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Clje JLitirarp Onitietsitp of s ottt Carolina il 0 J.i ' i:iithiilf Wtst fi-cm. l.niiilon . 7 2 inf.Girnituk ' ILECTION UNIVERSITY OF N C, AT CHAPEL HILL -. Illlllllllllllllii 00033989122 FOR USE ONLY IN THE NORTH CAROLINA COLLECTION Form No. A-368. Rev. 8 95 €inolm . ' ' and od « 60 l e t949 PcdU t -3 yccC ' pccti eiC. cc ute4 ' ?ftcuta % « -■ ' tude tU a t ' UauAen. o TUnt6. ( vtoiUa, 0Aa " M, % . pl« " Ifac ettf ' !f ic . . . M OU 0)Ue ' IfeU 9 t u become a enitci k Oun. uttficu , . . Down through the years traditions have begun on the Carolina campus to become the memories of " Yesterday " and the heritages of " Today " . This book is one of those heritages. When the Di Senate and the Phi Assembly combined with the fraternities in 1890 to publish the first University of North Carolina yearbook, the old college yell, " Yackety Yack, " was taken as a name. That staff member who suggested the name, J. C. B. Ehringhaus, was later to become governor of the state, and that first Yack was to start a line of fine college annuals. Between these covers we have tried to represent t he entire student body at Chapel Hill, just as did that yell of yesterday, " Yackety Yack! " t ifUM t 4 Tftc pto Ue , C(AC fne cpit nnnn n ■ 1 ■ u lUL 1 lylfll We are " Carolina Today " . The classes of ' 49, ' 50, ' 51, and ' 52. We ' re the vets, the wives, the kids just out of high school, the coeds. We ' re just 17, and we ' re pushing 27. We ' ve been through a war, and now we ' re back carrying on the traditions, keeping the Carolina memories, and presenting ourselves as w,e are. That %: lb . . . t ;4tA€K t Sout . intangible quality that makes Carolina " the best " , and those tangible ones that make it the Athens of the ! outh are known to us now. We ' re beginning to understand the importance of learning, and we know what it means to have an Alma Mater we ' re proud of. We ' re glad to be the " Carolina of Today. " ScC sdcd t V ti . . €uAa4e Ti UcU €iAe e4 iect. 1™ " i % ew 1 J . 3tr ( ' pontcf-TiMC ' ' ' t -OKC . . tCf- UAO 1t . . . . pt t ieCd o ■J MM ifci -- il . . cute o L t Tt UioH SB i jIgfe ' ha J iSm ' ' :- " % ' " ' - X ' ' it. ' U . , ute sdCfACcC ut ot en aad ™ s n . . . TO uie e t Occi sdeciden A aac aicaacf eeH eco ed ft 9 . . , K H - - Aci uH UA u cccpttuatecC 5i , , , Ued t VcufCii t " oux N! - ?.v o ' - t t iU i M J 1 ] I , , . u LC f oiuccC ift cM ' ' ' ' 4Sx ' ' ' jl U » We, the students of the University of North Carolina, dedicate this fifty-ninth vohime of the Yackety Yack to William Donald Carmichael, Sr., a true Carolina gentleman. A graduate of the University in the class of 1897, Mr. Carmichael, after an active student life, went into the service of teaching. He later became associated with the firm of Liggett and Myers Tobacco Company, and retired as Vice-President in 1942. His regard for and loyalty to the University has always been a large part of his life, and his interest and beneficence to his Alma Mater are a matter of record. Mr. Carmichael can be looked to as a symbol of the Carolina way of life. He has instilled his love for his school in the generations that followed him. His four sons and the three of his grandchildren who have reached college age have attended Carolina. It is with pride that we dedicate this book to a Tar Heel " born and bred " , William D. Carmichael, Sr. THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Uiiifers ly of Norih Carolina at chapel hill • i orth Carolina State College of Agric illiire and Engineering at raleigh • The Woman ' s College at GREENSBORO Coiisolidi ited Offices (HAPF.L HILL I ' K A N K P . GRAHAM. Preudeiit will I AM D. CAR MICH A EI,. JR. Conlroller and Businesf AUinaxer TO THE CLASS OF 1949: We appreciate the opportunity to express through the lackety Yack our congratula- tions and best wishes to the members of the Class of 1949 and to all of the students, faculty, and administrative staff who have cooperated to make this a memorable year in the life of Alma Mater. The members of the Senior Class, through their leadership on the campus and in cooperation with many groups and agencies, have, in spite of our congestion and frustra- tion, made several significant contributions to campus life and University progress. The isest orientation program for new students was carried through at the beginning of the college year and has been followed up by student leaders in a personal and effective way. Freshman Assembly was reestablished; the Interdormitory Council reinvigorated with its potentialities for dormitory self-government; the Student-Faculty Dance Committee reorganized for improvement of t ' ne University dances; conduct before, during, and after football games improved; house discussion groups inaugurated, filling a real need in dormitory and fraternity life; organization by the president of this student body in cooperation with the presidents of the student body at the Woman ' s College and at State College of the Greater University Student Council for the presentation of the Univer- sity ' s needs to the citizens of the State and a program for constructive relations in the three-fold University family; and inauguration this spring by the Pl-d Beta tCappa of plans for an annual University Convocation of faculty and students devoted to the recog- nition of the central place of scholarship in the life of students and the purpose of the University. The Student Legislature, the Honor Councils, the literary societies, the student publications, intercollegiate and intermural debates, the musical and the dramatic associations have afforded a real outlet for the student ' s participation in his own education. The churches of the community and the campus religious organizations have in their various and vigorous ways emphasized the need and value of the spiritual conception of God as the Father and- youth as the hopeful brother of all men. We appreciate deeply the serious tone of work and citizenship which our thousands of veterans and their self-sacrificing wives continue to give to the spirit of this place, meriting our cooperation so that we can do our utmost for those who in critical years risked their all for the freedom of us all. The Class of 1949 has left a rich legacy to Alma Mater. Kay the spirit of honor, freedom, scholarship, and the dedication of Alina Mater to the moral autonomy of the individual, to the public service, and to the spiritual sense of human brotherhood always be a part of your heritage in this University. Sincerely yours. C A. Cuujiz. ( ■ c A- O Jtu LAyU. Frank P. Graham Our CHRnCELLOR Chancellor of the University ROBERT B. HOUSE N I V The many administrative problems of a large and complex university that is the University of North Carolina are faced ably by our Chancellor, Robert B. House. Today a man of foresight and capability, as well as sincerity, is needed to guide the administration of the University. Chancellor House is such a man, and, through his practical wisdom, he has worked and is working for a greater school. Each new day brings a new problem to be worked out, and this is done by the able efforts of Chancellor House and his co-workers. The DEARS As Dean of Students, Dean Weaver correlates the work of the other two deans and guides the student body as a whole. With his previous experience as Dean of Men and his customary industry. Dean Weaver has executed the duties of his office with every success. •« ! ( Students FRED WEAVER hi her third year of being the guiding angel for Carolina coeds. Dean Carmichael has again proved her capability as Dean of Women. She has given able direction to the women at Carolina, and her genuine interest in each girl has made her a popular and respected figure on campus. Dran nf Women KATHERINE CARMICHAEL The newest of the deans is young Bill Friday, Dean of Men. A true Tar Heel, Dean Friday was graduated from State College and from the law school of the University at Chapel Hill. A member of the highest honor organization on both cam- puses. Dean Friday is worthy to be an important influence in the life of the Carolina Gentleman. Dean of Men WILLIAM FRIDAY Governor Kerr Scott The Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina is under the General Assembly and has full power over the affairs of the school. Members are elected, one from each county in the state, for eight year terms which are staggered so that one-fourth of the number is elected every two years. An Executive Committee of the Board is authorized to act between meetings as the Boards ' general agent. A Finance Committee is subject to the Board and to the Committee for its power and duties. The acting governor of the state is the President ex-officio of the Board of Trustees. Rlumni Rssociation Through the Alumni Association many Tar Heels after leaving Carolina have a chance to return, actually or imaginatively. They are able to renew contacts with other alumni and with the Alma Mater through the Central Office of the Association. This office is located in the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill and maintains up-to-date records of all alumni. Through the official magazine, " The Alumni Re- view " , local clubs, permanently organized classes, and a General Assembly, the Association has a far reaching program across the state and the nation to unite more than 44,000 graduates and former stu- dents. The Alumni Association includes members of classes from 1878 to 1949. C. F. TEAGUE Business Manager J. A. WILLIAMS Assistant to Business Manager E. L. MACKIE Dean of Awards WILLIAM WELLS Dean of Arts and Srieiif MR. GREER Executive Vice-President, Business Foundation A. C. HOWELL Secretary to Faculty The hub of the ever-turning wheel that is the Uni- versity of North Carolina is South Building. Here activity hums each day as the spark that lights the activity of the entire campus. Here are the deans, the President ' s staff, the administrative heads, and the many people that make a working organization gather to keep the life-blood flowing into the veins of the University. And here the students meet — on the steps of South — between classes. The building is truly the center of the campus universe. C. P. SPRUILL. JR. Dean of General Colleg W. D. CARMICHAEL, JR. Controller UUe went to CLRSSES- and here was the difference, in Yesterday and Today. The old smal classes were replaced by large ones. The quiet campus became a bustling, busy thoroughfare. UUomen came to Carolina — and stayed. i ,v fl! ii 1 SEniORS EMILE SALEEBY ED DAVENPORT Vice-President WAYNE BRENEGAN Secretary MINTIE CANTRELL Treasurer Senior Class Officers We the Forty-niners have panned our golden moments from the streams of Tar HeeUa. We leave it now for the rivers of tomorrow. Before our eyes we see the vision of a new civiliza- tion — a great jeweled city which will rise by our strength and endurance. It is our dream. Caro- lina has given it to us. Before the Old Well we pause for a look at the glistening flecks among the dust — the Bell Tower ringing at dusk . . . the moment at the football game before the Justice-Rogers storm when " Hark the Sound " warmed our hearts . . . the still other worldliness of the 949 Arboretum in the center of campus . . . the cool stone of the Library steps . . . our Dr. Graham in the White House on the corner. There are other bright flashes — those gatherings in the " Y " Court between classes for a smoke, a chat, or a cup of coffee . . . serenades and caroUings heard under a dorm window at midnight . . . the hub-bub in Graham Memorial ' s Horace Williams Lounge, pub offices, and student government rooms . . . the muddy paths to class on wet Monday. We remember also such golden traditions as ivy-covered Gerrard Hall, the Davie Poplar, and Old East that housed our grandfathers. Our years of mapping and searching are over, and we leave our Carolina with a new hope of conquest. In our hearts there is loyalty and gratitude to thee, Carolina, " priceless gem. " . . . Receive all praises thine. " Gaiety and Finality Jil ABBOTT F. ADAMS R. ADAMS ADLER ALEXANDER F. ALLEN ADAIR C. ADAMS S. ADAMS AEISCHBACHER. JR. ALGRANTI G. ALLEN B. ADAMS H. ADAMS W. ADAMS ALBEE C. ALLEN. JR. O. ALLEN, JR, REGINALD MAX ABBOTT Br) ' son City ( ,, Pi,. FRED L. ADAIR Washington Clee Club (3. 4J . BILLIE RITA ADAMS Charlotte llplw Delta P.; D„ily Tat Htel 3. 4); Secretary of Inlerdormitorv Council Cil: Sludenl Legislature (3): Young Democrat. Club (3. 4); C. C. U. N. (3): Graham Memorial Public Relations Director (4); Secretarv ..f Charlotte- Carolina Club (4); Dormitory House Council (3, 4). FAITH DORSEY ADAMS Coral Gables, Florida A.B. in English Delta Delta Delta; Class Executive Committee (4): Daily Tar Heel (3. 4); Sound and Fury (3, 4) : Student Legislature (4) ; Student Council (4) ; Yaclcelr Yack (3| ; Y. W. C. .A. (3, 41; Splash Club (3, 4); University Party (4). A.B. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce A.B. in English GREY LITTLETON ADAMS High Point A.B. in Art ty Club (4) ; Air ROTC HENRY ADAMS Lenoir RHEA LANSING ADAMS Durham Ueta Theta Pi. SIMEON HUEY ADAMS Gastonia WILLIAM HINTON ADAMS Chapel Hill SHERMAN ADLER Asheville .ela Beta Tau; Hillel Cabinet (2. 3); Sound and Furv (3); University Club (21. HUBERT E. AENCHBACHER, JR. Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Commerce Delta Siema Pi: Carolina .Magazine (1, 2); Student Audit Board (4). EDWARD FRANKLIN ALBEE Springtown, Pennsylvania A.B. in Sociology B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Zoology B.S in Commerce A.B. in Economics B.S. in Commerce HERBERT E. ALEXANDER Waterbury, Connecticut B.A. in Political Science Band (1); Carolina Political Union (2. 3, 4| ; Daily Tar Heel (1); Debate Council (I); Di Senate I. 2): Interdorraitory Council (1); Student Legislature (3. 41; C. C. U. N. (2, 31; Dormitory President (1); Carolina Forum (II. JOSEPH SAMUEL ALGRANTI Durham B.S. in Physics CHARLES GRANVILLE ALLEN, JR. Laurel, Delaware B.S. in Commerce JZ j io Kapiu, Psi. FRONTIS CLYDE ALLEN Charlotte B.S. in Commerce GERALD ZERO ALLEN Shelby A.B. in Physical Education OLIVER H. ALLEN, JR. Raleigh Football, Manager (2). A.B. in Journalism .T- Page 40 Senior Class THOMAS ATKINS ALSPAUGH Greensboro Phi Kafipii Sigma. THOMAS HUGH ALSTON, JR. Durham HAROLD LINDSAY AMOS High Point K,ipp„ Alpha; 13 Ch.b (2, 3. 4.1. ANDREW VANCE ANDERSON, Raleigh Kappa Alpha; lulerjormitory Council (1). ANN ANDERSON Eustis, Florida Pi H.-ia Hhi ; V. W. C. A. (3. 4); Spanish Club J. WILLIAM ANDERSON Green.sboro JAMES WILLIAM ANDERSON Greensboro hi.l,-nl Li-sislalure (II; V. M. C. . (1, 2). WILMA CLAIR ANDERSON Denver, Colorado SAMUEL RALPH ANDREW. JR. Albemarle fh, Beta Kappa; Flu 1 u Alpha; Glee Club (1, THOMAS LUTHER ANDREW Albemarle Monosram Club 13); Basi-ball (1. 2, 3). FRANCES LOUISE ANGAS Brooklyn, N. Y. Valkyries ' 7 EDWARD K. ANTHONY St. Petersburg, Florida rhi Phi. B.S. in Chemistry A.B. in English B.S. in Commerce JR. B.A. in Economics A.B. in Spanish A.B. in Economics A.B. in Economics A.B. in Chemistry A.B. in Music B.S. in Commerce A.B. in History (4) : Coed Senate. Speaker B.S. in Commerce LUTHER LESLIE ANTHONY, JR. Gastonia A.B. in Chemistry CECIL MARTIN APPLEBERRY, JR. Wilmington WILLIAM REID AREY, JR. Gold Hill STEVE DONALD ARLEDGE Durham RUBY WHITE ARNOLD Fuquay Springs Alpha Gamma Ovllu; Glee Club (3. 4,1. B.S. in Chemistry A.B. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Sociology WALTER DAVIS ARNOLD Bristol, Virginia A.B. in Political Science Sifma Chi; Coalilion C.uncil; Sludenl Welfare Board; Calendar Commitlee. AI.SPAIIGH ALSTON. JR. AMOS A. ANDERSON, JR. A. ANDERSON J. ANDERSON J. ANDERSON W. ANDERSON S. ANDREW, JR. T. ANDREW ANCAS E. ANTHONY L. ANTHONY, JR. APPLEBERRY, JR. AREY. JR. ARLEDGE R. ARNOLD W. ARNOLD -, IIP- .1949 AliMl 1 I AUSTIiN. JK. BADGETT Mlltl li INEKETI. BAC SELL AVEli.S B. BAKEIt Ji. V IMNXIN. UAIIEI! E. BAKEK B.A. in History MARY LUCILLE ARNOTT Persia, Tennessee Alpha Gamma Delta: Pill Bfta: Glee Club (3, 41; Pan Hellenic. Vice-Presi- dent (4): W. A. A., Secretary (4); W- A. A. Representative Mclver (31; CheerleaJrr (4); Choral Club (S) - WILLIAM ASHBURN Winston-Salem B-A- in Law FRANK BICKETT ASHCRAFT, JR. Raleigh B.A. in English GEORGE WEYLAND ATKINS, JR. Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce SlglTta Phi Epsilon; Young Democrats Club (41; Y. M. C- A. t2l. CLINTON KESLER ATKINSON Lilesville B.S. in Commerce Alpha Kappa P i. RICHARD SAMPSON ATKINSON, JR. Kenly B.S. in Commerce Phi Kappa Sl ma. HUGH MUSGRAVE AUSTIN, JR. Smithfield B.A. in Chemistry LELAND STANLEY AVERETT, JR. OxforiJ B.A. in Chemistry GEORGE STEWART AYCOCK Charlotte B.A. in History JAMES EVERETT AYCOCK Lincolnton ROBERT J. AYERS Danese, West Virginia B.S. in Geology Sigma Gamma Epxilon, GWENDOL TSI BABER Shelby B.S. in Commerce Western Noilli CamliiM Club II. 2): C. I. C. A. (I. 21. B.S. in Commerce SAM WINGATE BADGETT Winston-Salem JAMES EDWARD BAGWELL Henderson Plii Beta Karpa; Sigma Gamma F.pulaa : Heu.l JOHN BREWER BAITY Henderson Slema Phi Epsilon. ALBERT B. BAKER Rock Hill, South Carolina BARRY BAKER Rocky Mount EMILY CLAIRE BAKER Asheville Alpha Gamma Delta. Social Chairman; Daily Tar Heel (3, 4) ; Debate Squa.l (3. 4); Phi Assembly (3, 4). Critic (3| ; Student Legislature (3, 4); V. W. C. A. (3, 4); Chairman Public Affairs Committee; Junior Cou.cil; Western N. C. Club (31; Hockey Club (31; Philosophy Club (3); W. A- A. Council (3) ; State Student Legislature (3) ; Student Party. Secretary (3) ; N. C. Delegate to United Nations Seminar; Coed Senate (3); Speaker Pro-Tern (4); Chairman of Elections Committee and Public- .S. in Commerce B.S. in Geology iroliiia Club. Secretary. B.S. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Chemistry B.A. in Journalism Senior Class J. H. BAKER BARAB W. BARNES J. O. BAKER C. BARBEE. Ill BARR N. BAKER C. BARBEE. JR. BARRIER BALDWIN. JR. JESSE HORACE BAKER Winfall JOHN O. BAKER Charlotte NORWOOD ERASER BAKER Magnolia CALVIN B. BALDWIN, JR. Chevy Chase, Maryland ROBERT E. BALL Williamson, West Virginia B.S. in Pharmacy B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Sociology A.B. in English Cui.cil (I) ; Lceislalure (1) ; Uni. JOHN GEORGE BAMBALIS Winston-Salem Yackely Yack (1). RICHARD LEE BARAB Atlantic City, New Jersey B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Chemistry Club (4) ; House Managers AsBo- CLAUDE BARCLAY BARBEE, III Raleigh B.S. in Commerce IRVING OSCAR BARKER Wilson A.B. in Psychology LEONARD MORGAN BARNES Hamlet A.B. in Journalism NORMAN COWELL BARNES Bloomfield, New Jersey B.A. in Radi WILLIAM JOSEPH BARNES Greensboro B.S. in Commerce ROBERT MARSHALL BARR Kansas City, Missouri A.B. in Dramatic Art Phi Beta Kappa; Playmakers (2, 3, 4). JOSEPH L. BARRIER Concord A.B. in Pre-Law WILLIAM HARRELL BASKIN, III Macon, Georgia B.A. in French Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Preaiaent of French Club (3). RALPH LEIGH BASNIGHT Ahoskie i.S. in Commerce GEORGE HARRY BARBEE, JR. Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce GEORGE FOUST BASON Raleigh A.B. -LI. B. in Law ...1949 NOAH RUDOLPH BASS Goldsboro WILLIAM RUSSEL BATCHELOR Aberdeen Y. M. C. A. (1. 2. 31. ROBERT WILTON BAUGHAM Enfield OLIVER JAMES BEAMAN Greensboro B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in English B.S. in Commerce 2) : Domiilory CounsHor A.B. in Zoology A.B. in Sociology .4lpli„ Delia Pi: Inlerdormitory Council (4); V. W. C. A. (3. 4); W. A. A. Council (3). PAUL EDWARD BEAVER Mooresville Council (2. Y. M. C. A. II. DAVID HERRING BEARD Atkinson Sigma Chi. DORIS JOSEPHINE BEASLEY Concord HARRY LEON BEESON Winston-Salem .S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce jgram Club (1. 2. 3, 4) ; MARTHA HUNTER BELL Virginia Beach, Virginia Pi Beta Phi; Y. W. C. A. (3. 4J . VICTOR EROS BELL, JR. Raleigh Zeta Psi. WILLIAM H. BELL, JR. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Phi Kappa Sigma: Soun.l and Fnry (3. 41. WILLIAM EARL BELLAMY, JR. Supply N. R. O. T. C. (1, 2. 3. 4). JOHN HUGHES BENDER, |R. Pollocksville JEAN IRWIN BENJAMIN Jacksonville, Florida Hillel (2. 3. 4) ; Club (31. RICHARD EDWIN BENNETT Greensboro B.A. in History A.B. in Economics A.B. in Journalism A.B. in History B.S. in Science A.B. in Chemistry A.B. in Journalism OTIS CARRINGTON BEESON, JR. Greensboro A.B. in Romance Languages RICHARD HOWARTH BENNETT Newark, New Jersey A.B. in History JOSEPH NELSON BENTON, JR. Danville, Virginia B.S. in Commerce Page 44 Senior Class SCOTT BRUCE BERKELEY, JR. Goldsboro K„,,p Alpha; S..1M1.I ,ii,.l Fur (.i). RONALD DENNY BERRY Falcon Glee Club (S. II: Fuotbajl l.i): G mnastics 13. WILLIAM ROSS BEST Chapel Hill Wrestlins (1. -M . THOMAS REESE BETHUNE, JR. Greensboro RICHARD BARRY BILGER Chapel Hill HARRY ALLEN BILLERBECK Elizabeth, New Jersey Alpha Tnu Omega. ROBERT BIRER Hempstead, Nev,- York A.B. in Chemistry A.B. in Math A.B. in Chemistr) ' B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Economics B.S. in Commerce C.uiicil 141; Universily Club (4); HELEN CAROLYN BISHOP Asheville University Club (II: C. 1. L. . ( H ; 1 . W. C. . U. 4); Western Nortli Carolina Club l.i, H: C. C. I. N. (.-il; Hoiib,- C.uncil (31: Splash Club (4). A.B. in Sociology DONALD HINES BISSETT Washington, D. C. ANN TAYLOR BLACK Norfolk, Virginia Pi Beta Phi. MARY SULLIVAN BLACKBURN B.A. in History Winston-Salem A.B. in Sociology ity Club (4) ; Yackety Yack B.S. in Geology BILL ZANE BLACKWELL Hendersonville Y. M. C. . . (2) ; Western N. C. Clulr. JAMES YANCEY BLACKWELL, JR. Ruffin A.B. in Zoology MARILYN CLENDENIN BLACKWELL Alexandria, Virginia A.B. in Art (31 : Glee Club (3) ; Y. W. C. A. GRACE MARIE BLADES Apex Alpha Del:a Pi; W. . . - . (3 EUGENE NELSON BLAKE Wilmington A.B. in Radio A.B. in Journalism Yack (31; Y. M. C. A. (I. 2); Wilmington, ounselor (3). RAYMOND EDWIN BLAIR Winston-Salem Muiiugram Club (2. 3. 41; Baseball (2. 3. 4). BETTY JANE BLALOCK Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Radio B.S. in Commerce 1949 B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Zoology B.S. in Commerce B.A. in History ; Inlerlralcrnity Council y Club (3) ; Swimming CECIL M. BLAND Bethel University Veteran .Association (1). THOMAS ANDREW BLUM Durham ERNEST LEON BOATMAN Morristown, Tennessee HERBERT LUTHER BODMAN, JR. Glen Head, New York DelKi Psi: Phi Bell, Kappii : D„ll T,ir Heel II. 21 (4); International Relations Club U, 21; Univcrsl (1); Soccer (3, 1). JOHN HAMILTON BOLGIANO Stevensville, Maryland B.S. in Commerce OCTAVIAS BLANCHARD BONNER, JR. High Point A.B. in Chemistry Sigma Chi; Alpha Epiilon Delia. THOMAS NATHAN BOOE Asheville B.S. in Commerce Alpha Tan Omega; Western N. C. Club (2, 3, 4J . RODNEY LAWRENCE BOOKER Roanoke, Virginia Sigma -Yu; Phi Beta Kappa. HENRY VINSON BOONE Seaboard MILTON JAMES BOONE Clinton SAMUEL MOYLE BOONE Gates CHARLES MANUEL BORTON Richmond, Virginia ' .S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in English A.B. in journalism B.S. in Commerce Pi Lambda Phi; Class Executive Committee (3); Class Officer, Secretary (31; Hillel Cabinet (2. 3, 4) ; Phi .Assembly (2, 3, 4) ; Playraakers (2) ; Student Legislature (3) ; Y. M. C. . . (2. 3, 4) ; State Student Legislature (2) ; Student Budget Committee (4); U. V. . . (2, 3, 4). IRIS LEE BOST Concord HELEN BOULDIN Clarksdale, Mississippi Chi Omega: Honor Council (3. 4); Valkyr A.B. in History Council A.B. in Sociology (3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. (3) ; FRANKLIN PALMER BOWDEN Norfolk, Virginia MARSHALL BROWER BOWDEN B.S. in Commerce Teachey RICHARD LEE BOWEN Athens, Georgia Delia Phi Alpha (3, 4) ; Di Sen; (3, 4). A.B. in Chemistry A.B. in Geology ERNEST WILLIAM BOWLES, JR. Durham B.S. in Commerce nn nn BL. ND BODM. . JU. BOOE M. BOONE BOST M. BOWDEN BLlM BOLGIANO BOOKER S. BOONE BOILDIN BOWEN BOATMAiN BONNER. JR. H. BOONE 1 BORTON If. BOWDEN IfioWLES. JR. y s I 1 tA n Page 46 Senior Class OSCAR MERLE BOYETTE Princeton B.S. in Commerce BO ETTE BOYKIN. JR. BOWLES BRACKIN I. BRADFORD J. BRADFORD N. BRANCH W. BRANCH C. BRASWELL R. BRASWELL BRAXTON, JR. BREEDEN ■ BdVLES r. BRADFORD BRADSHAW BRANDON BRAWLEV BRENECAR lOSEPH EDWARD BOYKIN, JR. Durham B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Chemi,stry B.S. in Commerce WAYNE FRANCIS BOYLES Lauderdale VICTOR PRATT BOWLES Timberlake Phi Be:a Kappa: Inlordormilory Council (41. BOWMAN DUNCAN BRACKIN State College, Mississippi A.B. in Sociology Pi Kappa Alpha. THOMAS MAXWELL BRADFORD Charlotte B.S. in Commerce ISABEL McCONNELL BRADFORD Derita B.S. in Commerce JAMES NEEDHAM BRADFORD Winston-Salem D.-lla Phi Alpha: Cl.-C Cliil. (I. 2. 3, 41. PHYLLIS FOSTER BRADSHAW Chapel Hill Delia Delia Delia: Glee Club (2, 3, 41; Coed S. Clior.ilc Club U. 3. 4.1. NORMAN LEE BRANCH Rich Square WILLIAM ASHLEY BRANCH Winterville Daih Tar Heel (3); Glee Club (1. 2,1. BILLY H. BRANDON Oakland, California Sigma Gamma Epiilon. CARL McDOWLEE BRASWELL Monroe A ' ..,.;..i Alpha. ROY BENTON BRASWELL Winston-Salem B.S. in Physics A.B. in English ; (41 ; W. A. A. (4) ; A.B. in Journalism B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Geology B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce THOMAS JOHNSON BRAWLEY Gastonia B.A. in Sociology LONNIE ADOLPHUS BRAXTON, JR. Burlington A.B. in English Phi Beta Kappa. DAN C. BREEDEN Bennettsville, South Carolina B.S. in Commerce Alpha lau Omega: Monogram Club 12. 3. 41; Swimming (2. 3, 4); Oricnta- lion Counselor. EDWIN RANIER BRENEGAR Winston-Salem Kappa Siema: liniv.rsily Club (3. 4,1. B.S. in Commerce .-v-- ! " " " hu 1949 if -■ ' yv v ..s:fa8 « ' — CALDWELL HALL mUf Political Science The Political Science and Philosophy departments are housed in one of the older buildings on campus. Those who knew the answer on why Dewey was going to win and then we learned just why he didn ' t win, live side by side with the men of Spinoza. Do they try to bring the logic of Politics together, or do we call it ethics. Loafing around the large map in the foyer we can see Dr. Woodhouse plowing to class. Professor Lean, tagging behind that black little Cocker Spaniel. C. B. ROBSO L. O. KATTSOFF Dr. S. A. Enier expounding on Plato While we were here we saw the end of the crip course. Poly Si ' 41 , . , departmental quizes saw to that. An end to the idea of reading the book the last minute, we found that we had to study, and study hard. We saw the beginning of the new de- partment, Religion. In Caldwell Hall the university presents to the students the ideas of men. Aristotle, Roosevelt, Plato, Wallace, Jefferson, and Thurmond we study in classes side by side, in harmony. and Philosphy PROFESSOR MARTIN LEAN W tJ K „ Bh 3 X ' B Making an " A " ? under Dr. Woodhousc PROFESSOR WILLIAM H. POTEAT What is vour aim? " lr. Ilvclcr WAYNE KENNETH BRENENGEN BRE EN ;E BRESLOW BREVIER BRIDGERS BRITT BROCK. JR. J. BROOKS M. BROOKS BROUGHTON, JR. B. BROWN «:. J. BROWN 1 nn H. BROWN, JR. rN nn nn ..A BRETT BRIDGES, JR. BROCKMAN S. BROOKS C. L. BROWN J. BROWN Lacrosse, Wisconsin A.B. in Chemistry Phi Delia Theta; Alpha Epsilon Delia; Alpha (1) ; Class Executive Committee (2. 4) ; Cla (1. 2): Danrp Committee (1. 2, .3. 41: Di Golden Fleece (3, 4) ; Gtail (2, 3. 41 : 1 International Relations Club 1. 2) : Student Committee (1. 2. 31; University Representati (4). Phi Omega; Carolina Magazint ss Officer (4) ; ' Daily Tar Heel Senate (1) ; Glee Club (I); nterdormitory Council (3. 4) : Council (I. 2. 4); Orientation ve National Student .Association GEORGE BRESLOW Toms River, New Jersey B.S. in Commerce T.iu EpslUm Phi; Band (1). K. WILLIAM BRETT Daytona Beach, Florida B.S. in Geology Sigma Gamma Epsilon, President (4). ROYCE EVERETT BREWER Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce WILBUR YOUNG BRIDGERS Enfield B.S. in Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi. LYNN HAMPTON BRIDGES, JR. Liberty B.S. in Commerce CHARLES GORDON BRITT Goldsboro B.S. in Commerce Plii llela Kapiu,; Beta Gamma Sigma. Preside 41. Treasurer (21; Student Legislature (21; Trcjsurcr (3): C.uncil lor Religion in Life, : ot (4 V. M. Presid 1 ; Phi .Assembly (1. 2. 3, C. A. (3, 4) ; Secretary- ent (4). BURR COLBY BROCK, JR. Farmington B.S. in Commerce BEN GEER BROCKMAN Gastonia B.S. in Commerce JAMES HARDEE BROOKS Kinston B.S. in Commerce Sigma Chi; Di Sen.ite (1.1. MERRILY BROOKS Franklin B.A. in Radio Alpha Delta Pi; Daily Tar Heel (3) ; University Club (4) ; Yackety Yack (4) : Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Western N. C. Club (3. 4), Secretary (1). STAMEY FITZHUE BROOKS Kannapolis A.B. in Physical Education Y. M. C. A. (1, 2. 3, 4). JOHN GHISELIN BROUGHTON, JR. Durham B.S. in Chemistry Delta Kappa Epsilon. BETTY BROWN Asheville B.A. in Economics W. C. A. (3. 4) ; Western N. C. Club CECIL LAZELL BROWN Asheboro Sigma Phi Epsilon. CHARLES J. BROWN Randleman HARRY LEE BROWN, JR. Southern Pines JOHN D. BROWN Cedar Bluff, Virginia Pi Kappa Alpha, A.B. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce A.B. in History B.S. in Commerce Page 50 Senior Class JOSEPH CARROLL BROWN Belton, South Carolina OTIS NEAL BROWN, JR. Greensboro WALTER LAWRENCE BROWN Jamesville Sign,,, Chi. B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce WILLIAM FLOYD BROWN, JR. Canton B.S. in Commerce J ,. ia Kapp,, Psi; Y. M. C, A. II. Jl; Western N. C. Club (2. I); U. V. . . WILLIAM FRANKLIN BROWN Charlotte B.S. in Commerce WILLIAM WILSON BROWN, JR. Charlotte A.B. in Political Science lee-President (4) ; Chairman GASTON S. BRUTON, JR. Sewanee, Tennessee Pi .l u Epsilon. THOMAS SHERMAN BRYAN Traphill CLELL TAFT BRYANT Franklin EDWARD ALBERT BRYANT Lenoir GERALD NELSON BRYANT Statesville B.A. in Mathematics A.B. in Art B.S. in Commerce alion (3) ; Yack,-ty Yack A.B. in Art A.B. in Zoology HERMAN JENNINGS BRYSON, JR. Rock Hill, South Carolina A.B. in Zoology ALTON GRAY BUCK Newport News, Virginia Y. M. c. A. (3). B.S. in Commerce WILLIAM DAVIS BUFFALOE Jackson B.A. in Physical Education .ing (2. 31 : HOKE VOGLER BULLARD, JR. Charlotte B.S. in Medicine LUBIN FLETCHER BULLARD, JR. Garland A.B. in Chemistry ANNE ELIZABETH BUMGARDNER Charlotte A.B. in Sociology Chi Om.f.,: llph.i K,ipp„ Del:,,; Y. W. C. . . (3, )) . ROBERT PARHAM BUNCH Statesville dec Club (3. 4) , Wesley Foundation (3, 4). B.A. in Sociology J. BROWN W. F. BROWN, JR. BRUTON. JR. E. BRYANT BUCK L. BULLARD, JR. O. BROWN. JR. W. F. BROWN BRYAN C. BRYANT BUFFALOE BUMGARDNER W. L. BROWN W. BROWN. JR. C. BRYANT BRYSON, JR. . BULLARD, JR. BUNCH " ■Wv-- .1949 ROBERT DANIEL BYRD Burlintjton A.B. in Political Science ItVltl) BURROUGHS J. BUTLER ». BITLEK, Jit. BUTNER, JR. BVERLY BYRliM A. CALLOWAY 1). CALLOVi A IVI. CAMERON W. CAMERON 1). CAMPBELI E. CAMPBEI.I. S. CAMPBELL M. CANTKELI r.ARLTON 1 nn CARMICHAEL. JR. BURINEV rs. nn nn JV JULIAN COTHRAN BURROUGHS Charlotte A.B. in Political Science MADELYN JOAN BUTLER Dade City, Florida A.B. in Radio Chi Omi-sa; Valkyries (3. 41: 1. W. C. A. (.1): CofJ Senate. WILLIAM GILBERT BUTLER, JR. Laurinburg Vh, Dih.i Ih l,!-. Alphn A .);i Delia (3. 1.1. RUI-US ERNEST BUTNER, JR. Kinston L.imlm Chi Alpha. BAXTER HAYES BYERLY Lenoir Sigma Chi. GEORGE ALMA BYRUM Edenton A.B. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce Crco Head (3. 4) ; 13 Club (2. 3, I). B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce ALBERT HANES CALLOWAY Concord .nux, an.l Fury (3, 4J . DONALD RAY CALLOWAY Concord Daily Tar H.rl 14); Basketball (11. MARGARET LILLIAN CAMERON Washington, D. C A.B. in Dramatic Arts Playmakers (3, 41; Wesley F..un lalion (3, 4): Modern Danee (3); Wesley Players. Presi.lent (3): H..i]se Couneil (3). WILLIAM CAMERON Oxford DAN OLIVE CAMPBELL Wagram EDWARD FEIMSTER CAMPBELL B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in lournalism Taylorsville Daily Tar Heel (2, 3J . SAMUEL TINSLEY CAMPBELL Louisville, Kentucky A.B. in Journalism Delta Kappa Epsiton; Daily Tar Heel (2); Gorgon ' s Head (3, 4); Inlrafra- fralernity Council (4) ; President D. K. E. (4J . LAURA MINTIE CANTRELL Etowah, Tennessee A.B. in Political Science (4) ; Class Olluer. Treasurer B.A. in French Jormitory Council (4) ; :il (3, 4) ; French Club se Council (4) ; Alpha :retary C. R. I. L. (4). ELIZABETH ANNE CARLTON Atlanta, Georgia llrha Gamma Delta: Carolina Magazine (3); Inte Cabinet Member Y. W. C. A. (3. 4) ; B. S. U. Coui (3, 4); Alderman Hall House, President (4); Hoi (;anima Delta Guard (4) ; Cosmopolitan Club (4) j S. H. MARTIN CARMICHAEL, JR. Fairfield, Connecticut B.S. in Commerce BYRON DAVID BURNEY Norfolk, Virginia A.B. in Physical Education Daily Tar Heel (1) ; Monogram Club; Football (1, 2, 3) ; Y. M. C. A. (1. 2) ; InlraniMral Athletic Stall (3, 4). Senior Class AIOIICHAEL. Ill CAK.NES C. CARPEiNTER J. CARPEiNTER M. CARPENTER CARR. JR. B. CARHAWAV E. CARRAW AV CARRERE CARROLL CASHION CASHWELL. JR. CASSTEVENS CAVIN CECIL, JR. CHALMERS, JR. CHAMBERLAIN CHAPLIN WILLIAM DONALD CARMICHAEL, III Chapel Hill B.S. in Commerce Delia Kappa Epsilon; Carolina Magazine (2, 3); Class Officer (1); Daily Tar Heel (I. 2, 3. 4), Sporls Editor 1.3. 4| ; Publications Union Board (3, 4), Chairman (4); Sound and Fury (2. 3. 4). President (2); Yackely Yack (3, 4) ; Graham Memorial Board of Directors (3, 4) ; Student Entertainment Committee (3, 4) . ERNEST BOOKHARDT CARNES Monroe A.B. in Political Science GORDON LOUIS CARPENTER Durham B.S. in Geology JAMES EDWARD CARPENTER Gastonia B.S. in Commerce Siama Chi: Football (1) MEEK ANDERSON CARPENTER Kings Mountain A.B. in Chemistry C. J. CARR, JR. Dunn BEN F. CARRAWAY Snow Hill B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce ERNEST RAEFORD CARRAWAY Snow Hill B.S. in Commerce THOMAS AUGUSTUS CARRERE Goldsboro A.B. in English NIMROD DAVIS CARROLL Willow Spring A.B. in Mathematics BARBARA FULLWOOD CASHION Leesburg, Florida A.B. in Psychology Bera Phi; Class Executive udent Council (2) ; Valkyrie ard 131 ; President of To Committee (1); Interdormitory Council (4); (3, 41 ; V. W. C. A. (I. 2) ; House Privileges n Girls ' Association (2) ; Speaker of Coed ittee (2. 3); Student Welfare Committee (3). WALTER JAMES CASHWELL, JR. Laurinburg A.B. in Political Science Delia Sigma Phi. JANE MARILYN CASSTEVENS Clemmons A.B. in French Ch, Omega: Y. W. C. A. (3. 4). BEN ALLEN CAVIN Statesville B.S. in Commerce DAVID A. S. CECIL, JR. High Point B.S. in Commerce LESTER VERMONT CHALMERS, JR. Raleigh Sigma Ch,. RICHARD A. CHAMBERLAIN North Wilkesboro Phi Kappa Signtn. CHARLES HAL CHAPLIN Columbia Phi Gamma Delia; Yackely Yack (3). B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Chemistry ...1949 Pag, 53 DOROTHY ANNE CHARLES Rocky Mount B.S. in Medical Technology Glee Club (3, 41 ; Y. W. C. A. (+) ; Aquinas Club. JOHN MURRELL CHARLES Florence, South Carolina JAMES LANDIS CHAVASSE Henderson RICHARD HURTS CHEATHAM Griffin, Georgia Phi Gamma DtUa GRAN P. CHILDRESS Chapel Hill B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Journalism A.B. in Political Science Pro-lem (2, 3, 4) J Student Legislature (3) ; man; Town Men ' s Association (3, 4), Treasurer (4) ; Wesley Foundation (2, 3, 4) ; Y. M. C. A., Budget Committee (4) ; " " • ' Student Legislature (3, 4); United World VINCENT DAVIS CHILDRESS Greensboro NATHANIEL GRAHAM CLARK Clarkton Chi Phi; Kappa Psi. SAMUEL JOHNSTON CLARK, JR. Erwin Alpha Tau Omega. DAVID B. CLAYTON Asheville B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Education A.B. in History B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Zoology JOHN STROTHER CLAYTON Chapel Hill A.B. in Radio Production LELAND GRANT CLOSE Bryson City i ' t Kappa Phi, President (3. ) . WILLIAM COX COART, JR. Atlanta, Georgia Chi Phi: Swimming (3J . JOHN COLLIER COBB Goldsboro Phi Gamma Delta. B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce WILLIAM BATTLE COBB, JR. Chapel Hill B.S. in Geology Ph, Gamma Delia; Sigma Gamma Epdlon; N. R. 0. T. C. GEORGE ANDREW COCHRAN Newton B.S. in Commerce .llpha Tau Omega. WILLIAM RAY COCHRANE Concord Delia Sigma Pi: Wei North Carolina Club. ROGER HORNSBY COCKRELL Nashville CARL HERNDON COGHILL Henderson Delia Sigma Pi: Band (1. 2. 3J . B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce Y " Senior Class THOMAS HUGH COLE Sanford Phi Bela Kiifipn: Beta Gnmma Sigmu; 1 lialiun (2). FRANK LEWIS COLEMAN Charlotte Alpha Tau Omega. HERMAN OSCAR COLEMAN Morganton Phi Beta Kappa; Bela Gamma Sigma; Delia Sit ELWOOD BROGDEN COLEY Raleigh Plii Bela Kappa. H. RAY COLLIE, JR. Danville, Virginia B.S. in Commerce of Lliiivt-rsity Velcran ' a Asso- A.B. in Chemistry i.S. in Commerce B.S. in Medicine B.S. in Commerce MABEL KATHRYN COLWELL Clinton un.l ami F LUCILE L. CONLY Wilmington Daih Tar Heel (41; Younp D.-m,„-r RAY M. CONNOR, JR. Chapel Hill Phi Gamma Delta; Daily Tar Heel ROBERT CARROLL CONRAD, JR. Reynolda Sigma Alpha Epsilon. B.A. in Radio il : Y. W. C. A. (3, 41 ; Carolina A.B. in English B.S. in Public Health Publications Union Board (3). IDA KATHERINE CONSTABLE Charlotte Chi Omega; Alpha Kappa Delia; Yack A.B. in Radio Yack (3) ; Y. W. C. A. (3. 4). LESLIE JAMES COOKE Columbia, South Carolina Chi Psi; Debate Council (2); Track (1. 2). MAX HARTSELL COOKE Kannapolis B.A. in Physical Education M..n,)Kram Club (1, 2. 3, 41; Football (1, 2. 3, 4); Y. M. C. A. (3, 4). ELIZABETH ANNE COOPER Greensboro Ch, Omega : Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). GRADY COOPER, JR. Dobson B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Sociology B.S. in Commerce BROADIE NEWTON COPELAND, JR. B.S. in Commerce Greensboro .itpha Kappa Psi. ALTON JAMES COPPRIDGE Durham Phi Delta Theta. JOHN SHOUSE CORDON Louisville, Kentucky Kappa Sigma. SALLY ANN CORDON Louisville, Kentucky ;■, Bel,, Phi; Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce A.B. in English COLE CONLY E. COOPER 1949 I ' . COLEMAN CONNOR, JR. G. COOPER, JR. H. COLEMAN CONRAD. JR. COPELAND, JR. COLEY CONSTABLE COPPRIDGE COLLIE. JR. L. COOKE J. CORDON COLWELL M. COOKE S. CORDON Page 55 WILLIAM PERRIN CORLEV Atlanta, Georgia A.B. in Journalism Dinly T„r Heel (I): SounJ anj Fury (2): Sludenl I.eeislali.rc (IK NED RUSSELL CORZINE Concord B.S. in Commerce JOSEPH ANTHONY GOSPITO Plainfield, New Jersey A.B. in Physical Education Fuolbali (1, 2. 3. !1, FRED I. COUCH Macon, Georgia JOHN PHILIP COUCH Chapel Hill B.S. in Commerce A.B. in French Kaiir ' i Siemn: Fhi Bern Kappa; Glee Club (1, 21: Inlernalional Relations Club (1. 2) ; Yackety Yack (3) ; French Club (3) ; YounR Progressives Club (3, 4); Musical Director of Graham Memorial (3. 4). ROBERT STEVENS COUCH Monroe JOHN KELLY COUGHLAN New Hyde Park, New York CARL JENNINGS COUNCIL Hallsboro BARBARA ANN COVINGTON Plant City, Florida LEON KERR COWAN Powellsville B.S. in Commerce A.B. in History B.S, in Commerce A.B. in Sociology C. A. (3) ; Coed Senate A.B. in Chemistry MARVIN JASON COWELL, JR. Rocky Mount A.B. in Physical Education THOMAS DUKE COWELL, JR. Elizabeth City A.B. in Physics Band (1). RICHARD GARNER COX Raleigh A.B in Music • , l „ ) ;,;,„; fhi 11,1., Kappa: Glee Club |1. 2, 3, -11; B. S. U. (1, 2). WILLIAM MAURICE COX Greensboro Plii Delia Thelai Glee Club (1). MOLLY GILES CRAIG Lake Wales, Florida ).. « 7.,!„: P„si,l,.ut u( Stray Greeks (4). CARROL MICKEY CRAVER Winston-Salem BENJAMIN C. CRAWFORD Greensboro B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Sociology ' .S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce HELEN AMANDA CROCKFORD Chapel Hill A.B. in Mathematics y. W. C. . . (2. 31; W. . . (3. 4); T... „ Girls ' .Associati.m (1. 2. 3, 4). CORLEV F. COUCH COUGHLAN COWAN R. COX CRAVER CORZINE J. COUCH COUNCIL M. COWELL. JR. W. COX CRAWFORD COSPITO R. COUCH .COVINGTON , COWELL, JR. CRAIG tnOCKFORU . " - Senior Class CROCKER CRUMP C. CUNNINGHAM CURRAN DAILY W. DANIEL CROMER CRUMPLER T. CUNNINGHAM CURTIS DALTON DARK CROW CULBRETH CURLEE DAIL M. DANIEL DAVENPORT, JR SIM K. CROCKER Pine Level Phi Delia Thela. HARRY EMANUEL CROMER Newberry, South Carolina WILLIAM EMORY CROW Winston-Salem Sigma Pin Epsilan. ROBERT LEO CRUMP Durham EARL HAMPTON CRUMPLER Roseboro B.S. in Commerce A.B. in History B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Zoology B.S. in Commerce I: Football 0): Young STANLEY COLLINS CULBRETH Stedman B.S. in Commerce Glee Club (2, 31; Y. M. C. A. (1, 2). CHARLES AUGUSTUS CUNNINGHAM Greer, South Carolina A.B. in Chemistry Plu Beta Kappa: Glee Club 12. 3. IJ . THOMAS EARLE CUNNINGHAM Winston-Salem A.B. in Political Science Plu Beta Kappa: Stutlenl Legislature (41: Spanish Club, President (4» : JAMES WALTER CURLEE Ansonville FRANK EDIE CURRAN Greensboro Sigma Alpha Epsilon : Gimgl.oul; Monoeraui WILLIAM GRANDY CURTIS Portsmouth, Virginia ALTON EARL DAIL Mount Olive BLAIR LORIMER DAILY Burlington BARBARA ALLENE DALTON Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce B.S . in Commerce : F....tbaU (II. B.S. in Commerce A.B. in English B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Art (3); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); W. S. S. F. (4). MARY ANNE DANIEL Weldon A.B. in Political Science ilpha Gamma Delia: Carolina Magazine (3); Glee Club (3( ; Student Legislature (4); University Club (4); Valkyries (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4), President (4) ; C. C. U. N. (3) ; Student Welfare Board (4) ; State Student Legislature (3) . WILLIAM GREEN DANIEL Madison BERNARD WEST DARK Carrboro ROY EDWARD DAVENPORT, JR. Winterville B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Economics ...1949 Page 57 mf. - i-. ' v-:- . ' vi M g IH1 tUwl FT Hiii haiii Hal Commerce and Economics Bingham Hall, where nineteen hundred potential Rockerfellow ' s spend three of their best years, has Dudley DeWitt Carroll as its dean. Bingham Hall too, is where Dr. Woosley is head of the Economics Department, but we all know that Miss Parker was indispensable. The Commerce Building is comparatively new, being completed in 1929. But it is the secret ambition of Dr. McGreggor and J. C. D. Blaine to see it ivy- covered like Dukes. You would never realize that once Bingham had less than a hundred students for its five-hundred capacity classrooms. DEAN D. D. CARROLL DR. JOHN B. WOOSLEY Page 58 Professor Woodward looks on JUDGE R. J. M. HOBBS But it is all quite different now. Every day you can hear: " Miss Parker, do I hafta take Ec. 31 and 170? " ; or " What are those two white buildings — ' X ' and ' Y ' ? " . Maybe you remember Judge Hobbs talking about those " Onslow County hams " or Mr. Gutmann and his " A-way-lay-ble money " . If you can ' t imagine Dr. Heath becoming a railroad engineer, then you will remember those Accounting night labs with the Friday afternoon quizzes. You might even remember the fact that there was ONE girl in your class — and she made an A. So, if you flunked " Pappy " Cowden ' s Statistics course (or did you have Durand), you can try again in the new Commerce building that will be built soon. " I ' ll see you next year, Mr. Mouzon, and don ' t keep us guessing " . Dr. O. T. Mouzon and " intfrested " listeners w jI F ' ' ' ■ B Dr. J. C. I). Itl.ii Wages, Labor, Prices and C. H. McGregor A.B. in Economics A.B. in Sociology E. ERNEST DAVIDSON, III Winterville MARIA ALSTON DAVIS Wilmington V. S. C. . (3, 4J. MARTHA CHRISTINE DAVIS Clayton A.B. in Chemistry rhet,i Pit Epsilon; Di Senate (4); Sludent Legislature (41; Y. W. C. A. i:i. 4): Staiient Advisor (4): World Federalist (4). NINA DARLINE DAVIS Salisbury A.B. in English 4lplia Gnmma Delia: Chi Delia Phi: Dmly Tar Heel (3); Glee Club (3); Sound and Fury (4); Tarnation (i) : Y. W. C. A. (3. 41; Student Advisor (4) ; Woman ' s Handbook (3). A.B. in Physics B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce RALPH EDWARD DAVIS Lakeland, Florida Lambda Chi Alpha. R. P. STEPHEN DAVIS Lexington HENRY PERRY DEAL Conover Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ELIZABETH SHERRILL DEATON Statesville B.S. in Commerce Kappa Delta; Stray Creeks (3, 4); Iredell County Club (41. JESSE HENRY DEDMOND Cliffside B.S. in Commerce Sigma ,Vu; Phi Ela Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Golden Fleece; Grail; Inter, dormitory Council (2) ; Student Legislature (4) ; Chairman of Campus Party (2); Chairman ol Orientation 3) ; President ' s Cabinet (2. 31: Graham Memorial Staff (2. 3); President of Student Body (II. HELEN PAGE DEES Greensboro JOHN TYLER DEES Burgaw JULIUS G. DEES, JR. Bayboro GEORGE DEMAS Chapel Hill DON GRAHAM DEMPSEY Wilson Phi Delta Thela; Football Manager (2). ALICE DENHAM Washington, D. C. A.B. in Political Science Student Legislature (4) ; B.S. in Medicine A.B. in Political Science A.B.-Ll.B. in Law B.S. in Commerce A.B. in English ELIZA BETH ANN DENNETT Canton B.S. in Medical Technology Cli, Dmega. JOHN CARSON DEVORE Warrenton, Virginia A.B. in Journalism Ph, G.,mm„ Delta; Glee Club (3. 4) ; Student Legislature (3. 41 : Y. M. C. A. WILLIAM CREED DEW Red Springs B.S. in Commerce DAVIDSON. : N. DAVIS DEAL H. DEES DEMAS DENNETT M. A. DAVIS R. E. DAVIS DEATON J. DEES DEMPSEY DcVORE ■»!. C. DAVIS H. P. DAVIS DEDMOND J. G. DEES, JR DENHAM DEW Page 60 Senior Class BARBARA LEE deWITT Charlotte A.B. in English nelta Delia Delia: Y. W. C. A. (S. I):,ll.-iiic Cuuncil (l) • CLARENCE DiCHIARA Newark, New Jersey A.B. in Physical Education Monocram Club (2, 3, 41; Baseball (2, 3); Basketball (3). HENRY EDWIN DIGGS Salt ' ille, Virginia A.B. in Journalism A.B. in English STARK SPOTTSWOOD DILLARD, II MARY GARDNER DILLARD Greensboro Delia Delia Delia. Greensboro Sigma Alpha Epsilon; C. R. I. I.. I.IJ. CHARLES DENNIS DIXON Belmont CHARLES EDGAR DOBBIN Lenoir Pin Ka ipa Siga ' a: Plu Bel.i Kappa: Inlerfr; A.B. in English A.B. in Economics B.S. in Commerce C.uncil 13, 41. PORTER WISEMAN DOBBINS, JR. Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce Delia Sigma Pi: Glee Club (2. 3. 4); Student Legislature (21. WILLIAM SELDEN DODSON Hillandale, Maryland THOMAS MADDEN DONNELLY Concord 1 i ' Aee Club (1). JOHN DANIEL DOWNS Fayetteville HENRY WATSON DOZIER Rocky Mount SYBIL DRAKE Minden, Louisiana Sigma llpha I, .la: Glee Club 12). DAREL WARREN DRUMMOND Morganton LEONARD OLEN DUDLEY Kannapolis Daih la, Heel (.t. IJ . MARIETTA DUKE Greensboro I III llniega: Mudent Legislature (41; Y. W. C. A WILLIAM ROBERT DULIN Rowland A.B. in Radio versity Veteran ' s Asao- B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Accounting A.B. in Music B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Journalism A.B. in English B.S. in Commerce :gma: Stu.lent Legislature DOLLY ANN DUNAWAY Spartanburg, South Carolina A.B. in English Delia Delia Delia: Glee Club (3, II; Yackel, lack (1); Y. W. C. A. (3. 41. deWITT M. DILLARD DOBBIN DONNELLY DRAKE DUKE DiCHIARA .S. DILLARD. II DOBBINS. JR. DOWNS DRUMMOND niLIN Dices DIXON DODSON DOZIER DUDLEY DUNAWAY 1949 ULNBAR DUNN C. B. DURHAM EDELMAN ■%4 K(; DUNCAN DuPRE. JR. EBERLY EDNEY ELLINGTON ELLIS, JR. DUNHAM :. DURHAM, JR. ECHERO EDWARDS, JR. E. ELLIOTT L. ELLIS MARY ANNA DUNBAR Laurinburg Alpha Delia Pi: Y. W. C. A. (3. 41. A.B. in Sociology WILLIAM HOLT DUNCAN Narberth, Pennsylvania A.B. in Political Science JOHN WILLIAM DUNHAM Durham B.S. in Commerce Alpha Tau Om-ea; President Carolina-Durham Club (3, II. RAYMOND EARL DUNN New Bern B.S. in Commerce WALTER EUGENE DUPRE, JR. Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Commerce Sigma Alpha Epslltjn : M„n .gran: Chib (3, 41; Manager of Soccer Team (3). CARL THOMAS DURHAM, JR. Chapel Hill B.S. in Chemistry Sigma u: Cl.i s Om.rr (21; G.rluan Club Kxeculive (3, 4). CHARLIE BURRELL DURHAM Monroe Alpha Tau Omega. HUGH WESCOTT EBERLY Norfolk, Virginia B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce Phi Ep llua; Young Dei Club (3. 41 ; Y. M. C. A. (3, 4). ARTHUR REEVES ECHERD Durham ALAN EDELMAN Raleigh Hillel Cabinet (3. 4) ; Y. M. C. A. (3). JAMES WEEDY EDNEY East Flat Rock JACK EDWARDS, JR. Greenville NANCY MILDRED ELLER Creston FLOYD PURYEAR ELLINGTON Graham Alpha Phi Omega: Rho Pst Rhn. EVERETT EUGENE ELLIOTT Kilgore, Texas Phi Delia Thela. JOHN ELLIOTT Pisgah Forest ALPHEUS PALMER ELLIS, JR. Weldon LELAND C. ELLIS Sherman, Texas A.B. in Political Science A.B. in Political Science B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Journalism A.B. in English A.B. in Journalism B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Chemistry Senior Class ENGEL ENGLISH EXUM FALLIN M. W. FERGliSON, JR. Vi . iM. FERGUSON. JR M. EVANS FELDMAN FIELD ART ENGEL New York, New York PAUL JACKSON ENGLISH Hendersonville r ,lCa Tan Delia; Pillars (2) ; . ii A R. O. T. C. 3.S. in Commerce ,B. in Journalism CHARLES TAYLOR ENMAN Asheville Y. M. C. A. (1, 2. 3, 4). WINFRED REYNOLDS ERVIN Salisbury Phi Assembly. (3. 1), Speak.-r Pro-Tern (4). JAMES EMMETT EVANS Auburndale, Florida Alpha T,m Omtga. MARJORIE LOUISE EVANS Greensboro Y. W. C. A. (4): Greensboro-Carolina Clnb: C. I. C. SHERWOOD EARL EXUM Halifax JOHN THOMAS FALLIN Auburndale, Florida Alpha Tan (lmri„. SARAH JANE FARLOW Augusta, Georgia Alpha Delia Pi: Y. W. C. A. (3); Cb. A.B. in Economics B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Art l.S. in Commerce .S. in Commerce A.B. in Spanish A.B. in Chemistry B.S- in Sociology DAVID KEMBLE FARR Charlotte Beia Theta Pi. LEWIS BLAND FARRAR Apex ROBERT SHELDON FELDMAN Plainfield, New Jersey B.S. in Commerce Zela Bela Tau; Inlerfraternily Council (4). MURRY WISTER FERGUSON, JR. Mebane B.S. in Commerce WILLIAM McLELLAN FERGUSON, JR. Old Westbury, L. I., New York B.S. in Commerce Sisraa Nu. WILLIAM W. FERGUSON Chapel Hill B.S. in Commerce DAVID WILLOUGHBY FEREBEE, JR. Vanceboro B.S. in Commerce Couneil (1); Moooeram Club JOSEPH COX FIDLER High Point A.B. in Art HOWARD LAWRENCE FIELD Venter City, New Jersey A.B. in Chemistry 1949 ROSE WELLS FIELD Larchmont, New York A.B. in Socioloyy (-7,; Omei„: V. w. c. A. (3;. ELLISTON PEROT FIERO Ardmore, Pennsylvania B.S. in Commerce Drliu . ,.• A,|Mii,as Club 1:2. 3. Jl; V. M. c. A. (1. 2, 3. 11. WILLIAM BOYD FINLAYSON Charlotte B.S. in Medical Technoloev L,,ml,d„ (In Al,,h„: I,„,,(r.„,.rnily (31. KATHERINE LATIMER FINNEY Eccleston, Maryland A.B. in English Pt Bel,, P ii: Coed " S Helleni,- Council (i) . Chail of Cue.l B;ill (4) : of Pan. RICHARD MARK FISHEL, JR. Elkins Park, Pennsylvania A.B. in German CARROL JAY WARREN FISHER Salisbury B.S. in Commerce Siema Chi; Phi Bet,, Knppa; Phi El„ Sign,,,: Moiionram (3 II- Wrestling (3, 4); Y. M. C. A. (1. 2). ... EARL FITZGERALD Pelham Ch, Ph,; Deba.e Squad 12. 31: Del,ale Co, Senate (2, 3), Treasuier (21: Grail: Intnrdnr Counselor. GLADE FREDERICK FLAKE Washington, D. C B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce WILLIAM A. FLAMISCH Allentown, Pennsylvania Sign,; Ch,: Monosram Clul. (1, 2. 3. B.S. in Commerce n : f.H.lball (1. 2. 3, II. B.S. in Chemistry EVELYN ANNE FLEMING Raleigh Y. W. C. A. (3, ». JOHN DIXON FLEMING Greenville B.S. in Commerce Phi Gamma Delia; Lniversily Club (3) ; Y. M. C. A. (1. 2). JAMES SIDNEY FLETCHER Elkin B.S. in Geology Young Republicans Club (3, 4); Wesley Foundation (3. 4). THOMAS WELCH FOISTER High Point A.B. in Recreation Knppn Alplut. LAURA ROE FONVIELLE Wilmington A.B. in Mathematics LLOYD WILLIAM FONVIELLE Wilmington B.S. in Commerce Sigma Alphn Epsilnii. JAMES COKER FORT Gaffney, South Carolina B.S. in Commerce Phi Gamma Delia; D„il Tar Heel (11 : Ui Seiiale (21 ■ Inl.Tfril.rnilv Council (2. 3); Student Legislature (21. VIRGINIA DELORES FORWARD High Point A.B. in Journalism Alplia Gamma Delia: Chi D.lla Phi; Camtiaa Magazine (3); Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 41. JOSEPH BYRAM FOSTER Durham Phi Kappa Sigma. A.B. in Radio Senior Class PAUL ALEXANDER FOSTER Wilmington A.B, in Political Science WILLIAM OMER FOSTER, JR. St. Petersburg, Florida ni Senate (4) ; Wesley FnunJatimi (2. 3. 4,1 BETSY WHITE FOUNTAIN Fountain BEN STROUD FOUST Mt. Vernon Springs JOHN DAVID FOUST Snow Camp Wesley Foundation (1. 2, 3. 4). FABIUS HAYWOOD FOWLE Washington Phi Gamma Delia. Mont.sram Club (2. 3, 4) ; FRANCES ELIZABETH FURR Franklin WILLIAM ROBERT FOWLER Pilot Mountain IRVIN LEONARD FOX Oxford A.B. in Physics Physics Club (2. 3). B.S. in Commerce .nuilorv CuiRil (I); Honor B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Sociology B.S. in Commerce Football (I. 2, 3, 4). A.B. in Sociology A.B. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce Pi Lambda Phi; Inlertn ity Council (4). STANLEY HAROLD FOX Oxford Pi Lambda Plii: Class E c , ulive Commii Heel (1); Hillel Cabinet (1); Interlrat (3, 4); University Club (4). ROBERT BEVERLEY NASH FRANCIS Washington, D. C. B.S. in Commerce SAMUEL WELLS FREED Greensboro Zela Bela Taii: Tarnalinn ( ). CHARLES BENJAMIN FULGHUM Selma Glee Club (3, 4); Johnston Country Club (3. 4). GEORGE WILLIAM FULK Pinnacle llpha Kappa JACK EMERSON FULLERTON Charlotte RICHARD B. FUQUAY Lillington JOSEPH THOMAS FOWLER Chapel Hill Alpha Kappa Delia. CHARLES FREDERICK FUSSELL Rose Hill B.A. in Physical Education Glee Club (3); Basketball (1. 21; Yackely Yack (41; Y. M. C. A. (1. 2); Treshman Friendship Council (11; U. N. C. Entertainment Bureau (4). B.S. in Commerce (1) ; Class Officer (3) ; Daily Tar ity Council (3) ; Sound and Fury A.B. in Chemistry i A.B. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Economics A.B. in Sociology ..1949 FITCH. JR. CASKIN. JR. CERNS GAINOR GASTON GEYER GALE GEIGER GIBEAN. JR. GALINKIN D. GENTRY, JR. GIBBS CANT R. GENTRY GIBSON, JR. GASKILL GEOGHEGAN R. GIBSON ARCHER HAMMER FUTCH, JR. Charlotte Physics Club (3, 4) ; Wesley Foundation (1, 2, 3, ALBERT MARRIOTT GAINOR Battleboro Pi Kappa Alpha. JOHN CARL GALE Greenbelt, Maryland , Pin Kappa Sigma; Student Legislature (1). NORMAN ROBERT GALINKIN Toms River, New Jersey A.B. in Taa Epiilon Phi; Baseball (1, 2); Football (1, 2) (1, 2J. CORDELIA WILLS GANT Burlington Chi Omega. PAUL McLEAN GASKILL Sea Level B.S. in Physics 4). B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce Physical Education Track (1) ; Y. M. C. A. A.B. in History JOHN STOVER GASKIN, JR. Albemarle Di Senate (2. 3). Treasurer (31; Student Le MARGARET J. GASTON Gastonia Delta Delia Delia; Daily Tar Heel (3. 4) : Yc (3, 4). JAMES WILLIAM GEIGER Miami, Florida B.S. in Commerce ub (3. 4) ; President of A.B. in Chemistry .,re (3). A.B. in Journalism • Yack (3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. A.B. in Dramatic Art id Blade; Glee Club (1. 2. 3| ; Int (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Sound and Fury (2) ; Aii Playmakei DENNIS VERLIN GENTRY, JR Galax, Virginia ROBERT BRENT GENTRY Norfolk, Virginia Kappa .4lplia. GEORGE DODGE GEOGHEGAN Raleigh Sigma .Alpha Epsiloa ; Basketball (2); Tennis (1); B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Journalism Y. M. C. A. (1) ; Fresh- PETER HARRY GERNS Canton, Ohio A.B. in Political Science Delia Phi .ilpha ; Carolina Fonim. Treasurer (4); Carolina Magazine (3. 4); Carolina Political Union (3, 4), Secretary (3); Class Eiecutive Committee (1, 4); Daily Tar Heel (3. 4); Debate Council (3, 4). Vice-President (4); Interdormitory Council (3, 4). Vice-President (3), President (4); Inter- national Relations Club (1, 3), Treasurer (1); Phi Assembly (3, 4), Speaker Pro-Tem (4), Parliamentarian (3, 4). Treasurer (1); Publications Board. M»: Orientation Committee (3. 4), Secretary (4); Student Legislature, Parliamentarian (3) ; Tarnation, Business Manager (3) ; University Club (3, 41; Soccer (3); Yackely Yack (3), Assistant Editor (3); Young Republicans Club (4) ; Y. M. C. A. (1. 3. 4) : Graham Memorial Board of Directors 4) ; State Student Legislature (4) ; Regional National Student Association (4) ; Dormitory President (4). B.S. in Commerce VERNON RUSSELL GEYER Chatham, Virginia VICTOR HUGO GIBEAN, JR. Christiansted, St. Croix, Virgin Islands A.B. in Political Science RICHARD FRANKLIN GIBBS Charlotte Chi Psi; Inlrrdormitory Council (1); Y. M. C. . EDWARD BRYAN GIBSON, JR. Marion Band (2, 3, 4J . RICHARD BORDEN GIBSON Concord Phi Gamma Delta. B.S. in Geology A.B. in Psychology B.S. in Commerce n Chemistr) ' ui nn Page 66 Senior Class GILBERT GIMMO GLIARMIS GODWIN A. GRAHAM. Ill L. GRAHAM GILES GIRAFFE. JR. CLICK GOODRUM, JR D. GRAHAM A. GREEN GILLIKIN GIRARD, JR. CORBEL, JR. GOODWIN G. GRAHAM J. GREEN JUNE MYRTLE GILBERT Charlotte llpl, , G,,mm„ Delia: V. V. C. A. 13. II: Charlo JOHN EDWARD GILES Glen Alpine D.iih Tar Heel (1. 2 ; Phi A srmbly (1. 2. 3, ROY ALLEN GILLIKIN Smyrna (hi P,,; Ii.lrrfraLcrnily Council (1, -i . RICHARD WARREN GIMMON Albany, New York FRANK PAUL GIRAFFE, JR. Southington, Connecticut ■, F,i Delia; Plii Assembly (3). JOHN WATT GIRARD, JR. Pass-a-Grille Beach, Florida Chi Phi: Cla .S. in Commerce -Carolina Club (3, 4). B.S. in Commerce ; Slii.lent Legislature (2). A.B. in Economics B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Psychology B.S. in Commerce ulive Commillee (4) : Intcrfratcmitv Council (2, 3, 4) ■il (II; Sludr-nt Legislature (3. 41; University Club (3) Yackcly Yack (2, 3) ; Y. JL C. A. (3) ; G. M. Board of Directors (41 Finance Committee Studnt Legislature (41. LEE SOCRATES GLIARMIS Wilson CHARLES A. GLICK Kinston A.B. in Physical Education B.S. in Bacteriology A.B. in Economics JOHN TEMPLE GOBBEL, JR. Chapel Hill B.S. in Medical Technology JAMES LEROY GODWIN Tillman, South Carolina Phi Delia Theta; Grail (41; Monogram Club (3. 4); Student Council (II: Student Legislature (I, 41; Football 111: Vice-President of Student Body; Speaker of Legislature; Who ' s Who in Colleges an.l Universities (2). FRANK STEPHENSON GOODRUM, JR. Greensboro B.S. in Commerce Club (1); Freshman Council JACQUEL ' N ELIZABETH GOODWIN Apex Alpha Gamma Delia; Y. W. C. A. (3. U; Stude AUGUSTUS W. GRAHAM, IIII Oxford Delia Kappa Epsilon ; Di Senate (3, 4). DAVID ERIC GRAHAM Coleridge Phi Beta Kappa GEORGE EDWARD GRAHAM Atlanta, Georgia A.B. in Sociology (4). B.S. in Chemistry B.S. in Medicine A.B. in Economics LAWRENCE PITTMAN GRAHAM Fayetteville B.S. in Commerce ALFRED JOSEPH GREEN Atlanta, Georgia A.B. in Chemistry Phi Delia Thela: Alpha Epsilon Delia. JOHN L. GREEN Charlotte B.S. in Commerce Alpha Tau Omega; Interdormitory Council (3). 1949 Bvmiiii Hall Journalism Remember that continuous chat- ter of typewriter keys, the friendliness of all the profes- sors, that long climb up those three flights of stairs in Bynum Hall, the old university gym? Yes, that was the journalism department in ' 48, but do not forget that a little over a quarter century ago our classes were taught by one man in the English department. Since Pro- fessor O. J. Coffin took over in . J. (;Of FIN Hi ' ftd of Department Stuart Seehreist on the finer p iiit! of the camera Ever jovial Dr. Phillips Russell ' 26 expansion has been the keynote. Now we can boast of five professors and two assistants, each a specialist, who all together have over two hundred years of experience in journalism. Tar Heels won ' t forget — PoUender ' s jobs . . . Skipper ' s coughs and cigars . . . going to court for Spearman . . . the Hall of Fame . . . Stu Sechriest, " he went that way " . . . and rushing the deadline. Spearman, Morrison and Pollander, all of Bynum And thev give five credits for this W. B. GREEN F. GREENE W. GREENE U. GRIFFIN CRIMES. Ill GRIZZARD. JR. W. L. GREEN. JR. S. M. GREENE, JR. GRESHAM, JR. C. GRIFFIN CRIMSLEV GROW, ja. W. T. GREEN, JR. S. R. GREENE, JR. GRIER J. GRIFFIN CRISWOLD Gi ' BIN nn nn V -v WILLIAM B. GREEN Roanoke Rapids Glee Club (2, 3, 4). WILLIAM LESTER GREEN, JR. Zebulon Phi Delia Thrla. WILLIAM TATE GREEN, JR. Thomasvilie Di S.nal, ' (1); Tra. k (I). FRANCES ESTELLE GREENE Chapel Hill Glre Club (3. 41: Town Girls ' Associ Committee (4) ; Baptist Sluilent Uni. (3, 4|. SAM MONROE GREENE, JR. Mooresboro Phi Ulu Alpha: Glee Club (3. t. 5); (.SI Chapel Hill Cbural Club (3, 4, 5). SAMUEL ROYSTON GREENE, JR. Durham I Phi Kapi a Alpha; Alpha I ' ,, Sigma. WILLIAM EDGAR GREENE Salisbury A.B.-Ll.B. in Law Orchestra (2. 3. 4); International Relations Club (2); Snun.l and Fury (2). B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Journalism .S. in Commerce A.B. in Religion A.B. in Music „nM,l a„,l Fuly (4) ; ' .S. in Chemistry BRYAN BRISCOE GRESHAM, JR. Belmont BILL PARKER GRIER Hot Springs, Arkansas DORIS LEE GRIFFIN Elizabeth City Glcc Club (3, 41 ; Secretary of Glee Club (4) CHARMIAN GRIFFIN Washington, D. C. A.B. in Mathematics B.A. in Political Science A.B. in Music B.A. in History Ph, B,ta Phi; Carolina rHagazine (3); Daily Tar Heel (3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (3. 4). JANE LAURICE GRIFFIN Vienna, Georgia B.A. in Psychology Phi Be:a Phi; Carolina Magazine (3) ; Dail, Tar Heel (4) ; Y. W. C. A. (3, 41; House Privileges Board (3. 4). JUNIUS SUMMERFIELD GRIMES, III Charlotte A.B. in Political Science CORINNE HEALAN GRIMSLEY Greensboro A.B. in Sociology imming Club (3, 4) ; Chi JAMES BRYAN GRISWOLD Durham A.B. in Philosophy I ' lii Assembly (2. 3, I); Philos.iphy Club (3. 41; Canterbury Club (2. 3, 4). GEORGE COOPER GRIZZARD, JR. Washington, D. C. A.B. in Radio Council (1); Inlerdormitory Council 2I; Sound (I); Yackely Yack (3); Y. M. C. A. (3, 4). BULL KING GROW, JR. Raleigh Siema Chi; Delia Phi Alpha; Monogram ALAN STERLING GUBIN Memphis, Tennessee ' , Lambda Phi. B.S. in Medicine Club; Football I, 2). A.B. in Zoology Page 70 Senior Class DONALD LAMBERT GUMPRECHT Durham D.S, in Chemistry JACK DONALD GULLEDGE Augusta, Georgia B.S. in Commerce HOWARD JEROME GUNDERSON Eleva, Wisconsin B.S. in Chemistry DENVER GOSSETT GURLEY Durham RICHARD GURSKA Rye, New York Band (1, 2); University Dance Committee (1, B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce JAMES MITCHELL GUTHRIE Chapel Hill B.S. in Commerce SMITH M. HAGAMAN Winston-Salem BEN D. HAINES Durham ROBERT THOMAS HAIRE Winston-Salem GENE HAROLD HALL Brevard western North Carolina Club. HARRY HOBART HALL Dothan, Alabama Band (2) ; Orchestra (1). JAMES WILLIAM HALL Carthage RAY EFIRD HALL Charlotte D,!lia Phi Alpha: Sigma Gamma Epsilon. RUTH KILGO HALL Charlotte Phi Mu. DONALD KNOX HAMES Mooresboro JOHN RICHARD HAMMER Shrewsbury, New Jersey Phi Gamma Delia; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 4); Aquinas Club (2. 3, 41. MARION IVYLYN HAMMOCK Raleigh A.B. in English B.S. in Commerce iversity Club (3) ; A.B. in Law A.B. in Psychology A.B. in Law A.B. in Music A.B. in Journalism B.S. in Geology B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in English LEONARD HAMPTON Kannapolis Phi Beta Kappa. B.S. in Commerce ,1 MPItECHT (;lrley HAGAMAN G. HALL K. E. HALL HAMMKR m ! H ' , (;i lleu(;e GLIiSKA HALNES H. HALL R. K. HALL HAMMOCK -JUL GLNDERSON GLTHRIE RAIRE J. HALL HAMES HAMPTON . z: ..1949 Page 7 JULIAN WELLMON HAMRICK Shelby B.S. in Commerce p, K,,rr« -Ui.h.,. WILLIAM EDWARD HAMRICK Spartanburg, South CaroHna B.S. in Commerce DOROTHY GAYLE HANCOCK Lexington A.B. in History Alpha Delia Phi: Carolina Magazine (3): Class Hc.nur C.mncil (4); Glee Club (3) ; Y. W. C. A. (3) ; University Danre Group (3. 4) ; Cheerleader (41; Women ' s Cabinet (4)- ROBERT CARPENTER HANES Charlotte A.B. in English V. M. C. . (. ' . II; B. S. U (3, 4); Charlotte-Carolina Club 13. 4). HORACE GRAVELY HANKINS Kernersville UmbJa Chi Alpha. OBA THOMAS HANNA, JR. Gastonia Phi Beta Kappa. Eria Gamma Sigma. JOHN A. HANSON Boston, Massachusetts B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Psychology WILLIAM RENNY HARDING, JR. East Aroura, New York B.S. in Chemistry MELVIN RAWLINGS HARGRAVE Kingsport, Tennessee Bela Th,la Pi. JOHN HAROLD HARMON Chapel Hill Kappa Sigma. CHARLES LINDY HARPER Kinston GEORGE NEVILLE HARRELL Whiteville Choral Club (4J . ORRIN FELTON HARRELL Suffolk, Virginia EDWIN CHARLES HARRELSON Southport JOSEPH WAGNER HARRER Chapel Hill Y. M. C. . . CI. 2. 3, 4). B.A. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Zoology A.B. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Commerce A.B. in Psychology PAUL WILKINS HARRILL Caroleen DONALD BRANDON HARRIS Monroe Phi Kappa Sigma. JOYCE HARRIS Bunn v. W. C. A. (3, 41 ; Carolina Independent Coed As! B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in History ition (3, 4). . HAMRICK HANES HANSON HARMON HARRELL HARRILL W. HAMRICK HANKINS HARDING. JR HARPER HARRELSON D. HARRIS II N( (l( K IIAWA. Hi HAKt,KA K (;. HARRELL HARRER J. HARRIS Page 72 Senior Class R. HARRIS HAWLEY HEDCPETH Z. HARRIS HAWIV HEIMAN HARRISON A. HAYES. JR. HELMS HART. JR. C. HAYES HENDERSON HARTSELL, JR. HAYNES. JR. M. HENDERSON HASKETT HEATH HENDRICKS ROBERT CHATHAM HARRIS Elkin Kappa Sigma: Daily Tar Heel (1); Young Del ZACK HARRIS Hertford Pi Kitppa Alpha. WILLIAM SHERMAN HARRISON Asheville Carolina Magazine (2. 31. Art EJilur (.11: Daily Tar Heel (i) ; Tarnation (3, 4), Art Editor (3) ; University Club (4) : Yackety Yack (3) ; Y. M. C. A. (2. 3. 4) ; Western North Carolina Club (3. 4| : Freshman Handbook (3) ; Rally Committee (3, 4); Carolina Quarterly (4); Wesley Foundation (3, 4). ROBERT LEE HART, JR. Snow Hill A.B. in Journalism ats Chib (2. 3). B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Art A.B. in Social Studies CHARLES LAWTON HAYES Cherryville Plu Beta Kappa: fi. .j Gamma Sigma: Hend B.S. in Commerce Math Award (2). EARL HORACE HARTSELL. ]R. Chapel Hill WILLIAM F. HASKETT Elizabeth City Phi Delia Thela. FRANK JORDAN HAWLEY Roanoke Rapids Sigma Lhi: Plu Ela Siema. CARL LUTZ HAWN Belmont ALLISON BURTON HAYES, JR. Aurora A.B. in Radio A.B. in Journalism B.S. in Physics B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce ALTON MYLES HAYNES, JR. Cliffside A.B. in Political Science Delia Psi: Baud (1. 21 ; Unii Y. M. C. A. (1) ; Freshma (1). GORDON R. HEATH Kinston Kappa Sigma. JAMES HEDGPETH Greensboro Zela Psi: Wrestling (1. 21. EUGENE CHARLES HEIMAN Miami Beach, Florida Tau Epsilon Phi: Int.-rfraternit Council (2. 3). EARL CLEGG HELMS Concord JAMES WARREN HENDERSON Lumberton B.S. in Medicine A.B. in Economics A.B.-L.L.B. in Law B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce MARTIN PICK HENDERSON Lumberton A ' op;.» Alpha: Inlerdormilory Council (2); Y. M. C. A. (2, 3, 4). HERBERT STANFORD HENDRICKS Dallas A.B. in Psychology ...1949 . HENSON. JR. J. HICKS D. HINKLE I. HENSON B. HILL S. HINKLE P IIFNSON I P. HILL HINNANT 111 ATT I ' . S. HILL. JR. HINSON IIK KMAN. JR. L. HILL HOBBS E. HICKS HILLEY, JR. HODGES GROVER CURTIS HENSON, JR. Raleigh Pi Kappa Alpha; Daily Tar Heel C3). IVAN CLARENCE HENSON Oak Hill, Ohio PERRY CLEVELAND HENSON Otto Western N. C. Club ( + ) ; Phi Beta Kappa (1). VERNON TALMAGE HIATT Mt. Airy HENRY CICERO HICKMAN, JR. Sanford Monogram Club (3, 4) ; Track (2, 4). EDGAR COOLIDGE HICKS Winston-Salem Alpha Kappa Psi. JESSE ROBINSON HICKS Florence, South Carolina Phi Gamma Delta; Glee Club (1. 2) ; Y. M. C. BILLY WINFRED HILL Salisbury FRANK POLLARD HILL Winston-Salem Sigma Alpha Epulon ; Student Council (2); 13 Cli WreBtlins (1); Y. M. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4). B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Botany A.B. in Law A.B. in Law B.A. in Sociology B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Chemistry (1, 2, 3. 4). B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce lb (2, 3. 4); Track (1); FREETERICK SINCLAIR HILL, JR. Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce LOUIS THOMPSON HILL Richlands B.S. AUBREY BENJAMIN HILLEY, JR. Chattanooga, Tennessee B.S. Kappa Sigma ; Delia Sigma Pi. in Commerce in Commerce DWIGHT BERRIER HINKLE Lexington Kappa Sigma. SARAH MARTHA HINKLE Winston-Salem MILTON N. HINNANT Charlotte Delta Sigma Pi; Sigma u. CARL JENNINGS HINSON Rock Hill, South Carolina EDWARD JACKSON HOBBS Clinton LOUIS EARL HODGES Leaksville B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Sociology (3, 4) ; Winston- B.S. in Commerce B.S B.S. B.S. in Commerce in Commerce in Commerce Page 74 Senior Class HODGIN HODGSON HOLDE.N HOLT HOLTON C. M. HOMAN HOMG HOOD HOOTS K. HOLDING S. HOLDING. Ill HOLOMAN, JR. C. S. HOMAN HONDROS HONEYCUTT, JH. HOPKINS C. HORNE F. HORNE JOHN E. HODGIN Chapel Hill A.B. in Sociology CHARLES SHANNON HOMAN Swedesboro, New Jersey B.S in Chemistry MATTHEW MARSHALL NEIL HODGSON Nashville, Tennessee A.B. in Latin Phi Gumma Delta; Carolina Magazine (2); Class Officer (1); Daily Tar Heel (1, 2, 3) ; Phi Assembly (3, 4) ; Publications Union Board (3) ; Tarnation (3. 4) : University Club (4) ; Yackely Yack (3) ; Young Democrats Club (4) ; C. M. Board of Directors (3); Freshman Orientation Committee (3). Phi Kappa Sigma; Interfraternitv Council (3, 4); Young (3, 4J. CHARLES JAMES HONDROS Rocky Mount B.S. Pi Kiippa Alpha. Republicans Club in Commerce THOMAS EATON HOLDEN Louisburg B.S. in Commerce EARL DOUGLAS HONEYCUTT, JR. Shelby B.S. in Commerce Daily Tar Heel .2. 3. 4). Pi Kappa Alpha. KATHARINE LEWIS HOLDING Raleigh A.B. in Psychology Yackely Yack (4): Y. W. C. A. (3. 4); Pan-HelltMuc Council (4). HARVEY RALPH HONIG Brooklyn, New York A.B. Phi Beta Kappa; Factotum Magazine (3, 4). in Economics SOLOMON PACE HOLDING, III Raleigh A.B. in Spanish WILLIAM LESTER HOOD Charlotte B.S. in Commerce LEMUEL RANDOLPH HOLOMAN, JR. Jackson B.S. in Commerce WALTER A. HOLT Smithfield B.S. in Commerce Sigma Phi Epsilon; University Club (3. 4); Young Democ JOHN HOOTS Winston-Salem A.B. Band (1, 2, 3); Monogram Club; Cross Country (1, 3). rats (4). in Economics REBECCA SUE HOLTON Belmont B.A. in Physical Education Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A. (4) ; W. A. A. (3. 4) ; Archery Club (4) ; Basketball Club (3. 4) ; Wesley Foundation (3, 4) ; Tennis Club (3, 4) ; Swimming Club (3, 4); Cheerleader (4). CHARLES HOPKINS Albemarle CLETUS WESLEY SMITH HORNE Heath Springs, South Carolina B.S. A.B. in Arts in Commerce CAROLINE M. HOMAN Wilmington A.B. in Journalism FRANK LEIGH HORNE Charlotte A.B. in Economics Glee Club (3); Sound and Fury (4); Yackety Yack (4). A Beta Theta Pi. . - JJ. n J ...1949 Page 7S HOROWITZ IIOVIS C. HUDSON, JR G. HORTON HOWARD H. Hl ' DSON. JR. W. HORTON HOWE K. HUDSON R. HUDSON ROLAND EUGENE HORNE Kannapolis B.S. in Commerce Alpha Kappa Fsi. EARL BAYNES HORNER, JR. Burlington B.S. in Commerce MELVIN SHEPARD HOROWITZ Greenville, South Carolina B.A. in Zoology Aliilui Kpsihm l;; Alpha Epsilon Delia; Daily Tar Hfei Ci I . GETTY ANNE HORTON Winston-Saiem A.B. in Sociology Delia Delia Delia: Yackel, Yack (41; Y. W. C. A. (3. 4). WALTER LEE HORTON Raleigh A.B. in Chemistry Phi Kappa Sigata. LILLIAN BROWN HOTARD New Smyrna Beach, Florida A.B. in Sociology Delia Delia Dell,,: Chi- H..„,,i M : Yaekeli Yaet (.1); Y. W. C. A. (4)- ERNEST JONES HOUSE Marion B.S. in Commerce Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Phi Bela Kappa; Golden Fleece (4); Inter.lnrmilorv Council (1); Phi Assembly (3. 4). Speaker (4); Student Legislature (2. .3, 4); Young Democrats Club (31; Western North Carolina Club (2): C. C. U. N. (31; G. M. Board of Directors (3); Chairman of University Safely Council (4); Chairman of Legislature Finance Committee (3). THOMAS PRESLEY HOUSER, JR. Lincolnton A.B. in History Plii Ela Sigma: Phi Beta Kapfta : V. M. C. . (1, H. KATHRYN ANN HOVIS East Bend A.B. in History V. W. C. A. (.1. 4); C. I. C. A. (3. 41; Wesley K..iinJalion (3, 4). GWEN HOWARD Sanford A.B. in Music Sigma Alpha tola; Glee Club (3. 41; Y. W. C. . (41. CHARLES McLAIN HOWE Clearwater, Florida Student Legislature (2.1. ALBERT F. HOWELL Apex B.S. in Physics A.B. in Psychology JOSEPH CARROL HUBBARD Raleigh A.B. in Economics BONNOR EDGAR HUDSON, JR. Waxhaw B.S. in Commerce Delia Sigma Pi. CECIL FRED HUDSON, JR. Connelly Springs B.S. in Commerce HOMER TYER HUDSON, JR. High Point B.S. in Commerce KATHERINE DAVIS HUDSON Little Rock, Arkansas A.B. in English P, Bela PI,,. RANDALL ELIZABETH HUDSON Tarboro A.B. in Sociology P, Bela PI,,: Caialina Manaziae (31: Dalh Tar Heel (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); W. A. A. Council (3. 41; S(udent Advisor; Splash CluB (3, 41. Senior Class HUFFINES K. HUFFMAN HUCGINS S. HUGHES M. HUNT HUNTLEY, JR. . HUFFMAN, JR M. HUFFMAN F. HUGHES HULON B. HUNT HURLEY . HUFFMAN, JR. S. HUFFMAN G, HUGHES HUNSUCKER HUNTER HUSKE GORDON L. HUFFINES Washington, D. C. D,id) Tar Heel (3, 1.1. FLOYD HUFFMAN, JR. Hickory Pin K,i,,,,„ S,im,i. B.A. in Journalism B.S. in Chemistf) ' GARLAND FRANK HUFFMAN, JR. Burlington B.S. in Commerce Alplm Kappn Psi ; Band (.3, 4) ; Di Senate 13. 4). KENNETH FRANKLIN HUFFMAN Thomasville B.S. in Commerce MARTHA ROBERTA HUFFMAN Morganton B.A. in English Pi Beta Pin: Carolina Magazine (2. 3); Y. W. C. . . (3, 4); Recreation Committee. STANTON VANCE HUFFMAN Gibsonville Y. M. C. A. (2. 3, 4J. B.A. in Chemistry KATHERINE ELIZABETH HUGGINS Raleigh C. A. (3. 41 B.A. in Art aptist Student Union, Social Chairman FERNE LLEWELLYN HUGHES Rainelle, West Virginia B.A. in Music Delta Delta Delta; Sigma Alpha lota; Glee Club. Business Manager (3). President (4); Student Council (41: Student Legislature (3); Y. W. C. A. (3): Y Cabinet; Chapel Hill Choral Club; Presbyterian Choir (3, 4); President Panhellenic Council (41. GEORGE DANIEL HUGHES Elkin Delta Sismn Pi. SIDNEY A. HUGHES Lumberton HAROLD GIBBS HULON Hope Mills ADAM LEE HUNSUCKER Ellerbe M. ALICE HUNT Oxford BILLY LEE HUNT Durham MARY JANE HUNTER South Orange, New Jersey Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club (3. 4) ; Sound and Fury (31 : Y. W. C. A. (3). EARL STUART HUNTLEY, JR. Chapel Hill B.A. in Chemistry ROBERT BASCOM HURLEY Cedar Grove B.A. in Sociology Glee Club (3); Sound and Fury (31. ANNE ALVES HUSKE Fayetteville B.A. in French Pi Beta Phi: Yacket) Yack (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Chemistry B.A. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Law B.A. in English B.A. in French 1949 .. ' -¥- . % m A M - x . launders Hall History and English This is the building most Hkely to succeed in the near future. It is the only building where teachers can walk up the halls with canes, wearing glasses, and say to a class, " Tomorrow you will be responsible for the next five or six hundred pages in your text. Don ' t forget your 25,000,000 word paper will be due one week from the first day of school ... " ... In another section of the building you might hear ... " I don ' t DR. RICHARD JENTE PROFESSOR HAROLD RUSSELL Head of German Department English Department Folk Music at its best, bv Professor A. P. Hudson think this will be too difficult for tomorrow ' s assign- ment. Just memorize the Constitution, the Declara- tion of Independence, and a choice between the United Nations Charter or three of President Roose- velt ' s Inaugural Addresses ... " ... and ... " I don ' t think I ' d be asking too much if I asked you to identify any of the 3,769 characters in any of the tu ' enty novels we have discussed. You must know the terms " impressionism, " " expressionism, " " naturalism, " " realism " . . . . " Yes, this is the habitat of English and History majors. . . . AlVIEN! Griping for English in the Commerce Room Dr. Taylor, " Will Doris gel an A? " s the English Correct in ihe Tar Heel? HUSTON HUTCHINS, JR. D. C. HYDER IVEY N. JACOBSON L. JAMES 1 1 nn O D K. HUTCHERSON BUTTON IPOCK JACKSON S. JACOBSON JAROSZ, JR. O. HUTCHEHSON D. B. HYDER IRBY JACOBI A. JAMES, JR. JENKINS BETTY CAROLYN HUSTON Fairmont C. I. C. A. (3. II ; Daih T,„ Heel (3, 41. KELLY WADDELL HUTCHERSON A.B. in lournalism Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce ORMAN DONALD HUTCHERSON Winston-Salem Alpha A ' .i ip.i P 7. GRADY ALDINE HUTCHINS, IR. B.S. in Commerce Winston-Salem ROBERT LEE HUTTON Greensboro DOROTHY BELL HYDER Chapel Hill DEWITT GLADSTONE HYDER Chapel Hill DONALD BERNARD IPOCK Asheville W.stcrn N. C. Club; U. V. A. EDWARD CLAIBORNE IRBY Blackstone, Virginia Plu Crnmii Drha. BILLY SEAWELL IVEY Seven Springs SALLY FIELDS JACKSON Demopolis, Alabama Alpha Gamma Delia; Inlcrdorniitor B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce .President (4) ; Swimming A.B. in Histor} B.S. in Commerce A.B. in journalism A.B. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce A.B. in English il (I) ; Y. W. C. . (41 ; CoeJ ELOISE JACOBI Wilmington A.B. in Sociology Basketball (41: Yacketv Yack 13); Student . .h iser (41: Campus Party Secretary (4); Wilmington Club Treasurer (31: Wi.rl.l Student Fund (3); C. I. C. A. President (4). NORMAN HAROLD JACOBSON Lenoir Alpha Epsilon Pi. SIMON ARTHUR JACOBSON Spofford, New Hampshire Swimming (1); Yackety Yack (2, 3. 4). ALBERT WARREN JAMES, JR. Laurinburg UI.e Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Yackely Yack (3). LENUE TYSON JAMES Winston-Salem JOSEPH E. JAROSZ, JR. Graham P, Kapp,, Alpha; Smmming 111: D.,rni M: LESLIE HUGH JENKINS Bryson Cit)- Pi Kappa Phi: Alpha Chi Sigma. B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in English A.B. in lournalism B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Chemistry Senior Class DARGAN LUCIUS JENNINGS Camden, South Carolina B.A. in Chemistry Baseball (1) ; Y. M. C. A. (II. MILTON HENRY JENNINGS, JR. Chapel Hill B.A. in Sociology CHARLES MARION JOHNSON, JR. Raleigh B.A. in Political Science Ka,.,,a Sigm«: Inlerfraternily Council (4); 13 Cl.ib. EDWARD ROYCE JOHNSON Alexandria, Virginia pill Kiirpn Signiti. EUGENE ALLEN JOHNSON Aberdeen, South Dakota GEORGE JOHNSON, JR. Wilmington P ii ll.ll.i riu-la; Phi n,l,i K„ppa. JOSEPH MILTON JOHNSON Sanford Inlrrdormitory Cnuncil (3); Sound md Fury (1); Student Legislature (1); Lniversitv Club (2, 3. 4) ; University Dance Committee (3. 4) ; Young Democrats Club (3, -l) ; G. M. Board of Directors (3, 41 ; Men ' s Council (2). PAUL LYNDON JOHNSON, JR. Sanford B.S. in Commerce ,1. V. Baseball (3). PERCY TRANTHAM JOHNSON, JR. Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce RICHARD EARL JOHNSON Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Chemistry B.S. in Medicine B.A. in Chemistry B.A. in Radio 1 and Ki.rv (2. 3); Univcrsitv Dance Club WALTER SCHOLL JOHNSON Concord B.A. in Economics K ' lppa Sigma; nd Fury (3, 4) VICTOR LYNN JOHNSON Ashevilie n,ll« Sigmii Pi: Western N. C. Club (1, 2. 3. II B.S. in Commerce CHARLES WILSON JOHNSTON, III Chapel Hill B.S. in Commerce Hand (II. HARVEY WYLIE JOHNSTON Charlotte B.S. in Medicine MARY FRANCES JOHNSTON West Palm Beach, Florida B.A. in Journalism i:hi Omega; Beta Phi Gamma; Phi Thela Kappa; Class Honor Council (4). WILEY WARREN JOHNSTON, JR. Manteo B.S. in Physics Clrc Club (1, 2, 3, 41 ; University Club (21. CAMILLA XAN JONAS Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida B.A. in Journalism Di-lla Delia Delia; Daily Tar Heel. Business Slafl (31: Sound and Fury (3); Tarnaiiort (41; Y. W. C. A.. Career ' s Conimiltee (1): Social Chairman Mclver Dormitory, Secretary Delia Delia Delia; Order ol the Golden Bears. ALICE McADEN JONES Charlotte B.A. in Political Science Clii Iomega; Y. W. C. A. (3. 4); Social Chairman Chi Omega (3). U. JENMNGS E. I!. JOH.NSON J. JOHNSON R. JOHNSON :. JOHNSTON. Ill ». JOHNSTON. JR M. .|K M |; E. . KIIIN p. JdllNSlIN W . JOHNSON H. JOHNSTON JONAS JH. JOHNSON, JR. JOHNSON. JR. T. JOHNSON. JR. V. JOHNSON M. JOHNSTON JONES ..1949 Page SI J. F. JONES E. JOYKER, JR. KAUFFMAN, JR. M. J »ES J. JOV ER KAVAIVAUCH CLYDE WA TSTE JONES Badin DAVID CROCKETT JONES, JR. Harlan, Kentucky ESTELLE TOMLINSON JONES Jacksonville, Florida Chi Omegti, Treasurer (1); Y. W. C. A. (II. JAMES MARSHALL JONES Marshville JOSEPH FREEMAN JONES Winston-Salem MABEL SPERLING JONES Boiling Springs B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in English B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce ; Sigiiiti Phi Epsilon ; A.B. in English ROY WINFRED JONES Flat Rock A.B. in Physical Education WILLIAM BAIN JONES Badin B.S. in Commerce WALTER CLARKE JONES, JR. Kinston B.S. in Commerce Kappa Sigma; German Club Executive (1); Interfraternily Council (4J ; Order of the Minataurs; Eastern Carolina Club; President of Kappa Sigma. THOMAS MURPHY JORDAN Fayetteville B.S. in Commerce Alpha Taa Omega: Phi Beta Kappa: President of Junior Class; Gorgon ' s; Inlerfraternity Council (3, 4); Soccer (4). EDWARD GREY JOYNER, JR. Wilson A.B. in Journalism Alpha T„u llm,-g„: Daily Tar Heel (2. 3. t) ; Publications Board (3, 4) ; Grail 13. U- JAMES SIDNEY JOYNER Franklinton R. REGGIE KACHIGIAN Detroit, Michigan Playniakers (3). GERALD H. KANTER Kinston B.S. in Commerce A.B. in French B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Soci ology BERTHA KAPLAN Durham Alpha Kappa Delta; Carolina Magazine (3); Hillel Cabinet (3, 4); Facto (II: Student Advisor (4); YackelY Yack (3. 4), Sophomore Editor (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4) JOHN E. C. KAPP Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce Ph, Bcia Kappa: Inlerdormitory Council (4); Y. M. C. A. (4). CHARLES CROUCH KAUFFMAN, JR. Atlanta, Georgia A.B. in Political Science Daily Tar Heel (1, 2, 3, 41; Inleruulioual Relations Club (4). ROBERT HENRY KAVANAUGH Baltimore, Maryland A.B. in Journalism Chi Phi; Lacrosse (1, 2), Captain (1). Page 82 Senior Class KEARNS, JR. KENION KILLEFFER KEEN KENNEDY J. KING, JR (.. KELLY KERR R. KIRBY, JR. R. KELLY KIGER Vi . KIRBY FRED MARTIN KEARNS, JR. Asheboro B.S. in Commerce ISABEL DABNEY KERR Arlington, Virginia A.B. in English und and Fury MARGARET ANN KEEN Macon, Georgia Alpha Delia Pi. JAMES ARTHUR KEIGER Asheville Sigma Chi: Monogram Club (3, 4); GolT (2). VICTOR JULIAN KELLEY Chapel Hill A. GRAHAM CORNELIUS KELLY Wilmington ROBERT YOCUM KELLY Gastonia Anppu Sigma: C.-rnian Club Executive 14); Ui EDMUND OLIVER KENION Hillsboro ROZELLE KENNEDY Greensboro GEORGE B. KEN ' ON Charlotte WALTER CHARLES VINCENT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Phi Kappa Sigma. A.B. in Mathematics A.B. in Economics B. in Political Science A.B. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce ■ ivcrsily Club (3. 4). B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce KERMAN A.B. in Chemistry KEMPER LEE KIGER Rural Hall B.S. in Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi; Interdormitory Council 1). ROBERT AYERS KILLEFFER Crestwood, New York B.S. in Chemistry Phi Delia Thiia: Daily Tar Heel (1). JAMES B. KING, JR. Louisburg A.B. in Chemistry Band (4); Daih Tar Heel (1, 3, 4); Glee Club (4). WILLIAM JOSEPH KING Bradenton, Florida A.B. in Sociology FRANK KIMBALL KINNEY Daytona Beach, Florida A.B. in Dramatic Art Cl.e Club (1, 2); Playmakers (3, 41; Wislmiiislor Student Croup (3. 4). ROBIN SMITH KIRBY, JR. Charlotte Kappa Alpha: Dance Cominitlee (2, 31 ; Crail (2. 3. 4) ; Student Council (3) ; Interlralernilv Council (3); University Club (2); University Dance Com- mittee (2, 3J ; Secretary and Treasurer ..1 Student Body (4). B.S. in Commerce WALLACE HINES KIRBY Roxboro B.S. in Commerce ..1949 ROBERT EDWARD KIRKLAND, |R. Wilson Ztia Pn; Phi Una Kapiia; Commitlee .lurmitoiv Counci l (41. JOHN JACOB KISER Hickory Phi M„ Alpha; Universily S m,,h .n II. 2. 3. 1 GEORGE BRADLEY KLUMPH Charlotte Kappa Sigma. ANN COOPER KNIGHT Tampa, Florida Ch, (Imega: Clef Club 131: Slu.l.iil L.eisjaluri Pan-Helknic Council (3, 4j . FLORENCE EDITH KNIGHT New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Delia Pi. Di Senate {3. 41; Valkvries •Studenl Legislature (3. 41; Slujenl (3. 4); Carolina Forum (3, 4); Pan-l B.S. in Commerce ; Grail (2. 3, 4) ; Inter- A.B. in English B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Sociology 13. 4) ; Y. W. C. A. (3, 4) ; A.B. in Spanish es (41: Y. W. C. A. (3. 4): Cabinet (41; Canterbury Club Council (41. HERBERT JOSEPH KNIGHT Rocky Mount Phi Biia Kappa; Delia Sipnta Pi. JOE LANE KNIGHT Winston-Salem Lambda Chi Alpha; Y. M. C. . . (3, 4). NORMAN KOHLER New York, New York Monogram Club (3, 4); Basketball 111. GENE FONVIELLE KOONCE Jacksonville B.S. i.n Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Chemistr) ' ROBERT HENRY KOONTS High Point Ph, Del a Theta; C (3. 4J. B.S. in Commerce Head (3. 4); Student Legislature (II; Football ELIZABETH ANN KOONTZ Louisville, Kentucky A.B. in Radio Alpha Gamma Delta; Daily Tar Heel (4). WILLIAM GORDON KORNEGAY Warsaw A.B. in History Dail Tar He, I III; l laMn.,ker5 (II; Carolina Quarterly 111. KARL KURBJUN, JR. Richmond, Virginia Kappa Alpha; Track (3j . WILLIAM LOCKHART KYLE. JR. Kinston A.B. in Mathematics Kappa Sigma. MARY TANDY LACY Hopkinsville, Kentucky A.B. in Economics A.B. in History Chi Omega; Interdormilory Council (3, 4|; Y. W. C. . . (3. 4); Treasurer of Pan. Hellenic Council (41: Secretary of Coed Senate (41; Bai.tist Student t ' nion (4). CASPER GARNETT LAMB Elizabeth City Pi Kappa Alpha; Band (1, 2. 3, 1.1. A.B. in Chemistr) ' CLEMENT MANLY LANCASTER Rural Hall A.B. in |ournalism Daily Tar Heel (41; Yourg Democrats Club (41. CLAUDE DILLARD LANCASTER, JR. New Bern B.S. in Commerce nn nn Senior Class PATRICIA JANE LANCASTER Castalia A.B. in English SHERWOOD JEROME LANCASTER Vanceboro B.S. in Chemistr) ' Chi Psi. MONROE MITCHELL LANDRETH, JR. Charlotte B.S. in Commerce Delia Sigma Pi; Dance Committee (4); Crail : Interdormitory Council (4); Senior Ring Committee. Chairman (4) ; Coalition Cabinet, President (4) ; Charlotte Carolina Club. President (3). Treasurer (2); Student . udit Board, Chairman (3); Preshman Orientation Counselor (4). JAMES FRANKLIN LANE Wilson B.S. in Commerce JAMES STUART LANE Chapel Hill A.B. in English ROBERT SCOTT LANGLEY Kinston B.S. in Commerce HENRY JEROME LANGSTON Danville, Virginia A.B. in Radio Dtlia K ' lppa EpsiloTi. JAMES CONRAD LANIER. JR. Greenville A.B. in Political Science Phi Gamma Delta; Track (1) . VIOLET VIRGINIA LaRUE Raleigh A.B. in English Glee Club (3, 4) ; Daih Tar Heel (3, 4) ; Phi Assembly (4| ; Playmakers (3. 4) ; Sound and Fury (3) ; Tarnation (4) ; Yackely Yack (4) ; Y. W. C. A. (3. 4); Carolina Quarterly (4); Choral Club (4). EDWARD COLUMBUS LASSITER Newport News, Virginia A.B. in Psychology STELLA WHITE LASSITER Potecasi A.B. in Journalism Chi Omega; YacketyYack (31; Y. W. C. . . (3. 4). SAMUEL THOMPSON LATTIMORE Fallston PETER E. LAVIN Chapel Hill BETSY TOM LAWRENCE Raleigh Pi Beta Phi; Y. W. C. A. (3. 4J . ROY HENDERSON LAWRENCE Sanford B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in History B.S. in Commerce FERD OLBERT LAWSON, JR. Sumter, South Carolina A.B. in Political Science Zeta Psi. JOSEPH CLARENCE LEARY, JR. Edenton Sigma Sti; Band (1); Interdormity Cour Chairman. Elections Committee (4) ; Ori. tory Vice-President (1); Public Relatior A.B. in Economics il (1); Student Legislature (3, 4); CHARLES BURKHEAD LEDBETTER Raleigh A.B. in Chemistry ..1949 ROBERT WILLIAM LEDBETTER Morganton B.S. in Commerce CLAUDIA DYKES LEE Marshallville, Georgia B.S. in Commerce Al jkn Delia P;,- SijLisli Club (.). -M ; C:lii ' .-il,;Hlfr (li. JOHN COOK LEE Marshallville, Georgia Sigmii AJplia Epsilon. MARVIN WILLIAM LEE Hopewell, Virginia Kappa Alpha; Student Legislature (-ij. B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Political Science JOSEPH GRANT LEFKOWITZ Orlando, Florida COLBERT BLAIR LEONARD Chapel Hill GILBERT GARY LEONARD Peachland Phi Beta Kappa. HUBERT LEON LEONARD Lexington WALTER EVAN LEONARD Hickory JEAN MARIE LESTER St. Petersburg, Florida A. BRUCE LEVIN Winston-Salem IRA OSBORNE LEWIS Marshallberg DAVID MURRAY LINDSAY High Point Kappa Alpha: Glee Club (2, 3); l. i Club (3). KENNETH CHARLES LINEBACK Winston-Salem Lambda Chi Alpha; Stujeut Lejislature (.51. CHARLES ROSCOE LINVILLE Winston-Salem Sigma Phi Epsiloii; Interfraternity Council (31. DANIEL MORRIS LIPMAN Beaufort EDWIN WHITE LITAKER Monroe Band (1, 2, 3, 4). EDWARD MASON LITTLE Greensboro Phi Beta Kappa; Baua (1, 2); Glee Club (2, 3, 4). B.S. in Commerce (4) ; Interfraternity A.B. in Radio 2, 3, 4) ; SouuJ and B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Physics A.B. in Chemistry A.B. in History I ; House Privileges Board B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Music B.S. in Physics jui nn i HI HIl v R. LEDBETTER M. LEE C. LEONARD LESTER MNDSAV LIPMAN C. LEE LEFKOWITZ H. LEONARD LEVIN LINEBACK LITAKER J. IKK C. LEHNAHIJ LEO.NAKl) LEWIS INVILLE . LITTLE y Senior Class W . LITTLE, JR. T. LOCKHART C. LONG M. LOWE LOWENSTEIN J. LUCAS LOCKE Y. JR. LOFTUS LOVE R. LOWE LOWRIMORE. JH, P. LUCAS J. LOCKHART B. LONG LOWDER W. LOWE LOWRY LUKE WILLIAM BENNETT LITTLE, JR. Wadesboro B.S. in Commerce k-ipj ' a Sigma. FORREST LOCKEY, JR. Aberdeen Alpha Tau Om.-g„. JOHN KELLY LOCKHART HiUsboro THOMAS ASHE LOCKHART Charlotte Di Senale (1. 2. 3): Intprnaliuiial Relations 1.31; Campus Parlv (2. 3|; Seirelary. T Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3). MICHAEL JOSEPH LOFTUS Greenbelt, Maryland A.B. in Political Science Interdormilory Council (3. -11: Monogram Club (2. 3. 41; Basketball (1, 2), Manager; Spanish Club 141; Assistant Director. Graham Memorial (41. BETTY MARIE LONG Salisbury B.S. in Political Science B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Law tudent Legislature A.B. I. C. A. (3, 4), Pre English :n. (4). CHARLES ORIS LONG Thomasville O.iiVv T,„ Hetl 13. 41: Student Legislature (2. 31. Young Republicans Club (3. 41 ; Di Senate. Preside dent (3); Slate Student Legislature (II, Speaker (3 Chairman; SluJtnt Parly (1, 2. 3. 41. Chairman (3 NICHOLAS ARMISTEAD LOVE Raleigh Phi Gnmm.i Dcba: Delia Phi Alpha. ANN EUTSLER LOWDER Kingsport, Tennessee Y. W C. A. (3, 4). Social S ervice Con (3. 41 ; W. A. A. Dormitory Representativ MAURICE JACK LOWE Liberty RONE PATRICK LOWE Wadesboro B.S. in Commerce . Speaker Pro-Tem (3) ; B.S. in Medicine A.B. in Sociology •relary (4) : Splash Club B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Journalism WALTER ARCHELOUS LOWE Canton B.S. in Commerce Scriblers Club (2); Philomathian Literary Society (2 1. ALLARD KENNETH LOWENSTEIN Scarsdale, New York A.B. in Historj ' Daily Tar Heel (1), Associate Editor (4); Di Senate (1, 2, 3, 4). President (3), Vice.Prcsident (2); Debate Council (2); Glee Club (2); Hillel Cabinet (21: Campus Constitution Committee (1, 2| ; N. S. A. Delegate (4); Student Legislature (2, 4), Chairman, Ways and Means Committee (2); Student Council (3) ; Executive Committee, SDA (4) ; State Student Legislature (1, 2, 3); Chairman: UNC Delegation (2); Amphoterothon 2, 3); World Federalists. Vice-President (4). CHARLES SPURGEON LOWRIMORE, JR. Wilmington Phi Kapp.i ' Sigma. Treasurer (41. CHARLES BURTON LOWRY Raleigh JOAN LUCAS St. Petersburg, Florida Delia Delia Delia. House P B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce Council (3, 4) : Y. W. C. A. (S) PEGGY ANN LUCAS St. Petersburg, Florida Delia Delia Delia, President (4) lature (3) ; W. A. A. (4) ; Y. W. C. A. (3. 4) WILLIAM THOMAS LUKE Abbeville, Georgia Spanish Club (3) ; Soccer (3) ; Air R. O. T. C. B S. in Medical Technology t (4) ; Interdormitory Council (4) ; ■man (Summer School) (3) ; W. A. A. B.S. in Medical Technology Hellenic Council (41; Student Legis- B.S. in Commerce (3. 4). 1949 Page 87 lil k 3 - " rrt ' ii l ' llliii|» Hall On Cameron Avenue stands a tall building of Gothic mould, the home of math and physics majors. Although the style of Phillips is one of the oldest in architectural design, within its halls are fostered the newest and most advanced scientific ideas. Wandering through the classrooms one is apt to come upon Dr. W hyburn, head of the Math Depart- ment, explaining the discontinuity of a function to a group of befuddled students, while elsewhere in the building Dr. Rosen is happily extracting energy states from the hyper-geometric form of Schrodinger ' s PAUL SHEARIN W. M. WHYBURN Head of Physics Departineiil Heuil of Mathematics Department Professor J. W. Lasley in seminar wave equation. In the lecture room Dr. Fussier vainly attempts to instill the fundamentals of physics to beginning students, as more advanced physicists struggle with their research in the laboratories. Phillips truly leads the University in its contribu- tions to knowledge. Even the Bicycle is a law of physics Professor Otto Stnhhnan on the finer points. Professor Hobbs and Linker solve x over z. DR. HOWARD HOTEIJ.IX; Head of Mathematical Statistic Depnrlnieiil Page 89 FRITZ BARTLEY LUTHER Albemarle DAVID SARGENT McADAMS Burlington Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Ma. Alpha, Nalional Counselor (4); Student Enter- lainnient Committee (4); University Svmphony Orchestra (2, 3), Concert Master (41. Secretary-Treasurer (4); Men ' s Glee Club (3); Winner Novice Doul)l,-s in Fall Tennis Tournament— Intraniurals (31. B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Music CHARLES OTHANIEL McAFEE, JR. Macon, Georgia JAMES LEON McALLISTER, JR. Roper lnlcr.l.,rmitory Council (11; Wesley Foundation B.S. in Commerce .A. in Entrlish ROBERT M. McAllister Raleigh B.A. in History Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa; A. R. 0. T. C Fir«t 1.1. (31, Maj. (4|. MURRAY DAVID McCAIN, JR. Newport B.A. in Dramatic Art Pi Kappa Alpha; Glee Club (2); Playmakers (2, 3. 4). B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Sociology IM. C. ANDREW FRANCIS McCALL Laurinburg RUTH MARY McCANN Asheviile Alpha Gamma Del:a; Glee Club (3, 4); Yackfly Yack (4); West Club (3); Aquinas Club (3), Secretary (4). WILLIAM M. McCAULEY Chapel Hill DANIEL WEBSTER McCLAIN Kure Beach VAN PATRICK McCLELLAN Greensboro JACK PASCHAL McDANIEL Fayetteville Wrestling (1, 2). B.A. in Sociology B.S. in Commerce Ion-Carolina Club, Social (4) ; Yackety Yack (3) . B.A. in Psychology B.A. in Zo ology JAMES McKINNON McDIARMID Raeford CON T. McDonald Columbia, Georgia Phi Delia Thela. ELIZABETH McDONALD Gastonia B.A. in Zoology B.A. in Zoology JOHN SHERWOOD McDUFFIE Miami, Florida Lamhda Chi Alpha. WILLIAM GROVER McFADDEN Morganton JACK EUGENE McGEE Winston-Salem B.A. in Sociology Club (4) ; YackflY Yack B.A. in English B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce LUTHER McADAMS J. McAllister, jr. R. McAllister McCALL McCANN McCLAIN McCLELLAN MeOIARMID C. McDONALIl McDUFFIE 1 nn McFADDEN Vs nn nn A- ' - McAFEE, JR. McCAIN, JR. McCAULEY McDANIEL E, McDONALD McGEE Page 90 Senior Class GILBERT LOUIS McGILL Baltimore, Maryland B.S. in Chemistry MARY HARPER McGOUGAN Lumber Bridge B.A, in History Alpha Gamma Delia: Y. W. C. A. (3. 4). THOMAS COWAN McILHENNY Lynchburg, Virginia B.S. in Geology .Sii ' mrt Gamma Ep ilon. WILLARD LYNN McINTOSH Greensboro B.S. in Geology A.B. in Journalism SAM STEWART McKEEL Walstonburg Daily Tar Heel (3, 4). ELEANOR JEAN McKEITHEN Bethesda, Maryland B.A. in Social Science Chi Omega: Carolina Magazine (31; Y. W. C. A. (3. II; C. M. Board of Directors (4) ; Women ' s Orientation Committee (4) ; Student Welfare Board (4); Student Advisor (4); Coed Senate (4». JULIAN ARMAND McKENZIE Salisbury B.S. in Commerce Cliib (1. 2, 3. 4) ; NORWOOD ESTEL McLAMB Benson WILLIAM LENTIS McLAURIN Dunn B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Psychology EDGAR ALEXANDER McLEAN Winston-Salem B.S. in Physics Club (2, 3, I) ; Wesley Foundation JAMES DICKSON McLEAN Lumberton A.B. in Political Science Phi Gamma Delia; Di Senate (3, 4). GEORGE RALEIGH McLEOD Durham Phi Kappa Sigma. JOSEPH B. McLEOD Myrtle Beach, South Carolina B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Economics lity Council (3, 4) ; House Privilejes Board (4) ; Se, ROBERT LESTER McLEOD Orlando, Florida Phi Delia Then, : Track (1). KATHERINE CLIFTON McMILLAN Laurinburg A.B. in Sociology .■! ;. .«,, P,; Y. W. C. A. ROBERT s. McNeill Mocksville ■llpha Tau Omega. SUSAN PATRICIA McNUTT Greensboro Alpha Gamma Delia: Caruhna Magazine (31; Di Senate (3): Sound and Fury (3, 4); Student Legislature (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); C. C. U. N. (3) : Coed Senate. A.B. in Chemistry A.B. in Journalism A.B. in Sociology JOHN D. McPHAUL Red Springs Delia Sigma Pi; Glee Club (1. 2, 3. 4); Uni B.S. in Commerce ity Club (3). McGILL McINTOSH McKENZIF. E. McLEAN J. McLEOD McNeill McGOUGAN McKEEL McLAMB J. McLEAN R. McLEOD McNUTT Mill HI- M.KHrHfN McLAURIN G. McLEOD McMILLAN McPHAUL .1949 Page 91 MARSHALL THOMAS MtRAE Maxton f t Mu Epsilo ' t. WILLIAM STEPHEN MACEYKO Campbell, Ohio Sigma Chi: Monogram Club, Football (2. 3. 4). DAVID FORNEY MACKIE Maplewood, New Jersey P, Kappa Alpha: Y. M. C. A. (1. 2). JOHN WAYLAND MADDREY Weldon Si ' emo Chi: Iiiterd..rniilor Council (4). JAMES EDWARD MALONEY, JR. South Norfolk, Virginia B.A. in Journalism WALTER CURTIS MANGUM, JR. Wadesboro B.S. in Commerce MARTHA CHESSON MANNING B.A. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce Plymouth B.A. in Sociology Club (4) ; Y. W. C. A. (3. 4) ; RICHARD deYARMAN MANNING Raleigh Psi. B.S. in Commerce SAMUEL PHILLIPS MANNING Spartanburg, South Carolina B.A. in Political Science l).-lt„ Kappa Kp ilon: Plu IWta Kappa: D.-bate SquaJ (2. 3. 41; Di S naif (1. 2. 3. W: L ' nivcrsilv Club 13. II: Y. M. C. A. (1. 2. 3. 41; Eleilions Board (3. 4); Canterbury Club (I, 2. 3. II; Freshman Advisor (31. WILLIS M. MANNING, JR. Bailey B.S. in Commerce WILLIAM FREDRICK MARKGRAF Fort Worth, Texas Sigma Gamma Epsilon. B.S. in Geology EXCELL MARKHAM, JR. Apex DANIEL SUMMEY MARSHALL Charlotte Plii Ma Alpha: Glee Club (I. 2, 3. 1). ALGER BRYAN MARTIN, JR. Salisbury B.A. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce ANN FRANCES MARTIN Montgomery, Alabama B.S. in Public Health Nursing :la»». President. American Veterans Committee, World DAN ANDERSON MARTIN Raleigh Phi Eta Sigma. LESTER P. MARTIN, JR. Mocksville SAMUEL ARNOLD MARTIN Elizabeth, New Jersey F ' hysics Club (3. 4). B.S. in Medicine B.A. in Journalism B.S. in Physics - MeRAE IMADUREV M. MAIVNING W. MANMNG. JK. MARSHALL 1 . MARTIN MACE ' V K( 1 MALONE1. .lis. R. MAiN.MX; MARKGRAF A. MARTLN " . JR. L. .MARTIN. JR. MACKIE MANGUM, JR. .S. MANNING MARKHAM. JR. A. MARTIN S. MARTIN Senior Class C. MASON, JR. T. IHATHIS F. B. MATTBEWS MAXWELL L. MEADE MEDLIN R. MASON MATSON F. J. MATTHEWS MAYO, JR. MEADOWS, JR. MELTON C. MATHIS, JR. D. MATTHEWS MAUNEY J. MEADE, JR. MEBANE MELVIN CLAUDE W. MASON, JR. Rocky Mount RAYMOND K. MASON Jacksonville, Florida Sigma Alpt-,i Ep- tlon. CARL NEVENAS MATHIS, JR. Wilmington pin G,imm,i D,ll„: . M. C. . (I. 2. ?, TROY DAVIS MATHIS Rural Hill l p i.i Kapiui P,i. VIRGIE LILIAN MATSON Long Beach, California DEAN YARRELL MATTHEWS Decatur, Georgia Student World Federalists. FRANCIS BONNEAU MATTHEWS Charlotte B FRANK JACKSON MATTHEWS Hemingway, Scuth Carolina Fh, Em Slema: Phi ll la Kappa: Glee Club (2, 3. 4) CHARLES URAL MAUNEY Cherryville (;l,-e Club (1, 2. X 41; V. M. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4). RAYMOND BULLARD MAXWELL B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Economics B.S. in Natural Science l-Wilmineton Club. B.S. in Commerce B.A. in English 41. B.A. in Physics S. in Commerce B.A. in Music B.A. in Zoology Raeford Y. M. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 41; Baptist Student Union Chairmau of European Clothing Drive (31. JOHN AUGUSTUS MAYO, JR. Washington Pk, Gamma Delta. JOHN STEGER MEADE, JR. Danville, Virginia Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Cimghoul (3. 4); Intertrali LOUISE DODSON MEADE Danville, Virginia p. B,la Plu; Daily Tar Heel (3l; Y. W. C. A. (31 FRANK PLEASANTS MEADOWS, JR. B.S. in Commerce (1. 2. 3, 41 ; Dormitory B.A. in Law B.A. in English ily Council (3). B.A. in English Rocky Mount B.S. in Commerce Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Treasurer of Freshman Class; Di Senate (I, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (2); International Relations Club (1, 2); Student Legislature (3); Y. M. C. A. (1, 2. 3, 4); C. C. U. N. (3, 4). BANKS HOLT MEBANE Wilson Dath Tn ll. ' .l (1) ; Hi .-..nal,. (1, 21. YANCEY LEONARD MEDLIN Oteen Glee CIul. (II: Western N. C. Club (I). CULBRETH YOUNG MELTON Durham LEON McNEIL MELVIN Parkton Kappa Sigma: Interfraternily Council (31; Student Legislature (1); Young Democrats Club (3); U. N. C. Safety Committee (2). B.S. in Physics B.A. in English B.A. in History B.S. in Commerce ...1949 PAUL WARREN MENGEL New Bern Dellti Kappa Epsilon; Inlerfralernilv Council t Prfsidtnt (4). LILLIAN VERNELL MESSICKS West Durham SifTi.i Alpha tola: Glee Clul. (1. 41; Treasurer JOSEPH EUGENE MICHALSKI New Bedford, Massachusetts Phi Ela Sigaia. EARL LINGARD MICHELL Baltimore, Maryland B.S. in Commerce Sheiks (2. 3, 4). Vice- B.A. in Music m.i llph.i Inla. B.A. in French B.A. in Economics BILL GRAY MILLER Winston-Salem DANIEL BYRD MILLER Greenville, South Carolina Sigmu Alpha Ev iloa : Y. M. C. . . (S, 1J . ROBERT CRAIG MILLER B.A. in Spanish B.S. in Commerce Raleigh B.A. in Physical Education WILLIAM HENRY HOUSTON MILLER Greenville, South Carolina B.S. in Commerce Sigma Alplia Epsilon: Vice-PresiJent ol Sigma Alpha Epsilon (4): Debiile Squad (2); Debate Council (2). President (2); Golden Fleece (3. 41; Grail (3, 4) ; Sound and Fury (2) ; Student Legislature (2) ; Chairman Ways and ALICE MIDDLETON Sumter, South Carolina B.A. in Spanish Alpha Gamma Delia; Debate Squad (3); V. W. C. A. (3. 4); Spanish Chib (41; C.ed Senate (41: Second Vice-President of Alpha Ganin.a Delia (II. WOODFORD RANDOLPH MIDDLETON, JR. Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce PId Kappa Sigma: Cross Country (1); Track (2). ROBERT WILSON MILAM Surry, Maine B.A. in Chemistry WILSON MERIWEATHER MILES Danville, Virginia B.A. in Journalism 11,1a Pi. ROBERT LeROY MILKS Greensboro Band (I, 2, 3. 41; Interdormitory Ci B.S. in Chemistry :il (3, 4), Vice-President (4). JAMES IRVIN MILLHOUSE Wilson STEPHEN PERRY MILLIKIN Halifax B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce liltee (4) ; Men ' s Ho; FRED MOORE MILLS, JR. Wadesboro WILSON RAYMOND MILLS Jonesboro, Arkansas Sesley Foundation Council (3. II. GLENN LOWRY MITCHELL Hickory Grove, South Carolina B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Philosophy B.S. in Commerce MENGEL MILAM W. MILLER An nn v4 NC MESSICKS MILES MILLHOUSE MICHALSKI MILKS MILLIKIN MICHELL A. MIDDLETON B. MILLER D. MILLER F. MILLS, JR. W. MILLS W. MIDDLETON, JR. R. MILLER MITCHELL Page 94 Senior Class ROBERT MOORE MITTEN Shippensburg, Pennsylvania B.S. Monogram Club (1, 2, 3. 4): Football (1. 2. 3, PAUL LeROY MIZE, JR. Bonner Springs, Kansas Plii Beta Kupp ' i. GLENN DUNTLIN MOAK Charlotte JOHN WILLIAM MOFFITT Watertown, New York n Physical Education B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Medicine A.B. in English BENNETT ARTHUR MOLTER, New Orleans, Louisiana A. MARY ELLEN MONTGOMERY Savannah, Georgia riiela Psi Epsilon CLYDE THOMAS MOODY, JR. Spring Hope rii, Bet,, Kappa; Eela G„mm„ Sign,,, Horo.rary. JOSEPH RICHARD MOON Burlington L,iml„la Chi Alpha; Crclina Mr.i„zine (. ' .I. WILLIAM DAVID MOON Louisburg JR. B. in Political Science B.S. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Geography uitory Council (2) ; Y. M. ARMISTEAD McKEE MOORE Troy Pliysics Club (11. B.S. in Physics CRAWFORD DURHAM MOORE, JR. Raleigh B.S. in Accounting DOVER GLADSTON MOORE Greenville, South Carolina B.S. in Commerce JAMES DONALD MOORE Reidsville B.A. in Commercial Art JAMES RICHARD MOORE Reidsville LEWIS DOUGLAS MOORE Turkey MARTHA BINFORD MOORE Weldon PRISCILLA LANE MOORE Tryon Alpha Cmma Delta; Chi Delta Phi; Carolina Magazine (3); Pan. Hellenic Council (31; Coed S-n.ilp (3. 41; Carolina Quarterh, .Associate Editor (4); Yackelv Yack (31. SHIRLEY LORRAINE MOORE Gastonia A.B. in Journalism Chi Delia Phi; Sound and Fury (3). A.B. in Mathematics A.B. in Chemistry A.B. in English A.B. in English 949 W. L. MOORE E. C. MORGAN R. MORRIS. JR. ■n . M(mii:k. ii:. J. MUKO.V.N MORRISEV C. MOOSE .4. MORRIS MORROW R. MOOSE J. -MORRIS. JR. MORSE A. MORGAN, JR. M. MORRIS MOSER E. W . MORGAN O. MORRIS D. MOSS WILLIAM LOCKE MOORE Greensboro WISTAR MOORE, JR. Troy GLENN C. MOOSE Troutmans ROY C. MOOSE Mooresville B.S. in Medicine A.B. in journalism B.S. in Commerce A.B. in English 1-. V. A. (2); Asso. Phi Beta Kappa: Daily Tar H:-el (1, 2. 4); Pr. ciale Editor. Carolina Quarterly (4) : Student Audit Ticard (3) ; State Stilde Lefislature C2J. ALLEN DUKE MORGAN, JR. Raleigh ELIZABETH WEBB MORGAN Lunenburg, Virginia A.B. in Spanish A.B. in Sociolog) ' EUGENE CALDWELL MORGAN Lunenburg, Virginia B.A. in Sociology JOHN ROBERT MORGAN Amarillo, Texas ASHLEY CARLYLE MORRIS Raleigh B.A. in Mathematics A.B. in Political Science Pi Kappa Alpha; Uaiico Cuiiiiuillee (II; Intertratemitv Council (3); 13 Club (2, 3, 4) ; Young Republicans Club (4) ; Univergity Party (3, 4) j Vice- I ' resident of Pi Kappa Alpha (4) ; Vice-President of Raleigh-Carolina Club (3): President of Raleigh. Carolina Club (4). JESSE CARR MORRIS, JR. Raleigh Delta Sigma Pi. MORGAN PHILLIP MORRIS B.S. in Commerce Tryon I ' hi AssenihK 13. 11: W, -lern . C. Club (3, OLIVER DUNCAN MORRIS Albemarle RALPH DAVENPORT MORRIS, JR. Ashevillc JOHN THOMAS MORRISEY Kinston Del,,, P,,-; Phi Kappa. HAROLD MILTON MORROW Charlotte Phi Delta Theta; Ginighoul (3, 41. LEON RUDOLPH MORSE Wilmington r,™ A .,7i.-: Phi; H.I1.-I Cbinel l3l. MORRIS DAVIS MOSER King ilpha Kappa Psi. DAVID SAMUEL MOSS Zebulon A.B. in Political Science B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Pre-Law B.S. in Commerce .S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce Senior Class J. MOSS MUIRHEAU R. MURRAY MUTH K. IVnERS D. NANCE G. MUELLER MULLEN W. E. MURRAY MYATT MYRICK J. NANCE R. MUELLER MURPHY y. T. MURRAY H. MYERS C. NANCE, JR. NANTZ JIM BAKER MOSS Texarkana, Texas A ' .ip;.il Sigmu: Ynckcl Yack (3, 41. GEORGIA VOSS MUELLER West Hartford, Connecticut A.B. in Journalism A.B. in Spanish RICHARD FREDERICK MUELLER Charlotte B.S. in Commerce PATRICIA MARY MUIRHEAD Durham A.B. in History Clti llmri:.,: Y. W. C. . . l.ll. FREDERICK WILLIAM MULLEN Camden, South Carolina B.S. in Commerce JOSEPH ELBERT MURPHY College Park, Georgia A.B. in Political Science Pi Kappa Alplir. RUSSELL WILLIAM MURRAY Burlington WILLIAM EDGAR MURRAY Hertford WILLIAM TRUETT MURRAY Raleigh RIMAN ELLWOOD MUTH Hilton Village, Virginia ELIZABETH TRAVIS MYATT Goldsboro I ' l ll.-la Plu: Glee Club (3. 4) ; Y. W. C. . (3, 41 B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in English HOWARD LEO MYERS Winston-Salem A.B. in Music 3. 41: Soun.l .inj Fury (3) ; KATHERINE BALDWIN MYERS Norfolk, Virginia (In; V. W. C. . III. ALBERT SPENCER MYRICK Greensboro Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CORT MONROE NANCE, JR. Florence, South Carolina DAVID LEE NANCE Chadbourn .A. in Enylish A.B. in Journalism B.S. in Medicine B.S. in Commerce ly Baseball Manager (4) ; JAMES RAYMOND NANCE Asheboro Sigma Phi Epdlan; Inlerlralerililv Council (3): Slujeul Legislalurc (41; Prrsi.lent Sigma Phi Epsilon 13. 4.1. B.S. in Commerce JOE RICHARD NANTZ Mooresville B.S. in Commerce .1949 Page 97 ISrHi: M -BS— gS_-- ' ' l S INal)o l Hall Here is the new School of Education with Dean Ciuy B. Phillips at the head ... a long time a place of importance, distinction, and literally. Education . . . the place of the famous Curriculum Lab where students of the past have stayed up all night cramming for tomorrow ' s quizzes and exams . . . where Dr. Gwynn would walk in and talk in his normally loud voice interrupting the golden silence of the lab . . . for if a student were to speak, woe be unto him ! Here we see the office of the notable Dr. A. M. Jordan, renowned educa- tional psychologist, whose book is in its third printing, although yesterday ' s students are still having their first reading . . . home ' ■S ' «:!ir ' . Education GUY B. PHILLIPS Heatl of the Education Department of the Veterans Administration where veterans can gripe until they get their hist two months ' checks . . . home of the University Testing Service, where Dr. Perry can prove if the students now en- rolled are idiots, imbeciles, or low grade morons . . . Home of the Teachers of Tomorrow ! J. Minor G«7iiii uses the blackboard too Robert Tumor tollo«- all llii- .ul. Justice does go to school Page 99 --ll NASSIF NEELY NFK.Iimil lis M. NELSON N. NELSON, JR. 1!. NKLSO.N NEWELL F. NEWTON (;. NEViTON NICHOLSON NORFLEET NORMAN L. NORRIS. JR. M. NORRIS NORTHROP 1 PH NORTON E. NORWOOD, JR. K nn nn JV " VIRGINIA LOUISE NASH Raeigh B.A. in Sociology Pi Belli Phi; Glc- Club (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. 13. 41. Treasurer. GEORGE RAYMOND NASSIF Laurinburg B.A. in Physical Education Jr. Varsily Basketball (S. 3). MARY BREVARD NEELY Asheboro B.A. in Art C. I. C. A.: Clee Club 13); T.irnalion IH: Y. W. C. A. (3. 41; Lnivcrsily Dance Croup (4); Student Advisor 1.41. HELEN NYE NEIGHBOURS Tarleton Station, Texas Valkyries. MALCOLM CHASTINE NELSON B.A. in English Troy NEILL ARTHUR NELSON, JR. Rocky Mount Sigma . u. ROLLA CLAYBORNE NELSON Grantsburg, Illinois Physics Club (2. 3, 4). ROBERT WRIGHT NEWELL Reidsville K,ipp,i Signi ' ii Baseball 111. FRED MULLINO NEWTON Danville, Virginia Slgmn Alpha Epsilan; Phi Assembly (41. Serge; GENE NEWTON Shelby Kappa Alfili ' i. JEAN E. NICHOLSON Green ' s Fork, Indiana NORWOOD NORFLEET Winston-Salem Ktippit Alpha. NANCY MORTON NORMAN Asheville Glee Club (3. 41. LOUIS JEROME NORRIS, JR. Morehead City Glee Club (2). M ARJORIE ANGELA NORRIS Jacksonville, Florida Delia Delia Delia. Recording Secretary; Y. W. C. A. (H B.A. in Mathematics B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Physics B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.A. in History B.A. in Economics B.A. in English B.A. in Chemistry B.A. in Radio i.S. in Commerce B.A. in English HARRY CLIFFORD NORTHROP Charlotte Kappa .ilpha. CHARLES WILLIAM NORTON Durham Delia Kappa Epsilon ; Delia Sigma Pi; Band (II; Class Executive Steering Conimittee 13); Monogram Club 13); Plavmakers (31; Sheiks; Sound and Fury (2); Student Legislature (2. 3, 4); Boxing (21; Football (2); J. V. Football (3); Gymnastics (3); Track (1): Wrestling (1); German Club; Senior Class Steering Committee. ESTON GIBBONS NORWOOD, JR. Bennettsville, South Carolina B.A. in Zoology Monogram Club (2, 3, 41; Swimming (1, 2, 3, 4). Senior Class lOHN SPICER NORWOOD Winston-Salem B.A. in English K,irp« Siem.7. Secretary (2, 31; Y. iM. C. A. (1. 2): I ' lirAt y Yack (2, 3). LEWIS TUNE NUNNELEE Washington B.A. in Commerce Phi Gamma Delia. DANIEL NYIMICZ Rahway, New Jersey Monogram Club, Secrelary-Ti B.A. in Physical Education (41; Baskelball (2, 3); Golf (2). WILLIAM LAWRENCE ODEN Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce EMILY CAROL TSr OGBURN Winston-Salem A.B. in Journalism £)..;m Delia Delia: Snun.J and Furv (3): Student Legislature (3, 4); Yackel, Yark (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Chairman of Recreation Committee: Chairman of House Privileges Board (4); Coed Senate; Student . dvisor; University Club. FRANCIS CHARLES OLDS Cortland, New York A.B. in Comparative Literature I ' lavniakers (IJ. BOYCE MILLER OLIVE Olivia A.B. in Chemistry WILLIAM ANDERSON OLSEN, JR. Chapel Hill A.B. in Geology Kappa Sigma: Band 111; Glee Club (1, 2. 31. EDGAR ABNER ORMAND Asheville A.B. in History President of Senior Class; Interdormitorv Council (41. Secretary.Treasurer (41 ; Student Legislature (4) ; University (ilub (4) ; Y. M. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Western N. C. Club (3. 4J . B S. in Physics B.S. in Commerce DAVID LEWIS ORMOND Wilmington Ph, Gamma Delia: Wilmington Club; Phvs JOHN EDWARD ORR Asheville Plii Gamma Delia; S csltrn N. C. Club. BYRON M. OSBORNE, JR. Asheville B.S. in Commerce Irilerdormitory Council (21: Western N. C. Chib (3, 41. ROBERT VICTOR OSBORNE Charlotte B.S. in Physics JOHN LEE OTTERBOURG, JR. Wilmington B.S. in Commerce pin Kappa Sigma: Wilmington Club (3. I.I. CALVIN SCOTT OVERCARSH Charlotte B.S. in Commerce FRANK REDDING OWEN. JR. Gibsonville B.S. in Commerce JAMES RICHARD OWEN, JR. Hamlet B.S. in Commerce Di Senate (1, 2); Clerk (3): Student Legislature (21: Finance Commission ROLAND CLINTON OWEN Gastonia A.B. in Chemistry J. NORWOOD ODEN OLIVE ORMOND R. OSBORNE F. OWEN, JR. NUNNELEE OGBURN OLSEN, JR, ORR OTTERBOURG, JR. J. OWEN. JR. NYIMICZ OLDS ORMAND B. OSBORNE, JR. OVERCARSH R. OWEN .1949 Page 101 OWENS. JR. E. PACE, JR. w. pai;e. JR. PARDIE PARIS PARKE. JR. A. PARKER J. PARKER M. PARKER T. PARKER (;. PARKS U. PARKS, JR ITTERSON, JR. PATE, JR. PAVEI r PAYLOR, JR. PAYNE PAYTON EDWARD PAUL OWENS, JR. Elizabeth City B.S. in Commerce Phi Delta Theta ; Daily Tar Heel (2); Glre Club (1); Y. M. c:. A. (1). EARLE CORNELIUS PAGE, JR. Florence, South Carolina B.A. in English Phi Beta Kappii: Glee Club (3. 4); Y. M. C. , . (1. 2. 3), Vu-e-Presi,lenl (2); Delegate National Assembly (2); C. R. I. L. (1. 2); Canterbury Cb.b (1, 2, 3, 4), State President (3 . WILLIAM CARL PAGE, JR. Asheboro Alpha Tau Omeea. WARREN HUNTER PARDUE B.S. ill Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.A. in lournalism B.A. in Chemistr ' Ronda OLIVER JOHNSON PARIS Graham Glee Club (1, 2. 3, 4). JAMES CLIFTON PARKE, JR. Conway Interdormitory Council (4). ANN VIRGINIA PARKER Raleigh B.S. in Medical Technology Canterbury Club (3, 4J . JAMES HOWARD PARKER Tarboro B.A. in Journalism MARION HARDIE PARKER Moultrie, Georgia B.S. in Physical Education Phi Gamma Delia. THOMAS D. PARKER Raleigh B.A. in Law Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Y. M. C. A. (1. 2. 3); Spanish Clob 111. I ' resiJ.nt. GRAHAM HARTWELL PARKS Pilot Mountain B.S. in Commerce RALPH WEAVER PARKS, |R. Elkin Uail, Tar Heel (1.1. RICHARD FRANKLIN PATTERSON, JR. Kannapolis liiterdorniilory Council (3). EDWIN PATE, JR. Laurinburg Kappa Signia: 1 ucAcli 1 u. A- CD; .Miiiat.j WILLIAM KIVY PAYEFF Aiken, South Carolina B.S. in Commerce B.A. in lournalism B.S. in Commerce B.A. in English .ry Council (4) : Men ' s ROLAND LEWIS PAYLOR, JR. Kinston Kappa Sigma; Student Legislature tl). MARTHA DAN PAYNE Greenville, South Carolina Delia Delia Delta: Vice-President of Juni, Tarnalion (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (3. 4); ackely Yack (3). ROBERT GUILFORD PAYTON Fort Payne, Alabama B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Sociology Business Staff of Page (02 Senior Class PECK PENDLETON PETERSON, JR. PEET PERKINSON PETTEWAY PEGRAM PERRITT, JR. PETTIGREW PEEDIN. JR. C. PERRY PFAUTZ ROBERT HOWELL PEACOCK Bala-Cynwyd, Pennsylvania Director, Carolina Bridge Association (2. 3. 4). WILLIAM SEYMOUR PEARSON Statesville A.B. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce obly (2) ; Tan (41. REIGH EDWARD PECK Danville, Virginia ;• Kapp,i Alpha; Football (2). STEWART TAIT PEET Ann Arbor, Michigan Clii Psi; Flying Club (1); University Club (1) ; MONK PEGRAM Asheville Chi Omega: Y. W. C. A. (3, i) ; Western N. C. JAMES HAROLD PEEDIN, JR. Selma Interdormitory Council (4). ELIZABETH HOLT PEIRSON Raleigh STUART ALFRED PELTZ Newport News, Virginia Tau Epsilon Phi. NANCY ROSS PENDLETON Elizabeth City Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A. (3. 4J ; Spanish Club. B.S. in Pre-Medicine A.B. in Geology Victory Village Council. A B. in Sociology Club (3, 4). B.S. in Medicine A.B. in Journalism :ine (II. Stall; Glee Club A.B. in Psychology A.B. in Spanish BETTY RUTH PERKINSON Rocky Mount B.S. in Commerce ore Committee Chairman; JOHN OLIN PERRITT, JR. Rocky Mount Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kippa; Phi Chi. CARL DAVID PERRY Schoolfield, Virginia Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Mu Alpha; Glee Club (1, 2. 3), Vice.Presi Playmakers (I, 2, 3); Choral Club; Treasurer Phi Ma Alpha (3). NICHOLAS M. PERRY Louisburg Alpha Kappa Psi; Interdormitory Council (1). WILLIAM STOWE PERRY Charlotte Alpha Tan Omega; Delta Sigma Pi. WALTER ALLEN PETERSON, JR. Carrboro B.S. in Medicine A.B. in Music (3); B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Zoology ALTON MILLER PETTEWAY Kinston B.S. in Commerce Daily la, Heel (4); Interdormitory Council (4); University Club (4). WILLIAM JERRY PETTIGREW Reidsville A.B. in Pre-Medicine JOHN MINNICK PFAUTZ Annapolis, Maryland Delta Psi; Inlerfraternity Council (1, 2); Mo A.B. in Radio Club (3) ; 13 Club (3) ; ..1949 Page 103 ALLEN C. PHILLIPS Fredericksburg, Virginia Iiiterdorniilory Craincil (3. II. GUION LOXIE PHILLIPS Spartanburg, South Carolina Phi Kappii Sigriin. GUY McDonald phillips Toecane B.A. in English B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Chemistry i.S. in Law HERBERT ORLANDAH PHILLIPS, III Morehead City Di Senate (3, 41; Carteret County Cluli (31. HARRY FRANCIS PHILLIPS Burlington B.A. in Chemistry HELEN WILSON PHILLIPS Chapel Hill B.A. in Mathematics WELLBORN CLARK PHILLIPS, JR. Orlando, Florida B.S. in Commerce K.ippa Alpha; Carolina Political Union (4); Di Senat,- 141. FRED PERRY PIERCE Catawba RICHARD EVANS PILLING Ambler, Pennsylvania B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce MARSHALL HENRY PINNIX Oxford Deha Sigm,i Phi; Carolina Political Club (3. 4): Freshman Orientalii 3. 4J. JOHN E. PIPES Lynchburg, Virginia JOHN THOMAS PITTMAN Sanford S,gm„ Alpha Epsilon. BETTY JOE PLEASANTS Charlotte Glee Cluli; Y. w. c. . . BERNARD BAILEY PLEMMONS B.S. in Commerce (4) : Di Senate (3. 41 ; Canterbury mmittee 141 ; Intramural Debating B.A. in Zoology B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Enijlish Luck B.A. in Political Science B.S. in Commerce ROBERT WARREN PLEUTHNER Buffalo, New York Chi Ph,. ROBERT JOHNSTON PLUMB Washington, D. C. B.A. in Compar.itive Literature Soccer (3, 4.1. MICHAEL POCHNA Carrboro B.A. in History JANE McDonald pointer Raleigh B.A. in English Pi Beta PH. Social Chairman (3) ; Glee Club (3) ; Y. W. C. A. (4| ; G. M. Board of Directors (4) ; Chairman Music Committee (4) : Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (41; Coed Senate (4| ; House Council in Spencer (3). A. PHILLIPS W. PHILLIPS. JR. PLEASANTS " V ' 1 p G. L. PHILLIPS PIERCE PLEMMONS M riiliiips PILLING PLEITHNER Senior Class MAURICE V. POLK Chapel Hill BARBARA ANN POPE Raleigh flf M Delia Delta; W. A. A. Council (3, 4), Vit (3. 4» ; Chairman of Wavs and Means Commili Secretary an.l Treasurer of N. C. Allilelic Fe SluJent Advisor (i) . RALPH CORBETT POTTER, JR. Bridgeton Clii Pii. PARREL FRANKLIN POTTS Mooresville MARY LOUISE POWE Durham Alpha Delia Pi: Y. W. C. A. 1.3, it. JOSEPH CLARENCE POWELL, Greensboro pill Kappa Sigma. ALMOND DWIGHT PRICE Clinton Band (4j . CECELIA MARSH PRICE Raleigh Tliela Pii Epsilon, Treasurer; Y. W. C. A. (3. WILLIAM ASHFORD PRINCE Hendersonville Lambda Chi Alpha. Secrelarv. B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Psychology ■-President (4) ; Coed Senate ■e (4); House Council (4); leration of College Women; B.A. in Mathematics B.S. in Commerce B.A. in English JR. B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Pre-Dental B.A. in Chemistr) ' i.S. in Commerce WILLIAM GRADY PRITCHARD, JR. Chapel Hill B.S. in Commerce Delta Psi: Daily Tar Heel (II; InteHraternity Council (1, 2. 3); Chairman Rules Commitlee (3); Monogram Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3); Representa- tive to Athletic Council (I); Executive Committee (2. 3, 4); 13 Club (3, 4), Vice-President (4); University Club (1. 2); Football (2, 3); Swimming (1, 2, 3) ; House Privileges Board (3) ; Freshman Friendship Council (1) : Orientation Committee (31 ; Vice-President C. A. A. (4) ; Rally Committee (3); Athletic Council (41. RANDALL WESLEY PROCTOR Washington, D. C. B.S. in Commerce 1 (4) ; Phi Assembly (3) ; Acquinas CHARLES E. PULLEN Chapel Hill JOHN McNEILL PULLIAM Winston-Salem BONNIE QUAY Harrisburg v. w. c. A., c. I. c. A. CORBETT LATIMER QUINN Pink Hill GEORGE JOHN RABIL Wilson Di Senate (2. 31. MARION HERBERT RANDOLPH, JR Lexington B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Journalism B.A. in Journalism B.A. in Chemistry B.S. in Law ANN EMERSON RANSOM Charlotte B.A. in Chemistry B.A. in Art ...1949 Page I OS REGINALD RAWLS Woodland B.S. in Commerce SIDNEY WALLACE RAY High Point B.A . in Phys ical Education CLAUDE H. RAYBORN Greensboro B.A. in Dramatic Art Playmakers (1, 2, 3. 4). SlaflSl.op Assistant. ERNEST McDowell reagan, jr. Weaverville B.A. in Journalism Glee Club (:i, 4) ; Western N. C. Club ( President (4). 2, 3, 4), Vice. President (3), DANIEL HOLT REAVES Chapel Hill K„,,p„ Alpl,a. B.A. in Economics MARY ELLEN REAVES Hamlet B.S. in Commerce HENRY EDMUNDS REDD Chatham, Virginia B.S. in Chemistry WILLIAM TURMAN REECE Elkin B.S. in Commerce HELEN ANNE REID Thomasville B.A. in English Glee Club (3. 41; Interdotmilorv Council (4) dent of Smith Dorm (41 ; Student Advisor (41. : Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Presi- JAMES WILLIAM BERRY REID Greensboro B.S. in Commerce Beta Theta Pi. WILLIAM THOMAS REILLY, Laurelton, L. I., New York JR. B.S. in Commerce EUGENE MINER ReQUA, JR. Charlotte B.S. in Commerce Delta Kappa Epsilo-i. HENRY REYNOLDS, JR. Greensboro B.S. in Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; Daily Tar Heel (1) ; Sound and Fury (2) ; Tarnation (4) ; University Club (3, i) ; Yackety Yack (4) ; President Car.-Greensboro Club (3, 4) ; Senior Class Steering Committee (4) ; Freshman Friendship Council (1). DWIGHT CARROLL RHYNE Chapel Hill WILLIAM ARLINDO RHYNE Portsmouth, Virginia Daily Tar Heel (1); Di Senate (2). B.A. in Political Science B.A. in Journalism BOBBY HAROLD RICHARDS Charlotte WILLIE MARJORIE RIDDICK Scotland Neck THOMAS McNAIR RIDDLE Sanford B.A. in Zoology B.A. in English oard (4) ; Coed Senate B.S. in Commerce RA M.S HEAGAN, JR. REDD J. REID REYNOLDS, JR. RICHARDS RAY D. REAVES REECE REILLY, JR. D. RHVNE RIDDICK RAYBORN M. REAVES H. REID iReQUA, JR. Hw. RHYNE RIDDLE . " - Page 106 Senior Class RIGHTS, JR. ROBERTS, JR. A. ROBINSON, JR. C. C. ROGERS L. F. ROGERS ROLLER RIPPLE, JR. ROBERTSON RODGERS C. O. ROGERS N. ROGERS ROMANO It 1 1 IhNHOUSE W. KllIilNSON ROEBUCK L. M. ROGERS W. ROGERS, III M. ROPER LOUIS CHARLES RIGHTS, JR. Winston-Salem STAMEY CLAY RIPPLE, JR. Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Radio JAMES CLAYTON RITTENHOUSE Hillsboro A.B. in English FRANK GOODRICH ROBERTS, JR. Swannanoa B.S. in Commerce Beta Gamma Sigma. JAMES NEIL ROBERTSON Burlington WALTER ROBINSON Brooklyn, New York J„u Ep.ilon Phi; Debjie Squall (1); Di Senate (1. 21; Intertraterni Council ( + ): Sindent Legislature (3, 4); Basketball (1); C. C. U. N., Sla Campus Organizer (4). B.S. in Commerce A.B; in Political Scienc e WILLIAM ARTHUR ROBINSON, JR. B.S. in Commerc Weaverville Dfha Sigma Pi; Western . C. Club. JAMES EDWARD RODGERS Geneva, Alabama Band (1. 2. 3, 4). ViccPresiJent (4|. LEGGETTE ROEBUCK Hassell CHARLES C. ROGERS Boone CO YE OLEIN ROGERS Hendersonville Daily Ta, Heel (1); Y. M. C. . (1. 2. 3, 4) , Cabinet, Secretary Western N. C. Club (I, 2, 3, 4); B. S. U. Council (1, 2, 3. 4). LATTIE MONROE ROGERS, JR. MooresviUe B.S. in Commerce Plii Beta Kappa; Football (1). B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Zoology LUTHER FRANK ROGERS Magnolia A.B, in English NEIL GARIAND ROGERS Hendersonville A.B. in Physical Education WILLIAM HAYWOOD ROGERS, III Raleigh A.B. in Chemistry Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Student Legislature (3) ; Tennis (2). CHARLES E. ROLLER Oxford B.S. in Commerce JOSEPH ANTHONY ROMANO Mansfield, Ohio A.B. in Physical Education Monogram Club (1, 2, 3); Football (I, 2, 3). MARY CAROLYN ROPER Lincolnton A.B. in English Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club (3. 4) ; Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). 1949 Page 107 ri«i I L H-id: rr-T rrrr: Swain Hall " Take five we ' re recording. . . . Quiet, action, camera. " Those were the phrases that filled the Communication Center in ' 48. Most of the COM- MOTION came from the baby around the Center, Radio. He was still immature (green), only one year old, but still growing. His new modern home, with brick walks, was Swain Hall, the ole university cafe- teria. Momma Grills and Poppa ' Wynn were the pare nts of the Center ' s baby. But don ' t forget Aunt Hunter and Uncle Young. . . . They played with Radio Dirt ' ctors of Swain Hall Page ;08 Two minutes, one minute, you ' re on baby too. It is rumored that the baby will have a little brother in two years — TELEVISION. (Hope Grills doesn ' t have a DUCK in the meantime.) . . . Well, let ' s get a cup of that radio success drink — COFFEE, and say so long for now until we meet again on the air waves or in video. OUR show is ON THE NOSE (14:30). Norman Cordon, of the Met Lights, camera, action SHELLEY MOSELEY ROPER Lincolnton B.A. in English Alpha Delta PI; Cl.-P Club (.1. II; Y. W. C. A. (1). KENNETH ADDISON ROSS Greensboro B.S. in Commerce Baii.l (1, 21: Carolina Poliliral Union (21: Glee Club (31: Inler.larmilory Cnuncil (S. II: Assislanl Bell Ringer 1, 3); Masler Rineer (2, 4)= llMrmitf.ry AiKisor (3. 4). ROBERT TRIPP ROSS, JR. Boone ilpha Kappa P i. JOHN CARL ROSSER Broadway Deha Sigma Pi; Intenlormilory Council (31; Student Leiiislalure (4); Uni- versity Club (3); President Graham Dorm (31; Manager Graham Dorm (4); Coalition Advisor Cabinet; Temporary Chairman Campus Party. BEN LEWIS ROUSE Farmville ' ,( Beta Kappa: Htta Gamma SIsma. TROY WORTH ROUSE, JR. Greenville B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi ELIZABETH WADDELL ROYALL Goldsboro B.A. in English Glee Club (3). KATHERINE WADDELL ROYALL Goldsboro B.A. in English PI Bi-ta Phi: Valk ries. Serrelarv; Chairman of Student Advisors Orientation Comnjittee: Coed Senate: House Council in Melver; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Basketball Club; Splash Club; Canterbury Club: Student Vestry at Episcopal Church; Episcopal Choir. MICHAEL RUBISH Chapel Hill V ball (1, 2, ,1, 4). . WALKER FRY RUCKER Greensboro B.A. in Physical Education WILLIAM CAIN RUFFIN, JR. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Sigma Alpha Epsiton, JOHN JAY RUGBY Hershey, Pennsylvania WILLIAM GRADY RUMFELT Gastonia JOHN RUSSELL Kinston JOE GRAHAM RUTLEDGE, III Aurora B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Journalism B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce WILLIAM EUGENE RYON, III Asheville B.A. in Chemistry D.„l, la, He. Ill; i;le,- Chil. (1. 2. 3. 41; Weslern N ' . C. Club. DONALD PROCTOR SANDERS Lumberton ilpha Chi Sigm;. B.S. in Chemistry ELIZABETH GRAY SANDERS Lumberton B.A. in Psychology Glee Cluh (3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (3. 4): Cahiurl (1); C. li. I. L. Advisor. S. ROPER K. ROSS R. ROSS, JR. ROSSER B. T. ROUSE, JR. E. ROVALL K. ROYALL RUBISH RUCKER RUFFIN, JR. RUGBV RUMFELT RUSSELL RUTLEDGE. Ill RYON, III 1 nn D. SANDERS E. SANDERS rs. nn nn rV X, y - 1 i«. .Ul -C " I ' " 1 Page 1 10 Senior Class VENITAH SANDERS Chapel Hill Alpha Delia Pi; Coed Senate (3); President Vix University Dance Group (4) ; Town Girl ' s Assoeiati tion (1. 2, 3). YANCEY B. SANDLIN Raleigh nht Kappa Sigma. EMMIT JACK SAPP Leiiksviile B.A. in Sociology B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce PEGGIE LEIGH SAPP Raleigh B.A. in Chemistry Cil : Y. W. C. A. ( ) ; W. A. A. RAYMOND LESTER SARBAUGH, JR. Lumberton B.A. in History Delia Phi Alpha. HERBERT RAVENEL SASS, JR. Charleston, South Carolina B.A. in )ournalism JOE WINDLEY SATTERTHWAITE New Bern B.S. in Commerce A-„,.,,„ Alpha. HARRY PAUL SAW AS High Point B.S. in Commerce Pin Kappa Sigma; Sigma Kappa Ep ilan; Caraliaa Magazine (II; Daily Tar Heel (1, 21; Dance Committee (2); Y. M. C. A. (1, 2); Freshman Friend- siiil. Council (1). CLYDE L. SAWYER Danville, Virginia JOHN WILSON SAWYER Gatesville B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Medicine VERNON LUPTON SAWYER Swan Quarter B.A. in Political Science JOSEPH MELVIN SCHAFER Little Rock, South Carolina B.S. in Commerce Zeia Beta Tau. CHARLES WILLIAM SCHULTHEIS Guilford B.A. in History DONALD BRUCE SCOTT Washington B.S. in Commerce Delia Sigma Pi. DONNELL E. SCOTT, JR. Graham B.S. in Commerce .Sigma .ilpha Epsilon. LUDWIG GASTON SCOTT Burlington Y. M. C. A. EDGAR FRANKLIN SEAGLE Lincolnton Pi Kappa Phi. NORMAN FAUCETTE SELF Burlington Lamhila CIti Alpha. B.A. in Chemistry B.A. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce V. SANDERS P. SAPP SATTERTHWAITE J. SAWYER SCHULTHEIS L. SCOTT SANDLIN SARBAUGH. JR. SAVVAS V. SAWYER D. B. SCOTT SEAGLE ...1949 E. SAPP SASS, JR. C. SAWYER SCHAFER D. E. SCOTT. JR. SELF Page 111 SETLIFF B. SETZER SHARPE. JR. SHAVER SHEELY SHERMAN IRL TIGERT SELL Wilmington V. M. C. A. (II; Wilininfton. Carolina Club 13, 41 ERIC SLOAN SELLERS Cherryville RUSSELL LEE SENTER Raleigh ALEXANDER SESSOMS Chapel Hill l,.«ii lUn-. Associali...!. I ' resiJt-iiL (41. JACK WILLIAM SETLIFF Danville, Virginia BENJAMIN ROWLAND SETZER Lenoir Phi Btia Kappa. EWELL SETZLER Roanoke, Virginia l ' Iavinak.T (S, 41: Ra,ii„ Clul. CI. 41: D. l..l;u I HUGH IVOR SETZER, JR. Newton Navy V-l:; II. 2 : D,.rni III HILDA SHARKEY Chapel Hill Vfl:„ Drka Delia. Vici--Prei (.31 ; Y. W. C. A. (.1. 4) (3. 4) : Town Girl ' s Asso Orienlalion (3, 4) ; U. P. (3. 4J. B.A. in al Manager (41. Student Leiiisla or Council (31 ; (3, 4) ; U. I B.A. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.A. in History B.A. in English .i. II. Physical Education B.A. in English are (3. 41 : Yackelv Yack Womeu-s Honor Council . Representative (3, 4) ; (3, 4) ; Student .Advisor ALICE VAUGHAN SHARP Jacksonville, Florida B.A. in Comparative Literature Phi .Mu; Daily Tar Heel (4); Glee Club (3, 4); Yackely Yack (3. 4); Choral Club (3. 41 ; Stray Creeks (3. 4) ; Spanish Club (3, 4) ; Carolina Qua ■rly (4). HAROLD JACKSON SHARPE, JR. Greensboro Club; B.S. in Commerce (3, 4) ; Y. M. C. A. JAMES ALLEN SHAVER Asheville BRANTLEY R. SHAW Troy B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce HAROLD MACPHERSON SHAW, JR. Ridgewcod, New Jersey B.A. in Dramatic Art 11. 2. .3. 11: S.,„,:,l .,n,l Fury (2); Soccer Squad; A. li. O. T. C. CHRISTOPHER JAMES SHAY, JR. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Phi Kappa Psi ■ Inlerdorniilorv II. 2. 31 : Wrestling (31 ; Youn; Inl.rmiiral Council (2, 3). ROBERT SHEARER Lexington, Kentucky RAYMOND MARTIN SHEELY Elizabeth City Phi Dtha Thela. ALLEN PHIPPS SHERMAN Durham B.A. in History .S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce Phi Kappa Sis ' aa. Senior Class SHERTZER SIBOLD G. SIMPSON, JR. SHIPLETT SIDDLE J. SIMPSON. JR SHROPSHIRE ARNOLD PINCKNEY SHERRILL Hickor) ' SIDNEY CHARLES SHERTZER B.A. in Zoology Newark, New Jersey B.A. in Dramatic Art RAYMOND DOUGLAS SHIPLETT Boynton Beach, Florida Cfti Plu. WILLIAM ALAN SHOLAR Greensboro Phi Kappa Sisma: Alpha Pm Urlla. WILLIAM SIDNEY SHRAGO Goldsboro Zeta Bela Tau; Hillel Repres nlalh- HI: Yackely Yack (2); Freshman Class EJilor: Ch Drive Sponsored by C. R. I. L. {3). DONALD GRAY SHROPSHIRE Winston-Salem Daily Tar Heel (4); Debate Council (41: Di Senate (1, 2. 3 4). President (2, 3). President Pro-Tempore (2. 3). Critic (21, Chaplain (41; Glee Club (I, 2. 31; Student Council (41; Summer Chairman. Student Legislature (3): Chairman Electio " s Committe-: Chairmai National Studrnts .Association Committee (4); State Student Legislature (2. 3); Speaker of House of Representatives (3) ; Institute of Human Relations (3) ; Student Party (2, 3. 4); C. R. I. L. (3, 41: Director of Religion in Life Week (4); Baptist Student Union (1. 2, 3. 41: President Local (3); President State (3); Publicity Director Local (II: Publicity Director State (2); Program Director B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Psychology B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce (41 : Ori Con-r (3). J. BROOKS SHUPING Greensboro Kappa Alpha; Band (1 2, 3, i). B.S. in Commerce GEORGE GRADY SIBOLD Roanoke, Virginia Kappa .S igni a . MARVIN SIDDLE Danville, Virginia JOHN WESLEY SIDES, JR. Albemarle Clu Phi. JOHN BRANDON SIEBENALER Holly Hill, Florida SANDER ALBERT SIEGEL Baltimore, Marj ' land WILLIAM PRESTON SIMMONS Goldsboro GEORGE SPENCE SIMPSON, JR. Asheville JOHN BURNS SIMPSON, JR. Monroe Pi Kappa Alpha: Student Legislature (3|: Y. M. C. A. (IJ. STANLEY ALBERT SIMPSON Carrboro ROBERT LLOYD SING, JR. Charlotte Kappa Alpha: Alpha Ep ilon Delta. Vice-F (1, 2, 3. 4). WILLIAM LEE SINK Thomasville B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Economics B.A. in Chemistry B.A. in Zoology B.A. in Sociology B.A. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Economics nng Democrats Club (4) ; B.A. in History B.A. in Chemistry iident 131: Y. M. C. . . B.S. in Commerce 1949 Page );3 B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Journalism WILLIAM RAY SIPES Troutmans HARRIET ANNE SIPPLE Orlando, Florida Pi Beta Phi: Daily Tar Heel (3. 4); I ackety Yack (3, 4), Organization Editor (3). Associate Editor (4) : Y. W. C. A. (3. 4) : President Pi Beta Phi (41; Pan-Hellenic Council (4; Student Entertainment Committee (4). DONALD EDMUND SKAKLE Waltham, Massachusetts A.B. in Physical Education Monogram Club: Tennis (1. 2. 3, 4), Co-Captain (4). MARY GLEN SLATER Wilson A.B. in Sociology ilory Council (4) ; Y. W. C. A. JOHN ALLISON SLOOP Salisbury SUZANNE REID SMALL Charlotte Alpha D,ha I ' l. JEPTHA THOMAS SMATHERS Canton Western N. C. Club. ADRIAN WADDELL SMITH Chapel Hill Phi Delta Thela. BARBARA ANN SMITH Raleigh Pi Beta Phi: Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Political Science A.B. in Sociology BEVERLY JEAN SMITH West Palm Beach, Florida Alpha Delta Pi: Glee Club (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). CHARLES ANDERSON SMITH Shaw, Mississippi A.B. in Chemistry Tarnation (3): Atlantic Christian Cnlleec ; Paper. Editorial Staff of Year Book and ELLEN MARIE SMITH Barnesville, Georgia A.B. in Dramatic Art Playmakers (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). JESSE EUGENE SMITH Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce MILES JAMES SMITH, JR. Salisbury A.B. in Economics Kappa Alpha; Class Executive Committee (2) ; Dance Committee (4) ; Student Legi (3) ; Election Committee (2) ; University Democrats (3, 4) ; President of Universi (3, 4). (21; Secretary-Treasurer of Class islature (2, 3), Speaker Pro-Tem , Dance Committee (4) ; Young ty Party (3) ; Coalition Council RALPH KENAN SMITH Pink Hill B.A. in History ROBERT YANK SMITH, JR. Burlington B.S. in Commerce Phi Gamma Delta: Football (11: Y. M. C. ship Council (1). A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Freshman Friend- STANLEY SMITH Asheboro B.S. in Commerce Glee Club (1, 2, 3. 4) ; University Club Vice-President Grimes Dnrmilory (2) ; Cai (3); Men-s Honor Council (4); npus Party Steering Committee. WAITSEL BURGESS SMITH Durham B.S. in Commerce Phi Delta The jui nn Senior Class WILEY ANDERSON SMITH, JR. Goldsboro B.A. Sigma Alpha Epsilon- Minalaiirs. WILLIAM CARR SMITH Wilson riu Gamma Delia. WILLIAM HAROLD SMITH, JR. Florence, South Carolina Drha Kappa Epsilon. WILLIAM MARSHALL. SMITH Chapel Hill LEN BROUGHTON SMITHEY Chapel Hill B. A. HAL DERMONT SMYRE High Point GRACE ARRINGTON SNEAD Richmond, Virginia Knppa Delia; Stray Greekii; Glee Club (4): Y. W. VINCENT HOWELL SNELL Richmond, Virginia JACK LLOYD SNIPES Hillsboro Kappa Sigma; Interdormitory Council {I). in Political Science B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Economics in Political Science B.S. in Commerce B.A. in English C. . . 111. B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce DONALD JEFFERSON SNOW Washington, D. C. Daily Tar Heel (II; Sound and Fury (3). WILLIAM KITT SNYDER Angier DAVID ELLIOTT SOBEL New York City, New York (2) ; Socce B.A. in English B.A. in Zoology B.A. in Chemistry ; Interdormitory Ciuncil (2) ; Club (3. 4) ; Stude Hun Relal Steele Dormitory; Y Cabinet (2); Instil CHARLES ALONZO SOMERS Reidsville Glee Clu b (I. 2, 3, 4,1. JAMES EARL SOMERS Burlington JEAN COURTNEY SOMERVELL Prince Frederick, Maryland B.A. in French B.A. in Chemistry Y. w. c. - B.A. in English ; V. Cabinet HARVEY McKINLEY SOUTHERN Rural Hall B.S. in Commerce AYLOR OAKES SOYARS, JR. Danville, Virginia B.S. in Commerce BURTON SPARER New York City, New York B.A. in Sociology Swimming (1). ..1949 Page 1)5 JANE MARY SPARROW Chapel Hill Yackely Yack (41. ALLEN SPENCER Salisbury K ' lppii Atpliii. SAMUEL McKNITT SPRINGS, JR. Charlotte CHARLES KENNETH SPRUILL Mount Olive RODMAN T. SPRUILL Oriental llpha K„p,,a Delta: Inleidurmilorv Council (2). LAURENCE GRAY SPRUNT Wilmington Si ma Alpha Epsilon. B.A. in Mathematics B.A. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Sociology B.S. in Commerce WILLIAM FRANCIS SPURLIN, JR. New York City, New York B.A. in Economics Alpha Tau Omega; Sheiks (2. 3, 41; President o( 4lpha Tau Omega (31. AMOS MOREHEAD STACK Red Springs Alpha Tau Omega; 13 Club (3, 4). Secrela B.A. in Economics VERA HUGHES STALLINGS Forest City B.S. in Public Health Nursing CHARLES CLAUD STAMEY Fallston JOHNNY THOMAS STANFIELD Winston-Salem LEE ROY STANLEY Reidsville K„pi,a Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Gamma Sigi ALFRED CLYDE STARLING Albemarle CHARLES RAY STARLING Statesville PI Kappa Phi. B.A. in Chemistry B.A. in Radio B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Medicine DUNCAN ROBERTSON ST. CLAIR, II Charlotte B.A. in Political Science Chi Psi. JONATHAN EDWIN STEED, III Richlands Glee Club (I. 2. 3, 4). HOKE H. STEELMAN Boone Delta Sigma Pi; Inlerdormilory Cc B.A. in Mathematics B.S. in Commerce prn N. C. Club (1. 2). STEPHEN STEFANOU, JR. Chapel Hill B.A. in Philosophy; B.S. in Chemistry Kappa Alpha; Wrestling (IJ. nn rui SPARROW C. SPRl ' ILL SPURLIN, JR. STAMEY A. STARLING STEED, III SPENCER R. SPRUILL STACK STANFIELD C. STARLING STEELMAN SPRINGS, JR. SPRUNT STALLINGS STANLEY •. CLAIR, II StiEFANOU. JR. Page 116 Senior Class MELVIN SANFORD STEINBERG Montgomery, Alabama Pin Ela Sigma: Hilli-1 CabiilPl (4) ; Wi.rl.l Ff.lcrali. ROBERT EARL STELLING Charleston, South Carolina WILLIAM FRED STEPHAN Clearwater, Florida Pi Kuiiii,, Alpha. JAMES CARROL STEPHENS Orrum ■(;,, ,„ lau (lm,ga. HELEN ELIZABETH STEPHENSON Shelby A.B. in Journalism llplia Uelt.i Pi; Dally Tar H.-el: Pai.Hellf ilk- (3, 4), Rush Captain (4). JAMES PRUDEN STEPHENSON Severn pill Bela Kappa. DAVID BOYETTE STEVENS Chapel Hill Kappa Alpha. EVERETT SMITH STEVENS, JR. Smithfield MERLE MARIE STEVENS Forest City B.S. in Physics (3, 41. B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Science A.B. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce A.B. in History B.A. in English Council (4) ; Di Senate (3, 4) ; ROBERT LOUIS STEVENS Asheville Playniakers (3. 41 ; Freshman Friendship Co 1 U. RICHARD KENT STEWART Chapel Hill SUSANNE STOKES Raleigh Alpha A.B. in English ■il (1); Carolina Quarterly B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Chemistry imma Delia; Thela Pu Epsilan ; Interdorniitory Council (3, 4), Women ' s (3) ; Canterbury Club (3, 4) ; Student Vestry (3, 4| ; Valkyries (4); Yackely Yack (3); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4), Cabinet Member: Presi.lenl Melier Dorm (3. 4) ; Woman ' s Honor Council (4) ; Orientation roniniillee (U; Pan. Hellenic Council (4). PETER WILSON STRADER Sarasota, Florida EDGAR LEROY STRAIN Rome, Georgia V. IVI. C. , . (.). 4). S.cretary.Treasur JACK D. STRATTON Robbinsville Delia Sigma Pi; Inter B.A. in Dramatic Art B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce y Council (2); Western N. C. Club (3). B.S. in Commerce WILLIAM DAVID STRAYHORN Wilmington CLAUDE BARBOUR STRICKLAND, JR. Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce Sigma Alpha Epsilori; Gorgon ' s Head. Quaestor (4); 13 Club, President (3). ROBERT HECTOR STRICKLAND Carolina Beach A.B. in Chemistry STEINBERG STELLING STEPHAN STEPHENS H. STEPHENSON .1. STEPHENSON D. STEVENS E. STEVENS, JR. M. STEVENS R. STEVENS STEWART STOKES STRADER STRAIN 1 STRATTON STRAYHORN c. strickland.Ar. R. STRICKLAND n L H J-J 1949 Page 117 t jL, ita i Are you suffering from an inferior complex? Do you see people following you ? Do voices come to you in the middle of the night and tell you to get up, open the window, and jump out? Do you think your wife is a drunkard everytime you come off a binge? If you suffer from any of these delusions, don ' t worry. You ' re a little abnormal. Just run over to New West, ask for Dr. Dashiell, head of the psy- chology department, and tell him you think you ' re a paranoid, a maniac, or a victim of schizophrenia. Yes, Raleigh has Dix Hill, Durham has Duke University, and Chapel Hill has New West . . . not a thing to worry about. . . . And with this madcap home, on third Psychology JOHN F. DASHIELL Head of Psychology Department Page M8 Col. Shepard makes the point Dr. Daniels and the suffering he floor, is the Dialectic Senate, where students argue on such bills as " Is Sex Necessary? " or " Can Caro- lina Coeds ever become Dateless in the near Future? " Commercial: For any mental disorder, intellectual or physical, remember there ' s no place like New West . . . furnished apartments for human guinea pigs. A Prof ' s work is never done, so thinks Dr. Crane Take and three. Dr. Leynian. and read the sign i BK " " ■■■■4 m im 3| i i i III front of the camera $at Dr. Aclkiii - ' r KdiiKiiKi; STRONG. JR. STROID M HCII !• SIMMERS C. SUTTON, JR. W. sin UN SWAIN, JR. SWAINSON F. SWARTZBERG R. SWARTZBERG P. SWOPE W. SWOPE SVMMES SZAFARYN TABER 1 . nri P. TALLEY W. TALLEY K nn nn j-rV " X. — -. MARILYN JEAN STROHKORB Richmond, Virginia B.A. in Journalism ;. !« D,ll„ P, ; Y. W. C. A. 1.3. I.I. GEORGE VAUGHAN STRONG, JR. Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania B.A. in English i; G.Tniaii Club (HI; Inlcrlralf rniu Ciin.-il I - . 31: ARCHIE HAYWOOD STROUD Pink Hill KENNETH EPHRIAM STROUP Cherryville Band (J. .1. II; . .-isl;uil Librarian |3, 41; L nil LACY WALTERS SUMMERS Greensboro B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Music E-rsily CInb (.il. B.A. in Chemistry CLAUDE STANFORD SUTTON, JR. Greensboro WILBA CARR SUTTON Newton Grove B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Law B.S. in Commerce Ift HI ; M„n.,Bram drib 41 ; Koolball (1. 21. B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Psychology B.S. in Commerce Pi Kappa Alpha; PresirJent of Junior Class; Dance Commiltee (3, 4) ; Colrli?n Fleece; Grail; Interrlormitory Council (1, 3. 4); Monogram Club II. 2. 3, n. President (3), Vice-President (2); University Club (3); Football II. 2. 3. 4): C. A. A. President. WILLIAM LUTHER SWAIN, JR. Winston-Salem JOHN B. SWAINSON Port Huron, Michigan FRED LANE SWARTZBERG High Point ROY EDWARD SWARTZBERG Asheville Tau Ep ilon Phi. PAUL STEPHENSON SWOPE Roanoke, Virginia WILLIAM EARL SWOPE Roanoke, Virginia ANDREW HARRISS SYMMES Wilmington LEONARD A. SZAFARYN Ambridge, Pennsylvania MARY ANN TABER Lookout Mountain, Tennessee Chi Omeea. PATTERSON HALL TALLEY Danville, Virginia WALTER REED TALLEY Bradenton, Florida B.A. in English B.A, in Radio B.A. in Political Science 21; Men ' s Honor Council (3); Page 120 Senior Class WILLIS A. TALTON Oxford CHARLES MABRY TANNER Palatka, Florida Chi Phi: Band (2. 3. 41: University Club (31. CHARLES GORDON TATE. JR. Morganton A.B. in Political Science Alpha Tuu Omeea: Stales Rights As«.riali..n (4). SARAH LINDSAY TATE Charlotte Anpp.i Delia: CaioUna Magazine (3]. Exchange Editor: Daily Tar Heel (41: l)i Senate (41: Glee Club (41: Student Legislature (31: Tarnation (3. 41. Sales Manager. Exchange Editor: Y. W. C. . . (3. 41: Stray Greeks (3, 4), Treasurer (4); Charlotte Club; Student Parly (3, 4.1, Vice-Chairman (4). WILLIAM THOMAS TATE Marion CARTER TAYLOR Charlotte Carolina Political Union (3J ; Daily Tar Heel (4J; Glee Club (3); Tarnation 131: Choral Club (41; Women ' s - lhletic . ssocialion (41; Yackely iack (31. .Assistant Business Manager; Y. W. C. A. (3. 41; Coed Senate (4); House Council (3. 41: Charlotte-Carolina Club: Dance Committee (3. 41. A.B. in Law B.S. in Commerce A.B. in English B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Journalism LON WILKINSON TALYOR Washington l;aod (1. . ' . 3. 4J. B.S. in Commerce NELSON WHITFORD TAYLOR, III Beaufort A.B. in Political Science Membership Chairman of Town Men ' s Association; N. R. O. T. C. : Campaign B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Radio B.S. in Physics RICHARD HARDY TAYLOR Snow Hill JAMES MADISON TERESI Milledgeville, Georgia LOUIS HOWARD THACKER Greensboro Phi Bela Kappa. President. HARRY JONES THOMAS, JR. Chapel Hill ' A.B. in Dr.imatic Art Playmakers (1. 2, 3, 41: G.dl 111; Y. M. C. A. 111. MASON PAGE THOMAS, JR. Siler Cit) ' B.S. in Commerce Delia Sigma Pi: Clee Club 11, 2. 31; Vice-Presidenl of Canterbury Club. RICHARD HERBERT THOMAS Richmond, Virginia A.B. in Radio BENJAMIN EVERETT THOMPSON, JR. Rocky Mount BURRUS ALFRED THOMPSON Lowell LEONARD KIETH THOMPSON Westport, Indiana Soirrid and Fur 1.11: Y. .M. C. A.: Brazen Pillars. SAMUEL JACKSON THOMPSON Graham A.B. in Sociology A.B. in Zoology A.B. in Sociology B.S. in Commerce Sigma Chi: Class Executive Committee (4); Social Chairman; Class Office] 4I: Interfratemity Council (2, 3, 4|, President (41; Student Legislatur. 131: University Club (2); University Party Steering Committee; Sluden Welfare Board (41; President Sigma Chi (3). TALTO.N S. TATE L. TAYLOR TERESI M. THOMAS, JR. B. A. THOMPSON TA.N.NER C. TATE. JR. S. TATE C. TAYLOR TAYLOR, III R. TAYLOR THACKER H. THOMAS, JR. ». THOMAS B. THOMPSON. JR. THOMPSON S. THOMPSON r l -v- r ■ 1949 Page til S. THOMPSON L. THORP L. TREXLER. JR. W. E. THOMPSO TIMBERLAKE, III S . TREXLER. JR. V. B. THOMPSON TOBEV, JR. TRICE E. THORNE TOOLS TROTT M. THORNE H. THORP TOWELL TREME TROXLER TRIITT SANFORD WEBB THOMPSON Morehead City B.S. in Commerce Pill Gamma Deln WALLACE EUGENE THOMPSON Maxham B.A. in Political Science B.S. in Commerce WILLIAM BROWN THOMPSON Oneco, Florida Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer (3). EDWARD YOUNG COX THORNE Rocky Mount B.A. in Chemistry Zeta Psi; Phi E:a Sigma; Freslinian Track. MARY LEAH THORNE Farmville B.A. in Sociology Chi Omega; University Club (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Coed Senate (3, 4). HENRIETTA WILLIAMS THORP Rocky Mount B.A. in Journalism Pi Beta Phi; Daily Tar Heel (3). Society EJitor; Glee Club (3); Student LEWIS SUMNER THORP Rocky Mount Zela Psi. B.S. in Medicine JULIAN BURTON TIMBERLAKE, III Greenville B.S. in Commerce GEORGE WHITFIELD TOBEY, JR. Lincolnton B.S. in Commerce JERRY FREDRICK TOOLS Miami, Florida Chi Psi. NED CALVIN TOWELL Mooresville FERRIS TREME Welsh, Louisiana LUTHER LEE TREXLER, JR. Salisbury B.A. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Mathematics WILLIAM GRANT TREXLER, JR. Asheboro B.S. in Commerce Brazen Pillars, Secretary-Treasurer (3), Treasurer (4). B.S. in Commerce CHARLES ALBERT TRICE Polkton Phi Ela Sigma. GENEVIEVE MARIE TROTT Newton B.A. in History C. I. C. A. (3, 4), Social Chairman; Aquinas Club (3. II. AVERY HOYLE TROXLER Greensboro WILLIAM DIGGS TRUITT Norfolk, Virginia Sigma . u; Swimming (1. 21. B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce Page ;22 Senior Class TSUMAS TWIFORD RECKE TUFTS TYSON VAN HOY TURLINGTON UMONT VANN TURNER URQUHART WINKLE TURNLEY. JR. UZZELL, JR. VAUGHN TWINE VACHE VENABLE, JR. HARRY GEORGE TSUMAS Statesville B.A. in Classics S:sma Phi Epulon- Y..uiig Democrats Club 13. 4); Aquinas Club. LEONARD TUFTS Pinehurst B.S. in Commerce SARA CATHERINE TURLINGTON Dunn B.A. in English V. W. C. A. (i) : C. I. C. A. EUGENE HARROLD TURNER Laurinburg B.A. in Physical Education EDMUND TEMPLE TURNLEY, JR. Rocky Mount B.A. in Physical Education CARTER LOCKETT TWINE Fayetteville B.S. in Commerce RUSSELL E. TWIFORD Elizabeth City B.A. in Political Science Alpha Tau Omega: Band (A, 21; Glee Club {3 1 . TYREE BRYAN T ' SON Oak City FRED UMONT Clarkesville, Virginia B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce THOMAS M. URQUHART Woodville Kappa Alpha: Monogram Club; Wrestling (2, 3). EDWARD F. UZZELL, JR. Chapel Hill Cht Phi. CLAUDE CHARLES VACHE Franklin, Virginia 3, 4) B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Law B.A. in Philosophy President (2) ; Episcopal JOHN ROBERT VAN HECKE Chapel Hill B.A. Di Senate (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Student Legislature (4) ; Un Co-chairman (4) ; Town Men ' s Association, Presid. WILLIAM PAUL VAN HOY Union Grove Glee Club (3. 4J. GEORGE NORWOOD VANN Raleigh LEE E. VAN WINKLE Sanford ROBERT HINES VAUGHN Winston-Salem CHARLES SCOTT VENABLE, JR. Wallingford, Pennsylvania Sigma Nu: Golden Fleece (3. 4); Crai! (3, 4); Si (2) ; Y. M. C. A. (1) ; Attorney-General (3) ; Sti mittee Chairman (4) ; Coalition Council (3. (3). in Political Science iversity Club; C. C. U. N. nt (4). B.A. in Journalism B.A. in Law B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce :ribe (3) ; Boxing Manager udent Enlerlainmeni Com. U. P. Steering Committee ..1949 TOM ALFORD VESTAL Rocky Mount Phi Delia Thelii; C.Ipe Club (3) ; Interfr TURNER VINSON. JR. Clayton LAWRENCE SHERROD VIVERETTE B.A. in Chemistry ity Coiinril (3. 41: Inlcrfratprnitv B.A. in Chemistry Battleboro B.S. in Commerce JAMES BREVARD VOGLER. JR. Charlotte B.S. in Commerce Ddia Sigma Pi; Student Legislature (31; Campus Party; Vice-Chairmaii Cualltion Council (31; Student Welfare Board (3); Chairman Constitution Committee (3); Student Government Budget Committee (31. JOHN DOUGLAS VON CANON Sanford ;iee Clul. (1. 2. I. II. CLYDE WHITE WADE Roxboro JAMES LEWIS WALDRON Columbus, Georgia Phi Delia Thela; G.imaii Club E.xe.utive (31; JOSEPH COMPTON WALKER Hillsboro PERCY L. WALL Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Music (1. - ' , :i. II : Y. M. (;. A. B.A. in Journalism Slleiks. B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Law RICHARD TOWNSHEND WALL Heniierson B.S. in Commerce Viee-Prosident Henderson-Carolina Club (31. President (tl. TH EODORE RALEIGH WALL Greensboro HENRY C. WALTERS James vi He JOHN ROBERT WALTERS, JR. Reidsville B.A. in Science Education B.A. in History B.A. in Chemistry SUSAN HOWELL WALTON Miami, Florida Pi Bel.i Phi: 1. V. (.. A. BENNIE BROOKS WARD Ash Seerelarv. Treasurer of Old East Dorm (3. 4). DONALD MALLARD WARD Goldsboro Pht Kappa Sigma. JACK KURFEES WARD Mocksville JOSEPH CARL WARD. JR. Rowland Sigma .Vu; University Club. B.A. in Sociology B.A. in Zoology B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce Pagt 124 Senior Class MARION H. WARD Charlotte Sigma Chi. RAYMOND SLEDGE WARD Nashville HORACE GRAY WARNER Walkertown 4lpha Kapp.i P.:, EDWARD R. WARREN, JR. Goldsboro JAMES ANDERSON WARREN Lenoir JOHN ERANK WARREN Graham B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.A, in Economics B S. in Science Education B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Economics LEWIS HANDLEY WARREN Harrington, Delaware Plli Kap ia Sigma; Clei- Club 111; Bass Men ' s Clia ROTCHER HARRIS WATKINS, JR. Durham B.S. in Commerce MARY FRANCES WATSON Raleigh c. I. c. A. ROBERT MEREDITH WATSON, JR. Winston-Salem B.A. in Economics Graham Memorial (l| ; Travel Agcnl, WILLIAM FRANKLIN WATSON Charleston, West Virginia JAMES MAXWELL WAUGH Greensboro Alpha Kappa Psi. JAMES HOLDEN WA ' NICK Greensboro B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Mathematics BYNUM EDGAR WEATHERS, JR. Shelby I ' hi Uu llpl,,,. GILBERT ARTHUR WEBB Henderson WESLEY BRYANT WEBB Macclesfield B.A. in Law B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.A. in English PERCY C. WEEKS, JR. Clinton Sigma r. ' ii hp,ilua: GUe Club 1 1. HARVEY J. WEINSTEIN New York Cit)-. New York r.,a Ep-ilan Phi. B.S. in Commerce V. . 1. C. . . 11. 2). B.S. in Commerce Vs. M. WARD L. WARREN W AYMCK .1949 l iillff R. WARD WATKI S, JR. WEATHERS, JR. WARNER .M. WATSON G. WEBB E. WARREN, JR. R. WATSON, JR. W. (EBB J, A. WARREN J. F. WARREN W. WATSON WAUGH WEEKS, JR. WEINSTEIN M. JERRY WEISS Chase City, Virginia B.A. in English Pi Lambda Phi. Secretary (4) ; Delta Psi Omegas Daily Tar Hfel (2. 3, 4) ; Di Senate (3, 4) ; Hillel Cabinet (3, 4) ; Playmakers (3. 4) ; Sound and Fnrv, Piiblicitv Director and Business Manager (21. Treasurer (3), President (41: Yackely Yack (4): Young Republicans Club (3, 41; Y. M. C. A. (4); W. S. S. F. Co-Chairman, Summer Session (41. HENRY FRANCIS WELFARE Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce Siema Alpha Epsilon; Y. .M. C. A. (1. 2); Cliairnian Dan Winston-Salem. Carolina Club (3) ; Vice-President Air R set 13. 4.1. HUGH A. WELLS Shelby University Veteran ' s .Association. President (3, 4 MARGARET ANNE WELLS Milledgeville, Georgia P, Una Plii: Ch, Delia Phi 13. 41. Vice-President (4); Carolina Quarlerh (41: Di Senal;. (31: Inlcrdormilorv Council (4): S-cretarv Student Legisla- ture (3. 41; Yacltrl Yack (3); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4), Cabinet; C. C. U. N. i.S. in Commerce B.S. in Political Science MYRA WELSH Monroe Alpha Delia Pi. EDWIN MORTON WESS New York City, New York B.S. in lournalism B.A. in Economics Phi Beta Kappa; Young Republicans Club (41; V. .M. C. A. (1. ophy Club (3); University Veteran ' s Association (1. 2. 3, 41. JOHN WEBB WEST, JR. Waynesville Wesley Fouudatiru, (3, H. HARRY WETTIG, JR. Wilmington WILLIAM CARL WHEELER Oxford GEORGE BETTON WHITAKER Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Zoology B.S. in Bacteriology B.S. in Commerce ROBERT CORNELIUS WHITAKER Wilmington B.A. in Mathematics HENRY ALEXANDER WHITE Edenton JOHN WILLIAM WHITE Statesville NATHANIEL STELL WHITE. )R. Chapel Hill Playmakers (3. 41: Y. M. C. A. (3. II. B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Radio B.A. in Political Science B.A. in Zoology WILLIAM CHARLES WHITE Taylorsville Kappa Sigma: Football 111: Y. M. C- A- (31 WILLIAM VANNOY WHITE Lenoir Sigma Nu: Phi Ma Alpha: Band (1. 2, 31; Glee Club (1. 3): Interfraternilv Council (3, 4), Vice-President (H; Y. M. C. A. (1. 21; U. N. C. Orchestra (1, 2. 3). RAYMOND CLYDE WHITEHURST, JR. Jackson B.A. in Chemistry FRANCIS ALEXANDER WHITESIDE Gastonia B.S. in Commerce Kappa Sigma " V WEISS M. TSELLS WEST, JR. C. WHITAKER J. WHITE W. V. WHITE WELFARE WELSH WETTIG, JR. R. WHITAKER N. WHITE. JR. WHITEHIRST, JR. H. WELLS WESS WHEELER H. W ITE . C. WHITE HITESIDE Page 126 Senior Class W... f WHITESIDES E. WICKER WIDMAN, JR. WILDER B. WILLIAMS H. J. WILLIAMS VilllTLEV W. WICKER WIGGINS D. WILLARD E. WILLIAMS H. F. WILLIAMS WHITSETT SIDENHOUSE WILCOX, JR. F. ! ' ILLARD C. WI LLIAMS, JR. H. S. WILLIAMS BOBBY C. WHITESIDES Gastonia (;lc.- Club (1. 2. 3. 4). MARTIN LUTHER WHITLEY Walstonburg Chi Psi. BURTON M. WHITSETT Winston-Salem EUGENE CLAYTON WICKER Sanford B.A. in Music B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce WARREN JAKE WICKER Sanford B.A. in Political Science Carolina Poiilical Union (2. 3. 41. Vice-Cliairman (31: Yoims Republicans Club (41; C. C. U. N. (31: linile.l World Federalisls (3, 41, President (4); Carolina Forum (41. PHIL WELDON WIDENHOUSE Concord B.S. in Commerce JOHN LAWRENCE WIDMAN, JR. Biltmore ri,!l:„ Sigma Pi; Tl,e!« Delia Chi: Soccer (2, 31. B.S. in Commerce HEATH HARTSELL WIGGINS Concord B.A. in Journalism D.Ira Dell,, Delia; Yackely Yack (3); V. W. C. A. (3). JAMES SIMPSON WILCOX, JR. Charlotte B.S. in Economics S,gma Alpl, ' , Eps,lo„: Criinn ' s Head: Inlerlralernily Council (4). WILLIAM BRYANT WILDER Chapel Hill B.A. in Chemistry Y. M. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 41; Glee Club (11. DUKE CLIFFORD WILLARD Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce Pi Kappa Alpha; Band (1, 3, 4) : Y. M. C. A. (1). FORREST RAY WILLARD High Point Ph, Kappa S.gma. BEN FORREST WILLIAMS East Lumberton EVERETTE PAUL WILLIAMS Albemarle GOMER THOMAS WILLIAMS. JR. Southampton, Pennsylvania Monogram Club (3. l.l . HANNAH JAY WILLIAMS Winston-Salem B.A. in Sociology Chi Onef,,; Y. W. C. A. (3. 41; Modern Dance Group 131. B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Art B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Chemistry HUGH FRAZIER WILLIAMS Morganton H. SMITH WILLIAMS Yadkinville ' .S. in Commerce B.A. in Law .1949 J. M. W 11.I.IAM i. W ILLIAMS. JR. R. L. W ILLIAMS, JR W. WILLIAMS J. C. WILSON K. WINECOFF J. R. S ILLIAMS R. A. WILLIAMS, JR T. WILLIAMS WILLIAMSON, JR J. R. WILSON N. WILSON WINSLOW, JR. M. «ILLIAMS R. G. -yiLLIAMS T. S. WILLIAMS WILLIS H. WINECOFF WOFFORD JEAN Mcculloch williams Bluefield, West Virginia B.A. in Spanish P, Brla Phi; Daily Tar Heel (1) : Y. W. C. A. (2) : Spanish Club. JOHN R. WILLIAMS Landis B.S. in Commerce B.A. in English un.l a.iJ Fury (31; V. W. C. a ' Ml: B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce MARY LOU WILLIAMS Reidsville ilplui DUa Pi: Gil-., rlub 13. II; S Splash Club 13. II: StucU-nl A.jvisor 141. NAT McDonald williams, jr. Thomasville, Georgia B.A. in Chemistry Kappa Alpha: Worlil Federalists (3. 41; Student for Demorratic Action (3, 4). ROBERT A. WILLIAMS, JR. Monroe P, K,.p,,„ Alpha. ROBERT GILLIAM WILLIAMS Hendersonville Alpha Kappa Psi. ROGER Li ROY WILLIAMS, JR. LaGrange B.A. in Physical Education THURMAN WILLIAMS Fayetteville B.S. in Commerce Delta Kappa Epsiloa; Daily Tar Heel (2): German Club Executive (31; Gorgon ' s Head (3. 41: Student Legislature (3. 4); U. P. Chairman (3. 4); Non.Partisan Board (3. 4| ; Orientation Committee (4) ; Chairman Ways and Means Commillee (3. 41; Minataurs (2. 3, 4). TROY SHELTON WILLIAMS Ocracoke WILEY JULIAN WILLIAMS Hamlet B.A. in Journalism B.S. in Commerce WILLIAM FRANK WILLIAMSON, JR. Elizabethtown Sigma Chi. ERNEST MOORE WILLIS Clemson, South Carolina Kappa .ilpha, JAMES C. WILSON Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Sociology B.S. in Commerce (11: N. R. O. T. C. Student Commander (41. B.S. in Commerce JOHN ROSE WILSON Raleigh Phi Sisma: Chi Psi. N. WARREN WILSON Burlington I...-,l„l: Chi Alpha. P e i,l,•rll III; lul, rhalerii HARRY KING WINECOFF Concord KAY CALDWELL WINECOFF Concord Signi ' i Phi Epsilo ' i. JAMES TROY WINFREY Walnut Cove FRANCIS EDWARD WINSLOW, JR. Rocky Mount B.A. in Chemistry Delia Kappa Epsiloa; K.-klioi. Club (31: Treasurer Student RICHARD LLWELLYN WOFFORD Reidsville B.S. in Commerce Cheerleader (3); Campus Parly (3. 4). B.S. in Commerce Council III. B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce nn nn Page 128 Senior Class B.S. in Commerce WILLIAM ROBERT WOLF Mt. Carmel, Illinois J ,. i,i T„u Umega; Drila S:gma Pt. ELINOR SPOTSWOOD WOLTZ Raleigh B.S. in English )»;(« Dtl:a Delia. Treasurer (4), Pledge Treasurer (31; Daily Tar Heel (.11: JorAelv rack (3, 4). Senior Editor (11; Y. W. C. A. (3); Chi Delta Phi 13. 41 : Coed Senate (3. 4). GILES EDWARD WOOD. IR Chapel Hill B.A. in Chemistry V. M. C. A. (1, 2). MARION AVANT WOODBURY Wilmington B.S. in Commerce Ph, G.imma Drila; Intertraternily Council (41. SARAH ANN WOODHULL Bethlehem, Pennsylvania B.A. in Journalism Pi Beta Phi: Chi Delia Phi (3. 41, President (4): Carolina Magazine (31; D„ih Tar Heel. Campus Editor (3. 41; Valkvries. President; Y. W. C. X. (.■!. II, Secretary (4); W. A. A. Council (H. JOHN RUSH WOOLEY Wagram B.A. in Chemistry Alpha Tau Omega; Band (1, 2, 31; Y. .M. C. A. (I. J. 3. II. WILLIAM CHAPMAN WOOTEN Rocky Mount B.A. in Music Phi Ma Alpha: Band (1, 2, 3, 41: Orchestra (3, 41. DOUGLAS J. WORLEY Raleigh B.S. in Chemist LYMAN GRIFFIS WORTHINGTON Princeton B.S. in Commerce THORNTON HALLIBURTON YAKCEY Oxford K,,,,,.,, il,,h., FRANCIS A. YATES Lumberton LESLIE PRESTON YELVERTON Fountain B.A. in B.A. in Economics B.S. in Commerce MARJORIE YATES YOKLEY Mount Airy Chi Omega. Secretary; 1 B.A, in Sociology Yack (31 ; Y. W. C. A. (3. II. CLARENCE NELSON YORK Ramseur B.A. in History JOHN HARRIS YORK, JR. Charlotte B.S. in Commerce LamhJa Chi Alpha. MARTHA BEST YORKE Concord B.A. in Sociology Chi Omega: Alpha Kappa Delia; Y. W. C. A. (3. 11. RICHARD EDWARD YOUNG, JR. Asheville Boyina (1. 2. 31. B.S. in Commerce SAMUEL CURTIS YOUNGBLOOD Washington, D. C. B.S. 4lpha Tau Omega. in Commerce GEORGE T. YOUNTZ Southmont B.S. in Commerce JAMES BYRON ZALANKA Ft. Worth, Texas Ban.l (11. B.A. in Psychology JAMES FETZER ZIGLAR Atlanta, Georgia P ' n Beta Kappa. B.S. in (Commerce WOLF WOODBIRY (OOTE YANCEY C. YORK YOINCBLOOI) WOLTZ WdOD. JR. WOODHL ' LL WOOLEY WORLEY WORTHINGTON YATES YELVERTON YOKLEY J. YORK. JR. YORKE YOUNG. JR. YOl NTZ ZAL. NKA ZIGLAR - " l-v -- .1949 Alunuii Hall Sociology Alumni Hall, with its checker- board floors, neighbor of the Davie Poplar, is where students of Sociology, Anthropology, and City Planning gather under one roof. Its cornerstone was laid in 1898 and was completed in 1902. In 1939 the interior was changed from wood to marble, probably to accom- modate Dr. Gillin and the heavy-smoking students. If you wander into Alumni and stand under the unnamed oil painting on the first floor, you can probably hear students saying: " Did Dr. Brooks bring those hula girls from Hawaii for his folk dances? " " You ' re lucky, you have classes under Saunders, B 1 a c k w e 1 1 , and Ferris " . " All those cute secre- taries are married — to grad stu- dents " . Seniors might tell you about the Psychology beer parties, while the Sociology De- partment drinks their tea; Dr. Odum having his night confer- ences and classes; or the Har- vard School of Social Theory as imported by Demerath. I R. I ' AHkEK «■«( of Regional Plaiiiiiiig Page 130 Dr. Cilliii briefs book before class Dr. Guy B. Johnson seems happy at work If you were a coed in Alumni, then you probably turned out three sets of Argyle socks during the fall quarter. Just why do they call it " Crip-ple Creek " — is it really that easy? But we don ' t see how you could forget the third floor library with its 3375 square feet of free lectures, research students. New Town, U. S. A., and that tomb-like silence. So, if you have never taken curly-haired Sid Lester ' s campus-famed Marriage course — you can take it next year — in Alumni Hall. Lea i ime illllll ' If The birds and the bees Many hours were spent in Planning Library Page )3) Class of 1950 We are the class of 19 ' )0, the in-betweens who want to t raduate as soon as possible, yet who are beginning to sense a slight touch of nostalgia as we think of the rapidity with which the year has passed and realize that our days at Carolina will soon be numbered. We are happy with our thoughts of one more year in which to buy cokes in the " ! ' " , wade to classes in water and mud, shoot the breeze in dormitory rooms, and watch squirrels scamper around campus. We, as juniors, leave much behind us and have many memories, but the future holds much in store for us. because we will come back to the Hill next year and hold high the torch which is our heritage. President, Ed Washington; Vice-President, Dick Boren; Secretary, Muriel Fisher; Treasurer. Bob Montsomerv .- Some study, others play . . . hail Alma Mater! Junior BPE First Row: Calvin Monroe Adams, Jr., Statesville; Holcombe Chambers Adams, Lynchburg, Va.; John Talmadge Adams, Statesville; Muriel Ferguson Adams, Chapel Hill; Raymond Curtis Adams, Jr., Vance- boro; Tildon Harold Adams, Jonesville; Charles Harold Adderholdt, Hudson; William R. Adkins, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Charlotte. Second Ron : ' DonaXdWngh Ahem, Alpha Tau Omega, Charlotte; Elven Thomas Aiken, Durham; Henry Lee Albright, Spencer; James Alexander Albright, Graham; Joseph Lindsay Albright, Zela Psi, Greens- boro; Levi Kennedy Alderman, Jr., Rose Hill; Donald Hugh Alern, Alpha Tau Omega, Charlotte; Don Marshall Alexander, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Asheboro. Third Row: Thomas Watkins Alexander, Macon, Ga. ; William Lona Alexander, Raeford; Joseph C. Allen, Jr., Durham; Oscar Gilson Allen, Jr., Winston-Salem; William Locke Allison, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha. Statesville; Daniel Isaac Allred, Jr., Aberdeen; Louise Knight Alsup, Dublin, Ga.; Kathryn Stewart Altizer, Christiansburg, Va. Fourth Row: Daisy Belle Anderson, Greensboro; Edwin Brooks Anderson, Winston-Salem; |ean Hansford Anderson, Augusta, Ga. ; Herbert Thomas Andrew, Siler City; Murray Milton Andrew, Snow Camp; Andrew Anthony Andrews, Wilmington; Harold Lee Andrews, Phi Ai i Alpha, Durham; John Ernest Andrews, Jr., Graham. Fifth Row: Ralph Preston Andrews, Chapel Hill; William Edward Anthony, Gastonia; George Kenneth Archer, Chi Phi, Charlotte; Elinor Lawrence Ardrey, Aiken, S. C. ; Jo Anne Armstrong, Winchester, Va.; Ivan Baker Armstrong, Kappa Sigma, Raleigh; Betty Ann Arnold, Waynesboro, Va.; Robert Miller Arthur, Hillsboro. Page 134 Class f V.f i isj A- Chester Theodore Ashby, Hilton Village, Va. ; Dan Bell Ashby, Chi Psi, Raleigh; Wallace Ashley, Jr., Alpha Tan Omega, Smithtield; Lewis Martin August, Philadelphia, Penna.; Mett Bagley Ausley, Delta Sigma Phi, Micro; Barbara Austin, Rome, Georgia; James Augustus Austin, Ridgewood, N. J. ; Joseph Wells Bach, Phi Delta Theta, Upper Darby, Pa. Second Row: Edward Franklin Baesel, Charlotte; Charles Roberts Bailey, Carthage; Glenn Boyette Bailey, Sims; Patricia Eleanor Bailey, Asheville; Ruth J. Baine, Sanford; Numa Reid Baker, Jr., Reidsville; Curtis Payson Baldwin, Asheville ; Russell Edward Baldwin, Phi Kappa Sigma, Durham. Third Row: Russell Glenwood Baldwin, Leland ; Winfield Morgan Baldwin, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Golds- boro; David Beach Bail, Burlington; Charles Ashby Ballance, Raleigh; John Harold Ballard, EUerbe; Rupert David Barefoot, Raleigh; Mark Virgil Barker, Jr., Pi Kappa Phi, Duham; Maty Elizabeth Barker, Asheville. Fourth Row: William Kerr Barker, Jr., Danville, Va.; John Roberts Barkley, Raleigh; Cecil Herbert Barnes, Lancaster, S. C. ; Claude Cartmill Barnes, Beaufort; William Arnold Barnes, High Point; Harry Lee Barn- hill, Wilmington; Otha Allen Barnhill, Greenville; Carl Eugene Barrett, Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Fred Alexander Barringer, Concord; Albert H. Barth, Hewlett, N. Y. ; Paul Joseph Baschon, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Wilmington; Thomas Rector Bass, Newton; Joseph Yarnall Bassett, Jr., Asheville; Kenneth Carroll Batchelor, Beulaville; Roy Batchelor, Greenville; Harry Skinner Bateman, Kappa Sigma, Wilson. Page 3S Junior First Row: Herbert Maurice Bateman, Plymouth; Welden Cushman Bayliss, Hartford, Conn.; Paul Joseph Baschon, Jr., Lanibda Chi Alpha, Wilmington; Arlie Burnace Beal, Siler City; Gilbert Ray Beam, Kuppj 4 ' :!d, Forest City; James Edward Bean, East Bend; John Hayden Beard. Phi Kappa Sigii a. Salisbury; David L. Beecher, Manchester, Penna. Second Row: Morton R. Bergen, Taji Eps loii Phi. Oxford; Albert John Begendorf, Jr., Charlotte; Charles E. Behrens, Phi Delia Theta, Washington, D. C. ; Oakley B. Beland, S } ma Chi. Wilson ; Lloyd Andrew Bell, Jr., Charlotte; Roderic Cortland Bellamy, Supply; Aroas Eugene Bennett, Jr.. Winston-Salem; Thomas Benton Bennett, Norwood. Third Row: Robert Roy Beyer, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Edward George Bilpuch, Phi Eta Sigma, Adah, Pa.; John David Bippart, Alpha Tan Owe J, South Orange, N. J. ; Robert Maneese Birke, Winston-Salem; Donald Gordon Black, Stocksville; Nancee Woodruff Black, West Hartford. Ky. ; Nor- man M. Black, Jr., Charlotte; Roy Jackson Blackley, Hamlet. Fourth Row: Rochel Edward Blakeney, Asheville; Eugene Dwight Blackwelder, Phi Eta Sigma, Concord; Doctor Frederick Blackwell, Jr., Charlotte; Thomas Edward Blair, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Charlotte; Jack Staten Blalock, Phi Delta Theta, Charlotte; V. Wayne Blalock. Jr., Lexington; John D. Bland, Jr., Raleigh; Milton Clay Bliss, Phi Mn Alpha, Thomasville. Fifth Row: James Davis Blount, Jr., Sigma Chi, Wilson; John Burton Blue, Laurinburg; Gerald Blum, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Phi Eta Sigma. Jackson Heights, N. Y. ; James William Blum, Winston-Salem; Edmund Simpson Boice, Jr., Rocky Mount; Sturat Osborne Bondurant, Sigma Chi. Winston-Salem; Lyn Bond, Jr., Sigma Nil, Tarboro; Thomas Evans Boney, Wallace. Page 136 ass First Row: Joe L. Bookout, Charlotte; Cornelius Anthony Boon, Mocksville; Samuel Vernon Boone, Jr., Albemarle; Clifford A. Booth, Delia Sigma Pi, East Orange, N. J.; George Allen Booze, Asheville; Richard Benjamin Boren, III, Sigma Chi, Alpha Epsiloii Delia. Greensboro; John Robert Borum, High Point; Frank Cuthrell Boseman, Rocky Mount. Second Row: Robert Speed Bounds, Weldon; James Edwin Bowden, Wilmington; Joseph Francis Bowen, Lambda Chi Alpha, Greenville; Timothy William Bowen, Jr., Raleigh; Hugh Edgar Bowman, Aberdeen; Wayne Ronald Boyles, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Mount Airy; Mrs. Anne Bright Bradford, Kingsport, Tenn. ; Mary Margery Bradley, Boone. Third Row: Thomas Samuel Bradshaw, Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Phi Alpha, Graham; John Patrick Brady, Asheville; Jack Rudisill Brantley, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greensboro; Robert Hume Breese, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Waynesville; John M. Brewer, Jr., Kershaw, S. C ; James Albert Bridger, Jr., Biadenboro; Harvey Meares Brinkley, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Durham; Robert Timothy Britt, Raleigh. Fourth Row: William Franklin Brock, Farmington; John Lyndon Brockmann, High Point ; Charlie Sherrell Brooks, Biscoe; Robert L. Brooks, Chapel Hill; Alfred E. Brown, Kappa Alpha. Dublin, Georgia; Bynum R. Brown, Murfreesboro; Colvin J. Brown, Jr., Waynesville; Musette Kitchin Brown, Scotland Neck. Fifth Row: Robert Pleasant Brown, Charlotte; Sanford Miller Brown, Roanoke Rapids; Billy Carlton Brown, Kappa Alpha, High Point; James Thomas Broyhill, Ph Delta Theta, Lenoir; Robert Clarton Brumley, Gastonia; Caroline Greer Bruner, Petersburg, Va.; Charles Jennings Bryan, P Kappa Alpha. Raleigh; Thomas Roth Bryan, Elkin. Page 137 Junior First Row: Leo Heartt Bryant, Jr., Winston-Salem; Shasta Monroe Bryant, Mount Airy; Woodrow Wil- liam Bryson, CuUowhee; William Alexander Buckley, Abingdon, Va.; Stephen Boyd Bugher, Jr., Reids- ville; James Duncan BuUard, Chapel Hill; Fred Jefferson Bulluck, Rocky Mount; Dwight Elmo Bunn, Alpha Kappa Psi, Wendell. Second Row: John Royal Bunting, Bethel; Andrew Judson Burgess, Durham; Peter Talmadge Burks, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Charlotte; Jacqueline Matthew Burke, Pink Hill; Grady Jackson Burney, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Charlotte; Charles Sloan Burns, Charlotte; Clara Jane Burroughs, So. Jacksonville, Florida; Harold Barrows Bursley, Jr., Beta Theta Pi, Charlotte. Third Row: Ruth Hamilton Butler, Pi Beta Phi, Tallahassee, Florida; Billy B. Butler, Morganton; Leonard A. Butt, Sigma Chi, Washington, D. C. ; Walter Eugene Byerly, Asheville; Richard Harding Byrd, Warsaw; Robert Oren Byrum, Charlotte; Bruce Brunson Cadieu, Charlotte; Phillip Augustus Cain, Kappa Alpha, Gastonia. Fourth Row: Robert Pleasants Callahan, Asheville; David D. S. Cameron, Southern Pines; Daniel Graham Campbell, Aberdeen; Jesse Richard Cannady, Walstonburg; Allan Rountree Cannon, Burlington; Harold L. Cannon, Pi Kappa Alpha, Chapel Hill ; Gene Frances Caraher, Clearwater, Fla. ; Carolyn Carleton, Chi Omega, Orlando, Fla. Fijth Row: Don Breekenridge Carmichael, Alpha Tau Omega, Fayetteville; Walter Alvin Carnes, Phi Delta Theta, Greensboro; Eugene Stewart Carpenter, Greensboro; Jo Ann Carpenter, Salisbury; Robert Jenkins Carroll, Gates; Jean Marie QirroU, Washington, D. C. ; Bruce John Carder, Wrightsville Beach; Lindsay North Cashion, Jr., Alpha Kappa Pi, Winston-Salem. Page 138 ass § ' ' M 9e First Row: L. Dean Cassell, Union, N. J.; Frederick Strudwick Gates, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Hillsboro; Fitzgerald Ridley Caudle, Jr., Kappa Sig na, Raleigh; Rowlin Melvin Cecil, High Point; Robert Johnson Chaffin, Lillington ; Anne Chandler, Macon, Ga. ; Pat Chandler, Albany, Ga. ; Joyce Elaine Checkner, Wilmington. Second Row: Edwin Rives Check, Phi Eta Sigma, Chapel Hill ; Jack Rodman Cheek, Durham ; Thomas Leslie Cherry, Chi Phi, Ahoskie; James Webb Cheshire, Jr., Zeta Psi, Hillsboro; Charles Nick Chesnutt, Turkey; Norman Worth Chesson, Pi Kappa Alpha, Roper William Donald Childers, Delta Sigma Pi, Lenoir; William Newton Childress, Raleigh. Third Rotv: John Keough Civil, Jr., Charlotte; Charles Graham Clapp, Asheville; John Jesse Clark, Alpha Tail Omega, Rockingham; Eugene Merrell Clark, Colerain; George Thomas Clark, Wilmington; Norman Ray Clark, Phi Mu Alpha, Oxford; Reber F. Clark, Jr., Wilmington; Curtis S. Clavson, Lambda Chi Alpha, Waynesville. Fourth Row: Joe Hamby Clawson, Phi Kappa Sigma, Lenoir; Thomas Hill Clayton, Chi Psi, Roxboro; William Jasper Claybroo, Kappa Sigma. Reidsville; Richard Marshall Clegg, Greensboro; John Lester Clements, Phi Delta Theta, Crewe, Va.; Jack Alspaugh Clinard, Phi Mu Alpha, Winston-Salem; Dallas D. Cline, Salisbury; Robert Lee Cloyd, Charlotte. Fifth Rotv: Thomas W. Coble, Graham ; Lawrence Martin Cohen, Zeta Beta Tan. Greensboro ; Stanley Cohen, Tau Epsilon Phi, Chapel Hill; Edward Lee Coley, Raleigh; David Leonard Collins, Jr., Wilson; David Norman Collins, Lumberton; Fay Roy Collins, Jr., Goldsboro; Rex Atris Collins, Raleigh. Page ;39 Junior First Ron: Drew William Colvard, Tapcco; Love A. Coman, Jr., Canton; Joseph John Combs, Kapp.i Sigma, Raleigh; Mai Bell Conley, Chattanooga, Tenn. ; Donald Rufus Cannor, Chadbourn; John Con- stable, Jr., Winston-Salem ; Calvin Raymond Cook, Monterey, Calif. ; Robert E. Cooley, Wagram. Second Rou: ]dhnThovms Cooler, Kappa Alpha, Vizksbnrg, Miss.; Mavis Coleen Cooper, Charlotte; Wade Thomas Cooper, Alpha Tan Omega. Cary; Wilbert Earl Cooper, Staley; Mary Amelia Copenhaver, Bristol, Tenn.; William W. Coppedge, Candor; James Richard Coreg, Elizabeth City; Andrew Cornish, Delia Psi, Washington, D. C. Third Row: Thano A. Cotsis, Chapel Hill; Lester Clay Couch, Jr., Elkin; T. Covington, Phi Kappa Sigma, Kinston; Treadwell D. Covington, Phi Delta Theta. Coral Gables, Fla.; Ben Carter Courts, Reids- ville; Charles Fowler Cowell, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilmi, Washington; Robert S. D. Cowles, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Fort Monroe, Va.; Edward W. Cox. Chi Psi, Sanford. Fourth Ron: George Herbert Cox, Jr., Washington; Peyton Cox, Lambda Chi Alpha, Winston-Salem; William F. P. Coxe, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Biltmore Forest; John Henry Crabtree, Jr., Raleigh; James H. Craddock, Jr., Charlotte; Stuart Warren Cramer, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Charlotte; A. Joy Crapps, Hickory; Sam Wyndham Craver, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Charlotte. Fijth Row: Barbara Nell Crawford, Raleigh; James Allan Crawford, Chapel Hill; James Wilton Creech, East Flat Rock; William Barry Cregan, Wilmington; Margaret June Crockett, Bluefield, Va. ; Bright Wil- liamson Crosswell, Chi Phi, Atlanta, Ga. ; Jean Crouser, Waynesville; Bill Kyle Croye, Bluefield, Va. Pa0e MO ass f )j7 ?oii George Harold Cummings, Asheville; Nanc) ' Curtis, Roanoke, Va.; John Henry Dagenhart, Stony Point; Jcseph Fulton Dallas, Reidsville; John Lasney Dameron, Lambda Chi Alpha. Burlington; Gerald Manin Daniel, Alpha Epsilnn Pi. Durham; Jo Anne Darden, Franklin, Va.; Edgar Monroe Dar- nell, Pi Kappa Alpha. Murphy. i ' fPir wt R(9! v Joseph Colby Daughtry, Faison; Vernon Fletcher Daughtridge, Rocky Mount; Dwight G. Davis, Jr., Jackson Heights, N. Y. ; James Lanier Davis, Chapel Hill ; Otis Ray Davis, Candler ; Tom Moore Davis, A ' A ij iV Shelby; William Carlisle Davis, Asheville; William Weldon Davis, Asheville. r vrd ' i?(9!r.- Roy Melmoth Davidson, Statesville; Anies Raphael Daye, Jr., Winston-Salem; Wilbur Lee Dellinger, Lowell; John Kershaw deLoach, Camden; Imogene Denbo, Durham; Florence Patricia Denning, Coral Gables, Fla.; Ruth Marie Dennis, Henderson; Diane Gere Deppen, Sunbury, Pa. Fourth Ron: Norma Jean Dew, St. Petersburg, Fla.; James Henr)- Dowdy, Kappa Alpha, Kappa Psi. High Point; James Monroe Dick, Greensboro; Donn Louis Dieter, Durham; Arthur Christian Dietzel, Baltimore, Md.; Arthur Theodore Dilger, Sigma Nii. Hoboken, N. J.; Marvin Ray Dillon, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Blue- field, Va. ; Carrie Blanche Dixon, Delta Zeta. Jacksonville, Fla. Fifth Ron: Clifton Nash Dixon, Wilmington; Elizabeth Shoop Dixon, Suffolk. Va. ; Jack Clark Dixon. Greensboro; James Douglas Dixon, Elm City; William Thomas Dixon, Sigma Chi. Kinston; Robert Adolph Dockham, Denton; Aubrey Clayton Doggett, Jr., Sigma Chi. Greensboro; ClitTord Franklin Doll. Chi Phi. Phi Mti Alpha. South Orange, N. J. s aHif Murphy Hall Foreign Languages Every university has to have a building that is antique . . . and Carolina gave birth to Murphy. Inside the ruins of this building, one can hear lectures in the " ruined " courses . . . Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, German, Italian, archaeology, and other comparative literature courses. Even the Playmaker Museum rests in this antique shrine. As one walks down the corridors, he can hear anything from a lecture in mythology or folklore to struggling stu- dents sweating through a language conversation PROFESSOK SII.IHN Heiiil of Drninalic Deparlnioiit PROFESSOR ULLMAN }leud of Department of Classics course. The students taking any of the foreign languages, as well as the professors teaching the same, are very much indebted to the English language. For example, a typical assignment: " Tomorrow have the next fifteen pages translated into English. " With- out knowing the English language, how could the students possibly do this? Also, the professors should be so thankful to the English language because with so many languages in one building, they need some common tongue. Now one wonders . . . why foreign languages an) ' way when the fad is to read and write English ! Professors Stoudeniire and Adams Professor Harrison iiistrucliiig Spanish Class Is it necessarv to study to learn French? Junior rirsi Row: Audrey P. Donnan, Rutherford, N. J.; William Doran, Ridgefield Park, N. J. ; Samuel Ernest Douglass, Jr., Raleigh; James Bruce Dowell, Union Grove; Lawrence Richard Downs, Fayetteville ; Ralph Lendon Drake, Fayetteville; Joe William Duke, Lamb J j Chi Alpha. Wilmington; William Benjamin Duke, Goldsboro. Second Row: Wade Stafford Dunbar, Sigma Chi, Laurinburg; Richard Austin Dunlea, Kappa Alpha, Wil- mington; William Benson Dunn, Leaksville; Cecil Grant Dunnagan, Raleigh; Vernon Harrison Dunnagan, Winston-Salem; Mary Julia Dupree, Chi Omega, Tampa, Fla.; Norman William Durham, Riverton, N. J.; Charles Wade Dwiggins, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Greensboro. Third Row: William Pierson Dyer, III, Sigma Chi, Charlotte; Roland Pratt Early, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsiloii. Raleigh; John D. Eason, Weldon; James William Echerd, Asheville; Frank Lawson Echols, Asheville; John Wesley Edwards, Charlotte; Robert Doughton Edwards, Sigma Chi. Asheville; William Harold Edwards, Leaksville. Fourth Row: William Roy Edwards, Jr., Durham; Robert Bradley Egerton, Phi Delta Theta, Raleigh; Harper Johnston Elam, III, Phi Delta Theta, Greensboro; Josiah Baker Eldridge, Chapel Hill; Charles Lat Elliott, Pisgah Forest; Guy Thomas Elliott, Jr., Kinston; William Richard Elliott, Forest City; Jeter Pritchard Ellington, Jr., Carrboro. Tifth Row: William Edward Ellington, III, Phi Gamma Delta, Washington; James Lauchlin Elwood, III, Delta Kappa Epsiloii, Waynesville; Ann Marshall Emmert, Atlanta, Ga.; Elizabeth Dortch Emory, Delta Dc-Z d De d, Chapel Hill ; Frank Stevens English, P ) Kappa Sigma. Monroe; Peter G. English, Delta Sigma Pi. Charlotte; Robert Frank Ensslin. Kappa Sigma. Washington, D, C; Helen Peoples Eppes, Hen- derson. ass First Roiv: Jesse Miller Epps, Macon, Ga.; Kent Eric Erickson, Spruce Pine; Hugh Harris Ervin, States- ville; Harrison Quinn Eskridge, Rutherfordton ; Eldon Maurice Estep, Lenoir; Armecia Lee Eure, Raleigh; Isabel Carolina Eutsler, Kingsport, Tenn. ; David Wilkinson Evans, Beta Theta Pi, Charlotte. Second Row: Robert George Evans, Chi Psi. Phi Ela Sigma, Cresskill, N. J.; Donald Edwin Everett, Rober- sonville; Robert Allston Eversman, Flat Rock; Charles L. Ezell, IH, Durham; John Howard Faison, IH, Goldsboro; Earl Thompson Faithful, Scotland Neck; Jack Thomas Fakoury, Myrtle Beach, S. C. ; James Foster Fanseen, Baltimore, Md. ThirJ Row: Jack Nohrden Farmer, Phi Gaiiniij Delta, Lexington; Henry Davies Farrior, Warsaw; William Henry Farrior, Jr., Wallace; Herbert S. Faught, Sigma Chi, Greensboro; Ann Parker Faulconer, Washing- ton, D. C; Daniel Bradford Fearing, Manteo; John Housan Fenner, Jr., Zeta Psi, Rocky Mount; Alvin Lee Ferguson, Gastonia. Fourth Row: Richard Henry Ferguson, Kappa Alpha, Richmond, Va.; Scott Key Ferrell, Asheville; Law- rence William Fetner, Charlotte; Frances F. Fidler, High Point; Wilbert Osborne Fields, Jr., Selma; Martin Raymond Finch, Bailey; Melvin Lewis Finch, Jr., Delta Sigma Pi, Henderson; James Malon Fish, Angier. Pif h Row: Muriel Mullinaux Fisher, Miami, Fla.; Donald Seiss Fitch, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Joseph Garrett Fitzgibbons, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Cartersville, Ga.; Edward Everett Flaherty, Hamlet; William Wallace Flanagan, Clover, S. C. ; Nelle Lejeune Fleenor, Charlotte; Malcolm Fleishman, Trf £ ).i o; P ; ' , Fayette- ville; Edward Stitt Fleming, Pi Kappa Alpha, Washington, D. C. Junior First Row: John Frank Flynn, Wentworth; Charles Taylor Foley, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Charlotte; John Ford, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Plymouth, Pa.; Hugh Perry Fortescue, Washington; Dwight Odell Foster, Statesville; Benjamin Eagles Fountain, Jr., Rocky Mount; Richard Tillman Fountain, Delia Kappa Epsilon, Rocky Mount; Virginia Ann Foust, Charlotte. Second Row: Robert Howard Fowler, Charlotte; Georgia Wallace Fox, Maplewood, N. J.; Perry Joseph Frankel, Pi Lambda Phi. Atlantic City, N. J.; Gilmore Carleton Freeman, Old Fort; Edlyn Wayne Freerks, Kalmia; James Thurman Freeze, Mooresville; Patty Ann Frizzell, Bristol, Tenn. ; Gilbert Harris Furgur- son. Pi Kappa Phi, High Point. Third Row: James Franklin Furr, Franklin; Clyde Walton Fussell, Teachey; Lee R. Furr, Alpha Tan Omega, Newton; Theodore James Fussell, Delia Psi. Winston-Salem; William Alexander Futch, Hampstead; Robert Miller Gallant, Beta Theta Pi. Anderson, S. C ; Charles Philip Gamble, Charlotte; Cecil Gant, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Burlington. Fourth Row: Walter Monroe Gardner, Pi Kappa Alpha, Warrenton; Lee Edward Gargis, Jr., Raleigh; Clyde Hoover Garner, Kappa Alpha, Pinehurst; Edward L. Garner, Pinehurst; Horace Bartow Garrett, Jr., Sigma Chi, Charlotte; James Banks Garrison, Kappa Sigma. Badin; John Thompson Garrison, Badin; Deidrick Hart Gaskill, Rocky Mount. Fifth Row: Anita June Gates, Clemson, S. C. ; Gordon Millard Gatlin, Franklinville; Samuel Mallett Gattis, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Hillsboro; Phyllis Ann Gentry, Richmond, Va. ; Rufus Wharton Gaul, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Charlotte. Page 146 ass l-iist Row: Lucius Robert George, Jr., Burgaw; Robert Barnett George, jr.. Phi Delia Theta, Washington, Penna. ; Wilson Oliver Gerringer, Greensboro; Henry Warren Gheen, Kappa Alpha. Shelby; Charles R. Gibson, Kappa Alpha, Winston-Salem; James Wallace Gilbert, Mount Airy; Ida Lynda Gilliam, Sanford ; Thomas Elbert Gilliam, Jr., Burlington. Second Row: Harold Leon Gillis, Raeford; John Wesley Gillis, Raleigh; Charles F. Gipple, Gibsonviile; Joseph Rodney Glasgow, Littleton; Sarah Gobbel, Suffolk, Va.; James Z. Godwin, Wilmington; Joseph L. Godwin, Portsmouth; Nathan Henry Godwin, Durham. Third Row: William Jackson Goforth, Beta Theta Pi, Charlotte; Eric L. Gooch, Chapel Hill; Robert Earl Gooding, Kinston; Richard Edmund Gordon, Delta Psi, Merion Station, Penna.; Saul Martin Gordon. Ta Epsilon Phi. Statesville; Frank Edwin Gossett, Lambda Chi Alpha. Charlotte; Jane Williams Gower, Greenville, S. C. ; Ernest H. Graham, Goldsboro. Fourth Row: Eugene Berrien Graham, Sigma Chi, Charlotte; Jack Raymond Graham, Bear Poplar; John Robert Graham, Fayetteville; Clayton Bryan Gray, Jr., Wadesboro; Porter O ' Henry Gray, High Point; Mary Katherine Graybeal, Fig; Ann Elizabeth Green, New Castle, Pa.; James Mclver Green, Chi Phi, Thomasville. Pijth Row: John Bergwin Green, New Bern; Robert Stimson Green, Lambda Chi Alpha, Lewisville; Helen Rhoda Greenberg, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; James Paul Greene, Bakersville ; Nell Lee Greening, Jacksonville, Fla. ; Charleen Greer, Pi Beta Phi. Tulsa, Okla. ; Robert Harrison Greer, Morganton ; Lee Overman Gregory, Zeta Psi. Raleigh. Junior F ist Row: Hugh Patrick Griffin, Jr., Kappa Sign a. Reidsville; Kenneth Adolphus Griffin, Concord; Ricli- ard Lapsley Griffin, Gastonia; Allen Leon Grimes, Hope Mills; Jack Raymond Grogan, Sherwood; James David Groseclose, Greensboro; Robert Warner Grubbs, Winston-Salem; William Edgerton Gulley, Chapel Hill. Second Row: Roy Scott Gunter, Pi Kappa Alpha, Lumberton; Joseph Walter Gurtis, Jr., Adah, Penna. ; Robert Hodges Hackney, Zela Psi. Wilson; James Alfred Hadley, SigDia Alpha Epsiloti. Mount Airy; Fred Grady Hahn, Jr., Charlotte; Harold James Hailey, Charlotte; Ellis F. Hall, Jr., Df Zt? i owij P , Winston- Salem ; William Leonard Haltiwanger, Phi Delta Theta. Hamlet. Third Roir: Raymond Oscar Halvorsen, Palmer, Mass.; Virginia Lee Hamilton, Manhasset, N. Y. ; Everett Hampton, Sigma Pbi Epsilon, Kannapolis; James Arthur Hancock, Jr., Danville, Va. ; Mary Ann Happer, Kinston; Patricia Hardwick, Wrightsville Beach; Herman Rvell Hargrove, Jr., Weldon; Horace Jenkins Harkey, Charlotte. r-oiirth Row: Charles Frederick Harless, Sanford ; James Buchanan Harper, Winston-Salem; Allen Waylan Harrell, Colerain; Andrew B. Harrington, Broadway; Walter Latham Harrington, Goldsboro; Dan George Harris, Shelby; Dela Fletcher Harris, IH, Sig iia Chi, Sanford; Edgar Stanley Harris, Jr., Fayetteville. F fth Row: Wallace Gordon Harris, Badin; W. Page Harris, Jr., Sign a Alpha Epsilon, Durham; Edmond Gray Harrison, Old Trap; Frank Bradford Harrison, Hendersonville; John Irvin Harrison, Alpha Tan Omega, Raleigh; Maurice Earl Harrison, Elm City; J. Weddell Harriss, Phi Gamma Delta, Wilmington; Robert Westmoreland Hartsoe, Weldon. ass First Row: Jimmie Huling Haney, Kapp.i Alpha. Greensboro; Robert B. Hasbrouck, Ch Phi. Wappingers Falls, N. Y.; Atticus Hasood Hatsell, Jr., Bayboro; Alexander Andrews Haughtcn, Jr., Beta Theta Pi, Charlotte; Charles Newland Hauser, Alpha Tan Omega, Newton; Kathrj ' n Havnaer, Charlotte; Herbert Laureston Hawley, Lexington; Hilbert Vennon Hayes, Phi Kappa Sigma, Wilmington. Second Row: William Roy Hayes, Jr., .11 Beta Psi, Sigma Chi, Theta Tau, Norlina; Ralph Kenneth Hebb, Auburndale, Fla.; Philip Franklin Hege, Lexington; Charles Wilson Helms, Monroe; Edwin Yates Hemp- hill, Marion; James R. Henderson, Jr., Charlotte; William Whitner Henderson, Charlotte; Arthur Edward Hendrix, P Kappa Alpha. Raleigh. Third Row: Calvin Wiley Hendrix, Durham; Bobby Joe Herring, Delta Sigma Pi. Wmston-S.ilem ; Harvey Stuart Herring, Tomahawk; Robert Lewis Hester, Roxboro; William Lassiter Hester, Phi Eta Sigma, Creedmoor; William Sellers Hewlett, Wilmington; Carl Pyron Hice, Charlotte; James Clyde Hicklin, Asheville. Fo trlh Row: James Robert Hickman, Pi Kappa Phi, West Palm Beach, Fla.; Rudolph Howard Hickman, Olivia; Wiley Herbert Hicks, Raleigh; Joseph Huffman Higdon, Jr., Asheville; Gerald Danforth Hill, Jr.. Beaufort; Lindsay Williams Hill, Beaufort; Mary Brown Hill, Wilmington; Verne Everette Hill, Gamiii.i Beta Chi, Hickory. Fifth Row: William Tyler Hill, Clayton; Dewey Hoyle Hinkle, High Point; Margaret Gene Hines, Green- wood, S. C; W. Alex Hines, Jr., Winston-Salem; Leon Franklin Hinshaw, Asheboro; William H. J. Hippie, in, PA A ' j ; ) 5 ,? ; j. Philadelphia, Pa. ; Robert Lee Hinsdale, Hendersonville; James Willard Hobbs, Greensboro. Page ]49 Junior First Row-- Bailey Williamson Hobgood, Pi Kappa Phi, Durham; Edward Yancey Hobgpod, Oxford; Wil- liam Rufus Hocutt, Sigina N , Rocky Mount; Renate Gerda Hoke, Charlotte; Rothschild Halstead Holden, Kappa Sigma, Shallotte; John Albert Holcombe, Phi Gdiiima Delta, Trenton, N. J.; Wade Hampton Holder, Jr., Lillington; Marjorie Rita Holland, Webster, N. Y. Second Row: Leon Milo Hollingsworth, Wallace; David Franklin Holmes, Charlotte; James Calvin Holt, Alpha Kappa Psi, Holly Springs; Lawrence A. Holt, Jr., Brevard; William McPhail Holt, Sanford; Betsy Ann Hommel, Syracuse, N. Y. ; William Gary Hooks, Fremont; Helen Rhea Herd, Church Hill, Tenn. Third Row: Jack Brevard Horner, Pinehurst; Louise Floye Horner, Sanford; Joseph A. Home, Jr., Alpha Tan Omega, Pfafftown; William Donald Horton, Pi Kappa Phi, North Wilkesboro; Claude Benton Hosa- flook, Jr., Waynesville; Thomas Allen Hosick, Winston-Salem; John Guion Hough, Washington; Charles Barnett Houghton, Norfolk, Va. To nth Row: Jasper Warren House, Jr., Plymouth; Fred Holmes Houser, Phi Delta Theta, Atlanta, Ga. ; Lorraine Teresa Howard, Miami, Fla. ; George Hunter Howerton, Black Mountain ; Vinton A. Hoyle, Jr., Chapel Hill; Ralph Wadleigh Hoyt, Beta Theta Pi, Greensboro; Margaret Hubbard, Clinton; Joseph Crawford Hubbell, Jr., Charlotte. Fifth Row: Calvin Edward Hudgins, Sanford; Perry Simpson Hudnell, Phi Gamma Delta, New Bern; William Davis Huffines, Greensboro; Everett Leroy Huffman, Alpha Chi Sigma, Hickory; James L. Hug- gins, Franklin; Rebekah Shaw Huggins, Chapel Hill; Clarence M. J. Hunt, Durham; Thomas George Hurysz, Chi Psi, Chapel Hill. Page MO Class F is Roil-- Jesse Rudolph Langston, Micro; Charles Edward Lassiter, Elizabeth City; Beverley Rhea Lawler, Norfolk, Va. ; Lewis H. Lawrence, Roper; Sam Burgress Leary, Jr., Old Trap; Mack Rimmer Leath, Bur- lington; Hartzel Lebed, Washington, D. C. ; Sylvia Eleanore Francoise le Clair, Chapel Hill. Second Row: George L. Ledford, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla. ; Ralph William Lee, III, Alpha Tan Omega, Chevy Chase, Md.; Robert Everett Lee, Jr., Sigma Chi, Raleigh; William Fitzhugh Lee, Delta Kappa Epsiloii, Goldsboro; Wilson M. Lee, Benson; Jim A. Leggette, Williamston; William James Leinbach, Sigma Chi, Winston-Salem; Hubert Leon Leonard, Lexington. Th rJ Roiv: Betty Kirk Le Sueur, Miami, Fla.; Gladys Etta Levenson, Salisbury; George Levine, Baltimore, Md. ; George Washington Lewis, Barium Springs ; Janet Elizabeth Lewis, Danville, Va. ; Howard Lieber, Tail Epsiloi! Phi, Gastonia; John Thomas Lindley, Delta Kappa Epsiloii, Greensboro; James Chris Linger- felt. Morganton. Po iiih Row: William James Link, Lambda Chi Alpha, Sumter, S. C. ; Stable Linn, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsiloii, Salisbury; Cathrine Chapman Linton, Kinston; Ronald Edward Liss, Alpha Epsiloii Pi, Charlotte; Marvin Derr Little, Charlotte; Thomas Allen Little, Jr., Charlotte; David Hallam Littlejohn, Charlotte; Walter Payne Lloyd, Norfolk, Va. Fijih Row: Robert Earl Lock, Jacksonville; Wriston Hale Locklair, Charlotte; John McDavid Loftis, Alpha Tan Omega, Tampa, Fla.; Elizabeth Lee Lokey, Raleigh; Joseph H. Long, Charlotte; George Emmett Look- adoo, Shelby; Mary Elizabeth Lorimer, Montdair, N. J.; Robert Charles Loudermilk, Chi Phi, Atlanta, Ga. Page ii Junior F rs Row: Tr-Acy McKnight Lounsbury, jr., S g»ht Ph Epsilon, Winston-Salem; Oscar Newton -Lovelace, Jr., Goldsboro; Barbara Morris Lowe, Port Washington, N. Y. ; Thomas M. Lowe, Charlotte; Barbara Jean Lunsford, Madison, N. J.; Marvin Ellis Luther, Ramseur; Averis Monroe Lynch, Jr., Gastonia; Robert Green Lynch, Jr., Raleigh. Second Row: William Grant Lynch, Winston-Salem; William Maury Lyon, Sigma Chi. Mobile, Ala.; Wortham Clarence Lyon, Jr., Sigma Chi, Durham; Karl Victor Lyon, Chi Psi, Elizabethtown ; Mary Eliza- beth Lyons, Chi Omega, Chapel Hill; Ronald Macklin, Winston-Salem; Robert Maclaurin MacDonald, P v M Alpha. Little Rock, S. C. ; Robert Thompson MacMillan, De! .i Psi. Chapel Hill. r w i?o •.■ William Dougald MacMillan, D ? d Pi , Chapel Hill; Robert Phifer MacRae, Alpha Tan Omega, Concord; Samuel Hays Magill, Delta Psi, Shanghai, China; Ernest R. Magness, Jr., Forest City; Walter Collins MahaflFee, Granite Falls; Carl Gratton Mann, Kannapolis; Crawford Alexander Mann, Washington ; Francis Kiak Manning, Bethel. Fourth Row: ]im C Minmng, Sigma N i. Asheboro; Carlyle Janet Markham, Chapel Hill; LeRoy D. Marshburn, Jr., PA Gdwwd De Zti, Raleigh ; Ralph Marshall, Kappa Alpha, High Point; William Flynt Marshall, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Walnut Cove; Charles Dayton Marton, Wilmington; Peggy Louise Martin, Toms Creek, Va. ; Thomas Ernest Martin, Sigma Chi, Charleston, S. C. Fifth Row: Turner Lee Martin, Winston-Salem; William Richard Martin, New Bern; William Connie Mathis, Jr., Rockingham; Mary Willis Matthews, Norfolk, Va. ; Thomas S. Matthews, Apex; William De- Vane Maultsby, Newton Grove; Joseph Franklin Maurice. P Kappa Alpha. Hamlet; James B. Mead, Low Moor, Va. Page 56 ass F nt Ron-- Samuel Harrelson Meares, Raleigh; Robert McNair Mebane, Burlington; Emil Ragland Medicus, Asheville; Webster Stevens Medlin, Mount Pleasant; Marilyn Elizabeth Mesks, Norfolk, Va. ; Francine Mellon, Durham; Carroll Roy Melton, Marion; Katherine Rose Melton, Charlotte. SecoiiJ Roif- osephTiyioi: Meh ' in, ]r., PJ Kappit Ph , Greensboro; C. B. Mendenhall, Chi Phi, Charlotte; Millicent Holly Merker, Westfield, N. J.; James Lee Merritt, Statesville; Walter Clinton Merritt, Weldon ; Robert S. Messner, New Bern; George William Michael, Alplvi Kappa Pu. Iron Station; Edward Micol, Jr., Valdese. Third Roil- Robert R. Milam, Jr., Jacksonville, Fl.i.; John Bynum Miles, Bela Tbela Pi, Winston-Salem; Richard Brewster Milham, Jr., Hamlet; George J. Miller, Pi Kappa Alpha. Charlotte; Joan Haynes Miller, Fayetteville, W. Va. ; Robert Alfred Miller, Asheville; Samuel Woodie Miller, Jr., Raleigh; William Arnold Miller, Jr., Concord. Fo iiih Row: James David Mills, Phi Kappa Sigma, Wadesboro; Charles Rudolph Milton, Wilmington; Cyrel William Minett, Waynesville; Bayra Wheaton Mitchell, Woodbury, N. J.; Elmer Nelscn Modlin, Jr., Jamesville; Michael Wallace Moncure, III, Phi Kappa Sigma, Richmond, Va. ; Virginia Neville Mon- fort, Atlanta, Ga. ; Solomon Michael Monsour, Fayetteville. Fijth Ron-- James Curtis Montgomery, Mayodan; John Robert Montgomery, Chi Psi. Raleigh; Frank Eugene Montgomery, Wilmington; Jerry Wofford Moody, Cooleemee; Eugene Calvin Moon, Graham; Blaine Calloway Moore, Mocksville; Henry Franklin Moore, Jr., Whiteville; James Floyd Moore, Jr., Sigma Chi, Phi Mu Alpha. Reidsville. Junior Fiisl Row: John W, Moore, Morganton, Louise Murphy Moore, Charlotte; Stanley Patterson Moore, Jr , Asheville; Thomas Milton Moore, Wilson; Walter Herbert Moore, Pi Kappa Phi, Reidsville; William Charles Moore, Jr.. New Bern; William T. Moore, Greensboro; Edward W. P. Moran, Pi Kappa Alpha. Henderson. Second Ron.- Mary Stewart Morehouse, Oakwoods; jicoh Aldbuiy Morel, Laji hJa Chi Alpha. Wilminii- ton; Junius Arlando Morgan, Benson; Charles O. Morrell, Asheville; Robert Earle Morrell, Asheville; Dwight Bennett Morris, Albemarle; Robert Raymond Morrison, Jr., P Kappa Alpha. Raleigh; Robert Knox Morrow, Zeta Psi, Charlotte. Third Row: James Harold Moses, Durham; William Preston Morse, Charlotte; Billy Buford Moss, Gastonia; Jesse M. Moss, Greensboro; Roy Maurice Moss, Durham; Kenneth Franklin Mountcastle, Simula Alpha Epsilon, Winston-Salem; John Charles Moyle, Charlotte; William Doverspike Mullen, Durham. Fourth Row: James Edwin Munden, Phi Kappa Sigma, Smithheld ; Robert Lawrence Munt. Winston-Salem : Sidney Yancey McAden, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Charlotte; James Hugh McArver, Gastonia; John Newton McCall, Charlotte; William Greer McCall, Phi Eta Sigma. Concord; Edward Johnson McCauley, Burling- ton ; Samuel Richard McCauley, Phi Kappa Sigma, Chapel Hill. Fifth Row: Walter Lane McCoIl, Jr., Chi Psi. Albemarle; Grady Monroe McCoy, Jr., Lexington ; Jack Terry McCready, Wilmington; Lewel O. McCullough, Jr., Charlotte; Hal Ashley McCullers, Jr., Raleigh; Wil- liam Alan McDonald, Durham; Guy W. McFarland, Charlotte; William McFarland, Bahama. ' lass First Row: Donald Madison McFee, Salisbury; Harold Vernon McGee, High Point; Andrew Gramling McGill, Laurinburg; Julia Harlan McHenry, Charlotte; Alexander Haywood Mclntire, Wilmington; Ed- win Borden McKee, Raleigh; Bernard George McKiernan, Astoria Long Island, N. Y. ; Philip McKinne, Kappa Sigma. Louisburg. Second Row: Roy Bowman McKnight, Jr., Sigma Chi, Charlotte; Fletcher Wilson McLane, Talladega, Ala.; Mrs. Frances G. McLane, Talladega, Ala.; James Cullen McLain, Jr., Badin; Benjamin Greene McLendon, Sigma Chi, Rockingham; Edward Armand McLeod, Maxton; Gloria Gertrude M cLeroy, East Point, Ga. ; Betty Jean McMahan, Asheville. r j Vd ' r;;r. ' Elizabeth Ann McManus, Newport News, Va. ; James Max McManus, Chi Psi. Red Springs; Mar) ' Angelyn McNease, Fayette, Ala.; Franklin BivdinMcNeely, LawhcJa Chi Alpha. D ' dlshoTo.lndiina.; Betty Jane McNeely, Shelby; Gibbon Elliott McNeely, Waxhaw; Mary Anne McNeely, Shelby; Frank Alex- ander McNeill, P Kappa Phi, Aberdeen. Foiirlh Rotv: Arnold Lawrence McPeters, Weaverville; William Edgar McPherson, Jr., Mebane; Elaine Miriam Naiman, Asheville; Margaret Mackay Neal, Lockport, N. Y. ; Stephen Grant Neely, High Point; Joseph Randolph Neikirk, Chi Phi. Roanoke, Va.; Sherman Yale Nearman, Pi Lambda Phi, Charleston, W. Va.; Charles B. Nelson, Durham. I ' iflh Row: Eleanor Hope Newell, Orlando, Fla. ; Jesse Frank Newton, Charlotte; Theodore James Newton, Jr., Charlotte; Charles Edward Nichols, Greensboro; Fletcher Burton Nichols, Jr., Phi Ela Sigma. Charlotte; Paul Douglas Nifong, Winston-Salem; Howard Floyd Nipper, Raleigh; Kemp Pruden Nixon, Kappa Alpha, Lincolnton. Junior First Row: Wiliam H. Nixon, Charlotte; Herman Leroy Noble, Pi Kappa Alpha, Charlotte; Merl M. Nor- cross, Kingston, Pa.; Alta Leonore Noll, Alpha Delta Pi. Berea, Kentucky; James Stanton Northrup, Jr.. Alpha Tan Omega, Concord; WiUard Close Northup, Jr., Winston-Salem; Nancy Norton, Durham; Julia Elizabeth Nunnally, Roanoke, Va. Second Roir: Marie Evelyn Nussbaum, Louisville, Ky.; Albert Womble Oakes, III, Weldon; James Gra- ham Gates, Greensboro; Charles Clarence Odell. Jr., Asheville; Svea Ruth Ogg, Clearwater, Fla. ; Jean Elizabeth Ogburn, Phi Mii, Bryn Mawr, Penna. ; MC e Thomson OXivt, Alpha Gamma Delta. Charlotte; John Harvey Oliver, Jr., Fayetteville. 7 " vW i?o; ; Sara Adams Oliver, Fayetteville; Johnnie Furnifold O ' Neal, Middlesex; Sara Jane Osborne, Alpha Gamma Delta. Jacksonville, 111.; Floyd Ernest Outland, Rich Square; Lloyd William Overcash, Char- lotte; Reece A. Overcash, Jr., Charlotte; Robert E. Ownley, Ta i Kappa Epsilon, Elizabeth City; William Baylies Parker, Jr., Alpha Tan Omega. Brooklyn, N. Y. Pourth Row: Herbert Dean Parris, Pilot Mountain; Hurley Irwin Parrish, Jr., Durham; William Kirby Parrish, Raleigh; Blanche Ellen Parrott, Kinston; Albert Eugene Partridge, Jr., Wade; Fred Samuel Patter- son, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Greensboro; Robert Malcolm Patterson, Kings Mountain; Robert Flynn Paylor, Farmville. Fifth Row: Barbara Ann Payne, Beckley, W. Va. ; Clarence Alexander Peace, Flat Rock; Alvin Ward Pea- cock, Sigmu N , Chapel Hill; William Stanley Pearce, Raleigh; Marilyn June Pearlman, Gastonia; Curtis Burton Pearson, Wilson; Marion Wooten Peebles, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Lawrenceville. Va. ; William Smith Peebles, III, Sigma Alph.i Epsilon, Lawrenceville, Va. rr O If) Page 160 ass vri7 Row: Chauncey Munger Pegram, Jr.. P Kappa Alpha, Elizabeth City; Roger Pegram, Fayetteville ; A[ son HougesVeW, Delia Kappa Epiiloii, C d.t o .te Edwin Howard Penland, Scaly; Constance Susanne Penn, Exeten, N. H. ; Bill Ewing Perry, Troy; Ely Jackson Perry, Jr., Kappa Si iiia, Kinston ; Henry Phelps, Asheville. Second R ' lw: Oliver Burton Phifer, Marshville; Herman Grady Phillips, Jr., Winnsboro, S. C. ; Earl Don Proffitt, Alexandria, Va. ; William Howard Pruden, Jr., Sigma Chi, Roanoke Rapids; Walker Leonard Pruitt, Burlington; John Robert Pugh, Laurel Springs; Gus B. Purcell, Sigma Chi, Laurinburg; Joe Billy Putnam, Cherryville. Third Row: John Roland Pyron, Sigma Chi. Charlotte; Glenn Haywood Person, Louisburg; Augustus Winniett Peters, Zeta Psi. Wilson; Thomas Jefferson Peterson, Jr., Savannah, Ga. ; Clarence Earl Pickard, Newport News, Va. ; Creel Allen Pickel, Phi Eta Sigma. Ft. Myers, Fla.; Oscar A. Pickett, Newark, Dela- ware; Mary Newsom Pierce, Greensboro. Fo ir h Row: Wilbur Elton Pierce, Apex; Robert Grady Piffman, Selma; William Gibson Pitts, Spring Hope; Charles Neal Pitzer, Winston-Salem; Jack Andrew Placey, Asheville; Stephen Piatt, Pi Lambda Phi. Far Rockaway, N. Y. ; Robert Townsend Pleasants, Greensboro; Rufus Grier Plonk, Jr., Kings Mountain. Fifth Roil ' : Melvin Podell, Alpha Epsilon Pi. Charlotte; Franklin Rockwell Poisson, Phi Gamma Delta, Wilmington; Lee Harlan Poole, Greensboro; Jack Porterfield, Monroe; Nelson Saul Posner, )Ad £ )j- 7o« Pi, Shelby; John Edward Pope, Pi Kappa Alpha, Williamston; Samuel Chapin Post, Greensboro; Michael Joseph Posta, New Bern. l5ar« s«:C ' ??. i if ' -»? i %: ' ' I % _0 ' m Person Hall Rrt The building that seems to attract the most visitors on campus must be Person Hall . . . for it is the Art building where real live models are used . . . and what models! Person used to be the pharmacy building, but now look at the beautiful bottlenecks . . . and how the artists like the new replacements to chloro-FORM. . . . Here stands the campus art gallery, a small replica of the famous ROGUE ' S, as the authorities tell it . . . where students can exhibit their forged pro- ductions of masterpieces by Rembrandt, Rafael, Van Gogh. Most art students earn their way through college by painting caricatures PROFESSOR ALICOT Hpad of Art Departiiietit Don ' t move, squirrel! It ' s nature study in art! Needs just a little this and a little that and of the students and faculty members. . . . Patrons are asked not to ask any of the students, save the artist himself, what a painting is supposed to repre- sent ... if it weren ' t good, it wouldn ' t be hanging there ... so come in and see the landscapes, still lives, nude studies, moving lives, and that common stuff called MODERN ART. Big dreams of big masters bring big success? And you sketch it this way, students, with an easel think you ' ll be ready in about 25 years or so F ist Row: Frances Banks Powe, Chi Omega, Durham; John Kenneth Powell, Bc a 1 heta Pi Danville, Va.; Hugh Murray Powell, Norfolk, Va. ; Alice Marion Powers, Rutherfordton ; Charles Fales Powers, Romney, W. Va. ; Richard Munger Preyer, Sigma Alpha Epsilnii. New Rochelle, N. Y. ; Herbert Williford Price, Selma; William Humberson Price, Baltimore, Md. Second Row: Lillian Sutton Pritchett, Windsor; Betty Zane Proctor, Charlotte; James Knott Proctor, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Greenville; Joe Brown Proctor, Chi P i, Whiteville; Lone Taylor Proctor, Jr., Char- lotte; Clifton Lee Quinn, Beulaville; Howard James Quinn. P Kappa Alpha. Jacksonville; John Coleman Rae, Raleigh. Third Row: James Howard Ramseur, Bessemer City ; Charles Garland Rakestraw, Stoneville; William Kenan Rand, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Durham; Robert Jerry Randall, Durham; Aubrey Jean Rankin, Mount Holly; Wilton Rankin, Wilmington; William Earl Ranson, Jr., Huntersville; Lester James Rattz, Winston-Salem. Fourth Row: Edwin E. Rawl, S gma Alpha Eps loii, Greenville; William McClellan Rawls, Alpha Tan Owe it. Rockingham ; Francis X. Ray, Flat Rock ; James Gordon Reagan, Asheville; Robert Dixon Reed, Thomasville; Thomas Gwyn Reich, Pi Kappa Sigma, Greensboro; Robert Louis Remsburg, Jr., Dunn; Frederic Retchin, Alpha Epsilon Pi. Wilmington. Fijth Row: Haskell Smith Rhett, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Wilmington; Carter Lee Rhinehart, Canton; Jocelyn Rhyne, Delta Delta Delta, Chapel Hill; Mary Louise Rice, Ashland, Ky. ; Robert Randolph Richard- son, Greensboro; Thaxton Richardson, Jr., Greensboro; Norman Graham Ridenhour, Cooleemee; Lucille Catherine Rieley, Washington, D. C. Page 164 Class First Row: Paul Livingston Ritch, Jr., Charlotte; Ernest L. Roberson, Charlotte; James Leggette Roberts, Alpha Tan Omega, Chapel Hill; Hubert Donald Robertson, Asheville; Charles D. Robinson, Graham; Heman Harwood Robinson, Jr., Elizabethtown ; John Wells Robinson, Sayville, N. Y.; George Farnell Rodman, Alpha Tan Omega, Washington. Second Roil ' : John Parks Rogers, Phi Kappa Sigma, Norristown, Pa.; Joseph Edgmon Rogers, Washing- ton; William Vernon Rogers, Clarkton; Ivon Cleveland Rolader, Chi Phi, Atlanta, Ga. ; Ferrell Lee Rol- lins, Bethel; Nancy Hoover Root, Raleigh; Robert Leonard Rosemond, Hillsboro; Jacqueline Leona Rosen, Miami Beach, Fla. Third Row: Jake L. Rowenbloom, Zeta Beta Tan, Rocky Mount; Lea David Rosenbloom, Burlington; Jack Burns Ross, Forest City; Clyde Buchanan Rosser, Broadway; William Stanley Roth, Oteen; Harvey Barron Ruffin, Zela Psi, Wilson; Glenn Albertson Ruggles, Alpha Tan Omega, Chevy Chase, Md.; John Charles Rush, Rocky Mount. Fonrth Row: Evelyn Louise Ruspini, Park Ridge, N. J.; Max Ruppe, Mooresboro; Edward Wray Russell, High Point; Eugene Fields Russell, Goldsboro; Robert Lee Russell, Jr., Swannanoa; William Dorset Rus- sell, Jr., High Point; Elbert Stephen Rutledge, Phi Kappa Sigma, Winston-Salem; Joseph Varnon Ruzicka, Jr., Sigma Chi, Guilford College. Fijth Row: Paula Austin Rudolph, Clarksville, Tenn.; Frederick Donald Ryan, Trenton, N. J.; Peter Rywak, New Kensington, Penna.; John Lassiter Sanders, Four Oaks; Robert Glasgow Sanford, Hendersonville; Joe Overton Sargent, Salisbur) ' ; James Alexander Sappenfield, Kappa P i, Kannapolis; Charles Edward Sasser, Wilmington. Pagt 165 Junior P rst Row: Roland Wright Sasser, Jr., Wilmington; Gordon Gales Sauls, Raleigh; Fred Stimson Saunders, Aulander; Jesse Lee Saunders, Jr., Reidsville; Annie Lee Sawyer, Charlotte; Raymond Donald Scala, Win- ston-Salem ; Robert E. Scarborough, Pi Kappa Alpha, Raleigh ; Julian W. Scheer, Pi Lambda Phi, Richmond, Va. Second Row: Franklin Lonnie Schell, Statesville; Kenneth Baxter Scoggins, Charlotte; Garland Marion Scruggs, Greensboro; Marilyn Augusta Seifert, Henderson; Theodore Edwards Sellers, Charlotte; Jean Kathryn Serpell, Daytona Beach, Fla. ; Emily Webb Sewell, Norfolk, Va. ; Katherine Louise Sevier, Ashe- ville. Third Row: John William Sexton, Phi Gamma Delta, Rocky Mount; Royal Graham Shannonhouse, III, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Pittsboro; Melvin Shep Shapiro, Pi Lambda Phi, Charlotte; Jackie Lee Sharpe, Roa- noke, Va. ; David James Sharpe, Chapel Hill ; Charles Collins Shaw, Henderson ; Bernie Maurice Sheffield, Colfax ; William Garland Shelton, Beta Theta Pi, Statesville. Fourth Row: William Banks Shepherd, III, Laurinburg; Peggy Sheridan, Gainesville, Ga. ; Patricia Anne Sherrill, Asheville; Nancy Jane Shields, Alpha Delta Pi, Chapel Hill; William Marshall Shuford, Fayette- ville; Edwin Harold Shuford, Phi Kappa Sigma, Hickory; Harry Benjamin Shuford, Raleigh; George Hen- derson Shall, Shelby. Fifth Row: Betty Frances Shumate, Danville, Va. ; Moncue Eaves Sibley, Pi Kappa Alpha, Lumberton; Harold Sigler, Sig» a N», Norfolk, Va. ; Calton Jones Weaver Simpson, Chapel Hill; Charles Harrison Simpson, Phi Mu Alpha, Greensboro; Richard Lee Simpson, Chi Phi, North Chevy Chase, Md., Robert F. Simpson, Chi Phi, Fayetteville ; Robert Milton Simpson, Wilmington. Page 766 Class Firs! Row: William Henry Simpson, Stokesdale; Sandra Sisk, Asheville; William Henry Skeels, Fayette- vilie; Josef Sklut, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Winston-Salem; Billy Northington Slack, Raleigh; William Kivett Slack, Henderson; Jean Beaty Sloan, Charlotte; Mark Raymond Smernoff, Pi Latnbda Phi, New Haven, Conn. Second Row: Betty Irene Smith, Charleston, W. Va.; Clarence James Smith, Zeta Psi, Dunn; Charles Gra- ham Smith, Pi Kappa Alpha, Raleigh; Claude Alfred Smith, Black Creek; Claude Ervin Smith, High Point; Clyde Branscome Smith, Leaksville; Colwell H. Smith, Jr., Wallace; David Anthony Smith, Lambda Chi Alpha, Burlington. Third Row: Clyde Spruill Smithson, Jr., Creswell; Wade Talmage Sorratt, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Winston- Salem; Dorothy Mayberry Smith, Leaksville; Edward Broadie Smith, Haw River; Edward Henry Smith, Phi Kappa Sigma, Charlotte ; George Robert Smith, Jr., Ruffin ; James Robinson Smith, Kappa Sigma, Dur- ham; Lawrence Oscar Smith, Clayton. Fourth Row: Lemuel Alexander Smith, Jr., Clarkton; Mary Janice Smith, Youngsville; Tal Douglas Smitli, Burlington; Willard Samuel Smith, Asheville; Jack Edsel Snipes, Morganton; Albert Gilmer Snider, Den- ton; Aubert Calvin Snow, Winston-Salem; Harry C. Snow, Goldsboro. F ) Ro; ' .- Harry R. Snowden, Jr., Flushing, N. Y.; Brooks F. Snyder, Winston-Salem; Vernon Gilbert Snyder, Jr., Thomasville; Martha Joyce Sockwell, East Point, Ga. ; Ray A. Sorrell, Jr., Durham; James Francis Southerland, Willard; Frances Evelyn Sowers, Sanford; Elmo Davis Sparks, Charlotte. Page 167 Junior First Row: Guy Mitchell Sparger, Delia Sigma Pi, Mt. Airy; James Henry Spears, Beta Theta Pi, Fayette- ville; Frederick William Spiegel, Highland Park, 111.; John Davidson Spinks, Jr., Sigma Nu, Winston- Salem; Elias Carr Speight, Rocky Mount; Walter Allen Spivey, Wilmington: Horace Edney Stacy, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Lumberton; Thomas Frank Stallings, Kappa Sigma, Smithfield. Second Row: Mack Stamps, III, Sigma Chi, Durham; Donald Mclver Stanford, Sigma Chi, Chapel Hill; Lloyd Butler Stanley, Carolina Beach ; Cecil Ertle Stephens, Lumberton ; Preston Stephens, Erwin ; Edwin Clark Stephenson, Charlotte; Jo Ann Stewart, Raleigh; John Wesley Stewart, Jr., Roanoke, Va. Third Row: Marvin Dial Stewart, Fountain Inn, S. C. ; William Henry Stewart, Asheville; William Murchi- son Stewart, Broadway; Mary Elizabeth St. John, Penllyn, Pa.; Thomas Angier Stokes, Jr., Phi Delta Theta. Durham ; James Philip Stone, Raleigh ; John Haywood Stone, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greensboro; Philip McGarvey Stonestreet, Mocksville. Fourth Row: Floyd B. Stout, Jr., Greensboro; Jerry Dalton Strader, Chi Phi, Burlington; Helen Elise Strawn, Concord; Herman Lindsey Stricklin, Lutts, Tenn.; Vernon Sronce Stroupe, Jr., Asheville; Lester Dill Sty- ron, Morehead City; Albert Chaplin Stuart, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Winston-Salem; Walter Vincent Stuart, Raleigh. Fifth Row: John S. Stump, Kappa Alpha, Clar ksburg, W. Va. ; Bobby Shafto Stutts, Alpha Kappa Psi. Cameron; John Mitsi Stoioff, Donora, Pa.; George Cranmer Suber, Selma; Estelle Blackwell Suddreth, Lenoir; Leon Sugar, Tan Epstloii Phi, St. Pauls; Patricia Anne Sullivan, Chapel Hill; Ralph Alexander Sullivan, Jr., Winston-Salem. Class F is Row: Richard Donald Sutton, Phi Gamma Delta, Toms River, N. J. ; Frances Alma Swain, Winston- Salem; Nat Henderson Swann, Jr., Chi Phi, Pelham; David Heidt Swearingen, Chapel Hill; Orch Ray- mond Swigart, Jr., Norfolk, Va. ; Peggy Jane Swinson, Wilson ; Susan Mary Switzer, Durham ; Aubrey White Talbert, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, High Point. Second Row: Maurice E. Talbot, Fayetteville; Banks C. Tally, Jr., Bennettsville; Fred Wesley Talton, De ij Sigma Pi, Clayton; Alfred Tyson Taylor, Jacksonville; Gary Buxton Taylor, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Raleigh; Donald Keith Taylor, Erwin; Glenn Ellis Taylor, Winston-Salem; James Taylor, Jr., Phi Alpha Delta, Elkin. Third Row: John Carlton Taylor, Greenville; John Swann Taylor, Chapel Hill; Richard Franklin Taylor, Raleigh; Shahane Richardson Taylor, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Greensboro; Vestal Columbus Taylor, Win- ston-Salem; Charles Houston Teague, Alpha Chi Sigma, Chapel Hill; James W, Teague, Asheville; Wil- liam Lester Teal, Jr., McFarlan. Fourth Row: Fletcher Lee Teel, Wilson; Harry Albert Teele, Kappa Alpha, Shelby; Edwin Wright Tenney, Jr., Chapel Hill; Edward Ross Testerman, 4 ) )d TiJ of Alpha Kappa Psi. Rogersville, Tenn. ; Barbara Anne Thomas, Winston-Salem; Henderson Lee Thomas, Jr., Carthage; Allen Hall Thompson, Rocky Mount; Jack Kester Thompson, Salisbury. Fifth Row: James Lee Thompson, ]i., Pi Kappa Alpha, Reidsville; Douglas Brett Thompson, Chi Phi, Nor- folk, Va.; Magnus Stribling Thompson, Highlands; George Edgar Thornton, Sigma Chi, Union Springs, Ala.; John Holden Thorp, Delta Kappa Epsiloii, Rocky Mount; James Thrash, Phi Delta Theta, Atlanta, Ga. ; Harold Ernest Threatt, Fayetteville; Ernest Haywood Tilley, Raleigh. Page 169 Junior First Row: Kenneth Gray Tilley, Sigma Chi, Morehead City; Mary Louise Tomlin, Flushing, N. Y. ; Plez A. Transou, Phi Kappa Sigma. Winston-Salem; Richard Stanford Travis, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greens- boro; Rudolph John Tropea, Delair, N. J.; Glenn Elliott Troutman, Statesville; Joseph Leon Troutman, Salisbury; Susan P. Trumbo, Norfolk, Va. Second Row: John Frank Tsantes, Delta Sigma Pi, Wilmington ; Carolyn Frazier Tuck, Virgilina, Va. ; Hobert Glenn Tucker, Winston-Salem; Marion Gray Tucker, Monroe; Fulton Francis Turner, Roanoke Rapids; Joseph Earl Turner, Dunn; Sidney Bumpass Turner, Jr., Durham; James Malbon Twine, Sigma Nu, Norfolk, Va. Third Rou : Lloyd M. Tyndall, Goldsboro; Raymond Edward Uden, Leaksville; Frank Dixon Underwood, Pi Kappa Alpha, North Wilkesboro; Archie Leondus Usher, Asheboro; Edd Lamonte Utley, Concord; George Brundage Valentine, Sigma Chi, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. ; Raymond Earl Vanderford, Pi Kappa Alpha, Burlington; Donnell VanNoppen, Jr., Zeta Psi, Morganton. Fourth Row: Carolyn Hughlett Van Sant, Hinton, W. Va. ; Earl Wray Vaughn, Reidsville; Richard Baldwin Veasey, Raeford; Wendell Neville Vest, Stevensville, Md. ; George Alexander Vestal, Fayetteville; Donald Francis Vincent, Phi Kappa Sigma, Swannanoa; Jack Lewis Vinson, Greensboro; Herbert Alexander Vogler, Phi Kappa Sigma, Winston-Salem. Fifth Row: Paul Thomas Von Bramer, Beta Theta Pi, Kingsport, Tenn.; Torrence M. Wade, Jr., Raleigh; Howard S. Wainer, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Winston-Salem; Carroll Washington Wal- den, Jr., Greensboro; Archie DuVall Walker, Jr., Alpha Epsilon Delta, Wilmington; Charles Walton Walker, Morganton; Robert Richmond Walker, Kerr; Numer Clyde Wall, Kappa Alpha, Norfolk, Va. Page 170 Class First Row: Frances Ruth Walls, Apex; Roxie Ann Walters, Fuquay Springs; Harold L. Warner, Walker- town; Benny Hill Warren, Concord; Wallace E. Warren, Dunn; James Clarence Warrick, Jackson; David Dortch Warriner, Kappa Alpha, Lawrenceville, Va.; Edward K. Washington, Kannapolis. Second Row: Alice Newell Watkins, Washington, D. C. ; Curtis Elwood Watkins, Durham; Harry Thomas Watkins, Phi Delta Theta, Durham; John Arch Watson, Fayetteville ; Edward O ' Hanlon Wat- son, Phi Gamma Delta, Winston-Salem; Harvey L. Watson, Charlotte; John Blake Watson, Jr., Wadesboro; Malcolm Clifton Watson, Red Springs. Third Row: Jimmie Lee Weathers, Phi Mu Alpha, Shelby; Archibald Johnson Webb, Phi Gamma Delta, Wilson; ]ohnWehh, Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Eta Sigma, Wilson; Albert Wehrhahn, Jr., Acme; Rylan Campbell Weisner, Olin; Edgar James Wells, Teachey; John Franklin Wells, Teachey; Camest Lotorge West, Philadelphia, Pa. Fourth Row: William Lafayette West, Jr., Belmont; Woodrow H. Westall, Phi Kappa Sigma, Black Moun- tain; Ruth Jessamine Whalen, Wilson; Thomas Donnell Wharton, Kappa Alpha, Winston-Salem; John Suther Whichard, Phi Gamma Delta, Greenville; Emmett Joseph Whitaker, Ayden; Reginald Lyon Whit- aker, Jr., Oak Ridge; Charles Mayfield White, III, Phi Kappa Sigma, Manson. Fifth Row: David F. White, Cleveland; King D. White, Shawmut, Ala.; Robert Irvan White, Durham; Howard Edward Whitehead, Charlotte; Lucy Jane Whitehead, Charlotte; Ralph Alden Whitehurst, Hills- boro; George Herbert Whitfield, Kappa Sigma, Kinston; Edward Arnold Whitley, Rutherford College. ' im im Page 171 Junior lil l i F ist Row: Lemuel D. Whitsett, Phi Gamma Delta, Charlotte; Isaac Jesse Wicker, Sanford ; James Herbert Wilder, Mt. Gilead ; Charles Leonard Wilder, Zebulon ; Charles William Wilkerson, Raleigh ; Dan Wil- letts, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Leland; Carl Michael Williams, Kappa Sigma. Douglas, Wyoming; Edward Sutherlin Williams, Greenville. Second Row: John Edgar Williams, Wilmington; Joseph Speed Williams, Sigma Nu. Rocky Mount; Lenoir Mercer Williams, Faison; Margery Carter Williams, Richmond, Va.; Marshall Rudolph Williams, Raleigh; Robert Wilton Williams, Lumberton; Sara Caroline Williams, Phi Mu, Raleigh; Harriet Ann Williamson, Memphis, Tenn. rA ;v i?o;r.- Joseph Wiley Williard, KernersviUe; David Henry Willis, New Bern; Doc Paul Willis, Shelby; Pfohla E. Wimoth, S gma Chi: Phi Eta Sigma, Winston-Salem; Robert Wiley Wilmoth, Phi Kappa Sigma, Winston-Salem; Spencer Columbus Wilmoth, Dobson; Arnold Landreth Wilson, Chandler; Clifton Monroe Wilson, Jr., Phi Eta Sigma, Aberdeen. Fourth Row: Ernest Frank Wilson, Durham; Jesse F. L. Wilson, Rose Hill; J. Rush Wilson, Jr., Leaks- ville; Kathryn Charlotte Wilson, Burlington; Lillian Francis Wilson, Newton; Richard Kendall Wilson, Roanoke Rapids; Virgil Archibald Wilson, Rural Hall; William Bernard Winfield, Pi Kappa Alpha, Chocowinity. Fifth Row: Walter Winius, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsiloii, New Orleans, La. ; Newton Alfred Winn, Sigma Phi Epsiton, St. Petersburg, Fla. ; Patricia Wentworth Winslow, Chapel Hill ; Wilbur Graham Wilson, Oxford ; John Aloysius Wolhar, Pi Kappa Alpha. Charlotte; Cecil Graham Womack, Sanford; Ray Halfond Wom- ble, Lillington ; Thomas Benbury H. Wood, Delta Kappa Epsiloii. Edenton. Pagt 172 ass Wgm First Ron: John Harris Woodall, Winston-Salem; Calvin Woodard, Wilson; John Frost Woodhouse, Jr., K.ipp.i Sigi u. Virginia Beach, Va.; Philip Woollcott, Jr., Dell.7 Kappa Epsilon, Asheville; George W. Wooten, Asheville; James Elmer Workman, Burling- ton; Jack Watts Worsham, Pi Kappa Alpha, Ruffin; James Davis Worsham, Pi Kappa Phi, Southern Pines. Second Row: Walter Yeatman Worth, Jr., Chi Psi, Raleigh; Mary Baity Wright, Greensboro; Samuel Clyde Wright, Arden; Wilson Bruce Wright, Sigma Chi. Durham; Kenneth Van Wyatt, Morganton; Arthur Demetrius Xanthos, Wilmington; Francis Allen Yancey, Oxford ; Pep Younce, Spartanburg, S. C. Third Row: ' S diiha.t3.Md.n3.n ' oung, Sigma Alpha lota, Chdi eWlWl; Clyde Young, Jamaica Plain, Mass.; Eleanor Stephens Young, Corona del Mar, Calif.; Frederick Wright Young, W. Monroe, La.; Frank E. Young, Jr., Oxford; William Frederick Young, Phi G annua Delta: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Phi Eta Sigma, Florence, S. C. ; Joseph Patrick Zahran, Fayetteville. Not too many cooks in this stew ! Not the Dionne ' s, Jut just as " pop " at U. N. C. Glad to see you, Rushee (sucker) ! Not homework with these boys . . It COULDN ' T BE Davie Hall The arboretum . . . cultural center for most of the students at the University of North Carohna ... is next to Davie Hall. (By locating Davie thus, everyone is sure to know just where it is.) Botany stu- dents, residents of Davie, make innumerable field trips through the arboretum just looking at leaves, trees, flowers, grass, coeds, and their male friends. . . . Here students learn the facts of life about flowers. ... By learning to call a stem a stem, a root a root, and a bud a bud, the botanists, upon graduation, can name and identify every flower, Botany PROFESSOR COUCH Head of Botany Department Page 174 Studying and observing the facts of life about the Howers Was it spermatozoa or mitosis that I had to report on? Some big word. leaf, and dog ' s friend (the tree) on campus and in surrounding areas. . . . All you have to learn are such pertinent terms as " ovary, " " mitosis, " " anabolism, " " catabolism, " " metabolism, " etc., to become an authority on plant life. Yes, what an accomplishment. . . . " This is a deciduous tree, Homer. " " Really, Jezebelle.- ' " ' Tain ' t a movie, but just as good . . . the cross-section of a lima bean. Lecture or Library . . . what ' s the difference . . . it ' s over mv head Lab break . . . before we break our necks examining the pollen of the hyacinths Out of that long unending first year at last! Now the months seem to go by much faster. The Class has become adjusted to college life and college ways. The boys know what it means to drink like a Carolina gentleman and the girls (those rare creatures) know all about the Arboretum. The Tciriiiitio)! begins its sophomore year too. The Daily Tur Heel is as much a part of the morning as eight o ' clock classes. There are a few Phi Eta Sigma keys around, and they help to remind that this is the last year in General College. (Well, it should be, anyway!) The faculty advisors are used to these experienced people, and the blessings of pre-registering are recognized. President Graham has become Dr. Frank, and Chapel Hill is a second home. There are new dorms, three in all; but the boys are still crowded. Downtown the Rath- The Class of 1951 Kyle Barnes, Presidenl; Marvin Nathan, Vice-President ; Barbara Bess, Secretary; Jim Gwynii. Treasurer; ( ' alvin Coons. Social Chairman Oh iiioinniy, look at the monkeys! fls Sophomore " skellar has been added. It seems as if they ' ll never finish Morehead Planetarian. The year is unique to say the least. The elections caused almost as much excitement as football. And as far as football is concerned, it was one of the greatest years in history. Spring isn ' t too far away and then in the distance wait two more falls. After that the caps and gowns end the story. Sophomore Fitfl Row: Thumas William Osier Abbott. LirnhJj Chi Alpki. Wynnewuod, Pa.; Ann Wilson Adams. Willow Springs; David Massey Adams, Pi Kappa Alpha, Raleigh; Theodore Adler, Tan Epsilon Phi. Norfolk, Va.; Belvin Franklin Akins, Varina; William Arthur Albright, Charlotte; William Henry Aldridge, Lambda Chi Alpha. Burlington; James Moffat Alexander, Statesville; Archie C. Allen, Ash; Gary Walter Allen, Pi Kappa Alpha. Asheville. Second Roiv: Robert Eugene Allen. Canton; Robert Eugene Allen. Shelby; Worth B. Allen, Jr., Raleigh; John Edward Allgood, Kittrell; John Thompson Allred, Dunn; Richard Brown Allsbrook, Alpha Tan Omega. Roanoke Rapids; William W. Alston, Louisburg; David Maurice Anderson, Jr., Rocky Mount; John Albert Andrew, Albemarle; Robert Lindsay Andrews, Goldsboro. Third Ron:- William Parker Andrews. Jr.. Phi Delta Thela, Flat Rock ; Richard Carlton Angel, Franklin ; Thomas Weldon Angel, Franklin; Philip Newell Atkinson, Alpha Tan Omega. Asheville; Ralph Jones Atkinson, Winston- Salem; James Crowder Austin, Marshville; William Henry Meacham Austin, Smithfield; Emile Richard Ayash, Wil- mington; Harry William Aycock, Franklin, Louisiana; Don Charles Ayers, Lexington. Fourth Row; Kenneth Aubrey Ayers, Lexington; Jaenn M. Bailey, Sacramento, California; Charles Edward Baker. Pt Kappa Phi, Reidsville; Noel Wayne Baker, Rural Hall; Walter F. Baker, Mount Holly; James Whitaker Ballou, Zela Psi, Oxford; ]ohn D. Barah, ]t., Phi Kappa Sigma, Atlantic City, N. J.; Harrison Idol Barbee, Phi Gamma Delia, Greensboro; David D. Barber, Raleigh; James Chester Barbour, Jr., Smithfield. Fifth Row: Marion Durwood Barbour, Benson; Julian Barker, Wilson; Major Pryor Barksdale, Clinton; W. Channing Barksdale. Greensboro; Julian Banks Barnes. Enfield; Kyle Durland Barnes, Sigma Chi, Winston-Salem; Troy Thomas Barnes. Jr.. Wilson; Norman Paige Barringer, Gold Hill; Charles Samuel Bartlett, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Chapel Hill; Ronald Basescu, Brooklyn, N. Y. Sixth Row: Eugene Burroughs Baskett, Henderson; Arthur Carr Batson, Burgaw; Ralph Batts, Jr., Durham; Nick Harry Batuyios. Wilmington; Charles D. Beane, Ramseur; William James Beard, Hillsboro; Joseph Hodgin Beasley, Randle- man; Alfred John Beatty, Fairfield, Connecticut; Roy Beaty, Jr., Thomasville, Ga.; Charles Edison Beck, Greensboro. Class F rsl Row: Richard Urban Beck, Hamlet; James Hazel Belk, Monroe; Daniel Long Bell, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Pittsboro; William S. Benbow, 5 ;?m 2 l Aa £ _( 7o«. Winston-Salem; George Lemuel Bennett, Jr., Wadesboro; John Sanford Bennett, Greensboro; Gustave K. Berger, Tau Epsilon Pi, Stamford, Conn.; Doran Joyce Berry. Fayetteville; Earl Ray Betts, Jr., Sigma Chi, Greensboro; Eugene Andrew Birke, Winston-Salem. SeconJ Row: Harold Clifton Bizzell, Durham; Harold Daniel Blalock, Winston-Salem; Clyde James Blanchard, Rocky Mount; Albert Stowe Blankenship, Jr., Charlotte; Louis Adams Bledsoe, Jr., Huntsville, Ala.; Eugene Fletcher Bobbitt, Warrenton; William Dewey Boling, Jr., Pamplico, S. C. ; Dan C. Boney, Raleigh; William Norman Booker, Greens- boro; Rodney Lee Borum, High Point. Third Row: James Wallace Bovender, Winston-Salem; Ralph Hartman Bowden, Mocksville; William A. Bowen, Limhda Chi Alpha. Greenville; Robert Lewis Bowman, Walnut Cove; Harlan Edward Boyles, Hickory; Charles Lee Brackett, Jr., Durham; Roy Carmich ael Bradford, Henderson; Ralph W. Brake, Jr., Rowland; Fred Dennis Brammer, Charlotte; Wil- liam Patterson Branch, Rich Square. f oar A i?o«; Myers Griffin Braxton, Godwin; Paul Hamer Brigman, High Point; Alfred Cameron Brinson, Arapahoe; Henry Cowles Bristol, Jr., Kappa Sigma. Statesville; Clay D wight Brittain, Graham; Carroll Eugene Brooks, Durham; Frank Gibbons Brooks, Jr., Siler City; John Wesley Brooks, Raleigh; Mclver Monroe Brooks, Jr., Wilmington; Joseph Azel Brookshire, Randleman. Fijth Row: Burton Walter Brown, Southern Pines; Charles Quentin Brown, Henderson; Edward Alvin Brown, Greens- boro; James Shea Brown, Delia K.ippa Epsilon. Washington, D. C. ; John Simeon Brown, Wilmington; William Jackson Brown, Phi Kappa Sigma. Durham; James Nicholas Browne, III, Wilmington; William A. Buchan, Silver Spring, Md.; Harry Eugene Buchanan, Phi Delia Thela, Hendersonville; Harvey Lindy Bumgardner, Kings Mountain. Sixlh Row: Howard Edward Bunch, Jarvisburg; Frank Edwin Bunker, Winston-Salem; Richard Fry Bunting, Sigma Chi. Salem, Virginia; Oscar Nesbitt Burgess, Jr., Charlotte; William Cromartie Burgess, Raleigh; Bill A. Burlesan, Bakers- ville; George Albert Burton, Jr., Rocky Mount; John William Burwell, Rutherfordton ; Henry James Butler, Elizabeth City; Samuel Manley Butler, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Cherry ville. Sophomore F nt Row: Handsel Blanks Butts, Kappa Alpha, Natchez, Miss.; Merlin Roderick Bynum, Greensboro; Rufus Sisson Bynum, Alpha Tau Omega. Potsdam, New York; Robert Brown Cain, High Point; Joseph Avery Callahan, AsheviUe; Sam James Calvert, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha. Norfolk, Virginia; Carlyle Campbell, Raleigh; Louis Henry Campbell, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha. Asheboro ; Robert Daniel Cantor, Pi Lambda Phi. Philadelphia, Penn. ; Donald Carmichael, Alpha Tau Omeg a. Falls Church, Va. Second Row: George Carter Carr, Phi Delia Thel.i. Lakeland, Fla. ; John Gorham Carr, Durham ; John Richard Carr, Jr., Plymouth; Charles Douglas Carter, Winston-Salem ; Jacob Marvin Carter, Halifax; Charles Fred Carty, Jr., Durham; D. Jean Cashion, Leesburg, Fla.; Johnny A. Gate s, Raleigh; Marvin WyatI Gates, Hillsboro; Bob Bryan Cathey, Chi Pn. Asheville. Third Roir: Jennings Ingram Chandler, Burlington; William Tyree Chapman, Hickory; Norwood J. Cheek, Leaksville; George Saunders Cheesborough, Bela Theta Pi. Biltmore; Howard W. Childress, Mount Airy; Charles Grayson Chil- ton, Greensboro; George Robert Christie, Jr., Roosevelt, Long Island, New York; Clifton Russell Churn, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha. Raleigh; Edward Richard Clark, Raleigh; H. Manly Clark, Elizabethtown. Fourth Roic: Joseph Lee Clark, Raleigh; Stuart Fletcher Clayton, Fayetteville; James Edwin Clement, S ' gnia Chi: Raleigh; Rupert Hoke Cliff, Benson; David Elwood Oihard, Jr., Winston-Salem; Billy Gray Clodfelter, Winston-Salem; John Vines Cobb, Jr., Pinetops; John Nelson Coffey, Jr., Raleigh; Richard Erie Cofield, Jr., Edenton ; Stephen Reeves Cole, Lambda Chi Alpha. Burlington. Fifth Row: Robert Hogue Colley, Cln Phi. Elon ; Robert Eugene Colhns, Plymouth; George Todd Colv.ud, U, Richmond, Virginia; Johnston Fred Colvard, Jr., Chi Psi. Durham; Alan Wesley Compton, Garner; Harold Benard Conley, Marion; Clyde Richard Conrad, Phi Mii Alpha. Greensboro; Roger Atkinson Piyor Cooley, Phi Delia Theta. Nashville; John Douglas Cooper, Cary; Herman Morton Coplon, Tau Epsilon Phi, New Bern. Sixth Ron: Clyde Edwards Corbett, Castle Hayne; John Hardin Council, Boone; Samuel Furman Covington, Rocking- ham; James Cureton Cowan, Bristol, Tenn. ; William George Cowan, Riverside, Calif.; William London Cowan, Kappa Si, ma. Durham; Reid Carr Coward, Ayden ; William Alexander Cowburn, Lumberton; Kyle Cox, Sanford ; Bill Craft, Pi Kappa Alpha. Greensboro. Class First Row: Lunceford Creech, Smithfield; George Edwin Cieel, Chapel Hill; Douglas Edward Crisp, Lenoir; Matthew Clayborne Crisp, Raleigh; William Charles Cromwell, Candler; Glenn S. Crook, Jr., Fayetteville; James Alton Croom, Wilmington; Jacob Lewis Cross, Lexington; Thomas Harold Crowder, Zeta Psi. Henderson; Oscar Bernard Crowell, Jr., Hendersonville. Second Row: John Charles Culbreth, Sigma Ku, Pembroke; Julius Albrecht Culp. Gastonia; John Marvin Curlee, Anson- ville; David Milton Currence, AsheviUe; George Radcliffe Darden. Jr , Siawa N ' u. Camden, S. C. ; Morton Mead Dark, Siler City; George Harry Daskai, Fayetteville; Truman Griffin Daughtridge, Rocky Mount; William Gray Daughtridge, Rocky Mount; George Dudley Daughtry, Lambda Chi Alpha, Wilmington. Third Row: Travis Edwin Davenport, Phi Delta Thela, Rocky Mount; Alan Jesse Davis, Charlotte; Herbert Edward Davis, Jr., Raleigh; Raymond Covington Davis, Ellerbe; Robert Hampton Davis, Jr., Chi Phi. Richmond, Va.; Troy Lester Davis, Chi Phi. Anderson, South Carolina; Clinton L. Deal, Morganton ; Jimmie Hudson Deatherage, Greensboro; Charles Winfield Dellinger, Jr., Phi Mu Alpha, Graham; Joseph Leo DeWalt, Dunn. Fourth Row: John Wesley Deyton, Jr., Spruce Pine; William DeBerry Dick, Tryon; James Russell Dickens, Roanoke Rapids; Albert Maxcy Dickson, Chi Psi, Hyattsville, Md. ; P. McNeer Dillon, Jr., 5;.? «d PA; £; ' Vo», Statesville; Richard Dillard Dixon, Jr., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Edenton ; Joseph J. Dorsett, Alpha Tan Omega, Ridgewood, N. J. ; Joseph James Dougherty, Sharon Hill, Penn. ; Thomas Joseph Dougherty, Winston-Salem; Murdock Edward Dowd, Jr., Dunn. Fifth Row: Samuel Murrow Downs, Fayetteville; George Franklin Drew, Live Oak, Fla. ; John Edwin Duke, Golds- boro; Charles Henry Duls, Jr., Charlotte; Stacy Allen Duncan, Chi Phi. Benson; George Thomas Dunlop, Delta Kappa Epsilon, AsheviUe; George Barton Dysart, Greenville, S. C. ; Alfred Leonard Dyson, Pi Kappa Alpha, Fayetteville; Charles Frederick Eddinger, North Wilkesboro; Paul Burt Edmundson, Goldsboro. Sixth Row: Philip Jackson Edwards, Raleigh; Robert Anderson Olin Edwards, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha. Raleigh; Robert Starnes Ehle, AsheviUe; James Maxton Elliott, Asheboro; Robert Hampton Ellmore, Roxboro ; Emory Elmore, III, Df i( Psi, Rochester, N. Y. ; Dewey Lee English, Phi Kappa Sigma, Monroe ; Benjamin Kenney Erdman, Jr., Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. Fayetteville; Guy Carr Evans, Greenville; Robert H. Evans, Shelby. Sophomore First Row: James Everett, Doniphan, Mo.; Luther Stanly Faison, Knightdale; Marion Glenn Farrell, Chapel Hill; William Alfred Farrington, Kings Mountain; Dewd Steve Fasul, Fayetteville; Richard Fayssoux, Jr., Arden; Will James Feltus, Kappa Alpha, Natchez, Miss.; Robert Rowland Fentress, Knotts Island; Lindsay Coble Ferguson, K.ippj Sigma, Durham ; Hal Dean Ferrard, Sigma Nii. Arcadia, Kansas. Second Row: James Hugh Fletcher, Drexel ; Percy Flowers, Jr., Chi Psi, Clayton; Henry Clendenin Fordham, Sigma Chi, Greensboro ; Ralph E. Forrest, New Bern ; Charles Dunsmore Fox, III, Delia Psi. Roanoke, Va, ; Laurence Fox, Tail Epsilon Phi, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Harry LeRoy Fremd, Kappa Alpha, Canal Point, Fla. ; John D. Fulk, Jr., Martinsville, Va. ; Peter Demetrios Galanides, Norfolk, Va. ; Betsy Gallagher, Chapel Hill. Third Roir: William Andrew Gallagher, Hamlet; Fred A. G-ilt;in, Kappa Sigma. Raleigh; Harry Garland, Linville; Ed- win Porter Gaston, Granite Falls; Charles F. mklin George, Raleigh; Charles Robert Gilchrist, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon. Brown Summit; Gene Ivy Gi les, Spindale; William Franklin Gilleland, Statesville; Joseph Elfred Gillespie, Reidsville; Floyd D. Gilmore, Yucaida, Calif. Fourth Row: George Robin Gilmore, Hillsboro; William Crrard Gilmore, Beta Theta Pi, Towson, Md.; Thomas Edgar Glass, Jr., Apex; William Harold Glass, Raleigh; Morton Joseph Glasser, Tau Epsilon Phi. Norfolk, Va. ; Alfred Charles Glosson, Jr., Durham; Charles Franklin Glover, Sims; Fred Weston Glover, Charlotte; Ebe William Godwin, Wilming- ton; Ira David Godwin, Wilson. Fifth Row: Erwin Saul Goldman, Burlington; Henry Neil Goldstem, Pi Lambda Phi. Hampton, Va.; Willard Coe Goley, Graham; James Thomas Gooding, New Bern; James Roy Goodman, Jr., Albemarle; Stanley David Goodman, Pi Lambda Phi. Norfolk, Va. ; Carl Dean Goodson. Marion; Robert Flournoy Goodwm, Jr., Winstim-Salem; Arthur Fountain Goodwyn, Tarboro ; Allen Spach Goslen, Winston-Salem. Sixth Row: Robert Judson Gourley, Jr., Walkertown; Perrin Wingate Gower, Zela Psi, Raleigh; Norfieet Grant, New Bern; Willis Jackson Grant, Windsor; Arthur L. Green, Jr., Winston-Sa lem; Franklin Eugene Green, Norfolk, Va.; Irving Leonard Greespon, Tau Epsilon Phi. Newport News, Va.; Richard Grantham Gregory, Wilson; Elliott Hamilton Griffin, Charlotte; John Roger Griffin. Jr., Aulander. Class First Row: Allan Leland Griffiths, Phi Ela Sigma, Leaksville; George Hill Grover, III, Chi Psi, Trenton, N. J.; Robert Wade Gryder, Hiddenite; Malta Carolyn Guthrie, Chapel Hill; Cary Lee Guy, Angler; James Minor Gwynn, Sigma Nu, Mexico City, Mexico; Thomas Crawford Haddon, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Durham; Jack Tillmon Hadley, Alpha Tau Omega. Gainesville, Fla.; Richard Francis Haff, Phi Eta Sigma, Burlington; Henry Carroll Hagan, Pittsboro. Second Row: Billy Raymond Hale, Thomasville; Charles Winston Hall, Sanford; James Grayson Hall, Danbury; Roy Griffith Hall, Jr., Saluda; Thomas Roy Hall, Burlington; Melvin Lewis Hamby, Lexington; Jimmy Roger Hamrick, Shelby; Howard Franklin Hann, Phi Kappa Sigma, Charlotte; Richard Vollers Hanson, P ) (jjwffw Df J. Wilmington; John Fuller Harman, Wilmington. Third Row: Benjamin Carlton Harrell, Mamie; Philip Van Harrell, Gatesville; Amos Cecil Harris, Forest City; Ellis Clay- tun Harris, Greensboro; George Pritchard Harris, Grantsboro ; Joseph Claxton Harris, Durham ; Lucian Haywood Harris, III, Charlotte; Bertram J. Hart, Kinston ; Crawford Avery Hart, New York, N. Y. ; John Thomas Harward, Jr., Dur- ham. I ' ourlh Row: Jerry Lee Hawkins, Shelby; Robert Edward Hawkins, Raleigh; Robert Lawson Hawkins. Shelby; William Lee Hawkins, Raleigh; Clarence Fillmore Hayes, High Point; David Robert Hayworth, High Point; Dolan Vinnie Hed- rick, Lexington; Hunt Randolph Hedrick, Danville, Va.; Loyd Bruce Hedrick, Phi Gamma Delta. Lexington; Linwood Mason Herndon, Angier. Fijth Row: Charles Leonidas Herring, La Grange; Horace Taylor Herring. Walstonburg; Faison Museley Hicks, Faison; Horace Milton Hill, New Bern; David Raymond Hinkle, Jr., Winston-Salem; Arned Lee Hinshaw, Burlington; Floyd Judson Hipps, Asheville; Henry Hoyt Hobbs, Tampa, Fla. ; Jack Edward Hobbs. Greensboro ; Robert Clay Hogan Chapel Hill. Sixth Row: Ernest Jackson Holbrook. Jr., Kappa Sigma. High Point; Fletcher M. Hollingsworth, La Grange; Bob Jason Holmes, Lambda Chi Alpha, Burlington; Curtis Ray Holmes, Fayetteville ; Lotes Lee Holmes, Sanford; James Oscar Holt, Jr., Alpha Tau Omega, Raleigh; John Leland Honeycutt. Jr.. Erwin; Ottis Honeycutt, Jr., Erwin; Larry Dew Hooks, Fremont; Frank Cyrus Hooper, Massena, N. Y. Pag lai Sophomore FirU Ron: James Reid Hooper. Durham; Robert Joyce Hooper, Reidsville; Jack Walker Hopkins, Fitzgerald, Ga.; Harry H. Horton, Jr., Pi K.ipp.i Alpha. Ashevilie; Hugh Glenn Horton, Jr., Phi Gamma Delia. Williamston; Robert Swain Horton, Raleigh; William Newton Hovis, Jr., Chi Psi. Charlotte; Harry Saunders Howard, Raleigh; Herbert Hugh Howell, Kappa Alpha. Goldsboro; Robert Calloway Hubbard, North Wilkesboro. Second Rotr: William M. Hudgins, Seaford, Va.; Charles Franklm Hughes, Asheboro; Laurence Brugger Humes, Rob- binsville; John Norman Hunt. Charlotte; Richard Fredrick Hunt. Jr., Rocky Mount; Thomas Jackson Hunt, Seagrove; John Howard Ingle. Raleigh; John Randolph Ingram. Asheboro; James Herman Ingram. Ingalls; Blake Elliot Isley, Jr., Lynchburg, Va. Third Rou:- Vernon L. James, Liberty; Richard Hampton Jenrette, Chi Psi. Phi Eta Sigma, Raleigh; Edward Williams Jernigan, Durham; C. Clarence Johnson, Spring Hope; Edwin Eure Johnson, Sigma N», Rocky Mount; Ira Kimbrell Johnson, Jr., Wilmington; James William Johnson, Kappa Alpha, High Point; Richard Earl Johnson, Randleman; Willis Jefferson Johnson, Jr., Wallace ; Alden Garlan Jonas, Phi Delta Theta, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. Fourth Row: Durward Spencer Jones, Winston-Salem; Graham Eugene Jones, Phi Eta Sigma, Winston-Salem; John Wil- liam Jones, Charlotte; Leslie Edward Junes, Sigma Nii, Norfolk, Va.; Johnie Hooper Jones, Charlotte; Rial C. Jones, Ox- ford; Robert Arthur Jones, Southport; Ronald Arthur Jones, Raleigh; William Wright Jones, Jr.. Raleigh; Edward Saun- ders Jordan, Carolina Beach. F; A i?o«; John Calvin Jordan, Mebane; Jay Harris Joseph, Vineland, N. J.; Elwood Ervin Joye, Rosedale, N. Y.; Harold Henry Kastner, Alpha Tau Omega, Sanford, Fla.; Robert Kaufman, Pi Lambda Phi, Mt. Vernon, N, Y.; Mary MacDonald Kear, Chapel Hill; Cameron Hazel Keels, McColl, S. C. ; Paul Keenan. Jr., Chi Psi. Chicago, III.; Hurshell Hal Keener, Lenoir; Matthew Thomas Kelly, Phillips, Wisconsin. Sixth Row: Robert Murdock Kelly, Kappa Alpha. Greensboro; Robert Lanham Kirby. Charlotte; Guy Smith Kirby, Kappa Alpha. Marion; George C. Kirby, Roxboro; Eston Clay King, Jr., Burlington; Bennie Lafayette King, Warren Plains; Thomas Rockwell Kerr, Pasadena, Calif.; Philip Houston Kennedy, Charlotte; Nevin Kennedy, III, Delta Psi. Atlanta, Ga. ; John Lacy Kennedy. Fayetteville. Class First Ron: William Garland Kirkman, Durham; William Melvin Kirven, LtmbJa Chi AlfiLi. Hamlet; Lyle Edsel Kiser, King; Michael Luther Kiser, Jr., Chi Phi, Spencer; Charles Milliard Knight, Charlotte; Allen Russell Koenig, Phi Gamma Delta. Brooklyn, N. Y.; Benjamin Pully Lacy, Durham; Evangeline Harrelson Laidlaw, Western Springs, 111.; James Louis Lamm, Mount Airy; Carol Jack Lane, Morganton. Second Roic: Marshall Ross Lane, Morganton; Bill Frye Laney, Lenoir; Gene Lang, Phi Gamma Delta, Ayden; Carl Thomas Lasley, Jr., Norfolk, Va.; Bill Winfield Lassiter, Durham; Don Richard Latta, Greensboro; Irvin Emmette Lawrence, Jr., Raleigh; Joseph Thad Lawrence, Sanford ; George Willard Laws, Durham; Anthony Blake Leckie, Lum- berton. Third Row: William J. Lee, Kappa Alpha, Wilmington; Colvin Theodore Leonard, Jr., Sigma Chi, Greensboro; George Alan Leonard, Nashville; Harrison Lewis, Theta Chi, Cashiers; Jerome E. Lewis, Asheville; Kay Eugene Lewis, 5 j?W( Chi, Beaver, Penn.; Leonard Albert Liberman, Tau Epiilon Pi, Wallace; Cleaton Melvin Lindsey, Jr., Pittsbom; Eugene Alvis Lindsey, Durham ; Max Gregson Lindsey, Draper. T-ourth Row: Kenneth Patton Lindsley, Jr., Williamston; Adrian Smith Lineberger, Jr., Chapel Hill; Charles Moflitt Lineberry, Charlotte; Louis Charles Lineberry, Jr., Asheville; Harry Bonner Litchfield, Jr., Aurora; Aubrey Lee Little, Ayden; Herbert Hoover Liverman, Columbia; Henry Victor Lofquist, Jr.. Phi Mu Alpha, Asheville; John Samuel Long, Winston-Salem; Robert Hassell Long, Jr., Roxboio. Piith Row: Leonard Lopez, Lambda Chi Alpha. Burlington; John Ralph Lore, Lenoir; Allen Karl Ludwick, Greensburg, Penn.; Robert M. Luxenberg, Pi Lambda Phi. New York, N. Y.; Walter Kenneth Lynch, Selma; Duncan Ian Mac- Caiman, Phi Gamma Delta. Nyack, N. Y. ; Thomas Miles MacGlothlin, Jr., Norfolk, Va. ; Betty Gravlee McAfee, Macon, Ga.; Eurid Reid McAuley, Jr., Charlotte; Lloyd Curtis McCaskill, Laurinburg. Sixth Rott: Roger Maurice McCaskill, Candor; Wesley Ray McCaskill, Pinebluff; Benedict Yates McConnell, Kappa Alpha. Gastonia ; George Eugene McCorkle, Charlotte : John A. McCrary, Kappa Sigma, Lexington ; Walter McCraw, Burlington; Claude Frederick McCuiston, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Michael Conway Dixon McDaniel, Mt. Pleasant; Robert Leon McDaniel, Fayetteville; James McGeady, Wilson. Page Bi HWMIWlWfij ' n ' yS ' s- Library " The Building " of the University of North Carolina, the hangout for more than seven thousand students. . . . THE LIBRARY ... is located right behind South Building. Here thousands of books are on hand for students and faculty use in every major and minor field of study, plus best sellers for those with free time on their hands. Divided into sections, on ground floor are the General College Reading Room, the Page 186 CHARLES E. RISH Librarian DEAN SI .SA (,. Vkl.K. ' ' Deiiurtiiteiit of Library and Science . . and how long have you been waiting? Ves, Dr. Akers, but where are the comic books? Reser e Reading Room, the Commerce Room, for commerce students; on second floor, the Periodical Room, the Reference Room, and the main desk for checking out books. The School of Library Science is on third floor. In the basement are the Bull ' s Head Book Shop, where best sellers and many reference books can be rented or bought, and the North Caro- lina Room, where histories and documents about the state are kept, and the library extension. One of the prettiest buildings, it is, by far, the most important building on campus. ley say we re going to get a new win$ Ni«»pai)er Jlorgue And »n hi l(a k liic burilen of the world " Sophomore First Row: Robert Edgar McGilvary, Durham; John WilUam McKeel, Washington; Clarence Reid McLain, Lenoir; Joseph Malcalm McLean, Sigma Chi. Laurinburg; Francis Joseph McMahon, Asheville; James Mark Mahan, Syracuse, N. Y.; William August Mahler, Jr., Tarboro; Frederick Fayette Mallard, Phi Dell.i Thet.i. Jersey City, N. J.; Thomas Lee Maness, Concord; Archie Clarence Mangum, Jr., Chapel Hill. Second Roic: Horace Desmond Mann, Jr., Portsmouth, Va.; Archie J. Manuel, Front Royal, Va. ; Alex W. Marsh, K.ippj, High Point; Billy Sloan Martin, Olin; John R. Martin, Winston-Salem; Silvio G. Martinat, Lenoir; Kemp Alston Maser, Pi Kappa Phi. Fort Pierce, Fla. ; Lawrence M. Mason, Charlotte; Donald Robert Matthews, Rockville Centre, N. Y.; Fred Robert Matthews, Chi Psi, Asheville. Third Ron:- Thomas Hill Matthews, Kappa Alpha. Rocky Mount; James Rodney May, Alpha Kappa Pu. Wilmington; Charles Eugene Maynard, Hamlet; Donald James Maynard, Garden City, N. Y.; S. Keith Meads, Shawboro; John David Medling, Jr., Asheville; Archie Dowe Meekins, Midway Park; Charles Edward Mclvin, Greensboro; Jesse M. Mercer, Jr., Lucama; Morris Edward Merritt, Wilmington. Fourth Row: Charles Gilbert Milham, Hamlet; Frank Otis Miller, Jr., Delta Psi. Wmston-Salem ; George William Miller, Cowen, W. Va.; Marvin Miller, Alpha Epsiluti Pi. Winston-Salem; Nick John Miller, Charlotte; James Arthur Mills, Charlotte; Charles Burrell Mitchell, Jr., Durham; Glenn Odell Mitchell, Greensboro; Herbert Thomas Mitchell, Chi Phi, Asheville; John William Mobley, Wilmington. Fijth Row: Jack W. Money, Winston-Salem ; James Edward Montague, Oxford ; Walter Scott Montgomery. Kappa Spartanburg, S. C; Jack Waldrow Moody, Plainfield, N. J.; James Wilson Moure, Asheboro; Nathaniel Henry Moore, II, Washington; William Prince Moore, Raleigh; Hugh Reeves Morehead, Mooresboro; Dan R. M.irgan. Farmville; Donald Sasser Morris, Aulander. Sixth Row: William J. Morris, Burgaw; William White Morris, Bessemer City; Daniel Baker Morrison, Lambda Chi Alpha, Concord; Warren Dale Morrison, Jr., Chi Phi. Miami, Fla.; Helen Dixon Morrow, Chapel Hill; Joe Andrew Mor- row, Waynesville; John Wooten Moseley, Kappa Sigma, Kinston; William Oliver Moser, Winston-Salem; Herbert Moskowitz, Alpha Epiiloii Pi. Wilmington; Augustus Muckenfuss, Burlington. Class First Row: John Reid Murchisun, Sigma Alpha Epsilun, Wilmington, Arthur Gage Murphey, Jr., Macon, Miss.; Richard James Murphy, Baltimore, Md.; Horace Thomas Myers, Laurinburg; Austin Southard Myers, Jr., Easthaddam, Conn.; Roy Lee Myers, Candor; Herbert Nachman, Jr., Zetti Beta Tau, Augusta, Ga. ; Jerrod Thom. ' .s Nance, Asheville; Averette Floyd Nash, Saint Pauls; Marvin Nimmo Nathan, Tan Epsilon Phi, Norfolk, Va. Second Row: John Marshall Neel, Gastonia; George Brent Nelson, Bridgeton; William Winter Newman, Durham; Wil- liam Taylor Newton, Dunn; James Gordon Nichols, New Bern; John Adams Niles, Jr., Oxford; Herbert Alton Nobles, Rocky Mount; Robert Earl Noell, Greensboro; Charles Allan Northend, Phi Gamma Delta. Daytuna Beach, Fla.; Thomas Beckwith Northington, Roanoke Rapids. Third Row: Richard Smith Nunis, Chi Phi. Charlotte; Hubeit Ethridge Olive, Kappa Si.nma. Lexington; Warren Everett. Olsen, Long Island, N. Y.; Charles Edward Osborne, Hendersonville; Robert W. Padrick, Hendersonville; Robert James Page, Flushing Long Island, N. Y.; Richard Hayne Palmer, Kappa Sigma, Shelby; Johnny Pappas, Winston-Salem; Walter Hoytt Paramore, Jr., Fuquay Springs; Cornelius Theodore Partrick, Kappa Alpha, Wilmington. Pourtb Row: Richard Ernest Paschal, Reidsville; John Wiley Pass, Roxboro; Archie Ray Patton, Jr., Marion; Charles Frederick Patton, Morganton; Joseph M. Paul, Pike Road; Robert Benjamin Payne, Gastonia; Benjamin Gary Pease, Jacksonville, Fla.; Alton R. Pennington, Black Creek; John Weldon Pennington, Mocksville; Oliver Cromwell Penning- ton, Jr., Raleigh. Fijth Rolf: William Gaston Penry, Denton; Bennett H. Perry, Ze a P.ti, Henderson; Robert Sidney Perry, Jr., McCain; Jacques A. Phelps, Jr., Winston-Salem; Ernest Edward Phillips, Raleigh; Eugene Hadley Pickett, Raleigh; John Sharpe Pittard, Chapel Hill; James Kenneth Pitts, Raleigh; George Herbert PofTenberger, Hampton, Va.; Jesse Lee Poindexter, Jr., East Bend. Sixth Ron: James Gardner Pollock, Durham; Hampton Rochelle Poole, Franklinville ; Robert Howard Poole, Jr., Eliza- bethtown; Lee Southerland Potter, Aurora; Thomas Van Potter, Washington, D. C; Louis Eugene Potts, Highlands; Charles Benton Pratt, Madison; Edmund Watson Price, Trenton, N. J.; Alfred Emanuel Pruitt, Raleigh; James W. Purdum, Asheville. a Sophomore Pint Row: Quinton Quillen Quails, Chi Psi. Hollister; Frank Leon Tatchiffe, Roanoke, Va.; Harry Leon Reavis, Win- ston-Salem; Harold Lawrence Reed. Sparta; Paul Allen Reichle, Jr., y4 Ad T » Omt ' ,? ?, Fayetteville ; Wallace Traynham Reid, Beta Theta Pi, Winston-Salem; Raymond Clinton Reitzel, Liberty; Avery Robert Rhyne, Jr., Charlotte; Maurice Baker Richardson, Whiteville; William Frederick Riddle, Sanford. Second Ron-: George Letell Rights, Winston-Salem; Harvey Kdward Ritch, Charlotte; Bob Sanders Robcrson, Smithfield; Robert Ralph Roberts, Sanford; Edwin Moring Robins, Greensboro; Shelby Augustus Roebuck, Farmville; Carl William Rogers, Durham; Hubert N. Rogers, Fair Bluff; Richard Eugene Rogers, Pi K.ippa Alph.i. Williamston; Robert Rohe, Bronxville, N. Y. Third Ron:- Harold Watkins Rollins, Bostic; Ch.ulotte Rosenberg, Wilkes-Barre, Penn.; Harold Floyd, Pht Deltj Theta. Farmville; William Edward Rouse, Jr., Raleigh; Jimmie P. Rumley, Winston-Salem; John Robert Russell, Farm- ville; Angelos Nick Russos, Raleigh; Robert James Rutherford, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, Durham; William Edward Rutherford, Glen Rock, N. J.; John D. Sadler, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tarboro. Foi4rth Row: Bruce Morrison Sanborn, Kappa Sigma. Gastonia; James Bentley Sanders, Asheville; Murray Rudolph Santee, Bladenboro; Perry M. Sapperstein, Tail Epsilon Phi. Gastonia; Marvin Futran Saunders, Durham; Marshall Her- man Schell, Jr., Zeta Psi. Raleigh; D.ivid Ker Schermerhorn, Delt.t Pii. Westwood, N. J.; Morley Allan Schlesinger, Midway Park; John Shepley Scholield, III, K.ippa Alph.i. Macon, Ga.; Norman Howard Schwartz, Zeta Beta Tan. High Point. Fifth Rotv: Thomas Edgar Seism, Pelham; Ben A. Scott, Jr., Henderson; David Lovis Seitz, Winston-Salem; John Rich- ardson Senter, Raleigh; William Kerns Shankle, Troy; Chevalier Styers Sharpe, Greensboro; Alexander Turner Shaw, Jr., Raleigh; James Barron Shaw, Leaksville; Sherrill Wayne Shaw, Randleman; Fred Edward Sherman, Wilkes-Barre, Penn. S .vf :- Ro((v Hugh Blount Sherrod, jr., Enhcld; Watson Newberry Sherrod, Enfield; George Bernard Shields, Newport News, Va.; Robert Dicks Shore, Si. m.t Alpha Epsilon. Winston-Salem; Jerry Monroe Shuping, Asheboro; Edward Louis Sibilsky, Milledgeville, Ga.; Charles Briggs Siceloff, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta. Williamston; Edward Stanford Silver, Zeta Beta Tan. High Point; Gene Laughlin Simmons, Marion; Herbert Henry Sims, Greensboro. Page 190 ass First Row: William Henry Singleton, III, Raleigh; William Henry Skeels, Fayetteville ; William Pailin Skinner, Jr., Elizabeth City; Billy Lee Slate, Mt, Airy; Robert Moderwell Sloan, Kapfia Alpha. Winston-Salem; Thomas Bryan Smiley, Jr., Phi Eta Sigma. Raleigh; Charles Wesley Smith, High Point; Dan Chewning Smith, Charlotte; George Dee Smith, Winston-Salem ; James Douglas Smith, Delta Psi, Montvale, Va. Second Row: Jimmie Howard Smith, Savannah, Ga.; Ray Ellison Smith, Mount Olive; Raymond William Smith, Greens- boro; Richard Roland Smith, Reidsville; Ruffin Smith, Charlotte; William Oliver Smith, Jr., Raleigh; John Wilson Smitherman, Kappa Sigma, Winston-Salem; William Kinkead Sonntag, Chapel Hill ; James Nicholas Sowell, Charlotte; William Laddie Sowers, Lexington. Third Row: Albert Doyle Spain, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma. Durham; Marie Sparrow, Compton, Calif.; William Johnston Spiliers, Winston-Salem; Ralph Faison Stack, Greensboro; James Gordon Stallings, Dc . W ' 4 v. Charlotte; William Luther Stark, Oxford; Frank Hilliard Starnes, Cherryville; George Battle Staton, Phi Eta Sigma. Rocky Mount; James Benjamin Stephenson, Holly Springs ; John Bennett Stephenson, Pi Kappa Alpha, Garysburg. Fourth Row: Wallace Watson Stephenson, Severn; William Turner Stephenson, Jr., Zeta Psi, Halifax; Willis William Stephenson, Severn; Conrad O. Stewart, Jr., Orlando, Fla.; Mildred Heath Stocks, Snow Hill; Jack Bethel Stokes, Phi Delta Theta, Norfolk, Va. ; Howard Harold Strandberg, Jr., Zeta Psi. Rocky Mount; John Bailey Stratford, Jr., Graham; William Herman Strickland, Phi Eta Sigma. Lenoir; Francis Marion Strock, Jr., Hamlet. Fijth Row: Francis Maguire Strong, Delta Psi, Arlington, Mass.; Luther Odell Stutts, Raleigh; I. Palmer Sugg, Kinston; Daniel Joseph Sullivan, Phi Kappa Sigma. Pennsgrove, N. J. ; Charles Waddell Summerlin, Durham ; Robert Lee Summerlin. Mt. Olive; Calvin Hoover Surles, Roseboro; Robert Eugene Sykes, Stockton, Calif.; John Howard Talley, Jr., Wilmington; Lardric B. Tanner, Jr., Liberty. 5y, 7j6 i?o«v George William Taylor, Washington; Harvey H. Taylor, Erwin ; Luther Eddice Taylor, Faison; Margaret Lewis Taylor, Pi Beta Phi, Arlington, Va. ; Simon Fleming Terrell, Warrenton; Hubert Dallas Terry, Aulander; Gerald Donald Thomas, Greensboro; James Phillips Thomas, Phi Delta Theta. Baltimore, Md.; Robert Colen Thomas, Eagle Springs ; Robert Edward Thomas, Portsmouth, Va. Sophomore f « Rojc- Fied Bryant Thompson, Rocky Mount; Russell Aubrey Thompson, Jr., Zt . Pm. Wilson; Joseph Carlyle Thornburg, Cherryville; Paul Edgar Thornburg, Raleigh; Charles Ellington Thorne, Zelj Pu. Rocky Mount; William Edgar Thornton, Faison; William Gentry Thurman, Jacksonville, Fla.; Bill Tice, Wadesboro; Justus Tice, Williamston; Charles Cecil Todd, Rocky Mount. Secvnil Raw: Charles Elmendorf Trado, Jr., Henderson; William Hubert Traywick, Marshville; William Roy Traywick, Charlotte; Chesley Addison Trice, Durham; Clarence B. Tugwell, Greenville; E. B. Jack Tripp, Henderson; Wilson Davis Trotter, Sigmii Alphd EpiiloK. Leaksville; Henry Elliott Turner, Asheville; Hubert Durwood Tyndall, Pikerville; Robert Howard Tyndall, Salemburg. Third Row: Charles Henry Ufen, Phi Ehi 5 .i;w J, Delia Phi Alpha. Bronx, N. V.; John G. Ulmer, Jr., Hemingway, S. C. ; John Roberts Umstead, Durham; Walter Williams Umstead, Durham; Joseph Roy Utley, Sanford; John Gunter Uzzell, Atlantic City, N. J.; Henry Taylor Vaden, Washington, D. C. ; Mauro George Valentine, Bronxville, N. Y.; Curtis Winfield Vaughan, Durham ; Wesley Eugene Vaughn, Charlotte. Fourth Row: David Collard Venable, Washington, D. C. ; Angelo Anthony Vcrdicanno, South Plaintield, N. J.; Robert Harrell Vinson, Phi Etci Sif,m,i. Ahoskie; William Matthew Vinson, Phi Eta Sigma, Ahoskie; Walling Douglas Vree- land, Jr., Fort Bragg, William Joseph Waddell, Henderson ville; William Johnson Waggoner, Salisbury; Henry Russell Wall, Raleigh; Paul Wallace, Hamlet; White McKenzie Wallenborn, Charlottesville, Va. Fifth Row: Richard John Walters, Durham; Jesse Michael Ward, Randleman ; Lindy Wilson Ward, Williamson, W. Va.; William Wray Ward, High Point; Bonnie Max Warner, Norman; Margaret Meroney Warner. Murphy; Earl Clinghman Warren, Dunn; James Victor Warren, Wilmington; McWilson Warren, Clinton; William Russell Warren, Kappa Sigma, Benson. Sixth Ron: Alexander Sprunt Watkins, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta. Henderson ; Irvine Beaufort Watkins, Jr., Henderson ; Norman Ray Watson, Durham; Robert Hugh Watson, Chi Psi, Elizabethtown; Edmond Bruce Weatherly, Durham; Kenneth George Weavil, Winston-Salem ; Richard Lon Weeks, Edenton: John Russell Welkins, Selma ; Fred Morrow West, Franklin; Edward Earl Wharton, Merritt. Page 192 Class First Rou: Hubert Mahaney Whitaker, Ji., Enfield; James H. White, Chi Vhi. Lnuisbui;y; Marshall Whitfield White, Ox- ford; Robert Dean White, Marion; William Henry White, Elizabeth City; William Henry White, ?hi Gamma Delia, ' 7 £ jS;,i; hj, Greenville; William Rutherford White, Camp Hill, Pa.; Georj e David Whitfield, Hurdle Mills; Robert Turnbull Whitlock, Beta Thela Pi, Mount Airy; Harold Ray Wicker, Sanford. Second Row: Jacob Ernest Wiggins, Jr., Asheville; Robert Alston Willard, Jr., ZeUi Pit. Wilson; Junius Wayne WiUiard, Jr., Kappd Alpha. High Point; Adolphus Andrew Williams, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Hamlet; Bryan Grimes Williams, Zeta Psi, Raleigh; Earl Edward Williams, Wilmington; James Earl Williams, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Burlington; James Ran- dolph Williams, Hamlet; Johnny Robert Williams, Rocky Mount; Phillip Adger Williams, Asheboro. Third Ron:- Vernel H. Williams, Durham; Jason McLeod Williamson, Cerro Gordo; Junius Wayne WiUiard, Jr., Kappa Alpha. High Point; James Curtis Williford. Winston-Salem ; James Estes Willingham, Asheville; Charles Bradley Willis, Greensboro; David Pearce Willis, Chi Phi. McCain; Floyd M. Willis, Jr., Winston-Salem ; Claude Arthur Wilson, Monroe; Gene Tillman Wilson, Shelby. Fourth Row: Noa.h Rome Wilson, ]i-., Phi Gawma Delta. W.hon ' s Mills; Stephen Augustus Wilson, Jr., New Bern; Stephen Glenn Wilson. Jr., Angier; Wilbur Wilson, Oxford; John Hubert Moore Witt, Dobson; Steven Arthur Woll- man. Pi Lambda Phi, Mt. Vernon, N. Y.; John Norris Woodell, Jr., Fayetteville; Fred Earl Woods, Greensboro; Wil- liam Carter Woolfolk, Phi Delta Theta. Columbus. Ga.; Carl Eugene Worsley, SiRma Nii. Tarbor... Fijth Row: Roy Lee Wray, Lynchburg, Va.; Kenneth Wallace Wright, Jr., Beaufort; Robert Edwin Wylie, Charlotte; Wilson Franklin Yarborough, Jr., Fayetteville; Jack D. Yarborough, Hendersonville; Herbert Seawell Yates, Rocking- ham; Kimble Carson Yates, Raleigh; Benjamin Olds Yelverton, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta. Rocky Mount; Joseph Asbury Yoder, Linville; Oscar Hoyle Yokley, Beta Theta Pi, Mt. Airy. Sixth Row: William Vann York, High Point; Archibald Columbat Yow, Jr., Henderson; Wallace B. Zimmerman, Rox- boro; Eugene Hoyle Kirkman, Durham. Page (93 I l l t R i H New East Dew East A Thursday afternoon at the lab testing for quartzite, hme- stone, or marble; Tuesday night at the Phi; stumbling over the latest geography placement test have all become an intimate part of New East for many a yesterday. Indeed, ever since New East was open to U. N. C. students under the able direc- tion of Professors Collier Cobb and H. V. Wilson, its name has become synonymous for the Geology and Geography De- DR. W. F. PROUTY Head of Geology and Geography Departments partments and for the Philanthropic Assembly located on the fourth floor. Today New East has grown by way of an annex built in 1947 for laboratory purposes, and yet, tj ' pical of our bulging university, it is overcrowded. How- ever, with a new building promised, the Geology and Geography Departments look to the future with hope. Until I saw the final, I thonght this was a crip course Come on, watch him do the Rhumba And that. suh. is New .Arleans! •• rij -a- Allen Tate, Secretarj ' ; Julian Albergotti, Vjce-Presidenl ; Dalton Ruffin, President; Bets Ross, Social Chairman; Joe Privett, Treasurer The Class of 1952 They call us " the breath of life, the new blood of the university " . That is what we mean to the experienced, the upperclassmen and the professors. What all of this is to us is another thing. There is the thrill of being in new surroundings, the thrill of the anticipation of seeing and being a part of things we have heard and wondered about. It is September, 1948. It is now that we begin our journey on the road to higher education — in books and people. We will walk the paths that have been walked by many before us; we will love the things that others have loved; we will inherit the spirit of the old traditions, and, maybe, we will add something new. We will be proud of being a part of all this, and we will show our pride when we resound the glories of our Carolina, Some of us will pass into oblivion, but most of us will go on to greater things. We are the new blood — we are the Freshmen. Page 196 ii Freshman Days of ' 49 " Freshman just this year And this is Carolina ' s counseling program We lived like Carolina Gentlemen? Every Monday nite is laundry time. Who went to the Graham Memorial barber shop? " It must be true, I read it some place " Freshman First Row; Joe Riley Aaron, High Point; Forrest Flynn Ader, Winston-Salem; Julian Sheppard Albergotti, Charlotte; Denny Page Aldridge, Reidsville; Cloyce Batchelor Alford, Zebulon; David Warren Allen, Greensboro; Herbert Mc- Lamb Allen, Benson; Willard Charlton Allen, Kinston; Frank James Allston, Jr., Arlington, Va.; Thomas Marion Alspaugh, Winston-Salem. Second Row: Everett Clark Altman, Fayetteville ; Kirby P. Ambler, Fort Myers, Fla. ; Richard Carpenter Andrews, Wil- mington; Harris Newton Angel, Winston-Salem; Willard Burch Apple, Reidsville; Charles Theodore Ashworth, Fuquay Springs; Abner Mitchell Askew, Ahoskie; Milton Hart Askew, Jr., New Bern; Ben Emmet Atkins, Gastonia; John Wilson Atwater, Jr., Burlington. Third Row: Robert Harold Averette, Jr., Fayetteville; Edward Stanley Avery, Jr., Winston-Salem ; Zack Hampton Bacon, Raleigh; William Farris Badgett, Mount Airy; Robert Freeman Bailey, Durham; Luther D. Barbee, Nashville; Alan Hauser Barnes, Winston-Salem; Edwin Thomas Barnes, Conway; Basil Duke Barr, West Jefferson; James Henry Barton, Durham. Fourth Row: Turner Staton Bass, Henderson; Robert Harold Bass, Clinton; Raymond Dean Bateman, Winston-Salem; Carl Simpson Baxter, Greensboro ; Jesse Jordan Beale, Jr., Raleigh ; Miles Augustus Beam, Jr., Shelby ; Allraan Beaman, Greensboro ; Donald Ernest Beckwith, Raleigh ; Charles Horace Bedgood, Jr., Wilson ; James Andrew Bell, Jr., Greens- boro. Fijth Row: Charles Glenn Bennett, Jr., Durham; Robert Edward Bennett, Rocky Mount; Charles Douglas Berger, Winston-Salem; John Joseph Beshara, Greensboro; Eddie E. Best, Goldsboro; Richard L. Bestwick, Sharon, Penn.; Edgar Rutherford Betty, Raleigh; Cedric Bielawski, Washington, D. C. ; Rans Dow Black, Jr., Cherryville; William Frederick Black, Greensboro. Sixth Row: George Sumter Blackwelder, Jr.; Hickory; Frederick Eugene Blair, Vilas; Daniel Estill Bland, Thomas- ville; Robert Charles Blaswell, Rocky Mount; Ruffin Wilkerson Blaylock, Apex ; Spencer Lorraine Blaylock, Jr., Greens- boro; John Robert Bock, High Point; Richard Franklin Boddie, Durham; Edgar Ray Bond, Jr., Guilford College; John H. Bond, Los Angeles, Calif. Page 198 Class First Row: John P. Booker, Jr., Winston-Salem; Charles A. Borda, Philadelphia, Penn.; R. Seth Bostic, Charlotte; Wil- liam Chivous Bostic, Forest City; Larry Francis Botto, Bradenton, Fla.; Henry Bowers, Mountain Home; John Lawrey Bowersox, Midway Park; Howard Carlyle Bowie, Jr., Henderson; Francis Norman Bowles, Jr., Durham; Hugh M. Boyer, Charlotte. Second Row: William Rodney Bradshaw, Bakersfield, Calif.; Robert Griffin Brame, Wendell; Wade Melbry Brannan, Dunn; Charles Hart Brewer, Oxford; Charles Iceman Bridger, Bladenboro; Charles Howard Bridges, Ellerbe; James Elliott Bridgman, Roanoke Rapids; Eugene Foster Brigham, Augusta, Ga.; Zeb Creighton Brinston, Tarboro; George Milton Britt, Tarboro. Third Row: Bryan Broadfoot, Jr., Black Mountain; James Moses Brock, Farmington; Au brey Wilbur Bronstein, Kin- ston; Baylus Cade Brooks, Fayetteville; Howard Chalk Broughton, Hertford; Barclay Brown, Wilmington; Carl Baxter Brown, Wilmington; Edward Bland Brown, Jr., Fuquay Springs; George Clarence Brown, Kannapolis; James Wil- liamson Brown, Jr., Yanceyville. Fourth Row: Robert Harry Brown, Morganton; Verona I. Brown, High Point; Roland Everett Bruce, Jr., Charlotte; Stanley William Bryant, Huntersville; Francis Alexander Buchanan, Sylva; Robert Lynn Buckner, Chapel Hill; Robert Gaston Burgin, Lincolnton; Edgar Mouroe Burkette, Jefferson; Howard Franklin Burns, Southern Pines; James Moss Burns, Wilmington. Fifth Row: Joe Frank Butler, Bladenboro; June Stone Byrd, Chapel Hill; Samuel Davis Byrd, Jr., Goldsboro; John Neal Cadieu, Jr., Rockingham; Conrad Wayne Gates, Greensbo.o; John Robert Cauble, Salisbury; John Cazin, Jr., Beech Bottom, W. Va.; Paul Willis Caldwell, Jr., Morganton; Lyle L. Campbell, St. Marys, W. Va. ; Monroe Columbus Campbell, Wilson. Sixth Row: Elliott Lee Cannon, Durham; Bradford C. Cantwell, Wilmington; Bruce David Cantwell, Kingstree, S. C; Charles Keithley Capps, Essex; Christopher Avery Carpenter, Monks Corner, S. C. ; Roger Alton Carr, Plymouth; Tommie Carraway, Snow Hill; John Willard Chaffee, Huntington W. Va. ; Lewis R. Chapman, Union, N. J.; Oscar Bridger Charles, Bladenboro. Oage 199 Freshman First Row: Joseph Blount Cherry, Windsor; Lee Andrew Clark, Everetts; Francis Osborne Clarkson, Jr., Charlotte; Charles Mclver Clayton, Wilson ; Peter Charles Clewis, Tampa, Fla. ; Dempsey Brown Clinard, Jr., Winstun-Salem; James F. Cloniger, Gastonia; George Hal Coble, Monroe; Sanford A. Cockrell, Nashville; Irvin Marvin Cohen, Lin- colnton. Second Row: Alfred Franklin Cole, Jr., Raeford; Willie Robert Cole, Thelma; David L. Collins, Wilson; James E. Collins, Winston-Salem; William Everett Congleton, Beaufort; James Rector Connelly, Morganton; James Halbert Conoly, Philadelphia, Penn. ; James Oswald Cook, Jr., Boone; Luke Robinson Corbett, West End; Weldon Gilbert Corbett, Spring Hope. Third Row: Edward Maurice Cordell, Union, S. C; Roy Clinton Corderman, Jr., Winston-Salem; Abner Milton Corn- well, Lincolnton; Gene Surles Corpening, Granite Falls; Michael Rodney Gotten, Belleville, N. J.; Fred Moore Councill, Boone; Edwin Leland Cox, Jr., Greensboro; Vesper Cox, Sanford; Thomas Chatterton Coxe, III, Darlington, S. C. ; Joe Billy Craig, Cherryville. Fourth Row: Porcius F. Crank, Jr., Point Harbor; Madge Elizabeth Crawford, Chapel Hill; Milo Abercrombie Craw- ford, Chapel Hill; Philip Robert Cree, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Ted Rand Creech, Wendell; William Henry Creech, III, Selma; Robert M. Creed, Fayetteville ; William L. Creef, South Norfolk, Va. ; James Gordon Cress, High Point ; Charles William Crone, Goldsboro. Fifth Row: Paul Farrar Crowson, Liberty; Paul J. Cuba, Jr., New Castle, Penn.; Harvey Andrews Culpepper, Jr., Rocky Mount; James Joseph Curran, Jr., Reidsville; John Brent Currin, Oxford; A. Holland Curtis, Jr., Chapel Hill; William Reynolds Cuthbertson, Jr., Charlotte; Claude Wiley Dampier, Durham; Edward James Dalgleish, Pottstown, Penn.; Donald Elmer Daniel, Wilson. Sixth Row: Hallet Daniels, Colerain ; William Adams Darden, Stantonsburg ; David William Darr, Winston-Salem James Krozer Daugherty, Baltimore, Md. ; John Thomas Davenport, Sanford; Richard Kelly Davenport, Jr., High Point William Franklin Davenport, Winston-Salem; Robert William Davidson, Mooresville; Daniel Whitaker Davis. Andrews Don Burton Davis, Milton. Class rim Run: William Lee Dawkins, Gary; Marx Hugh Deal, Rockingham; Cecil Thomas Deans, Raleigh; Bryan Bakke Dear, Jersey City, N. J.; John Denham, Washington, D. C; Harry Leigh Derby, III, Greensboro; Marsden B. deRosset, Fayetteville; Frederick Pickett Carter, Winston-Salem; Mike Chilton Carver, Morristown, Tenn.; Leslie Berkley Car- wile, Jr., Wilson. Second Ron: Freddie Gray Cash, Jr., Apex; Theodore Gilmer Chandler, Broadway; John W. Chaffee, Huntington, W. Va.; Thomas Ashford DeVane, Jr., Fayetteville; Walter Edward Deyton, Spruce Pine; James Albert Dick, Mebane; Franklin E. Dickerson, Durham; Greggs Cameron Dickson, Garner; Roy Shields Dickson, Salisbury; Jack Donald Dillon, Greensboro. Third Row: Edwin Harrison Dixon, Monroe; Godfrey Eruin Dixon, Robersonville ; Tyson Yates Dobson, Jr., Beulaville James Thomas Dorman, Durham; John Johnson Dortch, Camaguey, Cuba; Robert Leake Dortch, Jr., Scott, Arkansas Jack Thomas Dossett, Durham; James Ersil Dotson, Williamson, W. Va.; Charles Moore Draughn, Jr., Wilson Lowell Manning Dryzer, Greensboro. Fourth Row: Charles Council Dudley, Jr., Huntersville ; Presley Zachary Dunn, Jr., Rocky Mount; Richard Patrick Dunnagan, Raleigh; Charles Raymond Duval, Fallston; Thomas Edward Duval, Jacksonville, Fla. ; Cyrus Parsons Earn- hardt, Jr., Monroe; James Frank Easterling, Rocky Mount; Frank John Eckert. Union, N. J.; David G. Edens, Lumber- ton; Enoch Hiram Edgerton, Pikerville. Fijlh Row: Aaron Caswell Edmundson, Pikerville; John Ray Edmundson, Goldsboro; William Clyde Edwards, Raleigh; Rhoid Lester Efird, Mocksville; Lawrence Edgerton, Greensboro; Janet Selle Ellington, Carrboro; Myron Hugh Ennis, Goldsboro; Thomas Elmer Ennis, Salisbury; Harris Lane Evans, Henderson; James Daniel Evans, Goldsboro. Sixth Row: Robert Mayer Evans, Durham; Wayne Lee Everhart, Lexington; Sidney M. Farabow, Oxford; Barry Morton Farber, Greensboro; James Stephenson Farthing, Dunn; John Jethro Ferebee, Shawboro; Charles P. Ferguson, Jr., Red- jacket, W. Va.; Phyllis Mary Ferguson, Chapel Hill; Jack Clifton Fields, Greensboro; Clarence Graham Fisher, Clin- ton. Freshman First Row: Clyde Ezekiel Fisher, Asheville; Henry Colemaa Fisher, Jr., Asheville; Lester Jerry Fisher, Statesville; Thomas Woolen Fitzgerald, Scranton, Penn.; John Etchells Flood, Jr., Sanford, Maine; Howard Simpson Fogleman, Jr., Burlington ; William Charlton Foil, Winston-Salem ; John Worth Foust, Lexington ; Robert Long Foust, Graham ; Charles Worth Fowler, Caracas, Venezuela. Second Row: Harry Devoe Fowler, Rocky Mount; Jordan Joseph Frassineti, Southern Pines; Henderson Stovall Frazier, Norfolk, Va.; Arthur Carlton Frederick, Goldsboro; George Walter Freeman, Marshall; George Kirby Freeman, Jr., Raleigh; Arthur Kurt Freimuth, Pottstown, Penn.; John Wesley Frick, Coward, S. C. ; William Glenn Friddle, Jr., High Point; Jacob Henry Froelich, Jr., High Point. Third Row: Ray Frye, Kannapolis; William Hunt Fulwiler, Atlanta, Ga.; William Richard Furches, Winston-Salem; Walter Thomas Furlong, Wilson; James Parker Gaines, Charlotte; Mike Galrfianakis, Jr., Durham; Edmund Ravenel Gant, Burlington; Bobby Thomas Gardner, Gibsonville; Harry Garland, Linville. Fourth Row: Freedy Lee Gardner, High Point; Barbara Bennett Garrett, Chapel Hill; Charles Roscoe Garrett, Fort Bragg; William Barnette Garrison, Gastonia; Roy William Giles, Marion; Joseph Duane Gilliam, Thomasville; Norman Aubrey Gillis, Jr., Greensboro; Sheldon Gladstein, Durham; William Ray Godfrey, Forest Citj ' ; Marion McCall Godwin, Kenly; Herman James Goldstein, Brooklyn, N. Y. Fifth Row: Ralph Max Goldstein, Wilmington; Robert Edward Goodman, El Paso, Texas; Clyde Richard Gore, Jack- sonville, Fla. ; F. Lee Gore, Zephyrhills, Fla. ; Reuben Paul Gouhley, High Point; John Ashmore Gower, Raleigh; Ber- nard Mayer Gradman, Asheville; William Edgar Graham, Jackson Springs; Harry Marks Graves, Jacksonville, Fla.; Joseph James Gray, Jr., Wilmington. Sixth Row: Oliver James Gray, Amagansett, N. Y.; Henry L. Green, Clyde; Julian Baker Green, Tarboro; Jack Phillip Greene, Cary; Kenneth Strong Greene, Charlotte; Carson Greenwood, Aldan, Penn.; James Wilmer Gregory, Jr., Candler; James W. P. Gregory, Jr., Candler; Spencer Gregory, Raleigh; James Curry Grimes, Thomasville. Class First Row: Shepherd Russell Grist, Washington; Charles Emmett GuUedge, Jr.; Leonard Julius Guyes, Greensboro; Fred Lee Hale, Henderson; James Osborne Hale, Winston-Salem; Quentin Warren Hall, Erwin; Ernest Allen Ham, Greensboro; Robert Graham Hamer, Jr., Winston-Salem; Archie Etheridge Hamil, Jr., Goldsboro; Joe H. Hamilton, Durham. Second Row: Oliver Wendell Hamilton, Jr., Jamesville; James Lloyd Hamlin, Asheville; Gordon Grice Hamrick, Shelby; Roland Marks Hamrick, Jr., Shelby; Charles Ralph Harbinson, Jr., Lexington; Robert Norman Harden, Jr., Greens- boro; Francis Edwin Hardison, Washington, D. C. ; Shahen Haroutunian, Teheran, Iran; Robert King Harpe, Asheville; William Norwood Harrell, Burgaw. Third Row: James Crockett Harris, Warrenton; Walter Jason Harris, St. Cloud, Fla.; Richard Pudley Hart, Asheville; Bill Harvey, Hendersonville ; James Lawrence Harvey, Raleigh; Robert Avera Hattaway, Greensboro; Reid Walker Harris, Brunswick, Ga. ; Bennett Allen Hayes, Durham; James William Hayes, III, Wilson; William Orndoff Headlee, Ashe- ville. Fourth Row: William Mitchell Heeden, Goldsboro ; Robert J. Heiman, Little Rock, Arkansas ; James McDaniel Held- man, Jr., Durham ; Samuel Herndon Helton, Mount Holly ; Crockett Carl Hendricks, Brevard ; Robert Glenn Hendricks, Lexington ; Rucker Sterlyn Hennis, Winston-Salem ; Darius B. Herring, Jr., Aberdeen ; Mark Hodges Herring, Seven Springs; Millard Mial Heyward, Goldsboro. Fijth Row: Clawson Albert Hicks, Raleigh; Charles Alderman Highsmith, Greensboro; Henry Alton Hight, Jr., San- ford; Robert Stubbs Hight, Henderson; Clifford Russell Hill, Thomasville; Karl Neimann Hill, Jr., Charlotte; Buford Hamilton Hines, Jr., Winston-Salem; Thomas Riley Hinson, Albemarle; James Sears Hix, Jr., Thomasville; Harry Mar- cellus Hobbs, Jr., Charlotte. Sixth Row: Howard Berkeley Hodges, Jr., Alexandria, Va.; William Hendon Hogshead, Jr., Greensboro; Garland Eugene Hoke, Lenoir; James White Holland, Dallas; Richard Brandson Holland, Raleigh; William Gaston Holland, Dallas ; Edward Graham HoUoway, Lenoir ; William Coffoch Holton, Chevy Chase, Md.; William McClure Hooke, Greensboro; Sidney Francis Hoots, Winston-Salem. Freshman First Roir: Aubrey Ramseur Hoover, Concord; Willard A. Horde, Morganton; Charles Edward Hornaday, Southern Pines; Norman Page Hornaday, Sanford; Homer Hilliard Horton, Wendell; James Heathman Horton, Salisbury; James Albert House, Jr., Hobgood ; Wesley Havill Houser, West Palm Beach, Fla.; Howard David Caldwell, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Ken- neth Felton Howard, Dunn. Second Roic: William N. Howard, Raleigh; Earl Graham Howell, Elm City; William Gobbel Howell, Goldsboro; Ralph Vincent Huband, Jr., Wilmington; Harry Lindy Hudson, Connelly Springs; William Bennett Humphries, Roxboro; Wil- liam Harold Hunsucker, Ellerbe; Chester Arnold Hunt, Stantonsburg; Robert Sherrill Hunt, Henderson; Carey Johnson Hunter, Raleigh. Third Row: Olin Reid Hunter, HuntersviUe; David Collins Huntley, Lenoir; Herman Harry Huntley, Wadesboro; James Kenneth Hurlacker, Kannapolis; John Huske, Jr., Fiyetteville; Henry Griggs HutafF, Dunn; D. Alexander Hutch- inson, Jr., Elizabethtown ; Robert Elwyn Hutchinson, Rockingham; George Norman Hutton, Hickory; Claudius Addison Irby, Roanoke Rapids. Fo»f j i?o« ' Lewis Malcolm Isley, Haw River ; John Charles Ivey, East Rockingham; Betty Sue Jacobs, Chapel Hill; Richard Norce Jacobson, New York, N. Y. ; Benjamin E. James, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla. ; Charles Douglas Jeffreys, Dur- ham; Sam Jenkins, Jr., Walstonburg ; Roger Adams Jennings, Jr., Greensboro; Caul Robinson Jernigan, Erwin; Allen Monroe Johnson, Mebane. Fifth Row: Charles Henry Johnson, Clayton; Charles Manning Johnson, Biscoe; Fritz Kreisler Johnson, Durham; Hal Ray Johnson, Mebane ; James Matthew Johnston, Pueblo, Colorado ; Monroe Garland Johnson, Spindale ; Robert Leon Johnson, Lake Wales, Fla.; Robert William Johnson, Reidsville; Samuel Brown Jolly, Jr., Wilmington; Aaron Jay Jones, New York, N. Y. Sixth Row: Dean Cicero Jones, Jefferson ; Paul Martin Jones, Asheville ; Robert Alfred Jones, Valdese ; Ronald Bernal Jones, Fayetteville ; Jord Hampton Jordan, Jr., Charlotte; Ralph Benton Jordan, Sanford; Robert Calhoun Jordan, Edenton; Robert Percy Joyce, Jr., New Bern; William Clifford Joyner, Louisburg; Sherman Oscar Julian, Jr., Kan- napolis. Class First Ron:- William Leonard Kaplan, Raleigh; William Lewis Karesh, Greensboro; Ned Spencer Kearns, Lexington; Guilford Ray Keeter, Jr., Cramerton; Jacob Charles Keller, Gastonia; David Armstrong Kelly, Culpeper, Va. ; William Stamey Kelly, Statesville; William Kelso, Newark, N. J. ; Wayne Dewitt Kennedy, Wilmington ; Steve R. Kenney, Raleigh Second Row: William Sterling Kenyon, Charlotte; John Pitkin Kimberly, Bluff; Solomon Pincus Kimerling, Birmingham, Ala.; Arnold Kimsey King, Jr., Chapel Hill; Julian Baxter King, Winston-Salem; Dudley Ashe Kinsey, Manchester; Thomas Why te Kirkland, Durham; David Russell Kiser, Lincolnton; Adam Mark Kissiah, Charlotte; William Hirsch Kittner, Weldon. Third Row: Thomas Henry Knott, Kinston; Frank Krauss, III, Mmeral Springs; Henry Rowland Kritzer, Hagerstown, Md.; Robert Lawrence Kurtz, Charlotte; Edward Medley Ladd, Fort Worth, Texas ; William Valantine Ladford, Greens- boro; William Reid Lambert, Biscoe; Charles Brooks, Langston, Henderson; James Richard Langston, Winterville; John Robert Langston, Four Oaks. Fourth Row: Lewis Sellers Lawrence, Falkland; Henry Neill Lee, Lumberton ; Junius Russell Lee, Four Oaks; Robert Emmett Lee, Monroe; Russell Benton Lee, Jr., Kannapolis; Thomas James Lee, Monroe; James Turner Leeson, Jr.. Rocky Mount; Francis Ro.scoe Lennon. Asheboro; Maurice Dean Leverette, Fayetteville; Allison Luther Lew is. Daytona Beach, Fla. Fijth Ron-: Rae Marlin Litaker, Concord; Robert Benton Litton, Shelby; George Warthen Lofquist, Asheville; William Lunn London, IV, Pittsboro; Carlton Wesley Long, Greensboro; John Fletcher Long, Jr., Statesville; Thornton McKen- dree Long, Winston-Salem; Glenn Roland Looney, Biltmore ; Marvin Dallas Lovins, Lenoir; Wilburn James Lowe, Can- ton. S xlh Raw: Edgar Love, III, Lincolnton; Robert Lee Lovick, Jr.. Norfolk, Va.; William Earl Lovick, Norfolk, Va.; Wil- liam Horace Lewder, Albemarle; Fred M. Lurie, Belmont, Mass.; Thomas Calvin McAden, Charlotte; Jimmy Lee Mc- Allister, Mount Pleasant; William Durland McCaslin, Pittsburgh, Penn. ; Robie Wayne McCellan, Lincolnton; Otis Rob- erts McCollum, Reidsville. " itm V I M iS •:»i nriusic Through the generosity of a stranger, Andrew Carnegie, the familiar gray pressed brick building, known as Hill Hall, was built in 1907. For the next twenty years Hill served the University admirably as a library until in the late twenties, the rapid growth of the graduate school and of the collection of books made it necessary for larger quarters to be built. A gift of the John Sprunt Hill family enabled the University to install a hne organ and add an auditorium with a seat- ing capacity of eight hundred. The renovation completed in 19. 0, GLEN HAYDOIV Head of Music Department Paul oung of Glee Club fame Under Dr. Schinhan ' s guidance some day she ' ll fill the hall. the building was ready for the music department whose home it has been for the last twent) ' years. Although the music students are those who benefit most from this building, every individual who has a love for music is touched for there are many musical programs open to the public, and it is the center for the music on this campus. According to Edgar Alden it was Mozart Page 207 Freshman M ;! ' Fin Row: Donald Elmer McDonald, Logan, W. Va.; Earl Blue McDonald, Carthage; Malcolm Theodore McDonald, Arlington, Va. ; Edward Grafton McGavran, Jr., Chapel Hill; Julian Murrill McGee, Jr., Greensboro; Robert Theodore McGimsey, Lenoir; James Herbert Mclntyre, Ellerbe; William P. McKay, Jr.. Fayetteville; Rodney Leonard McKnight. Charlotte; William Woodard McLendon, Greensboro. Second Row: James William McLeod, Aberdeen; Nathaniel Fugua Magruder, Sarasota, Fla.; Joseph Earl Mahaffee, Valdese; William Henry Mallison, Rocky Mount; Harvey W. Marcus, Wilmington; George Lister Markham, Elizabeth City; Reuben Bunyan Marlowe, Tabor City; William Anderson Marlowe. Jr., Walstonburg; Robert Lee Marks. Reids- ville; Luther A. Marsh, Thomasville. Third Ron-: Franklin King Marshburn, Charlotte; James Robert Martm, AsheviUe; Roy Eugene Martin, Spring Creek; John Gerald Massengill, Goldsboro; William Henry Massey, Jr., Princeton; Thomas Herbert Mathews, Townesville; Joseph Stacy Matthews, Raleigh; Leslie Avon Matthews, Angin; Randolph Alfred Matthews. Oxford; William M. Mat- thews, Raleigh. Fourth Roll: James Harold Matthis, Warsaw; Benjamin Gray Mattox, Jr., Smithfield; Kenneth Lunceford Mattox, Salis- bury; Frederick R. Mauney, Shelby; Glenn Howard May, Asheville; Harry Robert May. Jersey City, N. J.; Wilbur Barry Medlin, Jr., Sanford; Robert Bruce Melton, Marion; Donald Myron Mendel, Atlanta, Ga.; Leslie Gray Merritt, Greens- boro. Fifth Rotr: Ralph Richard Messick, Beverly, N. J.; James CKiyton Metts, Savannah, Ga.; Ray Thomas Midyette, Ashe- viUe, Andrew John Miketa, Baden, Penn.; David Earl Milholen, Cooleemee; Allan Francis Milledge, Miami, Fla.; Andrew Cleveland Miller, Shelby; Clarence David Miller, Charlotte; George W. Miller, Jr., Spencer; John Clifton Miller, Winston-Salem. Sixth Row: Fred Carl Mills, Jr., Henderson; Cecil Jerome Milton, Albemarle; Haywood Ingram Mitchell, Princeton; Henry Vance Modlin, Goldsboro; Ira Gladstone Montague, Jr., Goldsboro; James Renn Montgomery, Durham; A. David Moore, Burlington; Norman Lee Moore, Charlotte; Sam W. Moore. Burlington; Ted Adam Moore, Linwood Class Fnil Rou: Wade Lee Mooie, Wilson; Steward Lee Mooring, La Grange; Bernard Brown Moreland, Greensboro; Dil- lard Grady Moretz, Jr., Boone; Owen Otho Morgan, Jr., Raleigh; William Hunter Morgan, Sunbury; Thomas Reddin Morris, Kenly ; Winslow Bradford Morton, Washington; Vernon Bass Mountcastle, Jr., Reading, Penn.; Thomas Edward Murdock, Asheville. SeconJ Rou: Norma Adelaide Neville. Chapel Hill; Roderick Maclatchie Nicol, Salisbury; Edward C. Norris, Asheville; William Vincent Norris, Oxford; Robert L. Nowell, Jr., Wendell; Joseph William O ' Brien, Jr.. Portsmouth, Va.; George Thomas Oliver, Greensboro; Roy Elbert Onley, Elizabeth City; John William Ormand, Jr., Monroe; Charles Bishop Owen, Roseboro. Third Roic: Earl Welborne Owen, Greensboro; Roscoe Harold Owen, Lexington; Claudius Lorenzo Owens, Fountain; William M. Ownbey, Greensboro; Albert Michael Pacifici, Jr., Ailington, Mass.; Franklin Grady Pack, Hickory; Paul Morgan Page. Whiteville; Robert Praughn Page. Rocky Mount; Horace William Palmer, Rocky Mount; Herman Stuart Parker, II, Smithfield. fo; r 3 Ro«v Roy Parker, Jr., Ahoskic; William Hoyle Parks, Lexington; Robert Watkins Parlier, Hillsboro; William Roger Paschal, Biscoe ; Manly Baker Patterson, Mebane ; William Trotter Peacock, Arlington, Va. ; Richard Melton Pen- egar, Gastonia; Donald Bailey Perry, Wilson; Thomas Pettigrew, Asheville; James Cowles Phelps, Winston-Salem. Fijth Row: Chefeek Mickael Philips, Jr., Wilmington; Robert Osborne Pickard, Erie, Penn.; William Lee Pickard, Dur- ham; Francis Gorson Pierpont, Durham; William Henry Piner, High Point; Robert Glenn Pipkin, Jr., Statesville; Frank Elmer Pittman, Chapel Hill; George Leon Pittman, Selma; Sheldon Jay Plager, Long Branch, N. J.; Cecil Atkins Pless, Asheville. Sixth Rotv: Phillip Thomas Proctor, Fuquay Springs; Russell Francis Pollitz, Reading. Mass.; Billy Best Poole, Wilson; Charles Harris Powell. Asheville; Thomas Arthur Price. Jr.. Charlotte; William Earl Prince, Rochester, N. Y.; Joseph Robert Privett. Edenton ; James Dick Proctor, Whiteville; Melvin M. Proctor, Shelby ; William Thomas Pruitt, Danville, Va. Freshman Pint Ron: William Floyd Purvis, Oakboro; William Gordon Quarles, Wilmington; Louis Rabil, Weldon; John F. Raker, Lexington; William Goodyear Rand, Carlisle, Penn. ; William G. Ransdell, Varina; Robert A. Raskin, Tarboro; Curtis J. Ratledge, Guilford College; Guy W. Rawles, Raleigh; Thomas D. Ray, Lillington. Seconti Roit: Thomas M. Ray, Waynesville; Page P. Reavis, Henderson; William F. Redding, III, Asheboro; William V. Reeves, Sparta; James C. Repass, Durham; Jim S. Reuning, Bristol. Va. ; John S. Reuther, Darien. Conn.; Thomas M. Ray, Waynesville; Bruce A, Reynolds, Elizabeth City; Tommy Rezzute, AsheviUe. Third Row: William W. Rhoades, AsheviUe; Homer H. Richards, Charlotte; Ellis A. Riddle, Jr., Concord; John W. Riddle, Gastonia; Burton J. Rights, Winston-Salem; Tad T. Riley, Pottstown, Penn.; Henry Z. Robbins, Durham; Wil- liam M. Robbins, Charlotte; William D, Roberson, Charlotte; Harold P. Roberts, Sanford. Fourth Rou: Wayne B. Roberts, Mt. Olive; George A. Robinson, Canton; John H. Robinson, Jr., Salisbury; Ivey G. Rogers, Dobson; Arden C. Rollins, Fuquay Springs; James W. Rose, Benson ; Virginia Sue Rosemond, Hillsboro ; Richard S. Rosen, Miami Beach, Fla.; Elizabeth Ann Ross, Jacksonville, Fla.; John W. Ross, Green Cove Springs, Fla. Fifth Row: Paul A. Roth, AsheviUe; James R. Rourk, Myrtle Beach, S. C. ; Leslie H. Row, Alamance; William D. Roy- croft, Coats; Lawrence B. Rudisill, Lincolnton; William M. Rue, Danville, Ky. ; Dalton D. Ruffin, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Edward L. Ruggles, Raleigh; Howard J. Runnion, AsheviUe; Billie J. Rusmisell, Morganton. Sixth Row: James R. Russell, Lexington; James C. Ryan, Sylva; Ben Sadler, Greensboro; George P. SafFe, Wilmington; William M. Sanders, Raleigh; Manley R. Sanderson, Rosehill; Oliver L. Sapp, Reynolda ; Robert Sapp, Reynolda; John Marshall Sasser, Smithfield ; Irwin E. Sawitz, Hamlet. Page 210 lass First Roil ' : Blackwell Sawyer, Jr., Toms River, N. J.; QuiriQ ' Jackson Scarborough, Fayetteville; Conrad Frederic Sch- neider, II, Palmyra, Penn.; Herman P. Schultz, Hendersonville; Frank Garrett Scott, III, Orange, Va.; James Fentress Seagroves, New Hill; Talbot Rayle Selby, Dudley; Robert William Sheek, Jr., Winston-Salem; Dannie Calvin Sheffield, Carthage; Gordon Mauser Shermer, Winston-Salem. Second Row: Ernest Randolph Shives, Lincolnton; Charles Roger Shore, Kernersville ; William Marcus Short, Greensboro; Robert McPhail Shuman, Charlotte; Joel Herbert Siegel, Salisbury; Baird Brooks Sills, Winston-Salem; David Alex- ander Simpson, Monroe ; Lewis Alexander Sikes, Tabor Cit ' ; William Waldo Skeen, Biscoe; John Calvin Slemp, Jr., Wynnewood, Penn. Third Row: Dorothy Ann Sloan, Chapel Hill; Thomas H. Sloan, Winston-Salem; Charles Buxton Small, Elizabeth City; Carson Lewis Smeltzer, Chapel Hill; Earl Brantley Smith, Jr., Raleigh; Edward Carrington Smith, Jr., Chapel Hill; Edwin Bretney Smith, Asheville; Eugene Dalton Smith, Statesville; George Duffield Smith, Jr., Dallas, Texas; George Lafayette Smith, Raleigh. Fourth Row: Gerald Lester Smith, Jacksonville, Fla.; Joseph Ronald Smith, Lexington; Lloyd Bell Smith, Jr., Lenoir; Robert Gerald Smith. Newberry, S. C; Stanley Thompson Smith, Kinston ; William Thomas Smith, Jr.. Charlotte; John Smitherman, Winston-Salem; John A Smitherman, Winston-Salem; Robert A. Smitherman, Winston-Salem; Marcus Francis Snoddy, Rockingham. Fijth Row: Henry Vaughn Spainhour. Rural Hall; Ned Williams Spearman. Magnolia; Robert Eudean Spencer, Liberty; Richard Clyde Spivey, Raleigh ; Carl Ralph Spruill, Elizabeth City ; Marvin McCless Spruill, Hampstead ; Thomas Francis Stamer, Wilkes-Barre, Penn.; Thomas Hilliard Staton, Hendersonville; Jack H. Steed, High Point; Thomas Warwick Steed, Jr., Raleigh. Sixth Row: Jerry V. Sternberg, Asheville; George Myers Stephens, Jr., Asheville; Henry Louis Stephenson, Jr., Smith- field; Robert Earl Stephenson, Holly Springs; Thomas Brock Stevens, Smithfield; Robert Lee Stewart. Greensboro; James Ward Stickney, Asheville; Ernest Franklin Stine, Hickory; Mack Carlton Stocks. Greenville; Thomas Dodds Stokes, Jr., Lexington. Freshman First Rou: Alleus Hugh Stone, Chapel Hill; Jack Wesley Stone, Jr., Charlotte; John L. Stone, Bailey; Maynard Elwood Stowe, Hatterasnn; Robert Louis Strickland, Asheboro; Thomas Edward Strickland, Goldsboro; Lewis Castlenan Strudwick, Salisbury; Karl Dane Stuart, Raleigh; Harris Alexander Sturgess, Jr., Rocky Mount; John Vernon Suitt, Durham. Second Row: Ronald Falls Sullivan, High Point; Donald F. Sutphen, East Orange, N. J.; James Albert Sutton, Wilming- ton; Michael Swaim, Julian; Theodore Shelby Swanson, Hendersonville; Cornells Maarten Swart, Wilmington; Henry Arthur Swicegood, Lexington; William Walker Swink, Concord; Charles Ralph Sykes, High Point; Robert E. Sykes, Stockton, Calif. Third Row: Norman Lewis Tapp, Roxboro; Joe Edward Tarlton, Rutherfordton ; Charles Eugene Tate, Greensboro; Henry Allen Tate, Gaffney, S. C. ; Jack Faxon Tate, Mt. Airy; Clarence Webb Tatum, Winston-Salem; John Gotten Tayloe, Jr., Washington; David Clio Taylor, Bladenboro; Kenneth Ray Taylor. Faison; Roland Lindsey Taylor, Tarboro. Fourth Row: William Rcbert Taylor, Jr., Goldsboro; William Granger Teachey, High Point; Hal Edward Teague, Morganton ; Hubert Otto Teer, Jr., Durham; Herbert Teichman, Winston-Salem; Jesse Thomas Terrell, Yanceyville; Joseph Lawson Scott Terrell, Raleigh; Larry Parks Thomas, Winston-Salem; Robert Eirwin Thomas. Oxford; William James Thomas, Durham. Fifth Row: Charles Robert Thompson, Jr., Greenville, S. C. ; James Vernon Thompson, Raleigh; James Richard Thomp- son; Hendersonville; Jerome C. Thompson, High Point; Walter A. Thompson, Burlington; Samuel Thomas Thorne, Jr.. Charlotte; Donald Vance Thurber, High Point; Walter Thomas Tice, Jr.. High Point; David Ronald Tilley, Fuquay Springs; William Spencer Tilley, Raleigh. Sixth Row: Thomas Harrison Tisdale, Asheville; Thomas Wilburn Tolbert, III, Macon, Ga.; Hubert Glenn Tolson, New Bern; Charles Wyse Trent, III, Reidsville; Raymond Earl Trice, Durham; Clarence Hughes Truckner, Durham; Gaillard Octerleay Tuck, Louisville, Ky. ; George Reginald Tucker, Jr., Hertford; Clealus Franklin Tullnch. Leaksville; Herbert Carl Turner, Waynesville. lass Hv- l ' ,, Fim Row: Fred Arthur Tyndall, Jr., Goldsboro; John Williamson Underwood, Southern Pines; Robert McLean Upton, Ventnor, N. J.; Frank Marion Utiey, Sanford; Hale Baxter Van Hoy, Walkertown ; Cornelius Monroe Vanstory, Greens- boro; Jeanne U. Vashaw, Chapel Hill; Vernon Galphin Vaughan, Jr., Henderson; Jasper Robert Veasey, Fuquay Springs; Ralph David Waddell, Jr., Concord. Second Row: John Weshey Wagner, Cramerton; Murphy Thomas Wagner, Jr., Durham; James Smith Wagoner, Gra- ham; John Thomas Wall, Burlington; Lacy W. Walters, Fuquay Springs; Frank Alphonso Ward, Durham; Harold Notvin Ward, Asheville; William Jennings Ward, Hendersonville; Beverly Snec-d Warner, Roanoke, Va.; Oliver Tim- berlake Watkins, Wilmington. Third Row: Malcolm W. Watson, Red Springs; John F. Weaver, Statesville; Paul L. Weaver, Jr., Wilmington; Dennis Rtid Webb, Cliffside; Raymond Weems. Winston-Salem; James Alfred Wellons, Smithfield ; James Clarence Wellons, Jr., Selma; Richard Halliburton Wells, Spring Hope; Edsel Frank Whaley, Elizabeth City; Donald Eugene Whicker, Kernersville. Fourth Rote: Howard Eugene Whisnant, Gastonia; William Richard Whisnant, Shelby; David Arthur White, Silver Spring, Md.; Oscar McMullan White, Elizabeth City; Ralph Clellan White, Henderson; Romas Templeton White, Charlotte; William Glenn White, Jr., Winston-Salem; William Wallace White, Manson; Thomas Alva Whitley; Portsmouth, Va.; Thomas Sloan Whitlock, Winston-Salem. Fijth Row: Tolbcrt M. Whittington, Jr., North Wilkesboro; Hoyle Lusk Wilkes, Monroe; Robert Bruce Wilkins, Linden; James H. Wilkinson, Concord; Bill Albert Williams, Granite Falls; Glenwood Lee Williams, Godwin; Horace Edwin Williams, Seven Springs; Lattie Oliver Williams, Warsaw; Mary Deanc Williams, Chapel Hill; Thomas Avent Wil- liams, Battleboro. Sixth Row: Woodward White Williams, Jr., Columbia, S. C; Fred Kent Williamson, Asheville; Claude Roberson Wil- son, Robersonville; Maurice Henry Wilson, Jr., Charlotte; Robert Sessoms Wilson, Aberdeen; William David Wilson, Durham; William Thomas Wilson, Rural Hall; Jay V. Wise, Kannapolis; William Dowd Wolfe, Spencer; William Thomas Wolfe, Chapel Hill. Freshman Class First Rotf: Charles Fredrick Wolff, Winston-Salem; Jerry Robert Womack, Spencer; William David Woodruff, Oxford; David Holland Woodson, Duiham; Richmond Pearson Woodson, Salisbury; James Wilson Gibbon WooUcott, Ashe- ville; Robert Southerland Wooten, Jr., Kinston; James Dalton Wordsworth, Rocky Mount; Donald Wesley Wrenn, Durham; Clement Gillespie Wright, Greensboro. Second Rou: James Thad Wright, Burlington; Claude Glenn ' ' ates. Jr., Lenoir; David Louis Yoos, Kannapolis; Robert Lee York, Jr., Waynesville; William Brantley York, Jr., Boone; Clyde Thomas Young, Carrboro; John Patrick Young, Raleigh; Maurice Edward Young, Bellefonte, Penn.; Nancy Carol Young, Chapel Hill; Thomas Lee Young, Lexington. Tea Time Carolina defensive eleven Just pucker up and bluw Alice in wondering land Mother, There I am This is America Putting up a good front Pagt 216 Tea Time There I was 30,000 feet No Cheese Please! Maybe hU name is Willie Green Getting lessons on the Good nite KISS Now Pranrer . . . Now Dancer . . . I ' d like to get on a slow boat to China Bound and Gagged Page 2 7 Tea Time Looks like a new Nash Even the drink is drunk Is ya, or ain ' t ya gonna pledge! Getting Pie Eyed Where ' s a guy sleep these dayg . . Which one has the Toni? He didn ' t get that nose roulin ' for Dook! Puge 218 xV m d i Everythi Tea Time Speculation ng but the Sugar Bov i victory If you can ' t go to Heaven Monday morning Coeds And can you? I am only three and half years old . . . Mommy . . . Take it away . . . I ' ll be good Page 219 Tea Time Getting ready to go lo the lions Some shall be industrious . . , War Story, the Phi Dell wa Some shall be productive • • Ladies of W. C. T. V. Sonic shall be happy . . . Off for a weeiv-end Trip And some shall just be . , Page 220 Tea Time Will he or won ' t he . . . Tune in next year Our Dream Boat rd like to have seen you pass it Find the Import Now for Fridav . . . we have Where is Bill Robertson? Page 221 Tea Time Huggin! as in Hard Wear CHARLEEN THE Ql ' EEN What ' s behind all this There are smiles that make vou pledges Dear Alice, I met a Coed and . . . You looked flushed . . . who pulled vour chain? Where is the little girls " room? Page 222 Tea Time Inquiring Photographer A course in Arboretum 21 What should I do now? Come to me my melancholy baby What the Indian said to the Mermaid Where is my rear view mirror? After Tea Time DEAN M. L. JACOBS The Schoo of Pharmacy The School of Pharmacy, with its usual number of " lost " freshmen and an overrunning list of hopeful seniors, opened its doors to the 1948-1949 year with an enrollment of 225 students. Orientation of the new students got under way with a buffet dinner in the Pharmacy buildmg, but not until after the two frats had had the usual battle of " rush v eek " did they get the true spirit of Pharmacy School. Football season, the dances, and the Pharmacy Girls ' annual Christ- mas party mingled in with the long list of labs and quizzes that came before exams and our heartily welcomed Christmas vacation. The New Year found our School settled down — freshmen discussing problems with Seniors-Juniors and Sophomores finding their courses more Howell Hall I HP Nn m ' w r - " N. ' " -■ ' W " ES:. r ' ? B!l Bi HI ' mtk w fi ' . al.L 1- l-j liii J J W m k " P L 1 m . X 1 TTTT r B® f Ez — ■=•- - %w ■mmlM miSS ' -, m B B difficult. The old routine was broken during the winter quarter with the N. C. P. A. dance and several social events by the fraternities, including the annual Phi Delta Chi dance. Came spring, and the battle went on — the battle of the books — the battle against spring mud (tradition, I think they call it) — the battle for votes in the school elections — but through all this the light of our annual Pharmacy week-end shone all over the campus. Festivities began with a picnic Friday afternoon and continued through two dances Saturday, and climaxed with the crowning of the " Pharmacy Queen " . Then came June with exams, and for the seniors graduation with all its joys and sorrows. After graduation came the State Board Examina- tion and permanent jobs. For some of the under- classmen there was summer school, for others summer jobs for practical experience, but for all a well deserved rest, and big plans for next year. The Pharmacy School officers for this year were, John C. Hood, Jr., President; Harry W. Wilson, Vice-President; William W. Jordan, Secretary-Treasurer; and J. Kelly Turner, Men ' s Honor Council. Dr. Breclil in Dispensing Lab. Pharmacv Week-end 1948 And after Graduation Dr. Hartung and Dr. Sememuk discuss a " neo " compound. Pharmacy Schoo Officers of the School: John Hood, President; Harry Wilson, Vice-President; Bill Jordan, Secretary-Treasurer; Kelly Turner, Men ' s Honor Council. Officers of the Fourth Year Class: Hal Hawkins, President; Daniel Rhodes, Vice-Presi- dent; John Rancke, Secretary-Treasurer. Officers of the Third Year Class: Sherwood Parrish, President; Ed Hoyle, Vice-President; Robert Scharff, Secretary-Treasurer; Gene Sherard, Chaplain. Officers of the Second Year Class: William VanValkenburgh, President; Gene Allen. Vice-President; William Griffin, Secretary-Treasurer. Officers of the First Year Class: Harry Hauss, President; Robert Fairley, Vice-President; Mary Frances Parsons, Secretarj ' -Treasurer. I I) per Right (seated) : Sher- wood Parrish • (standing): Ed Ho le. Rohert Scharff, ; ' iif Sherard, Lotcer Left: William Griffin, William VaiiValkenburgh. Cent Allen, hotver Right : Mary Frances Parsons. Robert Fairley, Harrv Hauss. Pharmacy Senate First Row: Dr. E. A. Breoht, Bill Jordan, Floyd Jones, Reporter; Bob Wilson, Secretarj- -Treas- urer; Henry D. Smith, President; Gregory Howe, Parliamentarian; Doris Sauls, J. K. Turner, Jr., H. B. HaM-kins • Second Roiv: Russell L. Young, Jr., John C. Hood. Jr., W. Moss Salley, Jr., Oscar W. Mills, L. B. McAllister, Lloyd M. Whaley, Jimmie C. Bowers. Lloyd C. Brisson. Arthur E. Bro- thers • iSol Pictured: Jarvis AUigood, Walter Clodfelter. Hubert Coffee. Eugene Gallogly. Tru- man Huflson. Rex Paramore. Bob Phifer. Jean Snyder, Recorder: Cbristine Tunslall. Wails West. The Pharmacy Senate has as its purpose the stimulation of increased knowledge and appreciation of the profession of Pharmacy by free discussion of its various phases. Membership is limited to students and practitioners in the field of pharmacy. The Senate was organized and created at the University of North Carolina by Dr. E. A. Brecht, instructor of Materia Medica and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Since its formation in February 1940, it has been adopted in form (if not in name) by several other colleges of Pharmacy throughout the country. In addition to regular meetings held every other week, during which new drugs, merchandising policies, price controls, and advances in the field are discussed, the Senate sponsors speakers for the School of Pharmacy on subjects pertaining to the pro- fession. Past 237 Pharmacy Schoo ERNEST RUFFIN ANDERSON High Point N. C. P. A. (1. 2. ,1, II HARLEY ONEIL BENSON Robbins Plu Delia Cht; N. C P. A. (1. 2. I). JIMMIE CLAXTON BOWERS Morganton kapi r, Psi; N. C. P. A. U. 2. -i. IJ . JAMES HOWARD BOYLES Cherryvilie B.S. in Ph.irmat B.S. in Pharmacy B.S. in Pharmacy B S. in Pharmacy JANE BRADFORD Greensboro Kho Chi; K.ippa Epsilon. Hislnrian (.11, Secrrlarv-Trea.«iirer (41; N. C. P. A. (2. 3, 41. Secretary (.11: Pharmaev Girls ' Association 2, 3. 41; Secrelarv of Sophomore Class (21 : Y. W. C. A. (2, 3. 4). B.S. in Pharmacy EARLE G. CALDWELL Lumberton Rlio Chi; N. C. P. A. (1. 2. 3, 4). B.S. in Pharmacy VIRGINIA LIMBAUGH CALLAHAN Asheville B.S. in Pharmacy SAMUEL MacDONALD CAVANAUGH Wallace B.S. in Pharmacy Rhu aid; Phi D.A:a Chi; N. C. P. A. (1, 2, 3. 41 ; B. S. U. (1. 2). HUBERT MORRIS COFFEE Thomasviile B.S. in Pharmacy N. €. P. A. (1. 2. II; Pli.,rMidcy Senate (2. 3, 11. WESLEY THOMAS COLLIER Roanoke Rapids B.S. in Pharmacy BENJAMIN FRANKLIN COLLINS Weldon B.S. in Pharmacy Kappa Psi; Recent (3, 41; N. C. P. A. (1. 2. 3. 11; Pn sidcnt Olil East 121. JAMES WILLIAM EDWARDS Scotland Neck Rho Chi; y. C. P. A. (2, 3. 4J . B.S. in Pha rmacy . . DERS()N BENSON BOWERS BOYLES BRADFORD CALDWELL CALLAHAN CAVANAUGH COFFEE COLLIER COLLWS EDWARDS Fourth Year Class WILLIAM GORDON FORREST Wintemlle B.S. in Pharmacy Kho Clu; Phi Del!,! Clu : N. C. P. A, (2. 3. 41. Presidenl (1). WINDFIELD SCOTT GARDNER Asheboro B.S. in Pharmacy Rlio Chi: , . C. p. A. u. 2. 3. 4). B.S. in Pharmacy SANDY DAVIS GRIFFIN Marshville N. C. p. . . (1. 3. 3, 4). ROBERT BUCKNER HALL Mocksville B.S. in Pharmacy Phi Dell,, Chi. Vice-President (31, Presidenl (41; N. C. P. A. (1 2 3 41 ..e.President (21; Pharmacy Senate (1. 21. President 121; Y. . l. C. . . ROBERT FRANKLIN HARRISON Chadbourn B.S. m Pharmacy HAL BURGESS HAWKINS StatesviUe Rho Chi: Kappa Psi. Secretary (4) ; N. C. P. A. (2. 3) ; Pharmacy Senate (3. 41: Class Vice-President (U; Class President (41; D.-an ' s Cabinet (41- C. . T. C. (II; U- V- , . (21; Dance Cammittee (41. B.S. in Pharmacy RAYMOND EDWARD HEATH Newport B.S. in Pharmacy Rho t u; N. C. p. A- (1. 2, 41 : Y. .M. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 41. JOHN COGDELL HOOD, JR. Kinston B.S. in Pharmacy Rho Ch,: Kappa Pii. Vice-President (4) : Vice-Presid.nt Rho Chi (4) • N. C. P. A. (I, 2. 3, 4) ; Pharmacy Senate (3, 41 ; President Pharmacy School (41; Class President (1); Dean ' s Cabinet (4); Y. M. C. A. (1); Orientation Counselor (4J . CLARENCE ELBERT JOHNSON Forest City B.S. in Pharmacy N. C. P. A. (1, 2. 3, 4J. WILLIAM WALTER JORDAN Raleigh B.S. in Pharmacy Treasurer Pharmacv School WINFRED ALMORE KING Mount Air) ' B.S. in Pharmacy Rho Cl„: . C V. A- (1. 2. 3. 41; Y. M. C. A. (21. JENNINGS ESKRIDGE KNIGHT Weldon B.S. in Pharmacy . (.. p. A- (3, 4J. FORREST GARD. EK GRIFFIN HALL H.IRRISON HAWKINS HEATH HOOD. JR. JOH.NSON JORDAN KI G KNIGHT Pharmacy Schoo LOWE PARAMORE RHODES RALPH LOYD KNOX Charlotte LeROY LANIER, JR. Wallace N. C. P. A. (2, 3, 4) ; Plian.iacy S (2). B.S. in Pharmacy B.S. in Pharmacy (.1, 4) ; Class Secretary. MARY ELIZABETH LOCKWOOD Brunswick, Georgia B.S. in Pharmacy Rho Chi; Thela Psi Epsilon; Beta Sigma Phi; N. C. P. A. (1, 3. 4) ; Pharmacy Senate (1) ; Pharmacy Girls ' Assoriatiun (1, 3) ; Class Secretary (1) ; Student Advisor (2). LAWTON WOOSLEY LONDON Cherryville N. C. P. A. (2, 3. 4). JOHN DAVID LOWE High Point N. C. P. A. (1, 2, 3, 4J. B.S. in Pharmacy B.S. in Pharmacy B.S. in Pharmacy ROBERT MILES MARTIN Red Oak Kappa Psi: N. C. P. A. (1. 2, 3, 4). T. WAYNE MITCHELL Roseboro B.S. in Pharmacy Rho Chi: Kappa Psi: N. C. P. A. (2. 3. 4). DAVID SNYDER OVERTON Sanford Kappa Psi; N. C. P. A. (1, 2. 3, 4) B.S. in Pharmacy STEVE ANDREW PAPPAS Charlotte B.S. in Pharmacy ;■ . Delia Chi: X. C. P. A. (I, :;. 3. 4). REX ALAN PARAMORE Fuquay Springs B.S. in Pharmacy N. C. p. A. (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Pharmacy Senate (4) ; Vice-President Pharmacy School (3); University Dance Committee (3). GROVER RUDOLPH PITTMAN Kenly B.S. in Pharmacy WILBUR WINFIELD PROVO Mars Hill B.S. in Pharmacy Kho Cii: N. C. P. A. (3, 4). WILLIAM MOOREFIELD PUCKETT Fuquay Springs B.S. in Pharmacy JOHN McMillan rancke Lumberton B.S. in Pharmacy Phi Delia Chi: N. C. P. A. (2, 3, 4) ; Class Secretary-Treasurer DANIEL EDWARD RHODES Morganton B.S. in Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi: N. C. P. A. (1, 2. 3. 4) ; Class Vice. President (4). Pagt 230 Fourth Year Class RICH ROGERS, JR. Hdl ' K " , ROSS SECREST. JR. SHORE. JR. SIMMONS SiWUER SOUTHERN TAYLOR TUNSTALL TURNER, JR. WHEELER, JR. WILLIAMS YOUNG, JR. HAROLD CLAYTON RICH Garland B.S. in Pharmacy PI,, Drill, Chi: i . C. p. A. (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Y. M. C. A. (1, 2). RALPH PEELE ROGERS, JR. Durham B.S. in Pharmacy Auppa Alph.i: N. C. P. A. (2, 3, 41 ; Class President (1); Dean ' s Cabinet (2). HAROLD EDWARD ROPER Franklin B.S. in Pharmacy N. C. p. A. (I, 2, 3. 4J. ROBERT McGILL ROSS Bessemer City B.S. in Pharmacy fl io Chi: N. C. p. A. (I. 2. 3. 4j . VANN VANDERLYN SECREST, JR. Monroe B.S. in Pharmacy K i.. Chl: P, Kapp.t Alpha: . . C. P. A. (I. 2. 3. 41. VOLLIE ARTHUR SHORE, JR. Durham B.S. in Pharmacy N. c. p. A. (1, 2, 3, I). PEGGY ANN SIMMONS Lincolnton B.S. in Pharmacy u. 121 ; D -ai (2) JEAN lOLA SNYDER Hagerstown, Maryland B.S. in Pharmacy Alpha Gamma Delta: Kappa Epsiloa: N. C. P. A. (1, 2, 3. 4): uacy Senate (1, 2, 3, 4); Recorder (4); Pharmacy Girls ' nation (1, 2. 3, 4). President (3) ; Class Vice-President (U ; Secretary.Treasurer (3) ; Dean ' s Cabinet (3) ; Y. W. C. A. . 3. 4) ; Interdormitory Council (31. Phari JOSEPH CARSON SOUTHERN High Point B.S. in Pharmacy . C. p. A. U. 2, 3. 4). JAMES GAY TAYLOR Gumberry B.S. in Pharmacy Rho Chi: N. C. P. A. (1, 2. 3, 4); Class President (I); Dean ' s Cabinet (1). CHRISTINE TUNSTALL Apex B.S. in Pharmacy i . C. p. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Pharmacy Senate (2, 3. 4). JOSEPH KELLY TURNER, JR. Speed B.S. in Pharmacy CLAUDE CAMERON WHEELER, JR. Wilson B.S. in Pharmacy Rho Cl,i: Kappa Pi,: N. C. P. A. (1, 2. 3. 41. BRUCE ALEXANDER WILLIAMS Nashville B.S. in Pharmacy Kappa Psi: N. C. P. A. (1. 2, 3. 41. Treasurer (3). RUSSELL LOWELL YOUNG, JR. Waynesville B.S. in Pharmacy Rho Chi: Kappa Psi; N. C. P. A. (2. 3, 4); Pharmacy Senate (2, 3, 41 : Kappa Psi, Scrgeantal-Arnis (4) ; Rho Chi, President (4); Wesley Foundation (2, 3, ♦). Pharmacy Schoo Jarvis Marion AUigood, Washington. Donald Lecn Bennett, Phi Delta Chi, Fuquay Springs. Clifford Lloyd Brisson, Kappj Psi, Fayetteville. James E. Brookshire, Rho Chi. Winston-Salem. Arthur Etheridge Brothers, Kuppa Psi. Elizabeth City. Robert Earl Byrd, Seaboard. Benjamin Franklin Cooper, Pi Kappa Alpha, Rho Chi, Chapel Hill. Arliss Rudolph Culler, Pinnacle. A. Lyie Davis, Roxboro. William Taylor Dement, Rho Chi. Oxford. Robert Lindsey Dewar, Fuquay Springs. James Henry Dowdy, Kappa Alpha. High Point. Nell Evans, Asheville. Clarence McDonald Ferguson, Jr., Sigi ia Chi. Siler City. James C. Gabriel, Kappa Psi, Mooresville. Eugene F. Gallogly, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Alvis Burton Gilliam, Reidsville. James P. Greene, Bakersville. Harvey Clifton Greeson, Gibsonville. John Palmer Horton, Jr., Phi Delta Chi, North Wilkes- boro. William Pitts Horton, Kappa Psi. Sanford. Alfred Gregory Howe, Alpha Chi Sigma, Washington. Edgar Dixon Hoyle, Phi Delta Chi. Cooleemee. Paul Ronald [enkins, Como. Carl Edgar Jolley, Cliffside. Charles F. Jones, Oxford. Floyd E. Jones, Jr., Kappa Psi. Morehead City. Richard A. Knight, Kappa Psi. Columbia. Page 332 Third Year Class Robert Wayne Kiger, Lincolnton, Holland Braudis Leonard, Kappa Alpha, Kappa Psi, High Point. Keith Bullard Lewis, Chapel Hill. John Henr) ' Lowder, Albemarle. Vance Graham McGugan, Phi Delta Chi, Dunn. Oscar Walter Mills, Phi Delta Chi, Leaksville. William Warren Northcott, High Point. Samuel A. Pace, Alpha Tan Omega, Newton. Alton Sherwood Parrish, Phi Di lta Chi. Benson. Victor Horn Perr) ' , C v Phi. Franklin. Bascon Robert Phifer, Phi Delta Chi, Spencer. Homer Franklin PuUiam, Leaksville. Ernest John Rabil, Kappa Pa. Weldon. Elmer Lawson Rigsbee, Durham. William Moss Salley, Jr., Phi Delta Theta. Asheville. Doris Harrell Sauls, Kappa Epsilon, Raleigh. Robert Edgar SchaefF, Asheville. Gene Stevenscn Sherard, Phi Delta Chi, Burlington. Henry Dale Smith, Kappa Psi. Rho Chi, Spartanburg, South Carolina. Eugene McDonald Ussery, Marston. Marshall Ray Vickers, Burlington. Waits Artemus West, Phi Delta Chi, Roseboro. John Claud Wilkie, Kappa Psi. Durham. Robert Charles Wilson, Kappa Psi. Hendersonville. William Hooper Wilson, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Clinton. John Bennett Woodard, Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Hamlet. Robert Rickman Woody, Snow Camp. Page 233 Pharmacy School — Second Year Class • ! Row: Jones Douglas Bain, Jr., Ph Delta Chi, Clayton; Robert Hoyle Beason, Boiling Springs; Bar- bara Annette Bess, Sylva; Margaret Frances Booth, Apex; Ralph Edward Carter, Jr., Roxobel ; William Davis Cash, Spindale; Walter Allen Clodfelter, Asheboro; William Edward Davis, Warrenton. SecoiiJ Row: Charles Edward Deaton, Liberty; Reginald Conway Ferrell, Kappa Psj, Nashville; Paul Lewis Fisher, Jonesviile; Roland Durall Godwin, Chapel Hill; James Gordon Grantham, Wilmington; James Simpscn Greene, Glen Alpine; William Cicero GritHn, Phi Delia Chi. Rose Hill ; Ray Truman Hudson, Phi Delia Chi, Hickory. Third Ron: Larry Bikle McAllister, Kappa Psi. Mt. Pleasant: Douglas Alexander McCormac, Maxton; James Conrad McGee, Jr., Phi Delta Chi, Canton; Richard Lee Mcintosh, Burnsville; Kenneth Earl Moore, Selma; Harry Curtis Stone. Jr.. Lumberton; Clarence LeRoy Swearngan, Charlotte; William Stanford Tate, Lexington. PoiiYth Row: Alvis G. Turner, Jr., Draper; Christopher C. Turner, Durham; William B. VanValkenburg, Phi Delta Chi. Asheville; Darius Lathan Wells, Chi Psi. Roseboro; Lloyd Milton Whaley, Beulaville; Earl Gaston Williams, Gastonia; Howard Avant Yandle, Charlotte. Pag 234 Pharmacy School — First Year Class First Row: Latimer Breck Alexander. Statesville; Arthur Alexander Anderson, Asheville; William Henry- Andrews, Winston-Salem; Earl Triplett Brown, Leicester; Margaret Carolyn Burgess, Broadway; Loy Ray Burris, Jr., Valdese; Leo Harrison Carter, Thomasville; Henry Paul Cogdell, Goldsboro; Wilbur Aubrey Crumpler, Roseboro. Second Row: Harold Vann Day, Spruce Pine; Wyndham S. Dukes, Gibson; Robert Brittain Fairley, Salis- bury, John Paul Friday, Dallas; Keith Norman Fulbright, Guilford College; John William Gresham, Beulaviile; A. James Gunter, Sanford; Wade Melvin Hall, Madison; Benjamin Russell Harward, Phi Et.i Sigma, Pittsboro. Third Row: Joseph Earl Hatcher, Chinquapin; Harry Lynn Hauss, China Grove; Clayburn Irvin Hawkins, Madison; Willard L Herring, Sigma Phi Epsiloii, Clinton; Elizabeth Ann Hogin, Kinston; Robert Howard Honeycutt, Kannapolis; Ruth Obeda Meares Hood, Richlands; Helen Marie Kelly, Durham; Louis Edwin Messer, Raleigh. Fourth Row: Mary Frances Parsons, Winston-Salem; Sarah Bradshaw Pegram, Apex; William Hurley Ran- dall, Jr., Falcon; Joe Neal Reese, Kannapolis; Douglas Allen Roberts, Fayetteville; William Neal Robert- son, Laurinburg; Richard Ferrell Rollins, Sanford; Harold Bruce Sauls, Raleigh; William F. Setzer, Mor- ganton. F j ?o«v William Maxwell Shaheen, Robbinsville; Betty Tate Sparks, Draper; James Ambler Speight, Rocky Mount; William Lewis Summey, Dallas; John Hugh Thigpen, Jr., Edenton; Jce Battle Vinson, Wil- son Mills; Wilbur Shepherd Ward, Swannanoa; Allene Marie Warren, Dunn. DEAN ROBERT H. WETTACH fTlanning Ha - ' |p -fli - •• • - ■ ■ C . , Through the portals of this hall have passed some of America ' s most outstanding lawyers and politicians in their days of learn- ing. Here stands the hall named in honor of Dr. John Manning, First Row: Dean Robert H. Weltach, William B. Avcoek, Frank W. Hanft, Herbert R. Baer • Second Row: Frederiek B. MeCall, Albert Coates, Maurice T. Van Hecke, Jolin P. Dalzell. School of Law OFFICERS OF LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATION AND N. C. LAW REVIEW First Roui: Joe Moore, Editor of the IS. C. Law Re- view; Mike Carr, President of the Law School Asso- ciation; E. W. Machen, Assistant Editor of the A " . C. Law Revieic • Seconfl Row: J. W. Alexander, Vice- President of the Law School Association; Charlie Fulton, Secretary of the Law School Association; Ralph Strayhorn, (Chairman of the Law School Honor Council; Sterling Gilliam, Treasurer of the Law School Association. who was head of the Law School from 1881 to 1899. The doors of the building opened in 1923 and today the school which it houses is approved by the leading accrediting groups in the nation. The lights which burn until the early hours of the morning, the learned professors, and the fifty-five thousand volume library of Manning Hall will show the way for many future lawyers and statesmen of the state and the nation. Typing Briefs Research in the library Third Year Law First Rou: Thomas F. Adams, Jr., Delia Theta Phi, Willow Spring; Jay Wilson Alexander, Jr., Phi Alpha Delta, Charlotte; Leonard Gleason Allen, Phi Alpha Delta, Phi Delta Theta, Wilmington; Julius Carl Barefoot, Jr., Delta Theta Phi, Greensboro; Robert E. Bencini, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Alpha Delta, High Point; Katherine Boone, Lumberton. Second Row: Walter Foil Brinkley, Kappa Sigma, Phi Delta Phi, Lexington; Eupha Odis Brogden, Jr., Dleta Theta Phi, Raleigh; Joseph Melville Broughton, Jr., Phi Delta Phi. Raleigh; Maurice Waldon Brown, Sigma Na, Delta Theta Phi, Pulaski, Va. ; Marcel- lus Buchanan, III, Chi Phi, Phi Alpha Delta, Sylva ; Robert Edward Calder, Phi Alpha Delta, Wilmington. Third Row: John Wishart Campbell, Pi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Phi. Lumberton: Michael Lemuel Carr, Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Alpha Delta, Rocky Mount; James Fletcher Chesnutt, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Alpha Delta, Clinton ; Edward Coppala, Delta Theta Phi, Char- lotte; Robert Elijah Covington, Jr., Sigma Chi, Pachuta, Miss.; Sterling Gary Gilliam, Zeta Psi, Phi Delta Phi, Franklinton. Fourth Row: Charles Wilburn Gordon, Jr., Delta Theta Phi, Spencer ; Frank T. Grady, Phi Alpha Delta, Seven Springs ; Thomas Battle Griffin, Phi Alpha Delta, La Grange; Theodore E. Haigler, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Alpha Delta, Sanford ; Philip R. Hedrick, Phi Alpha Delta, Statesville; David Newton Henderson, Delta Theta Phi, Wallace. Fifth Rotv: Richard Allen Hollander, Chapel Hill ; Gilmer Andrew Jones, Jr., Phi Alpha Delta, Phi Alpha Pi, Franklin ; Harvey Ronald Kennedy, Delta Theta Phi, Sanford; Richard Lee Koral, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Junius B. Lee, Jr., Delta Theta Phi, Four Oaks; Robert Dickson Little, Phi Delta Phi. Raleigh. Page 238 Third Year Law First Row: Nicholas Long, Kappa Alpha, Delta Theta Phi, Roanoke Rapids ; Walter B. Love, Jr., Delta Sigma Phi, Monroe ; Ernest Wil- liam Machen, Jr., Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Aplha Delta, Chapel Hill; George M. McDermott, Delta Theta Phi, Vass; Robert L. McMillan, Jr., Raleigh; Thomas M, Mullen, Chapel Hill. Second Row: William Stewart Neel, Delta Theta Phi, Mooresville; Thomas Robert Payne, Phi Alpha Delta, Charlotte; Elbert Sidney Peel, Jr., Zeta Psi, Phi Delta Phi, Williamston; Norman Hugh Person, Delta Theta Phi, Fayetteville ; Catherine Simmons Powell, Whiteville; James Turner Pritchett, Jr., Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Delta Theta, Phi Alpha Delta. Lenoir. Third Row: Paul Harold Ridge, Phi Alpha Delta, Gibsonvillc; Norwood Everett Robinson, Phi Alpha Delta, Washington; John David Roeder, New York, N. Y. ; Elizabeth Osborne Rollins, Mor- ganton; John H. W. Small, Sigma Nu, Phi Alpha Delta, Elizabeth City; Gene Collinson Smith, Chapel Hill. Fourth Row: Julius Clarence Smith, III, Phi Alpha Delta, Phi Gamma Delta, Greensboro ; William Lester Smith, Delta Theta Phi, Charlotte; William Henry Snow, Delta Theta Phi, High Point; Robert Gray Stockton, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Phi, Winston- Salem; Raymond E. Sumrell, Phi Alpha Delta, New Bern; Robert Stringfield Swain, Kappa Alpha, Phi Alpha Delta, Asheville. Fifth Row: Arthur Manuel Utley, Jr., Kapp.i Sigma, Phi Alpha Delta, High Point; Charles Fogle Vance, Jr., Phi Alpha Delta, Sigma Nu, Winston-Salem; Livingston Vernon, Phi Delta Phi, Kappa Sigma, Morganton; Robert Lee Warren, Delta Theta Phi, Concord; Walter Preston White, Delta Theta Phi, Phi Kappa Sigma. Winston-Salem ; Cicero Arthur York, J.--., Delta Theta Phi, High Point. Second Year Law Fini Ruw: John Ransom Bain, Four Oaks; Wil- liam Ashe Bason, Raleigh; Norwood Bruce Boney, .jr., Delta Theta Phi. Kenansville; William H. Booe, Delia Theta Phi. Charlotte; Edwin Maurice Braswell, Phi A!f ha Delta. Rocky M .unt. Sei-nuJ Row: Ray Braswell, Phi Del.a Phi. New- land ; John T. Brock, Farmington ; Victor S. Bryant, Jr., Beta Theta Pi. Phi Delta Phi. Durham; James Lee Bulla, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Delta Theta Phi. High Point; William Vance Burrow, Beverly, Mass. Third Ron: Joseph Kincaid Byrd, Delta Phi, Mor- ganton ; Harry Gardner Charles, Phi Alpha Delta, Florence, S. C. ; David Clark, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Delta Phi. Lincolnton; William L. Cooke, Phi Alpha Delta, Aulander; Orville D. Coward, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Alpha Delta. Sylva. Fourth Row: Martin A. Cutler, Delta Theta Phi, Lexington; Emery Byrd Denny, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha. Phi Delta Phi, Raleigh ; Joseph D. Franks, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma. Delta Theta Phi, Elon College; Rutherford R. Friday, Phi Alpha Delta. Dallas; Leroy Frank Fuller, Scarsdale, N. Y. Fifth Row: Charles Lester Fulton, Phi Camma Delta, Phi Delta Phi, Franklin; O. Max Gardner, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Shelby; Robert Taliafero Gash, Phi Alpha Delta, Brevard; Luther Hamilton, Jr., Delta Theta Phi, Morehead City; William Shake- speare Harris, Jr., Mebane. Sixth Row: John R. Haworth, Phi Delta Phi, High Point; Rufus King Hayworth, Delta Theta Phi, High Point; William Ware Henderson, Jr., Phi Alpha Delta, Pensacola, Fla. ; Homer Hunter Henry, Delta Theta Phi, Clyde; Robert Lee Hines, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Gamma Delta. Phi Delta Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Mount Airy. Seventh Row: Edward Brandt Hipp, Phi Delta Phi. Kappa Sigma, Greensboro; James W. Hoyle, Phi Alpha Delta, Sanford; Bruce King Hutchinson, Delta Theta Phi. Marion; Sol Arthur Jaffa, Taii Epsilon Phi, Phi Mti Alpha. Charlotte; Charles Groce James, Delta Theta Phi. Farmington. Eighth Row: Lawrence McNeill Johnson, Aber- deen ; Harold Allen Keen, Chapel Hill ; John Pressly Kennedy, Jr., Phi Delta Phi, Charlotte; Robert Richard Laidlaw, Phi Delta Phi, Western Springs, III.; Robert D. Larsen, Fayetteville. Ninth Row: William Earnest Mackie, Phi Gamma Delta, Chapel Hill; James Patrick McDermott, Phi Alpha Delta. Chapel Hill; Moran Dorith McLendon, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Alpha Delta, Morven ; Daniel Wescott Moser, Alpha Tail Omega, Pi Delta Pi, Asheboro; Daniel Louis Parker, Delta Theta Phi, Smithfield. Page 240 Second Year Law First Row: Ernest E. Parker, Sr., Shallotte; Junius Hugh Peedin, Phi Theta Phi. Fayetteville; Glen R. Penland. Delta Theta Phi, Asheville; Robert Wil- liamson Perdue, Asheville; Robert Edward Perry, Jr., Sigma Su, Phi Delta Phi, Greensboro. Second Rou: Warren Seipp Perry, Kappa S gma, Kinston; Edward Knox Powe. Ill, Sigma Alpha Eptiloii, Phi Delta Phi. Durham; Leonard Stewart Powers, Phi Delta Phi. Mayodan; Jeter Conley Pritchard, Phr Alpha Delta. Marshall; Zennic Lawrence Riggs, Delta Theta Phi. Maysville. Third Rou:- John A . Robertson, Delta Theta Phi. Millbrook; Stanley Leigh Rodenbough, III, Kappa Alpha. Phi Alpha Delta, Walnut Cove; Clyde Thomas Rollins, Delta Theta Phi. Delta Sigma Pi. Hickory; Herbert Horton Rountree, Delta Theta Phi. Farmville; John William Russell, Delta Theta Phi, Candler. Fourth Row: Karl Schwartz, III, Delta Kappa Epiilon. Phi Delta Phi, Sarasota, Fla.; Basil Lamar Sherrill, Gastonia ; John Meredith Simms, Phi Delta Phi. Raleigh; William Grey Smith, Phi Alpha Delta. Greenville; Marshall Turner Spears, Sr., Phi Delta Theta. Phi Delia Phi. Durham. Fifth Row: Ralph Vincent Spracklin, Phi Alpha Delta. Sigma Chi, Hollywood, Fla.; O. E. Starnes, Jr., Phi Delta Theta. Phi Delta Phi, Asheville; George Daniels Stenhouse, Alpha Tau Omega, Goldsboro ; Lubie Moseley Stocks, Grimesland ; Barbara M. Stockton, Alpha Gamma Delta. Frank- lin. 5 .V ' Row: Ralph Madison Stockton, Jr., Beta Theta Pi. Phi Delta Phi, Winston-Salem; William M. Storey, Phi Alpha Delta, Pi Kappa Alpha. Raleigh; Ralph Nichols Strayhorn, Phi Delta Theta. Durham; Kirby Sullivan, Phi Beta Kappa. I.eland ; James Leroy Tapley, Kappa Sigma. Shaw, Miss. Seventh Row: Clark C. Totherow, Phi Delia Phi, Winston-Salem; Richard Elvin Wardlow, Joplin, Missouri; William Henley Watson, Delta Sigma Pi. Winston-Salem; Allan Havard Williams. Phi Delta Theta. Rochester, N. Y.; Andrew Grey Wil- liamson, Phi Delta Theta. Lumberton. Eighth Row: Charles Leon Wilson, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Robersonville; Juliana Davis Wilson, Candler; T. Stanton Wilson, Delta Theta Phi. Candler ; Thomas Breckinridge Woody, Delta Theta Phi. Roxboro; Algernon A. Zollicoffer, Delia Kappa Epiilon. Henderson. First Year Law First Row: Blan C. Aldridge, Shulls Mills; William Ashburn, Winston-Salem; Joseph Lentz Barrier, Concord; George Foust Bason, Raleigh; Roy Benton Braswell, Winston-Salem; Willis Clifton Bumgarner, Plumtree; Lester Vermont Chalmers, Jr., Epf Ion Chi. Raleigh; Norwood Bennett Chesnutt, Si. m.i Nu. White- ville. Second Row: Walter Calvin Clark, Canton; John Frederick Coplin, Kappa Alpha, Chapel Hill ; Ned Russell Corzine, Concord ; Kenneth B. Cruse, Concord ; Clyde Frank Culbreth, Rutherfordton ; Blair Lorimer Daily, Burlington; John Edwin Davenport. Nashville; Julius Gladstone Dees, Jr., Bayboro. Third Row: George Demas, Chapel Hill; Lloyd Stanley Elkins, Bladenboro ; Thomas Robert Filer, Jr., Salisbury; Robert L. Emanuel, Raleigh; Don Evans, Kappa Alpha, Enfield; Glade Frederick Flake, Washington, D. C; Alvah Walland Flynn, Jr., Asheville; Cyrus Clifford Frazier, Jr., Ber.i Theld Pi. Greensboro. Fourth Row: John Ralph Friday, Kappa Sigma, Dallas; Clarence Newell Gilbert, Asheville; John Edward Giles, Glen Alpine; John L. Green, Alpha Tan Ome a. Charlotte; William Edgar Greene, Salisbury; Ben D. Haines, Durham; Robert Thomas Haire, Winston- Salem; Gene Harold Hall. Brevard. Fifth Rmv: Wingate Edmund Hannah, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Waynes- ville; Horace Starbuck Haworth, Jr., High Point; Hunter Dalton Heggie, Phi Beta Kappa. East Flat Rock ; Eugene Charles Heiman, Tall Epsilon Phi. Miami Beach, Fla.; Perry Cleveland Henson. Otto; Vernon Talmadge Hiatt, Mt. Airy; Charles B. Hodson, Chapel Hill ; Charles Hopkins, Albemarle. Sixth Row: Marvin Vale Horton, Jr., Phi Delta Theta. Farmville; William Raymond Howell, Norwood; Kenneth Richard Hoyle, Sigma Chi. Sanford ; Paul Douglas Huffman, Thomasville; Hubert Ben Humphrey. Jr., Lumberton; Morada Alice Hunt, Oxford. 5 % § f First Year Law First Row: Jesse Clyde Johnson, Jr., Sigma Chi. Mayodan; John Powell Jones, High Point; Edmund Oliver Kenion, Hillsboro; Charles Eugene Knox, Sii-ma Nu, Davidson; Sidney Williams Lancaster, Union, S. C. ; Peter Edward Lavin, Chapel Hill ; Roddey Miller Ligon, Jr., Spindale; William Raae Mangum, Rocky Mount. Second Row: John Thomas Morrisey, Delia Psi, Phi Beta Kappa, Kinston; Thomas Michael Dillon O ' Shea, Beta Theta Pi, Durham; Thomas D. Parker, Raleigh; Herbert Orlandah Phillips, III, Morehead City; James Richard Queen, Waynesville; George John Rabil, Beta Gamma Sigma, Wilson ; Hubert Hampton Redmon, Asheville; Steve Walter Roberson, Lambda Chi Alpha, Charlotte. Third Row: Wilmer Ray Rollins, Bethel; Herman Amasa Smith, Greensboro; Keith Smith, Greensboro; James Robert Spence, Lil- lington ; Franklin Howard Stell, High Point ; David Boyette Stevens, Kappa Alpha, Chapel Hill; Virginia Yvonne Stewart, Charlotte; Lawrence Charles Stoker, High Point. Fourth Row: Betty Jane Stroup, Gastonia; Thomas H. Suddarth, Jr., Chapel Hill; John B. Swainson, Port Huron, Michigan; Willis Arthur Talton, Oxford ; Franklin LeGrand Teague, Charlotte ; Mason Page Thomas, Jr., Delta Sigma Pi, Siler City; William Lewis Thorp, Jr., Delta Kappa Sigma. Phi Eta Sigma, Rocky Mount ; Louie Shafter Tinsley, Jr., Chapel Hill. Fijlh Row: Edward Foy Uzzell, Jr., Chi Phi. Chapel Hill; George Norwood Vann, Raleigh; Percy L. Wall, Phi Kappa Sigma, Winston- Salem; Lindsay Carter Warjen, Jr., Zeta Psi. Washington; James Cummings Washburn, Jr., Charlotte; Bynum Edgar Weathers, Jr., Phi Mi4 Alpha, Shelby ; Lonnie Lawrence Weathers, Rolesville ; Robert Brownlee Welsh, Beta Theta Pi. Charlotte. Sixth Row: Parker Whedon, Charlotte; Robert Mason Wiley, Delia Kappa Epsilon, Charlotte ; Donald Alan Williams, Windsor ; Henry Smith Williams, Yadkinville; Harry Mac Wynne. Sigma Alpha. Robersonville. The Schoo of fTledicine DEAN W. R. BERRYHILL The proposed four hundred bed Teaehiiig Hospital In keeping with the ever increasing de- mand for doctors throughout our state, the School of Medicine has expanded Its facilities to the fullest, and this year boasts the largest enrollment in its his- tory. Plans are now well underway for the development of a four year school of medicine featuring a modern four hundred bed teaching hospital. It is DEPARTMENT HEADS First Row: Dr. W. C. George, Dr. J. H. Ferguson. Dr. D. A. MoPherson e Second Rote: Dr. J. C. Andrews, Dean W. R. Berryhill. Dr. H. D. Briiner, Dr. K. M. Rrinkhouse. HITEHEAD SOCIETY OFFICERS John Kirklaiid. President: Spinks Marsh, Vice-President; Charles Melchor, Secretary; Maxine Dark, Treasurer. expected that construction will begin in the spring of 1949 and be completed in 1951. The present two year school holds a position of highest esteem nationally, and graduates readily trans- fer with advanced standing to the foremost schools in the United States and Canada. Although the medical curriculum is of necessity thorough and somewhat confining, medical students nevertheless take an active part in campus activities. The school has won the highly coveted dormitory intramural athletic trophy for the past two years. Social highlights include the annual Law-Med dance in the winter quarter an d Student-Faculty day in the spring. WHITEHEAD SOCIETY HONOR COUNCIL Dewey Dorsell, Chairman; Charles Adams, Christopher Fordham, Dan Martin, Robert Rudisill, Edward Sutton, John Watters. nimnnolog lab Second Year ITIeclicine SAM STALLARD President ROSE PULLY Secretary-Treasurer HOKE BULLARD t ice-Presiden t F ril Row: Charles Melchor, Jack Summerlin, Richard Margolis, Jean McGavaran. Louise UUman, Ed Currie, Ted Harris, Arthur Quackenbush, William Totherow. Second Rau: Jack Kirkland, Charles Whisnant, Tom York, Bob Pennington, Chris Fordham, James Westmoreland, Mack Rudisill, Aubrey Richardson. Third Row: Julian Sutton, Ed Sutton, Frank Norris, Lamar Agar, Ken Terrell, Nelson O ' Quinn, Wade Williams. Fourth Rou: Rose Fully, Ed McKenzie, Sid Gardner, Maxine Dark, John Henderson, Bob Pascal, Ed Monroe. Fifth Row: Jesse Meredith, Jack Swift, Odell Kimbrell. Frank Shaffer, Hoke Bullard, Dewey Dorsett. Not Shoiiit: Bill Dunnagan, John Gambill, Bob Gritfin, Frank Hamilton, Harold Hines, Martha Lumpkin, Spinks Marsh, Jue Miller, Leon Powell, Earl Trevathan, Sam Stallard, Charles Whicker. Pagt 246 First Year fTledicine BUEL GRO President ELWOOD COIAA Vice-President MARY ALICE BLUE Secretary ' AYNE BOYLES Treasurer First Rou: Willis Fourle, Charles Vernon, Harvey Johnston, John Sawyer, Newlin Schenck, Belk Troutman, Gordon Heath, Jack Trotter, Warren Wright. Second Row: Jack Carson, Buel Grow, Bill Joyncr. George Johnson. Olin Perritt, Agnes Lawning, Gertrude Archer, Mary Blue, John Wilkinson, Vonnie Hicks. Third Row: Jack Watters, Laurence Leinbach, Bill Moore, James Morris, David Graham, James Grimes, Ben Josephson. Ken Willis. Fourth Row: Hadley Wilson, Lewis Thorp, Fred Bowman, Bill Anderson, Bill Brown, Charles Gilliam, Elwood Coley. Fifth Roir: Julian Coleman, A. J. Ellington, Monroe Diggs, Lewis Hardison, Harold Jeeter, Nick Love, Wayne Boyles, Bill Harris. 5 .V ;! Ron: Glenn Moak, Harold Peedin, John McCain, Donald Glascock, Cliff Hooper, Jim Phelps, Charles Starling, Joel Honey- cutt, Dan Martin, John Chapin, Grimes Byerly, George Tucker, Lowell Brittain. Not She Smith. Charles Adams, John Dees, Eugene Sharpe, Claiborne Pagt 247 TEN MOST DISTINGUISHED MILITARY STIDENTS First Row: Isl Lt. Grev L. Adams, 1st Lt. Albert F. Howell, Lt. Col. Paul J. En- glish, Capt. John D. Brown. Capt. James Geiger • Secoml Rote: 2nd Lt. Thomas Cun- ningham. Capt. Robert A. Gray, Capt. Lester Martin. Major Robert McAllister, Isl Lt. William T. Luke. Rir ROTC The Reserve Officers Training Corps has two missions. The first is to produce junior officers who have the qualities and attributes essential to their progressive and con- tinued development as officers of the Army of the United States. The second is to lay the foundations of intelligent citizeoship within the student and to give him such basic military training as will be of benefit to himself and to the military service if he be- comes a member thereof. Completion of the four-year course of instruction qualifies the student for ap- pointment as a Second Lieutenant in the Army of the United Stales or in the Air Force. If the entire course is not completed, and at a later date the student should become a member of the Military Service, that training completed would prove of material bene- fit. FACULTY OF THE DEPART- MENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE AND TACTICS First Row: M Sgt. Lynn I. Davis, Colonel Bayron R. Switzer, PMS T Sgt. Evan W. Evans • Second Row: .Major Adrian Freer, M Sgt. Baety O. Gross, Lt. Col. Francis (i. Tremayne. T Sgt. Virgil T. Larkiii, Chaplain Francis S. Holmes. Page 248 CAPT. R. A. GRAY Group Adjutant MAj. R. McAllister Group Executive Officer CAPT. J. W. GEIGER Group S-3 Officer LT. COL. PAUL J. ENGLISH Cadet Commander First Roiv: 1st Lt. Grev L. Adams, Group P.LO.; 2iid Lt. Russell G. Glenwood, Asst. Fit. Ldr.; tapt. John D. Brown. Conidg. Sqdii. B; 1st Lt. William J. Claybrook. Adj. Sqdn. A; 2nd Lt. Lester C Couch, Jr.; 2nd Lt. Thomas E. Cunningham, Asst. S-3; 1st Lt. Floyd P. Ellington, Fit. Ldr.» Second Row: 1st Lt. John D. Greene, Adj. Sqdn. B; 2nd Lt. Earl H. Hartsell. Jr.. Asst. Fit. Ldr.: 2nd Lt. Herbert L. Hawley, Asst. Fit. Ldr.; 2nd Lt. John B. Hough; 1st Lt. Albert F. Howell, Fit. Ldr.; 2nd Lt. Sidney A. Hughes; 1st Lt. Grady A. Hutchins. Jr.. Fit. Ldr. • Third Row: 1st Lt. William P. Luke. Jr., Asst. Fit. Ldr.; Capt. Lester P. Martin. Jr.. Conidg. Sqdn. A; 2nd Lt. Clarence B. Mendenhall, Group Special Service Officer; 2nd Lt. Glenn L. Mitchell; 1st Lt. Cort M. Nance, Jr., Asst. Fit. Ldr.; 1st Lt. Harold M. Shaw, Fit. Ldr.; 1st Lt. Clyde S. Sniithson, Jr., Fit. Ldr. • Fourth Row: 2nd Lt. William K. Snyder; 1st Lt. James H. Spears, Fit. Ldr.; 1st Lt. Wade T. Surratt, Comdg. Field Music; 2nd Lt. Banks C. Talley, Jr.; 2nd Lt. William B. Johnson, Adj. Field Music; 1st Lt. James H. Waynick, Fit. Ldr. Junior Class ? V. t ..| M .ii T J L i i i i y i |B yAhr . iii ii .. . .. » ii ii Sophomore Class ■ ■f- -t ' f i - .f Freshman Class :jf Jm fl0 mk ,. t - u ■ i. -JL. . -. The Rational Society of Scabbard and Blade Charter members of the Scabbard and Blade First Row : Robert A. Gray obert M. McAllister Paul J. English James W. Geiger John D . Brown Second Row: Albert F. Howell James H. Spears Lester P. Martin John D. Green Harold M. Shaw, Jr Advisor: Captain Francis S. Holmes ii«l Maii MPBi The objectives of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps are twofold; to provide a steady supply of well educated Junior Officers to serve on active duty in the Line or Staff of the Navy or Marine Corps; and to build up a reserve of Officers subject to call in the event of a national emergency. There are fifty-two NROTC units at various colleges and universities throughout the country. From these units, and from the U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, come the major portion of the Officers fur the Navy and Marine Corps. A student may enter the NROTC program under either of two plans. Regular or Contract. As a Regular he is appointed a Midshipman upon enroll- ing in the program, and receives tuition, books, uni- forms, and six hundred dollars per year throughout his four years at college. To successfully complete this program he is re- quired to take eight Naval Science courses. Otherwise, y 1 And Ashore navy ROTC The NROTC Armorv BATTALION OFFICERS lOTC C.P.O. H. E. Varnev; NROTC Lt. W. P. Harris, Subordinate, mniander; NROTC Lt. Cdr. J. C. Wilson, Commander; NROTC Lt. T. J. Fussell, Adjutant. COMPANY OFFICERS ■St Row: NROTC C.P.O. S. C. Sommer; NROTC Lt. O. R. Swigart. mniander; NROTC Lt. (jg) R. H. Holden, Subordinate Commander Second Roiv: NROTC Lt. (jg) W. N. Vest, 1st Platoon Commander; tOTC P. O. 2 c B. H. Jones; NROTC Ens. L. D. Cassell, 2nd Platoon mmander; NROTC Ens. J. Thrash, 3rd Platoon Commander; NROTC O. 2 0 R. C. Weisner. lie majors in the academic field of his choice. During; the four-year period, the student is required to take three summer training cruises. Upon graduation, he is commissioned an Ensign in the Navy or a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, and is required to serve two years on active duty. At the end of this period, he may choose the Navy as a career or be released to inactive duty with a reserve commission. The Contract Program differs from the Regular in that the Contract student is furnished only with uni- forms and is paid twenty-four dollars per month during the last two years of the program. He is required to take only one summer cruise and upon graduation he receives a reserve commission. Three groups of students from the NROTC unit here at Chapel Hill participated in training cruises during the summer of 1948. The Regulars of the First Company Coiiipain Junior Class cruised on tu ' O fleet carriers in the Pacific. The cruise included stops at San Francisco, Long Beach, San Diego, and Honolulu, Hawaii. The Regular Sophomores also trained in the Pacific aboard battleships and cruisers. During this period, the students received much practical instruction aboard the ships, serving in turn in the departments of engineering, gunnery, navigation, and operations. They manned the guns of the ships and took an active part in the sinking of the battleships New York and Nevada, two of the Bikini target Second Company Ravy COMPANY OFFICERS First Row: NROTC C.P.O. T. S. Bryan; NROTC Lt. R. E. Cordon. Commander; NROTC Li. (ig) E. S. Harris. Subordinate Commander • Second Row: INROTC Lt. (jg) J. T. Hamilton. 1st Platoon Commander; INROTC P. O. 1 c J. T. Pittman; NROTC Ens. T. R. all. 2i.d Platoon Commander; NROTC P. O. 2 e C. N. Busbv; NROTC Ens. J. C. Manning. . ' Jrd Platoon Commander; NROTC P. O. 2 c T. J. Newton. Company ROTC COMPANY OFFICERS irst Row: NROTC C.P.O. A. W. Talbert; NROTC Lt. M. J. Smith, Commander. NROTC t. (jg) W. B. Cobb. Subordinate Commander • Second Row: NROTC Lt. (jg) J. M. ulliam, 1st Platoon Commander; NROTC P. O. 1 e D. D. S. Cameron; NROTC Ens. . G. Shannonhouse. 2nd Platoon Commander; NROTC P. O. 2 c R. H. Haeknev; ROTC Ens. S. L. Korsehun. 3rd Platoon Commander; NROTC P. O. 2 c D. H. [oLaughlin. ships. In addition, the two groups re- ceived a week of amphibious training in Coronado, California. The Senior Con- tract students also cruised in the Pacific, visiting ports in the United States and Canada. All was not work on these cruises, however. Liberties were granted in every port, with sight-seeing tours being or- ganized and dances given for the men. This opportunity for travel is one of the many advantages of the NROTC pro- gram. Third Company Company InSPORTS-Our colors, white and blue, were unfurled in glory. UUe carried them high to victory; school spirit reached an all-time high; and " Let ' s Go Carolina " resounded from Texas to UUashington and back again to the Hill. Coach R. A. Fetzer, Director of Athletics R " 1 Hl V K ' " 1 Bl j HH H P ' 1 u N N.C ?x1; Netters Don Skakle (left) and Heath Alexander fl Record Year In Carolina had a great football team this year. It went through a tough ten-game schedule with only a tie to mar its record and at the close of the campaign was invited to participate in one of the nation ' s top post-season bowls, the Sugar Bowl. There the Tar Heels bowed to a rugged Oklahoma eleven, 14-6, but that defeat will not make Carolina fans forget the glory that the Blue and White captured in the 1948 campaign. Tar Heels will not forget the brilliant team with its handful of stars, but its host of great ball players. The sport ye r of 1948-49 will probably go down in the records as the year of the great grid machine, but the story doesn ' t end there. It was the year that the baseball team went to the semi-finals of the NCAA tournament after proving that it was the class of the Big Four, the Southern Conference, and the South- east. It was the year Vic Seixas won the Conference singles cham- pionship and performed well enough in the summer tourna- ments to rise from ninth to seventh in the national rankings. Harvie Ward won the North-South Amateur Golf Tournament and the track team literally ran away with the Southern Con- ference title. And to start the fall quarter rolling, the youthful soccer team claimed the Conference championship. 1948-49 will also be remembered as a year of expansion for University athletics. Carolina teams that long rated with the best in the South, branched out to seek national laurels. The swimming team, which last year won the Southern Conference meet with a record score, led the movement. Meets were slated with such nationally known swimming powerhouses as Ohio State and La- Salle and the NCAA championships, attracting the best swimmers from throughout the country, was held in Chapel Hill for the first time. And once again a Tar Heel football outfit will play in New- York City; meeting not the class of the East, the South, or the These three men helped hurl Carolina to the Southern Conference championship: Vinnie DiLorenzo (left). Goalie Al Williams Frank Robinson (center) and Tommy Andrew. Coach Chuck Quinlan oversees practice in the wres- tling room. . i ' A rJ:i 0 ' u Carolina Sports West, but the class of the nation — Notre Dame, But in quoting the long list of honors and triumphs, one should not forget that they are merely a part, and a small part at that, of the University athletic program. High on the list of achievements should be the fact that 2,853 students participated in intramural athletics this fall. The anonymous student, who gets a chance to play ball for his fraternity or dormitory made up the number and it is he and his roommate who can truly testify to the comprehensiveness of the athletic program at Carolina. Teammates Bob Mitten (left) and Bob Cox carry Charlie Justice off the field after the Duke game. O. K. Cornwell, Head of the Physical Education Department. Dan Nyimicz (5) dribbles by GWs Phil McNiff (4) while Coy Carson (12) stands in the background. Harvie Ward (left) and Frank Stranahan, whom the Tar Heel linksman defeated in the finals of the North-South tournament. 400-yard freestyle relay quartet (left to right) : Jesse Greenbaum. Steve Osborne, Floyd Drew, and Dick Star distance man S.nm Twining. Magill. sporting a brand new clubhouse, the Monogram Club continued its policy of serving the campus under the leadership of President Gus Johnston. The Circus Bar, featuring wood carvings by Carl Beotgetter, was opened to the public and served as a meeting place for residents of the upper and lower quads and the quonset hut area. The club lounge was also among the new features and the dining room v as made available to the student body after the football season. The Monogram Club can also boast some responsibility for the card stunts which proved so successful during the foot- ball season — for the money to purchase the cards came from the club treasury. The Monogram Club was originally founded to foster friendship among the winners of Carolina letters and the Club didn ' t neglect this phase of the program. A beer party at Hogan ' s Lake ushered in the fall quarter social season for the Monogrammers and letter-winners President Cus Johnston of past years were honored at a buffet dinner at the clubhouse following the Duke-Carolina game. The outstanding spring project for the Monogram Club was the Blue-White football game, which culminated spring drills for the gridders. This year marked the third renewal of the series. Officers for this year were: Gus Johnston, President; Bob Hutton, Vice-President; Dan Nyimicz, Secretary-Treasurer; Bill Pritchard, rep- resentative to the Athletic Council; and Dan Breeden, Historian. Monogram Officers (.left to right) : Gus Johnslon, Presi- dent; Bob Hutton, Vice-President; Dan Nyimicz, Secretary- Treasurer; and Bill Pritchard, Representative to the Ath- letic Council. Bottom Rote (left to right) : Jack Sharpe, Bill Buffaloe, Jack Wichard, Bob Hutton, Steve Osborne, Gerald Cook, Gil Beam, Irv Zirpel, Eddie Knox. Bill Maceyko, Joe Bach, Cookie DiChiara, Sid Varney, Dave Willis, Buddy Spain, Bob House, and Doug Thompson • Second Row: Tommy Andrew, Frank Jones, Stan White, John T. Gregory, Clark Taylor, Andy Traiiavitch, Hal In- gram, Wade Isaacs, Pete Hexner, Bill Speigel, Norm Sper. Dave Ferebee, Don Skakle, George Vestal, Fred " Rip " Ryan, Laddie Terrell, Duncan MacCallman, Jim Mericka, Charlie Rice, Duke Wilder. Taylor Thorne, Jim Hunt, Cal Fisher, Frank Hooper. Jesse Greenbauni. Gus Johnston and Dan Nyimicz • Third Row: Bobby Weant, Len Szafaryn, Joe Romano, Bob Warren. Halstead Holden, Bob Mitten, Coy Carson, Oscar Gupton, Phil Kemp, Tom Williams, Bill Moore, Fred Saunders, Bill Joyner, and Fred Sheiman o Fourth Row: Collier Cobb, Dick Twining, Charlie Norton, Will Hobbs, Stan Marczyk, Dan Breeden, Max Cooke, Merl Norcross, Art Weiner, Mike Loftus, and Ike Norwood • Fifth Row: Mike Morrow, Jack Ross, Nemo Near- man, Bob Seligman, Dave Sobel, Bob Morrow, Bill Wardle, Ronnie Basescu, John Bippart, Jack Moody, Fred Ogden, Dick Hollander, Dick Taylor, and Bill Pritchard. Head Coach Carl Snavely beiiig carried from ihi ' liild ii the shoulders of his players after the Texas game. LEN SZAFARYN ,411-Soulherii tackle HOSEA RODGERS Tar Heel co-captain Football . . . nineteen DAN STEIGMAN Tnr Heel co-captain ART WEINER All-America entl Carolina coaching staff (left to right) : Head Coach Carl Snavely, Head Freshman Coach Crowell Little, Assistant Coaches Jim Gill, George Radman, Russ Murphy, and Max Reed, and Assistant Freshman Coach Walt Pupa (center). A Coach Carl Snavely ' s fourth season at CaroUna since his return in 1945 saw the Tar Heel football stock rise to its highest point since the great clubs of the early 1900 ' s. For the second time in three years the team accepted a bid to the Sugar Bowl, with Okla- homa annexing a close 14-6 decision. But during the regular season the football warriors of Carolina romped through a rigorous schedule of ten games undefeated, with only a tie to William Mary to blemish an otherwise perfect slate. Capably led by Co-Captains Hosea Rodgers and Dan Steigman, the Tar Heels met and defeated some of the best teams in the land, with no less than four opponents receiv- ing bowl bids despite losses to Carolina. The fine record didn ' t go unobserved nationally. Carolina ranked third in the Associated Press grid rat- ings for the year and second on various other surveys. Tailback Charlie Justice was honored with a first string berth on every major AU-American team, and Art Weiner, Len Szafaryn, and Hosea Rodgers re- ceived mention on numerous other mythical all-star elevens. Box Cox also received widespread acclaim for booting 33 points after touchdowns in 37 tries. But credit for the year goes to the entire squad — otifensive and defensive teams and reserves. All performed in the finest Tar Heel grid tradition of greatness. Forty-Eight All-America tailback Charlie Justice (left), and Southern fullback Hosea Rodgers. New Orleans Bound — Bottom Row (left to right): Joe Romano, Sid Varney, Bob Mitten, Don Hartig. Mike Rubisli, Co- Captain Dan Steigman, Co-Captain Hosea Rodgers, Charlie Justice, Haywood Fowle, Ben Perry, Eddie Knox, and Johnny Clements • Second Roui: Billy Hayes, Pete Rywak, Len Szafaryn, Art Weiner, Bobby Weant, Ted Hazelwood, Max Cooke, Jim Hendrick, Chris Shay, Fred Sherman, Ir ' Holdash, and Bill Maceyko • Third Row: Billy Britt, Bill Flaniisch. Bob Kennedy. Fred Bauer, Larry Klosterman, Ken Powell, Chan Highsniith. Joe Neikirk, Joe Cospito, Ed Bilpuch, and Billy Slate • Fourth Row: Stan Marczyk, John Culbreth, Tom Bostian. Tom Kain, Howard Horton, Gus Purcell, Bob Koontz, Ed Washington, Lou Bledsoe, Walt Winius, Joe Augustine, and Bob Cox • Top Row: Bob Reynolds, Paul Rizzo, Bill Wardle, Joe Curtis, Al Bernot. Fred Brady, Dick Fetherolf. Roscoe Hansen. Fletcher McLane, Merl Norcross. and Dick Bunting. ' V " " ea 42 48 ,56 .6;; ; 70, S7 C » -, .1 1 X 22 58 88 34 0 - .-:- - -•-ft: UnC 34-Texas 7 The opening of the 1948 football season found the Tar Heels very definitely in mid-season form. Texas University, a team which had routed Carolina by a 34-0 count the preceding year, was the unlucky op- ' - ponent as Coach Carl Snavely ' s charges swept to a glorious 34-7 victory. Old-time Tar Heel sports ob- servers termed the team ' s play the best opening game performance in Carolina grid history. Some 43,500 fans, a record opening game crowd at Kenan Stadium, were on hand to witness the spectacle. The visiting Longhorns were conservatively rated as seven point favorites in pre-game odds. But they were literally " swept off their feet " as Charlie Justice, Johnny Clements, and Hosea Rodgers sparked the Tar Heels to three quick first quarter touchdowns. Carolina added to the Texas humiliation with two final tallies in the fourth quarter. Bobbv VTeaiit (33) blocks out two Texans to clear the wav for Charlie Justice (22) Guard Bob Mitten Guard Sid Varnev Page 264 UnC 21 -Georgia 14 Surviving a poor first half in which they trailed, 7-0, Carolina ' s Tar Heels came roaring back in the final two periods to post a 21-14 triumph over a potent University of Georgia team. Charlie Justice raced to all three Tar Heel touchdowns before 43,000 enthusi- astic fans at Sanford Stadium, the Bulldogs ' home field. Georgia took the lead midway in the first quarter when Eli Maricich intercepted a pass and romped 70 yards to a Bulldog touchdown. But Justice took command of the situation in the second half, crossing the goal after runs of 9, 14, and 83 yards. Bob Cox booted all three extra points. Caro- lina threatened many other times and held a big edge statistically. The Tar Heels gained 196 yards rushing and 226 passing for a total of 19 first downs, as compared to only three for Georgia. 238 pounds of Ted Hazelwood moves ii Wingback Fred Sherman With Dan Steigman (67) and Sid Varney (60) to clear the way, Charlie Justice takes off through the Georgia line I Fullback Billy Hayes Blockinzback Bobbv Weant Hosea Roclgers (70) just misses going over ugaiii t Wake Forest, but the big fullback kept the ball away from an unidentiiiecl Wake Forest player and scored Carolina ' s fourth touchdown on the very next play. Kenny Powell (53) and Dan Steignian (67) are the other two identifiable Tar Heels. UnC28-UUake Forest 6 After two successful intersectional ventures, the Tar Heels returned to Old North State competition and handed a strong Wake Forest eleven a 28-6 setback before 27,500 fans in the Deacons ' Groves Stadium. Charlie Justice, Bill Maceyko, Bob Kennedy, and Hosea Rodgers shared equally in the Tar Heel touch- down parade, with Maceyko ' s tally coming on a nifty 33-yard run. Bob Cox had another perfect day on points after touchdown, kicking four in four tries. The win provided sweet revenge for the Tar Heels. Wake Forest, along with Texas, was one of the two teams able to defeat Coach Snavely ' s men the pre- vious season. End Kennv Powell Tackle Len Szafaryn 4 F Page 266 Bobby Weaiit stalls the Wolf pack attack. An Weiner (50) and Larry Klosterman (80) are also in the picture UnC 14-State A heavily-favored Carolina team had to stage two spectacular goal-line stands in the first half before finally coming through in the final half for a 14-0 win over N. C. State ' s determined Wolfpack, tradi- tional Tar Heel rivals. Hosea Rodgers and Bill Fla- misch were the chief operatives in a 50-yard Caro- lina scoring march late in the third quarter for the first touchdown. And Charlie Justice and Art Weiner teamed up in a beautiful 52-yard pass play in the fourth quarter to insure the victory. Charlie Justice gets up steam End Ed Washington End Mike Rubish Center Dan Steignian UnC 34-LSU 7 Louisiana State ' s Tigers, the next obstacle on the Tar Heels ' path to an unbeaten season, proved no match for the smoothly-functioning Tar Heels, who pro- ceeded to mark up a 34-7 decision over the visitors from the Bayou State. A crowd of 41,000 in Kenan Stadium witnessed the men of Carl Snavely romp to their fifth straight win. Five players divided the scor- ing honors, with Bob Cox, Ken Powell, and Bobby Weant scoring after receiving passes, and Justice and Rodgers tallying on running plays. Art Weiner goes ui after a long one Bobby Weant snags a Rodgers pass in the LSU end zone for Carolina ' s fifth touchdown, making the score .■}4-7 ill favor of the Tar Heels. Bob Kennedy (74) is on the far right. UnC 14 — Tennessee 7 A first quarter surge which netted two quick touch- downs enabled Carolina to extend its winning streak to six straight, but the game developed into quite a struggle for the remainder of the afternoon before a fighting Tennessee eleven was checked, 14-7, before 50,000 frenzied fans in Knoxville. A pair of touch- down passes from Charlie Justice to Bill Flamisch and Art Weiner accounted for the Carolina scoring. Tennessee countered with a touchdown aerial of its own later and threatened to tie the game on a 90-yard scoring jaunt by Hal Littleford which was called back by a clipping penalty. Hal Littleford (17) scampered 90 yards on this play, but it was all for naught as the " Tennessee Clipper " dumped Hosea Rodgers (70) and the play was called back. Littleford is running laterally now and the picture shows how Art Weiner (50) and Len Szafaryn (51) were also blocked out when Littleford took a sharp left turn. End Max Cooke brings the pigskin in rr -T ' , i . ' .u Ut With Bob Cox (69), Len Szafarjn (51), and Paul Rizzo (66) providing interference, Charlie Justice (22) heads around the William and Mary left side. That ' s Hosea Rodgers (70) kneeling in the back- ground. Tackle Stan Marczyk unc 7-uu m 7 Carolina ' s string of 13 consecutive victories, which extended over a two-year span, came to a startUng end in Kenan Stadium as William and Mary ' s Indians battled the Tar Heels to a 7-7 deadlock. Carolina had complete statistical domination, rolling up 17 first downs to one for the visitors. But three Tar Heel fumbles and four pass interceptions wrecked the of- fensive. The tie proved costly, for it knocked Caro- lina out of tiie Southern Conference championship. BUickingback Paul Rizzo Wingback Bill Flaniisch Wingback Bob Kennedy moving on the famed double reverse. 41 11 1 here goes Justice again, this time nith Sid Varne (60) and Bill Flamisch (52) in the forefront UnC 49 - maryland 20 Maryland ' s luckless Terrapins had the misfortune of catching the Tar Heels on the rebound from the William and Mary tie the previous week, and the men of Coach Snavely rolled to a 49-20 win before 35,000 fans in Washington, D. C. Maryland scored first, but the alert North Carolinians roared back to take a 28-7 lead at half-time and then coasted in to victory. Despite the 29-point win, Maryland picked up 349 yards rushing and passing to only 179 for Carolina. Maceyko led the Tar Heel offensive with two touchdowns, both scored on long runs after pass interceptions. End Bob Cox Tailback Bill Macevko Wingback Johnny Clem- ents takes a crack at the double reverse. Page 27( Hosca Roflgers picks his head up while making a sizeable gain against the Blue Devils. Bob Kennedy picks up ground behind Paul Ri .zo (66) and Ted Hazel wood (81) UnC 20-Duke With prospects of a bowl bid just around the corner, Carohna turned on the pressure in the second half to master its traditional rival, Duke University, by a 20-0 count. 44,000 fans jammed every corner of Kenan Stadium for the renewal of the ancient series. The stubborn Blue Devils, who now have not beaten Carolina in three seasons, put up a great defense throughout the first half. But Charlie Justice pulled the Tar Heels out of the doldrums with an epic 43-yard touchdown dash through the entire Duke team in the third quarter to break the scoring ice. Art Weiner, rangy Tar Heel end, scored the other two touchdowns after hauling in passes from Justice and Hosea Rodgers. Thev never run with the ball, but thev make the offense click: Tackle Chan Highsmith (90). Guard Bob Mitten (42). Guard Sid Varnev (60). and Tackle Ted Hazclwood (81) UnC 34-Virginia 12 Charlie Justice, sparkplug of the Carolina team all year, came through with what perhaps was his finest game of the year in the season finale to lead the Tar Heels to a 34-12 decision over Virginia. The victory provided Carolina with its first undefeated season since 1898. Justice got oft touchdown dashes of 80 and 50 yards, passed for two more tallies, and figured prominently in a long drive which netted the fifth touchdown. A capacity crowd of 25,000 in Charlottes- ville, Va., witnessed Justice ' s spectacular offensive pyrotechnics. Immediately after the game, the Tar Heels accepted an invitation to participate in the 1949 Sugar Bowl contest. Center Irv Holdash And so llie end of another, and perhaps the greatest, football season Wingbacks Merl IVorcross (left) and Billv Britl. mfmemit m k, l i ii ! i » i ».H i V Tliis is the fiiiuous Justici-lo-IIighsiiiilli liil r:il, wliiili iiliiiiiiat (l a 25-varfl gain l ? Cliarli.- Justice (22). lying on llu- ground. Chan Highsniith (90) is at righl. while guard Bob Mitten (42) is at left. Paul " Buddy " Burris (67), Oklahoma ' s All-America guard is following the play. Sugar Bowl — Oklahoma 14... Up goes the coin and the fifteenth annual renewal of the Sugar Bowl is on. Carolina ' s repre- sentatives are Co-Captains Hosea Rodgers (70) and Dan Steigman (67). Oklahoma ' s Co-Captains are Wade Walker (70) and H omer Paine (71). Bob Kennedy (74) picks up eight yards on a double reverse late in the first period, which set up Carolina ' s lone score of the contest. Blockingback Eddie Knox (34) is in the center of the picture. For the second time in Carolina ' s history a postseason bowl, the Sugar Bowl to be exact, beckoned a winning Tar Heel football team and for the second time in three years. Blue and White partisans journeyed to New Orleans only to witness a Carolina defeat. The Tar Heels started oft before a capacity crowd in mammoth Tulane Stadium like the proverbial house afire and it looked as if Carolina was going all the way. An attempted pass, however, into the flat from Charlie Justice to Eddie Knox fell into the hands of Sooner fullback Myrle Greathouse, who galloped to the U. N. C. 13 and, several plays later, Oklahoma had its first touchdown. The Tar Heels fought back and in the closing seconds of the first quarter, Hosea Rodgers smashed through the line for six points. The score stood at 7-6 until midway in the third stanza when Jack Mitchell completed a long pass to Frank Anderson on the Carolina 10. That set up the Sooners ' second TD and made the final score 14-6, Oklahoma. Caro na 6 Johnny Clements (20) brings down Oklahoma ' s George Thomas (25) after the big Sooner halfback picked up about three yards in the third quarter. Bill Wardle (62) and Len Szafaryn (51) follow the play. Jimmy Owens (81) and Jack Mitchell (26) are the other Sooners in the picture. The Carolina bench in the closing minutes of the contest at which time Carolina was trailing, 14-6. Coaches Carl Suavely and Max Reed are at left. Identifiable plavers are Kenny Powell (53), Bobbv Weant (33), Bob Mitten (42). Charlie Justice (22), and Paul Rizzo (66). This shot gives some idea of the size of Tulane Stadium, home of the Sugar Bowl. The Carolina band is performing on the field as part of the halftime ceremonies. All-America Charlie Justice poses with Head Coach Carl SlKl .Iv (left) and broadcaster Harry Wismer just before game- lime. Tar Heel forward line (left to right) : Joe Barli, Dave Ferebee, Dave Boak, John Lang- ley, and Tommy Jordan. Co-Caplains Jesse Greenbauni (left) and Frank Nelson Gus Johnston Soccer In only its second year of intercollegiate competi- tion, the Carolina soccer team climaxed a highly successful season by claiming the unofficial Sou- thern Conference championship. After dropping their opening game to Navy, the hooters of Coach Marvin Allen completed their schedule without a loss although two games ended in a tie to give the Tar Heels a 7-1-2 record. Jesse Greenbaum and Frank Nelson captained the hooters. Dave Boak was high scorer with seven goals while the defense, which limited the op- position to an average of a goal a game, was led by Greenbaum, Nelson, Gus Johnston, and Al Williams. Carolina Soccer Squad — Bottom Row (left to right): Bob Plumb, Tommy Jordan. Jack Pfautz, AI Wil- liams. Co-Captain Frank Nelson. Co-Captain Jesse Greenbaum. Gus Johnston. Dave Sobel. and John Langley • Second Roiv: Jim Gwynn. Bill Moore, Andy Cornish. Nick Sowell. Dave Ferebee. Joe Dorsett, Buck Blankenship. and Earl Betts • Third Row: Bill Lyon. Joe Bach, Steve Wollman, Duncan MacCallman, Mac Hagaman, Mac Shaw, and Lee Gliarmis • Top Row: Manager Jim Merritt, W ally Vreeland. Lou Bow- man, Pete Hexiier, Dave Boak. Basil Jackson, and Coach Mar iii Alien. Basketba f A seven-game winning streak, including wins over Maryland and Arizona, opened the season for the Tar Heels and helped to dispel some of the gloom around Woollen gym concern- ing Carolina ' s basketball future. For Head Coach Tom Scott and Assistant Coach Pete MuUis had only three letter-winners and one reserve returning from last year ' s squad, which won 20 games while losmg seven, and the general pre-season consensus was that no one should expect too much from the ■White Phantoms. The veterans came through, however, and, with the addition of several new men, the basketball season started off with a bang. One of the early highlights of the campaign was an invitation to appear in the Camellia Bowl in Hammond, Louisiana, December 28 agamst the University of Arizona. This was the iirst real test for the Tar Heels and they responded with a 60-49 victory that raised Carolina basketball stock considerably. Camellia Bowl Winners — Bottom Row (left to right) : Manager Bill Spiegel. Rip Ryan. Coy Carson, Heath Alexander. Charlie Thorne, Hal Ferraro, and Assistant Manager Lee Woody • Middle Row: Floyd Cihnore, Bill White, Irving Turk. Thorne Gregory. Darius Wells. Dan Nyimicz. Hank Lebed, and Hugo kappler • Top Row: Head Coach Tom Seott, John Tsantes, Pete Peters. Benton Bennett, Nemo Nearman, Howard Deasy. Terry Holmes. Jack Wilkerson, Norm Mitchell, and Assistant Coach Pete Mullis. Nemo Nearman and his wk n n n 10 " ' ' WORTH " " 11 OfiTW Dan INviinioz (5) drives through an opening in the George Washington defense with helpful screening hy John Tsantes (11) and toy Carson (12). Rip Ryan (8) is at the far right with the fop of Nemo Nearnian ' s head visible in the upper left hand corner. There weren ' t enough holes in the Colonial defense, however, for GW took a 64-41 decision. Charlie Thorne Basketba Coy Carson (12) seems to have the ball almost in his grasp, but there is still a look of determination in the eyes of Hugo Kappler (14) and the two Maryland players converg- ing on the inflated sphere. Head Coach Tom Scott (left) and Assistant Pete Mullis Page 278 upset victory. The locals started the season badly with mediocre showings in the Florida and Carolina relays and lost their first dual meet to Georgia Tech. The Blue and White came back, however, to salvage the season with successive triumphs over Virginia, N. C. State, Navy and Duke. Three Tar Heels took individual honors in the Conference meet as Carolina successfully defended its laurels. Dick Taylor cap- tured the 120-yard high hurdles title while Bob Seligman won the discus event and Bill Joyner was crowned high jump champion. Seligman, who led the team in scoring, also set two University records in the weight events while co-captaining the team with two- miler Jimmy Miller. Three ' s played an important part in the 1948 cross country season as the Tar Heels won three meets, lost three and came in third in tlie Southern Confer- ence meet. Highlighting the campaign was the show- ing of Sam Magill, who won five straight contests and lowered the course record twice. Captain Julian MacKenzie and Frank Hooper, a promising sopho- more, also starred for the harriers. Cross Country Team — Bottom Row (left to right) : Otis Honeycutt, Dick Gregory. Ken Mattox, Dave Cameron, and Avery Rhyne • Middle Row: Frank Hooper. Jim Hunt, Bill Burgess, Edward Garner, and John Ross. Top Row: Captain Julian Mackenzie. Norm Barringer. Jerome Lewis, Sam Magill, and Coach Dale Ranson. Mile Relav Quartet (left to right): Bob Black, Buddy Spain, Percy Flowers and Stan White. Jimmy Miller Cross Country Big Three (left to right) : Frank Hooper, Captain Julian MacKenzie, and Sam Magill. • I t " " - r n " . ■ ' mt ' im The Grappling Grunt and Groaners — Bottom Roiv (left to right) : Phil WoolIooU, Carrol Fisher, Eugene Pickett, Basil Kosinskv, and Jim Madison • Second Rote: Manager Bill Weatherly, Paul Edmundson, Phil Kemp, Oscar Gupton, Bill Mead, and Joe Augustine • Third Row: Kenny Hoffman, IVorman Booker. Rav Swigart, Edmund Turnley. and Charles Harless • Top Row: Lewis Farrar, Bernard Harris. Bob Blades, John Sloioff, Chester Ensign, and Wendell Vest. Head t oach Chuck Quinlan (left) and Assistant Coach Irv Zirpel UUrestling Another small squad faced Coach Chuck Quinlan this winter when workouts for the wrestling team com- menced, but with several strong hold- overs in the middle weights from last year, prospects didn ' t look too black. Veterans Oscar Gupton, Phil Kemp, and Carroll Fisher were expected to pace the Tar Heels. Carroll Fisher Baseba According to all advance notices. Tar Heel baseball fans and Coaches Bunn Hearn and Walter Rabb weren ' t supposed to be blessed with a world-beating nine, but the Carolina team threw away the form sheet and by the end of the season both the Big Four and the Southern Conference titles were residmg in Chapel Hill and the locals had won the right to represent District 3 in the National Collegiate Athletic Associa- tion tournament. The Tar Heels came out ahead of Washington and Lee, Alabama, and Georgia Tech in a special playoff to gain a bid to the Eastern NCAA tourney where they defeated Illinois before being eliminated by Yale and Lafayette. Carolina clinched Conference laurels in a thrilling finish which saw the issue in doubt until the closing days of the campaign. Basfball (Coaching Staff (left to right): Jayvee Coach Henry Hou»e. Head Coach Bunn Hearn. and Assistant Coach Walter Rabb. Bottom Row (left to right) : George Whitted. Co-Captain Jim Hamilton. Co-Captain Jim Hayworth, Coach House, Coach Hearn, Coach Rabb. Jim Kelly. Kenny Black. Frank Jones, and Rip Ryan • Middle Rote: Assistant Coach Claude Crocker, Doc Cranford. Tommy Andrew. Will Hobbs. Emniett Cheek. John Gregory. Harry Reason. Ott Evans, and Vinnie DiLorenzo • Top Roic: Dallas Branch. Andy Tranavitch. Frank Robinson. Jack Brasington. Buster Steven oii. Ray Blair, Dean Cassell, Sid arnev, and Manager Bill Buffaloe. - 1 : Baseba Superb pitching, airtight fielding, and the ability to win the close ones — seven of the Tar Heels ' 17 victories were by a single tally — were the surface reasons for Caro- lina ' s great success. The never - say - die hustle that earned them the appelation of the " Gas House Gang " enabled the base- ballers to compile their great 17-6 record against some of the best diamond aggrega- tions in the nation. The victories were team triumphs, too. There were many stars on the 1948 baseball team, as proven by the large number of players signing profession- al contracts at the close of the campaign, yet no one man can be pointed out as solely responsible for the team ' s superla- tive showing. A large portion of the success Andv Traiiavitch Kniiiiell Cheek of the " Gas Housers " was due to their fighting co- captains, Jim Hayworth and Jim Hamilton, who sparked the team from their infield positions; third and second base, respectively. In addition to their leadership and fielding ability, Hayworth ' s big bat played an important part in the winning season. Southpaw Vinnie DiLorenzo was the big man on the pitching staff with a 6-3 slate for the regular sea- son and three NCAA victories. DiLorenzo ' s top per- formance was a 10 2 3 inning no-hit job against N. C. State, which the Tar Heels finally won in the eleventh, 1-0. Frank Robinson and Ray Blair were the top righthanders for the Hearnmen. Centerfielder and leadoft-man Kenny Black led the Tar Heel sluggers with a .337 mark; closely followed by Will Hobbs at .333. Jim Kelly was tops in the runs-batted-in depart- ment with 21. The title of the most promising man on the squad probably belongs to Andy Tranavitch, however. Only a freshman, Tranavitch took over the first string catching position midway in the campaign and held it for the remainder of the season. Blair and star shortstop Fred " Rip " Ryan were elected to cap- tain the 1949 Tar Heels. Other letter winners were: Tommy Andrew, Harry Beason, Dallas Branch, Jack Brasington, Dean Cassell, Emmett Cheek, Ott Evans, John Gregory, Frank Jones, Sid Varney, and Manager Bill Buffaloe. 1948 Outfielding Crew (left to right): Kenny Blaek, Ott Evans. Jim Kelly, Harry Beason, and Frank J Jim Hayworth i ' vARoLlfi ' CAROLINA IT ' V. Coach John Kenfield Tennis Winning all but one of their 21 matches, Carolina ' s tennis team added another remarkable season to the record of Coach John Kenfield. The only loss of the campaign came at the hands of William and Mary and gave the Indians the Southern Con- ference title. Captain Vic Seixas paced the local netmen and climaxed the season by winning the Conference singles championship. Seixas was side- lined Nvith glandular fever midway in the season and was forced to miss the crucial William and Mary match. Clark Taylor played in the second slot for the Tar Heels with Ray Morris third. Triumphing m 18 straight matches, Don Skakle completed his third undefeated season of colle- giate play. Other letter winners were: Charlie Rice, Heath Alexander, Stan Gruner, Duke Wilder, and Jim Ingram. 1947 Tennis Team — Bottom Row (left to right) : Manager Carter Woolfolk. Ray Morris, Sam Daniels, Heath Alexander, and Laslie Danieron • Tof) Row: Duke Wilder, Charlie Rioe, Clark Taylor, Captain Vic Seixas. Don Skakle, Stan Gruner, Assistant Manager (Jeorge Crowell, and ( oaeh John Kenfield. Page 288 Bob Cox Jack Brantley Golf Playing erratic golf all season, Carolina ' s linksmen completed their season with a record of six wins, four losses, and one tie. With five men missing from the 19-17 Southern Conference championship outfit, the Tar Heels finished fourth in the Conference tourna- ment. When the team was hot, it was as good as any, but Carolina showed the marks of a team in the build- ing by its off and on playing. Harvie Ward led the team through the campaign, placing second in the Conference tourney. Ward gained national recogni- tion when he won the North and South Amateur Tournament in Pinehurst by defeating such well- known performers as Dick Chapman and Frank Stranahan; the latter in a thrilling one-up final. Be- sides Ward, Coach Chuck Erickson ' s starting sextet was composed of Bob Cox, Jack Brantley, Roy Mac- Kenzie, John Oliver, Jr., and Frank Brooks, Jr. Tar Heel Linksmen (left to right): Harvie Ward. Bob Cox, Harvey Oliver, Jack Brantley, and Frank Brooks. Missing are Roy MaoKenzie and Dan Nvimicz. Coach Chuck Erickson M(lf, Cninpii- Vollev Ball Cham- piuiis. Phi Camilla Delta. ntramurals More than any amount of words, the fol- lowing figures showing that 3, " 508 different individuals representing 68 organizations participated in 1,973 contests last year illustrates the success of the intramural program at the University. All told, the Intramural Department sponsored 19 dif- ferent activities throughout the year, rang- ing from Softball and tag football to box- ing, debating, and rifle shooting. As part of its plan for getting as many students to engage in intramural athletics as possible, points are given for participation as well as performance and a well-rounded pro- gram, containing at least one sport for every student, is presented. The student who is unable to compete in varsity athlet- ics is the prime beneficiary of the mural program, but intramural athletics are also aimed at the varsity man, who would other- wise be idle during the off-season. Anyone is allowed to compete in an intramural tournament unless he has won a letter in that sport or is a member of the freshman or varsity team which is currently compet- ing in that sport. The fraternities make up one of the two mural divisions while the dormitories and independent outfits comprise the other. Champions in each league are chosen in rains behind the Intramural Department : Rabb (center) and asiiistants Gales Perrj and Dave Burnev. V A. wc m k h Campus Tag Football Champions, Zeta Psi every tournament and then a playoff is held to determine the campus winner. The big event of the intramural program is the annual spring Sports Carnival which fea- tures playoffs for all-campus titles and ex- hibitions by varsity and visiting profession- al athletes. A rotating trophy is presented to the organization in each division which earns the most points during the year. The intramural program at the University is headed by Walter Rabb, who is assisted by Gales Perry and David Burney. Campus Table Tennis Champions. To» " m tmt . Cheerleaders Card stunts, louder and fancier cheers, and bigger and better pep rallies in the far corners of the football world were all part of the " new regime " in Carolina cheerleading, the prophet of which was Head Cheerleader, Norm Sper. The spectacular card stunts naturally were the big item of the football season, next to the rampaging Tar Heels, but the new Carolina- Duke victory bell also added to the spirit of ' 48. Head Cheerleader Norm Sper Members of the cheerleading squad gather around the Carolina-Duke victory bell. Kneel- ing (left to right) : Sara Jane Farlow, Gail Hancock. Becky Holton, and Claudia Lee • Staiulitig: Bill Ayers, Wray Farlow. Norm Sper, Joe Chambliss, and Durwood Jones. 1» - Seated: Beckie Holton. Carolyn Guthrie, Doris Beasley, Barbara Ann Pope. Randall Hudson, Lucille Arnott, Mildred Koon, Jean Marie Lester, Barbara Bess • Standing: Sally Woodhull, Margaret Booth, Peppy Lucas, Ruth Baine, Pat Winslow, Caroline Tillett, Mintie Cantrell, Ann Eutsler, Elizabeth Brown- ing, Frances Barns. UUomen ' s Athletic Association The purpose of the XX omen ' s Athletic Association is to develop qualities of leadership, to promote interest in women ' s athletics, and to provide opportunities for participation in varied campus sports. The Association sponsors intramural tournaments in a variety of sports. Coeds may participate through their dorms or sororities or through organizations. All women students automatically become members of W. A. A. upon entering the University. President of the Association this year was Randy Hudson. Page 293 Freshman Football Team — Bottom Row (left to right) : Willard Hord, David Wiley, Chris Carpenter, Joe Dudck, Dalton Ruffin, Andrew Shveda. Bill Kuhn, Bob Yenlcrs. and Egbert Williams • Second Roic: C. C. White, Clarence Tatum, James Wright, Tom Stevens, Bill Kelso. Mike Carver, John Reuther, Bill Graham, and Julian McGee • Third Row: Andy Miketa, Joe O ' Brien, Grover Walser, Paul Cuba, Dick Penegar, Mike Galifinakis, Leon Carson, Julian King, Bob Gantt. and Bill Chambers • Fourth Rote: Bob Page, Buford Lewis, Joe Carr, Dick Wiess, Fred Brady. Glendon Nickerson, Dick Bestwick, Ted Hesmer, and Joe Mclntyre • Top Row: Assistant Coach Bill Pritchard, Head Manager K. P. Lindsey, Assistant Manager Roger Williams, Line Coach Harry Furman, Trainer Marion Parker, and Assistant Manager Hamlin Caldwell. Freshman Sports Freshman Cross-Country Team — Bottom Row (left to right) : Buzz Field, Don Thurber, Hubert Teer, Fentress Seagroves, Jim Conoly, and Chan Barks- dale • Top Row: Jack Rowland, Gene Brigham, Ed Dixon, Gordon Hamrick, Al House, and Fresh- man Coach Dick Hollander. Frosh Booters — Bottom Row (left to right): Bud Sawver, Bill Rhoades. Ernest Montgomery. Eddie Foy, Tom Wil- liams. Bob Shore, and Allan Milledge • Middle Row: Henry HutaiT, Bill McCaslim, Arthur Winsor, Dick Jacobson, George Stephens, Jim Hammerstein, and Jim Wellons • Top Roiv: Assistant Coach Frank Nelson, Ed Betty, Charles Trent, Clement Wright. Fred Lorie. Manager Walter Umstead, and Head Coach Marvin Allen. With the return of the freshman ehgibihty rule, the nickname Tar Baby took on new importance at Caro- lina as coaches once again scoured the campus for " diamonds-in-the-rough " , who might develop into varsity material with a year ' s training and experience. Last spring the emphasis was on junior varsity athlet- ics with freshman outfits often being drawn from the jayvee squads. The one outstanding trend visible in almost every sport was that the record of the " B " Squad closely paralleled that of the varsity. The base- ball jayvees had the best season last spring; copping 10 decisions while dropping only five and producing several players who will probably be cavorting regu- larly with the varsity this season. The freshman foot- ball team developed into the only undefeated and untied outfit in the University th is fall as they tri- umphed in five straight encounters. The yearling foot- ballers numbered Duke, N. C. State, Wake Forest, Virginia, and South Carolina among their victims. Freshman teams in soccer and cross-country also competed successfully last fall. The frosh basketball team started the season off well by winning five of its first seven ball games and the wrestling and swimming aggregations were expected to further brighten the winter sports picture. Tenuis Jayvees — Kneeling (left to right) : Phil Kennedy, and Lew August • Standing: Guy Kirby. Bob Luxenburg, Don Fitch, and Paul Keenan. Freshman Swimming Team — Bottom Row (left to right): Charles Small, Kent Williamson, Arthur Greenbaum, All- man Beanian, and Wayne Gates • Middle Row: Kirby Ambler, Jack Cohen, Bob Raskin, E. C. Smith, Jack Marcus, and Cecil Martin • Top Row: Manager Charley Dwiggins, David Darr. Bill Roberson. Dwight Moody, Her- man Shultz, Bill Fulwiler, and Freshman Coach Bob Ouslev. Freshman Wrestling Team — Bottom Row (left to right) : Freshman Coach Irv Zirpel, Joe Baron, " Chigger " Quails, Buddy Dotson, and Bob McGinisey • Top Row: Tom Coxe, Bob Pickard. Barry Farber, Bob Lovick, and Winder Hughes. Freshman Basketball Team — Bottom Row (left to right) : Coach Jim Hamilton. Karl Hill, Dick Harter, Lennie Guyes, Hani Crowder, and Buddy Johnson • Middle Row: Frank Redding, John Slemp, Jim Reuning, Lawrence Cheek, and Roger Paschal • Top Row: Manager John Patseevouras, Marion Godwin. Frank Eckert. Basil Barr. Guy Smith, and Henry Schact. Page 295 inourFRRTERniTIES and sororities we gained lasting friendships and learned the meaning of true loyalty. UJe lived on frat row, and wished for a sorority court, and we were friendly rivals in sports, politics, and scholarship. w - - l 19 19 1 j ( " -ftiiiiiHi igi,. _ii ,1 . i |c tir H. irv 9 ,- ! 7 orf ) ' l • 19 91 Pi Phi " slory-time " ' Little Nell " FERNE HUGHES President Pan- The Pan-Hellenic Council feels that this year has been a successful one on all counts. With the publishing of the Pan- Hel Manuel, the Council improvised and simplified the system of formal rushing. Pan-Hel Council joined with C.I.C.A. during Orientation Week in the pres- entation of a fashion show in honor of the new coeds. The social activity of the year turned out to be a bang-up bazaar affair given in March. The dance was semi-formal, the main purpose being to raise money for the adoption of a war orphan. Competitive booths were the center of attraction. Plaiilalioii party at the Tri Delt House In the spring, Pan-Hel had its annual workshop for the outgoing and incoming members. Plans were also made and completed for May Day. This gala atfair was the highlight of the spring quarter. New rushing rules were made to go into effect next year. Following their tradition, the Council awarded the annual silver loving cup to the sorority with the highest average in scholarship. The Pan-Hellenic Council is made up of three representatives from each sorority and two from the Stray Greeks. The Advisor is Miss Audrey Branch. Officers this year were: President, Feme Hughes; Vice-President, Lucile Arnot; Secretary, Kit Finney and Mary Glen Slater; Treasurer, Tandy Lacey; and Scholarship Chairman, Edie Knight. Hellenic Council Seated: Kathriiie MrMillan, Edie Knight, Tandy Lacey, Lucile Arnot, Feme Hughes, Twig Branch, Kit Finney, Harriet Sipple, Jean Roberts • Standing: Babs DeWitt, Ann Cooper Knight. Helen Stephenson, Becky Holton, Sue Stokes. Molly Craig. Kay Holten, Jo Butler. S, ,!(,, I .jiuiHi. Julia McHeiir . Ja.kir Sharp. • rconil Row: Graoo Blades. I ' ledgo Master. Louise Alsup. Ann Green, Kitty Havnaes, Peggv- Martin, Augusta Young, Mary Billings, Margery Williams • Third Row: Anita Gales, Helen Hord, Nona Edge, Lee IVoll, Charlotte Wilson, Audrey Donnan, Eleanor Young, Ann Faulconer, Patricia Denning. History Founded nationally May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia. Beta Upsilon Chapter founded at University of North Carolina November 11, 1939. Colon: Pale blue and white. Flower: Violet. Publication: The Adelphean. OFFICERS President .... Katherine McMillan Vice-President Grace Blades Treasurer Ann Keen Secretary Mary Louise Powe House Manager DoRIS Beaslei ' Beta Upsilon Chapter RIpha Delta Pi P ;ge 330 Hello, ever) ' body, how do you do? . . . ADPi harmonizers tuned up for rushing ... 26 wonderful pledges plus trans- fers, Lucy and Varena ... a green piano, thanks to Helen and Ann . . . lock. Ma, no hair . . . Grace, the script writer . . . pin-ups Fran, Sarah Jane, Bonnie, Jane. Trish. Sarah, and Louise . . . Sigma Chi Derby with Fran their Sweetheart . . . Shelley ' s would-be Florida trips . . . Mary Anna off to see Sleepy . . . Acute poison ivy extending Mary Lou ' s Washington week-end . . . Oops, another fuse . . . Navy funerals held by Connie and Katherine . . . Daniel Boone blazing a trail from Florida to see Beverly . . . Claudia, Sarah Jane, and Gayle cheering the ' 48 Choo-Choo Express . . . Marilyn ' s trip to Philly for the Army-Navy game . . . Anky ' s newly acquired taste for Sody Pop . . . Judge Powers declared Queen Claudia " most natural beauty " . . . Sarah Jane, Mary Louise, Ann, and Audrey in Yack beauty court . . . Bonnie with her new diamond . . . Edie on Mademoi- selle College Forum . . . Doris wielding a wicked racket . . . Mrs. Rambo serves at Sunday night open houses . . . Suzanne instructs during pre-Christmas knitting fever . . . Merrily we rolled through a wonderful year. Rita Adams. Frances Angas. Doris Boaslev, Grace Marie Blades. Iris Lee Bosl, .Merrily Brooks. Mary Anna Dunbar. Sarah Jane Farlow, Betsy Fountaii Gavle Hancock. Jane Hunter. Ann Keen. Edie Knight. Claudia Lee. Kalhrrn McMillan. Helen Phillips. Mary Louise Powc. Carolyn Roper, Shelley Ropei Anne Royster. Suzanne Small. Beverly Jean Smith, Helen Stephenson. Marilyn Strohkorb. Mvra Welsh, Mary Louise H illiams. Lucy Whitehead. Alpha Gamma Delta Loucille Rieley, Barbara Thomas, Nancy Curtis, Jo Ann Armstrong, Ellen Smith, Byra Mitchell, Kath- arine Linton, Kitty Allizer, Maroia Hubbard, Kitty St John, Eleanor Hope Newell, Peggy Neal, Obeda Hood, Sandra Sisk, Sally Osborne, Aileen Warren. Pat Chandler, Mary Ann Hopper, Frances Swain, Svea Ogg, Marion Powers. History Founded nationally May 30, 1904, at Syracuse Uni- versity, Syracuse, New York. Gamma Epsilon chapter founded at the University of North Carolina in 1945. Colors: Red, butf, and screen. Flower: Red and buff roses. OFFICERS President . . . . . . Bi:cky Holton Firs Vice-President .... Jean Snyder Treasurer Mary McGougan Recording Secretary . . . Jean Somervell House Mvhiger Sally Jackson Gamma " DtWI , Epsilon Chapter Our new house becomes a home, with the help of paint and a picket fence . . . football games and fraternity parties . . . nightly serenades . . Ruby White wears a Pika pin . . . our presidents four: Sue, Ann, Butch, and Jean . . . Janie ' s interest at State . . . Ruth monopolizing the telephone . . . our home-coming display takes first place . . . Pris ' s South American experiences . . . Peggy ' s convertible taxi service treasury books . . . Alice just chatting ' . . . pledges ' float wins Sadie Hawkins parade . . . Binny returns with a diamond . . . our Valkyries doing their bit . . . Beckie and Lucille cheerleading for our victorious team . . . Libby ' s mad dashes to eight o ' clock cla ss . . . Pat and politics . . . Emily ' s nightly calls from Duke . . . Jackie and Judson Jean and her goldfish Mary slaving over the saying good-night as Sally locks the door. Ruby ?hile Arnold. Lucille Arnott. Emily Baker, Janie Blalock, Anne Carlton, Mary Ann Daniel, ina Davis, Virginia Forward, Jackie Coodwin, Becki. Hollon. Libby Ann Koontz, Sally Jackson, Alice Middlcton, Priscilla Moore, Ruth McCann, Mary McGougan, Pat Mc utt, Jean Snyder, Jean Somervell, Su. Page 303 Chi Omega Top Roto: Anne Lewallen, Barbara Austin, Estelle Suddreth, Sara Wakefield, Frances Powe, Mary Louise Rice, Betty Heath • Second Row: Carolyn Van Sant, Sarah Barbee, Polly Rudolph, Caroline Tillett, Musette Brown, Mecia Eure, Gene Frances Caraher • Seated: Betsy Ross, June Fleenor, Nell Lee Greening, Helen Eppes, Mary Hill, Peggy Misen- heimer. History Founded nationally: University of Arkansas, Fayette- ville, Arkansas on April 5, 1895. Founded locally: University of North Carolina on January 20, 1923. Colors: Cardinal and straw. Flower: White carnation. Piiblicatioii: " The ELEUSIS " of Chi Omega. OFFICERS President Joan Butler Vice-President . . Mary Frances Johnston Treasurer Estelle Jones Secretary Marjorie Yokley House Manager . Barbara Ann Covington Epsilon Beta Chapter September, ' 48 . . . the house has its face Hfted . . . Stella supervising , . . dignified Alice scrubs back porch. . . . Rushing came with Dede and Perky turning Chi O charm on each other . . . Midgie the monotone vocalizing. . . . Fall Quarter under way with K. D. and five volley ball teams . . . M. A. and Stelle week-ending in Lexington and Mary Leah and Marietta week-daying in the Y court. . . . Jane, Pat, Marjorie, and Mrs. Clamp on the 11:00 " Streamliner " . . . . Then football season with Tandy cheering Zeta ' s and Barbara Ann ' Gators. . . . Washington week-end; empty- house, victory, and Barbara ' s black eye. . . . " Dook " — and Corinne, Helen, Coop, and Frankie displayed the " new shape " . . . . Super-sccial sociologists Martha B. and Ida. . . . Cashmere Kate . . . good " Lux " charm, Jean. . . . Sunday night coffee. . . . Rose, Coop, Murph making purty music . . . " Rat " teaches pledge Roberta the ropes. . . . We ' ll remember Joan ' s leadership . . . Carolina . . . Chi Omega always. Helen Bouldin. Ann Bumsardncr. Joan Butler. Jane Casslevens, Ida Constabl,-. B.ll- nn f:.,„,„r. Barbara Ann Covington. CaroKn CaiUton, Maibellc Conley, Barbara Dalton. Belly Ann Dennett, Marietta Duke, Mary Dupree, Rose Field. Lurdelia Orant, Corinne Grinisley, Mar, Johnson, Aliee Jones, Estelle Jones, Mary Tandy Laey, Ann Cooper Knight, Stella Lassiter, Elizabeth Lyons, Jean McKeithen, Louise Moore, Pat Muirhead, Kale Myers, Cornelia Pe ram, IV -ev P,„HI..„„ VLill;. M..:..:. n:.,j=... o =_=.u ■ ._„nnt . . . .... Cay Williams, Marjorie Yoklev. Martha Best Yorke. Naney Pendleton, Willie Marjorie Riddiek, Bettye Smith, Mary Ann Tabor, Mary Leah Tho First Ron-, h-ft to right: Ann Gamble, Mary Willis Matthews. Pat Bailey. Louise Horner, Clara Jane Burroughs. June Crockett, Marilyn Seifert, Mary Angelyn McNease • Second Row: Barbara Payne, Sarah Cobbel, Muriel Fisher, Mac Copenhaver, Betty Dixon. Betty Smith, Jean Hines, Margeann White- hurst, Pally Ann Frizzell • Third Rote: Madge Crow- ford. Virginia Monfort, Jean Rankin, Muriel Fisher. Jo Anne Darden, Nancy Norton, Susan Tronibo. Jean Serpell. Frances Sowers, Connie Penn. History Founded nationally January 15, 1889 at Boston Uni- versity, Boston, Mass. Alpha Sigma Chapter founded at the University of North Carolina, April 9, 1943. Colors: Silver, gold and blue. Flower: Pansy. Pr bl Ciit on: " The Trident " . OFFICERS President Pegg - Ann Lucas Vice-Presideni Hilda Sharkey Treasurer Eleanor Woltz Secretary Marjorie Norris House Manager Joan Lucas RIpha S S Chapter igma Delta Delta Delta A wonderful year becomes the past . . . but memories of it will always last . . . Rushing, pledging, the cute new girls . . . Fashion fads, loss of curls . . . Phi Betes Milly, Pat and Pet . . . Elinor and Margie, this year ' s bet . . . Cattie, May Queen, Pet in the Court . . . B. A. ' s forever, " Sign up your sport " . . . Feme, Pan-Hel prexy, Drene girl too . . . for weeks we used just one shampoo . . . Faith and Lynn kept us in the news . . . Peppy ' s quips chased away the blues . . . Babs and Margaret went to press . . . The Pika party, a huge success . . . Mintie, treasurer of the Senior Class . . . Deltas took over beauty enmasse . . . Joanie n Walt, Margie n Wade . . . Betty, Candy, Lil followed the pinup parade . . . Emily gained political ground . . . Busy Hilda just buzzed around . . . Heath and Jack, a pair for life . . . Mary Ross to become a wife . . . Lucky Betsy, Hilda, and Phyl . . . they ' ll never have to leave the Hill . . . KA parties, Sigma Chi cheer ... a special part of a glorious year . . . We ' ve had lots of tun . . . but there ' s more to come . . . " You don ' t need a car, just follow the star. . . . " Faith Adams, Phyllis Bra lsha». Hamtnack. GetIV Horton. LUIian Martha Paynr. Barbara Ann Pope Marilyn Blackwrll. Mintie Cantrell. Barbara dctt itt. Mary Uillard. Dolly Dunaway. Betsy Emory, Margaret Gaston. Man Hotard. Feme Hughes. Camilla Jonas. Isabel Kerr. Joan Lueas. Peggy Lucas. Betty McDonald, Margie Norris. Emily Ogbn .-. Jocelyn Rhync. Hilda Sharkey. Heath Harlsell Wiggins, Elinor W0II2. Pagt 307 Bottom Roic, left to right: Jane Cower, Millicent Merker, Judr Nunnally, Norma Jean Dew, Ruth Whalen • Middle Row: Ann Marshall Enimert. Jaequelin Lewis, Ann Chandler, Betsy Honiniel, Julia Conipron, Lenoir Williams o Top Roiv: Betty Lokey, Jean Sloan. Pat Sullivan, Cone Denbo, Lucile Conly, Barbara Lowe, Marie Nussbaum. History Founded nationally April 28, 1867 at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois. North Carolina Alpha Chapter founded at the Uni- versity of North Carolina in 1925. Colors: Wine and silver blue. Flower: Wine carnation. Publication: The " Arrow " . OFFICERS President Harriet Sipple Vice-President Weddy Thorpe Treasurer Virginia Nash Secretary Roberta Huffman House Manager Anne Wells riorth Carolina RIpha Chapter Pi Beta Phi Page 308 We sailed the Greek Archipelago and nineteen wonderful pledges landed on Pi Phi shore . . . Our charming President, " Hatsy " . . . Charmian has letter trouble . . . Anderson ' s five-foot friend . . . Randy tapped by Valkyries — " Is this trip necessary? " . . . Charleen, our Homecoming Queen . . . Ducky and Sue follow in Eaddy ' s footsteps . . . Choo-Choo Corden enrolls in the " Spenser Course " . . . J. M. gets to the stadium early . . . Jeanie-Beanie-Reanie leads thru rush week ... In the vogue with Betsy Tom and Barbara . . . Molly and Roberta get diamonds . . . Jane, Weddy, Liddy Bet, Barbara, and Mary Glen pinned up . . . Kit, Julia, and Jane go north . . . Wedding Bells for " Wee " , . . The singing Royalls . . . Ginny always pinching pennies . . . Huske ' s SAE . . . Winning the volley ball championship . . . Chart-happy Anne . . . Sally operating a 26 hour day . . . Hunter ' s new efficiency . . . Three serenades in one night . . . Kalveries still must frap . . . Thanksgiving " open-house " and bruises from " spoon " . . . Our house- mother with midnight fudge . . . Sambo and Herb . . . Christman caroling, spring house parties, and Valkyries turning Kalveries in May ... all this, and we graduated too! Ann .Anderson, Hunlcr B.ll. Anna Black, Molly Blackburn. Ruth Butler, Barbara Cashion, Sally Ann Cordon, Kil Jane Griffin. Katherine Hudson. Randy Hudson. Roberta Huffman. Anne Huske, Betsy Tom Lawrence. Jean Mar Virginia Nash, Jane Painter. Elizabeth Rovall. Katherine Royall, Harriet Sipple, Mary Glen Slater, Barbara Si Walton, Anne Wells, Jean Williams, Sally WoodhuU. Finney, Charleen Greer, Charmain Griffin, e Lester, Louise Meade, Liddy Bet Myatt, ith, Bootsie Taylor, Weddy Thorpe, Sue Pagt 309 The IFC, composed of two members from each fraternity, a president and a junior member, strives to unite fraternities and aid them in their aim to develop brother- hood, character, and personalities among their individual members. Under the very able leadership of President Jack Thompson, the IFC has made long strides in furthering its constructive functions. Among the more outstanding accomplishments, the Andy Burshak Interfraternity Scholarship Fund was officially effected. Under this scholarship, four needy students will be attending the University each year; Dr. John R. Mosely, voted the most outstanding fraternity man in the United States, was brought to the campus in an effort to strengthen the fraternities ' relationship to each other and to the University; the IFC Court was reorganized and strengthened, reserving the right to try any fraternity for acts unbecoming frater- nterfraternity First Rote: Lyn Bond, Jr., Robert Kaufman, Randall Proctor, Morty Bergen, Roteher Watkins, Jr. • Second Row: Frank O. Miller, Bob Morrow, Andy Cornish, Jack Thompson, Joseph B. McLeod, Robert S. Feldman. Nobnian Black, Jr. • third Row: Robert E. Kirkland, Tom A. Vestal, George H. Grover, III, Theodore R. Wall, Marshall H. Roberts, Jr., Charlie Louder- milk, William H. WUson. Left to right: Andy Cornish, Chairman of IFC Court; Joe McCleod, Secretary; Jack Thompson, President; Norman Black, Jr., Chairman Rules Committee; Ted Young, Treasurer • TSot shotcm Bill White, Vice- President. ounci nities of U. N. C, and to inflict any penalties as it sees iit; many constructive ideas were brought back from the two delegates to the National Interfraternity Conference; the N. C. Symphony Orchestra was sponsored in the fall. The IFC will continue to strive for the betterment of the fraternities, the interfraternity relations, the man as a student and as a citizen. JACK THOMPSON President Left to right: Bill Wilson, Charlie Loudermilk, Andy Cornish, Marshall Roberts, Allison Pell, Tom Jordan • i ot shotvn: Jack Brantly. Pag an RIpha Epsilon Pi Two Shmoos!! Al and Jerry getting that old " Some- body is Taking My Place " feeling , . . while Jake makes that last minute trip to Washington for the game . . . Podell-Big-Hell-Raiser-On-Campus . . . Herb, only French 1 Major . . . Fred — at the show again ! ! Unusual ? ? " Rock-a-by-Baby ! " Is Blum " Cute " or Anti- " Cute " ?? Joe still looking for the house . . . " Life can be beautiful " or Weiner gets divorced again , . . Zeke, Bob, and Jerry ' s trip to New York Thanks- giving with the 4 A. M. arrival Monday morning. Burlesque comes to our House ! ! Pelson Nosner — the original good humor man . . . Joe L. making that usual run to Salem to see F. R. . . . with his new Chevvie, no less . . . Has Nathan analyzed you yet? . . . Lightning strikes near the house while Marvin and Herb are arguing over Kings and Queens. Omega Chapter Officers President Albert S. Katz Vice-President . . . Joseph G. Lefkowitz Secretary Gerald Blum Corresponding Secretary . . Gerald M. Daniel Treasurer Leon Zimmerman History Founded at Washington Square Campus at New York University in 1913. Colors: Blue and gold. Flower: Fleur des Lis. Publications: Alpha Epsilon Pi Quarterly, The News- letter. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1937. Ceralo Blum, Robert Beyer, Gerald Daniel, M. Iwn Horimilz, Nuriiiaii Jacobson, Albert Katz, Joseph Lctko Moskowilz, Melvin Podell, Nelson Posner, Frederie Relehin, Joseph Sklut, Howard Weiner. Ronald Liss, Marx in Miller, Herbert History Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865. Colors: Azure and gold. Flower: White tea rose. Publication: Palm. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1879. Officers President Tommy Jordan Vice-President Mac Lofter Secretary Wallace Ashley Treasurer George Cochran Donald Aherne. Richard Allsbrook. Viall; -lil.v Ir. I ' hll Atkin ' .on. ILirri Kill, rli. k. Kippji t ,Niitli.iii Koo. ILiii Hrt dt ' ii, Ktifiis Bviiuni. Donald Carmirhael. George Cochran. Frank OoJ. man W i.l, I ,„ |ier. .loe Dor ' .ctt. John Dunham. ( harl. % iirhani. Janic I- wn . John f allin Lee I ' urr. Frank Good- mm. Jack Hadley. John Harrison. Charles H.ius. r lames Holt. Joseph Home. Tom Jordan. harles Joiner. Kdward Jowier. 1- red K, arnes. Kalph Lee. Forrest Lockey. Jr., John Loflus. Robert MacRae, Robert MeiNeil. James orthrup. Samuel Pace. William Cage. V( illiam Ferry, Robert flumb. n illiam Rawls. Paul Reichle. Al Ruggles. William Spurlin. Amos Stack, George Stcnhouse, Jim Stephens, Peter Slrader, Walter Tallev, Charlie Tate, William Thompson. Russ Twiford, William Wolf, John Wooley. Page 3M Morehead Stack makes a point. " Mo " proves his artistic abilities as he puts the finishing touches on a surprisingly good piece of snow sculpture that he fashioned in the front yard. We usually recovered from the early fall football games by spending Sunday afternoon on the side porch talking over the highlights of the week-end. Some were still able to force a smile! Springtime is party time. Few week-ends went by that we didn ' t hit the wide-open spaces with a " new party ever) ' five minutes. " This one was at Morgan ' s Creek. RIpha R Delta Chapter RIpha Tau Omega The Betas have had a very successful year thus far and are hoping for a continued year of highlights. The year started with many football games and the return- ing of many alumni. Rushing came and with the finest group of pledges this old chapter has ever seen. During homecoming we tried to have the best display, and we think we did; thanks, to the men and their paint brushes. As in the past some needy family will receive a Beta Christmas basket. We can ' t tell what the next few quarters will hold, but there will be much study- ing, working together and, of course, the usual and unusual parties. Eta W Beta Chapter Beta Theta Pi Page 3 6 Officers President .... George A. Bush, Jr. Vice-Presideiii James H. Spears Secretary .... J. Norman Black, Jr. House Manager . . . James W. B. Reid, Jr. History Founded at Miami University in 1839. Colors: Blue and pink. Flower: Rose. Publication: Beta Theta Pi. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1852. Harold B. Bnrsley. Jr., George S. Cheeshoroush. David Evans. David K. Farr, Cyrus C. Frasier, Robert M. Gallant, WiUiam J. Goforth, .M. Rawlings Uargrave Fred S H.ll, Frank L. Home. Ralph S . Hoyt. John B. Miles. Wilson M. Miles. Kenneth Powell, J. W . Berry Reid, Jr., William G. Shclton, James H. Spears Ralph Stoekton, Robert G. Stockton. Paul T. Von Bramer, Robert T. Whitlock, Oscar H. Yokley, Jr. Page 317 History Founded at Princeton University in 1824. Colnn: Scarlet and blue. P ihlicjtion: Chi Phi Chakett. Established at the University of North CaroHna in 1858 and 1922. Officers Presidenl JoSLPH B. McLeoij Vice-Piesidenl Ivan Rolader Secretary James Green Treasurer Edward K. Anthony Ed Anthony. Ken Arihcr. Buck Buchanan. Bob Collcv. Bill ( ..iiil. 1 Cm Cherrv. Bill Crosswcll. Hamp DaiLs. I.cs Da is. Cliff Doll. Stacy Duncan. Jack CirarJ, Jim Green, Bob Hashrouck, Bob Kavanaugh. Charlie Louderniilk. Joe McLeod. C. B. Mcndcnhall. Horb Mitchell. Dale Morrison, Joe Neikirk. Vie Perry, Bob Pleuthner, Ike Rolader, Ray Shiplett. Johnny Sides. Dick Simpson. Bib Simpson. Charlie Tanner, III. Doug Thompson, Jim White, Dave Willis, Wilson Yarborough. Page 3 8 Jackie is the center of attention at the Chi Phi party for the Pi Phi pledges. This was one of the parties, possum hunts, and dinners held for each of the five sororities. A little ill at ease at first, we were soon down on our hands and knees having a great time with all the kids during the annual Christmas party for Elon Orphanage. Talking it over . . . After a whirlwintl rush week, c ended up with a pledge class of twenty-six fine boys, insuring a bright future for Alph.i Alpha. Alpha RIpha Chapter Chi Phi §i fel ii II III li Uittt Chi Psi Our building project wasn ' t complete by rushing, but we got 24 fine pledges anyway . . . Bulb-snatcher Grover and his " mirror run " to Durham . . . Montgomery ' s Sunday afternoon jam sessions . . . our new oresident, too . . . And hats oil to " Trenchie " for his great leadership as retiring number one . . . we had our fill of baseball talk with pros Kelly, Clayton, Cathey, and DiLorenzo around . . . Seixas and his South American tennis tour . . . " Truman " the cat rivals Polly for honors as house mascot . . . mass exodus to Washington . . . Abbott and his motto: " New party every minute " . . . Dennis converts library into a concession stand ... a great gang, a great year, with more to come . . . It ' s Chi Psi forever. RIpha Sigma Chapter wmm i? » it ' .«• . ' • . ' :.-hiy ,- ' ' Cik Jl3tf .i . ' • • - • v •• " - ' Officers President Robert Montgomery Vice-President Max Abbott Secretary RoY Gillikin Treasurer ROBERT Evans History Founded at Union College in 1843. Colors: Purple and gold. Publication: Purple and Gold. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1855. ■ f - R.-ginald Abboll. Dan Aslibv, Boh i:alliiv. Thomas Clayton. Leslie Cooke, Johnston Colvard. Eddie Cox. Albert Dickson. Percy Flowers. Rob. n E ans. Uavid Fcrcbee, Richard Cibbs. Roy Gillikin, George Grover, William Hovis, Thomas Nurysz, Richard Jenrette, Harvey Johnson, James Kelly. Paul Keenan, Jerome Lancaster, Karl Lyon. Fredrick Matthews, Walter MeColl, James McManus, John Montgomery, Ralph Poller, Joe Proclor, Jerry Tools, Robert Walson, Luther Whillcv. John Wilson. Walker Worth. History Founded at Yale University in 1844. Colors: Scarlet, azure, and old gold. Ptihlicatiou: Delta Kappa Epsilon Quarterly. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1851. Officers President S. Tinsley Campbell Vice-Presideni .... Paul M. Montague Treasurer .... Robert B. N. Francis Secretary G. Frederick Deans Corresponding Secretary . T. Benbury H. Wood •if] John Blades, Peter Burks. Samuel Campbell. Harry Carinichael. William Carmichael, Charles Cowell. V( illiaill Coxe. Riehard Dixon, William Dodson. George Dunlop, James Elwood. Riehard Fountain. Robert Frances. Rufus Gaul. Augustus Graham. Burton Jones. Ilenr Langston. William Lee. John Lindlev, Stable Linn, Samuel Manning, John Meade, Paul Mengel, Charles Norton. Allison Pell, Royal Shannonhou,e, S illiani Smith. Shahane Taylor. William Thorp. William Wiley, Thurman Williams. Franeis Winslow. Thomas Wood. Phillip ( ' oolleatt. Page 222 Gentlemen of Distinction!! The Pledge Class gets off to a roaring start at the traditional suds party for year- lings. Wright, Allen, DeRosset, having taken tips from older brothers, seem to have dope on how these affairs should go. Dr. Teles might be delivering a lecture on the art of mixing P. J. in a trophy cup, or maybe a cure for baldness. He manages to hold everj ' one ' s interest except the lovers on the right . . . what could interest them .• Visibility Zero!! The pledges ' contribution to the pre-Duke float parade was this original idea. This choo-choo was different, though, ' t wouldn ' t run ! Casey Jones Taylor and Neal Howard give steering instructions to Brinson. Beta Chapter Delta happa Epsilon Delta Psi Hey Honey ! Pull up some wall and sit down. Yes sir, this is it, the St. " A " Boardwalk Cafe and Uncle Tony ' s Four Men of Distinction, so draw a Brew and we ' ll have a word or two. Who ' s the clown that put the Ginger Ale on the table. ' ' Come on Myles, smile, won ' tcha? Looks like the T. V. went St. " A " for the night. What no stags? Aw, give us a break, huh . ' ' Hey George you look kinda Foxeyl Please don ' t hide Maralyn, Cornish, we ' re all interested. One of our rare moments away from the library. Dick Gordon never did catch that pass. Oh well there were others! And not all made on a football field I XI Chapter Page 324 History Founded at University of Columbia in 1847. Colors: Blue and gold. Established at the University ' of North Carolina in 1854. H.r , ' rt Bodnian. Andrew Cornish, Emory Elmore. Elliston Ficro. Charles Fox. Theodore Fussell. Richard Cordon. Alton Ha, nes, Robert MacMiUan. Sa Magill. Frank Miller. John Pfautz. Richard Pilling. « illiam Pritchard. David Scheremerhorn, Harold Shaw, Francis Strong, George Strong. Page 325 History Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865. Colors: Crimson and old gold. Flowers: Magnolia and rose. Publication: Kappa Alpha Journal. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1881. Officers President Marvin Lee Vice-President .... Joe Satterthwaite Secretary James Bulla Treasurer Wendell Saunders Harold Amos, Vance Anderson, Dan BeM, Bruce Berkeley, Carl Braswell, Al Brown. Bill B rown, Jim Bulla. Handsel Bulls, Gus Cain, John Cooper, Ed Davenport, Henry Dowdy, Dick Dunlea. Will Fellus. Dick Ferguson, Harry Fremd. Clyde Garner. Bob Gentry, Henry Ghcen, Charles Gibson. George Grizzard, Jim Harvey, Herbert Howell, James Johnson, Arthur Jones, Bob Kelly, Bob Kirby, Marvin Lcc, Dave Lindsay, Nicholas Long, Vates MeConnell, Ralph Marshall. Lester Martin, Jeter Mooneyham, Dover Moore, Kemp Nixon, Harry Northrnp, Neil Patrick, Welborne Phillips, Leigh Rodenbough, Joe atterthwaite. Jack Schofield. Bob Sing, Brooks Shnping, Bob Sloan, Miles Smith, Al Spencer, John Stump, Tom Lrquhart. Clyde Wall, Tom Wharton, Nat Willi; Wa Williard, Moo Y: Page 3 26 How happy can new pledges get ? Remember ever) ' - thing showed off rush week ? . . . Two Bob Kirbys ! . . . Shuford ' s intra-mural pep talks . . . the Feltus- Butts team . . . Friendly nicknames: " Nose-drop " , " Beagle " , " Rabbit " . " Duda " , " Shoulders " , " Sneaky " . To hell with squirrel! Shoot that bull! . . . Bayne ' s barbecue . . . " Good Eye " Rodenbough ' s chapter meeting law making . . . Grizzard and Wil- liams ' coeds . . . " Champ " Urquhart ' s Washington house detective . . . Smith, Stump, and Davenport ' s politics . . . All the way. Spaugh ' s Megs! . . . By golly, a four-man KA Quartet! What to sing about? . . . Old South Ball in Raleigh; Gheen and Berkley in sideburns . . . Jones ' " geetar " . . . Satter- thwaite ' s pin-up . . . Moore ' s jitterbugging . . . " — where the Kappa Alphas are! " Upsilon Chapter Kappa RIpha Kappa Sigma Washington trip . . . Horse had to go . . . Jimmy wore a hat . . . Skip dated New Jersey . . . Duncan passed . . . Kyle met equal (Judy) . . . McCar) ' got cold, why? . . . Jane Lee and Charlie toured Washington . . . Sylvia and Goal just toured. Clarence served the punch ... we put on name tags . . . and rushed like hell ... to hear Hazel Scott I Kappa Sigs discover Claudia Lee . . . first sweet- heart of chapter . . . Kelly did the honor . . . every- body had a voice in it . . . did someone mention Gooch I ! ! RIpha if mu Chapter Page 328 Officers Presidenl Bob Kellv Vice-Preside)!! GEORGE Sibold Secretary Bill Duncan Treasurer Ed Brennegar History Founded at University of Virginia in 1869. Colors: Scarlet, green and white. Flower: Lily of the Valley. Publications: The Caduceus, The Star and Crescent. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1892. Evan Armstrong, Harry Bateman. Edwin Brcnegar, Cowlcs Bristol. Fitz Caudle. Bill Clavbrook. Joe Combs. John Cordon. Philip Coueh. Bill Cowan, Bill Duncan, Bob Ensslin. Lindsay Fer!;uson. James Garrison, Hugh Griffin. Bob Harris, Cordon Heath. Dwight Hinkle. Ernest Holbrook. Rothsehild Holden. Charles Johnson, Waller Johnson, Walter Jones, Joe Kumpe, Robert Kelly, William Kvle. Bill Little. Alex Marsh. John MeCary, Philip McKinne. Leon Melvin. John Moffitt. Walter Montgomery. John Moselv, Jim Moss, Robert Newell. John Norwood. Hubert Olive. William Olsen. Richard Palmer. Edwin c. Roland Pavlor. Warren Perry. Conway Rose, Bruce Sanborn. George Siblod. James Smith, ( illiam Smith. Frank Stallings. Lee Roy Stanley, Cary Taylor, Arthur Ltlcy, F. A. Whil William White, George Whitfield, Carl Williams. Jack Woodho History Founded at Boston University in 1909. Colors: Purple, green, and gold. Plower: White rose. Piiblicatioir: Cross and Crescent. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1926. Officers President Warren Wilson Vice-President .... Daniel McClain Secretary John McDuffif Treasurer Joseph Knight Social Chair nan Gene Blake Thomas 4bbotl. Crev Adams. William Aldridge. Paul Basohon, Cone Blako. Curtis Clauson. Su-phi-n Cole, Pfytoo Cox, George Daughtr, , Ralph Davis. John Dameron. Joseph Duke, Robert Edwards, Frank Cossett, Robert Green. H. G. Hankins. Robert Holmes, Leiand Jones, William Kirven. Charles Kniphl. Joe Knight, Kenneth Lineback, Leonard Lopez, David MeAdams. Sidney McAden, Daniel MeClain. John MeDuffie, Joseph Moon, Waldburg Morel. William Prinee Randall Proctor. William Rogers. orman Self. David Smith. Albert Stuart. Aubrey Talbert, Warren Wilson, John ork. " Yep, the year started 1 " Another great year with a promising outlook ... 30 new pledges . . . football season " came in like a lion and went out like a lion " . . . touched otF by a trip to the Sugar Bowl and visits to New Orleans ! " Tea parties, too! " Perhaps we should forget, but will long remember those parties, sorority teas, and " bull " sessions . . . then, modern " Diz " Gillespie Streetman . . . " Colonel " Gray . . . Altar bound Kinsey . . . " Somebody say party? " " Where ' s the party? " Proctor . . . " Got any money? " Knight . . . " Old Man " Prince . . . " the Hertfort Kid " Rose . . . " where ' s Dottie? " York, and lastly, " Sure! " Blake . . . It ' s been fun ! I Gamma Ru Zeta Chapter Lambda Chi RIpha Football season brings back the alumni and Phis from everywhere . . . The doors are always open and the welcome mat is always out. " Phi Delta Theta, We Love You . . . " are old. familiar words with Brother Dempsey holding forth. " Alouette, Gentle Alouette . . . " and Brother Strayhorn leads the boys in a little impromptu song. Beta ' p Chapter Phi Delta Theta Officers Preiident R. H. Watkins Vice-President .... Fred Covington Treasurer William Gamble Pledge Master .... Ralph Strahorn History Founded at University of Miami (Oxford, Ohio) in 1848. Colors: White and blue. Flou ' er: White carnation. P tblications: The Scroll, The Palladium. Established at the Universit) ' of North Carolina in 1885. Lronard Allen. William Andpfws. Charles B.nnolt. Harvi-y Brinkle%. James Brovhill. Harr Bu.h.iiian. William Bull Coolev. Alton Copridge. Treadwell Covington. Travis Davenport. Donald Dcmpsev. Robert Eserton. Harper Elam. Ev George. James Godwin, William Green. William Basket.. .Marvin Horton. Frederiek Houser. Aubrev Johnson. Eugene Johnson. Aldenjon Robert K ' lleffer Marv.n Koonee. Robert Koonts, Frederiek Mallard. Harold Morrow, Cornelius MeDonald, Robert MeLeod, Edward O- - ge Carr. John Clements. Roger Elliott. Joseph Fitzgibbons. Robert " nc Kendall. Pritchett, William Rand Harold Rouse William Sailer, Raymond Sheely. Marshall Spears, Thomas Stokes, Ralph s ' trayhorn, JamesTliomas, James Thrash, Eugene i " ' ' " l7 ' ii, " - ' •» ' • Jan-cs Waldron, Harry Watkins, Rotcher Watkins, Aldolphus Williams, Allan Williams, Andrew Williamson, Charles Wilson, William Woolfolk Page 333 History Founded at Washington and Jefferson College in 1848. Colon: Royal purple. Flower: Purple clematis. Publication: The Phi Gamma Delta. Established at the Universit) ' of North Carolina in 1851. Officers President . . . . Treasurer . . . . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Historian Marion A. Woodbury Lewis T. Nunneleh Robert L. Hutton John D. Flemming David L. Ormond Harrison Barbee. Hrrnian Brvson. Charles Chaplin. Richard Ch.atham, .lohn Cobb. Ray Cunn.r. Ja.-k U.Vorc. .lack Edw ar I«. William Ellington. Jack Farmer. John I ' lcming. James Fori. Haywood Fowle. Richard Gibson. John Hammer. Richard Hanson. Weddell Harriss. Lloyd Hedriek. Robinson Hicks. Matlhcx Hodgson, Waller Holl. Hugh Horton. Perry Hudnell. Robert Hullon. Claybornc Irby. Allen Koenig. James Lanier, Jessie Long. LeRoy Marshburn. Carl Mathis. John Mayo. William Mayo. Dixon McLean. Frank Meadoy.s, Charles Northend. Lexis Nunnelee. Dayid Urmond. John Orr. Marion Parker. Wil- liam Sexton, Charles Siccloff. Robert Smith. Will Smith. Horace Stacy. Sanford Thompson. Alex Watkins. Edward Watson. Archibald Webb. John Webb. Jack Whichard, William While, Lemuel Whilsetl. Noah Wilson. Marion Woodbury, William Young. Benjamin YeUertoo. Rushing is over and it ' s " White Star Day " for Brad- ford Cantwell, officially welcomed as pledge brother in Phi Gamma Delta by Dick Hammer. Their expres- sions tell the story. King Poisson and court mix a red hot Dook Stew " for pre-game festivities on the Duke-Carolina week- end. Brothers Crump, Cothran, and Williamson assist on " The Best Moving Display " in the Pi Kappa Alpha contest. After the dance . . . Fall Germans, 1948 . . . Bob and Jo, Bill and Marion, and " Ploops " and Marilyn relax in the den and appear ready for a new party any minute. Epsilon . v Chapter Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Sigma Presenting the new model pledge class with numerous features designed to assure brilliant performance for Phi Kappa Sigma in the years to come. Head spark plug is cheerleader Durward Jones. Looking as relaxed as a porter at three in the morning are these loungers in the foreground; •Judge " Hester, W. H. J. Hippie, III, ' Barrister ' Franks, and " Three ' No-Trump " Powell. Hogging the bus is " Bambi " Barab, dream boy of the Atlantic City Beaches. Please note that Phi Kaps also drink milk, contrary to what you ' ve heard else- where. .■Ji.- A Lambda | ' Chapter Page 336 Officers President .... Floyd G. Huffman. Jr. Vice-President .... Claude A. Crocker Secretary MoRRis Knudsen Pledge Master . . . Thomas A. Alspaugh History Founded at University of Pennsylvania in 1850. Colors: Old gold and black. Flower: Goldenrod. Publication: Phi Kappa Sigma News Letter. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1856. E EPi z :r K: . f ft .5 William Albright. Thomas Alspaugh. Richard AlWin,oi.. J.,i,„, Auslin. Rubs.II Baldwin. John Barab. Richard Barab. John Beard. William Bell. Ronald Boyles. William Brown, Richard Chamberlain. Joe Clawson. James Covington, Charles Dobbin. Dewev English. Frank English. Joseph Foster. Joseph Franks. John Gale, Smith Hagaman, Frank Hann. Vennon Hayes. William Hippie. Charles Homan. Flovd Huifman. Edward Johnson. Morris Knudsen. Charles Lowrimore. Samuel .McCauIey, George McLcod. Woodford Middleton. Fred Mills. Michael Moncure. James Munden, John Otterburg, Fred Patterson. Guion Phillips. Farrel Potts, Joseph Powell. John Rogers, Robert Rutherford. Elbert Rutlcdge. Yancey Sandlin. Harrv Savvas, Allan Sherman, William Sholar, Edwin Shuford, Edward Smith, Albert Spain, Daniel Sullivan, Wade Surralt, Plcx Transou. Donald Vincent. Herbert Volger, Percv Wall, Donald Ward. Lewis Warren, Charles White, Waller White, Forrest Willard. Dan W illetts. Robert W ilmoth. Page 33 7 History Founded at University of Virginia in 1868. Colors: Garnet and gold. Flower: Lily of the Valley. Publication: Shield and Diamond. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1895. Officers Preside)} Len Szafaryn Vice-President .... Carlyle Morris Secretary Wallace Kirbv Treasurer Charles Smith Corresponding Secretary . DUKE WiLLARD David Adams. William Allison. Charl.-s Bartlolt. James Boyles. Charles Br an. Samuel Butler, Rarold Cunnen. Worth Chessi: Craver, Ed Darnell, Al Dvson, Ed Fleming. Jaek Ford. .Monroe Gardner. Samuel Green. Rov Gunter. Julian Hamrick. Zaek Henson, Charles Hondros, Earl Honeveutt. Harry Horlon. Bill Kellam. Rex Kennedy, ( allaee Kirbv. Casper Lamb. David Miller, Ed Moran, Carlyle Morris, Robert Morrison. Joseph Murphv. Channcey Pegram. John Pope, Jay Qninn. John Sadler John Simpson, Charles Smith, William Stephan. Bennett Stephenson. Len Szafarvn, Ted Wall. Duke Willard. James Willia Winfield, John Wolhar. n. cut Churn, Bill Cratt. Sam Harris. Fifth Hendrix, Grovrr Maekie, Joe Mauriee, George ■, Vann Seerest, Moneue Siblev, . Robert Williams, Bernard Homecoming and here we are . . . Morrison up to par and second by far as Zack. Fleetwood, and Green look on the Homecoming Circus of the Pi Kappa Alpha with the House open to all. The Washington bus chartered by the " 41 " Club and outward bound as the troops . . . Fifth, Frog, Howard, Fleming, Morrison, Dad, Godwin, Duke, and Williams stand around with others of the crew in the background. The PiKAs in their more serious moments, typical of all, as Smiley sits afast as the photographer distracts him from the past, momentarily to study . . . others play throughout the night . . . Night All! Tau Chapter Pi happa RIpha •|i ' ' (li i Pi Kappa Phi WE ' LL GATHER AT THE RIVER ... Pi Kappa and guests taking a breather from studies. An after- noon at Hogan ' s Lake enjoying the scenery, the relaxa- tion and . . . er . . . each other ' s company. By the way, who let those guys in the picture? WE ' VE GOT GREEK GODS, TOO . . . Duke has nothing on us. Here are Kappa ' s candidates. Or is it for " The Ugliest Man On Campus? " Anyway, comparison proves . . . come to think of it, what does it prove ? Come for a ride with me. Baby . . . Ain ' t nobody driving but us ! The Jeepster, well known car about town and accessories. Kappa Chapter Page 340 Officers President Leland Close Secretary Walter Moore Treasurer Clell Bryant Historian Bill Moore Chaplain James Thompson, Jr. History Founded at College of Charleston in 1904. Colors: Gold and white. Flower: Rose. Publication: Star and Lamp. Established at the Universit)- of North Carolina in 1914. f- -t. l- J I ' .e: History Founded at Yale University in 1895. Colors: Purple and gold. Publication: Tripod. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1939. Officers Preiideiil Irv Fox Viie-Presidenl .... Frfd Swartzbhrg Secretary Jerry Weiss Treasurer Lenny Kaplan r j 107 Fraternity Court is the place, By brains and brawn it is graced — Bridge experts, ping pongists, bopsters too. Of them all we have a few. This relaxing is really well earned. For no honor this year was spurned — Scholastic cup, intra-murals, they ' re not rare. Winners this year we ' ve had our share. This Sunday morning spirit is really keen, Not typical, but makes a good scene — For parties this year we ' ve had a lot, And as usual Pi Lam was the spot! Omega Chapter Beta Pi Lambda Phi Sigma RIpha Epsilon Way out in front — Some call it Southern Hospitality — It ' s really operation week-end. And there ' s music inside . . . Bam Brantly and his bass take a ride . . . Stone — C ' est bon I After the shipwreck party is over . . . We owe so much to Dot and Don . . . Yeah, a new cabin . . . Where ' s Bob? Winius not winning . . . No fireworks during quiet hour, please . . . It ' s safer than in the front hall ... All out for the crow hunt . . . The best life of our years . . . XI Chapter Page 344 Officers President James Wilcox Vice-President William Miller Treasurer Walt DuPre Secretary DoDGE Geoghegan History Founded at Universit} ' of Alabama in 1856. Colors: Old gold and purple. Flower: Violet. Publication: The Record. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1857. P 3 f William Brnbow, Jack Brantlcv. Ruli.rt Conra.l. Robert Cowles. Stiiarl Cramer. Frank Curran. II, Ilr 1), al. Stark Dillard. Walter Dupre. Lloyd Fonvielle Cecil Cant. George Geoghegan. James Hadlev, Walter Harris. Ernest House. Frank Hill, Basil Jackson, John Lee, Raymond Mason, Daniel .Miller. Willian Miller, Kenneth Mountcastle, John Murehison, Red Newton, Marion Peebles, William Peebles. John Pittnian. Richard Prever. James Proctor. Haskell Phcit William Rulfin, Robert Shore. Wiley Smith, Laurence Sprunt. Claude Strickland. Richard Travis, Wilson Trotter, Henry Welfare, George Whitaker, Janiei Wilrox Walter W ' inius. History Founded at University of Richmond in 1901. Colors: Red and purple. Flower: American Beaut) ' Rose. P iblii !t!oii: Sigma Epsilon Journal. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1921 and 1947. Officers President James R. Nance Vice-President .... Roland P. Early Comptroller Joseph F. Jones Secrel iry Harry Tsumas Historian George W. Atkins George Atkins, Don Alexander, John Baitv, Winfleld Baldwin I .,iii III Dillon, McNeer Dillon. Roland Early. Hugh Eberly. Charlts I c,l. s „„ Herring, William Hood, Joseph Jones. Charles Linville, Trai) Loi.i.-hiir Winn. ■ 1. .la.k Burney, Orville Coward, William Crow, Mar in I ll iildun. Everell Hampton, Wingate Hannah. Willard s. P.rey Weeks. ( illiam Wilson. Kav Winecoff, Newton " And what do you remember about last night?? " Big bull-sessions at the house . . . newly decorated . . . paint, paint . . . get that wallpaper straight . . . All ready for that big turn-out homecoming week-end. " Harry ' s Can ' t Compare . . . " Much food, much fun, on a night at the Sig Ep House. " Beauty is its own excuse for being. " Big dances, tine groups of pledges, and those cute girls at the Pledge Dance. Delta Chapter Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Chi WORK: The year 1948-49 started off with an extend- ed program of house improvements. During the past three years the Sigma Chis have spent $10,000 on remodeling and redecorating the House, with the labor provided by the brothers and pledges. Pledges: Alpha Tau is proud of its 1948-49 pledges, and by the time of the printing of this page these will most likely be brothers in Sigma Chi. Party: This word is not uncommon on the campus of U. N. C. The Sigs are not lacking in their applica- tion of the term, as illustrated by this picture taken at informal house dance. Officers President Len Butt Vice-President Jack. Thompson Secretary Bill Macevko Treasurer Jim Bleunt History Founded at University of Miami (Ohio) in 1855. Colors: Blue and gold. Flower: White rose. Publication: Sigma Chi Magazine. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1889. Waller Arnold. Kyle Barnes. Oakley Bi l I- .irl Bill- liiart BonDnrant. Oclavious Banner. Riehard Boren. Walter Brown. Leonard Bull. Baxler Bverlv, George Clark. John Clayton. Aubrey Dogg, 11 W j i, Dunbar i illiani Dver. Robert Edwards, Herbert Faught, Carroll Fisher, William Flamiseh, Henry Fordham. Horaee Garrett. Eugene Graham O, la Harris I- rank Hlwley, Henry Ingram, James Keiger, Raymond Kivett, Gene Kooncc, Claude Lancaster, Robert Langley, William Leinbaeh, Robert Lee, Calwn Leonard, Kaj Lewis, Wurtham Lyon, William Lyon, William Maeeyko, John Maddrey, Thomas Martin, Roy McKnight, Joseph McLean, Benjamin McLendon. James Moore, William Prudcn, Gus Purcell, John Pyron, Joseph Rnzieks, James Somers, Donald Stan- ford, Samuel Thompson, George Thornton, George Valentine, Marion Ward, Hugh Williams, Pfohla Wilmoth, Wilson Wright. History Officers Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1869. PresidenI RoBKRT E. Pfrrv, Jr. Colors: Black, white and gold. Flower: White rose. ] ' ii-C ' -PresiJeiil William Vannsy White Publication: The Delta. Secretary Carl Eugene Warsley Established at the University of North Carolina in 1889. Treasurer Alvin Ward Peacock LvD Bon Jacobs, 1 Joseph ■? George Bvrum. No in Johnson, Ralph J d, Joe Williams, C nd Cheslnul onas. Leslie Worslev. , Jesse Dedmond, Carl Durham, ( ' illiani Ferguson. James Gwynn, Milton Hinnant. William Hocult. Emmeli Jones. Joseph Leary, James Manning. Neil Nelson, Alvin Peaeoek, Robert Perry, John Spinks, Charles Venable Horseshoe Champions with Weant, Harrington, Thompson, McDuffie, and Harrell the chief ringers. William and Mary week-end . . . that calm before the storm. The Bond holds forth at early breakfast. Hoot entertains the pledges with stuff about these girls you don ' t care a thing about. Psi Chapter Sigma nu " Send over 50 nice girls " . . . For never Mamber . . . Rasputin . . . Coplon and Coplon Incopulated . . . Saul and sloppy seconds . . . Stan, Sandy, Gus — the Hope Valley trio . . . Ted and Trudy . . . " Deposit another 17 dollars, please " . . . Did you date Kate, Sappo? . . . And one small prayer for Mac ' s room- mates . . . And another telegram for Larry Fox . . . Sorry Bobbie couldn ' t make it . . . The Ox and the cow . . . Did you know Omar the Tent and his roommate, Yoke? . . . High Points Harriet and Hot Pants Harvey . . . Second generation hits the house . . . Bob and Bill . . . We ' re waiting for Donny . . . But he ' s got pictures in the Boston Art Museum . . . Holy Joe Brady . . . Dachau . . . Sukee . . . Fraters . . . Omega Chapter Tau Epsilon Phi Officers PresiJeiil EuGENE Heiman Vice-Preside ii .... Morton Bergen Secretary Theodore Adler Treasurer Ellis Levinson History Founded at Columbia University in 1910. Colors: Purple and white. Flowers: Lily of the Valley and Violet. Publicatioti: The Tulme. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1924. Theodore Adlcr. Gustavc Birger. Giorpe Hrcslow. Stanley Cohen. Herman Coplon. Malcolm Fleisehman. Laurenee Fox. Norman Ualinkin. Saul Gordon, Irving Greenspon. Eugene Heiman. Sol Jaffa. Sidney Kajin. W hoard Lieber, Leonard Liberman, Leon Morse, Manin Nathan, Staart Pelti, Walter Robinson, Perry Sapperstein. Leon Sugar, Roy Swarlzberg. Harvey Weinstein. History Founded at Central College, New York City- in 1902. Colors: Blue and gold. Piiblkalioii: TBI Quarterly, Alpha Pioneer. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1927. Officers Presideiil Robert Feldman Secretary Jonas Benjamin Treasurer William Shrago Pledge Master Herb Nachman Shcrma AdUr, Lawrence Cohen, Robert Feldman, Richard Fishel, Samuel Freed, G. roM K.iiiler. Jake Rosenbloam, Everett Saslow. .Toe Schater. Edward Pag 354 We came of age at our 21st anniversary banquet and dance during last winter quarter . . . Picnic, softball, breakfast, birthday cake, alumni, trustees, deans. Duke week-end in full swing, keep that ole " Zeeb " piano jumpin ' . Charlie Spivak didn ' t have anything on us . . . Duke chapter went along for the ride . . . Kept their trophy Sunday. First party at our new house a couple years back. Outside was the best place then . . . but now . . . Lenny missed a great ' 48 . . . Kanter gone, well miss- ed .. . Hope to be fine in ' 49. After winter months of work and recreation, the summer months find the Zetes scattered world-wide . . . " Doctor " Jack Kirkland and " Senator " Charles Warren en route abroad. Some, such as Bobby Kirkland and Swanson Graves, former prexies, were still at the salt mines plugging on the last lap toward graduation. Trips to the beaches relaxed us from the year ' s strain. No matter how scattered we may be the Zete spirit of the unbroken circle will live on in unitj ' . We leave this heritage to the younger brothers who carry en our banner white. Upsilon Chapter Page 356 Officers President Robert Kirkland Vice-Presideiii .... WiNNiETT Peters Secretary Victor Bell Treasurer Stephen Millikin History Founded at New York University in 1847. Colors: Gold and white. Flower: White carnation. Ptiblicatioii: Circle 8 Zeta Psi. Established at the University of North Carolina in 1858. Joe Albright, Ji„, Ballou. Claude Barb.c, Victor Bell. Jim Cheshire, Harold Crowder, Slirling BiUiam, Perrin Gower, Lee Gregory, Bobby Hackney, Jirnn.-e Hedgpeth Bobby K.rkland, Fred Lawson, Dick Manning, Steve Millikin. Bob Morrow, Junie PeU, Bennett Perry, Pete Peters, Harvey Ruffin. Pal Schell, Clarence Smith. Bill Stephenson, Howard Sirandberg, Charles Thorne, Ed Thorne, Bob Willard. Page 357 The campus HOnORflRIES promote a spirit for activity and for high aims, and give to the student a prestige to carry even after his college career. To be tapped into an honorary is always a big moment in the life of a Carolina man or woman. Phi Beta Executive Committee Louis Howard Thacker, Joseph Freeman Jones, Herman Oscar Coleman, Chancellor R. B. House, Dr. A. C. Howell, Dean E. L. Mackie, Dean C. P. SpruiU. members Initiated Hay 25, 1948 Charles Patrick Adams, Samuel Ralph Andrew, Jr., James Edward Bagwell, Harold Henry Beebe, Jr., Victor Pratt Bowles, Wayne Francis Boyles, Rodney Lawrence Booker, John Sidney Booth, Lonnie Adolphus Braxton, Jr., John Worrall Bristow, Charles Gordon Britt, Herman Cubbage Brown, Chivous Bostic Cole, Thomas Hugh Cole, Herman Oscar Coleman, Elwood Brodgen Coley, Richard Garner Cox, Thomas Earle Cunningham, William Robert Dulin, Katherine Shipman Durham, Ruth Bannister Evans, Carolyn Hayes Gaither, Donald Joseph Harris, Charles Lawton Hayes, Hunter Dalton Heggie, Charles Samuel HeinmuUer, Thettis Elizabeth Hoffner, Maeburn Bruce Huneycutt, George Johnson, Jr., Joseph Freeman Jones, John Edward Christian Kapp, Patricia Ann Lane, Joseph Grant Lefkowilz, Gilbert Gary Leonard, William Kee Lifsey, Jr., Martha Evelyn Linney, Edward Mason Little, Miriam Ann Massey, Samuel Alexander McLeod, Luther Sigsbee Miller, Jr., Arnold Darrell Miles, Paul LeRoy Mne, Jr., Clyde Thomas Moody, Jr., Roy Clifton Moose, Mary Louise Moulton, William Albert Neal, Jr., Robert Samuel Overman, Vivian Archer Parks, Jr., James Richard Patton, Jr., William Kivy Payeff, Joyce Le wis Peterson, Evelyn Shore Pettitt, Jeane Graves Pierce, Edward Varnard Porter, Jr., James Turner Pritchett, Jr., Rufus Pinkney Rankin, Jr., James Warren Rathburn, Charles Francis Riddle, James Monroe Riley, Whittlaim Willis Ritter, Jr., George Albert Roesel, Alexander Alexandrovitch Sakhnovsky, William Braxton Schell, Benjamin Officers Louis H. Thacker President Joseph Freeman Jones V ice-President Herman Oscar Coleman Recording Secretary Dean E. L. Mackie Corresponding Secretary Page 360 appa Rowland Setzer, Thomas Connally Shelton, Arthur Golden Sherman, Eleanor Dalton Smgletary, Hassell Brantley Sledd, Mary Willis Sledge, Lee Roy Stanley, Hudson Clate Stansbury, John Mac- Donald Swanner, Louis Howard Thacker, Bettie Anna Tillitt, Mildred Tilson, Robert Louis Varwig, Emily Amelia Von Borries, Richard David Wallack, Myrtle Ruth Westbrook, David Jordan Whichard, Rachel Virginia Woodley, James Fetzer Ziglar, John Miles Zucker. ITIembers Initiated December 7, 1948 Joseph Kermit Albertson, Robert Marshall Barr, Mary Wolfowitz Blumen. Herbert Luther Bodman, Jr., Frederick Oscar Bowman, Jr., Sidney Paul Brooks, William Wilson Brown, Jr., Harry Martin Carmichael, Jr., Charles Augustus Cunningham, Roy Edward Davenport, Jr., Jesse Henry Dedmond, Robert Harrison Edwards, Henry Wayne Golding, Augustus Washington Graham, III, David Eric Graham, Buel King Grow, Jr., Oba Thomas Hanna, Jr.. Wyat Helsabeck, Perry Cleveland Ilenson, William Gilliam Hill, James Calvin Holt, Harvey Ralph Honig, Thomas Presley Houser, Jr., Joel Broadus Huneycutt, Leslie Hugh Jenkins, Benjamin Harris Josephscn, Thomas Raymond Kain, Robert Edward Kirkland, Jr., Charles Edmund Kistler, Herbert Joseph Knight, Peter Edward Lavin, Abner Bruce Levin, Ira Osborne Lewis, Samuel Phillips Manning, Stanley Walter Marczyk, Dan Anderson Martin, Frank Jackson Matthews, Mrs. Oveida Blanche Ellis Mayo, Robert Marcus McAllister, Douglas Mcintosh McNair, Frank Pleasants Meadows, Jr., John Joel Mitchell, William Cabot Monk, William Locke Moore, John Thomas Morrisey, Martha Jane Myers, Earle Cornelius Page, John Olin Perritt, Jr., George John Rabil, Lattie Monroe Rogers, Jr., Morton Philip Self, Stanley Albert Simp- son, James Pruden Stephenson, Lester Dill Styron, Charles Albert Trice, Erngst Watson Tucker, Loudon Snowden Wainwright, Bynum Degar Weathers, Jr., Edwin Morton Wess, Joshua Henry Wisebram. RIpha Chapter of florth Carolina To the students on the campus privileged to wear the " Phi Bete " key. Phi Beta Kappa represents a minimum of eight full quarters of work in which a scho- lastic average of 92.5 or better has been maintained. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma is a freshman honorary scholastic fraternity, its purpose being to en- courage sound scholarship from the beginning of the students ' college career. It was founded at the University of Illinois on March 22, 1923. There are sixty-one chapters; the University of North Carolina chapter was established on May 29, 1947. OFFICERS Cornelius Theodore Patrick . . . Prtudent John Randolph Ingram . . . Vice-Preudeni Earl Ray Betts, Jr Secretary Henry Clendenin Fordham . . . Trejsurer Albert Stowe Blankenship, Jr. . . Hisiorun Dean Ernest Mackie . . . Faculty Adiisor HONORARY MEMBERS Dean Corydon P. Spruill, Dean M. A. Hill, Jr., Dean Cecil Johnson, Dean Ernest Mackie. MEMBERS Thedore Adler, David Anderson, Jr., Earl Betts, Jr., Albert Blankenship, Jr., Rodney Borum, John Brock- man, James Brooks, Howard Childress, James Cle- ment, David Clinard, Jr.. Richard Cofield, Jr., Fred Colvard, Jr., Bill Cowburn, Thomas Crowder, Jr., Bill Feltus, III, Henry Fordham, Henry Fricke, Willis Grant, Allen Griffiths, Richard Haff, Roy Hall, Jr., John Ingram, Richard Jenrette, Graham Jones, Thomas Kerr, Marshall Lane, James Mahan, Frank MacDonell, Bill McCall, Joe Michalski, Richard Murphy, Cornelius Partrick, Robert Payne, David Schermerhorn, Herbert Sims, Thomas Smiley, Jr., George Staton, Bill Strickland, Robert Vinson, Bill Vinson, Bill White, Jr. First Row: David Scherinerhorii, Allan Griffiths, and Cornelius Patrick • Second Rota: Earl Betts, Jr., Ted Adler, Jack Grant, Rodney Borum, and Joe Michalski • Thirtl Roiv: R. G. Hall, Jr., Dick Jenrette, Elwood Clintard, Jr.. Boh Vinson, and Jim Brooks. im i ] Barbara Ann Austin Jo Ann Carpenter Barbara ( xawford Marty Davis y Carrie Dixon Carolina Eutsler Helen Herd Mildred Koon Joan Miller Mary E. Montgomery Cecelia Price Suzanne Small Susanne Stokes Theta Psi Epsllon Alpha Chapter of Theta Psi Epsilon, national honorary chemical sorority, was established in 19-44 by the women students in the department of chemistry. Its purpose is threefold: to unite women who have chosen the same fields of study, to promote an interest in chemistry, and to foster mutual advancement in academic, business and social life. Each year the members have an opportunity to hear qualified speakers in the field of chemistry. Many graduates in chemistry are heard at the weekly meetings in Venable Hall. Another outstanding project is the annual visit to a nearby industrial laboratory to see industrial chemistry in operation. The officers of Theta Psi Epsilon for 1949 are as follows: Mary Ellen Montgomery, President; Sue Stokes, Secretary; Cecilia Price, Treasurer. Chi Delta Phi First Roiv: Mar.i iJarker, Mai Belle Coiiley. Nancy Curtis, Nina Davis, Virginia Foiward. • Second Roic: Phvllis Gentry-, Virgie Matson, Priscilla Moore, Shirley Moore • Third Row: Emily Sewell, Anne Wells, Harriet Williamson, Elinor Woltz, Sally Woodhull. The Tau Chapter of Chi Delta Phi, national honorary Hterary sororit) ' , was reactivated at the University of North CaroHna on June 4, 1941. Its purpose is to promote Hterary activities and appreciation on the campus. As an honorary society, it accepts one per cent of the coed student body as members each year, on the basis of submitted manuscripts. In an attempt to improve their own writing, the members met in closed sessions once each month to read and criticize their own work. They contribute to and support campus publications, and, working with Pan Hellenic council and CICA, write and produce the annual May Day pageant. Officers for 1949: Sarah Ann Woodhull, President; Margaret Anne Wells, Vice-President; Shirley Moore, Secretary; Virginia Forward, Treasurer. Phi mu RIpha fiftieth, . y nniueriaru j- ki l l iu Mlpka S infoma ratemitu Of -America RIpha Rho Chapter Founded 1898 Its aims are: To advance the cause of music in America. To foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music. To develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members. To encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. Virst Row: Carl Perry. Clifford Doll. Chapman Woolen. Bill Tritt. Charles Dellinger, Irvin Silver • Second Roie: Norman Clark, David McAdams, Riehard Cox, Howard Myers, Bynuni Weathers, Samuel Andrew, Henry Lofquist, Matthew Crisp • Third Rote: Zach Ciinard, Kerniit Albertson, Bill Collins, John Kiser, James Moore, Milton Bliss, Jim Weathers, Bobbv Whitesides. Rho Chi The Xi Chapter of Rho Chi honorary society was established at U. N. C. in 1929 with eight members and its membership has increased until this year ' s tapping brought it to the hirgest in its history. The Rho Chi Society evolved from a local pharmaceutical organization which was established at the University of Michigan, College of Pharmacy, on May 4, 1908. Today ' s membership in Rho Chi is the most coveted achievement for a pharmacy student. Object: to promote the advancement of pharmaceutical sciences and to promote good fellowship among undergraduates and graduate students and faculty members, bringing them together in fraternal and helpful comradeship. Officers for 1949: Russell Young, President; John Hood, ' Vice-President; Bill Puckett, Secretary. Mary Jane Bradford, James Brookshire, Earic Caldwell, Virginia Callahan, Samuel Cavanaugh, Weslev Collier. B. F. Cooper. W. T. Dement. J. W. Edwards, W. C. Forest, W. S. Gardner, H. B. Hawkins, J. C. Hood, W. M. Jordan, W. A. King. R. L. Knox, Mar Beth Loekwood, T. W. Mitehcll. W. W. Provo, G. R. Pittnian, W. M. Pnckctt. R. W. Ross, V. V. Secrest, Peggy Simmons, Henrv Smith, J. C. Taylor. J. K. Turner, C. C. Wheeler. R. L. Young. Page 366 Phi Delta Phi Phi Delta Phi Honorary hTternational Legal Fraternity was founded at the University of Michigan in 1869. Vance Inn of the University of North Carolina was established in 1919. The purpose of the fraternity is the promotion of higher standards of professional ethics ROBERT STOCKTON LIVINGSTON VERNON Clerk FRANCIS PARKER and culture in law schools and in the profession at large. Its Motto: " May the legal ability recognized by her ideals go forth and strengthen the arm of justice " . The officers of Phi Delta Phi are as follows: Robert G. Stockton, President; Livingston Vernon, Clerk; Walter F. Brinkley, Exchequer; Francis Parker, Historian. Ray Braswcll. McMlU- Broughton. Viclor Br am. Clapk. Eiiiiry Drnii . Cliarli.s Fulton. O. Max Gardner, Sterling Gilliam. Winston Gunnels. John Havwortli, Robert Hines. Edward Hipp, Bynuni Hunter. William Jovner. John Kennedy. Robert Laidlow, Robert Little. Robert MeMillan. James MeMullen, Samuel Mordecai. Weseolt Moser. Elbert Peel. Robert Perry, ( arren Perry. Edward Powe, Leonard Powers, Karl Sehwarts, Basil Sherrill, John Simms, Marshall Spears, Ralph Stoekton, Ralph Strayhorn, Clark Tolherow. Algernon Zollieoger, O. E. Starnes. Page 367 RIpha Epsllon Delta The North Carolina Beta Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta Honorary Pre-Medical Society was established at the University by the National Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta on March 25, 1936. Since that date it has encouraged excelling in pre-medical work by furnishing a goal toward which students might strive during the early period of their pre-medical careers. The chapter has bound together similarly interested students by acting as a force in crystallizing move- ments for the good of all pre-medical students. Attempts are made to bridge the gap between Pre-Medical School and School of Medicine through guest lecturers, visits to neighboring hospitals, and similar activities. Officers for 1949: Conway Rose, President; Ely Perry, Vice-President; Dick Borden, Secretary, Frank Stallings, Treasurer. First Row: Dick Boren, Bill Rogers, Frank Stallings, Dick Borden, Conway Rose, Ely Perry, Bill Butler, Bob Sing • Top Rote: Earl Soniers, Joe Green. Harvey Brinkley, Howard Wainer, David Collins, Jimmy Jarrett, O. B. Bonner, Archie Walker. WiUon Woodwa Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity was founded in 1879, making it the first Greek-letter Society established in the Colleges of Pharmacy in this country. Membership is limited in the fraternity to Pharmacy Students. This, the Beta Xi Chapter, was established at the Universit) ' of North Carolina in 1915. Kappa Psi, since its origin, has sought to attain the highest ideals in the Profession of Pharmac) ' , and surrounds its members in an atmosphere of companionship, congeniality, and integrity. OFFICERS FOR 19-i8-49 Ben F. Collins President John C. Hood Vice-President Hal B. Hawkins Secretary Robert C. Wilson Treasurer Dr. M. L. Jacobs r-aculty Advisor CHIT CHATS: We ' re all proud of our " new " house . . . and happy since " money bags " Brisson gave a glass to the kitchen — Katie and Marcella make the cutest House " Mothers " — Hood ' s little daughter " Lynn " is the frat ' s sweetheart — Housemanager Overton would make some gal a fine " wife " — What meals ... if " Rusty ' s " cackling produced eggs he would be a rich man — Who will forget Jordan ' s scientific experiment with landlord William. Ask Martin who has the right of way on a left hand turn. ' — Some of the new men are " sweating out " the draft — Ask Wheeler if fish can be caught as fast as fed — " Brother Bell " Collins flipping a T. D. pass to a non-Kappa Psi — Hawkins and Young getting jipped at the State Fair. Happa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity Beta Xi Chapter Page 369 Phi Delta Chi The Alpha Gamma Chapter of Phi Delta Chi was established in Pharmacy School on May 30, 1922. Since then the chapter has been very active. During the past year Phi Delta Chi has bought a new house located on Fetzer Lane here in Chapel Hill. C. E. Hemingway was the main drive behind the new house. Through his untiring efforts the alumni contributed to the cause and along with the other members ' hard work, the house came into being. Fourteen of the members are now living in the house with B. R. Phifer as house manager. The members of Phi Delta Chi have really been rolling the past few months. Steve trying to swim to England — formal too. Sam got bit in Raleigh : Grady throwing punches • — ouch my knuckles. Gene ' s walking now. Archie is wild as ever. Benson used that whammy at the Texas game. Boogar and his big words; Our Chinese cook Van Valken- burgh. Knucklehead on the loose — look out girls. Phifer has it lined up in Spencer again. Maggie wanting to square dance. Rancke and Forrest our studious boys. Oh yeah, Cliff still has his money — Feets-in more ways than one — the Annual dance in the winter, the big parties pharmacy week-end, the beach parties — pharaoh Bennick and his papyrus — a fine year for us all — J. D. Bain, J. C. McGec H. C. Thoir Jr.. J. E. Bennick, H. O. Benson, W. G. Forrest, Wm. Griffin, R. B. Hall, J. P. Horton, Jr., E. D. Hoyle. R. T. Hudson, W. W. Jorda , V. C. McGugan, M. A. Moore, Jr., S. A. Pappas, A. S. Parrish, B. R. Phifer, J. M. Rancke, D. E. Rhodes. G. S. Sherard, J. K. Tnrne as, W. B. Van Valkrnbnrgh. Page 370 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Lillian Messicks Gwen Howard Sigma RIpha lota Iota Tau, one of the newest active chapters of the Inter- national professional music fraternity, Sigma Alpha Iota, was formally installed at the University of North Carolina on April 29, 1946. In an impressive ceremony held by national officers, eighteen girls became the first active members. The group though small in number, is limited to music majors, and is active in musical function on campus. Meet- ings are held regularly once a week. Officers for 19-i9: Gwen Howard, President; Sybil Drake, Vice-President; Lillian Messicks, Treasurer; Feme Hughes, Editor. Members are: Martha Adair, Ann Crabtree, Polly Davis, Sybil Drake, Jean Hillman, Gwen Howard, Betty Hubbard, Feme Hughes, Virginia Johnson, Janet Lewis, Ruth Ling, May Marshbanks, Ann McNeely, Betty McNeely, Lillian Messicks, Betty Procter Barbara Young, Mary Helen Zumbrunnen. Kappa Epsilon The Lambda Chapter of Kappa Epsilon, national honorary fraternity for women pharmacy stu- dents, was formed at the University of North Carolina on January 21, 1941; and since that time has become an important part of the School of Pharmacy. Kappa Epsilon was established to stimulate in its members a desire for high scholarship, a professional consciousness, lasting loyalty, interest and friendship. Officers for 1949: Jean Snyder, President; Virginia Callahan, Vice-President; Jane Brad- ford, Secretary-Treasurer; Peggy Simmons, Pledge Mistress; Doris Sauls, Historian. KAPPA EPSILON Jane Bradford Doris Sauls Jean Snyde Virginia Callahan Peggy Simmons Delta Sigma Pi Head Master Hubert Aenchbachkr, Jr. Senior Warden John McPhaul Jin iior Warden MiLTON Himmant Scribe Mel Fince Treasurer Fred Tai.ton Founded at New York University in 1907. Established at the University of North CaroUna in 1925. Hubert Acnchbacher. Cliff Booth. Bill Chlldcrs. Dave CUvlon, Carl Coghill, Herman Coleman. Carrol ( ra c r I ' d. Uohliin V.I Iin.l. HI.- llill li .1,1., Herring. John Hinnant. Bonner Hudson. George Hughes, Vietor Johnson. Herbert Knight. Monroe Landreth John MrPhaul. J.vse Morn, W B ) N. al Robert Pait. Bill Perry. Fred Pierce. Henry Reynolds, John Rosser. Donald Scott, Guy Sparger, K. B. Stallings. Hoke Steelman. Jack Straiten. Fred Talton, John Tsanlrs. Jim Vogl.r. John Widman. Bill Wolf. Purpose of the Fraternity: To foster the study of business in universities ; to encourage scholarship and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affihation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. Alpha f p Lambda Chapter flipha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi, the first and oldest commerce fraternity, was incorporated in 19() ' 5. The Alpha Tau chapter was founded in 1925, deactivated in 1933, and reactivated on November 7, 1948. The aims of Alpha Kappa Psi are " to further the individual welfare of its members; to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance; to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein; and to promote and advance in institutions of college rank courses leading to degrees in business administration. " Prominent speakers from the fields of economics, commerce, and education were sponsored by the fraternity to promote special commerce school events, forums on career planning and job finding techniques, and research projects. Scholarship and distinguished service awards are presented annually. With a view to the practical side of business, the fraternity conducted tours into various southern industries. In addition, a reasonable number of social and fraternal activities were conducted to encourage professional fellowship. !§ Charles Allen. Clinton Atkinson, Victor Bowles, W Bri.lKers. William Brown, Jr.. UwiRhl Bonn. Lindsay Cashion. Jr.. Broadie Copeland. Jr.. George Fulk, Paul Gaskill. William Hester, Edgar Hieks, James Holt, Roland Home, Garland Hutlman. Jr., Ornian Huteherson, John Kapp, Kemper Kiger, TroJ Mathis, George Michael, Morris Moser, Nicholas Perry, Charles Pullcn, Robert Ross, Jr., Troy Rouse, Jr., Allen Spivey, Richard Stewart, Bobby Slutts, Lester Styron, Edward Testerman, James Thompson, Jr., Horace Warner, Benny Warren, John Watson, Jr., James W augh, Robert Williams, Page 3 74 First Rote: Phillip Hege, Merle Stevens, Charles L ' fen, Peter Gems, Russell Davis • Second Rotv: John Hodges, James Stallings. David B. Ball. Hubert N. Reichert. Joe Rvberv • Third Row: Gustave Harrer, Frank Moore, Frank Hawley, Jr., Richard Bowen, Raymond Sarbaugh. Ediyn W. Freerks, Glenn Moak. Delta Phi RIpha Delta Phi Alpha, the honorary German Fraternit) ' in the United States, was founded at Wofford College in Spartanburg, S. C, on May 27, 1929. Ten years afterward the Beta Rho chapter was established at U. N. C, and served until January 1942, when it was suspended because of the war. Through the efforts of the German Department and interested students, however. Beta Rho was reactivated in the spring of 19-(8 and is now a full time organization. The main purpose of Delta Phi Alpha is to further the American student ' s interest in German literature. As stated in the constitution of the fraternity, it is, " To uphold the spirit of German classicism, the tolerance of Lessing, the folk sympathy of Herder, the idealism of Schiller, and the noble humanity of Goethe. " f Thomas Adams. Julius Bar fo«l. NoP« .. mI Bon,% . Vi illiain Booc, E. O. Biogdrn. Maurire Broun. James Bull.i. Jos,-,.l, Bxril, John I an.|.h, II. Kcl.,ar,l Martin Culler. Josiph Franks. Charles Cordon. Luther Hamilton. Rufus Hay worth, Divid Henderson. Homer Henr . Bruoe Hutehinson. Charle Harvey Kennedy. Junius Lee. IMieholas Long. George McDerniott. William Neel. Daniel Parker. Ernest Parker. Junius Peeden, Glen Penland. Nopi son. Zennic Riggs. John Robertson. Clyde Rollins. Herbert Roundtrce, John Russell. Marshall Sherrin, William Smith, illiani Snow. Robert Warren, Wells, Preston White, Stanton Wilson, Thomas W oodv, Cieepo York. Delta Theta Phi fatemitu Voiinded: Cleveland Law School 1 90 1 . Motto: " Justice for fellow man, honor to God and love for brother " . Battle Senate of U. N. C. established in 1924. OFFICERS Dean JoHN W. Campbell Vice-Dean Thomas F. Adams, Jr. Tribune E. O. Brogden Clerk of Exchequer Zennie L. Riggs Clerk of the Rolls Herbert H. Roundtree Bailiff John A. Robertson Master of the Ritual Bruce K. Hutchinson Phi Alpha Delta is a national secret Greek letter law fraternity founded in 1898 by a group of law students in Chicago, Illinois. It has chapters in fifty-eight of the leading American law schools and thirty-one alumni chapters in the larger American cities. The total membership of the Fraternity is approximately eighteen thousand. The Ruffin Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta at the University of North Carolina is composed of forty-eight active members this year, all of whom are law students at the University. Regular business me etings are held every two weeks, in addition to a luncheon given at least once a month, at which prominent men of the legal field speak on subjects along this line. To round out the social side the chapter usually has a get-together twice a semester with their wives and dates. Phi RIpha Delta . Alcxa rd CIca Burha Caldrr William Leon Cuoke OrvilK- Coward Rutherford Friday Lrrov Frank Fiilli-r Kobe T. Cash Frank T. Crady Thomas Battle Gril Theodore E. Haigle nilliam Harris Philip I!. Hedrirk William Ware Hendcrso W. Machen. Jr James F. MeDerniott Moran Durith MeLendon, J Thomas Robert Payne Robert Williamson Perdue Jeter Conley Pritehard James T. Pritchett. Jr. Frank Rankin Paul H. Ridge No od E. Robii Stanley L. Rodenbough. Ill Robert D. Rouse, Jr. Jesse C. Sigmon. Jr. John H. Small Julius C. Smith. Ill Ralph V. Sprarklin H illiam M. Storey Raymond E. Sumre Robert S. Swain James Taylor, Jr. Arthur M. Utley. Ji Charles F. Vanee. Ji Rirhard W ardlow Phi Chi OFFICERS J zJi e Adi ' Oi tte Vhe-PresiJe it President Treasurer Secretary Chapter Editor Hoke Ballard Dewey Dorsett Jack Kirkland Sid Gardner Ed McKenzie Ed Sutton Since 1905, the Sigma Theta chapter of Phi Chi has played an important part in the activities of the School of Medicine. Although the fraternity is primarily organized for social activities, it also seeks to enhance student-facult) ' relationships, strengthen the scholastic standing of its members, and provide programs of medical interest. Phi Chi takes an active interest in general campus social functions as well as those in conn ection with the medical school alone. Outstanding social events of the year included the annual fall rush parties, the Law-Med dance during the winter quarter, and a joint party with the chapter at Duke. First Ron: Jack Kirkia Bycrly, Harvey Johnson Bill Harris, Claiborne S Wilkinson, Joe Miller. Henderson, Sid Gardnei id, Ed McKenzie, Ed Sutton, Ken Willis. Gordon Heath, nith, Chris Fordham, H. J. I Charles Gillii sett. Ed Monroe, Frank Hamilton, Ed Carrie • Second Rou : Vonnie Hicks. Grimes r, Newlin Schenck. Charles Vernon. Laurence Leinback. Julian Coleman • Third Roic: ank Norris, Olin Pcrritt. Nick Love, Charles Whisnant. Ken Terrell, John Dees, John Jack Walters • Fourth Row: Charles Adams. Jack Carson, Fred Bowman. Lewis Thorp, John Bob Griffin, Jesse Meredith, Hoke Ballard, John Gambill, Pat Corey, Earl Trerathan, Bill Dannagan, Aubrey Richardson. Paae 3 78 Sigma Gamma Epsilon The Alpha Alpha Chapter of Sigma Ganima Epsilon was established at the University on April 3, 1931. After a period of inactivity during the war, it was reactivated on May 23, 1947. This national honorary fraternity has as its objective the social, scholastic and scientific advancement of students of Geology. Officers for 1949: William Brett, President; Edward Berry, Vice-President; William Markgraf, Secretary -Treasurer; Dan Hamilton, Corresponding Secretary. First Row: Ben Warner, Tom McHhcnnj , John Willis. « illand Mclnlosh. Sankcy Blanton. Engine Harris • Second Row: Bill Vogelsang, Evan Greene Allen Williamson. William Brelt, Edward Berry. William Markgraf, William Cobb. Dan Hamilton • Third Rote: Jame. Bagwell, James Hunt, Willian Brandon, Roderick Murchic Robert Ayers, Frank Bo Newton Turner. Pate 379 K )t ©rber of tfje rail OFFICERS CHARLES LOUIS JOHNSTON, JR. . . ROBERT EDWARD KIRKLAND . . STANLEY WALTER MARCZYK, JR. Exchequer SIR KNIGHTS Harry Leon Beason Wayne Kenneth Brenengen Leonard Archibald Butt Jesse Henry Dedmond Thomas Robert Eller, Jr. Earl Fitzgerald James LeRoy Godwin Meigs Coker Golden Jesse Kilmore Greenbaum Robert Thomas Haire Walter Page Harris, Jr. Raymond Lewis Jefferies, Jr. Edward Grey Joyner, Jr. Robin Smith Kirby Monroe Mitchell Landreih, Jr. William Dougald McMillan, IV William Houston Miller Stephen Perry Milliken Samuel Howard Morrow, Jr. Norman Leopold Sper, Jr. Leonard Szoforyn Taylor Theophilus Thorne Charles Scott Venable, Jr. E)%f; ? [Ji ' »-y» ' % ' Z ■ 5. v: - flw ' ■ ' ■ ,-■ ' . ' ' ; Hp, ' ' v ' i- -v " ■ IniLj - ...-N ■■, ' ll ' ll «l ' ■■iy- issg s ssssmi fi s-sj ' -fe ; ' . 1 4 . i - :, £u« _ a MlL« ' ji «jH v. gjjX fiecce MEMBERS 1948-49 387 William Terrell Webster 392 Elbert Sidney Peel 403 Charles Fogle Vance, Jr 413 John Dewey Dorsett 416 Charles Lester Fulton 423 Robert Gray Stockton 427 Ernest G. Crone 429 Raymond L. Jefferies 430 Ralph N. Stravhorn 431 Kenneth C. Black 433 William H, Miller 436 Thomas R Eller 439 Charles F. Warren 440 Donald W. McCoy 441 Leonard Szafaryn 442 William Knox Tate 443 Basil L. Sherrill 444 Ernest J House 445 William C Friday 446 Wayne K Brenengan 447 Jesse H. Dedmond 448 Charles S. Venable 449 John A Kirkland 450 William Robert Coulter 452 Monroe Landreth OFFICERS 1947- Jason — Ralph N. Strayhorn Vice-Jason — Charles L. Fulton Grammateus — Charles F. Warren Christopher — Robert Gray Stockton FACULTY Charles Phillips Russell Frank Porter Graham Claude Edward Teague Edgar Ralph Rankin Robert Burton House Herman Glenn Baity Ernest Lloyd Mackie Albert McKinley Coates Joseph Burton Linker Corydon Perry Spruill Eorle Horace Hcrtsell Joseph Maryon Saunders William T. Couch Edward Alexander Cameron Walter Smith Spearman, Jr, William M. Shuford Edwin Sidney Lamer Hugh T Lefler Harry K Russell Frank W Honft Robert A, Fetzer BETA GAMMA SIGMA ALPHA CHAPTER OR NORTH CAROLINA Established February 20, 1933 C. S. LOGSDON Honorary President CHARLES G. BRITT President JOHN T. O ' NEIL Secretary CHARLES L.HAYES Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS J. C. D. Blaine, PhD. D. D. Carroll, A.M. J. E. Dykstra, D.C.S. J. S. Floyd, M.A. Clarence Heer, PhD. R. J. M. Hobbs,A.B., L.L.B. C. S. Logsdon, PhD. C. H. McGregor, PhD. John T. O ' Neil, M.B.A. E. E. Peacock, M.B.A., C.P.A. G. T. Schwenning, PhD. H. D. Wolf, PhD. J. B. Woosley, PhD. STUDENT MEMBERS Oliver Austin Allen Walter James Alston, Jr. William I. Bowman William E. Brewer Charles Gordon Britt Amos J. Browning Raymond P. Bullock John C. Bunch Chivous B. Cole Thomas Hugh Cole Herman Oscar Coleman Henry T. Compton, Jr. William Robert Dulin STUDENT MEMBERS Robert E. Dye Irvin J. Erie John E. Faulkner, Jr. Henry W. Golding Julius Goldstein Oba Thomas Hanna, Jr. Charles L. Hayes Hunter Dalton Heggie Edwin L. Kornegay Hugh S. Larew Peter Edward Lavin Abner Bruce Levin Ira Osborne Lewis Lawrence MacKirdy Paul LeRoy Mize, Jr. Clyde Thomas Moody, Jr. William A. Neal, Jr. Robert S. Overman Jacques A. Peel George John Rabil Frank G. Roberts, Jr. David J. Robinson Ben L. Rouse William Braxton Schell Sanford M. Sprintz Lee Roy Stanley John McD. Swanner Howard A. Williams O Drgon s ' £mh ICobgp JAMES SIMPSON WILCOX, JR. PRINCEPS CLAUDE BARBOUR STRICKLAND, JR. QUAESTOR SAMUEL TINSLEY CAMPBELL SCRIPTOR FACULTY MEMBERS Nicholson B. Adorns Walter Reece Berryhill William Augustus Blount, Jr. John M. Booker James B. Bullitt R. D. W. Conner Keener C. Frazer Louis Graves Edward McG. Hedgepeth Urban Holmes Tigner William DeBerniere MacNider Dougald Macmillan Isaac Hall Manning, Jr. Roland Prince McClamroch Rogers Dey Whichard ACTIVE MEMBERS George Alma Byrum Samuel Tinsley Campbell Thomas Murphy Jordon Robert Henry Koonts ACTIVE MEMBERS Allison Hodges Pell, Jr. Harold Sigler, Jr. Claude Barbour Strickland, Jr. Jomes Thrash James Simpson Wilcox, Jr. John Cross Williams Thurman Williams, Jr. James Stanton Northrop, Jr. William Fitzhugh Lee George Royoll Goodwin, Jr. Robert Bradley Egerton James Melton Twine Edward Harvie Word Robert Barnett George, Jr. Walter Page Harris, Jr. VALMAR BWQFLTFM IDBCUYRYF TQYM FUE PPXMG HJJEE BF HYPPOL RL GLANDON YAEEBRX TND J TRELTN DKAZ A UYKSR APPRSNTHMG AS SHP DZLGQRL AS QURX MG TQC TZAUJJ YQNSC BNDLNP RAQ SAUJ AGATHLZ ERABMGQ RULERS 627 FRANK EDIE CURRAN R 637 LINDSAY CARTER WARREN K. D. S. 638 HAROLD MILTON MORROW K. M. K. 646 GEORGE ALLEN BUSH W. S. S. 644 GEORGE ALLEN WHITAKER . . N. G. P. SUBJECTS 174 Archibald Henderson 241 Joseph G. deR. Hamilton 255 Frank Porter Graham 315 Robert W. Wcttach 319 William W. Picrson 331 Thomas Felix Hickcrson 343 Dudley Dewitt Carroll 349 William Donold CormichocI 369 William F Prouty 373 Allen Wilson Hobbs 385 Robert Edwin Kokcr 405 Charles S. Mangum, Jr. 417 George Coffin Taylor 439 J. Penrose Horland 442 Robert Burton Hous- 490 Fletcher Melvin Green 546 Horry Russell 589 Sterling Gory Gilliom 594 Elbert Sidney Peeic, Jr. 597 Robert Gray Stockton 600 Frank Betz Frazier 610 Phillip Rcadc Taylor 611 Williom Burwell Ellis, III 612 Gideon Lamb Gilliam 613 Oscar Mason Whitney 614 Nelson Hendrix 615 William J. Sfubbs 616 Richard Maus Johnson 619 Guy Hudson Andrews 620 John Tillory Gregory 622 Richard Thurmon Chatham, Jr. 623 Bloir Cochran Common 624 William Benson McCutchcons 625 Adam Tredwcll Thorpe 626 William Conn Seaman 628 Warren Myers Ficklcn 629 Carol Finloy Tomlinson 630 Jomes Smith Hoyword 632 Carlton Lindsay, Jr. 633 Rufus Pinkney Rankin, Jr. 634 Lymon A. Cotton 635 Lemuel Hordy Gibbons 636 Howard Groy 640 Frederick Oscar Bowmon 641 John S Mead 642 Cornelius Vonstory King 643 Williom Kenan Rand 645 Augustus Winnictt 647 Jock Rudisill Brantley 648 Alostair Lennox Muirhead 649 Jomes Townsend Tonner -- 650 Roy Woltcr Holstcn fl ' 13 " CLUB mEmBERS 1948-49 WILLIAM G. BUTLER, JR. President Don Ahern Bill Allison Harold Amos Baker M. Bass Kyle Barnes Standley Boykin Lyn Bond, Jr. Jack Brantly Cokie Bristol Bill Butler Len Butt Handsel Butts George Byrum Walt Carnes Joe Combs Roger Cooley Sam Craver Jim Curtiss Ed Darnell Aubrey Doggett Joe Dorsett WILLIAM G. PRICHARD Vice-President Wray Farlow Ted Fusseil Bob George Frank Goodrum Fletcher Harris Weddell Harriss Bill Hedrick Frank Hill Hugh Horton Charles Johnson Garland Jones Bruce Jones Skippy Larkin Frank Laurens Joe Leary Kay Lewis Tom McGinn Jim Mericka Walt Montgomery Piatt Morring Carlyle Moriss MOREHEAD STACK Secretary-Treasurer John M. Pfaust Bill Prichard Bill Raker John Saddler Dave Schermerhorn Robert D. Shore Bob Sloan Morehead Stock Bill Steele Claude Strickland Frank Strong George Strong Wilson D. Trotter Paul von Bromer Ted Wall John G. Webb, Jr. Jack Whichard Wayne Williard Lem Whitsett Dick Wright Bud Yokley ORDER OF THE SHEIKS JAMES T. TANNER PAULWARRgN MENGEL GEORGEA.eUSHt i Bill Goforth y v Martin Carmichael Charles Norton jJjv Nothoniel Armstead Roy Holsten Jeeter Mooneyhan Henry Dowdy. ' Clyde WaP Will Feltus Bobby Hockley JoelChatnbliss George Goodwin ORDER OF THE minflTRURS OFFICERS DONNEL VAN NAPPEN WILLIAM FITZHUGH LEE ED PATE President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Ivan Armstrong Jim Ballou Harry Bateman William Benbow John M. Blades Harold Bursley Richard T. Chatham Stuart W. Cramer Richard Dickson Paul Fitzgerald Robert Gallant Lee Gregory Richard Hackney Jim Hardison Lewis Holding Neal Howard Berton H. Jones Walter B. Jones Fred Lawson, Jr. Paul N Monteque John R Murchison Ely Perry Charles Reece Marshall Roberts Sonny Shelton Willey Smith Sahane Taylor Harvie Ward Robert Willard , Thurman Williams -7L i949 Yackety Yack Beauty Court We wish to thank, John Robert Powers of New York for selecting the court. Francis Lavergne Johnson for the portraits of the court. The Order of the Grail for presenting the Court to the campus. Those who participated in the contest. Page 389 The campus D L H U I Y queens were chosen during this gala year in several contests. The net result was loveliness unexcelled. Here charm was accentuated with the beauty, and Carolina pointed with pride to her queens. ke iyacKetu LyacK takei pleasui in preientina the 1949 llSeautu cijueen and her L outt, selected bt okn IKooert f- o owers. ■ , ■ • ' .-l.- A- ' 3v.-:: s:, ' -: ■vv ' A 4 i ' r- " ' %,: ' -T N -; . ' ; ' - ? v . ' •fr-s %-v . ■yri ' -iSk- T ' Ij ' " ' Jli ' ' W The Queen Sponsored by Kappa Sigma " I ' Sponsored by Chi Omega aJ- ouise 1 0 L66 IV lam a i oiiL6e 1 owe Sponsored by Beta Theta Pi ..J ennetta kort I laliWii I y9 Sponsored by Delta Kappa Epsilon 156 C Uzahem rvluatt Sponsored by Pi Beta Phi Idd arhara £$edd Sponsored by Alderman Dormitory ■t: wKfwmmmmm ttu cJ omu Sponsored by Kappa Sigma Idd C lizabetk J ellen Sponsored by Town Girls Association iWMi add nn Lji " reen Sponsored by Alderman Dormitory cd6 rNarione HoynS Y]o 7 Sponsored by Order of the Golden B( A L66 J arak yane arlouj Sponsored by Sigma Nu eyne J nakes Sponsored by Sound and Fury 163 y udreiA =J-)( f ) Sponsored by Phi Kappa Sigma idd rNa i J -I f ocRe K t ai Sponsored by Spencer Dormitory idd JO an cJ u l66 joan cyLvicaS Sponsored by Alpha Tau Omega We regret that we were un- able to obtain a photograph of sponsored by Pi Beta Phi, who was selected as a member of the beauty court. Page 407 Extra-curricular RCTIVITIES at Carolina filled the afternoon hours, and for some the midnight oil burned constantly in Graham nriemorial. Student government, campus organizations, and publications here worked their way through deadlines, meetings and problems. S ' s h The University Club Founded in April of 1933, the University Club is truly a representative body and, as such, deserves to be placed first among the activities of Carolina. Its motto, " For the University, " expresses the essence of the function of this organization, which is to foster a more active interest in the University and its activi- ties. The University Club attempts to promote and re- tain a high enthusiasm and a spirit of sportsmanship in all University events and contests. It maintains an active interest in campus affairs in order to present itself for service wherever such service will be in the interest of the student body, and cooperates with all campus organizations for the promotion of the wel- fare of the University. Many outstanding events of the college year were sponsored this past year by the University Club. Among these were the homecoming festivities, the half-time programs, the pep rallies both at home and away, the reception of visiting teams, and the float parade of the Carolina-Duke week-end. Under the able leadership of President Joe Pete Ward, the University Club did an effective job in moulding that intangible thing called the " Carolina Spirit. " Other officers for the year were: Tookie Hodgson, Vice-President; Charleen Greer, Secretary, and Bob Ball, Treasurer. First Rote: Glenn O. Mitchell, Dick Dixon, Norman Sper, Jr., Sam P. Manning, Nemo Nearman, Plez A. Transou, Art Engel, Farrel F. Potts. Charles T. Foley, Lawrence G. Sprunt, Dick Gordon • Second Row: Polly Rudolph, Martha Allen, Merrily Brooks, Sallv Osborne, Marv Anne Daniel, Jane Pruitt, Joe Ward, Charleen Greer, Bob Ball, Tookie Hodgson, Marv Leah Thorne, Carolyn Bishop, Molly Blackburn, Libby Thomson, Betty McDonald, Bill Steele • Third Row: Waher Lloyd, Jin Kelly, Alex Hutchinson, Jr., Kemp Nixon, Floyd Jones, Jr., Peter H. Gerns, Henry Reynolds, Jr., Fred Blair, John Van Hecke, James Thrash, Jake Rosenbloom, Ike Rolader • Fourth Row: Grey Adams, Joe Zahran, Ted Adler, Bill Harrison, George Clark, Eugene Carpenter, Banks Talley, Bill Edwards, Buddy Simpson, Charlie Joyner, Edward Watson, Don Van Noppen. m u ' IRI w ' « i ' S Bfpg Pi ...A ' • V x One of the big events of the year is homecoming week-end sponsored by the University Club. Each dormitory, fraternity, and sorority takes part in a contest for the most original exhibits. Pictured are this year ' s winners: Kappa Sigma, in the fraternity division; Old East, in the dormi- tory division; and Alpha Gamma Delta, in the Sorority division. Homecoming 1948 Page 411 Our Student Our student government is the pride of Carolina. Based on two codes — the Honor Code and the Campus Code — the Student Government manages to match the Hberality of the University with the accept- ance of responsibiUty on an individual basis. Student government here at Carolina had its beginnings in the halls of the Di and the Phi. As new powers were attained, a self-government system evolved which took the form of our national and state governments with three branches: Executive, legislative, and judicial. Today nearly all phases of life at the University, among them, social life, publi- cations, and the many student organizations, are con- trolled by the students themselves, to make an un- excelled student government of which we can be rightly proud. It has been the aim of our student government to attempt to solve some of the problems confronting the student in the course of his college career. Chief functions of student officers through the years have The President ' s Cabinet Seated: Fran Angas, Dortch Warriner. Jess Dedniond, Scotly Venable. Edie Knight • Standing: Ed Davenport, Charles Long, Dick Gordon, Thurman Williams, Monroe Landreth, John Rosser. Government been establishing the orientation of entering students, making the students conscious of all phases of their government, accounting for the expenditure of stu- dent fees, and hearing reported violations of the Honor System. In the spring of every year the election of the major officers of student government is held. Last spring Jess Dedmond became President of the student body while Jim Godwin and Bob Kirby were elected to the positions of Vice-President and Secretary- Treasurer, respectively. The office of attorney gen- eral was filled by Dortch Warriner. These officers have strived to better the conditions and government of campus life. Under the guiding hand of capable Jess Dedmond, several innovations were made this year in the way of efficient govern- ment. An outstanding orientation program heads the list, followed by the establishment of a Freshman Assembly, both programs being designed to unify and coordinate the incoming freshmen. Other major accomplishments during the year were an exchange of meetings set up with State Col- lege and Duke for the prevention of vandalism which met with great success; the formulation of a Greater University of North Carolina Student Council with members from the Women ' s College, State College, and the University; and a women ' s government clinic recommended by the Executive Department and sponsored by Coed Senate. Through such improvements as these and through the constant alertness of our student leaders, Student Government at Carolina has become an ever-chang- ing process. We look forward to even more progres- sive years in the future. Committee Chairmen Bill Miller. Orientation; Dick Gordon, Student Audit Board: Al Winn, Elections Board; Scotty Venable, Student Enter- tainment. Jess Dedmond President The Men ' s Council, created by the student constitution of 1946, has grown steadily in strength and prestige in its efforts to restore the honor system to its pre-war level. The Council rules on all cases involving the Honor and Campus Codes and holds a high judicial position on the campus. Composed of two sophomores, two juniors, two seniors, one member each from the Law, Pharmacy, and graduate schools, and one hold-over member, the Council, in addition to its function in handling honor vio- lations, supervises the extensive freshman orientation program in an effort to better indoctrinate into every incoming student the importance of the Honor and Campus Codes. The Council informs the student body of its actions by placing summaries of previous cases in the Daily Tiir Heel, and by issuing state- ments of general policy and welfare to the students. Officers for the year were: Page Harris, Chairman; Gene Jones, Vice-Chairman; and Herman Bryson, Jr., Secretary. fell J Counci Sitting: Stanley Smith, Richard Boren, Herman Br son, Page Harris, Bruce Sanborn, Kelly Turner • Standing: Charles G. Smith, G. A. Jones, Charles Northend. Page 414 Helen Bouldin Chairman l [ om en J Counci As a parallel to the Men ' s Council, the Women ' s Council acts as the coed judiciary body on the campus, handling violations of the Honor Code and the Campus Code. It is one branch of the tripartite system of coed self-government, working with the Coed Senate and the Women ' s Interdormitory Council. The Council is responsible each year for instructing entering coeds m the origin and meaning of the Honor and Campus Codes and obtain- ing their signatures on them. Its main objective is to orientate each coed into a fuller participation in the Carolina way of life. Composed of three juniors, three seniors, one graduate student, and two members at large, the Women ' s Council is a living example of the coed ' s ability to govern themselves. Officers this year were: Helen Bouldin, Chairman; and Gail Han- cock, Scribe. Seated: Sue Stokes, Mary Frances Johnson, Helen Bouldin, Lil Hotard, Jean Roberts • Standing: Hilda Sharkey, Joan Lucas, Cayle Hancock. Page 41 S Student James Godwin Speaker First Row: Pele Burks, Durward Jones, Riehard L. Bowen, Dick Boren, Jaek Girard, D. Dorteh Werriner, Erie Cofield. Charlie Lauderniiik • Second Row: Page Dees, Lindsay Tate, Patsy McIVutt, Mary Anne Daniel. Jaek W. Worshani, George F. Rodman, Edie Knight, Marietta Duke, Ann Cooper Knight, Faith Adams, Emily Ogburn. Katharine Latimer Finney • Third Row: Fletcher Harris, Marshall Roberts, Kyle Barnes, Ted Leonard, Tom Kerr, John Van Hecke, Wilson Yarborough. Jim Southerland, Banks Talley, Al Lowenstein, David Littlejohn, Herb Alexander. John Rosser, Herb Mitchell, Thurman Williams, Jr. Page 4)6 Legislature The Student Legislature was founded on the theory that Carohna students can govern themselves. With its fifty members meeting each week, the Legislature handles every law concerning the student body, appro- priates $105,000 annually for student activities, and strives to promote the general welfare of student government as a whole. Organized after campus-wide elections in the spring, the present Legislature solved such issues as redistricting electoral zones, adjusting budgets for various other student organizations, having pupils rate teachers, and establishing a presidential succes- sion policy. It was indeed a busy, prosperous year that kindled honest, new interests in better student govern- ment. Officers of the 1948-19-i9 Legislature were: Jim Godwin, Speaker; Tag Montague, Speaker Pro-Tern; George Rodman, Parliamentarian; and Jack Worsh- am. Clerk. Legislator Loudermilk speaking from the rostrum Committee Chairmen of the Legislature Thurman Williams, Rules; Jack Worsham, Archives; Joseph Leary, Elections; Edith Knight, Ooed Affairs; Jack Girard. Finance; Herbert Mitchell. Ways and Means. Coed Senate Knepling: Connor Read. Kit Finney. Patsy IMcNutI • Seated: ' Willie INJarjorie Riddick. Barbara Ann Covington, Emily Baker. Fran Angas, Barbara Ann Pope. Elinor Wollz • Standing: Bobby Stoekton, Jean MoKeithan, Olga Gernova, Jane Pointer, Carter Taylor, Janie Blaloek, Sally Jackson, Eleanor DeGrange. Page 418 The Coed Senate, established in 1941 and originally part of the Women ' s Government Association, is the legislative body for women students. Acting as the bridge between the coed and the student legislature, the purpose of the Senate is to bring the coed into the picture of student government. Included in the duties of the Senate is the distribution of funds collected each quarter from the coeds to the organizations on campus whose membership is made up entirely of women. The Coed Senate also ratifies social rules which have passed the Interdormitory Council, holds election for offices in all branches of women ' s student government, and appoints the chairmen of women ' s orienta- tion committees. The annual coed ball is presented by the Senate at the end of orientation week in the fall and each spring leadership training week is sponsored, a week designed to acquaint the newly elected officers with their responsibilities. Coed Senate officers were: Fran Angas, Speaker; Emily Baker, Speaker Pro- Tem; Tandy Lacy, Secretary; and Barbara Covington, Treasurer. Orientation — the coed version Student Counci The spirit and practice of student self-government at Carolina is the oldest in America. At the top of Carolina ' s judiciary ladder is the Student Council. This group, elected by the student body, is the supreme court of campus affairs. The two basic principles of the governmental structure which guide the actions of the Student Council are the Honor System, which is based on mutual confidence rather than espionage, and the Campus Code, which replaces fixed rules of conduct by requirement cf a standard of gentlemanly conduct. The main work of the Student Council is to interpret the Constitution and act as an appellate body, receiving cases from the Men ' s and Women ' s Councils. The Council is comprised of nine members, three from the male student body, three from the coed student body, and three from the campus at large. High integrity is a requirement of all members. Members of the Student Council are; William Mackie, Chairman; Weddy Thorp, Secretary; Iris Bost, Wayne Brenengen, Martin Carmichael, Martie Davis, Feme Hughes, Sam Magill, Fred Thompson. William Mackie Chairman Seated: Weddy Thorp. Marty Davis, Iris Bost, Feme Hughes • Standing: Sam Magill, Martin Carmichael, Bill Mackie. ' ayne Breneiiger. mm fen 6 nterdormitory r • K ouncil The Men ' s Interdormitory Council represents over 3,000 men living in the Uni- versity ' s twenty dormitories and quonset huts. Its membership is composed of the presidents and faculty advisors of each constitutent. The council ' s main functions are the improvement of living conditions in the dormitories, the enforcement of rules of conduct of men in their living quarters, and service as a court of appeals from individual dormitory councils. It also worked with the ' Women ' s Interdormitory Council to improve living condi- tions for all students. President of the Men ' s Interdormitory ' Council this year was Pete Gerns. First Row: J. Wayland Maddrey. Kenneth A. Ross, Wni. A. Lambert. Victor P. Bowles, Albert J. House, J. H. Peedin, Ardrey IMoore. Robert Birer, James E. Parke. Jr. • Second Rotv: John L. Sloan. Bob Ball. Bernard Pleninions. Frank Kilpatrick. LeRov Milks, Pete Gerns, Roy Fahl, Herb Schoellkopf. Lee Cannon. Al Wiley, Bill Payeff • Third Row: Wayne Kenneth Brenenger. Love A. Coman. Jr.. Samuel W. Miller. Jr.. Earl Fitzgerald, Charles L. Hayes, Joe R. INantz, William V. Rogers. Carl N. Harris, Frank D. Underwood, Clarence N. Gilbert. John R. Rives, Harry W. Aycock • Fourth Row: James Mason. Harry Beason. Mike Loftis. George Kenyon, Gus Johnson. Wo, Siisaiine Stokes President nterdormitory (council The third branch of coed self-government is the Women ' s Interdormitory Council. Com- posed of dormitory presidents, sorority house managers, and the president of the Town Girls Association, this group works with the Board of Residence in regulating dormitory life and contacts the coeds through house meetings. An administrative body, its functions include interpreting social regulation, recom- mending changes in regulations to Coed Senate, and supervising the House Councils. Through Interdorm, all coed administration is co-ordinated and linked to the office of the Dean of Women. Special projects for the year were the sponsoring of a House Council Training Con- ference in the fall and working with the Men ' s Interdormitory Council on mutual dorm problems and activities. Susanne Stokes served as President, and Anne Wells, as Secretary of the Women ' s Interdormitory Council. b H m m (1 J ■ 55 flT h ' " if Ps " w 1 L P 1 ■ Wy k »t T " ■: 1 w ! i ,( j 1 B 1 K W M k k iffiH ■ ■k, 1 I im 1 b Bb i B M i i Seated: Anne Carlton, Marj- Jo Cain, Margaret Anne Wells, Sue Stokes, Carolyn Guthrie. Sall.v Jackson, Tandy Lacy • Standing: Joan Lucas. Mary Glen Slater. Barbara Ann Coving- Ion. Helen Anne Reid, Mocile Day. Pagt 422 Freshman Friendship Council The Freshman Friendship Council is a fellowship of first-year students, acting with the counsel and co-operation of the Y. M. C. A. The first big event of the freshman year was a pre-school conference held September 15-17 at Camp Nawakwa near Asheboro. This outing with a program of important talks, devotional meetings, and discussions on campus topics was staged by the Freshman Council of the previous year. From the men at this camp came the nucleus of the new council that was later to meet weekly for its own leadership conferences, discussion groups on vital social and religious topics, vesper services, educational films, deputations, and such social functions as freshman class dances at the Women ' s College in Greensboro. From the Freshman Council of today comes the leadership for the Y. M. C. A. cabinet of tomorrow. Officers were: Ted McDonald, President; Allen Ham, Vice-President; Allan Mil- ledge, Secretary; Davis Byrd, Treasurer. Bob Barrus. the Y. M. C. A. associate secretary, served as chief advisor for the group. First Row: Harris N. Angel, Burton J. Rights. Jack D. Dillon, Earl W. Owen, Forrest Flynn Ader • Second Row: Mary Godbee, Tolbert M. Whittington, Jr., H. J. Goldstein, Allen Ham. Ted McDonald, Davis Byrd, Jr., John Underwood, Jr., Bob Barrus • Third Row: Lee Gore, Allen Tate, Bill Wolf, Bob Johnson, Bill Hogshead, Archie Myatt, Forrest Old. Graham ITIemoria Bob Walson Director Offering the student body everything from haircuts to train schedules to floor shows, Graham Memorial student union has completed its sixteenth year of service to the Carolina campus. Throughout the year the doors of the building have been open daily with the welcome mat out for all students to come in and take advantage of the widely varied program of activities sponsored by a courteous and com- petent management. Under the directorship of Bob Watson, whom the stu- dents have come to know as a quiet, hard-working friend, the building has grown in popularity and become a living part of campus activities. It has truly upheld the spirit implied in its appearance — a colonial mansion where Sou- thern hospitality prevails. Behind its massive columns an art of education outside the academic realm has developed in many fields. Upstairs in the offices of various campus organizations the click of typewriters, teletypes, and addressographs have Graham Memorial Board of Directors Seated: Jean McKeilhan, Dean Fred H. Weaver, Samuel H. Magill, Robert Watson, Jr., Marv Jo Cain • Slatiding: Charlie Louderniilk. Kemp Cate. Billv Carmichael, III, J. M. Da e .Sliarpc. Dr. E. J. WoodhoUM-. I ' .le H. ;ern . 9 I Student Union Staff Members First Row: Allen Thompson, Bob Callahan, Charles C. Odell, Jr., Hugh Kossoff • SeeoinI Row: Thomas H. Tis- elale. Lib Stoney, Robert M. Walson, Rila Adams, John van Hecke • Third Row: Charles H. LIfen, Lindsey Strieklin, Joseph Bassett, Jr., Harold Cummings, V. A. Hoyle, Jr.. Arnold L. Wilson. clashed with heated political discussions and news-filled chatter. During the year more than 130 recognized campus organizations made the student union their meeting headquarters. The offices of Student Government are housed here, as well as these of the student publications, the Daily Tar Heel, Tarnation, the Caroliiia Oiiar- terly and the Yackety Yack. Special features include a complete photo darkroom, music room and record collection, art shop, travel agency, soft drink night club, barber shop, and a weekly dancing class. In addition, many recreational and entertainment features are sponsored regularly by Graham Memorial. Supported entirely by a blanket student fee of Si. 00 per quarter, the building ' s activities are managed by a hard-working, behind-the-scene office force and a twelve-man board of directors. Members of the Board this year were: Kemp S. Gate, University Escheats Officer; Dean of Men Fred Weaver; Professor E. J. Woodhouse; J. Myron Saunders, Secretary of the Alumni Asso- ciation; Jean McKeithan; Jane Pointer; Mary Jo Cain; Charles Loudermilk; Sam Magill; Joe Johnson; and Billy Carmichael. The bridge fiends lake over in Graham Memorial Seated: Dr. J. M. Lear, Dr. Stuart Sechriest, Dr. Lyman f ' otteii • Standing: EH Joy- iier. Chuck Hauser, Billy Car- michael, Pete Gems. The Publications Union Board, established basically as a financial board, acts as co-ordinator for the contractors, engravers, and printers, and the three student publications, the Daily Tar Heel, the Yackety Yack, and Tarnation. Among the duties of the board are the approving of various staff appointments upon recommendations of their respective editor-in-chief, Bill Carniichafl Chairman fagt 426 Publications Union Board and making and approving an annual budget for each publication, thereby assuring that e ach has an orderly financial business condition. The Publications Board does not, however, exert any editorial control over any of the three publications. Faculty members of the Publications Union Board for this year were Dr. J. M. Lear, Dr. Stuart Sechriest, and Dr. Lyman Gotten. Ed Joyner, Chuck Hauser, Billy Carmichael, III, and Pete Gerns were the stu- dent representatives. Billy Carmichael served as Chairman of the Board. Other officers were: Pete Gerns, Secretary; Chuck Hauser, Treasurer; and Ed Joyner, Coordinator. larnation Yackety Yaeh Duih Tar Heel Here we are at the Wn-ke y Wuk page and frankly we don ' t quite know what to say. We could rave on about the many hours of labor that were spent in the office, the routine checking and the endless typing and the frantic aura of approaching deadlines, but then we had our brighter moments. Through our work on the Yack. we gained a lot of experience and made a lot of new friends, and we threw a couple of good parties ! So we ' ll just stop raving and let you, the reader, be the judge, because it ' s your book and only you can say if we have truly captured the Carolina spirit. Our hope is that in the years to come you can pick up this book and say, " This was Carolina in 1949. " 74 u u First Row: Bill Steele, Merrily Brooks, Alice Sharpe, Nell Evans, Helen Eppes. Jean Sloan. Lueile Conly. Betty McDonald, Elinor Woltz • Second Row: Fred Fussell, Bert Kaplan, Mary Barker, Elaine Nainian. Harriet Sipple, Bill Duncan, Ted Fussell. Nancee Black, Mary McIVease, Molly Blackburn. Dick Nunis • Third Row: Artie Murphey, Fred Blair. Tom Young, Ed Davenport, Bill Claybrook, Alan Wiley, Hanip Davis, Jerry Weiss, Larry Fox, Sam Thorne, Lee Gore. Class Editors Sealed: Nell Evans, Elinor Woltz, Bert Kaplan • Stand- ing: Lee Gore, Fred Blair. Harriet Sipple Associate Editor Bill Steele Coordinator Ojf Ttittcteett ' pont(f- ' Hi ti, Staff BILL DUNCAN Editor-in-Chief HARRIET SIPPLE Associate Editor BILL STEELE Coordinator TED FUSSELL Business Manager Doug Smith, Margaret Gaston, Marsden de Rossett, Jack Pfautz. ELINOR WOLTZ Senior Editor Richard Nunis, Eldene Grogan, Jane Sparrow, Jerry Weiss, Billy Palmer, Sara Oliver. LEE GORE ]:it!ior Editor John Denham, Mary Barker, Patty Ann Frirell, Henry Reynolds. BERT KAPLAN Sophomore Editor Boots Taylor, Ed Davenport, Arthur Murphy, Musette Brown, Mary McNease. FRED BLAIR Freshman Editor Betty McDonald, Sam Thorne, Elaine Naiman, Audrey Donnan, Lynn Hammock. ARNOLD McPETERS . . . Professional School Editor Muriel Fisher, Gene Hines, David Tilley. NELL EVANS Pharmacy S chool Editor ALICE SHARPE Activities Editor Ruth McCann, Tom Young, Lucile Conly, Caroline Human. BILL CLA ' BROOK Fraternity Editor Carl Williams, Hamp Davis, Wallace Kirby, Mary Lorimer, June Crockett, Peggy Martin. MOLLY BLACKBURN Sorority Editor Emily Ogburn, Barbara Payne. FRED FUSSELL Honorary Editor Merrily Brooks, Nancee Black. HELEN EPPES Dance and Beauty Editor Anne Huske, Mac Copenhaver. LARRY FOX Sports Editor Wilson Yarborough, Jane Rankin, Dick Jenrette. LEWIS HICKS Photography Editor Bruce Harrison, Bob Brooks, Al Wiley. JEAN SLOAN Typist Section Editors Seated: Helen Eppes, Alice Sharpe, Mollv Blackburn • Stand- ing: Bill Clavbrook, Fred Fussell, Larry Fox. Lewis Hicks Photography Editor Ted Fusscl Business Manager The Daily Tar Heel did not rest on its 1947-48 laurels this year, but took several large strides forward in its struggle toward the top position among college dailies in the nation. After radically expanding the size of the newspaper and its coverage last year, the staff began the 1948-49 publication season with brand new policies and a " New Look " under the editorship of Ed Joyner, Jr. The Daily Tar Heel con- tracted for a better and more complete United Press news wire service, added a new comic strip, " Steve Canyon, " and surprised old campus readers with a new crossword puzzle and other new features in the way of columnists, editorial cartoonists, and features. ariielDWtB SrarKeet Editorial Staff First Rotv: Sally WooclhulU Jane Goner, Wuff Newell, Margaret Gaston, Ina Klein, Faith Adams, Rita Adams • Second Row: Roy Parker, Jim Dickinson, Chuck Hauser, Ed Joyner, Jr., Billy Carmichael, III, Dick Jenrette • Thirtl Row: Don May- nard, Leonard Dudley, Michael McDaniel, Sam S. McKeel. Joe Cherry, James A. Mills, Larry Fox, Arthur Xanthos. 1 if, i.1 A I o ■i t Quick! Change the headlines Running the news staff of The Daily Tar Heel was Managing Editor Cfiuck Hauser. while Billy Carmichael, III, and " The Sporting Picture " took over on the sports pages. Tom Holden held down the hard, routine work as manager of the business department. C. B. Menden- hall. Advertising Manager, Owen Lewis, Circulation Manager, and Jim King, Subscription Manager, pitched in to help the affairs of The Daily Tar Heel along. Sally Woodhull, Campus Editor, and Herb Nachman, Town Editor, reigned supreme in the news room, and Jim Dickinson held the newly-created position of Feature Editor. Veteran reporters such as Lincoln Kan on the South Building Beat and Rita Adams in her " Odds and Ends " column turn- ed out copy for the campus daily. It was a long hard year but, like the rest of the campus. The Daily Tar Heel kept growing. Tom Holden Business Manager Chuck Hauser Managing Editor First Rntc: Ann Green. Boolsie Taylor, Marie Nuss- bauni. Jackie Sharpe • SecontI Row: Jackie Burke. T. E. Holden. C. B. Men- denhall. Alan Susnian. Betty Huston • Third Row : Pat Denning, Dale Mor- rison, Becky Huggins. Tom Wharton Co-Editor TAR iON Editorial Staff first Row: Bob Stur livaiit, Bill Boslic. Steve Horn, Bill kellam • Second Row: Ted Duval. Tom Wharton. Violet I,a Rne. Robert Smith. Tom Kerr • Third Row: Oorge Grizi-ar.l. Hill Mnrri oii. J:-..k Tavior. A. Frank Moore. Dave S ' larpe. i i j I In the spring of 1947 the need of a humor magazine on the campus was realized by a number of interested students. The Student Legislature finally allotted funds for a regular quarterly humor magazine and Tarnatio)i was born, with humorist Tookie Hodgson as its first editor. Shortly after the first issue of the brand new Hodgson baby hit the campus the historical scrap between Tarnation fans and Carolina Magazine supporters began, A student referendum finally decided the issue in favor of Tarnation and established the humor mag as a monthly publication. Tarnation had arrived ! This year Tarnation went right on humoring the campus under the leadership of Co-Editors Bob Smith and Tom Wharton, veteran members of the staff from its embryonic stage. Other offices were held by Tom Kerr, Assistant Editor, and Lester Teal, Business Manager. Business Staff First Rote: Bert Hawley, Dave Moore, Sam Moore • Seconii Rote: Mary Neelv Gene Montgoiiiery, Pat Siilliviin Lester Teal Business Manager Tom Kerr Assistant Editor Bill Sessions Editor Carolina Quarterly Born last spring after a campus-wide referendum voted the old Carolina Magazine out of existence, the Carolina Quarterly was organized in order to re-establish some outlet for serious literary endeavor on the campus. Although the Student Legislature allotted a $1,500 subsidy for its first year, the Quarterly became self-supporting after the success of its first issue. The Quarterly stresses critical articles by professional writers, the best student creative work in short stories and poetry, and includes a book review section. Editor of the Carolina Quarterly in its first year of publication was Bill Sessions. Emily Sewell served as Business Manager. Seated: Ruth Whalen, Betty Peirsoii, Margaret Anne Wells, Virgie Malson, Bill Sessions. Priscilla Moore, Marilyn Meeks, Martha Moore, Aliee Sharpe • Standing: Harry B. Snowrfen, Roy C. Moose, Bill Kornegay. Allen R. koenig. Bill Koehnline, Charlie Gibson, R. W. Hyde, Lindsey Strieklin, John Kapp. Emily Sewell Business Manager Page 434 Carolina Forum The Carolina Forum was formed in 1948 by an act of the Student Legislature for the purpose of bringing to the student body a well- rounded rostrum of interesting speakers. Made up of one representa- tive each from the Dialectic Senate, the Philanthropic Assembly, the Collegiate Council for United Nations, the Carolina Political Union, the International Relations Club, the Student Legislature, and the student body at large, the Forum affiliates the groups who previously presented speakers and eliminates the conflicts that would arise if the groups worked separately. The Forum completed a very successful first year. Presented to the student body during the fall quarter were such speakers as J. Strom Thurmond, Gcvernor of South Carolina and Presidential candidate. Senator Robert Taft, and John Stanley Gravel, authority on the Palestine situation. Charles Lone served as chairman of the Forum. Senator Taft, presented by the Forum this year Top Row: Herb Alexander. Pete Gems, Edie knight • Hnttoiii How: Herb Mitchell. Banks Talley, Jake Wicker Charles Long Chairman Page 43 S First Row: Marshall H. Roberts, Jr., James M. Gwjnn, Thurman Williams, Leii Brett, Bob Breese, Cecil Gant, Jr. • Second Rote: Charles Loudermilk, George F. Rodman. Marietta Duke, Connie Roper, Faith Adams, Willie Marjorie Biddiek, John Webb, Buddy Simp- son • Third Rotv: Stan Fox, Myles Haynes, Bill Benjamin, Marvin Nathan, Bill Duncan, Marvin Lee, Dick Jenrette, Jay Mills. University Party The University Party, having functioned continuously for two decades, is the oldest of the campus political groups. Its membership is composed of organizations which elect one representative to the steering committee. Any student group of twenty-five or more members can qualify as an organization and obtain a vote on this committee which for- mulates party policies and serves as the medium of expression for participating organizations. It is the conviction of the party that this group organization provides a more efficient organ for administering the function of political parties in stu- dent government, and this belief has been justified in the past by the high caliber of University Party Candidates elected to responsible student govern- ment offices. Top offices in the University Party were held this year by: Thurman Williams, Chairman; Len Butt, Vice-Chairman; Marietta Duke, Secretary; and Bob Breeze, Treasurer. Thurman Williams Chairman Page 436 Sitting: Bud Hampton. Gene Newton, H. E. Braswell, Jr. • Standing: Joseph F. Jones, John D. Eason, Hugh A. Wells, James F. Chesnutt University Veterans Rssociation Founded in the summer of 1945, the University Veterans Association has been one of the dominant student organizations on the campus since the end of the war. It now boasts an average membership of one thousand per quarter. The organization functions primarily as a welfare group, with the emphasis on problems concerning veterans. Among the objectives on its agenda have been securing lower rents in Victory Village, establishing a student cooperative store, and securing higher subsistence for veterans. On all such questions the Veterans Association has taken an active and positive stand. On the social side, the Maintenance of the Vets Club by the Association has provided a place of enjoyment and relaxation for veterans and their dates throughout the year and has proved to be one of the most popular spots on the campus. President of the Veteran ' s Association at Carolina this year was Gene Newton. Gene Newton President Page 437 After a short recess during the war, the Town Men ' s Association was reactivated in the spring of 19-47 and has become an active group on the campus with a membership of 37. Composed of students living off the campus, the Association represents a cross-section of the student body. The activities of the Town Men ' s Association consist chiefly of social events which give the town students a chance to get acquainted. As an organized group, the Association acts in the interest of all town students in campus affairs and this year attained representation on the Board of Directors of Graham Memorial Student Union and in the University Club. Officers for the current year were: John Van Hecke, President; Alex Sessoms, Vice-President; Dan McGlaughlin, Secretary; and Gran Childress, Treasurer. John Van Hecke President Town nrien ' s Rssociation First Row: Harry L. Pendergrafl, John Wm. Mt-Keel, Bob F ' adrich. John S. Taylor. John C Jordan, Nelson W. Taylor, HI • Second Row: Kiniscy King, Ralph Hebb, Dan McLaughlin, John Van Hecke, Gran Childress, Robert B, Cain, Bill Buchan, Banks Mebane • Third Row: Robert A. Miller, V. A. Hoyle, Jr., Pete Clewis. Jimmy Peal. Bud Freeman. Frank Krauss, III, George F. Rodman, Dave Sharpe. Page 438 Carolvn Guthrie President The Town Girls Association is now well established as an important coed organization on the campus. As an organized group, the Association pro- vides an opportunity for the girls who live in Chapel Hill to become acquainted with student affairs and to participate in extra-curricular activities. The Town Girls Association plays a leading role in many campus projects. One of the most popular events of the year, the annual Sadie Hawkins Day race, was sponsored by the Town Girls in conjunction with other groups. Other main features of the Town Girls Association ' s pro- gram for the year were a party for the graduating coeds in the spring and the operation of a refreshment booth in the Rendezvous Room during the Christmas holidays. Officers this year were: Carolyn Guthrie, President; Letsy Gallager, Vice-President; Betsy Emory, Secretary; Marie Sparrow, Treasurer. Town Girls Rssociation First Row: Kalheriiie Hogan, Becky Huggins. Mary Mae Kear, Carolyn Guthrie, Pat Wiiislow, Dot Sloan, Frances Greene • Second Row: Betty Sue Jacobs, Janet Ellington, Mary Deane Williams, Elizabeth Heler, Jane Sparrow, Phillis Ferguson, Preston Wescoat, Elizabeth Lyons, katherine Thompson, Barbara Garrett • Third Row: Pat Sullivan, Madeline Jennings, " Bootsie " Taylor, Jean Cashion, Jeanne Vashaw, Madge Crawford, Betsy Heath, Jo Bissell. Pate 439 Since 1858 the Young Men ' s Christian Association has been an agent of Christian service for the University. The Y. M. C. A. is a fellowship of all men who seek to contribute spiritually or financially to bettering campus conditions. Activities based on student interest are planned by a cabinet with the co-operation of numerous student committees and an Advisory Board of faculty and townspeople. This year ever-expanding projects have included maintenance of a building as a campus center, information services, campus-wide con- ferences, publications, house discussions, the Freshman Friendship Council, and pre-school conferences. Various other charity drives and religious movements were sponsored in co-operation with other religious groups. Y. M. C. A. officers for 1948-49 were: Peter Burks, President; Sam Magill and Bill Brown, Vice-Presidents; and Ed Strain, Secretary-Treasurer. Ymcn First Row: Charlie Bartlett, Doug Smith, Coy Rogers. Ed McCloud, Charlie Foley, A. C. Mangum • Second Rate: Charlie Gibson, John Hough, Bill Brown, Warren Ashby, Pete Burks, Claude Shotis, Ed Strain, Bob Barrus • Third Row: George Grizzard, Charlie Britt, Fred Thompson, John Brockman, Bob Goodjvin, John Burdell, V. L. James. Page 440 Mary Anne Daniels President YUUCR Formally organized on this campus in 1937, the Y. W. C. A. has continued to grow in organization and leadership. In seeking to know God, to under- stand and follow Christ, it determines to make a full and creative college life possible for all people. Activities of the Y. W. C. A., organized through committees, include such groups as Campus Affairs, the Cosmopolitan Club, Public Affairs, Race Relations, and Social Service. Very popular projects sponsored by the Y. W. C. A. are candy stores in the dorms and volunteer baby-sitting for families of the students. The Y. W. C. A. works with the Council on Religion in Life on the World Student Service Fund and Religious Emphasis Week, and partici- pates annually in fall and winter retreats for interested students, teas for foreign students, and group discussions on pertinent topics. Officers for the year were: Mary Ann Daniels, President; Maria Davis, Vice-President; Sara WoodhuU, Secretary; Virginia Nash, Treasurer; and Gay Currie, Executive Director. First Row: Ida K. Constable, Sue Stokes, Edie Knight, Jane Powter, Helen Neighbours, Faith Adams, Teeny Royall • Second Row: Anne Carlton, Emily Ogburn, Virginia Far- ward. Gay Currie, Mary Ann Daniel, Margaret Ann Wells. Jean McKeithen, Patsy MeNutt, Lil Hotard • Third Row: Bert Kaplan, Jean Somervell, Kathryn Horis, Maria Davis. Mary Glen Slates, Barbara Anne Pope. Virjiinia INasli. Betty Perkinson. Page 441 Rquinas Club Rudolph Tropea President The Aquinas Club is an organization formed to bring closer together the stu- dents of Catholic faith on the Carolina campus. At its bi-monthly meetings the fundamental doctrines and modern precepts of the Church are discussed, thereby enriching and augmenting the spiritual life of the Catholic students. A social interest is stimulated through the medium of Communion breakfasts and holiday parties. In this way each of the members has been more successful in meeting the religious problems of life on a college campus. Officers for the year were: Rudy Tropea, President; Dan McLaughlin, Vice-President; Ruth McCann, Secretary; and Don Munroe, Treasurer. First Row: Raymond Scala, Joseph Zahraii. James K. Daughertv, John B e s h a r a, John Stoioff, John Adams, Daniel MrLaughlin • Second Roic: Tracy Sluroken. Mar- jorie Holland, Mary MoCon- ville, Dr. Merced S. Duque, Genevieve Faucher, Genevieve Trott. Ruth McCann, Marilyn Meeks. Dorothy A. Char les, Marifrancis Fitzgihbon. Ru- dolph Tropea • Third Row: A. Arteaga. Gordon Pierponl. Angelo Verdicanno, George Rabil, Sol Monsour, Albert Bergendorf, D. Munroe. Rev. P. J. Kenney, Ferris Treme, Harry Snowden, Jr. Pate 442 Betsy Huggins President Serving two thousand Baptist students on the campus, the Baptist Student Union promotes many activities designed to encourage Christian education and spiritual growth. The program includes morning worship in the church. Church School, Sunday night suppers and informal forums. Plans were made this year to erect one of the largest and best equipped student centers in the country to provide facilities for the student programs. The Baptist Student Union Council meets every Monday night to determine policies and plan programs. Through the Council on Religion in Life, the Baptist Student Union cooperates with other religious groups on the Carolina campus. Betsy Huggins served as president this year. Baptist Student Union First Row: Milh.ii llli " . I lMrl • • Griiiie. Ecllvii Vi . Frecrks • Si ' coiid Row: Walter MiCra«. Phyllis Ann Gentry, Helen Strawii, Belsy Huggins, Rinian Mutli • Third Row: Cove O. Rogers, Oliver Caskins, Don G. Shropshire, Orman D. Hutcherson, Bill Cash. Page 443 Hillel Foundation The Hillel Cabinel Seated: Fred L. Swartzberg, Fraiiciiie Mellon. Ben kaplaii, Micki Pearlman, Rabbi Samuel Perlman, Leon Morse, Charlotte Rosenberg, Elaine Nainian, Joe Lefkowitz • Standing: Alan Edeleman, Nelson Posner. Jay Joseph, Irving Greenspon, Jake Rosen- bloom. The B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation was organized twenty-five years ago by the B ' nai B ' rith, the largest Jewish service organization in the country. There are now 190 Hillel units serving Jewish students throughout the United States, Canada, and Cuba. The Foundation attempts to meet the religious, cultural, social, and voca- tional needs of the Jewish students on the campus. Activities include religious services, exhibits, forums, classes, dances, vocational information, and projects of an interfaith nature. Hillel is a democratic organization. The program is determined by the Cabinet and by the various committees, through which the students participate in the organization. The Hillel Foundation thus helps train the students for leadership in the Jewish and the general community. Officers this year were: Leon Morse, President; Jay Joseph, Vice-President; Charlotte Rosenberg, Secretary ; and Joseph Lefkowitz, Treasurer. l T Page 444 UUesley Foundation ff f i p If A IM iwm |L v J yk H HI Uk H H Hj nf t ' if r n IK ' ' H S I Seated: Brooks Patton, Edward Buckner, Kathr n Hovis, Jim Brockman, Robert Woody • Slanding: Mary Lee Lambert, Fletcher Hollingsworth, J. D. Foust, Bob Bunch, Joe Beasley, Bob Dulin, Roy Mills, Doris Weaver. Edward Buckner President The Wesley Foundation is a group sponsored by the University Methodist Church which includes all denominations and faiths in its membership. The Foundation has its aims the training of students in ethical and social standards and the development of a spiritual inspiration, all of which is an indispensable part of a well-rounded education. An attempt to guide students to a higher degree of personal worship and a feeling of the nearness of God was emphasized in the program this year. The organization functions through a group of committees covering the areas of Social Action, Personnel, Program, and Recreation. The many activities of the group included Sunday supper programs, picnics, group singing, plays, worship services, and square dances. Reverend Brooks Patten is the Director of the Wesley Foundation. Other offices were held by: Ed Buckner, President; Jim Brockman, Vice-President; Kathryn Hovis, Secretary ; and Bob Woody, Treasurer. Tho band performing between halves Page 446 The University Band In 1903 the University Band was organized in order to give the students a chance to participate in a marching musical organization. Under the directorship of Professor Earl Slocum, the main project of the band this year was playing and marching at football games, as well as leading torchlight parades and pep rallies. The band serves to increase and augment the enthusiasm of the spectators at the football games. The precisely executed and intricate marching designs and the excellent music never fail to hold the interest of all present. Throughout the year the band also presents formal concerts and informal lav.n programs. Officers this year were: Bynum Weathers, President; James Rogers, Vice-President; and Harold Andrews, Secretary-Treasurer. Earl Slocum Director The University of North Carolina Varsitv Band First Row: Louis Lineberry, Jr., John W. Moore, Bud Reagan, Larry Holt, Arnold McPelers, Ralph W. Bennett, Ralph D. Morris, Jr., Coy W. Carson, Frank Kilpatriek • Second Row: Jim Stickney, Mildred Roon, Martha Allen, Carolyn Bishop, Katherine Sevier. Walter Allen, Elaine Nainian, Barbara Bess, Pat Sherrill, Sandra Sisk, Bettv Brown, Dick Triffin • Third Row: Bill Eoherd, Pat Moore, Bill Roth, Paul Goodnian, Bob Edwards, Ragland Medicus, Hiden Ramsey, Charles Odell, Bob Harpe, Jerome Lewis, Bill Gregory, Monroe M. Reddin, Jr., Joe Bassett, Lewis Clay, Harold Cummings. UUestern Rorth Carolina Club The Western North CaroHna Club was organized to bring closer together the students from the western part of the state and to foster a fraternal spirit among its members through their common home ties. One of the main attractions of Carolina sponsored by the Western North Carolina Club is the square dance team, which attempts to teach the art of square dancing to high school students and other interested groups. Through its large membership, the Western North Carolina Club is able to play a leading role in many campus events. Its main project each year is the sponsoring of the traditional Sadie Hawkins Day festivities. Other social activi- ties of the club include square dances and vacation dances in Asheville. Officers this year were: Walter Allen, President; Robert Edwards, Vice- President; Betty Brown, Secretary; and Franklin Kilpatriek, Jr., Treasurer. Page 448 The Greensboro-Carolina Club The Greensboro-Carolina Club was formed for the purpose of uniting students from Greensboro in order to benefit them at Chapel Hill and at Greensboro, and also in after-college days. Still in its infancy, the club was formed in 1947 and has become one of the largest organizations on the campus, due to the large enrollment of students from Greensboro. The Greensboro-Carolina Club has enjoyed some of Greensboro ' s best dances of the year. Big events on this past year ' s slate of activities included two formal dances and two cabin parties. Officers for the year were; Henry Reynolds, Jr., President; Garland Scruggs, Vice-President; Charles Dwiggins, Secretary; Dick Boren, Treasurer; and Shahanne Taylor, Social Chairman. Henry Reynolds President The Steering Committee Seated: Dick Boren, Henry Reynolds, Garland Scruggs, Charles Dwiggins • Standing: Marietta Duke, Ralph Stack, Fred Trulove, Ed Robins, Harry Derby, W. S. Guest. University Symphon Orchestra Harold Andrews President The University Symphony Orchestra was organized in order to give instrumentalists the practice they need and to give students and other people in this vicinity an opportunity to hear symphonic music. Numbering over fifty members, the orchestra is composed of students, faculty members, and towns- people. Presenting three concerts a year, the Orches- tra plays standard symphonic music and accompanies operettas and oratorios. However, it concentrates on playing original works by North Carolinians and music that is not available to the average concert- goer. Officers were: Harold Andrews, President; John Kiser, Vice-President; and David McAdams, Secre- tary-Treasurer. k ii ' 4 M K m4 - Wa k? " The University of North Carolina Symphony Orchestra m es i gs m mm f ►»roi46.. i i ■ ■ ' mzm ► ►i4§ " »I4S3 »I4SS 4 s ssss lo ies fsi gSlS3C4 m mm sses ssi KfSi lip} mi UUilmington-Caroiina Club It was only last year that a group of students from Wilmington organized a club in order to familiarize themselves with their fellow Wilmingtonians. They had as their aim the promotion of a spirit of fellow- ship and good will among their members. Continuing this year with the same objectives, the Wilmington - Carolina Club has sponsored group social functions to attam a more active union with the campus organization and the Carolina alumni in Wilmington. Officers this year were: George Daughtry, Presi- dent; Dan McLain, Vice-President; Pat Hardwick, Secretary; and Eloise Jacobi, Treasurer. First Rote: Pat HarWwicke, George Daughtry, Dan McClain, Eloise Jacobi • Second Row: George Pete Saffo. J. Edgar Williams, Joe J. Gray, Jr., Arthur Xanthos, Caroline Homan, Virginia Quinlivan, Joyce Checkner, Oliver Watkins, Paul Baschon • Third Rotv: Jimmie Sutton, Sonny Brown, DeWitt Kennedy, Jim Burns, Andrew Andrews, John Tsantes, William Hewlett, Ralph Goldstein, " Doc " Clark, Ralph Huband • Fourth Row: Paul Weaver. Jim Browne. Edward Rusher, Jr., Dick Gardner, Robert Strickland, Lloyd Stanley, Jimmy Grantham, Alton Croome. Charles Milton. Ebe Godwin, Andv Svmmes. The words and the music — Petc- Strader, seated; Fred Young and Tread Covington, standing. Sound and Fury Under the guidance of President Jerry Weiss. Sound and Fury, the musical comedy organiza- tion on the campus, entered its most active year with a repeat of the successful summer show MARDI GRAS. Original music was written by Tread Covington and Fred Young, with Pete Strader acting in his usual triple capacity of writer, director and designer. Throughout the year many smaller shows for other campus organizations were presented, along with radio programs and benelit performances. The production staff continued to experiment and .turned out something unusual in the way of musical comedy in the spring show, THE FAERIE QUEEN. Norman Cordon served as faculty advisor. Rehearsal for the Mardi Gr " Cyrano de Bergerac " The producing organization of the Dra- matic Art Department, the Carolina Play- makers is nationally known as foremost among college theatres. Not only does the Playmakers supply a practical laboratory for student actors, but it also provides a community theatre for the campus and town. Operated by the Playmakers are a regu- lar tlieatre on campus and the famous Forest Theatre. Very large productions are staged in Memorial Hall. This year, in its 31st season, the Play- makers, long famous for its one-act original plays, instituted a policy emphasizing the full-length student written play. The ex- periment proved successful with the pres- entation of EGYPT LAND by Robert Armstrong in the fall quarter. In addition to the original plays and the regular season of professionally written and classical plays, the Carolina Playmak- ers toured for its 40th time in North and South Carolma with THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL. ' Remember Mama Carolina Playmakers Egypt Land " " School For Scandal " Page 453 Dialectic Senate James Soullicrlai President One of the most outstanding organizations on the campus, the Dialectic Senate has the distmction of being the first extra-curricular activity at Carolina and takes pride in having produced such prominent na- tional figures as James K. Polk, Zebulon Baird Vance, Frank P. Graham, Wiley P. Mangum, Robert B. House, Archibald Henderson, Thomas Ruffin, Wil- liam R. Davie, and Thomas Wolfe. Modeled after the North Carolina General As- sembly Senate in Raleigh, the Dialectic Senate pro- vides an opportunity to learn and practice parlia- mentary procedure and public speaking. In its regular meetings which are sessions open to all students, the Di stimulates the exchange of ideas on campus, state, national, and international issues. Throughout its history the Di has played an active part in maintaining the liberal principles for which Carolina is famous. Officers this year were: Jim Southerland, Presi- dent; Gran Childress, President Pro-tem; Jerry Petti- grew, Critic; Cam West, Clerk; and Charles Long, Treasurer. First Roic: Dortch Warriner, Richard Bower, Sam Manning, Spencer Blaylock, Don Latta • Second Rok: Don G. Shropshire. Lindsay Tate, Gran Childress, Jerrv Pettigrcw, James Southerland. Camest West, Marshall Pinnix. Banks Talley • Third Roic: Frank Utiey. Jr.. James Louis Lamm, Charles Odell. Jr.. Wm. Foster, Jr.. Charles Long, Morris Knudsen. Talhert R. Selhy, Garland Frank Huffman, Jr. Ernie House, Critic; Dave Sharpe, Treasurer; Wimp Ervin, Speaker Pro- teni; Bob Coulter, Speaker; Pete Gerns, Parliamentarian; and Page Dees, Clerk. Philanthropic Rssembly Since its reorganization in 1943, the Philanthropic Assembly has carried on in the tradition of its previous 150 years of history. Proud of its heritage, the Phi continues to stress the importance of public speaking through active debate programs on current issues. Aside from the regular weekly debates, the As- sembly maintains an integrated program of weekly supper meetings, outings, historical projects, debate excursions, and banquets. Among the goals for the future are legislative desks, a historical quarterly, radio coverage, and a motion picture of Phi history. Officers this year were: Robert Coulter, Speaker; Winfred Ervin, Speaker Pro-tem ; Peter Gerns, Parlia- mentarian ; and Ernest House, Critic. First Roic: Page Harris, Violet LaRue. Bob Brooks, Bryant Griswold, Ruth Bradley, Graham Jones • Second Row: Wimp Ervin, Page Dees, Bob Coulter, Pete Gerns, Dave Sharpe • Third Row: Pete Burks, David Clinard. Bernard Plemnions, Walter Montgomery, Willie Benbow, Charles Cowell, Bill Dawkins. Carolina ndependent Coed Rssociation The Carolina Independent Coed Association is an organization that welcomes as members all non- sorority coeds, as well as all coed " Stray Greeks " . Its primary purposes are to organize and unify the in- dependent women on the campus, to promote good- will and fellowship among all coeds, and to provide opportunities for the development of leadership through group activities. Social functions in the interest of the independents are sponsored by C. I. C. A. and many worthwhile Eloi$e Jacob! President projects are undertaken in cooperation with other campus organizations. The year ' s activities included the co-sponsoring of Sadie Hawkins Day festivities with the Town Girls Association and the Western North Carolina Club, a Christmas dance at the Caro- lina Inn, the annual fashion show, and a spring party. Officers for this year were: Eloise Jacobi, Presi- dent; Marty Hinkle, Vice-President; Joyce Harris, Secretary; and Kathryn Harris, Treasurer. First Roic: Betty Long. Betty McMahan, Gwen Baber. Margery Bradley, Renate Hoke • Second Roiv: Betty Huston, Kathryn Hovis, Marty Hinkle, Eloise Jacobi, Carolyn Kinisey, Carolyn Bishop • Third Row: Jo Ann Carpenter, Margaret Booth, Audrey Branch, Carolyn Guthrie, Roxie Ann Walters, Lillian Wilson. Page 456 Stray Greeks In 1944, 30 enterprising young coeds, under the leadership of Twig Branch, formed the first Stray Greeks organization, composed of sorority girls whose chapters are not represented on this campus. Since then the Stray Greeks have continued to further their position on the campus and have achieved more and more recognition as a social group. The idea behind the organization is to provide a social outlet for its members and to preserve the bonds of unity and sisterhood in sorority life. Through various activities, such as picnics, teas, and the sponsoring of other campus affairs, these objectives are realized. The Stray Greeks also participate actively in the Pan Hellenic Council. This year the Stray Greeks boasted 25 members, representing 9 sororities. Officers were: Molly Craig, President; Beth Deaton, Vice- President; Alice Sharpe, Secretary; Joy Kalt, Treasurer; and Kay Holding and Molly Craig, Pan Hellenic Representatives. First Row: Grace Sneed, Ann Bridger, Dot Fawcett, Jean Ogburn, Sara Williams Second Row: Beth Deaton, Kay Holding, Molly Craig, Alice Sharpe, Joy Kalt. Page 457 Dr. Mary C. Engstroni Faculty Advisor Debate Dr. G. A. Barrett Factilly Advisor The Debate Council is a direct outgrowth of the two debating societies of Carolina, the Dialectic Senate and the Philanthropic Society. From its beginnings in these or- ganizations, it represented for many years the student government at Carolina until it was replaced as such in the thirties by the Student Government as we now know it. The Council is composed of students who are selected by the forensic squad, one member for each of the debating societies, and two faculty advisors, selected by the Debate Council. Present activities of the Council include representing Carolina in intercollegiate debates and other forensic matches. It also irceilus Buchanan Pete Gerns Merle Stevens Earl Fitzgerald Blanton Miller James Taylor Counci determines the policy of and governs the debate squad. The Debate Council meets competition from most of the major colleges in the East, as well as attending the largest of the national debate tournaments, which are held annually at Fredericksburg, Virginia, and New Orleans. The competition at these events is in debating, newscasting, orations, dramatic readings, extemporaneous speaking, after-dinner speaking, and poetry reading. Recently the Council has expanded its activities to include an annual Intramural Debate Tournament. which has aroused considerable interest among dormi- tories and fraternities, and sororities. It also handles the representation of Carolina at the State Student Legislature, which is an annual meeting of students from North Carolina colleges at the state capital in Raleigh. Officers of the Debate Council for the year were: Earl Fitzgerald, President; Blanton Miller, Vice-Presi- dent; and James Taylor, Executive Secretary. Mr. G. A. Barrett and Dr. Mary C. Engstrom served as faculty advisors. Intramural Winners Charles Dixon and Hurshell Keener A yarsily Debate Team Sealed : Herb Mitchell. Herbert Yates • Stamling: Paul Hi. ill. rtinid Piltman nternational Relations Club Sealed: Banks Talley, John Saii lirv. (.eorgia Fox, Charlie kauffnian. Dr. Carl I ' l-gg • Standing: M. Blegvad, Edit- Knight, Marty Davis, Mr. Ralph E. Grimes, Mrs. Grimes, Francine Mellon, John Rogerville. Rounding out its eleventh year at the University, the International Relations Club operates as a unit of a nation-wide network of similar student organizations. The primary objective of the I. R. C. is the foster- ing and promotion of interest in current international affairs in behalf of college students. To further this cause the Club has brought to the campus speakers of national and international renown, sponsored faculty forums on special topics, and published regularly a column on international affairs in The Daily Tar Heel. The I. R. C. has also united with other similarly in- clined campus organizations in presenting programs of special interest to the student body. It is in its weekly meetings, however, that the I. R. C. accomplishes its aims most fully. Here in the open discussions students are given the opportunity to express their opinions and to learn from others. Officers were: John Sanders, President; Charles Kauffman, Vice-President; Georgia Fox, Secretary; and Fred Bates, Treasurer. John Sanders President Page 460 Carolina Political Union Herbert Alexander James Soiitherland Chairman V iro-Chairman The Carolina Political Union is a non-partisan student organization which was founded in 1936 for the purpose of bringing to the campus outstanding speak- ers representing various political and social view- points. Through the years, activities of the Union have broadened to include regular roundtable dis- cussions and forums concerning important public issues of the day. The C. P. U. continues to exert its influence to bring well-known speakers to the campus. Special emphasis is also given to weekly roundtable sessions which are held each Sunday evening. Officers for the year were: Herbert Alexander, Chairman; Jim Southerland, Vice-Chairman; Richard Simpson, Secretary; and Edlyn Freerks, Treasurer. Richard Simpson Secretary Edlyn Freerks Treasurer Seated: Bill Robertson, Dick Simpson, Herb Alexander, Jim Southerland, Edlyn W. Freerks, Marshall H. Pinnix • Standing: M. Coldenthal, Jake Wicker, John Sevier, Marie Wicker, Page Dees, E. B. Jeffress, Marvin Nathan, R. E. Giles. Mm Sum m yum ' i| mm zm The Luiversitv of North Carolina Men ' s Glee Club ITIen ' s Glee Club 1 . I %►- A leading organization on the campus every year, the Men ' s Glee Club opened the season with the annual University Day concert, which featured the Credo by Palestrina. Highlights of the year were the brilliant performances rendered at the Christmas concert, in combination with the X ' ' omen ' s Glee Club, and the highly successful spring concert. The season was brought to a fine close with a tour of several cities in the state. Led by veteran director Paul ' oung, the Men ' s Glee Club is made up of 160 outstanding voices. At all the concerts the men sang to full audiences and received higher praise at each outing. President this year was Carl Perry. Under the leadership of Paul Young, the Women ' s Glee Club has completed still another successful season. A comparatively young organization, the Club continues to grow each year both in size and in technique. Popular events of the fall were the annual University Day and Christmas concerts, given by the combined Men ' s and Women ' s Glee Clubs. The spring quarter was climaxed by a tour of the state and another successful concert. The Glee Club presents a combination of light, classical and operatic music. Two of the most outstanding works of the year were the Stabat Mater by G. B. Pergolesi and Brahms ' Alto Rhapsodie from Goethe ' s Harzreise in Winter. Officers were: Feme Hughes, President; Barbara Young, ' Vice- President; Doris Griffin, Secretary; Bettye Smith, Business Manager; and Iris Lee Bost, Publicity Chairman. Feme Hughes President UUomen ' s Glee Club The U. of N. C. Women ' s Glee Club m m UUeek-ends of DRncmc Chapel Hill became a playhouse and fun was at a maximum. The excitement of " no more classes till rrionday " , of the coming parties, and of my date and " my import " penetrated the air. ' m r, The German Club First Roiv: Miss Celeste Gold with Robeson S. Boykiii; Miss Mary Moore with Gene Graham; Miss Elizabeth Myatt with Roy Holsten; Miss Nell Perry with Bruce Jones; Miss Louise Parker with Steve Jones; Miss Sarah Slocum Morris with Walt Jones • Second Roiv: Miss Katherine Scruggs with Rex Kennedy; Miss Edith Allison with W. G. Shelton; Miss Patsy McNutt with George Strong; Miss Joan Lucas with Walt Tally; Miss Frances Griffith with Harvey Ward; Miss Jean Barnet with Rotcher Watkins. The German Club, composed of representatives of thirteen social fraternities on campus, sponsors three dance week-ends each year, bringing name bands to the campus. Under the efficient direction of Bob MacMillan, President, the 1948-49 dances were claim- ed highly successful. Beginning with Fall Germans in November featuring Eliot Lawrence, German Club activities got off to a promising start. Next on the calendar of events were Midwinters in February, bringing Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra to play for the event. Final dances in the spring wound up the club ' s social activ- ities for the season. Other officers include Roy McKnight, Vice-Presi- dent, Henry Dowdy, Secretary, and Carl Durham, Treasurer. Fraternities belonging are: Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Psi, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Delta Theta, Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Tau Omega, Zeta Psi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Nu, Kappa Alpha, Sigma Chi, and Kappa Sigma. First Roiv: Miss Lib Schofield with Bob MacMillan. Presi- dent; Miss Barbara Fehr with Roy McKnight, Vice-Presi- dent • Second Row; Miss Gorinne Grinisley with Henr ' Dowdy, Secretary; Miss Carolyn Auld with Carl Durham, Treasurer. Page 466 Fall Germans Fall Germans, at the head of a calendar of gala social events for the year under the sponsorship of the German Club, featured Elliot Lawrence as the main attraction of a crowded week-end. Beginning with a concert on Friday afternoon with a very at- tractive vocalist as the outstanding feature, the week- end got off to a promising start. The crowds at the Friday and Saturday night were evidence of Law- rence ' s popularity, and strains of " Be a Clown " were heard on the campus for weeks after the dance was only a pleasant memory. I ' .lliot Lawrence of the piano The concerts are always popular at Carolina »»r iazis c,-«? fTlidwinters Tommy Dorsey and vocalist, Lucy Ann Polk Midwinters dances, the second in a series of German Club sponsored dances, were highligiited by the visit once more of that Sentimental Gentleman of Swing, Tommy Dorsey and his newly reorganized orchestra. Held in the second week-end of February, the set offered a formal dance on Friday night, with German Club officers and their dates forming the figure, a concert on Saturday afternoon, and another dance on Saturday night. Tommy Dorsey ' s Sentimentalists were on hand to complete the musical entertainment. The closing notes of ' I ' m Getting Sentimental Over You " put the finishing touches to another successful Ger- man Club dance week-end. Toniniv Uorsev ' s Sentimentalists Tex Beiieke starts out with Moonlight Serenade Spring Finals Finals were a perfect climax to a highly successful year for the German Club. Tex Beneke and his troupe were in top form for this, the last of the German Club sponsored events of the 1947-48 season. The week-end got underway on Friday night with a formal dance in Woollen Gym with the Beneke group giving out with what was acclaimed " really smooth music " . On Saturday afternoon there was a concert in JVIe- morial Hall, with the number of spectators crowding the building, ample proof of his popularity at U. N. C. Closing the events for the week-end with a second dance on Saturday night the German Club ended their year of social activities v ith a perfect dance week-end. The Moonlight Serenaders featured with Beneke Frolics, held the latter part, brought the stylized vocals and arrangements of Tony Pastor and his orchestra to the Carolina campus again. Sponsored by the May Frolics Club, the week-end included two nights of dancing in Woollen Gym, and a concert on Saturday afternoon. Officers of the club and their dates formed a figure during inter- mission at the Friday night dance. Perfect weather plus topnotch entertainment were the combina- tion for another perfect Frolics week-end. GiTinuii Club PresitU ' iit Robert MacMillaii with Lib Scholfield Frolics Pausing for a picture during the dance George Kenyon Chairman The University Dance Committee has as its foremost objectives the role of host at Carolina dances and the task of maintaining order at social functions sponsored by cam- pus organizations. This group of students, familiar in their formal dress with blue and white rosettes in their lapels, in their careful vigi- lance of campus dances are striving toward making Carolina dances the functions that both students and faculty desire. During the 1948-49 season the Committee has effectively performed its duty. Headed this year by George Kenyon, Chairman, and Professor Marvin Allen acting in the capacity of advisor, the group has had a most successful year, both in helping to put on Carolina dances and guiding them toward perfection. University Dance Committee xfl First Row: Leonard Bull, Eugene Graham, Hal Hawkins, James Johnson • Second Rote: Joseph Johnson, Charles Johnston, Ralph Jonas, Monroe Landreth • Third Row: Bob Kirkland, Roy McKnight, John Pryon, Miles Smith • Fourth Row: Len Szafaryn, Andrew Williamson, Allan Williams. Page 471 41 ,r 594. ' §) ' §P ? BftBihlM ■ " " tUTsTj 7 Lu ' ro OUNCf ' LyY tr yvdfnlm irau The professors are on (he ball English 25 Two points of Law Gerrard Hall Person Hall Ly tr dSeavitlfvil L ainpi4.6 South Ituildiiig New East and Memorial Hal Playing football Indoor Sports Lyur portd r Three football players Outdoor Sports A typical Frat house Legacy Our Housemother Kyur ratei nitie6 In 1897 we had no Sororities, now we do m m m m m m An organization Students respond to cultural improvement Lyur y ctiuitied Extra Currioular Aotivitv College Spirits . . . wxi " ijeauiti fl Thing Of Beauty Is fl Joy Forever Page 479 HEY. HA ' YOU HEY, HA ' YOU HEY, HA ' YOU HEY, HA ' YOU HEY. HA ' YOU HEY, HA ' YOU HEY, HA ' YOU HEY, HA ' YOU All the way J. Strom I No coed trickery here! Pll not go to Slate Old Granddad I shoot squirrels, too! Just a bunch of cutups Fraternity Spirit Maybe we shoulda ' waited ' til Saturday Would she be rough on a date! Page 481 Flea»? We can have fun wherever we are Are you from Dixie? Pul on something loose and eome on over She ' s no coed!! Whatcha expect, a chair, too? Testimonials prove Pi Phi always wilder! Catch the ratio!! ho say who dat? Page 487 Whatcha waitin ' for? Two wav stretch But vou ' re OIJ and Vm onlv little me! I wish I were a Duck!! Let s ooooo Carooliiiaaa ! ! ! ! e are the girls of the Pi Phi Chorus in. deux, trois. quatre. cinq Parlor Games Is a rut line necessarv? Touchee! I ' m just back from Durham Just watermelon? Corporation Finance pays off Dinner at Hogan ' s, but where ' s the food ' : Great Expectations! Where ' s the ' ' ed " on the end of Tanii? Once in a while you have a date like that Imports Move over, boy! Page 484 UUe Gave Up! Page 485 THE BUILDERS OF ALL AMERICANS Qirmers S)airy Cooperstivc nc. " Better Dairy Products " For Quality, For Value, For Price 1 arfeys Mens Shop Chapel Hill, N C THE KI G COTTOIS ' " ins Greensboro ' s Finest Hotel HAYWOOD DUKE, Manager Page 48B I LIKE CHESTERFIELD ' S MILDER, BETTER TASTE. IT ' S MY CIGARETTE P -- STARRING IN FLAMINGO ROAD A MICHAEL CURTIZ PRODUCTION RELEASED BY WARNER BROS. " I ' m a 100% Chesterfield smoker. I ' ve tried other brands but always come back to Chesterfield. They buy fine light tobacco, ripe, sweet and mellow. " TOBACCO FARMER AND WAREHOUSEMAN, PARIS, KY. Copj right lyt9, Liccm hUiRS Todacco Co. The Carolina Inn Hosts for rhe University on all occasions OpiTJtuig J Diiiulo Room ciiiJ The Ciiv iiu Inn Cdjckr LI Records Radios L arouna pof • J kop Chapel Hill Athletic Equ ipment Sportswear Strod Motor Company Your Ford Dealer Since 1914 100 W Franklin St , Chapel Hill, N C, Page 490 In Every City There ' s A Store That Stands Out As A Leader . . . In Durham It ' s Baldwin ' s Congratulations — Class of 1949 Carolina Coffee Shop it Compliments of DILLON SUPPLY COMPANY Mill — Industrial and Contractors Supplies Plumbing — Heating Equipment i Raleigh — Durham — Rocky Mount Goldsboro Page 49 i f i ( L. ■, N i M r» Durham ' s Best Store Since 1886 The shopping center for representative Eastern and Piedmont Carolina women who demand the best in fashion and quality, MAIN STREET + DURHAM, N. C W Compliments of jRCK LipmRn Finest in Men ' s Clothing Chapel Hillian Since 1924 CAFE SEVILLE D raft Beer Seafood Steaks So ndwiches Open 7 ' ; 11:30 W Franklin St Chapel Hill, N C Paae 492 Hospital Saving Association of North Carolina, Inc. EXECUTIVE OFFICES AT CHAPEL HILL Th, only nonprofit pre payment plan in North J nonprofit Hospitol Saving BLUE CROSS and BLUE SHIELD program of hospitol ond (.arolina approved l y r r hoih BLIE CROSS and suroicol SERVICE protection is provided by the doctors and fiospitais of North Corolina BLl E SHIELD — the ... ,. i £ »l c .. highest possible national m the interest of the pe ople of the state. ASHEVILLE — CHARLOTTE — GREENSBORO —WILMINGTON — WILSON — WINSTON-SALEM LedhettEr-Pickard DAXZIGEK ' S CANDY AND COFFEE SHOP RnDRELUS-HEnninGER Chapel Hill ' s " Leading Store " of better qualities Ready-to-wear furnishings and shoes Phone 5271 COLLEGE SHU-FIXERY Serving UNC Students For 15 Years Two Doors From The Post Office Chapel Hill, N. C. Page 494 n oiA in Sc oon in J iirk am K kapel J lll ip he a ill ion ( cnfer of the S ontn " Compliments of . . . ATLANTIC MARBLE S TILE COMPANY, INC. Over 40 Years in Marble, Tile and Terrazzo Contracting i 225-227 S, Poplar St. CHARLOTTE, N. C. n Compliments of HUNTLEY-SHIELDS " Home Cwned Food Store " Chapel Hill, N C. Meet your friends at . . . THE Buccaneer Airport Road Chapel Hill, N C Compliments of Hazzard Motor Company General Motors Dealer Sales and Service 501 W Franklin St., Chapel Hill, N. C CHIDNOFF STUDIO 550 Fifth Avenue New York OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE 1949 YACKETY YACK Page 497 kinkma of Ujou, " L ompliments ot F TCH LUmBER CO. Here ' s a Bird You ' ll Want to Know! He ' s your personal guide to Colonial Stores And grand things inside. COLONIAL STORES INCORPORATED cuRVE-inn EER SANDWICHES Dancing In The Patio FOR THE BEST " HOT-DOGS " SOUTH OF BOSTON DROP IN f4 Mile Out on Durhom Rood Chapel Hill, N. C. BOB and JOE GRAHAM Proprietors Page 498 THE LITTLE SHOP takes pleasure in outfitting the COLLEGE GIRL Compliments of THE PORT HOLE A QUEEN Ulmuersitu J ' lonst Pick Theater Building CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 49 ers Education is the backbone of modern America! To each of you. who ore completing your studies at the University of North Carolina, The Charlotte Observer offers its congratulations. The Foremost Newspaper of The Two Carolinas L onaratutations to the L iaiS ot 1949 FROM THE DURHAM MORNING HERALD AND THE DURHAM SUN Chapel Hill ' s FAVORITE Daily Newspapers It has been the earnest desire of the MORNING HERALD and SUN to provide, through the years, outstanding newspaper service for their many valued readers in the UNC community. For the complete news FIRST in Chapel Hill, you can depend on the Durham Morning Herald and The Durham Sun. And bringing you " the most of the best " in radio, ore WDNC at 620 kilocycles and WDNC-FM at 105.1 megacycles (CBS), the radio voices of the Durham Herald - Sun Papers — Durham, N. C. f U fe First in Fashions in the Carolinas 1 18 Fayetteville St, Raleigh, N C University Service Station TEXACO " In the Heart of Town " Our Reputation For QUALITY s Your Guarantee For VALUE Campus Clothes . . . We ' re all set with your favorite classics . . . plus foshion — fresh new clothes that will click on or off the campus. Compliments of the The Corner Hangout E. A. BROW]% FlRXITtRE tOMPAlNY For Prescriptions For Fountain Service Phone 6586 SLOAN DRUG CO. 106W. Rosemary St., Next to City Hall On The Corner Across From Theater Page 50 SmiTH-PREVOST Cleaners 113 N. COLUMBIA ST. PHONE 3531 LLOYD-RAY C O M P A i Y Hardware and Furr iture Carrboro, N C Phone 3791 BEPm-BLOCKSIDGE COAL AND FUEL OIL FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Chapel Hill, N. C. Phone 6161 Dine Dance terrace i ieuj Open Nightly Except Sunday No Cover Charge $1 00 Minimum on Week-ends Only Dance Combo Playing Every Week-end Free Orchids and Champagne Given Away Every Saturday Night Carolina ' s Only Night Club 5 MILES OUT ON GREENSBORO ROAD Good Rotes For Private Parties Taproom Page 502 Ljfeetinas ffom . . . THE mERCHRniS OF uumsTon-sflLEin Compliments of— V i X ' LADIES OUTFITTERS DURHAM, N. C Covers by Kingskraft KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE Continuous Quality Continuous Price Durham Caca-Cala Bottling Company Foister ' s Camera Store Photographic Supplier for the Professional and Amateur Photographer Chapel Hill, N. C. Compliments of UJHITE-OHKS DEPHRTIDEnT STORE Ladies, Men, Children Wearing Apparel Main Street Carrboro, N, C Compliments of ANDREWS RESTAURANT CHAPEL HILL ' S NEWEST AND FINEST RESTAURANT WESTERN STEAKS LUNCHES CHOPS DINNERS WE SERVE THE VERY BEST CASTON MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Sales and Service DODGE — PLYMOUTH Dodge Trucks 419W. Franklin St Phone F-3891 UGGINS ARDWARE Birthday Cakes Wedding Cc ]kes HILL BAKERY For The Finest In Pastries Chape Hill N C. TWIN-VILLAGE LAUNDRY and CLEANERS Synthetic Dry Cleaners There Is a Difference CARRBORO, N. C. F-3541 F-3541 Smart Apparel For Smart Women MY SHOff 112 West Main Street Durham 8, N. C. The Carolina and Village Theatres APPRECIATE YOUR PATROKAGE AND INVITE YOU TO VISIT OUR OTHER THEATRES THROUGH- OUT THE STATE iRTH CAROEIi THEATRES, Inc. UniVERSITV CLEHnEBS SANITONE Cleaning — Pressing Chapel Hill, N. C, Post Office Corner Phone 4921 Best Wishes To The Class of ' 49 Electric Construction Co. Supplying All Your Electrical Needs Chapel Hill, N C FOWLER ' S FOOD STORE ALL KINDS FRESH MEATS, GROCERIES, AND COUNTRY PRODUCE FISH AND OYSTERS IN SEASON For Delivery; Phone F-416 Chapel Hill, N. C. Page 506 JOHNSOK-STROIVD-WARD furniture ( oinpanij Your General Electric Dealer Phone F-3491 Chapel Hill, N C. SUTTON ' S DRUG STORE Si ince 1923 POE-MANGUM AUTO SERVICE DeSoto Plymouth Sales and Services also Pure Oil Products Chapel Hill, N C Phone 6581 FOR FINE FOODS IN THE RIGHT ATMOSPHERE JOIN YOUR FRIENDS AT AGGIES It ' s Different Compliments of RIGGSBEE-HinSOn FURNITURE COMPANY Home of BEAUTY-REST MATTRESSES HOTPOINT APPLIANCES Main St. Carrboro, N. C. Phone 5821 Service Insurance Realty Company Collier Cobb, Jr , Pres General Insurance Real Estate Rental Management Telephone F-419 Cheer Leoder! Cheer Leader! On campus or after the game Pepsi -Cola is the big big dnnk that gets plenty of action ... for taste, for quality, for size — it ' s Pepsi. Pepsi-Cola Company, Long Island City, N. Y Franchised Bottler DURHAM PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Compliments of University Restaurant ' Kansas City Steaks " Martha Manning Carroll King Women ' s Dresses Trudy Hall Georganna BERMAN ' S Crosby Square Arrow and Wing Shoes Shirts In Carrboro It ' s J. B. Lumber - Carrboro, N GOLDSTON LUMBER COMPANY — Sash — Doors — Roofing — Plywood — Mouldings — Insulation HIGH GRADE MILL WORK I C. Phone F-3911 Graham, N. GOLDSTON LUMBER COMPANY, INC. C. Phone 6-7101 Dry Goods, Notions and Shoes Carrboro, N. C. Congratulations to another graduating class Carolina Barber Shop " Since 1903 " Serving the University Community Since 1899 The BANK OF CHAPEL HILL — Member F D I C. — Clyde Eubonks President Collier Cobb, Jr Vice-President W. E. Thompson Executive Vice-President J. Temple Gobbel Cashier Page 509 19 SCHOOL PUBLICRTIOnS PRiniERS OF YOUR YEfiRBOOh inoEx Air ROTC 248 Alpha Delta Pi 300 Alpha Epsilon Delta 368 Alpha Epsilon Pi 312 Alpha Gamma Delta 302 Alpha Kappa Psi 374 Alpha Tau Omega 314 Alumnae Association 33 Aquinas Club 442 Band 446 Baptist Student Union 443 Baseball 285 Basketball 277 Beta Gamma Sigma 383 Beta Theta Pi 316 Carolina Forum 435 Carolina Playmakers 453 Carolina Quarterly 434 Cheerleaders 292 Chi Delta Phi 364 Chi Omega 304 Chi Phi 318 Chi Psi 320 C. I.e. A 456 Coed Senate 418 C. P. U 461 DAILY TAR HEEL, THE 430 Dance Committee 471 Debate Council 458 Delta Delta Delta 306 Delta Kappa Epsilon 322 Delta Phi Alpha 375 Delta Psi 324 Delta Sigma Pi 372 Delta Theta Phi 376 Dialectic Senate 454 Football 276 Freshman Class 196 Freshman Friendship Council 423 German Club 466 Gimghoul 385 Glee Club, Men ' s 462 Glee Club, Women ' s 463 Golden Fleece 382 Golf 289 Gorgons Head 384 Graham Memorial Student Union 424 Greensboro Carolina Club 449 Hillel Foundation 444 I. F. C 310 Interdormitory Council, Men ' s 421 Interdormitory Council, Women ' s 422 Intramural Sports 290 I. R. C 460 Junior Class 132 Kappa Alpha 326 Kappa Epsilon 371 Kappa Psi 369 Kappa Sigma 328 Lambda Chi Alpha ' 330 Law School 236 Medicine, School cf 244 Men ' s Council 414 Minataurs 388 Monogram Club ; 260 Navy R. O. T. C 252 Order of the Grail 380 Pan Hellenic Council 298 Pharmacy School 224 Phi Alpha Delta 377 Phi Beta Kappa 360 Phi Chi 378 Phi Delta Theta 332 Phi Delta Chi 370 Phi Delta Phi 367 Phi Eta Sigma 362 Phi Gamma Delta 334 Phi Kappa Sigma 336 Phi Mu Alpha 365 Pi Beta Phi 308 Pi Kappa Alpha 338 Pi Kappa Phi 340 Pi Lambda Phi 342 Philanthropic Assembly 455 Publications Union Board 426 Rho Chi 366 Senior Class 38 Sheiks 387 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 344 Sigma Alpha Iota 371 Sigma Chi 348 Sigma Gamma Epsilon 379 Sigma Nu 350 Sigma Phi Epsilon 346 Soccer 276 ' Sophomore Class 176 Sound and Fury 452 Stray G reeks 457 Student Council 420 Student Government 412 Student Legislature 416 Swimming 280 1 3 Club 386 Tau Epsilon Phi . . ; 352 TARNATION 432 Tennis 288 Theta Psi Epsilon 363 Town Girls ' Association 439 Town Men ' s Association 438 Track 283 University Club 410 University Party 436 University Symphony Orchestra 450 University Veterans Association 437 Valkyries 381 W. A. A 293 Wesley Foundation 445 Western North Carolina Club 448 Wilmington North Carolina Club 451 Women ' s Council 415 Wrestling 284 YACKETY YACK 428 Y. M. C. A : 440 Y. W. C. A 441 Zeta Beta Tau 354 Zeta Psi 356 The STAT£ of KORTH CAROLINA 1795 from the " best AuAorities , c. if Samuel Lewis, M. ScaU ef .Amtrieiut MUfS. " g|g 30 ' iC S T ffi wi ■r mm fmii m«i . rmoL. -d d 0 ' l.:;!mnule Mst i-rm f.mi.lon.

Suggestions in the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) collection:

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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