mu Epsilon, Lahore, Pakistan; Irvine, Donald Wilson, Auburn, Ala.; [vey, James Lindsey, Norwood; Jones, Mary Helen, Zeta Tau Alpha. Toledo, Ohio. Third Row: Kabler, Milton Norris, Roanoke, Va.; Led- better, Gorman Walter. Jr., Hickory; Lu, Weiming, Taipei, Formosa, China; Luffman, Jean Rachel, State Road. Fourth Run: Malone, John Paul. Burlington; Marshall, Marilyn Louise, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Xi. Rockford, III.; Martinez. Raul E.. Chapel Hill; Mason, Paul DeWitt, Detroit, Mich. Fifth Rou: Mote. Vasant L., India; Neville, Norma Adelaide, Alpha Kappa Delta. Chi Delta Phi. Chapel Hill; Norberg, Allan Kenneth. Phi Kappa Sigma. Pi Mu Epsilon, Bayside, N. Y.; Pasternack, Bernard S.. Brook- lyn, N. Y. Sixth Row: Patterson, Mary Elizabeth, Scotland Neck; Pruitt, Willie Bruce, Anderson, S. C; Richardson, Wyman, Cambridge, Mass. ; Riley, Leslie Walter, Jr., Beta Gamma Sigma. Burlington. Seventh Row: Shreve. Robert Glenn, Mayodan; Siddiqui. Mohammed Moinuddin, Lahore, Pakistan; Smith, Rock- well MacDonald, Montreat; Smith, Thomas Glasgow. Charlotte. Eighth Rou: Starlings, Venetia, Jamesville; Stevens. Sally Ann, Chi Omega. Phi Beta Kappa. Yardley, Pa.; Stevens, Thomas Brock. Alpha Tan Omega, Smithfield; Stoff, Gordon William, Alpha Kappa Psi. Jersey City, N. J. Ninth Row: Strickland, Benjamin Franklin. Bell Arthur; Suddreth, Elizabeth Ervin. Kappa Delta. Raeford; Teare, Fred Wilson, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Ts ' ien, Yi, Taipei, Taiwan, China. Cs afi£ £s££« 5 £5K$tifc iSS v £ r; V? dveot A ■m . ■ « X • ■■■ ' • : " ■■ : ' t ' ;? ' HENRY PARKER BRANDIS Dean of the Late Sehool School of Law THE SCHOOL OF LAW opened this fall to 87 first-year students and 120 upper classmen. Everyone immediately settled down to tedious but interesting studies. The Law School has not lost a faculty mem- ber since 1945 and regrets the resignation of the beloved librarian, Miss Lucile Elliot, who will " grad- uate " with the class of 1955. The Law School is proud of its active Law School Association, enthusi- astic Alumni Association, and the quarterly publica- tion of the North Carolina Law Review. William G. Avcock Herbert R. Baer M. S. Breckenridge Albert Coates 2 U fi Frank William Hanft Frederiek B. McCall Robert H. Wettach LAW REVIEW EDITORS Left to right: Peter G. Kalogridis, Editor in Chief; John V. Hunter, III, Associate Editor; Naomi E. Morse, Associate Editor; Joseph G. Dail. Associate Editor. LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATION First Roir. le t to right: Louis Bledsoe. Chief Justice. Robert Bvrd. President, J. Albert House. lice-Presi- dent. Second Rote: Robert G. Windsor, Secretary, Julius Rousseau, Jr.. Treasurer. Third Year Law First Row: ALLEY, ZEBULON DOYLE Waynesville BARNES. TROY THOMAS. JR Wilson Phi Alpha Delta. BLEDSOE. LOUIS ADAMS. JR Huntsville, Ala. Phi Alpha Delta, Sigma Chi. BRINSON, Z. CREIGHTON Tarboro A. B. 1952, North Carolina Law Review (2), Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi. BRITT. GEORGE MILTON Tarboro A. B. 1952, North Carolina Lair Review 12. 3), riii DOta Phi. BRYANT, CALVIN B Gaston BURNS, FRANKLIN KENT Chapel Hill Phi Alpha Delta, Sigma Nu. Second Row: BYRD, ROBERT BOND Morganton Berea College, A.B.. North Carolina Lair Review (2, 3), Law School Asssciation. President (3), YDC, Executive Committee (2). Phi Alpha Delta Marshal (2). CARTER, WILLIAM E Asheville LI, i Delta Phi. DAIL, JOSEPH GARNER, JR Tarboro North Carolina Lair Rei-ieir, Associate Editor, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi. DAVIS, DON B Asheboro Phi Alpha Dlta. DAVIS, ROY W„ JR Marion Phi Delta Phi. DORTCH, JOHN JOHNSON Chapel Hill University of North Carolina, A.B.. North Carolina Law Review (3), Kappa Si ' ama, Phi Delta Phi. Pi Xnimo Alpha. DuBOSE, HORACE MELLARD, III Chapel Hill University of Xorth Carolina, B.S. 1951, Class Treasurer (3), Chi Phi, Phi Alpha Delta. Thin! Row: ERB, DONALD R Leominster, Mass. FINGER, MICHAEL NEIL Maiden Appalachian State Teachers ' College. B.S. 1952. FRANKS, STEPHEN FIELD Hendersonville Duke University, B.A. 1952, Dorm President (2), Phi Alpha Delta, Treasurer (3). GAMBLE, RICHARD O ' NEIL Summerfield University of North Carolina. A.B. 1953. Dorm Adviser (2, 3). Phi Delta Phi. GREENE, ANN LLEWELLYN Concord HALL, ROY GRIFFITH, JR Saluda Phi Beta Kappa. HARRIS, JACK RONDALL Lincolnton University of North Carolina, B.S. 1952. Law School Association, Legis- lature (1. 2). Class Vice-President 2i. Chairman of Orientation Com- mittee (3), Phi Alpha Delta. Third Year Law First Ron-: HICKS. EUGENE CLIFTON. Ill Wilmington Phi Delta Phi. Sigma Nu. HILL, WILLIAM LANIER Wilmington Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi. HOUSE, JAMES ALBERT, JR Hobgood North Carolina Lair Review (2, 3), Law School Association, Vice- President (3). Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, Young Democratic Club, President (2). HUNTER, JOHN VICTOR, III Winston-Salem Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Phi. KALOGRIDIS, PETER G Winter Haven, Fla. North Carolina Lair Review, Editor, Phi Bet,, Kappa. KIVETT, CHARLES THOMAS Star Catawba, A.B.. North Carolina Lair Review, Y.D.C.. Vice-President. Delta Theta Phi, Vice-Dean. KURTZ, ROBERT LAWRENCE Charlotte University of Xorth Carolina. A.B.. North Carolina Lair Review (2) Phi Alpha Helta. Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Lambda phi. Sera, til RoW . " LUCAS, LACY LEE, JR Greensboro Phi Alpha Delta. McLEOD, MICHAEL PARKER Sanford North Carolina Law Review (3), Law School Association. Treasurer (2i. I ' ln Alpha Helta. Vice- Just ice (S), District Clerk. Phi Beta Kappa. MORRIS, NAOMI ELIZABETH Wilson North Carolina Law Review, Associate Editor (3), Law School As- sociation, Secretary (2), Legislature (3). MORTON, JACKSON BRUCE Greensboro Guilford. A.B. 1952, Dorm President (3). University Cluh (21, Phi Alpha Delta. NALL, THOMAS GERALD Sanford Phi Alpha Helta. Pi Kappa Phi. RODMAN, EDWARD NEWTON Chapel Hill Alpha Tan Omega, Phi Alpha Delta. SHANNONHOUSE, ROYAL GRAHAM Chapel Hill Delta Kappa Epsilon. Third Hair: STRICKLAND, JAMES R Chapel Hill University of North Carolina. B.S. 1952, Law School Association. Legis- lature (1, 2). Law School Honor Court (1, 2), Class President (2), Phi Alpha Delta. VAUGHN, ROBERT C, JR Winston-Salem Xm-th Carolina Lair Review, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Phi. WALLACE, CALVIN C Albemarle Lenoir Rhyne, A.B. 19+8, Worth Carolina Law Review (2, 3), Law School Association, Legislature (21, Phi Alpha Delta, President. WARLICK, ALEX, JR Hickory Lenoir Rhyne. A.B. 1952. Phi Alpha Delta, Clerk (3), Delegate to Na- tional Convention (2). WILSON, JAMES C Chapel Hill University of North Carolina, B.S. 1949. Phi Alpha Delta. WRENN, CHARLES PARNELL Kannapolis The Citadel. A.B.. Law School Association. Legislature (3), Delta Theta Phi, President (3). YOUNGBLOOD, KENNETH R Fletcher Phi Delta Phi. P Q £ P P Or ff (ft P ri ft o p (? p p. a Second Year Law First Row: Agapion, Stephen, Phi Alpha Delta, Greensboro; Blair, Warren Donald, Phi Alpha Helta, Charlotte; Brewer, William Clarence, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Jamesville; Cherry, Solomon Gilmer, Lambda Chi Alpha. Phi Delta Phi, Roxo- bel; Clement, Edward Henry, Phi Delta Phi. Sigma Nit, Salisbury, Second Row: Cooper, Robert E„ Phi Alpha Delta. Raleigh ; Egerton, Lawrence, Jr., Alpha Kappa Pii, Delta The a Phi, Greensboro; Evans, Andre, Phi Delta Phi. Ahoskie; Falk, Herbert S.. Jr., Phi Alpha Delta, Zeta Beta Tau. Greensboro; Fer- guson, George Wagoner, Jr., Phi Alpha Delta. Pi Kappa Alpha. Charlotte. " Third Row: Fountain, Richard T., Delta Theta Phi. Rocky Mount; Freed, Maitland Guy, Phi Alpha Delta. Greensboro; Godwin, Marion McCall, Kenly; Graham, William E., Jr., Phi Delta Phi. Jackson Springs; Guthery, Paul B., Jr., Kappa Alpha. Phi Delta Phi, Charlotte. Fourth Row: Hall, F. Wade, Jr., Delta Theta Phi, Asheville; Holroyd, Frank Jackson, Jr., Phi Delta Phi, Chapel Hill; Horton, Hamilton Cowles, Jr., Phi Delta Phi, Winston-Salem; Horton, Waiter Lee, Jr., Phi Delta Phi. Chapel Hill; Hough, John Guion, Jr., Washington. Fifth Row: Hudson, Isham Barney. Jr., Phi Alpha Delta, Jacksonville; Millman, Robert Bruce, Jr., Phi Delta Phi. Chapel Hill; Moore, Donald Leon, Delta Theta Phi. Reidsville; Murphy. Romallus O., Omega Psi Phi. Havelock; Osteen, William L., Delta Theta Phi, Greensboro. Sixth Row: Rich. Millard R., Jr., Phi Alpha Delia. Lumberton; Rouse, William Edward, Jr., Alpha Kappa Psi. Delta Theta Phi, Raleigh; Rousseau. Julius A., Jr., Phi Alpha Delta. Pi Kappa Alpha. North Wilkesboro; Royster, Stephen S., Delta Theta Phi, Oxford; Rush. John Charles, Alpha Phi Omega. Sigma Chi. High Point. Seventh Ron: Scoggin, Marvin Gordon, L nion Mills; Stacy, Horace E., Phi Alpha Delta. Phi Gamma Delta. Lumberton; Windsor, Robert Gray, Pi Alpha Delta. Theta Chi, Winston-Salem; Zimtbaum, William E., Delta Theta Phi, Newton; Zuckerman, William Ellis, Chapel Hill. First Year Law First Row: Alford, Burnice Lloyd, Jr., Greensboro; Barton. Grandon Dillard. Jr., Chapel Hill; Bern- hardt, Richmond G., Jr., Lenoir; Blaylock, Spencer Lorraine, Jr., Limbda Chi Alpha. Phi Eta Sigma. Greensboro; Campbell, Jerry Austin, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Kappa Phi. Taylors- ville; Cockman, David Reece. Ramseur. Second Row: Corey, James Richard, Alpha Kappa Psi, Winterville; Covington, Benjamin McLaugh- lin, Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Eta Sigma. Wadesboro ; Currin, Beverly H., Olivia; Darlington, Fred, III, Pi Gamma Mu. Burlington; Deberry Arthur S., Jr., Tarboro; Duke, John Edwin, Goldsboro. Third Row: Eller, John DeWalden, Jr., Winston- Salem; Enochs, Herman Glenn, Jr., Greensboro; Floros, Sula, Charlotte; Frassineti, Jordan Joseph, Pi Kappa Phi. Southern Pines; Gerns, Peter H„ Delta Phi Alpha, Delta Upsilon, Pi Sigma Alpha, Raleigh; Jackson, Henry Clayton, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tarboro. Fourth Row: Johnston, Thomas David, Chi Psi, Fayetteville; Jones, Jesse Macon, Edward ; Latta, Don Richard, Lambda Chi Alpha. Greensboro; Lee, James Grover, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Chapel Hill; Lomax, James Redman, Guilford College; McDaniel, Andrew Holmes, Forest City. Fifth Row: Miller, George W., Jr., Spencer; Mitchell, Herbert Thomas, Jr., Asheville; Moore, John Daniel, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Eta Sigma. Wil- son; Morris, John Charles, Raleigh; Murdock, Thomas Edward, Pi Kappa Alpha. Chapel Hill; Ogburn, John Nelson, Jr., Alpha Kappa Psi, Greensboro. Sixth Row: Palmer, William C, Lenoir; Parker, Gerald Corbett, Hubert; Peacock, Thomas Philip, Chi Phi, Alexandria, Va.; Phipps, Fred Manahan, Greensboro; Rich, Dean A., Beta Theta Pi. Gales- burg, 111.; Roberts, James E., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Kannapolis. Seventh Row: Sapp, Armistead Wright, Jr., Greens- boro ; Sapp, Robert Henry, Reynolda ; Shaw, Charles C, Jr., Delta Sigma Pi. Henderson; Small, Charles Buxton, Sigma Nu, Elizabeth City; Thomas, Robert Eirwin, Asheville; Thompson, William Leonard, Raleigh. Eighth Row: Tice, Douglas O., Jr., Alpha Kappa Psi, Greensboro; Toxey, Andrew Flora. Pi Kappa Alpha, Elizabeth City; Walker, Thomas Philip, Bostic; Warren, Jesse Lanier, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Greensboro ; Watts, Lewis Poindexter, Jr., Char- lotte; West, Ted Gradon, Lenoir. Ninth Row: White, Charles Mayfield, III, Phi Kappa Sigma. Manson; Whitesides, Henry Mon- roe, Kappa Sigma. Gastonia; Winters, Robert Lee, Spring Lake; Yopp, Walter Edward, III, Theta Chi. Wilmington. (? 1 t4 ' f £ S i 1 1 Kill i fti £t J £ 1?J » i n i,5 1 £ i mi; 4 111 p f. fife ' ' 1 O mMmk p t- 111 ifc v .? 6 1,4 I «. mkd MM Hi i m a h OTt - i- gK iCy JP sP slH Pflj ! » .1 " " , ' iMi i-, . ' 3 : ° 1S3 G ■■ ' ■ ' -■• IS Sfcfc i ' ; • ' « ma £ii tfr h " £J$£Se -uor if e 1 «£:_ ;.»-•- H» ; V eaixM i iEj... ;r -? , -- ; .T " V;v k-iafc %fffr i-M £ » FACULTY First Rote, left to right: Drs. James Andrews, D. L. Reed, Hubert Patterson, Edwin Hiatt, John Ferguson, B. A. Schottelius, R. A. Ross. Second Ro.r: Charles Hooker, Ira Fowler, Peter Vaughn, C. D. Van Cleave, W. E. Dossel, J. Swepzenwol, W. R. Straughn, George Manire, W. J. Cromartie. Third Roir: C. H. Burnett, Thomas Farmer, C. W. Gottschalk, Newton Fischer, W. P. Richardson, L. Palumbo, Milton Hupperl, Harlev Shands, W. C. George. Fourth Rote: F. D. Lawrason, Issac Taylor, A. T. Miller, J. L. Irvin, C. G. Thomas. Warner Wells, E. M. Hedgpeth. A. P. Heusner, Gordon Dugger. Fifth Row: Claude Yarbrough. M. K. Berkut. C. E. Anderson, J. E. Wilson, T. E. Curtis, James Manly, Harrie Chamberlin. David Jones, Robert Murray. Sixth Roto: Robert Lindsay, D. A. MacPherson, Kenneth Sugioka, David Davis, Doris Grosskreutz, George Vennart, E. C. Curnen, Sidney Chipman, Kenneth Brinkhous. Seventh Roic: Mitchell Sorrow, Ernest Craige, William Fleming, Daniel Donovan, T. C. Butler, P. Z. Csaky, Paul Bunce, Margaret Swanton, J. B. Bullitt. Eighth Rote: David Hawkins, G. C. Ham, C. T. Bever, W. G. Morgan, J. T. Sessions, J. B. Graham. W. R. Berryhill. G. D. Penick. James Proctor. School of Medicine This has been a " diamond anniversary " year for the School of Medicine. Medical educa- tion became part of the University in 1879. Dr. Thomas W. Harris, distinguished Tarheel physician, trained in this country and abroad, was the first dean. In 1941, W. Reece Berryhill, M.D., assumed this post. Since that time he has provided intelligent impetus to tremendous expansion and stabilization, serving in worthy succession to Harris, Whitehead, Manning, Mangum, and MacNider. The School of Medicine consistently has attracted to its faculty men of wide distinction as teachers and scientists. Until 1952, only two years of medicine were offered here. The first four-year class was graduated in 1954. This year there are 241 students enrolled, including 59 in the class of 1955. W. R. BERRYHILL of the School of Wed;, HONOR COUNCIL Fir Rote, left to right: Tom Craven, Julius Green, John Va Clark. Second Roic: Miles Gregory, Sam Joyner, Tom Gupton. WHITEHEAD SOCIETY First Roic, left to right: Bill McLendon, Vice-Preside Charles Herring, President. Thad Monroe. Second I Clyde Lloyd, Clint Wilson, Jim Lamm. Third Roic: White. Not Pictured: Bill Purcell. Bob Murray. it, Dave Crosland, our. Bob Holmes, Ben Wilcox, Mike Fourth Year Medicine Left to right: Willian urer. and Jim Lamm, London, President OFFICERS 1 ice-President. Rodn McKnight, Treas- First Ron: Henry Walter Aber- nethy. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Gam- ma Beta Chi. Hickory; Harvey Adams, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Asheboro ; Julian Sheppard Albcr- gotti, Jr., Charlotte; George Wil- liam Barnard. Cramerton; Robert Griffin Brame, Alpha Kappa Kappa. Wendell. Second Ron: Ralph Elbert Brooks. Jr., Alpha Kappa Kappa, Bur- lington ; Edgar Ted Chandler, Chapel Hill; Murphv Alan Cron- land. Chapel Hill; Walter Ed- ward Deyton, Alpha Kappa Kap- pa, Spruce Pine; Griggs Cameron Dickson, Garner. Third Run: Edward Oscar Diggv Winston-Salem; Charles Council Dudley. Jr., Phi Btta Kappa. Phi Chi, Phi Era Sigma, Phi Gamma Delta. Huntcrswlle; Presley Za- chary Dunn, Jr., Chi Phi. Phi Chi, Rot kv Mount; Charles Frederick Eddinger, North Wilkesboro; Harris Lane Evans, Alpha Epsilon Delta. Alpha Kappa Kappa, Hen- derson. Fourth Row: John Worth Foust, Lexington; John White Gainey, Alpha Tan ' Omega. Phi Chi. Chapel Hill; James Eugene Glenn. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Lambda Chi Alpha. Raleigh; Fred Weston Cilo er, Charlotte; Ira David Godwin, Alpha Kappa Kappa. Wilson. Fifth Ron: Robert Louis Golby. Brooklyn, N. Y.; James David Groseclose, Alpha Phi Omega, Greensboro ; Charles Leonidas Herring, Phi Chi, La Grange; lames Alton Hill, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Who Sterna. Kinston; William Davis Huffines. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Chi, Sigma Xi. Chap- el Hill. First Row: Vernon Lester James. Phi Chi. Chapel Hill; Samuel Gatlin Jenkins, Jr., Zti.i Psi, Tarboro; Cecil Lawrence Johnson, Princeton; Robert Calhoun Jordan, Jr., Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Chi. Phi Eta Sigma, Eliza- bethtown. Second Ruu : Samuel Balfour Joyner, Ker- nersville; William Frederick Kampschmidt, Chapel Hill; James Louis DeLay Lamm, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Mount Airy ; Adrian Smith Lineberger, Jr., Phi Chi. Chapel Hill. Third Ron-: William Lord London. Alpha Omega Alpha. Phi Chi. Pittsboro; Lloyd Curtis McCaskill. Phi Chi. Laurinburg; Rodney Leonard McKnight, Phi Chi. Char- lotte ; Clarence Reid McLain, Phi Beta Kap- pa. Phi Chi. Phi Delta Thela, Lenoir. Fourth Row: Andrew Cleveland Miller. Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Chi. Pi Kappa Alpha. Shelby; John Thaddeus Monroe, jr., Alpha Omega Alpha. Beta Thela Pi. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Chi. Fayetteville; Thomas Phil- lip Moore. Mill Spring; Stewart Lee Moor- ing, Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Chi. La Grange. Fifth Rolf: Frank Crawford Morrison, Jr., Hazelwood; George Irvin Richardson, Phi Chi. Reidsville; Harold P. Roberts, Sanford; Oliver Fennell Roddev, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Phi Chi. Charlotte. Sixth Ron: Carl William Rogers, Durham; William Cain Ruffin, Jr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Robert Thomas Savage. Chapel Hill; Palmer F. Shelburne. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Greensboro. Seventh Row: Henry Louis Stephenson, Jr., Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Chi, Smithfield; Francis Asbury Stewart, Phi Chi, Marshville; Robert Lee Summerlin, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa: George Reginald Tucker, Jr., Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Chi, Hertford. Eighth Row: William Joseph Waddell. Hendersonville; Alexander Grady Webb, Jr., Alpha Kappa Kappa. Phi Beta Kappa. Chapel Hill; William Henry White, Jr.. Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Chi. Phi Gamma Delta. Greenville; William Wallace White. Phi Chi. Manson. First Ron-: Doyle Medders, Secretary. Second Row. left to right: Bob Holmes, President; Bill Purc.ll, t ice-President; Alexander Goley, Treas- urer. Third Year Medicine First Roic. left to right: Bob Fi Pepper, Bill Pureell, Bob Murray Roberts. Second Row: Bill Staffc Lowder, Tom Pavne, Stacv Duncan Ro.r: Charles Fowler, Larry Earley, Woodall. Clifton Pavne, Jack McD Row: Alex Goley, Bob Holmes, Bill McLendon loe, Lee Clark, Peggv Duncan, Bill Easterli n| Milton Mann, Doyle Medders, Dick Boyd, Ja Leon Pittman, Coleman Brantley, Bill Key, Dewey Yarley. John Vassey, Francis Jack Evans, Jerry Bergmanis, Mark d, Joe Riddle. Jim Richards, John John Hazlehurst, Tom Suther. Third iarland Wampler, Bill Wood, Leonard niel. Bill Barrv, John Devlon. Fourth Frank Green, Tom Castel- , Carev Perrv. Fifth Row: ■k Ashley, Wade Brannan, Clvde Llovd, Al Barnhill. - 1 J i till t p " 3 i .Id Kk - fl A kk Seated, left to right: Winfred Sugg, Treasurer; Jim Glover, Secretary; Jack Hobson, Vice-Presi- dent. Standing: Ben Wilcox, President. Second Year Medicine First Row. left to right: Jack Ritchie, Joe Allen, Jerry McMahon. Stace Stathacos, Irl Sell, Dick Liles. Bill Jung. Jerry W agger, Dave Williams. Second Row: George Irvin, Ernest Brown. Paul Hurst, Don Mitchell, Jim Fresh. Third Roic: Max Morrison, Jack Hobson, Helen Hutchins, Lois Harris, Clint Wilson, Gordon Smith. Bill Jones. Bill Cornell. Tom John- son, Joel Conner. Fourth Row: John Bradley, Brooks Page, Jim Thorp, Bennett Haves, Tommy Gupton, Ray Vinson, James Slade, Raeford Pugh, Earl Welch, Cecil Lowry. Fifth Roic: Jim Glover, George Edwards, Bob Rimer, Joe Murad, Nat Sparrow, Irv Vinnik. Julius Green. Harry Johnson, John Farrington. Al Farmer, Gordon Crowell. Sixth Row: Winfred Sugg. Ben Wilcox, Gray Hall, Jim Clapp, Bob Cline, Luther Clontz, Steve Pugh, Thad Pope. orman Bowles, Jim Burris. Bob Whitlock. v ' First Year Medicine First Roic , left to right: Buddy Biggers, Tom Ha izlip, i:i is Ab ud, Jim 1 dm onds. Rebecca Hatcher, D ive Cros and, Ca rolyn Ci libretti , Nancv Pritc hett, George 1 inn-. Gene Lang, Pai 1 Cap, Claren Bailey Second Rote J oh i Brooks Mason Fie d, Fred Sto we, Cork v Joh n, Dick Harris. M.iii ice .in: ' ' l.n. George H by, Ceci Barrier , Al h, enig, Paul P. McC ibbin s, Al Ha mer. Third ( nr: Wall er Long, Arth Grego v, Lewis Bear i, H irvev Clc dfelter. Ju ia l Selig, Gene Kc once, McFalls, Char les Phillip . J errv Brown F ourth Re ir: Miles Gregory And - Courts, Herv y Av erette. Bill Elliot, J fa i MeGee, Jim Hu ghes, R nald Edwards, Bill Beckman. Dan Rader. Fifth Row: Bob Story, Jim Alley, Bill Bullock, Dewey Pate, Malcolm Cox, Charlie Hunter, Bob Farrell, Charles Dixon Wallace, John Howie, Addison Mangum, Joe Wayne Thompson. Sixth Rote: John Winstead, Dick Patterson, Paul Weeks, Charles Macy, Tom Craven, Mike White, Carl Furr, Pete McMichael, Everett Thompson, Charles Stout, Lane Ormand. First Roi , left to right: Dai id Crosl nd, Presi- dent; 1 11 s Aboud, Vice-Pres dent. Se ond Ron. Willi Story, Tr asurer; A Han ler, Secretary r..»i mmm First Ro,c. left to right: Barbara Bernard, Ruth Mary Boyles, Dorothy Bradley, INancy Hounshell Brame, Mary Vida Cheek, Ruth Dalrymple. Second Rote: Beulah Gautefald, Alire Gifford, Ruth Louise Hotehkiss. Sylvia R. Kiper, Harriet Ann Lawless, Eloise Lewis. Third Row: Ruth Emelia Lindberg, Ann Louise Molleson, Julia Smith, Evangeline Soutsos. I ... ill. Spalding, Esther Sump, Jean Williams. The first four-year collegiate school of nursing in the state was estab- lished at the University of North Carolina in September of 1951. The students who were admitted on this historic date will be granted the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the 1955 commencement exercises of the University of North Carolina. At the beginning of the fall semester of 1954, 152 students, includ- ing 7 graduate nurses, were enrolled in the four classes. The School of Nursing benefits by the use of the educational facili- ties of various departments and schools within the University, the North Carolina Memorial Hospital, and other agencies and institutions throughout the state. These facilities provide opportunities for students to acquire a broad education. Graduates of the School of Nursing are prepared to function effectively as professional nurses. Elizabeth L. k. ...I.I. Dean of the School of Vi r Betty Davis President Mary Anderson Vice-President . innie Will.., Janet Littlejohn Treasurer Fourth Year Nursing First Row : ANDERSON. MARY Durham School of Nursing Treasurer (1, 3i. BLAIR. DONNA LEE Winston-Salem Class Social Chairman (1). Treasurer (8), Vice President (4). School of Nursing Secretary 21. Social Chairman (3). Student Party (1, 3, n. Splash Club is. »). V.W.C.A. (1. 2. 8, I). Yackety Yack, Honoraries Co-Editor (2). Pi Beta Phi. BLAYLOCK, SARA CATHERINE New Bt en School of Nursing President (3), House Council (1. 2), National Student Nurse Association. Corresponding Secretary tit. CLINE. MARTHA EVELYN Hickory School of Nursing Vice-President (2), Lutheran Student Association, Secretary (3). DAVIS, BETTE L Morganton School of Nursing Treasurer (2), President (4), Dorm President (3). House Council (2. 3). Women ' s Residence Council (8), Splash Club it. J. 3, 4i. Vice-President (3). EDWARDS, VIRGINIA DARE Durham School of Nursing President (2), Nurses ' Choral Club (3). YV.A.A. (2). S cond Row: HUSS, GLORIA Thomasville School of Nursing Treasurer (3), Student Nurse Association, Presi- dent (4). Women ' s Council (2). Glee Club (1). Yackety Yack (1). HUSS, GWENLYN Thomasville School of Nursing Historian (3i. Glee Club (1), Women ' s Council (3). y.W.C.A. (1, 2). Dormitory President (2). HYLTON. JANE RAMELLE Clearwater. Fla. Dorm President (4), Vice-President (2), House Council (1), Student Nurse Association President (3). JOHNSON, PATSY COLVARD Durham LITTLEJOHN, JANET MERRITT Chapel Hill School of Nursing President (1), Treasurer (4). Orientation Com- mittee (2). Student Nurse Association, Secretary of State (2). MORGAN. M. ARLENE Morganton Third Row: NORWOOD. LOUISE Winston-Salem School of Nursing Vice-President (1), Student Nurses ' Choral Club (3). SMITH, JOY PHARR Charlotte SNIDER. GERALDINE Fayetteville School of Nursing Secretary (8), Student Body Secretary (4), Presi- dent ' s Cabinet (4), Student Legislature Clerk (2. 3). Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (1). G. M. Board of Di rectors (4). WILLIAMS, WINNIE LEE Fayetteville Class Secretary (2). V.W.C.A. (1. 2). Dormitory Vice President (II. Treasurer (3). WINN, SALLY PERKINS Henderson Glee Club (1). Order of the Old Well (3, I). V.W.C.A. (2. 3. 4), Cabinet (2. 8), Interfaith Council 12. 8), B.S.C. (1, 21. 1 ' nited Student Fellowship il, 2. 3. 41. Third Year Nursing First Roif. Carraway, Jessie McKeldon, Farmville; Corwin, Ruth Louise. Spencer; Dobbs. Billie Bruce, Charlotte; File, Geneva Ludara, Salisbury; Hamilton, Elizabeth Ayers, Raleigh. Second Row: Kelly, Jane Douglas, Apex; Ketner, Dorothy Jane, Hamlet; King, Jane McNeill, Williamston; Lewis. Mary Landon. Asheville; McCarter, Sarah Lee, Burlington. Third Row: Needham, Peggy Parks, New Bern; McNeely, Dorothy Grey, Morganton; Robeson, Emily Love, Laurinburg; Salter, Natalie, Scarsdale, N. Y.; Smith, Sally Marshall, Wrightsville Beach. Fourth Row: Snyder. Jane Carolyn, Winston-Salem; Sox, Jane Pauline, Hickory; Usher, Sara Eliza- beth, Hartsville; White, Carolyn, Winston-Salem; Widman, Katherine Helene, Jacksonville. Second Year First Row: Averette, Helen L., Elizabethtown; Ball, Patricia Ann, Durham ; Bryant, Frieda Mae, Monroe; Buie. Sarah Elizabeth. Winston-Salem; Burns, Barbara Jean, Salis- bury; Burt, Sara Katherine, Biscoe; Cannon. Elizabeth Ann, Lake Wales, Fla. Second Row: Coggins, Shirley Ann. Walstonburg; Davis, Margaret Virginia, McDonald ; Dopier, Donna Ruth. Lake Wales, Fla.; Folger, Sue. High Point; Fowler, Helen Frances, Durham; Glenn, Anne Daniel, Elizabethtown; Greene, Car- olyn Elise, Durham. Third Row: Guenthner. Shir- ley Lee, Washington, D. C; Guy. Diane Jonas, Henderson; Haines, Nancy S„ New Lis- bon, N. J.; Hall. Frances Eleanor, Reidsville; Haney, Anne Thaxton, Glenwood; Hartman, Peggy Byerly, Wins- ton-Salem ; Hedberg, Barbara Brink, Charlotte. Fourth Rmt: Holmes, Ruth Ferabee, Wilson; Humphries, Rachel Delores, Bear Creek; Tohnson, Margaret Balfour, Chapel Hill ; Jones, Linda Ann, Laurinburg; Keeter. Mary Ann, Shelby ; Land, Willowdean, Lenoir; Lentz, Martha Kerr, Henderson. Fifth Row: London, Marjorie Jean, Candler; Mitchell, Jo Ann, Henderson; Morris. Mil- dred Grigg, Charlotte; Nor- wood, Mary Lou, Morehead; Page. Ann Cecile, Buckhan- non, W. Va.; Palmer. Jane Elizabeth, Reidsville; Pender- graft, Barbara Anne, Chapel Hill. Sixth Row: Randall, Katherini Crane, Raleigh ; Robertson Laura Alice, Spray; Souther land, Marian Juanita, Durham Van Hook, Jacqueline Ann Henderson ; White, Doris Li lian, Greensboro; Windley Anna G.. Washington. I it Jk 1 School of Nursing ft; w rP 1, 4 » £ 1 £ » ■ s » v First Year F « Sou: Ader. Frances Hammark Walkertown; Allison, Patricia Gwen Rkhlands; Allison, Sarah Jean, Hick ory; Arnold, Sylvia Marie. Charlotte Bayne, Gwendolyn Ann, Winston Salem; Bibb, Virginia Ruth, Salis bury; Bobbitt, Ann Alexander, Nor lina. Second Row: Carstarphen, Cloydia Grace. Asheville; Clement, Mary Jane, Raleigh; Coats, Deane Moulton, Concord; Dawson, Marjorie Sue, La- Grange; Dudley. Mary Ann, Reids- ville; Ebeling, Lenore Adele, Phila- delphia, Pa.; Forrest, Jo Ann, Walnut Cove. Third Row: Garriss, Mary Linda, Margarettsville; Graham, Barbara Anne, Dunn; Groves. Kathryn Albea. Albemarle; Hardin. Jerry Elizabeth, Monroe; Hedrick, Phyllis Anzellette. Lenoir; Hodgson, Gail Gifford. Ox- ford, Pa.; Hunt, Nancy Jane, Cincin- nati, Ohio. Fourth Row: Jarvis, Janet Dorothy Arlington, Va.; Jenny, Martha Fay Charlotte; Johncox, Jean Lacy. Wash ington. D. C; Jones. Kathryn Jane Thomasville; Kizer. Dorothy McKee Brevard ; Leary, Barbara West, Eden ton; Lemly, Gwendolyn Duncan West Jefferson. Fifth Ron-: Lemmond, Rosemary Mi- nor, Laurinburg; Lyerly, Carolyn Jane, Charlotte; McAnally, Myrtle Beatrice, Reidsville; McCoy, Lynda Dixon, Maplewood, N. J.; McGee, Carolyn Sue, Charlotte; Melvin, Eugenia Anne, Winston-Salem; Mil- ler, Gayle Irene, Charlotte. Sixth Row: Morris, Elizabeth Joan, Concord ; Morse. Amy Ann, Wash- ington, D. C; Mullis. Carol Ann, Midland; Noble, Nancy Anne. Gar- ner; Norwood, Sandra Joan, Chapel Hill ; Nussear, Nancy fo, Washing- ton, D. C; Plyler, Frances Irene, Charlotte. Seventh Row: Price, Sara Faith, Buck hannon, W. Va. ; Proctor, Janie Lee Pinetops; Roane, Alice Diane, Wins ton-Salem; Roberts, Carolyn Frances High Point; Robeson, Sallie Salter Laurinburg; Russell, Patricia Ann High Point; Smith, Frances Adelaide Whiteville. Eighth Row: Sorrell, Betty Lou, Ra- leigh; Sorrell, Jean Gray, Dunn; Staub, Marjorie Carol, Westfield, N. J. ; Stockwell, Nancy Jane, High Point; Sumner, Velna Elizabeth, Asheboro ; Suther, Carol Jean, Kan- napolis; Taylor, Carolyn Wayne, Martinsville, Va. Ninth Row: Teague, Henrianna, High Point; Temple, Mary Lucille Okey, Graham; Warrington, Sharon Ann, Bethesda, Md.; Watson, Mari- lyn Carol. Chapel Hill; Waynick, Marjorie Maniza, Reidsville; White. Sarah Elizabeth, Guilford College; Williams, Billie Anne, Greensboro. Tenth Rnir: Williams, Mary Ben, Greensboro; Wittmann, Patricia Ann, Jamestown; York, Geraldine, Mocks- ville; Young, Elizabeth Wiard, Mam- aroneck, N. Y. r. ■ X ' mm First Roir. left to right: Dr. Euni Magnuson. Second Rote: Dr. Hal Roger Howell. Mr. Gilbert Kelso, Sidnev Chipman, Dr. Vaughn Sm Dr. John Wright, Dr. Bernard G SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH FACULTY re Tvler, Miss Alpha Kenny. Miss Elta Mae Mast, Miss Ruth Hay. Dr. Edward G. McGavran, Dr. Harold rv Smith, Miss Jean Rebenlisrh, Dr. James Hendricks, Miss Margaret Blee, Miss Geraldine Gourley, Dr. Mrs. Frances McConnell. Dr. Hughes Bryan. Third Rote: Mrs. Margaret Dolan, Mr. Emil Chanlett, Dr. th, Dr. Lucy Morgan, Dr. Dwight Bizzell. Miss Frances MacKinnon. Dr. Rosemary Kent. Dr. John Larsh. •eenherg. Vol Pictured: Dr. John Cassel " . School of Public Health The School of Public Health is the fourth oldest professional school of its kind in the United States and one of the ten North American schools accredited by the American Public Health Association. It is a member of the University ' s Division of Health Affairs, which is the focal training and service point for an integrated state-wide health program. The students are professional people who are taking post-graduate work beyond their respective professional competencies — medicine, engi- neering, nursing, dentistry, education, nutrition, etc. About ten per cent of the student body are from other countries. Students from Egypt, Iran, Formosa, India, Thailand, Philippines, Viet- nam, Finland, and South and Central America are here to learn the basic principles of public health which they will soon apply in their own coun- tries; thus, the University ' s influence reaches to the far countries of the earth. The School of Public Health also gives extension instruction to an additional 1500 students, largely from the State, in classes, institutes, and refresher courses. Edward G. McGavran Dean of the School of Public Health Administration, Maternal and Child Health ADMINISTRATION, MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH First Row, left to right: Dr. Sidney Chipman; Dr. Vilai Lim-Aksorn, Thailand; Dr. Charles Archambcault; Dr. Guy Gooding; Ann Faivre; Dr. John Wright. Second Roic: Dr. Ehsanollah Shafa, Iran; Dr. Yao-Teh Hong, China; Dr. Duong Thuc Hut, Vietnam; Frank Favorite; Dr. Robert Young; Donald Jacobs; Dr. Cameron MeRae. Third Row: Dr. William H. Bucher; Vietor J. Fritts; Dr. Udom Pranieh, Thailand; Dr. Tongyoo Jun- hasiri, Thailand; Dr. Zack Greer; Dr. Augusto llyeneo, Philippines; Harold McDonald; Dr. Alford Holton. HEALTH EDUCATION, NUTRITION AND PARASITOLOGIST First Roic, left to right: Albert F. Mazzie, Charles W. Kim, Paula J. Beaver, Michael H. Ivey. Second Roic- Robert L. Bogue, Alice Hua- Ying Yen, Dr. Lucy Morgan, Martha J. Reddout, Dorothy M. Brodnieki, Leticia C. Irizarry, Puerto Rico. Third Row: Hilton T. Goulson, Billie L. Ferguson, Armi Hallsten-Kallia, Fin- land; Paul Van Zandt, Margaret P. Shepler, Challie Iralu, India. Ab- sent: Akbar Moarefi, Iran. Health Education, Nutrition and Parasitologist Public Health Nursing Pl ' BLIC HEALTH l RSI (, First R, wick II ir, left to right: Ruth Tar- iv, Julia Smith Gore Hursl. y Ingold, Patricia May Mal- ra Belle Long. Second Rote: leinz Hodgson, Eunice Pace, Battle Bradshaw, Rita Rivers Evelyn Louise Perry, Grace McDaid. Third Rote: Barbara Mo. Tho Lintz Ovles, Laura C garet Anne Williams trice M. B. Mongeau Gena Marjorie Geeslii tha M. Speaks. Harde Steven SANITARY ENGINEERING First Rote, left to right: AH Khabiri, Iran: Moo-Ping Chow, Taiwan: Dan- iel A. Okun: Alcira Florez. Peru: Robert Elder: Charles C. Wells, Jr. Second Rote: Hermann Concepcion, Philippines; Basilio Palacios, Chili: Adolfo Cutinella, Uruguay; Alfonso Zavala, Peru; Alberto Besa, Philip- pines; Balcrisna Naique, Portuguese India: William T. Marr; Enrique Vil- lares, Puerto Rico. Third Rote: Jay Carver; G. J. Brittain; Kenneth Gut- ternian; Sleadman Overman: James W. Bell; Juan-Mu Yao, Taiwan; Rob- ert Peele. Sanitary Engineering PAGE 396 . v ?« f • . TV j i H i • . i . » v. W w . ; i ' | ' ■ ' ' ' ■ -M .. ' - " ' ' ' (• ' U ■ ' ,-■ ' ■ ' . ' ' ■■• :■ £ ' " M r W f. M ■ . | -■ ;■ xr-- Jfc ' - ■ ' ' . ' • : H. aJvwuxc- Left to right: Ralph Ashworth, Wen dent Body Secretary; Jim Robins Shouse, Student Body Y ice-President neil; Sara Jackson, Stu- nt Body President; Darle PHARMACY SCHOOL FACULTY First Roic, left to right: J. Andraka, W. H. Hartung, F. T. Se H. O. Thompson, D. A. Brechl, Dean. Second Roic: R. Z. Zaru, K. L. Hov, F. C. Hammerness, D. A. Coviello. Third Roic: C. A. DiFayio, G. H. Cocolas, C. Piantodosi, I. L. Honigberg. Not Pictured: W. W. Tavlon, W. C. Collier. E. A. Brechl Dean of the School of Pharmacy The 1954 grads were replaced by 83 freshmen and transfer students this fall. After orientation these students were faced with classes, labs and studying. A picnic in their honor was given by the Pharmacy student body in Battle Park during October. An inspection by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education for accreditation purposes took place in November. Our institution is still ranked with the top accredited colleges of the nation. This committee delivered complimentary and informative talks concerning our place as students in the Pharmaceutical profession. The social function of the year, Pharmacy Weekend, was up to its usual caliber with parties, the fraternities ' annual softball game, a picnic, and a formal dance. The student body officers were presented and the senior class was honored with favors. Rumors were spread concerning finals and a state board examination. As usual they were upon us before we realized it and reluctant goodbyes followed for the class of ' 55. Automatic pill compressor. Not a gram too much! Pharmac.% lihr Senior Officers Left to right: Ingram Jenkins Vice-President Henry Dunl ap President Oveda Fisher Secretary-Treasurer Junior Officers Left to right: Frank Lowder Vice-President Sara Jackson Secretary-Treasurer John Andrews President Sophomore Officers Left to right: Joe Smith President Annette Niven Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Officers Left to right: Ronald Austell President Marcia McCord Secretary-Treasurer Roy Earle Haney Vice-President ADAMS, BARBARA KINZEL Murphy N.C.P.A. (8, I). A. I ' ll. A. (3, li. P.G.A. (3, 4i. Kappa Epsilon. FISHER. OVEDA Whiteville N.C.P.A. (1. 2. 3. 4i. A. Ph. A. (1. 2, 3, 4). P.G.A. (1. 2, :i. 4 . Secretary-Treasurer (1. 3). Orientation Counselor (4). Class Secretary- Treasurer (4). Kappa Epsilon, Secretary-Treasurer (3), President (4), B.S.C. (1. 2. 3. 4i, Y.W.C.A. (1. 2, 3. 4). ADAMS. WILLIAM ROBERT Four Oaks class President (l). GRAHAM. WILLIAM WILSON Peachland !.! . . en. AMMONS, RAYMOND MARTIN Red Springs N.C.P.A. (2. 3, 4), Executive Committee (4i. A.Ph.A. Orientation Counselor (41. Phi Delta Chi, President (4). GRIFFIN, WILLIAM CRANE Roanoke Rapids N.C.P.A. (1. 2. 3. 4i. A.Ph.A. 12. 3. 4), Pharmacy Senate (1, 2. 3. 41. Recorder in. Sigma JVu. ASHWORTH, RALPH HILLIARD Fuquay Springs N.C.P.A. (1. 2. 3. 4). Orientation Counselor in. (lass president (2), Men ' s Council (4), Kappa Psi, Secretary (3). BRADSHAW, EDWARD EITHER, Jr Kinston Kappa Psi. BRl MMIT ' I . Rl rSSELL ELLIOTT Henderson HARGETT, CHRISTOPHER BARKER Chapel Hill PAi Delta Chi, Rho Chi. HEATH, RICHARD VESTON Cove City N.C.P.A. (2, 3, 4), A.Ph.A. (4). B.S.U. Council i. ' i, n. HIGDON. MILTON LEE Franklin CREF.KMORE, RAYMOND LEE Whiteville N.C.P. . i 1, 2. :i. 4), Phi Delta Chi. DFVER. ROBERT JAMES Greensboro N.C.P. . il. 2. 3, 41. A.Ph.A. (2. 8, I). DUNLAP, HENRY HUNTER, Jr Durham l ' l,i Delta Chi. HILL, JONATHAN ADONERAN Troutmans N.C.P.A. il, 2. 3. 4), A. l ' h. A. 13. 41. Dorm Social Chairman (3. 4). B.S.U. Council (1. 2, 3, 41, Glee Club (2i. Rho Chi. HINES, ROBERT MILTON Charlotte N.C.P.A. (2. 3, 4i. A.Ph.A. (4), B.S.U. Council (3, 4). HOBOWSKY. FREDA MOLLIE Scotland Neck N C.P.A. (1. 2, 3. li. Secretary in. A.Ph.A. (1, 2. 8, n. Secretary (4). P.G.A. (1, 2. 3. 4i. Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 41. Class Secretary (3i. Hillel Cabinet. Library Chairman 121. Kappa Epsilon, Historian (2), Pledge Mistress 3i. Vice-President (41. o It •w ! l-v ■£ - H " i rr ve " r rtV ? Pharmacy HOWARD, JULIUS FRANCIS Wilmington X.C.P.A. (1, ii. A. I ' ll. A. in. Phi Delta Chi, Secretary (8. 4i. JENKINS, WALTER INGRAM, Jr Biscoe N.C.P.A. il. 2. :i. II. Treasurer (4), Class Vice-President (4), Kappa JOSEY, CHARLES WILLIAM Maiden N.C.P.A. il. 2, 3, ii. A. I ' ll. A. (i, 2. :i, D. Phi Delta Chi, Officer ( -J. 3. ii. MEBANE, ALFRED HOLT, III Jackson Heights, N. Y. N.C.P.A. (1. 2, 3, 4). A.Pli.A. (3, 11. V.M.C.A. II. 2. :i. II. D.S.P. Club (3. 4). Class Vice-President 11 i. President (31. Student Legisla- ture {11. Pharmacy Senate (1. 2, 3, I). Recorder. President. Card- board 13. II. Kappa Psi, Vice-President, Historian. MILLS. JOHN EDWARD Cliffside N.C.P.A. il. 2. 3. 41. President. A.Pli.A. (2. :i. n. President, Kappa NEEDHAM, BILLY WRIGHT Pilot M,.unt.un N.C.P.A. (1. 2. 3. 4), A.Pli.A. in. Kappa Psi. NORRIS. CHARLES ALLAN Fuquay Springs N.C.P.A. (1. 2, 3, 4), A.Pli.A. Ci. Ii. Card Board (2), V.M.C.A. (1). PORTER, ERNEST, JR Concord N.C.P.A. (1. 2. 3. 41. A. Ph. A. (3, 4). RHOADES. JERRY DELANO Robbins N.C.P.A.. Vice-President. Class President (3). Kappa Psi. ROBINSON, JAMES CLACK, JR Littleton N.C.P.A. (1. 2. 3, 4. 5). V.M.C.A. (1. 21. A.Pli.A (3, 4. : I . Orientation Counselor (5), Class President (31. Pharmacy School, Vice-President (Ii. President (. " ). Kappa Psi. President (5). SCHAEFER, BROWNIE DICKSON Asheville N.C.P.A. (I. 2, 3, I). A.Pli.A. (2, . ' 1. 4). B.S.U. (2. 3. 4). Vice-President SEABOCK. R( (BERT LEE Durham SHOL ' SE, W. DARLE Rural Hall N.C.P.A. (l. 2, 3. 4). Band (l. 2. 3), Pharmacy School. Vice-President (li. Kappa ' si. Treasurer (41. Rita Chi. Vice President (4). SHl ' FORD, GRADY WATTERSON Forest City Kappa Psi. SIGMON. Rl ' SSELL GRADY, JR Conoyer SISK, WILLIAM TAYLOR Asheyille SMITH, RICHARD HENRY LEE Greensboro SWAN, WILLIAM JAY Andrews Phi Delta (hi. TROSPER, EDITH WOODY Greensboro N.C.P.A. (2. 3. 4). A.Ph.A. (2, 3. 41. Pharmacy Senate (21. Secretary Treasurer (3, 41, Canterbury Club (2. 3, 4). Kappa Epsilan. .7... i In. Secretary-Treasurer (4). Pharmacy Senate The Pharmacy Senate was founded at the University in 1940. Membership is limited to thirty members from the School of Pharmacy. The purposes are to stimulate and increase knowledge and appreciation for the profession of Pharmacy, to promote inter- class co-operation within the school, and to teach public speaking as a foundation for future leader- ship. Officers this year were: President, Art Schlagel; Secretary-Treasurer, Edith Trosper; Recorder, Bill Griffin; Parliamentarian, Bill McDonald; Reporter. Don Miller. First Ron-, left to right: John Ba ringer, Ernest Carrawav, Hem Dunlap. Second Rout Jerry Ha rington. Van King, Steve Morri James O ' Daniel. , O p £ fomMdhd , fin i p p » Third Year Pharmacy F cf Row; Baker, Ernestine, Kappa Epsilon. High Point; Ball, Harold Lee, Kappa Psi. Mars Hill; Barbour, Joseph Parker, Bur- lington; Barringer, John Marshall, Carthage; Cameron, Marcus, Phi Delta Chi, Sanford; Clay, Albert Sidney, Oxford; Coleman, Robert Astor, K.ipp.i Pi:. Burlington. Second Row: Coley. Walter N., Stem; Doyle, Lewis B., Jr., K.ipp.i Psi. Roanoke Rapids; Edmundson, Edwin W., Pinetops; Gardner, Ellyn Marie. Gibson; Graham. Henry Meill. Albemarle; Harrell. Wiley Cleveland, Kappa Psi, Virginia Beach, Va; Issac, Douglas Woodrow, Marion. Third Ron: Jackson, Sara Alice, Chi Omega, Lumberton; Kendrick. Melvin C, Chapel Hill; King, Van Hill. Ill, Kappa Psi, Wilming- ton; Lowdcr. James Franklin, Kappa Psi. Albemarle; McDonald. William Russell, III, Phi Delta Chi. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Hick- ory; Meares, James Frederick, K.ipp.i Ps, Porter, Phi Delia Chi. Murphy. Wilson; Meroney. Carl Fourth Ron-: Miller, Reinhold Ernest, High Point; Morris, Stephen Carroll, Phi Delta Chi. Four Oaks; Perkins, Lionel Parker, Jr., Kappa Psi. South Boston, Va. ; Polk. John Wayne, Kappa Psi. Marshville; Roberts, Stephen Burgin, Marshall; Rollins, Stuart W ' ingo. Kappa Psi. Winston-Salem; Schell, Joanne Eileen. Kappa Epsilon. Wilmington. Fifth Row: Schlagel. Arthur Port. Phi Delta Chi. Chapel Hill; Sherrill, Fred Lee, Jr., Phi Delta Chi. Conover; Sloop, Roger H.. Kappa Psi. North NX ' ilkesboro; Street, James Thomas, Roxboro; L ' pchurch, Julian Emmett, Kappa Psi. Spring Hope; Wilson. loseph Helsabeck. Phi Delta Chi. Rural Hall ; ' Woodard. Nana M, Kappa Epsilon. Hamlet. I .1] p P p Q ? Q P P P iP P © 9 ft ft I i i±£i mMdi £ SSL P (? J? (? P P P £ P Q tf tf I ! i Second Year Pharmacy First Ron: Andrews, Gaston Leroy, Jr., Robersonville; Barefoot, Loretta Jean, Ashe illc; Barger, Charles Glenn, Huk ory; Beale, GarlanJ Wood, |r.. Kappa Psi, Patecasi; Bullock, Benjamin Walter, Crecdmuor; Bumgardner, Shirley W., West Jefferson; Butler, lames Gene, Phi Delta Chi Morganton; Butler. Robert Dean, Morganton; Carraway, Ernest Leroy, Jr., Kapp.i Pu. Williamston. Second Run: Carter, Lee Chandler, Garland; Carter, Lewis Harold, Kelford; Courts. Ben Carter, Reidsville; Crumpler, Wilbur Aubrey, Roseboro ; Denny, Keith Earl, K.ipp.i Psi. Pilot Mountain; E ans. Dallas Mason, K.ippj Psi, Green- ville; Foster, Robert William, Greensboro; Freeman, Pete Delon, Kappa Pu. Asheboro ; Hall, Homer Glenn, Jr., Siler City. Third Row: Harrell, Ollie Cecil, Colerain; Harrington, Gerald Kelly, Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Sanford; Hollowell, Aubrey E., Edenton; Huckaby, Byron Taylor, Winston-Salem; Ingram, James Thomas, Roanoke Rapids; Johnston, Rich- ard Alton, Fayetteville; Jones, Alpheus, Warrenton; Keenum, Geraldine, K.ipp.i Epsilon, Hazelsvood; Kelly, Leo Curtis. Jr., Lillington. Fourth Row: Kirby, James Thomas, Phi Delta Chi, Wilson; Lanier, Billy Worth, Buie ' s Creek; Leatherwood, Jerry Robert. Kappa Psi, Waynesville; Leonard. |ohn William. Lincolnton; Littlejohn, Rex Boone, Morganton; Mast, William Hernton, Sugar t,t.» c ; McCorkle, Mack Elmo, Kappa Pu. Durham; Miller, Donald Joseph. Kappa Pu. Raleigh; Moury, Danny Norman, Greensboro. Fifth Run: Niven, Annette Harrison, Pi Beta Phi. K.ipp.i Epsilon, Charlotte; Oakley, James Ray. Kappa Psi, Ahoskie; O ' Daniel, lames Sidney. Jr., Phi Delta Chi, Hickory; Phifcr, Fred Owen, Marshville; Pipes, Janice Lou, Asheville; Proffitt, Bill, Sherwood; Revelle, George Raleigh, Woodland; Rich, Renus Edgar, Jr., Chapel Hill; Sheek, Mary Sue, Yadkinville. Sixth Run: Smith, Alfred Gene, Elizabethtown; Smith, Joe Ephriam, Kappa Pu. Connelly Springs; Snider, Larry Glenn, Phi Delta Chi, Eagle Springs; Thomas. Harold Malcolm, Kappa Pu. Raleigh; Tyler. Jack Loyd. Sanford; Whalev. Hobart. Chapel Hill; Whitehurst, Paul Adams, Jackson; Williams, Charles Slater, Durham ; Zambito, Joseph, Goldsboro. O p Pi - P P pj c p p p p p P p o n p § e: f p c r o p p p X 4 tf M Y First Year Pharmacy F rrt Roav Adams, Challie Edward, Jr., Kannapolis; Adkins, Frank Edwin, Draper; Aldridge. Clifton Douglas, La Grange; Alexander, Benjamin Tillman, Jr., Charlotte; Austell, Ronald Lowery, Shelby; Bailey. William Brannan, High Point; Barwick, Frederick Ernest, III, Charlotte; Bostic, Russell Alton, Pink Hill; Bradley, Mary Nell, Fuquay Springs, Second Row: Buie, Wayne Melvin, Winston-Salem; Carter, Donald Kermit, Dallas; Caudle, Charles Herman. Peach- land; Chapman, Donald Kenneth, Winston-Salem; Daughtry, James David, Goldsboro; Davis. David Ramsey. Wilhamston; Dixon, James Milo, Jr., Burlington; Dutton, Gene Raymond, Hickory; Fayed, Fred Tucker. Roanoke Rapids. Third Row: Fleming, Robert Edward, |i . Rocky Mount; Fraley, Thomas Maurice, Kannapolis; Fulton, James Wade, Winston-Salem; Grady, James Robert, Kenansville; Green, Hazel Geraldine. Morrisville; Greer, James Walter, OKI Fort; Hagwood, Ray Gordon, Apex; Haney, Roy Earl, Gibson; Heath, Ivey Leinster, Jr., Cove City. Fourth Row: Hinton, Malory Hugh, Middlesex; Holding, Thomas Elford, III, Wake Forest; Hood, John David, Morgan- ton; Hundley, Keith Randall, Leaksville; Jackson, William Carlton, Lumberton ; James, Francis Duke, Mocksville; Johnson, Loretta Gray, Harrells; King, David Russell, Jr., Wallace; Marley, Joseph Perkins, Jr., Southern Pines. Luther, Marshville; Miller, Robert Edward, Jr., Wilmington; Miller, Seth George, Raleigh Owens, Thurman Quinton, Whiteville; Prevo, James Miller, Thomasville; Jr., Hillsboro; Smith, John Carroll, Elizabeth City; Snead, James Wharton, Jr., Williamston. Fifth Row: Marlow, Charles Wayne. Kannapolis; Marsh, Wilha Wilmington; Miller, f Reeves, Paul Johnson, Sixth Row: Stowe, Roger Arnold, Gastonia; Wall, Roy Murray. Carrboro; Ward, Joseph Willard, Whiteville; Weil, John William, Charlotte; Williamson, Harold Everette, Sims; Winstead, Druie Daniel, Elm City. PAGE 405 SUPS anil ADS TOM SPAIN Business Manager JAY ZIMMERMAN Assistant Business Manager I y PUT A rui m Smile i n you iTm£ ' Sftiokinq m ..LIKE LEO DUROCHER % ' G B IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD_ 7 CHESTERFIELD 7 % You ' ll smile your approval of Chesterfield ' s smoothness— mildness— refreshing taste. You ' ll smile your approval of Chesterfield ' s quality— highest quality— low nicotine. NO CIGARETTE ffi ftfe LIKE CHESTERFIELD Continuous Quality Durham Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Durham, N. C. FOR NEWSPAPER SERVICE, DIAL CHAPEL HILL 9-7811 or 8-0456 L onaratuiations to the L-taSS of 1955 FROM THE Burijam jHormng fteralb DAILY AND SUNDAY AND THE DURHAM SUN EVENING Chapel Hill ' s FAVORITE Daily Newspapers The Herald-Sun Papers and Durham ' s CBS Stations WDNC and WDNC-FM Are Affiliated DILLON SUPPLY COMPANY Mill — Industrial and Contractors Supplies Plumbing and Heating Equipment Industrial and Home Water Systems Irrigation — Sawmill Equipment GENERAL SUPPLIERS FOR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS Raleigh — Durham — Rocky Mount Goldsboro Foisters Camera Store, Inc. Photographic Supplier for the Professional and Amateur Photographer CHAPEL HILL, N. C. The BOB COX Finest in Mens Cloth i n g NK JENNINGS MC M m A U J|m N S I C w D S P N M- Y O E R W T S WC H L 1360 ON YOUR DIAL Chapel Hill S THE UNIVERSITY PRINTERY " HANK " HARRINGTON East Franklin Street Chapel Hill UNIVERSITY NATIONAL BANK MEMBER Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Congratulations to the Class of 1 955 Pepsi -Cola Bottling Company Durham — Burlington •J t . s WHEN VISITING CHAPEL HILL REMEMBER University Lodge Is Carolina ' s Finest Motel AND FOR STEAKS AND SEAFOODS AT THEIR VERY BEST, IT ' S The Pines HIGHWAY 54 EAST CHAPEL HILL UNIVERSITY FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP 124 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill THE CAROLINA THEATER Appreciates Your Patronage • NORTH CAROLINA THEATERS, INC. f $Q C?I Durham ' s Best Store Since 1885 The shopping center for representative Eastern and Piedmont Carolina women who demand the best in fashion and quality. MAIN STREET — DURHAM, N.C. THE KING COTTON Greensboro ' s Finest Hotel HAYWOOD DUKE, Manager 5 Thanking you for your patronage WENTWORTH j . SLOAN JEWELERS i L omplimenti of FITCH LUMBER COMPANY The BANK OF CHAPEL HILL CHAPEL HILL GLENN LENNOX CARRBORO Clyde Eubanks _. President W. E. Thompson Executive Vice-Pres. Collier Cobb, Jr. Chairman of Board J. Temple Gobbel Cashier W. R. Cherry Asst. Cashier Serving the University Community Since 1 899 MEMBER F.D.I.C. Compliments of THE VARSITY THEATER SMITH-PREVOST CLEANERS Ill E3 £ u i 1 i J — « ■• M [ -c- 1 lc B 4 ■ I ' W fl x " JP fjt INT W3V 1 1 I (JM | 1 fe cJLittle 2) no, r Headquarters for Carolina Coeds % v s ff m The Sign Of Quality Printing In Chapel Hill Colonial $re££ Compliments of THE PORTRAITS IN THIS YEARBOOK WERE MADE BY SMITH STUDIO otoarapkeM OFFICIAL PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE " 7955 YACKETY YACK " 12 EAST HARGETT STREET RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA DAIRY PRODUCTS The Corner Hangout . . . For Prescriptions For Fountain Service SLOAN DRUG CO. On the Corner Across from Theater Congratulations TO ANOTHER GRADUATING CLASS CAROLINA BARBER SHOP ' Since 1903 ' COVERS BY KINGSKRAFT KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE TYLER S ESSO SERVICENTER West Franklin at Church Phone 2221 WATTS GRILL AND MOTOR COURT Accommodations for Dinner Parties PITTSBORO HIGHWAY PHONE 9-5886 SUTTONS Walgreen Agency DRUG STORE " The Tar Heel ' s Drug Center and Prescription Shop " COSMETICS, SCHOOL SUPPLIES, FOUNTAIN SERVICE AND GIFTS • Phone 9-878 " I III ii A I IISKI I I I It imported and domestic • WINES • BEER • ALE • PIZZA PIES • FUN FOR ALL CHOICE CHARCOALED STEAKS . . . for those who care enough . THE RANCH HOI SI AIRPORT ROAD University Cleaners SANITONE CLEANING — PRESSING Chapel Hill, N. C. Plant Phone 9-1901 — Office Phone 4921 Corr pliments of II AldUS-TOWl I5S Chevrolet Sales and Service ' ■JHf 1 dtiigjTgur 501 W. Franklin St.— Chapel Hill, N. C. STATIONERY— GIFTS SCHOOL SUPPLIES Ledbetter-Pickard Chapel Hill CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 55 " The Dairy Store " West Franklin Street CHAPEL HILL • » DURHAM ROXBORO PAGE 423 wm Wp RECORDS AND HIGH FIDELITY EQUIPMENT 207 East Franklin Street — Phone 5396 CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA Here ' s a Bird You ' ll Want to Know! T Graduate to Greater Food Savings At Your Friendly COLONIAL STORES Chapel Hill, N. C. yjtenvi l ennox APARTMENTS AND SHOPPING :enter CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1955 RIGGSBEE-HINSON Furniture Company Home of Beauty-Rest Mattresses Hotpoint Appliances Main Street Carrboro, N. C. Phone 5821 Outfitters for the Entire Family Since 1914 BERMANS Department Store Arrow Shirts — Crosby Square Shoes Sampsonite Luggage Wherever You Go Whatever You Do Good books are as close as your nearest mailbox THE INTIMATE BOOKSHOP 205 E. Franklin Street The Carolina Inn — Hosts for rhe University on all occasions Operating a Dining Room and The Carolina Inn Ca km. T r i It ' s PACE N GLEN LENNOX For the Finest in Furniture and Accessories Compliments of the E. A. BROWN Furniture and Electrical Appliance COMPANY Phone 7121 1 06 W. Rosemary St., Next to City Hall PETE AND SPERO SAY: JOIN THE CROWDS at the GOODY SHOP Best Wishes Class of 1955 JULIAN ' S COLLEGE SHOP MAURICE JULIAN ' 38 TAR HEEL CLEANERS West Franklin Street Pick-up and Delivery Service Telephone 9-1461 HATHAM LANKETS MERICA with BLANKETS that are famous in North Carolina and the whole 48 states. WOMEN ' S AND MEN ' S APPAREL FABRICS that are distinguished for their quality and design. AUTOMOTIVE FABRICS that you see in today ' s finest cars. CHATHAM MANUFACTURING COMPANY MILLS AT ELKIN, CHARLOTTE, SPRAY IN NORTH CAROLINA Greetings To All The Friends Of The Yackety Yack • KlaMMfr of Durham TO THE GRADUATING CLASS . . . OUR VERY BEST WISHES HOWARD JOHXSOVS f ES TA VRA A T T ON THE DURHAM ROAD The Orange Printshop Printers to THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA for over 30 years Box 1249 Phone 3781 For All Your Electrical Needs Electric Construction Company Since 1935 Just Off The Campus 165 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill g-fcj-n- ' Is LASSITER CORPORATION CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA C4l0Ol lAwilCiUh liotu IND Administration 280 Advertisements 406 Air Force ROTC 213 Baptist Student Union 96 Beauty Section 228 Cardboard, The 277 Carolina Forum 74 Carolina Playmakers 100 Carolina Political Union 107 Carolina Quarterly 84 Cheerleaders 276 Consolidated University Student Council 73 Cosmopolitan Club 97 Daily Tar Heel 80 Debate Council 75 Dental Hygiene 373 Dentistry, School of 366 Dialectic Senate 104 Fraternities 158 Freshman Class 355 German Club 152 Graduate School 374 Graham Memorial 68 Hillel Foundation 92 Honoraries 110 Independent Women ' s Council 84 Interfraternity Council 156 Introduction 2 Junior Class 328 Law, School of 376 Medicine, School of 382 Men ' s Glee Club 99 Men ' s Honor Council 66 Men ' s Interdormitory Council 67 Monogram Club 278 Moods 40 EX National Student Association 106 Naval ROTC 221 Newman Club 97 N. C. State Student Legislature 107 Nursing, School of 388 Orientation Committee 85 Panhellenic Council 138 Pharmacy, School of 397 Philanthropic Assembly 105 Press Club 101 Profiles 22 Public Health, School of 394 Publications Board 73 Senior Class 290 Social Orders 206 Sophomore Class 345 Sororities 139 Splash Club 101 Sports 242 Spurgeon Dental Society 368 Student Council 72 Student Government 60 Student Legislature 63 Tarnation 82 UNC Band 86 LIniversity Club 87 LIniversity Dance Committee 102 LIniversity Party 88 Wesley Foundation 93 Women ' s Glee Club 98 Women ' s Honor Council 64 Women ' s Residence Council 65 Yackety Yack 78 YMCA 90 Young Democrat ' s Club 89 VWCA 94 $ % ' ¥ • ■ ■■- Us aw - " ' ••■ ' i rv i ' j •w

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