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n» il. i Ci)e JLilJtatp of ti)e 9Jnitiet9itp of il3octl) Carolina Collection of l ortj Caroltntana % i0 booh tDa0 pccgenteD C5T8 ' dsa .0.3 00016885168 This book may be kept out one month unless a recall notice is sent to you. It must be brought to the North Carolina Collection (in Wilson Library) for renewal. Form No. A-369 n n u n or n n b n u SEPTEMBER Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sal 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 • DECEMBER Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sol 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 14 15 16 17 18 19 2 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 MARCH Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sot. 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 APRIL Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sot. 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 OCTOBER Sun. Mon. Tu Wed. Thu. 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 JANUARY Sun Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 11 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 NOVEMBER 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 FEBRUARY Sun. Man. Tu Wed. Thu. 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 MAY Sun. Mon. Tu 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 JUNE Sun. Man. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sot. 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 x«iM£ eHi -tOw V 5 " 1. Mjfc ' ' ■is-t:iLZ -!i -. ts - : ;-„. 4 ilrinlnlifl l inuu J iUM V ' lUi. ii 4 13 MtU.- " i» .. l- ' ' ' Bjf VIEW OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH I CAROLINA CAMPUS LOOKING EAST =tiu =m Leafless trees of fall silouefted against cool grey skies provide o background for education. Campus transportation is stalled du unusually heavy winter snowfall. The cold hand of winter decks everything with a thick frosting of snow. Lovely coeds line the pool seeking o healthy sunton H Warm weather finds friends together ot the popular South Building steps. c ecot -.i tS -y Kem f 62 The stadium hos seen better days . . . ond worse Long hours spent in required cou mem iyce m :%. ' £1 Aj2 njz n i -;t »y- -■:niH . HUGH GALE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF RUSS COWELL BUSINESS MANAGER THIS STUFF ' S BEEN CUT! WE KNOW WHERE YOU ' VE BEEN I LOVE ALL THE BOYS. AND I LOVE ALL THE GIRLS THAT LOVE ALL THE BOYS. DID MAMA ' S LITTLE BOY EMOY HIS SUPPER? A MODEST PROPOSAL . . . WHY SORORITY HOUSES ARE A FAILURE. YOU MUST TAKE ME AS I AM. I CAN SAY WITH ALL SINCERITY A LITTLE NIP BETWEEN DRINKS AND ANOTHER REASON WHY I OUGHT ' A BE MARRIED . . . TWILIGHT AND EVENING BELL AND ONE CLEAR CALL FOR BEER. CLASSES PAGE 34 N ROTC PAGE 160 ► A F ROT C PAGE 166 ATHLETICS PAGE 184 ► ACTIVITIES PAGE 228 YACK BEAUTIES PAGE 272 ► FRATERNITIES PAGE 288 PAGE 389 ► K ! THE CONSOLIDATED UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Vniveriity of North Carolina at cHAPEt mill • North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering at rallich • The Woman ' i College at cucmsboko CORDON CRAY. PreiSJeni LOr.AN WILSON. VicfPrciiJenl Chapel Hill November 22, 1952 TO THE CLASS OF 1953: The Yackety Yack has been kind enough to allow me to express to you my warmest wishes for success and happiness in the years that lie ahead for you. You leave Carolina with our affection and appreciation. I hope that you will continue to love and support the institu- tion as alumni. To each of you, best wishes and Godspeed, Gordon Gray President N 4 ■ . k X i Francis Lovergne Johnson Photographer ROBERT BURTON HOUSE W. 0. CARMICHAEL, JR. Controller of the Consolidoted University ERNEST L. MACKIE Dean of Student Awards and Distinctic KATHERINE CARMICHAEL Dean of Women G. B. PHILLIPS Dean of Educatioi DEANS FRED WEAVER Dean of Students SUSAN GREY AKERS Dean of the School of Library Science T. H. CARROLL Dean of the School of Business Administration ROY HOLSTEN Assistont Dean of Students ELfZABETH KEMBLE Oeon of the School of Nursing ARTHUR FINK Dean of the School of Social Work DEANS C. p. SPRUILL Dean of the Generol Colleg O. J. COFFIN Dean of the School of Jo C. P. LYONS Dean of the College of Arts and Sci V • o ' clock class on o rainy Monday morning. 0V DAN PERRY President DOROTHY SMITH cretary " The village all declared how much he knew: ' Twas certain he could write, and cipher too; Lands he could measure, terms and tides presage, and ev ' n the story ran that he could gauge. While words of learned length and thund ' ring sound Amaz ' d the gazing rustics rang ' d around, and still they gaz ' d, and still the wonder grew That one small head could carry all ■ he knew! ■ — Oliver Goldsmith PATRICIA GEORGE DORTSCH Social Chairman )flS S SENIORS AARON, JOE RILEY High Point B,S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Monogram Club (2, 3); Wrestling (2, 3). ACKER, WILLIAM R. Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi, Chancel- lor, Dance Committee 13, 4); Interdormitory Council (3, 4), Sec- retary (3); Interdorm Dance Chairman (3), Vice-President, Presi- dent (4); Student Legislature (4), Elections Committee; Y.M.C.A. (1). ADDINGTON, JOAN HARDING St. Paul, Va. AS. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delto Delta; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). ADAMS, HUGH H. E.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ADAMS, JAYNE ROSE ADER, NANCY ANNE Wolkertown A.B. IN EDUCATION. Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice-President (4); Glee Club (3, 4); Yackety Yack (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Student Charlotte AHERN, BETTY ANN A.B. IN EDUCATION. Ch Heel (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, Woman ' s Handbook Staff; Coed Boll Committee. ALDEN, BETTY LUE Danville, Va. B.S, IN HEALTH EDUCATION. Y.W C.A, (3). ALDERMAN, CHARLES BENNETT Elizabeth City B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Alpha Kappa Psi. ALEXANDER, ALLEN FRED B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). Statesvllle Sigma Pi; Band ALEXANDER, THOMAS WILLIAMSON, JR. Woynesville ALLEN, CURTIS T. B S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ALLEN, ELDON P. B.S. IN GEOLOGY. ALLEN, MARY FRANCES A B. IN HISTORY. Chi Omega. ALLRED, ALBERT LOUIS B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sign Greensboro Statesville Mount Airy Phi Beta Kappa; Intra- al Chess Champion [3); Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society. ALMOND, HARVEY SHERRILL, JR. Albemarle B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. ALSTON, JOSEPH JOHN Portsmouth, Vo. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Beto Kappa; Y.M C.A !1, 2, 3, 4). ANDERS, BETTY LOUISE Hendersonville A.B. IN HISTORY. Glee Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Cabinet (4); Young Republicans Club (4); Western N. C. Club (4); Inde- pendent Coed Board; Dorm Vice-President. Seventh Row: ANDERSON, ERNEST EDWARD Asheville A B. IN HISTORY. ANDERS ON, JACQUELINE HALL Rehoboth Beach, Del. AB IN ARTS AND SCIENCES. Delta Delta Delta; Splash Club (3, 4); Yackety Yack (4); Y.W.C.A, (3, 4), Art Club; Canterbury Club (3). ANDERSON, KENNETH GEORGE Durham A B IN ECONOMICS. Phi Beta Kappa; Mens Council (3, 4); Monogram Club (3, 4); Order of the Old Well; Track (I); Scab- bard and Blade; Arnold Air Society; Soccer Team. Page 38 SENIORS ARMISTEAD, KATHERINE BRUMLEY (4). ARNOLD, JOSEPH ALLAN Atlanta, Ga. A B, IN MATHFMATICS. Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Afpha Phi Omega (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Order of the Golden Bear (2, 3, 4); Order of the Old Well; Hillel Cabinet (2, 3, 4). ASHCRAFT, THOMAS FOUST A,B, IN RADIO. Raleigh AUMAN, WILEY EUGENE High Point B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Beto Kappa; Pi Delta Phi; YM.C.A. Cabinet (I, 2). AYDLETT, PATRICIA ANN Elizabeth City A.B. IN ROMANCE LANGUAGES. A ' ha Delta Pi; Glee Club {3, 4), President (4); Y.W.C.A. Music Ch. (3); University Sermon Chairman (4). AYRES, DOUGLAS WARREN White Sulphur Springs, W. Va. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE Kappa Alpha; Pi Sigma Alpho; Scabbard and Blade (3, 4). Third Row: BAGGETT, JOHN ROBERT, III Lillington B S IN MEDICINE Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Epsilon Sigma. BAILEY, DONALD ETHERIDGE Biscoe B.S. IN SCIENCE. BAILEY, TED KYLE Green Mountain Sigma; Glee Club (4); Fourth Row: BAKER, H. CLYDE Newfield, N. Y. AS. IN ENGLISH. Di Senate (I, 2); Daily Tar Heel (3). BAKER, JAMES McCALL Rowland IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sign BALDRIDGE, JOHN DUKE, JR. Gen BALLARD, JAMES ALAN B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Sigma Goi ■3). Winston-Salem Society of 1779; Fayetteville Epsilon; Student Legislature Nebo BALLEW, J. HUNTER A.B. IN EDUCATION. Lambda Chi Alpho. BALLEW, MARY ALICE Denton A.B. IN ENGLISH. Carolina Quorterly (3); Yockety Yock (4). Sixth Row: BANKS, MYRON CARROLL A.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigi Raleigh d Phi Epsilon; Alpho ego. Secretary (1, 2, 3), Historian; Phi Eto Sigma, His- torian (2); Phi Beto Koppo; Order of the Old Well; Interfrater- nity Council (2, 3); Glee Club (3); Men ' s Orientation Committee (4). BARDEN, JAMES LELAND A.B. IN HISTORY. BAREFOOT, RUPERT DAVID B.S, IN CHEMISTRY. BARGER, ALTA LEE A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Alpha Chi Omeg BARKLEY, EDWIN R. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. BARKSDALE, ISABEL A B IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega. Page 39 Selma Raleigh Oakboro Charlotte Jonestown, Miss. SENIORS First Row: BARNES, LAWSON PAUL Bennettsville, S. C. A.B, IN HISTORY. Kappa Alpha; Dance Commiftee (3, 4), Chairman; Men ' s Council (4); Monogram Club (4); Student Legis- lature (2, 3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Soccer (1,3, 4). BARRON, EDMUND GERALD Moncks Corner, S. C. B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Alpha Epsilon Pi. BARTON, JAMES HOWARD Culberson A B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Phi Omega. BARTON, KATHERINE WILSON BARTON, KENNETH HOUSTON A B IN JOURNALISM Chi Psi. Centreville, Md. Elizobeth, N. J. BASON, WILLIAM SPAINHOUR North Wilkesboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pi Kappa Phi. BASS, CLAUDE HAMPTON Fairmont A.B. IN CHEMISTRY BATES, SEYMOUR Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Lombdo Phi, President (4), Secretary (3); Order of the Golden Bear (3, 4); Tennis (1) University Club (2); Y.M.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4). BATTLE, GORDON, JR. Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha. BATTLE, MARY THOMAS A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi, Canterbury Club (3). Rocky Mount (4); Y W C.A 13, 4); BAUCOM, ELIZABETH ANN Southern Pines A.B. IN FRENCH. Glee Club (4); Y.W.C.A 14). BAUER, BRUCE ALLAN Arlington, Vo. A.B, IN ENGLISH. Chi Phi; Order of the Golden Bear (3, 4). Fifth Row: BAYLOR, BEVERLY A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Chi Omega; Editor (3, 4); Y.W.C.A., Cabinet (4), BEALS, DOROTHY ANNE A B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Gomi (3. 4), Cabinet (4); Panhellenu ;3, 4). BEARD, JOHN A.B. IN EDUCATION. Y.M.C.A. Greensboro ily Tor Heel, Associate Johnson City, Tenn. Delta, President (4), Y.W.C.A. louncil (4); Canterbury Club Raleigh BECK, THOMAS EUGENE Holly Hill, Flo. B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Beta Kappo; Phi Eto Sigma. BECK, THOMAS LEE Fuquoy Springs B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Alpha Kappa Psi. BECKER, JACK HASTINGS South Brointree, Mass. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Y.M.C.A. (3, 4), Vice-President (4). BECKWITH, DONALD ERNEST Raleigh B S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. BEESON, ANNA MARILLA Greensboro A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Omega; University Club (3 4) Y W C A (3, 4), President (4), Women ' s Residence Council, Treasurer (4) Orientation Commiftee (4); SUAB. BELL, FRANKE ANN A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Splash Club (3, 4] Page 40 Gostonio SENIORS First Row: BELL, JAMES ANDREW, JR. Greensboro AB IN COMPARATIVE LITERATURE Phi Beta Koppa; Sigmo Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4), Secretary (4); Basketball (1); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Swimming (1); Tennis (1); Arnold Air Society. BELL, ROBERT BREMON B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. 3, 4), Captain (4); Monogram Club (2, BENEDICT, STUART CHARLES B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Charlotte Sigma Chi; Track (I, 2, 3, 4); Football (1). Bethel, Conn. BENNETT, JOHN TOSCAN AB. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Chi Pi 3, 4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Track (1 BENNETT, RALPH WEBB AB. IN ECONOMICS. Pi Kappo Alpha. BENTLEY, HAROLD ARTHUR, JR. B.S. IN EDUCATION, Sigma Nu; Phi Beta Kappa. Philadelphia, Pa. i; Cross Country ( 1 , 2, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1) Asheville Los Angeles, Calif. BERSHAW, BURTON HYMAN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Pi L Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa. BETHUNE, LAUCHLIN ALEXANDER A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. BETHUNE, WILLIAM FREDERICK AB. IN SOCIOLOGY. Glee Club (2). BIRCH, DON LOUIS AB. IN ZOOLOGY Sigma Phi E| BIRKE, EUGENE ANDREW BIZZELL, CHARLES EDWARD Asheville nbda Phi; Phi Eto Fuquay Springs Raleigh !sident (4). Winston-Salem Seven Springs BLACK, HIRAM BUNYAN Matthews A B. IN RADIO. Carolina Communications Club. BLAND, ELMER CHARLES Chapel Hill B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Beto Kappa; Alpho Kappa Psi. BLOCKSIDGE, NANCY LEE Chapel Hill A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. University Club (4); Card Board (3, 4); Town Girls ' Association (2, 3, 4), Vice-President (3), President (4), Orientation (3). BOGUE, HUGH DANIEL A B. IN CHEMISTRY. BOLICK, JEROME WILSON Phi Kappa Sign BOLING, RONALD JACKSON Siler City B.S. !N BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. Seventh Row: BONOWITZ, SARALYN SUE Chattanooga, Tenn. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega; Volkynes, President (4), Hillel Cobinet (3. 4), President (4); Publications Board (3); Women ' s Orientation Chairman (4); Student Legislature (3). BOOKE, SAMUEL LEWIS, JR. Winston-Salem A B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Lambda Chi Alpha; N.R.O T C BOOKER, JOHN LAWRENCE Plymouth Page 41 SENIORS BOWLES, FRANCIS NORMAN, JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. St. Anthony Hall. BOYLE, LADSON HUNTER A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Zeto Psi; Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4); M (2, 3, 4); University Club (2, 3). Sumter, S. C. BRACKET!, JAMES WILLIAM A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Phi O Democrats Club. Gastonia Card Board; Young BRADISH, JOHN TILSON Fayettevllle A B IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi; Swimming (1, 2), Captoin (I); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). BRADSHAW, PERCIVAL RICHARD Thomasville B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Band (I, 2); Phi Assembly (I, 2, 3, 4) Clerk, Treasurer. BRAIN, GEORGE WILLIARD Tompkins Cove, N. Y. A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Beta Theta Pi; Daily Tor Heel (1); Caro- lina Quarterly (4); Student Entertainment Committee (4). Goldsboro Third Row: BRASWELL, LINWOOD JENNINGS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Phi; Manley Dorm President, Interdorm Council; YDC; Student Union Boord of Directors (4). BRAXTON, BARBARA LEE A.B. IN RECREATION. Alpha Gamr Splash Club (3, 4); Wesley Foundation reation Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Secretary (4). BRENDLE, THOMAS PATE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Whiteville la Delto; Glee Club (3), (3, 4), Secretary (4); Rec- Chopel Hill BRESLOW, DIANE JOY Rohwoy, N. J. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club (3); Orientation Ad- viser; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Student Legislature (4). BREWER, JOSEPH BEAMAN, JR. Rocky Mount A B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Zeto Psi. BREWER, WILLIAM CLARENCE, JR. Jomesville A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Gamma Delta; Interfraternity Council (4); Basketball (1); Dormitory Secretary-Treasurer (2, 3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Fuquoy Springs BRIDGERS, CLIFFORD CHARLES A B. IN CHEMISTRY. BRILEY, WILLIAM FRAZIER Wilson B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi K appa Phi; Band (I, 2). BRINSON, ZEB CREIGHTON Torboro A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Sigma Alpha; Delta Koppa Ep- silon, Vice-President, President; Order of Minataurs; Interfra- ternity Council (2, 3, 4); Gorgon ' s Head (2, 3, 4); Men ' s Council (Summer Chairman); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). BROADWELL, DON B., JR. St. Pauls B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha. BROCK, MARGARET ANN BROWN, EDWARD BLAND, JR. Fuquoy Springs B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zcta Psi. BROWN, FRANCES ROSALYN Elberton, Go. A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Alpha Gammo Delto; Hockey Club (3, 4); Baptist Student Union (3, 4); Y.W.C A. (3, 4); Orientation. BROWN, LEWIS ARNOLD Chattanooga, Tenn. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Chi; Interfroternity Cou :il (I, 2, 3, 4); Gorgan ' 4); Golf (2, - ■■ - lan (2). BROWN, LINWOOD ALTON, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Page 42 Raleigh SENIORS BROWN, RALPH KENTON Fronklinville A.B. IN EDUCATION. BROWNE, MARY LILLA Gastonio A B IN HISTORY. Phi Assembly (3, 4); Women ' s Council; Yackety Yoek (3, 4); Y.W.CA. (3, 4), Cabinet (4); SUAB (4); Orientation Committee Student Adviser (4); Canterbury Club (3, 4). BRUNING, CHRISTIAN RICHARD, III Greensboro BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Koppa Alpho; Card Board Ustier (2, 3, 4); A.F.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). BRUTON, DAVID WILSON A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. BRYAN, CHARLES ARTHUR BS. IN BACTERIOLOGY. Young Republic Mount Gileod Baltimore, Md. , Club (4). BRYAN, ELISHA LEWIS Goldsboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Gamma Delta; Y.M.C.A. (}, 2, 3, 4): Eastern N. C. Club; A.F.R.O.T.C. (2, 3, 4). BRYANT, CALVIN B. Gaston A.B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES. BUCHANAN, MARY SUE Daytona Beach, Fla. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Y.W.CA. (3); W.A.A., Vice-Pres dent (3}; Independent Coed Board, Social Chairmen (3); Hockey Club; Student Adviser. BUGG, JANIE LEE Daytona Beach, Fla. A B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Alpha Thcfo; Stray Greeks (3, 4); Panhellenic Council (3, 4); Daily Tar Heel (3, 4). BUIE, ALBERT FRANKLIN Moxton BS. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Beta Kappa. BULLA, THOMAS CHARLES High Point AB IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappo Alpho, Treasurer; Phi Eta Sigma; Daily Tar Heel (2); Interfraternity Council (3, 4). BULLARD, JOHN MOORE Charlotte A B IN ENGLISH Phi Mu Alpha; Carolina Quarterly (4); Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Yackety Yack (4); Chapel Hill Choral Club (2, 3, 4) ' Wesley Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (2, 3); Char- lotte-Carolina Club (1, 2, 3, 4), BULLOCK, SUSAN COBB Stovall A B IN EDUCATION. Independent Coed Board, Secretory-Treas- urer (4); Orientation (4); Y.W.CA. (3, 4), Cabinet (4). BUMGARDNER, AMOS SUMNER BS. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Kappa Sigma. BUNKER, FRANK EDWIN A.B. IN EDUCATION. Charlotte Winston-Salem BUNTING, SYLVIA LEE Washington, D. C. A B. IN CHEMISTRY. BURKHEAD, THOMAS WADE, JR. Candor AB IN JOURNALISM. Lamba Chi Alpha; Young Democrats (4); Y.M.C.A. (3). BURRESS, SUSAN WITHERS Salem, Va. A B IN ENGLISH. Delta Delto Delta; Yockety Yaek (3); Sorority Editor- Doily Tar Heel (3), Associate Editor (4); Orientation (4); Y.W.CA. (3, 4). Selma Kappo; Phi Eto Ravenna, Ohio Seventh Row: BYRD, BOBBY GREY B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Bete Sigma; Beta Gommo Sigmo. CALVIN, ROBERT EUGENE A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. CANNADY, THOMAS LAWTON, III Guilford College B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigmo Phi Epsilon. Page 43 SENIORS CAPEL, ARRON LEON, JR. Troy B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa Sigmo; Foot- ball (1). CARMICHAEL, DONALD WAINWRIGHT Southport, Conn. A.B. IN ENGLISH, Delta Kappa Epsilon; Lacrosse {2, 3, 4); Sheiks; Philosophical Society of 1799. CARRIER, GLASS BOWLING, JR. Charlotte 5 IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Doily Tar Heel (4). CARROLL, JOAN MARIE Lawrenceville, N. J. B.5. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Gamma Delto; Newman Club (3, 4); Interfaith Council (3, 4). CARROLL, THOMAS LAWRENCE Charlotte AB IN RADIO Delta Psi; Glee Club (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3); Interfroternity Council (2); WUNC Student Manager (3, 4); Communications Club (2, 3, 4). CARSON, BYRON HALL Rutherfordton B S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha. CASEY, DORIS CHRISTINE A.B. IN EDUCATION. CASEY, LESSIE MALLARD CASHWELL, THOMAS HERMAN B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. CATES, ANNE WILMOTH Chapel Hill (3, 4); Communi- Winston-Salem Golf; Y.W.C.A.; Canter- CAUDILL, ROBERT TALMADGE Winston-Solem B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Eta Sigmo. CAUSEY, SEABORN AMBROSE, JR. Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. CHALK, BEVERLEY JANE Greensboro A.B IN ENGLISH. Chi Omego; Women ' s Council (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Yockety Yack (3); Student Adviser (4); Yockety Yoek Beauty Court (3). High Point litory Council (3, 4); CHAMBLEE, DONALD VANCE A.B IN CHEMISTRY Rho Psi Rho; In Dormitory President (3). CHAMPION, ROBERT BENJAMIN Konnapolis A.B IN RADIO. Interdormitory Council (2); University Club (2, 3, 4); Young Democrats Club (2, 3). CHANCE, SARAH JEANETTE CHEEK, CAROLYN ELIZABETH Smithfield A.B. IN ENGLISH. Glee Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). CHEEK, HELEN SUE Shelby A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Beta Phi; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); West- ern N. C. Club (3). CHERRY, BILLY JONES Williamston BS IN MATHEMATICS. Young Democrats Club (1, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) CHERRY, SOLOMON GILMER Roxobel AB IN HISTORY. Lambda Chi Alpho; Phi Assembly (I, 2); Student Lcqisloture (2, 3), 5ergeant-at-Arms (2); University Party, Chairman; President ' s Cobinet, Evecutive Secretary (4). CHERRY, WILLIAM DAVID A.B. IN ENGLISH Gastonio Page 44 SENIORS Washington, D. C. Winston-Salem n (3, 4); 13 Club CLARK, JENNY C. A B IN SOCIOLOGY Pi Beta Phi. CLINARD, DAVID MARION COBB, HARVEY PERREN, JR. A B IN HISTORY. COCKERHAM, JAMES VANCE Elkin A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Semper Fidelis Society (4). COGGIN, GEORGE WILLIAM Star A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. COGGINS, HENRY IRVIN Milwaukee B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delto Sigmo Pi. Third Row: COGHILL, THOMAS ELLIS Richmond, Va. B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigmo Chi. COHN, HERBERT B. Chattanooga, Tenn. B.5. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeta Beto Tau; Hillel Cob. net (2, 3, 4); YDC (4); Y.M.C.A. (4); Alpha Phi Omega (2); Student Party Publicity Ctiairman (4); Interfoith Council (4). COKELL, NORMA Jersey City, N. J. A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Gamma Delta; Glee Club (3) Yockety Yaek (4); YRC, Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Fourth Row: COLE, DAVID BRADFORD Farmington, Conn. A.B. IN HISTORY. St. Anthony Holl; Monogram Club (2 3 4) Order of the Old Well (3, 4); 13 Club (2, 3, 4); Scabbard ond Blade; Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4). COLEMAN, CURTIS CORTEZ Winston-Salem A.B, IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Psi; Track (1, 2). COLEY, PATRICIA GEORGE Newton A.B, IN RADIO. Valkyries; Pi Beta Phi; Bond (I, 2, 3, 4) Freshman Secretary; Vice-President Valkyries (4); University Club (1), Secretory (2); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3); Dorm President (4); W.A.A. COLLIN, WILLIAM HUNTER Ashevllle B S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. COLLINS, CHARLES AMOS Greensboro A.B, IN JOURNALISM, Chi Psi; Interfraternity Council Social Chairmen (3); University Club (3). COLLINS, WILLIAM VAN A.B, IN ENGLISH, Ploymakers (2, 3, 4). Manson Sixth Row: COLLINS, ZOLLIE ALBERT, JR. Kinston A.B. IN CHEMISTRY, Sigma Chi; Tennis (1); University Club. COMER, JOHN WOLTZ, JR. Dobson B 5. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delto Sigmo Pi; YDC 14)- Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Vet Club (2), COOK, GERALD WILSON Winston-Salem A B IN ENGLISH. Sigma Chi; Alpha Phi Omega; Daily Tar Heel (3); Order of the Golden Bear (2); Student Legislature (1); Elections Board Chairman; Interdormitory Council (41; Soccer (2). COOK, WILLIAM CASON Monroe A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE COOK, WILLIAM MANNING Lacross, Vo. B.S. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Delta Theto; Glee Club (l) ' University Club (2); Y.M.C.A, (1, 2, 3, 4). COOKE, AVERY MURRAY nbdo Chi Alpho, Vii Page 45 High Point ' resident (3); SENIORS First Row: COOLEY, ELIZABETH McCAIN A B IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Delto (3); May Court (4). COOPER, CHARLES GRANT A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. COOPER, CHARLES HUGH B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Louisville, Ky. Delto; W.A.A.; Cheerleader Wilmington Greensboro Rocky Mount Tulsa, Oklo. Monogram Club (2); CORINTH, JOSEPH BATTLE A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. CORNELL, WILLIAM POWELL AB IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Delto Theto Track (3). CORRELL, NEEDHAM BROUGHTON, JR. Winston-Salem A B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Koppo Sigma; Golf (2, 3); A.R.O.T.C. Hagerstown, Md. COVER, CURTIS COLEMAN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. COWAN, JOHN ADRIAN BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Koppo Sign Republicans Club, Fencing (I); Carolina-Durham Club. Durham a; Young COWPER, BAYARD THURMAN A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Tou Omego Westfield, N. J. COX, BARBARA JEANNE Asheboro A.B. IN ENGLISH. Y.W.C.A. (4). COX, JOSEPH B. Hampton, Vo. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Koppo Psi. CRAMER, JOHN SCOTT Chorlotte AB IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Alpho Epsilon; 13 Club, (2, 3, 4); University Club (I). CRAWFORD, FRED NIBLOCK, JR. Stotesville BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delta Sigmo Pi; Band (I, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (3). CRAWFORD, FREDERIC MULL, JR. Sanford AB IN EDUCATION Carolina Political Union, Vice-Chairmon (3 4) Daily Tor Heel (I, 2), Debate Squad (4); Phi Assembly, Speaker (1, 2, 3, 4). CRAWFORD, JACQUELIN BOYD Chapel Hill AB IN SOCIOLOGY. Y.W.C.A. (2, 4); Town Girls ' Association (1, 2, 3, 4); Cord Board {2, 3, 4); Independent Coed Board (4). CRISPIN, GORDON SINCLAIR, JR. Clayton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. CRONHAM, CHARLES RAYMOND, JR. East Orange, N. J. AB IN MUSIC. Phi Mu Alpho; Band (3, 4); Glee Club (2); Basketball (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Orchestra (3, 4). CROUSE, FARRELL RONDALL Penn ' s Grove, N. J. AB IN CHEMISTRY Sigmo Phi Epsilon; Phi Eto Sigmo; Delfo Phi Alpho. Seventh Row: CUNNINGHAM, SALLY BET A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega Closs Officer (3); Student Coun Splash Club. CURRAN, JAMES JOSEPH, JR. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Winston-Salem DAIL, JOSEPH GARNER, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Comma Sigmo; Phi Eto Sigmo; Alpha Phi Omega. Torboro Phi Beto Koppo; Beta Page 46 SENIORS DANIEL, JED SELWYN Danville, Vo. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Theto Chi. DANIELS, FRANK ARTHUR, JR. Roleigh A.B. IN HISTORY. Delto Koppo Epsilon; Daily Tor Heel (I, 2); Men ' s Council, Chairman (3, 4), 13 Club i2, 3, 4); University Party, Treasurer (2, 3); SUAE (4); Y.M.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4); Young Democrats (4). DAUGHTRIDGE, BETTY JEAN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Leicester DAUGHTRIDGE, ROBERT WILLIAM Rocky Mount B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delto Sigma Pi. DAVIS, CHARLES McFARLAND Winston-Solem A.B. IN HISTORY. DAVIS, DONALD THOMAS Morehead City B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Phi Omega; Caro- lina Political Union (4); Di Senate (4); Glee Club (I, 2, 3. 4); University Club (3, 4); Young Democrats (4); Y.M.C.A. (1), Baptist Student Group. Third Row: DAVIS, JAMES HERBERT, JR. Durham A.B. IN FRENCH. Pi Delta Pi, Corresponding Secretary (4). DAVIS, KENNETH DRAUGHN Wilson A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. DAVIS, LAURA D UNCAN Beaufort A.B. IN ART. Alpho Delta Pi; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Fourth Row: DAVIS, MARY RUTH Robbins B S. IN PUBLIC HEALTH. DAVIS, PERCY J. Grahom B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. DAVIS, ROBERT DOWD Beaufort Fifth Ro DAWES, LYELL CLARK, JR. A.B. IN COMPARATIVE LITERATURE. Phi Kappa Sig Tor Heel (4); Lacrosse (I, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club Swimming (I). Baltimore, Md. lily DAYE, JAMES Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Koppa Psi; Phi Eto Sigma; Phi Beto Koppo; Corolino Political Union (3, 4); Ptii Assembly (2, 3, 4); New-Man Club (I, 2, 3); Sound and Fury DAYE, ROBERT Winston-Salem A.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Koppo Psi; Phi Eto Sigmo; Phi Beto Koppo; Beta Gommo Sigmo; Carolina Political Union (3); Phi Assembly i:3, 4); University Club (2); Young Democrats ( 1 ). DEAL, BOBBY LEE Rockingham A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpho Koppo Psi; Glee Club (1, 2); Golf (I); Recreation Club (4). DEAL, RAY EMANUEL, JR. Morgonton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Koppo Alpho, Vice-Presi- dent (4); Interfraternity Council (2, 3); 13 Club (2, 3, 4). DEAR, WALTER MOORE, II Jersey City, N. J. A.B. IN HISTORY. Doily Tor Heel (I, 2, 3, 4); Interdormitory Council 12, 3); Locrosse (I); Publicotions Board (3), Chairman 14); Press Club (3, 4). Seventh Row: DEBNAM, JOHN HANBY Wilmington A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Assembly (3, 4); Young Demo- crats (4); Y.M.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4); Wilmington-Corolino Club; Bap- tist Student Union. DeLANCY, CONSTANCE RAE Chapel Hill A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Y.W.C.A. (2, 3, 4) Card Board (3 4) Town Girls ' Association (2, 3, 4); WAA Council (4); Independent Coed Board [4j. DELLINGER, DWIGHT BAYNE A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Young Democ (I, 2); Gymnastics (I). Page 47 Newton Y.M C A SENIORS DELLINGER, STEVE WILLIAM, JR. Charlotte B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Theta Chi, Secretary (3); Charlotte Club (I, 2, 3, 4); Baseball Manager (I). DEWEY, DIANE EVE Palm Beoch, Flo. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Chi Omega; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Splash Club (3, 4), Treasurer (4). DICKENS, WILLIAM HAL, JR. Richmond, Vo. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Second Row: DICKINSON, MARGARET LOUISE Roleigh A B IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Women ' s Athletic Association (3, 4), Basketball (3, 4); Hockey (3, 4). DICKMAN, JOYCE Arlington, Va. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4). DILLON, JAMES McDUFF Lexington B5 IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Gommo Delta; Y.M.C.A. {1, 2, 3); Intramural Council Secretary (3), Football (1). Third Row: DOAR, GRACE EUNICE Raleigh A B IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Delto Delto Delto; Panhellenic Council Vice-President (4); Women ' s Residence Council (4); Y W C A (3)- Valkyries (4); Dorm President (4); Canterbury Club Social Chairman (3); W.A.A., Vice-President (3), Secretary (4). DORTCH, PATRICIA GEORGE Chapel Hill A B IN HISTORY. Delta Delta Delta, President (2, 3), Phi Beta Kappa; Student Council (2, 3); Student Legislature ID: Social Chairman (1,2, 4); Valkyries (3, 4). DOUGHTY, JOYCE ELINOR Woycross, Go. A B IN JOURNALISM. Alpho Chi Omega; Stray Greeks (4); Young Republicons (4); SUAB (4); Yockety Yoek (4). Fourth Row: Winton Delta; Press Club (3, 4); DOWNS, ELLEN NANCE A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Alpha G .. , , , WAA Council (41; University Club (3, 4], Doily Tor Heel (4 Basketball Club (3, 4). DRAKE, CAROL WYNN Newsoms, Va. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Comma Delta; Y W C A. 13, 4); Young Democrats Club (3). DULA, JAMES BRAXTON, JR. Lenoir A.B. IN SPANISH Fifth Row: DUNLOP, BARTLETT Petersburg, Va. A B IN ECONOMICS. Delto Delta Delta; Doily Tor Heel (3, 4), Glee Club (3, 4); Student Legislature (4); Splosh Club (3, 4), Yockety Yock (3) DUNPHEY, ORMOND H. Merchontville, N. J. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Koppo Sigma. EAGAN, ARTHUR JAMES Portsmouth, Va. A B. IN SPANISH. Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Koppo; Scabbard and Blade (3, 4), President (4); Semper Fidelis Society (4); Newman Club (I, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (3, 4); Spanish Club (3, 4). EASTER, KENNETH FRANKLIN B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Gommo Sigma; Phi Beta Koppo. ECONOMOU, CHARLIE A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. EDMONDS, JAMES, III A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Seventh Row: EDMUNDSON, AARON CASWELL B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Card Bo Winston-Salem Phi Eto Sigma; Beta Rocky Mount Charlotte ird (1, 2, 3, 4) Cumberland, Md. Delta Pi; Yockety Yock ELIASON, HARRIET JOANN A B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE Alph (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Red Cross. ELLINGTON, ROBERT NORWOOD Burlington A B IN CHEMISTRY Sigmo Chi; Phi Beto Koppo; Phi Eta Sigmo; Freshman President (1); Interfraternity Council (2), Stu- dent Council (2); Orientation Committee (2); Student Body Vice- President (Summer). Page 48 SENIORS ELLIOT, WILLIAM HENRY, JR. Goldsboro B 5. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigmo Nu; Monogram Club (2); Wrestling Manager (2). ELTING, JOHN DWIGHT Roanoke Rapids B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpho Tou Omega; Base- ball (1); Soccer (4); Intramural Council (2). ENNIS, LEWIS ALVIN Durham A.B, IN ART. Scabbard and Blade, Y.M.C.A. i , 2, 3, 4). ERNST, WALTER NORBERT, JR. Baltimore, Md. A.B. IN RADIO. Alpha Tau Omega; Daily Tor Heel (1, 2, 3, 4); Lacrosse (I, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Sound and Fury (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3); Student Enterfoinment Committee (3, 4). ERVIN, HUGH TATE, JR. Morganton B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpho, President (4), Doily Tor Heel (I); Interfraternify Council (3, 4). ETHERIDGE, BEN TAYLOR Bailey A.B. IN DRAMATIC ARTS. Chi Psi; Ploymokers (1, 2, 3, 4). EVANS, DAVID SAVAGE Raleigh Team (3, 4); EVANS, DONALD OLMSTED Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Chi; Football (1); Grail (3, 4); Monogram Club |2, 3, 4); Phi Eto Sigmo; Swimming (1. 2, 3, 4), Co-Captoin (4). EVANS, ROBERT BUTLER A.B. IN ENGLISH. St. Anthony Hall; Interfrot (3, 4); Orientation Counselor |4). Lewes Beach, Del. ty Council EVANS, WILLIAM STUART, JR. Robbins A B. IN ECONOMICS. Zeto Psi. FALLS, EDGAR MARKHAM Gastonia A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. FARMER, JERRY D. Bailey B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. FARMER, ROBERT ARCHIE FEARRINGTON, JEANETTE SLOAN Chapel Hill A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Town Girls ' Association, Secretary (2, 3). FERGUSON, SHERRILL THOMAS A.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sign Thomasville FERREE, PURVIS JENNINGS, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sig Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); 13 Club (2, 3, Winston-Solem 4), FERRELL, EDWARD VERNON, JR. Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigmo Chi, Vice-President (4); University Club (2, 3); Y.M.C.A. (3); Orientation Adviser; Winston-Salem-Carolina Club, President (3), Student Government Representative (3). FIELDS, JOSEPH BROWNING A.B. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. Phi Mu Alpha; Band (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Glee Club (1); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Symphony Orchestra (3). FLETCHER, NELSON THOMAS Roleigh A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigmo Phi Epsilon, Comptroller (4). FLOYD, LEWIS HARRY FLOYD, WILLIAM THOMAS B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. University Park, Md. (1, 2, 3, 4), Co-Captoin Henderson Page 49 SENIORS Poplor Branch FOGLER, IRVING EFRIM Chapel Hill B.S. IN ACCOUNTING. Lambda Chi Alpho; Hillel Cabinet, Execu- tive Secretary (3, 4). FORBES, ROSALYN WALKER A,B. IN EDUCATION. FORT, ARCHIBALD TAYLOR Oxford B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa, Co-President (4); Beta Gamma Sigma, President (4); Dance Committee (4); Grail (3, 4); Inter-Dorm Council (3); Stu- dent Legislature (I, 2); Card Board (1, 2, 3, 4). FOSTER, ROY GEORGE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. FOUNTAIN, ROBERT ALLEN, III North Wilkesboro Greenville Chi; Tennis (1); FOUSHEE, EUGENE DICK, JR. Greensboro B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Cross Country (1); Glee Club (3); Wrestling 12); Card Board; Arnold Air Society. Mamers Pi; Baseball Lexington FOUTS, CROATAN LOFTON, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sign (1,2, 3). FOUTS, JIMMY MILLER A.B. IN RADIO. Phi Assembly (I, 2, 3, 4); Carolina Communico- tions Club (3, 4). FOX, JACQUELINE VENABLE Roanoke, Va. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beto Phi, President (4); Splash Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Membership Chairman (4); Panhellenic Council (4). Atlanta, Ga. Fourth Row: FRANKEL, THEODORE GOLDEN A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Zeta Beta Tou, President (2, 3); Arnold Air Society (3, 4); Grail (3, 4); Hillel Cabinet (1, 2, 3); Inter- dorm Council (2); Phi Assembly (1); Student Council (3, 4). FRAZIER, LEWIS DANIEL Lewisburg B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. FREEMAN, CARLYLE HUNTER Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Fifth Row: FROELICH, JACOB H., JR. High Point A.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta Theto Pi, President (3); Order of the Old Well (4); German Club Executive (2, 3, 4); Minataurs (2, 3, 4); Student Council (4); Scabbard and Blade (4); Gorgon ' s Head. FULGHUM, GARY GILLIAM, JR. Middlesex A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. FUNAI, DOLORES SYLVIA Richmond, Va. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Gamma Delta, Rush Chairman (4); University Party (4); Panhellenic Council (4); Daily Tor Heel (3). FUTRELL, JONAS RICHARD, JR. GADDY, DAVID WINFRED A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Mu Alpha, GAINES, THOMAS DORMAN Hertford nan Club (3); Jamesville Basket- GALANIDES, JERRY DEMETRIOS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa. GALE, HUGH MYRON A.B. IN ART. Yacl(ety Yaclj, Art Editor (2, 3), Editor (4); Daily - ■ " " ng (3); Tor- Norfolk, Va. Kappa Sigma; Phi Carthage GAMBLE, JOHN FRANKLIN A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Page 50 Charlotte SENIORS GAREY, GEORGE ALEXANDER, JR. Wilmington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Gamma Delfo; Uni- versity Club (3); Y.M.C.A.; Society of 1799 (3, 4). GARLAND, ALFRED EUGENE Newland B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. GEE, SHIRLEY ANN Johnson City, Tenn. A.B. IN SPANISH. Alpha Gamma Delta; Sigma Delta Pi; Glee Club (3); Student Legislature (3, 4); Spanish Club (3, 4); French Club (4); BSU (3, 4); Women ' s Residence Council; Y.W.C.A. Second Row: GILCHRIST, JOSEPH ALEXANDER A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Press Club (3, Durham 4), Treasurer (4); Play- GILES, JESSE ALBION B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Kappa Sigm. GILLIAM, JOSEPH DUANE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Winston-Salem Alpha Chi Sigma. GILLIAM, VIRGINIA RANDOLPH Raleigh A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Pi Alpha; Independent Coed Board (3); Canterbury Club (3, 4); Student Adviser (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). GIRARD, WILLIAM NORMAN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. GLADDEN, ROY WILLIAM B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. irth Ro Durham Chapel Hill GLOD, MARY ANNA Castle Hoyne A. B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Comma Delto; Dorm President (4); Women ' s Residence Council (3, 4); Newman Club, President (3, 4); Interfaith Council. GLOVER, EDITH ALETTA Chapel Hill B.S. IN BACTERIOLOGY. Town Girls ' Association. GLOVER, HOMER BUTLER Wilmington A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Student Legislature; Canterbury Club II, 2, 3, 4). GODWIN, HANNIBAL L. Raleigh B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. GOLDIN, NORMAN WILBUR Raleigh A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Tou Epsilon Phi, President (4); E.Y.B. (3, 4), President (4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). GOODE, PEGGIE JEAN Charlotte A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Alpha Delto Pi; Doily Tor Heel (3, 4); Publications Board; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Panhellenic, President (4); SUAB (4); Orientation Committee (4). Sixth Row: GOODIN, JAMES CHESTER Woynesville A.B. IN PH YSICAL EDUCATION, Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Eto Sigma; Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Track (3); Y.M.C.A.; Scabbard and Blade; Cheerleader; Glee Club; Gymnastics, Co-Captcin. Norfolk, Vo. Phi. Apex GOODMAN, LEROY MORTON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tou Epsilon Ph GOODWIN, FERNIE GRAHAM B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delto Sigma Pi. Seventh Row: GOODWIN, ROBERT EVANS Charlotte A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Soccer (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). GORDON, ALAN WILLIAM Raleigh A.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND RADIO. Tou Epsilon Phi; Interfraternity Council (3); Hillel Cobinet (3); University Club (1, 2); Communications Club (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4). GORDON, CHOVINE RICHARDSON Doytono Beach, Fla. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Beta Phi; Yockety Yoek (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Splash Club; House Council (3). Page 51 SENIORS First Row: GORDON, GRACE CALVERT Spray A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Ome ga; University Club, Secretary (3, 4)- Y W C A. (3, 4), Cabinet (4); National Students Association (4); Hockey Club (3, 4); Sigma Chi Sweetheart Court (4); At- tendant to Queen (3). GOULD, KATHERINE JEAN Gastonia A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi, Assistant Treasurer; Yaek Staff (4); SUAE (4); Y.W.C.A., Recreation (3); Interfaith Council (4), Executive Committee (4), Cabinet (4). GRADY, MARGUERITE BISHOP Fayetteville A.B. IN ART. Chi Omega, Pledge Trainer; Yock, Junior Class Editor, Art Staff (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). GRAVITTE, JAMES ALTON Pilot Mountain B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Young Democrats Club (4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). GREEN, FLETCHER MELVIN, li Chapel Hill A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Tau Omega; Student Legis- lature (3, 4); University Party; Vorsity Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4). GREEN, NANCY ROSE Chapel Hill A.B. IN DRAMATIC ART. Sigmo Alpha Iota; Playmakers (2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A., Dance Class (2); B.S.U. (2, 3, 4), Council (3). GREENWAY, CLARENCE EDWARD High Point B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Soccer (3, 4). GREER, EDMUND REEVES Vilas A.B. IN EDUCATION, GREGG, ELIZABETH LOZIER Asheville A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delta Pi; Y.W.C.A. (2). GRESHAM, LAV TON DOUGLAS Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Delto Theto. GRIBBEN, PATRICIA E. Thomasville, Go. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta, Scholarship Chairman; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). GRIFFIN, GEORGE MELVIN, JR. Norfolk, Va. A.B. IN GEOLOGY. Sigmo Gamma Epsilon, Secretary-Treasurer (4); Soccer (2). GRIFFIN, WILLIAM ORLANDO, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Gam GRIFFITH, CHARLES LEE B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Alpha Phi Omega GRIMALDI, VINCENT ANTHONY A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Cross Co Williamston Delta. Philadelphia, Po. ry (1, 2, 3, 4). GRIMES, BILLY JOE Thomasville B S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappo Psi. GRISWOLD, RICHARD FREEMAN, JR. Goldsboro A.B. IN CHEMISTRY Kappo Sigmo. GROGAN, WILLIAM KING, JR. Kernersville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Seventh Row: GROSS, EDWARD BAILEY Horrisburg, Po. A.B. IN PHYSICS. St. Anthony Hall; President Sophomore Class (2); German Club Executive (2, 3); Gimghoul (2, 3, 4); Grail, Scribe (2, 3, 4); Student Legislature (1, 2); Secretary-Treasurer of Student Body (4); Varsity Soccer (3); Orientotion Committee (2); Orientation Counselor (3). Fonwood, N. J. Elisha Mitchell Scientific GRUNINGER, ROBERT PARK B.S. IN BACTERIOLOGY. Zeto Psi, Society. GRUVER, RICHARD MYERS Hanover, Pa. A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4). Page 52 SENIORS First Row: Norfolk, Va. GUERRY, SARAH TWELLS A.B. IN FINE ARTS. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Stray Greeks, Secre- tary; Tarnation (4); Women ' s Council (3), Vice-President (4), Yackety Yock (4); Y.WX.A. GUILBERT, JOHN MOSS Tryon B.S. IN GEOLOGY Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beto Kappa; Sigmo Gam- ma Epsilon, President (4); Interdorm Council (4); University Club (3); Dormitory President. GULLEY, JERRY DENNIS Clayton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Johnson County-Corolino Club (1, 2, 3, 4). GUPTON, STEPHEN THOMAS, JR. Rocky Mount A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. GUSTAFSON, HELEN MARIE St. Petersburg, Flo. i Beta Phi; Yackety York (3, 4), Senior 4); Dormitory House Council (3). GYLAND, SALLY ANN A B. IN EDUCATION. Phi Mu; Tarnati Third Rox Tampa, Flo. Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). HAINES, EDWARD CHARLES Philadelphia, Pa. A.B. IN HISTORY. Zeta Psi; Lacrosse ;3, 4); Monogram Club (4); University Club (3, 4); 13 Club (3, 4); Wrestling (3), Co- Coptoin (4). HALL, MAURICE Sanford B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HALL, VIRGINIA FLORA Elizabeth City A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Beta Phi; Phi Assembly (3, 4); Valkyries, Treasurer (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Cabinet President (4); Women ' s Residence Council, President (4); Orientation Commit- tee (4). HAMER, ALFRED WILSON, JR. Morgonton A.B IN ZOOLOGY. Sigma Nu. HAMILTON, ANDRA JOY Durham A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Y.W C.A. HAMRICK, GORDON GRICE Shelby B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha, Treas- urer (3, 4); Band (I, 2, 3, 4); Cross Country (1, 2, 3, 4); Mono- gram Club (2, 3, 4); Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), B.S.U. (1, 2). HAMRICK, JOSEPH EUGENE Charlotte B.S. IN DENTISTRY. Alpho Koppo Psi; Band (1, 2); Daily Tar Heel, Assistant Business Manager (3); Interdorm Council (3); Student Legislature (4), Scabbard and Blade; Dorm President (3) HAMRICK, LARRY DEAN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTR.ATION. Cri Shelby Country (I ); Track HANDLER, JACK GELLMAN Sarasota, Flo. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tou Epsilon Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Florida Club. HANNA, CARL NORRIS Gastonio HANSON, GORDON ALBERT Solamonio A B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Y.M.C.A. (I, 2); Vets Club HARE, RANSOM BRYANT, III Wilmington A.B. IN PRE-LAW. Phi Gamma Delta; German Club President (4); 13 Club (2, 3, 4); Young Democrats (1); Society of 1799 (3, 4). HARPER, HAROLD WILLIAMS A B. IN EDUCATION. HARPER, WILLIAM LESTER A.B. IN ECONOMICS. HARRELL, BERT EDWARD B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ( ' , 2). Elizobe htown Bethesda, Md. Morgonton Phi Delta Theto; Band fc|yi4 Page 53 SENIORS HARRELL, J. DOUGLAS Chapel Hill Town Men ' s Associatior HARRIS, GOLDSTON FRANKLIN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Eto Kappa; Beta Gamma Sigma. HARRIS, MAX A. B,S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HARRIS, WILLIAM EDMOND A.B. IN ENGLISH HARRIS, WILLIAM RIX High Point Sigma; Phi Beta Franklinl-on Henderson B.S. IN MEDICINE. Sigma Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa, Co-President (4); Band (I, 2); Glee Club (1); Student Legislature (3); University Club (2). HASKETT, CHARLES WARREN Elizabeth City A.B. IN JOURNALISM. HASTY, JOHN CALVIN Maxton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HATCHER, F. VIRGINIA Bedford, Vo. A.B. IN JOURNALISM - POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Delta Phi, Secretary (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). HAYWOOD, ALLIE MACK Greenville, S. C. Faurth Row: HEALY, MELVIN JOSEPH Allendale, N. J. A.B. IN RADIO. Cross Country (1,2, 3); Monogram Club (3, 4); Track (I, 2); Carolina Communications Club (3, 4). HEATH, ROBERT WINSHIP Chapel Hill B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Nu, Treasurer Cross Country (4); Track (I); Y.M.C.A. (1). HEILIG, ALAN BERNARD Kinston B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeto Beta Tou. Secretary {3, 4); Fencing (1); Tarnation (1); Young Democrats (4). Fifth Row: HEILIG, HARRY LUTHER New Bern A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Young Democrats (1, 2, 3, 4). HEINS, JAMES EDWARD Sonford B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Delto Theta, Vice- President; Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Swimming (1, 2, 3, 4). HELTON, JOHN HARRISON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Stotesville Augusta, Ga. Trenton Winston-Solem Sixth Row: HEMSTREET, SUSAN A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega. HENDERSON, WALTER PERCY A.B. IN ENGLISH. HENNING, ROBERT EDWARD, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Chi, Secretary (3); Winston-Salem-Carolina Club, President (2); Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4)- Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Carolina Athletic Association, Presi- dent (1). HENSON, JOSEPH DEAN Otto A.B. IN EDUCATION. HERBERT, BETTY CAROLINA Fort Valley, Go. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Young Democrats Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). HERBIN, RICHARD WILSON Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Page 54 SENIORS Winston-Salem First Row: HERMAN, BERNARD DON AB IN ZOOLOGY. Tau Epsilon Phi; Phi Eto Sigmo; Student Legisloture (1, 2); University Club (1,2, 3), Treasurer (3); State Student Legislature (3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (I); Stu- dent Party (1,2, 3); Chairman Dorm Discussion Committee. HERMAN, VIRGINIA CAROLYN Conover B S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Alpho Dclto Pi. HERRING, JEAN JOHNSON Winston-Salem AB. IN DRAMATIC ARTS. Glee Club (3, 4); Playmakers (3, 4). Second Row: HILL, LILLYAN-LEE GORDON Raleigh A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Delta Delto, Secretary (3), Rush Chairman (4); Student Legislature (3); University Club Repre- sentative (3); Panhellenic Council (4). HILL, WILLIAM BUREN Cliffside e.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Beta Kappa. HILL, WILLIAM LANIER Wilmington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Kappo Epsilon, President (4); Lacrosse; Monogram Club; Phi Assembly; Sheiks; Student Legislature; Wrestling; Orientation Counselor (4). HINCKS, RUTH EVANGELINE Chapel Hill AB. IN JOURNALISM. Doily Tor Heel (3, 4); Sailing Club. HINDS, ALICE JANE St. Petersburg, Flo. A B IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappo Delto, Assistant Rush Chairman; House Council; Doily Tor Heel (4); Glee Club (4); Yoek (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Social Service Committee; Campus Affairs Com- mittee. HOBBS, ROBERT BRANSON Chapel Hill A B IN HISTORY Delta Kappo Epsilon; Daily Tar Heel (1). Fourth Row: HOGAN, GAY ELIZABETH Chapel Hill A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Splash Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); SUAB Co-ordination Council (4); Canterbury Club (3, 4); Town Girls ' Association (3), President (4); W.A.A. Council (3, 4). HOGAN, MICHAEL A., JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Koppo Sign Philadelphia, Pa. Football (3). HOGAN, MORRIS GILLAM, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sign HOGG, DONALD WILLIAM A.B. IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Doily To Astoria, Ore. ilation Manager HOLMES, CATHERINE ANN Hertford A.B. IN EDUCATION. Phi Assembly (3); Young Democrots Club (4); Y.M.C.A. (3); Orientation Committee (4). HOOD, FRANK LEE, III Asheville B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delto Koppo Epsilon; Men ' s Council (3, 4); Tornotion (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4); Minotaurs (2, 3, 4); Society of 1799 (3, 4). HOOKS, EDGAR WRIGHT, JR. Kenly AB. IN EDUCATION. Baseboll (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (4). HOOPER, WALTER McGEHEE Reidsville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Soccer (3, 4), HOOVER, MALCOLM Pineville A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Interdormitory Council (4); Court Seventh Row: HOPKINS, THOMAS GREGORY HORTON, CHARLES WALLACE, III Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Koppo Alpho. HORTON, HAMILTON COWLES, JR. Winston-Salem A.B. IN HISTORY. Beto Thcto Pi; Grail; President Student Body; Amphoterothen (3); Phi Assembly (I, 2, 3, 4), Speaker (2, 3); Student Council (3); Student Legislature (3); University Party (2, 3, 4). Page 55 SENIORS :W A i. " L HORTON, OLIVE MAX B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HOSICK, THOMAS ALLEN B S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigtr HOUSE, JAMES ALBERT, JR. A,B, IN LAW. Phi Beta Kappa; Cross Country (1); Interdorm Council ' 1,2, 3); Men ' s Council (3, 4); Order of ttie Old Well; Phi Assembly; Student Council (4); Track; Young Democrats. Winston-Saiem Phi Beta Kappa. Hobgood HOUSER, MARY GRACE A B, IN CHEMISTRY. Kappa Delta HOYT, RUTH MARY AB IN JOURNALISM Y.W C A. (3, 4). Cherryville Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) Chi Delta Phi, HUDSON, HINTON GARDNER AB. IN HISTORY. HUFF, WILLIS WILTON A B IN SOCIOLOGY. Dean ' s List; Teaneek, N. J. ice-President (4); Winston-Salem Chapel Hill HULSE, BARBARA ANNE Bellport, Long Island, N. Y. AB. IN ENGLISH, Corolina Quarterly, Associate Editor (3, 4); Glee Club (3. 4); Tarnotion (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); W.A.A. HULTH, PETER THORLEIF, JR. AB IN JOURNALISM. Georgetown, S. C. Lexington HUNT, RALPH PALMER AB. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION Pi Kappo Phi. HUNTER, JOHN ROBERT Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappo; Beta Gamma Sigma. HUNTLEY, REX REYNOLDS Charlotte AB. IN ZOOLOGY. HURD, JOSEPH H. Durham AB. IN RADIO. Fencing (2); Carolina Communications Club 13, 4). HURLEY, JAMES FRANKLIN, III Salisbury A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Zeta Psi, President (3), Phi Beto Koppa; Minataurs (2, 3, 4). HURST, JAMES PAUL, JR. Charlotte A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Beta Koppa; Spanish Club (3, 4). HUTCHENS, MARY JANE A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delto Delta Delta; Y.W.C.A HYATT, CHESTLEY JULIAN, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delto Sigt ICENHOUR, CLAUDE TUTTLE B S. !N BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ICENHOUR, JAMES OTIS A.B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE Phi Beta Koppa. INGRAM, HENRY HAROLD A.B. IN EDUCATION INGRAM, ROBERT COLEMAN, JR. IRVIN, CHARLES WATSON, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Band (1, 2, 3, 4). High Point Winston-Salem a Pi. Durham Durham Ingalls Asheville Page 56 SENIORS ISAACS, ROBERT LoFOLLETTE A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. IVES, ULMONT ELLIOT A.B. IN EDUCATION. JACKSON, DAVID KENT High Point A.B. IN RADIO. Phi Beta Koppa; Phi Assembly {1, 2, 3). Charlotte Chapel Hill JACKSON, ROBERT BEAUMONT High Point JACOBI, JOAN Wilmington A.B. IN EDUCATION. Daily Tar Heel (3); Y.W.C.A . (4), Student JACOBS, WILLIAM RALPH, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Eta Sign JAMES, ALVIN D. Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi; Golf. JAMES, WILLIAM STUART A.B. IN GEOGRAPHY. JAMISON, JOHN WATTS A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Daily Tar I Fourth Ro« Chatham, Vo. Charlotte JENKINS, WILLIAM LYNN Ayden B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha; Dance Committee; Interfraternity Council; Young Democrats Club; YM.C.A. JOHNSON, CHARLES BORDON Greensboro A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Kappa Sigmo. JOHNSON, CHARLES REID Winston-Salem B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Fifth Row: JOHNSON, CLEMUEL M. Benson A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Kappa Sigma, Secretary (3); Cross Country (I, 2); Track (I, 2); Minataurs; Johnston County-Carolina Club, President (3). JOHNSON, DAVID AARON, JR. Goldsboro A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-Presi- dent (3); Baseball (I); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Interfaith Council (4); Wesley Foundation (I, 2, 3, 4). JOHNSON, DUANE CLARENCE Niagara Falls, N. Y. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Koppa Sigma. JOHNSON, EARL Raleigh A B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Zeto Psi; Lacrosse (2, 3); Mono- gram Club (2, 3); Sheiks (2, 3). JOHNSON, GEORGE RUSSELL Four Oaks A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Y.M.C A. JOHNSON, HENRY CLAY, JR. Roonoke, Va. B S IN PHYSICS St. Anthony Hall; Phi Beta Kappa; Inter- fraternity Council (4); Yackety Yack, Business Manager (3); Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4); Physics Club (3). Seventh Row: JOHNSON, JAMES PAUL, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Tou (I, 2). JOHNSON, LOYD HAROLD B 5. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sign JOHNSTON, CHARLES ALBERT, JR. A.B. IN DRAMATIC ART. Chi Phi; Playn Dance Club (4), Semper Fidelis Club (4). Page S7 Decatur, Go. (3, 4); Modern SENIORS JOHNSTON, MARGARET SIKES JOHNSTON, THOMAS DAVID JONES, HARRY HARLEY B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tn Fayetteville Washington, D. C. ck (1, 2, 3); Soccer (I). Second Row: JONES, HENRY ROBERT Rockingham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. JONES, MARY ELLEN Atlanta, Go. A.B. IN ENGLISH Delta Delta Delta; Chi Delta Phi; Y.W.C A. JONES, PATRICIA ANN West Palm Beach, Fla. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delta; Swimming. JONES, PATRICIA ANNE Greenville, S. C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi, House President (4)- YWCA (3, 4); State Student Legislature (3); Women ' s Residence Council (3, 4); Carolina Communications Club. JONES, ROBERTA Charlotte A.B. IN RECREATION. Basketball (4); Glee Club (4); Golf (4); Women ' s Residence Council; W.A.A.; Spanish Club; House Coun- cil (4). JORDAN, SAMUEL THOMAS Washington, D. C. A.B. IN HISTORY. St. Anthony Hall; IPC; Monogram Club (3 4) Track (1, 2, 3, 4); 13 Club (2, 3, 4); Wrestling {!). Fourth Row: JOYNER, FRANCIS LANG Wilson A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Tau Omega. KALB, BARRETT FRANKLIN Moplewood, N. J. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeta Beta Tau; Football " IFC, Vice-President (3, 4); Men ' s Council; Monogram Club- Track (1, 2); Soccer (2, 3, 4), Captain (4); All Southern (2, 3, 4). KALIN, SIDNEY Hendersonville, N. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tou Epsilon Phi; IFC (2). KATZ, BRENDA SUZANNE A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Stray Greeks (3, 4 KEEFE, MARY MARSCHALL A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Mu; Stray Greel KEFALAS, JERRY A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Theto Chi. Atlanta, Go. ; Playmakers (3, 4). North Miami, Flo. Wilmington KELLAM, MARY UMSTEAD Athens, Ga. A B IN ENGLISH. Delta Delta Delta; Siqmo Alpha Iota; Glee Club (3); Yackety Yack (4); Y.W.C. A. (3, 4). KELLER, JACK H. Princess Anne, Md. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpho Tau Omega; NR- OT.C, KELLEY, ALICE CAROL Charleston, W. Va. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Alpha Iota, Editor (3, 4)- Daily Tor Heel (3); Phi Assembly (3); Young Democrats Club (4); Y.W.C.A (3, 4), Vice-President (4); Dorm Sociol Chairman (4); Student Adviser (4); World Student Service Fund. Seventh Row: KELLEY, CLARENCE OWEN, JR. Plymouth, N. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Wrestling (1). KELSO, JOSEPH KENNETH Richmond, Va. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Alpho Tau Omega; Monogram Club (3, 4) Swimming (3, 4). KENNEDY, CHARLES HUGH Roleigh, N. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi Epsilan, Vice- President (3), President (4). Page 58 SENIORS KENNEDY, EVERETTE F. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. KENNEDY, WILEY OATES, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Sign versity Club (3); Dorm President (4). KESSING, JONAS WARREN Houston, Texas Aipho; IDC (4); Uni- Chapel Hill Second Row: KIRBY, BETTY ANN Winston-Solem A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Pi Beta Phi; Doily Tor Heel (3); Phi Assembly (3); Women ' s Council (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Cord Board (4); Elections Boord (4). KIRKPATRICK, ROBERT CALVIN Charlotte A.B. IN MUSIC. Glee Club (1, 2, 3). KLINE, DIANA Macomb, III. Third Row: KLOSTERMYER, SANDRA LEE Asheville A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Alpha Delto Pi; Doily Tor Heel (3, 4); Glee Club (3); Yoekefy Yoek (3, 4), Y.W C.A. (3, 4); Press Club (4). KNIGHTEN, EDNA RUTH Montgomery, Ala. KOTSIONIS, HARRY High Point A.B. IN RADIO. Tornotion (2); Young Democrats Club (2). KOTTMEIER, JANE Orlando, Flo. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Koppo Alpha Theto; Stray Greeks; Student Legislature (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Cosmopolitan Club; " The Pink Circus. " KRELL, JACQUELYNE YVONNE Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Koppo Delto; Panhellenic KREPS, ROBERT LORD B.S. IN PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING. Fifth Row: Trenton, N. J. KURASH, JOAN HELENE New York City, N. Y. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Glee Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4). LACKEY, NORA FRANCES Mt. Airy A.B. IN MUSIC. Gommo Phi Beto; Stroy Greeks, Sigmo Alpha (3); Alpha Lombdo Delto; Glee Club (4). LAMONT, LOUISE Chopel Hill A.B. IN DRAMATIC ARTS. Koppo Delto; Ploymokers. LAMSON, DAVIS W. Asheville B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. St. Anthony Holl; Gymnastics (3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (3, 4); Elections Board (3, 4); Canterbury Club (3, 4). LANEY, EMSLEY ARMFIELD, JR. Wilmington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Gommo Delto; Cross Country (1); Track (1). LAWSON, RICHARD BROOKE, JR. Hopkinsville, Ky. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Delto Theto, Secretary (3); Yockety Yock (1, 2); Gimghou l (3, 4); University Club (2). LEARY, THOMAS EDISON Ahoskie A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. LEDFORD, RUTH MARIE Durham A.B. IN EDUCATION. Koppo Delto; Y.W.C.A. (4). LEDWELL, EDWIN MANGUM, JR. Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Interdorm Council (2), Page 59 SENIORS LEONARD, JOEL A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. LESSLIE, GORDON FLEMING A.B. IN ENGLISH. LESTER, JAMES GARY Lexington Fort Mill, S. C. Roanoke, Vo. Phi Beta Kop- 8.5. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Phi Eto Sigma; po; Pi Kappa Alpha, President (3, 4), Cross Co Club (1), Orientation Counselor (4); University Party (1 2) I.F.C. (2); Tennis (I); Trock il); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 4). LESTER, JOHN EDWARD Stoneville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappo Psi. Richmond, Va. LEVEY, JODY A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Alpha Gamma Delta, Vice-President (4) Daily Tar Heel, News Editor (3, 4); Yackety Yack, Sorority Editor (4); State Student Legislature (4); Student Adviser (4); Student Party (3, 4); SUAB (4). LEVY, RICHARD PAUL Jomoiea, N. Y. A.B. IN RADIO. Tau Epsilon Phi; Hillel Cabinet, Vice-President (2); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Sound and Fury (1, 2) Swimmma (1, 2, 3, 4); C.C.C; WUNC, Director; Intromural Manager (2, 3, 4). LEWIS, HENRY B. Raleigh A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Theta Chi; I.F.C. (2). LEWIS, HENRY HOGARTH, JR. Chorlotte B.S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. LEWIS, JOANNE MAIER Waverly, Pa. A.B. IN ENGLISH, Alpho Gamma Delto; Glee Club (3)- YWCA (3, 4); Canterbury Club (4); Sponish Club (4), Winston-Salem LEWIS, WALTER PENN, JR. A.B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. LIEVSAY, JOHN EDWARD Chapel Hill A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Basketball (I), Manager, Football ( 1 , 21, Manager. LILES, JOANNE Roleigh Club (4); Yackety Yack (4), LINDEMAN, MARY ELIZABETH LITTLE, DANIEL LABAM, JR. B 5 IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION LIVELY, BEVERLY JEAN Virginia Beach, Va. Student Legis- Albemarle Hinton, W. Vo. A B IN ENGLISH Alpha Gamma Delta; Daily Tar Heel (3) Glee Club (3); Women ' s Council (3); Yackety Yack (3); Y.W.C.A, (3, 4), Membership Council (4); Modern Dance Club (3 4) LIVELY, CELIA W. A.B, IN EDUCATION. Glee Club Y,W,C A. (3). LLEWELLYN, ROBERT CLEVE A.B, IN POLITICAL SCIENCE, LLOYD, THOMAS HENRY, JR. A B IN ENGLISH, Delta Phi Alpha Editor (4), Di Senate (4); SUAB (4), New Bern 3, 4); Yackety Yack 13); Concord Chapel Hill Carolina Quarterly (3, 4), LONG, JOHNSIE BENNETT Chapel Hill B S, IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY, Pi Beta Phi; Splash Club President (2); Town Girls Association (1,2, 4), LONNEY, WILLIAM HUGH A,B, IN HISTORY, LORE, GEORGE GILL B 5, IN COMMERCE, Son Diego, Claif. Smithfield Page 60 SENIORS First Row: LORE, WILLIAM PICKENS Smithfield AB. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Baseball (1, 2, 3 4)- Dance Committee (4); Grail (3, 4); Monogram Club (2 3 4) V,cl President (3), Young Democrats Club (4) ' ' ' LOWDEN, IDA IMOGENE Bluffton, S. C. Adl.i r m " y 1 ' ' l! fS ' ' ' ' 3 ' ' Y.WC.A, (3, 4); Student Adviser (4); Yackety Yack (4). LOWDER, JOHN ALEXANDER Lineolnton B.S. IN MEDICINE, Sigma Chi; Phi Beta Kappo; Band (1,2). Scarsdale, N. Y. Second Row: LOWENSTEIN, DOROTHY LEAH O K ' n ' . ' v " - Basketball Club (3, 4); Glee Club (3); Golf Club (3, 4); Young Democrats (4); Y.W C A (3 4V WAA Cabinet (4); Hockey Club. ' ' ' ' " ■ ' ■ ' ■ LOWRY, CECIL BARRYMORE AB. IN CHEMISTRY. Y.M.C.A. LOWRY, JOHN ABERNATHY B.S. IN GEOLOGY Phi Kappa Sigma. LUBS, HAROLD RICHARD Pembroke Greensboro Charleston, S. C. -. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Aloho Senate (2, 3); Lutheran Student Association. LUPTON, RUFUS HECTOR, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappo Edenton LYNCH, MERRE-LYN Winston-Salem ilty Club (4); Y.W.C.A. Moplewood, N. J. Fourth Row: MocCOY, JOAN DEAN A.B. IN SPANISH. Yackety Yack (4), Cosmopolitan Club " (4 ' ) ' Spanish Club (3, 4); Red Cross (4); Modern Dance Club (4). MocGILL, CHARLES RICHARD, JR. Ralei9h AB. IN ENGLISH Delta Kappa Epsilon; Daily Tar Heel (I 2) Tarnation (4); Orientation. . . MocRAE, CHARLES BROADFOOT, JR. Chapel Hill f- - ' N MEDICINE Tarnation (2), Associate Editor (3); Di Senate 3 ; Debate Council (3); Canterbury Club (4); Cosmopoliton Club McADAMS, ROBERT EUGENE Roanoke Rapids B.S. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. McBRAYER, DAVID YATES AB. IN HISTORY. Young Democr Jts Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Shelby McCALL, MARVIN MATHER, III B.S. IN MEDICINE. Sigma Chi; Track (I). Charlotte McCALL, THOMAS CULBRETH Stedmon AB. IN EDUCATION. Yackety Yack (3) Daily Tar Heel (I 2) Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). I . ;. McCARROLL, EVELYN SPOTSWOOD Warrenton AB. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega; Splash Club (3); Panhellenic Council (4). McCLAMROCH, ANNE SNOWDEN Chapel Hill A.B. IN GEOLOGY. Delta Delta Delta; Splash Club, Secretary (41- Sailing Club, Treasurer (3). Seventh Row: MeCOLL, FRANCES CARROLL Bennettsville, S. C. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Koppo Delta; Daily Tar Heel (3, 4) Glee Club (4); Women ' s Council (4), Secretary (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). McCORD, WILLIAM LUCIUS, JR. Chapel Hill A.B. IN RADIO. Phi Delta Theta; Golf (4); Monogram Club (2 3, 4); Swimming (1,2, 3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Gymnastics (2, 3). McCORMICK, DONALD FELIX Bloomfield, N. J. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Chi; Football (1, 2, 3, 4). McCRAY, SARAH EUGENIA Charlotte A.B. IN SPANISH. Chi Omega; Yackety Yack (4); Cord Board (4); Spanish Club (3, 4); Student Adviser (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Page 6 SENIORS McCUTCHEN, JOAN BRYAN Lincolnton A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi; Y.W.C.A, (3, 4). McDonald, thomas carter Lithonia, Go. A.B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma; Daily Tar Heel (3); Di Senote (3, 4); Pub. Union Board (4); Student Legislature (3, 4); Yacl ety Yack, Sports Editor (3, 4). McGIRT, JOHN SHAW Asheville A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. McGUIRK, MARTHA TAYLOR Morganton A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega; Y W.C.A., Cabinet (4). McKEE, MARILYN LEE Wichita, Kansos A.B. IN RADIO. Alpha Gamma Delta; Glee Club (3); Y.W.C.A. i3, 4); C.C.C. (3, 4); WUNC Staff (4); Canterbury Club (4). McLaughlin, EDWARD DANIEL, jr. Anniston, Ala. A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Delta Theta; Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Wrestling ( 1 , 2, 3). Third Row: McLAWHON, LYMAN BONNER McLELLAND, WILLIAM DAVIES Mooresville 8 5. IN MATHEMATICS. Band (1); Glee Club (1). McLEOD, JAMES CARLISLE, JR. Florence A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Kappa Alpha; Vice-President Student Body (4); Greater University Student Council (4); G. M. Board of Di- rectors; Grail (2, 3, 4); Men ' s Council (2); Student Legislature (2). McMillan, thomas, jr. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Kappa Alpha; Be Glee Club (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. {1, 2, 3, 4). McNeill, bobby burns B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MADDIE, HAROLD WILLIAM A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Kappa Sign 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4). Rocky Mount nd (3); Daily Tar Heel (4); Bronx, N. Y. j; Basketball (1, MADDRY, ELOISE FREELAND Chapel Hill A.B. IN ENGLISH. MALLONEE, FRANK BUCKNER Charlotte A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Pi Alpho. MANER, FREDERICK DEBELE Savannah, Ga. A B IN CHEMISTRY. Delto Koppa Espilon; Doily Tor Heel (2); University Club (2, 3, 4). MANESS, VERNON ELVIN, JR. Burlington B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. AROTC (1, 2, 3, 4), MANGUM, BAXTER BRYAN, JR. Durham B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Football. MARKS, MARY LOUISE Asheville A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Koppa Delta; Splash Club (3, 4); Card Board (3, 4). Seventh Row: MARSH, GILBERT ERNEST Thomasville A B. IN ENGLISH. St. Anthony Hall; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigmo; Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4), President (4); Band (1, 2, 3); Di Senate (2, 3); Monogram Club, Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Student Legislature (I). Raleigh MARSHALL, ROBERT ELLINGTON, JR. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Phi E; silon. MARTIN, ANN SPEAS East Bend A.B. IN EDUCATION. Glee Club (3, 4), Treasurer (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Basketball Club (3, 4); W.A.A. (3, 4). Page 62 SENIORS MARTIN, BILLY SLOAN Olin B,S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. MASON, JULIAN DEWEY, JR. Wiliiamston A,B. IN EDUCATION. Phi Mu Alpho; Bond (1, 2, 3, 4); Golden Fleece; Order of the Old Well; Student Legisloture (1, 2, 3, 4); Young Democrats; Elections Board, Chairman; Phi Beta Kappa. MATHEWS, THOMAS HERBERT Townesville A.B. IN RELIGION. Sound and Fury (I, 2); Card Boord (1 2)- Wesley Foundation (I, 2, 3, A). MATTHEWS, HAROLD WAY, JR. Leaksville A.B, IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. MATTHEWS, MARGARET M. Norfolk, Vo. A.B. IN HISTORY. Delta Delta Delta; Women ' s Council (3)- Yackety Yaek (3); Y.W.C.A. (3), Women ' s Handbook Editor (4); (4); Dorm House Council. rieade MAYFIELD, THOMAS FITE A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Washington, D. C. Third Row. MELTZER, C. CURTIS Miami, Flo. Nu; Debate Squad (1, 2); Wrestling MEMBERY, JOAN HATHAWAY A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY i3, 4); Y.W.C.A., Tre Daytona Beach, Fla. Beta Phi; Women ' s Council, Secretary r (4); Soiling Club; Orientation Adviser. MICKLE, JOHN NORWOOD, JR. A B IN PSYCHOLOGY. Phi Beta Kappa Winston-Salem Fourth Row: MIDDLETON, EDWIN LEE Charlotte B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Chi; Track (1). MIDGETT, ROBERT PARKER Chapel Hill A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigma Nu; University Club (3). MILBURN, WILLIAM THEODORE Winston-Salem B.5. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Cross Country (1); Glee Club (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). Fifth Row: MILLER, ANNE COCHRAN Albany, Go. A.B. IN DRAMATIC ARTS. Alpha Gam (3, 4). ma Delta; Playmokers MILLER, MAX GARDNER Hamlet B.S. IN PHYSICS. MILLIKEN, JOHN ROWE Monroe A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Beta Kappa. MILLIKEN, LOUISE MANNING Southern Pines A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega; W.A.A. (3, 4), Vice-President MINER, AUSTIN CHARLES A.B IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. MINNIS, FREDERICK THOMAS St. Petersburg, Fla. Winston-Salem Seventh Row: MITCHELL, MARY LOUISE Burlington A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Glee Club (3, 4), Vice-President (4); Yaekety Yaek (4), Sophomore Ed.; Dorm Vice-President (4); Inde-endent Coed Board (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Orientotion Adviser 14). Greensboro MITCHELL, RENARD ROY, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Kappa Sigma. MITCHUM, HUGH CASWELL, JR. Chorlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambdo Chi Alpho; Cord Boord (4). Page 63 SENIORS First Row: MOODY, JACK OWEN, JR. Cooleemee A.B. IN JOURNALISM. MOON, LLOYD BINFORD Chorlotte A B IN ECONOMICS. IDC (4); Scabbard and Blade; Dorm Presi- dent (4); IDC Court (4); Charlotte-Carolina Club, President. MOORE, ALBERT CUNNINGHAM A B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Phi, Council (2, 3); IPC Court (3); Y.M.C.A. MOORE, FRANK BUNTING B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Miami, Flo. Sigma Alpha; IFC New Bern Lenoir MOORE, JOHN FRANKLIN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. MORTON, JOHN FOWLE Woshington A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Pi Koppa Alpho. Droper Country (I, 2); Third Row: MOSTELLA, KENNETH WAYNE BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Cn Track (I). MOTSINGER, JOHN, JR. Winston-Solem BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Chi, Secretary (4i; Phi Beta Kopro, Secretory (4); Phi Eto Sigmo; Baseball (I, 2, 3, 4); Football (1); Monogram Club (3, 4). MURRAY, CAROLYN FORREST High Point A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega; Splash Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. MYERS, CHARLES HAMMETT Washington, D. C. A B IN HISTORY. Koppa Alpha; University Club (3, 4); Soccer (1). MYERS, KENNETH M. Miami, Flo. AB IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Tou Epsi ' on Phi; Class Honor Council (I, 2); Debate Squad (I, 2, 3, 4); Hillel Cabinet (3); Ploymakers (2); Student Legislature (I); Fencing, Swimming; Track. NAHM, CARMAN LOUISE DeLond, Fla. AB IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Beta Phi, Rush Captain (4); Sigma Chi Sweetheart; University Club; Women ' s Council (3, 4), Chairman (4) ' Women ' s Cabinet; Orientation Committee; Pan- hellenic (3, 4). NANNEY, THOMAS RAY Charlotte B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. NEAL, FRED ALTON, JR. Greensboro A B IN CHEMISTRY. Young Democrots Club (3); Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 41. NEAL, ROLAND T. Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. NEELY, JAMES LYMAN High Point BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappo Alpha; Class Treasurer (4) University Club (3, 4); Y.M.C.A.; Intramural As- sociotion. President (3); Co-Recreation Council (3). NEESE, KENNETH EARLE, JR. Monroe B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. NEILL, ROBERT LEWIS High Point A.B. IN ECONOMICS Sigmo Chi. NELSON, GERTIE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi, Council (4). NELSON, HORACE GRAY A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. NELSON, JOE CARROLL B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Page 64 Lumberton iident (4); Panhellenic SENIORS First Row: NELSON, JOSEPH HIGGINS Rocky Mount A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Phi Gommo Delta, President, Treasurer; Class Social Choirman (2); Doily Tor Heel (1); Order of the Golden Bear (3); Publications Board, Secretary (3, 4); 13 Club, Secretory-Treasurer (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1,2, 3); IFC (3). NEWTON, ALBERT SIDNEY Winston-Salem A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Beto Koppo; Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3, 4). NEWTON, JEAN BRIMLEY Winston-Salem A.B. IN EDUCATION. Conterbury Club (3, 4), NEWTON, MARY WADE West Palm Beach, Fla. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Delto Phi (3, 4), Secretary (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Cosmopolitan Club (3, 4); Spanish Club (3, 4); SUAE (4). NICHOLS, JAMES GEORGE Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Soccer (2, 3). NOBLITT, MARY BEAM A.B. IN SPANISH. Shelby NOBLITT, PERRY MILTON B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. NORBERG, ALLAN KENNETH B.S. IN PHYSICS. Physics Club, Treasi Shelby Bayside, N. Y. 3,4). Bennettsville, S. C. NORWOOD, BETSY A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Alpha Delto Pi; W.A.A., Pres dent (4); W.A.A. Council (3, 4). Fourth Row: Toms River, N. J. NOVINS, JUDSON S. A.B. IN LIBERAL ARTS. Tou Epsilon Phi; IFC (2), Ploymoke (3, 4); University Club (1, 2); Soccer (1); Soiling Team (2, 3). OASTLER, CARMEN Atlanta, Ga. :il (3); Y.W.C.A. OBERDERFER, EUGENE, ill Atlanta, Go. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Zeto Beta Tou, President (4); Phi Beta Kappa (4); Phi Eto Sigmo (I); Beto Gamma Sigma (4), Treasurer; Dance Committee (3, 4); Grail (2, 3, 4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Hillel Cabinet (2, 3); Tennis (I). Fifth Row: O ' BRIEN, JOSEPH WILLIAM Philadelphia, Pa. A.B. IN RADIO. Phi Koppo Sigma; Footboll (1, 2). OLDENBUTTEL, MARGARET ANN Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Beto Koppo. OSBORNE, GENEVA ANN Hendersonville Beto Phi; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Splash Club OSBORNE, KARL RONALD A.B. IN ECONOMICS. OSBORNE, MORRIS FLOYD OSBORNE, ROBERT W. A.B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE, Theto Chi. OWEN, JACQUELINE Winter Park, Fla. OWEN, JOHN RICHARD Rocky Mount A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Zeto Psi; Football (1). PACE, ROBERT Morrisville A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. CPU (2, 3, 4), Chairman (4); Daily Tor Heel (2, 3, 4); Phi Assembly (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Legislature (3); Young Democrats (1, 4); Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4); Canterbury Club (2, 3, 4). Page 65 SENIORS PAGE, WILLIAM LEE, III Torboro B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Sigmo Nu. PAGE, WILLIE E., JR. Dover B.S. IN MEDICINE. Interfaith Council (3); United Student Fel- lowship. PAINTER, RICHARD JAMES Greensboro A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Phi Delto Theto, Worden (4); Phi Eto Sigma (1); Phi Beta Kappa (3), Phi Mu Epsilon (3). Wilmington Chapel Hill PANTAZIS, NICK STEVE B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpho Chi Sigmo. PANTON, RICHARD TYLER B.S. IN DENTISTRY. PAPAS, MAKIS Chopel Hill B.A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. CosmoDOlitan Club Secretory. PARHAM, LESTER BENNETT Tabor City B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Phi Eta Sigma. PARIS, OSCAR HALL, JR. A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Phi Eta Sigma; (1, 2,3, 4). PARKER, JOHN RAINEY, JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. irth Roa Greensboro Phi Beta Kappa; YMC A Fayetteville PARKER, JOSEPH MAYON Ahoskie A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigmo Phi Epsilon; Student Legis- lature (2, 3, 4); Young Democrats Club (3, 4); Press Club, Vice- President (2, 3, 4). PARKINS, MARIAN A.B. IN MUSIC. Glee Club PARRISH, HAROLD ROLAND B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Fifth Ro Chapel Hill Smithfield Durho PARTIN, EMMETT MASON A.B. IN SPANISH Phi Beto Kappa; Spanish Club 13, 4). PASCHAL, DOROTHY STAUFFER Greenville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Glee Club (2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (2, 3). PATTERSON, HENRY BROADBENT Hickory B.S. IN NATURAL SCIENCES Pi Koppo Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Bond (1, 2, 3); Glee Club {1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); NROTC (1, 2, 3, 4), Company Officer (4); Scabbard and Blade (4). PATTERSON, ROBERT KIZER, JR. Albemarle B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PAYNE, CLIFTON GADBERRY Rural Hall B.S. IN MEDICINE. Phi Beta Kappa; Alpho Epsilon Delta. PAYNE, GARTH HOWARD Elkin B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. PAYNE, THOMAS WILLIAM B.S. IN MEDICINE. Phi Koppo Sign Koppo. PAZDAN, JOSEPH JOHN PEASLEY, QUINTIN DAY B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Greensboro a; Phi Eto Sigma; Phi Beta Trenton, N. J. 4); Monogram Club Page 66 SENIORS PEEK, JOHN MERRIWETHER, JR. Roanoke, Vo. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Daily Tor Heel (1, 3); Tennis (1). PEERSON, JAMES MADISON, JR. Burlington nbda Chi Alpha; AF- PELONE, FRANCIS W. Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa Sigma. Second Row: PENDERGRAFT, HERBERT SWAIN, JR. Chapel Hill A.B. IN EDUCATION. Theta Chi; Alpha Phi Omega; Glee Club (2, 3, 4), Secretary (3); Order of the Golden Bear (3); Tarnation (4); French Club (4); Cosmopolitan Club (3, 4). PERDUE, TYRUS OLLIE Henderson B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kinston PERRY, DAN E. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Sigma, President (4): Phi Eta Sigma; Class Officer (3, 4); German Club Executive (2); Grcil (3, 4); Intertraternity Council (2, 3); Men ' s Council (3); Student Legislature (2); Y.M.C.A.; Minataurs; University Party. PHILIPS, WALTER EVERETT, A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Franklin an; Y.W.C.A., PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH ANNE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi, Social Cha Membership Council; Social Committee. PHILLIPS, RALPH DONALD Marion B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Theta Chi. Fourth Row: PHILLIPS, ROBERT LEE Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Monogram Club (2, 3, 4) President (4); Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Scabbard and Blade (4)- Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). PHILPOTT, WANDA LOU A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Chi Omec dent Council; State Student Legi Order of the Golden Bear (3, 4) (4); Young Democrats Club, Vice-Presid. viser (4); Student Party (4); Y.M.C.A. (3 (3); SUAB (4). PHIPPS, JAMESINA DANA A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Town Girls ' Associat Beckley, W. Va. ; Consolidated University Stu- Dture (4); Daily Tor Heel (3); Band (4); Student Legislature resident (4); Orientation Ad- May Day Chairman Chapel Hill Newark, Del. Chapel Hill Burlington PICKETT, JANE A.B. IN ENGLISH. PITTS, JAMES HOSEA, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. POINDEXTER, JOHN EDWARD A.B. IN SPANISH. Semper Fidelis Society, President (4); Cheer- leader (4); Dormitory President (4); Doily Tor Heel (1, 2); Dance Committee (4); Interdormitory Council (4); Phi Assembly H , 2, 3, 4); University Club (2, 3), Treasurer (4); Freshman Y.M.C.A. Council (1); Spanish Club (3), Vice-President (4); Young Demo- crots Club (1, 2, 3. 4). POINDEXTER, WILLIAM DOUB, JR. Winston-Salem B.S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigmo Pi. POLAND, JEAN CAMERON POOSER, FRANCIS SHINGLER A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. POPE, ANNA JANE B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. POPE, EMMETT JUDSON, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sign POPE, THAD NARRIS A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Tennis (I). Arlington, Va. mmo Delta; Can- Lake Wales, Fla. Mount Olive Chi; Y.M.C.A. (I). Page 67 SENIORS First Row: POPPLETON, C. ALLEN A B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Nu; Phi Beto Kappa; Phi Eto Sigira; Pi Sigmo Alpha; Order of the Golden Bear (3, 4). Summerville, S. C. Mifflintown, Pa. PORT, CHALMERS MARSHALL PORTER, JOHN LOUIS B.S. IN SCIENCE EDUCATION. PREGNALL, WILLIAM STUART A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Grail (2, 3, 4); Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3), Ampho- terothen (3, 4); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4 ' . PRESTON, HERMAN FENTON, JR. Winston-Salem 8,5. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delto Sigma Pi, Historian (3); Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club ( i ); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2), Western N. C. Club (2), Charleston, S. C. PRICE, FRED AVERY, JR. B.S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Chi Ps PRICEZAVICE, FINKLESTINE McVONOVICK Charlotte B S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PRINCE, RONALD STANFORD PRITCHARD, RICHARD WILLIAM B S, PROUTY, WILLIAM ALLEN A B, IN ECONOMICS Chi Phi. Atlanta, Ga. Legis- Wilson Band Media, Pa. PRUITT, WILLIE BRUCE B S, IN PHYSICS Sigma Chi; Anderson, S. C. Club, Glee Club (3); Ploy- PUGH, STEPHEN CORNELIUS A,B, IN MATHEMATICS Pi Mu Epsilon. PURSER, JAMES LAUCHLIN PUTZKI, PAULETTA STIRLING A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY, Alpha Delto. RABIL, MICHAEL JAMES B.S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Oldtrap Roleigh a, G-and r.M C.A. Washington, D. C. RADER, MARY JO RAMSEY, JAMES EDWARD Miami, Flo. Wesley Foundation; Woodsdale iident (4); IPC (3); RANKIN, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, JR. Reidsvilli A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Beto Theto Pi; Phi Beto Koppo; Phi As sembly (2); Student Council 14); State Student Legislature (3) Orientation Counselor (3, 4). RANSDEL L, PHILLIP CLIFTON Varina B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Koppo Psi; Dorm Secretory-Treosurer, RANSOM, WILLIAM KAY Raleigh E 5. IN GEOLOGY. RATLEDGE, CURTIS JOYNER Guilford College A B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Beto Koppo; Pi Sigmo Alpho; Phi Eto Sigma; Di Senate (1, 2, 3, 4), Clerk (2, 3); Parliamen- tarian (4); Student Legisloture (3, 4); Young Republicans (1,3, 4), President (4). Page 68 SENIORS RAY, CLIFFORD McKINLEY, JR. A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Chi Monogram Club (3, 4). REDDING, BEN GRADY B,S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. REDDING, PAUL NATHAN E.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. REDFEARN, CHARLES WADDELL Psi; Track (I, 2, 3, 4). Hartsvilie, S. C. Phi Epsilon; Intor- REDMON, HAROLD WITHERS Leaksville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. REED, BARBARA LILLIAN Sf. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Kappa Alpha Theto; Stray Greeks, President; University Club Representative. REESE, LUCINDA JANE Asheville AB IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Glee Club {3, 4), Secretary (4), Young Democrats Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). REESE, NAN LOUISE Johnstown, Pa. A.B IN ENGLISH. Glee Club (3); Golf Club (4); Y.M.C.A. {3, 4): Splaih Club (3), President (4). REGISTER, HUBER ELWOOD A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Fourth Row: REIBEL, WARREN DODD 8 S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Cove City Yockety Yack (3 4) REICHARD, CAROLYN LOUISE Charlotte A B IN FRENCH Sigma Pi Alpha; Pi Delta Phi; Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); Yockety Yock (4); Le Cercle Froncois; Cosmopolitan Club; Spanish Club. REICHLE, NEAL W. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Alpha Tou Omega Durham REID, CLAIRE VIRGINIA A.B IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Gon Splash Club (3, 4). REYNOLDS, CHARLES RUSSELL A B, IN POLITICAL SCIENCE RHODARMER, SCOTTY DEAN A.B IN RADIO. RHODES, HAROLD BAGLEY B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigmc RIERSON, CHARLES FREDERICK, JR. A B IN MUSIC Phi Kappa Sigmo; Phi Mu Alpha 4); Orchestra (3, 4). RICE, CHARLES OTIS A B IN EDUCATION. Cullowhee Delta; Alpho Phi Sigma; Raleigh Canton Raleigh Mount Airy Bond (1, 2, 3, High Point RICHARDSON, JOHN DANCY BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. RIDDLE, JOSEPH IVERSON Morgonton B 5 IN MEDICINE Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Eto Sigma; Phi Beta Kappo; Alpha Chi Sigma. RIGG, FLORENCE LILLIAN Crestwood, N. Y. A B. IN RADIO. Alpha Delta Pi; Daily Tar Heel (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Carolina Communications C ' ' ' Page 69 Rocky Mount 4); WUNC Staff (4). SENIORS RILEY, JOHN WILLARD, III B,S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Theta Wilmingfon Club; Vets Club. RIMER, BOBBY ALAN A.B, IN CHEMISTRY. Dorm President (4); IDC (4). Wilmington Spencer RIPPLE, NANCY GORDON Winston-Solem A.B. IN GERMAN. Sigma Alpha Iota; Independent Coed Board {3, 4), President (4); Glee Club (3); Student Legislature (4); Valkyries (3, 4), Secretary (4); Yackety Yack (3); Y.W.C.A. (3), Interfaith Council |3); Wesley Foundation. Cone Monmouth Beach, N. J. otbcll (2); Track (4); Mono- RITCHIE, HENRY J. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. RIZZO, BARRY HENRY A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION, gram Club (1). ROBERTS, BARKSDALE FLETCHER Louisville, Ky. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Beta Theta Pi; Daily Tor Heel (1, 2, 3, 4), Sports Editor (4); Golf (3, 4); Gorgon ' s Head (2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (4 ; Student Legislature (I, 2); Tarnation (4); Yackety Yock (3), Sports Editor; Minotours (2, 3, 4); University Party Chair- man (3). ROBERTSON, JULIA Greenville, S. C. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Delta Pi; Women ' s Residence Council ROCK, ANDREW JACKSON, JR. ROGERS, MARY ELIZABETH Charlotte A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Pi Beto Phi; Yockety Yock (3); Y.W C.A, (3, 4); Koffee Klatsch, Chairman (3); University Party (4); Card Shelby Hemingway, S. C. ROSE, JAMES MARION B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ROSE, LUCY ELIZABETH A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi, Sociol Chairman (4) Yackety Yock (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). ROSSER, HENRY THOMAS Hamlet A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Beta Koppa. Fifth Row: ROUSE, MATTIE GORE Raleigh A.B. IN ENGLISH. Basketball (4); Daily Tor Heel (3, 4) Glee Club (4); Golf; Playmokers (3, 4); Tarnation (4); University Club (4); YDC (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Independent Coed Board (4) English Club. N. Wilkesboro ROUSSEAU, JULIUS ADDISON, JR. ROWLAND, HENRY BENTON , JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. RUDISILL, ALICE EUGENIA Lincolnton A.B. IN ART. RUDISILL, LAWRENCE Benjamin Lincolnton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. RUFFIN, LOIS GAYLE Tunstoll, Vo. B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi; Splosh Club (3 4) Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). - V , ;, RUMBOUGH, ROY ALBERT Mors Hill A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE Alpho Phi Omego; Delta Upsilon. RUMLEY, FRED ALFRED B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. RUSSELL, ELMON SHELTON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Koppo Ph Page 70 Winston-Salem Albemarle SENIORS RUSSELL, ERNEST EUGENE, JR. Raleigh A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. RYON, DALE SANFORD Asheville A B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Beta Kappo; Phi Eta Sigmo; Delta Phi Alpho; Cross Country (2, 3, 4); Debate Council (3, 4), Glee Club (1, 2); Monogram Club (3, 4); Phi Assembly (3, 4); Student Legis- lature 13. 4); Track (1, 2, 3, 4); State Student Legislature (2, 3, 4). SAMET, HARRY High Point B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Lambda Phi, Scribe (4). Samuel, ALVIN BERNARD Parogould, Ark. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Theta Chi (3), Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; IFC (1). SANDERS, THOMAS ALFRED, JR. Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi. SATTERFIELD, ISAAC JOSEPH Salisbury B.S. IN CHEMISTRY Delta Upsilon; Alpha Chi Sigma; Delta Phi Alpha; Cord Board (4); Wesley Foundation (4). SATTERWHITE, DAN HICKS B.S IN CHEMISTRY. Alpho Chi Sign Salisbury 3; Delto Phi Alpha SAUNDERS, EUNICE JORDAN A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi; Yackety Ya Lumberton (4); Y.W.C.A SCAGNELLI, PAUL Mt. Vernon, N. Y. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Koppo Sigmo; Phi Beta Kappo; Phi Eto Sigmo; Dorm Vice-President (4). SCARLETT, BOBBY RELDVE Hillsboro ring (1, 2); Glee Club Fairlawn, N. J. SCAVALONE, EDWARD A B. IN EDUCATION. SCHAEFFER, MARY McCONNELL Tuscaloosa, Ala. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappo Oelfo, Vice-President; SUAB; Uni- versity Club (3, 4), Historion (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Fifth Row: SCHOEPPE, BETTY JEAN St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Pi Beta Phi; Daily Tor Heel (3, 4), Society Editor (4); Y.W.C.A. !3, 4), Publicity Chairmen (4] Splosh Club (3, 4). SCHUSTER, MORTON LEE Laurelton, Long Island, N. Y. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Wrestling (1, 2). SCHWARTZ, FRANK RICHARD Phillipsburg, N. J. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tou Epsilon Phi; Class Officer (2); Student Legislature (1, 2); Tornotion II, 2, 4); Hillel (I, 2, 3, 4); SUAB; IFC (3). Sixth Row: SCHWARTZ, MELVIN JAY Wilmington B.S. IN MEDICINE. Tau Epsilon Phi; Phi Eto Sigmo; Phi Beto Kappo; Hillel Cabinet (I, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1); Interfaith Council (2); Student Party. SCHWARZ, ERNEST WILLIAM Philadelphia, Pa. A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Phi Koppo Sigmo; Koppo Beta Phi; Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Basketball (2, 3, 4). SCOVIL, ROSEMARY Greenville, S. C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Delto Pi, Secretory (4); Student Adviser (4); Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4). Seventh Row: SEARS, MARGARET WINBORNE Raleigh A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Chi Omega; Panhellenic Council; Canterbury Club; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Splash Club (3, 4). SEELY, JOHN DAY Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delto Psi; 13 Club; Uni- versity Club, President (4). SEIFERT, DONALD CLEMENS Henderson B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Gommo Delto, Treas- urer (4); Phi Beta Koppo; Beto Gammo Sigmo; Phi Eto Sigmo; IFC Court (3), Treasurer (4); Y.M.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4). Page 71 SENIORS SELIG, BETTY LOU Elizabeth City A B, IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Omega; Y.WC.A, (3, 4) SESSOMS, HANSON DOUGLAS A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. SEWELL, EDITH A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Phi Alpha; Cc Second Row: SHANKLIN, EDITH CONYERS AS IN HISTORY Koppo Delta, Council (3, 4); Canterbury Club C Y W C A (3, 4). SHARP, JOHN WILBUR B 5. IN BUSINISS ADMINISTRATION Wilmington Atlanta, Ga. nobolitan Club. Raleigh anhellenic rack (4); High Point SHAVITZ, HENRY HARRIS A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Pi Lambda Phi; Doily Tor Heel (3, 4); P Assembly (1); Student Legislature (3); Track (1); Wrestling (1 Young Democrats (4). SHAW, ARNOLD CAMPBELL, JR. AB IN CHEMISTRY Doily Tar Heel ( M SHAW, ROBERT EUGENE A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Sigma Student Legislature (I, 2), Rules Cc Basketball (1); University Party (3); A Orientation Counselor (2, 3, 4). SHEETS, RICHARD ALLEN B.S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sign LaVale, Md. lu; University Club mittee Chairman old Air Society (3, Winston-Salem SHEVCOV, THEODORE Stratford, Conn. B S. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Efo Sigma. SHIELDS, WILLIAM HARRY, II Winston-Salem B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpho Kappa Psi. SHIVES, ERNEST RANDOLPH Lincolnton B.S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Phi. SHOTTS, JAMES LLOYD Chapel Hill B S IN GEOLOGY Alpho Phi Omega; Y.A .C.A. (2, 3, 4). SHULTS, LINDA WITHERS Hornell, N. Y. AS. IN SOCICLOGY Koppo Alpha Theta; Stroy Greeks (3, 4) SIFFORD, JOHN W. Stonley A.B, IN PHYSICS. Physics Club (3, 4). Sixth Row: SIGMAN, HAL C. Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Koppo Psi; Scab- bard and Blade; Di Senate (I); G ' ee Club (1, 2); Cross Country (I); Arnold Air Society; Spanish Cub (3, 4); Soiling Club (3, 4). SIMMONS, RAYMOND R. Lowrenceville, Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Psi, House Manager; Di Senate (4), Glee Club (1, 2); Ploymakers (1, 2); Sound end Fury (1, 2); Wrestling (3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Canterbury Club (I, 2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3, 4). SIMON, LEWIS SCOTT, JR. Charlotte Seventh Row: SIMPSON, HILDA RUTH Buies Creek A.B IN EDUCATION. Glee Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). SINCLAIR, JAMES ARCHIBALD A B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. SINCLAIR, NEILL BLUE, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Page 72 Roeford Roeford SENIORS SINGLETON, EDWARD EARL SLOUGH, BOBBY EUGENE A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Daily To SMAW, O. MEREDITH Concord Club (4). New Bern 10 Pi; B.S.U. SMITH, CARL ELLINGTON Raleigh A.B IN ENGLISH, SMITH, DOROTHY RAE Spencer, W. Va. A.B. IN ART. Delta Delto Delta; Panhellenic Council (3) CPU (3); Class Secretary (4); Women ' s Residence Council (3, 4); Stu- dent Legislature (3, 4); Yackety Yack (4); Y.W.C.A., Art Chair- man (4); Cord Board (3). Chorlotte SMITH, LINDA CAROLYN A.B. IN HISTORY. Hillel Cobiner, Secretary (3, 4); Tornotion (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Young Democrats Club (4); Cheerleader (4); Onentat.on Counselor (4); Dorm House Council (3). SMITH, NEWTON ALEXANDER B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. SMITH, ROBERT GERALD A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Eta Di Senote (2); Student Council; Studen dent Party. SMITH, THOMAS EARL B.S. IN JOURNALISM. Rutherfordton a; Amphoterothen; slature (1, 2); Stu- Roanoke Rapids SMITH, WILLIAM DuBERRY Bethel B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Gamma Delta; Basket- ball (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1), Eostern N. C. Club. SMITH, WILLIAM EDWARD Selma B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. SMITHERMAN, JAMES HARRISON Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Chi, Treasurer (4) Phi Beta Kappa; Track (1,2, 3). SMITHWICK, JOHN W. P., II Smithfield Rho Psi Rho; Yackety SNEED, JANE ANN Fort Pierce, Flo. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Delta Delto, Secretory (4); Alpha Koppo Delta; Student Adviser (4); Women ' s Council (4); Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4). SNOW, MARTHA CHRISTINE Alpha Iota, Se Charlottesville, Va. etory (4); Band (3, 4); SORY, ANNE LONG A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Chi Omego Yockety Yock (4); Y.W C A. |3, 4). SOUTHERLAND, JOSEPH LEWIS, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sign Palm Beach, Fla. Modern Venus (3); Henderson Pi; Y.M.C.A. SOUWEINE, JEAN MARTIN A.B. IN ECONOMICS. A ' pha Koppo Ps Brussels, Belgium Shelby Winston-Salem SPANGLER, JAMES EDWIN B.S. IN SCIENCE SPAUGH, ROBERT ARTHUR B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beta Theto Pi; Phi Eto Sigmo; Aloho Koppo Psi; Class Vice-President (3), Gimghoul (3, 4), Glee Club (1, 2); Grail (3, 4); IFC (3, 4); Student Legisloture (I, 2); YDC (1). SPENCER, ROBERT HOUSTON Greensboro A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Tennis (I, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Page 71 SENIORS SPILLMAN, RALPH PHILIP B.S, IN EDUCATION. SPRINGS, EVERETT YATES A,B. IN CHEMISTRY. STAMER, THOMAS FRANCIS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, White Lake Mt. Holly Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Second Row: STARNES, DEWEY EDWARD, JR. Arlington, Vo. A B. IN JOURNALISM. Chi Psi; Daily Tar Heel {} , 2, 3); Order of the Golden Bear (2), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Carolina Handbook, Editor (2); University Party (2, 3). STEAGALL, JAMES GORDON Oxford B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha; Uni- versity Club (3); Y.D.C. (1); Card Board, President (4). STEED, JULIA BOGGS Richlands STEPHENSON, SWAIN HUNTER NORMAN Halifax STETSON, ELIZABETH West Cheste r, Po. A B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delto Delto Delto, President; Ponhellenic Council (4); Daily Tor Heel (4); Football (3, 4); Glee Club (3); Women ' s Council (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Splash Club (3, 4). STEWART, ALVA WARE Marshville A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Daily Tar Hei (4); B.S.U., Pub. Chairman (4); Intramural el (3); Yackety Yack Debate (2, 3). Fourth Row: STOKES, THOMAS DODDS, JR. Lexington A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Koppa Sigma; Lexii Y.M.C.A. ngton-Carolina Club; STOREY, LANKFORD MORROW Asheville A B. IN EDUCATION. STOUGHTON, JOHN ELIOT Raleigh A.B IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Koppo Sigmo; col Society of 1799. 13 Club; Philosophi- Fifth Row: STOVALL, WILLIAM B. Elm City B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. STOWE, JOHN CALVIN Belmont A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Baseball {I, 2, 3, President (1); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4). 4); IDC (1); Dorm STRICKLAND RILEY DAN Lenoir B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigr (2); IDC (3); IDC Court (3). no Phi Epsilon; IFC Sixth Row; STRICKLAND, THOMAS EDWARD Goldsboro A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. STUTTS, LUTHER ODELL Roleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. SUESSMUTH, RUTH MARIE Wilson A B IN EDUCATION. Seventh Row: SULLY, THOMAS ALFRED, JR. Charlottesville, Vo. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Beto Theto Pi; Cross Country (I); Di Senate (1,2, 3); Lacrosse (1, 2, 3, 4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Student Legislature (2); University Club (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (1,2). SUNAS, WILLIAM JOHN Durham A.B. IN HISTORY Sigmo Chi; Boxing (1); Monogram Club (1, 2, 3). SUMMERLIN, WILLIAM CARROLL Dunn B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Page 74 SENIORS First Row: SUMNER, THOMAS, H. Asheville B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. CPU Chairman, Treasurer; Doily Tor Heel, Associate Editor; Phi Assembly; Y.M.C.A.; Canterbury Club, Treasurer; SUAB Tournament Director; Student Party, Treasurer. SUTKER, STEPHEN WOLFE A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Lambda Phi. SUTTON, HOWARD BRYAN, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Koppo Alphc Charlotte Goldsboro SUTTON, JAMES FREDERICK Asheville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Beto Koppo; Beta Gommo Sigma; University Club (4); YDC (2); Y.M.C.A. (2); Western N. C. Club (3); Vets Club (2). SYLVIA, DELMER ROSS TALLY, BILLY FAIR A.B. IN RADIO. Phi Beto Koppo; CCC Treas Third Row. TAYLOR, ALAN KENT TAYLOR, DONALD KEITH A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. TAYLOR, GORDON B.S. IN DENTISTRY. Sigmo Nu. Richmond, Va. Winston-Salem (4). Winston-Salem Winston- Erwin Richlands TAYLOR, JUDITH ANN Lowrenceville, N. J. TEAGUE, TAYLOR O. Mooresville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Koppo Psi, Treas- urer (4); Iredell County-Carolina Club (2, 3, 4). THARRINGTON, LESLIE OLLIE A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Y.M.C.A. (I, 2, THOMAS, RICHARD LOWELL B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Eto Koppo. Louisburg Leoksville o; Phi Beto Raleigh Cheerleader (3). THOMAS, ROBERT GORDON, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigmo Chi THOMAS, THOMAS WELDON Stokesdale B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Football (3); Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4); Wesley Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4). THOMASSON, ROBERT LANIER Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. THOMPSON, EDWARD DICKSON High Point B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Koppo Alpho; Doily Tor Heel (1); German Club Executive (3); 13 Club {2, 3, 4), Presi- dent (3). THOMPSON, MARGARET DAVIS Brevard A.B. IN EDUCATION. CPU (4); Student Legislature (4); Y.D.C. (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Women ' s Residence Coun:il (4); Student Party. Seventh Row: THORP, JAMES H. M. Rocky Mount A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Zeto Psi; Gimghoul (3, 4); Minotours. THORP , JOHN MERCER A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Zeto Psi. THORPE, KATHERINE STUM Rocky Mount Mocon, Go. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Koppo Alpha Theto; Stray Greeks; Y.W.C.A. Page 75 SENIORS THURSTONE, FREDERICK LOUIS B.s. :n physics TICKLE, HOWARD LOUIS Burlington A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE Delta Upsilon; Baseball Manager (I); Cross Country (2, 3, 4); Daily Tar Heel (I); Phi Assembly (4); Track (2, 3, 4); University Club (4), YDC (1, 2, 3, 4) Y.M.C.A Cabinet (1, 2, 3, 4); B.S.U. TILLMAN, ORRIS GEORGE A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Chapel Hill Chapel Hill TINKHAM, STANLEY DEAN Washington, D. C. A.B. IN RADIO. Alpha Tau Omega; Dance Committee (2); Mono- grom Club (2, 3, 4); Swimming (I, 2, 3, 4). TiSON, BEN THOMPSON, III Charlotte Chi; Student Legis- TODD, PATRICIA ANN Hopkinsville, Ky. A.B. IN HISTORY Kappa Delta; Glee Club (3, 4), Yockety Yack (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Cabinet (4). TRABUE, ANN McDOWELL Hopkinsville, Ky. A.B. IN ENGLISH Chi Omega; Chi Delta Phi (3, 4); Glee Club (3, 4); YDC (4), Y.W.C.A, (3, 4) TREMAIN, RAWLEIGH LEWIS, JR. Alexandria, Va. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpho Tou Omego, President (4) IFC (3 4); Soccer (1,2, 4). TRENT, CHARLES WYSE, III Reidsvilie B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Sigma, Vice-Presi- dent; IFC (2); Student Legislature (I, 2); 13 Club (2, 3 4) Yockety Yack ( 1 , 2, 3), Sophomore Editor (2), Orientation Ad- Fourth Row: TROGDON, FRANCIS KING, III Winston-Salem B.s. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Dalta Sigma Pi; Band (1, 2, 3). TROWBRIDGE, SALLY ANN Ft. Lauderdale, Flo. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delta Delto Delta; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). TURNER, ANDREW JAMES, JR. Charlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH. TURNER, JAMES EDMOND A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. TUTTEROW, RICHARD LEROY B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. TUTTLE, BARBARA SUE A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Daily Tar I Yockety Yock (3); Independent Coed E Winston-Salem Greensboro Wolnut Cove Club. (4), Sixth Row: UBONOWITAS, JOSUAH FINELSKI Charlotte B S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Y..M.C.A. |1, 2, 3). VAUGHN, DONALD EUGENE Gostonia A.B. IN CHEMISTRY VINNIK, IRWIN EDWARD Raleigh A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Tou Epsilon Phi, Vice-President (4) Phi Beta Koppo; Phi Eto Sigmo; Hillel (1, 2, 3, 4); IFC (3) Torn ' otion (1); Y.M.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4). VIPPERMAN, CARL JACKSON A.B. IN ENGLISH. Glee Club (2, 3 ' Playmakers (2, 3, 4); Sound and Fur Gainesville, Fla. I; Phi Assembly (2, 3, 4); (2, 3, 4). VOGLER, FREDERICK WRIGHT Burlington, Vt A.B. IN FRENCH. Phi Eto Sigma; Phi Beta Kapfo; French Clu (1); Carolina Quarterly (1); Canterbury Club (I " " VON OESEN, JOHN AVERITT B.s. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Page 76 3, 4). Wilmington SENIORS VOORHIS, ANNE LESTER A,B. IN ENGLISH. Koppo Delta. VUNCANNON, FLOYD DARRELL B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigmo. VUNCANNON, JESSEE MALDEN A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Beta Kappa. Chapel Hill High Point High Point WADE, DAISY CALDWELL Biuefield, W. Vo. A.B. IN ART. Kappo Delto; Yockety Yack (3, 4), Art Editor (4); Y.W.C.A. (3). WAGGER, GERALD MAX High Point A.B. IN HISTORY. Pi Lambda Phi; Alpha Phi Omega; Student Legislature (3, 4); Yackety Yack {!); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Hillel (1, 2, 3, 4); Cord Board (1, 2, 3, 4). WAGNER, EVERETT LOUIS San Diego, Calif. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Koppo Psi. Sandusky, Ohio (3, 4); CCC (3, 4); WALDOCK, JEAN ELIZABETH A.B. IN RADIO. Pi Beta Phi; Y.W.C.A WUNC Staff (4). WALKER, JOSEPH C, JR. B.S. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Lacrosse (3, 4). WALKER, LEONARD FORREST Kernersville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. WALKER, SARA CAMILLE Charlotte A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Doily Tar Heel (3); YRC (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4), Western N. C, Club (4); House Council (4); Koffee Klatch (4). WALKER, WILLARD IRVING Charlottesville, Vo. A.B. IN ENGLISH. St. Anthony Hall; Phi Eta Sigma, Treasurer (1), Phi Beta Kappa; Amphoferothen (3), Di Senate (1, 2), Men ' s Council (1), YDC (1, 3); Y.M.C.A. (1). WALL, F. BARRY Washington, D. C. A.B. IN HISTORY, A ' pha Tau Omega; Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Swimmmj (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.M.C.A. (1). WALL, JERRY DUNCAN WALLACE, JOHN JOSEPH, III Elkins, W. Va. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigma Chi; Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4), Co- Captoin (4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4). WALLACE, ROBERT TYSON Baltimore, Md. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa Sigma; Class Treasurer (1); Lacrosse (1); Student Legislature (1); Y.M.C.A. (1); Soccer (1). WALLER, EDMUND MEREDITH, JR. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Chi Psi; IPC (3); Student Legislature (2, 3). Honolulu, Hawaii Sound and Fury ( 1 ), WALLER, WILLIAM Fair Bluff A.B. IN HISTORY. Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); YDC (4). WALSTON, LESLIE WHITE Roxobel A.B. IN HISTORY. Seventh Row: WARD, MARJORIE LAXTON The Hague, Netherlands B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Omega; Splash Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). WARE, BEVERLY BYRNE A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Chi Delta PI Belo Phi; Basketball Club (3, 4); Glee Club (3). WARREN, ALVIS FREDERICK, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Page 77 Clemson, S. C. -President (4); Chi SENIORS WARREN, ALWOOD BULLUCK Wilmington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Glee Club (I, 2, 3, 4); Intramural Manager (I, 2, 3, 4). WARREN, EDWARD CARLTON Roonoke Rapids A.B. IN RADIO. Carolina Communications Club (3, 4); WUNC (3, 4). WARREN, MARTHA JEANETTE Lasker Young Democrats Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). WASHAM, WISNER McCAMEY A.B, IN DRAMATIC ARTS. Delta Psi Or Cornelius rs (2,3, 4). WASHBURN, JESSE HEYWOOD, JR. High Point B.S. IN PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Vice-President of Senior Class (4). WATERS, DAVID CLAGETT Germontown, Md. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Kappa Sigmo; Pi Sigmo Alpha; Doily Tar Heel (2); University Party (3), Steering Committee (3). WATKINS, CHARLES GARMAN Henderson A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Zeta Pji; Sheiks; Philosophicol Society of 1779. WATKINS, JOEL SMITH, JR. Warren, Ark. A.B. IN GEOLOGY. Sigmo Gamma Epsilon; Band (1, 3, 4); Stu- dent Legislature (2), Young Democrats Club (1, 2); Intramural Manager of Old East Dorm (4); Semper Fidelis Club (4). WATLINGTON, BRYAN TURNER Reidsville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Arnold Air Society. WATSON, EUGENE RAY Charlotte A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Press Club (3, 4); Secretory of the Press Club (3, 4). WATT, WILLIAM CARNELL Richmond, Vo. A.B. IN ENGLISH St. Anthony Holl; Phi Eta Sigmo; Corolino Quarterly (2, 3), Poetry Editor (3); Debate Council (3); Di Senate (2, 3); Student Entertainment Committee (3). WATTS, JOHN PEEBLES Williomston B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Wrestling (1). WAY, JOHN ROBERT B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. WEATHERLY, JAMES NEIL, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. WEBB, JAMES, JR. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Alpha Tou Omega; Sheiks. Greensboro Georgetown, S. C. Greensboro WEBB, JANE Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Glee Club (2); Y.W.C.A. (2, 3); Town Girls ' Association (1, 2, 3, 4); Splash Club (I); ntotK Adv WEBB, ROBERT STANFORD, JR. Asheville A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delto Koppo Epsilon; Gimghoul; Monogrom Club; Cross Country (1, 2, 3, 4), Co-Coptoin; Track (1, 2, 3, 4); The Order of the Minotours (2, 3, 4); Philosophical Society of 1799 (3, 4). WEBSTER, EDWARD WALTER Ridgewood, N. J. A.B. IN ECONOMICS, Alpha Koppo Psi; Scabbard and Blade, Navy R.O.T.C; Newman Club. Seventh Row: WEEKS, JOHN PHILIPS A.B. IN ENGLISH Phi Gommo (1, 2); Monogrom Club. WEIL, THOMAS RUBENS A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Koppo Manager (1 ). WETTACH, JOHN THEODORE Chapel Hill A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigmo Alpho Epsilon; Dance Com- mittee (3, 4); 13 Club (2, 3, 4); Swimming (1). Rocky Mount Baseboll Team Manager Highland Park, III. (2, 3, 4); Bosketboll Page 78 SENIORS WHEELER, PERRY SWINDELL Wilsoi B.S, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WHITE, ERWIN WAYNE Bynun A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogran Club (2, 3, 4), WHITE, ROBERT ALBERT Maxtoi A.B. IN ENGLISH. Theta Chi. WHITELEY, DIXIE BELLE Bronxville, N. Y. A.B. IN ENGLISH, Pi Beta Phi; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Canterbury Club WHITFORD, SHIRLEY Washington A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delfo Pi; Interdormitory Council- Panhellenic Council; Western North Carolina Club. WHITLEY, ALEXANDER GRAY Battleboro A.B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES. Young Democrats Club (4)- Baptist Student Union (I, 2, 3, 4). Third Row: WHITLEY, ROBERT CULLEN Raleigh A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Young Democrats Club (4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). WHITTY, NETA HOLTON New Bern A.B. IN DRAMATIC ARTS. Corolino Quarterly (3, 4); Playmakers WILCOX, BENSON REID Charlotte A.B. IN HISTORY Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Closs Officer (2); Gimg- (4); Interfraternity Council (3, 4); WILBURN, BERNIE JOSEPH Winston-Solem A.B IN HISTORY. WILKINS, SUSAN FRANCES Sanford A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigma Alpho Iota; Band (3, 4); Student Ad- viser (4). WILLIARD, JOHN GRAHAM B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. WILLIARD, PATRICIA GRANT A.B. IN EDUCATION. WILLIAMS, GEORGE BURNS A.B. IN MUSIC. WILLIAMS, JAMES DONALD Farmington Mocksvllle Raleigh Asheville B.S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Ps. WILLIAMS, JAMES LOWELL A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. WILLIAMS, RALPH WALDO A.B, IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. WILLIAMS, THOMAS JEFFERSON B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Bynum Prospect Hill Monroe WILLIAMS, THURMAN LOUIS, JR. Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Gym- nastics (2, 3); Monogrom Club (2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3). WILLIAMSON, MILLARD MIAL Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM HOLT Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigmo Chi; German Club Executive (2, 3); G orgon ' s Head (3, 4); 13 Club (2, 3, 4); Golf (1, 2, 3, 4). Monogram Club (2, 3, 4). Page 79 SENIORS First Row: WILSON, JOHN MORAN Morgonton Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Interdormitory Council (3); Dormitory Secretary-Treasurer (4); Dormitory President (3); Y.M.CA. WILSON, RICHARD BURTON A,e, IN HISTORY, Phi Beto Kappa. WILSON, VIRGINIA BATTLE Jackson, Miss. A B IN ENGLISH Chi Omega; Glee Club (3); Ploymokers (3). WINSTON, CHARLES McKIMMON Clayton A B, IN EDUCATION, Zeta Psi; Gimghoul (3, 4); Minataurs (3, 4), Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); Arnold Air Society (3, 4). WOLFSHEIMER, LOUIS MARCUS Baltimore, Md. A,B, IN ECONOMICS. Zeto Beta Tau; Student Legislature (3); Lacrosse (2, 3, 4); Order of the Golden Bear (2, 3, 4), President (4), WOOD, ANDREW McLEAN Raeford A B, IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION, Third Row: WOOD, WILLIAM BAINSTER B S IN .MEDICINE Alpha Phi Omega WOODFORD, MELVIN J. BS IN PHYSICS Alpha Phi Omega; Clemmons :s Club (3, 4), WOODRUFF, NANCY ELIZABETH Nashville A.B, IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi; Y.WCA, (3, 4); University Club (3, 4); WAA, Council, WOODRUFF, RONALD LEE Corona Del Mar, Calif. A B IN HISTORY, Canterbury Club, WOOTEN, THOMAS MYERS, JR. Fayetteville A,B, IN ECONOMICS, Beto Theta Pi; Men ' s Council (3, 4); Inter- . ' ratern.ty Council (3, 4). WRIGHT, DONALD GENE A,C, IN DRAMA, Playmakers (2), Santa Monica, Collf. YORKE, A. JONES, IV Concord BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Kappa Sigma; German Club Executive; 13 Club; Philosophical Society of 1799. YOUNG, ELIZABETH ROSS Greenwood, S. C. A B IN ZOOLOGY, Delta Delta Delta; Women ' s Council (4); Onen;aticn Adviser (4) YOUNG, HARRY NELSON Greensboro B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, A ' pha Koppa Psi; Alpho Pni Omego; YMCA, (1); Band (I, 2, 3, 4), YOUNG, TED PAISLEY BS IN MATHEMATICS, Phi Beta Kappa. YOUNGS, CATHERINE CULBERT A,B, IN EDUCATION, Chi Omega; Glee Club (2 Winston-Salem Miami, Flo. ZELLER, JAMES JOHN A B, IN PSYCHOLOGY, Sigm Y.W.C.A. (2); Charlotte Pi Alpho; Psi Chi. ZEIGLER, CARL LESLIE Robbins B 5, IN CHEMISTRY, Theto Chi; Glee Club (I, 2, 3, 4), ZINK, H. JAY Glen Dale, W. Va. B S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Phi Kappa Sigma; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blode; University Club (3), ZUCKER, ROBERT LOUIS BS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, To Raleigh Epsilon Phi. ZUCKERMAN, WILLIAM ELLIS Greensboro A,B, IN POLITICAL SCIENCE, Tou Epsilon Phi; Debate Squad (4); Debate Council (4); Student Porty; Interfraternity Council (3); Radio Dramatic Art, Page 80 SENIOR HOME ADDRESSES by Mary Alice Ballew Aaron, Joe Riley 1 503 E. Green St. High Point, N. C. Acl er, William R. 661 N. Spring St. Winston-Salem, N. C. Adams, Hugh H. 115 W. Wilson Mooresville, N. C. Adams, Jayne Rose 1903 Queens Rd. W. Charlotte, N. C. Ahern, Betty Ann 3115 Avon Terrace Charlotte, N. C. Alden, Betty Lue 202 Arlington PI. Danville, Va. Mderman, Charles Bennett 404 W. Church St. Elizabeth City, N. C. Alexander, Allen Fred 506 W. Front St. jtatesville, N. C. »,lexander, Derith 212 Corr St. :hapel Hill, N. C. Mexander, Judith 3440 Peach Tree St. Rd. tlanta, Ga. Mexander, Thomas Williamson t. 2 tVaynesville, N. C. Mien, Curtis T. 2505 Albany St. Durham, N. C. Mien, Eldon P. ?t. 6, Box 3 jreensboro, N. C. Mien, Herbert McLamb Box 341. Rt. 3 ■our Oaks, N. C. Mien, James Lawrence J27 W. Rowon =ayetteville, N. C. Mien, Mary Frances 248 Davie Ave. itatesville, N. C. Mired, Albert Louis U. 3 Aount Airy, N. C. Mmond, Harvey Sherrill, Jr. U. 3 Mbemarle, N. C. Mston, Joseph John 13 Prospect Parkway Portsmouth, Va. Vnders, Betty Louise Srevard Rd. Hendersonville, N. C. nderson, Ernest Edward It. 1, Box 19 isheville, N. C. nderson, Jacqueline Hall 1 Park Ave. ehoboth Beach, Del. Anderson, Kenneth George i09 Elizabeth St. Jurhom, N. C. krmistead, Kotherine Brumley 103 N. Queen St. Cinston, N. C. Arnold, Joseph Allan 126 N. Highland Ave., N.E. Atlanta, Go. shcraft, Thomas Foust !625 Van Dyke Ave. loleigh, N. C. uman, Wiley Eugene U. 4, Box 381 High Point, N. C. verette, Robert Harold, Jr. 510 Fort Bragg Rd. ■ayetteville, N. C. Aydlett, Patricia Ann 1006 W. Church St. Elizabeth City, N. C. Ayres, Douglas Warren Box 84 White Sulphur Springs, W. Va Boggett, John Robert, III Lillington, N. C. Bailey, Donald Etheridge Rt. 1 Biscoe, N. C. Baker, H. Clyde South St. Newfield, N. Y. Baker, James McCall Box 334 Rowland, N. C. Baldridge, John Duke, Jr 2529 Buena Vista Rd. Winston-Salem, N. C. Bollard, James Alon Rt. 3 Fayetteville, N. C. Ballew, Mary Alice Box 92 Denton, N. C. Banks, Myron Carroll 2618 Von Dyke Ave. Raleigh, N. C. Borden, James Leiand 210 N. Webb St. Selma, N. C. Barefoot, Rupert David 1113 Norris St. Raleigh, N. C. Borger, Alto Lee Box 166 Oakboro, N. C. Barkley, Edwin R. 2852 Dorchester PI. Charlotte, N. C. Barksdale, Isabel Rosebud Plontation Jonestown, Miss. Barnes, Lowson Poul, Jr. 702 Fayetteville Ave. Bennettsville, S. C. Barton, James Howard Rt. 2 Culberson, N. C. Barton, Kenneth Houston 515 Trotter ' s Ln. Elizabeth, N. J. Barwick, Paul Alvin 406 W. Soint John St. Mount Olive, N. C. Bason, William Spainhour 1 108 " E " St. North Wilkesboro, N. C. Boss, Claude Hampton Rt. 1 Foirmont, N. C. Bates, Seymour 2412 Sylvan Rd. Greensboro, N. C. Battle, Gordon, Jr. 2405 Delaware Greensboro, N. C. Battle. Mary Thomas 142 N. Church St. Rocky Mount, N. C. Baucom, Elizobeth Ann 565 Indiana Ave. Southern Pines, N. C. Baughman, Glenn Heins 1339 Iris Dr. Charlotte, N. C. Baylor, Beverly 106 Elmwood Dr. Greensboro, N. C. Beals, Dorothy Anne 213 Gilmer Park Johnson City, Tenn. Beard, Helen Jones Tryon Hillsboro, N. C. Beck, Thomas Eugene 1245 N. Ridgewood Av Holly Hill, Flo. Beckwith, Donald Ernest 4 Dixie Dr. Raleigh, N. C. Eeeson, Anna Manila Rt. 9, Box 586 Friendly Rd. Greensboro, N. C. Bell, Franke Ann 1006 Belvedere Ave. Gastonia, N. C. Bell, James Andrew, Jr. 413 N. Cedar St. Greensboro, N. C. Bell, Robert Bremon 2027 Wendover Rd. Charlotte, N. C. Benedict, Stuart Charles 1 7 Andrews Bethel, Conn. Benfield, Morion Wilson, Jr. Rt. 1 Belwood, N. C. Bennett, John Toscan 6923 Greene St. Philadelphia, Pa. Bennett, Ralph Webb 386 Kimberly Ave. Asheville, N. C. Bennett, Robert Edward 524 Darden Ct. Rocky Mount, N. C. Bennette, Calvin Bernard Gen. Del. Chapel Hill, N. C. Bentley, Harold Arthur, Jr. 4900 Argus Dr. Los Angeles, Calif. Bershaw, Burton Hyman 390 Kimberly Ave. Asheville, N. C. Bethune, Louchlin Alexander 51 1 College St. Clinton, N. C. Bethune, William Frederick Fuquay Springs, N. C. Birch, Don Louis 2710 Cooleemee Dr. Raleigh, N. C. Birke, Eugene Andrew 2645 Stockton St. Winston-Salem, N. C. Block, Hiram Bunyon Rt. 3 Matthews, N. C. Bland, Elmer Charles 204-A Jackson Cir. Chapel Hill, N. C. Bland, Joseph Furmon 410 West St. Thomasville, N. C. Blanton, Charles Donald, Jr 509 Gold St. Kings Mountain, N. C. Blanton, Rochel Lee 2525 S. Main Winston-Salem, N. C. Blocksidge, Nancy Lee 1-B Graham Ct. Chapel Hill, N. C. Boddie, Richard Franklin 1711 Shonnee St. Durham, N. C. Bogue, Hugh Daniel Rt. 1 Fremont, N. C. Bolick, Jerome Wilson Box 307 Conover, N. C. Boling, Ronald Jackson 316 W. 3rd St. Slier City, N. C. Bonowitz, Sorolyn Sue 1317 Woodhill Dr. Chattanooga, Tenn. Booke, Samuel Lewis, Jr. 615 Arbor Rd. Winston-Salem, N. C. Booker, John Lawrence Washington St. Plymouth, N. C. Booker, John Pinckney, Jr 2090 Craig St, Winston-Solem, N. C. Bostian. Thomos Richard Box 147 Londis, N. C. Bostick, Richard Seth, Jr. 3026 Selwyn Charlotte, N. C. Boyer, Hugh Mori 2029 Beverly Dr. Charlotte, N. C. Brockett, James WIIIh Rt. 1 Gastonia, N. C. Brodish, John Tilson 1712 Raetord Rd. Fayetteville, N. C. Bradshaw, Percival Ri Mills Home Thomasville, N. C. Brame, Edgar Thomas, III 708 N. Endor St. Sanford, N. C. Brandon, Alan Gray Box 333 Carrboro, N. C. Braswell, Linwood Jennings 201 W. Ash St. Goldsboro, N. C. Broxton, Borboro Lee 204 E. College St. Whifeville, N. C. Brendle, Thomas Pate 196 Jackson Cir Chopel Hill, N. C. Breslow, Diane Joy 930 Pierpont St. Rahwoy, N. J. Brewer, Joseph Beomon, Jr. 1016 Eastern Ave. Rocky Mount, N. C. Brewer, William Clarence, Jr Box 207 Jomesville, N. C. Bridgers, Clifford Charles Rt. 1 Fuquay Springs, N. C. Briley, William Frozier 601 Kenan St. Wilson, N. C. Brinson, Zeb Creighton 1 105 Panola St. Tarboro, N. C. Brooks, Frank Gibbons, Jr 303 W. Dolphin St. Slier City, N. C. Brown, Burton Wolter Box 1300 Southern Pines, N. C. Brown, Edward Bland, Jr. Fuquay Springs, N. C. Brown, Frances Rosalyn 334 Heard St. Elberton, Go. Brown, James Leamon Box 385 Lourinburg, N. C. Brown, Lewis Arnold 1211 Dallas Rd. Chattanooga, Tenn. Brown, Linwood Alton, Jr 1415 Canterbury Rd. Raleigh, N. C. Browne, Mary Lillo 212 S. Oakland Gastonia, N. C. Browning, Charles William Box 112 Cul,Deper, Va. Bruning, Christian Richard, III 302 N. Ridgewoy Dr. Greensboro, N. C. Bruton, David Wilson Rt. 2 Mount Gileod, N. C. Bryon, Charles Arthur 5208 Saint Georges Ave. Baltimore, Md. Bryan, Elisho Lew 705 E. Beech St. Goldsboro, N. C. Bryant, Calvin B. R. F. D. Gaston, N. C. Buchanan, Mary Sue 136 S. Grondview Ave Doytono Beach, Flo. Buckner, Robert Lynn 322 W. Rosemary Chapel Hill, N. C. Bugg, Jan:e Lee 2081 2 Earl St. Daytono Beach, Flo. Bu:ia, Thomos Chorle 519 Farlow High Point, N. C. Bullard, John Moore 2123 Selwyn Ave. Charlotte, N C. Bumgardner, Amos Sumner 1310 Wendover Rd. Charlotte, N. C. Bunker, Frank Edwin 1 135 Miller Winston-Salem, N. C. Bunting, Sylvia Lee 3633 Jocelyn St., N.W. Washington, D. C. Burress, Susan Withers 54 Hawthorne Rd. Salem, Vo. Burton, Desiree Virginia 508 Lindsey Bristol, Va. Byors, Ellen Moore 28-D Glen Lennox Chapel Hill, N. C. Byrd, Barbara June Rt. 2 C andler, N. C. Page 81 SENIOR HOME ADDRESSES Calvin, Robert Eugene 455 Pratt St. Ravenna, Ohio Camp, Carol Cantrell 1 6-F Glen Lennox Chapel Hill, N. C. Camp, Harold David 9 Washington Ave. Schoolfield, Va. Campbell, Charles Clifford 204 W. Main St. Maiden, N. C. Campbell, Donald Durant Rt. 2 Rutherfordton, N. C. Campbell, Rowe Bogle, Jr. Box 445 Taylorsville, N. C. Cannady, Thomas Lawton, III Rt. 1 Guilford College, N. C. Cantwell, Bradford Choffin 2716 Oleander Dr. Wilmington, N. C. Capel, Arron Leon, Jr. E. Main St. Troy, N. C. Carmichael, Donald Wainwrigh 102 Sasco Hill Southport, Conn. Carrier, Glass Bowling, Jr. 1981 Maryland Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Carroll, Donald Cary 306 Country Club Rd. Chapel Hill, N. C. Carroll, Thomas Lawrence 2126 Princeton Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Carson, Byron Hall 209 S. Main Rutherfordton, N. C. Carter, Jane 1413 Delafield PI., N.W. Washington, D. C. Carter, Jane Lewis 707 Kensington Ave. North Wilkesboro, N. C. Casey, Doris Christine 209 College St. Mount Olive, N. C. Casey, Lessie Mallard 110 King Chapel Hill, N. C. Cashwell, Thomas Herman 202 Tremont Dr. Asheboro, N. C. Cotes, Anne Wilmoth 430 Roslyn Rd. Winston-Salem, N. C. Caudill, Robert Talmadge Rt. 3 Winston-Salem, N. C. Causey, Seaborn Ambrose, Jr 104 S. Hyde Pk. Durham, N. C. Chalk, Beverley Jane 2510 Walker Ave. Greensboro, N. C. Chamberlain, Mrs. Gladys C. 2506 Berkley PI. Greensboro, N. C. Chamblee, Donald Vance 622 W. Howell High Point, N. C. Champion, Robert Benjamin 210 Lincoln Ave. Kannapolis, N. C. Chance, Sarah Jeanette Box 726 Lumberton, N. C. Charron, Jessica Wilkerson 72 Dogwood Acres Chapel Hill, N. C. Cheek, Helen Sue 400 Beaumond Shelby, N. C. Cherry, Billy Jones Rt. 3 Williamston, N. C. Cherry, William David 403 S. Church St. Gostonia, N. C. Childers, John Gerald 206 Virginia St. Lenoir, N. C. Clompitt, Robert H. 122 North St. Chapel Hill, N. C, Clark, Jenny C. 2238 Decatur PI. Washington, D. C. Clark, Roy Edward 930 19th St. Newport News, Va. Clarkson, Francis Osborne 400 Law BIdg. Charlotte, N. C. Clewis, Alonzo Charles, III 811 S. Orleans Ave, Tampa, Fla, Clinard, David Marion 2081 Craig St. Winston-Salem, N. C. Cobb, Harvey Perren, Jr. Four Oaks, N. C. Cockerhom, James Vonce 1116 N. Bridge St. Elkin, N. C. Coghill, Thomos Ellis 8913 River Rd. Richmond, Va. Cogswell, Arthur Rolph, Jr 2926 Grand Ave. Jacksonville, Fla. Cohen, Jack 108 Kenan St. Chapel Hill, N. C. Cohn, Herbert B. 1272 Duane Rd. Chattanooga, Tenn. Cokell, Norma 2474 Hudson Blvd. Jersey City, N. J. Cole, Alfred Franklin, Jr 102 N. Mognolia St. Raeford, N. C. Cole, David Bradford 3 Norton Ln. Farmington, Conn. Coleman, Curtis Cortez, Jr 640 Fenimore St. Winston-Salem, N. C. Coley, Patricia George 1127 N. College Ave. Newton, N. C. Collin, William Hunter 136 Edwin PI. Asheville, N. C. Collins, Charles Amos 304 Woverly Way Greensboro, N. C. Collins, William Van Box 296 Monson, N. C. Collins, Zollie Albert, Jr. 909 West Rd. Kinston, N. C. Comer, John Woltz, Jr. Box 624 Dobson, N. C. Cook, Gerald Wilson 3014 Polo Rd. Winston-Solem, N, C. Cook, Mrs. Peggy L. Pullerr 802 Burch Ave. Durham, N, C. Cook, William Cason 305 S. Main St. Monroe, N. C. Cook, William Manning Box 173 La Crosse, Va. Cooke, Avery Murray 821 W. College Dr. High Point, N. C. Cooke, Jackson Millard Apt. 6-F, Glen Lennox Chapel Hill, N. C. Cooley, Elizabeth McCain 1532 Castlewood Ave. Louisville, Ky. Cooper, Charles Grant 3714 Wrightsville Ave, Wilmington, N. C. Cooper, Charles Hugh 106 Park Ave. Greensboro, N. C. Corinth, Joseph Bottle 223 W. Thomas St. Rocky Mount, N. C. Cornell, William Powell 3417 S. Yorktown Ave. Tulsa, Okla. Correll, Needham Broughto 355 Fairfax Dr, Winston-Salem, N. C, Couch, Solly Louise Rocky Ridge Rd, Chapel Hill, N. C. Cover, Curtis Coleman 1028 Woodland Way Hagerstown, Md, Cowper, Bayard Thurmon 210 Wells St. Westfield, N. J. Cox, Barbara Jeanne Liberty Rd. Asheboro, N. C. Cox, Joseph B. 612 Chapel St. Hampton, Va. Craig, James Andrew 712 W. Washington Greenwood, Miss. Cramer, John Scott 200 Hermitage Rd. Charlotte, N. C. Craver, Ralph Lee 14 Robbins Cir. Lexington, N. C. Crawford, Fred Niblock, Jr. 421 Stockton St. Statesville, N. C. Crawford, Frederic Mull 630 N. Cendar St. Sanford, N. C. Crawford, Jacquelin Boyd 106 Carr St. Chapel Hill, N. C. Crimmins, William Fred, Jr. 401 S. Elom Greensboro, N. C. Crispin, Gordon Sinclair 526 O ' Neal St. Clayton, N. C. Cronhom, Charles Raymond, Jr 163 N. 18th St. East Orange, N. J. Crouse, Farrell Rondall 34 Springfield Ave. Penn ' s Grove, N. J. Cuningham, Solly Bet 736 Oaklawn Ave. Winston-Salem, N. C. Curran, James Joseph, Jr 401 Lowsonville Ave. Reidsville, N. C. Dail, Joseph Garner, Jr. 212 Battle Ave Torboro, N. C, Daniel, Jed Selwyn 869 Green St, Danville, Va, Daniels, Frank Arthur, Jr 1515 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, N, C, Doughtridge, Robert Willie Rt. 1 Rocky Mount, N. C. Davis, Charles McForland 1818 Meadowbrook Dr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Davis, Donald Thomos 504 Bridges St. Moreheod City, N. C. Davis, James Herbert, Jr. 1408 Dollar Ave. Durham, N. C. Davis, Kenneth Droughn Rt. I Wilson, N. C. Davis, Laura Dun E. Front St. Beaufort, N. C. Davis, Percy J. 1403 W. Harden St. Graham, N. C. Davis, Putnam, Jr. 20 Church St. Greenwich, Conn. Davis, Robert Dowd 127 Front Beaufort, N. C. Dawes, Lyell Clark, Jr, Peabody Apts. Baltimore 18, Md. Daye, James 1268 W. 4th St. Winston-Solem, N. C. Dave, Robert 1268 W. 4th St. Winston-Solem, N. C. Deal, Bobby Lee 108 Franklin Ave. Rockingham, N. C. Deal, Ray Emanuel, Jr. 121 Moreheod St. Morgonton, N. C, Dear, Walter Moore, II 88 Bentlev Ave, Jersey City, N, J, Debnom, John Hanby 1023 Country Club Rd, Wilmington, N, C, DeLancy, Constance Roe 206 Cameron Ave, Chapel Hill, N, C, Dellinger, Dwight Bayne 219 S. Mam Ave, Newton, N, C, Dellinger, Steve William, Jr. 214 W. 1 1th St, Charlotte, N. C. Deutsch, Joan Dorothy 1704 Cherokee Rd. Louisville, Ky. Dewey, Dione Eve 257 Dunbar Rd. Palm Beach, Flo. Dickens, William Hal, Jr. Apt. 314, Sevilla Hotel Richmond, Va, Dickinson, Margaret Louise 51 1 Florence St. Raleigh, N. C. Dickmon, Joyce 429 N. Jackson St. Arlington, Va. Dillon, James McDuff 214 W. Center St. Lexington, N. C. Dinsmore, James Francis 135 Mason Farm Rd, Chapel Hill, N. C. Door, Grace E. 1531 Iredell Dr. Raleigh, N. C. Dollar, Leion Cary Box 132 Apex, N. C. Dorn, Gerald Wainwright RFD 1 Ninety Six, S. C. Dortch, Patricia Evergreen Lone Chapel Hill, N. C. Doughty, Joyce Elinor 2008 El-Jo-Sa Waycross, Go. Downs, Ellen Nonce King St. Winton, N. C. Duke, John Daniel 1 1 03 Mordecai Dr. Raleigh, N. C. Dukes, James A. 612 Grondm Rd. Charlotte, N. C. Dulo, James Braxton, Jr 109 Mimosa Ln. Lenoir, N. C. Dunlop, Bortlett Ellerslie Forms Petersburg, Va. Dunphey, Ormond H. 100 W. Maple Ave. Merchantville, N. J. Duvoll, Clyde J. 405 Cherry St. Murphy, N. C. Eogan, Arthur James USMC Forwarding Depot Portsmouth, Va. Easter, Kenneth Franklin Rt. 7 Winston-Salem, N. C. Economou, Charlie 546 N. Mercer St. Rocky Mount, N. C. Edens, David Gilland 910 Walnut St. Lumberton, N. C. Edgerton, Enoch Hiram Rt. 2 Pikeville, N. C. Edmonds, James, III 409 W. 8th St. Charlotte, N. C. Edmundson, Aaron Caswell Rt. 2 Pikeville, N. C. Edwards, Lee Henry 44 Forest Hill Dr. Asheville, N. C. Eliason, Harriet Joonn 655 Washington St. Cumberland, Md. Ellington, Robert Norwood 617 Fountain PI. Burlington, N. C. Elliott, William Henry, Jr. 1 145 S. Oleander Ave. Goldsboro, N. C. Elting, John Dwight 339 Charlotte St. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Ennis Lewis Alvin 23 1 9 Club Boulevard Durham, N. C. Ernst, Walter Norbert, Jr. 5201 Roland Ave. Baltimore, Md. Page 82 SENIOR HOME ADDRESSES rvin, Hugh Tote, Jr 19 Lenoir St. orgonton, N. C. vans, David Savage 600 Craig St. ;aleigln, N. C. vans, Donald Olmstead 500 Lilac Rd. ;harlotte, N. C. vans, Robert Butler 04 Bayview Ave. ewes Beach, Del. alls, Edgar Markham 09 S. Firestone Blvd. iOstonia, N. C. earrington, Jeonette Sloan 14 Kenan St. hapel Hill, N. C. erguson, Junious Franklin, Jr i04 Vickers Ave. urham, N. C. erguson, Lewis Mouchet 1 Harvie Ave. astonia, N. C. erguson, Lowell Douglas 01 Spring St. homasville, N. C. 2rguson, Sherrill Thomas 06 Spring St. homasville, N. C. 3rree, Purvis Jennings, Jr. 320 Maplewood Ave. ' inston-Salem, N. C. 3rrell, Edward Vernon, Jr ?0 Buena Vista Rd. ' inston-Salem, N. C. elds, Joseph Browning 15 Jackson Cir. ,napel Hill, N. C. nch, Virginia Barnes Polk 15 Trust Co. of Ga. BIdg. tianta, Ga. nley, Mary Edith II -A Jackson Cir. mapel Hill, N. C. sher, Clarence Graham 35 College St. :iinton, N. C. sher, Lester Jerry ' 4 N. Green St. ' .atesville, N. C. sher, William Donald 522 W. Thomas St. 3cky Mount, N. C. ■etcher. Nelson Thomas 01 W. Whitaker Mill Rd. ileigh, N. C. ioyd, Calvin Moore, Jr. . 1 , Box 23 jonoke Rapids, N. C. Dyd, Lewis Harry 105 Clagett Rd. liversity Park, Md. ■gler, Irving Efrim ;9-A Jackson Cir. lopel Hill, N. C. rt, Archibald Taylor I Raleigh St. :ford, N. C. ster, Roy George 1 Trogdon Ave. irth Wilkesboro, N. C. untain, Arthur Green 7 Tarboro St. jcky Mount, N. C. Vintain, Robert Allen, III untain, John Newton, Jr. x6 untain, N. C. Foushee, Eugene Dick, Jr. 1403 Madison Ave. Greensboro, N. C. Fouts, Jimmy Miller Rt. 2 Lexington, N. C. Fox, Jacqueline Venable 126 E. 24th St., S. Rke. Roanoke, Vo. Frankel, Theodore Golden 1723 Wildwood Rd. Atlanta, Ga. Frazier, Lewis Daniel RFD 2 Louisburg, N. C. Freeman, Corlyle Hunter 1309 6th St. Durham, N. C. Funai, Dolores Sylvia 1410 Palmyra Ave. Richmond, Va. Futrell, Jonas Richard, Jr 46 Front St. Hertford, N. C. Gaddy, David Winfred 605 E. Cannon Ave. Albemarle, N. C. Galanides, Jerry Demetrios 1336 Armistead Bridge Rd. Norfolk, Va. Gale, Hugh Myron 8 Ferndell Ln. Raleigh, N. C. Galloway, William Dwight Box 1021 Chapel Hill, N. C. Gamble, John Franklin Rt. 10, Box 66 Chorlotte, N. C. Garey, George Alexander, Jr Apt. 9D, Oleonder Ct. Apts. Wilmington, N. C. Gee, Shirley Ann 703 E. Watauga Ave. Johnson City, Tenn. Gerlach, Nancy Martha 2723 Payne St. Evanston, 111. Gilchrist, Joseph Alexander 809 Ramseur St. Durham, N. C. Giles, Jesse Albion 1 16 Rosedale Cir. Winston-Salem, N. C. Gilliam, Joseph Duane 204 Montlieu St. •ille, N. C. Gilliam, Virginia Randolph 1708 Scales St. Raleigh, N. C. Girard, William Norman Care of J. O. Darnell Rt. 1, Chapel Hill Rd. Durham, N. C. Gladden, Roy William 136 King St. Chapel Hill, N. C. Glenn, Neil Bost 201 Markham St. Burlington, N. C. Glover, Edith Aletta 301 W. Franklin St. Chapel Hill, N. C. Glover, Homer Butler 125 S. 4th St. Wilmington, N. C. Godwin, Hannibal L. 130 Forest Rd. Raleigh, N. C. Goldin, Norman Wilbur 519 E. Lane St. Raleigh, N. C. Goode, Peggie Jean 1405 E. 7th St. Charlotte, N. C. Goodin, James Chester Box 372 Woynesville, N. C. Goodman, Edwin Stanley 1801 Charon Ln. Charlotte, N. C. Goodman, Leroy Morton 106-B Ridgeley Rd. Norfolk, Va. Goodwin, Fernie Graham Rt. 3 Apex, N. C. Goodwin, Marion Cole 1401 E. Ashe St. Goldsboro, N. C. Goodwin, Robert Evans 1607 Fountainview Charlotte, N. C. Gordon. Alan William 1 206 Courtland Dr. Raleigh, N. C. Gordon, Chovine Richardson 1214 S. Peninsula Dr. Daytona Beach, Flo. Gordon, Grace Calvert 3 Fraker PI. Spray, N. C. Gould, Katherine Jean 713 S. York St. Gostonia, N. C. Grady, Marguerite Bishop 1421 Morganton Rd. Fayetteville, N. C. Grantham, Mrs. Virginia M. Box 281 Corrboro, N. C. Gravitte, James Alton Main St. Pilot Mountoin, N. C. Gray, Herbert Curtis 162 Bogley Dr. Chapel Hill, N. C. Green, Fletcher Melvin, II 401 Laurel Hill Rd. Chapel Hill, N. C. Green, Nancy Rose 315 W. University Dr. Chapel Hill, N. C. Greene, Kenneth Strong 22 UNC Trailer Ct. Chapel Hill, N. C. Greenway, Clarence Edward 2408 S. Main High Point, N. C. Greenwood, Carson 103 E. Providence Rd. Aldan, Pa. Gregg, Elizabeth Lozier 14 Pickwick Rd. Asheville, N. C. Gregory, Spencer 1535 Caswell St. Raleigh, N. C. Gresham, Lawton Douglas 2562 Brentwood PI. Charlotte, N. C. Gribben, Patricia E. 526 E. Jefferson Thomasville, Ga. Griffin, William Orlando, Jr 104 Williams St. Williamston, N. C. Grimaldi, Vincent Anthony 5852 Hadfield St. Philadelphia, Pa. Grimes, Billy Joe 12 Boyles St. Thomasville, N. C. Griswold, Richard Freeman, Jr 606 E. Beech St. Goldsboro, N. C. Grogan, William King, Jr. Kernersville, N. C. Gruver, Richard Myers 303 W. Hanover St. Hanover, Pa. Guerry, Sarah T. 901 Greenway Ct. Norfolk, Va. Guilbert, John Moss Box 1151 Tryon, N. C. Gulley, Jerry Dennis Clayton, N. C. Gupton, Stephen Thomas, Jr. 1 132 Rosewood Ave. Rocky Mount, N. C. Gustofson, Helen Marie 247 16th Ave., N.E. St. Petersburg 4, Fla. Gyland, Sally Ann 3801 San Pedro Tampa, Fla. Haines, Edward Charles 5819 Chew St. Philadelphia, Pa. Hall, Maurice 215 Chisholm St. Sanford, N. C. Hall, Virginia Floro River Rd. Elizabeth City, N. C. Homer, Alfred Wilson, Jr. 1 1 2 Pearson St. Morganton, N. C. Hamilton, Andra Joy 1 602 Angier Ave. Durham, N. C. Homrick, Gordon Grice 401 S. Lofayette St. Shelby, N. C. Homrick, Joseph Eugene 130 Lanier Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Homrick, Larry Dean 712 W. Oak St. Shelby, N. C. Handler, Jack Gellman McClellan Pk. Sarasota, Fla. Honna, Carl Norris 1330 Jockson Rd. Gostonia, N. C. Hanson, Gordon Albert 501 E. State Solamonia, N. Y. Horbinson, Charles Ralph 1004 N. Hamilton High Point, N. C. Hardy, Judson, Jr. 9410 3rd Ave. Woodside Silver Spring, Md. Harper, William Lester 37 Winston Dr. Bethesda, Md. Harrell, Bert Edward 201 Moreheod St. Morganton, N. C. Harris, Amos Cecil 2509 Wake Dr. Raleigh, N. C. Harris, George Wesley 1423 6th St. Durham, N. C. Harris, Goldston Franklin 307 Barker St. High Point, N. C. Harris, John Henry, Jr. 525 W. 34th St. Norfolk, Vo. Harris, John Robinson 54 W. 1 I th St. New York, N. Y. Harris, William Edmond 504 Mason St. Fronklinton, N. C. Hoskett, Charles Warren, Jr. 202 Dyer Elizabeth City, N. C. Hasty, John Calvin 106 Central Maxton, N. C. Hatcher, F. Virginia RFD 2 Bedford, Va. Haugen, Bernard 61 1 Shepord St. Durham, N. C. Haywood, Allie Mack 1300 N. Main St. Ext. Greenville, S. C. Haywood, Charles Lewis, III 31-H Glen Lennox Chapel Hill, N. C. Hozlett, Alice Mott 1001 Dawes St. Chapel Hill, N. C. Heoly, Melvin Joseph Woodland Ave. Allendale, N. J. Heath, Robert Winship 208 Glenburnie St. Chapel Hill, N. C. Heilig, Alan Bernard 710 Rountree St. Kinston, N. C. Heins, James Edward 203 Chisholm Sanford, N. C. Hemstreet, Susan 2349 Kings Way Augusta, Ga. Henning, Robert Edward, Jr 1902 Beach St. Winston-Salem, N. C. Herbert, Betty Carolina 507 W. Church St. Fort Volley, Go. Herman, Bernard Don 2348 Westover Dr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Herman, Virginia Carolyi Box 244 Conover, N. C. Herring, Jean Johnson 1930 Virginia Rd. Winston-Salem, N. C. Hill, Claiborne Thomas 170 Daniels Rd. Chapel Hill, N. C. Hill, Lillyan-Lee Gordon 3014 Fairview Rd. Raleigh, N. C. Hill, William Buren Box 36 Cliffside, N. C. Hinds, Alice Jane 655 15th Ave., N.E. St. Petersburg, Flo. Hobbs, Robert Branson 31 1 Pittsboro St. Chapel Hill, N. C. Hogan, Gay Elizabeth Rt. 2, Box 149 Chapel Hill, N. C. Continued on Page 416 Page S3 Louis M. Wolfsheimer President Fred Dole Vice-President Louis L. Potseavouras Treosurer ANN STREET Secretary " We are the hollow men We are the stuffed men Leaning together Headpiece filled with straw. Alas! Our dried voices, when We whisper together Are quiet and meaningless. — T. S. Eliot ALICE LEE BOATWRIGHT Social Chairman Ir ■ ■if H| iii f ' ? - The dome of the Morehead Planetarium reflects the light of a fall Carolina moon. JUNIORS First Row: Ackerman, Roger William, Tau EpsMon Phi, Wallace; Adams, James Ervin, Jr., Phi Gamma Delto, Worrenton; Addison, Eleanor Dophne, Norfolk, Vo , Adier, Thomas James, Alpha Tau Omega, Leon.o, N. J.; Aldridge, Charles Malcolm, Kappa Alpha, Ma- con, Go.; Allen, Cynthia Jane, Spartanburg, S. C. Second Row: Allen, Joseph Jethro, Greensboro, Allen Normon Hanson, Greensboro; Alley, James Thompson Goldsboro; Allsbrook, Mary Frances, Roanoke Rapids Ambler, Susan, Pi Beta Phi, Ft. Myers, Flo.; Amburn Luther Franklin, Jr., Boonville. Third Row: Anders, Kenneth Chester, Asheville; An- derson, Anita Lillis, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Wilming- ton; Anderson, Betty Otto, Port St. Joe, Fla.; Angle, Robert Bruce, Bethel, Conn.; Annillo, Carmen, Jr., Union City, N. J.; Anthony, Lyndon Ulysses, Greens- boro. Fourth Row: Arnold, Harry Hodges, Dover; Austin, James Forrell, Altamahaw; Austin, John William, Alpha Koppo Psi, Charlotte; Bohm, Mildred Louise, Fronklinton, La.; Bailey, Donald Roy, Benson; Baker, Williom Luin, Southern Pines. Fifth Row: Bollinger, Max D., Guilford College; Bane, Seymour, Zeto Beta Tau, Raleigh; Barbanell, Arthur Loren, Zeto Beta Tau, Phi Eto Sigma, New York, N. Y.; Barber, Charles Raynor, Lambda Chi Alpha, Goldston; Barefoot, William J,, Jr., Benson; Barkley, John Rogers, Newton. Sixth Row: Barkley, Newton Buckner, Jr., Beta Theta Pi, New Orleans, La.; Barnes, Alexander Hall, Zeto Psi, Murfreesboro; Barrett, Hugh Martin, Sigmo Phi Epsilon, Burlington; Barry, Patsy Anne, Mocon, Go ; Barton, Grandon D., Jr., Alpha Koppo Psi, Charlotte; Barton, Margaret Anne, Atlanta, Go. Seventh Row: Beall, Louis Holcomb, Jr., Sigma Nu, Winston-Salem; Beck, William David, Theta Chi, Statesville; Beeker, Ned Arthur, Sigma Nu, Asheboro; Bell, Dorothy Anne, Montgomery, Alo.; Bender, Mol- colm Franklin, Pollocksville; Bennett, Jock, Dunn. Eighth Row: Benton, Anne Cory, Wilmington; Berry, B. Carroll, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Hartford; Berry, Mar- vin Bryan, Asheville; Berryhill, James Collins, Char- lotte; Blair, Mary Anna, Monroe; Blake, George Collier, Chadbourn. Ninth Row: Blocker, Joan Cromwell, Pi Beta Phi, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Blowe, Walter Thomas, Ahoskie; BIythe, Samuel LeGette, Beta Theto Pi, Huntersville; Boatwright, Alice Lee, Reidsville; Bobbitt, Leonard E., Durham; Boggan, Clayton Alexander, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Pee Dee. Page 86 JUNIORS ■ffr mm First Row: Bogle, Max Mines, Albemarle; Bohnenkamp, Patricia Ellen, St. Louis, Mo.; Boone, Claire, Arlington, Va.; Bost, Edwin Norris, Lincolnton; Bostion, Lloyd Russell, Raleigh; Bouldm, Martha Jane, Winston-Salem. Second Row: Bourne, Diana Mildred, Bronxville, N. Y.; Boushall, John Heck, Phi Delto Theto, Tampa, Flo.; Bowdcn, Harold Corlton, Durham; Boyd, Robert Bur- well, Phi Delto Theto, Stotesville; Boyle, Martha Ann, Alton, III.; Bradley, Harold John, Jr., Greensboro. Third Row: Bradshaw, Harvey Deakins, Greenville; Brady, Stephen Carroll, Lambda Chi Alpha, Tryon; Brandon, William Andrew, Jr., Wilson; Braxton, Al Joe, Scotland Neck; Breece, Virginia, Delto Zeto, Highlands; Breedon, Richard Thomas, Jr., Morgonton. Fourth Row: Brewer, James Lloyd, Jr., Asheville; Bridger, Martha, Blodenboro; Bright, Mont Jackson, Jr., Chopel Hill; Briney, Lucy Gray, Modisonville, Ky.; Britt, Louis Robert, Sea Cliff, N. Y.; Broadway, Cory Lee, Chi Psi, Spencer , Fifth Row: Brock, Mary Elizabeth, Farmington; Brooks, Henry Dwight, Monroe; Brooks, Jacqueline Kathrine, Michigan City, Ind.; Brown, Celia Johnston, Myrtle Beach, S. C; Brown, Horry Elton, Hillsboro; Brown, Michael Dillord, Chi Phi, Anderson, S. C. Sixth Row: Brown, Robert Adrian, Robersonville; Brown, William Credle, Wilson; Bruton, Oren Douglas, Koppo Sigma, Kinston; Bruton, Robert DeHort, Asheville; Bryan, Joseph Kinsley, Jr., Oxford; Bryan, Mary Har- vey, Nutley, N. J. Seventh Row: Bryant, Barry Wayne, Annapolis, Buckolew, Vardoman Moore, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Eto Sigma, Mobile, Ala.; Buckly, Anne Lane, Tryon; Bullock, William Riley, Jr., Bethel; Bumgorner, Ernest L,, Phi Koppo Sigma, Konnopolis; Bumpous Mary Jane, St. Petersburg, Fla. e, Washington, D. C; Bundy, Gamma Delta, High Point; Eighth Row: Bunch, Jeor Robert Mayne, Jr., Phi Burch, Elizabeth Owen, Bronxville, N. Y.; Burcham, Nancy Louise, Pi Beto Phi, Orlando, Flo.; Burgess, Barbara Fay, Maplewood, N. J.; Burnstan, Rowland, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Princeton, N. J. Ninth Row: Burrus, James H., Mooresboro; Burton, Nelson Livingston, Chopel Hill; Burton, Richard H., Jr., Rocky Mount; Butler, Charles Donald, Elizabeth City; Cam, Charles Eugene, Delta Upsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, Elizabethtown; Cambron, Patricia Hooper, Asheville. Page 87 JUNIORS 1 ' ■ ' Wi o First Row: Comeron, Clinton H., Carthage; Camp, Ernest Clyde, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Roonoke Rapids; Comp, Harold David, Danville, Va,; Carmichoel, Richard Cartwright, Sigmo Alpha Epsllon, Durham; Corr, William Howard, Sigma Nu, Chapel Hill; Corroll, Charles Robertson, Phi Delta, Burlington Second Row: Carswell, Jane, Spring Lake; Carswell, Robert Wade, Delta Sigma Pi, Mt. Airy; Carter, Flor- ence Brvan, Phi Mu, Atlanta, Go.; Carter, Janet Gordon, Delto Gamma, Washington, D. C; Carter, Sue K., Alpha Delta Pi, Chapel Hill; Coshwell, Walter Frederick, Jr., Laurinburg. Third Row: Couble. Martin Alexander, Winston-Solem; Caudle, Jon Thomas, Raleigh; Couley, Stephen William, Jr., Kinston; Chance, Billy Jim, Chapel Hill; Chapman, Alyce Elizabeth, Welch, W. Vo.; Cheatham, Margaret E. D., Henderson. Fourth Row: Cheney, Henry William, Jr., Florence, Ala.; Christensen, Richard Anthony Roger, Sigma Nu, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands; Citrini, Richard Joseph, Dur- ham; Claiborne, Jack Everett, Chorlotte; Clark, Neill Edwin, Fayetteville; Clarke, Clarence Straus, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Lenoir. Fifth Row: Clarke, Elizabeth Coale, Goldsboro; Clem- ent, Edward Henry, Sigma Nu, Salisbury; Clendenin, Kemp Cook, Jr., Sigma Chi, Greensboro; Cline, Gene Nolen, Concord; Ciodfelter, Horvey, Jr., Thomasville; Cloninger, Ambrose Wilkes, Jr., Bessemer City. Sixth Row: Clontz, Luther Hall, Morganton; Cochron, William Ira, Jr., Alpha Tau Omega, Swan Quarter; Cody, Louie Hamilton, Point Rock; Coe, William James. Greensboro; Coffey, Ada Lois, Chose City, Vo.; Cohen, Robert I., Phi Delta Chi, Kinston. Seventh Row: Coleman, Wade Hampton, III, Delto Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Arlington, Vo.; Collins, Lois Fleming, Nashville; Collins, Raymond Davis, Sigma Chi, Myrtle Beach, S. C; Con- nelly, Robert Lee, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Delta Phi, Raleigh; Conner, Henry W., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chorleston; Conner, Joel Dewitt, Chi Phi, Lincolnton. Eighth Row: Cook, Emily Adams, Arlington, Vo.; Cook, Mary Bascom, Highlands; Cornwell, Janet, Southern Pines; Covington, Carol Thomas, Troy; Cowell, Russell 5 , St. Anthony Hall, Rocky Mount; Cozort, Janet Riley, Wilson, Ninth Row: Cranford, Dwight Little, Albemarle; Croter, Jomes Bruce, Jr., Chi Psi, Raleigh; Creech, Willord Grover, Kenly; Creuser, Kenton Bowers, Phi Gamma Delta, Avondale Estates, Go.; Crisp, Douglas Edward, Lenoir; Crone, William Gerald, Balfour. Page 88 JUNIORS O SH First Row: Cronson, John Lewis, Pi Lambdo Phi, New Rochelle, N. Y.; Cross, Edith Graham Yorborough, Gatesville; Crowell, Gordon Cameron, Chi Phi, Lin- colnton; Culbreth, Fay Hoyle, Phi Koppo Sigma, Spin- dale, D ' Aleo, Stella Diana, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Dameron, William Henry, Koppo Sigmo, Goldsboro. Second Row; Daniel, Mary Ellen, Coral Gables, Flo.; Daniels, Eugene O ' Brian, Merry Hill; Dantzler, Bobby Webber, Burlington; Dovis, Claire Ann, Aipho Chi Omega, Raleigh; Davis, James Sheldon, Alpha Phi Omego, Raleigh; Davis, K. Carroll, Albemarle. Third Row: Davis, Nancy Elizabeth, Roinelle, W. Va.; Davis, Sara Kate, Graham; Davis, William Lyie, Hen- derson; Doming, Joseph Ann, Cynthiana; Denson, Mil- lard Dalton, Burlington; Desmond, Joan Theresa, Char- lotte. Fourth Row: Dixon, Guy Paul, Phi Koppo Sigma, More- head City; Dover, E. Kathleen, Shelby; Dowd, Herbert R., Jr., Koppo Sigmo, Charlotte; Dunagan, Frank Havard, Lambda Chi Alpho, Ruthertordton; Early, Walter Jackson, Rocky Mount; Earnhardt, John C, Jr., Chapel Hill. Fifth Row: Eason, Leslie Frank, Jr., Snow Hill; Eason, Stella M., Tarboro; Ebert, G. Don, Pi Koppo Phi, Ker- nersville; Einstein, Arthur William, Jr., Zeta Beto Tou, State College, Pa.; Eisele, Dolores Margaret, Stotes- ville; Elam, William Ray, Candor. Sixth Row: Elliott, Som Holmes, Elizabeth City; Ellis, William Ward, Shelby; England, Harold Franklin, Kings Mountain; Ennis, Lloyd Burton, Phi Eto Sigmo, Pi De:to Phi, Salisbury; Entzminger, Margaret Bruns, Soo Paulo, S. Paulo, Brazil; Epps, Jerry Floyd, Chopel Hill. Seventh Rov Raleigh; Eva Eure, Thad Armie, Jr., Beta Theto Pi, ;, Andre, Ahoskie; Foggart, Billy Eugene, Concord; Faust, Helen DeEtte, Alpha Delto Pi, Ashe- boro; Fearing, Woodson B., Pi Koppo Alpha, Manteo; Fearrington, E. Lindsay, Phi Gamma Delto, Winston- Salem. Eighth Row: Ferguson, George Wagoner, Pi Koppo Alpha, Charlotte; Ferguson, William Michael, Jr., Sonford; File, Norman Luther, Salisbury; Fitzgerald, Henri Ann, Princeton; Fleming, Anne Weber, Raleigh; Fleming, William Benjamin, Cohagen, Montana. Ninth Row: Flowers, Jimmy Rogers, Clayton; Folger, Ann, High Point; Forrest, Phyllis Irene, Hillsboro; Foster, Rolph O ' Neil, Elon College; Fox, Bob M., Burlington; Fronk, Claire Louise, Delto Gommo, Mount Airy. Page 89 JUNIORS First Row: Fredere, Francis B., Beto Theto Pi, Council; Friedman, Charles Aryah, Tau Epsilon Phi, Baltimore, Md.; Frink, Ramono Lucille, Shalotte; Frostick, Wil- liam Leach, Koppa Psi, Maxton; Gallant, Sally Wesley, Raleigh; Gant, Joan Gray, Atlonta, Ga. Second Row: Gasque, Rosolyn Anne, Rockingham; Gauss, G. Edward, Jr., Zetc Psi, Wilson; Gentry, James Earl, Roxboro; George, Mary Lee, Asheville; Gerlach, Nancy Martha, Evanston, 111.; Gillespie, Charles Byrd, ' ille Third Row: Glotz, Russell Norman, Bloomfield, N. J.; Gleitz, Harold Dagner, Phi Kappa Sigma, Jacksonville; Glenn, Robert Wilson, Lambda Chi Alpha, Burlington; Glover, James B., Zeto Psi, Nashville; Godwin, Bobby Eugene, Erwin; Goforth, Bobby Camp, Phi Kappa Sigma, Rutherfordton. Fourth Row: Goldfarb, Carl, Tou Epsilon Phi, Char- lotte; Golightly, Horace Hugh, Jr., Charlotte; Gorhom, Robert Diggs, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Rocky Mount; Goswick, Charles Alexander, Durham; Grant, Vestal Adair, New Bern; Green, Janet Mac- Neill, Chapel Hill. Fifth Row: Green, Julius Alpheus, Beta Theto Pi, Thomasville; Green, Marvin Leon, Durham; Gregory, Arthur Wynns, Jr., Zeta Psi, Halifax; Gregory, Carl Reeves, Candler; Gresham, Alpheus Johnson, Jr., Dur- ham; Griffin, Archie Lee, Monroe. Sixth Row: Griffin, Maynard Stuart, Louisburg; Grimes, William Gardner, Smithfield; Grodsky, Leonard Herbert, Tou Epsilon Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Durham; Grogg, John Henry, Jr., Charlotte; Guiton, Ann Cameron, White- ville; Gulledge, James Lee, Jr., Pi Kappa Phi, Moncks Corner, S. C. Seventh Row: Gurley, Walter Dallas, Jr., Goldsboro; Gutierrez, Margaret Elizabeth, Chapel Hill; Habel, Marilyn, Alpha Delto Pi, Chapel Hill; Hockney, Eugene Walden, Kappa Psi, Sanford; Haire, Eddie Eldridge, High Point; Haire, Edgar Bennette, Elizabethtown. Eighth Row: Hall, Chorles Wilmo, Jr., Roxboro; Hall, Frank Wade, Asheville; Hall, Susannah, Garrett Park, Md.; Hamby, George Wotters, Salisbury; Hamilton, Donald James, Fairfield, Conn.; Hamilton, William Michael, Fairmont. Ninth Row: Hanes, John Jacob, Sigma Alpha EpsHon, Alpha s, Gastoi Phi Charlotte; Honey, James Low ton. Omega, G ' enwood; Hanna, Eugene J Hardeman, Louise Stone, Louisville, Ga.; Harles? Agnes Anne, Edenton; Harley, Donald Lee. Phi Delt. Theto, Hoddonfield, N. J. Page 90 JUNIORS First Row: Harmon, Robert Eugene, Raleigh; Harney, Beverly Ruth, Nyock, N. Y.; Harper, Thomas Win- gate, Snow Hill, Harris, George Davis, Henderson; Harris, Gerald S., Mt. Gileod; Horns, Janet, Raleigh. Second Row: Harrison, Mary Jane, Montgomery, Ala.; Harrison, Samuel Carlyle, Durham; Hart, Franklin Augustus, Jr., Alpha Tou Omega, Honolulu, Hawaii- Hart, Richard B., Phi Kappa Sigmo, Winston-Solem; Hart, Sidney Allen, Jr., Kinston; Hortsell, Charles J., Jr., Oakboro. Third Row: Hortsell, Luther Thompson, Koppo Sigma, Concord; Hortsell, Otis Junior, Konnopolis; Hortzog, Delores Ann, Raleigh; Hotley, Georgia Lee, Hudson; Howes, John R. B., Jr., Sigmo Phi Epsilon, Morganton; Hawks, William Atwood, III, Sigma Chi, Mt. Airy. Fourth Row: Hayes, Marion Jean, Durham; Heodlee, James Orndoff, Phi Mu Alpha, Asheville; Heorn. Tommy Alton, Mt Holly; Hedrick, Charles Wray, Lexington; Helms, John Robert, Albemorle; Helton, Charles Jerry, Yadkinville. Fifth Row: Hernondez, Francisco Ernesto, Choporro, Cuba; Hethcock, William H., Pi Delta Phi, Thomos- ville; Hicks, Buck Jones, Oxtord; Hicks, Jim Fuller, Phi Eto Sigmo, Laurens, S. C; Hicks, Mary Alice, Foison; Higgins, Chorles William, Jr., Phi Gommo Delta, Tabb, Va. Sixth Row: Hileman, Bernie Elizabeth, Konnopolis; Hill, Eugene Dovid, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Winston- Solem; Hobbs, John James, Jr., Norfolk, Vo.; Hollond, Dwight Myers, Union Grove; Hollemon, Jane Blue, Dublin, Go.; Holliday, Joseph Cory, Jr., Raleigh. Seventh Row: Hollifield, Bert Edison, Bostic; Holio- woy, James Howard, Trophill; Holmes, Elise Russell, Fernondino, Flo.; Holmes, Patricio Robbins, Scarsdole, N. Y.; Holomon, Lauro MocDonold, Raleigh; Holt, Andrew Seaton, III, Phi Eta Sigmo, Chapel Hill. Eighth Row: Holt, William Bruce, Jr., Durham; Homes, Gorlond Richord, Phi Gommo Delta, Washington; Honeycutt, Mortho Neol, Ook Ridge; Hood, Roger Alan, Chi Psi, Chestnut Hill, Po.; Hook, Robert Franklin, Koppo Sigmo, Raleigh; Horrell, Reginold Sidney, Elon College. Ninth Row: Horton, Phin, 111, St. Anthony Hall, Winston-Salem; Houghton, Anthony John, Newark, N. J.; House, Letitio Ann, Beaufort; House, Walter Odesly, Pi Koppo Alpho, Torboro; Howord, Charles Summerell, Charlotte; Howard, Wiley Perry, III, Fu- quay Springs. miuii dm Page 91 JUNIORS First Row: Hudgins, John Simeon, Phi Eta Sigma, Sunbury; Hughes, Robert Adam, Asheville; Hule, Anne Pressly, Warsaw; Humphrey, Vann Hillicrd, Jr., Greensboro; Humphreys, Luther Wade, Jr., Pi Kappa Phi, Raleigh; Hunter, Frank Patterson, Jr., Zeta Psi, Warrenton. Second Row: Hursh, Paul David, Port Washington, N. Y.; Ingle, John Robert, Siler City; Ingram, Samuel Talmoge, Sonford; Ivey, James Lindsey, Norwood; Jackson, Henry Clayton, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tarboro; Jockson, Joanne, Walloce. Third Row: Jc ickson. John Payne, Borne sville, Go; James, Robert Woyne , Elkir 1, Jenkins, Just ice, Shelby, Jente, Katherir le Ehzc }beth. Sigma Alpha Iota. Chapel Hill; J ernigan, Jerry O ' Dell , Dunn; Johnsc )n, Carolyn Miree, Norfolk, Va. Fourth Row: Johnson, Genni iter Owen, Bogota, Colom- bia, S. A., Johr ison, Thomos Milton, Cloytor i; Johnston, Bennie McBane ?, Grah lom; J ones, Alice Ver lable, Wor- renton , Jones, Jo Am 1, Wih ion; Jones, Newton Stuart, Winsto n-5alem. Fifth Row: Joyce, Samuel Irvin, Delta Sigma Pi, Raleigh, Justus, Larry Thomas, Dona; Kelley, John Lawrence, Sharpsville, Po.; Kelly, Patricia, Arlington, Va.; King, Gerald Wolker, Reidsville; King, Norma Evelyn, Chapel Hill. Sixth Row: King, W. Ward, Beaufort; Kirkman, Julian Max, Greensboro; Kirstein, Lillian Leonna, Black Moun- tain; Knighten, James Gordon, Asheville; Kocornik, Richard Wilburn, Alpha Tau Omega, West Orange, N. J.; Krimminger, Lament Drear, Kannapolis. Seventh Row: Kynoch, Rolph Kirklond, Phi Kappa Sig:no, Roxboro; Lackey, Norris Dixon, Jr, Kappa Alpha, Shelby; Lampert, Ronald Marvin, Zeta Beto Tau, Long Beoch, N. Y.; Londauer, Judy Ann, Red Hook, N. Y.; Lassiter, Cornelia, Rich Square; Latham, Joseph Roscoe, New Bern. Eighth Row: Laughter, Robert Gene, Albemarle; Low, Dottie Ellis, Greenville, 5. C; Leory, Billy Groy, Eden- ton; Lee, Jack Weldon, Albemarle; Lee, John Win- steod, Theta Chi. Rocky Mount; Lee, Katherine Curne, Lumberton. Ninth Row: Lee, William Pecrce, Fuquay Springs; Leek, Sara Frances, Thomosville; Lennon, Merwyn Cornelius, Jr., Anderson; Lenoir, Lucy Lundie, Lenoir; Leonard, David Brian, Wrightsville Beach; Leonard, Robert Cowan, Lombda Chi Alpha. Charlotte. Page 92 JUNIORS First Row: Lerner, Sammy, Pi Lambda Phi, Lincolnton; Laverette, Maurice Deane, Jr., Fayetteville; Levin, Ron, Tau Epsilon Phi, Williamston; Levine, Alvin Ellis, Tou Epsilon Phi, Rockingham; Lindley, Charles Clinton, Jr., Chapel Hill; Lindsey, Thomas Elmore, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Great Neck, N. Y. Second Row: Lindsey, Thomas Thelmar, Jr., Burling- ton; Linville, Mary Ruth, Winston-Salem; Little, Caro- lyn Joan, Concord; Little, Donald Jay, Alpho Koppa Psi, Charlotte; Littlejohn, William Lawrence, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Morganton; Long, Walter Nathaniel, Jr., Belmont. Third Row: Lowet, Henry Augustus, Alpha Phi Omega, Winston-Salem; Lowrey, Mary Louise, Atlonta, Go.; Lowry, Genevieve, Pembroke; Luckey, William Lee, Charlotte; Lynn, Clabe Webster, Jr., Petersburg, Va.; Lynn, Jennie Shermaine, Savannah, Ga. Fourth Row: Lyon, Gene Fleming, Phi Gamma Delta, Rocky Mount; Lyon, Herman Trevilian, Alpha Phi Omega, Durham; McCraw, Carl Greaves, Jr., Sigma Chi, Charlotte; McCulloch, Ann, Bluefield, W. Va.; McCune, Edwina Clark, Savannah, Ga.; McDonald, Betty Sue, Kershaw. Fifth Row: McElrath, John Philip, Block Mountain; McFall, Walter Thompson, Kappa Sigma, Asheville; McFalls, Vernon Wendell, Greensboro; McFarland, Bet- ty Jean, Martinsville, Va.; McGee, Fredrick Lee, Chapel Hill; McGehee, George Badger, Jr., Delta Up- si ' on. Chevy Chase, Md. Sixth Row: Mclnnis, Ernest Clewell, Pi Kappa Phi, Clio, 5. C; McLendon, John Aycock, Beta Theta Pi, Greensboro; McLeod, Betty Jean, Mebane; McMahon, Gerald Thomas, Asheville; McMillan, John Alexander, III, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte; McWhirter, Anne Shannon, Marshville. Seventh Row: Mack, Charles Lewis, Phi Mu Alpha, Mooresville; Major, Corwelia Gilbert, Hendersonville; Mangum, Lonnie Wyatt, Jr., Creedmoor; Mann, Etta Rose, Whiteville; Marbry, Don Lee, Badin; Mardre, George Lewis, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Windsor. Eighth Row: Marger, Bruce, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Coral Gables, Fla.; Markhom, Allan Whitlock, Sigma Chi, Chapel Hill; Marks, Catherine Rebecca, Wilmington; Martin, Elizabeth Anne, High Point; Mason, William Russell, New Bern; Martin, William Jomes, Kappa Alpha, Wrightsville Beach. Ninth Row: Mason, Paul DeWitt, Detroit, Mich.; Mas- see, Joanne Stewart, Atlanta, Go.; Masters, Janice Carol, Asheville; Mothis, Joan Way, Carthage; Mat- thews, Wade Bynum, Winston-Salem; Mattox, Frede- rick Taylor, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Smithfield. Page 93 JUNIORS p aVC ' - VJ •IP 1 r f j iO OO diM ' dM s 1 w 1 . 6 ' ' n f d A h Hiiy Xj mi. n A £Ji mmmiii .::s ? Jmm. ' ' fcirir. 7 n i " TT |: (f J . :■ a ib 1 .J M First Row: Mauldin, Thomas Watts, High Point; Max- well, Chorles King, Charlotte; May, Robert Glenn, Thomosville; Maydanis, Pete Nicholas, Charlotte; Maynord, Harriet Valerie, Fredericksburg, Vo-; May- nard, James Wolter, Phi Gomma Delto, Delta Phi Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Burlington. Second Row: Medlin, Thomas E., Smithfield; Meacham, Robert Barnord, Lambda Chi Alpha, Statesville; Mea- dows, Kenneth Hunter, Spring Creek; Mebane, Mar- garet Anne, Burlington; Medtord, Hugh Love, Jr., Greensboro; Menius, Mary Lucille, Monroe. Third Row; Mercer, Mary Lu, Baltimore, Md.; Mew- born, Ancel Clyde, La Grange; Mewborn, John Moses, Snow Hill; Meyer, Herbert I., Tou Epsilon Phi, Rich- mond, Va.; Meyer, Sura Fisher, Enfield; Miller, Baxter H , Jr Chi Ps Durhart Fourth Row: Miller, Billy Wilson, Morgonton; Mitchell, Donald Edward, Ahoskie; Mitchell, Edward Lee, Golds- boro; Moff, Jerome William, Pi Lambda Phi, Burling- ton; Molen, Robert Nelson, Greensboro; Montgomery, Ehse, New Haven, Conn. Fifth Row: Moore, Eileen Conroy, Norfolk, Va.; Moore, Grover William, Burlington; Moore, Helen Page, Charleston, S. C; Moore, John D., Phi Delto Theta, Wilson; Moore, Mock Allen, Jr., Wilmington; Moore, Roy Neol, Jr., Raleigh. Sixth Row: Moore, Sara Elizabeth, Wodesboro; Moore, Tommy Horte, Kannapolis; Moore, Victor Bailey, Jr., Phi Eta Sigma, Durham; Moorhead, Robert Burns, Jr., Gastonio, Morris, Robert Kenneth, Lambda Chi Alpha, Brevard; Morton, Calvin Luther, Jr., Albemarle. Seventh Row: Moser, Buell Edword, Sigma Chi, Burling- ton; Motto, Chorles Peter, Jr., Alpha Tou Omega, Fair Lawn, N. J.; Mountcaste, George Coon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Winston-So ' em; Mumow, Barbara Anne, Charlotte; Mundoy, Jerry Thomas, Mooresville; Mun- doy, John Rawls, Henderson. Eighth Row: Murad, Joseph Louis, Wilson; Murchison, Margaret Anne, Raleigh; Murray, Henry Voughn, Koppo Alpha, Burlington; Murray, Nancy Anne, Ra- leigh; Myers, Mary Catherine, Greensboro; Neal, Wil- liam Thomas, Jr., Greensboro. Ninth Row: Neol, Carolyn Hamilton, Asheville; Need- ham, Herbert Curtis, Pilot Mt.; Neighbors, William Kenneth, Jr., Benson; Nethery, Paul Arnold, Madison; Newlin, Velno Catherine, Haw River; Newton, Adrian Jefferson, Jr., Phi Delto Theta, Raleigh. Page 94 JUNIORS P -- a a a ' f f t 9 r f First Row: Nicholson, Annie Russell, Albrook A.F.B., Canal Zone; Nixon, Demetrios Theodore, Charlotte; Noneman, Walter Louis, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Ra- leigh; Norris, Geroldine Meredith, Greenville, S. C; Norris, Moureen King, BIytheville, Ark.; Novit, Mitchell Sheldon, Zeta Beto Tou, Wolterboro, S. C. Second Row: Oglesby, Harold Franklin, Lambda Chi Alpha, Kinston; Oldham, Floy Theodore, Chapel Hill; Oliver, Billy Reid, Lambda Chi Alpha, Raleigh; Oliver, Mory Keen, Chatham, Va.; Olsen, Daniel Duncan, Koppa Sigma, Chapel Hill; O ' Neol, Richard Kenneth, Phi Kappa Sigma, Charlotte. Third Row: O ' Neal, Wallace W., Creedmoor; Onley, Vernon, Elizobeth City; Pace, John Thomas Walter, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greenville; Roderick, Hatherly Cory, Kappa Psi, Pi Kappa Phi, Kinston; Podgette, Margaret Howard, Alpha Delta Pi, Chapel Hill; Par- ham, Lewis Hillsman, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpho, Char- lotte. Fourth Row: Parish, Joe Garvey, Chi Phi, Sumter, S. C; Parker, Gerald Corbett, Silverdate; Porromore, Thomas Custis, Winton; Parsons, Bette Belle, Jasper, Go.; Pate, Dewey Harris, Bayboro; Patterson, Archibald Leitch, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Moxton. Fifth Row: Patterson, John Richard, Beta Theto Pi, Greensboro; Patterson, Mary Elizabeth, Scotland Neck; Patterson, WiMiom Stacy, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Salis- bury; Potton, Charles Douglas, Lambda Chi Alpha, Charlotte; Paul, Mory Jo, Woshington; Powlik, Harry, Albemorle. Sixth Row: Peorsall, Harry, Zeto Psi, Rocky Mount; Peck, Nicholas Alborn, Kappa Sigma, Concord; Peck, Robert Brantley, Concord; Peddycord, John W., Winston-Salem; Pelzel, Miriam Priscillo, Charleston, W. Vo.; Penegor, Kenneth L., Kappa Sigma, Gastonia. Sevei nth Row : Perryr Tion , Nancy Anne, High Point; Philli ips, Han •y Herrr lan. Delta Upsilon, Greensboro; Phill ips. Lewi IS Alliso n. Chapel Hill; Phillips, Walter Ray, Hendersonville; Pr ice, John F., Elkin; Politis, Murr oy. Tau Epsilon Ph i, Greensboro. Eighth Row: Pope, Robert Moynard, Jr., Roanoke Rapids; Potts, Jerry N., Chi Phi, Franklin; Presson, Samuel David, Monroe; Pridgen, Edmond Wallace, Sigma Nu, Wilson; Pntchett, James Ronald, Creswell; Prugh, John Lawrence, Charlotte. Ninth Row: Pruss, Barry Gordon, Lambda Chi Alpha, Scotch Plains, N. J.; Pugh, Roeford Theodore, Ashe- boro; Putzki, Pauletta Stirling, Alpha Gamma Delta, Washington, D. C; Robhan, Harold Jerome, Tau Epsilon Phi, High Point; Rader, Daniel Wetmore, Delta Upsilon, Burlington; Randall, Robert Noble, Lincolnton. Page 95 JUNIORS First Row: Rathert, Burton Stewort, Winston-Salem; Ratlitf, Margaret Jean, Chesterfield, S. C; Raymer, Rose Mane, Statesville; Redmon, Aubrey Wilford, Alpha Koppo Psi, Leaksville; Rendleman, Jotin Luther, Lambda Chi Alpha, Salisbury; Rhodes, Erskine Lee, Dallas. Second Row: Rhodes, Richard Vance, Raleigh; Ricks, Garland S., Conway; Ridge, Jerrold Alison, Pi Koppo Phi, Norfolk, Va.; Rigas, Sam C, Charlotte; Roberson, Nothon Russell, Robersonville; Roberts, Franz Joseph, Sigma Nu, Alpho Phi Omega, Hillsboro. Third Row: Roberts, John Moson, Sigma Nu, Hillsboro; Roberts, Neill Alexander, Fairfield; Roberts, Parks Allen, Elkin; Robertson, Jenkins Mikell, Phi Eto Sigma, Matthews; Robinson, Ernest Linwood, Wilmington; Robinson, Jack Richard, Valdese. Fourth Row: Rodman, Patricia Blount, Norfolk, Va.; Rogers, Edith Lillian, Wilmington; Rose, Sara Williams, Pi Beta Phi, Chopel Hill; Rowe, Arthur R., Aberdeen; Rowe, David, Alpha Tou Omega, Hyattsville, Md.; Ruffin, William Haywood, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Durham. Fifth Row: Rufty, Jerry D., Salisbury; Russell, Joan Anita, Kenmore, N. Y.; Samonds, John Patrick, Phi Delta Theta, Durham; Sampson, Herman Arthur, Jr., Greensboro; Samuel, D. George, Jr., Winston-Salem; Sanders, Helen Boykin, Charlotte. Sixth Row: Sonford, James Kenneth, Enka; Sopp, Richard Stewart, Alpha Phi Omega, Reynolda; Sotter- field, Neil Boydston, Chi Phi, Atlanta, Ga.; Sawyer, John Richard, Burlington; Scarborough, William Kauff- mon, Annapolis, Md.; Schenck, Jomes Simpson, III, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Greensboro. Seventh Row: Schild, Arnold Frederick, Tou Epsilon Phi, Conway, S. C; Schindel, Sally Lee, Delta Delta Delta, Hagerstown, Md.; Scoggin, Marvin Gordon, Union Mills; Scott, Anne M., New York, N. Y.; Scott, Betty Jean, Rocky Point; Scott, Charles Prioleau, Kappa Sigmo, Graham. Eighth Row: Seabrook, Charles Cunningham, Pi Kappa Phi, Charleston, S. C; Seaman, Peter George, Jr , Alpha Tou Omega, Warrenton; Seawell, Howard Car- ter, Jr., Sigma Chi, Asheboro; Seawell, Pat Griffin, Winston-Salem; Shaw, Nancy Carolyn, Pi Beta Phi, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Shelton, Charles William, May- field, Ky. Ninth Row: Sherrill, N. Webb, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bloomfield, N. J.; Shields, Julia Elizabeth, Alpha Delto Pi, Chapel Hill; Shore, Donald Hughes, Yodkin- ville; Showfety, Raymond Richard, Greensboro; Sibley, Tommy Edward, Phi Mu Alpha, Albemarle; Sides, Martin Ray, Concord. Ml Page 96 First Row: Silvers, Grace Pickard, Chapel Hill; Silvers, Howord Eliot, Pi Lombda Phi, Baltimore, Md.; Simpson, William Booth, Jr., Sigma Alpho Epsilon, Winston- Salem; Sizemore, William Richard, Graham; Skidmore, Bobby G., Alpha Kappa Psi, Charlotte; Sloan, Ben Leroy, Charlotte. Second Row: Sluder, Gary Adkins, Theto Chi, Leicester, Smethurst, Wood, Alpha Tau Omega, Raleigh; Smith, Charles James, Jr., Raleigh; Smith, Kenneth Royster, Jr., Zeto Psi, Raleigh; Smith, Potty Lou, Chi Omega, Hartford, W. Va.; Smith, Stanley Robert, Sigma Nu, Virginia Beach, Vo. Third Row: Smith, Thomas Ben, Jr., Liberty; Smith, Zebulon Vance, Jr., Concord; Smithwick, OIlie Macon, Pi Kappa Alpha, Greenville, S. C; Somerville, Louise, Minter City, Miss.; Souder, Thelma Louise, Westfield, N. J.; Southern, Lewis M., Kernersville. Fourth Row: Spongier, C. Dixon, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte; Sporrow, Nathaniel Louis, Chapel Hill; Stacy, Robert Pinckney, Jr., Hertford, Conn.; Stahle, Arno Wilhelm, Asheville; Starr, Harold M., Zeta Bcto Tau, Jersey City, N. J.; Stearns, Clyde Casey, Jr., Conover. Fifth Row: Stephens, Car Dixon, Lumberton; Stephen- son, Glendel Ulus, Erwin; Stewart, Anne Marsholl, Sewonee, Tenn.; Stewart, Joseph Benjamin, Jr., Morsh- vllle; Stewart, Mary Louise, Salisbury; Stewart, Mary Porks, Woodruff, S. C. Sixth Row: Stinson, Ivo Nichols, Chapel Hill; Stockord, John Roger, Greensboro; Stoltz, Walter Alexander, Rural Hall; Stone, Florence Jane, Wrightsville Beach; Stone, James Cecil, Lumberton; Stone, Kotherine June, Arnold, Md. Seventh Row: Story, William Robert, Wilkesboro; Stout, Charles Wolter, High Point; Stout, Mary Anno, Scott, Miss.; Strange, Chorles Gilbert, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Burlington; Strause, Samuel Lewis, Tau Epsilon Phi, Charlotte; Strauss, Alfred Cormichoel, Pi Koppo Phi, Rangoon, Burma. Eighth Row: Street, Lucy Ann, Delta Delta Delta, Chapel Hill; Strickland, George Wier, Alpha Koppo Psi, Liberty; Sturm, Milton Stanley, Jr., Beta Theto Pi, Greensboro; Suddreth, Elizabeth Ervin, Roeford; Sugg, Herbert Taylor, Kappa Sigma, Kinston; Sugg, Winfred Lindley, Sigma Nu, Snow Hill. Ninth Row: Swain, Robert Stephen, Washington, D. C: Sweeney, John Henry, Wilmington; Tanner, Eugene Simpson, Jr., Rutherfordton; Taylor, Barbara Gebert, Gulfport, Miss.; Taylor, Elinor Louise, Atlanta, Go.; Taylor, John Edmund Cecil, Phi Eta Sigma, Wheeling, W. Va. Page 97 JUNIORS First Row: Taylor, Richard LeRoy, Raleigh; Teeter, James Arthur, Jr., Concord; Temple, Joseph Alton, Jr., Selma; Tesler, Stanley Arnold, Fayetteville; Thomas, Perley Andrew, Phi Delta Theta, High Point; Thomp- son, Jennings Jid, Jr., Sigma Alpfia Epsilon, Atlanta, Ga. Second Row: Thompson, Wesley Adolphus, Jr., Winston- Salem; Thorp, Herbert Holden, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Rocky Mount; Tilles, Harvey George, Tou Epsilon Phi, High Point; Tilley, Hilton Roy, Winston-Salem; Toled- ano, Ben Casanas, Delta Kappa Epsilon New Orleans, La.; Torrence, Dale Owen, Cornelius. Third Row: Townsend, John LeRoy, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Lumberton; Townsend, Thatcher L., Jr., Beta Theta Pi, Greensboro; Traynham, Harriet Raines, Worrenton; Turlington, Virginia Anne, Dunn; Tyndall, Richard Nathan, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Kinston; Under- wood, Ann Eliza, Latrobe, Pa. Fourth Row: Vance, James Isaac, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon, Greensboro; Van Den Arend, Hood, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Philadelphia, Pa.; Valentine, Benedict Charles, Bronxville, N. Y.; Veach, Everett Kermit, Pi Koppo Phi, Scotland Neck; Vestal, Lynda J., Liberty; Vinson, Ray Williams, Ahoskie. Fifth Row: Wagstaff, Lewis Jackson, Roxboro; Walker, Betty Jean, Roopville, Ga.; Walker, Joseph Warren, Chi Phi, Charlotte; Wallace, Mary Kotherine, Goshen, N. Y.; Walters, Rives Millard, Roxboro; Wannomaker, Betty Lou, Pickens, S. C. Sixth Row: Warren, Jesse Lanier, Greensboro; Watkins, Irvine B., Jr., Henderson; Watkins, Lou Ann, Koppo Delta, Henderson: Watts, Helen Lee, Alpha Chi Omega, Charlotte; Wayne, Edward Anthony, Jr., Rich- mond, Va.; Waynick, Thomas Albert, Greensboro. Seventh Row; Weatherspoon, Van Louis, Phi Delto Theto, Durham; Welch, Earl Parks, Jr., Winston- Salem; Wells, Kenneth Maxie, Fayetteville; Wescott, John Wise, Richmond, Va.; Whaley, William Grondy, Jr., Elizabeth City; Whisonont, Joy Laurice, Belmont. Eighth Row: Whisper, Robert Stephen, Washington, D. C; White, James Redmond, Theto Chi, Carolina Beach; White, James Samuel, Statesville; White, Michael Moeushlo, Lumberton; Whiteman, Virginia, Atlonto, Ga.; Whitton, James G., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lorchmont, N, Y. Ninth Row: Widoff, Duke, Alpha Tou Omega, Deer- field, III.; Wiggs, Bobby Gene, Goldsboro; Wilkes, James Thomas, Lambda Chi Alpha, Harvey, 111.; Wilkinson, Jim Thomas, Jr., Scotland Neck; Wilks, Winton George, Jr., Pi Koppo Phi, Richmond, Va.; Williams, Florence Ann, Washington. Page 98 JUNIORS First Row: Williams, Richard Franklin, Johns; William- son, Jean Bethell, Asheville; Williford, Constance, Plymouth; Willis, James Millard, Davis. Second Row: Wilson, Cecil H., Black Mountain; Wilson, Clinton Ward, Chapel Hill; Wilson, Henry V. P., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Dover, Del.; Wilson, William Alexander, Lambda Chi Alpha, Raleigh. Third Row: Wimbish, Charles Thomas, Stoneville; Win- ders, Janyce Wilkinson, Kenly; Wood, Elizabeth Roberts, Kappa Delta, Edenton; Wood, Ellen Elizabeth, Princeton, N. J. Fourth Row: Wood, Matthew Thomas, Pi Kappa Alpha, Enfield; Wood, Sara, Takoma Pork, Md.; Woodard, Billy Thomos, Selmo; Woods, Wilson O., Phi Kappa Sigma, Charlotte. Fifth Row: Wooten, Dal F., Lee, Tarboro; Worthington, Wrenn, Elinor, Greensboro. Workman, Sylvia no, Pikeville, Ky.; Sixth Row: Wrenn, Williom James, Hillsboro; Wright, James Zebulon, Shelby; Wright, Robert Lee, Phi Delta Theto, Charlotte; Wright, Sandra Penn, Winston-Salem. Seventh Row: Yale, George Maynord, Traphill; Yates, Charles William, Kappa Alpha, Burlington; Yeorley, Jane E., Kappa Alpho Theta, Oak Park, III.; Yelverton, Charles Herbert, Smithfield. Eighth Row: Yolkey, Jo Ann, Mount Airy; Yopp, Wal- ter Edward, III, Theta Chi, Wilmington; York, Robert Allan, Spencer; Younts, James Ronald, High Point. Ninth Row: Zachory, Morcia Anne, Salisbury; Zimmer- man, Charles Albert, Jr., Asheboro. Page 99 SOPHOnOflES " One rebuff shall not dishearten me. With the help of the gods I will enter the Thoughtery and learn myself. How can all these fine distinctions, these subtleties be learned? Come, show me what profit I shall gain from it. It is with a purpose that I play this idiot ' s role. — Aristophanes Manning is framed by new construction on west campus. ► TOM CREASY President GORDON FORESTER, JR. Trea5;;rer DAVID YOUNG Social Chairman SOPHOMORES ITTHpip r _ 1 i ' fej f S ' First Row: Abeles, Elliott, High Point; Abercrombie, Billy Joe, Mt. Holly; Addington, Larry Holbrook, Asheville; Adelsheim, Richard Niles, Zeto Beto Tou, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Aderholdt, David William, Sigma Phi Epsilon Charlotte; Alala, Joseph Basil, Jr., Greensboro. Second Row: Aldridge, Robert Davis, Lambda Chi Alpha, Burlington; Anderson, Harry Vernon, Jr., Sigma Chi, Ashe- boro; Anderson, Mary, Durham; Anderson, Thomas A., Morgonton; Andrews, Clinton Toms, Jr., Theta Chi, Hickory; Andrews, William David, Augusta, Go. Third Row: Angell, Donald Gray, Winston-Salem; Annas, Loyd L., Vcldese; Arledge, Jerry Monroe, Kappa Alpha, N. Y. C, N. Y.; Armstrong, Darrell Franklin, Roanoke Rapids; Armstrong, James Bentley, Hudson; Ayscue, Edwin Osborne, Jr., Koppa Alpha, Phi Etc Sigma, Monroe Fourth Row: Bader, Allen Louis, Louisville, Ky.; Bofford, Joseph Edmonds, Phi Eta Sigma, Lexington; Bailey, Arthur Maurice, Cornelius; Baker, William H., Phi Delta Theta, Tryon; Banner, John E., Jr., Kappo Sigma, Mt. Airy; Berkley, Karl Lee, Raleigh. Fifth Row: Barlowe, Bob Chester, Lenoir; Barnes, James LucQs, Jr., Zeto Psi, Wilson; Barnes, William Edwin, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Wilson; Barrus, Alhcn Kingsley, Kinston; Boss, Arch Lewis, Phi Koppa Sigma, Durham; Bates, Louis, Pi Lambdo Phi, Greensboro. Sixth Row: Baynes, Lacy Gilmer, Greensboro; Beam, David R., Shelby; Beam, Everette Eugene, Shelby; Beamer, Arthur Franklin, Mt. Airy; Beaver, Ralph Grady, Asheville; Belcher, Job Oscar, Jr., Norfolk, Vo. Seventh Row: Bell, Robert Fowler, Lambdo Chi Alpha, Washington; Bell, Walter Enos, Jr., Durham; Benison, Charles Ray, Mt. Airy; Berger, Martin Allen, Zeto Beta Tou, New York, N. Y.; Berry, Fronk K., Morgonton; Bibb, James Wesley, Salisbury. Eighth Row: Blackwelder, Maurice Waters, Mooresville; Bloir, Donna Lee, Winston-Salem; Bloke, James Fred, Htllsboro; Blanton, Eugene Blair, Gostonia; Bloylock, Sara Catherine, New Bern; Block, Peter Harold, Zeto Beto Tou, Pittsburgh, Pa. Ninth Row: Bolden, Donald Eugene, Burlington; Bonordi, Louie Elorio, Jr., Durham; Bonduront, Marvin Vernon, Reidsville; Booth, Ernest Spurgeon, Jr., Durham; Bostian, Philip E., Landis; Branscomb, Ralph Edmond, Winston- Salem. Tenth Row: Brantley, Charles Robert, Nashville; Browner, Wilhom Tyler, Zeto Psi, Washington, D. C; Bray, Eugene Edward, Reidsville; Bridges, Thomas Howard, Shelby; Bristol, James David, Andrews; Brock, Clayton Ackiss, Bailey. Page 102 SOPHOMORES First Row: Brooks, Cyrus Lee, Alpho Phi Omega, High Point; Brown, Ernest Charles, Greensboro; Browne, Herbert Howard, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Columbia, 5. C; Brum- ley, Seth Vernon, Jr., Stotesville; Bryant, Alfred S., Zeta Psi, Durham; Bryant, John Walden, Zeto Psi, Spartanburg, S. C. Second Row: Buckner, John Herbert, Greensboro; Bunch, Elbert Rosser, Jr., Tyner; Bunch, John Herman, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Clinton; Burbridge, Henry Clinton, Chi Phi, Jacksonville, Fla.; Burgess, James Vance, Burlington; Burke, William Levi, III, Burlington. Third Row: Burnett, Julian Hubert, Burgaw; Burnhom, Alon, Zeta Beta Tau, Atlanta, Ga.; Burrell, Joseph Wes- ley, Washington, D. C; Burns, Franklin Caldwell, Lexing- ton; Bussey, J. Hubert, Chapel Hill; Butler, Ira Daniel, Jr., Rowland. Fourth Row: Buyer, Eugene Robert, Zeta Beto Tau, East Orange, N. J.; Byerly, Robert Dalton, Jr., Beta Theta Pi, Winston-Salem; Bynum, Borbora Ann, Chapel Hill; Byrum, Robert Merriell, Elizabeth City; Callicutt, Richard Douglas, Thomasville; Collihan, Herbert Aldon, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Calvert, William Morse, Pi Kappa Alpha, Norfolk, Va.; Cameron, Bradley James, Winston-Salem, Campbell, Edward T., Wilson; Campbell, Jerry Austin, Alpha Phi Omega, Pi Kappa Phi, Taylorsville; Canadoy, Maurice Lewis, Four Oaks; Cantieri, Thomas B., Lynch- burg, Va. Sixth Row: Capps, James Spencer, Rocky Mount; Capps, Ronald Emmett, Rocky Mount; Carroll, Philip Edward, Reidsville; Chandler, Lynn Fage Horris, Morrisville; Chap- man, Hugh McMaster, Zeta Psi, Spartanburg, S. C; Chappell, Richard Gray, Winston-Salem. Seventh Row: Chaseman, Stephen Joseph, Miami Beach, Flo.; Clark, William Grimes, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Tarboro; Clause, William Clarence, Sanford, Fla.; Clemmons, Roland Elbert, Atlanta, Go.; Clinard, Lorenzo Theodore, Clem- Barbara Gwen, Chapel Hill. Eighth Row: Cloud, Russell Walker, Reidsville; Cobb, Her- man, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Atlanta, Go.; Coble, Floyd Gadland, Jr., Chi Phi, Greensboro; Cochrane, Robert Shorpe, Laurinburg; Colbert, Robert Stephen, Tou Epsilon Phi, Omega Gamma Mu loto, Washington, D. C; Cole, John Willard, Phi Delta Theto, Oak Park, III. Ninth Row: Collins, Ben Kenneth, Hillsboro; Colvard, Patsy Proctor, Durham; Connell, Charles Avery, Pi Kappa Phi, Raeford; Conrad, Wallace Hedrick, Greensboro; Cooper, David Booth, Alpha Tou Omega, Washington, D. C; Cooper, Donald Hamilton, Jr., Alexandrio Va. Tenth Row: Coor, Vinton K., Pii bert Malcolm, Tyner; Covingto Wadesboro; Cowan, Cecil Edm Horace Baxter, Washington; Co: boro. e Level; Copeland, Cuth- 1, Benjamin McLauchlin, jnd, Morganton; Cowell, , James Gregory, Greens- p r Page W3 SOPHOMORES First Row: Crawford, Edward Kochtitzky, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Winston-Solem; Creasy, Thomas Claiborne, Sigma Alpha Epsiion, Gretna, Vo.; Creech, Mock Richardson, Pi Koppa Phi, Wendell; Crews, James Phillip, Winston-Solem; Crohn, Max Henry, Jr., Pi Lambda Phi, Asheville; Crouch, James Garlond, Phi Gamma Delto, Jacksonville. Second Row; Croxton, Richard Archer, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Danville, Vc; Crumpton, James Slode, Roxboro; Daniels, John William, Asheville; Daniels, Ronald Moore, Sea Level; Donn, Carl, III, Phi Delta Theto, Orlando, Fla.; Darnell, Louis Arthur, Astoria, Ore. Third Row: Dovis, Bette L., Morganton; Dawson, Robert William, Rego Pork, N. Y.; Deane, Henry Thomos, Albe- marle; Dees, Franklin Elliott, Bayboro; Dever, Robert James, Greensboro; Deviney, Robert Otis, Lambda Chi Alpho, Spindale. Fourth Row: Diamond, Benjamin Arnold, Charlotte; Dick- erson, Mark 0., Zeto Psi, Rutherfordton; Dillingham, James Richard, Phi Gamma Delta, Winterville; Dixon, Wyatt Thomas, Phi Kappa Sigma, Durham; Dodson, Glenn Douglas, Jr., Lumberton; Dodson, Jesse Richard, Raleigh. Fifth Row: Dormire, Herman Floyd, Virginia Beach, Va.; Doughtry, John Terence, Key West, Flo.; DuBose, John McNeely, Sigma Alpha Epsiion, Chapel Hill; Dulin, Max Wade, Spray; Eberle, Robert K., Lombdo Chi Alpho, Ashe- ville; Edwards, Jack, Tau Epsiion Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Miami Beach, Flo. Sixth Row: Edwards, Philip Franklin, Chodbourn; Edwards, Robert Wheless, Louisburg; Edwards, Virginia Dare, Dur- ham; Elliott, David Robert, Asheboro; Elliott, William, Sigma Alpha Epsiion, Jacksonville, Fla.; Ershler, Morton Horold, High Point. Seventh Row: Etheridge, Richard Winston, Bailey; Eure, Linwood W., Chapel Hill; Evans, Charles Kelly, Boardman; Everton, Robert Stuart, Columbia; Farmer, Robert Leon, Smithfield; Forror, Lloyd Phillip, Clemson, S. C. Eighth Row: Farrell, Robert Allen, Troy; Farris, Charles Jacob, Charlotte; Fetzer, Williom Douglos, Rocky River, Ohio; Finch, James Phillips, Delta Upsilon, Richmond, Va.; Fisher, Otis Norwood, Bladenboro; Fitch, Roy B., Jr., Alpha Tau Omega, Chapel Hill. Ninth Row: Fleishman, Joel Lawrence, Foyetteville; Flem- ing, William Holt, Alpha Tau Omega, Raleigh; Flowers, Billy Roderick, Clayton; Forester, J. Gordon, Jr., Wilkes- boro. Fowler, Henry Lee, Jr., Mt. Holly; Fox, Jomes Poss, Sigma Chi, Charlotte. Tenth Row: Froneberger, Pinkivey Carroll, Jr., Gastonia; Frucci, Allen LeRoy, Pi Koppa Phi, Jacksonville; Fuller, Edwin Wood, Liberty; Furches, James Johnson, Clemmons; Purr, Carl Augustus, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsiion, Concord; Fyfe, William David, Alpha Phi Omega, Corrboro. Page 104 SOPHOMORES f l First Row: Garner, William Darrell, High Point; Geiger, Don Weng, Kappa Alpha, Tampa, Flo.; Gess, William Bush, Jr., Zeta Psi, Lexington, Ky.; Gibson, Sam Bryce, High Point; Giles, John Burke, Lexington; Gill, Newell Thomas, Winston-Salem. Second Row: Golding, J. C, Winston-Salem; Goldstein, Donald Matthew, Tau Epsilon Phi, Norfolk, Va.; Gonella, John Felix, Jr., Fronklinton; Gooch, John DeWitt, Greens- boro; Goodman, Al Jack, Jr., Pi Lambda Phi, Asheville; Goodman, Ronald Byrd, Theta Chi, Charlotte. Third Row: Grady, Earle Keith, Lancaster, S. C; Groy, Carroll Osborn, Amagansett, N. Y.; Greene, William Marion, Phi Gamma Delta, Robersonville; Gregory, Miles Cunningham, Zeto Psi, Halifax; Grindstaff, Boyce Fred, Forest City; Gumpert, Peter, Pi Lambda Phi, Asheville. Fourth Row: Gunter, Eugene Burke, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Homlet; Guthrie, Richard Edward, Jr., Beta Theta Pi, Winston-Solem; Gwynn, John Minor, Jr., Sigma Nu, Chapel Hill; Hodlow, Harold David, Rocky Mount; Hafer, Frede- rick Eugene, Pi Kappa Alpha, Newton; Hale, Pawnee Nathan, Greensboro. Fifth Row: Hallden, Richard Charles, Fort Douglas, Utah; Hamrick, Frederick Delmar, Sigma Nu, Rutherfordton; Handel, Samuel D., Philadelphia, Pa,; Harder, Jon Shan- non, Greensboro; Harding, William Malcolm, Cono; Hardi- son, Edward Hooper, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Wadesboro. Sixth Row: Hardison, Wesley Jewel, Plymouth; Harroll, Richard F., Phi Delta Theta, Towson, Md.; Harris, Carl Roger, Pilot Mountain; Harris, Donold Philip, High Point; Horns, Frank Meetze, Phi Kappa Sigma, Lincolnton; Har- ris, George Baxter, Hickory. Seventh Row: Harris, Harvey Max, Gorysburg; Harris, Patsy Mitchiner, Chapel Hill; Horns, Richard Horris, High Point; Harrison, Edward Nelson, Eagle Springs; Haw- field, Beverley Mason, Pi Kappa Alpha, Washington, D. C; Hoyes, Johnny Green, Hampton, Va. Eighth Row: Haynsworth, Hugh Chorles, III, Beto Theta Pi, Sumter, S. C; Heorne, John Wesley, Charleston, W. Va.; Hedgpeth, Benjamin Corroll, Henderson; Heemonn, Paul Warren, Phi Delta Theta, Baltimore, Md.; Heinz, George Albert, Sparta; Helms, Somuel Horace, Charlotte. Ninth Row: Henley, Robert Alan, Kappo Sigma, Raleigh; Herzog, Seymour, New York, N. Y.; Higdon, Milton Lee, Fronklin; Higgins, Anthony Dughi, Cory; Hilton, Charles Laroy, Hickory; Hinnant, Renfrow S., Lucamo. Tenth Row: Hitchings, Horace Edgar, Raleigh; Hoggard, Richard Norfleet, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Ahoskie; Hol- comb, Trumon Thomas, Jr., Phi Koppo Sigma, Winston- Salem; Holt, Mrs. Doris Brown, Torboro; Holt, Glendale Bowen, Erwin; Hon, Truemon Louis, Jr., Pi Kappo Alpho, Fayetteville. Page 105 SOPHOMORES First Row: Hood, John J., Jr., Lumberton; Hooper, Fred V., Burlington; Hoover, Richard Lindsay, Winston-Salem; Hoover, Thomas Henry, Jr., Charlotte; Hopkins, Edmund B., Pi Kappa Phi, Winston-Salem; Hopper, James Sidney, Jr., Gastonio. Second Row: Horner, Bill Bowen, Southern Pines; Horton, Donald Bernard, Concord; Houch, Charles Weston, Kappa Alpha, Florence, S. C; Hough, Alfred L., Charlotte; Houlder, Monty Stuort, Jr., Raleigh; Howard, Kenneth Van, Reidsville. Third Row: Howard, Willord Munrow, Jr., Kannapolis; Howell, Charles Francis, Chapel Hill; Howell, Leonard James, Oakboro; Hoyle, Richard Alvin, Lincolnton; Hoyt, Charles Tayloe, Jr., Phi Gamma Delto, Washington; Hud- son, Blake P., Kings Mountain. Fourth Row: Huey, Joseph Michael, Mt. Gilead; Huff, William T., Sigma Alpho Epsilon, Charlotte; Hughes, Robert Kyle, Wilmington; Hummel, Leslie Ray, Durhom; Hunt, David Webster, Columbia, S. C; Husbands, Herman H., Chapel Hill. Fifth Row: Huss, Gloria, Thomosville; Huss, Gwenlyn, Thomasville; Hutchins, Fred Strickland, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Winston-Salem; Hutchins, Jimmie Oliver, Winston- Salem; Hyott, Robert Perry, Cherokee, Hyde, Jerry Jack- son, Jacksonville, Fla. Sixth Row: Hylton, Jone Romelle, High Point; Ibrahom, Bryson Coy, Winston-Salem; Ingle, Jerome Silas, Jr., Mai- den; Ingram, C. Blake, Asheville; Irvin, Henry D., Enka; Irvin, James Morrison, Midland. Seventh Row: Irvin, John LaFayette, Bcto Theta Pi, Greens- boro; Irvin, William Arnold, Midland; Isaacson, Henry H., Zeto Beto Tau, Greensboro; Jacobs, Anne Cheek, Chapel Hill; James, Thomas Snow, Elkin; Jenkins, Edward F., Kappa Psi, Burlington. Eighth Row: Jewell, Edwin Smith, Wilmington; Johnson, Alan Froncis, Jamestown; Johnson, Edward Stokes , Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Chapel Hill; Johnson, Joab Fredierick, Burgaw; Johnson, Joseph Allen, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Ayden; Johnson, Sherrill Hooks, Smithfield. Ninth Row: Jones, Floyd, Jr., Durham; Jones, Franklin Lee, Littleton; Jones, Robert Tyree, Phi Kappa Sigma, Durham; Jones, Sam Henry, Waynesville; Jones, Wilbur David, Jr., Wilmington; Jordan, Ralph Martin, Kappo Alpha, Concord. Tenth Row: Joyner, Walton Kitchin, Zeto Psi, Phi Eto Sigma, Raleigh; Joyner, William Gront, Como; Katz, Bradley David, Warsaw; Kendrick, Aubrey Earl, Lambda Chi Alpha, Charlotte; Kerdasha, Ronald Williom, North Bergen, N. J.; Kesler, Robert C, Jr., Greensboro. Page 106 SOPHOMORES First Row: Kindig, Robert Russell, Plainfield, N. J.; Kipka, Earl M., Mooresville; Krser, Henry Lester, Bessemer City; Kurolt, Charles, St. Anthony Holl, Phi Eta Sigma, Char- lotte; Kushinsky, Raymond Richard, Toms River, N. J.; Lambeth, Robert Lee, Zeta Psi, Thomasville. Second Row: Lang, Melvin Edward, Ayden; Laws, Jerry Holt, Durham; Lee, William Osborne, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Lumberton; LeGwin, Jere L. M., Fayettevllle; Lehmann, James Hugh, Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, EInora, N. Y.; Leonard, Rueben Yvonne, Sigma Phi Epsi- lon, Greensboro. Third Row: Levinson, Gary Lochman, Tou Epsilon Phi, Gastonia; Lewis, James Oliver, Fayetteviile; Lewis, James Robert, Jr., Asheviile; Lewis, John Gray, Statesviiie; Lewis, Miriam Lillian, Chapel Hill; Liles, Max Edword, Bailey. Fourth Row: Link, Norns Wilford, Jr., Winston-Salem; Linker, Robert Polk, Alpho Phi Omega, Chapel Hill; Lip- man Fred Jay, Washington, D. C; Lofquist, William Augustus, Asheviile; Loftin, William Isler, Jr., Beaufort; Logsdon, Rodger Clement, Chapel Hill. Fifth Row: Long, Robert McDonald, Concord; Long, Thomas Hill, Phi Etc Sigma, Statesviiie; Longest, James Nosco, III, Goldsboro; Love, Warren Grey, Phi Kappa Sigma, Mt. Airy; Lovelace, James Bailer, Jr., Phi Gamma Delto, High Point; Lowe, Thomos John, Pi Kappa Phi, Midway Park. Sixth Row: Lowthrop, Carl F., Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Dur- ham; McCallum, James Archibald, Pi Kappa Phi, Haddon Heights, N. J.; McCaskill, John Malcolm, Durham; Mc- Cauley, Paul Gilbert, Jr., Fayetteviile; McCormick, Guy Pitman, McDonalds; McCoy, William Octavious, Snow Hill. Seventh Row: McDade, James Dennis, Statesviiie; Daniel, John Lewis, Gibsonville; McDermott, Paul Jc Chapel Hill; McGoogan, Charles Stalvey, Lambda Aipho, St. Pauls; Mclntyre, Baxter Grady, Ellerbe; Kinney, George Casey, Marshall. Eighth Row: McLomb, Kenneth Norwood, Dunn; McLeod, George Holliday, Kappa Alpha, Florence, S. C; McMichoel, Peter Dillard, Jr., Beta Theto Pi, Reidsville; McMillan, Zebulon Vance, Jr., Red Springs; Mackie, Anne Galloway, Chi Omega, Chapel Hill; MocMillon, George James, III, Zeta Psi, Raleigh. Ninth Row: MocRoe, James Cameron, Delta Kappa Epsi- lon, Fayetteviile; Madden, Arthur Allen, Pi Kappa Alpha, Columbia, S. C; Maddry, Robert Lawrence, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Lumberton; Mollett, Reginald, II, South Bend, Ind.; Wongum, Addison Goodloe, Gastonia; Mann, Lynn Senter, Phi Eta Sigma, Lillington. Tenth Row: Marcinko, Stephen Charles, Theto Chi, Johns- town Pa.; Marks, Benjamin Sanford, Jr., Greensboro; Marx, Albert, Zeta Beta Tou, Atlanta, Go.; Massie, Robert Eugene, Woynesville; Matthews, Williom Mock, Burling- ton; Merritt, Janet Marie, Chapel Hill. Page 107 SOPHOMORES First Row: Metcalfe, Charles Harold, Forest City; Millen, Pressly McAuley, Phi Delta Theta, Charlotte; Miller, Nathan Groy, Mocksville; Miller, Stuart Norfleet, Winston- Salem; MHIigan, Ronnie Rich, Fayetteville; Mitchell, Den- nis Russell, Sigmo Chi, Beaver, Po. Second Row: Moore, Paul Milton, Block Creek; Moore, Saunders Winston, Sigma Nu, Burlington; Moose, Frank Hoy, Jr., Concord; Moreton, Thomas Perkins, Kappa Alpha, Biloxi, Miss.; Morgan, Arlene, Morganton; Morgon, James Battle, Cary. Third Row: Morris, Donn Cotterell, Lombda Chi Alpho, Fort Bragg; Morns, McLendon G., Oxford; Mudd, William Columbus, Gostoma; Murphy, Kenneth Ray, Wilmington; Needhom, Billy Wright, Pilot Mountain; Neely, Alvin Wilkins, Jr , Sigmo Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Waynes- boro. Go. Fourth Row: Neill, Richord V., Koppo Sigma, Fort Pierce, Fla.; Neilson, Herbert Eugene, Aiken, S. C; Nettles, Jesse Thomas, Jr., Son Francisco, Calif.; Newcomb, William A., Henderson; Nichols, Alex C, Rocky Mount; Noah, Pa- Iricia Ann, Chapel Hill. Fifth Row: Norment, Owen Lennon, Jr., Asheville; Norris, Thomas Lloyd, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon, South Mills; Nor- wood Louise, Winston-Salem; O ' Briant, Robert Reynolds, Durham; Ogburn, John Nelson, Jr., Greensboro; Oglesby, James Bcrhom, Sigmo Nu, Greensboro. Sixth Row: Opitz, Stephen Louis, Fords, N. J.; Ormand, Thomon Lone, Chi Phi, Monroe; Ormond, H. Lyman, Jr., Phi Kappa Alpho, Greenville; Page, Earl Mason, Wilming- ton; Page, George WhMehead, Chi Phi, Greensboro; Page, John Edward, Rocky Mount. Seventh Row: Poppas, Gregory V., Winston-Salem; Parrish, Henry Newton, Jr., Winston-Salem; Pate, Barry Reeves, Canton; Patterson, Edward Leonard, Albemarle; Paturis, Emmanuel Michael, Wilmington; Payne, Bobby Swanson, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Richmond, Vo. Eighth Row: Peacock, Thomas Philip, Chi Phi, Arlington, Va.; Peorce, Harvey Nelson, Raleigh; Peorlman, Leroy J., Norfolk, Va.; Peel, James Stanley, Pi Koppo Alpha, Fveretts; Perry, Raymond Neol, Kappa Alpha, Donville, Va.; Pfaff, Robert Harold, Chi Psi, Winston-Solem. Ninth Row: Philips, William Burt, Jr., Beta Theto Pi, Rocky Mount; Phillips, Jack Ewart, Durham; Phillips, John B., Jr., Winston-Salem; Pierpont, Martha Warren, Chapel Hill; Pitta ' d, John Charles, Garner; Pless, Alan Davidson, Marion. Tenth Row: Poindexter, Charles Crawford, Jr., Canton; Polhill, Joseph Augustus, Jr., Lincolnton; Pollard, Wil- liom Robert, Theta Chi, Formville; Porter, Ernest, Con- cord; Porter, Richard Alan, Sigmo Nu, Burlington; Powell, William Douglas, Durham. Page 108 SOPHOMORES First Row: Presley, John P., Asheville; Price, Richard Arlen, Charlotte; Price, William Harvey, Jr., Mayodan; Price, Williom James, Greensboro; Pritchard, Charles V., Elizabeth City; Pritchett, Hoyt Baker, Louisville, Ky. Second Row; Proctor, Jasper Lee, Rocky Mount; Prothero, William John, Phi Kappa Sigma, Johnstown, Pa.; Pruett, James Worrell, Mount Airy; Pruitt, Kenneth Melvin, Phi Eta Sigma, Winston-Solem; Purrington, Alfred Luther, III, Zeta Psi, Raleigh; Quails, Dixon Lee, Boone. Third Row: Roff, Joseph Allan, Pi Lambda Phi, Charlotte; Ramos, Frank Mayo, Butner; Ransdeii, Edward Byron, Varina; Rapp, William Wolter, Thomosville; Ray, Richard Shaw, Southern Pines; Reece, Jerry, Andrews. Fourth Row: Reimer, Edward Jacob, Keatmy, N. J.; Rei- necke, Roderick L., Galveston, Texas; Rhodes, Robert Everett, Elizabeth City; Rierson, Otis Hobert, Jr., High Point; Roberts, Doug, Winston-Salem; Robertson, Julian Hart, Jr., Zeta Psi, Salisbury. Fifth Row: Robinson, Gene Franklin, Wilmington; Robin- son, Horace Palmer, Jr., Zeta Psi, Littleton; Rogers, Joseph Clinton, Durham; Rogers, Louis Oliver, Winston- Salem; Rollins, Hal Judd, Jr., Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Rockingham; Rollins, James Letcher, Delta Upsilon, Bosfic. Sixth Row: Rountree, Joke Hertel, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Mt. Airy; Ruffin, Thomas, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Winston-Solem; Rumple, Daniel Howard, Jr., Konnopolis; Russell, Horry Gerard, Alpha Tau Omega, Ardmore, Po.; Sole, Ronald Gordon, Winston-Solem; Sartin, Leon J., Burlington. Seventh Row: Saunders, Eleanor Ann, Chapel Hill; Scot- land, Howord Victor, Jr., Chi Phi, Towson, Md.; Scott, Wotts Adolph, Chapel Hill; Scott, William Donald, Mt. Vernon Springs; Seawell, Marion Henry Tuttle, Jackson; Sechler, Frederick Clinton, China Grove. Eighth Row: Selig, Julian Wood, Jr., Elizabeth City; Ses- soms, Bobby Daniel, Lillington; Shannon, Larry Robert, Birminghom, Ala.; Shearin, Ronald Louis, Chopel Hill; Sherman, Lewis Elliot, New York, N. Y.; Shortt, Oscar Albert, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Winston-Solem. Ninth Row: Shuford, Jock Brooks, Gostonia; Shuford, Sydney Herbert, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Asheville; Sillery, Chorles Doyne, Phi Kappa Epsilon, Littleton; Sink, Charles Clayton, Lexington; Sipp, John Frederic, White Meadow Lake, N. J.; Sisk, William Taylor, Asheville. Tenth Row: Skinner, Mark Lee, Chapel Hill; Sluder, Tex Richard, Thomosville; Smith, Alvis Everette, Reidsville; Smith, Ben Clayton, Jr., Charlotte; Smith, Eugene Alvin, Matthews; Smith, Felix Lloyd, Whiteville. Page 109 SOPHOMORES rn p r (f v ' ' a First Row: Smith, Gary Dewift, Kernersville; Smith, George Thomas, Raleigh; Smith, Irving Lee, Jr., Phi Gommo Delfo, Robersonville; Smith, James E., Jarrettsville, Md.; Smith, Joy Pharr, Chorlotte; Smith, James Frederick, Leb- Secand Row: Smith, Vonnie Bryan, Pi Kappa Phi, Lumber- ten; Smitherman, Pete Franklin, Sigma Chi, Winstcn- Salem; Sneed, Edward Kime, Chapel Hill; Snider, Geraldine, Fayetteville; Soo, Liang Yeg, Hong Kong, China; Spongier, Carl Maynard, Jr., Shelby. Third Row: Standifer, Luther Sebastian, Atlanta, Go.; Stevens, Lee Austin, Alpha Tou Omega, Smithfield; Stil- well, John Quincy, Chi Phi, Charleston, S. C; Stith, Laurence Augustine, New Bern; Stockton, Edwin Link, Winston-Salem; Strong, George Vaughan, St. Anthony Holl, Arlington, Mass. Fourth Row: Stuart, John Moore, Shelby; Stuart, Robert Urban, Kernersville; Sullivan, Hardy, Fremont; Sumner, David Spurgeon, Phi Eta Sigma, Asheboro; Sumner, Em- mett A., High Point; Swoim, Charles B., Jr., Winston- Salem. Fifth Row: Swersky, Alan E., Norfolk, Va.; Sylvester, Paul Green, Richlands; Tarlton, Lee Alexander, Rutherfordton; Taylor, Alfred Raleigh, Block Creek; Taylor, Raymond Mason, Washington; Tedder, Claude Dole, Guilford. Sixth Row: Teichman, Stuart, Winston-Salem; Temple, Jackson Howard, Selma; Temple, William Bowne, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Highland Pork, III.; Tettelbach, Fred Morley, Point Pleasant, N. Y.; Thomas, Donald L., Granite Falls; Thomas, George .A., Phi Mu Alpha, Carthage. Seventh Row: Thomas, Gerald Dovid, Southern Pines; Thomas, Tommy Howard, Charlotte; Thompson, Graham Kent, Mt. Gileod; Thompson, Joe Wayne, Mooresville; Thompson, William C, Washington, D. C; Thornton, C. William, Jr., Manchester, Conn. Eighth Row: Thornton, Donald Norman, Wilmington; Thorp, Seabury Daniel, Rocky Mount; Thorpe, Henry Benton, Jr., Rocky Mount; Tice, Douglas Oscar, Jr., Greensboro; Tilley, Carolyn Joanne, Chapel Hill; Tillman, Rollie, Jr., Chi Phi, Lake Wales, Flo. Ninth Row: Torgersen, Thomos Allen, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Hickory; Townsend, Charles Hitchcock, Washington, D. C; Trimble, Stephen Asbury, Phi Delta Theta, Washington, D. C; Trundle, Donald Robert, Zeta Psi, Atlonta, Go.; Tudor, Bynum Ellsworth, II, Winston-Solem; Tuggle, Wil- liam P., Ill, Alpha Phi Omega, Jonesboro, Ark. Tenth Row: Turner, Richard William, Charlotte; Twisdale, Harold Winfred, Halifax; Tyndall, Edward Franklin, Rose- boro; Von Noppen, Douglas Fulton, Zeta Psi, Morganton; Venable, Joel Williom, Mount Airy; Venable, Kenneth Martin, Winston-Solem. Page 110 SOPHOMORES First Row: Venters, Carl Vernon, Jr , Phi Gamma Delta, Jacksonville; Vernon, John Calvin, Jr., Phi Eto Sigma, Summerfield; Vogel, Edward Julius, Irvington, N. J.; Wade, Berley E., Roxboro; Woiner, Herbert Scheyer, Pi Lambda Phi, Winston-Salem; Wakefield, Tom Edgar, Ashevllle. Second Row: Walden, Don, Greensboro; Waldmon, Mar- shall, N. Y. C, N. Y.; Wallace, Charles Dixon, Phi Eta Sigma, Smithfield; Wamsley, Thomas Edward, Asheville; Waters, Charles Moynard, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Florence, S. C; Watkins, Kenneth A., Lillington. Third Row: Watts, Charles Bowman, Lambda Chi Alpha, Bryson City; Webb, Robert Patterson, Chapel Hill; Wells, Franklin Ennis, Roseboro; West, Robert Alan, Winston- Solem; Westbrook, Williom Clifton, Lambda Chi Alpha, Charlotte; White, Harold O., Fruithurst, Alo. Fourth Row: Whitehead, Thurmon Jack, Jr., Washington; Whitley, Charles Boyd, Albemarle; Whitley, Johnny Lee, Wilson; Whittington, Walter L., Theto Chi, Angler; Wig- gins, Ralph Cannon, Jr., Hendersonville; Wiggins, Richard McK enzie, Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Wilkinson, Billy Rayford, Newton; Wilkerson Leo C, Mebane; Williams, Boyce Boykin, Kenly; Williams Charles Melick, Elizabeth City; Williams, John Riley, Mil Spring; Williams, Thomas Wade, Savannah, Ga.. Sixth Row: Williams, Winnie Lee, Fayetteville; Williamson, Benjamin Robert, Zeta Psi, Raleigh; Wilson, Robert Koy, Alpha Tou Omega, Chapel Hill; Windham, John Roy, Rocky Mount; Windley, Lawrence, Phi Kappa Sigma, Aurora; Winn, Sally Perkins, Henderson. Seventh Row: Winstead, Arthur McKinnon, Roxboro Winston, James Horner, Zeto Psi, Clayton; Wolf, Charles Parker, Phi Eto Sigma, Alpho Phi Omega, Chapel Hill Wood, Robert Dale, Greensboro; Woods, Lemuel Phillips Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Tampa, Flo.; Woody, Joe Harris, Bessemer City. Eighth Row: Woody, Walter Ruff in, Jr., Roxboro; Wright, David Arthur, Mount Holly; Wright, James Whitson, Biltmore; Yarborough, Ramon L., Fayetteville; Yokeley, James Edwin, Thomasville; York, W. Thomas, Chi Psi, High Point; Young, Charles Spurgeon, Hickory. Ninth Row: Young, David Richard, Greensboro; Young, Douglas Maulice, Burlington; Younf, Martha Evelyn, Hick- ory; Zackary, Jonathan Thompson, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Graham; Zeller, D. Veneto, Charlotte; Zerden, Howard G., Pi Lambda Phi, Hickory; Zimmerman, Oscar Vernon, Alpha Phi Omega, High Point. f£ - ' P Page 111 fmmm " No ' I am not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be; Am an attendant lord, one that will do To swell a progress, start a scene or two. Advise the prince; no doubt, an easy tool, Deferential, glad to be of use, Politic, cautious, and meticulous; Full of high sentence, but a bil obtuse; At times, indeed, almost ridiculous — I should have been a pair of ragged claws Scuttling across the floors of silent seas. — T. S. Eliot HARTWELL CONKLIN President BILL SANDERS Vice-President ELAINE ALLISON Secretary Frosh engaged in their most pleasant pastime — sipping a few brews. EVERETTE PARKER Treasurer FRESHMEN SP H First Row: Abell, Embrey Clarence, Coral Gobies, Flo.; Adams, Frank Thomas, Edenton; Alexander, Richard Baxter, III, West Polm Beach, Flo.; Alexander, Shelton Setzer, Stotesville; Alexander, Walter Eugene, Gostonio; Allen, Anne Patrick, Farmville. Second Row: Allen, James Bruton, Jr., Troy; Alligood, Elbert Leton, Davis; Allison, Elaine, Black Mountain; Anderson, Bruce Robert, High Point; Anderson, James Wesley, Durham; Anderson, Kenneth Fletcher, Jr., Kinston. Third Row: Angstadt, Robert Walter, Jr., Charlotte; Arena, James Edward, Durham; Argo, Kenneth Ray, Kanncpolis; Ashley, Arden D., Greensboro; Askew, At- wood Newsome, Rich Square; Attayek, Eli John, Greens- boro. Fourth Row: Atwell, John Theodore, Elkin; Austin, Harold Way, Pinebluff; Ayers, James Cordon, Raleigh; Baker, Norman Curtis, Durham; Baker, Richard Henry, Jr., Greensboro; Baker, William Avery, Rural Hall. Fifth Row: Barbour, Joseph Parker, Burlington; Barclay, Thomas, IV, Brevard; Bardin, Alton Clayton, Jr., Wilson; Bardin, Karl Drew, Jacksonville; Borksdale, Archie H,, Clinton; Barnes, Leslie Stewart, Jr., Columbia. Sixth Row: Barringer, John Marshall, Carthage; Barron, Branson B., Jr., Charlotte; Barwick, Hugh Brooks, Clinton; Boss, Henry Turner, Tarboro; Bass, John Lewis, Tarboro; Beam, Richard Allen, Hickory. Seventh Row: Beamon, Joseph Everett, Jr., High Point; Beebe, William Hearn, Lewes, Del.; Bell, Norris Hines, Concord; Berry, Hiram Adolphus, Williomston; Berkoff, Joseph Leon, Flushing, L. I., N. Y.; Binda, Robert Lane, Hampton, Va. Eighth Row: Bizzell, Marcus Edward, Jr., Goldsboro; Black, Donald Eugene, Kcnnapolis; Blanchard, Elliott Jackson, Hobbsville; Bolkan, Thomas McEwen, Fort Bragg; Booth, William Jennings, Jr., Apex; Borden, Edwin Brownrigg, Jr., Goldsboro. Ninth Row: Borders, Elzie Zemri, Shelby; Borroff, Edwin Robert, Chevy Chase, Md.; Bowden, Shields N., Fayette- ville; Bowers, John Robert, Bethel; Bowers, John W., Jr., Kannapolis; Boyott, Mike Lynn, Wyoming, Ohio. Tenth Row: Boyette, James Marvin, Jr., Wilson; Boyd, Charles Alexander, Jr., Charlotte; Bradford, Thomas Alden, Washington, D. C; Brodshow, James Thomas, Graham; Bradsher, Charles Delaine, Roxboro; Brandt, Loren Austin, Parris Island, S. C. Page 114 FRESHMEN First Row: Brantly, John H., Raleigh; Bratton, Ronald Bruce, High Point; Brawley, Bobby Watson, Mooresville; Bray, Emery Dean, Jr., Mt. Airy; Bridges, Robert Wall, Shelby; Brindell, John Montgomery, Wilmington. Second Row: Brogdon, Foyell Cope, Cooleemee; Browr Don Franklin, Leicester; Brown, James Deward, Asheville Brown, Paul David, Greensboro; Brown, Wiley Lewi; Wilmington; Brumfield, Lewis Shore, Yodkinville. Third Row: Bryan, Norwood E., Foyetteville; Bryan, Robert Emmet, Goldsboro; Bryant, Laura Jean, Durham; Bulland, Louis Lawrence, Foyetteville; Bulluck, Edgar Glenn, Rocky Mount; Burris, Harold Elias, Albemarle. Fourth Row: Burroughs, Aubrey Cyrus, Greensboro; Burs- ley, John Robert, Washmgton, D. C; Burton, Richard, Charlotte; Butler, James Roger, Homestead, Flo.; Butler, Robert Albert, Leaksville; Byrd, Walter Keith, Albemarle. Fitth Row: Caldwe ' l, William Auten, Chorlotte; Calvert, William Purdy, Charlotte; Campbell, Henry Eugene, High Point; Campion, Williom Willson, Concord; Capps, Sarah Jane, Chapel Hill; Carpenter, Henry Thomas, Albemarle. Sixth Row: Corpenter, James Franklin, Vole; Carr, John Randolph, Jr., Hampton, Vo.; Carrowoy, Jessie McKeldon, Farmville; Carroll, Jesse Burrell, Oxford; Carstorphen, Joseph Martin, Tarboro; Corswell, John Warburton, Spring Lake. Seventh Row: Carter, Hugh William, Jr., Pinehurst; Carter, Joe William, Jr., Foyetteville; Castevens, Robert Clifton, Yodkinville; Castevens, William Evan, Yadkinville; Cote, William Roderick, Chapel Hill; Cauble, John Russell, Hickory. Eighth Row: Clark, Gene Douglas, Gostonio; Clark, Ti Steven, Ookboro; Cloy, Albert, Oxford; Clem, Leonoi Stonley, Winston-Salem; Clem, David Holt, Hillsbon Clifford, Mohlon Jomes, Jr., Oxford. Ninth Row: Clifton, Leon Ralph, Angler; Coburn, William Shelton, Robersonville; Cohen, Joy Phillip, Atlanta, Go.; Coleman, Robert Astor, Burlington; Coley, Silas B., Raleigh; Comer, John Fitzgerald, Greensboro. Tenth Row: Comer, Robert Fronklin, Dobson; Conklin, Hartwell Benton, Durham; Cook, Owen Woddell, Foyette- ville; Cooper, Matthew Terry, Lexington; Correll, Joe S., Winston-Salem; Corwm, Ruth Louise, Spencer. W iDMI Page 115 FRESHMEN First Row: Costello, Jane Stuart, Big Horn, Wyo.; Coston, George Baxter, Asheville; Courie, Louis F., Carolina Beach; Cox, Donald Lee, Haw River; Cox, Malcolm A., Jr., Kins- ton; Croddock, Richard Scott, Cory. Second Row: Craven, Bennie Franklin, Jr., Greensboro; Crawford, Frank Edward, Asheville; Creed, Richard Hal, Mt. Airy; Crissmon, David Neal, Wtnston-Salem; Croom, Jacques Howard, Fayetteville; Crow, Ivey Gene, Charlotte, Third Row: Crowson, Christopher Gale, Raleigh; Culbreth, Arnold Arthur, Jr., Greensboro; Cumming, Frederick Jack- son, Jr., Graham; Cunningham, William Francis, Kankakee, III.; Chamblee, Homer Milton, Greensboro; Chandler, Robert Carl, Burlington. Fourth Row: Chappie, Dewey Wilmont, Jr., Winston-Salem; Christides, Stelio G., Helsinki, Finland; Christopher, A. Donald, Carrboro; Chronaki, Terry, Durham; Dampier, Harold Dean, Durham; Daniel, Fred Marshall, Oxford. Fifth Row: Dannenbaum, Robert, Wilmington; Darden, Charles Williom, Goldsboro; Daughtndge, Gerald Routh, Rocky Mount; Davis, Charles Thomas, Jr., Eureka; Dawes, John Coe, Roxboro; Dean, David Richard, Durham. Sixth Row: Dearmon, Henry Hursell, Statesville; Denson, Ted Vance, Burlington; DeWeese, James Charles, Woynes- ville; Dickens, William Paul, Smithfield; Dickson, Johan Hmes, Wilmington; Dixon, Sidney Stern, Jr., Wilson. Seventh Row: Dobbs, Billie Bruce, Chorlotte; Doolan, Edward Eloy, Sovannah, Go.; Douglas, A. Eugene, Greens- boro; Dowdy, George Winston, Charlotte; Downing, Harold Dean, Fayetteville; Doyle, Lewis Benton, Roanoke Rapids. Eighth Row: Drummond, James Anthony, Graham; Drum- mond, William Edgar, Graham; Duncan, Pello Lee, Rox- boro; Dunlop, Thomas Perrin Harrison, Asheville; Dunn, Charles Rome, Jr., Ahoskie; Durham, James Elwood, Dur- ham. Ninth Row: Duval, Louis Daniel, Jr., Charlotte; Early, Addie Neville, Rocky Mount; Earnshow, George Henry, III, Erwin; Easterling, Harry Roberson, Bennettsville, S. C; Edmondson, Edwin Wilson, Pinetops; Edmundson, Vilmo Boyce, Pikeville. Tenth Row: Edwards, Joshua. Videll, Kenly; Efird, Claud Lee, Jr., Wilmington; Eifort, Lois Jo, West End; Einhorn, Gerald, Norfolk, Va.; Elder, William Harrison, Siler City; Eldridge, Charles Patterson, Jr., Raleigh. Page 116 FRESHMEN First Row; Ellis, Jomes Milton, Tarboro; Ellinwood, Everett, Hews, Greensboro; Evans, Thompson, Shelby; Everhart, William Johnson, Lexington; Erdman, Charles Joseph, Jr., Clorksburg, W. Vo.; Farmer, Evelyn Joyce, Hughes. Second Row: Farmsworth, Hugh Allan, Asheville; Foulk, Emmett Bobbitt, Sonford; Ferrell, James Clyde, Durham; Ferrell, Robert Wayne, Charlotte; Fesperman, Thomos Eugene, Greensboro; Fink, Susan Boles, Chapel Hill. Third Row: Finnerty, William E., New York, N. Y.; Fleish- man, Herman Sender, Fayetteville; Flynn, Lenard John, Asheville; Flythe, Simon Sutton, Fieldale, Va.; Fogel, Barry Ira, Augusta, Go.; Fonville, Robert Harrell, Jr., Burlington. Fourth Row: Forbes, Roy Carlton, Elizabeth City; Ford, William Hutson, Charleston, S. C; Foster, David Ander- son, Jr., Wilmington; Fowler, Donald Owen, Winston- Salem; Foster, Gilbert Wade, Wilkesboro; Fox, Frank Lee, Siler City Fifth Row: Franklin, Joe Byrd, Glodevalley; Frink, Herbert Charles, Miami Beach, Fla.; Froelich, Charles Gaskins, High Point; Frucci, Richard Lawrence, Jacksonville; Fryar, Donald Fredrick, Salisbury; Frye, Kenneth Lee, Hickory. Sixth Row: Frye, William Jennings, Hickory; Fuller, Allen Jefferson, Liberty; Furr, Reather Cornelius, Jr., Albemarle; Garfield, Robert Allen, Bridgefon, N. J.; Garmise, David Bruce, Lowrence, N. Y,; Garren, Don Harvey, Henderson- Seventh Row: Garrett, Albert Earle, III, Danville, Vo.; Gartzman, Paul Jay, Waterbury, Conn.; Gavrilis, Evange- los Thomas, Weldon; Gentry, John Horace, Reidsville; Gibson, Stephen Kermit, St. Albans, W. Va.; Gibson, Walter Irving, Jr., Randleman. Eighth Row: Ginn, William M., Jr., Goldsboro; Glass, David Bennett, Raleigh; Godfrey, Thomas Gordon, Jr., Greenville; Goldenberg, James William, Lawrence, N. Y.; Goode, George Browne, Jr., Hickory; Goodwin, Joel Sexton, Apex. Ninth Row: Gordon, Max Stephen, New York, N. Y.; Gough, Alvis Paul, Homptonville; Grabs, Omnie Omily, King; Groham, Henry Neill, Albemarle; Groham, Raymond Lee, Jr., Lincolnton; Gronholm, Axel Richard, Metuchen, N. J. Tenth Row: Gront, Freemen Augustus, Jr., Bethesda; Grantham, Norman Bridgers, Smithfield; Green, Charles Morris, Chapel Hill; Green, Donald Page, Roxboro; Green, Garlan Frank, Louisburg; Green, Robert Henry, West Palm Beoch, Fla. Page 117 FRESHMEN r .a f First Row: Green, Robert Lorenzo, Salisbury; Green, Robert Max, Asheville; Green, David Thomas, Boone; Gregory, Toy Rhea, Jr., Lancaster, S. C; Griffith, Spencer Gray, High Point; Grindstoff, Hoyden Hazzord, Asheville. Second Row: Gunter, Richard Boyd, Mooresville; Gurgcnus, Robert Henry, Jr., Plymouth; Gustofson, Bruce A., Wash- ington, D. C; Guthrie, George Walker, Graham; Hackney, Rufus Rudolph, Jr., Durham; Haggerty, James Aloysious, Torboro. Third Row: Haigh, John Campbell, Fayetteville; Hair, Glenn Edgar, Fayetteville; Hockler, Robert Hardin, Wash- ington; Hall, George Lewis, Jr., Winston-Salem; Hall, Homer Glenn, Jr., Siler City; Hall, Joseph Kohn, Greens- boro. Fourth Row: Hall, L. Curtis, Jr., Norfolk; Hallett, John Davies, Lake Wales, Flo.; Hamilton, Elizabeth Ayers, Ra- leigh; Honchey, Wallace Tote, Carolina Beach; Harden, John William, Jr., Greensboro; Harden, John William, Jr., Graham, Fifth Row: Horper, James Robinson, Snow Hill; Hcrrell, Wade Whitley, Pantego; Harris, Betty Jane, Ahoskie; Horns, Edward Flynn, Charlotte; Horns, Peter Kenfield, Charlotte; Harrison, James Burwell, Jr., Gastonia. Sixth Row: Hart, Oliver James, Winston-Solem; Haste, Thomos Erie, Jr., Edenlon; Hastings, Charles Beese, Burl- ington; Haywood, Richard Hunter, Charlotte; Hazzord, John Potter, IV, Chapel Hill; Heath, Alfred Taylor, III, Sumter, S. C. Seventh. Row: Hemby, Edward Ray, Jacksonville; Hemby, Samuel Robert, Charlotte; Henley, Randall Boyden, High Point; Henry, Otto Walker, Swonncnoa; Hensel, Richard Davidson, Winston-Solem; Herring, Billy Harvey, Ft. Bragg. Eighth Row: Hester, Hugh Scott, Reidsville; Hice, Robert Harrison, Charlotte; High, Roy David, Sanford; Hill, James Allen, Jr., Wilson; Hill, Millard Daniel, Raleigh; Hills. Francis Allan, Roanoke Ra. ids. Ninth Row: Hinshow, Robert Carol, Liberty; Hodgkin, John Edwin, Greensboro; Hoffler, George Wyckliffe, Sun- bury; Holder, David Lee, Lew is vi Me; Hollingsworth, Ed- ward Buchanan, Jacksonville; Hollo way, George Bernard, Chappoqua, N. Y. Tenth Row: Hollowell, Alfred Roy, Plymouth, Holmes, Lee Bourne, Bonnie Doone; Holston, Eugene Kent, Char- lotte; Homesley, Troy Clifton, Jr., Cherryville; Hooper, David Alexander, Reidsville; Horine, Randolph Melvin, Westminster, Md. Page 118 FRESHMEN First Row: Horner, William Hadley, Jr., Burlington; Howard, James Thomas, Charlotte; Hoyie, Joel Thomas, Shelby; Hoyt, John Kenis, Washington; Hudson, Joe Willis, Spartonburg; Huggins, John Charles, Lumberton. Second Row: Hundley, William King, Leoksville; Hunt, Betty Claire, Lexington; Hunt, John Thomas, Durham; Hunter, Bloke Corlyle, Jr., Charlotte; Huntington, Donald Ellis, Jr., Spartanburg, 5. C; Hussey, John Brennan, Jr., Shreveport, La. Third Row: Hyatt, Charles F., Waynesville; Isaac, Douglas Woodrow, Marion; isenhour, William Jacob; Isenhower, Fred Neil, Conover; James, Richard Shull, Raleigh; Jeanes, Donny Carroll, Fayetteville. Fourth Row; Jennings, Robert Bryan, Lumberton; Johnson, John Milton, Rov lond; Johnston, William Gladstone, Jr., Fayetteville; Jones, Alon W., Morshfield, Mass.; Jonas, Eric Andrew, Charlo tte; Jones, Henry Robert Bennett. Fifth Row: Jones, Morris A., High Point; Jones, Norman Jackson, Oxford; Jordan, Rowold Harold, Clinton; Jordan, Walter Edward, Jr., Raleigh; Jouce, Robert Theodore, Mcyodan; Joyner, Barney Gene, Raleigh. Sixth Row: Joyner, William Henry, Jr., Summit, N. J.; Kosell, Carl Ray, Goldsboro; Katzenstein, Charles Jackson, Jr., New York, N. Y.; Keever, Zeb Thomas, Jr., Lincoln- ton; Keiger, Robert Koson, Winston-Solem; Kelley, Peter, □ h. Go. Seventh Row: Kelly, Jane Douglas, Durham; Kemp, Thomas D,, III, Charlotte; Kendrick, Melvin Clyde, Spray; Kennedy, James Powers, Jacksonville; Kimzey, Robert Tabor, Jr., Brevard; King, Jane McNeill, Williamston. Eighth Row: Kirksey, Robert Lee, Morganton; Kline, Joy C, Jr., Margate, N. J.; Knight, Peter O., IV, Tampa, Fla.; Kronis, Manuel Christ, Thomasville; Krauss, F. Wyndham, Asheville; Kreis, Phillip John, Union, N. J. Ninth Row: Kriegsmon, Ronold Milton, Greensboro; Kush- ner, Robert Lee, Jr., Danville, Vo.; Lackey, Dole Rea, Fallston; Lamb, Joseph Thomas, Elizabeth City; Lone, James Gotland, Rich Square; Lane, Norman Rowold, Roselle Park, N. J. Tenth Row: Langley, William Onzolo, Jr., Burlington; Lesley, Glenn Edwin, Lewisville; Loughinghouse, At Gibbs, New Bern; Lawrence, Corey Lee, Sanford; Lowson, Jock Donald, Mt. Airy; Lowing, Luther Harold, Jr., Charlotte. i ' " Page 119 FRESHMEN - . First Row: Leak, Frank Walter, Rockingham; Leary, Wil- liam Edward, Ahoskie; LeGrand, Nash, Jr., Hamlet; Lee, Robert Fronklin, Mt. Holly; Lewis, Chester Eugene, Chi- cago, III.; Lewis, Mary London, Asheville. Second Row: Lindley, Jock Rogers, Burlington; Litcker, Robert Lee, Charlotte; Little, Robert G., Ill, Wodesboro; Long, Allen Baker, Washington, D. C; Long, Lynn Julian, Asheville; Long, William Roy, Crossnore. Third Row: Lore, Charles, Lenoir; Lowe, William Franklin, Jr., Gastonia; Lowry, El very Dean, Pembroke; Lubin, Benjamin Livingston, New York, N. Y.; Luke, Daniel Rawls, Tarrytown, N. Y.; Lynch, Glenn Harvey, Forest Hills, N. Y. Fourth Row: Lynch, Theodore Kingsbury, Jr., Wilmington; Moloney, Eugene Douglas, Gastonia; Mai pass, Robert Edward, Clinton; Marcopulas, Nichols Peter, Rye, N. Y.; Markham, John Wesley, III, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.; Marks, Benjamin Allan, Roanoke Rapids. Fifth Row: Marks, Joseph Rufus, Whiteville; Marlowe, James Manning, Walstanburg; Martin, George E., Reids- ville; Martin, John Richardson, Wilmington; Maslow, Lawrence, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Mason, Hugh Archibald, Fay- etteville. Sixth Row: Mason, Robert E., Jr., Charlotte; Matthews, Evelyn Ann, Chapel Hill; Matthews, William A., More- head City; Maultsby, Thomas Neill, Chapel HIM; Mavretic, Josephus Lyman, Havelock; Mayer, Lutz Leo, Greensboro. Seventh Row: Medlin, Johnny G., Jr., Benson; Mekeithan, William Scott, Sholotte; Melvin, Edwin Samuel, Greens- boro; Mendelsohn, Burnet, Charleston, S. C; Middleton, Henry Woodward, Sumter, S. C; Miller, Tony Jasper, Winston-Salem. Eighth Row: Milstead, Andrew Hammill, Maysville, Ky.; Minteer, Robert Lee, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Miscall, Laurence, Jr., Forest Hills, N. Y.; Mitchell, Donald Preston, Seoford, Del.; Mitchell, Russell Gray, Roseboro; Mohorn, Harold Wayne, Enfield. Ninth Row: Monk, David Sherrill, Winston-Salem; Monroe, Donald Richard, Asheboro; Monroe, William Paul, Fay- etteville; Moody, James Earl, Clinton; Moore, Corroll Jackson, Winston-Salem; Moore, James Robert, Jr., Con- cord. Tenth Row: Moore, Robert Hayes, Jr., Durhom; Moore, Thomas Carey, Jr., Raleigh; Moore, Thomas Owen, Winston-Salem; Moore, Vance Theodore, Jr., Tarboro; Morgan, Elwood Ernest, Burlington; Morris, Charles Roy, Charlotte. •v i -f Page 120 FRESHMEN First Row: Morris, Kenneth Ray, Mount Holly; Morrow, James Mack, Jr., Mooresville; Moser, Golem Carther, Burlington; Mosley, Robert Keith, Waxhow; Moss, Stephen Andrew, Kinfnersville, Po.; Mumford, Willie Herbert, Kenly. Second Row: Mundy, Paul Miller, Jr., Lincolnton; Muntz- ing, Lewis Manning, Moorefield, W. Va.; Murphy, William Chester, Thomasville; Muschamp, Larry, Mt. Berry, Go.; Myers, Grady Bennett, Jr., Winston-Solem; McAlister, Earl Andrew, Jr., Spruce Pine. Third Row: McAlister, John W., Winnetto, III.; McAllister, Jomes Gray, III, Chopel Hill; McBrayer, Gerald Fulen- wider, Reidsville; McCabe, Gerard Francis, New York, N. Y.; McCain, Kenneth Franklin, High Point; McCarter, Sarah Lee, Burlington. Fourfh Row: McClure, Frederic Leon, Gastonio; McCombs, James Henry, Jr., Morganton; McCorkle, Jomes Holl, Jr., Charlotte; McCormick, Angus A., St. Pauls; McCurry, Edgar Woodfin, Jr., Shelby; McDonald, William Russell III, Hickory. Fifth Row: McElroy, Jomes Lawrence, Jr., Marshall; Mc- Gee, Henry King, Lookout Mountain, Tenn.; McGinn, Thomas Jackson, Charlotte; McGowan, Benjamin Reid, Hamlet; McLaughlin, John Froncis, Carrboro; McNeely, Dorothy Grey, Morganton. Sixth Row: McQueen, Robert Bruce, Jr., Graham; Nance, E. L. , Jr., Charlotte; Nonney, Glenn Allen, Charlotte; Neaves, Charles Louis, Elkin; Needham, Peggy Parks! New Bern; Nelson, Edward Holder, Washington, D. C. Seventh Row: Newman, Boyd Lee, High Point; Newman, Marshall Joseph, Clinton; Niblack, Chorles Redding, High- lands; Nichols, Gene Sherwood, Ahoskie; Nichols, Jack Sopp, Reidsville; Nixon, Richard Roy, Charlotte. Eighth Row: Noll, Richord Allan, W. Medford, Moss.; Norton, Maurice Lofayette, II, Lourinburg; Norwood, Charles Stephens, Jr., Goldsboro; Osborne, Thomas Lee, Jr., Hendersonville; Outlaw, Joe Carroll, Mount Olive; Overholt, Donna Elizabeth, Pittsburgh, Pa. Ninth Row: Owen, Jomes Edward, Thomasville; Owen, Stephen Cooke, Cedarhurst, L. I., N. Y.; Poce, David Henry, Wilmington; Page, Giles Troy, Jr., Cloyton; Painter, Charles C, Roxboro, Parker, Edward Lee, Erwin. Tenth Row: Parker, George Foror, Asheville; Parker, Mohlon Rhodes, Jr., Jackson; Parker, Richard Clyde! Glen Alpine; Parker, S. Everette, Robersonvilie; Porks. Clorence Banner, Jr., Clinton; Porks, Jack J., Jr., Foy- etteville. mmwA R ' I mm Page 121 FRESHMEN First Row: Parthemos, George Nicholas, Asheville; Pas- chall, John Wesley, Durham; Potterson, John F., Rose- boro; Patterson, Kincaid, Statesville; Patton, Emilie Frances, Chapel Hill; Payne, Benny Reid, Burlington. Second Row: Payne, Paul Patton, Jr., Beckley, W. Va.; Pearce, Edwin Wolfe, Jr., Greensboro; Pecoraino, Joseph Antony, Fayetteville; Peek, Robert Franklin, Winston- Salem; Pell, Edward Leigh, Charlotte; Penegor, Sam Edward, Monroe. Third Row: Penninger, Phil E., Concord; Perkins, Lionel Parker, Jr., South Boston, Va.; Perry, Charles Reid, Winston-Salem; Petree, Noel Harper, Jr., Son Juan, Puerto Rico; Phillips, George Randolph, Graham; Phillips, Kermit Glenn, II, Greensboro. Fourth Row: Phillips, Richard C, Boomer; Phillips, Wil- liam v., Graham; Phipps, Richard Lee, Raleigh; Plott, Henry Franklin, Charlotte; Polk, John Wayne, Morshville; Pollander, Peter Martin, Chapel Hill. Fifth Row: Poole, Samuel Hawley, West End; Pope, Den- nis Aaron, Angier; Porter, Marvin L., E. Fiat Rock; Powell, Robert Morgan, Charlotte; Powers, John William, Wallace; Pridgen, Melbourne Henry, Rocky Mount. Sixth Row: Prince, William Wesley, Kings Mountain; Pugh, Bobby Lewis, Asheboro; Quinn, Robert Smith, Char- lotte; Ragan, William Earl, Jr., Coats; Rogland, Gilbert Gray, Oxford; Ragsdale, John William, Jr., Raleigh. Seventh Row: Ray, Alexander Graham, High Point; Ray- nor, James Thomas, Wilson; Read, Frank Tobies, St. Stephen, S. C; Reaves, Paul Hendon, Durham; Reeves, Samuel Thomas, Thomaston, Go.; Reid, David Edward, Jr., Asheville. Eighth Row: Reinecke, Frank Mills, Louisville, Ky.; Reiss, Howard James, Maplewood, N. J.; Renshaw, Sylvia Mae, Asheville; Resnick, Allan George, Ithaca, N. Y.; Rhoodes, Charles Bradford, Winston-Soiem; Rhyne, William Richard, Morganlon. Ninth Row: Richards, Warren Jerome, Burlington; Rights, Graham Henry, Winston-Solem; Riddick, Willis James, Belhoven; Riddle, Norman William, Burlington; Roberts. Philip Thomson, Charleston, S. C; Roberson, Joe Bazter, Candler. Tenth Row: Roberson, William Rondall, Clinton; Robeson Emily Love, Lourinburg; Robinson, David Hawkins, Sum merfield; Rogers, Vernon Alvis, Mebane; Roland, Russel Ivan, Asheville; Romano, John Joseph, Miami, Fla. Page 122 FRESHMEN First Row: Rosenberg, Joseph Frederick, Troy, Ala.; Royals, Jerry Armfield, Kernersville; Salter, Natalie, Scarsdcle, N. Y.; Sanders, William Eugene, Asheboro; Sandndge, William Pendleton, Winston-Salem; Sanford, Eugene Crow- ford, Enka. Second Row: Saunders, Jim Redden, Noshville; Savtz, Allen Faulkner, Abbeville, S. C; Scorlette, Edward A., hillsboro; Schaeman, Stephen Leonard, Lumberton; Schley, Chaloner Baker, Eccleston, Md.; Schwartz, Harold, Jack- sonville. Third Row: Scott, Milton Myrlin, Pinetops; Seawall, Sarah Elizabeth, Merry Oaks; Seely, James Loring, Winston- Salem; Seigler, Milliard Foster, Ashevllle; Sellers, Williom Ernest, Burlington; Senter, John Williom, Lincolnton. Fourth Row: Sessoms, Billy Marion, Pinebluff; Shanks, Alexander Grahom, Birminghom, Ala.; Sharpe, Lorry Wayne, Winston-Salem; Sharpless, Charles Leeds, Wyn- cote, Po.; Show, Sandra Ann, Durham; Sheppard, Oscor, Randall, Jr., Washington, D. C. Fifth Rowr Sherrill, Rufus, Hendersonville; Shores, Thomas Hoynes, Hickory; Showfety, Robert Eugene, Greensboro; Simmons, Herbert Arthur, Rockingham; Simpson, Hoy- v ood Giles, Roxboro; Simpson, Mike, Chorlotte. Sixth Row: Skidmore, James McHugh, Jr., Albemorle; Skinner, John Llewellyn, Jr., Coral Gables, Flo.; Slock, William Roy, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Smith, Alvin Word, Swansboro; Smith, Clyde, Jr., Greensboro; Smith, Ewell Clark, Preston, Orte., Cuba. Seventh Row: Smith, Fronkiin Teddy, Winston- Salem; Smith, Harvey J., Jr., Greensboro; Smith, Jimmy A., Dur- ham; Smith, LaRue Grumpier, Monroe; Smith, Ritchie, Foyetteville; Smith, Robert Gordon, Stoneville. Eighth Row: Smith, Robert Lee, Jr., Farmville; Smith Robert Miller, Goldsboro; Smith, Sally Marshall, Wrights- ville Beach; Smtth, Sherwood H., Jr., Jacksonville, Fla., Smoot, David Madison, Wake Forest; Sneed, Robert Owen Charlotte. Ninth Row: Snipes, Roymond Fletcher, Reidsville; Snyder, Jane Carolyn, Winston-Salem; Solomon, Elliott, Greens- boro; Somers, Ronald Owen, Reidsville; Soper, Michael Campbell, Charlotte; Sox, Jane Pauline, Hickory. Tenth Row: Spain, Thomas G., Morristown, N. J.; Speight, Will Oscor, II, Edenton; Spencer, Billy Ray, HigTi Point; Spencer, David Milton, Cherryville; Spencer, Lewis Page, Tarboro; Spittle, Roger Young, Mt. Holly. Page 123 FRESHMEN First Row: Spooner, John Alden, Darien, Conn.; Storrett, William Ivan, Jr., East Point, Ga.; Staton, Christopher Eugene, Jr., Hendersonville; Steinberger. Norman Fredric, Statesville; Stevens, John Shorter, Asheville; Stout, Noel Paige, Graham. Second Row: Stowell, Walter J., Arlington, Va.; Strickland, George Thomas, Jr., Raleigh; Sturdivant, Joe Edward, Cary; Sumner, Mark, Jr., Asheville; Suttle, Robert Lemuel, Charlotte; Suttle, Will ' om Wayne, Marion. Third Row: Swaim, Snavely Daniel, Winston-Salem; Sykes, James Dinsmore, Jenkintown, Pa.; Tate, Robert H,, Jr., Wilmington; Taylor, Francis Lee, Beaufort; Taylor, Jock Morrrs, Aberdeen; Taylor, James K., Charlotte. Fourth Row: Taylor, Winfred, Lumberton; Taws, Edward Town, Jr., Andalusia, Pa.; Terrell, Thomas Carlton, Tungs- ten; Tesh, Jimmy Howard, Winston-Salem; Thccker, Curtis Malcolm, Mayodan; Thomas, Phillip Longston, Jr., Roxboro. Fifth Row: Thompson, Broadus, West Columbia, S. C; Thompson, Don V. P., Jackson Heights, N. Y.; Thompson, Howard E., Winston-Salem; Thompson, John Hargett, Richlands; Tice, Jon Keyser, High Point; Tiller, Cloudc Caker, Jr., Draper. Sixth Row: Tillman, Clifton Hunter, Roxboro; Tolbert, James N., Morganton; Tuck, Emmett Apple, Jr., Virgilina, Va.; Tulloch, Joseph Reid, Leaksville; Turner, Harry Sut- ton. Jacksonville; Turner, James Reginald, Winston-Solem. Seventh Row: Tweed, Clyde Gilbert, Asheville; Tyler, James Madison, Kinston; Tyndall, John Bard, Cherokee; Urasake, Heikichi, Tairo Miyako, Okinawa; Usher, Sara Elizabeth, Hartsville, S C; Vayda, Jerome Joseph, Bay- onne, N. J. Eighth Row: Weazey, Perry Burt, Raleigh; Wade, Albert Lee, Oxford; Wagoner, Daniel Eugene, Yadkinville; Wag- gower, Julius Daniel, Salisbury; Wait, Gwendolyn Mary, Rochester 19, N. Y.; Walker, Henry Ajax, Kinston. Ninth Row: Walker, Wolter Thornley, Columbia, S. C Walser, Goither Stokes, Lexington; Walton, Forrest Lyn Maple Hill; Warren, Donald William, Brooklyn, N. Warren, Donnie Bill, Kernersville; Warren, George Franc Jr., Snow Hill. Tenth Row: Warrick, William Edgar, Jr., Mt. Olive; War- wick, Williom James, Wilmington; Waters, Henry Gene, Roanoke Rapids; Waters, Zack James, Jr., Salisbury, Md.; Watkins, George Rose, Henderson; Watkins, Sam Men- weather, Henderson. Page 124 FRESHMEN First Row: Watts, Thomas Morton, Bryson City; Webb, Mary Elizabeth, Chopel Hill; Webb, Richard Beverly Raney, Greensboro; Welborn, James Randolph, Winston- Salem; Wellons, Bob Andrew, Charlotte; Wells, Grady Lee, Charlotte. Second Row: Wentz, Herbert Stephenson, Salisbury; West, Ben Wilkins, Asheville; West, Carroll Dean, Chapel Hill; West, John Walton, Hartsville; West, Robert Lee, Dover; Whitaker, David Louis, Washington. Third Row: White, Carolyn, Winston-Salem; White, Frank- lin Delono, Pittsboro; White, Hugh Zenas, Salisbury; White, John Milton, Raleigh; White, Joseph Theodore, Statesville; White, Julian Alphues, Hertford. Fourtli Row: White, Kenneth Roger, Huntersville; White, Raymon Lee, Columbus, Ga.; Whiteside, George Walter, III, Durham; Whitfield, Elizabeth Gattis, Chapel Hill; Whitfield, Robert Lee, Greensboro; Whitmire, Craig John- son, Jr., Canton. fifth Row: Whitmore, Edward Knight, Jr., South Orange, N. J.; Whittinghill, Diono, Chopel Hill; Wickhom, Charles Leigh, Kinston; Widman, Kothy Helene, Jacksonville; Wieters, John Christopher, Jr., Mocksville; Wiggins, James Hamilton, Clinton. Sixth Row: Wiles, James D., Hampton, Va.; Wilkins, Jomes Sartin, Shelby; Willard, William Durant, Purvis; Williams, Carter Seymour, Jr., Pollocksville: Williams, Charles Slater, Durham; Williams, Clawson Lee, Sanford. Seventh Row: Williams, Donald Cloughly, Fayetteville; Williams, John Dudley, Greensboro; Williams, Mary Lou, Chapel Hill; Williams, Max Ray, Morganton; Williams, Rupert Lee, Edenton; Williford, Clarence Thomas, Jr., Wilson. Eighth Row: Wilson, James Moore, Lenoir; Wilson, Law- rence, G., Jr., Danville, Va.; Winders, Jimmy Lee, Ston- tonsburg; Winston, Barry Thomas, Chapel Hill; Witty, Thomas Ezekiel, Jr., Thomosville; Wolf, Robert Alton, Bessemer City. Ninth Row: Woltz, John Montgomery, Jr., Greensboro; Wood, E. William, III, Sparkill, N. Y.; Woods, John Bur- ton, Danville, Va.; Woosley, Billy Joe, Clemmons; Wooten, John Franklin, Kinston; Wright, Coney Badgett Newton, Jr., Greensboro. Tenth Row: Wynn, Thomas Robert, Greenville, S. C; Yor- borough, Charles Hill, Jr., Louisburg; Yates, Frank Og- burn, Asheboro; Yoder, Edwin Milton, Mebane; Yopp, Jock Gerard, Jacksonville; Young, Frederick Nelson, Jr., Valla Crucis. Eleventh Row: Young, Joseph Beverly, Canton; Young, Robert Gill, Jr., Henderson; Ziglor, Richard Hardin, Winston-Satem; Zimmerman, Jay, Jr., New Paltz, N. Y. Page 125 SCHOOL OF DENTISTR DEAN JOHN C. BRAUER SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY FACULTY Top Row, left to right: Dr. Paul W. Vinton, Or, W. W. Demeritt, Or. Lucion Granes Coble, Dr. N. J. Duncan, Or. Worth M. Byrd, Dr. Claude R. Baker, J. Wilfred Gallager, Dr. Roger E. Sfurdevant, Dr. C. L. Sockwell, Dr. Wm. T. Burns • Middle Row: Grover C. Hunter, Jr., Dr. James Hoppers, Dr. Guy R. Willis, Dr. R. J. Shonkle, Dr. Glenn F. Bitler, Dr. Roy L. Lindahl, Dr. George F. Kirkland, Jr., Dr. Clifford M. Sfurdevant, Dr. John B. Sowter, Dr. Richard E. Richardson • Bottom Row: Dr. Ralph, Dr. Charles M. Westrick, Dr. Frank C. Codey, Joseph F. Burket, Robert B. Lessem, Dr. Marin R. Evans, Or. Walter A. Hall, Dr. Marvin E. Chopin, Dr. John Brauer, Dr. Monte G. Miska. Page 126 JAMES A. LEGGETTE President of the Spurgeo Dentol Society The School of Dentistry is the newest of the professional schools at the University, the first class being admitted in 1950. Since then three classes have been ad- mitted. The new building for the School of Dentistry was activated September 23, and the first patient was admitted to the clinics on September 29, 1952. The jun- iors are working with patients in the several clinics in the new building. These juniors will be the first class to graduate from the School of Dentistry in 1954. One of the highlights of the year was the one day attendance at the annual meeting of the North Carolina Dental Society at Pinehurst. A number of stu- dents gave clinics before the practicing dentists of the state. In addition to the regular meetings of the Spurgeon Dental Society, an all school picnic was held and other social functions were enjoyed. Three chapters of nationally recogniz- ed dental fraternities were organized, these being, Delta Sigma Delta, Psi Omega, and Xi Psi Phi. Dentistry students studying for the time when they will be looking into peoples faces as a profession. Page 127 THIRD YEAR DENTAL SCHOOL First Row: Ausley, Mett Bacley, Delta Sigma Phi, Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Biddell, Alexander Jones, Psi Omega, Pembroke; Cameron, Lawrence A., Delta Sigma Delta, Chapel Hill; Clark, Dwight Lanier, Xi Psi Phi, Asheville. Second Row: Cline, Albert Purcell, Jr., Canton; Coble, Albert Vernon, Xi Psi Phi, Burlington; Daniel, Robert Lee, Xi Psi Phi, Reidsville; Draughon, Donald Ray, Psi Omega, Durham. Third Row: Edwards, George Loren, Jr., Psi Omega, Dur- ham, Foust, James A., Jr., Xi Psi Phi, Graham; Furr, Robert Earl, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Delta Sigma Delta, Wil- mington; Gaither, Ferby Glen, Xi Psi Phi, Harmony. Fourth Row: Gobbel, John Temple, Jr., De!ta Sigma Delta, Chapel Hill; Gooding, Carnie Clayton, Xi Psi Phi, New Bern; Hall, Cecil B., Psi Omega, Thomosville; Harless, Charles Frederick, Psi Omega, Sanford. Fifth Row: Heath, LeRoy Kconce, Psi Omega, Chapel Hill; Hord, Dwight Beam, Delta Sigma Delto, Lawndale; Hughes, Charles Willson, Psi Omega, Roxboro; Lee, Lewis Wells, Delta Sigma Delta, Dunn. Sixth Row: Leggette, James A , Jr., Sigma Chi, Delta Sigma Delta, Williamston; Lineberger, Henry O., Jr., Kappa Alpha, Psi Omega, Raleigh; Lupton, Cecil Rhodes, Xi Psi Phi, Swan Quarter; Massey, Zyba Kathryn, Zebulon. Seventh Row: Megginson, Linzy P., Jr., Xi Psi Phi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Shelby; Price, A. Dwight, Clinton; Reese, Gene Lewis, Psi Omega, Boone; Scott, Ludwig G., Delta Sigma Delta, Burlington. Eighth Row: Stanley, Lloyd Butler, Psi Omega, Carolina Beach; Stoddard, Alan Leonard, Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Young, Willis Kenneth, Delta Sigma Delta, Lexington. Page 128 SECOND YEAR DENTAL SCHOOL First Row: Alspaugh, Laurence Sidney, Phi Kappa Sigma, Xi Psi Phi, Greensboro; Bishop, Elmo Lee, Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Bland, Donald Edwin, Sigma Chi, Xi Psi Phi, Wallace; Brooks, Robert Edgar, Psi Omego, Pi Kappa Alpha, Foyetteville. Second Row: Buchonan, Francis Alexonder, Chi Phi, Delto Sigma Delta, Sylva; Colcote, Clarence Edgor, Delta Sigma Delta, Broadway; Clayton, Stuart Fletcher, Psi Omega, Kure Beach; Conrad, Clyde Richard, Chi Phi, Phi Mu Alpha, Psi Omega, Selma. Third Row: Corderman, Roy Clinton, Jr., Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Winston-Salem; Cra iwford, James Allen Psi Omega, Chapel Hill; Fitterman, Israel, Chapel Hill; Gainey, Robert Holland, Alpha Tau Omega, Psi Omega, Chapel Hill. Fourth Row: Girard, John Watt, Jr , Psi Omega, Chi Phi, Liberty; Griffin, Lloyd Eldon, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Edenton; Harris, Perryn Felton, Delta Sigma Delta, Carthage; Hinson, Thomas Riley, Sigma Nu, Albemarle. Fifth Row: Hunt, Richard Frederick, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Sigma Delta, Rocky Mount; Jackson, Samuel Kenneth, Psi Omega, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Johnson, Charlie M., Xi Psi Phi, Charlotte; La Salle, Leon Thomas, Phi Delta Theta, Psi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Chapel Hill. Sixth Row: Lowe, Wilburn James, Delta Sigma Delta, Can- ton; McGowan, Donald Martin, Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Moore, Walter Herbert, Pi Kappa Phi, Xi Psi Phi, Reids- ville; Ralls, Marion Lee, Jr., Xi Psi Phi, Greensboro. Seventh Row: Richardson, Maurice Baker, Psi Omega, Whiteville; Rogers, Jack B., Chapel Hill; Sluder, Troy Bunyon, Jr., Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Smith, James Richard, Delta Sigma Delta, Phi Beta Koppa, Mooresville. Eighth Row: Smith, J. Watson, Xi Psi Phi, Chapel Hill; Sugg, Robert Whittington, Psi Omega, Beta Theta Pi, Durham; Taylor, Clyde Leslie, Xi Psi Phi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Greensboro; Ward, James Alphonso, Delta Sigma Delto, Williomston. Ninth Row: Waynick, George Elder, Jr, Psi Omega, Winston-Salem; Whitehurst, Raymond C, Jr., Delta Sigma Delta, Jackson; Wiggs, William James, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Psi Omega, Foyetteville; Williford, William Eugene, Delta Sigma Delta, Burlington; Wilson, George Curtis, Xi Psi Phi, Chapanoke. o o o -n a en —I Page 129 FIRST YEAR DENTAL SCHOOL First Rowt Barber, Leonard Banks, Jr., Chapel Hill; Berg- mams, Ruta, Raleigh; Bliss, Rupert Quintin, Sigmo Chi, Jacksonville, Fla.; Byerly, Charles Tote, Jr., Durhann; Clork, Chalmers Fred, Mooresville. Second Row: Clinord, Robert Wesley, Winston-Salem; Cole, Hugh Hobson, Jr., Chapel Hill; Corl, Marshall Banks, Sigma Nu, Concord; Cox, James Lloyd, Phi Gamma Delta, Richlonds: Daniel. Frank Haves. Mocksvil ' -. Third Row: Derby, Joel Elton, Tryon; Dixon, John Mt. Vernon Springs; Droughon, Wallace Reed, Evans, Thomas Edwin, Jr., Burlington; Grohar Richard, Charlotte. Fourth Row: Grahl, Carol Linwood, Jr., Woynesville; Gregory, Hugh A., Danio, Flo.; Hall, Thomas Alexander, Jr., Fayetteville; Harrell, Daniel Bryant, Jr., Elon College; Hinkle, David Raymond, Winston-Salem. Fitth Row: Holland, Murry Wade, Chapel Hill; Hull, C. A., Cherryville; Kluttz, Robert Felix, Rockwell; Linville, Wel- ter Smith, Jr., Kernersville; Matthews, Kenneth Lee, Robersonville. Sixth Row: Meekins, Archie D., Midway Park; Mitchell, David Lee, Canton; Phillips, Guy McDonald, Toecane; Poole, Robert Howard, Jr., Beta Theto Pi, St. Pauls; Reid, Thomas Beauregard, Jr., Richburg, 5. C. Seventh Row: Riddle, William Frederick, Sigma Phi Epsi- lon, Sonford; Rodgers, James Franklin, Pi Kappa Alpha, Stafesville; Soger, Frederick Newman, Chapel Hill; Shef- field, Neol, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigmo, Greensboro; Strickland, William Douglas, Louisburg. Eighth Row; Wore, William Graham, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Burlington; Warren, Ray Alexander, Bel- mont; Williams, Egbert P., Stedmon; Williams, Jabez Herring, Jr., Asheville; Yates, Robert Allen, Chadbourn. Page 130 We Use Ipona. " Hope springs eternal . . . " " What a gastrocnemius! " " Hello there, spic ond spon ... I " " Where ' s my Irium? " Pithecanthropus erectus " Laissez-faire. " " Drinks ore on the house, boys! ' This will sloy you Geology students testing local soil fo Just sittin ' " Who wears the pants here? " That well fed look " Yes, md ' em, we kill rots. " E Plurlbus Unum " Fire when you are reody, Grldley. " GRADUATE SCHOOL The Graduate School offers opportunity for further and advanced study by those who have completed a college course in the fostering of research, in the training of stu- dents to become investigators and teachers in special fields of learning, and in the application of research methods to the prob- lems of society, government, and industry. Instruction leading to a master ' s degree was offered at this institution previous to the Civil War, and such higher degrees were granted in course. The first doctor ' s degree was awarded in 1833. A Graduate Bulletin, issued in 1885, showed that nearly all de- partments offered advanced courses. The number of students during th ose years was small, but the work accomplished in both the humanities and the sciences was of distinguished quality. Since 1920 the Grad- uate has experienced rapid growth. Work for advanced degrees is under the supervision of the graduate faculty. Under authority delegated by the graduate faculty, the immediate direction of the school is in charge of an administrative board of which the Dean is chairman. DEAN W. W. PIERSON Page 132 FIRST ROW Aubrey, James Edward, Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Delta Phi, Norfolk, Virginia; Autery, Olive Ruth, Kimbrough, Alabama, Barber, Mory Hayes, Pittsboro; Bettinger, Donald John, Chapel Hill; Bolmeier, Jane, Sigma Kappa, Durham; Boyer, Janet Rae, Westfield, New Jersey. SECOND ROW Brown, Ado Anne, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Kappa Delta, Chapel Hill; Carter, Etheidred Beale, Kappa Alpha, Newsoms, Virginia; Carter, Mary Constance, Zeta Tou Alpha, Sigma Alpha Iota, Biloxi, Mississippi; Covin, William Pinckney, Pi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Chapel Hill; Collett, Elizabeth Ann, Thomosville; Daniel, George Peter, Brooklyn, New York. THIRD ROW Dameron, John Lasky, Lambda Chi Alpha, Chapel Hill; Cazin, John, Jr., Wellsburg, Virginia; Dobbins, James Talmoge, Jr., Sigma Nu, Alpha Chi Sigma, Chapel Hill; de Courval, Claude, Montreal, Canada; Fallon, Joseph G., Angwin, California; Ford, Alice E., Fairmont, West Virginia. Page 133 o o to (J Fresh, James Willj( Trivan Drum, TravG Prospect Hill, Pa. n. Hickory; George, Abyomma, :ore, India; Gibson, Ruth Elaine, SECOND ROW Gilliam, Theron Idol, Elon College; Gouge, Joyce Elaine, Block Mountain; Hackney, Ben Hall, Jr., Srgmo Phi Epsilon, Phi Delta Koppa, Lucomo. THIRD ROW Hale, Julionne, Jefferson City, Ten Richard, Rangoon, Burma; Hendri Mocksville. ; Herman, Frank Omer Woodord, FOURTH ROW Howard, Helen Mauney, New London; Janski, Morion Rose, Jorrott, Va.; Jay, Allen, Dearborn, Mich. FIFTH ROW Jones, Barclay Gibbs, Delta Phi, Merchantville, N. J.; Jordan, Lemuel Russell, Alpha Kappa Psi, Theta Xi, Smithfield; Kuettner, Robert A., Raleigh. SIXTH ROW Lo Rue, Jo Anne, Raleigh; Marshall, Marilyn Louise, Rockford, III.; Moore, Thomas Bryan, Winston-Salem. Page 134 FIRST ROW Neville, Norma Adelaide, Chi Delto Phi, Chapel Hill; O ' Mansky, Samuel Isaac, Zeta Beta Tau, Leaksville, Palenski, Virginia V., Force, Pa. SECOND ROW o Roglond, Wynne, Sigmo Nu, Birmingham, Ala.; Redd, M. Louise, Chatham, Vo.; Thomas, Robert Calvin, Pi Koppa Phi, Roanoke, Va. TO THIRD ROW r- Poole, Robert Wade, Salisbury; Schroeder, Helen Bag- ley, Manassas, Vo.; Skrivanek, Franklin B., Delta Sigma Phi, Nu Alpha, Chi Pi, Houston, Texas. FOURTH ROW Tola, Mary Agnes, Foyetteville; Tucker, James Hous- ton, Phi Deito Kappa, Mount Holly; Vandiver, Evelyn Florence, Charlotte. West, Eugenia Winslow, Richmond, Va.; Weeden, Joan B., Mantunuck, R. I.; Whitoker, Charles, Enfield. SIXTH ROW Williams, Elizabeth Joon, Mill Spring, Williams, Roger, Pollocksville. CO o O o Page ;35 SCHOOL OF LAW The Law School in September opened its one hun- dred and fifty-eighth session. Manning Hall, the present home of the School of Law, was erected in 1923. This year was dedicated a new addition which has approximately doubled the size of the building. The new section includes a library, class- room, student work room, and office facilities. The courtroom included in the new addition should solve a long standing problem by enabling the Law School to integrate more satisfactorily both its academic and extracurricular programs. The Law School Association, an organization consisting of all law students, performs through its officers and class representatives a vital function DEAN HENRY P. BRANDIS, JR. in the work of the Law School, emphasizing the development of an extracurricular program of legal education closely integrated with the academic program of the school. This year the Law School Association also conducted orientation for all new law students, law club arguments were sponsored, and sponsored programs by outstanding members of the Law profession. Another outstanding activity is the publication under the direct supervision of the students, and with faculty guidance of the North Carolina Low Review. Editors and members of the staff are chosen from the upper classes on the basis of scholastic attainment. Hfl r p v IVI H K " V i H ' t. l ri 1 H H B I B ' fl (11 1 ' 1 rm ' M% H fl U W i J H - wm i H i . -f ;|!j| B iflp H H ! ' jjfl »lr -| 1 - f W ' j Kj IrS jn i w ■ Wj ' ' Bk v ' i« B | _ J Brik tfJH l l 1 LAW SCHOOL FACULTY Front Row, left to right: Boer, Von Hecke, Brondis Wettoch, and McCoM. Bock Row: Aycock, Dolzelf, Breckenridge, Cootes, and Hanft. Page 136 €lf£ THIRD YEAR LAW STUDENTS First Row: Adams, Hoyle Brannock, Phi Delta Phi, Lamb- da Chi Alpho, Hendersonville; Anderson, James Wdliam, Phi Alpha Delto, Alpha Sigma Sigma, Greensboro; Ash- low, H William, Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Theta Phi, Portsmouth, Va.; Ashley, Wollace, Jr., Smithfield; Boer, Ervin I., Dunn; Boiley, Glenn Boyette, Delta Theta Phi, Theta Chi, Sims; Berry, Doran, Jr., Delto Theto Phi, Foyetteville. Second Row: Bond, Lyn, Jr., Phi Delto Phi, Sigmo Nu, Tarboro; Broodfoot, Hal Walker, Delta Kappo Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi, Foyetteville; Brown, Willis D., Phi Alpha Delta, Kenansville; Campbell, Corlyle, Jr., Theto Chi, Roleigh; Cline, Marshall Eugene, Jr., Chi Psi, Delto Theto Phi, Conover; Cole, Roy M., Phi Delto Phi, Chapel Hill; Coxe, Tench Charles, III, Delta Koppo Epsilon, Phi Delto Phi, Asheville. Third Row: Crowell, 0. Bernard, Jr., Phi Koppo Sign Delta Theto Phi, Hendersonville; DeMoio, Michael Phi Alpha Delto, Chapel Hill; Dolley, Steve Blond, . Sigmo Phi Epsilon, Delta Theto Phi, Gostonia; Dow Kenneth Ray. Phi Delta Phi, Pmeville; Exum, John B., . Sigmo Nu, Phi Delto Phi, Rocky Mount; Faggart, Harry Edward, Jr , Gommo Beto Chi, Phi Alpho Delta, Concord; Fisler, Horry Tuft, Delta Theto Phi, Rosehill. Fourth Row: Forsyth, Alyce Stuart, Greensboro; Gillespie, James W., Delta Theto Phi, How River; Golding, John Gardner, Phi Alpho Delto, Tryon; Gray, Wallace R, Delta Theto Phi, Buxton; Horrell, Allen Waylan, Phi Alpho Delto, Coleroin; Hatch, Edwin Brown, Jr., Chi Phi, Phi Alpho Delta, Phi Beta Koppo, Pittsboro; Hedrick, James T , Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Phi, Chapel Hill. Fifth Row: Hendrix, Roger B., Phi Alpho Delto, Winston- Salem; Hinshaw, Arned L., Phi Delta Phi, Burlington; Hodson, Charles Bernard, Chapel Hill; Hollowell, James McNider, Phi Alpha Delta, Hertford; Hurst, June D., Kannapolis; Johnson, Samuel Henry, Phi Delto Phi, Mag- nolia; Jones, Daniel Stephen, Phi Gommo Delto, Phi Alpha Delta, Clinton. Sixth Row: Joyce, Clarence Russeli, Phi Alpha Delta, Chooel Hill; Keener, Hurshell Halton, Phi Alpha Delto, Lenoir; Linn, Stable, Jr., Delta Koppo Epsilon, Salisbury; Lock, Robert Earl, Delto Theto Phi, Chapel Hill; Mayo, William Patrick, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Alpha Delta, Washington; McKnight, Roy Bowman, Jr., Sigmo Chi, Phi Alpha Delta, Charlotte; Miller, George J., Phi Koppo Alpha, Phi Alpha Delta, Charlotte. Seventh Row: Montgomery, John Robert, Jr., Chi Psi, Phi Delto Phi, Raleigh; Nichols, Chorles Edward, Phi Delta Phi, Greensboro; Olive, Hubert Ethridge, Jr., Phi Delta Phi, Lexington; Potts, Jock H., Phi Delta Phi, Highlands; Quinlivan, Virginia Douglas, Chapel Hill; Ross, Oscar Eugene, III, Phi Delta Theto, Phi Delta Phi, Alpho Koppo Psi, Shreveport, La.; Shuping, Jerry Monroe, Alpha Phi Omego, Phi Delta Phi, Asheboro. Eighth Row: Smith, William Whitfield, Phi Alpha Delto, Phi Delta Theto, Raleigh; Spoinhour, Harold Ingram, Phi Alpha Delto, Winston-Salem; Tate, Samuel McDowell, Phi Alpho Delto, Phi Delta Theto, Morganton; Union, Thorton L., Pi Lambda Phi, Phi Delto Phi, Foyetteville; Wolden, Carroll Washington, Jr., Phi Alpho Delto, Greens- boro; Wood, Billy F., Graham; Worth, Walker Yeatmon, Jr., Chi Psi, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Beta Koppo, Raleigh; Yarbrough, Jock D., Delta Theto Phi, Hendersonville. Page J 37 SECOND YEAR LAW STUDENTS First Row: Adams. J. Allen, Sigma Nu, Phi DeHa Phi, New Orleans, La.; Brown, Bruce J-, Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Alpha Delto, Asheville; Cambron, John Ralph. Delta Theta Phi, Asheville; Camp, Lewis Forman, Jr., Phi Delto Phi, Phi Beta Kappo, Beto Gamma Sigma, Charlotte Second Row: Cates, John Allen, Phi Alpha Delta, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Hillsboro, Cooper, Roy Asberry, Jr., Phi Alpha Delta, Nashville; Dowkins, William Lee, Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Alpha Delta, Cary; Dolley, Eunice P., Gastonia. Third Row: Fenton, Mary L., Shavertown, N. Y.; Gordon, George W., Phi Alpha Delta, Greensboro; Griffin, Kenneth Asolphus, Delta Thcto Phi, Concord; Hight, Robert Stubbs, Phi Alpha Delta, Henderson. Fourth Row: Hill, George William, Delto Theta Phi, MooresviMe; Hinton, Lloyd Vernon, Phi Alpha Delta. Washington, D. C; Hooper, John O., Delta Sigma Pi, Saluda; Hutchens, John G., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi, High Point. Fifth Row: Ingram, John Randolph, Sigma Chi, Phi Beta Kappo, Beta Gamma Sigma, Asheboro; Johnson, Clyde B., Koppo Sigma, Phi Delta Phi, Benson; Jones, Durward Spencer, Phi Alpha Delta, Winston-Salem; Lentz, DeVere C , Jr., Asheville. Sixth Row: Marcus, Harvey W., Sigma Chi, Kinston; Mitchem, Wade W., Jr., Phi Alpha Delta, Lowell; Palmer, Horace William, Phi Alpha Delta, Durham; Post, Edward Neol, Delta Theta Phi, Winston-Salem. Seventh Row: Pridgen, Elton Claude, Phi Alpha Delta, Chopel Hill; Pullen. Lucius Wilson, Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Phi, Rocky Mount; Reid, William George, Pilot Mountain; Show, Alexander Turner, Jr., Phi Alpha Delta, Chapel Hill. Eighth Row: Steed, Thomas Warlich, Jr., Chi Psi, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappo, Raleigh; Tate, Sarah Lindsay, Charlotte; Young, Thomas Lee, Phi Delto Phi, Lexington. ijim p» IES SSLA 9 Page 138 FIRST YEAR LAW STUDENTS First Row: Alley, Zebulon D., Woynesville; Bailey, Robert Freeman, Raleigh; Barker, Gilmer Clyde, Jr., Raleigh; Berries, Troy Thomas, Jr., Wilson; Britt, George Milton, Tarboro; Bryant, Calvin B., Gaston. Second Row: Burns, Franklin Kent, Winston-Salem; Byrd, Robert Bond, Morganton; Compbell, Jomes Thomas, Alpha Kappa Psi, Taylorsville; Carter, Luther Reynolds, Jr., Chapel Hill; Carter, William Eugene, Asheville; Davis, Don B., Asheboro. Third Row: Davis, Joseph Gamer, Jr., Lambdo Chi Alpho, Spmdaie; Davis, Roy Walton, Jr., Marion; Erb, Donald R., Leominister, Mass.; Flowers, Percy, Jr., Clayton; Franks, Stephen Field, Hendersonville; Gamble, Richard O ' Neil, Summerfield. Fourth Row: Hance, Francis Burton, New Bern; Harris, Jack Rondall, Lincolnton; Hicks, Eugene Clifton, III, Sigma Nu, Wilmington; Hill, William Lgnier, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Wilmington; Hunter, John V., Ill, Winston-Solem, Kalogridis, Peter G, Beta Theto Pi, Phi Beta Koppo, Omicron Delta Kappa, Winter Hoven, Fla. Fifth Row: Kurtz, Robert Lawrence, Phi Delto Theto, Theto Eta Sigma, Charlotte; MocQueen, Robert Bruce, 5r., Grahom; McLeod, Michael Parker, Chapel Hill; Morris, Naomi Elizabeth, Wilson; Morton, Jackson Bruce, Greens- boro; Nail, Thomas Gerald, Lenoir. Sixth Row: Page, Robert Jomes, Phi Delto Theta, Plain- field, N. J.; Rankin, Thomos McCargo, Reidsville; Roth, Jerry, Bronx, N. Y.; Seawell, Sam Griffin, Winston-Salem; Smith, James Franklin, Chapel Hill; Smythe, Jennie New- some, Chapel Hill. Seventh Row: Strickland, James R., Wilson; Taylor, Cooper Ellis, Jr., Raleigh; Vaughn, Robert C, Jr., Beto Theto Pi, Winston-Solem; Wallace, Colvin C, Albemarle; Worlick, Alex, Jr., Hickory; Weotherspoon, Joe Calvin, Bahama. Eighth Row: West, Williom Shepherd, Phi Beta Koppo, New York City, N. Y.; Wilson, James Champion, Winston- Salem; Youngblood, Ray, Fletcher; Zubonowistz, Joseph- esis, Fernandina, Flo. Page 139 THE SCHOOL OF LIBRARY SCIENCE The School of Library Science opened in September 1 931, as a unit of the University of North Carolina. Made possible by a grant from the Carnegie Corpo- ration, it is the culmination of a series of library science courses offered in the summer and regular terms since 1904. Quarters for the school, comprising rooms for laboratory work, lectures, and seminars, a stack area for the School ' s library, and offices for the teaching and administrative staff cover the entire top floor of the recently completed west wing of the library. The School offers four programs: a twenty-eight quarter hour undergraduate program for students interested in preparing for positions as teachers and librarians in the smaller public schools; a basic one year program for college graduates preparing for beginning positions; and two masters ' programs, one for public school librarians and one for work in any type of library. SCHOOL OF LIBRARY SCIENCE First Row, left to right: Helen Cox, Adelaide McLarty, Betty McRoynolds, Francis Thaekston, Bessie Cartwright Mary Darst Elizabeth Von Dohlen • Second Row; Olo Belle Tillman, Wenonah Taylor, Elinor Douglass, Genie Babylon, Jane Woodruff, Mary E hiabeth Gr.ggs, Mar|or,e ' " " " ' JX " " " Nielsen • Third Row: Betty Bolton, Elizobeth Holder, Pauline Nelson, Jean Martin, Morion Robertson, Angele Aviionis, Maud Tolley • Fourth Row Robert Miller, Evon Farber, Donald Wilson, Miles Horton, Aaron Farnell, Perry Cannon, Edgar Lynch, Samuel Monroe Baker, Jr. • Fifth Row: Emmoline Sullivan, Jean Freeman, Susan Akers, Morgaret Kalp, Margaret Allman, Lu:ile Keliing, Saroh Reed, Alf- " Page 140 During each quorter the student meets with the odvisor for guidance in selecting a proper course of study. The new addition to the library offers adequate facilities to students who desire to study in informal gotherings. Page 141 THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE The School of Medicine was established in 1 879 under the direction of Dr. Thomas H. Harris. Until 1896 the course covered only one year, however, in that year it was extended to two years. In 1900 the School of Medicine was incorporated as an integral part of the University and was reorganized to meet the requirements of the first two years of the full four-year course leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine. This year for the first time the last two years were added. The new hospital will be of great value to the school as a whole. Many outstanding new faculty members have been added to the staff and an expanded program is under way that will be of great benefit to the state as a whole. DR. W. R. BERRYHILL in of the School of Medicii FACULTY — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE First Row, left to right: Truscott, B. L.; Brown, J. U.; Stroughon, W. R.; Polmer, J. G.; Sessions, J. T.; George, W. C; Curnon, E. C; Richardson, W. P. • Second Row: Farmer, T. W.; Taylor, I. M.; Croig, E.; Bunce, P. L.; Burnett, C. H.; Leory, D. C; Cromortie, W. J.; Huppert, M.; Welt, L. G. • Third Row: Swanton, M. C; Bream, C. A.; Thomos, C. G.; Larson, A.; Word, L.; Brinkhous, K. M.; Hiott, E. P.; Koylor, C. T.; Bullitt, J. B. • Fourth Row: Monire, G. P.; Graham, J. B.; Kerner, O. J.; Ham, G. C; Ferguson, J. F.; MacPherson, D. A.; Butler, T. C; Hill, J. B.; Ellis, F. W. • Fifth Row: Van Cleave, C. D.; Porks, H. F.; Roney, R. B.; Chipmon, S. S.; Fronk, E. C; Hawkins, D.; Barnett, T. B.; Berryhill, W. R.; Patterson, H. C. • Sixth Row: Andrews, J. C; Hooker, C. W.; Wilson, J. C; Green, J. A.; Hitch, J. M.; Wells, W. L.; Peters, R. M. • Seventh Row: Anderson, C. E.; Irvin, J. L.; Heusner, A. P.; Penick, G. D.; Langdell, R. D.; Fresh, J. W.; Fisher, J. J.; Fisher, N. D. • Missing: Berkut, M. K.; Hedgpeth, E. M.; Lindsay, R. B.; Taylor, J. A.; Morgan, W. G.; Ross, R. A.; Taylor, C. B.; Csoky, T. Z.; Tucker, G. F.; Miller, A. T.; Fleming, W. L.; Flowers, C. E.; Sprunt, W. H., Womack, N. A.; Davis, D. A.; Polumbo, L.; Chamberlain, H. R. Page 142 WHrTEHEAD MEDICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS LeH to right: Rickenbockcr, J. H., Treasurer; Brig- man, P. H., Secretary; Partrick, C. T., President; Lamm, J. L., Vice-President. MEDICAL SCHOOL HONOR COUNCIL Seated, left to right: Brigmon, P. H.; Huttines W. D., Chairman; Diab, A. J. • Stondinq: Thorp A. T.; Stephenson, H. L.; Cox, G. E.; McLean, M AIR VIEW OF THE NEW HOSPITAL AND MEDICAL SCHOOL Page 143 O THIRD YEAR First Row: Riekenbacker, J. H.; Vinson, W. M.; Diob, A. J.; DeWolt, J. L; Fulghum, C. B.; Moore, B. M.; Vinson, R. H.; Cowan, L. K.; Walker, A. D. • Second Row: Guy, C. L.; Tvndoll, H. D.; Graves, J. F.; Sherrill, H. B.; Thomas, R. P.; Ward, J. C. • Third Row: Presley, G. D.; Lippard, S. A. • Fourth Row: Hemings, H. C. ' ; Gront, W. J.; Patterson, T. H.; Robinson, J.; Lineberger, H. P. • Fifth Row: Hines, H. B.; Averett, L. S.; Spillmon, L. C; Quinn, C. L.; Brighom, P. H. • Sixth Row: Mohaffee, W. C; Owens, C. H.; Swonn, N. H.; Patrick, C. T.; Jones, R. S.; Perry, E. J.; Williamson, H. G. • Seventh Row: Fleishman, M.; Tomlinson, R. L.; Saunders, J. F. S.; Brown, G. W.; Robertson, C. G.; Williams, E. S. o o X u SECOND-YEAR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Hayes, i. W., Secretary; Savage, R. T., Treasurer; Chandler, E. T., President; Jordan, R. C., Vice- President. FIRST-YEAR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Vossey, J. W., Treasurer; Harris, W. R., Secretory; McLendon, W. W., President; Pepper, F. D., Vice-President. SECOND YEAR Page 144 FIRST YEAR CLASS, SCHOOL OF MEDICINE First Row: Borry, W.; Wood, W. B.; Easterling, W. E.; Payne, C. G.; Payne, T. W.; Evans, J. T.; Farmer, R. A.; Wompler, G. E. • Second Row; Wood- all, L. S.; Bornhill, C. A.; Murray, R. L.; Castelloe, T. E.; Riddle, J. I.; Roberts, M. W.; Lowder, J. A.; Thorp, A. T.; McCall, M. M. • Third Row: Bergmanis, J.; Goley, A. F.; Vossey, J. W., Treasurer; Hall, J. 6.; Neill, H. L.; Herring, V. G. • Fourth Row: Ormond, J. W.; Todd, J. G.; Horrell, J. D.; Earley, L. E.; Hazlehurst, J. L. • Fifth Row: Clark, L. A.; McLendon, W. W., President; Lloyd, C. F.; Johnson, H. L.; Stafford, W. R.; Holmes, R. P.; Ivey, W. C. • Sixth Row: Boyd, R. A.; Medders, J. D.; Green, F. W.; Ashley, G. J.; Lowry, O. M.; McLean, M.; Page, W. E.; Howe, J. G.; Perry, C. J. • Seventh Row: Mann, M. B.; Pittman, G. L.; Purcell, W. R.; Deyton, J. W.; Boggett, J. R.; Suther, T. C; Horris, W. R., Secretary; Pepper, F. D., Vice- President; Fowler, C. W.; Brantley, C; Jones, D. C; Bronnon, W. M. • Absent: Yarley, D. H.; Duncon, S. A.; Noell, J. S.; Richards, J. F. SECOND YEAR CLASS, SCHOOL OF MEDICINE First Row: Dunn, P. Z.; Rogers, C. W.; Godwin, I. D.; Glover, F. W.; Herring, C. L.; Glenn, J. E.; Abernethy, H. W.; Brooks, R. E.; Evans, H. L. • Second Row: Jenkins, S. G.; Johnson, C. L.; Summerlin, R. L.; Marring, S. L.; McCoskill, L. C; Roddey, O. F.; Lineberger, A. S.; Foust, J. W. • Third Row: James, V. L.; Diggs, E. O.; Golbv, R. L.; White, W. W.; Barnard, G. W.; Jordan, R. C; London, W. L. • Fourth Row: Lamm, J. L.; Stephenson, H. L.; Webb, A. G.; Shelburne, P. F.; Moore, T. P.; Deyton, W. E. • Fifth Row: Dickson, G. C; Eddinger, C. F.; Stewort, F. A.; Miller, A. C; Albergotti, J. S.; Hayes, J. W.; White, R. D.; Groseclose, J. D. • Sixth Row: Hamilton, B. L.; Chandler, E. T.; Savage, R. T.; Dudley, C. C; Richard- son, G. I.; Waddell, W. J.; White, W. H. • Seventh Row: Roberts, H. P.; McLoin, C. R.; Goiney, J. W.; Ruffin, W. C; Joyner, S. B.; Monroe, J. T. • Eighth Row: Morrison, F. C; Brome, R. G.; Kompschmidt, W. F.; Cox, G. E.; Adams, H.; Tucker; McKnight, R. L. • Missing: Munch, M. F. I SCHOOL OF NURSING SECOND YEAR STUDENTS Anderson, Mary Durham Blair Donna Lee _ Winston-Salem Blaylock, Sora Catherine New Bern Colvard, Patsy Proctor ___ _. Durham Davis, Bette L. Morganton Edwards, Virginia Dare . Durham Huss, Gloria Thomasville Huss, Gwenlyn _ Thomosville Merritt, Janet Marie Chapel Hill Morgan, Arlene Morganton Norwood, Louise Winston-Salem Smith, Joy Pharr Charlotte Snider, Geroldine Foyetteville Williams, W.nnie Lee Foyetteville Winn, Sally Perkins Henderson Yount, Martha Evelyn Hickory Not pictured: Hylton, Jane Ramelle Clearwater, Fla. Page 146 SCHOOL OF NURSING Allen, Anne Patrick Farmville Allison, Elaine Black Mountain Bryant, Laura Jean _„ Durham Carrawoy, Jessie McKelden Farmville Corwin, Ruth Louise Spencer Costello, Jane Stuart „_ Big Horn, Wyo. Dobbs, Billie Bruce Charlotte Eifort, Lois Jo West End Farmer, Evelyn Jouce Hughes Hamilton, Elizabeth Ayers „ „ - Raleigh Harris, Betty Jane Ahoskie Hunt, Betty Claire Lexington ■ ■ Kelly, Jane Douglas Durham King, Jane McNeill Williamstori McCarter, Sarah Lee Burlington McNeely, Dorothy Grey Morganton Needham, Peggy Parks „ New Bern Overholt, Donna Elizabeth — Pittsburgh, Pa. Renshow, Sylvia Mae Asheville Robeson, Emily Love Laurinburg Salter, Natalie _ .- Scorsdale, N. Y. Seawell, Sarah Elizabeth Merry Oaks Shaw, Sandra Ann „ Durham Smith, Sally Marshall _.. Wrightsville Beach Snyder, Jane Carolyn Winsfon-Salem Sox, Jane Pauline — Hickory Taylor, Frances Lee Beaufort Usher, Saro Elizabeth Wait, Gwendolyn Mary Rochester, N. Y. White, Corolyn ___ Winston-Solem Widman, Kathy Helene Jacksonville K ic- Lewis, Mary London Asheville HB f FRESHMEN Page 147 EDWARD GRAFTON McGAVRAN Deon of the School of Public Health SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH The University ' s School of Public Health continues to maintain its lead- ership among the accredited schools of public health in this country. With Dean McGavran at its helm, the school is constantly progressing and enhancing its already enviable position in the area of world health. Students from Egypt, Iran, South Africa, India, Thialand, Burma, South and Central America, Israel and Greece are learning in Chapel Hill the basic principles of public health which they will soon apply in their own countries. Thus the influence of the University reaches to the far corners of the earth. The School of Public Health offers the following courses of study: Public Health Administration, Nutrition, Public Health Education, Ma- ternal and Child Health, Public Health Nursing, Parasitology, Sanitary Engineering, Sanitary Science and Statistics. Instruction is aimed toward more effective service by the public health team. FACULTY SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH Front Row Seated, left to right: Frances MacKinnon, Ruth Hoy, Rosemary Kent, Edword McGovron, Lucy Morgan, Morgaret Blee, Alpha Kenny • Second Row Standina: W. S. Beochom, Clark Cockerhom, Dr. Roger Howell, Bernice Tyler, Elta Most, James Hendricks, Gilbert Kelso, Daniel Okun • Third Row Standing: Dr. Sidney Chipmon, B. Greenberg, John Wright, M.D., Margaret Dolan, John Lorsh, Jr., Colonel Jock Hinmon, Emil Chanlett, Harold Mognuson, Hughes Bryan, William P. Richardson, M.D. Page 148 ADMINISTRATION, NUTRITION STATISTICIANS OF PUBLIC HEALTH right: Esten Shomo, Jirowoot Viruchogool, Noncy Howkes, Lenore Bo|do, Nelson , Emmanuel Papoemmanuel, Joseph Pack, Horry Hoover, Khosrow Bossiti, M.D., Oseor Davis • Third Row: • Second Row: iw, left to right: Ethel J la, Dr. Reuben Klosmer, • Fourth Ro HEALTH EDUCATORS AND PARASITOLOGISTS Louise Perritt, Susie Overstreet, Borboro Blockwell, Etro Poge lasmer, Dr. Mir uel Torol, Arthur Hvman, Charles Kim • Third Row: Thon H. B. Wolkcr, W. T. Hough, Tom Jbnewoy, Michael Ivey. Page 149 u CO Q. o o o u CO GRADUATE PUBLIC HEALTH NURSES First Row, left to right: Juonila McGuire, Jewell Stanley, Mertorie Depew, Mary Cullin, Thelma Jenkins, Francis Barrier • Second Row: Evelyn Mortis, Florence White, Elizabeth Casper, Mary Dixon, Myra Stevens, Alice Lothom • Third Row: Anne Adams, Mitzi Green, Anne Taylor, Esther Pritchord, Amber Mitchell • Fourth Row: Louise Barnes, Harriet Ingram, Myro Woodhom, Mottle Burns, Alice Blockwelder. SANITARY ENGINEERS AND SANITARIANS First Row, left to right: Quen Chang Tso, Frank Harmon, Edgar Seagle, R. C. Steele, Jorge Mantilla • Second Row: Don Suggs, Edgar Golden, Earl Fillmore, M. Tewfik Abdel-Aziz, Mufid Said Nashoshibi • Third Row: Eduordo Garcia, Norman Tuckett, Jr., Cline Munsey, Angel Gonozo, Edison Rivera sticks and stones may break my bones . . .! Which crony is the phony? How high con you go? She was no lady " Rowthcrl " I can hear my housemother now . Looks easy enough! Tinker Toys " So ore You! " It has fluid drive, too! No nose is good nose For thot Florida ton This should make on impression on Inspector Hearthstone, Death Squad V " Coup d ' oeil Getting the low-down Page 151 THE PHARMACY SENATE The Pharmacy Senate was founded at the University in February 1940. Membership is limited to thirty members from the student body of the school of Pharmacy. The purposes of the Senate are to stimulate, foster, and increase knowledge and appreciation of the profession of Pharmacy; to teach public speaking as a foundation for future leadership; and to promote interclass friendship and cooperation within the school of Phar- macy. In addition to the regular Tuesday night meetings the Pharmacy Senate engages outstanding speakers to present programs to the Phar- macy student body. Officers this year were: President, Edward Smith; Parliamentarian, Tom Bostion; Reporter, Willis Show; Recorder, Al Mebane. E. A. BRECHT Deon of the School of Phormocy PHARMACY SENATE First Row, left to right: Joe Blond, Tom Bostion, Parliomentorion; Tom Kostic, Secretory-Treasurer; Al Mebone, Recorder • Second Row: Jim Miller, Joyce Nelson, Henry Potton, Ed Smith, President • Third Row: Pete Barbery, Willie Show, Reporter; Art Schlogel, Edith Trosper • Fourth Row: Wiley Horrell, Steve Roberts, Bill Griffin, Tommy Temple. Page 152 THE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY PHARMACY OFFICERS Seated, left to right: Joseph Graham White, Vice-President; Martha Ann Smith, Secretary and Treasurer • Standing; Rowe Bogle Campbell, President; Waller Stephen Perrow, Honor Council Representative. JUNIOR OFFICERS Seated, left to right: Joi son, Jr., President; Eleo Secretary and Treasui Herrin, Vice-President. les Clock Robin- or Grey Bullock, ;r; John Clegg SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Seated, left to right: Ralph Hilliard Ash- worth, President; Sara Fountain Lore, Secre- tary and Treasurer; Edward Franklin Jen- kins, Vice-President. FRESHMEN OFFICERS Left to right: Phillip Langston Thomos, Jr., Morion Simons, Secre- tory and Treasurer; Scott Mckeothan. pt k.. l SENIOR OFFICERS LeH: Billy Murray, President • Middle: Barbara Louise Dillord, Secretory-Treasurer • Right: Lewis Mouchet Ferguson, Vice-President, After having orientated the freshmen the upper classmen settled down to a year of labs and classes. All was not work though. The fall quarter was filled to the brim with fraternity rushing, a picnic for the freshmen, and the Pharmacy Girls ' Christmas Party. After Christmas the Juniors and Seniors went on a most interesting trip to see the Lilly and Abbott laboratories. Pharmacy week-end was the big event of the spring as usual. The festivities were many, ending with the big dance Saturday night. After all the partying was over it was time to think of exams and for some lucky people, graduation. They had token their last quiz at UNC but there were still those state boards to face. It was goodby to Howell Hall and all their friends, but with them go many wonderful memories of the past four years. First Row Semeniuk, Thompson FACULTY SHOT Seated, left to right: Fred Walter Hartung, Herman , Rea Brecht, Lorna Teore, ■dy. Standing, ko, Willie Kenneth George C left to right: John Andro- m Taylor, C. Hammerness, Hoy, Nicholas Batuyios, FOURTH YEAR PHARMACY STUDENTS Kin s Mountain Kappa Psi, Vice- ar (3, 4), Student 4), President (4); First Row: BLANTON, CHARLES DONALD, JR. B,S, IN PHARMACY. Rho Chi, Vice-President (4); President (3); Phi Eta Sigmo; Order of the Golden Bs Council (3, 4); University Club (2); NCPA (1, 2, 3, Pharmacy Senate (1,2, 3); Student Party (I, 3), BLAND, JOSEPH FURMAN B S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi; NCPA (1, 2, 3, 4), (3, 4); Cord Board (3, 4). BURGISS, THOMAS REEVES Sparta BS IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi; NCPA (2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); President of Junior Class (3); Alumni Review (3, 4). BOSTIAN, THOMAS RICHARD Landis BS. IN PHARMACY. Phi Delta Chi, Secretary (3), Vice-President Battle- Vonce-Pettigrew Dorm (3), Pharmacy Senote (2, 3, 4); Football (1, 2); IDC (2, 3). BROOKS, FRANK GIBBONS, JR. BS IN PHARMACY. Golf (1, 2, (1, 2, 3, 4); NCPA (2, 3, 4). 3, 4), Captoin (4); Monogr CAMPBELL, ROWE BOGLE, JR. Taylorsville B S IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi, Treasurer (3), Vice-Regent (41; Rho Chi; President Pharmacy School Student Body (4); President Second Year Pharmacy School Class (2). COLE, ALFRED FRANKLIN, JR. Raeford BS. IN PHARMACY. Pi Kaopo Phi; IPC (3): NCPA (2, 3, 4), Class Officer (1); Dean ' s Cabinet (1), DILLARD, BARBARA LOUISE Willard B.S. IN PHARMACY. Koooo Eosilon, Vice-President (4); YWCA (1.2, 3, 4); NCPA (I, 2, 3, 4); Secretary Pharmacy Class (4); WAA (1,2, 3, 4). Apex Murphy FERGUSON, JUNIOUS FRANKLIN, JR. Durham BS IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi, Treasurer (4); Rho Chi, President (4); NCPA (2, 3, 4); Vice-President Third Yeor Pharmacy Closs (3). FERGUSON, LEWIS MOUCHET Gostonia B S IN PHARMACY. Kama Psi; NCPA (2, 3, 4); APhA (4); Vice- President Senior Pharmacy ' Class (4). HUNTER, H. JEANETTE Westtield BS. IN PHARMACY. NCPA (1, 2, 3, 41, APhA (4); Pharmacy Girls ' Association (I, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); Independent Coed Board, Vice-President (2). KING, DELTON GRAHAM Fayetteville B S. IN PHARMACY. Koppa Psi; NCPA (I, 2, 3, 4), APhA (4); Pharmacy Senate (3). KOSTIC, THOMAS FRANCIS Chapel Hill B S. IN PHARMACY. Koppo Psi; NCPA (1, 2, 3, 4); Pharmocy Senate (2, 3, 4). Page 154 FOURTH YEAR PHARMACY STUDENTS MOBLEY, BENJAMIN K. Lake City, Flo. B,5. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi; NCPA (2, 3, 4); APhA (4); BSU Council (1,2, 3), Secretary (2); Young Republicon ' s Club (4). MURRAY, BILLY ROGER Chaoel Hill B,S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi; NCPA (2, 3, 4). APhA (4); President Senior Class (4). O ' NEAL, JACQUELYN LEE Louisburg B.S. IN PHARMACY. Koppa Epsilon, Pledge Mistress (3); NCPA (I, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (4): Pharmacy Girls ' Association (I, 2, 3, 4); YWCA (1, 2, 3, 4). Secretory-Treasurer Junior Class (3). PAPPAS, THALIA ANDREW Charlotte B.S. IN PHARMACY. Kaooa Epsilon; Cheerleader (4); NCPA (1, 2, 3, 4); APhA (4); Pharmacy Girls ' Associotion (1, 2, 3, 4); Card Board (1); Bond (1). Third Row: PERROW, WALLER STEPHEN Bedford, Va. 8 5. IN PHARMACY. Kaono Psi: Phi Eto Siamo; Rho Chi; President Kappa Psi (4), Secretory (3); NCPA (I, 2, 3, 4); Groil (3, 4); Old Well (3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (4); APhA (4), Orientation Counselor (4); Donee Committee (2, 3), Choirman (3); Vice-President Freshman Class (1); Men ' s Council (4), Clerk (4); Rho Chi Freshmen Award (I); Cord Board (3, 4); YMCA (1, 2, 3, 4). Youngsville SHAW, WILLIS BREEDLOVE Roanoke Rapids B.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi; Phormacy Senate, Reporter (4); NCPA (2, 3, 4); APhA (4); Canterbury Club. Glen Alpine SMITH, EDWARD MARVIN Motthews B S. IN PHARMACY. Rho Chi; Phi Eto Sigma; Debate Council (2, 3); Di Senate (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3); IDC (3); Pharmacy Senate (2, 3, 4), President (4); NCPA (1, 2, 3, 4). SMITH, MARTHA ANN Warsaw B.S. IN PHARMACY. Kopoo Epsilon, President (3); NCPA (I, 2, 3, 4); Secretary-Treasurer School of Phormocy (4); APhA (4); Coed Senate (2, 3); Indeoendent Coed Board (2, 3); Student Advisor (3, 4); Pharmacy Girls ' Association (1, 2, 3, 4). Kinston 2, 3, 4); APhA (4). Pilot Mountaii Fifth Row: SMITH, ROBERT GARLAND B.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi. TIMBERLAKE, HARRY WILSON B.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi; NCPA, APhA. UPCHURCH, PATSY RUTH B.S. IN PHARMACY. Koppa Epsilon, 3, 4); NCPA (2, 3, 4); Pharmacy Gir WATSON, EMORY MILNER Sanford B.S. IN PHARMACY. Koppo Psi; NCPA (2, 3, 4), APhA (4); Pharmacy Senote (4). WHITE, JOSEPH GRAHAM Burlington B.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi, Historion (4); Vice-President Student Body (4); NCPA (1, 2, 3, 4); APhA (4). Seventh Row: Page 755 First Row, left to right: Bradshaw, Edward Luther, Jr., Koppa Psi, Kinston; Adams, Leron Dale, Kappa Psi, Lincolnton; Barbery, Herman 5., Jr., Phi Delta Chi, Mt. Olive; Bouguess, Carl Thomas, Jr., Newton; Bissett, Donald Mines, Phi Delta Chi, Chapel Hill. Second Row: Bullock, Eleanor Grey, Koppo Epsilon, Fayettevilie; Curtis, Thomas Eu- gene, Kappa Psi, Waynesville; Elmore, Oscar Allen, Jr., Clinton; Evans, Floyd H., Greensboro; Freeman, James Howard, Phi Delta Chi, Fay- ettevilie. Third Row: Gilliam, Barbara Nan, Sanford; Herrtn, John Clegg, Kappa Psi, Albe- marle; Herring, Elbert Neal, Sigma Chi, Clinton; Kepley, Don Hedrick, Kappa Epsilon, Denton; Kluttz, John A., Phi Delto Chi, Marion. Fourth Row: Lloyd, William Leonard, Bale ' s Creek; Lovelace, William Monroe, Jr., Mooresboro; McGugan, Vance Graham, Phi Delta Chi, Dunn; Moore, Clell Heath, Greenville; Nelson, Joyce E., Kappa Epsilon, Littleton. Fifth Row: Patton, James Benjamin, Phi Delta Chi, Canton; Patton, William Har- rison, Phi Delta Chi, Hickory; Penland, Jomes Thomas, Morganton; Pittman, Billie Ephraim, Clayton; Powell, William Paul, Horse Shoe. Sixth Row: Price, Billy Lee, Phi Delta Chi, Newton; Roper, Donald Joyner, Kappa Psi, Lucama; Rhoades, Jerry Delano, Kappa Psi, Robbins; Robbinson, James Clack, Jr., Kappa Psi, Littleton; Rubin, Seymour Phillip, Pi Lamb- da Phi, Asheville. Seventh Row: Setzer, Evan S., Jr., Phi Delta Chi, Newton; Silvers, Jack Everette, Chapel Hill; Smith, R. Henry L., Greensboro; Stanton, William H., Koppa Psi, Chapel Hill; Talbert, George Robert, Winston-Salem. Tate, William Stonford, Lexington; Williford, Earl Hardy, Phi Delta Chi, Kannapolis; Wood, John Dee, Wilmington; Wolf, Robert Payne, Monroe. THIRD YEAR PHARMACY SCHOOL Page 756 SECOND YEAR PHARMACY SCHOOL First Row, left to right: Adams, Barbora Kinzel, Murphy; Adams, William Robert, Four Oaks, Ammons, Raymond Martin, Red Springs; Astlworth, Ralph Hilliard, Kappo Psi, Fuquay Springs; Bain, Rayford Whitley, Plii Delto Clii. Second Row: Brown, Clarence Frazier, Jr., High Point; Coppedge, Raymond Franklin, Asheville; Day, James Robert, Asheville; Dixon, Sterling Gray, Davis; Dunlop, Henry Hunter, Jr., Phi Delta Chi, Durham. Third Row: Edmundson, Richard Irvin, Fremont; Fisher, Ovedo, Kappa Epsilon, Whiteville; Graham, William Wilson, Peachland; Griffin, William Crane, Sigmna Nu, Roanoke Rapids; Hargett, Christopher Barker, Chapel Hill. Fourth Row: Heath, Richard Veston, Cove City; Hill, Jonathan Adoneran, Troutmans, Hines, Robert Milton, Franklin; Hobowsky, Freda M., Kappa Epsilon, Scotland Neck; Howard, Julius Frances, Phi Delto Chi, Wilmington. Fifth Row: Hudson, Gus William, Chapel Hill; Jenkins, Walter Ingram, Jr., Kappa Psi, Biscoe; Josey, Charles William, Phi Delta Chi, Maiden; Knight, James Oliver, Columbia; Lanning, Edward Ray, Jr., Lexington. Sixth Row: Lore, Sara Fountain, Santord; Mcginnis, John William, Kappa Psi, Cherryville; Mebone, Alfred H., Kappa Psi, Lexington, Ky ; Mills, John Edward, Cliffside, Norris, Charles Allan, Fuquay Springs. Proctor, Clyde Normon, Benson; Samuel, Nancy Anne, Kappa Epsilon, High Point; Saunders, Walter K., Jr., Kappo Psi, Thomasville; Schoefer, Brownie Dickson, Asheville; Seabock, Robert Lee, Durham. Shouse, W. Dorle, Kappa Psi, Rural Hall; Sigmon, Russell Grady, Jr Conover; Stevens, Charles Lee, Clayton; Trosper, Edith Woodman, Green; Page 157 FIRST YEAR CLASS First Row, left to right: Andrews, John Warren, Winston-Salem; Aycock, Charles Pappendick, Block Creek; Brewer, Henry C, Roseboro; Coley, Walter Newton, Stem; Dowkins, William Atlas, Jr., Chapel Hill; Griffin, Jerolyn, Stotesville; Horrell, Wiley Clevelond, Virginia Beach, Vo.; Hill, Rebecca Josephine, Wodesboro; Holland, John Kerr, Clinton. Second Row: Jenkins, Peggy Ann, Bryson City; Moose, Hoy Archibald, Jr., Mt. Pleasant; Pate, Arthur Hubbard, Clinton; Poole, Cromer Leo, Jr., Lexington; Richardson, Thomas Odeil, Boone; Roberts, Stephen Burgin, Morshall; Rollins, Stuart Wingo, Winston-Salem; Schell, Joanne Eileen, Wilmington; Sherill, Fred Lee, Jr., Newton. Third Row: Schlagel, Arthur Port, Jr., Clyde; Simons, Marian Cootes, Block Mountain; Temple, Tommy Hoyle, Zebulon; Tolbert, William Joseph, Lenoir; Upchurch, Julian Emmett, Spring Hope; Wilson, Joseph Helsabeck, Rural Hall; Wilson, Robert Gaines, Leaksville; Woodord, Nancy M., Homlet. Page 158 NROTC Copt. J. S. Keating CDR F. L. Edwards A student may enter the NROTC program under either of two plans, Regular or Contract. As a Regular he is appointed a Mid- shipman upon enrolling in the program, and receives tuition, books, uniforms, and six hundred dollars per year throughout his four years of college. To successfully complete this program he is re- quired to take four hour s of Naval Science courses per quarter. Otherwise, he majors in the academic field of his choice. During the four-year period the regular student is required to take three summer training cruises. Upon graduation, he is commissioned as an Ensign in the Navy or a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, and is required to serve three years on active duty. At the end of this period, he may choose the Navy as a career or be released to inactive duty with a reserve commission. The Contract Program differs from the Regular in that the Contract student is furnished only with uniforms and is paid thirty dollars per month during the last two years of the program. He is required to take only one summer cruise and upon graduation he receives a reserve commission. LCDR T. E. Bos Major F. C. Cald USMC well Lt. L. F. Coo USN ney COLOR GUARD Stand Brads ing, left 1 haw, Edwa ro right: rd Gross, Julian R William ountree, Harvey Scarborough. Lt. G. E. Lockee USN Lt. L. R. White USN Lt. L. E. Wood USNR ENLISTED STAFF First Row, left to right: H. L. Sprowl, YNC; J. C. Perkins, QMC; J. C. Williomson, SKC; G. R. Longford, FCCA. Top Row: J. A. Quinn, T SGT. USMC; J. V. Gontt, ETl; C. N. Elliott, G. M. C. jjjL m BATTALION STAFF Left to right: LCDR J. C. Goodin, Bn. Operations Officer COR W. S. Pregnall, Bn. Ex. Officer Captain A. J. Eagan, Bn. Commander Ltjg J. A. Arnold, Bn. Communications Officer CPO J. W. Bolick, Bn. Mustering Petty Officer " A " COMPANY OFFICERS Left to right: Ens. H. Cohn, First Platoon Commander Lt. W. T. Porter, Company Commander Ens. L. F. Camp, Second Platoon Commander Ltjg. H. B. Patterson, Company Executive Office Ens. W. S. James, Third Platoon Commander First Class Petty Officer T. D. Goines, Co. MPO " B " COMPANY OFFICERS Front Row; MIDN Lt. L. V. Hinton, Company Commander Rear Row: Ens. E. W. V. Webster, 2nd Platoon Commonde Ens. C. A. Poppleton, 1st Platoon Commander Ens. J. M. Peek, 3rd Platoon Commander Ltjg. E. D. Littzenburger, Executive Officer " C " COMPANY OFFICERS Left to right: E. M. Waller, Jr., Company Executive Offi( B. Rizzo, 1st Platoon Leader J. S. Watkins, Company Commander J. T. Bennette, 3rd Platoon Leader T. E. Beck, 2nd Platoon Leader i W COMPANY i ' W COMPANY i X COMPANY I i gr ■■■■■ .. ' il».. ' Jl ' . IRW 1 Ig ? - J 4 N 111 i» »i t J ! bA r1 1 ' M 1 tf 1 m Top, Drill Teom Middle, The Naval Armory Bottom, NROTC Band SCABBARD AND BLADE m - % smi£im SCABBARD AND BLADE First Row, Standing left to right: Edward Webster, 2nd Lt.; James Goodin, 1st Sgt.; James Eagan, Capt.; Jere DuBose, 1st Lt.; Ken Anderson, Bin- ford Moon, flol Sigmon, Major Frank C. Caldwell USMC • Second Row: Jay Zink, Alvin Samuel, Charles Winston, Bob Phillips, Dovid Cole, Douglas Ayres. " Believing that military service is an obligation of citizenship, and that the greater opportunities af- forded college men for the study of military science place upon them certain responsibilities as citizens, We, Cadet Officers in various Universities and Col- leges conferring baccalaureate degrees, do form the society and adopt this Constitution in order to unite in closer relationship the military departments of American Universities and Colleges; to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and ef- ficient officers; to prepare ourselves as educated men to take a more active part and to have a greater influence in the military affairs of the com- munities in vv ' hich we may reside and above all to spread intelligent information concerning the mili- tary requirements of our country. " Preamble of Constitution of National Society of Scabbard and Blade, Page 164 - ' (Afvi fLtV ' i - - ' • J, ' In these uneasy times of peace the never ceasing threat of war is all about us; on land, on the sea, and in the air. It is noteworthy that our Air Force stands as a mighty vanguard of the peace and freedom we cherish so much. It is also worth noting that an increasingly greater part of this Air Force is made up of Air Re- serve Officers Training Corps graduates. This university is one of 187 carefully selected colleges and universities which offer courses of four years duration leading to a commission as a Lieutenant in the United States Air Force (U.S.A.F.) Reserve. It is the purpose of the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps to select and train students who possess the character, intelligence, desire, and sense of duty to become Air Force Officers and responsible citizens. The objectives of this phase of student training are to attract the highest type of personnel into the Air Force and its civilian components, to develop in all students an understanding of modern warfare and the place and function of air power in the defense of the United States, and to qualify students to perform duties normally expected of a junior Air Force Officer. AFROTC FACULTY First Row, left to right: Copt. James A. Schofield, Mojor Robert L. Bunting, Lt. Col. Mork T. Orr, Lt. Col. Raymond H. Baker, Lt. Col. Jesse J. Moorheod, Mo- jor Noel Carpenter, Major Noel O. Young, Copt. Edward D. Robertson • Second Row: M Sgt. Leroy T. Eure, M Sgt. Roymond C. Puckett, M Sgt. Michael Pennella, T Sgt. Lester Strand, S Sgt. Morsholl N. Wilson, T Sgt. Ter- rence R. St. Louis. Center, Lett to right: Colonel Charles Winston (CO.) • First Row: Major Eu- gene Foushee (Comptroller), Lt. Col. Andrew Bell (Executive Officer), Major Ken Anderson (Operotions Officer), Ma- jor Gene Shaw (Adjutant Winq Adjutont) • Second Row: Major Al Perry (Per- sonnel), Mojor Charles Collins (Supply Officer), Major Robert Jackson (Public Information Officer), Lt. John McKee (Public Information Officer) • Third Row: S Sqt. Jock Seism, T Sgt. Ken Myers (Public Information), S Sgt. Bruce Ho:t, M Sgt. Mike Dovis. Left to right: Br Ingram C. B. COLOR GUARDS g, C. R.; Cotes, 1. A.; Boyott, M. L.; Left to right: T Sgt. Ned F. Horbin (Drum Major), 1st Lt. Al Stewart, Copt. John Way, M Sgt. George Harris, Major Will T. Milburn (CO.). AFROTC SPONSORS ' SQUADRON Sue Ambler, Kitty Barton, Sara Bostic, Dee Breslow, Jane Costello, Mary Helen Croin, Lin Daniels, Sandy Donaldson, Pat Noah, Paige Moore, Lois Perry, Ann Fleming, Judy King, Judy Landauer, Dennie Schoeppe, Dot Smith, Pepper Stetson, Cathy Widman, ond Virginia Wilson. Page 167 SQUADRON A OFFICERS Left to right; 1st Lt. John S. Cromer Copt. Hoi C. Sigmon Copt. Chorles L. Hoywood Moj. Joke H. Frolich (CO.) Page 168 SQUADRON B OFFICERS Left to right: Capt. Sol Cherry Ut Lt. Lloyd B. Moon (Front) Moj. Douglas D. Ayres (CO.) Copt. J. N. Fountain (not pictured) I. r-f Page 169 SQUADRON C OFFICERS Left to right: 1st Lt. Garth Payne Capt. Thomas W. Thomos Copt. George Ferrell (Front) Maj. Theodore Frankel (CO.) Np iA H Page 170 SQUADRON D ri 3i 9 9 irjH ■pv 1 hLv ' jhC jk - JR WMi ■nr 1 - ' :?%«j iWW? «r| P ■ faSyfl -Im B ■ E M Ba mJB g H n 1 H bH OFFICERS Left to right: Copt. William Harper Capt. Frank Hood, III 1st Lt. Thomas M. Wooten (Front) Maj. Frank Doniels (CO.) Page 171 SQUADRON E OFFICERS Left to right: Copt. Eldon P. Allen Copt. Ben G. Redding 1st Lt. Fred A. Price, Jr. (Front) Moj. Kenneth Mostello (CO.) Page 172 SQUADRON F 4 mm Hj 1 ' u .: -% ' il fife-: OFFICERS Left to right: Copt. Choi Port 1st Lt. Herbert Spough Copt. Bill Lester (Front) Maj. Ronald S. Prince (CO.) Page 173 SQUADRON G OFFICERS Left to right: Capt. Lewis Bryan 1st Lt. Jerry Wall Capt. Thomas Hopkins (Front) Moj. Bryan Wottington (CO.) Page 174 SQUADRON H OFFICERS Left to right: Copt. Needhom B. Correll Copt. Thomas D. Johnston (Front) Moj. Lewis A. Ennis (CO.) 1st Lt. O. H. Dunphey (not pictured) Page US SQUADRON OFFICERS Left to right: Copt. Clarence O. Kelly 1st Lt. A. Murroy Cooke Copt. Robert T. Phillips (Front) Moj. John F. Prescott (CO.) Page 176 DRILL SQUADRON OFFICERS Left to right: Cod. M Sgt. William Carr Cod. Mojor Robert P. Midgett (CO.) Cad. M Sgt. Kenton Creuser DRILL SQUADRON GROUP I STAFF 1st Lt. Al Somuels 1st Lt. Bill McCord Lt. Col. L. B. McLowhon GROUP II STAFF 1st Lt. Thomos Sully 1st Lt. Herbert Spough Lt. Col. Joy Zink GROUP III STAFF 1st Lt. James Pearson 1st Lt. John Debnom Lt. Col. Jere DuBose te ' Page 177 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY OFFICERS JESSE J. MOORHEAD SQUADRON Kenneth G. Anderson Commanding Officer Jere P. DuBose Executive Officer Thomas Hopkins Operations Officer Lloyd B. Moon Secretory-Treasurer Bryan T. Wctlington Adjutant-Recorder Hal S Sigmon .Public Relations Officer Alan R. Perry Publications Officer ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Seated, left to right: Hal Sigmon, Binford Moon, Jere DuBose, Lt. Col. Jesse J. Moorhead, Ken Anderson, Moj. J. Owen Young, Eugen Show, Bryan Watlington • Standing: Horry Pawlik, Tommy Hopkins, Theodore Fronkel, Kenton Creuser, Ken Myers, Al Samuel, Lyman MeLawhon, Charles Winston, Donald Williams, Eugene Foushee, Frank Oglesby, Bill McCord, Bob Dontzler, Murray Cooke. Motto: " The Warrior Who Cultivates His Mind Polishes His Arms. " " We of the Air ROTC accept this motto as a challenge and a pledge that in the future we shall by diligent study and unrestricted effort instruct and train ourselves so that each of us shall have the qualities and attributes essential to our progressive and continued development throughout our lifetime as Officers of the United States Air Force. " Pago 178 Page 179 SEMPER FIDELIS SOCIETY OFFICERS Col. John Poindexter, Commandant President Lt. Col. Check Goodin, Asst. Commandant Vice-President Maj. Harvey Bradshaw, S-1 Officer Secretary Capt. Ned Beeker, S-2 Officer _ Pub. Chairman Copt. Charles Seabrook, S-3 Officer _ -Social Chmn. Capt. Wallace Pridgen, S-4 Officer Treasurer Capt. Howard Tickle, Chaplain Chaplain Charter Members Bob Bryan, Ernest Bumgarner, Joe Burrell, Paul Chase, Roland Clemmons, Bob Cochrane, Jim Cockerham, Jim Eagan, Dwight Elting, David Evans, John Gaylord, Nick Hart, Bill Hollings- worth, T. G. Hurysz, Edward McLaughlin, Lawrence Mason, Dick Noll, Charles Norwood, Jim Ramsey, Barry Rizzo, Jake Rountree, Al Rumbough, Charles Seabrook, Bruce Sigmon, Alfred Taylor, Robert Wylie. Active Members Robert White, Billy Williams, Oren Bruton, Leonard Bullock, Herbert Frink, Travis Porter, Joel Watkins, Earl Litzenberger, Bill Rankin, Don Carroll, Jim Warren, Dick Cormichoel, Tom Stokes, Jack Wallace, Louis Britt, Lewis Brown, Dovid Dorr, Paul Emundson, John Hughes, David Hunt, Charles Johnson, Dick Kocornik, Merwin Lennon, Jim Seay, Bob Story, Thruman Williams, Don Wright, John Bryant, Roger Kingsbury. Honorary Members Elon Abernethy, Dr. Bernard Boyd, Dr. G. S. Taylor. Page 180 ■r ' Monogram Club University Club UNC Band Women ' s Sports Intramural Sports Football players erect stands in Kenan Stadium in preparation for the fall season of sports. Basketball attracts the ottention of students during the winter quarter. fHONOGflflm CLUB MONOGRAM CLUB First Row, left to right: Andy Holt, Mac Roy, Bill Cornell, Barrett Kolb, Ronald Kerdasha, Harry Powlik, Secretory; Joe Paidon, Vice-President; Bob Phillips, President; Sam Handel, Treasurer; Frank Williams, Dole Ryon, Ben Tison, Gerry Russell • Second Row: John Motsinger, Charlie Wolf, Jack Bennett, Joe Kelso, Ken Anderson, Bruce Holt, Gordon Hudson, Albert Marx, Bob Block, Horry Lloyd, Buck Borkley • Third Row: Smith Jewell, Earl Kendrick, Harvey Bradshow, Pete McGehee, Paul Hursh, Russell Gloti, Walt Ernst, Dick Gruver, Chal Port, Bobby Bell • Fourth Row: Bob Linker, Bud Maddie, Jack Edwards, Morris Osborne, Lloyd Bostian, Otis Hartsell, Don Evans • Fifth Row: Biff Roberts, Vince Grimoldi, Wayne White, Bill Lore, Don Marbry, Borry Rizzo, Ernie Schwarz, Roger Morris, John Stowe, Charles Friedman, Andy Bell. Page 186 The University of North Carolina Mono- gram Club was formed many years ago with the promotion of friendship among monogram winners its initial purpose. Since its origination the group has grown and extended its activities in many fields. It has inaugurated what we now know as an annual affair, the spring Blue-White inter-squad football game. It has had as its guests at several home football games orphans from throughout the state. The club has con- tributed to the annual fund raising cam- paigns to aid in the cure of polio. In short, it has performed many worth- while services to the University and the Community. UNIVERSITY CLUB UNIVERSITY CLUB First Row Seated, left to right: Jane Bolmcier, Joanne Murphy, Nancy Woodruff, Alyce Chopmon, Nancy Blocksidge, Anno Beeson, Mortha Reeves, " Bitty " Schaffer, Historian • Second Row Kneeling: Sam Ingram, John Seely, President; Tom Sully, Vice-President; Grace Gordon, Secretary; John Poindexter, Treasurer; Rollie Tillman, Charles Wimbish, Howard Tickle, Nora Lackey • Third Row Standing: Bob Pollord, Terry Chronaki, Leroy Peorlman Herb Woiner, Alan Burnham, Dole Adams, Chuck Myers, Bill Moore • Fourth Row Standing: Curtis Colemon, Deb Moner, Carroll Berry, Jr., Robert Champion, Curtis Harper, Martin Sides, W. M. Colvert, Kay Wilson. The University Club is primarily a service organization and ail of its functions are carried through in interest of the student body and the University. The motto of the club — For the University — is self-explana- tory of the purpose of the club. Composed of a representative from each dormitory, fraternity, sorority, bond, cardboard, cheerleaders, and the Monogram Club, it has direct contact with almost every student on the campus. The functions of the club are many and varied. Through its cooperation with the Athletic Association, the Club seeks to promote and maintain enthusiasm and good sportsmanship in all University events by sponsoring pep rallies, entertaining visiting teams, and ful- filling various other functions. JOHN SEELY President Page 188 UNC BAND Under the direction of Earl Slocum, who celebrated his 25th anniversary at UNC this year, the 75-piece Carolina marching band entertained thousands of football spectators with their original formations and moving marches. With Ed Stevens as drum major, the band reached its pinnacle of perform- ance on Homecoming Day, when it combined with 25 high school bands throughout North Carolina to produce a colorful musical extravaganza. In addition to playing at the Tar Heels four home games, the band provided the music at several Fri- day night pep rallies. High-stepping majorettes " Tish " Coley and Wanda Philpott lent a touch of femininity to the practically all-male group, whose favorite selections were the Victorian March, Stars and Stripes Forever, Tar Heels on Hand, and Hark the Sound. The marching band was modified to form a 55- piece concert band during the winter and spring quarters, when several concerts were presented. UNIVERSITY NORTH CAROLINA BAND First Row, left to right: Earl Slocum, Director; Joe Wood, Assistont Director • First Row Standing: James Moore, Paul McCouley, Herbert Frink, Peggy Needhom, James Pruett, Charley White, Julian Mason, Charles Cronham, Wonda Philpott, Majorette; Ed Stevens, Drum Major • Second Row Standing: Charles Mack, John Wooten, Bill Suttle, Gray McAllister, William Lowe, Maurice Blackwelder, Wayne Thompson, Jim Headlee, Clayton Bardin, Harry Young, Jomes Harrison, Lee Bostion, Lloyd Bostian, Betty Vickery, Martha Snow, Susan Wilkins • Third Row Standing: Dewey Chappie, Donold Black, Scotty Hester, John Dawes, Lacy Baynes. Charles Irvin, Fred Rierson, Fontaine Recce, Charles Forris, John Senter, David Gaddy, Donald Williams, David Robinson, Raymond Snipes, John Stuort, Herman Preston, Emilie Potton, Zeb Keever, Otto Henry, Guyte Cotton • Fourth Row Standing: Jomes Butler, Herbert Woiner, Donald Hamilton, Ritchie Smith, David Whitoker, Rollie Tillman, Wesley Thompson, Herman Sampson, Johnny Hayes, Joseph Stewart, Peter Kelley, Robert Curtis, Sam Ingram, Bennie Craven, James Tickle, David Reid, Doniel Swaim, Kenneth Pruitt, Poul Mundy, Joel Wotkins, Robert Pratt, Ronald Sheorin, Lloyd Farrar, Carl MacPherson, Raymond Graham, Dorle Shouse, Kenneth Venoble, Jerry Mundoy, Joseph Fields. Page 189 CHEERLEADERS r .. m t i WL i i - CAROLINA CHEERLEADERS First Row, left to riqht: Sue Carter, Teoncy Matthews, Linda Smith, Thalia Poppas, Bobbie Second Row: Tommy ' Rogers, Bo Thorpe, Louie Potseovouras, Johnny Poindexter, Clyde Camp, Ho Despite an energetic leader, Bo Thorpe, and a new mascot, Rame- ses VIII, Carolina spirit didn ' t emerge from the fog till the win- ter quarter when the basketball and swimming teams started their phenomenal winning streaks. Then under the directorship of Johnny Poindexter, the students raised Woollen Gym ' s roof. Not only was " Blue and White " pro- claimed in Kenan Stadium this year, but also in Woollen Gym, South Carolina, and Miami. Page 190 THE CARD BOARD CARD BOARD First Row, Floor Seoted, left to right: Joan Mafhis, Lynda Vestal, Jennie Lynn, Jackie Crawford, Betty Kirby, Albert Cloy, Burton Rathert • Second Row Seated: Barbora Mumow, Evelyn Vondiver, Lib Suddreth, Louro Holoman, Jerry Wagger, Heod Usher; Jim Steogall, President; Connie DeLoncy, Secretary; Mer Rogers, Nancy Blocksidge, Don Mitchell • Third Row Standing: Eorle Gorrett, Karl Gregory, Howard Zerden, Garlond Coble, Joe Satterfield, Billy Oliver, Bob Meochom, Tom Lindsey, Bill Scarborough, Fred Matlox • Fourth Row Standing: Steve Chaseman, Richard Taylor, Gordon Pierpoint, Bob Bell, Archibald Fort, George Heinz, Frank Ogfesby, Alex Wilson, Tom Parnell, Jesse Carroll, Jr., Stuart Teichmon • Not Pictured- Bob Skillen, Chief Artist. Under the capable leadership of President Jim Steagall the Card Board had another successful year, providing halftime entertainment for the Kenan Stadium fans. The season ' s achievements were highlighted by the flexible score stunt which involves detailed work. This organization ' s only social function is the annual banquet during the winter quarter which was held in conjunction with the football team and the cheerleaders squad this year. The Card Board has been working on and plans to initiate away game participation for the 1953 season Page 191 BASEBALL First Row, left to right: Trainer Doc, Port, Freshmon Cooch White • Second Row: Cooch Bunn H Cootes, Holt, Mottsinger, Wood, Manager Berry. mtf A fast start with a flying finisii, but a Initless mid-season tells the story of the 1952 baseball squad. Although able to take only third place in Big Four play, Coaches Bunn Hearn ' s and Walter Rabb ' s team turned in a commendable 19-10 season record. The bat-crackers averaged six hits per game as they took a round robin tournament from Alabama and Rollins and rolled over Virginia and the Citadel. Big Four teams proved to be Carolina ' s mid-season downfall as they took seven of the ten UNC losses. The sun again shone upon our team, however, and they took six of the last seven games which included two wins from Wake Forest and one from Duke. Choi Port, Southern Conference All-Star last year, was the only player to make this season ' s All-Star team. Other standouts in- cluded Mark Herring, again the leader in the hitting department with a .253 average, co- captains Weiss and Smith along wit h Dale and Gravitte, who turned in some timely hits, and Joe Pazdan, a dependable twirler with a 5-1 season record. Page 192 Top to Bottom: First Stringers Stevens, Lore, Hooks, Cootes. All-Stor Choi Port bats ogainst State. Weiss watches o Duke homer. Pitchers Port, Pazdon, and Lore. r qrTa ' id BASEBALL UNC 4 - UNC 6 - UNC 8 - UNC 8 - UNC 5 - UNC 5 - UNC - - - UNC 6 - UNC 8 - UNC 3 - UNC - UNC 6 - UNC 3 - UNC 2 - UNC 5 - UNC 4 - UNC 5 - UNC 3 - UNC 4 - UNC 2 - UNC 2 - UNC 10 - UNC ._ 9 - UNC 8 - UNC 2 - UNC - - 4 - UNC 13 - UNC 8 - SCOREBOARD 8 Rollins 5 Rollins Alabama 5 Alabama __ Virginia 1 The Citadel 3 Michigan State 1 ..Yale 4 Yale • 6 Michigan State 4 Wake Forest 2 Pennsylvania 2 N. C. State 4 Duke I 1 N. C. State 3 Davidson 1 3 Duke N. C. State 3 Clemson 4 Wake Forest 1 Duke -- South Carolina 3 Davidson 7 McC ra ry 6 N. C. State 2 ..Woke Forest 9 Duke 2 Wake Forest CARD LI HA .- BASKETBALL Front Row, left to right: Anisko, Phillips, Grimoldi, Wallace, Lifson, Winstead • Back Row: Cooch McGuire, Schwari, Vaydo, Maddie, Likins, Carter, Powell, and Jayvee Coach Freeman. Carolina really achieved its winning form with basketball season. Making a fast start the Blue and White entered the Dixie Classic with a 4-0 record. Although the team only won one out of three games in the tournament, they made fine showings despite their lack of reserves. Continuing on their winning way, the Tar Heels compiled a 9-0 Southern Conference record before Maryland handed them their first Southern Con- ference defeat (68-66). Momentarily the SC lead was lost, but two games later the Tar Heels had defeated their two biggest contenders — Wake Forest and State — and were again back on top of the league. The win over State was the first Tar Heel victory in the last sixteen games with the Wolfpack. COACH FRANK McGUIRE As the Tar Heels were starting into the home stretch, they were leading the league with a 13-1 record. Al- Page 194 Top to Bottom, left to right: Co-coptoin Vince Grimoldi Co-coptoin Jock Wolloce Bob Phillips Bud Moddie Jippy Carter Al Lifson SCOREBOARD UNC __ - - 70 ■ ■ 50 The Citadel UNC 67 - 48 Washington and Lee UNC 80 ■ 64 Richmond UNC- - . 82 - 56 - Clemson UNC - 73 - 85 Holy Cross UNC 73 - 59 .Princeton UNC - 62 - 70 Pennsylvania UNC 59 - 79 - 49 .Maryland UNC 66 Eastern Carolina UNC - 79 - 62- VMI UNC- - 97 - 75.- Washington and Lee UNC .71 - 60 58 - .Davidson UNC .. 97 - VMI UNC .. -66 - 68 . - Maryland UNC - .72 - 68 - Wake Forest UNC . 70 - 69 . . - N. C. State UNC . 73 - 52 Davidson UNC - 91 - 80 Clemson UNC 82 - 87 . Richmond UNC . 89 - -78 - 95 Duke UNC 82 NYU UNC - - 76 - 72 69 South Carolina UNC 94 - The Citadel UNC 63 - 89 Wake Forest UNC 66 - 87 N. C. State UNC 58 - 83 Duke UNC 54 - 86 N. C. State (Southe rnCor iference) Top to Bottom, left to right; Voydo out jumps a Citadel player tor a rebound. Jerry Vayda Ernie Schwarz Skip Winsteod Paul Likins Likins and Maddie fight for rebound against Dav though Carolina still had two games with Duke, one with State, and one with Wake Forest to be played, the Tar Heels have an excellent chance of winning the Southern Conference title. Some of the newly gained success must be attributed to new head Coach Frank Maguire, who has taken part of previous years ' material and combined it with some new materiel to pull out a winning combination. The team spirit and teamwork have also been of great importance during the season and have contributed to the winning ways. Co-captain Grimaldi and freshman Vayda have alternately been leading the team in points scored. Lifson, who was unable to join the team till winter quarter, and Maddie, a return from year before last, have been displaying some excellent floor work as well as greatly increasing the total number of points scored. Despite the fine show- ings of the above boys the most im- proved player on the squad is Likins. The six foot eight inch center has, not only been controlling most of the back- boards, but also has been a constant scoring threat. Co-captain Wallace al- so displayed some fine play before Christmas, but a case of appendictis caused him to be sidelined for several weeks. Carolina ' s success this season has not been because of any individual star, however. Every game has been won with teamwork and although one member of the team may stand out in one game, the next game will find the spotlight on someone else. Also it is not only five boys who have mode the 1 952-53 team, but they have been backed up with good .reserves who are prepared to take over any position on the court and play good ball. CROSS COUNTRY CARD ' •■ CAROLINA CAROUNA CAHOUJfA oHr CAHOUHA CASOLIKA tsa ' «a . ' - Borden • Back Row: Owen, Lofquist, Lock- " The team did as well as anyone could expect under the circumstances " — this was Coach Dale Ranson ' s description of the 1952 cross-country squad " Circumstances " were an outbreak of polio which forced can- cellation of dual meets with Richmond, N. C. State, Davidson, and Duke and sidelined two key runners — Bob Borden, runner-up in last year ' s Southern Conference outdoor two-mile run, and Lee Bostian. When the team did begin its season in late October, the course was a rocky one. The first time two dual meets found the Tar Heels suffering decisive losses to Conference runner-up Mary- land (15-55) and perennially powerful Tennessee (15-42). With co-captains Webb and Osborne leading the way, the team scored its only win of the season against Virginia (28-29). Although the harriers placed sixth in the Conference meet behind State, Maryland, West Virginia, VMI, and Duke, they surged ahead in the Big Five Meet to take second place and to turn in their best performance of the season. Co-coptoins Webb and Osb Page 197 FOOTflflLL COACH CARL SNAVELY First Row, left to right: Foti, Fredere, Norris, Mullens, Williams, Cooke, Hawks, Stoiner, Walser, Yorborough, Shoulars, Rogers, Worrell, Giles • Second Row: DeWeese, Lackey, Eure, Hursh, White, Annillo, Motto, Liberati, McCormick, Britt, Gravitte, Allen, Lee • Third Row: E. C. Smith, Ridenhour, Alexander, Gaylord, Seowell. Weatherspoon, Kirkman, Kocornik, Wallin, Adier, Port, Hunt, Perdue • Fourth Row: Beaver, James, Jim Smith, Mc- Creddy, Mongum, Neville, Bruton, Wolloce, Marcinko, Young, Frye, Poindexter, Bullock, Darnell • Fifth Row: Davidson, Anderson, Baker, Koiel, Morcopulos, Reaves, Gregory, Patterson, Moiner, Keller, Parker, Kirkman, Lane • Sixth Row: Newman, Newton, Crahen, Williams, Lamoreaux, Murray, Wood, Proienski, Higgins, Johnson, Maultsby, Lambert, Loughlin • Seventh Row: Manager Lingerfelt, Long, Mason, Coach Snavely. Page 198 COACHING STAFF Snovely, Gill, Rodman, Camp, Barkley, Hazelwood, Pupa, King. Page 199 OFFENSIVE 1st TEAM Right end, Benny Walser; right taclcle, Ken Yorborough; right guord, Jimmy Neville; center. Bill Kirkmon; left guard, George Foti; left tackle, Steve Opitz; left end, Dick Kocornik; quarterback, Marshall Newman; fullback. Bud Wallace; left halfback, Larry Parker; right halfback, Flo Worrell. DEFENSIVE St TEAM Le» holfbock, Dick Lackey; right halfback, James DeWeese; safety, Leonard Bullock; right linebacker. Junior Seawell; right end, Don Moiner; right tackle, Jim McCreedy; right guard, Paul Hursh; left guard. Miles Gregory; left tackle, Tom Higgins; left end, George Norris; left line- backer, Ed Patterson. TEXAS 28 UNC 7 The ]952 football season opened with the Texas Longhorns Invading Chape! Hill and treating the Tar Heels to a first class T party. Led by " T " Jones, the Texans managed to cross the Carolina goal four times and once smother the Tar Heels behind their own goal line to mark up 28 points against Carolina ' s 7. The leaves appeared to read against Carolina from the beginning — the team was beginning a new type of offense, the first string quarterback was injured, and the Tor Heels were playing one of the nation ' s powerhouses which already had one gome behind them. Despite the gloom bright spots appeared as Bud Wallace managed a remarkable 43.8 punting average and a freshman, Marshall Newman, come in to pass the Carolina team to its only score. POLIO FORCES CANCELLATION OF TWO GAMES, ONE GRID PLAYER, THREE OTHERS STRICKEN . . . FIFTH ATHLETE STRICKEN BY POLIO These were the headlines that hit the UNC campus by storm on October 3 and 4, 1952, and which created a wave of both shock and disap- pointment. Football, soccer, cross country, and in- tramural games were cancelled for a two week period. Bob Borden, last year ' s winner of the Southern Conference two mile and one of the most promising runners to hit Carolina lately; Lee Bostian, another young runner that hod been doing very well in the cross country; Pete Higgins, a letterman during his freshman year on the swimming team; " Bull " Davidson, a junior who was supposed to ploy con- siderable football this season; and Sam Sanders, a jayvee footballer, were the boys stricken by the dread disease. Stolhandske lugs the ball for a long gain against Carol Running signals instead of the regular Saturday gome. Renewing contoct after the polio break. Cooi e is token down after a five yard gain against Wake Forest. Not only was this a bad break for the boys but also for the sports teams and their seasons. The football team had showed good spirit in their first showing against Texas. It seemed that their hard work, combined with some game experience, would put Carolina back into the win column. Now, the team found themselves minus a back, working out in light equipment for a week, and minus two scheduled games that they had desperately needed to get the new T oiled up and functioning with regularity. The cross country team was also hit hard by the disease. Their two fastest runners were in the hos- pital with polio, and the rest of the team had to cut work outs because of polio restrictions. Carolina was deeply grateful, however, that four out of the five athletes that suffered with the disease were able to return to school for the winter quarter. WAKE FOREST 9 UNC 7 After a forced two weeks lay off, the Tar Heels come roaring back to what almost turned out to be the first victory under the split T for Carolina. How- ever, Deacon Sonny George shattered Tar Heel dreams in the last two minutes of play by kicking a field goal from 22 yards out to lead his team to a 9-7 victory. Carolina ' s best offense was a good defense. The Tar Heel line held for four downs inside its own five yard line twice, and threw Wake Forest passers for long losses regularly. The offense hod several bright spots; however, the main trouble was that no one could hold the ball. Fumbles cost the Tar Heels many yards as well as setting up the Deacons ' only score. Brushing up on blocking ossignments. Lackey and a host of other Corolii nother a Deacon. Carolina makes o goal line stond to stop Notre Dame during third quarter play Parker gets hemmed okes a short gain. NOTRE DAME 34 UNC 14 In a game of many passes, punts, and penalties, Carolina again found itself on the short end of a 34-14 score. Despite the foreign territory and the lack of fans, the Tar Heels managed to hold their own until two minutes before the first half when Notre Dame pushed one over to take a 14-7 lead. The second half proved to be a different story, however, as the previously strong Carolina defense was pushed over the field and scored on twice in the third period and once in the fourth. The Tor Heel offense did put on its best effort to dote. Each game finds the offense working out many of its new system kinks and providing the valuable experiaoce that has been sorely missed. TENNESSEE 41 UNC 14 Rumors were not the only things flying around on the Saturday before elections, as Shires and Wade passed the Tennessee Volunteers to a 41-14 victory over the Tar Heels. It was simply a case of Carolina making too many mistakes — four too many, to be exact — and the Volunteers lived up to their repu- tation of capitalizing on others ' errors by convert- ing them into touchdowns. The first half followed the same pattern as the Notre Dame game with the Tar Heels staying close on the heels of the Volunteers till the half way mark. Marshall Newman was again the boy who spark- ed the Tar Heel scores as he twice pitched over Volunteer heads for Carolina scores. Wolser stops both interference ond boll carrier in line action Byrd scores the final Volunteer touchdown in the rout of Carolina. % ii - I ' . ¥ ' Parker and Yarborough leod WaHoce after a kickoff. Gravitte takes a pass to pick up severol yards agoinst South Carolina. SOUTH CAROLINA 19 UNC 27 ' Mid fumbles and intercepted passes Carolina final- ly managed to bring home the bacon with a 27-19 victory over the South Carolina Gamecocks. For the Tar Heels it marked the ending of a twelve gome losing streak and the beginning of a rolling offense. Led by freshman " Dyna-flow " Worrell and Mar- shall Newman and sophomores Charlie Motto and Larry Parker, the Carolina offense mounted up 263 yards rushing. They proved to the fans that the split T can work for Carolina. This was the first game of the season that the Tor Heels played good ball the second half as well as the first half. Even the shaky air defense man- aged to stop the barrage of passes hurled at it by the Gamecocks in the latter part of the game. VIRGINIA 34 UNC 7 Homecoming displays, wide awake alumni, and spirited fans did not help the Tar Heels to change their old stor y; the Cavaliers came into town, touch- ed the Tar Heels for 34 points, and quickly left the Carolinians to again rub their wounds of defeat. The Virginians, similar to Notre Dame and Tenn- essee, waited till second half to pour on the fuel; but by the end of the game, they had ground out 400 yards of offense — 254 on land and 146 over the air waves. The Tar Heel offense showed improvement and the long lost running game seemed to be coming out from under cover. However, Carolina ' s air arm, heretofore their main threat and means of scoring five of six previous touchdowns, was completely smothered by Cavalier chargers. Walscr, Foti, Kirkman, and Yarborough 90 after a Caval South Carolina gets one of her touchdo Wollace picks up yordage ogoinst Duke Lackey breaks up one of Miami ' s passes. DUKE 34 UNC A humiliating 34-0 defeat, the worst defeat in the 64-year-old rivalry, and the loss of the victory bell for another year — these were the consequences of this year ' s Duke victory over Carolina. The Duke team ripped open the Carolina defense at will and stopped the Tor Heel offense before it could even get to Duke territory. The Tar Heel offense showed spark at times, but since it seldom had the ball only 165 yards were gained. Even in the latter part of the game the offense could not keep the ball long enough to push across pay dirt. Bud Wallace continued his fine punting with a 38.9 average, but for the first time this season the opponents topped him with a punting average of 44. MIAMI 7 UNC 34 While the students took a rest for Thanksgiving, the football team traveled to Miami and accom- plished their best effort of the season. The Tar Heels had the upper hand during the whole game, especially in the second quarter when they scored four of their five touchdowns. Walser began the scoring by hauling in a pass from Newman for a 52-yard score. Walser scored again in the same quarter, as did George Wallin and George Norris. Norris added the final marker in the third period after blocking a punt. The win gave Carolina a season record of two wins and six defeats. This record would probably have been much better if the Tar Heels had not been forced into a two week mid-season layoff. The T was a new system for Carolina and only toward the latter part of the season could they get it to function properly. Also the defense, which was strong at first, had a mid- season slump, but was looking better before the finale. y for the first touchdown jount. Page 209 FENCING CLUB The Fencing Club was organized several years ago to provide some fun and enter- tainment for those who wished to learn of practice the old nobleman ' s art. The uni- forms are issued by the school, but the boys moke their own schedule for matches against other teams and provide their own transportation. The club is gradually growing and has hopes of scheduling and winning more matches this year than previously. THE 1953 FENCING CLUB WRESTLING Jerkdown, crawfish escape, flying shotput, and cross- body pickup may be meaningless terms to you, but to 12 varsity wrestlers, they are the " tricks of the trade " which mean victory. Led by Powlik, Haines, Strokes, and Brodshaw, the Tar Heel grapplers faced a rugged 1 0-meet schedule and entered the Southern Conference tournament ot College Pork, Md. Coach Sam Barnes singled out Virginia, West Virginia, Duke, and Maryland as the team ' s most powerful foes. Carolina got its most decisive win over Davidson, 17-1 1. Pawlik outshone his teammates in this meet, pin- ning his opponent in the first round. Captain Haines and C Front Row, left to right Stevens, Stokes, Brodshow, ory, McGee, Holt, Porham, • Back Row: Cooch Barnes, er. Waters, M. Gregory, Haines, Marcopulos, Tice, son, Washburn, Ferrell, Paw doll. Woods, Ginn, Moore, Th Freshman Coach Griton. Schwartz. A. Greg- , Barkley Forest- Butler, Furger- lik, Ty- ompson. RW ' " RP 1 - 1 f . " -T! ; iii i de e fe r, ' r i ' f rfl r» SUttJU cAuiat i m Q - Page 210 GOLF Coach Chuck Erickson ' s 1952 golf team proved to be one of the high- lights in the 1952 sport ' s picture. Playing top flight golf consistently, the team walked off with the South- ern Conference Championship title and an amazing 14-1 record. Driving their way through a rug- ged schedule composed of both con- ference and nonconference teams, Carolina allowed only a previously beaten Wake Forest team to subdue them. Even Duke ' s twelve year home winning streak over the Tar Heels was smashed as Jim Ferree sank a final three foot putt to give Caro- lina a 14] -12V2 win. AlthoughTommy Langleywon the Southern Conference Individual Golf Championship, the boys — Bob Block, Bill Williamson, Tommy Langley, Jim Ferree, Lew Brown, and Bill Thornton — each took turns to lead their teammates in subpar golf. Manager Biff Roberts, Coach Chuck Erickson, and Pete Parker Page 211 GYMNASTICS With several of the lettermen back from last year, the gym team had high promise of continuing their upward climb. Navy, one of the nation ' s best teams, easily took the Blue and White in its initial showing, but Carolina came back the following week to soundly trounce Duke. Led by Co-captains Chuck Goodin and Andy Bell and teammate Gordon Hudson, the team had an excellent chance to finish the season with a 4-2 record and to make good showings in both the Southern Intercollegiate and NCAA tournaments. ■ semi ' SSl w ' fs ' smmiw- m Second Row: Phipps, Hudson. Scott, Howard, Gronthom.Polon Third Row: Williams, Brumley. Rivera, Chomblee, Petrec Rhoades, Hearne, Quails. ■o Ul 9.0 LM Bell performs on the rings Page 272 LACROSSE right: Hughes, Walker, Haines, Johnson, Fields, Ernst, Kaufman, Horroll, Matthews, Wolfsheimer, Linker, Friedman • Bock Row ell, Dawes, Hursh, Jones, Ayscue, Sully, Floyd, Pillsbury, Burrell, Gladstone, Contieri, Townsend, Dovis, Manager Woody, Coach High Scorer Dick Harrall. Co-captain Andy Bell, Coach Alan Moore, Co-captain Buddy Kaufman. Although injuries broke the Tar Heels ' chances of an even split for the 1952 season, the young stickmen still compiled their best record — five wins, six losses, and one tie. Dickie Harrell, a scrappy freshman competitor from " lacrosse country, " led the team in scoring as he set a school record for season scoring. Another bright spot on the team was goalie Lew Floyd who set a N.C.A.A. record for saves by stopping 218 enemy thrusts. Coach Alan Moore has high hopes of next year ' s team continuing its upward grind as only three boys will be lost from the 1952 squad. Page 213 v V ' ? % First Row, leM »o riqht: Hopkins, Russell, Randolph, Potseovouros, Powlick, Emory, Ayscue, Skidmore • Second Row: Coach BIshoff, Fetzer, Barnes, Greene, Kalb, Tison, ' Tremain, Block, Hamilton, Manager Hooper, Coach Alan Moore • Third Row: Veoch, Cantieri, Goldberg, Alexander, Nichols, Gladstone Greenway, Younts, Patterson, Burnstan. SOCCER Led by Co-captain Ben Tison and Barry Kalb, the 1952 soccer team com- piled a 5-6 season record. The Blue and White made a fast season start, but began to slide as they felt the sting of the perennially powerfully Duke, Penn State, and Maryland teams. Despite the slide four Carolina booters obtained a berth on the Southern Conference team — fullback Barry Kalb, right halfback Tommy Hopkins, center forward Gerry Russell, and inside right Renny Randolph. Renny Randolph Page 214 SWIMMING This year proved no exception for Carolina ' s swim- ming team. It continued its successful seasons and extended its winning streak to an almost unsur- mountable height. At mid-season the Tar Heels had easily won all their meets, breaking records in every meet except one. Jack Edwards started the season off right by breaking a 100-yard freestyle record at VMI. Next the swimmers took on Bainbridge Naval Training Station and broke five records there — Donnie Evans splashed his way to tie a Carolina and break a Bainbridge record for the 200-yard breast stroke; others breoking Bainbridge records were the medley relay team (Baarcke, Evans, and Tinkham), Heins in the 50-yard freestyle, and Tinkham, Heeman, Baarcke, and Edwards in the 400-yard relay. Against Ga. Tech the swimmers teamed up to set a new pool record in the 300-yard medley relay and a new University record in the 400-yard freestyle relay. In the next meet against Va. Tech the swim- mers again broke the 400-yard freestyle record end set a new Southern Conference dual meet record in the 50-yard freestyle. Traveling to Davidson the Blue Dolphins continued their record smashing by breaking two Southern Conference records { 100- yard freestyle and 200-yard breast), one University record, and five pool records. SCOREBOARD Coach Ralph Cosey UNC. UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC 47 - 37 VMI 47 - 35 Duke 55 - 29 Bainbridge 59 - 25 Georgia Tech .54 - 30 VPI 52 - 31 Davidson .32 - 30 Florida 57 - 27 Emory .59 - 28 Georgia 51 - 35 Virginia Page 215 SWIMMERS GAIN 36th Co-coptoin Donnie Evans After the Davidson meet the Tar Heels had ex- tended their victories to a string of thirty-two con- secutive wins. This makes the swimmers over all record at Carolina 1 10 victories to 12 defeats. Last year made the tenth year that Carolina has won the Southern Conference title; except for a techni- cal detail the string will be extended to eleven this year. Seniors Stan Tinkham, Donnie Evans, Barry Wall, Bud Heins, and Buddy Baarcke have never been on a defeated team. Their freshmen team won ten victories, and during their varsity stay (1 951 -52-53), they have been undefeated. Despite all the world, NCAA, university, and pool records that have been set in Carolina ' s swim- Front Row, left to right: Helns, Tinkham, Wall, Evans, Baarcke • Middle Row: Coach Casey, Shanne Jewell, Linker, Wolf, Jones • Back Row: Assistant Coach Burgess, Heeman, Edwards, Widoff, Kefso, Higgii Page 2 6 lONSECUTIVE WIN ming career, this team is probably the best that has ever represented Carolina. Each event in the swim- ming meet program contains a Carolina boy that may threaten a record or obtain o new title. Besides the aforementioned seniors, other stand- outs on the team this year include sophomores Jack Edwards, Warren Heeman, Larry Shannon, and senior diver Joe Kelso. Led by Co-captains Donnie Evans and Stan Tink- ham and under the tutelage of their new head coach Ralph Casey, the 1953 team extended their record to thirty-six consecutive victories, finished their third undefeated season, and set several new records in the Championship Meets in March. r Coach J Captain Milton, and Co-ce rve trophies. Page 217 TENNIS e • Back Row: Coach John Kenfierd, Twenty-five meets and twenty-three vic- tories, third in the South, three Confer- ence champions — thot is the bright record of the 1952 Carolina tennis team. Losing only to Duke end Rollins, the Tar Heel racquetmen gained triumphs over such formidable foes as Brown, Michigan State, Harvard, Williams, Dartmouth, N. C. State, and Virginia. Coach John Kenfield ' s prodigies won six of their twenty-five meets with little or no effort. The squad took first in both the singles and doubles conference championships, but a determined Duke team captured the team trophy. Junior Del Sylvia, Virginia state singles champion in 1951, grabbed top honors in the conference singles com- petition, while Herb Browne and Bobby Payne walked away with the conference doubles trophy. By winning, they became the first freshmen in conference history to win a major event. A Columbia, S. C. lad, Browne is former national inter- scholastic champion. Other standouts who helped to compile the Tor Heels ' enviable record were fresh- men Sam Handel and Ronald Kerdosha and junior Bill Izlar. Coptoin Del Sylv Top: Captain Del Sylvio, Coach John Kenfield, Bobby Payne • Bottom: Doubles Champions Herb Browne and Bobby Payne. i N Page 2] 8 TRACK Although the 1952 Carolina track team was not up to its usual par, it was good enough to win four meets while losing three and to take third place honors in the Southern Conference championships. This year ' s team was co-captained by Frank Scott and Gene Brigham, winner of Southern Conference half mile and Evans award. Bobby Borden, a freshman two miler; Roger Morris, shot-put artist; Sonny Beoll, victor over 120 yard high hurdles conference titleholder; Harry Brown, low hurdles and 220 competitor; and Bill Cornell, point winner in the low hurdles, high hurdles and javelin — all these were consistent winners during the season and will be back next year to strengthen the team. First Row, left to right: Jordon, Roy, Brigham, Scott, Borden, Webb • Second Row: Coach Ranson, White, Rizzo, Walker, Bell, Bennett, Brown Cornell • Third Row: Coach Joe Hilton, Rosenbocher, Tickle, Morcinko, Morris, Osborne, Bostain, Coach Fetzer, " Fish " Markhome • Fourth Row Crimmins, Glotz, Beoll, Cain, Welch, Flowers, Higgins, Reimer, Vogel, Manager Ryon. Page 219 II J • ' iX % t ' XV V i m w Bcoll and Scott -£ WOMEN ' S SPORTS WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC COUNCIL First Row Seated on Floor, left to right: Susan Ambler, Margaret Dickinson, Evelyn Oettinger, Johnsie Long • Second Row Seated on Bench: Gay Hogan, Awords Choirmon; Grace Door, Secretary; Doris Hutchinson, Faculty Advisor; Nancy Woodruff, Virginia Edwords • Third Row Standing; Ellen Downs, Publicity Director; Potricia Jones, Connie DeLoncy, Carolyn Johnson, Lois Collins, Kit Wallace, Betsy Norwood, President; Joy Whisonanf, Louise Marks. Dorothv Lowensfein, Beverly Harney • Not Pictured: Nancy Gerlocn WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION STAFF Seated First Row, left to right: Ruth Price, Doris Hutchinson, Elizabeth Ann Colleff, Mrs. Ruth White Fink • Standing Second Row: Cloire Gamble, Mary Fronces Kellam. Volley Boll gome in girls ' gym cla Page 221 WOMEN ' S SPORTS The Women ' s Athletic Association, of which all coeds are automatically members, sponsors several sport clubs and on extensive intramural program. The WAA Council with the aid of the Women ' s Physical Education faculty directs the sports. Tournaments and games provide at least three different sports each quarter in the large year-round intramural program The clubs form separate units from the intramural program. Some, as the Hockey Club and Basketball Club, schedule games with other schools; while others, as the Splash Club and the Dance Club, band together to ac- quire better knowledge of the activity. Each spring a trophy is given to the dormitory and the sorority which have accumulated the highest number of points during the year. Also girls with a certain number of participation points are awarded individual mono- grams. Page 222 Page 223 NTRAMURALS Front Row, left to right: Sam Geek, Undergraduate Assistont; Bill Kucyk, Graduate Assistant; Jim White, Field Supervisor. Practice sessions, games, tournaments, sports carnival, team managers, refer- ees, and organizers — all these go into making the yearly program of the in- tramural department a very successful one. The voluntary sports program furnishes wholesome fun end activity to both the dorm and fraternity par- ticipants. Through tag football, wrestling, volley ball, golf, handball, table tennis, soccer, basketball, swimming, softball, horseshoes, tennis, water polo, and track enough variety is offered so that each can participate in at least several sports. Action from the annual intramural Sports Co Page 224 ,4 , - , ■r: ' m m i ' XiV¥ ' ?J y ' , m i combine on the steps of South building The Yackety Yack 230 The Daily Tar Heel 234 B S U 236 Communications Club 237 Carolina Forum 238 Independent Coed Board 239 CPU 239 Playmakers 240 Carolina Quarterly 241 Tarnation 241 Cosmopolitan Club 242 Wesley Foundation 242 Debate Council Di Senate G M Student Union Hillel Foundation Men ' s Glee Club Phi Assembly Dance Committee Y W C A 256 Women ' s Glee Club 258 N C S L A 259 Orientation Committee 260 ' Student Government 262 HUGH GALE Editor-in-Chief ROBERT S. COLBERT Managing Editor " This is your year at Carolina, through fall, winter, and spring. Your year of memories, happy memories, a few sad memories, but all worth remembering in this your 1953 Yackety Yack. " With these few words and the photographs for illustrations of them we open volume 63 of your annual. We sincerely hope that all those who see this book will appreciate all the sweat and effort that went into the make up of it. " A beautiful book is not the work of any one person, but the combined efforts of ail who contributed to its success. " MARY LILLA BROWNE oduate ond Professional Schools Editor SARAH JANE CAPPS Freshman Editor HARTWELL CONKLIN Photography Identification Editor MARGARITE GRADY Junior Editor Page 230 A RUSS COWELL Business Monage HELEN GUSTAFSON Senior Class Editor ' m) uflcw GENE HAFER Fraternity Editor TOMMY McDonald Sports Editor MARY MITCHELL Sophomore Editor MARY KEEN OLIVER Activities Editor Page 231 ALICE JANE HINDS Assistant Protessionol a Graduate Schools Editor HELEN FAUST Assistont Photography Identification Editor ANN SORY Assistant Jun:( Editor MARY JANE BUMPOUS Assistant Senior Editor WARREN RIEBLE ROTC ond Snopshot JODY LEVEY Sorority Editor DAISY WADE Art Editor DUKE WIDOFF Advertising Manager DONNA BLAIR Co-Honoraries Editor JEAN GOULD Co-Honoraries Editor CAROLYN REICHARD Circulotion Manager JOYCE DOUGHTY Secretary ART STAFF Lett to right: Ann McCullock, Daisy Wade, Sally Guer Not Pictured: Dot Smith, Ston Smith and Hugh Gale PHOTOGRAPHY IDENTIFICATION STAFF Left to right: Gene Louder, Hartwell Conklin, Helen Faust, Jet McForlond, Martha Neol Honeycutt. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF , left to right: Bill Tolbert, Cornell Wright Jack Morkhom, Boyden Henley, " Bo " Riddle YACKETY YACK GENERAL STAFF First Row, left to right: Imogene Lowden, Janyce Winders, Elinor Wrenn, Joy Whisonont, Jett McForlond • Second Row: Alice Jane Hinds, Keen Oliver, Laura Hoys, Mary Dorsett, Ann Penton, Nancy Shaw, Sara Rose, Martha Neol Honeycutt, Kitty Lee • Third Row: Phyllis Forrest, Jean Gould, John Bullord, Mock Hoywood, Teancy Matthews, Beeps Buchanan. LEE PAUL Photography Editor JACK MARKHAM Assistant Photography Editor CORNELL WRIGHT Photo Lob Coordinotoi Dear Students, The book started out in March 1952 with a lot of new end untried ways of presentation. Some of the new ideas proved to be of good quality while others were not. Please forgive the mistakes and appreciate the overall beauty. It was a long, hard, struggle that preceded the completion of this Yack but the work and sweat that went into it, I believe, was well justified. We typed copy, lost pictures, ran to and from Ihe Photo Lob, begged students to have their photos mode, hunted snaps, corrected write-ups, misspelled names, remade engravings by special request of " South, " over ran our budget, and missed our deadlines, but we still brought the book out on schedule. How, we don ' t know ' I want to express my particular thanks to all the students who offered their time and services in the making of this annual. A special thanks to Price Coursey for those swell steak dinners and the moral SUDDort I nvp nnc ki ; ;° ; support. J-| — k — k Q o Page 233 THE DAILY TAR HEEL The Doily Tar Heel, going strong since 1893, con- tinued its job of keeping students informed as the oldest college daily in the South. Walt Dear, long time staffer on the paper, re- placed popular Barry Farber who resigned his post in mid-fall to join the Armed Services. An Interim Editorial Board composed of Rolfe Neill, Sue Bur- ress, and Bev Baylor edited the paper while the campus enjoyed an editorial campaign to choose Farber ' s successor with Dear and Sports Editor Biff Roberts teeing off. Dear retained Managing Editor Neill, Roberts, and Jim Schenck, business manager, to aid him in producing a well-read and lively newspaper. Left to right: Eli BUSINESS STAFF Saunders, Nancy Perryman, Judy Taylor, Ned Beek THE DAILY TAR HEEL GENERAL STAFF First Row, left to right: Everett Parker (Sports), Solly Schindell (News), Alice Jane Hinds (Society), Louis Kroar (News), Buzzy Shull (Advertising) • Second Row: Jerry Reece (News), Tom Parramore (News), Dormon Cordell (Editorial), John Jamison (News), Carolyn Reichord (Circulation). Sparking the paper on the news staff were John Jamison, Bob Slough, and Jody Levey. Deenie Scho- eppe gave students the local social slants, while Jane Carter and Nina Gray aided Dear on the edi- torial page. As the day-to-day history of the University of North Carolina and the interpreter of campus events and national and international news affect- ing students, The Daily Tor Heel proved to be on effective and qualified publication Rolfe Neill, Managing Editor Jim Schenck, Business Manager Bitt Roberts, Sports Editor nS M l 1 4 J|fh i h ' - " f] l First Row left to right: Barboro Cline, Gene Coin, Ernest Bumgorner, John Poindextcr, Robert Hyatt, Betty McReynolds, Sollie Wynn • Second Row: Howord Tickle, Mouricc Conodoy, Mirio Lewis, Don Hill, Tom Curtis Potricio Nooh, Alva Stewart, Bill Cosh, Bob Thomoson • Third Row: John Colson, Dowd Davis, Bill Adams, J C. Herrin, Bob Hughes, Brownie Shaiter, Ediyn Freerks, Eddie Hickmon. The Baptist Student Union promotes many activities designed to encour- age Christian education and spirit- ual growth. It serves more than one thousand Baptist students on cam- n U pus, with a variety of activities in- cluding morning worship, Church school, Sunday night supper forums, devotionals, council meetings and socials. Baptist students regularly porticipafc m Sundo ship services at the Baptist Church. Page 236 CAROLINA COMMUNICATION CLUB The students of the Department of Radio of the Universily of North Carolina established the Carolina Communication Club on April 4, 1950. Our purpose is: — To promote interest and activity in the fields of radio, television and related fields of communication. — To establish a working organization to provide on outlet for the interest and talents of its membership. — To establish a working organization to provide, through social functions, an opportunity for closer personal associations among its members and the staff of the Department of Radio. Most important among our special projects are our work shops in Radio production, thereby teaching new students who are un- familiar with the equipment and its possibilities to use it to the best advantage. First Row, left to right: Robin Merrill, Stello Dioleo, Philip Kennedy, Bill Tolly, Treosurer,- Gene Birke. Viee-Preside.nt: Aton O ' Neol, President; Tish Coley, Joe Hurd, Bob Mice, Clyde Camp, Dottie Low, Victor Moore • Second Row: Walt Ernst, Ann Street, Liz Woldock, Georqe Hatley, Elosy Riga, Tom Carroll, Jim Warren, Marilyn McKee, Seotty Rhodormer, Louise Lamont, Francisco He nondez, Billy Oliver, John Howes, Horoce Golightly • Third Row: Tom Ashcraft, Woodie Fearing, Harold Gleitz, Hiram Black, Jon Caudle, Paul Chose, Malcom Rawlins, Robert Chompion, Lorry Justus, Glenn Boughmon, Wisner Wosham, Kent Jackson. Page 237 KEN PENEGAR BOB PACE Vice-Choirmon JOEL FLEISHMAN Secretory JACK STILWELL Treasurer DEAN DAMPIER CAROLINA FORUM The Forum, being only four years old, has achieved considerable success as Student Government ' s official speakers bureau. The Forum attempts to bring to the cam- pus those most qualified speakers from the several fields of public life. In the past years the Forum has pre- sented such prominent speakers as Sena- tor Robert Taft, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, Generals Mark Clark and Omar Bradley, Radio Commentator Edward R. Murrow, Secretary of Labor Maurice Tobin, and Senator Paul Douglas. This year ' s program included Secretary of the Army Frank Pace, Jr., Senator Es- tes Kefauver, Senator Hubert Humphrey, Ambassador Henri Bovet, and Dr. Frank Graham. Page 238 CAROLINA INDEPENDENT COED BOARD The Independent Coed Board is on organization to effect the principle and belief that individuality may be given a voice through organization, and that through unity the independent women of the University may find opportunity for the development of social, civic, and intellectual interests, as well as opportunities for leadership and the reali- zation of objectives beneficial to the individual and to the community. The Board itself is mode up of two representatives elected from each women ' s dorm by the non-sorority women, but all the non-sorority women on campus belong to it and come under its auspices. The Board is the medium and coordinator through which the Independents plan activities including parties, dances, political and civic projects. INDEPENDENT COED BOARD Seated, left to right: Nancy Ripple, dent; Sara Wood, Vice-President; Su lock. Secretory and Treosurer; Mary M Social Chairman • Standing: Dolores Anno Stout, Betty Anders, Susan Fink Lucille Menius, Jackie Crawford, B, Tuttle. Presi- e Bul- tchell, THE CAROLINA POLITICAL UNION The Carolina Political Union was founded in 1936 under the sponsorship of Prof. E. J. Woodhouse of the Political Science Department for the purpose of discussion of issues of interest, and to present speakers to the campus. It has brought many outstanding speakers to Chapel Hill including President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Senator Paul Douglas, and Maurice J. Tobin. This year the union hopes to bring Justice William O. Douglas, Governor G. Mennen Williams, and President Harry S. Truman to the campus. CAROLINA POLITICAL UNION Seated, left to right: Fred Crawford, Vice- Chairmon; Tommy Sumner, Margaret Thomp- son, Bob Pace, Chairman • Second Ron Standing: E. B. Jeffries, Bob Thomason Lanette Singer, Dean Dampier, Ediyn Freerks. Page 239 CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS When Frederick H. " Proff " Koch introduced his now famous " English 31 " at the University in 1918, he could not have foreseen the phenomenal growth that followed his pioneering. From that single course in beginning playwriting has grown a complete and independent department in dramatic art and its producing orgonization, The Carolina Playmakers. Five major plays and six productions of new works by student playwrights are given annually in the Playmakers Theatre; musicals and touring attractions sponsored by the Playmakers are staged in Me- morial Hall; and at least one play a year is produced in the Koch Memorial Forest Theatre. One major production each year is taken on tour throughout the southeastern states. The Carolina Playmakers act as sponsoring organization for the Carolina Dramatic Association and the Southeastern Theatre Conference, active organizations of high school, little theatre and college drama groups. DEATH OF A SALESMAN THE TEMPEST SPRING FOR SURE Page 240 CAROLINA QUARTERLY Although founded in 1947, the Carolina Quarter- ly is actually a revivicotion of the old Carolina Magazine, which was first published in 1844. The emphasis at the Quarterly has tradition- ally been on making available an outlet for crea- tive writing in the State and especially here at the University. If the Quarterly in the past has strayed from this goal, it returns this year to its original purpose, with emphasis especially on encouraging student writing. This year saw the offering of the Second An- nual Fiction Award of fifty dollars to the best short story submitted to the contest. Recognized as one of the leading Southern literary magazines, the Carolina Quarterly, al- though not an official student publication, is staffed enti rely by undergraduates of the Uni- versity. CAROLINA QUARTERLY TARNATION n response to on urgent demand from the itudent body. Tarnation, Carolina ' s humor nogazine, lurched back to the campus this all to go about its business of amusing and jbusing everyone in sight. Discontinued empororily lost year because of a lack of unds in student block fee. Tarnation re- ' ived publication, this time on money de- lved from individual subscriptions. In spite )f the dire threat of semi-solvent financiol- ty, four big issues of the old nine-by-twelve ize reappeared sporting slick photo feo- ures as well as the usual complement of :artoons, articles and stories. After the effort we have expended we eolize that there is nothing to putting out I good humor magazine ... all you need s the combined staffs of New Yorker and ' unch, a million dollars, and a few people ho have rocks in their heads! TARNATION STAFF First Row Floor: Wallace Pridgen, Hortwell Conklin, Hugh Gale, Tom Alexonder, Editor; Rollie Till- man • Second Row Seated: Ann Underwood, Edna Knighten, Jackie Brooks, Managing Editor; " Booty " Boatwright, Stella Eoson • Third Row Standing: Stanley Smith, Mitchell Novit, Jim White, Arthur Einstein, Stuart Teichman, Boyden Henley. Page 241 COSMOPOLITAN CLUB The Cosmopolitan Club tries to provide " a home away from home " where students from other countries may meet each other, and meet American students. It believes that by meeting and knowing each other, we can break down many of our prejudices which lead to world misunderstandings, and thereby promote the cause of world understanding. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB Front Row, left to right: Ottc Vehrenkamn, Jone Kottmerer. June Zoccone (not identified), Mrs. R. C. Bose, Dr. R. C. Bose. Emily Patton, Purobi Bose, (un- identified) • Second Row: Joyce Dunn, Jody Levey, Eberhord Kin- diger, Eugenio West, Hans Lom- bers, Molly Seacton, John Guils- dorf, Kotherine S!edge a Third Row: William Brussell, (not iden- tified), Mory Rountree, Susan Fink, Stello Christides, Heinz Edermo, (not identified), Mufid S. Nashashibi, Jane D. Dicks • Fourth Row: Leslie Eoson, Dr. Fritz Hartmonn,Mortha Schoefer, Charles McRoe, John Cossel. WESLEY FOUNDATION Sunday night suppers, picnics, group singing, plays, and discussion groups were just a few of many activities carried out by the Wesley Foundation of the Chapel Hill Methodist Church this year. This organization has as its aims the training of students in ethical and social standards; the im- provement of personality limitations through recreation; and especially the development of a spiritual in- spiration which may help guide the students in life. Page 242 Consolidated University Student Council The Consolidated University Student Council consists of eleven delegates selected from ths three branches of the Consolidated University: Carolina, State, and Woman ' s College. The Council meets to discuss subjects of common interest to the three branches. The CUSC this year sponsored two Greater University Days, one at State and one at Woman ' s Col- lege during the winter and spring quarters. The Greater University Day normally held at Carolina at the State and Carolina football game, was called off due to the polio score. Consolidated University Student Council ties the three branches of the Greater University together in a common bond of friendship. First Row, left to right: Thoma Sully, Wanda Philpott, Jim Adam: Marilyn Habel • Second Ro« Hamilton Morton, Tom Creasi Ken Barton, Alen Frucci. Seated, left to riaht: Walt Ernst, William Watt, Bob Simmons, Wil- liam Newman, George Brain. The Student Entertainment Committee The Student Constitution says, " It shall be the duty of the Student Entertainment Committee to provide for the campus a suitable entertainment series. " In doing this, the SEC, with money appropriated by the Stu- dent Legislature, brings to the campus this year The United States Marine Band, The Fred Waring Festi- val of Song, Nadine Conner, and Ogden Nash. Admission is free to all students. The success of the program presented by the SEC is very gratifying, and each of the committee mem- bers feels that the work that he does is a very important part of campus life here in Chapel Hill. Page 243 DEBATE COUNCIL DEBATE COUNCfL Seated, left to right: Bruce Morger, President; Derith Alexander, Executive Secretary; Wade Matthews • Standing: Robert Clompitt, Ken Myers, William Wott, Norman W. Mattis, Foculty Advisor. The Debate Council is composed of a select group of students chosen by the debate squad, representatives from the Dialectic Senate, the Philanthropic Society, and the Carolina Political Union. It grew directly out of the " Phi " and the " Di " and while it once represented the student government, it is no longer confined to " on campus " activities, but sends representatives to neighboring schools as well as to many Forensic Tournaments to compete with other debaters from outstanding universities throughout the East. The Council encourages debating both on campus and in competition with other schools. Page 244 THE DIALECTIC SENATE The Dialectic Senate was founded on the campus of the University of North Carolina in 1795, destin- ed to become the very basis of the Carolina way of life. The Di furthered the growth of the University library, upheld the Honor System, and controlled student government and campus legislation. It was not until 1885 that compulsory membership was discontinued, at which time the Senate became known for its forensic advantages which it so well offered the student. The Dialectic Senate today is the oldest organi- zation of its type in the country. It is here that stu- dents in the University come to express their ideas in public debate, setting forth opinions in such a way as to sway those of others. The history of the Di is long and illustrous while its future is bright and encouraging. A large renovation program is well underway and next year should see the Hall carpeted and furnished with individual desks for each member. Much interest arises each year in current affairs and pertinent issues of the time. Debate ranges from local campus lines to state, national and those of international importance. Parliamentary procedure is strictly adhered to, while business is conducted in the same manner as in the state senate. Above all, the Di Senate fosters unhindered participation, expression of thought, and the idea that the will of the majority rules. JIM MAYNARO President THE DIALECTIC SENATE First Row Seated, left to right: Robert Clampitt, Corl Lowthorp, Sorgeont-ot-Arms; Gerald Parker, Critic; Charlotte Davis, Clerk; Jim Maynord, President; Ken Penegor, President Pro Tempore; Bill Mudd, Treasurer • Second Row Seoted: Jimmy Warren, Freemon Grant, Zock Waters, Senator; Charles Yarborough, Senator; Bob Moore, Senator; Terry Chronaki, Senator • Third Row Standing: David Reid, James Wiles, Wayne Thompson, David Moose, Clyde Smith, Beverly Webb, Charles Hyatt, Chorlie Wolf, John Faust, Edward Nelson • Fourth Row Standing: Roger Herbert, Edward Smith, Johnny Hayes, Stephen Moss, Jay Zimmerman, William Carnell Watt, Thomas Lloyd, " ■ ■ " ■ ■ ■ nittee; Henry Lowet • Fifth Row Standing: Wallace Honchey, James Turner, David Garmise, Conditional Senator; Bruce Crater, Major Stronington High. Fleishmon, Chairman Renovatit L. R. Carter, Ed Stevens, Chaplain; Lynn Chondle Page 245 " dl ILBERT MARSH President JACK BECKER Vice-President RAEFORD PUGH Secretary CLINTON LINDLEY BAXTER MclNTYRE Treasurer Freshmon Coordlnotor DR. WILLIAM NOLA Chairmon of the Advisory Board YA Young Men ' s ChrisHan Association Ninety-three years on this campus, the Carolina Young Men ' s Christian Associa- tion is one of the oldest student YMCA ' s in the world. Although its activities and interests have changed somewhat through the years, it has always been a pioneer in deed as well as thought. Not limited by a preset structure, it seeks to meet students wherever their in- terests lie, moving ahead on the basis that Christianity applies to every aspect of life. Each member finds himself growing in Christian leadership as he seeks to serve the campus in one of many fields of in- terest, and especially as he worships, studies, and acts together with others. Front Row, left to right: Neil Sotterfield, J. Fang-Wen Wang, Susan Fink • Second Row C. Shotts, Generol Secretary; Chuck Miner Riebel, Associate Secretary; Baxter Mclntyr Carroll, Jr., George M. Leed, Bernie Theiling, Bill Hethc aeford Pugh, Bob Hyatt, Norm Bowles, Jimmy Capps, Clou Third Row: Harry Phillips, Clint Lindley, Watts Scotts, Jo Jock Becker, Carol Gregory, Charles B. Schley, Jim Turn tS Planning Session Out for a stretch Freshman Friendship :a Front Row, left to right: Grohom Rights, Groy McAllister, Roy Jefferies, Assistont to the Deon of Students; Roy Holsten, Assistant Dean of Students; Susan Fink, Terry Chronaki, Robert Lindley • Second Row: Bennett Myers, Joy Zimmerman, Dr. Fritz Hartmann, Goettingan University; Otto Vehrenkonp, Goettingan University; Hans-Juergen Lambers, Goettingan University; Steve Moss, Scotty Hester, Robert Brawley, John Riebil, Y.M.C.A. Secretary. The Freshman Friendship Council Following thirty years of tradition, the Freshman Friendship Council has again been organized and is functioning with great potentialities; during Freshman Camp and immediately following, some of the freshmen became intensely inter- ested in a program whereby they could continue their orientation. The freshmen felt that they could function best through a program organized " of, by, and for " freshmen. Committees were organized around special needs and interests. A " How to Study " was organized by Bennett Myers, and a " How to Dance, " by Ray White. Jim Turner and his Deputations Commit- tee sponsored excursions to neighboring colleges. Other committees functioned on their own, while some committees, such as the deputations to Camp Butner, an honor prison near Durham, were co- ordinating their plans with the general purpose of the YMCA. GRAHAM MEMORIAL BILL ROTH Director GRAHAM MEMORIAL Graham Memorial, the university ' s student union building, was opened over twenty years ago as a memorial to former university president Edward Kidder Graham. For fifteen hours a day, GM. bustles with a maze of activity occurring in its student publications rooms, student government offices, student union activities board headquarters, meeting lounges, travel agency, photo lab, wood- working shop, poster shop and the popular Rendezvous Room. The enterprise of the student population and SUAB kept the building teeming with action — so much so that it became more than evident that additional student union facilities were of paramount importance. The university realizing this, included in its budget request to the state, among its most urgent needs, a new student union building, more centrally located. The fulfillment of the re- quest will carry with it the promise of a new day for the Carolina student. GRAHAM MEMORIAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS First Row, left to right: Virqinio Hall, Anna Beeson, Kotherine Carmichael, Gay Hogon, Connie Anderson • Second Row: Edward Woodhouse, William Cochrane, Gilbert Marsh, Walt Deor, Jim McLeod • Third Row: Roy Holsten, Kemp Cate, Altyn Norton, Bill Roth, Ken Penegor, Chairmon; Linwood Braswell, William Powell. Page 248 )TUDENT UNION STUDENT UNION ACTIVITIES BOARD SUAB, as the Student Union Activities Board is popularly known, has two basic areas of activity. First, the planning and execution of student union activities. Second, the coordination of campus activities in order to bring more students into active campus par- ticipation and to avoid conflicts in scheduling of events and over- lapping of organizational programs. The former function is carried on by the following student committees: Film, Forum, Dance, Display, Office, Public Relations, Tournaments, Music, Receptions, Student-Faculty Relations, Special Services, Polls, and Calendar. The latter function is performed by the SUAB Coordination Council which is composed of the heads of some forty major cam- pus organizations. KEN PENEGAR President SUAB BOARD First Row, lett to right: Anne Bell, Wanda Philpott, Jody Levey, Anita Anderson, Joyce Doughty, Beverly Baylor, Mary Br Roth, Thomas Watts, Harry Phillips, Ken Penegor, President. Henry Lowet, Don Geiger, Joel Fleishmon. • Second Row: Bill Page 249 HILLEL FOUNDATION HILLEL FOUNDATION First Row leH to right- Linda Smith, Secretary; Rabbi E. M. Rosenzwerg, Director; Sorolyn Bonowitz, President; Freda Hobowsky, Libr Chairman • Second ' Row: Gary Levinson, Treasurer; Joseph A. Arnold, Membership Chairmon: Ken Myers, Vice-President; Henry H. Isoacs Sociol Chairman; Arthur Barbonell, Publicity Chairmon; Herb Cohn, Intertaith Chairman; Hilbert Levitz, Religious Choirmon. SARALYN BONOWITZ President The Hillel Foundation was founded twenty-eight years ago by B ' nai Brith, the largest Jewish service organization in the United States. The Foundation here at the university is one of the 220 Hillel organi- zations serving Jewish students throughout this country, Canada, Cuba, England, and Israel. Hillel attempts to train and prepare university students for fu- ture leadership in their respective Jewish and local communities. The program is a varied one, ranging from religious and cultural func- tions to dances and other social affairs; activities include religious services, exhibits, forums, classes, vocational information, and proj- ects of an interfaith nature . . all of which help to encourage Jewish education and spiritual growth. The program is determined by the Cabinet and by numerous committees, through which the students participate in the organization. Page 250 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB The Men ' s Glee Club, under the direction of Joel Carter, began its Fall activities by joining the Women ' s Glee Club in singing at the annual Uni- versity Day celebration. The quarter ' s work was climaxed by the annual Christmas Concert featuring the combined clubs. In the Winter quarter, the Men ' s Glee Club gave two concerts with the Greensboro College Glee Club, one in Chapel Hill and one in Greensboro. The year ' s work was completed with the annual Spring concert of the combined University glee clubs. The officers for the year were: Claude A. Barnhill, President; Benjy M. Haywood, Vice-President. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB First Row, left to riqht: Wade Williams, Jim Saunders, Maurice Norton, Joe Beomon, Gray McAllister, Robert Minteer, Maurice Conaday, John Bar- ringer • Second Row; Alwood Worren, John Gonella, Jomes Gulledge, Carl Ziegler, Stephen Moss, Jack Phillips, Ronald Pritchett, W. Calvert, Billy Woosley, Huah Mason, Eddie Hickman, President • Third Row: Thomas Bolkan, Robert Kirkpatrick, Secretory; Dowd Davis, Horry Phillips, Thar Page, Ted Boiley, Ken Anderson, Kenneth Pruitt, Alan Jones, Larue Smith, Robert Hyatt • Fourth Row: J. J. Carter, Director; Garland Coble, Bill Harris, Owen Norment, Glenn Lynch, William Joyner, John Bullard, Bernard Toylor, George Thomas, John McCaskill, Donald Davis • Not present when the picture was taken: Kason Keiger. Page 251 PHILANTHROPIC ASSEMBLY m 10 1 A H I Lb ' ' ' L lta l Sf HP ' aj . . .,. 4i ' MiHll HiiflHflHiii HI 9 Jl ij l THE PHILANTROPIC ASSEMBLY First Row Seated, left to right: Mary Lillo Browne, Dale Ryon, Don Sherry, Speaker Pro-Tern; Fred Crawford, Speaker; Wade Matthews, Porliamen- torian; Cathy Holmes, Critic; Hamilton Norton • Second Row Standing: Richard P. Brodshaw, John Poindexter, Mory Jo Roder, Tommy Sumner, Sol Cherry, Howard Tickle, Bob Pace, Forum Representative; Franz Roberts • Third Row Standing: Molcolm Cox, Syd Shutord, Treasurer; Don Angell • Not present when picture wos token: James Doye, Robert Doye, Dick lobst, Stuart Jones, Art Rowe, John Debnam, Dayton Estes. The Philanthropic Literary Society is a 157 year old debating society which has served this campus as a medium for the expression of thought, the inter- change of ideas, and the advancement of the Liter- ary Arts. With its sister society the Phi has endowed the University Library with its valuable collection of books, contributed to the building of New East in which it is housed, and served as the impetus and channel through which Carolina student govern- ment developed. More recently the Phi has adopted the pattern of organization of the State House of Representa- tives. Thus students are offered legislative experi- ence and training without standing for election. The Phi offers learning-by-doing experience in the making of legislation, writing of bills, parliamen- tary procedure, in committees and large groups, and public speaking. The program of the Phi is aimed at producing better trained leaders and statesmen and more en- lightened, politically aware citizenship, and is dedi- cated to Virtue, Liberty, and Science. Page 252 TOWN GIRLS ' ASSOCIATION The Town Girls ' Association is on organization on campus to further the social life and campus activities for town students. It is through this organization that town students are able to enter into the intra- mural program and places them on an equal basis with the dormitory and sorority division. Social functions, such as the annual Christmas dance, several banquets during the year, and keeping Graham Memorial open dur- ing Christmas are carried on by the group. GAY HOGAN President TOWN GIRLS ' ASSOCIATION First Row, left to right: Libby Whitfield, Purobi Bose, Barbara Cline, Dana Phipps, Connie DeLancy • Second Row: Barba Gay Hogan, President; Julia Shields, Sara Rose, Marilyn Habel • Third Row: Nancy Blocksidge, Joekie Crawford, Sarah Jo Page 253 UNIVERSITY DANCE COMMITTEE c p r p UNIVERSITY DANCE COMMITTEE First Row: Abernefhy, Henry Walter; Acker, Williom R.; Evans, Lewis Wintree; Feorrington, E. Lindsoy; Fort, Archibald Taylor; Gurley, Walter Dallas, Jr.; Hockney, Eugene Walden; Jenkins, Edward Franklin; Jenkins, William Lynn • Second Row: Ke pley, Thomas Howard; Lineberger, Adrian Smith, Jr.; Lore, William Pickens; McMillan, John A.; Miller, Andrew Clovelond; Poindexter, John Edward; Pridgen, E. Wallace; Tettlebach, Fred Morley; Wettach, John T. LAWSON PAUL BARNES Chairman The University Dance Committee has as its foremost objectives the role of host at Carolina dances and the task of maintaining order at social functions sponso ' ed by campus organizations. This group of students, familiar in their formal dress with blue and white rosettes in their lapels, in their careful vigilance of campus dances are striving toward making Carolina dances the functions that both students and faculty desire. During the 1952-1953 season the Committee has effectively performed its duty. The group has had a most successful year, both in helping to put on Carolina dances and guiding them toward perfection. Page 254 UNIVERSITY PARTY The University Party, having functioned continuously for two decades, is the oldest of the campus political groups. Its membership is composed of representatives to the steering committee who represent any group of twenty-five students. This committee formulates party policies and serves as the medium of expression for the represented groups. It is the conviction of the party that this group organization provide a more efficient organ for ad- ministering the function of political parties in student government, and this belief has been justified in the past by the high caliber of University Party candidates elected to responsible student government offices. Sol Cherry served as party chairman this year and carried on the work of the University Party in traditional fashion. SOL CHERRY Chairman UNIVERSITY PARTY Dn» Row Seoted, left to right: Kotherinc Amistead, Martin Jordan, Publicity Chairman; Syd Shuford, Treasurer; Jim Adams, Vice-Chairman; Sol lerry, Choirman; Ann Street, Secretary; Jack Stilwell, Floorleader of Legislature; Jud ith Taylor, Edna Knighten • Second Row Standing: Gory Sluder, rry Cook, Carl Dann, Gordon Bottle, Bob Grimes, Gerry Wagger, Wolter McFall, Charles Yarborough, Jr., Bill Sanders • Third Row Standing: Mitchell )vit, John Howes, Bob Meocham, Roger Kingsbury, Lorry Cobb, Beverly Webb, Archer Croxton, Tom Creasy, Russ Cowell. Page 255 Y W C A The program of the Y.W.CA. is divided into five areas — Christian Faith and Heritage, Personal and Cam- pus Affairs, Social Responsibility, World Relatedness, and Special Committees Each of the twenty-three committees carries out its program within one of these divisions. The Membership Council, composed of representatives from each dormitory and sorority house, and Cabinet, composed of officers and committee heads, meet every week to discuss business and programs. The Advisory Board has fourteen adult members, both townspeople and persons connected with the Uni- versity. Organized on campus in 1937, the Y.W.CA. has two full-time directors and over 400 members. The Y.W.CA. tries to make life at Carolina more worthwhile and stimulating, and to make it Christian. Y CABINET First Row Seated: Dorothy Beals, Morgoret Johnston, Carol (Toni) Kelly, Barboro Braxton, Shirley Gee, Betty Jean Schoeppe • Second Row: Patricia Aydlett, Bish Fox. Beverly Baylor, Anno Beeson, Jane Ann Sneed, Mary Lillo Browne • Third Row: Morqaret Ann Brock, Sue Bullock, Betty Ahcrn, Martha McGuirk, Sue Burress, Dot Smith, Rosemary Scovil • Fourth Row: Gay Currie, Pot Todd, Gay Hogan, Grace Gordon, Marilyn Habel • Fitth Row: Jeanette Chance, Jerry Snider, Joan Membery, Jane Berryhill, Jeon Gould, Sue Stokes. Page 256 YWCA EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Front Row Seated, left to right: Joan Membry, Treasurer Anno Beeson, President Carol Kelly, Vice-President Mary Lilla Browne, Program Cha Back Row Standing: Bish Fox, Membership Chairman Barbara Broxton, Secretory YWCA MEMBERSHIP COUNCIL ck Row Standing: Marilyn Hobel, Jane An Page 257 WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB 1 p m iFiigiifF First Row Standing, left to right: Patricio Aydlett, Mary Lu Mercer, Elizabeth H Todd, Martha Bridger, Mary Harvey Bryan, Margaret Gutierrez, Connie Williford Etta Mann, Nancy Davis, Jennie Lynn, Nora Lackey, Jane Reese, Sylvio Workman, Marian Parkins, Emily Cook, Jetf McFarlond, Jane Yeorley, Mr. Joel Carter, Director • Third Row: Mary Cook, Mary Rountree, Nora Jane Rumph, Mary Mitchell, Vice-President; George Hofley, Elizabeth Gregg, Ann Speas Martin, Ellen Prouty, Lynda Vestal, Sally Jente, Pat Bohnenkamp, Anne Mackie, Publicity Manager; Virginia Breece, Celia Brown. The Women ' s Glee Club, under the able direction of Mr. Joel Carter began its ' 52- ' 53 season by performing jointly with the Men ' s Glee Club at the University Day celebration. Ne.xt on the agenda was a trip to Raleigh where the Club joined voices with the Men ' s Glee Club of North Carolina State College for a Sunday afternoon concert. Fall quarter activities ended success- fully with the annual Christmas concert featuring the combined clubs. The remainder of the year brought radio broadcasts, University Sermons, and the annual Spring concert which brought the season to a close. Officers for the year were: Pat Aydlett, President; Mary Mitchell, Vice- President; Jane Reese, Secretary; Ann Speas Martin, Treasurer, Anne Mackie, Publicity Chairman. Page 258 NORTH CAROLINA STUDENT LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY KEN PENEGAR President The North Carolina Student Legislative Assembly was founded in 1936 by a forensic fra- ternity at State College as primarily a debating function. Since then it has grown into a mock-state legislature with the two houses of the Assembly in use — the Senate and the House of Representatives. Each of the twenty-five member schools is entitled to three Senators and a proportional number of Representatives based on the school ' s enrollment. The delegates at the Assembly debate bills on the international, national, state, and student level with emphasis on those bills of state and student level. Each House of the Assembly elects its own officers for the duration of the three day meeting; the executive officers of the entire Assembly are elected by joint session and serve for a year. Carolina is fortunate in having one of its delegates serve as this year ' s President of the Assembly and one as Speaker of the House. STATE STUDENT LEGISLATURE First Row, left to right: Dale Ryon, John Faust, Jody Levey, Wonda Philpott, Catherine Holmes, Nancy Home, Charles Yarborough, David E. Reid, Jr. • Second Row: Julian Mason, Lewis Southern, Don Sheary, Jock Stilwell, Bob Poce, Dayton Estes, Herb Cohn, Allen Boder • Third Row: Chorles Fisk Hyatt, Joel Lawrence Fleishman, Henry Lowet, Ken Barton, Sol Cherry, Wade B, Matthews, Ken Penegor, Gene Cook. Page 259 BOB GORHAM Chairman ORIENTATION COMMITTEE To the Orientation Committee is entrusted the all-important task of helping the new men and women adjust themselves as promptly and effici- ently to the Carolina Way of Life as possible. To this end the committee, counselors, and advisers plan vigorously during the summer and arrive back at school a week early ready to enact the Orientation Program. SARALYN BONOWITZ Committee: Sarolyn Bonowitz, Catherine Holmes, Dee Kline, Myron Banki, Bill Walker, Louis Wolfsheimer, William C. Brown, Archibald T. Fort, Sue Ambler, Walter T. McFoll, Mary Lilla Brown, George McLeod, Michael Brown, Martin .lordan. Counselors: Eugene Buyer, " Ty " Boyd, Gordon Battle, William Barnes, Jr., Edward Crawford, Jerry Cook, Herbert Cohn, David Clinord, Rowe Campbell, Jr., Frank A. Daniels, Jr., Robert Evans, Arthur Einstein, Jr., Lindsay Fearrington, Gordon Forrest- er, Jr., Robert Glenn, Don Geiger, Richard Gamble, Henry Isaacson, R. C. Ingram, Jr., Fred Hutchins, Jr., Sidney Hoots, Roger Hood, Wil- liam L. Hill, George W, Harris, Charles Kuralt, Abbie Keyes, Barrett F. Kalb, Willard Walker, LeRoy Townsend, Jr., Jack Stilwell, Edward A. Stevens, Arthur Spaugh, William Ruffin, Jr., Thomas McDonald, James Lester, Walton Joyner, Edward Gross, Thomas Creasy, Bruce Crater, Jr., Russel S. Cowell, Paul Barnes, Ben Wilcox, Rollie Tillman, Jr., Dan Strickland, Wood Smethurst, Bob Simmons, Hal C. Sigmon, Hugh Shull, Jr., John Seely, Jr., James Schenck, Neil Satterfield, William Rankin, Al Purrington, William Proctor, Don Perry, Steve Perrow, Osborne Avscue, Jr., Eugene Oberdorfer, Jim Neely, James C. McLeod, James Maynard, Jim Lindley, Bill Acker, Harry Peorsall, Bob Colbert, Gene Shaw. Advisers: Sue Bullock, Martha McGuirk, Betty Ahern, Barbara Braxton, Carolyn Murray, Virginia Gilliom, Rosalind Brown, Nan Reese, Mary Anna Glod, Micky Rouse, Betty Jean Schoeppe, Ruth Bergmonnus, Jean Jocobi, Dot Lowenstein, Linda Shults, Barbara Reed, Nancy Evans, Jody Levey, Ray Hylton, Gwenlyn Huss, Gloria Huss, Jane Merritt, Bev Chalk, Rosemary Scovil, Rachel Williams, Mary Mitchell, Imogene Low- den, Jockie Krell, Dee Breslow, Linda Smith, Martha Ann Smith, Paula Jones, Joan Membery, Jane Ann Sneed, Sue Burress, Virginia Hall, Dee Kline, Betsy Norwood, Nancy Ripple, Peggie Goode, Sarolyn Bonowitz, Carmen Nohm. ANNUAL BANQUET FOR ORIENTATION COUNSELORS AND ADVISERS Page 260 HAM NORTON President STUDENT The Student Government of the University of North Carolina had its beginning in 1795. Two literary societies, the Di and the Phi, were formed and took the lead in forming a system of campus government. A Student Council followed the societies ' control and in 1947 a constitution was accepted which gave us our present system. From over 150 years of work and planning evolved our present system which is one of the strongest in the nation. Protection of student rights, the betterment of student facilities, and the control of the stu- dent fees are the main functions and purposes of Student Government under the present constitution The Student Government of 1952-53 has been working fo. ' these aims. CABINET PICTURE OF STUDENT GOVERNMENT Seated: Ham Horton, President • Standing, left to right: Sol Cherry, Virginia Holl, Harry Phillips, Edword Gross, Jim McLeod, Phin Horton. Page 262 GOVERNMENT JIM McLEOD Vice-President and Speaker of the Legislature EDDIE GROSS Secretary-Treasur PHIN NORTON Attorney General The establishment of an infirmary dispensary, the forming of a check-cashing service in Lenoir Hall, the re-establishment of the Tarnation humor magazine are a few of the many things the Student Govern- ment has done this year in the completion of a practical platform. The fight against Saturday classes was led by the officers of the Student Government. This year at Carolina has been filled with many successes in programs and many accomplishments from successfully executed plans. All this has been made possible due to the untiring efforts of Ham Horton, the President of Student Body, working with his able appointees. This has been a progressive year for Carolina and with the experience and know-how of the post years, the Carolina system of Student Gov- ernment will grow and become even stronger in the future. STANDING COMMITTEE Front Row, left to right: Blake Ingrar Row: George McLeod, Walter McFoll, Fn Bill Pregnal • Second Page 263 The Men ' s Interdormitory Council, the executive, legislative, and judicial port of student government most directly concerned with the dormitory men, represents approximately 3,000 men residing in the University ' s nineteen dormitories. The council consists of the president and I. DC. representative from each of the dormitories, along with five hold-over officers. This year ' s officers, elected in the spring of 1952, were Paul Somerville, President; Bill Acker, Vice-President; Walt Gurley, Secretary; John Ingle, Treasurer; and Dick Gamble, hold-over I.D.C. Court Member. MEN ' S INTERDORMriORY COUNCIL First Row, left to right: Bob Llewellyn, Linwood Broswell, Ceroid Porker, George Miller, Dwiqht Crontord, Jerry Cook, Dick Gamble, Gerold Kino, Bob Rimer • Second Row: Don Chomblee, Norwood Brvon, Jr., Malcolm Hoover, Bintord Moon, John Ingle, Doug Dodson, Johnny Poindexter, Wiley Kennedy, Gordon Forester, Allen Boder • Third Row: Bob Borlowe, William Bullock, Dick Sowver, Wolter Gurley, Clobe Lynn, Conrad Warlick, Eorl Diamond, Robert Hinshaw, Paul Somerville, Horry Foggort, Jerry Woll, Martin Sides, Bill Acker, Kermit Philliis, Bill JJonsdole, John Guilberf, Gene Coin, Bob Chondler, Leon Pittmon, JL MEN ' S NTERDORMITORY COUNCIL Page 264 INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL COURT First Row, left to right: Binford Moon, Dick Gamble, Horry Peorsoll, Malcolm Hoover • Second Row: Jerry Cook, Gene Coin, Clerk of Court; Wiley Kennedy, Horry Foggort. The council ' s chief functions ore connected with affairs which affect dormitory men. Through the work of I.D.C., social rooms were estab- lished and furnished in the dormi- tories during the summer of ' 52; therefore, the council ' s primary in- terests this year were toward the improvement and further utilization of the social rooms and the better- ment of dormitory physical facilities and social life. Probably the largest single activity of the year was the annual Interdorm Dance, sponsored and presented by the Interdormitory Council for the entire student body. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEN ' S IDC First Row, left to right: Kermit Phillips, Paul Somerville, President; Bill Acker, Vice-President • Second Row: John Engle, Treasurer; Walt Gurley, Secretary; Norwood Bryan, Dick Gamble, Court Chairman. Page 265 c o STUDENT COUNCIL :il; Ted Fronkel, Cho Sue Ambler • Second Row Standing: Jii I— The Student Council, the supreme representative of the judicial branch of Student Government, is the most vital part of Student Government for to it falls the responsibility of regulating the application of the Honor and Cam- pus Codes, and justice to every individual. The council has original jurisdiction in cases involving the constitution- ality of the student constitution. This court also reviews petitions made by a defendant if he or she feels that the Women ' s Honor Council, The Men ' s Honor Council, The Dance Committee, Interfraternity Council, Dental School Council, Law School Council, Medical School Council, Interdormitory Council has denied him the constitutional rights guaranteed him in the constitution. The council is composed of nine people. Three elected by the men, three by the women and three by the entire student body. STUDENT COUNCIL Page 266 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE STUDENT LEGISLATURE Standing, left to right: Stuorl Miller, Chairman of Elections Committee; Nancy Ripple, Chairman of Coed Affairs; Max Bollinger, Chairman of Activities Committee; Joel Fleishman, Parliamentarian; Ken Penegor, Speaker Pro Tern; Jock Stilwell, Chairman of Ways and Means Commit- tee; Sol Cherry, Chairman of Rules Committee; Wanda Philpott, Clerk; Henry Lowett, Choirmon of Finance Com- mittee • Seated: Jim Mc- leod, Speaker. First Row, left to right: Bax- ter Miller, Jr., Bill Acker, Lew Southern, Jimmy Copps, Max Bollinger, Jim McLeod, Da ' e Ryan, Fletcher Green, L. M Wolfsheimer, Gordon Forester, Sol Cherry, Wondo Philpott, Shirley Gee • Second Row: Joel Fleishman, John ingle, Allen Bader, Ken Penegor, R. B. Fitch, Jock Stilwell, Toby Haynsworth, John How- es, Stuart Miller, Charles Yor- borough, Sara Wood, Nancy Ripple • Third Row: Edward Nelson, Jon Ammons, Harold White, Lynn Chandler, Wade Matthews, Jack Edwards, Jim Honey, Henry Lowett, Ed Stevens, Joke Rountree, Mit- chell Novit, Mike Brown, Bob Glenn, G. M. Wogger, Jim Moynord. GO —I c a O O The Student Legislature, founded in 1938, contin- ues to function as the legislative branch of student government. Nearly all rules and regulations gov- erning students here at the university are passed by this group. Its wide and varied powers, as de- fined in the 1950 revised constitution, are limited to its willingness to accept the responsibility which inevitably goes with authority. Each legislator is elected by the students of his particular campus district. Under the conscientious and capable leadership of Jim McLeod, the Legis- lature worked with interested effort and was re- worded to see many problems solved. Outstanding among this year ' s projects were the redistricting of campus districts and the change of the meeting place from New East to Gerrard Hall. 73 z m STUDENT LEGISLATURE Page 267 WOMEN ' S HONOR COUNCIL Seated at Desk: Carmen Nahm, Chairman • Standing, left to right: Lilli Kitty Borton, Beverly Chalk, Ross Y oung, Marilyn Habel. ed, Pepper Stetson, Joan Membery, Secretary; WOMEN ' S HONOR COUNCIL The Women ' s Honor Council is the coed judiciary which handles violations of the Honor System and the Campus Code by the women students, working as a parallel to the Men ' s Council. The Women ' s Council also acts as an appellate court for House Council decisions. The Council is one branch of the tripartate system of coed-self-government, working with Coed Senate and Women ' s Interdormitory Council. Each year the Council leads the orientation of women students in the Honor System and Campus Code, instructing entering coeds in the origin and meaning of these standards. Composed of four juniors, three seniors, one graduate student, and one woman student at large, the Women ' s Council is an important phase of self-government, striving to increase a fuller participation in the Carolina way of life. Page 268 The Women ' s Residence Council is the Administra- tive body of Coed Self-Government. Composed of dormitory presidents, sorority house managers, an additional member from each dormitory, and rep- resentatives from the Nursing School. This group works with the office of the Dean of Women and the Board of Residence in regulating dormitory life. The Women ' s Residence Council was incorpo- rated in the spring of ' 52. Its functions include the interpretation of social rules and dormitory regulations, the recommendation of changes in reg- ulations affecting women students, the supervision of house meetings, and the discussion of any prob- lems which may arise in dormitory living. Through the Women ' s Residence Council all coed administration is coordinated and linked to the office of the Dean of Women. Special projects for the year were the drafting of a new constitution, the choosing of a May Day Chairman, the Head of Orientotion for women stu- dents, and providing for the Women ' s Handbook. Virginia Hall served as President, Sally Guerry OS Vice-President, Fran McColl as Secretary and Betty Anderson as Treasurer. Morcie Harrer was the representative from the Dean ' s Office. WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE COUNCIL m- ' ■■■ i H " HT 1 k. — . r .a - 7 1 1 . CO -H c m o o TO WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE COUNCIL Seated, left to right: Grace Door, Sarah Querry, Vice-President; Frances McColl, Secretary; Virginia Hall, President; Betty Anderson, Treasurer • Stand- ing: Shirley Gee, Gwenlyn Huss, Emily Cook, Lois Perry, Julio Robertson, Dot Smith, Margaret Thompson, Bert Jones. Mary Vinson, Tish Coley, Mary Anna Giod, Margaret Johnston. Page 269 an o MEN ' S HONOR COUNCIL First Row Seated, left to right: George McLeod, Ken Myers, Clerit; Frank A. Daniels, Jr., Cho Perrow, Borrett Kalb, Frank Hood, Ken Anderson, Billy Barnes. on; Thomas Wooten • Second Row Standing: Stephe Q 1— The Men ' s Honor Council, acting under the Student Constitution, has origi- nal jurisdiction in oil coses of violations of the Honor Code and of the Campus Code. As violations of Campus Law are not by their nature in a codified form, the Men ' s Council by application of the criteria of honor and of gentlemanly conduct defines the application and the extent of Campus Law. Along with the duty of upholding Campus Low by hearing cases, the Men ' s Council also has the responsibility of orienting new students to our system and of keeping the system in front of the campus at all times. In the heirarchy of our court system the Men ' s Council has functions parallel to the Women ' s Council, and is subordinate to the Student Council, our " Supreme Court. " The Men ' s Council is composed of three seniors, three juniors, two sophomores, one freshman, one pharmacy student, and one graduate student. MEN ' S HONOR COUNCIL Page 270 Each quarter, students pay a $5 block fee for stu- dent activities. This year The Daily Tar Heel and Yackety Yock were budgeted for about 57% of this $5 or approximately $2.80. The Publications Board, composed of eight mem- bers — six students and two faculty members, super- vise the finances of the two publications and the legislative appropriations. The board also negotiates contracts, approves editorial appointments to sal- aried positions, and purchases equipment. Under the Student Constitution, the board has no control over the editors in the performance of their duties Among the board ' s problems this year was a search for a new printer for The Daily Tar Heel. The board purchased a new truck, replacing the old " Green Hornet. " Officers were Walt Dear, Chairman; Joe Nelson, Secretary; Tom McDonald, Treasurer. Other mem- bers include Peggie Goode, and Jack Stillwell, Stu- dent Legislature Representative; L. M. Pollander and J. L. Morrison, Faculty members; and Marshall Cline, Financial Coordinator. C l a o o m TO First Row Seoted, leH to right: Peggie Jean Goode, Walt Dear, Chairman; Marshall Cline, Fir Secretary; Jack Stilwell, L. M. Pollander, Director of Advertising; Thomas McDonald, Treasur( ol Adviser • Second Row Standing: Joe Nels( PUBLICATIONS BOARD Page 271 1953 l lackeiu l jack ( J eaviiles BEAUTY SECTION EDITORS JACK SMITHWICK LIB MOORE Chapel Hill, Nov. 20 — -Tonight at Memorial Hall on the campus of the University of North Carolina, seventy-eight lovely young ladies competed for the twelve Yackety Yack Beauty Titles. The girls were presented in evening dresses by Jimmy Capps, popular WPTF announcer who served as master of ceremonies. Judges Ben Stimson, Robert Hodgkins, Jr. and Leon Joyner se- lected the twelve winners and these girls, each in turn, were presented with an orchid corsage. The staff of the 1953 Yackety Yack wishes to express its appreciation to those persons without whose assistance and in- terest the contest would not have been possible: Mr. Jimmy Capps for his suggestions and assistance; Mr. Lavergne Johnson for his interest and encouragement; Messrs. Stimson, Hodgkins, and Joyner for their cooperation; Frances Jarman of WDNC; Bill Collins for music and entertainment; Mr. Harry Davis of the University Florist; the backstage help; Bob and Albert Far- mer on the lights; Tom Carroll of WUNC; and all the other wonderful people who helped to make this the best contest yet. Portraits of the girls by Francis Lavergne Johnson of Chapel Hill. Various activities at the contest included girls moking lost minute adjustments and Jimmy Copps giving a running account of the proceedings. Page 272 en -a o Z on O TO m a - en O TO JJ y fi ' emm.anL6 JJ a6e CL apLn -a o Z CO O - m I — — I JJ amieen Uji vvev " X - CQ O CO Z o Q_ LO Ldd IljIm ox Ln o Z CO O 70 DO - 7 CO C) L6d ea y a Cdd yvnn y anzo o Z en O m C oo - X -a en O JJ a i ' " i C tlzabetk cJLmdi ewian 0 0 : 16S O O f d CO o Z en O 70 00 - —I X m — 1 L66 raae oore c. iSS K arman V laviwi m -a o z CO O - CO O 1 L6d — )ara i oSe X O X CO - CO o CO Z o Q- (J LU : O X u - ca O . 16S wlmlnla i i lu y don i iM m4 ' t s? W f ONORflfllES SOflOfllTI€S ffiflT€flNITI€S Beauty contestants wait nervously in the wings of Memoriol Auditorium during the ' 53 Yack Beauty Contest. Golden Fleece Alpha Phi Omega Beta Gamma Sigma Gorgon ' s Head Lodge Phi Alpha Delta Phi Delta Chi Sigma Alpha iota Photographers found this pig on interesting subject ot the ' 52 Sigma Chi Derby. SSdcnl l - MEMBERS 1952-53 428 James Clarence Wallace 454 Richard Isley Walker 483 John Lassiter Sanders 490 William Davis Cash 498 Edward George Bilpuch 499 James Herbert Mclntyre 502 Robin Jerome Scroggs 503 Allan E. Milledge 504 William T. Wolf 505 Edgar Love, III 506 Kenneth Houston Barton 507 Thomas Edward Duval 508 John M. Schnorrenberg 510 Julian Dewey Mason, Jr. 512 Frank James Allston, Jr. 513 Herry M. Shuping 514 James Louis DeLay Lamm 515 John Henry Robison, Jr. 517 Paul Noble Somerville 51 8 Henry Bowers OFFICERS Jason — Edward George Bilpuch Hyparchos — John Lassiter Sanders Grammateus — James Clarence Wallace Christopher — William Davis Cash FACULTY MEMBERS Charles Phillips Russell Claude Edward Teague Edgar Ralph Rankin Robert Burton House Herman Glenn Baity Ernest Lloyd Mackie Albert McKinley Coates Joseph Burton Linker Corydon Perry Spruill Frederick Carlysle Sheppord Earle Horace Hartsell Joseph Maryon Saunders William T. Couch Edgar Alexander Cameron Walter Smith Spearman, Jr. Gordon Gray John Tettemer O ' Neil Frederick Henry Weaver K )t 0thtv of tf)e 0i i Wtli OFFICERS Kenneth Houston Barton President James Andrew Bell, Jr Vice-President Waller Stephen Perrow Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie Recorder CHARTER MEMBERS William Donald Carmichael, III William Robert Coulter Jesse Henry Dedmond Peter Harry Gerns Samuel Hirsch Charles Louis Johnston, Jr. Allard Kenneth Lowenstein William Ernest Mackie Basil Lamar Sherrill Donald Gray Shropshire Leonard Adolph Szafaryn Dr. Samuel Thomas Emory Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie Dr. William Smith Wells MEMBERS INITIATED April 24, 1952 Kirby Pardee Ambler Kenneth George Anderson Joseph Allan Arnold Myron Carroll Bonks Kenneth Houston Barton Evelyn Adair Beasley James Andrew Bell, Jr. Richard Lamont Bestwick Henry Bowers Peggy Jane Brown Helen Canon Brundage Jacquelyn Louise Bumpous Nancy Ann Burgess Martha Hunter Byrd Joan Marion Charles Alexander William Ciellan, Jr. David Bradford Cole Roy Clinton Corderman, Jr. John Denham Edwin Harrison Dixon, Jr. Thomas Edward DuVal Joan Erskine Joyce Ann Evans Robert Archie Farmer Joseph Browning Fields Jacob Henry Froelich, Jr. Josephine Wood Gaither Patricia Ann George Robert Edward Goodman Ann Wakefield Gowen Eriine Burwell Griffin EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Patricia George Dortch Jacob Henry Froelich, Jr. Thomas Alfred Sully, Jr. Dr. Samuel Thomas Emory Dr. William Smith Wells And All Officers Alternates: Gilbert Ernest Marsh, Jr. Robert Archie Farmer MEMBERS INITIATED April 24, 1952 Judson Hardy, Jr. John Livingston Hazlehurst James Sears Hix, Jr. William Hendon Hogshead William Coffeen Holton Charles Morion Huggins Ronald Bernal Jones Joan Carol King William Henry Mallison Gilbert Ernest Marsh, Jr. Eleanor Ruth Martens Julian Dewey Mason, Jr. Cecil Jerome Milton James Archibold Myatt, Jr. Eugene Oberdorfer, II Joanne Page Richard Melton Penegar Waller Stephen Perrow Samuel Howard Price, Jr. Jack Alexander Prince Betty London Roy William Frank Redding, III Burton Jones Rights John Henry Robison, Jr. Elizabeth Ann Royall John Marshall Sasser Blackwell Sawyer, Jr. John Martin Schnorrenberg Betty Tate Sparks John Shelby Spong Thomas Hilliard Stoton George Myers Stephens, Jr. Mary Ellen Stribling John Aloysius Sullivan Thomos Alfred Sully, Jr. Henry Allen Tate, Jr. Gabrielle Joye Uzzell Anne Livesey Von Kirk Ann Morvin Williams Amy Jean Wilson Nancy Jane Wing William Thomas Wolf HONORARY MEMBER Chancellor Robert Burton House Page 291 (Bvhtx of tfje rail OFFICERS EUGENE OBERDORFER; II ARCHIBALD T. FORT EDWARD BAILEY GROSS ?; RALPH LEE CRAVER Exchequer Ass ' t. Exchequer SIR KNIGHTS Kenneth Houston Barton Harvey Deakins Bradshaw Donald Olmstead Evans Theodore Golden Frankel Robert Diggs Gorham, Jr. Hamilton Cowles Horton, Jr. James Albert House, Jr. WiHiam Pickens Lore James Carlisle McLeod, Jr. Thomas Eastwood Medlin Waller Stephen Perrow Daniel Elijah Perry Harry Herman Phillips William Stuart Pregnall Robert Arthur Spaugh, Jr. Page 292 9fe VALKY OFFICERS SUE BONOWITZ, President NANCY RIPPLE, Secretary ribH COLEY, Vice-President VIRGINIA HALL. Treasurer PAT GEORGE DORTCH, Alumnae Secretary S l Mi Sue Ambler Sue Bullock Grace Door MEMBERS Rachel Williams Margaret Mathews H Rosemary Scovil 1 Jane Webb . H HONORARY MEMBERS Katherine Carmichael Elizabeth Denny isabelle MacLeod Mrs. Robert H.Wettoch Elizabeth M. Parker Mary Francis Kellam | Gay Currie | PHI BETA KAPPA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Joint Presidents Archibald Taylor Fort William Rix Harris Judson Hardy, Jr. .___Vice-Presidenf John Fairbanks Motsinger, Jr. _ Recording Secretory Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie Corresponding Secretory-Treasurer Choncellor R. B. House Dr. A. C. Howell Dean C. P. Spruill MEMBERS INITIATED MAY 13, 1952 JUNIORS Alfred Louis Allred, Joseph John Alston, Kenneth George An- derson, Joseph Allon Arnold, Wiley Eugene Auman, John Robert Baggett, III, James McCcll Baker, Myron Carroll Banks, Thomas Eugene Beck, James Andrew Bell, Jr., Burton Hyman Bershaw, Elmer Charles Buie, Bobby Gray Byrd, James Daye, Robert Doye, John Daniel Duke, Laurence Elliot Earley, Kenneth Franklin Eas- ter, Robert Archie Farmer, Archibald Taylor Fort, Norman Wil- bur Goldin, John Moss Guilbert, Jack Gellman Handler, Judson Hardy, Jr., Goldston Franklin Harris, William Rix Harris, Robert Peel Holmes, III, John Robert Hunter, James Franklin Hurley, III, David Kent Jackson, James Cary Lester, John Alexander Lowder, Gilbert Ernest Marsh, Jr., Julian Dewey Mason, Jr., John Norwood Mickle, Jr., John Fairbanks Motsinger, Jr., Albert Sidney Newton, Eugene Oberdorfer, II, Richard James Painter, Oscar Hall Paris, Jr., Emmett Mason Portin, Clifton Gadberry Payne, Thomas William Payne, Clarence Allen Poppleton, Jr., Joseph Iverson Riddle, Donald Clemens Seifert, Edward Earl Singleton, James Horrison Smitherman, Billy Fair Tolly, Richard Lowell Thomas, Robert Candler Vaughn, Jr., William Graham Ware, Jr., Irwin Edward Vinnik, Frederick Wright Vogler, Eve- rett Louis Wagner, Jesse Heywood Washburn, Jr., Jabez Her- ring Williams, Jr., Ted Paisley Young. o Founded at the College of William and Mary Alpha Chapter of North Carolina SENIORS James Andrew Alspaugh, Jean Chandler Andrews, Evelyn Adoin Beasley, Edward Exum Best, Jr., George Allen Booze, Robert Barclay Brown, Helen Canon Brundage, Jacquelyn Louise Bum- pous, Martha Hunter Byrd, Barbara Anne Clark, Daniel Whit- aker Davis, Joseph Hursey Davis, James Alan Duke, Thomas Edward DuVal, Ruth Boyce Edgerton, Margaret Leslie Ervin, Barry Steven Fine, Josephine Wood Goither, Forlie Archibald Garner, Jr., Anne Wakefield Gowen, Margaret Earle Green, John Livingston Hozelhurst, III, Le Neve Foster Hodges, Raymond Hardy Holland, Jr., Norman Cheng Chung Hu, Richard Gay Ivey, Laura Florence Judy, Fuller Parhom Korriker, Margore t Twigg Keith, Lee Boone Kenneth, Jr., Barbara Elliot Krafft, Martin Philip Levinson, Lena Stewart Morley, William Neal Mc- Cord, Jr., John Rowe Milliken, Thomas Parrott Moore, Jr., Wil- liam Stuart Pregnall, Elizabeth Ann Royall, William Archer Smith, Mary Ellen Stribling, Ellen Moore Tredway, Richard James Tuggle, Gabrielle Joye Uzell, Anne Livesey Von Kirk, William Shepherd West, Morris Horry Wexler, Cora Eleanor White, Ann Marvin Williams, Amy Jean Wilson, Margaret Ann Wilson, Nancy Jane Wing. GRADUATE Lewis Pinckney Jones MEMBERS INITIATED DECEMBER A, 1952 Derith Lasater Alexander, Fred Clayton Bollard, James Leiand Borden, George Gilbert Bennette, Harold Arthur Bentley, Jr., Jerome Wilson Bolick, Gabriel Boney, Jr., Glass Bowling Carrier, Jr., Donald Cory Carroll, Lessie Mallard Casey, Joseph Garner Dail, Jr., Arthur James Eogon, Robert Norwood Ellington, Jerry Demetrios Golanides, Potricia Ann George, Katharine Dawson Guthrie, Jasper Douglas Horreli, William Buren Hill, James Otis Icenhour, Brenda Suzanne Kotz, Carolyn Elizabeth Kizer, Vernon Pressley Mongum, Milton Bernard Mann, Michael Park- er McLeod, Margaret Ann Oldenbuttel, Margaret Fox Palmer, Archibald Leitch Patterson, Jr., Stephen Cornelius Pugh, Robert LeRoy Rollins, Jr., Eugene Philip Rosenthal, Henry Thomas Rosser, Paul Scagnelli, William Bennett Smith, James Frederick Sutton, William Granger Teochey, Mary Sue Tenney, Jesse Maiden Vuncannon, Richard Burton Wilson. December 5, T776 ALPHA KAPPA PSI OFFICERS L. Russell Jordan President Jesse V. Noland, Jr. Vice-President Edward W. V. Webster Secretary Taylor O. Teague, III Treasurer Charles B. Alderman Master of Rituals HISTORY Alpha Kappa Psi — founded on October 5, 1904, at New York University, New York City — is the first and oldest commerce fraternity in the United States. Chapters have since been established in those schools which have been highly accredited in the fields of commerce. Our chapter. Alpha Tau, was first installed at Carolina on February 18, 1925; and after being dormant since 1933, it was reacti- vated on November 7, 1948, and has since attain- ed one of the highest ranks among all the chapters in the nation. First Row, left to rinht: Charles Alderman, H. Sherrill Almond, Grandon Barton, Thomos E. Beck, Thon Joseph Cox • Second Row: Percy Davis, James Doye, Robert Doye, Billy Grimes, Joseph Hamrick, Alvii Row: R. Hector Lupton, Jr., Lyman McLowhorn, F. Thomos Minnis, John Moore, Michael Rabil, Phillip I Fourth Row: William Shields, Jeom Souweine, Robert Spough, Taylor Teague, III, Everett Wagner, L. F Williams, Harry Young. as L. Beck, Elmct Blond, Ronald James, John Lester, Donald Little • ansdale, Aubrey Redmon, Hal Sign rrest Walker, Edword Webster, J. I Page 296 ANNUAL BUSINESS FAIR PLEDGES, FALL 1952 Students: James Berryhill, Robert Bruton, James E. Bryan, James Clairborne, Coleman Cover, Eddie Hacre, Johnny Hayes, Thomas Hoover, Jomes Hutchins, Robert Jones, Lewis Mack, Lonnie Mangum, Lester Parham, John von Oesen, Earl Yandle • Stotf: Fronlt Hendrix, John Maggard • Not in Picture: Rosser Bunch, Cecil Harris, John Manos, Williom Terrill. Alpha Kappa Psi sponsors end carries out many professional programs and services for the benefit of its members and other students of business ad- ministration. These programs take a variety of forms including outstanding speakers from the business world and education, professional semi- nars, career conferences, business exhibits, educa- tional motion pictures, and research surveys. In- spection tours of leading industries and business firms are conducted at frequent intervals. The fra- ternity operates its own placement service to assist graduating members and alumni to make desirable business fair, which consists of a full week of speakers, exhibits and meetings. We, the members of Alpha Kappa Psi, have made it our task to further the individual welfare of each member by the association of our mutual helpfulness and common interest in the areas of business administration. It is our utmost desire to better ourselves through an exchange of ideas and through knowledge of commerce so that we may become professionally improved and better able to fit into the mold of the business world. We seek to accomplish these ideals not only through programs, but through social activities as well. After initiation of Carl G. McCrow, Presi- dent of Union Notional Bonk of Charlotte, OS honorary member of 1952. Left to right: Arthur M. Whitehill, Faculty Member; L. Russell Jordan, President; Dean T. H. Carroll, Mr. McCrow, and Jesse Noland, Vice-President. ALPHA PHI OMEGA The year 1952 marked another milestone for Alpha Phi Omega. Rho Chapter established at Carolina in 1930 to promote " Leadership, Friendship, and Service " on the Carolina campus has done just that. During the past year Rho Chapter has conducted the following projects to help promote campus community activities. The projects include the Second Explorer ' s Conference which brought some 440 Scouts to our campus; Parent ' s Day also was a jam-packed schedule of events held in cooperation with Morehead Planetarium and the Univers- ity Concert Band; Guide Services through the buildings and over the campus to some 5200 North Carolina High School students; as well as the Christmas Seal Sale; First Aid Stations and Concession Stand at football games; and an Ushering Service for all University Concerts and Forums when called upon. The fine group of men Rho Chapter initiated during the year will be a valu- able asset to Carolina in helping to keep the University among the more prominent of the 264 chapters of Alpha Phi Omega in the United States through the ideals of the fraternity, " Leadership, Friendship, Service. " and Boy the First Row, left to right: Joe Arnold, James Brockett • Second Row: Donold Davis, James Davis, Bill Fyte • Third Row: James Honey, Dave Johnson, Henry Lowet • Fourth Row: Henry Parrish, Jack Shuford, Charles Wolf, Vernon Zimmerman. PC r Page 298 BETA GAMMA SIGMA HONORARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FRATERNITY ALPHA CHAPTER OF NORTH CAROLINA OFFICERS J. C. D. BLAINE Honorary President ARCHIBALD TAYLOR FORT President K. R. DAVIS Secretary EUGENE OBERDORFER, 11 Treasurer FACULTY J. C. D. Blaine, Ph.D. D. D. Carroll, A.M. T. H.Carroll, DCS. K. R. Davis, M.B.A. J. E. Dykstra, D.C.S. W.J. Graham, Ph.D. Clarence Heer, Ph.D. R. J. M. Hobbs, A.B., LL.B. C. S. Logsdon, Ph.D. C. H. McGregor, Ph.D. J.T. O ' Neil, Ph.D. E. E. Peacock, M.B.A.,C.P.A. G. T. Schwenning, Ph.D. W. A. Terrill, Ph.D. H. D. Wolf, Ph.D. J. B. Woosley, Ph.D. STUDENTS James A. Alspaugh Thomas A. Alspaugh Wiley Eugene Auman James McCall Baker Fred C. Bollard Bobby G. Byrd Lewis F. Camp, Jr. Glass B. Carrier Irvin M. Cohen Joseph Garner Dail, Jr. James Daye Robert Daye Kenneth F. Easter Thomas E. Ennis David S. Flowers Archibald T. Fort George K. Freeman Goldston F. Harris Raymond H. Holland John R. Hunter William Ralph Jacobs, Jr. Harry Lerner Thomas P. Moore Eugene Oberdorfer, II William F. Redding, III Dale J. Rosenblatt Paul Scagnelli Donald C. Seifert James Frederick Sutton Woodward W.Williams Margaret A. Wilson James W. G. Woolcott Page 299 DELTA SIGMA PI Acher, Fred Alexander, Albert Bi I Goodwin, Morris Hogon. ry Coggins, Robert Doughtridge • Bottom Row; Jerry Former, She Acker, the " Duke of York " . . . Alexander ' s Rag- time Band opens with o hymn . . . Will Draws a few at the " Rats " . . . Al Joe " messes " at Meredith . . . Al opening cons with his Phi Bete key . . . Carswell " working " on the files . . . Hank tries for a hole-in-one . . . Crawford keeps the " parch- ment " . . . Doughtridge plays " crinkle-fender " again . . . Farmer shooting squirrels . . . Terg, the " T-viile terror, " off to H. P. C. . . . Lofton throwing stones . . . " Fly-Boy " Goodwin off to Apex . . . Hauser flies to Durham . . . Hogan, the lost of the mountaineers . . . " Home Sweet Holmes " . . . C. J. on the prowl . . . Zeke hankies our money ... Ed makes no bones obout it . . . " Blue-Eyes " Kirby snows o few . . . Mac goes for " double or nothing " .. . F. C. finds a home . . . Ken, liking " Union County, wine, women, and song " . . . Page doesn ' t give o dime . . . Poindexter loys down a smoke screen . . . Herman, a C. P. A. on the side . . . " H. H. " strikes again . . . " Rich " and Riley mix a few . . . Smaw keeps it under his hot . . . G. I. Joe . . . Kent ' s away to " Wacky College " . . . " Frog " tied the knot and creaked . . . The " Great Mr. B " takes his medicine. Page 300 OFFICERS Sherrill T. Ferguson Headmaster William R. Acker Chancellor C. Lofton Fouts Senior Warden Harold B. Rhodes Junior Warden Henry I. Coggins Scribe Loyd H. Johnson Treasurer Francis K. Trogden Historian FACULTY MEMBERS C. H. McGregor M. S. Heath G. L. Schwenning Clarence Heer JohnT. O ' Neil C. S. Logsdon H.D. Wolf J. D. Woosley G. A. Barrett T. H. Carroll D. D. Carroll J. C. D. Blaine R. P. Colhoon Top Row, leH to right: C. J. Hyatt, Loyd Johnson, Robert McAdoms, Kenneth Neese, Willi Rhodes, Richord Sheets, O. Meredith Smaw, Joe Southerlond, Francis Tordgen. Poindexter • Bottom Row: Herman Preston, Harold Page 30 BPPUUTJ QM UVMXJVIY TRML VREU AFHTY NVMNLKA TQBFNGV HBQ NVJR TYQZS SOLT FCH MLUA SIEI KVGW VALMAR LXil. RULERS 673 BENSON REID WILCO X .... 675 RICHARD BROOKE LAWSON, JR. 670 ROBERT STANFORD WEBB, JR. 677 JAMES H. M. THORP . . . . . K. D. S. . W. S. S. K. M. K. 680 ROBERT ARTHUR SPAUGH . N. G. P. SUBJECTS 174 Archibald Henderson 201 Dr. Thomas Ruffin 241 Joseph G. deR. Hamilton 255 Frank Porter Graham 315 Robert Wettach 319 William W.Pierson 331 Thomas Felix Hickerson 343 Dudley DewiH Carroll 349 William Donold Carmichael 373 Allen Wilson Hobbs 385 Robert Edwin Koker 405 Charles S. Mongum, Jr. 417 George Coffin Taylor 439 J. Penrose Horland 442 Robert Burton House 444 Gordon Gray 490 Fletcher Melvin Green 492 Charles Milton Shaffer 546 Horry Russell 634 Lyman A. Cotton 650 Roy Walter Holsten 662 Sydenham B. Alexander 663 Frank W. Klingberg 664 Henry W.Lewis 665 Robert B. Lindsey 668 Rodney L. McKnight 670 Robert S. Webb, Jr. 671 Charles L. Haywood 673 Benson R. Wilcox 675 Richard Brooke Lawson, Jr. 677 James H. M. Thorp 678 Herbert R. Boer 679 George D. Penick 680 Robert Arthur Spough 681 William Haywood Ruffin 682 Rowland Burnston, Jr. 683 Henry Van Peters Wilson 684 James Gilmore Fletcher Whitton 685 Charles McKimmon Winston 686 John Alexander McMillan, III 687 William Carter Wallace 688 Richard Cortwright Carmichael, Jr. 689 Edward Bailey Gross OInrgon B Mmh Unig LEWIS A. BROWN Princeps WILLIAM H. WILLIAMSON, III Quaestor Nicholson B. Adorns Walter R. Berryhill James B. Bullitt : Keener C. Fraz p- Louis Graves % Edward McG. Hedgpeth Urban T. Holmes | W. Dougoid MacMillan 1; Roland P. McClamrock John T. O ' Neil illiam S. Evans Jacob H. Froelick, Jr. RoBert L. Gibbon John M. McCollom W ' illiam S. Patterson Bqrksdale F. Roberts enneth R. Smith alma W. Uzzel, Jr. Van L. Weatherspoon William H. Williamson, III gvton B. Barktey, Jr. Samuel L. BIythe Jack E. Brinson Z. Creighton Brinson Lewis A. Brown Lawrence E. Eorley Page 303 KAPPA PSI OFFICERS W. Stephen Perrow Regent Rowe B. Campbell Vice-Regent Eugene W. Hackney Secretary J. Frank Ferguson Treasurer J. Graham White Historian Lewis M. Ferguson Chaplain Joseph F. Bland Pledgemaster Fred Semeniuk Grand Council Deputy HISTORY Founded at Medical College of Virginia in 1 879 Colors: Scarlet and Cadet Grey Flower: Red Carnation Publication: The Mask Established at UNC in 1915 HP First Row, left to right: Leon Dole Adorns, Ralph Hilliard Ashworth, Joseph Furmon Blond, Chorles Donald Blonton, Edward Luther Brodshow. Second Rov Rowe Bogle homos Reeves Burgiss, npbell, Thomas Eugene ronklin Ferguson, Lewis Third Row: Clarence Grohom Fisher, Calvin Moore Floyd, Jerry Thomos Goy- lord, Eugene W. Hackney, John Clegg Herrin. Fourth Row: David Thomas Hix, Edward Jenkins, Walter Ingram Jenkins, Delton Grohom King, Thomos Francis Kostic. Fifth Row: John William McGinnis, Alfred H. Mebone, John Edword Mills, Benjamin K. Mobley, Billy Roger Murroy. Sixth Row; Motherly C. Roderick, Waller Stephen Perrow, Donold Joyner Roper, Jerry Delano Rhoodes, James C. Robin- Seventh Row: Walter K. Saunders, Willis Breedlove Show, Roy C. Shepherd, W. Dorle Shouse, Ralph Wright Smith. Eighth Row: Robert Gorlond Smith, Wil- liam H. Stonton, Horry Wilson Timber- lake, Emory Milner Wotson, Joseph Graham White. Page 304 KAPPA PSI Another year finds us hard at work at 1 1 7 West Rosemary . . . Wop, Fish, and Doc making frequent trips to the Rat cellar . . . Campbell and King spend- ing their nights (until 11) parked near Alderman . . Sweat, Rosie . . . Baldhead, Hackney, and Roderick thinking about marriage . . . Whup and Tiger giving Chapel Hill girls a rush . . Bud and his nursing troubles . . . Perrow and his heart break- ing . . . Fergie and his short sheeting episodes . . . Blonton adopting a Chinese name (Hoy) . . . Rhoades and his calls from Canada . . . Bennie Boy, Frank, and Chief in the solitude of the Pent- house ... Ed Jenkins and his M. Y. F. Suppers . Goylord and his continuation of studious habits . Mebane and his sarcasm . . . Watts ' lovable love life . . , Burge and his trips to Greensboro . . , Adams and McGinnis with serious outlook on life . . Frostick with his doily study habits . . . Ash- worth and Daphne . . . Dowely turns hermit City-boy Floyd and his floating pin , . . Herrin in his " Campaign for Eisenhower " ... I. Jenkins and his trip to the State Fair . . Kostic, Murray, Stan- ton, and Timberloke and their happy marriages Shouse and his excellent overage . . . Roper " main- taining " . . . Needhom in his initiation experiences . . . Big Wop in o hustle . . . Wormy always " Right Timing " . . . Mix and his faithful " What " . . . Till next year — S. L. M. A. First Row, left to i Woyne Polk Jim Anderson Phil Thomos Hugh Fornsworth Doc Perkins Second Row: Steve Roberts Russell Mitchell Charles Aycock Wiley Harreil Third Row: John Mills Hoy Moose Jim Knight Page 305 KAPPA EPSILON Top Row, left to right: Grey Bullock, Vee Fisher, Fredo Hobowsky, Don Hedrick Keply • Bottort Joyce Nelson, Nancy Somuels, Patsy Upchurch. OFFICERS Patsy Upchurch President Grey Bullock Vice-President Don Hedrick Kepley Secretary-Treasurer Freda Hobowsky - Historian Barbara Dillard Pledge Mistress HISTORY Founded Nationally: May 1 3, 1921 at the State University of Iowa. Lambda Chapter founded at the University of North Carolina, Jan. 21, 1941 . Colors: Red and White Flower: Red Rose Publication: " The Bond " Object and Purpose: To stimulate in its members a desire for high scholar- ship; to foster a professional consciousness and to provide a bond of lasting loyalty, interest and friendship. Page 306 ORDER OF THE MINATAURS OFFICERS KENNETH R. SMITH President WILLIAM S. EVANS Vice-President J. ALEX McMILLARE, III . . Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS A. Chase Ambler Newton B. Barkley Bill E. Barnes, Jr. Edgar Betty Ladson Boyle Jack Brinson Z. Creighton Brinson Hugh Chapman Bill G. Clark Francis Clarkson, Jr. Tom C. Creasy, III Marsden De Rossett Mark Dickerson Jacob Froelich, Jr. Robert L Gibbon, II Richard E. Guthrie, Jr. Ned H. Hardison Hugh C. Haynsworth, II Charles L. Haywood, III Charles B. C. Holt Frank L. Hood, III James F. Hurley, III John Huske, Jr. Fred S. Hutchins, Jr. Bill Landers Jim C. MacRae John M. McCollam Dan Perry Biff Roberts Julian Robertson Charles P. Scott James Thorp Roberts. Webb, Jr. James G. F. Whitton Benson R. Wilcox A. Rex Willis Charles M. Winston James H. Winston Page 2C7 THE ORDER OF THE SHEIKS Cart Carmichael S. Earl Johnson V. S. Wood Smethurst 1 K. MEMBERS Don Carroll Jim Craig Roger Kingsbury Mike Seawell Jim Webb Stonley Sturm Sam BIythe Dan Carmichael Bill Hill Bill Patterson Dick Pillsbury Jim Schenck Al Shortt HughShull Henry Wilson Bill Procter Randy Watson Bill Howell Pete Harris Charlie Aldridge Curtis Harper Luther Hortsell Pat Samonds Don Allison Steve Trimble Jim Adams Gene Lyon Jim Vance Webb Sherrill Tom Ruffin Ed Crawford Bill Huff Tom Pace Al Simpson Earl Johnson Charlie Watkins Jim Glover George Smith Bill Browner Walton Joyner Bob Trundle Page 308 PHI ALPHA DELTA Phi Alpha Delta is a notional secret Greek law fraternity founded in 1898 at the University of Chicago School of Law. Ruffin Chapter of the Uni- versity of North Carolina was established in April 1921. The purpose of the fraternity is to improve professional standards through association of stu- dents with the bar and to provide a practical sup- plement to legal education. Each year the Chapter conducts a mock trial, presided over by a member of the state bench, to allow students to put brief making and trial pro- cedure into practical application. Regular business meetings are held every two weeks in addition to frequent banquets at which eminent speakers from the bench and bar are presented. A leading text- book service set up by the combined social-profes- sional program is carried out with the intentions of forming a strong bond between members of the classes in Law School; the forming of a relationship between members of Law School and former stu- dents; and cultivation of principles of legal justice through bonds of friendship. OFFICERS Harry E. Faggart, Jr. Justice Lewis W. Evans Vice Justice Roger B. Hendrix Clerk John B. Golding Treasurer M. T. Van Hecke Faculty Advisor First Row, left to rinlit: James Anderson, Bruce Brown, Willis Brown, John Cotes, Roy Cooper, Michael DeMato, Willian • Second Row; John Golding, George Gordon, Allen Harrell, Edwin Hatch, Roger Hendrix, Robert Hight, Lloyd Hinton, Jan ' ' ' ' s, Clarence Joyce, Hurshell Keener, Roy McKnight, William Mayo, George Miller, Wade Mitche Elton Pridgen, A. Tun Dawkins, Harry Faggart ■s Hollowell • Third Row: 1 • Fourth Row: Horace Smith, Harold Spa If, Samuel Tote, Co Page 309 PHI DELTA CHI Phi Delta Chi is a professional pharmaceutical fra- ternity founded to promote and advance the science of pharmacy by striving to instill in its members the highest ideals and principals worthy of an old and honored profession. This, the Alpha Gamma Chapter, was established at the University of North Carolina on May 30, 1922. Since then it has been an active organization in the School of Pharmacy. PHI DELTA CHI PLEDGE CLASS Front Row, left to right: Art Schlogel, Bill Dowkins, Raymond Ammons, Bill McDonald • Bock Row: Steve Morris, Bill Price, Larry Winley, E. H. Williford, Roy Coppedge, Robert Seobock. OFFICERS Donald H. Bissett President John Kluttz Vice-President W. H. Patton Secretary Herman Barbrey Treasurer James Patton Pledgemaster Evan Setzer Worthy Prelate John Wagner Inner Guard First Row, left to right: Roy Boin, Herman Barkrey, Thomas Bostian, Charles Campbell • Second Row: Henry Dunlop, James Freeman, George Harris, Julius Howard • Third Row: Charles Josey, Carl Kirby, Vance McGugan, James Miller • Fourth Row: James Potton, William Patton, Evan Setzer, John Wogner, M. Thomas Wagner. Page 310 iEta Although founded in 1952, Eta Delta has already attained a place of prom- inence and prestige among the Hon- oraries at the University of North Carolina. The Society was conceived in recognition of those individuals dedicated to yearly, recurrent pro- mulgation. BMa The Moving Finger Writes: and having writ, Moves on: Nor all your Piety Nor wit Shall Lure it Bock to Cancel Half a line, Nor all your tears Wosh out a Word of it. Omar Khayyam Guiding Star ._„ Hugh Gale 100 Routine Router . Russ Cowell 101 Conduci-or Bob Colbert 1 12 One of Intrigue Classifier of Dons Notoriety Drummer _... Daguerreotype Arranger . Keen Oliver 109 Mary Lilla Browne 123 Duke Widoff 121 Warren Reibel 1 19 Scribe Mary Alice Ballew 120 Brotherhood Scribe Gene Hafer 128 Sisterhood Scribe Jody Levey 127 Athletic Hack Tommy McDonald 125 Lee Paul 107, Jock Markham Wright 142, Bill Neely 144. 106, Skiagraphers Bill Tolbert 104, Ruff in Woody 157, Margaret Fisler 143, Cornel Harriett Elioson 141 Sandy Klostermyer 1 38 Gloria Huss 1 1 4 Virginia Edwards 1 13 Helen Saunders 1 40 Eunice Saunders 1 39 Billy Barns 160 Janyce Winders 1 61 Brownie Menius 1 72 Sara Rose 1 74 Lane Buddy 155 Nancy Shaw 1 56 Alice Jane Hinds 1 15 Amanuenses Connie Shanklin 163 Margarit Johnston 176 Eugenia McCray 1 59 Elinor Wrenn 1 1 6 Beeps Buchanan 1 62 Anno Redding 1 57 Mary Dorsett 1 58 Ann Penton 175 Dean MacCoy 1 5 1 Alice Chapman 173 Connie Major 1 65 Mack Haywood 166 Ann Underwood 1 52 " Mack " Long 148 Teancy Matthews 1 49 Joyce Doughty 1 1 7 Pat Todd 1 1 8 Nancy Burcham 169 Susan Fink 150 Ann Fitzgerald 154 Claire Boone 168 Nancy Show 1 70 Phillis Forest 167 Joy Whisonont 171 Chovine Gordon 1 53 Daisy Wade 133 Stan Smith 136 Drawers Ann McCullock 134 Sally Guerry 1 35 Dot Smith 132 Ornamentation Selectors Jack Smithwick 1 10 Lib Moore 1 1 1 Laurels Compositor Donna Blair 108 Jean Gould 1 26 Lucubration Manager Hartwell Conklin 102 Jet McFarlond 124 Kitty Lee 1 77 Martha Neal Honeycutt 146 Helen Faust 122 Gene Lowden 147 Ellen Wood 131 Specie Classfiers Helen Gustofson 1 03 Morgarite Grady 130 Sara Jane Capps 1 05 Mary Mitchell 104 Ann Sory 1 29 Mary Jane Bumpous 145 Page 311 PHI ETA SIGMA OFFICERS Edwin Osborne Ayscue, Jr. President Herbert Howard Browne, Jr. Treasurer Gam Fat Jung Vice-President Lyndon Ulysses Anthony Historian Frederick Delmcr Hamrick, III Secretary Dean Ernest L. Mackie Faculty Advisor Phi Eta Sigma is a freshman honorary scholastic fraternity, its purpose being to encourage sound scholar- ship from the beginning of the student ' s college career. It was founded at the University of Illinois on March 22, 1923. The University of North Carolina chapter was established on May 29, 1947. Honorary Members: Deans Cordon P. Spruill, M. A. Hill, Jr., Cecil Johnson, and Ernest L. Mackie. Roger William Ackerman L ndon Ulysses Anthony Edwin Osborne Ayscue, Jr. Joseph Edmonds Bofford Harold John Bradley, Jr. Herbert Howard Browne, Jr. Robert Dolton Byerly, Jr. Lynn Page Chandler Edward Kochtitzky Crawford Charles Christopher Crittenden, John McNeely DuBose Jack Edwards Charles Arthur Ellenwood Samuel Thomas Emory, Jr. Samuel Bryce Gibson Donald Thomas Gladstone John Minor Gwynn, Jr. Frederick Delmor Hamrick, III Charles Curtis Hayes Robert Winship Heoth Members Initioted February 25, 1952 Claiborne Thomas Hill Charles Weston Houck Anthony John Houghton William Ralph Jacobs, Jr. Edward Stokes Johnson Walton Kitchin Joyner Gam Fat Jung Albert Vincent Keyes Charles Bishop Kuralt James Hugh Lehmann Paul Ross Likins Thomas Hill Long James Bailey Lovelace, Jr. Carl Francis Lowthorp Arthur Allen Madden Lynn Senter Mann Vernon Wendell McFalls George Holliday McLeod Ancel Clyde Newborn Alvin Wilkins Neely, Jr. Diniel Duncan Olsen E. J. Padgett Dulon Devon Pollard Kenneth Melvin Pruirt Robert Stanford Pul!m;n Alfred Luther Purring. on, 111 Walter Herbert Reichelt Hal Judd Rollins, Jr. David Allen Singer Pete Franklin Smi;hrrm.-.n Wolter Richard Soo David Spurgeon Sumner Charles Hitchcock Townscnd John Calvin Vernon, Jr. Ray Williams Vinson Charles Dixon Wallace Charles Moynord Waters, Jr. Carl Ray Webb, Jr. Robert Alan West Charles Parker Wolf Page 312 RHO CHI SOCIETY OFFICERS Junious Franklin Ferguson, Jr. President Charles Donald Blanton Vice-President Patsy Ruth Upchurch Secretory-Treasurer HISTORY The Rho Chi Pharmaceutical Honor Society was founded at the University of Michigan in 1 908. The Xi Chapter of the University of North Carolina was established in 1929. The object of the Society is two-fold: to promote the advancement of the pharmaceutical sciences and to promote good fellowship among undergrad- uates and faculty members, bringing them together in fraternal and helpful comradeship. Rho Chi represents a minimum of 112 quarter hours of work in which an average of 92.5 or better has been maintained. Membership is the most coveted award of a pharmacy student. i Ferguson, President; Charles Blanton, Vice-President; Patsy Upchurch, Secretary-Tr( Moore, Waller Perrow, Edward Smith, William Wells, Kenneth Wiggins. Campbell, Jerry Page 313 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA First Row: Nancy Ader, Pat Bohenkamp, Ann Fleming, Margaret Gutierrez, Kotherine Jente • Second Ro« Carol Kelly, Noro Lackey, Nancy Ripple, Martha Snow, Sue Wilkins. The Iota Tau chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, notional music fraternity for women, was established at the University of North Carolina in April, 1946. Since that date the chapter has endeavored to further interest in music at the University through various musical programs and activities. This year the chapter entertained rushees in the Rendezvous Room and the Chapter Room. This was followed by the traditional pledge ceremony and a recital by the pledges Sigma Alpha iota annually presents a Program of American Music in collaboration with Phi Mu Alpha in Hill Hall during Spring quarter. Iota Tau was proud to have as its guests for a dinner party the Sigma Alpha Iota Chapter at Meredith College in Raleigh. The participating pa- tronesses for Iota Tau Chapter are: Mrs. Earl Slo- cum, Mrs. Loren T. McKinney, and Mrs. R. H Wettach. Page 314 w 13 CLUB ROSTER 1952-53 JIM FERREE President JONES YORK Vice-President JOE NELSON Secreta ry-Treasu rer John Aman Jim Bertron Kent Bradley Chip Bryant Jack Borden Bob Bundy Dave Clinard Bill Covington Jim Crouch Frank Daniels Ray Deal Roddy Dowd Woody Fearing George Ferguson Jim Ferree Ed Gauss MEMBERSHIP Britt Glenn John Gold Hedi Gray Gene Hafer Ed Haines Garland Homes Weston Houck Walter House Bill Jenkins Frank Leak Osborne Lee Sam McNinch WaltMcFall Roy Morris Bill Morris George Mountcastle Joe Nelson Pete Parker Nick Peck Horace Robinson Skippy Roddey John Sealy Doug Soo Swain Stevenson Tommy Stokes Jack Stoughton Ted Taws Pat Thomas Dick Thompson Tommy Rogers John Wettach Bill Williamson Jones York Page 315 )t f)ilosop})ical ocietp of 1799 UGLI EST Biff Roberts UGLIER Tom Coghill UGLY Brother Crawford MEMBERS John Baldridge Sam BIythe Lew Brown Brad Cantwell Cart Carmichael Don Carmichael Putt Davis Neely Dixon Billy Evans George Garey Britt Blenn Frank Hood Earl Johnson Brooke Lawson Frank McClenogan John McCollam Swain Stephenson Jack Stoughton Dan Uzzle Charlie Watkins Bob Webb Jones Yorke Page 316 LAESTRYGONIOAN CHOWDER AND MARCHING SOCIETY OFFICERS William Y. Tighe P. E. William C. Watt P. P. Thomas H. Lloyd, Jr ____ C. I. R. MEMBERS David M. Clinard Frances M. Payne David B. Cole Wanda Lou Philpott T. Eugene Cook Joseph T. M. Steck, Jr. Joyce Doughty Campbell L. Stubbs Robert B. Jackson William Cornell Watt Thomas H. Lloyd, Jr. History: Universitas Corolinisis Septantrionalis foundatun Anno Domine MCMII, October 10. AMPHOTEROTHEN SOCIETY Kenneth Houston Barton Charles Frederick Williams Coker Thomas Eugene Cook Barret Franklin Kalb Gilbert Ernest Marsh, Jr. Wade Hampton B. Matthews Kenneth Morton Myers Kenneth Lowing Penegar Daniel Elijah Perry Edward Marvin Smith Robert Gerald Smith Thomas Alfred Sully, Jr. Willard Irving Walker Dean Ernest L. Mackie Page 317 0t itv of tJje oltien Jlcar Louis Wolfsheimer Bartender Robert Johnson Vice-Bortender Arthur W. Einstein Label Forger Lawrence Cooney Keeper of the Cellar Keys Wanda Philpott •_ Barmaid BEAR POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE C. Allen Poppleton President Norm Cordon Dean of Women Phil Pott Director of Athletics Burt House President of Alumni Association Rollo Taylor __. Keeper of the Ivy Emeritus Stan Smith Guardian of the Elfin Dancers EMINEh T BEA RS 63 David Collins Huntly 98 C. Allen Poppleton 70 Joseph Allen Arnold 99 Barry Forber 74 Norm Cordon 101 Arthur William Einstein Jr 84 Samuel Lewis Booke, Jr. 103 Rollo Taylor 88 Gerald Wilson Cooke 104 Stanley Smith 89 Herbert S. Pendergraft, Jr. 105 Robert Upton 92 Joseph Higgens Nelson 106 Seymour Bates 94 Bruce Allan Bauer 107 Wanda Lou Philpott 96 Louis Marcus Wolfsheimer 108 Charles Blanton 97 Bradford Choppin Cantweil 109 110 Lawrence Cooney Laurence Stith Page 3 8 Began the successful year of 1 952-53 Entertaining rushees at parties and tea Traditional pledging by Gertie and group And barely existing on crackers and soup Unforgettable Friday meetings of the B-Squares Poo-Poo, the Whirl, Joanne, Judy, Sandy and Laura were always there; Increasing their capacity for ??!! Local girls make good — Julia and Marilyn On legislature, and Sue leading cheers. Nuptials in store for Stack, Jockie and Nell Boone. Official president of Pan-Hel was Peggie Five minute rests a necessity for Maggie Ann was the planner of our social whirls Liz and Virginia were our Spencer girls Pat was prexy of the women ' s glee club Harriett visited Dook most every Saturday And Betsy was elected V AA chief last May. Dating at State were Joan and Jake Every day Julia went to the movies Looking for fun were Helen and Flossie Tapped was Rosy by the Valkyries And athletics were managed by Nancy. Parties, picnics, gab sessions and some studyin ' Intermingled for the wearers of the diamond pin. Ul o o ALPHA DELTA PI PLEDGES First Row, left to right: Lynda Vestal, Carolyn Hertford, Dot Debnam, Jett McFarland, Ann Jocobs, Nell Boone Crofton, Alice Chapman • Second Row: Kitty Lee, Ma ry Bascom Cook, Pot Seowell, Tish House, Mory Russell, Pot Bohnenkomp, Betty Martin, Phyllis Forrest • Third Row: Mary Amnions, Billle Daniel, Betty Lou Wannomoker, Martho Reeves, Ann Folger, Dionna Pierce, Thelmo Souder, Jean Rotliff, Caroline Traynhom. Page 321 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Crash went the ceiling, up went a new one complete with a fresh coot of paint — and we were off with a bang for a successful rush reason. Twenty-five pledges later, the real year started with coffees, parties, Saturday brunches and after-dinner bridge games. The year was a busy one for Alpha Gams with Manya presiding at Smith and Newman Club . . . Shirley doing a million things at once, legislature, Women ' s Residence Council, Spanish Club, Bi- partisan board . . . Jody and her second home at The Daily Tar Heel office . . . Lyn and her second home in Swain Hall . . . Ellen managing athletics. Remember . . . Roz and her roses, Claire and her horse . . . Bev waiting for Sonny, Felton waiting for Carol . . . Dot and her Sunday afternoon movies . . . Norma refusing to stand up for " Dixie " . . . Anne behind the footlights . . . Jo ' s pleading at the first of the month . . . Pat starry-eyed . . . Perky electioneering . . . Dee as a wonderful rush chair- man . . . Jeannette writing letters — and more let- ters . . . Joan ' s " anyone for bridge " . . . Jean and the Pall Malls . . . All this and much more went into the year to moke the " best of all " for the girls who wear the Pearl Pin. Page 322 OFFICERS Dorothy Beals President Jody Levey Vice-President Rosalyn Brown Secretary Joanne Lewis Treasurer Shirley Gee House Manager HISTORY Founded Nationally: May 30, 1904 at Syracuse University, Syracuse University, N. C. Gamma Epsilon Chapter founded at the University of North Carolina in 1945. Colors: Red, Buff and Green. Flower: Red and Buff Roses. Publication: Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly. CO Top Row, left to right: Mary Anno Glod, Pot Jones, Jody Levey, Joonne Lewis, Beverly Lively • Bottom Row: Marilyn McKee, Anne Miller, Jeon Poland, Perky Putzki, Claire Reid. o o CO ALPHA GAMMA DELTA PLEDGES First Row, left to right: Mary Lu Mercer, Mary Bryan, Pot Holmes, Anne Fleming, Martha Neal Honeycutt, Kathy Dover, Barbara Mumow, Noncy Home • Second Row: Anne Huie, Anne Stewart, Pat Noah, Emilie Patton, Jo Ann Jones • Third Row: Joanne Jackson, Nancy Perryman, Anne Turlington, Connie Williford, Harriet Moynord, Jeanne Bunch, Martha Bridger, Ann Underwood, Bernice Hileman. Page 323 Top Row, left to right: Jayne Adams, Betty Ahem, Mary Boylor, Anna Beeson • Bottom Row: Saralyn Bonowitz, Marguerite Grady, Susan Hemstreet, Margaret Johnston. CHI OMEGA OFFICERS Jayne Adams President Evelyn Oettinger Vice-President Saralyn Bonowitz Secretary Susan Hemstreet Treasurer Margaret Johnston House Manager HISTORY Founded Nationally: University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 5, 1 895. Founded Locally: University of North Carolina, January 20, 1923. Colors: Cardinal and Straw. Flower: White Carnation. Publication: " The Eleusis " of Chi Omega. Page 324 Top Row, left to right: Mary Elizobeth Lindemon, Ann Mackie, Lino McCorroll, Eugenia McCrov, Mortho McGuirk, Louise Milli- ken, Corolyn Murray, Carmen Oostler • Bottom Row: Wanda Philpott, Peggy Sears, Betty Lou Selig, Pot Smith, Anne Sory, Ann Trobue, Midge Word, Virginia Wilson, Kay Youngs. CO Chi Omega, aftsr eight years of country living, gave up commuting for the perils of the city, plus the ATOs. Moving, rushing, " Divine " pledges, parties, plumbing . . . survived it all with the help of Mrs. Neal. A houseful . . . Peggy — Raleigh, Regnald and Rush . . . Eugenia, the Powers model . . . Betty Lou and her " be out in a minute " . . . Lina to Charlottes- ville and " Happy " . . . Telephone belle Bonnie . . Frankie and " tennis anyone? ' " . . . Sally Bet — " you all, we ' re having a party " . . . politicking Wanda . . . Anne and her " EVERYONE was there ' " . . . Marguerite, the " Divine " . . . Lindie ' s " gotten the axe " . . . Ginny and " Old Miss is going to the Sugar Bowl " . . . the two men in Susan ' s life . . . Mr. Kerr and Howard . . . Ott and her " we need workers " . . . Louise — messy Milikin . . . Isabel ' s " Lawdie Miss Cloudie " . . . Carmen and her " engaged girls shouldn ' t have to go! " . . . Buttercup and " Glow Little Glo-worm " . . . Anne M ' s " we ' d appreciate your votes " . . . Pat saying " math ' s a crip " . . . Carolyn ' s " fourth for bridge " . . . Grace and that canal in Spray . . . Bev B. and vim-wit . . . Gay Youngs and " the ring ' s the thing " . . . the ever- smilin ' Kit . . . And its time for the girls from the X and Horse- shoe to call it a year — the best year ever. o o CO CHI OMEGA PLEDGES First Row, left to right: Peggy Barton, Shep Rustin, Jonie Core Law • Second Row: Jo Yokeley, Janet Cozort, Betty Boucom, I Paul • Third Row: Betty Burch, Joanne Murphy, Mary Dorset, Row: Lois Perry, Anne Penton, Laura Hayes, Alice Hicks, Morga Harriet Troynhom, Judy Londouer, Sondro Wright, Julia Kester. fy, Nancy Uzzel ' Aary Ida Brown Anna Redding, ret Cheatham, lie, Ann Patterson, Dottie t, Peggy Trotter, Mary Jo Tollie Randolph • Fourth Sdornie Polk • Fifth Row: Page 325 DELTA DELTA DELTA Things have been popping at the Tri U House(s) all year . . . greatest thing since Ford, our pledge class of 35 winners, kept things alive. More addi- tions to the sardine con household: " Bubbles " with her breakfast talks and PiKa pin. Brad — the globe trotter extrodinaire, and Mary Mar with the " rock. " Surprises from old timers: Solly and the Christmas wedding . . . never a dull moment with the " pin ups " Luke, Ross, and Umpie . . . " Teancy " and Grace forgot their singing careers and went Valky- rie .. . Rowdy was taken in hand at lost as were " Pepper, " Umpie, Dot, and Solly for singing at all hours . . . Cooley come and went with the " three year plan " while Burress contemplated same. Snerd was the balancing influence when Gribbo and " the travellers " got the itch . . . Mac present but al- ways late . . . Street, the politician, laughed ' em up and Jackie splashed point while M. E. campaigned for IKE and Joan was still confused. Homecoming Display, " Lick Duke " float, Valkyrie Sing . . . won, lost a few but survived them all . . . Walt and Abbey with good shoulders to cry on when Mom Carter wasn ' t around . . . Pledge Donee week-end, " sour hours, " and beach parties were fabulous but Mon- days were ghasty . . . The new house on Pittsboro St. finallv finished — the celebration that followed equalled Bastile Day and July 4th combined. Seniors faded; new faces took over with " gung-ho " spirit and great confidence for another successful year with the Deltas three. Top Row, left to right: Joon Addington, Jockie Anderson, Sue Burress, Lii Cooley, Grace Door • Bottom Row: Pot Gribben, Mary Jane Hutchens, Luke Hill, Mary Ellen Jones, Pepper Stetson. Page 326 OFFICERS Elizabeth Stetson President Margaret Matthews Vice-President Jane Ann Sneed Secretary Mary Ellen Jones Treasurer Dot Smith _ - House Manager HISTORY Founded Nationally: January 1 5, 1 889 at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts. Alpha Sigma Chapter founded at the University of North Carolina on April 9, 1 943. Colors: Silver, Gold, and Blue. Flower: Pansy. Publication: The Trident LO DELTA DELTA DELTA PLEDGES First Row, left to right: Anne Bell, Judy King, Claire Boone, Fron Allsbrook, Geff Johnson, Jone Holleman, Margaret Entzminger, Elinor Wrenn, Jan Wrnders, Snookie Stone, Peggy Murchison, Booty Boatwright • Second Row: Mary Helen Grain, Ann Hartzog, Betty Sue McDonold, Beeps Buchanan, Jess Gant, Sally Gallant, Sandy Donaldson, Janet Harris, Helen Sanders, Gerry Norris, Jane Kennedy • Third Row: Mase Chapin, Di Bourne, Page Moore, Louise Somerville, Kit Wallace, Sora Bostick, Mary Kit Myers, Nancy Murray, Lois Collins, Virginia Whiteman, Jean Williamson, Barbara Taylor. Top Row, left to right: Ann McClamrock, Teoncy Matthews, Dot Smith, Jane Ann Sneed, Mary Kellom • Bottom Row: Ann Street, Solly Lee Schindel, Sally Trowbridge, Ross Young. o o Page 327 Top Row, left to right: Helen Beord, Margaret Ann Brock, Alice Jane Hinds, Mary Gr McColl • Bottom Row: Mary Schoetfer, Edith C. Shanklin, Pat Todd. KAPPA DELTA OFFICERS Connie Shanklin President Mary Schaeffer Vice-President Mary Grace Houser Treasurer Margaret Ann Brock Rush Chairman Fran McColl House Manager HISTORY Founded Nationally; September 23, 1 897 at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia. Beta Chi Chapter founded at the University of North Carolina May 12, 1951. Colors: Green and White. Flower: White Rose. Publication: The Angelos. Page 328 to September of 1952 ushered forth another eventful year for Beta Chi Chapter of Kappa Delta. Sister Jackie was here early as a student advisor to welcome the new students. The rest of us were here also, but we were lost in the maze of paint cons, scrub brushes, etc. Before we knew it Orientation was over, and rushing had begun. We had an exceptionally good year as Connie took over as President. Our wonder- ful Pledge class and our two transfers, Lou Ann and Betsy, also added much to make this a good year. Various activities kept all of us busy throughout the year. Mary Grace and Ruth delved into the deeper realms of knowledge to help us maintain the Scholarship Cup. Sister Pat represented us at one of the U. N. con- ferences. Margaret Ann represented us on the " Y " as the capable Chairman of the Social Service Com- mittee. Fran, A. J., and Pat added their melodious voices to the Girls ' Glee Club. Splash Club received a rather dampish support of Louise. Daisy also lent her artistic ability to the Yack as art editor. A. J. received the latest information on the campus by working on the Yack and Daily Tar Heel. Edna contributed her humor to the Tarnation. O O KAPPA DELTA PLEDGES First Row, left to right: Betsy Clork, Lib Suddretli, Ann Guiton, Kotherine Nullen, Connie Major, Katherii Morlts, Alice Jones, Hilda Simpson, Eleanor Taylor, Peggy Pierpont • Second Row: Peg Hall, B. G. William Corolyn Little, Mary Jo Rader, Janet Cromwell, Joan Russell, Edith Rogers, Midge Harrison. Page 329 PI BETA PHI With a big returning chapter, wonderful pledge class, and more of those transfers, the year promis- ed great things at the Pi Phi house. Carman, Women ' s Honor Council Chairman, Sigma Chi Sweetheart, and Homecoming Queen combined; " Tish, " majorette and Mclver President, Ginny Hall shining as head of Women ' s Residence Council, Kitty B. on Honor Council; Dee Breslow, legislator, general, and K. A. Rose all in one; Bish, our president, Y wheel, and PiKa ' s Dream Girl. But the fun wasn ' t all in the honor winning. There were Jenny and Blocker, always with the songs . . . then " We ' ll Remember Membery-0 " . . . Susie, Alice, and Kirby with their private phone numbers . . . B. Rose and Mer " growing grey " . . . the diamond ring gong — Helen, Joyce, Bish, and Alice . . . " Useless " and Tom, the midnight prank- sters . . . Gayle and " The Bug " . . . Dix running up that phone bill . . . Mack-face and Cho, the insepa- rables . . . Osborne and new found wardrobe . . Paula, a dream in knee-length orgyles . . . Dee, Stephens through and through . . . Patsy Jones studying this year . . . " Whose house boy got pinned this week, Deenier ' " ... Pi Phi ' s own honor society ,c . W h " with Jean tapping . . . Sally, our gift from Duke . . . Mimi, chapter athlete . . . " When I was at Talla- hassee " . . . the eternal coffees . . Christmas Caroling, The sing, our football gome, and adopted orphan — Finally, " Hail to the Cops and Gowns " and o year we ' ll never forget. First Row, left to right: Ann Bentc Tish Rodman • Second Row: Lone Joanne Mossee • Third Row: Ai Sara Leak, Connie Moore, Joan Gar PLEDGES OF PI BETA PHI 1, Anne Horless, Anne Fitzgerald, Jo Deming, Nancy Dovis, Lynn Daniel, Buckly, B. 0. Anderson, Roselyn Gasque, Jenny Lynn, Barbara Burgess, ne McCullough, Eleanor Saunders, Mary Jane Bumpous, Ellen Prouty, Page 330 OFFICERS Bish Fox President Kitty Barton Vice-President Joyce Dickman Secretary Mary Tom Battle Treasurer Patsy Jones House Manager HISTORY Founded Nationally; April 28, 1 867 at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois. North Carolina Alpha Chapter founded at the University of North Carolina in 1 925. Colors: Wine and Silver Blue. Flower: Wine Carnation. Publication: The Arrow. CO O o First Row, leH to right • Second Row: Noncy Burchom, Jean Gould. Helen Gustafson, Vii Johnsie Long, Merre-Lyn Lynch, J Kotherine Barton, Mary Tom Battle, Joo Cheek, Jenny Clark, Patricia Coley, Jacqu 1 Hall, Mock Haywood, Patricia Jones, Oia Membry, Carmen Nohm, Mary Rogers. Fox • Third Row: line • Fourth Row: Page 33; PANHELLENIC COUNCIL PAN HELL COUNCIL First Row Seated on Floor, left to right: Goyie Ruffin, Treasurer; Connie Shanklin, Bish Fox, Lino McCarroll, Scholarship Chairman; Dorthy Beals, Jackie Krell, Project Chairman • Second Row Seated: Morgoret Ann Brock, Peggy Sears, Grace Door, Vice-President; Peggie Jean Goode, President; Katharine Adams, Adviser; Jayne Adorns, Dolores Funoi • Third Row Stonding: Lillyon Hill, Gertie Nelson, Shirley Whitford, Potricio Jones, Secretary; Jonie Bugg, Corman Nohm, Barbara Reed. The Panhellenic Council is composed of three representatives from each sorority, two from the Stray Greeks, and Mrs. Hoyle Adams, adviser. The purpose of the council is to further relations between the sororities them- selves and the campus. The sororities saw a successful year in pledging 159 girls. Fraternity dances, May Day planning and the Spring Workshop were just a few of the activities highlighting the year. The council mode the annual award of a silver loving cup to the sorority with the highest scholastic average. Barbara Reed President Sally Gyiand - Vice-President Sally Guerry Secretary Linda Shu Its Treasurer Page 332 STRAY GREEKS First Row, left to right: Patsy Barry, Phi Mu; Alto Borger, Alpha Chi Omega; Virginia Breece, Delto Zeta; Jonie Bugg, Kappa Alpha Theta; Flo Carter Phi Mu • Second Row: Jon Corter, Alpha Chi Omega; Cloire Davis, Alpha Chi Omega; Joyce Doughty, Alpho Chi Omega; Claire Frank, Delta Gamma; Solly Guerry, Kappa Koppo Comma • Third Row: Solly Gylond, Phi Mu; Mory Keete, Phi Mu; Jonc Kottmeier, Koppo Alpho Theta; Noro Lackey ' Gomma Phi Beta; Sura Meyer, loto Alpho Pi • Fourth Row: Barbara Reed, Koppo Alpho Theta; Linda Shults, Koppo Alpho Theta; Kotherine Thorpe. Koppo Alpho Theto; Lee Watts. Alpho Chi Omego. -f f v , The Stray Greeks had a busy year with parties, projects and plons for handling the 1953 Panheiienic rush post office. The Stray Greeks is composed of sorority girls whose chapters ore not on campus. Its aim is to pro- vide Q social outlet for its members and to preserve the bonds of unity and sisterhood in sorority life. The group was founded in 1944 under the leadership of Twigg Branch. It has gained more and more recognition on campus since then and its membership now totals twenty-eight. Page 333 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL First Row Seated on Floor, left to right: William Jenkins, Wallace Pridgen, Joe Nelson, Tom Wooten, William Ruffin, Jr., James Gulledge, Fred Mew- hinney, Jule Rousseou, James Finch, Arthur Spaugh, Jerome Motf, Fritz Pelone • Second Row Seated: Tom Bulla, Weston Houck, Cla y Johnson, Bob Neal, John Boushall, Secretary; Borrett Kolb, Vice-President; Joke Froelich, Jr., President; Donald Seifert, Treasurer; Fred Price, Rod Hood, Rowleigh Tremain, Jr., Jim Crouch • Third Row Standing: W. H. Boker, Hugh Carter, Alternate for Don Olsen; Fred Oeaton, Buck Berkley, Tom Torgersen, John Howes, Al Goodmon, Jr., Jack Edwards, Carroll Brady, Henry Isaacson, Bill Temple, Jock Stilwell, Mike Brown, Steve Trimble. The Interfraternity Council, long regarded on this campus as a do-nothing organization, come out of its doldrums with o rush this year. Under the capable leadership of Johnny Robison, the IFC stepped out in the head of the fight to banish hazing from the Carolina campus. This accomplished, the council set out to stop the dis- crimination against coeds in the present visiting agreements The IFC also presented its annual Andrew Ber- shok scholarship, valued at two thousand dollars. The fund is made up of i ndividual contributions from the members of the social fraternities. Also the council branched out into matters that concerned the campus as a whole. Careless stu- dents were abusing their old custom of congregat- ing on the South Building steps between classes to drink coffee by leaving the area littered with spilled Page 334 coffee, discarded cups and candy wrappers and all the other refuse that a large, and transient group can find useful for a time and then discard. With a vigorous publicity campaign, the IFC led other campus organizations in making the student body conscious of the mess they were making. The steps are fairly clean now. The Interfraternity council is composed of three members from each fraternity, the house president, a junior delegate, and an alternate. It has as its purpose to further by unification and high ideals the brotherhood, character, and scholarship neces- sary to any fraternity worthy of the name. JAKE FROELICH President I. F. C. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Left to right; Barry Kalb, Vice-Preside Jake Froelich, President; Don Seifi Treasurer; Bob Gorham, Chairman I Court • Absent: John Boushall, Secre- tary. First Row, left to right: Arthur Spaugh Bill Rutfin, Dan Olsen • Second Row: Phin Norton, Bob Gorham, Chairman, Wood Smethurst, Lew Brown. Page 335 GERMAN CLUB This year the German Club has again brought three big name bonds to the campus. The club is made up of thirteen social fraternities and under the direc- tion of Bryant Hare, President, the 1952-53 dances were termed a big success. The dance series began in October when Charlie Spivak and his orchestra were on the same week- end as the Virginia Gome which was also Home- coming. It was the gayest week-end Carolina has seen in a long time with all events except the foot- ball game living up to everyone ' s expectations. The nation ' s number one band, Ray Anthony, provided the music for the Mid-Winters which was held in February, and gave us the best week-end of the quarter. The Spring Finals in April wound up the Club ' s social activities for the year. The officers for the 1952-53 season were Bryant Hare, Phi Gamma Delta, President; Alex McMillan, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President; Jimmy Sche- nck. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer; and Gordon Taylor, Sigma Nu, Secretary. Other members of the executive bord and representing the thirteen fra- ternities were: Jock Borden, Phi Gamma Delta; Henry Wilson, Delta Kappa Epsilon; Jake Roundtree, Pi Kappa Alpha; John Baldridge, Beta Theta Pi; Roger Kingsbury, Alpha Tou Omega; Pat Sam- monds, Phi Delta Theta; Wallace Pridgen, Sigma Nu; Tommy Ruffin, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Skippy Roddey, Sigma Chi; Eddie Gross, St. Anthony; Bill Yates, Kappa Alpha; and Jones Yorke, Kappa Sigma. Top Row: John G. Borden, Edward B. Gross, Ransom Bryant Hare, III • Second Row: John A. McMillan, Edmond W. Pridgen, Frank C. Roddey • Third Row: Joke H. Roundtree, Jr., Thomas Ruffin, Jr., John P. Somonds • Fourth Row: James Simpson Schenck, III, Swain H. N. Stephenson, Gordon Taylor • Bottom Row: Henry V. P. Wilson, Chorles William Yates, A. Jones Yorke, IV. Page 336 Charlie Spivak accompanied by his orchestra and the " sweetest trumpet in the world " invaded our " quiet " village for a concert and dance to launch the club ' s first event of the season. Even the coeds had late permission and a large crowd was present for both functions. Spivak ' s music seemed to appeal to the audience, and there are few name bands which moke for equal listening and dancing pleas- ure. Notches in Spivak ' s musical belt are 20th Cen- tury Fox ' s " Pin-Up Girl, " and " Follow The Boys " for Universal plus a flock of box office records created at the Paramount and the Statler in New York, the Palladium in Hollywood and other top spots. Charlie ' s music-making is so solidly estab- lished for its individuality that it can be identified whenever and wherever it is played as indubitably Charlie ' s. GERMANS fflLL CHARLIE SPIVAK EILEEN RODGERS JOE TUCKER The sponsors for the dance were Miss Jane Schoolfield of Danville, Virginia with Bryant Hare, Phi Gamma Delta, President of the German Club; Miss Temple St. Clair of Bluefield, West Virginia with Alec McMillan, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice- President of the German Club; Miss Anita Coine of Greensboro, N. C. with Jimmy Schenck, Delta Kap- pa Epsilon, Treasurer of the German Club; Miss Bruce Carr of Rocky Mount, N. C. with Gordon Taylor, Sigma Nu, Secretary of the German Club. Representing the thirteen fraternities in the club were Miss Martha Rose of Goldsboro, N. C, with Jack Borden, Phi Gamma Delta; Miss Nancy Rose of Charlotte, N. C, with Skippy Roddey, Sigma Chi; Miss Claire Chesnut of Jacksonville, Florida with Tommy Ruff in, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Miss Martha Dowdy of Burlington, N. C. with Bill Yates, Kappa Alpha; Miss Susan Ambler of Fort Myers, Florida with Pat Samonds, Phi Delta Theta; Miss Mar- garet Johnston of Charlotte, N. C. with Roger Kingsbury, Alpha Tau Omega; Miss Virginia Brown of Albemarle, N. C. with Jake Roundtree, Pi Kappa Alpha; Miss Martha Gee of Kembridge, Virginia with Wallace Pridgen, Sigma Nu; Miss Christine Jones of Winston-Salem, N. C. with John Boldridge, Beta Theta Pi; Miss Nancy Dawson of Elizabeth City, N. C. with Henry Wilson, Delta Kappa Ep- silon; Miss Sara Rose of Chapel Hill, N. C. with Eddie Gross, Saint Anthony; Miss Kay Boyette of Carthage, N. C. with Swain Stephenson, Zeta Psi; and Miss Jayne Adams of Charlotte, N. C. with Jones Yorke, Kappa Sigma. Page 337 GERMANS -- LUINTffI Miss Temple St. Clair of Bluefield, West Virginio, as she appears in the dance figure with Alec McMillan, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President of the German Club. Miss Bruce Carr of Rocky Mount, N. C, as she appears in the dance figure with Gordon Taylor, Sigma Nu, Secretory of the German Club. The second in the series of dances sponsored by the German Club was highlighted by the reappearance of Ray Anthony who needed no build-up or introduction on the campus. It was the biggest event of the quarter with the nation ' s number one band playing for two formal dances and a Saturday afternoon concert. Anthony, who started out with the late Glenn Miller orchestra, plays in the old Miller style. The versatility of the two band leaders is similar, but Anthony does more solo work than Miller did. A few popular recordings by the Anthony band in the last five years are " Darktown Strutter ' s Ball, " " Way Down Yonder in New Orleans, " " I ' ll See You in My Dreams, " and " When the Saints Go Marching In. " Martha Rose with Ginny Brown with Jayne Adams with Jonc Schoolfield with Christine Jones w Jack Borden Joke Roundtree A. Jones Yorke, IV R. Bryant Hare John Boldridge Phi Gamma Delta Pi Koppa Alpha Kappa Sigma Phi Gamma Delta Beta Theta Pi Page 338 - GERMANS Finals is always the highlight of the year and this season was no ex- ception. The music provided by Louis Prima and his orchestra was good and different. Prima ' s concert featured a variety of tunes specializing in Dixieland and novelty numbers, but when the evening dance rolled around the tempo was slowed down and a large crowd danced on until morning in Woolen Gym. In Prima we found dancing, entertainment, excitement, and mod- ern music all combined in one fine band. He aimed his music right to his audience and was careful to see that all his arrangements struck the proper balance for concert an d dance music alike. Playing the type of music that has rated him as one of the top college prom bands in the land. Prima furnished us with a fine ending to another successful year of German dances. In the traditional dance figure the outgoing officers of the German Club symbolically turned over their duties and honors to the incoming officers. Those retiring were Jake Froelich with Miss Mary Strickland; Billy Quarles with Miss Elizabeth Roe; Chuck Haywood with Miss Betty Bowles; Bill Bostic with Miss Ann Riggsbee; Spencer Gregory with Miss Betty Stamey; Bill McKay with Miss Clara Howell and Fletcher Green with Miss Wanda Philpott. Incoming were Bryant Hare with Miss Jane Jones Yorke, Kappa Sigma Jayne Adams ' Kingsbury, Alpha Tou Omega Margaret Johnston Schoolfield; Jim Schenck with Miss Myra Thayer; Pat Samonds with Miss Susan Ambler; Jones Yorke with Miss Fronkie Strosnider; Skippy Roddey with Miss Dot Powell; Eddie Gross with Miss Beth Lloyd and Wallace Pridgen with Miss Nancy Ad- kins. These new officers will serve through the 1952-53 season and everyone is looking forward to another big year of German dances. Officers and their dotes. Page 339 First Row, left to right: David Cooper, B. Thurmon Cowper, John Elting, Walter Ernst, Roy Fitch, William F ' eming, Fletcher Green, Jr. • Second Row: Franklin Hart, Jr., Francis Joyner, Jack Kellar, Joseph Kelso, Richard Kocornik, Charles Motto, Neal Reichle • Third Row: Hal Rollins, Jr., David Rowe, H. Gerard Russell, Peter Seomon, Wood Smethurst, Lee Stevens, Rawleigh Tremain, Jr. • Fourth Row: F. Barry Wall, James Webb, Duke Widotf, Robert Wilson. M ALPHA TAU OMEGA OFFICERS Rawleigh Tremain, Jr. President James A. Craig Vice-President John D. Elting Treasurer Hal J. Rollins, Jr. Historian David Rowe Secretary HISTORY Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1 865. Colors: Azure and Gold. Flower: White Tea Rose. Publication: The Palm. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1879. Page 340 ALPHA TAU OMEGA PLEDGES First Row: Frank Reineeke, John MacAlister, Oggie Yates, Phil Johnson, Bob Linker, Fred Oieffenback • Second Row: Tom Bradford, Dan Luke, Don Thompson, Pete Green, Bev Webb, Dick Alexander, Tom Wakefield • Third Row: Glenn Lynch, Bill Beebe, Dick Baker, Ed Campbell, Ned Whitmore, Burt Veosey. After a successful rushing session in the fall, Alpha Delta began extensive social, athletic, and educa- tional activities. Naturally the emphasis was always on the educational scale. It is doubtful if such good times as the Maryland week-end, Pledge week-end, and Spring Germans will ever be forgotten except by those who were unable to make the muster. How- ever, the climax to the season was attained beach week-end when Taus fell by the wayside in geo- metric progression. Many brothers distinguished themselves. Ran- dolph moved in town from his hermitage on Bound- ary Street to rank as one of the great casanovas of all times. The Mutt returned " merely to advise in academic and athletic affairs. " B ' foot ' s date Fall Germans will always remember his exciting " gotcha " contest with Flinn. Teeny ' s prodigious studying on the fine art of sand wrestling is pre- served for posterity on film. After making his stage debut, Noet (I ' ve still got the figets) Su ' livan sum- mered in Europe acquiring a cosmo? outlook. Jim (Deb Ball) Webb was unanimously elected Y-Court representative. Red (the sand is cold without a blanket) Cowper told date " I ' m not prone to look at the moon. " Fletcher (I know the big Dook) Green talked a good trip to Lynchburg. Page 34 Top Row, left to right: John Baldridge, Jr., Newton Barkley, Jr., George Brain, Robert Byerly, Jr., Thoddeus Eure, Jr., Francis Fredere, Jr. • Second Row: Julius Green, Jr., Richard Guthrie, Jr., Hugh Hoyneworth, III, Hamilton Horton, Jr., John Irvin, John McLendon. BETA THETA PI n OFFICERS Arthur Spaugh President William A. Rankin Vice-President George W. Brain Secretary Z. B. Trexler House Manager HISTORY Founded in 1 839 at Miami University. CoHors: Blue and Pink. Flower: Rose. Publication: Beta Theta Pi. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1852. BETA THETA PI PLEDGES First Row: Julian Rogers, Charles Froelich, Flo Worrell, Fronk Leak, Michael Boyatt, John Hazzord • Second Row: David Hill, Dick Quails, John Hussey, Thomas Fespermon, Gene Bray, Bob Ratcliffe • Third Row: Roy Morris, Dick Reynolds, Louis Neaves, Bill Calvert, Ted Kemp, Jack Porks • Fourth Row: Charles Macy, Jack Skinner, Ted Tettelbach, Paul Monroe, Bob Litaker, Owen Cook. Page 342 Top Row, left to right; Peter McMichoel, Jr., John Patterson, Wiliiom Philips, Jr., William Rankin, Jr., Arthur Spaugh • Second Row; Milton Sturm, Jr., Thomas Sully, Jr., Thatcher Towensend, Robert Vaughn, Jr., Thomas Wooten, Jr. September and Sambo welcome us back for the first of another one hundred years on the Hill. With the centennial celebration still fresh in memories we hailed returning alumni on football week-ends — suffering along with the Tar Heels in the somehow still-standing bar-in-the-back. Reports from the big class of ' 52 found most of them biding time at Jackson. The forces were depleted for the rush season but the pledges kept coming in — some 23 in all. House bills didn ' t go up this time, in spite of Buddy. The wheels kept wheeling with the Senator and Henry playing top cogs . . . Tom, the Bun and others fol- lowing close behind . . . Beta Clique they called it. The football team didn ' t fare too well but the Betas did their best — Tod, Freda, and Flo tried to get the ball moving. In the playoffs for the tag football championship again, but couldn ' t repeat as winners, although Kid Collam, Harry Green and the boys made a Beta stab at it. Keeping the pledges off our necks and hoping they wouldn ' t give us a hell week . . . No Rennie with gigantic cottage but still came the spring time beach trips . . . Sperosa year around standby plus those lengthy trips to Watts. Toddy trying to keep the boys in line with as much luck as some of the sharpies in the trophy- room trysts. All in all, it was another great Beta year, number 101 for the chapter, the first for some, the last for a few ... a hilarious one for all. Page 343 O :t: t) i a , K 0fik • -J F Cf O riir.Yft First Row, left to right: Francis A. Buehonan, William A. Prouty, Albert C. Moore, Bruce Bauer, E. Randolph Shiver, Edwin Hatch, Joel D. Conner • Second Row: Neil Sottertield, Gordon C. Crowell, Michael D. Brown, Joseph G. Parish, T. Lone Ormond, John Q. Stilwell, Rollie Tillman, Jr. • Third Row: Thomas P. Peacock, Jerry N. Potts, Howard V. Scotland, F. Garland Coble, Henry C. Burbridge. CHI PHI OFFICERS Edwin Brown Hatch President Albert Cunningham Moore Vice-President Neil Boydston Sottertield Secretary Louie Lee Potseavouras Treasurer William Allen Prouty Sergeant-at-Arms Rollie Tillman, Jr. Historian HISTORY Founded at Princeton University in 1 824. Colors: Scarlet and Blue. Publication: Chi Phi Chakett. Established at the University of North Caroline in 1858 and 1922. Page 244 CHI PHI PLEDGES First Row: Roger Herbert, Chuck Hastings, J. B. Ashe, Al Laughinghouse, Woody Middleton • Second Row: Jock Little, Rufus Hackney, Jack McGinn, Bloke Hunter • Third Row: Jim Wiles, Bill Warwick, Horvey Smith, Bill Rogsdale, Mike Soper, David Smoot, John Price, John Norwood, Al Hough. John Hallet, Dick Valentine. jgv " r ft ■ tew ► Alpha Alpha chapter of Chi Phi got off to its best start in years by pledging 22 of the finest boys on campus. There was no time wasted after the an- nual pledge banquet, with a top-notch intramural record and a great influx of extracurriculars being the principal early fall activities. Chi Phi figured high in publications. Student Legislature, campus politics, and of course the ever-present parties. The inauguration of House Discussions with the most prominent professors at the University as speakers was another stride forward in Chi Phi ' s campus leadership. The annual orphan ' s party near Christmas time brought joy to the hearts of over 50 of North Carolina ' s more unfortunate little citi- zens, and the fall Germans made the old boys think back in a search for a better party. Winter brought more fine pledges through informal rush- ing, plus on enlargement of the Chi Phi quest for the number one spot in all phases of campus life. Pledge week-end broke all records for festivi- ties, another beautiful Chi Phi girl was crowned, and then it was spring. Parties at Hogan ' s Lake, electioneering for those Chi Phi candidates, and feverish work in an attempt to win the University Club Carnival cup for the fourth time kept the house in an uproar. But no one forgot it was his duty to win the scholarship cup, already won by Chi Phi in the fall. Beach parties at Wrightsville and Myrtle lasted until the last days of the year when once again intermingled thoughts of exams and a perfect year with Chi Phi filled the minds of brothers and pledges alike. Page 345 CHI PSI Top Row, left to right: Walker Worth, Fred Price, Jack Bennett, Ed Waller, Charlie Collens • Bottom Row: Buckey Colemon, Jim Ramsey, Bruce Crater, Ben Etheridge, Jonas Kessing. Year starts with usual work . . . living room be- comes beautiful through work of Crater and Eth- eridge . . . Crater ' s top secret project in third floor room keeps doors locked and brothers guessing . . . Stith ' s Hammond organ provides romantic music for brothers and dates. Football season causes few thrills but more par- ties than Marilyn Monroe has curves . . . Stevens leads the band . . . Cobb betting the parlays. Rushing is huge success under Rhyne ... 15 pledges start the road toward becoming Chi Psis . . . Johnston and York Intrusted with the job of keeping the boys straight . . . And the Fall House Party is tremendous success. Every year is tops at Alpha Sigma, but you ' ll have a hard time convincing the brothers that 1952-53 wasn ' t the greatest ever. Page 346 OFFICERS Jim Ramsey President Rod Hood Vice-President Eddie Starnes Secretary Bruce Crater Treasurer HISTORY Founded at Union College in 1 84 1 . Colors: Purple and Gold. Publications: The Purple and Gold; The Sigma Scroll Established at the University of North Carolina in 1855. Top Row, left to right: Ed Starnes, John Broddick, Bob Pfoff, Tommy Johnston • Bottom Row: Tommy York, Doc Broadway, Baxter Miller, Ken Barton. i CHI PSI PLEDGES First Row: Jim Lewis, Mock Ray, Buddy Carrier, Jim Fountain • Second Row: Bob McQueen, Dickie Hallden, Frank Berry, Page Stout, Don Thornton, Dewie Chappel • Third Row: Kason Keiger, Don Huntington, Joe Borbour, Dick Etheridge, Jim Smith, Doug Young, Silas Coley • Fourth Row: Larry McE ' roy, Noel Petree, Lorry Stith, Herb Wenti, Ted Steele, George McKinney, Bob Borrott. Page 347 Centennial-plus-one celebration outdoes original, climaxed by Wiley ' s punch-bowl chemistry experi- ment on porch Sunday. Many mystics felled by elixer-lnfirmary a Deke annex following Monday . . . Brothers remain hard men with only a trio losing heads and pins . . . Buck Forest again fitting climax to gruelling term — moles make hills out of mountains — another Loon marathon — Hoag and cooks hold revival meet- ing in kitchen — thousands converted . . . Almost 100% attendance at Deb brawl — Ben C. leads fall " Crusade in Chapel Hill " to pull Ike through — (Lodge associates entertain sororities; Chi champagne debut " heads list " ; brothers run circles around Tri Delts at square dance — Deke basement veritable Carnegie Hall with home-grown quartet giving frequent unscheduled performances . . ,) Rural Tom sweats over humor mag; house on wheels rocks nightly — Sgt. York decoroted for con- spicuous bravery in ditch battle near Greensboro — New York and Miami selected as points of no re- turn for Thanksgiving distraction . . . DELTA KAPPA EPSILON ♦-. Top Row, left to right: Thomas Alexander, Williom Bornes, Jr., Donald Carmichoel, Williom Clork, Wode Coleman, III • Bottom Row: Frank Daniels, Jr., Robert Gorham, Jr., William Hill, Robert Hobbs, Frank Hood, III, Williom Lee, Jr. Page 348 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON PLEDGES Standing: Bruce Gustafson, E. C. Smith, Tommy Shores, Pete Adorns, Bob Mason, Harrison Dunlop. Seated: Peter Sprague, Dick Todd, Zock Waters, Bip Corstarphen, Jimmy Hoggarty, Steve Owen. OFFICERS William Lanier Hill, III President Frank Lee Hood Vice-President Donald Woinwright Carmichael Secretary Jomes Gunn Lindley Treasurer HISTORY Founded at Yale University in 1814. Colors: Scarlet, Azure, and Old Gold. Publication: The Deke Quarterly. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1851. Top Row, left to right: William Patterson, James Schenck, III, Oscar Shortt, Jr., Sydney Shuford, Willii Temple • Bottom Row: Herbert Thorp, Ben)a(nin Toledono, Robert Webb, Jr., Henry Wilson, III. Page 349 Bottom Right: Picnic, in the good old su November 6, 1952 saw a new group gain recogni- tion on the campus of U.N.C. The Delta Fraternity took its rightful place among the other social organ- izations at the University. Immediately, they peti- tioned the national social fraternity, Delta Upsilon. Socially, this infant organization was really on the ball. After both the Wake Forest and Duke games, this bunch of glad lads and their dates footed their way half the distance to the J.C. ' s cabin, except for Hot Rod Rader. Every Wednesday, these boys sat down to the serious task of starting a new fraternity. ' SJHn n DELTA UPSILON OFFICERS Herman Husbands President Jim Finch Vice-President Jim Rollins Recording Secretary Ed Johnson Corresponding Secretary Gene Cain Treasurer HISTORY Founded at Williams College in 1 834. Colors: Sapphire Blue and Old Gold. Publication: Delta Upsilon Quarterly. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1953. Page 350 i m wl 1 ' ' S First Row, left »o right; Hermon Husbonds, Jim Finch, Jim Rollins, Gene Coin, Horry Phillips, Al Rumbough • Second Row: Horace Golightly, Howard Tickle, Rmss Glatz, Ed Vogel, Tony Houghton, Mourice Norton • Third Row: Jock Lindley, Ed Johnson, Bob Seobock, Don Roder, Pete McGehee, Harvey Brodshaw • Fourth Row: Joe Sotterfield, Bob Hice, Jim Butler, Gus Grant. Page 357 Top Row, left to right: CSorlie Alderidge, Jerry Arledge, Doug Ayers, Ozzrc Ayscu Row: E. Beole Carter, Roy Deal, Tote Ervin, Don Geiger, Weston Houck. Bullo O Bottom KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS Tate Ervin President Ray Deal Vice-President Paul Barnes Secretary Tom Bulla Treasurer HISTORY Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1 865. Colors: Crimson and Old Gold. Flowers: Magnolia and Crimson Rose. Publication: Kappa Alpha Journal. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1881. The plantation, 110 Cameron Avenue, is full of rebels again and K. A. ' s are off to a new campaign in the old southern tradition . . . magnolia and mint juleps . . . new recruits all over . . . fine generalship . . . Marty, Geiger, Ding, Dong McLeod, and Ozzie bring political laurels . . . Barnes, Lackey, Perry, Waters bring honors in athletics . . . Flaps cheers. Remember them all! The run . . . Salem . . . and Durham . . Dougie ' s living room love letters . . . Kid Kepley . . . the show labs . . . Proctor and More- ton, the Motor Mouth Twins . . . Whale and his draft notice . . . Rondo, Chan, Wes . . . Johnston ' s Reading Room . . . Chuck, Bert, Heidi . . . rare coin Harbin . . . Deal, Happy, Dad. It ' s a grand ole gang! Page 352 Top Row, left fo right: Allen Johnson, Mortin Jordan, Tom Moreton, H. V. Murray, Charles Myers • Bot- tom Row; George MeLeod, Jim McLeod, Roy Perry, Dick Thompson, Charlie Waters, Bill Yates. KAPPA ALPHA PLEDGES First Row: Bob Angstadt, Harry Easterling, Bill LeStourgeon, Scott Sprodtey, Earl Garrett, Go • Second Row: Phil Penninger, Pete Woggoner, Bob Peek, Karl Borkley, Coy Kiser, T. C. Horn. Row: Pete Harris, Bob Kirksey, Karl Bardin, Allen Boder, Phil Roberts, Pinkney Froneburger. Page 353 KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS Daniel E. Perry Grand Master Charles Scott Grand Procurator Clem Johnson Grand Master of Ceremonies Dick Griswold Grand Scribe Jim Purser Grand Treasurer HISTORY Founded at the University of Virginia in 1 869 Colors; Scarlet, White, and Emerald Green. Flower: Lily of the Valley. Publications: The Caducaeus; The Star and Crescent Founded at the University of North Carolina in 1893. Year in review: Remodel house . . . footboll week-ends an d parties . . . Bruton, Mainer, Beaver, and Lambert, heroes . . . Dowd and his guitar . . . Orphan Christmas party with Pi Phi ' s . . . District Conclave . . . Jones and the Chi O ' s . . Cowan loses pin . . . Purser and the money . . . Saturday night dances at St. Mary ' s . . . Penegar runs campus . . . Brother Kefauver pays visit . . . Superlative Scott . . . Black and White Ball big success . . . Perry leads Senior Class ... is that food, Harperr ' . . . Peck goes ring hunting . . . Bar looks great . . . more parties , . . Duke AD Pi ' s . . . Griswold keeps minutes . . . successful basketball team . . . Nothing but quality in our terrific pledge class . . . AEKDB. Top Row, left to right: John Banner, John Cowan, William Domeron, Richard Griswold, Bob Henle • Bottom Row: Robert Hook. Clem Johnson, Walter McFoll, Richord Neill, Daniel Olsen. KAPPA SIGMA PLEDGES First Row: Gaither Wolser, Henry Walker, Ed Bizzell, Hozzord Grindstaff • Second Row: Charles Wickhom, Charles Norwood, Dick Mason • Third Row: Bill Carter, Jim Tyler • Fourth Row: Bob Little, Jim Lewis. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA The wildest ' More parties, some good, some better! Someone say Cabin Party? ' Usual commuter ' s train led by Aldridge . Stegall fights Cardboard and wins , . . another piano — hope this one lasts . . . Stud gets the shaft, but he ' s not lonely, eh Whiter ' . . Barber gets serious . . . Treasurer gets a new car — I wonder? . . . visits from some of our illustri- ous alumni . . . Peerson still the social lion . . . Big Lou wins by default . . . Punchy greets the Travel- ing Sec. . . . I ' ve got an answer for you Uncle Milty . . swell bunch of pledges led by Streetmon, Patton and Booke . . . Brothers turned capitalists, Ponter and Litz . . . uncouth Ruth . . . locka party, I ' ve got a quiz tomorrow ..all in all — wotta year! Top Row, left to right: Robert Davis Aldridoe, Julius Hunter Bollew, Robert Fowler Bell, Stephen Carroll Brady, Don Bedell Broadwell, Thomas Wade Burkhead • Bottom Row: Byron Hall Carson, Solomon Gilmer Cherry, Avery Murry Cooke, Robert Otis Diviney, Robert K. Eberly, James Chester Goodin. Page 356 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PLEDGES First Row: Gene Staton, Russell Roland, Richard Gronholm, Biff Howard, Earl Kandrick • Second Row: Buddy Streefmon, Chuck Howard, Robert Meechum, Bill Sellars, Mac Roberts, Tommy Pornell, Bill Oliver, Ray Elam, Herb Callihan, Dof Berry. OFFICERS Don Broadwell President Hall Carson Vice-President Earle Litzenberger Secretary Frank Oglesby Treasurer HISTORY Founded at Boston University in 1 909. Colors: Purple, Green, and Gold. Flower: White Rose Established at the University of North Carolina in 1926. Publication: Cross and Crescent. Top Row, left to right: Robert Cowon Leonord, Harold Richard Lubs, Robert Kenneth Morris, Donn Morris, Harold Franklin Oglesby, Lewis Hillsmon Parham, Jr. • Bottom Row: Jomes Modison Peerson, Barry Gordon Pruss, John Luther Rendleman, James Gordon Steagall, Charles Gilbert Strange, Jr., Charles Bomon Wotts, Jr., James Thomos Wilkes, Jr. Page 357 First Row, left fo right: Bill Baker, John Bous holl, Ty Boyd, Jock Cole, Bill Cornell, Sandy Donn, Lowton Gresham • Second Row: Gene Gunter, Don Harley, Bert Horrell, Buddy Heins, Brook Lowson, Tom Mc- Donald, Pressley Millen • Third Row: John Moore, Jetf Newton, Bob Page, Dick Painter, Gene Ross, Pat Samonds, Pot Thomas • Fourth Row: Leroy Townsend, Steve Trimble, Von Weatherspoon, Don Uiile, Phil Woods, Bobby Wright. PHI DELTA THETA OFFICERS John Bousholl President Buddy Heins Reporter Dick Painter Warden Bobby Wright Treasurer HISTORY Founded at the University of Miami (Oxford, Ohio) in 1848. Colors: White and Blue. Flower: White Carnation. Publications: The Scroll: The Palladium. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1885, Page 358 J " ,? . 1952- ' 53 brought the " New Look " to the house . . . less hair for Brooke and Baarcke, radar for Mortimer, and a fine group of pledges — thanks to Bret . . . Wrapper wraps a Tri Delt package . . . " Gung Ho " the red rooster . . . McDonald squeezes turnip . . . Cornell back from the Klondike . . . Uzzle renews " Field and Stream " subscription . . . Cook banging on piano . . . Page gets Luke warm . . . Ross searching vainly for law school . . . Linger- feldt sees line action on grid (sideline) . . . Green- wich socialite vacationing here . . . Red Ape stalks campus . . . Heins tries 57 varieties (girls) . . . The Germans, pledge dance. Bowery Ball, and week-end parties plus Mrs. Tanner add another successful year for Phi Delta Theta. PHI DELTA THETA PLEDGES First Row: Pete Knight, Windy Ligon, Billy Wilson, Jim Denhom, Clowson Williams • Second Row: John Cauble, Sherry Smith, Jim Dittee, Al Long, Tom Ferguson • Third Row: Bill Morshburn, Phil Thomos, Will Fryc, Henry Cheney, Bill Joyner, Fred Hooper. Page 359 Tod Row, left to right: James Adams, E. Lewis Bryan, Robert Bundy, Rowlond Burnston, Jr., James Dillon George Gorey, William Griffin • Bottom Row: Emsley Laney, Jr., Joseph Nelson, Donald Seifert, Willian Smith, John Weeks, Charles Carroll, Kenton Creuser. PHI GAMMA DELTA PHI GAMMA DELTA PLEDGES First Row: Roy Forbes, Joe Mouretic, Poul Sylvester, Ken Anderson, Erie Hoste • Second Row: Frank McCain, Joe Lamb, Bob Grubb, Melvin Long, Jim Hill, Erie Croven, Hugh Barwick • Third Row: Bob Tote, Claude Efird, Marshall Newman, Bobby Hackler, Charles Swaim, Ted Lynch, Jack Woods • Fourth Row: Dick Williams, Jimmy Prescott, John Hoyt, Sutton Flythe, Bobby Bryan. Page 360 ..-S A 4 4 , r- ; ' -r ) OFFICERS Joe Nelson President Don Seifert Treasurer Jim Dillon Recording Secretary Rowland Burnstan _. Corresponding Secretary Jim Maynard Historian HISTORY Founded at Washington and Jefferson College in 1848. Color: Royal Purple. Flo-ver: Purple Clematis. Publication: Th3 Phi Gamma Delta- Established at the University of North Carolina in 1851. Fall brings football week-ends and returning alumni to Epsilon ' s tastefully redecorated Vance Hall . new patio in back yard put to use as " wall parties " become the fad . . . strenuous days of rushing yield outstanding pledge class under watchful eye of the " Digit " Adams . . . Walser married but still " Bos- coe " on the gridiron to us . . . the " Stan " and " Drooper " hold down positions on the soccer squad . . . flash!! Extra Curricula: Burnstan pinned and Creuser engaged ' . . . Hoyt president of plactive class . . . Punchy finally gets a date . . . Rumhead has a new nickname " Bill " ... he and Johnny Jet going through for a second time . . the " Mole " and Cantwell graduate in December . . these com- manders of the troops hard to replace . Smitty guides intramural program to mogno success in spite of " Root ' s " training tables . . . Mickey, Emsley and Lyon on weekly caravans to W. C. for obvious reasons . . . Salem gets Abie and the Hare . . . Larry, Vic, Bob, and Neil doing quite well in Med School, thank you . . . Hare does legal chores and presides over German Club . . . Christmas party for orphans very much while . . . thanks, Chi Omegas . . . Arrival of spring is good for hunting says " Field and Stream " Noneman while " Scooter " Lovelace puts away chains for another year . . . Pledge week-end enjoyed by all as was the Theta party . . . thus ends another good year at Epsilon. Top Row, left to right: Gorlond Homes, Gene Lyon, James Moynord, Walter Noncmon, E. Lindsay Fearring- ton, William Brewer • Bottom Row: James Crouch, R. Archer Croxton, Jr., Richard N. Hoggard, James Lovelace, Jr., Jomes Dillingham, William Greene. Page 361 3%, PHI KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS Joseph O ' Brien President Oliver Hamilton Vice-President Bill Woods Secretary Ted Dawes Corresponding Secretary Barney Simpson Treasurer Duane Johnson Pledge Master HISTORY Founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1 850. Colors: Block and Old Gold. Flower Yellow Chrysanthemum. Publications; Phi Kappa Sigma Newsletter; Lambda Lite. Those of us who leave the Hill, the University, and the fraternity with naught but a thin sheepskin to protect us in the arenas of business or professional life will find it hard to forget — the football and the orgies of autumn . . . the dances and the house parties in the winter . . . the P-J mixed in milk cans and the beach parties of spring . . . the chow at the Founders Day banquets . . . the intramural championships . . . the rigors of rush week .- . , the pleasures of sorority entertainment . . . the touching elation of the colored children at the Xmas parties . . . and oil of the manifold experiences which have made four years at Chapel Hill the most memorable in our young lives. Top Row, left to right: Jerome Bollick, Amos Bumgordner, Ernie Bumgorner, Lynn Capel, Fay Culbreth, Ted Daws, Guy Dixon, Wyatt Dixon • Bottom Row: Ormand Dunphey, Tom Gaines, Jerry Galanides, Jay Giles, Dick Hart, Charlie Johnson, Duone Johnson, Bobby Jones. Page 362 Top Row, Fritz Peic Hood Vol reft to right: Kirk Kynock, Worren Love, John Lowry, Bud Moddie, Roy Mitchell, Joe O ' Brien, ne. Bill Prothero • Bottom Row: Fred Rierson, Poul Seognelli, Ernie Schwori, Chorlie Sillery, den Arend, Dove Waters, Bill Woods, Joy Zink. PHI KAPPA SIGMA PLEDGES First Row, Jim Smith, Frank Harris, Charlie Erdmon, John Dawes • Second Row: Hartwell Conklin, Dick Nixon, Sonny Sale, Clinton Rogers, Jim Sykes • Third Row: Dick Zigler, Bill Koman, Jock Heard, Al Norberg. Page 363 PI KAPPA ALPHA Top Row, left to right: Gordon Battle, Ralph Bennett, Carroll Berry, Bill Calvert, Sonny Cobb, Woodie Fearing, Georne Ferguson • Bottom Row: Dick Futrell, Gene Hofer, Gordon Hamrick, Mason Hawfield, Trueman Hon, " Wally Norton, Wolt House. First Row: Flynn Horris, Dean Bray, Jim Wilkins, Jim Allen, John Comer, Joe Beamon, Costen • Second Row: Havwood Simpson, John Martin, Campbell Haigh, Grady Be Kennedy, Chris Bruning, Charlie Fowler, Bruce Anderson, Ed McCurry, Les Borne Dickson • Not Pictured: Duncan Coker, Bill Isenhour, Claude Pope. Page 364 OFFICERS Jule Rousseau President Clayton Jockson Vice-President Bill Calvert Secretary Gordon Hamrick Treasurer HISTORY Founded at the University of Virginia in 1 868. Colors: Garnet and Gold. Flower: Lilly of the Valley. Publication: Shield and Diamond. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1895, Top Row, left to right: Clayton Jackson, Bill Jenkins, Jim Lester, Art Madden, Tom McMillan, John Morton, Jim Neely • Bottom Row: Lyman Ormond, Pat Patterson, Jake Roundtree, Jule Rousseau, Bryan Sutton, Matt Wood, OIlie Smithwick, Stan Peel. TAKE CARE OF MY LITTLE BOY A Play in Three Acts Cast of Characters: Dial 9-1001. Whoever answers is a character. Act I Rush Chairman: What hoi A rushee cometh! Ungird thy hand- shal es! Loose thy line of bull! First Rushee: You were such sweet boys to invite me! Voices (aside): Faux pas! Faux pas! Issue the coup de grace!!! (Exit First Rushee — assisted.) Enter many rushees. Noise and confusion increases, then decreases as bedtime draws near. Lost To Leave: Reel cool party! See you cats later! Hatchet Man: He didn ' t impress me. What? He DRINKS?! Well, hell, PLEDGE HIM!! Exit Pikas with fabulous pledge class. Act II Pledgemaster: Welcome to our group, men. Your pledge duties are listed in these three volumes. Pledge: But in rushing you said . . . Social Chairman: We want our pledges to be seen on campus. Date the coeds. Pledge: But they can ' t . . . Treasurer: There ' s also the matter of assessments. Pledge: But . . . Exit group in bewilderment. Act III Sophisticated Sam: Men, this is Kitty Koed. All (aside): Ughl She must be on heiress. Campus Code Carl: She ' s a coed! Get rid of that drink! Drunken Don: I ' ll just pour it on this grass. Foggy Frank: Living room ' s a funny place for grass. Rednose Roy: Grass, hell! That ' s a rug!!! Exit all to the Bombooze Room. Curtain. Page 365 Top Row, left to right: William Bason, Linwood Braswell, William Briley, Jerry A. Campbell, Alfred Cole, Jr • Bottom Row: C. Avery Connell, Mack R. Creech, G. Don Ebert, James Gulledge, E. Baxter Hopkins. PI KAPPA PH OFFICERS Robert C. Thomas Archon William S. Bason Treasurer Elmon S. Russell — Secretary Alfred C. Straull Warden Alfred F. Cole, Jr. Historian Winton G, Wilks Chaplain Charles C. Seabrook House Manager HISTORY Founded at the College of Charleston in 1 904 Colors: Gold and White. Flower: Rose. Publication: Star and Lamp. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1914. Page 366 Pi Kapp life at Carolina was as great as ever this year, . . . Never saw boys work so hard on a house . . . Our Pledge Class was ample reward, though. Fall quarter provided plenty of impetus for terrific get togethers . . . Don ' t think anybody will forget that November May Pole Dance (Thanks to Vonnie, the Pole) . . . Mu helped out with one fine week-end. Pre-Chrlstmas Saturday found itself established as the scene of what everyone hopes will become an annual affair . . . Presents, forsooth . . . Wint and Barbara have fond memo- ries of the holidays, too. Winter Germans — featuring Straussism and Ray Anthony will certainly not be forgotten ... To climax the year there was the Spring Germans and the annual Rose Ball . . . P , f f f ' f fi First Roy Amburn, Bill Robe PI KAPPA PHI PLEDGES , Butch Culbert, Bob Ferrell, Bob Sess Wintred Taylor, Johnny Muggins, Friti Bill Everhart, Rudy Poquette, Nick Mo ms, Dewey Pate • Second Row: Bud Thurstone • Third Row: Lynn Mann, Page 367 OFFICERS Seymour Bates Rex Donald Prago Archon Harry Samet Scribe John Cronson Keeper of the Exchequer Sammy Lerner House Manager HISTORY Founded at Yale University in 1 895. Colors: Purple and Gold. Publication: Tripod. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1930 PI LAMBDA PH PI LAMBDA PHI PLEDGES First Row: Borry Fogel, Sandy Fleischmon • Second Row: Bob Polon, Don Kurtz, Don Wo Norman Steinberger, Bradley Koti. en, Elliot Abeles, Page 368 Prago ' s working on the weights In G ' boro Siegel dotes. Levitz colls the world around And Gumpert — what was that you found? Moff soys his Roberta is the Best by test. Slosmon ' s kitchen nowadays Danziger ' s and Crohn would praise Abies, Shavitz, Goodman, Katz Provide our social diplomats. Has our Moose confronted you? It ' s in the cords for Burt and Lou On to Richmond is the cry Most any day now, eh what, Sy? Everyone knows that Joan and Horry — Gotta have o commentary? ' Ask Rubin for drugs of any description But Wagger, the doctor, will write the prescription. Ever see Cronson and Sutker and Raff Talk of Herb ' s music and Howard ' s " own " laugh? And that ' s all she wrote. i First Row, leff to right: Seymour Bates, Louis Botes, Burton Bershow, Max Crohn, John Cronson • Second Row: Jock Goodman, Peter Gumpert, Sammy Lerner, Jerry Moff, Joe Raff • Third Row: Seymour Rubin, Harry Samet, ttenry Shavitz, Howard Silvers, Steve Sutker • Fourth Row: Jerry Wegger, Herbert Woiner, Howord Zerden. Page 369 Top Row, left to right: Chorles Kurolt, Dove Clinord, Norman Bowles, Robert Evons, Williord Walker, Tom Carroll, Bob Simmons, Dusty Lomson • Bottom Row: Dave Cole, Gil Marsh, George Strong, Phin Norton, Russ Cowell, Clay Johnson, Edward Gross, Williom Wott, John Seely. ST. ANTHONY HALL OFFICER George V. Strong House Manager HISTORY Founded at University of Columbia in 1 847. Colors: Blue and Gold. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1 854. t t JiM ii - - Page 370 ST. ANTHONY HALL PLEDGES Front Row, left to right: Pepper Tiee Jock Spooner Doug Soo Bill Wood Middle Row: Scotty Hester Ted Tows Bock Row: Choi Schley Bo Riddle Tom Whitty Tom Spain Brothers arrive back at the Hill for another year . . . and after a lengthy search in the underbrush, find the Hall still standing. Early comers find little time for orientation of freshmen . . . and try to orient the Hall once again . . . the old place is looking its best in years. Wild tales of St. A summer in the Yukon and the cellars of Paree are soon forgotten as the grind begins. Rushing yields one of the finest pledge classes in many seasons ... at a beer party in their honor, hopes for a year as great as the last one ore in- spired. Memories of the " hall brawl " with Spivak after the Junior-Senior concert ... of the cabin party with " Virginia enema " gals ... of a stupend- ous Swingout ... of the Beat Dook float parade queen ... of a whirlwind trip to Maryland game ... of coonhunts every other week-end ... of the Thursday night Poker Club ... of the Dinner Be- fore Symposium ... of bagpipes from Yale at the Christmas party ... of fending off the cops with Roman Candles . . . Looks like a full-time job to make the coming year beat it . . . and a fabulous way to flunk out. Page 371 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON OFFICERS Ben Wilcox President Alex McMillan Vice-President Ed Crawford Secretary Dickie Spongier Treasurer Jim Whitton Warden HISTORY Founded at the University of Alabama in 1 856. Colors: Old Gold and Purple. Flower: Violet. Publication: The Record. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1857. First Row, left to right: Herb Browne, Cart Cormichoil Henry Conner, Ed Crawford, Tom Creosy, Mack DuBose, Willie Elliott • Second Row: Joke Homer, Ned Hordison, Gene Hill, Bill Huf f, Fred Hutchins, Alex McMillon, George Mountcostle • Third Row: Tom Pace, Tom Ruffin, Bill Ruffin, Webb Sherrill, Bill Simpson, Dicltie Spangler, Jid Tompson • Fourth Row: Jimmy Vance, John Wettach, Jim Whitton, Ben Wilcox. Page 372 SAE began its 95th year hear at UNC with o real bang — coming up with sixteen terrific pledges and making one of the best pledge classes ever seen at N. C. Xi. Under the able leadership of " the Red Thread " Wilcox the " ole " fraternity jumped ahead by leaps and bounds — completing the repairs on the out- side of the house in the fall — the efforts were then brought inside for a general face lifting. Parties, Fall Germans were a shaloping success. House still stood Monday afterwards, but only by a miracle Another miracle occurred that week-end — Mc- Millan hod a date. Fall, then winter, then spring, and it ' s all over again, but it ' s been a great year — and a lot has been accomplished — and so we can all head for the beach, the mountains or home with the feeling of a job very well done. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON PLEDGES First Row: Louis Woodbury, Charles Yorborough, Broadus Thompson, Billy Armfield, J. R. Norfleet, Pen Sondridge • Second Row: Eddie Bell, Sommy Reaves, Tom Moore, Bobby W«:ions, Peter Vonstory FoTron Parker, Bob Payne, James Seelv • Not Pictured: Bill McDonald, Artie Neweombe. Page 373 Top Row, left to right: Thurman Williams, Robert Marshall, Chorles Kennedy, John Howes, Fred Mattox • Bottom Row: Tom Lindsey, Nelson Fletcher, David Aderholdt, Don Birch, Tom Torgerson. SIGMA PHI EPSILON s W New house . . . much work . . Butch worked . . . Howes joked . . . Mattox rush talked ' til tears rolled . . . Littlejohn pins again . . . Danny moves in and becomes a patriarch . . . Born party . . . no- body can remember it . . . Kennedy dances one- legged . . . Smith and Marks frequent Corrboro . . . Prescott golfs . . . Fletcher succeeds Owens with big deals . . . Clark wears a conservotive coot . . . Birch dates Alpha Gam . . . Connady returns when dining hall opens . . . Lindsey haunts W. C. , . . Hugh and Pot permanent fixtures . . . Seoy is good roommate . . Hamilton ' s license plates . , . Sig Ep Ball plans mode . . . Furr presiding . . . Tommy dotes a coed . . . Ferrell gives up women . . . Torgerson starts B. M. 0. C. campaign . Marshall retains lover title . . . Sandy becomes nimrod of Y-court. Page 374 SIGMA PHI EPSILON PLEDGES First Row; George Johnson, FerreM Grouse, Devis Pope, Don Hamilton • Second Row: Felix Smith, Ruben Leonard, Rufus Marks • Not Pictured: Billy Dickens, Jimmy Seoy, Skippy Warren, George Hall, Henry Sneed. OFFICERS Charles H. Kennedy _ _ President Don L. Birch Vice-President Hugh Barrett Secretary Joe M. Parker Historian Nelson Fletcher Comptroller T. L. Williams Steward HISTORY Founded at the University of Richmond in 1 901 . Colors: Red and Purple. Flower: American Beauty Rose. Publication: Sigma Phi Epsilon Journal. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1921 and 1947. Top Row, left to right: Dennis Strickland, Bill Littlejohn, Clorence Clarke, Herman Bunch, Joe Parker • Bottom Row: Tommy Norris, Tom Cannady, Carl Furr, Hugh Barrett. Page 375 4-.- ||_ - IL- ' ■Hk nkiK Top Row, left to right: Harry Anderson, Bobby Bell, Lew Brown, Kemp Clendenin, Tom Coghill, Roy Collins, Z. A. Collins • Bottom Row: Jerry Cook, Bob Ellington, Don Evans, Jim Ferree, Vernon Ferrell, Bob Fountain, Jim Fox. — SIGMA CH OFFICERS HISTORY Lew Brown President Founded at the University of Miami (Oxford, Ohio) in 1855. Vernon Ferrell Vice-President Colors: Blue and Gold. John Motsinger Secretary Flower. White Rose. .. r ,.1 -,- Established at the University of North Carolina Jim bmitherman Treasurer inl889 SIGMA CHI PLEDGES First Row: James Fountain, Jimmy Bobbs, Billy Ford, Erwin Potts, Eric Jonas • Second Row: Rutus Sherril, Fred Heath, Joe Hudson, Sonny Brannon, Jimmy Melvin, Mike Simpson, Tommy Osborne • Third Row; Galen Moser, David Brown, Doug Roberts, Mickey Chomblee, Johnny Wescott, Dick Hensel, Tom James Sherrill. Page 376 The usual conditions still prevail — wholesome en- vironment, terrific atmosphere, and all hell is bust- ing loose. Locks on closets help get excellent pledge class . . . innocent little girls become prey at Germans . . . poker club found new investments . . . many men lose hearts and fraternity " hardware " . . . Alumni amazed at finances we don ' t have . . . athletes give boost to Tarheel teams . . . annex boys visit occasionally . . . sand and salt air hinders studies . . . Derby hinders girls . . , sweetheart adds incentive to strive for higher goals . . . graduation rolls around . , . all are sad, broke, confused, and in general dilemma . . . return home to parents. Top Row, left to right: Bill Hawks, Elbert Herring, Carl McCraw, Lee Middleton, Johnriy Motsinger, Bob Neill, Buddy Pope • Bottom Row: Bruce Pruitt, Junior Seawell, Pete Smithermon, Ben Tison, Jack Wallace, Heywood Washburn, Bill Williamson. Page 377 First Row, left to right: W. H. Corr, W. H. Elliott, W. C. Griffin, J. M. Gwynn, Jr., A. W. Homer, F. D. Homriek, E. C. Hicks • Second Row: C. C. Meltzer, R. P. Midgett, S. W. Moore, J. G. Oglesby, W, L. Poge, III, C. A. Poppleton, E. W. Pridgen • Third Row: F. J. Roberts, J. M. Roberts, R. E. Show, S. R. Smith, G. C. Taylor. SIGMA NU OFFICERS Curtis Meltzer Eminent Commander Gordon Taylor Lieutenant Commander Gene Show Recorder Robert Heath Treasurer HISTORY Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1 869. Colors; Black, White and Gold. Flower; White Rose. Publication; The Delta. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1889. Page 378 Here we go . . . Teedy TD ' s . . . " Challenging Chef " Fountain ' s efficiency as dining-room manager equaled only by his inefficiency as " Bewildered Bookie " . . . Tube teeters terribly as Watts wins. Having finished upstairs redecoration, Psi be- gins on dining-room and bar . . . " Stevensoners " tire of TV as timely tallies tell the tale and leave early November 4 . . . Cato comes calling . . . Duke, wrathful wrestler . . . What ' s it to you, Blinky? Little Willie and Charlotte Austin consume three fifths of France ' s best . . . Mundy marvels over at- tractive arrangements . . . Poppleton ' s perpetual party, and still he Phi Bete ' s . . . Harris comes through with many A ' s and its presidency . . . Come now men, what ' s the secret? Perennially among the top 4 in intramurals, Psi takes an astronomical leap in scholastics . . . How many tonight, Beeker? [ yj SIGMA NU PLEDGES First Row: Turner Boss, Billy Duke, Dick Porter, James Horper, Jack Moore • Second Row: Jack Hood, Tommy Hopkins, George Horris, Benny Phillips, Sidney Dixon • Third Row: Jim MeCreedy, Lee Holmes, Pete Brumley, Bob Kimsey, Louis Bass, Alex I " l u ' iS " Mitchell • Fourth Fourth: Roy White, Sonny Beall, Henry Carpenter, J. H. McCombs, Jim Boyette, Jim Marlowe, Page 379 Top Row, left to right: Roger Ackermon, Robert S. Colbert, Jock Edwards, Charles A. Friedman, Norman W. Goldin, Corl Goldtorb, Donald Goldstein, Leroy Goodman • Bottom Row; Alan Gordon, Leonard Grodsky, Jack Handler, Bernard Herman, Sidney Kalin, Ron Levin, Alvin Levine, Gary Levinson. TAU EPSILON PH TAU EPSILON PHI PLEDGES First Row: Leroy Pearlmon, Harold Schwartz, Marshall Woldman, Steve Ross, Ben Lubin • Second Row: Larry Moslow, Jerry Roth, Bob Pollard, Elliot Solomon, Joe Berkoff • Third Row: Dick Kushinsky, Stan Stern, Allan Swersky, Don Schneider, Bob Kushner, Marty Alpert, Bob Kreigsmon, Calib Steinberg, Jerry Einhorn, Dove Garmise, Burnett Mendleson. Leonard Cline, Ben Morks, Steve Schoeman, Ira Davis • Not Pictured: Fred Lipmon. Page 380 II 1 S If K Top Row, leH to right: Richord Levy, Herbert Meyer, Kenneth M. Myers, Judson Novins, Murray Politis, Ronald S. Prince, Richard W. Pritchard, Harold Rabhan • Bottom Row: Arnold F. Schild, Richard Schwartz, Samuel L. Strause, Harvey Tilles, Irwin Vinnik, Robert Zucker, William E. Zuckerman. OFFICERS Norman Goldin Chancellor Irv Vinnick Vice-Chancel lor Ken Myers Scribe Richard Pritchard Bursar HISTORY Founded at Columbia University in 1910. Colors: Purple and White. Flowers: Lily of the Valley; Violet. Publication: The Plume. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1924. Tau Epsilon Phi was founded on October 19, 1910, at Columbia University by a group of ten men who desired to perpetuate the friendships they had mode with eoch other long after they had gradu- ated from college. The founders were not merely satisfied to organize just another Greek letter org- anization but were imbued with the ideal of es- tablishing a fraternity of Friendship, Chivalry, and Service . . . one that would judge their fellows not by their name or wealth but by their worth as men. These ideals were incorporated in the Creed of Tau Epsilon Phi. Omega Chapter was founded here at Carolina by 10 young men who held the same basic principles as their predecessors. Since that time, the fra- ternity has grown with leaps and bounds, so that today there are 40 active brothers, with over 200 alumni. Page 381 Top Row, left to right: Clinton Andrews, Bill Beck, Corlyle Compbell, Jed Daniel, Bill Dellinger • Botton Row: Ronold Goodman, Jerry Kefalos, Ted Lee, Henry Lewis, Steve Morcinko. THETA CHI HISTORY OFFICERS Founded at Norwich University, Norwich, Vermont, Alan R. Perry President jn- 1 856. Neil B. Glenn Vice-President Colors: Military Red and White. Bill Eeilinger , Secretary Flower: Red Carnation. Jerry Defalas Treasurer Publication: The Rattle of Theta Chi. Henry B. Lewis Pledge Marshal Established at the University of North Carolina in 1920. THETA CHI PLEDGES First Row: Gene Carson, Jomes Taylor, Bill Johnson, Al Swan. Second Row: Mack Moore, Don Monroe, Bob White, Paul McCauley. Page 282 Top Row, left to right: Bob Osborne, Al Perry, Herbert Pendergroft, Jr., Don Phillips, Robert Pollard • Bottom Row: Al Samuel, Gary Sluder, Jim White, Walter Yopp. Another year rolling by . . . and we can ' t forget: 16 of the best pledges yet . . . with Circum as pledge trainer assistant . . . with HBL his boss . . . Homecoming party, hmmm . . . Duke party, we open the new " lounge " . . . Goodbye to the seniors; Nose, Bird Dog, Jerry, Rag, and the rest (what ' s in a name?) . . . Several get married, as usual . . . Several get their pins back with Dear Johns, as usual . . . Point of . . . point of personal something-or-other, says The Thing . . . Yer outa order! We ' ll also remember the " Inactives " . . . And the famous 2nd Monday Games . . . And waking up Sunday morning to see our sign stolen again, all in fun . . . Ah, the Dream Girl Dance . . the Beach . . . Rosa, Luigi, Pasquale . . . Sorry, boys, couldn ' t get all yo all in . . . Page 383 ZETA BETA TAU Top Row, left fo right: Richard Adelsheim, Seymour Bane, Arthur Borbanell, Martin Berger, Peter Block, Alan Burnham, Herbert Cohn, Arthur Einstein, Ten Frankel • Bottom Row: Alan Heilig, Henry Isaacson, Barry Kalb, Ronald Lampert, Albert Marx, Mitchell Novit, Eugene Oberdorfer, II, Harold Storr, Louis Woltsheimer. OFFICERS Eugene Oberdorfer, II President Mitchell Novit Vice-President Alan Heilig Secretary Lewis Simon Treasurer Peter Block Historian HISTORY Founded at Central College, New York City, in 1902 Colors: Blue and Gold. Publications: Z.B T. Quarterly; Alpha Pioneer. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1927. Page 384 Five seniors now working hard for Uncle Sam . . . ten top pledges secured to ably fill in the ranks , . . Dismal Doozier working in Intelligence, house speechless as Stalin cheers . . . Einstein dates twice, fra- ternity reorders hormone shots . . . Sidelle forces issue — Frankel loses pin ... 121 West Rosemary invaded by Goucher for Homecoming . . . foundations sag after All-Campus Cocktail Party . . . The Return of Sarah Ann or Who ' s Next? . . . Lampert loses ring as price of Gold goes up . . . house quiets down as Mad Man Mink becomes government property . . . EO runs fraternity, Marx runs track. Block runs mouth . . . Pledges date! MiGawd! . . . ulcer chopped away by Old Forester as Lou returns to party ranks . . . 26th Anniversary — Fabulous! . . . Cohn: WC, SP, PP . . . Surprise! Joan gets ring from Barry . . . Novit goes to Seattle . . . ABIE decides to graduate, house aghast . . . sun burn gives way to moon-burn as spring beach party howling success . . , glorious year for Alpha Pi ZETA BETA TAU PLEDGES First Row: Joy Goldberg, Louis Sherman, Skip Nelson, Ai Resnick • Second Row: Howie Reese, Fred Rosenberg, Louis Kraor, Paul Gartzmon • Third Row: Jay Cohen, Ben Marks, Charles Katzenstein. Page 385 First Row, left to right: Alex Barnes, Jimmy Barnes, Bill Browner, Lodson Boyle, Joe Brewer, Ed Brown, Alfred Bryant, Chip Bryont, Hugh Chapman • Second Row: Mark Dickerson, William Evons, Edward Gauss, Jim Glover, Arthur Gregory, Miles Gregory, Edward Haines, Jim Turley, Eorl Johnson • Third Row: Walton Joyner, Bob Lambeth, Skipper MacMillan, Richord Owen, Harry Peorsoll, Alfred Purrington, Jullian Robertson, Horace Robinson, Kenneth Smith • Fourth Row: Swoin Stephenson, James Thorp, John Thorp, Bob Trundle, Charles Wotkins, Bob Williomson, Chorles Winston, Jim Winston, ZETA PSI OFFICERS Charles Winston President Ladson Boyle Vice-President John Thorp Treasurer James Glover Secretory HISTORY Founded at New York University in 1 847. Colors: Gold and White. Flower: White Carnation. Publication: Circle of Zeta Psi. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1858. Page 386 Here come those motorcycles (zoom!) . . . the leather jacket men are here . . . back again for another fine year. The Intramural athletes working hard as ever, after walking off with the champion- ship in ' 52 . . . congratulations also in order for winning the outstanding chapter award! Library teams greatly aiding the skyrocketing scholastic average (excluding the smooth activities of our " social butterflies " ). The big week-ends . . . Ger- mans, and occasional Va. trips were highlights of a terrific partying season . . . the " Game " proved popular (eh!!). Farewell lucky grads! And with cocktail glasses softly tinkling in the backroom, the Zetes close a truly great 94th year at Carolina. ZETA PSI PLEDGES First Row: Seabury Throp, Irvin Wotkins, Chic Young. Second Row: Dicl Gozart, Pot Eldridge, Chorlie Aycoclc. Page 287 Joe ' s Place — ho ircuts, pondos. licker. She punts for us, too. " I ' m a Tar Heel born . . . ! " reefers. The new white hope. " No w, this is between you and Tie. " We don ' t kn w either. " We just got bock fror n Dook! " Diar ninoacetaltribromo alcohol P. J " We don ' t 9 ve a damn for . . Gung have pah-ty. Chain gang. " Ugh-h-h! " " Our piotfor T1- -A bigger mor s rounded budget, or b jst! " Familiar dorm scene — women ' s dorm. Winners of annual 2 day — 500 gallon classic pose wearing boots they drank from. Notice the construction, flexibility, ond overall beauty — the chair, stupid! " . . . slure I can drive ... I ' m slober as a fluge! " We wish to thank these advertisers, whose cooperation is deeply appreciated. Remember them, won ' t you? Andrews Restaurant Baldwin ' s The Bank of Chapel Hill Berman ' s Department Store E. A. Brown Furniture Co. Carolina Barber Shop Carolina Flower Shop Carolina Inn Caroline Pharmacy Carolina Theater Caston Motor Co. Charlotte Engraving Co. Chatham Manufacturing Co. Chesterfield Cigarettes Coble Dairy Products Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Colonial Stores Dairy Bar Dillon Supply Co. Durham Court and Guest Home Durham Herald-Sun Papers Ellis-Stone Fitch Lumber Co. Foister ' s Camera Store Fowler ' s Food Store Hazzard Motor Co. Honeycutt Cleaners Hong Kong Restaurant Huggins Hardware Intimate Bookshop Jerry The Tailor Julian ' s College Shop The King Cotton Hotel Kingsport Press Lassiter Corp. Little Shop Long Meadow Farms Claude M. May Micheal ' s Famous Food Milton ' s Clothing Cupboard Ming Tree Restaurant William C. Olsen Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. The Pines Poe Motor Company T. W. Poe and Sons Rathskeller and Ranch House Reeves Service Station Riggsbee-Hinson Furniture Co. Robbins Sanitary Fish Market and Restaurant Sloan Drug Co. Smith-Prevost Cleoners Strowd Motor Co. Sutton Drug Co. Town Campus Tyler ' s Esso Servicenter Unicorn Bookshop University Cleaners University Florist University Lodge University Printery University Service Station Varsity Theater WCHL Waller and Smith Studio Watts Grill Wentworth and Sloan Jewelers West Franklin Street Luncheonette IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE . . Page 390 w 00 CHESTERFIELD HAS PREMIUM QUALITY REGULAR KING-SIZE j ltd f liL££ You are cordially invited to visit the world ' s most modern cigarette factory in Durham, N. C. to see how Chesterfields are made. Compliine ils of COBLE DAIRY PRODUCTS LEXINGTON, N. C. Best of Luck to the Class of J953 TOWN CAMPUS ff en d L lotkina Monk Jennings. UNC ' 49 Bob Cox. UNC ' 48 Page 392 Foister ' s Camera Store, Inc. Photographic Supplier for the Professional and Amateur Photographer CHAPEL HILL. N. C. THE KIIVC. . COTTOIX 1 Greensboro ' s Finest Hotel HAYWOOD DUKE, Manager iMMiiiiitt SANITARY FISH MARKET AND RESTAURANT Morehead City, N. C. Open 11:30 A. M. to 8:30 P. M. Every Day Year Round ' Tony " Seamon " Ted " Garner Page 393 Compliments of DILLON SUPPLY COMPANY Mill — Industrial and Contractors Supplies Plumbing — Heating Equipment it Raleigh — Durham — Rocky Mount Goldsboro Continuous Quality Durham Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Durham. N. C. Cobb Dorm GENERAL CONTRACTORS Durham, N. C. Telephone 5-9701 T. W. POE and SONS INCORPORATED Builders of: Cobb Dorm Mclver Dorm The Monogram Club The Medical Research Lab. Page 394 iltllon ' fi Chapel Hill, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. SIROWD MOTOR COMPANY CHAPEL HILL, N. C. 1 We are proud to have served LIniversity of North Carolina students and Staff with FORD products for 38 years. Flowers Fit For A Queen Ulmi erdltu lonit ROBBINS BUILDING CAROLINA PHARMACY CHAPEL HILL Rexall Drugs Philip Lloyd, Owner Page 395 Good Luck, Class of ' 53 Julian ' s; College Mov Maurice Julian. Class of " 38 THE CAROLINA THEATER Appreciates Your Patronage NORTH CAROLINA THEATERS. INC. The Corner Hangout . For Prescriptions For Fountain Service SLOAN DRUG CO. On the Corner Across from Theater CLAUDE M. MAY Faiiitiiiij:. Papering and Decorating 105 . CmpKL Hill St. «» Telephone 6939 DIKHAM. NORTH CAROLINA HONG KONG American-Chinese Restaurant " If here jood is different " Durham Road Chapel Hill. N. C. POE MOTOR COMPANY For DeSOTO-PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Page 396 Cliath makes an am g ood ketsi Chatham Manufacturing Company, Elkin, North Caroline Page 397 Good Sandiviches at WEST FRANKLIN STREET LUNCHEONETTE Next to the Bus Station Chapel Hill FOR NEWSPAPER SERVICE. DIAL 9-7811 L onafatuiations to tke L iaSS of 1y5 n J) FROM THE Burftam jWorning ?|eralb DAILY AND SUNDAY AND ' THE DURHAM SUN EVENING Chapel Hill ' s FAVORITE Daily Newspapers The Herald-Sun Papers and Durham ' s CBS Stations WDNC and WDNC-FM Are Affiliated THE UNIVERSITY SERVICE STATION for Texaco and Firestone products and Complete One-Stop Service at Franklin and Columbia Streets Page 39S THE RATHSKELLER imported and domestir • WINES • BEER • ALE PIZZA PIES 9 FUN FOR ALL CHOICE CHARCOALED STEAKS . for those who are enough . . . THE RAXIH HOI »E URPORT ROAD Coiiiiraliilalioiis to the Class oj 1953 PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Durham — Burlingluii HONEYCUTT CLEANERS Manly Honeycutt. Manager Dial 3-1696 RALEIGH, N. C. " Serving VNC Dormitories ' Compliments oj the E. A. BROWI Furniture Qnd Electrical Appliance COMPANY Phone 7121 106 W. Rosemary St.. Next to City Hall Page 399 L ompliments of FITCH LUMBER COMPANY Thanking vou jor your patronage WENTWORTH SLOAN JEWELERS Here ' s a Bird You ' ll Want to Know! Graduate to Greater Food Savings At Your Friendly COLONIAL STORE Chapel Hill. N. C. Durham ' s Best Store Since 1886 The shopping center for re Eastern and Piedmont Caro who demand the l e?t in f quality. MAIN STREET — DURH jresentative ina women ashion and AM, N. C. Page 400 uieiLER flno smiTH l kotoarapkerd OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE YACKETY YACK 12 EAST HARGETT STREET RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA Page 401 enjoT THE PINES ieakM and Seafood At Their Verr Best UNIVERSITY lODGE Carolina s Finest Motel CHAPEL HILL, N. C. FOUULER ' S FOOD STORE ALL KINDS FRESH MEATS. GROCERIES. AND COUNTRY PRODUCE FISH AND OYSTERS IN SEASON For Delivery Phone 9-416 Cha pel Hill. N. C. Page 402 f j— !• 1 k. ' j - .■ _ ' 1 i | 9 £j 1 i if 1 i M n „ 1 z The BANK OF CHAPEL HILL Member F. D. I. C. — Clyde Eubanks Collier Cobb. Jr. President Vice-President ' . R. ( :iierrv W. E. Thompson J. Temple Gobbel Asst. Cashier Executive Vice-President Cashier Serving the University Community Since 1899 ■K. AJik. jm.A. ■ ' m fe " ■i Bi ii di M .j riliyiijfljHI iiiai mssSi .-ji nfTnirjjm ST ' " : 1 B :....... UNICORN BOOKSHOP Above Sutton ' s Drug Store Phone 9-6173 Compliments oj Hazzard Motor Company GENERAL MOTORS DEALER Sales and Service .501 W. Franklin St. — Chapel Hill, N. C. Page 403 The Carolina Inn Hosts for the University on all occasions 1 Opcnitino j Dining Room dini The Qiro iihi Inn Gi chrici . it Berman ' s Department Store KSTABLISHED 1914 SUTTONS AGENCY DRUGS Page 404 The L ittle Sho Headquarters for Carolina Coeds • P WCHL L onqratu la tioni TO ANOTHER GRADUATING CLASS CAROLINA BARBER SHOP " Since 1903 " -A The best place in Chapel Hill for quick snacks, quality ice cream, fountain service, along with a wholesome atmosphere and courteous serv- ice to please the Carolina student. Page 405 Home oj incomparable Chinese and American Foods THE MING TREE RESTAURANT Air Conditioned 520 Providence Road CHARLOTTE. NORTH CAROLINA Durham Court and Guest House Between Durham and Chapel Hill Recommended by Duncan Nines THE UNIVERSITY PRINTERY " Hank " Harrington E. Franklin Street Chapel HiU lor . . . Gulflex Lubrication Washing Gulf Tires All Gulf Products REEVES SERVICE STATION (111 W. Franklin Street Phone 9-437 Page 406 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 53 " The Dairy Store " West Franklin Street . » ' « ' « ' «. m i m mi s MA M C MH(n(f ' Pre4 Vf Va n Products CHAPEL HILL DURHAM ROXBORO Compliments of UNIVERSITY CLEANERS mSSEm tuviet CLEANING PRESSING Chapel Hill, N. C. Post Office Corner Phone 4921 Compliments of THE VARSITY THEATER Carolina Floiver Shop Opposite Post Office Michael ' s Famous Food 108 Henderson Street Chapel Hill, N. C. Page 407 WILLIAM C. OLSEN CONSULTING ENGINEER Raleigh, N. c. DESIGNING AND SUPERVISING ENGINEER FOR INIVERSITY POWER AND HEATING PLANT INIVERSITY WATER PIRIFICATION PLANT ANDREWS RESTAURANT 423 W. Franklin St. " We serve only the best food " Wherever ou Go Whatever You Do Good books are as close as your nearest mailbox THE INTIMATE BOOKSHOP 205 E. Franklin Street TYLERS E SSO SERVICENTER West Franklin at Church Phone 2221 (.(implimeiits oj RIGGSBEE -HINSON FURNITURE COMPANY Home of Beauty-Rest Mattresses- -Hotpoint Appliances Main Stre et Carrboro. N. C. Phone £ 821 Page 408 Covers by Kingskraft KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE CASTON MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Sales and Service DODGE — PLYMOUTH Dodge Trucks 419 W. Franklin St. Phone 9-421 JtKKY — he aiio, • Franklin Street ' Press while you wail " WATTS GRILL and MOTOR COURT Acconiniodations for Dinner Parties On Pittsboro Highway Phone 9-5886 Page 409 J : H LASSITER CORPORATION CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSE THE 1953 YACKETY YACK INCOME Student Fees $20,009.08 Advertising 37.50 Organizational Space 196.34 Hush Money from Daily Tar Heel Editor 502.41 Rebate from Printer .10 $20,745.43 EXPENSES Lassiter Corp : $ 202.20 Waller and Smith Studio 29.03 Charlotte Engraving Company 95.76 Photo Lab 1 .50 Supplies .52 Editor ' s Cadillac 4,515.15 Business Manager ' s Chrysler 3,800.05 Managing Editor ' s Vacation 3,407.00 Sports Editor ' s Debts to Bookies 3,501 .96 Staff Salaries 1,660.58 Staff Beer Bust 400.00 Kick-back to Campus Wheels 1,713.69 Petty Graft 10.00 Steaks and Beverages 359.21 Contribution to Tarnation 1 ,000.00 Peanuts and Popcorn 48.78 $20,745.43 April 1, 1953 Page 412 ■ AiP K ' i l K ' " ' tS K ' " " |,S T . ' " " ' ' Kr m MihSL jij Mmm ©mega amma iHu 3ota SIGMA OMEGA BETA CHAPTER National Executive Offices Room 204 Graham Memorial ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP: Robert S. Colbert Russell S. Cowell Rolfe Neill Louis Kraar William Roth William Stonestreet Ken Penegar Jim Schenck Don Geiger Duke Whiting Joyce Doughty Carolyn Reichard Walter M. Dear, II Biff Roberts Hamilton C. Horton Edward B. Gross Solomon Cherry Betty Jean Schoeppe Helen Gustafson William B. Neely H. Clay Johnson Steve Perrow Tom Lloyd Ruffin Woodv Marshall Cline Allyn Norton Thomas McDonald Sarah Jane Capps Ken Barton Tom Alexander Jackie Brooks Henry Cheeny The Sigma Omega Beta Chapter of OGMI was formed at UNC in the fall of 1951. its diverse functions ore reflected in the activities and contributions of its select membership. Officers for the year are: Bob Colbert and Russ Cowell, Co-Presidents; Ed Gross, Chairman of the Illicit Funds Committee; Bill Stonestreet, Comptroller of Pornographic Photography. Page 413 INDEX Activities 228 Ads 389 Administration 23 Air Force ROTC 165 Alpha Delta Pi 320 Alpha Gamma Delta 322 Alpha Kappa Psi 296 Alpha Phi Omega 298 Alpha Tau Omega 340 Amphoterothen Society 317 Arnold Air Society 178 Athletics 184 Baptist Student Union 236 Baseball 192 Basketboll 194 Beauty Section 272 Beta Gamma Sigma 299 Beta Theta Pi 342 Cardboard, The 191 Carolina Communications Club 237 Carolina Forum 238 Carolina Independent Coed Board 239 Carolina Ploymakers 240 Carolina Political Union 239 Carolina Quarterly 241 Cheerleaders 190 Chi Omega 324 Chi Phi 344 Chi Psi 34 6 Classes 34 Consolidated University Student Council 243 Contents 25 Cosmopolitan Club 242 Cross Country 197 Doily Tar Heel 234 Debate Council 244 Dentistry, School of 126 Delta Delto Delta 326 Delta Kappa Epsilon 348 Delta Sigma Pi 300 Delta Upsilon 350 Dialectic Senate 245 Eta Delta 311 Fencing Club 210 Fraternities 288 Freshmen 112 Football 198 German Club 336 Gimghoul 302 Golf 211 Gorgon ' s Head Lodge 303 Graduate School 132 Graham Memorial Student Union 248 Gymnastics 212 Hillel Foundation 250 Honoraries 278 Index to Advertisers 390 Interfraternity Council 334 Intramural Sports 224 Juniors 84 Kappa Alpha 352 Kappa Delta 328 Kappa Epsilon 306 Kappa Psi 304 Kappa Sigma 354 Lacrosse 213 Laestrygonian Chowder and Marching Society, The 317 Lambda Chi Alpha 356 Law, School of 136 Library Science, School of 140 Medicine, School of 142 Men ' s Glee Club 251 Page 414 NDEX Men ' s Honor Council 270 Men ' s Inter-Dormitory Council 264 Monogram Club 1 86 Naval ROTC 159 North Carolina Student Legislature Assembly 259 Nursing, School of 146 Orientation Committee 260 Order of the Golden Bear 318 Order of the Golden Fleece 290 Order of the Grail, The 292 Order of the Minataurs 307 Order of the Old Well, The 291 Order of the Sheiks 308 Panhellenic Council 332 Pharmacy Senate 152 Pharmacy, School of 1 53 Phi Alpha Delta 309 Phi Beta Kappa 294 Phi Delta Chi 310 Phi Delta Theta 358 Phi Eta Sigma 312 Phi Gamma Delta 360 Phi Kappa Sigma 362 Philanthropic Assembly 252 Philosophical Society of 1799 316 Pi Beta Phi 330 Pi Kappa Alpha 364 Pi Kappa Phi 366 Pi Lambda Phi 368 Public Health, School of 148 Publications Board 271 Rho Chi Society 313 Saint Anthony Hall 370 Scabbard and Blade 164 Semper Fidelis Society 180 Seniors 36 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 372 Sigma Alpho Iota 314 Sigma Chi 376 Sigma Nu 378 Sigma Phi Epsilon 374 Soccer 214 Sophomores 1 00 Sororities 320 Stray Greeks 333 Student Council 266 Student Entertainment Committee 243 Student Government 262 Student Legislature 267 Swimming 215 Tarnation 241 Tau Epsilon Phi 380 Tennis 218 Theta Chi 382 " 13 " Club Members 315 Town Girl ' s Association 253 Track 219 UNC Bond 189 University Club 1 88 University Dance Committee 254 University Party 255 Valkyries, The 293 Wesley Foundation 242 Women ' s Glee Club 258 Women ' s Honor Council 268 Women ' s Residence Council 269 Women ' s Sports 221 Wrestling 210 Yackety Yack 230 YMCA 246 YWCA 256 Zeta Beta Tau 384 Zeta Psi 386 Page 415 SENIOR HOME ADDRESSES Continued from Page 83 Hogan, Michael H., Jr. 1 18 E. Duval St. Philadelphia, Pa. Hogon, Morris Gillam, Jr. Box 9132 Asheville, N. C. Hogg, Donald William 581 Irving Ave. Astoria, Oregon Holmes, Catherine Ann 5 Grubb St. Hertford, N. C. Holmes, Samuel Seymour, Jr Box 445 Fernandino, Flo. Hood, Frank Lee, 111 23 Bueno Vista Rd. Asheville, N. C. Hood, William Hamilton Box 575 Chapel Hill, N. C. Hooke. William McC ' ure 1002 Fairmont St. Greensboro, N. C. Hooks, Edgar Wright, Jr. RED 1 Kenly, N. C. Hooper, Walter McGehee 802 LawsonviUe Ave. Reidsville, N. C. Hopkins, Thomas Gregory 1 14 S. Main St. Reidsville, N. C. Hord, Helen Rhea Rt. 1 Church Hill, Tenn, Horton, Hamilton Cowles, Jr 740 Oaklown Ave. Winston-Salem, N. C. Horton, Olive Max RED New Hill, N. C. Horton, Walter Lee, Jr Box 6124 Raleigh, N. C. Hosick, Thomas Allen 2024 Colonial Place Winston-Solem, N. C. Houser, Mary Grace 410 S. Elm St. Cherryville, N. C. Hoyt, Ruth Mary 49 Pork Ave. Teoneck, N. J. Hudson, Hinton Gardner 303 Arbor Rd. Winston-Salem, N. C. Huff, Willis Wilton 186 Daniels Rd. Chapel Hill, N. C. Hulse, Barbara Ann 19 Bell St. Bellport, Long Island, N. Y. Hulth, Peter Thorleif, Jr. 1 1 1 Screven St. Georgetown, S. C. Hunt, Ralph Palmer Rt, 6, Box 1 Lexington, N. C. Hunter, John Robert 3834 W. First St. Winston-Salem, N. C. Huntley, Rex Reynolds 105 Rockway Dr. Chorlotte, N. C. Hurd, Joseph H. 207 Watts St. Durham, N. C. Hurley, James Franklin, III 610 Club Dr. Salisbury, N. C Hurst, James Paul, Jr. 129 Rowan St. Chorlotte, N. C. Hutchens, Mory Jane Greenwood Dr. High Point, N. C. Hyatt, Chestley Julian, Jr 225 S. Cherry St. Winston-Salem, N. C. Hyre, John Robert 333 Green St. Rutherfordton, N. C. Icenhour, Claude Tuttle 416 N. Roxboro St. Durham, N. C. Icenhour, James Otis 2405 University Dr. Durham, N. C. Ide, Nancy Louise 208 Park Dr. Tuckahoe 7, N. Y. Ingram, Robert Colerran, Jr 8 Kenilworth Rd. Asheville, N. C. Irvin, Charles Watson, Jr 2102 W. Market St. Greensboro, N. C. Isoacs, Robert LaFollette 412 E. Tremont Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Iseley, Alfred Henry, Jr. 619 Summit Ave. Greensboro, N. C. Ives, Ulmont Elliot Lot 53, UNC Trailer Ct, Chopel Hill, N. C. Izlar, Mrs. Donna H. 4001 2 McCauley St. Chapel Hill, N. C. Izlar, William Henry 400 ' 2 McCouley St. Chapel Hill, N. C. Jackson, David Kent 31 1 Monroe St. High Point, N. C. Jackson, Robert Beaumont 607 Colonial Dr. High Point, N. C. Jocobi, Joan 2732 Columbia Ave, Wilmington, N. C. James, Benjamin Escott, Jr 1027 Arbor Ln. Jacksonville 7, Flo. James, William Stuart Box 302 Chatham, Vo, Jomieson, Sandra Kittie 714 N. Boulevard Deland, Flo. Jamison, John Watts 1716 Jefferson St. Charlotte, N. C. Johnson, Aubrey Robert, Jr 870 Courtenoy Dr., N. E. Atlanta, Go. Johnson, Charles Borden 101 N. Park Dr. Greensboro, N. C. Johnson, Charles Henry Rt. 2 Clayton, N. C. Johnson, Charles Reid Rt. 3 Winston-Salem, N. C. Johnson, David Aaron, Jr, Rt. 5 Goldsboro, N. C. Johnson, Duane Clarence 419 Walnut Ave. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Johnson, George Russell Box 372 Four Oaks, N. C. Johnson, Henry Cloy, Jr 1225 Summitt Ave. Roanoke, Va. Johnson, Jomes Paul, Jr 418 Carolina Cir. Durham, N. C. Johnson, William Re 45 White Fawn Dr. Asheville, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. .lohnston, Thomas David 1012 W. Rowan Foyetteville, N. C. Jones, Horry Harley 1019 Vornum St., N.E. Washington 17, D. C, Jones, Mary Ellen 3425 Tuxedo Rd., N. W. Atlanta, Go. Jones, Patricia Ann 125 E. Lokewood Rd. West Palm Beach, Flo, Jones, Potricio Anne 212 Mclver St. Greenville, S. C. Jones, Paula Ruth 6 Bennett Flot River, Mo. Jones, Roberta Sharon Hills Rd. Chorlotte, N. C. Jones, William R. 15 Justice St. Chocel Hill, N. C. Jordan, Samuel Thomas 2729 Ontario Rd., N. W Washington, D. C. Joyce, Dorothy Engel 48-A Univ. Tr. Ct, Chapel Hill, N. C. Joyner, Francis Long 403 S. Deans St. Wilson, N. C. Jurecic, Anton 210 Henderson St. Chapel Hill, N. C. Kalb, Barrett Franklin 25 Highland Ave. Moplewood, N. J. Kalin, Sidney 805 5th Ave. W Hendersonville, N, C. Katz, Brendo Suzanne 1423 Briarcliff Rd,, N, E. Atlanta, Go. Keefe, Mary Morscholl Box 1924 North Miami, Flo. Kefolos, Jerry 927 Hawthorne Rd, Wilmington, N. C, Keilom, Mary Umsteod 399 Parkway Dr. Athens, Go. Kellv, Alice Carol 1879 Louden Hqts. Rd. Charleston, W, Vo, Kelso, Joseph Kenneth 2122 Lennox Rd. Richmond, Vo. Kennedy, Charles Hugh 217 N. Salisbury St. Raleigh, N. C. Kennedy, Everette F. 47 Fryling St. Concord, N. C. Kennedy, Wiley Ootes, Jr 417 Moyford Ln, Houston 22, Tex, Kessing, Jonas Warren 15-F Glen Lennox Apts, Chapel Hill, N. C. King, Delton Graham Rt. 3 Foyetteville, N. C. Kirby, Betty Ann 734 Arbor Rd. Winston-Salem, N. C. Kirby, Carl Mumford 1 1 26 Anderson St. Wilson, N. C. Klostermyer, Sandra Lee 49 Marlborough Rd. Asheville, N. C. Knighten, Edna Ruth 920 Foirview Montgomery, Ala, Kostic, Thomas Francis Box 492 Chapel Hill, N. C, Kotsionis, Horry 604 4th St. High Point, N, C. Kottmeier, Jane 333 N. Ivanhoe Blvd. Orlondo, Flo. Krell, Jacqueline Yvonne 4-F Cornell Arms Columbia, SC Kreps, Robert Lord 32 Wilkinson PI. Trenton 8, N. J. Kurosh, Joan Helene 211 Central Pk. W, New York, N. Y. Lackey, Nora Frances 227 Cherry St. Mount Airy, N. C. Lomont, Louise Box I 148 Chapel Hill, N. C. Loney, Emsley Armfield, . 1 123 Magnolia PI. Wilmington, N. C, Longdon, F. Hompton Rt. 3 Four Oaks, N, C. Lawson, Richard Brooke, , 1403 S. Main St. Hopkinsville, Ky. Leory, Thomas Edison 112 McGloglon St. Ahoskie, N. C. Ledford, Ruth Marie Hope Valley Rd., Box 72 Durham, N. C. Ledwell, Edwin Mangum, 1924 N, Independence Bh Chorlotte, N, C, Leighton, Henry P. 427 W. Cameron Ave. Chapel Hill, N. C. Leonard, Joel Rt. 4 Lexington, N. C. Lesslie, Gordon Fleming 126 White Fort Mill, S. C. Lester, Bill S. 2723 Azalea Dr. Greensboro, N. C. Lester, James Cory 2508 Fariway Dr., S. W. Roanoke, Va. Lester, John Edward RFD 1 Stoneville, N. C. Levey, Jody 3007 W. Grove Richmond 21, Levitz, Hilbert 109 Walnut Lebanon, Pa. Lewis, Henry B 3302 Hall PI. Raleigh, N. C. Lewis, Henry Euge Rt. 6, Box 580 Charlotte, N. C. Johnston, Charles Albert, Jr. , ' 224 Willon Ln. Kirby, Garland Richard Lewis , Joanne Male Decatur, Ga. 3104 Rush Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Wove riy, Pa. Johnston, Margoref Sikes Lewis, Robert Luthf 1333 Providence Rd. Kirkpatrick, Robert Colvin Robbi ns, N. C. Lewis, Walter Penn, Jr, Box 1204 Winston-Salem, N. C. Liberoti, Ernest A. 186-A Jackson Cir. Chapel Hill, N. C. Lievsoy, John Edward 2 UNC Tr. Ct. Pittsboro Rd. Chapel Hill, N. C. Liles, Joanne 3025 Randolph Dr. Raleigh, N. C. Lindemon, Mary Elizabeth Holly Rd. at 43rd St. Virginia Beach, Vo. Linder, James Baxter 61 1 N. Mendenholl St. Greensboro, N. C. Lindler, James Henry Gen. Del. Sherrill ' s Ford, N. C. Little, Daniel Lobon, Jr. 123 S. 5th St. Albemarle, N. C. Litzenberger, Eorle Dudley Lehigh Univ. Bethlehem, Pa. Lingerfeldt, Robert Dewey Box 811 Gostonia, N. C. Lindley, James Gunn 112 Fisher Pk. Cir. Greensboro, N. C. Lively, Beverly Jean 304 Miller Ave, Bellepoint Hinton, W. Vo. New Bern, N. C. Llewellyn, Robert Cleve 81 Grove St. Concord, N. C. Lloyd, Thomas Henry, Jr 502 Pritchord Ave. Chapel Hill, N. C. Lofquist, George Worthe 17 D ' Arcy Ln. Asheville, N. C. Lonney, William Hugh 3640 Oliphant St. Son Diego, Calif. Lore, George Gill 51 1 S. 5th St. Smithfield, N. C. Lore, William Pickens 511 S. 5th St. Smithfield, N. C, Lowenstein, Dorothy L. 1 2 Cooper Rd. Scarsdale, N. Y. Lowry, Cecil Barrymore Gen. Del. Pembroke, N. C. Lowry, John C. Abernothy, Jr 2223 Friendly Rd. Greensboro, N. C. Page 416 SENIOR HOME ADDRESSES Lubs, Harold Richord 8 Riverside Dr. Charleston, 5, C. Lupton, Rufus Hector, Jr. 1 1 1 W. Gole St. Edenton, N. C. Lynch, Merre-Lyn 20 n Greenbriar Rd. Winston-Salem, N. C. MacCoy, Joan Dean 10 Cloremont Ave. Maplewood, N. J. MacDonold, William T. 519 W. Ridge Rd. Greensboro, N. C. MacGill, Charles Richard, Jr. 1005 Harvey St. Raleigh, N. C. MacHenry, Trueman Sulzer 954 S. Washington Casper, Wyo. MacKie, Martin Mahlon 1212 S. Hawthorne Winston-Salem, N. C. MacRoe, Charles Broadfoot, Jr Box 701 Chapel Hill, N. C. Maddie, Horold William 2072 Belmont Ave. Bronx 57, N. Y. Maddry, Eloise Freelond Rt. 2 Chapel Hill, N. C. Mallonee, Frank Buckner 201 N. Caswell Rd. Charlotte, N. C. Maner, Frederick Debe ' e 101 E. 45th St. Savannah, Ga. Mangum, Baxter Bryan, Jr. 1021 Minerva Ave. Durham, N. C. Marks, Mary Louise 23 Melrose Ave. Asheville, N. C. Marsh, Gil Ernest, Jr. 201 Montlieu St. Thomasville, N. C. Marshall, Robert Ellington, Jr. 1717 Conterbury Rd. Raleigh, N. C. Martin, Ann S. Box 149 East Bend, N. C. Martin, Billy 5. Rt. I Olin, N. C. Mason, Julian Dewey, Jr. Box 243 Williamston, N. C. Mason, Lawrence M. 51 5 Lomor Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Matthews, Harold Way, Jr 511 Cherry Leoksville, N. C. Matthews, Margaret M. Meadowbrook Pt. Norfolk, Vo. Mayfield, Thomas Fife 4607 Conn. Ave.. N. W. Washington, D. C. McAdams, Robert Eugene 1002 Fran klin St. Roonoke Rapids, N. C. McAllister, Thomas A. 1724 Beverly Dr. Charlotte, N. C. McBrayer, David Yates RED 3 Shelby, N. C. McCall, Thomas C. Box 52 Stedman, N. C. McCiomroch, Anne Snowden 514 Senloc Rd. Chopel Hill, N. C. McColl, Frances C. 105 Jennings St. Bennettsville, S. C. McCord, William L., Jr. 104 Laurel Hill Rd. Chapel Hill, N. C. McCormick, Donald Felix 54 Moolis Ave. Bloomfield, N. J. McCray, Sarah Eugenia 1921 Beverly Dr. Charlotte, N. C. McCutchen, Joan B. S. Acodemy St. Lincolnton, N. C. McDonald, Thomas C. RFD 2 Lithonia, Go. McGirf, John Show 1 Midway Dr. Asheville, N. C. McGowon, Milton Henry Box 389 New Bern, N. C. McGuirk, Martha T. 605 W. Union St. Morgonton, N, C. McKee, Marilyn Lee 4506 E. English Wichito, Kon. McKey, John, II Rt. 2 Putuey, Ver. McLoughlin, Edward D., Jr. 206 Fairway Dr. Anniston, Ala. McLawhon, Lyman Bonner 803 N. Independent St. Kinston, N. C. McLellond, William D. 30 W. McLellond Ave. Mooresville, N. C. McLeod, James C, Jr. 1102 Cherokee Rd. Florence, S. C. McNeill, Bobby B. 701 N. Main St. Roeford, N. C. Meltzer, C. Curtis 9777 N. E. 5th Ave. Rd. Miomi 38, Flo. Membery, Joan H. 2323 5. Atlantic Ave. Daytono Beach, Flo. Mickle, John Norwood, Jr 2030 Queen St. Winston-Salem, NC Middleton, Edwin Lee 1209 Ideol Way Charlotte, N. C. Midgett, Robert Parker 124 Bagley Dr. Chapel Hill, N. C. Milburn, William T. 7530 Gilmer Ave. Winston-Salem, N. C. Miller, Anne C. 430 Tift Ave. Albany, Ga. Miller, Max G. 202 West Ave. Hamlet, N. C. Miller, William Jomes 61 28 St., N. W. Hickory, N. C. Milliken, John R. 300 S. Main St. Monroe, N. C. Mills, Fred Carl, Jr Box 211 Henderson, N. C. Miner, Austin Charles 510 W. 4th St. Sonford, Flo. Minnis, Frederick T. 1930 Brantley St. Winston-Salem, N. C. Mitchell, Mary Louise Box 1559 Burlington, N. C. Mitchell, R. Roy, Jr. 2620 Beechwood St. Greensboro, N. C. Mitchum, Hugh C, Jr. 1914 Mecklenburg Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Mobley. Benjomin K. 1101 E. Camp St. Lake City, Flo. Moody, Jock O., Jr. Box 24 Cooleemee, N. C. Moon, Lloyd B. 101 S. Laurel Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Moore, Albert C. 1738 S. W. 15th St. Miami, Flo. Moore, Frank B. Box 508 New Bern, N. C. Moore, James T. 178 Bagley Dr. Chapel Hill, N. C. Moore, John Franklin Box 705 Lenoir, N. C. Moore, William P. 311 E. Edenton Raleigh, N. C. Moote, Jimmy Rt. I, Box 61 Wilmington, N. C. Morns, Mortha N. 100 Parkview Apts. Raleigh, N. C. Morton, John F. 414 W. Main St. Woshington, N. C. Mostella, Kenneth Wayne Rt. 1, Box 26 Draper, N. C. Motsinger, John, Jr. 1405 Ebert St. Winston-Salem, N. C. Mountcostle, Vernon B., J 1241 Alsace Rd. Reading, Pa. Murray, Billy Roger I 16 Bagley Dr. Chapel Hill, N. C. Murray, Carolyn F. 533 Parkway High Point, N. C. Myers, Charles H. 3754 McKinley St., N. W. Washington, D. C. Nahm, Carmen L. 1 35 W. Stetson DeLond, Fla. Nanney, Thomas Roy 2309 Shenandoah Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Neal, Fred Alton, Jr. 609 Stirling St. Greensboro, N. C. Neal, Roland T. Rt. 1 Durham, N. C. Near, Rebecca S. 23 Colonial Apts. Wilmington, N. C. Neely, James L. 721 Gotewood Ave. High Point, N. C. Neese, Kenneth Earle, Jr 61 1 Lancosta Ave. Monroe, N. C. Neill, Robert Lewis Rockford Rd. High Point, N. C. Nelson, Gertie 1608 N. Pine St. Lumberton. N. C. Nelson, Joe C. Rt. 3, Box 221 Kernersville. N. C. Nelson, Joseph H. 1524 Beal St. Rocky Mount, N. C. Newnam, Raymond Dewey, Jr 1133 Saint John St. High Point, N. C. Newton, Albert S. 128 Taylor St. Winston-Solem, N. C. Newton, Jean B. 819 Jersey Ave. Winston-Salem, N. C. Newton, Mary Wade 725 Cloremore Dr. West Palm Beach, Flo. Nichols, James George 920 Knollwood Ave. Winston-Solem, N. C. Noblitt, Mary Beam Merriwood Form, Rt. 1 Shelby, N. C. Noblitt, Perry M. 1 I 1 Cline Shelby, N. C. Norberg, Allan Kenneth 29-31 200 St. Boyside, N. Y. Norwood, Betsy 122 Cook St. Bennettsville, S. C. Novins, Judson S. 204 Mam St. Toms River, N. J. Oastler, Carmen 150 Beverly Rd. Atlanta, Ga. Oberdorfer, Eugene, II 1 173 Briorcliff Rd., N. E. Atlanta, Go. O ' Brien, Joseph William 3400 " B " St. Philodelphio, Pa. O ' Connor, James Richard 2 Beekman PI. New York 22, N. Y. Oettinger, Evelyn A. Harvey Cir. Kinston, N. C. Oglesby, Anne C. 26 Marsh St. Concord, N. C. Oldenbuttel, Margaret Ann 1839 Mimosa Dr. Greensboro, N. C. Oldham, Gerald M. Rt. 3 Chapel Hill, N. C. Osborne, Geneva Ann 829 Oakland St. Hendersonville, N. C. Osborne, Korl R. 519 S. Summit Ave. Chorlotte, N. C. Osborne, Robert W. 121 1 Madison Ave. Greensboro, N. C. O ' Neal, Jocquelyn Lee 302 Soring St. Louisburg, N. C. Overman, Charles E. N. Ellis Ave. Dunn, N. C. Owen, Jacqueline 1411 Via Tuscany Winter Park, Flo. Owen, John Richord 113 S. Pearl St. Rocky Mount, N. C. Pace, Robert Rt. 1 Morrisville, N. C. Page, Horvey A. 800 School St. Rocky Mount, N. C. Page, Jimmy Carl, Jr. Box 306 Henderson, N. C. Page, Williom Lee, III 408 W. Johnson St. Torboro, N. C. Painter, Richard J. 935 Corr St. Greensboro, N. C. Pontazis, Nick Steve 520 Nun St. Wilmington, N. C. Ponton, Richard Tyler 150 Bagley Dr. Vict. Vill. Chapel Hill, N. C. Papas, Makis Univ. Cafe Chapel Hill, N. C. Poppas, Thalia A. 222 N. Cecil St. Charlotte, N. C. Porham, Lester B. Box 354 Tabor City, N. C. Paris, Oscar Hall, Jr. ion N. Eugene St. Greensboro, N. C. Parker, John R., Jr. 819 Way St. Foyetteville, N. C. Parkins, Morion 508 Pntchord Chapel Hill, N. C. Parks, William H. Rt. 6 Lexington, N. C. Portin, Emmett M. 1916 Chapel Hill Rd. Durhom, N. C. Paschall, Mrs. Dorothy S. 2500 E. 5th St. Greenville, N. C. Patseovouras, John George 325 Western Ave. Rocky Mount, N. C. Patterson, Henry B. Hickory, N. C. Patterson, Robert K., Jr. 441 Pee Dee Ave. Albemarle, N. C. Payne. Garth H. 125 Eller St. Elkin, N. C. Pazdan, Joseph John 45 Heil Ave. Trenton, N. J. Peasley, Quintin Doy 69 Woodward Ave. Asheville, N. C. Peek, John M., Jr. 1829 Belleville Rd., S. W. Roanoke, Va. Peerson, James M., Jr. 1 18 Highland Ave. Burlington, N. C. Pelone, Francis W. 621 E. Tremont Ave. Chorlotte, N. C. Pendergroft, Herbert S., Jr. 513 E. Rosemary St. Chapel Hill, N. C. Page 417 SENIOR HOME ADDRESSES Perdue, Tyrus O. 151 Porker St. Henderson, N. C. Perrow, Waller Stephi Big Is. Rd. Bedford, Vo. Perry, Alan R. 2026 Sharon Ln. Charlotte, N. C. Perry, Dan E. 908 West Rd. Kinston, N. C. Philips, Walter E., Jr. Colonial Apts. 34 Wilson, N. C. Phillips, Elizabeth An Box 415 Franklin, N. C. Phillips, Robert Lee 517 E. Rosemary Chapel Hill, N. C. Philpott, Wanda Lou 312 Woodlown Ave. Beckley, W. Va. Phipps, Jamesina D, 315 Pittsboro St. Chapel Hill, N. C. Phipps, Rupert Lee 108 Polk St. Chapel Hill, N. C. Pickord, George C. 48 Glen Lennox Chapel Hill, N. C. Pickett, Herman N., Jr. 306 Aberdeen Terrace Greensboro, N. C. Pierpont, Francis Gordon 911 Arnette Ave. Durham, N. C. Pillsbury, Richard Theodoric 100 Powell Ave- Salisbury, Md. Pincourt, Arthur K. 190 Riverside Dr. New York, N. Y. Pitts, James H., Jr. 110 Johnson St. Chapel Hill, N. C. Poindexter, John Edward 233 Highland Ave. Burlington, N. C. Poindexter, William D., Jr. Rt. 1 Winston-Salem, N. C. Polond, Jean C. 2412 S. Eads St. Arlington 2, Vo. Pooser, Francis S. Pinehurst Lake Wales, Flo. Pope, Emmett J., Jr 212 W. Mom St. Mount Olive, N. C. Port, Chal M. 19 N. 3rd St. Mifflintown, I Porter, John I 1202 Flora Durham, N. C Pregnall, William S. 32 Colleton Dr. Charleston, S. C. Prescott, John Frederick Rt. 1 Raleigh, N. C. Reichord, Carolyn L. Rt. 5, Box 476 Charlotte, N. C. Reichle, Neal W. 1010 Arnette Ave. Durham, N. C. Ruffin, Lois G. Rt. I Tunstall, Vo. Rumley, Fred A. Preston, Herman F., Jr. Raid, Claire Virgir lia Rt. 7 1108 25th St. Box 29 Winston-Salem, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. Cullowhee, N. C. Russell, Elmon S. Price, Fred A., Jr. Rhodormer, Scotty Dean 710 N. 5th St. 519 Guilford Ave. Rt. 2, Box 25 Albemarle, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Canton, N. C. Russell, Ernest E., Jr. Price, Thomas Arthur Rhodes, Harold B. RED 3 2549 Roswell Ave. 1806 Sunset Dr. Raleigh, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Ruth, Lewis H., Jr. Prince, Ronald S. Rice, Charles 0. 417 S. Aspen St. 1380 Briarwood Dr., N. E. 427 S. Wrenn St. Lincolnton, N. C. Atlonto, Go. High Point, N. C. Powell, Nancy B. D3 Avon Apts. Narberth, Pa. Prago, Donald R. 324 N. Greenway E. Greensboro, N. C. Pritchard, Richard W. 306 N. Bynum St. Wilson, N. C. Privette, Betty Lou Box 622 Hillsboro, N. C. Prouty, William Allen 8 Mulberry Ln. Media, Pa. Pruitt, Willie B. 814 Godsden Sq. Anderson, S. C. Purser, James L. 801 S. Boylan Av Raleigh, N. C. Robil, Michael James 4th St. Weldon, N. C. Roder, Mary Jo 533 Grand Concourse Miami, Flo. Ramsey, Hiden 1004 Pittsboro Rd. Chapel Hill, N. C. Ramsey, James Edward Rt. 1 Woodsdole, N. C. Rankin, William A., Jr. Rt. 2 Reidsville, N. C. Ratledge, Curtis J. Friendly Rd. Guilford College, N. C. Roy, Clifford M., Jr. 501 S. 5th St. Mebone, N. C. Redding, Paul N. 1515 W. 5th Ave. Gostonia, N. C. Redfearn, Charles W. 1 107 Law Hortsville, S. C. Redmon, Horold W. Box 266, Blvd. Branch Leoksville, N. C. Reed, Borboro Lillian 821 6th Ave, S. St. Petersburg, Fla. Reese. Lucmda Jane 120 Old Hen Creek Rd. Asheville, N. C. Reese, Nan L. 89 Violet St. Johnstown, Pa. Reibel, Worren D. Box 283 Charlotte, N. C. Richardson, John D. 1 1 1 1 Sycamore St. Rocky Mount, N. C. Rieker, John P. Care of Dr. E. G. McGavran Sch. of Pub. Health Chapel Hill, N. C. Rierson, Charles F., Jr. 188 Willow Mt. Airy, N. C. Rigg, Florence L. 144 Brookdole Dr. Crestwood Tuckohoe 7, N. Y. Riley, John W., Ill 2929 Market St. Wilmington, N. C. Rimer, Bobby A. 808 Yadkin Ave. Spencer, N. C. Ripple, Nancy G. I 800 Meodowbrook Dr. Winston-Salem, N, C. Ritchie, Henry J. 134 Mason Farm Rd. Chapel Hill, N. C. Ritchie, Henry Thomas, III 2607 Chapel Hill Rd. Durham, N. C. Rizzo, Barry H. 6 3rd Ave. Atlantic Highland, N. J. Roberts, Borksdole Fletcher 1307 Cherokee Rd. Louisville, Ky. Robertson, Edward D. 5-C. Glen Lennox Chapel Hill, N. C. Robertson, Julia 410 Byrd Blvd. Greenville, S. C. Robinson, Franklin L. Rt. 1 Cana, N. C. Rock, Andrew J., Jr. 107 W. Union Ave. Kinston, N. C. Rogers, Mary Elizabeth 1747 Maryland Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Rose, James M. 418 E. Marion St. Shelby, N. C. Rose, Lucy Elizabeth Hemingway City, S. C. Rosser, Henry Thomas 208 Spring St. Hamlet, N. C. Rouse, Mattie G. 126 Hillsboro St. Raleigh, N. C. Rowland, Henry Benton, Jr Rt 4 Zebulon, N. C, Rudisill, Alice E. E. Moin Lincolnton, N. C. Ryon, Dale Sonford 174 Dorchester Ave. Asheville, N. C. Somet, Horry 31 8 Louise Ave. High Point, N. C. Samuel, Alvin Bernard 51 I W. Main Parogould, Ark. Sanders, Thomas Alfred, Jr 1025 S. Hawthorne Rd. Winston-Salem, N. C. Sanders, William M. I 6-D Glen Lennox Chapel Hill, N. C. Sotterfield, Issoc J. 908 Lincolnton Rd. Salisbury, N. C. Sotterwhite, Don H. Rt. 1 Salisbury, N. C. Saunders, Eunice J. 202 E. 17th St. Lumberton, N. C. Saunders, Morvin F. 210 N. Dillard Durham, N. C. Scognelli, Paul 196 Hillcrest Rd. Mount Vernon, N. Y. Scales, Gladys M. Box 756 Corrboro, N. C. Scarlett, Bobby R. Rt. 3, Box 7-A Hillsboro, N. C. Schoeffer, Mary M. 519 Hargrove Rd. Tuscolooso, Alo. Schoeppe, Betty Jean 1 23 Loredo Woy Snell Isle St. Petersburg, Fla. Schwartz, Frank R. 680 Hillcrest Blvd. Phillipsburg, N. J. Schwarz, Ernest Williai 2217 S. Bonnoffon St. Philadelphia, Pa. Scovil, Rosemary 235 Pine Forest Dr. Greenville, S. C. Sears, Morgaret W. 1621 Croig St. Roleigh, N. C. Seifert, Donald Ci 927 Chestnut Henderson, N, C. Selig, Betty Lou 408 W. Main St. Elizabeth City, N. C. Seligson, Ellen Joan 156 W. 86th St. New York 24, N. Y. Sessoms, Honson D. 110 S. 9th St. Wilmington, N. C. Sewell, Edith 631 Clifton Rd., N. E. Atlonto, Go. Shonklin, Edith C. 406 Brooks Ave Raleigh, N. C. Sharp, John W. 306 Isabel St. Greensboro, N. C. Shovitz, Henry H. 217 Montlieu Ave. High Point, N. C. Shaw, Arnold C, Jr. 2 Normandy Rd. Asheville, N. C. Show, Charles C. 617 Montgomery St. Henderson, N. C. Shaw, Robert E. Box 133 LaVale, Md. Show, Willis B. Star Rt. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Sheets, Richard A. 2041 Sussex Ln. Wtnston-Solem, N. C. Shepherd, Roy C., Jr. 603 Fairview Dr. Lexington, N. C. Shevcov, Theodor J. 205 Peters Ln. Stratford, Conn. Shields, William Harry, II 704 Granville Dr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Shives, Ernest R. 202 E. Rhodes St. Lincolnton, N. C. Shotwell, Nancy P. 225 Boston Ave. Lynchburg, Vo. Shults, Linda W. 62 Maple St. Hornell, N. Y. Siegel, Joel H. 324 Moholy Ave. Salisbury, N. C. Sifford, John W. Rt, 1 Stanley, N. C. Sigman, Hal C. 2015 Liberty Dr. Greensboro, N. C. Simmons, Raymond R. 504 Pork St. Lowrenceville, Vo. Simon, Lewis S., Jr. 1615 Lyndhurst Ave. Charlotte 3, N. C. Simpson, David A., Jr. 328 E. Windsor St. Monroe, N. C. Simpson, Hilda R. Star Rt. Erwin, N. C. Simpson, Noah J. Box 1 1 2 Glen Alpine, N. C. Sinclair, James A. 1 16 N. Magnolio St. Roeford, N. C. Singleton, Edward Earl 522 S. Lamar Roxboro, N. C. Sloan, Thomas H. 1916 Georgia Ave. Winston-Salem, N. C. Slough, Bobby E. 190 Fink St. Concord, N. C. Slosmon, Benson E. 78 Linden Ave. Asheville, N. C. Page 4J8 SENIOR HOME ADDRESSES Smith, Corl E. 201 Harrison Ave. Raleigh, N. C. Smith, Dorothy Roe Box 44, Rt. I Spencer, W. Va. Smith, Edward M. Box 174 Matthews, N. C. Smith, James P. 1918 Graham Montgomery, Ala. Smith, Lovinia Lee 2039 Crescent Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Smith, Lindo Carolyn 2216 Pembroke Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Smith, Martha Ann Box 62 Warsaw, N. C. Smith, Newton A. Rt. 1 Davidson, N. C. Smith, Ralph Wright, Jr 807 Westover Ave. Kinston, N. C. Smith, Robert Garland Marion St. Pilot Mountain, N. C. Smith, Robert Gerald Box 185 Rutherfordton, N. C. Smith, Roy Lee Rt. 1 Stanfield, N. C. Smith, Ruffin 2129 E. 5th Chorlotte, N. C. Smith, Thomas Earl 1113 Hamilton St. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Smith, William B. W. 4th St. Ext. Washington, N. C. Smith, Williom Edward Rt. 1 Selma, N. C. Smitherman, James Harrison 1 756 Meadowbrook Dr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Smithwick, John W. P., II 146 N. 7th St. Smithfield, N. C. Sneed, Jane Ann 801 Florida Ave. Fort Pierce, Flo. Snow, Martha C. 228 Wine St. Chorlottesville, Va. Snyder, Grady K. Rt. 6 Sanford, N. C. Sory, Anne L, 300 Wells Rd. Palm Beach, Flo. Soto, Hector 195 Daniels Rd. Chapel Hill, N. C. Southerland, Joseph Lewis, Jr, Rt. 2, Box 385 Henderson, N. C. Souweine, Jean M. 145 Blvd. Brand Whitlock Brussels, Belgium Spainhour, James D. I 18 Mallette St. Chopel Hill, N. C. Spaugh, Robert Arthur 745 Arbor Rd. Winston-Salem, N. C. Spencer, Robert H. 1817 Rolling Rd. Greensboro, N. C. Spillman, Ralph P. Melvin ' s Beach White Lake, N. C. Springs, Everett Yates Box 566 Mount Holly, N. C. Spruill, Carl R., Jr. 824 W. Main Elizabeth City, N. C. Stamer, Thomas F. 7 Simon Block Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Steagall, Jomes G. 502 Coggesholl St. Oxford, N. C. Stein, Ray W. 2096 Arthur Ave. Lokewood 7, Ohio Stetson, Elizabeth 305 Price St. West Chester, Pa. Stewart, Alva W. Box 134 Marshville, N. C. Stokes, Thomas D., Jr 578 S. Main St. Lexington, N. C. Storey, Lonkford M. 35 Panola St. Asheville, N. C. Stowe, John C. 814 E, Catowbo St. Belmont, N. C. Strickland, Riley Don 108 Todd St. Lenoir, N. C. Strickland, Thomas Edward Rt. 2 Goldsboro, N. C. Stuckey, Kenneth F. 4300 Park Rd. Charlotte, N. C. Suessmuth, Ruth M. 910 Anderson St. Wilson, N. C. Sully, Thomas A., Jr. " Reawood, " Jefferson Pk. Cii Charlottesville, Va. Sumner, Thomas H. 1 19 Houston St. Asheville, N. C. Sunas, William J. 1221 6th St. Durham, N. C. Sutker, Stephen Wolfe 206 Hillside Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Sutton, Howard Bryan, Jr 304 Linwood Ave. Goldsboro, N. C. Sutton, James Frederick 271 S. French Broad Ave. Asheville, N. C. Sylvia, Delmer Ross 3201 French St. Richmond, Vo. Tally, Billy Fair 705 Oak Summit Rd. Winston-Salem, N. C. Tapp, Mary K. Rt. 1 Hillsboro, N. C. Taylor, Alan Kent 421 Corona St. Winston-Salem, N. C. Taylor, Donald Keith 101 E. " F " St. Erwin, N. C. Taylor, Judith Ann 61 Green Ave. Lawrenceville, N. J. Teague, Taylor O. 1 18 S. Academy St. Mooresville. N. C. Tharrington, Leslie OIlie N. Church St. Louisburg, N. C. Thomas, Norman Lee Rt. I, Box 133 Durham, N. C. Thomas, Richard Lowell 506 Moir Leaksville, N. C. Thomas, Robert Gordon, Jr. 1 1 1 Brooks Ave. Raleigh, N. C. Thomas, Thomas Weldon Box 64 Stokesdale, N. C. Thomason, Robert H. Box 12, Star Rt. B Flemington, N. J. Thomasson, Robert Lamer 2025 Academy St. Winston-Salem, N. C. Thompson, Edward Dickson 712 Sunset Dr. High Point, N. C. Thompson, Margaret Davis Rt. 1 , Box 39 Brevard, N. C. Thorp, James H. M. 543 Avent St. Rocky Mount, N. C. Thorp, John Mercer 634 Sunset Ave. Rocky Mount, N. C. Thorpe, Katherine Stum 1 120 Georgia Ave. Thurstone, Fredrick Louis 25-D Glen Lennox Chapel Hill, N. C. Tickle, Howard Louis 91 1 Webb Ave. Burlington, N. C. Tillman, Orris George 174 Daniels Rd. Chapel Hill, N. C, Timberlake, Horry Wilson Box 67 Milwoukee, N. C. Tinkhom, Stanley Dean 2000 " H " St., N. W. Washington 6, D. C. Tison, Ben Thompson, III 1316 Greenwood Cliff Charlotte, N. C. Todd, Patricia Ann 5. Main Hopkinsville, Ky. Trabue, Ann McDowell Cox Mill Rd. Hopkinsville, Ky. Treat, Don Robert 64 Anna Ave. Woterbury, Conn. Trent, Charles Wyse, III Rt. 2 Reidsville, N. C. Trogdon, Francis King 4112 Robin Hood Rd. Winston-Solem, N. C. Trowbridge, Sally Ann 1609 Coral Ridge Dr. Ft. Lauderdale, Flo. Truckner, Clarence Hughes 1724 Murray St. Durhom, N. C, Turner, Andrew Jomes, J ' . 701 Grandin Rd. Charlotte, N. C. Turner, James Edmond 913 Marguerite Dr. Winston-Solem, N. C. Tutterow, Richard Leroy 2013 Todd St. Greensboro, N. C. Upchurch, Patsy Ruth Rt. 1 Morrisville, N. C. Uzzle, Dalma Wilson, Jr. 3436 Dover Rd. Durham, N. C. Voughn, Donald Eugene 217 N. King St. Gostonio, N. C. Vinnik, Irwin Edward 1070 Nichols Dr. Roleigh, N. C. Vipperman, Carl Jackson Rt. 3. Box 320 Gainesville, Flo. Vogler, Frederick Wright 22 Henry St. Burlington, Vt. Von Oesen, John A. 1211 Grace Wilmington, N. C. Voorhis, Anne L. 212 W. University Dr. Chapel Hill, N. C. Vuncannon, Floyd D. 706 Tote St. High Point, N. C. Vuncannon, Jesse M. 219 Chestnut St. High Point, N. C. Wade, Daisy C. 1324 Whitethorn St. Bluefield, W. Vo. Wagger, Gerald Max 500 E. Lexington Ave. High Point, N. C. Wagner, Everett L. 4127 Randolph St. Son Diego, Claif. Wagner, John W. 283 8th Ave. Cramerton, N. C. Wagner, Murphy Thomas, J 2627 Chapel Hill Rd. Durham, N. C. Woldock, Jean E. 1 105 Wayne St. Sandusky, Ohio Walker, Joseph C, Jr. Adiutant Sec. APO 757 New York, New York Walker, Leonard F. Rt. 2 Kernersville, N. C. Walker, Sara C. 3321 Willow Oak Rd. Charlotte, N. C. Wall, F. Barry 4332 Venplonck PI., N. W. Washington, D. C. Wall, Jerry D. Rt. 1 Benson, N. C. Wallace, John J., Ill 1 1 Cherry St. Elkins, W. Va. Wallace, Robert T. 2316 Lyndhurst Ave. Baltimore 16, Md. Wallace, William C. 306 W. Washington St. Kinston, N. C. Waller, Edmund M,, Jr. 317 Center Dr. NHA 1 Honolulu, Hawaii Walser, G. Bentley 800 W. 5th Ave. Lexington, N. C. Word, Lindy W. Box 23 Williamson, W. Va. Ward, Marjorie L. Mechelsestraat 38 The Hague, Netherlands Wore, Beverly B. 103 Riggs Dr. Clemson, S. C. Warren, Alvis Frederick, Jr 1214 Eva Durham, N. C. Warren, Alwood B. 405 S. 17th St. Wilmington, N. C. Warren, Edward C. 1335 Jefferson St. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Washam, Wisner M. Box 641 Cornelius, N. C. Washburn, Jesse H., Jr 113 Brantley Cir. High Point, N. C. Watkins. Charles G. 125 Belle St. Henderson, N. C. Watkins, Joel Smith, Jr. 214 Powers St. Warren, Ark. Watlington, Bryan T. 720 Lawsonville Ave. Reidsville, N. C. Watson, Emory M. Jonesboro Hqts. Sanford, N. C. Watson, Eugene R. 2616 N. Independence Blvd. Charlotte, N. C. Watts, John P. 206 Ray Williamston, N. C. Way, John Robert 828 Silver Ave. Greensboro, N. C. Weatherly, Edmond B. 3507 Wake Forest Rd. Durham, N. C. Webb, J one 223 McCouley St. Chapel Hill, N. C Webb, Robert S., Jr. 18 Gritting Blvd. Asheville, N. C. Weeks, John P. 806 Hill St. Rocky Mount, N. C. Weil, Thomas R. 345 Cedar Ave. Highland Park, III. Page 419 SENIOR HOME ADDRESSES West, Beverly B. 900 Lynwood Winston-Salem, N. C. Wheeler, Perry S. 603 Fairview Ave. Wilson, N. C. White, Joseph G. Box 59 Burlington, N. C. White, Robert Albert Rt. 2 Moxton, N. C. Whiteheort, Sidney C. 1904 Gaston Winston-Salem, N. C. Whiteley, Dixie Belle 7 Midland Gardens Bronxville, New York Whitford, Shirley Washington Pk. Washington, N. C. Whitley, Alexander G. Rt. 2 Battleboro, N. C. Whitley, Robert C 204 Park Ave. Raleigh, N. C. Whitton, James G. F. 50 Eton Rd. Lorchmont, N. Y. Whitty, Neta H. 224 Broad New Bern, N. C. Wiggins, Kenneth L. 504 E. Ash St. Goldsboro, N. C. Wilcox, Benson R. 3742 Hearthstone Ct. Charlotte, N. C. Wilburn, Bernie Joseph 71 B Franklin St. Winston-Salem, N. C. Wilfert, James N. 35 Jewett Ave. Tenafly, N. J. Wilkins, Susan F. HIS. Vance St. Sanford, N. C. Williams, George B. 2632 Fairview Rd. Raleigh, N. C. Willioms, Horace Edwin Rt. I Seven Springs, N. C. Williams, Thomas J. Rt. 1, Box 227 Monroe, N. C. Williams, Thurman L., 2319 Fairway Ave. Winston-Salem, N. C. Williamson, Millard M. 1 526 Glenwood Ave. Raleigh, N. C. Williamson, William He 518 Hermitage Rd. Charlotte 7, N. C. Williard, John G. Farmington, N. C. Wilson, John M. 1 1 7 Morehead St. Morganton, N. C. Wilson, Richard B. Rt. 3 Chapel Hill, N. C. Wilson, Virginia B. 155 W. Northside Dr Jackson, Aiss. Winston, Charles M. White Oak Farms Clayton, N. C. Wood, Albert Z. F. 1 04 Leroy St. Lancaster, S. C. Wood, Andrew M. Box 88 Roeford. N. C. Woodruff, Noncy E. Rt. 1 Noshville, N. C. Woodruff, Ronold Lee 324 Morigold Corona Del Mar, Calif. Wooten, Thomas M., Jr 103 Magnolia Ave. Foyetteville. N. C. Wright, Donald Gene 224 E. 22nd St. Santa Monica, Calif. Wright, John C. Rt. 1 Polkton, N. C. Yates, Kimble C. 607 Woodburn Rd. Raleigh, N. C. Yorke, A. Jones, IV 123 N. Union St. Concord, N. C. Young, Elizabeth R. 129 Bailey Cir. Greenwood, S, C. Young, Horry N. 516 5th Ave. Greensboro, N. C. Young, M. Edward Rt. 3 Bellefonte, Pa. Young, Ted P. 801 S. Hawthorne Rd, Wmston-Salem, N. C. Youngs, Catherine C. 1033 N. E. 95th St. Miami, Flo. Zeller, James J. 2100 E. 5th St. Charlotte, N. C. Zink, H. Jay Alto Vista Ave. Glen Dale, W. Va. Zucker, Robert L, 309 Duncan St. Raleigh, N. C. Zuckerman, Willia 209 Leftwich St. Greensboro, N. C. Page 420 HARK THE SOUND (Tune: " Amici " ) Hark the sound of Tor Heel voices Ringing clear and true, Singing Carolina ' s praises. Shouting " N. C. U " Chorus Hail to the brightest star of all! Clear its radiance shine! Carolina, priceless gem. Receive all praises thine. Refrain For I ' m a Tor Heel born I ' m a Tor Heel bred, And when I die I ' m a Tar Heel dead. So it ' s— Rah, Rah, Carolina-lina Rah, Rah, Carolina-lina Rah, Rah, Carolina! Rah, Rah, Rah! CAROLINA VICTORY MARCH There ' ll be a Carolina victory, When cross the field the foe has fled. Cheer the team to victory. For we ore Tor Heels born and bred. Rah! Rah! Rah! Glory, glory, UNC; Our hearts will live with thee Fight! Fight! Fight! For the Blue and White are rolling to victory. HERE COMES CAROLINA Here comes Carolina-lina Here comes Carolina-lina We hail from N. C. U. We ' ve got the spirit in it We ' ve got the team to win it We wear the colors White and Blue — So it ' s Fight! Fight! Fight! For Carolina As Davie did in days of old. As we gather ' round the Well Cheer that Tor Heel team like Hell — For the Glory of N. C. U. AYE ZIGGA ZOOMBA (Tune: " Zulu Worrior " ) Aye ziggo, zoomba, zoombo, zoomba. Aye zigga, zoomba, zoomba, zay. Aye zigga, zoomba, zoomba, zoomba, Aye zigga, zoomba, zoomba, zay. HEY! Roll ' em down you Tar Heel warriors. Bowl ' em down and win for CAR-0-LI-NA. HEY! Aye zigga, zoomba, zoomba, zoomba, Aye zigga, zoomba, zoomba, zay. Aye zigga, zoomba, zoomba, zoomba. Aye zigga, zoomba, zoomba, zay. HEY! CAROLINA FIGHT SONG Carolina, Carolina, Fight for N. C. U. All hail the colors White and Blue; Let ' s make a touchdown Carolina Fight! We fight for alma mater; Fight till day is through. We ' ll sing your praises, Carolina; Fight! Fight for N. C. U. TAR HEELS ON HAND Tor Heels on hand To steal the thunder from the sky, Then take our stand As every man does right by the Blue and White We ' ll give the Tar Heels a hand. And cheer them on to do or die — Yea — all of us are from UNC And you can betcha we ' re proud to be The Tar Heels on hand. Page 421 LET ' S GO, CAROLINA Let ' s goooooooo, Carolina! Let ' s goooooooo, Carolina! Let ' s goooooooo, Carolina! (5-count pause) HIT ' EM! BLUE AND WHITE Blue (pause) and (pause) white (pause) Fight, team, fight! White (pause) and (pause) blue (pause) NCU! Tarrrr Heels! Fight, team, fight! GO, GO, GO TAR HEELS Go, go, go. Tar Heels Fight, fight, fight. Tar Heels, Go, Tar Heels, Fight, Tar Heels, Fight, Tar Heel team. (Three times. Slow, then faster, then very fast.) SLOW CAROLINA Ah, CA-RO-LI-NA .... (slow chant with swaying to sides motion) Fight! (repeat three times slow chant then " fight " ) Fight, team, fight! CAROLINA CHANT Ah---Ca---Ro---Li---Na-- (drawn out) Ah---Ca---Ro---Li -Na--- (drawn out) Fight, team, fight! THUNDER (Start slapping hands on legs and beat- ing it out with feet on bleachers) (Rise to feet clapping hands in front) (Abrupt stop) Tar Heels! SHORT YELLS Ray! - Rah! Rah! ( Name of Player) Our team is Red Hot (Clap, clap) Our team is Red Hot (Clap, clop) (ad infinitum) Yeah! (Name of player) Shake it off! AH! RAMESES Ahhhh Rameses! (drawn out) (Whistle up scale) ---Boom! Fight! Team! Fight! YACKETY-YACK Yackety-YGck---Ray, Ray Yackety-Yack---Ray, Ray Carolina Varsity Boom- --Rah Boom---Ray Carolina! Team! Team! Team! FIGHT TAR HEELS Fight! (pause) Tar (drawn out) Heels! (pause) Fight! (pause) Fight! (pause) Fight! (pause) Tar (drawn out) Heels! (pause) Fight! Fight! Fight! (This yell is to be done very slowly with a definite rhythm.) Page 422 Being a Freshman ' s guide to the campus and a glossary of terms ADMINISTRATION ... the rather large, vestigal re- mains of a number of alumni apparently unable to find employment elsewhere. ALUMNI ... a peculiar species of homo-sapiens who cling to hip flasks, letter sweate rs, other men ' s wives and back-slapping, i For further information see Administration.) ARBORETUM ... a biological wonderland affording the scientist opportunity to view flora and fauna in their natural activity. — ♦— ARCHAEOLOGY ... an example of the highly diversi- fied social opportunities offered at Carolina. — ♦— ATHLETICS ... (See Student Employment). — ♦— BEER ... a local term for the staff of life. — ♦— BELL TOWER ... a musical guide to the top ten tunes of the week, located at the south end of the campus. —4— BOOK-X ... a local gambling establishment extending to the student small credit for old scrap paper. CAMPUS CODE ... a set of suggestions that keep coeds sober and male students importing. — — CARS . . . examples of modern design usually found next to policemen. CAROLINA WAY OF LIFE ... a rather nebulous term, encompassing everything, meaning nothing and lib- erally sprinkled through speeches by orientation counselors and politicians. — — CHEATING ... an unofficial eye test. — — CLASSES . . . periods of relaxation, punctuated by bells, enabling the student to leave the Y-Court gracefully. — — COEDS . . . that portion of the student body not classi- fied under squirrels, dogs, men and faculty. A beast of prey. — — DEANS ... a number of usually aged gentlemen who apparently do nothing and have a secretary to help them with it. — ♦— DOOK . . . included only to show the corrected spelling. —4— DORMS ... a building used to store clothes, the address of which is often believed by parents to be where you live. — ♦— DTH ... the place where POGO is found. —4— FOOD ... no matter what you order it ' s grits. — ♦— FOOTBALL ... an activity staged by the administration and calculated to distract students at the weekly social functions held in Kenan Stadium. — — FROSH ... a colloquialism used by alumni, deans and advisers . . . denotes freshmen. — ♦— GOODY SHOP . . . where the more discriminating stu- dents can find almost all the goodies they desire. — ♦— HOGAN ' S LAKE ... a collection of mosquitoes, dogs, blankets, beer, and darkness completely surrounded by students. Page 423 HONOR CODE ... a convenient means of allowing a professor to leave the room for a drink of water or something. — — ID CARDS . . . candid shots of wildlife that students carry around in their wallets to frighten merchants. — — IMPORTS . . . that group of females who have been extended women ' s right. — 4 INFIRMARY ... a large, well-equipped resort located a few miles from Chapel Hill for maximum quiet. — 4 LIBRARY . . . o large stone building that we are unable to describe further as we can contact no one who has viewed it first hand. — 4 LIKKER . . . something that than beer is quicker. — ♦— MAJORS ... a term used by advisers when referring to all the courses you don ' t take. — ♦— MED SCHOOL ... a large expressive monument to the architectural profession, tastefully combining all periods from Neanderthal to utter chaos. — — MEMORIAL HALL ... a spacious new addition to the campus that comfortably accommodates the speaker. — ♦— ORIENTATION ... a series of unintelligible lectures designed to teach the freshman such fundamental essentials as how to read, write, tell coeds from male students, etc. — ♦— PHYSICALS ... a process whereby coeds are stripped of everything but bathtowels and blushes. Later they lose the bathtowels. — ♦— POLITICIANS . . . people who toke a platitude to their hearts and defend it zealously. — ♦ — QUARTERLY . . . that publication which takes discarded TARNATION copy, cuts off the last two paragraphs and prints it for the enjoyment of their staff. QUIZZES . . . something which if you have one in the morning you prepare for by spending the night be- fore wishing you didn ' t. RATHSKELLAR ... a dim, cave-like place who ' s only ventilation comes through the cracks in the tables. —4— REGISTRATION ... an institution efficiently designed to turn human beings into students. RUSHING . . . Special . . . sixty handshokes for $75, meals included. Limited time only. — ♦— SQUIRREL SHOOTING ... the most unproductive en- deavor known to man. -4— STOODENT GUMMENT . . . o group of energetic young men and women, unswervingly bent upon improving the Carolina way of life, or something like that. — — SUNDAY ... an interminably long period of time im- mediately following Saturday night. — ♦— TARNATION . . . don ' t make me laugh. — — TEETOTALERS ... I don ' t think I ever saw one; I hope 1 never see one; but let me tell you, sure as Hell, I ' d rather see than be ons! — — TELEPHONES . . . that which in a dorm is never answered, in a sorority house is always busy, and in Graham Memorial is nonexistent. — 4— VIRGINS . . . (see Dodo). — 4— WHISKEY RUNS . . . trips taken to find what to lose weekends with. — — W. C. . . . a highly developed import center. — — Y-COURT ... a place where students congregate to study dogs and vice versa. " Thus Ends Your 1953 Yackety Yackll ' Page 424 i M L 3 rz V V - w

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