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Cf)e JLifiratp of ti!e OniVietisitp of JSortb Carolina CoIUctton ot jl ottg Catoltntana (Sntiotoel) bH Hogn giptunt ! tll o( t|)e eriase of 1889 C3T8 UNIVERSITY OF NC AT CHAPEL HILL 00016885159 This book may be kept out one month unless a recall notice is sent to you. It must be brought to the North Carolina Collection (in Wilson Library) for renewal. SEP 2 5 2008 Sue Lindsej-Editer-in-Oiief Bill Neelj-lllanaging Editor Claj Johnson, Jr.-Bnsiness Manager Published by the Students of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Jo The Seven Hundred And Fifty: Those constituting the decreased enrollment at the University of North Carolina due to the Korean " war " and selective service. Those whose collegiate world was invaded hy the draft; those students who to avoid the draft chose voluntary enlistment; those prospective students who never came. For them there is no emotional ' " War to End All Wars " or " Fight to Save Democracy " slogan. To those who could have offered their energies and talents and wits to Carolina, to those who could have developed their potentialities through its civilian advantages, the 1952 edition of the Yackety Yack is dedicated. )■• CAROLINA AN ENTITY ■with a meaning as different to each individual — past student, present student, future student; president, administrator, professor; merchant, villager, visitor; file clerk or ground keeper — as his contributions and experiences and memories at the University of North Carolina. Manning Hall A COLLECTION OF BIJILUINCS Collier Cobb Dormitory Person Hall Graham Memorial Student Union of heterogeneous architectural styles started in 1793 on 20,000 acres of gently sloping Carolinian land in the Piedmont section: sturdy evidence of the whiniseys of the successive chairmen of the Buildings Committees. Bingham Annex il Place Designed Far Educatian: the abstraction of ideals, aims, goals — actually consisting of a many-fold curriculum with a weekly grind of classes attended or cut, registration and Book Exchange lines, homework done or undone, textbooks, pencils, paper and study lamps burning late into the night. Coisniopolitaii Student Bod : home may be Wilmington, Charlotte, Roxboro, Fuquay-Varina, Mt. Airy or Canton, North Carolina; Connecticut; Florida, or California; Japan or India or Thailand. And for reasons as varied as their back- grounds, students come; for social contacts, for athletics, husband hunting, to just pass away the time for a few years, but for some, from a rare innate desire to learn from the ever-increasing store of knowledge stashed away in library stacks, notes, and the minds of professors. A. Miniature State: a self-governing student body composed of individuals selected by the voting students througb hotly contested elections — replete with opposing political parties, posters, platforms, campaign speeches, and ballot boxes. BROWN • - ' 9i r t W " A Mase at Extras curriculars: a l)uzzing, fascinating world in which a student can pursue any inclination : dramatics, publications, athletics, student government, religion, music, debating — " Anything to keep from studying! " A. MerryGa " With an infinite variety of parties — beach, Hogan ' s Lake, rush, costume; Dances, beauty contests, derbies, carnivals; Dormitory open houses, sorority coffees; Fabulous football season, with ingenious floats for the Haund at Sacial Life: " Beat Dook " parade, returning alumni and traffic jams and crowded restaurants and the famous ' Carolina Spirit " noisily manifested in the cheering section at Kenan Stadium. 1952: The YeiBr of the OYCI, the Obnoxious Y-Court Individual ; the squabble over standard vs tabloid Daily Tar Heel; upsets in Student Government, with the Elections and Budget Bills declared uncon- stitutional and the abolition of Coed Senate; standstill due to labor strikes for two months on the niillion-dollars-plus Medical Founda- tion and the three School of Business Admin- istration buildings and Cobb Dormitory; outlawry of fraternity hazing by the IFC; admission of graduate Negro students to the I ' niversity; almost doubled enrollment in the Air Force and Naval ROTC units; and the arrival on campus of 27 freshmen coed You ' ll Find . . . A. dm in isiru iion on pages 15-19 CiiiSS S Undergraduate on pages 20-110 Graduate and Professional on pages 111-141 Air Force ROTC on pages 142-150 Naval ROTC on pages 151-155 Sports on pages 156-197 E.ximcu rrivuiars Organizations on pages 200-240 Honoraries and Professional Fraternities on pages 241-272 Greeks on pages 273-335 on pages 336-359 i it P€Bys to A dvertise on pages 360-380 GORDON GRAY President of the Consolidated University eaiis FRED WEAVER Dean of Students THOMAS H. CARROLL Dean of the School of Business Administration MRS. ROBERT H. WETTACH Acting Dean of Women .1 ■ ' ■ - ■ ' • ' .4., SUSAN GREY AKERS Dean of the School of Library Science O. J. " SKIPPER " COFFIN Dean of the School of Journalism ALAN KEITH-LUCAS Acting Dean of the School of Social Work ELIZABETH L. KEMBLE Dean of the School of ISursing GLV B. PHILLIPS Dean of the School of Education C. P. SPRUILL Dean of the General College Acting Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences ROBERT BURTON HOUSE Chancellor of the Uitiversity at Chapel Hill Thtf AluMnni A.ssaci€Btian Every former student of Carolina has the opportunity of keeping in touch with the University and with friends of campus days through the activities of the General Alumni Association. It maintains offices in the Carolina Inn at Chapel Hill, publishes and mails regularly to dues-paying members The Aluntui Revieiv keeps up to date lists of all former students, promotes alumni meetings in many communities where alumnae and alumni reside, sponsors reunions at Commencement, arranges homecomings, and otherwise seeks to link the past with the present for an even more fruitful future of Alma Mater. In the mailing room of the Alumni Ofhce are maintained address stencils for more than 45,000 living former students. At right, an issue of The .ilurnni Revieiv is being preparetl for the post office. OFFICERS OF THE GENERAL ALLMNI ASSOCIATION— Alumni Secretary J. Maryon (Spike) Saunders, ' 25; 1951-52 President E. Earle Rives, ' 21, Greensboro; Past President J. Harold Lineberger, ' 26, Belmont; President-Elect R. Arthur Soaugh, Jr., ' 20, Winston-Salem. • f - B MHiMMi mmib . «yi ■ IMF Undergraduate Senior Junior Saphownore Freshwnen Graduate and JPrafessianat Schaais Air Farce ROT C NuM al ROTC Senior €las;§; OFFI4 KRS Art-hie Myatt President Al House f ice-President Anne Gowen Secretnry Mary Nell Boddie Social Chnirman Allan Donald Treasurer Graduation procession — June 1951 Pa e , 952 AARON. JOE RILEY High Point B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ( resiling (2, 3. 4). ADAMS, JAMES RONALD Coconut Grove, Fla. A.B. IN ECtlNOMICS. Sigma Chi. ALBERGOTTK JULIAN SHEPPARD. JR. Charlotte ALBINO, JOHN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ALEXANDER, DAVID MORTON A.B. IN ENGLISH. Daily Tar Ile.l (4(. ALLEN, DAVID WARREN A.B. IN ENGLISH. D,-lla Kaiipa Wilmington Charlotte Greensboro ALLISON. ROBERT SHERMAN " B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Pi Kappa Alpha: Sign, ALLSTON. FRANK JAMES, JR. ALSPALGH, THOMAS MARION Chapel Hill ma Epsilon. Arlington, Va. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Chi Psi : Cross Country Manager (2, 3); Daily Tar H,,l (1. 2, 3, 4): Grail (2, 3, 41; Monogram Club; Pubiieations Board (2, 3. 41; Track Manager (2. 3); University Club (1. 2(; Yackely Yack (1. 2); Orientation Counselor (2, 4). Wiiiston-Saleni ALSTON, WILLIAM WIGGINS A.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ANDERSON, JOYCE WARD A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDICATION. Louisburg Bahama ANDERSON, ROBERT LOVELL, JR. Clemson, S. C. mittee (4);NROTC Fifth Ru„ : ANDREWS. JEAN CHANDLER A.B. IN ENGLISH. Ilpha Delia Pi. ANTHONY. JOHN CHARLES B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Cumberland, MH. Wilson AUSTIN, EDWARD HEATHCLIFF Four Oaks B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. P ii Belo Kap Jo; B.(a (ioiiimu BAIL EY, ROBERT EMMETT Washington, D. C. B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Sigma Phi Ep.iilon; Sigma Gamma Epsilon : Choral Club (2 : (;lee Club (2. 3. I). BAILEY, ROBERT FREEMAN Raleigh B.S. IN Bt SINESS ADMIMSTIiATION. Phi Eta Sigma. BALLARD, FRED CLAYTON Wilmington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Page 23 !§ieiiior Class BARBOT. JULIAN AUGUSTUS, JR. Wilmington U.S. IN GEOLOGY. Siitma Gamma Epsilon. BARBOUR, MARION DUR S ' OOD Benson B.S, IN GEOLOGY. .Sigma Gamma E aiUni. BAREFOOT. RUPERT DAVID Raleigh B.S. IN MEDICINE. BARKER. ELEANOR MAE .B. IN RADIO. Carolina Conimuniri iins Club (.!. H. BARKER. GILMER CLYDE, JR. Raleigh A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Carolina Quarlvrly (1 ; Carolina Pnliliral Inion (31: Gl. - Club (I. 2. 3(: YMCA (2. .S ) : Phi Asstinbly (1. 2. 41: Plavniakrrs ( .S ) : Tarnali, n .- I : Stu.Irnl P.1rl (4 . BARNES, EDWIN THOMAS Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. BARNES. EMMY LOU A.B. IN EDl ' CATION. Alpha Gamma Delia. BARRINGER, MARTIN DeBERRY U.S. IN CHEMISTRY. BARRY, WILLIAM .B. IN CHEMISTRY. BARWICK. PAUL ALVIN Kenly Mt. Pleasant Hamlet BASESCU, RONALD New York, N. Y. A.B. IN SOCI 2. 3. -t). OLO ;Y. Monopran ■ Clul , (I. 2. 3. 1) ; SMimmin;. (1. BASS, CLAUDE HAMPTON A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Fiflk Rau : BATEMAN, RAYMOND DEAN A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. R.-,r,alicin Club ( BAUGHMAN, GLENN HEINS A.B. IN RADIO. Carolina Coniuiuni.-alioi BEALE, JESSE JORDAN. JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Winston-Salem Charlotte 2. 3t. Raleigh shoro BEAMAN, ALLMAN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha: Di S.nal..; CniMTsity Club (3»: Swimming (2 : NROTC: YMCA (3»; Head Ch rUa.l.r (3). BEARD, OCTAVIA Bailev A.B. IN JOIRNALISM. Daily Tar lUil (3(; YWCA (3. 1). BEASLEY, E. ADAIR DeFuniak Springs, Fla. A.B. IN DRAMATIC ART. Delia Delia Delia; Plavmakors (3. 4); Sound and Fur) (3); Women ' s Council (3. 4); YWCA (3. 4); Coed Senate (3. 4); Women ' s Orientation (4). Page 24 [952 BEATTY, CLELAND HAYDEN A.B. IN HISTORY. BENNETT, CHARLES GLENN. JR. A.B. IN PHV.SICAL EDUCATION. BENNETT, JACK NORWOOD Cuun. ' il CO : Yuung Dt- BENNETT, ROBERT EDWARD BERGMANIS, JURIS A.B. IN CHEMI.STRY. BEST, LUCILE KELLY BESTWICK, RICHARD LAMONT Rockv Mount Clinton ' anhellrnir BIELAWSKI. CEDRIC A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. BINGHAM. FREDERICK DANA B.S. IN tEOLOr.Y. Sisma Camma Epsilon BIRD, FRANKIE LEE Sharon, Pa. , 41 : IVIano rain Washington, D. C. Raleigh BIZZELL, EUNICE WOOTEN Goldsboro A.B. IN EDrCATION. Chi Omepo; YWCA. BLACK, WILLIAM FREDERICK Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. 4li,ha Kappa Psi: Shpiks Fifth R„u : BLAIR, BEVERLY ANN Winston-Salem A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Zela Tau Alpha. BLANTON, RACHEL LEE Winston-Salem A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. BLANTON, ROBERT EUGENE Lattimore BLEVINS, MAURICE FRANKLIN Dobson A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. BLOOMER, GEORGE BEALE, JR. Chevy Chase, Md. A.B. IN HISTORY. Alpha Tau Omega: Daily Tar Heel (2). BLUE, KATHERINE FLOYD eford ■ Club Page 23 Senior Cla§;is BODDIE. MARY NELL Durham A.B. IN JOIRNALISM. Alpha Delia Pii Daily Tar Heel (3. H; Women ' s Council (31: YWCA (3. 4): Coed Senate (3, 4): Press Club (41. BOND, EDGAR RAY, JR. Guilford College A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Phi; Alpha Phi Omega; In dormitory Council (3. 4); Sound and Furv (1. 21: Dorniil President (3): Student Party (4). BOOKER. JOHN PINCKNEY, JR. Winston-Salem m Club (4); Tennis Philadelphia, Pa. BORDA. CHARLES A., HI B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIO.N. Delia Psi: German Club tl: Ginishoul (3. 4); Vackety Yack 12. 3): Student Audit Board (2). Secretary (2». BOSTIC, WILLIAM C, III A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Kappa Alpha Scabbard and Blade: I SNROTC : Class German Club Executive (3. 4): Int( Order of the Old Well: Sheiks; Sac Lefislalure (2. 3). sident : Vice-President. ■ tive Committee (1.2 ; rnitv Council (3. 4): nd Furv ( 1 ) : Student BOSTICK, RICHARD SETH, JR. Charlotte Daify Tar Heel (2 1 : 13 Club (3) : BOTTO, LARRY FRANCIS Bradenton, Fla. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Tau Omega. President (4): Golden Fleece (3. 4): Grail (3. 4): Order of the Old Well (3. 4): Student Council Chairman (3. 4): Student Legislature (2 ; Scabbard and Blade: President ' s Cabinet (2. 3). BOWERS, HENRY A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Alpha: Studei President. Student Biidv (3. 4); Assisia Orientation Counselor (3 . BOWLES, MARY ELIZABETH BOYER. HUGH MORRISON • ThelaPi: In BOYETTE. KATHERINE KELLY A.B. IN EDtCATION. Delia Delia Delia. BOYLE, LADSON HUNTER A.B. IN ECONOMICS. ZelaPsi: Minataurs. Fi lh Roic: BOYLES, ROBERT STRICKLAND .B. IN CHEMISTRY. BRACEY. WILLIAM RICHARD A.B. IN HISTORY. Band (1. 2». BRADY. ISAAC FRED, JR. A.B. IN PHYSICAL EUl CATION. Football (1). BRADY. WILLIAM EARL, JR. A.B. IN MISIC. Glee Club (2, 3, 4). Mountain Home Bgislalure (1, 2, 3); ttorney-General ( 3 ) ; Statesville r (3): Yackely Yaek Charlotte rfraternity Council Carthage Sumter, S. C. High Point Favetteville Mebane BRAKE, ROSA LEE Rooky Mount B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. YWCA (3, 4) ; Coed Senate Treasurer (4) ; Student Advisor (4) ; Independent Coed Board (4) ; Election Board (4). BRAME, ROBERT GRIFFIN Wendell B.S. IN MEDICINE. Phi Ela Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Phi Alpha; Lacrosse Manager (1, 2 ; Monogram Clab (3). Page 26 [952 BRANNAN, WADE MELBREY B.S. in MEDICINE. Phi Beta Kappa. BRANTLEY, COLEMAN A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Epsilon Delia BRAXTON, MYERS GRIFFIN A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. BRAZELLE, RICHARD VIRGIL B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. BRENEGAR, DAVID R. Winston-Salem B.S. I. BISI.NESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Sigma; Sheiks. BREWER, CHARLES HART, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Alpha; Dailr Tar Heel (2. 3) Dance Committee SecretarJ (2. 3): Sound and Fury (2 1: Alph Phi Omega (1, 21: Student Entertainment Committee (3. 41. BRIDGER, CHARLES ICEMAN BRIGGS, WILLIAM EDWARD Asheville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMI.NISTRATION. Delia Sigma Pi. BRIGHAM, EUGENE FOSTER BRITT, DOCK A. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. BRITT, GEORGE MILTON A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIE.NCE. BROADFOOT, HENRY B., JR. Black Mountain B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTR.ATION. Alpha Tau O, Fiflh Rou,: BROCK, JAMES MOSES B.S.. LL.B. IN LAW. BROOKS, ROBERT MARION, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Lambda Chi Alpha; Di Senate (1): Intel-fralernily Council (3): Young Democrat ' s Club (1); YMCA BROUGHTON, HOWARD CHALK Falls Church, Va : Coed Board (3). BROWN, BARBARA FRENCH A.B. IN HISTORY. YWCA (4( : Independe BROWN, DONALD MONROE New Bern B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi; AFRt)TC. BROWN, EDWARD ALVIN Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Page 27 f enior Clasis BROWN, PEGGY JANE Raiidleman A.B. IN KELIGION. YWCA (3. 4); Wesley Foundation (3. 4 . Vice- President (4): Student Ad%isor (4); Seeretarv Coed Senate (4): Dormitory President (41. BROWN, ROBERT BARCLAY Wilmington A. B. IlN MLSIC. Pki Eta Sigma: Phi Wu Alpha. BROWNE, JAMES NICHOLAS, III BRUNDAGE, HELEN CANON BRYAN. CHARLES ARTHUR B.S. IN BACTERIOUtCV. BUCKNER, BRUCE McKAY A.B. IN CHEMISTUV. BUCKNER, ROBERT LYNN Wilmington Baltimore, Md. Swannanoa Chapel Hill BUMPOUS, JACQUELYN L. St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delia; Women ' s Council (3): Yaekety lack (3. 4(! YW CA (3. 4(. Cabinet (4): Orientation Committee (4): Student Advisor (4 : Women ' s Handbook Staff (31: Student Party (3. 41: Valkyries (4). BURGESS, NANCY ANN A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Phi Mu; Rome, N. Y. BURGESS. WILLIAM CROMARTIE Raleigh A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Phi Beta Kappa: Cross Country (1. 2. 3. 41: Doifv Tar Heel (21: Soiniming (2. 3): Monogram Club (2. 3. 4); Order of the Old Well (3. 4); Traek (1. 2. 3. 4). BURKHOLDER, WILLIAM RUSSELL Candor B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Phi Delta kappa: Di Senate (3. 41; Grail (4); Student Legislature (31: YMCA (3. 4 . President (41: Srabbard and Blade (41: President Southern Area YMCA Council. BURNETT, LEON R. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Di .Senate (3). Black Mountain Fi lh Ruu : BUSH. ELIZABETH BOWERS A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Gamma Delta: W csle BUTCHER, CAROLYN MURRY A.B. IN EDICATION. Pi Beta Phi. BYRD, BARBARA JUNE eks; Glee Club (3) : Pla Elon College BYRD, JUNE STONE A.B. IN EDUCATION. BYRD, MARTHA HUNTER BYRD, SAMUEL DAVIS, JR. Goldsboro B.S. IN MEDICINE. Thela Chi: Phi Eta Sigma: Chairman Class Executive Committee (I. 2 : Debate Council (3 1: Di Senate (2. 31: Order of the Old Well (3); Student Legislature (3): YMCA (1. 2 : Baptist Student Union (1. 2 : Elections Committee (2. 3). Page 28 952 CADIEli. JOHN NEAL Chapel Hill A.B. IN JOIRNALISM. Daily Tar Heel (1. 2. 3. 41. CALDWELL, DONALD HARRISON Matthews B..S. I.N BISINESS .4DMINISTR. TION. CALDWELL, PAUL WILLIS. JR. Morganlon CALLAHAN, JOSEPH S.. JR. Fayetteville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTR.ATION. YMCA (1. 2. .1. 4 1. CAMP, LEWIS FORMAN, JR. Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Phi Oaiega: Phi Beta Kappa. CAMP, MARY LOUISE Charlotte CAMPBELL. GINA WILCOX Miami Beach. Fla. A.B. IN ART. Chi Omega: Di Senate (4»: VW CA (3. 4 . CAMPBELL, JAMES THOMAS Taylorsville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. CAMPBELL, KATHLEEN EARLE Hamlet A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Gamma Delia: Glee Club (3): Inli r- dormilorv Council (41; VWCA (3. 4); G. M. Board of Dirrrlors ( t ) : Cord Senate (4). CANTRELL, CAROL ENLOE EtoM ' ah, Temi. rsilv Club: Youns CANTX ' ELL, BRADFORD CHAFFIN Wilmington •lla: University Club (3): 1 M :A : CARR, ROGER ALTON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Fifth Roir: CARRIKER, HEATH HARDING A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Di .Senate Cle CARSON, LEON HOLDEN, JR. CARSWELL, ABEL PAUL, JR. A.B. IN MEDICINE. Lambda I hi Alpha. CARTER, JACOB MARVIN A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Baseball ( 1 CARTER, ' ILLARD OSCAR B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Ellerbe Freeport, Pa. li Football (I. 2. KannapoliiH CARTMEL, ROSEMARY Pleasantville, N. Y. Page 29 Senior Claris Winterville CASTELLOE, THOMAS E. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Beta Kappa. CATES, JOHN ALLEN Hillsboro B.S.. LL.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi Epsilon. CAllBLE, JOHN ROBERT CAZIN, JOHN, JR. CHAFFEE, JOHN WILLARD A.B. IN ANTHROPOLOGY. CHANDLER. THEODORE GILMER B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Drlla Sign Salisbury Wellsburg, W. Va. .■ NROTC (1, 2, 3. 4); Raleigh Broadwav CHANTLER, BARBARA ANN Wilmington, Del. Union, N. J. CHAPMAN, LEWIS R., JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. .7ii P,l; Phi Eta Sigmat Phi Beta Kappa: Beta Gamma Sigma; Daily Tar Heel (1. 2, 3): Ordrr of the Old lrll (3. 4 : Studrnt Elrctions Board (1. 2). CHARLES, JOAN MARION Sea Girt, N. J. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Alpha Gamma Delia; Sigma Alpha lota; Glee Club (3. 41; Sludrnt Council (4»; Valkyries (41: YWCA (3. 4 : Orirnlation Comniittrc : Student Party (3. 4). CHARNOCK, RICHARD ELWOOD B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Abs. CHEEK, LAWRENCE M. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. CHESHIRE, WILLIAM POLK A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Zeta Pti; 13 Club (1). Asheville Chapel Hill Hillsboro Fijih Rou: CHEW, ELIZABETH BINFORD Waynesboro, Va. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Delia Pi: YWCA (3, 4»: Coed Senate (4); Panhelleni il (4). CHEYNE, WILLIAM ANDREW A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Favetteville CHICHESTER, LILA WARD Frederick, Md. A.B. IN ART. Delta Delta Delta; Student Legislature (3); Splash Club (3, 4); Student Advisor (4); Cardboard (3. 4). CHILDERS, JUANITA ELIZABETH Louisburg A.B. IN EDUCATION. Sigma Alpha lota; Glee Club (3, 4); Play- makers (3. 41; University Club (4); YWCA (3, 4); Baptist Stu- dent Union. CHURCHILL, JEAN DORSETT A.B. IN EDUCATION. CLAMPITT, ROBERT HAMILTON Wilmington Chapel Hill A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Ela Sigma: laralina Quarterly (3); Debate Squad (3. 41: Debate Council (2. 4): Di Senate (1. 2. 3. 4); Tarnation 2. 3); Campus Party (1. 21; Florida Club (1. 2); State Student Legislature (3, 4 ; Canterbury Club (1. 2). Page 30 952 CLARK, BARBARA ANNE Stuart, Va A.B. IN ENGLISH. Alpha Gamma Delta: YWCA (3. 4). CLARK, JENNY C. A.B. IN RADIO. Pi Beta Washington, D. C. Glee Club (4). CLARK. LEE ANDREW, JR. Everetts A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Bela Kappa. Second Rote ; CLARK, SARAH Wilmington A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Pi Bela Phi; Coif Managir (4) : Y« CA (3, 4). CLAUD, JOSEPH GILLETTE, HI M.A. IN HISTORY. Bela Thela Pi: Phi Asscn CLEMENT, WILLIAM NORMAN, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Norfolk, Va. Raleigh CLERY, EDWARD DOUGLAS A.B. IN RADIO. Sigma Chi: Univ.rsily Parly. CLEWIS, ALONZO CHARLES, III COATS, BRUCE AARON A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Baseball (3. 1). COBB. JOHN VINES, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Upper Darby. Pa. Tampa, Fla. Pinetops COBLE, NANCY LOVE Laurinburg A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATKIN. Alpha Delia Pi; YWCA. COGSWELL, ARTHUR R., JR. A.B. IN DRAMATIC ART. Beta Thela Pi; COHEN, IRVIN MARVIN COHEN, JACK Jacksonville, Fla. -oliiia Quarterly. Linrolnton Chapel Hill COHOON, FRED LUDFORD A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Basiball (2). COLEY, EDWARD SANDERLIN Elizabeth Citv COLLINS, JAMES EDWARD Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. CONNELLY, JAMES R. Morganton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpha; Dance Com- mitlee (3, 4); Fencing 2); Inlerfratcrnily Council (2, 3); YMCA (1, 2, 3). Page 31 Senior Class; CONOLY, JAMES HALBERT Philadelphia, Pa. B.S. IN Bl ' SI ESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi: Cross Counlrv (1. 21: Phi Assi-mblv (1, 2. 3. 4); Younp Republirans Club (1, 2). CONWAY, CONNIE MACK B.S. IN BISINESS ADMINISTRATION. Durham COOK, NANCY LANE A.B. IN JOIIRNALISM. Pi Beta Phi. Burlington Sfctnut Ruu-: COOLEY, ELIZABETH McCAIN A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. D,lla Delia Delta: Chi-er Louisville, Ky. Lrader. COOPER. HENRY B. .R. IN ECONOMICS. Kappa Alpha. Wake Forest CORBETT, KATHLEEN VIRGINIA A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. YWCA (.1. 4 : (AA. Swansboro Thirit Rout CORDELL, EDWARD MAURICE A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Union, S. C. CORDLE. OSCAR EDWARD, II A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma -Vu : S»ir (1 ). Norfolk, Va. liming (1, 21 : Track COSTELLO. MARIE PATRICIA A.B. IN ENGLISH. Daily Tar Heel (.1. 1) ; Pr. s Chapel Hill 5 Club (4). Faurth Rou-: COTTEN. MICHAEL RODNEY A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. .Sigma Chi: InLrdnrmitn Belleville. N. J. r, Council (U. COUNCILL, FREDERICK MOORE COX. GEORGE ELTON Fijlh Rou: CRANFORD. HAROLD DAVIS Asheboro nily Council CREE, PHILIP ROBERT Fort Lauderdale. Fla. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Sigma Pi. CREED. ROBERT M. Favetleville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha: Scabbard and Blade: Glee Club (I. 2. .S : Interdorniitorv Council (2. 3. 4): University Club (2); Velcran-s Club (3»; Dorniitorv President (2) : AFROTC. CREEF. WILLIAM LAWRENCE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. CRITTENDEN. CARL STRANG B.S. IN BACTER10I,0(;Y. Phi Delia Thela CRONE. CHARLES WILLIAM A.B. IN RADIO. Glee Club (4): Interdor ersitv Club «2I: Carolina Comniunirati. President (2). South Norfolk. Va. Shellnian. Ga. Goldsboro Page 32 [952 CROUCH, GRIER HOWARD A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. CULBERTSON, JOHN KETNER B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. CULPEPPER. FAY MARIE Salisburj ' Fort Pierce, Fla. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. 4lpha Delia Pi; WAA icil (3). President (4): Splash Club {3. 4): YWCA. CULPEPPER, HARVEY A., JR. Rockv Mount B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Cross Country Interdormilary Council (3. 4); Student Legislature (2) (2); University Club (3, 4); Young Democrats Club (2 YMCA (1, 2. 3, 4); Dormitory President (41: AFROTC. (1. 2(; ; Track . 3. 4) : CUTHBERTSON, WILLIAM R., JR. Ch arlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. B, (3 : Sheiks (2. 3. 4). •la Thria Pi; Gern ■ an Club DARDAN, GEORGE R., JR. Camden , S. C. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Sigmo ,Vu; Inter fratern lity Council (2). Third Rou: DAUGHERTY, JAMES K., JR. Baltimore, Md. DAUGHTRIDGE, WILLIAM GRAY Rockv Mount B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINLSTRATION. Delia Sigma Pi. DAVIDSON, ROBERT WILLIAM ille DAVIS, ADAM CLARKE Greenville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. DAVIS, DANIEL WHITAKER Andrews A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Ela Sigma: Alpha Club (2. 3). Epsilon Delia; Glc DAVIS, DON BURTON Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Fi lh Row: DAVIS, JOSEPH HURSEY Elizabethtown A.B. IN EDUCATION. DAVIS, PERCY JULIAN Graham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINLSTRATION. DAVIS, RICHARD FLOYD, JR. Gainesville, Ga. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINLSTRATION. Phi Del la Thela. Sixth Rou : DAVIS, RUTH CARR Whileville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Sigma Alpha tola; Glee (3. 4); Summer Recreational Council (3. 4); Club (3, 4 j YWCA Student Advisor. DEAL, MARX HUGH Rockingham DEASY, HOWARD JOSEPH New York, N. Y. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Basketball (1, 2, 3. 4). Senior Class DeBRUHL, JIMMY FOXX A.B. IN EDICATION. BSl (4). DENT, ROBERT STARNES A.B. IN ENGLISH. DERBY, HARRY LEIGH. Ill A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Lambda Chi Alpha. Alexander Gaslonia Greensboro DeVANE, THOMAS ASHFORD. JR. Fayetteville B.S. IN BISINESS ADMINISTRATION. B ia Thna Pi. DEYTON, WALTER EDWARD B.S. IN MEDICINE. Inli-rdopniilory Coun DICKSON, ROY SHIELDS Third Ro Sprure Pine Salisburj Club (.3): Card- Monroe DIXON, EDWIN H., JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Ela Sigma: Cross Country (1. 2. .11: Int.r.lorii.ilopy Council (4): Monogram Club (2. 3, 4); Track ( I. 2. .S : Young Democrats Club (2): YMCA 1». DIXON, GODFREY ERVIN Robersonville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Ela Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa. DIXON. NANGY MARIE DOBSON, TYSON YATES, JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Glee Club (1. 2. 3). DOGKERY, ELIZABETH CRANFORD A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Pi Beta Phi. Charleston, W. Va. Bculavillc Greensboro DONALD, ALLAN JACKSON Ridgewood, N. J. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Nu; Class Officer (4); Orientation Counselor; Elections Board; University Party; NROTC. Fifth Rour: DONNELL, JAMES HARPER. JR. A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDI CATION. DORN. GERALD WAINWRIGHT B.S. IN BISINESS ADMINISTRATION. Gjui gram Club (3. 4). DORTCH, JOHN JOHNSON AH. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Kappa Si ma. DOSTER, PAUL LESTER B.S. IN BISINESS ADMINISTRATION. DOVER. ANNE NOLAN A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Y« CA. DRISCOLL, FRANK EDWARD A.B. IN ENGLISH. Bulla Psi: Orientation Col Maxton Ninelv Six, S. C. nastio (3. »); Mono- Caniaguey, Cuba Cliarlolte Slulbv Winsloii-Saleni elor; YMCA. Page 34 [952 DRYZER, LOWELL MANNING A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Zela Beta Tau: Yar DUDLEY, CHARLES COLINCIL, JR. DUKES, JAMES ALLEN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Gr rk (1 ) . Huntersville DUNN, ADRIAN JOSEPHINE A.B. I.N HISTORY. Alpha Comma Delta: I DURHAM, THOMAS EDWARD B.S. IN BISINTSS ADMINISTRATION. DuVAL. THOMAS EDWARD Washington. D. C. inhellrnic Council (4). Jacksonville, Fla. 4) : EASTERLING, JAMES FRANK Rockv Mount A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. EDGERTON, ENOCH HIRAM Pikeville A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. GUe Club ( 1 • ; YMCA ( 1. 2. 3, 4). EDMUNDSON, AARON CASWELL Pikeville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Cardboard (1. 2. 3, 41. EDWARDS, HERBERT CLAY Mars Hill B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Cloc Club (4); YMCA (3. 4 1. EDWARDS, WILLIAM CLYDE, JR. Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi: die Club (31. EGERTON, LAWRENCE Fifth Kuu : ELDRIDGE, MARGHARETTA C, A.B. IN HI.STORY. C.lrr Club (4). ELLER, OWEN SHAFER B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ELLIOTT, CLYDE HENRY B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ELMORE, WILLIAM GRADY ENNIS, THOMAS ELMER, JR. ERSKINE, JOAN Newport, R. I. Salisbury Chadbourn Rockv Mount Tar Heel (4) Salisbur; iema; Carotin Selnia, Ala Page 35 Senior Cla§;§; EVANS, GEORGE WORRELL A.B. IN SOCIOLOCV. Pi Kappa Alpha; EVANS, JOYCE ANN EVANS, PHYLLIS FERGUSON Harrellsville Chapel Hill EVANS, ROBERT MAYER Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. P ii Belo Koppa; Tau fipsifon Phi: Order of the Old Well: Student Body Attorney -General (4 : Student Party (1. 2. 3. ): Student Council (2. 3): Men ' s Honor Council (2, ' 3); Debate Team (1, 2. 3. 1); Hillel Cabinet (1. 2. 3. 4»: Carolina Forum (2. 31: CPU (1, 21: Sound and Fury (II; EVANS, THOMAS EDWIN, JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. EVERETT, DONALD EDWIN A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. FAIREY, VERNON LEE B.S. IN PI RLIC HEALTH NURSING. Burlington Robersonville Columbia. S. C. FALKNER. JOHN H. Henderson B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha: Band (I). FARMER, ELIZABETH ANN FARNELL, GLORIA Wilson CA (3. 4 » ; Or FARTHING, JAMES STEPHENSON A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. FAl ' LKNER, WILLIAM H. Painesville, Ohio A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Phi; Daily Tar Heel (3 . Filth Roi. .- FELTS, EDWIN REESE, JR. A.B. IN RADIO, tlpha Psi Omega: Carolina Com FEREBEE, JOHN JETHRO B.S. IN BISINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Blade. FERRELL, JOAN A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delia Delia Delia: YWCA. High Point ,ication. Club. Nashville FINCH, PAUL Southern Pines FINE. BARRY STEVEN Norfolk, Va. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Tau Epsilan Phi. FISHER, HENRY COLEMAN Asheville B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Pi Kappa Alpha: Sigma Gamma EpMor, : Inter, dormitory Council (3»: Western N. C. Club (1). Page 36 952 FISHER, LESTER JERRY A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. FISHER WILLIAM DONALD A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Theia Chi. FLEMING, LEONARD BLLLOCK B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Statesville Rocky Mount Oxford FLOOD, JOHN ETCHELLS, R. Sanford, Me. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Assembly (2. .-J » : Sound and Fur). President (2): Young Republicans Club (21: Universily Party Steering Committee. FLOWERS, DAVID STANLEY Hiokorv B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa tlpha. FLOYD, MARIAN REBECCA Tabor Citv A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Gamma Delta: Glee Club (3. 4): Swimmini; (3. 4 : YWCA (3. 4); WAA. FOIL, WILLIAM CHARLTON B.S. IN EDUCATION. FORT, NANCY ELIZABETH A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega: Universil Winstoii-Saleni Clarksville, Temi. , Club (3. 4) ; YWCA (3. 4 . FOSTER, PATRICIA MILDRED B.S. IN SOCIOLOGY. YWCA (3, 4). FOUNTAIN, ARTHUR GREEN B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Rockv Mount FOUST, JOHN WORTH Lexington B.S. IN MEDICINE. Alpha Phi Omef:a: 4lpha Epsilon Delia: Orien- tation Counselor (2. 3 1. FOUST, ROBERT L. Graham A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. FOWLER, CHARLES WORTH, III Greensboro A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Lambda Chi Alpha: Alpha Epsllon Delia: Spanish Club (I. 2. 3. 41, President (2. 3). FOY, PATRICIA LOU Mount Airv A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delia Pi; Daily Tar Heel. FRANCIS-LAU, WINSTON N. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. FRAZIER, JOSEPH CLIFFORD B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. New York, N. Y. High Point FREEMAN, GEORGE KIRBY, JR. Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Sigma; Di Senate (2, 3, 4); Interfraternity Council (4); Men ' s Council (4); Sheiks; r irnalian (1 : YMCA (I, 2): Orientation Counselor (31. FREEMAN, GEORGE WALTER Marshall B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpha; 13 Club (3. 4); Univeraity Club (1 . Page 37 Senior Clas;§; FREIMUTH, ARTHUR KURT Pottstown, Pa. FRIDDLE. WILLIAM GLENN. JR. High Point B.S. IN BUSIiNESS ADMIMSTRATION. 4lpha Kappa Psi. FRIEZE, ELIZABETH JANE Gaffiiey, S. C. nluh; Vanun-s Council Secontl Row: FROELICH, JACOB HENRY, JR. High Point B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta Thela Pi; German Club 2, 3. 4). President (3. 41: Gcirgon ' s Head (3. 4 . President (4): Inlerfralernitv Council (3. 4): Minalaurs (2. 3. 4): Orientation Counselor (4). FULTON, AURELIA HOPE A.B. IN EDUCATION. CAi Omei:a; Slude Walnut Cove ure: VWCA. FUTRELL, JONAS RICHARD. JR. Hertford B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha. FYNE, BARBARA LEE A.B. IN RADIO. Carolina Conn GAINES, CAROLYN RUTH «;aither, jo wood GALIFIANAKIS. MIKE. JR. GANTT, ROBERT BAXTER 4.B. IN EDUCATION, thi P i: Kuo :a,.lain (4). Raleigh Charlotte lil (3. 4)! Durham itiiall (1. 2) : Student Albemarle 3. I). Allrrnale GARDNER. JAMES WATTS, JR. Washington ( ourt House, Ohio A.B. IN ENGLISH. GARNER, EDWIN MAURICE, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMIMSTRATION. GARNER, FARLIE A., JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Eta Siiima: Phi K .ia Kappc GARNER, FRED LEE Charlotte Kinston High Point 1 Pi: Phi Beta GARRETT. BARBARA BENNETT Chapel Hill A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Delta: Carolina Quarterly; Glee Club (1. 2, 3, 4 : Town Girls Association (I. 2. 3. 41: Chi Delta Phi: Plavmakers (3 . GEEK, SAMUEL Brevard A.B. IN EDUCATION. GESLER, MARY BYRD Washington, D. C. P«ge 38 1952 GODWIN, IRA DAVID B.S. IN MEDICINE. GOLDSTEIN, RALPH MAX Wilmington B.S. IN BUSINESS VDMINI.STR. TION. Ton Epailon Phi. GOODMAN. ROBERT EDWARD B.S. IN BLSINESS .ADMINISTRATION. Ze Kappa; Beta Gamma Sisma: Phi Ela Sigma AFROTC. GORDON, GEORGE W. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. GORE, CLYDE RICHARD El Paso, Texas Chapel Hill 3.41: Sound and GORE, SARAH GWENDOLYN Raeford -4.B. IN ELEME.NTARV EDUCATION. Kappa Delta: Sxiniming 3(; Splash Club: Trnnis Manager (3 : Studrnt Advisor (4) : WAA (31 : VW CA Cabinrt. GRAHAM, WILLIAM EDGAR, JR. Jackson Springs A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Di S Lepislaturr (2): Younf: Den Fellowship (1. 2. 3. 4): Or (3. 4): Football (1): s Club (1. 2. 3. 41 : We on Coniniiltee (31. GRAY, HERBERT CL ' RTIS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. GRAY, JOSEPH JAMES. JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Kappa Alpha Couneil (21: Interdorniilorv Couneil (3): Men Ini.ersitv Club (2): NROTC (1. 2. 3. 4). GREEN, FRANCIS W. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Beta Kapi GREEN, LEWIS HEITMAN A.B. IN SPANISH. Wilmington Interfralernitv s Couneil ( 3 ) : Charlotte Lewisville Thomasville GREEN, MARGARET EARLE A.B. IN RELIGION. 4lpha Gamma Delta: YWCA (3. 4). Cabinet (41: Canterbury Club (3. 4): Student Advisor (4): Inter-Faith Fi l i Roic: GREEN, ROBERT STIMSON Lewisville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMI.NISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha: Card- board: Alpha Kappa Psi; AFROTC: Carolina Communication- Club: Scabbard and Blade (4). GREENE, KENNETH STRONG B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Charlotte GREENWOOD, CARSON Aldan. Pa. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Gamma Delta: YMCA: NROTC. GREGORY, JAMES W. P., JR. GREGORY, SPENCER GRIFFIN. ERLINE BURWELL Candler 2) : Cardboard (1.2. 3. Goldsboro Page 39 !$!eiiior Cla§;si M GRIFFIN. HARVEY LEE. JR. A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Pi Kappa ilpha. GRIFFIN. JAMES EDWARDS A.K. I POLITICAL S ;iF, CE. Phi Eta Siam, GRIFFIN, NANCY PATRICIA A.B. L SOCIOLOGY. YVi CA ( :i. t); K.-.rea Asheboro Marshville Carrellton. Ga. Club (4). GRIMES, JAMES CURRY A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Alpha Phi On Thomasville a; YMCA (II: Lutheran Stu- GROVER. GEORGE HILL, III Trenton, N. J. A.H. IN ENGLISH. Chi Psi; Di Senile (3, 41: Interfraternitv C.uneil (1. 2. 3. I). Sieretarv (4); IFC Court ( .t. 4 . GUERRY, SARAH TWELLS ,l THRIE, KATHARINE DAWSON .B. IN ENGLISH. GUYES, LEONARD JULIUS HADDON, THOMAS CRAWFORD, JR. Norfolk, Va. Graham Greensboro HAIGHT, DOROTHY IRENE HAINES, EDWARD CHARLES A.B. IN mSTOKY. Zela Piii l.H Club (II; HALE, FRED LEE A.B. IN SPANISH. Washington, D. C. ■it) Club (41: Y ' WCA Philadelphia, Pa. restling (3, 41. HAMER. ALFRED WILSON. JR. Morganton A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Sigma Vn. HAMILTON, OLIVER WENDELL, JR. JamesviUe HAMLIN, JAMES LLOYD B.S. IN BLlSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HAMRICK, GORDON GRICE Shelby B.S. IN BUSINESS AUMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa Alpha; Band ( 1. 2. 3. 41: Cross Country (I. 2. 3. 41. Captain (41: Monogram Club (2. 3. 4»: Traek (1, 2. 3, 41: YMCA (1. 2. 3. 41. HANCE. FRANCIS BURTON New Bern A.B. IN EUICATION. HANKINS, GEORGE DAVIS Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha. Page 40 952 HARBINSO.N. CHARLES RALPH, JR. High Point B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMIiMSTRATION. HARDEN. GLEINN ABBOTT Greensboro A.B. IN JOIRNALISM. Kappa Delia: Chi Delta Phii Caroli;a Quarterly (3. 4): Carolina Political I nion ; Daily Tar Heel (3. I(. Editor ( ' 4(; Tarnation (3. 4): Young Dcma.rat Club (31. HARDIN, EUGENE BROOKS, JR. Burlington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha; Class Officer (3); InterCraternity Council (3. 4); Student Legislature (3): 13 Club (3. 4): AFROTC. Second Rote: HAROUTUNIAN, SCHAHEN Tehe an, Iran B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Phi Alpha: Phi As- sembl; (2): Tennis (1. 2. 3, 41: YMCA (2. 3. 41: Town Mens Association (I. 2): Cosmopolitan Club (II. President (3. 41. HARRELL, CHARLES SYDNEY Marshville B.S. IN BUSI.NESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa Sigma; Student Legislature: University Party Steering Committee (3); Cheerleader (3. 4). HARRIS, JACK RANDALL B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Young De Linoolnton rats Club (2 1. HARRIS, REID WALKER Brunswick, Ga. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Wu 4lpha: Glee Club (1. 2. 3). HART, RICHARD DUDLEY AsheviUe B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi: Cross Country (1, 2. 3. 4). Manager: Monogram Club (3. 41: Track Manager (1. 2. 3. 4): Cardboard (I. 21: NROTC. HARTSELL, ROBERT LEE Charlotte A.B. IN RADIO. Communications Club (3. 41: AFROTC. HARWARD, JOHN THOMAS, JR. Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HASSINGER, CAROLINE LORETZ Bristol, Va. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Alpha Delta Pi: Y S CA (3. 41: Wcslcv Foundation (3. 4). Secretary (41: Stud.nt Ad.isor (4 : Recre- ation Club (4). HASTY, JOHN CALVIN Maxton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HAWKINS, MARY NELL Suit A.B. IN EDUCATION. Glee Club (21 : YWCA (2). HAWKINS, YUELL REID Gasionia A.B. IN EDUCATION. Young Democrats Club (3(. HAWLEY, HERSHEL VAIDEN Lillington .B. IN EDUCATION. HAYWOOD, BENJY McNEILL Mount Gilead Alpha: Glee Club (I. 2. 3. 4(. Vice- HAZLEHURST, JOHN LIVINGSTON Henderson A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Delta Kappa Epsilon: Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa: Di Senate (2. 3. 41: Men ' s Council (3. 4); Student Legislature (1, 2). HEADLEE, WILLIAM ORNDOFF Asheville Page 41 Senior Claiss; HEEDEN, WILLIAM MITCHELL, JR. A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Inlrrdorniitorr Council (3. I HEERS, THEODORE ALFRED A.B. IN HISTOItY. Goldsboro Atlanta, Ga. HEIMAN, ROBERT J. U.S. IN BISINESS ADMINISTRATION. Ze Little Rock, Ark. 1 Bfia Tau: NROTC. HELSABECK, FRANK LEWIS Rural Hall B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HELTON, SAMUEL HERNDON Statesville B.S. IN Bl SINESS ADMINISTRATION. HENDRICKS, ROBERT GLENN, JR. Lexington A.B. IN HISTORY. Young Drniocrats Club; YMCA (1. 2»; N. C. Historical Association (3. 4(: Lexington-Carolina Club (1. 2. 3. 4). HENNIS, RUCKER STERLYN. JR. Winston-Salem A.B. IN ENGLISH. Sigma Phi Epsilan. HERMAN, BERNARD DON Winston-Salem B.S. LN MEDICINE. Tau Epsilon Phi; Student Legislature (1. 2(: Track (1); University Club (1. 2. 3): YMCA (1. 2. 3): Student Party (1. 2. 3); State Student Legislature (H. HERRING, JULIAN B. Rose Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HESTER, KATHERINE LOUISE High Point A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi; YWCA (3. 4». HESTER, WAVERLY ERWIN A.B. IN ENGLISH. HICKMAN, HERMAN EDWARD A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Tryon Wiiislon-Salem HIGHSMITH, CHARLES ALDERMAN A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. University Club (3. I). HILDEBRAND, ANNE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HILL, KARL NEIMANN Greensboro ■ President (4). Marion Charlotte .seball (I); HILL, THOMAS JOEL Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTR.ATION. Bria Th,,a Pi: Sheiks. HINSON, THOMAS RILEY B.S. IN DENTISTRY. .Sigma Vu. HIPPS, JAMES TENNYSON B.S. IN PHYSICS. Albemarle Morganton Page 42 952 HIX. JAMES SEARS. JR. A.B. I MISIC. Phi Wu Alpha; Di Senate: University Symphony (3. 4». HOCKADAY, DENNIS WALKER A.B. IN HISTORY. HODGES. HOWARD B.. JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. HODGES, LeNEVE FOSTER Thomasville Club (I. 2. .3. 4) : Yadkiiiville Bellerose, N. Y. South Hill, Va. HOGSHEAD, WILLIAM HENDON. JR. Greensboro B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Pi Kappa Alpha; Sisma Gamma Epailon; Alpha Phi Omega; YMCA President (41 Cardboard (1. 2»: Cheerleader (3 1 iidenl ' s Cabine HOKE, AXEL WERNER HOLDER, HAZEL ELIZABETH B.S. IN PUBLIC HEALTH. HOLLAND, CURTIS AVENT, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HOLLAND, DANIEL COURTS B.S. IN GEOLOGY. .Sigma Gamma Epiilun. Winston-Saleni Greensboro Dallas HOLLAND. DAVID ROSS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HOLMES, HELEN FREEMAN A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Omega. HOLT, WILLIAM PAUL. JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi Fifth Rave: HOLT, SORTHE SEYMOUR B.S. IN PHARMACY. K , Chi; NCPA. Greensboro Tampa, Fla. (ireeiisbori) Apex HOLTON, WILLIAM COFFEEN Chase, Md. ■ma: Phi Beta HORD, WILLARD A.. JR. Morganton B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDICATION. Phi Kappa Phi; Football (4). HORNE, WILLIAM HENRY B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HORTON, HAMILTON C. JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Beta Thrla Pi. HORTON, JAMES HEATHMAN Kappa ; P Charlotte Winston-Saleni Salisbury " Joint Intramural Page 43 Senior Clas §; HOUGH. WILLIAM THOMAS A.B. I, CHKMISTRY. Phi Assombly (4). HOUSE. JAMES ALBERT. JR. Washington Hobgood A.B. I HISTORY. Phi B,la Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: Class OIH r (I); Cross Country (II; Oail (3. 41: Interdorniitory Council (1. 2. 3 ; Men ' s Council; Order of the Old Well; Phi Assembly Speaker (4); Young Democrats Club: Track (I); Dormitory President (1, 3). HOWARD, DAVID CALDWELL Tuscaloosa, Ala. n Club (2, 3, 4 : Swimming (1. 2, 3. HO ARD. KENNETH FELTON. JR. Dunn V.B. IN FXONOMICS. I hi Phi: Young Democrats Club; AFROTC. HOWELL. HERBERT HUGH GoWsboro B.S. I.N BCSINESS ADMIMSTRATION. Kappa 4lpha: 13 Club (2. HU. NORMAN C. K.S. IN MATHF.MATICS. Honolulu. T. H. HUBBARD, JULIUS C, JR. Wilkesboro A.B. IN JOIRNALISM. Young Democrats Club (31 : YMCA (3. 4». HUFFARD, ALICE COYNER Bluefield, Va. A.B. IiN RADIO. Delia Delia Delia: Student Council (41; Splash Club (3 1: Sxiniming: Tarnation (4»; University Club (3. 4): ■iWCA (31: Carolina Communications Club (3. 4). HUGGINS, CHARLES MARION Greensboro A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Siama: Delia Phi Alpha: Di Senate (1. 2. 3. 41. HUGHES. WILLIAM THOMAS. JR. Salem, Va. A.B. IN JOl RNAI.ISM. Daily Tar Heel (3. 4); Press Club (3. 41. HULL, C. A. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Hl ' LSE. BARBARA ANNE Fijih Rou ; HUNDLEY, CECILE M. A.B. IN SPANISH. Student P Cherrvville Bellport, N. Y. ' .lee Club (3. 4 ( ; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 4) ; Elections Board (4) HUNSUCKER, WILLIAM HAROLD B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Football ( 1 HUNT, ROSE MARILYN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sixth Rou-: HURLOCKER, JAMES KENNETH A.B. IN CHEMI.STRY. HURST, EDWIN WILLIAM, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. HUSKE, JOHN, JR. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Delta Kappa Epsilo Gimghoul (3. 4); Track (1); Minataur (2, Ellerbe Forest Citv KannapoHs Kockinghain Fayetteville ans Officer ( 1 ) ; Page 44 1952 HUSKE, ROSALIE ANDREWS A.B. IN JOl ' RNALISM. Chi Omega: lot HUTAFF, HENRY GRIGGS A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Phi: Re Fayetteville Yack: VnCA (.!. it. Chapol Hill ion Club (4). HUTCHINSON. ROBERT ELWYN Rookiiighaiii B.S. IN BISINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Sigma Pi: Grail (2. 3. 4). Ring Chairman (3); Debair Squad (1. 2); Debate Council (2. 3): Student Legislature: Interdonnitorv Council (21. HYATT, CHESTLEY JULIAN Winston-Salem B.S. IiN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Sigma Pi. IDE, NANCY LOUISE A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. INGLESBY, CHARLES ALLAN, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Phi Assembly (3». Tuckahoe, N. Y. Savannah, Ga. INGRAM, ROBERT COLEMAN, JR. Ashevillf B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. IRBY, CLAUDIUS ADDISON, JR. Roanoke Rapids B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Phi. ISAACS, DAVID LEONARD New York, N. Y. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Tau Epsilon Phi. ISEKI, YUZO A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. ISLEY, LEWIS MALCOLM A.B. IN ENGLISH. ISOM, ROSALIND MARY A.B. IN EDUCATION. YW CA. Ilanii, Hyogo-Keii, Japan Graham Miami, Fla. East Rockinghani Chapel Hill Adv (4) Fijlh Row: IVEY, JOHN CHARLES B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. JACOBS, BETTY SUE A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Interdormitorv Town Girls Association President ( Somen ' s Athletic Association (2, 4); JAMES, BENJAMIN E., JR. Jacksonville, Fla. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma .Vu ; Basketball (1); Dance Committee (4); Grail (2. 3. 4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Sound and Fury (1, 2); University Club (2): Uni- versity Party (I, 2, 3); Young Republicans Club (1); AFROTC. JENKINS, JANE ELIZABETH Malverne, N. Y. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. YWCA (3. 4): Student Party (3. 4); West- minster Fellow ship (3. 4); Hockey Club (3 1: Student Adyisor (4). JENNINGS, ROGER ADAMS, JR. Greensboro JENRETTE, RICHARD HAMPTON Raleigh A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Chi Psi: Phi Bela Kappa: Phi Ela Sigma- Daily Tar Heel (I. 2, 3): Golden Fleece (4); Interfraternit, Council (1. 3); Order of the Old Well (3. 4); University Party Chairman (4 i Student Council (4); laekely Yaek (3». I ' - SEjS, Page 45 Senior Class JETTON, THOMAS L. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Si, JOHNSON. CHARLES HENRY B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ClavtOIl JOHNSON, FRANCES HOPE Chalybeate Springs B.S. IN MEUir.AI. TECHNOLOGY. D irinit..rv Presidpnl ( .3 ( : Cord S.nat.- (31: Int. ' rdurniilar Council (.1): VW CA (3. 4). JOHNSON, HENRY CLAY, JR. B.S. IN PHYSICS. DWlo Psii Yackely J g.r (4); NROTC; Aiiiirican Instituli- c JOHNSON, HENRY RALPH B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. JOHNSON, MONROE GARLAND, JR. Spindale B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Roanoke, Va. . s Mana- Goldsboro JOHNSON, PAUL THOMPSON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Winstoii-Salcni JOHNSON, RORERT LEON, JR. Lake Wales, Fla. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Phi; Class Officer (31. President (31; Fencing; Tarnalion i VMCA: Cardboard (1. 21. JOLLY, SAMUEL RROWN, JR. Wilmington A.B. IN EDUCATION. JONES, RETTY LOU Norfolk, Va. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega; YWCA; Daily Tar Heel. JONES, DEAN C. JR. Jefferson A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Thela Chi: Phi Ela Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa: Cardboard (I. 2. 3. 4). JONES, RONALD RERNAL Fayetteville B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi; Band (1. 2. 3. 4). Fi lh Rou • JORDAN, NANCY ANNE A.B. IN ART. Kappa Delia: Daily Tar Heel. JORDAN RORERT CALHOUN, JR. EHenton B.S. IN MEDICINE. Phi Ela Sigma; Phi Bela Kappa: Cardboard (2. 3). JORDAN, SAMllEL THOMAS A.B. IN HISTORY. Delia Psi: Interfralcrnitv Council (2. 3 Monn$:ram Club (3»: Track (I. 2. 3 : 13 Club (2. 3) (1). Great Neck. N. Y. Washington, D. C. linB JUDY, LAURA FLORENCE A.B. IN JOIIRNAI.ISM. Alpha Cam (41; Panhellcnic Council (4). JURNEY, JACK POWELL A.B. IN ENGLISH. JUSTICE, EARL TEAGUE A.B. IN MUSIC. Phi Mu Alpha: Band (2. 3. I) Roone Delia: Y» CA ; (ilcc Club Elkin Canton Page 46 [952 KARESH, WILLIAM LEWIS B.S. IN BIISINE.SS ADMIIVISTRATION. Zela Bila Ta KARRIKER. FULLER PARHAM A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Greensboro i; NROTC. KAUFMAN, G. ARNOLD Baltimore, Md. Dssi- (3. 4): Mono- KEEFE, MARY MARSCHALL North Miami, Fla. B.S. IN SCIENCE EDUCATION. Phi Mu ; Glee Club (31: YWCA (3, 4): Stray Greeks (3. 4). President (4). KEENAN, PAUL, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi: Tcnn University Club (3). KEITH, MARGARET TRIGG New York, N. Y. Amsterdam, Va KELLY, DAVID ARMSTRONG Culpeper. Va. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Pi Kappa ilpha: Phi Eta Sisma: Football (1) ; 13 Club (2. 3) : YMCA (1. 2). KELLY, HELEN BRADFORD A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Pi Beta Phi: Jo VViCA (4». KELSO, WILLIAM Charlotte ack (3. 4): Newark, N. J. 1 Onuga; Football KENNEDY. JAMES CONNOR A.B. IN EDUCATION. Cardboard (3, 4). KENNEDY, MARY EVERETTE KERVES, FLOSSIE LILLIAN A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Delta; Daily KING, JOAN CAROL A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi (41: YWCA (3. H: Student mitlee (I); Dormitory Fresiden KING, JULIAN B. KING, PATRICIA KING, SAMUEL McLEAN B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Raleigh ek (3); YWCA (3. 41 : Savannah, Ga. Heei (4); YWCA (3. Verona, N. J. Winston-Salem Ltnidon Bridge, Va. KINGOFF, WILLIAM N. Wilmington N BUSINESS ADMINLSTRATION. Pi l.amhcia Phi: Sound and 2, 3): Traek (1): University Club (2. 3); MCA (2). Fury ( KIRBY, GARLAND RICHARD B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Charlotte Page 47 Senior Cla§;§; KIRKLAND, ROBERT LEON Durham B.S. IN BISINESS ADMINISTRATION. KIRSTEIN, DEWEY S., JR. Fairview B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Sigma Gamma Epsilun. KISIAH, RAY LEWIS Charlotte A.B. IN .SOCIOLOGY. Glee Club (3); YMCA (.-J); Rerreation Club. KISSIAH, JACK Charlotte A.B. IN JOI RNALISM. klZER, CAROLYN ELIZABETH Brevard Pi Alpha: Glee Club KLINE. JOSEPH JAY B.S. IN BISINESS ADMIMSTRATIOiN. Phi Be New Bern Kappa; Band (2). KLOEPPEL, PETER KOTSCH Charleston, S. C. KNKJHTEN, NANCY ELIZABETH Montgomery, Ala. A.B. IN EDICATION. Kappa Delia: YW CA (.3, K. KNOTT, THOMAS HENRY Kinston B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Siema. KOIZIIMI, MASAMI M.A. IN EDI CATION. Osaka. Japan KRAFFT, BARBARA ELLIOTT River Forest, lU. A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Alpha Gamma Delia: YWCA ; Wesley Eel- lowship. KRITZER, HENRY ROWLAND B.S. IN EDUCATION. Hagerstown, Md. Fijih R..1. : KRITZER, MARY LOU U.S. IN EDUCATION. KUCYK, BILL A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Aihle Stale (.3. 4); AssUtant Intramural Direct. Hagerstown, Md. Wyandotte, Mieh. c Director, N. C. Boy» " (4). LACKEY, BEN DIXON A.B. IN EDUCATION. Kappa Sign Winston-Salem 13 Club (3. 4). LANDOR, ALICE L. Canton, Ohio A.B. IN EDICATION. Daily Tar Heel (3) ; Cosmopolitan Club (3). LANGSTON, JOHN ROBERT A.B. IN RADIO. Tornolion (2). LASLEY, CARL THOMAS, JR. A.B. IN HISTORY. Four Oaks Chapel Hill Page 48 1952 LATIMORE. A N E. Lookout Mountain, Tenn. A.B. IX ENGLISH. Chi Omega; Inlerdormitory Council: YWCA (3. 4). LATTA, MARY VIRGIMA Burlington A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Glee Club; Women ' s Athletic Association; Hockey Club (3, 4); Basketball Club (3, 4). LAW, GERRY U. B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Second Row: Winston-Saleni LAWRENCE, WILLIAM GOODMAN, III B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Sterna , Conio LAWREY, WILLIAM J. Midway Park B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. U. N. C. Sailing Club (4). LAYTON, HARVEY WILLIAM, JR. Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. LEDFORD. WILLIAM VALENTINE LEE, HENRY NEILL, JR. Luml.erton A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Gamma Delta. LEE. RUSSELL BENTON, JR. Kannapolis B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha. Fourth Rote: LEMONS, GEORGIA JOYCE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. LESTER, PATRICIA LOU A.B. IN HISTORY. Pi Beta Phi: Inte Y ' WCA (3, 4) ; Coed Senate. St. Petersburg, Fla. rmilor Council (3, 4); LEVERETT, JACQUELINE NINA Gainesville, Ga. FiJthRow: LINDSEY, SUE CARTER A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi: Publieatie Valkyries (3, 4) ; Yackety Yaek (3, 4), Edit. Mu Iota (4). LINNEY, JOHNSON HAYES B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. LINVILLE, WALTER SMITH, JR. A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Alpha tpailon Delia. LITAKER, FRANK ERNEST A.B. IN EDUCATION. Student Legislati LITAKER, RAE M. B.S. IN HEALTH EDUCATION. LLOYD, WILLIAM HOLMES B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. Bluefield, W. Va. ms Union Board (41; or (4) ; Omega Gamma Newport News, Va. Kernersville Charlotte Concord Hillsboro Puge 49 Senior Class LOFTIN, MARIOIN ELMO Trenton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. LONG, THORNTON McKENDREE Winston-Salem LOVE, EDGAR. Ill Lincolnton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. A ' oppo lipfta; Debate Squad; Di Si-nate; CUe Club; Grail; Order of the Old Well; Student Couneil; Student Legislature; Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma. LOVINS, MARVIN DALLAS Lenoir B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. LUCAS, LACY LEE, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Si; Greensboro I Phi Epsilon. LYNN, ALRERT STANLEY New London, Conn. B.A. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTR.ATION. Pi Lambda Phi: Band (2, 3); Track (2, 3). LYON, WYLE LARRY B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. McAllister, jimmy lee A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Press Club (3, 4). McCASKILL, WESLEY RAY A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Thela Chi: Interfrat, Fourth Roto: McCOLLUM, OTIS ROBERTS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Aappo fraternity Council (4); Interdormitor) Council (3»; Phi Assembly (2, 3. 4); Student Legislature (2, 3 ; tory President (31 ; " ' (3). Greensboro Mt. Pleasant Pinebluff Council (2). Reidsville PAi Inte Oric Coun McCOMB, katherine dian A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Kappa Delta: Daily Tar Heel (3. 4); Inter- dormitory Council; Coed Senate (4); Women ' s Atbletic Association (4). McCORD, DOROTHY CLEMMER A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delta Delta. Portsmouth, Va. Chapel Hill Fifth Row: MeCLLLOUGH, JEWEL ORESTES B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Interd McDonald, billy andrew A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Inter. YMCA (3. 4); Western N C. Club (2, 3 McGEE, JULIAN MURRILL, JR. B.S. IN ECONOMICS. Be 4). Charlotte ry Council (2». Forest City :ouneil (3, 4); Greensboro I Pi: Football (1): 13 Club (2. 3. McGOWAN, MILTON HENRY A.B. IN HISTOBY. Ellerbe McINTYRE, JAMES HERBERT A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Psi: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: Cross Country (2); Dance Committee (2. 3. 4): Golden Fleece; Grail; Order of the Old Well; Student Legislature; YMCA (1. 2. 3, 4); Secretary-Treasurer of Student Body; Chairman of the Budget Com: littee (4). McKINNEY, WILLIAM MARKLEY A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Pi Kappa Alpha. Roanoke, Va. Page SO [952 Mcknight, mary wessman B.S. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Mcknight, rodney Leonard Chapel Hill Charlotte nghoul (3, 4): Golf (2, 3): McLean, floyd coppedge, jr. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTR.4TION. Interdori Laurinburg ry Council (4). McLENDON, WILLIAM WOODARD Greensboro A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Beta Thela Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Class Officer (2); Inlcrfraternijy Council (3). Maxton 1 (4); YMCA (1, 2, 3, McLEOD, EDWARD ARMAND A.B. IN HISTORY. Inlcrdormitory Cov 4 . President (41; President ' s Cabinet (41 McNEILL, JAMES GALEN Mount Airy B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. MacCALMAN, DUNCAN IAN Nyack, N. Y. B.S.. LL.B. IN LAW. PJii Gamma Delta; Monogram Club (1, 2, 3, 41: Soccer (1, 2, 3. 4): YMCA (1. 2. 3. 41. MacDONALD, WILLIAM THOMAS Greensboro A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. MADDUX, JOE HARPER Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tennis (1). MAGRUDER, NATHANIEL FUQUA MAHONEY, JAMES PAUL A.B. IN RADIO. Scabbard and Blade. Sarasota, Fla. itical Union (4) ; Chapel Hill MALLISON, WILLIAM HENRY Rocky Mount A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Carolina Quarterly (3(: Interfratcrnily Council (3. 4): Universilv Club (3 : Orientation Counselor (4); President ' s Cabinet ( ' 4 . Fifth Row: MARLOWE, WILLIAM A., JR. Walstonburg A.B. IN RADIO. Carolina Cnmmunications Club (3. 4 j Soccer (II. MARSH, GILBERT ERNEST, JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Psi. MARTENS, ELEANOR R. A.B. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. Sigma llpha lot. Thomasville Burlington MARTIN, ELIZABETH REAVES 1 B.S. IN PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING. ' MARYE, JANE EASTER MATSUMOTO, ATSUO A.B. IN RADIO. Eureka Augusta, Ga. laily Tar Heel (3, 4»: Urawa-Shi, Japan Page 51 Senior €la§iis MATTHEWS, KENNETH GRAY A.B. IN HISTORY. MAI GRAS, CECILE SOPHIE SPECIAL STUDENT IN AMERICAN LITERATURE. MAUNEY, FREDERICK RODNEY B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. 4lpha Kapp (1. 2, 3, 4). East Bend Paris, France Shelbv MAY, GLENN HOWARD A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. MEDDERS. JAMES DOYLE A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. MELTON, ROBERT BRUCE A.B. Mount Hollv Morganton Third Row. MENDEL. DONALD MYRON Atlanta, Ga. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Zeta Beta Tou ; Phi Ela Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa; University Party (1. 21. MERRILL, BARBARA JANE Wilmington A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delta Delia Delia: Intcrdorinitory Counril (3. 4): YWCA (3. 4t: Coed Senate 3. 4); Cheerleader (3. 4). MILBURN, WILLIAM THEODORE Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Phi EpMnn. MILLEDGE. ALLAN FRANCIS Miami, Fla. A.B. I.N POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Phi: Phi Beta Kappa: Men ' s Couneil (3, 4»: Order of the Old Well (3. 4»; YMCA (I. 2. 3. 4) : Soecer (1. 2. 3, 4): Monogram Club (3. 4): Student Party (3. 4». Chairman (4); Orientation Counselor (4); Order ot the Golden MILLER, ANDREW CLEVELAND, III B.S. IN medicine; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi On Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa: Danee Committee. MILLER, BAXTER H., JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Psi. Fifth Rote: MILLER, JOHN MALONE B.S. IN SCIENCE TEACHING. MILLER, NICK JOHN A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Pi Kappa Alpha. Shelby : Phi Ela Graham Albemarle MILTON, CECIL JEROME A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Gamma Delia: Dance Committee (4 : Monogram Club (2. 3, 4»; Swimming (1. 2. 3. 4). Co-Captain (4»i Tennis (1. 2 . Captain (1): YMCA (1. 2). MINETT, CYRIL WILLIAM Waynesville A.B. IN RADIO. Kappa Alpha; Football (1. 21; Track (1); Uni- versity Club (4): YMCA (1. 2, 3. 4»: Carolina Communications Club (3, 4); Student Party (3. 4|: Cheerleader 3 : Head Cheer- leader (4). Asheboro ,r (3 1: Wes- MINSHEW, EMMA JEAN A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. YWCA (3. 41: Student Adv Icy Foundation (3). MODLIN, HENRY VANCE, JR. Goldsboro A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Kappa Sigma; YMCA (1, 2, 3. 4): Ba Student Union. Page 52 1953 MOORE, ALBERT FRANK Tininionsville, S. C. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delia Phi Alpha: Carolina Quarlrrly (.t. 4 : Glee Club ( 1 ) ; Order of Ihe Golden Bear (2, 3 ) ; Tarnation (1,2); YMCA (1, 2, 3). MOORE, JESSE DANIEL B.S. I Bl ' SIiNESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma MOORE, THOMAS PARROTT, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Eta Sig, MOORING, STEWART LEE B.S. IN MEDICINE. Phi Beta Kappa; MORLEDGE. ESTHER L. Asheville Wilson LaGrange Council (3). Grandview, Iowa MORRIS, DONALD SASSER Aulander B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. MORRIS, ELIZABETH JANE Gastonia A.B. IN EDUCATIOiN. Delta Delta Delta: YWCA (3. 4); Orienta- tion Counselor (4); Gastonia-Carolina Club (3). MORRIS, THOMAS REDDEN Kenly B.S. IN NATURAL SCIENCE. MORRISON, FRANK CRAWFORD, JR. Hazelwood B.S. IN MEDICINE. Phi Beta Kappa; Baptist Student Union Council 2. 3). MORSE, ANGELA GRACE East Orange, N. J. MOSER, WILLIAM OLIVER B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Band (1). MOSS, JACK SOLOMON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Pi Winslon-Saleni Charlotte MOTOSHI, SHIMMURA A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kagoshinia-Ken, Japan MULLER, HELEN OLETA Merion Station, Pa. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Glee Club (3, 4» ; YWCA (3. 4». MURPHY, BARBARA ANNE Charlotte A.B. IN FRENCH. YWCA; Le Cercle Francais. Sixth Row: MYATT, JAMES ARCHIBALD, JR. High Point A.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Camma Delta; Class Executive Committee; Class Officer: Di Senate 1. 2. 3. 4); Slu- dent Legislature (2); Universitv Club (3, 4); Young Democrats Club; YMCA; Campus Party (1): Carolina Forum (3); Orienta- tion Counselor (3. 4); AFROTC (3, 4 . NALL, VELMA EILEEN Jaj, Fla. B.S. IN PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING. NASH, MARTHA EMELINE Bluefield, W. Va. A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Kappa Delta; Daily Tar Heel (3); YWCA (3, 4 : WAA Council (3); Splash Club (3, 4). Page 53 Senior Class; NEAL, HENRY DOUGLAS Pee Dee B.S. IN PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION. NEELY, WILLIAM BRUCE High Point B.S. IN BISINESS ADMINISTR.ATION. Theta Chi; Omega Gamma tfu Iota: Yarkely York (2. 3. 4). Managing Editor 4». NELSON, FRANK DAVIS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta C, Beta Kappa. NEVILLE, NORMA ADELAIDE Durham Sigma: Phi Chapel Hill NICHOLS, JAMES G. New Bern A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Theta Chi: Glee Club (2. 3); Universilv Club (3, 4). NICOL, RODERICK MACLATCHIE Lexington A.B.. LL.B. IN LAW. Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa. NUNEZ, NANCY ANNE Baltimore, Md. 4). Cabinet (4); Canterbury OGLESBY, ANNE CHRISTIAN Concord A.B. IN EDUCATION. Ihi Omega: YWCA. OLIVER, OMAR ZELOTES KENNETH Thomasville A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Football (3. 41. OLSEN, DANIEL DUNCAN Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Sigma; Interfraler- ONLEY, ROY ELBERT B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ORMAND, JOHN WILLIAM, JR. A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Band (1, 2, 3). Fifth Roio : OSMERS, RUTH HELEN OSWALT, MILDRED lONE B.S. IN PUBLIC HEALTH NURSLNG. Elizabeth Citv Monroe Ridgewood, N. J. 3. 4); WAA (4); Moberly, Mo. Dunn OVERMAN, CHARLES ERNEST A.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Ce ball (2). PAGE, JIMMY C, JR. Henderson B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Sigma Pi. Hcndorson- Carolina Club. PAGE, JOANNE Marietta A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Chi Delta Phi: Kappa Delta; YWCA (3, 4); Coed Senate (4); Student Orientation Committee (4): Greater University Council (4); President ' s Cabinet: Women ' s Cabinet. PALMER, KATHERINE JOAN McKeesport, Pa. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Chi Omega: Daily Tar Heel (3) j YWCA (41. Page 54 1953 PANTELL, PATRICIA ALDEN A.B. IX RADIO. Alpha Gamma Delta; (3. 4) ; Modern Dance Club (3. 4); Car (3. 4»: Panhellenie Council (3. 4). PARK, WILLIAM CHARLES Atlanta. Ga. Greensboro Club (3. 4 : Cym- Goldsboro PARKER. JANE AGNES A.B. IN EDIC.ATIOX. Delia Delia Delia: YWCA : Splash Club (3. 41. PARKER, JOHN T. A.B. IN " EDI CATION. PARKS. WILLIAM HOYLE B.S. IN Bl SINTSS ADMINISTRATION. PARLIER, ROBERT WATKINS A.B. IN ENGLISH. Glee Club (2. 3. 4): Yae (1. 2); Scabbard and Blade; AFROTC (1, 2, 3, 4). Lexington HiUsboro ek (1 ) : YMCA Erwin Morganton Canton A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delta Delia Delia; Glee Club (4) ; YWCA (3. 4). PATTERSON. THOMAS ALLEN A.B. IN EDICATION. PATTON. CHARLES FREDERICK A.B. I.N JOl ILNALISM. Press Club. PATTON, JUDITH ANN Fourth Roici PEACOCK, WILLIAM T., JR. Arlington, Va. PENEGAR, RICHARD MELTON Gastonia B.S. IN BISIN-ESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Sigma; Class Officer (4t: Di .Senate: Football (2): German Club Executive (4): VocAelv Yark ]|; Minataurs ; Greater Iniversit) Student Council (3»i Iniversitv Party (3). PHELPS, JAMES COWLES Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. Delta Salem-Carolina Club. Sigma Pi; Winslon- Fiflh Roic: PHILLIPS, JAMES RALPH Castonia A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. PICKETT, HERMAN NEWTON. JR. Greensboro B.S. IN BISIN-ESS ADMINISTRATION. PIERPONT, FRANCIS GORDON Durham B.S. IN BUSLNESS ADMINISTRATION. Cardbo Ird ; Bead L ' sber. SiilhRou} : PINER, WILLIAM HENRY High Point A.B. IN ENGLISH. Phi Beta Kappa. PIPER, JANE LORING Eccleston, Md. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi: Glee Club (3. Splash Club (4). 4 » ; Y WCA (3. 4 ) : PLAGER, SHELDON JAY Miami, Fla. A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Pi Lambda Phi; Intcrfraternitv Council (21; Sound and Fury (1. 2. 3. 4); Student Legislature (1, 2, 3. 4); Scabbard and Blade (4); Student Legislature (3); L ' niverBity Party (2, 3); NROTC. Page 55 Senior Class PLATT. JOHN FORBUSH B.S. IN BISINESS ADMINISTRATION. POPE, MARIE CALISTA A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. Alpha Cam Adwsor. POPE, MARY ELIZABETH Milford, Conn. Columbus, Ga. Delia; YW CA ; StadenI Mount Olive ;lee Club PORTER, JAMES ALEXANDER, JR. Charlotte B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. POTEAT, EARMINE LEE, JR. Yanceyville A.B. IN EDUCATION. POWELL, ELIZABETH TOCCOA Whiteville A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega; YWCA j WAA Council (4). Narberth, Pa. Selma POWELL, NANCY BLANTON A.B. IN ART. Alpha Delta Pi; YWCA (3, 4). PRIDGEN, ELTON CLAUDE A.B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES. PRINCE, JACK ALEXANDER Chapel Hill A.B. IN RADIO. Pi Kappa Phi; Glee Club (2, 3, 41: Phi As- sembly (2. 3. 4); Sound and Fury (2, 3, 4); Student Legislature (4); Young Democrats Club (2. 3); YMCA (2, 3. 4 ; C. M. Board of Directors (3, 4). PRIVOTT, JOSEPH ROBERT A.B. IN EDUCATION. Class Officer (I : Dance Committee (3); Di Senate (2. 3); Glee Club (1, 2»: Grail (3. 4); Men ' s Council (4); Order of the Old Well (3. 4); Student Legislature (3); Student Parly (3, 4); Orientation Counselor (4). PROCTOR, JAMES DICK A.B. IN LAW. Chi Pui. PROFFITT, EARL DONALD B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Whiteville Alexandria, Va. QUALLS, WILLIAM ALTON Greensboro A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Delia Thela; 13 Club (3. 4); Wrestling (1, 2, 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (3); NROTC (1, 2. QUARLES, WILLIAM GORDON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Can Rockv Mount ,a Delia. QUESENBERY, JACQUELIN LEE Wavnesboro, Va. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Delia Pi; Inlerfraternity Council (3, 4»: Student Legislature (3. 4»; YWCA (3, 4|: 1» AA (3): Hockey Club (3). QUINN, FRANK ELBERT, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Alpha. RABHAN, HAROLD JEROME High Point B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Taa Epsilon Phi. RABIL, EDWARD GEORGE, JR. Smithfield B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Page 56 [952 RABIL, LOUIS RANSDELL, WILLIAM GARLAND, JR. Varina B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. YJICA (I. 2, 3, 4). RAY, BETTY LANDON Faison A.B. IN MUSIC. Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club (4); YWCA (3, 4). Presi- denl (4); Canterbury Clob (3, 4). Second Roie: REAVIS, PAGE PENDLETON Henderson A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. REDDING, WILLIAM FRANK, III Asheboro REESE, BETTY ANN Carrolllon, Ga. A.B. IN HISTORY. Delia Delta Delia; Women ' s Couneil (4) ; YWCA (3, 4); Cardboard (3, 4). RHYNE, AVERY ROBERT, JR. Charlotte B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Chi Sigma: Chi Psi. RICHARDSON, DEANE A.B. IN SPANISH. Alpha Delta Pi: YWCA (3. 4). RIGHTS, BURTON JONES A.B. IN RELIGION. Phi Beta Kappa; Delia Phi Alpha; Inter- dormitory Couneil (4); YMCA (1, 2, 3, 4); InlerCaith Council (3, 4). Charlotte Winston-Salem Pollstown, Pa. Bayonne, N. J. Fourth Row: RILEY, TAD TILDEN A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Sigmo Chi; NROTC. RIPPS, LEWIS SAMUEL ROBERTS, HAROLD P. B.S. IN MEDICINE. Phi Beta Kappa. ROBERTS, MARK WILLIAM A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Alpha Bpsilon Delta. ROBERTS, WAYNE BRYANT A.B. IN EDUCATION. YMCA (1). ROBBINS, HENRY ZANE A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Chi P,i; Baseball (1); Daily Tar Heel 1. 2, 3, 4 ; Order of the Old Well (3. 4); Publiealions Union Board Chairman (3); Tarnation (1. 2. 3); Orientation Counselor (3. 4). Madison Mount Olive Winston-Saleni ROBBINS, WILLIAM McKENDREE Charlotte A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Kappa Phi. ROBINSON, GEORGE ARNOLD Canton A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Western N. C. Club ( 1 ) ; Press Club (4). ROBISON, JOHN HENRY, JR. Salisbury B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpha; Interfrater- nity Couneil (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Greater University Stu- dent Council (4); President ' s Cabinet (4). Page 57 Senior Class; ROE, ELIZABETH MAY Wilmington A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Omega: YWCA (3. 4). Fuquay Springs Farmville ROLLINS, ARDEN CORTEZ B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMIMSTRATION. ROLLINS, ROBERT LeROY, JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. ROSE, JAMES WOOD ROSEN, RICHARD SELIG Miami, Fla. B.S. IN BISINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Lambda Phi: Interfra- ternitr Council ( 1. 2 I ; Sound and Fury (1. 2); Cardboard. ROSENBLATT, DALE J. Greensboro B.S. IN BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. ROSS, CHARLES CALVIN B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. ROTH, WILLIAM STANLEY ROYALL, ELIZABETH ANN Chapel Hill Asheville RUFFIN. DALTON DILLARD Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Class Officer (2 1: Football (1, 2. 3. 4); Cimghoul |2); Crail (2); Interfratcrnity Council (1); Monogram Club (3). RUGGLES, JOHN ALLEN B.S. IN GEOLOGY. Alpha Tau Om Chev - Chase, Md. na Gamma Epsilon. RUSSELL, EDWARD MICHAEL Southport, Conn. A.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpha; Newman Club FUlhRou,: RUSSOS, ANGELOS NICK Raleigh B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. RUTH, LEWIS HUBERT, JR. Linoolnton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha. RUTTER, CHARLINE TRIPP A.B. IN EDUCATION. Splash Club (4). Sixth Rote: SANDERS, MARY EILLEEN SANFORD, BARBARA LOLETA SAPP, ROBERT HENRY EI Paso, Texas Tryon Club (2); Reynolda Page 58 952 SATTERFIELD, ISAAC JOSEPH Salisbury B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. SATTERWHITE. CLYDE BERNARD, JR. Salisbury A.B. IN E-NCLISH. SATTERWHITE. DAN HICKS Salisbury B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. SAULS, GENE LANE Raleigh A.B. IN RADIO. Carolina Communications Clnb (3. 4). SAVAGE, ROSA MAY Cape Charles, Va. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Kappa Delta: Y WCA (3, 4) ; Recreation Club 4). SAWITZ, IRWIN ELLIOT Hamlet B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Tau Epsilon Phi; AFROTC. Toms River, N. J. Third Rou,: SAWYER, BLACKWELL, JR. A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Phi Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Gamma Delta: Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Soccer (2. 3, 4). SCHACHNER, ELIZABETH ANNELLE Charlotte na Delta: YWCA (3, 4|: New- SCHACHT, HENRY FERO SCHAEFFER, HAROLD CLAYTON A.B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES. SCHNORRENBERG, JOHN MARTIN SCHOONDERWOERD, JAKE A.B. I.N SOCIOLOGY. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Filth Rou,: SCHOONDERWOERD, JANET SELLE SCIALLY, ELVA CAMILLE A.B. I-V ART. Davidson Winston-Salem Asheville ite (1. 2. 3, Carrboro Chapel Hill SCROGGS, ROBIN JEROME Raleigh A.B. I.N MUSIC. Chi Psi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Mu Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Glee Clnb (1, 2, 3, 4); Order of the Old Well (3, 4); Elections Board (2). SEALS, ROLAND HECTOR Maxton B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. SEELY, JOHN DAY, JR. Winston-Salem B.S. IN SCIENCE. Delia Psi; 13 Club; University Club. SELZER, WILLIAM H., JR. Rye, N. Y. A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Phi Delta Kappa. imS Page 59 Senior Clasis SHEEK, ROBERT WILLIAM, JR. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. SHEETS, RICHARD ALLEN Winslon-Saleni Winston-Salem SHERMER, GORDON HAUSER Winston-Salem B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Kappa Phi. SHERRILL, MAX DOUGLAS B.S. IN PHYSICS. SHIELDS. HAROLD W ILLIAM B.S. IN PHYSICS. SHOAF, LEONARD PAYNE A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Hickory Tomotla High Point SHVEDA, ANDREW PAUL Weirton, W. Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Lambda Chi Alpha; Foot- ball (1, 2, 3). SIEGEL, JOEL HERBERT A.B. IN LAW. Pi Lambda Phi: Phi Ela Sign SIFFORD, JOHN W ILEY B.S. IN SCIENCE. Salisbury phi Beta Kappa. Stanley SIKES, LEW IS A. Tabo A.B. IN FRENCH. Phi Beta Kappa; Le Cercle Francais. SILVER, MICHAEL JULIAN A.B. IN RADIO. Phi Epsil.m Pi; Care New York, N. Y. niniunirations Club. SIMPSON, DAVID ALEXANDER, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa Sign Fifth Row: SI NEATH, WESLEY STUCKEY Timmonsville, S. C. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Carolina Quarterly H. SKINNER, O. SCOTT SLOAN, DOROTHY ANN A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Town Girls SLOAN, THOMAS HAMILTON A.B. IN JOIR.NALISM. Kappa Alpha. SLOOP, RICHARD BRAME A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Univirsilj Club (2 1, SMALL, CHARLES BUXTON Chapel Hill Wv (41 : Inler- Chapel Hill W inston-Saleni North Wilkesboro Elizabeth Citv ouncil (11; Swim Page 60 [952 SMITH, E. CARRINGTON, JR. Chapel Hill SMITH, EDWIN BRETNEY Asheville A.B. IN ENGLISH. Delia Kappa Epsilon: T.iinis (1. 2. 3. II. SMITH, GEORGE DUFFIELD, JR. Dallas, Texas B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Tau Omegas Sheiks (2, 3. 4): Student Legislature (2. 3): Universilj Club ( yoclcelY Yack (1): Student Entertainment Committee (3. 41: Stu- dent Parly (1. 2. 3. 4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3. 4). SMITH, JACK ROSS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. SMITH, LLOYD BELL Jacksonville Lenoir SMITH, MARY BERTOLET Greenville A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Delia Delia Delias Glee Club (31: 1 W CA (3. 4). SMITH, ROY LEE A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. SMITH, RUFFIN A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. ' Stanfielcl Charlotte SMITH, WILLIAM ARCHER Oklahoma City, Okla. B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Phi Bla Sigma. SNOW, ROBERT HAIRSTON Chapel Hill A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Sigma Vu; German Club Executive (4); Swimmins (1. 2. 3): 13 Club (3, 4); AFROTC. SNYDER, GRADY KING A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. YMCA (3. 4). SOLOMON, G. VANCE A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Fifth Rote: SPAUGH, HERBERT, JR. SPEARMAN, NED WILLIAMS B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. SPECK, RUTH ELLEN A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Omegas Interd. Sound and Fury (3); YWCA (3. 1»: Or Coed Senate (3, 4). SPENCER, ROBERT EUDEAN Liberty A.B. IN EDUCATION. Young Demoerats Club (1, 2, 3, 4); YMCA (1, 2, 3. 4). SPERLING, SARA FRANCES A.B. IN EDUCATION. SPONG, JOHN SHELBY A.B. IN PHILOSOPHY. Phi Ela Sij Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Sanford Albemarle Charlotte as 13 Club Magnolia Cleveland, Tenn. Shelby Charlotte Phi Bela Kappa; Canterbury Page 61 Senior Class SPRUILL, CARL RALPH, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. STALLINGS, CLYDE MORTON Elizabeth Cily Morehead City A. B. IN JOURNALISM. Delia Psi: Daily Tar Heel (2. 3. 4): Di Senate (4 : Inlerfraternitr Council (3J; Plavmakers 2): Sound and Furv (2. 3): Student Legislature (4»; Tarnation (3. 4): Yackely ack (1, 2); VMCA (1 . STARR, PATTY SHERROD Plymouth STATON, THOMAS BILLIARD Hendersonyille niltee (3): Mono- A.B. IN ENGLISH. Kappa Alpha: Danee Com sram Club (3. 4): Student Couneil : Student Legislature (3); Swimming 1 ; 13 Club (4): Wrestling (2, 3. 4): Western N. C. Club (I. 2 ; Orientation Counselor (3). STEIN, RAYMOND WILLIAM Lakewood, Ohio B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. VMCA (2. 3. 4); Newman Club (2. 3. 4). President (41. STEPHENS, GEORGE MYERS, JR. Asheville A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Kappa Sigma; Seabbard and Blade; Inlerfraternity Council (2. 3. 4); Monogram Club (2. 3. 41: Sound and Fury (1, 2); Soccer (1, 2. 3. 4); NROTC (1. 2. 3. 4 . STEPHENSON, HENRY LOUIS, JR. Smithfield STEVENS, THOMAS BROCK Smithfield A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Alpha Tau Omega; Baseball (2. 3. 4): Football (1. 2. 3. 4 : AFROTC: Johnston-Carolina Club: President Carolina Athletic Association. STEWART, MARGARET GWENDOLYN Charlotte A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Glee Club (3. 4). STEWART, MARGARET JEAN Raleigh A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Alpha Delta Pi: Publications Union Board (4): Student. Legislature (3. 41; University Club (3); VWCA (4»; Greater University Council (4 1. STICKNEY, JAMES WARD. Ill Asheville A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Interdorniitorv Council (2. 3. 4): Tarnation (21: YMCA (1. 2. 3. K: Western N. C. Club (1. 2. 3). STIEBER, JOAN MOORE Pelham Manor, N. Y. A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi: YWCA. Fifth Roic : STOCKTON, JEAN GORDON A.B. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Ilpha D Council (3. 4): YWCA (4): Coed Senate ( STOKES, THOMAS DODDS, JR. A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Kappa Siama. STONE, JEAN 2, 3, 4), Me Chapel Hill Lexington Stoneyille Sixth Row: STRIBLING, MARY ELLEN Clarksdale, Miss. A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chi Omega: Di Senate (4); Student Legisla- ture (3. 4t: Valkyries President (3, 4); Women ' s Council (3. 4): YWCA (3. 4): Student Advisor (4 ; State Student Legislature (3. 4». STRICKLAND, JAMES RUFLS STRICKLAND. ROBERT LOUIS Wilson ml Blade (3, 4 , Asheboro Page 62 1952 Goldsboro STRICKLAND, THOMAS EDWARD A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. YMCA (1. 2, 3 . STROSNIDER, ANNA FRANK Goldsboro A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega; YWCA (3. 4); Student Advisor. SULLIVAN, JOHN ALOYSIUS Chapel Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Ela Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Gamma Sigma; Carolina Political Union ( 1, 2. 3. 4 I ; Di Senate (2, 3, 4); Town Men ' s Association (1, 2); Carolina Forum (3); Wesley Foundation (4 ; State Student Legislature (4 . Second Roto: SULLIVAN, RONALD FALLS High Point A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. Recreation Club (3,4) ; Newman Club (3.41. SUMNER, THOMAS H. Asheville A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Carolina Political Union Chairman (3, 4 ; Dailr Tar Heel (3); Phi Assembly Speaker Pro-Tem (4); YMCA (3, 4); Student Party (3, 4); Canterbury Club (3, 4). SUTPHEN, DONALD F. East Orange, N. J. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Beta Theta Pi. Julian Wilmington Picfua, Ohio Shizuoka-Shi, Japan Winston-Saleni Gaffney, S. C. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Chi Phi; Cla.,s Executive Committee (2)- Class Officer (1, 3 ; Daily Tar Heel (1); Debate Squad (2 : De- bate Council (2): Grail (2. 3. 4); Interfraternily Council (2); Student Council (2); Student Legislature (2. 3, 4); Orientation Counselor (2, 3). SWAIM, MICHAEL A.B. IN ENGLISH. SWART, CORNELIUS MARTIN A.B. IN EDUCATION. TAFEL, ANN WILKINSON A.B. IN ENGLISH. Fourth Row: TAKAMURA, SHIN-ICHI SPECIAL STUDENT IN ENGLISH. TATE, GORRELL LEE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. TATE, H. ALLEN, JR. Fifth Rou : TATUM, CLARENCE WEBB B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. TAYLOR, KENNETH RAY A.B. IN SPANISH. TAYLOR, NELLIE LOUISE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Winston-Saleni Faison Danbury TAYLOR, ROLAND LINDSEY Tarboro A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Press Club Treasurer (3, 4). TEACHEY, WILLIAM GRANGER High Point A.B. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. TEICHMAN, HERBERT Winston-Salem A.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINI.STRATION. Alpha Epsilon Pi; Uni- versity Club (3); Cardboard (4). Page 63 Senior Class TENNEY, MARY SUE A.B. IN EDUCATION. 4lpha Can Danrr Club (1). TERRELL. JESSE THOMAS THAYER, WILLIAM EUGENE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Second Row; THOMAS, DALE EDWARD Morehead City Delia: YWCA (1. 2); Mndrrn Yaiiceyville Phi Delia Kappa: Phi Troy Attleboro, Mass. ■ s Union Board (2 : THOMAS, ROBERT EIRWIN Greenville, S. C. A.B. IN DRAMATIC ART. Glee Club (1. 2. 3. 41: Playn.akers (1, 2. 3. I): Sound and Fury (1, 2); Y MCA (2. .3. 4). THOMPSON. BARBARA JEANNE Warsaw i:iub t » : YWCA THOMPSON, EDWARD DICKSON High Point B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Alpha. THOMPSON, JAMES VERNON Raleigh A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Sigma Phi Epsilon. THOMPSON, JEROME CONSTANTINE High Point B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Pii: Phi Beta Kappa. Fourth Rau; THOMPSON, ROBERT GENE Ringgold, Va. B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. THOMPSON, WALTER ALVIS. JR. Burlington n.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. THORPE, KATHERINE STUM Macon, Ga. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Kappa Alpha Thela: Stray Creeks. Fifth Rote: TILLEY, DAVID RONALD Fuquay Springs Phi Beta Kappa; Daily Tar Heel TOLSON, HUBERT GLENN New Bern A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Bela Theta Pi; 13 Club. TROUTMAN, RAY CLATON Salisbury B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. TRUCKNER, CLARENCE HUGHES Durham B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. TUCKER, GEORGE REGINALD, JR. Hertford B.S. IN MEDICINE. Phi Ela Sisnta; Phi Beta Kappa. TUGGLE, RICHARD JAMES Kannapolis B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Sigma Pi; Phi Bela Kappa; Bela Gatnnttt Sigma. Page 64 I95S TURLINGTON, FRED ANGIER, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. TURNER, HERBERT CARL A.B. IN RADIO. Band (1. 2, 3); Wesle inunications Club (3, 4). TUTZAUER, FRANK EMIL, JR. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. Pi Kappa Phi. TYNDALL, FRED ARTHUR, JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. TYSON, CONSTANCE A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Beta Phi; Speaker Pr. UPTON, ROBERT McLEAN A.B. IN ENGLISH. Pi Kappa Alpha. Waynesville N. C. Club (1) J Coni- Greensboro Goldsboro Richmond, Va. .-Tcin Coed Senate (4). Ventnor, N. J. USUI, JOE YOSHIO SPECIAL STUDENT IN ENGLISH. UZAWA, MASAKO SPECIAL STUDENT IN SOCIOLOGY. Ibaraki-Keiv, Japan Suginami-Ku, Japan UZZELL, GABRIELLE JOYE Charleston, S. C. ina Quarterly (3); French Club (3); Walkertown Charleston, W. Va. •oil (4); Fourth Row; VAN HOY, HALE BAXTER A.B. IN JOURNALISM. VAN KIRK, ANNE LIVESEY VASSEY, JOHN WALTER A.B. IN CHEMISTRY. Fifth Rote: VAUGHN, VERNON G., JR. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. VAUGHN, ROBERT CANDLER, JR. Winston-Salem B.S.. LL.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Bcia Thela Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Gamma Sigma; Interdormitorv Council (1); Dormitory President (1); Greater University Student Council (3, 4). VEASEY, JASPER ROBERT B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Concord Henderson Fuquay Springs VERCHICK. GEORGE, JR. North Plain field, N. J. A.B. IN SPANISH. Football (3 ; Monogram Club (3); Track (3). VERDICANNO, ANGELO A. South Plainfield, N. J. B.S. IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. VESTALT, DAVID DELMA B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Graham Page 65 Senior Class; VOGT, BURMA L. Decalur, Ga. A.B. IN HISTORY. Kappa Delia: Daily Tar Heel: YWCA. WADDELL, RALPH DAVID, JR. Concord B.S. IN BISINESS ADMIMSTRATION. Delia Sigma Pi; Inter- dormilor) Council (3): Studr-nt Lieislaluri. (2. 3); AFROTC (1, 2. 3. 4) : Audit Board. WADE, EDGAR DeLACIE, JR. A.B. IN FINE ARTS. WALKER, LEONARD FORREST B.S. IN BISINESS ADMINISTRATION. WALKER, MARILYN WALLER. WILLIAM ALEXANDER A.B. IN HISTORY. Gloo Club (3. 4). Erwin ieriiersville Asheboro WALSTON, LESLIE WAITE Roxobel A.B. IN HISTORY. WALSTON. LONNIE PERRY Roxobel A.B. IN HI.STORY. WALTON. GEORGE BRITAIN, JR. Chad bourn A.B. IN CHEMI.STRY. Phi F.ia Sigma: Ph ; Beta Kappa. Fourth Roi, : WARD, HALLETT SYDN EY Washiiigloii A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Phi Gamma Delta. ' ARD. HAROLD NORVIN W ashinglon. D. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Daily Tar Heel (3 ; Inter- dormitort Council (3»: University Club (t); Yaekety Yaek (4): Youn Democrats Club 1. 2. 3. 4): YMCA 2. 3. 4): AFROTC: Canterbury Club. WARD. WILLIAM FARRIOR. JR. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. ew Kern Fi lh Rote: WARNER, BEVERLY SNEED Roanoke, Va. A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Pi Kappa Alpha: 13 Club 3». WATKINS, OLIVER T. W ilniington B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. 4lpha Kappa Psi: Daih Tar Heel 1. 2. 3. 4); Publications Union Board (I); AFROTi: (3. 4). WATTS, BOBBY G. Stanley A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Sixth Row: WEBB, DENNIS REID Cliffside A.B. IN HISTORY. Baseball (2. 3): Phi A Democrats Club. ssemblv (11: Youn:; WEBB, HAROLD LLOYD Edenlon A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. WEBB, JEAN CABOT Rocky Mount B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Sigma Pi. Page 66 952 WEBSTER, EDWARD WALTER Ridgewood, N. J. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Alpha Kappa Pti: NROTC. WEIL, MIMI ANNE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Chi Omega; Student Legisia (3, 4); Splash Club 3. 4). WEISSINGER. ETHEL CLARE B.S. IN MATHEMATICS. YWCA (3. 41; Cantorbur Goldsboro ? (4) ; YWCA Cary, Miss. Club (4». Smithfield Pi; YMCA. Selnia Second Rou}z WELLONS, JAMES ALFRED B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMIMSTRATION. Delia Sign WELLONS, JAMES CLARENCE, JR. A.B. UV CHEMISTRY ' . Cardboard (I. 2, 3. 4(: Soc WELLS, EDGAR JAMES. JR. A.B. IN ENGLISH. WELLS, ELIZABETH KIRK B. W. Harlford, Conn. A.B. IN MATHEMATICS. WEST, FRED MORROW A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. The WEST, ROBERT ELMON A.B. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Fourth Row: WEST, WILLIAM SHEPHERD A.B. IN HISTORY. Franklin Salemburg New York, N. Y. WESTBROOK, THEODORE R.. JR. Richlands islalur.. (3. 4 ; t rsley WHEELER, WINNIFRED JEAN Baltimore, Md. ri- Club (3 1 : Sludonl rty ; Canterbury Club. WHICKER, DONALD EUGENE B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. WHITACRE, HIRAM PLIRCELL, JR. A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. WHITE, BETTYE CONNALLY A.B. IN SOCIOLOGY. WHITE, CORA ELEANOR . A.B. IN EDUCATION. Glee Club (3. 41. l WHITE, FRANKLIN McARTHlR A.B. IN ECONOMICS. WHITE, JAMES NORBERT Kernersville Charlotte Chapel Hill Lenoir Saleniliurg: Micro Counoil (2 1: Dor Page 67 Senior Clasiss WHITE, O. MAC Elizabeth Cit A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Sigma Nu: Cros Heel (3. 4) : Soccer Manager (2. 3): Pr Orientalion Counselor (41. WHITE, REGINALD SIDNEY, JR. L Tichburg, Va. (4); Mono. WHITE. ROMAS T., JR. HITE, WALTER ALSTON B.S. IN NATI ' RAL SCIENCE AND EDllCATION. WHITE, WILLIAM WALLACE B.S. IN MEDICINE. Alpha Epsilon Delta. WHITEHEART, RUSSELL DANIEL A.B. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Phi Kappa Sicm, Charlotte Maiison Manson Wiiistoii-Saleni [. ' Baseball ( I. 2. I I. WHITLEY. GENE MANLY A.B. IN HISTORY. WHITLEY, THOMAS ALVA A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Pi Kappa Phi. WILES, JESSE RAY B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. WILEY. DAVID EDGEL HeiiHersoiiville Portsmouth, Va, Wilkesboro Lancaster, Pa. Football (I. 2. 3. 1); WILKERSON, WILLIAM HENRY Reids A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Pi Kappa Phi. PresiaenI (4). WILLL4MS, ANN MARVIN WILLIAMS, BILL ALBERT A.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Durham ers (3, 4): Granite Falls WILLIAMS, HORACE ED ' IN Seven Springs B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Phi; Daily Tar Heel: Campus Parly (1 . WILLIAMS, WOODWARD W., JR. Columbia, S. C. Page 68 952 WILUAMSON, FRED KENT AsheviUe B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delia Kappa Epsilon; Mono- gram Club (2, 3, 4 ; Swimming (1. 2. 3 . WILLINGHAM, JAMES ESTES AsheviUe WILSON, AMY JEAN Shelby A.B. IN RADIO. Kappa Delia; Chi Delta Phi, Treasurer (4); Orientation Advisor; Carolina Commanications Club (3. 4); Pan- Hellenic Council (4). WILSON, CLAUDE ROBEBSON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. . ' li Co fraternity Council (2, 3, 4). WILSON, JOHN MOBAN A.B. IN JOURNALISM. Young Democrats Club. WILSON, MABGARET ANN Robersonville ,ma Delia; Inter- Morgantoii Sumnierfield WILSON, MARY JANE A.B. IN EDUCATION. Pi Beta Phi; Won WILSON, BOBEBT SESSOMS WILSON, WILLIAM THOMAS A.B. IN HISTORY. Sigma Chi. Fourth Roto: WING, NANCY JANE A.B. IN ZOOLOGY. Sigma Alpha oi, Washington, D. C. .•s Council 4). Aberdeen Waterville, Me. Kannapolis WISE, JAY V. A.B. IN EDUCATION. Band (1. 2, 3, 4) ; YMCA (1). WOLF, WILLIAM THOMAS Chapel Hill A.B. IN .MATHEMATICS. Phi Beta Kappa, Judicial Agairs Commit- tee (4 ; Student Council (4); Student Legislature (31; YMCA Cabinet (1, 2, 3. 4); Student Party (1. 2, 3. 4); Orientation Counselor (3, 4); Order of the Golden Fleece. WOLFF, CHABLES FBEDBICK B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Ka WOMACK, JEBRY ROBERT B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. P Kappa Psi; Scabbard and Blade. WOOD, THOMAS JEFFERSON, JR. Cherr, Point A.B. IN RADIO. YMCA (2. 3); Carolina Communications Club; Gymnastics (2, 3. 4); Monogram Clob (3, 4). Winslon-Saleni Spencer Kappa Phi; Alpha Page 69 Senior Class WOODRUFF, WILLIAM DAVID Oxford A.B. IN ENGLISH. Doily Tar Heel (2); Di Senate (1, 2, 3. 4). Sergeant-at-Arlns, President Pro-Tem ; Choral Club; Canterbury Club. WOOLFOLK, NANCY LEE Bowling Green, Va. 1 Delta; YWCA (3, 4); Student Second Row: WOOLLEY, CORNELIA PARK New York, N. Y. A.B. IN FRENCH. Chi Omega: Glee Club; YWCA. WOOSLEY, SANFORD KYLE Roanoke, Va. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Kappa Sigma. WOOTEN, BARBARA KATHRYN Castoniii A.B. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Pi Beta Phi: YWCA. Cabine (4); Women ' s Orientation Comniitlee. Chairman (4 . WORDSWORTH, JAMES D., JR. Rockv Mount B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chi Phi: Alpha Phi Omega: Sound and Fury (1, 2); University Club (3, 4); YMCA (U. WORTHINGTON, BETTY LOU A ' den A.B. IN EDUCATION. Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club (3 : YWCA (3.4». WRIGHT, CLEMENT GILLESPIE Greensboro A.B. IN ECONOMICS. Delta Kappa Epsilun. President (3); Sheiks (2, 3, 4), President (4): YMCA (3, 4); Soceer (I»; Greensboro- Carolina Club. YATES, CLAUDE GLENN Lenoir B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Phi Kappa Sigma. YATES, HAL NEWTON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Chadbourn Page 70 [952 YATES, KIMBLE CARSON B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMIMSTRATION. Phi Kappa Si; Raleigh YORK, ROBERT LEE, JR. Waynesville B.S. IN BliSINESS .ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi. YORK, WILLIAM BRANTLEY, JR. Boone A.B. IN BUSLVESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Kappa Psi; Band (1 ; Glee Club (I): Student Legislature (4). YORK, WILLIAM MARVIN, JR. A.B. IN ECONOMICS. YOUNG. CHARLES SAMUEL B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. YOUNG, HELEN PERSON A.B. IN EDUCATION. Delia Delta Delia; Vn YWCA (3, 4). Fourth Rote: Henderson lily Club (4»: YOUNG, MAURICE EDWARD Bellefonte, Pa. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINI.STRATION. Football (3. t). YOUNG, NANCY CAROL Chapel Hill ound and Fury; Fifth Row: YOUNG. THOMAS LEE Lexington B.S., LL.B. I BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. University Club (31: Yaekety Yaek (1. 2); Young Democrats Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Campus Party (1). ZIEGLER. CARL LESLIE B.S. IN CHEMISTRY. Thela Chi. k MinLiOii Page 71 Junior JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Sealed: Arthur Spaugh, Vice-President; Dan Perrv, Presi- dent. • Standing: Sally Bet Cunningham, Social Chairman; Gil Marsh, Treasurer; Peggy Fox, Secretary. Traditional Junior Class Straw Hat Party — Hogan ' s Lake. Spring 1951 Clasis; First Roic: Acker, William R., Winsloii-Salcm; Adams, Jane Rose, Charlotte; Ader. Nancy Anne, Walkertown; Agapion, Stephen, Greensboro; Ahern, Betty, Chi Omega, Charlotte; Alden, Betty Lue, Danville, Va.; Alexander, Allen Fred, Slatesville; Alexander, Judith, Atlanta, Ga, • Second Row: Allen, Eldon Perry, Greensboro; Allen, Mary Frances, Statesville; Allred, Albert Louis, Alpha Chi Sigma, Mount Airy; Alley, Zebulon D., " Waynesville; Almond, Harvey Sherrill, Jr., Albemarle; Alston, Joseph John, Portsmouth, Va.; Anderson, Ernest Edward, Asheville; Anderson, Jacqueline Hail, Rehoboth Beach, Del. • Third Row: Anderson, Kenneth George, Durham; Anders, Betty Louise, Hendersonville; Armistead, Katherine Brumley, Kinston; Arnold, Joseph Allan, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Pi Omega, OGB, Atlanta, Ga.; Ashcraft, Thomas Foust, Raleigh; Aton, Martha Ann, Pi Beta Phi, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Auman, Wiley Eugene, High Point; Aydlett, Patricia Ann, Elizabeth City. • Fourth Row: Ayres, Douglas Warren, White Sulphur Springs, W. Va.; Baggett, John R., III. Lillington; Bailey. Donald Elheridge, Biscoe; Bailey, Ted Kyle viUe; Baker, Douglas L., Sigma McCall, Rowland; Ballard, James Mary Alice, Denton; Banks, Myro Raleigh; Barbanell, Arthur Loren, Banks, Jr., Hendersonville; Barge Omega, Jonestown, Miss.; Barnes Chi. Kinston; Baker, H. Clyde, Newfield, N. Y.; Baker, James Alan, Fayetteville. • Fifth Row: Ballew, Hunter, Nebo; Ballew, II Carroll, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Zetn Beta Tan. Phi Eta Sigma, New York, N. Y.; Barber. Leonard r. Alta Lee. Alpha Chi Omega, Oakboro; Barksdale. Isabel, Chi Lawson Paul, Kappa Alpha, Bennettsville, S. C. • Sixth Row: Barnhill, Claude Alton, Stokes; Barlley, Robert Lynn, Theta Chi, Washington, Pa.; Barton, J. Howard, Culberson; Barton, Katherine Wilson, Centreville, Md.; Bason, William Spainhour, North Wilkesboro; Bates, Seymour, Pi Lambda Phi, Greensboro; Barton, Kenneth H., Chi Psi, Elizabeth, N. J.; Battle, Mary Thomas, Rocky Mount. Page 73 Firtl Row: Baucom, Lewis Warren, Faith; Bauer, Bruce Allan, Chi Phi, Arlington, Va.; Baylor, Beverly, Greensboro; Beals, Dorothy Anne, Johnson City, Tenn.; Beard, Helen Jones, Hillsboro; Beck, Thomas Eugene, Washington, D. C: Boeson, Anna Marilla, Greensboro; Bell, James Andrew, Jr., Sigma Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Greensboro. • Second Roiv: Bell, Robert Bremon, Sigma Chi, Charlotte; Benedict, Stuart Charles, Bethel, Conn.; Benfield, Marion Wilson, Jr., Belwood: Bennett, Johnsie Lorena, Chapel Hill; Bergman, Cynthia Suzanne, Chevy Chase, Md.; Bernstein, Martin Abraham, Pi Lambda Phi, Coldsboro: Bershaw, Burton H., Pi Lambda Phi. Asheville; Berry, Benjamin Carroll, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Hertford. • Third Koic: Biggers, Keith Rennie, Sigma Chi, Charlotte; Bizzell, Charles Edward, Seven Springs; Black, Hiram Bunyan, Matthews; Bland, Elmer Charles, Tbomasville; Bliss, Rupert Quentin, Sigma Chi, Jacksonville, Fla.; Bogue, Hugh Daniel, Fremont; Bolick, Jerome Wilson, Phi Kappa Sigma, Conover; Bondurant, Ann, Winston-Salem. • Fourth Row: Bonowitz, Saralyn Sue, San Matro, Calif.; Booker, John Lawrence, Plymouth; Bracket!, James William, Castonia; Brain. George Willard, Bfta Theta Pi, Tomkins Cove, .N. Y.; Bransford, Patricia Anne, Cohassett, Va.; Braswell, Linwood J., Pi Kappa Phi, Goldsboro; Braxton, Barbara Lee, Whiteville; Brendle, Thomas Pate, Cramerton. • Fifth Row: Brewer, William Clarence, Jr., Jamesville; Breslow, Diane Jay, Rahway. N. J.; Bridgers, Clifford Charles, Fuquay Springs; Briggs, Susan, Asheville; Briley, William Frazier, Pi Kappa Phi, Wilson; Brimky. Jean Louise, Winston-Salem; Broadwell, Don B.. Lambda Chi Alpha, St. Pauls: Brock, Margaret Ann, Richlands. • Sixth Row: Brooker, Barbara Anne, Pi Beta Phi. Columbia, S. C; Brown, Lewis Arnold, Sigma Chi, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Brown, Linwood Alton, Jr., Raleigh; Brown, Ralph Kenton, Franklinville; Brown, Rosalvn, Elberlon, Ga.; Browne, Marx Lilla, Gastonia; Bruce, Roland E., Jr.. Wilmington; Bruning, Christian Richard, HI, Greensboro. Junior :| Page 74 Claiss; First Row: Bruton, David Wilson, Mount Gilead; Brulon, Robert Alexander, Whiteville; Bryan, Elisha Lewis, Phi Gamma Delia, Goldsboro; Bryant, Clavin B., Gaston; Buie, Albert Franklin, Delta Sigma Pi, Red Springs; Bullock, Susan Cobh, Stovall; Bumgardner, Amos Sumner, Phi Kappa Sigma, Charlotte; Burkbead, Thomas Wade, Candor. • Second Row: Burress, Susan Withers, Salem, Va.; Butler, James Edward, Jr., Morganton; Byrd, Bobby Gray, Selnia; Caldwell, Jean L., Pi Beta Phi, Wilmington; Campbell, Donald Durant, Rutberfordton; Cannon, Conrad Little, Mom Cannaday, Thomas Lawton, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Guilford College; Capel, Arron L., Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Troy. • Third Row: Carr, William H., Sigma I u, Miami, Fla.; Carrier, Glass Bowling, Jr. Charlotte; Carroll, Donald Gary, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Phi Alpha, Chapel Hill Carroll, Joan M., Lawreneeville, N. J.; Carroll, Thomas Lawrence, Jr., Delta Psi, Charlotte; Carson Byron Hall, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Rutberfordton; Carter, Sue Kirkland, Alpha Delta Pi, Chapel Hill; Carver, Luther Lindbergh, Durham. • Fourth Row: Casey, Doris Christine, Mount Olf Casey, Lessie Mallard, Chapel Hill; CashwcU, Thomas Herman, Asheboro; Caudill, Robert Talmadge, Phi Eta Sigma, Winston-Salem; Causey, Seaborn Ambrose, Jr., Durham; Chalk, Beverley J Greensboro; Chamblee, Donald Vance, High Point; Champion, Robert Benjamin, Kannapolis. • Fifth Row: Chance, Sarah Jeanette, Lumberton; Cheek, Carolyn Elizabeth, Smithfield; Cheek, Sue, Shelby Cherry, Billv Jones, Williamston; Cherry, William David. Gastonia; Chesson, David Douglas, Roper ClaHin, Patricia C, Phi Mu, Mt. Dora, Fla.; Clark, Badger Gill, Jr., Henderson. • Sixth Row: Clegg Robert William, Greensboro; Clinard, Robert Wesley, Winston-Salem; Cobb, Harvey Perren, Jr. Four Oaks; Coggin, George William, Star; Coggins, Henry Irvin, Delta Sigma Pi, Milwaukee; Cokell Norma, Jersey City, N. J.; Coker, Fred Williams, Chi Psi, Franklin, Va.; Cole, David Bradford, III Delta Psi, Wharlford, Conn. Page 75 Firtt Row: Cole, Hugh Hobson, Jr., Chapel HQl; Coleman, Curtis Cortez, Jr., Chi Psi, Winston-Salem; Colev, Patricia George, Pi Beta Phi. Newton; Collins, Charles Amos, Chi Psi, Greensboro; Collin, William Hunter, Asheville; Collins. William Van, Manson; Cook, David Gotten, Chadbourn; Cook, William Cason, Monroe. • Second Roiv: Coppedge, William W., Chapel Hill; Corinth. Joseph Battle, Rocky Mount: Cornell, William Powell, Phi Delia Thela. Charlotte; Cowan, John Adrian, Kappa Sigma. Durham: Cowper, Bavard Thurman, Alpha Tail Omega. Raleigh; Cox, Barbara Jeanne, Asheboro; Cox, Carl Waller, Franklin; Cox, James Lloyd, Richlands. • Third Row: Cox, Joseph Benfield, Alpha Kappa Psi, Hampton, Va.; Coxe, Shirley Lord. Biltmore Forest; Craver, Ralph Lee, Lexington; Crawford, Frederic Mull, Jr., Sanford; Cuningham, Sally Bet, Wlnston-Salem; Curran, James Joseph, Jr., ReidsviUe; Daniel, Jed Selwyn, Theta Chi, Danville, Va.; Daniels, Frank Arthur, Jr., Delia Kappa Epsilon, Raleigh. • Fourth Row: Davis, Donald Thomas, Morehead City; Davis. James Herbert, Jr., Durham: Davis, Joseph Gomer, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Spindale; Davis, Kenneth D., Wilson; Davis, Laura Duncan, Beaufort; Davis, Margaret Garland, Brevard; Davis, Paul Stanley, Forest City; Dawes, L. C, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Baltimore, Md. • Fifth Row: Daye, Dennis Eugene, Kannapoiis; Daye, James, Alpha Kappa Psi, Winston-Salem; Daye, Robert, Alpha Kappa Psi. Winston- Salem; Deal, Bobby Lee, Alpha Kappa Psi. Rockingham; Deal, Ray Emanuel. Jr.. Kappa Alpha, Morganton; Dear, Walter Moore, II, Jersey City, N. J.; Debnam, John Hanby, Wilmington; Dellinger, Steve William, Jr., Theta Chi, Charlotte. • Sixth Row: Deutsch, Joan Dorothy, Louisville, Ky.; Dewev, Diane Eve, Palm Beach, Fla.; Dickinson, Margaret Louise, Raleigh; Dickman, Joyce, Parris Island, S. C; Dinsmore, James Francis, Chapel Hill; Doar, Grace Eunice, Raleigh; Downs, Ellen Nance, Winton; Drake, Carol Wynn, Newsoms, Va. Junior Page 76 ClasiiS FirM Row: Dnla, James Braxlon, Jr., Lenoir; Dunlop, Barllet, Petersburg, Va.; Dunphey, Ormond Hunt, Phi Kappa Sigma, MerchanlvUle, N. J.; Eagan, Arthur J., Phi Eta Sigma, Portsmouth, Va.; Edens, David Cilland, Delta Psi, Lumberlon; Edwards. Lee Henrj, Phi Delta Theta, Ashcville; Eliason, Harriet Joann, Alpha Delta Pi, Cumberland, Md.; Ellioll, William Henrj-, Jr., Sigma ! u, Goldsboro. • Second Roic: Elling. John Dwight, Alpha Tau Omega. Roanoke Rapids; Ennis, Lewis Alvin, Durham; Ernst, Walter Norbert, Alpha Tau Omega, Baltimore, Md.; Ervin, Hugh Tale, Jr., Kappa Alpha. Morganton; Etheridge, Ben Taylor, Chi Psi, Bailey; Evans, David Savage, Raleigh; Evans, Dorothy O., Pi Beta Phi. Delia Phi Alpha, Hinesdale, HI.; Evans, Robert Buller, Delta P»i, Lewes Beach, Del. • Third Row: Falls, Edgar Markham, Caslonia; Farmer, Jerry D., Delta Sigma Pi. Bailey; Ferrell, Edward Vernon, Sigma Chi. Winston-Salem; Fields, Joseph Browning, Chapel Hill: Fisher, Julian Horace, Rocky Mount; Fletcher, Nelson Thomas, III, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Raleigh; Floyd, Lewis Harry, University Park, JId.; Floyd, William Thomas, Henderson. • Fourth Koie: Fogler, Irving Efrim, Alpha Lambda Sigma, Durham; Forbes, Rosalyn Walker. Poplar Branch; Fort, Archibald Taylor, Oxford; Fountain, Robert Allen, III, Sigma Chi, Greenville; Foushce, Eugene Dick, Jr., Greensboro; Fonts, Croatan Lofton, Jr., Mamers; Fonts, Jimmy Miller, Lexington; Fox, Jacqueline Venable, Roanoke, Va. • Fifth Roiv: Fox, Margaret Lavinia, Charlotte; Frankel, Theodore Golden, Zela Beta Tau, Atlanta, Ga.; Frazier, Lewis Daniel, Lewisburg; Fulghum, Gary Gilliam, Jr., Middlesex; Funai, Dolores Sylvia, Richmond, Va.; Gaddy, David Wiufred, Albemarle; Gaines, Thomas Dorman, Phi Kappa Sigma, Jamesville; Galanides, Jerry Demetrios, Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Norfolk. Va. • Sixth Roic: Gale. Hugh Myron, Raleigh; Gamble, Richard O ' Neil, Summerfield; Garland, Alfred Eugene, Newland; Gee, Shirley Ann, Johnson City, Tenn.; Giles, Jesse Albion, Phi Kappa Sigma, Winston-Salem; Gilliam, Virginia Randolph, Raleigh; Gladden, Roy William, Carthage; Glenn, Neil Bost, Theta Chi, Burlington. Page 77 Firil Roto: Clod, Mary Anna, Castle Hayne; Clover, Edith Aletta, Chapel Hill; Codwin, Hannibal L., Raleigh; Coode, Peggie Jean, Charlotte: Coodin, James Chester, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Waynesville; Coodman, Edwin Stanley, Tau Epsilon Phi, Charlotte; Coodwin, Fernie Craham, Delta Sigma Pi, Apex; Cordon, Alan William, Tau Epsilon Phi, Raleigh. • Second Rote: Cordon, Chovine Richardson, Pi Beta Phi, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Cordon, Crace Calvert, Spray; Could, Katherine Jean Castonia: Grady, Marguerite Bishop, Fayettevillc; Crant, John Duval, New Bern; Graybeal, Earl B. Jr., Theta Cfti, West Jefferson; Green. Fletcher Melvin, II, Alpha Tau Omega, Chapel Hill; Green Nancy Rose, Sigma Alpha Iota, Chapel Hill. • Third Ron: Greenway, Clarence Edward, High Point Greer, Edmund Reeves, Vilas; Gregg, Elizabeth Lozier, Asheville; Gresham, Lawton Douglas, Char lotte; Gribben, Patricia Elizabeth, Thomasville, Ca.; Griffin, George Melvin. Jr.. Chapel Hill; Griffith Charles Lee, Alpha Phi Omega, Burnsville; Grimes, Billy Joe, Thomasville. • Fourth Roic: Cross Edward Bailey, Delta Psi, Harrisburg, Pa.; Gullbert, John Moss, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Alpha Phi Omega. Phi Eta Sigma, Trjon; Gupton, Stephen Thomas, Jr., Rocky Mount; Custafson, Helen Marie St. Petersburg, Fla.; Gyland, Sally Ann, Phi Mu, Tampa, Fla.; Hall, Maurice, Sanford; Hall, Virginia Flora, Elizabeth City; Hamrick, Joe E., Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Phi Omega. Charlotte. • Fifth Row; Hamrick, Larry Dean, Shelby; Handler, Jack Cellman, Tau Epsilon Phi, Sarasota, Fla.; Hanna, Carl Norris, Gastonia; Hare, Ransom Brvant, 111, Phi Gamma Delta, Wihnington; Harper, Curtis Vinson, Albany, Ga.; Harrell, Bert Edward, Phi Delta Theta, Morganton; Harrell, J. Douglas, Chapel Hill; Harris, Coldston Franklin, High Point. • Sixth Row: Harris, John Henry, Norfolk, Va.; Harris, William Edmond, Franklinton; Harris, William Rix, Phi Eta Sigma, Henderson; Hatcher, F. Virginia, Chi Delta Phi, Andrews, S. C; Hauck, Donna Marie, Aberdeen, S. D.; Haywood, Allie Mack, Greenville, S. C; Heilig, Alan Bernard, Zeta Beta Tau, Kinston; Hemstreet, Susan, Augusta, Ca. Junior Page 78 Clasis First Row: Henning, Robert Edward, Jr., Sigma Chi, WinBlon-Salem; Henson, Joseph Dean, Otto; Herman, Virginia Carolvn, Conover; Herring, Victor Grey, HI, Phi Gamma Delta, Coldsboro; Hicks, Eugene Clifton, HI, Sigma ! u, Wilmington; Hill, William Buren, Cliffside; Hinds, Alice Jane, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Higgins, George Edward, GafTney, S. C • Second Row: Hobson, Edward Newton, Boonville; Hogan, Gay Elizabeth, Chapel Hill; Hogan, Morris Gillam, Jr., Asheville; Hogg, Donald W., Astoria, Oregon; Hollidny, James Bennett, Chi Phi, Pinetops; Holmes, Catherine Ann, Hertford; Holmes, Robert Peel, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Mt. Olive; Holmes, Samuel Seymour. Fernandina, Fla. • Third Row: Hood, William Hamilton, Chapel Hill; Hooks, Edgar Wright, Jr., Kenly; Hooper, Walter McGehee, Reidsville; Hoover, Malcolm, Pineville; Hopkins, Thomas Gregory, Reidsville; Houser. Mary Grace, Cherryville; Howard, Carl Leonard, Parkersburg; Hoyt, Ruth Mary, Teaneck, N. J. • Fourth Row: Huneycutt, Charles A., Albemarle; Hunt, Ralph Palmer, Lexington; Hunter, John Robert, Phi Eta Sigma, Winston-Salem; Huntley, Rex Reynolds, Charlotte; Hurd, Joseph H., Durham; Hurst, James Paul, Jr., Charlotte; Hutchens, Mary Jane, High Point; Inabinet, Judith Beebe, Charlotte. • Fifth Row: Ingram, Henry H., Ingalls; Irvin, Charles Watson, Jr., Greensboro; Issen, Melvin I., Raleigh; Jackson, David Kent, High Point; Jackson, Robert Beaumont, High Point; Jacobi, Joan, Wilmington; James, William Stuart, Chatham, Va.; Jamison, John Watts, Charlotte. • Sixth Row: Johnson, Charles Borden, Phi Kappa Sigma, Greens- boro; Johnson, Clemuel M., Kappa Sigma, Benson; Johnson, Charles Reid, Winston-Salem; Johnson, George Russell, Four Oaks; Johnson, James Paul, Jr., Alpha Tatt Omega, Durham: Johnson, Loyd Harold, Delta Sigma Pi, Milwaukee; Johnston, Charles Albert, Jr., Decatur, Ga.; Johnston, Margaret Sikes, Charlotte. Page 79 FirtI Rote: Johnston, Nancy Thomas, Wilson; Johnston, Thomas D., Fayelleville; Jones, Harry Harley, Washington, D. C; Jones, Henry Robert, Rockingham; Jones, Patricia Ann, West Pahn Beach, Fla.; Jones, Patricia Anne, Greenville, S. C; Jones, Paula Ruth, Flat River, Mo.; Jones, William Russell, Elon College. • Second Rote; Joyner, Francis Lang, Alpha Tau Omega, Wilson; Kalb, Barrett Franklin, Maplewood, N. J.; Katz, Brenda Suzanne, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Atlanta, Ga.; Kearns, Ned Spencer, Lexington; Kellam, Mary Umstead, Delta Delta Delta, Athens, Ga.; Kelly, Alice Carol, Charleston, W. Va.; Kelso, Joseph Kenneth, Alpha Tau Omega, Richmond, Va.; Kennedy, Charles Hngh, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Raleigh. • Third Roto: Kennedy, Wiley O., Jr., Houston, Tex.; King, Gerald Walker, Reidsville; King, Milton Wynn, Essex; Kirby, Betty Ann, Winston-Salem; Kirkman, Juhan Max, Greensboro; Kirkpatrick, Robert Calvin, Charlotte; Kline, Dianna. Macomb, III.; Klostermyer, Sandra Lee, Asheville. • Fourth Rote: Knighten, Edna, Kappa Delta, Montgomery, Ala.; Kottmeier. Jane, Kappa Alpha Theta. Orlando, Fla.; Krell, Jacqueline Yvonne, Columbia, S. C; Kurash, Joan Helene, New York City, N. .; Lackey, Nora Frances, Gamma Phi Beta, Sigma Alpha lota, Mt. Airy; Lamonl, Louise, Chapel Hill; Laney, Emsler Armfield, Jr., Phi Camma Delta, Wilmington; LaRue, Jo Anne, Raleigh. • Fifth Rotti: Lawson, Richard Brooke, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Hopkinsville, Ky.; Leary, Thomas Edison, Ahoskic; Ledford, Ruth Marie, Durham; LedwiU, Edwin Mangum, Jr., Charlotte; Leonard, David Brian, Wrightsville Beach; Leonard, James Joel, Lexington; Lerner, Harry, Pi Lambda Phi, Lincolnton; Lester, John Edward, Stoneville. • Sixth Rotv: Lewis, Henry Eugene, Jr., Charlotte; Lewis, Joanne Maier, Waverly, Pa.; Lewis, Waller Penn, Jr., Winston- Salem; Levey, Emma Jo, Richmond, Va.; Licvsay, John E., Chapel Hill; Lindler, James Henry, Sherrill ' s Ford; Lindley, James Gunn, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Greensboro; Litzenberger, Earle Dudley, Lambda Chi Alpha. Bethlehem, Pa. Junior Claiss First Row: Lively, Beverly Jean, Hinlon, W. Va.: Lively, Celia W., New Bern; Lofliii, Dalton Hart- well, Trenton; London, Arthur Hill. Ill, Chi Phi, Chapel Hill; Long, Cletus Roscoe, Winston-Salem; Lonney, William Hugh, San Diego, Cal.; Lore, George Gill, SmithEeld; Lore, William Pickens, Smithfield. • Second Row: Lowenstein, Dorothy Leah, Scarsdale, N. Y.; Lowden, Ida Imogene, Bluffton, S. C; Lowder, John Alexander, Sigma Chi, Lincolnton; Lowry, Cecil Barrymore, Pembroke; Lowry, John C. Abernathy, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Greensboro; Lubs, Harold Richard, Lambda Chi Alpha. Charleston, S. C; Lupton, Rufus Hector, Edenton; Lynch, Merre-Lyn, Winston-Salem. • Third Row: McAdams, Robert E., Roanoke Rapids; McAllister, Thomas Alexander, Sigma Chi, Charlotte; McBrayer, David Yates, Shelby; McCarroU, Evelyn Spolswood, Warrenton; McCoU, Frances Carroll, Bennettsville, S. C; McClamroch, Anne Snowden, Chapel Hill; McCray, Sarah Eugenia, Chi Omega, Charlotte; McCutchen, Joan Bryan, Lincolnton. • Fourth Roic: McFarland, Daniel Durham, Durham; McGin, John Shaw, Asheville; McGuirk, Martha Taylor, Morganton; McKee, Marilyn Lee, Wichita, Kan.: McLawhon, Lyman Bonner, kinston; McLeod, James Carlisle, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Florence, S. C; McLeod, Michael P., Chapel Hill; McMillan, Thomas, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Rocky Mount. • Fifth Row: McNeill, Bobby Burns, Raeford; MacCoy, Joan Dean, Maplewood, N. J.; Macgill, Charles Richard, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsiton, Raleigh; Maddry. Eloise Freeland, Chapel Hill; Maner, Frederick Debele, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Savannah, Ga.; Mangum, Baxter Bryan, Jr., Durham; Mangum, Vernon P., Hamlet: Mann, Milton Bernard, Tau Epsilon Phi, Raeford. • Sixth Row: Marks, Mary Louise, Asheville; Marshall, Robert Ellington, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Raleigh; Martin, Ann Speas, East Bend: Mason, Julian Dewey, Jr., Williamston; Mason, Paul DeWitt, Detroit, Mich.; Mathews. Thomas Herbert, Henderson; Matthews. Kenneth Lee, Robersonville; Matthews, Margaret Montgomery, Delta Delta Delta, Norfolk, Va. If Page 81 First Roic: Memberv, Joan Halhawav, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Merritt, Oscar K., Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Ml. Airv; Mewhinnev, Fred Harrison, Sigma Chi. Anna Maria, Fla.; Mickle, John Norwood, Jr., Winslon-Salem: Midgelte, Jane Hooper, Gary; Middleton, Edwin Lee, Sigma Chi, Charlotte; Midgett, Robert Parker, Sigma !Su, Elizabeth City; Miller, Anne Cochwan, Albany, Ga. • Second Rote: Miller, Geraldine V., Waban, Mass.: Mille r, Hal Young, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Lenoir; Miller, Max Gardner, Hamlel: Milliken, John Rowe, Monroe: Milliken, Louise Manning, Southern Pines; Minnis, Frederick Thomas, Winston-Salem; Mitchell, Mary Louise, Burlington; Mitchum, Hugh Casnell, Jr., Charlotte. • Third Roir: Moody. Jack Owen, Jr., Cooleemee: Moon. Lloyd Binford, Charlotte: Moore, Albert Cunningham, Chi Phi. Miami, Fla.; Moore, Frank Bunting, New Bern; Moore, John Franklin, Lenoir: Mortensen, Martin Peter, Graham; Mostella, Kenneth Wayne, Draper; Motsinger, John Fairbanks, Jr., .Sigma Chi. Phi Ela Sigma. Winston-Salem. • Fourth Row: Murray, Carolyn Forrest, High Point; Myers Charles Hammell, Anppn Alpha. Washington, D. C; Nahm, Carman Louise, Pi Beta Phi, Deland, Fla.; Neal, Robert Stuart. Thela Chi. Hopkinsville, Ky.; Neely, James LjTUan, Pi Kappa Alpha. High Point: Neese, Kenneth Earle. Jr., Delta Sigma Pi, Monroe: Nelson, Gertie, Alpha Delta Pi, Lumberton; Nelson, Joseph Higgins, Phi Gamma Delta, Rocky Mount. • Fifth Rote: Neill, Robert Lewis, Sigma Chi, High Point; Neshit, Emmett Garrison, Charlotte; Newton, Albert Sidney, Winston- Salem: Newton, Marv Wade, West Palm Beach, Fla.: Nichols. James George, Winston-Salem; Noblitt, P. Milton, Shelby; Norberg, Allan K., Bayside. N. Y.! Norwood, Betsy, Bennettsville, S. C. • Sixth Rotv: Novins, Judson S.. Tan Epsilon Phi. Toms River, N. J.; Oastler, Carmen, Atlanta, Ga.; Oberdorfer, Eugene, H, Zeta Beta Tall, Phi Eta Sigma, Atlanta, Ga.; Oetlinger, Evelyn Allison, Kinston; O ' Neal, Alan Smith, Jr.. Chapel Hill; Osborne, Geneva Ann, Hendersonville; Osborne, Morris Floyd, Arden; Osborne, Robert W., Theta Chi, Greensboro. Junior ClasiiS First Rote: Owen, Jacqueline, Winter Park, Fla.: Pace, Robert, Morrisville; Page, William E., Jr., Dover; Page. William Lee, III, Sigma ' Vii, Tarboro: Panton. Richard Tyler, Chapel Hill; Pappas, Savas Harry, Greensboro; Parham, Lester B., Phi Ela Sigma, Tabor City: Paris, Oscar Hall, Jr., Phi Ela Sigma, Greensboro. • Second Roic: Parker, John Rainey, Fayctteville; Parker, Joseph Mayon, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ahoskie; Partin, Emniett Mason, Durham; Patterson, Henry B., Pi Kappa Alpha, Hickory; Patterson, Robert Kizen. Albemarle; Payne, Clifton Gadberry, Alpha Epsilon Delia. Rural Hall; Payne, Garth Howard, Elkin; Payne. Thomas William, Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Ela Sigma, Greensboro. • Third Row: Pazdan, Joseph John, Trenton. N. J.; Pearson, June Marita, Chicago, III.; Pelone, Francis W., Charlotte; Pence, Willis N.. Jr., Albemarle: Penegar, Kenneth Lawing. Kappa Sigma, Castonia; Pendergraft, Herbert S., Jr., Alpha Pi Omega, Chapel Hill; Perry, Alan R., Thela Chi. Charlotte; Perry, Carey Jones, Louisburg. • Fourth Roir: Phillips, E. Anne, Franklin: Phillips, Robert Lee. Chapel Hill: Phillips, Walter Everett, Wilson; Pillsbury, Richard Theodric, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon. Salisbury ; Pinnell, Frank Marshall, Henderson; Poindexter, John Edward, Burlington; Poindexter, William Doub, Jr.. Winston-Salem; Poland. Jean Cameron, Arlington, Va. • Fifth Row: Pooser, Francis Shingler, Lake Wales. Fla.: Pope, Anna Jane, Wallace; Pope, Emmett Judson. Jr., Sigma Chi, Mount Olive; Pope, Thad Harris. Jr.. Dunn: Poppleton, C. AUen, Sigma ! u, SummerviUe, S. C: Powell, Gilbert Egerlon. Greensboro: Pregnall, William Stuart, Charleston, S. C; Prescott, John Frederick, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Raleigh. • Sixth Roic: Preston, Herman Fenton. Jr., Delta Sigma Pi, Winston-Salem: Prince, Ronald Stanford, Tan Epsilon Phi, Atlanta, Ga.; Pritchard, Richard William. Tan Epsilon Phi, Wilson; Prouty. William Allen, Chi Phi, Media, Pa.; Pruitt, WiUiani Bruce, Sigma Chi. Anderson. S. C: Rabil, M. James, Alpha Kappa Psi, Weldon; Ra James Edward. Chi Psi. Woodsdale; Rankin, Thomas McCargo. ReidsviUe. Page 83 tint Kow: Kav. Clifford Mckinley. Jr., Chi Psi. Mebanc: Ransom, William Kav. Raleigh; Rankin. William Alexander, Jr., Beta Thela Pi, Reidsvillej Ransdell, Phillip Cliflon, Varina; Redding, Ben Grady, Marslon: Redding, Paul Nathan, Gastonia: Redman, Harold Withers, Leaksville; Reed, Barbara Lillian, Kappa Alpha Thela. St. Petersburg. Fla. • Second Ron.- Reese, Lucinda Jane, Asheville; Reese, Nancy Louise, Johnstown, Pa.: Reihel, Warren Dodd, Charlotte: Reichard, Carolyn Louise, Sigma Pi Alpha, Charlotte: Reichle, Neal W., Alpha Tau Omega, Durham; Restrepo, Lou Ann, Medellin, Colombia, South America; Riley, John Willard, lU, Thela Chi, Wilmington: Reynolds, Edward Celesta, Centralia, III. • Third Roiv: Rice, Charles Otis, High Point: Riddle, Joseph Iverson, Morganton; Ricrson, Charles Frederick, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Mu Alpha, Mount Airy: Rigg, Florence L., Crestwood. N. Y.; Ripple. Nancy Gordon. Winston-Salem: Ritchie, Henry J., Concord; Rhodarmer, Scotty Dean, Canton; Robertson, Julia, Greenville, S. C. • Fuiirlh Row: Rogers, Mary Elizabeth, Charlotte; Rook, Albion Earl, Roanoke Rapids; Rose, Betiv, Hcmingwav, S. C; Rose, Shelby; Rosser, Henry Thomas, Hamlet: Ro«e, Tonia. Burgaw; Rowland, Henry n,iamin, Lincolnton. • Fifth Roic: Ruffin, Lois Gayle, Albert, Alpha Phi Omega, Mars Hill; Russell, Elmon ell, Ernest Eugene. Raleigh; Samuel, Alvin B.. Thela Chi, n, Lumberton; Sears, Margaret Winborne, Raleigh; Seifert, James Ma Benton, Jr., Zebulon; Rudisill, Lawrence F Pi Beta Phi, Tunstall, Va.; Rumbough, Ro Shelton. Pi Kappa Phi, Albemarle: Ru Paragould, Ark.: Saunders, Eunice Jon Donald Clemens, Phi Gamma Delta. Phi Eta Sigma, Henderson. • Sixth Row: Selig, Betty Lou, Elizabeth City; Seligson, Ellen Joan. New York, N. Y.: Sewell, Oscar Charles, Wilmington: Scagnelli, Paul, Mt. Vernon, N. Y.; Scarlett, Bobby R., Hillsboro; Schaeffer, Mary McConnell, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Schocppe, Bettv Jean, Pi Beta Phi. St. Petersburg. Fla.: Schwartz, Frank Richard, Tau Epsilon Phi, Phillipsburg. N. J. Junior Page 84 Class; Firu Roiv: Seism, Jack Lamar, Thela Chi, Pelham; Scovil, Rosemary, Greenville, S. C; Shanklin. Edith Conyers, Raleigh; Sharp, John Wilbur, Greensboro; ShaviU, Henry Harris, Pi Lamba Phi High Point: Shaw, Arnold Campbell, Jr., Asheville; Sheffield, Neal, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Greensboro; hhevcov, Theodor, Stratford, Conn. • Second Roio: Shields, William Harry, Winston-Salem- Shives Ernest Randolph, Jr., Chi Phi, Lincolnton; Shotis, James Llovd, Chapel Hill; Shults Linda W ' Kappa Alpha Thela. Hornell, N. Y.; Sigman, Hal Cox, Alpha Kappa Psi, Greensboro- Simon Lewis Sol Zela Beta Tau, Augusta, Ga.; Simon, Lewis Scott, Jr., Charlotte; Simmons, Raymond Robinson, Delta Ps,, Lawrenceville, Va. • Third Ro.r: Sinclair, James A., Raeford; Sinclair, Neill Blue, Jr. Raeford; Smgleton, Edward Earl, Roxboro; Sloan, Sarah Jeanelle, Chapel Hill; Shosman, Benson Esur. Pi Lambda Phi, Asheville; Smith. Carl Ellington, Raleigh; Smith, Dorothy Rae, Charleston, W. Va.; Smith, Harry E., Sigma ! u. Lake Waccaniaw. • Fourth Rote: Smith, Nancy Jo, Hi " h Point- Smith. Linda Carolyn, Charlotte; Smith, Newlon Alexander. Davidson; Smith, Tommie EarL Roanoke Rapids: Smith. S iUiam Edward, Selma; Smithwick, John Washington Pearce, 11. Alphi Phi Omega, Sm.lnfield; Sneed, Jane Ann, Fort Pierce, Fla.; Snow, Martha Christine, Charlottesville, Va. • Fifth Ro,c: Sory, Anne Long, Palm Beach, Fla.; Southerland, Joseph Lewis, Jr., Henderson; Spaugh, Robert Arthur, Beta Thela Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Winston-Salem; Spillman, Ralph Philip Raleigh; Springs, Everett Yates, Mt. Holly: Stamer, Thomas F., Wilkes-Barre, Pa.- Stanley William Andrew, Chapel Hill; Stauffer. Dorothy Ann, Greenville, N. C. • Sixth Rote: Steed. Julia Boggs, Rich- lands; Steagall, James Gordon, Lambda Chi Alpha. Oxford; Stephenson, Wevmon Grant, Lillington- Stetson, Elizabeth, Delia Delta Delta, West Chester, Pa.; Stevens, Edward Amos, Chi Psi, Charlotte- Stewart. Alva Ware, Marshville; Storey, Lankford Morrow, Asheville: Stowe, John Calvin, Belmont f . f f i laKBwBEUKH n __ f ■. j_ Page 85 Firsl Roic: Slurdivanl, Arthur Normiiii, Durham; Strickland. Riley Dan, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Lenoir; Suessmuth, Ruth Marie, Wilson; Sully, Thomas Alfred, Jr., Beta Tliela Pi, Charlottesville, Va.; Summerlin, William Carroll, Dunn: Sutker, Stephen W., Pi Lambda Phi. Charlotte; Sutton, H. Bryan, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Goldshoro; Tally, Billy Fair, Winston-Salem. • Second Row: Talley, William Bryan, Greensboro; Taylor, Bernard Monlross, Jr., Alpine, Teiin.; Taylor, Carroll Riehard, Asheville; Teague, Taylor O., Mooresville; Tharringlon, Leslie OIlie, Louisburg; Thomas, Richard Lowell, Phi Eta Sigma, Leaksville; Thomasson, Robert Lanier, Winston-Salem; Thurstone, Fredrick Louis, Chicago, III. • Third Row: Tickle, Howard Louis, Burlington; Tilson, Marjore Jeanne, Durham; Tinkham, Stanley Dean. Alpha Tau Omega, Washington, D. C; Tison, Ben Thompson, III, Sigma Chi, Char- lotte; Todd, Patricia Ann, Hopkinsville, Ky.; Trabue, Ann McDowell, Chi Delia Phi, Hopkinsville, Ky.; Trogdon, Francis King, Winston-Salem; Trowbridge, Sally Ann, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. • Fourth Row: Turner, Andrew James, Jr., Charlotte; Turner, James Edmond, Winston-Salem; Tutterow. Richard Leroy, Greensboro; Tuttle, Barbara Sue, Walnut Cove; Tyler, Bruce Wright, Chi Phi, Asheville; Upchurch. Frances Griffin. Monroe; Valentine. Itimous T., Phi Alpha Delta, Nashville; Vaughn, Donald Eugene, Gastonia. • Fifth Row: Vogler, Frederick Wright, Phi Eta Sigma, Burling- ton, Vt.: Von Oesen, John Averilt, Wilmington; Vuncannon, F. Darrell, High Point; Waggcr, Gerald Max, Pi Lambda Phi, Alpha Phi Omega. High Point; Wagner, Everett Louis, Chapel Hill; Waldock, Jean Elizabeth, Sandusky, Ohio; Walker, Johnny Ralph, Bessemer City; Walker, Joseph C, Jr., Houma, La. • Sixth Row: Walker, Joseph Warren, Charlotte: Wall, F. Barrv, Alpha Tan Omega. Washington, D. C: Wall, Jerry Duncan, Benson; Wallace, John Joseph, Sigma Chi. Elkins, W. Va.; Wallace. Robert Tyson, Phi Kappa Sigma, Baltimore, Md.; Waller, Edmund Meredith, Jr., Chi Pti, Honolulu, Hawaii; Walters, James Moffett, Durham: W ard, Marjorie L., Chi Omega. Arlington, Va. Junior tai«c- P Page no Class; First Row: Ware, Beverly IJ., Chi D lla Phi, Clemson, S. C; Ware, William Graham, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Burlington; Warren, Alvis Frederiek, Jr., Durham; Warren, James Edward, Roanoke Rapids; , Warren, Martha J., Lasker; Washam, Wisner MeCamev, Conelius; Washhurn, Jesse Hevwood, Jr., Sigma Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, High Point; Watkins, Joel Smith, Warren, Ark. • Second Row: Watling- ton, Bryan Turner, Reidsville; Watson, Eugene Ray, Charlotte; Watson, William Randolph, Kappa Alpha: Waters, David C, Phi Kappa Sigma, Cerniantown, Md.; Way, John Robert, Greensboro; Webb, Jane, Chapel Hill; Wharton, James Ashby, Jr., Pi Kappa Phi. Greensboro; Whiteley, Dixie Belle, Bronxvllle, N. Y. • Third Row: Whitley, Alexander Gray, Red Oak; Whitley, Robert Cullen, Raleigh: Whilford, Shirley, Washington; Whilty, Neta Holton, New Bern; Wilkins, Susan Frances, Sanford; Williams, Jabez Herring, Jr., Asheville; Williams, Rachel Carroll, Prospect Hill; Williams, Roger, Pollocksville. • Fourth Row: Williams, Thomas Jefferson, Monroe; Williams, Thurman Louis, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Winston-Salem; Williamson, Millard Mial, Raleigh; Williamson, William Holt, III, Sigma Chi, Charlotte; Williard, John Graham, Farmington; Williard, Patricia Grant, Mocksville; Wilmoth, Anne Elizabeth, Winston-Salem: Winslow, Paul Roberts, Raleigh. • Fifth Row: Wood, William Bainster, Alpha Phi Omega, Greensboro; Woodford, Melvin Joel, Alpha Phi Omega, Clemmons; Woodruff, Nancy Elizabeth, Nashville; Woolen, Thomas Myers, Jr., Beta Theta Pi, Fayetleville; Yarley, Dewey Hobson, Coats; Yelverton, Leon Jenkins, Rocky Mount; Young, Elizabeth Ross, Greenwood, S. C; Young, Harry Nelson, Alpha Phi Omega, Greensboro. • Sixth Row: Young, Ted Paisley, Winslon-Salem; Youiigblood, Kenneth Ray, Fletcher; Youngs, Cay Culbert, Chi Omega, Miami Shores, Fla.; Zink, H. Jay, Phi Kappa Sigma, Glendale, W. Va.; Zucker, Robert Louis, Tau Epsilon Phi, Raleigh; Quails, Tracy Carlton, Jr., HoUister. 9 M Page 87 1 ' 1 SlXm Sophomore Class 1952 EDDIE GROSS President JULIUS GREEN Treasurer OFFICERS DICK LACKEY y ice-Presidettt BETH LLOYD Secretary SUE AMBLER Social Chairman Page 88 First Rok: Ackerman, Roger William, Tau Epsilun Phi, Wallace; Adier, Thomas James, Alpha Tau Onipga, Leonia, IN. J.: Aldridge, Charles Malcolm, Kappa Alpha, Macon, Ga.: Alexander, Dedrich B., Alpha Tau Omega, Da lona Beach, Fla.; Allen, Joseph Jelhro, Greensboro. Second Row: Allen, Norman Hanson, Greensboro; Ambler, Arthur Chase, Jr., Asheville; Anthony, Lyndon Ulysses, Greensboro; Arnold, Harry Hodges, Dover; Ballinger, Max Dewey, Guilford College. Third Row: Bane, Seymour, Zeta Beta Tau, Ra- leigh; Barber, Charles Raynor, Lambda Chi Alpha, Goldston; Barkley, Newton Buckner, Beta Theta Pi, New Orleans, La.; Barnes, Alexander Hall, Zeta Pii, Murfreesboro; Barrett, Hugh Martin, Burling- ton, Fourth Row: Battle, Gordon, Greensboro: Beard, William Ouinby, Jr., St. George, S. C; Beck, Grady Garrett, Burlington; Beck, William David, Stales- ville; Beeker, Ned Arthur, Asheboro. Fifth Row: Berry, Marvin Bryan, Asheville: Be hill, Jane Carol, Chapel Hill; Berryhill, Ja Collins, Charlotte; Bethune, William Freder Fuquay Springs; Black, Bob, Jr., Forest City. Sixth Row: Blackwood, Samuel Banks, Jr., Burling- ton: Bland, Wilbur Bryan, Charlotte; Blowe, Walter Thomas, Ahoskie; BIythe, Samuel LeGette, Beta Theta Pi, Huntersville; Boggan, Clayton Alexander, Jr., Pee Dee. Seventh Row: Bostian, Lloyd Russell, Raleigh; Bostian, Richard Lee, Raleigh; Bradshaw, Harvey Deakins, Greenville; Braxton, Al Joe, Scotland Neck; Breeden, Richard Thomas, Jr., Morganton. Eighth Rt,w: Brewer, James L., Jr., Asheville; Brooks, Henry Dwighl, Monroe; Brown, Harry Elton, Hillsboro; Brown, Michael Dillard, Ander- son, S. C; Brown, Robert Adrian, Robersonville. IMnth Row: Brown, William Credle, Wilson; Bruton, Oren Douglas, Kappa Sigma, Kinston; Bryant, Barry Wavne, Annapolis, Md.; Buckalew, Vardaman Moore, Jr., Mobile, Ala.; Bullard, John Moore, Charlotte. 15 M? fP !» Mmm Hf- Page 89 !§iophoiiiore Claiss; First Ro,v: Bullock, William Riley, Jr., Bethel; Bunting, James B.. Alpha Tail Omega, Durham: Burrus, James H., Mooresboro: Butler, Charles Donald, Elizabeth City: Butts, Harold Thompson, Jr., Alpha Tau Omega. Ormond Beaeh, Fla.; Cahoon, Thomas Wahab, Swan Quarter. Second Roic: Cain, Charles Eugene, Alpha Phi Omega, Elizabethtown; Caldwell, Martha Belle, Pi Beta Phi, Chapel Hill: Camp, Ernest Clyde, Jr., Roanoke Rapids: Canrobert, Clarence William, Jr., Conover; Cauble, Martin Alexande:r, Winston- Salem: Caudle, Jon Thomas, Raleigh. Third Row: Cauley, Stephen William, Jr., Kinston; Carswell, Robert Wade, Mt. Airv: Cassas, Nicholas Andrew, Sigma . u. New York, N. Y.; Chase, Paul Thorvald, Chapel Hill; Cheney. Paul Northcott, Salisbury: Citrini, Richard Joseph. Durham. Fourth Row: Clark, Neill Edwin, Fayetteville; Clarke, Clarence Straus, Lenoir; Clendenin, Kemp Cook, Sigma Chi. Greensboro: Cline, Robert Seitz, Hickory; Clodfelter, Harvey, Jr., Thomasville; Clontz, Luther Hall, lorganton. Fifth Roic: Clinard, David Marion, Winston-Salem; Cochran, William Ira, Jr., Alpha Tau Omega. Swan Quarter; Coe. William James, Greensboro: Cole- man. Wade Hampton, IIL Delta Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma. Arlington, Va; Collins, Raymond Davis, Sigma Chi, Myrtle Beaeh, S. C; Connelly, Robert Lee Green, Raleigh. Sixth Roic: Conner, Joel Dewitt, Chi Phi, Lincoln- ton; Cook, Thomas Eugene, Fayetteville; Cover, Curtis Coleman, Hagerstown, Md.; Covington. William Clvde, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Wagram; Cowell, Russell Sholar, Delia Psi, Rorkv Mount; Crater, James Bruce, Jr., Chi Psi, Raleigh. Seventh Row: Culbreth, Fay Hoyle, Spindal Curtis, Robert Edward, Marion; Cranford, Dwight Little, Albemarle: Crenser, Kenton Bowers, Gamma Delia, Avondale Estates, Ga.; Crocker. Nathan Thomas, Sigma I u, Rocky Mount: Cron son, John Lewis, Pi Lambda Phi, New Rochelle N. Y. Eighth Row: Grouse, Farrell Rondall, Phi Eta Sigma, Penn ' s Grove, N. J.: Crowell, Gordon Cameron, Lincolnton; Dail, Joseph Ga ner, Jr., Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Tarboro; Dameron, William Henrv, Kappa Sigm fl, Golds- boro; Daniels, Eugene O ' Brian, Mer rv Hill; Dantzler, Bobby Webber, Burlington. Mnlh Row: Daughtridge, Robert Williar 1, Rockv Mount; Davenport, James Frank, Jr. Kappa Sigma, Timmonsville, S. C: Davis. George Thomas, High Point; Davis, Michael Kav, Ft. La uderdale. Fla.; Davis, K. Carroll, Albemarle; Dij on, Guy Paul, Phi Kappa Sigma, Morehead City. Page 90 1952 First Roic: Drew, Robert C, Trenton, Me.; Earley, Walter Jackson, Rockv Mount; Earnhardt, John Cliff ord, Jr., Chapel Hill; Eason, Leslie F., Snow Hill: Ebert, George Donald, Kernersville; Einstein, Arthur William, Jr., Zeta Beta Tau, State College, Second Rote: Ellington, Robert Norwood, Sigma Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Burlington; England, Harold Franklin, Kings Mountain; English, Stephen Croom, Willard; Ennis, Llovd Burton, Phi Eta Sigma, Salisbury; Epps, Jerrv Floyd, Jr., Walhalla, S. C; Estes, Vallin Dayton, Jr., Raleigh. Third Row: Eubank, Luther Joseph, Jr., New Bern; Falls, William Harold, Lawndale; Farmer, Thomas Albert, Jr., Smithfield; Fearrington, E. Lindsay, Phi Gamma Delta, Winston-Salem; Fer- guson, George Wagoner, Pi Kappa Alpha, Char- lotte; Flowers, Jimmy Rogers, Clayton. Fourth Rote: Foster, Ralph O ' Neil, Elon College; Fox, Robert M., Burlington; Fox, Thurston Alexander, Marion: Frazier, Thomas Howard, Sigma Chi, Winston-Salem; Freeman, Joseph Franklin, Jr., Greensboro: Friedman, Charles Arvah, Baltimore, Md. Fifth Roiv: Friedman, Bo!i Leonard, Pi Lambda Phi, Wilmington; Furlong, John Carter, Wilming- ton: Gauss, G. Edward, Jr., Zeta Pgi, Wilson: Gentry, James Earl, Roxboro; Gibbon, Robert Lardner, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte; Gibson, Robert James, U, Greensboro. Sixth Roio: Gleitz, Harold D., Phi Kappa Sigma, Jacksonville; Glenn, Chalmers Lanier, Badin; Goforth, Bobby Camp, Ruthcrfordton; Golightly, Horace Hugh, Jr., Charlotte: Gooding, Lewis Carlton, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Kinston; Gorham, Robert Diggs, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Rocky Mount. Seventh Rout: Grant, Vestal Adair, New Bern; Green, Julius Alpheus, Beta Theta Pi, Thomasville; Green, Marvin Leon, Durham; Gregory, Carl Reeves, Candler; Gresham, Alpheus Johnson, Jr., Durham; Griffin, Archie Lee, Monroe. Eighth Row: Grodsky, Leonard Herbert, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Epsilon Phi, Durham; Groome, John Lewis, Faison; Gulledge, James Lee, Pi Kappa Phi, Moncks Corner, S. C; Gurley, Waller Dallas, Jr., Goldsboro; Gutierrez, Margaret Elizabeth, Chapel Hill; Habel, Marilyn, Alpha Delta Pi, Chapel Hill. Ninth Row: Haire, Eddie Eldridge, High Point; Haire, Edgar, Elizabethtown; Hall, Charles Wilmo, Roxboro: Hamby, George Walters, Salisbury: Hamilton, Donald James, Fairfield, Conn.; Hamil- ton, William Michael, Fairmont. Page 91 Sophomore Class 1 ,5- ' w « 1 First Rotr: Hanes, John Jacob, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte; Haney. James L., Clenwood: n. Gordon Albert, Chapel Hill: Harbin, Ned ev. Kappa Alpha, Winston-Salem; Harper, Did Williams, Elizabethtown: Harper, Thomas gate. Snow Hill. Second Rok: Harris, Arlen C, Sigma Chi, ' inston-Salem; Hart, Franklin Augustus, Quantico, Va.; Hart. Sidney Allen. Jr.. Kinston; Hartsell. Otis, Jr., Kannapolis; Hathcock. Bobby Garvin, Badin; Hauser, Richard Farrell, Winston-Salem. Third Row: Headlee, James Orndoff. Phi Mu Alpha. Asheville; Helms, John Robert, Albemarle; Helton, Charles Jerry, Vadkinville: Herbin, Rich- ard Wilson, Greensboro: Herring, Elbert Neal, Sigma Chi, Clinton; Hethcock, William Hoover, Thomasville. Fourth Row: Hickman, Eddie Powell, Pi Kappa Alpha, Enfield: Hicks, Buck Jones, Oxford; Hicks, Jim Fuller, Laurens, S. C; Higgins, Charles William, Jr.. Fairfax, Va.; Hill, Claiborne Thomas, Chapel Hill; Hill, Eugene David, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Winston-Salem. Fifth Ron: Hincks, Ruth E., Chapel Hill; Hincs, Robert Milton, Franklin; Holliday, Joseph Cary, Jr., Raleigh; Hollifield, Bert Edison, Bostic; Hollingsworth, John William, Alpha Tau Omega. Universitv Park, Md.; Holloway, James Howard, Traphill. Sixth Rotr: Holmes, Fred William, Wilmington: Holt, Andrew S., Ill, Phi Eta Sigma, Chapel Hill: Holt, Peggy Jane, Chapel Hill; Hood, Roger A., Chi Pti, Chestnut Hill, Pa.: Hook, Robert Franklin, Raleigh: Horton, Charles Wallace, Greensboro. Seventh Roic: Horrell, Reginald Sidney, Elon Col- lege; House, Walter Odesly, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tarboro; Houser, Dorothy Huntsinger, Gastonia; Howard, Wilev Perrv, Fuquav Springs; Hudgins, John Simeon, Sunbury; Humphrey, John Wheeler, Morehead Citv. Eighth Rou: Humphreys, Luther Wade, Jr., I leigh; Hunter, Frank Patterson, Jr., Warrentl Hutchins, Fred Strickland, Jr., Winston-Sale Ingle, John Robert, Silver City; Isaacson, Hei H.. Greensboro: James, Robert Wavne, Elkin. i int i Row: Jackson, Henry Clayton, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tarboro; Jackson, John Payne, Pahokee, Fla.; Jacobs, William Ralph, Jr., Sims; Jarrett, Charles Scott, Chapel Hill; Jenkins, G. Justice, Shelby: Jenkins, William Lynn. Ayden. Page 92 1952 First Rote: Jenle, Katherine Elizabeth, Sigma Alpha Iota, Chapel Hill; Jernigan. Jerrv O ' Dell, Dunn: Johnson, Charles M., Biscoe: Johnson, Law- ton Walker, Charlotte: Johnson, Thomas Milton, Clavton: Joyce, Samuel Irvin, Raleigh. Second Rote: Justus, Larrv Thomas, Dana: 1 Bvron Stanley, Tau Epsilon Phi, Hendersoi Kane, Richard Eugene, Kappa Sigma, Wo Ohio: Kelley, John Lawrence, Sharpsville, Kelly, James Craven, Sigma ] u. Albemarle: dall. James E., Charlotte. Third Koir: King, Norma Evelyn, Chapel Hill: King, William Ward, Beaufort: Kingsbury, Roger Atkinson, III, Alpha Tau Omega, Washington, D. C: Kynock, Ralph Kirkland. Roxboro: Lam- pert, Ronald M.. Zeta Beta Tau, Long Beach, N. Y.: Latham, Joseph R., Jr., New Bern. Fourth Roic: Lawrence, Michael Thomas, Charlotte: LeCompte, Lamar Campbell, Jr., Asheville: LeCroy, Tommy, Nashville: Lee, John Winstead, Thela Chi, Rocky Mount: Leggett, Carl Lee, Kenlv; Lennon, Merwyn C, Anderson, S. C. Fifth Ro,c: Leonard, Robert Cowan, Lambda Chi Alpha, Charlotte: Lerner, Sammy, Pi Lambda Phi. Lincolnton: Lester, Ralph Robert, Jr.. Burlington: Levin, Ronny Frank, Tau Epsilon Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Williamston: Levine, Alvin Ellis, Tau Epsilon Phi, Rockingham: Lindsev, Thomas El- more, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Great Neck, N. Y. Sixth Row: Little, Don Jay, Charlotte: Little, William Norris, Charlotte: Littlejohn, William Lawrence, Jr., Sigma Phi Epnilon. Morganton; Lloyd, Thomas H., Jr., Chapel Hill: Long, Walter Nathaniel, Jr., Belmont: Lorimer, William Hewet- son, Jr., Burlington. Seventh Roic: Lowet, Henry A., Alpha Phi Omega. Winston-Salem: Luckey, William Lee, Charlotte: Lynn, Clabe Webster, Jr., Petersburg, Va.; Lyon, Gene Fleming, Phi Gamma Delta. Rockv Mount: Lyon, Herman Trevilian, Alpha Phi Omega, Dur- ham: McAllister, John Malcolm, Raleigh. Eighth Rote: McCall, Thomas Culbreth, Stedman: McCleneghan, Frank Alexander, Charlotte: Mc- Craw, Carl Greaves, Jr., Sigma Chi, Charlotte: McDonald, Thomas Carter, Phi Eta Sigma, Lith- onia, Ga.: McLendon, John Aycock, Beta Theta Pi, Greensboro; McMahon, Gerald Thomas, Asheville. Mnth Ro,c: McMillan, John Alexander, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte: McNinch, Sam Sylvaus, Charlotte: Mack, Charles Lewis, Mooresville; Macy, Charles T., Morehead City: Mangum, Lonnie Wyatt, Jr., Creedmoor: Manos, John C, Asheville. Page 93 I iophoitiore Class Firtt Row: Matthews, Wade Bynum, Winston- Salem; May, Robert Glenn, Thomasvllle; Marbry, Don Lee, Badin; Marger, Bruce, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Coral Gables, Fla.: Martin, William James, W ilmington; Mason, William Russell, New Bern. Second Row: Mattox, Frederick Taylor, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Smithfield; Mauldin, Thomas Watts, High Point: Maynard, James Waller, Phi Camma Delia, Phi Ela Sigma, Delia Phi Alpha. Burlington: Mewborn, Ancel Clyde, La Grange: Mewborn, John M., Snow Hill: Middleton, John Robert, Phi Kappa Sigma, Winston-Salem. Third Roir: Miller, Billy Wilson, Morganton; Mills, Frank Fetzer, Phi Kappa Sigma, Wadesboro; Mitchell, Donald Edward, Ahoskie; Mitchell, Ed- ward Lee, Goldsboro; Mitchell, Roy Shepard, Jr., Chatham, Va.: Moehlmann, Joel, Alpha Tau Omega, Richland, Pa. Fourth Roio: MoiT, Jerome William, Pi Lambda Phi. Burlington: Molen, Robert Nelson, Greens- boro; Montgomery, James A., Jacksonville. Fla.; Mooney, Bruce Romulas, Timber Lake: Moore, Mack Allen, Jr.. Wilmington; Moore, Grover William, Burlington. Fifth Roic: Moore, Roy Neal, Raleigh; Moore, Victor Bailey, Jr., Phi Ela Sigma, Durham; Mor- ton, Calvin Luther. Jr., Albemarle; Moser, Buell Edward, Burlington: Mosier. Joe L., Chattanooga, Tenn.; Mountcastle, George Coan, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Winston-Salem. Sixth Row: Mundy, John R., Henderson; Murad, Joseph Louis, Wilson; Murphy, Gene Gilbert, Sigma ! u. Greensboro; Murray, Henry Vaughn, Kappa Alpha. Burlington: Myers, Kenneth M., Tau Epsilon Phi, Miami, Fla.; Nance, Mrs. Nancy Carol, Fair Bluff. Serenlh Row: Neighbors, William Kenneth. Jr., Benson; Nethery, Paul Arnold, Madison: Nixon, Demetrios Theo, Charlotte: Noland, Jesse Virgil, Jr., Asheville; Noneman, Walter Lewis, Phi Gamma Delta, Raleigh; Novit, Mitchell Sheldon, Zeta Beta Tau, alterboro. Eighth Row: Oglesby, Harold Franklin, Lambda Chi Alpha, Kinston; Oliver, Billy Reid, Raleigh; O ' Neal, Wallace W., Creedmoor; Padgette, Mar- garet Howard, Chapel Hill; Palton, Charles Douglas, Charlotte; Parish, Joe Garvey, Sumter, s. c. Vint i Roir: Parker, Gerald Corbett, Silverdale; Parnell, Thomas Alfred, Lumberton; Patterson, Archibald Lritch, Maxton; Patterson, John Rich- ard, Beta Theta Pi. Greensboro; Pawl ik, Harry, Albemarle; Pearsall, Harry S., Zeto Pgi, Rocky Mount. Pllge 94 1952 First Rote: Peck, Robert Brantley, Concord; Peddycord, John William, Winston-Salem; Phillips, Charles Wiley, Jr., Sigma Chi, Greensboro; Phil- lips, Harry Herman, Greensboro; Phillips, Walter Ray, Hendersonville; Phipps, Joseph William, Salisbury. Second Rote: Pomeroy, Edwin Roberts, Monticello, Ark.; Pope, Robert Maynard. Jr., Roanoke Rapids; Potts, Jerry N., Franklin; Pridgen, Edmund Wal- lace, Wilson; Prince, David Vernon, WhiteviUe; Pritchett, James Ronald, Creswell. Third Row: Prugh, John Lawrence, Charlotte; Pruss, Barry Gordon, Lambda Chi Alpha, Scotch Plains, N. J.; Pugh, Raeford Theodore, Asheboro; Rader, Daniel Welmore, Burlington; Randall, Robert Noble, Lincolnton; Rathert, Burton Stewart, Jr., Winston-Salem. Fourth Rotp; Ray, Jame Aubrey Wilford, Leaks New Bern; Reid, Dai John Luther, Salisbury Canton. s S, L,, Charlotte; Redmon, i-ille; Register, Marvin D., iel, Raleigh; Rendleman, Rhea, William Hampton, Fifth Roio: Ricks, Garland S., Conway; Ridge, Jerrold Alison, Pi Kappa Phi, Norfolk, Va.; Ritch, William Clyde. Jr., Greensboro: Roberts, Franz Joseph, Hillsboro; Roberts, John Mason, Hillsboro; Roberts, LeRoy Jennings, Atkinson. Sixth Row: Roberts, NeiU Alexander, FairHeld; Roberson, Nathan Russell, Jr., Robersonville; Robertson, Jenks Mikell, Phi Eta Sigma, Charlotte; Robinson, Jack Richard, Valdese; Rodenbough, Charles Dyson, Kappa Alpha, Walnut Cove; Rose, Elliott Martin, Tau Epsilon Phi, Durham. Serenth Row: Rose, Sara Williams, Chapel Hill; Rosenthal, Eugene Philip, Pi Lambda Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Miami Beach, Fla.; Rowe, Arthur R., Aberdeen; Rowe, David, Hyattsville, Md.; Rudisill, Bobby Andrew, Asheville; Ruety, Jerry D., Salis- Eighth Row: Ruffin, William Haywood, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Durham; Ryon, Dale Sanford, Ashe- ville; Sattertield, Neil B., Chi Phi, Atlanta, Ga.; Sampson, Herman Arthur, Jr., Greensboro; Samuel, D. G., Jr., Winston-Salem; Sawver, Charles Judson, Phi Gamma Delta, Windsor. Mnlh Row: Sawyer, John Richard, Burlington; Scarborough, William Kauffman, Annapolis, Md.; Schenck, James Simpson, III, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Greensboro; Schild, Arnold Frederick, Tau Epsilon Phi, Conway, S. C; Schrader, Robert Emanuel, Charlotte; Schroeder, Peter Brett, Silver Spring, Md. Page 95 !§iophoitiore Class; f S ' FirtI Row: Schwartz, Melvin Jay, Tau Ep$ilon Phi, Wilmington; Scott, Charles Prioleau, Kappa Sigma, Graham; Seaman, Peter George, Jr., Alpha Tau Omega, Warrenton; Sears, Napoleon Forest, Jr., Scranton; Sherrill, N. Webb, Sigma Alpha Eptilon. Bloomfield, N. J.; Sherrv, Donald Jav, Hartford, Conn. Second Roic: Shields, Julia Elizabeth, Chapel Hill; Shore, Ernie G., Jr., Sigma Chi, Winston-Salem; Showfetv, Raymond Richard, Greensboro; Sibley, Tommy Edward, Phi tu Alpha, Albemarle; Sides, Martin Ray, Concord; Silver, Don Jerome, High Point. Third Row: Silvers, Jack Everelte, Black Mountain; Simmons, Robert Clark, Fairfield; Skidmore, Bob- by G., Charlotte; Skillen, Robert LeRoy, Durham; siuder, Gary Adkins, Leicester; Srochi, Alan Bernard, Zela Beta Tau, Atlanta, Ga. four i Roic: Smethurst, Wood, Alpha Tau Omega, Raleigh; Smith, Charlie James, Jr., Raleigh; Smith, George Franklin, Jr., New Bern; Smith, Stanley Robert, Sigma Vu, Virginia Beach, Va.; Smith, Zebulon Vance, Jr., Concord; Southern, Lewis Martin, Kernersville. Fifth Row: Spangler, Clemmie Dison, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte; Sparrow, Sidney Thomas, Chapel Hill; Stacy, Robert Pinckney, Jr., Hartford, Conn.; Starr, Harold Moses, Zeta Beta Tau. Jersey City, N. J.; Stearns, Clyde Casey, Jr., Conover; Steele, Ted Charles, Jr., Sumter, S. C. Sixth Row: Stephens, Carl Dixon, Lumberton; Stockard, John Roger, Greensboro; Stoltz, Walter Alexander, Rural Hall; Stone, James Cecil, Lum- berton; Story, William Robert, Wilkesboro; Stoughton, John Eliot, Kappa Sigma, Raleigh. Seventh Row: Stout, Charles Walter, High Point; Stubbs, Campbell Lawrence, II, Phi Delta Thela. Sumter, S. C; Sturm, Milton Stanley, Jr., Beta Theta Pi, Greensboro; Strange, Charles Gilbert, Jr., Burlington; Strauss, Alfred Carmichael, Pi Kappa Phi, TenaHy, N. J.; Street, Lucy Ann, Delta Delta Delta. Chapel Hill. Eighth Row: Sirause, Samuel L., Tau Epsilon Phi. Fort Mill, S. C; Strickland, George Wier, Liberty; Sugg, Winfred Lindley, Snow Hill; Surratt, Carlos Paul, Toast; Swann, Allen Stokes, Pelham; Sweeney, John H., Wilmington. IMnth Row: Sylvester, Leon W., Jr., Richlands; Tallv, William Parham, Angier; Tanner, Eugene Simpson, Jr., Rutherfordton: Taylor, Gordon Cox, Richlands; Taylor, John Edmund Cecil, Phi Eta Sigma. Wheeling, W. Va.; Taylor, Richard LeRoy, Phi Eta Sigma. Raleigh. Page 96 1952 First Row: Teeter, James Arthur, Jr., Concord: Temple, Joseph Alton, Jr., Sebna: Temple, William Roberts. Elizabeth Cilv; Tesler, Stanlev Arnold. Favettevillc; Tighe. William Yancey, Balti- more, iMd.; Timberlake, Casper Hill, Sigma Chi, Lexington. Second Row: Tise, Donald Gray, Clemmons; Theiling, Herbert Bernard, Jr., Charlotte; Thomp- son, Emmett S., Phi Eta Sigma. Coldsboro; Thomp- son. J. Jid, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Decatur, Ga.; Thompson. Robert Rider, Thela Chi. Beaufort: Thompson, Wesley Adolphus. Jr.. Winston-Salem. Third Row: Toledano, Ben Casanas, New Orleans, La.: Townsend, Thatcher L., Jr., Beta Theta Pi. Greensboro; Tyson, Oscar Lee, Jr., Wilson: Veach. Everett Kermit, Scotland INeck: Vinson, Rav Wil- liams, Ahoskie; Waddell, Donald Ritchie, Concord. Fourth Kotc: Walker, Willard Irving, Delta Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Charlottesville, Va.; Warren, James Rufus. North Charleston, S. C; Waters, Roy Thomas, Morganton; Watson, Aubrey Clyde. Bear Creek: Wayne, Herbert Monteith, Jr., Charlotte; Waynick, Thomas Albert, Greensboro. Fifth Row: Weatherlv, James Neil, Jr., George- town, S. C: Webb. James, Jr., Alpha Tau Omega, Hillsboro: Welch, Earl Parks, Jr., Winston Salem; Wells. Kenneth Maxie. Jr., Fayettevillc; Wettach, John Theodore, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chapel Hill; Whaley, William Grandv. Jr., Elizabeth Citv. Sixth Row: While, James Redmond, Carolina Beach: White, James Samuel, Statesville; White, Michael Macushia, Lumberton: Whilton. James G., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Larchmonl. N. Y.: Widoff. Duke. Deerfield, 111.: Wilkes, James Thomas, Har- vev. III. Seventh Row: Wilkinson, Jim Thomas, Jr.. Scot- land Neck; Wilks, Winton George, Pi Kappa Phi. Richmojid, Va.: Williams, James Donald, Ashcville: Williams, S. Paul. Wilmington; Williamson, Ben- jamin Robert, Raleigh; Wilson, Samuel Bright, Jr., Shelby. Eighth Ron: Wilson, William Alexander, Raleigh; Wimbish, Charles Thomas. Stoneville: Wolf- sheimer, Louis M., Zeta Beta Tau. Baltimore, Md.: Wood. Matthew Thomas, Enfield: Woods, Lemuel Phillips, Jr., Tampa, Fla.; Wooten, Dal Floyd, Kinston. Mnlh Row: Wrenn. S illiam James. Jr.. Hillsboro; Wright. Robert Lee. Phi Delta Theta. Charlotte; Yates, Charles William, Burlington; Yelverton, Charles Herbert, Smithfield; Younts, James Ronald, High Point; Zuckerman, William Ellis, Tau Epsilon Phi, Greensboro. Fage 97 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICEKS First Row: James (Slug) Claiborne, President; Rosemary Orinand, Secretary • Second Row: Tom Creasy, Vice- President; Donna Blair, Social Chairman; Jay Alexander, Treasurer. Freshman Class 1952 Freshman Orientation — Fall, 1951 • " kJDB mm 7 I ' ' 3 f ■ JK VT ' M m fagHMpaWMHRP V-= First Row: Abernathy, Don Earnest, West Palm Beach, Fla.: Acker, Carl Ravmond, Jr., Laurinburg: Adding- ton, Larrv Holbrooli, Asheville: Adelsheim, Richard Niles, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Aiken, Walter Jeff, Rowland; Alala, Joseph Basil. Jr., Greensboro. Second Rote: Alexander, Jay IVlarvin, Trenton, N. J.; Alexander, Richard Jack, Trenton, ' . J.: Allen, Hoylc Reece, Oakboro; Allen, Oscar Rudolph, Ash; Alligood, Bruce Tyndall, Washington; Almond, Robert Arden, Albemarie. Third Row: Aman, John Dennis, Greenville; Ander- son, IVIary, Durham; Andrews, Clinton Toms, Jr., Hickory; Angell, Donald Gray, Winston-Salem; Annas, Lovd L., Rutherford College; Arledge, Jerrv Monroe, Brooklyn, N. Y. Fourth Row: Armstrong, Darrell Franklin, Roanoke Rapids; Armstrong, James B., Lowell; Arnold, William Mallov, Jr., Sanford; Arwood, Earl Stanley, Burling- ton; Ayscue, Edwin Osborne, Jr., Monroe; Bader, Allen Louis, Louisville, Ky. Fifth Row: Bailey, Arthur Mi Bafford, Joe Edmonds, Lexingto Marie, Carrboro; Barden, Robert J( Barkley, Karl Lee, Raleigh; Barlov Lenoir. 1. Newark, . J.; Robert Chester, Ba Sixth Row: Barnes, James Lucas, Jr., Wils William Edwin, Jr., Wilson; Barnhill, James Harry Plymouth; Barrus, Alban Kingsley. Kinston: Bass Arch Lewis, Jr., Durham; Baynes, Lacy Gilmer Greensboro. Seventh Row: Beam, David Rozier, Shelby; Beam. Everette Eugene, Shelby; Beam, Lewis Ray, Bessemer City; Beamer, Arthur Franklin, Ml. Airy; Beatty, Neill McLaurin, Elizabethtown; Bell, Darwin L., Statesville. Eighth Row: Bell, Robert Fowler, Washington; Belton Joseph Edward, Winston-Salem; Benison, Charles Ray Mount Airy; Berger, Martin Allen, New York, N. Y.i Blackwood, Sam J., Chapel Hill; Blair, Donna Lee Winston-Salem. Ninth Row: Blake, James Fred, Hillsboro; Blanton, Eugene Blair, Gastonia; Blaylock, Sara Catherine, New Bern; Block, Peter Harold, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Blount, John Myers, HI, kannapolis: Bodenheimer, David Carlyle, Burlington. Tenth Row: Boice. Wilbur Malcolm, Jr., Whiteville; Bolden, Donald Eugene, Burlington: Bondurant, Mar- fin Vernon, Rcidsville; Rose, Purabi, Chapel Hill; Boslian, Philip Eddlener, Landis; Brandon, William ndrew, Wilson. iiralHH M !f " M if l l f ' m km 1 ,f v mi TTi ' F Page 99 Fresihiiiaii Classy First Rotr: Branscomb, Ralph Ed tnond. " Winston-Salem; Brantley, Fourth Ro ...• Bu rge Jan les Vai ICC, Burii ngton; Burnett Julian Char es Robert. Nashville; Brauei , Jim S., Chapel Hill; Brewer, Hi bert, Bu rgaw B ham , Alan, Atlanta, Ga.; Burnside. Robert Willi im Richard Shelby; Bridges, Thorn 3S Howard, Shelby; Bristol, He nrv. Coh imbia S. C. ; Bu rrell, Jc seph Wes ley, Washingtor , D. C; Jame s David, An drews; Britls, Hav n Jen nings, Mt. Airy: Br oadway. Bu rris, Fr: nklin Ca Id ell. Lexington; Bur roughs. James Dillurd, Carv Lee, Spenc ' r; Brock, Clayton Ackis s, Bailey. Gr eensboro Butler, Ira Dar iel, Jr. Rowland Byerlj , Robert Dalton, Winston-Sa em. Second Rotp: Brooks, Cvrus Lee, High Point: Brown, Ernest Charles, Greensboro; Brown, Kenneth Wiley, Chapel Hill; Brown, Theo- dore Cecil, Raleigh; Brown, Thomas E., Rock Hill, S. C: Brown, Wavne Gillingham, Philadelphia, Pa.: Browne, Herbert Howard, Jr., Columbia, S. C: Browning, Annie Marie, Bryson City; Brumley, Seth Vernon, Jr., Stalesville. Fiflh Row: Bvers. Richard Anders, Shelbv; Bvrd, Nyles Austin, Sanford; Callihan, Herbert Aldon, FayetteviUe; Calvert, William Morse, Norfolk, Va.: Cameron, Bradley James, Winston-Salem; Campbell, Jerry Austin, Taylorsville; Canaday, Maurice Lewis, Four Oaks; Cantieri, Tom, Lynchburg, Va.; Capps, James Spencer, Rockv Mount. Third Roir: Brummitt, Russell Elliott, Henderson; Bruton, Alvis Bobby, Mt. Gilead; Bryant. Alfred S., Durham: Bryant, John Walden, Spartanburg, S. C; Buckner, John Herbert, Greensboro: Buie, Marion C, FayetteviUe: Bunch, Elbert Rosser, Tyner; Bunch, John Herman, Jr., Clinton: Burbridge, Clinton Henry, Jacksonville, Fla. .Si.rJ i Koir: Capps, Ronald Emmett, Rocky Mount: Carroll, Philip Edward. Reidsville: Carroll, Ralph Norwood, Jr., Raleigh; Gates, Stalcy Thruston, Macon, Ga.; Chandler, Lynn Fage, Morrisville; Chapman, Hugh McMaster, Spartanburg, S. C: Claiborne, James W., Charlotte; Clark, William Grimes, Tarboro: Clause, William Clarence, Jr., Sanford, Fla. Page 100 1952 First Row: Clemeiil, Edward Henry, Salisbury; Clemmons, Donald Owen, Greensboro: Clemmons. Roland Elbert, New Orleans, La.; Clinard, Lorenza Theodore, Clemmons; Cobb, Harman, Jr., Atlanta, Ga.; Coble, Floyd Garland, Jr., Greensboro: Cochrane, Robert Sharpe, Laurinburg; Colbert, Robert Stephen, Washington, D. C; Cole, John Willard, Oak Park, III. Fourth Row; Crouch, Ja Garland, Jr., Midway Park; Croxlon, Richard Archer, Jr boro; Cuddy, Jame ville; Daniel, S. Ai Daniels, John Willi ville. ille. Va.; Crumplon, James Slade, Rox- Walker, Durham; Curtis, Robert C, Fayette- ne, Durham; Daniels, Edgar Foster, Raleigh; m, Asheville; Daniels, William Simeon, James- Second Row: Collins, Ben Kenneth, Hillsboro; Collins, Richard Ambrose, Myrtle Beach, S. C; Colvard, Patsy Proctor, Durham; Connell, Charles Avery, Raeford; Converse, Walter C, Spartanburg, S. C; Cooper, Donald Hamilton, Jr., Alexandria, Va.; Coor, Vinton Kermit, Selma; Copeland, Cuthberl Malcolm, Tyner; Corbett, Patricia Anne, Swansboro. Fifth Ro Da , Carl, 111, Orlando, Fla.; Davis, Betle L., Morgan- ton; Dawson, Robert William, Rego Park. N. Y.; Deane, Henry Thomas, Albemarle; Dees, Franklin Elliott, Bayboro; Deviney, Robert Otis, Spindale; Diamond, Benjamin Arnold, Charlotte; Dinkins, Benjamin Harrison, Yadkinville; Dittmar. John Eraser, Jacksonville, Fla. Third Rote: Covington, Ben McLauchlin, Wadesboro; Cowell, Horace B., Washington; Cox, James Grego ward Kochtitzky, Winston-Salem; Cr( Va.; Creech, Mack Richardson, W Winston-Salem; Crittenden, Charles Max Henry, Jr., Asheville. y, Greensboro; Crawford, Ed- asy, Thomas Claiborne, Gretna, endell: Crews, James Philip, Christopher. Raleigh; Crohn, Sixth Row: Dixon, Johnny Rufus, Lexington; Dixon, Sterling Gray, Davis; Dixon, Wyatt Thomas, Durham; Dodson, Glenn Douglas, Jr., Lumberton; Dodson, Jesse Richard, Burlington; Donnell, Sam Howe, Jr., Goldsboro; Driver, Edward Lee, Selma; DuBosc, John McNeely, Chapel Hill; Duncan, Patrick Henry, Ararat, Va. 9 f 1 Page 101 Freishman Claisis First Roic: Eberle, Robert K., Asheville; Edwards, Jack, Miami Beach. Fla.; Edwards, Virginia Dare, Durham; Efird, James Frank. Albemarle: Ellenwood, Charles Arthur, Ft. Wavne. Ind.; Elliott, David Robert, Asheboro. Second Roic: Elliott, Donald Jackson, Shelbv; Elliott, William. Jacksonville. Fla.; Emory. Samuel Thomas, Chapel Hill; Etheridge. Richard Winston. Bailey; Eure. Linwood W.. Chapel Hill; Evans. Andre, Ahoskie. Third Roic: Evans, Charles Kelly, Boardman: Everton, Bob. Columbia; Farmer. Robert Leon, Smithfield; Farrell, W. Hal, Jr., Graham; Ferrell, Raleigh James, Dunbar, W. Va.; Fetzer, William Douglas, Rocky River, Ohio. Fourth Roic: Fincannon, Arthur Douglas, Enka; Finch, James Phillips, Richmond, Va.; Fisher, Otis Norwood, Bladenboro; Filch, Roy Bernice, Jr.. Chapel Hill; Flake. Robert Cockman, Rockingham; Fleishman, Joel Lawrence, Fayelteville. Fifth Row: Fleming, Robert Lee, Yadkinville; Flini George Hamilton, East Hampton, N. V.; Flower Billy Roderick. Clavlon; Forester, Gordon, Jr., Wilke boro; Fowler, Henry Lee, Mt. Holly; Fox, James Pas Charlotte. Sixth Row: Froneberger. Pinkney Carroll. Jr., Gas- tonia; Furches, James Johnson, Winslon-Salem: Furr, Carl Augustus. Concord; Futch. David Gardner. Mon- roe; Garbisah, Edgar William, Jr., Cambridge, Md.: Garner, William Darrell, High Point. Seventh Row: Geiger, Don Weng, Tampa, Fla.; Geitner, George Harvey, Hickory; Gentry, James Franklin, Forest Cilv; Gibson, Sam Bryce, High Point; Gift, Roy Irwin, Raleigh; Gilbert, Charles Franklin, Benson. Eighth Row: Giles, Franklin Deland, Chapel Hill; Giles, John Burke, Lexington; Gill, Newell Thomas, Winslon-Salem; Gladstone, H. Nelson, Winston-Salem; Glover, Irving T., Wilmington; Golding, J. C, Low Gap. Ninth Row: Goldstein, Donald Matthew, Norfolk, Va.; Goldstein. Jerrj Daniel, Greensboro; Gonella, John Felix, Jr.. Franklinton; Goodman. Al Jack, Jr.. Ashe- ville; Goodman. Ronald Byrd, Charlotte; Goodwin, Betty Genevieve, Valdosta, Ga. Tenth Row: Grady, Earle Keith, Lancaster, S. C; Gray. Carroll Osborn, Amagansett, N. Y.; Gray, Heiskell Rea, Suitland, Md.; Greene, William Marion, Robersonville; Greenway, John Wannamaker, Jr., High Point; Grimes, Bobby Sutton, Rocky Mount. Page 102 1952 First Rote: Crindstaff, Borce Fred, Forest City; Gum- pert, Peter, Asheville: Gunter, Eugene Burke, Jr., Hamlet: Guthrie, Riehard Edward, Jr., Winslon-Salem: Gwvnn, John Alinor, Jr., Chapel Hill; Hadlow, Harold David, Roekv Mount. Second Roic: Hafer, Frederiek E., Hickory; Hamlet, Swayn Gray, Reidsville: Hammer, Fred Kirby, Taylors- ville; Hamriek, Frederiek Delmar, Rutherfordton; Harden, Charles Willis, Greensboro; Harder, Jon Shannon, Greensboro. r lird Edwar PIvmo Harris Philip Rote: Harding, William M., d Hooper, Wadesboro; Hardiso uth: Harrall, Richard Frankli , Carl Roger, Pilot Mountain: , High Point. Cana; Hardison, .n, Wesley Jewel, n, Towson, Md.: 1 Harris, Donald Fourth Rote: Harris, Frank Meelze, Lincolnton; Harris, George Baxter, Hickorv; Harris, Harvie Max, Garvs- burg: Harris, James A., Jr., Greenville, S. C; Harris, Richard Lawrence, High Point; Harrison, Edward iNelson, Eagle Springs. Fifth Row: Hart, James Larrv, Clemmons; Havden, Thomas Epting, Columbia, S. C; Haves, Johnnv Green, Hampton, Va.; Haynsworth, Hugh Charles, 111, Sumter, S. C; Heath, Robert Winship, Chapel Hill; Hedgpeth, Benjamin Carroll, Henderson. Sixth Rote: He emani 1, Paul W: irren, Baltim ore. Md.; Heinz, George Albert , Sparta; Helms, Samut ■1 H. jrace. Charlotte: Helt on, Jo hn Harrisc n, StatesviUc ; H. ■mby. James Benjam in, Jr ., Ayden; Henley, Robert Alan, Raleigh. Seventh Row: Henni s, Hugh L inwood, Jr., Mt. Airy; Henry, Frank Leon idas, Fran iklin; Hicks, Ri chard Henderson, Fr anklin Ion; Higgi nbotham, R bert Saf- fold, Raleigh: Higgi ns, Anthoi ay Dughi, C ary: Hill, Charles Willii Lexingto Eighth Roic: Hilton, Charles Laroy, Hickory; Hinnant, Renfrew Smith, Lucama: Hilchings, Horace Edgar, Jr., Raleigh: Holcomb, Truman Thomas, Jr., Winston- Salem; Holford, William Henrv, Wilson: Holt, Doris B., Chapel Hill. Ninth Roiv: Holt, Glendale Bowen, Erwin; Holt, Walter Curtis, Stoneville; Hon, Trucman Louis, Fayetteville: Hood, John J., Jr., Lumberton; Hoover, Thomas Henry, Jr., Charlotte: Hopkins, Edmund Baxter, Winston-Salem. Tenth Rote: Horner, Bill Bowen, Southern Pines; Houck, Charles Weston, Florence, S. C; Howard, Kenneth Van, Reidsville: Howard, Willard Mu Jr., Kannapolis; Howell, Leonard James, Oakbo Hoyle, Richard Alvin, Lincolnton. « f ' f ;? « L « f f. - I? f ,tJr i Page 103 Fre§ihitiaii Class First Row: Hovl, Charles Taylor, Jr., Wasliinglon; Hubbard, Robert LeRov, Washington, D. C; Hudson, Blake P., Kings Mountain: Huev, Joseph Michael, Mt. Gilead; Huff, William Thomas, Char- lotte: Humphrey, Liston W., Jr., Wilmington: Hurler, John William, Littleton: Husbiiids, Herman Hamihon, Chapel Hill; Huss, Gloria, Thomasville. Fourth Row: Johnson. Alan Francis, Jamestown: Johnson, Edgar Marvin, Raleigh; Johnson, Edward Page, Rocky Mount; Johnson, Edward Stokes, Chapel Hill: Johnson, Joab Frederick, Burgaw; Johnson, Joseph Allen, Avden; Johnson, Sherrill Hooks, Smithfield; Johnson, William Roderick, Greensboro; Johnston, Bennie McBane, Graham. Second Row: Huss, Gwenlyn, Thomasville; Hyatt, Robert Perry, Cherokee; Hylton, Jane Ramelle, High Point; Ingle, Jerome Silas, Jr., Maiden; Ingle, William Paul, Winslon-Salem; Ingram, Camp- bell Blake, Asheville; Ingram, Samuel Talmage, Sanford; Irvin, James Morrison, Midland; Irvin, John Lafayette, Greensboro. Fifth Row: Johnston, Harry Lee, Jr., Concord: Jones, Franklin Lee, Littleton; Jones, Floyd, Jr., Durham; Jones, John Paul, Concord; Jones, Newton Stuart, Winston-Salem; Jones, Robert Tyree, Dur- ham; Jones, Wilbur David, Jr., Wilmington; Jordan, Ralph Martin, Jr., Concord; Jovner. John Russell, Farmville. Third Row: Irvin, William Arnold, Midland; Ivey, James Lindsey, Norwood; Jackson, John Hilton, Charlotte; Jacobs, Henry D., Jr.. Spartanburg, S. C; James, Thomas Snow, Elkin; Jenkins, George Thomas, Cherryville; Jennette, Warren Hellen, III; Elizabeth City: Jewell, Edwin Smith, Wilmington; Jobst, Richard William, Wald- wick, N. J. BP P Sixth Row: Joyner, Walton Kitchln. Raleigh; Joyner, William Grant, Como; Katz, Bradley David, Warsaw; Kendrick, Aubrey Earl, Jr., Charlotte: Kepley, Thomas Howard, Salisbury; Kerdasha, Ronald, North Bergen, N. j.; Kesler, Robert C, Greensboro; Keyes, A. Vincent, Greensboro; kincaid, Jerry Nelson. Salisbury. Page 104 1952 First Row: Kindig, Robert Russell, Plainfield, N. J.; Kipka, Earl Meacham, Mooresville: Kirkman. William Hugh, Jr., Burlinglon; Knox, William Hugh, Bolivia; Kornegav, James A., Jr., Durham: Kriegnian, Robert Marvin, Greensboro: Kuralt, Charles, Charlotte: Lachdl, Willis H., Rutherford College; Lambeth, Robert Lee, Thomasville. Fourth Row: Liles, Max Edward, Bailev; Lindsle), Dell Prilehard, Williamston; Link, Norris Wilford, Jr., Winston-Salem; Linker, Robert Polk, Chapel Hill; Lofquist, William Augustus, Asheville; Logsdon, Rodger Clement, Chapel Hill; Long, John R., West Jeffer- son; Long, Robert McDonald, Concord; Long, Thomas Hill, States- ville. Second Row: Lamson, Davis Willia Wilton, Burlington; LaSure, Lester Ja Jerry Holt, Durham; Lawson, Theodoi William Osborne, Lumberton: Lehm s, Asheville; Lane, Virgil les, Jr., Wilmington; Laws, Crawford, Leaksville; Lee, nn. James Hugh, EInora, N. Y.; Eugene Ledbetter, George Ronald, Charlotte: Lehman, Everett Winston-Salem. Third Row: Leonard, Rueben Y., Greensboro; Levine, Lewis Elliott, Hamlet: Levinson, Gary Laehman, Gastonia; Lewis, James Oliv er, Fayetteville; Lewis, James Robert, Jr., Asheville; Lewis, Johnny Gray, Statesville; Lewis, Miriam Lillian, Chapel Hill; Lewis, Walter Ned, Graham: Likins, Paul Ross. Elkhart, Ind. Fifth Row: Longesy, James Noseo, Goldsboro; Love, Warren G., Mount Airy; Lovelace, James Bailey, Jr., High Point; Lowlhorp, Carl F., Durham; Loy, John Haywood, Jr., Burlington: Luckenbach, Roy Leon, Winston-Salem; McCaskill, John Malcolm, Durham: McCauley, Paul Gilbert, Jr., Fayetteville; McCormick, Guy Pitman, McDonald. Sixth Row: McCoy, William Octavious, Snow Hill; McCubbins, Paul Swicegood, Salisbury; McFall, Walter Thompson, Jr., Ashe- ville: McFalls, Vernon Wendel, Greensboro: McGehee, George Badger, Jr., Chevy Chase, Md.; MeGoogan, Charles Stalvey, St. Pauls; Mrlntyre, Baxter Grady, Ellerbe: McKinney, George Casev, Marshall: McLamb, Kenneth Norwood, Dunn. T f w ' W SHSPBh Page lOS Freishman Cla§i§; First Row: McLean, Fred, Lenoir; McLeod, George HoUidav, Florence, S. C; McMichael, Peler Dillard, Jr., Reidsville: Mackie, Anne Gallaway, Chapel Hill; IMacMillan, George James, III, Raleigh; MacRae, James Cameron, Fayetteville. Second Roic: Maddox, Caleb Jones, Goldsboro: Mad- dry, Robert Lawrence, Lumberton; Mallelt, Reginald, II, South Bend, Ind.; Mann, Lynn Senter, Lillinglon: iMungun, Addison Goodloe, Gastonia; Mangum, Robin, $part:inburg, S, C. Third Roic: Marcinko. Stephen Charles, Johnstown, Pa.: Marks, Benjamin Sanford, Jr., Greensboro: Marx, Albert, Atlanta, Ga.; Massie, Robert Eugene, Waynes- ville; Matthews, Lonnie Turner, Durham; Matthews, William Mack, Burlington. Foiirlh Row: Mayo, Ben Coakley, II, Tarhoro; Med- ford, Hugh Love, Jr., Greensboro; Merritt, Janet Marie, Chapel Hill; Metcalfe, C. Harold, Forest City; Millen, Pressly McAuley, Charlotte; Miller, Nathan Grav, Mocksviile. Fifth Row: Miller, Stuart Norfleet, Winston-Salem; Mitchell, Dennis Russell, Beaver, Pa.; Moon, David Alton, Greensboro; Moore, John Henry, Hurdle Mills; Moore, Paul Milton, Black Creek; Moore, Saunders ' inston , Burlington. Sixth Rote: Moose, Frank Hoy, Jr., Concord; Moreton, Thomas Perkins, Biloxi, Miss.: Morgan, Arlene, Mor- ganton; Morgan, James Battle, Cary: Morgan, Joe Edward, Jr., Winston-Salem; Moring, Eugene Elliott, Raleigh. Serenlh Row: Morris, McLendon Graham, Oxford; Morris. Reuben Franklin, Winston-Salem: Morrison, Robert Lee, Bladenburg. Md.; Morton, Joe Chandler, Takonia Park, Md.; Mudd, William Columbus, Gas- Ionia; Munday, Jerry Thomas, Mo Eighth Row: Myers, Jeane Worth, Burlington; Nail, Thurman Dean, Winston-Salem; Neely, Alvin Wilkins, Jr. Waynesboro, Ga.; Neill, Richard V.. Ft. Pierce, Fla.: Neiison, Herbert Eugene, Aiken, S. C; Newcomb, William Andrew, Henderson. Ninth Row: Nichols, Bill Ravniond. Ml. Airv; Noble, Robert Primrose, III, Goldsboro: Nobles, Thomas Carrol, Orrum; Norman, John Franklin, III, Cherry Lane: Norment, Owen Lennon, Jr., Asheville; Norris, Thomas Lloyd, Jr., South Mills. Tenth Row: Norwood, Louise, Winston-Salem; Oakley, Chuck Klien, Roxboro; OBriant, Robert Reynolds, Durham; Oglesby, James Gorham, Greensboro; Or- niand. Rosemary, Gastonia; Ormand, T. Lane, Mon- Page 106 . . 1952 First Row: Ormond, Herbert Lyman, Jr., Greenville; Padgett, E. J., Maple Hill; Paffe, Clement Ambrose, ' inston-Salem; Page, George ' hitehead, Greensboro: Papineau, Arthur Bradford, Plymouth; Pappas, Greg- ory v., Winston-Salem. Second Row: Parker, Wallace Oneil, Silverdale; Parlier, Smith Stephen, Newton; Parrish, Henry New- ton, Jr., Winston-Salem; Parrish, Sally Maxine, Bryson City; Pate, Barry Reeves, Canton; Patterson, Edward Leonard, Albemarle. Third Row: Payne, Bobby Swanson, Richmond, Va.: Peacock, Thomas Philip, Arlington, Va.; Pearce, Har- vey Nelson, Raleigh: Peck, Nicholas Albron, Concord; Peel, James Stanley, Everetts; Perir, Raymond Neal, Danville, Va. Fourth Row: Pfaff, Robert Harold, Winston-Salem; Phelan, Richard G., Raleigh; Phillips, Gary, Rocky Mount; Phillips, Jack Ewart, Durham; Phillips, John B., Jr., Winston-Salem; Phthisic, Haywood McKay. Jr., Edenton. Fifth Row: Pinner, Ike Kenneth, Wilmington; Pittard, John Charles, Garner: Poindexter, Charles C, Canton; Pokalsky, Robert, Trenton, N. J.; Polhill, Joseph Augustus, Lincolnton; Pollard, Dulon Devon, Benson. Sixth Row: PoUard, William Robert, Farmville; Porter, Richard Alan, Burlington; Powell, William Douglas, Durham; Prescott, James Carlvle, Jr., Elizabeth Citv; Presley, John Phillips, Asheville; Price, William Har- vey, Jr., Mayodan. Seventh Row: Price, William James, Greensboro; Prillaman, Martha Jeanne, Roanoke, Va.; Prince, David Rufus, Dunn; Prilchelt, Hovt Baker, Jr., Louis- ville, Ky.: Privette, Billy Joe, Hillsboro; Proctor, Jasper Lee, Rocky Mount. Eighth Row: Proctor, McDaniel, Fuquav Springs; Propst, William Floyd, Midway Park; Prothero, Wil- liam John, Johnstown, Pa.; Pruett, James Worrell, Mt. Airy; Pruitt, Kenneth Melvin, Winston-Salem: Purrington, Alfred Luther, III, Raleigh. ISinth Row: Putney, Walter Gilliam, Jr., Farn Va.; Raff, Joseph Allan, Charlotte; Ramos, 1 Mayo, Durham; Ransdell, Edward Bvron, Vi Rapp, William Walter, Thomasville; Ralcliffe, Ma Clyde, Wadesboro. T nth Rote: Ray, Richard Shaw, Southern Pines; Rea, Richard Lewis, Jr., Asheville; Reece, Jerry, Andrews; Reimer, Edward Jacob, Kearny, N. J.; Relnecke, Roderick, L., GaKeston, Texas; Rhodes, Robert Everett, Jr., Elizabeth City. II I KI WEB Page 107 Fre§iliitiaii Clasis Firsl Rme: Richardson, Henrv Bonell. Lilcsville; Rierson, Otis Hoberl, Jr., Higil Point: Rivera, William McLeod, OK Orleans, La.; Rivers, James Llovd, Mt. Croghan, S. C; Roberts, Charles Roberson, Washington, D. C; Roberts, William Douglas, Winston- Salem; Roberts, William Stuart, Caslonia; Robinson, Ernest Lin- wood, Wilmington; Roddev, Frank Carroll, Charlotte. Fourth Row: Sealer, Dock Harold, Orrum; Seaviell. Marion Henry Tuttle, Jackson; Sebastian, Oren Frederick, North Wilkesboro; Sechler, Frederick Clinton, China Grove; Seiig, Julian Wood, Jr., Elizabeth City; Sessoms, Bobbv Daniel, Lillington: Sessoms, Donald Bruce. Durham; Shaw, Ray Elsworth, Jr., Raleigh; Sherrill, John Charles, Hendersonville. Second Row: Rogers, Louis Oli ' Winston-Sale Judd. Jr.. Rockingham: Rollins, James Letcher, Bostic: Roq Robert James, Jr., Andrews. S. C; Rosenbacher, Robert Si Winston-Salem; Ross, Mar Carlton, Elon College; Rountre Herlel, Mt. Airy: Ruflfin, Thomas, Jr., Winslon-Saleni; I Daniel Howard, Jr., Kannapolis. nund. Jake Fi lh Row: Shives, WUliam Wallace, Lincolnton; Shuford, Jack Brooks, Gastonia; Shuford, Sydney Herbert, Biltmore; Sillery, Charles Doyne, Littleton; Simpson, Bobby Gray, Selma; Sink, Charles Clayton, Lexington; Sink, Woodruff Franklin, Winston- Salem; Sipp, John Frederic, Rockaway, N. J.; Skinner, Mark Lee, Ne Be Third Row: Rumsey, Tracy Porter, Jr.. Randleman; Russell. H. Gerard. Ardmore. Pa.; Sale, Ronald Gordon, Winston-Salem: Salley, Alfred Nathaniel, Asheville; Scarborough, William Haywood, Ml. Gilead; Sehroeder. George, Gladwyne, Pa.; Scotland, Howard Victor. Jr., Towson, Md.; Scott, William Donald, Mt. Vernon Springs; Seabock, Robert Lee, Durham. Sixth Row: Sluder, Tex Richard, Thomasville; Smith, Alvis Everett, Reidsville; Smith, Ben Clayton, Jr., Charlotte; Smith, Eugene Alvin, Matthews: Smith. Felix Lloyd, Whiteville; Smith, Howard Earl, Roanoke Rapids; Smith, Irving Lee, Jr., Robersonville; Smith, James Frederick, Lebanon, Pa.; Smith, Jov Pharr, Charlotte. t f f ' S % Page 108 1953 1, Pete Snider, Spark- ah. First Roiv: Smith, Vonnie Bryan. Liunberton: Smilher Franklin, Winston-Salem: Smyre. Jerry Mell, Greensboi Geraldine, Fayetteville; Sooy, Walter Richard. Wilmingt man. Charles Evancer, Burlaw; Spillane, Charles Barry, Ga.; Stafford, Richard Edward, Winston-Salem: Standifer, Luth. Sebastian, Marietta, Ga. Second Rou ' : Starner, Richard Allen, Elkhart, Ind.; Stepp, Howard Wellington, Jr.. Princeton, N. J.; Stevens, Lee Austin. Smithfield: Stewart, James Tyrus, Jr., Erwin; Stilwell, John Quiney, Charles- ton, S. C; Stith. Laurence Augustine, New Bern: Stockton, Edwin Link, Winston-Salem: Stone, Eugene Spencer, Bailev; Straughn, William Brent, Walkcrtown. Third Row: Strong, George Vaughn, Arlington, Mass.; Stuart, John Moore, Shelby: Stuart, Robert Urban, Kernersville; Sturgess, Wil- liam Carrol, Rocky Mount: Sullivan, Alfred Hardy, Pikeville; Sumner, David Spurgeon, Asbeboro; Sumner, Emmett A., Jr., High Point: Swaim, Charles Bagby, Jr.. Winston-Salem: Tarlton, Lee Alexander, Rutherfordton. Fo«r( i Roic: Taylor, Raymond Mason, Washington; Tedder, Claude Dale, Guilford; Teichman, Stuart, Winston-Salem; Temple, Jackson Howard, Selma; Temple, William Bowne, Highland Park, HI.; Tetlelbach, Fred Morley, Point Pleasant, N. Y.; Thomas, George A., Carthage: Thomas, Jesse Corbitt, Sanford: Thomas, Tommy Howard, Charlotte. Fifth Row: Thompson, Graham Kent, Mt. Gilead; Thompson, Joe Wayne, Mooresville; Thornhill, Archie James, Charlotte; Thornton, Donald Norman, Wilmington; Tice, Douglas Oscar, Jr., Greensboro; Tilley, Hilton Ray, Winston-Salem; Tillman, Rollie, Jr., Lake Wales, Fla.; Tilson, Thomas Lawdon, Burnsvillc; Torgersen, Thomas Allen, Burlington. Sixth Row: Townsend, Charles Hitchcock, Washington, D. C: Trimble, Stephen Asbury, Washington, D. C; Tripletl, Gwyn Com- modore, Winston-Salem; Truckner, Willard Baxter, Durham; Tudor, Bynum E.. Winston-Salem; Toggle, William Preston. HI, Hot Springs, Ark.; Turner, Richard William, Charlotte; Twisdale, Harold Winfred, Halifax; llmslead, Charles Irvin, Roekv Mount. SBEIP SQBP f Si SB; f ' % P0QP .1 Page 109 Fresihrnan Class; • . • 1953 tit ' O.P f Firnt Row: VanSicklen, John Michael, Hendersonville; Venable. J. Bill, Mt. Airj ; Venable, Kenneth Martin, Winston-Salem: Venters, Carl Vernon, Jr., Jackson- ville; Vernon, John Calvin, Jr., Summerfield; Vick, Hugh C, Atkinson. Second Row: Vogel, Edward Julius, Irvinglon, IV. J.; Wade, Berlev Edward, Roxboro; Wainer, Herbert Schcver, Winston-Salem; Wakefield, Tom Edgar, Ashe- ville; Walden, Donald Winfred, Greensboro: Wallace, Charles Dixon, Smithfield. Third Rote: Wallace, Lawrence Henry, Jr ., Smithfield; Wallers, Eugene Bullock, Jr., Fuquay Springs: War- ren, Jesse Lainer, Greensboro: Waters. Charles May- nard, Florence, S. C; Watkins, Kenneth A., Lillington; Watts. Charles Bowman, Brvson City. Fourth Roic: Webb, Carl Ray, Jr., Shelby; Webb, Robert Patterson, Chapel Hill: Wells, Calvin Talmadge, Jr., Charlotte: West, Robert Alan, Winston-Salem; esterfield, Diane Bonsall, Chapel Hill; White, Harold O., Fruithurst, Ala. Fifth Row: Whitehead, Thurman Jack, Jr., Washing- ton; Whitlev, Charles Boyd, Albemarle: Whitley, Johnny Lee, Wilson: Wiggins, Ralph Cannon, Jr., Hendersonville; Wiggins, Richard McKenzie, Fayette- ville; Wilkerson, Leo Carl, Mebane. Sixth Row: Wilkinson, Bill Williams, Boyce Boykin, Ken Melick, Elizabeth City; Will ganton: Williams, Thomas Williams, William Tyre, Ro y Ravford, Newton; Iv: Williams, Charles ms, Frank Samuel, Mor- Wade, Savannah, Ga.; :ingham. Serenth Row: Williams, Winr son, J. Franklin, Lake Wac( Myers, Savannah, Ga.: Wilsor roe, Va.; Wingate, James Br Perkins, Henderson. e Lee, Favetteville; Wil- imaw; Wilson, William Robert Kay, Fort Mon- an, Avden; Winn, Sally Eighth Row: Wolf, Charles Parker, Chapel Hill: Wood, Robert Dale, Greensboro: Woody, Joe Harris, Besse- mer City; Woody. Walter Ruffin, jr., Roxboro; Wright, David Arthur. Mt. Holly; Wright, James Whitson, Asheville. Mnth Rote: Yarborough, Ramon L., Fayetteville; Yates, Donald Norton, Fairfax, Va.; Yokeley, James Edwin, Thomasville; York, Walter Thomas, Archdale; Young, Bobby Gray, Winston-Salem; Young, Charles Spur- geon. Hickory. Tenth Row: Young, David Richard, Greensboro; Young, Douglas Maurice, Burlington; Yount, Martha Evelvn, Hickory: Zachary. Jonathan Thompson, Jr., Graham; Zerden, Howard Gordon, Hickory; Zi man, Lester Eugene, High Point; Zimmerman, Os Vernon, High Point. Page 110 Graduate and Profiesisioiial Schools; School of Pharmacy E. A. BRECHT Ocaii of the School After orientation the freshmen with the npperclass- nien settled clown to a year of lal s and classes. Foothall games, dances. Kappa Epsilon ' s tea for the new students, fraternity rushing, N. C. P. A. niemhership drive, picnic for the freshmen, and the Pharmacy Girls ' Association annual Christmas party were the main events of the fall quarter. The new year found us looking forward to a winter quarter filled with studies, haskethall games, fraternity pledge dances, Senate meetings, and the N. C. P. A. Programs. When spring came, the third and fourth year classes were Inisily planning a trip to Cincinnati, Detroit, and Kalamazoo to visit Merrell, Parke Davis, and Upjohn Lahoratories. School elections were held. Pharmacy Week-end highlighted May with festivities heginning with a picnic Friday after- noon and ending with the Saturday night formal dance. With June approaching, Howell Hall hustled with talk of exams, graduation, and the long awaited State Board Examination. Many left hut carried with them pleasant memories of the four years spent in acquiring a good education in their chosen profession. First Row. Left to Right: I. W. Rose, H. O. Thompson, Fred Seiieiiiuk, W. H. Hartiin?. Dean E. A. Breolil • Srrniirl Row: John Andrako, A. W. Jowdy, Mrs. Fred Teare, Kenneth Hoy o Third Row: J. H. R. Beaujon, F. C. Haiiiiinriit «. Page 112 SENIOR OFFICERS Sitting: Frances Parson, Secrelary-Treasurer. Standing: Keith Fulbrigkl, President; Jack Friday, Vice-President. Page 113 Pharmacy School BATUVIOS, NICHOLAS HARRY B.S. IN PHARMACY. Rha Chi. BEDDINGFIELD, BRUCE BROOKS B.S. IN PHARMACY, Phi Delia Chi; Pharmacy ) BRITT, ROBERT TIMOTHY B.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi. BROOKS, BAYLUS CADE B.S. IN PHARMACY. Rho Chi, Pr Wilniiii oii Clayton NCPA (1, 2. 3, 4). Raleigh BROWN, EARL TRIPLETT B.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi, Regent (3). His 3, 4); Pharmacy Senate (3, 4); President of Ph Fayetteville (4) ; NCPA (1, 2, 3, 4). Leicester DANIELS, HERMAN HALLET B.S. IN PHARMACY. Rho Chi. DAY, HAROLD VANN B.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi, Viee-Pres Prosidrnt (4 ; Pharmacv Senate (1, 2, Foundaliun (1. 2). DOLLAR, A. C, JR. B.S. IN PHARMACY. FLETCHER, JAMES HUGH B.S. IN PHARMACY. Rho Chi; Kappa Psi. FRIDAY, JOHN PAUL Colerain Spruce Pine NCPA (1. 2. 3. 4), e Club ( 1 ) : W esley Mt. Airy Drexel Dallas Second Row: BURGESS, MARGARET CAROLYN Broadway B.S. IN PHARMACY ' . Kappa Epsilon, Historian (2), President (3); NCPA (1, 2. 3, 4): Sccretarv-Treasurer of Pharmacy Class (2); Secretary. Treasurer of Pharmacy ' School (4); Student Advisor (3); Pharmacy Girls- Association, Sccretarv-Treasurer (2); Dean ' s Cabinet (4). Valdese ( 3 ) ! Pharmacy Senate. BURRIS, LOY RAY, JR. B.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi. Pledge President (4); NCPA (1. 2. 3. 4). CARTER. LEO HARRISON Thomasville B.S. IN PHARMACY. Aoppa Psi: NCPA (1. 2. 3. 4). Wake Forest CLELLAND, ALEC W., JR. COGDELL, HENRY PAUL B.S. IN PHARMACY. Pharmacy Sen Goldsboro : (3, 4); NCPA (1, 2. 3, 4). FULBRIGHT. KEITH NORMAN Guilford College B.S. IN PHARMACY. Phi Delia Chi; NCPA (1. 2, 3. 4). Secretary (4); BSC Council (4 . HARRIS, JOSEPH CLAXTON, JR. Durham B.S. IN PHARMACY. Phi Delia Thela; Phi Delia Chi: YMCA; Pharmacy HAUSS, HARRY LYNN B.S. IN PHARMACY. President of Cla HAWKINS, CLAYBURN IRVIN B.S. IN PHARMACY. NCPA (1. 3. 4). HORTON, WILLIAM DONALD B.S. IN PHARMACY. Pi Kappa Phi; Track (1). China Grove (II ; NCPA (1. 2, 3. 4). Madison Wilkesboro Page 114 Fourth Year KAMINETZKY, BEATRICE BLANCHE B.S. IN PHARMACY. NCPA (2. 3. J I : Pharmacy Sen MAUNEY, HARRY M. B.S. IN ' PHARMACY. Pi Kappa Alpha. MERRITT, MORRIS EDWARD B.S. IN PHARMACY. Delia Phi Alpha. Prcsidtnt (3). iecunil Row: PARSONS, MARY FRANCES Winston-Saleni S.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Epsilon. Historian (31: WC.A (1, 2. 3. 4(- XCPA (1. 2. 3, 41: Secretary. Treasurer of Class (1. 3): Pharmacy Girls " Association (1. 2. 3. 4). Vice-President (2). Seerctarv-Treasurcr (3}. Durham (2. 3 . S p ' Murphy Tv ake Waccamaw dUi PITTMAN, GEORGE LEON Micro 5.S. IN PHARMACY. NCPA 3. 41. PRICE, SAMUEL HOWARD, JR. Mooresville J.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi; Men ' s Cou ' harmacy Senate (3. 4). Reporter (3». Reco ncil (4 J NCPA (2. 3. 4) ; rder (4). ' • lirrf Rou: RANDALL, WILLIAM HURLEY, JR. Falcon t.S. IN PHARMACY. Phi Delia Chi, Vicc-Pr harmacy Senate (3. 4); NCPA (1. 2. 3, 4); sident (3), Treasurer (4); Track (1). LEAVES, CHARLES ADAMS Asheboro .S. IN PHARMACY. Pi Kappa Alpha. ROGERS, HUBERT N., JR. Fair Bluff l.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi: Pharmacy Sc xccutiie Committee (4); YMCA (1). natc (3, 4) ; NCPA (2, 3, 4), ourlh Row: tUSSELL, C. CLARK Greensboro l.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi. (ASSER, JOHN MARSHALL Smithfield l.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi; Phi Ela Sigma; Rho Chi; CIce Club 1, 2, 3)! NCPA (1. 2, 3, 4); Cardboard (1, 2, 3, 4). (PARKS, BETTY TATE l.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Epsilon, Se WCA (2, 3. 4); Dormitory Presidei ecrelary-Treasurer (4). SPEIGHT, JAMES AMBLER l.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi. lUMMEY, WILLIAM LEWIS l.S. IN PHARMACY. :H0R1VE, SAMUEL THOMAS l.S. IN PHARMACY. Kappa Psi: Yaeki oard (4); Pharmacy Senate (2. 3. 4) Draper Btary (2), Pledge Mistress (3,4); (2): Pharmacy Senate (3, 4), Rocky Mount Dallas Charlotte ck (1 ; NCPA (3. 4); Card- ixiA Row: WIGGS, CAROLYN RUTH (S. IN PHARMACY. Secretary of Class (I): YWCA; C: ' ELBORN, JOHN HENRY .S. IN PHARMACY. NCPA (2. 3. 4|. J ' lLLIAMS, GLENWOOD LEE .S. IN PHARMACY. NCPA (1, 2, 3, 4 . Raleigh ury Club. Lexington Godwin Poge 115 Pharmacy School Third Year Firtt Roic: Barksdale, Bennett Mattoon, Fayette- vUle; Barnes, Lewis Wiley, Jr., Statesville; Bland, Joseph Furnian, Kappa Psi, Thomasville: Blanton, Charles Donald. Kappa Psi. Kings Mountain: Bostian. Thomas Riehard, Phi Delia Chi. Landis. Second Rotr: Brooks, Frank Gibbons, Jr., Siler Citv: Burgiss, Thomas R., Kappa Psi. Sparta: Campbell, Charles Clifford, Phi Delta Chi. Maiden: Campbell, Rowe Boghe, Jr., Kappa Psi. Tay lors- ville: Cole, Alfred Franklin, Jr., Pi Kappa Phi, Raeford. Third Roic: Dollar, Lelon Cary, Phi Delia Chi. Chapel Hill: Duvall, Clyde J., Chapel Hill: Fergu- son, Junious Franklin, Jr., Kappa Psi. Durham: Ferguson, Lewis Mouchet, Kappa Psi, Gastonia; Fisher, Clarence Graham, Clinton. Fourth Rote: Floyd, Calvin Moore, Jr., Kappa Psi. Roanoke Rapids: Gaylord, Jerry Thomas, Kappa Psi, Winterville: Harris, George Wesley, Phi Delia Chi. Durham: Hix. David Thomas, Harmony: Hunter, Jeanette, Westfield. Fifth Rom: Johnson, William Rowland, AsheviUe; King. Delton Graham. Kappa Psi. Favetteville: Kirby, Carl M., Phi Delta Chi. Wilson: Kostic, Thomas Francis, Kappa Psi, Chapel Hill: Langdon, F. Hampton, Four Oaks. Sixth Roic: Lewis, Robert Luther, Robbins: Miller, William James, Phi Delta Chi, Hickory: Mobley, Benjamin K., Kappa Psi. Lake City. Fla.; Moore, Jimmy, Wilmington: Murrav, Billv R., Kappa Psi. Chapel Hill. Seventh Roic: O ' Neal, Jacquelyn Lee, Kappn Epsilon, Louisburg: Perrow, Waller Stephen, Ka ppa Psi, Bedford, Va.: Scarboro, William Louis, Knigfatdale: Shaw, Willis Breedlove, Roanoke Rapids: Shepherd. Roy Cornelious, Jr., Lexington. Eighth Rote: Simpson, Noah Jones, Glen Alpine: Smith, Edward Marvin, Matthews; Smith, Martha Ann, Kappn Epsilon, Warsaw: Smith, Ralph Wright. Jr., Kappa Psi, Kinston: Smith, Robert Garland, Kappa Psi, Pilot Mountain. IMnth Roto: Swan, William Jay, Phi Delia Chi, Andrews: Timberlake, Harry Wilson, Kappa Psi, Milwaukee; Lpchurch, Patsy Ruth, Kappa Epsilon. Morrisville; Wagner, John Wesley, Phi Delta Chi. Cramerton; Wagner, Murphv Thomas, Jr., Phi Delta Chi, Durham. Tenth Roic: Wells, William Potter, Burgaw: White, Joseph Graham, Kappa Psi, Burlington; Wiggins, Kenneth L., Goldsboro; Wright, John Coit, Polkton. PharmacT School . . . Second Year 3 o First Rok: Adams, Leron Dale, Kappa Psi, Lincoln- ton; Barbrcv, Herman Sutton, Jr., Mount Olive; Baugues- , Carl Thomas, Jr., Newton; Bradley, William Vernon, Jr., Albemarle: Bradshaw, Edward Luther. Jr.. Kappa Psi, Kinston. Second Row: Bullock, Eleanor Grey, Kappa Epsilon, Fayelleville; Charles, Fred Richard, Winston-Salem; Creech, Willard Grover, Kenly: Curtis, Thomas Eugene, Waynesville; Denson, Millard Dalton, Kappa Psi, Burlington. Third Row: Dowdy, David Astor, Jr., High Point: Elmore, Oscar Allen, Jr., Clinton; Evans, Floyd Herbert, Greensboro; Freeman, James Howard, Fayetteville: Frostick, William Leach, Kappa Psi, Maxlon. Fourth Row: Gillespie, Charles Byrd, Jr., Burns- ville; Gilliam, Barbara Nan, Sanford; Hackney, Eugene Walden, Kappa Psi, Sanford: Hedrick, Don Rea, Kappa Epsilon, Denton; Herrin, John Clegg, Albemarle. Fifth Row: Hudson, Cus William, Rockingham; Klultz, John A., Marion; Lee, William Pearce, Fuquay Springs; Lloyd, William Leonard, Buie ' s Creek; Lovelace, William Monroe, Jr.. Phi Delia Chi, Mooresboro. Sixth Row: Nelson, Joyce Evangeline, Kappa Epsilon, Littleton: Paderick, Hatherly Cory, Pi Kappa Phi, Kinston; Patton, James Benjamin, Jr., Canton; Patton, William Harrison, Hickory; Pen- land, James Thomas, Morganton. Seventh Row: Pittman, Billie Ephraim, Princeton; Powell, William Paul, Horse Shoe; Price, Billy L., Newton: Raper, Donald Joyner, Lucama: Robinson, James Clack, Jr., Kappa Psi, Littleton. Eighth Row: Rubin, Seymour Phillip, Pi Lambda Phi, Asheville; Selzer, Evan Sylvanus, Jr., Newton; Talbert, George Robert. Winston-Salem: Williford, Earl Hardy, kannapolis; Wood, John Dee, Wil- mington. Page 117 Pharmacy School First Year First Row: Adams, William Robert, Jr., Four Oaks; Anderson, Thomas Avery, Morganton; Arnold, Barbara Ann, Raleigh; Ashworth, Ralph Hilliard, Fuquay Springs; Bain, Rajford Whitley, Clayton. Second Row: Benthall, Louise Marie, Rich Square; Barber, Ronald Edward, Clinton; Blackwelder, Maurice Waters, Mooresville; Coppedge, Raymond Franklin, Jr., Asheville; Day, James Robert, Ashe- ville. Third Roic Dunlap, H Richard Ir Chadbourn napolis. Dever, Robert James, Greensboro; nry Hunter, Durham; Edmundson, r , Fremont; Edwards, Philip Franklin, Farabee, William Lloyd, Jr., Kan- Fourlh Row: Fisher, Oveda, Whiteville; Fuller, Edwin Wood, Jr., Liberty; Graham, William Wil- son, Peachland: Griffin, William Crane, Roanoke Rapids; Havmore, Charles Edgar, Mt. Airy. Fifth Row: Hill, Jonathan Adoneran, Troulmans; Hobowsky, Freda, Scotland Neck; Jenkins, Edward Franklin, Burlington; Jenkins, Walter Ingram, Jr., Biscoe; Josey, Charles William, Maiden. Sixth Row: Lore, Sara Fountain, Sanford; Mc- Ginnis, John William, Cherryville; Mebane, Alfred Holt, Lexington, Ky.; Menius, Jimmy McFadden, China Grove; Mills, John Edward, Cliffside. Seventh Row: Needham, Billy Wright, Pilot Moun- tain; Norris, Charles Allan, Fuquay Springs; Over- ton, Eugenia Legg, Southern Pines; Owen, Richard Hutchins, Jamestown; Paturis, Emmanuel Michael, Wilmingtcii. Eighth Row: Phelps, Albert Ray, Williamston; Porter, Ernest, Concord; Proctor, Clyde N., Jr., Benson; Samuel, Nancy Anne, High Point; Saun- ders, Walter K., Jr., ThomasviUe. Ninth Row: Schaefer, Brownie Dickson, Asheville Shousc, William Darle, Rural Hall; Sisk, WiUian Taylor, Asheville; Smith, Richard Henry Lee Greensboro; Stevens, Charles Lee, Clayton. Tenth Row: Temple, Tommy Hoyle, Zebulon; Ward, William Aster, Liberty; Wells, Franklin Ennis, Roseboro; Wiggins, Clarence Ray, Clinton; Windley, Lawrence, Aurora. School of Dentistry DR. JOHN C. BRAUER Dean of the School First How: Maurice Riohardsoii, President: Clarence Calcote, Vice-President • Second Rotv: William Calcole, Secretary; Robert Gainey, Treasurer. The School of Dentistry is now in its second year of operation, -with a total of 75 students, having admitted its second class in the fall of 19.51. The first class will graduate in June 1954, the first in the history of North Carolina. The new building is scheduled for completion in the late summer of 1952, to be ready for clinical dental services for the incoming third year class. Students of Dentistry receive part of their in- struction in the Basic Science Departments of the School of Medicine, in the School of Public Health, and in the University Hospital. They are an integral part of the total health team. FACULTY Front Row, Left to Right. Standing: Dr. Salter A. Hall, Jr., Dr. Frank C. Cadv, Dr. John C. Brauer, Dean, Dr. R. E. Sturdevant, Standing: Dr. R. J. Shankle • Back Row: Dr. C. M. Sturdevant, Dr. W. W. Denieritl, Dr. Mons W. Hellyer. Jr. Page 119 School of Deiitiistr . . . Second Year First Rotv: Ausley, Melt Bagh-y, Delia Sigma Phi. Micro; Biddcll, Alexander Jones, Psi Omega. Pembroke; Cameron, Lawrence A.. Delta Sigma Delta. Carthage; Clark, Dwight L., i Psi Phi. Asheville. Second Rotv: Cline, Albert Purcell, Jr., Ai " Psi ' Phi. Canton; Coble, Albert Vernon, Ai Psi Phi. Burlington; Daniel, Robert Lee, Ai Psi Phi. Reidsville; Draughon. Donald Ray, Psi Omega. Durham. Third Rotv: Edwards, George Loren, Jr., Psi Omega. Durham; Foust, James A., Graham; Fowler, Vi illiam Francis, Delta Sigma Delta. King; Furr, Robert Earl, Delta Sigma Delta. Vt ilmington. Fourth Rotv: Gaither, Ferby Glen, Ai Psi Phi. (Chapel Hill: Gobbel, John Temple, Jr., Delta Sigma Delta. Chapel Hill; Gooding, Carnie Clay- ton, Ai Psi Phi. New Bern; Hall, Cecil Bascombe, P.s ' i Omega. Brevard. Fifth Rotv: Harless, Charles Frederick, P,si Omega. Sanford ; Heath. LeRoy Koonce. Psi Omega. Burlington; Hord, Dwight B., Delta Sigma Delta. Fallston; Hughes, Charles Willson, Omega. Roxboro. Si.xth Rotv: Lee. Lewis Wells. Dunn; Leggette, James Alonza, Jr., Delta Sigma Delta. William- ston; Lewis, James Boyd, Delta Sigma Delta. Gaslonia; Lineberger, Henry Otis. Jr.. Kapi €i Alpha, Psi Omega, Chapel Hill. Seventh Roic: Lupton, ( ecil Rhodes. Ai Psi Phi. Swan Quarter; McCall, Clyde N., Delta Sigma Delta. Forest City; Massey, Zyba Kathryn, Zebulon ; Megginson, Linzv Price, Jr., Ai Psi Phi; Shelby. Eighth Rotv: Price, A. Dwight, Psi Omega. Clin- ton; Reese, Gene Lewis, Psi Omega. Boone; Scott, Ludwig G., Delta Sigma Delta. Burling- ton; Stanley, Lloyd Butler, Psi Omega. Carolina Beach. Ninth Roiv: Stoddard, Alan Leonard, Ai Psi Phi. Chadbourn; Westmoreland, Joe H.. Gibsonville; Young, Willis Kenneth. Delta Sigma Delta. Lex- ington. Page 120 School of Dentistry . . . First Year Firsl Row: Alspaugh, Laurence Sidney, Greens- boro: Bishop. Elmo Lee. Greensboro; Bland. Donald Edwin. Sigma Chi. Wallace; Brooks. Robert Edgar. Pi Kappa Alpha. Fayetleville. Second Rote: Buchanan. Francis Alexander. Chi Phi. Sylva; Calcote, Clarence E.. Broadway; Clayton, Stuart Fletcher, Fayetteville; Corder- nian, Roy Clinton, Jr., Phi Eta Sigma. Winston- Salem. Thirit Roir: Fitternian, Israel, Chapel Hill; Gainey. Robert Holland, Alpha Tau Omega. Chapel Hill; Girard, Jack. Chi Phi. Liberty: Griffin, Lloyd Eldon, Jr., Kappa .4 p i i, Edenton. Fourth Row: Harris, Perry F.. Carthage; Hin- son, Thomas Riley, Sigma J u. Albemarle; Hunt. Richard Frederick, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha. Rocky Mount; Jackson, Samuel Kenneth, St. Petersburg, Fla. Fi th Row: Johnston, Charlie M., Charlotte: La Salle, Leon Thomas, Phi Delta Theta. Miami, Fla.; Lowe, Wilburn James, Canton; Moore, Walter Herbert, Reidsville. Sixth Row: Ralls, Marion L., Jr., Greensboro; Richardson, Maurice B., Chapel Hill; Riddle, John William, Castonia; Rogers, James Harvey, Mooresville. Seventh Row: Sluder, Troy Bunyon, Jr., Ashe- ville; Smith, James Richard, Mooresville; Smith, John Watson, Chapel Hill; Sugg, Robert Whil- tington. Beta Theta Pi. Durham. Eighth Rotv: Taylor, Clyde Leslie, Greensboro; Ward, James Alphonso, Williamston; White- hurst. Raymond C, Jr.. Jackson; Wiggs, Wil- liam James, Fayetleville. IMinth Row: Williford, William Eugene, Burling- ton; Wilson, George Curtis, Chapanoke. Page 121 " To carry on the activities of a modern law school, an adequate physical plant stands as a hasic neces- sity. " These were the words issued in a report to the North Carolina General Assenihly in 1948 on the need for expansion of the University School of Law hy Former Dean of the Law School, Robert H. Wettach. In 1949 the General Assemljly appropri- ated the necessary funds which would meet the needs cited hy Dean Wettach, who in June of that year turned over the deanship to Henry Brandis, Jr. in order to demote full time to teaching. This important undertaking was the fulfillnient of a need which Dean Wettach had for a long time consistently and vigorously advocated. It was ap- HENRY BRAiNDIS. JR. Dean of the School La ¥ !§lehool LAW SCHOOL FACULTY Front Row. Left to Right: Herbert R. Baer M. T. Van Heeke Dean H. J. Brandis Robert H. Wettach Fred B. McCall Buck Row: illiani B. Avcock John P. Dalzell M. S. Breckenridge Albert Coates Frank W. Hanft Page 122 propriate that his efforts should have been reward- ed as he left the deanship. The dedication of the new addition during the fall truly marked the beginning of the school ' s greatest period of service and growth. Long recog- nized for its excellent faculty. The University School of Law, now in its 107th year, has one of the finest physical plants in the South. The new- auditorium solves a long standing problem by enabling The Law School to integrate more satis- factorily bot h its academic and extracurricular programs. The Liljrary has been expanded to house well over 100,000 volumes (prior facilities could ade- quately accommodate less than 50,000 of the school ' s books, the number of which is approach- ing 70,000). (Quarters for the North Carolina Law Review and the Law School Association, as well as new typing rooms, seminar rooms, and ample reading facilities have been provided. Recreational benefits have not been overlooked in that the new- addition has a student lounge fully equipped to provide the students with all the comforts of home during their few moments of relaxation. The Law School Association, an organization consisting of all law school students, performs, through its elected representatives, a vital function in the affairs of the Law School. It is primarily in- terested in developing an extracurricular program of legal education in close co-operation with the Law School. The Law School has its own student publication, the North Carolina Law Review published quarterly during the academic year. The highest scholastic honor attainable by a law student before his graduating year is to be selected for membership on the editorial board. Under the leadership of Dean Brandis, The Law- School stands on the threshold of a new era of progress. LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATION AND NORTH CAROLINA LAW REVIEW First Row: Margaret Winslow, Treasurer, L.S.A. • Second Rotv: KiioxWalker. President, L.S.A.; James R. Trotter, Secretary, L.S.A.; Charles Lambeth, Vice-President, L.S.A. ; James D. RIount, Jr., Chairman Honor Council • Third Row: Robert Giles, Associate Editor; M. H. Ross, Associate Editor; Paul A. Johnston, Editor-in-Chief; Richard deY. Manning, Associate Editor; Stephen P. Millikin, Associate Editor. La ¥ School First Row Agiipioii. William Steve. Phi Alphii Dflla ISeeih. Harvev E., Omega Psi Phi Blouglit, James Davis. Jr., Sigma Chi. Phi Alpha Delta Boweii, Joseph Francis, Jr., Phi Alpha Delta. Lamhtla Chi Alpha Braswell, Roland Clifton, Phi Alpha Delta Brock, William Franklin, Theta Chi. Delta Thela Phi Greensboro Kinston Wilson Greenville Goldsboro (lana Secoinl Rotv Carpenter. Berlin H.. Jr.. Gamma Beta Chi. Phi Alpha Delta Daughtridge, Vernon Fletcher. Delta Theta Phi Dunn, Raymond E., Phi Alpha Delta Edwards, William Harold Elani. Harper Johnston, HI. Phi Delta Theta. Phi Delta Phi Forlesoue, Hugh Perry. Delta Theta Phi. Delta Sigma Pi Oouse Rocky Mount New Bern Leaksville Chapel Hill Washington Thiril Row Friday, Homer Benjamin. Jr.. Delta Theta Phi Giles, Robert Edwanl Godwin, Nathan Henry. Phi Alpha Delta Griffin, Hugh Patrick. Jr.. Phi Delta Phi. Kappa Sigma Griffin, Richard Lapsley, Phi Delta Phi Hamrick, Spencer Dean, Sigma Chi. Phi Delta Phi Chapel Hill Chapel Hill Durham Reidsville Asheville Shelbv Page 124 Third Year First Row Harris. Max Arlaiul Hogaii, Marvin Poiflrous, Phi Alphii Drita Howard, Josephine Johnston, Paul Alexander, Phi Delia Phi Jones, Lamar, Delta Thrta Phi Kirhy, Robert William. Dplta ThrK, Phi Drexcl Chapel Hill Fayelteville Chapel Hill Newport Gastonia Second Row Koonts, Robert Henry, Phi Delta Theta. Phi Delta Phi Lambeth, Charles Franklin. Phi Alpha Delta Lanier, James Conrad, Jr., Phi iiattitiia Delta Lassiter, James Leonard, Phi Beta Sigma Lee, J. Kenneth, Kappa Alpha Psi McLean, James Dickson, Phi Canniia Delta. Phi Alpha Delta High Point Thoniasville Greenville Durham Greensboro Lumberton Thiril Row Manning, Richard de ' arman. Phi Delta Phi Marsh, William Andrew, Jr., Omega Psi Phi Matthews, Thomas Hill, Kappa Alpha. Phi Alpha Pi Medlin, Webster Stevens, Phi Delta Phi Millikin, Stephen Perry, Zeta Psi. Phi Delta Phi Mills, William L., Jr., Phi Delta Phi Chapel Hill Durham Rocky Mount Mt. Pleasant Halifax Concord Page 12 La ¥ School Third Year First Row Mooiicyliaiii, Grover Cleveland, Phi Alpha Delta Moore. Thomas Milton. Delta Theta Phi Morris, William Clyde. Jr.. Sigma Chi. Delta Theta Phi Morrow, William Henry, Jr., Delta Theta Phi Nye, Charles Byers, Phi Delta Phi Palmer, Dotson George, Sigma Chi. Phi Delta Phi Roberts, Miehael A., Phi Delta Phi Clio. Ala. Wilson Brevard Chapel Hill Chapel Hill Asheville Chapel Hill Second Rotv Ross, Myron Howard Ruppe. A. Max, Phi Alpha Delta Seay, James Lee. Pi Kappa Phi. Delta Theta Phi Simpson, William Frederick Smith, William Marshall, Si gma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi. Phi Beta Kappa Strain, David Leroy, Jr., Alpha Tall Omega. Phi Delta Phi Vann, George Norwood, Delta Theta Phi Greensboro Mooresboro Spencer Pink Hill Chapel Hill Raleigh Chapel Hill Third Row Walker, James Knox, Phi Alpha Delta Walker, James Robert, Jr. Ward, Joseph Carl, Jr.. Sigma I ' it Watson, Romulus Saunders, Delta Theta Phi Welling, Charles Muir. Phi Alpha Delta Wells, Hugh A., Phi Delta Phi Whitmire, Robert Lee, Jr., Delta Theta Phi Worth, Allen, Delta Theta Phi High Point Statesville Rowland Swan Quarter Charlotte Shelby Henderson Jefferson Pnge 126 LaTf " School i§iecoiid Year First Row: Adams, Hoyle Braiiiiork. Phi Delta Phi, Lambda Chi Alpha. Heiirlersoiiville; Anderson, James William, Phi Alpha Delta. Greensboro; Ash- lev, WaUace, Jr., Alpha Tail Omega. Phi Del ta Phi. Smithfield; Bond, Lyn, Jr., Phi Delta Phi. Sigma Nu, Tarboro. Second Row: Brinson, Alfred Cameron, Dp to T iefo Phi, Arapahoe; Broadfoot, Hal Walker, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Phi Delta Phi. Favetleville; Brown, Willis D., Phi Alpha Delta. Magnolia; Campbell, Carlyle, Jr., Theta Chi, Chapel Hill. Third Row: Cobb, James Orr, Jr., Phi Delta Theta. Durham; Crowell, O. Bernard, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma. Delta Theta Phi. Hendersonville; De Maio, Miehael A., Phi Alpha Delta. Chapel Hill; Dolley, Steve Bland, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon. Chapel Hill, Fourth Row: Downs, Kenneth Ray, Phi Delta Phi, Pineville; Exum, John B., Jr., Sigma Nu. Rocky Mount; Faggart, Harry Edward, Jr., Phi Alpha Delta. Concord; Golding, John Gardner, Phi Alpha Delta, Try on. Fifth Row: Gray, Wallace R., Buxton; Harrell, Allen Waylan, Phi Alpha Delta. Colerain; Hatch, Edwin Brown, Jr., Chi Phi. Phi Alpha Delta. Pitts- boro; Hedrick, James Taylor, Beta Theta Pi. Phi Delta Phi, Lexington. Sixth Row: Hendrix, Roger B., Winston-Salem; Hinshaw, Arned L., Phi Delta Phi, Burlington; Hodson, Charlie B., Chapel Hill; Linn, Stable, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi. Salisbury. Seventh Row: Lock, Robert Earl, Delta Theta Phi. Chapel Hill; Keener, Hurshell Hal, Phi Alpha Delta, Lenoir; McKnight, Roy Bowman, Jr., Sigma Chi. Phi Alpha Delta, Charlotte; Mayo, William P., Phi Gamma Delta, Washington. Eighth Row: Miller, George J., Pi Kappa Alpha. Charlotte; Montgomery, John Robert, Jr., Chi Psi. Phi Delta Phi, Chapei Hill; Nichols, Charles Ed- ward, Phi Delta Phi, Greensboro; Olive, Hubert Ethridge, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Phi Delta Phi, Lexing- ton. l inth Rote: Shuping, Jerry Monroe, Alpha Phi Omega, Asheboro; Smith, William Whitfield, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Alpha Delta, Raleigh; Spainhour, Harold Ingram, Phi Alpha Delta, Phi Beta Kappa. Beta Gamma Sigma. Winston-Salem; Tate, Samuel McDowell, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Alpha Delta, Mor- ganton. Page 127 LaTf " School First Year Firit Roic: Allsbrook, Richard Brown, Alpha Tau Omega, Roanoke Rapids: Baugham, S. Bridgman, Washington: Bell, Daniel L.. Jr., Kappa Alpha, Pillsboro; Bell, Deane F., Washington; Brock, James Moses, Farmington. Second Row: Brown, Bruce Johnston, Pi Kappa Alpha, Asheville: Camp, Lewis Forman, Jr., Alpha Phi Omega. Phi Beta Kappa. Charlotte: Cline, Marshall Eugene, Chi Psi, Conover; Cooper, Roy Asberny, Jr., Nashville: Dawkins, William Lee, Pi Sigma Alpha, Cary. Third Koic: Dolley, Eu P., Gastonii Fenton, Marv L., Shavertown, N. Y.: Finch, Foster Davis, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Zebulon; Fisler, Harry Taft, Rosehill: Fletcher, Felix Arthur, Phi Kappa Sigma. Chapel Hill. fourth Koir: Gillespie, James Woodrow, Haw River: Gordon. George W., Greensboro: Hilliard, Thomas H., High Point: Holland, James White, Dallas; Hooper, John O., Saluda. fifth Hoic: Ingram, John Randolph. Sigma Chi Phi Beta Kappa. Beta Gamma Sigma. Asheboro Johnson. Clyde Bradley, Kappa Sigma. Benson ■ • Robert William, Pi Kappa Phi. Reids les, Durward Spencer, Win " " e, Jr., Mount Holly Johns ville: J kale, H Filn ston-Sale Sixth Koir: Kinnebrew, Thomas Richard, Phi Delta Theta. Americus, Ga.: Koslow, Jack Everett, Pi Lambda Phi. Alpha Phi Omega. University City, Mo.; Lewis, Harrison, Theta Chi, Cashiers; Mahler, William August, Jr., Tarboro: Nicol, Roderick M., Lexington. Seienth Row: Palmer, Horace William, Durham; Post, Edward Ncal, Winston-Salem: Pridgen, Elton Claude, Selma: Proctor, James Dick, Chi Psi. Whitcville: Pullen, Lucius Wilson, Kappa Alpha. Rockv Mo nt. Eighth Row: Ramsey, Earle Gene, Delta Kappa Eptilon. Chapel Hill: Reid, William George, Pilot Mountain: Rock, Andrew Jackson, Kinston; Shaw, Alexander Turner, Jr., Chapel Hill; Siegel, Joel Herbert, Pi Lambda Phi, Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Beta Kappa, Salisbury. Ninth Row: Thornburg, Lacy Herman, Hunters- ville; Waggoner, William Johnson. Kappa Alpha, Salisbury; White, James David, Kannapolis; Young, Thomas Lee, Lexington. P«Sf 128 The University ' s School of Public Health is one of the leaders among the ten accredited schools of public health in the nation. It has received national and international acclaim as a pathfinder in public health sciences and for its emphasis on the net worth of the public health team. The foresight of the administration and the faculty has cleared the way for even greater progress. Many of those who have received training here are applying those principles in foreign countries with the oltjective of helping the peoples of all nations to help themselves. ' hile most of the student body is made up of North Carolinians, many others come from almost every state with a hea ' y representation from the DR. E. G. McGAVRAN Dean of the School School of Public Health FACULTY First Roic: Margaret Harris, Frances MacKinnon, Margaret Blee, Elta Mae Mast, Lucy S. Morgan • Second Row: Wilton E. Vannier. Ruth W. Hay, H. G. Baity, John J. Wright, E. G. McGavran, Margaret B. Dolan, Alpha Kenny, Rosemary M. Kent • Third Roiv: Eunice Tyler, G. O. Doak, Sidney S. Chipman, M. L. Granstroni, Eugene Taylor, B. G. Greenberg, Emil T. Chanlett, J. D. Thayer, A. H. Bryan. James R. Hendricks. School of Public Health southeastern regions. The presence of a number of students from foreign lands adds a cosmopolitan touch and affords opportunities for the healthy exchange of ideas. Programs of study are designed to prepare pro- fessional public health people in the fields of Pub- lic Health Administration, Nutrition, Public Health Education, Maternal and Chiid Health, Public Health Nursing, Parasitology, Sanitary Engineer- ing, Sanitary Science, and Statistics. The purpose of all study is to develop positive means of pro- viding effective public health services to all people. THE STUDENT ORGANIZATION The Student Organization, composed of elected representatives from each department, plans the social calendar and attends to student business affairs. The vigorous pursuit of academic and practical learning is tempered by occasional social events. Students, faculty, guests, and their families join in relaxation and good fellowship to the mutual ad- vantage of all. Here again emphasis is placed upon association betMcen people of different specialties. In addition to the activities of the entire student body of the School of Public Health, there are de- partmental affairs which serve to further promote social interests. Since most of the students complete their gradu- ate studies within twelve months, time is crowded with endless activities. One year is such a brief period in which to absorb much of that which the University and Chapel Hill have to offer. However, that same feverish pitch of movement joins the in- dividual so closely with the spirit and traditions of his class. School, and the University that the ties endure and strengthen with time. BACTERIOLOGY LABORATORY (U.S.P.H.S.) Department of Experimental Medicine. School of Public Health Page 130 STUDENT ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE First Row. Left to Right: Edith Peltv, Rebecca Broach, Marth Choate • Second Rotv: Jerome D. Niles, Jr., Dr. W. J. Peeples, Leo Corbo, Gerald Specter. PUBLIC HEAITH ADMINISTRATION, MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH AND NUTRITION STUDENTS First RoK, Left to Right: Dr. W. N. Tavlor, Emily Wade, Rabiab Vachananda, Elizabeth Steele. Willa Lynch • Secottd Rote: Dr. J. B. Bryson, Dr. W. L. Mendis. Dr. W. J. Peeples, Dr. Mary H. Michal, Ruth Connor • Third Roic: Hans A. Bruch, Dr. Margaret Peeples, M. F. McNullv, Dr. Otto Hoke, Rebecca Broach, June Hudson • Fourth Rate: Dr. Helen Bellhouse, Howard Abbott, Dr. R. E. Roges, Dr. Jorge Pcnalba. Dr. J. R. Thomas. J. E. Crank. Page 131 HEALTH EDUCATORS First Row, Left to Right: Velma Lewii Dina Salvatori, Ann Snipes. Second Row: Patrick Accardi, Charles { Clark, John R. Allen, Monroe Lott. Third Roi Thos Gibs J. L. Pierce, Henry Ro , Alan Young. Fourth Row: Jerome D. Niles, Elmer Johnson, Joseph H. Huff, Thos. Grogan, William Becque. Fifth Row: Wilbu Clarence E. Pearso , James Long, aid Specter. l§!ehool of PUBLIC HEALTH NURSES Fim Row: Janice P. Motley, Dorothy L. kamin, Alice E. Ford, Rebecca L. Harrington, Georginna Horta, Janie Johnston, Jewel Christian • Second Row: Juanity McGuire, Milza Barcellos, Mildred Bahm, Hilda Sneeringer, Josephine Sceisi, Martha Choate, Gladys Hinsdale • Third Row: Jean Caitley, Frances Armfield, Florence Sackett, Lee Duke, Virginia Phillips, Allie Culler, Mattie Smith, Jennie Stokes • Fourth Row: Ann Bland, Estelle Mikell, Frances Tarlton, Betty Linton, Ila Jackson, Edith Pett . Page 132 PARASITOLOGISTS First Roic, Left to Right: Charles W. Kim, James M. Holey, Paul G. McGuire. Second Row; H. G. Ellinghausen, Jr., W. F. Riddle, McWilson Warren, Coil M. Coker. Public Health SANITARIANS AND SANITARY ENGINEERS First Roiv, Left to Right: M. Nour Eddine Rifa ' e, Robertson C. Farrow, Rov Glover, Eduardo Revelo-Paredes, Ricardo Marchan, Bendieto Adan, Patricio Labra-Prez • Second Row: Friedrich O. Wieselsberger, Vernon E. Sloulin, Jay R. Hodes, John S. Long, Marvin Leff, Enrique Rowe-Martinez, Edward J. Puscas • Third Row: Richard E. Marland, J. G. Hall, Haroldo Jezler, Cline R. Munsey. Roberto Blume-Burbank • Fourth Row: Leo Corbo, Carl W. Bartholomai, Presley E. McKissic, Dan D. Gowings, J. D. Moore. Page 133 School of Medicine The School of Medicine was established in 1879 under the direction of Dr. Thomas W. Harris. A course in theoretical and practical medicine was offered under the preceptorial system, but the plan was found impractical and abandoned in 1886. In 1890, a more orderly and logical arrangement of the subjects in the medical course having developed, it became possible for an institution without clini- cal facilities to offer instruction in the pre-clinical subjects, and the school was reopened with Dr. Richard H. Whitehead as Dean and Professor of Anatomy. Under his guidance it soon won recogni- tion for thoroughness of instruction and excellence in scholarship and has since continued without interruption to its growth. At first the course cover- ed only one year, but in 1896, the medical course having been extended in the better class of schools to four years, a two-year course was inaugurated. In 1900 the School of Medicine was incorporated as an integral part of the University and was reorgan- ized to meet the requirements of the first two years of the full four-year course leading to the degree of MEDICAL SCHOOL FACULTY First Row: J. H. Ferguson, L. B. Truscolt, D. A. MaoPherson, W. R. Berryliill, Dean; J. B. Bullill. H. D. Parks, E. M. Hedgpeth, W. C. George • Second Roic: C. T. Kaylor, E. P. Hialt, N. A. Womack, M. C. Swanlon, W. G. Morgan, F. W. Ellis, G. P. Manire, J. B. Graham • Third Row: W. R. Straughn, C. W. Hooker, J. H. Brown, J. A. Taylor, G. D. Peniek, J. L. Irvin, J. E. Wilson • Fourth Row: H. C. Patterson, C. D. Van Cleave, C. H. Burnett, T. C. Butler, J. A. Green, K. M. Brinkhous, J. C. Andrews • Fifth Row: R. Wagner, R. D. Langdell, M. Huppert, T. Z. Csaky • Missing: G. S. Taylor, C. B. Taylor, R. B. Lindsat, S. B. Alexander, C. E. Anderson, M. K. Berkut. Page 134 MEDICAL SCHOOL HONOR COUNCIL Sealed, Left to Right: Charles H. Powell, L. Stanley Averett, Jr., Robert C. Jordan, Jr. Second Rote: Charles L. Herring, William D. Huffines, O. F. Roddey, Jr., Joe Robinson. Doctor of Medicine. In 1902 it was expanded into a four-year school, and the clinical subjects of the third and fourth years were offered in Raleigh un- der the direction of Dr. Hubert A. Royster as Dean. After a few years of successful operation, the plan had to be abandoned for lack of financial support, and the clinical years were abandoned. The School has been a member of the Associ- ation of American Medical Colleges since 1908 and is on the approved list of schools of basic medical sciences as published by the Council on Medical Edtication and Hospitals of the American Medical Association. WHITEHEAD OFFICERS Alex G. Webb, Jr. Joseph L. DeWalt President Vice-President DR. W. R. BERRYHILL Dean of the School SKCOND-YEAR iMEDICAL STUDENTS First Row: A. G. Webb, Fresidenl; D. L. Collins, Vice-President; A. J. Diab, Treasurer; S. G. W ilson. Secretary • Second Row: J. H. Rickcn- backer, A. D. Walker. W. M. Vinson, S. Z. Lippard, W. H. Weinel, R. H. Vinson, B. M. Moore, G. D. Newton • Third Row: T. F. Stallings, J. L. DeWall, C. B. Fulghum, T. E. Lassiter, J. K. Bridgers, A. Spencer, H. B. Sherrill • Fourth Roic: E. S. Williams, L. K. Cowan, J. C. Parke • Fifth Row: C. H. Owens, R. P. Thomas, T. H. Patterson, D. M. Anderson, E. J. Perrv, C. L. Quinn, R. S. Jones, J. F. S. Saunders • Sixth Row: C. L. Guv, H. C. Hemmings, C. G. Robertson, W. D. Huffines, N. H. Swann, J. C. Ward, W. J. Grant • Serenth Row: C. T. Parlrick, H. D. Tvndall. L. S. Averell, P. H. Brigman, G. D. Presley, W. C. Mahaffee • Eighth Row: C. H. Powell, M. Fleishman, G. W. Brown, W. F. Kampschmidt, R. I. Walker, R. L. Tonilinson, H. P. Lineberger, H. G. Williamson • Missing: D. D. Conkwright, J. F. Graves, J. Robinson, L. C. Spillman, W. G. Thurman, A. D. Wolff, V. A. WUson. OFFICERS Alex G. Webb, Jr. David L. CoUins, Jr. President Vice-President Second -Year Medical Students The curriculum is similar to that in the first two years of the better four-year medical schools in the country. It covers all the pre-clinical or labora- tory subjects of the four-year course in medicine, as well as introductory clinical courses in the last two quarters of the second year. These courses in medicine, clinical diagnosis, clinical pathology, surgery and obstetrics serve to lessen the abrupt- ness of the change from the laboratory situation to the clinical. The School has an arrangement with Watts Hos- pital in Durham whereby the ward and dispensary patients are available for teaching purposes in the clinical courses. The clinical material at the State Hospital in Raleigh, the State Tubercular Sana- torium at Wilson and the patients in the Tri-Counly Health Clinic are available for teaching purposes. Stephen G. W ilson, Jr. Secretary Albert J. Diab Treasurer Page 136 FIRST- YEAR MEDICAL STUDENTS First Row: F. W. Glover, R. L. Golby, C. W. Rogers, J. D. Groseclose, I. D. Godwin, J. E. Glenn, C. L. Herring, G. W. Barnard • Second Row: R. L. McKnight, S. G. Jenkins, P. F. Shelburne, V. L. James, Secretary; P. Z. Dunn, W. L. London • Third Row: C. L. Johnson, E. O. Diggs, A. C. Miller, H. W. Abernelhv, J. L. Lamm, R. C. Jordon, W. W. White, J. W. Foust • Fourth Row: G. C. Dickson, H. L. Evans, B. L. Hamilton, L. C. McCaskell, O. F. Roddey, T. P. Moore, W. J. Waddell, G. R. Tucker, Treasurer • Fifth Row: H. P. Roberts, G. I. Richardson, R. L. Summerlin, C. R. McLain, Vice-President: W. E. Deyton, R. E. Brooks, J. W. Gainer • Sixth Row: F. A. Stewart, W. H. While, R. D. White, C. C. Dudley, F. C. Morrison, S. L. Mooring, A. S. Lineberger, President; R. T. Savage • Serenlh Row: S. B. Joyner, E. T. Chandler, R. G. Brame, G. E. Cox, J. T. Monroe, H. L. Stephenson. J. S. Albergotti, W. C. Ruffin, H. Adams, J. W. Hayes, C. F. Eddinger. OFFICERS Adrian S. Linberger, Jr President R. McLain, Jr Vice-President First -Year Medical Stiideiitis The Whitehead Society is the time-honored organi- zation of the Medical School. It was created in 1908 primarily through the idea of Dr. Erasmus H. Kloman, then a second year medical student, and named in honor of Dr. R. H. Whitehead, the first Dean of the School. All medical students are mem- hers of the society. The officers are the four mem- hers with the highest academic standing at the completion of the first year ' s work. The student medical society sponsors programs hy eminent men in the profession as well as student participation programs complementary to those of local and state medical societies. Under the direction of the Whitehead Society Social Committee, various events are provided throughout the year. The orientation program and Whitehead dinner in the fall, the annual dance of the winter quarter, and the student- faculty day in the spring highlight these events. Pag, 137 W. W. PIERSON Dean of the School Graduate School Following the Civil War and during a part of the distressing period of Reconstruction, the doors of the llniversity were closed. With the reopening of the institution in 1875, the authorities proceeded almost immediately to estahjish graduate study as a recognized Uni- versity enterprise. During the administration of President Venahle (1900-1914), the Graduate School was organized in 1903 and the Deanship of the graduate department was created. The first Dean, Professor Charles Alphonso Smith, who was appointed in 1903. headed a committee of five memhers on graduate study. The President and the committee were concerned with the formulation and effective administration of high standards. Courses separate and dis- tinct from those carrying undergraduate credit were organized and offered. President Edward Ki lder Graham, who was installed in office in 1894, enlarged and strengthened the faculty. He hrought to the ITniversity many persons then and later active in scholarly production. A Committee on the Graduate School, composed of five memhers, was appointed to consider plans and principles of reorganization. Lfnder the forceful leadership of Dean Greenlaw, the committee reviewed the Graduate School as to its structure, requirements, accomplishments, and aims. In 1920, the committee of five was expanded into an Admini- strative Board of eight memhers, nominated hy the Dean and appointed hy the President. In addition to Ijeing an administrative hody, the Board in effect became an executive council and, in a limited sense, a legislative council. As now organized, it is composed of twelve members, with the Dean as Chairman ; four of the members represent the Division of the Humanities, four the Division of Social Science, and four the Division of Mathematics and Science. As recommended by the Administrative Board, a Graduate Faculty was organized in 1920. The degrees offered under the supervision of the faculty are Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy. In addition there are professional graduate degrees in education, public health, regional planning, and social work. Page 138 Graduate School First Row: Abernethy, Paula Ruth, English, Lenoir; Bloomberg, Helen Graubert, Social Work, Fort Bragg; Boozer, George Drafts, Alpha Psi Omega, Mu Beta Tau. Dramatic Arts, Lexington, S. C. ; Bowman, Frank Otto, Jr.. Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Geology, Ft. Belvoir, Va.; BoMiiian, Rebecca Ann, Pi Beta Phi, English, Cleveland, Tenn.; Bowman. Susan, Education, Johnson City, Tenn.; Cannady, Cleo King, Social Work, Guilford College. Second Row: Chance, Catherine Deriseau, Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Kappa Phi, Chi Omega. French, Athens, Ga.; Clark, John Edwards, Romance Languages. Dallas, Texas; Clarke. Mary Gray, Music, Washington, D. C; Clarkson, Cama. Phi Beta Kappa, English, Charlotte; Correll, Anne R., Library Science, Winston-Salem; Cotton, William Donaldson, History, Mars Hill; Councill, Richard J., Sigma Chi, Geology, Salisbury. Third Row: Cox, Mary Dixon. Sigma Kappa. Education. Mount Olive; Crawley, Robert Lynn, Phi Gamma Delta. Accounting, Marion; Dahlberg, Richard Ernest, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Geography, Erie, Pa.; Daniel, Harold Zane, Business Administration, Blanch; Danieley, James Earl, Phi Delta Kappa, Chemistry, Elon College; Davis, Virginia Lee, Spanish, French, Maryville, Tenn.; Diamond, Earl Louis, Mathematical Sta- tistics, Miami Beach, Fla. Fourth Row: Dunlap, Edwin Harper, Romance Languages, Biscoe; Ebert, Charles H. V., Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Geography, Durham; Edcrma, Heinz Martin, Biological Chemistry, Hickory; Fresh, James William, Greek, Physiology, Hickory; Gehan. Edmund Alpheus, Mathematical Statistics. Brooklyn, N. Y.; Geisser, Seymour, Mathematical Statistics, Brooklyn, IV. Y.; Greer, Bessie Louelma, English. Lexington. Fifth Row: Gruninger, Robert Park, Zeta Psi, Bacteriology, Fanwood, N. J.; Hashizume, Sadao, Education, Mie-Ken, Japan; Howell, Stella Frances, Sociology, Canton; Huntley, William Robert, Romance Languages, Spindale; limori. Torn, English, Himeji-Shi, Japan; Inui, Isamu, English, Nakasato, Japan; Jarrard, Nor- man Eugene, English, Winston-Salem. Page 139 Graduate First Row: Jayiies, Edward Y., Business Adniiiistra- lion, Morganton; Jennings, James Murray, Kappa Alpha. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Geography. Chapel Hill; Jessup, Carolyn Speight, Physical Education. Health, Hobbsville; Johnson, Elmer Marcus, Pub- lic Health, Clayton. Second Row: Jones. Wilma J.. Pi Beta Phi. Phi Beta Kappa. Psychology, Memphis, Tenn.; Kantor. Mildred Beatrice, Phi Beta Kappa. Alpha Kappa Delta. Sociology, Rochester, N. Y.; kasemsant. Suprapada, American Literature, Banokok, Siam ; Kerley, David Moorman, Phi Beta Kappa. Alpha Kappa Psi. Pi Mu Epsilon. Mathematical Statistics, Morganton. Third Row: Kinard, Frank Efird. Chi Phi. Physics, INewberry. S. C. ; King. Robert Edward. Education, Beaufort; Lancaster, Patricia Jane, Education, Cas- talia; Leff, Marvin, Public Heahh, Brooklyn, N. Y. Fourth Row: Lewis, Henry Byrd. Theta Chi. Jour- nalism, Raleigh; Link, William James, Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Chi Sigtua. Chemistry, Lexing- ton; Loniax, Deane Ritch, Education, Charlotte; McKinney, Claude Eugene, Creative Painting, Walkertown. Fifth Row: McMaster, Mary Carlisle, Zoology, Winnsboro, S. C; Martin. John Walter. Jr., Rho Chi. Kappa Psi. Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Penn Laird, Va.; Miller, Martha Virginia, Mathematics, Nathans Creek; Milligan, Barton, Cheniistrv, West- field, N. J. Sixth Row: Mitchell, Earl Francis. Business Ad- ministration, Gree nsboro; Mittelstadt, Billy Oliver. Business Administration, Reidsville; Miyamoto, Fumi, Mathematical Statistics, Nara, Japan: Mo- line, Edwin, Jr., Phi Beta Kappa, Philosophy, Chapel Hill. Seventh Row: Moore, John David, Public Health, Granite Falls; Moore. Thomas Bryan, Phi Beta Kappa, Biological Chemistry, Winston-Salem : Moriguti, Sigeiti, Sigma Xi, Mathematical Statistics. Tokvo, Japan; Morris, William Edgar, English, Chapel Hill. Eighth Row: Morrison, Donald Ian, Mathematics, Bristol, Tenn.; Morse. Charles Sidney. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Geology, Tampa, Fla.; Morton. Jere Leonard. Jr.. Physical Education, Raleigh: Muehlke, Paul Hildner, Physiology, Chapel Hill. iSinth Roiv: Murrill, Donald Pitt. Music, Richmond. Va.; Nelson, Philip Francis, Phi Beta Kappa. Musicolog? ' , Waseca, Minn.; Nungesser, William Charles, Sigmn Chi. Physiology. Chapel Hill: Olsen, William Anderson, Jr.. Kappa Sigma. Ge- ology, Chapel Hill. School First Row: Padgett, Jack Herbert, Mathematics. Chapel Hill; Park, John Faircloth, Phi Mu Alpha. Music, Greenville, S. C. ; Pavne, James Edward, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Geography, Roanoke, Va.; Peterson, William M., English, West Willington. Conn. Second Roic: Phelps, Henry E., Bacteriology, Ashe- ville; Ragland, Wynne, Sigma I u. Business Ad- ministration, Birmingham, Ala.; Ratledge, Hayes Osteen, Business Administration, Guilford College; Reagan, Carol Suzanne, Physical Education, Weav- erville. Third Row: Rice, Marcia Ann. Comparative Lin- guistics, Norfolk, Va.; Richards, Nancy Judith. Delta Delta Delta. Education, Beckley, W. Va.; Robertson, Lee, Physical Education, Danville, Va.; Rose. Edith P., Social Work, Smithfield. Fourth Row: Rosser, James K., Alpha Chi Sigma, Sigma Chi, Chemistry, Chapel Hill; Rotha, Char- line, Physical Education, Waynesville; RuiBn, Bar- bara Dare, Education, Wilson; Scholl, George Stephens, Sigma Chi. Physics, Charlotte. Fifth Rote: Snavely, Richard Franklin, Dramatic Art, HagerstowTi, Md.; Somerville, Waller Gray, Jr., Education, Barnardsville; Sorenson, Lucy Jean, Personnel Administration, Newport News, Va. ; Spence, Earl J., Personnel Administration, Pink Hill. Sixth Row: Spencer, Virginia Claire, Alpha Omi- cron Pi, English, West Palm Beach, Fla.; Stacy, Emily Mildred, Botany, Washington, D. C. ; Staf- ford, Ivan Blum, Education, Crossnore; Stewart, Milton Graham, Physical Education, Erwin. Seventh Row: Suenaga, Kuniaki, English, Tokyo, Japan: Terrell, Simon Fleming, Physical Educa- tion, Warrenton; Lemura. Kazuo, Mathematical Statistics, Tokyo, Japan; Underwood, Marks Pur- rington. Alpha Chi .Sigma. Chemistry, Bailey. Eighth Row: Warlick. Henry Conrad, English, Gas- tonia; Watts, John Conway, Sigma . ii. Chemistry, Brvson City; Weeden, Joan Blanchard, Sociology, Matunuck, R. I.; White, C. Michael, Thela Chi, Economics, Chapel Hill. Ninth Row: White, Margaret Jane, Education, Winston-Salem; liitenack. Rebecca McKethan. Social Work, Fayetteville; Williams, John Edgar, Political Science, Wilmington; Zarker, John Wil- liam, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Sigma Kappa. Classics, Lancaster. Pa. Air Force ROTC Department of Air Science FACULTY First RoK, Left to Right: Assos. Professors: Lt.-Col. M. T. Orr, Lt.-Col. R. H. Baker; Professor of Air Science and Tactics: Lt.-Col. J. J. Moorhead; Assistant Professors: Major R. L. Bunting, Major INoel Carpenter • Second Row: Assistant Professors: Major J. O. Young, Capt. J. S. Schofield, Capt. E. D. Robertson; Instructors: T-Sgt. T. R. St. Louis, M-Sgt. B. R. Daughertv • Third Row: Instructors: M-Sgl. M. Pennella, M-Sgt. L. T. Eure, T-Set. R. F. Condit, M-Sgt. D. L. Spires, M-Sgt. W. L. Dunlap. CADET STAFF First Row, Left to Right: Col. J. R. Strickland, Group Commander; Lt.-Col. L. F. Bolto, Croup Executive Officer • Second Row: Maj. F. M. White, Operations Officer; Capt. A. P. Shveda, Special Service Officer; Maj. W. F. Redding, Personnel Officer; Maj. R. E. Thomas, Group Adjutant; Maj. R. E. Goodueather, Comptroller; Maj. N. C. Hu, Supply Officer; Capt. J. P. Mahoney, Public Information Officer • Third Row: M-Sgt. J. A. Bell, Group First Sgt.; S-Sgt. A. G. Anderson, Operations; S-Sgt. L. B. Moon. Special Services; S-Sgl. A. R. Perrv, Personnel; S-Sgt. H. C. Sigman, Comptroller; S-Sgt. C. A. Collins, Supply; S-Sgt. J. McKev; Public Information • Fourth Row: M-Sgt. T. A. Whitley, Color Guard, 2nd Lt. R. M. Mavs, Color Bearer; 2nd Lt. J. M. Miller, Color Bearer; M-Sgt. C. J. Butler, Color Guard; Cadet J. R. Walder, Clerk. Page 143 BAND OFFICERS Lpft to Right: Li.-Col. E. S. Coley, Band Coni- inander; Capt. J. B. Craig, Executive Officer. RIFLE TEAM Left to Right: R. C. Ingram, B. T. Watlington, Captain; J. P. Du Bose, M-Sgt. M. Pennella, Coach. Second Row: M. C. Buie, E. M. Page, D. W. Aderholdt, J. M. Du Bose. Third Roic: D. D. Olsen, R. E. Massie, C. A. Pafife. Air Force ROT€ Now in its fifth year at the University of North Carolina, the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps has grown to l)e an important part of college life for many students. It is the purpose of the Air Force ROTC to select and train students, who pos- sess the character, intelligence and sense of duty, to hecome Air Force officers and responsible citi- zens. The cadets learn the part the Air Force takes in National Defense and to perform the duties of junior Air Force officers. Having received this BAND Squadron A training the student will be of more value to him- self and to the nation in times of peace or emer- gency. The courses offered by the AFROTC have a general educational value affording colleges and universities a means for practical training in or- ganization, leadership, and discipline which will be of value to the student in any career he may OFFICERS Left to Right: Capt. O. E. Cordel, Flight Coniniander; Capt. J. A. Myall, Flight Commander; Lt.-Col. B. E. James, Commanding Officer; Capt. R. L. Hartsell, Flight Commander; 1st Lt. M. G. Goodweather, Squadron Adjutant. SQUADRON A SP aw " " " iinnr ' ' " " " ■B-na r-i i. Page 145 OFFICERS Left to Right: Capl. H. N. Ward, Flight Conimander; Capt. I. E. Sawitz, Flight Commander; Lt.-Col. W. R. BurkhoWer, Squadron Conimander: Capt. L. A. Clark. Flight Commander; 1st Lt. E. P. Williams, Squadron Adjutant. Squadron B undertake. The courses offered are of four years duration and have regular Department of Instruc- tion status in the University. The University of North Carolina is one of over one hundred and eighty-five colleges and universi- ties which participate in the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps program. Over seven hun- dred students are enrolled and have their choice of three fields of specialization during their Junior SQUADRON B Page 146 Squadron C and Senior years : Air Comptrollership, Public Information, of the new specialty, Flight Opera- tions. The department offers the only ROTC Public Information curriculum in the entire United States. Academic credits toward degrees are allowed as in other departments, and an opportunity is given to outstanding students to accept commissions in the Regular Air Force. Other graduates are com- missioned in the Air Force Reserve. OFFICERS Left to Right: Capt. W. L. Hill, Flight Commander; Capt. C. Cobb, Flight Commander; Lt.-Col. G. S. Blaekwelder, Jr., Squadron Commander; Capt. J. E. Willingham, Flight Commander; 1st Lt. W. E. Gra- ham, Squadron Adjutant. Page 147 OFFICERS Left to Right: Capt. G. N. Hutton, Jr., Flight Coni- niander; Capt. L. M. Cheek, Flight Commander; Lt.- Col. R. M. Creed, Squadron Commander; Capt. K. F. Howard, Flight Commander; 1st Lt. P. H. Proctor, Squadron Adjutant. Squadron D This year the Air Force ROTC was active in many phases of college life, integrating civilian and military experience for the cadets. A joint dance, held annually in conjunction with the Naval ROTC and other activities, including the Armed Forces Day Parade and other important town and University celebrations, augmented this military- social phase of cadet training. SQUADRON D Pnge 148 Squadron E Through drill practice and the administration of the cadet organization, students learn the prin- ciples of practicing command in staff and field work. This phase is extended to the juniors in the form of summer camps during peacetime years. Constituting the principal source of junior of- ficers for the Reserve and a major source for the Regular Air Force, A F R O T C fulfills an im- portant need in National Defense. In its training Ip y HJ H " « s Hfe ft ui Kii 1 • ' -J OFFICERS Left to Right: Capl. R. W. Parlier, Flight Coni- inander; Capt. R. S. Green, Flight Cotninander; Lt.- Col. C W. Crone, Squadron Commander; Capt. O. T. Watkin«, Flight Commander; 1st Lt. A. E. Brinson, Adjutant. SOliADRON E Page 119 OFFICERS Left to Right: Capl. H. A. Cullpepper. Flight Coiii- niaiider; Capt. J. A. Prince. Flight Cominancler, Lt.- Col. J. R. Woniaek, Squadron Commander; Capt. T. G. Flight Commander; 1st Lt. H. J. Gold- stein. Squadron Adjutant. §ic|uadroii F of cadets, the program instills by precept, example, ami student participation the attributes of char- acter, personality, and leadership indispensable to every officer of the Air Force. The graduated student, with a balanced course of officer-develop- ment and career training in conjunction with his academic curriculum is qualified to discharge all duties and responsibilities which may be required of him as a junior officer of any component of the United States Air Force. SQUADRON F Page mo Naval ROT€ ii IVaval ROTC The objectives of the Naval Reserve Officers ' Train- ing Corps ar e twofohl; to provide a steady supply of well-educated Junior Officers for active duty in the Line or Staff of the Navy or Marine Corps, and to build a reserve of officers subject to call in the event of national eniereency. There are 52 NROTC units at various colleges and universities throughout the country. From these units and the U. S. Naval Academy at An- napolis comes the major portion of the officers for the Navy and Marine Corps. INSTRUCTORS T. E. Bass, Lt., USN; F. C. Caldwell, Maj., USMC J. S. Keating, Capt., USN; J. A. Mauhews. LCDR USN; B. F. Wheeler, Sgl., USMC; L. E. Woodall, Lt. USN; G. E. French, Lt.. USN; L. E. Coonev, Lt., USN G. R. Langford, FCC, USN; J. C. Perkins, QMC, USN J. V. Gantt, ETI, USN; S. F. Roberts, YNC, USN J. C. Williamson, SKC, USN, C. N. Elliot, GMC, USN BATTALION STAFF Riohard F. Davis, Jr., Battalion Commander; Joseph J. Gray, Jr., Battalion Exeontive Officer; John Caziii, Jr., Battalion Operations Officer; William C. Hollon, Assistant Battalion Operations Officer; John J. Fere- bee, Supply Officer; Thomas H. Staton, Battalion Mustering Petty Officer; Henry Bowers, Battalion Assistant Mustering P. O.; William T. Wolf. Bat- talion Communications Officer. Page 152 if, •, . ' : 0:-, DRUM AND BLGLE CORPS FIRST COMPANY OFFICERS Lloyd B. Smith, Company Commander; Allan J. Donald, Co. Executive Officer; Jack W. Hopkins, Assistant Co. Executive Officer; Tad T. Riley. 2nd Plat. Com- mander; Dalton D. Ruffin, 1st Plat. Com- mander; William A. Hord, Jr., 3rd Plat. Commander. COLOR GUARD Arthur J. Eagan, National Ensign Guard; Thomas R. Kinnebrew. National Ensign; Edmund M. Waller, Jr., NROTC Ensign; Robert L. Anderson, NROTC Ensign Guard. FIRST COMPANY fff! % 1 .. J t ' W I •n m SECOND COMPANY SECOND COMPANY OFFICERS George M. Stephens, Company Com- mander; Woodward W. Williams, Jr., Co. Executive Officer; Herbert E. Davis, Jr., Asst. Co. X.O.; Henry C. Fisher, Jr., 1st Plat. Commander; Howard B. Hodges, 3rd Plat. CDR; William B. York, Jr., 2nd Plat. CDR. THIRD COMPANY OFFICERS Robert L. Strickland, Co. CDR; Gerald W. Dorn. Co. X.O.; James W. G. Wooll- cott, 1st Plat. CDR; Eugene F. Brigham, 2nd Plat. CDR; Hubert O. Teer, Jr., 3rd Plat. CDR. THIRD COMPANY - ' Tm isporis; Majnw Sparis Mniramurals Coed Sporis Monogramniers admire football trophy Line fornix al thf The Carolina Monogram Clul) is the University ' s organization of letter winners in varsity sports and has as its purpose the promotion of friendship among the monogram winners and service to the campus. rr «i(liiit Dick Bestwiek Page 158 MONOGRAM CLUB First Row: Creenbauin, Weeks, Hamrick, Tom Rav, Kaufman, Booker. Henning, Herring, Willis. Howell, Aaron • Secoiiil Row: Mao Ray, Sherman, Dudeok, Bell, White, Sylvia, Sapp, Moore, Wall, Ambler • Third Row: Love, Port, Pazdan, Pliillips, Cornell, Williams, Hughes, Williamson, Basescue, Bell • Fourth Row: O ' Brien, Venters. McAllister, Jordan. Duvall. Allston, Webb, Milton, Bestwiok • Fifth Row: Evans, Stevens, Ernst, Marsh, Dawes, Bennett, Coodin, Dor n, Crimmins • Sixth Row: Tinkham, King, Kelso, Lindsley, Hill, Cole, Burgess, Heyn. Among the activities of the Monograin Chih are the awarding of the annual Monogram Club scholar- ships to deserving high school students, sponsorship of the Blue-White football game in the spring, welcoming visiting athletes to Carolina and a program which has brought groups from State orphanages to home football games. These activities are just a few of the many and varied programs in which the Mono- gram Club participates. Monogram Club members strive to uphold the traditions of fair play and good sportsmanship in all their endeavors. Officers for the year were : President, Dick Bestwick ; Vice-President, Barry Farber; and Secretary, Cecil Milton. Page 159 Captain Jor Dinlrck niiil li ' riiat - Captain Bob Gantt Football COACHING STAFF Snavelv, Camp, Gill, Radnian, Hazelwood, Pupa, Justice, Cox Carolina ' s success on the gridiron was prac- tically nil during the 1951 season with the team compiling a record of two wins against eight losses, the worst a Snavely- coached team has ever done. It was a young team, however, with freshmen appearing in varsity roles for the first time since World War II. The team showed brilliance at times but was never able to make these bright spots last. The schedule, too, was against the Tar Heels with teams such as Tennessee, Maryland, Texas, Wake Forest, Virginia, and Duke keeping the Carolina team down. There were individual stars in every game with freshmen Larry Parker and Connie Gravitte and soph Billy Williams alternating out of the tailback slot. Defensive end George Norris was another outstanding player and was recognized as an All-Southern end. With most of the team returning next fall and the fact that Coach Snavely planned to convert to the T formation boosting Tar Heel interest, prospects for the coming season seem bright indeed. Head Coach Carl Snavely 1951 FOOTBALL SQUAD ■— TT- -rr —TT nrr - " TT ifB % ' 1 ' »; ! ,iii£yi£.- lUi jf n Frank Vi i Miiai Bud Carson score; in 82-yar l run against llii- oUp.wk ] . V. State 0- Carolina 31 The Tar Heels, who had been picked by most pre-season observers as ranking with Maryland at the top of the Southern Conference standings, justified all claims of their potency by trouncing the Wolfpack from State College 21-0 in the tradi- tional season opener. Bud Carson and Bob Gantt were the running star s for Carolina with Carson providing the first touchdown on a 74-yard punt return. Bud Wallace tallied on a 17-yard reverse while fullback Bob White scored the final TD on a four-vard buck over the center. Ken Yarborough Kill kuhii Billy Williams goes for six yards against Georgia Billy Williams Georgia 38 — Carolina 16 The beginning of the end came in the season ' s second game when the Carolina pass defense Mas unable to stop the throwing of Georgia ' s Zeke Bratkowski. Through the fine work of the defensive line the Tar Heels held a half-time lead of 2-0, the safety coming when Darnell, Norris, and Maultsby chased the Bulldogs " Cook back into the end zone on an attempted pass play. The Georgians grabbed the lead in the third quarter and went into the fourth period with a 7-2 lead. Carolina scored twice in the final quarter but it wasn ' t enough to keep up with the Georgia attack. The Tar Heel scores came on a pass from Wissman to Newton and on a toss from Williams to Gannt. Dalton Ruffin Doug Brutoii George Norris Bill O ' Brien Skeet Hesmer Jack Maultsby Texas 4.) -Carolina 20 The Longhorns of Texas turned on the heat in the next game to trounce the traveling Tar Heels 45-20. Too many mistakes proved the Carolina downfall as the Longhorns capitalized on funihles and intercepted passes for touchdowns. Carolina held a first quarter lead of 7-6 on a run hy Weiss and a conversion hy Aliie Williams hut Texas put the game away in the second period with three TD ' s. Bud Wallace took the Carolina scoring honors with two touchdowns, hoth on passes from tailback Frank Wissman. T ' row da ball ! Dick Bestwick Bill Rvder Dalton Ruffiii George Foti South Carolina 6 Carolina 21 Carolina evened up its record at 2-2 in the next game by dropping South Carolina 21-6 in what proved to be the final victory of the year. Parker and Billy Williams carried the offense against the Gamecocks with the Charlotte tailback passing for one score to end Bill Baker and setting up another with a 61-yard return of the kickoff opening the second half. WUliams scored on the first play from scrimmage in the second half running the remaining 39 yards. Weiss scored the final points after Bruton had inter- cepted a Gamecock pass on the S. C. 17 yard line. George Norris and Bud Wallace go after a Gamecock fumble ' {V, f7 Jack Cooke Pete Carr Maryland 14 — Carolina 7 The long road down started at the midway mark of the season when Maryland, third ranked-nalionally, dropped Carolina 14-7 at College Park in a game that could have easily gone the other way. The Tar Heels gave the undefeated Terps two first-half touchdowns while getting one themselves. It was all Carolina in the second half hut Maryland held on each of five scoring chances that the Tar Heels had. John Gaylord was the outstanding runner for Carolina that day but the lone scoring honor went to alternate captain Bob Gantt who tallied in the first period on a four-yard reverse. Bill O ' Brien Bill Kirknian Ernie Liberati Dick Wiess Wake Forest 39 -Carolina 7 Wake Forest ' s up-and-down Deacons caught the Tar Heels in a let-do -n mood on the next Saturday and hlasled out a 39-7 victory in their own Groves Stadium. It was a question of " do-no-MXong " for the Demon Deacs as they followed quarterback Dickie Davis to the easy victory. The Tar Heels didn ' t get a chance to get started and didn ' t cross the goal line until the fourth quarter when all chance of winning had vanished. Dick Weiss had this sole scoring distinction with a short line buck. Wallace ' s 43.5 punting average was the only bright spot in the humiliating defeat. Benny Walser Buddy Wallace goes for one of Carolina ' s few long gains against the Deacs Juiiiur Scawell and Glen INickerson stop Tennessee after a five-yard gain Tennessee 37 — Carolina O Tennessee, the nation ' s first-ranked team, showed Carolina fans just why it hehl that spot in the next game as it ground out a methodical 27-0 victory over the Tar Heels. Coach Boh Neyland brought 55 players from Knoxville and the depth was just loo much for Carolina. The play of Ail-American Hank Lauricella was reminiscent of the days of Charlie Justice. The Vols star halfback scored twice and averaged 11 yards per try. The Tar Heels got inside the Tennessee 10-yard line twice the second half but were unable to get by the Volunteer line. The pure power exhibition of Tennessee is one that Carolina will find hard to forget. Backs Bob Cantt, Van Weatherspoon, Bob White, Billy Williams Captain Joe Dudeck Cuiinie Gra i(le makes a lirsl tlowii somehow Virginia 34 — Carolina 14 It was a band of revengeful Tar Heels that traveled to Virg inia, for the year before the Wahoos had trounced Carolina 44-13. It was the same old story again, however, and when the final gun sounded the Cavaliers had racked up their second straight win over Carolina by another basketball score of 34-14. Coach Suavely tried Bud Wallace and Tom Adler at ends in the game to get the team moving but it was to no avail. The two Carolina scores were made after Virginia had run up its 34 points. Wissman and Weiss did the touchdown making for the Tar Heels. Tom Higgins Jeff Newton and Thad Eure Larry Parker Larry Parker spills Notre Dame ' s Peterra er misses pas IVotre Damr 13 — Carolina 7 A spark that had been dormant the entire season came out like a groundhog on February 2 when Notre Dame made its first appearance in this area and Carolina almost posted victory number three before falling to the Irish 12-7. Not until a fourth-period drive ended on the Notre Dame four- yard line were the Tar Heels counted out of it. An un- known blocking back, Al Mueller, sparked the team to a near victory in the second half but the luck of the Irish held. With Tar Heel spirit at such a frenzy that Coach Suavely had to ask for quiet, the team made its best bid for success of the season. Jack Cooke, who with Mueller was one of the top backs of the day, scored the Carolina TD on a pass from Gravitte in the third quarter. Van Weatherspoon Dick Lackev Skeet Hesmer Tom Stevens Billy Williams gets stopped cold on a Duke punt return Glen Nickerson Duke 19 — Carolina 7 The end finally, came on Thanksgiving week-end when Duke ' s Blue Devils brought about the eighth loss of the season. After showing a little of the Notre Dame game spark in the third period and taking a 7-6 lead, the Tar Heels faltered and Duke went on to take the season ' s final victory. Gravitte passed to Wallace from the Duke 21 in the third quarter and Abie Williams made good on his conversion — his 16th success in 17 tries — to give Carolina its temporary lead. End George Norris made the final game a personal victory and was easily the top defensive man on the field. Andy Miketa Bob White Jeff Newton Chal Port CHEERLEADERS Kneeling: Bobbie Sanford, Durwood Jones • Standing: Check Goodin, Doiinie Thomas, Peggj Fox, Tom Rodgers, Wray Farlow, MarUyn McKinnon, Liz Cooley, Barbara Merrill, Charlie Harrell. Cheerleaders Ahhhll Rameses Carolina ' s 1951-1952 cheerleaders brought a Tar Heel spirit that had been in mothballs out into the open for airing during the year and contributed greatly in keeping an otherwise dim football season from being too much of a disappointment. Under the leaderships of Cy Minnett, who unfortunately was forced out at mid-season because of a bad strep throat, and Durwood ' Nose " Jones, the cheerleaders rallied behind the team in every game. The peak of cheering perfection came in the Notre Dame game when Coach Sna •ely had to come off the bench to quiet the crowd in order that our own team might hear the plays called. I ' ugel72 Get that white card outa there The Card Board With apparently more student interest in the projects, the work of the Card Board has steadily improved. Through the increase in co-operation the Board was able to present more complicated stunts this fall with the Confederate Flag, Three Blind Mice, and the usual Script Writing being among the better ones. The oflScers for the year were Jo Grogan, President; Jim Steagall, Secretary; Gordon Pierpont, Head Usher; Bob Watts, Head of the Office Staff; Claude McKinney, Head of the Artist Staff; and Bob " Okie Doke " Green, Stunt Caller at the games. First Rote: Brackett, Brunning, Snij-re, Steagall, Edmundson, Baacom, Mahler, Watts • Second Row: Wellons, Sigman, Chichester, McKinney, Grogan, Pierpont, Shaw, Wade, Delancey, Blocksidge • Third Roic: Pittman, Cash, Perrow, Green, Burgess, Sasser, Foushee. Dickson. Foust. Teichniaii. Kennedy, Mrs. McKinnev • Fourth Rote: Graybeal, Tanner, Wagger, Caldwell, Thome, Culbreth, Taylor, Temple. OpU Im . Bell. Page 173 Ba§iketball Ernie Schwarz, Bud Maddie, Vince Grimaldi 1951-52 VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD First Row: Bill Smith, Vince Grimaldi, Skip Winstead, Cooper Taylor • Second Rote: Ernie Schwarz, Bill Phillips, Jippy Carter, Jack Wallace, John Patseavouras, manager • Third Rote: Coach Tom Scott, Bud Maddie, Howard Deasy, Paul Likens, Frank Redding, John Dittmar, Coach Pete MuUis. As Carolina ' s 1951-52 basketball team went into the final half of its season it appeared that what- ever gods take care of basketball players were going to finally smile graciously on our Tar Heels. Injuries that had hexed the team for the past two years had not yet dealt us too many serious blows (although last year ' s starting center. Bud Maddie, had been lost since the beginning of the season Jack Wallace ' Ut £ because of a collar bone injury). The team ha d been going along at a more than successful clip and had taken six wins out of 10 Southern Con- ference games. If the Tar Heels kept that pace up they were a cinch for the SC tournament. Coach Tom Scott had most of his players back from the team which had barely missed qualifying for the loop tourney last year and hopes were high for better success this year. Back at their usual positions were the team ' s high scorer Jack Wallace, guard Vince Crimaldi, and guard Howard Deasy. Needless to say, the team was hurt by the early loss of Maddie but two freshmen who had not been counted on for much action this year blossomed into experienced players and capably filled the remaining two starting positions. Al Lifson came off a temporary job with the junior varsity to make a brilliant showing with the first team and turned out to be one of the most consistent scorers while playing opposite Wallace. The center position went to a tall Indiana frosh, Paul Likens, who, after a slow start, began to use his 6 ' 9 " to the best ad- vantage in grabbing rebounds. Coach Scott was Grimaldi sticks close in Gerrard Memorial gani Al Lifson Vince Grimaldi Duke ' s Groat gets the ball as Deasy moves in on the play Basiketball Deasy gets a Maryland rebound??? also blessed with something that he had been lack- ing in previous years in the form of a strong list of reserves. For additional players he could call on juniors Bob Phillips, Ernie Schwarz, Jippy Carter, Cooper Taylor; senior Frank Retlding; sophomore Skip Winstead ; and freshman John Dittniar. The team took a Christmas trip to the midwest for a two game series which proved anything but successful. The Tar Heels fell to powerful Illinois, long ranked the number-one team in the nation, 86-66 which was little disgrace, but were also forced to succumb to Bradley, which was not the great team that it had been the year before. Captain Howard Df -2. MlB Frank Redding Ernie Schwarz Paul Likens Pagp 1 76 .1952 playing came in the consolation game when Deasy sank a free throw in the final three seconds to defeat Coluinhia 61-60 for third place in the tourney. After this holiday tourney the Carolina team set- tled hack into its task of winning a spot in the Conference playoff. The boys almost pulled the upset of the year when they held an eight point lead over the Wolfpack in the first game over here I)ut then lost in an overtime 58-53. The Slate depth Mas too much to overcome. A second loss to Wake Forest left them with a 6-4 loop record coming into the back stretch and it looked like a sure bet that they would make the tournament this year. Wallace posts for Phillips against Clemson The annual Dixie Classic in Raleigh showed that the team was finding itself. The Tar Heels surpris- ed everyljody in the opening round when they dropped favored Southern California 49-45. Then in the semi-finals Carolina almost ended an 11 game losing streak to N. C. State before finally fol- lowing 58-51. The fitting end to some inspired John Dittmar WV Skip instead 1 fJORTh Bob Phillips Co-captains Bill McGinn and Joe Brookshire c.R.; , ♦°„; , , Mark Herring John Senter Baiseball Carolina ' s baseball team turned in one of the school ' s most successful records during the 1951 season by compiling a 16-10 mark. Letdowns against N. C. State, which the Tar Heels beat out for third place in the Big Four standing, accounted for three of these losses. The team started the season with a trip to Florida where a round-robin affair with Alabama, finalists in the 1950 NCCA tourney, and Rollins All-Southern Chal Port ' ciROLiv, ; -ttikRDLisj Vu- " , »■ " " ■♦ , „., onr,, V . 1 1951 VARSITY BASEBALL SQUAD First Row: Herring. Cannada, Hooks. McGinn, Brookshire. Pazdan, Proctor, Henning, Hesnier, Pascal, Schact, Dixon • Second Roiv: Coach Bunn Hearn, Coach Walter Rabb. Hill, White, Senter, Ballon, Wallace, Wiess, Coates, Reeves, Port, Gaston, Wood, Trainer Doc White. produced some fast early-season practice. The Tar Heels finished hehind the Crimson Tide in the meet with an even 2-2 mark, after taking an early lead. After returning home Carolina took on some touring Yankee teams and came up with an ex- ceptional record against them. The team took two games from Boston and singletons from Michigan State and Yale. Big Four play also proved suc- cessful except against the Wolfpack, who seemed to lose to everyhody hut Carolina. The Tar Heels at one time led the Big Four with a 5-3 record but John Stowe hits against Wake Forest Ba§ie Skeet Hesnier Henrv Schact closing rush of Duke and those pesky Wolves Mere just too much to overcome. Chal Port was the most consistent of Coach Bunn Hearn ' s pitchers and for his prowess was awarded a position on the All-Southern Conference team. Co-captains Bill McGinn and Joe Brookshire also turned in the commendable performances which had won them their positions. Dick Weiss Ed Gaston ■A ball . . Bill iMcGinn Joe Brookshire cast aside his football uniform and proved to be the power hitter of the team while playing catcher. Probably the two sweetest wins of the year were the 9-0 early season victory over Wake Forest, which had won the Big Four bunting of the year before, and the 14-0 blanking of Duke on Bill Lore ' s four-hitter which came a week after the Blue Devils had edged us out 8-7. Wayne White Roger Paschal Buniie Burnstan, Barry Kalb, Monty Montgomery, Fred Lurie Soccer Co-captains Bud Sawyer and Ed die Foy After a good start, Carolina ' s sof eer team was forced to swallow some midseason defeats at the hands of Duke and IMaryland which darkened an otherwise bright season. Most of the players were inexperienced except for old hands such as Co-captains Eddie Foy and Bud Sawyer, ami the defeats could be attributed to this factor. .Standouts on the team were Monty Montgomery, Bud Kaufman, Buriiie Burnstan and Barry Kalb, while Foy was given recognition for his play by being named All-Southern and All-American. 1951 VARSITY SOCCER SQUAD Front Rote: Coach Al Moore, McCalnion, Montgomery, Lurie, Sawyer, Foy, Russell, Hooper, Hopkins, Randolph, Pawlick • Second Row: Manager Ken Anderson, Proctor, Tison, Green way. Watts, Cole, Kalb, Burnstan, Stevens, Hamilton, Gladstone, Coach Ted Bondi • Third Rote: Foy, Patterson, Patsevouras, Kaufman, Milledge, Green, Alexander, Younts, Butts, Barnes, Lane. Cross Country Sparked by the trio of captain Gordon Hamriek, junior Bob Webb and freshman Bob Barden, Carolina ' s cross country team showed marked im- provement over last year and wound up as the third-ranked team in the Conference and second only to N. C. State, the Southern champion, in the Big Five. Perhaps the team ' s best showing came in the loss to Tennessee, one of the toughest squads in the country. The Tar Heel runners bowed 23-34 but the Carolina times were the best of the year. Barden was probably the top runner for Carolina during the season, but Webb, Hamriek, Mike Healy, and others scored consistently to carry the harriers to a successful year. Bob Webb 1931 CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD First Rotv: Al Marx, Morris Osborne, Bob Barden, Captain Gordon Hamriek, Bob Webb, Mike Healy, Jesse Nolan • Second Roic: Ron Kesling, Dave Young, Tony Haughlon. Ed Vogel, Jack Bennett. Lloyd Bostian. Lee Bostian, Eugene Blanton • Third Rote: Dale Ryon. Dan Rader, Howard Tickle. Bill Loftquist, Pete McGehee. Earl Welch. Gene Cain. Coach Dale Ranson, Russ Glatz. III H I H «OHT CAROLIHA GYMNASTICS TEAM First Roiv: Coach Bill Meade Haughton. Doni While, Duke Williams, Ritch Second Row: Wood, Park Goodin, Madison Bell, Cooke Harrison with the greatest of ease GymitasitieiS Under the direction of Coach Bill Meade, Carolina ' s gymnastic progress has heen great in the past few years. This season Coach Meade has en- deavored to meet the nation ' s toughest college teams. Florida State, the national champions, came here for the year ' s first meet and although the Florida boys won handily, Carolina ' s young team made a very goo«l showing. Two more meets with Army and Penn State also brought defeat, but the team was improv- ing all along. R. S. White, the Southern Intercollegi- ate trampoline champ, captained the team for the year. Page 184 WSTAT V Fir!t COACH ' ' ».v»:: Top: Captain Toniniv Coxe MM.! . Bottom : Coach Sam Barnes , Wrestling The 1951 dual meet season proved the most dis- astrous in years for Carolina ' s wrestlers who were unahle to grah a win in seven matches. The team was made up mostly of inexperienced men, how- ever, and the prospects for the 1952 season looked a great deal hetter. The ' 52 team started the year with a victory over Davidson to make sure that the record was hetter than the season before, but were beaten in their next three starts by VPI, " Washington and Lee. and VMI, all perennial Conference mat leaders. Captain Tommy Coxe and sophomore Tommy Stokes were the leading point winners and it ap- peared the team would come up with a few more wins during the year as the wrestlers gained ex- perience. The coaching of Sam Barnes, in his second year at Carolina, was helping considerably and the younger members of the team were be- ginning to improve meet by meet. 1951-52 WRESTLING SQUAD First Row: Mangruni. Clenimons, Kenrick, Watson, Parrish, Wilson • Secoiiil Row: Pawlick, Quails, Stokes, Haines, McGehee, Holt, Stevens • Third Roiv: Crocker, Smith, Coxe, McLaughlin. Butts, Hill, Staton, Bradshaw, Coach Sam Barnes. .jC.A.Ai 1 A AALiL fc,,,! «4M i-if Page 185 Donnie Evans Coaches Ralph Casf y, Dick Janierson, Bob Ousley BOWMAN GRAY MEMORIAL POOL NATHALIE L.GRAY BOWMAN GRAY. JR GORDON GRAY IN MEMORY OF ■ ' ;| Bowman Gray f Si iitiming Despite the loss of AU-American Jim Thomas and several other mainstays on the 1951 team, the Tar Heel swimmers opened their 1952 season with a hang hy trouncing Duke, breaking two confer- ence records, and chalking up Carolina ' s 50th consecutive conference dual meet win. Duke was only the first in the twelve team dual meet schedule to feel the swimmers ' wrath. They made impressive showings as they easily downed Virginia Tech, VMI, Georgia Tech, Emory. Bain- hridge, Davidson, and Virginia. During the season, records were shattered fast and furiously. Baarcke and Levy started the season Right: Coach Jamerson plots strategy by breaking, respectively, the 150 yard medley and 50 yard freestyle conference records. Three pool records were broken at Tech and one at Emory as the swimmers downed the Atlanta schools. Freshmen Warren Heeman and Larry Shannon took control in several instances to put their names in the freshmen record books. The 400 yard freestyle relay team composed of Tink- ham, Heins, Edwards, and Ambler were still shoot- ing for the conference record after the Virginia meet. They had almost broken it once, but one of the boys missed a turn leaving the old record still standing. Despite such individual stars as Evans, Levy, Wall, Baarcke, and Kelso, who had taken first place in every dual meet through the Virginia one, the swimmers depended more on over all team work rather than on individual stars. At the present time, the team goes after its .54th consecutive dual meet win and another Southern Conference title. The big barrier between Carolina and the title is State, who is presently tied for first place with the Tar Heels in the conference race. Although such teams as Princeton, Georgia, State, and La Salle still have to be faced, the swim- mers are in high hopes of another undefeated season. With such stars as Warren Heeman, Larry Shannon, Jack Edwards, Pete Higgins, Dick Alexander and Jay Alexander gaining a year ' s ex- perience, next year ' s team, dulled by only the loss of two boys, will look just as bright as this season ' s. VARSITY SWIMMING SQUAD First Row: Coach Dick Janierson, Woods, Peasley, Jay Alexander, Dick Alexander, Rivera, Gill, Slepp, Hanirick. SecontI Roiv: Shannon, White, Howard, Linker, Kelso, Jewell, Wolfe, Heyn, Baarcke, Ambler, Levy, Heeman, Milton, Wall, Tinkham, Bradish, Higgins, Edwards, Widoff, Coach Ralph Casey, Coach Bob Ousley, Manager Burgess. Buddv Heins This is swimming!! Aj o iQkfc. X, . - Track Coach Dale Ranson ' s track team continued most of its yearly dominance of the Southern Conference track and field events. The Tar Heels waged a continuous battle with Maryland tor the loop supremacy, hut after the season was complete little had been decided. Carolina won the annual Indoor Games in March and took a narrow win over the Terps in a spring dual meet. Maryland came back to take the Conference ' s spring meet, however, thus stopping Carolina ' s claim for un- disputed first place in the League. The Tar Heels were forced to taste their first defeat in dual meet competition since 1948, how- ever, when a visiting Princeton team won by 15 points. The team was co-captained by Dave Willis, top man in the 100-yard dash, and Bob House, Caro- lina ' s best pole vaulter. House won the Conference division in the Indoor Games with a mark well over 13 feet but failed three times in an attempt to break the University record. Willis was con- sistently good in the 100 and also won the 60-yard dash in the spring meet. Top: Jimmy Hanirick Bottom : Co-Captain Garrett Fitzgibbons Oi?7 Left: Jiiiiiny WooIcoU hurdles for Carolina in the Indoor Games. 1951 VARSITY TRACk SOI AD First Row: Cornell, Bennett. Jim Hanirick, Gordon Hamrick. Peebles, Fitzgibbons, House, Willis, Scott, Brighani, Byrd, Bell • Second Row: Coach Joe Hilton, Joyner, Webb, Burkhalter, Tordan, Payne, Ogden, Crininiins, Ray, Pless, Coach Dale Ranson • Third Row: Johnson, Tickle, Jones, Osborne, Coleman, Sapp, Johnston, Norcross, Manager Allston. Frank Scott was a dependable performer in the low hurdles, the 100, and the broad jump. Coach Ranson had a host of sophomores running for him and with these men expected back for the 1952 season prospects looked good indeed. Track- men such as Bob Webb, Bob Byrd, Bob Bell, Bill Cornell, Jack Bennett, and Mike Healy were being counted on heavily for future performances. iinOiH SC Indoor 60-yard dash Frank Brooks and friend admire record-breaking card. 1951 VARSITY GOLF SQUAD First Row: Rodney MoKnight, Bob Black, Captain Frank Brooks Ferree • Second Row: Coach Chuck Erickson. Lew Brown. Bill Wil Frank Eckert, Manager Bob Willard. Jimmy liamson. Jimmy Ferrei Frank Eckert Golf Golf Carolina ' s 1951 golf team, playing its matches for the first year on the University ' s Finley Golf Course, turned a lengthly 16-meet schedule into one of the best seasons in years by compiling a 15-1 record. Only a lone 1414-1214 loss to Duke at the Hope Valley Country Club marred the 1951 record. In the final meet of the season, however, the Tar Heels got revenge for the defeat by edging the Blue Devils 14-13, giving them the first victory over Duke since 1937. With Harvie Ward, the Carolina kingpin for the past four years, departed from the local golf scene Coach Chuck Erickson rounded up a young and eager team. He had three veterans returning from the previous season in Captain Frank Brooks, Rodney McKnight, and Frank Eckert. He added four members of his 1950 freshman team to this trio to make up the starting sextet. Sophs Lew Brown, Bill Williamson, Jimmy Ferree, and Bob Black alternated in filling the remaining three positions. The team had an undefeated record with 13 wins going into the first Duke match and although Brooks set a new Hope Valley course record with an eight-under-par 63, the Blu e Devils won by two points. It was a different story when the two teams met at the Finley course, however. After warming up the day before by routing Wake Forest 231,4- 314? ih ? Tar Heels in turn handed Duke its only loss of the year when Brown and Ferree sank Bill Williamson putts on the last hole to win the hole and the match. The entire 18-hole Finley course was opened to student golfers, too, and proved to be a popular year-around venture. Ed Kinney was hired as the course pro and assisted Coach Erickson in putting out the high-powered team. The team didn ' t fare too well in the NCAA tourney at Ohio State during the summer, al- though Ferree upset the Big Ten champion in his first round match. Brown and Black qualified but were eliminated in first-round play. Rodney McKnight Kia Bob Black Lew Brown fc ■ K 1 11 i " A» " — 1951 SOUTHERN CONFERENCE TENNIS CHAMPIONS First Rotv: Coach Kenfield, Del Sylvia, Heath Alexander, Captain; Buddy Ager, Bob Luxenberg • Second Row: Bob Johns Manager; Buck Buchanan, John Booker, Charlie Duvall, Bill Izlar, Gene Oberdorfer, Charlie Lambeth, Paul Keenan. Tennis A surprising Carolina tennis team, one whieh most pre-season observers felt would be fortunate to win half of its 25 dual matches, completely upset the dopesters and made a complete sweep of the 1951 Southern Conference honors while compiling a 20-5 record for the year. In addition to the team ' s winning the SC title, the Tar Heels could claim the loop singles champ in Buddy Ager and the doubles champions in Ager and Bob Luxenberg. The seventh-seeded Ager had to upset his team ' s number-one player, Del Sylvia, in the finals at Davidson to win the singles title. He let his teammate win but two games in scoring a 6-0, 6-2, 6-0 victory. Ager, Sylvia, and Luxenberg were backed up during the season by Captain Heath Alexander, who was forced out of several matches by a trick knee. Buck Buchanan, Charlie Lambeth, and Bill Izlar. Del Svlvi Captain Heath Alexander and Coach Kenfield Bob Luxenberg and Bndd Ager Laerosise Interest in lacrosse reached a high peak during the 1951 season and although the team was ahle to win only two games out of six, the prospects for future years looked good. The victories came over VPI, which the Tar Heels hlasted, 17-2, and Duke ' s second team, which fell 2-1. The team, coached by Al Moore, was co-captained by John Murchison and Nick Sowell, both seniors. Sowell, playing in the goalie ' s position, was probably the team ' s most consistent player. 1951 VARSITY LACROSSE TEAM First Roiv: Greenbauin, Gilmore, Dawes, Murchison, Beatty, Chambley, Kaufman, Taylor • Second Roiv: Bell, Ernst, Hamer, Sowell, Jirvin, Hughes, Dalton, Floyd • Third Rou : Sargeant, Carr, Strong, Hill, Winius, Strudwick, Cutts, Fields, Debnan, Coach Al Moore. Beta ' s pass to grid title Keyes moves in! mTRAMURAL STAFF Left to Right: Bill Kucyk, Director Walter Rabb, and Sam Geek. Intrant iiral Sports The Intramural Department continued its successful program during the past year with its usual great success. The interest and com- petition in the fraternity and dormitory point races was even keener than ever and it was a toss-up as to the winner for the year 1951- 52. At the end of fall quarter when football, wrestling, and volley ball were the top three Wrestling finals gives fast action Intramural golf champs pose with trophies sports, the Betas took the lead in the fraternity division but were closely followed by the Signia Chis. Zetes, and Dekes. The Med School, runners- up to the Betas for the football title, had a more commanding lead in the dormitory division, how- ever. Winter and spring quarter sports of basket- ball , table tennis, soccer, softball. horseshoes, and tennis had not been counted in the point total as yet. The Intramural Department also continued its successful presentation of sports and events which did not count in the point race. Golf, water polo, swimming, track, the annual Sports Carnival, and the Big Fun Carnival all merited wide participa- tion and interest. The program was again under the direction of Walter Rabb and his assistants Bill Kucyk and Sam Geek. The Intramural Managers Association functioned better than before during the year and proved a great aid in carrying out the Intramural program. With the ousting of hell week by the fraternities it was hoped that the Greek Week Field Day, spon- sored last year for the first time by the Department, would be better than ever. Phi Cams take vollev ball crown Rasslin ' champs looking pretty for the camera L - I i II WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION COUNCIL First Rote: Dickinson, Cooley, Culpepper, Osniers, Farrell, Doar • Second Rote: Corbett, McComb, Hogan, Williams. Kieth, Norwood, Bennett, Gore. Sports; The Women ' s Athletic Association sponsors sports for all coeds, not only in the physical education classes but also in special sports clubs and in an extensive intramural program. It is directed by the staff of instructors and the WAA Council made up exclusively of coed members. This council has a representative from each dorm, sorority, the CICA, and the Town Women ' s Association, and WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC STAFF Miss Price, Miss Kellani, Miss Hutchinson, and Mrs. Fink Coeds hit the mark in archery Vollev ball comes in the fall through it the year ' s program is planned and carried out. The year-round intramural program is large and varied. In the fall the women students may participate in volley ball, hockey and table tennis. The wnter quarter offers basketball, bad- minton, shuffleboard, and swimming, while spring session gives the coeds a chance to play golf, soft- ball, tennis, and archery. Awards and sorority and dormitory trophies are given out each spring at the annual picnic. The dorm and sorority with the highest number of points accumulated during the year are pre- sented with trophies for the achievement. The WAA also sponsors organized clubs for special sports. The Splash Club presents an annual water pageant, noted for its professional touch, while the Hockey Club competes with teams from other universities and colleges in the fall. There are also modern dance, folk dance, and basketball clubs. An old version of modem dance Anyone for golf? Watch the birdie! I w p m lR l epi Stof extra eumeulars OrganifsatiawBi BawBararies and JPrafessianai FrtBtemities Greeks Student GoTernitient With the increased awareness of students of their role both nationally and internationally as well as on the University level, this year has seen a renewed interest and increased activity on the part of the student body in Student Government, the student outlet for expression. Student Government officers are chosen in campus elections in the fall and spring. Committee chairmen are appointed by the President, subject to the approval of the Student Legislature. The activi- ties and functions of the Government are many and varied, and the Carolina system of Student Control, a democratic implement that is the personal possession of every student at the University, has achieved an enviable position at the top of the list of Student Governments in the nation. This year has seen new efforts toward the realization of systems of curriculum and faculty evalua- tion, a strengthening program for Student Government itself. Through Student Government the student body has taken a vital role in the National Students ' Association; the Greater University Student Council has been revised and strengthened. Student Government has gone forward in its emphasis upon freedom with responsibility and has come closer to achieving its goal of a truly responsible and effectively active student body. Student Government, with its ability to train responsible, informed thinking and democratically oriented students, continued to hold its place of extreme importance in the system of education at the University. It has, through another year, reasserted its goal " to preserve order, make personal freedom secure, establish justice, and win a lasting opportunity for responsible individual and collective action. " PRESIDENT ' S CABINET First Rou), Left to Right: Pegg - J. Warren, Henry Bowers, President; Bob Evans, Dick Murphy • Second Row: John Robinson, Jim Mclnlyre, Bill Mallison, Ken Barton, Ken Pencgar, James Wallace. Page 200 COMMITTEE HEADS First Row, Left to Right: Allen Tate, Campus Chest Chairman; Henry Bowers, President of Student Government; Erline Griffin, Chairman of Elections Board; Bill Mallison, Chairman of Academic Affairs Committee • Second Rotv: Dick Penegar, Chairman of G.U.S.C. ; Charlie Brewer, Chairman of Student Entertainment Com- mittee; Ken Barton, Chairman of Orien- tation Committee; Julian Mason, Chair- man of Audit Board. BUDGET COMMITTEE First Row, Left to Right: Allen Tate, Archie Myatt, Jim Mclntyre, Secretary- Treasurer, Mel Stribling • Second Rote: Ralph Waddell, Charles Rodenbough, Ken Penegar; Sheldon Jay Plager, Biff Rob- erts, Julian Mason. Bunny Davis Vice-President and Speaker of the Legislature Jim Mclntyre Secretary-Treasurer Page 201 Student Legiislature EXECUTIVE COMMITTIK. SH DENT LEGISLATURE First Row, Left to Right: Dave Kerley, Shildon I ' lager, Mel Stribling, Peggy Stewart, Jack Owens, Fred Coker • Second Row: Lew Southern, Eddie Gross, Gene Cook, Bob Gorhani, Richard Davis. The Student Legislature, founded in 1938, continues to function as the legislative branch of student government. Nearly all rules and regulations governing students here at the university are passed by this group. Its wide and varied powers, as defined in the .1950 revised constitution, are limited to its willingness to accept the responsibility which inevitably goes with authority. Each legislator is elected by the students of his particular campus district. Llnder the conscientious and capable leadership of Bunny Davis, the Legislature worked with interested effort and was rewarded to see many problems solved. STUDENT LEGISLATURE First Row, Left to Right: Julian Mason Jack Boushall Robert Pace Jacque Quesenbery Helen Brundage Luke Hill Bert Wayne Bob Glenn Ed Waller Second Row: Paul Barwick Ted Westbrook Bill York Frank Litaker Bill Rue Don Sherry Archie Croxton Henry Shavitz Buzzy Shull Charlie Harrell Robert Page Third Row: All Ballard Thatcher Townsend Bill Ruffin Ken Penegar Ed Stevens Henry Lowett Brooiv Matthews Sol Cherry Dick Pillsburv Student Council Larry Bottu, Chairinuii The Student Council, the supreme representative of the judicial branch of Student Government, is the most vital part of the government; for to it falls the responsibility of regulating the application of the Honor and Campus Codes, and justice to every individual. The Council has original jurisdiction in cases involving the constitutionality of the Student Govern- ment Constitution. This court also hears appeals made from a defendant if he or she feels that either the Men ' s or Women ' s Council has tried the case unfairly. Any student or organization penalized by any of the other courts can also appeal to the Stud _ ' nt Council. The Council is composed of three members selected from and by the women students; three selected from and by the men students; and three selected from and by all students — making a total of nine members. First Rote, Left to Right: Pal George, Larry BoUo, Winx Wheeler, Joan Charles. Second Row: Bill Wolff, Bob Ellington, Hilliard Staton, Ed Love. Page 203 Honor Council Allan Milledge. Cliairniaii The Men ' s Honor Council, acting under the Student Constitution, has original jurisdiction in all cases of violations of the Honor Code and of the Campus Code. As violations of Campus Law are not by their nature in a codified form, the Men ' s Council by application of the criteria of honor and of gentle- manly conduct defines the application and the extent of Campus Law. Along with the duly of upholding Campus Law by hearing cases, the Men ' s Council also has the responsibility of orienting new students to our system and of keeping the system in front of the campus at all times. In the heirarchy of our court system the Men ' s Council has functions parallel to the Women ' s Council, and is subordinate to the Student Council, our " Supreme Court. " The Men ' s Council is composed of three seniors, three juniors, two sophomores, one freshman, one pharmacy student, and one graduate student. First Roir. Left to Right: Robert L. Strickland, Joe Allen, Joe Privott, Sam H. Price, Jr. Second Row: John Hazelhurst. J. Albert House, Allan Milledge, Chairman; George K. Freeman. Jr., Clerk; Bill talker. Page 204 Honor Council Joyce Evans, Chairman The Women ' s Honor Council is the coed judiciary which handles violations of the Honor System and the Campus Code by the women students, working as a parallel to the Men ' s Council. The Women ' s Council also acts as an appellate court for House Council decisions. The Council is one branch of the tripartate system of coed self-government, working with Coed Senate and Women ' s Interdormitory Council. Each year the Council leads the orientation of women students in the Honor System and Campus Code, instructing entering coeds in the origin and meaning of these standards. Composed of four juniors, three seniors, one graduate student, and one woman student at large, the Women ' s Council is an im- portant phase of self-government, striving to increase a fuller participation in the Carolina way of life. First Rote. Left to Right: Jane Frieze, Sandy Wilson, Betty Ann Reese, Adair Beasley. Second Row: Mel Stribling, Joyce Evans, Chairman; Jo Gaither. Page 205 Firs Row. Left to Right: Kilty Campbell, Rosalie Brake, Joanne Page, Peggy Brown • Second Rote: Erline Griffin, B. J. Morris, Jean Stockton, Diane McConib, Pellen Speck. Coed Senate The Coed Senate, established in 1941 and originally part of the Women ' s Government Association, is the legislative body for women students. The purpose of the Senate is to bring the coed into the picture of student government ; and in acting as the bridge between coeds and the student legislature, the Senate is the ultimate coodinating body for coed action. The annual coed ball is presented by the Senate at the end of orientation week in the fall, and each spring leadership train- ing week, a week designed to acquaint the newly elected officers of women ' s organizations with their responsibility, is sponsored. Under the revised constitution, the Coed Senate, along with the Women ' s Interdorm Council, is incorporated in the Women ' s Residence Council. The new Council has charge of all coed affairs, including matters previously handled by both Interdorm and Coed Senate. Speaker of the Coed Senate for this year was Joanne Page. Joanne Page, Speaker Page 206 First Rout. Left to Right: Mr. L. M. PoUander, Frank Allston, Ken Penegar, Mr. Ernest Delanev • Second Row: Peggj- Stewart, Walt Dear, Sue Lindsey. Publieationis Board The Publications Board is a seven-man body which supervises the finances of Carolina ' s two student- supported publications. The Board approves the budgets of the two publications, negotiates contracts, approves appointments to salaried positions on the publications, purchases equipment, and handles all other financial details. Weathering a storm of criticism and periods of indecision in the fall, the Board had a hard year with many long afternoon sessions in the Grail Room. Biggest problem of the year was the " standard vs. tabloid " question about the DTH format. Officers for the year were Frank Allston, chairman; Ken Penegar, secretary, and Walter Dear, treasurer. Other members were Sue Lindsey and Peggy Stewart, student members, and Dr. G. A. Barrett and Mr. L. M. PoUander, faculty members. Ernest DeLaney served as financial coordinator. Frank Allston, Chairman Page 207 Men ' s Inter dormitory Council BOB CREED President The Men ' s Interdorniitory Council represents over 3,000 men living in the University ' s eighteen ilornii- tories. This year ' s council was the first to he composed entirely of stu«lent-elected officials, the member- ship consisting of the president and a special representative from each of the dormitories. The council ' s main functions are connected with the affairs which affect dormitory men. This year ' s council was especially interested in working for dormitory social rooms and for improvement of dormi- tory social life. President of the Men ' s Interdormitory Council this year was Bob Creed. First Roic, Left to Right: Donald Chaniblee, Dan Strickland, Ray Bond, Steve Wilson, Jim Richards, Eddie Mitchell • Second Row: Ed Singleton. Burton Rights, Arnold Robinson, Lewis Baucom, Ronald B. Jones, Ken Penegar, Paul SomerviUe • Third Rote: Ed McLeod, Paul Barwick, Bill Heeden, Dick Gamble, Joe Hamrick, Arch Fort. Rod Gotten, Roy G. Gorderman, Richard Painter, Jim Parker, William F. Little • Fourth Roiv : Bob Greed, Bill Acker, W. O. Gurley. Edward Smith, Tommy Bostian, Ed Dixon, Mike Brown. Harry Pearsall. Harvey Culpepper, Tom West. I ' lige 208 Women ' s Inter dormitory Council JOAN KING President The ' onien ' s Interdormitory Council is the administrative body of coed self-government. Composed of dormitory presidents, so- rority house managers, and the president of the Town Girls Association, this group works with the office of the Dean of Women and the Board of Residence in regulating dormitory life. Under the revised constitution, effective in the spring of ' 52, the Women ' s Interdormitory Council is incorporated in the Women ' s Residence Council. The functions of Interdorm include interpreting social regulations, recom- mending changes in regulations to Coed Senate (defunct under the new constitution), supervising the House Councils, and regulating all dormitory living. Through Interdorm, all coed administration is co- ordinated and linked to the office of the Dean of omen. Special projects for the year were the sponsoring of a House Council Training Conference in the fall, standardization of house council procedure and policy, the drafting of a handbook to guide Interdorm and the House Councils in the future, and working for a broader social program. Joan King served as President and Rosemary Cartmel as Secretary of the Women ' s Interdormitory Council. Kitty Campbell served as representative to Graham Memorial Board of Directors. First Rote. Left to Right: Eriene Griffin, Patsy Lou Lester. Joan King, President; Rosemary Cartmel, Jean Stockton • Second Roiv: Sandy Wilson, Kathleen Campbell, Peggy Brown, Pellam Speck, Diane McConih. Page 209 Graham Graham Memorial opened twenty years ago as a memorial to former University president Edward Kidder Graham, has heen the focus of this year ' s campus activities. For nearly fifteen hours a day, all sorts of activities buzz through the student union. OfHces of student publications, student government headfpiarters, meeting lounges used by some 100 organizations, travel agency, photo lab, television lounge, barber shop, woodworking shop, poster shop, mimeographing service, and the increasingly popular Rendezvous Room are all features of Graham Memorial. The main office stays busy every hour of the day taking care of every imaginable situation, all in BILL ROTH Director GRAHAM MEMORIAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS First Row. Left to Right: Mrs. Weltach Ken Peiiegar, Chairman Marilyn Habel Caroline Hassinger Second Row: Jack Prince Bill Roth, Director J. M. Saunders John Boushell Ray Jefferies Page 210 Memorial their regular line of duty. Brains behind the office efficiency and service is Edith Roos, personable office manager. In the spacious oak-paneled main lounge, oft the scene of receptions and teas, stu- dents are welcome to read the latest newspapers and magazines, study, or play games from early morning until late at night. With the almost incalculable volume of activity transpiring in Graham Memorial under the genial and proven leadership of Director Bill Roth, the need for additional student union space and facili- ties, more strategically located, became more ap- parent. Every student is a member of the union, to the support of which one dollar of each block fee is allocated. The policies of the building are in the hands of the Board of Directors drawn from the students, faculty, and administration. Members of the Board this year are Chairman Ken Penegar, Joan Erskine, John Boushall, Jack Prince, Ruth Conner, Marilyn Habel, Kemp Cate, J. M. Saunders, Prof. E. J. Woodhouse, Mrs. R. H. Wettach, and Dean Fred H. Weaver. GRAHAM MEMORIAL STAFF Left to Right: Frank Allston, Ed Bryant, Edith Roos. Bill Powell, Bob Levi, Hunter Ballew. Tom Bur ss. Bill Roth. Director; Dan Cox. Dave Medling. Bill Stonestreet. Page 211 Mem s CLAUDE A. BARNHILL President The Men ' s Glee Club, under ihe direction of Joel Carter, began its fall activities by joining the Women ' s Glee Club in singing at the annual University Day celebration. The quarter ' s work was climaxed by the annual Christmas concert featuring the combined clubs. In the Winter quarter, the Men ' s Glee Club gave two concerts with the Greensboro College Glee Club, one in Chapel Hill and one in Greensboro. The year ' s work was completed with the annual spring concert of the combined University glee clubs. The officers for the year were : Claude A. Barnhill, President ; Benjy M. Haywood, Vice-President; Herbert Pendergrast, Secretary; and Donald Davis, Business Manager. JOAN CHARLES President The Women ' s Glee Club, under the able direction of Mr. Joel Carter, anticipated a highly successful year. The eighty members who attended the twice-weekly rehearsals worked hard for perfection in the per- formances given throughout the year. A variety of programs was planned, including University Day, two radio broadcasts, the annual Christmas concert given jointly with the Men ' s Glee Club, a spring tour of North Carolina by a combined rep- resentation from both organizations, and a final spring concert which climaxed the year. The interest and cooperation shown by the club was especially significant in that it was responsible for the enthusiastic participation in musical activities on the campus. Officers of the club for the year 1951-52 were: Joan Charles, Presi- dent; Jane Piper, Vice-President; Jackie Leverett, Secretary; Ruth Davis. Treasurer; and Carolyn Kizer, Publicity Chairman. Womem ' s Page 212 Glee Club W hf ¥t %- ' Glee dub Page 213 JULIAN MASON President University Band The varsity band, under the direction of Earl Slocuni, Professor of Music, and Assistant Director Joe ' ood, is organized to accomplish a dual purpose : to furnish color- ful programs at football games and various other Uni- versity functions, and to provide opportunities for student members to study and perform the best musical literature written for the concert band. In the fall, footl)all shows are the chief concern. The UNC band has given outstanding performances at football games in past years, and it has, perhaps, its largest and most appreciative audiences in Kenan Stadium on football Saturdays. After football season, the band is divided into two units. These units render a concert during the winter quarter for visiting members of the North Carolina Bandmaster Association. In the spring, the Band presents a series of lawn concerts for the enjoyment of students, faculty, and townspeople. The band is one of many organizations open to qualified students here at Carolina — organi- zations which benefit both the student and the school. Officers for the year were Julian Mason, President; Fred Mauney, Vice-President; Joe Fields, Secretary-Treasurer; Al Ludwick, Publicity Manager; Gilbert Marsh, Business Manager; Joe Dail, Band Notes Editor; Lewis Mack and Lee Bostian, Librarians; and Ed Stevens, University Club Representative. The Universitv of IVorth Carolina Band -. ' . , PR Ms in H ' He j H „-» 1 C w ± " M J tf ra SKt 1 iW ..-V ' v:. l l l IV V The University Syinphony Orchestra The University Symphony Orchestra was organized in order to give instrumentalists the valuable experi- ence of playing together and other people in the vicinity the opportunity of hearing the standard symphonic music first hand. The orchestra, numbering over fifty players, is composed of students, faculty members, and towns- people. Besides its three concerts every year, it accompanies operettas and oratorios presented by local organizations. The officers for this year were: Bryce Jordan, President; Carl Baxter. Vice-President; and Joseph Wood, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer. University Orchestra BRYCE JORDAN President Page 21c Carolina ' s cheerleaders give out with that old spirit Johnny Long and Ka Knmt f; t tosclhi at one of Carolina ' s pep rallies University dub The University Club is primarily a service organi- zation and all of its functions are carried through in the interest of the student hody and the Uni- versity. The motto of the clul) — For the University — is self-explanatory of the purpose of the Club. Composed of a representative from each dormi- tory, fraternity, sorority. Band, Cardboard, Cheer- leaders, and the Monogram Club, it has direct con- tact with almost every student on the campus. The functions of the club are many and varied. Through its cooperation with the Athletic Associ- ation, the Club seeks to promote and maintain enthusiasm and good sportsmanship in all Uni- versity events by sponsoring pep rallies, entertain- ing visiting teams, and fulfilling various other functions. This year the Club sponsored the " big " away game trip to Washington, D. C, when the football team played Maryland at College Park, Maryland, right outside Washington. Feature of the before-game ceremonies was a mile-long cara- van and parade through the main business district of Washington and out to College Park. Another feature was the pregame festivities all week long preceding the Notre Dame game. In charge of Homecoming week-end festivities, the Club this year had to postpone until next year the display contests due to conflicts with the schedule. The Club is also a member of the Southern Col- legiate Pep Conference, which is the organization composed of schools all over the South, Southeast, and Southwest that get together once a year at some Page 216 Universitv Club DUFFIELD SMITH, JR. Presiflettt host school and try to work out ideas whereby all pep cluhs may get new ideas on rallies, stunts, etc. The Club was the past year ' s host for the Confer- ence. The officers for the year have been Duffield Smith, Jr., President; Charles Highsmith, Vice- President; Eriine Griffin, Secretary; and Buddy Herman, Treasurer. First Row, Left to Right : D. Spangler, C. Wimbish, C. Myers, Hal Miller, Duffield Smith, Jr.. Buddy Herman, Vernon Ferrell, Billy Barnes. Stanley Tesler • Second Rote: Lorenza Clinard, Jo Grogan, Sue Carter, Helen Young, Edna Knighten, Juanita Childers, Eriine Griffin, Dorothy Haight, Ellen Downs, John Crouson • Third Row: Jim Niehols, Charlie Harbinson, Don B. Davis, George W. Ferguson, Robert P. Midgett. Harold N. Ward, Bob Vinson, Johnny Poindexler, James Wordsworth, Bob Henley, Archie Mullins • Fourth Row: J. D. Seely, C. A. Highsniith, Cyril Minett, Deb Maner, Tom Curtis, Robert B. Champion, John R. Cauble, John Guilbert. Beth Hamilton. Burl Rathert. D H i v Lo, The Angel. Student Production, Plavniakers Theatre, 1950. Top: The Silver Whistle. The Playmakers Theatre, 1951. Bottom: Caesar and Cleopatra. The Forest Theatre, 1951. Carolina P la makers; On the night of October 23rd, 1951, the internationally famed Carolina Playmakers drew open the curtain on their thirty-fourth season since the simple beginnings in 1918. In that year of war and crisis. Frederick H. ( " Prof " ) Koch came to our University from the plains of North Dakota and introduced his favorite English .31, a course for aspiring playwrights. Thus began the labor of building a new and vital folk drama. The staging activities fall into two sections. There is first the program of major productions, including contemporary plays, classics, musical comedies, operas, and occasionally an original script which seems of unusual merit. At least one play is performed outdoors in the graceful Koch Me- morial Forest Theatre, and another is taken on an extended tour of the state, and beyond. Parallel with the major productions, and considered of at least equal importance, are the student productions of original one-act and full-length plays. The Carolina Playmakers are a community theatre group. There are no mysterious initiation rites. Any student, mem- ber of the faculty, or resident of the area may become a member simply by participating in any one of the many phases involved in the staging of a Playmaker play. Page 218 Sound and Fur Sound and Fury was organized on campus to promote interest in musical comedy. The organization offers students experiences in every phase of musical comedy work such as playwriting, stage direction, lighting, makeup, and other types of technical work as well as acting, dancing, and chorus work. Sound and Fury is a student group and everyone is welcomed who wishes to help in some way to pro- mote bigger and better productions. First Row, Left to Right: Helen Guslafson, John E. Flood, Jr., Joan King, Sheldon Plager. Second Row: AI I.ynn. Mike RabU, J. P. Layton, Bobby Deal, Frankie Bird, Jack S. Moss. Page 219 The Carolina Communications Club has as its officers Jim Kilgo, president; Herb Turner, vice-president; Barbara Fyne, secre- tary; and Charlie Crone, treasurer. The club was organized a few years ago when persons interested in Radio, TV, and Motion Pictures decided to get better acquainted with the media. Fall quarter brings an informal get-together for the new students and then when the spring of the year rolls around the club has a picnic for all members and alumni. The Radio Workshop, M-hich is the club ' s main project, is composed of interested stu- dents trying their wings out as producer, engineer, sound man, and actor. The Workshop group must submit a show each week, of aried types, on tape. It ' s no wonder club members spend so many hours behind the sound-proof doors of Studios A. B, and C in Swain Hall. Carolina Commuiiieatioitis dub First Roiv. Left to Right: Tom Wood, Florence Rigg, Jenny Clark, Charlie Crone, Barbara Fyne. Herb Turner, Jim Kilgo. Eleanor Barker, PaUy Pantell, Tom Carroll, Jim Mahoney, Roland Bruce • Second Row: J. B. Cochran, Gene Sauls, Scotty Rhodarmer, Gene Daughtridge, Bob Green, Glen O ' Neal. Kent Jackson, Bill Marlowe, Tom Ashcraft, Fred Ballad, Mike Silver, Ed Clery, John Livingston, Bob Dave • Third Row: Norm SchwartE, Rick Levy, Mike Healy. Wall Ernst. Bob Blanton. Bob Hartzen, Gin Warren, Jim Fonts, Doug Sessoms, Joe Hurd, Bill Tally, Glen Baughman, Reese Felts. Page 220 Long active at Carolina, the Town Girls ' Association provides an opportunity for the girls who live in Chapel Hill to hecome acquainted with student affairs and to participate in extra- curricular activities. It provides organized support for Town Girls qualified for candidacy in coed elections and supports athletic teams in intramural contests. T.G.A. ' s social program each year is designed to encourage Town Girl participation in campus social life, and particular emphasis is placed on socials given hy T.G.A. in cooperation with other groups. Such events include the annual social for new coeds, Christmas festivities at Graham Memorial, and spring picnics with A.P.O. and Town Men. NANCY BLOCKSIDGE President To ¥ii Girls; As§ioeiatioii First Row, Left to Right: Peggy Durham, Dana Phipps, Johnsie Bennett. Purabi DuBose, Margaret Gutierrez • Second Row: Barbara Cline, Jeanette Sloan, Nancy Bloeksidge. Connie DeL ancy • Third Row: Norma Neville, Jackie Crawford, Sara Rose. Marilyn Habel. Norma King, Julia Shields, Gay Hngan, Katie Thompson, Ann Mackie. Page 221 University Party BIFF ROBERTS Chairman First Row, Left to Right: Bob Gorhani, Ham Horlon, Eddie Gross, Ed Cleary, Dan Perry, Bill Rue • Second Roic: Johnny Robison, Archie Myatt, Louise Kloster, Liz Dockerj-, Bi£F Roberts, LeNeve Hodhes, Mary Kennedy, Ann Gowen, Frank Daniels • Third Row: John Hawes, Jack Owens, Dave Waters, Eddie Gauss, Sol Cherry, Baxter Miller, Leroy Townsend, Cart Carniichael, Henry Shavitz. Of the two organized political parties on the campus, the University Party is the oldest, having been func- tioning continually on the behalf of student welfare for more than two decades. The University party record compiled in the past twenty odd years invites comparison with other political organizations that are on the campus now or that have been during recent years. The UP has always advocated forthright policies designed for the betterment of student government here at the Uni- versity; it has always nominated qualified, capable candidates, and has enjoyed great success in defeating independent candidates and candidates of other parties. The organization of the University Party consists of the general party membership, the Steering Com- mittee, and the Executive Committee. Chairman of the party for this year was Bi£f Roberts. Page 222 Press Club BUDDY NORTHART President First Row. Left to Right: Parris Pepper, Ellen Downs, Ted Davis, Buddy Norlhart, Roland Taylor, Bob Wilson, Gene Watson. Second Rote: Joe Parker. Jim McAllister, Lewis Potts, Marie Costello, O. Mac White, Jack Bennett, Grady Elmore, Margaret Stewart, Al Perry. The Press Club was formed in the spring of 1951 for the purpose of providing students intent on pursu- ing careers in journalism with an opportunity to express themselves in an atmosphere of journalistic interest. The Press Club has sought to promote extracurricular instruction for its members, encourage interest in student publications and maintain contact with alumni within the field of journalism. While special emphasis is placed on instruction and vocational preparation, the social aspect is not neglected. Several times each quarter the members of the Press Club hold open house in order to extend fellowship among themselves and to others. Officers for the Press Club for this past year were Leo " Buddy " Northart, president; Barry Farber, vice-president: O. Mac White, secretary; Roland Taylor, treasurer; and Walt Dear, publicity director. Page 223 E. A. BRECHT Dean Pharmaey Senate The Pharmacy Senate was founded at the University of North Carolina in February, 1940, through the efforts of Dr. Edward A. Brecht, professor of Materia Medica. Membership is limited to the student body of the School of Pharmacy. The purpose of the Senate is the stimulation of an increased knowledge of the profession by free discussion of its various phases, and to promote inter-class friendship and cooperation within the School of Pharmacy. In addition to the regular meetings, held every other Tuesday night, prominent speakers are engaged to present programs to the Pharmacy student body. First Row. Left to Right: Ronald Barber Brooks Beddingfield Joe Bland Tom Bostian Second Rote: Earl Brown Loy Ray Burris, President A. W. Clelland Henry Cogdell Third Row: Harold Day Glaxton Harris Graham King Tom Koslic. Parliameiitariar Fourth Row: Al Mebane Jimmy Miller Joyce Nelson Sam Price, Recorder Fi lh Row: Bill Randall Hnbert Rogers Ed Smith, Reporter Belty T. Sparks Secrelarv -Treasurer Sixth Row: Tommy Temple Sam Thorne Clarence Wiggins Page 224 Debate Council The Debate Council is a representative board which organizes ( 1 ) intramural debating among all those interested in Public Speaking and (2) varsity de- bating among those skilled enough to represent Carolina in competition with other schools. Although the Debate Council is a direct out- growth of the Dialectic Senate and the Philan- thropic Society and for many years represented the student government, it no longer confines itself to a strictly " on campus " function ; but sends its rep- Top: Wade Matthews Middle: Gene Cook Bottom : Kenneth Mevers Top: Lacy Thornburg, President Bottom: Richard Jaffe, Executive Secretary resentatives to numerous Forensic Tournaments to compete with many of the major universities in the East. The Council members are a selected number of students chosen by the debate squad, a representa- tive from each of the debating societies, and two faculty advisers. Officers for the year were: Lacy Thornburg, President; Dick Jaffe, Executive Secretary. Page 22 Founded in 1795, the Dialectic Senate is the oldest extra- curricular organization at the University of North Carolina. It was the forerunner of all student activities on the campus and is still giving birth to new ideas and new implementation of those ideas. After 154 years the Senate continues to stand as a labora- tory for practical experience in the art of public speaking, in leadership, and in the use of Parliamentary Law. This year the emphasis has been on the renovation of the Senate Hall. Former Senators from many parts of the state and country have helped to insure the successful completion of the two-year-old program. Next year should see the senate hall furnished with fifty new chairs and desks and a lovely wall-to- wall carpet. Officers for the year are Bob Clampitt, President ; Gene Cook, President Pro-Tem; Ed Smith, Critic; Heath Carriker, Clerk; Jim Maynard, Treasurer; Gerald Parker, Sergeant-at-Arms. BOB CLAMPITT President Dialectic Senate First Rotv, Left to Right: Heath Carriker, Gerald Parker, Ed Smith, Bob Clampitt, Jim Maynard, Bob Smith, Gene Cook. Second Rotv: Bill Walker, John Schnorrenberg, Ken Penegar, Fred Coker, Wayne Thompson, Tom Alexander, Sid Thompson. Third Rote: John Sullivan, Charlotte Davis. Dave Woodruff. Dick M ;Lean, Toby Selby, Gina Campbell. Tom Sully. Page 226 J. ALBERT HOUSE Speaker Founded in 1795, the first year of the University, the Phi As- sembly is one of the oldest and most renowned debating socie- ties of its kind in the nation. Famous not only for its lead in debating, the Phi is also a workshop for the mastering of parliamentary procedure and the elements of government. It is a training ground for many of the leatlers of the University, state, and nation and from its halls have gone many governors of North Carolina, a ' ice-pre8ident of the United States, many Congressmen and Senators, ambassadors, and cabinet members. In the words of alumnus William B. Umstead, " ' It is here in the Phi that students find that spark of leadership. " Notable among the contributions of the Phi to the student body have been the initiation of student government, the Honor Code, the endowment of the Library, and New East Building. Dedicated to Virtue, Liberty, and Science and the interchange of free thought and opinion, it is open to every student of the llniversity and is an integral part of the Carolina heritage. The oflicers of the Phi this year were: Speaker, J. Albert House; Speaker Pro-Tem, Robert Pace; Parlia- mentarian, Sol Cherry; Clerk, James Fouts; Critic, D. Kent Jackson; Treasurer, Franz Roberts; and Sergeant-at-Arnis, Robert Gorham. Philanthropic Assembly First Row. Left to Right: Jake Roberts. Franz Roberts, Sol Cherrj, J. Albert House, Bob Pace, Bob Gorham, Jim Fouts. Second Rotv: Ham Horton, Dave Kerley, Jim Dave, Ann Wilmouth, Fred Crawford, Richard lobst, Don Sherry • Third Rote: Dick Bradshaw, Wade Matthews, Phin Horton, Bob Dave, Ed Bottoms, W. T. Hough, Kent Jackson • Fourth Rote: Allen Inglesby, Sydney Shuford, Russ Cowell. Bill West, Richard Charnock, Marion Benfield, John Poindexter, Art Rowe. Page 227 Carolina Forum As far as Student Government goes, the Carolina Foriini is comparatively new. In the three short years since its origin, the Carolina Forum has achieved wonderful success. The Forum ' s primary service consists of bringing outstanding speakers of national and worldwide importance to address the students. In the past few years the Forum has procured such prominent speakers as Senator Robert Taft, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, and governors of several states. Last year, under chairman Bob Evens, the Forum experienced its greatest success in bringing to Carolina General Mark W. Clark, Leverett Saltonstall, Edward R. Murrow, and General Omar Bradley. With the invaluable assistance of President Gordon Gray, the Carolina Forum hopes to procure such men as Senators Estes Kefauver and Bryan McMahon, Averill Harriman, James Webb, President James B. Conant of Harvard Universitv, and others. First Row : Bob Pace, Ken Penegar Secoiul Row: Tomniv Sumner Carolina Political fJnioii Carolina Political Union First Row. Left to Right : Bob Thontason y ice-Chairman Tommy Sumner Chairman Wvnian Richardson Treasurer Second Row: Bob Pact- John Sullivan David Kerley Don Sherry Third Row: Allan Inglesby Nat McGruder Gene Gibson The Independent Coed Board is a new organiza- tion, set up in the spring of 1951, to effect the principle that, through an organization, the independent coeds might find opportunity for the development of social, civic, and intellectual interests. Independent Coed Board First Row, Left to Right: Mary Anderson Martha Byrd Peggy Fox Second Rote: Pat Griffin Marilyn Hunt Rosa Lee Brake Peggy O ' Neal Third Row: Martha Ann Smith Rachael Williams Peggy Eldridge Norma King Independent Coed Board Page 220 Baptisit Student ITition First Roiv. Left to Right: Carroll Taylor, Shirley Gee, Howard Tickle, BiU Cash, Barbara Cline, Olela Muller, Juaiiita Childers • Second Row: Charles Hayes, Alva Stewart, Jini DeBruhl, Gray Whitly, Don Hill, Maurice Caiiiiaday, Lewis Phillips • Third Row: Bob Thomason, Pebly Barrow, Betty Sparks, Carl Cox, John Poindexter, Nancy Green, Jack Friday, Mary Vinson • Fourth Rotv: Keith Fulbright, Edlyn Freerks, Dowd Davis, J. C. Herrin, Donald T. Davis, Charles E. Cain. Serving more than one thousand Baptist students on campus, the Baptist Student Union promotes many activities designed to encourage Christian education and spiritual growth. This program in- cludes morning worship. Church school, Sunday night supper forums, noonday devotionals, council meetings, and socials. J. C Herrin is student chaplain, and Bill Cash served as president this year. The Canterbury Club is a Sunday night supper group sponsored by the Episcopal Church. The picture at the left shows the group supper meeting before an address by the Reverend Covell of South- ern Pines. Such speakers are often heard at Canter- bury Club. Canterbury Club Page 230 Hillel Foundation The B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation was organized tMenly-eight years ago by the B ' nai B ' rith, the largest Jewish service organi- zation in the country. There are now 200 Hillel units serving Jewish students throughout the United States, Canada, Cuba, and Israel. i0 2 THEODORE FRANKEL President The Foundation attempts to meet the religious, cultural, social, and vocational needs of the Jewish students on campus. Activities include religious services, exhibits, forums, classes, dances, vocational information, and projects of an interfaith nature. Hillel is a democratic organization. The program is determined by the Cabinet and by the various committees, through which the students participate in the organization. The Hillel Foundation thus helps train the students for leadership in the Jewish and the general community. President for this year is Ted Frankel. First Rote, Left to Right: Rabbi Perliuan, Saralyn Bonowitz, Linda Smith, Theodore Frankel Mel Schwartz, Harry Lerner, Eugene Oberdorfer. Lewis Ripps, John Cronson, Hilbert Leviu. • Second Row: Leon Eplan, Page 231 The Young Women ' s Christian Association on the Carolina campus is an ever-growing, working or- ganization with nieml)ers engaged in many activi- ties, fulfilling a three-fold purpose: To seek to know God; to understand Jesus and follow Him — To unite in a desire to realize a full and creative college life — To determine to have a part in making this life possihle for all people. Organized on campus in 1937, the YWCA is now composed of over 500 members, and has two Executive Council First Row. Left to Right: Adair Beasley, Carolina Has iiiger, Secotid Row: Fraiikie Strosnider, Jane Piper, Betty Rav, Joan Charles. Young Women si BETTY RAY President Membership Council First Row, Left to Right: B. J. Morris Owen Gore Mildred Hancock Kitty Campbell Second Rote: Mel Stribling Jean Stockton Caroline Hassinger Chairman Jean Caldwell Kathy Oates Third Rote: Rosemary Cartniel Pat King Marilyn Habel Jean Stone Claire Weissinger Judy Patton Marv Nell Boddie Page 232 iiry Board First Rote, Left to Right: Gav Currie, Janie Piper, Betty Ray, Sarah Dicker Eiiiiis • Second Roic: Mr. Bernard Bovd, Miss Bernadine Sullivan, Mrs. R. L. Wettach, Mrs. Frank Hanft • Third Rote: Dr. Claiborne S. Jones, Mrs. R. B. House, Mary Nell Boddie, Mrs. William C. Friday • Fourth Rote: Mr. Fred Weaver, Dr. Syd Alexander. full-time directors. Each of the twenty-three com- mittees carries out a program within one of the YWCA divisions: Christian Faith and Heritage, Personal and Campus Affairs, Social Responsihility, and World Relatedness. General Association meetings and retreat con- ferences are held often ; while IMemhership Council and Cabinet, composed of officers and committee heads, meet every week to discuss business and programs. Worship, work, and play are the YWCA ' s part at Carolina. Chrisitian Ass oeiation YWCA Cabinet First Rote, Left to Right : Peggy Keith Mel Stribling Betty Ray Jackie Bunipous Jane Jenkins Helen Brundage Second Rote: Jane Piper Jacque Quesenbery Mary Keefe Jean Stone Sandy Jamison Nancy Nunez Gay Currie Third Rote: Ann Street Betty Reese Mike Green Peggy Brown Barbara Chantler Joan Charles Gloria Farnell Mary Nell Boddie Frankie Strosnider Fourth Rote: Sarah Dickey Ennis Jane Frieze Caroline Hassingcr Jane Mavre Marilyn Walker Gwen Gore Adair Beasley Patty Starr Page 233 Y. M. C. A. The Young Men ' s Christian Association is one of Carolina ' s most venerahle organizations. Estal)lishecl in 1858, it is the third ohiest student YMCA in the country. This Christian Association is a fellowship of students, faculty, and friends interested in jleveloping mature (Christian faith. It is non- denominational, inter-collegiate, international, and all-inclusive in niemhership. It carries on services and activities which enable men to grow in understanding, responsibility, and leadership, and to apply their Christian insights to the problems of per- sonal and group work. Some of its activities for 1951-52 include Freshman Camp, speakers, house and dorm discussions, con- ferences, deputations, Bible study, educational movies, social services, faculty-student relations, conference on courtship and marriage, sponsoring of two D. P. students, help with the World Student Service Fund, a clothing drive, and working with the Inter-faith Council. Other services include the publication of the Carolina Handbook, the Student Directory, and conducting a Lost and Found Bureau and an Information Center. The Y has three very able staff members. Claude Shotts, General Secretary, and John Riebel, Associ- ate Secretary, spend much of their time in counseling students, committee chairmen, and the leaders of various campus organizations. Irene McDonald is the Y ' s very competent and likable office secretary. YMCA Cabinet First Rote. Left to Right: Ed Mcleod, John Colson. Burton Rights. Bill Burkholder. Bill Hogshead, Gil Marsh. Bill Brown. Tom Sully • Secoiifl Row: James Shotts. Howard Tickle, G. H. Hill, Jr., Bill Wolff. Jack Prince, Sidney Hart, Jr., Raeford Pugh • Third Row: Mr. John Reibel, Hugh Cole, Jack Becker, Bob Pace, Bob Johnson, Mr. Claude Shotts. BILL HOGSHEAD President Page 234 Carolina Quarterly TED DuVAL Editor JOAN ERSKINE Associate Editor JIM DALGHERTY Business Manager This year the Carolina Quarterly, in its fourth year of publication, appeared with a new emphasis, the emphasis on student participation. Under the able editorship of Ted DuVal, the magazine became a valuable literary outlet for the students, representing the creative arts of the University. Beginning in the fall quarter, the staff sought to increase circulation among students through an extensive publicity campaign and subscription drive. And with the success of this venture the Quarterly maintained a high degree of student interest throughout the year with lively issues reflecting the creative abilities of the contributors. The well co-ordinated staff became a body of hard-working individuals interested in the magazine as a student workshop serving the literary interests of not only the University, but also of the state itself. First Rote, Left to Right: Charlotte Davis, Nela Whitty, Joan Erskine, Barbara Hulse. Second Row: Arthur Cogswell, Bill Watt, Ted DuVal, Scott Skinner, Jack Montgomerv, John McKey, II • Third Row: Paul Chase, Tom Lloyd, Frank Moore, Jim Daugherty. Page 235 IVews Departnienl Staff First Row: Bob Colbert, Walt Dear, Diaii MoConib, Beverly Baylor, Associate Editor; Nancy Burgess, Betty Jean Schoeppe, Eddie Starnes • Second Rote: Bill Scarborough, Tom McDonald, Hank Isaacson, Pebley Barrow, Joe Raff • ISot Pictured: Al Perry, Associate Editor; Tommy Peacock, Alva Stewart, Betty Kirby, Wood Smethurst, Bob Wilson, Vardy Buckalew. Dail Tar Heel GLENN ABBOTT HARDEN Editor-in-Chief The South ' s oldest college daily can claim three firsts for this year ' s editions. For the first time, due to a serious lack of funds, The Daily Tar Heel came out regularly in a five column hy 16 inch tabloid size. In spite of space limitations, it continued to be a reliable news source for its readers, the state dailies, and the national wire services. BRUCE MELTON Managing Editor Editor Glenn Harden served as the first female chief except for two partial terms of women during the man shortage of World War II. This year ' s pint-sized example of power of the press was printed on a modern stereotype press in- stead of the outmoded flatbed for the first time in its history. As a result, the time cosumed in the printing process was halved. " Old Mats and Gauge " Bruce Melton as manag- ing editor held the reins on makeup and judged the news that was fit to print. As his assistant. News Editor David Buckner saw to it that the news was covered and was in on time to meet the deadlines. Sports Editor Bill Peacock and his staff of sports saw to it that Carolina and Big Four athletics were recorded for both today ' s readers and for posterity. Business Manager Oliver Watkins had to wear kid gloves to soothe a financial tempest. With a lot of midnight oil he saw to it that ends met and that there was still enough moola left over to produce a top notch sheet. Advertising Manager Marie Cos- tello and her staff did their best to keep as steady as possible a flow of cash coining in to him. Associating with the editor were Beverly Baylor and Al Perry to comment and interpret the news in the editorial page. Adding color to the pages was Feature Editor Walt Dear who gave the inside poop on everything from tobacco stems to Confederate flags. Society Editor Mary Nell Boddie and Assistant Society Editor Nancy Burgess sacrificed their fin- gernails to the typewriter in order that dorms as well as fraternities should catch their share of the social limelight. Making sure that no one was left out on DTH circulation were Circulation Manager Neil Cadieu and Subscription Manager Chase Ambler. Business Department Staff First Row: Chase Ambler Jim Sehenck Marie Costello Second Rote: Judy Taylor Richard Adelsheini Flossie Kerves Wallace Pridgen Gerry Miller OLIVER WATKINS Business Manager Seated: Mary INell Boddie, Society Editor Standing, Left to Right: Bill Peacock, Sports Editor; Dave Buckner, News Editor Yackety Yack The final production of the Yttckety Yack is the result of the co-ordinated efforts of many people. The hulk of the original work rests upon the student staff, with co-operation from the student hody at large. To the section editors and general staff goes most of the credit for the smooth functioning this year of a stepped-up schedule. And also to he recognized are the many who typed the white photo cards during the class picture taking phase in the early part of the fall quarter; those who helped the editors type copy; and the many who just ran the miscellaneous errands which were so indispen- sable. A special vote of thanks should be given to staffers Daisy Wade, who sketched the new line cuts of the houses for some of the fraternities and sororities, and to Joel Fleishman, who couldn ' t make it for the general staff picture. The big problem of communication to the Carolina campus was less- ened through the assistance of the publication down the hall. The Daily Tar Heel, which ran announcements, stories and features for us, plus the work of Joan King and Bish Fox on the posters stating shooting schedules and advertising the Beauty Contest. Although this yearbook is predominantly a student-run publication, ideas, suggestions, constructive criticism, or just sympathetic listening to an editor ' s problems come from many now non-student areas. 1951 Editor-in-Chief Jim Mills contributed advice on technicalities and the gentle art of finesse, while 1951 Production Co-ordinator Charlie Fox offered ideas on organization of staff and material. Director of Graham Memorial Bill Roth was the epitome of patience when the Yack monopolized the use of Roland Parker Lounge Number 3 for an extra month, and he just recently has been instrumental in obtaining new furniture for the office which will facilitate the cramped working quarters. Ray Jeffries of the Dean of Students Office added his bit in helping to cor- relate names with the faces, faces and more faces in the group pictures and by furnishing information about this Greater University at Chapel Hill. The constructive criticism and assistance from Mr. " Spike " Saunders of the Alumni Office and from Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson of Raleigh are greatly appreciated, as are the efforts of the University News Bureau; Irene McDonald of the YMCA; and the Caro- lina Coffee Shop and N. C. Cafeteria in displaying the afore- mentioned posters. In Chapel Hill the ideas are formulated ; a dummy embody- ing these ideas in rough form is worked up, torn up, worked over and changed again to " fit the pictures. " In the fall the photographers from Waller and Smith in Raleigh sit around from Monday through Wednesday waiting for students to come in for their sittings; they stand up all Thursday and Friday shooting pictures when the Tar Heels roll in. Mr. Fay Smith sends the ordered glossies and then most kindly rushes over the extra unordered glossies for that last minute. The details of write-ups, pictures, identification, and typed copv are periodically finallv pulled together. And then it ' s all packed neatly in an 11 x 14 package and sent with our blessings to Charlotte where the men behind the scenes. Price Coursey of the Charlotte Engraving Company and Frank Fleming of the Lassiter Corporation take over. The Kings- port Press, Inc., produces the covers, and the Carolina Ruling and Binding Co. puis it all together. It has been done before sixty-one times. This is the sixty- second time. And volume sixty-three is on its way. SUE LINDSEY Editor-in-Chief BILL NEELY Managing Editor CL.4Y JOHNSON Business Manager " One for the Yack, two for me, one for the Yack, two for . . . " Page 238 Jackie Bumpous Organizations Editor Bill Hood Senior Editor Bob Colbert Freshman Editor Hugh Gale Art Editor Martha Caldwell Honoraries and Professional Fraternities Editor THE GENERAL STAFF Standing: Gene Hafer Left to Right: Mary Elizabeth Rogers, Nancy Adar, Helen Gustafson, Betty Rose. The Friday afternoon last day for senior pictures line. And it was! 1 Sl ' , Jim Ryan Fraternity Editor Helen Kelly Graduate and Professional Schools Editor Tom McDonald Associate Graduate and Professional Schools Editor Hal Ward Circulation Edita John Jackson Junior Editor Sue Burress Jerry Potts Sorority Editor Sophomore Editor Page 239 MARGARET FISLER Photographer IS " Say it with pictures ' " has become more and more through the years the trend in yearbook format. Con- sequently, the photographer or photographers have be- come an increasingly important and integral part of an annual staff. Most of the photography in this 1952 edition of the Yackety Yack, with the exceptions of the class pictures by Waller and Smith Studios and the portraits of the Beauty Court and Queen by Francis Lavergne Johnson, was done by the five people shown on this page. Pictures for the Yack scheduled through the non- profit University owned and operated Photo Lab were assigned to IJNC students Margaret Fisler and Norman Hull-Ryde. Norm, a native of Gastonia, North Carolina, has been taking pictures for the lab for a year and a half. Margaret, a graduate of A.S.T.C. in Boone, North Carolina, and the Progressive School of Photography in New Haven, Connecticut, did free lance and magazine and newspaper photography before coming to Chapel Hill. Jim (Big Lens) Mills, combination photographer- editor for the Yack of last year, made his contribution of pictures taken during the spring and summer of ' 51 to the ' 52 Yack before he joined the Air Force to swap his photographic career for flying. Bill Neely, operating in the dual functions of Yack Managing Editor and Photographer, is the Rolleiflex fan in the lot. After working overtime shooting pictures. Bill trekked to his darkroom in Durham to develop his negatives and then trekke l l ack to Chapel Hill with the prints to " make that deadline. " Rufiin Woody of Roxboro, North Carolina, the fresh- man of the photographic staff, sweated out the fall quarter with a heavy schedule of group pictures for the yearbook and football photos for both the Yack and the DTH. plus the job of going to school. Contrary to the lower left shot. Woody operates a Speed Graphic. Credit lines also go to Bill Gulley for some of the basketball shots; to Harris and Ewing for the portrait of Gordon Gray; and to the Asheville Citizen and the Durham Sun for some football game shots. JIM MILLS RUFFIN WOODY NOMMW III 1 l-RYDE BILL NEELY Banararies €Mnd M rafessianaE FrtBternities Phi Beta Kappa EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE George Elton Cox Edgar Love. Ill Joint Presidents Wade Melbry Brannan, Jr. James Herbert Melntyre Vice-Presiden t Recording Secretary Dr. Ernest Lloyd Maokie Corresponding Secretary -Treasurer Chanrellor R. B. House Dr. A. C. Howell Dean C. P. Spruill MEMBERS INITIATED MAY 16, 1951 JUNIORS Kirby Pardee Ambler, Edward Heathcliff Austin, Carl Simp- son Baxter, Ruffin Wilkerson Blaylock, Robert Griffin Brame, Wade Melbry Brannan, Jr., Lewis Rose Chapman, Jr., Lee Andrew Clark, Jr., Irvin Marvin Cohen, Edward Sanderlin Coley, George Elton Cox, Robert William Davidson, John Denham, Griggs Cameron Diekson, Godfrey Ervin Dix- on, Charles Council Dudley, Jr., Presley Zachary Dunn, Jr., Frank John Eckert, Robert Mayer Evans, Barry Morton Farber, Fred Lee Garner, Robert Edward Goodman, William Orndoff Headlee, William Coffeen Hohon, William Mo- Clure Hooke, James Albert House, Jr., Ivar Alex Johnson, Dean Cicero Jones, Jr., Robert Calhoun Jordan, Jr., Joseph Jay Kline, William Valentine Ledford, William Lord Lon- don, IV, Edgar Love, III, James Herbert Melntyre, William Woodard McLendon, Robert Lee Marks, Donald Myron Mendel, Allan Francis Milledge, Andrew Cleveland Miller, III, Stewart Lee Mooring, Frank Davis Nelson, Roderick MacLatchie Nicol, William Henry Piner, William Frank Redding, III, Milburn McGarvey Respess, Burton Jones Rights, Harold Pou Roberts, Blackwell Sawyer, Jr., Robin Jerome Scroggs, Joel Herbert Siegel, Lewis Alexander Sikes, Herbert Henry Sims, Thomas Warwick Steed, Jr., Henry F ' aunded 17 7G A.ipha Chapter af JVarih CiBralina Louis Stephenson, Jr., Robert Louis Strickland, John Aloy- sius Sullivan, Jesse Thomas Terrell, Jerome Constantine Thompson, David Ronald Tillev, George Reginald Tucker, Jr., Woodward White Williams, Jr., Robert Sessoms Wilson, James Wilson Gibbon Woolcott. SENIORS William Henry Aldridge, Jr., Jean Clay Bloom, Joseph Francis Centrone, Samuel Murrow Downs, Barbara E. Drag- one, Patrick Francis Earey, Mary Scott Everett, Orion Townsend Finklea, Margaret Blanche Garrett, Helen Bell George, Lucinda Gibson, Margaret Darden Gwaltney, Jack Walker Hopkins, Miriam Rosamonde Jones, Wilnia Jane Jones, Anne Marian Lide, Claude Eugene McKinney, John David McLawhorn, Jr., Bernice Shirley Margol, Phillis Ann Miller, Rachel Ann Miller, Tiny Marguerite Morrow, Nina Pape Norvell, Julia Kinsley Richardson Palmer, William Weaver Rhodes, Joyce Frances Rickert, Ruth Clark Saun- ders, Grevilda Wilhelmina Snider, Mary Spainhour, John Howard Sumner, Frances Virginia Sweat, Ralph Milboume Thurlow, Carolyn Barbara Whipple, Martha Caroline Whit- ney, Phillip Adger Williams, Marie Cowie Withers. MEMBERS INITIATED DECEMBER 5, 1951 Julian Sheppard Albergotti, Jr., Claude Alton Barnhill, Lewis Forman Camp, Jr., Heath Harding Carriker, Thomas Edison Castelloe, Roy Clinton Corderman, Jr., David Wil- liam Darr, Walter Edward Deyton, Thomas Elmer Ennis. Jr.. Daniel Jack Gore, Jr., Francis Weatherly Green, James Edwards Griffin, Jo Ann Grogan, Ruth Marie Hatch, Waver- ly Erwin Hester, Axel Werner Hoke, Charles Marion Hug- gins, Peter Kotsch Kloeppel, Harry Lerner, WUliam Henry Mallison, Van Alfon McAuley, William Norton, Lila Mills Ponder, William Edward Rutherford, Clyde Bernard Satter- white, Jr., Frederick Robert Scher, John Martin Schnorren- berg, Robert Wilson Siler, James Richard Smith, John Shelby Spong, Francis Asbury Stewart, Robert Lee Summer- lin, Wynefred Phillips Walker, George Britain Walton, Jr., Bettye Connally White, William Thomas Wolf, John Wil- liam Canada, Rosalyn Howard Gardner. 173th Anniversary OFFICERS MEL STRIBtlf C Presidenf JOAN CHARLES, Vice-President HELEN BRUNDAGE, Secretary SUE LI NDSEY, Treasurer JOYCE EVANS, Alumnae Secretary MEMBERS Jackie Bumpous Pellen Speck ■ t i Betty Ray Joan King HONORARY MEMBERS ■ ■ I Isabelle MacLeod GayCurric Elizabeth Denny Mary Frances Keftom Order of the 427 428 454 483 485 489 490 491 493 494 495 496 497 501 502 503 504 MEMBERS 1951-52 Ernest G. Crone James Clarence Wallace Richard Isley Walker John Lassiter Sanders Herbert Seawell Yates Horace Stacy nks Cooper Talley, Jr. Urban Tigner Holmes chard Hampton Jenrette William Davis Cash Richard Fry Bunting Robert Benjamin Payne James Wood Wilson Richard James Murphy Henry Taylor Vaden Larry Francis Botto Edward George Bilpuch James Herbert Mclntyre Colvin Theodore Leonard, J Robin Jerome Scroggs Allan E, Milledge William Thomas Wolf FACULTY MEMBERS Charles Phillips Russell Claude Edward Teague Edgar Ralph Rankin Robert Burton House Herman Glenn Baity Ernest Lloyd Mackie Albert McKinley Cootes Joseph Burton Linker Corydon Perry Spruill Frederick Carlysle Sheppard Earle Horace Hartsell Joseph Maryon Saunders William T. Couch Edgar Alexander Cameron Walter Smith Spearman, Jr. Gordon Gray John Tettemer O ' Neil Frederick Henry Weaver George Alexander Heard William M. Shuford Edward Sidney Lanier Hugh T. Lef ler Harry K. Russell Raymond L. Jefferies, Jr. Frank W. Hanft William Clyde Friday Robert .A. Fetzer Walter R. Berryhill William Stanley Roth ]rd Jaijies Wc jry Parker Brarlidis, J ' r pdhoiis 0vhtv of tf)e rail JAMES HERBERT MclNTYRE . JOSEPH ROBERT PRIVOTT . EDGAR LOVE, III . . . . . . Delegate . . Exchequer . . Scribe SIR KNIGHTS FrankJ.AIIstonJr. Larry F. Botto William R. Burkholder Ralph L. Craver John Denham William E.Graham, Jr. William Orndoff Headlee Hamilton Cowles Horton, Jr. J. Albert House, Jr. Robert E.Hutchinson Benjamin E.James, Jr. James Carlisle McLeod, Jr. Eugene Oberdorfer, II William S. Pregnall William S. Roth Dalton D. Ruffin Henry Allen Tate, Jr. K )t 0vUv of tfje 0[ti Wtli OFFICERS Allan Francis Milledge President Robert Moyer Evans . . ■ Vice-President Berry Morton Farber Secretary-Treasurer Ernest Lloyd Mackie Recorder CHARTER MEMBERS William Donald Carmichael, III William Robert Coulter Jesse Henry Dedmond Peter Horry Gerns Samuel Hirsch Charles Louis Johnston, Jr. Allard Kenneth Lowenstein William Ernest Mackie Basil Lamar Sherrill Donald Gray Shropshire Leonard Adolph Szafaryn Dr. Samuel Thomas Emory Dr. Ernest Lloyd Mackie Dr. William Smith Wells MEMBERS INITIATED 1951 Frank James Allston, Jr. Joseph Frederick Augustine Kyle Durland Barnes Albert Stowe Blankenship, Jr. Jean Clay Bloom William Chivous Bostic, III Larry Francis Botto Anne Logan Brewer William Jackson Brown William Cromartie Burgess Philip Edward Burkhalter Benjamin Escott James, Jr. James William Johnson Graham Eugene Jones Jay Harris Joseph Robert Edward Kaufman John Lacy Kennedy James Louis Delay Lamm John Thomas Longley Edgar Love, III James Herbert Mclntyre Dorothy Jane Manss Samuel Davis Byrd, Jr. William Davis Cash Lewis Rose Chapman, Jr. David Elwood Clinard, Jr. Richard Erie Cofield, Jr. Phyllis Costner EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE William Earl Prince Paul Alexander Roth William Chivous Bostic, III Alternates: Edgar Love, III Benjamin Escott James, Jr. MEMBERS INITIATED 1951 Erwin Martin Donziger Kathleen Davis Robert Hampton Davis, Jr. Frances Wood Drone Charles Wade Dwiggins, Jr. Frank John Eckert Robert Mayer Evans Mary Scott Everett Barry Morton Farber Charles Dunsmore Fox, III Helen Bell George Margaret Dorden Gwoltney Winifred Hoskins Harriss Benjamin Russell Harward William Orndoff Headlee Frank Cyrus Hooper Horry Hubert Horton, Jr. James Albert House, Jr. Allan Francis Milledge James Arthur Mills Warren Dole Morrison, Jr. Tiny Marguerite Morrow Charles Allon Northend Julio Kinsley Richardson Palmer Robert Benjamin Payne William Earl Prince Joseph Robert Privott William Weaver Rhoodes Henry Zone Robbins Paul Alexander Roth Judith Ann Sonford Robin Jerome Scroggs Grevildo Wilhelmina Snider John Sutton Stump Frances Virginia Sweat Anne Langdon Townsend Henry Taylor Voden Rosalie Anderson Varn Carolyn Barbara Whipple Arthur Simeon Winsor, Jr. Peggy Virginia Wood HONORARY MEMBER Robert Burton House Page 247 Beta Gaiiinia Sigma ALPHA CHAPTER OF NORTH CAROLINA Established February 20, 1933 OFFICERS T. H. CARROLL Honorary President EDGAR LOVE, III President W. A. TERRILL Secretary EDWARD S. COLEY Treasurer STUDENTS Edward H. Austin William A. Bowen Lewis R. Chapman Edward S. Coiey Robert W. Davidson Freddy L. Garner Robert E. Goodman John R. Ingram Edgar Love, III Frank D. Nelson William G. Penry Thomas W. Steed, Jr. Richard J. Tuggie Robert C. Vaughn, Jr. FACULTY J. C. D. Blaine, Ph.D. D. D. Carroll, A.M. T. H.Carroll, DCS. J. E. Dykstra, DCS. Clarence Heer, Ph.D. R. J.M. Hobbs, A.B., LLB. C. S. Logsdon, Ph.D. J. P. Maggard, Jr., M.B.A. C. H. McGregor, Ph.D. J.T. O ' Neil, Ph.D. E. E. Peacock, M.B.A.,C.P.A. G. T. Schwenning, Ph.D. W. A. Terrill, M.S. H. D. Wolf, Ph.D. J. B. Woosley, Ph.D. Beta Gamma Sigma is the national scholarship fraternity in commerce and business. Students are considered for membership who rank in the highest ten per cent of the senior class and the highest three per cent of the junior class, although the number selected is generally less. Page 248 BPPUUTJ QM UVMXJVIY TRML VREU AFHTY NVMNLKA TQBFNGV HBQ NVJR TYQZS SOLT FCH MLUA SIEI KVGW VALMAR LXII. RULERS 658 DALTON DILLARD RUFFIN . 659 JAMES W. G. WOOLLCOTT 666 CHARLES A. BORDA, III . 669 THOMAS C.COXE, III . 676 WILLIAM G. QUARLES SUBJECTS 174 Archibald Henderson 241 Joseph G. deR. Hamilton 255 Frank Porter Graham 315 Robert Wettach 319 William W. Pierson 331 Thomas Felix Hickerson 343 Dudley Dewitt Carroll 349 William Donald Carmichael 373 Allen Wilso n Hobbs 385 Robert Edwin Koker 405 Charles S. Mangum, Jr. 417 George Coffin Taylor 439 J. Penrose Harland 442 Robert Burton House 444 Gordon Gray 490 Fletcher Melvin Green 546 Harry Russell 634 Lyman A. Cotton 653 Thorne Gregory 658 Dalton Dillard Ruffin 659 James W. G. Woolcott 661 Edgar Rutherford Beatty 662 Sydenham B. Alexander 663 Frank W. Klingberg 664 Henry W. Lewis 665 Robert B. Lindsey 666 Charles A. Borda, III 668 Rodney L. McKnight 669 Thomos C. Coxe, III 670 Robert S. Webb, Jr. 671 Charles L. Haywood 672 John Huske, Jr. 673 Benson R. Wilcox 674 Michael C. Carver 675 Richard Brooke Lowson, Jr. 676 William G. Quarles 677 James H. M. Thorp 678 Herbert R. Boer 679 George D. Penick 680 Robert Arthur Spaugh Order of The Minatauris OFFICERS BENSON R, WILCOX President BIFF ROBERTS Vice-President ROBERTS. WEBB, JR Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS A. Chase Ambler Newton B. Berkley Edgar Betty Ladson Boyle Jock Brinson Z, Creighton Brinson Francis Clarkson, Jr. Thomas Coxe, J r. James F. Davenport, Jr. Marsdende Rossett William S. Evans, Jr. Jacob Froelich, Jr. Robert L. Gibbon, II Charles L Haywood Charles B. C Holt Frank L Hood, 111 John Huske, Jr. James F. Hurley, III M. Garland Johnson Bill Landers John M. McCollam J. Alex McMillan, III Richard Penegor Dan Perry Ely Perry, Jr. James S. Reuning Da I ton Ruff in Charles P. Scott Kenneth R. Smith, Jr. James Thorp James G. F. Whitton A. Rex Willis Charles M. Winston Page 250 Olnrnnn Mmh 2In gp JACOB H. FROELICH, JR. PRINCEPS JAMES S. REUNING QUAESTOR GEORGE S. BLACKWELDER, JR. SCRIPTOR FACULTY MEMBERS Nicholson B. Adorns Walter R. Berryhill James B. Bullitt Keener C. Frozer Louis Graves Edward McG. Hedgepeth Urban T. Holmes W. Dougold MacMillon Roland P. McClamrock JohnT. O ' Neil ACTIVE MEMBERS George S. Blackwelder, Jr. Z. Creighton Brinson Lewis A. Brown James C. Cowan Lawrence E. Earley ACTIVE MEMBERS Paul B. Edmundson Jacob H. Froelich, Jr. William H. Fulwiler M. Garland Johnson Robert H. Koonts Cecil A. Pless, Jr. James S. Reuning Barksdale F. Roberts DalmaW. Uzzlejr. Alexander S. Watkins, Jr. Page 231 66 13 ' Club Roster 1951-52 DICK THOMPSON President Jim Montgomery William Hollingsworth Pete Alexander N ick Hart Julian McGee Hubert Tolson Boo Boyer Sam McNinch, III Julius Green David Darr Frank Daniels Tommy Stokes Lawrence Thorp Herbert Thorp Sam Jordan Daniel Cole John Sealy Herb Howell Ray Deal Hilliard Staton JIM FERREE Vice-President Tommy Rogers Ben Lackey Charlie Trent Jones York Herbert Spaugh Jack Stoughton Pat Thomas Jim Bertron Bill Hedrick Larry Early Bryant Hare Garland Homes Joe Nelson Jack Borden Gene Hardin George Evans Dave Kelly Bev Warner Woody Fearing GEORGE FREEMAN Secretary-Treasurer J. C. Evans Barney Boardman Scotty Cramer John Gold George Montcastle John Wettoch Bill Williamson Kay Lewis Wray Farlow Jim Cowon Roddy Dowd Brack Matthews Pete Parker Bob Snow Seth Bostick Paul Edmondson Spencer Gregory Swain Stephenson Ed Haines Bill Cheshire Page 252 Order of the Sheiks CLEMENT G. WRIGHT CARTWRIGHT CARMICHAEL WILLIAM L HILL V. S. K. Jim Adams Charlie Oldridge Bill Black George Blackwelder Sam BIythe Bill Bostic Dave Brenegar Don Carmichael Don Carroll Joe Cloud Jimmy Craig Rennie Cuthbertson Fred Cutts David Dowdy Will Feltus MEMBERS George Freeman Jim Glover Tom Gregory Thorne Gregory Curtis Harper Tom Hill Earl Johnson Dick Kane Roger Kingsbury Gene Lyons Bill McKay Tommy Pace Bill Patterson Howard Penton Dick Pillsbury Cecil Piess Sidney Proctor Joe Ragsdale Charlie Sawyer Jim Schenck Webb Sherrill Wood Smethurst Duffield Smith Stanley Sturm Jimmy Vance Charlie Watkins Randy Watson Henry V. P. Wilson Jimmy Woollcott Page 253 Alpha Phi Omega First Row: Joe Arnold, Myron Banks, Bob Blanton, Gene Cain. Second Rote: Lewis Camp, Wade Coleman, Joe Dail, Bob Farmer. Third Roiv: Jim Grimes, Bill Hogshead, Thornton Long, Henry Lowet. Fourth Row: T. V. Lyon, Bruce Marger, Herb Pendergraph, Bill Roth. Fifth Row: Al Rumbough, Bob Sapp, Bill Wood, Mel Woodford. Sixth Row: Harry Young, Jerry Wagger. Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity, was founded in 1925 at Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsyl- vania. Rho Chapter, numbering seventeenth among the more than 200 chapters, was chartered here on May 19, 1930. and was reacti- vated after the war in 1949. Alpha Phi Omega engages in projects of worthwhile service to the campus, the community, and the nation. A few of the useful activities engaged in by Rho Chap- ter were aid to handicapped stu- dents, help to the Blood Bank, first- aid booths at the football games. Parents ' Day and the reactivation of Battle Park picnic grounds. OFFICERS Jerry Shuping President Joe Arnold 1st Vice-President Thornton Long 2nd Vice-President Al Rumbough Recording Secretary George Rodgers Treasurer Page 254 Alpha Epsilon Delta The National Chapter of Alpha Ep- silon Deha established the North Carolina Beta Chapter of this hon- orary pre-medical society at the University of North Carolina on March 25, 1936. Since that date the local chapter has been active as a guiding group to interested pre- medical students. It has helped to give these students an insight into the problems and philosophy of a medical career. By the presentation of guest speakers from the various phases of the medical profession, visits to hospitals, and similar activ- ities, the chapter has endeavored to bridge the gap between the Pre- Medical School and the School of Medicine. OFFICERS Walter Linville President Mark Roberts Vice-President John Rieker Secretary-Treasurer Alpha Epsilon Delta First Rote: Claude A. Barnhill, Juris Bergmanis, Coleman Brantley. Second Rote: Daniel W. Davis, Charles Fowler, Walter Linville, Jr. Third Row: Clifton G. Payne, Joe Iverson Riddle, Mark W. Roberts. Fourth Row: Robert Rollins, W. Wallace White. Page 255 Kappa Psi OFFICERS Alec W. Clelland Charles D. Blanton Waller Stephen PerroM- Rowe B. Camphell Earl T. Brown Sani Thorne Huhert N. Rogers I. W. Rose Regent Vice-Regent Secretary Treasurer Historian Chaplain Pledgeniaster Faculty Advisor HISTORY Founded at Medical College of Virginia in 1879. Beta Xi Chapter founded at V. N. C. in 1915. Colors : Scarlet and Cadet (irey Flower: Red Carnation Publication: The Mask Purpose: To stimulate interest in the profession of pharmacy among men of outstanding character, integrity, and scholarship. Through education and fraternal spirit, we endeavor to equip our men with a well-rounded background to serve the profession to the maximum ad- vantage of both the public and ourselves. After spending a most enjoyable vaca- tion, all the Kappa Psi ' s journeyed toward Chapel Hill and found themselves in a new location at 117 West Rosemary Street. After a week or so of renovation, our new house appeared to be in a liv- able condition — with each brother ' s helping hand. On our agenda for the year 1951-52 were many varied activities; rushing, smokers, alumni " get-togethers, " Christ- mas Party, Pledge Dance, initiation for new members, participation in intra- mural sports, NCPA, and Senate pro- grams, and finally the long awaited Phar- macy Week-end. Before we realized it. June bad rolled around and found us cramming for Spring quarter exams. Some of the brothers left Chapel Hill for another Summer ' s experience in that old pre- scription department, but the serious minded seniors could be found in Chapel Hill " burning the midnight oil " in prep- aration for the State Board Examination. Good Luck, Brothers! Pag( 256 First Rote: Leron Dale Adams, Joseph Furman Bland, Charles Donald Blanton, Jr., Edward Luther Bradshaw, Jr., Robert Timothy Brht, Earl Triplett Brown • Second Rote: Thomas Reeves Burgiss, Loy Ray Burris, Jr., Rowe Bogle Campbell, Jr., Leo Harrison Carter, Alec W. Clelland, Harold Vann Day • Third Row: Millard Dalton Denson, Junious Franklin Fergu- son, Jr., Lewis Mouchet Ferguson, James Hugh Fletcher, Calvin Moore Floyd, Jr., John Paul Friday • Fourth Row: William L. Frostick, Jerry Thomas Gaylord, Eugene Walden Hackney. Dellon Graham King, Thomas Francis Kostic, Benjamin Kater Mobley • Fifth Row: Billy R. Murray, Walter Stephen Perrow, Samuel Howard Price, Jr., James Clark Robinson, Jr., Hubert Newton Rogers, Jr., Gilbert Clark Russell • Sixth Row: John Marshall Sasser, Ralph Wright Smith, Jr., Robert G. Smith. James Ambler Speight, Samuel Thomas Thorne, Harry Wilson Tiraberlake, Joseph Graham White • Members not Pictured: Clarence Graham Fisher, James Simpson Greene, Emory Milner Watson. Page 257 Alpha Kappa Pisi Alpha Kappa Psi — founded on October 5, 1904, at New York University, New York City — is the first and ohlest commerce fraternity in the United States today. Chap- ters have since been established only in those schools which have been highly ac- credited in the fields of commerce. Our chapter, Alpha Tau, was first installed at Carolina on February 18, 1925; and after being dormant since 1933, it was reacti- vated on November 7, 1948, and has since attained a high rank among all chapters in the nation. We, the members of the Alpha Tau Chap- ter of Alpha Kappa Psi, have made it our task to further the individual welfare of each member by the association of our mutual helpfulness and common interest in the fields of business administration. It has been our utmost desire to better ourselves through an exchange of ideas and through a knowledge of commerce so that we may become professionally improved and better able to fit into the mold of the business world. In order to accomplish this task, we gather in our meetings not only to acquaint ourselves in social activities but also to achieve, always in the spirit of a common profession, a more implicit and exact per- ception of our future. This attainment shall not be a personal accomplishment, l)ut one which shall foster scientific research in the fields of l)usiness, one which shall educate the public to appreciate and demand a more compelling and a more honest busi- ness world, one which shall promote all students who seek to obtain degrees in business administration. With these pur- poses and ideals in mind, we shall continue to direct all of our actions in the advance- ment of a belter and more cooperative world of business. OFFICERS John E. Flood, Jr. President Jack S. IVIoss Vice-President Lawrence Egerlon, Jr. Secretary Dale Rosenblatt Treasurer Page 258 First Rote. Left to Right: William Frederick Black, Charles I. Bridger, Janie N. Browne, III, Joseph Callahan, James T. Campbell. James H. Conoly • Second Rotv: Joseph B. Cox, James Dave, Robert Dave, Bobby L. Deal, Marx H. Deal, Lawrence Egerton • Third Row: John E. Flood, William G. Friddle, Jr., Robert S. Green, Joseph E. Hamrick, William Paul Holt, Jr., Ronald B. Jones • Fourth Rotv: Harvey W. Layton, Jr., Marvin D. Lovins, Frederick R. Mauney, Jack S. Moss, Louis Rabil, James W. Rose, Dale J. Rosenblatt • Fifth Row: Robert Sapp, Robert Arthur Spaugh, Jerome C. Thompson, Oliver T. Watkins, Edward W. Webster. Robert L. York, Wil- liam York. m h Page 259 Delta Sigma Pi OFFICERS Richard D. Hart Richard A. Sheets J. G. McNeil Philip R. Cree Thomas L. Jetton Ralph D. Waddell Herman F. Preston Headmaster Chancellor Senior W arden Junior W arden Scribe Treasurer Historian Faculty Members C. H. McGregor H. D. Wolf M. S. Heath G. L. Sehwenning Clarence Heer John T. O ' Neil C. S. Logsdon R. P. Calhoon J. B. Woosley G. A. Barrett T. H. Carroll H. H. Mitchell J. C. D. Blaine Alspaugh off with the " cats " on another date ... Ed off to Asheville . . . " -BB " our big problem . . . " Bashfur ' Al off to the " Springs " . . . " Lover " Burton bird- dogging again . . . Paul and those account- ing blues . . . Theodore and the black bear off to Raleigh . . . " Hank " from Milwaukee, he should know . . . Jim has that red con- vert on the run . . . " PC " making tracks as he goes . . . E. C. T. C. Bill off again . . . Jerry the sly fox . . . Garner joins the chain gang . . . " GG " from Fupex down near Aquay Springs . . . " Frathead " Hart off to the Angle Farm . . . " Hut " and his many jobs . . . C. J. ponders the mystery . . . " Sinbad " wants a date . . . " Zeke " looking for Everette Dorm . . . The " Third " drops in for a chat . . . " Goat " goes overboard for " Truehots " . . . " Old Reliable " Lowe flies in from Roanoke . . . " Ace " Martin looks at a few . . . " Papa " Mac and his little rose bud of Delta Sig . . . Dan says good- night to everyone . . . Don gets those points . . . " Romeo " Neese off to Greensboro . . . Page off to Hill Top . . . " Brains " always looking for an out . . . Pres plays those blues . . . " Tubby " Sheets and those Oak Avenue blues . . . Wally mixes a coke . . . Tuggle entertains the Student . . . " Wad- dle " and his rubber legs . . . Al Wellons, the cabbage-patch kid. Page 260 First Row: Thomas M. Alspaugh, W. Edward Briggs, Albert F. Buie, Paul W. Caldwell, Jr., Theodore G. Chandler, Henry I. Coggins, James E. Collins • Second Row: Philip R. Cree, Jerry D. Farmer, Fred L. Garner, F. Graham Goodwin, Richard D. Hart, Chestly J. Hyatt, Thomas L. Jetton • Third Row: Lloyd H. Johnson, William G. Lawrence, James G. McNeil, J. Daniel Moore, Donald S. Morris, Kenneth E. Neese, Jimmy C. Page, Jr. • Fourth Row: James C. Phelps, Herman F. Preston, Richard A. Sheets. Richard J. Tuggle, Ralph D. addell, J. Al Wellons • Members not Pictured: Burton W. Brown, George A. Burton, William G. Dautridge, Robert E. Hutchinson, Bill W. Lassiler, Richard T. Lowe, J. Howard Martin, Wallace Stephenson. Page 261 Sigma Alpha Iota The Iota Tau Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, na- tional music fraternity for women, was established at the University of North Carolina in April, 1946. Since that date the Chapter has endeavored to further the interest in music at the University through various musical programs and activities. This year Iota Tau Chapter entertained rushees in the Rendezvous Room and the Chapter Room. This was followed hy the traditional Pledge Cere- mony and a recital by the pledges. Sigma Alpha Iota annually presents a Program of American Music in collaboration with Phi Mu Alpha in Hill Hall during Spring quarter. Iota Tau was proud to have as its guests for a dinner party the Sigma Alpha Iota Chapter at Meredith College in Raleigh. The participating patronesses for Iota Tau Chapter are Mrs. Earl Slocum, Mrs. Loren T. McKinney, and Mrs. R. H. Wettach. Officers for 1951-52 were: President, Nancy Wing; Vice-President, Sally Jente; Recording Sec- retary, Pat King; Corresponding Secretary, Ruth Davis; Treasurer, Nora Lackey; Chaplain, Eleanor Martens; and Editor, Joan Charles. First Row: Katherine Blue, J oan Charles, Juanita Childers, Ruth Davis, Nancy Green, Katherine Jente • Second Row: Patricia King, Nora Lackey, Nancy Wing, Nancy Ripple, Nancy Ann Ader, Celia Lively • Third Row: Leta MuUer, Marjory Tilson, Martha Snow, Mary Kellani, Carol Kelly, Sue Wilkins • Members not Pictured: Constance Carter. Elizabeth Hardee, Eleanor Martens, Molly Swain. Page26Z Sigma Gamma Epsilon Sigma Gamma Epsilon is a national honorary fra- ternity of the Earth Sciences. The Alpha Alpha Chapter was established at the University of North Carolina on April 3, 1931. Following a period of inactivity during and after World War II, it was reactivated on May 23, 1947. The fraternity has as its objective the social, scholastic and scientific advancement of students of the Earth Sciences. It also seeks to enhance student-faculty relations and provide programs of geological and geographical interest for its mem- bers and others on the campus who are interested in the Earth Sciences. Officers for 1951-52 are: Fred D. Bingham, President; Robert S. Allison, Vice-President and Historian; Robert E. Bailey, Secretary-Treasurer; John A. Ruggles, Corresponding Secretary; Dr. V. I. Mann, Faculty Advisor. First Row: Robert S. Allison, Robert E. Bailey, Julian A. Barbot, M. Durwood Barbour, Frederick D. Bingham • Second Row: Frank O. Bowman, Richard E. Dahlberg, C. H. Vincent Ebert, Henry C. Fisher, William H. Hogshead • Third Row: Daniel R. Holland, James M. Jennings, Dewey S. Kirstein, Charles S. Morse, James E. Payne, John A. Ruggles • Member not Pictured: Glenn G. Wyrick. Page 263 Delta Theta Phi Battle Senate of Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity was estahlished at the Uni- versity of North Carolina in 1924. Delta Theta Phi. a national organization, was founded in 1901 at Cleveland Law School and has grown until it has over 28.000 members. Today its 80 senates make it the largest legal fraternity in the LTnited States. The object of Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity is to unite fraternally congen- ial students of the law, to lead them and their fellow students to high scholarship and legal learning, to surround them with an environment such that the tradi- tions of the law and of the profession may descend upon them, to promote justice and to advance the interests of the law. Battle Senate has continued its social and professional program, but particu- lar emphasis has been placed on the pro- fessional. Through this program Delta Theta Phi seeks to acquaint the law stu- dent with the aspects of the practice of law which he cannot acquire from the law school curriculum. Included in this program have been lectures by outstand- ing attorneys and judges, as well as trips to the North Carolina Supreme Court and other places of interest to law students. OFFICERS Bob Whitmire Dean Homer Friday Vice-Dean Lonnie Herbin Clerk of the Rolls Mickey Moore Clerk of the Exchequer O. B. Crowell Master of the Ritual Jim Seay Bailiff Bill Morris Tribune First Rote: Al Briiison, O. B. Crowell, Vernon Daughtridge • Second Roiv: Homer Friday, Lamar Jones, Bob Kirby • Third Rote: Bob Lock, Mickey Moore, Bill Morris • Fourth Rote: Bill Morrow, Jim Seay. George Vann • Fifth Rote: Rom Watson, Bob Whitmire. Al Worth • Members not Pictured: Doe Berry, L. K. Ferguson, Lonnie Herbin, Jack Yarbrough. Page 264 Phi Alpha Delta LiUtv Fraternity Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity was founded in 1898 at the University of Chicago School of Law. The Ruffin Chap- ter was estahlished at the LIniversity of North Carolina in April, 1921. The Fra- ternity sets as its purpose the forming of a strong hond hetween the members of the classes in Law School; the forming of a connection between the members of Law School and former students; and the cultivation of a closer bond of friend- ship and the attainment of a higher and broader culture than that afforded by the regular college course. Each year the Chapter conducts a mock trial presided over by a member of the state bench, and holds a series of banquets with prominent members of the bench and bar invited as speakers. A lending textbook service set up by the Chapter is available to all of the mem- bers of the School of Law. This combined social - professional program is carried out with the intentions of improving professional standards and developing leadership through association and serv- ice. OFFICERS James D. Blount, Jr. Justice J. Dickson McLean, Jr. Vice-Justice L T. Valentine, Jr. Clerk Charles Welling Treasurer M. T. Van Hecke Faculty Advisor f !0 1 First Rotv: William Agapioii, William Anderson, James Blount, Joseph Bowen • Second Row: Roland Braswell, Willis Brown, B. H. Carpenter, Michael DeMaio • Third Row: Ravmond Dunn. Harry Faggart, Henry Godwin, John Golding • Fourth Row: Alien Harrell, Edwin Hatch, Marvin Hogan, Hurshell Keener • Fifth Row: Charles Lambeth, Thomas Matthews, Roy McKnight, Dickson McLean • Sixth Row: Max Ruppe, William Smith, Harold Spainhour, Sam Tate • Seventh Roiv: Knox Walker, Joseph C. Ward, Charles Welling • Members not Pictured: Ike Andrews, Ernest Currin, Winfred Ervin, Lewis Evans, James Hollowell, William Long, James Israel, Clarence Joyce, Angus McKellar, 1. T. Valentine, Carol Walden. Page 265 Phi Delta Phi OFFICERS Richard deY. Manning Magister Samuel H. Johnson Clerk Michael A. Roberts Exchequer Hugh P. Griffin, Jr. Historian Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fraternity, the oldest professional fraternity of any kind in Amer- ica, was founded at the University of Michigan in 1869. Vance Inn of Phi Delta Phi Mas founded at the University of North Carolina in 1919. It has the distinction of being the only legal fraternity that remained active here throughout the war years. The Fraternity sponsors two publications as a service to its members. The " Brief " is a quarterly magazine carrying articles of timely interest both as to the Law in general and as to the activities of Phi Delta Phi Inns and alumni of Phi Delta Phi. The ' " Directory " is an annual publication contain- ing names and other information regarding the Phi Delta Phi members of the bar. The 1950 edi- tion carries listings of 41,421 members with in- formation as to their locality and type of practice. Phi Delta Phi holds an international convention every two years at places selected at previous con- ventions. Vance Inn has monthly luncheons with visiting practitioners as guest speakers, and the Inn has one purely social function each semester. Vance Inn has a special project designed to stimulate closer cooperation between law students and mem- bers of the bar in such a way as to allow students to work with practicing attorneys in both research and on cases. The purpose of Phi Delta Phi, to promote a higher standard of professional ethics and culture in this and other law schools and in the profession at large, is the constant theme of all our activity. First Row: Wallace Ashley, Lyii Bond, Hal Broadfoot, Keiiiietli Do»ii«. Jack Klain. Richard Griffin • Second Row: Hugh Griffin, Dean Hamrick, Arned Hinshaw, Paul Johnson, Stahle Linn, Richard Planning • Third Row: Webster Medlin, Sieve Millikin, William Mills, Robert Montgomery, Charles Nichols. Charles Nye • Fourth Row: Hubert Olive. Dotson Palmer, Michael Roberts, Marshall Smith, Dave Strain, Hugh Wells • Members not Pictured: Roy Cole, Richard Cooper, Ernest Delaney, Samuel Johnson, Jack Lasley, Ted Leonard, Jim Hedrick, Paul Plunkett, Jack Potts, Monroe Redden, James Trotter, Mort Union, Earl Vaughn, Walker Worth. Page 266 Phi Delta Chi OFFICERS J. P. Horlon President William H. Randall Treasurer Charles C. Campbell Vice-President John Wagnow Pledge Master Thomas R. Bostian Secretary Carl M. Kirhy Inner Guard Thomas Wagner Worthy Prelate Phi Delta Chi is a professional pharmaceutical fra- ternity founded to promote and advance the science of pharmacy by striving to instill in its members the highest ideals and principles worthy of an old and honored profession. This, the Alpha Gamma Chapter, was establish- ed at the University of North Carolina on May 30, 1922. Since then it has been an active organization in the School of Pharmacy. Another year by the boards. The football week- ends. Many of the brothers back for the Notre Dame week-end. Parties running wild. All the brothers majoring in " Nursing Arts. " Led by Poddy of course. Runt and Moe. " Lets Parly. " Goon W. C. ing. The married brothers. Brooks, Pop, Lelon, Lewis. Your wives are always welcome, men. And some studied; Tom, Bill, Vernon, Charles. Others were waiting for June. Kuth and Bucky. Fve got the warms for you. Bull still bulling. Bos- tian and Shadow thought the Jr. year. " I ' ll raise you two. " Randy everywhere, usually with. " Men, bills are payable before the tenth. " " We need a fourth for bridge. " A wonderful year. P. H. C. Week-end still rocking. Many fine parties. Too many classes and labs. We will make it yet. Here comes Flash. First Row: Bruce B. IS.dilinsfiild, Thomas R. Bostioii. Cliarlo :. Campbell, Lelon C. Dollar, Keith N. Fulbright • Second Row: George W. Harris, Joseph Claxton Harris, William D. Ilortuii, Carl M. Kirby, William M. Lovelace • Third Row: James Miller, William H. Randall, Jr., William Jay Swan, John W. Wagner, Murphy Thomas Wagner • Members not Pictured: Lewis W. Barnes, Jr., Fred Charles, John P. Horton, Vernon Prince. Page 267 Rho Chi Society The Rho Chi Pharmaceutical Hon- orary Society was founded at the llniversity of Michigan in 1908. The XI Chapter of the University of North Carolina was established in 1929. The object of the Society is two- fold : to promote the advancement of pharmaceutical sciences and to promote good fellowship among undergraduates, graduates and fac- ulty members, bringing them to- gether in fraternal and helpful comradeship. Rho Chi represents a minimum of 112 quarter hours of work in which an average of 92.5 or better has been maintained. Membership is the most coveted award of a phar- macy student. OFFICERS B. Cade Brooks President Herman Hallett Daniels Vice-President Joseph Earl Hatcher Secretary-Treasurer First Rote: B. Cade Brooks, Alexander William Clellaiid. Jr. • Second Row: Herman Hallet Daniels. James Hugh Fletcher • Third Row: Worihe Sey- mour Holt, John Marshall Sasser • Fourth Row: Nirholas Harry Batuyious • Members not Pictured: Joseph Earl Hatcher, Earl Triplett Brown, Henry Paul Cogdell, Beatrice Kaminetsky, George Leon Pittman. Page 268 Kappa Episilon The Lanil cla Chapter of Kappa Epsilo n, national honorary so- rority for women pharmacy students, was founded at the University of North Carolina on January 21, 1941 ; and since that time has heeome an im- portant part of the School of Pharmacy. Kappa Epsilon was estahlished to stimulate in its members a desire for high scholarship, a professional con- sciousness, lasting loyalty, in- terest antl friendship. First Rotv: Jackie O ' Neal, Patsv Up- diuroh, Martha Ann Smith, Grey BuHock, Barbara Dillard • Second Row: Don Hedrick, Francis Parsons, Betsv Sparks, Joyce Nelson, Thalia Pappas, Carolyn Burgess. The Sigma Omega Beta Chap- ter of Omega Gamma Mu Iota was formed at the University of North Carolina in the fall of 1951. Its diverse functions are reflected in the activities and contributions of its select membership. Honorary mem- bers not pictured are Mary Nell Boddie, Glenn Harden, Bruce Melton, Harry Snook, Walter Dear, Jim Mills, and Thomas McDonald. First Row: Robert Pace, Robert Evans, Frank Allston and Ruffin Woody, Co-Presidents; O. Mac Wliite and Rolfe Neil, Chairmen of the Moral Character Committee • Second Row: Sue Lindsey, Robert Colbert, Oliver T. Watkins, William Roth, Director of Subversive Activities; James Mclntyre, Chairman of Illicit Funds Committee; William Neely, Comptroller of Pornographic Pho- tography; Jackie Bunipous. Omega Gamma Mu Iota Page 269 m .■ %.vt::j a .; j i.M : iyaii , ;-.i v . £ifc ' ::- - ;.. : :iy Phi Eta Sigma Andrew Seaton Holt. Ill Donald Cary Carroll Robert Diggs Gorham. Jr. Willard Irving Walker John Moss Guilbert Dean Ernest L. Mackie President y ice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Faculty ' -4ilrisor Phi Eta Sigma is a freshman honorary scholastic fraternity, its purpose being to encourage sound scholarship from the beginning of the students ' " college career. It was founded at the University of Illinois on March 22. 1923. There are seventy-seven chapters; the University of North Carolina chapter was established on May 29, 1947. Honorary Members: Deans Cordon P. Spruill, M. A. Hill, Jr.. Cecil Johnson, and Ernest L. Mackie. MEMBERS INITIATED FEBRUARY 27, 1951 Edwin Thomas Andrews, Joseph Allen Arnold. Arthur Loron Barbanell, Cordon Battle, Jr., Marvin Bryan Berry. Richard Lee Bostian, Edwin Cannon Boyd, Kent Palmer Bradley, Stephen Carroll Brady, Edgar Thomas Branie, II. Barry Wayne Bryant. Vardanian Moore Buckalew. Bobby Gray Byrd, Donald Cary Carroll, Robert Talmadge Caudill, Wade Hampton Coleman, HI, Robert Lee Green Connelly, Farrell Rondall Crouse, Joseph Garner Dail, Jr.. Fred Jones Dale, Jr.. George Thomas Davis. Robert Daye, Herman Floyd Dorniire, Jr., Arthur James Eagan, Robert Norwood Elling- ton, Lloyd Bui-ton Ennis, Jerry Demetrios Galanides, Robert Diggs Gorham. Jr., Alpheus Johnson Gresham, Jr., Leonard Herbert Grodsky, John Moss Guilbert, Bernard Don Herman, Jim Fuller Hicks, Andrew Seaton Holt. HI. John Simeon Hudgins, Thomas Milton Johnson, Charles Ernest Julian, Peter Kotsch Kloeppel, Ronald Frank Levin, Vernon Press- ley Mangum, Bruce Marger, James Walter Maynard, John Daniel Moore, Victor Bailey Moore, Jr., Joseph Louis Murad, Robert Phillip O ' Connell, Oscar Hall Paris, Jr.. Louie Lee Patseavouras, Andrew Henry Patterson, II, Archibald Leilch Patterson. Jr.. Thomas ' William Payne. Marvin Odell Regis- ter. John Luther Rendlemen, HI, Nathan Russell Roberson, Jr.. Jenkins Mikell Robertson, Eugene Phillip Rosenthal, ' illiam Haywood Ruffin, Jr., Dale Sanford Ryan, Paul Scagnelli, William Kauifnian Scarborough, James Simpson Schenck. HI. Mehin Jay Schwartz. Theodor John Shevcov. Raymond Richard Showfety, Edward Marvin Smith, Na- thaniel Louis Sparrow. John Aloysius Sullivan, John Henry Sweeney. Ill, John Edmund Cecil Taylor. Richard LeRoy Taylor, Hosea Jackson Terry, Emmetl Stanley Thompson, Jacob Winston Todd, Charles Swaim Tolbert. Willard Irving Walker, George Britain Walton. Jr.. James Edward Warren. William Carnell Walt, Gerson Fox Widoff, Richard Burton Wilson, Arnold Lee Wright. Roland Candiano Zagnoli. Page 270 Seabbard and Blade OFFICERS James R. Strickland Captain William C. Bostic 1st Lieutenant George S. Blaekwelder, Jr. 2nd Lieutenant Robert L. Strickland 1st Sergeant Believing that military service is an obligation of citizenship, and that the greater opportunities af- forded college men for the study of military science place upon them certain responsibilities as citizens. We, Cadet Officers in various Universities and Col- leges conferring baccalaureate degrees, do form this society and adopt this Constitution in order to unite in closer relationship the military depart- ments of American Universities and Colleges; to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and efficient officers; to prepare ourselves as edu- cated men to take a more active part and to have a greater influence in the military affairs of the com- munities in vhich we may reside and above all to spread intelligent information concerning the mili- tary requirements of our country. ' ' Preamble of Constitution of ISational Society of Scabbard and Blade. " First Row: William Holton. Bob Creed, Bob Strickland. James R. Strickland, Bill Bostic, George Blaekwelder, Lloyd Smith, Jerry R. Womack • Second Roiv: Lawrence Cheek, James Mahoney, Richard F. Davis, Frank Redding, Shelton Plager, Jim Montague, Jim Woolcott, Robert W. Parlier. W w . 0vhtt of tfte olbcn pear OFFICERS 65 Thornton McKendree Long 63 David (iollins Huntley 85 Talbot Rayle Selby 70 Joseph Allan Arnold 73 Robert Tipton Johnson, III 95 Leonard Julius Guyes 83 Mary Nell Boddie 87 Sue Carter Lindsev Bartender Chaplain Vice-Bartender Label Forger Keeper of the Archives Keeper of the Cellar Keys Barmaid Barmaid of the Vice 74 Norman Cordon 78 Robert Dewey Lingerfeldt 84 Samuel Lewis Booke, Jr. 86 John Fowle Morton 88 Gerald Wilson Cook 89 Herbert Swain Pendergraft, Jr. 90 Robert Bruee Melton 91 Robert Lovell Anderson, Jr. EMINENT BEARS 92 Joseph Higgins Nelson 93 Beverly Sneed Warner 94 Bruee Allan Bauer 96 Louis Marcus Wolfsheinier 97 Bradford Chappin Cantwell 207 Gordon Gray 208 Archibald Henderson 209 Robert B. House Collins Huntley Norm (Gordon Nell Boddie Burt House BEAR POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE President Dean of If omen Director of Athletics President Alumni Association Page 272 Sarorities Fraternities w ?VTTifXl First Row. Left to Right: ] Iary Gcslcr. Adrian Dunn. Pattv Panlell. Amy VI ilson. Lurile Best. President; Nancy Jordon, Binny Chew, Betty Bowles, Ann Van Kirk • Second Roiv: Pat George, Jacque Quesenbery, Betty Lou Worthington. Laura Judy, Patty Starr, Martha Nash, Helen Brundage, Jo Gaither, Mary- Keefe. Paithellenie Council The Panhellenic Council is composed of three repre- sentatives from each sorority, two from the Stray Greeks, and Mrs. Emery Denny, Jr., ad iser. Through the council, relations are furthered between the sororities themselves and the Campus Community. Kappa Delta Sorority saw its first year on campus and brought the total number of sororities to six. The so- rorities saw a very successful year on campus in pledg- ing 131 girls. These girls were entertained during orientation week with the traditional Panhellenic and CICA sponsored fashion show. Fraternity dances. Olio skits, May Day planning and the Spring Workshop were just a few of the activities which highlighted an active calendar of events for the year. The projects of the council for this year were the Crossmore School in the mountains of N. C, which is helped annually by Panhel. Also, the children from the Methodist Orphanage in Raleigh were entertained by the sororities and the council, and welfare work in Chapel Hill was undertaken. Following their annual tradition, the sorority with the highest scholastic average was awarded n silver loving cup. The new coeds get a glimpse of campus fashions, at a Panhel sponsored fashion review. Page 274 Stray Greeks The Stray Greeks were foundefl in 1944 under the leadership of Twigg Branch. Since then, the organ- ization has achieved more and more recognition as a social group. It is composed of sorority girls whose chapters are not represented on campus. The aim of the Stray Greeks is to provide a social outlet for its memhers, and to preserve the bonds of unity and sisterhood in sorority life. Activities of the group include sponsoring various charity programs, participating in sorority and other social functions, and assisting during rush week as the seventh member of Panhellenic Council. OFFICERS Mary Keefe Nancy Burgess Barbara Byrd Linda Shults President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MARY KEEFE President First Rote: Aha Barger, Alpha Chi Omega; Beverly Blair, Zeta Tau Alpha; Nancy Burgess, Phi Mu; Barbara Byrd, Alpha Omicron Pi • Spf Olid Kow; Patricia Claflin, Phi Mu; Mary Dixon Cox, Sigma Kappa; Sally Gyland, Phi Mu; Brenda Katz, Alpha Epsilon Phi • Third Roic: Jane Kottnieir, Kappa Alpha Theta; Nora Lackey. Gamma Phi Beta; Barbara Reed, Kappa Alpha Theta; Linda Shults, Kappa Alpha Theta; Virginia Spenser, Alpha Omicron Pi. Page 275 Alpha Delta Pi There were many tales from the lueky six who attended our Centennial Convention in Macon last June. We ' ll remember the greatest of pledge classes ushered in by Betty Lou, Fay as WAA prexy, and Caroline keeping the YW stocked with members. Our Belltone Cackie never missed on those all- important daily letters from Dick. " Swimming anyone? " was the cry from Splash Club President, P. K. Libby was always in those labs and Dixon in Doodlebug off to see Irving. Carolyn was ambassador to Mr. Kear and An- drews had her daily visits from the florist. Stockton took off from blinking the lights at five of, and visited Davidson. A serenade for Pat came from R. A. and brother Sigs. Sue and Marilyn were our Junior Varsity cheerleaders while Joanne and Nancy added artistic touches to the chapter. ' Love ' was very much in same with the Marlowe, of course. Binny got her diamond so we all donned sun glasses. The lost sisters, ' Mole ' and ' Rufus, " are now simply Lawrence and Scarhoro. Sara Ann drafted volunteers in hopes of retiring the WAA cup. Frieze had her noon-time coffee party. Dean had her daily conferences with Jacque, and Stew kept Student Government running. Jacks, our gavel handler, orated on the Massie and Nellie pined for her Ivy Leaguer. Miss Rambo reigned as queen of the Beta Upsilon gals while Susie, Tamer and Helena kept us happy at mealtime. These memories, the Pledge Dance at the Inn. and the Black Diamond Banquet in May, all com- bined to make this year the greatest for us, and one of the always great ones for AD Pi. First Row. Left to Right: Doris Casey, Flossie Rigg, Nancy Jo Smith, Neta Whitty, Joan McCutehen, Rosemary Scovil • Second Row: Sandy Klostermyer, Julia Shields, Judy Taylor. Margaret Padgette, Betsy Norwood, Peggy Goode • Third Row: Julia Robertson, Shir- ley Whitford, Julia Steed, Nancy Woodruff. Jackie Owen, Elizabeth Gregg, Anne Phillips. Page 276 OFFICERS Jacque Quesenbery Pat Foj Libby Royall Carolyn Kiser Jean Stockton Betty Lou Worthington President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer House Manager Rush Chairman HISTORY Founded Nationally: May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan Female College, Macon, Georgia. Beta Upsilon founded at the University of North Carolina November 11, 1939. Colors: Blue and White. Flower: Woodland Violet. Publication: Adelphean. First Row, Left to Right: Jean Andrews, Katherine Blue, 3Iary Nell Boddie, Sue Carter, Binny Chew • Second Row: Nancy Coble, Fay Culpepper, Nancy Dixon, Harriet Eliason, Pat Foy • Third Row: Jane Frieze, Caroline Hassinger, Marilyn Habel, LeNeve Hodges, Peggy Keith • Fourth Row: Carolyn Kizer, Jacque Quesenbery, Deane Richardson, Libby Royall, Jean Stockton, Betty Lou Worthington. Page 277 Alpha Gamma Delta • ' Fools rush in where angels fear lo tread. " Bedlam reigned in the new house as paint brushes flew. At last we did it. From cellar to penthouse, all was completed. Then there was convalescence. Twas the night after rush with wonderful pledges. Con- valescence again and then recovery in lime to cheer Bobbie on as she cheers for the team. Bobbie con- valesces and we have Sunday coffee climaxed with the trip to the Dairy Bar for more coffee. Winter quarter left memories of another " Winter Winderland " pledge dance. The Rose Banquet, too. Pledges shone with their goat songs at the tradi- tional Christmas party. Becky, Pulley and Sue prove that diamonds are a girl ' s best friend. Meet- ings, forever meetings. Joan, President of Glee Club, Vice-Pres of Valkyries and on Student Coun- cil; Sue, Editor of Pert ' n Pertinent; Winx on Stu- dent Council; Adrian, Treasurer of Panhel. Thanks to Sally and Alice, the campus invades the house for those Saturday brunches. All these things, and more, we ' ll remember. First Roi€. Left to Right: Shirley Gee, Barbara Braxton, Joan Car- roll, Tonia Rowc, Dot Beals • Second Row: Joanne Lewis, Ann Tafel, Norma Cokell, Jean Poland, Beverly Lively • Third Rote: Marylin McKee, Jody Levey, Jeanette Chance, Rosalyn Brown, Dolores Funai. Page 278 OFFICERS Laura Judy Joan Charles Allelic Warren Barbara Clark Kilty Campbell President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer House Manager HISTORY Founded Nationally: May 30, 1904 at Syracuse University, Syracuse University, N. Y. Gamma Epsilon Chapter founded at the University of North Carolina in 1945. Colors: Red, Buff and Green. Flower: Red and Buff Roses. Publication: Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly. First Row, Left to Right: Emmy Lou Barns, Elizabeth Bush, Barbara Clark, Joan Charles • Second Row: Adrian Dunn, Rebecca Floyd, Margaret Green, Laura Judy • Third Row: Barbara Krafft, Jane Marye, Patricia Pantell, Calista Pope, Barbara Sanford • Fourth Row: Elizabeth Schachner, Mary Sue Tenny, Barbara Thompson, Winifred Wheeler, Nancy Lee Woolfolk. Page 279 Chi Omega Chi Omega had its own pre-school clean-up cam- paign. " Welcome lo the X and horseshoe. " Mrs. Meal ' s milkshakes, the tremendous sigh of relief after rushing and ' the Beebe had three daughters, ' we ' ll remember. The sisters, their sayings and doings, the trans- fers and pledges, welcome additions to the house, all add up to a wonderful memorv of Chi O. We ' ll never forget Frankie ' s dirty old dollar bills, Pellen, Chairman of Student advisors, and Chris saying " It ' s eleven, y ' all. " Not to mention Rosie, Jo, and ' Relia singing " When Johnny Comes Marching Home, " and Cina, Cookie and Mary Ann convening at the Willard in Washington. Mop, the commuter, Lucile, President of Pan- hellenic, Eunice and Cozy with their Phi Cam pins, and Mary, the draft dodge, added color to the crowd. So did Suzanne running up the SAE dinner bills, Mimi and Heilig dashing out to see Mr. Parker, and IVeely and Ruth, always seen together. Libby ' s phone calls, Betsy ' s labs, Helenancopie; did the spelling bee bile Nancy Fort? Betty Won. we wuv you, Joan, the While Star girl, our old hand Belly Heath; Libba ' s community wardrobe. Peggy and her small talk and Mel ' s leading the Valkyries added lo a grand party at Lloyd ' s barn, plans anticipated and plans completed, all mix up lo make one grand memory of Ciii Omega. First Rote, Left to Right: Anna Beeson, Beverly Baylor, Diane Dewey, Evelyn Oellinger, Carolyn Murray, Belly Lou Selig, Susan Hemstreet, Carmen Oastler • Second Row: Joan Deulsch, Jayne Adams, Lou Ann Restrepo, Beverly Chalk. Peggy Sears, Virginia Wilson, Anne Sory, Martha McGuirk • Third Rotv: Kit Amiistead, Saralyn Bonowitz, Louise Millikan. Evelyn McCarroll, Mary Eliza- beth Lindeman, Grace Gordon, Shirley Coxe, Mary Frances Allen. Bonnie Baker, Margaret Johnston, Sally Bet Cunningham, Ann Trabue. Page 280 OFFICERS Betlv Bovties President Rosalie Huske y ice-President Naiiev Fort Secretary- Mary Kennedy Treasurer Pellen Speck House Manager Josephine Caither Rush Chairman HISTORY Founded Nationally: University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 5, 1895. Founded Locallv: Universilv of North Carolina, January 20, 1923. Colors : Cardinal and Straw. Flower: White Carnation. Publication: " The Eleusis " of Chi Omega. First Roic! Betty Ahern, Isabelle Barksdale, Lucile Best, Eunice Bizzell, Betty Bowles • Second Rote: Gina Campbell, Barbara Cook, Betsy Farmer, Nancy Fort, Aurelia Fulton • Third Row: Ruth Gaines, Jo Gaither, Helen Holmes, Rosalie Huske, Betty Lou Jones • Fourth Rote: Mary Kennedy, Libby Latimore, Chris Oglesby, Joan Palmer, Cozy Powell, Libba Roe • Fifth Rote: Pellen Speck, Mel Stribling, Frankie Strosnider, Midge Ward, Mimi WeU, Neelie Wooley. Page 281 Delta Delta Delta Coffees, quizzes, parties, football season, the pledge dance, Valkyrie Sing, more quizzies and more parties. All are memories of a wonderful year with Alpha Sigma. This year was started off with a bang when in October we took in a wonderful pledge class. Under the guidance of Joyce, pledge trainer, they became full fledged members during winter quarter. All the Deltas were busy doing one thing and another. Betty Reese and Adair contributed their say so to Woman ' s Honor Council, presided over by Joyce. Deltas buzzed around the Y office con- stantly. Adair served as vice-president of the cabi- net. Assisting her as members were Parker, Street. Patty and Ja ckie. Versatile chapter president, Pat, was a Student Council member, and Jackie had a hand in the publication of the Yack. McKinnon, Li ., and Mer- rill, cheered the team through football season. Cowan was senior class secretary and Jackie was social chairman. Van Kirk kept the Paidiel records straight while Luke had a hand in L ' liiversity Club activities. All members had a hand in one campus activity or another. ' e were all busy as bees, but never too rushed to get a taste of the fun side of campus life. All these and more memories have made Tri Dell play a vital part in our college lives. First Row. Left to Right: Pal Gribben, Jennie I ' ulk. UarlN Dunlop, Joan Addington, Bonnie Bondurant • Secoinl Row: Martha Fuller. Dot Smith. Ross Young, Sally Trowbridge, Ann McClamrock, Grace Doar • Third Row: Sue Bergman, Ann ' ilmouth, Mary Ellen Jones, Sue Burress, Jane Ann Smith, Ann Coggins. Page 282 Patricia George Joyce Evans Lila Chichester Carol Caiitrell Luke Hill Barbara Merrill President Vice-President Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary House Manager HISTORY Founded Nationally: January 15, 1889 at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts. Alpha Sigma Chapter founded at the University of North Carolina April 9. 1943. Colors: Silver Gold and Blue. Flower: Pansy. Publication: The Trident. First Row: Adair Beasley, Kay Boyette, Jackie Bunipous, Carol Cantrell, Liz Cooley • Second Row: Joyce Evans, Joan Ferrell, Alice Huffard, Mary Kellam, Teansey Matthews • Third Row: Barbara Merrill, Jane Parker, Judy Patton, Mary Lib Pope, Betty Reese • Fourth Row: Mary Smith, Patty Star, Pepper Stetson, Ann Street, Anne Van Kirk, Helen Young. Page 283 Kappa Delta Beta Chi began the year with purpose; Glenn Har- den assumed her duties as Editor of the Daily Tar Heel and Joanne Page picked up the gavel as Speaker of Coed Senate. Chi Delta Phi, National Literary sorority, claimed five sisters; Glenn, Barb, Joanne, Pat, and Amy as treasurer. Gwen Gore, as head of the World Relatedness Commission gave her support to the Y, assisted by the Knighten sisters, and Mary. Splash club also received the wet support of Gwen and Martha. Joining sister Glenn on the Tar Heel were Burma and Dian. Dian played Senator in Coed Senate and confusion in Inlerdorm Council. Sister Joanne helped the Administration by attending the Presi- dent ' s and Woman ' s Councils plus Greater Uni- versity Council. Jordan, Martha and Amy were representatives of KD to Panhel with Amy as scholarship chair- man. Mary graced the University club along with Edna. Joanne, Amy, Chug and Gwen were student ad- visers. Because of a wonderful pledge class and the typical KD spirit, our first year on campus was a mighty happy one. First Row. Left to Right: Daisy Wade, Edith Sewell. Fran McColl, Mary Grace Houser, Mary Schaefer • Second Roip: Helen Beard, Patricia Todd, Alice Jane Hinds, Connie Shanklin, Dunna Haulk, Susan Briggs.Ruth Ledford, Margaret Brock • l ot Pictured : T ancy Sholwell. Ann Voorhis. Page 284 OFFICERS Nancy Jordan Amy Wilson Barbara Garret Gwen Gore Martha Nash Pat King President Vice-Presiden I Treasurer Secretary- Rush Cbairntan Editor HISTORY Founded Nationally: September 23, 1897 at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia. Beta Chi Chapter founded at the University of North Carolina May 12, 1951. Colors: Green and White. Flower: White Rose. Publication : The Angeles. First Row: Barbara Garret, Gwcn Gore, Glenn Hardin, Nancy Jordan Flossie Kerves • Second Rom: Patricia King, Edna Knighten, Nancy Knighten, Diane McComb, Ester Morledge • Third Row: Martha Nash, Joanne Page, Mary Sanders, Amy Wilson. Page 28S Pi Beta Phi The Pi Phi ' s really shot the arrow high this year, right into the middle of all the campus activities. It all got under way during rush, under the di- rection of Cathy and Kelly. After all the new pledges were welcomed into the chapter, and orien- tation, well planned by Babs, was over, things be- gan to pop. Tyson and Patsy served on Coed Senate while chapter president, Helen, was busy with Student Legislature. Gloria, Barb, and Rusty were busy at the Y, taking orders from Y president, Betty Ray and treasurer, Janie Piper. Janie was also glee cl ub veep. Helen and Yack editor. Sue, were our members in the Valkyries. Sandy, sorority publicity man- ager, was on Woman ' s Honor Council and Jo served as chairman of interdorm. Patsy served on her council. With Ambler as social chairman of the sophomore class, and Tish as band majorette, we were well represented in campus doings. Many projects — the mountain school, the maga- zine agency, and Holt House, kept us all interested. Mot to mention wonderful memories of Pi Phi week-end, the picnic, pledge dance and Sunday Coffees. Founders Day, Valkyrie sing, the Duke float and being honored by the fraternities will all play a big part in our Pi Phi memories. First Rote. Left to Right : Bish Fox, Mary Tom Battle, Helen Gustaf- son, Betty Rose, Joyce Dickman, Virginia Hall • Second Rote: Betty Ann Kirby, Kitty Barton, Dee Breslow, Johnsie Bennett, Eunice Saunders, Sue Cheek • Third Row: Mac Haywood, Dee Kline, Pat Jones, Pat Bransford • Fourth Rote: Sara Rose, Joan Membery, Jane Berryhill. Mary Elizabeth Rogers, Paula Jones. Page 286 OFFICERS Helen Bruiidage Bettv Ray Carolyn Buleher Barbara Brooker President Vice-Presiden I Recording Secretary Treasurer HISTORY Founded Nationally: April 28, 1867 at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois. North Carolina Alpha Chapter founded at the University of North Carolina in 1925. Colors: Wine and Silver Blue. Flower: Wine Carnation. Publication: The Arrow. First Rote: Ann Aton, Barbara Brooker, Helen Brundage. Carolyn Butcher, Jean Caldwell, Martha Caldwell • Second Rote: Barbara Chantler, Sarah Clark, Virginia Clark, Patricia Coley, Nancy Cook, Elizabeth Dockery • Third Rote: Gloria Farnell, Mary Gesler, Chovine Gordon, Katherine Hester. Helen Kelly, Joan King • Fourth Roto: Pat Lester, Sue Lindsey, Carman Nahni, Jane Piper, Betty Ray, Gayle Ruffin • Fifth Rote: Charlene Rutter, Betty Jean Schoeppe, Joan Steiber, Constance Tyson, Mary Jane Wilson, Barbara Wooten. Page 287 IFC EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Left to Right: John Robi oii. President Woody Williams, Seerelary Jake Froelich, Vice-President Claude Wilson, Treasurer JOHNNY ROBISON President Inter fraternity The Interfraternity Council, long regarded on this campus as a do-nothing organization, came out of its doldrums with a rush this year. Under the capahle leadership of Johnny Rohison, the IFC stepped out at the head of the fight to hanisli hazing from the Carolina campus. This accomplished, the council set out to stop the discrimination against coeds in the present visiting agreements. The IFC also presented its annual Andrew Bershak Memorial Scholar- ship, valued at two thousand dollars. The fund is made up of individual contrihutions from the memhers of the social fraternities. Also, the council hranched out into leadership in matters that con- cerned the campus as a whole. Careless students were abusing the old custom of congregating on the South Building steps between classes to talk and drink coffee by leaving the area looking like a busy day in the junk yard. The IFC volunteered to lead a group of campus organizations in the cam- paign to make the student body conscious of the mess they were making. By means of a vigorous publicity campaign, skits, and various stunts, the litterers were reformed. The steps are fairly clean now. Page 288 IFC COURT First Row, Left to Rright : Charles Redfearn, Lew Brown. Second RouK Art Freimuth, Fred Council, Dallon Ruffin, Al Moore. Council The Inlerfraternity Council is composed of thre e niembers from each fraternity . . . the house presi- dent, a junior delegate, and an alternate. It has as its purpose to further by unification and high ideals the brotherhood, character, and scholar- ship necessary to any fraternity worthy of the name. IFC COUNCIL First Roiv, Left to Right: Claude Wilson, Bill Proclor, Oliver Hamilton, Charlie Redfearn, Art Freimuth, John Boushall, Don Siefert, Fred Council, Arthur Spaugh, Jake Froelich, Hack Montgomery, Phin Horton, Larry Earley • Second Row: Bob Upton, Bob Gorhani, Creighton Brinson, Fred West, Henrj Davis, Pete Alexander, Bob Glenn, Carroll Brady, Lewis Ripps, Claudius Irby, Rod Hood, George Truman • Third Row: Ken Rogers, Walter House, Al Moore, Roger Ackerman, Jim Whitton, Kenneth Smith, Jim Holliday, Bill Carr, Fred Price, Otis McCoUum, Jim Adams, Mitchell Novit, Woody Williams, Ted Frankel. Page 289 Alpha Tau Omega 303 E. Franklin Street . . . best plaee in town to watch the girls go by . , . but keep your butts off the grass . . . Botto brings home a few " orders " . . . including Worthy Grut . . . field glasses and Spencer ' s bathing beauties . . . Rush Week and " damn good boy " ' . . . brothers welcome terrific new pledge class . . . Carroll thinks seriously of changing his name to I. W. Harper , . , Moehlman gives up weights for girls , . . Pearshape loses one . . . but Green- baum ain ' t particular . . . Flannagan and band seduced into all night jam session , . . vocalist just seduced . . . chapter appoints a Snaking Committee . . . Old Dad. chairman . . . Hauser. Culberson, and Fritz off to Poontang . . . rest of troops off to Ralcellar . . . the never-to-be- forgotten pledge skit . . . board your pets at the A.T.O. kennels . . . cheap . . . Dixie thinking of having litter . . . half Dalmation and half Craig . . . Brothers decide it would be cheaper to BUY Smilty ' s . . . wallets lighter as B ' foot cracks whip . . . Bubba looks ' em over, but still hasn ' t had date . . . A.T.O. soccer team playing under new name of I ' niversily of North Caro- lina . . . " Eat and run " Cochran . . . Rennie making dates at Chapel Hill High School recess period . . . Keller ' s pen pals . . . Chick ' s in- ventions . . . Luke ' s girl . . . Tiger ' s Taxi . . . Holly ' s occasional . . . Wrap it all up into another great year! ! Page Z90 OFFICERS Larry Botto President Don Carroll Vice-President Raleigh Treniain Secretary Bryan Broadfool Treasurer Jimmy Craig Historian HISTORY Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865. Colors: Azure and Gold. Flower: White Tea Rose. Publication: The Palm. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1879. First Rotv. Left to Right: Pete Alexander, George Bloomer, Larry Botto, Bryan Broadfoot, Don Carroll, Pete Clewis, Bill Cochran • Second Row: Thurman Cowper, Dwight Elting, Walt Ernst, Fletcher Green, Bill Hollingsworth, Jim Johnson, Francis Joyner • Third Rote: Bill Kelso, Joe Kelso, Roger Kingsbury, Joel Moehlman, Neil Reichle, John Ruggles, Pete Seaman • Fourth Rote: Wood Smethurst, Duflield Smith, Tom Stevens, Stan Tinkham, Barry Wall, Jim Webb. Page 291 Beta Theta Pi We hit the house in the fall, all of us well treated by the summer . . . except Brother Jim who fell into the clutches of the Coast Guard. No other casualties reported but many near misses. Summer romances (?) and lost pins on the part of Buddy, Rex, and Von Brunien . . . they join the army of married boobs. October brought rushing and the " Ivy " look to the house. It payed off . . . but Buddy and Geek were still busy. Germans came with Jake " wheeling " for a second term . . . great parties as usual . . . and the same mornings after . . . also " cool fish sandwiches. " Cottage number one comes down and Beta Bar goes up. After a few months of work and planning, we finally got our " bar in the back " and hoped the coeds might join us soon. Came the spring and the centennial. Eta had been here for one hundred years . . . and some of us felt as if we had too. A great week-end for us and the alumni . . . but, oh! how it cost. After celebrating, we had the more serious side. Initiation for some . . . but departure for many. Great to have new brothers, but we hate to see the old ones go. There ' ll be football games next fall, though, and newly established alumni will be back. Page 292 OFFICERS Fred Council W. R. Cuthbertson, Jr. Robert C. Vaughn, Jr. Mickey Hevward President V ice-President Secretary House Manager HISTORY Founded at Miami University in 1839. Colors: Blue and Pink. Flower: Rose. Publication: Beta Theta Pi. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1852. First Row: Bucky Barklev. Samuel Blythe, Hugh Boyer, George Brain, Joseph Claud. Arthur Cogswell • Second Row: Fred Councill, Rennie Cuthberlson, Thomas Devane, Jake Froelich, Julius Green, Thomas Hill • Third Row: Hamilton Horton, Julian McGee, John McLendon, Richard Patterson, William Rankin, Arthur Spaugh, Stanley Sturm • Fourth Row: Tom Sully, Donald Sutphen, Dale Thomas, Hubei Tolson, Thatcher Townsend, Robert Vaughn, Tom Wooten. Page 293 Chi Phi The " Reclassifieds and Reservists " relumed to the Hill early to give the exterior of the Chi Phi house a new coat of i aint. The rest of Fall Quarter meant big football week-ends, the usual cabin parties, and a great pledge class. Activities centered around HoUidav ' s " Gitfiddle " and ac- tive " Birddogs. " French and Faulkner, Other hightlights were . . . the fifth annual Orphan ' s Party . . . Pledge Week-end . . . " Goober " trims down to a cool 200 lbs. . . . Lawyer Ed becomes a " Geeb " man . . . Beaten path to Dook . . . Tomato juice replace coffee . . . Bridge replaces Pinochle . . . Satterfield, Brown, and W.C. . . . Joe goes Charlotte style . . . Those beach excursions . . . Mystery of the year . . . " Who put the chicken in the Chicken Chow Mein? " . . . Chi Phi - Phi Delt annual Azealea Festival. Orchids went to Mrs. Bizzell, the finest of housemothers . . . Brother Wordworth . . . energetic rush chairman . . . the constructive pledges . . . Intramural boys . . . Aggies . . . Everyone helped to make it a fine year. Hope 52-53 is a repeater! Page 294 OFFICERS Allen Tate President Bob Averette Vice-President Al Moore Secretary Ed Williams Treasurer HISTORY Founded at Princeton University in 1824. Colors: Scarlet and Blue. Publication: Chi Phi Chakelt. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1858 and 1922. First Rote: Bruce Bauer, Joe Conner, William Faulkner, Edwin Hatch, James Holliday • Second Rote: Robert Johnson, Albert Moore, Bill Peacock, William Prouty, Neil Satterfield • Third Row: Randolph Shives, Bruce Tyler, Allen Tate, Edwin Williams, James Willingham, James Wordsworth. Page 295 Chi Psi Chi Psi starts with yearly convention of na- tional fraternity in Chapel Hill . . . Carolina Inn scene of many parties and much business . . . first problem of the year becomes where to put the Thayer Trophy? Fall week-ends find brothers in local cabins celebrating Tar Heel football games . . . shouts of " All the way, Goo Goo " come from Chipsi cheering section . . . Ed runs in front of band. Rushing period huge success under Scroggs ... 18 boys pledge despite previous engagement with Brother Barton. Many improvements around lodge . . . new walk survives first rushing . . . entire house painted various odd colors . . . Radio blares with " King and I " for weeks. Same familiar sounds . . . the gravel on the driveway still heard on sleeping porch , . . Karl ' s old cry of " Chow Down! " . . . daily shouts as brothers scramble for mail . . . Polly ' s nasty comments as laundry hits the deck on Monday nights. Allston returns with stories about T. I. Wilson and Miller leave nightly for Greensboro. Year runs along with general number of parties, activities, and bull sessions . . . Brothers Bobbins and Bennett vie for top smoke-filled room . . . Coke replaced by Dr. Pepper as elite drink. With the good weather in, activity switches to front porch and books hit shelves for good. OFFICERS Lew Chapman Ken Barton Karl Hill Tommv Sleed President y ice-President Secretary Treasurer HISTORY Founded al Linion College in 1841. Colors: Purple and Gold. Publications: The Purple and Gold; The Signia Scroll. Established at the Universitv of North Carolina in 1855. First Rom: Frank Allston, Ken Barton, Lewis Chapman, Charles Coker, Curtis Coleman • Second Rote: Charley Collins, James Crater, William Edwards, Ben Ethridge, Bob Gantt • Third Row: George Grover, Karl Hill, Roger Hood, Richard Jenrette, Paul Keenan, Baxter Miller • Fourth Row: James Ramsey, Avery Rhyne, Zane Robbins, Robin Scroggs, Edward Stevens, Edmund Waller. Page 297 Delta Kappa Episilon Beta of DKE began its second hundred years last April 6th, with a big centennial celebration and much of Eddie ' s punch. A strong alumni meeting and the incorporation of DKE sets us up for the years to come. Summer with Wrightsville and Buck Forest helped us to forget academics . . . Hoagy on Caesar ' s Head? The Huskes turned on a great exhibition of Southern hospitality in Fayette- ville as we welcomed the NROTC salts back from the cruise. The Deb Ball was the scene of an unforgettable reunion before all the brothers gathered to re-do the house. Clem ' s Bar-B-Que ( ! ! ) provided a solid base for the State game as we entered another fall and rousing football season. It was good to watch the alumni gather together and enjoy the house again. A week ' s hectic rushing resulted in the addition of fifteen fine pledges. Welcome Neophytes! The South Carolina game was a victory for Carolina, but at the American Legion Hut such songs as " Hey, Good Lookin " " and " When Those Saints, " went down in total de- feat at Maryland, the troops staged a swimming meet in the Potomac under the austere eye of Thomas Jefferson. The Mayflower and The Stat- ler were our headquarters with a flower pot for " Hook. " A great intramural football team suffered a severe headache — especially to Hod and Huske. We ' re glad to have two DKE pinups belonging to Haland Shenck. Tench Coxe seems to be permanently attached to the U. S. Army! This year our local student government ranks are strengthened by such politicos as Gorham, Hazelhurst, Daniels, and Pillsbury. Athletically, " Chic " and Woollcott take to the cinders. Kent turns merman. Hill, Stokes, Wilson, " Banjo, " and " No C " grapple. " Beet " turns in his steady tennis game while Lawrence makes like Burt Lancaster on the high bar. Page 298 OFFICERS Edwin Bretney Smith David Warren Darr Thomas Williamson Alexander Beta Sigma Rho HISTORY Founded at Yale University in 1814. Colors: Scarlet, Azure, and Old Gold. Publioatioii : The Deke Quarterly. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1851. First Row: Thomas Alexander, David Allen, Jack Brinson, Creighton Brinson, Don Carmichael, Frank Daniels • Second Row: David Darr, Robert Gorham, John Hazlehurst, William Hill, Robert Hobbs, Frank Hood • Third Row: John Hughes, John Huske, James Lindley, Richard Macgill, Frederick Maner, William Patterson • Fourth Row: Richard Pillsbury, James Schenck, Bretnay Smith, E. C. Smith, Thomas Stokes, Herbert Thorp • Fifth Row: Lawrence Thorp, Robert Webb, Fred Williamson, Henry Wilson, James Woollcott, Clement Gillespie. Page 299 Delta Psi ST. ANTHONY HALL . . . The hall certainly looks belter, at least from this corner of the living room; perhaps the new paint will hold up the plaster for yet another year . . . Well, hello. Elephant — how was your dale? — He disappears, his only reply a mourn- ful " Oink! " . . . Greetings, Eulas — why, thank you, I believe I will — plenty of cracked ice . . . No, Driscoll, I did NOT eat three rolls for din- ner . . . Jimbo? Hes out to a meeting of the Society for More Societies . . . Ah, here comes Horton ' s nose, closely followed by Horton — he pas ses through, whinnying softly . . . Here comes C. Slalliiigs, the artist, busily sketching two brothers; those fervid eyes! Those out- stretched hands! . . . It ' s ' Galloping " Gross and ' Sunshine Walker at one of their political meet- ings. . . . Yes, Eulas, may your children prosper. I ' d like some more — straight — ice . . . Marsh and Johnson are in the next room, discussing the YMCA while watching Cole examine his newly acquired Woolen Gym socks . . . Watt, the incorrigible esthete, bursts in. muttering about a pledge ' s " subsimeon grunts " . . . Well, brother Evans, may your psychosis prosper! Carroll ' s on the radio tonight? Putting Money above Art again . . . The rest of the brothers (except Obb, who is in Baltimore, as usual) are out in the " Green Room, " having a large souse . . . Sounds of gusty (and off-key) singing, punctuated by loud slurps . . . This drink is mighty good . . . ' S been an interesting year . . . good pledges . . . guess I ' ve had loo many to- night, Eulas . . . but maybe I could stand one more . . . we ' ll all be ready for milk punch in the morning. . . . Page 300 OFFICER Bob Simmons House Manager HISTORY Founded at Columbia University in 1847. Colors: Blue and Gold. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1854. First Rote: Tim Borda, Tom Carroll, David Cole, Russell Cowell, Frank Driscoll • Second Row: David K(l ii . Itulirri I Edward Gross, Clay Johnson, Sam Jordan • Third Row: Jim Mclnlyre, Gil Marsh, John Day Seely, Bob Simmons, Bill Walker. Page 301 Kappa Alpha This is the year. You can sense it everywhere. It ' s the house . . . redecorated " Recreation Room " . . . newly painted upstairs . . . new drapes and accessories . . . (thank you, mothers Harbin and Sloan). It ' s the variety of leadership . . . Boslic carry- ing on in the Stump tradition . . . " Mother " Robison, the moneybags . . . " President " Bowers, by Godfrey . . . Brewer ' s celebraties . . . Whis- pering Mac and his rushees . . . Minett and Rogers cheering . . . Thompson and the lucky " 13 " . . . Lackey intercepts, " Garbage Mouth " wrestles, Ceaseless and Frank Buck play at Soccer. It ' s the " new blood " . . . the Florence delega- tion . . . two musicians . . . another Yank . . . Wake Forest transfers Pullen and Griffin . . . eighteen great pledges. It ' s the brotherhood . . . the Salem exodus . . . starring Connelly, Deal, and Barnes . . . the Sweetbriar gang, Ervin, Feltus, Brewer, and Staton . . . Dick ' s football week-end parties at Hogan ' s and Webb ' s . . . " Talky " Tom ' s tales . . . three ' s a crowd, Thompson . . . plotting to blow up the great wall of Fiji . . . Staton ' s — and the chapter ' s — date, Sandra . . . Prepara- tions for the annual Big Four Old South Ball in Raleigh . . . start those beavers! It ' s K. A. tradition in the good ole Southern way, this and every year. Page 302 t%t T OFFICERS William C. Bostic, III James R. Connelly Charles H. Brewer, Jr. John H. Robison, Jr. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer HISTORY Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865. Colors: Crimson and Old Gold. Flowers: Magnolia and Crimson Rose. Publication: Kappa Alpha Journal Established at the Universitv of North Carolina in I88I. First Row. I.ift II, Kifihl: liarU M. Aldridge. Lawson D. Barnes, Jr., Daniel L. Bell, Jr.. William C. l$. tio. III, Henry C. Bowers, Charles H. Brewer, Jr. • Second Roic: James R. Connelly. Henry B. Cooper, Jr., Ray E. Deal, Jr.. Hugh T. Erviii, Jr., David S. Flowers, George W. Freeman • Third Roiv: Edgar F. Harbin, Jr., Huber H. Howell, Edgar Love, III, James C. McLeod, Jr., Cyril W. Minnette, Henry V. Murray, Charles M. Myers • Fourth Row: John H. Robison, Edward M. Russell, Thomas H. Sloan, Thomas H. Staton, Edward D. Thompson, William J. Waggoner, William R. Watson. Page 303 Kappa Sigma We started off the year in great style . . . only a few of us have fallen into the hands of the University so far . . . Spooks is leading the opposition . . . Bruton gives " Charlie " some rough treatment . . . Fearless Freddie is the peerless pledge master . . . Take notiee Goley, Holbrook, Sundown, Spooks, Kudi, Herbie Sch- litz, Grassy, andToodus: beware of those " Angel Feathers " . . . Two-Gun gels the hots for Babs in D. C. . . . Sugg, Tyndall, and Lightning add their smiling faces . . . Lackey pinches his pennies — ours too . . . Low-Low keeps us fat and sassy — sassy anyway . . . " Old Shep " EUer, the Junior Bird Man . . . Daddy George repre- sents us in Chicago . . . Grassy comes home . . . T.D and Sid, the Be-Bop boys . . . Penegar is still the big wheel . . . " Be Happy, Go Lucky " . . . Kudi finally graduates . . . Perry and Olsen — Big Men On the Campus . . . We wonder how Dudas, Van, Horse, Chubby, Psycho. Hardison, McCrary, Shaky, Ollie, Marshall, and Urie like being wards of Uncle Sam? . . . Purser becomes a wit . . . Holbrook, Goley, and Ryan turn into " Sazerac, " " Amigo, " and " To-Bed-We-Go " some- where in the District . . . Griswold gets on his back — wrestling . . . WV hope Dameron doesn ' t . . . Brillo is our young man about the house . . . Spider, Stagg . . . spliced . . . Scott, have you got any superlatives? . . . Our own Big Sinatra Woosley . . . Those three " lucky to be at U.N.C. " boys from Davidson, Shorty, Herbie, and Jones . . . Toodus make a fortune off of Fur-Burgers . . . Ken is our noted politico, philosopher, and handy-man about the campus . . . We ' re glad to see Langley and sawyer back into the fold . . . When Stoughton wants to go somewhere — he goes . . . Harper and Kane are the leaders of the new pledge class . . . " All right, hold it down " Dorlch cracks the whip . . . Bristol, the Mad Lover, is back . . . Cowan turns into a science-fiction fanatic . . . Clem keeps track off our names and minutes . . . Mosier does or dies for Coach Scott . . . Congratulations to John, Alban, Harold, Davey, Sam Donnell, Sam Emory, Bobby Hook, Ronnie, Caleb, Wall, Rueben, Dick, Emmett, Bobby Noble, Nick, and Charlie: you made awise choice in pledging to Alpha-Mu of Kappa Sigma. Page 304 OFFICERS Richard Penegar President John Dortch lice-President Dan Perrv Master of Ceremonies Clem Johnson Secretory Ben Lackey Treasurer ■ - 4 " - HISTORY Founded at the University of Virginia in 1869. Colors: Scarlet. White, and Emerald Green. Flower: Lily of the Valley. Publications: The Caduceus; The Star and Crescent. Founded at the University of North Carolina in 1892. First Rout. Left to Right: David R. Brenegar, Doug Bruton, John A. Cowan, William Dameron. J. Frank Davenport • Second Roic: John Dortch, George K. Freeman, Clemuel M. Johnson, Clyde Johnson, Dick Kane • Third Row: Henry Knott, Ben Dixon Lackey, Henry V. Modlin, Kenneth Penegar. Richard Penegar • Fourth Row: Charles P. Scott, Herbert Spaugh, Thomas D. Stokes, Jack Stoughton, Sanford K. Woosley. Page 305 Lambda Chi Alpha Another year begins minus many brothers via graduation and the draft . . . Football week-ends once more . . . Friday night blasts at Harry and June ' s . . . Hank begins dating . . . end of a four-year feminine famine . . . losing the Georgia game but winning the party afterwards . . . Stud dating a nice girl . . . the South Caro- lina cabin party . . . prostrate Patton . . . the Lover has a bad season . . . Easy with the A- bombs . . . Rushing arrives . . . new friends . . . Boles approves of Sleagall ' s promotion to Hawk- First-Class . . . Abbot hiding from the draft . . . behind a bush ... Jo is pledged . . . Check ' s parlor fee raised . . . migration to Maryland and the big week-end in D.C. . . . Glenn giving up football for Frankie . . . Geechic mixing drinks . . . Serenading with Shveda . . . intramurals underway . . . trophies to defend come Winter . . . Tennessee and Notre Dame don ' t scare us . . . Grady all booked up . . . (by Blake) . . . and the pledge dance . . . the Inter-Zeta . . . before vacation time returns to interrupt another fine vear at Gamma-IVu. Z gS - M Page 306 OFFICERS Andy Shveda President Murray Cooke Vice-President Check Coodiii Secretary Jim Daugherty Treasurer HISTORY Founded at Boston University in 1909. Colors: Purple, Green, and Gold. Flower: White Rose. Publication: The Cross and Crescent. Established at the L ' niversilv of North Carolina in 1926. .:Jli tfi fi Firsf Row. Left to Right: Charles R. Barber, Don B. Broadwell, Robert M. Brooks, Byron H. Carson, James K. Daugherty • Second Row: Joseph G. Davis, Harry L. Derby, William G. Elmore, Charles W. Fowler, James C. Goodin • Third Rate: George D. Hankins, Robert C. Leonard, Earle D. Litzenberger, Harold R. Lubs, Harold F. Oglesby • Fourth Row: Barry Pruss, Lewis H. Ruth. Andrew P. Shveda. Page 307 Phi Delta Theta In spile of last year ' s call to the draft, the alumni room is still singularly full of old sold- iers. " Old Crow " poured himself around liberal- ly and the rest of the menagerie bayed closely at his tail-feathers. The files of the Flounders increased with the incoming pledge class — the Jockey Club established itself firmly. All troop- ers still battling with the General College. The Georgia week-end managed to lose itself and several of the brothers. Other football tilts were tippled in much the same fashion. " Balls " and " Main-Line " back in action after a brief spell in Yankee rest camps. Tiile some joined the " Fun - Group, " others worked and a few scholars were produced — not many. Thanks- giving and Christmas gave us a break acade- mically, but Winter Quarter saw both officers and enlisted men back among those cold, grey halls. Bowery Ball loses more brothers — the Pledge Dance climaxed pledgeship of lerrifir wildmen. " Baby Art " rejuvenates house with The Friemuth Fifty Year Plan. " Au printemps " — beach time again — all brothers go ahead on at flank " speed. Some trade pins for fatal ladies — no bad deal. June finds many preparing to leave — all regretfully. Graduation marks another good year in the an- nals of N. C. Beta of Phi Delt Theta. Page 308 OFFICERS Fred CuUs George S. Blackwelder Reporter Richard F. Davis, Jr. Warden Hubert Teer HISTORY Founded at the University of Miami (Oxford, Ohio) in 1848. Colors: White and Blue. Flower: White Carnation. Publications: The Scroll, The Palladium. Established at the Universilv of North Carolina in 1885. First Row. Left to Right: Leonide Uauroke, Gene Brigham, Leon Carson, James Collins, ' William Cornell • Secontl Roic: Carl Crittenden, Fred Cutis, Richard F. Davis, Art Freimuth, Richard Kinnebrew • Third Row: Brooke Lawson, Hal Miller, Robert Page, William Quails, Lloyd Smith • Fourth Row: Campbell Stubbs, Hubert Teer, Dan Uzzle, David Wiley, Andolphus Williams, Robert Wright. Page 309 Phi Gamma Delta Epsiloii embarks on its second century by build- ing elaborate wall around back yard and nab- bing an exceptionally fine pledge class . . . well found in front yard proves University ' s Old Vl ' ell to be a farce . . . many ideas proposed on how to utilize well . . . suggested tunneling to Chi O house rejected . . . Hedrick and Watkins refuse to be graduated . . . Sawyer captains Soccer team and is aided by four other Fijis . . . " Willie Stark " Myatt kept busy with affairs of politics . . . Tennessee week-end finds troops in rare form . . . house loaded with nocturnal revelers lis- tening to combo . . . usual aggregation of lovely lassies , . . many Tennessee, Davidson, and Vir- ginia brothers on hand for fall blasts . . . World Traveler Hare takes frequent trips to Danville and accompanied to Salem by " Tennessee Head " Earley . . . Mickey, Syd, Claude, and Laney on many soirees to Greensboro . . . " Spook " Lee keeps third floor culture on high plane . . . " Simon Legree " Quarles digs into the troops beer money with fabulous bills — yes Squirrel, I know, prices are high , . , ' " Boscoe " ' Walscr unfortunately hurt at beginning of football sea- son . . . " Famous Five " consisting of iVeblett, Hol- combe, Cantwell, Harriss, and Whitsett have big reunion during Notre Dame week-end . . . Christmas party with orphans graced by Chi Omegas . . . troops find it hard to concentrate on entertaining orphans . . . Sun-worshipers commute to and from Wrightsville . . . malt- worshipers commute to and from Buccaneer . . . many brothers are dirty rushed and pledged by Uncle Sam . . . did anyone mention beer? . . . let ' s go . . . lend me a quarter . . . Mother, I don ' t want to go to war ... I like it here . . . Page 310 Larry Earley Bill Quarles Claude Wilson Syd Ward Brad Cantwell OFFICERS President Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Historian HISTORY Founded al Washington and Jefferson College in 1848. Color: Royal Purple. Flower: Purple Clematis. Publication: The Phi Caninia Delta. Established al the University of North Carolina in 1851. First Row, Left to Right: Lewis E. Bryan. Bradford C. Cantwell, William C. Covington, Jr., Kenton B. Creuser, Charles C. Dudley, Jr., Lindsay Fearringlon • Second Roic: Carson Greenwood, Ranson B. Hare, Victor Herring, III. Robert R. Holmes. Emsley A. Laney, Jr., Henry N. Lee, Jr. Third Row: Gene F. Lyon, Duncan I. MacCalnian, James W. Maynard, Cecil J. Milton, James A. Myalt, Jr., Joseph H. Nelson • Fourth Row: Walter L. Noneman, Charles E. Overman, William G. Quarles, Charles J. Sawyer, Donald C. Seifert, Hallett S. Ward. Claude R. Wilson. Page 311 Phi Kappa Sigma September, Fall, and the iiiiiety-fiflh year for Phi kappa Sigma at Carolina . . . And right away Busier cracks up . . . Ledhead burns up the road to Durham ' s only exciting store . . . Little, John Neal, and Scag take up residence in Greensboro . . . Whole house goes wild as Louie scores against Texans . . . Autumn Saturdays on South side of Kenan watching Andy, Hippo, and Spider hustle for Tar Heels . . , Copperhead is visited by one of Kansas City ' s honest citizens, while Kirk sweats out another Rat Court . . . Dick heads for Florida and a bride; Wes and Bob just head for the " Twin " . . . Punchy and Bob find Maryland Rye and Water not bad at (College Park . . . November sees Toad and Lash renewing vows, but Bill refuses to believe it . . . Ham sports a new briar . . . Great fall house parly . . . Winter rains fail to drown the Rodent . . . Blalz praises " Bud, " but Doug and Lynn claim a cat needs scotch to really jump , . . February house party passed, the Upstairs Ca- sino increases its smoky operation with Water- head, Rud, and Broughton first class sharks . . . Stonehead finds his height some good on the courts . . . Dave runs to Duke, but looks to " Jaw-juh " . . . Bill and Buddy croon. Red Man brews, and Guy and Gabby just gape . . . Spring arrives , , , Obie cracks a mean whip over pledges . . . Hooder spurns sorority parties for Penn State jaunts . . . Amos sleeps on through Spring house parties , . , Buzzard mates his Olds with Jerry ' s Buick . . . Tummy continues to ghost write Horner . . . Harold and Gene drool over Fetzer ' s PhiBete key . . . Ted sticks to Rye and imports as Chuckie moves into Mc- Iver to be near Alderman . . . Jesse and Miss P. keep the honse going . . . Jud and George out- standing leaders of an auspicious year. Page 312 OFFICERS ; Jud Hardv President 1 George Sreplieiis Vice-Presitlent i- Bill Ledford Treasurer i Bob Wallace Secretary Ted Dawes Correspoiiiling Secretary HISTORY Founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1830. Colors: Black and Old Gold. Publications: Phi Kappa Sigma Newsletter; Lambda Lite. Flower: Yellow Chrysanthemum. First Row. Left to Rif-hl : Jerome liolick, Amos Bunigardner, Lyn Capel, Doug Chesson, Ted Dawes. Bub Dumphey • Second Row: Guy Dixon. Tom Gaines, Jerry Galanides, Jay Giles, Howard Gleitz, Oliver Hamilton • Third Row: Charles Harrell, Charles Johnson, Kink Kymoek, Bill Ledford, John Lowry, Bob Middleton • Fourth Row: Tom Payne, Fred Rierson, Paul Scagnelli, Neal Sheffield, Barney Simpson, Wesley Thomson • Fifth Row: Gene Tanner, Bob Wallace, Bill Ware, Dave Walters, Dan Whiteheart, Carson Yates, Jay Zink. Page 313 Pi Kappa Alpha Roll call . . . No fines . . . Absentees: Rousseau, Keel, Moose, Sniff, J. Hawfield . . . Thev got a BID to the ball at FORT JACKSON . . . ' Who ' s next? The damned (Jreek God? . . . Mary had a little senator . . . ALOHA, Roy, Joe. and Malahiny . . . Miss Bry-Anne Sutton elected president of Pan-Hell . . . Go down for doubles; BLACKJACK gutterbrain . . . cliche, CLIOL ' E, or Moneybag ' s Independants? . , . Nemo ' s Trail- ways to Wake Forest . . . Let ' s get rational, FATHEAD! . . . What did Santa bring you for Christmas, Ingrid? . . . Congratulations, Dirty . . . Worthy low masters for 32-33; Jonas, Lv- man, and Chalk . . . G-A-L-B . . . FIRNACE: to assess or not to assess, that is the poser . . . PLEDGES? Wc got the greatest, but how smart can you get? . . . you canU table that motion, chief . . . Stick to your minutes, S.C. . . . put the necessities in the little girl ' s roonj, tio Juan . . . Creed, the world ' s greatest BUSDRIVER . . . Who ' s got your pin this week. Peavine? . . . How ' s your ragtop Cadillac, Frank? . . . Horatio Kochtitsky HORNblower . . . Are you still eating at the Tri-Delt house, Bev? . . . Eddie Hickman. Poor Man ' s Mario . . . WATA- SHIE . . . I ' d like to further de-emphasize what Brother Beaman said . . . Give ' em hell, M-E-N! . . , Aunt Kathy moved to Culpepper, how about it, Dave? . . . Mama Mia . . . Mercv, Dear . . . Red Top, DRINKLESS? . . . Brother Williams, I mean FEARING . . . How do " angel feathers " sound, Lips? . , , Henry and his Hillbilly Six . . . Moved to adjourn . . . Don ' t forget the chairs . . . One minute of silent prayer for Green . . . Meeting adjourned. Page 314 OFFICERS Guy Rawls Pre»idKnl Nick Miller Vice-President Gene Hardin Secretary Rvland Duke Treasurer HISTORY Founded at the University of Virginia in 1838. Colors: Garnet and Gold. Flower: Lily of the Valley. Publication: Shield and Diamond. Established at the Universitv of North Carolina in 1895. Firsf Row. Left to Right: Robert L. And«■ oM. Jr.. Allnian Beanian. Benjamin C. Berry. Jr.. Howard C. Broughton. Lee A. Clark. Jr., Robert M. Creed, George W . Evans • Second Roiv: John H. Falkner, George W. Ferguson. Jr., Henry C. Fisher, Jr., Richard J. Futrell, Jr., Harvey Lee Griffin, Jr., Gordon G. Hamrick, Eugene B. Hardin, Jr. • Third Roiv: Edgar P. Hick- man, William H. Hogshead, Jr., William C. Holton, Waher O. House, Jr., Henry C. Jackson, Jr., David A. Kelly, Russell B. Lee, Jr. • Fourth Rote: Thornton M. Long, Jr., William M. McKinney, Thomas McMillan, Jr., Oscar K. Merritt, Jr., Nick J. Miller, James L. Neely, Henry B. Patterson • Fifth Row: Frank E. Quinn, Jr., William F. Redding, Jr., Robert L. Strickland, Howard B. Sullen. Jr., Robert M. Upton, Beverly S. Warner, Woodward W. Williams, Jr. Page 315 Pi Kappa Phi First Row, Left to Right: Linwood J. Braswell, William F. Brilcy, John R. Cauble. Alfred F. Cole, Jr. Second Row: Willard A. Hord, Jr., Claudius A. Irbv, Jr., Nathaniel F. Magruder, Otis R. McColluni. ThirdRow: Hatherlv C. Paderick, William M. Robbing, Jr., Elmon S. Russell, Alfred Strause. Fourth Row: James A. Wharton, Jr., William H. Wil- kerson. Bill A. Williams, Charles F. Wolff. Jerry R. Womack. William H. Mallison President Cordon H. Shermer Treasurer Aaron J. Jones, Jr. Secretary Page 316 i ■ ' 31 OFFICERS William H. Mallison President Gordon H. Shermer Treasurer Aaron J. Jones Secretary Linwood J. Braswell Historian EInion S. Russell Chaplain Jerry R. Womack Warden Hatherly C. Paderick House Manager Charles F. Wolff Steward HISTORY Founded at llie College of Charleston in 1904. Colors : (;old and White. Flower: Red Rose. Publieation: Star and Lamp. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1914. Pi Lambda Phi 1951 started off with eleven less men, but rush- ing soon brought eleven more here again . . . We started off with paint brush in hand . . . new roof . . . new carpets . . . new tables . . . new pledges. Rushing will never be forgotten , , , " Cocky ' s " smile , . , Henry ' s jokes , , , Lew didn ' t get his B A , , , All ' s well with the 1,F.C, , , Shakeup — shakeout — shakeup — shakeout — shakedown. Pledges are the greatest , , , spirit is tops . , , Off to Maryland went the " Jolly Laddies " , . . Farber Shanghaied to Yugoslavia , , , " Little Nemo " thinks he has a million dollar knee , , , Kingoff doesn ' t feel so badly since he saw Cyrano. Poker games are getting scarce , , , so are the pretty women , , , and the " Chesterfield heir- jsses " , , , Johnny and his University Club re- port , , , Joe, Mort, and Jack going ' legit ' over at Manning Hall , , , " Very Good " moved into the house. Gene may falter and make a " B " , , , Burl ' s got a car , , , next comes the license , , , Mr, Mrs. Klein , , , We know who ' ll wear the pants in that family Yes, Mannys found still another , , , Congrats to Ben , , , we hear he ' s engaged , , . at least his girl is . , , " Moose " or the " Invisible Man " we ask , , . Yate and Sam cooking Kosher Style . , , ' Who ' s this kid, Wagger? , , , Richard Harvey promises to say something , , . Hilly is hooking up with the Syndicate Wire Service . , . Foggy hasn ' t had his windshields wiped yet. Rosey is polishing up his brass , , . " Moff- balls ' " and golf , , , Friedman was frightened bv TV . , , then TV was frightened by Bob , , , Rubin soda-jerking , , . Sy can ' t keep a woman over the summer. These boys are to be respected and honored , , . Howie, Brad, Sonny, Pete, Donny, Elliot, Morty, Joey, Louie, Jack, and Herb . , . They knew enough to go PI LAM. Page 318 OFFICERS William kingofT Leonard Guyes Seymour Bates Burton Bershaw John Cronson Rex Archoii Scribe K.O.E. Parliainenlarian HISTORY Founded at Yale University in 1895. Colors: Purple and Gold. Publication: Tripod. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1930. First Row. Left to Right: Seymour Bates, Martin Bernstein. Burton Bershaw. Irvin Cohen, John Cronson • Second Rote: Leonard Guyes. Bill Kingoff, Jack Koslow, Harry Lerner, Sammy Lerner • Third Row: Jerry Moff, Lewis Ripps, Richard Rosen, Gene Rosenthal, Henry Shavitz • Fourth Row: Joseph Siegel, Benson Slosman, Steve Sutker, Jerry Wagger. Page 319 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chapel College again . . . draft survivals still with us . . . Smiley still alive, believe it or not . . . " Gat. " " Boards, " " Geeehv, " " Reuii, " Zaek, Vaiiee, and " Goilie George " continue midnight card flippin ' . . . " Swashbuckling Bob " — noth- ing extra . . . " Peter Cottin " AWOL . . . Scottv, Chuck, and Whilton missing pins . . . football week-ends, with Dalt, Julian, and Dave doing the dirty work, the rest of us play . . . fine pledge class trained by Dean Wilcox . . . finan- cial wizards, Eddie and Raymond, keep us out of the red with potatoes, potatoes, and potatoes . . . crow calls from " Jaxe " . . . Bill keeping up fraternity average. Gold pulling it down . . . sound leadership under Gat and " Wilsi " . . . chapter revolution occurs, parly for Chi O ' s . . . first ' mural team wins and loses, beer team ruined by good athletes in pledge class . . . Washington, Statler room W-421 is Tar Heel headquarters . . . redecorating done in attic, Clammie putting in all the modern conveniences . . . Wettach submits to multi-clothed boss . . . " Pool, " Webb, Julian, Henry, and UBIS live in poverty . . . " Mic " buckles down, scrapping for scrapbook . . . Herb leads tennis club . . . " Easy Ed " eases on . . . laughs by Ned . . . " Cats " Carmichael enters gang warfare with " Mr. Ad- domen " . . . " Tip-Off " constantly snowed . . . Huff and Creacy head jitterbug team with Pace stumbling behind as Willie brings new dance style to campus . . . Al joins Hill in " Consci- entious Club " . . . Johnny Mac strengthens Chapel Hill club to Wetlach ' s pleasure . . . more beef added to chapter by Fred and " Round Man ' s " eat. drink, and be merry policy . . . roll call is swelled by the long name Mc- Cleneghan . . . we welcome new transfers, Jid and Oscar ... all of luck to 19S1 and ' 52 graduates; we ' ll miss you . . . congratulations. Smiley! . . . ROTC boys enjoy your new loca- tions, draftees your new work . . . SAE ends its 94th year at UNC, as fine as ever. Png - 320 OFFICERS (Garland Johnson Ben Wilcox John Hanes Raymond Holland Edmund Cant Prpsideiit Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Warden HISTORY Founded at the University of Alabama in 1856. Colors: Old Gold and Purple. Flower: Violet. Publication: The Record. Established at the Universitv of North Carolina in 1857. First Row. Left to Ri ht: Robert Gibbon, John Hanes, Gene Hill, Julian King • Second Rate: Ale.x McMillan, George Mount castle, Dalton Ruffin, Bill RufHn • Third Roiv: Webb Sherrill, Dixon Spangler, Jim Whillon. Page :t21 Sigma Chi Alpha Tau Chapter of Sigina Chi was establish- ed at the University of North Carolina in 1889 and has gained the position of the most versatile fraternity on our campus today — inter-collegiate athletics — intraniurals — student activities — socials. In intraniurals Alpha Tau has claimed the cup for the last two out of three years and is proud of its intercollegiate athlete brothers Skeet Hesmer, Eddie Foy, Donnie Evans, Bob Bell, and many others. The brothers of Alpha Tau join in many student activities, one of which is politics. Last year there were five in the legislature, we had the president of the fresh- man class, the president of the IDC, a member of the elections board and so on. Alpha Tau has gained the enthusiasm and hearts of all the stu- dents through its singing. The chorus has won the Valkyrie Cup four times out of the past five years. The climax of the school year is the Sigma Chi Derby and Sweetheart Ball, at which the Sigs claim a certain girl with their admira- tion and respect — The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Page 322 Mike Carver Bill Rue Bob Henniii Ed Cleary Jerry Cook Ernie Shore Lew Brown Rupert Bliss OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer Historian Correspondence Secretary Pledge Trainer Editor HISTORY Founded at the University of Miami (Oxford. Ohio) in 1835. Colors: Blue and Cold. Flower: White Rose. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1889. First Row. Left to Right: Jim Adams, Doug Bak.r. I!i.l) Bill. H.iirii.- Higfjcr-. Rupert Bliss. Lou Brown • Second Row: Ed Cleary, Kemp Clendenine, Ray Collins. Bob Ellington. Vernon Ferrell. Bob Fountain • Third Rote: Tommy Frazier, Arlen Harris, Bob Henning, Elbert Herring, John Louder, Tom McAllister • Fourth Row: Carl McGraw, Fred Mewhinney, Lee Middleton, John Motsinger, Bob Neill, Charlie Phillips • Fifth Row: Buddy Pope. Bruce Pruitt, Tad Riley, Earnie Shore, Tim Timberlake, Ben Tilson • Sixth Row: Jack Wallace, Hey wood Washburn, Bill Williamson, BUI Wilson. Page 323 Sigma The first Psi Chapter Alumni Association has been founded and is on the road to being one of the most active of its kind . . . the remodel- ing of the entire lower floor of the chapter house saw completion this year . . . roat Hobbs look the well known leap and with this con- gratulations are in order for Lynn and Helen . . . because of the very efficient work of E. C John Ferebee the Sigma Nu Glee Club was initiated . . . Fountain replaced Jernigan as chief " Bookie " while " Fire Chief " Midgelt lakes over as " Master of the Psi Chapter Prevarica- tors " and we mustn ' t forget to mention " Pops " Pag . is second in command . . , again, repeat- edly, and successively the Germans are first after the Sigma Nu week-end . . . excellent rush- ing job was done by all . . . Psi Chapter hasn ' t a worry now with A. J. Donald pinned to the Grand Regent ' s daughter . . . Jess and Brooks are proud fathers of future Sigma Nu ' s while Slump is content with a someday Signia Nu pin- nie , , . The phantom leaves for duly with his favorite Uncle . . . and Nemo goes into service for Biaby (his Middletown General, Wacs of course) , , . Hicks goes wet and the Chaplin ' s nephew at that . . . Tell us Mac, Did Henry day it? OFFICERS John J. Ferebee Presiileut R. Seth Boslick y ice-President O. MacMulleii White Secretary Ben E. James, Jr. Treasurer HISTORY Founded at Virginia Mil itar Institute in 1869. Colors: Black, While an d Go Id. Flower: White Rose. Publication: The Delta. Established at the University of North Carol ina n 1889. first Rotv. Left to Right: Robert E. Bennett, Selh R. Bostiek. William H. Carr, Oscar E. Cordle, Nathan T. Crocker • Second Row: Alan J. Donald, William H. Elliot, John J. Ferebee, Alan W. Hamer, Eugene C. Hicks • Third Row: David C. Howard James Kelley, Robert Midgett, Gilbert Murphv, William L. Page, Allan E. Poppleton • Fourth Row: Charles B. Small, Harry Smith, Stanley Smith, Robert H. Snow, O. Mae White, R. S. White. Page 325 Sigma Phi Epsilon And those Sig Eps keep rolling along! President Owen and " Head " returned from Richmond with tales of a great, fiftieth anniversary con- clave. And everybody returned with new spirit — fresh paint, new furniture, and hard-working brothers and pledges everywhere. A fine pledge class . . . and fine parties, every week-end . . . well, almost every . . . Uss " the Terrible " shouted " Roll Call " all year and the brotherhood trembled. " Suicide " Coward kept the Marine Corps in line and " Riviera " Robe explained the " Folies Bergere " in detail , , . Mize and Mattox came up with some really enchanting songs . . . Our annual Sig Ep Ball in the spring was the greatest, in a long line of great ones . . . and Charlie ' s Day at Hogan ' s left nothing to be de- sired (except victory over the brothers from Wake Forest, Stale, and Duke). It was a year of real fun, work, and accomplishment. Look out, ' 52! Page 326 OFFICERS Earl W. Owen President Charles H. Kennedy y ice-President James V. Thompson Secretary Mvron C. Banks Historian Thurnian L. Williams, Jr. Comptroller HISTORY Founded at the University of Richmond in 1901. Colors: Red and Purple. Flower: American Beauty Rose. Publication : Sigma Phi Epsilon Journal. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1921 and 1947. Fir.-I Run. I.r t lo Hitilit: Koh.rl K. Hailed. l r.Mi i.. |{;mk . Thomas L. Cannady. John A. Cates. Nelson T. Fletcher, III • Second Hoic: Lewis Carlton Gooding, Thomas (;. Iladdon, Jr., Rucker S. Hennis, Jr., Monroe G. Johnson, Jr., Charles H. Kennedy • Third Row: Thomas E. Lindsey, William L. Little John, Jr., Lacy L. Lucas, Jr., Robert E. Marshall, Jr., Frederick T. Mattox, William T. Milburn • Fourth Rou: Joseph M. Parker, John F. Prescott, Jake Schoonderwoerd, Riley D.Strickland, James V. Thompson, Thurman L. Williams, Jr. Page 327 Tau Epsilon Phi Now that the greater portion of the Yankees have left, all is quiet on the southern front . . . how do you doo . . . continued over-fraternal friendship between Coldin and Prince . . . been eating good lately . . . Isaacs boop-boops at 3 a.m. . . . Pritchard, Handler, and Schwartz con- tinue studying marathon . . . Novins neophyte to Alcoholics Anonymous . . . car ratio up — date ratio down . . . Kaufman is just CINDY- lating . . . Schild, Levine, Kalin, and Strause still settling for Durham operators . . . Levy majors in radio this quarter . . . Little Willie cutting hard on campus . . . Alumni re-visit enmass . . . rumor that Marty Levinson, Schra- der, Billy Zuk, and Mush the Greek are vying for the honor of pinning Nellie Rue . . . death pallor hits Winston as Gordon and Vinnik find gas cheap but road rough . . . records show TEP ' s major stockholders in ABC stores . . . Roger " Babe " original sixty-minute man . . . the three " M ' s, " Mann. Mel, and Myers create riots on third deck . . . Snookie still fortare- mus ' in . . . Little " Mutt " still keeping TEP name high on conipus . . . Levin, alias, " see my muscles " . . . Dr. Max loose as a goose . . . What can vou do? . . . r n a f B, Page 328 OFFICERS Judsoii S. Noviiis C i incellor William N. Schwartz VUe ■Ch, meellor F. Richard Schwartz Secretary Richard W. Pritchard Bursar HISTORY Founded at Columbia University in 1910. Colors: Purple and While. Flowers: Lily of the V alley, Violet. Publication: The Plume. Established at the University of North Caro ina ii 1924. First Row, Left to Right: Jack ( " olnn. Hobirt Emiiis, Ralph Goldstein, Edwin Goodman, Alan Gordan, Jack Handler • Second Row: David Isaacs, Barry Kalin, G. Arnold Kaufman, Ronald Levin, Alvin Levine, Milton Mann • Third Row: Ken Myers, Judson Novins, Ronald Prince, Richard Pritchard, Elliott Rose, Fred Schild • Fourth Row: F.Richard Schwartz, Mel Schwartz, Samuel Strause, Robert Zucker, William Zuckerman. Page 329 Theta Chi We ' ll never forget : George and the clay the hot water barked up ... a visit from Lvnwood which started out as a week-end and ended up as a week . . . the Air Force alunins; Cecil, Phil. Les. J. Ray, George Moore, and " Boy Pilot " Jim Mills; the Navy boys; Nelson, Don (DTH) Maynard, Frank Edge and Frank Gallo, Mike and Troy . . . Then there was the Maryland game . . . and we slept on stolen mattresses ... A trip to Rich- mond and those " nice " YWCA girls . . . the drow ning of the Wake Forest sorrow ... a Germans week-end . . . Who went to the dance? A brand new house (only 98 years old) and those floors which drop two or three inches every time we have a little party . . . And al- ways our photographer. Bill Neely, around to catch us when we least expect . . . " Chief " left in January and we ' re all let down . . . " Hey Chief, how about getting me a date. Only a queen, hey chief, only a queen! " A transfer from Georgia Tech . . . Two-beer Ed . . . those engineers aren ' t up to Carolina parties . . . Rushing in the fall . . . and a damn good pledge class . . . hard work and a lot of pledge training . . . but they ' re good men. Here ' s to Earl " Right nice, " the 10 or 12 Bobs in the class, and the rest. The coeds are giving us a fit . . . Ray gets engaged to Becky and we never see him again . . . who is next? Page 330 OFFICERS Al Samuel Davis Bvrd Dean Jones Al Perry President Vice-President Secretory Treasurer HISTORY Founded at Norwich University, Norwich, Vermont, in 1836. Colors : Military Red and White. Flower: Red Carnation. Publication: The Rattle of Theta Chi. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1920. First Row: Robert Hartley, Davis Byrd, Carlyle Campbell, Jed Daniels, William Dellinger, Donald Fisher • Second Rote: Neil Glenn, Earl Graybeal, Dean Jones, Winstead Lee, Harrison Lewis, Henr Lewis • Third Row: Ray McCaskill, Robert Neal, William Neely, James Nichols, Robert Osborne, Alan Perry • Fourth Row: Johney Riley, Alven Samuel, Jack Seism, Robert Thompson, Fred West, Carl Zeigler. Page 331 Zeta Beta Tau Big Ted back at the helm . . . Starr elated after seeing Cyrano . . . Lover Lou has three dates for Anniversary Parly . . . H. B. Cohn tyrant over pledges and Shirley . . . Sroehi gains 13 pounds on strenuous diet . . . Heilig is contemplating non-alcoholir breakfast . . . the Professor ' s son gels a date? . . . " Swiv " scouts rushees from T. V. aerial . . . Sy, where ' s the culture? . . . Lowell, get out of the head! . . . Moven breaks leg getting in and out of bed . . . Novit caught going into the head without a coat and tie . . . Oberdorfer ' s Grail Key turns into Church key . . . Karesh claims, " Vampires still eat squash " . . . Goody louses up and makes a B on a quiz . . . Our Bob does bang-up job as Cuisine Com- missioner . . . Mendel leads Monotone choir lo glorious year . . . " Y ' ockoff the Bruin " kisses and giggles while party goes on . . . After re- ceiving package from home, Jake becomes ' pledge of the month ' . . . Thousand attends All-Campus cocktail party . . . Silver Anni- versary week-end — greatest in Alpha Pi history . . . School year ends to Melodic strains of " My Brother, Here ' s Mv Hand. " Page 332 OFFICERS Ted Frankol P resilient Bob Goodman yive-Presidenl Alan Heilig Secretary Bill Karesh Treasurer Herb Cohn HISTORY Historian Founded al the in 1898. C l C ollege of New York, Ne« York City, Colors: Blue, White, and Gold. Publications: ZBT Quarterly; Alpha Pioneer. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1927. First Row. Left to Right: Seymour Bane, Art Barbanell, Lowell Dryzer, Art Einstein • Second Rote: Ted Frankel, Bob Good- man, Alan Heilig, Bob Heinian • Thin] Row: Bill Karesh, Ronald Lampert, Don Mendel, Mitch Novlt • Fourth Row: Gene Oberdorfer, Alan Sroehi, Lewis Simon, Mike Starr, Lou Wolfsheinier. Page XiS Zeta Ps;i Through the generous support of our alumni, it has been possible for us to salvage our house from the termites and to have it completely remodeled. It is reported that the termites, ro- dents, and other fraternity houseiverous crea- tures have given their solemn pledge to move to t he Big Fraternity Court by the first of the year (1952), where, we understand, they made hotel reservations. Orchids to you, creatures! It is our understanding that the Zeta Psi Educational Award went this year to Howard Stranberg, Jr. of Rocky Mount. Gold watches to you " Stran " boy! Several pre-game Bar-B-Ques have been had at the house, it is said, and, it is reported, that these festive feasts were followed shortly by not-too-successful grid-iron contests. In intra- niurals, however, we are attempting to retain possession of the intramural trophy. It is re- ported that only several hundred wins are neces- sary for its permanent retention. As the school year wanes and we eagerly look forward to another lost vacation, our eyes glance furtively over our shoulders to catch a parting view of our campus casa. The light fades but we can still discern the glow of the midnight oil through the beer-stained window panes of our college casba. As the mild spring wind carelessly blows whiskey labels over Spring ' s green carpet, our ears catch the rattle of cards, the tinkle of glass, and the soft, low murmcr of . . . " cocktail hour. " Page 334 Jim Hurley Jim Thorp Joe Brewer Edgar Betty President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer HISTORY Founded at New York University in 1847. Colors: Gold and White. Flower: White Carnation. Publication : Cirole of Zeta Psi. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1858. First Row, Left to Right: Alexander H. Barnes, Ladson H. Boyle, Edward G. Gauss, Spencer Gregory • Second Row: Robert Grunninger, Edward C. Haines, Jr., Stephen Milliken, Harry S. Pearsall, Jr. Page 335 c V; 4| Ct llr eaturesi Beauiies Dance Toi Left: Judges Harry Davis, Foster Fitz- Sinioiis, and James Street • Left: Master of Ceremonies Norman Cordon. The 1952 Yacket Yack Beauty Court Returning to a procedure discontinued since 1948, the 1952 Yackety Yack Beauty Court and Queen were selected in Chapel Hill by local judges. With Mr. Norman Cordon emceeing the show. Judges Foster Fitz-Simons, James Street and Harry Davis selected from sixty-two contestants Miss Sally Trow- bridge of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, as queen, accompanied by a court of fourteen. The winners were announced and given orchid corsages on November 15 in Memorial Hall. With the co-operation of the Order of he Grail, the queen and court were presented at the final dance of the Crail, held in Woolen Gymnasium on November 17th. The staff of the 1952 Yackety Yack wishes to express its grateful appreciation to those who made the contest possible: Mr. Norman Cordon for his interest and most helpful assistance; Mr. Lavergne Johnson for his suggestions and encouragement; Messrs. Filz-Simons, Street, and Davis for their generous co-operation; The Carolina Beauty Shop for the hair stylings of Misses Carman Nahm, Katherine Hester, and Virginia Wilson; The Carolina Sport Shop for lending records; Mr. Harry Davis of the University Florist; Mr. Earl Wynn and Miss Silva; Mr. Ray Jeffries; the famed UNC world traveler Barry Farber; the backstage help — Wisner Washam and Glenn Baughnian on lights, Tom Carroll on music, Joan King; staff members Tom McDonald and Helen Kelly, and especially Bob Colbert, who managed excellently the details of the contest. Portraits of the Queen and Court are by Francis Lavergne Johnson of Chapel Hill. THE QUEEN L6d J aiiu y nvi miubndc i r Sponsored by Sigma Nu Page: 338 f .A ' ii 1 1 -4 K : iJd barman I ' I a km SPONSORED BY KAPPA ALPHA Page 340 -Jettu H owle. (Ld6 ( -Jeilu iLJoiAJled SPONSORED BY KAPPA SIGMA Page 341 f SPONSORED BY PHI DELTA THETA Page 342 L66 j eqqu ox SPONSORED BY PHI KAPPA SIGMA Paiie 343 t ■ ■ 1 " v«X ' ■■J-iS; ' ' ;4».ft. ' ' ' ' --. ' 1 — . jj it y rmistead SPONSORED BY DELTA PSI Puge 344 ' . Ljevaldme J mde ii66 y ey aiame — )niaer SPONSORED BY SMITH DORMITORY Page 345 ; cdd djeuenu L haih f SPONSORED BY ALDERMAN DORMITORY Page 346 (LJettu cJ ou l l orifilnaton ii66 i -Jeuu SPONSORED BY KAPPA SIGMA 9 ' Page 347 l66 joavi xmraik SPONSORED BY McIVER DORMITORY Pa e 348 SPONSORED BY PHI DELTA THETA Page 349 I6d l lraima l l luon SPONSORED BY BETA THETA PI Page 350 y vin .rJJ)c SPONSORED BY KAPPA ALPHA Page 351 fl U66 Atnne Wan im SPONSORED BY ZETA PSI Pa e 352 L66 I5etk cU ioud r SPONSORED BY ALPHA TAU OMEGA Page 353 First Row: Charles Augustus Borda, III, Roddey Dowd, George Worrell Evans, Fletcher Melvin Green. Ill • Second Row: Spenser Gregary, Ransom Bryant Hare, III, William P. McKay, Jr.. John Alexander McMillan • Third Rotv: Richard Melton Penegar, James Simpson Schenck, III, Robert Hairston Snow, Edward Dickson Thompson • ! ot Pictured: Dan Wilson Uzzle. German Club The German Club, which is composed of members of thirteen social fraternities on campus, sponsors three big dance week-ends each year, bringing name bands to Carolina. Under the efficient direc- tion of Jake Froelich, serving his second term as president of the Executive Board, the 1951-1952 dances were acclai med highly successful. Fraternities composing the German Club are: Kappa Sigma, Kappa Alpha, Sigma Chi, Sigma Nu, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Zeta Psi, Alpha Tau Omega, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Gamma Delta, Delta Psi, and Pi Kappa Alpha. OFFICERS Top; Jake Froelick. Jr., President; William Gordon Quarles, Vice- President Bottom: William C. Bostic, III, Secretary; Charles Lewis Haywood, Treasurer. Page 354 Fall Germans Sponsors and their escorts for the Fall Germans were Miss Mary Strickland with Jake Froelich, Jr., Presi- dent ; Miss Nadia Doughtridge w ith Bill Quarles. Vice-President ; Miss Sandra Janierson with Marvin Ferrel ; Miss Elizabeth Hanirick with Bill Bostic, Secretary; Miss Carolyn Butcher with Richard Penegar; Miss Sally Trowbridge with Roddy Dowd; Miss Sally Bullard with Alex McMillan; Miss Florence Hopkins with Tim Borda; Miss Mary Lee (Griffith with Bob Snow ; Miss Wanda Philpott with Fletcher Green; Miss Clara Howell with Bill McKay; Miss Anita Caine with Jim Schenck; Miss Nancy Richards with Dick Thompson; Miss Carmen Oastler with Dan Uzzle; Miss Jane Schoolfield with Bryant Hare; Miss Margaret Ellen with George Evans: and Miss Betty Rhett Merritt with Spencer Gregory. Page 355 Rav Anthony Mid ¥iiiters Buddy ' ise, featured with Ray Anthony and his Orchestra Pfige 356 German Club The German Club claimed the Tennessee Week-end as their first big social function of the year. Something new was initiated. Instead of having dances on both Friday and Sat- urday nights, only the dance on Friday night, November 2. was held. On Friday afternoon at four o ' clock the festivities began with the concert held by Johnny Long and his Orches- tra. Memorial Hall rocked with the welcoming notes of " In a Shanty in Old Shantytown " and " Way Up in North Carolina. " Long, a native North Carolinian and graduate of Duke University, appeared for the first time on the Carolina campus at the request of many students. The genial " south- paw " violinist, aided by his attractive vocalist-wife. Pat, were exceptionally well received. His joint appearance with Kay Kayser on Friday evening at the pep rally at 8:00 P. M. in Memorial Hall also caused one of the largest student turn- outs of the year. The smooth dance tempo orchestrations of Long, plus the traditional and charming figure formed by the German Club Executive Board and their dates before the intermission, made the 9:00 P. M. to 1:00 A. M. dance in Woolen Gymnasium a most successful climax to this first " Reader ' s Digest " Fall Germans. However, the old custom of having dances both Friday and Saturday nights was re-established for the p eak of the middle quarter social season, when Ray Anthony, who play- ed for the German Club in 1931, returned here for Mid- winters on February 22 and 23. Anthony, with his reputa- tion as the " Young Man With a Horn " and his opinion that a band must do " more than just play music. ' " provided crisp, precise numbers for the Carolina gentlemen and their dates. His versatile music — ranging from jazz and swing to novelties and sweet ballads — along with the Anthony brand of showmanship ( " The Saints Come Marching In " ) made his return performance as enjoyable as his first. Spring Finals, which were held on May 10, were as suc- cessful as ever, and were the finishing touch to the pahtying Germans social functions. Page 357 Brad Cantwell and partner bearing it out at Germans i ninnn Square Dancing in the -Court is a popular attraction during the summer and early fall — with music for the entire campus to hear. Inforitials Semi-formal dance at the Ar freshmen of the Naval R.O.T.C. sponsored by the II First Rote James Ervin Adams Robert Lovell Anderson L. Paul Barnes Charles H. Brewer Second Rote: Lewis Arnold Brown James R. Connelly. Eugene W. Hackney Adrian S. Lineberger Third Rote: James H. Mclntyre John A. McMillan Andrew C. Miller Cecil Jerome Milton Fourth Rote: Eugene Oberdorf er Dotson George Palmer William G. Quarles (♦w»;fcj 4 STEVE PERROW Chairman University Danee Cominittee The University Dance Committee has as its foremost objectives the role of host at Carolina dances and the task of maintaining order at social functions sponsored by campus organi- zations. This group of students, familiar in their formal dress with blue and white rosettes in their lapels, in their careful vigilance of campus dances are striving toward making Carolina dances the functions that both students and faculty desire. During the 19S1-1952 season the Committee has effectively performed its duty. Headed this year by Steve Perrow, Chairman, the group has had a most successful year, both in helping to put on Carolina dances and guiding them toward perfection. Page 359 It Pays Ta A dvertise . % 5 No Unpleasant AJ f„„ .,„ VN RESEARCH OR - iHi iCS SiU- ,, : mi -- ' Compliments of COBLE DAIRY PRODUCTS LEXINGTON. N. C. THE UNIVERSITY PRINTERY " Hank " Harrington E. Franklin Street Cliapel Hill Compliments of THE VARSITY THEATER Page 362 THE Kiivc; rOTT01 Greensboro ' s Finest Hotel HAYWOOD DUKE, Manager Foister ' s Camera Store, Inc. Photographic Supplier for the Professional and Amateur Photographer CHAPEL HILL, N. C. SANITARY FISH MARKET AND RESTAURANT Morehead City. N. C. Open 11:30 A. M. to 8:30 P. M. Every Day Year Round ' Tony " Seamon ' Ted " Garner Serving the University Community Since 1899 The BANK OF CHAPEL HILL — Member F. D. 1. C. — Clyde Eubanks Collier Cobb, Jr. W. E. Thompson J. Temple Gobbel W. R. Cherry President Vice-President Exefutive Vice-President Cashier Asst. Cashier Page 363 Covers by Kingsktaft KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE T. W. Poe and Sons INCORPORATED General Contractors License No. 239 Builders of: Mclver Dorm Cobb ( H I Dorm Monogram Club Medical Research Lai Telephone 5-9701 Durham, N. C. Page 364 The Corner Hangout . . . For Prescriptions For Fountain Service SLOAN DRUG CO. On the Corner Acro ' s from Theatrr TYLER ' S ESSO SERVICENTER West Franklin at Church Phone 822] Compliments J. A. JONES CONSTRUCTION CO. Chapel Hill, N C. Charlotte, N. C, MR. W. H McWHIRTER, Manager, Chapel Hill Office PafiP 36:1 DAXZIGER! " OLD WORLD RESTAURANT " Compliments of DILLON SUPPLY COMPANY Mill — Industrial and Contractors Supplies Plumbing — Heating Equipment Raleigh — Durham — Rocky Mount Goidsboro CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 52 We hate to see you leave us! We will always welcome your return! " The Dairy Store " WEST FRANKLIN STREET CHAPEL HILL DURHAM ROXBORO Continuous Quality Durham Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Durham. N. C. Pogp 366 YouMrs for Plvasawti Dinittff RESTAURANT I niversity Drive at Hope Valley Road As You Enter Durham from Chapel Hill the Staff ttoottt VasMtal ... Friotttllff . . . fnr th€» .IMott Page 367 1 BHOP N. COLUMBIA ST. CA4i aee MCC, 71. C. Compliments of Carolina Floi er Shop Opposite Post Office Wherever You Go Whatever You Do Good books are as close as your nearest mailbox THE INTIMATE BOOKSHOP 205 E. Franklin Street L onaratu la tioni TO ANOTHER GRADUATING CLASS CAROLINA BARBER SHOP " Since 1903 " Cnmplimeiils of RIGGSBEE -HINSON FURNITURE COMPANY Home of Beauty-Rest Mattresses- -Hotpoint Appliances Main Street Carrboro, N. C. Phone , S821 . . . enjoj THE PINES Steaks and Seafood At Their Very Best 1 Page , 6« The Carolina Theatre APPRECIATES YOUR PATRONAGE and invites you to visit our other theatres throughout the state i Worth Carolina Theatres, Inc. THE UNIVERSITY SERVICE STATION for Texaco and Firestone products and Complete One-Stop Service at Franklin and Columbia Streets fCl ■ f Durham ' s best store since 1886 The shopping center for re Eastern and Piedmont Caro who demand the best in : quality. MAIN STREET — DURE presentative ina women ashion and [AM, N. C. Pane 369 Cheer Leader! Cheer Leader! On campus or after the game, Pepsi-Cola is the big big drink that gets plenty of action ... for taste, for quality, for size — it ' s Pepsi. Durham Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co., Durham, N. C. SMITH cllanerS] prevostit Compliments oj the E. A. BROWX Furniture and Electrical Appliance t OMI»Ai V Phone 7121 106 W. Rosemary St.. Next to Citv Hall CASTON MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Sales and Service DODGE — PLYMOUTH Dodge Trucks 419 W. Franklin St. Phone 2421 Good Luck Class of ' 52 You Will Always Be Welcome Back To Chapel Hill Bv JACK LIPMAN A Chapel Hillian Since 1924 Page 370 lilHLLER HOD SIDITH j koioqrapne S OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR 1 H£ YACKETY YACK 12 EAST HARGETT STREET RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA Page 371 Page 372 UNIVERSITY CLEANERS [SANITONE CLEANING — PRESSING Chapel Hill N. C. Post Office Corner Phone 4921 FOUJLER ' S FOOD STORE ALL KINDS FRESH MEATS, GROCERIES, AND COUNTRY PRODUCE FISH AND OYSTERS IN SEASON For Delivery: Phone F-416 Chapel Hill, N. C. Uo Sntn POE MOTOR COMPANY Plytatuuih Page 373 L omputnenti of FITCH LUMBER CO Here ' s a Bird You ' ll Want to Knoic! Graduate to Greater Food Savings At our Frieudh COLONIAL STORE Chapel Hill. N.C. l iffa r Laundry Cleaners, Inc Serving the Communities of Chapel Hill — Carrboro Delivery Service PHONE 2-3541 ( onafatuiationi to tke L laii of 1952 FROM THE Burfjam iHorning i|eralb AND THE DURHAM SUN Chapel Hill ' s FAVORITE Daily Newspapers Page 374 WILLIAM C OLSEN Coosulting Ens ineer RALEIGH, N. C. Designing and Supervising Engineer FOR University Power and Heating Plant University Water Purification Plant Page 375 Compliments oj Hazzard Motor Company GENERAL MOTORS DEALER Sales and Service 501 W. Franklin St. Chapel Hill. N. C. for. Gulflex Lubrication Washing Gulf Tires All Gulf Products REEVES SERVICE STATION on W. Franklin Street Phone 2437 In Every City There ' s A Store That Stands Out As The Leader . In Durham It ' s Baldwin ' s Page 376 The Carolina Inn Hosts for the University on all occasions Opcnitnio J Dining Room Jini Tlr Qirolnu Inn Qifctcru Ulmuersitu lonst ROBBINS BUILDING Page 377 LASSITER CORPORATION CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA ■h- Iiidex Administration 15 Air Force R.O.T.C. 143 Alpha Delta Pi 276 Alpha Epsilon Delta 254 Alpha Gamma Delta 278 Alpha Kappa Psi 258 Alpha Phi Omega 254 Alpha Tau Omega 290 Alumni Association 18 Baptist Student Union 230 Basehall 178 Basketball 174 Beauty Court 338 Beta Gamma Sigma 248 Beta Theta Pi 292 Canterbury Club 230 Cardboard 173 Carolina Communications Club 220 Carolina Forum 228 Carolina Playmakers 218 Carolina Political Union 229 Carolina Quarterly, The 235 (Cheerleaders 172 Chi Omega 280 Chi Phi 294 Chi Psi 296 Coed Senate 206 Coed Sports 196 ( ' ross Country 183 Daily Tar Heel, The Debate Council Delta Delta Delta Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Psi Delta Sigma Pi 236 225 282 298 300 260 Delta Theta Phi Dentistry, School of Dialectic Senate 264 192 226 Football 160 Freshman Class 98 German Club 354 Gimghoul 249 Golf 190 Gorgon ' s Head Lodge 251 Graduate School 138 Graham Memorial Student Union 210 Gymnastics 184 Hillel Foundation 231 Independent Board Interfraternity Council Intramural Sports 220 288 194 Junior (lass 73 Kappa Alpha 302 Kappa Delta 284 Kappa Epsilon 269 Kappa Psi 256 Kappa Sigma 304 Lacrosse 193 Lambda Chi Alpha 306 Law, School of 122 Medicine, School of Men ' s Glee Club Men ' s Honor Council Men ' s Interdormitory Council Monogram Club Naval R.O.T.C. 134 212 201 208 158 152 Page SItO Index Omega Ganinia Mu Iota 269 Order of the Golden Bear 272 Order of the Golden Fleece 245 Order of the Grail 246 Order of the Minotaurs 250 Order of the Old Well 247 Order of the Sheiks 253 Panhellenie Council Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy Senate Phi Alpha Delta Phi Beta Kappa Phi Delta Chi Phi Delta Phi 274 112 224 265 242 267 266 Phi Delta Theta 308 Phi Eta Sigma 270 Phi Gamma Delta 310 Phi Kappa Sigma 312 Philanthropic Assembly 227 Pi Beta Phi 286 Pi Kappa Alpha 314 Pi Kappa Phi 316 Pi Lambda Phi 318 Press Club 223 Public Health, School of 129 Publications Board 207 Rho Chi 268 Scabbard and Blade 271 Senior Class 22 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 320 Sigma Alpha Iota 262 Sigma Chi 322 Sigma Nu 324 Sigma Gamma Epsilon 263 Sigma Phi Epsilon 326 Soccer Sophomore Class Sound and Fury Stray Greeks Student Council Student Government Student Legislature 182 88 219 275 203 200 202 Swimming 186 Tau Epsilon Phi 328 Tennis 192 Theta Chi 330 " Thirteen ' Club 252 Town Girls ' Association 221 Track 188 University Club 216 University Dance Committee 359 University Party 222 University Symphony Orchestra 215 Valkyries 244 Varsity Band 214 Women ' s Glee Club 212 Women ' s Honor Council 205 Women ' s Interdormitory Council 209 Wrestling 185 Yackety Yack 238 Y.M.C.A 234 Y.W.C.A. 232 You ' ll Find 14 Zeta Beta Tau 332 Zeta Pel 334 It Pays To Advertise 360-379 Page 381 Page 382

Suggestions in the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) collection:

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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