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CDe Hibrati? of tj»e mitomtv of Jl3ort!) Carolina Collection of jBottfi. Catoliniana HW book toas prejsntteo C3T8 V5 c.3 n Br- ' winy 3tt3M RSITYOFNC AT CHAPEL 00016885104 V ' : jfi F few, ... -» ' ■ JkSm WtM r i v ' 5? " 1. SntMBSHx ■•■ikfMWfMF m W- ' f mm BftJTjJrjpf M t ' lvniui y yf H fct ' Js fflBUB SraK„ ' . " LKaB ±j9 ' y f k ay;. ' JM ■ - ,-: ' .-■ . , • This book may be kept out one month unless a recall ' ' ?: " ■. ;. " notice is sent to you. It must be brought to the North ,.. ' ' , .• ' ], Carolina Collection (in Wilson Library) for renewal. ? ' % pB 1945 -rn No. A-369 ' wm OUA, YALKETY YACK COOKIE mRRETT «J GEnE HRLL JOHnSTOnE ETlflRGRRET LUOODHOUSE Eu vtSineSS 1 1 lanaaer a m Eg 2F iff 1 $ £ » So ended the foreword left to us to continue In the nineteen forty-four yearhook. The time is indeed now. We who were stunned by the enormity of war Realize that life, in death, goes on . . . Four wars have swept the campus. Four generations of students like ourselves Have faltered in their stride, have learned again, Day passes into day and life goes on. Students in skirts, students in uniform, students whose life has heen harassed by a war. We had heen trained not to expect to Fight in war as we have fought in peace : For liherty, for justice, for the intelligent mind Which creates its freedom and Defends it. In the microcosm that is Carolina, In this universe which reflects the the world, We learn to govern first ouraffves and then Our land, our society, ouMinic; We who look forward to world Ours to make less evil iawar or peace Who will earnestly denyBear. To wrest from this era so thing more than A vacuum surrounded by a bo n --• Here is a man With his feet on the ploughed field And his eyes scanning the far reaching Ink on his index finger . . . horizon. Here is a scholar, world authority on The Old English sivti, which has heroine in Modern English the expression «s . . . as — Who knows more ahout that word than any living human heing on the face of the earth. Here is a teacher Who has wandered over the earth, who has taught In China as in North Carolina: Liking us, his hearers, as individuals and respecting us as students So that we respect ourselves. Because, Dr. Ericson, you are to us A friend, staff of the 1945 yearhook join in its lication . . . HTwffTT 8 ■ ■ l CrUs JRnURRY16, 1795... It was raining on that opening day . . . Dawn was slowly coming to New Hope Chapel. . . . The drizzling and gelid rain . . . That fell upon the stumps dotting the avenue . . . Marked a tradition as old as the red clay . . . Freshly dug for the foundation of the chapel. . . . The wind hlew cheerlessly through leafless Davie Poplar, . . . Whistled around the staunch corners of Old East. . . . The only huilding of the University . . . Except the unpainted house . . . Of Dr. David Ker, the presiding professor . . . Prepared with the valiance and courage . . . That his Preshyterian faith had given him. . . . Not a student arrived. . . . Solitude — Dr. Ker, Old East — and the rain. February 12, 1795 ... A weary figure reached the University . . . 200 miles on foot he had come . . . From North Carolina ' s own Wilmington. . . . No Sophomores and Upper- classmen to hail him. . . . Hinton James, the first meniher . . . Of the University of North Carolina. . . . First student, first honor-man of his class. . . . Destined to he a heralder of education . . . To follow knowledge . . . To he a legislator in 1807 ... A few acres — stumps — red clay — two huildings. . . . And faith that a University would he estahlished, . . . Dedicated to truth, . . . The Alma Mater of North Carolina. 10 . . . JRnUflRY 16, 1945 One hundred and fifty years — the hell rang out the hour . . . For five thousand military and civilian students. . . . The huge plant, once an avenue of fresh stumps . . . Now em- braces 1638 acres . . . Sixty-six huildings instead of two . . . These institutions have de- veloped . . . To meet the needs in training for citizenship and war. . . . One of the lead- ing Universities of the nation. . . . Rating high in graduate work and natural sciences, . . . The Rural Economics Department . . . Has established an accurate fact finding bureau. . . . The Institute of Government, School of Public Health . . . Have furthered honor and prestige of the University. . . . The athletic program, builder of men, . . . Established com- petition between Duke and Carolina. . . . Thirteen lost, thirteen won — football . . . Con- tinues — in wartime. . . . Twenty months before the tragedy of Pearl Harbor . . . 1875 Cadets enrolled in the Pre-Flight Program. . . . Navy moved to the " HILL " . . . V-12 ' s — Pre-Flights — R.O.T.C. ' s . . . Sprinkled by civilians — coeds . . . Coeds nearly 1000 strong. . . . Student-run government renders . . . Valuable experience. . . . The newest planned build- ing, ... A bus station to save congestion — in going . . . And coming to the Alma Mater. SOUTH BUILDING Mighty and massive sound in its advice and squa CEflTERS OF CflROLinP and cheerful showing lh - I r I jL rh r 2 a R 3 WSSa ma BRi ' ' 1 . . . GRAHAM MEMORIVL — Ou Union whore anything an, everything goes including politica intrigues, some good hard work. . RLumni nssociRTion ...BORRD OF TRUSTEES What is the General Alumni Association, you ask? It is the organized alumni Through which . . . may be best expressed And made positive ... the loyalties to Alma Mater of 3-4,432 living former students. Maintained by the Association in Chapel Hill Is the Alumni Office at the Carolina Inn . . . where are kept myriads of records. The Alumni Review, contains now in each issue hundreds of items about the University ' s 8000 Former students who wear their country ' s uniform. What do the alumni think of Carolina, you ask? " Our University, " they say, " Represents what we are fighting for. " Alumni look Chapel Hill-ward From every corner of the globe. Messages come from them expressing admiration . . . that despite the sunrise to sunset concentration, Planes overhead and " hup-two-three-four " underfoot. The spirit of Carolina is unchanged. Alumni look to the University ... for still greater achievement As an educational institution In the 150 years to come. Legally, the University of North Carolina Is the Board ot Trustees, " in whom, " Reads the State Constitution, " shall be vested All the privileges, rights, franchises and endowments " of the University. The legislature in joint session — elect twenty-five Trustees; The Governor is chairman of the Board. Trustees, in turn, elect an Executive Committee Of twelve, which has power of the full Board Between semi-annual or call meetings. One hundred and fifty years ago The first Board of Trustees Recognized that for free government Free education is necessary. They wanted a university that would " Serve the time without yielding to it. " It has not yielded. And as a State university, Carolina Enjoys a closeness to the heart And ambitions of North Carolina. Hospitable also to students who come From across its borders. 14 DR. FRPflK PORTER GRRHRITI . . . Melted into the campus and student body Is faith, good will, integrity, understanding And democratic principles. Here is the man who incited these ideals and cooperation For peace and harmony in living on the " Hill. 15 CAPTAIN EDWARD E. HAZLETT. JR., USN (Ret.) . . . United States Navjl Academy, 1915. Professor of Nav il Science and Tactics. Commandant. Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps. Commanding Officer. Navy V-12 Unit. Commanding Officer. U. S. Naval School of Medicine Senior Officer Present. nRVRL LIEUT. COMDR. H. W. CARROLL, JR. . . . Executive Officer. Navel Reserve Officers Training Corps. With the war there came to Carolina A new kind of faculty, Stern with Naval rank. Relieved we were to find — gold braid and all — Them human. MAJOR J. S. MARSHALL . . . Officer in Charge. LIEUT. J. D. HILL . . . Executive Officer, U. S. Navy. V-12 16 V-12 LIEUT. C. O. REYNOLDS LIEUT. J. H. HAMMOCK . . . Educational Officer . . . Supply Officer LIEUT. B. L. CAR.NEVALE . . . First Lieut, and Physical Educational Officer LIEUT. C. E. OWENS. JR. . . . Head of Gunnery De, RDminiSTRRTion LIEUT. J. F. O ' SHEA . . . Co-Head of Seamanship Department LIEUT. W. E. DURIN . . . Co-Head of Navigation Dcpa LIEUT. C. R. LOUTREL . . . I ...II. ...I of Navigation Depa n.R.O.T.C. LIEUT. C. A. SCH IDE LIEUT. S. R. MUELLER LIEUT. ROBERT I.EPPER . . . Co-Head of Seamanship Department IS. B. HOUSE . . . Dean of Adn F. R. BRADSHAW . . . Dean of Stude MRS. M. H. STACY . . . Dean of Womei F. L. MACKIE . . . Dean of Me OUR DEAN W. W. PIERSON . . . Graduate School DEAN R. H. WETTACH . . . School of Law DEAN D. D. CARROLL . . . School of Conimcr, Or DEAiN A. W. HOBBS . . . College of Arts and Sc To them has fallen the decisions That day after day have to be made In order that our lives ... At Carolina Should not be in vain. Plans, schedules, organization, meetings . . . Routine, but all important For maintaining the academic status quo, Order and cooperation among civilians and military. To them we owe our established phases of life. Without their hard work and foresight . . . Our daily college existence Would result in confusion. Individually, they have given us laughs and ideas That have helped us to look up and out. DERflS DEAN W. K. REKRMIILL . . . School of Medicine DEAN J. C. BEARD . . . School of Phar DEAN CECIL JOHNSON . . . General College DEAN SUSAN C. AKERS . . . School of Library Sc 19 I J FRCULTY Our faculty favorites, representatives of others, Who do more than instruct us, Because they have discharged with real interest, Understanding, and humour their responsibilities. H. T. LEFLER . . . Professor of History E. J. WOODHOUSE . . . Professor of Political Soicnc R. D. HUME Professor of I r 20 FAVORITES Eager and ready to serve students In times of personal stress, As well as giving us insight beyond information. We honor our faculty favorites and those they represent. C. H. PEGG . . . Associate Professor of Hislory V. S. WELLS . . . Associate Professor of English H. W. CRANE . . . Professor of Psycholoi ARCHIBALD HENDERSON . . . Kenan Professor of Mathematics 21 " LOOK Coed of 1917 October — the richest of all The seasons for harvest and returning To home again. Such was the reception At the Hill For the movie camera on October 22, When scenes were shot for the production Which tells the story of a Carolina man . . Thomas Wolfe, a student Of North Carolina twenty-five years ago. His first book, " Look Homeward, Angel, " Received and still receives acclaim ; And to further immortalize the characters. The philosophy, the message, Hollywo d Comes to Chapel Hill 22 HOmEUURRD flnGEL " A film is being made . . . Released by United Artists, produced by Raoul Pagel, And directed by Arthur Ripley. They came to Chapel Hill . . . Bringing lights, cameras, costumes, and technicians. Bringing no extras or stars. The call rang out, " All those wishing to star in a movie ... " The clatter of heels, excited feminine eyes . . . High shoes, middies, bow ties . . . High hats and short pants . . . A young blond extra Hailed by a friend, who liked the effect Of her hair piled high on her head. The bell rang . . . one more exam over . . . The Y . . . a mad scramble for cokes. Ready for the philosophy class shot, " Bring on the coeds . . . O. K., next! " Action spoiled by The unexpected flow of cadets from classes. Forest Theatre, usually so full of lonesome crickets, Became a bustle of people and song, " Hark the Sound. " Other shots were taken round the Hill and Durham. On to Asheville the company moved For Wolfe ' s own home . . . The students felt proud, their chests expanded To know that here he walked, talked and found himself Through the sound of other Tar Heel voices. That helped create a voice That echoes from his first success, " Look Homeward, Angel, " Until his death at early thirty-seven And far into the years beyond. It Was Done Th.n ials An- Still the Sa 23 RLUITini KILLED in LIRE OF DUTY (Those known and reported to UNC Alumni Office as of March 31, 1945) Allen, Charles Bonner Atkinson, Calder. ' 35 Ayers, Clarence Edwar Bailer. Abboll Kenvor Baird. Rondall McDow Barnes. Vauelain W insl Beekham. William Moore, ' 4 Berkeley. William Noland. Jr Blxins. Hubert Jourdan, ' 44 Bledsoe. Thomas Ruffin. ' 41 Blue. Daniel Albert, ' 34 Borden, Paul Lambert, Jr., ' 39 II ■.. I. .11 John Heek. ' 10 Boyette. Norment Clenn. ' 38 Briggs, Oliver David. ' 39 Brooks. Albert Terrell. ' 31 Brooks. Henry Iverson. Jr., ' 44 Brooks. .Norwood Orrell, ' 42 Bryan, Francis Macon, ' 39 Buck, Robert Wallace, ' 39 Bullock. William Cobb. Jr.. ' 42 Bunch. Walter Anderson. Jr.. ' 39 Bvers. Ralph Thomas. ' 45 Cavanangh, Walter Vann, Jr., ' 40 Chapman. Robert. Jr.. ' 41 Cheek. Marshall Rcid. ' 42 Cody. William Collins. ' 42 Cole. Jesse Wilson, ' 45 Coleman. Charles Norwood. ' 43 Collett. Noah Webster, ' 34 Colvard. Ben Hamilton. Jr.. ' 34 Comer, Paul Angier. ' 42 Conderman, Robert J., ' 39 1 ........ II,, ....... Randolph. ' 37 Cooper, Francis Lane, ' 39 Council. Carlyle Caesar, ' 46 Crabtree, I! ,..,,,, Griftin, ' 44 Dees, Fred. Jr., ' 41 Dermid, Jefferson Davis. Jr.. ' 39 Diekerson. Edward Ray, II. ' 40 Doty, Frank deBavier. ' 41 Dover, George Loris, ' 37 Dover, Cradv Eugene. ' 43 Doyle, William Henry, Jr., ' 47 Eaton. Ralph Dobbins, ' 47 Ebel. Irwin Stutz, ' 43 Efird. Watt Guv. Jr., ' 39 Fearing, Thomas Campbell. In Feldman. Joseph David, ' 37 Fennegan. Samuel Edgar. Jr.. ' 42 Foseue, Donald Crosby, ' 40 Foster. Lewis Marshall. ' 45 Fowler. Charles Henry, ' 47 Fuller. John Coltrane. Jr., ' 37 Frv. Thomas McElhcnney, ' 39 Gallagher. William Hinson. ' 43 Gambill, Ira Samuel. Jr., ' 43 Garland. Robert Franklin. ' 39 Gordon. Robert Hugh. ' 45 Graham. Robert Edward Lee, Jr.. Greene. Frank Arthur. Jr.. ' 42 Hall. Alonzo Cleveland. Jr.. ' 40 Hand ton. Augustus, lr„ ' 43 llarr, 11. DcWilt Allen , ' 33 Horn s, Milton Berna d, ' 43 Harvey, Holstein, III ' 41 II, .1, . Morris. ' 38 Hern son. Robert Edward. ' 41 1I..I.I. s, Graham Kerr Jr., ' 44 Holli igsworth, Llovd Dixon, Jr. " Hollo well. Chrislophe r Wilson. I HoVj rd. Walter Robe rt, ' 41 liywT V Roy Davis. J r.. ' 39 Jlii b esVTom Floyd, ' 42 Allen. Henry Liles. ' 40 Bales. Bruce Sullivan. ' 43 Bower, John Calhoun. Jr. Briggs, Everitt Edward. Jr Brodv. Alexander, ' 43 Brooks. Glenn Ulrich, Jr., ' 42 Brown. Walter Earl. ' 34 Buchan. Ccorge Thomas. ' 32 Cartwright, William Jarv Clark. Harry Lee, ' 41 Clifton. William Thomas, ' 43 Council, Robert Harward, ' 40 Crews, Robert Alson. ' 44 Drane, Robert Brent, ' 35 I .h..n. Ralph Aim.,... Jr.. ' 42 Perrj. Virginias Boddic. ' 44 Perrvmon. Cletus Franklin. ' 46 Phillips. Henry Matt. ' 40 Pliskin. Aa Pointer. James Cecil. ' 41 Poovey, Lloyd William. ' 43 Paul Harris. ' 46 Povthress. Whitney F.. Jr., ' 43 Putney, William Witt, ' 42 Vuarles. James Perrin. Jr.. ' 42 Queen, James Shook. ' 34 Rancke. Henry Charles. Jr.. ' 35 Roger Joseph, ' 42 Regan. Dickson McLean. ' 42 Reynolds. William Franklin. ' 35 Roane. Hcnrv. Roberson, Foy, Jr., ' 40 Roberts. William Reavis. ' 42 Robinson. Percy Watkins, ' 36 Rosenbloom. Robert Luke. ' 41 Rowe. John Lawrence, ' 42 Roval. Benjamin Franklin, Jr.. ' 37 Royster, Thomas Broadway, ' 40 Sasser. Lewis Sneed, Jr.. ' 40 Saunders. John Henry. ' 43 Schwarz. Erie, ' 47 Seyffert. Charles King, ' 25 Shytle, Joseph Edward. ' 42 Sieck. Richard Charles. ' 41 Sinclair. Charles Stuart. ' 38 Sloan. Charles Henry. Jr., ' 42 Sloan. Harold Thomas, Jr.. ' 43 Slotoroff, Sidney. ' 37 Somervell. William Dorse), Jr.. ' 43 Soyars. Crichton Pie Smith. Lathrop Winchester. ' 36 Spicer, Emmet Robinson. ' 37 Stack. Pressley Alexander. " 45 Stein, Sanford Ivan. ' 40 Stephenson. Edward Vassar, ' 37 Stevens. Gordon Sefton. ' 39 Taylor, Amos Hill. ' 33 Teague. John Randolph. Jr.. ' 30 Tcnnillc, William Grant, Jr.. ' 36 William Manley, ' 41 Tidd. George W ■ ' .. Jr.. ' 36 stead. John Wesley. III. ' 38 ...k. Edgar Louis. ' 33 Wagslaff. Hcnrv McGilbert. Jr.. ' 37 Ward. David Samuel. ' 45 Ward. Willi_ Webb. Stafford Wilbur. ' 41 .i .. Donald Seymour, ' 45 Whitlei ' -urge fhaddcu, Ji- 46 Wilkin-. Raymond llarr. II. ' 38 Williams, Roland Clegg. Jr.. ' 46 flLumni missin cnon (Those known and reported to UNC Alumn 1 1, ining. Floyd Fitzler, Jr Ga nman . George Henry. Co rdon. Lewis. ' 38 II.. ■cock William Owen. II.. rris. Arthur Miller. Jr. H.i rrison Thomas Pendlc Jor es. J imcs Fremont. ' 4 King. M les Smith. ' 43 La idis. Piatt Walker. ' 33 Lir Archie, ' 41 Lo e, CI mde Lorraine. Jr. McFadye ■ . William Monr. Ma v. Hit hard Alvis. ' 42 Me ■deist hn. Marvin Rum 24 3tt jfflfomorumi Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1882-1945 ... In 1943 the late President Roosevelt having bestowed upon him the honorarv degree of LL.D. while President Graham and the late Major General Watson look on. PL If 1 V l tt .1 V t % %-, °Pe 5 % 1 1 W M0Q v°V S 6 v Cliarl.- Prci.l. Vi illiam McLain Vice-Preside THE JUnE GRRDURTinG CLRSS OFFICERS THE FEBRURRY GRRDURTinG CLRSS OFFICERS . Cranford — S 28 After the late June graduation Senior memories of Carolina Will be carried to the corners of the world Some of these memories are those that every Tar Heel knows: The Arboretum in the Spring, The before and after-the-game Sessions at Harry ' s and the Porthole, Singing " Hark the Sound " with as much pride after losing to Duke On Thanksgiving as after beating them on the hardwood The snake-dances and " Beat D The chimes when everyth Saturday night dances minus big-name . . . which seemed Hell week and exa Both in which we i Senior walk and all its moods. We called it the Battle of Chapel Hill. We were Seniors . . . We were different . . . We were Marines and V-12 ' s, Navy R.O.T.C. and veterans, Coeds and civilian men, We were Tar Heels . . . The Navy and Marines turned the frat houses Ba ck to the s tudent body in November, Marines were pledged. ts held high student offices, curfews for musters with the military. Many of us graduated in March. We ieave Carolina for parts unknown. We didn ' t dwell on the old Carolina days, We didn ' t envy our peace-time successors. We leave the Carolina we have known. 29 — S En iohs L oeds Vvem ABELKOP ALVERSON ACKERSON ARNOLD ATKINSON ALBERT ASHBAUGH ALLEN ASTHORSSON ALVAREZ AITEN MILTON STANLEY ABELKOP Durham, North Carolina Pi Lambda Phi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Dialectic Senate (2); Baseball (2); Veterans ' Club (4). MELVIN SYDNEY ALVERSON, JR. Charlotte, North Carolina Sigma Chi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Interfraternity Council (1, 2 ) ; University Club, Treasurer (2, 3) ; German Club, Secretary- Treasurer (3) . ANNE ACKERSON Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Pi Be a Phi : Alpha Psi Delia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). KATHLEEN ARNOLD LaGrange, Georgia Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in Dramatic Ait; Playmakers (3, 4). BETTE ADKINS Pony, Montana Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Glee Club (4) ; Playmakers (4); Sound and Fury (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). ANNE ELIZABETH ATKINSON Savannah, Georgia Pi Beta Phi: Thela Psi Epsilon Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry; Sound and Fury (4) Y.W.C.A. (4). ADELE ALBERT Metter, Georgia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry; Debate Squad (3, 4); Hillel Cabinet (3, 4); International Relations Club (3, 4). RUFUS COUCH ALLEN Raleigh, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. VIRGIL JOHN ASHBAUGH, JR. Durham, North Carolina Alpha Tan Omego Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Tar Heel (1); Inter- fraternity Council (1, 2), Treasurer (3); House Privileges Board (2, 3) ; German Club Executive Committee (2, 3). GISLI JOHNSEN ASTHORSSON Reykjavik, Iceland Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism. MANUEL ALVAREZ, JR. Meadowbrook, West Virginia Sigma Chi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Mathematics; Basketball (1, 2, 3): Soccer (3). MARY JANE AUTEN Albemarle, North Carolina Alpha Delta Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Mathematics; Sound and Fury (4) : Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). 30 J Lrd fdmitted in 1898. MALCOLM LOUIS BAAS Deer Park, Ohio Candidate for B.S. Degree in Mathematics; il , Business Staff ( 3 ) ; Cross Country ( 3 ) . JOHN GREENWOOD BACCHUS Chatham, New Jersey Candidate for B.A. Degree in Political Science; Freshman Friend- ship Council (1); Glee Club (1, 2); Catapult, Business Staff (1, 2 ) , Manager ( 3 ) . ROBERTO BAESSA Quezaltenango, Guatemala, C. A. Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry. EDNA BLANCHE BAGGETT Lillington, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Public Health Nursing. JOSEPH LANE BANKS Raleigh, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; R.O.T.C. Executive Coun- cil (3) ; R.O.T.C. Dance Committee (3). PEGGY BARGANIER Leesburg, Florida Candidate for B.A. Degree in Dramatic Art; Playmakers (4). ELEANOR MAYS BASS Bradenton, Florida Delta Delta Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Pan- Hellenic Council (3). RUTH VIRGINIA BATTERSBY Winton, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology. GEORGE S. BELLI Trenton, New Jersey Phi Gamma Delta Candidate for B.S. Degree in Naval Science; Track (1, 2). MAUREEN WESTHEAD BENNETT Shelby, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Glee Club (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (3), Cabinet (4) ; Council for Religion in Life, Vice-President (4) ; C.I.C.A. (3). RENE LOUIS BERNARD, JR. Waynesville, Georgia Alpha Chi Sigma ; Tan Kappa Alpha Candidate for B.S. Degree in Chemistry; Debate Squad (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Dialectic Senate (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Student Legislature (4) ; Council for Religion in Life (4) ; Tau Kappa Alpha, Presi- dent (4). ISABELLE BERNSTEIN Brooklyn, New York Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; War Coordination Board (4). BAAS BASS BATTERSBY BAGGETT BENNETT BANKS BERNARD BARGANIER BERNSTEIN • • • L arouna ' d 150tk Art nmueriar i 31 RICHARD SOL BLOCH Shaker Heights, Oh in Zela Beta Tan Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Tar Heel (3); Hillel Foundation (4). BARBARA BLITZER Los Angeles, California Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; C.I.C.A. (3), Treasurer (4); Y.W.C.A. (3), Cabinet (4). GLORIA ANN BREEDING Seaford, Delaware Candidate for B.A. Degree in English. GRACE ALMON BREWSTER Swarthmore, Pennsylvania Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in Mathematics and Physical Education; University Club (4); Carr Dormitory, President (4); Dialectic Senate (3) ; Glee Club (3, 4) ; Interdormitory Council (4) ; War Coordination Board (4): Student Adviser (4). DIXIE JEAN BODGE Buffalo, New York Alpha Delia Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Pan- Hellenic Council (4) ; Sound and Fury (4) ; Women ' s Senate (4) ; Women ' s Government Association, Treasurer (4). FRANCES ADAMS BRICE Atlanta, Georgia Alpha Delta Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; University Club (4). MARGARET IVIE BOOTH Charlotte, North Carolina Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in French; Pan-Hellenic Council (4). ROBERT JASON BROCK Jacksonville, Florida Sigma Nu Candidate for B.S. Degree in Naval Science; Interfraternity Council ( 1) ; Glee Club ( 1) ; German Club Executive Committee (4). DEWEY ARTHUR BOWMAN Walnut Cove, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. PAIGE LEWIS BRODIE Raleigh, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). RICHARD MOXLEY BRADSHAW Chapel Hill, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Psychology; University Club (2, 3) ; Freshman Friendship Council (1); University Band (1, 2); Cata- pult ( 2 ) ; R.O.T.C. Executive Council ( 3 ) ; Drum and Bugle Corps (1, 2), Commander (3). RICHARD THOMAS BROOKE Atlanta, Georgia Phi Delta The a: Alpha Chi Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa Candidate for B.S. Degree in Chemistry; Yackety YACK (1): Y.M.C.A. (1). BRADSHAW BROOKE ...SfMORS Jke Ljraduate School 32 • • • L arollna ' i t50th J4i nnwersa v BROSR ' S BROW N. H. BROWN, K. J. BROWN. M. M. BROWN. R. BUCHANAN BL ' RBAGE Bl RLEY BLRRITT CALICAN CAMPBELL CAPLAN RUTH E. BROSIUS EMILY MIRIAM BURBAGE Wilmington. Delaware Washington, North Carolina Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry. Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Women ' s Senate (3); Y.W.C.A (3). Vice-President (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Co-Chairman. Orientation (4); Council for Religion in Life (4). HUBERT CHARLES BROWN Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii Candidate for B.S. Degree in Naval Science; Football (1, 3). {•CATHERINE JEANETTE BROWN Carrollton, Georgia Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Sound and Fury (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). MARY MAGDELINE BROWN Carrollton, Georgia Pi Bet.i Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Y.W.C.A. (4). RUTH BROWN Statesville, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Dialectic Senate (3) ; Glee Club (3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); C.I.C.A. (3, 4). JEAN BUCHANAN Hendersonville, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Y.W.C.A. (3), Cabinet (4) ; Council for Religion in Life (4) ; C.I.C.A., Executive Council (4). { was j ounaea in 1904. CHRISTEL NEIMEYER BURLEY Rocky Mount, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Economics. CLARK CULBERTSON BURRITT, JR. Guilford College, North Carolina Pi Kappa Alpha Candidate for B.A. Degree in Economics; Track (1, 2); Cross Country (1, 2, 3). FRED SCOTT CALIGAN Waterbury, Connecticut Delia Sigma Pi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Sound and Fury (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Yackety Yack (4) ; Track (1, 2) ; Interdormitory Council (2). ANN CAMPBELL Mansfield, Georgia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Dramatic Art; Playmakers (3, 4). GLORIA CAPLAN Asheville, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Editor, Woman ' s Hand- book (3) ; Tar Heel (3, 4) ; International Relations Club (3, 4) ; Carolina Political L ' nion (3, 4) ; Institute of Human Relations (4) ; State Student Legislature (4). 33 •Sediors oLeqidiaUon onSoud . ' 7 aim ( J CARPENTER CASTELLOW CHEATHAM CHERNISH CATHEY CHESHIRE CELV CHRISTIAN CHASE. D. J. CHURCHILL CHASE. E. L. CLAYWELL ISABELLE CAREW CARPENTER Salisbury, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Y.W.C.A. (4); C.I.C.A. (4). MARIAN GAIL CASTELLOW Windsor, North Carolina Delta Delta Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in History; Carolina Magazine (3); Sound and Fury (3) ; Yackety Yack (4). LUCILLE CATHEY Clyde, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism; Student Legislature (3, 4) ; Tar Heel (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; C.I.C.A. (4), Executive Council (3); Student Adviser (4). FRANCES ELLISON CELY Saluda, North Carolina Alpha Delta Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Dramatic Art; Glee Club (3) ; Play- makers (3, 4) ; Sound and Fury (3, 4) ; Student Legislature (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Modern Dance Club (3, 4). DOROTHY JANE CHASE Charlottesville, Virginia Alpha Delta Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology. JOEL THOMAS CHEATHAM, JR. Henderson, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Y.M.C.A. (1) ; Basketball (2). STANLEY MICHAEL CHERNISH New York, New York Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry. FRANCES MARJORIE CHESHIRE Kirkwood, Missouri Alpha Delta Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Sound and Fury (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). ELIZABETH ANN CHRISTIAN Charlotte, North Carolina Alpha Delta Pi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Accounting; Women ' s Athletic As- sociation, Treasurer (4). DOROTHY ANN CHURCHILL Winter Park, Florida Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4) ; Women ' s Senate (4); War Coordination Board (4); Council for Religion in Life (4). ELIZABETH LANDON CHASE Raleigh, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry and B.S. Degree in Medical Technology; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; C.I.C.A. (3, 4). ALLEN CLAYWELL Chapel Hill, North Carolina Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism. 34 tke U mversili ' ti Wat C na ted in 1931. GEORGE ROBERT CLUTTS Greensboro, North Carolina Pi Kappa Alpha: Alpha Kappa Kappa Candidate for B.S. Degree in Medicine. DENA COHEN Hickory, North Carolina Alpha Kappa Delia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Hillel Foundation (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Student Welfare Board (3, 4) ; C.I.C.A. (3, 4). HARRY LEE COHN Roanoke, Virginia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Pre-Law; Catapult (3); R.O.T.C. Drum and Bugle Corps (3) ; Hillel Foundation (3). CATHERINE CARMEN COLE Greensburg, Louisiana Delta Delta Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Art; Carolina Magazine (3). FELTON MORELAND COLLIER Bessemer, Alabama Alpha Tan Omega Candidate for B S. Degree in Naval Science; Interfraternity Council (3). THOMAS ALVIN CONE Cincinnati, Ohio Sigma Chi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Mathematics. BARBARA MOCK CONLEY Wilson, North Carolina Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in History; Tar Heel (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Sound and Fury (4) ; University Club (4). DOROTHY ELLEN COOK Huntington, West Virginia Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in Art; Tar Heel (3) ; Sound and Fury (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). CATHERINE COOKE Portsmouth, Virginia Delta Pit Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in Dramatic Art; Glee Club (3) ; Play- makers (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3. 4) ; Student Adviser (4). BENJAMIN FRANKLIN COOPER Warsaw, North Carolina Pi Kappa Alpha Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry. FENNER SAMUEL CORBETT Greenville, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Economics; Freshman Friendship Council ( 1 ) ; Freshman Finance Committee ( 1 ) ; R.O.T.C. Execu- tive Council (2, 3) ; Rifle Team (3) ; Order of the Grail (3, 4) ; R.O.T.C. Battalion Commander (4). MARY ELIZABETH CORBETT Fayetteville, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Dialectic Senate (3) ; Sound and Fury (3, 4) ; Tar Heel (3, 4). CLUTTS COHEN- COHN COLE COLLIER CONE CONLEY COOK COOKE COOPER CORBETT. F. S. CORBETT. M. E Carolina 5 13 Oik 35 ALFRED ROBERT CORDELL Cliffside, North Carolina Alpha Kappa Kappa Candidate for B.S. Degree in Medicine. ELIZABETH CROSS Concord, North Carolina Gamma Phi Beta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology. SAMUEL OWEN CORNWELL Chapel Hill, North Carolina Alpha Tau Omega: Phi Beta Kappa Candidate for B.S. Degree in Medicine; Band (2, 3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Track (1). REX SAWYER COSTON Winston-Salem, North Carolina Phi Mu Alpha Candidate for B.A. Degree in Music; Band (1, 2, 3) ; Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Playmakers (1, 2, 3); Sound and Fury (1, 2, 3); Veterans ' Club (4). BETTE MARION COUNTERMAN Riverside, New Jersey Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). LOIS RIBELIN CRANFORD Greenwood, South Carolina Alpha Delta Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism; Carolina Magazine (3), Editor (4); Tar Heel (4); Sound and Fury (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Senior Class Treasurer. IRETWELL GOER CRIDER Savannah, Georgia Kappa Alpha: Alpha Chi Sigma Candidate for B.S. Degree in Chemistry; Student Legislature (3). WILLIAM HAMMOND CULP Gastonia, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. BETTY LOU CYPERT Washington, D. C. Pi Beta Phi : Alpha Psi Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology; Playmakers (3, 4); Sound and Fury (3), President (4); Student Legislature (3, 4); Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4) ; Student Entertainment Committee (3, 4); Modern Dance Club (3, 4); W.A.A. Council (4); Campus Cabinet (4) ; Sesquicentennial Committee (4) ; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities (4) ; Valkyries (3), Vice-Presi- dent (4). ANNE LEAVELL DANIEL Alexandria, Virginia Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in History; Carolina Magazine (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Canterbury Club (3, 4). ANN WILLIS DARRAH Birmingham, Alabama Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Sound and Fury (4): Y.W.C.A. (4); Carolina Workshop (4). BARBARA DAVIS St. Petersburg, Florida Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology. CORDELL CROSS CORNWELL CI LP •••Semors 36 • • • Carolina $ 150tk 4i nmuerdam DAVIS, h. ;. DICKINSON. S. S. DAVIS. R. P. DICKSON DAVISON DILLON DEAN DIXON DICKINSON, D. M. DODSON HARRIET GRAHAM DAVIS Savannah, Georgia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Caro- lina Political Union (4). ROSETTA PAULINE DAVIS Savannah, Georgia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Spanish; Interdormitory Council (4) ; Spencer Dorm, President (4) ; War Coordination Board (4) ; Bap- tist Student Union (4); Student Adviser (4); Y.W.C.A. (3), Cabinet (4). ROSALIND AUGUSTA DAVISON Opelika, Alabama Alpha Delta Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Mathematics; Interdormitory Council (4); War Coordination Board (3, 4). JOHN ROBERT DEAN Brackenridge, Pennsylvania Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Baseball (1, 2, 3). LLOYD RICHARD DEGARMO Enid, Oklahoma Candidate for B.S. Degree in Mathematics. DOROTHY M. DICKINSON Fremont, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Medical Technology; Tar Heel (4) Y.W.C.A. (4). SHIRLEY STONE DICKINSON Leaksville, North Carolina Alpha Delia Pi; Alpha Psi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in Physical Education; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Women ' s Athletic Association, President (4) ; W.A.A. Council (3); Graham Memorial Board of Directors (3, 4); Pan-Hellenic Council (4). ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY DICKSON Organ Cave, West Virginia Eta Upsilon Gamma Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry; C.I.C.A., Secretary (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Yackety Yack (3), Senior Editor (4) ; CAP. (4) ; Playmakers (3, 4) ; Senior Adviser (4). ALBERT STEPHEN DILLON, JR. Asheville, North Carolina Delta Sigma Pi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Order of the Grail (3. 4) ; Y.M.C A. ( 1, 2, 3, 4), Freshman Cabinet (1) ; Dialectic Senate (2). MARY ANN DIXON Wilmington, North Carolina Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. JOSIAH WITHERS DOAR Baltimore, Maryland Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Rifle Team (3); N.R.O.T.C. Color Guard (3). ELLEN CHESTER DODSON Miami, Florida Pi Beta Phi Candidate foi B.A. Degree in Languages; Y.W.C.A. (3). nto the J4t ssoaauon o wiencan U fie mi erdiued in 1922. 37 • • • Sehiors Jke 4lvimni Association DUGGETT EASTERLINI Dl l!ll AM ELLIS RUTH CAROLYN DOGGETT Kingsport, Tennessee Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in Mathematics; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); War Coordination Board ( 3 ) , Secretary-Treasurer ( 4 ) . TOY STORY EASTERLING Norfolk, Virginia Chi Delia Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Women ' s Senate (3, 4) ; Carolina Magazine (3). MARGARETTA VAN TUYLE DOUGLAS Washington, D. C. Candidate for B.A. Degree in History. MARIE ELOISE DOWD Charlotte. North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Economics; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4): C.I.C.A. (3). SOPHIA SUE DUFFY New Bern, North Carolina Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Tar Heel (3); Sound and Fury (4); Y.W.C.A. (3), Secretary (4). JEAN WRIGHT DUKES Savannah, Georgia Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); House Privileges Board (4); Women ' s Senate (4); Student Adviser (4). MARY LOUISE DURHAM Charlotte, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in English VIRGINIA EDEL Savannah, Georgia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism; Tar Heel (3) Legislature, Secretary (4) ; Student Adviser (4). THOMAS MURRAY EDMONDSON Tarboro, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry. MARGARET FLORANCE ELLER Asheville, North Carolina Alpha Delia Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Physical Educatii Council (4); WAA. Publicity Director (3, 4 Student , Intel dormitory Student Adviser (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Women ' s Physical Education Club, Secre- tary (4). RICHARD SEALY ELLIOTT Potsdam, New York Chi Phi: Delia Sigma Pi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; R.O.T.C. Dance Commit- tee (3); Carolina Magazine. Circulation Manager (3); Catapult (3); R.O.T.C. Entertainment Committee (3); R.O.T.C. Color Guard (3) ; Order of the Grail (3). WILLIAM BURWELL ELLIS, III Greenville, South Carolina Phi Delia Tin la Candidate for B.S. Degree in Chemistry; Interfraternity Council (2), Vice-President (2); Honor Council (1); Football (1); Stu- dent Legislature (3); House Privileges Board (3); Order of the Gimghoul (3, 4). 38 lA ad L dabtlshed In 1844. DOROTHY D ENZOR Fair Bluff, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Physical Education; Women ' s Ath- letic Association Council (4); Baptist Student Union (4). GRAFTON CLINTON FANNEY, JR. Scotland Neck, North Carolina Sigma Nil ' ; Alpha Efxilon Delta; Phi Chi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Medicine; Football (1, 2); Track (1, 2, 3). MILDRED YOUNG FAULKNER Smithfield, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in French; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). DUREMA GRESHAM FITZGERALD Raleigh, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Music; Glee Club (3), Accompanist (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Baptist Student Union Council (4) ; Kay Kyser Scholarship in Music (4) ; Playmakers (3, 4). HERBERT LEONARD FLEISHMAN Fayetteville, North Carolina Phi Alpha Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry; Band ( 1 ) ; Hillel Cabinet (1. 2) ; Interfraternity Council (3) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3, 4). THOMAS CARTER FLORANCE Yanceyville, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. JAMES HAROLD FLUHART Enid, Oklahoma Candidate for B.S. Degree in Chemistry. BETTY L. FOLSOM Daytona Beach, Florida Candidate for B.A. Degree in Art; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Sound and Fury (3, 4); Glee Club (3, 4); C.I.C.A. (3, 4). MARY SUE FOLSOM Carrollton, Georgia Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Sound and Fury (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). RICHARD B. FORD Asheville, North Carolina Delta Psi; Delta Sigma Pi: Phi Mu Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Glee Club ( 1, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Order of the Grail (3) ; Wrestling (4) ; Council for Religion in Life (4); Student Council (4). CHARLOTTE FOSTER Tchula, Mississippi Alpha Psi Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Tar Heel ( 4 ) ; Carolina Magazine ( 4 ) . ELIZA JANE FOSTER Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in Mathematics; Y.W.C.A. (3) ; W.A.A. Council (3), Treasurer (4); Kenan Dorm, President (3). ENZOR FANNEY FAULKNER FITZGERALD FLEISHMAN FLORANCE FLUHART FOLSOM. B. I,. FOLSOM, M. S. FORD FOSTER. C. FOSTER. E. J. • • • L arouna ' j 130th J4i nnweriam 39 4 4ii MARGARET EAGLES FOUNTAIN Rocky Mount, North Carolina Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in History; Yackety Yack (3). Per- sonnel Manager (4) ; Student Legislature (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil (4). FANNIE BELLE FUTRELLE Endolia, Virginia Alpha Delia Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Social Science. JAMES FITZGERALD FOWLER Charlotte, North Carolina Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Delia Sigma Pi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; R.O.T.C. Dance Com- mittee (2) ; Swimming (2, 3) ; R.O.T.C. Social Committee (2, 3) ; Order of the Grail (2, 3) ; Carolina Magazine, Circulation Man- ager (3). GEORGE CHANDLER FOX Dowingtown, Pennsylvania Candidate for B.A. Degree in History. MARION LUCEINE GAINES Columbia, South Carolina Beta Gamma Sigma Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Yackety Yack (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3) ; Baptist Student Union (4). ED GAITHER Fairfield, Illinois Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Student Legislature (4). MARGARET VIRGINIA FREEMAN LaGrange, Georgia Alpha Delia Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Zoology. JANE FULLER Lexington, Virginia Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Spanish; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3) Sound and Fury (3). MARY ALICE FULTON Washington, D. C. Delta Delia Delta: Alpha Lambda Delia Candidate for B.A. Degree in History; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Carolina Magazine (4). JOHN MILTON GAMBILL Elkin, North Carolina Kappa Sigma Candidate for B.S. Degree in Chemistry; Class Executive Committee (1) ; Class Honoi Council (1, 2. 3) ; Football (1. 2, 3) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3,4); Glee Club (4). SARA LOUISE GARLAND Gaffney, South Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry. VIRGINIA CLAIRE GARY Kenmore, New York Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). FOUNTAIN FOWLER FOX FREEMAN FULLER FUTRELLE G AINES GAITHER GAMBILL GARLAND FULTON GARY •••Sediors y au y uder 40 • • • Carolina $ 30tk Xr nnwersanj GILLESPIE CRAVATT GILLIAM GREENE, F. E. GINSBERG GREENE, N. B. J. WESLEY GENTRY Ruxboro, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Botany; Sound and Fury (3); Y.M.C.A. (3); Carolina Magazine (3, 4). DOROTHY JOY GILBERT Hartsville, South Carolina Delta Delta Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in English. JANE GILBERT Maplewood, New Jersey Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology; Glee Club (3, 4); C.I.C.A. (4); Y.W.C.A. (4); International Relations Club (4). MARTHA GILLESPIE Maryville, Tennessee Alpha Omicron Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Dramatic Art; Playmakers (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). GIDEON LAMB GILLIAM Franklinton, North Carolina Zeta Pit Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Basketball Manager (2); Catapult (2) ; Interfraternity Council ( 1, 3), President (4) ; House Privileges Board, Chairman (3); Graham Memorial Board of Directors (3) ; Order of the Grail (3, 4). JULIA GINSBERG Brooklyn, New York Alpha Kappa Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Glee Club (3, 4) ; Hillel Cabinet (3, 4). r$ a UlnLuersitu s4li ELEANOR WILSON GODFREY Conway, South Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Spanish; Glee Club (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); C.I.C.A. (3,4). ARTHUR M. GOLDBERG New York, New York Candidate for B.A. Degree in Economics; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Carolina Political Union (3, 4); Hillel Cabinet, President (3, 4); Playmakers (3) ; Sound and Fury (3, 4) ; Fencing (4) ; Interfaith Council (4); Council for Religion in Life (4). LELIA SWINK GRADY Kenly, North Carolina Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Glee Club (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Interdormitory Council (4) ; Mclver Dorm, President (4). BETTY ' ANN GRAVATT Charlotte, North Carolina Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in Mathematics. FRANCES ELIZABETH GREENE Franklinton, North Carolina Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. NANCY BYRD GREENE Chapel Hill, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Glee Club (1, 4); Town Girls ' Association (1, 2) ; Playmakers (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Modern Dance Club (1, 2, 3), President (4); University Club (4). ' :umnu4. 41 Sehiors Jke J und l rouidinq for I1KKNHAUM GREER GRIFFIN, B. S. GRIFFIN, C. GRIFFIN, M. S. GRINER GROSSER GULICK GRUNTWAGIN CURNEY HAAS HABER JESSE KILMORE GREENBAUM Baltimore, Maryland Candidate for B.A. Degree in Economics; Swimming (2, 3), Cap- tain (4); R.O.T.C. Executive Council (4); Catapult, Circulation Manager (4). SHIRLEY JANET GROSSER Boston, Massachusetts Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism; Carolina Political Union (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Yackety Yack (4) ; Civilian Air Patrol (4). ANN MAXWELL GREER Baton Rouge, Louisiana Delta Delia Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in History; University Club (3), Secre- tary (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Carolina Magazine (3, 4) ; Yackety Yack (3). MILDRED GULICK Casanova, Virginia Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in Physical Education; W.A.A. Coun- cil (3, 4); Interdormitory Council (4); Sound and Fury (4); Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4). BETTY SINCLAIR GRIEFIN Vienna, Georgia Alpha Kappa Delia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; C.I.C.A. (3, 4). EVELYN JUDITH GRUNTWAGIN New York, New York Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology; Hillel Foundation (3, 4). CAROLINE GRIFFIN Gibson, Georgia Alpha Cam ma Delia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism. MARION SHERRY GURNEY Gastonia, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Tar Heel (3, 4); Sound and Fury (3) ; Executive Board (4) ; Playmakers (3, 4) ; Yackety Yack, Literary Editor (4). MARY SUE GRIFFIN Valdosta, Georgia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry; Playmakers (3) ; W.A.A. Council (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); C.I.C.A. (3, 4). OLIVE MABRY GRINER Chapel Hill, North Carolina Delta Gamma Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Town Girls ' Association (3, 4); C.I.C.A. (3, 4); Council for Religion in Life (4), Secretary (4). HORACE ARNOLD HAAS Charlotte, North Carolina Beta Gamma Sigma Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. ARNOLD HABER, JR. Nashville, Tennessee ZetaBetaTau Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry. 42 J enan rofe$Sor5 J Ja6 C stabuiked in 1917. CHARLES WILLIAM HACKNEY, JR. Washington, D. C. Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi Candidtte for B.S. Degree in Chemistry; Catapult (1, 2); Inter- fratermty Council (2) ; House Privileges Board (2) ; Student Legis- lature (2); Freshman Friendship Council; University Club, (2), President (3); President Senior Class. ELLAMAE F. HAGIE Washington, D. C. Phi Mu : Alpha Psi Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology; Student Adviser (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). MARILYN HAMMOND Laurinburg, North Carolina Zeta Tan Alph.t Candidate for B.S. Degree in Physical Education; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; W.A.A. Council (3); C.I.CA. (3, 4). HENRIETTE DARGAN HAMPTON Raleigh, North Carolina Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism; Tar Heel (3). NANCY PHYLLIS HARRILL Elizabethton, Tennessee Candidate for B.A. Degree in English. HAZEL BRISTEN HARRIS Black Mountain, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Dramatic Art; Playmakers (4). SAUNDER HARRIS Brooklyn, New York Candidate for B.S. Degree in Physics; Catapult (3). THOMAS WILEY HARRIS, JR. Hamlet, North Carolina Delta Sigma Pi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. DONALD BIGGS HARRISON, JR. Palmyra, North Carolina Kappa Sigma Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. JUDY HARRISON Little Rock, Arkansas Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Political Science. SHIRLEY JANE HARTZELL Bristol, Virginia Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism; Campus Cabinet (3); Carolina Magazine (3), Editor (4); Tar Heel (3); Sound and Fury (3) ; Women ' s Senate (4) ; Editor Wo men ' s Handbook (4) ; Sesquicentennial Committee (4) ; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities (4). PAULINE HAYNES Mill Spring, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Baptist Student Union (4) ; War Coordination Board (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). HAGIE HARRIS. T. W. HAMMOND HARRISON. D. B. HAMPTON HARRISON. J. HARRILL HARTZELL HARRIS. H. B. HAYNES f5 ( • • • L arouna 5 ISOth Mnnl Li er5aru 43 SARA ELIZABETH HERNDON Kings Mountain, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Glee Club (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, -i); Student Adviser (4); Cheerleader (4). ALEXANDER BLUCHER HOWARD Kinston, North Carolina Zeta Psi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Catapult (1, 2, 3) ; Rifle Team (2, 3). KENNETH PRESTON HINSDALE Hendersonville, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Mathematics; Band (1, 2) ; Catapult (2, 3) ; Cross Country (3). PATRICIA HOPE HOWARD Fayetteville, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Political Science; Y.W.C.A. (4). WILLIAM HANDY HIPPS. JR. Asheville, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism; Tar Heel (3, 4) ; Caro- lina Magazine (4); Editor " Bud " (4). LOIS ANN HODGES Raleigh, North Carolina Chi Delta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Physical Education; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); W.A.A., President (3); Council (4); Valkyries (3, 4). JEWELL MOORE HOGAN Chapel Hill, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Town Girls ' Association (3, 4). ELIZABETH FOLEY HUDNUTT Morehead City, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in French; Y.W.C.A. (4) THOMAS WARNER HUDSON, JR. Pascagoula, Mississippi Sigma Chi : Phi Eta Sigma Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Student Council (3); Interfraternity Council (3); German Club Executive Committee (3) , Baptist Student LInion, Treasurer (3). PATRICIA LEE HUGHES Bluefield, West Virginia Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Tar Heel (3) ; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4); Women ' s Government Association, Vice-President (4) ; Modern Dance Club (3), Secretary-Treasurer (4) ; Women ' s Honor Council (4); Sound and Fury (3, 4); Valkyries (4). BETTY HORWITZ Raleigh, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Playmakers (3); Hillel Cabinet ( 3, 4) ; Sound and Fury (4) ; War Coordination Boaid (4). BETSY ANN HULBURT Alexandria, Virginia Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Art. HERNDON HINSDALE HOWARD, A. B. HOWARD. P. H •••Semors Jkere 4m 21 44 • • L arollna 6 150tn J4p nniuerianA HINT JENKS JACKSON JETT JACOBSON JOHNSON, M. G. JENKINS JOHNSTON DOUGLASS HUNT Rocky Mount, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in History; Class Honor Council (1) ; Freshman Friendship Council ( 1 ) ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3, 4) ; Graham Memorial Board of Directors (3) ; Council for Religion in Life (2, 3, 4) ; Order of the Grail (3, 4) ; Institute of Human Re- lations, Student Co-Chairman (4) ; Sesquicentennial Committee, Chairman (4); Student Legislature (3), Speaker (4). WILLIAM SANDLIN JACKSON Beulahville, North Carolina Pi Kappa Alpha Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. CHARLES ALLEN JACOBS, JR. Lynchburg, Virginia Delta Sigma Pi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Wrestling ( 1, 2, 3) ; Foot- ball Manager (4); Basketball Manager (4); R.O.T.C. Dance Committee (2, 3); Interdormitory Council (2); R.O.T.C. Drum and Bugle Corps (3, 4). ALBERT JACK JACOBSON Asheville, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Economics; Hillel Foundation (3, 4) ; Dialectic Senate (2, 3); Band (1, 2, 3); Catapult (1, 2), Editor (4) ; R.O.T.C. Executive Council (3) ; R.O.T.C. Dance Committee (1, 2, 3). EDWINA HARRIET JEFFERSON Savannah, Georgia Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. NANCY JANE JENKINS Gainesville, Florida Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Art; Sound and Fury (3), Business Manager (4); War Coordination Board (4); Carolina Magazine (4); University Club (3), Secretary (4). ROBERT MURRAY JENKS Jacksonville, Florida Phi Delia The a Candidate for B.A. Degree in Economics. MARY PAYNE JETT Norfolk, Virginia Delia Delia Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Spanish; Student Legislature (3, 4) ; Women ' s Senate (3, 4); Pan-Hellenic Council, President (4); Graham Memorial Board of Directors (4) ; Coed Orientation Com- mittee (4) ; Valkyries (4). ELIZABETH FLORENCE JOHNSON Monroe, Louisiana Candidate for B.A. Degree in Dramatic Art; Tar Heel (3, 4); Playmakers (3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. (4). MILDRED GOLD JOHNSON Coats, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degiee in Journalism; Carolina Magazint ( 3. 4) ; Debate Squad (3) ; Yackety Yack (3) ; Sound and Fury (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Phi Assembly (3). SUE JOHNSON Kinston, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in English. BETTY ROSEMOND JOHNSTON Hillsboro, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Tar Heel (3); Dialectic Senate (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Student Adviser (4). atlonal Jrraternitie6 on c e5 on awipud. 45 •••Semors ive auoncu DOROTHY LAUREN JONES Jacksonville, Florida Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). MARY SHIELDS JUSTIS Littleton, North Carolina Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in Political Science. BARBARA BAKER KALE Alexandria, Virginia Alpha Delta Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology; Tai Heel (3); Inter- dormitory Council (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). ALEXANDRA KAMBIS Elizabeth City, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Political Science; C.I.C.A. (4) ; Play- makers (4) ; In ' ernational Relations Club (4) ; Civilian Air Patrol (4). D. JULIETTE KAMBIS Elizabeth City, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Romance Languages. FRED SIMON KANTER Asheville, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Economics; Dialectic Senate (1); Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3) ; Tar Heel. Night Editor (1) ; Yackety YaCK (1, 2); R.O.T.C Dance Committee (1, 2, 3). CATHERINE P. KELLEY Sylacauga, Alabama Theta Pu Epsilon Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry; Debate Squad (3, 4); Debate Council, Vice-President (3, 4); Dialectic Senate, Parlia- mentarian (3) ; Graduation Marshal (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (3) ; Women ' s Senate (3), Speaker (4); C.I.C.A., Executive Council (3, 4), Treasurer (4) ; Tau Kappa Alpha (3, 4) ; War Coordination Board, Chairman (3, 4) ; House Privileges Board, Secretary (4) ; Graham Memorial Board of Directors (4); Student Adviser (4); Student Welfare Board (4) ; Student Legislature, Parliamentarian (4) ; Cam- pus Cabinet (4); Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities (4) ; Valkyries (4). RUTH ANN KENDEL Miami, Florida Candidate for B.A. Degree in Spanish ; Hillel Cabinet, Recording Secretary (4); Sound and Fury (4). NANCY COOPER KENNICKELL Fletcher, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); C.I.C.A. (3, 4). MARION HUNTER KERR Montclair, New Jersey Dell j Delta Delta Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Carolina Magazine, Busi- ness Manager (4) . BETTY RODERICK KIGER Alexandria, Virginia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism. JANE CAROLYN KING Webster Groves, Missouri Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Spanish; Glee Club (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3), Cabinet (4). 46 S owrities J rave L hapterS _A ' ! ' ' ere. MARTHA NELL KING Corinth, Mississippi Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Glee Club (4); Sound and Fury (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). NANCY JANE KING Bristol, Tennessee Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Tar Heel (3); Sound and Fury (3) ; Pan-Hellenic Council (4) ; Campus Cabinet (4) ; Coun- cil for Religion in Life (4); Valkyries (3), President (4). MARY ELIZABETH KING Orlando, Florida Chi Delta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Sound and Fury (3); W A.A. Council (4). ALICE LIBBY KINGTON Huntington, West Virginia Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in Art; Sound and Fury (4). WILLIAM LEE KINNEY, JR. Winston-Salem, North Carolina Delta Sigma Pi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; R.O.T.C. Dance Committee (3) ; Track (3); Rifle Team (4). ROBERT TYLER KOHL Raleigh, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Dramatic Art; Playmakers (1, 2, 3, 4); Carolina Workshop Council Award (3). Chairman (4); Glee Club (1) ; Madrigal Group (3) ; Radio Studio (1, 2), Super- visor (4). WALTER JOHN KRAUS Amery, Wisconsin Delta Theta Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Boxing (2, 4) ; Football (3, 4). KAY KUGLER Monroe, Louisiana Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Caro- lina Magazine (3) ; Student Adviser (4). MARSHALL SHELDON KUHN Fleetwood, Pennsylvania Candidate for B.S. Degree in Naval Science; Lutheran Student As- sociation, Treasurer (4) ; Tar Heel (3) ; Carolina Magazine (3) ; Y.M.C.A. Art Staff (4). REBECCA ADAIR LANE Raleigh, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology. ANETA MYRA LASKY Savannah, Georgia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry; Hillel Cabinet (4). SAM GEORGE LATTY Durham, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry; Yackety Yack, Sopho- more Editor (2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 4); German Club Executive Committee, Secretary (3); Student Legislature (3). KING. M. N. KING. N. J. KING. M. E. KINGTOIV KINNEY KOHL KRAI ' S KUGLER Kl UN LANE LASKY LATTY • • • L aroiinad 150th 4 i nmversan 47 ANN SUMNER LAWRENCE Portsmouth, Virginia Delia Delta Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Political Science. ROBERT MELVIN LEEDS Brooklyn, New York Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry; Band (3, 4). HENRY NEWMAN LAWRENCE Chapel Hill, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Mathematics; Intertown Council (1) : Swimming (1). SHERMAN CANTOR LAZARUS Sanford, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism; Piaymakers (1, 2, 3, 4) Hillel Foundational, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). MARY VIRGINIA LEESE Washington, D. C. Candidate for B.A. Degree in Spanish. JEANNE MARY LeFEBRE Atlanta, Georgia Alpha Delta Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Dramatic Art; Glee Club (3, 4): Piaymakers (3, 4); Sound and Fury (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). PHILLIP PELL LEA Rocky Mount, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in History ; Gorgon ' s Head Lodge ( 3, 4) ; German Club Executive Committee (4). KATHRYN LECKA Newland, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology. WAYMAN OLIVIOUS LEFTWICH, JR. Charlotte, North Carolina Delta Sigma Pi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; R.O.T.C. Executive Coun- cil (3); R.O.T.C. Dance Committee (3). HENRIANNE LEIGH Danville, Virginia Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Sound and Fury (3): Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). DOROTHY ANN LEE Dallas, Georgia Alpha Kappa D ha Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology. DEBORAH TAYLOR LEWIS Chapel Hill, North Carolina Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in French; Glee Club (1, 2, 3) ; Play- makers ( 3 ) . LAWRENCE. A. S. LAWRENCE. H. N. LEEDS LEESE I.AZARVS LeFEBRE LEA LEFTWICH LECKA LEIGH ...Seihors LEE LEW Is olaen 7 7 aps pt 48 i • • L aroiina 5 l5Qtn 4i nmverianj iWACKE MAYNARD, C. E. MANLY MAYNARD, F. L. VIRGINIA GARLAND LIPSEY Low Moor, Virginia Delta Delta Delta Candidate fur B.A. Degree in Chemistry. MARY JANE LLOYD Chapel Hill, North Carolina Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Physical Education; Glee Club (1, 2, 3) ; Student Legislature (1. 2) ; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2) ; Town Girls- Association (3, 4); W.A.A. Council (3, 4). MARGUERITE ANNE LUMSDEN Vienna, Georgia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; C.I.C.A. (3, 4); Student Adviser (4). PATRICIA LYNCH Binghamton, New York Alpha Delta Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology. LAURA ELIZABETH MACKE Roanoke, Virginia Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Geography; Modern Dance Club (4); Civil Air Patrol (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). MARGARET ELIZABETH MANLY Staunton, Virginia Alpha Delta Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Philosophy. MARY COOK MARETT Atlanta, Georgia Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Playmakers (3) ; Yackety Yack, Managing Editor (3), Editor (4); Sound and Fury (4); Sesquicentennial Committee (4) ; Council for Religion in Life (4) ; C.I.C.A. (4); Publications Union Board, Secretary (4). LUCILLE MARILYN MARKS New York, New York Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology. JOSEPH WILLIAM MARSHALL Charlotte, North Carolina Phi Mtt Alpha Candidate for B.S. Degree in Geology; Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (2); Glee Club (4); Veterans ' Association (4). SALLY MARTIN Augusta, Georgia Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in French. CAROL ELIZABETH MAYNARD Chapel Hill, North Carolina Alpha Kappa Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Glee Club (3, 4) ; Sound and Fury (4); Student Adviser (4). FRANCES LANE MAYNARD Kinston, North Carolina Alpha Kappa Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Glee Club (3, 4) ; Sound and Fury (4) ; Student Adviser (4). KyuiUtandi C I en on Cc ampus. nt 49 • •MMORS L oecld UJ ] ederi Ln 9 ecoamuon, ,i i itic MAYNOR MENDELSOHN MILAM MILES MILLER. EMILY MILLER, EMERY MILLER. G. B. MILLER, J. E. MILLER. M. R. MILLS MINDLIN MIRSKY RICHARD D. MAYNOR Winston-Salem, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. ROBERT A. MENDELSOHN Washington, D. C. Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry. MARY LOUISE MILAM Chapel Hill, North Carolina Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Orchestra ( 1 ) . MARTHA ANN MILES Lawrenceville, Virginia Alpha Delhi Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology. GLENN BARKALOW MILLER, JR. Bronxville, New York Pi Delhi Theta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Political Science; International Re- lations Club (3); Interfraternity Council (3); Catholic Club (4). JEANNETTE ELLEN MILLER Miami, Florida Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism; Sound and Fury (3, 4) ; Yackety Yack ( 3 ) . MARGARET ROYENA MILLER Daytona Beach, Florida Delta Delta Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Art; Sound and Fury (3) ; Modern Dance Club (3, 4). DOT SCOTT MILLS Durham, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; C.I.C.A. (3, 4). EMILY CORNELIA MILLER Strasburg, Virginia Alpha Delta Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in History. JUNE SYLVIA MINDLIN Fort Lauderdale, Florida Alpha Kappa Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Carolina Political Union (3). EMERY CLYDE MILLER, JR. Hickory, North Carolina Alpha Tan Omega: Tan Kappa Alpha Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry. JOSEPH BERNARD MIRSKY West Palm Beach, Florida Zela Beta Tan: Chi Delta Cam ma Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Interfraternity Council (2, 3); R.O.T.C. Executive Council (3). 50 for cJLeadership 4re Japped bu {Jalku nes. CALVIN CHAMBERS MITCHENER Raleigh, North Carolina Candidate fur B.A. Degree in Political Science. PAUL SIDNEY MOORHEAD North Little Rock, Arkansas Candidate for B.S. Degree in Mathematics. JOHN I. MORGAN Washington, North Carolina Del!.i Sigma Pi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Dialectic Senate (1); Band (1, 2) ; Student Legislature (3) ; University Club (3) ; Order of the Grail (3), Exchequer (4). JULIA ELIZABETH MORGAN Asheville, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Chemistry. ROBERT B. MORGAN Lillington, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Education. MARY ATHALIA MORROW Round Bay, Maryland Alpha Delia Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Cheerleader (4); Pan- Hellenic Council, Treasurer (4). JEAN LOUISE MORTON Beckley, West Virginia Delta Delia Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in English. MARGARET BASSETT MORTON Hopkinsville, Kentucky Chi Omega: Alpha Kappa Delia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology; Interdormitory Council (4) ; Women ' s Honor Council (4) ; Student Adviser (4) ; Archer House, President (4); Valkyries (4). NANCY LOGUE MURPHY Burgaw, North Carolina Alpha Psi Delia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology. EUGENE FRANCIS McALLISTER Davenport, Iowa Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. MIRIAM McCORMIC Rowland, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Physical Education ; Dialectic Senate (3) ; Glee Club (3) ; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4) ; Student Adviser (4). JUNE McCULLY Severna Park, Maryland Delia Delia Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in English. MITCHENER MOORHEAD MORGAN. J. I. MORGAN. J. E. MORGAN. R. B. MORROW HORTON. J. L. MORTON. M. R. MURPHY McAllister McCORMIC McCLLLY MUn • • • K arolivia 5 15 Oth _yvy nniueriaru 51 SARA MARGARET McEACHERN St. Pauls, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3), President (4); C.I.C.A. Council (3, 4); Graham Memorial Board of Directors (4) ; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities (4) ; Valkyries (4). DORIS LOUISE NEWELL St. Louis, Missouri Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. WALLACE RICHARD McGEE Mt. Pulaski, Illinois Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. ROSE ARLENE NEWELL Roxboro, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Sound and Fury (3, 4). WILLIAM ROBERT McKENZIE Winston-Salem, North Carolina Kappa Sigma Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Freshman Honor Council (1); Track (1, 2, 3, 4); German Club Executive Committee, Treasurer (3), President (4); Interfraternity Council, Secretary (3), President (4); Graham Memorial Board of Directors (4); Order of the Grail (4). WILLIAM EARL McCLAIN Opelika, Alabama Alpha Tan Omega Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Football (4); Student Legislature (4); Senior Class, Vice-President (4); Student Coun- el (4). JANE McRAE Savannah, Georgia Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Psi Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology; Sound and Fury (4). SADIE JEAN NEWMAN Stuart, Virginia Candidate for B.S. Degree in Public Health Nursing. GERALDINE NEWSOME Winston-Salem, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in French; Glee Club (3, 4) ; C.I.C.A. (3, 4). MILDRED LOUISE NEWTON Raeford, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism; Tar Heel (4); Inter national Relations Club (3, 4). JACQUELINE SUZANNE NIMOCK St. Louis, Missouri GRACE G. NEUMAN Dallas, Texas Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology. Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in German; Glee Club (3, 4); Sound and Fury (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3, 4). McEACHERN iNKWELL. D. L. McGEE McKENZIE NEWELL, R. A. NEW MAN McCLAIN McRAE NEUMAN NEWSOME NEWTON NIMOCK 4 A ••• Stolons L arollna J ra6 wW of tne J our 52 • • • L arotina 30th fnnii erdaru NORWOOD OWENS NLFER PAFE OBERST PALMER GEORGE ALEXANDER NORWOOD Winston-Salem, North Carolina Kappa Sigma Candidate for B.A. Degree in Mathematics; R.O.T.C. Executive Council (3, 4) ; R.O.T.C. Dance Committee (3, 4) ; Order of the Grail (4). ELIZABETH PRINCE NUFER Goldsboro, North Carolina Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Physical Education; Student Adviser (4) ; W.A.A. Council (3, 4). CAROL JEANNE OBERST Atlantic City, New Jersey Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism; Playmakers (3) ; Sound and Fury (3). JOHN BIGELOW O ' NEAL St. Davids, Pennsylvania Sigma Chi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Chemistry; Thirteen Club; German Club Executive Committee (3). MARY POWER OPPEN Savannah, Georgia Alpha Delta Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Dialectic Senate (3); Carolina Magazine (4); War Coordination Board (4). ZELDA OSER Forest Hills, New York Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology. O ' NEAL OPPEN OSER PARISH PARKER, F. I. EDITH BOND OWENS Dahlonega, Georgia Chi Omega PARKER, L. A Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Carolina Political Union (4) ; Playmakers (3) ; Sound and Fury, Treasurer (4) ; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4); Pan-Hellenic Council, Secretary (4); Valkyries. EUGENIA A. PAFE New Bern, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Political Science; C.I.C.A. (4). BETTY PALMER Asheville, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Medical Technology. RUTHE WHITLEY PARISH Wendell, North Carolina Delta Delta Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Physical Education; Sound and Fury (3) ; W.A.A. Council (4). FRANCIS IREDELL PARKER Charlotte, North Carolina Delta Kappa Epsilon Candidate for B.A. Degree in Political Science; Tra ck (1, 2); Yackety Yack (1, 2) ; Interfraternity Council (2, 4) ; Dance Com- mittee (3, 4). LAURA ANDERSON PARKER Rocky Mount, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Tar Heel (3, 4) ; Carolina Magazine (4); Glee Club (4); Sound and Fury (4). r ai u re- J uqkt Schools In the L c u i ounin ' • 53 •••Semors Jtl embers o the r forth Carolina PARRY PARSONS PENDER PENTLARGE PERRY. F. P. PERRY. V. POPKINS POOLE POLi POWELL POWER POWER! JEANNE MARIE PARRY Miami, Florida Delta Delta Delia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology; YaCKETY Yack (3, 4) ; Women ' s Senate (3, 4); Student Adviser (4); House Privileges Board (4). MARGARET CONSTANCE PARSONS Tampa, Florida Delta Delta Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism; Carolina Magazine (3, 4) ; Yackety Yack (3, 4) ; Sound and Fury (4) ; Interdormitory Council, Secretary (4); Cheerleader (4). JOHN ROBERT PENDER, III Charlotte, North Carolina Delta Kappa Epsilon : Alpha Epsilon Delta Candidate for B.S. Degree in Medicine; Yackety Yack (1). BARBARA JANE PENTLARGE Montclair, New Jersey Alpha Delta Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4). FRANCES PATTERSON PERRY Washington, D. C. Zeta Tan Alpha Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Glee Club (3, 4). WARREN SEIPP PERRY Kinston, North Carolina Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Rifle Team (2, 3) ; Inter- fraternity Council (3), Secretary (2) ; House Privileges Board (3) ; German Club Executive Committee (3); Swimming (1, 2, 3); R.O.T.C. Color Guard (3). MARY BROOKS POPKINS Leesburg, Virginia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism. JAMES J. POOLE Little Neck, New York Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Glee Club (2, 3) ; Inter- national Relations Club (3, 4). VIRGINIA DAVIS POU Raleigh, North Carolina Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Physical Education ; W.A.A. Vice- President (4). CHARLES ROBERT POWELL Newton, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Y.M.C.A. (4) ; R.O.T.C. Executive Council (4) ; Commander, Company A (4). JULIA WINIFRED POWER Vienna, Georgia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Student Adviser (4). GLORIA AIKEN POWERS Rutherfordton, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Tar Heel (3); Dialectic- Senate (4). 54 J uprerne L ourt Arre L aroiina Ljraduates. MORRIS WILEY PULLEY Kinston, North Carolina Kappa Alpha Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry; Glee Club (4). FAY PUSHKIN Miami Beach, Florida Candidate for B.A. Degree in French; Women ' s Senate (4) ; War Coordination Board (4) ; Student Adviser (4). WILLIAM HOWARD RAMBEAU Angier, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism; Debate Council (3); Tar Heel (3 ) ; Carolina Magazine ( 3 ) . GEORGE MASON RANKIN Charlotte, North Carolina Beta Thela Pi; Phi Beta Kappa Candidate for B.A. Degree in Spanish; R.O.T.C. Executive Coun- cil (4) ; Order of the Grail (4) ; Gimghoul. JEAN RENWICK RANKIN Port Washington, New York Chi Omega Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Women ' s Senate, Secretary (3) ; House Privileges Board (4) ; Women ' s Government Associa- tion, President (4) ; Women ' s Honor Council (4) ; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities (4) ; Graham Memorial Board of Directors (4) ; Student Welfare Board (4) ; Valkyries (3, 4). CHARLES EDWARD RATLIFFE, JR. Morven, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Glee Club (3). ALBERT PEARSALL RAYNOR Bay Shore, New York Phi Gamma Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Track (1, 2) ; Cross Country (2) ; Swimming (1, 3). JANE ANN REDD Lexington, Kentucky Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Glee Club (3) ; Sound and Fury (3). NINA B. REITER New York, New York Alpha Kappa Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; War Coordination Board (4) ; Hillel Foundation (3). SARA DAPHNE RICHARDSON Fayetteville, North Carolina Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; House Privileges Board (3); Campus Cabinet (3); Co-Chairman Orientation Committee (3). DONALD LaCLAIR RIGGIN Uniontown, Pennsylvania Candidate for B.A. Degree in Mathematics; Cross Country (3). DOROTHY ELIZABETH RHYNE Clemson, South Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in History; International Relations Club (4); C.I.C.A. (4). PULLEY PUSHKIN RAMBEAU RANKIN, G. M. RANKIN, J. R. RATLIFFE RAYNOR REDD REITER RICHARDSON RIGGIN RHYNE • • • ( aroiinaA 30tk Afi nmverSam 55 DELPHINA ROBERTS Savannah, Georgia Candidate for B.S. Degree in Medical Technology; C.I.C.A. (4). GLORIA ROSENBLOOM Rocky Mount, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. NANCY DOUGLAS ROBINSON Ardmore, Pennsylvania Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology. JACK TERAH SAMPSON Jackson, Mississippi Kappa Alpha Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; German Club Executive Committee (4) . PETER CHASE ROBINSON Cooleemee, North Carolina Phi Mu Alpha Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Band (1, 2, 3, 4). CATHERINE ELIZABETH SAULS Bristol, Tennessee Candidate for B.A. Degree in Political Science; C.I.C.A. (3, 4) RALPH JONES RODDENBERRY Cairo, Georgia Phi Delia Tbeta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Mathematics; R.O.T.C. Drum and Bugle Corps (3). ELIZABETH WELLS ROMANEK Elm City, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology. FRANK WENDELL SAUNDERS Reidsville, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Mathematics; Veterans ' Club (4) MARION LOVEWELL SAUNDERS Takoma Park, Washington Pi Beta Phi: Delia Phi Alpha Candidate for B.A. Degree in Spanish; Sound and Fury (3) ; Stu- dent Legislature ( 3 ) ; Playmakers (3, 4 ) ; Carolina Magazine ( 3, 4) ; Glee Club (3, 4) ; Civil Air Patrol (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Council, Vice-President (4) ; International Relations Club (4). ROBERT R. ROSEN Asheville, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry; Debate Squad (3, 4); Dialectic Senate (4). RUTH CLAIRE SAYCE Needham, Massachusetts Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology. ROBERTS ROSENBLOOM ROBINSON. N. D. ROBINSON, P. C SAMPSON SAULS RODDENBERRY SAUNDERS, F. W. — Sehiors wt 1 forth Carolina 5 twelve onqre$$men, 56 • • • L amuna ' d I50tk Mnniversam SCHARTLE SCHEI BERC SCHRODER SCHl ' LTZ SHANKLIN SHAUGHNESSV SHAW SINGLETARY SMITH. A. B. PATTY McFARLAND SCHARTLE Asheville, North Carolina SMITH. B. J. SMITH, I. S. ROBERT HILL SHAW Macon, North Carolina SMITH, M. N. Candidate for B.A. Degree in English. LABE CHARLES SCHEINBERG Memphis, Tennessee Zeta Beta Tau Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry. MARILYN ALDINE SCHRODER West Palm Beach, Florida Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in Economics. EDWIN BESWICK SCHULTZ Norris, Tennessee Phi Gamma Delia Candidate for BA. Degree in Chemistry; International Relations Club (1); Monogram Club (1, 2, 3); Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Rifle Team (2, 3); R.O.T.C. Social Committee (3). NELL JOANN SHANKLIN Greensboro, North Carolina Alpha Delta Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in History; Carolina Magazine (3); Tar Heel (3). DONALD FRANCIS SHAUGHNESSY Woodside, New York Candidate for BA. Degree in Chemistry; Catapult (1, 2, 3) ; Foot- ball (1, 2). Phi Delta Thela Candidate for B.A. Degree in Political Science; Baseball (1, 2); Glee Club (1); Graduation Marshal (3); Order of the Grail (3, 4) ; Campus Cabinet (4) ; Gorgon ' s Head Lodge; Senior Executive Committee ( 3 ) . EMILY ANNE SINGLETARY Blakely, Georgia Candidate for BA. Degree in Psychology; Sound and Fury (4); Campus War Drive, Chairman (4) ; War Coordination Board (4). ANDERSON BENSKIN SMITH, JR. Norge, Virginia Delta Tau Delta Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Student Legislature (3, 4); Campus Cabinet (4); Carolina Political Union (4). BETTE JEANNE SMITH Nashville, Tennessee Delta Delta Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in English ; Carolina Magazine, Business Manager (3); Sound and Fury (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (3), Editor, Rushing Manual (4); War Coordination Board (4). IRWIN S. SMITH Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Alpha Pit Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology. MARIAN NEVITT SMITH Arlington, Virginia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Spanish. me Mm J ormer S tvidenU of the UlniuersiL 57 Sehiors J Lve J omter aroii ma en SOMERS SOSNOW SOITHERLAND SPIEW AK SPROILE STANCILL STANTON STEUER STIFEL STRICKLAND STRINGFIELD SL ' TTLE JOHN ANTHONY SOMERS Baltimore, Maryland Delta Sigma Pi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. ANITA M. SOSNOW Brooklyn, New York Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology. EMMA DONA SOUTHERLAND Smithfield, North Carolina Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Glee Club (3) ; Sound and Fury (3, 4). PAUL JAY SPIEWAK Brooklyn, New York Phi Alpha Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Hillel Foundation (1, 3, 4); Swimming (1, 3. 4); Council for Religion in Life (4). CHARLES GERRISH SPROULE, JR. Cynwyd, Pennsylvania Phi Delia Thet.i Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Gorgon ' s Head Lodge, Treasurer (3), President (4); Wrestling (1, 2); Track (1); Manager Football Team (2, 3). LUCINDA MARGUERITE STANTON Washington, D. C. Alpha Delia Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology; Sound and Fury (3, 4) ; Modern Dance Club (3), Secretary-Treasurer (4); Cheerleader (4). INA RENEE STEUER Miami, Florida Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. ELIZABETH STEVENSON STIFEL Wheeling, West Virginia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Sound and Fury (3, 4) Yackety Yack (3). MARGARET GRIMMER STRICKLAND Wilson, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Medical Technology. MARY BECKWITH STRINGFIELD Mars Hill, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Music; Glee Club (3); Playmakers (3). GODFREY WELLS STANCILL Washington, North Carolina Sigma Nil ; Alpha Phi Omega Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Interfraternity Council (3); Finance Committee (2); University Club (3). MARGARET LEONELLE SUTTLE Montreat, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Dramatic Art; Playmakers (3). 58 Maue J erued as J )ecretaried of the r avt ' • BETTY DONALDSON SWEAT Corinth, Mississippi Pi Bet.! Phi : Alpha Kappa Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; Glee Club (3), President (4); Interdormitory Council (4); Women ' s Honor Council (4); Alderman Hall, President (4); Valkyries (4). ALLEN DENNY TATE, JR. Graham, North Carolina Pi K.ipp.i Alpha: Alpha Epsilon Delta Candidate for B.S. Degree in Medicine; Interfraternity Council (4) ; Student Legislature (4). PHILLIP READE TAYLOR Raleigh, North Carolina Zeta Pii Candidate for B.A. Degree in Economics; Interfraternity Council (3, 4); German Club Executive Committee (3, 4); Gimghoul. PEGGY LEWIS TEAGUE High Point, North Carolina Alpha Delta Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Sound and Fury (3, 4); University Club (4) ; Cheerleader (4). ALICE LEE TAYLOR Durham, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology. ROSALIE ANNE THALHEIMER Hamden, Connecticut Candidate for B.A. Degree in Economics; Hillel Foundation (4). EDGAR TAYLOR New York, New York Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Sound and Fury (1); Veterans ' Club (4). FLORENCE OLIVE TAYLOR Jacksonville, Florida Pi Beta Phi: Alpha P i Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology; Sound and Fury (4). HOYT PATRICK TAYLOR Wadesboro, North Carolina Phi Gamma Delta : Delta Stgma Pi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Freshman Honor Council (1) ; Track (1, 2). WILLIAM LAFAYETTE THIGPEN Scotland Neck, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry. CHARLOTTE THOMAS Culpeper, Virginia Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Sound and Fury (3, 4): University Club (4). MARY ELLEN THOMAS Baltimore, Maryland Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in English. SWEAT TATE TAYLOR, A. L. TAYLOR. E. TAYLOR, F. O. TAYLOR, H. P. TAYLOR. P. R. TEAGUE THALHEIMER THIGPEN THOMAS, C. THOMAS, M. E. • • • L aroilnad 150tk ivmiversaru 59 MARY LOUISE THOMSON Goldsboro, North Carolina Delta Delta Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in American History; Carolina Maga- zine (3). CONSTANCE HILDA THREATTE Jesup, Georgia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Dramatic Art. ELIZABETH LOUISE THRUSH Washington, DC Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology. EDWARD LLOYD TILLEY, JR. Raleigh, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Freshman Basketball (1). MABEL DARE TILLEY Chapel Hill, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Political Science; Town Girls ' Asso- ciation (3, 4). WILLIAM HENRY TINSLEY, JR. Roanoke, Virginia Phi Gamma Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Political Science; University Club (4). JOSEPH COLLINS TRAVIS Charlotte, North Carolina Dell.i Sigm.i Pi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Freshman Friendship Council; Carolina Political Union (4). JAMES NORMAN WAGGONER Elgin, Illinois Sigma Nh : Alpha Epsilon Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry. ROBERT BRUCE VAN WAGNER Asheville, North Carolina Sigm.i Chi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Economics; Student Legislature (1) ; German Club Executive Committee (2); University Club (2, 3); Student Council (3) ; R.O.T.C. Executive Council (3) ; Rifle Team (3). JOHN DAVID WALDROP Haynesville, North Carolina Delta Sigma Pi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Student Legislature (3) ; Dialectic Senate (3); Interdormitory Council (3, 4); Graham Memorial Board of Directors (3) ; Student Audit Board (3) ; Uni- versity Club (4) ; President Senior Class. RAYMOND LAMARNE WALTERS Columbus, Georgia Sigma Chi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Economics; Interfraternity Council (3) ; Sophomore Dance Committee (2) ; Baseball (1, 2, 3) ; Basket- ball (1, 3); Football (3); Athletic Association, President (3); Athletic Council (3). FRANCES HARRIET WEAVER Red Springs, North Carolina Alpha Delta Pi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Chemistry; W.A.A. Council (4). ' HOMSON THREATTE THRUSH TILLEY. E. L. TILLEY. M. D. TINSLEY TRAVIS WAGGONER VAN WAGNER WALDROP WALTERS WEAVER ...SUIIORS president jame6 60 • • L arollna 5 15 Oik _y r nnwersar ' WEBER WEBB WEBSTER W EINBERG W RISER W HITE. B. R. WHITE, J. S. WHITE, A. J. W HITE, M. W . WHITE, W . B. W IIITLEY WHITNEY FREDERIC HERBERT WEBER Winston-Salem, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Glee Club (1) ; Freshman Counselor (2); Debate Squad (2, 3, 4); Dialectic Senate, Clerk (2), Critic (3), President (4); Interdormitory Council (2); In- ternational Relations Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Student Legislature (3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (3, 4) ; Council for Religion in Life (3, 4). WARREN WRIGHT WEBB St. Petersburg, Florida Candidate for B.A. Degree in Mathematics; Glee Club (2); Bap- tist Student Union (2). ANN HARRISON WEBSTER Miami, Florida Candidate for B.A. Degree in Journalism; Carolina Magazine (3, 4); Women ' s Honor Council (3); Sound and Fury (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. Treasurer (4) ; War Coordination Board (3, 4). SIDNEY BLATT WEINBERG Monticello, New York Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry; Hillel Foundation (3, 4). ROSALYN WEISER Savannah, Georgia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Spanish. BETTY RUSKIN WHITE Mebane, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Mathematics; Glee Club (3, 4); Sound and Fury (3, 4); C.I.C.A. (3, 4). JAMES STARK WHITE Mebane, North Carolina Alpha Tan Omega Candidate for B.S. Degree in Medicine; Playmakers (1, 2) ; Sound and Fury (3, 4) ; Carolina Magazine (3) ; Thirteen Club; Freshman Friendship Council. ALTA JEANNE WHITE Atlanta, Georgia Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Political Science. MARGARET WIRT WHITE Captiva, Florida Kappa Kappa Gamma Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology; University Club (4). WYNETTE BOWDEN WHITE St. Petersburg, Florida Delta Delta Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Economics; Carolina Magazine, Co- Business Manager (3) ; W.A.A. Secretary (3, 4) ; Yackety Yack (3); Women ' s Government Association, Secretary (4); Pan-Hel- lenic Council (4); Interdormitory Council (3); Women ' s Honor Council (4) ; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities (4) ; Sesquicentennial Committee (4) ; Campus Cabinet (4) ; Val- kyries (3, 4); Vice-President Senior Class. WILLIAM HENRY WHITLEY Walstonburg, North Carolina Chi Psi: Delta Sigma Pi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. OSCAR MASON WHITNEY Atlanta, Georgia Phi Delta Theta Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Football Manager (1, 2, 3) ; Order of the Grail (4) ; Gimghoul. intended the Ulniue itu of V orth L amli arotina. 61 Sehioks Ovw 8,000 -M, vimm WIDEMAN WILLIAMS, J. N. WICGINS WILLIAMSON WILCOX WILLINCHAM WILKERSON WILSON WILKINSON WINCFIELD WILLIAMS. A. H. WINSTEAD JANE DICKSON WIDEMAN Washington, D. C. Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology. ELIZABETH PAULINE WIGGINS Hartsville, South Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Music; Women ' s Senate (3) ; Caro- lina Political Union (3, 4) ; Tar Heel (4) ; Glee Club (3, 4 ) ; In- stitute of Human Relations (4); C.I.C.A. (3), President (4); Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities (4) ; Orienta- tion Committee (4); Sesquicentennial Committee (4); Campus Cabinet (4) ; Valkyries (3, 4). JANE SIMPSON WILCOX Rome, Georgia Pi Bel.i Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Sound and Fury (3): Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4). JESSE NOAH WILLIAMS, JR. Greenville, North Carolina Phi Bel j Kappa: Alpha Chi Sigma Candidate for B.S. Degree in Chemistry; Outstanding Senior Award in Chemistry. DAN SCOTT WILLIAMSON Winston-Salem, North Carolina ■ BetaThetaPi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce; Interfraternity Council, Secretary (3); House Privileges Board (3). RICHARD BAYNARD WILLINGHAM Winston-Salem, North Carolina Sigma Alpha Epsilon Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry; Wrestling (1, 3, 4); University Dance Committee (3, 4) ; German Club Executive Com mittee (3, 4) ; Sesquicentennial Committee (4) ; Gorgon ' s HeaJ Lodge; Secretary Senior Class. LOUIS REAMS WILKERSON Raleigh, North Carolina Phi Kappa Sigma Candidate for B.S. Degree in Medicine; Band (2); Interfraternity Council (3). THOMAS OBERSON WILKINSON Jacksonville, Florida Candidate for B.S. Degree in Mathematics. MARGARET ELAINE WILSON Asheville, North Carolina Alpha Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in Spanish; C.I.C.A. (3). JiMMIE LOU WINGFIELD Norfolk, Virginia Alpha Delia Pi Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4). ALLAN HARVARD WILLIAMS Rochester, New York Phi Delta Thela Candidate for B.A. Degree in History. ELEANOR BRUTON WINSTEAD Roxboro, North Carolina Alpha Kappa Delia Candidate for B.A. Degree in Sociology. 62 fre in the Service of Jkeir L c ntn ' • BRUCE EVANS WINSLOW Washington, D. C. Phi Delta Thela: Delta Sigma Pi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Economics; Student Legislature (3); Intramural Manager (3). DORA SOMPAYRAC WINTERS Washington, D. C. Pi Beta Phi Candidate for B.A. Degree in French. GRACE HARPER WOODARD Wilson, North Carolina Candidate for B.A. Degree in Economics. MARGARET WARK WOODHOUSE New London, Connecticut Delta Delta Delta Candidate for B.A. Degree in Political Science; Yackety Yack (3), Business Manager (4); Tar Heel (3), Editorial Advisory Board (3) ; Publications Union Board, President (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Council (4) ; Campus Cabinet (4) ; Sorority Housing Council (4). MARTHA FINCH WORTHINGTON Ayden, North Carolina Theta Psi Epsilon Candidate for B.A. Degree in Chemistry; Student Adviser (4). MARY A. WRIGHT Blacksburg, Virginia Alpha Delta Pi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Physical Education ; W.A.A. Council (3). ANN WOODRUFF Clermont, Florida Candidate for B.S. Degree in Commerce. LILLIAN GARLAND WORSLEY Danville, Virginia Candidate for B.A. Degree in English; Glee Club (3), Secretary (4) ; Council for Religion in Life (4). THARON ELIZABETH YOUNG Boone, North Carolina Chi Omega Candidate for B.A. Degree in Psychology; Debate Squad (3); Dialectic Senate (3, 4); Women ' s Honor Council (3, 4); Inter- dormitory Council (3), President (4) ; Coed Senate (3, 4) ; Graham Memorial Board of Directors (4); Valkyries (4). • • • L arouna ' d i50th 4i nmversam 63 64 Jime for Fun. RnD HERE ' S EIGHT REPSOnS WHY ! ! ! - . W - can ' t count — he . . . We heard her sing to the music of Clyde Lucas. ft iL JL fi r . . N.R.O.T.C. ReoiKr Ball 65 Quick tracks to the Y. prcssire wilb a dr 66 " Undergrads " this year was a reality. We weren ' t Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen . . . except in the South building files. Some of us — Freshmen in plaid jackets Returned as Sophomores in Gob suits. 500 of us were coeds, . . . transfers from all over. Coeds and civilians said, " Carolina is different V-12 ' s said, " Carolina is different. " We all felt at home. Freshmen rat caps weren ' t seen, We were undergrads, not underdogs. We joined fraternities a sororities We measured Franklj . . . with a fi And even let D e burn jl bonfire. But we were In this We were ounciL«y staff members Tar He , Bkj UPphins, White Ft We debated compulsory fizz ed, We had legislature difficulties, We wrote letters to the Tar Heel . . . complaining and complimenting. We lived: In classrooms and out . . . On the second floor of Graham Memorial, In the lounging rooms at the " Y, " Downtown and around . . . In the reference room of the library, On the gravel paths in the springtime, In forums and bull sessions. With our feet under a desk . . . or a table, At Kenan Stadium and Woolen Gym, The Tin Can and Fetzer Field, We walked in the rain. We were the Undergrads With much behind us . . . and more to come. 67 Jke lAniversitiA of V forth Carolina s6 tm . . . THEY MIGHT BE PLANNING TO HEAR THE ORGAN- IST PRACTICE Betty Tucker, Asheville, N. C Junior Hugh B. Wallis. Washington, D. C junior Charles L. Revelle, Murfreesboro, N. C Freshman Gloria Jastremski, Houma, La Junior Worth Gregory. Elizabeth City, N. C Sophomore Nona Yost. Seattle, Wash Junior Anne Heins. Augusta, Ga Junior Cleo Duke Wilder, Jr.. Paris, Tenn Sophomore Marian N. Smith, Arlington, Va Junior George Robertson. Washington, D. C Freshman ... AS WE PASS BY THE VILLAGE AP ARTMENTS Jack W. Clark, Guilford College, N. C Freshman Betty Albergotti, Greer, S. C Junior Patsy J. McLawhorn. Winterville, N. C Junior Jayne Cather. Winchester, Va Junior John R. Lineweaver. Baltimore, Md Freshman Martha Aiken. Miami, Fla Junior Albert W. Patrick. Acworth, Ga Sophomore William E. Mackie. Chapel Hill, N. C Sophomore Alice L. Craig. Concord, N. C Junior Robert G. Baumann. Washington, D. C Sophomore . . . PRELUDE TO A CHAT WITH PRESIDENT GRAHAM Gilbert A. McLeod, Roblina, N. C Junior Patricia Woltz. Norris, Tenn Junior C. B. Daly, College Point, N. Y Sophomore Robert L. Emanuel. Raleigh, N. C Sophomore Mary Green Brackin. Danville, Va Junior Marilyn Carmichael. Latta, S. C Junior Warren G. McLeod. Jasper, Fla Sophomore Harlan L. McCartney. Bradford, Tenn Sophomore Barbara Rich. Chapel Hill, N. C Junior Leland T. Gray, Washington, N. C Sophomore . . . BETWEEN CLASSES ON SOUTH STEPS Doris Lyles, Charlotte, N. C Junior Morris D. Moser. King, N. C Freshman W. Smith Kirk, Salisbury, N. C Freshman Betty Baker, Charlotte, N. C Junior Stephen Elmore. Hertford, N. C Freshman James S. McNider. Jr., Hertford, N. C Freshman Ann G. Noble. Smithfield, N. C Junior Rhoda Fitzpatrick. Rougemont, N. C Junior Harry C. Good. Williamsport, Pa Freshman Margaret L. Goold. Raleigh, N. C Junior • • • Carolina ' s 150th Anniversary 68 yJtdest S tate [Aniver itu in Xta wtenca. . . . RESEARCH POSSIBILITIES HERE Ann Hancock, Paragould, Ark Junior Mary Virginia Freeman, Clarksville, Va Junior Angela Hardy, Roanoke Rapids, N. C Junior Iris Fisher, Roseboro, N. C Junior Joyce Fowler, Mullins, S. C Junior Anne Johnson, Bedford, Va Junior Frances Bleight, Richmond, Va Junior Alma Young, Dunn, N. C Junior Bettie Gaither, Elizabeth City, N. C Junior Mary Pierce Johnson, Weldon, N. C Junior . . . TAR HEELS BRED GET BLED Ben White, Blue Ash, Ohio Junior Sam Cavenaugh, Wallace, N. C Freshman Byerly H. Baxter, Lenoir, N. C Freshman Stafford C. Walker, Kirbyville, Tex Freshman Percy H. Forrest, Vicksburg, Miss Freshman L. R. Thompson, Jr., Winston-Salem, N. C Junior George Miller, Charlotte, N. C Freshman Sonny Jobe, Forest City, N. C Freshman Nancy Correll, Penns Grove, N. J Junior Art Brewer, Ft. Worth, Tex Junior OLe UllDERGRfiDUflTES 69 VL UnDERGRRDURTES ... OF COURSE WE SHOULD GO ON TO THE LIBRARY Mary Darden Quinerly, Ayden, N. C Junior Martha Peatross, Raleigh, N. C Junior Lillian E. Cherry, Barton, Fla Junior Catherine Harris, Catawba, N. C Junior Betty Adams, Roanoke, Va Junior W. Ernest Powell, Jr., Asheville, N. C Sophomore Louis Carr Mitchell, Ahoskie, N. C Sophomore Leigh Kemper, Shelby, N. C Junior William C. Wheeler, Oxford, N. C Freshman Harold Suits, Liberty, N. C Sophomore . . . THE MOST POPULAR DEPARTMENT IN TOWN Tom Kerns, Durham, N. C Junior Donald M. Parsela, Wilmington, N. C Freshman John L. Edgerton, Charlotte, N. C Sophomore Linda Williams, Sanford, N. C Junior Roy Rowe, Washington, D. C Junior Marjorie G. Cole, Raleigh, N. C Junior Robert L. Thurston, Taylorsville, N. C Junior Margaret Alice Burk, Nashville, Tenn Junior James Leak Little, Jr., Salisbury, N. C Sophomore Betty Lou Lamb, Fayetteville, Tenn Junior L arolina r4as the oLarqest f 70 • • • Carolina ' s 150th Rnniversary . . . SOME LIKE TO TALK, SOME LIKE TO DANCE, SOME . . . Brent Woodson, Salisbury, N. C Junior Dal Davis, St. Paul, Neb Junior Shirley Rivers, High Point, N. C Junior William Nims, Fort Mill, S. C Junior Carroll Cone, Tampa, Fla Junior Jack Skelley. Union, Pa Sophomore Phyllis Ganey, Fort Myer, Fla Junior Bill Crutchfield, Orangeburg, S. C Junior Pamela Hotard, New Smyrna, Fla Junior Larry Herreara, Brownsville, Tex Sophomore . . . YOU ' RE ALWAYS WELCOME AT KENAN John Collier Cobb. Goldsboro, N. C Sophomore Frances Allen Tilley, Raleigh, N. C Junior William Patrick Mayo, Washington, D. C Sophomore Grace Towery, Asheboro, N. C Junior Billy Sexton, Rocky Mount, N. C Sophomore Marty Galbraith, Eldorado, Ark Junior Thomas E. Lathrop, Western Springs, 111 Junior Clay Irby, Blackstone, Va Sophomore Frances Maurice, Red Jacket, W. Va Junior .Alfred Wilson Griffin, Jr., Goldsboro, N. C Sophomore . . . BOTANICAL GARDENS?? Larry Schrum, Hickory, N. C Junior James W. Barger, Graysville, Tenn Junior Nina Guarch, Poplar Branch, N. C Junior John Eley Thompson, Colerain, N. C Sophomore Virginia Mason, Akron, Ohio Junior William L. Pendergraph, Haw River, N. C Junior Molly Smith, Moorestown, N. C Junior Percey C. Weeks, Clinton, N. C Sophomore Nancy A. Fitch, Greensboro, N. C Junior Leroy Musselman, Piano, III Junior ... NO CRACKS ABOUT THE STATUE, IF YOU PLEASE Frank R. Goar, Jr., Nashville, Tenn Junior Herbert Weber, Winston-Salem, N. C Junior Calvin West, Hazel, Ky Junior Ralph F. Dupes, Tescott, Kan Sophomore Lib Schofield, Lynn Haven, Fla Junior Betsy Anne Bowman, Chapel Hill, N. C Junior Caroline House, Chapel Hill, N. C Junior Thomas Reid Mellard, Asheville, N. C Junior Elizabeth Mace, Beaufort. N. C Junior Frances DuBose, Camden, S. C Junior otieaiaie c i imon in rp the J )outn. 71 3u am oor o Y l i oouen Ljiawi 6 c Lc ame ? . . . ARMORS ' GUN TAKES A BACK SEAT Delbert Roy Leatherman, Rank, Colo Sophomore John S. O ' Neall, Jr., Knoxville, Tenn Freshman Bob Wolfe, Clendenin, W. Va Junior Aaron Jaffe, Philadelphia, Pa Junior Clifford E. Gehrt, Normal, 111 Sophomore Ed Gunion, Oakland, Calif Junior Ellis Berlin, Martinsville, Va Junior Don W. Coll man, Pittsburgh, Pa Junior Lote Kinney, Jr., Salt Lake City, Utah Junior Margaret Carter, Johnson City, Tenn Junior . . . SHOOTING THE BREEZE ON THE DKE PORCH Harold Sidney Lee, Jr., DeWitt, Va Sophomore John S. Nolan, Miami Beach, Fla Sophomore Seymour Schimler, New York, N. Y Freshman Albert M. Slat on, Hattiesburg, Miss Freshman Bn I Hull, Hoisington, Kan Sophomore John E. Bottoms, Margarettsville, N. C Freshman Mary Louise Martin, Roanoke Rapids, N. C Junior John V. McHugh, Lansdowne, Pa Sophomore Penny Souf s, Wilson, N. C Junior William M. Spragins, Clarksdale, Miss Freshman Winona Summer, Cherryville, N. C Junior . . . ISN ' T SENIOR WALK BEAUTIFUL? Judy Joy Rodnick, Woodmere, L. I., N. Y Junior Nancy Stubblefield, Yazoo City, Miss Junior Audrey Branch, Asheville, N. C Junior Louise Hull, Yazoo City, Miss Junior Mary Frances Henry, Little Rock, Ark Junior Linda Nobles, Rosedale, Miss Junior Nancy McClendon, Shreveport, La Junior Meadie Montgomery, Yazoo City, Miss Junior Martha Taylor, Chapel Hill, N. C Junior Sara Jo Barnett. Atlanta, Ga Junior . . . SOME EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITY AT GRAHAM Linney Lee Connolly, Jr., Roanoke, Va Sophomore Orville E. Blank, Daytona Beach, Fla Junior James T. Brittingham, Salisbury, Md Freshman Gwyn Morris, Chapel Hill, N. C Junior Roy Fisher, Roxboro, N. C Junior Henry Scarborough, Mt. Gilead, N. C Junior John B. Chase, Jr., Eureka, N. C Junior Betty Marks, Chapel Hill, N. C Junior Jay Harrell, Goldsboro, N. C Junior Coline Smith, Chapel Hill, N. C Freshman • • • Carolina ' s 150th Rnniversary 72 C nouiak for J ix I Da5ketbatt L oudd. FOR ONCE, ENOUGH GALS TO GO AROUND Philip J. Moskowitz, Trenton, N. J Junior Cornelia Alexander, Shreveport, La Junior Olive Ann Burns, Macon, Ga Junior Charles Stevens, Mt. Gilead, N. C Sophomore Phyllis M. Hon, Rye Beach, N. H Junior Barbara Rogers, Sandusky, Ohio Junior Berlette Capt, San Antonio, Tex Junior James F. Cassidy, New York, N. Y Sophomore Nancy Pinkston, Montgomery, Ala Junior Mary Porter Shook, Birmingham, Ala Junior ONE AFTERNOON WE GOT PAID FOR THIS Dorothy Parker, Greensboro, N. C Junior Jane Gunter, Fuquay Springs, N. C Junior Kathryn Hall, Asheville, N. C Junior Phyllis Sullivan, New Bedford, Mass Junior Evelyn Elkins, St. Augustine, Fla Junior Harvey Harrison, Tzell, Va Freshman Jane Slaughter. Orange, Va Junior Brent Woodson, Salisbury, N. C Junior Bob Thomas, Augusta, Ga Junior Jeanne Hays, Williamson, W. Va Junior OL UI1DERGRRDURTES 73 VL UnDERGRRDURTES Q v X S g . . . GRAHAM FIREPLACE MUSTER Milly Schlater, Greenwood, Miss Junior Bill Kelly, Raleigh, N. C Junior Jimmy Spillers, Monroe, La Freshman Austin Parker, Charleston, S. C Junior Grady Mitchell, Selma, Ala Sophomore Jane Richardson, Reidsville, N. C Junior Jim Worley, III, Knoxville, Tenn Junior Elaine Bates, Leland, Miss Junior Eddi e Keyes, Kingsport, Tenn Junior Sara Hebson, Anniston, Ala Junior . . . ARBORETUM ENTRANCE: NO BLANKETS IN SIGHT Christopher C. Fordham, Greensboro, N. C Jun Jesse Clyde Johnson, Mayodan, N. C Jun Babs Saunders, Opelika, Ala Jun Lillian Leonard, St. Petersburg, Fla Jun Jane Fairley, Monroe, N. C Jun Dan P. Moseley, Kinston, N. C Jun Linda Vines Cobb, Pinetops, N. C Jun Bill McCarthy, Florence, S. C Sophomore George Hatch Reynolds, West Palm Beach, Fla Junior Jennings Seago, Lilesville, N. C Junior Ec viA man m t ' emona I Ma5 C lakt f 74 • • • Carolina ' s 150th Rnniversary . . . THIS, CHILDREN, IS A PICTURE, PERIOD Robert Stanley Parham, Henderson, N. C Freshman Juanita Anderson, Raleigh, N. C Senior John L. Gignilliat, Macon, Ga Freshman Sally Bryan, Oxford, N. C Junior John Paul Godehaux, New Orleans, La Freshman James N. Bradford, Winston-Salem, N. C Freshman Mary Stuart Snider, Salisbury, N. C Junior Virginia Hunter, Greensboro, N. C Junior Private Dean Matthews, ACER., Asheville, N. C... .Freshman Robert Morrison, Hickory, N. C Sophomore . . . HONEST, SOMEBODY READS THE TAR HEEL William L. Moore, Greensboro, N. C Sophomore Meada Degges, Heath Springs, S. C Sophomore Sarah W. Kibler, Morganton, N. C Sophomore James Price Dillard, Tuscaloosa, Ala Junior Margaret deRosset, Fayetteville, N. C Junior Betty L. Edwards, Tarboro, N. C Junior Adrian Chappell, Tyner, N. C Freshman Cliff C. Marcussen, Modesto, Calif Sophomore Monique Michel, Asheville, N. C Junior Frank William Selig, Jr., Elizabeth City, N. C Junior ... NO MANPOWER SHORTAGE AT SPENCER Bill Voris, Van Nuys, Calif Sophomore Jim E. Hunter, Fairfax, Mo Sophomore Marianne Browne, Chapel Hill, N. C Junior H, L. Michael, Bradenton, Fla Sophomore Roger C. Laynor, Elkridge, Md Junior Jack McPhaul, Parkton, N. C Junior Louise Randall Russell, Fulton, Ky Junior Talbot F. Parker, Jr., Goldsboro, N. C Freshman Stephen Paul Gyland, Tampa, Fla Freshman Banks Holt Mebane, Jr., Wilson, N. C Freshman . . . INSTITUTE OF GOVERNMENT, LOOKING ALIVE Norman Herbert Silver, High Point, N. C Junior John Palmer Horton, Jr., North Wilkesboro, N. C. .Freshman Laurence Hecht, Columbus, Ga Freshman Edward Max Heller, New Orleans, La Junior Fred C. Bauer, Palmyra, N. J Freshman Mary Elizabeth Upshaw, Atlanta, Ga Junior Myra E. Sklarey, Newark, N. J Junior Jerry Davidoff, Sunnyside, N. Y Sophomore Donald Sink, Lexington, N. C Freshman Robert L. Hawkins, Shelby, N. C Freshman Standard Jmmpic f acinq cyLc lAfnpt " j .ane5. 75 vJf the 46 Ljovemori of V odk L aroll arouna . . . THERE GOES THAT BELL AGAIN Natalie Harrison, Charlotte, N. C Junior Dorothy Carmack, St. Petersburg, Fla Junior Audrey Harmon, Austin, Tex Sophomore Gloria Chapman, Charlotte, N. C Junior Ruth Audrey Duncan, St. Petersburg, Fla Junior Marjorie Jordan, Asheville, N. C Junior Betty Edwards, Morganton, N. C Junior Henry E. Stowers, Washington, D. C Freshman Dorothy Gustafson, St. Petersburg, Fla Junior Anne Fields, Washington, D. C Junior . . . DAVIE POPLAR WAS A YOUNG TREE WHEN . . . LaVerne June Mook, St. Petersburg, Fla Junior Sam Mason, Washington, D. C Freshman Margaret Finney, St. Petersburg, Fla Junior James A. Rogers, McMinnville, Tenn Freshman Nan Shackleford, Tampa, Fla Junior Criquette Butler, Chapel Hill, N. C Sophomore Miriam Louise King, Baltimore, Md Junior Darrold Ryder Witter, Jr., Winston-Salem, N. C Freshman Catherine Boling, Tampa, Fla Junior Vernon Cartner, Winston-Salem, N. C Sophomore fe-iii 5 k si . . . FELLOWS, AREN ' T YOU LOOKING THE WRONG WAY ? Murray McCain, Newport, N. C Sophomore James D. Elinore, Dunn, N. C Freshman James C. Gabriel, Mooresville, N. C Freshman J. Preston Lemly, Salisbury, N. C Sophomore Thomas C. Munden, Smithfield, N. C Junior Evelyn Cheek Davis, Winston-Salem, N. C Junior J. Earle Elliott, Jr., Chevy Chase, Md Junior Bob Williams, Monroe, N. C Freshman Fred J. Steputis, Denver, Colo Sophomore William Marsh, Aulander, N. C Sophomore . . . FOR A CHANGE, THE OLD WELL IS BEHIND THE CAMERA Pauline Bell, Greenville, N. C Junior Edward Lee Baity, Winston-Salem, N. C Sophomore Stanley M. Chernish, New York, N. Y Junior An n Thornton, Greensboro, N. C Junior Catherine Sloan, Garland, N. C Junior Kenneth Benbow Moser, Winston-Salem, N. C Freshman Charlotte Mary Hamor, Charlotte, N. C Junior William Covington Parker, Albemarle, N. C Freshman Jean Brooks, Kinston, N. C Junior Lois Eliezer, Fairlawn, N. J Junior • • • Carolina ' s 150th Anniversary 76 26 J4aue tmdied at L kapet Mlti. . . SO THE GIRLS TOOK OVER CARR— ANY OBJECTIONS? Marjorie Ezzelle, Waxhaw, S. C Junior Viola Hovle, Henderson, N. C Junior Enid Phillips, Lexington, N. C Junior Mildred Pugh, Senatobia, Miss Junior Carolyn Bowman, Shelby, N. C Junior Jane Leonard, Johnson City, Tenn Junior Ella Jean Frooge, Jamestown, Tenn Junior Betsy Carrington, Knoxville, Tenn Junior Mary Hill Gaston. Gastonia, N. C Junior Beverly Lee, Marshallville, Ga Junior EVERYTHING FROM COKES TO SPORTS COATS Gene Franklin, Asheville, N. C Freshman Sam B. Freeman, Jr., Clarksville, Va Freshman Robert A. Monroe, Laurinburg, N. C Senior Marilyn Meeks, Chapel Hill, N. C Freshman Bill Lloyd, Chapel Hill, N. C Freshman Shroye Lange, Chapel Hill, N. C Sophomore Helen Crockford, Chapel Hill, N. C Freshman Marilyn Mitchell, Roanoke, Va Junior Betsy Anne Barbee, Chapel Hill, N. C Freshman Leon Gabriel, Mooresville. N. C Freshman Z)L UnDERGRflDUflTES 77 VL UnDERGRRDURTES fe 7SS Jl . . . WAITING FOR THE NOD FROM EUGENE AT THE PORTHOLE Elizabeth M. Heserson, Davidson, N. C Junior William H. Johnson, Mt. Airy, N. C Freshman Jimmie Swann, Lakeland, N. C Freshman Barbara Anne Wyatt, Petersburg, Va Junior Barbara Millner, Alexandria, Va Junior Bettie B. Haughton, Charlotte, N. C Junior James F. Fowler, Charlotte, N. C Junior Robert P. Osburn, Chandler, N. C Freshman William B. Cartwright, Pee Dee, N. C Freshman Jimmie Pack, Winston-Salem, N. C Freshman . . . ABSORBING THE PLAYMAKER ATMOSPHERE Jane Cromartie, Garland, N. C Jun Elizabeth Hill Graham, Charlotte, N. C Jun Bftty Jean Fortune, Asheville, N. C Jun Rebecca Wood Drane, Monroe, N. C Jun Anne Phillips, Cuthbert, Ga Jun Elizabeth Andrews, Memphis, Tenn Jun Gerry Smith, Concord, Ga Jun Jeanelle Ray, Montgomery, Ala Jun Jane Clark Cheshire, Raleigh, N. C Jun Margaret Winslow, Rocky Mount, N. C Jun Jhe lAnlversltu oLia ' war ' 78 • • Carolina ' s 150th Anniversary . . . IN THE PARLOR OF STEELE DORM . . . John Edwin Davenport, Nashville, N. C Freshman Thomas E. Shoeve, Leaksville, N. C Freshman Michael A. De Maio, New Rochelle, N. Y Freshman Hayden Lutterloh, Jr., Sanford, N. C Freshman Lawrence Ray Berry, Savannah, Ga Freshman Maxwell Borow, Bound Brook, N. J Junior Harley Jennings, Jr., Danville, Va Junior Farrel Potts, Mooresville, N. C Freshman Dave Sobel, Chappaqua, N. Y Sophomore Johnny Williams, Landis, N. C Freshman Maurice E. Brooks, Pasadena, Calif Sophomore . . . PEP RALLY AROUND GRAHAM MEMORIAL PIANO . . . Bill Thweatt, Brooklyn, N. Y Junior Dick Stoker, Salisbury, N. C Freshman Betty Blue Bowers, Newland, N. C Junior Carroll Poplin, Winston-Salem, N. C Sophomore Bill Marr, San Francisco, Calif Junior Aurora Dolly, Gastonia, N. C Junior Charles H. Wickenberg, Jr., Columbia, S. C Junior Betty Butler, Savannah, Ga Junior Annice Eidge, St. Petersburg, Fla Junior Fred Flagler, High Point, N. C Sophomore . . . MAYBE GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE . . . John D. Nichols, Winston-Salem, N. C Freshman Jack G. Shiller, Brooklyn, N. Y Freshman Curtis Montgomery, Mayodan, N. C Freshman Donald Branson, Lexington, N. C Freshman Barbara Schuster, Monroe, La Junior James Ralph Hedrick, Lexington, N. C Freshman George H. Leonard, Lexington, N. C Freshman Jo Georges, Chapel Hill, N. C Junior Abie Moskow, Whiteville, N. C Sophomore June L. Kane, Boston, Mass Junior . . . Ummmmmmmmmmmm ! ! ! . . . Margie Pullen, Houma, La Jun Ellen McCollum, Ellendale, La Jun Gertrude Walton, Salisbury, N. C Jun Marguerite Murray, High Point, N. C Jun Ida Prince, Dunn, N. C Jun Betty ' Simmons, Rocky Mount, N. C Jun Echo Patterson, Cuthbert, Ga Jun Jane Isenhour, Charlotte, N. C Jun Gloria Clancy, Albany, Ga Jun Marguerite Emmert, Atlanta, Ga Jun Containi 4 70,000 Vol vtwies. 79 J enan J ' ooWall S tadi UAWl . . . CAUGHT THEM MAILING LETTERS Margaret Parks, Bristol, Va Junior W. Irwin Smallwood, Greensboro, N. C Freshman Mary Crum, Helena, Ark Junior Mary Jane Gallaher, Lexington, Ky Junior Tom Gorman, Philadelphia, Pa Sophomore Mary H. Foy, Savannah, Ga Junior Donald M. Dudzik, Chicago, III Sophomore Lane Eugene Thomas, Greensboro, N. C Freshman Iames Hedgpeth, Greensboro, N. C Freshman Virginia Hart, Chatham, Va Junior . . . KILLING TIME— AND MAKING TIME— AT THE PORT- HOLE Emory Miller, Hickory, N. C Junior Jeanne Rundell, Greenville, Pa Junior Ruby Frances Brown, Waynesville, N. C Junior Thelma Jeanne Dailey, Miami, Fla Junior Lester Hill, Beaufort, N. C Sophomore Earl Holdbrook, Winston-Salem, N. C Junior Dick Major, Hendersonville, N. C Freshman Dada Andrews, Tampa, Fla Junior Monroe Redden, Hendersonville, N. C Junior Sara Stockton, Winston-Salem, N. C Junior . . . " SHE SAID SHE WOULD BE DOWN IN TEN MINUTES. " Samuel J. Scott, Greenville, N. C Sophomore Frank Lee Sadle, Burkville, Ala Sophomore C. Vincent Lyons, Memphis, Tenn Junior Russell H. Baughman, Western Port, Md Sophomore William Harrison, Brunswick, Ga Sophomore Jenks Tripp, Washington, N. C Junior Bill Whitley, Walstonburg, N. C Junior William R. Walston, Nashville, N. C Junior Hugh Hunt Miller, Ellerbe, N. C Junior William G. Egeln, Sea Girt, N.J Freshman GREEK COURT ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON Edward L. Twohey, St. Paul, Minn Junior Dickey Duvall, Atlanta, Ga Junior James G. Regan, Winston-Salem, N. C Junior G. C. " Boots " Walker, Marion, Va Sophomore Wade W. Phillips, Greensboro, N. C Junior Elizabeth Taylor, Asheville. N. C Junior John Tull, Lonoke, Ark Junior John William Lindsay, Jr., High Point, N. C Junior Helen Borgstrom, Washington, D. C Junior George E. Henkel, Washington, D. C Junior • • • Carolina ' s 150th Rnniversary 80 .Accommodates 24,000 S pectatori. CARR DORM, NAVY, MARINES— DOING ALL RIGHT FOR THEMSELVES EAN McMaster. Winnsboro. S. C Junior Vlfred B. Brady, Jr., Chadbourn, N. C Junior ,andy Minnix. Atlantic City, N. J Sophomore XAayne K. Brenengen, LaCrosse, Wis Sophomore vJooky McGee, Rocky Mount. N. C Junior )ell Clary, Paris, Tenn Jun " " " Salter James Stuart, Jr., Alexandria, Va Sophomore 30RIS Eachus, Downington, Pa Junior vIac Hobkirk, Ogdensburg, N. Y Junior Catkins Hitt Estes, Greenville, S. C Sophomore . I WISH ... I WISH . . . [•homas Wicker, Hamlet, N. C Freshman 3 at Snyder, Chevy Chase, Md Junior tfARY Catherine McInnis, Gainesville, Fla Junior }. L. Anderson, Marion, Va Junior Zarolyn Rich, Orlando, Fla Jumor Drville Simpson, Cincinnati, Ohio Junior Bill McKee, Council Bluffs. Iowa Junior [ACK Sturgell, Washington, D. C Junior Mildred Kresnick, White Sulphur Springs, W. Va Junior . W. Blaha, Denver, Col Sophomore Jke UflDERGRRDURTES 81 JL UflDERGRRDURTES s a » " A (1345?) . . . QUICKEST WAY OF GETTING OUT OF THE HILL George Carroll, III, City Island, N. Y Sophomore Jack Sampson, Jackson, Miss Junior Haywood M. Page, Burgaw, N. C Freshman Bill Cranford, Winston-Salem, N. C Junior Ray Levine, Bronx, N. Y Junior Carroll Poplin, Winston-Salem, N. C Sophomore Charles L. Fulton, Franklin, N. C Sophomore Thomas E. Privette, Louisburg, N. C Freshman L. E. Brown, Elkton, Md Sophomore S. W. Delahay, Oxford, Md Sophomore . . . STREET SCENE William M. Finch, Sanford, N. C Freshman Iky. Fox, Oxford, N. C Sophomore Hyman K. Cohen, Baltimore, Md Junior Marguerite Ann Judson, Chapel Hill, N. C Freshman John M. Westbrook, Birmingham, Ala Sophomore Howard B. Perry, Charlotte, N. C Freshman Dick Chamberlain, North Wilkesboro, N. C Freshman Ed Goldman, Keyport, N. J Junior Leon Lewis Gordon, Rutherfordton, N. C Junior Lee A. O ' Briant, Raeford, N. C Freshman Jld C ad Jjopfn Jr6 the LJlded J tatt 82 • • Carolina ' s 150th Rnniversary . . TWO TO ONE IT ' S RUM AND COCA-COLA " vIary Elizabeth Pell. Chapel Hill, N. C Freshman Zlive N. Thompson, Washington, D. C Junior ohn K. Anderson, Roseville, Mich Junior .udwig G. Scott, Burlington, N. C Sophomore Prentiss Stillwell Edwards, Macon, Ga Sophomore dith Barrow Pell, Chapel Hil l, N. C Junior Arthur E. Collins, Rock Falls, 111 Freshman •Jedra Harriet Goldstein, Manning, S. C Junior Harvey G. Schlichter, Philadelphia, Pa Junior -Ioward M. DiETz, Omaha, Neb Junior Dreno Billings, Spartanburg, S. C Junior . . LINE FORMS TO THE RIGHT, GENTLEMEN BlLEEN Deem, Asheville, N. C Junior [anice Schmidt, Zanesville, Ohio Junior Barbara Boyd, Honea Path, S. C Junior Barbara Pennington, Atlanta, Ga Junior Patty Harry, Miami, Fla Junior Mary Widener, Bristol, Va Junior Nan Stoner, Fayetteville, N. C Junior Fran Hicks, Fayetteville, N. C Junior Evelyn Johnson, Statesville, N. C Junior Virginia Bird, Mette, Ga Junior ... ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON William S. Kincaid, Maxton, N. C Freshman Bill D. Jolley, Cliffside, N. C Freshman Lloyd C. McCaskill, Laurinburg, N. C Junior E. B. Vanvoorhees, Palm Beach, Fla Sophomore Allen Sinclair, Norwood, N. C Freshman Dick Wax, Amory, Miss Freshman Eugene F. Russell, Goldsboro, N. C Freshman Bettie Sydenstriker, Lewisburg, W. Va Junior Horace G. Warner, Walkertown, N. C Freshman Harold Lawrence Warner, Walkertown, N. C Freshman John A. Kirkland, Wilson, N. C Freshman . . . SMILE FOR THE BIRDIE— THAT ' S IT Charlie Snoddy, Salemburg, N. C Sophomore Joe Rowland, Kittrell, N. C Junior Sarah Dunlap Bobbitt, Charlotte, N. C Junior M. Lorena Dawson, Kinston, N. C Junior Jean Gunnels, Albany, Ga Junior Sim Smith, Greenville, Ga Junior Bernice Haithcock, Chapel Hill, N. C Freshman Martha Davis Faison, Faison, N. C Junior Mary Elizabeth Norton, Brunswick, Ga Junior Ulniuerditu dSvilldlnQ in J4i c l rinenca. 83 Jkere 4re yjver 60 Mnii erditi ik . . . WHITEHEAD GUYS ON THEIR BEST BEHAVIOR Gene Hall Johnstone, Haleyville. Ala Sophomore Mozelle Hooks, Whiteville. N. C Junior Euell M. Wren, Atlanta, Ga Freshman Clarence J. Peters, Jr.. Wilmington, Mass Freshman Joseph B. Forrestal, Afton, Wis Junior Inez Macklin, Seaford, Del Junior Ioe Al Denker, Hollywood, Calif Sophomore Earle Spaugh, Charlotte, N. C Sophomore Fred R. Poldrugowach, Brooklyn, N. Y Sophomore . DON ' T WATCH THE CAMERA, GANG: WERE AFTER A SHOT OF GRAHAM Bill Snyder, Meyersdale, Pa Junior Marilyn McRae, Hope, Ark Junior Jean Murray, Dedham, Mass Junior Merritt C. Brown, Natalie, Va Junior Tom Bob O ' Brien, Imogene, Iowa Junior Mary Alice Hampton, Gainesville, Fla Junior Milton D. Stone, Louisville, Ky Junior Mary Holt Drewry, Henderson, N. C Junior Sara Alexander, Barton, Fla Junior John Miller, Sioux City, Iowa junior . . . CONCENTRATING ON CARDS . . . ? Bette Molsdale, Chattanooga, Tenn Junior Carl B. Ho lbrook, Winston-Salem, N. C Junior Laura E. Macke, Coronado, Calif Junior Claude R. Joyner, Winston-Salem, N. C Junior Bob Hardaway, Blackstone, Va Freshman Jean Patterson, Chapel Hill, N. C Junior William Davis Salmon, Jr., Auburn, Ala Junior Elizabeth Buckner, Chapel Hill, N. C Junior Sid Brooks, Warsaw, N. C Sophomore Isaacs B. Wade, Durham, N. C Freshman • • • Carolina ' s 150th Rnniversary 84 5villdi ina$ on " ) the L arouna L c atnpud v . . OH FOR A GAL TO RELIEVE THE MONOTONY ebster Medlin, Mt. Pleasant, N. C Freshman drian M. Daughtridge, Jr., Rocky Mount, N. C Freshman lenn Rays Mays, Mount Airy, N. C Freshman mes Sidney Fletcher, Elkin, N. C Freshman rnold Whitley, Rutherford College, N. C Freshman EN Gray Lilley, lamesville, N. C Freshman red Kesley Garvey, Winston-Salem, N. C Freshman aymond Jeffries. Jr., Rocky Mount, N. C Sophomore ilbur Bridges, Enfield, N. C Freshman (all Abernathy, Spartanburg, S. C Junior . . LET ' S TALK ABOUT THE WEATHER .LICE Turn age. Chapel Hill, N. C Junior obert F. White, Charlotte, N. C Junior .obert E. Seyler, Cincinnati, Ohio Junior lNN Osborne, Waynesville, N. C Junior by Todd, Charlotte, N. C Freshman )ixie Elliott Greene, Robersonville, N. C Freshman )rville Edgar Blank, Daytona Beach, Fla Junior jloria Hulin, Durham, N. C Junior .inney Lee Connolly, Jr., Roanoke, Va Sophomore ack Severson, Miami, Fla Junior ZJL UnDERGRRDUATES 85 VL UnDERGRRDURTES . . . THE PLACE IS GRAHAM— THE PEOPLE— JUST KID- DING AROUND Tom Redfern, Winston-Salem, N. C Sophomore Robert Snow, Siloam, N. C Sophomore Ierry Kanter, Kinston, N. C Freshman George Asbell, Jr., Portsmouth, Va Junior Nancye Helm, Franklin, Ky Junior Donald Shropshire, Winston-Salem, N. C Freshman . . . RUSH HOUR AT THE VARSITY Shirley Hamrick, Shelby, N. C Junior Amelia E. Kennedy, Harmony, N. C Junior Marshall McMurran, Newport News, Va Sophomore Arthur Beaman, Walstonburg, N. C Freshman Lee Phillips, Richmond, Va Junior Agnes McMurran, Newport News, Va Junior Bob Gockley, Freeport, N. Y Sophomore Carey Dobbs, Pinehurst, N. C Junior Bill Robinson, Wilkesboro, N. C Freshman Roy Gillikin, Smyrna, N. C Sophomore Sam Homewood, Marion, N. C Freshman Outr 500 St T ecies of rian its a ' 86 • • • Carolina ' s 150th Rnniversary . . . AT EASE IN BACK OF " WOLFS ROW " Harry L. Kates, Philadelphia, Pa Sophomore Carl A. Bredbenner, Berwick, Pa Sophomore Eugene E. Roth, Donnelly, Minn Sophomore Charles A. Ellison, Miami, Fla Sophomore Ed Golding, Pelham Manor, N. Y Freshman Henry Lutterloh, Jr., Snow Camp, N. C Sophomore James D. Cansler, Atlanta, Ga Junior Charles Veil, Wheeling, W. Va Junior Robert M. Curran, Gheens, La Junior Lee J. Unger, New-.York, N. Y Junior ... A COED CIRCLE AT THE Y— SNAFU Betty Jo Wood, Drexel Hill, Pa Jun Kay Allen, Scarsdale, N. Y Jun Betty Cobbs, Larchmont, N. Y Jun Monna Turner, Lewisburg, W. Va Jun Ruth Whitson, Asheville, N. C Jun Lois Clarke, Wilson, N. C Jun Elizabeth Worrall, St. Petersburg, Fla Jun Jeanne Newling, St. Petersburg, Fla Jun: Audrey Jane Johnson, St. Petersburg, Fla Jun Mary Murphy, St. Petersburg, Fla Jun . . . CHOIR PRACTICE HAS ITS ADVANTAGES Wyatt Randall Joyce, Winston-Salem, N. C Freshman Jack P. Bumgardner, Winston-Salem, N. C Freshman James W. Hedrick, Thomasville, N. C Junior Margery Nicol, Rushon, La Junior James Booth, East Orange, N. J Junior James Traynham, Broxton, Ga Junior Dorothy Foister, Chapel Hill, N. C Junior Betty Dixon Codrington, Lake City, Fla Junior Whitman Omar Osgood, New York, N. Y Sophomore Tom Nye Corpening, Granite Falls, N. C Junior l De rdentihed in the 4w pbomivim. 87 L arotina -Joaltd the Second Jlde6i ft . . . WHY GIRLS LEAVE HOME Leo V. Mullen, Jr., Clifton, N. J Freshman Terry O. Norris, Boone, N. C Freshman Robert B. Morgan, Lillington, N. C Junior Merlynn E. Borgstede, Westport, Ind Freshman Dick Bilger, Miami, Fla Freshman Helen C. Brown, Asheville, N. C Junior Victor F. King, Baltimore, Md Freshman Eva Brinkley Harris, Hertford, N. C Junior Murray Rosenthal, Greenville, Miss Junior William Daniel Webster, Henderson, N. C Junior , . . SECOND BELL HASN ' T RUNG YET Jimmy G. Lamm, Wilson, N. C Sophomore W. Jack Hester, Raleigh, N. C Freshman Dot Janssen, Winter Haven, Fla Junior Jack A. Daniels, Harmony, N. C Sophomore Peggie Case, Atlanta, Ga Junior James R. Todd, Jr., Lenoir, N. C Junior Nick Lindsay, Hartford, Conn Sophomore Ed A. Bello, Ciego De Avila, Cuba, Junior Ed Emack, Haverford, Pa Junior Tom Hinson, Myrtle Beach, S. C Junior . . . " DENKS " CAMERA INTERRUPTED A BULL SESSION John Carlton Taylor, Greenville, N. C Freshman Kemp Kiger, Rural Hall, N. C Sophomore Wallace Warren, Dunn, N. C Freshman Sidney Gardner, Jr., Goldsboro, N. C Freshman William F. Wall, Mt. Airy, N. C Freshman Ludwig G. Scott, Burlington, N. C Sophomore Robert Snow, Siloam, N. C Sophomore Walter F. Little, Charleston, S. C Freshman George Earnhart, Tarboro, N. C Freshman John R. Lewis, Barium Springs, N. C Freshman • • • Carolina ' s 150th Rnniversary 88 Student y.W-C J. in tke WoM. . . . MARINES ALL OUT FOR ART J. D. Perryman, Lecanto, Fla Junior M. P. Carroll, Augusta, Ga Sophomore Betty Milford, Clemson, S. C Junior June Feeley, Clemson, S. C Junior Robert D. Wadsworth, Terre Haute, Ind Sophomore Charles O. Ditmars, Mobile, Ala Junior Everett Lawley, Jr., San Antonio, Tex Freshman Emma Lee Rhyne, Clemson, S. C Junior Mary Nancy Bailey, Honolulu, Hawaii Junior Charles Heath, Altamont, 111 Sophomore . . . CAROLINA INN LINES ARE LONG THESE DAYS Barron Mills, Laurinburg, N. C Freshman Everett Leroy Huffman, Hickory, N. C Freshman Bill O. Killian, Conover, N. C Freshman Charles Henry McLamb. Jr., Roseboro, N. C Freshman Milton F. Shearin, Rocky Mount, N. C Sophomore William D. Weathers, Raleigh, N. C Freshman Jane Rollins, Miami, Fla Junior Alex Veazey, Raleigh, N. C Freshman Elaine Pearlstine, St. Matthews, S. C Junior Edgar A. McLean, Winston-Salem, N. C Freshman VL UflDERGRRDUflTES 89 . . . Ambitious lawyers of the future studying in their well- j equipped lib . . . Pharniaey students and faculty alike relax at, playing Easter bunnies. 90 The prospective young doctors, pharmacists, And promising young lawyers Have each practiced the separation of powers; Have specialized in their professional training Working apart so that they may work Together for the benefit of all mankind. Hours and years of preparation, money, sacrificing A little sweat and a grim determination To make the grade, to complete the task. To face the now-peaceful horizon with new hope, New illumination, new desires, new knowledge, New faith, With several rounds of the ladder to To continue study and research Old Manning Hall stands Confused about all the things which war has brought Within its " lawful " doors. On its second floor U. S. Navy Pre-Flight school trains men In Aviation identification courses. Downstairs comes the phrases: " res ipsa loquitur, quare, clausum fregit and quid pro guo. " e gray, somber building of Pharmacy Awaiting the students with its organic odors To the remote and far away Med Building trudges the ambitious med student To study, to experiment, to exert drudgery, perserverance and love of profession The med students and faculty anxiously await the construction of a four year med school. 91 SCHOOL OF The day was hot, spring was here with the blooming flowers and " sleeply " classes. The fellows mopped their brows, The girls rushed to the " Y " to refresh themselves Before making a " B " line to the Pharmacy Building That gray, somber building That awaited the students with its organic odors. " Labs! " Gripe the P.D.C. 4Fs and gals Yet the periods whereby the P school family Becomes acquainted. The favorite subject " ' Tis easy to guess, Dr. Burlage ' s famous Quiz Course No. 88 ! " Susie, with the springing joints and intact bones Is the S.P. of all the guys The silent gal, whose figure speaks for itself. of Bodv CLASS OF 1944 92 PHRRmflCY The same opinion is expressed That Dean Beard and Mr. and Mrs. Smith are to be Repeatedly commended for their tireless efforts And attention directed toward the school of Pharmacy. This year, a total of 39 were graduated in March and December. With another class in August. The Pharmacy dance and the banquet of Phi Delta Chi Kept the social wheels running smoothly. ROBERT REGISTER DEES . . . President of Student Bo.h CLRSS OF 1945 Serrc-tary-Trea 93 PHRRmRCY SEniORS-44 Charles Herman Beddingfield, Jr. Clayton, North Carolina Phi Delta Chi Candidate for B.S. Decree in Pharmacy; Class President (3), Vice-President (2); N.C.P.A. (1. 2), Vice-President (3), President (1); Pharmacy Cabinet; Pharmacy Senate (4). Samuel Norman Black Asheboro, North Carolina Phi Delta Chi: Rho Chi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy; Class President (2); University Dance Committee (2, 3), Chairman (4); Pharmacy Senate (2, 3), President (4); N.C.P.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Lexie Virginia Caudle Peachland, North Carolina Kappa Epsilon Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2. 3, 4); Pharmacy Girls ' Association. Secretary (2); N.C.P.A. {■1. 3), Secretary (4) ; Class Treasurer (I) ; Pharmacy Senate, Recorder (4). Jessie Frances Cole Chapel Hill, North Carolina Kappa Epsilon Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2. 3. I); N.C.P.A. (1, 2, 3), Secretary (4); Class Secretary (3); Pharmacy Senate (4). Hubert Gordon Dameron Star, North Carolina Phi Delta Chi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy; Pharmacy School President (4); Pharmacy Senate (3, 4); N.C.P.A. (3, 4). Augustus Green Elliott, Jr. Fuquay Springs, North Carolina Kappa Alpha Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy. Rudolph Warren Hardy Everetts, North Carolina Kappa Pit: Rho Chi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy; Class President (4). Geraldine Hege Lexington, North Carolina Phi Delta Chi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy. Elsie Rose Hudson Chapel Hill, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy; Class Vice-President (3); Y.W.C.A. (I, 2. 3. 41; Pharmacy Senate (3); N.C.P.A. (1. 2. 3. 4); Pharmacy Girls " Association, President (4). Lucy Lee Kennedy Kerr, North Carolina Kappa Epsilon; Rho Chi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy; Class Secretary (2); Student Adviser (2, 3); Orientation Committee (3); C.I.C.A. President (8); Pharmacy Girls " Association. President (3); Coed Senate (3, 4) ; Pharmacy School. Secretary-Treasurer (II; Pharmacy Senate (2, 3, 4): N.C.P.A. (I, 2, 3. 4); Mclver President (4) ; House Privileges Board (4). Douglas O ' Brien Langston Franklinton, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy. Ruth Helen Patterson Chapel Hill, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3); Class Secretary (1); Pharmacy Senate (2, 3. li; Town Girls ' Association (l. n. Treasurer (2), Vice-President (3). Evelyn Earle Salter Stacy, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 4); Pharmacy Girls ' Association (2, Class Treasurer (4). Laurel Lee Williams Hilton Village, Virginia Kappa Epsilon; Rho Chi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy; Pharmacy Senate (3), Secretary-Treasurer (4); N.C.P.A. (2, 3), Treasurer (4). 94 Doris Parker Bullard Roseboro, North Carolina Kappa Epsilon; Rho Chi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy; Class Secretary (2); Pharmacy Senate (2, 3. 4); N ' .C.P.A. (1. 8), Executive Coun- cil (3), Treasurer (4) ; Spencer Hall. President (3) ; Dean ' s Cabinet (3, 4). Robert Register Dees Burgaw, North Carolina Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy: Dea Nancy Travis Hunt Oxford, North Carolina Kappa Epsilon Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy; V.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 4); C.I.C.A. Executive Council (3. 4); Pharmacy Senate (3, n : W.A.A. Vice President (4); Student Legislature ( 1 1 ; University Club 4 _ Shirley Hurwttz Clinton, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy (3), Tieasurer (4); Dialectic Senate (3, 4 Hillel Cabinet. Secretary (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A N ' .C.P.A. (1. 2. 3. 4); Pharmacy Senate (3 Class Secretary Glee Club (3); Robert Hinkley Parsons Margaretville, New York Chi Phi: Phi Delia Chi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy; N ' .C.P.A. (1. 2. 3. t) ; Pharmacy Senate (2. 3. I); C.R.I.L. (3); Interfraternitv Council (3. t); Dean ' s Cabinet r.i. i : Class Vice-President (3); Student Council (4). John Arthur Ranzenhofer Highland Falls, New York Phi Delta Chi; Rho Chi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy: Student Legisla- ); Class President (2); Pharmacy Senate (3, 4); N.C.P.A. Edgar Lloyd Riggsbee Pittsboro, North Carolina Phi Delia Chi Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy. Thomasina Slayton Murphy, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy; Class Treasurer (1); Tar Heel (2. 3i; Student Legislature (2. 3); Y.W.C.A. (1, . ' . 3. 4); Coed Senate, Secretary (4); Pharmacy Senate, Secretary in: N ' .C.P.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Advisers. Chairman (4); Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities (4). PHRRmRCY SEniORS— 45 95 PHRRITIRCY--SU r lomore a aS5 Harris. T. R. Emily Harris Aliton Port Jervis, New York Kappa Epsilnn Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy; Coed Senate (3, I) ; Pharmacy Senate (3). Secretary (4 : Legislature (3. 4); Student Adviser (4). Sarah Wells Kibler Morganton, North Carolina Chi Omega ididate for B.S. Desree in Phannai Fate Mitchell Burnette Black Mountain, North Carolina Kappa Eptilon Candidate for B.S. Desree in Pharma Patricia Ann Lawrence Charlotte, North Carolina Chi Omega : Kappa Epsilon ; Rho Chi Candidate for B.S. Desree in Pharmacy; Dean ' s Cabinet Betty Carolyn Hanna Hickory, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Desree in Pharmacy. Mary Frances Harris Newbern, Tennessee Candidate for B.S. Desree in Pharmacy. Thomas Reginald Harris Cliffside, North Carolina Phi Delia Chi Candidate for B.S. Desree in Pharmacy. Florence Bonner Hoffman High Point, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy. Florence Julia Lee Mount Dora, Florida Candidate for B.S. Desree in Phi Dorothy Jean Lyerly Lowell, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy. Ellen Halsey Macon Mount Airy, North Carolina Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharmacy. Eleanor Tommie Holden Bunwell, Florida Chi Omega Candidate for B.S. Degree in Pharma Rosalie Elizabeth Stonebraker Cleveland Heights, Ohio ' Delta Delta Delta 96 I H H H I I I H y Y — S redhman C add First Row: Patsy R. Burgiss Sparta, N. C. Charles C. Campbell .... Maiden, N. C. Nathaniel G. Clark .... Clarkton, N. C. John T. Dees Burgaw, N. C. Second Row: Helene Finaly Paterson, N. J. Sara H. Fitchett Dunn, N. C. Doris M. Gilliam Sanford, N. C. William C. Griffin .... Rose Hill, N. C. Third Row: Viola R. Howell .... Mount Airy, N. C. Ruby E. Hudson Tarboro, N. C. Mildred Lang Ayden, N. C. Mary B. Lockwood Brunswick, Ga. Fourth Row: William A. McDaniel .... Enfield, N. C. Maryellen C. Millaway Burlington, N. C. Virginia K. Schroeder Galax, Va. Evelyn Shugar Tarboro, N. C. Fifth Row: Lena M. Silver .... Black Mountain, N. C. Charles C. Stamey Fallston, N. C. Henry G. Thomas Jonesboro. N. C. Waits West Roseboro, N. C. Sixth Row: Jason M. Williamson Miriam E. Yates . Cerro Gordo, N. C. . Brookneal, Va. IP 97 THE PHRRmfiCY SEflRTE Founded in 1940 by Dr. E. A. Brecht, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy, The Pharmacy Senate is now in its sixth year of activity. Though youngest of its fellow organizations in the School of Pharmacy, It has earned a reputation for leadership. It is the purpose of the Pharmacy Senate to promote inter-class friendship and coop- eration within the School of Pharmacy. This is accomplished by a free discussion of the various, current, professional problems. Membership is limited to thirty active members, Who must maintain membership by active participation in each meeting. First Row: Aliton. Black. Bullard. Camp bell. Caudle. . . . Second Row: Clark. Cole Cruch, B. Dees, J. Dees. . . . Third Rou- Elliott, Hanna, Holden. Hudson. Hurivitz. . . r,.uri . Row: Kennedy, Kibler, Lang. Lyerly Lockwood. . . . Fifth Ron: Patterson. Me Daniels, Rlggsbee, Razenhofer, Salter. . . Sixth Row: Slayton. Stephens, Thomas. 98 THE SCHOOL OF LFIW XIL J. HILL. President IRIE.MVE LEVY. Treasure. JIM HUDSON, Vice-Presidenl ROBERT LIPTON, Representative CHARLES F. COIRA. Secretary Since the beginning of the war 40,000 lawyers or 25 per cent of all the lawyers Have been called into the armed services Older men carry on in courts having shorter and shorter dockets each year. In 1940 the enrollment was over 100 in Law School Now the student body is 15. In the former reading rooms of the library the law faculty holds forth On the second floor of the Law Building U. S. Navy Pre-Flight School trains men in aviation Identification courses. Downstairs comes the phrases: " res ipsa loquitur, quare clausum fregit and quid pro qup, " L ' pstairs men are giving split-second identification of P-38s, Cirsairs, Mitsuibishis, and jet-propelled planes. Old Manning Hall stands just as it always has It is probably confused about all the things which war has brought within its doors. First Rote: James G. Hudson. Waller II Ottway Bur- Ion. David Hall. James Law- ther, Ceeil J. Hill. Frank Powell. . . . Second Rote: Professor Albert Coatrs. Pro- fessor Benjamin Small. Mar- vin Gatlin. Assistant-Librarian Ewing Baskrtle. Robert Gavin. Librarian Lueile Elliot. Pro- fessor Fred B. MeCall. Charles F. Coira. Dean R. H. Wetlacb. Robert Lipton. 99 DEAN WINN, President of « hilrhead Society First Row: Hipp, Mangum. Monroe. «i Pcndir. Slok.s. Foush.-o. Hooks . Third Rot,: SECOnD YERR mED STUDEEITS The prospective young doctors Waited for the Assembly of North Carolina to vote on a Bill Very anxious they were as was the state at large. The Medical Care Bill which authorized a four year medical school at the University. And provided for a 400-bed hospital in Chapel Hill or other part of the state Plus giving financial aid to needy medical schools upon Guarantee that they would practice four years in the state that ranked low in physicians and hospital facilities. The bill was passed with a slight amend- ment, which permitted a survey. However, The four-year school is just around the corner. 100 SCHOOL OF mEDiciriE FIRST YERR rriED STUDEirrs To the remote and far away Med building trudges the ambitious med student To study, to experiment and to work without count of time of labor For to become a specialist meant drudgery, Perseverance, and love of profession. On the lighter side The Naval Med Students, civilian stu- dents and coeds help transform classes and labs into hours of interesting reasearch. Even " Jasbo " the squirrel is quite the intimate guy ! (Whose mysterious death is yet to be solved !) Those " heavenly bodies, " the Cadavers! Alpha Kappa Kappa and Phi Chi prove that it is not all Work and no play By competing with each other in exciting parties ! Firm Row. Bond, Nasscl, Cornetzcr, Winborne, McCain. . . . Second Row: Cooper, Witli.rington, Bid.liiiBli.lcl. . . . Third Row: Wehycp, Dani.Is. Boli. k. Am.r, Whitaker. . . . Fourth «««: Nola 101 First Rou: Doris Godwin, Catherine Niekolason. Mildred Guthrie. Ruby Grant Dougan, Ruth Briggs, Naney Ward. Eleanor Bovkin. Mavis Mann. . . . SVeonrf Rou: Ruth Thayer. Roslyn Ribner. Marv Frances Gyles. Martha Dixon. THE GRRDURTE SCHOOL Judith Joyner. Genie Ilisset. Julia Ward. Albert V. Coble. Madie Belle Ward. During the year 1944-45 the total registration for the Graduate School was 313. For the first time in Carolina ' s history the number of women students outnumbered the men. (193 women, 120 men.) Students with bachelors ' degrees came from 160 institutions and those with masters ' degrees from 40 institutions. Many came from other countries to study in the advanced fields of public health, English, physical education, chemistry, history, and many other departments ranging from comparative linguistics to social work. Graduate courses are offered in cycles, follow- ing a sequence of three years, in order that stu- dents may secure logical and evenly balanced pro- grams of study. 102 " Cy B ° ' n fe mRnninG hrll itiedicpl BUILDinG wim BEH I n D THE SCEflES... " Sweeter as the days went by. " Those are the words of our hearts As we permit our minds to flood With the passing parade of 1944-45 Activities at Tar Heel University. What contributed to our treasured Moments, hours and weeks spent here? Labor, sweat, headaches, and tears, Hours of thought and midnight oil. There were moments of trial, disillusionment, excitement, happiness; There were times when we sought guidance; On the other hand, we were never willing For our freedom to be jeopardized. Through our student government, or organizations Our academic work and creative arts, We are developing a symmetry from our personalities, In short, we are " shipshape, " Ready for our journey on the billowy seas of life! 106 Thi- lif. ' or ilealh of a party. 107 STUDEflT Carolina students have one of the oldest and at the same time one of the most liberal and responsible self-govern- ments to be found on a collegiate campus. This government has evolved slowly but definitely through many decades from absolute faculty control to its present form only be- cause of a greater feeling of responsibility on the part of each succeeding student generation with the ever increasing desire to control and govern itself to a greater extent. Thus, CHARLIE FRANK BENBOW. JR.. Pr.-si.l.- BILL CRISP. Vi Preside JENKS TRIPP. Secretary-Treasurer 108 GOVERnmEIlT Sealed: Bill Crisp. Charlie Frank Binbuw, Jcnks Tripp. . . . Standing Eel Twohev. Bill McNeelv. Joe Mallard, Jaek Vernier. Wallie Andrews, Johnny Rin B . Boh Parsons. today, our student government is truly self-governing, in practice as well as in name, and, as such, is the most highly prized possession of every Carolina student. The student body, through its various democratically elected groups regulates general campus life, edits its pub- lications, controls its dances and other forms of entertain- ment, and determines how its own self-imposed fees shall be spent, as well as establishing and enforcing its own standards of honor. Being free of written constitutions, strict rules, and con- fining laws, students are required only to act always as be- fitting a Carolina gentleman and so have the invaluable privilege of being able to live and develop their lives dur- ing their University days according to their own wishes, yet observing the rights of others to do likewise, always with the knowledge that they are mutually respected as men of honor. GOVERDmEHT... 109 DOUGLASS HINT, Speake £ STUDEnT Now eight years old, the growing legislature Has supreme legislative authority on the campus ; It has regulatory power over all other student agencies. " Legislation without representation? " Never at Carolina ! It is composed of One representative from each women ' s and men ' s dorm; Two women-at-large; six members held over From previous year ' s legislature; one representative From Pan-Hell; one representative, Inter-Frat Council; Six representatives from Town Girls ' Association; One representative from Law School; one representative From Pharmacy School and one graduate representative at large; The speaker is elected by the campus At large in spring elections. First Roir: A. B. Smith. Eil Gaither, Kilty Kelly. Dnu s la»s Hunt. Jennie End, Tra. is Hunt. Jack Ranzenhofcr. . . . Second Ron: Clive T hompson, Jon Tuthill, Ma.i- Mann. .l- vian Levy. Fran Cely, Bettj Marks. Lucille Cathey. . . . Third Ron: Tommy Slay Ion. Tom Robinson, Bob Upton, Charlie Fulton, Charlie ar- rcn. Betty Lou Cypert. Allan Pannill. no LEGISLATURE of the Lcgislatur The body meets bi-weekly on Thursday evening at 8 p. m. When business is heavy, meetings are held weekly. The law making body will take a vacation When the rest of the University ceases academic activity. KITTY KELLY. Parli: 111 womflirs GOVERnmEnT This year the Honor Council has stressed The Honor Code and its observance. Members of the honor council compelled The girls to know and to use it. The Personality Council was established By the council. Three nights with helpful Speakers and excellent training furnished The new officers of coed organizations For next year with enthusiastic spirit and concrete Ideas with which to make them alive and progressive. The Banquet at Carolina Inn, Installing W. G. A. officers, expressed The wielding influence of the coeds on a campus Where some years ago she was a " lone angel. " Coeds pledging their loyalty to the Carolina Honor Code. 112 RSSOCIRTIOn Due to resignations and matrimony, The officers of W. G. A. have seen a mighty turnover, But the present and former ones score " thumbs up " From all the other coeds on campus. In addition to trying honor cases, defending, Upholding the Honor Code, the Honor Council Plans and executes the orientation program In the summer and autumn. 1 13 womflrrs ■ wj 111 ' " " ' . " rT f? ! ■ •ill ■ 1 nl M y The members of 1945 Coed Senate Completed their work with a high record Of unity and efficiency. Revision and simplification of the W. G. A. Constitution ; Eleven o ' clock dorm closing hour; Functioning of the W. G. A. during the summer; Election of Speaker of Coed Senate by action of all coeds; These and many more legislative matters have confronted the Senate. Social rules, coed elections. Officer training, coed dances, and the coed hour. Through its monthly meeting sponsored by the senate The girls feel and act Meeting the WCA Candida First Row: Man Pavno Jetl. Tommy Sla ion. Kitty Kelly, Bolt) Lou Cypcrt, Than Young. . . . Second Row: Jeanne Parr Toy Easlerlinc, Ida Prinee. Pal Hugh. Aliee Turnagc, Travis Hunt. Viola Hovl ... Wot in picture: Shirley Harlzcll. Emi Alton. Lib Schoneld. and Dot Phillips. 114 SEilRTE As a unified body; the organizations see Their purpose clearly In building better women for the post-war world. Thus the youngest branch of the student government Has acted, planned and has not sat passive; Within their power is the drawing up of the W. G. A. budget, Passage of all expenditures of women ' s government. It is their duty to bring about the necessary amendments Of the W. G. A. Constitution, To supervise all coed elections And to improve personality, cooperation and democracy In women ' s government. ti The Senate plays hosles! tV 115 GOVERnmEHTHL BOARDS... The G. M. Board is a legislative body for adopting policies Of the Student Union. They delegate office space For various student activities, provide for social activities. They make provisions for the maintenance of the building, Decide how much money should be spent that is delegated To Graham Memorial. Made up of administrative officials and presidents of various student organizations, It elects a Financial Director and Social Director. Grant Sorrell finished out the term of Turk Newsome as Financial Director. Mrs. Vandever acts as Social Director; Kitty Kelly, Chairman ; And Dean E. I. Mackie, Secretary. Vandever, Calheri nc Kcllv. Grar d Ru. : Do ugla Hunt. Shir cv Dick inson. Dean Cec Johnson, J :an i;., kin. Dean E. 1 Mackie i Iliaui M cKenzi e. Dr E. Woodhousc Marv Pavne Jett, Mr. Maryon Sa unders. Charl cs W icke berg. . . . Vol in piclu re: C tpta E. E. Haz ett, Tharon } oung Sai Margaret ! cEacher n, Dea n 11, .,,1 1. , Officers: C ■therine Kelly Chai ■„,.,. GRRHRIT1 ITIEmORIflL BOARD OF DIRECTORS 116 FLOYD GILI.IS. OTT BURTON, CHARLIE FRANK BKMJOW. HARVEY WHITE. MR. CATE. Historically the Student Audit Board was organized To keep the records of all student organizations That received student fees, used University property For the acquisition of funds, or voluntarily put itself Under its jurisdiction. Out of it grew Mrs. Cate ' s office and the present set-up for student organization accounting. Its present functions are purely supervisory and advisory. Membership consists of the president of the student body, chairman, Two students and two faculty members. The Faculty members are Dean Mackie, Mr. Peacock, and Mr. Woosley. Student members for the past year were C. F. Benbow, Floyd Gillis and Ott Burton. I HAItUE FRANK BENBOW. Pri- STUDEITr AUDIT BORRD 117 a ft a Seated: Marg The W. I. C. is comprised of the dorm presidents And the sorority house managers, And now has a membership of twelve. It interprets social regulations, Recommends changes in these regulations to the Senate, Supervises the Judicial House Councils. It sponsors open houses for the Pre-FIight Cadets And V-12 students in one of the dorms or sorority houses. Permanent changes in social rules are recommended to the Coed Senate A provision is made for the election of Junior representatives From each dormitory to the Legislature. Through these activities the council has made an effort To better relations between sorority and non-sorority girls. And to contribute to the welfare Of the women students of the University. THARON YOUNG, President UUOmEITS inTERDORfniTORY counciL 118 First Rou: Marvin Morillo. John Gigniliat. Haiuptun Schell. Dr,-» Colvard. Dave Hall. . . . Second R.u : Bob Morrison, Wavne Johnson. Charles Fullon. Charles Hayes. David Lilienlhal. Jimmy W allace, Louil Mitchell, Tom Robinson. The " council among the dormitories " legislates all rules And regulations for the best government of the dorms ; Composed of representatives from each dormitory including The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Held at the request of the President, various issues of Dormitory affairs are discussed ; Issues vitally affecting every student residing in the dorm. Officers were: Grant Sorrell, President; Bill Walston, Vice-President; Bill Killain, Treasurer, and Louis Heniford, Secretary. GRANT SORRELL. Preside ITIEn ' S inTERDORITIITORY COUnCIL 119 To set up rules and regulations governing Coed visits in campus fraternity houses It is required to make at least one Check on the fraternity houses during the trimester; Declares the periods throughout the year When the houses are closed to coeds. Membership includes: Fraternity representatives Appointed by the President of the Interfraternity Council, Vice-President I. F. C, Vice-President and Treasurer and two I. F. C. representatives at large; Speaker of Coed Senate, President, Woman ' s Government Association ; Two Senators appointed at large; One representative not an officer in W. G. A. ; Officers: President, Gid Gilliam; Treasurer, Virgil Ashbaugh, Jean Dukes; Secretary, Kitty Kelly. Betty Lou Cvpert. Jean Dukes. Dan Williamson. Jane Rankin. Bill McKenzie. Gid Gilliam, Chi Jeanne Parry. Virgil Ashbaugh. Treasurer: Kitty Kelly. Secretary; Bill Ellis. HOUSE PRIVILEGES BORRD 120 The Campus Cabinet is made up of students repre- senting all groups and organizations on the campus. Members of the Cabinet are appointed by the presi- dent of the sudent body, who serves as chairman of this representative group. The Campus Cabinet is purely an advisory coun- cil. It is its duty to advise and help the president of the student body with his many detailed duties. Officers for the 1944-45 Campus Cabinet were: Charlie Frank Benbow, Chairman; Archie Hood, Secretary. _ CHARLIE FRANK BENBOVi . Ch; CAMPUS CABINET First Row: Archie H ood, Jenks Tripp, Bill Crisp, Charlie Frank Ui-nbow. . . . Second Bo»: Harvey White. Kill. Kelly, Jaek Vernier, Elizabeth Wiggins. Jim Booth, Betty Lou Cypert. Nancy Jane King. Margaret W oodhouse. . . . Third Row: Robert Gavin. Joseph Mallard. Gilbert Tauseher, Walter Brink- lev, Bynuin Hunter. Blair Gammon. . . . Not in picture: Charles H. Wiekenberg, Jr. cflmpus cflBinET 121 Ann Osborne, Francis Cely, Bcttv Horv. itz. lav Pushkin. Margie Pull.n. Marv Oppen, KlttJ Kellv. Gr Brewster. Lib Schufield. Betty Lamb. Isabel! Bernstein. Emily Singletary. Mary Hill Gaston. . . . Vol picture: Millie Kresnik. Evelyn Davis. Rosetta Davis, and Bub ...1 ■ lii KITTY KELLY DAL DAVIS. JR. I. Ill SCHOFIELD In 1943 the Coed Senate saw a need For a campus-wide war effort. The War Coordination Board was formed to coordinate Carolina ' s war service activities. Kiss for Vi LURR COORDIT 122 In addition to special drives This board adopted several year-round projects. Representatives of the board conduct Salvage drives and teach first aid. They encourage students to roll bandages, and Have fun hostessing at the U.S.O. At eleven every Tuesday. The representative of Uncle Sam offers The opportunity of buying another share of freedom In form of war stamps and bonds All these activities are supplemented By the annual tuberculosis seal campaign And the World Student Service fund drive. Almost $1,000 was collected this year in the latter. For the 6th War Loan drive Coeds volunteered to sell stamps In the " Y. " To the patriotic went a kiss. The " Miss Victory " campaign of the 7th War Loan Drive And the Victory Ball, Miss X was quite a handsome male! To the War Coordination Board goes credit For helping Tar Heels return home sooner. ik Bunds and Dane- BViii B Anticipated. Clothes Preparing for Trip Abroad. mon BORRD 123 CRROLIflR PO llUIlll li JIMMY WALLACE, Cha Roosevelt, Truman, Wallace . . . Great names in America ' s history, in peace And in war, have been presented from the C.P.U. Platform. In addition to having round table Discussions on issues of national and international importance, The C.P.U. has carried out a policy of sponsoring Well-known speakers for the benefit of the campus. Polls and panel discussions have been held periodically. The Tar Heel has carried the C.P.U. Round Table, A column in which students have aired their views Formulated as a result of C.P.U. meetings. Under the chairmanship of Jimmy Wallace, A law student of Jamesville, the Union has presented . C. P. II. OHU- 124 ticrl union ed bv C. P. U. Senator Lister Hill of Alabama and Democratic Whip Of the U. S. Senate and David E. Lilienthal, Director Of the Tennessee Valley Authority. The coming year sees the Union embarking On its tenth anniversary. Its members, the students of the campus, and the University. Now celebrating its sesquicentennial anniversary, Are looking forward to even greater achievement. Firs Ro.. : Juni Mindlin Lib] a Wiggins Jimr » Wallar, Pres on Leinlv Eva. Farber Mr. E. B. Jiff Secv nrf Row: Shir ev Grosser Art Goldberg Ellis Berlin Mvra Sklarev Bill Crisp A. B. Sn.ilh Jcrr Davidoff Bob Brisker Roy Thompson Nat in picture Dick Stern Han iet Davids. Glor a Caplan FOREHSICS . . . 125 Bernard addr DIRLECTIC The- pause thai refrcshe 126 First Ron : B..1) Rosen. Tom Redfern. Bol. Morrison, Gerald Sehw artz. Gloria Chapman. Rene . . . Scronrf Ruu-: Buddv Glenn. Ann Judson. Rhoda Fitzpatrirk. Nina Guard. Dirk Mottsmar Auerharh. . . . Third Role: Bankr Mel.ane. Bill Crisp. Tom Woody. Herberl Weber, Larr Maxwell Borrow. Harold Griffin. . . . Fourth Rou : Bill Mackie, Benton Johnson. Charle Harold Suits. Dave Sobel. Ed Smith. SEI1RTE Following its long tradition of providing Carolina With able student leaders Continues to furnish the campus with competent Student officers, And provide incentive in student affairs. Last February, the Senate inspired the campus In two worthy projects, An orientation booklet for every registered student At Carolina and a complete Student Constitution, Materializing under auspices of a Legislative Committee. Di Senators have ascended to positions Of leadership at Carolina. Bill Crisp, thrice elected President of the Di, Became President of University Debate Council, Chairman of C.P.U. and Vice-President of the Student Body. Kitty Kelly, once President Pro-Temp of the Di Was an outstanding leader in Woman ' s Government. Other leaders in campus affairs and members of The Senate were Rene Bernard, Charles Fulton, and Bob Morrison. HERBERT WEBER ROBERT MORRISON 127 inTERnpTionRL A healed discussion group. Dr. Godfrey. Dr. Dr. Kat.i.B. and Dr. Waller join in a fireside eha a r I r _ ti I 7 The International Relations Club Was organized as a student non-partisan organization. Devoted to the promotion of study and interest In Foreign affairs and international relations. To discuss and debate current international issues I.R.C. holds weekly club discussions. Serving the campus as well, the club Has brought here outstanding authorities on international affairs. Including this year Count Potulicki and Senator Joseph Ball. A Radio Fo 128 RELRTIOnS CLUB H r H BSR f fSS RALPH R. GLENN, Preside On the platform have appeared such notable figures as the former Ambassador to Japan, Joseph C. Grew; British Ambassador, Lord Halifax; Former Ambassador to France, William C. Bullitt . . . And many more, including nearly all of the Ambassadors of the United Nations. I.R.C. sponsors campus and radio panels In which participate both faculty and students. These monthly forums are open to the public. Senator Ball and Ralph Glenn. 129 Bill. CRISP, Pi DEBRTE COUnCIL The initiation of the ' 44- ' 45 debating season Was in the form of an intra-squad debate held in the fall. Followed by a dual debate With the University of Georgia. The Council sponsored the annual intramural tournament. The question being the 18-year-old vote, There were six entries from campus organizations. The Debate Squad launched into full swing Against Emory University, Georgia Tech, Agnes Scott College, Randolph-Macon, University of Richmond, United States Naval Academy Johns Hopkins University and a dual debate With the College of William and Mary. Student members: Bill Crisp, President; Kitty Kelly, Vice-President; Rene Bernard, Executive Secretary; Herbert Weber, Bill Mackie, Ralph Glenn. Faculty members: E. J. Woodhouse, James L. Godfrey, and Hugh T. Lefler. 130 PUBLICATION... puBucRTions union board To completely supervise the financing and administration Of the three student publications — The Tar Heel, The Yackety Yack, And the Carolina Magazine — Is the chief purpose of the Publication Union Board. It appoints and fixes the salaries of all Business Managers and other officers except the elected Editors ; Makes all contracts for printing and engraving; Controls expenditure of all publication funds; Promotes cooperation between the publications. There are five members on the Board. Three students are elected by campus-wide vote Of the Publications Union, which is composed of every student at the University. The Dean of Administration appoints the two faculty members For staggered two-year terms. A financial adviser from the faculty also sits with the Board But has no vote. Officers of the 1944-45 P.U. Board: Margaret Woodhouse, President; Cookie Marett, Secretary; Fred Flagler, Treasurer; Dr. William Wells, Faculty Member; Mr. J. Roy Parker, Faculty Member; J. M. Lear, Faculty Advisor. ■ MARGARET WOODHOUSE, Preside THE 1945 PH BOARD MEMBERS Fred Flagler Cookie Marell Dr. J. M. Lear Dr. William Wells 131 . . . GENE HALL JOHNSTONE. Edil »i MARGARET In order to give you a 1945 Yack Tense, hair twirling " executives " Worked through baseball games, sweet spring Life in the Arboretum, pre-flight receptions . . . and such things. We kept yelling, " Come on in, the water ' s fine! " But we had trouble inducing people to swim along With us so late in the season. Some bright somebody said that the only thing That doesn ' t change is change — With which we heartily agree considering How many deadlines we ' ve missed, not to mention Losing an editor at a crucial point, And other necessary staff adjustments. Little war-time problems brought moments of . . . well, moments. Paper and man power shortage, no film, and incidentally . . . no cigarettes. A few times late at night when type looked dim And snapshots particularly ridiculous These same " executives " eyed inviting waste baskets. One night when nothing looked good but . . . the Carolina moon We put the baby to bed, and with Exalted benzedrinitus we had our first sleep In months without little gremlins sitting on The bed cheering in rhythm, " Yackety Yack Boom Bah. " We locked our typewriters and threw the ribbons away. You just can ' t always be patriotic! . . NANCYE HELM. Assistant Edil COOKIE MARETT, Editor YRCKETY 132 3ie 1944-45 YRCKETY YRCK STRFF Gene Hall Johnstone . . Editor-in-Chief Cookie Marett Co-Editor Margaret Woodhouse . . Business Manager Nancye Helm Assistant Editor Evelyn Cheek Davis . . . Assistant Editor Lib Mace .... Assistant Business Manager Joe Al Denker .... Photography Editor Bob Colepaugh Photographer Shirley Rivers Photographer Irby Todd Photographer Carroll Poplin Sports Editor Sarah Spratt Activities Editor Catherine Sloan . Professional Schools Editor Margaret Fountain . . Personnel Editor Betsy Dickson Senior Editor Jeanne Parry Sorority Editor Fred Poldrugo Fraternity Editor Don Ryder Fraternity Editor Gill Carter Art Editor Bob Wardsworth An Editor Winston Briggs Index Others Irwin Smallwood Marian Gurney Marie Sheffield Marian Gaines Boots Walker Boots Allsopp M ( EVELYN CHEEK DAVIS. As A j i- -r M P- JOE AL DENKER. Photography Edii Sealed: Lib Mace, Gen Colepaugh. Shirley Riv. Sara Sprall. Don Ryder THE 1915 YACKETY YACK STAFF one. Nancye Helm. . . . Standing: Sara Stockton. Margaret Carmiehacl. Bob Todd. Catherine Sloan. Winston Briggs. Margaret Fountain. Fred Poldrugo. Parry. Bob W adsworth. and Boots Allsopp. . . BETSY DICKSON, Senior Editor . CARROLL POPLIN, Sports Editor YRCK 133 (HAK1.ES KKENBERG. Editor The Tar Heel remained During this school year The only medium which bound together Our perpetually emotional and changing campus. Three editors, One seaman, one female, and one marine, Guided the news sheet through regimes Punctuated by national, state, and local incidents. Directly affecting the University. Horace Carter was the albeit, last of the old guard Daily Tar Heel in control Wrote F.D.R., and his " 30 " in the spring. Muriel Richter filled Carter ' s unexpired term During the summer. Charles H. Wickenberg, Jr., U.S.M.C.R., Was elected to the editorship Four months after leaving the Fleet. With Fred Flagler as Managing Editor Resumed a definite course, Lashed the student body for their complacency Abetted reorganization for " Return to normalcy, " Won Associated Collegiate Press First Class, excellent, award And in five months kept the campus on its toes, THE TRR 134 Criticized, informed, commended; Prodded frequently the legislature, Student Council and others, Secured subscriptions of military units Began the new year with new blood and Hope for an eventual return To a daily and just place in the student ' s Appreciation and conception of U.N.C. ' s Liberalism for which it fought And frequently died. Stanley Colbert Barron Mills W. H. Hipps Bill Crisp Second Row: Sara Spralt Ru ' th Whitson Linda Nobles Mildred Kresnik Betty Edwards Elaine Pearlstein Carroll Poplin Man Hill Gasto William Hight Jim Hill. i,. I Rov Thompson Bill Jernigan Preston Lemly HEEL 135 SHIRLEY HARTZELL, Editor-in-Chief CPROLinR The third coed editor in two years! Until December under the editorship of Shirley Hartzell And literary editorship of Dave Hanig The Mag depended on the contributions of regular staff members. After Christmas, the literary editor ' s post fell to Mike Beam. And the managing editorship was handled by Bob Lax, Who brought new makeup ideas with him. Combining features, poetry, prose, jokes, and fiction The Mag attempted to effect a balance Between a strictly humor magazine and serious literary publication. Pin-up pictures and feature articles of outstanding Campus personalities remained; A plan was made to include one unpublished article in each issue by a famous resident Chapel Hill writer. MIKE BEAM. Litirary I .In BOB LAX, Managing Ed 136 mRGfiziriE Noel Houston, New Yorker contributor and short story writer, Charles Mills and Paul Green were contacted. Cut to six issues per school year by budget limitations Student contributions were nevertheless welcomed. The Mag showed a full impact of war by having a large coed Percentage on the editorial, circulation, and advertising staffs. With the return of staff " regulars " from the war And budget difficulties worked out The Carolina Mag looks forward to a nine-issue year. First Roic: Dub Hipps Stanley Colbert Shirley II... I . . 1 1 Markv Parsons Connie Henclren Marjorie Pullen Second Ron-: Phyllis Cainey Pamela Holard Marjorie Cole Kav Kuglcr Linda Williams Ann Thornton Rosalie Stonebra Ruth Duncan Dot Gustafson Reid Mallard Third Row: Margaret Burk Mary Catherine Mcln Marv Wide Charlotte I Gisli Astho 137 KIIBEKT Preside y. m. C. R. Service to a war-time campus and world community Is the purpose of Carolina ' s Y.M.C.A. The third oldest student organization on campus; Since its founding in 1859, The Carolina " Y " has sought to aid students In a three-fold development: Spirit, mind, and body. Furnishing information, housing service, worship, Special speakers and personal counsel To civilians and service men alike Are some of the " Y " contributions to Carolina. A continuous campus recreation program, War-bond drives, Religious Emphasis Week, supper forums; 24-Below Club provided a Saturday night Of candlelight, soft music and dancing. Looking ahead to post-war needs, The Y.M.C.A. is making plans For a campus chapel and a larger Book Exchange. BILL POTEAT, Assistant Seeretarv Art Brewer Bill High! Pat Kelly Merrill Kelly William H. Pol Second Row: Herbert Weber Bill Cranford Bob Coulter Doug Hunt George Itankin Vol in Picture: Andrews Clinard Gould R E L I G 1 n . . . 138 Y. W. C. R. " United in the desire to realize a fuller and creative Life through a growing knowledge of God ; We seek to understand Jesus and to follow Him. " This is the purpose of the Y.W.C.A. on the Carolina campus. Numerous activities are a fulfillment of this purpose: The Public Affairs Committee busily packs books for our prisoners of war. Girls from the 24-Below Club plan a romantic atmosphere. " Shall pork chops or ham loaf precede discussion on world organization? " debates the Supper Forum Committee. A poll on racial attitudes, weekly dorm worship services, Dorm store sales, work at the Negro nursery and health center Are a few of the functions of the Y.W.C.A., working Through a system of fifteen committees. The Cabinet, composed of committee heads, meets each week To plan activities and to execute those plans. This year Y.W.C.A. boosts a membership of five hundr ed twenty-three. Sophie Sue Duffy. Mr Jane Wileox Pat Hughes Jeanne LeFebr Sec nrf Doic Mrs. Kay Ferr Ann Webster Sa ' m McEaehe Ruth Brosius Sophie Sue D Mcriam McCor ell ill Thi rrf Ro,r: Dorothv Chui Bettv Marks Jean Buehana Not in picture Bill Lloyd Boo Leigh Mabry Griner Dot Phillips 139 BAPTIST STUDEflT Union DOROTHY PHILLIPS. Preside Known as " the Link between the Church and the University, " The B.S.U. ' s supreme purpose is to express through fellowship and service The spirit of the Christian Way of Life. Dr. Kelley Barnett, the pastor, leads the discussion Following the Friday night supper hour; B.S.U. enjoys planning their own worship services Held each Sunday evening in the local church. Vespers vary in form from fine arts recitals to student leaders and visiting speakers. Following the vesper service, The students gather in the basement of the church For doughnuts and coffee. It is in these hours That lasting friendships are formed. Bill Poteat, local Y.M.C.A. Secretary, Discusses questions and problems of today ' s college youth On Sunday morning. Thus, the local B.S.U. Cooperates with all organizations on the campus interested In the promotion of Christian ideals. Baptist Student li Second Role; Betty Marks Dorothy Phillips Catherine Cuol Third Row: (Girl on sofa Judith Jovner (Boy on sofa Don Shropshil ... rlh Ron: Ben White Durema Fitzge Boh English Lai 1 f v ' " : » yt |B Ks «f " 140 THE BTIAI B ' RITH HILLEL FOUnDflTIOn Hillel, unit in the National organization Devoted to religious, educational, and social activities Among Jewish students on nearly one hundred American campuses; Is administered by a director, Elected student officers, And a cabinet composed of chairmen of various committees. Reform and Orthodox services are Held at the House on Friday evening and Sunday mornings For civilians, V-12s, and Pre-Flight cadets. Prominent campus professors, religious leaders, and students Have been guest speakers at services. Classes are conducted by the Rabbi in elementary And advanced Hebrew and in Jewish History. Social affairs reaches a grand scale when as many As 400 students and friends Attending night-club, lawn and movie parties At the House. The afternoon " bull sessions " in the Rabbi ' s office At the " Y " continued and grew. ARTHUR GOLDBERG, President. Retiring 141 SOCIAL... CRROunfl fa r O Af n First Koie: Sara Spralt, Ruth Whitson, Helen Brown. Elizabeth Henderson. Anne Osborne, Marv Hill Gaston, Jane Leonard, Larrv Sehrum, Marion Smith. . . . Second Row: Rhoda Fitzpatriek, Marie Blavlock. Mildred Lang, Gwyn Morris. Kitty Kelly. Tommy Slayton, Libba Wiggins. Barbara Blitzer. Betsy Dickson. Lib Sehofield. Elaine Pearlstine. Betty Edwards. Jean Buchanan. Lucille Cathey. . . . Third Row: Thelma Jean Daily, Travis Hunt. Shirley Rivers. Betty Tucker, Alice Turnage. Jane Cromartie. Sally Brvan. Isabel Carpenter. Amelia Kennedy, Elizabeth Mavnard. Eugenia Pafc. Pauline Sara Margaret MrEachern. Judith Rodnick, Jeanne Rundell. In the Horace Williams Lounge Two coeds sat reminiscing: " This room has had Wednesday night priority; Remember the first meeting, the C.I.C.A. Pan-Hel fashion show . . . The student Legislative Assembly in Raleigh . . . LIBBA WIGGINS. Preside Another group of C.I.C.A. membi C.I.C.A. and Pan-Hell Fashion Show. W, 142 inDEPEflDEnT COED RSSOCIRTIOfl Pafe, and the way she stunned the judges in the Yack Beauty Ball . . . Tommy, Sa ' m, Libba in Who ' s Who . . . Our gal Kennickel in the Foolish Nobody ' s James beauty race . . . " One dollar, please, and fill out the card. " Saint Pat ' s day and the dance — our pin-up boy, Brandt . . . Favorite couples, Travis and Bill, Flagler and Mary Hill. " Get out the vote! Schofield, keep up the old tradition! " Thus it has created and stimulated interest and participation in campus affairs, Promoted fellowship among the coeds and organized support for worthy candidates for coed offices. Officers for 1944-45: Libba Wiggins, President; Tommy Slavton, Vice-President; Betsy Dickson, Secretary; Bobby Blitzer, Treasurer; Kitty Kelly, Publicity Chairman; Eugenia Pafe, Social Chairman. The remaining members Of the Executive Council are: Jean Buckanan, Peggy White, Lib Schofield, Ann Osborn, Mary Hill Gaston, Betty Edwards, Lib Henderson. Gwen Morris, Travis Hunt, Sa ' m McEachern. Si. Patrick ' s spirit is nil the In 143 . . . Jl ' LIA NEWSOME, Presid First II..,. Ju Ju Newsome. Edith Pell. Bill Llovd, Helen Croekford, Ann Leonard. Merilyn Meeks. Jean Patterson, Marie Blaloek. . . . Seronrf Rote: Aliee Turnage. Hilda Franeis Lawrenee. Gessie Mae Lindsev. Bets) Ann Barbee. Dot Bloeksidpe, Criquette Butler. Marie Foard, Dot Foister, Buth Burrh. . . . Third Rote: Jane Leonard, Gwvnn Morris, Marianne Brown. Emily Tufts, Carlyle Cashion, Marty Tavlor, Dorothy Phillips, Betty Marks, Mary Jane Lloyd, Beth Buekner, Eleanor Carroll. TOUUn GIRLS RSSOCIRTIOn The Town Girls ' Association was organized To bring the day students closer to various activities of the campus. In the Blue Room of the Y.M.C.A. the association Discussed programs, policies, and problems; They did plenty of war work, too! Helping the Red Cross roll bandages, Selling war stamps and bonds, entertaining Service men through the Community Center. They organized a team that competed equally with dorm and sorority teams. Chatter every Tuesday in the Blue Room Preparing for the luncheon . . . Emily making sandwiches . . . Carlyle collecting . . . Martha drafting a Softball team . . . Dot and Betty Busy with the Y . . . Marianne collecting for the Ram . . . Judson with her new constitution . . . Emily with orientation plans . . . Bernice for beauty . . . Helen doing last minute chem labs . . . New plans by the executive council . . . Marty keeping order . . . Thus, the town students feel and are an important, integrate part of the University. 144 UniVERSITY BRflD The band has already paraded the field, Playing, " Hark The Sound! " The clash of the q ' mbals, the beat of the drum Echo far into the hills. Music for the pep rallies, For the open air concerts, radio broadcasts Is furnished by the University Band, Directed by Earl Slocum, Who speaks with highest hopes Of making tours as in pre-war days. Officers: Herbert Long, President (succeeded James Hall, elected President) ; Wade Phillips, Secretary-Treasurer; Jim Dillard, Publicity Manager; Jack Kirkland, Business Manager; Hall Abernethy, Assistant Business Manager; William Fitzgerald, Librarian ; Norman DeLancy, Assistant Librarian And Irwin Smallwood, Editor of Band Notes. T V down and around. ' Wt - = ;£? ' • " £- - EARL SLOCL ' M, Direclo Tlir war has Interfered with music... 145 [TIE ITS GLEE CLUB The resurrection of the club began with about fifty voices Rehearsing for a Christmas concert To be presented in December in conjunction with the Women ' s Glee Club. Shortly after the new year the club began rehearsing For concerts to be given at women ' s colleges in the state. Intermittent rehearsals of the Brahms Requiem, Which will be presented with combined vocal organizations On the June Commencement. The latest activity has been the performance of a Bach chorale For the current radio series sponsored by the Radio And Music Department of the University. It is not intended that it be an organization Which admits potential Pinzas and Melchiors only; If a man has any voice at all, his contribution will Be welcomed. Mr. Young, the director, expressed The ideals when he remarked that the groups would consider Themselves a satisfactory organization As soon as they were invited to sing in New York ' s Town Hall. First Rote: Mr. Young. Morillo, Godeheaux, Parker Shropshire, Norris, Hinso Bello. . . . Second Row: Cr ham. West, Sasser, Hedrie Ford. II ... I ■ II Brown. Colema Brooks, Rankin, Jones. . . Third Row: Fitzgerald, Cri l.ili Bradford, Weeks, Green Medlin, Sobwl. Lilientha] M... ..... Stevens. Congdon . . . Vol in Picture: Asbell Behnke. Bogey. Booth. Bot It. ...... .idy, Chappell, I ...... k Fo Ma.Millan, Marshall, Miehael. Pully, Robi Suits, Stewart. Todd, Whitley, Wedd. 146 WOfTIErrS GLEE CLUB W I He Stringfield, Fitzgerald. Tay ... I. II. Monk. KII.-7.-r. Guard. King, xander. Tucker. Lawrence, Goold. Gilbert . Andrews. Johnson. Martin. Rollins. Schr . R. Brown. Nitnork. Mavnard. Folsom. H: Hggins. Sosonow. Edwards. Turner. Prince Parke Carmairhal. Brown. Swe Butler. . . . Second Rote: M. Brown. Lewis. Tufts, m. Meeks. . . . Third Rou ■rison. A. Saunders. Burk. MeRar. McCollam, Wortz, One hundred girls spending an hour of work that was fun, Twice a week rehearsing for the public concerts and programs which they presented during the year. Under capable direction of Paul Young. Who worked with a contagious enthusiasm, The Women ' s Glee Club combined with the Men ' s Glee Club In a Christmas concert of seasonal music; While many of the girls joined the Chapel Hill Choral Club To aid in presenting Handel ' s " Messiah. " The sprightly music of the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, " The Gondoliers " was in part by the Women ' s Glee Club; When spring came, the coeds who " couldn ' t help singing " Made a tour of army camps in North Carolina Singing semi-classical and popular songs, Boosting morale on the home front! After several radio programs presented from Hill Hall over Durham station The club began work on " requiem " by Brahms, which they Sang with the Men ' s Glee Club and choral at the June graduation. Officers were: Betty Don Sweat, President; Mary Stringfield, Vice-President; Garland Worsley, Secretary; Natalie Harrison, Business Manager, and Dorthea Janssen, Publicity Manager. 147 [flitRTBinmtnT... STUDEflT EnTERTflinmEnT commiTTEE MIA SLAVENSKA. under the auspices of the con Under the sponsorship of this organization have appeared Some of the greatest singers, choruses, violinists, pianists. Prominent symphony orchestras (the National Symphony and the Minneapolis Symphony) , Dramatic productions (including the Irish Ab- bey Theatre Players), and famed Ballets such as the Ballet Russe, loost Ballet, Trudy Schoop and her ballet, Nini Theilade. Entertainers, such as Sigmund Spaeth the " Tune Detective, " |ohn Mulholland the Magician, Paul Fleming and Group (Magic), Polgar (Hypnotist and Mind-Reader) have been brought To this Campus by the S.E.C. Entertainments, 1944-45: Winter Semester, North Carolina State Symphony Orchestra ; Gilbert Sullivan: " The Gondoliers " and The American Ballad Singers Spring Semester, Mia Slavenska and Ballet G roup. Members of the Student Committee: Charles F. Benbow, Betty Lou Cypert, Seniors; Jared C. Fox, Elizabeth C. Mace, Juniors; Glen Haydon, Samuel Selden, and J. P. Harland, Faculty. 148 sounD firm fury .histles belied. Freddy and Patty Castle Many students showed an interest in Sound and Fury, an all-student entertainment group; Entertainment included a package show, November 17, Shown for the student body and the Pre-FIight school, Directed by Marion Gurney; Musician and pianist Bill Sasser Has written most of the music for the Sound and Fury shows. For the spring program, a three-act musical comedy directed by Ginny Mason, And also provided entertainment for the 24 Below Club. Officers and Advisors: Advisor, Foster Fitzsimons; President, Betty Lou Cypert; Co-Business Managers, Nancy Jenkins and Bill Stubbs; Treasurer, Edith Owensand; Executive Board Members, Fred Caligan and Marion Gurney. m BETTY LOl CYPERT. Preside BILL STUBBS. Business Manager NANCY JENKINS, Business Manager F.OITI1 OWENS, Treasurer FRED CALIGAN, Executive Council MARION GURNEY, Executive Council 149 EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTIONS CflROLinR To promote dramatic art, And to extend their influence In creating a native theatre throughout America Are the Playmakers ' aims. The Playmakers, comprised of young people From all parts of the world and all departments in the University. Presented five major productions And five bills of experimentals during 1944-45. " Poor Mr. Bur: Big Mi-din ' Tin • Bv Brook Porkins (Comedy). By Clare Johnson Marie; (Ritual-Flay). . . . " Winter ' s Tale. " . . . " The Skin of Our Teeth. " a Ji2 d flu ST WK ' T» ' ' .sL-Aft 3J-8t ' .! , ! Hh ' fit ■ W n ,|pj % i9i ■L: ' 150 PLPYfTIAKERS The Koch Memorial Theatre will be built east Of the Bell Tower on the Raleigh Road And will be designed To house all of the activities of the Playmakers. The staff: Samuel Selden, Kai Heiberg-Jurgenson, Robert Burrows, Douglas Hume, Foster Fitz-Simons, Irene Smart and Lucile Culbert. The Forest The ft Tin- Pla makers ' dream of 151 lit ▼▼ KM A SORORITY LIFE HUI L- 1 " " SNUB ADPi ' s pick Edith Pc-11 outstanding pledge 154 RT CRROLinfi 155 PRn-HELLEniC Row: Margaret Wi •odJioii se, Ruth Brosius, Bodge. . . . Bollo, n Rou i: Margaret Fount Not pictured: Mar) Morr ow. Edith Owens. Pan-Hellenic Council started the year off during orientation week by giving a party with C.I.C.A. for the new coeds. The council was unusually active this year. Due to the change to the trimester system, rushing had to be deferred until November and this entailed a great deal of work for Pan-Hellenic. Through " Pan-Hell ' s " work a new system of rushing proved very successful for all the sororities. The next big event of the council after rushing was the Pan- Hellenic Ball, held on December 30. This function had not been held for the last two years because of the war. A new development for the council this year was the faculty committee on sororities, which serves as a link be- tween the administration and the sororities. As a post-war plan this committee is working on a housing program for a permanent sorority court. A Pan-Hellenic workshop was held in the spring for the purpose of training officers for sorority duties and for discussion on inter-sorority relations. ADPi and AAA. 156 counciL Every year a scholarship cup is given to the sorority hav- ing the highest average. Also this year Pan-Hellenic began the organization of the Stray Greeks on campus and they now have representatives on the council. One new sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, was invited to colonize at Carolina this year. The policy of admitting new sororities every two years will take care of the ever-increas- ing number of girls coming to U.N.C. each year. Through the executive officers of Pan-Hellenic Council headed by Mary Payne Jett, President, cooperation and harmony was achieved throughout the year among sororities and the place of sororities on the Carolina campus was more firmly established. Pan-Hellenic and C.I.C.A. entertain tin. new sirl . New Year ' s Ball complete with confe 157 ALPHA DELTA PI SIII1IIF.I 1 I(KI S( . Prcsidcn What a year ! . . . the joyous return for the Indian summer session . . . home-made interior decora- tion . . . rush week and 22 affirmatives . . . Fran and Ed . . . intermurals and bringing home the basketball plaque . . . Cornelia and Al . . . Jane, a Yack Beauty again . . . Mary Wright ' s con- fusing collection of men and trinkets ... the Party Girls did it again with Marine hosts at the hut " . . . the squeaking swing . . . Mrs. Folwell ' s charm and sense of humor . . . the gala New Year ' s celebration . . . the pledges ' surprise party . . . Dixie, Fannie Belle, and Brice flashing diamonds . . . those rib-tickling Sunday night get-togethers for the male population . . . Cheshire ' s " secret sorrow " interfering with her " play-wrighting " ... Ed Hughes, our butler for a day . . . the Phi Delt and Pi KA parties . . . the soft lights and sweet music of the pledge dance . . . out- standing pledge Pell . . . Mary and the two Peggys leading cheers . . . February graduation and the gap left by departing R.O.T.C. ' s . . . Lois leaving, and Anne arriving . . . " Courtesy " week . . . initiation and the party afterwards . . . Harriet ' s bicycle and labs . . . " Prexy " and her medical attention . . . " Ros, can I have late permission? " . . . Mrs. Folwell, the miracle maker . . . Genie ' s flowers and candy . . . pin-ups Hart, Stanton, Pell, and Lynch . . . Jinx ' s inimitable imitations . . . Chase ' s 11:00 a.m. pinning at the " Y " . . . Barbara changes Baker to Kale . . . sunbathing . . . the outdoor fireplace . . . the pajama party . . . front-porch bridge . . . spring-fever . . . GRADl ' ATION . . . the diploma smiles and farewell tears . . . the end of the year and leaving corners of our hearts at Carolina. PLEDGE CLASS Top Rote M ITT Pi .TCC John son. Ann Ingle Ann Chri .. Bet - 11 ■ tier. Bettic G aithcr Emma Li c Rhvnc. M.. v D rdcn Qu n.i-1. Inn Mai .Hi . .Ian ■ Gu Bcttv 1 ilford Edvth. P nil. Middle R 911..- Pat .Mid. Marv Ann Mi ea, V rpin a II. rt. Mary .OUis, Marlin. June Fccly Bot »m Rou Mar- V,,,.-, Ha lej Gloria Clancy. Echo Pat crson Pictured: l la Vo un B . lean nr Havs. 158 Jane Auten Eugenia Bissel Dixie Bodge Dorothy Cha Lois Cranford Rosalind Davison Shirlev Dieki. Margaret Eller Margaret Fr • Belle Futrelle Barbara Baker Kale Beverly Le ■ Le Febre Margaret Manly Cornelia Miller lary Morrow Mar Oppe Barbara Pentlarge Nell Shanklin Margaret Stanton Margaret Teague Harriet W, Jimmie Lou S ingfield Mary Wright .Vol Pictured: (Catherine Boling. Charlo Hamor. Patty Harry. Beverly Stevens. 159 , . V ' : ' IBI 111 •at !■; m in i v j. I! ■MBK 1 " ' ■ ' waH id 111,- anil Ho chi omEGfl MABCAHET FOUNTAIN, President " Tawny grey awe, cardinal and straw, tiny gold pin set with pearls . . . " — Chi O emblems these . . . how tightly they bind seemingly idle straws in our stack of ' 44- ' 45 memories: Those tottering ladders and spattered paint buckets which spelled in colorful smears renovation for " rushing " . . . our thirty-one pledges ... the Duchess with five purple hats, and her lemon pie awards for neat- ness ... no hot water . . . the leathernecks, who landed at the sign of the X and horseshoe, but didn ' t succeed in keeping " the situation well in hand " . . . certain " fly-fly boys, who lived up to their name . . . our own Queen Margaret, a regal studv in white . . . Boo and operator 14 Pensa- cola . . . that all-significant warning, " Don ' t sit there; it isn ' t safe " . . . STILL no hot water . . . nine a.m. bedlam, featuring " gone-with-the-wind Gulick and don ' t-leave-me Cook . . . Dawg ' s car screeching to a stop for breakfast coffee in the " Y " . . . our pledges, spotlighted against a carna- tion . . . the DKE house, where the Chi O ' s receive week-end priority ratings . . . those lovable REBELS, Mochie and Harvey . . . " Mountain Dew " . . . the fifty years of Chi O celebration . . . Bleight, outstanding pledge of the year . . . Tharon Young, the girl who ' s done most for Chi Omega . . . Lohengrin, that hit parade tune of the year for Rankin, Ray, Phillips, and Schroder . . . but STILL no hot water . . . and so these single straws bespeak, " Fraternity, Eternity, Chi Omega always. " PLEDGE CLASS Top R. u: Linda Nobles. Belt, Haughton. Ann Fa rr. Hannah Lvon, Sally Ma tin. Mary Fov. . . fourth Row: Coline Sn ,ith. Tish Andrew . Jeanelle Ray, Elaine Bate . Patricia Snyder, Berlelte Capt. . . . Th ird Role: Frances Bleight, Virginia Freeman, Margaret lie II -1. Ann Phillips, Jane Betty S mtnons. . . . Second rjoie : Margaret Winslov , Nancy Stubblefield, Jane Bichard- son. Di i-kic Du Vail, Brent Wood Button, Roil Cornelia Alexander. Sara Heb- son. Be tty Edwards. 1V0I Pic lured: Kay Allen. Mary Ja nc Barks. dale, M argarct Carter. Nancy Pinks on. Gerry 160 Ruth Brosius Dot Churchill Barbara Conlcy Dorothy Cook Ruth Doggett Sophie Sue Duffy Jane Fos Margaret Fountain Betty Graha Mildred Culick Eleanor Holde Sarah Kibler Libby Kingston Hcnrianne Leigh Mary Louise Milam Jeannette Miller Margaret Morton Edith Marilyn Schroder Mary Tho Tharon Young Vol Pictured: Helen Marie Camp. Betsy Couch. Marty Calbraith. Micky McDonald. Willie Meeks. Margaret Penn. Charlotte Shields. 161 Trl-Deltas rush ' •.Around-thc-To iSt DELTR DELTR DELTR WYNETTE BOWOEN WHITE. Preside PLEDGE CLASS Top Row: {Catherine Dada Andrews, Caro- line Twilty House. Carroll Carlton Cone, Lulu Kern McCce. Margaret M. ( .,,,11 Car- inirhael, Linda Rand Williams, Marjorie Clvn Cole. Mildred Alexander Pu s h. Betty Lou Lamb. . . . Middle Ron: Man Marguerite Murphy. Elizabeth Carrow Maee, Elizabeth Anne Bowman. Phyllis Ganey. . . . Bottom Row: Sara Elizabeth Stoekton, Nell Thomp- son Hackney. Ann Thornton. Margaret Alice Burk. Belly Dixon Cndrington, Ruth Audrey Duncan. Rush week! . . . pajamas, fashions, Billyboy, round-the-town: candlelight and tears ... 22 smooth pledges undergo Jett propulsion . . . Prexy Winkie turns politico in a big way . . . " snuff to make ya ' bitter " . . . exam week sessions all night by the fire . . . Cheerleader Parsons becomes Miss Victory . . . Fulton ' s air mail letters . . . Betsey christens the S. S. Chapel Hill . . . Pledge dance big time for all . . . Cass ' lo rents the telephone room . . . Hendren ' s taxi service and that washer ring . . . " Eager Beaver " Stockton ' s constant renditions of " Flaming Marae " . . . Phyll sponsors Germans . . . Marjorie replaces Queenie . . . bridge on the roof . . . outstanding pledge House . . . Woody ' s New Year ' s Eve with the S.A.E. ' s . . . fraternity open houses . . . " Jennie " and pills from Stoney . . . Wibby and Wandy . . . the Florida crowd and their early tans . . . Parry ' s visiting lieutenants . . . Camp Lejeune calling Joy . . . " Speak! " . . . Jimmy pins Nell . . . Monty ' s grape- juice, mop and poise . . . vacation treks to New York . . . McCully ' s heart takes wings . . . " You win a few, lose a few — " . . . Thomsen mothers the Delta Sigs . . . midnight raids on the kitchen . . . Phi Gam ' s party and the fun Mag had . . . Sambo ' s before breakfast cheer . . . Duncan heads W.G.A. . . . Whit — right in there! . . . " sometimes I think we love the child too much " . . . more cute pledges . . . and never forget the transfers ... the Kappa Sig party ... in short: " Thanks for the Memories " ... the secret of the blend — silver, gold, and blue . . . Tri Delta, here ' s to you! Not Pictured: Elizabeth Gra. es Burke. Do thy Inez Carmack, Josephin e Bigelow M 11 Mary Stuart Snider, Man Elizab Upshaw. 162 Jean Avery Aycock Eleanor Mays Bass Marian Gail Castellow Catherine Can Mary Aliee Fulton Dorothy Joy Gilbert Ann Maxwell Greer Constancy Petit Hendr Mary Payne Je Marion Hunter Kerr Ann Sumner Lawrence Virginia Garland Lipsey June MeCully Margaret Royena Miller Jean Louise Morton Ruthe Whitley Parish Jeanne Marie Parry Lucile Elizabeth Parsons Margaret Constance Parsons Barbara Eloisc Rogers Betty Jeanne Smith Rosalie Elizabeth Stonebrakrr Mary Louise Thomson Wynette Bowden White Margaret Wark Woodho hot Pictured: Mary Jo Allott. Marion Lo Rankhead, Pamela Louise Hotard, Mil Louise King. 163 PI BETA PH NANCI JANE KING, Preside PL KIM, E CLASS McClendun. Margery NI, ■1. Je Il„k. I I.. Rote: Helen Borgstrom. Martha Mailer.. Jane Shi Jan.- McRae, Mary Goodr Ann Hancock. ... Bo Hull. Caroline Rich. Meadie Montgomery, Ann John West, rner. . . . Middle I inifrcd Edmunds, ell. Ann Atkinson, -h. Mary Widcner. torn Sow: Louise Louise B. Russell. The September short session found most of us back at school with rushing preparations taking prec- edence ... Pi Phi harmony . . . floor waxing, bedspreads, and rugs ... 40 haloed angels . . . preferential bidding . . . night-long sessions after day-long observances . . . spaghetti and Flamin ' Mami Jenkins — fatigue and relief as 41 new pledges crowd our house . . . Marine and Navy dun- garees in vogue . . . open-house . . . Tar Heel — Duke week-end . . . pine and spruce pledge dance . . . books, blankets, and black coffee downstairs . . . Jean White ' s white Christmas ... a national visitor and best behavior . . . Pat ' s C herry Pointer and Sigma Nu pin . . . notebooks and politics . . . the old songs . . . Wayne, Tremp . . . mostly Tony and Judy . . . Henny and Dodie learn French the pleasant way . . . Jackie and Carol: " Anybody going to the library? " . . . Nancy Jane ' s Annapolis week-endings. Beta inheritances, and presidential air . . . After dinner bridge with Mama G. kibitzing and showing us how . . . curlers and poached eggs at breakfast . . . farewell to Jenkins, Marion, Betsy, Swinky, and Sammy in February . . . ticks and tales from Florida . . . suntans . . . Texas trek for Monnie . . . Doris and Pi Phi pins just for size . . . Marines and Larry . . . Emma ' s bobby pin shortage . . . mass initiation . . . spring fever . . . cottons . . . initiation banquets . . . Meadie and presidential pluralities . . . Army and Navy air corps weddings in Florida for Marilyn and Le . . . Pi Phi welcomes Alpha Gams . . . social epidemic . . . teas . . . Senior week, sucker day . . . Y court majors . . . graduation grind . . . caps and gowns . . . our last day . . . we ' ll always remember! Ida IV or Pictured: Sara Jo Harnett. Betty Blaek. me Clark Cheshire. May Crumpler, Betty ieks. Rebecca Drane, Ann Geohagen. Dot ustafson. E a Harris. Natalie Harrison, Mary ranees Henry. Ann Holmes. Phyllis Hon. iroy Lange. Hilda Frances Lawrence. Mari- n MeRae, Jane Slaughter. Betty Striekland. 164 Peggy Booth Kathcrine Brown Marianne Br Allen Claywell Betty Lou Cypert Ann Daniel Mary Ann Dixon Ellen Dodson Sue Folsom Jane Fuller Leila Grady Shirlcv Hartzcll Joyce Hi. Henriette Hampto a Hughes Betsy Hulbc King Martha King Nancy Jane King Deborah Le Mary Jane Lloyd Doris Newell Jacqueline Nimock Prince Nufe Vil Daphne Richardson Nancy Robinson Marion Saunders Emma Southerland Betty Don Swe Charlotte Thomas Jeanne White Jane Wideman Jane Wilcox Dora Winters Vol Pictured: Leila Burnett, Carlisle Cash- ion, Gloria Jastrcmsky, Lee Maeke, Betty Mosedale, Julia Newsome, Vivian Phipps. Katherine Rogerson. Louise Russell. Marie Sheffield. Martha Taylor. Emily Tufts. 165 ALPHA GAmmA DELTA " Fight, fight, U. of K. " blended with " Fraternity, ours through all eternity . . . Alpha Gamma Delta dear " echoed on a bluegrass campus in Kentucky . . . born an idea which soon became a Tar Heel born and bred . . . early in March Carolina paid particular attention to an energetic young woman who dashed here and yon holding conferences with " Jeanie with the light blue eyes, " Kentucky ' s contribution to Gamma Epsilon, and three others wearing the pearls of A.G.D. . . . the baby was fed on a whirlwind week-end of rush parties and being entertained by hospitable Chapel Hill patronesses . . . ten buff, green, and maroon pledge ribbons dedicated to one purpose ... to make the fifty-first chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta worthy of the name and individually to uphold the honor granted charter members . . . pledge meetings in Graham until we found a house did the trick ... we felt wel- comed after coking with the Tri Delta ' s and Chi O ' s ... we felt important at the tea dance given by Pi Phi and A. D. Pi . . . the new house — six bedrooms — with closets . . . out came bluejeans and off came pan-cake . . . slick as a chick by Sep- tember we hoped . . . our baffled pledges crammed furiously for the pledge test . . . the war economy girls ... in the meantime planning rush parties ... so many things to do by June 1, the big week-end . . . Grand Council officers present and Virginia Kelley here again . . . initiation and installation . . . proudly we looked at shining gold and pearls . . . tears and banquets ... so long prexy Tinley ... see you in September . . . A.G.D. ' s have arrived. Tup Bon: Catherine Sloan. Linda Cobb. Marv Cram. Naneve Helm. Martha Faison. . . . Bottom Bo Jane Croinartie. Lillian Leonard. Nan Sloner. Angela Hardv. Barbara Saunders. Jovce Fowler, Fr Hieks. Jane Fairlev. Jean Tinley. JEAN TINLEY. President 166 Top Rou: Mary Porter Shook, Elizabeth Sehofield. Ellen McCollam. Frances Perry, Elian Mabrev Griner. Jane Piteher Middle Rou: Barbara Bovd. Audrey Branch. Barbara P . . . Bottom Rou: Elaine Wilson. Mary Jane Gallaher. Shirlev Weather , ax. Martha Gillespie. STRRY GREEKS We strayed around and discovered numerous sorority sisters whose chapters aren ' t represented on campus . . . That was the beginning . . . our first meeting, and we got acquainted with the Alpha Chi Omegas, Alpha Omicron Pis, Alpha Psi Delts, Delta Gams, Gamma Phi Betas, Kappa Alpha Thetas, Kappa Delts, Kappa Kappa Gams, Phi Mus, and Zeta Tau Alphas . . . with the go-ahead from Pan-Hell we started the ball rolling . . . supper every other Wednesday night at the Carolina Inn, and then we pushed back our chairs and meetings got in full swing . . . wrangling over the writing of the constitution . . . who should be our officers . . . and we got representatives to CRIL, the University club, W.A.A., and Pan-Hell ... the Pi Phis honored us with a lovely tea . . . we journeyed over to the Tri Delt house to meet the Alpha Gams . . . after-dinner chatter . . . mostly about the men in our lives . . . well decorated with two engagement rings and four fraternity pins in our midst ... all out for Softball, but the Pi Phis beat us by a mere fourteen points . . . Barbara Boyd, our Modern Venus, was a close second in the Sigma Chi Derby . . . other Stray Greek dignitaries: Twig Branch, Secretary of W.G.A. ; Lib Seho- field, Speaker of the Coed Senate; Martha Gillespie, Phi Bete; Barbara Pennington, a founder of Theta Psi Epsilon . . . our last meeting and the Stray Greeks adjourned until next year. AUDREY BRANCH. Preside 167 FRRTERfl ITY •A llai Ride in July. " Two bumpers il I ,„l, — I lit,. ,| legal . . . " One ju s of beer for the four of us. Glopj beta Cod! " 168 LIFE RT CRR0LII1R t ' s dangerous after dark with a photographer around. The famous Kappa Sig bar enjoying a ruggi ' il nite life 169 IflTERFRRTERniTY WILLIAM M.KENZIE. I i.-i,l,ni In the past year, as in the year preceding, there have been tremendous changes in the fraternity scene. The Navy has returned the houses that had been rented to their owners, with only St. Anthony Hall remaining in the hands of the Navy as the V-12 headquarters. Most of the houses were returned in October, some returned in February. With the return to the respective chapter houses, there have arisen problems of the greatest proportions ; those of finance, furnishing, repair. A solution to the inability of the mem- bers to meet the increased expenses was sought in permitting non-members to live in the fraternity houses, with fairly satisfactory results. Fraternities began to come closer to a realization that through the period of reconversion they would have to stand together even more closely. ft Early in the year it was realized that the foundations of the Interfraternity Council could be made more firmly fixed. A committee of the representatives was appointed to work on a constitution which was to cover the entire juris- diction of the council as completely, but as briefly, as possi- ble. This work is continuing at the present moment, though the end is in view. At the end of the year it seems that the attitude of the fraternities has turned very definitely toward a determina- tion to work together on their common problems, to main- tain the system which they feel offers real advantages, ad- vantages which, when properly regarded in the light of all unities within the University, more than " justify " the fra- ternity. There is a feeling of confidence gained through 170 councn months of strained relations and hardships which have demonstrated with no uncertainty that the fraternities can and will work together. With this conception firmly im- pressed upon the fraternities, the Council faces next year with hopes of working for the betterment of the fraternities and the school. Improvement in all fields of the academic life is the aim of the Council, and with cooperation and an attempt at understanding by those in and out of fraternities, there is no question that the fraternity system can and will be of the greatest value for the school and its students. First Rote: Virgil Ashbaugh. Dan Williamson. Bill McKenzic, Bill Ellis. Buck Tauscher, Dougald Ma.Millan. . . . Second Rote: Alexander Veaiev. Barron Mills. Fred Bauder. Roy Gilligan. Warren Perry. Bill McCarthy. Fret Crider, Sid Alverson. Jim Edwards. Dick Adams. Phil Taylor. . . . Third Rote: Glenn Miller. Jim Burdin. Brandt Allen. Frank Ross. Bvnum Hunter. Walt Brinklev. Graham White, Ben Ward. Stan Colbert, Arthur Aaronson, Larry Hecht, " Norman Silver, Hartev Auerbach. Charles Vail. Earl Woodard. Ed Schoenheit. . . . Vol Pictured: Charles H. Wickenberg. Jr. 171 WALKER BLAIR. President Happenings and personalities . . . beer parties at Shorty ' s and at Hogan ' s . . . Henry Stenhouse (alias Rumhouse), giving Dewey his full support . . . Little Caesar wrecking the Cadillac and reaching a new high in five minutes per minutes per week maximum study . . . buffet suppers after football games . . . our mascot, " Junior " . . . Johnny Sasser triumphing over South in the campaign against 8 o ' clock . . . those house dances with the Bull City Night Hawks . . . Frank (not-so-hotra) Herman leaving the 4F ranks to join the Navy . . . winning the " Beat Dook cup " . . . Exec. Ashbaugh checking last minute banquet preparations while his date waits patiently (?) in the dorm ... the debut of the " siren " . . . Eager Beaver Department manned by Gyland, Long, McNider, and Parker, busy hitting the books . . . formal banquet and the dance for the Duke week-end . . . Al (gotta make-muster) Brady deserting the poker table for a chat with the Captain . . . Shylock (10-day notice) Mc- Allister collecting a pound of flesh . . . Worthy Master Blair giving a pep talk . . . the Farewell banquet for the departing brothers ... all this and more . . . U. S.: Who put the peroxide in Jim Crawley ' s hair tonic? ALPHA TAU OfTIEGA First Rou: Hill McLain, Hubert Mc Allisler. Clyde Groover. Henry Stowers, Johr Burns, lloli Oliphant, Frank Goar. . . . Seeoi id Rou-: Jim Crowley, Russ Twiford. Barro a Mills. Fellon Collier, Tom Redfern. Herbc rt Long. Henr; Stenhouse. . . . Third Rou: Charlie Dealer, Sieve Gyland, Talbol Parker. Harold Godwin, Jim White, Charlie Rev ell. Len Brown. Duke Wilder. . . . Fourth R, nc: Bud Sandlin, Johnny Ring, Johnny Cai Stevens. Alex Brady. W cldon Jordon. Ronda Boliek. Earl Elliot. Walker Blair. Bob Fah, Fifth Rou: Viegil Ashbaugh. Walt. ■r Lusk. Sim Smith. Jim McNider. . . . Vol in Pie- lure: John McAllister. Billy Milch ell, Bill Snare. Rad Moore. 172 First Row: Charlie LaMotte. Sam Latty, Guy Andrews. Bill Holmes. . . . .Seronrf Roir : Hank Toothman, Jim Brittingham. Claude Joyner, Oiek Johnson. Jim Mormon. . . . Third K..i . Jack Zimmerman. Thomas Tur- ner. John O ' Neal. Phil Lanier. Bill Ward. . . . Fourth Rove: Julius Maekie. Jr.. Orren Hyman. Jr.. Watkins Esles Vol in Pic- ture: John Twohey, IV.. Larry Johnson. An Lamb. Jim Lodge. BETR THETR PI It may not have been exactly like pre-war years, but 1944-45 was a big year for the Betas. If there was any curtailment of social activities on the campus, it was not evident around the Beta House . . . with the reorganization of the German Club last year came the annual German dances in Woolen Gym . . . what with imports a nd coeds gracing the house, who could wonder that no Beta was conspicuously absent those nights ... to top it off, a week-end of dances, parties, and dinners marked the May Frolics . . . big time was had ! The house was returned to us after sixteen months. The Navy V-12 left it in good condition . . . thanks, lads. It ' s like the Beta House of pre-war years again. Members continually left for active duty with the armed forces. We now have brothers on every battle front of the war who have been fortunate and have come back to see Chapel Hill and their old chapter and to have a few beers on the Betas. We bow our heads however in memory of two pledges who will not return: Carlyle C. Council, Jr., killed in Italy, June 1, 1944, and Creighton Soyars, killed while on duty with the Navy in the Atlantic, March, 1945. Hoping with the help of God that the rest of our brothers will keep up the Beta spirit . . . yours in kai. . . . SAM LATTY, Preside A.S.T.P. vacated the Chi Psi house and we moved in . . . the chapter concentrated on maintaining the standard which they believed their brothers now in service would be proud of ... a faculty tea and a banquet for the 1945 White Phantoms were in the spotlight for the year ' s activities . . . endeared are those memorable moments of return of two of our members from the service . . . enter the merry mo- ments and lascivious hours . . . last summer ' s " steak fry " to the tune of " Rum and Coca-Cola " ... the Durham and " Who is Pete Wiles " . . . parties at the Porthole with Pat, the most ebullient bartender this side of Franklin St. . . . our first evenly balanced pledge class, 50 per cent Rebel, 50 per cent Yankee . . . songs and chatter with Dobbs and Gockley . . . each individual with his eccentricity, gripe, pet hate (and baby!) . . . mingle to form a harmony and fel- lowship . . . that causes a fellow to shake his head and mutter in undertone, . . . " for he ' s a darned good fellow! " CHI PSI Fir, I Row: William II. Whit. I, . Jack Lackey. Bill J. Robinson. Carey W. Dobbs, Jerome S. Lancaster, Arthur C. Bcaman. . . . Serond Raw: Roy Gillikan. Robert Hollingsworlh, Ed ilea, Jim Edwards, Perry C. Weeks, Leonard Herring. . . . Third Rou-: Hugh H. Miller, Sam Homewood, Riehard Jente. Robert Goekley. Dale B. E ans. . . . Vol in Picture: Clifford L. Tuttle. 174 First ftou: Marlin Da%is. Francis Parker Robert I-.... Lawrence Hooper, Paul Sale Edward Schocnheit. Wylie Milligan, Gilber Walker, James Fowler, Harvey While. Franl Williams, Phillip Hanes, Harry Bates. . . Vol in Picture: John Pender. Brandt Allen Warren Rendall. DELTR KRPPR EPSILOfl LAI RIE HOOPER. Preside Reminiscing the past year: the Dekes returning to the Home after a year ' s absence . . . pin-up boy Allen hard at work on our prize-winning display for the Duke game . . . Pied Piper Davis beating his worn path to the Chi O House upon receiving Duffy ' s " waves " . . . Fowler gazing at his shining stripes in the mirror . . . the Golden Valkyrie fleeced by Jason Hooper . . . Wheet White heading the receiving at the Chi O anniversary party . . . Ape Williams, N. C. (no comment) . . . Catfish Milligan with his harems in Greens- boro and Burlington . . . Herky Schoenheit up to his neck in water . . . Flash Dodson reviewing his " buckets " . . . Baldy Walker late-dating twice the Rebel Room week-end . . . Blondie Bates, " Dear John " . . . Cheesecake Pender dividing his precious time between Aleutian Solution, wild women, and broken glass . . . Bud Sale, a permanent fixture in " his " Rebel Room . . . Legs Parker with Daisy ' s in his eyes . . . our best pledge, Looie Dupes . . . our best pledge, Huie McPhaul . . . our best pledge, Dewie Rendall . . . piano lessons taught by Mountaineer Hanes ... a great year for D.K.E. . . . diamond, stars, and scroll. Hayrides, beer parties, Harry ' s Delicatessen and Jeff ' s Con- fectionary are especially dear to the Delta Psi ' s . . . music of all sorts makes the " smooth " environment of the hall . . . Eduardo Bello and guitar, Dick Ford, accordian and piano . . . and records of everything from opera to Dwight Fiske . . . politics are engaged in by a few, " poo-pooed " by the rest . . . mention must be made of Eulas Mason, the genial man of the house, host to the returning members, confidante of all, master of mixing bottled goodies . . . the biggest sight was the war of nerves with the mice infiltrating into the larder in Emack and Bello ' s desk drawers . . . biggest gripe was the battle with the furnace to keep the house at sleeping temperatures . . . girls find Eduardo Nocolas Angel Bello Franco (not a misprint!) delightful with his guitars and mustache ! ... we boast of Bill Pritchard, the champion athlete and Robert Butman, receiving honors in English . . . the capital event was Dougald Macmillan and Dick Ford, roommates, running on different tickets. MACK, House Manager DELTR PS First Rote: A. MylcB Hayncs, Williai Thweatt, Thomas C. Hinson. Eduardo A Bello, Jr. . . . Second Rule; Ed»ard I Einaek. W. Dougald MaeMillan, William ( Priteliard, Richard B. Ford. . . . JVol in Pit lure: Robert H. Butman. Benjamin H. Brev ster, Charles Wagandt, Douglas Stewar Richard E. Gordon. Frank Taliferro, Leo A. Adams. 176 First Row: Dick Ford. Bill Walston, Johnny Waldroup. Jenks Tripp, Jim Booth, Bert Dillon. . . . Second Row: Pat Taylor, Jim Fowler. Bill Whitley. Charlie Hackney, Char- lie Jacobs. Joe Travis. Whitey Griffith, Fred Caligan. . . . Third Row: Bill Kinney, War- ren Perry. Johnny Perkins, Bill Nash, John Mors: Hill. Ton ll.i is. Walt l(.ii,,., „,. clure: Cal Warren. Leftwich. Cecil Ca DELTR SIGfTlfi P This is the year we returned to the court . . . remember the all too frequent times we had to clean the house while Waldroup looked for a janitor . . . the " Furniture Trust " . . . then there was politics . . . " Spoils System Waldroup " and his political appointees . . . remember too, " Incompati- ble " Harris and his dates . . . Caligan and 72 and Lib . . . " By all odds " Hill who lived at the Law School . . . Dillon, our Phi Bete and rent collector . . . also the Softball games with Spencer and the Pi Phis (but let ' s not forget our de- feat and the Tar Heel story) . . . the swimming meets with Snooky out in front . . . then there ' s Walston and Tish . . . Jenks and Betty . . . and Perkins, who divided his time be- tween Greensboro and the Tri-Delt house . . . then our Ensigns who went off to war . . . Bruce Winslow whose life was " just a bowl of Cherries " . . . Dick Elliot who always had trouble with " his " redhead . . . " Bang-bang " Kinney, our pledge commander and his cohort, " Paddle-happy " Jacobs . . . Pat Taylor, who could talk his way in or out . . . Scientist Perry finding a dinasour egg . . . Whitey Griffeth, who hastily departed from the Pi Phi house with no auto- graphs . . . " Vigoro " Leftwich and Kay . . . " Pres. " Hackney straight from Alumni . . . Jim Fowler and his Wave . . . too, there was Cal Warren whose motto was " pin, pin, who has my fraternity pin? " . . . Cecil Garrett at " those " Softball games . . . Dick Ford, " president of vice, " who gave us " Girl of Delta Sig " . . . John Morgan who debited sur- plus when in doubt . . . Bill Whitley — " Those glasses don ' t fool any of those Spencer women " (did she hafta study?) . . . but it was a wonderful year, one that had its serious side . . . professional meetings, with Dean Carroll, Mr. Small, Mr. Woosley, Mr. Gutmann, and lots of others coming around to put us in the know ... it was a year that we will long remember . . . HUMPDY-DEEDIE- BAYBEE !!!!!! . . JOHNNY WALDROl ' P. Preside 177 FRED FLAGLER, President From two small rooms where there was a lot of fun but no coed privileges to the old house on Cameron Avenue ... it proved to be the highlight of Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order this year ... for social functions the number one was the celebration of Lee ' s birthday . . . quite an affair with K.A. Chapters ... of course the usual parties at Shorty ' s Cabin are to be remembered as a bit of all right fun ... as for personalities there were Tom Abell with a darn good brand of football . . . Miles Smith, Fret Crider, and Pete Pully pulling political strings . . . Charles Snoddy who worried about finances kept up with the Interfraternity Council . . . Leonard Tufts who is to be remembered for the fine Sunday morning breakfast at his mother ' s house in Chapel Hill . . . Cass Ballenger, the leading ping-pong artist and bridge shark . . . then there is prexy Fred Flagler who lost his pin during the year . . . he ' s the boy who just can ' t stay away from politics and publications . . . Softball contests with sorority teams were lots of fun . . . new initiates, Dick Wax, Bob Hunter, Tom Greene, Smith Kirk, Jim Bulla, and Ned Herring reveling in poking fun at new pledges, Jim Lewis, Ade Carroll, Irwin Smallwood, Jack Bagg, Nick Theofilou, Ralph Bryant, and Claibourne Selden . . . the end of the semester with a loss of a number of good men . . . getting back in line by repairing the house . . . started with the bar first . . . hoping to catch more civilians next rush season. KRPPR RLPHR First Ro,c: Leonard Tufts, Ned Herring. Bill Ziska, Cass Ballenger, Bill Lindsay. . . . Second Rou.- Miles Smith. Sid Gardner, Log Whaley, Fred Flagler, Carroll Wall, Pete Pulley. . . . Vol in Picture: Tom Abcll, Charles Snoddy. 178 Fi- rst Row: Ed Kcycs, Arthu r Berkham. Jr., ll rm an B adley, Bill Minis . Jim Spillers. Ai chi e Hoc d. Allen Co ok. . . Second Roto: II . l oodh ,use, Walter Jones . George Sturm. W •n Ru mmelhoff, Ed Bai y, George Nor- w od Char it- Haeknej Char ie Vernon. Pete W [h rs. . . Thir,l R me: Roy MrKt-nzir D n Harris on. Don J islice, Bill Kyle. Jim V( orl ■y. W arren Per -y. Sa m Spoon, Ira W .Ik IT. . . Fourth Roto: Walt Brinkley Bill McKen zie. John (; amhill Al Slaton. . . Vc 1 n Pi •fure: Ed Ashby Jim Mitchell W III im Ha rvey. Ceeil Carrel t. . . . Pledges. Gene John lone. Bob Coope r. Earl Spaugh L. B. Johns on. Bob Th KRPPR SIGfTIR BILL McKENZIE. President Brothers, will you remember . . . moving from one house to another . . . those all too frequent rush periods . . . our little sweetheart . . . Hackney ' s phone calls . . . our five proud new ensigns . . . midnight cramming . . . " Rock " and his continual golf gab . . . boxers Worley and Keys . . . " Sick Boy " Slaton . . . Shorty ' s Cabin . . . McKenzie elected president of student body . . . Perry ' s innumerable committees . . . the Davidson boys . . . Sam and Jackie as always . . . our 75th anniversary banquet . . . Sturm ' s diligent supervision of our " fine " pledges . . . Vernon ' s dancing exhibitions . . . alumni visits . . . those daily " cabbage " games . . . Cecil and his O.A.O. . . . Art ' s trips to Durham . . . Rummey ' s intellectual interests . . . last minute party prepara- tions . . . Walt giving fatherly advice to the problem child. Bill . . . Sunday mornings . . . the yellow limousine . . . moving back home after 20 months of temporary residence . . . " Pore Lil " and all his women . . . " Big John ' s " fur- lined shoes . . . Brinkley trying to get to all his meetings . . . bull sessions in Ashby ' s suite . . . Harvey and his Raleigh woman . . . " Toad ' s " return from the Navy . . . Walker ' s brogue . . . the Duke-Carolina week-end . . . Pete and Pam . . . Chubby, the navigator . . . Baity and his tennis . . . Palmer ' s Pink Elephant . . . May Frolics . . . " Tex " and his drawl . . . Intramural sports . . . politics, politics, politics . . . broken windows on New Year ' s Eve . . . Dr. Wood- house ' s invaluable help is solving our problems . . . shining our trophys . . . the conspicuous absence of " Brother Henry " after 50 years of helping his " Kappa Siggers " . . . the memory of our many brothers in the service and our constant aim to maintain the traditions of Kappa Sigma until they return. The old house was abandoned for a permanent residence on Rosemary . . . " Snufer " (alias Ranzenhofer), president, with the aid of Reggisbee, also called Lardus, led the fraternity through the year . . . the dismal financial report that Bobby Dees came out with . . . " Shell out " became his slogan . . . " Yank " was known to most of the Phi Delts as Parsons . . . his job was writing those necessary " evils " called " notes " . . . Rush season and a most successful campaign with seven- teen pledges . . . Pharmacy dances and the annual banquet at the Carolina Inn ... the watermelon feast . . . the " neat " party at Hogan ' s Lake . . . Pine Grove had a swell environ- ment, excepting mosquitoes and jagged rocks. Falling in the creek, an example of a forced dive! . . . only a few upper- classmen expect to return in the fall . . . the Freshmen are left with the chief responsibility ... the fraternal intimacy and friendship shared will never be dissolved or divided . . . loyalty of the Phi Delts are their middle name. JACK RANZENHOFER, Preside PHI DELTA CH First Ron: Jack Ranzenhofer, Bobby De Geraldine Hedge. Sam Black. Hubert Da eron, Charlie Beddingfield. Bob Parsons. . Second Role: John Horton, Charlie Camp- bell, Bob Phifer. Robert Hall. H Thomas, Edgar Riggsbee, Waits West. Third Row: Charles Stamey, Paul MaeNeil. Bill Griffin, Graham Clark, Reginald Ha William McDanicl, John Dees, R. Haul . . . Not in Picture: Bill Creech. 180 Firsl Rote: Bob George, Jim Waldron. Tom Colfer. . . . Second Rau : Vernon Townsend, Evert Clark, Al Williams, Bruce Window, Glen Miller, Mason Whitney. Mrs. Martha Vandiver, Bill Ellis. Charlie Spronle, Den- man Hammond, Jim Adder. . . . Third Rote: Jack Davies. Bob Lackey. Tom Kerns, Roy Rove. Bill Schely. Bill McNeely, Bill Stnbbs. Revel Hunt. Bill McKinnry . . . Fourth Rote: Jim Little. Fritz Pfiffer. Allan Pannill. Dave Nichols, Bob Shaw. Jon Tut- hill. Clive Thompson. Jack Shaw. Tyler Welch. Turk New some Ellwood Van Vo- horees Vol in Picture: Bill Voris. George Robertson. Hank Spurloek. John Anderson. Bill Deegan. Jack Shaeffcr. Bob Carlson. George Grantham. Wade Isaacs. Jim Todd. John Lord. Mike Morrow. Wayne Brcncngcn. Benson McCutcheon, Fred Rainey. Baxter Sapp. Joe Mallard. . . . Pledges: Darde Ra I ur Nil. Don Dudzik. Al Elger. Zeke Zientek. nk Poole. Charlie Bennett. Bob Carter. cy Fuller. PHI DELTR THETR JACK DAVIES, President We knew them when: they asked about the chicken . . . they were sure bitter . . . things were " Reet, Skeet and Complete " . . . the pictures in room 3 . . • love sick Tommy . . . the four T ' s — Tag, Tar, Tas, Tac . . . smoothie . . . oh, Atlanta . . . we ' re engaged . . . noses, numbers one and two . . . the Great Red Father . . . Sam Lapides . . . T- Ville ' s " Mountain Dew " . . . " Eleanor " . . . Lackey ' s ciga- rette shortage . . . that Phi Delt Scrapbook . . . built close to the ground . . . Denny and Polly ... I got a chick about six feet tall . . . that will hurt us politically . . . ever see a " Blue Goose " . . . Big Jim . . . our mascot . . . " P. B. " . . . Morrow ' s two dates problem . . . Poco Moco . . . " Lamb Chop " . . . " gotta get a little sack time " . . . " Ohhhhhhh ! Dave " . . . " you ' re de one " . . . " my name ' s Tom Kerns! . . . it ' s time we had a party . . . " He ' s just precious! " . . . uglier than I am ... I soloed this week . . . Bob Shaw ' s four years of hard work . . . " when ' s the Bowery Ball " . . . those two cute roommates ... he was hit by a " Bliffet " . . . Blue Beard . . . Tool ' s Super Parabolic Microphone . . . week-end excursions . . . Black Dawg and Boone Dawg . . . ya ' gotta ' go back . . . these " Bull " sessions . . . " and introduced his girl to Afflick his ' Pal ' " ... " sure, I ' ll give you a match for a price " ... the monkey family . . . " Snake " and " Beaver. " Turning back the pages of time: hayrides . . . dances . . . fraternity " daze " . . . pinning . . . serenades ... all sym- bolize frat life at Carolina . . . Capital characters: " Bird- dog " Cheatham, the lone wolf . . . Hugh Perry and Billy Edwards for their " drinking jackets " . . . Ted and Pam, with future plans . . . Bencini, our " red-top " . . . our fire and fury . . . " Phi, " our ever-faithful house-boy, always willing, always there. The Duke week-end and import time . . . Cam and his three o ' clock departure . . . Jim and the bathtub . . . intra- mural football . . . Capt. Billy and his end runs . . . Bissette, our center . . . championship game with the Phi Delts as losers . . . the " Body " is born . . . Linda and Tom start and stop . . . Frank Ross and his " harem " . . . Clay and Sarah " just that way " . . . " Juke " and his feminine fol- lowing . . . the return to the stomping-grounds and that glorious feeling of " home sweet home " ... the " big-four " party and late dates . . . the Chi O party at the Legion Hut . . . Westbrook and his boogie-woogie ... the Tri-Delts next . . . " Delta Blossom " and its compliments . . . Wester, our worker and Barbara . . . the Fijiz go on. GEORGE BELLI. Preside PHI GRITimR DELTR First Rou: Clay Irby. Tom Stock. ell. Pail Bissette, Frank Ross, Hugh Perry. Jim Dil lard, A. W. Griffin. . . . Second Roic : Jac] Scott, Dave Whichard, Dick Gibson, Bil Wester. Ed Webb. Cam Sanders, Tor Lalhrop. Bill Mayo, Bill Sexton. . . . Thir, Row: William Tinsley, Al Raynor. Luthc Kelly, Walter Holt, Pat Corey, Ted S. Orville Simpson, Howard Whitmer, Benn Johnson. John Westbrook. Ed Hughes. . . Fourth Row: Jim Lanier, Hal Chaplin, Did Cheatham. Jack Cobb. Bill Edwards, Bil Bencini, Bill Mackie. . . . Not in Picture J. V. Davis. Jack Monroe. Jim Oliver, Te. Haiglcr. 182 irst Row: Richard Stoker, Johnny Richard- on, Donald Ward. Gill Smith, Jack 1 1 ..... - ardncr. Hill II. .11 Bill Hudspeth, Arthur ' appas, Vernon Cartner, Campbell Hunter. . . Second Row: Louis Wilkerson, Mar- iotte Stewart. Bill Egelyn, Charles Stan, aeh. Homer Holton, Bill Guyer, Harry Sav. as, Frank Martin. . . . Tnirrf Row: Paul reene, Tom Munden. Jim Grimes. Bill Jones, ' aul Ludwig. Ben Ward. Claude Crocker, Ed mith. PHI KRPPR SIGmR BEN WARD, President Growing from 15 active members at the start of the year the Skull and Bones boys have come along to a membership of 39 actives and 11 pledges. The highlights of the year include . . . Homer and Pop fighting through the semi-finals in the ping-pong playoff . . . January rushing season with Phi Kap leading the campus pledging 21 fine fellows . . . Tony, Al, and Frank leading the Softball team to the campus championship . . . those many week-end dances at the house . . . the spring banquet which was such a gala affair . . . the big parties under the moonlight of Hogan ' s . . . Joe and Arthur hitting the beach so often . . . Egghead ' s " Wait for Me Mary " . . . Rummy leading the 24 Below Club . . . Ben helping the swimming team achieve its record . . . Johnny and Buck helping the others with their dates . . . the wonderful February pledge party ... the Pi Phi-Phi Kap Softball games . . . Pop ' s election to the P.U. Board . . . Snavely ' s solid Phi Kap backfield with Paul, Bill, Mike, and Joe . . . and the capable guidance of our officers. The primary aim of the Chapter has been to regain the supremacy that once was theirs and which will once again be theirs if the past eight months are any criterion of what the future holds in store for the Phi Kappa Sigma men. " ■ -V. From the passing parade, this we will remember . . . home again to Fraternity Court . . . the Duke week-end . . . Gin Waffle party . . . Michie cheering for U.N.C. . . . Rakus cocktails . . . " Lost in Battle Park " . . . Buddy, buddy, and the bug . . . Art and the B ! . . . Johnston and no dates . . . " Call her now, it ' s not too late " . . . Marky wearing the Pika diamond . . . Dinsmoor ' s, " I ' ll catch it later " . . . Taucher ' s, " Mother, pin a rose on me " . . . Fish (that cute 1 il ' freckled-faced sailor) . . . Motorboat Kelly breaks another record . . . Enter Dammit . . . Mother Ig takes over . . . New Year ' s Eve and homemade champagne . . . the " Broverhood " of Pi K. A. . . . " Be back in a minute, don ' t move a muscle " . . . merely commenting . . . the Dream Girl week-end . . . from twelve to twelve . . . where are Art ' s keys? . . . Dick and Dream Girl Emily . . . has anyone seen Shirley? . . . have you seen Pug? . . . what, no beer for Foo-Foo? ... we triumphed as Marky was crowned Miss Victory . . . picnics in the grove . . . " are you mad, utterly insane? " . . . Mr. and Mrs. . . . visiting alumni . . . " boarding that New River train. " . . . ART ADAMS, Preside PI KRPPR RLPHR First Ron : Dennis Doster. George Miller, Larry Herrcra, Fred Sleputis. Johnny Thomp- son. . . . Second Rou : Bob Wadsworth, Wil- liam Marsh. Art Adams, Randal Salmon. Tom Wieker, Bill Jaekson, Jaek Lawler, Johnny May. . . . Third Rout: Bill Johnson, Lewis Heniford. . . . Fourth Rote: Norman Dc- Cashwell, W; s. He Tho A-hla Mile Mendler, Dick Adams, Gene Willhite, Car Holbrook. Bud Shank. Michie Fauleoner. . . Not in Picture: Bill Kelly. Buck Tausrhci Mike Callahan. Bob Gee. Bill Hudgens, Wall Dinsmoor. Howard Kane. Wally Howe. Mur rav McCain. 184 Firsl Roic: Jerry Schwartz, Mickey Abelkop. Lcc linger, Charles Veil, Edward Heller. . . . Second Row: Abe Moskow. Howard Perry, Harvey Aurrbach. . . . Vol in Picture: F.d I. ..1,1,.,.,, i Irv Fox, Norman Rippg, Lenny Goodman. PI LRITIBDR PHI . . . I.EE LINGER. President Last fall up Pittsboro way moved a group of Pilams . . . Lee bought the furniture . . . and Goldy added his share of " PURPLE " . . . then Phil and Mary . . . plus a blue " DUKE " . . . with football in the game room . . . Ripps decided swimming was better . . . Edward with his views of Life . . . while Irv lost at hearts . . . Lenny was off to Chicago ... the talk of Abie and his touchdown pass . . . Dean Johnson came to help Goldy with his alarm clock . . . West Virginia ' s boy Charlie on the basketball court . . . oh, yes, our basketball record, too . . . fried puppies in the parlor . . . Mickey had kittens and you know where . . . Bridget elected Rex . . . while Doc performed . . . none so hot as Howie and his fiddle . . . Harvey the painter boy . . . our ni ht at the Washington Duke . . . with Jerry presenting a bouquet . . . trouble with the budget . . . out of fuel . . . and the big boss visited us, too ... a Pilam New Year ' s Eve . . . and the " General Dies at Dawn " . . . Mickey ' s trips north . . . Lee ' s south . . . but not on the motor bike ... at last Harvey " fixed " the ping-pong table . . . and as we welcomed Rush Week in March, a successful year with the Pilams ended. . DICK WILLINGHAM. S.R.E. DIRRY September-October: A most successful Rush Week ended in that memorable pledge party at Shorty ' s . . . poop-deck sessions at Lulu ' s were quite the rage . . . " Violets " to Lib and Randy. November-December: Polished for the first time since June, 1943, was the bronze S.A.E. on the door at No. 1 Fraternity Court . . . Brother " Bear " went into hibernation . . . " Speak " was born . . . Doss ' s telegram read, " Ye Gods, I ' m 1-A! " . . . famous quotations department: Rhea ' s " forget ' em, " Jug and Jar ' s " I love labor, " anything by Pace. January- February: The New Year really started off with a bang . . . vaudevillians Burdin and Moore performed ad- mirably at the new neophytes ' party . . . the dining room ushered in more than food. February 3: " N. C. Xi requests the honor of your pres- ence " — purpose definitely accomplished! . . . we bought a book on high finance, and Lib rocketed to first place on the Miss Victory List . . . Willingham received his A.B. at the Hill, his MA. in Longchamps at 59th and Madison. March through June: The A.F.S. fare was none too good, so " Monty " Crawford returned to dinner . . . Filibuster Ben- bow opened his spring offensive . . . our young men ' s fancies were definitely turning . . . gala week-ends highlighted those last great months. SIGI71R RLPHR EPSILON First Rou-: Alla n Pollock. Jimmy Mitchell, Jim Hunter. Arch Morris. . . . Second Rou- : David Cooper, Henry Sloan, Jared C. Fox. Jr.. Randy Thompson. Burney Warren. John Berry. Charlie Frank Benbow. Fred II I. . . . . . Third Roil ' : Charlie Pace, Jess Moore. Rhea Richardson. John Tull. Prentice Ed- wards. Pat Persons. Bill Seeman, Dick Chat- ham. . . . Fourth Rote: Frank Curran. Hicks Ford. Blair Gammon. Warren Ficklen. Jack Dri.i. .o.l. Bill Stirhl. Jim Burdin. Don Board- man. . . . Not in Picture: Dick Willingham. Pat Kelly. Bob Crawford. Bob Foreman. K M W J s HI jl ;;--fl ■ 1 V -■•. 41 -n W g ■OTJ s il m jS t 186 First ! ■■„. Baxter Bycrly. Hasty Potter, Wey- man Patrick, Jack Severson, Joe Butler. Bruce Van Wagner, John O ' Neal. Harry Shu- ford. . . . Second Row: Roy 1 1. in kin.. Jim Hannyl. Ed Twohey, Tom Cone, Ray Walters, Jim Camp, Dan Bowden. . . . Third (....: Manuel Alvarez. Don Collman, Jack Willson. Bud Johnson. Bill McCarthy, Don Seiperl, Sid Alverson. . . . Fourth Rote: Dallas Davis. George Reynolds. Fred Bauer. Jack Wagner, Tom Meyersieck, Kent Roberts. . . . Fifth Ron: Earle Woodard. Ed Gunion. Jim Jor- dan, George Brenning, O. A. Allen. H. K. Allen, Jack Youngcrman. . . . Sixth Rote: Wayne Johnson, Bill Parker, Archie Aschel- man, Frank McCrery, Bill Cartwright, Red Altmuel. Jack Anderson, Jim Hedrick. . . . Sot in Picture: Wally Andrews, John Dillon. Dan Moseley. SIGmfi CHI ROY HANKINS. President Sights: The intramural Championship Cup on the mantel . . . the Sunday night buffet suppers when everyone drank " iced- tea " — and loved it . . . the banquets at the Carolina Inn . . , Norm Lee and Jack Ellis bending over the piano . - . Dick Harris and his terrific trumpet . . . the Softball games at Hogan ' s . . . " Baldy " Butler and his shiny head . . . thanks to Duke . . . Bud Johnson and Reynolds in a Sleep Mara- thon . . . Woodard and Mac in bow ties . . . Wally Barrett in the coal bin . . . Van Wagner making collections . . . Warren and his school bus . . . Dal Davis ' inimitable smile . . . " Gig " Cone and Ike Eisenhower scrapping . . . Van Laer and Willson rolling their own . . . Sounds: O ' Neal and his perishables for sale . . . paint brushes as the brothers repair the house . . . Fordham ' s " Glad to see ya " . . . Legal Beagle Hankin and his " point of order " . . . coed laughter in the dining room . . . bull sessions breaking up with Hasty asking Parker to ask Moseley to ask Clyde to wake him up for an eight o ' clock . . . Ray Walters and his " Hot Dawwg " . . . our cheers for five brothers on the foot- ball team, four on Southern Conference basketball team, two on All-Southern . . . good ole Sigs! fl OT, -If. » T x BILL WRIGHT. Preside Wartime frat life deals primarily w ith the upkeep of fra- ternal obligations and providing a sound basis for post-war Chapters . . . this we have done . . . pre-war dances have given way to small intimate parties and big name bands to record players, house parties have given way to one o ' clock deadline parties ... for the soundness of fraternities and the guarantee of their future ... we aim for the pre-war fraternal spirit . . . social life was interesting, but definitely! . . . informal picnics near Gimghoul, stag parties, real house parties at Shorty ' s Cabin . . . and the big Dook-Carolina week-end ... we aspire for a better and more spirited Caro- lina, with emphasis on coordination between civilians and servicemen ... we have thought and planned for: more interest in Carolina politics, revival in sports, great intellect, fitting entertainment ... we desire to have every student here to cherish the fond memory of the learning and expe- riences here always. sigitir nu First Row: Jesse Jcrnigan, Frank Caulfield. Bill Wright. Diek Robinson. Graham White. . . . Second Row: Jenks Tripp, Frank Gal- lagher. Lester Hinnet. Joel Mahon. . . . Third Row: Tommy Gray. Nelson McGinlcy, Bob Dungey. Morris Brown. Lote Kinney, Al- mond Powell. . . . Fourth Row: Ben Frazcr. Charles McCormiek. Bill Roeder. George Stadter, Walt Malmburg, Godfrey Stancill, Charles Wickenberg. . . . , ot in Picture: Bob Broek. Bob Weant. Earl,- Peacock, Jimmy Dobbins. Snookie Proctor, Bill W al- ston, Jim Booth. Joe Ichter. Tommy Camp- bell. Stanley Colbrt, Norman Silver, iks. . . . Back Row: Sidney Ap- Neiditeh, Gabby Cohe TRU EPSILOfl PH NORMAN SILVER, Preside A year to be remembered . . . Appel ' s transfer from Georgia Tech . . . Silver ' s return to civilian life . . . reorganization of the wartorn chapter ... no house . . . " Where is Mutt? " ... the room-hunters . . . pledges, the eternal film fiends . . . " and don ' t forget to clean under the floors, fellows " ! ' ! !-no coeds! . . . the first initiation under the reorganized chapter . . . congratulations to Brooks, Col- bert, and Cohen . . . thanks to Tech . . . remember Massar at Pre-Flight? . . . " the letter, what letter? " . . . " Dear George " . . . " Wednesday night — Tuesday — O.K., make it Wednesday " . . . Brothers Blacker and Joe Schwartz ' s return from overseas . . . Appel and his woman trouble . . . Gabby ' s daily proposal from HER . . . what happened to the beer party at Shorty ' s? . . . Brooks, better make sure you still have THAT date . . . Colbert, the " efficiency expert " . . . Pizer, the hermit, spreeing on the week-ends . . . Shorty Novins, is you is, or is you ain ' t? . . . who threw the bottle on Franklin St. ? . . . where ' re YOU going to eat? . . . Silver, " I don ' t drink or smoke " . . . what about the house? . . . plans for summer school and when we will have the house again . . . what about next fall ? . . . Let ' s We ' ll all remember . . . " Shorty " Hecht begging for volun- teers to clean up the house on Fraternity Court before we moved in . . . Joe Mirsky and his big grin, winning friends all over the place . . . the banquets at the Carolina Inn . . . Dave Kend and the expensive sandwiches, and the beer that disappeared . . . the touch football team, a nd the Softball team . . . those truth sessions when we tried to round off each other ' s rough corners . . . " Admiral " Max Heiman, always ready for a party . . . the Sunday afternoon card games . . . first-string guard, Ed Golding, also first-string window washer while he was a Pledge . . . week-end parties, and the red couch in front of the fireplace, with a date . . . Arnold Haber, speaking softly but getting things done ... the Brothers who worked so hard on various jobs and committees that made our chapter a success . . . our hopes of building a new house after the war . . . Rat courts for the pledges, and the affection with which they cherished their paddles . . . all these things will make Z.B.T. member- ship a warm mutual memory for twenty-five or thirty of us. . ARNOLD HABER. President ZETR BETA TRU First Roil ' .- Ray Sandler, Maxwell Borow, Edwin Golding, Labe Scheinberg. . . . Sec- ond It..,. . Sidney Friedman. Arnold Haber, Joe Mirsky, Joe Gassenheimer. Ellis Berlin, Murray Rosenthal. . . . Third It.... Phil Moseowitz, Joe Lee Silverstein. Max Heiman. Arthur Aronson. Jr., Robert Friedman. Rich. ard Bloch, Aaron Jaffe Vol in Picture: Lawrence Hecht, Arthur Liggett, David Kend. John Godehaux. 190 First Rote: Jimmy Hcdgpeth. Bynum Hunter. Adam Thorp, Al Silieski, Collins Brown. . . . Second Rote : Phil Taylor, Marvin Wilson. Alex Howard, Buck Cheatham, Mae Oliver. . . . Third Rote: Lem Mormon. John T. Gregory, Gene Thomas, Philip Lea. . . . .Vol in Picture: Blanlon Belk. Gideon Gilliam. Deealur Cunningham. Jaek Kirk I ami. Al Chappell, Eddie Boyle. Jaek Trotman, Bill Palmer. Winifred Worth. ZETR PSI B ' .MM Hl ' NTER, Preside 1944-45 was a lot of fun . . . got that house back at last . . . but Phil, Pell, Boo Boo, Gid, Alec, Mac, Buck, Decatur, and " Little " Penick are off to the wars . . . parties at Hogan ' s Lake . . . " beer " baseball on the Zete Beach . . . romances . . . Pell stealing Boo Boos girl . . . Boo Boo got Jean . . . Belk and his Nancys . . . King or Smith? . . . Terry married and Collins in tears . . . fun while it lasted . . . " Gosh, but Phyllis is cute, " quoth Hunter . . . then there was always Phil and Julia . . . Thomas loves Margaret and vice versa . . . Thorpe and Nancy . . . Chapel Hill ' s own Marvin and Barbara . . . Oliver loves everybody, especially women and beer . . . " I just love Gid ' s profile, " said the sweet young thing . . . Sileski, man of mystery ... in case of damage see Drs. Palmer, Boyle or Worth . . . baseballers Gregory, Chappe and Belk . . . wrestlers Howard, Cheatham and Hedgpeth . . . B. Gilliam at end . . . Thorpe ' s football . . . track has Moorman and Hunter . . . " party-boy " Folsom took up residence in the bar . . . Walters: " Now where did my date get to? " . . . let ' s have another party, Zetes! u. n.c. Alpha Tau Omega Beta Thota Pi Doha Kappa Eps The Greeks gave us tradition . . . Carolina gave us the opportunity, to build these homes, to inhabit them ... to enclose our fraternal love inside these walls. As we look down the avenues of calmness, peace Delta Sigma Pi Phi Gamma Delta Sigma Alpha Epsilo 192 FR flTER n ITY REVIEW... and beauty, each familiar house awakens in us the desire to further the purpose of fraternities ... to make our education memorable . . . through friendship. M| ' l ' .i Alpha Phi Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma No Phi Delta Thota Pi Lambda Phi Zela Beta Tau 193 Honorary and Professional fraternities on campus encourage students to main- tain a high scholastic standard, create a desire on the part of students to measure up to high personality qualifications. These organizations work to stimulate interest in a specific professional field and to recognize outstanding students in that field. Carolina has such fraternities in the fields of chemistry, sociology, medicine, psychology, German, commerce, pharmacy, music, and geology. The national scholastic fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa, is also well estab- lished at the University. HOnORRRIES... 194 Together with work and fun, they have no idea in mind, ... to leave their Alma Mater better than they found her. 195 %5i %? MEMBERS 1944-45 404 William Thomas Crisp 405 Edward Franklin Emack 406 Richard Bramley Ford 407 Lawrence Lewis Hooper 408 John Douglass Hunt 409 William Fennell McNeely 410 William Jennings Tripp 403 Harvey O ' Neal White 397 Charles Frank Benbow MEMBERS 1943-44 374 George Denman Hammond 381 John Mosely Robinson 385 John Kilpatrick 386 Walter Atkinson Damtoft 387 William Terrell Webster 388 Orville Campbell 389 John Frank Alspaugh 390 James Rowland Davis 391 Robert Norton Burleigh 392 Elbert Sidney Peel FACULTY 6 Charles Phillips Russell 40 Frank Porter Graham 90 Edgar Ralph Rankin 102 Robert Burton House 109 Herman Glenn Baity 1 1 1 Ernest Lloyd Mackie 110 Albert McKinley Coates 121 Joseph Burton Linker 141 Corydon Perry Spruill 176 Earle Horace Hartsell 1 86 Joseph Maryon Saunders 193 William Terry Couch 209 Edward Alex Cameron 220 Walter Smith Spearman, Jr. 9fe VALKY NANCY JANE KING, President ELIZABETH WIGGINS, Secretary BETTY LOU CYPERT, Vice-President JEAN RANKIN, Treasurer WYNETTE WHITE, Alumnae Secretary Shirley Hartzell Mary Payne Jett Edith Owens Ann Hodges Kitty Kelly Betty Don Sweat Patricia Hughes Sara Margaret McEachern Margaret Morton Tharon Young OFFICERS EDWARD FRANKLIN EMACK . . ALBERT STEPHEN DILLON, JR. . ARCHIBALD ANDREW HOOD Delegates Exchequer ACTIVE MEMBERS Charles Frank Benbow, Jr. James William Burdin Fenner Samuel Corbett Richard Sealy Elliot Richard Bramley Ford James Fitzgerald Fowler Gideon Lamb Gilliam Charles William Hackney, Jr. Lawrence Lewis Hooper John Douglass Hunt, Jr. William Dougald MacMillan, IV William Roberts McKenzie John Irvin Morgan George Alexander Norwood Robert Hill Shaw William Jennings Tripp Edward Louis Twohey Robert Bruce Van Wagner Calvin Williard Warren Oscar Mason Whitney JRLSQ TF ASZ Fll MUWTHKU VT GHV QYRRR FH DVB HAXL SATVTLR GHV ULFIITG VT BUI IYSAT TQBBGRP RULERS 592 GEORGE DENMAN HAMMOND R 608 CHARLES FRANK BENBOW K. D. S. 615 WILLIAM JEFFERSON STUBBS W. S. S. 618 MARION JACKSON TROTMAN . . . K. M. K. 616 RICHARD MAUS JOHNSON . . . N. G. P. SUBJECTS 174 Archibald Henderson 241 Joseph G. deR. Hamilton 255 Frank Porter Graham 315 Robert W. Wettach 319 William W. Pierson 328 Francis F. Bradshaw 331 Thomas Felix Hickerson 343 Dudley DeWitt Carroll 349 William Donald Carmichael 369 William F. Prouty 373 Allen Wilson Hobbs 385 Robert Edwin Coker 405 Charles S. Mangum, Jr. 417 George Coffin Taylor 439 J. Penrose Harland 442 Robert Burton House 490 Fletcher Melvin Green 546 Harry Russell 595 Robert Hope Crawford, Jr. 606 George Mason Rankin 610 Philip Reade Taylor 611 William Burwell Ellis, III 612 Gideon Lamb Gilliam 613 Oscar Mason Whitney 614 Nelson Hendrix 617 Charles Valdo Bardeen LaMotte 619 Guy Hudson Andrews 620 John T. Gregory dormm IHrab Hofcg? JARED COPELAND FOX, JR. PRINCEPS EDGAR CHEW SWEENEY QUAESTOR THOMAS KERNS SCRIPTOR M FACULTY MEMBERS NICHOLSON B. ADAMS WALTER REECE BERRYHILL WILLIAM AUGUSTUS BLOUNT, JOHN M. BOOKER JAMES B. BULLITT R. D. W. CONNOR WILLIAM MORTON DEY KEENER C. FRAZER LOUIS GRAVES JR. EDWARD McG. HEDGPETH URBAN TIGNER HOLMES WILLIAM deBERNIERE MocNIDER DOUGALD MacMILLAN ISAAC HALL MANNING, JR. ROLAND PRINCE McCLAMROCH ROLAND BRYCE PARKER ROGERS DEY WHICHARD EDWIN BOYLE DAVID YOUNG COOPER, III BYNUM MERRITT HUNTER JOHN TWOHEY ELMER COLLINS BROWN LUTHER WENTMORE KELLY ROBERT LEE THURSTON RALPH PHILLIP HANES, JR. STUDENT MEMBERS HENRY EGBERT STOWERS, JR. ROBERT GRAHAM WHITE HENRY LEE SLOAN, JR. RICHARD BAYNARD WILLINGHAM RANDOLPH HINES THOMPSON EDWIN REGINALD HIPP CARYLE THOMAS MANGUM WELDON HUSK JORDAN JOHN HOWARD MONROE UniVERSITY VETERRflS RSSOCIRTIOn , 3 0- C T .. it SOME OF CAROLINA ' S VETERANS On October 18, 1944, a group of young men met at Caro- lina to form an organization. They were the veterans of this war who had returned to complete or to begin their education. They called their organization the University Veterans Association. Their purpose is to promote the gen- eral welfare on this campus of veterans and all other stu- dents of the University, and to provide opportunities for the orientation of incoming veterans by securing coopera- tion among veterans, faculty, and other students and by making the organization ' s activities appeal to all veterans. The infant organization tried hard to fulfill its purpose. It sponsored dutch suppers and parties during the remainder of the fall and winter semester. During the spring semester 92 veterans were enrolled in the University. The association put on a drive to include every veteran as an active mem- ber. A beer party was held at Hogan ' s Lake, and promotion and publicity campaigns were inaugurated. 201 PHI BETR KRPPR III TON Iolii;K-.T west. jr. To the students on the campus privileged to wear the " Phi Bete " key, Phi Beta Kappa represents a minimum of eight full quarters of work in which a scholastic average of 92.5 or better has been maintained. Often content to rest on its own laurels, the fraternity last year took a step forward as plans inaugurated last spring materialized into the form of a tutorial system. Under this system members offered their services as tutors in their major subjects to those first and second year stu- dents who needed scholastic aid but who were financially unable to get it. 202 RLPHR CHRPTER OF nORTH CflROLinfl John Howard Anderson George Walker Blair, Jr. Richard Thomas Brooke Toby Brunner Samuel Owen Cornwell Sarah Irwin Davis )ohn Moore Ruth Polly Frances Squire Thomas Lane Stokes Clifton Forrest West, Jr. Jesse Noah Williams, Jr. Dean Flewellyn Winn, Jr Richard Bramley Ford, Jr. Harold Lacy Godwin Philip Mahone Griffith Weldon Huske Jordan Helen Byrnes Lanneau Mary Kathleen Martin StuLit WjemLs of Phi Beta JCppa — 1944-1945 203 CHI DELTA PHI Chi Delta Phi began the year with a very small membership, and at the beginning of the first semester accepted applications from those interested in becoming members. The final tea for those invited to join was held in November, and on December 14 Olive Ann Burns, R. Frances Brown, Mary Tom Colones, Marcella Harrer, Dorothea Janssen, Marjorie Martin, Catherine Sloan, and Shroy Lange were initiated. The purpose of each weekly meeting is to discuss campus and national writers, to criticize each other ' s stories, and to wonder about the wandering stationery order. Visiting speakers such as Kay Ferrell of the campus Y.W.C.A., and Dr. Tippete of the educational department and author of many children ' s books, ac- quainted Chi Delta Phi with several of the different phases of professional writing. The highlight of the year was Chi Delta Phi ' s presentation of Paul Green, well-known author and playwright, who discussed his new book, " The Way Out for the Negro, " which is still in the process of being written. The annual spring rushing was held in April and one pledge, Ann Thornton, was taken in. The membership of Chi Delta Phi is limited to one per cent of the coeds enrolled at the University. 204 PHI mU RLPHR ston, Marvin Morillo. Charles Stevens. Monte Howell. Wade Phillips. Joe Marshall. . Bill Sasser. Herhert Long. Bill Fitzgerald. Bill Granford, Diek Ford. Don Robinson, Pe . .Vol shown: James Hall. President. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, honorary music fraternity, is made up of out- standing music students on campus. The local chapter, Alpha Rho, en- deavors to advance the cause of music sponsoring concerts, both of na- tionally known artists and of its own members, assisting the music depart- ment in all of its programs, and encouraging original composition. Among its activities this year, bevond regular meetings, were a supper meeting once a month, picnics, and as a service to the music department, the members of Phi Mu Alpha ushered at all musical programs. 205 RHO CH Rlio Chi is the national honorary pharmaceutical society, founded with the object of promoting the advancement of the pharmaceutical sciences, scholarship and good fellowship. Active Members: Rudolph Warren Hardy, President; Laurel Williams, Secretary-Treasurer; Sam Black, Lucy Lee Kennedy, and Doris Bullard. 1945; Doris Bullard, President; Patricia Ann Lawrence, Secretary-Treasurer ; Tommy Holden and Jack Ranzenhofer. Faculty Members; J. G. Beard, E. A. Brecht, H. M. Bur- lage, M. L. Jacobs, and I. W. Rose. KRPPfl EPSILOIl Kappa Epsilon sorority was founded at Iowa State University on May 13, 1921. It is an honorary fraternity for women pharmacy students. The Lambda chapter was established at the Lmiversity of North Carolina on January 21, 1941. Since then it has become a vital part of the School of Pharmacy. Active Members: Lucy Lee Kennedy, President; Frances Cole, Vice-President; Doris Bullard, Secretary-Treasurer; Virginia Caudle, Laurel Williams, Travis Hunt, Betty Hanna, Tommy Holden, Fate Burnette, Pat Lawrence, and Emily Aliston. Advisor: Miss Alice Noble. Pledges: Elizabeth Yates, Mildred Schowalter, Doris Gil- liam, and Patsy Burgiss. ft 206 TRU KflPPR RLPHR RENE BRENARD. Pr TKA, national honorary forensic fraternity, was founded in Indiana in 1908, and now has 105 chapters The local chapter was established in 1910. Active member- ship is limited to those who have participated in at least two years of forensic or public speaking activity, have demonstrated superior ability as debaters or public speakers, and rank in the upper thirty-five per cent of their college class, in accord- ance with the regulation of the Association of College Honorary Societies. The purpose of this fraternity is threefold: to award suitable recognition for excellence in forensic meets and public speaking, to promote interest in speech among the general public and especially among the students of the campus; and to foster a respect for and an appreciation of freedom of speech as a vital element of democracy. 207 THETR PSI EPSILOfl Martha V ... ih. The Alpha Chapter of Theta Psi Epsilon, national women ' s chemical fra- ternity, was organized at Carolina this year. Alpha Chapter had a great amount of work to do in order to establish the fraternity. It was necessary to acquaint the campus with the name and purposes of Theta Psi Epsilon, write cere- monies, the constitution, and set up standards and ideals to be maintained. Along with building the framework of the organization, Alpha Chapter held two initiation banquets, sponsored several speakers, and endeavored to bring a better coordinate between the chemical majors and the rest of the campus. Carolina is honored in having the Alpha Chapter of a new national professional fraternity on this campus. Theta Psi Epsilon is planning to establish five new chapters on college campuses next year. 208 RLPHR CHI SIGfTlfi Today Alpha Chi Sigma, the only professional chemical fraternity in the United States has grown to fifty-three collegiate chapters, fifteen professional chapters and eleven professional groups. The Rho chapter was established on the Carolina campus in 1912. Its members have upheld the ideals upon which the fraternity is founded — the advancement of chemistry and the promotion of fellowship among chemists. Professional activities, lectures, movies, and discussions are important functions of Alpha Chi Sigma. Sponsorship of safety programs, awards, and en- largement of the library are frequent. The student-faculty smoke was one of the outstanding events of the year. (The question is, " Can a coed smoke cigars in times like these?) Parties and banquets furnish another lab in chem, away from ye olde Venable. Chemistry is a big help in everything, even to the mixing of the drinks! On the scholastic side, a $100 award will be given to the outstanding undergraduate student in the University. 209 RLPHR EPSILOfl DELTR Edwin Read. O. B. Alpha Epsilon Delta, national honorary pre-medical fraternity, was founded at the University of Alabama in 1926. The purpose of the society is to encourage excellence in pre- medical work by furnishing a goal toward which the student may work, to act as a force to aid any movement designed to advance the wel- fare of the pre-medical student, and to bridge the gap between the spirit of the pre-medical and that of the school of medicine. Each member is required to maintain a high scholastic average in all his pre-medical work, be outstand- ing in his pre-medical career, and prove himself likely to carry on the name of the fraternity with excellence in medical school. CLAYTON VANDIVER, Pre 210 Hogan»° Lake resounds Town Girls the Pre-Flights New coeds look good at Y " party. . Mike looks skeptical. than the law all.. Poggc looks pleased. Crisp vs. Denker. . Beta ' s big night. Polities on the Pi Phi porch. . " Nuff said! Lull before th Mrs. Cobb Crowns on that stuff! POUTS $7 SHOUTinG CRROLinR... the mm who CAROLINA has rounded out another wartime year of sports. During the spring, baseball repeated very much the same experience set by basketball in the winter. Both teams had good and bad spots, but each came through with clear cut victories to establish their superiority in the end. Swimming was the sport in which Carolina set the best record in 1944-45. At season ' s end 132 monograms had been awarded partici- pants in nine different sports during the year. Perhaps most talked-about news in sports continues to be the outlook for football in the fall. Coach Carl Snavely and his assistants, Max Reed and Russell Murphy, held very satisfactory spring drills and the prospects are good for an interesting and representative card of nine scheduled games next fall. The 132 monograms awarded to players and managers on Carolina athletic teams during 1944-45 were distributed among nine sports as Snavely Studies Co Bo Sh, ,.! ... l 216 WORE THE BLUE RflD WHITE... RAY WALTERS. President of Athletic A.: follows: football 31, cross country 9, basketball 10, boxing 12, wrestling 8, swimming 15, baseball 16, track 22, and tennis 8. The additional award was for the year ' s head cheerleader, Russell Proctor. The records of the nine teams follow: football, won 1, tied 1, lost 7; cross country, won 2 dual meets, lost 2, and placed second in two other meets; basketball, won 22, lost 6 (own Conference tourna- ment) ; boxing, won 3, lost 1 ; wrestling, lost 3 ; swimming, won 4 dual meets, placed first in two A.A.U.s (Southern champions) ; indoor tract, placed third in annual invitation meet; baseball, won 13, lost 10 (Ration League champs) ; track, won 3, lost 3, placed first in invitation meet; tennis, won 3, tied 1, lost 6. Coach Mullis. Abrahams,!,. Falkncr. Gray. Franzc. Payne. Voris. Tuthill. Edwards. . . . Second ;. Twohey. Richardson. Mallard. Forrest. Ward. Morrn. Proctor. Bo Shcpard. . . . Thirtl Rom: e. Lcatherman. Holden. Golding. Clayton. Zimmerman. Ward. . . . Fourth Rot, : Dodson. Hooper. 217 THE UniVEF The University Club, an undergraduate organization, is composed of a Junior class representative from each men ' s dormitory and fraternity and a Senior class representative from each girls ' dormitory and sorority. This is easily the most respresentative group on the campus and, as a result of having direct contact with almost every undergraduate, does much toward bettering intra-school relations. Members are elected to the club to serve for a period of only one year. The club may be classified as a service organization since, through the cooperation of each member, it strives to carry out any activities for the administration, the student organizations, the alumni, and other projects that will be of benefit to the University. The motto of the club — For The University — is self-explanatory of the purposes of the club. Through its close connection with the Ath- letic Association, the club seeks to promote and to maintain enthusiasm and a high spirit of sportsmanship in all University events and con- First Raw: Jane Peggv W hite. Er Walter Brinklcv. THE UNIVERSITY CLUB Thomas. Frances Brice. Cing€r Second Ron : Dan Boo den. No 218 SITY CLUB Let ' s Go Carolina Coach McE. tests by the sponsorship of pep rallies and mass meetings. In coopera- tion with the General Alumni Office, the club attempts, through radio programs, high school conferences and the like, to maintain alumni interest and to arouse the interest of prospective students. 219 CHEERLERDERS In 1944-45 came a new era in cheerleading on the Carolina campus as coed cheerleaders, for the fourth time in the University ' s history, helped arouse Carolina spirit. Head rabble-rouser Proctor did a fine job of whoop- ing it up at athletic events during the season, ably backed up by Stubbs, Teague, Stanton, Herndon, Faulkner, Berman, Parsons, Morrow, Couch, and Tuthill. Pep rallies were bigger and louder this year than last and seemed to bring out that . . . CAROLINA, BEAT DUKE . . . spirit. Eleven cheerleaders elicited yells and cheers that bid fair to tear the top off the staid old Memorial Hall. Hea.l Cheerleader Pr Slubbs, Teague, Stanton, Herndon, Faulkne Parsons, Mor », Proetor. Coueh. Tuthill. 220 FOOTBALL — 1944 Head Coach Gene McEv ;.,i A Coach McCauley McEvcr. Line Coach Gill. It was a New Carolina spirit, a new coaching staff, and an almost completely new team that saw the TAR HEELS through their third wartime football season. Moreover, it was a coach- ing staff and football team that worked overtime to do credit to the University students and alumni it represented. In re- turn, it received the wholehearted support of those students and alumni. Naturally, the war slowed things down a bit. You don ' t let yourself completely go when you know your classmates and friends are scattered in the four corners of the earth fighting to preserve democracy — even that phase of it which made it possible for you to spend your Saturdays in Kenan Stadium. 1 ' %bs ■ j m i 1) The Carolina Bench During the Duke 221 A green contingent of footballers opened up the grid season against Wake Forest with plenty of pep and vigor, which held sway for three quarters. But the Deacon troops smashed the stubborn Tar Heels in the final period to win the ball game 7-0. Bob Warren ' s booting, coupled with potent defensive work of Bobby Weant, helped the Tar Heels stifle the Baptist onslaught. It was Russ Perry, Wake Forest back, who outkicked the Tar Heels, and who, in the final analysis, proved to be the deciding name in the Wake Forest win. Coach Gene McEver ' s eleven performed defensively as well as might have been expected of a totally new football regime. It was the lack of offensive power which put the locals off their feet. Up front it was Kinsey, Walker, Smith, Lane, Golding, Thomas, God- win, and Bauer who sparked the defensive machine for the Tar Heels. Backing this combination were Bobby Weant, Bob Warren, Jack Foster, and Jim Camp, the first of the four having starred defensively while the other three worked toward a futile cause in the ground and aerial attack. " I DEITIOn DEACOflS TRIP TAR HEELS 222 A terrific array of the nation ' s top foot- ballers found no trouble in running rampant over the Tar Heels in the first foreign tilt of the season. The Tar Heels returned from a trip to New York badly battered by the West Point Cadets, 46-0. From start to finish it was a West Point victory as weighty Army for- ward men, combined with speedy backs, established a beachhead in the opening minutes and pushed on in true inva- sion style to smother the helpless Tar Heels. The Tar Heels managed only once to penetrate Cadet territory. It was in the second period that the Tar Heels pushed six yards inside the midfield stripe on the Army side. Stubborn Army resistance paved the way for a fourth down kick and a halt to Tar Heel scoring chances. Only in the kicking bracket did the Tar Heels show up better than Army. The Tar Heel punting average was 35.4 as compared with 34.6 for Army. Captain Bobby Weant attempted to get the Tar Heel offensive machine to function with passes, but there was Army in the air as well as on the ground ever ready to squelch the locals. apes one Army Tackier. RRmY mflnPOWER RIID we lose-ujho diditt! 223 Facing a national leader in grid competition last fall was too much for the locals as Coach Bill Alexander ' s Yellow Jackets took advantage of every Tar Heel mistake to romp to a 28-0 victory in Atlanta. Though the score fails to indicate the fact, the Tar Heels got an offensive really underway for the first time against the Engineers. After the Techs scored their first marker via a powerful aerial offensive and hard driving backs, it seemed as though the Tar Heels would knot the count. A pass from Bob Warren to Bobo Gilliam and a lateral to Jim Camp from Warren saw the Tar Heels deep in Tech territory on the 28- yard stripe. Stubborn Tech men halted the scoring threat. A pass interception paved the way for the second first period tally for the Techs Fred Bauer broke in the clear with a Warren pass in the second quar- ter, but the referee ruled that the Tar Heel end had stepped out of bounds. During both the second and third periods, the Tar Heels and Techs exchanged punts, neither being able to get started toward the goal. The last period proved to be equally as profitable as the first with the Techs adding 14 points on fancy passing and running. TECH TRKES TO RIR FOR Win 224 It was a happy day in Kenan stadium for fans as well as footballers when the Tar Heels, paced by Bob Warren and Jack Foster, captured their first victory of the season over the Cherry Point Marines. The score was 20-14. Rebounding from three setbacks, the determined Tar Heels came from behind as the lead shifted to down a stubborn Leatherneck crew. Cherry Point drove 64 yards in the first three minutes for their first scare. A bad kick out of bounds put the Tar Heels in the right frame of mind for a tally. Bob Warren in particular, and Bobby Weant, Art Lowe, and Jack Foster, in general, figured in a march to the three-yard mark. Foster drove over for the first score of the season from the three. Pete Maronic ' s try for conversion failed. Art Lowe put the Tar Heels out in the lead after several runs by Bob Warren. Lowe caught a pass on the three and went over standing up. Maronic made the extra marker and the Heels led 13-7. Early in the last period the Cherry Pointers scored to get in the lead by one point. With two minutes remaining the Tar Heels started driving. Passes carried by Jim Blair and Jim Godwin put the locals on the Marine 26. A final dash by Warren after attempting a pass won the ball game. JfcSS tfM DETERminED to win-Arm won 225 Wt-ant pares way as Camp skirts end. Before a scanty handful of spectators the Tar Heels, hit b losses of football material, tried their hearts out but th University of South Carolina carried the pigskin over i the second period to capture the contest 6-0. Bob Warren and Bob Weant pushed the weakened Tar Heels, driving with all they had for the full sixty minutes of the encounter. Carolina backs tried everything in the books in the way of offensive attempts, but failed to get the scoring machinery functioning. In the forward wall it was Bill Smith, " Two-Ton Tackle, " from Lexington who also turned in a brilliant performance and played the full game time. Fred Bauer at end took a beating all afternoon, but stood up with the best of Tar Heels as there was an acute shortage of reserve power. The Tar Heels pushed inside Gamecock territory several times, but fumbles and bad luck halted the chances of realizing a tally. A mishap by Warren on the South Caro- lina 18-yard stripe was the nearest Carolina came to chalk- ing up a score in the fourth period. CRROLinfl LOSES A HEART-BREAKER TO S. C. 226 For a while it looked like the fourth defeat for the Tar Heels, but the stubborn Mclvermen just wouldn ' t yield, and a just about even William and Mary crew failed to tally in a thrilling ball game which saw the Tar Heels threaten several times, only for a 0-0 deadlock. Pass interceptions and fumbles were hazards to the local eleven as time and time again the Tar Heels lost scoring opportunities via such errors. Bill Voris, playing his first game, led the goal line at- tacks by the Tar Heels, and Tack Dean displayed a spark- ling running and passing attack against the William and Mary Indians. Bob Warren and Jim Camp started a threat in the sec- ond quarter. Warren recovered a fumble and then slung a pass to Camp which placed the Tar Heels on the Indian 37-yard stripe. Warren scampered to the 19 but the Indian forward wall tightened and the ball went over to them on downs, another threat squelched. In the statistics bracket the locals outclassed the Indians in number of first downs and out-rushed the visitors, but completed only two out of twelve tries in the aerial de- partment. cflmE nEAR uuinninG, but eiided in r tie 227 Faster makes a high taekle Trying desperately to crack the string of victories of the Yale eleven over Carolina, the Tar Heels gave the unbeaten Elis a scare in losing a hard fought battle 13-6 before 10,- 000 chilled fans in the huge Yale Bowl. The loss gave Yale a string of seven victories over the Tar Heel gridders since their first series meet- ing in 1919. Bob Warren, playing the brand of ball that he displayed all season, led the Carolina attack and trotted 37 yards after intercepting an Eli pass for the Tar Heels ' lone tally. A nice block by Fred Bauer cleared the path for Warren ' s marker. This was the first time that Carolina has scored against Yale since the team of 1919. Paul Walker, Yale ' s All-Ameri- can end candidate, accounted for both of the Elis ' scores as he caught Hall ' s toss in the opening quarter and trotted across the goal for a six-pointer. He later hauled down Sadowski ' s 10-yard pass in the fourth quarter. Trailing in the final period 13-6, the Tar Heels had a chance to tie the count when they had possession of the pigskin on Yale ' s 16-yard stripe, but three passes and a run netted only three yards. CRROLinfl SCARES YALE ' S UnBEATEA TEflfTl 228 A power-laden Duke University football team simply outclassed Coach Gene McEver ' s scrappy crew and whipped the Tar Heels to a tune of 33-0. Despite the one-sided score, the Carolina gridders played their hearts out and had many scoring oppor- tunities which were halted by the Blue Devils ' stub- born defensive blockade. The arch rivals fought on even terms for the first 13 minutes of play and it appeared to the 25,000 fans that a close duel might be the outcome, but the Duke grid machine tuned up and tallied two quick touch- downs. Davis plunged over from the seven with two Tar Heels riding his back and Clark shot a 22-yard pass into the waiting arms of Garver for the other score. Carolina got a break in the opening seconds of the classic as Leatherman recovered Clark ' s fumble on Duke ' s 16-yard line, but four straight line bucks failed to materialize and the ball switched hands. The Tar Heels again had a golden opportunity when Voris grabbed Lewis ' aerial shot in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter. A series of passes by Elger to Camp, Dean and Bauer placed the ball on Duke ' s 12, first and ten, but here again the attack bogged and the Blue Devil forward wall held stead- fast for four plays. We yelled, but that ' s all. TAR HEELS SCRAP, BUT BLUE DEVILS TRAfTlPLE US 229 1 W:p ' -. ME 4 - £JS . Spirited, but not quite potent enough, were the Tar Heels against a strong aggregation of footballers at the University of Virginia. The Cavaliers broke up all but one scoring threat and wound up with a 26-7 win. The ancient and traditional series between the two state institutions was tied at 23 wins and three ties each by virtue of the Tar Heel loss. A second quarter blocked kick by mammoth Bill Smith set the stage for Carolina ' s first score. Fred Bauer, stellar flankman for the Tar Heels, recovered the lost pigskin on the one-yard stripe where Bill Voris bucked over for the marker. Gus Lacy replaced Allan Elger in the backfield to attempt a conversion. He was successful and the Tar Heels enjoyed a 7-6 lead in the opening minutes of the second period, the Virginians having tallied a touchdown in the first quarter. It was Allan Elger with his tricky passing and scintillat- ing punt-returning which kept the Virginia backfield on edge throughout the contest. Trying to keep a check on the fast moving Virginia backs were guard Del Leatherman and tackle Bill Smith, who pummeled the Cavalier forward wall with mighty blows. In the statistics bracket the Tar Heels knotted the first down count, but the Virginians took advantage of every break to aggregate yards rushing almost double that of the Tar Heels. CAVALIERS REGISTER 26-7 VICTORY 230 First Rote: Don Anderson, Walter Markin. Clive Thompson. Bill Voris, Mannv Alvarez. . . . Second Rou : Diek Garvin. Bob Paxton, Ira Norfolk, Bill Allen. Fred Bauer. . . . Third Rou-: Cooeh Mullis. John Dillon. Coaeh Carncvale, Jim Jordan. Charles Jacobs. Manager. The 1945 basketball season was a successful one for the White Phan- toms, probably the most successful on record, despite the dark pros- pects which were evident as the cagers got underway. The new Tar Heel mentor. Coach (Lt.) G L. Carnevale, was faced with a tremendous job, with only one letterman in sight. But this was not to stop the Carolina men of the hardwood. Coach Carnevale, aided by Pete Mullis, quickly ogranized the available forces, and after a regular season that saw them win 19 of 25 games, the Phants drew up to the Southern loop champs, the ninth ranking college team in the nation and the third in the South. Coach Carnevale, a star himself of N.Y.U. several years ago, received invitations for his five to the N.C.A.A. and National invitational tourneys in New York, but the Phantoms were unable to go because of the Navy travel rules. ■MMMMMHH c f% Coaches Carnevale and Mullii BRSKETBflLL 231 BRSKETBRLL Carolina got off to a good start on its 2 5 -game slate, taking four straight wins before losing to South Carolina, 38-27. The Phants were not to stay down, however, and they won three more games consecutively only to lose to the Gamecocks again, this time 41-40 in an extremely close contest in Woollen gym. After the second lose to South Carolina, the White Phantoms hit a slump, losing three of the next five games, including a 50-41 battle to Duke. H owever, after the Duke clash, Coach Carnevale revamped his lineup and the Phants started on their victory march that saw them win nine of the last ten games and break all-time scoring records. The Tar Heels broke the single game scoring record in beating Davidson, 89-20, and recorded the largest total for one season, 1,340 as against 901 for opposition. The Phantoms wound up the season with a decisive 50-38 upset victory over Duke ' s high-flying Blue Devils. The local quint knocked off State, 52-28, South Carolina, 39-26, and Duke, 49-38, to cop the Southern Confer- ence championship. Coach Carnevale ' s lads averaged 54 points a game offensively against 36 defensively, and during the last seven games averaged 64 points a tilt. Four times the Phantoms hit 75 or higher. 232 Other than lanky Jim Jordan, no individual star can be picked, but Ira Norfolk, Bill Allen, Give Thompson, and Jim Garvin were the pace-setters during the early part of the season, while John Dillon, Don Anderson, Bob Paxton, Manny Alvarez, and Walter Markin came up in the final stretch to turn the tide toward victory. Seven Tar Heels scored 100 points or better, Jordan getting 245 — one of the top totals in the conference — Dillon 184, Norfolk 167, Anderson 160, Alvarez 134, Paxton 111, and Allen 102. Also Jordan was unanimous choice for All-Conference and received the Foy Roberson award as outstanding Southern Conference player. 233 IflDOOR TRRCK I - - Ti-d Padulskv . SecorJ b: T.d Shullz. Bill Dodson. C. Carolina placed third at the Annual Invitation Indoor meet held in Woollen Gymnasium on February 10. Entries representing the Carolina Pre-Flight School won 39-3 7 points, Cherry Point Marines 35-3 7 points, and Carolina 34-6 7 points. Georgia Tech placed fourth with 15-3 7, followed by Duke with 11-3 7, and Virginia with 4. Carolina ' s Ted Shultz was the individual collegian star with first place in the 70- yard low hurdles, tie for first place in the high jump, and second in the 60-yard dash. He also ran the 220-yard dash leg in the sprint medley relay in which Carolina placed second. Individual star of the meet was S Sgt. John Montgomery, of Cherry Point, who took first places in the broad jump and pole vault and tied for first in the high jump. Lt. Charlie Beetham, the great middle distance runner, coached and performed for the Pre-Flight team to lead his team to first honors. Dale Ranson was coach for the Carolina team. 234 OUTDOOR TRRCK » " " ' i5.5!ftSi3Ss 3i? ii5 ? 5 Nearly 100 enthusiastic but inexperienced candidates swarmed out on Fetzer Field the day practice was first called for Carolina. Coaches R. A. Fetzer and Dale Ranson looked over the field and agreed that it was the youngest and greenest crop of cindermen to come up at the University in the last twenty years. However, the coaches didn ' t let this get them down. They developed a good hurdle, dash, and broad jump man out of Don Clayton. Fred Bauer blossomed into an excellent javelin man. Mike Mangum was coaxed out into a couple of meets and scored points in the hurdle and broad jump events. Bob Dodson was built into a middle distance runner, and Forrest Leathers did well in the mile and two-mile runs. The Tar Heels defeated Duke, 72 to 59, for the unofficial Southern Conference Championship, and took first place in the invitation A.A.U. Track and Field Champion- ships. It was great testimonial to the work of " Coach Bob " and his assist- ants. At the close of the season the squad elected Ted Haigler and Jack Hester to co-captain the 1946 team. At the same time Bynum Hunter and Bob Dodson were elected co-captains of this year ' s team. A.R0L.IN4 Shultz. Stevens and Miller and Applewhil 235 4 OUTLOOK FOR FOOTBRLL With Carl Snavely back at the reins of Carolina ' s football ma- chine, Tar Heel gridiron supporters can rest assured that the Blue and White forces will be put back on the football map start- ing this fall. Snavely, fresh from Cornell where he produced top-flight grid outfits, brought his bag of tricks and his assistants to Chapel Hill to rear a team to compare with those he turned out here in 1934-35. His assistants, Russ Murphy and Max Reed, have been follow- ing Snavely for quite a number of years and the trio have run up many football records in their years of coaching. Carolina is honored to have Coach Snavely back and feels confident that the veteran mentor will bring Carolina back to her pre-war status in the football ranks and from reports flowing around the country side Carolina might be THE team to watch Tar Heels on hand ■Beat Duke ' pep rail 236 BRSEBRLL Coach Bunn Hearn ' s diamond squad broke even during their 1944 campaign by winning eight contests while dropping as many. Continuing their play in the Ration League, a war-time substitute for the Southern Conference, the Tar Heels bowed to the Pre-Flight school after setting a hot pace. The baseball team was composed mostly of young players without too much experience, but the Hearnmen managed to edge out the Navy ' s powerhouse by the score of 5-3 for the season ' s biggest victory. Claude Crocker, Freshman chunker, was on the mound for the locals against the Midship- men. Coach Hearn had a number of veterans on hand — Ray Wal- ters, Bill Lee, Whitey Black, and Frank Wideman. It was hard work and steady improvement by all the players, plus the able tutelage of Coach Hearn, that turned the Tar Heels from a green, inexperienced club into a hard - fighting, winning outfit that took the lead, lost it, and then came roaring back to win the Ration League Cham- pionship. MOLINA -r mm Coach Hear 237 BOXIflG Coach Murnick veraon, Worley, K, ,„- Dodaon. . T»ohev. Lril ' hrrman, Ellis. McCi I. union. Stancil (Manager). Ranked as one of the best boxing teams in the coun- try, Coach Joe Murnick ' s mitmen won three of their four ring engagements, bowing only to Army ' s strong pugmen. Coach Murnick, ending the third year at the helm of the boxing reins, faced the task of building from only two vets, but he turned out one of the finest teams to represent Carolina in several years. His team whipped such strong forces as Maryland, Emory and Henry, and Virginia to give them a claim to the Southern Conference boxing championship for the second straight year. Capt. Walter " K. O. " Krause, Carolina ' s minute man, was the only holdover from last season ' s squad and he alone was enough for Coach Murnick to build around. The other veteran was Thad Ellis, who went through the campaign un- sparred. Clever tutoring and hard practice gave Carolina a well rounded crew of boxers. The prize find and a gift to the coach was Del Leatherman, a colorful V-12 238 ringman, who sported a perfect record in his four fights during the season in the 175-pound class. Kraus, fighting in the 165 -pound class, continued his brilliant college record with three wins — twice with T.K.O.s and once by default, but lost his first college match in the Army scrap by decision. Ed Keyes, talented leather thrower, in the 120- pound division won three of his four bouts, losing only in the Army tussle on a K.O. Bobby Thomas at 127 and Jim Worley in the 145 fought four fights and did well despite their lack of ring experience. Thomas drew with Maryland but lost the remainder of his bouts. Worley won twice, drew with Maryland and lost to the Army. Tony Payne and Jim Lodge both performing part time in the 135- pound class failed to register a win after losing some close decisions. In the 155-pound division, Joe Mallard drew one and lost one, but Ed Twohey, fighting with a broken hand, gained a well-earned decision on Virginia ' s captain. Johnny Richardson, dropped a decision to Army in the same class. At a barbecue (given after season when the men could break their training diet!) Coach Joe Murnick presented a trophy to Capt. Walter Kraus who in two years had won six one-round bouts by the knockout route. Kraus ' Army bout, which marred his college record, was a close affair as were other Carolina vs. Army bouts. Keyes. . . . Thomas. . . . Ellis il look. . . . Worle Payne takes a punch. 239 swimminG Under the genial guidance of Coach Willis Casey, Carolina ' s Blue Dolphins continued their winning ways as they finished the 1945 season undefeated to run their string of con- secutive victories to 24 to give the swimmers a record of 41 victories in the last 42 duel meets. The team was paced by Sophomore Billy Kelly, a Ma- rine V-12 student from Raleigh, N. C, who set four Ameri- can records, and won three National Junior titles during the year. Other men who turned in outstanding perform- ances were Ben Ward, undefeated sprint star; Dick Twin- ning, winner of the National Junior 220-yard free style title, and the free style relay team of Bill Ward, Bill Pritch- First Row: Bill Ward. H ncr, Dungcv, Grecnbau Whichard, Proclor. Poplin (Mgr.). . . . Second Row: Perkins. Ripps, Spiewak. Shiller, Lord, Twir nor, While (Mgr.). . . . Third Row: Coach Casey, Kelly Zimmerman, Pritehard, Perry- Sparer, Davies, Brenning. Fowler ( Mgr. ) . 240 ard, Jack Zimmerman, and Snooky Proctor that won the National Junior 400 meter free style relay in record time. The supporting cast was headed by Mike Morrow, Jack Davies, and Burt Sparer in the free style bracket; Denny Hammond, Jesse Greenbaum, and Warren Perry in the back stroke; Peter Hexner, and Ira Abrahmson in the breast stroke; and Tom Gray in the diving department. The team won the Southern Conference Championship, the Southeastern A.A.U. Championships, the Carolinas A.A.U. Indoor and Outdoor Championships, the Southern Service Men ' s Championships, and the Southern Intercol- legiate Championship. They won six National Junior Cham- pionships, and set four American Records, tied another, and established two National Junior Championship records. They will go down as one of the greatest tank outfits the South has ever boasted. The Dolphins defeated Duke 50-25 for the conference championship, and sank Georgia Tech, South- eastern Conference Champions, twice, 47-28, in Atlanta, and 25-5 in Chapel Hill. In their annual meet with the Naval Academy at Annapolis they drowned the middies, Eastern Intercollegiate Champions, 42-33, to rank as one of the top Intercollegiate teams in the country. 241 TEnnis Coach John F. Kenfield, who was beginning his 17th year as head tennis instructor at Carolina, had the weakest squad to work with since he came to Chape! Hill in the spring of 1928. Not a letterman returned from last year ' s team, which was the weakest previous team under Coach Kenfield ' s tutelage. Outstanding members of the team were: Ray Morris, Don Peck, Charles Hackney, Ben Johnsen, Ben Hoech, Ed Welch, and Harvey Jagoe. For the first time in seventeen years the Tar Heels failed to win a home match. Georgia Tech saw to this by opening the season with a score of 9 to in favor of Georgia Tech. In the closing match of the season the Tar Heels whipped the University of Virginia, 9 to 0. The Tar Heels won the opening engagement with Duke, 8 to 1. Tennis results for 1944 were: Georgia Tech 9- Annapolis 7- Duke 1- Cherry Point — Marines . . 4- University of Virginia . . 0- -Carolina -Carolina 2 -Carolina 8 -Carolina 5 -Carolina 9 242 WRESTLinG With Laurie Hooper, the only veteran from last year ' s team, and a group of around 38 new men. Coach Chuck Quinlan went about the business of building another team that compared favorably with the one of last season. The 1945 wrestlers continued their new low record in February, losing 38-0 to Navy at Annapolis on February 17, to close a season that in January saw them pinned to the mat twice by Duke grapplers, 23-3 and 26-3. Frank Williams. Bill Edwards. Howard Perry. Jim Hedgepeth. Smallwood. Alex Howard. Bernie Thomps First Rate: Sadler. Thompson. Smallwood. II. .1-, p. 111. Cosselt. Edwards. Smith. Brown, nrf Ron: Smith (Manager), Wil- is, Shaw. Sproule, Silverstcin, Perry, Ry- Spraggins, Quinn (Manager). . . . Third Willingham. Howard. Comet, Bryan, Quinlan 243 riTRp First Rou: Eddie Black. James Carroll Poplin. Ronald Bovles, ThirH Rou-: A] Heinserling. Hon al Ed for all Wi nslin. Bob H.h.I. i Wright, Bill Cr Holton. Miko De The Intramural Department, like all other departments within the University, found it necessary to make adjustments in program and personnel after the United States entered the war. Much organization and planning has led to a well balanced physical training program, currently speaking, and Woollen is holding its own. With the conclusion of the strength tests, consisting of five exasperating exercises tabbed by someone as pull- ups, squat jumps, squat thrusts, set-ups, and push-ups, the regular daily physical training classes began. With this came a dreaded military track course designed to whip service personnel into conditions or else send them back home to mama as incapable. Wrestling, boxing, basketball, football, and swimming became a must with as much compulsion as a physics lab. The Intramural Department has found it wise to use the housing units on the campus as a general division for basis of competition. The following units were used: hous- ing units, independent teams, and fraternities. The cup this year was won by Phi Delta Theta. Due to their expert management they came in first and second in most activities. The Medical School placed close second. Phi Gam and Sigma Chi, who won last year were strong competition. 244 TIURflLS — 1944-45 Fun fur all. This year there seemed to be more interest in intra- murals since the fraternities were reopened on the campus. The following groups participated in intramural activity: V-12 Navy, V-12 Marine, N.R.O.T.C, University Ci- vilians, Army Specialized Training Program, and Medical Students. Co-directors: John Kenfield and Walter James. The winners of the 1944-45 Intramural Athletic Pro- gram were as follows: FALL AND WINTER— 1944 Basketball Battle Dorm. (V-12) Volley Ball Steele Dorm. Tag Football Phi Gamma Delta Wrestling Medical School SPRING— 1945 Softball Phi Kappa Sigma Tennis Phi Delta Theta Track Phi Delta Theta Swimming Zeta Psi Ping Pong Pi Lambda Phi (singles) Ping Pong Smith Dorm. Marines (doubles) Coach Kenfield. Director of Wall James. Assistant Dil Front Rote: Hugh Pcrrv, Tom Lathrop, Paul Bissette, Bill Edwards. Walter II.. I. . . . Second Row: Ted Haigler. Tom Stockwell. Ted Sehultz. 245 TimE OUT... wim The Navy ' s outdoor pool. :.l- Tired and hot? Then what about a dip in Kessing Pool in Chapel Hill. This is one of the newer campus additions — located just behind Woollen Gymnasium and alongside Fetzer Field. Pre-Flight cadets and University students use this pool on regular schedule, as they do all University ath- letic facilities, for swimming instruction and for recreation. It is almost as large as Bowman Gray Pool, measuring 49 by 150 feet, and is 4 to 12 feet deep. The pool is named for Commodore " Scrappy " Kessing, U.S.N. Memorial Pool. Basket room inside ,...11, 246 WOmEITS RTHLETICS WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC COLTVCIL Roic Te K ng Tra via Hun t. Sh rle Dirk nson, Ja le Foste r. Wi r. Ha l , An n Chris i. la H. vie. Mar lvn Ha Man hett o ce Fo« er, Margaret EU r. Fm ilv Tufts , Mariar i..- ■ Hud son. Be li- Lou C pert. Women ' s athletics didn ' t assume their rightful place under the Carolina athletic sun until the W.A.A. Council was formed in 1934. Since then, each season sport has demanded tournaments, and the W.A.A. Council itself, this year under the guidance of Mrs. Gladys Beard, Miss Lois Blanchette, Mrs. Ruthe Van Collie, and Miss Marion Ruch, has successfully directed teams and varsities. The 1944-45 season began with volley ball. Pi Phi won the sorority plaque, and Alderman led the dormitory division. During the winter semester a Demonstration Day was given, and all de- partments of women ' s athletics oarticipated. The program included exhibitions of classes in basketball, water ballet, hygiene, dance, military drill, and condi- tioning. The hockey tournament, directed by Miss Marion Ruch, was won by Chi Omega. The varsity hockey team included: Christian, Foster, Brewster, Fowler, Smith, Rodnick, Ray, Woodson. Gulick, Hunt, Dickinson, and Sklary. They played Duke, losing to them by a score of 7-2. This year women ' s athletics sponsored a Physical Education Club made up of all majors in physical education. The purpose of this group was to promote interest and participation of all coeds in sports. Mickey Gulick, President; Mar- garet " Spiff " Eller, Secretary-Treasurer, together with 19 majors under the guidance of Mrs. Gladys Beard, met bi-monthly. The tennis team, coached by Miss Lois Blanchette, included Christian, E. Rhyne, Dickinson, Wideman, Fowler, D. Rhyne. During the season they played William and Mary, Cherry Point, and W. C of U. N. C. New gym classes this year included military drill, conditioning, tap dancing, and water ballet. These new classes, however, did not overshadow the ever popular basketball, which had a very good season. Fowler, Prince, Hoyle, Mont- gomery, Janssen, and Farr, comprised the basketball varsity. Alpha Delta Pi defeated Alderman in the finals. 247 a :h " blanchette i UUflTER BRLLET The swimming team was managed this winter by Prince Nufer and participated in several meets. The water ballet, under the direction of Miss Marion Ruch, gained quite a bit of interest from swimmers, and gave an exhibition during the winter semester in which Sue Johnson, Mary Nancy Bailey, Echo Pat- terson, and Betty Cobbs were particularly outstanding. L . . . Volley Ball. 1 III ii ii — -. — 1 ' »; i». « n ' If. 1 B Corwlilioning Cla Spring Soflliall Pr 248 . Showing you how. Bending over backwards for De Dormitories and sororities participated in a soft- ball round robin this spring. Softball being a favorite sport, the invitation for Women ' s College to a four college Softball Play Day was eagerly accepted — re- port has it that the Play Day was a huge success. The W.A.A. banquet was held before spring exams, and tournament winners and varsities were announced and awards presented. The coming year holds a bright future for the con- tinued progress for the women ' s athletic program, the W.A.A. Council, and the Physical Education Club. IMtf Hup, our. Iwo coed mililarv drill. . Action! Coeds, don ' t take it so hard! Tennis, a healthy sport? Not with Joyce across the ne 249 f UniVERSITY DRnCE COmmiTTEE U.I.AN PANNILL, (ha The purpose of the University Dance Committee is to aid organizations in the giving of dances. Their function is to advise and not to dictate in the numerous details of dance preparation and execution. At the dances proper, the Dance Com- mitteemen act as hosts and as trouble-shooters for any occasion which may arise. In the past year, the Committee has approached a return to pre-war condition in that it has increased its membership and revised its outmoded rulings. Recently a Dance Committee key was selected which will become the official award to its members in the future. As has every other organization on campus, the Committee has lost a number of men to the Armed Forces. Among these were Kenny and Ed Black, Jim Fowler, Francis Parker, Bob Kirby, Dick Elliot, Sam Black, and many others too numerous to mention. For these men and for the students of Carolina, the Dance Committee pledges itself to continue its aid and policies as long as they will be needed. DR. II. K. RUSSELL DR. E. L. MACKIE GERITIRn CLUB It was the custom of the German Club in pre- war days to have three big week-end dances dur- ing the year with name bands playing for each. For the past two years it has been impossible to have big-name bands, but the dances went on as usual. The week-end of January 13 presented a fair picture of Carolina before the war. Fraternity houses were in full swing; imports littered the campus; parties seemed to go on continually; everybody was happy ! This year May Frolics took the place of Spring Germans. It was a gala week-end which started with individual parties Friday night fol- lowed by a beer party Saturday afternoon and climaxed by the dance that night. The figure was led by the current president, Billy Mac. The fraternities making up the club are Beta Theta Pi, Zeta Psi, Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Nu, Kappa Sigma, Kappa Alpha, and Sigma Chi. It is the dream of all these fraternities to have name bands for dances again and to have a set of dances instead of one on Saturday night. SAM LATTY SID ALVERSON G. Norwood 253 Margaret being crowned by 1.1. J. U. Hill. The 1945 YflCKETY YRCK BEAUTY BRLL The traditional Yack Beauty Ball featured the crown- ing of the most beautiful coed on the campus, and eight lovely attendants. Highlighting the Duke-Caro- lina week-end, the ball was attended by 2,000 who watched Lt. J. D. Hill, executive officer of the V-12 unit h re, crown Miss Margaret Fountain of Rocky Mount, and sponsored by Chi Omega. The Beauty Queen was picked by five members of the faculty who served as judges. Members of the faculty who exercised their eyes as judges were: Dean Francis Bradshaw, Commander Carroll, Dean E. L. Mackie, Chancellor R. B. House, and Major James W. Marshall. Each organization on campus was eligible to spon- sor three coeds for the contest. From the contestants a Queen and eight attendants were selected. Other than raising money for the tremendous cost of pub- lishing the Yackety Yack, the dance was sponsored in order that beauties for the Yack beauty section might be selected. At the climax of the dance, Queen Margaret, with her attendants following, entered through an arch . Such a beautiful stag line. ELAINE BATES I , I. .ml. Miss. ... At last he with her. 254 and proceeded down the middle of the dance floor. After this the Queen was crowned and she and her date led the dance following intermission. Freddie Johnson and his orchestra furnished music for the dance and added entertainment in the form of a floor show which was staged while the judges were making their decisions. 255 CRROLinfl BEAUTIES The YACKETY YACK publishes each year the pictures of girls selected at the Yack Beauty Ball as most representative of Carolina beauty. These girls were sponsored by various organizations on the campus. The Beauty Queen and her attendants do not constitute merely a beauty section in a yearbook, but stand for the entire coed student body. In their lives are reflected the influences that make them Carolina coeds. They do not only stand for beauty, but for appreciation of the beautiful as well. They are representatives of students who live by and up to two codes. They base their ideals on the Honor Code, and their conduct on the Campus Code. They, as well as adding beauty to the Yack, lend the atmosphere that in the past few years has been brought to Carolina through the increasing coed enrollment. it ount 155 i v laraaret ountain . . . Queen SPONSORED BY CHI OMEGA 256 wiLs 257 156 Joi c Tou y SPONSORED BY BETA THETA PI 258 155 vDettu Ja5kaw SPONSORED BY SIGMA NU ' ,56 (JjSeadie IKu6 M SPONSORED BY DELTA SIGMA PI 260 idd jane fut en SPONSORED BY PHI DELTA THETA ; M (Elaine USate6 SPONSORED BY PHI KAPPA SIGMA 262 us i jancu J enn,ickeu SPONSORED BY KENAN DORMITORY . I ■ p ■t . w « .■»•»• Ldd C uaenla J- afe SPONSORED BY CAROLINA INDEPENDENT CO-ED ASSOCIATION 264 SPONSORED BY MclVER DORMITORY . MILLICENT COLEMAN HOSCH VIRGINIA JOHNSTONE STRFF g V W 266 ELIZABETH MACE FRVORITES „ RUTH JOHNSON 267 cnmpus CHARLIE FRANK BENBOW BILL CRISP DOUG HINT LIBBA W Il.CINS DOUG HUNT Sparked rejuvenated legislature . . . " Are you happy? " . . . ' Frisco delegate. CHARLIE FRANK BENBOW Flashy fashion plate . . . pleasantly un- inhibited . . . commerce filibuster-er. BILL CRISP Sincere politician . . . ardent debater C.P.U. leader . . . coed pin-up SHIRLEY DICKINSON W.A.A. president . . . medical minded ADPi . . . suntanned athlete. SHIKLK1 DICKINSON LIBBA WIGGINS Able Ways and Means Chairman . . . C.I.C.A. potentate . . . pianist extraor- dinaire. Jkeu tood Jnl WINKIE WHITE U.P. mogul . . . activities-minded Tri Delt . . . brains, beauty, charm. WINKIE WHITE 268 PERSOn R LITI ES JEAN RANKIN JEAN RANKIN W.G.A. head . . . lovable Yankee Ch O . . . justice with understanding. Arboue the l e$t . . . THARON YOUNG Psychoanalysis fiend . . . 11:00 coed curfew . . . friendly and fun. THARON YOUNG BILL McKENZIE Versatility itself . . . lackadaisical wit . . . U.N.C. ' s pride; K2 ' s boy. CHARLIE HACKNEY February Senior prexy . . . always in- conspicuously busy . . . ladies ' man . . . B.M.O.C. plus. BETTY LOU CYPERT Versatile Phi Bete ... " I Wanna ' Get Married ' ' . . . flirtatious but nice. BETT1 LOU CYPERT CHARLIE HACKNEY 269 ALLAN PANNILL TWU; BRANCH IKNK TRIPP CRIT1PUS ALLAN PANNILL Rabid legislator . . . Mackie ' s right hand man . . . Dance Committee. TWIG BRANCH Stray Greek organizer . . . energetic coed officer . . . A.O.Pi and - N. JENKS TRIPP Student body scribe . . . Veterans ' Club and Delta Sig . . . one-woman man. DOUGALD MACMILLAN Fanatical politician . . . charmingly radi cal . . . Delta Psi esquire. ARCHIE HOOD Grail ' s Delegata . Council Secretary hurry. dynamic Student hurry, hurry. MARY PAYNE JETT Cover girl . . . Pan-Hell ruler . . . ultra- sophisticated Virginian . . . efficient, energetic, attractive. DICK WILLINGHAM Unwilling politician . . . importer . . . smooth a la S.A.E. . . . just naturally friendly. Mil Mil, 11111)11 MARY PAYNE JETT DICK WILLINGHAM 270 PETE PLLLY SHIRLEY HARTZELI CHARLIE WTCKE1VBERC PERSOnRLITIES ■ " •, PETE PULLY WALT BRINKLEY Humorous legislature clerk . . . Bo.ik I.F.C. whip . . . vote-getting orator . . . Ex accountant . . . sharp businessman. Kappa Sig politico . . . unassuming, understanding. SHIRLEY HARTZELL Cute Mag editor . . . winsome smile . . Pi Phi, Honor Council and Valkyries. BILL KELLY " Motorboat " . . . All-American swim- mer . . . that walk . . . Quantico bound. TOMMY SLAYTON Pharmacist to be . . . Orientation chair- man . . . quietly active . . . dependable and effective. CHARLIE WICKENBERG FRED FLAGLER Harried Tar Heeler . . . Shirley and the Power behind the TH . . . unorthodox marines . . . Skipper ' s prodigy. journalist . . . Mary Hill and K.A. ' , BILL KELLY TOMMY SLAYTON FRED FLAGLER 271 Music a la Danzigers 9 i«c f?tT,i S WW ' f I . .. ■ ftfuvm Tift jgfi ' flriftVS 1 T k V _ . . . Pikas take 2nd prize at homecoming. The -V Court f The law school ' s " joke Band drums up pre-game spii Impressive, huh ' . Kelly breaks the he BETWEEn THESE COVERS It was with overwhelming discouragements that we produced and financed a yearbook in this year of 1945. We needed no compulsion but determination to hold on to this one phase of American college life; to preserve it for those who might have been here to take part in it; and to assemble it in order to retain tangible memories of Carolina for many who leave. We are glad that we have been able to. as well as we could, " build with broken tools, " this chronicle of student and faculty life. If it does not meet with your expectations, we ask that you give us the benefit of the doubt; if it does, then mores the blessing ' 274 I n D E X Names Abelkop. Milton Stanley Abernethy, Hall „_ Ackerson, Anne Adams, Betty Adkins, Bett _ Albert. Adele Alexander, Cornelia _____.. Alverson, Melvin Sydney, Jr. Anderson, B. L. Anderson. Juanita Andrews. Elizabeth Arnold. Kathleen Asbell, George Ashbaugh. Virgil John. Jr. Asthorsson. Gisli Johnsen Atkinson. Anne Elizabeth .. Auten, Mary Jane Baas, Malcolm Louis Baggett. Edna Blanche Bailey, Mary Nancy Baity. Edward Lee Baker. Betty Barbee. Batsy Anne Barger. James W. _ Barganier. Peggy ___ Barnett. Sara Jo _ Baughman. Russell H. Baxter, Byerly H. Beaman, Arthur __ Bell. Pauline Belli, George S. Bello. Ed A. Bernard, Rene Louis. Jr. Bernstein, Isabelle ___. Berry. Lawrence Ray Bilger, Dick Billings. Oreno Bird, Virginia Blaha. R. W. Blank, Orville Begar Blank. Orville E. Bleight, .Frances Bobbitt, Sara Dunlap Bodge. Dixie-jean Booth, James Booth. Margaret Ivie Boling. Catherine Borgstror. Merlynn E. Borow, Maxwell Bottoms. John E. Bowers. Betty Blue ... Bowman, Betsy Anne Boyd, Barbara Boyle. Viola _____ Brackin, Mary Green . Bradford, Jame: N. Bradshaw. Richard Moxley Brady, Alfred B., Jr. Branch, Twig Branson. Donald Bredbenner. Carl A. Breeding. Gloria Ann ____ Brenengen. Wayne K Brewer, Art Brewster, Grace Almon Brice. Frances Adams Bridgers. Wilbur Brittingham. James T. Brooke. Richard Thomas Brocks. Jean _ Brooks. Maurice E. Brooks. Sid Brcsius. Ruthe Brown. Brown, Names B. S. U. Buchanan. Jean Buckner. Elizabeth Bumgardner, Jack P. Burbage, Emily Miriam Burley. Christel Niemeyer Burk, Margaret Alice „ Burns. Olive Ann Butler. Criquette Names Darrah, Ann Willis Daughtridge, Adrian M., Davenport, John Edwin Davidoff, Jerry Davis, Barbara Helen ... Dal Evelyn Cheek Hubert Charles Brown. Katherine Jeanette Brown. Mary Magdeline Brown. Merritt C. _.___ Browne. Marianne Cligan. Fred Scott 33 Campbell, Ann 33 Campus Cabinet 121 Cansler. James D. 87 Caligan. Fred Scott 33 Campbell. Ann 33 Campus Cabinet T21 Cansler. James D. 87 Caplan, Gloria 33 Capt, Berlette 73 Carmack. Dorothy _ 76 Carmichael. Marilyn . 68 Carolina Mag 136 Carpenter. Isabelle Carew 34 Carrington. Betsy 77 Carroll, George. Ill 82 Carroll. M. P. 89 Carter. Margaret ____ 72 Cartner, Vernon 76 Cartwright. William B. 78 Case. Peggie _ 88 Castellow, Marian Gail __ 34 Cassidy. James F. 73 Cathey. Lucille 34 Cavenaugh, Sam ,, 69 Cely. Frances Ellison 34 Chase. Dorothy Jane 34 Chase. Elizabeth Landon 34 Chase, John B. 72 Chamberlain. Dick 82 Chapman. Gloria ___ ___ 76 Chappell. Adrian 75 Cheatham. Joel Thomas, Jr. 34 Chernish, Stanley Michael 34 Cherry. Lillian E. _ 70 Cheshire. Frances Marjorie _____ ..... 34 Cheshire. Jane Clark ... 78 Christian, Elizabeth Ann 34 Churchill. Dorothy Ann ... . 34 C.I.C.A. ___ 142 Clancy. Gloria _ id Clarke, Lois .. _ . £7 Clary. Dell __ n Claywell. Allen _ 34 Clutts, George Robert 35 Cobb. John Collier 71 Cobb. Linda Vines ___ 74 Cobbs. Betty _ 87 Coed Senate 114 Codrington. Betty Dixon 87 Cohen. Dena 35 Cohen, Hyman K. 82 Cohn, Harry Lee 35 Cole, Catherine Carmen .... 35 Cole, Marjorie G. __ 70 Colllei . Felton Merland _ 35 Collins, Arthur E. 83 Collman. Don W. ___ 72 Cone, Carroll 71 Cone, Thomas Alvin __ _ 35 Conley. Barbara Mock 35 Connolly, Linney Lee. Jr __ 72 Cook, Dorothy Ellen _____ _._ 35 Cooke. Catherine _ 35 Cooper. Benjamin Franklin ______ 35 Corpening. Tom Nye _ 87 Corbett. Fenner Samuel 35 Corbett. Mary Elizabeth ...._ 35 Cordell. Alfred Robert 36 Cornwell, Samuel Owen 36 Correll, Nancy .69 Coston, Rex Sawyer 36 Counterman. Bette Marion _ 36 C.P.U. 124 Cranford. Bill _ 82 Cranford. Lots Ribelin _ 36 Crider, Fretwell Goer 36 Crockford. Helen 77 Cromartie, Jane 78 Cross, Elizabeth 36 Crum. Marx ___..__ go Crutchfield, Bill 71 Culp. William Hammond _ 36 Curran, Robert M. 87 Cypert. Betty Lou __._ 36 Dance Committee Daniel. Anne Leavell Daniels, Jack A. .... Davis. Harriet Graham __ Davis, Rosetta Paulina ________ Davison. Rosalind Augusta Dawson. M. Lorena Dean, John Robert Debate Council __. Deem, Eileen Degarmo. Lloyd Richard Degges. Meada Delahay. W. W. deRosset, Margaret — 75 Di Senate 126 Dickinson. Dorothy M. 37 Dickinson, Shirley Stone 37 Dickson. Elizabeth Montgomery 37 Dietz. Howard M. 83 Dillard, James Price 75 Dillon. Albert Stephen, Jr. 37 Ditmars. Charles O. 89 Dixon, Mary Ann 37 Doar. Josiah Withers 37 Dobbs. Carey __ 86 Dodson, Ellen Chester _ 37 Doggett, Ruth Carolyn 38 Dolly. Aurora 79 Douglas, Margaretta Van Tuyle 38 Dowd. Marie Eloise 3 8 Drane. Rebecca Wood 78 Drewry. Mary Holt 84 Dubose, Frances 71 Dudzik. Donald M. 80 Duffy. Sophia Sue 38 Dukes. Jean Wright 38 Duncan. Ruth Audrey 76 Durham, Mary Louise 38 Duvall. Dickey 80 Eachus. Doris _ Easterling. Toy Story Edel. Virginia Edgerton. John L. __ Edmondson. Thomas Murray Edwards. Betty L. Edwards. Prentiss Stillwell _ Egeln. William G Eidge, Annice Eliezer, Lois Elinore. James D Elkins. Evelyn Eller, Margaret Florence Elliott, J. Earle, Jr. _ Elliott. Richard Sealy Ellis. William Burwell, III ... Ellison. Charles A. Elmore. Stephen Emack, Ed Emanuel. Robert L. Emmert. Marguerite Ensor. Dorothy D. Ernhart. George __ Estes. Watkins Hitt Ezzelle, Marjorie Fannet. Grafton Clinton. Jr. Faulkner, Mildred Young Feeley, June Fields. Anne Finch, William M. Finney. Margare t Fisher. Iris Fisher. Roy Fitch. Nancy A. Fitzgerald. Durema Gresham Fitzpatrick, Rhoda __ Flagler. Fred Fleishman, Herbert Leonard Fletcher. James Sidney Florance. Thomas Carter Fluhart. James Harold Folster, Dorothy Folsom. Betty L. Fordham. Christopher Forrest. Percy H. Forrestal, Joseph B. Foster, Charlotte Foster, Eliza Jane Fortune. Betty Jean Names Fowler. Joyce Fox. George Chandler ... Fox. Irvin L. Foy, Mary H. . Franklin, Gene Fraternity Freeman. Mary Virginia Frooge, Ella Jean .__.__ Fuller. Jane Fulton, Charles L. .... Fulton. Mary Alice Futrelle, Fannie Belle _ Gabriel, James C Gabriel, Leaon Gaither, Bettie Gaither, Ed Galbraith, Marty Gallaher, Mary Jane Gambill, John Milton Ganey, Phyllis Gardner. Sidney. Jr. Garland, Sara Louise Garvey. Fred Kesley Gary, Virginia Claire Gaston, Mary Hill Genrt. Clifford E. _____ Gentry, J. Wesley Georges. Jo German Club Gignilliat. John L. Gilbert. Dorothy Joy Gilbert. Jane Gillespie. Martha . Gilliam. Gideon Lamb „ Gillikin. Roy Glee Clubs Ginsberg. Julia Goar. Frank R. Gockley. Bob Godehaux. John Paul Godfrey. Eleanor Wilson _.. Goldberg. Arthur M. Golding, Ed _____„ Goldstein. Nedra Harriet ._ Goldman. Ed Goldy _____ Good, Harry C. Goold, Margaret L. Gordon. Leon Lewis Gorman. Ton Grady. Lelia Swink .... Graham Memorial Boards . Graham. Elizabeth Hill Grantwagin. Evelyn Judith Gravatt. Betty Ann . Gray. Leland T.. Jr. Greene. Dixie Elliott Greene. Frances Elizabeth . Green. Nancy Byrd Greenbaum. Jesse Kilmore Greer, Ann Maxwell Griffin, Alfred Wilson, Jr. Griffin. Mary Sue Griner, Olive Mabry Grosser, Shirley Janet Guarch. Nina Gulick. Mi ldred Gunion, Ed Gurney, Marion Sherry Gustafson. Dorothy __ Gyland. Stephen Paul _ Hackney, Charles William. Jr. 43 Hagie. Ellamae F. 43 Haithocock, Bernice _ 83 Hall. Kathryn 73 Hammond. Marilyn „ 43 Hamor, Charlotte Mary 76 Hampton. Henriette Dargan 43 Hampton, Mary Alice 84 Hamrick. Shirley 86 Hancock. Ann 69 Hardaway. Bob 84 Hardy. Angela 69 Harmon, Audrey 76 Harrell. Jay 72 Harrill. Nancy Phyllis 43 Harris. Catherine _ 70 Harris. Eva Brinkley S3 Harris. Hazel Bristen 43 Harris, Saunder ___ 43 Harris. Thomas Wiley. Jr 43 Harrison. Donald Biggs. Jr. 43 Harrison, Harvey 73 Harrison, Judy 43 275 Harry. Patty — — Hart, Virginia Hartzell, Shirley Jane Haughton. Bettie B. _ Hawkins. Robert L. _ Haynes. Pauline Hays, Jeanne Heath. Charles — — Hebson. Sara _ Hecht. Laurence ___ — Hedgpeth. James Hedrick. James R. - — Hedrick. James W. __ Heller. Edward Max Helm, Nancye Henderson. Elizabeth M. Henkel. George E Henry. Chuck Herndon. Sara Elizabeth Herreara, Larry Hester. W. Jack Hicks. Fran . Hinsdale. Kenneth Preston Hinson, Tom Hipps. William Handy. Jr. Hobkirk. Mac Hodges. Lois Ann Hogan. Jewell Moore Holbrook. Carl B. Homewood. Sam Hon. Phyllis M. Honoraries Hooks. Mazelle Horton. John Palmer, Jr. _— Horwitz. Betty Hotard. Pamela — House. Caroline ■ House Privileges Board — — Howard. Alexander Blucher ... Howard. Patricia Hope — — Hoyle. Enid Hudnutt. Elizabeth Foley Hudson, Thomas Warner. Jr. Huffman, Everett Leroy Hughes, Patricia Lee Hulburt. Betsy Ann Hulin, Gloria Hull. Bill Hull Lou Hunt. Douglass Hunter, Jim E. Hunter, Virginia Jackson. William Sandlin Jacobs, Charles Allen. Jr. Jacobson, Albert Jack _ — - Jarre. Aaron Janssen, Dot ' . — Jefferies. Raymond, Jr. — Jenks. Robert Murray Jennings, Harley. Jr. _ Jett, Mary Payne Jobe. Sonny Johnson, Mildred Gold Johnson, Sue Johnson, William H. Johnston, Betty Rosemond Johnstone. Gene Jolley. Bill E. Kale, Barbara Baker Kambis. Alexandra _ Kambis, E. Juliette ... Kane, June L. Names Kiger, Kemp ... Killian. Bill O. King. Martha Nell King. Mary Elizabeth . — King. Miriam Louise King, Nancy Jane King, Victor F. Kingston, Alice Libby „- Kinney. Lote, Jr. Kinney, William Lee, Jr. Kirk, W. Smith Kirkland. John A. — Kohl, Robert Tyler Kraus, Walter John _„ Kresnick, Mildred „_. — Kugler. Kay Kuhn, Marshall Sheldon Lasky, Anita Myra ... Lathrop, Thomas E. Latty. Sam G. Lazarus, Sherman Cantor 48 Lea, Phillip Pell __ 48 Leatherman. Delbert Roy ----- 72 Lecka, Kathryn _ __ 48 Lee, Beverly — 77 Lee, Dorothy Ann Lee, Harold Sidney, Jr. Leeds. Robert Melvin — Leese. Mary Virginia LeFebre, Jeanne Mary _ _ 48 Leftwich, Wayman Olivious. Jr. — 48 Leigh, Henrianne — _ 48 Lemly, J. Preston 76 Leonard, George N. 79 Leonard. Jane ■ — - 77 Leonard. Lillian — 74 Levine. Ray — „„-___ 82 Lilley. Ben Gray Lindsay. John William. Jr. Lindsay. Nick Lipsay, Virginia Garland — Little. James Leak. Jr. Little. Walter F. Lloyd. Bill Lloyd. Mary Jane Lumsden. Marguerite Anne Lutterlon, Hayden, Jr. Lutterloh, Henry, Jr. -_ Lyles. Doris — .. Lynch, Patricia Lyons, C. Vincent M Mace, Elizabeth Macke, Laura Elizabeth Macklin. Inez Major, Eick Manly, Margaret Elizabeth Marcussen, Cliff C. Marks, Betty Marshall. Joseph William Martin. Mary Louise Martin, Sally _ Mason. Sam Mason. Virginia Marrhews. Private Dean — Maurice. Frances Maynard. Carol Elizabeth 49 Maynard, Frances Lane 49 Maynor, Richard D. 50 Mayo. William Patrick 71 Mays, Glenn Ray — 85 Mebane, Banks Holt „„„ 75 Medlin. Webster __ ,_ — 85 Meeks. Marilyn — 77 Mellard. Thomas Reid 71 Mendelsohn, Robert A — 50 Men ' s Interdorm Council _ 119 Michael, H. L. 75 Michel. Monique 75 Kibler. Sarah W. _ _. Kiger. Betty Roderick Milam. Mary Louise Miles. Martha Ann Milford. Betty Military Administration Miller. Emily Cornelia - Miller. Emery Clyde, Jr Miller. Emory Miller. George Miller, Glen Barkalow. Jr. Miller. Hugh Hunt _ Miller, Jeannette Ellen Miller. John Miller. Margaret Royena Millner. Barbara - Names Pages Mills, Barron 89 Mills, Dott Scott _ 50 Mims. William - 71 Mindlin, June Sylvia 50 Minnix, Sandy 81 Mirsky. Joseph Bernard 50 Mitchell. Louis Carr - — 70 Mitchell, Grady _ _ 74 Mitchell, Marilyn — 77 Mitchener. Calvin Chambers _ - 51 Molsdale. Bette „ - 84 Monroe. Robert A. 77 Montgomery. Curtis 79 Montgomery, Meadie — 72 Mook. Laverne June 76 Moore. William L. - ___ _ 75 Moorhead, Paul Sidney _ 51 Morgan. John I. 51 Morgan. Julia Elizabeth 51 Morgan. Robert B 51 Morris. Gwyn 72 Morrison, Robert - 75 Morrow. Mary Athalia 51 Morton. Jean Louise - — 51 Morton. Margaret Bassett 51 Moseley. Dan P. — _ - - 74 Moser. Kenneth Benbow _ 76 Moser. Morris E. — — 68 Moskow. Abie 79 Moskowitz. Philip J 73 Mullen. Leo V., Jr 88 Munden, Thomas C 76 Murphy. Mary — 87 Murphy. Nancy Logue - 51 Murray. Jean 84 Murray. Marguerite _ — 79 Musselman. Leroy — - -— 71 McAllister, Eugene Francis _. 51 McCain, Murray 76 McCarthy, Bill — — 74 McCartney. Harlan L. 68 McCaskill, Lloye C. 83 McClain. William Earl _ _ - 52 McClendon. Nancy 72 McCollum, Ellen — 79 McCormic, Miriam — 51 McCulley, June — 51 McEachern, Sara Margaret 57 McGee. Nooky — 81 McGee. Wallace Richard 52 McHugh, John V. — 72 Mclnnis, Mary Catherine — — 81 McKee, Bill 81 McKenzie. William Robert 52 McLamb. Charles Henry. Jr. 89 McLean, Edgar A 89 McLeod. Gilbert A 68 McLeod. Warren G. _ — 68 McMaster. Jean _ 81 McMurran, Agnes 86 McMurran. Marshall — 86 MrNider. James S.. Jr. 68 McPhaul, Jack 75 McRae, J ne — — 52 McRae, Marilyn _ - - 84 N Neuman, Grace G Newell. Doris Louise Newell, Rose Arlene . Newling, Jeanne Newman, Sadie Jean Newsome. Geraldine . Newton, Mildred Louis Nichols, John D. Nicol. Margery Nimock. Jacqueline Suzanne Noble. Ann G Nobles, Linda Norris. Terry C. — — Norton. Mary Elizabeth Oberst. Carol Jeanne - 53 O ' Briant, Lee A - - 82 O ' Brien. Tom Bob 84 O ' Neall. John S.. Jr. __ _ 72 Oppen. Mary Powel _ 53 Osborne. Ann .... 85 Osburn. Robert P __ 78 Oser. Zelda - 53 Osgood. Whitman Omar ._ 87 Owens, Edith Bond 53 Pack, Jimmie 78 Pafe. Eugenia A. — 53 Page. Haywood M __ 82 Palmer. Betty _ _ 53 Pan-Hellenic Council 156 Parish. Ruthe Whitley _ 53 Parkham. Robert Stanley 75 Parker. Austin _ 74 Parker. Dorothy 73 Names Pages Parker, Francis Iredell _ 53 Parker, Laura Anderson .„ 53 Parker, William Covington _ 76 Parks, Margaret _ 80 Parry, Jeanne Marie 54 Parsela. Donald M. _ _ 70 Parsons. Margaret Constance _ 54 Patterson. Echo 79 Patterson, Jean 84 Pearlstine, Elaine ._ - 89 Peatross. Martha . 70 Pell. Edith Barrow __ _ 83 Pell. Mary Elizabeth __ _ 83 Pender. John Robert. Ill 54 Pendergraph, William L 71 Pennington, Barbara _ 83 Pentlarge. Barbara Jane ... ... 54 Perry, Frances Patterson _ 54 Perry, Howard B 82 Perry, Warren Seipp _ 54 Peiryman, J. C. _ _ _...„ 89 Peri aalil Peters, Clarence J., Jr. Phillips. Anne Phillips. Enid Phillips. Lee Phillips, Wade W. _ Pinkston. Nancy Playmakers 84 Poldrugowach. Fred Richard Poole. James J , Popkins. Mary Brooks Poplin. Carroll _.... Potts, Farrel Pou. Virginia Davis Powell, Charles Robert Powell. W. Ernest. Jr. Power, Julia Winifred Powers, Gloria Aiken Prince, Ida . Privette Thomas E Professional School __ __. P.TJ. Board Pugh, Mildred Pullen. Margie Pulley, Morris Wiley Pushkin. Fay Quinerly, Mary Darden R Rambeau. William Howard _ 55 Rankin. George Mason __.„_. 55 Rankin. Jean Renwick 55 Ratliffe, Charles Edward, Jr. 55 Ray, Jeanelle 78 Raynor, Albert Pearsall 55 Redd, Jane Ann _ _ 55 Redden, Monroe _ 80 Redfenn, Tom 86 Regan, James G. „.... 80 Reiter. Nina B. 55 Reynolds. George Hatch _„ 74 Rhyne. Dorothy Elizabeth _ 55 Rhyne. Emmi Lee _ 83 Rich, Barbara 68 Rich, Carolyn 81 Richardson, Jane __ _ 74 Richardson. Sara Daphne _ 55 Riggin. Donald LaClair 55 Rivers. Shirley 71 Roberts. Delphina 56 Robinson, Bill _ _ 86 Robinson, Nancy Douglas _ 56 Robinson. Pete Chase 56 Roddenberry. Ralph Jones 56 Rogers. Barbara 73 Rogers, James A _ 76 Rollins, Jane 89 Romaneck. Elizabeth Wells 56 Roonick. Judy Joy _. __ _ _ 72 Rosen. Robert R. 56 Rosenbloom, Gloria 56 Rosenthal. Murray 88 Roth. Eugene E 87 Rowe. Roy _ 70 Rowland. Joe 83 Rundell. Jeanne 80 Russell. Eugene F _ 83 Russell. Louise Randall 75 S Sadie. Frank Lee _ 80 Salmon. William Davis _ 84 Sampson. Jack Terah 56 Sauls. Catherine Elizabeth __ 56 Saunders. Babs 74 Saunders. Frank Wendell 56 Saunders, Marion Lovewell 56 Sayce, Ruth Claire 56 Scarborough. Henry _ 72 Schartle. Patty McFarland 57 Schemberg. Labe Charles — 57 Schimler. Seymour _ 72 Schlater, Milly __ 74 Schlichter. Harvey G 83 Schmidt, Janice _ 83 Schofield. Lib -- 71 Schroder. Marilyn Aldine 57 276 Names Schrum, Larry Schultz, Edwin Beswick — Schuster, Barbara Scott, Ludwig G Scott. Samuel J. Seago. Jennings Selig, Frank William. Jr. Severson, Jack — Sexier, Robert E. Sexton. Billy Shackleford. Nan Shanklin, Nell Joann Shaughnessy. Donald Shaw. Robert Hill . Shearin. Milton F. _. Shiller, Jack G. Shoeve, Thomas E. „_. Silver. Norman Herbert . .. ... Simm ons, Betty Simpson, Orville Sinclair, Allen Singletary. Emily Anne __ Sink. Donald Skelley. Jack — Sklarey. Myra E. Slaton, Albert M. _ Slaughter, Jane Sloan. Catherine Smallwood. W. Irwin Smith. Anderson Benskin. Jr. Smith, Bette Jeanne Smith, Coline Smith. Gerry ' Smith, Irwin S. Smith. Marian Nevitt Smith, Molly Smith. Sim Snider. Mary Stuart __ — Snoody. Charlie Snow. Robert Snyder. Bill Snyder. Pat Sobel. Dick Somers. John Anthony Sororities Sosnow. Anita M. Soufas. Penny Sound and Fury Southerland. Emma Dona. Spaugh. Earle Spragins. William M. Names Stancill, Godfrey Wells Stanton. Lucinda Marguerite Steputis. Fred J. Steuer, Ina Renee Stevens, Charles . 68 Tilley, Mabel Dare Stifel. Elizabeth Stevenson Stockton, Sara — Stoker. Dick Stone. Milton D. Stoner. Nan Stowers. Henry E. Strickland, Margaret Grimmer Stringneld. Mary Beckwith Stuart, Walter James, Jr. Stubblefield. Nancy ' 2 Student Entertainment Committee ..148 Student Government 108 Student Legislature ——110 Sturgell, Jack Suits. Harold Phyllis Summer, Winona Suttle. Margaret Leonelle Swann. Jimmie Sweat. Betty Donaldson Sydenstriker, Bettie Tar Heel . Tate, Allen Denny. Jr. Taylor. Alice Lee Taylor. Carlton Taylor. Edgar Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Florence Olive Thalheimer, Rosalie Anne - Thigpen, William Lafeyette Thomas. Bob — — Thomas. Charlotte Thomas Thomas. Lane Eugene _ Thomas. Mary Ellen Thompson, Clive N. — Threatte. Constance Hilda Thrush. Elizabeth Louise - Thurston. Robert L. Thweatt, Bill Tilley, Edward Lloyd, Jr. _ Tilley. Frances Allen Tinsley, William Henry. Jr. Travis. Joseph Collins _ — Traynham. James Tripp, Jenks . 58 Twohey. Edward L. . 58 - 81 -, Undergraduates Unger. Lee J. University Club Upshaw, Mary Elizabeth Vanvoorhees, B. B. Van Wagner, Robert Bruce Veazey, Alex _ Veil, Charles Voris, Bill W.A.A. Wade, Isaaca B. Wadsworth, Robert D. — Waggoner, James Norman Waldrop. John David Walker. G. C. " Boots " — Walker, Stafford C. Wall. William F. Walston. William R. Warner, Harold Lawrence Warner. Horace G. Warren, Wallace Wax. Dick Weathers. William D. Weaver, Frances Harriet _ Webb, Warren Wright Weber. Frederic Herbert _ Webster. Ann Harrison __ Webster. William Daniel — Weinberg. Sidney Blatt Weiser. Rosalyn Weeks. Percey C. West, Calvin „ Westbrook. John M. _. Wheeler, William C. — Names White, Alta Jeane White. Ben . White. Betty Ruskin White. James Stark White, Margaret Wirt .- White, Wynnette Bowden Whitley. Arnold Whitley. Bill Whitley. William Henry - Whitney, Oscar Mason _ Whitson, Ruth Wicker, Thomas Wickenberg. Charles N. Jr. Wideman, Jane Dickson — Widener, Mary Wiggins. Elizabeth Pauline . Wilcox, Jane Simpson Wilkerson. Louis Reams Wilkinson. Thomas Oberson Williams. Allan Havard _ Williams, Bob Williams, Jesse Noah, Jr. — Williams. Johnny _ Williams, Linda Williamson, Dan Scott Willingham. Richard Baynard _ Wilson, Margaret Elaine Wingfield. Jimmie Lou - Winslow. Bruce Evans _ Winslow. Margaret Winstead. Eleanor Bruton _ — Winters. Dora Sompayrac Witter. Darrold Ryder Wolfe, Bob — Woltz. Patricia Women ' s Coordination Board Women ' s Government Women ' s Inter-Dorm Council . Wood. Betty Jo Woodard, Grace Harper Woodhouse. Margaret Wark Woodruff. Ann — Woodson. Brent — Worley, Worrall. Elizabeth Worsley, Lillian Garland — Wort hington. Martha Finch Wren. Euell M. Wright, Mary A. Wyatt, Barbara Anne 61 Yackety Yack 71 Y.M.C.A. 71 Y.W.C.A. 82 Young, Alma 70 Young. Tharon Elizabeth 277 ■feir 1 THIS IS IDDEED H HHPPV (HDIIK... To close a book, we close a year ... a wonderful year for Carolina, for the world, and, quite simply, for us. It was a lot of fun, this Yack, and it was a lot of hard work. But now — at last — the work and the play; the easy parts and the tough parts; the headaches, the backaches, the cramped fingers . . . they ' re all parts of the past. As much do they belong to previous days as does this book. And as much do they belong to you. For it was for you . . . Carolina man and coed . . . that this book came into being. We offer it now as something of your Hill days to take away with you, to pull off the bookshelf in some day to come and proudly show to others who weren ' t here; or to reminisce over with a classmate or by yourself. Many were the cooks that brought forth this broth and we tell ourselves that the old adage is wrong. We ' ve given credit before and now in this last bit, we remember others who gave you this stew. Thanks are due Buck Shelton of the Charlotte En- graving Co.; Frank Fleming of the Lassiter Press; Mr. Moore and staff of Wootten-Moulton; Philip Lanier for proof reading; Warren Rummelhoff for great work in photography, and Boots Walker for grand assistance in the Yack Beauty Ball. Without them these words would not be here in print. So here it is, the 1945 Yackety Yack, a memory of happy and carefree days. And thanks again to you for being here, for being Carolina, and for helping to make her the grand place that we have known and loved so well. araarei an d Ljei 278 MILDER BETTER TASTING COOLER SMOKING 1 hat means you offer Chesterfields with every confidence . . . for when it conies to making a good cigarette, there are no short cuts and no second -bests. Chesterfield knoivs only one way, the one that ' s tried and true . . . RIGHT COMBINATION • WORLD ' S BEST TOBACCOS Jhinkinq of wjou Kay KYSER 280 281 Best wishes from P. H. Hanes Knitting Company WINSTON- SALEM. N. C. Manufacturers of M THE NATIONAL UNDERWEAR For Men and Boys For Every Season 282 The KING COTTON Greensboro ' s Finest Hotel Haywood Duke, Manager ARDEN FARM STORE Featuring North Carolina Handicrafts Imported and Domestic Giftwares 614 South Main Street Winston-Salem North Carolina AND ALL ACCESSORIES THE CARE GIVEN BY FINCHLEY TO THE FIT- TING OF UNIFORMS HAS BEEN HI GH! Y COMPLI- MENTED. OFFICERS WHO DESIRE SMART. TRIM LINES, AS WELL AS " REGULATION " DETAILS, WILL APPRECIATE THE FINCHLEY STANDARD OF SERVICE. A VISIT IS CORDIALLY INVITED. WRITE FOR CATALOGUE AND PRICE LIST New York, Fifth Avenue at 46th Street Chicago • Corpus Christi • Pensacoia • Palm Beach 283 Roticeea brc» up Brother and siste II, h Iriea one fo E.e - n ' Arch. h; II. i,. .....I Pi Phi. Dekei pitch . . . horsesho Aw Turk! SAE smoothie. Ihal Tri Dell dreM. 284 112 South Duke Street Durham, N. C. dJilit on S IP PLY COMPANY Mill and Industrial Supplies. Contractor ' s Equipment. Home Water Systems. + Serving North Carolina for 21 Years + . . Commercial and Industrial Stokers DURHAM ' S BEST STORE . . . Since 1886 . . . The Shopping Center for Women Who Demand Finer Things To Wear . . . . Main Street Durham, N. C. FOWLERS FOOD STORE All Kinds of Fresh Meats, Groceries. and Country Produce. . . . Fish and Oysters in Season . . . Phone 9831 Phone 6611 Durham Phone R-723 THE CAROLINA and PICK THEATRES Appreciate Your Patronage AND INVITE YOU TO VISIT OUR OTHER THEATRES THROUGH- OUT THE STATE NORTH CAROLINA THEATRES, INC. 285 OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE 1945 YACKETY YACK WOOTTEN-MOULTOX PHOTOGRAPHERS PORTRAITS • HOME PORTRAITS • ILLUSTRATIONS COLLEGE ANNUALS • ILLUSTRATED TALKS New Bern, N. C. • Fort Bragg • Camp Butner • Chapel Hill, N. C. 286 The Orange Print Shop A Complete Printing Service PUBLICATIONS UNION BOARD PRINTERS FOR TWENTY YEARS. Phone 3781 Chapel Hill Box 271 North Carolina Best O ' Luck to the Class of ' 45 ... . FOR QUALITY FOOD SERVED THE WAY YOU LIKE IT. . . . FOR BEER THAT ' S MELLOW It ' s JJc arm 5 v We Lend Kodaks N o Rental Fee and No Deposit Required from Students F 1 S T E R PHOTO COniPHHY Casual touch by Sta Wallace chalks cm Dot surveys the wreckage. A D Pi fetes her pledges. The Devil got his due that night! 287 The Carolina Inn %v Host for the University on All Occasions -ft Operating a Dining Room and The Carolina Inn Cafeteria Thomas Howard Company Wholesale Grocers Durham, N. C. 288 y omplimenti of BELK-LEGGETT COmPRElY Miss Mary Stuart Snider and Bill McKenzie 289 Denkcr gets shot. Clyde Lucas sends the cro Politico ' s paradise. Zool suit with a reel pleet. Fleecers polish the apple. Pharmacists play games. Tummy looks startled. Brewster comes through. Cappie ' n - Wallie. That photographer AGAIN. Betas and babes. " Do I GOTTA ' take Nav »• ' Cheerleader Peede " If elected . . . " Sigma Chi big dcale 290 Drink ice-cold Coca-Cola. Taste its delicious goodness. Enjoy the happy after-sense of refreshment it brings. By just this ex- perience of complete refreshment, millions have come to wel- come the quality of Coca-Cola — the quality of the real thing. IOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA COLA COMPANY 1Y You trust its quality 291 Serving the University Community Since 1899 The BANK OF CHAPEL HILL Chapel Hill, N. C. . . . Member F.D.l.C. . . . Clyde Eubanks President Collier Cobb, Jr Vice-President W. E. Thompson . . . Executive Vice-President J. Temple Gobbel Cashier Fredd) Johnson ' s bo Corbett Ike looks lb,- admiral. Stationery . . . Gifts . . . School Supplies Felt Goods . . . Jewel rj . . . Scrapbooks Greeting C irds. JS LEDBETTER PICKARD North Carolina s Outstanding Jewelers fo Sixty Years. r Over . . . Gifts for Every Occasion . . . JDNES FRA5IER CD. 121 W. Main St. Durham N. C. 292 Gil Carta produc.r of the i.isidr Sigma C.his suff ' after boredon Hold that lii THE 1945 IjacLty V)acli IS BDDND IN A JdncpLaft Cover ' DESIGNED AND PRDDDCED BY THE Jdncppod P kss, Jnc, KINGSPDRT, TENNESSEE. ft THE WO N II ' S LARGEST COVER It) If i! I) I II i; T II RE R 293 HOTEL over t o. oLt JJancina and Jjinina on our delightful i oor Ljaraen ee Welcomes ILPI.C. Students AT ALL TIMES W I N STO N - S A L EM, NORTH CAROLINA 1 1 ..:; ....-■ : the playground of the South. Pulehrltude plus. 294 ...BUY WAR BOnDS... LP. i55 I V lamiA rar5on5 CAROLINA ' S " MISS VICTORY ' 295 f ewiewiber . . . Irfits ' dH w and . . . write for the things you want from Chapel Hill CAROLINA PHARMACY THE Rexall DRUG STORE Philip Lloyd . . . Owner Compliments of Carolina Barber Beauty Shop Playmakcrs at play. Ipana paid for this one. Spring comes to Chapel Hill. 296 fy ie " sweetest ' maninfliapelQftll- An Artist . . . A Philosopher . A Gastronomic Genius . . . Compliments of the LITTLE SHOP TO BROWSE OR BUY Bull ' s Head Bookshop WELCOMES YOU Library — First Floor. Compliments of ITIflRLEY ' S Jne ort ioie " 297 298 299 H SSJ V M " 300 TU Ak CAai£r e , Ai ' Cc c ta SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS PRINTERS OF YOUR YEARBOOK 302 %, ? A ,.c v M ., •; it « s,- v - - ; .« iff: ?rJT ■ ■ Wv : ' vi. w - bkB » i

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