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9 5 4 wmmmmmmmmmmmmili mmi Mmiiam iinniiiiiiai yoekety yae C6e ILiOtarp of ti e Slnitict0itp of Jl3ottl) Catolina Collection of i|2ott5 Caroliniana tlT td booH toast fttsmttb bv S4 ci.a. UNIVERSITY OF NC AT CHAPEL HILL 00015556514 This book may be kept out one month unless a recall notice is sent to you. It must be brought to the North Carolina Collection (in Wilson Library) for renewal. MAR 1 2001 Pase 1 1954 1bckeli| Yack PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL, N. C. Editor- ' ni-Chief LIB MOORE Business Manager RUSS COWELL ;» 4F-: " . 1 : ' 2 ' 0 w «» »» ' % ' - 5% . A rs ' j i. g ' v- k ii n: . pC f - 7l ' l r : 1%. t ¥ m - € , . - . .. • • • dmi mM. . . .ja c 1 ' h, m-4i. felii HI II. JTOKM i EU8ANK5 . ' fio RU G ' i A — jV ' , ' ■« ■ — , • • • Page 8 i! T . n a . • a I fi n MlV fi.-. ' .Ml TTTT t (9(My mmia • • • •■; mikm: ■ : «» -.- ' fe li i. . 1 v • ' li • • - ' jjjg- ' :.; : . ' ' " ::- .m " ■■•- •;, . ' ' .V ji iSV P - ' iS " mf. .. mf a m % ' Page 1? 9Ud t - ;- « h ;4 m m i mpcm -TM W -v- ;- % ' -r N ;s ' ;;j?;;.. »►- fc ' -- ' -. C3££; gl mwiydUe Jc • • • IB M the rare romantic quality of the atmcisphcre, the prodigal opulence of Spring- time, thick with flowers and drenched in a fragrant warmth of green shimmering light . . . . . .- • • •• GLEE CLUBS Page 20 CLASS POLITICS ATHLETIC TEAMS FRATERNITIES DEBATING SOCIETIES AND DRAMATIC CLUBS Page 22 that long line of men at Carolina who through the years have caught, preserved, and transmitted the " spirit of the humanities " . . . who were teachers in the true sense of the word . . . whose influence was formative, not merely informative . . . who gave friendship, understanding, and ideas as well as facts. Thus we recognize, from the many at Carolina, Preston H. Epps, Claiborne S. Jones, Samuel B. Knight, William H. Poteat. Harry K. Russell, and Weaker S. Spearman. William H. Poteat Harrv K. Rlssell Walter S. Spearman Journalism Page 23 Page 24 A ' ADMINISTRATION ... 26 STUDENT GOVERNMENT CLASSES ... 54 AROTC ... 195 NROTC ... 203 STUDENT LIFE . . . 209 ATHLETICS ... 218 ACTIVITIES . . . 264 HONORARIES . . . 294 BEAUTIES . . . .324 GREEKS ... 340 ADS ... 410 i " ' ' -V.I Si i fnn r 34 r Page 25 ad THE PRESIDENT THE ADMINISTRATION DEANS Page 26 ninistration DON GRAY President THE CONSOLIDATFD UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Chancellor THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL Vice-President and Controller THE CONSOLIDATED UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA I ' jiic 2 ' Claude E. Teague Assistant Controller and Business Manager Charles M. Shaffer Assistant to the Chancellor in the Field of Development Fred H. Weaver Dean of Students William C. Friday Assistant to the President Roy W. Armstrong Director o Admissions Edwin S. Lanier Director, Central Office of Records Katherine K. Carmichael Dean of Women UOY W. HOLSTEN Asshtanl Dean of Students Ray L. Jefferies, Jr. Assistant to the Dean of Students Ernest L. Mackie ' )ean of Student Awards and Distinctions CORYDON P. SPRUILL Dean of the General College Clifford P. Lyons Dean oi the College of Arts and Sciences I HOMAs H. Carroll Oeji: of the Scboul of Biisiitai AiJm )i sti ilioii Gly B. Phillips oj the School oj Ediic.niu " i NORVAL N. LL ' XON DtiU: oj the School oj Journalism William X ' . Pierson P, :•■ ■ ■■ ,. Gr.idu. lie School Henry P. Brandis, Jr. De.iii oi the School of L.:u SusAK Grey Akers Dun of the School of Li ji.iry Science Elizabeth L, Kemble De.ti: of the School of Nursing Edvcard a. Brecht Dejii of the School of Phjinuicy John C. Brauer Dean of the School of Denlhlry WZM Walter R. Berryhill P . .; ,:-- the School of Medicine Edward G. McGavran D..v: .. ih. School of Public He.illh Arthur E. Fink of the School of W " Student Government Baxter Miller Vice-President Jerry Cook Secie .iry-Tieasurei Jack Stilwell Attorney General STUDENT GOVERNMENT First Row, left to right: Lou Wolfsheimer, Betty Otto Anderson, Raleigh Tillman, Gordon Battle. Second Row, left to right: Jack Stilwell, Bob Farrell, Walt McFall, Phin Horton, Martin Jordan, Ed McCurry. Student Government is one of the prides of Carolina. Based on the HonorCode and Campus Code — the Student Government manages to match the hberaUty of the University with the acceptance of responsibility on an individual basis. Here student government has come to be known not by the mechanics of organization but by the fact that all students have a voice in determining the manner in which student activities shall be operated to such an extent that we have attained an enviable position among college student bodies. Historically, Student Government had its beginnings in the halls of the Di and Phi. As new powers evolved, our Student Government took the form of our national and state govern- ments with three branches: executive, legislative and judicial. Page 36 It has been the aim o£ our student government to attempt to solve some of the problems confronting the student in the course of his college career. Chief functions of student officers through the years have been to establish the orientation of entering students, to make the students conscious of all phases of their government, to account for the expenditure of student fees, and to hear reported violations of the Honor System. Today nearly all phases of student life at the University, among them publications, social life, and many student organizations, are controlled by the students themselves to make an unexcelled student government. This year under the Gorham administration student government has been at one of its heights of success. Through President Gorham ' s guidance and the cooperation on the part of all those associated with the mechanics of student government, the problems of the year, including the Saturday class issue, the reorganization of the Consolidated University Student Council, the evaluation of the Honor System, and the improvement in the structure of the Orientation Committee, have been inspected. After the spring controversy concerning the National Students ' Association, the organization has been reorganized here at Carolina and is now more active than before. A main point in this year ' s administration was the reorganization of student government. Various branches were brought closer together, and thus efficiency was increased. Many new positions in student government were opened to interested students, and consequently the previous lack of interest in the running of student government has been greatly reduced. And so the 1933-1954 administration is another step insuring the long and progressive growth of Student Government here at Carolina. STLIDENT GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE HEADS Sealed, left to right; Martha Bridger, Tom Creasy, ' Reen Norris. Standing, left to right: Pete Adams, Wade Matthews, Harry Pearsall. Not Pictured: Jim Buyer, Bob Glenn, Dusty Lamson, Ken Penegar. Student Council The Student Council here at Carolina could be called the Supreme Court of the Student Govern- ment system under which we carry on the various activities of our student community. To it falls the responsibility of regulating the application of the Honor and Campus Codes, and particularly the guarantee of justice to every individual. Actually, the Council serves as a referee for the system of government for student life in Chapel Hill and functions as the protector of rights of all the students. The Council has original jurisdiction in all cases involving the constitutionality of any action of the Student Legislature or any other of the agencies of Student Government. The court reviews petitions of appeal by any student if he or she feels that the Men ' s Honor Council, the Women ' s Honor Council, the Dance Committee, the Interfraternity Council, the Dental School Court, the Medical School Court, the Law School Honor Court, or the Interdormitory Council Court has denied him or her any of the rights guaranteed to the individual under our Student Con- stitution or the State or Federal Constitutions. It further attempts to see that there are uniform ju- dicial procedures in all the student courts. The Council is composed of nine people, three selected by the men, three by the women, and three by the student body at large. The chairman is elected by and from the council membership and serves for a period of one year. To preserve and improve the Honor System and our Student Government under which we live is the primary objective of the Student Council of the University of North Carolina. STUDENT COUNCIL Seated, left to right: Mase Chapin; Jim Adams, Chairman; Jane Bern ' hil Standing: Eddie Gross, Lois Collins, Bill Ruffin, Henry Lowet. Clerk; Elinor Wrenn. Page 38 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Left to right: Jack Stilwell. Nancy Ger- lach, Anita Anderson, Joel Fleishman. Jim Turner, Manning Muntzing, Don Geiger, Gordon Forester. Seated: Baxter Miller. Student Legislature The Student Legislature is today the supreme legislative body in Carolina ' s student government. Since its inception in 1938, it has met on Thursday nights to deliberate and argue the various campus issues and make the campus laws. It is here that the campus statesmen of the political parties rage back and forth in the contentions of campus politics. Here, in the fifty members of legislature elected from districts all over the campus in annual fail and spring elections, lies the basis of the hundreds of activities of student government. The legislature is presided over by the Vice-President of the Student Body. It is organized into various committees, in- cluding the infamous co-ed affairs committee. Officers for this year are: Baxter Miller, President; Joel Fleishman, Parliamentarian; Don Geiger, Speak- er Protem; Anita Anderson, Clerk; and Mac Morris, Sergeant-at-Arms. student legislatu-re First Row, left to right: Baxter Miller, Gerald C. Parker, Frank Piatt, Janice Jurczak, Nancy Gerlach, Julia Shields, Anita Anderson, John Ingle, George McKinney, Jack Stevens, Jack Stilwell. Second Row: Don Geiger, Jim Turner, Da e Burrows, Jon Ammons, Manning Muntzing, Alyce Chapman. Ray Long, Jodie Desmond, Reuben Leonard, Carolynn Little. Bob Eberle. Joel Fleishman. Third Row: Mac Morris, Charlie Wolf. Bill Brown, Beverly Webb, Bob Grimes, Lionel Perkins, Pete Adams, Tom Shores. Harrison Dunlop. Louie Cody, Lynn Chandler. Fourth Row: Walter D. Gurley, Jr., Gilbert B. Ragland, Gordon Forester, Carlos Surratt, Bob Farrell, George Whiteside. Phin Horton, III. Gordon Battle. Ed McCurrv, Ir.. Burt Veazey. 16 f WOMEN S HONOR COUNCIL Seated, left to right: Mary Fran Allsbrook, Mary Kit Myers. Chairman; Marilyn Habel. Standing: Lillian Youngs, Pat Smith, Sara Rose, Carolyn Johnson, Naney Shaw. Women ' s Honor Council The Women ' s Honor Council is the judicial brancii of the coed-self-government, working parallel to the Men ' s Council. All cases involving violations of the Honor Code and Campus Code by women students have original jurisdiction in this council. The Women ' s Council also acts as appellate court of House Council decisions. Each year the Council leads the orientation of women students in the Honor System and Campus Code, instructing entering coeds in the origin and meaning of these standards. Elected by the women students, the Council is composed of four juniors, three seniors, one graduate student, and one woman student at large. The Women ' s Council is an important phase of student government, functioning under the tradition of the University — " To do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with Thy God. " Page 40 WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE COUNCIL Finl Row, left !o right: Nancy Murray, Mary Dorsett. Jean Ratliff, Jo Ann Pinnell, Anne C. Benton. Second Row: Bernie Hilleman; Mary Jane Bumpous; Betty Otto Anderson, Chairman; Betsy Clarke; Marcia Zachary. Third Row: Bette Davis, Babs Whittington, Lillian Youngs, Mary L. Camp, Kit Wallace, Ruth Jones, Louise Coffey, Carroll Butts, Gloria Huss. Women ' s Residence Council The Women ' s Residence Council is the Adminis- trative body of Coed Self-Government. Composed of dormitory presidents, sorority house managers, an additional representative from each dormitory, and a representative from the Nursing School, this group coordinates and links all Coed Administration to the office of the Dean of Women and works with them in regulating dormitory life. Women ' s Residence Council was incorporated in the spring of 1932. Its functions include: the inter- pretation of social rules and dormitory regulations, the recommendation of changes in regulations affect- ing women students, discussion of any problems which may arise in dormitory living, the choosing of a May Day Chairman and the head of Orientation for Women Students, and the publication of the Women ' s Handbook. Special projects for the year were the completion of a Constitution, and the editing of a President ' s Handbook. Page 41 Men ' s Honor Council The Men ' s Honor Council, acting under the Student Constitution, has original jurisidiction in all cases of violations of the Honor Code and the Campus Code. As violations of Campus Law are not by their nature in a codified form, the Men ' s Council, by application of the criteria of honor and of gentle- manly conduct, defines the application and the extent of Campus Law. Along with the duty of upholding Campus Law by hearing cases, the Men ' s Council also has the responsibility of orienting new students to our system and of keeping the system in front of the campus at all times. In the heirarchy of our court system the Men ' s Council has functions parallel to the Women ' s Council and is subordinate to the Student Council, our " Supreme Court. ' The Men ' s Council is composed of three seniors, three juniors, two sophomores, one freshman, one pharmacy student, and one graduate student. MENS HONOR COUNCIL Seated, left to right: Gene Hackney; Art Einstein; George McLeod, Chairman; Herbert Browne; Rod Hood. Standing, left to right: Scottj- Hester, Bill Patterson, Osborne Lee, Jr., Ed McCurry, Jr., Osborne Ayscue, Jr., Lucius Pullen. Page 42 Publications Board The Publications Board was established a little over twenty-five years ago. It was formed to insure orderly supervision of the business part of campus publications. The Board does not exert any influence whatsoever over the editorial policies of the publi- cations. The Publications Board would not be pluralized if it had one less publication under its jurisdiction. It is responsible for the financial supervision of The Daily Tar Heel and the Yackety Yack. The Board negotiates contracts, approves editorial appointments and appointments to salaried positions, grants money for wire-services and equipment and gives advice in financial matters to the publications. The Board has representatives from the classes, the Student Legislature, and the faculty. It also has plans; im- provement and prosperity ' are the aims of the Pub- lications Board. PUBLICATIONS BOARD Seated, left to right: J. L. Morrison. Facult) ' Advisor; Joe Raff. Chairman; Jimmy Turner. St.viding: Ed Starnes, Louis Kraar, Tommy Peacock. Not Pictured: L. M. Pollander. ' Faculty Advisor. Page 43 Men ' s Interdormitory Council The Interdormitory Council, which represents approxim ately 3,000 men living in the University ' s nineteen dormitories, exists to promote and maintain an efficient system of student government in the University residence halls, to aid a fraternal relation- ship among dormitory dwellers, and to foster a wholesome program of social activities for the men under its jurisdiction. The Council is composed of the presidents and I.D.C. representatives elected from each dorm, plus four hold-over officers, president, vice-president, sec- retary, treasurer, and a judicial court chairman. It is through these men that the other dormitory resi- dents are informed as to the policies, activities, etc. of dormitory government. Within the organization is the judicial court which handles all cases of violations of dormitory conduct regulations and judicial matters affecting the resi- dence halls. The court is empowered to give de- cisions ranging from official reprimands to suspen- sions from the residence halls. The activities of the Council include active co- operation and participation in almost all campus projects such as Campus Chest, open houses in the dorms on football week-ends, and social events MENS INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL First Row, left to right: Gerald C. Parker, Carl Gregory, Jim Skidmore, David L. Whitaker, Clyde Smith, Jr., Manning Muntzing, Bob Brawley, Lyle Davis. Second Roiv: Joe Woody, Jame,s Moore, Richard Haywood, Billy J. Woosley, Bernie Theiling, Gerald King, Ray Showfety, Steve Franks. Third Row: Bob Barlowe, Walter Gurley, President; Stephen Canley, Jr., Robert L. Elder, Ernest Castillo, III, Gilbert G, Ra,£?land, Eugene Daniels, Don Fowler, Robert S. Colbert, Don Scott, Thomas G. Nail. Fourth Rotv: Doyle Medders, Jim Walsh, Richard A. Boyd, Bill Graham, Bobby Brown, Elbert N. Herring, Bob Bryan, W. Bruce Holt, Jr., Mac Morris, John D. Hallett. IDC OFFICERS Top Row, left to right: Bob Barlowe, Treasurer Gene Kaine, Court Chairman Walt Giirley, President Second Ron : Gerald King, Secretary Gerald Parker, Vice-President Ray Showfety, Publicity Chairman COUNCIL COURT First Row. left to right: Jim Skidmore Robert Elder Gene Kaine Second Rotv: David Whitaker Don Scott Martin Rhoeder Bob Brawley in the dormitory social rooms, faculty-student discussions, and greater relation- ships between men and women on campus. The biggest social endeavor of the Council each year is the interdorm dance week-end, which offers opportunity for enjoyment in dancing and concert entertainment. It is hoped that through this organization of dormitory government the incoming students each year will be thoroughly indoctrinated in the ways and traditions of the dormitories and that this orientation will serve to help them become better campus citizens. Once newcomers are integrated in the campus life of Carolina, h is the will and purpose of the I.D.C. to meet their needs in the way of serving as a voice for their feelings and attitudes to the administra- tion of the University and in turn to convey policies and procedures to them from the proper places. Page 45 Grah Graham Memorial — the student union, heart of student extra- curricular life, a place of warm hospitality, and a symbol of home. The name evokes pleasant memories — of a great North Carolina family of educators and statesmen — of 22 years of service to the university as " the students ' building " — of the continuing growth of the student self-government tradition at Chapel Hill. There are typical events to be remembered — the open-house parties, " combo " nights, recorded classical concerts, dancing in the Rendezvous Room. And there are the nights of tension as student political figures nervously stalk the halls while the votes are being counted upstairs. But, in addition, this year has been characterized by a clean-up effort in Graham Memorial. The accumulated debris of a decade was trucked away. The main lounge was restored to its original beauty; perhaps it is now more beautiful than ever before. Reforms have been apparent on every level of operation. The present director of Graham Memorial has looked to the restoration and reclamation of existing facilities, as well as to realization of a new building within " this student generation. " Student Union Activities Board A newcomer to the campus constellation of action groups, SUAB has already proved that it can perform. Its activity is centered in the area of the Student Union program, and its chief purpose is to assist the Director and his staff in planning and executing a suitable schedule of events. To this end, SUAB, with its officers and numerous committees, is admirably suited. Each committee group concerns itself with a specific subject (tournaments, fora, etc.) and their collective efforts are integrated by an executive committee. A movie series (especially successful this year), an " open house, " and a campus " variety show " have highlighted the SUAB ententainment endeavors. Nancy Horne President Student Union Activities Board STUDENT UNION ACTIVITIES BOARD Firsi Row. left to right: Anne Forsythe, Anne Turlington, Ellen Wood, Dusty Lamson. Second Row: Lewis Brumfield, Kit Wallace, Nancy Horne, Anne Bell, Jack Markham. Third Row: Lew Sherman, David Reid, Nancy Davis, Joel Fleishman, Nancy Murray, Kirk Kynoch, Frank McCain, Ernie Bumgarner. Page 46 s [emorial There have been evidences also of a new spirit, a heightened in- terest, throughout the Graham Memorial organization. The Board of Directors appropriated a record-breaking $11,900 for the main lounge alterations alone. And there have been as- sists from friends outside the or- ganization proper. The Student Legislature appropriated $2,000 to serve as a supplementary en- tertainment fund, and the University consented to make substantial repairs and improve- ments to the building amount- ing to several thousand dollars. GRAHAM MEMORIAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS Sealed, left lo right: E. J. Woodhouse, Jim Wallace, Frances Sweat, Kemp Gate. Sl.iiid iig, left lo right: Ken Penegar. Chairman; Jon Ammons. Robert Hyatt. Roy W. Holsten, J. M. Saunders, William M. Cochrane. Jim Wallace ' )■ of Memo CRAIIAM Mi Ml KIAL STAFF Se.iied, left to right: Jack X ilson, Jim Mclntyre, Jim Wallace. Mrs. Fambrough. Standing, left to right: Dusty Lamson, John Campbell. Phil Carroll. Bill Powell, Melvin Brown. Vince Hoelscher. Coleman Gent ry- At the center of Graham Memorials operation, and responsible for whatever continuity it possessed this year (or any year), was the " staff. " You found that the " staff " could get you a reservation to Afghanistan (Vince Hoelscher, travel agent) , tell you the residence of a student named Joe who drives a red car (we were asked that question this year), or reserve a room for you which was already being used by three other groups at the same time. (It wasn ' t the staff ' s fault. There just wasn ' t (and isn ' t) enough room.) And if no one else knew the answers to your questions, you asked Jim Mclntyre, the assistant director (in charge of SUAB relations), Mrs. Douglas Fambrough, office manager, or Jack Wilson, maintenance supervisor. If they didn ' t know, nobody did. Page 47 Orientation Committee The Orientation Committee, capably headed by Tom Creasy and Nancy Home, guided the freshmen and new coeds through a rigorous week of learning " the Carolina Way of Life. " The committee planned tlic activities of Orientation Week throughout ihe summer and arrived in Chapel Hill a week early in order to carry out their ideas. Hats off to the Committee and all counselors and advisers for a big job well done. Tom Creasy Men ' s Orienliition Chair NanCi ' Horne Women ' s Orienl.ilion Chjii Committee: Nancy Horne, Tlielnia SouUer, Kit Wallace, Sue Ambler, Obie Lee Uoriion Forester, Bill Calvert. Bill Brown, Jim Buyer, Bill Sanders, Bob Grimes, Al Purrington, Tom Fesperman, Reuben Leonard, Stella D ' Aleo. Counselors: Jimmy Adams, Ken Anderson, Bob Aldridge, Osborne .Avscue. Karl Barklev. Bobbv Branley, Edwin Borden. Carroll Berry Marion Buie. Herb Browne, Bill Brawner, Jerry Cook, Leonard Clein, Henry Cbeney, Russ Cowell, Mason HawBeld, Jim Crouch, Max Crohn, Ed Crawford, Bob Eberle. Jack Stoughton, Bill Dameron, R. B. Fitch, Lloyd Farrar, Art Einstein, Jay Goldburg, Eddie Gauss, Allan Frucci, Bruce Gustafson, Eddie Gross, Bob Gorham, Bill Temple, Bob Hardin, Ned Hardison, " Scotty " Hester, Rollie Tillman, " Ham " Hor- fon, We«ton Houck. Fred Hutcbins. Clayton Jackson. Don Kirtz, Abbie Keyes, Martin Jordan, Harry Phillips. John Hawes, Lionel Perkins. Gene Hackney, Dan Olsen, Bennett Myers, Bernard Theiling, " Dusty " Lanison, Bob Henlev. .lim Turner. Ogburn Yates. Lou Wo ' fsheimer. Jim Winston, Carl Webb. Charlie Waters, Jimmy Warren, Jack Skin- ner. Sherwood Smith. Webb Sherrill, Jim Schenck, Jake Rountree. Charlie Rodenbough, Doug Van Noppen, Jack Stevens, Dick Spangler, Ollie Smithwick, Al Mebane, Julian Robertson, Steve Trimble, Allan Resmick, Frank Ramos, Billy Oliver, Ken Myers, Joe .Mavretic, Mann- ing Muntzing, Tommy Moore, " Toby " Haynswortli. George McLeod, Ed .McCurry, Billy McCoy, Bob Mason, Jack Markham. Jim May- iiard. Larry Madorv. Bob Litaker. Pete Barbrey, Bob Skillen. Pianz Roberts. Vardv Buckalew. Wade Coleman. Bill Ruffln, Ben Slosman. Advisers: Hari iet Hill, Nancy Murray, Carol Libby. Barbara Burgess. Connie Moore. Kit Wallace, Mary Ann Moore, Betty Lou Wanamaker, Jeanne Bunch, Joyce Nelson, Nancy Ferryman, Phyllis Forrest, Nancy Davis, lice Jones. Elinor Wrenn, Mary Ida Brown, Jane Car.sweU. Eleanor Addison, . Iarv Lee George, Celia Brown, Betty Jean Scott, Page Moore, Jane Yearley. Marv Ruth Linville, Betty Sue McDonald. Emily Cook, Mase Chapin. Mary Fran Allsbrook, Nancy Gerlach, Mary Jane Bumpous, Virginia Whitman, . nn Underwood, Caroline Trayn- bam, Cornelia Lassiter, Jean Hayes. Dodie Eisele. Mary Bascom Cook. Jodv Desmond, Sue Ambler. Ann Folger, Janice Jurczak, Len Daniel. Sara Kate Davis. Jo Ann Jones, Lois Collins, Joan Gant. Anne Bell, Janet Cornwell, Ellen Prouty, Jane Holleman, Jean Bryant, Jess Carraway, Ruth Corwin. Jane King. Dorothy McNeely. Jane Snyder. Sylvia Renshaw, Sara Usher, The counselors ' p. Page 48 Consolidated University Student Council Phe Consolidated University Stu- dent Council consists of thirty-three lelegates, el even from each of the three tranches of the Consolidated University: Carolina, State, and Woman ' s College. iach year the CUSC sponsors several .Consolidated University Days, one dur- ng the football season at Chapel Hill hen Carolina plays State, and others t State and Woman ' s College. The Council also acts as a liaison group be- ween the students and the Consolidated pniversity administration and promotes ctivities of mutual interest to the stu- ents of the three branches. consolidated university student council SeMed. left to right: Wade Matthews, Jean Williamson, Alice Hicks, Ed McCurry. Standing, left to right: Jim Adams, Phin Horton, Bob Bundy, Max Crohn, John Ingle. Not Pictured: Bob Gorham Baxter Miller. Student Entertainment Committee The purpose of the Student Enter- tainment Committee is to bring the student body a wide variety of top-level talent. This year the committee has en- deavored to bring a series of programs to the campus that will be entertaining and educational, while at the same time contribute to the cultural prestige of the University. This year the committee has presented a series of programs that rep- resent the best in drama, music, ballet and humor. student entertainment committee .tied, left to right: Al Neely, Mary Helen Crain, Harry Pearsall, Chairman. Standing, left to hi: Billy Barnes, Sherwood Smith. Not Pictured: John Page. Page 49 North Carolina Student Legislature Gene Cook jtioii Chairman The North Carolina Student Legislature was founded in 1936 by a forensic fraternity at State College as primarily a debating function. Since then it has grown into a mock-state legislature with the two houses of the Assembly in use — the Senate and the House of Representatives. Each of the twenty-five member schools is entitled to three Senators and a proportional number of Representatives based on the school ' s enroll- ment. The delegates at the Assembly debate bills on the international, national, state, and student level with emphasis on those bills of state and student level. Each House of the Assembly elects its own officers for the duration of the three day meeting; the executive officers of the entire Assembly are elected by joint session and serve for a year. Carolina is fortunate in hav- ing one of its delegates serve as this year ' s President of the Assembly and one as Speaker of the House. NORTH CAROLINA STUDENT LEGISLATURE DELEGATES First Rou, left to right: Gene Cook, Joel Fleishman, Dayton Estes, Lewis Brumiield, Ken Penegar, Norwood Bryan, Jr., Henry Lowet, Second Row: John Ingle, Susan Fink, Lew Southern, Nanc7 Home, Gordon Forester, Carol DuPler, Charles F. Hyatt. Third Row: Newton Jones, Harold Downing. Wade Matthews, Jimmy Turner, David Mundy, Ed McCurry. Jr.. Walter D. Gurley, Jr., Robert B. Moorhead, Jr. Page 50 National Students Association The United States National Students Association is a federation of college and university student governments which seeks to maintain academic freedom and student rights, to stimulate and improve democratic student governments, to develop better educational standards, facilities, and teaching methods, to improve student cultural, social, and physical welfare, to promote international understanding and fellowship, to foster the recognition of the rights and responsibilities of students to the school, the community, humanity, and God, and to preserve the interests and integrity of the government and constitution of the United States of America. It is for these purposes that the local NSA Committee functions. The local committee serves as a liaison between our campus government and the national office and other member schools of the National Students Association. Ken Penegar Chairman . A I k). ai. students association committei Seated, left to ri.nbl: Pete Adams, Ken Penegar, Chairman : Joel L. Fleishman. Do Gene Cook, Chal Schley, Lew Southern, Manning Muntzing. Geiger. Standing: Page 51 Carolina Forum Gene Cook Charlotte Davis Robert Pace Charles Yarborouch It has been a universally accepted fact that, in order for a university to grow intellectually, opinions from without the academic community must be brought into the open forum of ideas in which students and faculty members barter their philosophies and from which emerges the foundation for the students ' beliefs. Since its inception in 1947 and with the idea of furthering this principle, the Forum has brought to Carolina a group of the most distinguished persons in the world. This year, plans have been arranged to present, among others. Governor Adiai Stevenson, former President Harry S. Truman, Attorney General Herbert Brownell, Vice-President Richard Nixon, Representative Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., and Governor G. Mennen Williams of Michigan. The Forum deeply believes that, in providing for the fruition of the proposed program for 1953-1954, it will approach this year ' s fulfillment of its perpetual ideal — to bring to the campus of the oldest state university in the nation the political, educa- tional, and economic leaders of the world. Page 52 Debate Council DEBATE COUNCIL Seated, left to right: Gladys Hatcher, Dr. D. G. Monroe, Beverly Webb, Ken Myers, Al Levine. The Debate Council is an outgrowth of the two debating societies at Carolina, the Dialectic Senate and the Philanthropic Assembly. The Council, which determines the policy of and governs the debate squad, is composed of students selected by the forensic squad, one member for each of the debating societies and two faculty advisors. Present activities of the Council include representing Carolina in intercollegiate debates and other forensic matches, and conducting the annual campus-wide Intramural Debate Tournament. The Debate Council meets competition from most of the major colleges in the East. This competition includes debating, orations, extemporaneous speaking, and after-dinner speaking. Officers of the Debate Council for the year were: Beverly Webb, President; Gladys Hatcher, Executive Secretary. Dr. N. W. Mattis and Dr. D. G. Monroe served as faculty advisors. Beverly Webb Chairman Page 53 SENIOR CLASS ... 36 JUNIOR C SS ... 106 SOPHOMORETI-ASS ... 124 FRESHMAN CLASS ... 136 SCHOOL OF DENIISTRY ... 154 GRADUATES ... 162 SCHOOL OF LAW ... 165 SCHOOL OF LIBRARY SCIENCE ... 170 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ... 172 SCHOOL OF NURSING ... 178 SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH . . . 183 SCHOOL OF PHARMACY ... 186 classes Page 54 Senior Class George McLeod p.. iJ.„t RUSS COWELL Vicc-Piesidenl " l - imJSL H i ' - |« T L6 • ' 1 wSBm rJJ J m y Ann Street i - Secretary Gordon Battle Treasurer - Claire Boone Social Chairiiiaij Seniors . . . sophisticated and sentimental . . . dignified in caps and gowns . . . new thoughts of the future and old memories of " the hill " . . . One year of the semester system and Saturday classes . . . Fall in Chapel Hill like April in Pans . . . plenty of sunshine for " Y-Court " . . . Football brings new look of fight and new response in stands . . . Carolina spirit boosted by the team, the coach, and the cheerleaders . . . ideas and enthusiasm . . . proud when the g-r-r-r of the Notre Dame huddle didn ' t phase the Tar Heels . . . Maryland in- vasion of Chapel Hill . . . riot or spirit . . . Virginia, a good score and a good time . . . Carolinians partied with Cavaliers. Halloween and Homecoming . . . trick or treat mixed with parties and Fall Germans . . . Johnny Long at the Pep Rally. Week nights in the " Circus Room " in the library . . . 10:00 cofl ee in the Pine Room . . . Carolina Beauties on review . . encouraged by our " loquacious lawyer " . . . Consistent hum of activities at Graham Memorial . . . campus decorated with political portraits . . . Potential executives move to business quadrangle . . . Books or Goody Shop on Friday nights ... A touch of hail and sleet . . . coeds in high socks . . . Beat Dook parade . . . bigger and better . . . possession of Victory Bell ... for a while . . . Thanksgiving in New York or at Home . . . Basketball . . . rumble of the wooden stands for McGuire ' s boys . . . more spirit, more appreciation of a good game . . . Candles decorate Chapel Hill for Christmas . . . parties for orphans make real Christmas spirit . . . anticipation for happy holidays . . . Return to exams ... our last semester . . . schedule to graduate, to have fun, to make quality points . . . Valkyrie Sing and the Battle of the Coeds in Kenan Stadium . . . Chapel Hill movies with audience participation . . . Spring . . . Hogans during the week ... and still . . . week-ends at the beach . . . Senior rights respected by barefeet, no classes, concert and free movies ... a new crop of Phi Bete Keys, pins and rings . . . At last, degrees . . . after four years of education . . . books . . . people . . . experiences . . . Seniors with a future . . . grad school . . . careers . . . Uncle Sam . . . homes . . . families and then a ' 54 Class Reunion in 1979. Page 57 s enior First Row: Ackerman, Roger William A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigm Phi. President (4); Arnold Air Society, Secretary (4); Council (2, 4). Wallace Warrenton Adams, James Ervin, Jr. .■V.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Gamma Delta: Consolidated Uni- versity Student Council (2, 4). Chairman (3); Dance Committee (2); Grail (3, i) : Interfraternity Council (2, 3); Sheiks (3, 4); Soccer, Manager (4); Student Council (2, 4). Chairman (3); Student Legis- lature (1). Adams, Joyce Ferguson Chapel Hill A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Daily Tar Heel (3, 4) ; Town Girls ' Associa- tion (I, 2. 3, 4); Cosmopolitan Club (4). Norfolk, Va. .. „ ... EDUCATION. Glee Club (3i: Women ' s Residence Council (3 4); YWCA Cabinet Member (3. 4)- House Council (3); Dorm Presi- dent (4); Canterbury Club (3, 4); Orientation Advisor (4). Allen, Eldon Perr) ' Greensboro B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Spanish Oub (3, 4). Allen, Joseph Jethro Greensboro B.S. IN MEDICINE. Alpha Epsilon Delta: Pre-Medical Fraternity; Men ' s Council (2); Acting President Student Body, Summer Session (2); Dorm President (2); Wesley Foundation (1, 2). Allen, Norman Hanson Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. Phi Beta Kappa. AUsbrook, Mary Frances Roanoke Rapids Addison, Eleanor Daphne Fort Myers, Fla. Leonia, N. J. Adler, Thomas James B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Tail Omega; Football (1, 2, 3. 4) : Monogram Club (2, 3, 4) ; NROTC. Aldridge, Charles Malcolm Macon, Ga. B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Kappa Alpha; Dance Committee (4); Sheiks (2, 3, 4) ; Arnold Air Society : Scabbard and Blade. Second Row: Allen, Cynthia Jane Spartanburg, S. C. A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Independents; YWCA (4); WAA (3, 4) ; Splash Club 3, 4) ; Physical Education Majors Club. Secretary (3, 4). Alexander, Dedrich Biemann Daytona Beach, Fla. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta; Women ' s Council (4); YWCA (3, 4): Orientation Advisor (4); SUAE Dance Committee (4). Third Row: Ambler, Susan A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Beta Kappa. Secretary; Pi Delta Phi; Pi Beta Phi: Class Secretary (1). Social Chairman (2); Glee Club (1): Orientation Committee (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Student Council (2. 3. 4) ; SUAB Board (4); Town Girls ' Association (1, 2); Valkyries (3), President (4); Women ' s Residence Council (3); YWCA (1, 2); WA. (3, 4). Ammons, Mary C. Mars Hill A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi; YWCA (4); WAA. Anders, Kenneth Chester, Jr. Asheville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Anderson, Anita Lillis Wilmington A.B. IN JOURNOLISM. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Student Legislature (3, 4) ; SUAB Board (3) : YWCA (3. 4) ; Pan- hellenic Council (4); Stray Greeks (3), President (4). Anderson, Betty Otto Port St. Joe, Fla. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi; Orientation Committee (4); SUAB (41; Women ' s Residence Council (3). President (4); YWCA: New- man Club; University Party Representative. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Tau Omega; Basketball (1); Interfraternity Council (3); Lacrosse (2); Soccer (2, 3); 13 Club (2. 3, 4): A.R.O.T.C. Annillo, Carman, Jr. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Football (2, 3, 4). Union City. N. J. 2,£ Sm CI ass First Row: Arnold, Harry H. Dover A.B. IX POLITICAL SCIENCE. Asby, Felix E. Washington B.S. IN BISINESS ADMINISTRATION. Asero, Joseph Salvatore Washington, D. C. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Ashe, Jesse Brown, Jr. Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. CM Phi. Austin, John W. Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINES S ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa PH. Ayscue, Edwin Osborne, Jr. Monroe A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Alpha. President (i): Phi Etn Sigma, President (2); Grail (3. 4); Interfraternity Council (3. 4) ■ Men ' s Council (3, 4). Second Row: Baarcke, Leonide Alfred Clearwater, Fla. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Delta Theta; Swimming (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Mo gram Club (2, 3, 4). Babcock, Robert Clayton A.B. IN HISTORy. Bailey, Donald Ray A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Hillsboro Benson Baker, William Luin A.B. IN EDUCATION. Football (1. 2, Southern Pines 3. 4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4). Ballinger, Max Dewey Guilford College B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Basketball, Manager (1); Card Board (4): Glee Club (1); Interdormitory Council (2, 3, 4): Monogram Club (2); VMCA (1, 2. 3. 4); Dorm President (4); Student Party (2. 3. 4): Tar Heels ' n Toes (3. 4); Class Officer (1); Tacketu lack (t); N. C. Student Legislature (3. 4): Student Legislature (2. Bane, Seymour Raleigh . .B. IN P0LITIC. L SCIENCE. Zefa Beta Tuv : Student Legislature Westport, Conn. Zeta Beta Taw; Benson Third Row: Barbanell, Arthur Loren A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigtit Card Board (3) ; HiUel (1. 2, 3. 4), Secretary (3, 4). Barefoot, William Jefferson, Jr. A.B. IN PSVCHOLOGY. Barkley, Newton Buckner, Jr. New Orleans, La. A.B. IN ECONONnCS. Beta Theta Pi. Secretao ' : Gorgon ' s Head (2. 3. 4); Interfraternity Council (2); Lacrosse (2. 3): Minataurs; Mono- gram Club (2, 3). Barrett, Hugh Martin Burlington A.B. IN EDUCATION. Sigma Phi EpsUon. Barrier, Cecil Lee Morganton B.S. IN MEDICINE. Barrj-, Patricia Anne Macon, Ga. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi .U«.- Stray Greek. Page 59 Senior Fust Ruic: Bartley, Robert Lynn A.B. IN EDUCATION. Tlutu Chi: Iiileifraternity Council (3); YMCA (1, 2); Vets Club (1). Washington, Pa. 3); YMCA Charlotte Barton, Grandon Dillard, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alvha Kappa Psi. Battle, Fred Gordon, Jr. Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappn Alpha: Phi Eta Sigitw : Class Officer (4); Orientation Counselor (3); Student Legis- lature {3. 4) : University Partv Representative (1, 2, 3, 4) : President ' s Cabinet (I). Beall, Louis Holcomb, Jr. Winston-Salem BS. IN DENTISTRY. Siima Xii: Monogram Club (1. 2. 3); Track (1. 2, 3, 4), Co-Captain (4). Hillsboro Beard, Helen Jones A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Dilta. Beard, William Quinby, Jr. St. George, S. C. B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha (hi Sigma; Delia Phi Alpha. Second Row: Beck, William David Statesville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Thrta Chi. Secretary. Bell, Dorothy Anne Montgomer) ' , Ala. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Delta Delta; YWCA (3. 4); University Party. Secretary (3); SUAE. 2nd Vice-Preiident (4). Bender, Malcolm Franklin B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. PoUocksviUe Benson, William David Washington, D. C. Benton, Anne Gary Wilmington A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi; Women ' s Residence Council (4); YWCA (3. 4): Hockey Club (3, 4). Berry, Benjamin Carroll, Jr. Hertford A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Kappa Alpha; Ba.seball, Manager (I. 2); Dance Committee (3); Interfraternity Council (3); Monogram Club (3. 4); Orientation Committee (4i; University Club (1, 2, 3). President (3). ThnJ Row: Berry, Marvin Bryan Asheville . .B. IN RELIGION. Phi B,ta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma. Berryhill, James Collins Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa ' .m. Berryhill, Jane Carol Chapel Hi A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club (2. 31; Student Council (3, 11; Town Girls ' .-Association (2, 3, 4i; YWCA (2, 3. 4); W. A (3, 1); Interfailli Council (2, 3). Blanchard, Clyde James, Jr. Rocky Mount B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. Blair, Mary Anna A.B. IN DRAMATIC ART. Playniakers (3. 4) Monrce Blake. John Allen Wildwood, N. J. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. .Sf. Aiilho}iil Hall; NROTC. ass Boice, Wilbur Malcolm, Jr. Blackley, Roy Talmadge Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. YMCA (i). Bland, Elmer Charles Thomasville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Beta Kaiiixt: Beta (Irimma Sigma; Alpha Kapp(t Psi. Blocker, Joan Cromwell St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi; YWCA (3, ir. Sweetheart of Blythe, Samuel Legette Huntersville A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Beta Theta Pi; Gorgon ' s Head; Stieiks. Whiteville A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Phi Mii Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Di Senate (2, 3, 4); Glee Club (11; YMC. (1, 2. 3): Westminster Fellowship (1, 2. 3, II; Chapel Hill Choral Club fl. 2. 3. 4). Boling, Ronald Jackson Siler City B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappn Psi. Boney, Gabriel, Jr. Wallace A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Bita Kappa; Delta Phi Alpha. Third Ro Bobbitt, Leonard E. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Bodenheimer, Jimmy Van B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Durham Kernersville Boone, Julia Claire Bost, Edwin Norris A.B. IN RADIO. Chi Phi. Alexandria, Va. Lincolnton Bostian, Richard Lee Raleigh A.B. IN MUSIC Phi ilu .Alpha; Band (1. 2. 3, 4); Cross Country Second Row: Boggan, Clayton Alexander, Jr. Pee Dee B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Laiiilitia Chi Alpha. Bogle, Max Hines Albemarle B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Bohnenkamp, Patricia Ellen St. Louis, Mo. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Alpha Delta Pi; Sigma Alpha Iota; Glee Club (3, 4): SUAB Board (3); Women ' s Residence Council (3); YWCA (3, 4). Bottoms, John Edward Margarettsville Boushall, John Heck, Jr. Tampa, Fla. B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. Phi Delta Theta, President (2, 41; Interfraternity Council (1. 2. 3). President (4); Gimghoul (3. 4); Student Legislature (1); . rnold . ir Society (3, 4); Graham Memorial Board of Directors (2). Bowden, Ralph Hartman B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Mocksville Page 61 Sen lor First Row: Boyd, Robert Burwoll Statesville A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Delta Theta; Football (1); Orientation (1, 2, 3); NROTC, Battalion Commander (4). Boyle, Martha Ann Alton, 111. A.B. IN DRAMATIC ARTS. Playmakers (3. 4); YWCA (3, 4); Can- terbury Club (3, 4). Bowden, Harold Carlton, Jr. Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Basketball (1, 3, 4); Mono- gram Club (4); VMCA (I, 2, 3). Bradley, Harold John, Jr. B.S. IN MEDICINE. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sign Greensboro Bradley, Kent Palmer B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Eta Sig} C): Interfraternity Council (1, Wrestling (1); YMCA (1, 2, 3, 4); St. Petersburg, Fla. la; Kappa Alpha; Daily Tar Heel 2) : Orientation Committee (2) : 13 Club (1. 2, 3, 4). Bradshaw, Harvey Deakins Greenville A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Delta Vpsilon; Dance Committee (4); Debate Squad (2); Grail (2. 3, 4); Monogram Club (2. 3. 4); Order of Old Well (3. 4); Wrestling (1, 2, 3, 4); Scabbard and Blade, President (4) ; Semper Fidelis Society (3, 4). Second Row: Brady, Stephen Carroll Tryon B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Eta Sigma; Lambda Chi Alpha; Interfraternity Council (1, 2. 3, 4); Student Legislature (3). Brannan, Robert B. A.B. IN ECONONnCS. Kappa Sit Charlotte Brantley, Paul Adams Charlotte A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Basketball (1, 2). Braxton, Al Joe Scotland Neck B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. President (4) ; Interdormitory Council (3); Soccer (1, 2). Breece, E. Virginia Breeden, Richard Thomas, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Third Row; Bridger, Martha Highlands Board (3, 4) ; Morganton Bladenboro A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta; Glee Club (3, 4); Student Government (3, 4); SUAE Board (4); YWCA (3, 4); Baptist Student Union (3, 4). Bright, Mont Jackson, Jr. Chapel Hill B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Alpha Pi Omega. Briney, Lucy Gray Madisonville, Ky. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi; Tarnation; YWCA (3, 4); Canter- bury Club. Brock, Mary Elizabeth Farmington A.B. IN EDUCATION. YWCA (3, 4); Future Teachers of America (4). Brooks, Henry Dwight B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Brooks, Jacqueline K. A.B, IN JOURNALISM, Tarnation. Editor (4). Monroe Michigan Cit) ' , Ind. iMiA Class Brown, Celia Johnston Myrtle Beach, S. C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Card Board (3, 4); Glee Oub (3): Independent Coed Board (3, II; Orientation Advisor: VWCA (3. 4). Brown, Harry Elton Hillsboro A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Track (1. 2, 3), Co-Captain (4); Monogram Club (2. 3, 4). Brown, James Shea Knoxville, Tenn. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Brown, Jerry Clifton A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Brown, Mary Ida Asheville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega; Orientation Advisor (4); YWCA Rich Square Brown, Michael Dillard Anderson, S. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. Chi Phi; Interdormitory Council (2); Interfraternity Council (8); Orientation Committee (3); Student Legislature (2) ; Arnold Air Society. Second Row; Brown, Robert Adrian B.S. IN BUSINESS ADNHNISTRATION. Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Gamma Sifjma; Interdormitory Council (4). Brown, William Credle Wilson B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Dailv Tar Heel (2, 3) ; Order of Old Well (3. 4) ; Orientation Committee (2, 3, 4) ; Student Legislature (2, 3, 4) ; Tarnation (1, 3) ; YMCA Secretary (2) ; Cabinet (1, 2, 3, 4); Carolina Handbook (1, 2. 3. 4), Editor (2); Budget Committee (3); Student Party (1, 2, 3); Orientation Counselor (2, 3). Kinston Bruton, Oren Douglas Bruton, Robert Dehart Asheville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Bryan, Joseph Kinsley, Jr. Oxford li.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Bryan, Mary Harvey Nutley, N. J. . .B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Gamma Delta; Glee Club; SUAB Board, Chairman of Music (2). Third Row: Bryant, Barry Wayne Annapolis, Md. B.S. IN PHYSICS. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma. Delta Phi Alpha, President; Di Senate (4). Buchanan, Pearle Long Hend ersonviUe A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Delta Delta Delta; Dailv Tar Heel (4); Yackety Yack (3); YWCA (3, 41. Buchly, Ann Lane Robersonville Buckalew, Vardaman Moore, Jr. Bullock, William Riley, Jr. Tryon Mobile, Ala. Bethel Bumgarner, Ernest L. Kannapolis A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Kappa Sigma; Gymnastics (3); Interdormitory Council (2) ; Lacrosse (3. 4) ; SUAB, Vice-President (3, 4) ; Semper Fidelis Society, President (3, 4) ; Interfraternity Council (3). Page 6 J s enior First Row: Bumpous, Mary Jane A.B. IX EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi; SUAB Board (4) ; Women ' s Resi- dence Council (4), Treasurer (4); Ya -kety Yack (3); YWCA (3, 4), Treasurer (I); Student Adviser (4): Dorm President (4). St. Petersburg, Fla. Washington, D. C. Bunch, Jeanne A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta: Clieerleader (4); Uni- versity Club (4); Wc. (3, I): orientation Adv.ser 14). Bundy, Robert Mayne, Jr. High Point A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Gamma Delta; Consolidated University Student Council (3, 4); Glee Club (1); Student Legislature (I); Tennis (1); 13 Club (3, 4). Bunting, Sylvia Lee B.S. IN ' MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Washington, D. C. Burch, Ehzabeth Owen Bronxville, N. Y. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omi-fia : VWCA (31; WAA (4). Burcham, Nancy Louise Orlando, Fla. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi; SUAB Board (3): Yacketi Yack (3, 4); YWCA (3, 4), Membership Council (4); Newman Club; House Council (3). Burnstan, Rowland, Jr. Paris, France A.B. IN ROMANCE LANGUAGES. Phi G amma Delta, President (4): Ginighoul (1, 2, 3) ; Monogram Club (1, 2, 3) ; Soccer (1. 2. 3), (apiain (1); Arnold Air Society; AFROTC. Butler, Charles Donald A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Bussey, J. Hubert B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Cain, Charles Eugene B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma; Delta Upsilon; Alpha Phi Umei a. Treasurer (3i; Cross Country (2, 3); Interdormitory Council (I, 2, 3. 4); Order of Old Well (3. 4); Track (1, 2, 3 ) ; IDC Court (2, 3. 4), Chairman (4); BSU Council (1, 2, 3, 4). Elizabeth City Columbia, S. C. Elizabethtown Third Roic: Cambron, Patricia Hooper A.B. IN EDUCATION. Cameron, Clinton H. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Campbell, Roy Bruce A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Ke Asheville Chapel Hill Dawson, Ga. (3); Wrestling (4); YMCA Second Row: Burgess, Barbara Fay A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi; Studeiit Adviser (4); House Council (4); UN Committee (3); Campus Chest (31 : SUAB (3. 4): YWCA (3). Burney, Virgil Franklin B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Maplewood, N. J. ; House (3. 4): Ayden Troy Kinston Capel, Arron Leon, Jr. Cauley, Stephen William, Jr. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Carey, Jane T. Southern Pines A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Omega; Dally Tar Heel (3, 4). Society Editor (41; YWC. (3. 41, Committee Chairman (4): University Party. Page 64 ass Carmichael, Richard Cartwright Durham A.B. IN ENGLISH. SHiina Alpha Epsilon; Interfraternity Council (2); Gimghoul (3. 4); Sheiks (2, 3, 4), President (3); Philosopliical Society of 1789 (2, 3. 4). Carr, Wilham Howard B.S. IN BrSINKSS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma .V». Miami, Fla Carroll, Donald Gary Chapel Hill B.S. IN .MATHEMATICS. Alpha Tim Omega (3); Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Phi Alpha; Pi ilu Epsilon; Sheiks (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Legislature (2, 3); Soccer (1, 4J ; Order of Old Well (4); Semper Firtelis So::iety (3. 4): Town Men ' s Association (1. 2). Caudle, Jon Thomas Chance, William James A.B. IN MCSIC. Glee Cluh (2, 3, I), President (4i. Raleigh Norfolk, Va. Richmond, Va. Chapin, Ann Mason A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Delta Delta; Student Council (4); Splash Club (3); YWCA Vice-i-iCjiuent (4); alkyries (4). Third Row: Carson, Ernest Eugene A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Theta Chi. Carswell, Jane Triplett Statesville Manchester Chapman, John William B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Charlotte Chappie, Dewitt, Jr. Middletown, Ohio A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma .Vh,- Basketball (1), Freshman Carter, Florence Bryan Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Mil ; Stray Greek; YWCA (3, 4). Stcoiid Row: " Carter, James Louis, Jr. Charlotte A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4). Carter, Janet Gordon A.B. IN DRAMATIC ART. Delta Gi Washington, D. C ' ima ; Playmakers; Stray CJreeks. Cheney, Henry William, Jr. Florence, Ala. A.B. IN RADIO. Phi Delta Theta; Communications Club (3, 4); Orientation Committee (4): SU. B Board (3, 4): WUNC Staff (3, 4). Citrini, Richard Joseph Durham A.B. IN HISIORY. Newman Club. ' ice-President (4). Clark, Eugene Merrell B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Colerain Casper, William Cecil China Grove B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Clark, Neill Edwin A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Fayetteville Page 65 s enior FinI Row: Clarke, Elizabeth Coale Goldsboro A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Delta; Glee Club (3); SUAE Board (3. 4); Women ' s Council — Summer School (3;; Women ' s Residence Board (3. ). Secretary (i) ; YWCA (3. i) . Clement, Edward Henry A.B. IN LAW. Sigma .Yii. Clendenin, Kemp Cook, Jr. Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. Sigma Chi; VMCA: AFROTC. Clontz, Luther Hall Morganton B.S. IN .MEDICINE. Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Cochran, William Iran, Jr. Swan Quarter B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Tan Omega. Salisbury Cody, Louie Hamilton Paint Rock B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Student Legislature (4) ; Dorm President (3); Interdormitory Council (2). Thiid Row: Clodfelter, Harvey, Jr. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Thomasville Coe, William James B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Greensboro Clifton, Benton Franklin, Jr. Raleigh A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Baseball (1. 2, 3); Soccer (1). Coleman, Curtis Cortez Winston-Salem A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Psi; Track (1); University Club Clinard, David Marion Winston-Salem A.B. IN PRE-LAW. St. Anthony Hall; Phi Beta Kappa; Student Legislature (3); Tarnation (3); Orientation Counselor (3); AFROTC (1, 2,8). Coleman, Wade Hapton, III A.B. IN MATHE.MATICS. Plii Eta Sign Kappa Epsilon : NROTC. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Alpha Phi Omega; Delta Second Roir: Cline, Gene Nolen B.S. IN CHEMISTRY, .ilphu Chi Sigina; AFROTC. Concord Cline, Robert Seitz B.S. IN MEDICINE. Lutlit urer (2). Hickory ;in Student .Association {1, 2, 3, 4), Treas- Cloninger, Ambrose Wilkes, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. BSU Council. Bessemer City Collins, Lois Fleming Nashville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta; YWCA (3), Cabinet (4); W. A Council (4); Student Adviser (4); Yackety Yack (4); Wrestling Collins, Raymond Davis Myrtle Beach, S. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Chi; Golf; Gymnastics (1) : . FROTC. Colson, John Grady, Jr. Greensboro Page 66 ass Connelley, Robert Lee Green Raleigh A.B. IN FRENCH. Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Delta Phi. Charleston, S. C. Alpha Epsiloii. Arlington, Va. Club (3): Women ' s Resi- 4) : Valkyries (4). Winston-Salem Conner, Henry W. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Cook, Emily Adams A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi; Gle dence Council (3); YWCA (3). Secretary Cook, Gerald Wilson . .B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Phi Omeaa ; Siama Chi; Interdormiton ' Council (1, 2. 3. i): Order of Golden Bear (2, 3); Order of Old Well (4); Orientation Committee (3, 4); Publications Union Board (3. 4); Soccer il): Student Government Officer (4): Student Legislature (1, 2. 3): Sl ' . B Board (3): Chairman of Elections Board (3): Chairman of Budget Committee (4): IDC Court (3); President ' s Cabinet (4); University Party (3, 4) ; NROTC. Cook, Mary Bascom Highlands A.B. IN SOCIOLOGV. Alpha Delta Pi Adviser (4): VWC.A (3. 4). Cabinet (4) ation Club (4); WAA Council (4); I Tack (4). Cook, Thomas Eugene Fayetteville A.B. IN HISTORY. Carolina Forum (3, 4) ; Carolina Political Union (3. 4); Debate Council (1): Di Senate (1. 2. 3. 4): Grail (3. 4): N. C. Student Legislature (2, 3, 4); Order of Old Well (4): Student Legislature (1, 2, 3); Student Party; Canterbury Club (2, 3. 4); Orientation Counselor (2): . mphoterothen Society (3. 4i. Glee Club (3) ; Orientation House Council (3. 4) : Recre- liversity Party (3) ; Yacketi Second Row: Corey, James Richard B.S. IX BUSINESS ADXUNISTRATIOX. Comwell, Janet Winterville Southern Pines Costner, James Ray, Jr. Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Cover, Curtis Colem an Hagerstown, Md. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Covington, William Clyde, Jr. Wagram B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Gamma Delta; DaUy Tar Heel (1); University Club (2. 3); YMCA (1. 2); 13 Club (2, 3, 4). Cowcll, Russell Sholar Raleigh A.B. IN ECONOMICS. St. Anthony Hall; Class Executive Committee (4); Class Officer (4); Interfraternity Council (3. 4); Orientation Counselor (2. 3. 4) ; Phi Assembly (1. 2) ; Publications Union Board (3. 4); Soccer (1); University Party (3, 4); Yackety Yaek (3, 4), Business Manager (3. 4): YMCA (1, 2, 3, 4); NROTC (1. 2, 3. 4). Third Row: Cox, Carl Walter A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. BSU. Cozart, Janet Riley A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Omega; TarnatioH (4): YWCA (3. 4 Chapel Hill Wilson Crain, Mary Helen Durham Cranford, Dwight Little Albemarle A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Interdormitory Council (3). Crater, James Bruce, Jr. Creuser, Kenton Bowers Raleigh Avondale Estates, Ga. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Gamr, Kappa: Track (1); Arnold Air Society (3, 4). Delta; Phi Beta Page 67 s enior Crews, James Philip Winston-Salem A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Tennis (1, 2, 3). Crittenden, Charles Christopher Raleigh A.B. IN ' PHILOSOPHY. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Interdoinii- ton ' Council (3, 4) ; Tarnation (4) ; Chess Team (1. 2. 3. 4). Crone, William Gerald Balfour B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Cross, Edith Graham Yarborough Gatesville A.B. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Pi Beta Phi; Student Legislature (3); SUAB Board (3); YWCA (4): Canterbury Club (3); House Council (3). Curtis, Robert Edward Marion B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Theta Chi; Alpha Phi Omega; Band (1. 2, 3). Dale, Fred Jones, Jr. Hickory B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sig- ma; Sigma Chi; Ba.seball (1, 2, 3, 4): Basketball (2); Carolina Political Union (3) ; Class Officer. President (3) ; German Club (3) : Grail (3. 4) ; Men ' s Council (3); Monogram Club (2, 3. 4); University Club (2, 3, 4). Brooklyn, N. Y. Second Row: D ' Aleo, Stella Diana A.B. IN RADIO. Communications Club (3, 4) ; Cosmopolitan Club (3) ; Independent Coed Board (3. 4); Orientation Advisor (4); University Club (3, 4) ; YWCA (3, 4) ; WUNC Staff. Dameron, William Henry Goldsboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Sigma; Minataurs; Lacrosse (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4): Wrestling (1). Daniel, Billie A. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi; YWCA (3. 4). Waynesboro, Ga. Daniel, Mary Ellen .ti. IN SPANISH. Fi Beta Phi Charleston, S. C. Panhellenic Council (4); YWCA. Daniels, Eugene O ' Brian B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. Merry Hill Dantzler, Bobby Webber Burlington IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi; Football, Manager Arnold Air Society; AFROTC Drill Team (2). 7 h id Row: Darnell, Louis Arthur Astoria, Ore. B.S. IN PHYSICS. Delta Phi Alpha; Football (1); Monogram Club (1, 2. :i. 4) ; Track (1). Davis, Charlotte Lambert Chapel Hill . .B. IN FRENCH. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Carolina Forum (4); Carolina Quarterly (I, 2, 3, 4), Editor; Cosmopolitan Club (2); Di Senate (2, 3, 4), President; Playmakers (1, 2, 3); Canterbury Club (2). Phi Eta Sigi High Point la; Alpha Chi Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Davis, George Thomas B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Beta Kappa Sigma; Delta Phi Alpha. Davis, Michael Kay A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society; Interfraternity Council (4); Lacrosse (2, 3); Monogram Club (2. 3, 4). Davis, Nancy Elizabeth Rainelle, W. Va. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club (3); SUAB (3, 4); YWCA (3. 4); Student Party (3, 4); Orientation Advisor (4); Canter- bury Club (3, 4). Davis, Sara Kate Graham A.B. IN RECREATION. Playmakers (3. 4) ; YWCA (3, 4) ; Tar Heels n Toes (3): Modern Dance Club (3); Recreation Club (3. 4). Page 63 CI ass Davis, William Lyle Henderson A.B. IN EDUCATION. Dorm Kepieseiitative ; Inteniormitory Council (3): Dorm Presiflent (4i. Deaton, Fred Hyams, Jr. Statesville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha; Interfra ternity Council (3). Desmond, Joan Theresa Charlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Gamma Delta; Student Legislature (3. i) : SUAE Board (3, 4) ; YWCA Cabinet (4). Dorsett, Mary Minerva Ridgewood, N. J. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omeija; Eta Delta; Women ' s Residence Board (4); Yarketii Yarl; (3); YWCA (3, 4). Dowd, Herbert R., Jr. Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Sigma. Dowd, Roddey Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Chi; Oerman Club Executive (2); Gimghoul (3, 4); Student Legislature (1): 13 Club (2. 3. 4). Second Row: Dula, James Braxton, Jr. Lenoir A.B. IN SPANISH. Duls, Charles Henr) ' , Jr. Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha. Durham, William M. Roaring River A.B. IN EDUCATION. YMCA (2). Early, Walter Jackson Rocky Mount B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Earnhardt, John Clifford, Jr. Chapel Hill Eason, Leslie Frank, Jr. Snow Hill A.B. IN HISTORY. Cosmopolitan Club (2. 3. 4); YMCA (2. 3. 4). Third Row: Eason, Stella A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omcffa. Ebert, George Donald Tarboro Kernersville Einstein, Arthur William, Jr. State College, Pa. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeta Beta Tail; Basketball (1. 2. 3. 4), Manager; Debate Squad (1); (3. 4); Men ' s Council (3. 4); Monogram Club (3, 4); Order of Golden Bear (2. 3. 4i. Presi- dent (31; Tarnation (3. 4). Associate Editor (4); University Club (2); Orientation Counselor (3. 4). Eisele, Dolores Margaret Statesville B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Independent Coed Board (3. 4), Secretary-Treasurer (3); Orientation Committee (4); YWC. (3, 4). Flam, William Ray Candor A.B. IN EDUCATION. Lambda Chi Alpha. Filer, Lewis Baxter, Jr. Granite Quarry B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Page 69 Senior Emory, Samuel Thomas Chapel Hill A.B. IX GEOGRAPHY. Kappa Stoma ; Phi Eta Sigma; Soccer (3, 4). England, Harold Franklin Kings Mountain A.B. IN DRAMATIC ART. Playmakers (2, 3. 4). Ennis, Lloyd Burton A.B. IN FRENCH. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Siiima; Pi Delta Ph President (4) ; Cosmopolitan Club; French Club. Salisbury Delta Phi, Walhalla, S. C. Epps, Jerry Floyd, Jr. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Dailv Tar Heel (4) ; Press Club (3). Presi- dent (4). Estes, Vail in Dayton, Jr. Raleigh A.B. IN L. TIN. Phi Beta Kappa; N. C. Student Legislature Delegate (3, 4); Phi . ssembly (3, 4); Student Legislature (3, 4); Elections Board (3. 4); Student VestO ' d. 2). Eure, Thaddeus Armie, Jr. Second Row: Evans, Andre A.B. IN LAW. BSU: Young Democrats. Evans, William Stuart Raleigh Ahoskie Robbins B.S. IN ECONOMICS. Zeta Psi; Gorgon ' s Head (2, 3, 4) ; German Club (4): Minataurs (2. 3. 4); Phil, of 1789 (2. 3, 4): Grail Award, Outstanding Intramural Athlete (3). Ewing, Arnold Exum A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Football (1). Faggart, Billy Eugene B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Farmer, Thomas Albert, Jr. B.S. IN MEDICINE. Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Beta Kappa. Durham Concord Smithfield Faust, Helen DeEtte Asheboro A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Delta Pi; SUAB (3): Swim- ming (3): Yaeketi Yack (3, 4); May Day Committee (3); Panhellenic Thud Rot ' .-: Fearing, Woodson Bradford Manteo A.B. IN RADIO. Pi Kappa Alpha; 13 Club (2, 3. 4). Fearrington, Eric Lindsay Kernersville B.S. IN MEDICINE. Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Dance Com- mittee (3); Orientation Counselor (3). Ferrell, George Dallas Durham A.B. IX POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigmn Alpha Epsilon. File, Norman Luther Salisbury A.B. IN CHE STRY. Finley, Howard Bradley, Jr. Bangor, Maine A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Alpha Sigma. Fitzgerald, Henri Ann Princeton A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi; Yackett Yack (3) ; YWCA (3, 4). i i Page 70 CI ass Fleming, Anne Weber Raleigh A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Gamma Delta; Dance Committee (4); Glee Club (4); Panhellenic Council (4); AFROTC Sponsor (3, 4). Fleming, William Benjamin B.S. IX GEOLOGY. Flowers, Jimmy Rogers A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Phi Epsilou: Track (1 Canyon Creek, Mont. Clayton Folger, Ann High Point A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi; Cosmopolitan Cub (3, 4); Glee Club (3, 4); Orientation Advisor (4); YWCA (3. )); House Council (3); Wesley Foundation (3, 4). Forrest, Phyllis Irene Hillsboro A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi; Cosmopolitan Club (3, 4) ; Orientation Advisor (41: Yacketi Yack (3, 4); YWCA 13. 41. Fowler, Charles Franklin Pilot Mountain B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: Frazier, Thomas Howard Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Chi. Fredere, Francis Bolton, Jr. Council A.B. IN EDUCATION. Beta Theto Phi; Football (1. 2, 3. 4); Mono- gram Club (2. 3, 4). French, John Emmet A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Phi. Southern Pines Baltimore, Md. Friedman, Charles Aryal A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Tau Epsilon Phi (2, 3, 4) ; Lacrosse (2, 3, 4) : -Monogram Club (2. 3. 4). Futch, Franklyn Porter A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Phi Lake Wales, Fla. Gallant, Sally Wesley Raleigh A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Delta Delta; Card Board (3, 4); YWCA Gant, Jessemine Burlington A.B. IN HISTORY. Delta Delta Delta; YWCA (3, 4). Gant, Joan Gray Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Pi Beta Phi; Cheerleader (4) ; YWCA (3, 4) ; Phi Assembly. Gasque, Rosalyn Ann A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi: YWCA (3, 4). Rockingham Wilson Gauss, G. Edward, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeta Psi : Orientation Com- mittee (4) ; 13 Club (2, 3, 4) : University Party (2). Gentry, James Earl B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. YMCA (2, 3). Roxboro Asheville George, Mary Lee A B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Cosmopolitan Club (3, 4); Glee Oub (3); YWCA (3, 4); Modern Dance Club (3). • -M P fr Page 71, enior First Row: Gerlach, Nancy Martha Evanston, III. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Sigmn Alpha: Orientation Ad- visor (4); Student Legislature (4); Giris ' Tennis Club (3, 4); WAA; Orchestra (3. 4). Gibbon, Robert L., II Charlotte B.S. IM BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Go son ' s Head (3. 4); Minataurs (2. 3, 4). Gleitz, Harold Dagner Jacksonville Burlington A.B. IN RADIO. Phi Kappa fii ' imn : Communications Club (3 ; YMCA (1, 2, 3, 4) ; WUNC Staff (3. 4) ; XROTC. Glenn, Robert Wilson B.S. IN BUSINESS ADiXONISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha; Inter- fraternity Council (3. 4) ; Orientation Committee (3) ; Student Legis- lature (1, 2, 3); University Club (1, 2); Student Audit Board. Chairman. Godwin, Bobby Eugene Erwin A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Track (4); YMCA (4). Goforth, Bobby Camp Rutherfordton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa Sigma: Card Board (1. 2, 3); Dance Committee (1): Interfrnternity Council (3, 41; University Club (3, 4). Second Row: Goldfarb, Carl A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Tall Epsilon Phi. Golightly, Horace Hugh A.B. IN RADIO. Delta Vpsilon. President (4); WUNC (3). Charlotte Charlotte Kinston Gooding, Lewis Carlton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi Kpsilnn : University Symphony. Gorham, Robert Diggs, Jr. Rocky Mount A.B. IN HISTORY. Delta Kappa Epsilon; Carolina Forum (2); Con- solidated University Student Council (4) ; Golden Fleece (3. 4) ; Intrfraternity Council (1, 2, 3) ; Order of Old Well (3. 4) ; Orienta- tion Committee (3); Soccer (1); Student Body President (4); Stu- dent Legislature (1, 2); Orientation Chairman (3); Grail (3. 3. 4). Green, Janet MacNeill Chapel Hill A.B. IN F.NGLISH. Kappa Delta; Modern Dance Club, President (3). Gregory, Arthur Wynns, Jr. Halifax B.S. IN PHYSICS. Zetri Psi; Wrestling (2, 3). Co-Captain (4); Mono- gram Club (3, 4). Third Row: Gregory, Carl Reeves Gresham, Alpheus Johnson, Jr. U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Griffin, Archie Lee B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Griffin, Maynard Stuart B.S, IN BI ' SINK.SS ADMINISTRATION. Grimes, William Gardner A.B. IN POLITICAL .SCIENCE. Dailii Tar Heel (1. 2. 3 (1. 2. 3): Tarnation (U; YMCA (r. 2, 3). Candler 3, 4 ; Interdormitory Council Durham Monroe Louisburg Smithfield ; Glee Club Grodsky, Leonard Herbert A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Etn Epsilon Phi: Playmakers (1, 2, 3, 4); YMCA (1, 2. 3, 4 Durham Sigma ; Tau Jfei iiti Page 72 CI ass Fh-ff Row: Gross, Edward Bailey Harrisburg, Pa. A.B. IN RELIGION. St. Autlionii Hall; Class Officer. President (2): German Club (2, 3) ; Gimghoul (2, 3, 4) ; Golden Fleece (3, i) ; Grail 2. 3, 1) : Interfraternity Council (4) ; Order of Old Well (3, 4) ; Orientation Committee (2); Soccer (2, 3): Student Council (3. 4); Student Government Officer, Secretary-Treasurer (3); Student Legis- lature (1. 2. 3): NROTC; Amphoterothen; Scabbard and Blade. Haire, E dgar Bennett R.S. IN ' BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. AKROTC. Hall, Margaret Ellen Wake Forest Moncks Corner, S. C. Grubb, Zane Austin A.B. IN ENGLISH, Gulledge, James Lee, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kiipvu Pin: Band (1); Glee Club (1, 2. 3i; Interfraternity Council (1). Goldsboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Baseball (1); Dance Com- mittee (3, 4): Grail (3. 41; Interdnrmitorv Council (2. 31. President (4); Student Legislature (3. 4): Dorm President (2); Student Govern- ment Executive Council (4); Student Party (3, 4); Interdormitory Council Court (2). Gutierrez, Margaret Elizabeth Chapel Hill A.B. IN EDUCATION. Sigmn Alpha Iota: Town Girls ' Association (1. 2. 3), President (4). B.A. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Delta: DaiUi Tar Hi ' cl (4) Yarketij Yack (4); YWCA (3, 4). Hamby, George W. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Hamilton, Donald James A.B. IN ART. Sinma Phi Epsilon : Monogram Club (4); ROTC. Elizabeth town Salyersville, Ky. ition (4) : Salisbury Fairfield, Conn. Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Baseball (2, 3); Gurley, Walter Dallas, Jr. Third Rotr: Hanes, John Jacob Charlotte A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Haney, James Lawton, Jr. Glenwood A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Phi Omega: Golden Fleece (.I, 4); Order of Old Well (3. 4): Playmakers (1. 2); Student Legis- lature (3); YMCA (2, 3); Lutheran Student Association (I, 2. 3, 4). President (3 : Inter-Faith Council (2, 3. 4). President (3. 4); Orien- tation Committee (2), Habel, Marilyn A.B. IN HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Beta Kappa. Alpha Delta Pi: Cheerleader (1. 2. 4); Consolidated University Student Council, Secretan-Treasurer (3): Order of Old Well (3. 4) ' . Executive Committee (4); Orientation Committee (4): Town Girls ' A.ssociation (1. 2, 3 -I I : X ' alkyries (3), Secretary (4); Women ' .s Council (2, 3, 4); YWCA (2. 3, 4), Pre sident (4); U. N. Committee (3) : Graham Memorial Board of Directors (2) ; BSU (2. 3, 4) ; Orientation Adviser f3). Chapel Hill Harbin, Ned F., Jr. Anderson, S. C. Monogram Club; Soccer, Head Man- Second Row: Haddock, Samuel Thompson A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Chi Phi ager (1). Haire, Eddie Eldridge High Point B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi: Monogram Club (3. 4); Track (1, 2, 3, 4), Winston-Salem A,B, IN SPANISH, Kappa Alpha. Officer (2): Track, Varsity (1, 2); YMCA (3, 4), President (4); AFROTC Band, Drum Major (1, 2); AFROTC (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Government Audit Board (2); UMOC (2); Spanish Club (2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); President ' s Executive Committee (4), Hardeman, Louise Stone . .B. IN ENGLISH. Harley, Donald Lee Chapel Hill Haddonfield, N. J. Harney, Beverly Ruth Nyack, N. Y. B.A. IN HISTORY. Basketball. Chairman (3) ; Independent Coed Board, Secrelarj-Treasurer (4;. Page 73 Senior First Row: Harrison, Samuel Carlyle Durham Harper, Curtis Vinson Albany, Ga. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Sigma; Sheiks (2. 3. 4); University Club (3). Harper, Thomas Wingate Snow Hill A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Sigma ,V». A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Glee Club (3): YMCA (1, 2, 3 . Hart, Franklin Augustus, Jr. Honolulu, Hawaii A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Tau Omega: Lacrosse (2); 13 Club (2); NROTC (1); Semper Fidelis (3, 4). Hart, Sidney Allen, Jr. Kinston Harris, Anne Stewart Sewanee, Tenn. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. YMCA (1, 2). A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Alpha Gamma Delta: YWCA (3, 4); Orchestra (4 : Canterbury Club (3. 4). Third Rotr: Harris, Arlen Gwyn Winston-Salem A.B. IN COMMERCE. Sigma Chi; Band (1, 2). Hartford, Carolyn Gwyn Martinsville, Va. Harris, George Davis Henderson A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alplia Delta Pi: SUAB BOARD (3, 4); YWCA. Cabinet Member. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Beta Kapp i: Band (1, 2). Hartsell, Charles Jacob, Jr. Oakboro Harris, Janet Raleigh A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Delta Delta Delta; Dance Committee (3); Student Entertainment Committee (3); YWCA (3); SUAB (3). Hartsell, Otis, Jr. Kannapolis Second Row: B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Gymnastics (2, 3). Co-Captain (4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4). Harris, John Henry, Jr. Norfolk, Va. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Hartzog, Delores Ann Raleigh A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta; Cheerleader (4); Splash Club (3, 4); Tennis Team (4); Golf Club; Women ' s Council. Summer Ses- sion; Yaeketp Yack Beauty Court (3); YWCA (3. 4); Football (3, 41. Harris, Snethen Philip, Jr. Henderson B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Eta Sigma. Hathcock, Bobby Garvin Badin A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Football (2); Golf (1). Harrison, Mary Jane Montgomery, Ala. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Delta. President (4); DaOij Tar Heel (4); YWCA (3, 4); Panhellenic Council. Haughton, Gerald Lawrence Charlotte B.S. IN GEOLOGY. CI ass Hauser, Richard Fairell Winston-Salem ma Pi; YMCA (1. Morganton Hawes, John R. B., Jr. A.B. IN RADIO. Sigma Phi Epsilon: Communications Club (3. 4); Interfraternity Council (2, 3, 4) ; Interfrafernity Court (3. 4) ; Editor. Interfraternity Handboolt (4): Student Legislature (2, 3); Audit Board (4); WUNC Staff (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (2. 3. 4). Hawfield, Beverly Mason Hawks, William Atwood, III Hays, Laura Madura A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Ch.i Omega. Hayes, Marion Jean A.B. IN EDUCATION. Card Board (3. 4): DaUy Tar Heel (3); Orientation Advisor (4); VWCA (3). Cabinet (4); Modern Dance Club (3, 4). Washington, D. C. man Club (3) ; Mount Airy Baseball (2); Durham Durham Secoud Row: Headlee, James Orndoff Asheville 3), President (4); Heard, Connie Anne Kirkwood, Mo. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alvha Chi Omega; SUAE Board (3. 4). Helms, John Robert Albemarle B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Theta Chi: Carolina Political Union (3); Football (2); Lacrosse (1); Soccer (I, 3); YMCA (3. 4). Helton, Charles Jerry Yadkinville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Helton, Samuel H., Jr. Statesville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Hendee, Mary Leigh Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi; VWCA (3, 4). Third Row: Hendrick, Conan Doyle, Jr. Shelby A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Hendrick, Nell Gold Shelby A.B. IN EDUCATION. Hernandez, Francisco Ernesto Oriente, Cuba A.B. IN RADIO. Hethcock, William Hoover Thomasville A.B. IN FRENCH. Pi Delta Phi; Glee Club (1, 2); Interfaith Council (2. 3); Canterbury Club (2, Association (3, 4). Hickman, Charles Wesley, Jr. Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Hickman, Eddie Powell Enfield A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Pi Kappa Alpha: Glee Club (2), President (4). Page 75 Senior Hicks, Buck Jones B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Oxford Faison Hicks, Mary Alice A.B. IN HISTORY. Chi Omega, President (4); Basketball (3, 4); Consolidated University Student Council (3. 4) ; YWCA (3, 4) ; Hockey Club (3. 4); Panhellenic Council (3, 4). Higgins, Charles William, Jr. Tabb, Va. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Ginnmii Deltri : Cross Country (1, 2. 3). Captain (4); Monogram Club (3. 4); Track (1. 2, 3, 4). Hileman, Bernie Elizabeth A.B. IN EDUCATION. Aliilia Gammti Ih Hill, Eugene David, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Hill, Harriet Fleming A.B. IN SOCIOLOGV. Plii Mu: Orientati Second Row: Holder, Brooks Corneilious, Jr. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Psi Holland, Dwight Myers A.B. IN ART. Kannapolis Winston-Salem iiri Alpliii Kpxilon. Newnan, Ga. Winston-Salem Union Grove Holleman, Jane Blue Dublin, Ga. AB IN RELIGION. Iiflln Drlta Delta; Golf Club (3, 4); Orientation Advisor (1); SCAB Board (3, 4); Dorm Council (3, 4). HoUiday, Joseph Gary, Jr. . .n. IN POLITK AL SCIENCE. Hollifield, Bert Edison U.S. IN EDUCATION. Raleigh Bostic HoUingsworth, John William College Heights Estates, Md. ThirJ Row: Holmes, Elise Russell A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Fernandina, Fla. Holoman, Laura MacDonald Raleigh B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Card Board (3); SUAE (3, 4); YWC. 13. 4): Baptist Student Union; Audit Board. Holmes, Fred William Wilmington B.S. IN BUSINESS . DMINISTRATION. Delta fiigma Pi. Holt, Andrew S., Ill Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Eta SifDiia: Wrestling Holt, Doris M. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chapel Hill Holt, William Bruce, Jr. Durham A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Baseball (1. 2, 3. 4); Interdorniitory Council (I): Monogram Club (2. 3. 4); Dorm President (41; Arnold Air Society (3, 4); University Club (4); AROTC (1. 2, 3. 4); Scabbard and Blade Honorary Society (4). tt k f Page 76 ass First Row: Homes, Garland Richard A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Phi Gam (1, 2. 3. i). Honeycutt, Martha Neal A.B. IN EUL ' CATION. Alpha Gumma Delta: Glee Club (4); SUAB Board (3, 4); Yacketu Yark (3); YWCA (4); Future Teadiers of America (4); WAA Council (3, 4); Canterbury Club (3). Washington Delia: Basketball (I, 2); 13 Club Oak Ridge Hood, Roger Alan Chestnut Hill, Pa. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Psi, President (4) ; Interfraternity Council (2, 3, 4); Men ' s Council (4); Track (1); Orientation Coun- selor (2, 3). Hook, Robert Franklin B.S. IN PRE-MED. Kappa Siijma; Gymnastics (1). Raleigh Hoots, Sidney Francis Winston-Salem A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Chi; Orientation Counselor (2). Hoover, Melba Beck Winston-Salem A.B. IN EDUCATION. Second Ro!r: Hoover, Richard Lindsay Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Card Board (3, 4). Hopkins, Edmund Baxter Winston-Salem A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Pi Kuppa Phi. Hoppe, H. Allan Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. .Si; «in Chi. Home, Nancy Oalene Norton, Va. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY, .ilpha Gamma Delta; N. C. Student Legis- lature (3); Orientation Chairman (4); Student Legislature (3); SUAB Board (3), President (4); Valkyries (3), Treasurer (4); YWC. (3, 4); Glee Club (3) ; WAA Secretary (4). Horton, Phin, III Winston-Salem Phi Assembly (1. 2); Student Ciovernment Officer Legislature (3, 41 ; Amplioterothen (3, 4); IKC Court Cha Attorney General (3). Houghton, Anthony John Newark, N. J. Third Row: House, Walter Odesly Tarboro A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Pi Kappa Alpha; Interfraternity Council (3); Swimming (1); 13 Club (3). Howard, Carl Fisher B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Howard, Charles Summerill A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Howard, Florence Katherine . .B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Howard, Wiley Perry, III A.B. IN ENGLISH. Carolina Quarterly (1); Glee Club (1, 2); Canter- bury Club (2, 3, 4), President (4); Elections Board (1, 2); ACU (3, 4). Charlotte YWCA (4); Press Club Roseboro Charlotte Dunn Fuquay Springs Hoyle, Edna Dell Page 77 enior Firsl Row: Hubbard, Robert Leroy Washington, D. C. B.S. IN PHYSICS. Tennis (1, 3); Qiess Team (1, 3, 4), President Soutliern Intercollegiate Chess Association (3. 4). Sunbury Snow Hill Asheville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. BSU Treasurer (3); Christian Education Committee, Chairman (4). Hudgins, John Simeon A.B. IN EDUCATION. Phi Eta Sigma. Hughes, James R. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Hughes, Robert Adam Huie, Anne Pressly A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta; SUAE Board (4): Y ' WCA (3, 4), Cabinet (4); Westminster Fellowship (3, 4); Young Democrats (3). Humber, John L. A.B. IN MUSIC. Glee Club (3, 4); YMCA (3, 4). Greenville Second Row: Hursh, Paul David Hutchins, Frederick Strickland Port Washington, N. Y. Winston-Salem B.A. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Foot- ball (I); Interfraternity Council (3, 4): N. C. Student Legislature (3); Orientation Committee (3. 4); University Club (1. 2. 3, 4). Vice-President (4); Minataurs (2, 3. 4); AFROTC (1, 2); Modern Dance Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Ingle, John Robert Siler City A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Beta Kappa; Card Board (1, 2); Con- solidated University Student Council (4) ; Interdormitory Council (2. 3). Treasurer (3); Student Legislature (3. 4); NSA (3). Ingram, Samuel Talmage Sanford B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi; Band (2, 3); Dance Committee (4); Interfraternity Council (2); University Club (1. 2. 3); YMCA (1, 2, 3); Wesley Foundation. Ivey, James Lindsey Norwood A.B. IN EDUCATION. Wesley Foundation (3) ; Tar Heels and Toes (2). Jackson, Henry Clayton, Jr. Tarboro A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Kappa Alpha. President (4); In- terfraternity Council (3, 4); Orientation Committee (4). Third Row: Warsaw Jackson, Joanne Wallace A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Gamma Delta; SUAB Board (3); West- minster Fellowship, Secretary (4). Jackson, John Hilton Decatur, Ga. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Kappa Alpha: Yackety Yack (1); YMCA (1). Jackson, John Payne Eau Gallic, Fla. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Pi ilu Epsilon; Grail (3, 4); Order of Old Well (3, 4): Tracli (1); Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Treasurer (3): Episcopal Student Vestry (2, 3), Chairman (3); NROTC Rifle Team (I. 2, 3, 4). James, Alvin Douglas B.A. IN CO.MMERCE. Alpha Kappa Psi. Charlotte James, Robert Wayne Elkin A.B. IN EDUCATION. Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Football (1). Jenkins, Gaston Justice Shelby B.A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Theta Chi; Glee Club (I, 2); Soccer Ip fP P Page 78 CI ass First Row: Jente, Katherine Elizabeth Chapel Hill A.B. IN MUSIC. Sigma Alpha Iota, President (3); Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Phi Alpha; Glee Club (2, 3), President (4); Order of Old Well (3, 4): Town Girls " Association (1): Splash Club (1). Jernigan, Jerry O ' Dell A.B. IX ZOOLOGY. Fencing (1. 2, 3). Johnson, Carolyn Miree Norfolk, Va. A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi; Orientation Com- mittee (4); Tennis Club (3, 4): Women ' s Council (3): YWCA (3, 4); Women ' s Athletic Association, President (4). Johnson, Earl, Jr. Raleigh A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Zeta Psi; Lacrosse (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Mono- gram Club (2, 3, 4); Sheiks (2, 3, 4i: Philosophical Society of 1789. President (4). Bogota, Colombia, S. Am. 3, 4); YWCA (3): Johnson, Gennifer Owen Johnson, Thomas Milton B.S. IN MEDICINE. Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa. Second Row: Johnston, Bennie McBane A.B. IN CHENnSTRY. Jones, Alice Venable Clayton Graham Warrenton r (41 ; SUAE Jones, Jo Anne Wilson A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Gamma Delta; Orientation Adviser (4): Tarnation 13): University Club (3, 4); YWCA (3. 4), Cabinet (4 : House Council (3, 4). Jones, Newton Stuart Winston- Salem A.B. IN RELIGION. Cosmopolitan Club (4); Dailu Tar Beel (1, 2): Phi Assembly (2): YMCA. Treasurer (3. 4); Inter-Faith Council. Treasurer (3, 4); Campus Chest (3, 4), Chairman (4): Westminster Fellowship (2, 3, 4); State Student Legislature (i); Young Demo- cratic Club (4). Duxin Jordan, Samuel Thomas Arlington, Va. A.B. IN HISTORY. S(. Anthotit Hall; Track (1, 2. 3, 4); Interfra- ternity Council (2); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); ' Wrestling (1): 13 Club (2. 3. 4). Joyce, Samuel Irvin, Jr. Raleigh A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Delta Sigma Pi. Third Row: Julian, Charles Ernest Salisbury B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Jurczak, Janice Dorrine Endicott, N. Y. B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Chi Omega, Officer (4) : Glee Club (4) ; Orientation Adviser (41 : SUAE Board (3. 4) ; YWCA (3. 4) ; New- man Club (3. 4); Student Party (3, 4). Justus, Larry T. - .E. IN RADIO. Communications Club (3, 4). Dana Kalin, Byron S. Hendersonville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tau Epsilon Phi. Kane, Richard Eugene Wooster, Ohio B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Sigma, President (4); Interfraternity Council (4); Sheiks (2, 3, 4); YMCA (4). Kearsley, Edward Wearn Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATON. Delta Sigma Pi. Page 79 Senior Kelley, John Lawrence A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Newman Club (1, 2, 3. i). Kelly, Matthew Thomas A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kelly, Patricia A.B. IN ENGLISH. VWCA. Kennedy, Jane Patricia A.B. IN FRENCH. Delta Delta Delta: YWCA (3, i). Sharpsville, Pa. Durham Arlington, Va. Asheville Kester, Julia Ryan Winston-Salem A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega; YWCA (3, 4); Sigma Chi Sweet- lieart Court. King, Gerald Walker Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Interdormitory Council (3, 4) ; Soccer (1); Interdormitory Council Dance Committee (3), Chairman Second Raw: King, Judy Savannah, Ga. A.B IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta: Orientation Committee (4); YWCA (4); Panhellenic Council (3), President (4); Student Execu- tive Committee (3, 41; . FKOrC Sponsor 13, 1); May Day, Co-Chairman (4). King, Norma Evelyn Chapel Hill A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi: Glee Club (2, 3); Independent Coed Board (2): Orientation Committee Advisor (4); Town Girls ' Association (3, 4); YWCA (3. 4); Panhellenic Council (4); Interfailh Council (4); Baptist Student Union (4). Kirkman, Julian Max Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. Fencing (1. 2, 3, 4); YMCA Kirstein, Lillian Leonna A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kittner, William Hirsch B.S. IN BUSINE.SS ADMINISTRATION. Kocornik, Richard Wilborn B.S. IN .MATHEMATICS. Alpha Tau Omega: Football (2, : Monogram Club (3, 4); PLC Program; Semper Fidelis Society. Black Mountain Weldon West Orange, N. J. Third Row: Kynoch, Ralph Kirkland Roxoboro Lackey, Norris Dixon, Jr. Shelby A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Alpha: Class Officer (2); Football (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Monogram Club (2, 3, 4). Lampert, Ronald Marvin B.S. IN MEDICINE. Zeta Beta Tau. Long Beach, N. Y. Red Hook, N. Y. Landauer, Judith Ann A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Omeffu; SUAE Board (4); YWCA (3, 4); AFROTC Spon.sor (3, 4). Lassiter, Cornelia Rich Square A.B. IN HISTORY. YWCA (3, 4); Splash Club (3). Latham, Mrs. Alice Patterson Waycross, Ga. B.S. IN PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING. Page 80 ass Latham, Joseph Roscoe, Jr. New Bern Kootball, Assistant Manager (3) ; Canterbury Law, Dorothy Ellis Greenville, S. C. A.B. IN RADIO. Chi Omeiia; Cheerleader (i) : Communications Club (3. 4) ; University Club (4) ; YWCA (41. Leary, Billy Gray Edenton A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Glee Club (41: YMCA (3, 4). Ledbetter, Charles McKinnon Mount Gilead B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. TUftd Chi; Carolina Foruii University Club Lee, John Winstead A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Theta Chi. Lee, Katherine Currie 13, 4): YMCA (4): Rocky Mount Lumberton B.S. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi; Eta Delta; Card Board (41; Glee Club i3): Yuckety Vack (3): YWCA (3, 41. Secund Row: Leek, Sara Thomasville A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Pi Beta Phi; Orientation Committee: YWCA. Leonard, David Brian Wrightsville Beach B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Daili Tar Heel: Yacketii Yack. Leonard, Robert Cowan Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha; AFROTC. Lerner, Samuel Lincolnton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Litmhila Phi. Leverette, Maurice Deane, Jr. Fayetteville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Band (1. 2, 31 ; Cosmopolitan Club (1); Dailij III- Heel (1); YMCA (1. 2. 3): Students for Democratic Action (1, 2); 1-uture Teachers of America (41. Levin, Ronald Frank William ston A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Tau Epsilon Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sii ma: Band (ti: Cross Country (I); Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); Glee Club (41 : Gymnastics (2). Third Row: Levine, Alvin Ellis Rockingham B.S. IN COMMERCE. Tau Ep.iilon Phi; Debate Council (3. 4j: Debate Squad (3, 4). Lewis, Miriam Lillian Chapel Hill A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sig na Alpha Iota; Town Girls ' Association (1, 2, .1. 41 : YWCA (3, 41 : BSU Council (J, 3, 41. Libby, Carol May Raleigh A.B. IN RADIO. Kappa Kappa Gumma; Orientation . dvisor (4|- WUNC (3. 4): Stray Greeks (3). Vice-President (4). Lindler, James H. Sherrills Ford B.S. IN CHEMLSTRY. Alpha Chi • i(jmii. Lindley, Charles Clinton, Jr. Chapel Hill A.B. IN BOTANY. Glee Club (1); Playniakers (3, 4): YMCA (1 ■ ' 3. 4); Student Party (2, 3); Dance Club (1, 4); UN Representative Lindsey, Thomas E. Great Neck, N. Y. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Siiima Phi Epsilun; Card Board (3 (|- Intc fraternity Council (41; YMCA (1, 2. 3. 41. O P p iMMd Page 81 s enior First Row: Winston-Salem Linville, Mary Ruth A.B. IN ART. Independent Coed Board (3); Orientation Advisor; SUAE Board (4): YWCA (3. 4): House Council (3. 4). Little, Carolyn Joan Concord A.B. IN ENGLISH. Ktippa Delta: Student Legislature (3. 4): YWCA (3. 41 : Panhellenic Council (4). Little, Don J. Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTKATION. Alpha Kappa Psi: Gymnastics (2): Charlotte-Carolina Club (1. 3. 3, 4). Little, William Edward B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Phi Littlejohn, William Lawrence, Jr. B.S. IN MEDICINE. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Decatur, Ga. Morganton Lloyd, Beth B.S. IN .MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Pi Bet a Phi: Class Officer (1 Glee Club ( 1 i . Second Row: Lloyd, David Andrews Chapel Hill A.B. IN HISTORY. Lloyd, Thomas Henry, jr. Chapel Hill A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Phi Alpha; Carolina Qtiarterli (2). Editor (3): Debate Squad (3, 4); Di Senate (3. 4); SUAB Board I3I ; Laestrygonian Chowder and Marching Society (3, 4). Loftin, Dalton Hartwell B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Trenton London, Arthur Hill, III Long, Robert McDonald B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Long, Walter Nathaniel, Jr. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Baptist Student Union Third Row: Lovingood, Paul, Jr. A.B. IN GEOGRAPHY, tiii ma (iamma Epsilo Lovings, Lewis Edward B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pla Chapel Hill Di Senate (1. 2i; Concord Belmont Chapel Hill Lowet, Henry Augustus C( 3uncil (3, 41. Fairview Greensboro yn lakerj ! (4 ); Dance Club Winston-Salem A.B. IX HISTORY. Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Phi Omega; Arnold Air Society: Di Senate (2. 3. 4), President (4); North Carolina Student Legislature (2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2); Order of Old Well (3, 4); Student Council (3. 4); Student Legislature (1, 2, 3): SUAB Board (3); YMCA (3, 4); United Nations Club. Chairman (3. 4): Intra-Mural Manager (1); Student Party (1, 2. 3, 4). Chairman (1, 4); Hillel (1. 2. 3. 4); . niphoterothens; Young Democratic Club. Lowery, Mary Louise Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi: Tennis (31 : YWCA. Cabinet (4). Lowery, Genevieve Pembroke B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Independent Coed Board (4) : YWCA 141 ; Wesley Foundation. Luckey, William Lee B.S. IN BUSINESS adminigtkahon. Charlotte ass Mann, Etta Rose Whiteville Lyon, Gene Fleming Rocky Mount B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ' . Phi Gamma Delia. Lyon, Herman Trevilian Durham Lynn, Clabe Webster, Jr. Petersburg, Va. A.B. IN CHE.MISTRY. Interdormitory Council (3). A.B. IN SOCIOLOGV. Cosmopolitan Club (3) ; Glee Club (3. 4) ; Interdormitory Council U) ; SUAE Board (3); Hillel Cabinet (3. 4); Iiiterfaith Council (4). Marbry, Don Lee Badin B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Baseball (1. 2, 3, 4); Mono- gram Club (2, 3. 4); Soccer (1); YMCA (1, 2. 3. 4). Marger, Bruce Coral Gables, Fla. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Phi Omega; Beta Gamma Siijma; Phi Eta Sigma; Daily Tar Heel (I); Debate Council (2. 3, 41: Debate Squad (1, 2, 3. 4); Order of Old Well (3. 4); SUAB Lynn, Jennie Shermaine Savannah, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi; Card Board (3, 4); DaUu Tar Heel (3. 4); Glee Club (3); SUAB (3, 4): YWCA (3, 4). Third Row: Mack, Charles Lewis Mooresville Marks, Catherine Rebecca B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi ilu Alpha: Band (1. 2. 3. 4): Newman Club (1, 2, 3. 4). Macy, Charles Thomas Morehead City A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Beta Theta Pi: Glee Club (1, 2). Martin, Elizabeth Anne A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi; SUAB (41 Wilmington High Point Second Row: B.S. IN COMMERCE. Kappa Alpha; Basketball (1); Track (1). Malone, Mildred Lloyd B.S. IN EDUCATION. Louisburg Marshburn, Wilbur Wayne Greensboro A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi Delta Theta. Maness, Vernon Elvin, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Burlington Mason, Paul DeWitt Detroit, Mich. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lacrosse (1, 2). Mangum, Lonnie Wyatt, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Ps Creedmoor Mason, William Russell New Bern A.B. IN ART. Page 83 s enior Asheville 4) ; Wesley Masters, Janice Carol B.S. IN BUSINESS AD Foundation (3, 4). Matthews, Joe Carroll A.n. IN EDUCATION. Matthews, Wade Bynum A.U. IN .OOl.OUV. Ciinsolidated University Student Council (3), Cliairrnan (4); Debate Council (2. 3, 4); North Carolina Student Legislature (2. 3. 4); Plii Assembly (1. 2, 3, 4), Spealier (4); Student Legislature (2, 3) ; Amphoterothen Society (3, 4) ; Elections Board (3) ; Student Party. Winston-Salem Mattox, Frederick Taylor A.H. IN PRELAW. Sii Board (2. 3); Johnston i May, Robert Glenn A.H. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Maydanis, Peter Nicholas A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Second Row: Maynard, Harriet Valerie Smithfield b (2) ; Card Thomasville Charlotte Fredericksburg, Va. Delta. President (4); SCAB Maynard, James Walter Burlington B.S. IN MAriiI ' ;M. TICS. -In lUimmn Delta: Delta Phi Alpha: Phi Kill Siymii: liaiHc (iiniiiiillcc CI. t); Di Senate (2). President (3); Order of old Well. I ' rcsiik-nt (n; Soccer (1, 4); Student Leei.slature (2. 3): VMCA: AFKOTC; Student Audit Board. McClellan, Robie Wayne A.B. IN ECONOMICS. McCollam, John Mason A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Beta Thetn Pi: Gorson ' s Head. East Bend McCraw, Carl Greaves, Jr. McCune, Edwina Clark IN .SOCIOLOC.V. Lincolnton Ellendale, La. Charlotte Soccer (1 ) ; Dorm Savannah, Ga. Th iil Row: McDermott, Paul James, Jr. Chapel Hill H.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTKATION. Phi Eta Sigma. McDonald, Betty Sue Kershaw, S. C. A.B. IN HISTOKV. Delta Delta Delta; SUAB (3. 4): Women ' s Resi- dence Council 131, Summer Session; YWCA (3. 4); Student Marshal (3); Dorm President (3), Summer Session; Orientation Advisor (4). McElrath, John Philip Black Mountain B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Signm Gamma Epsiloii. McFall, Walter Thompson Asheville A. B. IN CHE.MISTKV. Kappa Sirjma : Dailij Tar Heel (1); Orienta- tion Committee (2. 3); Student Government Officer {2. 3. 4); Stu- dent Legislature (2); 13 Club (2, 3, 4); University Party. Chairman McFalls, Vernon Wendell Greensboro A.B. IN HI. ' iTOKY. Phi Eta Hiama : Alpha Epsilon Delta: Delta Phi Alpha. McFarland, Betty Jean Martinsville, Va. 3. IN HlSroR-i ' . Alpha Delta Pi: Eta Delta: Glee Club (3); rketii Yark (3): YWCA (3. 4). Page 84 ass McGee, Frederick Lee Ft. Myers, Fla. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Daili Tar Heel (1); Interdorinitoiy Council (1); Press Club (3. t). McLendon, John Aycock Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta Theta Pi, President (4); Interdorniitorv Council (2); Interfraternity Council (4); Wrestling (1); VMCA (i. 2. 3. 4); Campus Chest Board (2). Mebane McLeod, Betty Jean B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. McLeod, George Holliday Florence, S. C. A.B. m CHEMISTRY. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Kappa Alpha; President of Senior Class (3); (irail 12, 3i; Men ' s Council (1. 2). President (3). Chairman (4); Student Covernment Oificer (2i: Student Legislature (1); President ' s Cabinet (2): Orientation Committee (2); Orientation Counselor (3). McMahon, Gerold Thomas Asheville McMillan, John Alexander, III Matthews A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigmn Alpha EpsUon. President (4) ; Dance Com- mittee (2. 3): Cerman Club Executive (2, 3); CJinighoul (3. 4): Interfraternity Council U); Minataurs (2, 3. 4). Second Row: McMillan, Thomas, Jr. Rocky Mount A. B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Kappa Alpha; Band (2, 3): Daily Tar Heel (3) ; Glee Club (1, 2). McWhirter, Anne Shannon Marshvillc A.B. IN ENGLISH. Independent Coed Board (4). Meacham, Robert Barnard Mebane, Margaret Anne A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. YWCA (3. 4); House Council (3. 4) Medford, Hugh Love, Jr. B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma. Medlin, Thomas E. B.S. IN COMMERCE. Football (1, 2); Grail (3, 4). Third Row: Statesville ity Club (3, Burlington Greensboro Smithfield Monroe Menius, Mary Lucille B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Independent Coed Board (3); YWCA (3). Mercer, Mary Lu Baltimore, Md. B.S. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamnw Delta; Glee Club (3); YWCA (3, 4); Newman Club (3), President (4); Future Teachers of America (4) : Interfaith Council (3, 4) ; SUAB Board (4). Mewborn, Ancel Clyde A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi Eta Sign Epsilon; YMCA (3). La Grange Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Mu Mewborn, John Moses Snow Hill A.B. IN EDUCATION. Glee Club (I. 2). Meyer, Herbert Ivan Richmond, Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tau Epsilon Phi. Miller, Arthur Lee Landis . .H. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Page 85 Se nior Miller, Baxter Hocutt, Jr. Durham B.S. IN COMMERCE. Chi Psi : Football (1); Consolidated University Student Council (3, 4) : Dance Committee (3) ; Interdormitory Council (3); Men ' s Council (2): Orientation Committee (2); Student Legis- lature (3); President Graham Dorm (3); NSA Committee; Vice- President of Student Government (4). Miller, Bill W. Morganton B.S. IN COMMERCE. P ii Beta Kappa. Miller, George Washington, Jr. Spencer B.S. IN COMMERCE. Track (1); YMCA (1. 2, 3. 4). MiUer, William R. Chapel Hill A.B. IN SOCIAL STUDIES AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Mitchell, Donald Edward Ahoskie B.S. IN MEDICINE. Sirima Nil: Band (1) ; Card Board (3K Mitchell, Edward Lee Goldsboro Second Row: Mitchem, Rebecca Bauer Chapel Hill B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Moehlmann, Joel Richland, Pa. A.B. IN PSYCH0L0C;Y. Alpha Tan Omega. Moff, Jerome William Burlington B.A. IN MARKETING. Pi Lambda Phi; Dance Committee (3) ; Inter- dormitory Council (2): Interfraternity Council (2, 8); YMCA (2. 3). Molen, Robert Nelson Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Montgomery, Elise New Haven, Conn. A.B. IN ART. Cosmopolitan Club (3. 4); Glee Club (3i; YWCA (3. 4); Anthropology Club (4). Moore, Eileen Conroy Norfolk, Va. A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi: Orientation Adviser (4); SUAE Board (3, 4); University Club (3, 4); YWCA (3 1 ; Newman Club. Officer. rlnrj Roir: Moore, Frank Bunting New Bern B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Moore, Grover William Burlington li.S. IN COMMERCE. Hi( inn clii: University C!ub. Treasurer. Moore, Helen Page Charleston, S. C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta: Glee Club (3): Swimmina. Splash Club (H; YWCA (3. tl: AFROTC Sponsor 13, 4i: Dormitory Officer (3); Student AdvLser (41; Yark Beauty Section (3). Moore, John Daniel Moore, Mary Anne Moore, Roy Neal. Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTU. TION. Wilson Charlotte Raleigh 1 fv r r Ml Page 86 CI ass Motta, Charles Peter Moore, Sara Elizabeth Wadesboro Fair Lawn, N. J. 3. 4); A.B. IX RELIGION ' . Yacketij Yack. Co-Beauty Editor (3i. Editor-in- Chief (4); Splash Club (3. 1); Wesley Foundation (3). Moore, Tommy Harte A.B. IX COMMERCE. Delta Sigma Pi. Moore, Victor Bailey, Jr. Moorhead, Robert Burns A.B. IX POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Sii Morin, Edward Charles A.B. IX POLITICAL SCIEXCE. Kannapolis Durham wixc Gastonia Alpha; Arnold .Air Society. Ludlow, Mass. Brevard Mountcastle, George Coan Winston-Salem A.B. IX EXGLISH. Sigma Alpha Epsilmi : Golf (1. 2. 3. 4); Mono- srani Club (3. 4i; 13 Club (2, 3. 4 ; . FROTC. Mullens, David Bobo Clarksdale, Miss. B.S. IX BUSINESS ADMIXISTRATIOX. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Danoe Committee (1 1 ; Football (2, 8. 4): Monogram Club (3). Third Row: Mumaw, Barbara Anne Charlotte A.B. IN ART. Alpha Gamma Delta: Card Board (3. 4i : SCAB Board. Morris, Robert Kenneth B.S. IX BVSIXESS ADMIXISTRATIOX. Lambda Chi Alpha Mundy, John Rawls A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Murad, Joseph Louis Second Row: Morton, Calvin Luther, Jr. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Moser, Buell Edward B.S. IN BISINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sig Mosier, Joe Louis Henderson Wilson Phi Beta Kapiw: Alpha Epxilon Albemarle Burlington Murchison, Margaret Anne Raleigh A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta: VWCA (3. ll. Murdock, Thomas Edward Drexel Hill, Pa. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Kappa Alpha. Chattanooga, Tenn. Murphy, Joanne Lookout Mt., Tenn. n ' r IMiik ilk t Page 87 Senior Murray, Nancy Anne Ral eigh A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta: Orientation Advisor (41; Haymakers (3. 4); Student Legislature (3); SUAE Board (3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council (3. 4); Dorm Presiflent (4); House Council (3). Myers, Mary Catherine Myers, Kenneth Morton Greensboro A.R. 1 ED ' TATIOX TEACHING. Delta Delta Delta: Orientation Com mittee (4); Women ' s Honor Council (3), Chairman (4): YWCA (3, 4i; Varkitij Yaik: Valkyries (4): Pi Mu Epsilon (4). Coral Gables, Fla. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Beta Kappa: Pi Sigma Alpha: Tau EpsUon Phi; Debate Council (1, 2, 4 . President (3); Debate Squad (1. 2, 3, 4); Fencing (2), Captain (3): Men ' s Council (2. 3); North Carolina Student Legislature (2): Order of Old Well; Orienta tion Committee; Playniakers; Student Legislature; Track (I); Hillel; Interfaitli Council. Neal, Carolyn Hamilton Asheville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Siffmn Pi Alpha. Neal, Robert Stuart Chapel Hill A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Theta Chi: Interfraternity Council (2. 3, 4). Neal, William Thomas, Jr. Greensboro A.B. IN JOURNALIS.M. Phi Theta Kappa; Sigma Pi Alpha: Dailu Tar Heel (3); North Carolina Symphony. Publicity Director i3, 4): Interfaith Council (3). Needham, Herbert Curtis A.B. IN COMMERCE. Delta Sigma Pi. Netherly, Paul Arnold B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pilot Mountain Madison Nettles, Jesse Thomas, Jr. Chapel Hill A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Dailu Tar Heel (3, 4) : Baptist Student Union; Press Club (3). Newlin, Catherine Haw River A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Delta: VWCA (3. 41. Newton, Adrian Jefferson, Jr. Raleigh A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Delta Theta; Football (1, 2, 3. 4); Monogram Club (2. 3, 4): Track (1. 2. 3. 4). Nicolson, Annie Russell Maspeth, N. Y. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Cosmopolitan Club (3); VWCA (3); Spanish Club (3. 4). ThnJ Ron ' : Nixon, Demetrios Theo A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Noah, Patricia Ann B.; (4 Noland, Jesse Virgil Charlotte Chapel Hill a : YWCA Asheville Cross B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa P. C{tuntry. Manager (2. 3); Track. Manager (2). Noneman, Walter Louis, Jr. B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Phi Gamma Delta. Norris, Maureen King A.B. IN HISTORY. YDC (3. 4): University Party (3, 4), Executive Secretary (4): Yarkety Yack, Beauty Editor (4). Novit, Mitchell Sheldon Raleigh Blytheville, Ark. Walterboro, S. C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Beta Kappa: Zita Beta Tan, President: Class officer (1); Debate Scjuaii (1. 2, 3); Interfraternity Council (3. 4); Student Legislature (2, 3); Tarnation (3); University Party; AFROTC. ass First Row: Oglesby, Harold Franklin Kinston B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda CM Alpha; Card Board (2. 3): Track (1); Arnold Air Society; Student Audit Com niittee. Oliver, Billy Reid Raleigh Lamhila Chi Alpha: Card Board (2, 3); Orientati( Oliver, Mary Keen nakers Chatham, Va. I ' lay Olsen, Daniel Duncan Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Eta Sigma: Kappa Signuj; Carolina Forum (4); Interfraternity Council (1. 2, 3. i) : AFROTC: Interfraternity Council Court (2. 3); Choral Club; Tennis O ' Connell, Robert Philip New York, N. Y. . .B. IN EDUCATION. Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa: Orientation Counselor (3). O ' Neal, Richard Kenneth Charlotte Osborne, Karl Ronald Charlotte AH. IN ECONOMICS. O ' Sullivan, William Joseph New York, N. Y. olimt Quarterly (3) ; Daili Tar Heel Owen, Charles Clifton, Jr. Salisbury B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi: AFROTC. Greenville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Signui Alpha Epsiloii : CJorgon ' s Head; Slieiks; Swimming (I) ; YMCA (1. 2. 3, 4). Pace, John Thomas Walter Third Row: Padgett, E. J. Mapel Hill A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Phi Eta Sigma. Padgette, Margaret Howard Chapel Hill B.A. IN JOURNALISM. Alpha Delia Pi: Dailii Tar Heel (2); Glee Club (2); Town Girls ' Association (2, 3, 4); Yackety Yack (2); YWCA (2, 3, 4). Page, Channing Nelson, Jr. Southern Pines U.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpha. Second Row: O ' Neal, Wallace W. Creedmoor . .B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Kappa Sigma. President (4); Interdormitory Council (2); Interfraternity Council (4); YMCA (1); Dorm Officer (21. Onley, Vernon H. . .B. IN HISTORY. Elizabeth City- Page, Earl Mason Page, William Lee, III B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Sigma u. Palmer, Michael Hamilton A.B. IN ENGLISH. Siama Pi Alpha. Wilmington (1, 3); Tarboro Lenoir Page 89 enior Panton, Richard Tyler A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Pappas, Savas Harry B.S. IN Bl ' SINKSS ADMINISTRATION. Chapel Hill Greensboro Charlotte Parham, Lewis Hillsman, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha; Wres- tling (2. 3, 4) : Monogram Club. Parish, Joe Garvey, Jr. Sumter, S. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Phi: Wrestling (I. 2). Parker, Gerald Corbett Silverdale A.B. IN HISTORY. Amplioterotlien ; I)i Senate. President U) ; Wee Club (1); Interdoriiiitorv Council (8. I); Student Legislature (3. 4): Weslev Foundation (1. 2. 3. 41; Student Party (3. 4); Young Demo- crats Club (3). Parker, Ramon E. B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Aliiha Chi Second Row: Parnell, Thomas Alfred Manteo Lumberton Parramore, Thomas Custis Winton A.B. IN PRE-LAW. liaili Tar HrrI I3i; Trinialion (3): NROTC. Parsons, Betty Belle A.B. IN SOCIOI.OCiY. n Beta Phi: YWCA. lasper, Ga. Patseavouras, Louie L. Rocky Mount B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi Eta Sij m " ; Chi Phi: Cheerleader (3); Class Officer (3); Monogram Club (3. 4); Order of Old Well (3, 4); Soccer (1, 2, 3. 4); Yackefu Yack (4). Patterson, Ann A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDIICATION. Chi O Patterson, John Richard A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Beta Theta Pi: Swimn Edenton Greensboro ling 111 : Track (I). Third Row: Patterson, Mary Elizabeth Scotland Neck A.B. IN EDUCATION. Card Board; SUAB Board; YWCA. Patterson, William Stacy Salisbury B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Kappa Epsilon: Gor- gon ' s Head (3. 4); Interfraternitv Council (2); Men ' s Council (3. 4): Sheiks (2. 3. 4); YMC. (1); Assistant Manager Football Team (2). Paturis, Emmanuel Michael B.S. IN BlISINESS ADMINISTRATION. Wilmington Pawlik, Harry Albemarle A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Delta Vpsilan: Grail (3. 4): Monogram Club (2. 31. President (4); Order of Old Well (3. 4); Soccer (1. 2, 3). Co-Captain (4): Wrestling (1, 2. 3), Co-Captain (4): Scabbard and Blade (3. 4); Arnold Air Society (3. 4). Payne, Garth Howard B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Elkin YMCA. Rocky Mount Pearsall, Harry S., Jr. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. 7.ela Psi : Interdormitory Counci (2. 31; Interfraternity Council (4); Orientation Counselor (3) Soccer (li; Student Entertainment Committee, Chairman (li. Page CI ass Fir ' t Rote: Phillips, Lewis Allison Chapel Hill Peddycord, John William Winston-Salem B.S. IN PHYSICS. YMCA 11. 2. 3. 1); Baptist Student Union (1. 2, :i. n ; Pliysics Club (1. 2. 3. 4). B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTKATKIN. I ' hi Assembly (1). Phillips, Walter K. Hendersonville Pelzel, Miriam Priscilla Charleston, W. Va. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. VWCA (1). . .B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. I ' hi Bftn Kiivpu: Basketball (1); Baseball (1.; Class Officer (11: ;lee Club (1): MonoKram Club (4); Track (1. 2. i. 4). Penegar, Kenneth Lawing Gastonia Pierce, Diana Asheville A.B. IN HISTORY. Kufva Si ' jmti : Carolina Forum (2, 3): Carolina Quarterly, Associate Editor (1); Consolidated LTniversity Student Council (1. 2): Di Senate (1. 2. 3. 4). President: Fencing (1); Glee Club (1); Golden Fleece; Grail (:i. 4): Interdormitorv Council (2): President ' s Cabinet (1, 2); North Carolina Student Legislature (1. 2. 3. 41. President (4): Order of Old Well (3, 4): Publications Union Board; Student Government Officer (1. 2): Student Legislature (1. 2. 3): SUAE Board. President (3); Tarnation (1); Yackett York. Assistant Editor (21: Young Democrats " Club: National Student Congress (3, 4) ; Graham Memorial Board of Directors. Chairman (3. 4): NROTC: Amphoterothen: Student Council (4): NSA Dele- Rate (3. 4). Penton, Elizabeth Ann Wilmington A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega. Perryman, Nancy Anne High Point A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta; Dailii Tar Heel (3); Glee Club (4); Orientation Advisor (4); SUAB Board (4): YMTA (3. 4). Raleigh Phillips, Charles Wiley, Jr. Seciind Row: Phillips, Harr) ' Herman Greensboro Chi, President (41; Greensboro B.S. IN BACTERIOLOGY. Alpha Delta Pi; Splash Club (3. 4). Politis, Murray Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tan Epsilon Phi: Inter- fraternitv Council (4) ; Orientation Counselor (3) ; University Club (Ii: Hillel (1, 2. 3. 4); Card Board (2). Poole, John McKee, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Third Row: Potts, Ervin Rea A.B. IN .lOURNALISM. .s-,(7iii i Chi: Tennis (3. 4) . Potts, Jerry N. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Phi: Yarketii Presson, Samuel David B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Baptist Student Ui Price, Fred Avery, Jr. A.B, IN SOCIAL SCIENCE. Delta Upsilon: Glee Club (3. 4i: Grail (2. 3. i): Playmakers (1): Student Government Officer (2. 3); Stu- dent Legislature (2): SUAB Board (3. 4): YMCA (1. 2. 3. 4). B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi; Cross Interdormitorv Council (2. 3. 4): Soccer (1): AFROTC. Price, John Frank B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Phi. Price, Thomas Arthur, Jr. B S. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. .Siffmn Chi. Charlotte Franklin York (2). Monroe n. Greensboro Countrj ' (4) ; Elkin Charlotte Page 91 s enior First Row: Pridgen, Edmond Wallace Wilson B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Nii: Daily Tar Heel (1, 2); Dance Committee (3. 4); German Club Executive (3, 4): Interfraternity Council (2); Tarnation (3); Semper Fidelis Society (3, 4); University Party (3). Creswell 4); Plii Assembly (3, 4); Pritchett, James Ronald A. B. IN HISTORY. C. ■ ' oun Democrats Club ( Pruss, Barry Gordon U.S. IN BUSINESS ADN Committee (3. 4); Foot!)! Putzki, Pauletta Stirling A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Gamma Delta; YMCA (3, 4); Elections Board (3); Panhellenic Council (4); Canterbury Club (3, 4). IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha: Dance Committee (3, 4); Football (1. 2, 3. 4); Track (1. 2); Air ROTC. Westfield, N. J. Chi Alpha: Dance 2); Air ROTC. Washington, D. C. 4) ; Elections (3, 4). High Point Rabhan, Harold Jerome B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tau Epsilon Phi. Randall, Robert Noble Lincolnton A.H. IN ' POLITICAL SCIENCE. Second Row: Ransom, William Kay Raleigh B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Sir tna (Jan Ratliff, Margaret Jean Epsilon; Track (1). Redding, Anna Ingram Redding, Ben Grady B.S. IN BUSINK.SS ADMINISTRATION. Redmon, Aubrey Wilford Asheboro Marston Leaksville U.S. IN Bl ' SINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Kai,,ia P.ii. President (4); Scabbard and Blade; AFROTC. Third Row: Reeves, Martha Weaver Thomaston, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi; University Club; YWCA (4). Register, Marvin Odell New Bern B.S. IN PHYSICS. Pliysics Club (3. 41. Reid, Claire Virginia Cullowhee A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha (iamma Delta; Alpha Phi Sigma; SUAE (4); YWCA (3. 41; Press Club (4); House Council (3, 4); Splash Club (3). Reid, Daniel Raleigh A.B. IN DRAMATIC ART. Playmakers (1. 2, 3. 4). Chesterfield, S. C. Rhodes, Erskine Lee Dallas Raymer, Rose Marie Statesvilie (3); YWCA; Young Democrats Rhodes, Harold Bagley Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.MIMSTR ATION. Delta Sigma Pi. Page 92 ass Rhoades, John Arlie, Jr. Guilford College BS IN lUSINKSS ADMINISTRATION. Card Board (3); Cheerleader (4): (■vimiastii-s (3, 4): Monogram Club (3, 4); YMCA (1. 2. 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3); AFROTC; Weekly Tar Heel (3). Rhodes, Robert Everett, Jr. Elizabeth City A.B. IN ENC;i,ISH. Wesley Foundation (1, 2, 4); Interfaitli Council (2). Ricks, Garland Stephenson Conway B.S. IN BUSINE.SS AUMINISTKATION. YMCA (1. 2, 3, 4). Ridge, Jerrold Alison Norfolk, Va. B.S. IN BUSINKSS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Phi, President (4); Dance Committee; Interfraternity Council (3, 4); YMCA (1. 2, 3, 4). Rigas, Lambros C. Charlotte A.B. IN P0LITIC. L SCIENCE. Assistant Football Manager (4). Riley, Leslie Walter, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Second Row: Ritch, Eugene Kinsey A.B. IN RECREATION. Chi Phi. Chapel Hill Charlotte Roberson, Nathan Russell Robersonville B.S. IN PHYSICS. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Physics Club. Roberts, Eugene Leslie, Jr. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Theta Chi. Pikeville Roberts, Frans Joseph Roberts, John Mason Hillsboro Hillsboro .Vi(.- Band (1. 2); Phi .Assembly ii. 2); Robertson, Jenkins Mikell Charlotte A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Phi Eta Sigma; WUNC Staff. Third Ron : Robertson, Julia Greenville, S. C. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. .Alpha Delta Pi; Women ' s Residence Board (4). Robinson, Jack Richard Valdese A.B. IN R. DIO. Interdormitory Council (3, 4); Intramural Manager (3); AFROTC; WUNC StatT (3. 4): Carolina Communications Club (3. 4). Rodenbough, Charles Dyson Walnut Cove .A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Alpha; Debate Council (2); Orientation Advisor (4); Phi Assembly ( 1, 2); Student Legislature (1). Rodman, Patricia Blount Norfolk, Va. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi; Dailil Tar Heel (3): SUAB Board (31 ; YWC. (3, 4): Womans Hand Bouk (3); Canterbury Club. Rogers, Edith Lillian Wilmington A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Kappa Delta; Glee Club (3); YWCA. Cabinet (4) ; Canterbury Club. Rogers, Thomas Edward, Jr. Florence, S. C. Tennis: t » ' k f» a if p m t mk £i Page 93 s enior First Row: Rose, Elliott Martin Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tau EpsHoi, Phi: Card Board (2); Dance Committee (1); Orientation Advisor (3); VMCA; Hillel (1. 2, 3. 41. Rose, Sara Williams A.B IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi: Glee Club (2); Town Girls " Associ- ation (2. 3, 4); University Club (2); Women ' s Council (4); Yackety Vack (31; YWCA, Cabinet (4i; Panbellenic Council (4). Row, Leslie Howard Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chapel H Rowe, David Hyattsville, Md. A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Tan Omega. President (4i: I ailu Tar Heel (2); Glee Club (2); Interfraternity Couni-il (4i. Ruffin, William Haywood, Jr. Durham .A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Siiimu: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Gimghoul (3, 4); Interfraternity Council (2. 3. 4): Inter- fraternity Court (3. 4) ; Student Council (4) ; Student Legislature (I, 2); Orientation Counselor (3, 4). Rufty, Jerry D. Salisbury B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. Ssfiund Row: Russell, Joan Anita Kenmore, N. Y. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Delta: YWCA. Sampson, Herman Arthur, Jr. Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa P.- i: Band (1. Samuel, D. G., Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Winston-Salem Sanders, Helen Boykin Charlotte A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta. Sanford, James Kenneth Enka A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Dalii Tar Heel (3, 4), News Editor; Baptist Student Union. Sapp, Richard Stewart Reynolda B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Phi Omega: Tennis Satterfield, Neil Boydston Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Phi: Cosmopolitan Club (1); Orientation Counselor (3); Track (1); University Club (2. 3, 4): Wrestling (1); AFROTC: Scabbard and Blade. Sawyer, John Richard Burlington A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Scarborough, William Kaufman Annapolis, Md. A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa: Card Board Ci. 41 ; Di Senate (4). Schenck, James Simpson, III Greensboro A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Eta Sigma: Delta Kappa Epsilun, President (4): Daili Tar Heel (1, 2). Business Manager (3, 4i; German Club (1. 2. 3). President (4); Interfraternity Council. Executive Committee (4): Order of Old Well; Orientation Counselor (3. 4); Publications 1 Boar l (3. 41; Sheiks (3. 41; NROTC; Scabbard and B ' ade (4i. Un Schindel, Sally Lee Hagerstown, Md. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta; Duilii Tar Heel (3i; CJlee Club (3): Splash Club (3): YWCA. Schroeder, Peter Brett A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Silver Spring, Md. Page 94 ass Seism, Jack Lamar A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Tlutd Chi. President ( + Scott, Anne M. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Di Senate. Scott, Betty Jean Pelham New York, N. Y. Scott, Charles Prioleau Seabrook, Charles Cunningham Graham Club (2, 3. 4) ; Track Charleston, S. C. (1, 21; Semper P idelLs Seaman, Peter George, Jr. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Atfiha Tuu Omega. Second Roil : Seawell, Howard Carter, Jr. Warrenton Asheboro Seawell, Pat Griffin Winston-Salem A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Delta Pi: Yarketij Yack. Graduate and Professional Editor (4): V VC. I3i: House Council S, 41. Shaw, Nancy Carolyn St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi. President (4); Women ' s Honor Council (3. 4); Yuvketv Yuck (3); YWCA (3, 4); Panhellenic Council (3, 4). Shelton, Charles William Mayfield, Ky. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi: Daily Tar Heel (2); Wesley Foundation (2, 3, 4); Interfaith Council; Yackety Yack (4). Sherrill, N. Webb Bloomfield, N. J. Rocky Point S " ' " " ' ' l y Charlotte A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Carolina Political Union (2. 3, 4); North Carolina Student Legislature; Phi Assembly (2. 3, 4); Student Legislature (2); Debate Squad (3). Third Rotr: Shields, Julia Elizabeth Chapel Hill AB IN FRENCH. Alpha Delta Pi: Pi Delta Phi: Carolina Quarterly (2 3, 4); Order of Old Well (41; Student Lesislature (3, 4); Town Girls ' Association (2, 3); YWCA. Shockley, Betty Harris Hudson A.B. IN EDUCATION. Shore, Donald Hughes Yadkinville B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. Shore, Ernie G., Jr. Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Hiyma Chi; Basketball (I); Interdorniitory (2); YMCA (I). Showfety, Raymond Richard Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Gamma Sigma; Interdormitory Council (4). Shuff, Susan New York, N. Y. A.B. IN FRENCH. Hillel (3, 4); Student Party (3. 4); Cosmopolitan Club (3); Film Forum (3, 4). Page 9i Senior Sibley, Thomas Edward Albemarle A.B. IN MUSIC. Phi Mil Alpha. President (4): Glee Club (1, - , 3. i). Silvers, Grace Pickard Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. I ' h , Bilci Kupim; Beta Gannua Sigma, President. Silvers, Howard Eliot Baltimore, Md. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Lavttidn Phi: Tanuiti„n (3, 4): Tarkety Yark Sluder, Gary Adkins Leicester A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Theta Chi; Baseball (1): Card Board (3. 4); Interdormitory Council (3); YMCA; Semper Fidelis Society. Smiley, Barbara Daniel A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Kappa Delta. Smiley, Thomas Bryan, Jr. B.S. IN PHYSICS. Phi Eta Sigma. Smith, Alvis Everette Raleigh Raleigh Reidsville Simon, Lewis S. Augusta, Ga. B.S. IX BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeta Beta Tau. Skidmore, Bob G. Skillen, Robert Leroy Charlotte Durham A.B. IN CiEOLOGV. Theta Chi: Baseball, Manager (1): Card Board (1, 2, 3), President (4); Orientation Counselor (4); University Club (3. 4): YMCA; NROTC. ThirJ Rote: Smith, Charles James Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. Smith, Kenneth Royster, Jr. Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeta Psi; Gorgon ' s Head (3. 4): Interfraternity Council (2); Minataurs (3, 4), President (2). Smith, Patricia Lou Hartford, W. Va. Second Row: Sloan, Ben Leroy A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Slosman, Benson Esur Charlotte Asheville Smith, Stanley Robert Virginia Beach, Va. . .B. IN JOURNALISM. Siymu Xu; Monogram Club (4): Order of Golden Bear (2. 3). President (4): Swimming (1); Tarnation (3. 4); Tennis. Manager (3); Yackett Yack (3. 4). Smith, William Oliver, Jr. Raleigh A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Sigma. Smith, Zebulon Vance, Jr. Concord B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. Phi Beta Kappa. Page 96 :i ass Smithwick, Ollie Macon, Jr. A.B. IN ' CHEMISTKY. Fi Kuppa Alphn. Soo, Liane Yee Greenville, SC Hong Kong, China Cosmopolitan Club (41 ; Souder, Thelma Louise Westfield, N. J. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi: Orientat;on Advisor. Program Cliairman (4) ; Yackety Yack (4) ; YWCA, Cabinet Member (3. 4) ; Vice- President Spencer Hall; SUAB (3. 4): UNC UN Delegate (3); Campus Cliest (3, 4): University Party (3); Valkyries (4). Southern, Lewis Martin Kernersville A.B. IN HISTORY. Di Senate (4): Fencing Manager (1); Glee Cub 111: Interdormitory Council (1) : N. C. Student Legislature (3. 4) : Stu- dent Legislature (1, 2. 3): Student Paity (1. 2. 3. 4). Chairman (3); Dorm President (1); Elections Board (2); National Student Congress (2. 3). Souweine, Jean Martin Brussels, Belgium A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Alpha Kappa Psi: Cosmopolitan Club. Spangler, Clemmie Dixon, Jr. Second Rotr: Sparrow, Nathaniel Louis B.S. IN MEDICINE. Phi Beta Kappa. Stacy, Robert Pinckney, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Charlotte Alpha Epsilon: Chapel Hill Hartford, Conn. Stanton, Annabelle A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Washington, D. C. Starnes, Dewey Edward, Jr. Arlington, Va. A.B. IN POLITIC. L SCIENCE. Chi Psi: Daily Tar Heel (1. 2. 3): Di Senate (3, 4): Order of the Golden Bear (2. 3); Orientation Committee (2); Publications Board (4); AFROTC (1. 2. 3, 4); Carolina Handbook (1, 2, 3), Editor (2); University Party (2, 3, 4). Starr, Harold Michael B.S. IN MATHEM. TICS. Zeta Beta Tan Steagall, James Gordon Jersey City, N. J. Oxford ThM Row: Steck, Joseph T. M. Detroit, Mich. A.B. IN COMPARATIVE LITERATURE. Carolina Quarterly (3. 4) ; Lystragoaians (2. 3, 4). Sumter, S. C. Steele, Ted Charles, Jr. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Chi Psi. Stephenson, Ulus Glendel Erwin B.S. IX BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Basketball (3). Stewart, Joseph Benjamin, Jr. Marshville A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Band (3. 41 ; Daly Tar Heel (3). Stewart, Mary Parks A.B. IN ENGLISH. Honors in English. Stinson, Iva Nichols B.S. IN -MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Woodruff, S. C Chapel Hill i i_ Page 97 enior Stockard, John Roger Greensboro A.B. IN DRAMATIC ART. Card Board (2); Playmakers (3, 4). Stokes, Thomas Murray, Jr. Raleigh A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Kappa Epsilon; Lacrosse (1. 2, 3. 4); Mono- gram Club (2, 3. 4); Wrestling (1. 2, 3, 4): 13 Club (3. 3. 4); NROTC: Philosophical Society of 1779; Semper Fidelis Society. Winston-Salem Stoltz, Walter Alexander A.B. IN ACCOUNTING. Stone, Florence Jane Wrightsville Beach A.B. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Dtlta Delta Delta: House Council (3); Yarketi, Yack (4); YVVCA (3 1. Story, William Robert Wilkesboro A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Beta Kappa. Stoughton, John Eliot A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Sigma; Orientation Committee (4); 13 Club (2, 3, 4). Raleigh Second Row: Stout, Charles Walter A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Stout, Mary Anna A.B. IN ENGLISH. Independent Coed B. Wesley Foundation (3). Stratford, John Baily, Jr. B.S. IN COMMERCE. Kappa Siyiiia : Minataurs (2, 3, 4) High Point Scott, Miss. ird (3); YWC. (3. 4); Strauss, Alfred Carmichael B.S. IN COMMERCE. Pi Kappa Phi. Graham New York, N. Y. Strause, Samuel Lewis A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Tau Epsilon Phi Charlotte Street, Lucy Ann Chapel Hill A.B. IN RADIO. Delta Delta Delta; Secretary of Class (3. 4); Com- munications Club (3. 4); Order of Old Well (3, i); Student Legis- lature (2. 3); Town Girls ' Association (I. 2); Yackety Yack (2, 4); YWCA Cabinet (1. 2); WUNC Radio Station (3. 4); Secretary of University Party (2, 3); Commencement Marshal (2); Vice-President of Delta Delta Delta (4). Third Row: Strickland, George Wier B.S. IN COMMERCE. .Alpha Kappa Psi ; Baseball (I). Liberty Stuart, John Moore Shelby B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi: Band (1, 2. 3, 4); AFROTC (1. 2): Interfraternity Council (2). Stubbs, Campbell Lawrence Sumter, S. C. A.B. IN FRENCH. Phi Delta Theta; Fencing (1, 2. 3, 4), Captain (3. 4); Orientation Committee (2); Student Legislature (1); Episcopal Student ' estry. Stutts, Luther Odell Raleigh A.B. IN COMMERCE. Delta Sigma Pi. Styron, George Frank Goldsboro A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Suddreth, Elizabeth Ervin Raeford A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Delta; Card Board (3, 4); SUAB (3): YWCA (3); House Council (4); WAA Representative (3. 4); Uni- versity Club Secretary (3, 4). Page 98 ass Sugg, Herbert Taylor B.S. IX BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ' . Kn jpa Sigma. Kinston Sugg, Winfred Lindley Snow Hil B.S. IN MEDICINE. Sit nia .Vi(.- Daihj Tar Heel (3); Taruation (3). Sumner, David Spurgeon Asheboro A.B. IN CHE STRY. PId Eta Sinma; Alpha Epsilon Delta: Delta Phi Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa. Surratt, Carlos Paul Toast A.B. IN ENGLISH. Card Board (2): Cross Country (1); Student Legislature (4); Dorm Officer (2. 3). Swann, Allen Stokes A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Sweeney, John H. B.S. IN PHYSICS. Pelham Wilmington Gulfport, Miss. A.B. IN ELEMENTRV EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta; YWCA (3. 4); Glee Club (3). Second Row: Taylor, Barbara Gebert Taylor, Bernard Montross, Jr. A.B. IN BOTANY. Glee Club (3). Taylor, Cooper Ellis, Jr. Rehoboth, Md. Taylor, Elinor Louise A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Delta; Y VCA (3, 4) tive (4). Ra dnor, Pa. W. A Representa- Taylor, John Edmund Cecil Wheeling, W. Va. A.B. IN DRAMATIC ART. Phi Eta Higma ; Dailti Tar Heel (2. 3, 4): Playniakers (1, 2. 3. 4). Taylor, Richard Leroy Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Sigma Pi; Card Board (2, 3) : AFROTC. Third Row: Taylor, Robert Estes Wilson B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa Sigma. Temple, Joseph Alton, Jr. Selma A.B. IN ENGLISH. Card Board (2). Tenny, Edwin Wright, Jr. Chapel Hill A.B. IN EDUCATION. Consolidated University Student Council (3) ; Daili Tar Heel. Associate Editor (3); Grail (3. 4): Orientation Coun- selor (3): Student Legislature (2. 3): Future Teacliers of America, President: Student Party, Chairman; President ' s Cabinet. Tesler, Stanley Arnold Fayetteville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Student Legislature. Theiling, Herbert Bernard, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Camp Director; AFROTC. Raleigh Thomas, Perley Andrew Charlotte YMCA; Freshman High Point Page 99 enior Firsl Row: Thompson, J. Jid, Jr. Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. tii;iinii Alpha Epsildii : Ihiilii Tar Heel (2); Di Senate {2 ). Mooresville Thompson, Joe Wayne A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Band (1, 2); Ui Senate (1. 2, 3), Officer (I, 2); Wesley Foundation (1, 2. 3). Thorpe, Sharron Lyn Miami, Fla. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Delta; YWCA (3, 4); Canterbury Club (3, 4). Tighe, William Yancey Tilles, Harvey George A.B. IN HISTORY. Tau Epsilon Plil. Timberlake, Casper Hill, Jr. B.S. IN COMMERCE. Sigma Chi. Second Row: Todd, Jacob Winston A.B. IN HISTORY. Baltimore, Md. ?onians (3, 4). High Point Lexington New York, N. Y, Toledano, Benjamin Casanas New Orleans, La. B.A. IN ENGLISH. Uelta Kappa Epxilan : Football (1): Track (I). Townsend, John Leroy, Jr. Lumberton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Delta Theta, Treasurer (4); Interdormitory Council (1); Orientation Committee (3); Stu- dent Legislature (4) ; Dormitory Officer (2). Townsend, Thatcher L., Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta TheUi Student Legislature (1, 2). Traynham, Virginia Caroline Triplett, Roger Burns B.S. IN COMMERCE. Phi Delta Theta. Third Row: Greensboro Pi : Lacrosse ; Wilmington (4); SUAB Lenoir Turlington, Virginia Anne Dunn Delta: SUAB Board (4); Turnbull, Patricia Schuyler Washington, D. C. B.A. IN HISTORY. Vhi Oweya: Basketball. Girls ' Varsity (3); Dai ' i Tar Heel (4); Splash Club (3. 4); YWCA (3, 4); Cheerleader (4). Tyler, Bruce Wright B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sii ii Tyndall, Richard Nathan, Jr. Asheville Delta Phi Alpha: Chi Phi. Kinston Si ' .ima: Cross Country (11; Underdown, Mrs. Joanne Floyd Granite Falls A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Ulmer, John Gordon, Jr. Hemingway, S. C. A.B. IN THILOSOI ' IIY. Lamlirla Chi Alpha: V.MCA (1. 2). Page 100 ass Finl Rou:- Underwood, Ann Eliza Latrobe, Pa. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Alpha Gamma Delta; Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); Orientation Advisor (4); Tarnation (3). Uzzelle, Nancy Bordeaux Joiner, Ark. A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Chi Onicija. Valentine, Benedict Charles Bronxville, N. Y. B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. Chi I ' li. Van Den Arend, Hood, Jr. Flourtown, Pa. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kuiipa Sigma. Vaughan, Joseph Frederick B.S. IN MARKETING. Vernon, John Calvin, Jr. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Eta Sigma; fhi Hila Kumia. Second Row: Nashville Summerlield Phi Eta Sigma; fhi Btta A ' « j«i. Vestal, Lynda J. Liberty A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi: Card Board (3. 4); Glee C!ub (3); YWCA (3, 4); Woman ' s Handbook (S) ; House Council (3). Vinson, Raphael Williams Ahoskie Phi Beta Kapim; Alpha Epsilon Waddell, Betty Holliday Enfield A.B. IN RADIO. Walker, Betty Jean Roopville, Ga. A.B. IN ENGLISH. YWCA CJ. I.: Wesley Foundation (3. 4). Walker, Johnny Ralph B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Wallace, Mary Katharine A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta: SUAB dence Board (4); Orientation . dvisor (I); Ori (4); WAA (3, 4). Third Row: Bessemer City Goshen, N. Y. Kinston Wallace, William Carter A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Zeta Psi; Baseball (1); Football (4); Gimghoul (2). Wannamaker, Betty Lou Pickens, S. C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi; Orientation Advisor (4) ; SUAB Board (3. 4) ; University Club (4) ; Elections Board (3, 4) ; House Council (4). Ward, James Robert A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Warren, James Rufus Caroleen North Charleston, S. C. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Theta Chi. Pre.sident (4) : Inter- fraternity Council (4): Orientation Counselor (4); Semper Fidelis Society (4); NROTC (1, 2. 3. 4). Waters, Charles Maynard, Jr. Florence, S. C. B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Eta Sigma; Kappa Alpha; Dance Com- mittee (2. 3); Orientation Counselor (3); Student Legislature (2): University Party (1. 2. 3). Watkins, Irvine Beaufort, Jr. A.B. IN CO.M.MERCE. Zeta Psi. Henderson Page 101 Senior First Row: Watkins, Lou Ann Henderson A.B. IN ENGLISH. Knppa Delta: YWCA; Panhellenic Council (4). Watkins, Marvin Daniel, Jr. Waynesville B.S. IN COM.MERCE. Sigma Chi. Watts, Helen Lee Charlotte A.B. IN SCIENCE EDUCATION. Alpha Chi Omega; Stray Greeks (3, 4); YWCA (3, 4); Young Democrats (3, 4); House Council (3, 4). Wayne, Edward Anthony, Jr. Richmond, Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha. Wayne, Herbert Monteith, Jr. Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpha: N. C. Stu- dent Legislature (2); Swimming (1); NROTC; Scabbard and Blade (3, 4). Weatherspoon, Van Louis Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Delta Theta: Football (1. 2. 3. 1) : Gorgon ' s Head (3, 4). Second Row: Webb, James, Jr. Greensboro A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Alpha Tan Omega; Sheiks (2, 3. 41. Winston-Salem Welch, Earl Parks, Jr. B.S. IN MEDICINE. Cross Country (1. 2. 3) ; Wells, Kenneth Maxie, Jr. B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Glee Club (I): Gymnastics (2); BASAC (3). Fayetteville Wettach, John Theodore Chapel Hill A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Dance Com- mittee (2, 3); Swimming (1); 13 Club; Traffic Committee, Chairman. Belmont Whisonant, Joy Laurice A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Basketball (3): Independent Coed Board (3, 4) ; Swimming (3) ; Yacketij Vack (3) ; Y ' WCA (3, 4) ; House Council (3, 4) ; WAA (3, 4). White, Charles Henry A.B. IN RADIO. Band (1. 2. 3); Conui Raleigh nications Club (4). Third Ron- White, James Samuel A.B. IN HISTORY. White, Michael M. Statesville Lumberton A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Epsilon Delta, President (3); Si ' jn u; Elections Board (4). White, William Glenn, Jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi. Whiteman, Virginia Winston-Salem Atlanta, Ga. A.B IN SCIENCE EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta: Student Adviser (I); YWCA (3, 4); Splash Club (3): Modern Dance Club (4). Whitton, James G. F. Larchmont, N. Y. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Alpha Epsilmi. Presi- dent (3); Gimghoul (3, 4), President (4); Interfraternity Council ' 2, 3); Minataurs (2. 3. 4): Arnold Air Society (3, 4); Scabbard and Blade (1). Widoff, Gerson Fox Decrlicld, 111. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Eta Siima ; Daily Tar Heel (1); Football (I, 2): Monogram Club (3. 4); Swimming II. 2, 3, 4); Track (4); Yackety Yack (3). I n Page 102 ass Wilks, Winton George, Jr. Richmond, Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Knpim Phi: tilee Chib (1, i) ; Interfraternity Council (3); Soccer (1). Williams, Betty George Leesburg, Fla. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Delta; YWCA (3, 4). Williams, Billy Owen Chapel Hill B.S. IN F.DUCATIOX. Football (1, 2, 3. 4); Monogram Club (1, 2, 3. Williams, Florence Ann Washington A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Playmakers (3, 4) ; YWCA. Williams, James Donald Asheville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Williams, Robert Patrick Norfolk, Va. A.B. IN RADIO. Baseball (3, 4) ; Monogram Club (4). Second Row: Williamson, Benjamin Robert A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Zefa Psi. Raleigh Williamson, Jean Bethell Asheville A.B. IN HISTORY. Delta Delta Delta: Consolidated University Stu- dent Council (4); Student Legislature (3); Splash Club (3. 4); Hockey Club (3. 4); Yackety Yack (4); Panhellenic Council (41. Williford, Constance EDUCATIl.X. Alpha Gun Plymouth Delta: G ' ee Willis, James Millard A.B. IN EDUCATION. Vamlina Qu Davis rterly (3) ; YMCA (3, 4). Wilson, Cecil H. Black Mountain B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Higmii Pi. Wilson, William Alexander Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha; Card Board (2, 3); Football. Manager (1); Track (1); University Club (3, 4). Third Row: Wimbish, Charles Thomas Stoneville B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Sigma Gamma Epsilon, President; University Winders, Janyce Wilkinson Kenly A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta: Yaekety Yark (3, 4); YWCA (3, 4), Cabinet (4). Winstead, Arthur McKinnon Roxboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Wolfsheimer, Louis Marcus Baltimore, Md. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Zeta Beta Tan; Class Officer. Presi- dent (3); Lacrosse (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Order or Golden Bea ' ' (2, 3. 4). President (3); Student Government Officer, Attorney General (4) ; Student Legislature (3) : Orientation Coun- .selor (4). Wood, Elizabeth Roberts A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Delta: YWCA (3, 4). Wood, Ellen Elizabeth Edenton Princeton, N. J. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dailii Tar Heel: Plavmakers (4); SUAB Board (3, 4); Yackety Yack (3); Student Party (3, 4). iii I Ki Page 10} Senior Wood, Matthew Thomas A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Pi Kavpa Alpha: Football (2). Enfield Takoma Park, Md. IiKlepeiulent Coeil Board (3, 4) ; Student Wood, Sara Ruth A.B. IN socioloc;y. Legislature (3) Woody, Joe Harris A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Atphti Epsilun Ilrltn. Woody, W. Ruffin, Jr. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Daily Tar Heel (1. 2 Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Yackettj Yack (1. 2. 3). Wooten, Dal F. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Worthington, Davis E. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Bessemer City Roxboro ) ; Lacrosse (2) ; Kinston Pikeville Wright, James Zebulon Shelby A.B. IN EDUCATION. SUAE Committee (4); Yaeketij Yrick (4); Canterbury Club (3, 4): Young Democrat Club (4). Wright, Robert Lee Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi De ' Ja rhrtii: Tennis (1). Wright, Sandra Penn Winston-Salem A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Vhi Omeijn: Splash Club (3); Tarnaiion (3); Tanhellenic Council (4). Third Row: Yates, Charles William Burlington B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpha; Cierman Club Cii; Student Audit Board. 14). Yale, George Maynard B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Traphill Second Row: Wrenn, Elinor Lucy Greensboro A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Delta Delta Delta: Card Board (3); Cheer- leader (41; Dailii Tar Heel (3); Orientation Counselor (4i; Student Council (3, 4) ; " SUAB Board (3) ; Tennis (3) ; University Club (4) : Yaeketu Yark (3); YWCA (3. 4), Program Chairman (4). Wrenn, William James, Jr. Glee Club (2 HiUsboro VMCA (I. 2. Weaverville Wright, Arnold Lee A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Phi Eta Hi ' imu ; Phi Beta Kappa; YMCA: Wesley Society. Yandle, Earl McManaway, Jr. Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Su: Daihi Tar Heel (3). Yearley, Jane Elizabeth Shaker Heights, Ohio AB IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Alpha Tlieta; Stray Greeks: University Club (3. 4); Women ' s Residence Board (3): Yackettj Yack (4) " ; YWCA (3. 4): Orientation Counselor (4). Yokley, Jo Ann A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega. Mount Airy Yelverton, Charles Herbert Smithfield A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Baseball (4): Monogram Club (2). Page 104 ass k K Yopp, Walter Edward, III Wilmington A.n IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Thcta Chi; YMCA. Younts, James Ronald High Point B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Beta Kappa; Football (1); Monognim Club (3, 4); Soccer (2. 3, 4); YMCA (1. 2). Zachary, Marcia Anne Salisbury Kesideiice Board (4); YWCA (3. li; Zerden, Howard Gordon Hickory A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Liniibda Phi; Card Board 12. .•!. I); Yiickelii Yack (2); Hillel (2, 3, 4). Page 105 Junior Class Officers Seated Jim Fountain President Slitnding Eleanor Saunders Social Chairman Donna Blair Secretary Carroll Butts Treasurer Not Pictured Bob Grimes Vice-President Page 106 JUNIOR CLASS W e come: two years behind the Freshmen now . . . half -wise, half-fooUsh . . . facing early Saturdays and long Sunday afternoons . . . time our caretaker . . . education our stern keeper . . . many outside interests . . . flanking for the first row of Marriage and the Family . . . professional card players sipping a stronger tea ... no longer too young, we have the future in our eyes . . . our brisk steps indent the soil with confidence . . . buildings more familiar . . . we walk on . . . We endow: campus politicians . . . football seasons . . . before Sunday escapades with still bare Saturday reveries . . . half-smoked cigarettes . . . warm donuts at the Y ' with partially filled coftee cups scattered over the pavement . . . the before-lunch gab . . . enlistments in the service . . . Korea-Kapers . . . November intermission for Dook . . . interviews with Kinsey . . . freedom unlimited ... a laugh, a shout, terrific love for life . . . Y e come: dedicating leaders . . . scholarship-shiners . . . government-givers . . . student activit)- endless . . . remembering dances . . . fraternit)- pin exchanges . . . exami- nation entries . . . term paper tardy on the official deadline . . . expectation of the years . . . the Carolina way of life soon becomes the only way . . . J unior p p a fTi r p ' e p O p» C- (?) o o mm. A P ' P 4v Full Riiu-: Billy Joe Abercrombie, Mount Holly; Milo Boiling Abercrombie. Sigma Alph.i Eps loii, Greensboro; Don Earnest Ahernathy, Stanley; Jane Louise Abernathy, McAdenville; Charles Stanley Ackerman, New York, N. Y.; Abdul Razak Adamjee, Karachi, Pakistan. Second Ron: Daphne Hunter Adams, NX ' il- low Springs; Larry Holbrook Addington, Asheville; Richard N. Adelsheim, Ze!a Beta Tau, Pittsburgh, Pa.; David William Aderholdt, Si ma Phi Epulon, Charlotte; Mary Virginia Agnew, Hendersonville; Joseph Basil Alala, Jr., Greensboro. Third Rote: Robert Davis Aldridge, L.imh- d.i Chi Alpha, Phi Ela Sigma, Burlington; Willson Alexander, Winston-Salem; Grace Virginia Alley, Burlington; James T. Alley, Goldsboro; Bruce Tyndall AUigood, Jr., Theta Chi, Washington; Harry Vernon Anderson, Jr., Sigma Chi, Asheboro. FoKiih Row: Thomas A. Anderson, Mor- ganton ; Clinton Toms Andrews. Jr., Theta Chi. Hickory; Patricia May Andrews, Cran- ford, N. J.; William David Andrews, Delia Upsilon, Augusta. Ga.; Donald Gray Angell, Winston-Salem; Loyd L. Annas, Rutherford College. Fijlh Ron-: John M. Archer, Sigma Chi, Franklin; Jerry Monroe Arledge, Kappa Alpha, Brooklyn, N. Y.; James Bentley Armstrong, Hudson; Alice Harris Asbury, Greensboro; Virginia Wallace Ashburn, Virginia Beach. Va. ; Katherine W. At- water, Northampton, Mass. Sixth Rotr: Barbara Babb. Fountain Inn, S. C. ; Frederick A. Babson. Jr., Wilming- ton; Allen Louis Bader, Kappa Alpha, Louisville, Ky.; Joseph Edmonds Bafford, Phi Ela Sigma, Lexington; Phyllis Ann Bailey. Louisburg; Bonnie Marie Baker, Chi Omega, Carrboro. Seventh Row: Elizabeth Castleman Ball, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; John E. Banner, Kappa Sigma. Mount Airy; John D. Barab. Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Atlantic City, N. J.; John Robert Barden, Newark. N. J.; Karl Lee Barkley, Kappa Alpha. Raleigh; Robert C. Barlowe, Lenoir. Eighlh Row: Peggy Barnard. Asheboro; lames Lucas Barnes, Jr., Zela Psi, Wilson; William Edwin Barnes, Jr., Delia Kappa Epsilon. Wilson; James H. Barnhill, Ply- mouth; Alban Kmssley Barrus. Kappa Sigma, Kinston; William H. Bass, III, Charlotte. Ninlh Row: Eula Louise Baumann, Lake- wood, Ohio; Lacy Gilmer Baynes, Greens- boro ; David Rozier Beam. Shelby; Lewis Ray Beam. Bessemer City; Arthur Franklin Bcamcr. Mount Airy; Tommy Floyd Beard, Thomasville. Page 108 Class First Row: F. Barbara Beasley, Chi Omega, Springfield. Ohio; Ralph Grady Beaver. Asheville; Job O. Belcher. Jr., Phi K-ipP- ' Sigma. Phi Eta Sigma, Norfolk, Va.; Helen E. Bell, Durham; Henrietta Bell, Delta Delta Delta. Greensboro; Robert Fowler Bell, Lambda Chi Alpha, Washington. Second Row: Walter Enos Bell. Jr.. Dur- ham; Sonia Carolyn Bergen, Aiken. S. C.; Mary Caroline Bernard. Pi Beta Phi, Chevy Chase, Md.; Olga Bernardin. Charleston. S. C; Frank Kibler Berry. Chi Psi, Mor- ganton; John J. Beshara, Greer, S. C. Third Row: Maurice Waters Blackwelder. Mooresville; Sam J. Blackwood, Chapel Hill; James Fred Blake, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Hillsboro; Eugene Blair Blanton. Gastonia; Beverly Blemker. Alpha Delta Pi, Augusta, Ga. ; Donald Eugene Bolden. Burlington. Fourth Row: Louie Elario Bonardi, Delta Sigma Pi, Durham; Ernest Spurgeon Booth. Jr., Durham; Purabi Bose, Chapel Hill; Betty Joyce Bostian, China Grove; Philip E. Bostian. Landis; John Mitchell Bowden. Durham. Fiith Row: Thomas Walter Brake, Row- land; William Andrew Brandon, Jr., Wil- son; Dorothy Elizabeth Branham. Orlando. Fla.; Ralph Edmond Branscomb, Winston- Salem; Carolyn Coe Brassell, Tampa, Fla.; VC ' illiam Tyler Brawner, Zeta Psi. Wash- ington, D. C. Sixth Row: Bobby Joe Bray, Thomasville; Eugene Edward Bray, Beta Theta Pi. Reids- ville; William Richard Brewer. Shelby; Thomas Howard Bridges. Shelby; Cary Lee Broadway. Chi Psi, Spencer; Clayton Ackiss Brock. Bailey. Seventh Row: Cyrus Lee Brooks, High Point; Rachel Newell Brooks, Roxboro; Barbara Llewelyn Brown, Raleigh; Vi ' ayne G. Brown, Chi Psi. Jenkintown, Pa.; Her- bert Howard Browne, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Columbia, S. C. ; Seth Vernon Brumley, Jr., Sigma Nii, Statesville. Eighth Row: Alfred S. Bryant, Zeta Psi. Durham; John ' VC ' . Bryant, Zeta Pn. Spar- tanburg. S. C; Marion C. Buie. Chi Pn. Fayetteville; Elbert Rosser Bunch. Tyner; John Herman Bunch. Jr.. Sigma Phi Epsi- lon. Clinton ; Henry Clinton Burbridge, Chi Phi. Jacksonville, Fla. Ninth Row: James Vance Burgess, Burling- ton; Julian Hubert Burnett, Burgaw; Joseph Wesley Burrell, Washington, D. C; Frank- lin Caldwell Burris. Lexington ; George Harold Butler. Jr.. Hiwassee Dam; Ira Daniel Butler, Jr., Rowland. ilk ' t J Hi Si D jr P ■t f ' P o ? £i p f Page 109 J unior ii 1? f O i i p p p fr O £ o First Row: Carroll Jordan Butts, Atlanta, Ga.; Eugene Robert Buyer, Ze a Beta Tati, East Orange, N. J.; Robert D. Byerly, Beta Theta Pi, Winston-Salem; Herbert Aldon Callihan, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Fayette- ville; William Morse Calvert, Pi Kappa Alpha, Norfolk, Va. ; Bradley James Came- ron, Winston-Salem. Second Row: Edward Truesdale Campbell, Wilson; Jerry Austin Campbell, Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma. Taylorsville; John Kerr Campbell, Wilmington; Maurice Lewis Canaday, Four Oaks; Franklin Lamar Can- non, Kannapolis ; Constance Carbaugh, Roa- noke, Va. Third Row: Philip Edward Carroll, Reids- ville; B. Joyce Carter, Lake Junaluska; Sara Cornelia Cashwell, Hope Mills; Lynn Fage Chandler, Morrisville; Hugh McMas- ter Chapman, Zeta Psi, Spartanburg, S. C; Joan Marie Chapman, Wilmington, Del. Fourth Row: Barbara Carolyn Chardkoff, lacksonvilie, Fla.; Joseph Blount Cherry, Sigma N», Windsor; Jean Gray Christian, Charlotte; Joanne Christian, Delta Delia Delta, Smithfield, Va.; Linda Gray Clement, Raleigh; Charlotte HoUingsworth Clement, Raleigh. Fifth Row: John H. Cline, Morganton; William Grimes Clark, III, Delta Kappa Epiitoii. Tarboro; William Clarence Clause, Sanford, Fla.; Roland Elbert Clemmons, Phi Kappa Sigma. Atlanta. Ga.; Lorenza T. Clinard, Clemmons; Barbara Gwen Cline, Chapel Hill. 5 .v j Row: Laurence Arthur Cobb, Chi Psi. Massapegua, N. Y. ; Floyd Garland Coble, Jr., Chi Phi. Greensboro; Robert Sharpe Cochrane, Laurinburg; Louise In- ma n Coffey, Arlington. Va.; Phyllis Ann Cogburn, Candler; Robert Stephen Colbert, Tail Epsilon Phi, Omega Gamma Mii lota. Washington, D. C. Seventh Row: John Willard Cole. Phi Delta Theta. Oak Park, 111.; Benjamin Kenneth Collins, HiUsboro; Charles Avery Connell, Pi Kappa Phi, Raeford; Wallace Hedrick Conrad. Greensboro ; Amy Catherine Cooke, Bc-thseda, Md.; James Wallace Coon, Kap- pa Sigma, Bessemer City. Eighth Row: Da id Booth Cooper, Alpha Tail Omega, Washington, D. C; Vinton Kermit Coor, Pine Level ; Cuthbert Mal- colm Copeland. Tyner; Patricia Anne Cor- bett, S van.sboro; George Franklin Corl, Concord; Benjamin McLauchlin Covington, Phi Eta Sigma, " W ' adesboro. Ninth Rotv: Cecil Edmund Cowan, Mor- ganton; Horace Baxter Cowell, Washing- ton; Malcolm A. Cox, Jr., Kinston; Walter Crabtree Converse. Sigma Chi. Spartanburg, S. C; June Estelle Craft. Pfafftown; Marcia Crane, Pi Beta Phi. Orlando, Fla. Page no Class First Row: Edward Kochtitzky Crawford, Sigma Atpkt Epsilon, Winston-Salem; Hazel Bridges Crawford, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.; Thomas Claiborne Creasy, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Gretna, Va.; Max Henry Crohn, Jr., Pi Lambda Phi, Ashe- ville; James Garland Crouch, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Jacksonville; Martha T. Crowell, Hendersonville. Second Row: Richard Archer Croxton, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Danville, Va.; James Slade Crumpton, Roxboro; Barbara Darlene Currin, Dunn; Beverly Hart Currin, Olivia; Mary Virginia Currin, Meredithville, Va.; Ronald David Current, Winston-Salem. Third Row: William Ange Current, Kappa Sigma, Gastonia; Ronald Moore Daniels, Sea Level; Patricia Bagley Daniels, Ra- leigh; Pete Poole Daniels, Wanchese; Carl Dann, III, Phi Delta Theta, Orlando. Fla.; Mary Anderson Davenport, Timmonsville, S. C. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Caroline Davis, Brevard; James Campbell Davis, Waxham; Myra Ann Davis, Albemarle; Robert Wil- liam Dawson, Rego Park, N. Y.; Charlie Louis Dean, Jr., Fuquay Springs; Henry Thomas Deane, Albemarle. Fifth Row: Franklin Elliott Dees, Bayboro; Marjorie Graves Depew, Kissimmee, Fla. ; Josephine Amanda Derry, Washington, D. C; Robert Otis Deviney, I imhda Chi Alpha, Spindale; Benjamin Arnold Dia- mond, Charlotte ; Mark O. Dickerson, Zela Pst, Rutherfordton. Sixth Row: Babbie Jane Dilorio, Utica, N. Y.; James Richard Dillingham, Ph Gamma Dtlta. Greenville; Wyatt Thomas Dixon, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Durham; Glenn Douglas Dodson, Jr., Pi Kappa Phi. Lumberton; Jesse Richard Dodson, Raleigh; Lemuel Lowe Doss, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon. Wilmington. Seventh Roiv: Thomas George Douglas, Charlotte; John Colin Drewry, Raleigh; John McNeely DuBose, Sigma Alph.i Epsi- lon. Chapel Hill; Samuel Jefferson Dun- can, Jr., Charlotte; Carol Louise DuPler, Davidson; Susan Evelyn Dupree, Angier. Eighth Row: Pender Porter Durham, Wil- mington ; Janice Dute, Asheboro ; Jo Fran- ces Eaddy, Raleigh; Roy Lee Earp, Angier; Susan East, Little Rock, Ark.; Claire Rus- sell Easty, Chapel Hill. Sinth Row: Robert K. Eberle, Lamkda Chi Alpha. Asheville; Oscar Bradley Eckhoff, Washington; Richard Irvin Edmundson, Fremont; Nancy Ann Edwards, Salemburg; ' Philip F. Edwards, Chadbourn; Robert Wheless Edwards, Louisburg. rfc ill ' ifediM ' £k Page 111 J unior k F: ?l i I f. dA V B M . ' i ; f««»-».f f ' 0 V p f P " - gM p ik 9 1 £ Q 1 ' F fj Row: Alice Irene Eison, Marceime, Mo.; David Robert Elliott, Sigma Nu, Asheboro; Donald Jackson Elliott, Shelby; leanne Bryant Ellis, Nashville; Michael Sherman Epstein, Middletown, Conn.; Wil- liam James Erwin, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Danville, Va. Second Row: Linwood W. Eure. Chapel Hill; Barbara Ann Evans, Hinsdale, III.; Charles Kelly Evans, Boardman; Wade H. Everhart, Jr., Katonah, N. Y.; Robert Stuart Everton, Columbia; Sara Cheves Fair, Greenville, S. C. Third Ron: Robert Leon Farmer, Smith- field; Lloyd Phillip Farrar, Phi Eta Sigma, Clemson, S. C; Robert Allen Farrell, Phi Era Sigma. Troy; William Douglas Fetzer, Phi kappa Sigma, Rocky River, Ohio; Dorothy Ann Figel, Indianapolis, Ind.; Arthur Douglas Fincannon, Enka. Foiiith Row: Emily Cooper Finch, Thomas- ville; William E. Finnerty, Chapel Hill; Glenn Fredrick Fish, Willow Springs; Otis Norwood Fisher, Bladenboro; Roy B. Fitch, Jr., Alpha Tau Omega, Chapel Hill; Robert Cockman Flake, Rockingham. Fillh Ron: Joel Lawrence Fleishman, Fay- etteville; Priscilla Moon Fleming, Pi Beta Phi, Lafitte. La.; William Holt Fleming, Alpha Tau Omega, Raleigh; Sula Floros, Charlotte; Billy Roderick Flowers, Sigma Phi Epsiloii. Clayton; Gordon Forester, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Wilkesboro. Sixth Row: William Kirby Formyduvall, Bladenboro; George Leigh Foti, Sigma Nu. Orlando, Fla.; Millard Jim Fountain, Chi Pit. ' Wilmington; Henry Lee Fowler, Jr., Mount Holly; Sarah Nancy Fox, Charlotte; Frederick Dozier Foy, Wilmington. Seienth Row: Anne Bisland Frederick, Washington, D. C; Joseph Franklin Free- man, Jr.. Sigma Chi. Greensboro; Ruth Allcrto ' n French, Newton Center, Mass.; Pinkney Carroll Froneberger, Jr., Gastonia; Allen L. Frucci, Phi Kappa Sigma, Albany, Ga.; James Johnson Furches, Clemmons. Eighth Row: Carl Augustus Furr, Jr., 5;,?- ma Phi Epsilon, Concord; David Gardner Futch, Pi Kappa Phi, Monroe; William David Fyfe, Carrboro; Ronald Glenn Gahr- mann, Cheshire, Conn.; Margie Mary Gar- ner. Pinehurst; William Darrell Garner, High Point. Ninth Row: John Walter Garrou, Valdese; Edward Leroy Gates, Jr., Alexandria, Va.; Don Weng Geiger, Kappa Alpha, Tampa, Fla.; Jo Ellen Gerschefski, Spartanburg, S. C.; Patricia Ann Gibson, Fayetteville; Sam Bryce Gibson, High Point. Page 112 CI ass First Row: Franklin Delano Giles, Chapel Hill; Donald T. Gladstone, Sij i hi Chi, Las Vegas, Nev.; Jonas Brittain Glenn, Siginj Chi. Spartanburg, S. C; John Snow Glover, Charlotte; Barbara Gwynne Golden, Ft. Riley. Kan.; J. C. Golding, Winston- Salem. SecijnJ Roti: Donald Matthew Goldstein, Tju Epsilon Phi, Norfolk, Va.; John De- CC ' itt Gooc ' h, Greensboro; Al J. Goodman, [r.. Pi Umbd.i Phi, Asheville; Ronald Byrd Goodman, Theu Chi, Charlotte; Betsy Lynn Goodwin, Chi Omega. Lenoir City, Fenn.; Rebecca A. Gordon, South Hill, Va. Third Row: Betsy Ross Gorham, Nash% ' ille; feanne Sue Grana, Valdese; Connie Mack jravitte, Chi Psi, Roxboro; Carroll Osborn jray. Amagansett, N. Y.; Heiskell Rea jray. Kappa Alpha, Washington, D. C; .ouise Gray, Gamma Phi Bela, Browns- ille, Tenn. ourth Row: Agnes Braxton Green, Chi ' )me! a. Daytona Beach, Fla.; Phyllis Law jreer, Greensboro; Joan Elizabeth Greene, ,exington ; Virginia Ann Greene, Char- otte; William Marion Greene, Phi Gam- ' la Delta, Robersonville; Robert Sutton jrimes, Sigma Nu, Rocky Mount. •ijlh Row: Boyce Fred Grindstaff, Forest ,ity; Danny Franklin Gryder. Asheville; ' eter Gumpert, Pi Lambda Phi, Asheville; iugene Burke Gunter, Jr., Phi Delia Theta, lamlet; Virginia Clark Gunter, Arlington, ' a.; Richard E. Guthrie, Jr., Beta Theta ' , Winston- Salem. ixth Roir: Frederick Eugene Hafer, P, ' appa Alpha. Hickory; E. Nathan Hale r.. Greensboro; Richard Charles Hallden :hi Psi, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Frederick Del lar Hamrick. IIL Sigma Nti, Rutherford )n; Samuel D. Handel. Philadelphia, Pa. ugene Jenkins Hanna, Gastonia. eietith Row: Kitty Ann Harbison, Roches- ;r, N. Y.; Jon Shannon Harder. Greens- oro; William Malcolm Harding, Cana; dward Hooper Hardison, Sigma Alpha psilon, Wadesboro; Wesley Jewell Hardi- n. Plymouth; Charles Clement Hargrave. exington. ighth Rote: Anne Lyn Harrell, Washing- )n, D. C; Frank M. Harris, Phi Kappa igma. Lincolnton ; George Baxter Harris, igma Nil, Hickory; Harvey Max Harris, ■arysburg; James A. Harris, Chi Phi, rreenville, S. C; Patsy Mitchiner Harris, lenderson. ' i«th Row: Ray Shannon Harris, Bryson ity; Edward Nelson Harrison. Eagle Brings; Penny Hartman, Lincolnton; ' ladys Bernard Hatcher, Four Oaks; ■ orgia Lee Hatley, Hatley; Frank Houston ' awfield, Jr., Matthews. L» 1-. ' ]1 S ? .5 C £ £ Page 113 ] unior 9 P 9 P E- ' ri fir ba .O f O p p f-t i; P f " P ' ' mi M I =i- " f ij K u ' .- Effie Lou Hawley, Florence, S. C. ; fohnny Green Hayes, Hampton, Va.; Mary Anne Hayes, Bowling Green, Ky.; Hugh Charles Haynsworth, III, Bel,: Theta Pi, Sumter, S. C; John Wesley Hearne, Charleston, W. Va.; Anne Chewning He- bert. Alpha Omicron Pi, Lake Charles, La. Second Roic: Paul Warren Heemann, Phi Dell.i Thetj. Baltimore, Md.; George Al- bert Hemz, Jr., Sparta ; Samuel Horace Helms, Charlotte; John Harrison Helton, Statesville; Martha Hemstreet, Phi Mu, Augusta, Ga.; Robert Alan Henley, Kappj Sigma, Raleigh. Third Row: Seymour Herzog, New York, N. Y.; Robert S, Higginbotham, Raleigh; Joan Menger Hill, Augusta, Ga.; Charles Laroy Hilton, Hickory; Renfrow S. Hin- nant, Lucama; Horace Edgar Hitchings, yr., Raleigh. Voiirth Row: Robert Hanes Hoffman, Winston-Salem; Thomas Henry Hoover, Jr„ Charlotte; Bill Bowen Horner, South- ern Pines; Donald Bernard Horton, Con- cord; Patricia Macon Horton, Kappa Alpha Theta, Stillwater, Okla.; Robert Burns Houchins, Leaksville. Fiflh Row: Charles Weston Houck. Kappa Alpha, Florence, S. C; Montague Stuart Houlder, Jr., Raleigh; Ann Howell, Alex- andria, Va,; Billy Shaw Howell, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Charlotte; Charles Francis Howell, Chapel Hill; Leonard James Howell, Oak- horu. Sixth Row: Richard Alvin Hoyle, Phi Kap- pa SiRtna. Lincolnton; Charles Tayloe Hoyt, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta. ' Washington; Gordon Lamar Hudson, Winston-Salem; loan Magdallen Hudson, Greensboro; Wil- liam Thomas Huff, Jr.. Sigma Alpha Ep- siloii. Charlotte; Anne Louise Huffman, Catawba. Sereiith Row: David Webster Hunt, Co- lumbia, S. C; John Elton Hunsucker, Chapel Hill; James Richardson Hurley. Seaford, Del.; John Bill Hurley, Rober- sonviUe; Gordon Chase Hurst, Kappa Sig- ma, Durham; Herman Hamilton Husbands, Delia Upsilon, Chapel Hill. EiKhth Row: jimmie Oliver Hutchins, Chapel Hill; Robert Perry Hyatt, Chero- kee; C. Blake Ingram, Asheville; Richard William lobst. Delta Sigma Phi. Danville, Va.; Henry D. Irvin, Enka; James Morn- son Ir in, Midland. Ninth Row: Henry H. Isaacson, Zeta Beta Tall. Greensboro; Judy Jordan Jackson, Shreveport, La.; Thomas Snow James, S ?;«j Chi. Elkin; Frances Lorena Jenkins, Kannapolis; Edwin Smith Jewell, Wilming- ton; Alan Francis Johnson, Jamestown. Page 114 CI ass First Row: Allen Pink Johnson, Fairmont; Edward Stokes Johnson, Delhi Upsilon, Phi Eta Sigma. Chapel Hill; Fritz Kreisler Johnson, Durham; Joseph Allen Johnson, Kappa Alpha, Ayden; Lucia Porcher John- son, Chapel Hill ; Ann Spencer Jones, Charlotte. Second Row: Floyd Jones, Jr., Durham; Mary Louise Jones, Sanford; Robert Tyree Jones, Phi Kappa Si. ma, Durham; Ruth Emerson Jones, Charlotte; Wilbur David Jones, Jr., Wilmington; Ralph Martin Jor- dan, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Concord. Third Row: Walton Kitchin Joyner, Zeta Psi. Phi Eta Sigma, Raleigh ; Nancy Claire Julian, Winston-Salem; Julia Nan Kaneer, Belmont; Bradley David Katz, Pi himbda Phi, Warsaw; James M. Keech, Sigma Chi, Tarboro; Nanc Ann Keister, Southport. Fourth Row: Margaret Patterson Kelly, Charlotte; Patricia Ann Kent, Gamma Phi Beta, Denver, Colo. ; Thomas Howard Kep- ley. Kappa Alpha. Salisbury; Ronald Ker- dasha. North Bergan, N. J.; Lovick Harden Kernodle, Jr., Danville, Va.; Katherine Kinnaird Kerr, Winston-Salem. FiUh Row: Robert C. Kesler, Jr., Greens- boro; A. Vincent Keyes, Sigma Chi, Greens- boro; Robert Russell Kindig, Englewood, N. J.; Harold Harlston Kinney, High Point; William Hugh Kirkman, Jr., Alpha Tan Omega. Burlington; Owen Richard Knop, Phi Kappa Sigma, Milwaukee, Wis. Sixth Rote: Natalie Harvey Kooker, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Winston-Salem; Lament Drear Krimminger, Kannapolis; Charles Kuralt, St. Anthony Hall. Phi Eta Sigma. Charlotte; Raymond Richard Kushinsky, Tail Epsilon Phi. Toms River, N. J.; Wil- lis H. Lachot, Rutherford College; Robert Lee Lambeth, Zeta Pm. Thomasville. Seventh Row: Davis W. Lamson, 5 . Antho- ny Hall. Durham; Calvin Lee Lane, Denton, iMd.; Palmyra Ramsey Langston, Greenville, S. C. ; Jerry Holt Laws, Durham; Carol Ann Lee, Greensboro; Hollis Frank Lee, Marshville. Eighth Row: John Gambrell Lee, Greens- boro; William Osborne Lee, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon. Lumberton ; William Pearce Lee, Fuquay Springs; James Hugh Leh- mann. Delta Sigma Phi. Phi Eta Sigma, Elnora, N. V.; Joan Carol Leonard, Ashe- ville; Rueben Y. Leonard, Sigma Phi Ep- silon, Greensboro. Ninth Rotr: Annette Harriet Levenson, Salisbury; James Oliver Lewis, Chi Psi, ?ayetteville; John Gray Lewis, Statesville; Klary Gantt Lewis, Durham; Sarah Hitch- tpck Liggett, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Max idward Liles, Bailey. .Ai mm .i il hr ' v3 J P v? ' f 9 jP (? p Page 115 J unior 9 f f ,1 a p dM - ' f-. f. p ' f |I - CTf h--1 f ) Roic; Marion L. Linder, Delta Delia Delia. Scarsdale, N. Y.; Norris Wilford Link, Jr., Winston-Salem; Robert Polk Linker, Chapel Hill; Eliza Little, Virginia Beach, Va.; William A, Lofquist, Asheville; Rodger Clement Logsdon, Chapel Hill. Second Row: Wye Toh Loke, Kuala Lum- pur, Malaya ; Albert Anderson Long, Jr., Zela Psi, Durham; Thomas Hill Long, Statesville; James Nosco Longest, III, Beta Theta Pi, Goldsboro; Warren Grey Love, Phi Kappa Sigma, Mount Airy; James Bailey Lovelace, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, High Point. Third Row: Thomas John Lowe, Midway Park; Ruth Lower, Alpha Delta Pi. Roa- noke, Va.; Elizabeth Lynn, Raleigh; Mary Cecile Lynn, Kappa Alpha Theta. Savan- nah, Ga.; George James MacMillan, III, Zela Psi, Raleigh; Arthur Allen Madden. Pi Kappa Alpha. Columbia, S. C. Fourth Row: Robert Lawrence Maddry, Delta Kappa Epsiloii. Lumberton ; Daniel Iverson Mainer, Richmond, Va.; Robert Roy Malone, McCoU, S. C; Addison Good- loe Mangum, Gastonia; Lynn S. Mann, Pi Kappa Phi. Phi Eta Si,e,ma, Lillington; Stephen Charles Marcinko, Theta Chi, Johnstown, Pa. Fifth Row: Benjamin Sanford Marks, Jr., Zeta Beta Tall. Greensboro ; Constance Marple, Kappa Delta, Chapel Hill; Albert Marx, Zeta Beta Tail, Atlanta, Ga.; Paul Bailey Mason, Asheville; Robert Eugene Massie, Waynesville; Laura Deane Mathe- son, Ahoskie. Sixth Roic: William Mack Matthews, Bur- lington; Thomas Watts Mauldin, High Point; Ann Elizabeth May, Burlington; Ben C. Mayo, 11, Delta Kappa Epiiloii. Tarboro; Jacqueline McCarthy, Norfolk, Va. ; John Malcolm McCaskiU, Durham. Seventh Row: Angus A. McCormick, St. Pauls; Guy Pitman McCormick, McDonald; William O. McCoy, Snow Hill; Paul Swicegood McCubbins, Sigma Nii, Salis- bury; John Lewis McDaniel, Gibsonville; George Badger McGehee, Delta Vpsiloii, Washington, D. C. Eighth Rolf: George Carroll McGinty, Chapel Hill; William P. McGlaughon, Wil- mington; Charles Stalvey McGoogan, St. Pauls; Joseph Harold McGugan, Fayette- ville; Baxter Grady Mclntyre, Ellerbe; George Casey McKinney, Chi Psi, Marshall. Ninth Row: Mary Ann McManus, New York, N. Y.; Peter Dillard McMichael, Jr., Beta Theta Pi. ReidsviUe; Zeb Vance Mc- Millan, Zeta Psi. Red Springs; Edwina Mc- MuUan, Greenville; M. Janie McNeill, Camp Lejeune; Barbara Ann McRee, Phi Mil. Parrott, Ga. Page 116 CI ass First Row: Bruce Edward Mehrman, New York, N. Y.; Clarence Warren Melvin, Clarkton; C. Harold Metcalfe, Forest City; Donna Joan Metz, Gamma Phi Beta, Clay- ton, Mo.; Ralph Thomas Midyette, Ashe- ville; John Holloway Milam, Phi Kappa Sigma, New York, N. Y. Second Row: Pressly McAuley Millen. Phi Delta Theta. Charlotte; Dennis Russell Mitchell, Sigma Chi. Little Big Horn, Okla.; Sally Carol Moore, Currie; Saunders Wins- ton Moore, Sigma Nu, Burlington ; Frank Hoy Moose, Jr., Concord ; Thomas Perkins Morton, Kappa Alpha, Biloxi, Miss. Third Row: James Battle Morgan, Cary; Joseph Edward Morgan, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Winston-Salem; Gene Elliot Mor- ing, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma. Raleigh; Mc- Lendon Graham Morris, Oxford; Robert Gene Morrow, Shelby; Marguerite F rances Morton, Salisbury. Fourth Row: Nell Hatley Morton, Mount Pleasant; William Columbus Mudd, Gas- tonia ; Kenneth Ray Murphy, " Wilmington ; Mary Ann Murphy, Alpha Delta Pi. Brooks- ville, Fla.; Lucy Jane Murray, Miami, Fla.; James R. Myers, Franklin. Fifth Rote: Carol Vigne Nation, Washing- ton, D. C; Alvin Wilkins Neely, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Waynesboro, Ga.; Herbert Eugene Neilson, Chi Psi, Aiken, S. C; Jimmy Steve Neville, Chapel Hill; William A. Newcomb, Henderson; Norma Newell, Phi Mti, Jackson, Miss. Sixth Row: Ethel Diane Newton, Phi Mu, Norfolk, Va.; Valerie Suzanne Nichols, Delray Beach, Fla.; Charlotte Marion Nicoll, Charlotte; Margaret Mathilda Nie- ter, Orlando, Fla.; Gloria Elizabeth Nix, Pi Beta Phi, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Thomas F. Norman, Dobson. Seienlh Rotr: Owen Lennon Norment, Jr., Asheville; Thomas Lloyd Norris, Jr., Sig- ma Phi Epsilon. South Mills; Robert Rey- nolds O ' Briant, Durham; John Nelson Ogburn, Jr., Greensboro; James Gorham ()i;, Sigma Nu. Greensboro; Katharine lllmg Oldfield, Norfolk, Va. Eighth Row: Mary Lou O ' Mara, Richmond, Va.; Stephen Louis Opitz, Fords, N. J.; Thoman Lane Ormand, Chi Phi, Monroe; Gene Harriet Overbeck, Fayetteville; Lu- cille Shelton Owens, Plymouth; John E. Page, Rocky Mount. Ninth Row: William C. Palmer, Durham; Arthur Bradford Papineau, Plymouth; Vasi- like Pappas, Portland, Me.; Jacquelyn H. Park, Kingsport, Tenn.; Larry Hunter Parker, Charlotte; Harriet Parrish, Fair Bluff. J? f r p ' p o - o f r» ft f o Page 117 P o o k. f p p % C .•y P • p 1 P p p ,o p ( ) a ; P P ' T ' J unior Finl Roll-: Henry Newton Parrish, Jr., Winston-Salem; George Eugene Parsons, Landis; Kenneth A. Partin. Asheville; Barry Reeves Pate, Canton ; Edward Leon- ard Patterson, Albemarle; Barbara Anne Payne, P .v Mu. Norfolk, Va. Second Roir: Bobby Swanson Payne, Sigmn Alpha Epsilou, Richmond, Va.; Thomas Philip Peacock, Chi Ph:. Arlington, Va.; Leroy Jerry Pearlman, Tmi Epiilon Phi, Norfolk, Va.; James Stanley Peel, Pi Kap- p.i Alpha, Everetts; Richard Donald Peele, Roxobel; Christine Hudson Peeler, Salis- bury. Third Row: Johnny Frank Penry, Winston- Salem ; Patricia Louise Permenter, Aiken, S. C. ; Louise Perry, Washington, D. C. ; Raymond Neal Perry, Kuppa Alpha, Dan- ville, Va.; Elsie Jane Peterson, Leiand; Robert Harold PfafT, Chi Psi, Winston- Salem. roinih Row: Catherine Stowe Pharr, Mc- Adenville; William Burt Philips, Jr., Bela ' I he la Pi, Rocky Mount; Jack Ewart Phil- lips, Durham; John B. Phillips. Jr., Sigma Nit, Winston-Salem; Kathleen Hundley Philpott, Lexington; Martha Warren Pier- pont. Kappa Delia. Chapel Hill. Fiflh Row: Alan Davidson Pless, Beta Thela Pi. Marion; Mary Frances Plummer, .ilpha Delta Pi. Brevard; Marsha .Margaret Poague, Rosedale, Miss.; Joseph Augustus Polhill, Jr., Lincoln;on; Di ' lon Devon Pol- lard, Phi Eta Sigma. Benson; Janet Moore Poole, Woodruff, S. C. Sixth Row: Ann Poolry, Phi Mu. El Paso, Tex.; Roscoe S. Poovey, Lancaster, S. C; Richard Alan Porter, Si,c;ma Nii. Burling- ton; Charles Richard Pounds, Sigma Phi Epsilou. Winston-Salem; William Douglas Powell, Sigma Chi. Durham; Ann Shep- herd Price, Berryville, Va. Seieiith Row: James Carlyle Prescott, Ir.. Phi Gamma Delta. EliHabeth City; William Harvey Price, Jr., Mayodan; William James Price, Greensboro; Hoyt Baker Pritchett, |r., Chi Phi, Louisville, Ky.; Jasper Lee Proctor, Rocky Mount; William John Prothero, Phi Kappa Sigma, Johnstown, Pa. Eighth Row: James Worrell Pruett, Mount Airy; Kenneth Melvin Pruitt, Phi Eta Sigma, Winston-Salem; Alfred L. Purring- ton, in, Zeta Psi. Raleigh; Dixon Lee Quails, Beta Theta Pi. Boone; Joyce Rhea Quillin, Gate City, Va.; Joseph Allan Raff, Pi Lambda Phi. Charlotte. Ninth Row: Ruth Doane Randall. Pi Beta Phi, Orlando, Fla.; Edward Buron Rans- dell, Varina; William Walter Rapp, Jr., Pi Kappa Phi, Thomasville ; Horace T. Ray, Jr.. Delta Kappa Epsilou, Faison; Richard Shaw Ray, Southern Pines; Jean Lewis Ray- burn, Chi Omega, Charlotte. Page 118 CI ass Firsl Row: Jerry W. Reece, Phi Kappa S g ui, Andrews; Betty Leone Riddle, Ply- mouth; Otis Robert Rierson, Jr., High Point ; Charles F. Ridenhour, Sigma Chi. Winston-Salem ; Suzanne Case Ringer, West Hartford, Conn. ; Valentine Morris Ripley, Jacksonville, Fla. Second Row: Julian Hart Robertson, Jr., ZelJ Pii, Salisbury; Eugenia Evelyn Ro- buck. Alpha Delia Pi. College Park, Ga.; Frank C. Roddey, Sigma Chi, Charlotte; Joseph Clinton Rogers. Phi Kappa Sigma. Durham; Louis Oliver Rogers, Winston- Salem; Hal Judd Rollins, Jr., Alpha Tan Omega. Phi Ela Sigma. Rockingham. Third Row: James Letcher Rollins, Delta UpsiloK, Bostic; Robert James Roquemore, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Andrews, S. C; Guy Matthews Ross, Jr., Pleasant Garden; Char- lotte Estelle Roth, Asheville; Sandra G. Rothrock, Thomasville; Jake Hertel Roun- tree, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha. Mt. Airy. Fourth Row: Thomas Ruffin. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Winston-Salem; Catherine Ran- dolph Russell, Asheville; H. Gerard Rus- sell, Alpha Tau Omega. Ardmore, Pa.; William T. Sadler, Roanoke Rapids; Billy Murray Sandlin, Verona ; Joan Freeman Sasser, Conway, S. C. Fijth Rolf: Eleanor Ann Saunders, Pi Beta Phi, Chapel Hill ; Jan Saxon, Alpha Delta Pi, Charlotte; William Haywood Scar- borough, Raleigh; Howard Victor Scot- land, Jr., Chi Phi, Towson, Md.; Philip Dodson Scott, Hillsboro; Watts A. Scott, Chapel Hill. Sixth Row: William Donald Scott, Mt. Vernon Springs; Marion Henry Turtle Sea- well, Alpha tau Omega. Jackson; F. Clin- ton Sechler, China Grove; Patricia Wood- ward Seitz, New Market, Md. ; Julian Wood Selig, Jr.. Phi Ela Sigma. Elizabeth City; Mary Ann Shannonhouse. Delta Delta Delia, Charlotte. Seventh Row: Phyllis Ann Shepherd, Winston-Salem; James Edgar Sherrill, Jr., Charlotte; Oscar Albert Shortt, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Winston-Salem; Jack Brooks Shuford, Gastonia; Charles Wayne Shu- mate, Goldsboro; Hugh Henderson Shull, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Winston-Salem. Eighth Roll ' : Lonnie R. Sides, Jr., Char- lotte ; Charles Doyne Sillery, Phi Kappa Sigma, Littleton; Bob Gray Simpson, Lu- cama; Charles C. Sink, Lexington; Mark Lee Skinner, New Bern; Peggy Lorraine Slate, Thomasville. Ninth Row: Tex Richard Sluder, Thomas- ville; Barbara Perry Smith, Mount Olive; Benjamin Clayton Smith, Jr., Charlotte; Eugene Alvin Smith, Matthews; Gary De- witt Smith, Kernersville; George T. Smith, ' Z(?to Psi, Raleigh. P P €i P f P !?■ 9 (? f C -:. r» (ft r» o Page 119 ff f P J unior i Fint Roil.- Irving Lee Smith, Jr., Phi G.immj Dell.i, Robersonvilie; Jacquelyn Vivian Smith, Charlotte; Mary Todd Smith, Bethel; Neil Delano Smith, Belmont; Paula M. Smith, Pensacola, Fla.; Vonnie Bryan Smith, P K.ipfJ Phi. Lumberton. Second Roir: Pete Franklin Smitherman, Sigma Chi, Winston-Salem; Keith Spurlin.i; Snyder, Lenoir; Elliott Solomon, Tju Ep- siloi! Phi. Greensboro; Carl Maynard Spangler, Jr., Shelby; Helen Joyce Sparger, Raleigh; Charles Barry Spillane, Kappa Sif,ma, Savannah, Ga. Third Roir: Carolyn Tane Stanford, Chapel Hill; Evelyn Jean Stanford, Chapel Hill; Al Gardner Stanley, Chapel Hill; Fredrica Ann Stollar, Elizabeth, Pa.; Barbara Ann Stone, Bethesda, Md.; Eugene Spencer Stone, Bailey. Fourth Roir: Mary Frances Stone, Wash- ington, D. C; Betsy Bridght Stoner, Lex- ington; Barbara Ann Strickland, Cerro Gordo; Richard Allen Starner, Pi Kappa Phi. Elkhart, Ind.; Edna Jacquelyn Steed. Raleigh; Lee Austin Stevens. Alpha Tail Omega, Smithfield. Fijlh Rote: James T. Stewart, Jr., Sigma Phi Epiilon, Erwin; John Quincey Stil- well, Chi Phi. Charleston, S. C; Edwin Link Stockton, Jr., Winston-Salem; Coralie Strickland, Pt Beta Phi, Sandy Springs, Ga,; Douglas Keith Styron, Port Washington, Long Island, N. Y.; Joseph Ellis Suggs, Skyland. Sixth Rotr: Hardy Sullivan, Fremont; Em- mett Ashworth Sumner, High Point; Charles B. Swaim, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Winston- Salem; Katherine Patricia Marilyn Sweeney, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada; Paul Green Sylvester, Phi Gamma Delta. Richlands; Joane Graham Tannehill, Staun- ton, Va. Seventh Ron: Daniel Leroy Tate, Belmont; John Cotten Tayloe, Washington; Alfred Raleigh Taylor, Black Creek; Raymond Mason Taylor, Washington; Claude Dale Tedder, Jr., Guilford; Jake Davis Tedder, Mount Gilead. Eighth Roir: Stuart Teichman, ' W ' inston- Salem; Jackson Howard Temple, Selma; William ' Bowne Temple, Delta Kappa Ep- silon. Highland Park, 111.; David Terry, Jr., Raleigh ; Fred Morley Tettlebach, Beta Theta Pi. Point Pleasant, N. Y.; Ann Lindsay Tew, Savannah, Ga, Ninth Row: Elizabeth Crockett Thomas, Wytheville, Va. ; George Alexander Thomas, Carthage; Gerald David Thomas, Southern Pines; Jesse Corbitt Thomas. Sanford; Tommy Howard Thomas, Sigma Nu. Char- lotte ; Graham Kent Thompson, Mount Gilead. Page 120 CI ass Firi Ron-: Horace Kent Thompson, Ir.. Pi K.ipp.i Alph.i. " Wilmington; X ' iIliam ' C. Thompson, Chapel Hill; Dorothy Todd Thornburg, Plumtree; C. William Thorn- ton, Jr., Phi Kjppj Sigmj. Manchester, Conn.; Donald Norman Thornton, Chi Psi, NX ' ilmington; Luanne Ellen Thornton, West Palm Beach, Fla. Second Row: Seabury Daniel Thorp, Zeta Psi. Rocky Mount; Henry Benton Thorpe, Rocky Mount; Douglas O. Tice, jr., Greensboro; Carolyn Joanne Tilley, Chapel Hill; Rollie Tillman, Jr.. Chi Phi. Lake Wales, Fla.; Mary Virginia Timberlake. Roxboro. Third Row: William Perry Timlake, Kdppj Si,?m:!, Corinth, Miss.; Jean Carol Timlin, Nicaro Oriente, Cuba; Thomas Allen Torg- erson, Si, »ij Phi Epsilon. Hickory; Flor- ence Kendrick Townsend, Lumberton; Lucia Kay Traxel, Delt.i Delia Delia. Maysville, Ky.; Stephen Asbury Trimble. Phi Delhi Theta. Washington, D. C. Foiirlh Roic: Donald Robert Trundle, Zel.i Psi. Atlanta, Ga.; Bynum Ellsworth Tudor, Winston-Salem; X ' llliam P. Tuggle, III. Williamsburg, Va.; Jack Franklin Turner, Hamptonville; Harold Winfred Twisdale, L.imbdj Chi Alpha, Halifax; Emma Rogers Tyler. Dunn. Fi lh Row: Margaret Hosier L ' nderwood, Delia Delia Delia, Greensboro ; Mary Susan Upchurch, Raefor d; Emily Mizell Lfrqu- hart, Woodville; Mary Alice VanKirk, Delia Delia Delia. Orange. Tex.; Douglas Fulton VanNoppen, Zela Psi, Morganton; Joel VCilliam Venable, Mount Airy. Sixlh Row: Kenneth Martm Venable, Winston-Salem; Carl Vernon Venters, Jr.. Phi Gamma Delta, Jacksonville; Edward Julius Vogel, Delia Vpsilon, Irvington. N. J.; Herbert Scheyer Wainer. Pi L.imbda Phi. X ' inston-Salem ; Tom Edgar Wake- field, Alpha Tail Omega. Asheville; Mar- shall Waldman, Tau Epsilon Phi, Lone Beach, N. Y. Seieiilh Roll-: Allen Hamilton VCalker. Ir., Hillsboro; Dorothy Barbara Walker. Rye, N. Y.; Charles Dixon Wallace. Smithfield; Cynthia Wood Ward, Elizabeth City; Wil- liam Jennings Ward, Jr., Hendersonville; Jesse Lanier Warren, ' Sigma Phi Epsilon, Greensboro. Eighlh Row: Everett Lee Waters, Jackson- ville; Frank Day Watkins, Belmont; Mary Lou Watson, Wilson; Charles Bowman Watts, Jr., L.imhda Chi Alpha, Bryson City; Frances Eloise Watts, Jacksonville, Fla.; Sandra Rae Wax, Norfolk, Va, Ninth Rotv: Sarah Page Weaver, Raleigh- Carl Ray Webb, Jr., Sigma Nii. Phi Ela Sigma. Shelby; Mary Elizabeth ' W ' ebb. Chapel Hill ; Regina Carol Webster, Pi 3tla Phi. Ridgewood, N. J.; Marie-Louise E. Vi ' eidemann, Fairfield, Conn.; Robert Alan West, Winston-Salem. S ' ? P Page 121 Junior Class i ( p i P P P jP £ r ill ' ' . ' i D. p !f P f5 , .r Firs Run:- William Clifton " estbrook, Limhd.i Chi Alpha, Charlotte; Deborah Westcott. Norfolk, Va.; John NX ' illiam Westmoreland, Charlotte; William Leibee NX ' heeler, Thela Chi, Princeton, N. J.; Nancy Jane Whisnant, Kappa Delia, Char- lotte; Harold O. White, Rome, Ga. Stcoiid Row: Donald Barnes Vi ' hite. Char- lotte; John Conner White, Jr., Fayetteville; William McKinley White, Chapel Hill; John X ' esley Whitehead, Jr., Alpha Tau Omega. Smithfieid; Charles Boyd W hitley, Jr., Albemarle; Johnny Lee Whitley, Wil- son. Third Rou: Barbara Lee Whittington, Delta Delia Delia, Greensboro; Clarence Ray Wiggins, Clinton; Ralph Cannon Wig- gins, Jr., Hendersonville; Lee Carl Wilkcr- son, Mebane; Billy Rayford Wilkinson, Newton; Edward Parker Willey, Clemson, S. C. Fuuilh Rotr: Anne Carlyle Williams, 5 ;?- ma Kappa. Lenoir; Boyce Boykin Williams, Pine Level; Gerald Garfield Williams, Charlotte; John Riley Williams, Mill Sprin.e; Katherine Louise Williams, Mon- roe; Margaret Da is V; ' illiams. Edenton. Fifth Ron:- June X■illiamson, Pi Beta Phi, Winter Park, Fla.; Jo Ann Wilson, Rocky Point; Robert Kay NX ' ilson, Alpha Tau Onitxa. Japan ; George Luther Winches- ter, Jr., Raleigh; James Horner Winston, Zeta Psi, Clayton; Robert Lee Winters, Spring Lake. Sixl y Rou-: Charles Parker Wolf, Phi Eta Si. Vila. Chapel Hill; Robert Dale NX ' ood, Greensboro; Melvin Joel Woodford, Clem- mons; Lemuel Philips Woods. Jr.. Phi Delta Theta, Tampa. Fla.; Laura Bryan Woodward, Charlotte; Billy Richard Wright, Shelby. Seienth Row: Cornell G. AX ' right, Chapel Hill; James Whitson Wright. Asheville; Kitty Lee Wright. Staunton, Va.; Nell Lorraine Yancey, Williamsbur, " ;, Ky.; Ra- mon Lyon Yarborough, Beta Theta Pi. Fayetteville; James Edwin Yokeley. Pi Kap- pa Phi, Thomasville. Ei. hth Row: W. Thomas York, Chi Psi, High Point; Charles Spurgeon Young, Hickory ; David Richard Young, Greens- boro ; Douglas Maurice Young, Chi Psi, Burlington; Janet Bowen Young, Wilson; ALuion Ruth Yount, Chi Omega. States- villc. Ninth Row: Jonathan Thompson Zachary, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Graham; Marilyn Toby Zager, Greensboro. Page 122 A. " In my long years of experience . . . " B. " Up to the lips, over the gums, look out tonsils, here it comes! " C. " I can beat your four aces with a royal flush. ' D. " Save me some, will you? E. Beauties and bubbles. F. Snake??? G. " Want that we should try a washcloth? " H. A cheer for W. C. I. " Just let your hair down . . . " J. " I ' d like to get my hands on the wise one! Page 123 SOPHOMORE CLASS Famous with no prestige . . . " little big-shot " without pubUcity . . . half-veteran who instructs the bewildered ' Freshie ' on the ropes . . . eyeing the Senior with a bare two-year separation . . . first in line at Pledge dance . . . last in line for Sunday breakfast . . . Sharper increase in trousers . . . whiter bucks and flashier tie . . . a Carolina professional . . . beginning Committee head with Freshman volunteers . . . greater realizati on of purpose . . . R. O. T. C. first rate . . . proof that absence makes the heart grow fonder ' (of somebody else) . . . specialist in all trades . . . giver, taker, buyer of college . . . seduced, induced, overwhelmed by atmosphere . . . head a bit higher . . . shoulder-chip a bit softer . . . walk a bit cocky . . . love a bit deeper . . . spirit a bit older . . . Summer-sentiment . . . artificial sun-tan under the store- bought lamp . . . beach-bums playing tag with Junior co-eds . . . induction into " Y " courting . . . anxious to meet ' Miss America ' . . . Pride unlimited . . . individual map signifying only one state . . . roving eye located on a specific school . . . artistic relish at a D. A. production . . . expert cooks in a private dorm kitchen . . . handshake during " Rush " (this time on the giving end) . . . Scoring undeemed extra points in the ping-pong tourna- ment . . . first rate tennis-player . . . solo cheering squad in mid-football season . . . auto-speedometer rating " 95 per " two minutes before 1 : 00 on a Saturday eve . . . around the world five times with not a problem to spare . . . King on a one-man throne . . . orchids for a Wednesday afternoon tea-social and tuxedo for Saturday night . . . class-courage with new preparation for life . . . anxious, doubting . . . confident with confidence . . . aghast with commitments . . . very much a Sophomore. Charles Yarborough President Bill Sanders Vice-President Donna Overholt Secrettiry Page 124 Pepper Tick Treasurer k Susan Fink Social Chairman Spirit high at the Maryland pep rail Soph omore First Row: Elon Albert Abernethy, Jr., Blowing Rock; Frank Thomas Adams, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsiion, Edenton; Richard Baxter Alexander, Alpha Tau Omega, West Palm Beach, Fla.; Shelton Setzer Alexander, Statesville; James Bruton Allen. Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha. Troy ; Martin D. Alpert, Tau Epsiion Phi, Lawrence, L. I., N. Y.; Bruce Robert Anderson, High Point; Robert Walter Angstadt, Kappa Alpha, Charlotte; Kenneth Ray Argo, Kannapolis; William Johnston Armlield, IV, Sigma Alpha Epsiion, Greensboro. Second Row: Arden Dana Ehley, Theta Chi, Greensboro ; Eli John Attayek, Greensboro; John Theodore Atwell, Elkin; Harold Way Austin, Pinebluff; Thomas Edward Avent, Rocky Mount; Charles Brantley Aycock, Zeta Psi, Kinston; James Cordon Ayers, Raleigh; Carl Maurice Baber, Mt. Airy; Wallace Hill Bagley, Jr., Elizabeth City; Richard Henry Baker, Alpha Tau Omega, Greensboro. Third Row: William Avery Baker, Rural Hall; George W. Bal- lard, Jr., Beckley, W. Va.; Thomas Barclay, IV, Brevard; Alton Clayton Bardin, Jr., Wilson; Julian Banks Barnes, Enfield; Henry Turner Bass, Sigma Nu, Tarboro; James Norbert Bass, Chapel Hill; John Lewis Bass, Sigma Nu, Tarboro; Richard Allen Beam, Hickory; Calvin Warner Bell, Rocky Mount. Fourth Row: Leonard Booth Bennett, Norfolk, Va.; Thomas Stephen Bennett, Morehead City; Hiram Adolphus Berry, Fayette- ville; Robert Lane Binda, Hampton, Va.; Marcus Edward Bizzell, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Goldsboro; Donald Eugene Black, Kannapolis; Harold Herbert Black, Leicester; Barbara Webb Blackwelder, Chapel Hill ; Elliott Jackson Blanchard, Hobbsville; Thomas Mc- Ewen Bolkan, Fort Bragg. Fifith Row: William Jennings Booth, Apex; Edwin Brownrigg Borden, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Goldsboro; Shields N. Bowden, Fayette- ville; John Robert Bowers, Bethel; Michael Lynn Boyatt, Beta Theta Pi, Wyoming, Ohio; Charles Delaine Bradsher, Roxboro; Loren Austin Brandt, Naval Base, S. C; Bobby Watson Brawley, Mooresville; Barbara Lucile Bright, Chapel Hill; John Mont- gomery Brindell, Theta Chi, Wilmington. Sixth Row: Foyell Cope Brogdon, Cooleemee; James Edward Brown, Asheville; Melvin O ' Bryant Brown, Jacksonville; Wiley Lewis Brown, Wilmington; Lewis Shore Brimifield, Yadkinville; Norwood E. Bryan, Fayetteville; Robert Emmet Bryan, Jr., Golds- boro; Edgar Glenn BuUuck, Rocky Mount; Raymond Anthony Burke, Jr., Chauncey, N. Y. ; Harold Elias Burris, Albemarle. , vt m mk JtM 9 ? ?» P P L i t ' K N Page 126 _ . ass Firu Row: James Roger Butler, Delia Upiilon. Homestead, Fla.; Robert Albert Butler, Spray; NX ' alter Keith ByrJ, Albemarle; Wil- liam Auten Caldwell, Charlotte; Henry Eugene Campbell, High Point; Sarah Jane Capps, Chapel Hill ; Henry Thomas Carpenter, Sig ru! Nu, Albemarle; James Franklin Carpenter, Vale; John Randolph Carr, Jr,, Hampton, Va.; Jesse B, Carroll, Jr,, Oxford. Second Row: J. Martin Carstarphen. Ill, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Tarboro; John W. Carswell, Spring Lake; Robert C. Casstevens, Vadkinville; William Evan Casstevens, Yadkinville; William Roderick Cate, Chapel Hill; John R. Cauble, Ph: Delia Theta. Hickory; Dewey Wilmont Chappie, Jr., Chi Psi, Winston-Salem; William Curtis Charles, Rocky Mount; Archie Donald Christopher, Carrboro; Terry Chronaki, Durham, Third Row: Leonard S. Clein, Tan Epsilon Phi, Winston-Salem; Mahlon James Clifford, Jr., Oxford; Jay Phillip Cohen, Atlanta, Ga. ; Willie Robert Cole, Hendersonville ; John Fitzgerald Comer, Pi Kappa Alpha, Greensboro; Robert Franklin Comer, Dobson; Muron Herrick Conklin, Phi Kappa Sigma, Durham; Owen ' ad- dell Cook, Beta Theta Pi, Fayetteville; Matthew Terry Cooper, Lexington; Richard Joseph Corcoran, Jr., Durham. Fourth Row: Joe S. Correll, Winston-Salem; George Baxter Coston, Asheville; Guyte M. Cotton, Raleigh; Donald Lee Cox, Haw River; LHa Hurbert Cozart, III, Zeta Psi, Wilson; Ben Franklin Craven, Jr., Greensboro; Richard Hal Creed, Mt. Airy; Joseph Marvin Crews, Wilmington; Jacques Howard Croom, Fayetteville; Ivey Gene Crow, Charlotte. Fifth Row: Christopher Gale Crowson, Raleigh; Arnold Arthur Culbreth, Jr., Greensboro ; Frederick Jackson Cumming, Jr., Graham; William F, Cunningham, Kankakee, 111.; Harold Dean Dampier, Durham; Fred M. Daniel, Oxford ; Robert Dannenbaum, II, Chi Psi, Wilmington; Charles William Darden, Goldsboro; Cullen Bryan Daugherty, Kinston; Charles Thomas Davis, Jr., Eureka. Sixth Row: Ira Lewis Davis, Tan Epsilon Phi, Bayonne, N. J.; Warren Gary Davis, Asheville; Willis Walton Davis, Durham; Henry Hursell Dearman, Statesville; Ted Vance Denson, Burling- ton; John Hines Dickson, Phi Kappa Alpha, Wilmington; Fred William Dieffenbach, IV, Alplia Tau Omega, West Nyack, N. Y.; Phillip Ray Dixon, Chocowinity ; Sidney Stern Dixon, Jr., Sigma Nu, Wilson; Ellen Therese Doak, Chapel Hill, iL I f .? 1 ,f " i p P P P P r l? p p p i ITTf (TT? |I r b I t M Page 127 Soph omore Firsl Row: Edward Eloy Doolan, Savannah, Ga.; Joe C. Doster, Jr.. Charlotte; A. Eugene Douglas. Greensboro; Harold Dean Down- ing. Fayetteville; Thomas Perrin Harrison Dunlop, Deltj Kapp.i Epsilori, Asheville; Charles Jerome Dunn, Jr., Ahoskie; James Elwood Durham, Phi Delta Theta, Durham ; Taylor Rogers Dur- ham, II, Greenwich, Conn.; Louis Daniel Duval, Jr., Charlotte; Harry Roberson Easterling, Kappa Alpha, Bennettsville, S. C. Second Row: Edwin Wilson Edmondson, Pinetops; Jane Anne Edwards, Pi Beta Phi, Chapel Hill; Joshua Videll Edwards. Kenly; Gerald Einhorn, Tan Epsitou Phi, Norfolk, Va. ; William Harrison Elder, Siler City; Charles Patterson Eldridge, Jr., Zel.t Psi, Raleigh ; James Milton Ellis, Tarboro; Thompson Evans, Shelby; Emmett Bobbitt Faulk. Sanford; Randall Turlington Fer- guson, Chapel Hill. Third Row: Thomas Harry Ferguson, Phi Delta Theta, Sylva; Robert Wayne Ferrell, Pi Kappa Phi, Graham ; Thomas Eugene Fesperman, Beta Theta Pi. Greensboro; Susan Boles Fink, Chapel Hill; Herman Sender Fleishman. Pi Lambda Phi, Fayetteville; Barry Ira Fogel. Pi Ltimbda Phi. Augusta, Ga.; Robert Harrell Fonville, Jr., Burlington; William Hutson Ford, Si.s,ma Chi, Charleston. S. C; Charles Sprague Forsyth. Jr., Santa Barbara, Calif.; David A. Foster, Wilmington. Fourth Row: Cecil S. Foushee, Durham; Betsy Blanche Fowler, Chapel Hill; Carolyn Ruth Fowler, Chapel Hill; Donald Owen Fowler, Winston-Salem; Frank Lee Fox, Siler City; Joe Byrd Franklin, Glade Valley; Herbert Charles Frink, Miami Beach, Fla.; Charles Gaskins Froelich, Beta Theta Pi, High Point; Richard Lawrence Frucci. Pi Kappa Phi. Albany, Ga.; Donald Fredrick Fryar, Salisbury. Fijth Row: Kenneth Lee Frye, Hickory; Allen Jefferson Fuller, Liberty; Reather Cornelius Furr, Jr., Albemarle; David Bruce Garmise, Tau Epsilon Phi, Lawrence, N. Y. ; Don Harvey Garren, Hendersonville; Albert Earle Garrett, III, Kappa Alpha, Danville, Va.; Paul Jay Gartzman, X ' aterbury. Conn.; Evangelos Thomas Gavrilis, Weldon; X ' alter Irving Gibson, Jr., Randleman; Philip Edward Giguere, Lebanon, N. H. Sixth Row: Charles Franklin Gilbert, Benson; William Frank Giles, Theta Chi, Perth Amboy, N. J.; William M. Ginn, Golds- boro; David Bennett Glass, Raleigh; Thomas Gordon Godfrey, Greenville, S. C; Jack Hoggard Godley, Wilmington; George Browne Goode, Jr., Hickory; Philip Ives Goodman, New Orleans, La.; Joel Sexton Goodwin, Chi Psi, Apex; Fred E. Gordon, Greensboro. Page 128 CI ass First Row: William Gorelick, Pi Lambda Phi, Charlotte; Raymond Lee Graham, Jr., Lincolnton; Freeman Augustus Grant, Jr., Delta Upsiloii. Bethesda, Md.; Norman B. Grantham, Jr., Smithfield; J. Glenn Grayson, Shelby; Charles Morris Green, Delia Upsilou. Chapel Hill; Robert Henry Green, West Palm Beach, Fla.; Robert Lorenza Green, Phi Eta Sigma, Salisbury; Toy Rhea Gregory, Jr., Lancaster, S. C; Bruce Albert Gustafson, Delta Kappa Epsiloii, Washington, D. C. Second Rote: George Walker Guthrie, Graham; Rufus Rudolph Hackney, Jr., Chi Phi, Durham; John Campbell Haigh, Pi Kappa Alpha, Fayetteville; Glenn Edgar Hair, Fayetteville; Homer Glenn Hall Jr., Siler City; Lacy G. Hall, Burlington; John Davies Hal- lett, Chi Phi, Lake Wales, Fla. ; Charles Henry Hambright, Fayette- ville; Wallace Tate Hanchey, Carolina Beach; John William Harden, Jr., Graham. Third Row: John William Harden, Jr., Chi Psi, Greensboro; James Robinson Harper, Sigma Nu, Snow Hill; Wade Whitley Harrell, Cristobal. Canal Zone; Neal Scott Harrington. Delia Upsiloii. Chapel Hill; Edward Flynn Harris, Pi Kappa Alpha. Charlotte; Wilmer Long Harris, Roanoke Rapids; James Burwell Harrison, Jr.. Gastonia; Oliver James Hart, Jr.. Winston-Salem; William Earl Harvell. Wilmington; E. Leland Haywood. Mt. Gilead. Fourth Row: Richard Hunter Haywood, Monroe; Robert Speir Headen, Siler City; Edward Ray Hemby, Jacksonville; William Ray Henderson, Stony Point; Randall Boyden Henley, Theta Chi, High Point; Edward Hennessee, Parkersburg, W. Va.; Otto Walker Henry, Swannanoa ; Roger Gordon Herbert, Chi Phi, Ports- mouth, Ohio; Billy Harvey Herring, Spring Lake; Hugh Scott Hester, Reidsville. Fifth Row: Roy David High, Sanford ; F. Allan Hills, Roanoke Rapids; Robert Carol Hinshaw, Liberty; George Wycklifle Hoffler, Sunbury; Lee Bourne Holmes, Sigma Nu, New York, N. Y.; Troy Clifton Homesley, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Cherryville; Harrison Barnett Hood, Charlotte; David Alexander Hooper, Reidsville; William Hadley Horner, Jr., Burlington; William Pace Hubbard, Stedman. Si.xlh Row: John Charles Huggins. Pi Kappa Phi. Lumberton; Wil- liam King Hundley, Jr., Leaksville; John Thomas Hunt, Durham; Donald E. Huntington, Chi Psi. Spartanburg. S. C. ; John Brennan Hussey, Jr., Beta Theta Pi, Shreveport, La.; Charles Fisk Hyatt, Waynesville; William Jacob Isenhour, Pi Kappa Alpha, Hickory; Richard Shull James, Raleigh; Robert Bryan Jennings, Lumberton; Billy Joe John.son, Pi Kappa Phi. Lillington. Q Q P 9 Page 129 Soph omore F nl Row: Phil Blair Johnson, Alpha Tau Omega, Raleigh; Wil- liam Gladstone Johnston, Jr., Fayetteville ; John Knox Johnstone, Mocksville; Eric Andrew Jonas. Chi. Phi Eta Sigma, Char- lotte; Charles Harold Jones, Kinston; Morris Alexander Jones, High Point; Norman Jackson Jones. Oxford ; Robert Theodore Joyce, Mayodan ; Barney Gene Joyner, Raleigh; G. Ed Joyner, Jr., Rocky Mount. Second Ron: William Henry Joyner, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Summit, N. J.; Carl Ray Kasell, Goldsboro; Victor I. Kasser, Philadelphia. Pa.; Charles Jackson Katzenstein, Jr.. Zeta Beta Tau. New York, N. Y.; Robert Kason Keiger, Winston-Salem; Robert Wayne Kelly, X ' inston-Salem; Thomas Dupre Kemp, III, Charlotte; James Powers Kennedy, Jacksonville; Robert Tabor Kimzey. Jr., Sigma jVh. Brevard; Robert Lee Kirksey. Morganton. Third Row: Jay C. Klme. Margate, N. J.; ■William Kuman, Ph, Kappa Sigma, Aliquippa, Pa.; Louis Kraar. Richmond. Va. ; Man- uel Chris Kranis, Thomasville; Ronald Milton Kriegsman. Tat Epsilon Phi. Greensboro; Donald Julian Kurtz, Pi Lambda Phi. Rock Hill, S. C; Robert Lee Kushner, Jr.. Danville, Va.; Dale Rea Lackey, Fallston; Joseph Thomas Lamb. Jr.. Phi Gamma Delta. Elizabeth City; William Onzolo Langley. Jr.. Burlington. Fourth Row: Curtis Ray Lashley, Burlington ; Glenn Edwin Lasley, Lewisville; Luther Harold Lawing, Jr.. Charlotte; Frank Walter Leak, Beta Theta Pi, Rockingham; Junius Russell Lee, Four Oaks; Nash LeGrand. Jr., Hamlet; Robert Lee Litaker. Beta Theta Pi, Charlotte; Allen Baker Long. Phi Delta Theta, Chevy Chase, Md.; William Ray Long, Phi Eta Sigma, Marion ; Charles Eli Lore, Lenoir. Fifth Row: Edward C. Loughlin, Zeta Psi, Henderson; Frank Rob- bins Lowe, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte; William Franklin Lowe, Jr., Gastonia ; Elvery Dean Lowry, Pembroke; Benjamin Livingston Lubin, New York, N. Y.; Daniel Rawls Luke. Alpha Tau Omega, Tarrytown, N. Y.; Eugene Douglas Maloney, Gas- tonia; Nick Marcopulos, Rye, N. Y. ; John W. Markham, IH, Sigma Nu, Ponte Vedra Beach. Fla.; Benjamin A. Marks. Roanoke Rapids. Sixth Row: J. Rufus Marks. Jr.. Si.Kma Phi Epsilon. Whiteville; James Manning Marlowe, Walstonburg; George E. Martin, Jr., Reidsville; Joseph Boley Martin, Jr., Maycdan; Lawrence Maslow, Tau Epsilon Phi. Brooklyn. N. Y.; Hugh Archibald Mason. Fayet- teville; Robert E. Mason. Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon. Charlotte; William Herndon Mast. Sugar Grove; Evelyn Ann Matthews, Chapel Hill; James Harold Matthis. Warsaw. ?iB .. V Jm kh m u ikh f%»» I f ? J mMki dM M it mhMh. h Mm t Page 130 CI ass First Row: Thomas Neill Maultsby, Chapel Hill; Lutz Leo Mayer, Phi Eta Sigma, Greensboro; J. Gray McAllister, III, Chapel Hill; Gerald Fulenwider McBrayer, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Reidsville; Gerard Francis McCabe, Mew York, N. Y.; Kenneth Franklin McCain, Phi Gamma Delta, High Point; Richard Banks McCain, Monroe; Joseph Andrew McLlurc, Orangeburg, S. C; James Henry Mc- Combs, Jr., Morganton; James rtall ivlcCorklc, Jr., Charlotte. Second Row: Edgar Woodfin McCurry, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Shelby; James Lawrence McElroy, Jr., Alarshall; Henry King Mc- Gee, Lookout Mountain, 1 enn. ; Benjamin Reid McGowan, Ham- let; Raymond Andrew McKee, Mooresville; VX ' iliiam Scott Mc- Keithan, Shallotte; ihomas Uavid MciNeill, Camp Lejeune; James „. McFherson, laylorsville; Johnny G. Medlin, Jr., Benson; hdwin Samuel Menin, iigma Lhi, Greensboro. Thiid Rule: Burnet Mendelsohn, Tail Epsiloii Phi, Charleston. S. C; Theodore E. Mercer, Chi Phi, Walstonburg; Charles Edwin Merrill, Southern Pines; Jimmie Alco Merritt, Albemarle; James Terry Miller, Hamlet; Tony Jasper Miller, Winston- Salem; An- drew Hammill Milstead, Maysville, Ky.; Robert Lee Minteer, P gh, Pa.; Esther Nelson Minturn, Chapel Hill; Laurence Miscall, Jr.. Forest Hills, N. Y. Fourth Row: Donald Preston Mitchell, Sigma Nu, Seaford, Dela ware; Harold Wayne Mohorn, Enfield; Don R. Monroe, Theta Chi, Asheboro; William Paul Monroe, Beta Theta Pi, Fayetteville; Carroll Jackson Moore, Sigma Nu. Winston-Salem; James Robert Moore, Jr., Concord; Robert Hayes Moore, Jr., Durham ; Thomas Carey Moore, Jr., Raleigh; Vance Theodore Moore, Jr., Tarboro; William B. Moore, Phi Delta Theta, New Orleans, La. Fifth Rotf: Elwood Ernest Morgan, Burlington; James Mack Mor- row, Jr., Mooresville; Galen Gartner Moser, Burlington; Robert Keith Mosley, Waxhaw; Stephen Andrew Moss, Delta Upsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Kintnersville, Pa. ; William Eagles Moss, Wilson; Willie Herbert Muraford, Kenly; Lewis Manning Muntzing, Moore- field, W. Va.; Herbert Larry Muschamp, Rome, Ga.; Grady Ben- nett Myers, Jr., Winston-Salem. Sixth Row: E. L. Nance, Jr., Charlotte; Glenn Allen Nanney, Charlotte; Edward Holder Nelson, Zeta Beta Tan, Washington, D. C; Arthur Rowell Newcombe, Jr.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Char- lotte; Boyd Lee Newnam, High Point; Gene Sherwood Nichols, Ahoskie; John Sapp Nichols, " Beta Theta Pi. Reidsville; Robert S. Nichols. Phi Kappa Sigma. Durham; Richard Ray Nixon, Phi Kappa Sigma, Charlotte; Richard Allan Noll, Beta Theta Pi, W. Medford, Mass. L-T L,J Cn K j .. »» u» t- L ' - k- ' - 9 ( ' P P P P 9 P Page 131 First Row: James Kirkpatrick Norfleet, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Winston-Salem; Maurice L. Norton, II, Delia Upsilon, Laurin- burg; Charles Stephens Norwood, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Goldsboro; Billy Tyson Oakley, Mebane; Thomas Lee Osborne, Henderson- ville; Joe Carroll Outlaw, Mount Olive; James E. Owen, Thomas- ville; David Henry Pace, Theta Chi, Wilmington; Giles Troy Page, Jr., Clayton; Bobby I. Paller, Tan Epsilon Phi, Atlanta, Ga. Second Roiv: Rudolph George Paquette, Elkhart, Indiana; G. Far- rar Parker, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Asheville; Clarence Banner Parks, Clinton; Jack J. Parks, Jr., FayetteviUe; William Gregory Parmeie, East Orange, N. J.; George Nicholas Parthemos, Ashe- ville; Bobby Joe Patterson, ' W ' ellston, Ohio; John Smith Patterson, Stony Point; Kincaid Patterson, Statesville; Emilie Frances Patton, Alpha Gamma Delta. Chapel Hill. Third Roic: James Davis Patton. Morganton; Ben Reid Rayne, Burlington; Paul Patton Payne, Jr., Charleston, W. Va.; Edwin NX ' ulfe Pearce, Jr., Greensboro; Joseph Anthony Pecoraino, Fayette- viUe; Robert Franklin Peek, Kappa Alpha. Winston-Salem; Edward Leigh Pell, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte; Sam E. Penegar, Mon- roe; Phil E. Penninger, Concord ; Roland Powell Perdue, College Park, Ga. Soph omore Fourth Row: Charles Reid Perry, Winston-Salem; Noel Harper Petree, Jr., Chi Psi, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Dossi Crawford Phil- lips, Jr., High Point; George Randolph Phillips, Graham; Kermit Glenn Phillips, II, Greensboro; Richard Lee Phipps, Raleigh; Wm. Bryan Pittman, Phi Del ta Theta, Sanford; Henry Franklin Plott, Charlotte; Peter Martin Pollander, Pittsboro; Samuel H. Poole, Pi Kappa Phi, West End. Fifth Row: Claude Edwin Pope, Pi Kappa Alpha, Dunn; Fred Stanley Porginski, Portsmouth, Ohio ; Marvin Lee Porter, East Flat Rock; Robert Morgan Powell, Sigma Nu, Charlotte; John William Powers, Wallace; William Wesley Prince, Kings Moun- tain; VCilliam Robert Proffit, Buies Creek; Thomas Gerald Puckett, Rockwell; Bobby Lewis Pugh, Phi Eta Sigma, Asheboro; Robert Stanford Pullman, Durham. Sixth Ron: Robert Smith Quinn, Charlotte; Gilbert Gray Ragland, Oxford; Alexander Graham Ray, High Point; Edmond Allison Ray, Pinehurst; Samuel Thomas Reeves, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Thomas- ton, Ga.; David Edward Reid, Jr., Asheville; William Alan Reid, Asheville; Charles Bradford Rhoades, Winston-Salem; William Richard Rhyne. Marganton ; ' ' OCarren Jerome Richards, BurlingUm. Page 132 CI ass First Row: Willis James Riddick, Belhaven; Graham Henry Rights. Winston-Salem; Joe Baxter Roberson, Candler; Phihp Thomson Roberts, Kappa Alpha, Charleston, S. C; Harold Dean Robmson. Phi Delta Theta. Mansfield. Ohio; Julian Richard Rogers. Beta Theta Pi, Wrightsville Beach; John Joseph Romano. Miami. Fla.; Joseph Fredrick Rosenberg, Zeta Beta Tau, Troy, Alabama ; Jerry Armfield Royals, Kernersville; Billy Ray Russell, Concord. Second Row: William Eugene Sanders, Chi Phi, Asheboro; Wil- liam Pendleton Sandridge, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Winston- Salem ; Chaloner Baker Schley, 5 . Anthony Hall. Eccleston. Md.. Robert Ellis Scholze. Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Coral Gables. Fla.; Harold Schwartz, Tau Epsilon Phi, Jacksonville; William Ernest Sellers. Lambda Chi Alpha, Burlington; John ' William Senter, Lincolnton; Billy Marian Sessoms. Pinebluff; Alexander Graham Shanks. Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Eta Sigma. Birmingham, Alabama; Larry Wayne Sharpe. VC ' inston-Salem. Third Row: Charles L. Sharpless, Phi Kappa Sigma. Wyncote, Pa. ; Kenneth Ernest Sheppard, Jr., Winston-Salem ; Thomas Haynes Shores. Delia Kappa Epsilon. Hickor) ' ; Hudson Wilson Shoulars. Jr.. Alpha Tau Omega. Rich Square; Robert Eugene Showfety. Greensboro; Daniel Shiver Silvia, Jr.. Wilmington; Woodruff Franklin Sink. Winston-Salem; James McHugh Skidmore, Jr.. Albemarle; John Llewllyn Skinner. Jr., Beta Theta Pi, Coral Gables. Fla. ; XX ' illiam Roy Slack. St. Petersburg, Fla. Fourth Row: Clyde Smith, Jr., Greensboro; David Caswell Smith, Charlotte; Ewell Clark Smith, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Preston, Ovte, Cuba; Franklin Teddy Smith. Winston- Salem; James A. Smith. Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma. Durham ; Ritchie Smith. Fayetteville; Robert Miller Smith. Goldsboro; Sherwood H. Smith. Jr., Phi Delta Theta. Jacksonville, Fla.; Robert O. Sneed. Charlotte; Quinc ' Bell Snipes. Jr., Wilmington. Fifth Row: Raymond Fletcher Snipes, Reidsville; Thomas G. Spain, St. Anthony Hall. Morristown, N. J.; Will Oscar Speight, Eden- ton; William Corwell Spong. Charlotte; John Alden Spooner, St. Anthony Hall. Darien. Conn.; Scott W. Spradley. Kappa Alpha, Shelby; William Ivan, Starrett, Jr., East Point, Ga.; Christopher Eugene Staton, Jr., Hendersonville; Norman Fredric Steinberger, Pi Lambda Phi, Statesville; Herbert Benjamin Stephens, Glen Alpine. Sixth Rou: John Shorter Stevens, Chi Phi, Asheville; Noel Paige Stout. Chi Psi. Burlington; George Thomas Strickland, Jr., Phi Eta Sigma. Nashville; James Garfield Sullivan. Ahoskie; Wil- liam ' Wayne Suttle. Marion; Snavely Daniel Swaim. Vi ' inston- Salem; James D. Sykes. Phi Kappa Sigma, Jenkintown. Pa.; Robert Hunter Tate. Jr.. Phi Gamma Delta. Wilmington; Edward T. Taws. Jr.. St. Anthony Hall, Andalusia, Pa.; Jack Morris Taylor, Pi Kappa Phi. Aberdeen. L S Iji: ' Si i. .S dm L ik LI X. J? (-1 m , ki ktk Sk dM tk i. " 1 Ami., L 1 ? % fl ' - i -. dk L L L L i. Page 133 Soohomore First Row: James Kluttz Taylor, Charlotte; Louis Jerome Taylor, Pi Kappa Phi, Wilson; Tommy Hoyle Temple, Zebulon; Jimmy Howard Tesh, Winston- Salem; Curtis Malcoulm Thacker. Mayo- dan; Broadus Thompson, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, West Columbia, S. C; Claude Hoke Thompson, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsiloi:, Shelby; Howard Eugene Thompson, Winston-Salem; John Hargett Thomp- son, Richlands; John Keyser Tice, St. Anthony Hall, High Point. Second Row: Claude B. Tiller, Draper; Norman Ernest Tipton, Asheville; Richard McKee Todd, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Rye, N. Y.; James N. Tolbert, Morganton; Earl Clifford Torrence, Charlotte; Emmett Apple Tuck, Jr., Virgilina, Va.; Harry Sutton Turner, Jacksonville; Jas. R. Turner, Winston-Salem; Jane Finch Twamley, Chapel Hill; Clyde Gilbert Tweed, Theta Chi, Asheville. Third Row: James Madison Tyler, Kappa Sigma, Kinston; John Bard Tyndall, Cherokee; Jerome Joseph Vayda. Phi Kappa Sigma. Bayonne, N. J.; Perry Burt Veazey, Alpha Tatt Omega. Raleigh; Charles Read Vincent, Murfreesboro; David Eugene Wagoner, Yadkinville; Henry Ajax Walker, Kappa Sigma, Kinston; James CUfton Walker, Durham; Walter Thornley Walker, 111, Bel.i Theta Pi, Beth Page. L. I.. N. Y.; Gaither S. Walser, Kappa Sigma. Lexington. Fourth Row: Noah Heber Walters. LaGrange; Donald William Warren, Pi Lambda Phi, Brooklyn, N. Y.; George Francis Warren, Jr., Snow Hill; William Edgar Warrick. Jr., Mt. Olive; Charles Harris Wartman, Clarksville, Va.; William James War- wick, Chi Phi, Wilmington; Henry Gene Waters, Roanoke Rapids; Zack James Waters, Jr., Salisbury, Md.; George Rose Watkins. Henderson; Sam Meriweather Watkins, Henderson. Fifth Row: Thomas Morton Watts, Bryson City; Richard Beverly Raney Webb, Alpha Tau Omega, Greensboro; Thomas Carlton Webster, Yanceyville; James Randolph Welborn. Winston-Salem; Robert Andrew Wellons, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte; Grady Lee Wells, Phi Eta Sigma. Charlotte; Herbert Stephenson Wentz, Chi Psi. Salisbury; C. Milton West. Jr.. Camden, N. J.; Robert Lee West, Dover; David Louis Whitaker. Phi Eta Sigma. " W ' il- liamston. Sixth Row: Hugh Zenas White, Jr., Salisbury; Joseph Theodore White, Statesville; Julian Alpheus " White, Jr.. Hertford; Kenneth Roger White, Huntersville; Raymon Lee White. Sigma Nti. Columbus. Ga.; Thomas X ' hite. Jr.. Raleigh; David Earl Whit- field, Durham; Elizabeth G. Whitfield, Chapel Hill; Edward Knight Whitmore, Jr.. Alpha Tati Omega. South Orange, N. J.; Diana Beth Whittmghill, Chapel Hill. r i iLLL r ' - -v f " ' f ' fl P P f C ' Page 134 CI ass First Row: Chas. Leigh Wickham, Kappa Sig,ma, Kinston; James Hamilton Wiggins, Clinton; James S. Wilkins, Pi Kappa Alpha, Shelby; William Durant Willard, Purvis; Carter Seymore Wil- liams, Pollocksville; Charles Slater Williams, Durham; Clawson Lee Williams, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Sanford; John Dudley Wil- liams, Greensboro ; Joseph Philip Williams, Elmhurst, 111. ; Mary Lou Williams, Chapel Hill. Second Row: Rupert Lee Williams, Edenton; William Redden Williams, Hamlet; Clarence Thomas Williford, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Wilson; Jack Leroy Wilson, Lake Lure; Thomas Ezekiei Witty, Jr.. Thomasville; John Montgomery Woltz. Jr., Greens- boro; Albert Franklin Wood, Jonesville; Edward William Wood, III, St. Anthony Hall. Winston-Salem; Billy Joe Woosley, Clem- mons ; lohn Franklin V ' ooten, Ir.. Kinston. Third Row: Walter Ramon Wootten, Hickory; Carey B. N. Wright, Jr., Greensboro; Donald Rayburn Wright, Mt. Airy; Charles Hill Yarborough, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epiilon, Louisburg; E. Peter Yarnell, Charleston, S. C; Frank Ogburn Yates, Jr., Alpha Tau Omega, Asheboro; Edwin Milton Yoder, Mebane; Jack Gerard Yopp, Jacksonville; Frederick Nelson Young, Jr., Valle Crucis; Joseph Beverly Young. Canton. Fourth Row: Robert Gill Young, Jr., Zeta Psi, Henderson; Richard Hardin Ziglar, Phi Kappa Sigma, Winston-Salem ; Jay Zimmer- man. Jr., St. Atithon) Hall, New Paltz, N. Y. Page 135 Freshman Class Officers Settled: TowNSEND Holt, President Jake Goforth, Vice-Presideril Standing: Jackie Van Hook. Social Ckiiimiiii Charlie Ashby, Treasurer Mary Ann Keeter, Secretary Page 136 FRESHMAN CLASS . . . Age 18 . . . irrepressible youth . . . limited experience . . . the formidable gates . . . apprehension upon entering . . . the lost feeling of new independence cut sharply into our existence . . . long day with too few hours . . . conforming to regulations . . . memorizing names . . . feverish studying and deficiency slips . . . anticipating Sundays . . . Christmas with its glamor and Easter with its Spring . . . Highlights on datmg . . . heavier books with smaller print . . . the earliest kind of A. M. schedules . . . crew-cuts and white bucks . . . tweed coat and Rendezvous romances . . . starlight glamor and footprints in the Arboretum . . . bench-seekers after 9:00 P. M. . . . greater noise in a maturing heart . . . Second love in a different setting . . . invaluable correspondence . . . begin- ning thinkers . . . undescriptive dance step with the ' Carolina bop ' . . . unrecog- nized image on an I. D. card . . . Summer ' s bright interruption before Sophomore year parture . . . backward glances with no regrets. remorse on de- Freshman Firil Row: Elmer Preston Abee, Jr., Morganton; Bobby Manly Abercrombie, Mt. Holly; Henry Samuel Addison, Durham; William Baker Akin, Jr., Raleigh; Clyde Benny Alexander, Savannah, Ga.; Harrington Helm Alexander, Robbins; ' VCilliam Raymond Alford, Durham; Charles Eugene Allen, Taylorsville; William Mario n Allen, Jr.. Elkin; James McMillan Allison, Asheville. Second Row: Wilbert Francis Altemueller, Chapel Hill; Leo Richard Anderson, La Grange; Bobby Talmadge Andrews, McLeansville; Jack Delano Angel, Reidsville; James Mcllwaine Archer, Charlotte; " William Lewis Armour, Statesville; James Paul Armstrong, Jr., High Point; Norman C. Armstrong, Elizabeth City; Lonnie Lester Ash, Jr., Rivesville, W. Va.; Charles Gladstone Ashby, Jr., Elkin. Third Roiv: David Lawrence Ashford, Scotland Neck; Derwood Lee Ashworth, Durham; Murrell Hunter Ashworth, Durham; Woods Garland Atkins, Gastonia; Dale Reid Austin, Taylorsville; Wavely Garland Avent, Raleigh; Quincy Adams Ayscue, Monroe; John David Bachman, Wash- ington, D. C; Alfred Reno Bailey. Cliffside; John Reginald Baker. Carthage. ■ C5 O p 9 p P fT: f 1! . P P p P j -o a P P Q P 9 P 9 f r P (? Q P MdMg:M SkMM Pouith Ron: Daniel Richard Ballard. Iron Station; ' William Thomas Ballard, Polkton; Thomas Wayne Ballou, Morehead City; XiCalter Edward Barbee, Durham; Joe Richard Barber. X ' ilkesboro; Carl W. Barbour, Raleigh; Ray Sinclair Barbre, Jr., Kinston; George Michael Barclay, Narberth, Pa.; Charles Glenn Barger, Jacksonville; Robert J. Barker, Cherryville. f f h Roiv: Richard Douglas Barkley. Oriental; Sam Burman Barnard, Savannah. Ga.; Joseph Eugene Bartholomew. Raleigh; Carl Lee Bass, Durham; Tommie Leonard Bass, Wilson; George Leonard Bates, Chapel Hill; Owens Davis Batten, Selma; Roland Wesley Batten, Portsmouth, Va.; Bernice Rodric Batts. Wallace; Robert Leslie Baucom, Monroe. Stx. ' h Row: Bobby Gerald Beam, Spruce Pine; William Claris Bean, Mebane; Roy H. Beard. Jr., Oxford; James Bouldin Beatty. Mt. Holly; James Tully Beatty, Charlotte; Shelley Blaine Beck, Asheboro; Edward Whitson Bell, Aulander; Frederick Neil Bell, Swarthmore, Pa.; John VC ' illiam Bell, Jr., Lattimore; Robert Locke Bell, Greensboro. Page 138 CI ass First Rou: Barbara Ollie Bennett, Chapel Hill; Ralph Luther Bentley, Moravian Falls; Nelson Virginius Benyunes, Danville, Va.; Frank Christian Bernhardt, Charlotte; Lewis David Berryhill, Charlotte; Stan Maxwell Bershaw, Asheville; Joseph Walter Best, Clinton; Nelson Ray Best, Warsaw; John Bijur, Bedford Village, N. Y.; John Matthew Bilich, Aliquippa, Pa. Second Row: James Frederick Bishop. Rocky Mount; John Arnett Black. Greensboro; ■VC ' illiam Linville Black, Winston-Salem; ' " ilbert Worth Blackman, Smithfield; Charles Sidney Blankstein. Greensboro; John Gray Blount, ' Washington; William A. Blue, Wadesboro; John Daniel Bly. Asheville; Robert Martin Boerner, ' Winston-Salem; Oscar Howard Bolch, Jr., Albemarle. Third Rou:- James Cener Bolton, Rich Square; Granville Kent Booker, Raleigh; Donald Lee Boone. High Point; Hoyt Winfield Boone, Greensboro; Demette Gordon Bordeaux, Elizabethtown; William Joseph Boswell, ' " ilson; Charles Pardue Bowles, Winston- Salem; Charles Otis Boyette, Chadbourn; Joseph Thomas Boyette. Clinton; ' William Otis Boyette, Chadbourn. i LIiJ, F ' jinlh Riiu: William Hcyward Bradshaw. Rutherfordton; David Spencer Brady. ' Valdese; Marvin Brady, Charleston. S. C. ; Donald Allen Branch, ' Winterville; Charles Marion Braswell, Monroe; Thomas Roy Brenner, Riviera Beach, Fla.; John Butler Bridger, Bladenboro; ' William Edward Brigman, New Bern; Edward G. Britt, Kinston; Morris Naum Broad, Miami Beach, Fla. Fiflh Rou: Clifton Henry Brock. Lillington; Claude Cicero Brooks, Jr., Millers Creek; Henry Franklin Brooks, Greenville; Mallard Guy Brooks. Jr., Shelby; Mark Norman Brooks, Washington, D. C; " Walter Hubert Brothers. Aurora; Arthur Stanley Brown, Wilson; Conrad L. Brown. Jr., Troutmans; Donald M. Brown, Jamesville; Eugene Wilson Brown, Jr., Rich Square. Si lh Rati: Gordon Rives Brown. Durham; Gro er Cleveland Brown. Harrington. Del.; Joe Evans Brown. Charlotte; VC ' jIliam Lee Brown; Roanoke Rapids; ' William Goode Branch, Winter Haven, Fla.; H. David Bruton, Candor, LeRoy Adam Bruton. Charlottesville, Va.; Donald Thomas Bryan, Rocky Mount; James Kenneth Bryant, Jr., Elkin ; Peter BIythe Buck, Greensboro. Page 139 Freshman First Row: Julius Francis Budacz, Robersonville ; Harold Dean Bull, High Point; Bernie Fraust Bullard, Raleigh; Donald E. Bullard, Winston-Salem; Reece Alan Bulle, Wallbury; James Arliss Bumgardner, Winston-Salem; Herman Bunch. Jr., High Point; Benjamin Lawrence Burbridge, Jacksonville, Fla.; Jesse Lane Burchell, Leakssille; Howard Lee Burdette, Monroe, Second Row: Robert Philip Burgess, Pinetops; David James Burrows. Bay Shore, N. Y. ; Robert Tilden Burrus, Rockford ; Donald Farrell Burton, Hillsboro; Marshall Rexford Butcher, Wash- ington, D. C; Frank Butler. Roseboro; Jesse Lewis Butler. Clinton; Julian David Butler, Saint Pauls; Frederic Henry Butters, Wilmington; David Franklin Byers, Shelby. Third Roil ' : James Doggett Bynum, Greensboro; James Jordan Bynum. Raleigh; Fredric Colby Byrum. Edenton; William Charles Cable, Greensboro; Harry Beard Cannon, Jr., Lakeland, Fla.; Douglas David Cantrell, Seaford, Del. ; Reid Paul Carbeton, Elizabeth City; James Franklin Carlisle, Guilford; Robert J. Carlsen, Highland Park, 111.; Thaxton Miller Carmichael, Winston- Salem. Q L a» ' p is ,c ff P i li 4k Ti ' : ' ■■ i:.k m .€i l o ' P P 1 ;;=. » " " 1 p (? r i. i tbM iiik f i 0 ' 4 : ' ' jk dm ' , di dn dik dA L ■ ' 1 to 9 L a ( } ( o P £% ik tfk d M ik Four } Rou: Robert Lewis Carswell, Morganton; James Douglas Carter. Raleigh; James Lewis Carter. Winston-Salem; Patricia Anne Carter. Chapel Hill; George Bernard Cashwell. Mount Airy; Ernest Castillo. IIL Tampa, Fla.; Charles Wesley Causey. Greensboro; William Robert Caviness, Sanford ; Richard William Chalk. Jr., Greensboro; Norman Allison Chamberlain, Matthews, Fifth Row: Henry Hautman Chambless, Jr., Charlotte; James Monroe Chamblee, Burlington; Mallory Lewis Chambliss, Rocky Mount; Richard Randall Charleville, High Point; James Theodore Cheatham, IIL Greenville; Theodore Eugene Childres, Connelley Springs; Joe David Christian, Jr., Smithfield, Va.; Carey Alexander Clark, St. Matthews. Kentucky; Nevy King Clark, Savannah, Ga.; William Thompson Clark, Statesville. Sixth Row: Luster James Cline, Kannapolis; Franklin Delano Clontz, Morganton; Paul Armfield Coffey, Boone; Richard Amis Coker, Hartsville, S. C. ; James Glenn Collier, Jr.. Rich Square; Robert Cecil Cole, Carolina Beach; Francis Eugene Collins, Jr., Lumberton; Walter Nicholas Collison, Jr., Annapolis, Md.; Lawrence Davis Conder. Charlotte, Anthony Irwin Conkle, East Palestine, Ohio. Page 140 ass First Row: David Marion Connor, Jr., Durham; Charles Alston Cook, Arlington, Va. ; Milton Perreautt Cooke, New York, N. Y. ; Robert Reid Cooke, Asheboro ; Jackie Finley Cooper, Jr., Sylva; Joseph Irwin Converse, Jr., Greenville, S. C; Malcolm H. Coplon. Winston-Salem; Joseph Randolph Corley, Winston-Salem; Thomas Bonifer Cornell, Key West, Fla.; William Charles Corse, Che%7 Chase, Md, Second Row: Pete B. Cothran, Youngstown, N. Y.; Hugh B. Cowan. Ann Arbor, Mich.; Marion Aubrey Cowell. Jr.. Jacksonville; Adlai Roy Cox, Jr., Asheboro: Eppie Bennett Cox, Aurora; Robert Averj ' Craddock, Cary; Daniel B. Craver, Greenwich, Conn.; Kenneth Shoaf Craver, Jr., Lexington; Caroll Spencer Credle, Jr., Ahoskie; Robert Nilgo Creighton, Jr., Charlotte. Third Row: ' William Barker Crews, Jr., Oxford; Joel Allen Cross, Creedmoor; Joseph Worth Cullreth, Fayetteville; Edmund Lane Curlee, Jr., Savannah, Ga.; John Russell Curtis, Bessemer City; Charles Edward Dameron, IIL Asheville; Charles R. Daniel. Roanoke Rapids; Ulyss Glenn Daughtridge. Rocky Mount; Curtiss ' Wilson Daughtr) ' . Smithfield; Clayton Williams Davidson, Jr., Mooresville. UmL f f o 1 M I ik£K - Fourth Row: Carlisle Berry Davis, Fayetteville; Herbert Owen Davis. Roxboro; John Kenneth Davis, ' rightsville Beach; Wilburn Addison Davis, ' W ' aynesville; Jon Neil Dawn, Gastonia; Claudius Stuart Dawson, Jr.. Charleston. S. C; Ernest Cornelius Deane. Jr., Charlottesville, Va.; John Prortor Dearing. Chevy Chase. Md.; Arthur Franklin Deese. Matthews; Julian Peter Dell, Bethesda, Md. Fifth Row: John Elliot Dermatt. Jr., Durham; Blanton Younger Dickerson, Oxford; Lacy Lamar Dilday. Powellsville; James William Dinwiddle. Lexington; James Stephen Dockery. Jr., Ruther- fordton; Norman Avery Dodd. Clayton; Winfred Gray Dodson, Wilmington; Stanley Rhoades Donnahoe, East Alton, 111.; Charles Brent Dorrity, HiUsboro; Robert Gray Dotson, Boone. Sixth Row: George Edward Doughton, Durham; George Robert Dozier, Lexington, Ky.; Otis Marion Drake, Hendersonville; Phillip Alexander Drake, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Frederick William Dreyer. Plainfield, N. J.; Thomas Harold Duncan, Clayton; Carl Hanna Durham, Burlington; James Thomas Duvall, NX ' illiamsburg, ' Va.; Eddie Pittman Dwyer, Charlotte; Zane Emerson Eargle, Waxhaw, Page 141 Fresh resnman First Row: Charles Edward Earnhardt, SaHsbury; Robert Donald Eason, Snow Hill; John Allen Edgerton, Kenly; Fred Greene Eidson, Elkin; Robert Lee Ellerbe, Jr., Rockingham; William Joseph Ellis, Mt. Sterling, Ky. ; Wilbur Hoyle Epley, Rutherfordton; William Alexander Erwin, High Point; James Earl Evans, Oxford; William Harrell Everett, Williamston. Second Ron:- James Gooden Exum, Jr., Snow Hill; Robert Exum, Jr., Snow Hill; Carl Douglas Farmer. Pulaski, Va.; Robert Fassberg, Spring Valley, N. Y.; Gordon Bradford Fearing, Elizabeth City; Tom Joseph Feeney, High Point; Bobby Jack Feimster, Statesville; Arthur Kenneth Ferrell, Durham; Billy Ray Fisher. Bladenboro; Louis Joseph Fisher, High Point. Third Row: Charles E. Fitzgerald, Jr., Farmville; Charles Frederick Floyd, Salisbury; Gardner P. H. Foley, Jr., Greensboro ; Larry Grant Ford, China Gro e; Robert Lee Fowler, Chapel Hill ; Charles Sugg Fox, Fayetteville; Joe Thomas Fox, Jr., Asheville; William R. Francis, Jr., West Jefferson; Donald deYoung Freeman. Great Neck, N. Y.; David Hales Freshwater. Morehead City. C? ' P h dM i . . diki m o ikdM M dM kiMm ml P . p p p Q L fp O s Fourth Rotr: Charles Oscar Frye. High Point; Edward Ashley Funderburke. Charlotte; Fitzluch Lee FusscU. Williamston; Donald Joseph Gaffrey, Verona, N. J.; Robert William Gahrmann, Cheshire. Conn.; Howard Keith Gallimore, Concord; Alex Henderson Galloway, Winston-Salem; Roney William Lamm. Wilson; Willia m Badham Gardner, Edenton; Jim Anderson Garner. Greensboro. Fifth Row: Robert H. Garner, Raleigh; Thomas Blackwell Garrett, Danville. Va.; Stanley Adams Garriss, Jr., Portsmouth, Va.; Coleman Andrew Gentry, Jr.. Chapel Hill; Robert Thomas Gibson. Winston-Salem; Richard Frederick Giersch. Charlotte; Harley Shepherd Gilleland, Jr., Statesville; Charles Sidney Gilreath, Moravian Falls; David Allen Gleitz, Jacksonville; Tom Payne Glenn, Stoneville. Sixth Rotv: John Eddie Goforth, Rutherfordton; Preston Myers Goforth, Lenoir; Robert H. Gold- berg, Greensboro; Vann Grey Goodman, Concord; Herbert Jenkins Gorham, Nashville; Ralph Ray Gordon, Aberdeen; William Jay Gould, Cocoa, Fla. ; Ralph Leach Graham, Durham; James Burney Graves, Jr., Raleigh; William Donald Gray, Roanoke Rapids. Page 142 ass Fmt Row: Billy Edward Green, Concord; Robert Glenn Greene, North Wilkesboro; Ernest Lin- wood Gregory, Elizabeth City; Fletcher Journey Gubbs, Winston-Salem; William Francis Gruble, Mount Airy; Marion Wilson Griffin, Davidson; Hoytt Pruitt Griggs, Tarboro; Porter Odell Griggs, Marble; Charles Curtiss Gupton, Norlina; Richard Lawrence Gustafson, Pinebluff. Second Ron:- James Tomlin Hager, Harmony; Leslie Morgan Hale, Fayetteville; Donald James Hall, Chapel Hill; Gordon Bradford Hall. Jr., Syracuse, N. Y; Hassell Gray Hall, Winston-Salem; Stephen Chalaron Hardy, Silver Spring, Md.; Donald Lee Harrell, Troy; Cyrus Robert Harrington, Jr., Greensboro; Falls Lewis Harris, Harris; Herbert Hood Harris, Shelby. Third Roti: Billy Peters Haskett. Elizabeth City; Lawrence Douglas Hayes, Kernersyille; Nathaniel Perkinson Hayes, Greensboro; James Armstrong Hayworth, Asheboro; John Lewis Heath, Snow Hill: Morris Randolph Hall, Gastonia; Norman Curtis Hall, Hurdle Mills; Robert Edward Hallett, Lake Wales, Fla.; Edward L ' lysses Hallford, Rocky Mount; William Jackson Hamilton, Jr., Charlotte. f - 7 Ij :t tsm»i ' y M r a p. i ft k p o e P p e l? f (f: :!) Founh Row: H. Joe Hamrick, Shelby; Ralph Thomas Haney. Jr.. Gibson; Vi ' illis Neil Hanna. Gastonia; Frank Gerald Hardister. Ashley Heights; Ira May Hardy, Raleigh; Cilliam Ernest Heck. Salisbury; Hubert Eric Heiden. Lake City. S. C; Edward Carlton Henderson, Roanoke Rapids; Shelton Whitehead Henderson. Lynchburg. Va. ; Willis Irwin Henderson. III. Charlotte. Fifth Row: Robert Harold Hendry, Downmgtown, Pa.; Harold Dean Henline, Marion; Thomas Phillip Hettleman, New York, N. Y.; Herbert Morris Heyman, New York, N. Y.; Stephen Francis Hicks, Edenton; Dewey Allen Hildreth, Charlotte; Don Eugene Hill. Winston-Salem; Gene Osborne Hill. Cerro Gordo; Dan Lee Hilliard, Greensboro; Percy W. Hines, Winston-Salem. S .v i Row: Richard Norfleet Hines. Jr., Edenton; Stoney Grimes Hinkle. Winston-Salem; Larry Capehart Hinson. Monroe; Luther Hartwell Hodges. Jr.. Leaksville; NX ' mston Duval Hoelscher. Lynchburg, Va. ; Paul Rothrock Hoffner. Salisbury; Ray Raymond Holdford, Jr., Wilson; Joseph Hampton HoUinshed, Fayetteville; Joseph Lee Hollowell, Aurora; Allen Franklin Holt, Asheboro. Page 143 Freshman Fini Row: Townsend Van Holt, Raleigh; Willie Jack Holt. Durham; Jack Wesley Honeycutt, Stony Point; Fred Lambert Hooper, Jr., Sylva; Melvin Eugene Hooper, Charlotte; John Robert Hooten, Grifton; Charles Wayne Hoover, Winston-Salem; Ralph Neil Home, Bessemer City; A. Robert Hornik, Jr., Atlanta, Ga.; Thomas Joseph Horton, Wilson. Second Row: Harry Clayton House, Hamilton ; John Herbert Howell, Goldsboro ; James Monroe Howey, Waxhaw; Daniel Edward Hudgins, Greensboro; Richard WooJard Hudson, Vandemere; Ervin Mosan Huffman, Hickory; Leon Wyant Huffman, Catawba; Jim Franklin Hughes, Asheville; George Franklin Hunt, Waynesville; Robert Holmes Hunt, Reidsville. Third Row: George Patrick Hunter, Jr., Charlotte; Walter Jones Huntley, Smithfield; Edward Wier Hutchins, Winston-Salem; Samuel Spalding Hutchinson, Chapel Hill; Fred Lee Hyatt, Jr., Asheville; Robert Stadley Hyatt, Ahoskie; Max Phillip Icenhour, Durham; Richard Henderson Iseley, Lancaster, S. C. ; Bobby Lee Jackson, Washington; Henry Thomas Jackson, Godwin. P D p r o fe- ' p c. p ft ft P a (:j P C3 p o iTi O C f ' C p ?• ■P, O p p p a P F Fourth Row: Ernest Kelly James, Winston-Salem; Fred Bennett James. Stokes; James Franklin Johnson, Thomasville; Thomas Hatcher Johnson, Goldsboro; Thomas Lindemann Johnson, Norfolk, Va.; Bruce Delano Jones, Smithfield; Harvey Theodore Jones. Cary; Hubert Reid Jones, Raleigh; Joseph Edwin Jones, Snow Hill; Paul Cornelius Jones, Jr., Durham. Fifth Row: George Lee Jarrett, Cherry -ille; Donald E. Jefferson, Reidsville; Knox Vaughan Jenkins, Goldsboro; William Montgomery Jenkins, Washington, D. C. ; Bartlett Cecil Johnson, Dunn; Charles Mack Johnson, Lenoir; Dewey Edward Johnson, Charleston, S. C; Edgar Russell Johnson, Robersonville; Frederick Ross Johnston, Charlotte; George T. Johnson, Asheville. Sixth Row: Richard Lawrence Jones, Rockingham ; Talmage Lloyd Jones. Jr., Biltmore ; Thomas Spencer Jones, Jr., Richmond, Va.; Buddy Price Joyce, Price; Fred Nachman Kahn, Asheville; Max Jerry Kahn, Atlanta, Ga.; Arnold Y ' ale Kapiloff, Winston- Salem ; Clayton Ray Keel, Everetts; William Norris Keever, Hiddenite; Murray Lee Keister, Southport. Page 144 ass First Row: George Joseph Keller, Greensboro ; David Lee Kelly, Jr., Winston-Salem ; Larry Whitehurst Kemp, Oriental; Robert Boger Kennerly, Charlotte; Donald Eugene Kentopp, East Orange, N. J.; Jack Bevel Kester, High Point; James Wiley Kester, Winston-Salem; Robert Edward Ketler. Wyncote, Pa.; Richard Ned Kinney, Winston-Salem; Thomas Venable Kirkland. Columbia, S. C. Second Row: Jack Kirstein, Fairview; Andrew Milton Kistler, II, Morganton; James William Knauff, Charlotte; Donald Christian Kneedler, Jr.. Sarasota, Fla.; Alan Miller Korschun, Goldsboro; Joe Frank Koster. Wilson; Charles Augustus Krepp, Baltimore, Md.; John Joseph Kusterer, Franklin; James Barnes Lacy. Flat Rock; Guy Richard Ladd, Gastonia. Third Row: Harold Power Laing. Wilmmgton; Tom Willis Lambeth, Statesville; William Green Lancaster. Louisburg; Thomas E. Land. High Point; Edward Braddy Latham, Washington; Jarvis Harding Latham, Washington; Robert Edward Lavietes, Greensboro; Donald Joseph Lear, Hatboro, Pa.; Jerry Robert Leatheruood, ( ' aynesville; Trudy Deems Lefler, Newton. ; V All flrfllikt t mtm ' ' c i Kl Fourth Ron-: James Rex Luther. Denton; Alex Spruill Lynch, Scotland Neck; Steven Grant Lyon, Jr., Wilkesboro; John Worth Lynn. Petersburg. Va.; Richard MacFaddin, Viola. Del.; Carter G. Mackie, Maplewood, N. J.; Robert Lee Macon. Jr., Seagrove; Anne Loving Maddny, Chapel Hill; James Everette Magness. Shelby; Douglas Owen Malone, Pulaski, Va. Fijth Row: Frank H. Livingston, Highland Park, III.; William R. Loftin, Jr., Mt. Olive; Henry Clyde Lomax, Charlotte; John Byron Lopp. Lexington; Robert Henry Lowder, Albemarle; Kenneth Francis Lowry, Troy, Ohio; Jerry Jack Love, Franklin; Jimmy Lewis Love, Sanford; Nolan Delano Loving, Lenoir; John McKay Ludwig, New Orleans, La. Sixth Row: Hubert Kay Leonhardt, Shelby; David Aria Lieberman, Wilmington; Henry A. Line- berger, Jr., Belmont; Ray Stephens Linker, Charlotte; Graham Ray Liles, Wilson; Edward C. Lipman, New Bern; Maylon Earl Little, Winterville; William Brown Little, Gastonia; Knox Kent Lively, Reidsville; Darden Rawles Livesay, Emporia, Va. Page 145 Freshman First Row: Ronald Wade Mann, Carrboro; Johnny Paul Manos, Fayetteville; Oscar Frank Marine. Sneads Ferry; Stephen Charles Marks. Hudson, Ohio; James Edwin Martin, Jr.. Charlotte; Thomp- son Arthur Mashburn, Jr., Madison; Donald Lewis Matkins, Burlington; Carl Lafayette Matheson, Taylorsville; Marshall Lawrence Matthews, Jr.. Winston-Salem; James Forest Mauney. Lincolnton. Second Row: Johnny Elliott Mauney. Lincolnton; John Raoul Maynard, Cary; Roger Lee McAvoy. Winston-Salem; Russell Tyler McCabe, Seaford. Delaware; Dean Allen McCarn. Belmont; Robert Charles McClain. Charlotte; Hugh Leon McColl. III. BennettsviUe, S. C. ; Edward Harrington Mc- Cormick, Broadway; Robert Layton McCurdy. Florence, S. C; Warren Blount McDevett. Kinston. Third Row: Leo Franklin McDonald, Lillington; Edith Ann McGee. Chapel Hill; David Fairley Mclnnis, Jr., Sumter. S. C. ; James Gray McGhee. Durham ; George Vernon McGimsey. Jr., Lenoir ; Joseph Britt McGinn, Charlotte; Thomas Wadford McGuire, Todd; David Lee McKinney. Marshall; Robert B. McKinney, Jr., Lillington; Robert McLaughlin, Miami Beach, Fla. dh Fh IT V h M 0 - r ikmM - 1 f j f p P P p " «- r (ft o IlM f dik VV- ' k a F 1ft i. f? ' O iM £fe i. 1 s L o iM M P mk i. o M Fourth Rote: William Sartor McLean. Lumberton; Colin Riley McMillan. Houston. Texas ; Robert Eugene McRacken. Red Springs; Marion Joseph McSorley. New Bern; Henry Sterling McWhorter. Savannah, Ga.; Clyde Leroy Meares. Winston-Salem; Johnny Wesley Meadows. Jacksonville; Lewis Russell Meadows. Burgaw; William Shaw Michael. Athens. Ga.; William Norwood Michal. Jr.. Charlotte. Fifth Row: David Marion Michawx. Charlotte; James Edward Michels, Graham; John Chapman Michie, Roxboro; Charles LeRoy Miller. Concord; Roy Wayne Miller. Salisbury; William Stacy Miller. Benson; Harvey Augustus Mills. Monroe; Andrew Milnor. Wilmington; Carroll Wayne Minges. Fayetteville; Calvin Dewey Mitchell. Jr., Matthews. Sixth Row: George Evans Mitchell, Spartanburg, S. C; Harold Allen Mitchell. Ahoskie; Howard Reid Mobley, Jr., Reidsville; Joseph Paul Moeltner, Union, N. J.; Albert Deleon Moise, Sumter. S. C; John Ormond Molter, Charlotte; James Deyel Monteith. Sylva; Robert Langton Montgomery. Farmington; Alan D. Moore, Carolina Beach; Edwin Holt Moore. Jr.. Burlington. Page 146 Glass First Row: Ronald Baxter Moore, Franklinton; Truman Ellinwood Moore, Jr., Myrtle Beach, S. C. ; Robert Wilton Moore, Jr., Tarboro; James Malcolm Morgan, Wilmington; William W. Morgan, Canton; Harry Lee Morris, Goldsboro; Philip Milton Morris, Concord; Alex R. Morrison, Ham- let ; Don Franklin Morrison, Greensboro ; John Morton, Madison. Second Row: Milton J. Moye. Tarboro; David Mundy, Black Mountain; John Joseph Murphy, Jr., Hamlet; Raymond Ryan Murphy. Lookout Mountain, Tenn.; Josiah Stockton Murray. Durham; Cecil Howell Neville, Jr., Scotland Neck ; Thomas Colson Newman. Canton ; Albert Ray Newsome, ' inston-Salem ; Bobby Lawrence Newton, Creedmoor; Robert Frederick Noel. Henderson. Third Rote: Charles McNair Northrop. Saint Pauls; Mary Lou Norwood. Morehead City; Ronnie Clifton Nuckles, Burlington; Ken Holmes Oakley. Raleigh; ' William Eric OBrian. Oxford; Calvin Pickard Ogburn, VC ' inston-Salem; Sam Cicero O.gburn, Winston-Salem; Ronald Troy Oldenburg. Biloxi, Miss.; Jerry Key Oldham, Gulf; Dodge Olmsted, Hanover. Va. li i ii Ji k r f , P o p p. P (? Q Jm iMihS h Fourth Row: James Alex O ' Neil, Alexandria, Va.; Joel Vernon O ' Neal, Middlesex; Richard Kingson Oresman. Providence. R. L; Charles Gurney Overcash, Jr., Lexington; Douglas Roy Overman. Dunn; Duncan Shaw Owen. Jr.. Fayetteville; ' Wiley Lee Owens, Fountain; William Cameron Padgett, Shelby; Charles Keith Palmer. Timmonsville, S. C; Edward Davies Pardington, Jr., Winston-Salem. Fifth Row: Benjamin Aiken Parker. Erwin; Charles Thomas Parker, Gastonia; Joseph Earl Parker, Clinton; Theodore Norwood Parker, Clinton; Kenneth Hilton Parks, Jr.. Gastonia; William Snyder Pate, Goldsboro; Jeremiah Nolan Partrick. Wilmington; Bailey Patrick, Jr., Hickory; George J. Patseavouras, Rocky Mount; Donald Lee Patterson, China Grove. Sixth Row: Robert David Patterson, Hendersonville; William Franklin Pearce, Norlina ; Robert Bruce Pearlman, Greensboro; " Skip " Pearlman, Asheville; Edwin S. Pearlstine, Jr., Charleston, S. C; Edward Vance Peedin, Selma; William Robert Peel, Williamston; Ivey Benjamin Peele, Norwich, Conn.; William Roy Peele, Hamlet; Barbara Anne Pendergraft, Chapel Hill. Page 147 Freshman First Row: Larry Allen Penry, Denton; Garland Jarvis Perry, Jr., Zebulon; James Otha Perry. Fairmont; John Gerrard Perry, Winston-Salem; John Lance Perry, Jr., Morehead City; Ronald Proctor Perry, Wendell; Jon " Jake " Phelps. Winston-Salem; Fred Herman Pilkenton, Franklin- ville; Fred Owen Phifer, Marshville; Fred Gary Phillips, Charlotte. Second Row: Carl Spencer Phipps, Wendell; Leon Joseph Pinner, Jr., New Bern; Harold S. Pitt- man, Kenly; Richard William Planner, Gastonia; Claude Armstrong Plumlee, Jr., Charlotte; Charles Lee Poole, Sanford ; Fred Eugene Pope, Jr., Lexington; David Darlin.gton Porter, Red Oak, Ga.; Lee Warsvick Porter, Jr., Wilmington; William ' VCcndell Porterlield, Goldsboro. Th id Roll-: Kenneth Alton Powell, Valdese; William Thomas Powell. Chapel Hill; Fred Arlius Powledge, Raleigh; William Richard Presson, Parkton; George Edward Price, Mayodan; Sanford Scott Price, Clinton; Edward N. Pridgen, Fayetteville; Alonzo Josephine Pringle, IIL Kerners- ville; Mebane Moore Pritchett. Lenoir; Bill Protfitt. Sherwood. O, P P f ' I? i Lii P a ■R ' Pi O P , ' »a % ' r (-. D D D « - p P p f p 1 J dli k n J M Fourth Rott: James Graham Ramsay, Washington; Cecil Holmes Rand, Fremont; Joe Higdon Rand, Wilson; Edwin Marston Rascoe, Reidsville; NX ' alter Ernest Ratcliff, Jr., " Winston-Salem; Billy Ray Ratledge, Guilford College; Bobby Jay Ratledge, Guilford College; Duncan Crawford Ratley, Jr., Fairmont; James Plummer Raugh, Jr., Rosemont, Pa,; William Thomas Ray, Charlotte. Fifth Rotf: Leonard Erastus Reaves, IIL Fayetteville; Arthur Louis Redden, Hendersonville; Davis Nance Reece, Chapel Hill; John Dwight Reid, Richlands; Marland C. Reid, Rocky Mount; James Richard Renigar, Asheboro; Peter Lee Reynolds, Westfield, N. J.; Theodore Reaves Reynolds, Clinton; Vade G. Rhoadcs. McGrady; Claude Mankin Rhule, Jr., Bluefield, W. Va. Sixth Row: Alfred Leonard Rhyne, Jr., Gastonia; Edward Pittman Rhyne, Morganton; Arch Jesse Riddle, Plymouth; Renus Edgar Rich, Jr., Durham; John Barron Roberts, Charlotte; William Garner Roberts, Jr., Leaksville; Lewis Ford Robertson, Jr., Frederick, Md.; William Charles Robertson, Wilmington; Bobby Eugene Robinson, Valdese; John William Robinson, Jr,, Kings Mountain. Page 148 CI ass Fhsl Row: Jimmy Roy Rogers, Tabor City; Richard Hilton Rogers, Cerro Gordo; Thomas Albert Rogers, Warsaw; Louis Howard Rosenstock, Baltimore. Md.; Ted Lee Rosenthal. Cameron Heights, N. Y.; C. Reed Rossell, Flushing. N. Y.; John William Rusher. Wilmington; William Devine Sabiston, III, Carthage; George Donald Saine. Cherryville; Neill McKay Salmon, Jr.. Lillington. Second Row: Carl L. Sanders. Wilmington: Charles Sanders. Fayetteville; Phil Snead Sanders. Four Oaks; Henrj ' Howard Sandlin. Jr.. Dunn; VCalter Boren Satterfield. Charlotte; Larry Melvin Saun- ders. Norfolk. Va.; X■llliam Lee Saunders. High Point; John Bernard Sauvajot. Greensboro; Tykey Savvas. High Point; Roger Farrell Sawyer, Burlington. Third Row: Raymond S. Schild. Conway. S. C; Charles Joseph Schlapkohl. Jr.. Ft. Bragg; James Ronald Schreiber. Arden ; Frank Lodwick Schrimsher. Charlotte; Tommy Denzel Scoggins, Gibson- ville; Bryan Myers Scott. New Bern; Joe Hart Scott. Rose Hill; Leslie Andrew Scott. New York, N. Y.; Joanna Hill Scroggs, Chapel Hill; Ollie Elmer Seawell. Jr.. Carthage. .. f r p jp p - ■■ 9 P » e: f p M p p 1 f dMmh dM Mkd Fourth Ron: James Farrell Sechrest. Thomasville; Joseph Daniel Secrest. Morganton; William Edward Self. Shelby; Shelley C. Settlemyre. Hickor)-; David Everett Setzer. New London; John Mitchell Sewell. Murf reesboro ; George W. Sexton. Tarboro; Vaden Clyde Shadden, Jr., Chattanooga, Tenn.; Clemm Harrj ' Shankle, Troy; Alan Wallace Sharp, Greensboro. Fijth Row: Harry Pritchard Shaw, III, Charlotte; Stanley Sergeant Shaw, II, Asheville; James Albert Sheets, Winston-Salem ; Gary Singleton Sheffield, Greensboro ; Robert Gardiner Shelly, Virginia Beach. Va.; James Edward Shelton, Danville, Va.; Richard Wayne Shermer, Winston- Salem; Foy Vincent Shingleton, Wilson; Robert Greene Shore, Yadkinville; James G. Short, Jr., Wadesboro. Sixlh Row: Frank Jones Shuford. Hickory; William Ferrell Shuford. Clinton; Ted G. Simmons. Columbia; Richard Stanley Sirkin, Miami Beach, Fla.; Robert Van Sisk, Charlotte; Lloyd Milton Skinner, Burlington; Addison Neal Smith, Woodleaf; Bobby Ray Smith. Hampstead; Clarence Edwards Smith, Jr.. Raleigh; George Maurice Smith. High Point. Page 149 Freshman First Row: Gordon Lewis Smith, High Point; Jack Wingate Smith. Jr., Wilmington; James Edward Smith, Winston-Salem; Laurie Nicholas Smith, Oswego, S. C; Robert Lynn Smith, Jr., Greens- boro; Virginia Margaret Smith, Chapel Hill; Jack Leroy Smith, Gibsonville; Thomas Arthur Smoot, in, Greenville; William Franklin Snell, Winston-Salem; Herman Glasgow Snipes, Knoxville, Tenn. Second Roiv: John Henry Solomon, Wilmington; Carrol Lee Spangler, Lawndale; Samuel Dixon Spangler, Lawndale; James Klein Spencer, Charlotte; Jesse Garney Spencer, Farmville; Ronald Edward Sperlbaum, Spindale; John William Stallings, Wilson; Clayton Lee Stalnaker, Spindale; Donald Craig Starling, Burlington; George Joseph Stavnitski, Fairfield, Conn. Third Ron.- Harry Coe Steele, North Wilkesboro; James Thomas Steele, Dobson; Donald Steine, Raleigh; Jasper Graham Stem, Oxford; Harley Stepp, Jr., Flat Rock; Charlie Vergereaw Stevens, Jr., Salisbury; Charles Herman Stewart, Lillington; William B. Stewart, Concord; Howard James Stiles, Roslyn Heights, N. Y.; James Peter Stokes, L ' pper Montclair, N. J. Q f P O P P C) f p P p O £ - P Q Q C " ' o p - m o o o Q p ! 1- Vi, t k l u Kk l Fourth Rote: Sidney Durham Stokes, Lenoir; Arthur Campbell Stone, Newburgh. N. V. ; ' alker Strickland Stone, Durham; Leonard Strause, Charlotte; Jose Edward Stuntz, New Rochelle, N. Y.; Bobby Avery Sullivan, Selma; Brett Taylor Summey, West Jefferson; Edward Wike Sutton, Cullo- whee; Richard Homan Swanson, Fayetteville; Joseph Daniel Thomas, Summerfield. Fijih Rolf: Rudolph Maddrey Thomas, Roanoke Rapids; Charles Jefferson Thompson, Salisbury; Roger Murphy Thompson, Greensboro; Robert Holton Thorton, Fayetteville; Herbert Arthur Thuemmler. Valdese; George Noblin Timberlake, Nelson, Va. ; Charles Carson Toms, Lattimore; Joseph H. Towe, Hertford; William Ernest Trent, Reidsville; Robert L. Talley, Durham. Sixth Rote: Clarence Lee Tart, Dunn; Josh Tayloe, Washington; Charles Wilson Taylor, Ruther- fordton; Harry Collins Taylor, Miami Beach, Fla.; Roy Dail Taylor, Greenville; Thomas Hart Teague, Raleigh; Donald K. Temple, Jonesville; Larry David Thames, Charlotte; Richard Frederic Thiele, Atlanta, Ga.; Cecil De Wayne Tripp, Shallotte. Page 150 CI ass F ' nst Row: Howard Powell Troutman, Wilmington; Michael N. Tsamas, Durham; Jerry Sheldon Turem, Wilmington; Jerry Williams Turpin, ReidsviUe; Earl Runyon Tyler, Durham; Jack Loyd Tyler, Sanford; Charles Parker Umstead, Durham; Kenneth Michael Underwood, Waynesville; Stephen Vann Underwood, Apex; Bradley Paige Union, Fayetteville. SecoiiJ Row: Roy Wakefield Upchurch, Durham; Thomas Moore Vance, Greensboro; Don Wheeler Van Loan, High Point; John Daniel Vann, III, Greenville, S. C. ; Leon Stephens Venters, Jr., Trenton; Joseph Orr Vernon, Summerfield; Herbert Cloid Wade, Jr., Zebulon; Bobby Moton Wagner, Lexington; Lawrence Grumpier Walker, Jr., Mount Airy; Leon Stokes Walker, Denton. Third Row: Oscar Blair Walker, Gastonia; Richard Powell Wallace, Savannah, Ga.; James Ralph Walsh, Lenoir; Joseph Gaither Walser, III, High Point; Abe Walston, Walstonburg; Blaine Sherrill Ward, Ramseur; David L. Ward, Jr., New Bern; Richard Edwin Ward, Wilson; Jack Taylor Ware, ReidsviUe; John Drew Warlick, Jacksonville. .i fT? Cp f . p o o p o r-. p o Pi O f Q i p p fp a It- t 1 p p i rr i ) f i -- f Q ' 1 " » mhm% 4 % Fourth Ron: Harold Lee Waters, Jacksonville; Richard James Waters, Newark, N. J.; James Thomas Watkins, Jr., Oxford; Keith Donald Watlington, ReidsviUe; Williard Hinnant Watson, Kenly; Harold Pinkney Watts, Dallas; John William Weaver, Durham; Macon Moore Weaver, Apex; Zebulon Weaver. Ill, AsheviUc; David Weil, Goldsboro. Fifth Row: Michael Henry Weinman, Baltimore, Md.; Wi lliam Mack Welborn, Boone; Donn Allison Wells, Albertson; John Thomas Wells, Jr., Burgaw; Osborne Perry Wells, Halifax; Samuel Fogle Wells, Jr., ReidsviUe; Courtland Reed Westerfield, Chapel Hill; Bcnnette Elam Whisenant, Morganton; James Luther Whisnant, Gastonia; John Jennings White, Henderson, Sixth Row: Harry Earl Whitelock, Woodlawn, Md,; William Kenneth Wible, Greensboro; Bryant Kelly Wicker, Sanford; Peggie S. Wiggins, Fayetteville; Charles Gordon Wiggs, III, Durham; Robert Louis Wilkerson, ReidsviUe; Gerald Francis Wilkin, Charlotte; James Fairchild Wilkins, Lynchburg, Va.; Anderson Townley Williams, Wilson; Glenn Taylor Wilson, Leaksville. Page 151 Freshman Class 1 di M dk tmhdk t O Jp 6 , C ' f--- !f p pi C ' dMm f ij Row: Clarence Edward Williams, Charlotte; Dal Joseph Williams, Elizabeth City; Gordon Lee Williams, Mt. Olive; John O ' Donnell Williams, Raleigh; Larry Ritchie Williams, Concord; Taylor Brown Williams, Dunn; Donald Hayworth Williamson, Greensboro; Phillip R. Williamson, Wilson; Paul Ed Willingham. Ridgely, Tenn.; Henry Theodore Wilson, Cambridge, Md. Second Row: Hosea Elbert Wilson. Jr., Danville. Va.; Joseph Powell Wimberley. IIL Battleboro; C. Philipp Wirsching, Jr.. Elmhurst. 111.; Doyce Farrell Wise, Landis; Warden Lewis Woodard, Jr., Beaufort; Andy Green Woods, Yanceyville; Lowell Irwin Wootton. Jr.. Atlanta. Ga.; Gerald Killian Worsley, Greenville; Tommy Leslie Worthington, Kinston; Gwen Watson Wray, Mayodan. Third Roti - Anthony Byrum Wright, Charlotte; Joe Alexander Wright. Jr., Landis; Fred Becton Yelverton. Wilson ; William Francis Yost, Weaverville; George William Young, Winston-Salem; John Harlow Young. Hendersonville; Robert Terry Young, Asheville; Joseph Zambito, Goldsboro; John Richard Zimmerman, Lexington. A. " And then, U ' e have ihf arboretun li. " And furthermore, I ' m leaving. " C. Dig that crazy torso! D. " Come on in — the water ' s fin E. " UMMMMMMM ! ! . ' " F. " Taste it yourself. " G. " He said I cotild find his picture in the Y-lohby. ' H. " Oooooh! It ' s cold! " I. " Wouldn ' t YOU he happy? " ]. " Really a gay party, ain ' t it? " School The first class in the history of the University of North Carolina will graduate from the School of Dentistry this June. Thirty-four North Carolinians will be located in various communities throughout the state to practice dentistry. This past year two new programs have been activated, namely, graduate instruction in orthodontics leading to a Master ' s degree, and a two-year curriculum for the training of dental hygienists leading toward certification. Other graduate programs, as well as postgraduate instruction, will be activated this coming year. The new graduate and postgraduate clinics and laboratories now are under construction within the school. John C. Brauer DciDi of the School of Dentistry DENTAL SCHOOL FACULTY Fiisl Row. left to light: R. J. Shankle, R. E. Barton, R. E. Sturdevant, R. E. Richardson. Claude R. Baker. Second Row: Misses Alberta Beat, Eleanor Forbes. Doris Griffin. Dr. M. E. Chapin. Dean J. C. Brauer. Third Row: J. W. Gallagher. P. H. Layfield, T. A. Blum, P. W. Vinton, J( ' . A. Hall, Jr., Fourth Row: James E. Hoppers, G. C. Hunter, Jr.. P. M. Cummings, C. W. Westrick, C. L. Sockwell. Fifth Row: L. B. Higley, R. M. Nelson, F. C. Cady. Page 154 of Dentistry Spurgeon Dental Society The Spurgeon Dental Society is the name given the student body of the School of Dentistry. The Society was named for the late Dr. J. S. Spurgeon, a pioneer in North Carolina dentistry. With an active Student Council and Honor Court, the Society has become an integral part of the School. Among the social events of the Society is a Winter Dinner Dance and a Spring Student-Faculty Day. OFFICERS Left to rtg,hl: William Ware, Secretary-Treasurer ; Henry O. Lineberger, President; John W. Girard, Vice-President. Drs. W. M. Byrd. J. A. Crowley, and R. F. Scherer, graduate students, working in the clinic. Page 155 .. r.P 9 9 - Fourth Year Dentistr y First Raw: Mett Bagley Ausley, Xi Psi Phi. Chapel Hill; Omega, Pembroke; Lawrence A. Cameron, Delhi Sigma Lanier Clark, .V; Pii Phi. Asheville; Albert Purcell Cline, Canton; Albert Vernon Coble, Xi Psi Phi. Pi Gamma Daniel, Xi Pw Phi. Reidsville. Alexander Jones Biddell, Psi Delia. Chapel Hill; Dwight Jr., . V Psi Phi, Kappa Alpha. Mil. Burlington; Robert Lee Second Row: Donald Ray Draughon. Psi Omega, Durham ; George Loren Edwards, Jr., Psi Omega, Durham; James A. Foust, Xi Psi Phi, Graham; William Francis Fowler, Delia Sigma Delia, King ; Robert Earl Furr, Delia Sigma Delia, Wilmington; Ferby Glen Gaither, Xi Psi Phi, Harmony; John Temple Gobbel, Jr., Delta Sigma Delta, Chapel Hill. Third Roiv: Carnie Clayton Goodins, Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Cecil B. Hall, Psi Omega, Thomasville; Charles Frederick Harless, Jr., Psi Omega, Sanford; LeRoy Koonce Heath, Psi Omega. Chapel Hill; Dwight Beam Hord, Delta Sigma Delta, Lawndale; Charles Willson Hughes, Psi Omega, Roxboro; Lewis Wells Lee, Delta Sigma Delta, Dunn. Fourth Row: James A. Leggette, Jr., Delta Sigma Delta. Sigma Chi, Williamston; James Boyd Lewis, Delta Sigma Delta. Gastonia; Henry O. Lineberger, Jr., Psi Omega. Kappa Alpha. Chapel Hill; Cecil Rhodes Lupton, Xi Psi Phi. Swan Quarter; Clyde N. McCall, Delta Sterna Delta, Forest City; Zyba Kathryn Massey, Zebulon; Linzy Price Megginson, Jr.. Xi Psi Phi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Shelby. Fifth Row: A. Dwight Price, Psi Omega, Clinton; Gene Lewis Reese, Psi Omega. Boone; Ludwig Gaston, Delta Sigma Delta, Burlington; Lloyd Butler Stanley, Psi Omega, Wilmington; Alan Leonard Stoddard, Xi Psi Phi, Chadbourn; Willis Kenneth Young, Delta Sigma Delta, Lexington. Page 156 |« l us) 9 9 mt Third Year Dentistry F rsI Row: Laurence Sidney Alspaugh, X ' Psi Phi, Phi Kappa Sigma, Greensboro; Elmo Lee Bishop, Xi Psi Phi, Greensboro; Donald Edwin Bland, Xi Psi Phi. S gma Chi, Wallace; Robert Edgar Brooks, Psi Omega. Pi Kappa Alpha, Fayetteville. Second Row: Francis Alexander Buchanan, Delia Sigma Delia, Chi Phi, Sylva; Clarence Edgar Calcote, Del a Sigma Delta, Pi Kappa Phi, Durham; Stuart Fletcher Clayton, Fayetteville; Roy Clinton Corderman, Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Eta Sigma, Winston- Salem. Third Row: James Allan Crawford, Psi Omega. Chapel Hill; Israel Fitterman, Chapel Hill ; Robert Holland Gainey, Psi Omega, Alpha Tail Omega. Chapel Hill; John Watt Girard, Jr., Psi Omega, Chi Phi. Liberty. Fourth Row: Lloyd Eldon Griffin, Jr., Delta Sigma Delta, Kappa Alpha. Edenton; Perry Felton Harris, Delta Sigma Delta. Carth- age; Richard Frederick Hunt, Jr., Delta Sigma Delta. Lambda Chi Alpha. Rocky Mount; Samuel Kenneth Jackson, Psi Omega. St. Petersburg, Fla. Fifth Row: Charles M. Johnston, Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Leon Thomas LaSalle, Coral Gables, Fla.; Wilburn James Lowe, Delta Sigma Delta. Canton; Donald Martin McGowan, Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill. Sixth Row: Walter Herbert Moore, Xi Psi Phi, Pi Kappa Phi, Reidsville; Cecil Atkins Pless, Jr., Delta Sigma Delta. Asheville; Marion Lee Ralls, Jr., , ' Psi Phi, Greensboro; Maurice B. Rich- ardson, Psi Omega. Chapel Hill, Seieiith Row: James Harvey Rogers, , ' Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Troy Bunyon Sluder, Jr., Xi Psi Phi, Asheville; James Richard Smith, Phi Beta Kappa. Delta Sigma Delta, Mooresville; John Watson Smith, Jr., Xi Psi Phi, Pinehurst. Eighth Ron: Robert Whittington Sugg, Psi Omega, Beta Theta Pi, Durham; Clyde Leslie Taylor, Xi Psi Phi, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Greensboro; James Alphonso Ward, Delta Sigma Delta, Williams- ton; George Elder Waynick, Psi Omega, Winston-Salem. Ninth Row: Raymond C. Whitehurst, Jr., Delta Sigma Delta, Jackson; William James Wiggs, Psi Omega, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Fayetteville; William Eugene Williford, Delta Sigma Delta, Burl- ington; George Curtis Wilson, Xi Psi Phi, Chapanoke. Page 157 tftH £k ] P p jD P O f PS. . C . s econ d Y ear Dentistry ji.j_ f if Roir.- Leonard Banks Barber. Jr., Chapel Hill-; Ruta Bergmanis, Raleigh; Rupert Quentin Bliss, Psi Omegj. Sigma Ch:. Jacksonville, Fla.; Charles Tate Byerly, Jr., Delta Sigma Delta, Durham; Badger Gill Clark, Jr., XV Psi Phi. Henderson; C. Fred Clark, Delta Sigma Delta. Mooresville; Robert Wesley Clinard, Xi Psi Phi. Winston-Salem. Secoitd Row: Hugh Hobson Cole, Jr., Psi Omega. Chapel Hill; Marshall Banks Corl, Sigma Nu. Concord; James Lloyd Cox, Psi Omega, Phi Gamma Delta. Richlands; Frank Hayes Daniel, Chapel Hill; Joel Elton Derby, Tryon; John Howard Dixon, Psi Omega, Mt. Vernon Springs; Wallace Reed Draughon, Durham. Third Row: Thomas Edwin Evans, Jr., XV Psi Phi. Burlington ; Daniel Justin Floyd, XV Psi Phi, Fairmont; Frank R. Graham, Delta Sigma Delta. Charlotte; Carol Linwood Grahl, Delta Sigma Delta. Waynesville; Hugh A. Gregory, Psi Omega, Dania, Fla.; Thomas Alexander Hall, Psi Omega, Sigma Pi, Fayetteville; Daniel Bryant Harrell, Jr., Mt. Olive. Fourth Row: David Raymond Hinkle, Delta Sigma Delta, Winston-Salem; Murry Wade Holland, Psi Omega. Clinton; C. A. Hull, Delta Sigma Delta. Chapel Hill; Robert F. Kluttz, XV Psi Phi, Rockwell; Walter Smith Lin ille, Delta Sigma Delta, Kernersville; John Samuel Long, Psi Omega. Chapel Hill; Kenneth Lee Matthews, Robersonville. Fifth Rolf: Archie Dowe Meekins, Delta Sigma Delta, Jacksonville; David Lee Mitchell, XV Psi Phi, Canton; Guy McDonald Phillips, XV Psi Phi. BakcrsviUe; Robert Howard " ' ' Beta Theta Pi. Delta Sit;ma Delta. St. Pauls; Thomas Beauregard Reid, Jr., Poole, Jr., Beta Theta Pi. Delta Sigma Delta. St. Pauls; Thomas Beauregard Reid, Jr., Richburg, S. C; William Frederick Riddle, Delta Sigma Delta, Sigma Phi Epsiloit. San- ford; James Franklin Rodgers, Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Delia, Statesville. Sixth Row: Neal Sheffield, Jr., XV Psi Phi. Phi Kappa Sigma, Greensboro; ' V Douglas Strickland, Psi Omega, Louisburg; VCilliam Graham Ware, Jr., Phi Beta XV Psi Phi. Phi Kappa Sigma, Burlington; Ray Alexander Warren, Xi Psi Phi. Bt Egbert P. Williams. Delta Sigma Delta. Stedman; Jabez Herring Williams. J Beta Kappa, Delta Sigma Delta. Phi Eta Sigma. Asheville; Robert Allen Yat Kapp . Omega, Chadbourn Page 158 ? p (? Jp First Year MX ft p p Li h ' 1 P P t? f? 1 r p .r) p r» ■ Dentistr y First Row: John Leslie Andrews. High Point; Martin DeBerry Barringer, Mt. Pleasant; Jack Bennett, Dunn; Robert Strickland Boyles, High Point; Joseph Perry Carpenter, Atfhj Epiilr ii Delia, Phi Giimma Delia, Hendersonville. Second Row: William Randolph Chapman, Inman, S. C; Richard Therman Chesson, Kappa Si.nma, Durham; Fay Hoyle Culbreth, Phi Kappa Si ma. Spindale; Hal Avon Davis, Jr., High Point; William Ward Ellis, Thela Chi. Shelby. Thiid Row: Harold Duke Fowler. Jr., Alpha Tan Omega. States- ville; Bob M. Fox, Burlingon; Andrew Jackson Franklin, Golds- boro; Roy Eugene Gaines, Chapel Hill; Robert Hogan Gaskins, Greenville. Fourth Row: Joseph Eugene Hamrick, Charlotte; Robert Joseph Harned, Greensboro; Bernard Chandler Harris, Lambda Chi Alpha, Kinston; William Mitchell Hceden, Goldsboro; Willard Isaiah Herring, Clinton. Fijth Row: J. Sidney Hood. Chapel Hill; James Bickle Houser, III, Gastonia; William Russell Jones. Chapel Hill; James G. Knighten, Asheville; Owen Ray McKenzie, Chapel Hill. Sisth Row: William H. McLeod, Lambda Delta L imbda. Monroe; Kenneth Hunter Meadows, Spring Creek; Henry Vaughn Murray, Kappa Alpha. Burlington; Theodore Richard Oldenburg, Phi Delta Theta, Charlotte; Floy Theodore Oldham, Jr., Chapel Hill. Seventh Row: Robert Brantley Peck, Concord; John L. Prugh, Charlotte; Junius H, Rose, Jr., Greenville; O. D. Rowe, Nebo; Charles Barker Sabiston, Jr., Wake Forest. Eighth Rote: Arnold Campbell Shaw, Jr., Asheville; Clarendon Foy Sherman, High Point; Claude A. Sherrill, Spartanburg, S. C; Max Lewis Spurlin, Tryon ; Charles Gilbert Strange, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha. Burlington. Ninth Row: Gordon Cox Taylor, Sigma Nu, Richlands; Kenneth Taylor, Magnolia; Robert Hugh Watson, Chi Psi. Garland; C. Jarvis William, Laurel Springs; James Lowell Williams, Bynum. Page 159 Dental Hygienists Deiilul h)guiiL ti uuii iig 111 the lab. The first class of dental hygienists were admitted to the University and the School of Dentistry this past fall. This is the first and only program of instruction offered in North Carolina. Girls were admitted from two states and the District of Columbia, totaling fourteen in number. Twenty girls will be selected each fall for future classes. The curriculum now provides for two years of instruction leading to certification. Plans are now under way to provide a four-year curriculum leading toward the bachelor of science degree in Dental Hygiene. The dental hygiene students will receive their laboratory and clinical experience in the same areas in the School of Dentistry as that provided for dental students. The students of dental hygiene live in the quarters of the School of Nursint;. FIRST YEAR DENTAL HYGIENISTS A iP f f O " ? - -,- i4 iV-r First Row: Barbara Ann Bynum, Chapel Hill; Novella Rose Cloninger. Belmont; Gloria Dawn Davenport, Newland Rural St., Ingalls; Elsie Joan Evans, Martinsburg, W. Va.; Carolyn Jean Ferebee, Mocksville; J eanne Marie Greeves, Washington, D. C; Dorothy Louise Herring, Charlotte. Second Row: Nancy Ann Howell, Fayetteville; Nancy Jane Keck, Mebane; Allison DeNeale Long, Statesville; Helen Iris Mc- Dougald, Raeford; Marian Dean Melvin, Charlotte; Barbara Lenora Pulley, New Bern; Elsie Jane Somers, Burlington. Page 160 A. " It ' s a lovely room — running water and southern exposure. " B. " hale to brag, hut — " C. " At least I ' ve got a piece oj glass. " D. " say. does anyone smell anything? " E. " You ' re the one who did it! " F. " This one looks pretty good coming. ' G, Flaked! H. " Tell me another one. ' I. You name it! Page 161 jj jpl i v 1 i Vai ,i H ■k «[ L ' ' ' ' ' ' H. ' mSi William W. Pierson Dean of the Graduate School Graduate School The Graduate School offers opportunity to qualified students who have completed work leading to a bachelor ' s degree for advanced and special- ized studies. This School endeavors to prepare students to become investi- gators and teachers in special fields of learning, to foster interest and capacity in research, and to apply research methods to the problems of society, government, and industry. Work for advanced degree is under the general supervision of the graduate faculty. Under authority delegated by the graduate faculty, the immediate direction of the School is in charge of an administrative board, of which the Dean is chairman. 0 ' F m ' V p f i. J Kk r ■ L i Sm 11 i Fin Ron;- Ada Livingstone Aus- tin, Maxton ; Charles W. Barnes, Thomasville; Thomas Malcolm Ben- ton, Goldsboro; Donald John Bet- tinger, Chapel Hill; Celeste Wise Bishop, Kappa Delta, Danville, Va.; Maurice Franklin Blevins, Dobson. Second Row: Jane Bolmeier, Sigma Kappa. Durham ; John Dewey Bost, Newton; John Moore Bullard, Char- lotte; William Carey Bunch, Jr., Edenton; Martha Ellen Calton, Bos- tic; Mary Louise Camp, Charlotte. Third Ron-: John Cazin, Jr.. Wells- burg, W. Va.; Jean Daniel Charron, Chapel Hill; Donald Grady Cheek, Kappa Alpha. Shelby; Thomas Ellis Coghill, Sigma Chi. Richmond, Va. ; Benjamin Franklin Cooper, Phi Delta Chi. Rhu Chi. Pi Kappa Alpha. War- saw; Ernestine Barton Cox, Warren- ton, Va. Fourth Row: Raymond E. DiBattista, Windber, Pa.; W. Miigruder Drake, Chapel Hill ; Kenneth Franklin Eas- ter, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Si.t;ma, Beia Gamma Sigma. Winston-Salem; Charles H. V. Ebert, Sigma Gamma Epiilo i, Durham; Marvin Reid Far- ley, Eatonton, Ga.; David Ray Finch, Bailey. Fifth Row: Harron O. Floyd, Jr., Norfolk, Va.; Archibald Taylor Fort, Oxford ; Virginia G. Francis, Waynes- ville; Taketo Mike Furuhata, Tokyo, Japan; John Brooke Gardiner, Bryn Mawr. Pa. ; Robert Cole Gardner, Belmont. Si. th Raw: James Thomas Gooding, Delta Sigma Pi. New Bern ; Raymond U " . Guy, Jr., Sigma Nu. Chapel Hill; Alton Carlyle Hall, Jr., Kappa Alpha. Raleigh; Willard Branch Harris, Ar- eola; John B. Harvey, Kappa Sigma, Atlanta, Ga.; Robert Winship Heath, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma. Pi Mil Epsilon. Sigma Nu, Chapel Hill. Page 162 First Row: James Ray Hinkle, Alpha Zeta, Phi Kapp.i Phi. Alpha Gamma Rho. Salisbury; Donald William Hogg, Astoria, Ore.; Edgar Wright Hooks, Jr., Kenly; VCilfiam Ralph Jacobs, Jr., Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sixma. Beta Gamma Sigma, Sims ; William Everett Johnson, Hickory. Second Row: Barclay Gibbs Jones, Delta Phi, Mer- chantville. N. J.; Edgar Williamson Jordan, Rich- mond, Va.; Lemuel Russell Jordan, Alpha Kappa Psi. Theta Xi, Smithfleld; Kineson Jung, Kannapolis; Dewey S. Kirstein, Jr., Sigr ia Gamma Epsiloii, Fair- Third Row: Nanc7 Esther Kussrow, Miami Beach, Fla.; Marilyn Lamond, Phi Beta Kappa. Pi Delta Phi. Sigma Delta Pi. Alpha Chi Ome.i a. Akron, Ohio; Dale Morgan Lewallen, Coral Gables, Fla.; Rey M. Longyear, Baltimore, Md. ; Barbara Rose Mclntyre, Goldsboro. Fourth Rou: Marilyn Louise Marshall, Rockford, 111.; Raul E. Martinez, Bayard, N. M.; John Pettit May- nard, Hickory; Rodney McBeath Moak, Charlotte; Catherine Elizabeth Moore, Raleigh. Fiith Row: John David Moore. Granite Falls; S. Hamid Hasan Naqavi. Sigma Gamma Epsiloit. Karachi, Pakis- tan; Allan Kenneth Norberg, Phi Kappa Sigma. Bay- side, N. Y.; Lewis Winford Pate, Southern Pines; Mitchell Patton, Greenville, S. C. Sixth Row: Lee Edward Paul, Psi Chi. Hillside, N. J.; John Russell Peck, Chapel Hill; Claude Piantadosi, Sigma Xi. Union City, N. J.; Jacques St. Peters, Mon- treal, Canada; George Bernard Shields, Newport News, Va. Seventh Row: Robert Wilson Siler, Jr., Phi Beta Kap- pa. Siler City; Franklin B. Skrivanek. Delta Sigma Phi. Houston, Texas; Katherine Phillips Sledge, Pmehurst; Dorothy Ann Spangler, Shelby; Donald Eugene Stew- art, Lebanon, Ohio. Eighth Row: Faye Evangeline Stewart. Coats; Garland Scott Taylor, Pi Kappa Alpha. Enfield; Margaret Lewis Taylor, Pi Beta Phi. Pi Sigma Alpha. Chapel Hill; Homer Maxwell Thompson, Salisbury; Ann Mc- Dowell Trabue, Phi Beta Kappa. Chi Delta Phi. Ch) fJmega. Hopkinsville, Ky. Ninth Row: Robert Lee Turner, Phi Kappa Sigma. Greensboro; Fang- Wen Wang, Chungking, China; James Neil Weatherly, Jr., Phi Beta Kappa. Beta Gamma Sigma. Georgetown. S. C. ; loan B. Weeden, Matunuck, R. L; Claiborne Yates Whitehead, Court- land, Va. Tenth Row: John Edgar Williams, Pi Sigma Alpha. Delta Phi Alpha, Wilmington; Edward Christian Wingfield, Sigma Xi. Charlottesville, Va.; Jack Ivan Wolle, Chapel Hill; Andrew McLean Wood, Raeford; Aino Leena Kaarina Yrjola, Tampere, Finland. 9 a 5:53 f v- ' ' = ' IT ' " K B j ' " ' Page 163 A. " jusl don ' t gire a damn. " B. " P ' ho studies? " C. " That ' s music in my ears. " D. Sniffing the ram. E. " Roach. " F. " Oh, lei ' s all get drunk and get naked. " G. " We ' re from Car-o-li-na! " H. " Who said that? " I. " Hey, Cheetah, uhere ' s Jane? School of Law The School of Law opened its doors this fall to an unusually large first year class, and settled down to a year of intensive legal education. Besides an outstanding faculty and administrative staff, the school boasts an active Law School Association, of all law stu- dents, an ever-growing Alumni Association, and the publication by honor students of the quarterly journal, the North Carolina Law Reiiew. Henry Parker Brandis Dean of the School of Liu LAW SCHOOL FACULTY Firit Row. left to ri hl: William G. Aycock. Herbert R. Baer, M. S. B reckenridge, Albert Coates. Second Row: John P. Dalzell, Frank Wil- liam Hanft, Frederick B. McCall. Maurice Taylor, Robert H. VCettach. LAVC ' REVIEW EDITORS Left to right: Tom Steed, Tom Young, John Sanders, Joe Hennessee. LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATION Lejt to light: John White, Mike McLeod, Rod Nickle, Naomi Morris, Elton Pridgen. Third Year Law JOSEPH ALLEN ADAMS. JR Chapel Hill Boston University, I ' niversity of North Carolina, A.B., Phi Del d Phi, Social Chairman (2), Sigma Nu, Law Library Staff (3), Nor h Oiro- liria Law Reiiew (2, 3 ) . DANIEL LONG BELL, JR Pittsboro University of North Carolina, B.S. 1951; Phi Deltn Phi. Kappa Alpha, Honor Council (3), North Carolina Law Review (2, 3). LEWIS FORMAN CAMP. IR Charlotte Charlotte College, I ' niversity of North Carolina, B.S. 1952, Phi Beta Kappa. Beta Gamma Sigma. Phi Delta Phi, Vice-President Class (3), North Carolina Law Reiiew (2, 3). PAUL MATTHEW CARRUTHERS Greensboro Guilford College. Duke Llniversity, A.B. 1947, LIniversity of Illinois, M.S. 1948, University of Tennessee School of Law, 1952-53, Phi Delta Phi. North Carolina Uw Review (3). JOHN ALLEN GATES Hillsboro University of North Carolina, B.S. 1952, Phi Alpha Delta. Sigma Phi Epsilon. JOHN KETNER CULBERTSON Salisbury University of North Carolina, B.S. 1952. WILLIAM LEE DAWKINS Gary University of North Carolina, A.B. 1951. Phi Alpha Delta, Pi Sigma Alpha, Hoke Law Club Winner. MARY L. FENTON Shavertown, N. Y. Syracuse Llniversity, A.B. 1950. FELIX ARTHUR FLETCHER Williamsburg, Va. Ferris College, University of North Carolina, 1939-41, Delta Theta Phi. Phi Kappa Sigma. GEORGE W. GORDON Greensboro Phi Alpha Delta. KENNETH ADOLPHLIS GRIFFIN Concord L ' niversity of North Carolina, B.S. 1950, Delta Theta Phi. Law School Association Legislature ( 1 ) , North Carolina Law Review ( 2 ) . ROBERT STUBBS HIGHT Henderson LIniversity of North Carolina, A.B. 1952, Phi Alpha Delta, Treasurer ( 3 ) , Vice-President American Student Bar Association, Fourth Judicial District (2). GEORGE WILLIAM HILL Mooresville Appalachian State Teachers College, Catawba College, University of North Carolina, A.B. 1952. POHN O. HOOPER Saluda Delta Sigma Pi. JOHN RANDOLPH INGRAM Asheboro LIniversity of North Carolina. B.S. 1951, Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Eta Sigma. Beta Gamma Sigma. Phi Delta Phi. Vice-President (2), Sigma Chi. Class Vice-President ( 2 ) , President ( 3 ) , Law School Association Legislature (2, 3), North Carolina Ltiw Review (2, 3). CLYDE BRADLEY JOHNSON Benson University of North Carolina, B.S. 1950, Phi Delta Phi, Kappa Sigma, Class Treasurer ( 1 ) . Dl ' RWARD SPENCER JONES Winston-Salem L ' niversity of North Carolina, A.B. 1951, Phi Alpha Delta. Vice- President (3), Law School Association, Legislature (2), Social Chair- man ( 3 ) , Intercollegiate Moot Court Team ( 3 ) . Faculty Research Assistant (3), North Carolina Law Review (2, 3). RUBY DAPHENE LEDFORD Ellenboro Gardner- Webb Jr. College. L ' niversity of North Carolina, A.B. 1952, Law School Association Treasurer ( 2 ) , North Carolina Law Review (2). I hA ;«% f J H :rv First Row. left to right: Adams, Bell, Camp, Carruth. is ( iti s. ( Row: Hill, Hooper, Ingram, Johnson, Jones, Ledtord iiii Row: Dawkins. Fenton. Fletcher, Gordon, Griffin, Hight. Third Page 166 Third Year Law DEVERE CRAVEN LENTZ Asheville DelLi Thela Phi. WADE WORTHY MITCHEM, JR Lowell University of North Carolina, A.B. 1951, Phi Alpha Delta. Marshal (2). RODERICK MACLATCHIE NICOL Lexington L ' niversity of North Carolina, A.B. 1952, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Theta Phi, President (3), Law School Association Legis- lature (2), Intramural Chairman (2), President (3), Battle Law Club Winner. FRANCES JEANNE OWEN Gibsonville Woman ' s College of UNC, B.S. 1941, Indiana University, M.C.S. 1945, Colorado L niversit) ' School of Law, 1949-50, Delta Pi Epsilon. North Carolina Law Reiieiv (3). HORACE WILLIAM PALMER Durham L ' niversity of North Carolina, A.B. 1952, Phi Alpha Delta. EDWARD NEAL POST Winston-Salem Guilford College, A.B. 1951, Tribune (2), Law School Association Legislature (2), Delta Theta Phi, Placement Committee Chairman (3), Tar Heel Barrister. Editor (2). EDWIN S. PRESTON, JR Raleigh Baylor University, B.S. 1951. ELTON CLALrDE PRIDGEN Selma University of North Carolina, A.B. 1952, Phi Alpha Delta, Clerk (3), Law Club Counselor (2), Institute of Government Research Assistant (3), Law School Honor Court, Chief Justice (3), North Carolina Law Review (2, 3). LUCIUS WILSON PULLEN Rocky Mount Wake Forest College, A.B. 1951, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, President (2), Kappa Alpha, Law School Association Legislature (1, 2), Speakers Chairman (2). Orientation Chairman (3), Walker Law Club Winner, Intercollegiate Moot Court Team (3), Mens Honor Council (3), North Carolina Law Renew (2 3). EARLE GENE RAMSEY Chapel Hill Bowdoin College, A.B. 1949, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa. Delta Thela Phi. Vice-President (2). North Carolina Latr Reiieu- (2). WILLIAM GEORGE REID Pilot Mountain North Carolina State College, High Point College, Western Carolina College, B.S. 1951, Phi Alpha Delta. ALEXANDER TURNER SHAW, JR Chapel Hill North Carolina State College, 1946-47, tiniversity of North Carolina, B.S. 1952, Phi Alpha Delta. THOMAS WARWICK STEED, JR Raleigh University of North Carolina, B.S. 1951, Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Eta Sigma. Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Delta Phi, Historian (2), Chi Psi, Law Club Counselor (2), Faculty Research Assistant (2), North Carolina Law Review (2, 3), Editor-in-Chief (3). SARAH LINDSAY TATE Charlotte Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College, 1945-47, University of North Carolina, A.B. 1949, LIniversity of Southern California School of Law, 1951-52, North Carolina Law Review (3). EUGENE S. TAYLOR Summerville Phi Alpha Delta. LACY HERMAN THORNBURG Huntersville Mars Hill College, 1949-50, University of North Carolina, A.B. 1952. Phi Alpha Delta, President (3), Law School Association Legislature (2), North Carolina Liiv Review (2, 3). WILLIAM JOHNSON WAGGONER Salisbury Catawba College, 1945-46, University of North Carolina, A.B. 1951, Kappa Alpha. TAMES DAVID WHITE Kannapolis University of North Carolina, A.B. 1947, Sigma Chi. Phi Alpha Delta. Law School Association Legislature, (1, 3), Vice-President (3), Class Vice-President (1). THOMAS LEE YOLTNG Lexington University of North Carolina, B.S. 1952, Phi Delta Phi. Law School Association Legislature ( 3 ) , Tar Heel Barrister, Associate Editor { 2 ) . Phi Delta Phi Scholarship (2), Intercollegiate Moot Court (3), Institute of Government Research Assistant (3), Faculty Research Assistant (2), North Carolina Law Review (2, 3), Associate Editor (3). First Row, left to right: Lentz, Mitchem, Nicol, Owen, Palmer, Post. Second Row: Preston, Pridgen, Pullen, Ramsey, Reid, Shaw. Third Row: Steed, Tate, Taylor, Thornburg, Waggoner, White, Young. Page 167 Second Year Law First Row: Myron Carroll Banks, Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Raleigh; Louis Adams Bledsoe, Jr., Sigma Chi, Huntsville, Ala.; George Milton Britt, Phi Delta Phi. Tarboro; Franklin Kent Burns, Phi Alpha Delta, Chapel Hill; Robert Bond Byrd, Phi Alpha Delta, Morganton; James Thomas Campbell, Taylorsville; Joseph Garner Dail, Jr., Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, Tarboro; Don B. Davis, Chapel Hill. Second Row: Roy W. Davis, Jr., Phi Delta Phi, Marion; Richard O ' Neil Gamble, Phi Delta Phi, Summerfield; George Royster Greene, Phi Beta Sigma, Raleigh; Roy Griffith Hall, Jr., Phi Beta Kappa, Saluda; Jack Rondall Harris, Phi Alpha Delta, Lincolnton; Eugene Clifton Hicks, III, Phi Delta Phi, Sigma Nu. Wilmington; William Lanier Hill. Phi Delta Phi, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Wilmington; James Albert House, Jr.. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, Hobgood. Third Row: John Victor Hunter. IH, Winston-Salem; Peter George Kalogridis, Phi Beta Kappa, Omircoii Delta Kappa. Winter Haven. Fla.; Michael P. McLeod. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Alpha Delta. Chapel Hill ; Naomi Elizabeth Morris, Wilson; Jackson Bruce Morton, Phi Alpha Delta. Greensboro; Jerry Roth, Bronx. N. Y.; Sam Griffin Seawell, Winston-Salem; Robert Luther Spencer. Phi Alpha Delta. Draper. Fourth Row: James R. Strickland. Wilson ; Robert C. Vaughn. Jr., Phi Delta Phi, Beta Theta Pi, Winston-Salem; Calvin C. ' Wallace. Phi Alpha Delta, Albemarle; Alex Warlick. Jr., Phi Alpha Delta, Hickory; James C. Wilson, Phi Alpha Delta, Winston-Salem; Kenneth Ray Youngblood, Phi Delta Phi, Fletcher. f 15 jp , , Page 168 First Year Law FirU Rotv: Stephen Agapion, Greensboro; Joyce Eloise Albright, High Point; Rupert David Bare- foot, Chapel Hill; Warren Donald Blair, Char- lotte; NX ' illiam C. Brewer, Jr., P v Gjmm.i Delu. Jamesville. Second Rote: Clifford Charles Bridgers, Fuquay Springs; James Everette Bryan, Alpha K.ippj Psi. Pittsboro; William Mclver Cameron, Jr., Pi K ippj Alpha, Wilmington; Charles Robertson Carroll, Phi Gamma Delta, Burlington; Solomon Gilmer Cherry, Lambda Chi Alpha, Roxobel. Third Row: Edward Henry Clement, Sigma Nii. Salisbury; Robert E. Cooper, Raleigh; William Webb Coppedge, Maxton ; Martha A. Decker, Phi Mil, Miami, Fla., Andre Evans, Ahoskie. Fourth Row: Herbert S. Falk, Jr., Zeta Beta Tan, Greensboro; George Wagoner Ferguson, Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Kappa Alpha. Charlotte; William Michael Ferguson, Jr., Sanford; Richard T. Foun- tain. Jr., Rocky Mount ; Maitland Guy Freed, Greensboro. Fifth Row: Paul Bennett Guthery, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Charlotte; F. Wade Hall, Asheville; Harold William Maddie, Phi Kappa Sigma. Bronx, N. Y.; Donald Leon Moore. Lambda Chi Alpha, Reids- lille: John F. Motsinger, Jr., Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Eta Sigma. Beta Gamma Sigma. Sigma Chi. Winston-Salem. Sixth Row: Robert Lewis Neill, Sigma Chi. High Point; Robert W. Osborne, Theta Chi. Greens- boro; William L. Osteen, Greensboro; Robert Pace, Mooresville; Thomas Custis Parramore, Winton. Serenth Row: James Ralph Phillips, Gastonia; Dan E. Perry, Phi Eta Sigma. Kappa Sigma, Kinston; Warren Harding Ransler, Alpha Phi Omega, Theta Alpha Phi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Syracuse, N. Y.; John Luther Rendleman, Lambda Chi Alpha. Salisbury; Scotty Dean Rhodarmer. Canton. Eighth Row: Parks Allen Roberts. Elkin; William Edward Rouse, Jr., Alpha Kappa Psi, Raleigh; Julius A. Rousseau, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, North Wilkesboro; Arthur B. Rowe, Aberdeen; Ernest Eugene Russell, Raleigh. Ninth Row: Royal Graham Shannonhouse, III, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Pittsboro; Herbert Holden Thorp, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Rocky Mount; Richard Elton Thigpen, Jr., Charlotte; Willard Irving Walker, Phi " Eta, St. Anthony Hall, Chapel Hill; James T. Wilkes, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Harvey, Illinois. Tenth Row: Robert Harrison Williams, L.imbda Chi Alpha, Elm City; Robert Gray Windsor, Winston-Salem; Charles Parnell Wrenn, Kannapo- lis; William E. Zimtbaum, Newton. p f! f . O p p p p lf P» (? P P f ' " j t: f Ci p tj Page 169 School Of The School of Library Science was established in 1931 under the direction of Dr. Louis R. Wilson. It was the fourth professional school on the campus and was made possible by a grant from the Carnegie Corporation. The School has drawn the larger number of its students from North Carolina and other Southeastern states, but there have also been many students from other parts of the country. Its graduates have gone into all types of library work and into all sections of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as to many foreign countries. Susan Grev Akers Di in of the School of Library Science First Row. left to right; Donald MacKenzie, Mary Lilla Browne, Patricia Ford, Dot Call, Helen Y. Canter, Ellen Thomas. Second Row: Caroline Heriot, Elizabeth Forran, Susan G. Akers, Jane Zeigler, Betsy Ann Olive. Third Row: H. T. Walker, Nancy Jones Turner, Charlotte Montogery, Edwina Johnson, Jane Bahnsen, Pattie Scott, Patricia Smith. Fourth Row: Charles Hopkins, Elvin Strowd, Margaret Kalp, Catherine Maybury, Phyllis Myron, Frances Thackston, Elizabeth Anderson. Fifth Row: Joseph M. Dixon, Sarah Rebecca Reed, Caroline Hieber, Betsy Carroll, Ethel A. Rose, Eleanor W. Stephens, Genie Babylon. Library Science Quarters for the School, comprising rooms for laboratory work, lectures, and seminars, a stack area for the School ' s library and offices for the staff cover the entire top floor of the west wing of the University Library. The school offers four programs: two masters ' programs, one for public school librarians, and one for the work in any type of library; a basic one year program for college graduates preparing for beginning positions; and an eight- een semester hour undergraduate program for students interested in preparing for positions as librarians in schools. Students learn library meth- ods in the school ' s private stacks. Students discuss library proh leins in seminar. Discussion Room provides pleasant atmosphere for study and relaxation. Page 171 MEDICAL SCHOOL FACULTY Fiist Row. left to right: A. T. Miller, E. P. Hiatt, C. E. Anderson, Fred X ' . Ellis, John Schwab, B. L. Truscott, W. R. Berryhill, Warner X ' ells, C, W. Gottschalk, C. T. Kaylor, I. M. Taylor. Second Row: Louis G. X ' elt, Edward C. Frank, Ir., Thomas B. Barnett, James C. Andrews, James B. Bullitt, William E. Loring, Beverly Raney, Charles H. Burnett. G. P. Manire. Third Row: W. G. Dahlstrom, M. R. Berkut, E. Craige, J. G. Palmer, D. A. MacPherson, R. D. Langdell, G. D. Penick, William L. Fleming. Fourlh Row: R. A. Ross. H. R. Chamberlin, M. Huppert, K. M. Brinkhoas, D. R. Hawkins, E. H. Wood, C.A. Bream. Fifth Row: John H. Ferguson, C. D. Van Cleave, A. Price Heusner. Louise Ward, J. J. Fischer, W. Sprunt. S:xth Row: X ' . C. George. C. W. Hooker, H. R. Brashear, J. A. Green, R. H. Wagner, C. B. Taylor, F. D. Lawrason, M. C. Swanton. J. L. Irvin, ' W. P. Richardson. School of Medicine With a history stretching back to 1879, the School of Medicine has travelled a difficult road of progress with distinction. From 1900 the School has been an integral part of the University, and the distinguished physicians that have taken training here have won recognition throughout the nation. The concept of a complete university health center was born in the 1940 ' s, nurtured by the legislative appropriations of ' 45, ' 47, ' 49, and ' 51 and is now beginning to realize its full potential of service to the people of the state and the nation. The 400-bed teaching hospital, the psychiatric pavilion, Gravely Sani- tarium, the additions to the Medical Science Building and the numerous other additions constitute a physical plant second to none, and with the splendant faculty that has been amassed to administer the modern curriculum, this Medi- cal School will continue to progress, in service, in res earch, in leadership. Walter Reece Berryhill De.i ! of iht School of Mtdicine Poge 172 Having the School of Medicine in Chapel Hill, intregrated with the university, providing the opportunity for scientific pursuits in a cultural milieu, is a distinct advantage to both the School and the community. For the first time in the history of the school, degrees will be conferred on people who have received their medical training at Chapel Hill. This Senior Class is the first of a long procession of " Carolina " physicians, who, proceeding next to their internships, then to their practices will put their knowledge and skill into active service. WHITEHEAD MEDICAL SOCIETY Sealed, left to right: Laurence Earley, Tom Moore, Secretary; Charles Herring, Vice-President; Rodney L. McKnight, Bill Huffines, President. Second Row. Julius Green, Harvev Adams, Thad Monroe, Treasurer; Hugh Hemmings, Jerry McMahon. HONOR COUNCIL Fint Row. left to right: William Purcell, George Cox, David Anderson, Francis Stewart. Second Rotr: John Harrington, Winifred Sugg, Robert Holmes, Samuel Joyner. Page 173 Fourth Year Medicine SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Seated, left to right: Malcolm Fleishman, Treasurer; Sara Lippard, Sec- retary; Hugh Hemmings, President; Allen Spender, Vice-President. First Row: David Maurice Anderson, Jr., Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Kappa Kappa, Rocky Mount; Leland Stanley Averett, Jr., Phi Chi, Oxford; Paul Hamer Brigman, Phi Chi, Chapel Hill; George Wallace Brown, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Waynesville; Douglas D. Conkwright, Jr., Chapel Hill. Second Row: Leon Kerr Cowan, Phi Chi, Powellsville; Joseph Leo Dewalt, Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Chi. Dunn; Albert Joseph Diab, Burlington; Malcolm Fleishman, Alpha Epiilon Delta, Taii Epsiloii Phi. Fayetteville; Charles B. Fulghum, Alpha Kap- pa Kappa, Alpha Epsiloii Delta, Alpha Phi Omega, Selma. Third Row: Jesse Franklin Graves, Alpha Kappa Kappa. Chapel Hill; X ' illis Jackson Grant, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Phi Alpha. Phi Chi. Windsor; Gary Lee Guy, Phi Beta Kappa. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Angier; Hugh C. Hemmings, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Mount Airy; Harold B. Hines, Phi Chi, Walnut, Mississippi. Page 174 Firs! Row: Robert S. Jones, Boiling Srings; Herman Propst Lineberger, Alpha Kjppa K.ippj. Charlotte; Sara Ann Lip- pard. Hot Springs; Walter Collins Mahaffee, Alph.i K.ipp.i K.ipp.i. Granite Falls. Second Row: Barbara Maynard Moore, Tarboro; James Clifton Parke, Jr., Phi Chi. Conway; Cornelius Partrick. Kappa Alpha, Wilmington; Ely Jackson Perry, Jr., Phi Chi. Kappa Sigma, Kinston. Third Row: George Donald Presley, Alph.i Kapp.i Kapp.i. Asheville; Clifton Lee Quinn, Beulaville; John Henry Rickenbacker, Alph.i Kappa Kappa. Rutherfordton; Charles Gurney Robertson, Jr., Alpha Kappa Kappa, White Plains. Fourth Row: Joe Robinson, Phi Chi. Chapel Hill ; Jay Fred Stimson Saunders, Phi Chi, Aulander; Harry Blake Sherrill, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Gastonia; Allen Spencer, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Salisbury. Fijth Row: Louis C. Spillman, Jr.. Elizabethtown; Ned Henderson Swann, Jr., Phi Chi, Pelham; Robert Lee Tomlin- son, Jr., Phi Chi, Phi Gamma Delia, Wilson ; Hubert Dur- wood Tyndall, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Pike- ville. Six:h Row: Robert Harrell Vinson, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Ela Sigma, Phi Chi, Ahoskie; William Matthew Vinson, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Chi, Ahoskie; Archie Du- Vall Walker, Jr., Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Kappa Kappa. Wilmington; John Charles Ward, Phi Chi, Kinston. ■Seventh Row: William Harvey Weinel, Jr., Phi Chi, Spencer; Stephen Glenn Wilson, Jr., Alpha Kappa Kappa. Angier; Virgil Archibald Wilson, Phi Chi, Rural Hall; Edward Sutherlin Williams, Jr., Phi Chi, Greenville. Eighth Row: Harold Gene Williamson, Alpha Kappa Kapp.. Burlington ; Alevin Donald Wolfl, Bethania. .l_.l Page 175 Seated: left to right: Robert G. Brame, Treasurer; Harvey Adams, President. Sec- ond Row: Palmer Shel- burn, Secreatry; P. Z. Dunn, Vice-President. Third Year Medicine Fust Row, left to ri ht: Griggs Dickson, Carl Rogers, Sam Joyner, P. Z. Dunn, Jr., Murphy Cronland, Robert Golby, Gene Glenn, Charles Herring. Second Row: J. L. James Jr., Ted Chandler, Thad Monroe, Edward Diggs, Cecil Johnson, John Gainey, Jr., John Forest. Third Row: James Jayes, III, S. G. Jenkins, Jr., Adrian Lineberger, Lloyd McCaskell, Tom Moore, Robert Jordan, Jr., Robert Brame. Fuuiih Row: James Groseclose, Fred Glover, Robert Summerlin, XX ' illiam Huffines, Palmer Shelburn. Stewart Mooring, W. VCallace White. Fifth Row: J. Alton Hill, S. T. Richardson, Ira Godwin, Clarence McLain, Jr.. Sixth Row: R. T. Savage, Harvey Adams, Julian Albergotti, G. R. Tucker, R. D. McKnight, Andrew Miller, V. J. VCaddell, Alex Webb, Ralph Brooks, Jr. Sealed: Adam T. Thorp, Jr., President. Left to right: Joseph I. Riddle, Treasurer; Robert Mur- ray, Secretary; Malcolm McLean, Vice-President. Second Year Medicine Fint Row. left to right: Harry Johnson, John Ormand, Tom Payne, Joe Riddle, Bob Farmer, Bill Easterling, BUI Wood, William Barry, Second Row: Carey Perry, Al Barnhill, Garland Wampler, Leonard Wocdall, Tom Suther, John Noell, Jack Evans, Bob Murray. Third Row; M. W. Roberts, John Deyton, Clifton Payne, Jerrv Bergmanis, Doug Harrell, W. R. Stafford, John Lowder, Marvin McCall. Fourth Rote: Lee Clark, Dewey Yarley. Wade Brannon, Bill Harris, Jack McDaniel, John Hazelhurst. Fifth Row: Dean Jones, Clyde Lloyd, W. C. Ivey, Jim Todd, Bill Purcell, Adam Thorp, Jr., Alec Goley. Sixth Row: Grey Hall, Jim Richards, Jim Medders, Bill McLenson, John Vassey. Seventh Row: Otis Lowrey, Dick Boyd, G. J. Ashley, Tom Castelloe, Francis Pepper, Mac McLain, Francis Green. Eighth Row: Milton Mann, Leon Pittman, Charles Fowler, John Baggett, Robert Holmes, H, N. Lee. Ninth Row: Larry Earley, Victor Herring, Coleman Brantley. Seated: Julius Green, President. Lejt to right: William Littlejohn, Sec- retary; Ben Wilcox, Vice-President, James Thorp, Treasurer. First Year Medicine Fint Row, left to right: Bill Smith, Jack Ritchie, Robert Cline, Jerry McMahon, Lindsay Fearsington, Joe Allen, Joel Conner, Gerald XX ' agger, Jim Fresh, Ira Sell. Second Row: Raeford Pugh, Hugh Morrison, Gus Crowell, Nat Sparrow, George Irvin, Dick Liles, Paul Hurst, Joe Murad, G. F, Jung, Third Row: Jack Hob- son, Helen Hutchins, Brooks Pages, Ray Vinson, Bill Jones, Bill Littlejohn, Earl Welch, Luther Clontz, Tom Johnson. Fourth Row: Steve Gupton, Jim Thorp, W. L. Sugg, Luther Nelson, Jim Slade, Don Mitchell, Earnest Brown. Fifth Row: Bobby Rimer, Norm Bowles, Bill Cornell, Leslie Tharrington, Thad Pope, U. J. Sta- thasos, Jim Gloves: Sixth Row: Jim Claps, Ben Wilcox, Steve Pugh, Julius Green, John Farrington, Tom Farmer. Seventh Row: Cecil Lowry, Lois Harris, Bob Whitlock, Irwin Vinnik, George Edwards, David Williams, Jimmy Burrus, Paul Winslow, Harold Bradley, Page 176 School of Nursin Elizabeth L. Kemble Dean of the School of Nursing SCHOOL OF NURSING FACULTY Seated: Left lu Rig,hl Alice GifFord Ruth Boyles Dean Elizabeth Kemble Evangeline Soutsos Ruth Lindberg Ann Malleson Second Row: Sylvia Kiger Lucille Spalding Catherine Findlay Eloise Lewis Ruth Dalrymple Esther Sump (absent) Jean ' Williams, Ruth Hotchkiss The School of Nursing, the most recently established school within the Division of Health Affairs, was the first four-year collegiate program in North Carolina. The first students, now Juniors, were admitted in September of 19 ' ' 1- At present, there are one hundred and four students including two graduate nurses admitted with advanced standing in nursing. The School of Nursing utilizes classroom, hospital, clinical and community facilities to provide the students with a broad professional background in nursing. A broad general education is provided by the various departments within the University. Page 178 € O0 ' THIRD YEAR OFFICERS Sealed, left to right: Joy Smith, Vice-President; Rae Hylton, Presi- dent; Jerry Snider, Secretary. Standing: Arlene Morgan, Treasurer; Sally Winn, Parliamentarian; Donna Blair, Social Chairman. School of Nursms Third Year Fini Row: Mary Anderson, Durham; Donna Lee Blair, Winston-Salem; Sara Catherine Blaylock, New Bern; Bette L. Davis, Morganton; Virginia Dare Edwards, Durham. Second Row: Gloria Huss, Thomasville; Gwenlyn Huss, Thomasville; Jane Ramelle Hylton, Clearwater, Fla.; Patsy Colvard Johnson, Durham; Janet Merritt Littlejoin, Chapel Hill; Arlene Morgan, Morganton. Third Row: Louise Norwood, Winston-Salem; Joy Pharr Smith, Charlotte; Geraldine Snider, FayetteviUe; Winnie Lee Wil- liams, Fayetteville ; Sally Perkins Winn, Henderson; Martha Evelyn Yount, Hickory. ii ] r Page 179 Second Year First Rou-: Laura Jean Bryant. Durham; Anne Rawlins Carlton, North Wilkesboro; Jessie McKeldon Carraway. Farmville. Second Row: Ruth Louise Corwin. Spencer; Billie Bruce Dobbs Charlotte; Evelyn Joyce Farmer, Newland. Third Row: Geneva Ludara File, Salisbury; Elizabeth Ayers Hamil- ton, Raleigh; Betty Jane Harris, Ahoskie. Fourth Row: Jane Douglas Kelly, Apex; Jane McNeill King. Wil- liamston ; Mary Landon Lewis, Asheville. Fifth Row: Sarah Lee McCarter. Burlington; Dorothy Grey Mc Neely. Morganton; Sylvia Mae Minteer. Asheville. School of aj a ' - ' f i ' ! Sixth Row: Peggy Parks Needham, New Bern; Donna Elizabeth Overholt, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Emily Love Robeson, Laurinburg. Seventh Row: Natalie Salter, Scarsdale, N. Y.; Sally Marshall Smith, Wrightsville Beach; Jane Carolyn Snyder, Winston-Salem. Eighth Row: Jane Pauline Sox, Hickory; Sara Elizabeth LIsher, Hartsville. S. C; Carolyn White, Winston-Salem; Kathy Helene Wipman, Jacksonville. Page 180 Nursm: First Year First Row: Norma Jean Arledge, Charlotte; Helen Lorraine Averette. Elizabethtown; Patricia Ann Ball. Durham; Mary Glenda Bass. Dunn; Frieda Mae Bryant, Monroe; Meredith Ann Butfaloe, Raleigh. Second Row: Sarah Elizabeth Buie, Winston-Salem; Barbara Jean Burns, Salisbury; Sara Katherine Burt, Biscoe; Mary Johns Cameron. Southern Pines; Elizabeth Ann Cannon, Lake Wales, Fla.; Wilma Kirby Carter, Charlotte. Third Row: Shirley Ann Coggins, ' W ' alstonburg; Margaret Virginia Davis, McDonald; Donna Ruth Dopier, Babson Park Fla.; Ruth Brantley Douglas, Spring Hope; Shirley Jean Downing. Fayetteville; Jane Margaret Englerth, Asheville. Fourth Row: Ann Foley, Bay Head, N. J.; Sue Folger, High Point; Geri Fore, Whiteville; Helen Frances Fowler, Durham; Anne Daniel Glenn, Elizabethtown; Helen Emaline Goforth, Lenoir. Fijlh Row: Carolyn Elise Greene. Durham; Shirley Lee Guenthner, Washington, D. C; Diane Jonas Guy. Henderson; Nancy Strode Haines, New Lisbon. N. J.; Frances Eleanor Hall. Reidsville; Anna Thaxton Haney, Glenwood. f » fl f ) l -i m ' ' ' ay Xi Page 181 First Year School of Nursing First Row: Peggy Byerly Hartman, Winston- Salem; Barbara Brink Hedberg, Charlotte; Betty Jo Hiott, Burlington; Lana Jon Hix, Moravian Falls; Ruth Ferabee Holmes, Wilson; Rachel Delores Humphries, Bear Creek. SeniiiJ Row: Margaret Balfour Johnson, Brevard; Linda Ann Jones, Laurinburg; Noel Ramsey Keck, West Englewood, N. J.; Mary Ann Keeter, Shelby; Dorothy Jane Ketner, Hamlet; Willowdean Land, Lenoir. Third Ron: Martha Kerr Lentz, Henderson; Marjorie Jean London, Candler; Nancy Floyce Matthews. Sanford ; Jo Ann Mitchell. Henderson; Ada Lou Moose, Troutmans; Mildred Grigg Morris. Charlotte. Fourth Row: Mary Lucille Okey, Graham; Ann Cecile Page, Buckhannon, West Va.; Jane Elizabeth Palmer, Reidsville; Katherine Crane Randall, Raleigh; Laura Alice Robertson, Spray; Marian Juanita Southerland, Durham. Fifth Row: Barbara Jeanette Staley, Asheboro; Naomi Adora Tate. High Point; Lois Ann Thompson, Buckhannon, West Va.; Jacqueline Ann Van Hook. Henderson; Eloise Warner, Covington, Ohio; Doris Lillian White, Greensboro; Anna Gertrude Windley, Washington. O (J Page 182 School of Public Health The School of Public Health is the fourth oldest professional school of its kind in the United States and one of the ten North Ameri- can schools accredited by the American Public Health Association. It is a member school of the University ' s Division of Health Affairs, which is the focal training and service point for an integrated state-wide health program. The students of this School are all professional people who are taking post-graduate work beyond their respective professional compe- tencies — medicine, engineering, nursing, dentistry, education, nutrition, and the like. Besides the 115 regular students enrolled for one or more years of post-graduate work, the School of Public Health gives extension instruc- tion to an additional 1500 students, largely from the State, in classes, institutes, and refresher courses. Edward G. McGavran Dean of the School of Public HeuUh Pl ' BLIC HEALTH FACULTY Seated, left to right: Eunice N. Tyler, Ruth W. Hay, E. G. McGavran, Dean; Alpha K. Kenny, Elta Mae West. Second Row: Harry Smith, Jr., R. W. Howell, Frances MacKinnon, M. L. Granstrom, lames R. Hendricks, Jean L Rebentisch, Gilbert L. Kelso, Margaret Blee, Leon D. Freedman, J. D. Thayer. Third Row: Eugene Taylor, Daniel A. Okun, W. W. Cort. Emil Charlett, George R. Canne- fax, John J. Wright, Lucy S. Morgan, Rosemary M. Kent, Harold J. Magnunson, G. O. Doak, Frances . IvKConm Administration and Nutrition Statisticians I-ii i Riiu. left 1o rizhi: Graciela M. Dclj;ado, Krishnarau J. Subramaniam, Sew arJ W. labaut. Ste ens Byars, Martha Caldwell, R. J. Walker, Jr. Stcond Row: J. F. Speers, Benjamin F. Gundelfinger, Evelyn Anderson, W. D. Lundquist, F. A. Clark, Jr. Thnd Rou-: George Goss Smith, Ouab Ratna Vani|a, W. F. E. Leften, Nancy S. Gillespie, Bernardino Villagra. Fourth Rotr: Parvis Pakada- man, Mary Ursula Jones, D. L. Butter- field, Samuel A. Graham, Jr., Wilfredo Cionzalez, Mohamed Taghavi, Health Educators and Parasitologists Firsi Row, left to right: Ibrahim Messak Wassef, Wemonsavad Snidvongs, Rosa lyn Mervis, Dom M. Maiello, Coit Coker, Lil Sprinkle. Second Roir: John M Hanna, JoAnn Pinnell, Dorothy Belcher, Morris F. Stamm, Marshall C. Abee, Bill Brennan, Hilton Goulson, Charles Kim Third Row: Robert Bradford, Charles Campbell, Clyde D. Bailey. Lillian Camp bell, Challie Iralu, Jose S. Navarro. Richard H. Sudds, Jr. Fotirth Rou James O. Morphis, Joseph E. Webb, Jr Donald R. Dancy, Michael Ivey. Page 184 Graduate Public Health Nurses First Row. left to right: Glenna Carney, Ruth Hofsteter, Irma House, Dorothy Cagle, May Nakamura, Arline Duvall, Eppie Mae Arnold, Agnes Valentine, Alice Kaminer. Second Row. Mary Irwin Gordon, Marjorie Morrison, Shirley Has- tings, Doris McHan, Mary Elizabeth Ashford, Margie Jean Madren. Third Row: Myrtle E. Garland, Irma J. Jones, Irene M. Black, Margaret M. Watson. Ethel O. Connelly, Zeta Garland, Betty Gentilman. Foiirih Row: BonetaE. Stock- ton. Mary V. Sanders. Neta B. Wilson, Margaret Haynes, Agnes Hodges. Fifth Row: Ellen DePew, Aileen Shultz, Emily Haney. Thelma Aaron. Beatrice Mongcau. Sarah A. B. Clark. Sanitary Engineers and Sanitarians First Row. left to right: George R. Mc- Call, M. Assar. Adan Caiina R.. Enrique Azmitia. Kamal Hakim. Aymond D. Battista. Second Row: Nen-Hong Lin, lack W. Greenley, Walter R. Lynn, Jose R. Alvarez. Jr., Naphtali N. Cohen, Chen Luo. Pag - 185 I A U PHARMACY OFFICERS Lefl to right: Gene Hackney. Hiinor Council RepresentHtive; David Dowdy, President; James Robinson. Vice-President; (absent) Don Keply. Secretary- Treasurer. Lejt to right: Bill Secretary-Treasurer SENIOR OFFICERS Powell, President; John Wood. Vice-President; John Klutz Pharmacy Senate The Pharmacy Senate was founded at the University in 1940. Member- ship is limited to thirty members from the school of Pharmacy. The pur- poses are to stimulate and increase knowledge and appreciation for the profession of Pharmacy; to promote interclass cooperation within the school; and to teach public speaking as a foundation for future leadership. Officers this year were President, Al Mebane; Secretary-Treasurer, Edith Trosper; Recorder, Lionel Perkins; Parliamentarian, Art Schlagel; Reporter, Pete Barbrey. Edward A. Brecht Dt.Ait of the School of Pharmacy pharmacy senate f;)( Row. left to Herman S. Barbrey, Ir., Richard D. Callicut, William Griffin, Wiley Harrell. Second Row: Elmo McCorkle, Alfred Mebane. Donald Miller, Joyce Nelson. Third Row: Harry Patton. Lionel Perkins, Arthur Schlagel, Edith Trosper. JUNIOR OFFICERS Left 1(1 iiuhl: Jerry Rhoades, Vice-President; Freda Hobowsky, Secretary- Treasurer; Al Mebane, President. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS III rinhl: Jdhn Andrews, President ; Joanne Schell, Secretary-Treasurer; ayne Polk, Vice-President. School of Pharmac y September found the freshmen asking the usual m- numberable questions and trying to adjust themselves to college life. Within a few days upperclassmen and freshmen were reconciled to afternoon labs and weekly quizzes. As the year passed on, the usual school events, freshman picnic, fraternity rushing, N. C. P. A. pro- grams, Christmas parties, and the annual trip to Parke-Davis and Upjohn pharmaceutical manufac- turers seemed even more successful than those of pre- ceding years. Soon spring fever fills the air and thoughts of Pharmacy week-end, diplomas, and the state board examination made the students long even more for May. Only commencement can make a student realize that he has fallen in love with Chapel Hill and that the past four years have been short but unforgettable ones. FRESHMEN OFFICERS Lejt to light: Delon Freeman, President; Monica Justice, Secretary - Treasurer; Dean Butler, Vice-President. PHARMACY SCHOOL FACULTY Pnst Kuu-: John Andrako, Walter H. Hartung, Edward A, Brecht. Herman O. Tiiompson. Fred T, Semeniuk. Sfcuiid Rriw: George H. Cocolas. Kenneth L. Hoy, Francis C. Hammerness, Lorna M. Teare, Claude Piantadosi, Nicholas H. Batuyios. Page 187 LERON DALE ADAMS Augusta. Ga. B.S. in PHARMACY. Kappa Psi. NCPA (4). APhA (4), YMCA (1, 2), University Club (2, 3). HERMAN SUTTON BARBREY, JR Mount Olive B.S. in PHARMACY. Phi Delta Chi. Treasurer (3). President (4). Pharmaq ' Senate (2, 3, 4), Parliamentarian (4), NCPA (2, 3, 4), President (4), APhA (3, 4), President (4). CARL THOMAS BAL ' GL ' ESS Newton B.S. in PHARMACY. DONALD HINES BISSETT Kinston B.S. in PHARMACY. Phi Delta Chi. WILLIAM VERNON BRADLEY, JR Chapel Hill B.S. in PHARMACY. EDNX ' ARD LI THER BRADSHAW, JR Kinston B.S. in PHARMACY. Kappa Psi. NCPA (1, 2, 3), Treasurer (4), APhA (3, 4). ELEANOR GREY Bl ' LLOCK Fayetteville B.S. in PHARMACl ' . Kappa Epsilon, Historian (2). Vice-President (3. 4), NCPA (1, 2, 3), Secretary (4), President Dorm. (4), Pharm. Girls Association (I, 2, 3, 4), President (2), Women ' s Residence Board (4), Class Secretary-Treasurer (3). WILLARD GROVER CREECH Kenly B.S. in PHARMACY. THOMAS EUGENE Cl ' RTIS Waynesville B.S. in PHARMACY. Kappa Pst. NCPA (2, 3, 4), APhA (3. 4). Glee Club (2), University Club (2). Fourth Year MILLARD DALTON DENSON Burlington B.S. in PHARMACY. NCPA (1, 2, 3, 4), APhA (3, 4). DAVID ASTOR DO X ' DY, JR High Point B.S. in PHARMACY. Kappa Psi. President of Student Body of Pharmacy School (4), NCPA. Orientation Counselor (4), Sheiks (2). OSCAR ALLEN ELMORE. JR Clinton B.S. in PHARMACY. NCPA (1, 2, 3, 4), APhA (3, 4). FLOYD H. EVANS Greensboro B.S. in PHARMACY. NCPA, APhA. JAMES HO X•ARD FREEMAN Fayetteville B.S. in PHARMACY. Phi Delta Chi. NCPA (2, 3, 4), APhA (4). ■WILLIAM LEACH FROSTICK Maxton B.S. in PHARMACY. Kappa Pst. NCPA, APhA, Vice-President of Class (2). CHARLES BYRD GILLESPIE, JR Burnsville B.S. in PHARMACY. NCPA (1, 2, 3, 4), APhA (3, 4). BARBARA NAN GILLIAM Sanford B.S. in PHARMACY. Kappa Epsilon, NCPA {2, 3, 4), APhA (2, 3, 4), Pharmacy Girls Association (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (3). WILTSHIRE GRIFFITH. JR Hendersonville B.S. in PHARMACY. Phi Delta Chi. First R ' lw. left to right: Adams, Barbrey, Bauguess, Bissett, Bradley, Bradshaw. Seeoiid Raw: Bullock, Creech, Curtis. Denson, Dowdy, Elmore. Third Ron: Evans, Freeman, Frostick, Gillespie, Gilliam, Griffith. MOd Jl Page 188 Ph armacy ELGENE WALDEN HACKNEY Sanford B.S. in PHARMACY. K.!pp.i Psi. Secretary (3), Pharmat7 Class President (2). Dance Committee (2), Chairman (3). Men ' s Coun- cil (4), Orientation Counselor (4), Student Marshal (3). Yjckety Yack (A). JOHN CLEGG HERRIN Albemarle B.S. in PHARMACY. Kappa Psi. Regent. Pharmacy Class Vice- President (3), Card Board (4). ELBERT NEAL HERRING Clinton B.S. in PHARMACY. Sigma Chi, Rho Chi. GUS WILLIAM HLIDSON Chapel Hill B.S. in PHARMACY. DON HEDRICK KEPLEY Denton B.S. in PHARMACY. Kappa Epsiloti, President, Rho Chi. Secre- tary-Treasurer, Pharmacy School Secretary-Treasurer, Pharmacy Girls ' Association. JOHN A. KLUTTZ Marion B.S. in PHARMACY. Phi Delia Chi. WILLIAM LEONARD LLO ' D Buies Creek B.S. in PHARMACY. WILLIAM MONROE LOVELACE, JR Mooresboro B.S. in PHARMACY. Phi Delia Chi. NCPA (1, 2, 3, 4), APhA (3, 4), YMCA (1, 2). VANCE GRAHAM McGL ' GAN Dunn B.S. in PHARMACY. Phi Delta Chi. JOYCE EVANGELINE NELSON Littleton B.S. m PHARMACY. Kappa Epsilon. NCPA (1, 2, 3, 4), APhA (3, 4), Pharmacy Senate (1. 2, 3, 4). Pharmacy Girls ' Association (1, 2, 3, 4), BSU Council (1, 2), Pharmacy Class Secretary- Treasurer (2), Card Board (4), Y ' W ' CA (1. 2, 3. 4), Orientation Committee (4). HATHERLY CORY PADERICK Kinston B.S. in PHARMACY. Kappa Psi. Pi Kappa Phi. APhA (3, 4), NCPA (1, 2. 3, 4), University Club (2). JAMES BENJAMIN PATTON, JR Canton B.S. in PHARMACY. Phi Delta Chi, Pledgemaster (3), NCPA (2, 3. 4), APhA (3. 4), Dorm Officer (2), Manager (4). X ' ILLIAM HARRISON PATTON Hickory B.S. in PHARMACY. Phi Delta Chi. Secretary (3), Pharmacy Senate (2, 4). JAMES THOMAS PENLAND Morganton B.S. in PHARMACY. BILLIE EPHRAIM PITTMAN Clayton B.S. in PHARMACY. WTLLIAM PALL POViELL Hendersonville B.S. in PHARMACY. Rho Chi. President (4), NCPA (2, 3, 4), APhA (3, 4). BILLY LEE PRICE Newton B.S. in PHARMACY. Ph, Delta Chi. NCPA (2, 3, 4), APhA (2, 3,4). DONALD JOYNER RAPER Lucama B.S. in PHARMACY. Kappa Psi. Treasurer (4), NCPA (1, 2, 3), Vice-President (4), APhA (3). Vice-President (4). Fiiit Ruu left to right: Hackney, Herrin, Herring, Hudson, Kepley, Kluttz. Second Row: Lloyd. Lovelace. McGugan. Nelson, Paderick. Palton. Third Row: Patton, Penland. Pittman, Powell, Price, Raper. P ii Page 189 Fourth Year Pharmac y JAMES CLACK ROBINSON, JR Littleton B.S. in PHARMACY. K.ippj Psi. Pharmacy Class President (3). Pharmacy School Vice-President (4), NCPA (I, 2, 3, 4), APhA (3, 4). SEYMOUR PHILLIP RUBIN Asheville B.S. in PHARMACY. Pi Umbdj Phi. EVAN S. SETZER, JR Newton B.S. in PHARMACY ' . Phi Delta Chi. Prelate (3), Secretary (4). JACK EVERETTE SILVERS Chapel Hill B.S. in PHARMACY. Phi Delu Chi. WILLIAM H. STANTON Chapel Hill B.S. in PHARMACY. Kcppa Psi. JOE D. STONE Dobson B.S. in PHARMACY. NCPA (1, 4), APhA (4). GEORGE ROBERT TALBERT Winston-Salem B.S. in PHARMACY. NCPA (2, 3, 4), APhA (3, 4). NXTLLIAM STANFORD TATE Lexington B.S. in PHARMACY. NCPA, APhA, YMCA (1, 2, 3). JOSEPH GRAHAM WHITE Burlington B.S. in PHARMACY. Kappa Psi, Social Chairman (2), Historian (3), Pharmacy School Vice-President (4), Pharmacy Class Vice- President (1, 3). EARL HARDY WILLIFORD Kannapolit B.S. in PHARMACY. Phi Delta Chi. ROBERT PAYNE WOLFE Monroe B.S. in PHARMACY. Rho Chi. NCPA (1, 2, 3, 4), APhA (3, 4). JOHN DEE WOOD Wilmington B.S. in PHARMACY. Rho Chi. Vice-President, NCPA (2, 3, 4), APhA (3. 4). Pharmacy Class Vice-President (4). j « J - ! |f« t " Fiist Roiv, left to right: Robinson, Rubin, Setzer. Silvers, Stanton, Stone. Second Row: Talbcrt, Tate, NX ' hite. WiUiford, Wolfe, Wood. ' ' ■? ' f--i ' ' - , ■■» iji : l : it. L-. — ' I ' m 5t %a» ) | •a C Third Year Pharmacy First Row: Barbara Kinzel Adams, Kupp i Epsilon, Murphy; William Robert Adams, Jr., Four Oaks; Raymond Martin Ammons, Phi Deild Chi. Red Springs; Ralph Milliard Ashworth, Kjppj Psi. Fuquay Springs; Ronald Edward Barber, Clinton; Rayford Whitley Bain, Phi Delhi Chi. Clayton; Russell Elliott Brummitt, Henderson; Richard Douglas Callicutt, Thomasville; Raymond Franklin Coppedge, Jr., Asheville. Second Row: Raymond Lee Creekmore, Phi Delta Chi, Whiteville; Robert James Dever, Greensboro; Henry Hunter Dunlap, Phi Delia Chi, Durham; William Borden Ennett, Chapel Hill; Oveda Fisher, Kappa Epsilon, Whiteville; William Wilson Graham, Peachland; William Crane Griffin, Sigma Nii. Roanoke Rapids; Christopher Barker Hargett, Chapel Hill; Richard Veston Heath, Cove City. Third Row: Milton Lee Higdon, Franklin; Jonathan Adoneran Hill, Troutmans; Robert Milton Hines, Charlotte; Freda M. Hobowsky, Kappa Epsilon. Scotland Neck; Julius Frances Howard, Phi Delta Chi. Wilmington; Edward Franklin Jenkins, Kappa Psi. Burlington; Walter In- gram Jenkins, Jr., Kappa Psi. Biscoe; Charles William Josey, Phi Delia Chi. Maiden; James Oliver Knight, Kappa Psi, Columbia. Fourth Row: Edward Ray Lanning, Jr., Lexington; Sara Fountain Lore, Sanford; Alfred H. Mebane, Kappa Psi. Lexington; John Edward Mills, Kappa Psi. Cliffside; Billy Wright Need- ham, Kappa Psi. Pilot Mountain; Charles Allan Norris, Fuquay Springs; Ernest Porter, Jr., Chapel Hill; Jerry Delano Rhoades, Kappa Psi. Robbins; Walter K. Saunders, Jr., Kappa Psi, Thomasville. Fifth Row: Brownie Dickson Schaefer, Asheville; Robert Lee Seabock, Phi Delta Chi. Durham; W. Darle Shouse, Kappa Psi, Rural Hall; Russell Grady Sigmon, Jr., Conover; William Taylor Sisk, Kappa Psi. Asheville; Charles Lee Stevens, Clayton; William Jay Swan, Phi Delta Chi. Andrews; Edith Woodman Trosper, Greensboro; Franklin Ennis Wells, Phi Delta Chi, Roseboro. Sk % .1 f m r. 1 f I 1 i . i 1 Kl , I f 1 ■ ' f 1 L L i .1 k ii liL ' s , P .1, p dM Page 191 Second Year Pharmacy Finl Ron-: James Wesley Anderson. Kj pj Pir. Durham; John Warren Andrews, K.ippa Psi, Winston-Saiem; James Edward Arena, K.ipp.i Pw. Durham; Ernestme Baker, High Point; Harold Lee Ball, Mars Hill; Joseph Parker Barbour, Pi Nu. Burlington; Elzie Zemri Borders, Shelby; John Marshall Barrmger, Carthage; Martus Cameron, Sanford. Second Ron: Albert Sidney Clay, Oxford; Robert Astor Coleman. Kappa Psi, Burlington; X ' alter N. Coley, Stem; Harry James Coutlakis. Asheville; William Atlas Dawkins, Jr., Phi Delhi Chi. Chapel Hill; Lewis Benton Doyle,A. ' ,; ; ii Psi. Roanoke Rapids; Hugh Allan Farns- worth, Kapp.i Psi. Asheville; Ellyn Marie Gardner, Gibson; Joseph Philip Goforth, Shelby. Thini Rinv: Henry NeiU Graham. Albemarle; Edwin Leroy Hensen, Fletcher; Wiley Cleve- land Harrell, Jr.. K.ipp.i Pn. Virginia Beach, Va.; Jon Kcr Holland, Clinton; Douglas Wood- row Isaac, Marion; Zeb Thomas Keever, Jr., Lintolnton; Mtlvin Clyde Kendrick, Chapel Hill; Van Hill King, III, Wilmington; James Franklin Lowder, Albemarle. Fuiirlb Row: William Russell McDonald, III, Sigm.i Alpha Epsilon. Phi Delta Chi, Hickory: James Frederick Meares, Wilson; Reinhold Ernest Miller, High Point; Hoy A. Moose, Jr., Mt. Pleasant; Stephen Carroll Morris, Phi Delia Chi. Four Oaks; Lionel Parker Perkins, Jr., Kapp.1 Psi. South Boston, Va. ; John Wayne Polk, Kappa Psi. Marshville; Raymond Ray Rich, Jr,, Burgaw; Stuart Wingo Rollins, Kappa Psi. Winston-Salem. Fifth Row: Joanne E. Schell, Kappa Epsilon, Wilmington; Fred Lee Sherrill, Jr., Phi Delia Chi, Newton; Arthur Port Schlagel. Jr., Phi Delta Chi. Chapel Hill; James Thomas Street, Kappa Psi. Roxboro, Harry B. I ' mphlett, Elizabeth City; Julian Emmett L ' pchurch, Kappa Psi. Spring Hope; Nanc M. ' W ' oodard. Kappa Epsilon, Hamlet; Joseph Helsabeck Wilson, Rural Hall; Robert Gaines Wilson, Leaksville. ni ■f J j; S u n i£i 4 J? 1.? ' L L If ISi it §£f . ij B ij fife " Jj X .1 Page 192 First Year Ph armac y Fnu Row: Gaston Leroy Andrews. Jr., Robersonville; William Powell Bafjley, Clayton; Garland Wood Beale, Jr.. Potecasi ; Peggy Wallace Black, Kannapo- lis; Benjamin VCalter Bullock, Creedmoor; Robert Arville Burge. Asheboro. Second Row: James Gene Butler, Morganton ; Robert Dean Butler, Morganton; Ernest Leroy Carraway. Jr.. X ' illiamston; John William Collins, Nashville; James Allen Conley. Morganton; Keith Earl Denny, Pilot Mountain. Third Row: Dallas Mason Evans, Greenville; Robert William Foster, Greensboro; Pete Delon Freeman, Asheboro; Carl Patrick Frye, Jr., Franklinton; Prentiss Legarr George, Jr.. Cherryville; Gerald Kelly Harring- ton, Sanford. Voiirth Row: Paul Forrest Hodges, Clinton; Margaret Irene Hogan, Kinston; Byron Taylor Huckaby, Winston- Salem; Gilmer Wilson Huffines, Greensboro; James Thomas Ingram, Roanoke Rapids; Sara Alice Jackson, Lumberton. Fijlh Row: Richard Alton Johnston, Fayetteville; Alpheus Jones, Jr., Warrenton; Monica Cooper Jus- tice, Charlotte; Geraldine Keenum, Hazelwood; Leo Curtis Kelly, Jr., Lillington; William Raymond King. Jr., Fayetteville. Sixth Row: James Thomas Kirby, Wilson; Glenn Ballard Lassiter, Robbins; Rex Boone Littlejohn, Mor- ganton; Cortez Gilbert Lowery, Elkin; Henry Virgil Martin, Jr., Burlington; Mack Elmo McCorkle, Rox- boro. Setenlh Row: Donald Joseph Miller, Raleigh; James Dexter Mills, Wadesboro; Annette Harrison Niven, Charlotte; James Ray Oakley, Ahoskie; Charles Michael Parker, Carolina Beach ; Floyd Carson Parker, Oxford. Eighth Row: Clarence Wright Parsons, Clinton ; George Adrian Pearce, Rocky Mount; George Raleigh Revelle, Conway; Clarence Linwood Richardson, Sel- ma; Alfred Gene Smith, Elizabethtown; Joe Eph- riam Smith, Connelly Springs. Ninth Row: John Hubert Smith, Jr., Holly Springs; Larry Glenn Snider, Eagle Springs; George Woody Teer, Jr., Hillsboro; Harold Malcolm Thomas, Ra- leigh; Sarah Lovelace Thomas, Erwin; Zane Grey Thornton, Benson. Tenth Row: Stanley Worth Walker, Bailey; Hobart Whaley, Beulaville; Paul Adams Whitehurst, Jackson; Guy Coleman Williams. Spring Hope. p n f p p f P C f r p ri o r» ( ff r ik ' ill f M P Q 9 •■ tT ' f r Page 193 A. JHSt a " he)2-paily. ' B. Remember him? C. " UGH . ' -WATER! D. Afraid to sneeze. E. Crazy, man, crazy. F. " Hey. you fool, that ' s supposed to he blue. not purple. " G. " OOHH Would you? " H. " resent that remark. " I. " Bang! " J. " Nou; if you would like to he housemother at Cobb, ive could . . . " Page !9 " i Air Force R.O.T.C Colonel George J. Smii h Professor of Air Science and Taclic (■apt. James StHdFiELD Ci ' i !• dh »rd 1) Robpri min Cai ' T. Juski ' H Gerritv First Lt. Kcpbirt (iK n Fiiiuls: Cniitrol (Iffir,!- i i tant Ihuitui ..; Ailjiitrnit ami Sliptll ' l tiffin r Axsistitiit llirrrtur „l ifimini-.tiuti(m Instniiti,,,, The mission of the AFROTC is to develop in the prospective college graduate the qualities of leader- ship and other abilities essential to his progressive advancement as a commissioned officer of the Air Force Reserve. Fro if Rou. lef. ' fo i x - ' : M Set. Michael Pennella. M Sijt. Raymond C. Puckett. M Si;t. Clarence L. Clifford. Bjii Row: T Sct. Bobbie Riddle, T Sgt. Robert Williams, S Sst. Marshall Wilson, I ' . ' .Snt lister Strmid Page 196 f Corps o Cadets Cadet Colonel Charles C. Hunter CuniDhiiiding Officer. Corps of Cadets Honorary Cadet Colonel Judy Landauer Commanding Officer, Corps of Sponsors Cadet Colonel John H. Boishal Wing Executive Cadet Major G. Don Ebert iri7i!7 Adjutant Cadet Major Raymond D. Collins ]Wing Personnel Officer Cadet Major Lewis A. Phillips Winfi Operritiovs Offlc, Cadet Major Ed(;:ar I). Haire irint Air Inspector John S. Hill unications Offic The AFROTC was begun in 1946 and is a recognized part of the curriculum of over 200 colleges and universities. In his freshman and sophomore years the AFROTC cadet takes the basic course of study consisting of two classroom hours and two drill hours each week. In the advanced course, junior and senior years, the student has a course consisting of four classroom hours and two drill hours each week. The drill is devoted to exercise of command, and cadets in the advanced course may be selected as cadet officers and noncommissioned officers. WING NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICERS From Row, left to right: Robert S. Colbert, Larry H. Addington, George C. McGinty, Don W. Geiger. Back Row: Campbell B. Ingram, William N. Stone, Charles P. Wolf, Herbert A. Callahan. COED SPONSORS Left to right: Pat TurnbuU, Mary Lou O ' Mara, Mary Helen Crain, Sandy Donaldson, Ann Fleming, Judy King, Judy Landauer, Mary Ann Murphy, Rachel Brooks, Lin Daniels, Connie Carbough. Not Pictured: Cathy Widman, Judy Jackson, Paige Moore, Lois Perry. Page 197 fin Cadet Major George D. Harris ' ' S i Band Commander i m Cadet Major William H. Carr Drill Squadron Comni inder COLOR GUARD RIFLE TEAM Left lo rinhl: Warren G. Davis, Campbell B. Ingram, front Row. left to right: Larry H. Addinqton. Robert VCilliam M. Stone, Leonard R. Rosenblutli. E. Massie, Earl M. Page. Back Row: David W. Ader- holt, Robert W. Gahrmann, William Jenkins, M Sgt. Michael Pennella. Page 198 GROUP I Cadet Lt. Col. Kenton B. Creuser Commander, Group I i irm r.ROUP I ST FF SQUADRON A STAFF SQU DRO B STAFF SQUADRON C SI Apt Left to right Robert B Meacliani Front Ron Charles P Motta Com Fiont Row Robert B Moorhead, Front Row: Louie H. Cody. Com Michael K. Davis mandmg Officer Back Ron left to Commandins Ofhcer Bark Rou left mandin Officer. Back Row, left tn naht Larrj T Justus Herbert B to iiaht William Hawks Thad nnht: Kemp C. Clendenin. Michael Theiling. John T. Pace. deus A. Eure. Jr.. George L. Mardre. D. Brown. Roy N. Moore, Jr. Tiip I,) Bottom: Squadron A. Sqtudron B. Sqii.idrnit C : — f ■• " ' zr- — 2K- w- " ' JL A GROUP II Cadet Lt, Col. Harrv Pawlik Commander, Group II J» _ W 3r ■ J GROIT II STAFF SUL ' ADKON ' D STAFF S QUAUKdN E slAFF syUAUKON F STAFF .r ' ' (, ' ' o,, " 5 ' ' ' - Jack L. Seism, John ' rniif ?ou ' .- Robert W. James. Com- Fronf ffoic- William S. Evans. Com- Froiif foic; Rowlanfl Burnstaii C oni 1. taudle. manding Officer. Back Ron; left to manding Officer. Back Ron; left to mandinfr Officer. Bark Ron- l.fl tu right: Altlieus A. Gresham. Frede- right: Adrian J. Newton. James E. rkiht : Riciiard I,. Hoover Walter rick H. Mew hinney. Joseph K. Bnan. Adams. Charles W. Higgins. D. ' Gurley. Richard L. Taylor. r„p l , B,-,ll,n,i: ScitijJu.n D. Squ.idr,,,, E. Sqiudron F if i N i A . » m «■ ' r ' lf ' lriii }|i -!i ' ' ,f ! jJfStft : - ,, - l sfSS ' ' WWM ' m i - GROUP III Cadet Lt. Cor. Nkii. B. Satti:Riii;ld Cuininandcr. Group III r5 , -V t.ROLI III il l 1 rigUADROX G STAFF SQUADRON H STAFF SQUADRON I STAFF s. FroTj ?ow?; James R. Younts. Com- Front Row: Aubrey W. Redmon. Front Row: James W. Maynard. niandinff Officer. Bock Row, left to Commanding Officer. Back Row, left Commanding Officer. Bark Row, left right: James Webb. Jr.. John R. fo riff it: Vernon F,. Maness. Bobbie to rirjht : Mitcliell S. Novit, Daniel Ingle. Missing from picture: Fred W. Dantzler. Mi, sing from picture: D. Olsen. Gustav E. Gauss. H. Deaton, Jr. Victor B. Moore. Top to Bollom: Squadron G, Squadron H. Squadron I ftUJJi - - ;iiL. ' ■ r ._ ' . f 10i 1 1 11! ■ ' , ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Motto " The W ' airiorW ' ho Cull ' nates His Mind Polishes His Arms. " " We of the Air ROTC accept this motto as a chal- lenge and a pledge that in the future we shall by diligent study and unrestricted effort instruct and train ourselves so that each of us shall have the qualities and attributes essential to our progressive and continued development throughout our lifetime as Officers of the United States Air Forc e. " OFFICERS JESSE J. MOORHEAD SQUADRON Bob James Cnmiiumding Officer Harry Pawlik Executive Officer Bruce Holt Operations Officer Don Ebert Secretary-Treasurer Roger Ackerman Adjutant-Recorder Charlie Aldridge Public Information Officer First Row, left to right: Neil Satterfield, Bill Evans. Charlie Aldridge, Harry Pawlik. Aubrey Redmon, Al Levine. Sammy Strause, Bob James. Seconil Row: Fred Mewhinny. Edgar Haire. Don Ebert. Rowland Burnstan, Jr.. Ken Creuser. Bill Carr. Charlie Hunter. Walt Gurley, Bob Dantzler, Lou Cody. Byron Kalin. Bruce Holt. Mike Brown. Roger Ackerman, Ken Myers. niDIMIIIllllliU Page 202 N a t a£ Col. Robert C. Burns Professor of Niiiiil Science N. R CDR F. L. Edwards Execiiliie Officer Since its inception in 19-10 the NROTC Unit at Chapel Hill has dedicated itself to the training and indoctrination of undergraduate students enrolled in the program so that upon graduation they may receive commissions in the U. S. Navy or in the U. S. Marine Corps. A student may enter the program under either of two plans. Regular or Contract. As a Regular he is appointed a Midshipman upon enrolling in the pro- gram and receives tuition, books, uniforms, and six hundred dollars per year throughout his four years of college. Upon graduation, he is commissioned as an Ensign in the Navy or a Second Lieutenant in the Marines and must serve three years on active duty. The Contract program differs from the Regular in that the Contract student is furnished only with uni- forms and is paid thirty dollars per month during the last two years of the program. Upon graduation he receives a reserve commission. O. T. C BATTALION STAFF First Rou:- Capt. Ty Boyd. Second Row, left to right: LCDR James S. Schenck, CDR John P. Jackson. Third Row: CPO Ne ton B. Barkley, Jr., Ltjg. N. Webb Sherrill, Ltjg. John Q Stilwell. •A " COMPANY OFFICERS Left to right: Lt. Curtis R. Wick, USN; Lt. James Warren; Ens. Jake Roundtree; Ens. Harold Gleitz ; Petty Officer Second Class Earl Johnson. A " COMPANY •B ■ COMPANY OFFICERS ' C ' COMPANY OFFICERS First Row. left to right: Lt. Edward B. Gross, LCDR G. E. Lockee, USN. First Row, left to right: LCDR Thomas R. Wheatley, USN; Ltjg. Robert P. Second Row: Robert L. Seabrook, Ens. Marvin O. Register, Ens. John H. Thomas. Secortd Row: Ens. Harvey D. Bradshaw, Lt. Harry H. Arnold, Ens. Sweeney. Not Pictured: Ltjg. Russell S. Cowell. Thomas E. Medlin, Ens. Thom as A. Parnell. N. R. O. T. C •B " COMPANY Page 206 In addition to the academic program provided by the unit to give its prospective officers theoretical training in the military profession, the summer cruise program offers an opportunity for the midshipman to learn many of the practical phases of the work he has studied in class, and therefore make him better quali- fied to fulfill his duties upon commissioning. Regular students make three cruises daring their four-year career at college. Two of these cruises are eight v eek affairs which are performed with a large group made up of several battleships and cruisers and many destroyers and auxiliary ships. It is on these cruises that the midshipmen gets his first set of sea legs, and, in addition to the valuable practical train- ing, is afforded an opportunity to visit many foreign ports. The other cruises are made on land at Corpus Christi, Texas, and at Little Creek, Virginia, where instruction in aviation and amphibious work is given. Contract students make only one cruise while they are in the program. Lasting six weeks during the summer preceding their senior year, the cruise is designed to give them experience in shipboard life and duties before commissioning. C " COMPANY CRUISE VIEWS Page 207 ■ I v I,. 1,1! . ' .. i:-l i: Hail) l i hk, ( h.iiks, Ty ' ' ' : . W il .ittci fK I.I. H.ino Hi.uJsh.iNv. Aubrey ReJmon, Burt Wayne, Bub James, Butk B.ukley. StuiiJiiig: Bob SkiJmurc, Harry Arnold, Pat 1 humas, 1 rcJ Mew lunacy, HJ Gross, Don Ebert, Rowland Burnstan, Ken Creuser, Jim Winston, Charles Hunter, Bill Carr, Walt Gurley, Lou Cody, Steve Trimble, Bruce Holt, Don Geiger, Roger Ackerman, Connie Gravitte, Tommy Medlin. Officers- Capt., Harvey Bradshaw; First Lt., Jim Whitton ; Second Lt., Mike Davis; First Sgt., Ed Gross. Scabbard and Blade The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is a nationwide military honor society with 89 chapters, called companies, located in leading colleges and universities having ROTC programs. Mem- bership is by election only, and the selections are based solely on merit, coming from the outstanding cadet officers. Among the purposes of Scabbard and Blade are: to raise the standard of military education in American colleges and universi- ties, to unite in closer relationship their military departments, to encourage and foster the essential qualities of good and efficient officers, and to promote friendship and good-fellowship among the cadet officers. Page 208 IM t,»; " ..v x;, v ,?C ' gw ? ° " ' ' ' ° " ' ' ' " " Coed scores direct hit jt Greek uilb pi, Attxioits Yjck beaut) contest juts t.tke peek .it the cioirJ. Nose direct i Carolina ' s card stunts during game half-time. An array of talent from Campus Chest Show. Page 210 r ' S-- . K. D. ' S from " Outer Space " add interest to the Beat Dook Float Parade. Sc.ibbcird and Blade pledges receive ribbons from their dates at Military Ball. Bill Felzer ' s friend. Jerry McGee, entertains Joe O ' Brien. Page 211 spin! ruin high as sliidtiih Biimn Hup up Fi.inklni Slicel jl M.ii l.i iJ Pep R.iH). Pledges halllt il (ml in lug-i ' during Greek W ' eek. Surprise fire-drill catches sleep) i. t Ji un.iii.iu t P rM Another hem bites the cruu .it tuc Si ' uiig t... hjncellor House t,ikes his best girl lor an afternoon rid: Miss Modern Venus of i9-5_? ii-ilh runne:-up Temporar) cjuarters — Cobb Basement. Loiel) " Coed " sing in Greek Week skil. AKPs ' s banquet at the Sir K ' .dur hi fun I ' liJ.Ki li.i Dr. Henderson and Dr. Graham at dedicilnm oi i,,uti i h.Hii I h ».. tW iX,J,n Cook cuts cipL I with Kilt) . Air Force instructor points out " the great circle " to sponsors. Yack beauty queen and escort dance at Grail Dance " The BmUp S Pie may he rough oil the figger — but who cares? " " And you swim, too? " €mw yif h " Dtimi! It. Now I ' ll hill e to write it myself. " " Want me to teach you how to twirl? " ' Ugh. stew again! " See what milk can do to ou? " " In true Southern spirit we drink our likker from DIXIE cups. " " Just like Mama used lo wear. " Bur-r-r-p. ' ou Ham, let ' s not be pig-headed ahuiit this. " " Marilyn, you uill? Htu lunui jiiulhcr waste of good film. " " I ' m not prone to argue. " " Who, me??? " ■4%J :J ' . J i 19ii Mjy Queen and Court Mis. Roosettlt tilth President Spying krtnx Derby-hound cutd-filUJ " Liu Gray greets students. convertibles. at annual Mock Trial discuss case Kessing Pool in the springtime itb Judge Susie Sharpe. Chnstmai package seen in Y-court. ID cards get another stamping in i.i! Ji uuidc M If. C. 0,7,.-; . ' . i .,7 X..; F «., Pjvcide .Hid her Cm I. ' tenioif eii oy " tntir " Look away, look away. Dixieland. ' lay " al .vmual picnic. Nei,e,hhois parly on ihe rock tcall. Casi of " Big Town " presented by Splash Club. Winning, foal for a lost cause. Graham Memorial — center of imdciil aclnilief Page 218 MONOGRAM Monogram Cluh The Monogram Club was organized for the purpose of estabhshing friendship among all the winners of Caro- lina Monograms. Since its organization the group has grown and extended its activities in many fields. Its program for the year starts before the first day of school in the fall when it entertains incoming freshmen and transfer students during orientation week and introduces them to our athletic system. The Blue- White intra-squad football game is the major project of the year coming in the spring. However, the Club stays busy the whole year with its many other projects. The Monogram Club is ever present to render to the guests and visitors of the University any service that is needed Xo make their stay more pleasant. These actions have made the Monogram Club a very valuable part of the University and Community. Harold Davidson President Page 220 CLUB Fnu Rotr: Hooks, Davidson, Brumley, McGhce, Higgins. Second Row: Pawlick, Patseavouras, Hartsell, Hudson, Holt, Blanton, Hamilton. ThiyJ Rmc: Haddock, Howard, Scott, Green, Thompson. Fourth Row: Freedman, Jones, Fredere, Marcinko Kocornick Tettlcback Patterson. Bradshaw, Holt. Page 221 FOOTBALL Page 22 53 Everything ' s new, so they say, and while that is not entirely true, enough is new to set this season apart as the year of the big transition. That was Carolina and. its football Tar Heels as they opened their season against their traditional opening rival, North Carolina State. Spirit was new, so were the uniforms, and everyone was eagerly awaiting the opening kick- off that would get the Tar Heels of 1953 under way. None knew exactly what the one platoon system would be like or even what the team would do under this new system. Speculation from the practice field gave every indication that the team was ready for any obstacle that confronted it. This was the case in Carolina ' s first three games. It bowled over N. C. State in the opener and then took the measure of " Washington and Lee. The first big surprise of the season came in the game against Wake Forest. Fired up, the Tar Heels put on a razzle dazzle show in the fourth quarter to take home a well deserved victory. Mighty Maryland was next on the agenda, and that ' s what the Terrapins proved to be, mighty. Fans hoped for a rebound against Georgia which was just having a mediocre season. As fath would seem to have it, Bratkowski loosened up and Georgia took a fast victory over the Tar Heels. Tennessee, South Carolina and Notre Dame took to the likings of Carolina, and they too gained hard fought victories over Carolina. Carolina again broke into the winning column with a victory over the Cavaliers of Virginia. Winning impressively over Virginia, the Tar Heel rooters had hopes of upsetting Duke. However, the Blue Devils were not to be denied their victory as the Tar Heels were guilty of many mistakes and mental lapses. The Tar Heels ' record of four wins and six losses could not be considered as a truly successful season, but it did show that the Tar Heels were still building for greater seasons to come. THE 1954 FOOTBALL Syl ' AD First Row: Newman, Koman, Foti. Worrell, Yarbough, Fredere, Neville, Keller. Second Row: Annillo, Frye, Pruss. Carpenter, Gregory, Eure, Newton, Williams, Beaver. Thin Row: Hawks, Ridenhour, Opitz, Marcinko, Lane, Patterson, Perdue, Johnson, Gravitte. Foiirlh Row: Long, Witherspoon, Seawell, Starner, McCreedy, Britt, Progenski, Maultsby, Rogers, Lackey. Fiilh Row: Kocornik, Adier, Marcopulos, Giles. Lambert, Bryan, Current, Murray, Alexander. Sixth Row: Parker, Bullock, Mainer, Kenny, Shoulars, Kirkman, Baker, Wallin, Motta, Seienth Row: Jamerson, Mason, Barclay, Belichick, Bass, Edwards, Connell. Billy ' « ' ilhanis UNC-STATE Carolina, with a new coach and operating under the one platoon system, opened the 1953 season by roUing over State, 29-7. Although the game was played in the rain, the Tar Heels drove 86 yards for a touchdown the first time they had the ball. Another score was added in the second quarter along with a touchback. State came alive in the third quarter and scored its only touchdown of the afternoon. The Tar Heels bounced back when State scored and added two more in the fourth quarter to complete the scoring. With this win and the one at Miami last year, it was the first time Carolina had put together two wins since 1951. Dick Lackey ( 30 ) briny down a State haik a UNC-WAKE FOREST Carolina came from behind to score two touchdowns in the fourth period and defeat Wake Forest 18-13. This was the first time CaroHna had beaten the Deacons in four years. Led by Keller, Gravitte, and Lackey, the Tar Heels played like fans hadn ' t seen them play in years. The whole Carolma team was outstandmg in the final period, not givmg any yardage to the Deacons and driv- ing down field when in possession of the ball. This win along with the first two of the year put Carolina back into the football picture. . ' m Lackey (3U) is off and running. Charlie Motta UNC-W L In the second game of the season, CaroHna met Washington and Lee Generals to come out on top by a score of 39-0. Carolina capitalized on every break quickly, taking full com- mand of the game. Five of the Tar Heel ' s touchdowns came after recovering W L fumbles. Coach Barclay in an attempt to keep the score down put in his third string. They also moved the ball well and scored in the fourth period. The Generals were just outclassed in every department and never made any serious threats all afternoon at the Carolina goal line. Connie Gravittc Page 226 Bullock outruns a Maryland defender. UNC-MARYLAND The first defeat of the season came when Mighty Maryland proved to be too powerful for the Tar Heels. The Terps led by Quarterback Faloney ran for a total of 259 yards and picked up 108 yards in the air. The only real threat Carolina made in the game was when Keller took a hand-off from Britt and ran twenty yeards to the Terp three yard line before being stopped. Gravitte moved to the two-foot line, but a Carolina fumble, recovered by Maryland, stopped the threat and Carolina ' s hopes for scoring. ' VjJ bH| • Dick Lackey Bill Kirkman Page 227 Bullcxk (34) receives a latcra • UNC-GEORGIA Too much Bratkowski. This was the story when the Tar Heels dropped their second straight game at the hands of Georgia, 27-14. After a scoreless first quarter in which Carohna seemed to be the team to beat, havoc broke loose in the form of a fumble which set the stage for a Georgia aerial show. Bratkowski couldn ' t be stop- ped and proceeded to pass for two touchdowns and set up a third. When the half ended, Carolina was on the short end of the 20-0 score. The Tar Heels began moving in the third quarter and under the direction of Len Bullock, scored in the third as the result of a Georgia fumble. Another recovered fumble set up Carolina ' s second and last touchdown with 40 seconds remaining in the game. Page 228 Larry Parker UNC-TENNESSEE Carolina fumbles; Tennessee takes full advantage to score three touchdowns in the third quarter. In the first half, although neither team was able to score, Carolina showed great offensive strength. Just before the. half, the Tar Heels had a scoring chance but could not capitalize on it. The third quarter opened and Carolina began to move again. This time a fumble stopped them, and Tennessee scored. After a punt exchange Tennessee moved for their second score. Once more Carolina began to move, but another fumble stopped them. This time it took the Vols only one play with their fullback, Tracy, going through the middle for 62 yards. In the fourth quarter, led by quarterback Bullock, the Tar Heels marched 72 yards for their lone score. Thus Carolina went down for their third straight defeat, 20-6. A Carolina back tries for a first down. Page 229 George Foti UNC- SOUTH CAROLINA The leading factor in the loss to South CaroUna was the Tar Heels inability to hold the ball. The Game- cocks took advantage of the Tar Heels fumbles at every opportunity and went on to an 18-0 score at the end of the game. The Gamecocks came up with a very effective run- nmg game under the direction of Quarterback Gramling, and controlled the ball most of the after- noon. Carolina ' s running attack could never get started, and so they took to the air with favorable results. The Tar Heels gained a total of 111 yards through the air but never could get across the goal line. Connie Gravitte (39) gets a first down. y % I George X ' allin Page 230 Dick L.Kkcy (3(1) bulls tor yardage. UNC-NOTRE DAME The Fighting Irish had to live up to their name in order to down a fired up and smooth running Carolina team, 34-14. It was a case of too much power that made the biggest difference. They rolled to a score as soon as they got the ball, but Carolina came right back and marched down close to the Irish goal line before being stopped. That was the case most of the afternoon. Notre Dame tightened up when the Tar Heels came close to the goal line. The Game was muc h closer than the score indicated with the Tar Heels playing a brand of ball which was almost perfection. No one left the game disappointed, and all were proud of the game played by the Tar Heels. Francis Fredere Page 231 Junior S ' ;.n tll UNC-VIRGINIA In a water soaked game with the Cavaliers, the team which traveled to Charlottesville proved to be a far superior one. Even in the rain the Tar Heel ground attack clicked all afternoon for a 33-0 win. The Carolina backs had a field day in spite of the muddy field. Marcopulos, Hawks, Newman, Long, and Bullock all ran very well. The Carolina defense was sharp, too, the Cavaliers penetrated Carolina territory only three times the whole afternoon. It was sweet revenge for the Tar Heels after being beaten by the Cavaliers for the last three years. W c r Virginia makes one of its few aerial gains Albert Long Page 2}2 UNC-DUKE Fumbles, penalties, and their inability to get oft punts tell the story of Carolina ' s third straight loss to Duke. Carolina made mistakes in the game that it hadn ' t made all year. But even with this, the Tar Heels scored more points against Duke than any of Duke ' s previous opponents. Duke took a first half lead, 9-0, but with the start of the second half it looked as if Carolma might pull an upset when they scored making it 9-7. Duke then scored again. Marked by a series of rough plays the game soon turned into a battle of brawn as both sides fought as if their lives depended on the outcome. Another Duke score seemed to put the game on ice for Duke, but Keller, playing alert defensive ball, grabbed a fumble and raced untouched for a Carolina score. Another Carolina score put them within strik- ing distance again. But with continued lapses on defense and oftense, Carolina soon saw Duke push across another score. It was indeed a sad day as Carolina went down in defeat, but the game provided plenty of excitement for all spectators. The score was 35-20. Marshal New Norman Lane backs over the j Dick Kocornik Page 233 COACH BARKLEY In practice Office work Page 234 ND HIS ASSISTANTS Steve Belichick Assistant Coach Jim Gill Freshman Coach Marvin Bass Line Coach Bill Edwards Assistant Coach Fish " Markham. locker room attendent; Fitz Lutz, trainer; Sarge Keller, equipment manager. Top Roir: Jim Adams, Manager; Charles Norwood. Bill Joyner, Bill Fetzer. Pete Block, Jim Crouch, Al Laughinghouse, Jim Slcidmore, Coach Marvin Allen. Middle Row: Joe Mavretic, Bill Green. Chip Bryant. Bill Duke, Calvin Lane, Louie Patseavouras, T. Kepley, Don Carroll, George McGinnis, Noel Sullivan. Bottom Row: Cal Brice, Wilbur Jones, Tom Ferguson, Ronnie Younts, Rennie Randolph, Harry Pawlick, Gerry Russell, Charles Whitley. Roland Burnstan, Drew Patterson. Don Gladstone. Co-Captains Pawlick .ind Randolph with Coach M.irv]n Allen SOCCER This past fall marked the return of Coach Marvin Allen who started soccer here in 1947. Although his team did not show the success of such great teams as the 1948 and 1949 campaigners, Allen ' s squad did display brilliance at times. The Carolina hooters opened the season by beating Georgetown University, 5-1, and held N. C. State to a 2-2 tie in its second contest. The Tar Heels then polished ofif Washington and Lee and Virginia before their troubles started. Successive defeats then came at the hands of Roanoke College, Duke, N. C. State, and Maryland, conference champs. Even though the record was not spectacular, the Tar Heels came up with many thrilling moments in their spirited play. Harry Pawlick, Rennie Ran- dolph, Bernie Bernstan and Louie Patseavouras were the main line of support, each contributing all out effort in each game. With the many lettermen returning and the promo- tion of freshmen to the varsity. Coach Allen is look- ing forward to a good season next fall. Randolph and Russell Page 236 CROSS COUNTRY Carolina ' s cross country team, held out of most of its meets by the poUo plague in 1952, came back this past fall to post a creditable record. Led by Bob Barden and Captain Pete Higgins, the Tar Heels capped the meet season with a second place finish in the Atlantic Coast Conference. In addition to Barden and Higgins, Coach Dale Ransom had high praises for his other cross country runners who performed so ably against the toughest opponents in this section of the country. Receiving much praise from Ransom were Pete McGee, Tony Houghton, Al Marx, and Boyd Newman. The freshman team gave hopes for future success by going through an undefeated dual meet season and winning the State freshman meet. Top: Captain Pete Higgins and Coach Dale Ransom Bottom: Bob Barden Pint Row: Higgins, Newman, Wright. Second Row: Marx, Hester, Houghton, Vogel, Barden, McGee. t OHT CAROLJJirii mtTB CAftQLlNA One of State-Carolina ' s many scrambles BASKETBALL Few supporters ot the Tar Heel basketball effort in 1953-54 can be critical of the " try " of the players and the quality of coaching. Short in reserves, the Tar Heels faced up to their schedule manfully, pin-pointing several near-misses on opponents against whom they were given little chance. For the season games won added to 11, those lost to 10. Season highspots were games won from Wake Forest and Virginia and several games in which the Chapel Hillians played well but lost by close scores. Practice sessions began in November, and three collegiate contests were won in December prior to the Dixie Classics in Raleigh in the week after Christmas. The Tar Heels lost their three Dixie Classics games, but it can be said that the not-too-strong squad gained valuable experience. Coming into January, Carolina faced Wake Forest, twice conquerors of N. C. State College this season, on January 9, in Wake Forest. Dickie Hemric, star center of the Deacons, was unable to play because of a foot injury. In an exciting MaJJiL- watches as VayJa blocks Pat Gibson, Dixie Classic Queen, with Jerry Vayda and Coach McGuire Page 238 contest the Tar Heels eked oat a 66-65 win as they held onto the ball in the remaining seconds for a final one- handed jump shot from the floor by Jerry Vayda with three seconds left to play. After a victory over Davidson, the Tar Heels took meas- ure of Virginia, and with Skippy Winstead holding Buzz Wilkinson to two field goals, Carolina upset Virginia, 78-66. With its four ACC victories, Carolina came into the season ' s first encounter with N. C. State as the Number 1 club in the conference. It was hard to believe, but Carolina was on top. All other conference members had been defeat- ed at least once. Carolina fans hoped for a minor m.iracle in the form of a victory over State College. The game turned out to be a close affair, even more so than the 77-84 score indicated. State won in a rough and tumble contest that saw a total of 110 shots awarded by the officials from the foul line. Both teams used the " full- court presses " to add to the tension and turmoil. After the game, an opened " war " was declared by Coach Case of the Wolfpack and Coach McGuire of the Tar Heels. In the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament North Carolina drew North Carolina State in the opening round. Despite a twenty-five point effort of Skippy Winstead, whith won him a berth on the all-tournament team, the Tar Heels were edged, 52-51. These performances by a not-too-strong team along with the spirit instilled in every player by Coach Frank Mc- Guire received the plaudits of their supporters. Coach Frank McGuire 1954 BASKETBALL SQUAD Finl Row: Walker, Maddie, Kocornik, Likens, Vayda, McCabe, .ind Radovich. Second Ron:- Manager Einstein, Glancy, Lifson, Winstead. Long, Taylor, Manager Sprague, and Coach McGuire. Tony Radovich Skippy Winstead Al Lifbon 1933-54 Results UNC OPPONENT 71 William Mary 61 82 South Carolina 56 85 Clemson 48 62 Navy 86 63 Seton Hall 73 53 Oregon State 65 83 The Citadel 42 66 Wake Forest 65 70 Davidson 54 78 Virginia 66 77 N. C. State College 84 69 Washington Lee 60 47 Duke 63 69 Virginia 83 62 Wake Forest 76 72 Clemson 56 89 Davidson 69 63 Duke 67 48 . N. C. State College 57 79 The Citadel 52 51 N. C. State College 52 Won 11, Lost 10 Easy victory over the Citadel Rado ich. Vayda, and Glancy Page 240 WRESTLING The sport of misfortune at Carolina seems to be wrestling. Planning on one of his best teams since coming to Carolina, Coach Sam Barnes ' hopes were severely shattered when Miles Gregory, runner-up in the Southern Conference ' s 177-pound division last year, suffered a broken ankle in the Carolina-Duke football game and had to sit out the first half of the season. The Tar Heels met one of their toughest schedules in years with such teams as Navy, Maryland, VMI, and West Virginia offering the opposition. After a slow start, aided by the return of Gregory, they picked up near the end of the season. Harry Pawlick and Arthur Gregory, Captains of the team, turned in fine performances during the season as did Andy Holt, Harvey Bradshaw, Hal Schwartz, Bill Ginn, and Pete McGee. Coach Barnes is expecting a great year for the 54-55 season because of the many returning matmen. Tup: CouLh Barnes Instructs Bottom: Co-Captains Arthur Gregory and Harry Pawlick First Row: Pawlick, Schwartz, McGee, Gregory. Ginn, Bradshaw. Second Row: Barkley. Thompson, Waters, Parham, B, Thompson, Wellburn, Marcopulos. Coach Barnes. ! SWIMMING IHH tip fV-? ' ' IS 3 k- !J ; ■ - ■■-■■■v -• ' ' : - - Freestyle Coath Ralph Casey Backstroke The 1953-54 Blue Dolphins had handed down to them a 14-year record of competition in which Carolina has won 112 contests against all opponents while losing only 12. A year ago, the Blue Dolphins ranked as the best Carolina swimming team of all time. By contrast, the present edition was considerably below last year ' s highwater mark when 10 straight victories were won. Only six men from the 1952-53 team returned this year; for their lack of experience, the sophomore-junior ladened 1953-54 squad did exceedingly well. Diving Page 242 In swimming as basketball, the Chapel Hill entry fell before its brother institution, N. C. State. In all the previous years of competition, State College had never defeated Carolina, although last yar they were co-titlests since they did not meet during the regular season. On January 1 1 in Bowman Gray Pool, the two rival brother coaches (Ralph Casey — Carolina; Willis Casey — State) sent their swimmers against each other and Willis ' squad, dominated by outstanding stars, made a clean sweep of every first place. Again on February 18 the Blue Dolphins fell before State. Warren Heeman, Baltimore junior, captained the team. Other standouts on the team were Smith Jewell, Bob Linker, Newell Gill, Larry Shannon, and the only senior on the squad, Duke Widoff. These men contributed to the record of 9 wins and 2 losses of the 1953-54 Blue Dolphins. Captain Warren Heeman First Row. Linker, Jewell, Shannon, Heeman, Gill, Wydoff. 5.;roW Ko«; Diffenbach, Wolz, Holmes, Williams, Hussey, Manaeer Colbert Ihna Row: Perry, Ray, Baker, Higgms, Harden, Dannenbalm. V. tijk i i ik i ' . Page 243 1953 Results UNC OPPONENT 57 Clemson College 27 54 University of South Carolina 27 51 Duke University 33 63 Davidson 19 48 Bainbridge Naval Trn. Sta 36 22 N. C. State College 62 57 Emory University 26 52 Georgia Tech 32 50 University of Georgia 34 44 University of Virginia 40 31 N. C. State College 53 Season dual meets: Won 9, Lost 2 Conference Meet: 1st — N. C. State 2nd— UNC Larry Shannon First Row: Hallden, Collins, Rivera, Hearne, Godfrey, Chappie, Quails. Second Row: Howard, Scott, Brumley, La Grand, Grantham, Hudson, Hartsell, and Coach Meade. GYMNASTICS This year ' s gymnastics team pitted itself against the nation ' s finest, and although the record was somewhat blighted by the results, definite improvements in the team ' s performance were shown. The Tar Heels lost to the fine teams of Navy, Army, and Syracuse. In their own baliwick the Tar Heels were unbeaten, easily handling Duke and West Virginia among others. Coach Meade was fortunate in having a seniorless team. His outstanding performers were Gordon Hudson, the team ' s outstanding scorer, captain Otis Hartsell, Pete Brumley, Biff Howard, and Bill Rivera. Workout on parallel bars Bill Rivera Coach Meade in practice session Biff Howard Page 245 TRACK liniEl Top: Coach Dale Ransom Bottom: Beall takes the lead The talent-shy and injury bedeviled Tar Heels could do no better than third place in both the conferences winter Indoor Games and the spring outdoor cham- pionships, but they had their moments and provided some surprises. Since the Tar Heels have led by a wide margin all league members in winning both indoor and out- door titles over the years, the year ' s outcome in the cinder sport was quite a stepdown. That the year would be a struggle was inevitable in the winter. However, prospects looked fairly bright in the spring, and but for some untimely accidents, the Tar Heels would have done much better. In dual outdoor competition the team won four meets and lost three. The Tar Heels made a battle of it in the titular meet and seemed assured of second place, behind Maryland, until the outcome of the last two events. They missed it by a hair, Duke get- ting the runner-up spot. First Roll-: Duke, Harden, Bennett. Osborne, Bell, Ray, Cornell, Scott, Ryan. Second Rotr: Murray, Houghton, Keiger, Yarborough, Mitchell, Bostian, Welch, Flowers, Marxs, Wilson, Higgins, Third Row: Manager Jones, Brown, Beall, Newman, Purdue, Morris, Green, Marcinko, Hackney, Coach Hilton and Coach Ransom. Not Pictured: Hester. t is v... . 1953 Results UNC OPPONENT 1 12 1 6 William and Mary 18 5 6 64 Princeton 67 93 1 2 VMI 37 1 2 52 Maryland 79 81 N. estate 50 67 Duke 76 96 1 2 Virginia 34 1 2 Won 4, Lost 3 Southern Conference Won 3, Lost 2. Pre-Meet Confabs Frank Scott Sonny Beall Jack Bennett Page 247 Top: Herb Browne and Coach Kenfield Bottom: Captain Del Sylvia TENNIS Year after year. Coach John Kenfield turns out one of the nation ' s finest teams at Carolina, and his 1953 edition was no exception. The team rolled to a new peak last season when the Tar Heels went undefeated in 23 straight dual matches. This team, considered by many as Carolina ' s finest, was captained by Dei Sylvia. Del Sylvi a won the conference singles champion- ship for the second year in a row, and Tom Bradford and Don Thompson, two freshmen with two more years of eligibility, teamed to take the doubles title. Teamed with such outstanding men as Herb Browne, Bobby Payne, Pete Green, Ronnie Ker- dasha. Bill Izlar, and Sam Handel, the Tar Heels were established No. 3 in the nation. Winning over such opponents as Harvard, Springfield, Michigan State, ' Williams, and Kalamazoo with amazing ease, the netters easily established themselves as the most feared in the South. Possibility of another undefeated season loomed forth for next year ' s team as Captain Del Sylvia is the only major loss from this season ' s squad. Coach Kenfield is eagerly awaiting next spring. First Row: Handel. Bradford, Sylvia. Payne, Kerdasher. Se Coach Kenfield. kJ Row: Manager Smith, Islar, Thomp,son, Browne. Gustafson, Green, and 1933 Results UNC OPPONENT 9 Springfield 12 Harvard 1 12 Harvard 8 jm 14 Williams 1 X- 14 Williams 1 jf. 9 Amherst ■ ■ 6 Michigan State 3 I m ' 7 Sewanee 2 ■ 9 Georgetown ' ■ 1 5 Dartmouth 1 5 Dartmouth 9 Kalamazoo 9 Wake Forest 9 N. C. State 7 Duke 2 7 Davidson 2 9 William and Mary 9 Virginia 7 Williams 2 9 Amherst 7 Harvard 2 7 Princeton 2 7 Yale 2 Won 23, Lost Southern Conference, Won 5, Lost Browne and Payne w Green and Sylvia jDJUinjTffl Thompson Handel Page 249 BASEBALL " Big Steam " Bunn Hearn, Carolina ' s lovable head baseball coach, is a spring campus fixture of nearly 30 years standing, and his assistant, Walter Rabb, is one of the most able young baseball coaches in the country. Carolina always has good baseball teams, and the boys have a lot of fun in this sport in Chapel Hill. The baseball Tar Heels of 1953 were one of the best in recent years. For the season they won 17 games, lost 5. In winning the title in the torrid Big Four race, they captured six out of nine. They had a Southern Conference record of twelve wins and three losses. X ith Chal Port, Don Marbry, Bill Lore, and Joe Pazdan the big mound winners, the team looked r-V C(..kIi W.iitu K.ihh Bullum: Coach Bunn Hearn confers with players First Row: Manager Hamilton, Hooks, Motsinger, Pazdan, Henning, Port. White, Yelverton. Dale, Keller. Hawks, Marbry. Second Row: Davidson, Gravitte, Morgan, White, Williams, Stowe, Robinson, Mozier, Frye, Coach Hearn, Scearce, Coach Rabb, Holt, Lloyd, Long, Lore. to be the class of the conference, but took a tumble in the playoffs at Raleigh to Duke and missed out on the NCAA tournament. The Tar Heels deserved better luck. Ed Hooks, in his first year as a catcher, led the team in batting with a .438 average. Wayne White, Fred Dale, and Harry Lloyd all finished above the three hundred mark. Will Frye, a freshman, did a fine job behind the plate, sharing with Hooks the catching duties. The classy inheld gave the club color and distinction while the outfield was the most feared in the league. Chal Port won the Big Four pitching title, and the Tar Heels took the team batting honors. Coach Rabb was NCAA district three chairman and set up the NCAA tournament in Charlotte which his own team missed by a whisker. Shortstop Dale OutheMer Vi ' hite Page 251 Catcher Will Frye Starting Moundsmen Port, Pazdan, and Lore 1953 Results UNC OPPONENT 1 Georgia Teachers 2 7 Rollins 1 3 Rollins 6 1 1 Rollins 1 1 1 Mich. State 1 1 1 Mich. State 9 3 Camp Lejeune 5 5 Clemson 4 7 Furman 1 5 N. C. State 10 8 South Carolina 1 5 The Citadel 3 18 Davidson 5 Wake Forest 2 8 Virginia 5 5 Duke 2 1 1 Davidson 5 Wake Forest 2 13 N. estate 3 2 Duke 4 Southern Conference Tournament 1 3 Maryland 2 2 Duke 7 1 5 Geo. Wash 3 Duke 5 7 N. C. State 6 6 Wake Forest 5 3 Duke 1 Regular Season, Won 17, Lost 5 Big Four, Won 6, Lost 3 Southern Conference, Won 12, Lost 3 Overall, Won 19, Lost 7 Relief Pitcher Marbry Page 252 GOLF Making good use of the University ' s new and beautiful 18-hole Finley course and club house, the 1953 Tar Heels breezed through a wonderful season. Captain Bob Black ' s well balanced team, with every regular at one time or another taking medal honor in a dual meet, the Tar Heels in the regular season slipped only once, being shaded by Duke 14-13, while overcoming its other oppo- nents, The Citadel, Williams, Ohio University, Notre Dame, " Virginia, N. C. State, and Wake Forest. They made up for the one lapse in the Southern Conference championships by winning the team title with a record score of 579. Carolina ' s Jim Ferree took the individual championship. Then, in the NCAA, Carolina ' s Bill Williamson stroked his way to the finals and emerged runner-up for the national tide. In addition to Ferree and Williamson. Coach Erickson praised Bob Black, Billy Ford, Billy Thornton, and John Frazier and accorded them much of the success of the team. Mountcastle, Coach Erickson, Ford Bob Black Coach Erickson ill Williamson and Bob Black Page 253 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Freshman Starting Backfield: KiUets, Farmer, Klochak, NKMuIlt-n One of the most powerful freshman football teams at Carolina in the past few years was turned out this past fall by Jim Gill. Winning easily over all their opponents except Duke, the Tar Babies excelled in every department, running, passing and especially defense. It looks like Coach Barkley has solved many of his next year ' s problems by the outstanding performances by many of the freshmen. Fiisl Roiv: Donahoe, Williams, Love, Killets, Sutton, McMullen, C. Boyette, Gould. Secund Row: Bmton. Boyette, Mellick, Stavnitsky, Farmer, Dickerson, Gardner. ThirJ Rou: Lear, J. Jones, Billich, B. Jones, Malonc, Rough, Livsey, Styles. Fourth Row: Magner, W, Boyette, Weiss, Bessie, Perry, Haynie. Deane, Klochak. Fill!) Row: Man.iger Rand. Ryan, Jamerson, and Gill. ! 57 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL , ■ f nv Rati:- Hearndon, Henderson, Johnson, Wallace, Young, Rosenbluth, Clark, Singleton, Ward. Second Row: Manager Luben, Hooten. Richardson, Teague, Dale, Rand, Ashworth, Gafney, and Sutton. Coach Buck Freeman with Lennie Rosenbluth Carolina ' s freshman basketball team seems to be one of the finest in several years. The squad is loaded with talent which will be a big help next year in once more making Carolina a basketball powerhouse. The versatile Lennie Rosenbluth is one of the finest prospects to come to Carolina in years. Joe Quigg is an- other with Bob Young and Dick Ward also bringing hope into the eyes of Carolina basketball fans. Coach Buck Freeman ' s charges had a very successful season and more can be expected of them in the next few years. Another winter freshman sport got under way with the wrestling team swinging into action. The grunt and groan sport gave indication that the winter season would continue the dominance of North Carolina ' s freshmen among the conference foes. Many of Carolina ' s freshman grapplers far exceeded the expectations of the coaches and turned in performances that was indicative of future varsity material. FRESHMAN WRESTLING Coach Johnny Guiton Firsl Row: Andrews, Gray, Tell, Van ' Winkle. Ayscue, Korshun, Trent. Second Row: Glover, Wible, Cowan, Hany, Moore, NX ' agner, Hinson. Page 255 First Row: Hunter, Smoot, McGinnis, BrcnnarJ, Marks. Hcttlenian. Second Run: Hall, Smith, Chamberlan, Drake, Krepp, Dryer, Coach Jamerson. FRESHMAN SWIMMING The freshmen swimmers turned in a performance that equaled if not bettered the mark of previous freshman teams. Coach jamerson was well pleased and expected that many of his freshmen swimmers would be pushing hard for varsity berths next year. Many of the freshman records were broken by this outstanding group of swimmers. FRESHMAN PROFILES George McGinnis, a freshman diver, is expected to bolster the varsity squad next season. As a freshman, he showed much that gave indication that he will be a standout. Jim Beatty, freshman crosscountry and track runner, broke the existing freshman crosscountry as well as the varsity record. Taking first in all the freshman meets, he broke a record every time he came to home with a victory. He is truly a great in Carolina ' s freshman sports. Page 256 WOMEN ' S SPORTS Fiisi Rou: Mary L. Junes, Anntr Htrbert, Pat Hortun, Jackit McCarthy, Connie Carbough. , Sarah Cashwell. Second Row: Betty Burth, Joy Whisunont, Betsy Bracey, Kitty Wright, Sarah McCarter, Pat Corbett, Nancy Home, Carolyn Johnson, Alice Hicks. Third Raw: Mrs. Hogan, Miss NX ' ooJwarj, Mary B. Cook, Jess Gant, Kit Wallace, Jane Berryhill, Jo Ann Murphy. The Women ' s Athletic Association, of which all coeds are automatically members, sponsors several sports clubs and an extensive intramural program. Tournaments and games provide different sports each semester in the large year-round intramural program Seafed: Miss Kellam, Miss Price, Mrs. Fink. Slciidii x- ' Miss CK.Jwin, Miss Woodward. Miss Spangler. Mrs. Hogan. which gives an opportunity for social and recreational participation. The WAA Council with the aid of the Women ' s Physical Education faculty directs the sports which are carried on in accordance with the policies of the National Section on Women ' s Athletics. Sei cd Nanci Home. Carolyn Johnsr Hogan Sljndnr : Xanty Gerl.ich. Mi lane Berryhill, Mrs. -ood«ard WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION FACULTY WAA EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Page 258 INTRAMURALS Intramural Coordinators Hooks, Coach Rabb, Johnson The Department of Intramural Activities is the divi- sion of the Department of Physical Education and Athletics which organizes and conducts a broad program of competitive activities on the campus for the voluntary participation of the student body. In seeking to give the members of the student body every chance to realize the outcomes the pro- gram established to promote sportsmanship, the Intramural Department assumes the responsibility for supplying adequate officials and trained officials. In addition, the Department considers the introduction of new activities to the student body as one of its more important functions. A reasonable amount of precaution is taken to safeguard the health and safety of the participants. All members of the University student body and faculty are invited to participate in any phase of the program that appeals to them. Outstanding Intramural Athletes Bill E ans and Smitty Lineberger Outstanding Intramural Managers Al Poppleton and Rod Nichols Page 260 CHEERLEADERS Under the tutelage of Head Cheerleader Jim Foun- tain, the 1953-54 Tar Heel yell squad turned in a fine job of building, conditioning, and maintaining the renowned Carolina spirit. The usual pep rallies and torchlight parades were displayed with a new look and new twists, while Saturday afternoon activity from the stands of Kenan Stadium had much to do in the backing of a Tar Heel team which got off to a fast start by winning its first three games. One of the high points of the cheering season came in the activities preceding the Maryland-U.N.C. game. A torchlight parade and street pep rallies were only two of the many activities that the cheerleaders led the student body through on the eve of the big game. Carrying on this same spirit throughout the rest of the year, the cheering squad did much to lift the Carolina spirit to post-war levels. Head Cheerleader Jim Fountain First Row: Ann Hartzog, Jim Lewis, Frank Harris, Johnny Rhoades, Jim Fountain, Tom Wakefield. Pete Brumley, Frank Ramos. Pat Turn- bul. Second Roic: Joan Gant, Eleanor Wrenn, Marilyn Habel, Dottie Law, and Jean Bunch. THE CARD BOARD Under the capable leadership of President Bob Skillen, the Card Board had another highly success- ful year, providing halftime entertainment for the Kenan Stadium fans. Highlighting each game was the presentation of the half-time score of the foot- ball game. This flexible score stunt involved much detailed work, but thanks to this industrious group, the stunt was performed in a most graceful manner. Also featured this year was the taking of Carolina card stunts to out of town football games in nearby Wake Forest and Duke, thus showing off to those present at these games the perfected work of the Card Board. Ending up the season with a social function, the Card Board is looking forward to another football season and the chance to make even better the animated, script, and public service card stunts which are a feature of a Saturday afternoon football game. First Row: W. E. Radcliff, Tom Lindsey, Albert Clay, Valerie Nichols, Jean Hayes, Bob Skillen, Mary Fran Plummer, Bob Gahrmann, Gary Sluder, Bob Carswell. Second Row: Grace Alley, Bob Bell, Lib Patterson, Lib Suddreth, Bradley Katz, Barbara Pendergraft, Cookie Kooker, Carol Moore, Mary Lou O ' Mara, Bette Bostian, Bill Scarborough. Third Row: Charles Hoover, David Ward, Luther Hodges, Perkinson Hayes. Bob McLaughlin, Howard Zerden, Buddy Clark, J. B. Carroll, David Weil, Craig Horsman, Bennette Whisenant, Rex Littlejohn. Fourth Ron-: David Bruton, Bert Howell, Bill Porterfield, Al Mebane. Norman Tipton, Stuart Teichman. Harry Forbes, Holt Laws, Albert Heinz, Lionel Perkins, X ' iley Harrell, Reno Bailey, Snyder Pate. Page 263 .IddtXVs ; BAPTIST STUDENT UNION ... 292 CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS ... 289 CAROLINA POLITICAL UNION . . . CAROLINA QUARTERLY ... 274 COSMOPOLITAN CLUB ... 290 DAILY TAR HEEL ... 270 DANCE COMMITTEE ... 285 DI SENATE ... 293 HILLEL FOUNDATION ... 286 INDEPENDENT COED BOARD . MEN ' S GLEE CLUB ... 283 NEWMAN CLUB ... 290 PHI ASSEMBLY ... 288 PLANNERS ' FORUM ... 273 PRESS CLUB ... 291 TAR HEELS AND TOES ... 275 TARNATION ... 272 U. N. C. BAND ... 276 UNIVERSITY CLUB ... 277 UNIVERSITY PARTY ... 284 WESLEY FOUNDATION ... 287 WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB ... 282 YACKETY YACK ... 266 Y M C A . . . 278 Y W C A . . . 280 291 274 Page 265 THE YACKETY YACK 1954 Tom Spain Assistant Business Manager Lib Moore Editor-in-Chief The " Salt Mine " is quiet now, the typewriters show signs of neglect, no waste paper litters the floor, and neatness pervades the room. All this gives mute voice to the fact that at last the Ydck has gone to press! The barrenness of the room brings to mind the continuous activity which filled it through the fall and winter afternoons as the staff contributed time, effort and ideas to make your 1954 Yackety Yack. Although we of the staff had our troubles, head- aches, and fun, we were united by the desire to get our job done well. Jane Yearley Activities Editor Page 266 Jean Williamson Senior Editor Mary Bascom Cook Junior Editor Peggy Barnard Sophomore Editor Don Freeman Freshman Editor The year began during orientation week when the new typists were swamped by eager freshmen waiting to be photographed. Gene Hackney, Bob Hinshaw, Don Freeman, Miller Carmichael, Jimmy Mills, and others somehow stuck it out through last day rushes of the upper-classmen. Our foot-wear) ' photographers, Mr. Cheek and Mr. Balance, won ' t soon forget those long lines of waiting students which wound around in the Rendezvous Room, either. Later, after the office work began, Peggy patiently stopped her filing and looked up hundreds of lost photo numbers. As time progressed and the Yack was in full production, Cornell almost lost his mind scurrying around campus to keep photo appointments. Jean Williamson and Mary Bascom Cook labored away on their class sections to meet deadlines. After doing re-takes on several of their pictures, Pat Seawell became well acquainted with most of the med students. Then, there was the time when she was stranded between floors on the elevator with the med school senior officers I David Leonard made an untold numb er of trips to the P. O. lugging Yacks to be mailed. After Jane, Vince, and Lib spent a " lost weekend " ordering reprints, the office acquired its official title of " Salt Mine. " The Beauty Contest turned out to be the best yet and a highlight of the fall. Markham gloried in being surround- ed by all the top campus beauties, and Nose, loving every minute of it, did a great job as Emcee. ' Reen, the little dynamo behind the Beauty Contest, created much excite- ment over keeping the queen ' s name a secret. Mr. Lavergne Staff members working with senior section. THE 1934 YACKETY YACK Osborne Lee Fraternity Editor Phyllis Forrest Photography Coordinator Bill Warwick Assistant Sports Editor TYPIST STAFF Left 10 Ris ht: Jay Zimmerman. Snookie Stone. Zeb ' Weaver. Lois Collins, Kendrick Townsend. Louis Patseavouras Sports Editor Bob Hinshaw ROTC Editor David Leonard Exchange Editor Johnson ' s sage advice, help, and work on the Beauty Section were indispensable. Through it all late-working staff mem- bers stayed up-to-date on campus affairs as sounds from the multitudinous meetings echoed through the thin walls. Socializing in the Yack office between cases became standard procedure for the Honor Council on Thursday nights. Lee Paul ' s good kodachrome saved the day. The inability of sorority girls to take decent snapshots increased Thelma ' s worries. Russ, com- pletely surprised over his birthday party, did the honors by cutting his cake with a huge DTH ruler. About that time the midnight oil burned late and often on the 2nd G. M. Eleanor boosted our spirits by making many trips upstairs loaded with coffee and Cokes. During several periods of despair, only the patience, understand- ing, and skillful help of Price Coursey, the engraving representative, kept us going. Our " rush orders " gave Marilyn and her ART STAFF Mary Ruth Linville and Put Davis Page 268 photo lab staff headaches throughout the year. Boyden Hen- ley, Jerry Cook, Jack Markham, and Pete Daniels willingly assisted with the photography. Without Alice Asbury, Betsy Stoner, Joan Green, Lois Collins, Ann Street, Snookie Stone, Kendrick Townsend, Jackie Park, and all the other faithful typists, the book would never have gone to press ! " Old Dad " always added gaiety and sunshine to life in the Salt Mine — especially when he had a stamp-covered letter from Jersey. Our pulling pictures turned the office into a mad-house for several days as frantic efforts were made to meet those pre-Christmas deadlines. The Deke pledges unwillingly did a great job in helping Obbie and Zeb get the fraternity section ready on time. Louie and Russ were not alone when it came to missing deadlines ! Certain house cuts caused a lot of trouble, but Marty Jordan came to our rescue. Without Mary Ruth to do pin-drawings and to correct last minute art work, the editor would have com- pletely lost her last thread of sanity. Max Ballinger ' s snap- shot contest made the choice of snapshots easy. Bob Colbert, always dependable, gave both technical and " fatherly " advice. Charlie Shelton had fun — period. Jane had her share of troubles, but she will never forget a certain dog which was so obnoxious while one picture was being made — and then there was page 290! Obbie ' s mystic seances provided unique interludes in the continuous grind. T. B. ' s work winds up the year for us as he gives out the finished product. We of the staff have enjoyed working on the Yack and feel it ' s a good book — but, of course, we ' re prejudiced. We hope you like your 1954 Yackely Yack. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Ltfjl lo Ri hl: Jerry Cook, Malcolm Copeland, Boyden Henley, Pete Daniels. Seniors wait in line to be photographed. Jack Markham Co-Beauty Editor ' Reen Norris Co-Beauty Editor Pat Seawell Graduate and Professional Schools Editor Cornell Wright Photographer II Page 269 Rolfe Neil, Editor The Daily Tar Heel bumped along through a tempestuous year, serving the students with news, editorials, local and national pictures and features — all on a six-day- a-week basis. (And on the seventh day they rested.) The paper joined the Associated Press again receiving full wire coverage. On the lighter side was the saga of Sir Charles and the misty maiden ; on the campaigning side was the editorial battle against big-time athletics at Carolina. Managing Editor Louis Kraar built up one of the largest staffs in years, and they did a superb job of coverage. The only indispensable man, it was found, was Kraar. Assisting him at the slot was News Editor, Ken Sanford. Sports Editor, Tom Peacock, spiced his pages with personality features and the fanciest layouts ever appearing in the paper. It probably was the best sports page in Tar Heel history. Jim Schenck and Al Shortt skillfully piled up the bank balance to see it all through. Top item on the printing agenda, (beyond merely suffering through each night ' s press run) was the air mail edition to the Georgia game in Athens. A blue ram butted a red bulldog oft the page, but on the field it was different. GENERAL STAFF Seated, left to right: Tom Lambeth, Beverly Blemker, Jennie Lynn. Standing, left to right: Dick Creed, Charles Kuralt, Jesse Nettles, Fred Powledge, Joyce Adams, James Duvall, Ken Sanford, Ann Pooley, Ed Yoder, Jerry Reece. SPORTS STAFF Lejt to right: Jack Murphy, Rooney Boone, Vardy Buckalew, John Hussey. r A -fiK O ' li Ati« ' irli I.ouis Kraar, Mjthiging Editor A I. Shortt. Business Manager loM Peacock. Sports Editor BUSINESS STAFF Left to riKht: Al Shortt, David Leonard, Syd Shuford, Jack Stilwell. When the staff wasn ' t on duty it was relaxing together. The first Sunday night party at Harry Snook ' s was casual, and it set the pace for the rest of the season. This spring ' s beach party was no slouch affair, either. Then, too, getting out each day ' s paper was some- thing of a festivity even though at times it took Pinkerton detectives to locate enough staffers to do the work. Just check the Goody Shop. Kuralt and Powledge read " Kansas City Milkman " and haven ' t taken oft ' their belted raincoats since . . . Pooley had her hair cut and it didn ' t go unnoticed . . . JayBee somehow survived and only because he did, did the students get a paper . . . Lynn went to Newport and Adams to NYC — both on business . . . Creed learned the ways of politicians and kept smil- ing . . . Duvall doodled, and it came out on the edit page . . . Saunder ' s pen was in everyone ' s business, and they loved it . . . Hogg, Witty and " Venable vowed to give up the publishing business . . . Shuford finally got the mail out while Stilwell was looking for the ad dummies . . . Yoder discovered Thomas Wolfe and made him famous via the Daily Tar Heel . . . Buckalew and Hussey did what Peacock didn ' t want to do and Murphy and Barkley did what none of the other three would do . . . Larry Saunders put up with all of them . . . Beshara wrote on bridge, Levin on goodbyes and Sirkin and Leonard on ad copy . . . Nettles told the airport manager the facts of life . . . ' Vann had at least one idea a day . . . Cooper found out the paper had never heard of the 40 hour week . . . Lambeth cheerfully missed supper . . . Dilorio would have gone to Athens . . . Wright posed dozens for the birdie . . . Reece outdid Dragnet . . . And Colbert mothered everybody. Page 271 ARNATlQH. In Webster ' s New Collegiate Dictionary, the word humor is defined thusly: " A changing and uncertain state of mind; a caprice; a whim; fancy; . . . whimsical or freakish action or happenings ... a quaUty which appeals to a sense of the ludicrous or absurdly incongruous ... " There you have it . . . TARNATION! We embarked upon our second year since re-birth (by political section in 1952) with high hopes, mediocre material and low income. " It ' s a humor magazine, you know, " was our stock comment after the first issue ... but if Webster ' s definition of humor is any criteria, we have succeeded, for a more whimsical, capricious, ludicrous, freakish and incongruous group never existed. The run-in with the " High Command " over the November issue and that cartoon . . . money? What money? That everlovin ' Beacon Mills ad! Like it or not, we seem to be rather solidly back to stay. We annoyed you during registration . . . aggra- vated you with our " well-run " circulation system . . . said nasty things about you in print . . . but being capri- cious, whimsical and always incongruous, we want to thank the reading half of our public for another successful year. Jackie Brooks, Edito Page 272 The Incomparable Business Manager, Steve, handling the financial fiascos of the editor-in-grief . . . Rueben declaring that as production manager he was entitled to produce . . . something! Jerry achieving a certain fame for his wonderful character, " The Slob " and deserving every bit of it . . . Left to right: Steve Owen, Business Manager; Stan Smith, Jerry McMahon, Associate Editor; Rueben Leonard, Production Manager; Dave Brady, Artist. Stan Smith always calm and always clever . . . Ann, the harried office manager wad- ing through stacks of illegible subscription cards . . . Rollie ' s laugh echoing through the marble corridors of tlie " lower level " . Lej! to right: Art Einstein, Rollie Tillman. Lej! to right: Stan Shaw, Jane Abernathy, Frances Vi ' atts, Ann L ' nder- wood, office manager; Pat Horton, Virginia Agnew. Page 27. Although founded in 1947, the Caro- lina Qnarlerly actually continues a tradition of literary activity that has been on campus since the first publica- tion of the Carolinit Magazine in 1844. This year the Quarterly enjoyed the highest level of student participation in its history. A hard working and enthusiastic staff was rewarded with lively campus interest throughout the year. Seated. Left to Right: Bill Oakley. Charlotte Davis, Editor; Claire Frank, Bebe Baumann. Statiding: Julia Shields, Bill Icarhorough, Jim Dunn. Jim Turner. Bobbie VCalker. Carl VCiUiams, Ginger Cummins. Carolina Quarterly The Independent Coed Board is an organization designed so that the in- dependent women of the university may have an opportunity for the devel- opment of social, civic and intellectual interests. The Board itself is made up of two representatives elected from each women ' s dorm by the non-sorority women, but all the non-sorority women on campus come under its auspices. Seated, Left to Right: Keen Oliver. Joy Whisonant, Stella D ' Aleo, Jean Hayes, Lucia Johnson. Standing: Celia Brown, Nancy Fox, Anne Mc X ' hirter, Libby Whit- field, Amy Cooke, Dorry Liggett. Independent Coed Board Page 274 Planner ' s Forum The Planners ' Forum, formed in 1952, IS the local professional organization of graduate students majoring in city and regional planning; other graduate students interested in problems of metropolitan planning may become members. The Forum encourages extra- curricular discussion of topics of pro- fes sional interest, sponsors visiting lecturers, and through affiliation with the Federation of Student Planning Or- ganizations, is the avenue of contact with similar groups at other univer- sities. First Rotr, left to riglit: Robert Barbour. Harry Coblentz, Don Stewart. Gayle Harder. Frank Skribanek. Burt Lawrence. Serond Row: George Beaton. Will Hansen, A. C. Howell. Barclay Jones. Bick Foster. Bill N ' aliory. F. Stewart Chapin. Jr.-professor. Third Bow: Manuel Seoane. Jack Devaney, Martin Rotly. John Harvev. Bob Seler, John A. Parker Hea l of Department. Ever since they chose their name in 1952, the Tar Heels ' N Toes have been thriving. They now number over thirty members not all pictured here. The club ' s purpose is to promote interest in all types of American square danc- ing and also in the folk dances of foreign countries. But whether it ' s a ■Virginia Reel or a European peasant dance, the group ' s primary aim is to ha e fun. First Row, Seated, left to right: Betty Schoekley. Brownie Menius. Kit Sledge. Second Row, Seated: Joan B. Weeden. Mary L. Camp, Jody Derry. Third Ron; Seated; Peggy Need- ham. Elise Montgomery. Martha Calton. Sue Shugart. Fourth Row, Seated: Annie Nicliol- .son. Ruth I. Price, Beth Okum, Fifth Row, Standing: Sy Herzog. Clarence Kidd. JiTii Ivey. Deet Johnson. Lloyd Farrar. Walter R. Lynn. Richard Taeuber. Tar Heels n Toes Page 275 UNC Band The University Band under the capable direction of Professor Earl Slocum and Herbert W. Fred attempts to provide an outlet for enjoyment and musical experience to the students of the university. In the fall the marching band provides a variety of music and color at the pep rallies and football games. One of the highlights of this fall was the instrument-theme song show which included the instruments formations and theme songs of some of the nation ' s popular orchestra leaders. After football season, the marching unit becomes a major part of the concert band which performs during the remainder of the year. It gives a formal concert in Hill Hall. However, the most popular concerts seem to be the spring lawn concert series under Davie Poplar. The band brings its year to a closing when it plays for commence- ment each spring. Top, Ltjt to R:ght: Earl Slocum, direttcir, anJ Herbert W. Fred, assistant director. Center, Left to Right: Ken Pruitt. vice-president, and Jim Headley, president. Bottom, Left to Right: Jean Stanford, Guyte Cotton, Pat Gibson. UNC BAND V University Club UNIVERSITY CLUB First Ron, se.iied: Lewis Mack, Dick Nixon. Jo Ann Jones, Roy W. I ' pchurch. Bill Scarborough. Second Rou; seated: Pat Turnbull, Jeanne Bunch, Betty ' W ' annamaker. Liz Lynn, Annette Niven. Ann Pooley. Joanne Murphy, Laurence Maddry. Third Row, standing: iBarry Fogel, Fred Hutchins, Doc Broadway, Delaine Bradsher, Johnny Medlin, Bill Calvert, Bill Moore, Jack Stevens. Fourth Row: DeWayne Tripp, Joe Rand, John Comer, Jim Fountain, Ted Taws. Daniel Vann, Gene Brown, Don Christopher. The University Club is primarily a service organization, and all of its functions are carried through in the interest of the student body and the University. The motto of the club — For the Univer- sity — is self-explanatory of the purpose of the club. Composed of a representative from each dormitory, sorority, fraternity, band, Cardboard, cheerleaders and the Monogram Club, it has direct contact with almost every student on campus. The functions of the club are many and varied. Through the cooperation with the Athletic Association, the Club seeks to promote and maintain enthusiasm and good sportsmanship in all University events by sponsoring pep rallies, homecoming attrac- tions, and an annual carnival in the spring. The officers for the year have been Bill Calvert, President; Treasurer; Lib Suddreth and Jo Ann Jones, Secretary. Bill Calvert, President Fred Hutchins, Vice-President; Bill Moore, Page 277 Y M NtJ Harbin President Dr. Virgil Mann Chairman of the Advisory Board FRESHMAN FRIENDSHIP COUNCIL First Row, left to right: Robert Young, Blaine Beck, James M, Howey. David E. Setzer. Brent Dorrity, Steve Venters, Quincy Ayscue, Larry Ford. Second Row: John Bridger. Glenn Davis, Ronald Oldenburg, David Mclnnis, James R. Luther, Edward Britt, Oscar Bolch, Joe E. Brown. Art Mashburn, Joe Christian. Stephen Undera-ood, John Reid, Bobby L. Newton. Third Rou: Ronald Garhmann, Nick Fisher, Don Boone, Sam Barnard, Owens Batten, Thomas Jackson, William Pearce, Don Wells, Bobby Sullivan, Dick Shermer, Warren McDevett. Y. M. C. A. FRESHMAN C A YOUNG MENS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Ninety- FOUR years on this campus, the Carolina Young Men ' s Christian Association is one of the oldest student YMCA ' s in the world. The program is planned to meet the interests and needs of students moving ahead on the basis that Christianity applies to every aspect of life. Effective Christian leadership is developed as members work creatively together on different phases of the program. FRESHMAN FELLOWSHIP This year ' s Freshman Fellowship had its beginning from a group of Freshman Campers. It was decided that the spirit should continue as an organized association that would promote interest in subjects of concern to the Freshman class. Topics of student government, debating societies, and fraternities were presented and discussed at supper meetings. A dance at Averett College in Danville, Virginia, was one of the more exciting activities of the Fellow- ship. Y.M.C.A. CABINET First Rou, Seated, left to right: Virgil I. Mann. Robert P. Hyatt. Ned Harbin. President; Claude Shotts. Second Ron: Standing: John Riebel, Associate Secretary; Bernice Theiling, Chairman, Personal and Campus Affairs; Bob Pugh, Chairman, Christian Faith and Heritage Committee; Clint Lindley, Chairman, World Relatedness; Ram Gnanadesikan, Bob Barlowe, Chairman, YMCA-Hillel Film Forum. ORIENTATION CAMP To unite in a desire for a full, creative college life . . . To determine to have a part in making this life possible for all students . . . To seek to know God, to understand him ... Is the goal that we, students of Carolina, women of many denominations and backgrounds, attempt to achieve. To listen to Mary ' s prob lems and help her solve them . . . To take part in campus activities such as U. N. week, realizing that here lies world hope — hope for our association ' s ideals, and a world where men with differences may live to- gether . . . To meet the international students-people who are learning our culture; people from whose cultures we may also learn . . . Living day by day, savoring each moment, preparing for a better tomorrow . . . Not only talking of Christianity, but trying to be more like Him in our daily behavior . . . Standing up for our ideals in religion, yet remaining tolerant and unprejudiced toward the beliefs of others . . . The Y is ours and yours. Girls before us made it and its ideals what they are. It is our privilege to continue its work. ' We hope that through worship, work and play our college life will prepare us for brotherhood and a better understanding of life. We know that only through these can we find and share happiness. Y.W.C.A. CABINET First Row, left to right: Jennie Lynn, Kirsten MiUbratte, Alice Hicks, Thelraa Souder, Marilyn Habel, Carolyn Hartforci, Mary Jane Bumpous, Betty Ray. Second Row: Jo Ann Jones, Mary Kit Myers, Lois Collins, Sara Rose, Connie Lassiter, Mase Chapin, Eleanor Addison, Sara Kate Davis, Norma King, Sally Winn, Mary B. Cook. Third Row: Edith Rogers, Ann Folger, Jean Hayes, Janie Carey, Emily Cook, Mary Lowery, Eleanor W ' renn. Y W C A Marilvn Habel. President. X ' .C.A. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL led, left to right: Marilyn Habel. Emily 3k, Mase Chapin, Eleanor " renn. Stjnd- : Kirsten Millbratte, Mary Jane Bump- ,, Betty Ray. i ' . W. C. A. MEMBERSHIP COUNCIL -list Rou; Sejteil, left to right: Doris OCorthington, Ann Folger, Miriam PelzeL iecond Row, Standing: Peggy Pierpont, Jean latliff, Virginia Whiteman, Julia Shields, toy Whisonant, Janyce Winders, Nancy 3urciiam, Betty Burch, Sue Folger. This year the Y has: Sponsored informal talks by the faculty and friends of the Y. Has had outside speakers to lead discussions concerning religion and other phases of life. Dr. Cheek, Dr. Harland, Dr. Leslie, Charlie Jones and Dr. Boyd have shared their ideas with the students. Held vespers in the women ' s dorms and sorority houses every week. Given international dinners, teas for foreign students and others to become better acquainted. Sponsored, with the YM the trip to the UN Seminar in New York. Helped in the hospital by feeding patients, answering the phone, running errands for the nurses. Helped with scout work in the community. Sponsored clothing drives for the needy. Page 281 Sally Jente, President The Women ' s Glee Club, under the able direction of Mr. Joel Carter and Mr. William Whitesides, began its 1953-54 season by performing jointly with the Men ' s Glee Club at the University Day celebration. A benefit concert was performed by the groups at the First Baptist Church of Chapel Hill. Then interest was centered upon preparation for the annual fall concert. Following this they joined the Chapel Hill Choral Club in a performance of Handel ' s " Messiah " . The Glee Club also appeared in a concert with the State College Men ' s Glee Club in Raleigh. For spring semester other appearances with the Men ' s Glee Club were planned with the height of the activities being the formal concert. Women ' s Glee Club OFFICERS: Kathkrini; Jente President Nora Jane Rumph Vice-President Ann Folger Secretary Etta Mann Treasurer First Row: Martha Bridger, Jackie McCarthy, Margaret Gutierrez, Mary Anne Hayes, Elsie Peterson, Kathryn Williams, Ann Folger. Second Row: Grace Alley. Phyllis Cogburn. Elizabeth Hamilton, Katherine Atwater, Phyllis Bailey, Jeanne Grana, Peggy Slate. William White- sides. Third Ron: Etta Mann, Nora lane Rumph, Mary Spainhour, Betsy Thomas, Sally jente. Hazel Crawford, Nancy Keister. Norma Newell. Mr. Carter. The Mhn ' s Glee Club opened the season by singing for Founder ' s Day and then the UN Day celebrations. Following these dates, the Club traveled to the University of Virginia and sang a joint concert with them on Friday night preceding the annual football game between the two universities. They joined with the Women ' s Club for the annual Fall concert just before Christmas, and then assisted the Chapel Hill Choral Society in its presentation of Handel ' s Mess ' uih. After the two highly successful tours of last Spring, the Club made plans to continue this work. The year was climaxed by a joint concert with the Women ' s College chorus at Greensboro and finally by the annual Spring concert witli the Women ' s Club of the University. William Chance. Presideni OFFICERS: William Chance President George Thomas Vice-President William Calvert Secretary James Gulledge Business Manager Rupert Williams P iblicily Manager Joseph McGugan Librarian Joel Carter Director Men ' s Glee Club First Row, Iff to rinht: Gene Swindell. Wyckliffe Hoffler. Addison Smith, Clyde Alexander. James Chamblee. Rupert Williams, Billy Wright. Thomas Duncan. Leonard Reaves. III. Second Row: James Gulledge, Jr., Henry F. Brooks, Doyce F. Wise, William E. Warnick, James W. Pruett, Richard Craddock, Joe McGugan, J. Gray McAllister, III. Bill Saliston, Hugh Ma.wn, Billy Woosley, Zane Eargle. Third Row: Thomas E. Sibley, Jerry J. Love. Douglas Dewing. Ronald Pritchett. Troy Page. Gene Parsons. William Chance, Leonard B. Bennett, William C. Padgett, Joe Sturdivant, Bill Leary, Harry Burley, Bill Calvert, Joe Pinner, Mack Thacker. Fourth Roii - Ken Anderson, George Thomas, Oscar Bolch, Jr., Calvin E. Venters. Joe Secrest. Gene Wagoner. Owen Norment, Bill Pittman, Donald Branch, John L. Heath, Donald T. Davis. John M. McCaskill. Bill Branch. Bob Exum. BiltSelf, Bill Houser. VW l!: ?! ! WMM www H 1% S3SS fer Z: -■■ — - ■ ■■ ' ■ -- - -. - ' Bfc llMiBi9BBK £jkr University Part •y Lou WOLFSHEIMER. ChalrDUUl The Universit ' Party, having functioned for over twenty-five years, is the oldest of the campus poUtical groups. The party was started by a group of about fifteen students interested in Student Government. For the first three or four years its meetings were held in dormitory rooms and the basements of fraternity houses. By the early thirties the University Party had become a campus wide organization, and it remained unopposed until nineteen forty-six as the only major student political party on the campus. It has been through the efforts of many of the past members of the University Party that the form of Student Government that we have today has evolved. For the party, then as now, has worked for a more democratic, self-governing student body. The party, since its beginning in the 1920 ' s, has followed the philosophy of group representation by one member of each group. For it is the conviction of the party that a more efficient organ for administer- ing the function of political parties in student government can be gained through this group organization. Today the University Party is composed of a steermg committee, which in turn is composed of members representing groups of at least twenty-five students. It is the work of this steering committee to select candidates and to determine policies for the party. This past year has been a successful one for the party, and much of the credit for this success goes to our two chairmen last year, Walt McFall and Jack Stilwell. Fint Rou; left to tight: John Hawes. Jerry Cook. Stella D ' Aleo, Janyce Winders, Virginia Gunter, Anne Bell. ' Keen Norris. C. B. Schley, Alice Asbury. Second Row: Jack Stilwell. Julia Shields. Jackie Brooks, Sonia Bergan, Ann Underwood. Barbara Burgess. Gloria Nix. Eleanor Saunders, Dottie Law. Mary Ida Brown. Third Row: Morris Broad, Jim Buyer, Bob Farrell, Bob Meacham, Beverly Webb, Al Mebane, Kirk Kynoch, Jim Roquemore, Jack Skinner, Mary Frances Stone, Carolyn Little, Bob Eberle. Fourth Row: Bill Sanders. Lionel Perkins, John Bi|ur, James G. Oglesby, Robert S. Grimes, Pete Adams, Lou Wolfsheimer, Gordon Battle, Bob Harrington, Jr., Jim Love- lace, Claude Pope. IIL Ogburn Yates. University Dance Committee The University Dance Committee has as its foremost objects the role of host at Carolina dances and the tasks of maintaining order at social functions sponsored by campus organizations. This group of students, familiar in their formal dress with blue and white rosettes in their lapels, in their careful vigilance of campus dances are striving toward making Carolina dances the functions that both students and faculty desire. During the 1933-54 season, the Committee has effectively performed its duty. The group has had a most successful year, both in helping to put on Carolina dances and guiding them toward perfection. Wallace Edmond Prid en, Ptesidenl First Row, left lo right: Wesley James Anderson, Harvey Deakins Bradshaw, Don O. Fowler, James Robinson Harper. Second Row: Robert Sutton Grimes, Walter Gurley, Sam Ingram, Edward Franklin Jenkins. Third Row: William Pickens Lore, Thomas E. Medlin, David Bob Mullens, Lionel Parker Perkins, Jr., Jake Hertel Rountree, Ir. I l irrx - C g| Page 28 ' Se.ileJ, left to right: Lewis Sherman, Publicity Chairman; Barry Fogel, Historian; Howard Zerden, Treasurer; Etta Mann, Vice-President; Rabbi Rosenzweig, Director; Henry Isaacson, President; Arthur Barbanell, Secretary; David Glass, Religious Chairman; Ken Myers, Advisory Chairman; Sue Shuff, Interfaith Chairman. HiUel Foundation The Hillel Foundation was founded thirty years ago by B ' nai Brith, the largest Jewish service organization in the United States. The Founda- tion here at the University is one of the 220 Hillel organizations serving Jewish students throughout this country, Canada, Cuba, England and Israel. Hillel attempts to train and prepare university students for future leadership in their respective Jewish and local communities. The program is a varied one, ranging from religious and cultural functions to dances and other social alifairs; activities include religious services, exhibits, forums, classes, vocational information, and projects of an interfaith nature ... all of which help to encourage Jewish education and spiritual growth. The program is determined by the Cabinet and by numerous committees, through which the students participate in the organization. Henry ls, ACSo ■, Pitndent Page 286 SrM)A i MCHI I i:i.l.() ' SHlF AT WKSI.H ' l ' FOl NDA I ION Wesley Foundation To PROVIDE A COMMUNITY in which students may explore the meaning of the Christian faith for their Uves: this is the purpose of Wesley Foundation. In Bible study groups, Wesley Players, " Coffee and Theology " , daily vespers, weekend get-togethers, " meet ' n eat " and other such activities graduates and undergraduates come together with the belief that Christianity is relevant to all the problems of life and in the belief also that this relevance can be known. Wesley Foundation is located in the University Methodist Church; its doors are always open and its facilities available for use by students and faculty. Executive officers are: Dave Johnson, president; Baxter Mclntyre, vice-president; Georgia Lee Hatley, secretary; Harold White, treasurer. Officers of the Wesley Young Adult Fellowship are: Laud Harmon, president; Millie Belheimer, vice-president; Ann Bell, secretary-treasurer; Dot Hall, social chairman. EXECUTIVE COMMrnTE ' l? rst Row: Georgia Lee Hatley, Dave Johnson. Second Row: Baxter Mclntyre, Harold White. Page 287 Philanthropic Assembly -. " WJJ,; Wade Matthews, Speaker The Assembly of the Philanthropic Literary Society, founded at the University of North Carolina in 1795, is a legislative debating organization which serves the campus as a medium for the expression of thought and the interchang e of ideas. It meets in Phi Hall which occupies the top floor of New East building each Tuesday evening for consideration of a bill or resolution of current mterest. During its earlier years, the Phi endowed the University library with its rich collection of books, contributed to the building of New East and formulated and enforced the honor system for half of the student body. The Phi today is organized on the pattern of the State House of Representatives, but topics may be of national, international or local interest. It offers its members training in leadership, parliamentary proce- dure, and public speaking, while formulating lasting friendships through participation in the activities of the Assembly. Flit! Ruir: Dayton Estes, Lewis Biumfield, Don Angell, Wade Matthews. Ronald Pritchett, Syd Shuford. Second Row: Hamilton C. Horton, Jr.. Harrison Dunlop. Bruce E. Mehrmann. J. L. H. Kernodle, Bob Pace. Lawrence Matthews. Third Row: Bill Porterfield , Franz Roberts, Laurence Maddry, Sol Cherry. J.inu-i Duv.ill. Page 288 " The Good Woman of Setz- uan " by Bertholdt Brecht, in the Playmakeis Theatre. An experimental production of a modern German play. tmsmm . . ' ii ' " Judgment Over Daniel " by student Frank Gloseclose. A playmakers student production in the Playmakers Theatre. The Carolina Playmakers The Carolina Playmakers, com- pleting their 36th successful season, look back with pride at the simple beginnings in 1918, when Frederick R. " Proff " Koch joined the Univers- ity ' s English department and intro- duced his now famous English 31, a course for beginning playwrights. In that class Koch initiated his life-long efforts toward a new and vital folk drama, which resulted in the success- es of such American playwrights as Paul Green and Josefina Niggli. Traditionally, the activities of the Playmakers fall into two divisions. There is first the program of major productions, with at least one play a year staged outdoors in the Koch Memorial Forest Theatre, and an- other toured extensively through North Carolina and neighboring states. Bridging this program with that of experimental production of new plays by student playwrights, the 1953-54 season saw introduced into the major plan two new full- length plays written by local authors. Two organizations fostered by the Playmakers in early years are now flourishing independently, encouraging community drama in the southeast. These are the Carolina Dramatic Association, which holds its annual drama festival at the historic Playmakers Theatre, and the Southeastern Theatre Conference. The Carolina Playmakers are, in a very real sense, a community theatre. Any student, member of the faculty or resi- dent of the area may become a member simply by taking an active part in any one of the many phases of production of a Playmaker play. " Mister Roberts " by Thomas Heggen and Joshua Logan, in the Playmakers Theatre. An- nual production of a modern hit play. Page 289 The Cosmopolitan Club The Cosmopolitan Club tries to provide " a home away from home " where students from other countries may meet each other and meet Ameri- can students. It beheves that by meet- ing and knowing each other, we can break down many of our prejudices which lead to world misunderstand- ings, and thereby promote the cause of world understanding. The National Newman Club Federation is a confederation of Catholic Clubs on secular college and university campuses. Founded in 1913, it now encompasses over 400 clubs with a membership of 175,000. Here at Carolina we have had a wonderful year under the guidance of Father Weidenger, our chaplain. This season we have had talks on foreign travel, weiner roasts, movies and our usual Christmas party for the orphans. First Row, left to right: A. Linskey, Elder, Mack, Treasurer; Jones, Ayock, Michels, Black. Second Rotv: C. Linskey, Delgado, Jurczak, Husbands, Mercer, President; Timlin, McManus, Park, Schreiner, Kelly. Third Row: Devaney, Worsley, McCabe, Vayda, Harden, Citrini, Vice-President; Giguere, Father Weidenger, Jones, Kelley, Brunelle, Patrick, DiBattista. Not pictured: Adan, Alvarez, Gilsdorf, Secretary. The Newman Club Page 290 The Press Club First Row, left to right: Margie Garner, Claire Reid, Dell Hoyle, Florence Williams, Anne Frederick, Joyce Adams. Second Row: Jack J. Parks, Jr., Bill Venable, Jerry Epps, Fred McGee, Wilbur Jones. Third Row: Paul Mason, Clint Andrews, Roger Meekins, Jess Nettles, Jr., Robie McClellan. The Press Club was organized in the spring of 1951 for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a fellow- ship among students interested in journalism. The Club seeks to provide an atmosphere in which students can express their own ideas and viewpoints and have them discussed freely and openly. Guest speakers are frequently heard by the Club. Finl Row, sealed, left to right: E. B. Jeffries, Joel Fleishman, Donald T. Sherry. Second Row, standing: Gene Cook, Dave Reid, Pebley E. Barrow, Robert Pace. Carolina Political Union The Carolina Political Union is a non-partisan student discussion group which has served the University of North Carolina for over twenty years by acting as a stimulus for the free expression of ideas. Each week during the academic year the CPU raises issues affecting all students, for the purpose of bringing into the bright light of free examination the opinions and views of all persons. Page 291 First Row, SeMed on Floor, left lo rinhl: Bill Cash, Sam Presson, Tom Mauldm, Don Hill, Ju cph Giles, W ,iUcr Lon.i;, M.iunce Canaday, Carl W. Cox, Second Row: Frances Johnson, Betty Jean Scott, Miriam Lewis, Rachel Humphries, Sarah Buie, Peggy Hartman. Third Row: Wyckliffe Hoffler, John Colson, Lewis Phillips, Bill Russell, Milton Higdon. Robert Hines, Ernest Bumgarner, Franklin Giles, Donald T. Davis. Fourth Row: Bob Hughes, J, C. Herrin, Ken Sanford, Dowd Davis, Earl Page, Verton Heath, Brownie Schaefer, Bill Adams. Baptist Student Union The year starts at different times for different people. For some old fogies it begins January 1; for the more collegiate it begins in September with the opening of school; but for the B. S. U. ' ers it began this year with a pre-school retreat at Holden Beach. It seems that plenty of plans came out of that retreat, too. The supper forum series, based on the theme of worship, were considered among the best meetings held by some of the students. Sunday mornings saw revitallized and thriving classes, presided over by some of the leading teachers on campus. The parties and socials were results of good planning and management. Daily medita- tions led by students in Gerrard Hall added a spiritual uplift during the week for many of us. The inspiration and guidance of our pastor. Dr. Habel, throughout aided our work greatly and, of course, there was always the wisdom and understanding of J. C. Herrin, our student chaplain. So, with a succession of meaningful activities, the year moved on. It is our wish that more of the 1,200 Baptist students on campus would have participated in this wonderful experience we call " B.S.U. " OFFICERS Joseph Giles, President Brownie Schaefer, Vice-Presideni Frances Johnson, Secretary Sam Presson, Treasurer Bill Cash, Forum Chairman Bob Hughes, Religious Education Dialectic Senate Dedicated to debate, parliamentary procedure, free exchange of ideas, development of poise and power in public speakers, training in delibera- tive assembly, and patterned after our State Senate, The Senate of the Dialectic Literary Society was founded on June 3, 1795. The present student government, honor system. Dance Committee, debate team and many Carolina traditions had their beginning in the Dialectic Society. The Society boasts such famous alumni as James K. Polk, Archibald D. Murphey, Thomas Wolfe, Archibald Henderson and Frank Porter Graham. Already possessing its own hall and an impressive and valuable portrait collection, the Society is expecting to finish out its plan this year to renovate the hall by supplying it with individual desks and chairs. This renovation plan is being supported by contributions from the alumni and active membership of the society. Gerald Parker, Preudent Ftrsl Row. left to right: Stanley S. Shaw, II. Daxid E. Reid, Jr., Charles S. X■oIf. Joel. Fleishman, Gerald Parker. Henry A. Lowet, Ken Penegar, Beverly X ' ebb, Ben C. Raven, Jr. Second Row: Jinn Lovelace, Scotty Hester, David Mundy, Lawrence McElroy, Clyde Smith, Jr.. Emilie Patton. Virginia Agnew, Wilbur M. Boice, Jr., Tommy Bennet, Riciiard E. James. Third Row: Dave Burrows, James R. Turner, Lew Southern, Lynn Chandler, Bill Scarborough, Eric Jonas, Charles Akerman, Larry Addington. Page 293 Honoraries Page 294 Page 295 KK ' fi S MEMBERS 1953-54 428 James Clarence Wallace 483 John Lassiter Sanders 490 William Davis Cash 498 Edward George Bilpuch 499 James Edward Mclntyre 514 James Louis DeLay Lamm 519 William S. Pregnoll 520 Robert Hume Thomason 521 Thomas L. Carroll 522 Edward A. Stevens 523 Rolfe Neill 524 Thaddeus Seymour 525 Robert D. Gorham, Jr. 526 Thomas Rezzuto 527 Edward B. Gross 528 James L. Honey, Jr. 529 J. Andrew Bell, Jr. 530 Walter M. Dear, II 531 Eugene Oberdorfer 532 Kenneth L. Penegar 533 W. Stephen Perrow 534 Thomas Sully 535 James C. McLeod, Jr. 536 Gilbert Marsh FACULTY MEMBERS 6 Charles Phillips Russell 70 Claude Edward Teague 90 Edgar Ralph Rankin 102 Robert Burton House 109 Herman Glenn Baity 111 Ernest Lloyd Mackie 119 Albert McKinley Cootes 121 Joseph Burton Linker T41 Corydon Perry Spruill 149 Frederick Corlysle Sheppard 176 Earle Horace Hartsel 186 Joseph Maryon Saunders 193 William T. Couch 209 Edgar Alexander Cameron 220 Walter Smith Spearman, Jr. 231 Gordon Gray 274 John Tettemer O ' Neil 299 Frederick Henry Weaver 429 Raymond L. Jeffries, Jr. 509 Howard W. Odum 516 Archibald Henderson 9fe VALKY OFFICERS SUSAN AMBLER, President MARILYN HABEL, Secretary ALICE CHAPMAN, Vice-President • NANCY HORN E, Treasurer EMILY COOK, Alumnae Secretary JHM MEMBERS Mase Chapin Mary Catherine Myers Thelma Souder Nancy Shaw J ■J HONORARY MEMBERS | Lillian Youngs Doris Hutchinson j Efje (BxUv of tije lb l ell OFFICERS James Walter Maynard President Harry Pawlik Vice-President Harvey Deakins Bradshaw Secretary-Treasurer Ernest Lloyd Mackie Recorder CHARTER MEMBERS William Donald Carmichoel, III William Robert Coulter Jesse Henry Dedmond Peter Harry Gerns Samuel Hirsch Charles Louis Johnston, Jr. Allord Kenneth Lowenstein William Ernest Mackie Basil Lamar Sherrill Donald Gray Shropshire Leonard Adolph Szafaryn Dr. Samuel Thomas Emory Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie Dr. William Smith Wells MEMBERS INITIATED 1953 Gordon Gray Patricia Ann Aydlett Anna Morilla Beeson John Toscon Bennett Charles Donald Blonton Sarolyn Sue Bonowitz Harvey Deakins Bradshaw William Credle Brown Thomas Reeves Burgiss Charles Eugene Coin Rowe Bogle Campbell, Jr. Donald Cory Carroll Beverley Jane Chalk Robert Hamilton Clompitt Herbert Benjamin Cohn Charles Raymond Cronham, Jr. Joseph Garner Dail, Jr. Donald Thomas Davis Lyell Clark Dawes, Jr. James Daye Robert Daye Grace Eunice Door Robert Norwood Ellington Walter Norbert Ernst, Jr. Archibald Taylor Fort Theodore Golden Frankel Shirley Ann Gee James Chester Goodin Grace Calvert Gordon Robert Diggs Gorham, Jr. Nancy Rose Green Edward Bailey Gross John Moss Guilbert Marilyn Habel Virginia Flora Hall James Lowton Honey, Jr. Robert Winship Heath j4i EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Marilyn Habel Kenneth Morton Myers Lucy Ann Street Alternates: Charles Eugene Cain Louie Lee Patseovouros MEMBERS INITIATED 1953 Gay Elizabeth Hogan David Kent Jackson John Payne Jackson Katherine Elizabeth Jente Henry Cloy Johnson, Jr. Barrett Franklin Kalb Carol Alice Kelly Elizabeth Ann Kirby Jomes Cory Lester William Pickens Lore Henry Augustus Lowet Bruce Merger James Walter Maynard Thomas Carter McDonald James Carlisle McLeod, Jr. Mary Louise Mitchell Kenneth Morton Myers Carman Louise Nohm Louie Lee Patseovouros Harry Powlik Joseph John Pazdan Kenneth Lowing Penegor Daniel Elijah Perry Wanda Lou Philpott John Edward Poindexter Williom Alexander Rankin, Jr. Barbara Lillian Reed Nancy Gordon Ripple Barksdale Fletcher Roberts Dale Sonford Ryon James Simpson Schenck, III Betty Jean Schoeppe Julio Elizabeth Shields Hal Cox Sigman Raymond Robinson Simmons Dorothy Roe Smith Edward Marvin Smith Martha Ann Smith Jane Ann Sneed Robert Arthur Spaugh, Jr. Elizabeth Stetson Alva Wore Stewart John Quincy Stilwell Lucy Ann Street Patricio Ann Todd Patsy Ruth Upchurch Gerald Max Wagger Willard Irving Walker Rachel Carroll Williams HONORARY MEMBERS Robert Burton House Gordon Gray PafiC 298 ©rber of m ©rail OFFICERS HARVEY DEAKINS BRADSHAW Exchequer WALTER DALLAS GURLEY, JR. . . . Vice-Exchequer " ERBERT HOWARD BROWNE, JR.. . . . Scribe SIR KNIGHTS in Addms, Jr. I Osborne Ayscue, Jr. « William Claiborne Thomas Eugene Cook ' Thomas Claiborne Creasy, Jr. Robert Diggs Gorham, Jr. John Payne Jackson Raymond L. Jefferies, Jr. William Pickens Lore Baxter Grady Mclntyre George Holliday McLeod Thomas E. Medlin Edward Leonard Patterson Harry Pawlik Kenneth Lowing Penegor Harry H. Phillips PHI BETA KAPPA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Dale Sanford Ryon President Charlotte Lambert Davis Vice-President Susan Ambler Recnrding Secretary Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie Corresponding Secretary-Treasurer Chancellor R. B. House Dr. A. C. Howell Dean C. P. Spruill HONORARY MEMBERS. INITIATED MAY 19. 19 " 3 Dr. Howard E. Rondthaler . . . .Winston-Salem, N. C. George L. Paddison Burgaw, N. C. MEMBERS INITIATED MAY 19, 1953 Roger William Ackerman, Norman Hanson Allen, Susan Ambler, William Quinby Beard, Jr.. Marvin Bryan Berry, Harold JoKn Bradley, Jr., Robert Adrian Brown, Barry Wayne Bryant, David Marion Clinard, Robert Lee Green Connelly, Kenton Bowers Creu- ser, Farrell Rondall Crouse, Fred Jones Dale, Jr., Charlotte Lambert Davis, George Thomas Davis, Lloyd Burton Ennis, Vallin Dayton Estes, Jr., Thomas Albert Farmer, George Wagoner Ferguson, Jr., Robert Diggs Gorham, Jr., Leonard Herbert Grodsky, Marilyn Habel, James Lawron Haney, Jr., Jim Fuller Hicks, John Robert Ingle, Katherine Elizabeth Jente, Thomas Milton Johnson, Henry Augustus Lowet, Bruce Marger, Carl Greaves McCraw, Jr., Gerald Thomas McMahon, Ancel Clyde Newborn, Billy Wilson Miller, Joseph Louis Murad, Henry Vaughn Murray. Jr., Andrew Henry Patterson, 11, John Lawrence Prugh, Aubrey Wilford Redmon, Walter Hert)ert Reichelt, John Luther Rendleman, Nathan Russell Roberson, Jr., William Haywood Ruffin, Jr., Dale Sanford Ryon, William Kauffman Scarborough, Arnold Frederick Schild, Robert Livingston Selig, Raymond Richard Showfety, Grace Pickard Silvers, Zebulon Vance Smith, Jr., Nathaniel Louis Sparrow, William Robert Story, Richard LeRoy Taylor, Herbert Holden Thorp, Charles Swain Tolbert, Raphael Williams Vinson, James Ronald Younts. Founded at the College of Willtam and Mary Page 300 Alpha Chapter of North Carolina SENIORS Nancy Ann Ader, Douglas Warren Ayres, Mary Alice Ballew, Anna Marilla Beeson, Marion Wilson BenfieM, Jr., George Willard Brain. Robert Eugene Calvin, Beverley Jane Chalk, Sarah Jeanette Chance, Joyce Elizabeth Dickman, Joseph Browning Fields, Shirley Ann Gee, Joseph Duane Gilliam, Chovine Richardson Gordon, Max Arland Harris, Hamilton Cowles Horton, Jr., William Ralph Jacobs, Jr., Henry Clay Johnson, Jr., Mary Ellen Jones, Paula Ruth Jones, Betty Ann Kirby, Ruth Marie Ledford, James Baxter Linder, Celia Winnona Lively, Lloyd Binford Moon, Carman Louise Nahm, Gertie Nelson. Morris Floyd Osborne, Makis Papas, Marian Rosenbloom Parkins, William Alexander Rankin, Jr., Nanc Gordon Ripple, Melvin Jay Schwartz, Margaret Winborne Sears, Nancy Preston Shotwell, James Pryor Smith, Jane Ann Sneed, Jackson Gillen Sparks, Ann McDowell Trabue, Wisner McCamey Washam, Joel Smith Watkins, Jr., James Neil Weatherly, Jr., Dixie Belle Whiteley. MEMBERS INITIATED DECEMBER 8, 1933 Lyndon Ulysses Anthony, Arthur Loren Barbanell, William David Benson, Richard Lee Bostian, Janie Lee Bugg, Virgil Franklin Burney, Robert Dalton Byerly, Jr., Luther Hall Clontz, Charles F. Williams Coker, James Philip Crews, Gordon Cameron Crowell, Charles Christopher Crittenden, Eric Lindsay Fearington, David Gardner Futch, Julius Alpheus Green, Jr., Clarence Edward Green- way, Bobby Sutton Grimes, George Davis Harris, Robert Winship Heath. Charles Scot t Jarrett. Ronald Frank Levin, Robert McDonald Long, Vernon Wendell McFalls, George Holiday McLeod, Kenneth Morton Myers, Richard Vernon Neill, Mitchell Sheldon Novit, Robert Philip O ' Connell, Dewey Harris Pate, Mary Jo Paul, Thomas Bryan Smiley. Jr., Robert Gerald Smith, David Spurgeon Sumner, John Henry Sweeney, Joe Wayne Thompson, Harriet Raines Traynham. Clinton Ward Wilson, James Horner Winston, Arnold Lee Wright. December J, 1776 Page 301 OFFICERS Lewis Manning Muntzing Preside it Richard Henry Baker Marshall Joseph Newman Vice-President Gerald Routh Daughtridge Secretary Jr Treasurer Frank Ogburn Yates, Jr Historian Dean Ernest L. Mackie Faculty Advisor PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma is a freshman honorary scholastic fraternity, its purpose being to encourage sound scholarship from the beginning of the students ' college career. It was founded at the University of Illinois on March 22, 1923. There are eighty-one chapters; the University of North Carolina chapter was established on May 29, 1947. Honorary Members: Deans Corydon P. Spruill, M. A. Hill, Jr., Cecil Johnson, and Ernest L. Mackie. Robert Davis Aldridge Harold Way Austin Richard Henry Baker, Jr. Job Oscar Belcher, Jr. William David Benson VC ' ilbur Malcolm Boice, Jr. Richard Elliott Byrd. Jr. Jerry Austin Campbell Leonard Stanley Clein Benjamin McLauchlin Covington. Richard Scott Craddock Gerald Routh Daughtndge Henry Hursell Dearman Thomas Perrin Harrison Dunlop Harry Roberson Easterling Lloyd Phillip Farrar Riciiard Gordon Faw Herman Sender Fleishman Donald Owen Fowler Evangelos Thomas Gavrillis Robert Lorenza Green Wade Whitley Harrell, Snethen Philip Harris, Jr. Oliver James Hart, Jr. MEMBERS INITIATED FEBRUARY 2j, 1955 Richard Huner Haywood Seymour Herzog George Wyckliffe Hoffler David Lee Holder Eric Andrew Jonas Charles lackson Katzenstein, Jr. WilliamRay Long Daniel Rawls Luke Reginald Gladstone Mason, Jr. Jr. Lutz Leo Mayer Thomas Owen Moore, Jr. Stephen Andrew Moss Lewis Manning Muntzing Kenneth Franklin McCain John Lewis McDaniel Paul James McDermott, Sr. Peter Dillard McMichael, Jr. Richard Vernon Neill Marshall Joseph Newman Owen Lennon Norment, Jr. Leroy Jerry Pearlman Philip Eugene Penninger Bobby Lewis Pugh Graham Henry Rights Julian Wood Selig, Jr. Alexander Graham Shanks Charles Leeds Sharpless, IV Sherwood Hubbard Smith, Jr. Raymond Fletcher Snipes Elliott Solomon Peter Hale Sprague James Edward Stephens George Thomas Strickland, Jr. Jon Keyser Tice James Richard Tickle James R. Turner Clyde Gilbert Tweed Thomas Morton Watts Richard Beverly Raney Webb Grady Lee Wells David Louis Whitakcr Thomas Ewing Wilgus Leo Carl Wilkerson Billy Rayford Wilkinson Charles Hill Yarborough, Jr. Frank Ogburn Yates, Jr. Edwin Milton Yoder Jay Zimmerman, Jr. Page 302 BETA GAMMA SIGMA HONORARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FRATERNITY ALPHA CHAPTER OF NORTH CAROLINA OFFICERS GRACE PICKARD SILVERS President W. A. TERRILL Secretary RAYMOND R. SHOWFETY Treasurer FACULTY C. A. Kirkpatrick, D.C.S. J. M. Parrish, M.S. H. 0. Longenderfer, M.S., C.P.A. J. P. Moggard, M.B.A. J. C. D. Blaine, Ph.D. D. D. Carroll, A.M. T. H. Caroll, D.C.S. J. E. Dykstra, D.C.S. W. J. Graham, Ph.D. R.J. M. Hobbs, A.B., LL.B. C. S. Logsdon, Ph.D. C. H. McGregor, Ph.D. J. T. O ' Neil, Ph.D. E. E. Peacock, M.B.A., C.P.A. G. T. Schwenning, Ph.D. W. A. Terrill, Ph.D. H. D. Wolf, Ph.D. STUDENTS Virgil Franklin Burney Leslie Waiter Riley Max Arland Harris Betty Jean Daughtridge Thomas Herman Cashwell Joseph John Alston Elmer Charles Bland James Neil Weatherly, Jr. Raymond Richard Showfety Robert Adrian Brown Bruce Marger Grace Pickard Silvers Joseph Gamer Dail, Jr. Kenneth F. Easter William Ralph Jacobs, Jr. Archibald Taylor Fort Page 30} ALPHA EPSILON DELTA OFFICERS Michael M. White President Raphael W. Vinson Vice-President Vernon W. McFalls Secretary Herbert G. Andrews Treasurer The National Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta established the North Carolina Beta Chapter of this honorary pre-medical society at the University of North Carolina on March 25, 1936. Since that date the local chapter has been active as a guiding group to interest pre-medical students. It has helped to give these students an insight into the problems and philosophy of a medical career. By the presentation of guest lecturers from the various phases of the medical profession, visits to hospitals, and similar activities, the chapter has endeavored to bridge the gap between the Pre-Medical School and the School of Medicine. Seated, left to right: Vernon McFall, Mike White, Ray Vinson. Standing, left to right: Jerry Brown, Joe Robinson, Malcom Cox, Bob Dawson, Dave Sumner, Luther Clontz, Charlie Stout, Joe Woody, Not pictured: Herb Andrews. Page 304 ALPHA PHI OMEGA OFFICERS Charlie IC tzenstein President Jerrv a. Campbell Vice-Presideiil Melvin Woodford Secretary Troy Page Treasurer Leadership, Friendship, and Service — these have been the guiding principles of APO, as the brothers con- tinued to serve the campus, community, and nation through worthwhile projects during the past year. Rho Chapter, founded in 1930 as the 17th chapter of APO, is now member of a " family " that includes over 265 affiliates m the United States, Canada, the Philippines, and Hawaii. The new pledge class promises to uphold the finest traditions of unselfish service that have given Alpha Phi Omega its excellent reputation. What are some of tliose projects APO has conducted. ' ' During cam- pus elections, the brothers have pitched in to tend polls . . . and for those SEC programs, APO was there to usher . . . Parents ' Day at UNC gave our Moms and Dads a chance to see Chapel Hill in the spring . . . we ' ve helped to get those handicapped students to their classes . . . the Boy Scout Explorer Conference, with over 500 fellows attending, gave us a chance to furnish entertainment. The future promises many op- portunities for greater service than ever before . . . and that ' s right up our alley. i-inl Row. left lo right: Richard Adelsheim, Harold VC. Austin. Gene Campbell, Jerry C;.impbell. Second Rou: Bill Finnerty, Jim Hart, Billy H. Herring, Charlie Katzen- stein. Third Rou: Troy Page, Bill Price, Billy M. Sessoms , Bill Starrett. Fourth Row: Charles Merrill, Tom Temple, Kent Thomp- son. Hugh White. dMfi mJk tKL Page 305 KAPPA EPSILON National Honorary Pharmaceutical Fratermty OFFICERS Don Hedrick Kepley President Grey Bullock Vice-President OvEDA Fisher Secretary-Treasurer Joanne Schell Historian Freda Hobowski- Pledge Mistress Alice Noble Advisor Top Row, left to right: Barbara Adams, Grey Bullock, Oveda Fisher, Barbara Gilliam. Botluin Rou - Freda Hobowsky, Joyce Nelson, Joanne Schell, Nancy VCoodard. HISTORY Fo. ' nded Nationally: May 13. 1921 at the State Unirersity of Iowa. Lambda Chapter joinided at the Unirersity of North Carolina, fan. 21. 1941. Colors: Red and White Flower: Red Rose Publication: " The Bond " Object and Purpose: To stimulate in its members a desire for high schohirship; to foster a professional consciousness and to provide a bond of lasting loyalty, interest and friendship. Page 30(1 PHI MU ALPHA Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia was founded at the New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, Massachu- setts, in 1898. Its aims are to advance the cause of music in America, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music, to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members, and to encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. The Alpha Rho Chapter, founded at the University of North Carolina in 1926, takes an active part in the furtherance of musical activities at the University. Each year the chapter presents its American Music Program, a concert devoted to the performance of works by American composers and frequently includ- ing compositions by members of the fraternity. Whenever possible. Phi Mu Alpha brings to the campus well-known guest artists. Keeping in mind the advancement of the best in music. Phi Mu Alpha attempts to develop a strong fraternal feeling among the promoters of that art. pjiii Roir. left to right: J. Charles. Jr., Joseph D. Secrest, Lloyd P. Farrar. Second Ron : Curris M. Thatker, Jim K. Rogers, Joseph H. McGugan. OFFICERS Thomas E. Sibley Presidetii Jim Headlee Vke-Preside il Jerry Munday Recording Secretary Tom Long Corresponding Secretary Sandy Thomas Treasurer First Row, left to right: Lee R. Bostian, John M. Bullard, Guyte M. Cotton. Second Row: James O. Headlee, Lewis Mack, Thomas H. Long. Third Row: Thomas E. Sibley, Don Swain, George A. Thomas, Gene Wa.g.qoner. Dr. W. E. Caldwell Adiisor PI NU ;;; On September 30, 1953, Pi Nu was established on the campus of the University of North CaroUna. The Fraternity is comprised of former members of the Order of DeMolay who attend Carolina. The Alpha chapter of Pi Nu, the first fraternity of its kind in the country, was organized by thirty-three former DeMolays. The purposes of our Fraternity are to provide a social program for the brothers, to sponsor worthy service projects on or near the campus, to establish lasting friendships, and to further the ideals of the Order of DeMolay. First Rou left to right: Bill Abercrombie, William B. Akin, Jr., Frank Bernhardt. Donald E. Bullard, Dewey Chappie, Jr., Malcolm Cox. Cyrus Robert Harrington, Jr. Second Row: Dan Lee Milliard, Hubert Kay Leonhardt, Roger L. McAvoy, James Everett Magness, Don Mat- kins. I. W, Meadows. Ir.. ; nn]nc Muntzine. Third Row: William Cameron Padgett, Jon Phelps. Frank Plott, Kenneth M. Pruitt, David RckI. RidnrJ Thiile. D.inicl l-.irl M. Vandle, Jr. it O fii o Page 308 Name Address Xi Chapter Date 53-54 School of Pharmacy OFFICERS WiLLiAAr PoNX ' ELL Presideiil John D. Wood . . .Vice-President Don H. Keplev Sec.-Treas. UNDERGRADUATES William Powell John D. Wood Don H. Keplev Elbert Herring Robert Wolfe GRADUATES W. D. Cash B, C. Cooper E. T. Brown N. H. Batuyios G. H. Cocolas T. Collier C. E. KiMSEV A. W. JOWDY F. C. HaiMmerness I. L. HONIGBERG K. L. Hoy C. R. McClure R. W. Meschke C. Piantadosi F. W. Teare FACULTY J. Andrako F. W. Semeniuk E. A. Brecht W. W. Taylor V. H. Hartung L. M. Teare H. C. Thompson RHO CHI National Honorary Pharmacy Society Amphoterothen Society PiiiN Horton, III Kenneth L. Penegar Thomas Eugene Cook Edward B. Gross Osborne Ayscue Kenneth M. Myers Wade Hampton B. Matthews Joel Fleischman Gordon Forester Martin Jordan Charles Kuralt Henry Lowett Gerald Parker Page 309 ALPHA KAPPA PSI OFFICERS Aubrey Wilford Redmon President John W. Austin Vice-President Robert Skidmore Secretary James Donald VILLIA ts Treasurer Tom H. Hoover, Jr Master of Riti al | e ! f i N - Vh 1 " ' X ? •«= M First Row. lefl to itg,hl: Donald G. Angell. Grandon D. Barton, Jr., Lacy Baymes, James Berryhill, Elmer C. Bland, Ronald Bolin.i;, Thomas H. Bridges, Robert Bruton. Stcand Rou: James C. Bryan. Elbert R. Bunch, William Casper. Cokman C. Cover, Eddie E. Haire. Tom H. Hoover, Jr., Jimmy O. Hutchins, Lamond Krimminger. Third Rote: O. J. Little, Lewis Mack, Lonnie W. Mangum. Jr., Jesse V. Noland, Jr., Aubrey Redmon, Bob Skidmore, Ben C. Smith, Jean M. Souweine. Foiirlh Roiv: Al G. Stanley. John M. Stuart. Herman Sampson. Jr., George Strickland, James D. Williams, Arthur Winstead, John W, Austin. Page 310 Alpha Kappa Psi — founded on October ), 1904, at New York University — is the first and oldest commerce fraternity in the United States. Our chapter, Alpha Tau, was first installed at Carolina on Februray 18, 1925; and being dormant since 1933, it was reactivated on November 7, 1948. In 1953, Alpha Tau attained the highest rank among all the chapters in the country. Alpha Kappa Psi sponsors and carries out many professional programs and services for the benefit of its members and other students of buisness admin- istration. These programs take a variety of forms including outstanding speakers from the business world, prof essional seminars, career conferences, business exhibits, and research surveys. Inspection tours of leading industries and business firms are conducted at frequent intervals. The purpose of Alpha Kappa Psi is to further the individual welfare of each member by the association of their mutual helpfulness and common interest in the areas of business administration. ALPHA KAPPA PSI PLEDGES Fini Row. lell lo r,g,hl: Luther H. Warner. Goraon W. Stoff, Joseph H. Mason, Jr., Douglas O. Tice, Jr., William G. Parmele. Second Rotr: Kenneth R. Argo, Robert A. West, Henry N. Parrish, Jr., Marvin Thompson, John Elton Hunsucker. Third Row: James M. Morrow, Thomas W. Mauldin, Ray S. Harris, Jack Ogburn, S. Harry Pappas, George S. Erath, John M. McCaskell. Page 311 DELTA SIGMA PI OFFICERS Al Joe Braxton President Curt Needham 1st Vice-President Harold Rhodes 2iid Vice-President Richard House Secretary Jerr Ruftv Treasurer Spurgeon Booth Chancellor p f p p p First Row. left lu iif lil: Louie Bonaidi, Spur.ntun Bunth, Al Jul Biaxtun. Dtan Dampier, Don l-ryar. Stioiid Ron: Richard Hauser, Fred Holmes, Alan Johnson, Sam Joyce, Ed Kearsley. Third Row: Tom Lindsey, Tom Moore, Curt Needham, Cliff Owen, Garth Payne. Fourth Row: Harold Rhodes, Jerry Rufty, Luther Stutts, Richard Taylor, Cecil Wilson. Page 312 Delta Sigma Pi is an international fraternity in the field of business administration. The fraternity was founded at New York University on November 7, 1907, and has grown to be the largest professional fraternit ' in business administration with more than eight) ' active chapters. The purpose of Delta Sigma Pi is to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. Alpha Lambda was established at Carolina, May 9, 1925. It aids its members and other students of business administration with a varied professional and social program. The sponsoring of talks by able and experienced businessmen, the presentation of exhibits in conjunction with the school of business, and the planning of trips to leading industries throughout the southeast are only a few of the ways it supplements classroom theory by bringing student closer to actual business problems. DELTA SIGMA PI PLEDGES Se.ited. left to iiRhl: Harry Rodenhizer, Charlie Floyd, Jack Margrett, George Douglas. Standing: Frank Hawfield, Joe Meyers, Charlie Shumate, icm Norman, Ned Donkle, Alan Walker. KAPPA PSI OFFICERS John Clegg Herrin Regent J. O. Knight Vice-Regent Ralph Ashworth Secretary Donald Raper Treasurer O C C- ( ;r . O ■ ( -- ti M r, ■ 1 " " " P P P (v First Row. left It) right: Leron D. Adams, James W. Anderstm. John W. Andrews. Ralph H. Ashw.irth, Edward L. Bradshaw, Robert A. Coleman, Thomas E. Curtis. Second Row: David A. Dowdv. Jr.. Lewis B. Doyle. H. A. Farnsworth. William L. Frostick, Eugene V( ' . Hackney. W. C. Harrell. Jr.. John C. Hcrr-n. TIjr.d Row: Edward F. Jenkins. W. I. Jenkins. J. O. Knight. Alfred H. Mebane. j ' . E. Mills. B. W. Needham, H. C. Paderick. Toiirth Row: L. P. Perkins, Jr., J. W. Polk, D. J. Raper. J. D. Rhoades. J. C. Robinson. Jr.. Stuart i ' . Rollins, W. K. Saunders. Fifth Row: W. D. Shouse, W. T. Sisk. W. H. Stanton, J. E. Upchurch, J. G. White. i;?f. Page 314 All Brothers back early to get " headstart " on semes- ter system . . . Ashworth ' s (A.P.) Import becomes Coed . . . Big Bad Brad and his daylight arboretum rendezvous . . . Curtis looking for a job!! I " Bet " Harrell ' s snowed . . . Ed . . . Hush! . . . " Dorm Deamons, Ingieberry and Lightning " . . . Zeus with- out his goddess . . . Matthew ' s, " Go Billy, Go " . . . Mebane, " Maniac on prowl " . . . Mills, Paderick and Stanton with wives in Victory Village. Needham removes duck blind . . . Perkins, " Eter- nally " . . . Polk imports ( ?) Averette . . . W- ' hup pins Peg . . . Rollins and Andrews " studying as usual " . . . Big Wop has TV Lab . . . LIpchurch leads serenades . . . Baldy nursing the pledges . . . What ' s at home, Coleman? . . . Hackney audits organic lab . . . Lump-Lump says his PEACE . . . Farnsworth " Dennis the Menace " . . . " Reage takes a wife " . . . Rhoades flunks eyeball test . . . Sisk and his nine o ' clock deadline . . . " Mother " Raper escapes 3-D . . . Doyle, the quiet man. Echo ' s of " Go Billy " at Wake Forest and Virginia . . . Pre-New Year ' s Party at National Convention in Washington . . . Learning our ABC ' s in Kala- mazoo . . . Imports for Pledge Weekend . . . " Rattle, Rattle " . . . and through Pharmacy Weekend. Any- one for the beach .- ' 1 ■j i •i ft ' v ■ S§ nr . TC ' IM jjM g i Vf j- F rsr Ri,u. hit to right: Mack McCorkle, Michael Parker. Gerald K. Harrington Bumell Temple. Keith Denny, Don Miller. SeconJ Rotr: lames Ray Oakley. Glenr Lassiter. Jim Meares, Evans Dallas. Mickey Smith, Harold Thomas. Guy Colemar Williams. Standing: Leo C. Kelly, Jr., George W, Teer, Jr.. James T. Sheet. Ernes L. Carraway, Jr., Joe E. Smith, Richard Johnston, Robert W. Foster. Jerry Leather wood, James E. Arena, Van King, IIL PHI ALPHA DELTA Phi Alpha Delta is a national secret Greek letter law fra- ternity founded in 1889 at the University of Chicago Law School. Rutfin Chapter of the University of North Carolina was established in April, 1921. The purpose of the fraternity is to improve professional standards through association of students with the bar and to provide a practical supplement to legal education. Each year the Chapter conducts a mock trial, presided over by a member of the State bench, to allow students to put brief making and trial procedure into practice applica- tion. Regular business meetings are held every week in addition to frequent banquets at which eminent speakers from the bench and bar are presented. A textbook lending library is sponsored by the Chapter and its books are available to all students in Law School. The combined social-professional program is carried out with the intentions of forming a strong bond between members of the classes in Law School: the forming of a relationship between members of the Law School and former students; and cultivation of principles of legal justice through bonds of friendship. OFFICERS Laci ' Thornburg Justice DuRWARD Jones Vice-Justice Elton Pridgen Clerk Robert Hight Treasurer Wade Mitchem Marshal M. T. Van Hecke Faculty Advisor r p C) p p First Row, left to right: Robert Byrd, John Gates, NX ' illiam L. Dawkins. Franklin K. Burns. George W. Gordon. Jack R. Harris. Second Row: Robert S. Hight, Durward S. Jones, Michael McLeod, Wade " W. Mitchem. Jr.. Jackson B. Morton. William G. Palmer. Third Row: Elton C. Pridgen, William G. Reid, A. Turner Shaw, Eugene S. Taylor, Lacy H. Thornburg, Calvin C. VCallace. Fourth Row: Robert L. Spencer, Alex Warlick, Jr., James D. White, James C. Wilson. Page 316 PHI DELTA CHI OFFICERS Herman Barbrhv, Jr President Robert Cohen Vice-President Evan Setzer Secretary Henry Dunlap Treasurer William McDonald, III Master at Arms Jack Silvers Vice Master at Arms E. H. WiLLiFORD Prelate Arthur Schlagel Inner Guard Phi Delta Chi is a professional pharma- ceutical fraternity, founded to advance the science of pharmacy and its allied interests, and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among its members. The Alpha Gamma Chapter was established at the University of North Carolina on May 30, 1922. Phi Delta Chi has been an active organization in the School of Pharmacy, justly proud of the obligations and high ideals of an old and honored profession. Fall has come and novv ' has passed, but the semester system is here to stay! Despite confusion and hardship, the brothers have become indoctrinated and settled down to the serious task of survival. Homecoming weekend found many old grads enjoying the annual alumni luncheon. A brief pause for Christmas and we were back at work again, looking forward to a wonderful P.D.C. weekend. Warm weather and State Board Exams again, so good luck to all! Firii Rote, left to right: Raymond M. Ammons, H. S. Barbrey. Jr.. D. H. Bissett. Raymond L. Creekmore, W. A. Dawkins, Jr. Second Row: Henry H. Dunlap, |r., J. H. Freeman, Wiltshire Griffith. Jr.. JuUus F. Howard, C. W. Josey. Third Row: Joan A. Kluttz. William M. Lovelace, Jr., William R. McDonald, III. V. G. McGugan, Stephen C. Morris. Fo::rth Row: James B. Patton, W. H. Patton, Billy L. Price, Art P. Schlagel, R. L. Seabock. Fifth Row: E. S. Setzer, F. L. Sherril, Jack Silvers, William Jay Swan, Frank- lin E Wells, E. H. NX ' iUiford. Page 317 O nrgnn B Msnh Sjobg? KENNETH R. SMITH JR. T Princeps V if- i WILLIAM S. PATTERSON y M Quaestor NEVyTON B. BARCLAY, JR. Scriptor FACULTY MEMBERS Nicholson B. Adantw- Walter R. BerryhiH James B. B Keener C. Fr Louis Graves Edward McG. Hedgp th Urban T. Holmes W. Dougald MacMillan Roland P. McClamrock John T. O ' Neil William H. Baker iNewto W Barkley, Jr. Somuel L. BIythe Hugh M. Chapman Ed ard K. Crawford James Garland Crouch Mark 0. Dickerson William S. Evans, Jr. Robert L. Gibbon Richard E. Guthrie Ed ord M ' Wardfsdh John M. McCollam John Thomas W. Pace William S. Patterson Frank C. Roddey Kenneth R. Smith, Jr. George Thomas Smith Van Lewis Weatherspoon Order of THE MINATAURS Edward Hardison, President jAMJis Winston, Vice-Presideui Tom Creasy, Secretary-Treasurer Newton Barkley, Jr. William Barnes, Jr. Edwin Borden, Jr. Alfred Bryant Joseph Carstarphen Hugh Chapman William Clark Ula Cozart Tom Creasy William Dameron Mark Dickerson Charles Eldridge Thad Eure William Evans Charles Froelich Robert Gibbon Richard Guthrie Edward Hardison Hugh Haynesworth John Hussey, Jr. Fred Hutchins, Jr. Robert Little Ben Mayo William Monroe John McCollam William McDonald John McMillan Arthur Newcombe Edward Pell Dan Perry Barksdale Roberts Julian Robertson William Sandridge Ewill Smith Kenneth Smith Richard Todd James Throp Gaither Walser James Whitton Charles Wickham Benson Wilcox James Winston Page 319 order of the SHEIKS Curtis Harper Jimmy Adams Gene Lyon Dan Allison Al Long Earl Johnson George Smith Bill Brawner Irvin Watkins Jim Webb Roger Kingsbury Don Carroll Mike Seawell Cart Carmichael Jimmy Vance Webb Sherrill Tom Ruffin Bill Huff Tommy Pace Tommy Moore Louie Woodberry James Seely Farrar Parker Jim Schenck Henry Wilson Don Carmichael Bill Patterson Buzzy Shall Al Short Steve Owen Bob Mason Randy Watson Bill Howell Charles Aldridge Bill Carter Phil Johnson Ned Whitmore John McAllister Bill Joyner Bill Bebee Sam Blythe Thorn Walker Allen Pless Al Purrington Walton Jovner S. Steve Trimble V. S. Ed Crawford K. Page 320 The Philosophical Society of 1779 John McCollam Biff Roberts Bill Ford Joe Hudson Tom Coghill Britt Glenn Cart Carmichael J. K. Nortleet Robby Lowe John Gold Tom Stokes Bill Clark Bill Patterson Jim Dillingham Bill Covington Bill Current Jack Stoughton Sherry Smith Pete Knight Putt Davis Bob Williamson Bob Trundle Bill Evans ♦v UGLIEST— Earl Johnson UGLIER— Jim Crouch UGLY— Sam Blythe u -« n 13 " CLUB ROSTER 1933-54 Bob Williamson Preiideitt Bill Covington Secretitry-Treitsurer Ed Gauss Social Chairman Pete Alexander Billy Armlield Jack Borden Kent Bradley Chip Bryant Bob Bundy Mickey Chamblee David Clinard Richard Coker Bill Covington Jim Crouch lohn Dickson Roddy Dowd Bill Dryer Woody Fearing Billy Ford Bill Gardner Ed Gauss Hedi Gray MEMBERSHIP Bob Grubb Gene Hafer Bill Hollingsworth Garland Homes Weston Houck Watt Huntley Sam Jordan Abbie Keyes Bob Lambeth Joe Lawson Frank Leak Osborne Lee Robby Lowe Ted Lynch Walt McFall Joe Ma retic Denny Mitchell Roy Morris Joe Mosier Billy Moss George Mountcastle J. K. Nortieet Skippy Roddey Tommy Rogers Jake Rountree Thomas Spain Charles Spillaine Tommy Stokes Jack Stoughton Pat Thomas Ted Tawes Burt Veazey Zeb Weaver John Wettach Johnny Whitehead Bob Williamson Tom Zachary Page 322 BPPUUTJ QM UVMXJVIY TRML VREU AFHTY NVMNLKA TQBFNGV HBQ NVJR TYQZS SOLT FCH MLUA SI El KVGW VALMAR LXII RULERS 684 JAMES GILMORE FLETCHER WHITTON 683 HENRY VanPETERS WILSON . . . 689 EDWARD BAILEY GROSS . . . 682 ROWLAND BURNSTAN, JR. . 681 WILLIAM HAYWOOD RUFFIN. SUBJECTS 681 William Haywood Ruffin 682 Rowland Burnstan, Jr. 683 Henry VanPeters Wilson 684 James Gilmore Fletcher Whitton 686 John Alexander McMillan, III 688 Richard Cartwright Carmichael, Jr. 689 Edward Bailey Gross 690 John Heck Boushall, Jr. 691 Walton Kitchir Joyner 692 Thomas C. Creasy 693 Roddey Dowd 694 Miles Cunningham Gregory 695 Herbert Howard Browne, Jr. 696 James Homes Winston i i o ' oii t namm Paet 324 eauties Page 325 What a beautiful crop of coeds UNC had this year! We had ninety-six of the prettiest contestants anywhere, and we surely were proud of them But since we just didn ' t have space for every one of them we de- cided, in addition to our queen, to present you with a dream girl for each month of the year. So here you are, Carolina gentlemen, your lovely queen and your 1954 Beauty Calen- dar. happy daze! oops, I mean days PoiUaits by Latergne jj nn ( iizabetn v v lau 1934 Yackety Yack Beauty Queen SPONSORED BY DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Page 32S P Mk )t M m KlS 1 pi ' .._., 1 . vwj l jHI H mni B JANUARY Ajj O l- a 6on6 SPONSORED BY CHI PHI Ldd uJoane i andail SPONSORED BY SIGMA NU FEBRUARY Page 329 MARCH L66 J andii U-J i Donaldson SPONSORED BY CHI PHI Page 330 APRIL jj ()J awa a J L one SPONSORED BY PI KAPPA ALPHA Page 331 MAY L66 amam t UmdenAJOod SPONSORED BY ST. ANTHONY HALL Page 332 JJ . y nne . J ebed JUNE SPONSORED BY KAPPA ALPHA Page 333 ... - , - .,,,, J ; - ' . ' 1 - JULY ld3 ean 93mant SPON SORED BY ALPHA TAU OMEGA Page 334 SPONSORED BY NURSES ' DORMITORY Page 333 SEPTEMBER ' tka Ur. L66 V 1 larMa rovue SPONSORED BY PHI DELTA THETA Fa-e 336 OCTOBER :JJ l eaau i Lemon SPONSORED BY KAPPA DELTA t Page 337 NOVEMBER ara c L5d J ara jrcu SPONSORED BY KAPPA SIGMA Page 338 DECEMBER jj yvidvi cyLandc amer SPONSORED BY KAPPA SIGMA Page 339 greeks Page 3-11 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL F « i? 5» ' , ? o i j .- Martha Reeves, Nanc7 Shaw, Sara Rose, Jayne Adams, Projects Chairman; Sandra ' Wright. Second Row: Frances Sweat, Adviser; Ann Fleming, Vice-President; Judy King, President; Lyn Daniels, Secretary; Lou Ann Watkins, Treasurer. Third Row: Harriet Maynard, Perky Putzki, AHce Hicks, Jean Williamson, Norma King,-Scholarship Chairman; Mary Helen Crain, Alyce Chapman. Panhellenic Council The PURPOSE of the Panhellenic Council is to co-ordinate sorority affairs and to air any problems that can ' t or shouldn ' t be solved within the individual sorority. Panhellenic formulates the rules which govern rushing and supervises the general rush program. Our main object is to foster friendly rela- tions between the six sororities and to encourage co-operation instead of competition. There are six sororities at Carolina and Panhellenic is made up of three girls from each group plus their alumna adviser and an adviser from the Office of the Dean of Women. One of the means of bringing sororities together is projects. This spring Panhellenic will sponsor another workshop in which all the sororities will participate. In this workshop ideas are shared on hov to improve the sorority program, and it is also a great help in preparing the incoming seniors for their respective sororit) ' offices. Panhellenic also plans to sponsor a big Spring fashion show to be held at the high school audi- torium. Every sorority will have a part in it and the proceeds will go to charity. Page 342 Stray Greeks The Stray Greeks is composed of sorority girls whose chapters are not represented on campus. Its aim is to provide a social outlet for its members and to preserve the bonds of unity and sisterhood in sorority life. The group was founded in 1944 under the leadership of Twigg Branch. It has gained more and more recognition on campus since then and its member- ship now totals tN ' enty-six. This year, for the first time, a Stray Greek member acted as a Panhellenic Advisor in each dormitory during the sorority rushing period. The Stray Greeks also took an active part in the Women ' s Athletic program, service projects and social activities, too. This year we had ten different sororities represented: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Mu, Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Omicron Pi, Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Delta Gamma, Delta Zeta, Sigma Kappa. Officers this year were: Anita Anderson, President; Carol Libby, Vice- President; Jane Yearley, Secretary; Harriet Hill, Treasurer; Anne Moore, W.A.A. Representative. First Row: Anita Anderson, Kap- pa Kappa Gamma; Betty Ball, Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Patsy Bar- ry, Phi Mu ; Virginia Breece, Del- ta Zeta; Florence Carter, Phi Mu. Second Row: Barbara Chardkoff, Alpha Epsilon Phi; Louise Gray, Gamma Phi Beta; Connie Heard, Alpha Chi Omega; Martha Hem- street, Phi Mu; Ann Hebert, Alpha Omicron Pi. Third Row: Harriet Hill, Phi Mu Pat Horton, Kappa Alpha Theta Pat Kent, Gamma Phi Beta ; Nata lie Kooker, Kappa Kappa Gam ma; Annette Levenson, Alpha Ep silon Phi. Foiirlh Row: Carol Libby, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mary Lynn. Kap- pa Alpha Theta; Barbara McRee, Phi Mu; Joan Metz. Gamma Phi Beta ; Anne Moore, Phi Mu. Fifth Row: Diane Newton, Phi Mu; Barbara Payne. Phi Mu; Anne Pooley, Phi Mu ; Anne Wil- liams, Sigma Kappa; Jane Year- ley, Kappa Alpha Theta. C C O f) » C ' . € iWfr Page 343 Alpha Delta Pi HISTORY Voiinded NalionnUy: May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan Female College, Macon, Georgia. Chartered at the L ' niversity of North Carolina November 11, 1939. Colnry. Blue and White Flower: Woodland Violet Publication: Adelphean O first Row. left to right: Mary Ammons, Bev Blemker, Pat Bohnenkamp, Mary B. Cook, Emily Cook, Vice-President; Billie Daniel, Helen Faust. Second Row: Ann Folger, Secretary; Phyllis Forrest, Marilyn Habel, Carolyn Hartford. Mary Leigh Hendee, Carolyn Johnson, Norma King. Third Row: Kitty Lee, Treasurer; Ruth Lower, Jett McFarland, Betty Martin, Mary Ann Murphy, Maggie Padgette, Diana Pierce. Fourth Roiv: Mary Frances Plummer. Jean Ratliff, House Manager; Martha Reeves, Julia Robertson, Eve Roebuck, Jan Saxon, Pat Seawell. Fifth Row: Julia Shields, Thelma Souder, Caroline Traynham, Linda Vestal, Betty Lou ' Oi ' annamaker. Not Pictured: Alyce Chapman, President. Page 34 4 Chaos, confusion, and construction . . . buckets of pimento paint overturned on Emily ' s floor, tango red, ivory in everyone ' s hair, down with the new rugs, on with the slipcovers, away with the cobwebs and . . . Peace, perfection and pledging . . . twenty-five in a divine pledge class, banana bread for 300 men and Sissy, rest for Mother Maxwell, Tish — the daily 2 o ' clock concert. Pat — a call from Arkansas cotton fields; Alice, call operator at W. L. Catch Pierce and prolific parasites from the med school ! " Anyone for bridge on the third floor veranda? " — the fire escape to you peasants on second. Kitty — California or Egypt this time? Habel sleeps thru Honor Council and Y Cabinet; wakes up in time for Saturday ' s game. Jett, just brought in a new regime to get us " Shook up. " Back from Oslo yet, Julia? " No dope " Ammons, Nasty Norma and A. F. all teaching ABC ' s. As quarterback Vestal watercolors murals over the dining room, roommate Reeves rants " a lovely boy. " Do, re, me, Saxon can ' t start the station wagon but Maggie can the red Checked top. A June wedding, Jean? One in May for Martin. " Indeed birdseed, " you ' re importing from Duke. ' " Wicked music " sways our Ruth, but Mary B. sways the new spinet. Murphy ' s never home; is Julia 1,000 minutes late again? Blond Eve, southern belle Bev, Bob ' s little Mary Fran — down girls, Lou Lou approaches in the open air carriage. Ski arrives with Johnson in Vericose — Bride doll Hendee and side kick Daniel. Find your glasses Traynham? And the chaos of 301 Phyllis and Thelma. Tears, tremors, trembling . . . graduation — why did this tremendous year with ADPi have to end! i m2 c m . MLit .«fll M Page 345 ALPHA DELTA PI PLEDGES First Row, left to right: Rogie Tyler. Janet Poole, Ginnie Greene, Jackie Park. Ann Huffman, Valerie Nichols. Second Row: Jean Stanford, Ann Evan.s, Shelton Owens, Joan HiH, Emily Finch. Sonia Bergen. Jeanne Ellis. Third Row: Gladys Hatcher, Betsy Gorham, Barbara Brown, Ann Lynn Harrell, Liz Lynn, Sandra Rothrock, Ruth French, Jane Stanford, Dot Currin. Alph ALPHA GAMMA DELTA PLI ' DCPS Firsi Roll-, left to r ,t;ht: Ellen Doak, Daphne Adams, Barbara Smith, Barbara Golden, Patsy Corbett. Harriet Parrish. Second Row: Isabel Masterton, Alice Eison, Connie Carbaugh, Fritzi Stollar, Ann Price. Third Row: Trudy Lefler, Anne Carlton, Lorraine Yancy, Ginger Currin, Jo Eaddy, Joan Leonard. Please, Ladies! Let ' s get started! 8, 9, 91 7 ' 10-Perryman to Jackson to Huie. Rushing is over but w e won ' t forget a girl and a boy in a little canoe . . . Hannah . . . orchids from Hawaii . . . and gobs of Spanish moss. Things settled down to a dull roar in the little gray house starting with a successful open house for our wonderful pledges. But how about Nanq ' and SUAB . . . Mary Lu and Newman Club . . . the hard working student advisors . . . Perky and her long winded conversations with " Sweetie " . . . Raised eyebrows upon hearing a baby ' s cry coming from Mrs. Patee ' s room . . . Barbara Chrysler-ing off to Art Lab and points north . . . Fleming and who? Your guess is as good as ours . . . Claire and Norma chug-a-lugging their midnight coffee . . . Mrs. Harris and her letters from Korea . . . Jeanne and " Let ' s go Carolina! " . . . Underwood and her taxi with no meter going to the Tarnation office . . . Connie ' s heels for class ... the day John refused to wear Emilie ' s pin . . . Commuting to the beach ... Jo Jones celebrating Bernie ' s initiation . . . Mary and Tom ' s lovely winter wedding . . . Kathy ' s " Did he ki-iss you? " . . . Martha and her unwelcome yellow slips of paper . . . Turlington off to the flicks . . . Martha Neal and the chapter athletes . . . Harriet and the " Eighteenth ' Variation " playing at any hour of the day . . . ■Who laughed during installation? . . . Pat and her new charges. Pledge points anyone? ... a host of wonderful coffees and parties . . . Everything combined has made it a great year for the Alpha Gams. Let ' s have many more like this one! Page 346 Gamma Delta HISTORY Founded Katiniially: May 30, 190-J at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York. Chartered at the University of North CaroUna in 1945. Colors: Red, Buff, and Green Floiier: Red and Buff Roses Pnblnalwii: Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly First Row, left to right: Martlia Bridger. Treasurer; Marj ' Bryan, JeanBr) ' ant, Jeanne Bunch. Jody Desmond, Anne Fleming. Second Row: Anne Harris, Bernie Hileman, House Manager; Martha Neal Honeycutt, Nanc ' Home, Ann Huie. Joanne Jackson, Secretary. Third Row: Jo Ann Jones, Harriet Maynard, President; Mary Lu Mercer, Barbara Mumaw, Pat Noah, Vice-President; Emilie Patton. Fourth Row: Nancy Ferryman. Perky Putzki, Claire Reid, Anne Turlington, Anne Underwood, Connie Williford. Page 347 Chi Omesa HISTORY Founded Ndlwihilly: University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Arivansas, April 5, 1895. Chartered at the University of North Carohna, January 20, 1923. Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Pnblical oii: " The Eleusis " of Chi Omega ■r f f f c Firu Row, Ufl to right: Bonnie Baker, B.ub.iia Be.iblcy, Betty Burch. M.iry Id.i Bmwn, Janic Circy, J.inet Cozjrt Vice President ; Mary Dorsett, House Manager. Second Row: Stella Eason. Betsy Goodwin, Agnes Green, Laura Hays, Alice Hicks, President, lulia Kester, Judy Landauer. Third Row: Dottie Law, Joanne Murphy, Ann Patterson, Treasurer; Ann Penton, Jean Rayburn, Anna Redding, Pat Smith, Secretary. Fourth Row: Pat Turnbull, Nancy Uzzelle, Sandra Wright, Jo Yokely, Marion Yount. Not Pictured: Jayne Adams, Joyce Caldwell, Margaret Cheatham, May Holton, Lindy Lindeman, Lina McCarroU, Lois Perry, Marnie Polk. Page 348 Another Fall, another major house cleaning, another frantic rush season and the Chi Omegas were off to another year at Carolina. " Cocheese " and the A.T.O. ' s, Jayne and the S.A.E. ' s and Anna, Mary, and the Duke football team getting things off to a bang with never a dull moment — Janie scouting a fourth for bridge and " Percy " Eason, Julia, and " A. P. " keeping ears tuned for the magic two ring of the telephone . . . " Y ' all, where is my roommate, " yep! Penton still looking for Laura, and May and Margaret chasing " Tweety " around the house — Lina de- ciding to leave Grand Central Station, wonder why? Dottie and Pat finally recovering from stiff legs — Judy trying to fulfill our social obligations, and Lindy keeping that suntan the whole winter via a sunlamp . . . Murphy and Barbara and their frantic aspirations to be Playmakers — Mary Ida, red car with a checked black and white shirt driving . . . Aggie clutching a pile of knitting — Betsy trying to see under the steering wheel — Birch and Alice leading us on to more athletic conquests, and Jo mashing the hair down with a red scarf — Janet ' s " mello biniss " and Mamie ' s chimes . . . Mrs. B. ' s wonderful meals — Lois hav- ing predicaments and Nancy still corresponding — Pat avoiding Dr. Harland — Jeans ' contagious smile . . . Marion ' s love for P.E., and Sandra ' s " meet me in the Y. " This was Chi Omega 1953- ' 54. It was great and we loved it. Singing " So long to the X and horseshoe " we agree . . . The best year ever. CHI OMEGA PLEDGES First Row, left to right: Janet ' i ' oung, Betsy Stoner, Alice Asbury, Laura Deane Matheson, Paula Smith, Catherine Pharr. Kitty Philpott. Second Rair: Coe Brassell, Becky Gordon, Peggy Williams, Jean Summers, Cynthia Ward, Emily Urquhart, Gene Overbeck, Toddy Smith, DeeJee Davenport. Third Row: Sara Fair, Christie Peeler, Joan Sasser, Kendrick Townsend, Susie NicoU, Nell Eley, Ann May, Virginia Ashburn, Kay Oldfield, Sara Alice Jackson, Laura Wood- ward, Mary Frances Stone. First Row, left " v, Mary Ann H.l)l. , Cithtrrine Russell. Lou Hawlcy, Liza Little, Louise Coffey, Kitty Kerr, Carroll Butts, Patty Andrews. Second Row: Frances Watts, Jackie Steed, Margaret Neiter, Jean Christian, Margaret Kelley, Carol DuPler. Third Row: Petey Gunter, Sally Liggett, Coco Weidermann, Martha Crowell, Joan Brown, Ann Tew, Judy Jackson, Bebe Bauman. Tvi ' ENTV-TWO NEW G.T.G. ' s, EIGHT TRANSFERS, and three D ' s got off to a roaring start regardless of the semester system . . . A brick wall and grass replaced our front yard desert . . . Can ' t stop bragging about the nev. ' hacienda . . . nor i]X Derby, Beat Dook Parade, Valkyries — all winnahs. Couldn ' t keep up with grinning idots who had pins: Zeus, Jan, Snookie, Mase worrying about Dick and Lavoris . . . Sally Lee back with a ring and " You all, he ' s so wonderful " . . . How could we have done without Kit ' s " Independent Republi- can, " Ginny ' s " Haircut anyone. ' " . . . Mary Helen ' s " But she ' s a D.A. major " . . . Street ' s " Back in 1940 when I was a It was I.T.B. giving Lois and Peggy phonetic lessons . . . hearing Jean and Jane pow wow about their Charming Dekes . . . Mary Kit and Hart wail " Wt wanna wear saddle oxfords to Cornell . . . Impossible to forget those quiet (. ' ) girls, Betty Sue, Sally, Claire on third . . . Smith prexy Murray . . . Elinor, the rah girl who wouldn ' t twirl . . . Janet Harris, Tri Delt Modern " Venus . . . Holleman ' s taxi service for dorm Deltas . . . ludy sleeping through Saturday S o ' clocks . . . Jess and Barbara leading flick teams onward . . . Perfume-a la Conga, with Beeps you can ' t go wrong-a ... the gal who sent the COD trunk from Liogota, Colombia . . . Pass-the-peanut-butter-and-jelly-Allsbrook . . . Then there ' s dem Bones . . . " Where ' s Page? Cheers for Saturday Night Club and its non-restrictive mem- bership . . . Eye-balling new people on campus . . . midnight kitchen raids . . , honorary pledges Abbey and Skippy . . . Mrs. Carter ' s " surprises " . . . And another successful year full of th.i.t gung-ho spirit ends at " 210 Pittsboro Street . . . the place where the Tri-Delts meet. " % .% y . Page 330 Delta Delta HISTORY Founded Natioiiiilly: Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, January 15, 1889. Chartered locally at University of North Carolina April 9, 1943. Colors: Silver, Gold, and Blue Flower: Pansy Publication: The Trident f sfif f f f i .f €JV Fmt Row. left to right: Fran Allsbrook, Anne Bell, Henrietta Bell, Claire Boone, Beeps Buchanan, Mase Chapin, Joanne Christian, Lois Collins Second Row: Mary Helen Crain, President; Sally Gallant, Jess Gant, Janet Harris, Ann Hartzog, Jane Holleman, Jeff Johnson, Jane Kennedy. Third Row: Judy King, Marion Linder, Betty Sue McDonald, Page Moore, Peggy Murchison, Nancy Murray, Mary Kit Myers, Treasurer. Ann Shannonhouse. Fourth Row: Helen Saunders, Sally Lee Schindel, Snookie Stone, Ann Street, Vice-President, Barbara Taylor, Lucia Traxel, Mike Underwood, Lolly VanKirk, Kit Wallace, House Manager; Ginnie VC ' hiteman, Babs )C ' hittington, Jean Williamson. Jan Winders, Elinor Wrenn. Not Pictured: Sandy Donaldson. Page 331 Kappa Delta HISTORY Founded Nationally: Longwood College, Farm ille, Virginia, October 23, 1897. Chartered locally at the University of North Carolina, May 22, 1951. Colon: Green and White Flower: White Rose Piibl ' iccition: The Angeles Fnsl Rou hU 10 right: Helen Beard, Celeste Bishop, Betsy Clarke, House Manager; Janet Cuinwell. j.mtrt Green. Peg Hall. StcmtJ Row: Mary Jane Harrison, President; Alice Jones, Carolynn Little, Catherine Marks, Connie M.irple, Pe .yy Pieipimt. T }Jrci Ruu : Edith Rogers, Joan Russell, Vice-President; Lib Suddreth, Elinor Taylor, Lyn Thorpe, Lou Ann Watkins. Fi in h Ron-: Nancy W ' hisnant, Betty George Williams. Treasurer; Betsy Wood. No Pictured: Mary Jo Rader. Page 352 The new year was ushered in with screams of horror at the iron monster decorating the front of the house, but a trapeze act by a few talented painters managed to camouflage the fire escape and set the pace for a general face-lifting on the house. The year was a busy one and full of fun. P.B.S. ' s at eleven, the eternal bridge games, the " one-thirty club, " and Arthur Godfrey parties around the TV set every morning . . . presenting the Jane Gray Memorial Cup and helping out our proteges in Richmond ' s Crippled Children ' s Hospital on the serious side. ■Vennie and Janet were Student Advisers . . . Betsy was editor of THE KANTERBURIAN and secretary of Women ' s Residence Council . . . Peg added Homecoming Queen to her Laurels . . . Caro- lynn in Student Legislature . . . Lib was secretary of University Club . . . Edith on Y Cabinet. A house full of fun . . . Kefauver Harrison check- ing on Peg and Cackie . . . Cathy singing blues . . . Peggy finally had White Sweater Night . . . Carolynn pinned to West Point with ninety-nine pins . . . Joan associating with those Dook people . . . Lou Ann ' s " We ' ll sing the one on page ten " . . . B.G. enjoying ill health . . . sweetest little fellows Herb and David . . . Mary Grace and the surprise of the year . . . Elinor, the original pessimist . . . found a gas station yet, Connie? " Lyn, the " Idiot " . . . Nancy ' s, " But ya ' U, don ' t make me take it back! " . . . Mary Jo and Celeste and those degrees . . . " Speedy " Janet . . . Betsy and the sign of the leaf . . . Edith sleeping in the attic . . . and how could we have survived the year without Mrs. Graham, the best K.D. of all? ■ i 1 KAPPA DELTA PLEDGES F rU Row, left to right: Nancy Julian, Kitty Harbison, Elsie Peterson, Babbie Dilorio, Phyllis Cogburn, Nancy Edwards. Second Row: Jackie Brooks, Sue Ringer, Mary Beall, Monica Justice, Bo Bernardin, Joan Chapman, Page 353 First Row, left to right: Penny Hartmann, Tricia Permenter, Donna Blair, Ann Jones, Joanie Greene, Dot Figel. Second Row: Janie MacNeill, Mary Lewis, Rachel Brooks, Deborah Wescott. Luanne Thornton, Annette Nevin, Susan Elliot. Third Row: Sue East. Ricki Brannon, Lucy Murray, Mary Ann McManus, Hazel Crawford, Jean Timlin, Gina Timberlake, Joyce Barger. The ' 53- ' 54 year promised great things for the Pi Phi ' s with a terrific bunch of transfers and a most wonderful pledge class. B.O., Woman ' s Residence Council Chairman; Mary Jane, Mc- Iver President and " Y " Treasurer; Nancy Shaw, Jo Demming and Sara Rose, Honor Council; Jane Berryhill, Student Council and WAA Veep; Joan Gant, Cheerleader; Sue Ambler, Valkyries President; Joan Blocker, Sigma Chi Sweetheart and Dee, KA Rose. Pi Phi has a lot to live up to, holding th e WAA and Scholar- ship cups for last year, but we started off with a big bang by winning the Homecoming Display trophy. And then there was Benton and her " Had a Little Talk with the Lord " and " I want the facts, nothing but the facts " . . . Fitzie, Joan Gant, and Betty P., the mailman meeters . . . Sara Leek (spell that name right!) " Who ' ll play bridge? " . . . " Shawbird " and " Block- head " . . . Jo ' s Skylark . . . the two men in Eleanors life . . . Willie and Bill . . . The New York crowd at Thanksgiving . . . Jane Edwards . . . Glen Lenox. ' . . . Engaged Mary and Earl the Pearl . . . the fraternity parties, study breaks and coffees . . . Christmas Caroling, Valkyrie Sing, the Powder Bowl game and spring at the Hill . . . " Oh clutch, I ' m out of college. ' " And they were the greatest years ever! Page 354 Beta Phi HISTORY Founded Nationally: Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, April 28, 1867. Chartered locally at Universit) ' of North Carolina in 1925. Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Flower: Wine Carnation Publication: The Arrow €i f V p rs First Row, left to rii ht : Sue Ambler, Betty Otto Anderson, Ann Benton, House Manager; Mary Bernard, Jane Berryhill, Joan Blocker, Lucv Briney. Second Row: Lane Buckly, Mary Jane Bumpous, Nancy Bunham, Barbar ' a Burgess, Marcia Crane, Edith Cross, Lyn Daniel. Thnd Row: Nancy Davis, Jane Edwards, Ann Fitzgerald, Pris Flemming, Joan Gant, Secretary; Rosalyn Gasque, Sara Leek. Fourth Row: Mary Lowrey. Jennie Lynn, Connie Moore, Gloria Ni, , Betty Parsons, Doane Randall, Patricia Rodman. Fifth Row: Sara Rose, Eleanor Saunders, Vice-President; Nancy Shaw, President; Lee Strickland, Carol VC ' ebster, June Williamson. Not pictured: Ellen Prouty. Page 355 GERMAN CLUB The German Club, an organization composed of representatives of thirteen social fraternities on campus, sponsors tliree dance week-ends each year, bringing name bands to Chapel Hill. Under the leadership of Jim Schenck, President, the 1953-54 dances were declared highly successful. Fall Germans featuring a double performance by Tommy Tucker and Johnny Long began a promising year. Next on the calendar of events were Midwinters in February bringing Ralph Marterie and his orchestra to play for the event with a bonus Friday concert with " Wild Bill " Davidson and his Dixieland sextet. Finals in the spring wound up the club ' s activities for the year. Other officers include Jake Rountree, Vice-President; Skippy Rod- dey. Secretary; and Wallace Pridgen, Treasurer. Fraternities belonging are: Pi Kappa Alpha, St. Anthony Hall, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Delta Theta, Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Tau Omega, Zeta Psi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Nu, Kappa Alpha, Sigma Chi, Kappa Sigma, and Delta Kappa Epsilon. First Row, left to right: Jim Schenck. Jake Rountree, Skippy Roddey, Wallace Pridgen, Archie Crox- ton. Second Row: Dick Hensel, Dick Guthrie, Pete Knight, Brooke Gardiner, Billy Evans. Third Row: Buddy Harper, Bob Mason, Bill Current, Bill Beebe, Weston Houck, Artie Newcombe. fJJJJS, M Page 356 FALL GERMANS A SUCCESSFUL YEAR of Germans began with an October week-end featuring the bands of Tommy Tucker and North CaroHna ' s own Johnny Long. Tucker entertained during the first half of a Friday afternoon concert with his catchy arrangements, while Long rounded off the program with such popular rendi- tions as " Way Up in North Carolina " and " Silver Dollar. " Johnny Long played for a good crowd at the Friday night dance at which the traditional German Club figure was held. After an intermission for a Johnny Long-led pep rally and the Carolina-Maryland football game, music lovers danced to the smooth music of Tommy Tucker. Johnny Long Dick Perrv Fealiired with johnny Long, Left to right: Tommy Tucker. Johnny Long, and German Club President Jim Schenck .It fall concert. Page 357 Wild Bill " Davidson " Wild Bill " Davidson Ralph Marterie WINTER GERMANS Midwinters began with a bang as " Wild Bill " Davidson and his band from Eddie Condon ' s in New York City delighted the audience with famous New Orleans " Dixie. " A Saturday afternoon concert by Ralph Marterie was the next event of the week-end. Members of the German Club and their dates were pre- sented at a formal dance Saturday night at which Marterie ' s smooth dance music presented an appropriate finish to a week- end full of musical entertainment. Page 358 Tommy Dorsey with vocalist Lynn Roberts Kay Kyser and Tommy Dorsey SPRING GER MANS Spring Germans rounded out the 1952-53 season with the " fabulous Dorsey brothers " furnishing music. The week-end began with a Saturday concert at which Ray Anthony made a surprise appearance and was joined by Chapel Hill ' s Kay Kyser. The four famous band leaders joined hands to present the most entertaining concert in many years. The excellent dance rhythm of Tommy Dorsey furnished the setting for the formal dance Saturday night to end German Club activities for the year. Miss Anita Caine of Greensboro escorted by Jim Schenck, Delta Kappa Epsilon, President of the Germa n Club. Left to right: Jimmy Dorsey, Ray Anthony, Tommy Dorsey, and Kay Kyser. Page 359 Interfraternity Council The Interfraternity Council this year, as in past years, has been the coordinator of the social fraternities on the UNC campus. Under the capable leadership of John Boushall, the IFC has provided the fraternities with various activities and sought to raise the standards of fraternity life on the campus. Among its activities this year, the IFC conducted a successful Greek Week which featured a constructive project, exchange dinners, and interfraternity competition in athletics and skits. It also sponsored a blood donor program among the fraternities in order to build up the blood supply at Memorial Hospital. Once again, it awarded this year the Andrew Bershak Scholarship, valued at two thousand dollars. The fund is made up of individual contributions from the members of the social fraternities. One of the most beneficial projects of the IFC was the discussion groups where house managers and treasurers compared and discussed their problems. First Row, left to right : Horace Golightly, Walt Converse, Charlie Phillips. Jerry Ridge, Dave Futth. Joe Mavrefid. Mitchell Novitt, Bernie Burnstan, Edward Nelson, Phin Horton. Second Row: John MacLendon, Roger Hubert. Ed McCurry. Bill Ruffin, John Boushall. Henry Isaacson, Joe RafF, Scott Spradley, Harry Pearsall, Jim Schenck. Third Roic: Jimmy Sykes, ' Wallace ONeil, Bob Goforth. Clint Andrews, Bob Neal, Fred Hutchins, Leonard Ciein. Alec McMillian. Harrison Dunlop, Clayton Jackson, John Hawes. Fourth Ron : Toby Hayns- worth. Gran L ' zzle, Clawson ' Williams, David Rowe, Russ Cowell, Bob Grimes. Jim Rollins. Reuben Leonard. Dick Kain. Bob Henley. John Boushali President This year the Council has endeavored to gain equal social privileges for coeds visiting in the fraternities. It is hoped that in the near future some agreement can be reached. Along with serving as the clearing house for interfraternity problems and conducting the pledging program, the council pub- lished a handbook of all the data on fraternity life. The book lists all fraternity men, and the groups to which they belong; the laws of the council; the policies and special agreements that it enforces; and the rushing rules for the year. The Interfraternity Council is composed of two members from each fraternity, the house president, and another delegate. It has as its purpose to further by unification and high ideals, the brotherhood, character, and scholarship necessary to any fraternity worthy of the name. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE First Ron. left lo right: John Boushali. Presi- dent; Bill Ruffin, Vice-President. Second Rou:- Phin Horton, Court Chairman; Henry Isaacson, Secretary; Ed McCurry, Treasurer. COURT First Ron. left to right: Jim Crouch, Phin Hor- ton, Carroll Brady. Second Row: Walton Joyner, Bill Temple, Joe Baker. Page 361 Alpha Delta Chapter Alpha T OFFICERS David Rovce PresideiU Pkter G. Seaman, Jr. . . Vice-President Dedrich B. Alexander ... .Treasurer Wood Smethurst Hislorian Hal J. Rollins, Jr Secretary au Ome HISTORY Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865. Colors: Azure and Gold Pr hl catioti: The Palm Established at the University of North Carolina in 1879. First Rolf, left to i x jt: Thomas Adler, Dedricln Alexander, Richard Alexander, Rah.ird Baker, Donald ( audi. David Cooper. Second Ron: R. B. Fitch, William Fleming, Franklin Hart, John Holhngsworth, NX ' illiam Kirkman, Jr., Richard Kocornik. Third Row: Daniel Luke. Joel Moehlmann, Chartes Motta, Hal Collins, Jr., David Rowe, H. Gerard Russell. Fourth Rotv: Peter Seaman, Jr., M. H. T. Seawell, H. Wilson Shoulars, Lee Stevens, Perry Veazey, Tom Wakefield. Fifth Rou: Beverly Webb, James Webb, Jr., Duke ' idoff, Robert Kay Vf ' ilson, Ogburn Yates, Jr. Page 362 Taus come through again . . . scholarship award . . . basketball, pingpong, tennis and track championships . . . continue to raise hell on week- ends . . . Hawaiian party best of the year . . . many heavy heads on Sunday . . . Memorable events: the Zebra woman ' s " debut " . . . Holly ' s Folly . . . beach week-end and the Thomas Manor . . . the " Mutt " finally breaks out . . . Fletcher gets cooled off . . . Ding bat takes a little trip . . . Elting loses pin ... as do many other lovers . . . initiation . . . lawn parties . . . Keller makes trip to local hoosegow . . . deb ball takes usual toll . . . Trained killers march on Hawaii and return 10 days late for fall semester . . . Chi O ' s sometimes pull blinds much to anguish of Peeping Tom ' s . . . chapter fixes sky-hook to roof for Duck . . . Regular afternoon tea parties at Michel ' s . . . Ace and the Gypsy perform questionable dance . . . Seaman gets invitation to Coronation . . . Chapter gets serious . . . Christmas party huge success . . . Veasy gives good impression to 3 blind dates in succession . . . Monk and Spring German ' s rock Franklin Street . . . someone rings a bell . . . finals and all make it except Carroll and Green who decide to stay over for another year at the Hill . . . ALPHA TAU OMEGA PLEDGE CLASS First Row, left to rig,ht: Grantham, Deane, Holford, Creighton, Bennett. Sec- ond Row: Cannon, Huntley, White, Davis, Michal. Chambless. Page 363 f Beta Theta Pi OFFICERS John Aycock McLendon . . . President JoNH Mason McCollam Vice-President Newton Buckner Barkley, Jr. Secretary Thatcher Love joy Townsend, Jr. House Manager HISTORY Founded in 1839 at Miami University. Colors: Blue and Pink Flower: Rose Publication: Beta Theta Pi Established at the Uni ersity of North Carolina in 1852. c e p P © First Rou: left lo rizhr: X. B. lluklcv. AL I.. Bi.v.ut. .s. L, Blvthe, R. D. Byerlv. Jr.. E. E. Brav. T. A. Euie. Ii. Sccoiul Rmr: T. E. Fesperman, C. G. Froelich, F. B. Fredere, R. E. Guthrie, Jr., H. C. Haynesworth, J. B. Hussey, Jr. Tl}nd Rou : F. W. Leak. R. L. Litaker, J. N. Longest. C. T. Macy, J. M. McCollam, 1. A. McLendon. Fourth Row: W. P. Monroe, J. S. Nichols, R. A. Noll, J. R. Patterson, W. B. Phillips, A. D. Plrss. Fifth Row: D. " L. Quails, Julian Rogers, J. E. Skimer, F. M. Tettlebach, W. T. Walker, R. L. Yarborough. Page 364 Living room rug put a dent in the finances but Ebineezer Townsend soon alleviated the condi- tion. Toby voiced his protest. Blythe and Monroe led the lovers with Julia and the " Black Beauty " as their recipients. Chuck deviated from Jake while managing a few trips to Spero ' s. McLendon and " Fog " Patterson got lost in Lynchburg. Quails and Phipps went to Greens- boro. Cleaning business flourished as Stump and Leak joined Thatcher on the Black List. Skinner left for Alaska. Scoady Morris left his monkey and his marbles in Charlotte. Stroud visited the A. A. chapter as Shoe and Thomas were recalled and Sambo just turned fifty-nine. Heatman was still with us. McCollam introduced a new type of pajamas which included a coat and tie. Draze party in the bar. Even though he didn ' t wear a ?! ) long oval, " Crabby " Al remained Ivy Leaguer. Harry was the big wheel in med school but lost his pin and diving bell. As Sambo says, " Tremendous! " BETA THETA PI PLEDGE CLASS First Row, left to right: Dick Noll, Charlie Fox, Gordon Brown, Sam Ogburn. Jack Nichols. Second Row: Ed Pridgen, Thorne Walker, Hugh McColl, Henry Lineburger. Chi Ph OFFICERS John Quincv Stilwell . President Neil Boydston Satterfield Vice-President Michael Dillard Brown . . . Secretary Jerry Neal Potts Treasurer Floyd Garland Coble, Jr. Sergeant-at-A rms Michael Campbell Soper . . Historian HISTORY Founded at Princeton University in 1824. Colors: Scarlet and Blue Publication: Chi Phi Chakett Established at the University of North Carolina in 1858 and 1922. Ic-ll to rinbt: r B. Ashe, Norris Bost, Ed Bottoms. Mike Brown. Nick Burhridge. Garland Coble, Dan Duval. Second I French, Frank Futch, Rufus Hackney, Sam Haddock, John Hallett, Jim Harris, Roger Herbert. Third Row: William Mercer, Lane Ormand, Joe Parish, Louie Patseavoras, Tom Peacock, Jerry Potts. Fourth Row: John Price, Hoyt Pritchett, 1, Bill Sanders, Neil Satterfield, Howard Scotland, Jack Stevens, Fijth Row: Jack Stilwell, Rollie Tillman, Dick Valentine, ick, Grady Wells. Page 366 " It ' s time for a change " seemed to be the prevailing sentiment around Chi Phi as a new school year got under way. Effective leadership by Jack Stilwell and hard work on the part of all the brodiers soon trans- lated this wish into a reality in the form of a striking " new look " for the old white house on thehiU. Alpha Alpha kept up the vigorous pace by pledging twenty of Carolina ' s finest boys. No time was wasted after the annual pledge banquet as the chapter spent a busy fall with its intramural record and participating in extracurriculars. Chi Phi figured high in publications, Student Legisla- ture, campus politics and, of course, the ever- present parties. Winter brought more fine pledges through in- formal rushing and pledge week-end broke all records for festivities. Parties at Hogan ' s Lake and trips to Wrightsville and Myrtle filled the calendar until the last days of the year when thoughts of exams and a perfect year with Chi Phi filled the minds of brothers and pledges alike. CHI PHI PLEDGES Firsi Ruw. lejt 10 ri. hl : John Hallett, Sandy Archer, Jack Hamilton, Ben Bur- brid se. Second Rotv: Charlie Dameron, Tommy Kirkland, Harvey Mills, Bryan Scott. Dave Smith. Third Row: Al Holt, Jose Stunz, Pete Stokes, H. G. Sniper, Albert Wood. Page 367 K Chi Psi OFFICERS HISTORY Roger A. Hood Presidenl Founded at Union College in 1841. William G. White .... Vice-President Colors: Purple and Gold George C. McKinney Secretly Publications: Purple and Gold, The Sigma Scroll. Laurence A. Cobb Treasurer Established at the University of North Carolina in 1855. l J P P y p p Q First Ron. left to rt.Kht: Doc Broadway, Wayne Brown, Marion Buit% Dcwt-y Chappie, Curtis C. Coleman, Larry Cubb. Stcuiid Row: Pete Dannenbaum, Bob Dantzler, Jim Fountain, Joel Goodwin, Dick Hallden, Jack Harden. Third Row: Rod Hood, Don Huntington, Jim Lewis, George McKinney, Baxter Miller, Gene Neilson. f ar 6 Row: Noel Petree, Bob PfafF, Fred Price, Charles Shelton, Ed Starner, Tom Steed. Fifth Row: Ted Steele, Don Thornton, Herb Wentz, Bill X ' hite, Tommy York, Doug Young. Page 368 Year starts with usual work. Everybody back early. Football week-ends bring back old grads. Buddy now Ensign in Navy; Ramsey, Lt. in USMC. Thirteen terrific pledges begin work towards becoming actives — raking leaves. White entrusted as their master . . . Buster still lazy as ever. Ted and Doc plan Fall Houseparty • — Terriiic success . . . combo, dancing, everybody happy. Charlie sports new Olds . . . Pfaff still trying to lose weight via diet system . . . Noel snowed . . . Fred, Dick and even Big Boy Bucky pinned. Fountain hoarse after football game. Chris sings Malaguena in the shower . . . Everybody else " Eyeballs " the new TV set with overcoats on — NO HEAT! Can ' t get the darned furnace fixed! Anyway, it ' s a tops year for the Chipsis — a great gang, a great year and with more to come. Hats off to Hood for a great job as number one — anchors away — CHI PSI PLEDGE CLASS First Row, left to right: Fred Babson, Dave McKinney, Chris Christedes, Bob Jacobus, Len Reaves. Second Row: Pete Jones, Tom Johnson, Ken Bryant, Ken Lowery, Steve Marks. Delta Kappa Epsilon OFFICERS HISTORY James S. Schenck, III President Founded at Yale University in 1814. Herbert H. Thorp . . . .Vice-President Colon: Scarlet, Azure and Old Gold Hugh H. Shull Secretary Puhlication: The Deke Quarterly Wade H. Coleman, III Treasurer Established at the University of North Carolina in 1851. Fnsl Rou lejt to right : Frank T. Adams, Jr., William E. Barnes, Jr., Jame.s S. Brown. Vardaman M. Buckaltrw, Jr.. J. M. Carstar- phen, William G. Clark, III, Wade H. Coleman, III. Second Row: T. P. Harrison Dunlop. Robert D. Gorham, Jr., Bruce A. Gustaf- son, William L. Hill, II, W. Osborne Lee, Jr., R. Lawrence Maddry, Ben C. Mayo, II. Third Rou: Robert E. Mason, William S. Patterson, Horace Truman Ray, James S. Schenck, III, Thomas H. Shores, Oscar Albert Shortt, Jr., Hugh Henderson Shull. Fourth Row: Ewell C. Sinith. Thomas M. Stokes, William B. Temple, Herbert H. Thorp, Richard Todd, Benjamin C. Toledano. Page 370 Pre-registration began at Spero ' s — New carpet in the living room — Gorham in office of Presi- dent makes like Calvin Coolidge. Patterson has the usual troubles telling pledges about Phi, Yale, etc. Car, bus, plane made up the trans- portation on the Virginia trip. Lilly Christine goes feline for Barnes and the New Yorkers over Thanksgiving. Ding Bat sticks. Wilson continues night clubbing at Lindy ' s — Law officers shake Herbie up with a new grip at Deb Ball, White Lump ' s shoes and beer go to the laundry. Dubba brings back house guests after trip to Europe. Brothers regret Ben ' s illness. Schenck turns over new leaf and car. Obbie again gave his wheel of fortune another turn. Shores and Sprague go ape over absence of hair. Mayo ' s pledges shape up while the Phantom announces another used car bargain. Love bug nips Carstarphen for the first time. J. Shull lives up to his nickname. Shuff seconds motions. Vardy scoops reporters on Lewis Neaves record breaking 4:10 for the fifty. Owl gives a small hoot about grades. Ended out a party season with a 103rd an niversary. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON PLEDGE CLASS First Row, left to right: Kester, Gardner, Hayes, Mobley, Patrick. Second Row: Weaver, Clark, Moye. Moore, Ramsey, Rand. Third Row: Ward, Peele, Shelly, Schrocder, Bull.ird. Dreyer. ' „l piclurcJ: Raugh Page 371 ■K S iSS Delta Upsilon OFFICERS Horace Golightly Pyesident Jim Rollins Vice-President Jim Butler Secretary Gus Grant Treasurer HISTORY Founded at Williams College in 1834. Colors: Sapphire Blue and Old Gold Publication: Delta Upsilon Quarterly Established at the University of North Carolina in 1953. F ni Row, left to right: William Andrews, Harvey Bradshaw, James Butler, Horace Golightly, Freeman Grant. Second Row: Charles Green, Neal Harrington, Herman Husbands, Edward Johnson, George McGehee. Third Row: Stephen Moss, Harry Pawlik, Harry Phillips, James Rollins, Edward Vogel. Page 372 An eager addition to the campus brotherhoods was born last year. The period of labor was long, building membership, procuring and remodeling a house, providing furniture. Then the struggle ended momentarily, and we were baptized on April 25, 1953. Fall of ' 53 — Inexperienced ears hear rushees ' steps upon the porch, weary-handed, eager youths, crowding, smiling. Punch, long nightly meetings, and little sleep marked that week. Now we face our first pledge class. Not a large one, but one of which we are mighty proud. Knowledge gained by Jim Rollins and Horace Golightly at our 119th convention guided us in adopting policies and formulating our program. Parties and good cheer ! Germans week-end ; all hale? Maybe not, but all happy and all very sleepy Monday morning. Virginia week-end, Christmas dance . . . And the more serious aspects. Informal rush always at hand. New pledges steadily swelling our numoers, our purposes before us, a high scholastic average to maintain, all participating in extracurriculars. A busy life — building a new and different brotherhood. DELTA UPSILON PLEDGE CLASS Fnu Roif, lei I In ti ht: Charles Toms, Walt Barbee, Larry Ford. Not Pictured: Boh y.imcs, Wc- Batten. Page 373 Kappa OFFICERS Osborne Ayscue, Jr President Martin Jordan, Jr Vice-President Charles Waters Secretary T. H. Kepley Treasurer Alph; HISTORY Founded at Washington and Lee Uni- versity in 1865. Colors: Crimson and Old Gold Flowers: The Magnolia and the Crimson Rose. Publication: Kappa Alpha Journal Established at the University of North Carolina in 1881. First Rou left to right: Charles Aldridge, Robert W. Angstadt, Jerry M. Ailedge, Osborne E. Ayscue, Allan L. Bader, Karl L. Barkley, Kent P. Bradley. Second Row: Harry Easterling, J. Gordon Forrester, Earle A, Garrett, Don W. Geiger, Heiskell Gray. Lloyd Griffin, Edgar F. Harbin. Third Roiv: Robert S. Headon, T. C. Homesley, C. Weston Houck, Billy S. Howell, Allan J. Johnson, Martin L. Jordon, T. H. Kepley. Fourth Row: Gerald F. McBrayer, H. King McGee, George H. McLeod, Thomas P. Moreton, Channing N. Page, Robert F. Peek, Raymond N. Perry. Fifth Row: Lucius W. Pullen, Phillip T. Roberts. Charles Rodenbough, Thomas E. Rogers, Scott W. Spradley, Charles M. Waters, Herbert M. Wayne. Sixth Row: Julius D. Waggoner, C. William Yates. Page 374 Year 73 for the Brothers of Upsilon ... a clean sweep in rush, 24 of them . . . McLeod ' s thumb in every pie . . . Marty plays second fiddle to a cadaver . . . Tom disappears in a snowdrift . . . Lackey ' s gridiron rampage . . . Gordon, " How tall is she? " . . . Don the walking handshake . . . Lightning up at 6 for an 8 . . . Ugly pilots the Y . . . Jackson rocks the house . . . Bader loses a ceiling . . . Bradley ' s Fat Man ' s Club . . . Jack Armstrong Cheek . . . Rody the historian . . . Chan ' s culinary miracle . . . Karl the shy one . . . Ozzie ' s Platonic Friends . . . T the Promoter . . . Aldridge deals 5 queens . . . Peek ' s pin juggling act . . . Flaps and Funnyberger lend serious air . . . Scott the haberdasher . . . Gigi the reformed carpetbagger . . . Bert juggles lightbulbs . . . Wes, " Let ' s just burn it down. " . . . Old South Ball . . . the beards ... a mortgage burning . . . And one l ast toast to a dying year . . . " To the wine ... to the song ... to the women who never remember us ... To the Rose ... to the Knight ... to the mem ' ries the Order will render us . . . To the Shield ... to the Cross ... to the Flag that will never come down. " KAPPA ALPHA PLEDGE CLASS Fnu Roiv, lejl to right: Hardy, Harrison, Bumgardner, Parsons, McGinnis, Wapgoner. Secoiiil Row: Hale, McCormick, Garrett, Steele, Newsome, Ogburn, McCurdy. Tbhd Rotr: Bowles, Hudson, Stiles, Headen, Miller, Ayscue, Monroe, Mitchell. . V, Pictured: Hollscher, McGee, Shaw. Williams. K PP S isma OFFICERS Richard E. Kane Grand Miis er William Dameron . . Grand Procurator Herbert T. Sugg Grand Master of Ceremonies Richard N. T-iNDall .... Grand Scribe Richard V. Neill .... Grand Treasurer HISTORY Founded at the University of Virginia in 1869. Colors: Scarlet, White and Emerald Green Flouer: Lilly of the Valley Publications: The Caducaeus, The Star and Crescent. Founded at the University of North Carolina in 1893. i P f . f f First Roti. left lu nnhi: John Banner, Alban K. Barrus. Edward Bizzell, Robert Brannon, " illiam Current, ' W illiam Dameron. Second Row: Edward Doolan. Herbert Dowd, Samuel Emory, Curtis Harper, Robert Henley, Robert Hook, Clyde Johnson. Third Row: Richard Kane, Walter McFall, Charles Norwood, Daniel Olsen, Kenneth Penegar, Dan Perry, Charles Scott. Fourth Row: William Smith, Jr.. Charles Spillane, John E. Stoughton, John Stratford, Herbert Sugg, William Timlake, James Tyler. Fijlh Row: Richard Tyndali, Henry A. Walker, Gaither Walser, Charles Wickham, J. Thomas Zachary. Page 376 Carpenter and Lambert star for the Varsity . . . Part} ' time — Where ' s Rob? Neill and Henly collect the money . . . " Stoughton, do you call this stuff food? " Scott has superlatives and Ann, lucky guy . . . Bob is our social wheel . . . Give those pledges the devil. Harper . . . Kane heads the chapter . . . Grandman Stratford ' s dining room . . . orphan Christmas party . . . " Hey Sugg hx that leak " . . . Tyndall bids another seven no- trump . . . Noble and Zack on the golf links be- fore breakfast . . . " Wick, where did you get that girl ? " . . . Walker, Bizzell, Borden, and Barrus off to St. Mary ' s . . . Bruton is our number one sack hound . . . McFall gets engaged to Mac . . . Banner off to Greensboro . . . Gopher Walser and Mole Carter live in the hole . . . Olsen is big man in AROTC . . . Emory wants to know how much it cost . . . Dowd loses his heart and pin to Barbara ... " I was not sitting on the arm, Dameron " . . . Norwood likes the girls at DOOK . . . Spillane and Doolan try to convert us Yanks . . . Hook becomes drummer for Kenton . . . Tyler is our goof-off . . . OUie returns from the Gyrenes . . . Timlake is the house card-shark . . . Call me Kane . . . Congratulations pledges, you were wise. Page 577 KAPPA SIGMA PLEDGE CLASS First Row, left to ri,e,ht: Montgomery, Palmer, Tart, Jenkins. Second Row: Shuford, Frierson, Johnson. Terry. Curlee. Third Ron: Sandlin. Horner. Ray. Shadden, Sill, Petty, Stone. Lambda Chi Alpha OFFICERS HISTORY Robert W. Glenn President Founded at Boston University in 1909. William A. Wilson . . Vice-President Colors: Purple, Green and Gold Robert D. Aldridge Secretary Flower: White Rose Clayton A. Boggan Treasurer Publication: Cross and Crescent Established at the University of North Carolina in 1926. o i. P J A dk n O igk ! - X L Fnit Ron: lefl to r:e,ht: Robert Davis Aldridge, Robert Fowler Bell, Clayton A. Boggan. Stephen A. Brady. Robert Otis Deviney. Sec- ond Row: Robert K. Eberle. William Ray Elam, Robert NX ' ilson Glenn, Dick Hunt, Robert Cowan Leonard. Th rd Row: Robert K. Mor- ris, Harold Frank Oglesby, Billy Reid Oliver, Lewis Hillsman Parham, Thomas Alfred Parnell. Fourth Row: Barry Gordon Pruss, John L. Rendleman, III, NX ' illiam Ernest Sellers, lames Gordon Stegall, Charles G. SUange, Jr. Fifth Row: Harold W. Twisdale, Charles B, X ' atts, Jr., lames T, NX ' ilkes, Jr., William A. Wilson, John Gordon Ulmer, j:. Page 378 Fall semester starts a week early as brothers and pledges paint and clean up lodge . . . Rudy features cracking whip at all times . . . Gamblers put on the run by Crime Buster " C. Atlas " Ste- gall . . . Glenn leads kiddies over rough water . . . Blaylock and Ulmer return from the wars . . . Little Lou now down to slim 230 . . . Thirty-five Maryland brothers move in for a week-end . . . Later Tennessee was represented by sending " queen " for Beaver . . . Brother Morris leads chapter to greatest rushing yet as twenty-two great guys pledge . . . Ogs winds up with terrific blind date from WC . . . Lambdas disappointed when White and Rendleman not chosen for Su- preme Court . . . Lambda Chi pin deflects bullet and saves Dick Tracy ' s life . . . Elam struggles through hard major . . . Deviney works on trans- fer to Wake Forest . . . Dynamite Sellars gets terrific Christmas package . . . Alex loses head and pin . . . Brady hits social world, snows Nurser . . . Leonard pulls a big one, working on future Lambdas . . . Lookmg forward to Lambda Chi Frankie Lane at Inter-Zeta. i 3 w. 1 V ' fl w c ■1 ' J LAMBDA CHI PLEDGES First Row. left to tight: Conder. Beard. Meadows, Johnson, Register. Newton. Second Ron: Starritt, Barbre, Walker, Zimmerman, Porter, Sperlbaum, Weise. Third Row: Hanna, Williams, Staton, McDevett, Worthington, Maultsby, Tiller, Paquette, Barclay. Page 379 Phi Delta Theta OFFICERS HISTORY John H. Boushall Presidenl Founded at the Uni ersity of Miami, Ox- ford, Ohio, in 1848. Van Weatherspoon Reporter Colors: White and Blue Don Harley Secretary Floiier: White Carnation John Moore Warden PnhVications: The Scroll, The Palladium Established at the Universit)- of North Carolina in 1885. f ic Row. left to rigln: buddy Baarcke, John H. Boushall, Ty Boyd. Henry Cheney. John W. Cole. Second Row: Carl Dann, Jim Durham, Gene Gunter, Don Harley, Bill Joyner. Thud Row: Allen Long, Bill Marshburn, Pressley Millen, John D. Moore. VCilliam B. Pittman. Fourth Rotv: Dean Robinson, Sherwood Smith, Campbell Stuhbs. Perley A. Thomas, LeRoy Townsend. Fifth Row: Steve Trimble, Van Weatherspoon, Tommy Williford, Lem Woods, Jr., Bob X ' right. Page }80 1953-54 . . . We return to renew the good times and hard work of last year . . . Nose gets two T.D.s against Notre Dame . . . Gimp sports a new fire-truck red M. G. . . . Golden Throat resumes duties of spinning discs . . . Link is for- ever squeezing — money out of the brothers, that is . . . The other Uzzie, Gran, renews his " Field and Stream " subscription . . . Newly installed semester system confuses Reet m the morning . . . Dumbo ' s wings still catch the wind . . . Perch and his minnows take their daily swim . . . Ferg still wants to know, " well, why? " . . . Turtle is still champion after defeating twenty-four con- testants. The Duke is furious . . . someone else has four forward gears in his car — " Never mind! " . . . Spot, the Sparrow, is still fluttering his ex- tremities . . . The Red Eye is looking at you . . . Perley is still apicking . . . Ultrasol is the cry from the Bush ... A trainer from a local sorority is taming the wild man . . . Moon renews debates after vacationing in Charlotte . . . The Bald One returns to coach . . . The Judge effervesces with his bottle of personality . . . Coz ... he comes from a well family . . . Hi-there Slick. PHI DELTA THETA PLEDGE CLASS F iit Row, left lu ri hi: HargraNe, Kirchburg, Wade, Olmsted. Second Row: Strickland, McLaughlin, Brenner, Hooper, Westerfield. Third Row. Martin, Drake, Pritchett, Graham, Krepp. Sueton, r M ? Page 381 Phi Gamma Delta OFFICERS Rowland Burnstan, Jr. ... President James W. Maynard Treasurer James E. Adams, Jr. . . Recording Sec ' y. Garland Homes . Corresponding Sec ' y. Gene F. Lyon Historian HISTORY Founded at Washington and Jefferson College in 1848. Color: Royal Purple Floiver: Purple Clematis Publication: The Phi Gamma Delta Established at the University of North Carolina in 1851. i P! O: O t .i O (O AMmh mm First Row, left to right; Jim Adams, Bob Bundy. Burnie Burnstan, Bill Covington, Kenton Creuser, Jim Crouch. Second Row: Jim Dillingham, Bill Greene, Bill Higgins, Garland Homes, Charlie Hoyt, Jim Lovelace. Third Row: Gene Lyon, Jim Maynard, Frank McCain, Walter Noneman, Jim Prescott, Irving Smith. Third Row: Charlie Swaim, Paul Sylvester, Bob Tate, Carl Venters. Page 382 Epsilon o f Phi Gamma Delta began the fall with big football week-ends and welcome alumni . . . troops in rare form at combo parties staged on patio with the wall continuing to contribute casualties " Shoot em up — we got the shooter " . . . " Drunk " . . . Hectic rushing tremendous success under " Bear " . . . " Drooper " cracks the whip in the Chicken Chow Mein . . . Laney drops out of the week-end Greensboro gang and gradu- ates . . . Get this!! Hare and Burnstan catch up on sack time . . . married . . . Hoyt has family still nervous . . . W. W. Venters engaged or his girl is . . . " W. B. C. " in Washington . . . Weeks gets tired and takes a break . . . Croxton makes Debut at Y Court . . . Albert still on the wagon . . . Koenig joins troops again with " Got a cigarette Babe " . . . Yeah! Maynard and Lyon are off . . . Adams has a meeting . . . O. K. Stump you ' re fined . . . Springs brings week-end caravans to the beach. Noneman brings his rod and reel out . . . Theta party a riot . . . Pledge Week-end greatest yet . . . graduation makes another year at Vance Hall. r ' 1 lirs a . t r J ' ? Fl i ■ " 5 . ' , - V Page 383 PHI GAMMA DELTA PLEDGE CLASS First Row, left to right: Dilday. Carlton, Bryan, Reynolds, Byrum, Blount, Walser. Second Row: Wilson, Durham, Boyette, Cowan. Towe, Taylor, ' Wood, Exum. Third Row: Reid, Rossell, Bruton, Williams, McLean, Hicks, Connor, Minges, Farmer, Thorburn. . ' o Phi Kapp OFFICERS Wallace W. O ' Neal President William Prothero .... Vice-President Robert Goforth Tre.uurer William Thorton Secretary s i2ma HISTORY Founded at the University of Pennsyl- vania in 1850. Colors: Black and Old Gold Flouer: Yellow Chrysanthemum Pnhliccitiom: Phi Kappa Sigma Newsletter, Lambda Lite. dh L 1 i; Pi ft VPO ' K l h s k Sk i t L Sm p mn - P MM f 4 L s • Firs! Row, lefl lo right: John Barab, Job Belcher. J. Fred Blake, Ernest Bumjjardntr, Lynn Capcl, Myron Conklin, Fay Culbreth. Scro); i?o»v Wyatt Dixon, William Fetzer, Allen Frucci, Harold Gleitz, Bobby Goforth, Frank Harris, Richard Hoyle. Third Row: Robert Jones, William Koman, Ralph K. Kynoch, Warren Love, Joe Morgan, Gene E. Moring, Gerald McMahon. Fourth Row: Richard R. Nixon, Allen Norberg, Wallace O ' Neal, W. J. Prothero, Jerry Reece, Joe Rogers, James Roquemore. Fiflh Row: Charles L. Sharpless, Neal Sheffield, Charlie Sillery, James A. Smith, James Sykes, C. Wm. Thornton, Hood van den Arend. Sixth Row: Jerome Vayda, Richard Ziglar. Page 384 " Down in the bar room underneath the ground ... " With the return of Sam the Phi Kap man this year the Lambda House opened its 98th year on campus. Things got under way with the open house for coeds chaperoned by Nugget O ' Neal. Times got toiable with the advent of bar parties before, during and after the football games. These blasts were highlighted by the appearance of such nationally known figures as Ruby, Christme, Ren- yard, Rocco, Fed-The-Bar-B-Que-King, Coathanger the Importer, Ziglet (AA President), Muscle Throat O ' Brien, " My Gurl " by Fetzer and Sykes the smiling barman. Next came rush with the addition of 14 more clowns to the circus. Then Founders ' Day with Lambda receiving the Newsletter Award. The Christmas party for the kids, an annual affair, was as always well worth the effort. Winter house party combined wiih the pledge dance left sore heads but fond memories. Spring, glorious Spring, with the annual beach party . . , ' nuff said ? Graduation with some of the five-year-men leaving at last. Time marches on. PHI KAPPA SIGMA PLEDGE CLASS First Row, left to right: Upchurch, Hardy, Glietz, Stone. Second Row: Gofurth, West, McMillan, Henderson, Hollinshed. Third Row: Smith, Correli, Davis, Michie, Hunt. Page 385 wtidb» -: Pi Kapp OFFICERS Cla ' iTON Jackson Presidetil Woody Fearing Vice-Pres deni Bill Calvert Secretary Tom McMillan Treasurer Alp h HISTORY Founded at the University of Virginia in 1868. Colors: Garnet and Gold Flou ' er: Lily ot the Valley Piiblicalioii: Shield and Diamond Established at the University of North Carolina in 1895. r ' F nt Row, Ujt lo right: James B. Allen, Jr., Gordon Battle, Carroll Berry, Jr., V ' illiam M. Calvert, John F. Comer. Fred H. Deaton, William J. Erwin. Second Row: Woodson B. Fearing, George W. Ferguson, Gene Hafer. Flynn Harris, Mason Hawfield, William J. Isenhour, Clayton Jackson. Third Row: Edgar W. McCurry, Thomas McMillan, Arthur A. Madden, John P. Maynard, Stanley Peel, Claude E. Pope, James F. Rodgers. Fourth Row: Julian H. Rountree, Julius A. Rousseau, OIlie M. Smithwick, Scott Taylor, Horace Thompson, Edward A. Wayne, Matthew T. Wood. Page 386 1953 . . . Pika ' s opened the season with a combo after the State game . . . dig that crazy new kitchen . . . another rainy week-end . . . Woody ties the knot . . . pins pop up in the strangest places! . . . OUie and Sally Lee prepare for the future . . . old alums show up for Homecoming . . . where can we get a float for the Queen ? . . . look at that beautiful " Beat Dook Float Parade " . . . hard work, lots of fun . . . terrific pledge class . . . anybody have another draft? . . . speak- ing of draft, what happened to Lyman, Grady, " Flash, " Dune, Haywood, " Squirrel, " " Hot Shep Sut, " Aman, and the rest? . . . big chapter at Fort Jackson . . . another beautiful Dream Girl . . . " Zoot, " " Shaky, " and the " Senator " — all one . . . " Ike " the scorekeeper . . . " Maurice and his teeth " . . . " Mule " and the movies . . . " Boogie " and Butler, Pa. . . . " Big Ed " the political boss . . . Jule and George, struggling young shysters . . . let ' s have a sorority party. Mason . . . who are you dating tonight, Jake? . . . " Moscow Mules " and Bermuda shorts — what a combination . . . terrific " Tau Times " . . . the " Governor " talked his way out of that one . . . let ' s go to the movies now, and get it over with. Page 387 PI KAPPA ALPHA PLEDGES First Row, left to right: Johnson, Gruble. Hambright, Cash Overman, Magness, Padgett, Gorham, Coker, Mackie. Thi Thuemmler. Converse. White, Salmon, Collins, Vincent. ell. Second Row: ■d Row: Hodges, Pi Kappa Phi OFFICERS HISTORY Jerold a. Ridge Archon Founded at College of Charleston in 1904. VoNNiE B. Smith Trensurer Colors: Gold and White Jerry A. Campbell Secretary Flouer: Red Rose WiNTON G. WiLKS Publication: Star and Lamp Warden - Pledgemaster Established at the University of North James L. Gulledge Historian Carolina in 191-i. Richard L. Frucci Chaplain LL f: i, First Rou; left to right: ]erry Campbell Asery ConnM, Doug Dodivn. RicharJ Frucci. Stcond Ron: Dave Futch, James Gulledge, Billy Joe Johnson, Lynn Mann. T j r Rot ; Jerry Ridge, Charles Seabrook, Vonnie Smith, Richard Starner. Fourth Row: Alfred Strauss, Jack Taylor, Winton G. Willcs, James Yokeley. Page 388 The greatest year yet!! PI KAPPA PHI ' s started the ' 53- ' 54 school year oft right by pur- chasing new furniture for the hving room . . . Everyone pitched in to remodel our " social room " . . . " Greatest parties ever " our Alumni told us on their football week-end visits . . . Pledge class . . . On the ball . . . Everybody ' s general con- census ... PI KAPPs well represented at South Carolina game . . . Lost three of our best through matrimony . . . Congratulations Dick, Mac, and Dewey . . . Annual Christmas blowout . . . Basketball week-ends . . . Winter Germans . . . Many good times around the house . . . Frucci ' s " A-Model Convertible " . . . Our " professional " pledges still around . . . Spring Germans, our annual Rose Ball . . . And Earnie ' s annual after- school house party at Ocean Drive closes out a great year. PI KAPPA PHI PLEDGE CLASS Firu Row. left lo righl: Horton, Ferrell, Sluder, Johnson. Second Row: Cum- ming, Hardester, Taylor, ONeil, Koster, Huggins. Third Row: Jackson, Goforth, Young, Wooton, Hemby, Herring. Page 389 Pi Lambda Phi OFFICERS HISTORY Jo£ Raff Rex Founded at Yale University in 1895. Howard Silvers Anhnii Cnlois: Purple and Gold Jack Goodman Scnbc Piihl nation: Tripod Louis Bates . . Keeper of the Exchequer Established at the University of North Carolina in 1939. Sam Lerner Marshal First Row, left to right: Max Crohn, Herman Fleishman, Barry Fogel, Paul Gartzman, David Glass. Second Row: Jack Goodman, William Gorlick, Pete Gumpert. Bradley Katz, Donald Kurtz. ThnJ Ron: Bob Kushner, Sam Lerner, Jerry MofF, Joe Raff, Howard Silvers. Fourth Row: Ben Slosman, Norman Steinberger, Herb Waintr, Don VCarren, Howard Zerden. Page 390 A SPIRITED BUNCH returned from summer vaca- tion . . . Their first job was to completely paint the inside of the house . . . Everyone pitched in and Grads grudgingly admitted ole 107 looked the best ever ... It must have impressed the rushees for we got our biggest and best pledge class — 20 pledges started on the road towards becoming " Jolly Laddies " . . . The Fall German ' s party was, as usual, the greatest . . . Athletes went after Hillel football crown with vim and vigor — We Won! Winter came and we settled down for some serious intellectual activity . . . Gotta keep that scholastic average on top . . . National okays club-cellar plans and work begins . . . Winter Germans and big week-end party high- lighted the social calendar. Several beach trips and the cabin party started it off right . . . Horseshoe pits decorate the back yard ... Pi Lams defend their campus handball Championship . . . Omega Beta ended one of its most successful years at Carolina with hopes for an even better one in ' 54- ' 5 3. Page 391 PI LAMBDA PHI PLEDGES Fnsi Row, left to right: Stuart Teachman, Marvin Pearlman, Richard Oresman. Dave Tananbaum. Ben Diamond. Second Row: Arnold Kapiloff. Dave Burrows. Frank Livingston, Ed Pearlstein. Ted Rosenthal, Julius Coiien. Thiiij Ron: Bob Lavietes, Lorry Braverman. Fred Kahn, Don Stein, Brad L ' nion, Bob Pearlman. Ed Lipman, Stan Bershaw. St. Anthony Hall OFFICER George V. Strong House Manager HISTORY Founded at University of Columbia in 1847. Colors: Blue and Gold. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1854. First Row: Jack Blake, Dave Clinard, Rus.s Cowell. J. limokc GarJiiicr, Ed Gross. Seco}iJ Ruu: Phm Horton, S. T. Jordan. Charles Kuralt, Dusty Lamson, C. B. Schley. Third Row: Doug Soo, Tom Spain, Jack Spooner, Edward T. Taws, Bill Walker. Fourth Rotv: T. E. Witty, Bill Wood, Jay Zimmerman. Page 392 Uncle Tony ' s boys return to the Hall as new year begins. Things are looking up — Blake has a new crop of hair; Strong has hopes of finding his cat . . . Bachelor ranks dwindle fast — Walker, Witty, and Seely last summer, Johnson in the fall, and Mclntyre in the winter, with more to bite the dust this summer . . . The Hall is rejuvenated — amazing what some paint and a new bar will do . . . Football week-ends feature Jordan, bottle, and harmonica, appearing nightly on the roof . . . Pre-season coon hunt — missed both coons, but al- most bagged Gross . . . Rushing ' s mass confusion and mangled right hands. Well worth it, though . . . Germans week-end, plus cabin party and hayride — the latter successful except for diabetic horse . . . Gardiner goes continental — wine with meals at Antoine ' s. His car stolen, found in Y- Court as a Christmas present from the " Roach " . . . The Christmas party with eggnog was holiday send-off . . . Beach parties at Soo ' s; various blasts here and there as weather turns warm . . . High- light of year — Centennial Swingout; alumni re- turn to make it year ' s greatest affair. Page 393 ST. ANTHONY HALL PLEDGE CLASS First Row. lefr lo right: Bruton, Cluett, Meadows. Second Roir: Dewing, Bell, Kentopp, Jones. Sigma Alpha Epsilon OFFICERS HISTORY , , »r ,, r • Founded at the University of Alabama in I. Alex McMillan President , ' ■ ' 1856. Edward H. Hardison .. V ce-Pres den Co oer; Old Gold and Purple John D. Gold Seaenvj ' ' ' " " ' ■ ' ' ° ' Pi hludlion: The Record John DuBose Tretis ner Established at the University of North Robert L. Gibbon Warden Carolina in 1857. li l ' i Sh F;rii Row. left to right : Milo Abercrombie, X■illlam Armheld, Herbert Browne, Richard Carmichael. Henry Conner, Edward Crawford, Tom Creasy. Second Kinc: John DuBose, Robert Gibbon. John Hanes, Edward Hardison, Eugene Hill, NX ' iliiam Huff, Frederick Hutchins. Third Row: Frank Lowe, William McDonald, J. Alex McMillan. George Mountcastle, Arthur Newcombe. James Norfleet, John Pace. Fourth Row: George Parker, Bobby Payne, Edward Pell, Samuel Reeves, Thomas Ruffin, William Ruffin, William Sand- ridge. Fijth Row: Robert Schoize, X ' ebb Sherrill, Dixon Spangler, Broadus Thompson, Jid Thompson, Robert Wellons, John Wet- tach. Sixth Row: James Whitton, Charles Yarborough. Page 394 Arriving back at Chapel College this fall, S.A.E. ' s surprisingly found a revamped house, due to the superlative efforts of Bob Gibbon and Alex McMillan. Gib, who found himself trapped into first session summer school, gleefully directed the face lifting of the hrst floor. Many actives who returned to school early aided in numerous and sundry ways. The end result was something less than hideous, so all parties v.ere happily amazed. To make the ninety-sixth year an even bigger success, Minerva came up with sixteen pledges, creating one of the best pledge classes in the history of N. C. Xi — and undoubtedly thev will perform prodigiously for the girl with the lion. Congratulating each other on the fine begin- ning, the brothers then turned their eyes to the future to concern themsehes with elaborate plans for the remainder of the year. ' ■5 rj SIGMA ALPH EPSILON PLEDGE CLASS First Rou: left lo right: Dawson. Hill, Williamson, Henderson. Wright. Second Row: Patton, Hutchins, Lybrook, Watkins. Hughins. Third Row: Hunter, Causey, Dell, Vance , Galloway, Van Winkle. Page 39 ■ Sigma Phi Epsilon OFFICERS RuEBEN Y. Leonard President Frederick T. Mattox . . Vice-Presidenl Thomas A. Torgersen . . . Comptroller David W. Aderholdt Secretary Thomas E. LiNOSE ' i ' Historian HISTORY Founded at University of Richmond in 1901. Colors: Red and Purple riouer: American Beauty Rose Pi hlicdtion: Sigma Phi Epsilon Journal Established at the University of North Carolina in 1921 and 1947. J I First Rott. teil to nglsl: David W. Aderholdt, Herman J. Bunch, Jr., Billy R. Flowers, Jimmy R. 1-lowers, Carl A. Furr, Jr. Second Row: John R. B. Hawes, Jr., Don Hamilton, Rueben Y. Leonard, Thomas E. Lindsey, Rufus J. Marks, Jr. Third Row: Frederick T. Mattox, Thomas L. Norris, Jr., James T. Stewart, Jr., Jesse L. Warren, Thomas A. Torgersen. Page 396 Mattox, Marks and Lindsey came back from National Conclave at Portland, Oregon m three days. Another year passes all too quickly . . . more barn parties . . . Hawes locks kitchen . . . " Iron Jaw " Mattox threatens to sue . . . Rufus swore it was wood . . . Hamilton with a different girl each week . . . T. T. loses his heart . . . Jimmy and Billy paint flowers in Raleigh . . . Norris sets up quarters in Nurses dorm . . . Herman studies for once . . . Furr returns to Meredith . . . Thompson transfers from Davidson and brings half of Shelby with him . . . Aderholdt takes a drink . . . Rueben dates a nice girl . . . Stewart builds displays . . . SANDY RETURNS . . . Blanton goes wild with paint brush, T. C. goes politician . . . Daddy Beck leads his flock . . . Lore will play bridge one time . . . Skippy skips out . . . Benson goes ape . . . Pope doesn ' t preach. SIGMA PHI EPSILON PLEDGE CLASS Fiy.U Row, left to right: Smith, Leonhart, Pope, Blanton, Moore. Pierce. Second Row: Helms, Bynum, Beck, Spencer, Akin, Pringle, Johnson. Third Ruiv: Morris, Self, Benson, Lore, Daughtry, Fowler, McFlarson. Page 397 Sigma OFFICERS Charlie Phillips Preudeiii Abbie Keyes V ce-Pres cJei t Harr ' i ' Anderson Secrelarj Pi; Hi Smitherman Tredsurer Ch HISTORY Founded at the University of Miami (Ox- ford, Ohio) in 1855. Colors: Blue and Gold Flower: White Rose Established at the University of North Carolina in 1889. f? !? p n ft p J ii it fiknfe Q ,e ft p p fTTf D i First Row. Iffi to Harry Anderson, Kemp ClcnJenin, Ray Collins. Walt Con erse, Jerry Cook, Fred Dale, Roddey Dowd. Second Row: Billy Ford, Tommy Frazier, Joe Freeman, Don Gladstone, Britt Glenn, Toy Gregory, Bill Hawks. T j W i?(V!( ' .- Elbert Herring, Sid Hoots, Allen Hoppe, Eric Jonas, Jim Keech, Albert Keyes, Carl McCraw. Fourth Row: Jim Melvin, Denny Mitchell, BUI Moore, Buell Moser, Galen Moser, Tommy Osborne, Charlie Phillips. Ftft i Row: Erwin Potts, Doug Powell, Charles Ridenhour, Frank Rod- dey, Howard Seawell, Earnie Shore. Sixth Row: Pete Smitherman, Tim Timberlake, Dan Watkins, Jere Woltz. Page 398 School opened again with a bang, and Doug started piecing the house together again. Missing roof and crater in Uving room was blamed on Grover and Ernie. Fraz waved as he passed on his way to Durham. A large moving van pulled up with Spider ' s muscle building equipment. Slaves were seen carrying large money bags to the banks as Ray drove into town. Bundles and Mitch slid up on a dog sled after a long journey from the North. The sky lit up, and the Earth trembled as Red Man strolled up the walk. A motion was brought up in chapter meeting to start going to classes — motion defeated. Another motion was made to get Sid out of bed — motion passed, impossible to enforce. Along came rushing and twenty-five shining new additions were made. Pete was jailed for pinching Abraham Lincoln . . . Abbie was seen sober — once. Rio crashed into the Bell Tower with his new Sabre Jet, and Dowd blew up Y-Court. Looks like another fine year for the Sigs. m m Page 399 SIGMA CHI PLEDGE CLASS Fiisi Row, left lij right: Boone, Kanauf, Micheaux, Isley, Gregory. Secuiid Row: Mitchell, Lomax, Stephens, Ward, Carmichael, Teague, Murphy. Third Row: Grubbs, Cowell, Best, Sisk, Current, Bell, Wilson. Fourth Row: Woltz. Lopp, Hardin. Rothrock, Chalk, Dowdy, Sheffield, Burge, Oakley, Plumbley. Si2ma Nu OFFICERS Michael K. Davis. Eminem Commander EuGHNE C. Hicks, III . .Ll. Commander Stanley R. Smith Recorder Carl R. Webb, Jr Treasurer HISTORY Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1869. Colon: Black, White and Gold Flower: White Rose Publication: The Delta Established at the University of North Carolina in 1889. I B rM ' t . O f - O tfih First Row, left to right: Turner Bass, Louis Beall, Setli Brumley, DcW Ut ClupplL, JosLph Cherry, Edward Clement, Michael Davis. Second Row: Sidney Dixon, George Foti, William Griffin, Bobby Grimes, Fred Hamrick, James Harper, Thomas Harper. Third Row: George Harris, Robert Heath, Eugene Hicks, Lee Holmes, Robert Kimzey, Jack Markham, Paul McCubbins. Fourth Row: Don E. Mitchell, Don P. Mitchell, Saunders Moore, John Mundy, James Oglesby, Dick Porter, Robert Powell. Fifth Row: Wal- lace Pridgen, Franz Roberts, Stanley Smith, John Roberts, Bernard Theiling, Thomas Thomas, Carl Webb. S xth Rote: Michael White, Ray White. Page 400 The Year begins for dear ole Psi. New rug, new actives, pledges, too. The gridiron ' s sparked by Teedy B., With George up front to lead. Dave likes to kiss ' em on the mouth ' Specially KD ' s we hope. The Snakes find washing is a sin As Mike dictates " No soap! " " Fraud! Fraud! the legislators yell As Ruby ' s hauled away; Consult Mon ' s Travel Agency About a seashore stay. And lo ! the Cherry doth return With Old World tales to spin; And Stick, the patient pledge, reveals He ' s finally getting in. God! Pridgen ' s shelf is bare. Then Vickers softly had to ask " What ' s going on down there . . . " The Snakes they love to serenade. They start with the Pi Phi ' s, and then take on the other five . . . (Stick ' s horn drowned out the sighs) To " da . . . da-da-da- " it is said " Look, man, I played a hunch " ; And then we ask the whole damn Dook To share our songs and punch. It ' s time to close and see Spero For " just another brew " And so we bid our " Happy Days " To dear old Snickey Foo! ' MS -tl B fi fr iA ' rpHn H F ' Wi w- i m i M- t 9 ' k B K ' Hk M 1 SIGMA NU PLEDGE CLASS Fiisl Rou left to right: Morgan, Gibson, Watkins, White, Hurley, Carter, MitchelL Noel. Second Row: West, Watkins, BuUuck, Lamm, Bass, Phillips, Moore, Stallings, White. Thud Row: Boyette, Bishop, Dorzback, Elliott, Martin, Liles, Howard, Butters, Cooke, E. um. Page 401 I MM i « « ' | Tau Epsilon Phi OFFICERS HISTORY Roger Ackerman Chancellor Founded at Columbia University in 1910. Murray Politis V ice-Chancellor Colors: Purple and White Charles A. Friedman Scribe Flowers: Lily of the Valley and Violet Elliott Rose Bursar Pnhlicaiion: The Plume Established at the University of North Carolina in 1924. J-y f O p P D O p P ( f n RwH, f w )7.i; j .- Roger Ackerman, Martin Alpert, Leonard Clcin, Robert S. Colbert, li.i D.ims, dcnald liinhorn, Charles A. Friedman. Second Rou : David Garmise, Carl Goldfarb, Don Goldstein, Leonard Grodsky, Barry Kalin, Ronnie Knegsman, Richard Kushinsky. Third Row: Alvin Levine, Larry Maslow, Burnet Mendelsohn, Kenny Myers, Bob Paller, Leroy Pearlman, Murray Politis. Fourth Row: Harold Rabhan, Elliott Rose, Elliott Solomon, Harold Schwartz, Sam Strause, Harvey Tilles, Marshall Waldman. Page 402 Finis for our seniors . . . Roger " Babe " plans to change Sammy for Fran . . . Al and Kenny will now start debating for a living . . . Kalin returns to the hills to run his still . . . Ambassador Politis returns to his homeland . . . Where is our Rebates, E. ' ' ???? . . . Chemical Carl gets degree in Poli- Sci . . . How ' s Blackjacks, Rab????? . . . Lacrosse Chazz with pen in one hand and his Lacrosse stick in the other . . . What is keeping you from going to Florida this year, Chazz??? . . . Tilles plans trip to Paree . . . His buddy Len is going to have a new suit made by Taylor . . . E.Y.B. dis- bands due to lack of interest, but there are rumors that Buddy and Bill are holding their own meet- ings . . . Mackler ought to keep his nose out of you know whose finger . . . Pledges need more experience in modeling . . . Houseparty for 100 (But 200 came so everybody threw up both hands and yelled) . . . Big reduction in Damnyankees . . . Entertained alumni with big blast . . . Where was the party Maryland week-end???? . . . This is it so let ' s join together and as I said before — throw up both hands and yell !!! Bye now . . . ' W - Page 403 TAU EPSILON PHI PLEDGE CLASS First Row. left to right: Heyman, Hettleman, Friedman, Strause. Second Row: Lieberman, Brody, Blankstein, Saunders, Korshun. Third Row: Brown, Planer, Heiden, Coplon, SchiM. p« p 1 r Theta Chi OFFICERS HISTORY James R. Warren President Founded at Norwich Unixersity, Norwich, Vermont, in 1856. Clinton T. Andrews . . Vice-President Colors: MiUtary Red and White William D. Beck Secretary Floiver: Red Carnation Walter E. Yopp, III Treasurer Publication: The Rattle of Theta Chi Jack L. Scism Pledge Marshal Estabhshed at the University of North Carolina in 1920. Row. left to rinht: Tyndall Alligood, Clinton Andrews, Robert Hartley, William Beck, Ernest Carson. Second Ro tis, William Giles, Ronald Goodman, ' R. Boyden Henley, Justice Jenkins. Third Row: Charles Ledbetter. John Lee, cinko. Robert Neal, Jr., David Pace, fourth Row: Eugene Roberts, Jack Scism, Robert Skillen, Gary Sluder. G. Kent T Row: Gilbert Tweed, James Warren, Walter Yopp, III. ir: Robert Cur- Stephen Mar- hompson. Fifth P.-jge 404 It ' s all new . . . the house, the pledges, spirits renewed. We start out the year with a bang. We ' ll remember: The all-nite homecoming party staged by " Hamburger. " Special pledge project at Duke (wonder what it was.- ). " Grumpy, " his SPE stone, his flying cards and 10,000 bells. " Snow White and the Four Pigs " (or were they?) " Kid " and his tinker-toys. Clint and Ken — " Which Hickorite is the alki? " " Rose Bud " and her little red brief case. " Peanut Butter " Jenkins and his ice cream sundaes. Veep and his queen! Blood trophy com- petition weeds men from boys. " Columbus " no returneth. Sister Pollard and Pledge ( ?) Torrence caught in the draft. Congrats to Circum, Helms, Slud, Herbie and Ellis. June cometh. Freedom goeth. (Maybe) " Stinko " and Big Bill " — Saturday ' s Heroes. " C-Top " and all those A ' s he talked about. " Poodle, Where ' s Mimi? " " Old Dad " sorta dis- liked " Motor Mouth. " We did too. Let ' s go to physics lab, Tyndall. A legacy forthcoming from Al and Mike. " Bedwetter. " " Tweedybird. " " Pearshape. " " Hail to the Chief. " Our Dream Girl, Bunny. Knock, knock — who ' s there. " Tess " THETA CHI PLEDGES First Row, left to right: Ken Frye, Johnny Brindell, Craig Horseman. Second Row: Jim Sheets, Bob Greene, C. J. Hartsell. Jim Hart. Third Roiv: Harry Forbes, Johnny Garrow, Arden Ashley, Joe Asero, Don Monroe. Bill Suttle. Page 405 Zeta Beta Tau OFFICERS HISTORY Mitchell Novit President Founded at City College, New York City, in 1898, Lewis Simon V ' ne-Presideiit Colors: Blue and Gold Arthur Barbanell Secretary P ihliidlinns: ZBT Quarterly, Alpha Richard Adelsheim Treasurer Pioneer, Edward Nelson Historian Established at the University of North Carolina in 1927. . • First Row. lejl to r: ht: Richard Adelsheim, Seymour Bane. Arthur Barbanell, Eugene Buyer. Second Rote: Arthur Einstein, Henry Isaacson, Charles Katzenstein, Ronald Lampert. Third Row: Ben jamin Marks, Albert Marx, Edward Nelson, Mitchell Novit. Fo«f A Row: Fred Rosenberg, Lewis Simon, Harold Starr, Louis Wolfsheimer. Page 406 House gets new look as Res climbs ladder . . . Friends of ZBT chartered . . . Rug doesn ' t fit, A. B. retakes Math 7 . . . EO and TF from campus t o doghouse . . . Res paints as Lou supervises . . . Ten innocents pledge . . . Maryland carpet- baggers invade Southland . . . Einstein decides after three year debate that birds and bees are here to stay (Res falls off ladder) . . . Simon and Lampert takes loss as House goes oft GOLD standard . . . Clyde pins Connie after long affair . . . Novit becomes Captain, air defense collapses . . . Res paints . . . Cohen hurt in Tech game . . . The Thin Man gets new cast . . . The Fat Man gets Marcia . . . Tennessee Ernie Marx entertains the masses . . . le fin . . . TT i SHt. r? 1 :sr fiiii I nn ' ZETA BETA TAU PLEDGE CLASS First Row, left to right: Rosenberg, Goldberg. Kahn, Weinman. Second Row: Broad, Rosenstoclc, Epstein, Hornik. Goodman. Page 407 Zeta Psi OFFICERS HISTORY Bud Wallace President Founded at New York Univeisity in 1847. Miles Gregory Vice-President Colors: Gold and White Harry Pearsall Secretary Flouer: White Carnation Skipper McMillan Treasurer Publication: Circle of Zeta Psi Established at the University of North Carolina in 1858. ' Alk beth, bury i; . ' ,,, r ' nl t: Charlie Ayaxk, limmy Barnes, Bill Brawner, Alfred Bryant, John Bryant, Hugh Chapman. Second Row: Dick I Mark Dickerson, Pat Eldridge, Bill Evans, Ed Gauss, Arthur Gregory. Third Row: Earl Johnson, X ' alton Joyner, Bob Lam- Ed Loughlin Z V McMillan, Harry Pearsall. Fourth Row: Al Purrington, Julian Robertson, George Smith, Kenneth Smith, Sea- Thorp Bob Trundle F flh Row: Doug Van Noppen, Bud Wallace, Irvin NX ' atkins, Bob Williamson, Jim Winston, Chick Young. Page 408 ' 53- ' 54 . . . CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER for winning the Zeta Psi National Chapter award . . . also to the house managerial staff for reno- vated dining-room and kitchen . . . " Footsy " (Five Year) Wallace serving as prexy for opening term . . . new pledge class is a joy to behold . . . the fortunate few " shoot em up " at the Georgia game . . . frequent blasts on Winston Memorial Highway No. 1 . . . " Butt " loses pin on New York subway . . . " Footsy " makes weekly Thursday migration to Salem . . . " Rabbit " bucks for brother ' s position as he joins S and B . . . Leslie ' s daily call, " How about some golf, Julian, old scout " . . . " Grandpa " Grimes complains of rheu- matic aches on rainy days . . . Mallory shows his brother ' s musical inclinations . . . Bullet takes up with campus dogs . . . " Nutties " is placed on female " wanted " list . . . Zetes make up zoo with Lizard, Monkey, Snake, Squirrel, Rabbit, Turkey, Goose, Bear, Poss, and Animal . . . " Bigg) ' " con- quers at home and abroad . . . Levi and Ula compare flexes . . . Evan ' s frequent luncheon dates . . . Nut studies . . . Kitten discloses his life am- bition, to grow up and be a cat . . . Kitch con- tinues to play the field . . . " Grandma " opposes " B. O. " in political views . . . " Seab " defeats all plumbers on the table . . . M. C. stars in football while Chip and Brawner are out for soccer . . . Lu Lu fails on Homecoming display but brings campus good entertainment . . . Redskins are a Sunday afternoon MUST . . . Jimmy Hargraves frequently demonstrates the Alcoholic Shag . . . Brothers Wallace, Cozart, Young, Lips and Dutch join the pin club . . . WC team grows gradually . . . Aycock replaces " O.O. " as Peanut Butter King . . . Doonie coaches wrestlers on Persian rug . . . Brothers Johnson and Trundle do booming business with the Red Box downstairs . . . The End! -Ai ' jtij i j Page 409 ZETA PSI PLEDGE CLASS Firsi Row. left to right: Moss, Williams, Lawson, Hines, Corse. Second Row. Barber, Neville, Fulton, Putnam, Cheatham, Van Loan. Coinplimeiils of 1954 YACKETY YACK Page 410 RUSS COWELL Business Manager Assistant Business Manager We wish to thank these advertisers, whose cooperation is deeply appreciated. Remember them, won ' t yon? Andrews Restaurant Lassiter Corporation Baldwin ' s The Bank of Chapel Hill Berman ' s Department Store Ledbetter-Pickard The Little Shop Long Meadow Farms E. A. Brown Furniture Company Claude M. May Carolina Barber Shop Carolina Coffee Shop Nu- ' Way Cleaners Carolina Flower Shop Carolina Inn Carolina Theater Charlotte Engraving Company Chatham Manufacturing Company Chesterfield Cigarettes Coble Dairy Products, Inc. Orange Prmtshop Pace in Glen Lennox Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Durham The Pmes Poe Motor Company T. W. Poe and Sons Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Durham Colonial Press Colonial Stores, Inc. Dillon Supply Company Durham Herald-Sun Papers Ellis-Stone Electric Construction Company Fitch Lumber Company Foister ' s Camera Store Riggsbee-Hmson Furniture Company Robbins ' of Chapel Hill Sloan Drug Company Smith-Prevost Cleaners The Sport Shop Sutton Drug Company Town Campus Tyler ' s Esso Servicenter Fowler ' s Food Store University Cleaners The Glen Lennox Development The Goody Shop Gulf Service of Chapel Hill Hazzard Motor Company Honeycutt Cleaners University Florist and Gift Shop University Lodge University National Bank University Printery " Varsity Theater Huggins ' Hardware Intimate Bookshop WCHL " Waller and Smith Studio The King Cotton Hotel " Watts Grill and Motor Court Kingsport Press " Wentworth and Sloan Jewelers ... IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE . . . Page 412 Today ' s Chesterfield is tiie Best Cigarette Ever Made! ' Chesterfields -For Me! Th adQS The cigarette tested and approved by 30 years of scientific tobacco research. Copyfighc 195-1. Liggett MvLRs Tobacgo Co, Page 413 UNIVERSITY NATIONAL BANK Member of the Federal Reserve System Continuous Quality ■-% ' V ji ' ' d Durham Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Durham. N. C. Page 414 t lott vrs ... _y(r r aiurai L oinpiiment o uDeautu The Carolina Flower .Shop Opposite fhe Post Office The Very Best in Food PLUS A Pleasant Atmosphere MEANS Carolina Coffee Shop 138 E. Franklin Street T. W. Poe L Sons, Inc. General Confractors DURHAM, N. C. Builders of: COBB DORM MclVER DORM THE MONOGRAM CLUB THE MEDICAL RESEARCH LAB CLAUDE M. MAY Painting, Papering and Decorating 105 W. Chapel Hill Street Telephone 6939 DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA Page 415 Page 4l6 ■ WH w m P mti ' T " BBi 1 v Hi V 11 11 IIMI ,_ _ HONEYCUTT CLEANERS MANLY HONEYCUTT, Manager Dial 3-1696 RALEIGH, N. C. Serv np U N C Students M U A N S I C N E W S WCHL D S P O R T S 1360 ON YOUR DIAL CHAPEL HILL P€ it aatd Spi»rtp suy: JOIN THE CROWDS AT THE GOODY SHOP Page 417 DAIRY PRODUCTS FOWLER ' S FOOD STORE ALL KINDS FRESH MEATS, GROCERIES, AND COUNTRY PRODUCE FISH AND OYSTERS IN SEASON For Delivery: Phone 9-416 Chapel Hill, N. C. Page 418 WHEN VISITING CHAPEL HILL REMEMBER r niversit Lodge Is Carolina ' s Finest Motel AND For Steaks and Seafoods at Their Very Best, It ' s The Pines HIGHWAY 54 EAST CHAPEL HILL 40 1 4 SHOP m M N. COLUMBIA ST. ' CAufiU ? M. n c. THE CAROLINA THEATER Appreciates Your Patronage 1 NORTH CAROLINA THEATERS, INC. Page 419 Cliath am maKes goo ankets! 1 ITH4M Chatham Manufacturing Company, Elkin, North Carolina Page 420 The BOB COX Finest in Men ' s Cloi thing ONK JENNINGS M DILLON SUPPLY COMPANY Mill - Industrial and Contractors Supplies Plumbing — Heating Equipment — Home Water Systems RALSIGH - DURHAM - ROCKY MOUNT GOLDSBORO THE SIGN OF QUALITY PRINTING IN CHAPEL HILL Colonial re s THE BANK OF CHAPEL HILL CHAPEL HILL - Member F. D. I. C. - Clyde Eubanks President W. E. Thompson . Collier Cobb, Jr Vice-President J. Temple Gobbel W. R. Cherry Asst. Cashier Serving the LJniversify Community Since 1899 CARRBORO Executive Vice-President Cashier University Florist AND Gift Shop 124 East Franklin Street Chapel Hill Delicious Meals . . . Courteous Service . . . At Moderate Prices Andrews Restaurant 423 W. Franklin St. Page 422 Compliments of the E. A. BROWIV Furniture and Electrical Appliance COMPAIW Phone 7121 106 W. Rosemary St., Next to City Hall WUJAY DRY CLEANERS 112 S. Graham St. Cleaning— Pressing— Altering Phone 9-3498 It ' s Poe Motor Company for DeSOTO-PLYMOUTH Sales and Service SUTTON ' S WALGREEN AGENCY DRUG STORE The Tar Heel ' s Drug Center and Prescription Shop " COSMETICS, SCHOOL SUPPLIES, FOUNTAIN SERVICE AND GIFTS it Phone 9-8781 The Finest in Motion Pictures AT THE VARSITY THEATER Page 42} THE 1954 YACKETY YACK STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSE INCOME Student Fees $ 6,761.85 Advertising 12,000.02 Organizational Space 25.95 Hush Money from Publications Board 707.91 Petty Graft 905.00 $20,400.73 EXPENSES Lassiter Corporation $ 409.11 Charlotte Engraving Company 113.77 Waller and Smith Studio 55.55 Cornell Wright Photo 3,135.88 Photo Lab 42.33 Supplies " .88 Postage, Tel., and Tel 563.11 Editor ' s Cadillac 4,444.44 Business Manager ' s Ford and Vacation 4,200.22 Assistant Business Manager ' s Engagement Ring 1,500.00 Sports Editor ' s Debts to Bookies at Dook and Cow College 817.99 Staff Salaries 1,360.00 Kick-back to Campus Politicians 699.69 Sugar Money to Graham Memorial 401.11 Petty Graft 9-99 Staff Beach Party 141.66 Steaks and Beverages 1,300.00 Beer and Pretzels 1,300.00 The Roach 5.00 $20,400.73 April 1, 1954 P,ige 424 Plij • . " 1 1 ilj 1 o Durham ' s Best Store Since 1885 The shopping center for re Eastern and Piedmont Care who demand the best in quality. MAIN STREET - DURH presentative lina women ' ashion and [AM. N. C. The Corner Hangout For Prescriptions For Fountain Service SLOAN DRUG CO. On the Corner Across f om Theater Page 425 wherever You Go Whatever You Do Good books are as close as your nearest mailbox THE INTIMATE BOOKSHOP 205 E. Franklin St. WATTS GRILL AND MOTOR COURT Accommodations for Dinner Parties Pittsboro Highway Phone 9-5886 FOR NEWSPAPER SERVICE, DIAL 9-7811 or 8-0456 L onaratuiatioiU to the L taii oj 1934 FROM THE ©urfjam jlorning; Jleralti DAILY AND SUNDAY AND THE DURHAM SUN EVENING Chape] Hill ' s FAVORITE Daily Newspapers The Herald-Sun Papers and Durham ' s CBS Stations WDNC and WDNC-FM Are Affiliated y-» M UNIVERSITY CLEANERS APPROVED " CLEANING - PRESSING Chapel Hill, N. C. Plant Phone 9-1901 Office Phone 4921 Page 426 mim m sidith oioarapher OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE YACKETY YACK 12 EAST HARGETT STREET RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA Page 427 Stationery— Gifts School Supplies LEDBETTER-PICKARD Chapel Hiil Compliments of Hazzard Motor Company GENERAL MOTORS DEALER Sales and Service 501 W. Franklin St. -Chapel Hill , N. C. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 54 " The Dairy Store " West Franklin Street .v ' ' n ' . K%S Hi»sa)g3S BkAxa CHAPEL HILL DURHAM ROXBORO Page 428 It ' s PACE IN GLEN LENNOX For the Finest in Furniture and Accessories For the Life of Your Car GO GULF GULF SERVICE W. Franklin St. Chapel Hill GLEN LENNOX yvpartfnentd anc kopplna Center THE KlXt; 0TT01 Greensboro ' s Finest Hotel HAYWOOD DUKE, Manager Page 429 LASSITER CORPORATION CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA iwUadivfU Electric Construction Company Just off the Campus 165 E. Franklin Street Chapel Hill The L ittle Sh Headquarters for Carolina Coeds • op Here ' s a Bird You ' ll Want to Know! Graduate to Greater Food Savings At Your Friendly COLONIAL STORES chapel Hill, N. C. Thanking you for your patronage WENTWORTH SLOAN JEWELERS i ompuments of- FITCH LUMBER COMPANY Page 431 Covers by Kingskraft KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE ' 3 . .r TYLER ' S E SSO SERVICENTER West Franklin at Church Phone 2221 L ongraiu lationi TO ANOTHER GRADUATING CLASS CAROLINA BARBER SHOP " Since 1903 " The Carolina Inn it Hosts for the University on all occasions it Openitiiig d Diuiiiff Room jiiJ The Giroliini Inn GifchrLi . THE UNIVERSITY PRINTERY " Hank " Harrington E. Franklin St. Chapel Hill Page 433 THE ORANGE PRINTSHOP Printers to The University of Nortli Caroiina for over 30 years Box 1249 Phone 3781 RIGGSBEE-HINSON FURNITURE COMPANY Home of Beauty-Rest Mattresses - Hotpoint Appliances Main Street Carrboro, N. C. Phone 5821 Congratulations to the Class of 1954 PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Durham — Burlington Foister s Camera Store, Inc. Photographic Supplier for the Professional and Amateur Photographer CHAPEL HILL. N. C. IPIIIMHIIWI- ' " i m ■H f P f 1 S i h fe h9 BL u 1 B Outfitters for the Entire Family Since 1914 Berman ' s Department Store Arrow— Crosby Square— Sampsonite Page 435 SLAM ! ! ) " NO MORE YACKETY YACK ADVERTISING ! ! Page 436 SENIOR HOME ADDRESSES Adams, James En-in. Jr. Ridgeway St. Warrenton, N. C. Adams. Joyce Ferpuson Xo. 4 The Glen Chapel Hill. X. C. Addison. Eleanor Daphne 5912 Glenhaven Crescent Xorfolk s. Va. . dler. Thomas James 112 Overlook Ave. Leonia. X. J. Aldridpe. Charles Malcolm S36 Laurel Ave. Macon. Ga. . lexander. Dedrich Biemann 2430 S. Peninsula Dr. Daytona Beach. Fla. Allen. Cynthia Jane 530 Sherwood Cir. Spartanburg. S. C. Allen. Eldon Perry Rt. No. e. Box 3 Greensboro. X. C. Allen. Joseph Jethro 15U Walker Ave. (Jreensboro. N. C. . llen. Xorman Hanson 1115 McCormick St. Greensboro. X. C. Allsbrook. Mary Frances »2.3 Washington St. Roanoke Rapids. N. C. .Ambler. Susan 7700 McGregor Blvd. Fort Myers. Fla. Anders. Kenneth Chester. Jr. 50 Holland St. Asheville. X. C. . nderson. . nita Lillis Rt. 2. Box 52 Wilmington. X. C. Anderson. Betty Otto 905 Monument Ave. Port St. Joe, Fla. Annillo. Carmen. Jr. 2204 Bergenline Ave. Cnion City. . J. Asbv. Felix E. 120 W. 2nd St. Washington. X. C. Asero. Joseph Salvatore 2018 C. St.. X. E. Washington. D. C. . she. Jesse Brown, Jr. 247 West Kingston .Ave. Charlotte. X. C. Austin. John W. 1327 W. fith St. Charlotte. X. C. Ayscue. Edwin Osborne. Jr. 1209 E. Franklin St. Monroe. X. C. Baarcke, Leonide . lfred 5 South Orion . ve. Clearwater. Fla. Babcock. Robert Clayton P. O. Box 211 Hillsboro. N. C. Baker. William Luin X. Bennett St. Southern Pines. X. C. Bane. Seymour 515 Xewbern Ave. Raleigh. N. C. Barbanell. . rthur Loren White Birch Ridge. R.F.D. Xi Westport. Conn. Barefoot. William Jefferson, J 300 Church St. Benson. N. C. Barklev. Xewton Buckner, Jr. 145 Betz PI. Xew Orleans 20. La. Barrett, Hugh Martin ii37 S. Mebane St. Burlington. X. C. Barrier. Cecil Lee CO State Hospital Morganton. X. C. BarOey. Robert Lynn 37 Rural Ave. Washington. Pa. Barton. Grandon Dillard. Jr 705 Walnut Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Battle. Fred Gordon, Jr. 2405 Delaware Ave. Greensboro, X. C. Beall Louis Holconib. Jr. 125 West End Blvd. Winston-Salem. X. C. Beard. Helen Jones Trvon St. Hillsboro. X. C. Beard. William Quinbv. Jr. P. O. Box 18 St. George. S, C, Beck, William David 341 X, Bost St. Statesville, X. C. Bell. Dorothy Anne 559 Le Grand PI. Montgomery, Ala. Benson. William David 3621 Newark Ave.. X. W. Washington, D. C. Benton. Anne Cary 213 N. nth St. Wilmington. N. C. Berry. Benjamin Carroll. Jr. 108 Church St. Hertford, N. C. Berrj ' , Marvin Bryan 186 Virginia Ave. Asheville, N. C. Berryhill. James Collins Rt. 4. Box 403 Charlotte. X. C. Berrj-hill. Jane Carol I ' pper Laurel Hill Chapel Hill. N. C. Blanchard. Clyde James. Jr. 401 Piedmont Ave. Rocky Mount. N. C. Blair. Mary Anna 203 W. Houston St. Monroe. X. C. Blake. John Allen 209 E. 6th Ave. Wildwood. X. J. Blacklev. Roy Talmadge 121 Mallette St. Chapel Hill, X. C. Bland. Elmer Charles 410 West St. Thomasville. X. C. Blocker. Joan Cromwell 3650 Foster Hill Drive St. Petersburg. Fla. Bobbitt. Leonard E. 820 Green St. Durham. X. C. Bodenheimer. Jimm ' ' an Route 1 Kernersville, N. C. Bogle. Max Hines 539 South 4th St. . lbeniarle. X. C. Bohnenkamp. Patricia Ellen No. 7 Countrj- Aire Box 580. RR No. 1 St. Louis, Missouri Boice, Wilbur Malcolm, Jr. 600 X. Madison St. Whiteville, N. C. Boling. Ronald Jackson 316 W. 3rd St. Siler Citj-. N. C. Boone. Julia Claire 2918 North Rosser St. .Alexandria. Va. Bost. Edwin Norris 112 W. Pine St. Lincolnton, N. C. Bostian. Richard Lee 1000 Lake Boone Trail Raleigh. N. C. Boushall. John Heck. Jr. 3414 Lykes Ave. Tampa. Fla. Bowden. Harold Carlton. Jr isio Roxboro Rd. Durham, N. C. Bowden, Ralph Hartman Box 541 Mocksville. N. C. Boyd. Robert Burwell 512 West End Ave. Statesville. X. C. Boyle. Martha . nn 1149 Brown St. .Alton. Illinois Bradley. Harold John. Jr. 1211 Grayland St. Greensboro, N. C. Bradley. Kent Palmer 1400 Beach Drive North St. Petersburg. Fla. Bradshaw. Harvey Deakins Route 4. Box 244 Greenville. N. C. Brannan. Robert B. 2565 Selwyn Ave. Charlotte. N. C. Brantley. Paul .Adams 2017 E. 8th Charlotte. X. C. Braxton, AI Joe West 11th St. Scotland Neck. N. C. Breece. E. Virginia Box 175 Highlands, N. C. Breeden. Richard Thomas 131 North Green St. Morganton. N. C. Bridger. Martha Box 295 Bladenboro. X. C. Bright. Mont Jackson. Jr. 401 McCaulev St. Chapel Hill. N. C. Briney. Lucy Gray Greenville Road Madisonville. Kentucky Brooks. Henry Dwight Route 2 Monroe. X. C. Brooks. Jacqueline K. 100 Beverly Court Michigan City. Indiana Brown. Celia Johnston 313 King ' s Hwy. Myrtle Beach. S. C. Brown. Harry Elton Box 368 Hillsboro, N. C. Brown. James Shea Box 75 Knoxville. Tenn, Brown. Jerrj ' Clifton Box 13 Rich Square, N, C. Brown. Mary Ida 20 Grifflng Blvd. Asheville. X. C. Brown. Michael Dillard 509 N. McDuflie St. .Anderson. S. C. Brown, William Credle 913 W. Broad St, Wilson. N. C. Bruton, Oren Douglas 314 East CJrainger Ave. Kinston. X. C. Bruton. Robert DeHart 183 St. Dunstans Rd. Asheville, N. C. Bryan, Joseph Kinsley, Jr. College St. Oxford. N. C. Bryan. Mary Harvey 7 7 North Spring Garden Ave. Xutley. X. J. Bn ' ant. Barry Wayne R.F.D. No. 2 .Annapolis, Maryland Buchanan, Pearle Long 1230 5th Ave. West Hendersonville. X. C. Buchly. Ann Lane R.F.D. Xo. 1 Tryon. N. C. Buckalew, Vardaman Moore. Jr 2556 S. Dehvood Dr. .Mobile, Alabama Page 437 SENIOR HOME ADDRESSES Bullock. William Riley, J: James St. Bethel. N. C, Buingarner. ? nest L. laos Clay Ext. Kannapolis, . C. Bumpous. Marv Jane 2I0-26th Ave. North St. Petersburg. Fla. Bunch. Jeanne .S.ine Nichols Ave.. S. E. Washington 20. D. C. Bundv. Robert Mavne. Jr. M04 Florham . ve. High Point. N. C. Bunting. Sylvia Lee 3633 Jocelyn St.. N. W. Washington 1.5. D. C. Burch, Elizabeth Owen 32 Courseview Rtl. Bronxville. New York Burcham. Nancy Louise 1720 Ivanhoe Blvd. Orlando. Fla. Burgess. Barbara Fay 33 Tuscan Rd. .Maplewood. New Jersey Burnstan, Rowland. Jr. 1 4 Rue Faraday Paris 17. France Butler. Charles Donald 1)0(1 W. Ehringhaus St. Elizabeth City. N. C. Bussey, J. Hubert !)02 Queen St. Columbia. S. C. Cain, Charles Eugene P. O. Box 34 Elizabethtown. . C. Cambron. Patricia Hooper . ' 2 Spears Ave. . sheville. X. C. Cameron. Clinton H. 183 Daniels Rd. Chapel Hill. N. C. Campbell. Roy Bruce R. F. D. 5 Dawson. Georgia Capel. Arron Leon. Jr. Main Troy. N. C. Cauley. Stephen William. Jr. Rt. 4, Box 394 Kin.ston, N. C. Carey. Jane T. 540 Morganton Rd. Southern Pines. N. C. Carmichael. Richard Cartwright 22 Oak Drive Durham, N. C. Carr. William Howard . ' 7.-. N. E. oeth St. Miami, Fla. Carroll, Donald Cary Country Club Rd. Chapel Hill. N. C. Carson. Ernest Eugene il21 Boulevard Statesville. X. C. Carter. Florence Bryan -.2 W. Wesley Rd.. N. W. Atlanta. Georgia Carter, James Louis. Jr. I. " 1H Providence Kd. Charlotte. X. C. Carter, Janet Gordon 2015 N. St., N. W. Washington 6, D. C. Casper, William Cecil Rt. No. 3 China Grove. N. C. Caudle, Jon Thomas 2705 Van Dyke Ave. Raleigh. N. C. Chance. William James 9531 Wells Parkway Norfolk. Virginia Chapin. Ann Mason 5021 Riverside Drive Richmond 2 5. Va. Chapman. John William 422 Rensselaer . ve. Charlotte, N. C. Chappie. DeWitt. Jr. 7 Sante Fe Rd. Middletown, Ohio Cheney, Henr ' William, Jr. 567 Oakview Circle Florence. Ala. Citrini, Richard Joseph 1105 Georgia Ave. Durham. N. C. Clark. Neill Edwin Rt. 4. Box s Fayetteville. X. C. Clarke, Elizabeth Coale 307 E. Mulberry St. Goldsboro. X. C. Clement. Edward Henry 310 S. Ellis St. Sali.sbury, N. C. Clendenin, Kemp Cook, Jr. 1505 Alandale Rd. Greensboro. N. C. Clodfelter, Harvey, .Ir. Rt. No. 2 Thomasville, N. C. Clifton, Benton Franklin, Jr. Rt. No. 3 Raleigh, N. C. Clinard, David Marion 20S1 Craig St. Winston-Salem. X. C. Cline. Gene Nolen Rt. No. 1. Box 521 Concord, N. C. Cline. Robert Seitz 523 4th St.. N. W. Hickory, N, C. Cloninger, Ambrose Wilkes. Jr. Box 236 Bessemer City, N. C. Clontz. Luther Hall 115 Brookside Lane Morganton. X. C. Coe. William James 2106 Sherwood St. Greensboro, X. C. Coleman. Curtis Cortez, Jr 640 Fenimore Winston-Salem, N, C. Coleman, Wade Hampton, University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Alabama Collins. Lois Fleming Box 207 Nashville, N. C. Collins, Raymond Davis North Ocean Blvd. Myrtle Beach. S. C. Colson, John Grady, Jr, 112 West Avondale Greensboro, N. C. Connelly. Robert Lee (ireen 617 Mills St. Raleigh. X. C. Conner. Henry W. 2 Bedons Alley Charleston, S. C. Cook. Emily . dams 1219 12th Rd. South Arlington. Va. Cook, Gerald Wilson 3014 Polo Rd. Winston-Salem, X. C. Cook, Mary Bascom Highlands, N. C. Cook, Thomas Eugene 13 .McNair Loop Fayetteville, N. C. Cornwell. Janet Box 533 Southern Pines. N. C. Costner. James Ray. Jr. 2522 Roswell Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Cover. Curtis Coleman 102K Woodland Way Hagerstown. Maryland Cowell. Russell Sholar 1417 Sunset Ave. Rocky Mount, N. C. Cox. Carl Walter Box 6S4, Brockwell BIdg. Chapel Hill. N. C. Cozart. Janet Riley 105 Cozart Rd. Wil.son, N. C. Crain. Mary Helen 2H1 Club Blvd. Durham, N. C. Cranford. Dwight Little 326 E. Park Ave. .Albemarle, N. C. Crater. James Bruce. Jr. 1106 Harvey St. Raleigh. N. C. Creuser, Kenton Bowers 17 Windsor Terrace . vondale Estates, Georgia Crews, James Philip 2220 Queen St, Winston-Salem, N. C. Crittenden, Charles Christopher 1537 Caswell Raleigh, X. C. Crone, William Gerald P. O. Box 13 Balfour. N. C. Curtis, Robert Edward 220 S. Main St. Marion, N. C. Dale, Fred Jones, Jr. 22S 27th St„ S. W. Hickory. N. C. D ' Aleo. Stella Diana 93 sth Ave. BnMiklvn 15, N. Y. Dameron, William Henry 605 E. Walnut St. Goldsboro, N. C. Daniel, Billie A. 2748 Academy Ave. Waynesboro, Ga. Daniel, Mary Ellen Charleston . ir Force Base Charleston, South Carolina Dantzler, Bobby Webber Rt. No. 1 Burlington. X. C. Darnell. Louis Arthur P. O. Box 118 Astoria, Oregon Davis. Charlotte Lambert Greenwood Rd. Chapel Hill, N, C. Davis, George Thomas 319 West Burton Street High Point, N. C. Davis. Michael Kay 1000 S. W. 8th St. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla, Davis, Sara Kate 61? N. Main St. Graham, N. C, Davis, William Lyle 407 Chestnut St. Henderson, X. C. Deaton, Fred Hyams, Jr. 412 Davie Ave. Statesville, N, C, Desmond, Joan Theresa 126 Ridgewood Ave. Charlotte, N, C. Dorsett, Mary Minerva 77 Heights Rd. Ridgewood, N. J. Dowd, Herbert R.. Jr. 3839 Wendover Cr, Charlotte, N. C. Dowd, Rodde ' 2065 Queens Rd.. E. Charlotte, N. C. Dula. James Braxton, Jr 109 Mimosa Lane Lenoir. N. C. Duls, Charles Henry, Jr. 2104 Vail Ave. Charlotte, N, C. Early, Walter Jackson 334 S. Pearl St. Rocky Mount, N. C. Earnhardt. John Clifford. Jr. Rt. No. 3 Chapel Hill, N. C. Eason, Stella " Myrtle Bower " Tarboro, N. C. Ebert. George Donald Rt. No. 3 Kernersville, N. C. Einstein, Arthur William, Jr. 164 E. McCormick Ave. State College, Pa, Eisele, Dolores Margaret 502 S. Mulberry St. Statesville. N. C. Page 438 SENIOR HOME ADDRESSES Eller. Lewis Baxter, Jr. Box 933 Granite Quarry. N. C. Emory, Samuel Tliomas 722 Soutli Franklin Chapel Hill. N. C. England. Harold Franklin 200 Fulton St. Kings Mtn.. X. C. Ennis. Lloyd Burton 817 S. Jackson St. Salisbury, N. C. Epp.s, Jerry Floyd. Jr. 10 Ballenger St. Walhalla, S. C. Estes, ' allin Dayton. Jr. 614 Brooks . ve. Raleigh. N. C. Eure. Tliaddeus Armie, Jr. Longview Gardens Raleigh. N. C. Evans. Andre 709 W. Church St. Ahoskie, N. C. Ewing. .Arnold Exuni 109 Third . ve. Durham. X. C. Faggart. Billy Eugene Rt. 13. Box 586 Concord, X. C. Farmer. Thomas . lbert. Jr. .528 S. Ith St. Sniithfield, X. C. Fearing, Woodson Brailfurd Manteo, N. C. Fearrington, Eric Lindsay Box 718 Kernersville, N. C. Ferrell, George Dallas 105 Cheek St. Durham. X. C. File, Norman Luther Route 4 Salisbury, N. C. Finley. Howard Bradley. Jr. 132 Cedar St. Bangor. Maine Fleming. Anne Weber 2307 Anderson Dr. Raleigh. X. C. Flowers. Jimmy Rogers R.F.D. 2 Clayton. N. C. Folger. Ann 1111 Johnson St. High Point, N. C. Fowler. Charles Franklin Butler St. Pilot Mtn., N. C. Frank. Claire 253 Willow St. Mount Airy, N. C. Frazier. Thomas Howard 570 Westover Ave. Winston-Salem, N. C. Friedman. Charles Aryal 3019 Wolcott Ave. Baltimore 16, Md. Futch. Franklin Porter 212 9th St. Lake Wales. Fla. Gallant. Sally Wesley . ' 03 X. Person St. Raleigh. X. C. Gant. Jessemine 1022 W. Davis St. Burlington. N. C. Gant. Joan Gray 1525 Stella Drive. X. W. Atlanta. Cia. Gasque. Rosalvn Ann son X. Randolph St. Rockingham. . C. Gauss. G. Edward, Jr. 1107 Monticello Dr. Wilson, X. C. (ientry. James Earl 108 Lamberth St. Roxboro. X. C. Cieorge. Marx Lee 429 Beaucatcher Rd. Asheville. X. C. Gerlack. Nancy Martha 2723 Payne St. Evanston, Illinois Gibbon. Robert L.. U 720 Bromley Rd. Charlotte. X. C. Glenn. Robert Wilson 305 East Fifth St. Burlington, N. C. Gleitz. Harold Dagner Box 505 Jacksonville, X, C. Godwin. Bobby Eugene 309 East K St. Erwin. X. C. Goforth. Bobby Camp 102 Meridian St. Rutherfordton. N. C. Goldfarb. Carl 1100 Queens Rd.. West Charlotte, X. C. Golightly. Horace Hugh 605 Walnut Ave. Charlotte. X. C. Gooding. Lewis Carlton 311 Peyton Ave. Kinston, X. C. Gorham, Robert Diggs. Jr. 1612 Waverly Drive Rocky Mount. X. C. Green. Janet MacXeill Greenwood Rd. Chapel Hill. N. C. Gregor} ' , Arthur Wynns. Jr. Halifax. X. C. Gregon ' . Carl Reeves Rt. Xo. 2 Candler, N, C. Gresham. .Mpheus Johnson. Jr 2102 University Drive Durham. X. C. CJriffin. . rchie Lee 604 Winchester Ave. Monroe, N. C. Griffin. Mavnard Stuart R.F.D. Xo. 2 Louisburg. X. C. Grimes. William Gardner Bo 1 19 Smitliliekl. X. C. Grodsky, Leonard Herbert 1302 Vickers . ve. Durham. X. C. E dward Bailev 2905 N. Front St. Harrisburg, Pa. Grubb, Zane Austin Box 375 Wake Forest, N, C. Gurley. Walter Dallas. Jr. 303 E. Mulberry St. Goldsboro, X. C. Gutierrez. Margaret Elizabeth no Mallette St. Chapel Hill. X. C. Habel, Marilyn 224 Vance St. Chapel Hill. X. C. Haddock. Samuel Thompson 313 Xorth St. Anderson. S. C. Haire. Eddie Eldridge 205 Whittier St. High Point. X. C. Haire. Edgar Bennett Box 264 Elizabethtown, N. C. Hall. Margaret Ellen Salyersville, Kentucky Hamby, George W. Rt. 6 Salisbury. X. C. Hamilton. Donald James 129 Eastlawn Rd. Fairfield. Conn. Hanes. John Jacob 2101 Malvern Rd. Charlotte, X. C. Harbin. Xed F.. Jr. 2710 Forest Dr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Hardeman. Louise Stone H-D Glen Lennox Chapel Hill. X. C. Harlev. Donald Lee 242 B Haddon Hills Apts. Haddonfield, X. J. Harney. Beverly Ruth 3 Front St. Nyack, N. Y. Harper, Curtis ' inson 904 7th St. Albany. Ga. Harris. Anne Stewart Box 92 Sewanee. Tenn. Harris, Arlen Gwyn 298 Canterbury Tr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Harris. George Davis 503 Voung St. Henderson, N. C. Harris, Janet 1.539 Iredell Dr. Raleigh, X. C. Harris. John Henrj-. .Ir .525 W. 34th St. Norfolk, Va. Harris, Snethen Philip, Jr. 503 Young St. Henderson. X. C. Harrison, Mary Jane 1 157 Watson Ave. .Montgomery, Ala. Harrison, Samuel Carlvie Rt, 1. Box 161 Durham, N. C. Hart, Franklin Augustus, Jr, 35 Makalapa Dr. Honolulu. Territory of Hawaii Hart. Sidney Allen. Jr. 1000 Walker Dr. Kinston, X. C. Hartford. Carolyn Gwyn LvnwotKl House Martinsville, Va. Hartsell, Charles Jacob. Jr. Box 325 Oakboro, X. C. Hartsell. Otis Junior Rt. 4. Box 363 Kannapolis. N. C. Hartzog. Delores Ann 2909 Hosteller Raleigh. N. C. Hathcock. Bobbv Clarvin 40 Kirk Place Badin, X. C. Haughton. Gerald Lawrence 2421 Forest Drive Charlotte, N. C, Hauser, Richard Farrell 1141 E. Polo Rd. Winston-Salem. N. C. Hawes. John R. B.. Jr. 307 Tate St. Morganton, N. C. Hawfleld. Beverley Mason 3108 Que St.. N. W. Wa.sliington 7. D. C. Hawks. William Atwood, III Box 256 Mt. Airy, N. C. Hays, Laura Madura 909 " N. Gregson St. Durham, N. C. Hayes. Marion Jean Rt. 4. Box 235 Durham, N. C. Headlee, James Orndoff 411 Charlotte St. Asheville. X. C. Heard. Connie Anne 1525 W. Big Bend Kirkwood. Mo. Helms, John Robert 143 Harwood St. Albemarie. X. C. Helton. Charles Jerry Box 7 4 Yadkinville. X. C. Helton, Samuel H.. Jr. 710 E. Broad St. Statesville. N. C. Hendee. Mary Leigh 544 N. Moreland Ave.. N. E. Atlanta. Ga. Hendrick, Conan Doyle Rt. 5 Shelby, N. C. Hendrick, Nell Gold R.F.D. 5 Shelby. X. C. Hernandez. Francisco Ernesto Box F6 Chaparra Oriente. Cuba Page 439 SENIOR HOME ADDRESSES Hethcock. William Hoover Box 10 Thomasville. N. C. Hickman, Charles Wesley, Jr. 2961 Beechnut Rd. Charlotte, N. C. Hickman, Eddie Powell Enfteld, N. C. Hicks. Buck Jones .128 Hillsboro Oxford, N. C. Hissins. Charles William, Jr. Oakmoore Farm Tabb, Va. Hlleman. Bernie Elizabeth P. O. Box 123 Kannapolis, N. C. Hill. Eugene David, Jr. 406 Springdale Ave. M ' inston-Salem. N. C. Hill, Harriet Flemins: Greenville St. Newnan, Ga. Holder, Brooks Corneilious, Jr. 2422 Reynolda Road Winston-Salem, N. C. Holleman, Jane Blue S04 Stonewall St. Dublin, Ga. HoUiday, Joseph Gary, Jr. 1610 Sunrise Ave. Raleigh, N. C. Hollingsworth, John William 4110 Clagett Rd. College Heights Estates, Md. Holmes, Elise Russell Box 44. ' ) Fernandina, Fla. Holoman. Laura MacDonald 2702 Peachtree St. Raleigh, N. C. Holmes, Fred William 703 Country Club Rd. Wilmington, N. C. Holt, Andrew S., HI 74 Trailer Court Chapel Hill, N. C. Holt. Doris M. 74 Trailer Court Chapel Hill, N. C. Holt. William Bruce, Jr. 813 8th St. Durham. N. C. Homes, Garland Richard Washington Park Washington, N. C. Hood. Roger Alan .518 E. Willow Grove Ave. Chestnut Hill 18, Pa. Hook, Robert Franklin 2714 Anderson Dr. Raleigh, N. C. Hoots. Sidney Francis 642 Oaklawn Ave. Winston-Salem, N. C. Hoover. Melba Beck .518 W 15th St. Winston-Salem, N. C. Hoover. Richard Lindsay .518 West 15th St. Winston-Salem, N. C. Hopkins. Edmund Baxter 431 South Hawthorne Rd. Win.ston-Salem, N. C. Hoppe, H. Allan 933 Romany Rd. Charlotte, N. C. Home, Nancy Oalene 106 Chestnut St. Norton. Va. Horton. Phin, III 715 S. Main St. Winston-Salem, N. C. Houghton, Anthony ,lohn 65 Chelsea Ave. Newark, N. J. Howard. Carl Fisher Rt. No. I, Box 1-A Roseboro, N. C. Howard. Charles Sumnierell 2301 Croydon Rd. Charlotte. N. C. Howard. Florence Katherine Box 109 Dunn, N. C. Howard, Wllev Perry, III Box 23 Fuquay Springs. N, C. Hoyle, Edna Dell Rt. 4, Box 705 Charlotte, N. C. Hubbard. Robert LeRoy 6318 32nd St.. N. W. Washington 15, D. C, Hudgins, John Simeon No. 164. Rt. 1 Sunbury, N. C. Hughes, Robert Adam 833 Sand Hill Rd. Asheville, N. C. Huie. Anne Pressly 117 Hill St. Warsaw, N. C. Humber, John L. 117 W. 5th St.. B ox 75 Greenville, N. C. Hursh, Paul David 57 Hewlett Lane Port Washington. N. V. Hutchins, Frederick Strickland 342 Arbor Rd. Winston-Salem, N. C. Ingle. John Robert Rt. No. 3 Siler City, N. C. Ingram. Samuel Talmage 505 Gulf St. Sanford, N. C. Ivey, James Lindsey Box 174 Norwood, N. C. Jackson, Henry Clayton, Jr. 1014 Panola St. Tarboro. N. C. Jackson, Joanne 115 North Graham Rd. Wallace, N. C, Jackson, John Hilton 3150 Briarlake Cr. Decatur, Ga. .lackson, John Payne 830 Highland Ave. Ear Gallic, Fla. James, Alvin Douglas 314 N. Church St. Charlotte, N. C. James. Robert Wayne 226 W. Main St. Elkin, N. C. Jenkins, Gaston Justice Box 485 Shelby, N. C. Jente, Katherine Elizabeth too Westover Dr. Chapel Hill. N. C. .lernigan. Jerry O ' Dell Rt. No. 4 Dunn. N. C. Johnson, Carolyn Miree 315 Gilbert St.. Naval Base Norfolk, Va. .lohnson. Earl, Jr. 1128 Harvey St. Raleigh, N. C. .lohiKson. Gennifer Owen . partado 3644 Bogota, Colombia, S. A. Johnson. Thomas Milton Rt. 1 Clayton, N. C. Johnston, Bennie McBane 208 E. Harden St. Graham, N. C. Jones, Alice Venable Warrenton, N. C. Jones, Jo Ann 906 W. Kenan St. Wilson, N. C. Jones, Newton Stuart 622 Summit St. Winston-Salem, N. C. Jordan. Samuel Thomas 1404 S. George Mason Dr. Arlington 4, Va. Joyce, Samuel Irvin, Jr. 216 Glascock St. Raleigh, N. C. Julian. Charles Ernest 306 " D " Ave. Salisbury, N. C. Jurczak, Janice Dorrine llT Harding Ave. Endicott, N. Y. Kalin, Byron S. 805 5th Ave., W. Hendersonville, N. C. Kane, Richard Eugene 570 E. Bowman St. Wooster, Ohio Kearslev. Edward Wearn Apt. V-3-B, Cameron Crt. Apfs Raleigh, N. C. Kelley. John Lawrence 109 Ridge Ave. Sharpsville, Pa. Kelly, Matthew Thomas Rt. 4, Box 357 A Durham, N. C. Kelly. Patricia 1500 Arlington Blvd. Arlington. Va. Kennedy. Jane Patricia 36 Ridgewood PI. A.sheville, N. C. Kester. Julia Ryan 2814 Country Club Rd. Winston-Salem, N. C. King. Gerald Walker 219 S. Broad Winston-Salem, N. C. King. Judy 10 W. Taylor St. Savannah. Ga. King. Norma Evelyn 403 Patterson PI. Chapel Hill. N. C. Kirkman. Julian Mat 2215 Lane Rd. Green.sboro. N. C. Kittner. William Hirsch 207 E. 6th St. Weldon, N. C. Kocornik. Richard Wilborn West View Rd. West Orange, N. ,1. Kynoch, Ralph Kirkland 210 Lamar St. Roxboro, N. C. Lackey, Norris Dixon, Jr. Elizabeth Rd. Shelby, N. C. Lampert, Ronald Marvin 134 E. Penn St. Long Beach. N. Y. Landauer. Judith Ann Rufflands Farm Red Hook, N. Y. Latham, Alice Patterson 1006 Roosevelt . ' Vve. Waycross. Ga. Latham, Joseph Roscoe, Jr. 1301 National Ave. New Bern, N. C. Law. Dorothy Ellis 400 Melver St. Greenville, S. C. Leary, Billy Gray Rt. I Edenton, N. C. Ledbetter, Charles McKinnon S. Main St. Mount Gilead, N. C. Lee. John Winstead 730 School St. Rocky Mount. N. C. Lee, Katherine Currie 509 E. 7th St. Lumberton, N. C. Leek. Sara 8 Cramer St. Thomasville. N. C. Leonard, David Brian 4 Mallard St. Wrightsville Beach, N. C. Leonard, Robert Cowan 2018 Wood Dale Terrace Charlotte, N. C. Lerner, Samuel Box 149 Lincolnton, N. C. Leverette, Maurice Deane, Jr, 119 Judd Fayetteville. N. C. Levine. Alvin Ellis 208 S. Randolph St. Rockingham, N. C. Page 440 SENIOR HOME ADDRESSES Lewis, Miriam Lillian 105 Kenan Cliapel Hill. N. C. Libby, Carol May 1430 Brooks Ave. Raleigli. N. C. Lindler. James H. Gen. Del. Sherrills Ford, N. C. Lindlev. Charles Clinton. Jr. ■•Woodlin " . Rt. 3 Chapel Hill. N. C. Lindsey. Thomas E. 2.55-17 West End Dr. Creat Neck. N. V. Linville. Mary Ruth 2224 Westfield Ave. Winston-Salem. N. C. Little, Carolynn Joan 710 S. Union St. Concord. N. C. Little, Don J. Box 450. Rt. 5 Charlotte. N. C. Little. William Edward 412 Coventry Rd. Decatur. Ga. Littlejohn. William Lawrence. Jr Box 263 Mor anton. N. C. Llovrt. Beth Durliam Rd. Ch.Tpel Hill. N. C. L ' oyd. David Andrews 502 Pritchard Ave. Chapel Hill. N. C. Lloyd. Thomas Henry, Jr. 502 Pritchard Ave. Cliapel Hill. N. C. London. Arthur Hill. Ill 22-. Glen Lennox Cliapel Hill. N. C. Lonp. Robert McDonald 1 17 Cedar St. Concord. N. C. Long. Walter Nathaniel. Jr 23 . Central Ave. Belmont. N. C. Lovingood. Paul. Jr. Box 45 Fairview. N. C. Lovings. Lewis Edward HI S. Elam Ave. Greensboro, N. C. Lowet. Henry Augustus 15H West End Blvd. Winston-Salem, N. C. Lowery, Mary Louise 1753 Cornell Rd.. N. E. , tlanta. Ga. Lowry. Genevieve Box 95 Pembroke. N. C. Luckey. William Lee 2125 Rozzells Ferry Rd. Charlotte. N. C. Lyon. Gene Fleming Sunset Ave. Rocky Mount. N. C. Lyon. Herman Trevilian 1107 Gregson St. Durham. N. C. Lynn. Clabe Webster. Jr. 125 Monroe St, Petersburg, Va, Lynn, Jennie Shermaine 2 E. 45th St. Savannah. Ga. Mack. Charles Lewis 305 E. Center Ave. Mooresville. N. C. Maci ' . Charles Thomas 1902 Shephard St. Morehead City. N. C. Malone, Mildred Lloyd Box 217 Louisburg. N. C. Maness. Vernon Elvin, Jr, 619 Grace Ave, Burlington, N. C. Mangum, Lonnie Wyatt. Jr. Rt. I Creedmoor. N. C. Mann. Etta Rose 403 S. Franklin St. Whiteville, N. C. Marbry. Don Lee 2H Henderson St. Badin. N. C. .Marger. Bruce 1510 Trillo Ave. Coral Gables. Fla. Marks. Catherine Rebecca 2720 Mimosa PI. Wilmington. N. C. Martin. Elizabeth Anne 413 Edgedale Dr. High Point. N. C. Martin, William James 6 W, Henderson Ave, Wrightsville Beach, N. C. Marshburn. Wilbur Wayne 1135 Northwood St. Greensboro, N, C. Masters. Janice Carol Beaverdam Rd. . sheville. N. C. .Matthews. Wade Bynum 15 Gray Court Apts.. W. 5th St. Winston-Salem. N. C. May. Robert Glenn 406 Fife St. Thomasville. N. C. Maydanis, Peter Nicholas 701 East Blvd. Charlotte 3. N. C. Maynard, Harriet Valerie 1320 Payne St. Fredericksburg, Va. Maynard, James Walter 514 E. Davis St. Burlington. N. C. Mason, Paul DeWitt 1597 Vinewood Ave. Detroit 16. Mich. Mason. William Russell 1904 Spencer Ave. New Bern, N. C. MoClellan. Robie Wayne Rt. 4 Lincolnton. N. C. McCraw, Carl Greaves. Jr. 1712 Dilworth Rd. E. Charlotte. N. C. McCune. Edwina Clark 425 E. 50th St. Savannah, Ga. McDermott. Paul James, Jr, 253 Jackson Cr, Chapel Hill. N. C. McDonald. Betty Sue N. Matson St. S. C. MoElrath. John Philip Box 366 Black Mountain. N. C. McFall, Walter Thompson 23 White Oak Rd. Biltmore Forest Asheville. N. C. McFalls. Vernon Wendell U2 S. Aycock St. Greensboro, N, C, McFarland, Betty Jean 402 Oakdale St, Martinsville, Va. McGee. Frederick Lee 1238 Monroe St. Ft. Myers. Fla. McLendon. John Aycock 2301 W. Market St. Greensboro, N. C. McLeod, Betty Jean Rt. No. 4 Mebane, N. C. McLeod. George Hollitlay Cherokee Rd. Florence. S. C. McMahon. Gerald Thomas 5 Evergreen Lane Asheville. N. C. McMillan. John .Alexander. Ill Rt. 1 Matthews. N. C. McWhirter. Anne Shannon College St. Marshville. N. C. Meacliam. Robert Barnard 317 West Front St. Statesville. N. C. Mebane. Margaret Anne 916 N. Main St. Burlington. N. C, Medford, Hugh Love, Jr, 830 Cornwallis Dr. Greensboro. N. C. Medlin, Thomas E. 423 S. 2nd St. Smithfield. N. C. Menius, Mary Lucille 309 E. Houston St. Monroe, N. C. Mercer. Mary Lu 6206 Mossway Baltimore. Md. Mewborn. Ancel Clyde Rt. No. 2 La Grange. N. C. Mewborn. John Moses Rt. No. 2 Snow Hill. N. C. Meyer. Herbert Ivan 4419 Monument Ave. Richmond. Va. Miller. Arthur Lee Box 336 Landis. N. C. Miller. Baxter Hocutt. Jr. 3318 Devon Rd. Durham. N. C. Miller, Bill W, Box 62 Morganton, N, C. Miller, George Washington, Jr, 401 Salisbury Ave. Spencer, N. C. Mitchell, Donald Edward 415 Church St. Ahoskie. N. C. Mitchell, Edward Lee 507 E. Ash St. Goldsboro. N. C. Mitchem. Rebecca Bauer 403 Patterson PI. Chapel Hill, N. C. MofT, Jerome William 325 Fountain PI. Burlington. N. C. Molen. Robert Nelson 523 S. Aycock St. Greensboro, N, C. Montgomery. Elise 221 Whitney Ave. New Haven. Conn. Moore. Eileen Conroy 1208 Gates Ave. Norfolk. Va. Moore. Frank Bunting Box 608 New Bern, N. C. Moore. Grover William 604 W. Front St. Burlington. N. C. Moore. Helen Page 542 Huger St. Charleston. S. C. Moore, John Daniel 708 Franklin Ave. Wilson. N. C. .Moore. Mary Anne 2401 Anslev Court Charlotte. N. C. Moore. Roy Neal, Jr. Rt. 2 Raleigh. N. C. Moore. Sara Elizabeth P. O. Box 365 Wadesboro. N. C. Moore. Tommy Harte Rt. 2. Box 607 Kannapolis, N. C. Moore, Victor Bailey, Jr. 212 E. Markham Ave. Durham. N. C. Moorhead, Robert Burns 116 W. 4th Ave. Gastonia. N. C. Morin. Edward Charles 162 North St. Ludlow. Mass. Morris. Robert Kenneth Morris Rd. Brevard, N. C. Morton. Calvin Luther. J Rt. 3 Albemarle. N, C. Moser. Buell Edward 310 Sellers St. Burlington. N. C. Mosier. Joe Louis 908 Dunlop Ave. Chattanooga, Tenn. Motta, Charles Peter 0-28 W, Amsterdam Ave. Fairlawn. N. J. Page 441 SENIOR HOME ADDRESSES Mountcastle, George Coan 1104 Arbor Rd. Winston-Salem, N. C. Mullens. David Bobo Box 180 Clarksdale. Miss. Mumaw. Barbara Anne I ((3.1 Sharon Lane Charlotte. N. C. Mundv. John Rawls 413 Clarke St. Henderson. N. C. Murad. Joseph Louis 404 Mt. Vernon Dr. Wilson. N. C. Murchison. Margaret .■ nne 2707 Clark Ave. Raleigh. N. C. Murdock. Thomas Edward 10-1 Wilde Ave. Drexel Hill. Pa. Murphy. Joanne 411 Sunset Rd. Lookout Mtii., Tenn. Murray. Nancy . nne 2004 St. Mary ' s St. Raleigh. N. C. Myers. Mary CaUierine 320 South Chapman Greensboro. N. C. Myers, Kenneth Morton 3620 Granada Blvd. Coral Gables. Fla. Neal. Carolyn Hamilton 76 Vermont Ave. Asheville. N. C. Neal. Robert Stuart S. Main St. Chapel Hill. N. C. Neal. William Thomas. Jr. 2314 Walker Ave. Greensboro. N. C. Needham. Herbert Curtis Rt. 2 Pilot Mountain. N. C. Nethery, Paul Arnold Box 401 Madison. N. C. Nettles. Jesse Thomas. Jr. Rt. 2 Chapel. Hill. N. C. Newlin. Catherine Box 28 Haw River. N. C. Newton, . drian Jefferson. Jr 2506 Beechridge Rd. Raleigh. N. C. Nicolson. Annie Russell 6.1-19 Claran Court Maspeth 78. N. Y. Nixon. Demetrios Tlieo 731 Central Ave. Charlotte. N. C. Noah. Patricia . nn Durham Rd. Chapel Hill. N. C. Noland, Jesse Virgil. Jr. II Longview Rd. Asheville. N. C. sn. Walter Louis. Jr. 2106 White Oak Rd. Raleigh. N. C. Norris. Maureen King 810 Walnut Blytheville. Ark. Novit. Mitchell Sheldon Paul St. Walterboro. S. C. Oglesby. Harold Franklin 403 Wilson A e. Kinston. N. C. Oliver. Billy Reid 2361 Bernard St. Raleigh. N. C. Oliver. Mary Keen Hargrave Blvd. Chatham. Va. Olsen. Daniel Duncan 1 Chase Ave. Chapel Hill. N. C. OTonnell. Robert Philip 320 E. 42nd St. New York. N. Y. O ' Neal. Richard Kenneth 1721 Garden Terrace Charlotte. N. C. Onley. Vernon H. 914 N. Road St. Elizabeth City, N. C. Osborne. Karl Rorialrl .il9 S. Summit Ave, Charlotte. N. C. O ' Sullivan. William Jo.seph 2340 University Ave. New York, N, Y. Owen. Charles Clifton, Jr. 1015 S. Fulton St. Salisbury. N. C. Pace, John Thonuis Walter 404 Summit St. Greenville. N. C. Padgett. E. J. Maple Hill. N. C. Padgette. Margaret Howard 329 Tennev Cr. Chapel Hill. N. C. Page. Channing Nelson. Jr. 520 Ridge St. Southern Pines. N. C. Page. Earl Mason 2206 S. Front St. Wilmington. N. C. Page. William Lee. HI 408 W. Johnson St. Tarboro. N. C. Palmer. Michael Hamilton Rt. No. 4 Lenoir. N. C. Panton, Richard Tyler 150 Baglev Dr. Chapel Hill. N. C. Pappas. Savas Harry 912 N. Elm St. Cireensboro. N. C. Parbani. Lewis Hillsman. Jr. 1400 Scotland Ave. Charlotte, X, C, Parish, Joe Garvev, Jr, 19 Folsom St, Sumter, S. C. Parker. Ramon F.. Box 272 Manteo. N. C. Parnell. Thomas . lfre(l 404 E. 8th St. Lumberton. N. C. Parsons. Betty Belle Jasper, Ga, Patseavouras. Louis L, 325 Western Ave, Rocky Mount, N, C, Patterson, Ann 210 Moseley St. Edenton, N, C, Patterson, John Richard 1114 Cridland Rd, Greensboro, N, C, Patterson, Man ' Elizabeth Box 38 Scotland Neck, N, C, Patterson, William Stacy Country Club Salisbury, N, C, Paturis, Emmanuel Michael 221 S. Front Wilmington, N, C, Payne, Garth Howard 125 Eller St, Elkin. N, C. Pearsall. Harry S.. Jr. 1 105 W. Haven Blvd. Rocky .Mount. N. C. Peddycord. Joun William 109 Fayette St. Winston-Salem. N. C. Pelzel. Miriam Priscilla 608 Stonewall Dr. Charleston. W. Va. Penegar. Kenneth Lawing 1120 Cumberland .Ave. Gastonia. N. C. Penton. Elizabeth Ann 1007 Live Oak Parkway Wilmington. N. C. Perrynian. Nancy .Anne 449 W. Lexington .Ave. High Point. N. C. Phillips. Charles Wiley. Jr. 210 S. Tremont Dr. Greensboro, X. C. Phillips. Harry Herman 308 Tate St. Greensboro, N, C, Phillips, Lewis Allison 127 Mallette St, Chapel Hill, N, C, Phillips, Walter R, Box 1522 Hendersonville, N, C, Pierce. Diana Apt. 13-F. Beverly Apts. Asheville. N. C. Politis. Murray 1802 Walker Ave. Greensboro. N. C. Poole, John McKee. Jr. 1628 Dixie Trail Raleigh. N. C. Potts. Ervin Rea 1819 Lyndhurst Ave. Charlotte. N. C. Potts. Jerry N. Box 372 Franklin. N. C. Presson. Samuel David Rt. No. 2 .Monroe. N. C. Price. Fred Avery. Jr. 519 Guilford Ave. Greensboro. N. C. Price. John Frank 150 Harris Ave. Elkin. N. C. Price. Thomas .Arthur, Jr. 2549 Roswell .Ave. Charlotte. N. C. Pridgen. Edmond Wallace 704 Fleming St. Wilson. N. C. Pritchett, James Ronald Box 325 Creswell, N, C, Pruss, Barry Gordon 852 Lake Ave. (Rahway P. O.) Westfleld. N. J. Putzki. Pauletta Stirling Kennedy Warren Washington. D. C. Rabhan. Harold Jerome 900 Forrest Ave. High Point. N. C. Randall. Roliert Noble 618 E. Main St. Lincolnton. N. C. Ransom. William Kay 1230 N. Person St. Raleigh. N. C. Ratlitr. Margaret Jean B jx 230 Chestei-fleld. S. C. Raymer. Rose Marie 43.5 W. Sharpe St. State.sville. N. C. Redding. Anna Ingram 734 S. Park St. Asheboro. N. C. Redmon. Aubrey Wilford Boulevard Branch. Box 266 Leaksville. N. C. Reeves. Martha Weaver H6 Thurston .Ave. Thomaston. Ga. Register. Marvin Odell Rt. 2 New Bern. N. C. Reid. Claire Virginia P. O. Box 29 Cullowhee. N. C. Reid. Daniel 1917 New Bern Ave. Raleigh. N. C. Rhodes, Erskine Lee Rt. No. 2 Dallas. N. C. Rhodes. Harold Bagley 1806 Sunset Dr. Raleigh. N. C. Rhoades. John Arlie. Jr. Route No. 1 Guilford College. N. C. Rhodes. Robert Everett. Jr. 617 Westover Blvd. Elizabeth City. N. C. Ricks. Garland Stephenson Conway, N, C, Ridge, Jerrold Alison 3001 Colonial Ave. Norfolk 8. Va. Rigas. Lambros C. 2425 Charlotte Drive Charlotte. N. C. Riley, Leslie Walter. Jr. 110 Polk St. Chapel Hill. N. C. Ritch. Eugene Kinsey 1918 ' Winter St. Charlotte, N, C, Page 442 SENIOR HOME ADDRESSES Roberson, Nathan Russell (ireen St. Robersonville. N. C. Roberts. Frans Joseph Trvon St. Hillsbcro. N. C. Roberts, John Mason Box 42 Hillsboro, X. C. Robertson. Jenkins Mikell 2209 Malvern Road Charlotte. N. C. Robertson. Julia 410 Byrd Blvd. Greenville. S. C. Robinson. Jack Richard Box 4S aldese. N. C. Rodenbough, Charles Dyson Box 72 Walnut Cove. X. C. Rodman. Patricia Blount 1326 W. Princess Anne Rd. Norfolk. Va. Rojrers. Edith Lillian 2728 Mimosa Place Wilmington. X. C. Rofiers. Thomas Edward. Jr. 1327 King Ave. F?orence. S. C. Rose. Elliott Martin 112 W. Trinitj ' Ave. Durham. X. C. Rose. Sara Williams 199 East Xorth St. Chapel Hill. N. C. Row. Leslie Howard Route No. 1, Box 35 Wisconsin Rapids. Wis. Rowe. David 4303 Woodberrv St. Hyattsville. Md. Ruffin. William Haywood. Jr. 2.5 Oak Drive Durham. X. C. Ruftv. Jern ' D. 818 Xorth Main Salisbury. X. C. Russell. Joan Anita 3H9 Southwood Dr. Kenmore. X. Y. Sampson. Herman Arthur, Jr. 2707 West Market St. Cireensboro. X. C. Samuel. D. C, Jr, 2238 Queen St. Winston-Salem, X. C- Sanders. Helen Bovkin 2033 Beverly Drive Charlotte. X. C. Sanford. James Kenneth Box 21 Enka, X. C. Sapp. Richard Stewart Reynolda, N. C. Satterfield. Xeil Boydston 2900 Xancy Creek Rd.. X. W. Atlanta. Ga. Sawyer, John Richard 251 W. Davis St. BurlinfTton. X. C. Scarborough. William Kauffman Ferry Farms Route Xo. 4 Annapolis. Md. Schenck, James Simpsoi 122 E. Fisher Ave. Greensboro, X. C. Schindel. Sally Lee 1140 Hamilton Blvd. Hagerstown. Md. Schroeder. Peter Brett 2400 Forest Glen Rd. Silver SprinjT. Md. Scott, Anne M. 770 Park Ave. Xew York, X. ' Scott. Charles Prioleau 118 East Harden St. Graham, X. C. Seabrook. Charles Cunninghan 63-B Smith St. Charleston, S. C. Seawell, Howard Carter. Jr. 137 Cranford St. Asheboro, N. C. Seawell, Pat GrifBn 324 Gloria Ave. Winston-Salem. X. C. Shaw. Xancy Carolyn 113.5-12 St., North St. Petersburg. Fla, Shelton. Charles William 314 Indiana Ave. Mayfleld. Ky, Sherrill. X. Webb 40 B Brookdale Gdns. Bloomfleld, N, J, Sherry, Donald Jay 220 S. Laurel Ave. Charlotte, X, C. Shields, Julia Elizabeth 227 Vance St. Chapel Hill, X. C, Shockley, Betty Harris (Mrs.) Box 212 Hudson. X. C. Shore. Ernie G.. Jr. 1212 W. 4th Street Winston-Salem, X. C. Showfety, Raymond Rfcbard «so Chestnut St. Greensboro, X. C. Shuff. Susan 303 East 37 Street Xew York, N, Y, Sibley, Thomas Edward Avondale Ave. Albemarle, N, C. Silvers, Grace Pickard 120 King St. Chapel Hill. N. C. Silvers, Howard Eliot 3903 Fordham Dr. Baltimore, Md. Simon. Lewis S. 2840 Walton Way . ugusta. Ga, Skidmore, Bob G. 2927 Tuckaseegee Rd, Charlotte. N. C. Skillen. Robert LeRov 106 Charlotte St. Durham, N. C. Sloan. Ben Leroy IHOi Mecklenburg . ve. Charlotte. X. C. Slosman. Benson Esur 78 Linden Ave. Asheville. X. C. Sluder. Gary Adkins Box 4 Leicester. X. C. Smilev, Barbara Daniel 8003 Fairview Rd. Raleigh, X. C. Smiley. Thomas Brvan. Jr. 2612 Vanderbilt A e. Raleigh, X. C. Smith, Alvis Everette Rt. 5 Reidsville. X. C. Sfnith. Charles James Rt. Xo. 3 Raleigh. X. C. Smith. Kenneth Royster. Jr. 2708 Anderson Dr. Raleigh. X. C. Smith. Stanley Robert 36th St.. Holly Road ' irginia Beach, Va. Smith. William Oliver. Jr. 917 Holt Dr. Raleigh. X. C. Smith. Zebulon Vance. Jr. 50 Myrtle Ave. Concord. N. C. Smithwick. OIlie .Macon. Jr. Box 538 Greenville. S. C. Soo. Liang Yee 4 Broom Rd. Hong Kong. China Souder. Thelnia Louise 880 Winyah Ave. Westfleld. X. J. Southern. Lewis Martin 198 S. Cherry Kernersville, X. C. Souweine, Jean Martin 145 Blvd. Brond Whitlock Brussels, Belgium Spangler, Clemmie Dixon, Jr. 1930 Queens Rd. W. Charlotte, X. C. Sparrow, Xathaniel Louis Rt. 3. Box 281 Chapel Hill, X. C. Stacy. Robert Pincknev. Jr. 104 Terry Rd. Hartford. Conn. Stanton. , nnabelle 2220-20tll St.. X. W. Washington. D. C. Starnes, Dewey Edward, Jr. 2820 S. Abingdon St. . rlington, Va. Starr. Harold Michael 222 Bayview Ave. Jersey City. X. J. Steagall. James Gordon 502 Coggeshall St. Oxford. X. C. Steck, Joseph T. M. 9119 Mendota Ave. Detroit 4. Mich. Steele. Ted Charles. Jr. 316 E. Charlotte Ave. Sumter, S, C. Stephenson. I ' lus filendel 109 X. 13th St. Erwin. X. C. Stewart, Joseph Benjamin, Jr. Box 134 Marshville, X. C. Stewart. Mary Parks W. Georgia St. Woodruff. S. C. Stinson. Iva Xichols Xo. 90 UNC Trailer Court Chapel Hill. X. C. Stockard, John Roger 14 Soringdale Ct. Greensboro, X. C. Stokes. Thomas Murray. Jr. 905 W. Johnson St. Raleigh. X. C. Stoltz, Walter Alexander 2931 X. Cherry St. Ext. Winston-Sa!eni, X. C. Stone. Florence Jane Box 150 Wrightsville Beach, X. C. Stoughton. John Eliot D. 301 Bovlan Apts. Raleigh. X. C. Stout, Charles Walter 529 Gatewood Ave. High Point, X. C. Stratford, John Bailev, Jr, 224 N. Main St. Graham. X. C. Strauss. Alfred Carmichael 125 Christopher St. New York, N. Y. Strause, Samuel Lewis 809 Mt. Vernon Ave. Charlotte. X. C. Street. Lucy Ann Westwood Dr. Chapel Hill. X. C. Strickland, fieorge Wier P. O. Box 197 Liberty, X. C. Stuart. John Moore 421 S. Washington St. Shelby, X. C. Stubbs. Campbell Lawrence 107 W. Hampton Ave. Sumter. N. C. Stutts. Luther Odell Raleigh, X. C. Styron, George Frank 1208 Evergreen Ave. Goldsboro, N. C. Suddreth. Elizabeth Ervin Magnolia St. Raeford, X. C. Sugg. Herbert Taylor 606 X. College St. Kinston. X. C. Sugg. Winfred Lindley Box 9 Snow Hill. X. C. Sumner. David Spurgeon 631 W. Kivett Asheboro, X. C. Page 443 SENIOR HOME ADDRESSES Sweeney. John H. 1930 Nun St. Wilmington. N. C. Taylor, Barbara Gebert ()12 East Beaeli Gulfport. Miss. Taylor. Bernard Montross. Jr. Presbyterian Manse Relioboth. Md. Taylor. Cooper Ellis 300.5 Banbury Rd. Raleisb. N. C. Taylor. Elinor Louise 177 Biddulpb Rd. Radnor. Pa. Taylor. Jolin Edmund Cecil 16 Hawthorne Court Wheeling. W. a. Taylor, Richard LeRov .539 E. Martin St. Raleigh. N. C. Taylor. Robert Estes 3U S. Warren St. Wilson. N. C. Temple. Joseph Alton. Jr. 209 X. .Massey St. Selma. N. C. Tenney. Edwin Wright. Jr. Box 1362 Chapel Hill. X. C. Tesler. Stanley Arnold 733 Kooler Cr. Fayetteville. N. C. Theilling. Herbert Bernard, Jr. 1.531 The Plaza Charlotte, N. C. Thomas, Perlev . ndrew 51,5 Otterav Dr, High Point. N. C. Thompson, J. Jid, Jr. 1335 Webster Dr., N. E. Atlanta. Ga. Thompson, Joe Wayne 110 Cedar St. Mooresville, N. C, Tiiorpe. Sharron Lyn •S812 N. E. 10th Ave. Miami. Fla, Tighe, William Yancey H08 Wickford Rd. Baltimore 10, Md. Tilles. Harvev George 601 W, Farriss Ave. High Point. N. C. Timberlake. Casper Hill. Jr. 309 Hillcrest Dr. Lexington. N. C. Todd, Jacob Winston 264 W. 12th St. New York, N. Y. Toledano. Benjamin Casanas 1321 Pine St. New Orleans. La. Townsend. John LeRov. Jr. 1306 Walnut St. Lumberton. N. C. Townsend, Thatcher L., Jr. 306 Waverly Way Greensboro, N. C. Traynham. Virginia Caroline 2113 Oleander Dr. Wilmington, N. C. Triplett. Roger Burns 209 Hibriten Ave. Lenoir, N. C. Turlington, irginia . nne No. 3 Dunn, N. C. Turnbull, Patricia Schuylet 3900 Cathedral Ave. Washington. D. C. Tyler. Bruce Wright 44 Stuyvesant Rd. Asheville, N. C. Tyndall. Richard Natlian. Jr. 107 E. Grainger Ave. Kinston. N. C. Fnderdown. Joanne Floyd Box 174 Granite Falls. N. C. llnderwood. . nn Eliza Indian Hill-Depot St. Extension Latrohe. Pa. ' alentine. Benetlict Charles 3.5 DeWitt Ave. Bronxville. N. Y. ' an Den Arend Hood. .Ir. 102 E. Mill Rd. Flourtown. Pa. ' in on, Raphael Williams 112 S. Acariemv St. Ahoskie. N. C. Walker. Betty Jean Roopville, Ga. Walker. Johnny Ralph 208 E. Maryland Ave. Bes-semer City, N. C. Wallace. Mary Katharine 132 S. Church Goshen, X. Y. Wallace. William Carter 306 W. Washington St. Kinston. N. C. Wannamaker. Betty Lou 503 Cedar Rock St. Pickens. S. C. Ward. .lames Robert Caroleen, N. C. Warren. James Rufus 123 Mixson Ave. North Charleston. S. C. Waters, Charles Maynard, Jr. 400 Colonial Dr. Florence, S. C. Watkins, Irvine Beaufort 125 Belle St. Henderson, N. C. Watkins. Lou Ann 2935 Oxford Rd. Henderson, N. C, Watkins. Manin Daniel. Jr. .504 S. Main Waynesville. N. C. Watts. Helen Lee 19S1 Maryland Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Wayne. Edward Anthony, Jr. 1608 Palmyra Ave. Richmond 27. Va. Wayne. Herbert Monteith. Jr. S13 East Blvd. Charlotte, N, C. Weatherspoon, Van Louis 1007 Alma St. Durham. N. C. Webb, James. Jr. 511 Cornwallis Dr. Green.sboro. N. C. Welch. Earl Parks. Jr. 2 405 Rosewood Ave. Winston-Salem. N. C. Wells. Kenneth Maxie. Jr. I Powell St. Fayetteville. N. C. Wettac h. John Theo iore 513 E. Cameron Ave. Chapel Hill, N. C. Whisonant. Joy Laurice South Point Rd. Belmont. N. C. White. Charles Henry 100 Cleveland St. Raleigh, N. C. White. James Samuel Rt. No. 4, Box 419 W .Statesville. N. C. White. Michael M. 205 E. 17th St. Lumberton. X. C. White. William Glenn. Jr. S20 Miller St. Winston-Salem. N. C. Whiteman. Virginia 1125 Reeder Cir.. N. E. Atlanta. Ga. Whitton. James G. F. 50 Eton Rd. Laichmont. X. V. WidolT, Gierson Fox 1051 Greenwood Ave. Deertie!d, 111. Wilks. Winton George, Jr. II OS Peachtree Blvd. Richmond, Va. Williams, Betty George 730 Palmora Blvd. Leesburg. Fla. Williams. Billy Owen 119 Mason Farm Rd. Chapel Hill. X. C. Williams. Florence .Ann Rt. 3. Box 136 Washington. N. C. Williams. James Donald . 130 Dorchester Ave. Asheville. N. C. Williams, Robert Patrick 917 Larchmont Crescent Norfolk. Va. Williamson. Benjamin Robert 1526 Glenwood . ve. Raleigh. N. C. Williamson. Jean Bethell 265 Pearson Dr. Asheville. X. C. Williford. Contsance 26 East Main St. Plymouth. N. C. M ' ilson. Cecil H. P 0. Box 93 Black Mountain. N. C. Wilson. William Alexander 3129 Sussex Rd. Raleigh. N. C. Winders. Janyce Wilkinson Kenlj ' , N, C. Wolfsheimer, Louis .Marcus Parkford Apts. Park Heights Fords La. Baltimore, Md. Wood. Elizabeth Roberts 106 West King St. Edenton, N. C. Wood. Ellen Elizabetli 55 College Rd.. W. Princeton. N. J. Wood. Sara Ruth 26 Lee Ave.. Apt 203 Takoma Park 12. Md. Woody, Joe Harris Washington Ave. Bessemer City, N, C. Woody, W. Ruffin, Jr. 145 N. Main St. Roxboro, N. C. Wooten, Dal F. 302 W. . tlantic Ave. Kinston. N. C. Worthington, Doris E. 22s College Pikeville. Ky. Wrenn, Elinor Lucy 409 Scott Ave. (ireensboro. N. C. Wrenn. Willii Trvon Hillshoro, N. Wright. James Zebulon Box 343. Rt. 2 Shelby. N. C. Wright. Robert Lee 1029 Elizabeth Ave. Charlotte. N. C. Wright. Sandra Penn 221 Roslyn Rd. Winston-Salem. N. C. Yates. Charles William 221 Lindsev Burlington, N. C. Yale. George Maynard Traphill, N. C. Yandle. Earl McManawav. Jr. 712 N. Davidson St. Charlotte. N. C. Yearlev. Jane Elizabetli 312S Warrington Rd. Shaker Heights. Ohio Yoklev. Jo Ann 175 Cherry St. Mount Airy. X. C. Yelverton. Charles Herbert 321 Church St. Smithfleld. X. C. Yopp. Walter Edward, III 112 Colonial Dr, Wilmington, N. C. Younts, James Ronald Rt, 5 High Point, N, C, Zachary, Marcia Anne 1424 W. Innes St. Salisbury, N. C. Zerden, Howard Gordon 15 Second Ave., N, W. Hickory, N, C, Page 444 A. " Well, jl ]e,isl I won ' he .1 pledge nil my life. " D. ]oh iiiy Long lenJs iiit ear lo " H.irk the Sound. ' B. " Go, man, go! " E. " Eeeeee! You ' re tickling me! " C. " W ' .1 ir.iy to ipend Saturday night! " F. " Are you sure this is only Coke? " G. " W hat a sunflower! " H. " Coeds? " " Yep, and all trinne I. Kick-of] in Kenan. INDEX Activities 264 Ads 410 Administration 26 Air Force ROTC 194 Alpha Delta Pi 344 Alpha Epsilon Delta 304 Alpha Gamma Delta 346 Alpha Kappa Psi 310 Alpha Phi Omega 305 Alpha Tau Omega 362 Amphoterothen Society 309 Arnold Air Society 202 Athletics 218 Baptist Student Union 292 Baseball 250 Basketball 238 Beauty Section 324 Beta Gamma Sigma 303 Beta Theta Pi 364 Cardboard, The 263 Carolina Forum 52 Carolina Playmakers 289 Carolina Political Union 291 Carolina Quarterly 274 Cheerleaders 262 Chi Omega 348 Chi Phi 366 Chi Psi 368 Classes 54 Consolidated University Student Council 49 Contents 24 Cosmopolitan Club 290 Cross Country 237 Daily Tar Heel 270 Debate Council 53 Dentistry, School of 154 Delta Delta Delta 350 Delta Kappa Epsilon 370 Delta Upsilon 372 Dialectic Senate 293 Fraternities 362 Freshmen 136 Football 222 German Club 356 Gimghoul 323 Golf 253 Gorgon ' s Head Lodge 318 Graduate School 162 Graham Memorial Student Union 46 Greeks 340 Gymnastics 245 Hillel Foundation 286 Honoraries 294 Independent Co-ed Board 274 Index to Advertisers Interf raternity Council 360 Intramural Sports 260 Juniors 106 Kappa Alpha 374 Kappa Delta 352 Kappa Epsilon 306 Kappa Psi 314 Kappa Sigma 376 Lambda Chi Alpha 378 Law, School of 165 Library Science, School of 170 Medicine, School of 172 Men ' s Glee Club 283 Men ' s Honor Council 42 Men ' s Inter-Dormitory Council 44 Monogram Club 220 National Students Association 51 Naval ROTC 203 Newman Club 290 Page 446 INDEX North Carolina Student Legislature Assembly 50 Nursing, School of 178 Orientation Committee 48 Order of the Golden Fleece 296 Order of the Grail, The 299 Order of the Minataurs 319 Order of the Old Well, The 298 Order of the Sheiks 320 Panhellenic Council 342 Pharmacy Senate 186 Pharmacy, School of 187 Phi Alpha Delta 316 Phi Beta Kappa 30 0 Phi Delta Chi 317 Phi Delta Theta 380 Phi Eta Sigma 302 Phi Gamma Delta 382 Phi Kappa Sigma 384 Philanthropic Assembly 288 Philosophical Society of 1799 321 Phi Mu Alpha 307 Pi Beta Phi 354 Pi Kappa Alpha 386 Pi Kappa Phi 388 Pi Lambda Phi 390 Pi Nu 308 Planners ' Forum 275 Press Club 291 Public Health, School of 183 Publications Board 43 Rho Chi Society 309 Saint Anthony Hall 392 Scabbard and Blade 208 Senior Home Addresses 437 Seniors 56 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 394 Sigma Chi 398 Sigma Nu 400 Sigma Phi Epsilon 396 Soccer 236 Sophomores 124 Sororities 342 Stray Greeks 343 Student Council 38 Student Entertainment Committee 49 Student Government 34 Student Legislature 39 Student Life 209 Swimming 242 Tarnation 272 Tar Heels and Toes 275 Tau Epsilon Phi 402 Tennis 248 Theta Chi 404 " 13 " Club Members 322 Track 246 UNC Band 276 University Club 277 University Dance Committee 285 University Party 284 Valkyries, The 297 Wesley Foundation 287 Women ' s Glee Club 282 Women ' s Honor Council 40 Women ' s Residence Council 41 Women ' s Sports 258 Wrestling 241 Yackety Yack 266 YMCA 278 YWCA 280 Zeta Beta Tau 406 Zeta Psi 408 Page 447

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