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J t ■ Ct)e ILitJtatp of t e 2 n!tiet0itp of jQoctt) Carolina Collection of il2ort5 Catoliniana %W boob toad pttdtnUti C3T8 UL9y :@- i- m- •Mfi ' |i{;!iy,! ' ' S ' r ' OF N C AT CHAPEL HILL Il:ftl1tirflll .10000410592 " ' fcei.- ' 0r:iy r i k: y ■ lh-ih- !■ i - This book may be kept out one month unless a recall notice is sent to you. It must be brought to the North Carolina Collection (in Wilson Library) for renewal. nw ? % • • « .v»» V 7 f947 YHCKETY -J.. " y T " -■ ..: CHROLinn.... ' ' " v fifieM tt it Published by tbe Students of the University of Horth Carolina in Chapel Hill Volume 57 c[n[ JOHnsTOOE JEfln HUSKE (4JiC THR HEELS Cc ' OA oun. FOOTPRl ' f. f 04t t t tadctcOH l€it , , , . . . . ( CHROLinH t CUtot t (fC l . . . ...a , , .. id ' ' %l imfmi tted Hou ied . . . •- ' mA L JLeuUIlL I i W 1 i ' L . % m ■ a m N 4 1 ... t i mc TflR HEELS (4 cUcUcate t c4. o The footsteps of Tor Heels run all through this book to cover many fields of interest. One of the most important paths in 1946 was that between goal posts in Kenan Stadium and stadiums from Balti- more to New Orleans. These steps have a perma- nency; they ore planted on the record, one of the memorable records in Carolina football history. Therefore, we dedicate this Yackety Yack to the boys who wear the white and blue of Carolina. They earned the Southern Conference crown and a bid to play in the New Year ' s classic Sugar Bowl game at New Orleans. Our team has given us spectacular play to IhI " fp " ' 4 . »iw . m» " ?» I ' ' HI II ' watch, fighting spirit to encourage, victories to celebrate, and sportsmanship ond triumphs to be proud of. We have supported our team, but more than that, our team has supported our faith in them. It is fitting that this year we owe more than one person the honor of this book. It is encouraging that we can dedicate our work to a group representing the return to normalcy at the University. Carolina is not back to high pre-war levels; it is up to higher post-war levels. The 1946 football team and its record are symbolic of the improvement added to reconstruction and expansion that is taking place here — around and within us. - J taJh TM I tl MINI M " - - ' - u Hark the Sound of TRR HEEL Voices... 11 We often climbed these graceful steps to dig into the fund of learning available to us under the huge dome of the library. Any hour, any day, we were found deep in the words of authority, or pausing for a cigorette or a chat with our friends. M% il»» r Mj t ' ' - -.4 H: ' " - ' .fT? V ,.,.... uir eWM- t Iliili! I 1 n f ._ ■H m 1 m m The charm of " Cheppel col- litch " is defined and preserved by the familiar signpost which greets us as we travel to and from the village. ' ' ...Ringing Clear and True,... 11 Serving as hub to the wheel of life at Carolina, the Old Well stands for unity and a starting place for all our varied en- deavors. Tradition would not be com- plete without the Minute Man and his ever-ready rifle. He watches us as we walk through the rain and sunshine of the years at Carolina. Clear and beautiful across the night we hear the music of the bells, and we appreciate their ringing challenge to the Carolina spirit. -v.. , pj c» . .. Singing CeROLillfl S Praises,... " The place of art in life is represented by Person Hall, with its aura of effective self-expression and beauty. " ...Shouting 0. C. U. " As twilight steals across the spring and fall, or jumps at us in winter, we see the quiet shadowed buildings that mean our work to us. The homes of labs and class- rooms, Saunders, Murphy, Phillips, are silent in the night; but through the day they buzz and chatter with the sound of many feet turned toward a class to study or from a class to play. f " ' Hail to the Brightest Starofeil!..; The tower of Manning Hall is as typically American as the law that ' s read beneath it. The bright and high purposes of the profes- sional schools shine brightly in the sun. . . . The village hostelry, " The Inn, " where all our guests reside, is as much a part of our school as are the classrooms or the stadium. . . . Guarding the health of ours and future worlds, the Med Building stands to train the doctor and care for the sick. Its horizon grows through day and night. ' ' ...Clear Its Radiance Shines!... " The Armory serves to remind us of the price that was paid that we might learn and grow in peace. Their programs now curtailed, Carolina Naval Units remain to insure the peaceful use of our new knowledge in the world of tomorrow. In quonset huts, trailers or pre-fobs, they ' re still Tar Heels, grateful for their chance to learn. " ...Receive 1)11 Praises Thine. 11 Substitutes for the tin can or nothing at all, these homes of Carolina veterans testify to the growth and increasing value of a college education. Inconveniences and hardships are accepted by these serious and conscientious Tar Heels who truly deserve the name of student. :]o Ou. PRESIDEflT I t Perhc s the greatest Tar Heel of them oil is a man whose steps have led him through many fields to many achievements. Dr. Frank, the man who guides our feet along the paths of Chapel Hill to the outside and the world of mankind, leads by example. His spirit, his belief in the human being as a dynomic element always to be considered, his practiced liberality, and his quiet learning inspire us to direct our march toward democratic goals and ideals that have withstood the bumps and ruts of the road. Dr. Frank ' s strong will, backed by ardent simplicity and love of all men, prevents our sitting back on our heels to watch complacently as the traffic passes. It urges that we dig our feet into the ground and move, running toward " Lux Libertos, " the Carolina beacon, tended by its keeper, Frank P. Graham am ' S. l oLt E.J4c ou6e f The number and variety of administrative problems faced by our crowded and complex university of today require the able and industrious administration of a man such as Chancellor R. B. House. Led by clear foresight and sin- cere desire to reach the best possible solution to problems that occur each day. Chancellor House has exhibited combined wisdom and practicality, working for a greater University. The Soles that Keep Us M HEELS on Our TOES To correlate the work of the two other deans, and to better guide the student body as a whole, the office of Dean of Students was created. Dean E. L. Mackie, former Dean of Men, took over this job, and with his cus- tomary industry and understanding he has successfully helped the students and commanded their respect and appreciation. Representing the Southern tradition of gracious ladies, Dean Katherine Carmichael has given able direction to the activities of women at Carolina. In her friendliness and genuine interest in each girl, she has shown her con- scientious effort to enlarge and improve the life of the Carolina coed. eJjean J ' yed l l e eai er Working closely with his own recollections of student life at Carolina, Dean Fred Weaver has given capable advice and direction to the problems and projects of the men of the University. His personal concern and eager ap- proach to all facets of his job have mode him a worthy and important influence on the life of the Carolina gentlemen. " 0[flOS. L D. D. CARROLL Dean of Commerce School u muerMtu i W. W. PIERSON Deon of Graduate School W. S. WELLS Dean of Arts and Sciences C. P. SPRUILL Dean of General College BOARD TRUSTEES Ljovemof tK. Ljreaa ( ki President ex-officio of the Board of Trustees The Board of Trustees, under the Gen- eral Assembly, has full power over the affairs of the University of North Caro- lina. A member is elected to the Board from each county in the state for eight yeor terms which are so staggered that one-fourth of the number is elected every two years. An Executive Com- mittee of the Board is authorized to act between meetings as the Board ' s general agent. A Finance Committee is subject to the Board and to the Executive Com- mittee for its duties and powers. a chance to return to Chapel Hill, actually or imaginatively, ,ond recall their days os students of the University. Through the channels of the Carolina Alumni Asso- ciotion they are enabled to renew contact with other alumni and their Alma Mater. From the Central Office of the Association, located in the Carolina Inn, a far reaching program is extended across the state and the nation to unite more than 37,500 graduates and former students in on association which dotes bock to 1843. The Association includes members of classes from 1878 to Working through this Central Office, loco! alumni clubs, permanently organized classes, a General n? Assembly, and the official magazine, ' The Alumni Review, " the Association maintains up-to-date jj records of oil alumni, and promotes interest in current activities of the University. The variety of jobs performed by this group enlarges as the University it represents grows in size and scope. Any graduate or former student is eligible for membership in the Association. General in its service to the University and personal in its relationship to the alumni, the Alumni Association en- deavors to link the Past with the Present for the Future of Alma Mater. THE RLUmni RSSOCIRTIOn First row: Earle E. Rives, Charles Rouse, Col. William T. Joyner, president, John Purser. • Second row: J. Moryon Saunders, Thomos A. De Vane, Kerr Craige Ramsay, Clem B. Holding, Grady Pritchord, John Umstead, Lionel S. Wiel. A. G. ENGSTROM J. P. HARLAND SAMUEL T. EMORY m HEELDOm s A. G. ENGSTROM . . . This new associate professor of French seems to have a private formula for adding interest ond life to complex con- jugations and irregular idioms. His sprightly classes bring a foreign language into the realm of familiarity. J, P. HARLAND . . . Archeology, the course with a big name and often obscure facts, is mode interesting and tangible by affable Dr. Horjand, whose lapses into the ancient ages become valuably related to modern living. H. K. RUSSELL ... A quiet smile and o sincere desire to help the English major moke Dr. Russell an able advisor and a good friend, as well as popular professor. JAMES L. GODFREY . . . Jovial wit and a brisk business-like treat- ment of histroy of England and Europe moke Dr. Godfrey a favorite. His sudden smile and subtle jokes give spice to learned lectures and copious notes. S. T. EMORY . . . Illustrating geography on modern mops presents a difficult but soluble problem to expert Dr. Emory. His fair analysis of current events, combined with his friendliness make his courses much sought after. HARDIN CRAIG . . . Fomous for his original and memoroble additions to the words of Shakespeare and Milton, Dr. Craig inspires his students to take lecture notes that read like the encyclopedia. H. K. RUSSELL JAMES L. GODFREY HARDIN CRAIG r- .. J. T. DOBBINS ARCHIBALD HENDERSON EDWARD J. WOODHOUSE COeBLEIlS...Tn and TRUE J. T. DOBBINS . . . Characterized by simplicity end subtlety, Mr. Dobbins, chem prof, makes the world of formulas and test tubes pleasant and worth while for students over in Phillips hall. E. W. KNIGHT ... Dr. Knight of the education department, author and able professor, is on example tor tne prospective teachers to ob- serve and follow. ARCHIBALD HENDERSON . . . Combining a famous name with dig- nity and high intellect. Dr. Henderson, biographer of G. B. S. and math authority, shows his love for Chapel Hill in his continued service to the University ond the students. W. A. OLSEN . . . Ec. 44 students have a chance to learn several things from their instructor. His brood and balanced lectures give them insight into a subject growing more and more important academically. E. J. WOODHOUSE ... A familiar figure on the streets of Chapel Hill as well as in h ' .s poly sci. classroom, he is a teacher popular for his friendly greeting and his winning personality. R. D. W. CONNOR . . . One of Carolina ' s greatest teachers and favor- ite of history students, he leads his classes deep into the formal and informal facts about the Old North State. E. W. KNIGHT R. D, W. CONNOR . ♦ CLRSSES we a it tread mmmm ' t . , » - m f R.-l ' ■■ ' ' ' ' :? •■•.V - — ■ •mrnf ______ JANET JOHNSTON Secretary BILL HALSEY Treasurer JUDY SWAIN Vice-President DOTSON PALMER President UUe UUere The Seniors We walked again on the peaceful paths of Tar Heelia, we whose feet had traveled far afield on the bloody paths of war We were home again and home had changed. We walked through the mud of Victory Village to classrooms overcrowded with students who hod tramped through the mud of Pacific islands to return to the red clay of Chapel Hill. We watched Quonset huts thrown hastily together on tennis courts; we saw house trailers, a wartime measure, become a civilian necessity. We sow the beginning of a new era in education at the University, an era of lines, crowds, expansion and mass education. We saw the names and faces in South Building change; we watched student government take a step forward with the cam- pus constitution; we walked to the polls at election time and we wondered what hod happened to the old political tactics. We walked in search of laughter and the joy of living. We saw a Carolina football team play for the first time in a major bowl gome; we saw dances with name bands like Spivak, Dorsey and Beneke; we walked again along the starlit paths of the Arboretum. We listened to the chimes of the bell tower at twilight and we remembered. This peace is Carolina, the citadel of knowledge that had waited for our return from war. And we had returned; we had come home to the University for a renewal, for the final pat on the shoulder before we ventured forth again into a world of un- certainty and doubt. of nineteen wdu -seven W. LOYAL SUPPORTERS THROUGH AND THROUGH ' 1 ., I ' M SEniORS f p CP f , Abernethy Adams Aenchbocher Agapion Albea Alexander Alleman Allen, F. Allen, L. Allison Alspaugh Anderson, M. nderson, R. Andrews, F. Andrews, G. HORACE HALL ABERNETHY Spartanburg, South Carolina B.A. in Psychology Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Psi Delta; Bond (3); Dialectic Senate (4); Playmokers (2); Alpho Psi Delta Secretary-Treasurer (4). WILLIAM HARCOURT ADAMS Greensboro N R T. C (1, 2, 3). B.A. in Journalism ARTHUR EUGENE AENCHBACHER Atlanta, Georgia B.A. in History Corolino Political Union (3j, Doily Tar Heel Associate Editor (3, 4). WILLIAM STEVE AGAPION Greensboro B A. in Political Science International Relations Club (4); University Club (4). CLARENCES. ALBEA, JR. Harmony HAROLD EDWARD ALEXANDER Greensboro DUDLEY ALLEMAN, JR. Hingham, Massachusetts Swimming (1 ). FRANCES JEAN ALLEN Warrenton C, I C, A- 4). B S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.A. in History B.A. in French Affe4LEAS0f L Wilmington _ Phi Delta_Theta; Sfudenf Lt ' gisia LEONAF LLEN ture (2). JR. JAMES RICH RD Columbio, Soutff feqrolina Delta Kappa Epsilon; CaraKue PoliticalXJnion (2); Y J. FRANK ALSPAUGH Winston-Salem , B7S in Commerce Chi Phi; Class Secretary (2); Golden Fleece (4); Groil [(3, 4) . «nnnrnnn rh.h (3, 4); Gymnastics (1, 2, 3); Vice-President of Sfudent Body {4); CheerleoJI (1, 2, 3); Head Cheerleader (3). MARGARET LOUISE ANDERSON Asheville RUTH TATE ANDERSON Winston-Salem B.A. i English Daily Tar Heel (3); Glee Club (3, 4); Yackety Yack (3); Y. VV. A. (3, 4). FLORENCE WALKER ANDREWS Little Rock, Arkansas B.A. in Art Pi Beta Phi; Carolina Magazine (3, 4), Art Editor i-l DailyTar Heel Advertis- ing Manager (3); Student Legislature (4), Yackety Yock y, 4), Art Editor (4), Y. W. C. A. Publicity Chairman (4). GUY HUDSON ANDREWS Durham B.A. in Economics Beta Theta Pi; Class Honor Council (1, 2); Germon Club (2, 3, 4), Secretary (2, 3), Vice-President (4); Interfraternity Council Vice-President (2); Basket- ball (1); Tennis (1); House Privileges Board Vice-Chairman (2); May Frolics President (3, 4). 40 SEniORS JAMES WILEY ARNALL, JR. Senoia, Georgia B.S. in Commerce Alpha Tau Omega; Baptist Student Un;on W -President (3 HOWARD PAUL ARONSON New York, New York Pi Lambda Phi; Daily Tar Heely Freshman Dance Committee EDWARD CLAYTj2 ASHBY Mount Airy Kappa Sigma; i HOWARD Gostonia B.S. in Commerce rnity Council (1); Basketboll (1); B.S. in Commerce ); Y. M. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4). B,A. in Chemistry B.A. in Chemistry B.A. in Zoology |e9at (3, 4), Speoker Pro Tempore (4); Student Legislature Cq inet (4); House Privileges Board (4); Valky- B.A. in Economics FR NlCESfllLXAY RA Rc£ky Mount B.A. in Sociology Chi Omega; Glee Clu (4); Sound and Fury (3,4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). J GREENWOOD BACCHUS, II thathom, New Jersey B.A. in Political Science Qiee Club H, ); Catapult (2, 3), Business Manager (3); Freshman Friendship CoKril (I) IRA Wll LIAM BAITY, JR. Winston-Solem B.S. in Commerce Ku) Sigma; Interfraternity Council (3); Philanthropic Assembly (2); University ' .! (3). S in Medical Technology in Political Science ROBERT LPfiOY BANNERM, Whiteville Carolina Magazine - Sv To , SUZANNE CRAIG BARi Hampton, Virginia ' Daily Tar Heel (3,4). SEniORS ELIZABETH ANNE BARNES Kingsport, Tennessee B.A. in English Alpha Gamma Delta; Honor Council (4); Dally Tar Heel (3); Interdormitory Council (3, 4), Yackety Yack (3, 4), Associote Editor (4); Y, W C A (3, 4), House Privileges Board ' 3i; Corr House President (4); Woman ' s Handbook (3); Valkyries (4) MELVER RAYMOND BARNES Lexington B.A. in Chemistry EDWARD MARTIN BARRIER Concord B S. in Commerce Interdormitory Council (1); University Club (2). ROBERT GUSTAV BAUMANN Washington, D. C, B-S in Commerce WILLIAM BOYD BEDFORD Raleigh B A in Sociology HAROLD HENRY BEEBE, JR. Pitman, New Jersey B.A. in English Sigma Chi. IRWIN BELK Charlotte B.S. in Commerce Kappa Alpha; University Club (3, 4); Cross Country (2); Track (2), Yackety Yack (4): President Charlotte Carolina Club (4)- " 13 " Club (4). DOROTHiCAMELIA BELL Black MouiyQtPu«,,_ Chi OmegW- BONNIE J EAN " Bert©MY Raleigh — Glee Club (3, 4)), Y. f f ' ; C. 1. C, V 3 ' B.A in Mathemati B A in Sociology CHARLES FRANK BBtiLBOW, Jf Winston-Salem ' " Ch jo-tsommerce Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Class Executive Committee (1 ); Class Honor Council (1, 2, 3); Daily Tar Heel (4); Gimghoul (2, 3, 4); Golden Fleece (14); Grail (3, 4); Student Council (2, 3); Boxing (1); President of StudarTt Bodv ' S3). DOROTHY ANN BENJAMIN Spring City, Pennsylvania Y W. C. A. (3). STEPHEN DODSON BENNETT Rocky Mount JANEDINMOREBENTLEY Washington, D. C. B.A. in Art Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Secretary Honor Council (4); h use Council (4). FRANCES ELIZABETH BENTON Danville, Virginia Delta Delta Delto; Swimming Club (4); Y. W. C. A. (4) ALAN BERGMAN New York, New York Pi Lamda Phi; Phi Mu Alpha; (Band (2); Interfraternity Council (I); Sound and Fury (3); University Club (1); Tennis (1); Symphony Orchestra (2); Carolina Workshop (1). B.A. in Latin B.A. in Economics 42 SEniORS BARBARA ELLEN BIGGERS Jacksonville Beach, Florida Carolina Magazine (4); Y, W C A (3, (3, 4). MARY ELIZABETH BIVENS Pickens, South Carolina Alpha Delta Pi. BARBARA BIXLER Severna Park, Mi Alpha Delta Pi; U fary (4). EDWARD A Chapel Hi Carolina Ma dent P Universi B.A. in Spanish I. C. A (4); Swimming Club B.A in English B.A. in Sociology C. A. (3, 4); Alpha Delta Pi Secre- B.A. in Journalism e Committee (2); Diolectic Senate Presi- ipic Assembly (3); Student Council (4); Baseball (2). i.A, in Political Science ' 3); House Council (4 B.A, in Psychology V B.A, in Sociology eshman Friendship Council (1). B.S. in Commerce (3, 4); Baptist Student Union (3, 4) B.A. in Journalism ly Tar Heel (3); Sound and Fury (4); Yackefy Yack ELIZABETH JACQUELINE BLUNT Chevy (Zhase, Maryland Delta Delta Delta; Y. W C. A (3, 4). o C MARY JOHNSTOf gOON Gibsonville JOSEPH HOWARD BOONE Fayetteville SEDIORS gr iuil HERMAN DAVIS BRADLEY Nashville, Tennessee B.S. in Commerce Kappa Sigmo; Y M C. A. (3, 4); Koppa Sigma President (3). WILLIAM BR AGAW Southport WILLIAM ROBERT BRANDON Durham B,A. in Spanish B.S. in Commerce BARBARA M, BRANSFORD Cohasset, Virginia B.A. in English Alpha Gammo Delta; Interdormitory Council (3); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). RICHARD STRINGFIELD BRANTLEY Wendell B S in Commerce RUTH ELIZABETH BREAZEALE Freehold, New Jersey B.A. in English Glee Club (3, 4), Y. W. C. A. (4); C. I. C. A. (3, 4); Woman ' s Handbook (3). WAYNE KENNETH BRENENGEN La Crosse, Wisconsin B.S. in Medicine Phi Delta Theto; Closs Executive Committee (1); Daily Tar Heel (2); Glee Club (1); Grail (4); International Relations Club (2); Student Council (2,3); Univer- sity Donee Committee (2, 3, 4); Boxing (1); Trock (1); Dance Organization CommitteeT esident (4) GES JOHN ANTf )NY Asheville Phi Mu Alpha; Glge ub (3, 4) MARGARET E Charlotte WILTON RUSSELL BRINKLEY Charlotte Carolina Magazine (I). BARBARA LOUISE BRINSON St, Petersburg, Florida Alpha Gamma Delta; Glee Club (3); Y. W. C. A. (3). MARZELLE VIRGINIA BRISSON Fayetteville B.A. in Dramatwt Art Commerce B.A. in Mathematics WALTER JAMES BRISTOW, JR Columbia, South Carolina B.A. in Bolitical Science MARY CLARKE BRITT Kinston B.A. in Sociology Alpha Delta fi; Y W C A (4); House Council (4). JAMES TRUITT BRITTINGHAM Parsonsburg, Maryland B.S. in Commerce Beta Theta Pi. 44 SEDIORS JULIAN STANLEY BROCK Rocky Mount MIRIAM BROWDER Fulton, Kentucky Chi Omega; International Relatiop JOHN KENNETH BRC Swan Quarter Basketball (1); Foottx Il MARGARET New York, N Y. W. C. A ( B.A. in Chemistry B.A. in Political Science 3 4); Y. W. C. A. (3). B.S, in Commerce B.A. in Philosophy B.A. in Political Science B.A. in Music B.S. in Chemistry i Psi Epsifbr; - pterM itory Council (4); International Relations Club )!, A ,- ■ H ' ij e fVesi nt (4); Theta Psi Epsilon President (4); Western -ftllXf,.; iiiM Club (3 4 . i i h, I ' MBfeklTT :L 6i ] BROWN Nathalie, V xm MARTHA CHRISTINE BRUCH tJetield, We t Virginia ' Pi B?ta Phi; Y W. C. A. (3). LE s nDERS BRUTON Thomas lle JMEREDITH SHOWERS BUEL ' ngton, D. C. B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Zoology B.A. in English B.A. in English elta; Interfraternity Council (1), University Club (3); Phi Gammo Ml Rock ' Y. W. C A, BULLUCK EDITH LEE BURGESS Role AlphalDelta Pi. JOHN LA US burn! Orlando, Floh n Alpha Tau Omega. MARY ELIZABETH B ,New Bern B.A. in Sociology y - Lh. ' yn Physics B.A. in Pbkfical Science B.A. in Music Sigma Alpha Iota; Glee Club (3, 4), Accompanist (4); Y. W. C. A. (4). 45 Brock Browder Brown, J. Irown, M. E Brown, L. E. Brown, L. W. irown, M. L. Brown, M. C. Bruch Bruton Buel Bulluck Burgess Burns Burrus SEniORS Bush Bynum Byrd, J Byrd, W Byrnes Cabe Cable Cain Caldwell Callum Cameion Camp Conn Capitan Carlen ALVIN CHARLES BUSH Williamsport, Pennsylvania B.S. in Commerce Phi Gamma Delto; Glee Club (1, 2); Sound and Fury (2); Football (1); Yockety Yack 11), Tar on ' Feathers (2). ZACHARY TAYLOR BYNUM Winston-Salem Sigma Chi; Interdormitory Council (3); Band B.S, in Commerce 2, 3, 4) JOSEPH KINCAID BYRD Morganton B.A. in Political Science International Relations Club (3, 4); Student Legisloture (3, 4), Clerk (4), WILLIAM COLON BYRD, JR. Kinston B.S. in Commerce Sigmo Nu; Delta Sigma Pi; Class Executive Commitree (2); Interdormitory Council {), 2); Cross Country ' 2, 3, 4), Track (2, 3, 4); Freshman Friendship Council (1); Cheerleader (3, 4). B.A in History B.A. in English B A in Spanish B.A. in Dramatic rt Playmakers (3, 4), Sound and ury MARTHA CATHERINE BYRNES Charlotte Alpha Delta Pi. JOYCE ROGERS CABE Gay Y W C A (31; House Council (4). LELIA MARSHALL CABLE Warrenton Y W C A (3, 4). MARY JO IN Florenoe SoutFTCOrcinna Delta DeitoTJeho; Daily T Heel (3, 4 (3, 4); Y. W, C A(3) JAY BAXTER GAbDWELL Concord LUZETTE CALLUM Raleigh Delta Delta Delta; Carolino Magazine DOROTHY LUELLA CAMEION Wilmington JAMES VERNON CAMP Schoolfield, Virginia B.A, in Physical Education Sigma Chi; Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Basketball (2); Football (2, 3, 4) LYNDAL JEAN CAN N Greensboro Daily Tar Heel (3); Glee Club (3, 4); Basketball (4); Modern Dan Club (4); C. 1, C, A, (3, 4). B.S. in Qommerce MARINA CAPITAN Savannah, Georgia Glee Club (4). B.A. in Pqrfiticai Science CATHERINE COY CARLEN Cookevilie, Tennessee B.A. in Chemistry Delta Delta Delta; Honor Council (4); Interdormitory Council (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (4,1. 46 SEfllORS JANE WATKINS CARRINGTON Oxford Alpho Delta Pi; Y. W C A (3, 4), Cabinet 71). B.A. in History JULIACARLISLECASHION Chapel Hill Pi Beta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Gle tary (4); Y, W. C A (1, 2, 3 4) tion (1, 2, 3, 4). JOHN CASSTEVE, Clemmons Alpha Tau PEGGYVIRi Hillsboro Alpha Delta B.A. in Sociology ), Secretary (3); Valkyries Secre- ), President (4); Wesley Foundo- B.A. in History B.A. in History W. C. A. (3, 4). B.A. in Journalism qfe o50D;«ly Tar Heel (3); Y. W. C A. (3, 4) )r! pell B.A. in English B.A. in Zoology B.5. in Commerce 1 1Y. C. A. (1, 2, 4). -S ' SHB ' aTHAM, JR. " Henderson ' jd%a Psi; iLveihtiA ( ); Wrestling (3). SARAH ELIZABETH CHEATHAM Ftaaklinton B.A. in English Alp|i9 Delta Pi; Oaily Tor Heel (3, 4); Glee Club (3); University Club Secretary ' (4);. Yackety Yack (4); Y W. C A. (3, 4). Vme lES MOSELEY CHESNUTT, JR. Clinton JEANNETTE MALLOY CHICHESTER I, Georgia Chi oT B.A. in Sociology B.A. in English B.A. in Journalism W. C A (3, 4); House Council (4). H ARR I ETTE CLARKE Greenwich, Connecticut ( B.A. in English Chi Qmega; T t Uy Tar Heel (3); Glee Club 3); IntajflormTtB iB uncil (4) Yackity Yack (3 Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); House WtinogaT (4). ROSELCStvl CLAYTO Asheville Glee Club (3) THOMAS FRANCIS Yonkers, New York Sigma Nu. B.S. in Commerce 47 Ccrringtcn Cashion Cosstevens Gates, P. Cotes, W. Chappell, E. Chappell, W. Cheatham, J. Cheatham, S. Chesnutt Chichester Childs Clarke Clayton Cleory SEniORS (elements Cleveland Cobb, D. Cobb, M. Coleman Collier Collins Connolly Cook Cooley Corn Coslett, E Coslett, J, Cotton Couch LAWRENCE WITHERS CLEMENTS, JR. Roanoke Rapids Lambda Chi Alpha. B,A. in Journolism ROSEMARY CLEVELAND Asheville B.A. in English Alpha Gamma Delto; Chi Delta Phi; Glee Club (3); Coed Senate (4); Chi Delta Phi President (4). DAVID ALEXANDER COBB Decatur, Georgia Phi Gamma Delta. • S- in Commerce MARGARET ANN COBB Winston-Salem B.A. in History Delta Delta Delta; Daily Tar Heel (3); Y. W C A (3, 4) KATHERINE DABNEY COLEMAN Plant City, Florida B.A. in Dramatic Art Chi Omega; Carolina Magazine (3); Daily Tar Heel (3); Glee Club (3); Ron- Hellenic Council (4); Student Legislature (4); Y, W C A, (3, 4), Cabinet (4); Yackety Yack (31, Woman ' s Athletic Association Treasurer (4); Cheerleader (4); Valkyries (4). RUTH LEE COLLIER Roanoke Rapids B A. in French Glee Club (3); Y W C A (3, 4). ARTHUR EUGENE COLLINS Rock Foils, Illinois Football n, 2); Track (1, 2i L I N N EyT -GQI OLLY, J R Roanoke V tginia Delta Sigma Pi MARYELIZABRHCOOK Dalton, Georgi- Theta Psi Epsilon; X iC, A (3, 4) f. I. C A (3, 4 ' MADELINE E COOLEY Minot, North Dakota Daily Tar Heel (3); Playmakers (3, 4 LOVICK PIERCE CORN Macon, Georgia Phi Delta Theta; Class Honor Council (2); Gorgon ' s Head (1, 2, 3, 4); ' fraternity Council (2); Football (1, 2). EDWARD W. COSLETT Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania Phi Delta Theta. JUDITH CONNELLY COSLETT Lebanon, Virginia B.A. in Mistory B.A in History RICHARD LEWIS COTTON Kipling B.S in Commerce Sigma Chi; Class Executive Committee (3); Dialectic Senate (1, 2, 3); Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Chairman Class Dance Committee (3). ELIZABETH TERRY COUCH Chicago, Illinois B.A. in Comparative Literature Chi Omega; Sound ar.d Fury (3, 4); Cheerleader (4). 48 SEniORS JEAN CHESSON COUCH Elkin Theto Psi Epsilon. MARY ELIZABETH COVING] Pachuta, Mississippi Glee Club (3, 4); Y, W C. A BENJAMIN A5HLE Farmville, Virgin! ELIZABETH Columbia, Soi Playmakers (3), EVELYN Alexa Delta Di B.A. in Chemistry B,A. in English B S, in Commerce B.A. in Dromatic Art B.A. in English 41 (3); Yackety Yack (-1), Y. W, C, A, (3, 4). B.A. in Physical Education ilub (1, 2, 3, 4), University Club (3); Swimming (1, 2, fl, 2); Head Cheerleader (3) B,S. in Commerce B A. in History ELSIE McCOYOUSHMAN Conway, SouthXLarolino B.A. in Journalism ATpha Gamma Delta; Daily Tar Heel (3), Sound and Fury (3), Pan-Hellenic fCoukil (3, 4),yrreasurer (4), Y W C A (3, 4); Cobinet (4). Vmlmaanncutts Co rde I e, Georgia B.A. in English Pi Beta B ii; Class Executive Committee (3); Honor Council (3, 4); Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Valkyries (3, 4), Vice-President (4) Yackety Yack (3) ' Y W. C. A. (3, 4); Pi Beta Phi President (4) DWARD DALE B S in Commerce DALLAS inecticut Chi Omega; Y, W. C A (4). B.A. in English CHARJiSJHOMAS DAN I Durham Kappa; To lEL I " S Vw c u Psi Omega; ySMT A (1,2, 3 4 JOHN ALEX, Harmony WILLIAM FORREST Statesville Glee Club (3, 4). B.5 in Commerce B.A. in French 49 ociology Vice- Co.x, B Crone Cushman Dallas Daniels, W, SEfllORS O .. .. Dashiell Doum David Dovidoff Davis, A. Davis, H. Martin Davis, H. Marie Davis, H. P. Davis, M. Davis, M. E. Davis, R. N. Dean Degges Dell Denning DOROTHY ANN DASHIELL Chapel Hill B.A. in Journalism Alpha Deiti Pi; Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Student Legislature (4). DANIEL EDWARD DAUM Brooklyn, New York B.A. in Political Science Carolina Magazine (4); Dialectic Senate (2); Hillel Cabinet (2); Sound and Fury (4). GLADYS D. DAVID Jacksonville, Florida B.A. in Sociology Glee Club (3, 4), Secretary (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4), Cabinet (4); Spanrsh Club Vice-President (3). JERRY DAVI DOFF Sunnyside, New York B.A. in History Carolina Magazine (1, 2, 3); Carolina Political Union (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (3), Chairman (4); Daily Tor Heel (1, 2, 3), Director Tar Heel Institute of Public Affairs (3); Dialectic Senate (1, 2); Hillel Cobinet (I, 2, 3); Interdormitory Council (3, 4); Y. M. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Amphoterothen (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3, 4); Council for Religion in Life (1, 2), Secretary (1). ALEXANDER SHUFORD DAVIS Henderson B.A. in Mathematics Zeta Psi; Gimghoul (3, 4); Philanthropic Assembly (3); Student Legislature (4); Swimming (1 ). B.A. in Dramatic Art HANNAH MARTIN DAVIS West End Chi Delta Phi; Carolina Magazine (4); Doily Tor Heel (4); Playmal ers (3, 4); Sound and Fury (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (4). HELEN MARIE DAVIS Davidson Glee Club (3 ;-¥»Wj:. A. (3, 4) HELEN PATTSPSON DAVIS Wilson Chi Omego MAIDIE DAVIS Vienna, Georgia Playmakers (3, 4); Y. W. C MARY ELIZABETH DAVIS Ocaia, Florida Chi Omego. ROBERT NORMAN DAVIS Washington, D. C. B.A. in Physical Edu Glee Club (1); Interdormitory Council President (4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Boxing (3, 4); Gymnastics (1, 2, 3); Track (1, 2); Y. M. C. A. (1, 2, ?) ' ; Cheerleader (3), JOHN ROBERT DEAN Brackenridge, Pennsylvania Sigma Chi; Monogrom Club (3), Football (3). Pre-D ntistry MEADE FAVER DEGGES Heath Springs, South Carolina B.A. i Chemistry Vv ' esley Foundation Council (4); Council for Religion in Life (4)j JAMES ELBON DELL St. Petersburg, Florida DAVID BERRIE DENNING Newberry, South Carolina Lombdo Chi Alpha. B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Chemistry 50 SEniORS MILDRED KNIGHT DERIEUX Blythewood, South Carolina Alpho Delta Pi; Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); Swir ANNE MARIE DICKINSON Richmond, Virginia Chi Omega; Y. W. C A. (3, 4), V s- Choirman (4). CAROLYN GORDON Atlanta, Georgia Alpha Delta Pi; Dail Yackety Yock (4) " D, CHERRIE Asheville Glee Club (3, Carolina Clu] B.A. in Journalism Club (3). B.A. in Spanish (4); Orientation Committee Co- B.A. in English ond Fury (31; University Club (3); B.S. in Medical Technology C. I C A. (5, 4); Western North B.S. in Chemistry B.A. in Zoology B.A. in Dramatic Art Fury (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); C. 1. C. A. (3). DODSON irginta B.A. in Journalism Delta Kappa Epsilon ' Interfraternity Council (2, 3); Monogram Club (1, 2, 3, 4); UiVversiti Cfub j2j,3J; Cross Country Club (1, 2); Track (1, 2, 3), Captain (2). ' ' WILLIAM BLTMSTrON DONALD, JR. Greensboro B.A. in Chemistry ' oppa Sigmq Interfraternity Council (3), University Club (3). DOROTHY MAD I SON DONELSON anville, Virginia B.A. in Music Sigmo Alplra Iota; Glee Club (3, 4); Sound and Fury (3); Sigma Alpha Iota President 4); Modern Dance Club President (4); Caroline Workshop (4). CHARLES LINDSEY DONNELL VKmericus, Georgia B.S. in Commerce igTn hi; Interfraternity Council (4); Monogram Club (4); Student Legis- DEWE ' fVDORSETT, JR. lewood, NewSlersey B.A. in Chemistry Omega; Cayolmo Political Union (1, 3); Debate Council (1); Golden _ University Club (2); President of Student Body (4); University Veterans ' Association President (3). FRANCES HOWE DRAKE Wei leiWj i assachusetts Pi Be B.A. in Spanish MARY ELEANOR DR Wise Y, W. C. A. (3, 4), C, 1 C. A. (3, 4) A. in Journalism ); Pan- Hellenic Cobspl (4); Student Delta Delta President (4); Woman ' s B S in Medical Technology :f ' I 51 L ericu.x DiCMrison Disbru Divelbiss Dobbins, J Dobbins, M. Dockery Dodson Donald Donelson Donnell Dorsett Drake Driscoll Dryden SEniORS Dulin Dunawoy Dunn Dunnagan Dupes Durham Eoddy Earnheort Edwards, A. Edwards, C. Efird Eisenkoff Elder Elier Ellis PAULA. DULIN Charlotte B.S. in Commerce Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Executive Committee (3); Class Honor Council (3); University Club (2). HOWARD YATES DUN AW AY, JF Charlotte B.S. in Commerce Beta Theta Pi; Interfraternity Council (4); Beta Ttieta Pi President (4); Minataurs (4), EDITH CATHERINE DUNN Daytona Beach, Florida B.A. in English Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). ROBERT JONES DUNNAGAN Winston-Salem B.S. in Commerce Interdormifory Council (1, 2); University Donee Committee (2); Y. M C A (1, 2, 3) RALPH F. DUPES Tescott, Kansas B.S. in Commerce Delta Kappa Epsilon; Delta Sigmo Pi; Student Legislature (3, 4) PENELOPE ANN DURHAM Charlotte B.A. in History Alpha Delta PI; Pan-Hellenic Council Vice-President (4); University Club (3); Y W C A (3, 4). ELIZABETH VIRGINIA EADDY Memphis, Tennessee B.A. in Journalism Pi Beta Phi; Pon-Hellenic Council (4); Yackety Yack (4). FRANK JQIslES EARNHEART Durham - —.. B.A. in Chemistri Debote Squsi tT 2); Debsije Council (2); Philanthropic Assembly (1, 7), Speaker (2), Y C A |, 2); Student Welfare Board (2); Fresh an Advisor ' (2 V_ ASA COVINGTOW-K)WARDS, JR Tabor City V Sigma Chi. CLIFTON THOMAS EDWA RDS Henderson Delta Sigma Pi. JOHN RAY EFIRD Summit, New Jersey Sigma Nu. JEAN EISENKOFF New York, New York Carolina Magazine (3, 4); Hillel Cabinet (3, 4). B.A. in Economics JAMES TAIT ELDER Annapolis, Maryland B.A. in MatWematics Phi Beta Kappa; Sound and Fury (3); Wrestling (2, 3); Y. M. C A. , 2, 3, 4); Freshman Friendship Council (1); University Veterans ' Association 3, 4). MORRIS EDWIN ELLER Lansing B.A. n Journalism Daily Tar Heel (3), University Veterans ' Associotion (3, 4) JACK ELLIS Sherman, Texas B.A. in Music Sigma Chi; Phi Mu Alpha; Glee Club (4); Philanthropic Assembly (I); Sound ond Fury (1, 2, 3); Y. M. C. A, (1, 2, 3), President (3). 52 SEniORS B.A. in Political Science WILLIAM BURWELL ELLIS, 111 Greenville, South Carolina Phi Delta Theta; Class Honor Council (1 ) v6iiighoul (2, 3, 4); Interfroternity Council (3 4), Vice-President (4); Mono amfclub (3, 4); Student Legislature 3); Football (1), Manager (2, 3); TraA (1) President Phi Delta Theta (3); House Privileges Board (3, 4); Y. MyC A. (2 3, 4). RICHARD SEALYELLIOl Potsdam, New York B.S. in Commerce Chi Phi; Delta Sigma Pi; u iversity Dance Committee (3, 4). STEPHEN EDW, Hertford B S. in Commerce B.A. in English POSEY MS Geneva, m VorJi B.A. in English Alpha G Sm Ki «j[Di Ja iee (3, 4); Sound and Fury (3, 4); Yockety Yock (4 B.A. in Political Science B.S, in Commerce B.A. in Mathematics B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Spanish (3, 4); Womon ' s Athletic Association (4); House sor (4); Spanish Club (3). DURWARD ROSCAR EVERETT, JR. Rbbersonville Julius Leonard fallick Pobohkeepsie, ivsw York B S. in Commerce B.S. in Chemistry B.A. in History MARGARE S OAN ARR I S Danville, Kentucky Alpha Delta Pi; Daily Tar Heel (3); Interdorn Ttory C™ »cil (4); International Relations Club (3, 4); Philonthropic Assemblyl(3, 4), Treasurer (31; Yockety Yack (3rr V. " " W C. A (3, 4); House Privildoes Board 4 Dencer House 3rdr(4 ggncer Ho CATHEIHI E LIZA Burlington Alpha Gamma Delt ULCONER B.ANo Journalism ); Y. W C. A. (3). HENRY MICHIE FAOkmNER Burlington ' ' ■■ « J B.S. in Commerce k ' Pi Kappa Alpha; Monogram Club (3, 4); Philonthropic Assembly (3); Sound Lxind Fury (3); University Club (2, 3); Y. M. C. A (1, 2, 3, 4); Cheerleoder (2,3). F 53 Ellis Elliott Elmore Elwell Emerson Estes Evans, D. Evans, J. Evans, L, Evans, P. Everett Fallick Farris Faulccner, C. Faulconer, H SEniORS Fenner Ferguson Ferrier Ficklen, J. Ficklen, W. Fidel Finkelstein Finn Fisher Fitzgerald Flagler Fleming Flory Flowers Foss CLARA FEREBEE FENNER Rocky Mount B.A. in History Chi Omega; Phi Beta Kappa; Y W. C. A. (3); Internationol Relations Club (3, 4). JOSEPH EARLE FERGUSON Murfreesboro Class Executive Committee (1); Debate Squad (I); Class Donee Committee Chairman (2). JEANIE STUART FERRIER Clemson, South Carolina Chi Delta Phi; Glee Club (3, 4). B.S. in Commerce Philonthropic Assembly B.A, in English JAMES SKINNER FICKLEN, JR. Greenville B.A. in Economics Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Track (3); Yackety Yack (3); Class Dance Committee (2). WARREN MYERS FICKLEN Greenville B.S. in Commerce Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Gimghoul (3, 4); Monogram Club (3, 4); Student Legislature (1); University Dance Committee (1, 2); Swimming (3, 4), Co-CoptQin (4). VIOLET E. FIDEL Brooklyn, New York B.A. in Comparative Literature Playmakers (3, 4); Sound and Fury (3, 4). HOWARD MYRON FINKELSTEIN Woodmere, New York B.A, in Economics Hillel Cabinet (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (3); Swimming (1) B.S- in Chemi§ ry J FAN AGNES FISHER Freehold, New,Jers y — B . in Psydiology Glee Club (3, 4);V W. C. A, (3M); C, I. C, THOMAS CLARK FIT? EEALD, JR. New Bern Beta Gammo Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Bond (], 2); Y. M. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Beta Gamma Sigma President (4), fn_ommerce FREDRICK JAMES FLAGLER Hickory B.A ' tnJournalism Kappa Alpha; Carolina Magazine (1, 2, 3, 4), Class Executive Cor™Hi|tee (3); Daily Tar Heel (1, 2, 3, 4), Sports Editor (2), Monoging Editor (2)r SQlden Fleece (3, 4); Grail (2, 3, 4); Interdormitory Council (1); Publications Union Board (2, 3), President (3); Yackety Yack (2, 3), Editor (3). JOHN ALEXANDER FLEMING Oxford B.A. in Chemistry ALICE MAE FLORY Columbia, South Carolina . B.A. ir Dramatic Art Y. W, C. A (4); Playmakers (4); C, I, C. A, (4), Executiv council (4). WILLIAM LUCAS FLOWERS, JR. Salisbury B.A. in Chemistry JAY ALBERT FOSS Hyde Park, Massachusetts B.A. in E conomics Phi Beta Kappa; Carolina Political Union (2, 3, 4); Playmakers (1, 2); Sound and Fury (2); Boxing (1); Lacrosse (3). 54 SEniORS JOHN MURRAY FOUTS Burnsville Pi Kappa Alpha. JAMES FITZGERALD FOWLER Charlotte Delta Kappa Epsilon; Delta Signra Monogram Club (4); Univers?fy Cross Country (3); Swimmit MAUDE BAYNO Kinston Glee Club (3, 4); P] THOMAS C Siler City Bond (1). BALLB. B.A. in Economics Magazine (3); Grail (2, 3, 4); mittee (2, 3, 4), Secretary (3); Advisor (4). B.A. in Dramatic Art B.A. in Chemistry B.A. in Sociology B.A. in English HERBERT F_ IEDMAN yfnnesss B.S. in Commerce R55; Oiver! fy ferans ' Association Secretary (4) lE lR FJJkTON , ' ) B.A. in Political Science ,D A r- , k ; . 9P° ' 7 Squad (1, 2); Dialectic Senate (1, 2); Golden Fleece (3, )); Grail7(2 3 , 4), Delegata (4); Interdormitory Council (2 3)- Student Coji ' ncil (2, 3); StmfentKLegislature (1, 2, 3, 4); Steele House President (2, 3) WILLIAMG. GATHER, JR. Eli;ieb€th City 7 B.S. in Commerce |gm(j Nu; Daily Tar Heel (I); University Club (3); Track (1 2 3) ' Yackety „ ' " -|ub Secretory-Treasurer (4). blAir c(V;hran gammon Hampder Sydney, Virginia B.A. in Economics Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Gimghoul (3, 4); University Dance Com- mittee (3, 4); Baseball (2); Football (2); N. R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3). A ' Si IDNEY GARDNER, JR. Goldsboro Ka fia Alpha; AlohXEpsllon Delta; Swimming (2, 3). B.A. in Chemistry HENRXWILBURN ARREN Henderson Y. M. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4). CECIL CLAR High Point Kappa Sigma; Delta Sig tive Committee (3) i.A. in Mathematics D " A ' . nsv usic (I, 2, 3, 4); University B.S. in Commerce German ClubXreasurer (4); May Frolics Execu- GARRE Band (I, 2, 3, 4); Y. M, WILLIAM ALLAN GARRETT ' Danville, Virginia B.A. in Mathematics 55 r t. . , Fouts Fowler Foy Frozier Freeman Friedlond Friedman Fulton Goither Gammon Gardner Garren Garrett, A. Garrett, C. Garrett, W, SEniORS Garrison, N. Garrison, S. Gartner Gaston Gautier Gay Gaylord Gehrt Gillespie Gilliam Gilman Glenn Godchoux Godfrey Goerch NATHANIEL WILLIAMS GARRISON Burlington Beta Theta Pi. STALEY FRANK GARRISON, JR. Burlington Beta Thetc Pi. KERGER GARTNER Holly Hill, Florida VIRGINIA EARLINE GASTON Pensacola, Florida B.A. in Economics B.A. in Economics B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Spanish Alpho Gamma Delfo; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4); Student Advisor (4). B.A. in Psychology GLORIA GAUTIER Miami, Florida Alpha Psi Delta; Daily Tar Heel i}; Y. W. C. A (3, 4) RUTH GEE GAY Jackson Alpha Delta Pi; Daily Tar Heel (4); Glee Club (4). B.A. in English CHARLES MEREDITH GAYLORD Wilmington B.A. in Dramatic Art Kappa Phi; Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Interfraternity Council (3); Philonthropic As- sembly (1); Plcymokers (3, 4); Carolina Workshop (3, 4), Chairmen (4) CLIFFORD E. GEHRT Stanford74Hi_nois B.S. in Commerce B A. in DramaticArt GIDEON LAM QfLT: Franklinton Zeta Psi; Gimghoul (3, 4)7 ' ' €tail(2 3, 4); Interfraternit s uncil (3,14), Presi- dent (3); Basketball Manager T2) " ; House Privileges Board chsifnaen (3). MARY TOM GILMAN - Portsmouth, Virginia I B,A irs.SflftalQgy Chi Omega; Internotional Relations Club (3, 4); Y. W. OsA (3, 4) RAYMOND LOOP GLENN, JR. Sylvo JOHN PAUL GODCHAUX New Orleans, Louisiana Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Beta Koppa. i.A. ) History PAUL VERNON GODFREY, JR. Charlotte B.S in Commerce Phi Delta Theta; German Club (3); Sound and Fury (1, 2,i, Vackety Yack U). SIBYL GOERCH Raleigh B.A. in Journalism Pi Beta Phi; Class Executive Committee (3); Daily Tor Heel (3); Debate Coun- cil (3); Philanthropic Assembly (3); Sound and Fury (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Student Legislature (3); University Club (3); Valkyries (4); Y W, C. A (3); House Privileges Board (3), Coed Senate (3, 4), Speaker (4); Graham Memorial Board of Directors {4 . 56 SEniORS GLADYS VELMA GOGGANS River View, Alabama Glee Club (2); Y. W. C. A. (2), FRANCES JAYNE GOLDEN Carthage Alpha Gamma Delta; Honor Cou Graham Memorial Board of Dlr tors Valkyries (4). WILLIAM BRENE Middletown, Pei Sigma Chi; Track EDWARD A New Roche! Carolina Ma B.A. in History B.A. in Sociology , resident (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); entotion Committee Chairman (4); B.S. in Physics B.S. in Commerce B S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce N GRANTHAM ILLARD PHILMOREGRAY Asheboro B.A.LLB. B.A in Political Science B.S. in Commerce vUD ' RIE VI VLEN GREEN ujgusta, Gaorgia B.A. in English aW Gammo Delto; Glee Club (1, 2); Y. W. C A (1,2). BETTY XNNE GREEN Lake City, South Carolina B.A. in Journalism Clu ' lta Phi; Carolina Magazine (3, 4), Literary Editor (4); Daily Tar Heel ); m» flational Relations Club (3, 4), President (4); Coed Senate (3, 4); . W. C. A 4); Student Party Secretary (3). B.A. in Journalism GleaClub (1, 2, 3). PAUL EDWARD GREENE Roanoke Eocids V B s nCommerce Phi KapDo SigmorMtriogram Club (3, 4); Cross puntry (l, 2)7 a? » 3, 4), Managell ' " ELIZABETH TERESA GRE Atlanta, Georgia Delta Delta Delta. B A. in Sociology 57 kjoggans ' ouiut i 1 Goodman, E. Goodman, R. Grady Gronthom Green, A. Green, B. Greene Greer Goodwin Gray Green, J. Greve %m - ' V ' -- . ' SEniORS Grier Gnffin Grossman Grow Guillebeau Gulley Gunnels Guthrie Gyland Hackney, E. Hackney, J. Hahn Haigwood Hall,C. Hall, H. JAMESC. GRIER, JR. Charlotte B.S. in Geology Glee Club (2, 3); Interdormitory Council (3); University Veterans ' Associa- t ion (3, 4), CHARLES FRANKLIN GRIFFIN Monroe B 5 in Commerce G ' ee Club (1); University Veterans ' Association (3, 4) HERMAN N. GROSSMAN Ncugotuck, Connecticut Tou Epsilon Phi. FRANCIS BATES GROW Lockport, New York Phi Beta Kappa. JOSEPH EDWIN GUILLEBEAU, JR. Barnesville, Georgia Glee Club (3, 41 WILLIAM HART GULLEY Arlington, Virginia Y M C A Cabinet (4); Baptist Student Union (3, 4) B.A. in Political Science B A. in Chemistry B.A. in Political Science B.A. in Music B A. in Sociology WINSTON BANGS GUNNELS Sandersville, Georgia Phi Delta Theta. RUE WILSON GUTHRIE Charlotte- N. B.A. in Dramatic Ar Alpha Gommt Deffirr-Dnily Tar Heel (4); Pioymakers (3, 4); Sound and Fi 41, Ydek « Yack (4 Y. W. C A (3, 4 ' n-« TacK I4)7vr. STEPHEN PAUt GilAND Tampa ' , Floric Alpha Tau Omega; Algfls Chi Si aitia: Bond (2 ERNEST DEANS Wilson Zeta Psi; Phi Beta Kappa; Interfraternity Council (3); Monogram Club (4); Baseball (3, 4); House Privileges Board (3). B.S. in Chemistry Commerce JOHN N. HACKNEY, JR. Wilson Zeta Psi; Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Gamma Sigma; InterfraternitV Sguncll (2, 4); Student Legislature (1). BETSY JANE HAHN Tampa, Florida B.A. in Psychology Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Psi Delta (4); Swimming Club (3, 4), Vice-President (3), President (4); Y. W. C. A. (3). PAUL BENTLEY HAIGWOOD North Wilkesboro Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; Baseball (1). CAROLYN HALL Montezuma, Georgia Alpha Gamma Delta; Pan-Hellenic Council (4). Commerce B.A. in Sociology HANSON CHENEY HALL, JR. Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Commerce Alpha Tau Omega; Class Executive Committee Chairman (2); Closs Vice- President (1); Y. M. C. A. (1, 2); Alpha Tau Omega Vice-President (3); Orientotlon Committee (3). 58 SEniORS ROGER GRIFFIN HALL Plainfield, New Jersey jS B.A. in Journalism Phi Gamma Delta; Corolina Magazine (TyCJlee Club (3); Philanthropic As- sembly (1, 2), Treasurer (2); Sound and J ' ury (3). STANLEY EUGENE HALL Portsmouth, Virginia Lambda Chi Alpha. ELLA FRANCES K Tuscumbia, Ala PI Beta Phi; Daily (3, 4). WILLIAM Tuscumbia, Kappa Y. M. C B.A. in Journalism B.A. in Sociology (4); YacketyYack (4); Y. W. C. A. B.S. in Commerce ttee (2); Cross Country (3); Track (3); nior Class (4). GER ork ris ' Association (3). B.A. in Psychology HAMBURGER -. - B.A. in Chemistry f; ln, r3c}rrriil c jZ rt ' l (1); University Veterans ' Association Execu- ,mMaA4K V} A ARYANNE HAMLIN ;st, alm Beach, Flo ida B.A. in English ' Alpha ' Qammo Delto; Carolina Magazine (41, Y W C A (3, 4). 3| rT B0RTON BLAINf hAMPTON, JR. Clemmons B.A. in English GlegXlub (I, 2, 374); Ploymakers (1, 2, 3, 4); Sound and Fury (1, 2, 3). (OHN RAYMOND HARDING KQ-ton, Ohip B.S. in Commerce Sigma Nu; Delta Sigma Pi; Glee Club (3); Monogram Club (3); Cross Coun- try (2). JAMES ERNEST HARDWICKE V ston-Salem ma; Phi Beta Kappa. R HARDY B.S. in Chemistry Richi pnd, VirginidS. B.S. in Commerce yionogroh Club (2); Crd s Country (3); Track (1, 2, 3). AUGUSTA GARDINER HARPER Minden, Louisiana " " " B.A. in Music Kappa Alpjia-Xlieta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Glee CLb (4) CHARLES THE Salisbury MARY LOUISE HARRIS Roxboro Chi Omega. in Philosophy V B S, in Pre-Medicine B.A. in History P UBl 59 Hall, R, Hall, S, ! ;,j,j ,, L Halsey, W. Hamburger, E. Hamburger, R. Hamlin Hampton Hording Hardwicke Hordy Harper Harrelson Harris, C. Harris, M. SEniORS MAX FRANK HARRIS Monroe B.A. in History Phi Beta Kappa; Bond (1); Class Executive Committee (3); Dialectic Senate (2, 3, 4) STUART HARRIS Danville, Virginia Tau Epsilon Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Playmakers (1). ARTHUR M. HARRISON Newark, New Jersey Pi Lambda Phi; Hillel Cabinet Vice-President (2). WILLIAM DAVID HARRISON Brunswick, Georgia Delta Sigma Pi. MARY LOUISE HASTY High Point Glee Club (3, 4), CAMERON WILTON HAWKINS Marion GLEN BERGFRIED HAYDON Chapel Hill Chi Psi. VALESKA HAYDON Chapel FfTTK Sigma Atfiha lota; Gle5S2lub (1, 2, 3, 4); Playmakers (1, 2, 3, 4), Univers y Orchestra rr ' JsB, 4); ToX rls ' Association (1, 2, 3), C I C A (1,2, 3, ) GENE GAITHER Charlotte Chi Omega; DailV Tor Spanish Club (3, 4 s x, B A. in English B A. in Chemistry B S in Commerce B.S in Public Health B A. in History B.S in Physics B.A, in Musi LAURENCE HECHT Columbus, Georgia Zeta Beta Tau; Dialectic Senate JAMES MclNTOSH HEDRICK, JR Winston-Salem Sound ond Fury (3). MARJORIE LEIGH HEITMAN Asheville Alpha Gamma Delta. ELIZABETH L. HELFRICH Washington, D. C. Alpha Delta Pi; Swimming Club (3, 4). B.A. in Art B A. in Art MARY JEANNE HELM Grand Rapids, Michigan .A. in Journalism Delta Delta Delto; Daily Tar Heel (4); Glee Club (3, 4); Y. W. C A (3); House Council (3), JAMES SMITH HEYWARD Goldsboro B.S. in Commerce Beta Theta Pi; Carolina Politicol Union (2); Class Executive Committee (1); Gimghoul (3, 4); University Club (2); Orientation Committee (4). 60 SEniORS ELIZABETH JANE HICKS Chapel Hill WADE BRYANT HICKS Florence, South Carolina Kappa Sigma. ELEANOR MAYO H Wilmington JANET COLL Shelby Glee Club (3, 4 PAULINE Lynchbi Y. W, C B.A, in Sociology B.A. in English B.S. in Medical Technology B.A. in Sociology B A in Sociology B.A, in History Dl | S ate (1); Student Council (3) B.S. in Commerce B S. in Medicine RBERTHArIe HIX, JR. Asheville Phi Delta Theto; Gorgon ' s Heod (3, 4); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Sw 2) B.A. in Economics ,E3ALDINe FORESTER HOBBS ferryvill B.S. in Medical Technology Band (3, f); Glee Club (3); Philanthropic Assembly (3, 4); Coed Senate (4); Y. W. CA (3, 4); C. I. C. A. (3, 4), Secretary (4). CY ELLARD HOFFMAN ;noxvTTtw »Iennessee B.A. in English Sound and Fury (3); Y. W. C. A. (3); Aquinas Club (3, 4 B.A, in Spanish GLADN£:i: HOLDE Atlanta Delta Delta Delta; Y W. C. A (3, 4 GRIFFIN BX N HOLLAND Chevy Cha Sigma Chi; Interfrater ,WILLIAM DALTON HOLL Statesville B.S. in Commerce B.S, in Commerce Hicks, VV Hill, P. Hinson Hoffman Holland, G. B Highsmith Hill,Y. Hix Holder Holland, W. SEfllORS - fT) Hollander Hooks Howes Huffman Hunter 1 Holman Howe Hudspeth Humphrey Hurst MARJORIE ANN HOLLANDER Middletown, New York B.A. in Psychology Alpha Psi Delto; Hillel Cabinet (3, 4). WILLIAM DANIEL HOLLOMAN Woodlond B.S. in Commerce Kappa Alpha. FRANKLIN ARRINGTON HOLMAN Rocky Mount B S- in Commerce WILLIAM HARRIS HOOKS Whiteviile B.A. in History Sound ond Fury (2, 3); Modern Donee Club (2, 3, 4). THOMAS A. HOWARD Mooresville B.S. in Commerce Interdormitory Council (3), Student Audit Board (3). DAN CHARLTON HOWE Gostonia B.S. in Commerce Delta Sigma Pi. B.A. in Sociology MARIE ELIZABETH HOWES Forest City Alpha Gamma Delta; Alpha Kappa Delta; Glee Club (3); Philanthropic As- sembly (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Alpho Gamma Delta Vice-President (4). CLARE HUDSON Flushing r-Ugw York Delta Delta DrfftaTT-SV C A (3, 4) CARLM. HUFFMAHJR. Burlington Y. M C. A (1); House Privileges Board (2). GWENDOLYN HUGHES Tabor City " 8» in Sociology Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Iota; Glee Club (2); Sound and Fury (1)N( W. C. A. (2); Sigma Alpha Iota Vice-President (4). V in EMILY HAWKINS HUMPHREY Jackson, Mississippi Chi Omega. WILLIAM COVINGTON HUNTER Rockingham Interdormitory Council (3). COURTNEY ALEXANDER HUNTLEY Aberdeen Kappa Alpha. MARY H ARR I ETTE HURST Hamlet B.A. in History B.A. in conomics B.A. in Political Science B.A. in Sociology 62 SEniORS JEROME BAYER HURWITZ Long Beach, New York Carolina Magazine (4); Daily Tar Heel (2 JEAN ASHCRAFT HUSKE Fayetteville B.A. in Journalism Chi Omega; Daily Tar Heel (3) vPhilanthrorfic Assembly Secretary (3); Student Legislature (4); Yackety YaclT (3, 4), BiJ lness Manager (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). JANE TRACY HU Winston-Sal Alpha Gamma ORREN WIL Memphis, Beta Theto BARBA Warei Playi B.S. in Commerce News Editor (3). B.A. in Journalism B.A. in Chemistry W B.A. in Dramatic Art ury (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). B.A. in Sociology iJ K B.A. in Sociology ■ ' - ' -- Chi Omega Vice-President (4). B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Psychology Senate Treasurer (3, 4); Valkyries (3, 4), President Vice-President (4). Executive Council (3); House B.S. in Commerce Club (3); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Student Advisor (3, 4); C. A (3). RAYMOND LEWIS JEFFERIES, JR. Jflarrisonburg, Virginia B.S. in Commerce (3, 4), Exchequer (4); Interdormitory Council (3, 4); Student Council (3, 4 iS»qirman (4); Student Legislature (3); University Donee Committee (4); StudenO jdit Board (3); Orientation Committee (3, 4); Dance Organiza- ■n Committee t4). B.A. in English S. in Commerce EFFERS , rmin§tiam, Alabdfma Chi Omego7V Wr-e . (3, 4). CHARLES WALKER JENKINS Miiled fiiaHe, Georgia Phi Delta Theto THoVs Winstoi ' Phi Beta KappOV Beta Gamma Club (3); Crosses ' ' SARA ERDELL JOPtfciS (Jackson, Mississippi Monogram Club (2, {2,3). S. in Commerce 4); University B.A. in Dramatic Art Ifhi Omega; Glee Club (3, 4); KloymoKers (3, 4); Sound and Fury (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). P % ' ) 63 SEniORS Johnson, G. Johnson, 1. Johnson, L. Johnson, M. Johnson, P. Johnson, T. Johnson, W. D. Johnson, W, W. Johnston, C. Johnston, J. W Johnston, J. E. Johnstone Jolley Jolly Jones GUY BENTON JOHNSON, JR. Chapel Hill B.A. in Sociology Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Beto Kappa; Debate Squad (1); Dialectic Senote (1, 2, :;, 4), International Relations Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (3); Y, M. C. A, (4). IRMA MAE JOHNSON Bluefield, West Virginia Sound and Fury (2); Y W. C. A (2). LAWRENCE McNEILL JOHNSON Aberdeen Phi Gamma Delta; Glee Club (1, 2, 4); Monogram Club (4); Sound and Fury (1 ); Student Legislature (2); Swimming (2, 4). MARTHA ELIZABETH JOHNSON Wilmington B.A. in Mathematics Mathematics Club (3, 4), President (4); C. I. C. A (3, 4); Y. W C A (3, 4). B.A. in Mathematics B.A. in Political Science PHYLLIS MORETON JOHNSON Brookhaven, Mississippi Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club (3). THOMAS DANIEL JOHNSON Clinton Band (2). WILLIAM DAVID JOHNSON, JR. Greensboro B.A. in English B.A. in Chemistry B.S. in Geology WILLIAMSON W. JOHNSON Concord B.A. in Physical Education MonograrTuQ4 (1, 2, 3); Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4), Co-Captoin (3); Football (IJ CHARLW ISJON STON, JR. Catdwissa, Pe isylvanicr ' B.A. in ChenVstry Sigma Chi; Phi Chi7 Lluss ' Honor Council (1); Siydent Legislature p., 3); University Dance Comfliittee (1, 2, 3, 4); Wrestling JAMES WILLI A 4yOHNST6N JR Statesville .„ Pi Kappa Alpha; Interfroternity ' p u rtdl (1). JANET ELIZABETH JOHNSTON Mooresville ( B. V i«« a k b Delta Delta Delta; Class Executive Committee (3), Class e£ ' ' ° ' ' y (3); Daily Tor Heel (3); Yackefy Yock (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4), CaBTl Ki4); Valky- ries M) GENE HALL JOHNSTONE Haleyville, Alabama B.A. in Political Science Kappa Sigma; Doily Tar Heel (3); Philanthropic Assembly (3); Yackety Yack (I, 2, 4), Associate Editor (P. Co-Editor (2), Editor (4); Orientotiooi Com- mittee (3); Kappa Sigma Secretary (4i Catopulf i2 , N R. O T. C (l, 2) Campus Cabinet (4). GEORGE EARL JOLLEY Caroleen B.S. in lommerce JANET SUTTON JOLLY South Hill, Virginia B.A, in Sociology Alpha Delta Pi; Doily Tor Heel (4); Glee Club (3, 4), Y. W. C A (4) ALBERT CARROLL JONES Asheville B.A, in Chemistry Phi Kappo Sigma; Class Vice-President (1); Interdormitory Council (2); Univer- sity Club (4); Boxing (3). 64 SEniORS ANNE CRABILL JONES Newport News, Virginia jound and Fury (3); Yackety Yock (3) JOHN FURMAN JONES, JR- High Point B.A. in Physical Education Class Executive Committee {3);yuiterdormitcfry Council (3); Pliilanthropic As- sembly (2); Football (1); Troe ' k (1, 2, 3, H); Secretory-Treasurer of Student Body (4). B.A. in Art B.A. in History B.A. in Zoology B.A. in Political Science retory (4); Daily Tor Heel (4); International B.S. in Commerce _ lb (4); Interfroternity Council (4); Philanthropic [-■ erpdcrots Club (4). B.S. in Geology B.A, in Comparative Literature Emotional Relofions Club (4) ' Y. W. C A (3, 4); Wesley " A (3, 4). B.A. in Sociology fe Secretory-Treasurer (4). MLEN pOS KAUFMAN Elizabe n, New Jersey B.A. in Art Zeta Beta Tou; Carolina Mogozine (I, 2, 4); Doily Tor Heel (1, 2, 4); Inter- froternity Council (2); Swimming (1, 2); Yackety Yock (4). KAUFMANN HARRY A. KELLY Zhorlo iigmo Alpho jenote (1); Gr kl. (2, louncil (2); Studel " reshmon Friendship ' directors (3). TTY SCHNEIDER KEMP oldsboro 2, 3), Associate EH(tor (3); Dialectic Interdormitory CouroL (1); Student M. C. A. CI, 2, 3), President (3); 1); Graham Memorial Board of B.A. in Sociology 35 Jones, J. Jones, R. Jordan, L. Kaufmann Kelly, J. Jones, L. Jones, W. Kaneda Keen Kemp SEniORS . o . BETTIE ALEXANDER KENDRICK Raleigh B.A. in History Pi Beta Phi; Tennis Club (3); Y. W. C. A. (4), JULIA CHURCHILL KENNEY Osborn, Ohio B.A. in English Glee Club (3, 4); House Council (4), JOHN THOMAS KERR, III Durham B.A. in Economics Kappa Alpha; Carolina Magozine (2); Daily Tar Heel (I, 2, 3), Managing Editor (3); Publications Union Board Treasurer (3); Yackefy Yack Sports Editor (4); University Veterans ' Association (4). CHARLES CARLTON KIMSEY High Point Phi Delta Theta. LOTE KINNEY, JR. Salt Lake City, Utah Sigma Nu; Delta Sigma Pi. CHARLES WALTON KIRBY, JR. Oxford, Alabama JOHN BRYANT KITTRELL, JR. Greenville Sigma Nu; Daily Tar Heel (1) EPPIE P. KNIGHT Rocky MoTTiTT . Sigma Nu,SPeltp Sigmo PiN _ ELMER PAUL KR©P — Rogers City, Michigan Council for Religion, in _ j i JULIA WADE KOCK Columbus, Mississipp Pi Beta Phi. MARILYN KRAFT Mendota, Illinois NANCY C. LAIRD Sandusky, Ohio Pi Beta Phi; Sound and Fury (3); Student Council (4); Student Legislature (3); Valkyries (3, 4), Treasurer (4); Yockety Yack (3); Y. W. C. A, (3, 4), Cabinet (4); Coed Senate (4); Woman ' s Hondbook Stoff (3). WILLIAM JOSEPH LALLY, JR. Paterson, New Jersey WILLIAM PIERCE LAMKIN Arcadia, Louisiana Daily Tar Heel (2, 3); Interdormitory Council (3). JAMES GRAY LAMM Wilson Phi Gamma Delta; Daily Tor Heel (1); Glee Club (1, 2, 3); International Rela- tions Club (1). B S. in Commerce B S in Commerce B A. in Mathematics B.S. in Commerce B S in Commerce -S. Comrr B.A. in Spanish B.A. in Sociology B S. in Qommerce Journalism B.A. in Commerce Kendnck Kimsey Kittrell Kochtitzky Lolly Kenney Kinney Knight Kraft Lomkln Kerr Kirby Knopf Laird Lo.m.m 66 SEniORS ALVIN WARNER LANDFIELD Newark, New York KATHRYN GRACE LANE Dothan, Alabama B.A. in Sociology Chi Omega; Sound and Fury (3); UfWersity Ulub (4); Y, W. C, A. (3, 4). THOMAS BADGER LA HROP LoGrange, Illinois Phi Gamma Delta. FRANCES AN Kinston Alpha Delta Pi: B.A. in Psychology B.A. in English B.A. in Spanish C. A. (4); Spanish Club Secretary (3). B.A. in Dramatic Art ncil (4); Ploymakers (3 4); Sound and Fury C. A. (3, 4), Treasurer ' (4); Pi Beta Phi Vice- B.A. in Sociology pel Mill A, " - ' " Zoology { f haJ5amma Delta; Gl ' Club (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Y W. C. A. , ' j fTown Sjt(s ' ' bc aUor (3, 4); Alpha Gamma Delta President (4). FRANCES M(fC09KLE LEAZAR Atlanta, Georgia Ploymakers (3, 4); Sound ond Fury (3, 4) e6irge ba nett leder I New York, iNew York Carolina Magazine (I). HAROI t) SIDNEY LEE, JR. DeWitt, Virginia ' Ita Sigma Pi. LEGUM LEONARD Chapel Hill Town Girls ' Association (3, 4). B.A. in Dramatic Art B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Economics B.A. in History B.S, in Commerce GERARD G Mamaroneck Student Legislature (5Si, Footbal i ROBERTJ.LILLY ' Seagrove B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce J ' y 67 Landfield Law Lear Lee Levine Lone Lowler Leozar Legum Liebenguth Lothrop Layton Leder Leonard Lilly SEniORS Lindsay Lindsey Littlejohn Livingstone Lochner Lockwood Long, N. Long, W, Lothrop Lovejoy Lowder Lutterloh Lynn MacColmon Mackie JOHN WELDON LINDSAY Columbia, South Carolina B.A. in English Chi Phi; Class Executive Committee (2); Interfraternity Council (2, 3); Inter- national Relations Club (3); Philanthropic Assembly (2, 3); Sound and Fury (3); Y, M. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Freshman Friendship Council (1) CARLTON LINDSEY, JR. Lumberton B.S, in Commerce Phi Delta Theta; Doily Tar Heel (1); Gimghoul (3. 4); Y MCA (1, 2). LEONARD SPEARS LITTLEJOHN Jonesville, South Carolina Phi Kappa Sigma. WILLIAM ORR LIVINGSTONE, JR. Asheville DARLEY BYRD LOCHNER Jacksonville, Florida Sigma Kappa; Daily Tar Heel (3, 4), Y W C A (3, 4 B.S. in Commerce B,A. in Political Science B.A in Journalism MARY ELIZABETH LOCKWOOD Brunswick, Georgia B.A. in Chemistry Theta Psi Epsilon; Class Officer (2), Y. W. C. A, (2, 3, 41; Phormacy Senate (2) NICHOLAS LONG Roanoke Rapids B.S. in Commerce Carolina Political Union (3); Class Vice-President (1); Philanthropic Assembly (1, 2); Student Legislature (3); University Club (3). WILLIE JONES LONG, JR. Garysburg B.S. in Commercey Zeta Psi; Cfa?SS4onor Council (2); Debate Squad (I, 2); Golden Fleece ' 3, 4) Gorgon ' s Kjead yRr ' ft7 " € 0il (2, 3, 4); Student Legislature (2, 3); Universi Club Treasb ei G); WresHtisg (1, 2); Minataurs (2) MARY BELLE L Knoxville,£ Chi Omega; Y W ' ALBERT EDWIN LO OY Southern Pines LLOYD GREY LOWDER Albemarle Glee Club (1) ISAAC HAYDEN LUTTERLOH, JR. Sanford Chi Phi; Alpho Epsilon Delta. I.A( in Mofhsaaatiei.... B.A. in Chemis BARBARA DELPHINE LYNN High Point B.A. in Dramat c Art Delta Delta Delta; Carolino Magazine (3); Playmokers (3); Sound grid Fury (5); Swimming Club (3); Woman ' s Athletic Association (4). KATHYRINE JANE MacCALMAN Nyack, New York B.A in English Daily Tar Heel (3, 4), Glee Club (3, 4); Yackety Yock (3, 4) y W C A (4); Swimming Club (3), C. I. C. A. (3, 4), WILLIAM ERNEST MACKIE Chapel Hill B.A. in Political Science Phi Gamma Delto; Phi Beta Kappa; Debate Squad (1, 2, 3, 4); Debate Council i2, 3); Dialectic Senate (1, 2, 3, 4), President Pro-Tempore (2), Critic (3); International Relotions Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Vice-President (2, 3); Y. M. C. A (2, 3) 68 SEniORS NORMAN MacLEOD Sanford Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (4) ROBERT RANKIN MacMILL Norfolk, Virginia Kappa Alpha. ANNETTE MAG ID Petersburg, Virgin: Carolina Magazine ORRIN R Dublin, Virgi Dialectic Sena Soccer (4) B.A. in Journalism B.A. in Philosophy B.A. in Sociology B.A. in Political Science lotions Club (2); Y. M, C, A (1, 2, 4); B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Political Science Political Union (3, 4); Doily Tar Heel (4); Hillel I Relations Club (2, 3). B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce House Council, Pi Kappa Alpha Treasurer (4). DOROTHY ROSt MARSHALL larjni, Florida B.A. in Sociology [igmq. Kappa; ipha Kappa Delta; Stray Greek (3); Dally Tar Heel (3), ROBERT M. MARSHBURN, JR. Elizabetbftown B.S. in Commerce Carolina Magazine (1, 2, 3), Interdormitory Council (3). iGOOD MARTIN Carolina B.A. in English ama Alpho Iota; Glee Club (3, 4), Vice-President (4); B S in Chemistry hysical cdtiQation Alpha Clelta Yv, . C. A. (3, 4); Spencer DoiWbry House Council (3); Woman ' s i thlet AssoaS»i« J4) . JAMES IRVINKMASON, JR. Asheville B.A. in Political Science JOHN MARTIN MAY Long Branch, New Jersey " " ' B S. in Commerce Jf Kappa Alpha; Carolina Magazine (1, 2), Daily Tor Heel (I, 2, 3); Inter dormitory Council (1, 2); Philontliropic Assembly (2, 3), Tennis (1, 2). 69 t f ' ' MocLeod MocMillan Mogid Mogill Monn Morgolis Marsh, J. Marsh, W. Marshall Marshburn Martin. A Martin, J. Martin, M. Mason May SEniORS iViuynard Mease Medd Mercer Middleton Miller Mintz Mitchell Mock Molloun Moore, E, Moore, M. Moore, T. Morenus Morgan HUBBARD DURANT MAYNARD, JR Chapel Hill Track (1, 3); Y M C A. (1, 3). B A. in Physical Education JUDSON DAW MEASE Canton Y M C A (2, 3). FLORENCE LOUISE MEDD Asheville Sigma Alpha loto; Band (3, 4); C. I C A. (4); University Orchestro (4); Western North Carolina Club (4). B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Music WILLIAM CASSIE MERCER, JR. Williamston Kappa Sigma. JACKSIE JANE MIDDLETON The Plains, Virginia WILLIAM EUGENE MILLER Winston-Salem Kappa Sigma, Treasurer (4) RONALD EARL MINTZ Rocky Mount Lambda Chi Alpha; Interfroternity Council (4); Young Democrats Club (4); Lambda Chi Alpha President (3); Lambda Chi Alpha Secretary (4). B.S. in Chemistry B S in Commerce B S, in Commerce B.A. in Political Science LOUIS CARR MITCHELL Ahoski£ B.S. in Commen lnterdorifh a i; ouncil TS 3, 4), Secretary (4), Student Legislature (3) dent Advisor (A3, 4) JULIUS ALEXANDE " MOCK, JR Winston-Sale Daily Tar Heel ( „ " lolectic Seftste (1) RUTH ELLEN MOLL Bethesda, Maryland Student Advisor (4). ournalism ELIZABETH SPRUILL MOORE Macon Glee Club (2). MYRON L, MOORE, JR. Granite Falls B.S. in Commerce Phi Kappa Sigma; Class Executive Committee (3); Interdormifory Council (2). THOMAS McGWYNN MOORE Raleigh B.S. i Commerce N R O T C (1, 2, 3). CONSTANCE GAY MORENUS Atlanta, Georgia B.A. in History Dialectic Senate (3); International Relations Club Vice-President (3), Y. W. C. A Cabinet (3, 4); C. I. C. A. (3); Canterbury Club Vice-President (3, 4). CECILEDOYNE MORGAN Birmingham, Alabama B.A. in Zoology Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club (3, 4); Interdormitory Council (4); Coed Senate (3); Y W. C. A. (3). 7Q SEniORS ANNE HOLLAND MORRIS Richmond, Virginia Chi Omega; Sound and Fury (3), Y W CONSTANCE BOYD MORRIS. Florence, Alabama Chi Omega; Interdormitory Coun Valkyries (4); Y. W. C A. CgiJinet Senate (3, HELEN VARICK Asheville Pi Beto Phi; Glee Senate (4) B.A. in Sociology A Cabinet (3); Coed Senate (3), B.A. in Sociology resident (4); Student Council (3, 4); iclver House President (3, 4); Coed B.A. in History net (4); Tennis Club (4); Coed B.A. in English (1, 2, 3, 4), Daily Tar Heel (1, 2, 3, 4), 5); Debate Squad (1, 2, 3); Dialectic Senate Vdormitory Council (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President ' 4), Speaker (4), Publications Union Board (4), ' ture (4); Y. M, C A. (3); Graham Memoriol House President (2). B.A. in Economics am Club (1, 2, 3). Vice-President (2), President (3); versity Club President (3); Swimming (1,2, 3), Co- ■ 4). , B.A. in Chemistry cutive Committee (1); Y, M C A (2, 3, 4) ■ UL EVERETT MULLINAX astonia rvative Club President (4). ANN LeMOINE MURPHY Warsaw, Virginia Pi Beta Phi; House Council (4); Y, W C. A, JOSEPH DAV Cerro Gordo WILLIAM HOWE M Florence, South Carolina B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Chemistry B.A. in Economics B.A. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce B.A. in History B.A. in Psychology B S in Commerce B.S. in Commerce .Sigma Chi; German Club Executive (2), Interfraternity Council (2, 3); University Club (2); Fresiiman Friendship Council (1). 71 Morris, A. Morris, C. Morrison, H. Morrison, R. Morrow Moser Moskow Moskowitz Motf Mullinox Munden Murphy Murray McAlister McCarthy SEniORS !CI» " I T ROBERT WESLEY McCORKLE Mocksville B S in Commerce JOAN McCRACKEN Canton - B.A. in Sociology LILBURNE McDADE Slireveport, Louisiana B.A. in History Koppa Kappa Gomma. ELIZABETH JOSEPHINE McDOWALL Keystone, West Virginia B.A. in Sociology Zeta Tou Alpha; Glee Club (3, 4), Y. W. C. A. (3). RICHARD CAVANAGH McELROY, JR. Wilson B.S. in Commerce Zeta Psi. DANIEL MILES McFARLAND Brevard B.A, in History Daily Tor Heel (3), Dialectic Senate (2, 4), Critic (4), Glee Club (2, 4), Publicity Manager (4); International Relations Club (3); Student Legislature (4); Council for Religion in Life (4). SARA ELIZABETH McGEE Columbus, Georgia Alpha Kappa Delta; Daily Tar Heel (4); Glee Club (4), Y W C A (3, 4); Women ' s Athletic Association (3); Student Advisor (4); Spanish Club (3), B.A. in Sociology HELEN LOTplSLAiJcGILL DavidsoV B. BOYDMcGUI Spruce Pine Philanthropic Ass blv JOHN VINCENT MclHU H Lansdowne, Pennsylvania Glee Club (3). EDWARD BURTMcKENZIE Salisbury Sigma Nu. MARY ADELAIDE McLARTY Water Valley, Mississippi Daily Tar Heel (3, 4), Glee Club (3). BETTY DOREENE McLEAN Gibsonville Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); C. I. C. A, (4). MORAN DORITH McLENDON, JR Morven Phi Gamma Delta; Baseball (1). WILLIAM AYLETTE McMANUS Charlotte Alpha Tau Omega. B.A. in History B.S. iX Commerce B.A. irf Political Science B A. in Economics 72 SEniORS RUTH BURCH McMICHAEL Chapel HI I Town Girls ' Association (I, 2, 3, 4). MARC! A McM ILL IN Raleigh . Sigma Alpha Iota; Glee Club (3v JAMES BAUGHAM A ULLAN Washington Delta Kappa Epsiloiiy JOHN MARS Newport New Ploymokers (4). B.A. In History B.A. in Music B.A. in Political Science B.A. in Dramatic Art B.S. In Medicine Golden Fleece (3, 4); Student Council (2, 3); NACH SON B.S. in Commerce ratafnity Council (3); Monogram Club (4); Wrestling (4). B.A. In Zoology )xbp ' BS. in Commerce FlyORENCE JUNE NEWMAN Yonkers, New Yock B.S. in Commerce Carolina Magazine 4); Hillel Cabinet (3); Y. W. C. A. (4) fvNN-NICK 3yton, Ohi B.A. in Art Sound ond Fi y (3); University Club (3, 4); Valkyries (4); Yackety Yock (3) Y W. C. A. 3, 4); Woman ' s Handbook (3); C. I. C. A. (3) -JOHN STEPHAN NOLAN Beach, Florida B.S. in Commerce NG NORVELL iguana, Georgia B.A. In Sociology ' Alpha DehvF ' ; Glee Clyb (3, 4;; Interdormitory Council (4), Student Legis- ' 3, 4); Alderman House President (4). loture (4,1; Y DORIS ALENE NUNN Marlon ' -- V gTA an So ciology Alpha D4lta Pi; Y V C. A (3, 4); Cheerleader NJ ; Miaern Dance CltK(4)- Student -■ -- - " " ' B S. In Commerce JOHNSCHOFIELDO ' NE , Knoxville, Tennessee Phi Beta Kappa. 73 B.A. in English McMullan Nachamson Newman Norvell O ' Neall SEniORS Osborne Owen Foley Parker, E Parker, S. Uiment USSinsky Pace Packer Pannell Parker, D. Parker, M, J Porker, M. P. Parnell Portrick ELIZABETH ANNE OSBORNE Waynesville B.A. in Zoology Carr House President (3), Interdormitory Council (3); Coed Senate (3); C. I. C. A. (3). VIRGINIA DANIEL OSMENT Durham CORINNEOSSINSKY Daytono Beach, Florida Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); Hillel Cabinet (4); Sponish Club (3 HENRY WALTER LILLY OWEN, JR. Rocky Mount Chi Phi; Class Executive Committee (1). WILLIAM ALLEN PACE Saluda Delta Sigma Pi. WILLIAM LOUIS PACKER Chapel Hill B.A. in Sociology B.A. in Spanish ) B.A. in Physics b S. in Commerce B S in Commerce DONALD W. PALEY New York, New York B A. in Economics Pi Lambda Phi; Interfraternity Council (3, 4); Monogram Club (4); Swimming (2, 4); Tennis (2, 3, 4). RUFUS ,«rtJHUR PAt 4NELL Franklin Sound and Fury (3 DANIEL LOUHShK Smithfield - Bond (1); Dialectic Sena " Nstn ERNEST ELBERT PARKER, JR Shallotte MARIAN JEROME PARKER Erwin Alpho Delta Pi; Y W C A. (3, 4). MILDRED PARROTT PARKER La Grange Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A. (3). SARA E, PARKER Smithfield Glee Club (4). WILLIAM EDWARD PARNELL Charlotte Daily Tor Heel Advertising Manager (4). EDWARD DUDLEY PARTRICK, JF Wilmington B.A. in Sociology BA in Chemistry B.A. in Journalism B.S. in Commerce 74 SEniORS JEAN ANNE PATTERSON Chapel Hi! Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Town Girls ' Association lp, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A, (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (2). ROBERT FISHER PATTERSC Rockwell GUY WARREN PAU Highlands ROBERT Spokane, Golden Fleece Medal (3) S. in Medical Technology B S. in Commerce B.A. in Journalism B,S. in Commerce I 4); Basketball (2, 3, 4), Fay Robinson B.A, in Dramatic Art ' , 4); Wesley Foundation (3, 4). nd Maiorette (3); Doily Tar Heel (3) Sigiha Chi. ' HERMAN WILB JRN PERKINS, JR. Goldsboro ROBERT EQWARD PERRY onshore B A. in English B.A. in Art B A. in Chemistry B S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce Sigma Nu; Doily Tar Heel (1); Student Legislature (2); University Dance Com- mittee (2) Baseball (I). " ;arren seipp perry jMnsTftw»,,, _ B S. in Commerce fKoppa SigmoT dta Sigma Pi; Swimming (1, 2, 3, 4). ytLlZ BETH ADAIX PETESCH ' Birminc Chi Omega; Y. Ale B.A. in History VIRGINIA MADGE PETTIGREW Winter ' FTavelT rida FRITzWiF) Arlington, Vfr Phi Delta Theta. AUGUSTA F. Grover pharrV, D ?S. ii a n anish n History B.A. in English Alpha Gamma Delta; Carolina Magazine (4); Doily Tor Heel (3) Interdormi- tory Council (4), Yockety Yock (4), Y. W C A. (3, 4 75 Patterson, J. Patterson, R. Paxton Pearsall Peirce Pence Perry, R. Perry, W. Pettigrew Pfeiffer Paul Peete Perkins Petesch Pharr SEniORS -irsi 1 -- f .) o Phillips, E.H. Phoenix Pinner Pond Pope, J. Phillips, EM. Pickord Poisson Ponder, E. Pope, M. BETTY JO PHILLIPS Winnsboro, South Carolina B.A. in Sociology Y. W. C A. (3), ELIZABETH HUNTINGTON PHILLIPS Orlando, Florida B.A. in Sociology Delta Delta Delta. ELLA MOORE PHILLIPS Kinston B.A. in Sociology Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). HUBERT JULIAN PHILPOTT Lexington B.A. in Dromctic Art Kappa Sigma; Playmakers (3, 4); Sound and Fury (3); University Club (3); Football (I, 2); Yockety Yack Junior Editor (4); Freshman Orientation Com- mittee (3). JULIUS W. PHOENIX, JR. Raleigh B.S. in Commerce Sigma Nu; Daily Tar Heel (1); Interfraternity Council (2); House Privileges Board (2); Catopult (1, 2). JOSEPH OLIVER PICKARD Randleman Chi Phi. STEPHEN JOHN PILLER, JR Hempsteed New York Kappa AiDha; lnT7mr Club (1) HOWARD M Candler FREDERICK D Wilmington Sigma Alpha Epsilon EDWIN ALLEN POLLOCK, JR. Quantico, Virginia FREDERICK RICHARD POND Brooklyn, New York Yackety Yack, Fraternity Editor (2). ELEANOR I. PONDER Skyland HERSCHEL D. PONDER Skyland B.S. in Commerce ( B Ar-in4ilictQry B.A. in ournalism B Sr in Commerce JOHN WILLIAM POPE Fuquay Springs Chi Phi; Student Legislature (2); Y M C A. (1, 2, 3, 4) B.S. in Commerce MARK COOPER POPE, III Atlanta, Georgia B S. in Commerce Phi Delta Theta; Gimghoul (3, 4); Football (1, 2, 3, 4). 76 SEniORS B.A. in Journalism CARROLL EDWARD POPLIN Winston-Salem Phi Kappa Sigma; Carolina Magazine (2, iX baily Tor Heel (1, 2, 3, 4); De- bate Squad (I, 2); Dialectic Senate (1 2, 3); Philonthropic Assembly (3) Publications Union Board (3); Sound arjerFur (2); University Club (2); Tennis (1, 2, 3); Yockety Yack (2, 3, 4). ROBERT EDWIN PORTE New Orleans, Louisiana LAURA McDOWEjZ POWERS Durham Y. W. C. A. (3, 4 NORRISW- Greensboro ELLEN Warri B.S, in Commerce B.A. in Sociology B.A. in English ); Sound and finvfflfe, ' Vip iftid- ., B.S. in Commerce Deltfl Sigma K;G ee Oip ()); International Relations Club 0) ; PUGH B.A. in Journalism 4), Philanthropic Assembly (3, 4), Yackety Yock (3), C. I. C A. (3, 4). B.S. in Commerce Kappa Alpna; Delta Sigma Pi; Class President (4); Glee Club (3); Golden Fleece (4 ; Grail (3, 4), Scribe (3), Delegate (4); Interfraternity Council Sec- retary (4l; Student Council (3, 4); Student Legislature Clerk (4); House Privi- ges Board Treasurer (4); Men ' s Council Chairman (4); Student Audit Board hoirman (4). B.A. in Journalism B.S. in Commerce in Art B.S. ih Commerce C A. (1, 2, 3, 4) WILLIA Raleigh Zeta Psi; German CI DONALD NEELY RAL? Wenonah, New Jersey Chi Phi. B S. in Commerce 77 Porter Price, E. Prillaman Queen Rogland Powers Price, H. Pugh Quinn, J. Ralston SEniORS CATHERINE LILLIAN RANKIN Columbia, Mississippi Alpha Gamma Delta; Pan-Hellenic Council (3). B,A, in Journalism CAMILLA RAY Oxford B.A. in English Swimming (3); Y. W. C. A, (4); Woman ' s Athletic Associotion (3). FREDMOWRERREADLING Davidson B.S. in Commerce LILLIAN M. REEVES Pilot Mountain B.A. in Chemistry Theta Psi Epsilon; Glee Club (3, 4); Philanthropic Assembly (3); Y. W. C. A. (3); Baptist Student Union Secretary (3); Council for Religion in Life (3). DON AVERY RE ID Lenoir B.A. in Political Science WARREN COURTNEY RENDALL Fredericksburg, Virginia B.A. in Economics Delto Kappa Epsilon; Interfraternity Council (3); Delta Kappa Epsilon Secre- tary (4). JOHN ARTHUR RICHARDSON, JR. Winston-Salem B.A. in Naval Science Phi Kappa Sigma; University Club (3), Baseball 13), Basketball (3); Y. M C A (4), EMILY LLU YRIDENHOUR Mount Cilec " Alpha Del lKP6s:f W C A {3, 4). B.A. in Journal CHARLES WILLIA VTRIPLEY Anderson, South ' xplina Boptist Stu .tudent UnW) " s " , fl ' , ' Pr SHtent (3), Vici GLORIA DEAN ROBBIT Gastonia B.A. in Sociology Daily Tar Heel (3); Coed Senate (4); Yackety Yock (31 Y W A (3, 4); Student Advisor (4); House Council (3, 4); C I. C A (3j 4), Execu tive Counc il (3, 4); Publicity Chairman (4). ALICE SPARKS ROBERSON Washington B.A. in Political Sell Delta Delta Delta; Carolina Magazine (3), Student Legislature (3, 4); Y. W. C A (3). FLO ANN ROBERTS Tampa, Florida B.S. in Cc nmerce Alpha Delta Pi; Y. W C A (4); Alpha Delta Pi Vice-President (4). RICHARD DOW ROBERTS Asheville ROBERTINE ADELINE ROBERTS Lookout Mountain, Tennessee Chi Omego; Y. W. C. A (3). HLilHI B - ' ' fl JOHN A. ROBERTSON 1 m Raleigh Rankin Ray Read ling Reeves Raid Rendall Richardson Ridenhour Ripley Robbins Roberson Roberts, F. Roberts, R. D. Roberts, R. A. Robertson Commerce B.A. in English B.A. in Economics 78 SEniORS ANN ELIZABETH ROBINSON Winchester, Virginia B.A. in Sociology Pi Beta Phi; Honor Council (4); Coed ate (4); University Club (3); Y W C A (3, 4) DONALD CARL ROBINSON Atlanta, Georgia Phi Mu Alpha; Bond (1, 2, 3 ) Secretary (2), Orchestra (1 JAMES LOWRY R INSON Arlington, Virg Yockety Yock ( JANE ARMS, Pittsburgh, Chi Omega; B.A. in History (1, 2, 3, 4); Y M. C, A. (1, 2), Ipha President (4). B.A. in English ly Tar HfeeK(4l ' -Glea club (3, 4), International Relations Club (4); Sound B.A. in Socio ' ogy Creedmootj , ' B.A, in Journalism Gp Club 6, 4K- ,y ' Z C A (41 ANNE HERNDON ROGERS Ciiopel Hill B.A. in English Bbta Phi; Co d Senate (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4), Cabinet (4); Town Girls ' lAssociation {3,A). B S. in Commerce )RGE )ROON ROGERS, JR. Whitevilje ' JCLYDE THOMAS ROLLINS ;kory B.S. in Commerce Tou KaJI|)» Alpha; Debate Squod (3); Debate Council (3); International Rela- tions Club (Z sj, President (3); Philanthropic Assembly (3). SI CJtJEY WILLI AVi ROSINSKY I BrooW , New York B.S. in Commerce Tau Epsilon " PttiH|U©r Cabinet (3), Boxing Assistant Manager (3) LESTER ROSSKAM Phi ladgiphua Pennsylvania EUGEN Donnelly, M Delta Sigma Pi; Mor groi IRA ROTH BAUM Pitman, New Jersey Carolina Magazine (4); Doily Tar Heel i2, 3, 4) S. in Commerce lub (4); Robinson, A. Robinson, D. Robinson, J. L. Robinson, J. A Robinson, N. Rodd Roddey Rogers, A F. Rogers, A. H Rogers, G. Rollins Rosinsky Rosskam Roth Rothbaum SEniORS j ' ri » Rudolph f ' . ■ Sanders Sandick Sands Sapp Sarlin Sasser Souer Saunders, A. Saunders, N. Sotterfieid Scales Schwortz Seover HENRY LATIMER RUDOLPH Asheville B.S. in Commerce Phi Dclto Theto; Western North Carolina Club (4); University Veterans ' Asso- ciation (4), SARAH ROSANNE RYAN Asheville B.A. in Sociology Pi Befo Phi; Glee Club (3, 4); Swimming Club (3); Student Advisor (4). THOMAS BRYAN SANDERS Four Ooks BERNARD ARTHUR SANDICK Chicago, Illinois Daily Tar Heel (2) MARVIN SANDS Greensboro Tau Epsilon Phi. BAXTER BOONE SAPP Raleigh B.S, in Commerce B S. in Commerce B,S. in Commerce B.A. in Chemistry Phi Delto Theto; Band {i , Yackety Yock (I ); Class Dance Committee (3). B.S. in Commerce RALPH FEDDER SARLIN Liberty, South Carolina Tau Epsilon Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Hillel Cobinet (4) WILLIAM GRAY SASSER Wilson B.A. in Music, Phi Mu AlEfeo; Band (2), Daily Tar Heel (I); Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Sound on Fury (I, 2, 3TS. DOROTHY JDWE SAUE Chapel Hill - -_ B.A. in Political Science Carolina Magazine _i42. Daily Tar Heel (4); InternoftonaLRelations Ciiio 14), Spanish Club (3); CTl5. A. (3, 4) ilino Magazine Hi, t lish Club (3); Cn ALBERT SAUNDER Asbury Park, New Jersey NANCY ANN SAUNDERS ( Reidsville KBA.Jff) ScJOOIii y Chi Omega; Daily Tor Heel 13, 4); Sound and Fury (3, H »fc5cretary (4), Y. W. C A. (3, 4). FRANCES SATTERFIELD Richmond, Virginia B.A. in Sociology Chi Omega; Sound and Fury (3), Pon-Heilenic Council (3, 4), Y W C A (3, 4). JUNIUS IRVING SCALES Chapel Hill KARL SCHWARTZ, 1 1 1 Washington, D. C. Delta Kappa Epsilon. B.A. in Comparative literature A. in English RICHARD WOODWARD SEAVER Thompson, Connecticut B.A. in English Sigmo Chi; Carolina Magazine (3, 4); Doily Tor Heel (3, 4); Monogram Club (3, 4), Wrestling (3, 4). 80 SEniORS CLAIBORNE TAYLOR SELDEN San Diego, California NATALIE LOUISE SELIG Elizabeth City Daily Tor Heel (3, 4) EDITH JOAN SEMAT Flushing, New York Hillel Cabinet (3, 4) ARTHUR RON Wilmington Tau Epsilon Phi Club (3, 4), C JOHN RO Ocean Dialectic B.A. in History B.A. in Journalism B.A. in Sociology B.A. in Chemistry Daily Tar Heel il, 4), Monogram B.S, in Chemistry 2); Y, M. C A (I, 2, 3) B.S. in Chemistry .b ,( , 4); Monogram Club (3, 4); B.A. in Economics ng (3, 4); B.A. in History E ! ELYN Ridgewood, New ersey B.A in Sociology Alpha Delta Pi; Al ha Kappa Delta; Daily Tor Heel (4); Glee Club (3) Sound . C. A. (3, 4); Swimming Club (3, 4); House Council (4); Student B.A. in Chemistry Epsilon Delta; Hillel Cabinet (2); Swimming (2). EVEL N ANN SHUDDE " Washington, D. C. DeTf!l««S6tp; Glee Club (3 4); Yackety Yack - ■ C A 4). SIBLEY ELLIOT BENEDICT SIEGEL New York, New York Phi Al B.A. in Mathematics 4); Y W. C A. (3, 4); B.S. in Chemistry B S. in Commerce A in Economics B.S. in Commerce THOMAS GREGC Elizabeth City Zeta PsI; Carolina Politico! Urfflll (1| d German Club (3); Interfraternity Council (4); I nterdormitory Council (I); Swimming (1 2 3)- Track (!)■ Young Democrots Club (1); Y M C. A. (I, 2). SEniORS Smith, S Smith, Z. Sowell Speas Smith, E Smith, K. Smith, V. Smith, W Snuggs Sokohl Soybel Spain oeissegger Spencer SHIRLEY MARGARET SMALL Topeka, Kansas B.A. in Sociology Alpha Delta Pi; Y, W. C A (3, 4), Cobinet (4); Coed Senate (4); Student Advisor (4). EUNICE CONSTANCE SMITH Brunswick, Georgia Theta PsI Epsilon. B.A, in Chemistry KATHERINE GERRY SMITH Concord, Georgia B.A. in Sociology Chi Omega; Alpha Kappa Delta; Class Executive Committee (4); Pon-Hellenic Council, Vice-President (4); Valkyries (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Women ' s Ath- letic Association Secretary (4) STEPHEN BLOUNT SMITH Greenville Sound B,A. in Chemistry Philanthropic Assembly (4); Dialectic Senote (1). VIRGINIA COWLES SMITH Charlotte B.A. in Sociology Chi Omeao; University Club (3); Y, W. C, A. (3, 4); Woman ' s Athletic Asso- ciation (4); House Council (3). W GRISWOLDSMITH Charlotte Sigma Alpha Epsilon; German Club Executive (4). ZACHARY TAYLOR SMITH Mount Airy Beta Thefa PI. B S in Commerce Economics JACOB NATHANfgb - SOKOH L Elkins Park, Penn yiyania J. RANDOLPH SOWELL Greensboro Delto Sigma Pi; Young Democrots Club ( ARTHUR SOYBEL Brooklyn, New York Carolina Magazine (3), Sound and Fury BARBARA LANDER SPAIN Rock Hill, South Carolina B,A. in English Alpha Gamma Delta; Daily Tar Heel (3); Glee Club (3, 4); Pon-Hellenic Ioun- cil (4); Y W C A (3, 4); C. I. C A. (3). MARGARET ANN SPEAS Atlanta, Georgia Phi Mu; Glee Club (3, 4), Yackety Yack (3, 4); Y. W. C, A fi, 4); Stray Greeks President (4). B A, n French JOYCE FROST SPEISSEGGER Charleston, South Carolina Alpha Delta Pi. CURTIS WAYNE SPENCER, JR. Wilmington B.A, in Zoology B.A. in Spanish 82 SEniORS WILLIAM WARREN 5PRAGINS Clarksdole, Mississippi FREDERICK CHARLES SPUHLER Baldwin, New York Chi Phi. SAM KANESTALLARD Gate City, Virginia CLYDE MORTON Morehead City Delta Psi; Carolina Assembly (3); Ployj (4); Yackety Yac tion Committee KERWIN Forest Cit; Delto Sig B.S- in Physics B,S. in Commerce B A. in Chemistry B.A. in Journalism aily Tar Heel (3, 4); Philanthropic Fury (2, 3, 4); Student Legislature ,4); Tar an ' Feathers (2); Onento- B,5, in Commerce B.A. in Journalism far Heel (4i, Interdormitory Council (4); Manley B.S. in Commerce Phi Gamma Delta; Qlass Honor Council (2); Class Treasurer (1 ), Student Legis- latiji£__(2); Track (1); University Club (2); Interfrcternity Council (2). CEORGE DANIELS STENHOUSE toldsboro B.A. in History Alpha Tau Omega; Carolina Political Union (4); Closs Treosurer (3); Class Executive Qommittee (3); Gorgon ' s Head (3, 4); Interfrcternity Council (3, 4); Alpho Tai Omego President (4). ' LUAM BLOUNT STEWART inaton B.S. in Commerce Chi Phi; Tui u Alpha; Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Phllonthropic Assembly, Speaker _Pro-Tem (3)7S eshman Friendship Council (4); Y. M. C. A. (3, 4); University lierons ' AssocioNpn President (3), Vice-President (4). JULIX N HAWKir% STOKES Newson MARY IMOGENE STOKES Darlington, South Carolina Y, w WILL Raleigh Pi Kappa Alpha Council (2, 3). dent (3), Vice-Presi nt B S, in Commerce B.A. in Sociology B.A. iKPoiitical Science 3); Class President n Interfratermty Football (2); Pi Kappb Alpha Presi- 6ETTY CAROLYN SI Richmond, Virginia Alpho Delta Pi; Yackety Yock (3), Y W C A (3, 4) 83 B.A. in English C f Cj •; jproguib Spuhler Siuiiu.d Stollings, C. Stollings, K. Stallworth Stanbach Stedmon, J. A. Stedmon, J. 1 Stenhouse Stewart Stokes, J. Stokes, M. Storey Storm SEniORS Stoudemire Stough Strait Stroyhorn Stringfield Srrobel Stuart Stubbs Sturgell Suggs, J. Suggs, R. Suits Sullivan Summers Swain MARIAN SLATE STOUDEMIRE Chapel Hill B.A. in Spanish Pi Beta Phi; Pon-Hellenic Council (4); University Club (3); Town Students Association (3, 4), Vice-President (4). SAMUEL TERTIUS STOUGH, JR. Davidson B.S in Commerce JOHN LACKER STRAIT Angola, Indiana B.S. in Commerce Sigma Phi Epsilon; Monogram Club (3, 4); Cross Country (3, 4), Track (4 , RALPH NICHOLS STRAYHORN, JR. Durham B.S. in Commerce Phi Delta Theta; Class Honor Council (1); Class President (3); Gorgon ' s Head (4); Groil (4); Monogram Club (4); Student Legislature (2); Football (I, 2, 3, 4), Co-Captain (4); Track (I, 2); Graham Memorial Director (2) JAMES KING STRINGFIELD Waynesville - Monogram Club (2), Football (1); Track (2). B A. in Chemistry VINCENT EVANS STROBEL Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Commerce Phi Delto Theta; Gorgon ' s Head (3, 4); Interfratermty Council (3, 4t, As- sistant Football Manager (2); Freshmon Orientation Counsellor (3). WALTER JAMES STUART Parris island. South Carolina B.A. in Mathematics Y M C A (1, 2), Treasurer (1); Sound and Fury (1, 2); Chairman of Council for Religion in Life (1 ); Aquinas Club (1, 2, 3), President (1 ) B S. in Commerc WILLIAM JEFFERSON STUBBS Atlanta, GPOmio Phi Delta Xbet Daily TShsHeel (1); Dialectic Senate (1); Gimghoul (4), GLie Club (.!)■ Wwa ram Club 4); Sound and Fury (1, 2); Student Legisla ire (4); University Cl (3), Tenuis (3, 4), Monager (3); Cheerleader (2, 4 ' JACK SHERMAN-S:];URGELL Greenup, Kentucky Science JANE LEONARD SUC Chapel Hill Y W C A (I, 2, 3); Town Girls ' Association (1, 2, French ), Vice-President (2. 3) RE ID SUGGS Thomasville Monogram Club (2) B.A. in Ph Basketball (I, 2) h s sgl Educatii HAROLD WADE SUITS Liberty B.A. in Zoology Phi Beta Kappa; Daily Tar Heel (1); Dialectic Senote (1, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (3)- Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Swimming (3); Y. M C A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Council for Religion m Life (1, 2, 3, 4). emistry BEVERLY NATHANIEL SULLIVAN, JR. Winston-Salem Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa. ALICE WRIGHT SUMMERS Rogersville, Tennessee Alpha Delta Pi; Sigma Alpho lota; Glee Club (3, 4); Ploymokers (3); Y. Vl ' . C A Cabinet (3, V Journalism DOROTHY ALLEN SWAIN Raleigh B.A. in Journalism Delta Delta Delta; Carolina Magazine (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Y W C. A. (3); Coed Senate (4). 84 SEniORS VIRGINIA FERGUSON SWAIN Hartford, Connecticut 7 B.A. in Zoology Delta Delto Delta; Glee Club (3, 4); Stud t Legislature (3); University Club (3); Y, W. C, A (3, 4); Woman ' s AjHletic Association Vice-President (4); Delta Delta Delta Secretary (4). DOROTHY BURKE SWEA Charlotte Alpha Delta PI; Doily Tar . urer (4). RICHARD HA Lewistown, Monogram Club HILDA SI Lookout Chi B.A. in Art A. (3, 4); Alpha Delta Pi Treas- B A. in Physical Education Tennis (3 4); Y M C A (3, 4). B.A. in English C. A. (3, 4); Honor Council (3, 4). B.A. in Mathematics B.A. in History B.A. in Sociology i 1v1agazlne (4), Pliilanthropic Assembly (3, 4); B.S. in Economics ' LOR ( ), Interfroternity Council ( ). " ENNEY. JR. B.A. in Economics A HUR Webster thomas, jr. Concord B.S. in Commerce Pi Kappa Ipha; Bond (1, 2); Glee Club (1); Interfroternity Council (2) EVERETT THOMAS, J R loren N Duth Carolina pha Ep Hon. B.S. in Commerce IIN M THOMAS ' Tampo t ida B.A. in French Kappa DeltoTTStee- lotf (3, 4); Y W. C. A (3, 4); Stray Greeks (3, 4), Vice- President (4). WILLI-aJwUe HOMAS ( y Winstpn-SalerflSv B.S r€e«imerce Golf ( Track yf4 Wrestling (2), Footboll (K GLORIA AN LTHOMPSOh Wendell X Alpha Delta Pi; Y. VOC. A. (3. 4). X JEAN CAROL TH0MP t 4 J Spencer B.A. in Spanish Dally Tor Heel (3); Yackety Yack (4), Y W. C. A (3, 4), Spanish Club Treas- urer (3); C. I. C. A (3, 4), Executive Council (4). B.AN-n Zoology a o 85 Swain, V. -.■, .; Swigart Taber Tapley Tate Taylor, M. Taylor, P. Tenney Thomas, A. Thomas, H Thomas, N. Thomas, W. Thompson, G. Thompson, J W ' 7 «.! SEniORS Thompson, R. Thompson, S. Thompson, T. Thomson Thorsen Tietjen Tillery Tisdale Tomlinson Towler Trimble, D. Trimble, F. Trotter Trusty Tucker RANDOLPH MINES THOMPSON Jacksonville, Florida B.A. in Economics Sigmo Alpha Epsilon; Gorgon ' s Head (3, 4); Interfroternity Council (3). SAMUEL A, THOMPSON, JR. Mount Olive THOMAS WILSON THOMPSON Winston-Salem JULIUS FAISON THOMSON, JR. Goldsboro Beta Theta Pi; Daily Tar Heel (2); Philanthropic Assembly (2, 3), Speaker Pro Tempore (3); Track (2). B.A. in Chemistry B,S- in Commerce B.A. in History BARBARA LOU THORSON Elizabeth City Daily Tor Heel (3, 4; B.A. in Journalism CHARLES H, TIETJEN Freeport, New York B.A. in Physical Education Phi Gamma Delta; Monogram Club Secretory-Treasurer (4); Track (3). LYNN BRADFORD TILLERY Wilmington Phi Gamma Delta; Track (1, 2). B.S. in Commerce ALFRED- QMUND TISDALE Sumter Sou(tr-€cu;Qlina B.A. in Chemistr Kappa Alptw Oass ExeoH ve Committee (I, 2, 3); Interfroternity Council iJ); University DoncXCommitteX (3); Order of the Sheiks (2, 3, 4), Presidenty(3). CARROLL FINtEX TOMLINSON Durham Zeto Psi; GermonXifc (3, 4), President (4 Council (1); Cross Couh ry (1, 2); Tr ck (2 Vice-President (3) REID STEWART TOWLER Raleigh Chi Psi; Interfroternity Council (2); Cheerleader (2, DOROTHY ANNE TRIMBLE College Park, Georgia B.A. in 5bs4e|ogy Alpho Delta Pi; Coed Senate (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Woman ' s Athletic Association (4); Alpha Delta Pi President (4). FLORRIE MARILYN TRIMBLE College Park, Georgia Alpha Delta Pi; Y W C A (3). JAMES ROBERT TROTTER Salisbury NETTIE NELL TRUSTY Shreveport, Louisiana GLENN ELIZABETH TUCKER Kannapolis Alpha Gamma Delta; International Relations Club (4); Y. W. C, A. (4). A. in Art f.S. in Commerce B.A. in Sociology B.S. in Commerce SEniORS HOWARD CONRAD TURNAGE Chapel Hill yj B.S. in Physics Glee Club (3); Internationol Relations Clu 4y; Y. M. C Ad, 2, 3, 4); Fresh- man Friendship Council (1). JON HALLOCKTUTHILL Glen Ridge, New Jersey B.S. in Commerce Phi Delta Theta; Daily Tar leel (I); Int fraternity Council (4); Monogram Club (3, 4); Student Legij ture (2, 3); Cl eerleoder (3). MARY JO TW Foyettevilie, Te - B.A. in Dramatic Art Alpha Gamma De|j| t) r Sv4); S6und end Fury (3); Y. W. C, A. (3, 4) FLORENCE Dunn Glee Club B.A. in History B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce rs (3, 4); Sound and Fury (3, BAXARD TAYl fciR VAN HECKE Hiolpel Hi IPhi Delta Thet - Monogram Club (2); Track (2) DER HOLLOWAY VEAZEY Raleiqh B.A. in Chemistry ass President (3); German Club Executive (3); Inter- Student Legislature (2); Track (3); Freshman Orienta- tion Xomm CHARLES Wheeling, West Virginia Pi Lambda Phi; Interfraternify Council (3) ELINOR JEANIWTE WADDELL Weaverville CLYDE WHITE WADE Roxboro Bond (2, 3, 4), Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4). 87 SEniORS Wade Waldfogel Walker, E. A ' alker, G, Woll, B Wall, C Wallace Waller Ward, B Ward, L. Ward, M. Warner Worren Washburn Watkins CARRIE MAI E WADE Charlotte Chi Omega. MELVIN WALDFOGEL Neponset, Massachusetts Tau Epsilon Phi; Delta Phi Alpha. EDWIN K. WALKER Winston-Salem FRANCES LOUISE WALKER Pisgah Forest B,S. in Sociology B.A, in Comparative Literature B S. in Commerce B.A. in Journalism Alpha Gamma Delta; Daily Tar Heel (4); Student Legislature (4). B,A. in Sociology BETSY CARRINGTON WALL Lexington Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Kappa Delta; Y. W. C A. (4). CARROLL CHARLES WALL Lexington Kappa Alpha. JOHN POWELL WALLACE St. Petersburg, Florida Sigma Nu; Carolino Political Union (3). LEWIS SKI DMORE WALLER Leaksville Debate Squad (1, 2, 3); Philanthropic Assembly B.S- in Commerce B.S- in Commerce B.S. in Commerce 2, 3, 4), B.S. in Commei e Phi Kappa Sigma Class Vice-President (2); Interfraternity Council ( gram Club (3, 4)7 wi«aaiwg (I, 2, 3, 4), Co-Captain (4); Athletic L Ounc (3); Phf Kappa Sigma President (3) LAFE PRESToKryA Williamson, WesrVirginia MARY STROWD WARD Pittsboro Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); Y. W. C, A. (3) WILLAELVA WARNER Sarasota, Florida Alpha Gamma Delta; Bond (3 4); Glee Club (3, 4); Swii Y. W. C. A. 13), University Orchestra (3). CALVIN WILLARD WARREN Garland B.S. in Commerce Sigma Chi; Delta Sigma Pi; Class Executive Committee (2); Dail Tar Heel (2); German Club (3); Grail (3, 4); Interfraternity Council (3) Sound and Fury (3); Student Council (4); University Club (2, 3); UniversityDonce Com- mittee (3). BETTIE ANNE WASHBURN Shelby BA. in Chemistry Theta Psi Epsilon; Closs Executive Committee (3); Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); Swimming Club (3); Yackety Yack (3, 4), Associate Editor (3), Senior Editor (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Theta Psi Epsilon Secretary (4); Student Party Secre- tary (4); Woman ' s Handbook Editor (3); C. I. C. A. (3, 4), Executive Coun- cil (4). MARTIN ABRAHAM WATKINS Madison, Tennessee Hillel Cabinet (3, 4), Boxing (I) BA. in English 88 SEniORS WILLIAM HENLEY WATSON Winston-Salem Delta Sigma Pi. NANCY MORRIS WAUGH Williamson, West Virginia Delta Delta Delta; Daily Tar H Treasurer (4) ELIZABETH Goldsboro Theto Psi Epsilon; ThetQ Psi Epsilon S] CHARLES L Greensboro Zeta Beta Cabinet B.S in Commerce B.A. in Sociology W C, A (3); Delta Delta Delta B.A. in Chemistry I. C. A. (3, 4); House Council (3); FRANCES yff lj , Vir Wi Beki Phi, JOHN Mlj TON WESTBROOK Palmerdqle, Alcbar Phi Gomn ELIZABETH WESTBROOK B.S. in Commerce 2, 3), Advertising Manager (3); Hillel cil (4). B.S. in Chemistry B.A. in History B.A. in Political Science B.S. in Commerce B.A. in English B.A. in English B.A. in Mathematics Tar Heel (3); Glee Ciub (3); Y. W. C A. (3). B.A. in Sociology URTONVWHITE JAMES DAVID WHITE Kanna Sigma Ohi; Grail (? ); Monogram Club (2, 3, I Basl tboll (2, 3, 4T»sfaro- AthVtic Associj !qi:i President (4); Graham Ae!hs af Board of Directors (4). ' .A. in Pineal Education JEAN Durham Alpha Delto Pi; Y. W, I ESLIE COMER WHITE Atlanta, Georgia Sigma Nu. B.A. Tf Sociology B.A. in Journalism 89 e!T Watson Waugh Weil Weill, C. Weill, K. Weinkle Weintraub Weisberg Welch Westbrook, J. Westbrook, N. White, B. White, J. D. White, J. M. White, L. SEniORS White, S. White, V V lilt man Whitner Whitney, M. Whitney, 0, Wicker Wilkerson Wilkins Williams, A., Ill Williams, AM. Williams, AJ, Williams, F. Williams, H, W illiams, V. SYDNOR MONTGOMERY WHITE Raleigh B.A. in Economics Zeta Psi; German Club Executive (2); Gimghoul (2); Grail (2); Interfraternity Council (2), University Dance Committee (2). B.A. in Dramatic Art B.A. in Physics B.S. in Commerce VESTA ANN WHITE Sanford, Florida P!aymakers (3, 4). HARVEY JAY WHITMAN Worcester, Massachusetts Phi Alpha. GEORGE CRABTREE WHITNER Jacksonville, Florida Delta Kappa Epsilon; Corolina Political Union (2); Closs Honor Council (1, 2l; Groil (3, 4); Interfraternity Council (2, 3); University Dance Committee (3, 4), Chairman (3), Swimming (2). MARGARET WILLIS WHITNEY Plant City, Florida B.A. in English Chi Omega; Chi Delta Phi; Carolina Magazine (4), Class Executive Committee (3), Gtee Club (3); Yackety Yack (3), Y. W. C A (3, 4), Cabinet (4). OSCAR MASON WHITNEY Atlanta, Georgia B.A. in Political Science Phi Delta Theta; Daily Tar Heel (1); Gimghoul (3, 4); Grail (3, 4); Interfra- ternity Council (3), Football (3), Manager (3); Phi Delta Theta President (3). JAMES PRESTON WICKER Sonford B.S in Commerce LOU I Sv )(NS WrbKERSON Raleigh N. B.A. in Chem try Phi Kappa SigmaSBand H); Phi Kappa Sigma President (2). Philosophy A. (3, 4), ALFRED WILLIAMS, III Raleigh Zeto Psi; Basketball (2), Dance Committee (2). ANN McCRERY WILLIAMS Dalles, Texas Kappa Kappa Gamma; Stray Greeks (3, 4). ARTHUR JULIAN WILLIAMS Worrenton Zeta Psi; Honor Council (1, 2). BrA s n Economics B.A. in J !)urnalism FRANK CAMP WILLIAMS Roanoke Rapids B.J in Commerce Delta Kappa Epsilon; Honor Council (4); Interfraternity QBuncil (3); Student Council (31, Wrestling (2); Delta Kappa Epsilon President (3). HERNDON F, WILLIAMS Florence, South Carolina Sigma Nu. B.A, in Political Science VINCENT BYRD WILLIAMS Louisville, Kentucky International Relations Club (4), Aquinos Club (4). B.A. in History 90 SEniORS DAN SCOTT WILLIAMSON Winston-Salem Beta Theta Pi; Interfratermty Council (2, ANN ESTES WILLI NGHAM Atlanta, Georgia Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Playma DAVID CARLYLEW; Rocky Mount ROLAND ROB Newark, N Baseball (I ALVIN A Newton Y. M C B.S. in Commerce B.A. in Sociology B.A. in Political Science B.A. in Physical Education B.A. in Political Science B.S, in Commerce B.A. in English Heel.O); Interdormitory Council (4); Y. W. C. A B.S. in Commerce DQiNALD IRYDE Winston-Salem ' B.S. in Commerce Chi Phi; InterdormiWry Council (2, 3), Secretary (2), Vice-President (3); Stu- dent Advisor (2, 3, 4). ilLy JAM J.AVOESTENDIEK kiugerties, JNew York B. A. in Journalism Sigma Chi; Pni Beta Kappa; Carolina Magazine (41; Daily Tar Heel (], 2, 3, 4), Sportit Editor (3), Editor (4); Debate Council (1); Y. M. C. A. (4); Graham Mismorio! Board of Directors (4). ---EOWIN LEE WOOD M Ts4iill B.S. in Chemistry Alpha ChTSl M; Debote Squad (3, 4); Debate Council (4); Philanthropic As- (3, ARAH GOODWiPiWOOD WinstotV olem j B.A. in Spanish Chi Omega; DSilrlTirlHeel (3, 4); Student Legislature (3); Y. W. C, A, (3, 4). EARL EUGENE WOODARD Ashevill Economics THOMAS BR Roxboro Dialectic Senate (1, 2, DONALD WRIGHT Washington, D. C. Koppa Alpha. ); German Club (2, 3, 4); i vterfr ternity CounciNt2, 3) ■); May Frolics (3); WeSt North Carolina Club B.A. in Low B.A. in Journalism 91 Williamson Witlinghom vViiiis Willman Wilson, A. Wilson, C. Wilson, E. Wise Witter Woestendiek Wood, E. Wood, S. Woodard Woody Wright LI NDS VCO-EMEJNJXyANCEY Oxford Kappa Alpha. — SEniORS B.S, in Commarce Pre -Med MARTHA JEAN YOUNGBLOOD Concord B.A. in Music Delta Delta Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Daily Tar Heel 3); Gte« Club (3, 4); Y W C A (4); Sigma Alpha Iota Secretory (4). LIONEL R. ZIMMER Beverly Hills, California Tau Epsilon Phi; Glee Club (1); Ploymakers (1, 2, 3, 4), Sound (1, 2, 3, 4). ALGERNON AUGUSTUS ZOLLICOFFER Henderson Delta Kappa Epsilon. CHARLES FREDERICK ZUKOSKI, III Birmingham, Alabama Alpho Epsilon Delta; Soccer (4). B.S. in Qbmmerce Yancey i ork Zimmer ■ Zollicoffer B.Ar in Chemistry 92 " You yell — I ' m tired! " This is the way we iron our clothes, trailer style. Confoosed, not omoosed or enthoosed. " It must hove been somethin ' I ate, Doc! " " Let ' s take it upstairs. " Percussions percussonified! Horizons unlimited. " Swing me around once more, Willie. " " Which way did he go, George? " 93 CHUCK BORTON Secretory JOHN SURRATT Vice-President THOMAS JORDAN President EDWARD EARLEY Treasurer UUe UUere The Juniors We were prepared for a big year when we returned to Carolina in September. And, indeed, we hod o big year. Big in everything — from dances to football. A large number of us returned to continue our education which had been in- terrupted by the war. We found Chapel Hill more crowded than ever, and though at first we didn ' t see how we could get along in such overcrowded conditions, we soon settled down for an exciting and never-to-be forgotten year. 94 We were Juniors. We had " learned the ropes, " the routine of life at Carolina. Although we hod completed enough of our college education to think of graduating, we had not yet come to our final year. We were in our educational prime, enjoying college life to the full and working steadily toward that degree. We had our light moments; we hod our serious moments. And as the year moved to its inevitable end, these moments crystallized into colorful memories which found a permanent rest ing place in our hearts. Memories of the past and hopes for the future — this was our Junior Year. of nineteen wdu-6euen Marching to a Carolina victory. ♦ • ,r Junior Class First Row BETTY ROSE ABERNATHY, Shelby. JOHN PRESTON ALBEA, Harmony. WILLIAM FRANKLIN ALLEN, Cherryville FLORA MARGARET ALLRED, Alpha Gamma Delta, Raleigh. JAMES EDWARD AMOS, Kings Mountain. GERALD A AMUNDSON, New York, N Y RICHARD FENNER ANDERSON, JR, Lambda Chi Al- pha, Burlington ROBERT ALAN ANDREW, South Dennis, Mass. Third Row HARVEY GEORGE AUERBACH, Pi Lambda Phi, Brook- lyn, N. Y. CLARA HELEN AULD, Delta Delta Delta, Mt Pleasant, S. C HENRY ALFRED BADGETT, Phi Gamma Delta, Mt Airy. WARREN E. BAECHT, Chapel Hill. HOWARD CLARK BAILEY, Chadbourn EDWARD LEE BAITY, Kappa Sigma, Winston-Salem WILLIAM BALLEW, Nebo. SAMUEL JARVIS BAME, JR., Salisbury. THOMAS RUSHMAN ANDREWS, JR., Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. Bethel. GLENNA McCORMICK ANGE, Plymouth OLIVER STANHOPE ANTHONY, JR, Kappa Alpho, Shelby. MANUEL ARNAIZ, JR., Raleigh. LAWRENCE COMELIUS ASHBY, Sigma Chi, Memphis, Tenn MAURICE CAVILEER ASHLEY, JR, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. EARL DAUTHIT ATKINS, Moyodan. GEORGE WEYLAND ATKINS, Winston-Salem. Fourth Row BETSY ANNE BARBEE, Chapel Hill. CLAUDE BARCLAY BARBEE, Zeta Psi, Raleigh. DeVAN BARBOUR, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Raleigh. HERMAN SUTTON BARBREY, Mt. Olive. DAVID COLLIN BARNES, Kappa Alpha, Murfreesboro. HELEN AUGUSTA BARNES, Pi Beta Phi, Murfreesboro. HENRY B. BARNES, Atlanta, Go. LEWIS DONSEL BARTLEY, Chi Phi, Roanoke Rapids. 96 Junior Class uj ) !j ! Wf j ? f i%iC O f First Row JEAN CARTER BASKERVILLE, Lenoir JEANNE OLIVIA BASNIGHT, Pi Beta Phi, Chapel Hill. RALPH LEIGH BASNIGHT, Ahoskie LUCIE HILL BAXTER, Chi Omega, Charlotte. ROBERT E. BAXTER, Columbus, Go. ANNIE BEN BEALE, Delta Delta Delta, Greensboro. OLIVER JAMES BEAMAN, Greensboro. HENRY JACOBY BEECHER, Manchester Po. Second Row THOMAS MILBURN BELK, Kappa Alpha, Chorlotte. CHARLES THOMAS BENNETT, Phi Delta Theta, Eliza- beth City LAWRENCE R. BERRY, Konnapohs THOMAS REESE BETHUNE, JR, Lexington. ROBERT WILLIAM BIDGOOD, Bayonne, N J KENNETH BLACK, JR., Norfolk, Vc CHARLES ALLEN BLACKBURN, JR , Beta Theto Pi, Winstan-Salem Third Row EILEEN JOYCE BLUMENTHAL, Greensboro. JOSEPH LEE BLYTHE, JR., Kappa Alpha, Charlotte. WILLIAM BREVARD BLYTHE, Beta Theta Pi, Huntersville. HERBERT L. BODMAN, JR., Delta Psi, Glen Head, N. Y. NORWOOD BRUCE BONEY, JR., Kenansville. WILLIAM C. BOONE, JR, Kappa Sigma, Kinston, CHARLES M. BORTON, PI Lambda Phi, Richmond, Va. DALLAS DeVON BRANCH, Alpha Tou Omega, Durhom. Fourth Row JOHN SIBLEY BRAND, Houston, Texas FRANKLIN OAKES BRANTLEY, Memphis, Tenn ELSIE JANE BRETT, Delto Delta Delta, Knoxville, Tenn GLEE EDWIN BRIDGES, Kings Mountain. CLYDE SAMUEL BRINKLEY, Valdese. JOHN WORRALL BRISTOW. Hillburn, N Y. LOWELL ELLIS BRITTAIN, Statesville. JOHN TABOR BROCK, Farmington BUNA EVANS BLUE, Carthage 97 Junior Class I ? f ■ r. O D C First Row CHARLES BUTLER BROCKMANN, Pi Kappa Alpha, High Point. MERRILY BROOKS, Alpho Delto Pi, Fronklm ROBERT BAIN BROUGHTON, Phi Gamma Delto, Raleigh E. COLLINS BROWN, Zeto Psi, Roanoke, Va. JEAN DAVIS BROWN, Durham, WILLIAM CLAY BROWN, Stocksville. WILLIAM OSCAR BRYANT, JR., Wilmington. AUDREY MURIEL BRYSON, Asheville. Second Row BESSIE MAE BUCHANAN, Wendell. HOKE VOGLER BULLARD, JR., Sigma Chi, Charlotte. DEUWARD GEORGE FREDERICK BULTMAN, Sumter, S. C. BYRON DAVID BURNEY, Borium Springs. CLARK C. BURRITT, JR., Guilford College. JULIAN C BURROUGHS, Charlotte. JAMES HORACE BURWELL, Rutherfordton. WESLEY GRIMES BYERLY, JR., Sigma Chi, Lenoir. Third Row RUTH FELTON BYRUM, Pi Beta Phi, Edenton. JOHN PHILIP CALL, Sigma Nu, Morehead, Kentucky WALTER WILLIAM CALL, North Wilkesboro. GLOVER L. CAMPBELL, Chi Psi, Chapel Hill. STUART CALDWELL CAMPSELL, Delta Kappa Epsiion, Louisville, Ky. JOYCE CARAWAY, Wodesboro ROBERT JOHN CARLSON, Phi Delta Theto, Superior, Wis, HUGH BERNARD CARROLL, Durham. Fourth Row WILLIAM GARFIELD CARSON, Toylorsville. LEONARD CARLYSLE CARTER, Kappa Sigma, Lake- land, Florida. MILTON BLAIR CASH, Phi Gamma Delta, Winston-Salem. JAMES LYNN CASTLEBERRY Goldsboro. JAMES HALE CHAMBERLAIN, Brevord RICHARD A CHAMBERLAIN, Phi Kappa Sigma, North Wilkesboro. HARRY GARDNER CHARLES, Florence, S. C. JOHN MORRISON CLAMPITT, Alpha Tau Omega, St. Petersburg, Flo. 98 Junior Class r , a n ' Zi. .f . ' ,0 O . O i " First Row EDWIN LqFAYETTE CLARK Sigma Nu, Greenville JOSEPH SMITH CLARK, Phi Kappa Sigma, Guilford College. WALTER CALVIN CLARK, Canton, ELIZABETH ANN CLINARD, Pi Beta Phi, Winston-Salem. MARSHALL EUGENE CLINE, Chi Psi, Newton. JOHN COLLIER COBB, Phi Gamma Delta, Goldsboro GRADY HOKE COCKERHAM, Elkm. HYMAN K. COHEN, Tau Epsilon Phi, Baltimore, Md. Second Row MELVILLE STANLEY COHEN, Pi Lambda Phi, Shelby. MARGARET JANE COLE, Salisbury. CHARLES McDANIEL COLEMAN, Wilmington. HARRY RAE COLLIE, JR., Danville, Va. CLYDE J. COLLINS, Weoverville ROBERT RIVES COLLINS, Asheville HELEN TREXLER COMPTON, Pi Beta Phi, Salisbury. RAY M. CONNER, Phi Gamma Delta, Englewood, Colo. Third Row JACOB E. COOKE, Aulander. WILLIAM L. COOKE, Aulander, FRANK BENTON COOPER, Kappo Sigma, High Point. GRADY COOPER, JR, Dobson THOMAS LEWIS CORN, Kappa Alpha, Macon, Ga. JOSEPH DURHAM CORPENING, Granite Falls. J. PHILIP COUCH, Kappa Sigma, Chopel Hill. WILLIAM HERBERT COULTER, Greensboro. Fourth Row LEON KERR COWAN, Powellsville EDWARD MYLES CRAIG, Kappa Sigma, Wilmington. MARY LOCHE CRAIG, Asheville. THOMAS BRIGHT CRANFORD, Delta Sigma Pi, Durham. EUGENE BENSON CRAWFORD, JR, Sigma Nu, Chapel Hill. ROBERT PINCKNEY CRAWLEY, Stotesville. WILLIAM AYDEN CREECH, Phi Gamma Delta, Smithfield. JANET STEWART CRINKLEY, Delta Delta Delta, Worrenton. 99 Junior Class ' .- 1 (f |ip ikib ' O C i f First Row JOHN HAMMOND CRUM, Sigma Chi, Raleigh. WALTER STEPHENS CRUMP, Phi Gamma Delta, Durham, JOHN GROVE CUMMINGS, Kappa Sigma, Reidsvilie. LEONORA McLEAN CURRIE, Alpha Delta PI, Raeford. JAMES J. CURRY, JR., Alomonce JOHN HENRY DANIEL, JR, Zeto Psi, Rocky Mount. ARTHUR W. DANIELS, JR, Pi Kappa Alpha, Charlotte. CARROLL SAMUEL DANIELS, Sigma Chi, Coral Gables, Fla. Third Row GLORIA R. DAY, Wellington, Nev. GLORIA CHRISTINE DEAL, Alpha Delta Pi, Charlotte. FRIEDA DEANS, Wilson. ELIZABETH SHERRILL DEATON, Statesville NINA DeBERRY, Halifax. WILLIAM KNIGHT DELBRIDGE, Pi Kappa Alpho, Norlina. ANNE SCOTT DELLINGER, Ivanhce EMERY BYRD DENNY, JR., Raleigh. Second Row JACK A, DANIELS, Wilmington. JEROME KIRBY DARDEN, JR, Phi Delta Theta, Port Arthur, Texas. JEAN SHERROD DARROW, Torboro. JOHN EDWIN DAVENPORT, Nashville. CHARLES HALL DAVIS, JR, Raleigh GEORGE WASHINGTON DAVIS, Beta Theta Pi, Danville, Va THOMAS HILL DAVIS, Alpha Tau Omega, Rocky Mount. THOMAS MARSHALL DAVIS, Hozelwood. Fourth Row EUGENE SURRY DesPORTES, Kappa Sigma, Richmond, Va JAMES MIDDLETON, DeVANE, Durham. JOHN CARSON DeVORE, Arlington, Va ROBERT L. DICKENS, Varina. JUDSON ROSS DICKS, Fayetteville. WILLIAM EUGENE DOAR, Charlotte. WEBB EUGENE DOUTHIT, Winston-Salem. 100 Junior Class f O O f O C (-t» ' ' i? ' P First Row HILDA CAROLYN DRIVER, Smithfield BRODE THOMAS DUKE, JR., Alpha Tou Omega, Jockson. WILLIAM ROBERT DULIN, Rowland KEMP RUSH DUNAWAY, Beta Theta Pi, Chorlotte. SUSAN DUNCAN, Red Springs, JOHN W. DUNHAM, Durham. CHARLOTTE ANN DUTROW, Charles Town, W, Vo, EDWIN S. EARLY, JR, Beta Theta Pi, Portsmouth, Vo. Second Row CHARLES HAYS EARP, Phi Delta Theta, Hickory. JOHN DALE EBBS, Wmston-Salem ALBERT WILLIAM EBELEIN, Kappa Sigma, Lexington. WILLIAM GERALD EDWARDS, Phi Gamma Delta, Ayden. JOHN MARSDEN EHLE, Asheville. DANIEL ROBERT EICHMANN, New York, N. Y. THOMAS ROBERT ELLER, JR., Salisbury. ROBERT WEIR ELLIOT, Charlotte Third Row ROBERT HOYLE ELLIOTT, Forest City. SALLY ANN ELLIOTT, Woshington. THOMAS WILLIAM ELLIOTT, JR, Edenton. OVEIDA BLANCHE ELLIS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Henderson. SIDNEY CHARLES EPSTEIN, Lawrence, N. Y. HELEN JEAN ERSHLER, High Point ROBERT LEE ETTENGER, Alpha Tau Omega, Washington, D. C. LUCY T. EVANS, Greensboro Fourth Row RUTH B. EVANS, Pi Beta Phi, Fort Knox, Ky. DALE M. EVARTS, Chi Phi, Meriden, Conn. DAVID KEMBLE FARR, Beta Theta Pi, Charlotte. JULIAN WALKER FARRAR, Norlino. JOHN EDWARD FAULKNER, JR., Greensboro. JAMES BARTLETT FEREBEE, Andrews. MORRIS PATTERSON FERRIS, Rowley ' s Island, S. C. ROSE WELLS FIELD, Larchmont, N. Y. 101 Junior Class W, ' . ' r ; ' ' First Row WILLIAM MARTIN FINCH, JR, Sanford BETTY GWYN FINLEY, Alpha Gomma Delta, North Wilkes- boro. JOSEPHINE NICHOLSON FISHEL, Alpho Gomma Delta, Vaughan. WILLIAM EDWARD FITZGERALD, New Bern. GLENN ALEXANDER FLINCHUM, Carthoge. JAMES TRANSOU FLYNT, Phi Kappa Sigma, Winston-Salem. THOMAS LEWELLYN FOLGER, Kappa Sigma, Dobson CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS FORDHAM, III, Sigma Chi, Greensboro. Third Row CHARLES KENNEDY WHEELER GAMMAGE, Alpha Tou Ome- ga, Atlonta, Go. HARRIS ALLEN GANT, Alpha Tau Omega, Roanoke, Vo LOIS JEAN GARDNER, Wilson. THOMAS S. GARDNER, Warrenton. ANNE MARTIN GARRETT, Danville, Va. JAMES BRUCE GASCOIGNE, Kappa Alpha, Salisbury. JACK E. GATES, Pi Kappa Alpha, Roxboro MALCOLM W. GEDDIS, Chapel Hill. Second Row WILLIAM M FORRESTER, Sigma Alpha Epsilcn, Montezuma, Go. WILLIAM OMER FOSTER, JR, Clinton, S. C. DONALD EDMUND FRENCH, Washington, D, C. ROBERT J. FRIEDLANDER, Pi Lambda Phi, Brooklyn, N, Y. MARY JANE FRYE, Little Rock, Ark. BILLINGS SIBLEY FUESS, JR., Chi Psi, Harbourton, N. J. PAUL LAWRENCE FURGATCH, New York, N. Y. CAROLYN HAYES GAITHER, Chi Omega, Charlotte. Fourth Row PETER HARRY GERNS, Canton, Ohio. ZEBULON THOMAS GIBSON, Rockingham. JOHN LEWIS GIGNILLIOT, Macon, Go. JOHN COOPER GILL, JR., Sigma Nu, Henderson CHARLES FRANKLIN GILLIAM, Thomasville. DOUGLAS MURRAY GLASSPOOL, Rye, N, Y. JAMES L. GODWIN, Tillman, S. C. LAWRENCE J. GOLDRICH, Pi Lambdo Phi, New York, N. Y. 102 r Junior Class f C- ' f i!TT lii ' f l n ■ r r ft L 1 « JIml1 tiM J First Row JULIUS GOLDSTEIN, Gostonio. ROBERT ALBERT GOLDWATER, White Ploins, N. Y. MARGARET HOPKINS GOODMAN, Concord, PAUL PATE GORDY, Gainesville, Flo. GEORGE EDWARD GRAHAM, Atlanta, Go. HAROLD REGINALD GRAY, Stokes. HOWARD GRAY, Sima Alpha Epsilon, Winston-Salem. DIXIE ELLIOTT GREENE, Phi Gamma Delta, Robersonville. Third Row ROBERT CLARKE GUTNECHT, Youngstown, Ohio NANCY BELLE GUY, Newland. GARFIELD WILLIAM GUYER, JR, Phi Koppa Sigma, High Point. WILLIAM AYERS HACKNEY, Phi Gamma Delta, Washington. ANNE CARTER HAGAN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Danville, Va. WILLIAM MILTON HALES, Raleigh. ALDEEN H. HALL, JR, Phi Delta Theta, Waynesville. JAMES E. HALL, Canton. Second Row SAM MONROE GREENE, JR, Mooresboro. SAMUEL ROYSTON GREENE, JR., Durham. MAURICE WILLIAM GRIFFIN, Pi Kappa Alpha, Raleigh. BERTRAM HOWARD GROSSMAN, Brooklyn, N Y. EMMA KATIE GUION, Pi Beta Phi, New Bern MILDRED HARRELL GULLEY, Edenton. HARVEY DALTON GUNTER, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Pittsboro. HARRIET GURLEY, Alpha Gamma Delta, Goldsboro. Fourth Row JOHN LOCKSLEY HALL, Kappa Alpha, Roxboro. JOHN LINDSAY HALLETT, Sigma Alpha Epsilan, Charlotte. FREDERICK COOPER HAMILTON, Morehead City. WINGATE EDMUND HANNAH, Waynesville. PAUL CREELMAN HARMAN, Cambridge, Mass. JOHN ALONZO HARPER, JR, Sigma Nu, Rocky Mount, MATT CLEVELAND HARPER, JR, Manon, S. C. 103 Junior Class ,o o P f - o O O f T: f: ' o » ih ' r First Row DORIS HARRELL, Raleigh. MARCELLA CAROLINE HARRER, Chopel Hill. RICHARD DEAN HARRIS, Rockingham. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE HARRIS, JR., Mebane, DONALD BIGGS HARRISON, JR., Koppa Sigma, Polmyro. LAWRENCE JUSTICE HARTLEY, Lenoir. FRANK S. HASSELL, JR., Washington, D. C JOSEPH NAHOUM HATEM, Roonoke Rapids. Second Row ALLISON BURTON HAYES, JR, Aurora JAMES MADISON HAYWORTH, Phi Gamma Delta, High Point EDWARD HENRIQUEZ HECHT, Great Neck, N. Y. HUNTER DALTON HEGGIE, East Flat Rock CHARLES SAMUEL HEINMILLER, Alpha Tau Omega, Tampo, Flo. CRAN OLIVER HENDERSON, JR, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Au- gusta, Go. DOROTHY NELL HENDERSON, Greenville MARTIN FICK HENDERSON, Kappa Alpho, Lumberton. Third Row WILLIAM THOMAS HENDERSON, JF Phi Kappa Sigma, Hickory. NELSON LEE HENDRIX, Beta Theto Pi, Wmston-Salem. BETTY A. HENSHAW, Manteo. DONALD LENTZ HENSON, Snow Hill. GROVER CURTIS HENSON, JR, Raleigh. WILLIAM M. HEPBURN, JR., Sigma Chi, University, Ala. LEONARD GREY HERRING, Chi Psi, Snow Hill. WILLIAM B. HIGHT, JR Kappa Sigma, Henderson. Fourth Row LESTER NORRIS HILL, Marshollberg. WILLIAM NATHANIEL HILLIARD, Cory. CLAUDE WILLEY HINTON, Gotesville. THOMAS EDWARD HOCKADAY, Sigma Chi, Roanoke Rapids. GRAY HODGES, Sigma Nu, Washington. HOWARD P. HODGES, JR., Washington, D. C. LOUIS EDWARD HODGES, Winston-Salem. RALPH FREDERICK HODGES, LeaksviKe. 104 Junior Class ) ' f i " First Row CHARLES B, HODSON, Son Antonio, Texas WILLIAM STEPHANY HOFFMANN, Stotesville. THETTIS ELIZABETH HOFFNER, Greensboro, JAMES PHILLIP HOGAN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Burlington. MARVIN P. HOGAN, Chapel Hill. THOMAS STANLEY SCOFIELD HOLBROOK Chevy Chose Md. WILLIAM LAUGHLIN HOLLIDAY, S.ler Cir BERNIECE BEAVER HOLT, China Grove. Third Row NORMA L. HOTARD, Delta Delta Delta, New Smyrna Beach, Flo. SAM HUNTER HOWARD, Kappo Alpha, Greenville, S. C. SARA HELEN HOYLE, Asheville. JOHN CORDON HUDGLE, Louisville, Ky. FLOYD GUY HUFFMAN, JR., Phi Kappa Sigma, Hickory. MARY ETTA HUFHAM, Morehead City. THOMAS SPURGEON HUGHES, JR., Elizobeth City. PHYLLIS JOYCE ISENHOUR, Chorlctte. Second Row CATHERINE LEA HOLT, Delta Delta Delta, Burlington. JOHN SAMUEL HOOKER, JR Phi Kappa Sigma, Miami, Flo LAWRENCE LEWIS HOOPER, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Ruxton, Md. HENRIETTA MARSH HOPKINS, Pi Beta Phi, Fayetteville. FRANK LEIGH HORNE, Charlotte NANCY CAROLYN HORNER, Delta Delta Delta, Sonford. LELAND CLIFFORD HORTON, Wendell. MARVIN VALE HORTON, JR., Phi Delta Theto, Formville. Fourth Row ROBERT WALDEN ISLEY, JR., Staley. GEORGE HANLIN JACKMAN, Chorlotte. ALFRED MORTON JACOBSON, Pi Lambda Phi, Brooklyn, N. Y. FRED F. A. JACOBSON, Tou Epsilon Phi, Woodmere, N, Y. BEN JAFFA. JR., Tau Epsilon Phi, Chorlotte. SOL ARTHUR JAFFA, Tau Epsilon Phi, Chorlotte. FLEMING OVERBY JEFFRESS, Koppa Sigma, Kinston. MERSEY GLENN JENKINS, Aulonder. 105 Junior Class i .w a e. First Row HARLEY YOUNG JENNINGS, JR., Schoolfield, Va. MARY BRIGHT JERNIGAN, Pi Beto Phi, Chapel Hill. ROBERT E. JOHNS, Raleigh. FREDERICK WAYNE JOHNSON, Sigma Chi, Jamestown. JESSE CLYDE JOHNSON, JR., Sigma Chi, Mayodon. MARGUERITE EDGEWORTH JOHNSON, Charlotte. MARSHALL HARDY JOHNSON, Alpha Tau Omega, Raleigh. ROBERT ULRICK JOHNSON, Alpha Tau Omega, Lexington, Mass. Third Row CHARLES TALMAGE JORDAN, JR., Alpha Tou Omega, Wil- mington. THOMAS MURPHY JORDAN, Alpha Tau Omega, Fayetteville. LEILA JOSEPHS, Sanford. JAMES SIDNEY JOYNER, Franklmton, LLOYD E. JOYNER, Alpha Tau Omega, Rocky Mount. ROSE KACHIGIAN, Detroit, Mich. FRED MARTIN KEARNS, JR., Asheboro. MARY ASH BY KELLAM, Onley, Va. Second Row RUSSELL H. JOHNSON, JR., Conway. STACY JOHNSON, Parkersburg. CHARLOTTE MARGARET JOHNSTON, Solisbury. ARTHUR JONES, New York, N. Y. E. JOYCE JONES, Raleigh. FRANK ALLEN JONES, JR., Raleigh, JOHN PURCELL JONES, Clinton. WILLIAM DAVIS JONES, Raleigh. Fourth Row HOWARD B KELLER, Newark, N. J. FRANK KIMBALL KINNEY, Daytona Beach, Flo. JAMES BOYD KLUTT2, Marion MILDRED A. KOON, Asheville. ARNOLD JACKSON KOONCE, Kappa Alpha, High Point. EDWIN L. KORNEGAY, Mt. Olive MAURICE JOHN KOURY, Burlington DONALD EDWIN KUNZE, Delaware. Ohio. 106 Junior Class ■ g!; " !7 a|M| " f5 Hi » ' d i ' yi ,P a e) 1. a First Row PATRICIA ANNE LANE, Delta Delta Delta, Burlington. JAMES T. LANG, Farmville HILDA FRANCES LAWRENCE, Pi Beta Phi, Asheville. STEPHEN SEWELL LEARY, Ahoskie. JOE IRA LEE, Smithfield. ROBERT E. LEE, JR., Sigma Chi, Raleigh. SARA ELIZABETH LEE, PI Beta Phi, Goldsboro. CHAUNCEY HOKE LEGGETT, JR., Zeta Psi, Tarboro. Third Row JAMES MARSHALL LILLY, Alpha Tau Omega, Birmingham, Ala. DAVID HOWARD LINEBERGER, Chapel Hill. EDMUND ASHE LITTLE, Kappa Sigma, Wadesboro. JAMES LEAK LITTLE, JR, Phi Delta Theta, Salisbury. SARAH DABNEY LITTLE. Pi Beta Phi, Wadesboro. CHARLES GILBERT LOWDERMILK, Chi Psi, Greensboro. ALLARD KENNETH LOWENSTEIN, Scarsdale, N. Y. GEORGE EDWARD LYNE, JR, Greenville, S C. Second Row LAWRENCE B. LEINBACH, Winston-Salem. MERVYN DAVID LENTZ, Pi Lambda Phi, New York, N. Y. BISHOP CURTIS LEONARD, JR, Zeta Psi, Salisbury. SEYMOUR MYER LEVIN, Tou Epsilon Phi, Burlington. ALBERT MORRIS LEVINE, Tou Epsilon Phi, Wilmington. FRANK CRAIG LEVY, Pi Lambda Phi, New York, N. Y. FRANCES ANNE LEWIS, Scotland Neck. JOHN R. LEWIS, Phi Kappa Sigma, Barium Springs. Fourth Row DONALD FRANCIS MocDONALD, Little Rock, S. C. DONLEEN CAROL MocDONALD, Pi Beta Phi, New Orleons, La LAWRENCE HAMILTON MocKIRDY, Weldon. OLIVER WENDELL MADDREY, Seaboard. RICHARD S. MAJOR, Hendersonville. STANLEY WALTER MARCZYK, Nesquehoning, Pa. ALBERT R. MARKS, JR., Tau Epsilon Phi, Baltimore, Md. MARGARET McRAE MARLEY, Cory. 107 Junior Class First Row SARA SAVAGE MARSH, Onley, Va. FRED SEASEL MARTIN, Greenwood, S, C MARGARET NEWMAN MARTIN, Alpha Delta Pi, Roanoke Rapids. WILLIAM ROYALL MARTIN, JR, Phi Gommo Delta, Cory MIRIAM ANN MASSEY, Milledgeville, Go THOMAS MURRAY MAYFIELD, JR, Koppa Alpho, Greenville S, C. WILLIAM PATRICK MAYO, Phi Gamma Delta, Washington. JOHN LEWIS McCAIN, Southern Pines, Third Row THOMAS JOHN McKIM, III, Chi Phi, Ahoskie. DONALD LEE McKlNNEY, Sigma Nu, Washington, D. C. GILBERT ARTHUR McLEOD, Kappa Alpho, Robbins. LESLIE McLEOD, JR., Sigma Nu, Wouchulo, Fla. MARGARET OLIVIA McNEILL, Kappa Delta, Aberdeen. JAMES SMALL McNIDER, Alpha Tau Omega, Hertford. MARGARET MiANLY McWILLIAMS, Chi Omega, Charlotte. JANE PAGE MEARS, Asheville. Second Row HELEN KATHERINE McCANN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Asheville BARBARA BRAND McCASKILL, Lexington, Vo JAMES L. Mccormick, Sonford BRANTLEY AYCOCK McCOY, JR., Elizabeth City, WILLIAM BENSON McCUTCHEON, Phi Delta Theta, Durham JACK PASCHAL McDANIEL, Fayetteville PEGGY McDANIEL, Red Springs. MATILDA STERAMETZ McDONALD, Roleigh. Fourth Row CYRIL LONG MEBANE, Alpha Tau Omega, Newton. HENRY HARDINGE MENZIES, Wmston-Salem. LELIA ALBERTA MERCER, Wilson. CLARENCE ARTHUR MIDDLETON, JR., The Plains, Va DAVID EARL MILES, JR., Phi Kappa Sigma, Durham DANIEL BYRD MILLER, JR , Greenville, S. C KITTY ALICE MILLER, Delta Delta Delta, Lincolnton MILTON R. MILLER, Phi Delta Theta, Richmond, Va. 108 Junior Class WILLIAM HOUSTON MILLER, Sigmo Alpha Epsilon, Green- ville, S. C. BRANSON WILLIAM MILLS, JR, Chi Psi, Baxley, Ga FRED C. MILLS, JR., Phi Kappa Sigma, Wadesboro LAPSLEY BARRON MILLS, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Launnburg BRUCE MILTON MINNIX, JR., Pleasantville, N J LEON CHARLES MITCHELL, Palmyra, N J JAMES ROBERT MOCK, Alpha Tau Omega, Atlanta, Go JOHN WILLIAM MOFFITT Kappa Sigma, Aquebogue, N, Y. Second Row CARROLL ODELL MONEY, Mount Airy. SARAH CHARLOTTE MONTAGUE, Alpha Delta Pi, Goldsboro WILLIAM D. MOON, Louisburg. MARY CORBETT MOORE, Alpha Delto Pi, Lumberton. RUTH NORMENT MOORE, Alpha Delta Pi, Lumberton. WILLIAM CRAWFORD MOORE, Alpha Tau Omega, Asheboro. GLENN C MOOSE, Stotesvill-; JAMES LAUDER MORGAN, Kappa Sigma, Launnburg. Third Row JOSEPH A. MORGAN, Andrews. REITZEL NOAH MORGAN, High Point ALBERT RICHARD MORRIS, Kappa Sigma, Gostonia, E. RAYMOND MORRIS, Phi Delta Theta, Drexeihill, Pa. HAROLD A. MORRIS, Fayetteville. BEVERLY SANDERS MORRISON, New Bern. RICHARD PHILLIPS MOSES, Sumter, S. C. MARCUS LEE MOSS, Cherryville, Fourth Row RICHARD P. MOTTSMAN, Hendersonville. MARY LOUISE MOULTON, New Bern. DIXIE MAXINE MULL, Morganton LEO VINCENT MULLEN, JR, Phi Beto Kappa, Phi Gamma Delta, Clifton, N. J. KURT ERICK MULLER, Sigma Alpho Epsilon, Thornwood, N. Y. WILLIAMS MURCHISON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Wilmington. EDWARD ELMO MURPHEY, Adams, Tenn. MARY COLVIN MURPHY, Washington, D. C. 109 Junior Class c? c First Row LOLA LEE MUSTARD, Bluefield, W Vo MELVIL BERTRAND MYERS, JR. Zeto Beta Tau, New Or- leons, Lo ISIDORE LOUIS NACHIMOW, Tau Epsilon Phi, Brooklyn, N Y. CAROLYN FAIRES NEEL, Gostonia. DORIS L. NEWBURN, Sarasota, Flo. GUY LEWIS NICHOLS, Raleigh. JAMES MARVIN NICHOLSON, Atlanta, Ga CHARLES C. NIXON, JR, Sigma Chi, Newport News, Va. Third Row WILLIAM STEWART OSBORNE, Nichols, N. Y. JOHN EDWARD O ' STEEN, Hyattsville, Md. JOHN ROBERT OWEN, Asheville. GEORGE S. PANKEY, Sigma Chi, Jacksonville. WARREN H. PARDUE, Rondo. JAMES CLIFTON PARKE, JR., Conway. CLYDE LESLIE PARKER, Sigma Nu, Norfolk, Vo, JAMES P. PARKER, Alpha Tau Omega, LaGronge. Second Row TERRY ORBAN NORRIS, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Gamma Delto, Boone. JOHN HENRY NORTHEY, JR, Chorlntt? CHARLES WILLIAMS NORTON, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Durham. CECIL KEITH ODOM, Mt. Olive. LEONARD LEE OETTINGER, Kappa Sigma, Kinston. JOSEPHINE CARTER OGLESBY, Concord, EDGAR ABNER ORMAND, Asheville. JOSEPH PYNE O ' RYAN, Pelham Manor, N. Y. Fourth Row JANE LEE PARKER, Pi Beta Phi, Roleigh. TALBOY FORT PARKER, JR, Alpha Tau Omega, Goldsboro THOMAS JENNINGS PARKER, Chorlotte. DOLAN PARKS, Lexington, GRAHAM H. PARKS, Pilot Mountain. JAMES G. PASCHAL, Kappa Sigma, Winston-Solem. PATRICIA JEAN PATTERSON, Chi Omega, Greensboro. SARAH BLAIR PEARSON, Gostonia 110 i 9% O O Cj fJ . " - , First Row THOMAS ELWOOD PEARSON, Reidsville. HARRY M. PEEK, Mors Hill. MARY ELIZABETH PELL, Alpha Delta Pi, Chapel Hill. JAMES M. PENNY, Raleigh. BENJAMIN PERLMUTTER, Newark, N. J. HOWARD B. PERRY, PI Lambda Phi, Chorlotte. JOYCE LEWIS PETERSON, PI Beta Phi, Brooklyn, N. Y. EVELYN SHORE PETTITT, Delta Delta Delta, Rocky Mount. Second Row JONES SOLOMON PHELPS, JR, Clemmons. JEANE GRAVES PIERCE, Alpha Delta Pi, Rocky Mount. EDWARD ASHBY PIPKIN, JR, Troy, BERNARD BAILEY PLEMMONS, Luck. ROBERT WARREN PLEUTHNER, Chi Phi, Buffalo, N. Y. ADELIA BLANCHE POINDEXTER, Winston-Salem. CHARLES WILLIAMSON PORTER, Phi Delta Theto, New Or- leans, La, EDWARD BERNARD PORTER, Thomosville, Ga. Third Row RALPH FARRIOR POWELL, Whiteville. ROBERT W. POWELL, Beta Theta Pi, Goldsboro WILLIAM CARLYLE POWELL, Lumberton CHARLES JEFFERSON PRESLAR, JR., Hickor ' , CHARLES MONROE PRICE, Sigma Alpho Epsilon, Tampa, Flo. CECIL C. PRINCE, High Point. ROBERT WAYNE PRUNTY, Sigma Chi, Charlotte. JEAN ANN RAMSDELL, Delta Delta Delta, Plant City, Fla Fourth Row MARY ELLEN REAVES, Hamlet. NINA BELLE REDDITT, Greenville, WILLIAM REGELSON, New York, N, Y. EUGENE MINER ReQUA, JR,, Delta Kappo Epsilon, Charlotte. CHARLES LESLIE REVELLE, JR, Alpha Tau Omega, Mur- freesboro. HENRY N. REYNOLDS, JR., Greensboro. ELISE RHYNE, Delta Delta Delta, Chapel Hill. DAVID BURTON RICKS, Kappa Alpha, Winston-Salem, 111 Junior Class it) C f r ) First Row THOMAS McNAIR RIDDLE, Sonford NORMAN DAVID RIPPS, Pi Lombda Phi, Boyonne, N, J STEVE WALTER ROBERSON, Charlotte BENJAMIN PETTUS ROBINSON, JR, Gostonia, MILDRED ELIZABETH ROBINSON, Asheville. GEORGE ALBERT ROESEL, Augusta, Ga. JACQUELINE ROGERS, Foir Bluff, JANE HAYV OOD ROGERS, Chapel Hill. Third Row JOHN LAWRENCE RUTLEDGE, Yodkinville, PAUL FALCONER SALE, JR, Delta Kappa Epsllon, Roanoke, Vo. PEGGIE LEIGH SAPP, Delta Delta Delta, Raleigh CARMEN SHIELDS SATTERFIELD, Clayton. CLYDE LYNWOOD SAWYER, Donville, Vo. VERA LACOB SCALES, Chapel Hill. MORTON D. SCHAAP, Brooklyn, N Y GEORGE STEPHENS SCHOLL, Sigma Chi, Charlotte. Second Row CONWAY J ROSE, Kappa Sigma, Goldsboro PLEASANT DEMONT ROSEMAN, JR., Sigma Nu, Salisbury. ERNEST SYLVAN ROSENBERG, Tau Epsilon Phi, Atlanta, Go. JULIA FRANCES ROSS, Burlington. KENNETH ADDISON ROSS, Greensboro. ROBERT ARNOLD ROSSFIELD, Montcloir, N. J. KENNETH SPRAGUE ROTHWELL, Boy Shore, N Y. WILLIAM JAMES RUSSELL, Sigma Chi, Flushing, N. Y GERALD MARTIN SCHWARTZ, Pi Lambda Phi, Brooklyn, N. Y. JOYCE BLANCHE SCOTT, Castle Hayne. RUSSELL LEE SENTER, Raleigh. WALTER AUSTIN SHARAFANOWICH, New York, N. Y JAMES QUINN SHELTON, Chi Psi, Mayfield, Ky. THOMAS CONNALLY SHELTON, Atlanta, Ga. HARRY GEORGE SHIPMAN, Greensboro WILLIAM THOMAS SHORE, Winston-Salem. 112 Junior Class First Row WILLIAM SIDNEY SHRAGO, Zeto Beta Tou, Goldsboro. DONALD GRAY SHROPSHIRE, Winston-Salem. THOMAS EDWIN SHUMATE, Phi Kappa Sigma, Goldsboro. BILLY G. SILLS, Harmony. JOE FRED SILLS, Harmony. NANCY CATHERINE SIMPSON, Goastonia ROSA GRAY SIMPSON, Danville, Vo ELEANOR DALTON SINGLETARY, Chi Omega, Greensboro. Third Row JACK LLOYD SNIPES, Hillsboro NORMAN EDWIN SOMMERS, Tau Epsilon Phi, Paterson, N. J. MARY MARSHALL SPEARS. Rocky Mount. JOE DANIEL SPEIGHT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Unodilla, Go. WALTER JESSE SPENCER, JR., Hamlet. SANFORD MACEY SPRINTZ, Pi Lambda Phi, Miami Beach, Fla. RODMAN SPRUILL, Oriental. LEIGHTON RAY STALLINGS, Jomesville. Second Row JOHN EDWARD SINK, Wmston-Salem PAUL GRAHAM SINK, Lexington. ELIZABETH DAVIES EYRE SISSON, Alpha Gamma Delta, Reidsville. MARY WILLIS SLEDGE, Ada, Oklo. BERNARD REID SMITH, JR., Asheville. CLARIS ASHLEY SMITH, JR., Ellenton, S. C. DeNORMA JOYCE SMITH, Gastonia. WILLIAM FRALIN SMITHDEAL, Sigmo Nu, Roanoke, Va. Fourth Row CHARLES WHITSON STANFORD, Chopel Hill. RANEY B. STANFORD, Durham. ALFRED CLYDE STARLING, Albemarle, ROBERT HALL STARNES, Charlotte. ALBERT LOGAN STEEL, JR., Portsmouth, Vo. VANCE MARSHALL STINE, Charlotte. RALPH M. STOCKTON, JR., Beta Theta Pi, Winston-Salem JAMES BUCKNER STOKLEY, Wilmington. 113 Junior Class o a - , ? p p ' . -_N T ' t) r c ?!) a .o iiLk V) imhI iSfc First Row JOE STONE, Dobson. V. JEAN STOUTENBURG, Delta Delta Delta, Knoxville, Tenn. EDGAR LEROY STRAIN, Rome, Go. THOMAS PEIRSON STRATFORD, Phi Gamma Delta, Bur- lington. RAYMOND MASSEY SUGG, Phi Kappa Sigma, Princeton. KIRBY SULLIVAN, Lelond. PATRICIA RUTHE SUMNER, Bat Cove. LOIS LUDMILLA SUNSTROM, Delta Delta Delta, Knoxville, Tenn. Second Row JOHN RICHARD SURRATT, Winston-Salem. MARY ARNALL SWANN, Covington, Go. ROY EDWARD SWARTZBERG, JR., Asheville. JONATHAN SIMPSON SWIFT, Raleigh. ANDREW HARRISS SYMMES, Wilmington. WILLIAM KNOX TATE, Phi Gammo Delta, Morristown, Tenn. WILLIAM FREDERICK TAYLOR, Kappo Alpha, Hookerton. CHARLES LEON THOMAS, PI Kappa Alpha, Allendale, S. C. Third Row DORIS LORRAINE THOMAS, Athens, Tenn. ELIZABETH TAYLOR THOMAS, Carthage. BONNIE RICHARDSON THRASH, Alpha Delta Pi, Asheville. BETTIE ANNA TILLITT, Stotesville. DELMA HOUSTON TODD, Yodkinville. LEON McCOY TODD, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Wilmington. L. JOHN TROTT, JR., New London. GEORGE REID TROTTER, Sigma Chi, Morgonton. Fourth Row FREDERICK GOODE TUCKER, JR., Kappa Sigma, Roanoke, Va. JAMES ELTON TUCKER, Troy. JOHN EARLE TULL, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lonoke, Ark. EUGENE HARROLD TURNER, Phi Delta Theta, Lourinburg. ROBERT LEE TURNER, Phi Kappa Sigma, Foyetteville. THOMAS JENKINS TURNER, Beta Theto Pi, Lourinburg. EARL H. TYNDALL, JR., Lambda Chi Alpha, Kinston. JEAN FULLERTON UMSTEAD, Alpha Gamma Delta, Durham. 114 Junior Class r ' g g? .T f ff ' 1 O D O. First Row LULA HALL VANCE, Winston-Salem, MERWIN SPENSER VanHECKE, Phi Gamma Delta, Chapel Hill. ELIZABETH B. VASHAW, Chapel Hill. HELEN VIVIEN VAUGHAN, Hartsville, S. C. EDWARD ADOLPH VAUSE, Kinston, EMILY A. VON BORRIES, Pi Beta Phi, Winston-Salem. LEO WAYNE WAGONER, Hamptonville. THOMAS HENRY WALDEN, JR., Brunswick, Go. Second Row TENNIE HENE WALDROP, Alpha Gamma Delta, Weaverville. HARRY GAMBOL WALKER, Phi Gamma Delta, Washington. JOSEPH COMPTON WALKER, Hillsboro. NANCY NAOMI WALKER, Winston-Salem, PAUL ALLEN WALTERS, JR., Zeta Psi, Durhom. JOHN CHARLES WARD, Kinston. WILLIAM FARRIOR WARD, JR., New Bern, RICHARD ELVIN WARDLOW, Joplin, Mo, Third Row PAULINE STARKE WARINNER, Chi Omega, Richmond, Va, L, CAROLINE WARREN, Alpha Delta Pi, Chapel HilL ROBERT CREECH WARREN, Alpha Tau Omega, Goldsboro, HUGH WOODROW WATTS, Taylorsville. RICHARD TERRY WAX, Kappa Alpha, Amory, Miss, THOMAS SMITH WEAVER, Pi Kappa Alpha, Chapel Hill, ELEANOR JANE WEBB, Alpho Gomma Delta, Henderson, GEORGE T, WEBB, JR,, Portsmouth, Va, Fourth Row MARY ELLEN WELLONS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Raleigh, MYRTLE RUTH WESTBROOK, Raleigh. DAVID JORDON WHICHARD, Phi Gamma Delta, Greenville, MARTHA R, WH I TAKER, Oak Ridge, BUXTON WHITE, Sigma Nu, Elizobeth City, WILLIAM VANNOY WHITE, Sigma Nu, Lenoir, CLARENCE EARL WHITEFIELD, Durham, MARTHA BROWN WHITNER, Pi Beta Phi, Jacksonville, Flo, 115 Junior Class 1- -1. ,f! O o iP ft ' O f " i t!) P f O First Row THOMAS GREY WICKER, Pi Koppo Alpho, Hamlet CLEO DUKE WILDER, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Pans, Tenn JOHN MASON WILEY, Sigma Nu, Charlotte. JAMES ROBERTS WILKES, Laurinburg, JOHN ROSS WILKINSON, JR., ■Winsfon-Salem. DAVID LIVINGSTON WILLIAMS, Yadkinville. HENRY KIRK WILLIAMS, Alpha Tau Omega, Leesburg, Fla, HOWARD A. WILLIAMS, Chapel Hill, Second Row ANDREW G. WILLIAMSON, Phi Delta Theta, Lumberton GERALDINE WILLIAMSON, Wilson. H. KENDALL WILLIS, Chi Phi, Chopel Hill. HADLEY M. WILSON; Sigma Chi, Lenoir. JAMES BLAN IE WILSON, JR., Wilmington. JAMES CHAMPION WILSON, Winston-Salem. JOHN SIKES WILSON, Pi Kappa Alpha, Monroe. MARVIN PICKARD WILSON, JR, Zeta Psi, Chapel Hill Third Row WILLIAM ALFRED WINBURN, III, Sigma Nu, Savannah, Ga. VIVIAN BLACKMON WISE, Lotto, S C. JOSHUA HENRY WISEBRAM, Tau Epsilon Phi, Bornesville, Go. GEORGE THOMAS WOLFF, Sigma Nu, Greensboro. HERMAN WOLFF, JR., Raleigh. BASIL ALEXANDER WOOD, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Atlanta, Go. THOMAS LANIER WOOD, Wmston-Salem. WENDEL W. WOOD, Charlotte. RACHEL VIRGINIA WOODLEY. Alpha Gamma Delta, Colum- bia. WILLIAM WALTER WOODRUFF, Lexington. FRANK C. WOOTEN, Rome, Go. GEORGE FRANKLIN WOOTEN, Cocoa, Fla. JOEL W. WRIGHT, Kappa Sigma, Asheville. MADISON JOHNSTON WRIGHT, Sigma Chi, Roonoke, Vc. RICHARD CARLTON WRIGHT, Kappa Alpha, High Point. CHALMERS HAYWOOD WYATT, Morgonton. 116 Junior Class HELEN MARTHA XANTHES, Fayetteville. JOHN CHARLES YORK, High Point. WILLIAM EDWARD YORK, Statesville. CHESTER DAVID ZumBRUNNEN, Salisbury. Two ' s company; three ' s a crowd! " Dorktown Poker Club. ' " It was only on old beer bottul. ' Carolina ' s Number One Need is — Good Heolth. Rebel rousers in my old Kentucky home. " Shoo, shoo, baby, poppa ' s home from the seven seas. " 117 Sophomores choose their models and learn the arts both in the classroom and on the campus. UUe UUere The Sophomores We came back last fall to finish all unfinished business, to pick up in the lines where we had left off, to recapture the Chapel Hill atmosphere, which had lingered in our memories for three months. We wondered just how many of the old faces would be missing and how many new " eager beavers " would be seen in Y court lines. It was plain good to carry Chapel Hill boulders in our loafers once again! We cheered even louder at football games, went to more dances, spent more time being concerned about our individual destinies, and some of us even studied a little harder. Our week-ends at Woman ' s College became few and far between; our interests in Tor Heeldom grew. Love affairs came and went with each weather change! Our responsibilities were light, our obligations few, and our contacts were 118 chosen ones that made life enjoyable. Some of us wore fraternity and sorority pins proudly, and learned that it wasn ' t impossible to make a C average after all! We were a vital part of the University of North Carolina, but now she became more and more a part of us. We learned her traditions, her songs, and her way of life — though some of us were from the far corners of the earth, we began to feel that we were Tar Heels born and bred, and we loved that feeling! We were faced with the problem of choosing a field of study; but we have ample time to make a name in activities on the campus, and some of us will even wind up leaning on Phi Bete keys. We are the class that has said " so long " to the ways of youth; next year will be filled with responsibilities galore. " Hit the happy me dium in everything you do " has been our motto as Sophomores, but next year we will be Juniors! or nineteen rortu -Seven The Missing Links AA- ' :.I I ' REGINALD MAX ABBOTT, Chi Psi, Bryson City. WILLIAM HINTON ADAMS, Greenville. SHERMAN ADLER, Zeta Beta Tau, Asheville. CARL R. ALLEGOOD, Greenville. JOHN G. ALLEN, JR, Beoufort. OLIVER H. ALLEN, II, Roleigh. LAWRENCE LEWIS AMATEIS, New York, N Y. ANDREW VANCE ANDERSON, Kappa Alpha, Raleigh. CLARENCE IRVIN ANDERSON, Greensboro. SAMUEL RALPH ANDREW, JR., Albemorle. WILLIAM REID AREY, JR, Gold Hill. WILLIAM HARRIS ARMSTRONG, Salisbury. WALTER D, ARNOLD, Bristol, Vo. FRANK BICKETT ASHCRAFT, Raleigh. CLINTON KESLER ATKINSON, Lilesville. RICHARD S. ATKINSON, Phi Kappa Sigma, Kenly LELAND STANLEY AVERETT, JR, Oxford JAMES HAROLD AYDELETTE, Greensboro RICHARD PAXTON BADHAM, JR , Delta Kappa Epsilon, Edenton. JOHN B. BAITY, Henderson. JOHN WAYLES BAILEY, Henderson, JAMES EDWARD BAGWELL, Henderson HERMAN L. BAKER, Nashville. JOHN O. BAKER, Charlotte. NORWOOD FRASER BAKER, Magnolia. RICHARD LEE BARAB, Phi Kappa Sigma, Atlantic City, N.J. LYNN W. BARNES, .Toylorsville. WILLIAM JOSEPH BARNES, Greensboro NOAH RUDOLPH BASS, Goldsboro WILLIAM RUSSELL BATCHELOR, Aberdeen FRED O BATES, JR., Murphy EDWARD GRAHAM BATTLE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Rocky Mount. JEAN IRWIN BENJAMIN. Jacksonville, Flo EDWARD ROBINSON BENNETT, West Hartford, Conn. SCOTT BRUCE BERKELEY, Kappa Alpha, Goldsboro. CHARLES LAWRENCE BERMAN, Tau Epsilon Phi, Miami Beach, Fla HARRY ALLEN BILLERBECK, Elizobeth, N. J DEWEY RANSON BLACKWELL, JR, Rock Hill, S C JAMES VERNON BLADES, JR., New Bern KENNETH R. BLAND, Kappa Alpha, Wilmington. LEONARD BLUMBERG, Zeta Beta Tau, New Rochelle, N. Y. ERNEST L. BOATMAN, Morristown, Tenn. LESTER ASHLEY BODDEN, JR., Beta Theta Pi, Jack- sonville, Flo. OCTAVIOUS BLANCHARD BONNER, JR., High Point. THOMAS NATHAN BOOE, Asheville. Sophomore Class ' c O P P ' -s -■ f!-, «r ' 120 Sophomore Class ' fc. f% 9 ii tt 11: 4 i O T) rj ■ft Ijf O T. L-i RODNEY LAWRENCE BOOKER, Sigma Nu, Roonoke, Va. HENRY V. BOONE, Seaboard. MILTON JAMES BOONE, Clinton. RICHARD KELLY BOWLES, Beto Theto Pi, Greensboro. VICTOR PRATT BOWLES, Timberlake OSCAR MERLE BOYETTE, Princeton. JOSEPH EDWARD BOYKIN, JR., Durhom. JAMES NEEDHAM BRADFORD, Winston-Salem. PHYLLIS FOSTER BRADSHAW, Chapel Hill. WILLIAM ASHLEY BRANCH, Winterville. BERT MAYNARD BRANNAN, Smithfield. CARL McDowell BRASWELL, Monroe. EDWIN MAURICE BRASWELL, Rocky Mount. ROY BENTON BRASWELL, Winston-Salem. THOMAS JOHNSON BRAWLEY, JR., Gastonia. LONNIE A BRAXTON, JR., Burlington, DAN C. BREEDEN. Bennettsville, S C EDWIN RANIER BRENEGAR, Kappa Sigma, Winston- Salem. JOHN HARRY BRIGHT, JR, Alpha Tau Omega, New Hill. CHARLES GORDON BRITT, Goldsboro. JAMES HARDEE BROOKS, Sigma Chi, Kinston. JOSEPH CARROLL BROWN, Helton, S. C. LOGAN SPENCER BROWN, Richmond, Va. WALTER L. BROWN, JR., Sigma Chi, Jamesville. EDWARD T. BROWNE, JR., Chapel Hill. THOMAS SHERMAN BRYAN, Trophill. CLELL TAFT BRYANT, Franklin. EDWARD ALBERT BRYANT, Lenoir. HAROLD B. BURSLEY, Beta Theto Pi, Charlotte. WILLIAM G BUTLER, JR., Phi Delta Theto, Laurin- burg. NEILL A. BYRNE, Pembroke. ALBERT HANES CALLOWAY, Concord, WILLIAM CAMERON, Oxford, EDWARD FEIMSTER CAMPBELL, Toylorsville. MEEK ANDERSON CARPENTER, Kings Mountain. JACK OLIVER CARSON, Bethel. FRANK CASEY, Phi Kappa Sigma, La Grange, BEN ALLEN CAVIN, Stafesville DAVID A S. CECIL, High Point CHARLES HAL CHAPLIN, Phi Gamma Delta, Columbia. RICHARD BURTS CHEATHAM, Phi Gamma Delta, Griffin, Go. LeROY CLARK, JR, Wendell. CHARLES AIKEN CLAY, Roxboro. WILLIAM JASPER CLAYBROOK, Reidsville DAVID BENJAMIN CLAYTON, Asheville. 121 THOMAS HILL CLAYTON, Chi Psi, Roxboro. WILLIAM COX COART, JR., Chi Phi, Atlanta, Ga, ERNEST FRANK COBLE, JR., Monroe GEORGE ANDREW COCHRAN, Alpha Tou Omega, Newton. ALEX EDWARD COCKMAN, JR., Pittsboro. WILLIAM RAY COCHRANE, Concord. CHARLES LEE COGGIN, JR., Salisbury. CARL HERNDON COGHILL, Henderson. HERMAN OSCAR COLEMAN, Morganton. JOHN COLLETT, Beto Thcto Pi, Morganton. HENRY TAYLOE COMPTON, JR., Savannah, Go JOHN S. CORDON, Kappa Sigma, Louisville, Ky. NED RUSSELL CORZINE, Concord. ROBERT STEVENS COUCH, Monroe. CARL JENNINGS COUNCIL, Hallsboro. THOMAS DUKE COWELL, JR., Elizabeth City. JAMES H. CRADDOCK, Charlotte. CLAUDE A. CROCKER, Phi Kappa Sigmo, Winston- Salem. RICHARD EDWARD CROSS, Alexandria, Va. RICHARD HENRY CULBERSON, Voldese. EDWIN KEITH CUMMINGS, Rocky Mount. JAMES WALTER CURLEE, Ansonville. ELBERT ALLEN DARDEN, Greenville. JOE W. DeBRUHL, Asheville. LLOYD T. DEERLY, Winston-Solem. PORTER WISEMAN DOBBINS, Winston-Salem. ARNOLD DOLIN, Zeta Beta Tau, Waynesboro, Ga. STOVER POE DUNAGAN, Rutherfordton. WILLIAM HOLT DUNCAN, Kappa Sigma, Norberth, Pa, A. HAYNES DUNLAP, Phi Kappa Sigma, Ansonville. CARL THOMAS DURHAM, Sigma Nu, Chapel Hill. WILLIAM ALFRED EARLY, JR, Phi Kappa Sigma, Lenoir. ALAN EDELMAN, Raleigh. JACK EDWARDS, Phi Gamma Delta, Greenville. NOAH ELBERT EDWARDS, Dobson. ROBERT DOUGHTON EDWARDS, Sigma Chi, Asheville, WILLIAM EDWARD ELLINTON, III, Washington. WILLIAM RICHARD ELLIOTT, Forest City. ALPHEUS PALMER ELLIS, JR., Weldon. ROBERT HARLAN EPSTEIN Tau Epsilon Phi, New York, N. Y. JACK NOHRDEN FARMER, Phi Comma Delta, Le ington. LEWIS BLAND FARRAR, Apex DAVID WILLOUGHBY FEREBEE, Chi Psi, Vanceboro. MURRY WISTER FERGUSON, JR., Mebane, ELLISTON PEROT FIERO, Delta Psi, Ardmore, Po. Sophomore Class ' ■ «»• -. . f f . t : li i u 4m Ji RP j O .f . J f- j {f j ' !P i 122 ' ,» «r Sophomore Class pf - ' - ' f f f o f , f f MELVIN LEWIS FINCH, JR, Henderson, PAUL FINCH, Sigma Chi, Southern Pines. JOHN DIXON FLEMING, Phi Gamma Delta, Greenville. JOHN DAVID FOUST, Snow Camp. IRVIN LEONARD FOX, Pi Lambda Phi, Oxford. STANLEY HAROLD FOX, Pi Lambda Phi, Oxford. DAVID DEWITT FOY, Atlanta, Go. ROBERT BEVERLEY NASH FRANCIS, Delta Koppa Ep- silon, Washington, D. C. JOHN WESLEY FRAZIER, Phi Gamma Delta, Salisbury. LEE R FURR, Alpha Tau Omega, Newton. THEODORE JAMES FUSSELL, Delta Psi, Winston- Solem. LOUIS KENDRICK FUTCH, Monroe ALBERT MARRIOTT GAINOR, Pi Kappa Alpha, Battle- boro. JOHN CARL GALE, JR., Phi Kappa Sigma, North Beach, Md. NORMAN ROBERT GALINKIN Tau Epsilon Phi, Toms River, N. J. ARCHIE PATTERSON GIBSON, Alpha Tau Omega, Gibson CHARLES FLOYD GIPPLE, Gibsonville LEONARD GOODMAN, Pi Lambdo Phi, Miami Beach, Flo. FRANK S. GOODRUM, JR, Alpha Tau Omega, Greens- boro. RICHARD EDMUND GORDON, Delta Psi, Merion Sta- tion, Po. CHARLES EDWARD GOTTESMAN Zeta Beta Tau, New Rochelle, N. Y. ROBERT A. GRAY, Charlotte. WILLIAM B. GREEN, Roanoke Rapid. WILLIAM TATE GREEN, JR., Thomasville. BILL PARKER GRIER. Hot Springs, Ark. WILLIAM L GRIFFIN, Kappa Sigma, Gostonia. GEORGE COOPER GRIZZARD, Kappa Alpha, Wash- ington, D. C. ALAN STERLING GUBIN, Pi Lambda Phi, Memphis, Tenn. JAMES MITCHELL GUTHRIE, Chapel Hill. JAMES W, HAAS, Earl. SMITH M. HAGAMAN, Winston-Salem. HARRY ALBERT HAINES, Phi Delta Theta, BIytheville, Ark. GENE H. HALL, Brevard. J. W. HALL, Carthage. J. RICHARD HAMMER, Phi Gamma Delta, Shrewsbury, N. J, HORACE GRAVELY HANKINS, Kernersville. WILLIAM RENNY HARDING, Fort Auroro, N, Y. DAVID HAROLD HARRINGTON, Broodwoy. CHARLES HENRY HARRIS, III, Beta Theta Pi, Look- out Mountain, Tenn. ROBERT CHATHAM HARRIS, Kappa Sigma, Elkin. ZACH HARRIS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Hertford. HENRY D. HARRISON, Williomston. EARL HORACE HARTSELL, Chapel Hill. JAMES BERNARD HAUSER, Phi Koppa Sigma, Winston- Salem. JUDSON LOUIS HAWK, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Atlanta, Go. 123 JOHN ELMER HAWKINS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Raleigh. HUBERT VENNON HAYES, Phi Kappa Sigma, Wil- mington. GORDON R. HEATH, Kappa Sigma, Kinston. ROBERT TILDEN HEDRICK, Phi Gamma Delta, High Point. EARL CLEGG HELMS, Concord. JESSE ROBINSON HICKS, Phi Gamma Delta, Florence. SAMUEL PHILIP HINES, JR, Kappa Sigma, Kinston. DWIGHT BERRIER HINKLE, Kappa Sigma, Lexington, WILLIAM COLLINS HODGES, Roanol e Ropids. LEWIS ROYALL HOLLING, Smithfield. GEORGE MARTIN HOLLOWAY, Washington, D. C. LEMUEL CHUNK HOLOMAN, Jackson. WALTER ANDERSON HOLT, Phi Gomma Delta, Smith- field. EARL DOUGLAS HONEYCUTT, JR, Pi Kappa Alpha, Shelby. CHARLES JAMES HONDROS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Rocky Mount. JOHN H HOOTS, Winston-Salem. CLETUS W. S, HORNE, Indion Trail. EARL BAYNES HORNER, JR, Burlington. EARNEST WEBB HOWIE, Monroe. KENNETH RICHARD HOYLE, Sigma Chi, Sanford. CECIL FRED HUDSON, JR., Connelly Springs. GARLAND FRANK HUFFMAN, JR., Burlington, STANTON VANCE HUFFMAN, Gibsonville, ROBERT LEE HUTTON, Phi Gamma Delta, Greensboro. EDWARD CLAIBORNE IRBY, Phi Gamma Delta, Black- stone, Va. BRUCE WADE ISAACS, Phi Delta Theta, Durham. WILLIAM JABINE, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Baltimore, Md. NORMAN HAROLD JACOBSON, Lenoir. SIMON ARTHUR JACOBSON, Spofford, N. H. ALBERT W. JAMES, JR , Launnburg LENUE TYSON JAMES, Winston-Salem. ROY S. JENNINGS, Greensboro. DANIEL LEE JOHNSON, JR., Bailey. EDWARD ROYCE JOHNSON, Phi Kappa Sigmo, Alex- andria, Va. GEORGE JOHNSON, JR., Phi Delto Theta, Wilmington. JOSEPH B. JOHNSON, Sigma Chi, Raleigh. JOSEPH M. JOHNSON, Sanford. VICTOR L. JOHNSON, Asheville. HARVEY WYLIE JOHNSTON, Charlotte. JAMES MARSHALL JONES, Mcrshville. ROY W. JONES, Flat Rock. WALTER CLARKE JONES, JR, Kappa Sigma, Kinston BENJAMIN HARRIS JOSEPHSON, Tau Epsilon Phi, Weldon. EDWARD GREY JOYNER, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Wilson. LEONARD JEROME KAPLAN, Pi Lambda Phi, High Point. Sophomore Class .(Tj IPP . ' C jp ,,,_ ________ MSk. J m l k wSk ,f ' i , ' O O if« -IK ' T- - ' .-I 124 Sophomore Class t f i N 1 Ji •► l ! ' U f RICHARD PAUL KATZIN, Winston-Salem. CHARLES DONALD KEETER, Kappa Sigma, Rutherford- ton. BERNARD ALLEN KEMP, Hendersonville, REX M. KENNEDY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Jacksonville ROZELLE KENNEDY, Greensboro. GEORGE BURGIN KENYON. Chorlotte. GEORGE YANCEY KERR, Kappa Alpha, Yanceyville. KEMPER LEE KIGER, Rural Holl. JOHN RUTLEDGE KING, Beta Theta Pi, Kingsport, Tenn. WALLACE HINES KIRBY, Roxboro. BEN D. KISTLER, JR., Greensboro, JOE LANE KNIGHT, Lombdo Chi Alpha, Winston- Solem. GENE FONVIELLE KOONCE, Sigma Chi, Jacksonville. WILLIAM LOCKHART KYLE, JR., Kappa Sigma, Kinston. CASPER GARNETT LAMB, Pi Kappa Alpha, Elizabeth City. JOHN GERHARD LAMPE, Chi Psi, Raleigh. ROBERT SCOTT LANGLEY, Sigma Chi, Kinston, JAMES CONRAD LANIER, JR, Phi Gamma Delto, Greenville. SI S, LAWRENCE, JR,, Wilson, FERD OLBERT LAWSON, Sumter, S, C JOSEPH CLARENCE LEARY, JR,, Sigma Nu, Edenton. ROBERT WILLIAM LEDBETTER, Morgonton WILLIAM FITZHUGH LEE, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Goldsboro. JOSEPH GRANT LEFKOWITZ, Winston-Solem. GILBERT GARY LEONARD, Peachlond, JAMES EDWARD LEVAN, Mooresville, IRA OSBORNE LEWIS, Marshailberg, LLOYD S, LILES, Middlesex, ROBERT LINDSAY, Kappa Alpha, Greenville, S. C. CHARLES ROSCOE LINVILLE, Winston-Salem, EDWARD MASON LITTLE, Greensboro. WILLIAM BENNETT LITTLE, JR, Kappa Sigma, Wadesboro, FORREST LOCKEY, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Aberdeen. CHARLES ORIS LONG, Thomasville. WILLIAM GRAY LONG, Zeto Psi, Garysburg NICHOLAS ARMISTEAD LOVE, Phi Gamma Delta, Raleigh. RONE PATRICK LOWE, Wadesboro, ROY MATHEW LYON, Alpha Tau Omega, Memphis, Tenn. CHARLES K, MacDERMUT, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Leonia, N. J. GERALD DIXON MALPASS, Whiteville. WILLIS MELTON MANNING, JR., Bailey. ALGER BRYAN MARTIN, JR., Salisbury. SAMUEL EDGAR MARTIN, Mayodan, THOMAS ERNEST MARTIN, Sigma Chi, Charleston, S. C. CARL N. MATHIS, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Wilmington. 125 TROY DAVIS MATH IS, Rural Hall. CHARLES MAUNEY, Cherryville. JOHN AUGUSTU S MAYO, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Washington. ARTHUR T. MELTON, Marion. LEON McNEIL MELVIN, Porkton. WOODFORD RANDOLPH MIDDLETON, JR., Winston- Salem. WILSON MERIWETHER MILES, Danville, Va. ROBERT LeROY MILKS, Greensboro. JAMES IRVIN MILLHOUSE, Wilson. THOMAS R. MILLER, Wilmington. JOHN LANTY MIMNAUGH Phi Kappa Sigma, Colum- bia, S. C. GEORGE CREE MITCHELL. JR., Wake Forest. OTTO ELWOOD MIXON, Rocky Mount. CLYDE THOMAS MOODY, JR., Bunn. JOSEPH RICHARD MOON, Lambda Chi Alpha, Bur- lington. DOVER GLADSTONE MOORE, Kappa Alpha, Green- ville, S. C JOHN McDowell MOORE, jr., Phi Delta Theto, Lex- ington ASHLEY CARLYLE MORRIS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Raleigh. JESSE CARR MORRIS, JR , Raleigh. HAROLD MILTON MORROW. Phi Delta Theta, Chorlotte. GEORGE W. MUNFORD, JR , Phi Kappa Sigma, Durham. BURT K. MYERS, Phi Gamma Delta, Wilmington. JAMES LEON McALLISTER, JR., Roper. WILLIAM G. McFADDEN, Morganton. FRANKLIN BOYD McGUIRE, JR., Asheville. ANGUS ALFORD McKELLAR, Rowland. EDGAR ALEXANDER McLEAN, Winston-Salem. ROBERT KEELER McLELLAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, At- lanta, Go. GEORGE R. McLEOD, Phi Kappo Sigma, Durham CHARLES BANKS McNAlRY, Phi Gamma Delta, Goldsboro. ROBERT STRANGE McNEILL, Alpha Tau Omega, Mocksville. JOE RICHARD NANTZ, Mooresville. GEORGE RAYMOND NASSIF, Chi Psi, Lourinburg. ROLLA CLAYBORNE NELSON, Fayetteville. JAMES 0. NOLAN, JR., Kappa Sigma, Konnopolis. JOHN C. NOLAN, Phi Koppa Sigma, Winston-Salem. HARRY CLIFFORD NORTHROP, Kappa Alpha, Char- lotte. JOHN SPICER NORWOOD, Kappa Sigmo, Winston- Salem. NORMAN DENNIS O ' BRIANT, Durham. WILLIAM ANDERSON OLSEN, JR., Kappo Sigma Chopel Hill. JOHN EDWARD ORR, Phi Gamma Delta, Asheville. JOHN LEE OTTERBOURG, JR, Wilmington FRANK REDDING OWEN, JR., Gibsonville. JAMES RICHARD OWEN, JR., Hamlet. MARIUS COPEL OWENS, Elizabeth City. Sophomore Class ' ff f t v p e p ( ■ ' O jB O jO ,C fT 0 p P f ' O O 11 .1 126 Sophomore Class TP r ft .(f ; jp ,(f 3 c ' r- Q CLARENCE E PADGETT, Lowell. ROBERT ROSE PADGETT, Phi Gamma Delta, Washing- ton, D. C. ROBERT STANLEY PARHAM, Henderson. MARION HARDIE PARKER, Phi Gamma Delta, Moultrie, Go. STEVE EDWARD PARROTT, Koppo Sigma, Kinston. JOHN KENT PEARSON, Sigma Chi, Apex. JAMES J. PENCE, Alpha Tau Omega, Wogram. GLENN HOYLE PENINGER, JR., Mount Pleasant. NICHOLAS MASSENBURG PERRY, Louisburg, JOHN MINNICK PFAUTZ, 111, Delta Psi, Philadelphia, Pa. HENRY E PHELPS, Asheville. ALLEN C PHILLIPS, Fredericksburg, Va. HARRY FRANCIS PHILLIPS, Burlington, HERBERT ORLANDAH PHILLIPS, Moreheod City, JOHN T. PITTMAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sanford. NORMAN DEWEY PLESS, Sigmo Chi, Canton. EDWARD M. POWELL, JR., Chi Phi, East Northfield, Moss. EDWARD SPENCER QUALLS, JR., Boone. WILLIAM GRANT RAKER, JR., Phi Gamma Delto, Lex- ington. PHILIP SPRAGUE RANDOLPH, Alpho Tau Omega, Chapel Hill. HAYDEN MONROE RATLEDGE, Elkin. ERNEST McDowell REAGAN, Weaverville. WILLIAM TURMAN REECE, Elkin. HARVEY CHESTER RENN, Phi Kappa Sigma, Durham. CARL JEROME RHINEHARDT, Asheville. CHARLES FRANCIS RIDDLE, Pi Kappo Alpha, Graham. LOUIS CHARLES RIGHTS, JR., Winston-Salem. JAMES NEIL ROBERTSON, Burlington. WALTER COLIN ROBERTSON, JR., Brooklyn, N. Y. HEMAN HARWOOD ROBINSON, Elizabethtown. JAMES THOMAS ROBINSON, Loroy, Va. NEWTON JOSLIN ROBISON, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Raleigh. STANLEY LEIGH RODENBOUGH, III, Kappa Alpha, Winston-Salem. COYE OLEIN ROGERS, Hendersonville. FRANK C. ROGERS, Roxboro. LEAMON ELWOOD ROGERS, Phi Gamma Delta, Wil- mington. JOHN CARL ROSSER, Broadway. JOSEPH GRAHAM RUTLEDGE, III, Aurora. WILLIAM EUGENE RYON, III, Wmston-Solem. EMILE MITCHELL SALEEBY, Wilmington. JACK TERAH SAMPSON, Kappa Alpha, Jockson, Miss. VENITAH SANDERS, Alp ha Delta Pi, Chapel Hill. YANCEY B. SANDLIN, Phi Kappa Sigma, Raleigh. EMMIT JACK SAPP, Leaksville. GEORGE G. SATTERFIELD, Burlington. 127 JOE WINDLEY SATTERTHWAITE, New Bern. WILLIAM LEE SAUNDERS, Sigma Chi, Jamestown. HARRY PAUL SAVVAS, Phi Kappa Sigma, High Point. JOE MELUIN SCHAFER, Zeto Beta Tau, Little Rock, S. C. LUDWIG GASTON SCOTT, Burlington. GARLAND MARION SCRUGGS, Greensboro. IRL TIGERT SELL, Wilmington. ERIC SLOAN SELLERS, Cherryville. WILLIAM A. SESSIONS, Conwoy, S. C. WAYNE DEWEY SETZER, Claremont. JEFFERSON DAVIS SEWELL, Phi Gamma Delto, Monroe JOHN WILLIAM SEXTON, Phi Gamma Delta, Rocky Mount. J. BROOKS SHAPING, Kappa Alpha, Greensboro. ALLEN PHIPPS SHERMAN, Phi Kappa Sigma, Durham, ROBERT L. SHERRILL, Charlotte. RAYMOND DOUGLAS SHIPLETT Chi Phi, Lynchburg, Va. GEORGE GRADY SI BOLD, Kappa Sigma, Roanoke, Va. JOHN WESLEY SIDES, Chi Phi, Albemorle. JOHN BRANDY SIEBENALER, Holly Hill, Fla. MERCER WARD SIMMONS. Greenville. JOHN BURNS SIMPSON, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Monroe WILLIAM LEE SINK, Thomasville. WILLIAM RAY SIPES, Troutmans. DONALD EDMUND SKAKLE, Waltham, Moss. J. THOMAS SMATHERRS, Canton. MILES JAMES SMITH, JR, Koppa Alpha, Salisbury. RALPH KENAN SMITH, Pink Hill. ROBERT YANK SMITH, JR, Phi Gamma Delta, Bu lington. SANFORD HALE SMITH, Fuquoy Springs STANLEY SMITH, JR., Asheboro. CHARLES GOODRICH SNOW, Sigma Nu, Chapel Hill DONALD JEFFERSON SNOW, Woshington, D. C, ROBERT HENRY SNOW, Siloam. WILLIAM KITT SNYDER, Angier. JAMES EARL SOMERS, Sigmo Chi, Burlington. JAMES FRANCIS SOUTHERLAND, Willard. WILLIAM BROOKS SPAUGH, Kappa Alpha, High Point. CHARLES KENNETH SPRUILL, Mount Olive. LAURENCE GRAY SPRUNT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Wilmington. WILLIAM FRANCIS SPURLIN, JR., Alpho Tou Omega, New York, N. Y. CHARLES CLAUD STAMEY, Follston. JOHN THOMAS STANFIELD, Winston-Solem. LEE ROY STANLEY, Kappa Sigmo, Reidsville. WILLIAM C. STEADMAN, Pinetop. STEPHEN STEFANOU, Koppa Alpha, Jocksonville. Sophomore Class ? ff ' 128 Sophomore Class O T ' A C C ' : O , l f f C) p f!) C f) PETER WILSON STRADER, Alpha Tau Omega, Soro- soto, Flo. KENNETH EPHRIAM STROUP, Cherryville. JOSEPH P, STRUMP, Greensboro. WALTER REED TALLEY, Bradenton, Flo. WILLIS ARTHUR TALTON, Oxford, LON WILKINSON TAYLOR, Washington. JERRY S. TAYLOR, Winston-Salem, JOSEPH HOWARD THIGPEN, Williamston, MASON PAGE THOMAS, Siler City. SANFORD W, THOMPSON, Phi Gamma Delta, More- head City, THOMAS O, TILGHMAN, JR, Annapolis, Md KENNETH JULIAN TODD, Kappa Alpha, Tampa, Fla, JERRY FREDRICK TOOLS, Chi Psi, Miami, Fla ROBERT LESLIE TOWE, JR,, Roanoke Rapids SOUTH TRIMBLE, III, Phi Delta Theta, Washington, D, C. HARRY GEORGE TSUMAS, Stotesvilie. GEORGE FRANKLIN TUCKER, Whitakers. IRA BERNARD TURNER, JR,, Chorlotte. THOMAS TURNER, Greensboro EDMUND TEMPLE TURNLEY, Rocky Mount. HARRY EUGENE VARNEY, Powell, Pa, JOSEPH FRANKLIN VIVERETTE, Battleboro PERCY LEE WALL, Phi Kappa Sigmo, Wmston-Salem RICHARD DAVID WALLACK. Pi Lambda Phi, New Haven, Conn JACK KURFEES WARD, Mocksville, EDWARD R WARREN, JR,, Goldsboro ROTCHER HARRIS WATKINS, JR, Phi Delta Theta, Durham JACK GLENN WATTS, Tabor City, JAMES ZEB WATTS, Phi Kappa Sigma, Taylorsviile, BYNUM EDGAR WEATHERS, Shelby JOHN GRAHAM WEBB, JR,, Alpha Tau Omega, Hills- boro, HARVEY J WEINSTEIN, Tau Epsilon Phi, New York, N, Y, EDWIN MORTON WESS, New York, N Y WOODROW H, WESTALL, Phi Kappa Sigmo, Black Mountain, GEORGE THOMAS WHITE, Homptonville RAYMOND C WHITEHURST, JR,, Jackson, BOBBY CAROL WHITESIDES. Gastonio MARTIN LUTHER WHITLEY, Chi Psi, Walstonburg IRA LEE WHORTON, Pi Kappa Alpho, Florence EUGENE CLAYTON WICKER, Sanford WARREN JAKE WICKER, Sanford JAMES SIMPSON WILCOX, JR, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte, WILLIAM BRYANT WILDER, Gary DUKE CLIFFORD WILLARD, Pi Kappa Alpha, Winston- Salem, FORREST RAY WILLARD, High Point. 129 Sophomore Class DAN WILLETTS, JR, Phi Kappa Sigmo, Leiand. BEN F, WILLIAMS, Lumberton WILEY JULIAN WILLIAMS, Hamlet WILLIAM FRANK WILLIAMSON, JR, Sigma Chi, Elizobethtown JESSE F. L. WILSON, Rose Hill HARRY K. WINECOFF, Concord KAY CALDWELL WINECOFF, Concord. WILLIAM ROBERT WOLF, Alpha Tau Omega, Mc Cormel, III. LYMAN GRIFFIS WORTHINGTON, Micro THORNTON H YANCEY, Oxford SAMUEL CURTIS Y0UN6BL00D, Alpha Tau Omega, Washington, D. C. GEORGE TURNER YOUNTZ, Southmont. P T- f 7 .f-: -J iBidgii ' .fe n n i l . C ff ' ' .,c n And the kickapoo juice flowed like wine! " Pordon me, boys, nothing could be finer than to have your ham and eggs in Carolina. " « ™ m E 4 . J i ij v ki w ' i MH [ T .y SmM -_ Never let it be said that coeds — because these ain ' t! Four Jills and a jeep! Pome for Carolina and Coach Snavely! 130 " 0. K., if that ' s the way you feel about it, don ' t believe me, but I tell you " " Bedside Manner " in action. When the Yokums came to town from them thor hills. The men behind the men behind the football. Swing your partner the KA way. Beethoven or Boogie? " Home, James, and don ' t spore the horses. " If you con ' t get aboard, get o plank. 131 Freshmen live and breathe the spirit of Carolina sports — o spirit which is hallowed among both students and alumni. UUe UUere The Freshmen September, 1946, found us walking along the paths of Carolina for the first time. At first, we were a little nervous, wondering which line to get into next, where to find a coke, where the library was; but strangely enough, we met familiar faces on the new paths, faces that we had seen in Europe and the South Pacific, faces of buddies, some of whom we never expected to see again. Before long, our rooms in the tin con, dorms, and quonset huts began to look somewhat like home; and nightly strolls down Franklin with roommates became .a " must. " We learned that the professors who called us " Mr. " had been around the world with us, had marched in Italy and the Philippines with our best friends; in addi- tion to being intellectuals, they were pretty good guys after all. 132 We gloried in being privileged to cheer for Carolina ' s blue and white; we stopped to listen to " Hark the Sound " at twilight. The squirrels didn ' t cease to fascinate us! We learned our way around; and, like the upperclassmen, made the same mad dashes to Durham when we didn ' t go to those 2 o ' clock labs. Some of us found our places in Graham Memorial on publications ' staffs and in other activities; others of us spent long afternoons philosophizing in Jeff ' s and Harry ' s. We were Freshmen — but not for long! We have become a vital part of Carolina ' s " Hey, how you? " And next year we will be back, standing in lines, yelling our lungs out at football gomes, loving the long week-ends, and studying like fury for those Friday quizzes. We have a good start toward making the class of 1950 the best of the century! of nmeteen fodu- euen i Many of us ushered the New Year in at New Orleans. Freshman Class CALVIN MONROE ADAMS, JR, Stotesville, RHEA LANSING ADAMS, Durham, LEVI KENNEDY ALDERMAN, JR., Rose HilL BLAN C. ALDRIDGE, Shulls Mills. CLEON OTIS ALDRIDGE, Warsaw. WILLIAM LOCKE ALLISON, JR., Stotesville. DANIEL ISAAC ALLRED, JR., Aberdeen. HAROLD LEE ANDREWS, Durham. GEORGE KENNETH ARCHER, Charlotte. HUGH MUSGRAVE AUSTIN, Smithfield. WILLIAM BRYANT AUSTIN, JR., Jefferson. ETHRIDGE CLAYTON AVERITT, Fayetteville. ERVIN BAER, Tou Epsilon Phi, Dunn. RUSSELL EDWARD BALDWIN, Durham. RUSSELL G. BALDWIN, Lelond. WINFIELD MORGAN BALDWIN, JR., Goldsboro. DAVID BEACH BALL, Burlington. CECIL HUNTER BARBER, Reidsville. MARK V. BARKER, JR., Durham. WADE DUPREE BARNES, Wilson. WILLIAM ARNOLD BARNES, High Point. PAUL JOSEPH BASCHON, JR., Wilmington. WILLIAM HARRELL BASKIN, III, Sigmo Alpha Epsi- lon, Macon, Ga. WILLIAM DONALD BASNIGHT, Chapel Hill. HARRY SKINNER BATEMAN, Wilson. JESSE B. BATEMAN, JR., Greensboro. D.WID L. BEECHER, Manchester. OAKLEY B. BELAND, Wilson WILLIAM PAUL BELLE, Alpha Tau Omega, Tompa, Fla. MORTON R BERGEN, Tou Epsilon Phi, Oxford EDWARD GEORGE BILPUCH, Adah, Po. JOHN DAVID BIPPART, South Orange, N. J. JAMES N. BLACK, JR., Beto Theto Pi, Greensboro. KENNETH CARLYLE BLACK, Pi Kappa Alpha, Colum- bia, S. C. PAUL R. BLACKBURN, Traphill. ROY JACKSON BLACKLEY, Hamlet. VERNE WAYNE BLALOCK, JR., Lexington. JAMES DAVIS BLOUNT, JR., Wilson. JAMES WILLIAM BLUM, Winston-Salem. NICK BUNN BODDIE, JR., Rocky Mount. STUART BONDURANT, Winston-Solem. THOMAS EVANS BONEY, Wallace RICHARD WINSTEAD BORDEN, Kappa Sigma, Golds- boro. RICHARD BENJAMIN BOREN, Hi. Greensboro. MAURICE WRIGHT BOWDEN, Goldsboro. P f O a a .O WjkZ ill } . 1 ,D fT Of. , ) .c o O ' 1 ' Q f 134 Freshman Class a " ! C; f D M-Hj f .J V- ' 7 ' J f J ■ jo o i Gki ' ilk , m SEL MKf n ,R ,Pi TIMOTHY WILLIAM BOWEN, JR, Raleigh. WAYNE RONALD BOYLES, JR., Phi Koppo Sigmo, Mount Airy. ROBERT OTHO BRANNON, Candler. JACK RUDISELL BRANTLEY, Greensboro. WILLIAM DONALD BREWER, Siler City. JAMES A. BRIDGER, Blodenboro. HARVEY MEARES BRINKLEY, JR., Durham. ROBERT LEE BROOKS, Chapel Hill. STAMEY FITZHUE BROOKS, Konnopolis. ROBERT PLEASANT BROWN, Charlotte. SANFORD MILLER BROWN, Roanoke Ropids. WILLIAM CARLTON BROWN, High Point. WILLIAM WILSON BROWN, JR., Chorlotte. JAMES THOMAS BROYHILL, Lenoir. DONALD HOWARD BRYAN, Lumberton. RICHARD JAMES BRYANT, Gastonio. DWIGHT ELMO BUNN, Wendell. FRED ROSS BURGESS, JR., South Mills. EDWARD C. BURKS, Chi Phi, Chapel Hill. GRADY JACKSON BURNEY, JR., Charlotte. CHRISTOPHER NUTTER BUSBY, Salisbury. WILLIAM BLAINE BUTLER, Morgonton. LEONARD ARCHIBALD BUTT, Sigma Chi, Washing- ton, D. C. GEORGE A. BYRUM, Sigma Nu, Edenton. DAVID D. S- CAMERON, Southern Pines. WALTER ALVIN CARNES, Greensboro. EUGENE STEWART CARPENTER, Greensboro. JESSE BATTLE CASTLEBERRY, Clayton. WILLIAM LUTHER CAUBLE, Hickory. JAMES LANDIS CHAVASSE, Henderson. GLEN REID CHEEK. Durham. THOMAS LESLIE CHERRY, Ahoskie. JOHN J. CLARK, Alpha Tou Omega, Rockingham. JOE H. CLAWSON, Phi Kappa Sigma, Lenoir. JAMES BOYD CLAYTON, Lexington. RICHARD MARSHALL CLEGG, Greensboro. FOY ROBERSON COLE, Hillsboro. DAVID LEONARD COLLINS, JR., Wilson. FLEET MARION COLLINS, Greensboro WADE THOMAS COOPER, Alpha Tau Omega, Cory. THANO A, COTSIS, Athens, Greece. ODELL JOSEPH COUNCILMAN, Bonlee. TREADWELL D. COVINGTON, Miami Beach, Fla, V ' ILLIAM LONDON COWAN, Kappa Sigma] Durham CHARLES FOWLER COWELL, JR., Delta Kappo Epsi- lon,Washington. 135 Freshman Class GEORGE HERBERT COX, JR., Washington. STUART WARREN CRAMER, Charlotte. SAM WYNDHAM CRAVER, Charlotte, ROBEY BOWMAN CRISP, Beto Theta Pi, Marion. WILLIAM ARCHIBALD CRUMP, Phi Gomma Delta, Durham. THOMAS EARLE CUNNINGHAM, Winston-Salem. JOSEPH FULTON DALLAS, Reidsville. JOHN LASLEY DAMERON, Burlington. FREDERICK S. DANIELS, Wilson. JOHN FORLAW DANIELS, Pi Koppa Alpha, Charlotte. ROY MELMOTH DAVIDSON, Statesville. FRANK LEWIS DAVIS, Beta Theta Pi, Danville. JAMES LANIER DAVIS, Chapel Hill. WILLIAM CRAWFORD DAWSON, JR. Pi Kappo Al- pho, Elizabeth City. ROBERT LEE DAYE, Pi Kappo Alpha, Elkm. JESSE HENRY DEDMOND, Cliffside. ALBERT JOSEPH DIAB, Lambda Chi Alpha, Burlington. HARVEY JEROME DIAMOND, Tau Epsilon Pi, Charlotte. ARTHUR CHRISTAIN DIETZEL, Baltimore, Md. JOHN W. DILLARD, Wilson. HERBERT PATRICK DILLON, Savannah, Go. CHARLES EDGAR DOBBIN, Phi Koppa Sigma, Lenoir. ROBERT ADOLPH DOCKHAM, Denton. AUBREY CLAYTON DOGGETT, JR., Sigmo Chi, Greens- boro. DAREL WARREN DRUMMOND, Morganton, JOE WILLIAM DUKE, Wilmington. WADE STAFFORD DUNBAR, Sigma Chi, Laurinburg RICHARD AUSTIN DUNLEA, Kappa Alpha, Wilming- ton. PETE MEADOR EBERSOLE, Kappo Alpho, Atlanta, Go. JAMES WILLIAM ECHERD, Asheville. FRANK LAWSON ECHOLS, Asheville. CLIFTON HUGH EDWARDS, JR., Sigmo Chi, Green- ville. HARPER JOHNSTON ELAM, III, Phi Delto Theta, Greensboro. JOSIAH BAKER ELDRIDGE, Carrboro. ARTHUR ENGEL, New York, N. Y. FRANK LESLIE ETCHISON, JR, Rocky Mount DAVID W. EVANS, Beta Theta Pi, Charlotte JACK THOMAS FAKOURY, Myrtle Beach, S C WILLIAM HENRY FARRIOR, JR., Wolloce. HERBERT SHEPHERD FAUGHT, Greensboro. JOEL MARTIN FEINBERG, Zeto Beta Tou, New York, N. Y. IRA OTIS FERRELL, JR., Durham. DAVID LEE FLETCHER, Elkin. CHARLES TAYLOR FOLEY, Charlotte JOHN RODNEY FOREMAN, Elizobeth City. f rs f-j ,,C) (f a tj O ' , f! P 1 ' O f O ( O f5 . : : O O 136 Freshman Class .fUTj f- CT 1 k J ' - ' T pO f.. Wk. Q o p OC ' £ : I ' ff. ' ■fiu i . ' :T Am ; « RICHARD TILLMAN FOUNTAIN, Rocky Mount. PERRY JOSEPH FRANKEL, Pi Lambda Phi, Pleasont- ville, N. J. PAUL F. FULLER, Kappa Alpho, Gostonia. CLYDE WALTON FUSSELL, Teachey. ARCHER H. FUTCH, JR., Charlotte. WALTER MONROE GARDNER, Worrenton. CLYDE HOOVER GARNER, Pmehurst. JAMES BANKS GARRISON, Kappa Sigma, Badin. ALFRED HAMILTON GARVEY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Win- ston-Salem. PERSE LACY GASKINS, Phi Kappa Sigma, Winston- Salem. PAUL McLEAN GASKILL, Sea Level. CHARLES S. GAVIN, Charlotte. CHARLES ROBERT GIBSON, Kappa Alpha, Winston- Salem. JAMES WALLACE GILBERT, Mount Airy. JOSEPH RODNEY GLASGOW, Littleton. CHARLES FRANKLIN GLOVER, Sims. IRVING GOLDINER, Cherryville. SAUL MARTIN GORDON, Tau Epsilon Pi, Statesville. FRANK EDWIN GOSSETT, Charlotte. WILLIAM JAMES GRANDIN, III, Beta Theta Pi, Ti- tusville, Po. SPENCER C. GRAY, JR., Coinjock. JOHN BERGWIN GREEN, JR., New Bern. ROBERT STIMSON GREEN, Lewisville. LEE OVERMAN GREGORY, Zefa Psi, Raleigh. JOHN BENTON GRIFFIN, Rocky Mount. JACK BURTON GUE, Goldsboro. CARL RICHARDSON HACKNEY, Wilson. ROBERT HODGES HACKNEY, Zeto Psi, Wilson. EDWARD HALE HAMILTON, Atlantic. GEORGE DEWEY HARDEE, Chi Psi, Whiteville. JAMES HENRY HARPER, Snow Hill. WI LLIAM H. HARRELL, JR., Creswell. DAN GEORGE HARRIS, Shelby. DELA FLETCHER HARRIS, III, Sigma Chi, Sanford. EDGAR STANLEY HARRIS, Fayetteville. JIMMIE H, HARVEY, Kappa Alpha, Greensboro. JOHN IRVIN HARRISON, Raleigh. CHARLES NEWLAND HAUSER, Alpha Tau Omego, Fort Bragg. FRANK JORDAN HAWLEY, JR., Roonoke Rapids. CLARENCE FILLMORE HAYES, High Point. JOHN W. HEARN, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Monroe. WALTER DUFFY HEATH, Newport, EUGENE CHARLES HEIMAN, Tau Epsilon Phi, Miami Beach, Flo. PERRY CLEVELAND HENSON, Otto. BOBBY JOE HERRING, Winston-Solem. 137 JACK LEACHEN HERNIG, Pi Kappa Alpha, Monroe. JAMES ROBERT HICKMAN, Granite Falls. DEWEY HOYLE HINKLE, High Point. BAILEY WILLIAMSON HOBGOOD, Durham. JOSEPH WILEY HODGES, Kappa Alpha, Washington ROTHSCHILD HALSTEAD HOLDEN, Kappa Sigma, Durham. WILLIAM LESTER HOOD, Charlotte, ROBERT LESLIE HOPKINS, JR., Sigma Nu, Norfolk, Va. WILLIAM DONALD HORTON, North Wilkesboro. ' THOMAS ALLEN HOSICK, Winston-Salem, THOMAS PRESLEY HOUSER, JR, Lincolnton. JOHN LE ROY HOWARD, Greenville, RALPH WADLEIGH HOYT, Beta Theta Pi, Greensboro, BONNOR EDGAR HUDSON, JR, Waxhaw, JUNIUS J IDOL, High Point, JOE ROBERT IVES, High Point, BASIL GEORGE JACKSON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A lanta, Ga. JAMES CURTIS JARRETT, Salisbury, JAMES T, JENNINGS, Charlotte, ED WADE JERNIGAN, Dunn. RICHARD E JEWELL, Sanford CLYDE BRADLEY JOHNSON, Benson HARVEY WILSON JOHNSON, Chi Psi, Raleigh, JOHN A. JOHNSON, Sigma Nu, Warsaw, THOMAS EDWARD JOLLEY, JR, Sigma Nu, Rocky Mount. JOSEPH FREEMAN JONES, Winston-Salem. JULIAN CLEMENT JORDAN, III, Kappa Sigmo, Dan- ville. JOHNNY HENRY JOYCE, JR., Mayodan. E.MANUEL KATZIN, Winston-Salem. JAMES MORGAN KELLY, Chi Psi, Elizabethtown. JOHN DANIEL KENNEDY, Roleiqh. CHARLES FRANKLIN KIRBY, Raleigh. ROBERT LINK KIRK, Sigma Alpho Epsilon, Wmston- Salem. CHARLES WILLIAM KNIGHT, Lombda Chi Alpha, Wm- ston-Solem. EDWARD MONTGOMERY KNOX, JR, High Point SANFORD LEONARD KORSCHUN, Tau Epsilon Pi, Goldsboro. HARRY LINWOOD LAMM, Phi Gamma Delta, Wilson BERNARD O. LANE, Greensboro. GERALD BURDETTE LaSUER, Sigma Chi, Atlanta, Go HERALD ROWE LATHAM, Norfolk, Vo. WILLIAM JAMES LEINBACH, Sigma Chi, Winston- Solem. WILLIAM S, LEINBACH, New Bern WALTER EVAN LEONARD, Hickory, ELLIS HERBERT LEVINSON, Tau Epsilon Phi, Gostonio JAMES CHRISTOPHER LINGERFELT, Morganton. Freshman Class 138 Freshman Class H iff ' .a F ( a 1 f o M 1 ft O . jk ill ■M T 0. a ff " . .C) A-A ' i i a £ £, £ A ft O T. O •? Mm igk J i }? ?W ' IB ' c 4!. lii kk f m •O f Ji M " k 4 A JAMES ROUSE LINGLE, Phi Gamma Delta, Monroe. STAHLE LINN, JR, Delta Koppa Epsilon, Salisbury. RONALD EDWARD LISS, Charlotte. I. MAYO LITTLE, Robersonville WILLIAM HENDREN LONG, Beto Theta PI, Wmston- Salem. TRACY Mcknight LOUNSBURY, JR, Wlnston-Salem. RICHARD TAYLOR LOWE, Mount Airy. MARVIN ELLIS LUTHER, Ramseur. AVERIS MONROE LYNCH, JR, Gastonia. WORTHAM CLARENCE LYON, JR., Sigma Chi, Dur- ham. ROBERT MocLAURIN MacDONALD, Little Rock, S. C. CHARLES BROADFOOT MacRAE, Delto Psi, New York, N. Y. ROBERT PHITER MacRAE, Alpha Tau Omega, Concord WILLIAM DAINGERFIELD MacRAE, Alpha Tau Omega, Concord. SIDNEY YANCEY McADEN, JR, Charlotte. JAMES HUGH McARVER, Gastonia. EDWARD JOHNSON McCAULEY, Burlington. WALTER LANE McCOLL, JR., Chi Psi, Albemarle. JOHN ADOLPH McCOMMAS, Elizabethtown. GRADY M. McCOY, Lexington. WILLARD LYNN MclNTOSH, Greensboro. EDWARD ARMAND McLEOD, Maxton. WILLIAM H. McLEOD, Monroe JAMES MAX McMANUS, Red Springs. FRANK ALEXANDER McNEIL, Aberdeen. SAMUEL THOMAS McTEER, Savannah, Go. JOHN WAYLAND MADDREY, Sigma Chi, Weldon. HARRY MAER, Pi Lambda Phi, Charlotte. SAMUEL HAYS MAGILL, Shanghai, China. JOHN T. MARSHALL, Greensboro. ARTHUR GILBERT MARSH, Alpha Tau Omega, High Point. FRANCIS B. MATTHEWS, Charlotte. THOMAS PAUL MATTHEWS, Raleigh. JOSEPH FRANKLIN MAURICE, Pi Koppa Alpha, Ham- let. GARLAND SEYMORE MAY, JR, Littleton RICHARD CHATHAM MAYBERRY, Kappa Sigma, El- kin. JOHN JACOB MEEDER, JR., Gatesville. CARROLL ROY MELTON, Morion. JOSEPH TAYLOR MELVIN, Greensboro EDWARD MICOL, Valdese. JOHN B MILES, Winston-Salem. BLANTON WALTER MILLER, Boone. JOHN EUGENE MILLOWAY, JR, Greensboro. JAMES BLAINE MILLS, Jameson, Mo. HENRY FRANKLIN MOORE, JR., Whiteville. 139 JAMES FLOYD MOORE, JR, Sigma Chi, Reidsville. WILLIAM TRACY MOORE, Greensboro. JAMES LANGSTON MORGAN, Greensboro. DANIEL BAXTER MORRIS, JR., Chi Phi, Foyetteville. ROBERT KNOX MORROW, Charlotte LEON RUDOLPH MORSE, Tau Epsllon Phi, Wilmington. SAMUEL CARTER MORTON, Delta Psi, Hopkinsville, Ky. HERBERT MOSKOWITZ, Wilmington. JAMES CLAYTON MOYE, Snow Hill. JAMES EDWIN MUNDEN, Phi Kappa Sigma, Smithfield. PAUL NELSON, Chi Psi, Tenafly, N. J. ROBERT NEWELL, Beta Theta Pi, Greensboro. FLETCHER BURTON NICHOLS, JR., Charlotte. WILLIAM WARREN NORTHCOTT, High Point. JAMES STANTON NORTHRUP, JR , Alpha Tau Omego, Concord. ALBERT WOMBLE OAKES, III, Weldon JAMES HOWARD PARKER, Tarboro WILLIAM BAYLIES PARKER, JR, Alpha Tau Omega, Goldsboro. GENE BLANCO PARRISH, Benson HURLEY PARRISH, Durham EDWIN PATE, JR, Kappa Sigma, Laurinburg ROBERT FLYNN PAYLOR. Formville. ALVIN WARD PEACOCK, Sigma Nu, Chapel Hill. SAMUEL W. PEARCE, Phi Kappa Sigma, Winston- Salem. STANLEY WILLIAM PEARSON, Zeto Beta Tau, Kinston. CHAN MUNGER PEGRAM, JR, Pi Kappo Alpha, Nor- folk, Va. STUART ALFRED PELTZ, Tau Epsilon Phi, Newport News, Va. JOHN OLIN PERRITT, JR, Rocky Mount. ELY JACKSON PERRY, JR, Kappa Sigma, Kinston. AUGUSTUS WINNIETT PETERS, Zeta Psi, Wilson. THOMAS JEFFERSON PETERSON, JR , Savannah, Go NELSON S. POSNER, Shelby. JAMES V. POTRICH, Charlotte. HERBERT W. PRICE, Selma. JOE BROWN PROCTOR, Chi Psi, Whiteville. RANDALL WESLEY PROCTOR, Washington, D. C. JOE BILLY PUTNAM, Cherryville. JOHN ROLAND PYRON, Charlotte. CLIFTON LEE QUINN, Beoulaville WILLIAM KENAN RAND, JR, Phi Delto Theta, ! ham. MARION H. RANDOLPH, JR., Lexington WILLIAM McCLELLAN RAWLS, Alpha Tau Omega, Rockingham. ROBERT MARSHALL REAMS, Apex. DANIEL HOLT REAVES, Koppa Alpha, Graham FREDERIC RETCHIN, Wilmington. Freshman Class -J ( f i f o A c n T: f O P O- f )p . - f tr. ,o C f p. 140 Freshman Class f ' Ih . t.) ) (f! f f C!i .O :; O C) C © r aft CARTER LEE RHINEHART, JR., Canton. THAXTON RICHARDSON, JR., Greensboro. CLAYTON ROLAND ROBINSON, Sigma Nu, Norfolk, Vq. GEORGE E. ROFFER, Atlanta, Go. lOSEPH EDGMON ROGERS, Washington. LATTIE MONROE ROGERS, JR, Mooresville. WILLIAM HAYWOOD ROGERS, III, Raleigh. JAKE L. ROSENBLOOM, Zeta Beta Tau, Rocky Mount CLYDE BUCHANAN ROSSER, Broadway. GLENN ALBERTSON RUGGLES, Alpha Tau Omega, Chevy Chase, Md. EDWARD WRAY RUSSELL, High Point. JOHN RUSSELL, Kinston. WILLIAM DORSETT RUSSELL, JR., High Point ELBERT STEPHEN RUTLEDGE, Phi Kappa Sigma, Win- ston-Salem. FRED STIMSON SAUNDERS, Aulander HAMILTON DAVIS SAVAGE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Raleigh FRANKLIN LONNIE SCHELL, Stotesville. MILTON MATTHEW SCHOTTLAND, Paterson, N. J. CHARLES BALDWIN SEWARD, JR, Phi Delta Theta, Marion, Va. CHARLES ANDERSON SHACKELFORD, High Point. ROYAL GRAHAM SHANNONHOUSE, III, Pittsboro MELVIN SHAPIRO, Pi Lambda Phi, Charlotte. WALTER H. SHAPIRO, Pi Lambda Phi, Charlotte DAVID SAMES SHARPE, Chapel Hill. CHARLES COLLINS SHAW, Henderson. MONCUE EAVES SIBLEY, Lumberton. RAYMOND R. SIMMONS, Winston-Salem, ROBERT LLOYD SING, JR, Kappa Alpha, Charlotte. JOSEF SKLUT, Wmston-Salem. MARK RAYMOND SMERNOFF, Pi Lambda Phi, New Hoven, Conn CLAUDE ALFRED SMITH, Black Creek. CLYDE B. SMITH, Leaksville, JAM ES ROBINSON SMITH, Kappa Sigma, Durham, THOMAS CLARKE SMITH, Alpha Tau Omega, West- field. N, J. ALBERT GILMER SNIDER, Denton HARRY R, SNOWDEN, Flushing, N. Y. GUY MITCHELL SPARGER, Mount Airy. JOHN RYON SPILLERS, JR, Winston-Salem. JOHN EDGAR STILLMAN, Franklin, Tenn, PHILIP McGARVEY STONESTREET, Mocksville. FLOYD BYRD STOUT, JR., Greensboro. LAWRENCE ALBION STOX, Wmferville. JERRY DALTON STRADER, JR., Chi Phi, Burlington. JACK D. STRATTON, Robbinsville. DAVID ROSCOE STROUD, JR., Mocksville. 141 JOSEPH BRADLEY STROUP, Gainesville. RALPH ALEXANDER SULLIVAN, JR., Winston-Salem. WILLIAM JOHN SUNAS, Sigma Chi, Durham. WADE TALMAGE SURRATT, JR., Phi Kappa Sigma, Winston-Salem. JAMES EDWIN SUTTON, Greenville. WILLIAM HOBBS SUTTON, Wilmington. ' FRED LANE SWARTZBERG, High Point. AUBREY WHITE TALBERT, JR, Salisbury. BANKS COOPER TALLEY, JR., Bennettsville, S. FRED WESLEY TALTON, Clayton. DYER J. TAYLOR, Washington, D. C. LEWIS SUMNER THORP, Zeta Psi, Rocky Mount. ERNEST HAYWOOD TILLEY, Raleigh. WILLIAM E. TILLEY, JR, Durhom. WILBUR NELSON TODD Yadkinville. NED CALVIN TOWELL, Mooresville. HENRY TURNAGE TREVATHAN, Fountain. WILLIAM NELSON TRITT, Foyetteville. GLENN ELLIOTT TROUTMAN, Statesville. VIRGIL ARTEMUS TUCKER, JR., Moyodan. SIDNEY BUMPASS TURNER, JR, Durham WELLBIRD R TURNER, JR, Chi Psi, Rocky Mount. JAMES MALBON TWINE, Norfolk, Va. JAMES REIT2EL WAGNER, High Point. ARCHIE DUVALL WALKER, Wilmington. OLIVER P. WALKER, Rocky Mount. ROBERT RICHMOND WALKER, JR., Kerr. RICHARD T. WALL, Henderson. JOHN ROBERT WALTERS, JR, Reidsville. JIMMIE LEE WEATHERS, Shelby. ARCHIBALD JOHNSON WEBB, Phi Gamma Delta, Wilson. JOHN N. WEBB, Phi Gommo Delta, Wilson RYLAN CAMPBELL WEISNER, Olm. CAMEST LOTORGE WEST, Philadelphia, Pa. TED GRADON WEST, Lenoir. JOHN SUTHER WHICHARD, Phi Gamma Delta fnr ei ville. MATTHEW JUDSON WHITE, JR., Elizabeth City. SAM T. WHITE, Phi Gamma Delta, Greenville. EDWARD ARNOLD WHITLEY, Rutherford College CHARLES LEONARD WILDER, Zebulon. JOHN CLAUD WILKIE, JlR., Graham. JOSEPH S. WILLIAMS, Rocky Mount. NORWOOD ELWYN WILLIAMS, Wallace. RUTH CROWDER WILLIFORD, Elm City. ROBERT WILEY WILMOTH, Winston-Salem. Freshman Class r ) P O f f •U- ' § Zf J % ' ' ' ' ' JMt l M -V. i f ffS f f P . f O ' p! " f » .f? O ( 142 CLIFTON MONROE WILSON. JR., Aberdeen. JAMES B. WOLF, JR, Zeto Beta Tau, Shaker Heights, JOHN BENNETT WOODARD, Hamlet. JOHN FROST WOODHOUSE, Kappa Sigma, Virginio Beach, Va BERNARD DUKE WOODY, Concord. A sentimental journey to Baltimore — and the seats were few and far between. " We come down hyar to give you all a hill-country rendition of a little folk dance. " The atmosphere behind those swinging doors. Playing for the sport of the game only— the true Navy way! Tie the bull outside, Charley, old boy. Anchors oweigh. Tor Heels — we ' re off to sink the Novy Blue. 143 ?i £i - ' iViBiiif ' 1 • ' hi ' ' ' ' ' ' i DAVID CLAYTOR Vice-President PAT BURGISS Secretary-Treasurer DAVID MASENGILL President The Schoo Enrollment in the Pharmacy School attained its highest mark this year, and a new faculty member, Dr. 0. H. Thompson, of Illinois, who added to the staff. The 1946-47 year passed, leaving us all with a feeling of satisfaction for having been connected With the School of Pharmacy at the University of North Carolina The Student Branch of the North Carolina Pharmaceutical Association sponsored a series of student programs during their monthly meetings, to create student interest and participation in the organization. With new faces came new ideas and plans that were put into action. The social activities of the group added interest, a week-end get together was carried out, with a dance, picnic, and several parties. Group participation reached an all-time high, and we became a more compact unit than ever before, working and playing together. 146 In September, we initiated a year full of ambition and hope; we saw that ambition fulfilled and that hope unfold into reality. As a result, our goals soared into higher realms; and the year has ended with visions that will terminate in actuality. Officers of the Pharmacy School were: David Masengill, President; David Claytor, Vice-President; Patsy Burgiss, Secretary-Treasurer; Reeves Hawkins, Men ' s Council Representative, Class Officers were: Bill Welborn, Senior Class President; David Clayton, Junior Class President; Tom Collier, Sophomore Class President Ralph Rogers, Freshman Class President, Of Pharmacy The Pharmocy School ' mm ): %: ' . ' ' ' . ' ' ' ■jp.m ' . Seniors EMILY HARRIS ALITON Port Jervis, New York Pi Beta Phi; Kappa Epsilon, Secretary (2, 3, 4); Dally Tar Heel (I); Coed Senate (2, 3, 4); Student Legisloture (3, 4); Student Advisor (2, 3); Phar- macy Senate (2, 3, 4); Secretary of Pharmacy School (3, 4); Choirman of Leadership Training (3, 4); N. C. P A. MARION SIMS HAMER Lenoir Phi Delta Chi; Secretary-Treosurer of Pharmacy School (2); Football (I, 2) N. C P. A. FLORENCE BONNER HOFFMAN High Point HENRY RUFFIN HORNE Fayetteville dfii i ik DOROTHY JEAN LYERLY Belmont PAUL BRANCH BISSETTE, JR. Wilson Phi Gamma Delta; Monogram Club (3); Baseboll, Manager (3). MARY FRANCES HARRIS Newbern, Tennessee Kappa Epsilon; Secretory-Treasurer of Class (3); Pharmacy Senate (2, 3, 4), Y, W. C. A. (2, 3). ELEANOR HOLDEN Bunnell, Florida Chi Omega; Valkyries (4); Y. W. C, A (I, 2, 3, 4); President of Pharmacy Girls ' Association (3); Pharmacy Sen- ote (2, 3, 4), Coed Senate (3); Vice- President of Pharmacy School (3); Student Advisor (2); Chairman of Student Advisors (4); N. C P. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Rho Chi (2, 3, 4), President (3); Kappa Epsilon (1, 2, 3, 4); President (3). ARTHUR GEORGE KISER Asheville ELLEN H. MACON Mount Airy Kappa Epsilon, President (4); Phar- macy Girls ' Association (2, 3, 4), Vice-President (3); Pharmacy Senate (3, 4); N, C P, A,, Treasurer (3). 148 Pharmacy DAVID WAUGH MASENGILL Bristol, Tennessee Kappa Alpha; Kappa Psi; President of Pharmacy Class (3); Rho Chi (4); Y. M. C. A. (1, 2, 4); President of Pharmacy School (4); Pharmacy Sen- ote (2, 3); N. C. P. A. (4); Dean ' s Cabinet (3, 4). JOE T. RUSSELL Canton Kappa Sigma; Kappa Psi. MILDRED ELIZABETH SHOWALTER Raleigh Kappa Epsilon; Glee Club (2, 3, 4)- Y. W. C, A. (2, 3, 4); Rha Chi, Presi- dent (4); Pharmacy Senate (4); Phar- macy Girls ' Association (3, 4), N C P. A. (3, 4); C, I. C. A, Treasurer (4). SHUFORD EVERETT SNYDER Swannonoa Kappa Psi. WILLIAM FOWLE WELBORN, JR Lexington President of Class (4). ALBERT PAUL RACHIDE New Bern Phi Delta Chi; Y M. C. A. (2, 3, 4); N C. P. A. (I, 2, 3, 4); Pharmacy Senate (4). EULAN SHOOK, JR. Hickory ALLEN SINCLAIR Norwood Phi Delta Chi; President of Pharmacy School (3); Pharmacy Senate (4); Rho Chi; N. C. P. A. (3, 4); Dean ' s Cabinet (3). WILLIAM WEST TAYLOR Durham Kappa Psi (2, 3, 4), Treasurer (4); Rho Chi (3, 4), President (4); N C. P A. (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Pharmacy Senate (2, 3 4); President of Class (4). JOHN SAMUEL WILLIFORD Elm City Pharmacy Senate (2, 3)- N C P A ' 2, 3, 4). 149 Junior Class First Row SYBIL BERNADINE AUSTIN, Hatteros. DORIS BIZZELL, Greenville. EVELYN PITT BLANCHARD, Wallace. CHARLOTTE MAE BORDERS, Shelby WILLIAM CAIN BRANTLEY, Lambdo Chi Alpha, Ra- leigh. Third Row M,ARY ETHEL ELLINGTON, Charleston, S. C. OLIVER GLENN FLEMING, Phi Delta Chi, Smithfield. LACY EARL GILBERT, JR, Phi Delta Chi, Porkton. DORIS MARIE GILLIAM, Kappa Epsilon, Sanford. LEON LEWIS GORDON, Rutherfordton. Second Row BiLLY C. BROWN, High Point. PATSY ROY BURGISS, Kappa Epsilon, Sparta. BRAINARD MONROE BURRUS, Koppa Psi, Canton DAVID DORTCH CLAYTOR, Kappa Psi, Hillsboro. EVELYN LUCILLE EARL, Patterson Springs. Fourth Row LEON IRVIN GRAHAM, Roseboro. ELLERBE WILSON GRIFFIN. JR, Alpha Tou Omego, Kings Mountain. ROBERT BUCKNER HALL, Phi Delto Chi, Mocksville. LARRY CLAYTON HARRIS, Phi Delto Chi, Chffside. THOMAS REGINALD HARRIS, Phi Delta Chi, Cliffside. 150 First Row VIOLA RICHARDS HOWELL, Mount Airy. SAMUEL G. KOONCE, Alpha Tau Omega, Chadbourn. GEORGE W. MATHEWS, Asheville. MARYELLEN CORNELIA MILLAWAY, Burlington. JAMES WADDELL MITCHENER, Lambda Chi Alpha, Edenton. Third Row ROBERT HAWTHORNE SEABORN, Victoria, Vo. EDGAR FRANKLIN SEAGLE, Lincolnton. LINA M. SILVER, Alpha Gamma Delta, Block Mountain. EVELYN SHUGAR, Torboro. EVELYN LOVING STUTTS, Cameron. Second Row GEORGE DAYLON MORGAN, Clayton. EDWARD SHOLAR POWELL, Oxford. WINFIELD P. ROSE, Chapel Hill. CHARL H. SANDERS, Somerville, Tennessee IRWIN MATTHEWS SATTERWHITE, Lambda Chi Al- pha, Newberry, S. C. Fourth Row HERBERT AUSTIN TEMPLE, Jonesboro. CHRISTINE TUNSTALL, Apex. DANNIE D. UNDERWOOD, Clinton. STEVE CARTER CECIL UZZELL, Chi Phi, Black Moun- tain. 151 School of i3 f tiic iH - - ' iMiii Sophomores ERNEST RUFFIN ANDERSON, High Point. JESSE HORACE BAKER, Winfoll. HARLEY ONEIL BENSON, Robbins. JIMMIE C, BOWERS, Morgonton. JAMES HOWARD BOYLES, Cherryville. CLIFTON SCOTT BRINKLEY, Hickory. HUBERT MORRIS COFFEE, Thomasville. WESLEY THOMAS COLLIER, Roanoke Rapids. PEGGY ANN COSTNER, Lincolnton. RAYMOND LEE CREEKMORE, Whiteville. ADRIAN MOULTRIE DAUGHTRIDGE, JR., Rocky Mount. MARY JANE FAILING, Belleville, N. J. CLARENCE McDONALD FERGUSON, Silver City JOSEPHINE BAKER FINCH, Alpho Gamma Delta, Black Mountain. CHARLES HOWARD GADDY, Ingold. WINDFIELD SCOTT GARDNER, Macon. WILLIAM HOWARD HARRELSON, Tabor City. ROBERT FRANKLIN HARRISON, Chodbourn. CHARLES BRUCE HAWKINS, Clyde. HAL BURGESS HAWKINS, Stafesville, CLELL LORRAINE HEATH, Cove City. RAYMOND EDWARD HEATH, Newport. WILLIAM Mc. HOWARD, Chapel Hill. BOYARD CLEVELAND JOHNSON, Bunn. CLARENCE ELBERT JOHNSON, Chapel Hill WILLIAM M. JORDAN, Asheville. WILLIAM WALTER JORDAN, Raleigh. 152 Pharmacy Sophomores RALPH LOYD KNOX, Charlotte. LEROY LANIER, JR., Wallace. HOLLAND BRAUDIS LEONARD, JR, Koppa Alpho, High Point. LAWTON WOOSLEY LONDON, Cherryville. JOHN DAVID LOWE, High Point. ROBERT Ml LAS MARTIN, Red Oak. HERBERT McKEITHAN, JR., Raeford. MARINA PETTWAY MOSELEY, Warrenton. DAVID SNYDER OVERTON, Sonford. THOMAS AIXEN PACE, Hendersonville. REX ALAN PARAMORE, Whiteville. GOLD BLANTON PROPST, Morganton. DANIEL EDWARD RHODES, Morgonton. HAROLD CLAYTON RICH, Garland. HAROLD EDWARD ROPER, Franklin. ROBERT McGILL ROSS, Bessemer City. VANN VANDERLYN SECREST, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Monroe. NORMAN WAGGONER SHERWOOD, Chapel Hill. VOLLIE ARTHUR SHORE, JR., Durham JEAN lOLA SNYDER, Alpha Gamma Delta, Hagerstown, Md JOSEPH CARSON SOUTHERN, High Point JOSEPH P. THORNE, Weldon. CLAUDE CAMERON WHEELER, JR., Wilson. BRUCE ALEXANDER WILLIAMS, Nashville. HARRY W. WILSON, Asheville. ROBERT C. WILSON, Hendersonville. MELVIN LEE YORK, Reidsville. Freshman Class First Row JARVIS MARION ALLIGOOD, Woshington. CARL JAMES BELL, JR., Gostoma. JANE BRADFORD, Greensboro. JAMES E. BROOKSHIRE, Phi Delta Chi, Winston- Salem. ARTHUR E. BROTHERS, Elizobeth City. HAROLD VINCENT CARTER, Leaksville. ARLISS RUDOLPH CULLER, Pinnacle. EDGAR MONROE DARNELL, Murphy. Second Row ARCH LYLE DAVIS, Roxboro. CAROLYN MAY DIETER, Durham. JAMES HENRY DOWDY, High Point. JAMES WILLIAM EDWARDS, Scotland Neck. F. NELL EVANS, Asheville. REGINALD CONWAY FERRELL, Nashville. OSBORNE FIELDS, Selma, WILLIAM GORDON FORREST. Wmterville Third Row HARVEY CLIFTON GREESON, Greensboro. JOHN COGDEIL HOOD, JR., Kinston. WILLIAM PITTS HORTON, Sanford. ROBERT EFIRD HOYLE, Cooleemee. CHARLES FLOURNOY JONES, JR., Oxford. FLOYD E. JONES, JR., Morehead City. JOHN LEE JONES, Canton 154 First Row WINFRED ALMORE KING, Mount Airy. RICHARD A. KNIGHT, Columbia, VIRGINIA LIMBAUGH, Asheville. OSCAR WALTER MILLS, Leaksville. WAYNE T. MITCHELL, Roseboro. MILTON ALVIN MOORE, JR., Tarboro. MALCOLM BAKER NICHOLSON, Torboro. WILLIAM MOOREFIELD PUCKETT, Fuquay Springs. Second Row ERNEST JOHN RABIL, Weldon. JOHN McMillan RANCKE, Lumberton. CAROLYN JANE REDMAN, Pilot Mountain. VICTOR LEE RIGGSBEE, JR., Charlotte. RALPH PEELE ROGERS, JR., Kappa Alpha, Durham, ROBERT EDGAR SCHARFF, Asheville. BERNIE MAURICE SHEFFIELD, Colfax. ANNA LUNDA SLACK, Raleigh. Third Row PHOEBE LLEWELLYN TART, Dunn. EUGENE McDonald USSERY, cognac. MARSHALL RAY VICKERS, Burlington. OLIN HENDERSON WELSH, Lumberton. EMILY JOAN WEST, Durham. RUSSELL LOWELL YOUNG, JR., Murphy. 155 School of Law Many lawyers in states far and wide, as well as most of Carolina ' s prominent lawyers, have at one time been students of the University of North Carolina Law School. Our Low School has the repu- tation of being one of the best, having turned out some of America ' s most outstanding politicians and lawyers. Distinctive features of the Law School are its well-known summer school, which presents recog- nized authorities on various subjects of low; and its student publication, The North Carolina Low Review. Louis Goylord, President of Law Association, 1947. William Pope, Secretary. Donald McCoy , Representative to Men ' s Council. Logan Howell, Editor-in-Chiet of Law Review, 1947. Cyrus Lee, Editor-in-Chief of Low Review, 1946. William Aycock, Associate Editor of Law Review. Cyrus Hogue, Associate Editor of Law Review. Third Year Law First Row: Donald W. McCoy, Hobart L. McKeever, Catherine S. Powell, August L. Meyland. Second Row: R. W. Bradley, D. M. McLelland, M. G. Pickord, London H. Roberts, George C. Price. Third Row: James R. Kirby, William R. Pope, D. J. Wolker, Hector McLean. Fourth Row: Jomes C. Cooper, Dugold Stewart, J. A. McAllister, M. B. Simpson, James D. Phillips. 156 First Row: William T. Crisp, William H. Burton, George T. Williams, John R. Jordan, Joe H. Barrington, Jomes S. Currie. Second Row: Herbert V. Bridgers, James R. Bailey, Roscoe M. Holland, Jack M. Harrill, William H. Chamblee. Third Row: Lenox P. McLendon, Bruce H. Caraway, Edgar S. Dameron, Elton Edwards, George A. Ayscue. Fourth Row: William A. Dees, Thomas S. Garrison, Max L. Childers, Thomas V. Cauble, Richard E. Britson. Fifth Row: William J. Allran, Henry E. Colton, William C. Friday, Robert H. Butler, George L. Grantham. First Row: Walton P. Birkheimer, Joe Trovis, Cvrus D. Hogue, Louis J. Poisson, Miles J. McCormick, Neill L. Britt, David McK. Hall. Second Row: Thomas G. Dill, Logan D, Howell, John T. Rendlemen, Clarence P. Shuping, Chorles L. Martin, Graham M. Carlton. Third Row: Fred B. McCall, Frank W. Hanft, Herbert R. Baer, Noel R. S. Woodhouse, Maurice T. Von Hecke, Thad H. T. Moser, Robert A. Farris, Owen G. Rodman, James C. Wallace, Fronk J. Heazel, Charles E. Mashburn. Fourth Row: John H. Briggs, Marvin J. Gatlin, Bennett M. Edwards, John P. Dalzell, Henry P. Brandis, Henry L. Harkey, Louis W. Goylord. Second Year La w 157 First Row: Norwood Robinson, Eugene C. Smith, Elizabeth Osborne, Robert G. Stocl(ton, William L. Smith, John W. Campbell. Second Row: James R. Todd, Alfred D. Word, James T. Pritchett, Robert L. Worren, Charles W. Gordon, Thomas M. Wells. Third Row: W. Terrell Webster, Gleoson Allen, Milton H. Gupton, Frank Grady, Robert L. McMillan, Elbert S. Peel. Fourth Row: Joseph C. Moore, John D. Roeder, Daniel D. Retchin, Williom A. Martin, Thomas R. Payne, Francis I. Parker. Fifth Row: Bill Neal, Jomes Taylor, Thomas Woody, Julius C. Barefoot, Felton M. Collier, Elsie M. Qumlon, Talmadge L. Narron. Sixth Row: Fletcher C. Mann, Charles F. Vance, Herbert Small, Ernest W. Machen, Robert S. Swoin, Arthur M. Utiey. Seventh Row: Jesse C. Sigmon, Nicholas Long, Preston W. White, Francis S. Taylor, Tom Mullen. First Year Law First Row: James A. Doddo, Kotherine L. Boone, Harvey Luck, Lee W. Settle, C. C. Canadoy, William Britt, Amalia M. lonora, William F. Barnes. Second Row: Hoyt P. Taylor, William H. Petree, Horry Fullenwider, Bill Lyons, Thomas B. Keys, Edward L. Coppola. Third Row: Bynum Hunter, Eupho 0. Brogden, Cale Burgess, Hugh Cosh, J. B. Lee, Robert Covington. Fourth Row: Walter Love, Williom Joyner, Rufus C. Hewitt, Lemuel H. Gibbons, Phillip R. Craver, Worth B. Folger, Harvey R. Kennedy. Fifth Row: Robert D. Little, Robert Kitrell, Richard A. Hollander, Wil- liom E. Elmore, Julius C. Smith, Charles F. Benbow, John R. Jorvis. Sixth Row: Michael L. Corr, Thomas F. Adams, Robert C. Hall, Marcellus Buchanon, Ted Hoigler, Paul Ridge, John E. Conner. Seventh Row: Sterling G. Gilliam, Robert A. Hedrick, Richord A. Cohan, Philip R. Hedrick. 158 Schoo of Public Health The Medical Building . . . home of the School of Public Heolth. ■y Bg tii t. .■ . i %3b «»•■ : ; i i: 1 12 • ' ■ . Uiii " Preventive medicine dreams of a time when there shall be enough for oil, and every man shall bear his share of labor in accordance with his ability, and every man shall possess sufficient wealth for the needs of his body and the demands of health. MILTON JOSEPH ROSENAU Founder 1869-1946 Distinguished Pioneer of Preventive Medicine " These things he shall have as o matter of justice and not of charity. " Preventive medicine dreams of a time when there shall be no unnecessary suffering and no premature deaths; when the welfare of the people shall be our high- est concern; when humanity and mercy shall replace greed and selfishness; and it dreams that these things will be accomplished through the wisdom of man. " Preventive medicine dreams of these things, not with the hope that we, individually, may participate in them, but with the joy that we may aid in their coming to those who shall live after us. " When young men have vision, the dreams of old men come true. " 159 Schoo of Public Health DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH EDUCATION First Row: Annie Ray Moore, Alon Cameron, Louise Herbolsheimer, Ana Correa, Rosario Voiles, Ruby Weeks, Luio Belle Highsmith. Sec- ond Row: Rosa Aguilo, Mildred Boyd, Harriet Hylton, Morcia Lane, Everett Aultman, Maria Vorelo, Vaughan Smith, Mary Sue Riser, Marion Riser, Jr., Margaret Newell. Third Row: Katherine Adorns, Alto May Power, W. Gordon Bunch, Moisie Bookhardt, Ralph Boatman, Mary Elizabeth Gruwell, Vernon Olsen, Ada Boyd, Jessie Moore, Maxine Shofer, Modeline McCoin, Ida Friday, Maribelle Farlow, assistant professor of Public Health Educa- tion; Joseph Stoton, H. B. Walker. Not Shown: Lucy S. Morgan, Professor of Public Health Education; Eunice N. Tyler, Associate Professor of Public Health Education; Fred deArmond, Louise Moorer, Myrto Ortiz, Haydee Olobarrieta. PUBLIC HEALTH NURSES— First Row: Mory Louise Free, Margaret Louise Brothers, Vera Mae Hughes, Sarah Parsons Gray, Vivian P. Bronhom, Anne E. Shipps, Statia Kowalski, Luda Joyce Heofner, Anno Cleo Mangum, Yora Miranda, Lydia Damascene, Mary Virginia Dant. Second Row: Mabel Hall, Betty Brown, Margaret Blee, Associate Professor; Maude Patrick, Gloria C. Peter, Ruth W. Hay, Associate Professor; Helen Rose Young, Helen Virginia Watts, Doris Louise Parker, Wanda A. Reeves. Third Row: Gay Wilson Currie, Mary Lee Donoho, Lucille E. Chase, Mary Alice Whitfield, Evelyn Brockinton, Beuloh B. McDoniel, Mary E. McMohon, Christine Anderson, Mary N. Corbett. Fourth Row: Ruth N. Bradley, Lena Tillman Geneen, Helen E. Ghormley, Doro- thy Carpenter, Ruby Lee Gibson, Fannie Sell, Anita Marie Harris, Mortha Aiken, Clyde M. Hogsed, Ethel V. Osterdahl, June D. Wat- son. Net Shown: Hattie Avery, Mary King Bailey, Marian Barber, Doro- thy Boone, Ida Cohen, Lucy Denny, Juanito Dodrill, Virginia Gideon, Eunice Goodman, Mabel Hall. An- nie Jo Hawfield, Thelma Hoffman, Catherine Layton, Lucille Lopp, Sarah Molpas, Mary Metter, Ann Odum, Dorothy Wells, Ernestine Winston, Elizabeth Wood, Pearl Yorbrough. 160 PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICER TRAINING First Row: Dr. Domingos Corval- hedo, Inter-Departmental Foculty Colonel Charles C. Demmer, Visit ing Professor of Epidemiology; Dr A. Hughes Bryan, Professor of Pub lie Health Nutrition; Dr. Horold J Magnuson, Research Professor of Syphilology; Dr. Seymour P. Hal- bert, Assistant Professor of Experi- mental Medicine; Dr. John J. Wright, Research Professor of Epidemiology. Second Row: Dr. An- tonio Cruz, Dr. Alejandro Blandon, Dr. Benjamin Drake, Dr. Durvol Tinoco. DEPARTMENT OF PARASITOLOGY First Row: Dr. Bernard Riedel, In- structor of Parasitology; Dr. John E. Lorsh, Jr., Associate Professor of Parasitology. Second Row: Has- kell Tubiosh, Beatrice Madril, Margaret Gravatt, Betty Lou Lilli- gren, Joanne Thornton, Kathleen Jenkins, Secretary. Third Row: Frank Roth, Jr., Hazel Gilchrist, Barbara Wells, Samuel Kaufman, Elmer Chaffee. Not Shown: Sylvia Hunter, Leonard Thompson. DEPARTMENT OF SANITARY ENGINEERING First Row: William E. Bell, Hough- ton Pordee, H. G. Baity, Professor of Sanitary Engineering and Act- ing Dean of School of Public Health; Emil T. Chanlett, Assist- ant Professor of Sanitary Science; Rodrigo Puente, Antonio Mendes, Bernardo Fuentes. Second Row: Tude Bostos, Samuel Rogers, Raul Echeverrio, Theodore Noe, Fred Hobson, Gregory Hobbs. Third Row: Apostolos Koskinides, Morio Qui- ros, Brevitt Hook, Luis Miguel, Harold Elkin, Guilherme Miranda. Fourth Row: Claudius Walker, John Gove, Frank Barr. Not Shown: Creo Jones. SECOND YEAR MEDICAL STUDENTS— First Row: Erie Peacock, Jr., Borbara C. Newborg, Robert C. Rood, Joyce Hinson, Robert R. Rosen, Thomas R. Newitt. Second Row: Sara Bennett, Cecil Dixon, Sarah Warren, Diana Thompson, William Blond, Dan P. Moseley. Third Row: Joseph D. Mayo, Williom C. Nungesser, P. Sweeney, Mary E. Matthews, Colvin C. Mitchener, Horry S. Anderson, Roy C. Rowe, Jr. Fourth Row: Robert R. Pittmon, James F. Newsome, James G. Tuttle, Edward Bradford, Harry G. Walker, John K. Robertson, Dee W. Smith, James L. Pate, Erwin H. Zim- merman, Leon T. Zientek. The School of medicine ROBERT C. ROOD Secretary Whitehead Society ERWIN H. ZIMMERMAN Treasurer Whitehead Society ERLE PEACOCK, JR. President Whitehead Society 162 The School of fTledicine CLASS OFFICERS THOMAS E. WALKER, Vice-President, First Year. C. ROY ROWE, JR., President, Second Year. RICHARD B. WILLINGHAM, Vice-President, Second Year. JOYCE I. HINSON, Secretary-Treasurer, Second Year. A. HEWITT ROSE, Secretary-Treasurer, First Year. JULIUS J. BAREFOOT, First Yeor. FIRST YEAR MEDICAL STUDENTS— First Row: Dr. A. V. Jensen, Dr. C. D. Van Cleave, Dr. W. C. George. Second Row: Julius A. Mackie, John E. Lyday, Henry J. Livermon, Julian B. Coleman, Eugene V. Maynard, Verna Y. Borefoot, Dr. J. C. Andrews, Robert E. Mabe, Sherrod N. Woods. Third Row: Merlynn E. Borgstede, William E. Powell, Jr., Thomas F. Hudgins, Jr., William S. Cheek, Elmer E. Botts, Marion W. Fisher, Emily Tufts, Shirley L. Rivers, Stephen G. Hasty, James A. Ewort. Fourth Row: John A. Fleming, Jack T. Hoyle, Bote C. Toms, Jr., Edward G. McGoogon, Vonnie M. Hicks, Louis T. Kermon, Charles L. Saunders, James H. Galloway, Tyndall P. Harris, Dexter H. Lazenby, Jr. Fifth Row: Thomas E. Walker, Giles P. Corey, Robert R. Aycock, Robert L. Kemp, Marvin A. Bowers, Jr., James E. Williams, Jr., Henry T. Broadstreit, Jr., Earle F. Spaugh, D. T. Young, Frank G. Kuehn, Richard E. Rankin, A. Hewitt Rose, Julius J. Barefoot. 163 we am y nown " v- ' . ' X y , " «? . . . -•4?: JliM l 1 ' ♦ ■ x " . . . f-mm SEPTEmBER eteevi onu-S ix ineA NATION A(LV H " ' in 1 H r 1 ji j( " 1 11 ' ' ' • ' ? ? ' ' ' " ■ 1 1 n ft f H ii , " " " ||HB %i ■1 HI J )mm B REmI B s «S|f Alone in a line a mile long. . . . Why can ' t they make a group picture? . . . Gotta hurtin ' all up and down my chest, doc. . . . The sys- tem, the system, the system. ... Is there a book store in Durham? . . . Weather forecast for Saturday afternoon: rain, in torrents. . . . And the Blue and White slid to victory. . . . A harvest moon hanging over the trees at the end of Franklin Street. . . . Run these books down to Ab ' s, pledge, and don ' t come back unless he has " Fortworth Jail " by Spike Jones. . . . George Paxton, " Doin ' What Comes Not ' rally. " . . . " Just leave the oranges out there; Florida will need them the second half. " . . . " We could use of couple of them between halves! " . . . Ziggy Ellman. . . . " Fallen Leaves " in the Arboretum. . . . Who is Wallace Wade anywoy? . . . " Con spring be far behind? " ... A young man ' s fancy — turns to exams. . . . Fraternity pins on summer dresses. . . . Serenades under dormitory windows. . . . Cricket serenade in the Arboretum. . . . And the hours that have belonged to night become part of the day. . . . Spring vacation rescues those who have " had it ...C(f9 u£ The showers that fall in the spring. . . . Picnics at Hogan ' s end the first cold swims. . . . Blue jeans and fatigues on Franklin Street — midst first Easter bonnet appearances. . . . Lectures over heads in sleepy class rooms. . . . Engagement rings and sum- mer plans. . . . May Day in the Forest Theatre. . . . And another aspirin company makes a million when exam schedule is posted. . . . Prayers for the Yack ' s arrival. . . . Seniors will remember. . . . And " Hark the Sound " fades into the dusk of another yeaiS to become a nostalgic meoiory. V xZ r a y . . . til Lk imontk oh. A Jkeu ckart the COURSE, we follow . . . The present form of student government as exercised on the campus of the University of North Carolina represents seventy-two years of conscientious effort toward student control of student activities. The essence of the functions of student government has been to match the liberality of our University with the acceptance of responsibility on both a personal and group basis Student Government operates through the utilization of two codes — the Cam- pus Code and the Honor Code. Our simplicity has been our strength. DEWEY DORSET! President of Student Body Our Student CHARLES WARREN Vice-President of Student Body JOHNNIE JONES Secretory-Treasurer of Student Body With the knowledge that something good can be mode great, it has been the object of student officers to improve and enlarge upon the operations of Student Gov- ernment. Self control goes farther than the interpretation of Honor, Student control of the social life, publications, and numerous student organizations make our system one which every student learns by using. Acceptance and utilization of full student government, respecting the rights and needs of all, has obtained for us a student gov- ernment which is rarely equaled. Major functions of Student Government have included orientation of entering students, making the students 178 conscious of all phases of their government, expenditure of student fees, and the hearing of reported violations of the Honor System. We look forward to better orienta- tion, not only for new students but for all who ore c part of government here at Carolina. Realizing that each student generation has its interpretation of student govern- ment, and knowing that returning veterans needed a special emphasis so that the needed type of interest could be generated in them. Student Government has been emphasized as a personal responsibility. Our system is and shall continue to be equal to the men of honor who shall insert their strong personal integrity into Student Government at Carolina. Government THE STUDENT COUNCIL— Seated: Blanche Jocobi, Barbara Cashion, Ray Jeffries, Chairman; Nonnie Morris, Nancy Laird. Standing: White Osgood, Ed Black, Bobby Broughton. Missing: Laurie Hooper. First Row: Frank Williams, Pete Pully, Bill Tote. Second Row: Frank Hill, Meredith Buel, Joe Johnson, Ed Wal- ker, Don McCoy. Not shown is Reeves Hawkins. The fTlen ' s Counci The Men ' s Council, working under the Student Council and parallel to the Women ' s Council, handles all cases of violation by men of the Honor Code and the Campus Code. The Council is composed of two seniors, two juniors, two sophomores, one pharmacy student, one med- ical student, one law student, one graduate student, and one hold- over member elected by the council which finishes its term in May. Closely allied with the Men ' s Interdormitory Council and the Men ' s Dormitory Councils, the group forms an important element of the Carolina system of self government. This year the Council directed the orientation of men students, giving special attention to problems of returning veterans, and the ever changing aspects of the university. It is the hope of the Council that governmental policies and the flexibility of the honor system at Carolina will continue to parallel the present expansion and ad- vancement. Officers were: Pete Pulley, Chairman; and Ed Walker, Clerk. 180 First Row: Bill Lloyd, Ann Robinson, Frances Golden, Jane Bentley, Donleen Mac- Donald. Second Row: Cathy Carlen, Marshall Spears, Dabney Little, Elizabeth Bornes. The UUomen ' s Council FRANCES GOLDEN Chairman The Women ' s Council is the judiciary body for oil Carolina coeds. The Council is composed of three juniors, three seniors, one graduate student and two women students elected at large. It handles all cases of violation by women of the Honor Code and the Campus Code, and tries to correct the source of any individual maladjustment. The Women ' s Council is an important phase of Student Government at Carolina, representing self-direction of students under the honor system. It is one branch of the tripartite system of government for women members of the student body, working with the Coed Senate and the Women ' s Interdormitory Council. This year the Council led the orientation of new women, hoping to impress each student with her individual responsibility for the ef- fectiveness of the Honor and Campus Codes and cooperated with the parallel organization, the Men ' s Council, and with the Student Council in making extensive plans for increased success of the " Carol. no way of life. " The officers for the year were: Fran Golden, Chairman; Jane Bentley, Clerk. 181 Jimmy Wallace presents his side of the question to the Student Legisla- ture. Student Legislature In the summer of 1946, a revamped Legislature began operation under the new constitution with the task of developing a closer knit, more effective structure in the law-making branch of the Carolina student government. The Legislature ' s duties include levying, collect- ing, and distributing fees, appointing minor offices, making election laws, determining offenses against the Student Body, making and hearing recommendations from various subsidiary bodies and com- mittees, and promoting the general welfare of the student body. This year the comparatively young organization accomplished many things. With an initial goal for permanency in student govern- ment, a strong system of by-laws and rules was established, and a permanent office set up. A new Graham Memorial Board of Directors, a permanent Traffic and Safety Commission, and a Fact Finding Board were also created. CHARLES WARREN Speaker of the Student Legislature 182 On its list of plans for the spring quarter and next year the Legislature included projects such as adequately amending the constitution of U. N. C, settling the humor magazine question, popularizing student government through practical, effective legislation, and setting a precedent by leaving a real and essential foundation for the succeeding legislature. The Legislature, made up of fifty members, half of which are elected semi-annually, forms the only true cross-section of Carolina thinking. Presided over by the Vice-President of the student body, the Legislature will continue to work for hones t expression of student in- terests and better student government. Members who served in 1946-47 and whose terms ex- pired before the picture was made, are: Flo Ann Roberts, Fran Walker, Jean Huske, Kat Norrell, Kit Coleman, Joan Miller, Alex Davis, Don Shropshire, Mike Morrow, Chuck Borton, Bob Ball, Joe Morris, Jack Gale, Clyde Stallings, Bob Kelly, John Surratt, and John Harvey. OFFICERS 1946-1947 Charles F. Warren Speaker Tom Filer Speaker Pro-Tem Jim Wallace, Bob Morrison Parliamentarian Joe Byrd, Larry Berry Clerk Bill Miller Ways and Means Chairman Winston Broadfoot, Bob Collins Rules Chairman Don Shropshire, John Clompitt Elections Chairman Walt Stuart, Bill Mackie Finance Chairman The 1946-47 Student Legislature Senate Orientation for New Coeds The Coed Senate, legislative body for women students at Carolina, completed another successful year working towards better coed laws, orientation in these laws, and improved way of life for coeds. The Senate, composed of coed representatives elected in proportion to the number of women on campus, paral- lels the Student Legislature, and works through the pas- sage of bills, resolutions, and recommendations. Principal work this year included abolition of physical education for Senior girls, abolition of regular coed hours, presentation of the Coed Ball during orientation week, separate coed elections, on extensive leadership 184 training program, and assumption of and distribution of coed fees to coed organizations. A point system for extra- curricular activities was another of the major projects of the year. In 1946-47, new problems arose for this body to study and act upon. Chief of these was the status of married students and graduates living in town or in dormitories. The Senate worked towards better understanding and co- operation between the various groups of coeds, and tried to establish and enforce rules which were satisfactory to all groups concerned. The Senate has long been an important part of stu- dent government, acting as an appellate group to hear any complaints or suggestions from the coeds represented. Close connection is maintained between the dormitor ' j and sororities and the work of the Senate OFFICERS OF THE SENATE Sybil Goerch Powe Speaker Jerry Atkins Speaker Pro-Tem Blanche Jacobi Treasurer Mono Bensel Secretary First Row: Sally Lee, Ruth Evans, Eleanor Singletary, Ann Morris, Nonnie Morris, Betty Ann Green, Rosemary Cleveland, Second Row: Lib Clinard, Nancy Laird, Mono Bensel, Sibyl Goerch Powe, Jerry Atkins, Bettie Washburn, Jerry Hobbs, Mary Jim Neal. Third Row: Ann Robinson, Bit iiche Jacobi, Shirley Small, Helen Morrison, Judy Swain, Gloria Robbins, Peggy Rankin, Ann TrimbI , Dot Swain, Anne Rogers. 185 nrien ' s Interdormitory Counci THE 1946-47 MEN ' S INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL— The members are; Jomes Broyhill, Byron M. Osborne, Nelson Page, Frank Hassell, Jim Costleberry, Bob Spence, J. A. Applewhite, Jr., Frank Griffin, Clark Stallworth, William E. York, Bill Might, Bob Kelly, Fronk A. Holman, Emil Saleeby, Stanley Marczyk, Thomas I. Insley, Deuward Buttman, Alfred L. Hodges, Gilbert Britt, Edwin K. Walker, Paul A. Dulin, Nathan T. Dodson, Dallas D. Branch, Herman L. Baker, Richard W. Seaver, Donald Witter, Ray Jeffries, Jr., Dan McFarland, Robert Morrison, Jerry Davidoff, Hershell F. Snuggs, Oliver J. Beoman, Charles N. Reilley, Logon Howell, Mike Carr, Hunter Pak, Charles Donnell, Ben P. Robinson. ED YORK President The administration of men ' s dormitories at Carolina is left to a great extent to the Men ' s Interdormitory Coun- cil. The group is composed of the presidents of the dorms and the counsellors appointed by the University. Its main purpose is to make rules affecting the conduct of men in dorms, and to serve as a court of appeal to hear cases coming up from men ' s dormitory councils. OFFICERS Ed York President OIlie Beeman Vice-President Tom Insley Secretary-Treasurer 186 UUomen ' s Interdormitory Counci WOMEN ' S INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL— First Row: Katherine Norvell, Catherine Carlen, Nonnie Morris, Elizabeth Barnes, Mary Lloyd Brown. Second Row: Cecile Morgan, Augusta Pharr, Joanne Lowler, Virginia Wilson, Jo Farris, Harriette Clarke. CONSTANCE MORRIS Chairman m The Women ' s Interdormitory Council, mode up of the dormitory presidents and the sorority house managers, serves as a communication line between the coeds and the administration. The group makes rules governing coed conduct and, though it has no official legislative power, it interprets campus regulations and notifies the women of all temporary changes. The Council has sponsored social functions and acted as a link between the housemothers and the dorms end the women. OFFICERS Nonnie Morris President Cathy Carlen Secretary Elizabeth Barnes Representative to Honor Council 187 House Privileges Board The House Privileges Board, a creation of wartime necessity for regulation of the conduct of visitors to the campus, has become an advisory body, working with the Inter-Frcternity Council. Now that the fraternities have returned to a pre-war basis, the I. F. C. has resumed the work of setting up and enforcing agreements concerning visiting of coeds in fraternity houses. The H. P. B., consisting of the executive committee of the Inter-Fraternity Council and five representative coeds, now helps set up basic standards, and cooperates with the I F. C. as an im- portant branch of stude nt government. ' ' ■ DICK BADHAM Chairman First Row: Jane Bentley, Jo Farris, Jerry Atkins, Peggy Rankin. Second Row: Art Aronson, Dick Badham, Bob McLellan, Whit Osgood. Missing: Leon Todd, Sybil Goerch Powe. 188 Student Rudit Board The Student Audit Board and its off;ce for student organization accounting was organized in 1931. The purpose is to foster a better supervision of the monies of all student organizations that receive student fees or use Univer- sity property. Other student organizations may voluntarily utilize the book- keeping and auditing service. In general, it is custodian of student fees. The student members of the board are Pete Pully, Chairman, Jim Lilly, and Carroll Money. The faculty members are Mr. J A Williams and Dean Fred Weaver. Pete Pully, Dean Fred Weaver, Jim Lilly, Corroll Money. 189 Graham ITIemorial Board of Directors Graham Memonol, the home of University students and center of extra-curricular activities, has a 1946-47 rec- ord indicative of wide expansion and reorganization. Under the guidance of director Martha Rice, the office, formerly boasting one assistant, now has been depart- mentalized and has a staff of ten. Spring concerts under blue skies offer release from the duties of the day. Regular programs of Graham Memorial include weekly bridge classes and tournaments and meetings of over one hundred and twenty-five student organizations Lounges on both floors are used for club parties and in- formal gatherings. The offices of the Daily Tar Heel, MARTHA RICE Director of Graham Memorial Students get a few minutes — or a few hours of relaxation with the cards. the Corolino Magazine, and the Yackety-Yack are also located here, as are the student government offices. Several new projects this year were the creation of a travel agency, establishment of a darkroom and classes in photography, redecorotion of the Candlelight room, and creation of a Graham Memorial dance band under 190 the direction of Ned Reap. The " Dream Serenaders " was created to provide music for large or small parties as well as to play in the Candlelight Room. The travel agency ' s service is available to all stu- dents, making complete arrangements for any trips by air or rail. Likewise, the use of the darkroom is free to all students. Under the auspices of Graham Memorial several ar- tists were presented, and two dances were held. Graham Memorial also directed the annual Sadie Hawkins day in November. The Board of Directors, which works as a link between organizations, faculty, and the staff, changed i ts per- sonnel in the winter quarter, and became a smaller, more effective unit. This was done to facilitate working for better student activities and recreation. NED REAP and his Grahom Memorial Dream Serenaders furnish music for dancing in the CandleMghf Room. Rn iamaki Jll ROBERT MORRISON Chairman Publications Union Board The Publications Board The Publications Board was established some twenty years ago and is organized to cooperate with the printers, con- tractors, and engravers in order to insure an orderly finan- cial condition in the business of the three campus publi- cations. This year the Board approved contracts, complied with new schemes so that the Carolina students could re- ceive more for their publications fee, and investigated features of new business procedures. The Board is proud ke bjacketu l Jack J he Jjaiiij Jav - J eel J he K awilvia r If laaazlne 194 of its characteristic refusal to exert any editorial con- trol over any of the three publications, The Daily Tar Heel, The Yockety-Yock, and The Carolina Magazine. Much interest in the Board was aroused this year, with resultant improvement in policies, and a clarifi- cation of the important work of this group. Faculty members ore Professors Olson and Gotten, and Dr. J. M, Lear is the advisor. OFFICERS Robert Morrison President Tookie Hodgson Secretary Roy Conner Treasurer Dr. J. M. Lear, Advisor; Dr. Lyman Gotten and Dr. W. A. Olson, Faculty Representatives; Howard Merry, Robert Morrison, Tookie Hodgson, Student Representatives. Le 1947 Yackety Yack JEAN ASHCRAFT HUSKE Business Manager GENE HALL JOHNSTONE Editor-in-Chief Our footprints lead from November, a few sheets of copy paper and a few photographs, to the book which you now hold in your hand. We have tried to march through each month of 1946-47, establishing a permanent record of your Tar Heel days, so that you may recall many of the little things, as well as the big, which this changing year has witnessed. You and I have seen Carolina at her great- est; we have watched her challenge goals and rise to triumph in heretofore undreamed-of spheres of expecta- tion. _We on the staff hope we have given you something more of which to be proud; we are proud that our foot- prints have been imbedded between these covers. If our feet have not met yours, it is due to 14,000 feet having had m ore courses than this one volume could chart. Our editors have done their best, and now they ask that you retrace their footprints and imbed them even deeper in the paths of Carolina. Hubert Philpott, Junior Class Editor Bill Moffitt, Assistant Editor Peter Gerns, Assistant Editor Ruth Evans, Managing Editor 196 The 1947 Yackety Yack Staff GENE HALL JOHNSTONE Editor-in-Chief JEAN ASHCRAFT HUSKE Business Manager ELIZABETH ANNE BARNES Associate Editor RUTH EVANS Monaging Editor SID McADEN Assistant Business Manager BILL MOFFITT, PETER GERNS Assistant Editors LES BODDEN Photography Editor Art Melton ond Allen Gant, Assistants WINKIE ANDREWS Art Editor Allen Kauffmon, Assistant Bettie Washburn. Senior Class Editor Fronces Law ond Jean Thompson, Typists Hubert Philpott Junior Class Editor Hordinge Menzies Sophomore Class Editor Bill Shrogo Freshman Class Editor Posey Emerson Activities Editor Donnie MacDonald, Augusta Pharr, John Norwood, and Phil Couch, Assistants Hoi Bursley Fraternity Editor Ike Belk, Assistant Rue Guthrie, Jean Stoutenburg Sorority Editors John Kerr Sports Editor Irwin Smallwood, Fred Flagler, Jack Girord, Carroll Poplin, and Gil McLeod, Assistants. Cottie Leo Holt, Ben Beale, Pat Lane, Kitty Miller, Eleanor Singletary Dance Section Editors Fofi Holsey Outline Editor Jock Burney Office Manager BETTIE WASHBURN Senior Class Editor irst Row: Posey Emerson, Winkle Andrews, Sid McAden, Fofi Holsey, John Norwood, Hordinge Aenzies, Donleen MocDonold. Second Row: Rue Guthrie, Frances Law, Eleanor Singletcry, Kitty Miller, en Beole, Pat Lone, Jean Stoutenburg. Standing: Lou Galium, Gottie Leo Holt, Peter Gerns, Hubert hilpott, Les Bodden, Hal Bursley, Jack Girard, Bill Moffitt, John Kerr, Art Melton, Jock Burney, Jean ' hompson, Ruth Evons. SID McADEN Assistant Business Manager JHHAi 197 WILLIAM WOESTENDIEK Editor ke JJ)aLiu I H h For the first time since the war the Daily Tar Heel com- pleted a year of daily publication. A four-page, eight- point type paper, the DTH is read by Carolina students every morning except Monday. The Daily Tar Heel is proud of its record as the only college daily in the southeast, and the oldest college daily in the entire south. Its policies ore guided by the purposes WILLIAM SELIG Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF— First Row: Roland Giduz, Earl Heffner, Bill Woestendiek, Eddie Allen, Irwin Small- wood. Second Row: Darley Lochner, Horry Snowden, Tommie Gates, June Sauer, Joy Blumenthal, Jane Page Mears, Glenno Ange, Roney Stanford, Third Row: Barron Mills, Bob Goldwoter, Ken Rothwell, Billy Cormichoel, Tinsley Campbell, Gil McLeod. HEEL nmeieen h wrtu-6euen of providing the campus with o newspaper for the entire student body, keeping the students in close touch with daily events on the campus, and furnishing them an ac- curate, unbiased account of the Carolina passing parade. The DTH is the most cohesive unit on the campus, and plays a vital role in uniting the student body and cement- ing relations between the students and the University. It IS a newspaper published for, and written by the stu- dents, with student interests uppermost. As a true voice of the student body, the newspaper has a staff made up entirely of students, and presents channels for many endeavors . . . from crossword puzzles to world affairs. Augmented by a United Press teletype service, the Daily Tar Heel brings world and local news to the campus all day and all night. Editor this year was Bill Woestendieck, who was aided by Managing Editor Roland Giduz. Irwin Smallwood edited the sports page. BUSINESS STAFF— First Row: Howard Bailey, Noncy Wough, Bill Selig, Ed Pornetl, Burt Myers. Second Row; Sarah Malpas, Suzanne Barclay, Natalie Selig, Barbara Thorson, Ellie Rodd, Lawrence Clem- ents. Not Shown: Julia Moody, Mary Jo Coin, Bettie Cheatham, Lois Clarke, Eaton Holden, Janet Jolly, Alice Logan, Colen Thomas, Mary Sledge, Brantley McCoy, Jim Wolfe. Bill Selig served as Business Manager, and Burton Myers directed the circulation department. A large staff of representative students wrote news, features, and edi- torials, thus gaining a valuable chance for journalistic experience. Carolina is proud of the record of the DTH, and its brood circulation and recognition. We appreciate it as the means of announcing " Happy Days " and " U, N. C. Wins. " ROLAND GIDUZ Managing Editor IRWIN SMALLWOOD Sports Editor FRED JACOBSON Editor-in-Chief !74 CRROLinR The Carolina Mag, celebrating its one hundred and fourth anniversary with renewed energy and greater results, strives to combine the literary, humor, art, and photogra- phy talents of the student body. By giving creative stu- dents a concrete opportunity to develop their talents, the magazine works towards worthy significance among college publications This year, amid much debating on policies and nature of fiction, features, layout, content, and editorials, eight issues were presented to the student body on schedule. Under the guidance of Fred Jocobson, the Mag tried to combine lively humor and cartoons with a serious in- terest in international affairs and world citizenship. The climax of the year ' s work was the presentation n the spring of an international issue honoring all foreign EDITORIAL STAFF— Seated: Winky Andrews, John Sink, Violet Fidel, Julia Ross. Standing; Gilbert Ferguson, Joe Davis, Mar- garet Whitney, Bill Ballew. 200 mRGRzmE universities. This project was the culmination of gradually increased emphasis on government, citizenship, leader- ship, and unity. In one of the early spring issues an unusual section featured several Carolina coeds modeling clothes and photographed against Chapel Hill backgrounds This feature, which was a novel idea designed to give student photographers a chance to try some new work, and to picture local modeling talent, marked a forward step in originality and new trends. A large staff of contributors and workers was under the leadership of managing editor Jud Kinberg and liter- ary editor Betty Ann Green. Ben Perlmutter managed the business staff, while Winky Andrews directed the art work. JUD KINBERG Managing Editor DICK SEAVER Literary Editor BUSINESS STAFF — First Row: Florence Newman, Margaret Jean Taylor, Barbara Biggers, Jean Eisenkoff. Second Row: C harles Foley, Anne Hamlin, Frieda Deans, Geraldine Williamson, Mel Cohen. trenatk f " ) 4 r r ! v-s ' Jke Town Girls ' . tic ssoaauon The Town Girls ' Association forms an important part of coed activities at Carolina. Organized several years ago, the TGA endeavors to help Chapel Hill girls become well integrated into campus life. It urges participation in ex- tra curricular activities and supports athletic teams in intramurals. Several social events highlighted this year ' s work, in- cluding picnics, hayrides, and a dance in the spring. The group also held forum supper meetings. Officers were: Barbara Cashion, President; Marian Stoudemire, Vice-President; Mary Bright Jernigan, Sec- retary; Betsy Anne Barbee, Treasurer; Josephine McMil- lan, Social Chairman, BARBARA CASHION President First Row: Josephine McMillan, Bill Lloyd, Margaret McCarthy. Second Row: Hope Finley, Anne Rogers, Morion Stoudemire, Barbora Cashion, Mary Bright Jernigan, Mary E. Pell. Third Row: Ruth McMichael, Sylvia LeClaire, Evelyn Hamburger, Frances Green, Co.oline Warren, Jane Rogers. 204 Ruby James is crowned queen of the Val- entine ' s Day dance at the Vets ' Club. University Veteran ' s Rssociation The footprints that cross these pages are particularly appropriate for the University Veterans ' Association Men who left footprints in Nor- mandy, Italy, Africa, Chino, ond the South Pacific have returned to school to start again where they left off. With them they brought ideas of fellowship, political advancement and educational betterment, but even more, a determination to see that these ideas took root The UVA is composed of such men. Under the leadership of President Jim Chesnutt, the Association increased its membership to more than a thousand. A petition to Governor Cherry resulted in the maintenance of present dormitory rent rates. Under the auspices of the Association, General Anthony McAuliffe addressed the students on Armistice Day. Bills concerning veterans ' subsistence and educational programs were passed. The As- sociation ' s club house became known as one of the finest student recreational centers. A November election put Roy Moose In the posi- tion of command. The UVA looks back on a good year, but it is look- ing forward to becoming an even more vital organization on the campus. Officers were: Roy Moose, President; Hugh A. Wells, Vice-Presi- dent; Pat Connelly, Secretary; John Temple, Treasurer. Front Row: Judson Mease, Roy Moose, Patricia Connelly, Hugh A. Wells, James A. Dean. Second Row: Jim Forlow, Tom Cole, John Temple, Dudley Partrick. 205 First Row: Jean Thompson, Gloria Robbins, Blanche Jacobi, Betsy Ann Borbee, Jerry Hobbs, Mory Lloyd Brown, Non Guy. Second Row: Sarah Pearson, Bettie Washburn, Betty Vashow, Betty Jo Blonton, Lola Mustard, Mary Swonn, Nina DeBerry, Margaret Cole. Carolina Independe The Carolina Independent Coed Association was organized in 1941 by thirty-four " Stray Greel s " and independent coeds who felt the need of a coordinating body for non-soronty women, its purposes are the promotion of good will and fellowship among all coeds through sponsorship of social functions, the creation and stimulation of coed interest in campus affairs, and the provision of organized support for qualified independent candidates in coed elections. Since its founding, CICA has earned the reputation of a demo- cratic group working for the benefit of all Carolina. This year the organization has successfully undertaken several worthwhile proj- ects. Working with Pan-Hellenic Council, the group presented a BETSY ANN BARBEE President 206 First Row: Chick Slack, Jane Redman, Joy Blumenthal, Evelyn Shugar, Scotty Dellinger. Second Row: Lucy Knox Jordan, Sylvia le Clair, Nina Belle Redditt, Tet Hoffner, Leila Josephs, Charlotte Johnston, Frankie Vance, Ellen Price. Third Row: Barbara Biggers, Elizabeth Thomas, Lucy Evans, Beverly Morrison, Dee Oakey, Lib Cox, Ruth Mollaun, Laura Powers. Coed Association fashion show and party during orientation week at the opening of the fall quarter, and the Sadie Hawkins Day parade was under the direction of CICA. A February fashion show and cooperation in the staging of the May Day pageant were the main projects for the spring. Officers for the year were: Betsy Ann Barbee, President; Blanche Jacobi, Vice-President; Jerry Hobbs, Secretary; Mildred Showalter, Treasurer. The Executive Committee consisted of the above officers and the following girls: Bettie Washburn, Jean Thompson, Betty Jo Blanton, Betty Vashaw, Alice Flory, Mary Lloyd Brown, and Gloria Robbins. BLANCHE JACOBI Secretary -Treasurer 207 Y CABINET— Earle Page, Bill Poteat, Bill Gulley, Coye Rogers, Mead Degges, Larry Berry. Y. m. C. R. " In fellowship of the Christian Church they seek to un- derstand the will of God through worship, study, and action ' This purpose is always held before members of the Y. M. C. A. The organization sponsors series of forums and discus- sions on human relations, and directs projects of com- munity service and welfare. It cooperates with the Y. W. C. A., and this year a joint delegation was sent to several national conferences during the Christmas holi- days. The local World Student Service Fund campaign, a project shared by students all over the world, was held again this year. Members of a great national-interna- tional organization, the local chapter is active in many fields end has a membership of two thousand. Serving as President this year was Don Broad, and as Vice-President, Earl Page Coye Rogers was Secretary, and Larry Berry was Treasurer. DON BROAD President 208 Y UU C R First Row: Marcella Harrer, Julia Ross, Margaret Whitney, Gene Wilkins, Janet Johnston. Second Row: Marshall Spears, Ann Wiedemon, Carlisle Cashion, Joanne Lawler, Jane Bentley. Third Row: Martha Whitner, Ann Rogers, Mac Cushman, Virginia Gaston, Gay Morenus, Mrs. Betty Rose Dowden. Fourth Row: Anne Morris, Gladys David, Sora Tillett, Tommie Holden, Kit Coleman, Alice Summers. Fifth Row: Helen Morrison, Judy Swain, Horriette Clarke. The Y. W. C. A. assists women students in having a more abundant and creative life and in making college life more meaningful. This year the Y. W. sponsored the World Student Service Fund drive which had a quota five times larger than any other year. It also conducted drives for funds to combat cancer and tuberculosis. Two delegates were sent to the National Y. M.- Y. W. C- A. Assembly at Urbana, Illinois. Delegates were also sent to the state leadership training conference, to the Religion and Labor Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, and to the regional Y. M.-Y. W. C. A. conference in Be- rea, Kentucky. The group has been working in close cooperation with the Y. M. C. A. in view of forming a Student Christian Association. Regular activities included bi-weekly supper forums, dormitory vesper services on Wednesday nights, and cam- pus sings in the spring. The officers were Carlisle Cashion, President; Jane Bentley, Vice-President; Marshall Spears, Membership Chairman; Ann Wiedeman, Corresponding Secretary; Jo Lawler, Treasurer. CARLISLE CASHION President 209 Dialectic Senate O C l ' f f C ' Ci. |f ,jO .,o tj Ij tt im tti li Mi lift First Row: Horace Abernothy, Maurice Braswell, John Brock, John Ehle, Tom Eller, David Ferebee, William Harding. Second Row: Clifford Norton, Benton Johnson, Russell Johnson, Charles Long, Al Lowenstein, Dan McForland, Bill Mockie. Third Row: Dick Owen, Walter Roberson, Garland Scruggs, Don Shropshire, Harold Suits, Kirby Sullivan. With the accent on renovation, the Dialectic Senate has recorded another active and successful year. The return of old members, the redecoration of the hall, and a revised constitut ' on have brought the Di a busy year, with activities rang- ing from national to local interests. The Senate, established in 1795, and boasting such members as James K. Po ' k, Zebulon Baird Vance, Frank P. Graham, Robert T. House, Thomas Wolfe, and William R. Davie, founder, is the oldest forensic society in the South, and is one of the oldest in the nation. Its purpose is to stimulate interest in parlia- mentary discussions, or debating. Its portrait collection is well known nationally OS one of the finest of its kind ever established. This year the emphasis has been on local projects and problems, with ex- tensive agitation for better student government Other projects have been the DON SHROPSHIRE President 210 county-to-county campaign by students for State As- sembly passage of Frank Graham ' s oppropriations bill for the University; investigation of existing high school de- bating systems with view to suggesting improvements, and the sponsorship of a delegation to the tenth annual State Student Legislative Assembly in Raleigh. At this meeting Don Shropshire, president of the Di, was named Speaker of the Assembly. With a membership including many outstanding leaders on campus in political and government fields, the Di hopes to continue to rebuild and enlarge, improving on its already established name as one of the most out- standing organizations on campus. OFFICERS— FALL TERM Don G, Shropshire President Tom Eller President Pro-Tem Don McForlond ' Critic E. Maurice Braswell Clerk Clifford Horton Treasurer Eddie Black Sergeant-at-Arms OFFICERS— WINTER TERM Don G. Shropshire President Dan McFarland President Pro-Tem Bill Mackie Critic E. Maurice Braswell Clerk Clifford Horton Treasurer Russell Johnson Sergeant-at-Arms OFFICERS: Clifford Horton, Bil Braswell, Kirby Sullivan. Mackie, Russell Johnson, Dan McFarland, Don Shropshire, Maurice ROBERT MORRISON Speoker Seated: Bob Morrison. Second Row: John Giles, Margaret Jean Taylor, Peter Gerns, Charles Brift, Leste r Sneed. Philanthropic Rssembly Organized in 1795 after the principles of Jeffersonian democracy, the Philanthropic Assembly has played a leading part on our campus for thirty-seven student gene- rations. Casualty of the last war, it was re-activated by Bob Morrison and a committee composed of members of the Tar Heel staff in 1945 to again serve under its motto " Love of knowledge, virtue, and science. " During the past year the assembly has taken a vigo- rous, though not always affirmative, stand on important economic and political aspects, such as taxation, com- munism, and international affairs; on its agenda were also matters vitally concerned with student legislation and government. One of the questions attracting out- standing attention was the argument for or against the 212 renewal of the publication of a quarterly humor maga- zine. The aims of the Phi are to formulate a better under- standing of public affairs, develop the art of public speaking and to be a sober medium for the interchange of ideas. The assembly hall was newly-pointed during the past term in the traditional " Phi-white " and is again deco- rated with part of the Phi ' s own $100,000 portrait col- lection. The officers of the Phi were: Bob Morrison, Speaker; John Giles, Speaker Pro-Tem; Peter Gems, Parliamen- tarian; Margaret Joan Taylor, Clerk; Orren Hyman, Cor- responding Secretary; Lester Sneed, Sergeant-at-Arms; Charlie Britt, Treasurer. First Row: Margaret Goodman, Jim MocNeider, Elaine Patton, Bob Morrison, Margaret Jean Taylor, Peter Gerns, Bill Hoffman. Second Row: John Giles, Chester ZumBrunnen, Charles Britt, Adelia Poindexter, Jim Hall, Orrin Hyman, Lester Sneed, Bryan Griswold. 213 The International Relations Club was organized to better inform the students of the University on international re- lations. Through the medium of lively weekly discussions, faculty forums, and public opinion polls on campus, the I. R. C. keeps up a working interest in world affairs By sponsoring noted speakers they make available to the stu- dents new ideas and well formed opinions. With letters to Senator Vandenberg, Jirfimy Byrnes, and Barnard Ba- ruch they asked and gave opinions, and expressed sup- port of policies. Dr. Nigia Izzedlin, foremost Arab scholar, was one of this season ' s outstanding guest speakers. The I. R, C. is an active group that encourages on active part for students in International affairs. OFFICERS Betty Ann Green President John Briston Vice-President Mary Lloyd Brown Secretary John E Davenport Treasurer BETTY ANN GREEN Chairman The International Relations Club First Row: Robert Rolnik, John Phil Couch, Wilham Mackie, Lloyd Niles, Kenneth Cruse, Ben Johnson. Second Row: Peggy Rankin, William Ed York, John Bristow, Betty Ann Green, Mary Lloyd Brown, John E. Dovenport, E. B. Jeffress, Vincent Williams. Third Row: June Sauer, Mary J. Parrish, Jo Forris, Mimi Massey, Herbert Bodman, Basil Sherril, Howard Turnage, Peter Gerns. Fourth Row: Lincoln Kan, Hal Elkin, William Cegapion, Mercer Simmons, John Burwell, Ernest Hicks, Stuart Lucas, Ernest Horriil, Henry Randall. 214 E. B. JEFFRESS Vice-Chairman United States Senator Glen Toylor, who spoke at the University under the ouspi- ces of the C. P. U. Carolina Political Union The Carolina Political Union, with a membership of twenty-five non-pcrtiscn students, has long been known throughout the south as a leading organization to stim- ulate political thought, and to provide channels for the expression of that thought. The members represent ten states and a myriad of views on such issues as the new Republican Congress, Education, China today, U. S. -Rus- sia Relations, and labor-management problems. Well-known in Washington, the Union brought Sena- tor Glen Taylor, Senator Wayne Morse, and Representa- tive John F. Kennedy as speakers, presenting them in addition to holding weekly Sunday night round table dis- cussions. The CPU Round table, a column airing mem- bers ' views, appeared in the Doily Tar Heel again this year. The three faculty members are; Dr E J. Woodhouse, Dr Howard K. Beale, and Dr. W. Carson Ryan. Officers are: Jerry Davidoff, Chairman; E. B. Jeffress, Vice-Chairman; Robert E. Jones, Secretary; William Kemp, Treasurer. First Row: Jo Fishel, E. B. Jeffress, Jerry Davidoff, Meg Healy. Second Row: Dr. H. K. Beole, Manny Margolis, Peter Gerns, Ken Criise, Billy Britt, Dr. Woodhouse. Third Row: Ben Perlmutter, Jay Foss, Dick Stern, Charles Berman, Bill Hoffman, Joe Allen, E. 0. Brogden. 215 Men ' s Gtee Club fTlen ' s Glee Club Under the direction of Paul Young the Men ' s Glee Club has completed another successful season. Greatly reinforced by the influx of veterans, the club had a full schedule opening with the University Day program in October, A highlight of the year was the Christmas Concert in December, a combined program with the Women ' s Glee Club. A tour of several cities of the state was another main event, a trip in April to women ' s colleges in Virginia, and the Spring concert on campus. OFFICERS Andrew Griffith President William Smith Vice-President Charles Stanford Secretary Richard Cox Business Manager Dan McFarland Advertising Manager ANDREW GRIFFITH President 216 »»«!!»!» " M " " ' ; aapAoA Women ' s Glee Club UUomen ' s Glee Club MARIE HOLMAN President Although it is not as old as many organizations on campus, in its short period of growth the Woman ' s Glee Club has made a record of which it is rightly proud. This year the club, composed of over 100 girls, selected because of their special musical ability, has completed an active season of pro- moting and fostering choral music. The club sang for both the Sesqui- centennial Celebration and the May Day festival. They also made a concert tour of North Carolina in addition to the annual joint Christ- mas concert with the Men ' s Glee Club and their Spring Concert for the students. The Director is Paul Young. OFFICERS Marie Holman President Ann Martin Vice-President Cecile Morgan Business Manager Gladys David Secretary Ruth Anderson Publicity Manager Marshall Spears Assistant Business Manager 217 President Bill Carmichael oversees a practice. Setting the mood with music. Sound and Fury Sound and Fury was organized on campus to promote in- terest in musical comedies and shows. The organization offers students experience in every phase of musical comedy worl such as playwriting, musical composition, stage work, lighting crews, makeup, and other types of technical work aside from the acting, dancing, and chorus work A person may become a member of the club after working on two shows. The big production of 1947 was " What A World, " a musical battle between the progressives and the con- servatives in a college town. OFFICERS William Carmichael President Caroline Earle Treasurer Hallie Dockery Secretary Arthur Goldby Director First Row: Phyllis Isenhour, Tommic Cotes, Fran Avera, Evelyn Hom- burger, Jo Benton, Betty Jo Blonton, Alice Flory, Hallie Dockery, Don Droper, Herman Grossman. Second Row: Sid Epstein, Morvin Wilson, Frank Levy, Mervyn Lentz, Boi!ey Hobgood, Don Shields, Jim Geiger, Dick Katzin, Lee Zlmmer, Gil Furgurson. Thrd Row: Royal Shannonhouse, Word Peacock, Tread Covington, Irwin Donziger, Pete Stroder, Sandy Minnix, Danny Daum, Marvin Morten, Lorry Goldrich. 218 Carolina Playmakers " The State of the Union " Nationally known as outstanding in the field of dramatic arts, the Carolina Playmakers includes young people from all parts of the world, and all departments of the University. To promote dramatic art, to encourage the writing of new plays, and to extend their influence in creating a native theater throughout America, are the Playmakers ' aims. This year the group presented five major productions, and six b:lls of outstanding experimentals. These ploys gave " d a " majors a chance to work with all phases of stage work, from writing and acting to rigging up spot- lights. The staff of the Playmakers ' Theater is: Samuel Sel- den, Lynn Gault, Harry Davis, John Parker, Foster Fitz- Simmons, Kai Jurgenson, and Irene Smart. . . " The School for Husbands " Lennox Robinson, from a portrait by Betty Warren Jones. 219 Bettie and Margo, our highstepping drum majorettes. University Band The University Band is organized to give students a chance to participate in a marching musical organiza- tion, and to provide the campus with good band music. During the fall the main project is playing and march- ing at the football games. This year the band received high praise for their outstanding and original programs that are familiar to all university football fans. The band also led torchlight and informal pep rallies before the gomes. HKljiiS I jHriiffii I jn Tar Heels on Hand. The bond moking good time at the half. 220 Highlights of the band ' s activities were two caravan trips to games away from Chapel Hill. The full member- ship accompanied the football team to Knoxville for the Tennessee game, and went to New Orleans for the New Year ' s Day classic Sugar Bowl contest. The New Orleans papers gave the bond high praises for its performance at the half. The circus number was especially popular. Professor Earl Slocum is Director of the band, Hubert Henderson was the Assistant Director. Other officers were; Harry Shipman, President; Don Robinson, Vice- President; Frank West, Secretary-Treasurer; Howard Myers, Librarian; Dean Jaffa, Assistant Librarian; Elva Warner, Editor of Band Notes; and Gene Stryker, Busi- ness Manager. wa " i-. w? : : 221 UUestern riorth Carolina Club NORMAN PLESS, President of the Western North Carolina Club. The purpose of the Western North Carolina Club is to take on active part in campus activities, to promote in- terest in the University among the high schools in the western part of the state, and to plan social functions. During the past year, the club has taken part in many activities on the campus. At the beginning of the year this group held a reception to welcome new students from the western part of the state, and also sponsored 222 the square dance which was part of the Sadie Hawkins Day celebration. The biggest project was the March of Dimes Charity Ball, ail the proceeds of which went to the infantile Paralysis Fund. Norman Pless acted as President, and William Calla- han as Vice-President. The Secretary was Margoret Jean Taylor, and the Treasurer, Robert Oliver. Co-Chairmen of the committees were Earle Woodord and Bernard Plemmons; Frankie Vance served as Publicity Chairman, Merrily Brooks, Mary Lloyd Brown, Audrey Bryson, Wesley Byerly, David Cloytor, Walter Clark, Rosemary Cleveland, Herman Colemon, Richard Culberson, Thomas Davis, Joe De Bruhl, Cherrie Divelbiss, James Echerd, Robert Edwards, Gene Hall, Hawk Johnson, Mildred Koon, Kotherine McLeon, Dick Major, Florence Medd, Art Melton, Joe Morgan, Helen Morrison, John Orr, Bernard Plemmons, Carl Rhinehardt, Carter Rhinehart, Coye Rogers, Clyde Rollins, Henry Rudolph, J. T. Smothers, Jack Stratton Margoret Jean Taylor, Frances Vance, Elinor Woddell, Frances Walker. f Q rs £} f f ( 223 UUesley Foundation Under the new leadership of Director Robert J. Nelson, activities of the Wesley Foundation at Carolina increased to afford mem bers experience in worship, social sePv ice, forum leadership, play acting, personnel work, publications, and work in the cooperative movement. The regular weekly program throughout the year consisted of a mid-week Vesper service followed by a Student Bible Study Class on Wednesdays, end a Sunday evening social hour. Augmenting these activities were visits to and from neighboring groups, delegations to conferences, interde- nominational activities on campus, picnics, parties, and dances. Wesley Worker, the monthly publication edited by James McAllis- ter, took forward strides, and the Wesley Players, under the direction of Martha J. Pearsall, gained wide acclaim for their production of " A King Shall Reign. " Officers were: William R. Dulin, President; James L. Davis, Vice- President; Mary A. Ashley, Secretary; Basil L. Sherrill, Treasurer. Mid-week vesper service in the Methodist chapel. Wesleyons meet at the Methodist Church for supper on Sunday evening. 224 DON SHROPSHIRE Chairman Baptist Student Union Serving 1 ,7CX) Baptist students on the campus, the Baptist Student Union promotes many activities designed to encourage Christian Edu- cation and spiritual growth among the students. The program includes, among other things. Morning Worship in the church, four Church School classes, Friday night Forums and Sunday evening Vespers. The Council meets every Monday night to determine policies end plan programs. A monthly newspaper, The Christian Student, is published and a weekly news sheet is sent to every member. The Baptist Student Union cooperates with other religious groups on the campus through the Council on Religion in Life. The Council, pictured below, is composed of the following officers: Don Shropshire, President; Rimon Muth, First Vice-President; Maidie Davis, Social Vice-President; Walter Harrelson, Devotional Vice-Presi- dent; Charles Ripley, Treasurer; Lillian Reeves, Secretary; Robert Giles, Publicity Director; William Gulley, Forum Chairman; Vivian Parks, Church School Superintendent; Helen Xanthos, Editor of The Christian Student; Don Broad, C. R. 1. L. Representative; and Mildred Gulley, Dietitian. First Row: Mrs. William Gulley, Lillian Reeves, Don Shropshire, Chairman; Maidie Dovis, Helen Xanthos. Second Row: William Gulley, Chorles Ripley, Riman Muth, J. C. Herrin, Assistant Pastor; Jim Counsler, Don Broad, Vivian Parks. 225 First Row: Corrine Ossinsky, Evelyn Shugar, Ben Perlmutter, Rabbi Strumpf, Miriam Silverman, Edie Semat. Second Row: Hyman Cohen, Elaine Pearlstein, Edward Blankstein, Morjorie Hollander, Manny Margolis, Helen Ershler, Howard Keller, Dick Mottsmon, Danny Daum. B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation BEN PERLMUTTER Chairman Hillel is a national organization devoted to religious and cultural work among Jewish students in American univer- sities. Through its sixfold program of regular religious serv- ices, Hillel courses and other cultural media, impressive social functions, interfaith activities, participation in civic and communal projects, and pastoral work, the Hillel movement has brought to Jewish students a sense of the relevance and vitality of Judaism ' s heritage. The Foundation is now in its eleventh year of repre- sentation and service on this campus. The aim of the Hillel movement remains consistent with the life and ideals of the Rabbi of the first century whose name graces the movement, and who is best remembered for profound learning, magnificent forebearance, end passionate de- votion to his faith and to his people. The immediate project now in formulation is the building of a new Hillel House. Rabbi Sidney Strumpf serves as Director for the group. Officers were: Ben Perl- mutter, President, Miriam Silverman, Vice-President; Evelyn Shugar, Secretary. 226 First Row: Joan Wax, Virginia Dant, Walt Stuart, Mary Jo Parrish, Statia Kowalski. Second Row: Randall Proctor, Edward Bender, Lucy Evans, Harry Snowden, Vincent Williams, Ed Lewis. The Rquinas Club The Aquinas Club was organized to unite all students of Catholic faith here on campus. Their weekly meetings help them to grow with each other, to learn the daily pro- ceedings of the Church, and to have social functions such as the communion breakfasts. The meetings are devoted to discussing Encyclicals, Papal Bulls, and modern precepts of the church. The group has participated in many campus activities such as the Religion in Life Week, the Student Service Fund Drive, and other such activities during the year. OFFICERS H lllr-; Walter Stuart President Herman Wolfe Vice-President Vincent Williams Treasurer Mary Jo Parrish Secretary WALT STUART President First Row: Carlisle Cashion, Mrs. Betty Rose Dowden, Ben Perlmutter, Mrs. Koy Sharp, Don Broad. Second Row: William Poteat, Reverend Robert Nelson, Earle Page, Rabbi Sidney Strumpf, Meade Degges. Council for Religion in Life The Council for Religion in Life was organized during the fall of 1944 to bring about greater cooperation among all religious groups at the University. Since this time it has been meeting for Saturday night dinner at the Carolina Inn to discuss inter-faith and inter-church activities, to interpret the problems of modern life through the perspectives of the Judeo-Chnstian tradition, and to arrange the University Sermon series. The CRIL sponsors annually the Religion in Life Week, designed to throw light on the sub|ects of intolerance and suspicion which can pre- vent religious groups from working together as a team to win the vic- tories of peoce. This year the Council sponsored a concert by Dorothy Maynor, nationally known musician, which was attended by both negro and white races Various charitable drives were conducted during the year. Officers were. Ben Perlmutter, Chairman; Jean Wilkins, Secretary; Reverend William Poteat, Advisor. BEN PERLMUTTER Chairman 228 First Row: Allen Leary, Lester D. Styron, Mary E. Hufman, Paul M. Gaskill, Ira 0. Lewis, Martin T. Lewis, Floyd E. Jones, George D. Phillips. Second Row: James F. Morris, Marion T. Mills, Frederick C. Hamilton, Edward H. Hamilton, Herbert 0. Phillips, Jack Allen, Claude C. Barnes, Robert G. Garner. Members not pictured: Jerry Norris, Herald R. Latham, Lester Hill, Harry Paul. Cartaret County Club The Cartaret Country Club was re-organized this year to promote o spirit of fellowship and good will among students from Cartaret County at the University; to do everything possible to encourage veterans and high school graduates from the county to come to the University; to foster a study of Cartaret County — its history, natural resources, in- dustries, and resort facilities, to promote the organization of a Car- taret County chapter of the Alumni Association of the University. The officers are: Paul Gaskill, President; Mary Etta Hufman, Vice- President, Ira Lewis, Secretary, Lester D. Styron, Treasurer. The faculty advisors are L L, Garner, M. A. Hill, E L. Gaskill. PAUL GASKILL President CHUCK HEATH Chairman of Student Party Student Party The student party was organized in March, 1946, for the purpose of achieving a representative form of student government. Believing that student government should be a working government uncontrolled by a minority group, this party invites the active participation of every student on the campus. A policy designed to obtain the best qualified candidates for office, allows any student to attend meetings and submit suggestions for future action or nominate candidates for office. Under the dy- namic leadership of Chuck Heath the party gained many of its objectives along the road to a better, more effective student government. Officers for the fall term were; Chuck Heath, Chair- man, Jack Booraem, Chairman Pro-Tern; Bill Mockie, Vice-President; Bettie Washburn, Secretory-Treasurer. Officers for the winter term were; Bill Mockie, Chair- man; Charlie Long, Vice-President; Bettie Washburn, Secretary; Ed Walker, Treasurer- Business Manager. Seoted: Bettie Washburn, Chuck Heath, Jock Booraem. Standing; Joe Byrd, Bill Mockie, Mrs. Jim Taylor, Jim Taylor, Dan McForlond, Benton Johnson, Johnny Clompitt, Charlie Long, John Brock. 230 Candlelight Paraders With a redecorated club and renewed interest in provid- ing student entertainment, a new group of students have made a name for themselves as the Candlelight Paraders, producing and appearing in weekly shows at the Graham Memorial night club, the Candlelight Room. Under the direction of Johnny Jones, assisted by Tommy Thomas, this group has a chance to develop their talents through skits, music, dancing, instrumental num- bers and specialty acts, while presenting popular pro- grams. Highlights of the year were a Gay Nineties Re- vue and a Grammar School Revue, while a weekly feature was the music of a five-piece combo, the Stardusters, led by Harry Hinson. The group, an innovation at Carolina, hopes for broad expansion and improved organization with the view of doing bigger and better things in the field of entertain- ment. Gene Russell, Johnny Jones, Director; Tommy Thomas, Assistant Director; Jos- eph McDaniel, James Renn. THE STARDUSTER COMBO— Normon De- lancey, trombone; Richard Doll, trumpet, Horry Shipman, clarinet; Horry Hinson and Jack Burney, piono. hyllis Isenhour, " Sweetheart ot the Can- lelight Room. " A Gay Nineties Revue — " The Singing Bartenders, " Talmadge Rose, Harry Ship- man, and Tommy Thomas. " Twinkletoes " and the " Rhythm Rocker, ' Bob McDonald and Buddy Robinson. ccc© ?? uroose Sfa ' % i Chi O ' s entertain rushees with colorful Chinese party. Tri Delt ' s rush in " Old South " attire. In a little brown house there ' s a lady they call the gypsy. " In the evenin ' by the moonlight ' On a bicycle built for — six. All at UNC is not reading, writing, and solid geometry. Social relationships in sorority life provide on escape from academic requirements for the 250 members on this campus. In choosing the group to which they ore best suited, these members find lasting friendships. Parties, meetings, songs, ceremonies, and extra-curricular acti- vities unite sorority girls into a harmonious sisterhood. Customs and traditions found in the five sororities are interesting as well as uniting. Each has pledging and initiation services, as well as informal rush parties, given each fall. Every year a " model pledge " is selected from each sorority and given some token for her leadership. Also customary are the annuel dances given in honor of new pledges by the older members. By raising individual scholastic averages, sorority girls strive to win the Pan- Hellenic Council Cup. Intramural sports provide another channel for competition. In the spring the Valkyries ' Sing inspires originality and uniformity, with a silver loving cup as the prize. Since the founding of the first sorority twenty-four years ago the significance of these organizations has steadily risen in Carolina campus life. Not only have they succeeded socially; they have also shared an ever-increasing responsibility in campus activities. " Wishing will make it so " That ' s what I like about the South! " Where the Pi Phi ' s hong around. SALLY ROBERTSON President PRn-HELLEniC Under the capable direction of Solly Robertson, the Pan-t ellenic Council guided women ' s sorority activities on the campus. It had a voice in the new constitution, and contributed to the Prague Student Conference Fund. The Council also continued with its ever-growing plans for the sorority court of the future, to be located near the Carolina Playmakers ' Forest Theatre. In cooperation with Chi Delta Phi, The Woman ' s Glee Club, and CICA, the Pan-Hellenic Council again successfully managed May Day. Socially the Council ' s year centered on the Pan-Hellenic semi-formal dance, held in the Pine Room February 15. The Council ' s recommendations were followed during the ten days of formal rushing in October, resulting in simpler and smoother parties for the 135 rushees. A fashion show sponsored by the Council in September featured two models from each of the five sororities and in November the 101 new sorority pledges were honored at a buffet supper given in the main lounge of Graham Memorial. Following their tradition the Council awarded the annual silver loving cup for the highest scholastic average to the Pi Beta Phi ' s. Miss Ruth Dun- can became the advisor to the Pan-Hellenic Council, billing the position of 236 Mrs. Mary McDuffie, In February the CICA combined with the Council to bring the President of Sweet Br or College to speak to the coeds here, and gave a reception in her honor. The Pan-Hellenic Council is made up of three representatives from the sororities and two representatives from the organization of Stray Greeks. With the prospect of a new sorority within the next several years, the Coun- cil looked forward to the increasing importance of sororities on the UNC campus. Officers were: Sally Robertson (Chi Omega), President, Penny Durham (Alpha Delta Pii, Vice-President; Cathy Carlen (Delta Delta Delta), Sec- retary; Mac Cushman (Alpha Gammb Delta), Treasurer, and Sybil G. Powe (Pi Beta Phi), Representative to the Legislature. council First Row: Mac Cushman, Cathy Carlen, Sally Robertson, Penny Dur- ham, Ruth Duncon. Second Row: Kit Coleman, Dot Doshiell, Elizabeth Eaddy, Morion Stoudemire, Margaret McNeill, Margaret Ann Speas. Third Row: Dorothy Swain, Carolyn Hall, Fran Sotterfield, Ann Cutts, Ann Trimble. 237 ALPHA DELTA PI PLEDGES Back Row: Joyce Carraway, Christine Krusen, Sarah Montague, Dorothy Henderson, Marguerite Johnson, Martha Whitoker. First Row: Venitoh Sanders, Emily Ridenhour, Merrily Brooks, Mary Moore, Ruth Moore, Catherine Burns, Gloria Thompson. Not in picture: Bert Carter, Margo Martin, Frieda Deans, Geraldine Williamson, Jeanne Pierce. fPHR DELTR PI Remember, gols, the-way the old homestead looked a week before classes! ' . . then frantic vvorl with Kerw-sJI-ORe in the dining room, hose and soap for the porch, Betsy and Flo Ann remodeling the parlor rug with a bucket of red dye . . . then come rushing vith q I the wardrobes locked away, the circus party with A, D. Pi Corn Cobbler bond and " Baby Bear " Wilson, the little boy who asked, " Who took the lid off riT.- tadroles. ' ' .. . . Nineteen wonderful pledges with " moore " twins added. . . . Margo and Marguerite sharing the honor of ideal pledge at our violet pledge dance, . , . A. D, Pi ' s on the football field, Doris and Peele leading the cheers, Bettie and Margo mojoretting, . . . " Moral victories " at volley ball with Mule cheerleod- ing. . . . Anne, the ideal president. . . . Peggy telling fifty girls, " Don ' t tell a soul! " . . Florrie ' s A. D. Pi pin and her large plumbing bill . . . ATO ' s up in the wee hours to catch the prowler Dee swore she saw. . . . Blown fuses. . . . Dances by Stormy. . . . Taxi service in Cutler ' s jeep. . . . Penny ' s free cigarettes. ... All those beauty queens, Margaret Jean, Carolyn, Margo, and Jean. . . . Cot the K. A. ' s sent, . . . The woodpecker in the Trimble ' s room , . Kat and Jo, Alderman and Spencer prexies . . . Peanut-butter and crackers every night. . . . Ropes the third floor gals bought after the Wyncoff fire. ... Dr. Disbro and her medicine chest. . . . More and more pins and engagement rings. . . . Betsy ' s water- gun, . . . Wednesday socials. . . . Dee, the knitting instructor. . . . Lots of hot water. . . . All-star basketball team. forget any part of that grand year, gals, and always remember, " Aw, b. Don ' t 238 dSeta lApiilon L kapter yyfhcers Anne Trimble : President Flo Ann Roberts Vice-President Barbara Bixler Recording Secretary Dorothy Sweet Treasurer Mary Lib Bivens, Barbara Bixler, Mary Britt, Edith Lee Burgess, Jane Carrington, Peggy Cotes, Betty Cheotham, Dorothy Dashiell, Mildred Derieux, Carolyn Disbro, Penelope Durham, Jo Farris, Kothryn Freeman, Ruth Gay, Betsy Hahn, Betty Helfrech, Janet Jolly, Frances Law, Ann Martin, Margaret Martin, Kotherine Norvell, Doris Nunn, Marion Porker, Mary Pell, Evelyn Shields, Shirley Small, Joyce Spiessegger, Carolyn Storm, Alice Summers, Dorothy Sweat, Ann Trimble, Florrie Trimble, Herndon Vaughn, Coroline Warren, Nancy Westbrook, Jean White, Virginia Wilson. 239 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA PLEDGES Front Row, Left to Right: Jean Gardner, Vee Ellis, Jean Umsteod, Margaret Allred, Audrey Bryson, Second Row: Carolyn Neel, Anne Carter Hogan, Eleanor Webb, Carolyn Driver, Jean Dorrow, Helen McCann. Third Row: Nancy Simp- son, Dorothy Cameron, Nolle Ring, Elizabeth Mc- Gee, Irene Woldrop, Gene Stokes, Josephine Fishel. Fourth Row: Delle Proctor, Lena Silver, Rachel Woodley, Harriet Gurley, Elizobeth Sis- son, Mary Ellen Wellons, Elizabeth Robinson. Not Shown: Borbara Poole. HR GRfTimR DELTR Life at " the ' inile brown house. " . . . Fun and long hours during the rushing. . . . " Choo- Choo " Twitty and introductions to rushees. . . . Rhapsody of beavers pasting blue notes on staff paper. . . . And " windex " champagne. . . . Gypsies sliding on pine needles, rnanaging spaghetti and " mousse, " and fighting for red-checkered table- clotfes. : .. -Rankin- Brinson, co-authors of " Life in a Sorority House " or " Ten Easy Lessons on How to Feed Fifty. " . . . And Bransford with her entries to the select Order of the Arse. . . . Pride for Valkyries and presidents Golden and Barnes. ... Pol of the pirouette and palaver. . . . Twenty-six wonderful pledges by candlelight on Thanksgiving Day. . . . Jean; " Which pin shall I wear tonight? " . . . The Sky Club with Fran, D. R., Rosemary, and Dick starring. . . . Vincent, his camera, his charm, and his Cathie. . . . Bridge on the floor. . . . Pledges presented as pictures at our never-to-be-forgotten pledge dance. . . . " But, Ginny, darling, my toils are in Shanghai being cleaned! " . . . " Pinch-head. " . . . Valkyrie cup gracing the mantel because of " Mithith Putthy " and her direction. ... No fouls on Fowler. . . . Mary Kotherine: " Which dress is more hmmmm? " . . . Runners-up in volley ball. . . Elva, Carl: winters in Alaska (WHEN?). . . . " Now we need a nice girl in Smith — " Hutson harping. . . . Hamlin and the Navy " Log " . . . " Charlie " written at the table and sung always. . . . Emily and Gene sweating it out. . . . Carolyn: " Where ' s my Spuh? " . . . Our prexy and her labs. . . . Posey and Bill spilling coffee while in a trance. . . . Mac getting " Stowe-d " away. . . . New Year ' s Eve at Ye Olde Absinthe House before the Sugar Bowl was passed. . . . The rooney-rooney influence, short- lived. . . . " Lula, " her friends, and lost minute details. . . . Gus and Marcio, their many mix-ups. . . . Much fun with pin-ups Marie and Leonard, Marge and Booker, Jane and C. B. . . . " Rec " Tucker. . . . Efficiency of Spain. . . . Week-end glimpses of sisters Stoner, Pinkston, Hicks, Cobb, Faison, Pless. . . . Ruedue and her " Not ' Oh, Really? ' — O ' Reilly! " . . . Constant (still) trips to the fuse box. . . . That ' s it. . . . Lights out! 240 Kjainma C-piiion L kapter _JfficerS Robin Lear President Frances Golden Vice-President Elva Warner Recording Secretary Virginia Gaston Treasurer Elizabeth A. Barnes, Barbara M. Bransford, Barbara L. Brinson, Emily P. Chappell, Jayne M. Childs, Rosemary Clevelond, Elsie M. Cush- man, Posey M. Emerson, Catherine E. Faulconer, Joyce Fowler, Virginia E. Gaston, Frances J. Golden, Audrey V. Green, Rue W. Guthrie, Carolyn Hall, H. Anne Hamlin, Marjorie L. Heitman, Morie E. Howes, Jane T. Hutson, Robin S. Lear, Augusta F. Phorr, Catherine L. Rankin, Jean I. Snyder, Barbara L. Spain, Glenn E. Tucker, Mary Jo Twitty, Frances L. Walker, W. Elva Warner. 241 First Row, Left to Right: Jeon Potierson, Mar- shall Spears, Eleanor S ngletary, Nancy Wood Carson, Dorothy Bell. Second Row: Katherine Durham, Mary Goodwin, Gloria Gautier, Jackie Middleton, Mary L. Moulton, Erdell Johns. Third Row: Gray Simpson, Nancy Carter, Barbara A. Ray, Margaret McWilliams, Phyllis Isenhour, Mary Murphy, Rose Field. Not Shown: Cordelia Gant, Betty Nutt. CHI OITIEGR liege days may not linger forever " . . . we ' ll always remember. . . . Early Scrub brushes and paint . . . climaxed by rushing. . . . Welcoming to the X and Horseshoe our twenty pledges. . . . Wood would. . . . The Dook week-end and no hot water. . . . Domestic services rendered to SAE ' s by Archer, our Chi .Town House, . , . Also Candy and Heafner as chauffers, , . . Wednesday night chapter dinners. . . . Campus personalities — Sandy, our beauty, and Gloria, our Mag pin-up girl. . . . Sal lie, Pan-Hel prexy, with time for Rabbit. . . . Our Phi Bete Fenner. . . . Huske and her activities. . . . Nonnie reigning over Interdorm Council . . . and helping Gerry and Tommy tap Kit into Valkyries. . . . Marie leading the Glee Club. . . . Our pledge dance and Esquire ' s presentation of our own Petty girls. . . . Eleanor centering the figure. . . . Snookie, " Randy and I don ' t care for any dessert. " . . . Little Miss Hilda and Little Mr, Jack, . . . Cecil ' s week-end excursions from Dan- ville. . . . Numerous engagement rings — Male, B ' Bell, Betsy, Ann, Teence, Jane, and Peggy. . . . Missie ' s wedding, . . . " B " ' s week-ends at West Point. . . . Gena and Sott and Richmond. . . . Sara and the trim one. . . . Jean and Bill ' s ten o ' clock dates. . . . Tom ' s four-wheel personality. . . . Whit, the budding novelist. . . . Happy battling financies , . . Kackie ' s daily visit to the movies. . . . The Sugar Bowl pil- grimage and Stormy. . . , Roddey and " Excuse Me. " . . . Liz, Maggie, and Mary ' s in- tellectual pursuits. . . . Fannie Hill with so many talents. . . . Sunday night coffees. . . . Peanut butter and jelly, . . . Thieves in the kitchen. . . . Frozen towels in the " igloo. " . . . Ghosts m the attic . . , The missing doorknob. . . . Chi O week-end. . . . Trips to the beach, . . Mrs. Capt and our house. . . . Chi says, remember me. 242 C piilon i5eta L kapter VJfficers Frances Satterfield President Grace Irby Vice-President Katheryn Lane Recording Secretory Hilda Tober Treasurer Frances Avera, Jane Bentley, Miriam Browder, Margaret Carter, Jeannette Chichester, Harriette Clorke, Katherine Coleman, Elizabeth Couch, Jane Curtis, Elizabeth Dallas, Helen Dovis, Anne Dickinson, Clara Fenner, Mary Gilman, Jane Gitson, Mary Harris, Gene Heafner, Eleanor Holden, Marie Holman, Gwen Hughes, Jean Huske, Groce Irby, Bell Jefters, Kothryn Lane, Mary Belle Lothrop, Jo McDowa.l, Ann Morris, Constance Morris, Mary Neal, Mildred Parker, Elizabeth Petesch, Morguerite Rankin, Robertine Roberts, Jane Robinson, Jean Rod- dey, Frances Satterfield, Nancy Saunders, Mary Sherrod, Celine Smith, Gerry Smith, Virginia Smith, Hilda Taber, Male Wade, Pouline Warlnner, Morgoret Whitney, Sarah Wood. 243 First Row, Left to Right: Nancy Horner, Evelyn Pettit, Mary Locl(e Craig, Jo Benton, Janet Crinkley, Betty Jo Phillips, Alberta Mercer. Second Row: Peggy Sapp, Nancy Ann Make- peace, Irene Williams, Pat Lone, Catherine Holt, Kitty Miller, Annie Ben Beale, Joyce Corbett. Not Shown: Noncy Walker. ■- N LTfi DELTR DELTR g ' mg us the; charm of real home-kemtoning rooms, Jo and Sparky win facgs in Plantation Party an ' Herman too. . . . Judy and Janet: " Would yrd lite to i i sit? " , Jo: " We ' re going to have a party, " . . . Dot: " All I can see i r s icypatches, " . . , Nere ' s pin being used at three Beta-Delta pinnings, Be rcaH,-and Connie. . . . Delta transportation being 46 ' s or nothing, . . . Christ- _ las party with a tree, popcorn, and cups and saucers, . . . Jean Ann running a top- ov i taxi to Durham . . . Grads at Christmas and pledges moving into the Shelta. Pledge dance: blue lights, pledge names in Stardust, balloons, , . . Drick ' s Santa Clous red sox, " Honest, his feet ARE that big ' " . . , Judy knitting just dozens. . . . Yack beauties, Gladney, Catt ' e, Ann, and Barbara. . . . " Do you like vegetable soup: J. P. Chairman being commended by the House President, " Please bring sugar stamps ' " . Initiation two week-ends. . . Alarm clocks, peace declared. , . . Cathy, combining secretary works and Bob Cox. . . . Three Phi Delt pins: Jo, Jackie, and Jean. . . . And many Phi Delt visitors. . . . Sparky and Tom Skinner. . . . W. A A. and the roommates Judy and Drick. . . . Nancy and many financial worries. . . . The mystery of the missing coffee table. . . . The trio. Dot, Jinx, and Jo. . . . Diamonds after Christmas, Nancy and Dot . . Fay, decoration chairman. . . . Norma and Jean Ann, root too well, au root ' . . Uppy in the storage room. . . . Dot, Queen of Engineers at State . . . Dune, back as personnel advisor. . . Mary Jo: " My black scissors are gone ' " , , , Evie ' s hair-rags. . . . Valkyries tapping Janet at 4:00 A. M . . . memories, memories — " WOW " . . . Friendship and loyalty to all of us who wear " three bright stars within a golden crescent. " 244 ipha J iama L kapter fhcefS Jeanne Dnscoll President Janet Johnston Vice-President Judy Swain Recording Secretary Nancy Waugh Treasurer Jocqueline Blunt, Elsie Jane Brett, Mary Jo Cain, Luzette Galium, Catherine Carlen, Margaret Cormichael, Ann Cobb, Evelyn Cox, Jeanne Driscoll, Elizobeth Greve, Bobby Jean Hordy, Mary Jeanne Helm, Constance Hendren, Glodney Holder, Norma Hotord, Claire Hudson, Janet Johnston, Frances Keller, Barbara Lynn, Fay Maples, Martha McClenaghon, Gene Nash, Jane Peete, Elizabeth Phillips, Jean Ann Ramsdell, Elise Rhyne, Alice Roberson, Barbara Rogers, Jean Stoutenburg, Lois Sunstrom, Dorothy Swain, Judy Swain, Nancy Waugh, Linda Wil- liams, Jean Youngblood. 245 Left to Right, First Row: Dobney Little, Jane Lee Porker, Henrietto Hopkins, Elizabeth Clinord, Donleen McDonald, Sally Elliott, Helen Barnes, Christine White. Second Row: Jeanne Basnight, Madge Borcloy, Ruth Byrum, Ludy Vance, Julia Ross, Jane Morrison, Martha Whitner, Virginia Mansfield, Joyce Peterson, Katherine Ryon. Third Row: Patricia Anderson, Sally Lee, Emily von Berries, Estelle Boyce, Sara Buchanan, Ruth Evans, Emily Aliton, Elizabeth Hazlett, Jane Rogers. Not Shown: Anno Black, Barbara Cash- ion, Helen Compton, Spencer Crawford, Katherine Davis, Sue Everett, Emma Katie Guion, Margaret Toylor. PI BETR PH Males invbS ' econd floor for Kemtone Dates . . Gray hairs during rushing-Eoddy ' s co!lap ' Sible umbrella, Winkle ' s handlebar mustache, and the Can-Can Girls — Moe, Chris, Fronn , Liz, Brundage, Divers. . . , " Foo " and " In the Still of the Night. ' ' . . . F ' lumbing disaster during Dook week-end. . . . Peanut butter and jelly, . . . Jo-Jo, thg ' glamQr.Qns bouncer. . . . The exclusive clubs: the W. FH. I. and the B. W. . . . She wears his pin . . . Red Dog ' s fire makes angels try ropes instead of wings. . . J B. and Sambo, the cutest waiters in town. . . F-l ealthy members of Igloo Club from Upper and Lower Slobbovia . , . Thirsty, Judy, Winkie, and Gus stage Mardi Gras theme. . . . Dripping candles and our growing band at the Christmas serenade. . . . Joyce chosen Beauty Queen. . . . Mama " G, ' ' the best angel of all. . . . Meeting your last night ' s date as he brings your roommate in. . . is this the first or second shift? . . . Studie returns to civilization after two weeks at the Pi Phi house. . . . Frannie end Divers take up the biscuit trade. . . Bogart ' s other " Baby, " Liz Nash. . . . Fine parties by the Beta ' s, Phi Delt ' s, Sigma Nu ' s, Phi Kop ' s, and Phi Gam ' s. . . . F elen and Fran poison Vic and Effie . Dell ' s and Killey ' s transportation service. . . . Ruth chosen Model Pledge, , . . ' Ciie and her unknowns, ... Dr. Frank playing Cupid for Bobby. . . . Kendnck at Jennie ' s serenade. . . . Jerry tapped for Valkyries. . . . " Old Active " Lee. . . . Mott playing forward. . . . Our mute breakfasts. . . . Joan ' s and Barbara ' s serenades. . . . Nancy and the biggest cor in town. . . . " Missie Cherry Blossom " Brundage ' s plans fell through ... All that and more too has made our two years at Carolina the best yet. 246 riortk L arouna ' Ipka L kapter Kyj-ficeri Ann Cutts President Joann Lawler Vice-President Joan Miller Recording Secretory Christine Bruch Treasurer Florence Andrews, Jerry Atkins, Margaret Bach, Chris Bruch, Ann Brundage, Carlisle Cushion, Ann Cutts, Frances Drake, Elizabeth Eaddy, Carolyn Earl, Ann Hancock, Fafi Halsey, Mary Bright Jernigon, Bettie Kendrick, Julio Kotchtitzky, Nancy Laird, Joann Lawler, Hilda Frances Lawrence, Caroline Long, Ann Mott, Ann Murphy, Jean Murray, Ann Robinson, Ann Rogers, Marion Stoudemire, Evelyn Tindel, Frances Welch, Ann Wiedmon. 247 " 9 ly, K l mm IE9 ' Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce ... " Lev ma Greatness tkwuak Fraternal Brotherhood Pi Lamb ' s sunnin ' and read ' n. ■■■■ " We wouldn ' t want to influence you in any way, but ... " ATO ' s receive a close shave Locked jaws? Gator burgers for sale. Betas congregate at Navy game. With the return of most of the old actives to UNC, last fall we got underway to our first full year of activities in a long time. Slowly but surely we assumed the position on the campus that we once held, before the moss emigration to the armed forces. Our houses needed fixing, and one and all put their shoulders to the wheel; in no time, the houses were the way we wanted them to be, at least presentable. Rushing season came and a new crop of pledges joined our ranks. Our social life began with the traditional Homecoming and the return of the alumni for a week-end. We then began to feel thot the return to college was the best thing that could have happened to us in spite of- the interval of several years. Fall Germans and Tex Beneke closed the fall quarter of social life. Exams, Christmas, grades and the averages were good! During the winter quarter we really hit our stride in the social whirl, with dances, smokers, beer parties and parties with the Sororities. Mid Winters came and we were ready and waiting for them. They left us in a daze, and we went back to the old grind of studying and waiting for the Spring Holidays. Our pledges were also waiting for Hell Week and initiation. With the advent of spring to our campus, there were mass exoduses to the beach and mountains for week-ends, and the traditional spring fever for the coeds. Finals and graduation and the departure of many of our boys, to the great outside left us wondering whether we really want to leave UNC. Fraternity life and the friendships derived from association with brothers have strengthened us in this our first year of renewed activities. It was a great year for all of us, and the following years will be greater, for in fraternal brotherhood we will achieve greatness — unparalleled by ony other. . . . Chug-a-lug, chug-o-lug! All this bread and no meat! " Open the door, Richard. " Fall rushing was a bigger job than ever, as over 1,500 men were extended rushing invitotions. 400 rushees pledged up at the end of the hectic week, and with this addition there were 1,500 men in the twenty social fraternities at the start of the winter quarter. This set an all-time high for froternity membership on campus In line with going back to " the good old days " several of the pre-war policies were revived by the council. Fraternity scholastic rat- ings are being kept, and each house must maintain a sotisfactory grade average or face suspension of rushing privileges. The scholastic requirements of the faculty for pledge initiation ore being enforced once again and the insistence on maintaining good grades throu ghout fraternity affiliation is of great value in pointing up the benefits of fraternity life. The IFC Scholarship Trophy, which will be awarded again this year, goes to the fraternity establishing the highest overage over a year ' s period. One of the prized awards of the fra- ternity group previous to the war, the trophy is a focal point of keen competition Whit Osgood President niERFRRTERniTY The House Managers Association, after a four-year lapse, started on the job once more. As one of the most beneficiol branches of interfraternity cooperation, the association has performed a broad service to the houses. The Employee salary levels, buying methods, cooperative purchasing and management information has helped many houses in countless ways. Along with serving as the clearing house for interfraternity problems, big ond small, the council publishes a handbook of oil the data on fraternity life The booklet lists oil fraternity men, and the groups to which they belong; the laws of the council; the policies and special agreements thot it enforces, and the rushing rules for the year It is distributed throughout the campus for the benefit of new and old men. Composed of two representatives, the president, and a junior member of every fraternity, the Interfraternity Council is finishing Its tronsitionol year with o series of positive accomplishments indica- tive of effective growth. Interfraternity Council Court First Row: Devon Barbour, Secre- tory; Pete Beoudry, Chairman; Vince Strobel. Second Row: George Stenhouse, Ted Wall, Bill Moffitt, Charlie Donnelt. 252 Interfraternity Council Executive Committee First Row: Leon Todd, Vice-President; Whit Os- good, President; Art Aronson, Secretary, Second Row: Bob McLellan, Chairman, Rules Committee; Dick Badham, Treasurer. council First Row: Jack Kirkland, Vincent McCutcheon, Howard Aronson, Charlie Donnell, Robert Lindsay, Charlie Weill, Ernest McLean. Second Row: Jack Fouts, Smith Weaver, Dodson Palmer, Baron Mintz, Moe Evart, Seymour Levine, Don Paley, George Stenhouse. Third Row: Devon Barbour, Art Aronson, Whit Osgood, Leon Todd, Dick Badham, Pete Beoudry. Fourth Row: Alain Singer, Sunny Dunowoy, Charlie Blackburn, Megs Golden, Bob Dodson, Dick Anderson, Bill Moffitt, Robert Nelson, John Hackney. The Good Ole Days. Toke it easy boys; she has a date, OS any fool can plainly see. 4-T flU OmEGR . .. r first post war college year. The vets come back in full force. The work of Upper ;:i§i!)t tfc viQ - Quiet Pliz, We gung sleep. Painting the house — Our Blue Room. " i rT-cctbofl sec DM arrived and the boys turned .out en masse for the trips. Remember ' tj l ' :, Emarsoi ' Ci.ef Bynum presided at the breakfasts at the house after the home gcyajes. " Patty. " Murphey " echoed thru the halls — The Duke week-ends — Wow! Kinston jTi de ' tQmafo " ' juice. ' . The side show come to town How did Revelle get the nickname " Sniffles " ? Card games in the Great Hall — the Pat Hand Club lets Clyde in at 6 A. M. Discretion sure tasted good. Ken and his Ukeleleoid Myrt in those beautiful serenades. Our pinups: Jinny, Rusty, Helen, Teence, Moe, and Rosie. The Barbershop Octet furnishes music for our Hallowe ' en with the AD Pi ' s. Those were close shaves. Bob. Rushing — a lot of work, but a fine group of pledges. The Tennessee game movie- cakes and cokes galore. The Piedge Week-end — what a blowout — The Friday party at Lloyd ' s Barn — Saturday night dance at Graham Memorial — and the following week a huge banquet at the house. The Moose head is restored to its rightful position J inky and Tar Baby, our two Cocker mascots — Exam time — Midnight oil burns — Gotta match, Alexr ' Heading home and to the Sugar Bowl — Did someone mention a party. Back to the Hill — Grades — Ugh — eh. Spider? Spurlin and his work crew — " Tote that stove and bring me another brew. " — Wolf ' s wild rides to Durham — Our boy at the Toddle House. Exams again — a year of studying and pleasure ends college for thirty-six of our boys. Rocky — Keeper of the Animals. 254 . y lplia UJelta ( napter yyfhcen George Stenhouse President Tommy Jordan Vice-President Erwin Jones Secretary William J. McClure Treasurer X. Render K. Bolick, Dallas D. Branch, John Bright, John L. Burns, John Casstevens, J. Dewey Dorsett, B. T. Duke, Jr., J. E. Evans, Robert L. Ettinger, C. K. Gammage, H. Alien Gant, A. F. Gibson, Steve P. Guy land, Hanson C. Hall, Charles S. Heinmiller, Ed S. James, M. H. John- son, R, U. Johnson, Talmadge Jordon, Tom M. Jordan, Lloyd Joyner, Jim Lilly, W. A. McMonus, Jim McNider, C. L. Mebane, Blanton W. Mills, Byron Mills, William C. Moore, Jim P. Parker, Talbert F. Parker, J. J. Pence, Charles Revelle, William F. Spurling, George D. Sten- house, P. W. Strader, Alex H. Veasey, Robert C. Warren, John G. Webb, C. D. Wilder, Henry K. Williams, Robert M. Wise, W. R. Wolf, J. R. Mock, S. C. Youngblood. n a a o Q om i» ,e a r r : ft i:: f f O O 255 Beta Ratio; Four to One. TR PI s- er lost complete contact, but we missed a lot of Chapter meetings in s olp ' it was strange to begin again, . . . The initial awe that came from only transitory; we picked up the old habits with little difficulty and e v. ' llil« seemed that w£ had never left. . . . The getting-back process was sTow at first. . . . Only the " 100 mission crush " boys like Bob Stockton, Jabie Heyward, Townsend and Victor Bryant were able to see action in winter quarter but they gladly, or maybe reluctantly shed their glory clothes for horrible old grey flannels, button downs, and cashmeres and began to prepare the Beta House and the campus for the other returnees who were on their way back, ... It was greater seeing old faces again than we had thought it would be, but even greater than that was getting to know the Betas such as Bob Cash, Jim Spears, J ack King and Rowlings Hargrove and as winter quarter ended, the Betas approached pre-war normalcy. . . . Then came Spring and the return of virtually everyone who had left . . . which meant longer bull sessions . . . greater week-ends . . . and the Betas inevitable mass exoduses to the beaches. . . . Spring was great with beach trips. . . . Beta beer party in the meadows. . . . Beta pins appearing on Coed sweaters. . . . Familiar faces such as the Dunna- ways, Jim Warwick, Bud Heazel, Buz Bush and Cliff Frozier were back and we began business as usual. . . . Summer was fun. . . . The Navy and Marines released their tenacious hold and we became a complete chapter again, participating in campus activities with a sixty-five-man strength, and telling war stories in many bull sessions. . . . 256 Sonny Dunaway President Charles Blackburn Vice-President William BIythe Secretary James S, Heyward Treasurer Guy H. Andrews, Charles A. Blockburn, William B. BIythe, Victor S. Bryant, Robert A. Cosh, John Collett, George Davis, Mere Day, Howord Y. Dunaway, Kemp Dunoway, Edward S. Early, H. Wotkins Estes, Jr., David Farr, Cliff Frozier, M. Rowlings Hargrove, Charles H, Harris, Nelson Hendrix, William Herr, James S. Heyward, Orren W. Hymon, Eric Johnson, John R. King, Zack Smith, Ralph Stockton, Robert G. Stockton, William Thomas, Foison Thomson, Thomas J. Turner, James F. Warwick, Don Williomson, Jock Mockie. Q o- c n I 257 Week-end Lab. Pass around the mug dhd we ' ll all take drink This year brought many brothers back to the Alpha Alpha of Chi Phi . . . Elliot, Arning, Powell, B. Uzell, Alspaugh, Girard, Anthony, Lindsay, Calkins, Spuller, Pleuth- ner, Johnson, S, Uzell, Gibbs, Hayes, Morton, and many more. A great many events and happenings throughout the year will afford us amusing memories . . . Evarts on the tea wagon again . . . Calkins, Johnson, Elliot on their weekly excursion to Richmond. . . . The many brilliant performances of " Lost Week- end " Wake Forest and Duke Game Week-ends. . . . Prince preparing for his parachute jumps. . . . Hunting season at the library . . . Arning ' s " The Great Passaic Incident. " . .■ . Anthony ' s classic statement, " Do 1 have troubles ' " . . . Girard and his motions. . . . Powell gets fined again. . . . Did someone mention poker? . , . The flowing return of frat pins. . . . Lindsay and Duke Hospital. . . . Sibley and his flashbulb pictures. . . . The coming marriages in June (hope you find these events amusing). . . . The chapter normal again after a few years intermission. ... A fine pledge class! , , . Bigger and better a future for Chi Phi, . . . 258 Ipka Ipka L kapter yfhceri John Prince President Donald Ralston Vice-President Wayne Kent Secretary Ed Johnson Treasurer John F. Alspough, Edward K. Anthony, Lee D. Arning, Lewis D. Bortley, E. C. Burks, Fronk S. Colkins, Nothoniel G. Clark, William Coorts, Norman A. Cooledge, D. W. Crosswell, C. F. Doll, Richard S. Elliott, Dole M. Evarts, Harold E. Gibbs, John W. Girord, Robert M. Grohom, Floyd G. Hudson, T. L. Huguelit, Edwin H. Johnson, W. M. Kean, John W. Lindsay, Isaac H, Lutterhoh, Thomas McKim, H. D. Moore, Stuart C. Morton, Henry W. Owen, Robert W. Pleuthner, John W. Pope, Edward M. Powell, John A. Prince, D. N. Rolston, I. C. Rolader, Raymond D. Shiplett, John G. Sibley, John W. Sides, R. L, Simpson, Frederick C. Spuhler, Charles Stoncel, William A. B. Stewart, C. N. Tanner, Edward Urzell, M. K. Willis. j fn, M t m f f U 259 Post Game Pep Rally. " Who drunk m ' likker? " -P5I [l ith thb help of Mercury and Zeus, old Alpha Sigma pulls through another three i - ■ +erm session at UNC . . . Those football games in the fall with Hooder losing his voice and lunch after each one, . . The Duke house-party and Gockley ' s version of " Bulldog. " . . . Vinnie flinching every time someone yelled, " Pledge. " . . . Kabodis Barnes ' used-car run from Syracuse. . . . Tex Beneke week-end. . . . Finehout ' s date gets the measles . . . Paul Nelson tries his best to protect Irene — Fuess sweats it out in the infirmary. . . . Marshall, the camera fiend with his flash camera. . . . Hamp, Vinnie, Frank, Jump and Fuess on their midnight excursion. . . . Our terrific basketball team. . . . Uncle Julian and " Swing Low Sweet Chariot. " . . . Question-of-the-year: Where is the mouthpiece for the cornet? . . . The loss of Minxie, our mascot. . . . Flash! Rummy won ' t touch the stuff . . . Dead Man comes to life. . . . Di Lorenzo stops dating. . . . Duncan cleans up his vocabulary. . . Jump grows hair. . . . And Big Nick gets a good night ' s sleep . , , Our fleet of automobiles, making up the Campus Express. . . . Finehout ' s much criticised movie review. . . . " How many won ' t be here for dinner tonight? " . . . Fitzgerald ' s favorite expression, " Dadburn. " . . . The corn-cob philosophy of Mose Woodard. . . . 260 Ipka J iama L kapler Lynicers Victor Seixas President George Bourquin Vice-President Dennis Smith Secretary John Nichols Treasurer X Robert J. Call, Marshall E. Cline, Hompton S. Colemon, Edward W. Cox, W. F. Cox, Jr., Billings S. Fuess, R. F. Gibbs, Leornard G. Herring, James E. Huff, John G. Lampe, Charles G. Lowdermilk, B. William Mills, G. R. Nassif, Duncan R. Sf. Clair, James Shelton, Dennis W. Smith, Jerome T. Tools, Reid S. Towler, W. R. Turner, Jr., M. Luther Whitley. 261 The score was a trifle higher than that. The Mighty Dekes!? KRPPR EPSILOn e-wdr ' torn hulks back again . , reconverting }rd ' s ' unholy laugh. . . . Rushing, Kemp shakes up Booty. Halls of Beta rocked by Four A. M. chicken iviafh ' nine irons and brooms, underwear and seersuckers. . . , Five alarm blaze ;es RendoN ' s room. . . . Shoe clerks play usual roles as flies in ointment on big week-ends. . . . Homecoming, " patriotism for the entire crowd. " . . . Duke week-end; Rock, Spook, Melonhead, Corky, and others pay last visit to home until winter quarter, . . . Something happened in Charlottesville, not sure what. . . . Barnes and Jojo ' s friend mix it up. . . . Wooten has trouble with carnival barker. . . . Whispering Joe ' s long, comfortable evenings in phone booth . . . Dealer ' s Lynchburg date orders a steak . . . " Are you going to shoot us, or help usr ' " , . . Harry and Einstein discuss gamma rays. . . . Slits gets down to bare facts outside Smith. . . , Jim Francis tries to scale Mclver. . . . Griffin enters race for Brother Obnoxious . . . Dirty word gave dies natural death due to exhaustion of vocabularies. . . . Jack Blades orders piece of pear pie. . . . Dodson gets entwined with a Fern in the Bulu Club. . . . Ball and Chain for Milliga, Badham, and Paty. . . . Pledge class builds new room in basement. . . . Schwartz in a perpetual state of R E ' s, , . . Affairs at Mary ' s cabin and Terrace View, yak, yak, yak. . . . That Red Job will moon. . . . We never had it so good. . . . 262 vSeta L liapter Kyfhcer ' S George Whitner President Karl Schwartz Vice-President Howard Merry Secretary Stuart Campbell Treasurer Brondt Allen, J. Allison, Dick Badham, Williom Blades, Jock Blades, Sonny Boney, Souppy Campbell, Robert Dodson, Ralph Dupes, Jim Fowler, Robert Francis, Laurie Hooper, Bookie Jobine, James McMullan, Tag Montague, Charles Norton, Cloude Ramsey, Warren Rendell, Gene ReQua, Carl Schwartz, George Whitner, Frank Williams, Gus Zollicoffer. o r " c Q o ' r " r 263 Port of the Fleet that sonk the Navy, My! My! Whot dignity! ' s- ' tritje ck iq swing of things by fall. . . . Rousing return of Lewis, Singer, Sonntog, Hamilton, Haynes and Frank Pill. . . . Hall clean-up first Sat. . . . instigated b Gabby, who quit after first blister. . . . Herb and Al reinforce soccer team. . . . " Bodman ' s bus to Baltimore or Bust. " ... It did-wild party at Westy ' s place . . . Peele ' s and Al ' s own cheering section. . . . Decoration for Homecoming. . ' . Parties ' at Norm ' s. . . . Deep in cats, dogs, kids and drinks. . . . Chuck, carnival addict, ferrying to state fair with his gas-hungry hack. . . . Pledge beer party. . . . Frank forgets date at Archer . . . has to be revived, dressed, and delivered. . . . Pat tries to down quart of kerosene. . . . The Duke Week-end! . . . The Emacks, Jesse, Blizzard, Peabo, Peeie, and others pile in. . , . Lover Haynes calling square dance figure from front room mantelpiece at four ayem. . . . Fred Gil ' s samba. . . . Louie, our ambassador of good will. . . . Gordon ' s plumbing feats. . . . flustered Pfautz: would-be wolf. . . . Ted and his cute lil ' blue devil. . . . Thanksgiving banquet at Inn . . . assemblage stayed strangely sober. . . . Hamilton left holding bag. . . . Probation!!! . . . Bello buys a lean dream Lincoln. . . . Frugal fireman Fiero and his overladen larder. . . . Xmos eggnog at Norm ' s with personality (?) presents passed by " SANTA " Al. . . . Departure of Derek, Frank, Gabby, Bob, and Torrey. . . . Sonntag returns for final frolic in forest. . . . Pritchard tells Navy to go. . . . Craig comes home. . . . John and Georgia. . . . " Gimme that ole mountain dew. " . . . Our own Kaffee klatches. . . . Can ' t keep Westy away. . . . Singer in his kimono. . . . Louie and Marian. . . . Duryea ' s delayed love nest. . . . Jolly Folly ' s puddle muddles and hen yen. . . . That icy annex. . . . Darby, Dick, and Snow sneaking back home, stewed. . . . Yack ' s heart trouble goes to stomach. . . . Gittings ' puny puns. . . . Sam ' s screaming cravats. . . . Vicious Vic, Latham, and Ramsey: the casino crew. . . . Hedrick hitting law books and bottle. . . . Midwinters. . . . Papa Pilling. . . . Yack bock. . . . Swingout! . . . Finals. . . . 264 i Lilian ter ' pier Herb L. Bodmon, E. Perot Fiero, Theodore J. Fussell, John S. Gittings, Richard E. Gordon, Herald R. Latham, Robert MacMillon, Orrin R. Magill, Charles B. MacRoe, Craig A. Moston, Louis Nicoud, Jr., John M. Pfautz, Victor A. Robinson, John K. Sends, Alain R. Singer, Clyde M. Stallings, George V. Strong, Jr. 265 Who says that $65 losts through the month? From the looks of the expressions, the conversation couldn ' t be " wimmen. " Gmfl PI rospect and growth. . . . Out of the old, into the new . . . from frat court 1 1 Let - point the walls blue ... do these curtains look 0. K.r ' . . This will make a good bar. . . . Pictures to hang. . . . Where did we get all this stuff ■ ' ■ ' ? ' ? . . . Ernie covering sofas and running " lines. " . . . And the chapter and the brothers settle down. . . . Anderson performs his last ritual with an " 1 do " . . . Williams, Harding, Wilson, Walson, Harrison, Weedon, Henderson losing the bachelor degree and taking " Masters " . . . Whit leaves Bragg for the Hill , . . other old-timers back. . , . Numerator McKee and jitterbug Hinnant Eighteen-cent Howe still around. . . . Open the ventilators; it ' s hot in here. . . . That Xmas party — the Hghts down low . . . where is the punch bowP . . " Hell I guess " Poole. . . Initiate of the year . . . Brother Woosley — commerce head. Smoker — McGregor. . . . Marketing prexy in charge. . . . Founder ' s day . . . Brothers, old and new. . . . Wolfe and " labor " . . . chapter takes off for industrial visits, so many questions . . . back to the hill. . . . Riley, " I drink anything. " . , . Mac Morris goes South but leaves his cousin behind. . . . Ask " Callahan. " . . . Friday night meeting of Stock Exchange in " 24. " . . . Somebody fix that -Xx fuse. . . Blonchard and Fowler in the back field. . . . " Deacon " Goforth, Statesville gift to the women. . . . " Crip shot " Lee. . . . " Shot " Hull. . . . " Foreman " Bortling advocates mudhole to mudhole pay. . . . Wanta discount? . . . See Trueblood. . . . Pace interning at Watts, . . . Nolan, the Miami Beach Playboy and collector of revenue. . . . Hey Stud, telephone. . . . Roth likes the way it ' s served at the Inn, . . Rushing . . . Delta Sig ' s largest pledge class. . . . Trips in the country . . . it ' s a long, long way. . . . " Efficiency " Pully and his experts . . . points for everything ... til the end of the year. . . . 266 Ipka cyLambda L kapter vJnlceri William L. Callahan Head Master William L. Kenney Senior Warden Kervvin B. Stollings Treasurer Frank B. White, Jr Scribe Roger W. Anderson, Colon Byrd, Bill Callahan, Lee Connolly, Ralph Dupes, Clifton T. Edwards, Dick Elliot, Jim Fowler, Cecil Garrett, John Harding, Paul Haigwood, Ernest Hicks, Bill Johnson, Bill Kinney, Eppie Knight, Harold Lee, Jock Nolan, William H. Pace, Warren Perry, Clarence F. Poole, Wiley M. Pully, Gene Roth, K. B. Stollings, Calvin Warren, William Watson, Richard Wax. f t O f " W ' K -J ' f - 267 Perfect specimens ot football athletics. I think that I will run for Governor, too P,fil,,pLPHR n gentlemen returning to their home, 110 Cameron that is, and 110 strong. |f liii le " sofa-happy " Beaver. ... " I can get it for you cheap. " . . . Building plans w!crdu6by holes . . . after two poles down lucky to still have one lung gung Jackson ' sostcr lifcylation . , . Those PJ parties mode it look mighty wet out. . . Prexy Page " Studmobile. " . . . House manager " Orange Top. " . . . Complaining by Wax. . . . Pledge Dowdy features the " Bug " followed by " Town and Country " Dunlea. . . . Kernal Corn and " Snotch " Mayfield to Harry ' s. . . . Our " BO " club started by T. Belk and Amos. . . . KA quartet and " Snowball ain ' t my name. " . . . Lovers including " Rugged Lover " Sherrin, " Tender Lover " Massengill, " Tali Lover " Todd and " Mad Lover " Wright. ... " I want your razbucknicks " Pully, treasurer. The " Mole " takes a wife while " Double F " and Miss Mary still hold true. . . . " Silented " Tisdale still looking for that boy from Maryland. ... Ike Belk says " That statiskits is nothing but ruff. " . . . The sandwich kings — " Happy " Ingram and " Caffeine " Massey. . . . " Mary and Jerry. " . . . Serenades to our pin-ups . . . Pledges " Champ " Urquhart and " Chief " Sing wishing to be like their big brothers, Needam and Ricks, the " Ulcer " kids. . . . Morning finds the " Breakfast Clubbers " up and at ' em. . . . Smallwood ' s Sport Spins and week-end at WC. . . . And there is the always helping hand of the " Contractor " Sebrell. . . . " All Campus " Pate led sparkling basketball team. . . . Biscuit " How ' s your Hocus " Smith, . . . Fall Germans found Beneke ond band fraternizing with the good brothers and dates. . . . The council dance with the Duke chapter. . . . " Cappy " takes Bob — guitar and all. . . " Dining Room " Jim-horses to eat and ride. . . . The " Barnyard " dance and corn for all. . , . Dance- man " I smell your breath " Kirby. ... To the chapter " Pill Peddlers, " Drs. Berkeley, Cline, Gardner and Wright. . . . Now we leave, but our hearts forever stay. . . . And they bound themselves together and called it old KA. 268 Uipsiion (chapter yyfhceri Robert Page President Dave Mossengill Vice-President Jomes Taylor Secretary Kenneth Todd Treasurer Harold Amos, A. Anderson, Oliver Anthony, Dovid Barnes, Irwin Belk, Thomas Belk, Bruce Berkeley, Joe BIythe, John Cline, Les Copple, Thomas Corn, Don Evans, Sidney Gardner, James Gascoigne, George Grizzard, Frick Henderson, Charles Herty, III, William Hollomon, Hunter Howard, Tony Huntley, David Huiton, John Kerr, Robin Kirby, Arnold Koonce, Braudis Leonard, Jim Lewis, David Lindsay, John Lindsay, Robert MacMillan, Jerry Marsh, David Mosengill, Thomas Mayfield, C. C. McLean, Gil McLeod, Harry Northrop, Robert Page, Patrick Pote, Wellborn Phillips, Steve Pillar, Pete Pully, David Ricks, Lee Rodenbough, Jack Sampson, John Sheorin, Malcolm Sherrin, Brooks Shuping, Irwin Smallwood, Henry Smith, Miles Smith, Randolph Smith, William Spough, Steve Stefanou, William Tate, Jim Taylor, Ed Tisdaie, Ken- neth Todd, Carroll Wall, Richard Wox, Donald Wright, Richord Wright, Clement Yancey. ) c, c - B r f r o C : f .. p Q C: O C C O J ' P • . ' P O p.. D e? o o o T ' r rti t . o o ( C) ( o o D .o a p . p o r - I A dJt dth } ' H .. iiFM I k fM r c o a q 269 Who says they don ' t eat over at the Kappa Sig House? Who ' s toking whose picture!!! S .. P yiSiGmR Hill ' |.X ' K.- ' Tp ' here ' s Ed .Gerdon? He ' s at Jeff ' s — it ' s Friday nite " Id- re-) more , , , Spike Ingram on the telephone 4 W What happened to Pedro ' s Beans and onions for the ral and Pimp, , . . Skippy, the chow hound of the outfit. . . . Tojo, directing on Broadway. . . . Indian Kyle is on the loose . . . Thad and Wroy smelling beer caps again. . . . Heavy, mainstay of the clowns. . . . Johnstone, Yackety Yack chief and Spanish prof. . . . Dad and Bill Miller, faculty advisors. . . B.L.M O.C.Cooper. . . Leftovers from scarface mob: Fireball, Toby, Parks, Bob, and Big John, Dapper Dan, dating every night. . . . Cotton and Rollo, boarding at the A. D Pi House. . Goochie lost his hat . . Sibold and Fred, working for Disney. . . . Judge Brinkley decides the issue . Moffitt: " I ' m on my way to New York. " . . Keeter doing Roonies at the Roonie View . . Bruno, struggling with accounting. . . . Hugh Jenkins: " Uh huh, wrong goal. " . . . G Pinchhead Hicks gets the Green Hornet treatment , . Get a new couch. Mole has been here. . . . Frank Jenkins, high financier. . . . Walt Jones leading a tough life in the pent house . . . Art Beckham, alias Jim Murphy . Tom York, charter member. Archer House. . . . Grove caught a fly in the outfield. . . . Grcppler Norwood, strong-arm of the Kappa Sig House. . . . Sills, selecting his roommate. . . . Fol|ay, mtermurol wheel. . . . Kinston crowd, charter members of the White Owl . . . Carter: " the poker book soys play it this way. " . . . Bill Gnffin: " My inspiration is killing me. " . . . Swittie Pie Craig: " 1 still loves ya. " . . . Who has your pin now. Cupcake? . . . Where ' s the lumber, Paschal? . . . Pride of the Capital City — the Charlies and Putty. . . . We had some fine times — football week-ends, the pledge dance. Founders Day Banquet. . . . We got advice, too— from Dr Woodhouse . A E K.D.B. 270 Joel Wright President Edward Craig Vice-President Gene Johnstone Secretary Hugh Jenkins Treasurer Wroy Amos, Edward Ashby, Edward L. Baity, Ira W. Baity, Jr., Milton Barnes, William C. Boone, Herman Bradly, H. Edward Brcnnegar, Wolter Brinkley, Leonard Corter, Ben Cooper, Edword Cordon, John Cordon, Philip Couch, Edward Craig, Grove Cummings, Gene Desportes, Albert W. Ebelein, Jack Folger, Bill Griffin, Williom S. Halsey, Jock Hamilton, Robert C. Harris, Don B. Harrison, Gordon Heath, Bryant Hicks, William Hight, Philip Hines, Dwight Henkle, Fleming Jeffries, Hjgh Jenkins, L. B. Johnson, Eugene H. Johnstone, Walt C. Jones, Don Keeter, Stuart Kuykendoll, William Kyle, Edword Little, William Little, William Mercer, William E. Miller, William Moffitt, Bud Morris, Robert Newell, Jim Nolan, John Norwood, Leonard Oettinger, William Olsen, Steve Pcrrot, Hugh Griffin, Warren Perry, Hubert Philpott, George Sibold, James Spillers, Leroy Stanley, Dan Steigman, Fred G. Tucker, Pete Withers, Carl C. Wooten, Joel W. Wright, Tom York. 44 S i mJlt M } f f C i jh fc f ' C- dl ( P o o cor r ; d o ' c i .r ' h 271 Now for a little serious indulgence. What a crew and what expressions! CHI niPHR mbda Chi Alpha was reborn after a dormant period of some five years, in September, 1946. Under the guidance of interested alumni, and with notable faculty assistance, the UNC actives and the transfers were able to build from the September nucleus a well-knit and expanded group The initiation of pledges in December and February brought chapter strength to about thirty-five. The Gamma Nu ' s is published by the chapter four times each school year to give the alumni and other chapters an insight into the activities of the Carolina Lambda Chi ' s. Highlight of the Lambda Chi year is the traditional annual banquet and dance sponsored jointly with the chapters at State, Duke and Wake Forest. . . . Inter- chapter sports are frequent . . . the annual winner obtaining possession of the Inter- chapter Sports Trophy. Active National and alumni support of our housing drive promises to make the coming year even more fruitful for Gamma Nu than the highly successful ' 46- ' 47 season. 172 Ljamma i (u L kapter Jfhcer ' i Richard Anderson President David Denning Vice-President Barron Mintz Secretary James P. Hogan Treasurer Richard Anderson, John Booroem, Rufus Butner, Dove Denning, Joseph Diob, William Finloyson, Stanley Holl, Phillip Hogan, Charles Knight, " Baron " Mintz, Joe Moon, Jack McDuffie, William Mcllwoin, Earl Tyndoll. r , V : Tf V ' ' tf . ■ rM ■ n a ' 4vk C c k i% M ilk ■ k-. kA 273 And the food is good, too. " Oh the night that Paddy Murphy died, I never will forget ... " DELTA THETfi , ember and the mob returns ... 1 , 2, 3 ... 10 ... 50, where ore they going to ie ?- . . . Carlson starts counting silver threads among the gold while trying to . . . Tuthill and Fran ever present. . . . Paint all over the damn place, procures assorted furniture for the joint. . . . Wotkins loses a fast rou: . - :.. J pin at Duke and the gang journeys over for its first serenade in enemy territory. . . . Football at Kenan stadium and mobs at the Peanut Butter house afterwards. . . . Rush week arrives. . . . The Duke game came around, bringing much alumni with it, and much partying. . . . Corn tries to kick Polaris out of its axis, ... A short pause for station recuperation and Tex Beneke brings his gong down for Fall Germans and Guthrie herds half of them into the house for post-dance festivities, . . . Pass the benzedrine pappy, . . . The whole gang meets for annual Christmas party, McGaughey presiding, . . . Holidays come and go and much January-morning quarterbacking, , , , " Listen, I was standing right beside Gabe Hill, and that pass traveled 40 yards forward, . . . Great, that New Orleans, great town, that Noo Yawk, etc, etc. . . . Somebody counts noses (Todd counts double), and Tuthill, McGaughey, and Fitch turn up among the permanently missing. . . . The Bowery Boll, to be or not to be? Anybody ever hear of Pearl Harbor? ... 0. K., we ' ll hove it in the house. . . . Voigt and the missing kegs, . . . " Crash " Haines and " Lucky " Mclver race for the dining room. . . . Hunsucker usurps Jorboe ' s throne, in fact he takes over the whole throne room, . , , Tn-Delts become our collective Valentines with a tea (?) -dance on February 14 , . Spring holidays and the Florida bound buggies. . . . Spring quarter (sigh), starts sans Hix, Domtoft, Pannill, and Godfrey, who are trying to make their first million before all the G.I. diplomas start rolling off the presses. . . . Hix planning to earn his after a trip to the altar. ... To say any more would be pushing Nostradamus. . . . We ' re glad Post-War adjustments come only every twenty yedrs. . . . 274 vSeta L- kapter VJfhceri Vincent Strobel President Walter Damtoff Vice-President Paul Brayhill Secretary Jon Tuthill Treasurer Wayne Brennegen, John Byers, Bob Carlson, Everett Clark, Dick Connell, Lovick Corn, Charley Crowley, Jerry Darden, Don Dempsey, Charley Earp, Jack Elam, Bill Ellis, Vernon Godfrey, Winston Gunnels, A, H. Hall, Pete Hix, Marvin Norton, Wade Isaacs, Bob Killetfer, Chorlie Kimsey, Jim Little, Benson McCutcheon, Buddy Miller, Turk Newsome, Frotz Pteiffer, Mark Pope, Bill Porter, George Robertson, Roy Rov e, Baxter Sopp, Adrian Smith, Ralph Strayhor n, Vincent Strobel, Bill Stubbs, Jon Tuthill, Gene Turner, Boynord Van Hecke, Rotcher Watkins, Tom Weatherly, Mason Whitney, Andy Williamson, Basil Wood. i 4 w o iS: f iP « V. % i kS O m •O " ' ' J- o c p o t ' . mL l i 0i £ ilk « . n L?:;! ] ' 275 Party, Maybe? " So I sez to him ammn deltr The white star still shines for us . . this year 124 strong ... all the way from ' ■Centennial " Sewell down to " Block Rufe " Swanner. . . . The reign of " Hawg " and Herk. " . . . Bodgett ' s bulletin-board balances and Hall ' s histories. ... A house, a home and Mrs A ent Anna and the King of Social Chairman. " Lover " lane nd Hannah ' s Hammer Ma|or Dillard of the Spade and Shovel Club. . . . The -■ Lii Lirn o.f, Jonto and his stooge, Frosty. . . Walker ' s longing for the days in Roberson ( 1; . . . Seegoo ' s open house and Benny ' s bolshevist banquets. . . . Slipcovers by Creech and hangovers by Edwards Tomlinson ' s " Mann " of the hour. . . . Lessons from Swifty and Joyce. . . . Lathrop ' s door gag . . Messrs. Todd and Barbour, Inc. . . . Raymond " It pays to ploy " Jordan. Fire Chief Noneman, La Belle Curtis, and a game of pinochle. . . . Hoddy-toddy, and engagement ring, and " Farmer " Hall . . . Brother and Joan: she loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, etc. . . . Bob and Pat, Ted and Pam, Haig and Naomi, Link and Vip, Bill and Gladys, Gildy and Robin, chaperones all. . . Paul ' s cookin ' and Phi ' s bettin ' . . . , Epsilon of Phi Gamma Delta. . . . Let ' s do it all over again. 276 (Lpduon Lilian ier K fficerJ Ernest McLean, J r President Robert Hedrick Corresponding Secretory Terry Morris Recording Secretary Henry Badgett Treasurer Dewitt R. AusHn, DeVan Borbour, Poul B. Bissette, Robert B. Broughton, Meredith Buel, Alvin C. Bush, Milton C. Cosh, Charles H. Chaplin, Richard B. Cheatham, Dovid A. Cobb, John C. Cobb, Roy M. Conner, William A. Creech, Walter S. Crump, Everette M. Edwards, William G. Edwards, John D. Fleming, John W. Froizer, Charles L. Fulton, Dixie E. Greene, William A. Hackney, Roger G. Hall, James M. Hayworth, Robert L. Hutton, Guy B. Johnson, Lawrence M. Johnson, James G. Lamm, Charles F, Lambeth, Thomas B. Lathrop, William E. Mackie, Dub Martin, William R. Martin, William P. Mayo, Ernest C. McLean, Moron D. McLendon, Leo V. Mullen, Terry 0. Norris, D. Ormond, Robert R. Padgett, M. H. Parker, William G. Raker, Leaman Rogers, John Sexton, Robert Y. Smith, Jo hn B. Steodmon, Thomas P. Strat- ford, Sanford W. Thompson, Charles H. Tietjen, Leon M. Todd, Merwin Van Hecke, Horry G. Walker, David J. Whichard. f e: ' P P a D ff) n je e p I , p f ,c . z . c 277 Just a friendly gathering, but watch out girls! frw f, } But what is the baseball bat for? M|PR SIGfTlR overtones wu hear , . Who went into the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel in New eons and sai " Think of oil the hoy you could stock in here! ' " . . . Overheard in the locol ciiK inu ' dee, I ' m glad he ' s gone, that little stinker! " . . . Hearts are gay when the, vo ch ese ' souffle. . . . The Rover Boys in Greensboro, or " Lost in the Kitchen of New Guilford ' . . . Shall we say 2 A. M.? — He ' s an old friend, so he won ' t mind. . . . Week-end guests: The Alumni and Messrs. Haig and Haig. . . . Who slept on a pink cloud in Burlington? That ' s one for the baby, Max. ... I ' ve got a headache. Oh, that ' s too bad — who is he? . . . Hey, Stew, " Alas poor Yorick, he ' s gone to the dogs. " . . . Romantic item: the Hoop, Nebraska and 20 points. ... A Philadelphia doctor ' s telephone coll, " Where is Hippie and my daughter? " Really wanta know. Doc? . . . Woody studies French in the bar these days, honest, I heard him hollerin c couple of French numbers. . . . Stanbach ' s major-Spanish II. . . . Stedman ' s projects-down one doubled. . . . You got the furniture, eh, Smitty. . . . Cyclops. . . . Sarge, who is this guy Slobodkin? . . . Who knows Penny ' s version of a foxhole? ' . . . Shumate: " I haven ' t got the money and I don ' t know where it is anyway. " . . . Overheard right after Snookie ' s swan dive thru the window one night, " You ' ve got it locked, you ' ve got it locked. , . . Richardson and the eternal triangle (or was that three, Johnnie ' ). . . . The man with a mop-head. . . And who or what is a simian bucolicr ' . . . Culbertson please notice: English and Harris hove learned something here at least. . . . The greatest — rabbit of ' em all. . . . Flynt ' s flying trips north, or " Some Day I ' ll Find You. " . . . Three men on parties, and we don ' t mean Paul Jones or pajamas. . . . Old names upon a paddle that once warm ed you, you-know-where now warm your heart in recollection. . . . Dick Sieck, Vernon Lackey, Smith King, Johnny Bowers, Harry Lee Clark. . . . 278 .•! oLambda (chapter vyfficers Omar Hester President Mariotte Stewart Vice-President Bill Donnell Secretary Jack Moore Treasurer Richard Atkinson, Richard Borab, R. L. Bush, Frank Casey, Joseph Clark, Haynes Dunlop, William Early, William Egein, Frank English, James Flynt, Joseph Franks, John Gale, Paul Green, Garfield Guyer, William Henderson, Omar Hester, John Hooker, Floyd Huffman, Albert Jones, John Lewis, Leonard Littlejohn, Paul Ludwig, David Miles, Fred Mills, Myron Moore, Thomas Munden, Robert Nelson, Arthur Pappos, Wil- ford Penny, Carroll Poplin, Joseph Powell, Hubert Price, Harry Savas, Allen Sherman, Thomas Shumate, Edward Smith, William Smith, Charles Stanbach, John Stedman, Edgebert Stevenson, Raymond Sugg, Percy Woll, Benjamin Ward, Donald Ward, Woodrow Westall, Louis Wil- kerson, Dan Willetts. riiK 1 ■5 C ' f ■ CI i; 1 u n mh ■d im Mk m.A M i p. aSS ' a ft 6, ■fTj C .Ci !- k ... % Ik mM mk ih P Q O f - ' =• . ' ' S • -ft ii iiii - 279 Just a friendly game of bridge. Welcome, Friend, glad to see ya. LPHR cHici thuig; Somethings old, somethings new, lots borrowed, but never Return of ;thQ prodigals . . . Tou ' s claim to fame, and radio ' s mouthpiece, so did Thompson, Cooper, and Reynolds . . . and many t football week-ends . . , more ways than one. . . . The Tri-Delt few that pumpkin? . , . Balls and chains to Ducky . . . and Larry, and -Dins. . . . Breakfast at the Pines. . , , Christmas came . . . Da ' d . . and the Bird-Dog pointed elsewhere. . . . " Way down yonder in . . . Scoop ' s nose for news. ... 35 new pledges .the house takes on a new lustre. . . " Salty Dog " becomes president. . . . The May Casino , . . and Black-Jock in the back. . . . " Influence. " . . . Smiley Simpson, official cheerleader. . , " Chrome-Dome " Sessler, OUR LEADING SPEAKER . . Shot loves ADPi. . . . Rooney! . . Mello-Rooney!! , . , Doc Tweed and cadaver, Long John. . . Bill dashes to Dot. . . , Rudy, Sudy ' s " Matchless Boy. " , . . Banzai Jetton and Fox-hole Pouts. . . . K 0. Clopp Cooke-ing on the front burners . . . Glutton Sutton. . . Op. No. 1 " Lost my pin " McBane. . . . " Two-beer " still washing That Car. . . . Sez Graham; " It ' s a Purr trip to Concord. " . . Deadeye serenades Spenser, by himself. . . . Anybody pluck the Duck? . Geronimo Johnston, He ' ll get you a date. . . . We were crammed, we were jammed, but we liked it. . . . One for all, and all for fun. . . . 280 Jan. kapter Kyfhcers Ted Wall President Morrison Griffin Vice-President Casper Lamb Secretary Ben F. Cooper Treasurer Samuel J. Arbes, E. Graham Battle, B. B. Blackburn, Benjamin F, Cooper, Rex S. Coston, Arthur W. Daniels, Jr., Williom K. Delbridge, Henry M. Faulconer, John M. Pouts, Maurice W, Griffin, Milton C. Harding, H. Wilson Jetton, III, J. William Johnston, Jr., Casper G. Lamb, Charles K. MocDermut, Jr., William J. Marsh, John M. May, Carlyle Morris, John H. Neal, Wilber L. Padgett, Robert G. Quincey, C. Fron- cis Riddle, W. M. Sessler, John B. Simpson, Jr., William M. Storey, William R. Taylor, Jr., Arthur W. Thomas, Jr., C. Thomas, R. C. Tweed, Kenneth D. Underwood, Theodore R. Wall, T. Weaver. C?) j I J . ) y £ _v O. f-y p a o O O n. o c o o c c O P r r. e» 281 All dressed ond no place to go. mBDR PH Chow down ' Out of the way, pledges. . . . Make way for the King Cole Trio, Aronson, Wollocl-, 01 iJ Bergman. . . . Hey, Don, driving to Greensboro tonight? . . . We ' ve got smoo for lunch. . . . Nope, no date for the week-end yet. . . . More beer. . . . Wise up, ' Vid. . . . Marbles and coke bottles. . . . Abe and Gerry in Richmond make merry. . . . Wonder what Jackson E. is doing now. . . . Sandwiches and juice. . . Can I borrow a couple of orgyles for tonighti ' ... Sid crashes Moonglow. . . . The combo makes music at a terrific Duke week-end. . . . Swell to see those familiar faces again. , . . Field wastes his first life, eight to go . . . Our four sets of brothers, Foxes, Shapiros, Schottlands and Schwartzes. . . . The unforgettable cabin party. . . . To heck with the quiz, just one more game. Jack. ... It ' s 3 A. M., time to hit the books. . . . The Miami monkey jungle increases by two. . . . What clique are you in? . . . No Lynn, I ' m not going to Durham. . . . " Casanova " Kaplan. . . . Crunch retires from the restaurant business. . . . The football team beats Navy, and Balti- more beats us. . . . Eskimo Swartzburg and his jacket make JV. . . . Hurrah for Nemo. . . . " Ollie " Fox and " Strangler " Friedlander. . . . What ' s the matter, you got rocks in your head? . . Aronson has car trouble and ditto. . . . Erwin, it ' s your turn to stoke the furnace. . . . Honk and Charlie and their Jo Stafford fan club. . . . " Mawstah " Goodman. . . . " Bilbo " Cohen. . . . " Butch " Levy. . . . hurry up with dessert, we ' re leaving for Burlington. . . . 282 Howard Aronson President Alfred Jacobson Vice-President Alan Bergman Secretary Donald W. P aley Treasurer Howard P. Aronson, Harvey G. Auerboch, Alan Bergman, Charles Borton, Melville S. Cohen, Irvin Fox, Stanley H. Fox, Robert J. Friedlander, Henry W, Golding, Lawrence Goldrich, Leonard Goodman, Alon S. Gubin, Leonard J. Kaplan, Frank Levy, Abrom H. Moskow, Donald W. Paley, Norman D. Ripps, Gerald M. Schwartz, Sanford Sprintz, Lee J. U nger, Charles Veil, Richard D, Wallack, , ,, !!5.Q D ( f O jC r 283 Is it — is it not Brady ' s! The boys at their favorite sport???? JPHR EPSILOn ig Alphs of ' 4-5 and ' 47 won ' t be forgetting ... Alio Canada!!! . . . Automatic Cox never missingTj ' . ' Choo Choo " Corr receiving the " pitch " — Mike ' s admiration for the Afcher glHs ' ' r is it just squirrels in generaP . . . Choked up Charlies of ' 46, starting with " Stubby and Tu " and lately, " That ' s kid stuff, Wilson " and " I don ' t have a pin Smith, " and, Oh Yes, the cleaver boys of ' 47 with W. W. W. and Gammon as officers of the shattered hearts club— Beach trips with " Tomal lie-mouth " Smith and " Blast " Fox at the helms — a memorable 24 hours with a pig — ' twas a stuffy party so we opened the Zephyr window, or I move the previous question. A. T. on his cross country to the Library. . . Forrester making tracks to the filling station end frequent toasts with paragoric. ... 24 neophytes . . . and every one a definite asset to the Fraternity — " Big Blue " Taylor — " Coach " Berry giving us the word. ... Jo Jo replacing Stella in our humdrum lives. ... Six hot and cold running chamber maids. . . . Scott ' s for cocktails, and if in the vicinity, " Drop by for a nightcap " Willie. . . . Then, too, there ' s Honest Bob slaving over a hot poker table. . . . Furniture and Fixtures a la Chautreuse. . . . " Cup Cake " Doeschler and Ficklen, the without, wondering who Hallett ' s date is . . . " Beef " finding out. . . . Sauceless or rather semi- sauceless " dead wood. " . . . Bro. Moose, a fellow EM, and " Chet " not being long for the mid-night oil. . . . L. W. ' s whiskey arias. . . . " Curley " Price, his minutes, and now head Muckety-Muck of the Frot. . . . " Two drink Terrible " Thompson and his running mate, " Mistuh, Mistuh, Suh " Thomas Snipes. . . , Tull and The Bat . . . or was it Strick. . . . Gray and his Pipes . . . West House . . , Then Hullo Mike. . . . " I just blowed in from Durham and ... " ... " Stormy, " ce n ' etait pas beau c ' etoit magnifique. . . . And however — or should we soy furthermore even a Rhodes scholar or two, but leave us " not lock. " . . . Bouquets to the " E K Powe ' s III, The Chos. McClendon ' s and Lord and Lady Chesterfield. " 284 Clayton Moore President Claude Strickland Vice-President Charles Price Secretary Warren Ficklen Treasurer s wrk n w w 3M € if a J p f f r f a r f f f m u m M m iSk.. J ; iii n C) (P- ' ra ■5 ' Tp c B ( ri e m i ii IT ft XL m . i i i 1 285 The Winnah! lof whatl. All they need now is a spittoon. ,efull of strangers . . . Eventually it develops that all are brother Sigs. . . . ge of sec stories. . . . Hayday at Hogans — A victory for the drys . . . Rise Geech touring the campus armed with soda water. . . . The green . . . New brothers Bill, Pete, Dick. . . . Rush Week, sleep a thing of the past. . . . Now, Men. . . . Best " Beat Dook " exhibit, erected by Vol . . , nearly loses head at game. . . Paint gets in your eyes. . . . Caniffian art in the game room. . . . Dimples becomes famous. . . . Nixon entertaining like mad. . . . Dome distresses Devils. . . . Intramural filibuster ... A big bold men was this desperado. . . . Bruce and Ace in " Wall Street. " . . . Brother Herschel Johnson end banquet. . . . The milk scramble vs. Communism. . . . " Wild William " and " 30 Second Charlie " Bonecrushers. . . . The senator from Pachuta. . . . Miss Cory M — . . . Hunneycutt and Gloria. . . . This is the sacred sanctuary. . . . The bookie suits. . . . New Orleans Nights. . . . Jack and the disappearing cigarettes . . . The hunt WF week-end . . , Cal and Laugh depart. . . . The neighbors create a parking problem. , . . Wally ' s grip tightens. . . . Prospect of another Big Year. . . . 286 . tpka yau L napter yyfhcers Dotson Palmer President Bever Van Wagner Vice-President James Bolch Secretary A. C. Edward Treasurer H. K. Allen, Fred Bauer, H. Beebe, J. Brooks, Waiter Brown, Hoke Bullard, Grimes Byerly, Z. Bynum, J. Camp, R. Councill, B. Covington, J. Crum, C. T. Daniel, Sam Daniels, A. Edwards, Bob Edwards, L. Evans, P. Finch, W. Flamish, Bill Good, Bill Hepburn, T. Hockoday, G. B. Holland, Richard Hoyle, Wayne Johnson, J. C. Johnson, C. Johnston, Jim Keiger, Gene Koonce, R. S. Longley, R. E. Lee, W. H. McCarthy, C. L. Meredith, D. P. Moore, C. Nixon, J. B. O ' Neal, Dotson Palmer, G. Pankey, W. C. Parker, J. Pearson, P. D. Pence, K. C. Roberts, W. Russell, G. Scholl, R. Seaver, E. Somers, G. R. Trotter, C. W. Warren, Jim White, Dennis Williams, Bill Woestendiek, E. W. Woodard, M. Wright. p ff f?t e D . ' O iP .C) c ,.c of i cn p o f? r ' a f I« 1 v- lifr_i f! ri j iiL iisiteBi tv ini m. ,a ft a .ft ,a ear S. ixJUm 287 Waiting there to do a little stumping. Sigmo Nu ' s Prides and Joys. yaMl5ASt ' 4 " J ill be recorded in the annals of fraternity history as the greatest year Psi ' Chdpter of .Sigma Nu has ever seen. ... Its sons returned from every nook and cranny of the globe to continue to pursue their quest for knowledge sprinkled iaafvfu.ri, frolic and- gaiety. ... As we flip back the leaves of memory, we shall Temember Tyndall ' s party which gave impetus to the social season. . . . The invasion of Baltimore and Mitchell ' s quite " spiritual " party. . . . The wine flowing like tears. . . . Cutlar ' s injury which will probably keep him out of the movies. . . . Cousin Bill and Les White ' s two new roommates, Bob and Toughie Dungey. . . . " Hank " and " Murph " and the 24-hour cocktail lounge. . . . " Damnyankee Haven, " for damnyankees Robbo, Cleary, Walt and " Lover-boy " Prata. . . . Senator Roy Elton Forehand, " K-i-t spells Katherine. " . . . Tucker (Square Root) McDaniel ' s mathematical genius. . . . The 19th holers, Ed (Steve Canyon ' s the name) Cato " Orville Wright " Savage and " Stump " Sigler. . . . Harvey ' s daily postals from " Salt Pork, W. Va. " . . . Possum Beoudry off to the races dressed like a " bookie. " . . . " Jitterbug " Leary, Officer in Charge of Platter Procurement. . . . " Doodles " Mc- Kenzie, meeting the Richmond bus. . . . " Throttle-Jockey " Smothers, head waiter at the Pi Phi House. . . . " Judge " Small, CUTTSing quite a figure in the legal world. . . . Harding, " What happened to all the damned hot water? " . . . Whitless Osgood, BMOC, CCC, UP and. . . . Lee Brown ' s clever mechanisms (not the one in West Virginia), . . . Photographer Lottie ' s painting n ' long distance colls. . . . The two " Long Johns " Wallace and Coll plus the " Virginia Gentleman. " . . . The fatal step into the sea of matrimony for Little, Carson, Hinnant, and Howard. . . . The cockiest pledge class of all time and their " forced march. " . . . The bitter and the sweet, the good and the bad, all that created the ties that will bind our hearts forever. . . . The " White Star " of Sigma Nu continues to shine with its ever beaming brilliance. . . . 28i J- ii L kapter Kynlcers Peter Beaudry President Clyde Parker Vice-President George Byrum Secretary Les White Treasurer Peter T. Beaudry, Rodney L. Booker, L. E. Brown, L. W. Brown, W. C. Byrd, John F. Coll, E. L. Clark, Tom F. Cleary, Eugene B. Crawford, F. R. Efird, William M. Ferguson, R. E. Forehand, William G. Gaither, J. Gill, John R. Hording, John A. Horper, G. Hodges, Z. V. Jones, J. B. Kittrell, Eppie P. Knight, D. L. McKinney, Les McLeod, B. C. Moore, Whit Osgood, Clyde L. Porker, Robert E. Perry, Jules W. Phoenix, Demont Rosemon, Fred Savage, H. Sigler, J. H. W. Smoll, William F. Smithdeoi, Harvey W. Turnoge, C. S. Venoble, John P. Wolloce, Les White, William V. White, W. A. Winburn, G. T. Wolff. P ft P f rs r . (?! t, P» p C O O O ' f f ' cs r o c ? o ?? a a ri iT ,f ,o (f (f ,f , P 289 A quiet otter dinner get together, but why is everyone so quiet? What, no kibitzers? SILOn PH ear of our lives, . . . Darwin, Freud, Copernicus and Waldfogel. . . . 3i. we did Duke week-end, . . . " Answer yes or no, Sommers, " . . . The shortened the meetinq to 18 hours . , . Leila, Blanche, Ann, Joan, Phyllis our- ' J- ' housemothers " . Clem from the country. . . Julie ' s transfer c, orwj jA ' allie with the light brown scalp . . , " And send 40 nice girls. " . . . ; T n fHioleah. . . . Bensol Jaffa. . . , Little Nudnick. . . . " Five O ' clock Shift ' " . , Ralph and Shirley ' s date in Charlotte . . Lee, the Gabriel Heatter of the Hill, , , . Bridge and gin-rummy. . . . Frankel stalked out again. . . . " Wrap Gene in a blanket and bring him in. " . . . Choo Choo Izzy . . . Diamond and Yank, the lovers. . . . Howard Weinstein ' s Driving School. . . . Ernie Rosenburg ' s Library of Facts . . The three D ' s, Debussy, Dvorak and David , . " What ' s the poop. Jack? " . . . Billy ' s convertible and those two o ' clock classes. . . . Move the previous question. . . . Morder ' s version of " Show Boat. " . . . Rosinsky ' s serorita. . . . Lemo ' s Lads, the pledges. . . . Kinbera ' s Kolyum, . . Reading proof for Jacobson. . . . Stan ' s seer- sucker. . . . Major Hank, . . . " The Coffee Song " and Harris. . . . The Raleigh Express run by Breslow. . . . " Carry Levine upstairs again. " . . . The time Rubin passed a course, . . . Al Marks ' den. . . . Harvey ' s collecting funds for the Founda- tion for Frustrated Females, . . . The Arthur Shain Memorial First Aid Kit . . . and Galink, the Hairy Ape. . . . Bobby Epstein loves Mickey Rooney. . . . Gastonia calling Leiber. . . . And lest we forget, Fabian the Fabulous. . . . Three little Baers . . . " Who let Ruark looser ' " . . . Jitterbug Bergen. . . . Edelman ' s medicine. . . Peltz ' s Saturday dates. . . . Sy ' s coupe. . . . Berman, the CPU wheel. . . . Chapel Hill ' s gift to the TEP house, Stan Cohen. . . . " Drop over sometime, Fleischman. " . . . Big Ben. . . . Sand ' s motor scooter. . . . Anybody seen Leon? . . . Remembrance of things past. ... 290 LJineaa (chapter K fHcerS Fred Jacobson President Seymour Levin Vice-President Ernest Rosenberg Secretary Sol A, Jaffa Treasurer Hymon Cohen, Robert Epstein, Norman Galinkin, Herman Grossman, Stuort Harris, Fred Jacobson, Ben Jaffa, Sol Jaffa, Sid Kolin, Stan Legum, Seymour Levin, Albert Levine, Jerry Marder, Al Marks, Bill Nachomson, Isadore Nochimow, Ernest Rosenberg, Sid Rosinsky, Marvin Sands, Ralph Sarlin, Art Shain, Jack Shiller, Norman Sommers, Mel Woldfogel, Harvey Weinstein, Henry Wisebrom, Lee Zimmer. a P r P ' " P Vt - ' kv o o o o r i (ft h - . r £i , . i w» wk O . D ft C ' f ' Mm k 291 That is the gotor we see, isn ' t it? Poor gator — he didn ' t get the victory. ETR TRU Pi ' s twentieth year was a great one. ... It all started with our new house -tha ork it entailed. . . . Then along came the new furniture, radio, and ffano end to say the least — brothers. . . . We ' ll always remember: The Duke. week- end par y and Wild Bill ' s sparkling rendition of " The Pore Ole Slave. " . . . The Sugar Bowl game and the hospitality in New Orleans of John Godchaux, Bert Myers, and Harold Salmon, the aborigines in the chapter. . . . Sherry Adier, famed Romeo with the chorus girls in the French Quarter and " Wagnerian " Fishel and their N N Club (Neurotics Nameless for the uninitiote). . . . The Xmas party and all the member ' s gifts. . . . Those school-spirited brothers who didn ' t miss a Carolina football game. . . . The gala week-end in Greensboro, sponsored by Brothers Larry Cohen, Arnold Marks, and Everett Saslow. , . . The bosun ' s whistle, " Chow Down, " both by " Ensign " Moskowitz, Alpha Pi ' s gift to the regular Navy. . . . The home- coming decorations by our artistic treasurer, Alan Kaufmann. . . . Our sexy prexy Buddy Weill and his Maxwell, both still going strong. . , . Our budding song writer Lenny Blumberg, his creations banging down Tin Pan Alley. . . . The paint epidemic and the nice blue floors — at the expense of the walls. . . . Jake Rosenbloom, the frat ' s official representative at Jeff ' s. . . . Our cradle-robbing Larry Hecht. . . . Welcoming back the last of the Ensigns, Brothers Joe Mirsky and Ellis Berlin, who returned this January. . . and Joel Feinberg, God ' s gift to the West Side, famed for his droll humor. . . . Memories that bless and burn — all went to make up a truly good season for Alpha Pr 292 Charles Weill President John Godchaux Vice-President Arthur Aronson Secretary Allen Kaufman Treasurer Sherry Adier, Art Aronson, Jr., Lenny Blumberg, Lorry Cohen, Allan Cone, Arnold Dolin, Joel Feinberg, Bob Feldmon, Buddy Freed, Joe Gos- senheimer, John Godchaux, Buddy Gottesman, Irvin Gordon, Paul Gordon, Larry Hecht, Allen Koufman, Arnold Marks, Phil Moskowitz, Bert Myers, Jake Rosenblcom, Harold Salmon, Everett Saslow, Joe Schafer, Stan Shavitz, Bill Shrago, Charlie Weill, Dick Weintraub. f d iik ' 293 What we want to know is who ore those two guys in the background. No! No! I refuse to go to Harry ' s — Well, 0. K. Just one. Best we forget Ffer§ and Blue matching purple chairs to a red rug. . . . " All out for redecorating, " :s6ys " Mother " John, " If you can do it for $5.00. " . . . " Bird ' s " ove life 5atiii|dciy ' s rains. . . . " Yeah-Yeah " Wood and " Rooney " Ward drenched ■s t happy over the ame. . . . " Deep Sleep " Walters trying his hypnotic powers on tiful " Barnes-Zero and " Lickerhead " Daniel and interested audience, . . . rocK Schell ' s intramural footballers off like a flash — " Bo " Hackney and " Stork " McElroy starring, " Choo-Choo " Oliver doing double duty sack time. ... Big Al ' s way with the women. . . . " Wheel " Tomlinson mingling with the mighty — " Yes, I know, Tex. " . . . " Steve " Davis and his " Don ' t forget to vote " politics for the UP. . . . " Senator " Warren sprouting revolutionary propo sals, some to the legislature, and some to a coed. . . . Married men Davis, Long, and White giving advice to the lovers with serious intentions. . . . John T. off to see the one and only in Greensboro. . . . Chappell off to see his on E. Franklin. . . . Leggett and Adamheod who never see a week-end on the Hill since giving the rings for Christmas. . . . New Orleans tales from " Filthy " Phil, " Starvin " Marvin, " L, C. " and " Tex " Brown. . . . Just who is this " Stormy " ? . . . Bobby Kirkland ' s advice to all young schoolteachers. . . . Penick ' s addiction to Joe Miller ' s Joke Book. . . . " Ain ' t nobody here but us chickens, " Lon and Beasley tell us. . . . " Sam " Winborne on the rebound and his once a year binge. . . . " Cluny Brown " Barbee looking for a new h air treatment. . . . Roglond discovering that there are also coeds at Duke. . . . Bill Browne ' s butchery of the Greek alphabet. . . . " Boston Blackie " Burns setting new scooterbike records. . . . Bridge fiends " Hosenose " Gilliam, " Barrelhouse " Little " Gummy, " the Zete Marconi, " Blond Blank " Reece and the Foolproof Food Plan. . . . " Bo " Jenkins saying, " Put me in coach, so I can be on my way to St. Mary ' s. " . . . Jackson " I ' m gonna get a date " Kirkland! . . . " Cuz " Skinner, who never has a date around for supper. . . . Best we forget, though we won ' t. . . . 294 uipsiion L kaptet ' yyfnceri John Hackney, J r President John Davis Vice-President Bill Browne, Jr Secretary Tom Skinner Treasurer O o .e f O ' f ' f i s " ( !rt. tj f .c a „i! ft c ! ' V-4 OP 0 1 o i_ 295 to REcami ' iTion ' ' PHI BETR KRPPR JOHN SCHOFIELD O ' NEALL, JR. To the students on the campus privileged to wear the " Phi Bete " key, Phi Beta Kappa represents a minimum of eight full quarters of work in which a scholastic overage of 92.5 or better has been maintained. OFFICERS John Schofield O ' Neall, Jr., President; Leo Vincent Mullen, Jr., Vice- President; Robert Gray Stockton, Recording Secretary; Ernest Lloyd Mackie, Corresponding Secretary-Treasurer. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Leo Vincent Mullen, Jr., John Schofield O ' Neall, Jr., Robert Gray Stock- ton, Chancellor R. B, House, Dr. A. C. Howell, Dr. E. L. Mackie, Dean C. P. Spruill, Jr. LEO VINCENT MULLEN 298 y4wka r K kaptey or r jodk L aroll aroUna ROBERT GRAY STOCKTON STUDENT MEMBERS Sara Helen Alexonder Mary Josephine Allott Joseph Anthony Bitting Kenneth Black, Jr. Katharine Boone Betsy Anne Bowmon David Wemyss Burnet Berlette Lorraine Copt Julia Carlisle Cashion William Seton Cheek William Newcome Christenson William Cato Cramer Maude Loreno Dawson James Toit Elder Clara Ferebee Fenner Warren Myers Ficklen T. C. Fitzgerald, Jr. Jay Albert Foss Blair Cochran Gammon John Paul Godchaux Edwin Irwin Golding Elizabeth Hill Graham Stephen Galbreth Graham Anne Elizabeth Graybill Francis Bates Grow Ernest Deans Hackney Emmett Willard Hamrick James Ernest Hardwicke, Jr. Walter Joseph Harrelson Max Frank Harris Stuart Harris Voleska Hoydon Frances Helene Hicks Joyce Irene Hinson Pomelo Louise Hotard John Douglass Hunt, Jr. Guy Benton Johnson, Jr. Miriam Marjorie Jordon Charles Howord Kohn Frank Gustov Kuehn Henry Paul Lenz Albert Edwin Lovejoy Henry Walter Lutterloh, Jr. Doris Jeon Lyies William Ernest Mackie Emonuel Margolis James Cuthbert Martin Robert Haywood Morrison Leo Vincent Mullen, Jr. Joseph Leake Nonney Linda Lobdell Nobles Ferry Orbon Norris Mary Elizabeth Norton Howard Thomas Odum John Schofield O ' Neall, Jr. Margaret Moseley Parker Barboro Ann Pennington Dorothy Adelyn Phillips David Aull Rapp Charles Norwood Reilley John DeCoster Rogers Louise Randall Russell Robert Fredrick Schultz Richard Woodward Seaver Frank William Selig, Jr. Robert Gray Stockton Nancy Dell Stoner Harold Wade Suits Bernice Heard Woddell Lucien Orville Gail Wholey ERNEST LLOYD MACKIE 299 Helen Afhanaelos Mory Lloyd Brown Betty Cook Jean Couch Oveida Ellis Helen Ershler Anne Hagan Leila Josephs Mildred Koon Mory Lockwood Carolyn Neel Lillian Reeves Peggy Sopp Connie Smith Mcry Swonn Bettie Washburn Elizabeth Weil THETR PSI EPSILOn To promote an interest in chemistry and among women students; to foster mutual advancement in academic, business, and social life; and to provide opportunity for personal contacts among women who have chosen the same field of study are the purposes of the Alpha chapter of Theto Psi Epsilon, national honorory chemical sorority. Weekly meetings in Venable Hall usually consist of addresses from various members of the department of chemistry or graduate students who are doing research here at the University. Impressive ceremonies were held twice this year initiating fall and winter pledge classes. The first of these was highlighted by a banquet at the Carolina Inn. Trips to Greensboro on tours through two chemical plants gave the group a chance to see industrial chemistry in operation. Officers were: Mary Lloyd Brown, President; Jean Couch, Vice-President; Connie Smith, Recording Secretary; Bettie Washburn, Corresponding Secre- tary; and Mary Kellam, Treasurer. 300 Emily Chappell Rosemary Cleveland Hannah Davis Jeannie Ferrier Morgoret Goodman Betty Anne Green Morcella Harrer Mary Jeanne Helm Jo Pugh Julia Ross Margaret Whitney Gene Wilkins iia V 1 CHI DELTA PH The Tau Chapter of Chi Delta Phi, national honorary literary sorority, was established at the University of North Carolina on June 4, 1941. Its purpose is to promote literary activities and appreciation on campus. As on honorary society, it accepts one per cent of the coed student body as members each year, on the basis of submitted manusc ripts. At the meetings this year literary figures such as Dr. Phillips Russell, Kai Jurgenson, Josephine Niggli, Noel Houston, Paul Green, and Mr. James Tippett addressed the group. Chi Delta Phi cooperated with the Carolina Workshop in its yearly program, and wrote the May Day Pageant for 1946. Members regularly submitted manuscripts to the Mag, and attended the Bull ' s Head Teas, Officers were: Rosemary Cleveland, President; Morcella Harrer, Vice- President; Margaret Whitney, Secretary; Gene Wilkins, Treasurer; Betsy Brunk, Publicity Manager. 301 Kappa Epsilon The Lambda Chapter of Koppa Epsilon, national honorary fraternity for women pharmacy students, was established at the University of North Carolina on January 21, 1941; and since that time has become an important part of the School of Phar- macy. Officers were; Ellen Macon, President; Jean Snyder, Vice-President; Lynn Blan- chard, Secretary-Treasurer; Doris Gillian, Pledge Mistress; Mildred Showalter, His- torian and Member-at-Large. Miss Alice Noble is Kappa Epsilon Advisor. First Row: Emily Aliton, Sybil Austin, Lynn Blonch- ard, Mary Jane Bradford. Second Row: Patsy Burgiss, Peggy Costner, Doris Gilliam, Mary Harris. Third Row: Eleonor Holden, Ellen Macon, Moryellen Millo- way, Mildred Showolter, Jean Snyder. Rho Chi Rho Chi is the national honorary pharma- ceutical society founded in 1922, to pro- mote the advance of pharmaceutical sci- ences, scholarship, and good fellowship. The Xi Chapter was established in 1929 at Carolina. Officers were: Millie Showalter, Presi- dent; Tommie Holden, Vice-President; Al- len Sinclair, Secretary-Treasurer. Faculty members are: E. A. Brecht, H. M. Burlage, M. L. Jacobs, I. W. Rose, H. 0. Thompson, and Doris B. Hawkins. First Row: Patricia Burgiss, Oliver Fleming, Doris Gilliam, Leon Gordon. Second Row: Mary Harris, Reginald Harris, Tommie Holden, Sam Kocnce. Third Row: David Mossengill, Mildred Showalter, Allen Sinclair. 302 First Row: James D. Phillips, Jr.; Hobart L. McKeener, George F. Williams, John Richard Jordon, Jr., Charles L. Martin, Jr., David M. Hall. Second Row: Lennox P. McLendon, Jr., Louis J. Poisson, Jr., Donald W. McCoy, Joe H. Barrington, Neill L. Britt. Third Row: Richard E. Britson, William R. Pope, George L. Grantham, Jr., Dugald Steward, III, John T. Rendleman, Logon D. Howell. Fourth Row: Thomas G. Dill, Henry E. Colton, London H. Roberts, Martin B. Simpson, Jr., Hector McLean, Grohom M. Carlton. Fifth Row: Professor Fred B. McColl, Walter E. Brock, Edgar S. W. Domeron, Jr., Thomas V. Couble, Owen G. Rodman, Noel R. S. Woodhouse. Sixth Row: Max L. Childers, William A. Dees, Jr., William H. Burton, Jr., Walter H. Powell, Frances J. Heozel, Jr. Seventh Row: Marvin J. Gotlin, Henry L. Harkey, Professor Henry Brandis, Louis W. Goylord, Jr. Not Shown: Joshua S. James, Charles M. Neaves, Claude F. Seila, William I. Word, Jr. PHI DELTR PH Honorary Legal Fraternity Founded University of Michigan 1869 Vance Inn of University of North Carolina Established 1919 May the legal ability recognized by her ideals go forth and strengthen the arm of justice. OFFICERS David M. Hall Magister William I. Ward, Jr Exchequer Louis W. Gaylord, J r Clerk James D. Phillips, Jr Historian 303 Mary Elizabeth Burrus Dolly Donelson Valeska Hoydon Gwen Hughes Ann Martin Florence Medd Doris Newburn Eugenia Quinn Alice Summers Nina Thomas Jean Youngblood Sa SIGmR RLPHR lOTR lota Tau, one of the newest active chapters of the international professional music fraternity, Sigma Alpha Iota, was formally installed at the University of North Carolina April 29, 1946. In an impressive service held by several national officers in the Roland Parker Lounge, the following girls became active members; Dolly Donelson, Durema Fitzgerald, Mary Stringfield, Polly Bell, Gwen Hughes, Laura Quinn, Lois Eiiezer, Alice Summers, Ann Martin, Jean Youngblood, Elizabeth Taylor, Carolyn Bowman, Nina Thomas, Eliza- beth Worrall, Ruth von Bramer, Lynn Williard, Marcia McMillan, and Valeska Heydon. Since the founding of the chapter the following girls have been initiated: Doris Newburn, Mary Elizabeth Burrus, Augusta Harper, Florence Medd, Mary Louise Emery, and Martha Peatross Hall. The installation of Iota Tau chapter marks the organization of the first national woman ' s music fraternity at Carolina. The officers of lota Tau chapter were: Dolly Donelson, President; Gwen Hughes, Vice-President; Jean Youngblood, Secretary; Valeska Hoydon, Treasurer; and Nino Thomas, Chaplain. 304 PHI mU RLPHR The Alpha Rho Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha, national honorary music fraternity, was established on the University of North Carolina campus February 24, 1926. During twenty years of active service the fraternity has strived to promote appreciation of the best in music. This chapter, one of the few to remain, active during the war years, now claims the largest membership in its his- tory with forty members. This year the fraternity presented several well-known artists and a pro- gram of instrumental and vocal music of American composers given by the fraternity members. Officers were: Allen Garrett, Supreme Councilman; Don Robinson, Presi- dent; Frank West, Vice-President, Bill Sasser, Secretary; Harold Schiffman, Treasurer; Bob Prunty, Historian. First Row: Charles Nixon, William Fitzgerald, Marvin Moriilo, Carl Perry, Alan Bergman, Howard Myers. Second Row: Allen Garrett, Don Robin- son, Frank West, Bill Sasser, Harold Schiffman, Ben Jaffa, Bob Prunty, David Arner, James Hall. Third Row: David McAdoms, Ed Easter, Joe Guillebeau, Willard Burroge, Wallace Evans, Winfield Rose, Larry Brown, Andy Griffith, David Cline. Fourth Row: John O ' Steen, Dick Cox, John Bridges, Don Marshall, Mourice Weinstein, Bill White, Sol Jaffa. 305 RIpha Epsilon Delta OFFICERS Tom York President Charles Zubousk: Vice-President Hoyden Lutterloh Secretory-Treasurer Dr, S B, Knight Faculty Advisor Alpho Epsilon Delta is a group of pre-medical students outstanding for high scholastic standing and superior character. The fraternity attempts to inculcate in the minds of the pre-medical students those motives, attributes, and ideals which moke medicine a most honorable profession. Also, it provides recognition for achievement in the pre- med school. This group bridges the gap betv ' een the pre-medical school end the medical school, while at the same time it acts as a force in crystallizing any movement for the good of the pre-medical student. Future Doctors listen to a lecture on North Carolina ' s Number One need; good health. Haydon Lutterloh, Tom York, Dr. McCutchcon, Ben McCutcheon 306 in " ill . 4 i Sidney Gardner Robert Hamburger John Kirkland Haydon Lutterloh Benson McCutcheon Edward McKenzie Conway Rose Art Shain Jack Shiller Alex Veazey Paul Walters Charles Zubouski MEMBERS Sidney Gardner Benson McCutcheon Bob Sing Robert Hamburger Edward McKensie Alex Veasey Jack Hamilton James Patton Paul Walters John Kirkland Conway Rose Tom York Haydon Lutterloh Art Shain Jack Shiller Charles Zubouski 307 i i lsS!bJ Jimmie C. Bowers James H. Boyles Broinard M. Burrus David D. Claytor W. Thomas Collier Adrian M. Doughteridge, Jr Robert F. Harrison Hal B. Hawkins William M. Jordan, Jr. David W. Masengill David Overton E. S. Powell Harold Rich Joe Russell Charl N. Sanders Robert H. Seaborn Shuford E. Snyder William West Taylor Herbert A. Temple Russell L. Young KRPPR PSI " To foster the highest principles and practices of an ancient and honorable profession; always striving to do o better thing than has been done, that the people of our country and our community may hove a richer, fuller, more abundant life, free from pain and disease. To promote the principles of honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness in ourselves and our associates, nec- essarily the basic requirements for custodians of public health; remembering always, that we are the guardians of life, and that as such, we must place the welfare of our patrons before our personal desires This then is our creed. . . . " Officers of the Beta Xi chapter of Kappa Psi, an honorary pharmacy fraternity, were; Charl H. Sanders, President; David D Claytor, Vice-Presi- dent; Robert Reeves Hawkins, Secretary; Robert Harrison, Treasurer; Joe Russell, Pledge Master; Robert Seaborn, Historian; W. Thomas Collier, Ser- geant-at-Arms; David W. Mossengill, Chaplain. Marion L. Jacobs is Faculty Advisor. 308 PHI DELTR CH Honorary Pharmacy Fraternity Alpha Gamma Chapter of University of North Carolina Dedicated to recognition of achievement in a profession worthy of a noble study and on honest practice, OFFICERS Lacy Earl Gilbert, Jr President John Fitzhugh Rhem . . . . ; Vice-President Herbert McKeithon, Jr Secretary George Daylon Morgan Treasurer ft ( 1 giMiM Jim Brookshire Hubert Coffee Raymond Creekmore Oliver Fleming Locy Gilbert Robert Hall Marion Hamer Reginald Harris Lorry Harris Leroy Lanier George Mathews Milton Moore George Morgan Malcolm Nicholson Herbert McKeithon Albert Rachide Bernie Sheffield Allen Sinclair Melvin Lee York 309 Pharmacy Senate Founded in 1940 by Dr. E. A. Brecht, the Pharmacy Senate has earned a reputation for leadership. The purpose of the Senate is to promote inter-clcss friendship and coopera- tion within the School of Pharmacy. This is accomplished by a free discussion of the various current, professional problems. The Senate has been effective in improving stu- dent-faculty relations, and in creating unity and understanding within the school. First Row: Emiiy Aliton Doris Bizzell Evelyn Blanchard Pot Burgiss Second Row: Dove Cloytor Hubert Coffee Josephine Finch Doris Gilliam Third Row: Mary Harris Reginold Harris Roy Lanier Jean Lyerly Fourth Row: Ellen Macon George Mathews Maryellen Miliaway Alvin Moore Fifth Row: George Morgan Nina Moseley Albert Rachide Robert Seaborn Sixth Row: Evelyn Shugar Lena Silver Allen Sinclair Jean Snyder Seventh Row: Evelyn Stutts Steve Uzzell 310 $lft 0tbn of tljp (Sratl ■3 CHARLES LESTER FULTON . Delegata GEORGt CRABTREE WHITNER . . Delegate RAYMOND LEWIS JEFFRIES, JR. . Exchequer JOHN PATRICK KELLY, III . . . Scribe « , SIR KNIGHTS WHt wupouQ n Lewis Clifton Hayworth Thomas Rushman Andrews Donald Lentz Henson Eduardo A. Bello Lawrence Lewis Hooper Kenneth Black, Jr. Robin Smith Kirby Walter Foil Brinkley George Burnet Lewis. Wayne Kenneth Brenengen Willie Jones Long James William Burdin Whitman Osgood Michael Lemuel Corr, Jr. Dotson George Palmer Ernest George Crone Allan Reid Pannill Walter Atkinson Damtoft Morris Wiley Pully John William Davis Robert Gray Stockton John Dewey Dorsett, Jr. Ralph Nichols Strayhorn Richard Sealy Elliott Charles Fogle Vance, Jr. Jack Samuel Fitch Bruce Van Wagner Frederick James Flagler, Jr. Calvin W. Warren James Fitzgerald Fowler Charles Frederick Warren Joseph Gassenh eimer Sydnor M. White Gideon Lamb Gilliam James David White Oscar Mason Whitney -=si BLANCHE JACOBI. Presklent MHiam , . . CARLISLE CASHION, Secretory ANN CUTIS. Vice-Presideflt Mf NANCY LAIRD, treasurer NONNIE MORRIS, Alumnoe Secretary Jeanne Dnscoli Sybil Goerch Tommie Holden Mrs. Peggy Jurgenson Ann Nick ,v ;6€rry Smith Elizabeth Anne Barnes Kit Coleman Janet Johnston Jerry Atkins Frances Golden ffldtrrff " ® MEMBERS 1946-47 337 William Archie Dees, Jr. 378 Willie Jones Long 379 Bert Lester Bennett 387 William Terrell Webster 389 John Frank Alspaugh 392 Elbert Sidney Peel 394 James Fredrick Newsome 397 Charles Frank Benbow 400 Jack Fitch 403 Charles Fogle Vance, Jr 404 William Thomas Crisp 407 Laurence Lewis Hooper 409 William Fennel McNeely 412 Winston Broadfoot 413 John Dewey Dorsett 416 Charles Lester Fulton 418 Lennox P. McLendon, Jr. 421 Robert James Paxton 422 Morris Wiley Pully 423 Robert Gray Stockton FACULTY Charles Phillips Russell Frank Porter Graham Edgar Ralph Rankin Robert Burton House Herman Glenn Baity Ernest Lloyd Mackie Albert McKinley Coates Joseph Burton Linker Corydon Perry Spruill Earle Horace Hartsell Joseph Moryon Saunders William Terry Couch Edward Alex Cameron Walter Smith Spearman, Jr. Hugh T. Lefler Harry K. Russell BETA GAMMA SIGMA ALPHA CHAPTER OF NORTH CAROLINA Established February 20, 1933 J. C. FITZGERALD J. E. DYKSTRA J.C. D.BLAINE T. H. JEWETT STUDENT MEMBERS Ralph Frederick Dupes Thomas Clark Fitzgerald, Jr. William Harry Fullenwider Marian Luceine Gaines John Needham Hackney Horace Arnold Haas Thomas Hardin Jewett, Jr. Robert Lee Hines Harold Sidney Lee, Jr. Henry Walter Lutterloh, Jr. John Stephan Nolan Herman Wieburn Perkins, Jr. William Horton Petree Flo Ann Roberts Ralph Fedder Sarlin William Roger Sales . President Honorary President Secretary Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS James Cyril Dickson Blaine, PhD. Dudley Dewitt Carroll, A.M. John Edward Dykstra, D.C.S. Joe Sunners Floyd, M.A. Clarence Heer, PhD. Richard Junius Mendenhall Hobbs,A.B.,L.LB. Clarence Henry McGregor, PhD. Erie Ewart Peacock, M.B.A., C.P.A. Gustave Theodor Schwenning, PhD. Robert Howard Sherrill, M.A., C.P.A. Harry DeMerle Wolf, PhD. John Brooks Woosley, PhD. Olorgflu ' s Mmh SlnJigp AUGUSTE BARTHOLDI PETERSON PRINCEPS RUFUST. CARR QUAESTOR GEORGE DANIELS STENHOUSE SCRIPTOR . mm .•k ■% ' . ,«:» ' :,: . ' - FACULTY MEMBERS Nicholson B. Adams Walter Reece Berryhill William Augustus Blount, Jr. John M. Booker James B. Bullitt R. D. W. Connor William Morton Dey Keener C. Frozer Louis Graves Edward McG. Hedgpeth Urban Tigner Holmes William deSerniere MacNider Dougald MocMillan Isaoc Hall Manning, Jr. Roland Prince McClomroch Roland Bryce Parker Rogers Dey Whichard Thomas Rush Andrews Leon Brandt Allen Virgil John Ashbough Elmer Collins Brown Rufus T. Carr Lovick Pierce Corn John Lindsay Hallett Herbert Harley Hix Emmett Gardner McKenzie Joseph Telec Miller Williams Murchison Auguste Bartholdi Peterson John Baker Saunders Charles Gerrish Sproule George Daniels Stenhouse Ralph Nichols Strayhorn Claude B. Strickland Vincent Eugene Strobel Edward Chew Sweeney Randolph Baynard Willingham Ralph Hines Thompson Algernon Augustus Zollicoffer NGSQBMV VV OYL JKY YAIXJAG EEKWYBVNX AMHRR JNAMVNX EAFGCA KFAGFPZ HB TYG YSALD QM UVNXJVIY RULERS 603 SYDNOR MONTGOMERY WHITE 604 GEORGE WILLIAM HENDERSON, JR. 599 CYRUS CLIFFORD FRAZIER, JR. . 609 JESSE HARPER ERWIN, III 633 ALEXANDER SHUFORD DAVIS SUBJECTS 174 Archibald Henderson 241 Joseph G. deR. Hamilton 255 Frank Porter Graham 315 Robert W. Wettach 319 William W. Pierson 331 Thomos Felix Hickerson 343 Dudley Dewitt Carroll 349 William Donald Carmichoel 369 William F. Prouty 373 Allen Wilson Hobbs 385 Robert Edwin Koker 405 Charles S. Mangum, Jr. 417 George Coffin Taylor 439 J. Penrose Harland 442 Robert Burton House 490 Fletcher Melvin Green 546 Harry Russell 589 Sterling Gory Gilliam 594 Elbert Sidney Peele, Jr. 597 Fobert Gray Stockton 600 Frank Betz Frazier 602 John William Davis 606 George Mason Rankin 608 Charles Frank Benbow 610 Phillip Reade Toylor 611 William Burwell Ellis, III 612 Gideon Lamb Gilliam f 13 Oscar Mason Whitney 614 Nelson Hendrix 615 William J. Stubbs 616 Richard Mous Johnson 619 Guy Hudson Andrews 620 John Tillory Gregory 622 Richord Thurmon Chatham, Jr. 623 Blair Cochran Gammon 624 Williom Benson McCutcheons 625 Adam Tredwell Thorpe 626 William Conn Seaman 627 Frank Edie Currian 628 Worren Myers Ficklen 629 Carol Finley Tomlinson 630 James Smith Hoyward 632 Carlton Lindsay, Jr. 634 Lyman A. Cotton 13 " CLUB mEmBERS 1946-47 IRWIN BELK President JAMES HUGH COX Vice-President WILLIAM GASSAWAY GAITHER, JR. Secretary-Treasurer HARROLD AMOS RAY AMOS THOMAS M. BELK KENNETH CLARK BLODGETT GEORGE BYRUM JOE BLYTHE MILTON CASH BOB CORNICK FEN ETA GAMMAGE MAURICE WILLIAM GRIFFIN WILLIAM CARRINGTON GUY CHARLES HAMILTON BOB HEDRICK PAULSPEER HUBER, JR. COURTNEY ALEXANDER HUNTLEY BOB JOHNSEN CHARLES JOHNSON WILLIAM THOMAS JOYNER, JR. THAD LEWALLEN CHARLES MASSEY RICHARD CAVANAUGH McELROY CALVIN CHALMER McLEAN, JR. BILL MOFFITT JOHN BIGELaW O ' NEAL JAMES GREENE PASCHAL FRANK BACHMON PILLING EDWARD KNOX POWE JAMES POWELL WILLIAM McKENZIE RAGLAND BILL RAKER ALVAIN RAUNAY SINGER ROBERT EVANS SONNTAG CLAUDE BARLOUR STRICKLAND, JR. LEON TODD TED WALL JOHN WEBB RICHARD CARLTON WRIGHT ORDER OF THr SHEIKS SYDNOR MONTGOMERY GEORGE N. HENDERSOI C. CLIFFORD FRAZI JOHN . K RrNES, III CHaSeS ALLEN BLAC A. BARNES BOYLE, JR. GEORGE ALLEN BUSH, RUFus ;| RR TH0 y4s L. P. CORN FRANK BENTON COOPER XlAM DA-ViS J;OBE LEE ETTINGER JAMES EMMET EVANS, JR. J FRANK BEITS FRAZIER jMCHARD DAVIS HARTLEY ' ' ODSON L. HAWK GEORGE YANCEY KERR f AUNCEY HOKE LEGGET, JR ARTHUR GILPERT MARSH, JR. PAUL mB)] |1 ,;,, _ CHARLES A. McLENDO ALGERNON AUGUSTUS ZOLLICOF ILTC WILLIAM E. BLANTON WINSHIP MILLS, CHARLES WILLIAM VVTRICK J. PATE ELBERT SYDNEY MARK COOPER POPE, ALLAN T. PREYER ; WILLIAM BRAXTON SCftELL JOHN DANIEL SHEARIN GEORGE KOONTZ SILLS ADRIAN SMITH .■ WILLIAM FRANCIS SPURlAjR. S BOBO TANNER, JR. | W.) ' ' ALFRED EDMUND TIS|i ALE DAN SCOTT WILLI AM§pN ' WTllWJ SjfTHOMAS WILLIAMSON eteS FISHER WARWICK ' ORDER OF THE minRTflURS OFFICERS WILLIAM F. HERR . . HOWARD Y. DUNAWAY JAMES McMULLEN . ACTIVE MEMBERS ROBERT STOCKTON PHIL TAYLOR TOM ANDREWS DON HARRISON WILEY LONG CHARLES REECE WOODSON BROUGHTON JOHN M. BLADES WILLIAM G. LONG- WALTER B, JONES PAUL N. MONTAGUE RALPH M. STOCKTON, J R, WALTER J. ALSTON, JR. WILEY A, SMITH, JR. HARRIEWARD, JR. JOHN COLLETT PINKNEY RANKIN PHILHINES M. W. H. M. W. V. . B. T. " if —hir " l«B«f Pmiiu, ind hl AFTEfNOON (• ) Mamorml HaJ NoViMbw 1}. IMA 3 1 9 CVub ' ; ► 1 ' i, ' " y J " ' ' ' : .•■■ ' » i- " University Dance Committee Ken Block, Hoke Bullard, Mike Carr, Warran Ficklen, James Fowler, Lem Gibbons, Raymond Jefferies, Marriotte Stewart, Robert Stockton, Leon Todd, George Whitner. The return of old members of pre-war days and the addi- tion of several capable younger members have helped to make this year a very successful one for the University Dance Committee. The function of this committee is to act OS hosts and maintain order at dances sponsored by various campus organizations. As a result of the com- mittee ' s efforts, this year numerous dances have been given which have proved more than satisfactory to faculty and students alike. After a successful fall quarter as President, Johnny Davis resigned and was succeeded by Taylor Thorne. Under the guidance of President Thorne and Secretary Leon Todd, and with the cooperation of Dr. E. L. Mackie, the committee is rapidly nearing its goal of " the perfect Carolina dance. " Dr. Ernest L. Mackie 322 Guy Hudson Andrews Vice-President 44 Earl Eugene Woodard Jesse Garrett Jernigan Secretary Treasurer German Club This year the German Club took on its pre-war spark os it brought to the campus dances similar to those of 1941. During the war it was impossible for the club to secure big name bands and have formal dances. The gala week-ends began in December with Fall Ger- mans, featuring Tex Beneke and the old Glenn Mille ' r Band. The next social highlight of the year brought a triple treat with Dean Hudson, Sunny Dunham, and the Modernaires playing for Mid-winters in February. The club ended a successful year with its June Finals, carry- ing out its aim to bring Carolina dances back to pre-war standards. Officers were: Carroll Tomlinson President Guy B. Andrews Vice-President Jess Jernigan Secretary Cecil Garrett Treasurer The Executive Board was composed of Barnes Boyle, Louis Nicond, Bill Tate, Ivey Sutton, Ben Cooper, Frank Frazer, Dick Johnson, Dick Wright, Earl Woodward, Bob Little, Vernon Godfrey, and Bob Edinger. Fraternities that are members of the German Club are Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Psi, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Delta Theta, Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Tau Omega, Zeta Psi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Nu, Kappa Sigma, Kappa Alpha, and Sigma Chi. Carroll F. Tomlinson President ,o kM k M Barnes Boyle Frank B. Cooper Robert L. Ettinger Franklin B. Frazer Vernon Godfrey Richard M. Johnson Robert E. Lee, Jr. William K. Tote Richard C. Wright 323 Guy Andrews Jesse Jernigan Richard Johnson WilMom Tote Carroll Tomlinson Richard Wright Finals Roy McKinley, ace hideman fa- mous for his Dixie beat, brought his eight-to-the-bar drumming and vocal classics to Carolina on June 5 to furnish the tempo for dancers at the German Club Fi- nals. The local appearance was the third for McKinley, but his first OS a leader, he was here in 1941 with Jimmie Dorsey and re- turned the following year with Will Bradley. Ray McKinley and his orchestra furnished music for the Finals. McKinley ' s band played a public con- cert in the afternoon, and a formal dance followed, in Woollen Gymnasium The dance was open to members of the German Club only. Sponsors for the Finals were Miss Betty Johnson with Carroll Tomlinson, President; Miss Nancy Barrett with Adam Thorpe, Vice-President; Miss Sandy Saunders with Guy Andrews, Secretary; Miss Grace Irby with Cecil Garrett, Treasurer; Miss Fran Bleight with Harry Botes; Miss Blanche Ulmer with Billy Wade Wood; Miss Mar- jorie Cole with Dick Johnson; Miss Joan B Miller with Erwin Jones; Miss Bunny Flowers with Tom Kerns; Miss Martha P. Hogg with Ivey Sutton; Miss Sally Reid with Barnes Boyle; Miss Beverly Hancock with Dick Wright; Miss Jean Killey wi ' th Louis Nicoud; Miss Barbara McClure with Earl Woodward; Miss Evelyn Smith with Jesse Jernigan. 324 Fall Germans December started off with the en- thusiasm of Fell Germans, Pre-war days and the thought of all of Glenn Miller ' s recordings were eagerly re- called when the German Club pre- sented Tex Beneke and his thirty- four piece Glenn Miller Band. This was the first post-war dance of the German Club — living up to the tra- dition of being strictly formal. Miss Mory Montgomery with Carroll Tomlinson, President Miss Mary Frances King with Guy Andrews, Vice-President. Miss Grace Irby with Cecil Garrett, Treasurer. Miss Claire Hudson with Louis Nicoud. Miss Gloria Yost with Frank Frazier. Miss Jane Robinson with Griswald Smith Mrs. June Deach Little with Robert Little. The German Club claimed this as their first big week- end. The eventful two days started Friday night with Tex Beneke ' s playing from twelve ' til one in Woollen Gym- nasium, The Executive Board and their dates formed the figure. Despite icy winds Saturday afternoon, Memorial Hall creaked under the weight of hundreds of spectators as they listened to Beneke, The favorite of the afternoon was " Chattanooga Choo-Choo " — especially popular since the advent of a Carolina choo-choo. Saturday night ' s dance ended this gala week-end when Beneke played Miller ' s theme, " Moonlight Serenade. " The Beneke quintet brings " A Gal in Calico " to life. Sponsors and their dates for the Annual Fall Germans were: Mary Montgomery with Carroll Tomlinson, German Club President; Mary Frances King with Guy B. Andrews, Vice-President; Evelyn Smith with Jesse Jernigan, Secretary; Grace Irby with Cecil Garrett, Treasurer; Dee Centner with Barnes Boyle; Jane Robinson with Griswald Smith; Claire Hudson with Louis Nicond; Evelyn Pettit with Bill Tate; Betty Mitchel with Ivey Sutton; Marguerite Murray with Ben Cooper; Gloria Yost with Frank Frazer; Helen Morrison with Bob Edinger; Marietta Thompson with Dick Wright; Barbara McClure with Earl Woodward; June Little with Bob Little; Bonnie Von Dyke with Vernon Godfrey. German Club prexles stepping out. mid UUinters The music of two top-notch bands echoed through Woollen Gym the week-end of February 21 to mark the German Club Mid-Winter dances The week-end featured the music of Dean Hudson on Friday and Sonny Dunham and the Mod- ernoires on Saturday. Both bands gave concerts on the afternoons preceding the dances. Sponsors and their dates who formed the figure were; Polly Rol- lins with Carrol Tomlinson, Presi- dent of the German Club; Mary Frances King with Guy Andrews, Vice-President, Barbara McClure with Earl Woodard, Secretary; Evelyn Smith with Jesse Jernigon, Treasurer; Barbara Folger with Ben Cooper; Gloria Van Dyke with Bob Lee; Dee Centner with Barnes Boyle; Irene Williams with Frank Frozier; Elizabeth Miller with Ivey Sutton; Frances Rousseau with Vernon Godfrey; Kay McDonald with Bill Tate; Helen Morrison with Bob Ettinger; Marian Castellow with Louis Nicond; Jane Robinson with Griswold Smith; Mrs. June Little with Bob Little; and Marianne Charles with Dick Wright. The Modernaires and Paula Kelly added rhythm to Mid Winters. I QP , Jh J iT -W- f Dee Centner Barbara Folger Helen Morrison Gloria Van Dyde Borbaro McClure with with with with with Barnes Boyle Ben Cooper Robert Ettenger Robert Lee Earl Woodard 326 Carroll Tomlinson. Vice-President Richard Chatham, Secretory-Treasurer Jesse Jernigon, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Earl Woodard, Donee Leader Frank Cooper, First Dance Leader Tog Montague, Second Dance Leader ' Guy Andrews, President ITIay Frolics The week-end of May 10, 1946, was the occasion for lost year ' s annuel May Frolics, a dance series featuring the music of Claude Thornhiil and his orchestra. The set included formal closed dances on Friday and Saturday nights, and on open con- cert on Saturday afternoon. Thornhill ' s band, made up of members of his pre-war band and his service band, featured both sweet and swing music for the first big May Frolics since the close of the war. The dance set was sponsored by the May Frolics Club and a figure was held at the Friday night dance presenting the officers and their dates. Sponsors for the dances were Kappy Goode with Guy An- drews, President, Beta Theto Pi; Polly Rollins with Corroll Tom- linson, Vice-President, Zeta Psi; Evelyn Smith with Jesse Jerni- gon, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, Sigma Nu; Dons Upchurch with Henry Burke, Donee Leader, Sigmc Chi; Grace Irby with Cecil Garrett, First Assistant Dance Leader, Kappa Sigma; and Gwen Hughes with Paul Montague, Second Assistant Dance Leader, Delta Kappa Epsilon . May Frolics figure at intermission. 327 mRY DRY mneieen L wrtu-6euen May 5 found beautiful Betty Greve reigning as queen of May Day festivities in the Forest Theater this year. The annual spring affair was sponsored by the Carolina In- dependent Coed Association and the Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil with the cooperation of other campus organizations, and the script was written by members of Chi Delta Phi. Folk dances and the traditional May Pole dances were presented by members of the Dance Club. The queen, her maid of honor, Ann Cutts, and twelve attendants were chosen from the senior women by vote of the coeds. The identities of the queen, and the mem- bers of her court were a secret until the crowning on May Day. The attendants were: Margaret Jean Taylor, Blanche Jacobi, Jean White, Gladney Holder, ' Barbara Lynn, Hal- lie Dockery, Gloria Gautier, Carolyn Disbro, Mac Cush- man, Betty Kendrick, Sandy Saunders, and Ann Cobb, Barbara Lynn, Gladney Holder. Not Pictured: Jeon White, Mac Cushmar, and Betty Kendrick. Wiss ttu Cn May Queen of 1947 Morgaret Jean Taylor, Nancy Saun- ders, Blache Jacobi, Gloria Gautier. I Ann Cobb, Hallie Dockery, Carolyn Disbro. (youce l etetdon SPONSORED BY PHI QkhAhAk DELTA ?7 I y . | ■ t, I UL 194 Judges William E Prince, James Street and Betty Warren Jones concentrate on Carolina ' s court of beauty. Highlighting the Wake Forest week-end Nov ember 18 the annual Yackety Yack Beauty Ball introduced to the campus the eighteen beautiful coeds chosen to appear in the Beauty sect on of the year- book. The beauties were selected from som.e s:xty entries sponsored by fraternities, sororities, dormitories and other organizations, and were chosen by a group of judges, William Prince, James Street, and Mrs. B. W. Jones. George Paxton furnished the music for the week-end, which in- cluded two dances and a Friday afternoon concert. Saturday even- 332 Yackety Yack Beauty Ba ing, clad in white and carrying bouquets of red roses, the seventeen coeds were in- troduced and Joyce Peterson was crowned queen by James Street. The queen and her court reigned over the remainder of the dance. Peter Gems was chairman of the dance committee which included Gloria Deal, An- nie Ben Bea le, Cattie Holt, Pat Lane, Kitty Miller, Sid McAden, and Eleanor Singletary. The committee ' s efforts made the Beauty Ball possible. We danced to the music of George Paxlon and his orchestra. 333 MAID OF HONOR iSarbar ' a ad-unn SPONSORED BY DELTA DELTA DELTA R Constellation 334 of Beauty ean { ( ftite SPONSORED BY ALPHA DELTA PI One Touch of , C steiL vJ o SPONSORED BY OLD EAST DORMITORY K athenne =Lee .J olt SPONSORED BY KAPPA SIGMA SPONSORED BY PHI DELTA THETA 337 KJ I ad lie 11 Moidi SPONSORED BY DELTA DELTA DELTA Stars of L aroline .JJiibr SPONSORED BY ALPHA DELTA PI 338 Twilight Fair SPONSORED BY SPENCER DORMITORY 339 Rone UUith R magic (Liizabetk L o SPONSORED BY INDEPENDENT COEDS ' ASSOCIATION Like Thee r lancu — aundi ret jean -Jaulo, araarel ean -JaiAlor SPONSORED BY WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA CLUB Winkle Andrews Hilda Renegar Fisher Settle Washburn Jean Stoutenburg .... " »N. . ! Susan lllingworth Elizabeth Barnes FafI Halsey Nancy Adams Virginia Johnstone Posey Emerson ma - ' . sLt iHt0 ? -; , SPORTS at lA ere HK nLLLb on and — With the finest athletic plant in the Southland, the focus of sports attention turned to Chapel Hill where a program of varsity and intramural games provided participa- tion, entertainment, and sportsmanship throughout the entire year. It was a year that brought restoration to King Carl Snavely and his valiant Tar Heels, who copped conference honors and then traveled south to the Sugar Bowl for one of the greatest gridiron battles ever played, and the eyes of the nation watched the pigskin prowess of the Blue and White, 346 CRROLinR It (ever out of iiqnt - — nei er out ot mind t; 6mrts at Carolina enjoyed new strength with the return of Tar Heel lettermen from the armed services and in Sikdepartments there was renewed interest and competition in winning the ever im- iportoiit Carolina Victory. " eader in the Southern Conference, the Tar Heels boasted topflight teams in swimming, ten- nis, track, wrestling, and basketball, and although the performance merited respect for the Univer- sity, ths students at Carolina awaited with eager expectation the athletic teams to be produced at Chanel Hill in the forthcoming seasons. 347 THE UniVERSITY I Bving Q repffesefllraHon from all the organizations on the campus, the. University Club returned to normalcy this year after si; ferir a letdown during the war years. The Uiiuersity Club, under the leadership of Mike Morrow, has been one of the most active groups on the CLUB campus, and the fostering of school spirit is one of the club ' s main objectives. In charge of all pep rallies, the University Club did a commendable job in moulding the ole " Carolina Spirit. " President Mike Morrow Seated: Henry Reynolds, Jr., Betty Simmons, Bobby Bach, Bob Goldwater, Mike Morrow, Bettie Cheatham, Joyce Caraway, Ivey Sutton, Kathryn Lone, Mary Murphy, Dove Robinson, Wayne Johnson. Standing: Roy E. Forehand, James C. McDuftie, Bert Myers, Jim Burney, Dave Finch, Jim McNider, Johnny Richardson, Ike Belk, " Tag " Montague, Meredith S. Buel, Herman Baker, Joe BIythe, Jr. r 1 monoGRRin club With the return of many varsity athletes from the wars , the membership of the Monogram Club began to swell and club officers looked forward to one of the most successful years in the history of the organization Organized for the purpose of fostering friendship among all the winners of Carolina monograms, the group wjBs active in the sponsoring of a series of social functions throughout the ear The club, celebrated the victory with a dance after the Maryland game, and later in the fall, the homecoming victory over the Florida ' Gators was the occasion for a buffet supper ' for members and their dates at the Monogram clubhouse Movies of the arsity football gomes and various dances were scheduled during the winter quarter, and picnics proved entertaining in the spring. In addition the Monogram Club mokes the award of a trophy to the athletic coach voted to hove served most outstandingly with his Team for the year MIKE MORROW President 350 Officers for the fall quarter were: Mike Morrow, President; Jim Camp, Vice- President; Charlie Tietjen, Secretary and Treasurer; Dick Seaner, Representative to the Athletic Council. Taking over the leadership in January were the following officers: Jim Camp, President, Len Szafryn, Vice-President; Charlie Teitjen, Secretary and Treasurer; and Jimmy Miller, Representative to the Athletic Council. The 1946-47 Monogram Club 351 Jim Camp, the speedster on the Tor Heel wing. FOOTBRLL From a team that was to result as only an improvement over the year before, the 1946 Knights of the Kenan Turf lumped even their coach ' s expectations, and game after game they rose as the gridiron power to watch in the con- ference, in the Southeast, and finally, in the national spotlight. Under the winning wizardry of Carl Snavely and his coaching staff, a team composed of a few flashy backs and several veteran linemen got to their feet after the opening tie with Virginia Tech and expended their wrath with progressive fury upon their conference foes. With their ups and downs, they nevertheless improved steadily and completed their season as Southern Conference Champions. •7 Charlie Justice, tailback extroordi- nary ond conference high scorer. 352 V llneteen odii- ix When the bowl talk began to pass the lips of the sports-minded, the past achievements of the Tar Heel eleven made them eligible for one of the best games on New Year ' s Day, and accordingly, Carolina was invited to the Sugar Bowl at New Orleans. How the Tar Heels outfought and overpowered the Georgia Bulldogs in the first half, and how they came back to lead temporarily is a story carved in the mem- ories of Carolina supporters who saw or heard that valiant battle of the football giants Victory did not go to the Tar Heels that day, but it could be seen by all that the Carolina star was in its ascendency and that it wouM shine in great brilliance for many years to come. Coach Carl Snavely gets the word on Koy Kyser ' s own Atomic Bomb ploy. Carolina ' s own Southern Conference champions, who suffered but one defeot in the regular season, are shown in o pre-game portrait. S£ 20. 60 48 40 67 56 44 i 83 S9 75 r V .l ■ ... ' 1 ' i 353 Camp slices off tackle for gain against the Gobblers. Carolina mainstays: Strayhorn, Pupa ond Fitch. Stubborn Virginia T ech Ties Tar Heels Coach Car! Snovely unleashed his 1946 Tor Heels against the Virginia Tech Gobblers in a rush of power that netted fourteen points by halftime, but slipped in giving the visitors a 14-14 stalemate by reason of a pair of blocked Carolina kicks, -as spectators slowly came to the realiza- tion that lightning could strike twice on the same grid- iron. Carolina Hurricane Devastates ITIiami In the smoothest exhibition of gridironics staged by the Tar Heels in many a season, the Snavely machine clicked with precision and registered an impressive 21 -0 win over the favored Miami Orange Bov ' l champions. A 66-yard touchdown run by Justice on the third play of the game gave Carolina a lead that was never relinquished as the power-laden Tar Heel backfield added two more markers before a capacity Miami attendance. A runback by Billy Britt for fifty yards and a would-be touchdown was called back due to a holding penalty. Co-CaptaIn Chan Highsmith, the rugged reinforcement of the forward wall. The high command overlooks its football material with apparent approval. From left to right, Russ Murphy, Crowell Little, Jim Gill, Max Reed and Head Coach Snavely compose the Carolina coaching staff. Toujours Tarzon and Rameses. Snavely ITIachine Outswims nriaryland Undaunted by a torrential downpour, the Tar Heels proved their supremity in the ground gaining department by trouncing the game but outclassed Maryland charges of Clark Shaughnessey in a muddy 33-0 struggle marked by soggy turf and the rain-drenched spirits of the damp- ened spectators. After raising a commanding lead Coach Snavely sub- stituted at will and the entire squad got the opportunity to clash with ttne boys from Maryland. The players took delight in muddying their white uniforms in the soggy dirt of Kenan Stadium. Happiest of ail were the Chapel Hill dry cleaners who enjoyed a rush business after the game. Don Hartig, signal-calling quarterback. Grow finds the going tough in the Maryland secondary. 356 Tar Heels Blast Strong flavy Rttack Long awaited revenge came to the followers of the Blue and White who troveled to Baltimore to witness the Tor Heels beat the Nova! Academy for the first time in history, but the laurels of victory were won only after the Carolina eleven had turned back the Middies ' aggressive play to win in the lost quarter with a 21 -1 4 score. In one of the toughest battles of the season, Rodgers is met by part of the scrappy Navy forward wall. End Joe Romano, A Demon on Defense. Blocking Back Joe Wright The Toy Bulldog, Guard Sid Vorney. 357 Blue and UUhite Outclasses Florida The little man that was not there — Carolina ' s vaunted Charlie Justice — proved to be the mystery on the Kenan turf which Coach Ray Wolf and his Florida ' Gators could not solve. The Asheville speedster dashed for 75 and 90 yard touchdown runs in a game which saw the Carolina machine roll over the Florida passing attack in registering a 40-19 homecoming victory. Bob Cox kicking on extro morker with Justice holding. Over the top of the Florida line goes Hoseo Rodgers in on attempt to cross the Gator goal. Johnny Clements, fastest of the Tor Heel backs. 358 »J t i D?f Tennessee Rallies To Top Tar Heels With outstretched arms, a Tennessee end awaits the pass that gave his team an extra six paints, as Jim Camp rushes the receiver in vain. The tough Volunteers of Tennessee pulled a surprise touchdown out of their bog of tricks to overcome a Caro- lina lead and win a bruising battle at Knoxville, 20-14. Disappointed at not winning, the Tar Heels nevertheless returned to Chapel Hill with the satisfaction that the Vols had to put forth all they could muster, and then some, to top the up and coming Blue and White. End John Tondy dreams of catch- ing another touchdown pass against Duke. Starting to cut back across the field, scotbock Charlie Justice sizes up the Indian ahead. UnC Scalps UUilliam fTlary Indians The war dance of the William and Mary Indians was brought to a screech- ing halt when the pale jersied Tar Heels pulled two surprise touchdowns in the second quarter to enable the Carolina team to emerge victorious and to drop the Indians from top position in the conference standings, 21 -7. Mike Rubish, veteran flankman. Max Spellman checks on punting records. Ted Hozelwood, a stalwart tackle. ULIake Forest Falls Before Tar Heels Thrills came dime a dozen in Kenan Stadium when the charges of Coach Carl Snavely unleashed their secret passing blitzkreig that checked the dangerous Demon Deacons of Wake Forest, 26-14. Not decided until the final minutes, the game featured kicking duels, long touchdown passes, and fast charges by scatbacks of both teams, oil of which kept the fans standing for fear that they would miss a single ploy of one of the most exciting gomes ever to be played on Kenan turf. Steigman at center Emmett Cheek. ♦ tfc ■ ' " m - A Wake Forest ball carrier barely makes scrimmage as Tar Heels close In. Duke Sent UUhere Hard-driving Hosea Rodgers, Carolina fullback flash. Coming from behind o seven point disadvantage, the sometimes up, sometimes down Blue and White of Caro- lina rose to new heights by outcharging and outplaying the Blue Devils of Duke, 22-7, in a game that exhibited intense rivalry, but poor football, by both teams. Slightly favored, the Tar Heels proved their superiority by com- pletely overpowering the Devils in the Southland ' s great- est rivalry. Poor devils! Hell hath no fury like the Tar Heels of 1946. The victorious Grey Fox meets the Old Master for a brief post-game Szofryn starts out for a Devil. 362 Good Devils Go Forty-four thousand fans watched the Carolina eleven pull into a 7-7 tie in the second quarter on Justice ' s pass to Tandy. After several attempts were halted deep in Devil territory. Jack Fitch carried the ball over on his double reverse specialty, and later on offtackle dash by Justice accounted for the third score. An automatic safety against Duke gave a final score of 22-7. Poor George Clork found oil of his fellow Devils in the dirt as he tried in vain to penetrate the defense of the Snavely machine. Highsmith is poised for the smear. The Devils were not quite good enough for Charlie Justice that day. Scrappy Billy Myers takes L 1 m ,. ■ . The Caroli out r " " scam ina Choo-Ch( on a 54 I lie .UIUIIIIU %.IIUU-N_.IIUU 9IU out on a 54-yord touchdo scamper with the aid of - block by Pupa, left foreground Justice and Pupa Crush Cavaliers Finding the going tougln at some points, Doctor Snavely pre- scribed ample doses of his Justice-Pupa compound to com- pletely overpower the tricky offensive T of the Virginia Cava- liers who tried valiantly to stop the shifty speedster and the bruising fullback. The final score stood at 49-14. Huge and husky Ernie Williamson. The boys who kept the team going — the student monagers, on important cog In the Snavely machine. 364 Chunk Simmons, sparkplug of the Joyvee bockfield. Jayvee Team Junior varsity football took the place of fr eshman boll at Carolina again in 1946, end the Tar Babies played a five game schedule which saw Carolina win two, drop one, and tie two. Opening with an impressive 38-13 victory over the Navy " B " team, the Jayvees repeated with a rousing 33-0 triumph over the Newport News Naval Apprentice School before being held to a 6-6 tie by the Virginia Jayvees. After an exciting battle, Duke handed the Carolina lads their lone defeat, 21-13, and the High Point " B " team battled the Tar Babies to a grueling 20-20 deadlock in the season finale. Purcell plunges over for the touchdown against the Jcyvees of Virginia. I nif ' Mfit Justice picks up yardage as Wright and Varney dash forward to block the charg- ing Bulldogs. Georgia Overcomes URC Lead To Take Sugar Bowl Game As fog swept in from the Gulf, 73,000 spectators watched the vaunted Georgia Bulldogs confront the football wizardry of the Tar Heels in the Sugar Bowl stadium at New Orleans on New Year ' s Day. After a hard battle in close to freezing weother, the Georgians claimed o victory by a 20-10 count over a fighting Carolina eleven that had thrown everything but Romeses himself in the gridiron scrap. After having outplayed the forces of Wally Butts in the first half, the Tar Heels sow the Bulldogs tie the score at 7-7 until a field goal by Cox sent the Blue and White bock into the lead. Tar Heel hopes melted when Trippi passed to Edwards for one touchdown and a long drive for the third Georgio touchdown put the game on ice, Georgia ice, that is. The Battle of the Charlies — Caro- lino ' s Justice and Georgia ' s Trippi — had not commenced when this picture was taken. Coaches Snavely and Butts, both looking as uncon- cerned as the soft-drink sellers, watch the proceedings without comment. Pupa dives through the middle. Finding o hole in the Georgia line, Camp starts out on the second march to Atlanta with effective blocking clearing the path. In the Carolina-Georgia gome of 1895, football history was made when the Tar Heels initiated the first forward pass in gridiron competition. In the 1947 Sugar Bowl classic the Georgia Bulldogs broke football precedents by throwing the first forward lateral pass. Coach Snavely, in a post-gome statement, exclaimed that he had won and lost mony games, but that this was the first time that he had lost a gome he thought he hod won. The thousands of students who saw the movies of the game later in Chapel Hill agreed with their coach that it was hard to realize the Tar Heels hod lost. Lenoir Dining Hall was never like this. Tandy starts forth to tockle the Trippi legend The Blue Dolphins ot 1947. Buddy Crone Swimming Returning to his old post as swimming mentor, Coach Dick Jamerson maintained his reputation as the producer of championship Blue Dolphin aggregations with the 1947 splashers, outstanding in the conference regardless of difficulties in securing topflight swimmers. Carolina ' s Blue Dolphins, boasting one of the strongest tank teams in the country for the past five years, watched their pride fall when Georgia Tech snapped the Tar Heel Coach Jamerson talks it over with Captain Ficklen. Behind the splashes are breaststrokesmen Cooke and Breeden. string of twenty-seven consecutive honne victories in a close dual engagement. In addition to insufficient ma- terial on hand, several of the Blue Dolphins were declared ineligible due to scholastic difficulties, thus plaguing the Blue and White splashers at their weakest point. Standout for the Blue Dolphins of Coach Jamerson included Captain Warren Ficklen, Jesse Greenbaum, Jenkins, Pete Hexner, Sam McCauley, Bob Hutton, Dan Breeden, Jerry Cook, Garnett McCoy, Dewey Baultman, Buddy Crone, and Norm Sper. Of this group many will return to bolster next year ' s team. Coach Tom Scott and Bob Paxton. Overcoming a slow start, the 1947 White Phantoms under the coaching of Tom Scott pulled themselves from an early slump and climbed aboard a winning streak, which, to the amazement of the fans, carried Carolina to vic- tory as one of the leaders in the Southern Conference. Finishing the regular season with a conference record of ten wins to two losses, the White Phantoms laid claim to the mythical Big Five crown since the Tar Heels led Basketba Corolino ' s White Phantoms of 1947. 370 in the win-lose column after having soundly trounced the Duke Blue Devils in both gomes. Paced by the floor ploy of stalwart forwards Bob Paxton and Jim Hamilton and guard Jim White, the Carolina quintet boasted top- flight hardwood artists in John " Hook " Dillon, Sherman " Nemo " Nearman, Norm Kohler, Jim Hayworth, Taylor Thorne, and Dick Hartley. Hamilton fights for the ball with Davidson players. There was never a dull moment in Woollen gymna- sium. A fighting five that had to struggle for every vic- tory it earned, the White Phantoms thrilled spectators at every gome with spectacular floor play and exciting scoring drives to capture winning honors from teams that invaded the home territory of the Tar Heels. For Coach Tom Scott in his first year at the Hill the season ' s results proved to be a sound recommendation for Bob Paxton Jim White Jim Hayworth 371 the canny Kansan who pieced together the remnants of a once mighty team, added new material, and mixed thor- oughly until another conference leader was ready for the basketball public. Such a team he produced after many tries at a winning combination, and sports editors throughout the state found themselves eating the words they had used in underestimating the fight- ing Phantoms of 1947. The Hook gets an injured onkle toped by Troiner White. Sherman Nearman ollet Basketball 372 Soccer The 1946 season found the Tar Heels once again with a soccer team, developed this year under the tutoring of Coach Marvin Allen. The record for the season, showing a single win against five setbacks, did not show the potential strength of the Carolina hooters. At the beginning of the season the Blue and White defeated Virginia, but later dropped three games to Duke and one to the Cavaliers. Coach Marvin Allen Charlie Johnstan Track Tar Heel Trocksters of 1947. With the return of many lettermen from the wars, Coach Dale Ransom moulded together one of the most power- ful track teams that Carolina has possessed in a number of years. MacKenzie ond Coach Ransom. Outstanding runners with respected reputations were a potent addition to a team that boasted prowess in the field events. Like the customary Ransom products, it was a team that was a leader in Southern Conference com- petition. Led by Captain Jimmy Miller the 1946 Cross Country team went through a brilliant season by winning seven meets and placing fourth in the NC4A event, Superior performances throughout the season by Jack Milne, Al Smith, Julian MacKenzie, Sam Magill, Mark Burham, and Walt Francis made it possible for the Tar Heels to record three perfect scores. In the Southern Conference meet Carolina again walked away with the laurels of victory to put the end to a successful season. Cross Country Conference Champions. Conwoy Rose Bill Spiegel Carolina ' s varsity boxers of 1947. Cooch Mike Ronmon gives the Inside dope to slugger Spiegel. Boxing One of the hardest hit of all the varsity athletic teems at Carolina this year was the boxing team which found Its members dropping out every day for various reasons. Several of the starting fighters were declared ineligible and a number stayed on the injured list, but Coach Mike Ronman made the best of green material and turned up with a good showing. Charlie Norton Coach Quinlan with Co-Captains Tom Hearn and Dicic Seaver. UUrestling At the opening of the season, Coach Chuck Quinlan walked into the wrestling room, put his hands on his hips, end looked around at the prospective wrestlers. What he saw that day was to become one of the best wrestling aggregations to represent Carolina in a number of years. Duke, N. C. State, Davidson, V. M. I,, and Virginia fell before the invincible quartet of Tom Urghart, Co-Captains Tommy Hearn and Dick Seaver, and Oscar Gupton, leading point-makers for the Tar Heels. Laurie Hooper Quinlon ' s Grunters and Groaners of 1947. r ■f9 I ' " % 0 r j„ _ 9 ■ i ' - Baseba Coach Bunn Heorn Gregory Coach Bunn Hearn ' s annual remark, " Well, boys, we ' ll lose a few, we ' ll win a few and a few will be rained out " came true in the losing department more then anywhere else. Maybe it was because the rain did not step in to take its share of ball games No matter what the reason, the 1 946 Carolina baseballers could not muster the acuity to brush off Big Four competition after the season got underway. The Tor Heel Nine of 1946, including mascot. Early in the Southern loop race the T ar Heels enjoyed top billing with four wins and one loss, sharing the .800 percentage spot with N, C, State, the club which won the Big Four title handily. Davidson, Maryland, and Virginia Tech fell before the Tar Heels, but Wake Forest, Duke and State outslugged Carolina in the long run and left them on the bottom rung of Big Four competition. - „RTH The coaching staff — a study in expression. Vorney Ryan 379 ■att JW Sk . ' x. ' " ■ ' tii ' i Cheek and Cleetwood Baseba With only two of the twenty-eight man squad com- ing from outside the Old North State, for one time the Tar Heels could honestly be applied to a Carolina sports aggregation Lettermen were named as follows: Harry Reason, Tom Clayton, Charles Cole, Harry Coleman, Johnny Colones, Vinny Di Lorenzo, Manager Ben Frazier, Ronald Frazier, John Gregory, Ernie Hackney, Jim Hay- worth, John Hearn, John McElrath, Fred Ryan, George Thompson, Jim Webb, and Francis Whiteheart. A get-together with Whitehort, Beoson, Hearn, McElrath, Frazier and Webster, Nicholson and Jordan Captain Maass Tennis The 1946 Carolina tennis team regained some of its pre-war prestige by winning 15 of 16 court matches and increasing the amazing record of Coach Kenfield. Led by Captain Harold Maass, the team featured topflight netmen in Ed Dameron, Jim Nicholson, and Stan Gruner. Blue and White Varsity Tennis Team. K 4 f f - Coach Kenfield ' :; Golf rK»i5S iV T-. Members of the 1947 Carolina Golt Teon i. -- Talking golfing competition are Dan Nymicz, Bob Cox, Billy Wood, and Junie Bailey. Carolina returned to competitive golf with the 1946 team of club swingers tu- tored by Coach Chuck Erickson. Boast- ing ample golfing talent, the Tar Heels recorded ten victories to four defeats for the season to place them as one of the leaders in the South since there was no official conference standing. The fairway foursome of Carolina claimed victories over Virginia, Wayne University, Wake Forest, N. C. State, end Davidson, while losses came in meets with Virginia, Duke, and Georgia. Team members included Graydon Liles, Ed Ashby, Ed Bailey, Dan Nymicz, Jim Keiger, Bob Cox, Pete Pate, Billy Wood, and Paul Nold. X ' ■ ' J S ' h : x Coach Erickson gives a few pointers to Dick Doeschler. Long driving Harvey Word. 382 Lewis Dormitory Team, Intromurol Champs. Phi Gam Volley Ball Championship Team. ntramurals Offering one of the most far-reaching programs in recent years, the Intramural department under its director, Walter Robb, has succeeded in giving each student a chance to participate in any phase of athletics. Pro- grams offer Softball, football, swimming, basketball, ten- nis, boxing, wrestling, and ping pong. ■I ■ l " fm I t ' Wtti The Intramural Directorate. UUomen ' s Rthletic Rssociation A set shot artist prepares to sink a two-pointer. Although this year Senior girls did not have to partici- pate in physical educational dosses, the interest in athletics for women has again been ably aroused and directed by the Women ' s Athletic Association. The work of the WAA is directed by a council made up of sorority and dormitory athletic managers, and ad- vised by Miss Frances Burns Highlights of the year were a college basketball play-day in February and a high school play-day in March. Tournaments in all the various sports were regular features of the WAA ' s program. A new point system was also adopted, and the constitution •was revised with view of making a more efficient organi- zotion, and improving conditions of women ' s athletics at . . . but don ' t go near the water. Mrs. J. G. Beard Carolina An all ' round trophy was presented for the first time to the group totaling the highest number of points all year. OFFICERS Jeanne Driscoll President Judy Swain Vice-President ill Lloyd Secretary Kit Coleman Treasurer Elva Warner Publicity Director Members of the Women ' s Athletic Association. The Quality The quality of athletics is not strained, it comes from the wrestling room, the tennis court, and the football grid- iron. Its sportsmanship and its competitive spirit are ex- emplified in any of the sports activities to be found within the vast area of Woollen gymnasium or the surrounding playing fields. The men and women of Carolina possess the opportunity to participate in a program that is as varied as it is thorough, and from such activity they may gain a better insight as to the ideals of fair play. ' ■fy f of Athletics In a time which has seen athletics change from a military necessity to an entertaining recreotion, the wizards of Woollen hove kept in step with the demands of the nation and its people. Under the guidance of Ath- letic Director Robert A. Fetzer and Professor Oliver K. Cornwell the Carolina program has trained physically and mentally improved the thousands of students who hove trod the steps to Woollen. Through the endeavors of the faculty and the students Carolina is a leader in Southern athletics. ndex Alpha Epsilon Delta 306 Alumni Association 33 Aquinas Club 227 Athletics 344 Baptist Student Union 225 Band 220 Beauty Section 330 Beta Gamma Sigma 314 Board of Trustees 32 Candlelight Paraders 231 Carolina Independent Coed Association 206 Carolina Magazine 200 Carolina Political Union 215 Carteret County Club 229 Chi Delta Phi 301 Coed Senate 1 84 Council for Religion in Life 228 Daily Tar Heel 198 Dance Committee 322 Deans 28 Dialectic Senate 21 Faculty Favorites 34 Fraternities 248 Freshman Class 1 32 Graham Memorial 1 90 Grail 311 German Club 323 Gimghoul 315 Golden Fleece 313 Gorgon ' s Head 316 House Privileges Board 1 88 Hillel Foundation 226 Interfraternity Council 251 International Relations Club 21 4 Introduction 1 -25 Junior Class 94 Kappa Epsilon 302 Kappa Psi 308 Law School 1 56 Legislature 1 82 May Day 328 Medical School 1 62 Men ' s Council 1 80 Men ' s Glee Club 21 6 Men ' s Interdormitory Council 186 Minataurs 319 Monogram Club 350 Order of the Sheiks 318 Pan-Hellenic Council 236 Pharmacy School 1 46 Pharmacy Senate 310 Phi Assembly 212 Phi Beta Kappa 298 Phi Delta Chi 309 Phi Delta Phi 303 Phi Mu Alpha 305 Piaymakers 219 President Graham 26 Public Health 159 Publications Union 1 94 RhoChi 302 Senior Class 36 Sigma Alpha Iota 304 Sophomore Class 118 rorities 232 Sound and Fury 218 Student Audit Board ' 1 89 Student Government 1 78 Student Party 230 Theta Psi Epsilon 300 Thirteen Club 317 Town Girls Association 204 University Club ' . 348 University Veterans ' Association 205 Valkyries 312 Wesley Foundation 224 Western North Carolina Club 222 Women ' s Athletics 384 Women ' s Council 181 Women ' s Glee Club 21 7 Women ' s Interdormitory Council 187 Yackety Yack 196 Yackety Yack Beauty Ball 332 Y. 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Franklin St. Chapel Hill, N. C FOWLER ' S FOOD STORE All Kinds of Fresh Meats, Groceries and Country Produce Fish and Oysters in Season Phone 9831 Phone 661 Durham Phone R-723 Compliments of McLEAN TRUCKING COMPANY WINSTON - SALEM • NORTH CAROLINA 396 THE KIIVG COTTON L reensboro ' s ineit --Motel HAYWOOD DUKE MANAGER 397 KH K Sr • Phone 353i mRKE YOUR SHOPPIHG HEHDQUHRTERS awlma j w nai macu YOUR IZxJl STORE CHAPEL HILL 398 Compliments of FOREST HILLS FARM, INC. and THE DOWNTOWN GARAGE Winston-Solem FOISTER ' S Camera Store Photographic Supplies x. Congratulations . . . to another graduating class CAROLINA BARBER SHOP " Since 1903 " SERVICE INSURANCE REALTY COMPANY Collier Cobb, Jr., Pres. General Insurance Real Estate Rental Management Telephone 5721 Compliments of CARRBORO WOOLEN MILLS CARRBORO, N. C. CASTON MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Sales and Service DODGE — PLYMOUTH Dodge Trucks 419 W. Franklin St. Phone F-3491 399 One " su e€test " manin0mpelQ iU- An Artist . . . A Philosopher . . . A Gastronomic Genius . . . Candy Coffee Shop BIG STAR — LITTLE STAR Join the thousands of thrifty shoppers who daily save at these modern food stores. Stores conveniently lo- cated throughout North Corolina! BIG STAR vQwMARKETS. 4 UmfSMRST0Rts Colonial Stores CompI ments of SOUTHERN DAIRIES, INC. Durha m, N. C. Serving the University Community Since 1899 The BANK OF CHAPEL HILL -Member F. D. 1. C. - Clyde Eubanks President Collier Cobb, Jr Vice-President W. E. Thompson Executive Vice-President J Temple Gobbel Cashier 400 HOTEL X c . .J inlna and „JJan,cina in our Balinese Room featuring Nationally known bands • FRANK L. SWADLEY General Manager ee UUelcomes U. fl. C. Students AT ALL TIMES WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA The Carolina Inn i Hosts for the University on all occasions operating a Dining Room and The 401 Dealers in Florsheim and Crosby Square Shoes, Arrow and Wing Shirts --£. wman. 6 UNIVERSITY SERVICE STATION TEXACO " In the Heart of Town " Mptttuiortl) anli loan Jewelers Gifts of Distinction Purity Diamonds Wallace Silver Elgin Watches Deltah Pearls Ronson Lighters Parker Pens Remington Razors 167 E. Franklin St. Chapel Hil Flowers for Every Occasion RENDER ' S Chapel Hill Flower Shop Opposite Post Office Corner Compliments of DILLON SUPPLY COMPANY Mill — Industrial and Contractors Supplies Plumbing — Heating Equipment Raleigh — • Durham — ■ Rocky Mount Goldsboro 402 o l jouir iyeamooh . . . Your photographer must have a skilled organiza- tion which will maintain highest standards of quality and render intelligent service with friend- ly cooperation. op 25 Ujeari . . . The Yacketv Yack has turned to us for photography. We invite your inquiries and hope that we may serve you. uuooTTEn-mouLTon PnOTOGRAPHERS STUDIOS AT CHAPEL HILL • NEW BERN 403 THE 1947 YACKETY YACK IS BOUND IN A KINGSKRAFT COVER DESIGNED AND PRODUCED BY THE KING SPORT PRESS, INC., KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE THE UJORLDS LHRGEU COVER ID R R U F H C T U R E R Bei J CLsi of ' 4 7 For Quality Food Served The Way You Like It . . . For Beer That ' s Mellow ITS HARRY ' S Compliments of BILL McCUNE AND ORCHESTRA STROWD MOTOR COMPANY Your Ford Dealer Since 1914 D W.Franklin St. Chapel Hill, N. C, Compliments of HAZZARD MOTOR COMPANY General Motors Dealer Sales end Service 501 W. Franklin St. Chapel Hill, N. C. 404 Compliments of CAROLINA SUPER MARKET " Good Things To Eat " Chapel Hill, N. C THE ORANGE PRINT SHOP A Complete Pr nting Service Publications Union Board Printers for 20 Years Phone 3781 Box 271 Chapel Hill North Carolina Ulmuer6itu J ' lonst f Pick Theater 405 ..- c 1 SCHOOL PUBLICflTIOnS PRiniERS OF YOUR YEARBOOK 408 " - -fc " 4 ' , y ' ' ■ w ■ " " k • ateS -i- I - = - • 1 ' 1 ' ■ HiKlH

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