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s m. " lk . ?yr ' ' 1 « a ' Ik. ' ' 1 ' fli! If Rs -I. " Tp ttj •If ; 1 THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE COLLECTION OF NORTH CAROLINIANA PRESENTED BY Hugh Stewart Smith C378 UPy 1939 C.3 UNIVERSITY OF NC AT CHAPEL HILL 00016885079 This book is due on the last date st amped below unless recalled sooner. It may be renewed only once and must be brought to the North Carolina Collection for renewal. arm No. A-369 YACKETY YACK 19 3 9 |;l y W»l»» g»t t| COPYRIGHT 1939 By RUTHERFORD YEATES EDITOR And J.FRED RIPPY. JR. BUSINESS MANAGER if II 1 L OFFICIAL YEARBOOK OF THE CAROLINA PUBLICATIONS UNION CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA VOLUME XLIX f-J - ' - iitA «f — » » . ' ?i n ' .M iw mSBP " I H E H I T il E MORE LASTING THAN STDNE ■==. 3 n " I have not talked to you of discipline and rules, nor of the great traditions that through the century have hallowed this spot, created by the loving care and sacrifice of the splendid company that have gone before you in this institution. I assume that Its traditions are as precious to you as they are to me, and I commit them to you, whose hehtage they are, in absolute confi- dence that you will not only keep the faith, but transmit it to those who come after you with its light heightened and brightened . . . This college should be and can be the most conspicuous achievement of this people. ' It can be more influential in making actual the dormant and inactive ideals of the State than any in- stitution in the world has been — more serviceable, more admir- able — a genuine triumph of youth and self-mastery, efficient training, and self-government. ' I commit it to you: the ark of the covenant of the fathers, your infinitely precious present possession, the saving hope and heritage of your children and their children ' s children. " President Edward Kidder Graham, at the formal opening of the 121st year of the University of North Carolina on September 8, 1915. OUR whose affection, loyalty and faithful adherence to the ideals of Carolina make us, the class of ' 39, proud to join their ranks, we wish to dedicate this issue of the YACKETY YAC K IN MEMDRIAM The University of North Carolina has been made by great men — great men who have given their labor, their lives, their very souls to the development of young men and women. Such men were Henry Van Peters Wilson and Charles Thomas Woollen. Both men have been major factors in the upbuilding of the University from an institution with only a score of professors to its present position. Dr. Wilson has been a guiding hand for students during the past forty-five years. He has moulded the minds of scientists. Controller Woollen has shaped grounds, buildings, scientific equipment. He has been a vital power in expanding the University for the past thirty-seven years. Now both men, through their untiring energy, their true vision of what youth may become, are ideas of true worth, in- spirations for the meaning of life. The students of the University, the citizens of the state mourn their loss. But from their lives there has been gained inspiration which shall be undying. There is no blinking at the fact that architecturally the buildings of the campus, with one or two notable exceptions, are aesthetically monstrous Of the Y. M C A, some wag once said: " Thank God for ivy! " But they have grown with one hundred and fifty years of campus life Every building, or every group of build- ings, denotes a different time and style of architecture. In this heterogeneous combination there is room for little to exclaim over, unless it is the magnificent beauty of the oaks, but there is much to love. Each building with its associations, the well-trodden grass bespeaking human inconsistencies, the gravel walks and brick gutters; all together convey the sense of what these buildings are — the spirit of students end teachers for whom the campus is but a backdrop. V I E UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Unquestionably the most popular building on the campus — three days before exams. This store- house of knowledge is the study haven of those riven by incessant no ' se and chatter from garrulity filled dormitories and fraternity houses However, it loses most of its charm with the co-ed curfew. CHAPEL DF THE CROSS A true symbol of old days in Chapel Hill, its glory is in its post. The Chapel of The Cross was modeled from designs in a book written by the first Bishop of Vermont, and built with slave labor during five years from 1843. Now too small for regular services, it will always be remembered for its restful beauty. CORNELIA PHILLIPS SPENCER HALL The home of co-eds, mice, and termites, the " shack " is the object of many a romantic-minded Romeo Watching over her sheep is the house-mother, Mrs. Irene Lee, who combines guarding beautiful co-eds with the development of a tasteful, always-in-bloom garden PERSON HALL ART GALLERY Some of the artists in the newly remodelled second oldest campus building regret losing the old dirt floor — they cannot sling paint around the way they used to. But out of the hot- house the installation of skylights has made the building, Harvard-trained Russell Smith has produced some fine creative THE PLAYMAKERS THEATRE The far-famed Carolina Playmakers were smoked out of this, one of the oldest nests on the campus, when the entire interior was ruined by fire at the end of last summer. Com- menting on the completely re-equipped theatre at the first bill of experimentals during the Winter Quarter, Proff Koch said: " It was a good fire! " .vtt v J ra aiijji S ' ' . - « 1 % S 9 V FRANK PORTER GRAHAM PRESIDENT PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE We leave behind and yet we take with us Chapel Hill as interpreted by our President, to which the class of 1939 has made, he has said, a rich contribution: " In Chapel Hill among a friendly folk, this old University, the first state univer- sity to open Its doors, stands on a hill set in the midst of beautiful forests under skies that give their color and their charm to the life of youth gathered here. Traditions grow here with the ivy on the historic buildings and the moss on the ancient oaks. Friendships form here for the human pilgrimage. There is music in the air of the place. To the artist ' s touch flowers grow beautifully from the soil and plays come simply from the life of the people. Above the traffic of the hour church spires reach toward the life of the spirit. Into this life, with its ideals, failures, and high courage, comes youth with his body and his mind, his hopes and his dreams. Scholars muster here the intellectual and spiritual resources of the race for the development of the whole personality of youth, and would make the University of North Carolina a stronghold of liberal learning with out- posts of research along all the frontiers of the world. Great teachers on this hill kindle the fires that burn for Carolina men and women and light up the heavens of the commonwealth with the hopes of light and liberty for all mankind. " 9 M k ft m fTT : 9| ■ BT ROBERT BURTON HOUSE DEAN OF ADMINISTRATION DEAN DF ADMINISTRATION MY DEAR FRIENDS OF THE CLASS OF 1939: You have been a part of the University during a dramatic and exciting period of its history. Inside the State and nation and outside in the whole world of affairs questions of the utmost moment have been impending during your en- tire college career. I think that you have dealt with these ques- tions intellectually and in terms of feeling and action with a fine self control and a splendid aptitude for genuine participation in the current world. You hove certainly, in addition, brought warmth, color, and exuberant vitality into the life of the University and the University com- munity while you have been here. You have not been without particular problems in campus life and government. I think you have handled them well. Nothing on the negative side has occurred here but what you have developed something on the positive side to balance the situation and carry it forward. You have developed fine leaders in all aspects of healthy student life, and I think permanent qualities of leadership are evident in your class. At the same time, I hove the utmost faith in the great body of the class — men and women who are not yet conspicuous and do not desire to be, but who in the quiet processes of study, work, play, and imaginative fellowship have been laying the basis for significant and beautiful living You graduate with the friendship and sincere good will of all of us who have been privileged to associate with you here. DEAN DF STUDENTF TO THE CLASS OF 1939: Your graduation year comes just 150 years after your Alma Mater was chartered by the new-formed legislature of North Carolina. When the legislature of 1789 projected for this State a democratic provision for higher education, all of Europe could have laughed at such presumption. Government was then the pre- rogative of royal families. Without such divinely ordained guidance, the belief was, men could have no government. However, those patriots of a century and a half ago wagered their lives and the destiny of their chil- dren on the assumption that freedom and enlighten- ment could develop in men the leadership of conscien- tious intelligence. Then North Carolina, with less than 400,000 citi- zens scattered throughout her forests was exceeded in population only by Pennsylvania and Virginia. That these and ten lesser commonwealths strung along the edge of a vast wilderness hove within the century and a half grown so in space, numbers, wealth, power, and significance, is surely one of the great dramatic facts of history. Now this yoLing colossus of 48 states with 60 per cent of the world ' s gold, with frontiers in Guam and on the Rhine, faces again t he issue of its birth. Can free men freely regulate their personal and collective FRANCIS FOSTER BRADSHAW DEAN OF STUDENTS action by intelligence and conscience? ' Con we " build here a government " of wisdom and justice ' ' May your graduation be but the beginning of a richer partnership between you and Chapel Hill, in which you shall fight for her liberty and she shall guarantee you and your children light. SCHOOL DF ARTS AND SCIENCES In point of time the oldest college of the University, the College of Arts and Sciences is concerned in guiding students, already possessed of the fundamentals of college training, so that they may get the most for their effort out of the last two years of their college work. The system now in force at the university is a gradual development from the older disciplines still used in some American schools, in which the entire course of study for the four years is prescribed. Such a system does not allow for individual differences and is too rigidly narrow for a liberal arts college. It was long ago abandoned here. Histori- cally there followed a period of more or less free choice of courses, with a minimum of fixed requirements; the inevitable result was that the student often chose courses for reasons other than their content or he chose all his work in a single field and thus could hardly be said to have had a liberal education. The College of Arts W. M. DEY HUMANITIES R. E. COKER NATURAL SCIENCES A. R. NEWSOM SOCIAL SCIENCES A. W. HOBBS DEAN and Sciences has attempted a compromise which keeps over- specialization at a minimum and allows as much election as is possible without depriving the curriculum of all s emblance of plan and purpose. In spite of the experimentation now going on in American colleges, nobody is yet sure just what an A.B. degree should be more than a block of courses on a transcript: it should be a discipline and at attitude of mind. We now try to insist that the student who earns a degree in the college must hove a body of organized knowledge about a recognized field of learning, a fund of more generalized information about fields ancillary to his own, and if possible, some knowledge of the world about him which will fit him to live as well as earn a living. At the heart of the college are the libraries and the laboratories. Professors are guides and counsellors: but in the last analysis students educate themselves. With an A.B. degree, the student should have a foundation upon which to build a career and a life. GENERAL COLLEGE The General College has a special interest in the members of the class of 1939 who came to Chapel Hill in the first year of Its work. At the end of this Senior year it is appropriate for the class, the advisers, and the faculty to consider what our present opportunities are and how we may meet them. The student of today lives in and must prepare for a world of economic dislocation, political violence, and emotional strain. How can the University contribute to his achievement of the good life? First, we must be interested in him as an individ ol From parents, former teachers, and his own experience we must obtain more complete information and use it discerningly in helping him to know himself. Second, we must adapt the University ' s resources still more discriminatingly to the student ' s needs. Diagnostic tests, ad- vanced standing, remedial assistance, and individualized cur- ricula will be multiplied. Somewhere between the extremes of CORYDON PERRY SPRUILL DEAN General College Advisors- Ll kighr Perry, Johnson, Edminster, Emory, Armstrong, Hi Huddle, Sanders, Husbands anarchic diversity and rigid uniformity we may find for each person a program which will embody the values of general edu- cation and carry on the wholesome development of individual interests. In order to act upon the familiar fact that students are different it will be necessary to try out more diversified offerings and more varied combinations of subjects. Accepting the necessity of self-education, we shall shift the emphasis from teaching to learning, from instruction of groups to conferences with individuals. Third, the distinctive character of the University must be defended. We shall be hospitable to new personalities and new ideas, tolerant of opposition, eager for improvement, and stead- fast in maintaining our tradition and our freedom. In this endeavor, faculty, students, and graduates join hands and wills for the building of a finer University in a greater State. SCHDDL DF COMMERCE The School of Commerce is the expression of the University ' s desire to serve the large percentage of young people who will go into some phase of business activity but who cannot spend more than four years in preparation for such a career. Recognizing the need of a general understanding of our complex modern civilization as a basis for a happy and effective life, the first two years of the course of study, given in the General College, emphasize the brood cultural aspects of education. The last two years, given in the School of Commerce, are devoted pri- ' •:; School Faculty — Top Row: Schwenning, Buchanon, Hobbs, Wolf, Zimmerman, Bernstein. Bottom Row: Spruill, Woosley, Carroll, Peacock, Hear manly to the development of an understanding of the principles and procedures of modern business. The teaching policy of the School assumes that training for business should consist not only of a knowledge of the organization and methods of the most important fields of business activity but in addition should develop an understanding of the problems and larger relation- ships of the economic system as a whole. In the attempt to give the student a practical basis for his life, care is taken that he shall not lose sight of his social obligations or his cultural needs. D. D. CARROLL DEAN SCHDDL DF LIBRARY SCIENCE Looking backward over the seven years since the School was opened in September 1931, many specific evidences of healthy growth may be seen. Today there are 201 alumni scattered in libraries from North Carolina to California and from northern Wisconsin to Louisiana, though the concentration is naturally in the Southeast. A search of printed indexes to periodical litera- ture shows a few names of alumni, a 1938 book of library plays lists one by a member of the class of 1938. The Summer Session now finds the School sending classes to borrowed lecture rooms in a nearby building, having six faculty members instead of the usual three, and a student body three times as large as that during the regular session. The administration of the School is looking forward to the day when there will be a larger staff in order to provide more satisfactorily for the growing body of alumni and students. There IS need for a faculty member, expert in school library work, who MISS SUSAN AKERS DEA[J School of Library Science — Dr. Akers, Dr. White, Miss Kelling, Miss Le Fevre would: direct the practice work of those students interested in school libraries; give special courses in school library organiza- tion and administration; and have charge of the courses for teacher-librarians. There should also be a librarian to take care of the School ' s special book collection and give expert service to the faculty and students, and a reviser to assist the instructors in revising the many and varied problems involving written work. Tentative plans have been drawn for expanded quarters in the hoped-for new wing of the library. These include a seminar room for courses in book discussion, an additional combination study and library room, and additional faculty offices. Indexes are being compiled which will make it possible to assemble quickly information about the alumni from various points of view. Thus, regardless of the nature of the employer ' s request, the informa- tion could be readily assembled. SCHQDL DF PHARMACY The present School of Pharmacy, now in its forty-second yeor, has hod two predecessors — one school thot lasted from 1880 to about 1885 and another from 1888 to the early nineties. In 1897 the organized pharmacists of the State successfully petitioned the board of trustees to establish here a school of pharmacy on the some basis as other departments of instruc- tion. This having been done, the School has developed steadily in respect to faculty, equipment, and curriculum. Organized pharmaceutical education in this State has always been con- fined exclusively to this University. Such a condition is unique in that no other branch of learning in North Carolina is limited to one institution. The local school treats this trust as an inspiration and as a guiding force; as a challenge to be met to the limit of its abilities and not as a monopoly to be enjoyed as a special dispensation. The science of Pharmacy consists essentially of discovering, manufac- turing, and distributing preventive or curative drugs. This brief definition embraces efforts that are of a manifold character; efforts which require School of Phormacy — Bottom Row: Dobbins, Rose, Burlege, Beard, Jacobs, Totten. Second Row; Smith, Hudson, Adams. Third Row: Comeron, Bost, Howell, Browne, Morkhom several different sorts of specialized practitioners who must be educated according to the service each sort is expected to render. The basis training for all is substantially the same, but beyond this base, which should be sound, adaptive educational processes must begin that are calculated to fit each graduate to meet successfully the obligations of his chosen field of phar- maceutical effort. The local school is dedicating its thinking and its ener- gies towards providing its students with such curricula as will enable each, according to his interest and talents, to pursue any one of the several forms of practice that collectively compose pharmacy. In the pursuit of this complete program, the School has yet a distance to travel, although such parts as are now provided are given in an effective way. With an increased staff, with additional facilities, and with a broader schedule of graduate offerings, the entire program can and will be provided. At the present time the School has three elective specialized curricula that begin in the fourth year, together with advanced studies offered under the direction of the Graduate School leading to the mastorate degree. SCHDDL DF MEDICINE During the past academic year the new medical building for the Medical School and the Division of Public Health has reached the stage of comple- tion, so that the Medical School and the Division of Public Health anticipate commencing their work for the coming academic year in the new medical building. The entire ground floor of the building has been allocated to the Division of Public Health in order that this important Division of Public Health activ- ity cannot only continue to serve the Public Health officials and sanitarians by offering short courses, but that this Division of the Medical School will now find itself in such a position that it can offer work at the graduate level of the University ' s activities. The remaining three floors of the build- ing are equally divided between the departments of Anatomy, Bacteriology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology and Physiology. The fifth floor of the building is air conditioned and will be devoted largely to housing both W. de B. MacNIDER DEAN School of Medicine— Left to Right; Dr. Andrews, Dr. Kyker, Dr. Bullitt, Dr. Pliske, Dr. Mcpher- son, Dr. Ferrill, Dr. Lowe, Dr. Berryhill, Dr. Holman, Dr. George, Dr. MacNider, Dr. Mongum. large and small laboratory animals. With the completion of the animal kennels and other rooms on the fifth floor there will likely not be a more completely equipped confine for animals in any of the medical laboratory buildings in this country. This floor contains two modernly developed oper- ating rooms separated by a sterilizing room from which there opens a room for keeping sterile material to be used in connection with the animals. The building contains a large and beautifully appointed reading room and space for a library of 50,000 volumes. As a result of the recent action of the North Carolina legislature, in conjunction with a similar action by the special session of the legislature last summer, the University has available a sum of $75,000.00 which, with an amount saved in the erection of the building, will completely equip it for the most modern type of scientific medical service. SCHOOL OF LAW Founded in 1843 as a private school by Judge William H. Battle, the School of Law was inco rporated, in 1899, into the University of North Carolina. Today it has a full-time faculty of eight members and a library of 40,000 volumes in charge of two law librarians and a staff of assistants. With a minimum ad- mission requirement of three years of college work, it offers a three-year course leading to the degrees of LL.B. and J.D. It is on the approved list of the North Carolina and New York Boards of Law Examiners and of the American Bar Association. It is a member of the Association of American Law Schools, and is one of thirty law schools in which a chapter of the honorary society of the ORDER OF THE COIF has been established. Left to Right: HANFT, McCALL, VAh, McAllister. jATES, MARKHAM, DALZELL, The North Carolina Law Review, edited by a joint student- faculty staff, goes to one thousand North Carolina lawyers and to law libraries throughout the world. The law building. Manning Hall, was erected in 1923 and named for John Manning, from 1881 to 1899 a distinguished member of its faculty. Modern in every respect and notable for unusual beauty of design, it is already inadequate for the present needs of the school. It is hoped that an additional wing may be constructed in the near future to house more efficiently the law library and the research and publication services. Carr Dormitory, adjacent to Manning Hall, has been set aside for the exclusive occupancy of law students as a residential law club. M. T. VAN HECKE, Dean GRADUATE SCHDQL The Graduate School in the session 1938-1939 is en|oying one of its most successful years. The enrollment for the fall quarter was 450; 67 new students registered in the winter, mak- ing the total to date 517. It is expected that the registration in the spring will carry the enrollment for the year beyond the six hundred mark. Within recent years new graduate curricula were established in such subjects as comparative linguistics, music, and social work. This expansion in program is thought of as fully justified, and It has, in our judgment, brought additional values to the University, Committees of the Administrative Board and of the Left to Right: WOOSLEY, KNIGHT, HARRAR, COKER, DEY, MacNlDER, BAIT:, PIERSON. graduate faculty are now at work on plans and proposals for a graduate curriculum m public health and for a major in bacteri- ology. Another committee has under consideration some im- portant modifications in requirements for the master ' s degree in Education. Plans have been put into effect during the past two years making possible instructional cooperation with Duke University in such fields as the classics, comparative linguistics, and sociology. As to the future, it is hoped that the Graduate School will continue to entertain an ideal of excellence as the controlling principle of practice. It is hoped that the Graduate School will be an increasingly used, and usable, laboratory of investigation for North Carolina and for the South. W. W PIERSON, Dean TRUSTEES The University is greatly indebted to its one hundred Trustees. Named here are twenty-five who hove just completed on eight-year term of service, and who have faithfully backed the President in efforts to build a greater University of North Carolina The Board of Triistees acts on recommendations of the President or on its own initiative in forming the policies of the University During this year ' s fight in the Legis- lature to raise the tuition rates and reduce the appro- priations, the Trustees stood firmly behind the Presi- dent ' s policy of no raise in tuition and no reduction in appropriations. They were instrumental in curtailing these two pieces of legislation, which would have crippled the school and kept many students from attending Clyde Roark Hoey, Governor, President Ex Officio Clyde Atkinson Erwin, Superintendent of Public Instruc- tion, Member Ex Officio. Henry M. London, Secretary of the Board. TRUSTEES WHOSE LEGAL TERM OF OFFICE EXPIRES APRIL I, 1939 Mrs. Kate P. Arrington Worrenton H. D. Batemon Wilson C. T. Council Durham Burton Craige Winston-Solem John G Dawson Kinston Frank Dunlop Wadesboro J . M. Gamewel I Lexington O. Max Gardner Shelby A H. Groham Hillsboro Horry P Grier, Jr Statesville Luther T Hortsell Concord John W. Hinsdale Raleigh G. L Lyerly Hickory Judge Isaac M Meekins Elizabeth City Wm. D, Merritt Roxboro Walter Murphy Salisbury Haywood Parker Asheville Reuben B Robertson Conton Henry M. Robins Asheboro Peter Brown Ruffin Wilmington George Stephens Asheville Fred I Sutton Kinston Charles Whedbee Hertford W. C. Woodard Rocky Mount W. H. Woolord Greenville CLYDE R. HOEY CLYDE A. ERWIN HENRY M. LONDON EHRINGHAUS BOUSHALL Mcknight SAUNDERS CAROLINA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION DFFICERS J- C B. EHRINGHAUS, ' 01, Raleigh President T. C BOUSHALL, ' 1 5, Richmond, Va First Vice-President DR. ROY B Mcknight, ' I4, charlotte Second Vice-President GEORGE WATTS HILL, ' 22, Durham Treasurer GEORGE STEPHENS, ' 96, Asheville Past President J MARYON SAUNDERS, ' 25, Chapel Hill Executive Secretary Located at Chapel Hill in the Carolina Inn, which as an alumni clubhouse and community " parlor " was the gift of the John Sprunt Hill family of Durham to the University, is the Central Alumni Office of the General Alumni Association. The Association is an all-University organization, embracing in its membership graduates and former students ranging in classes from the oldest alumnus to the youngest graduate. The Asso- ciation was formed in 1843. Through its Centra! Office, its local alumni clubs, its permanently organized classes, its General Assembly, and its " Alumni Review, " the Association endeavors to main- tain a program making it easy for the 22,000 living alumni to continue their relationship with Alma Mater. In its Alumni Office the Association maintains records of all alumni, including up-to-date ad- dresses, vital statistics, occupations, and other memorabilia. The Association is alert in promoting such public occasions as commencement, home-comings, and University Day. The Central Office carries on correspondence with thousands of alumni, complying with requests ranging from per- sonal questions to projects concerning the entire University. Through the columns of " The Alumni Review " — the official magazine — alumni members are enabled to keep up w ith affairs in Chapel Hill and in the big alumni family. General in its service to the University and personal in its relationship to the alumni, the Alumni Association endeavors to link the Past with the Present for the Future of Alma Mater. Any graduate or former student is eligible for membership in the Association. Only those who belong to the Association participate in its elections and receive its magazine. UNIVERSITY DF NORTH CAROLINA ALUMNI The choice of alumni presented on these pages is intended to be symbolic of the wide range of achievement among the University ' s twenty-two thousand living former students. In no sense can this year ' s selection be regarded as a complete honor role of University of North Carolina alumni. The men pictured here, by their attainment in diverse fields of endeavor, have reflected honor and credit upon the Uni- versity. They are identified widely as distin- guished and loyal alumni of the University. The University may point with justifiable pride to these sons and others like them who in their communities and among their associates wear well the title: a Carolina man. JONATHAN DANIELS GEORGE V. DENNY ' 22 Scarsdale, N. Y. FRANCIS W. COKER ■99 New Haven, Conn, z 1 r, .r Raleigh CARL T. DURHAM ' 18 Chopel Hill CLYDE A. ERWIN ' 19 Raleigh DR. JOHN A. FERRELL ' 02 New York City BOWMAN GRAY GORDON GRAY WILKES P. HORTON ' 29 ' 30 ' 14 Winston-SaleiTi Wi nston-Salem Pittsboro HERSCHEL V. JOHNSON KAY KYSER JOSEPH E, POGUE ' 16 ' 27 ' 06 London, England Rocky Mount New York City Carolina students have a self-government such as few student bodies in this country enjoy. Virtually nowhere ore students given so free a rein in the handling of their prob- lems of every noture and of regulating their lives as ore we ot Chapel Hill. Carolina men who have token their places in the annals of history and have become the salt of the citizenry of North Carolina and the country over have developed their leodership, formulated their attitudes, and built their bockground here in the wholesome atmosphere of Carolina student government. From the first years of the University ' s life, students made known their desire to hove some soy in the com- munity in which they were a large port. A sympathetic ad- ministration encouraged these interests and gradually con- ceded to student responsibility a number of student problems. As a consequence students now perform the functions of regulating almost all kinds of student interests with authority to act and govern at their own discretion, setting up and enforcing their own standards of honor and decency, regu- lating their dances, editing their publications uncensored from any quarter, running their dormitory life according to their own liking, and bringing to the University platform speakers whom they like to hear. This independence, guided by faculty cooperation, is the best means of occomplishing the end of a happy college community life. The great degree of student responsibility it the means for developing leadership and of effecting self government. JAMES McMURRAY JOYNER, JAMES KAcMURRAY JOYNER PresideiiLaUl tilfl l Body STUDENTS STUDENT GOVERNMENT ■ J IM JOYNER President WILLIAM HOUSTON HENDRIX. . .Vice-President FRED RIPPY, JR Secretary-Treasurer H B Hi .U WILLIAM HOUSTON HENDRIX J- FRED RIPPY, JR, STUDENT COUNCIL GREY BRYAN KORNEGAY Pharmacy School Representative WILLIAM BLOUNT CAMPBELL Senior Representative JACK FAIRLEY Junior Representative WILLIAM DEES Sophomore Representative JOSEPH KITTNER Law School Representative EDWIN ALBERT RASBERRY Medical School Representative HENRY EDWARD HUDSON Hold Over Representative KEITH EUSTLER Hold Over Representative Left to Right; DEES, RASBERRY, HENDRIX, JOYNER, RIPPY, KORNEGAY, CAMPBELL, FAIRLEY. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is that elected organization of the Student Body whose duty it is, among other administrative duties, to impose penalties upon vio- lators of the University of North Carolina Honor and Campus Codes. Under these brood headings every student in the university is placed upon his honor not to lie, cheat, or steal, and agrees to conduct him- self in a gentlemanly manner at all times. This freedom given the students is a wonderful means for creating a sense of honor, independence, and self- reliance in them. Yet there are those who fail to accept their re- sponsibility and who act in such a way as to be detri- mental to the campus welfare. It is these persons, persons who do not live up to campus standards, whom the Student Council must deal with. The reporting of violators is left to the students as a whole, and they respond well to help maintain campus honor and morals. CAMPBELL BUSTLER DEES FAIRLEY IT HUDSON KORNEGAY KITTNER RASBERRY Persons accused of such violations appear before the eleven elected men to answer to their guilt or innocence After careful searching for facts before- hand, and after careful deliberation at the time the case is called, the Council passes sentence. The word of witnesses is highly regarded, but one man ' s word against another ' s is not considered conclusive evi- dence. Unless confession takes place, there must be two or more witnesses, or, in coses of cheating, a definitely marked paper, to convict. Numerous cases yearly come before the Council to be dealt with in the most deliberate and careful manner so as to do justice to all. Other matters of campus importance confront the Council from time to time and ore conscientiously handled. Throughout the year the Council holds several banquet meetings with the Faculty Executive Com- mittee and the Woman ' s Association Council to bet- ter the understandings between these groups. The tasks of this highest organ of Student Gov- ernment are many and important in nature. Student control functions well through this elected body. Through four of the shortest years of our lives, we have striven to take unto ourselves those ideals and heritages so ably afforded by our great University. In work and in ploy, we hove constantly felt that indefinable air of tradition and good fellowship that has been so prevalent in our environ- ment here- Being in a position to observe rather than to practice, we have been able to weigh, deduct, and benefit by the problems which hove confronted the world Through these problems our learned teachers have shown and helped us to understand the great responsibility that will inevitably be ours. For this sympathetic and able guidance, we ore overwhelmingly grate- ful. May we hove the power to uphold and to continually foster those beliefs and conclusions that have been instilled in us here, keeping constantly in mind that spirit so emblematic of the true Carolina alumnus. FELIX D MARKHAM, JR. FELIX DONALDSON MARKHAM President CLASS DF 19 3 9 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS FELIX DONALDSON MARKHAM President ALEXANDER HAWKINS GRAHAM Vice-President CHARLES ROBERT KLINE Secretary FRANK HART WAKELEY Treasurer WILLIAM BLOUNT CAMPBELL Student Council Representative COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN CHARLES PADDOCK WALES, JR.. Executive Committee PAUL THOMPSON Dance Committee WILLIAM ALEXANDER RANEY Gift Committee ALAN HENRY TRUEX Senior Week Committee SAMUEL CARL SOUTHERLAND. . Invitation Committee WILLIAM HENRY McCACHREN Cap and Gown Committee HONOR COUNCIL JAMES PALMER BALDING, JR. WILLIAM BLOUNT CAMPBELL GLENN BENSON DAVIS, JR. WILLIAM JOHNSTON KING PAUL HEWITT THOMPSON CHARLES PADDOCK WALES, JR. ALEXANDER HAWKINS GRAHAM WILLIAM BLOUNT CAMPBELL CHARLES ROBERT KLINE FRANK HART WAKELEY Left to Right; THOMPSON, WALES, CAMPBELL, KING, BALDING, DAVIS. SENIOR Robert Leonard Adam Ridley Park, Pa. Candidate for A.B. Decree Monogram Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Football (1, 2, 3, 4). Richard Eustace Aiken, Jr Fuquay Springs, N. C, Candidate for B.S. Degree Molly Albritton Hopkinsville, Ky. X n Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club; Y,W CA (2). Herbert Edward Alderman New Haven, Conn. Candidate for A.B. Degree Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Playmakers (3); University Club (3); Boxing (2, 4). Herbert Alexander Elizabeth City, N. C. A 2 n Candidate for B.S. Degree Malcolm Burdette Allen Aurora, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdormitory Council (2); YMCA (I, 2, 3, 4); Class Executive Commit- tee (3, 4). Cecil Locke Alligood Foyetteville, N. C. K A Candidate for A.B. Degree YMCA (1), John Apple Reidsville, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degr, I f.J 0 f 10 Roy Dwight Apple William Griffin Arev, Jr. Claude Clark Armfield Artemas Auman, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Shelby, N, C- Winston-Salem, N. C. Seogrove, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree 2 X Candidate jar A.B. Degree Band (i); Daily Tor Heel (1, 2, 3), Manoging Editor (4); YACKETY YACK (1); Y.M.C A. (1, 2); Class Executive Committee (2, 4). Candidate for B.S., LL.B. Degree Candidate for B.S. Degree Adele Austin Jacob Lawrence Austin Joseph Psi Axeirod Adelaide Bailey Yonkers, N. Y. High Point, N. C. New Haven, Conn. Bluefield, W. Va. Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club (3, 4); Fencing (3 4). Candidate for B.S. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree 11 B Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club (3, 4); Phi Assembly (3, 4); Fencing (3, 4); Y.W. C.A. (3, 4). James H. Pou Bailey James Palmer Balding, Jr. A. Margaret Ballentine Louis Robert Barba Raleigh, N. C. Milwaukee, Wis. Manassas, Va. Arlington, N. J. A T fi Candidate for A.B., LL.B. Degree Buccaneer (3); Carolina Polit- ical Union (3); Inferfroternitv Council (4); Sheiks; YACKETY YACK (3); Y.M.C.A. (]). A Candidate for B.S. Degree Class Honor Council (4); Gim- ghoul; Glee Club (1); Grail (2, 3, 4); University Club, Presi- dent (3); YACKETY YACK (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3); Class Executive Committee (3). Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club (4); Tennis (3). X ' I ' Candidate for A.B. Degree SENIOR George Warren Barrett Ponce, Puerto Rico Candidate for A.B. Degree Interdormitory Council. Edna Bengel Bergenfield, N J. Candidate for A.B. Degree Phi Assembly. Robert Matthew Bernstein Stoddard, N H. B K Candidate for A.B. Degree Harold Edwin Bissett Bailey, N C, Candidate for A.B. Degree Monogram Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Base- ball (1,2,3,4). m Paul Blue Southern Pines, N, C. A s n Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdormitory Council (I). Lyai Caughy Boice Rocky Mount, N. C. n B Candidate for A.B. Degree James Maxton Boone Chapel Hill, N C. Candidate for B.S. Degree James Monroe Bordeaux Durhom, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Paul Lambert Borden, Jr. Virginia Ragsdale Bower William Murphy Bowman Goldsboro, N C. K 2 Candidate for A.B. Decree Lexington, N C. n B Candidate for A.B. Decree Glee Club (3), President (4); Phi Assembly (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Girl ' s Monogram Club; Women ' s Association, Vice- President (4). Lumberton, N. C. K S Candidate for A.B. Deg,ree Charles Eldon Brady High Falls, N, C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Ralph Mayne Bragdon, Jr. Melrose, Mass. A K A Candidate for A.B. Degree James Ballard Brame Durham, N, C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdormitory Council (4), Baseball (1, 2, 4). Bernice E. Brantley Mooresville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Y.W.CA, (4). Frances Marion Brewer Raleigh, N, C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Robert Palmer Brewer Henderson, N C Candidate for A.B. Degree Doily Tar Heel (1,2). William Samuel Bridges Lumberton, N C. K 2 Candidate for A.B. Degree Interdormitory Council (3). Leverett Frisbie Bristol Montclair, N. J. Ben Candidate for B.S. Degree Tennis (1, 2, 3). Mildred Louise Britt St Pauls, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree S E N_I D R Sam Davis Broadhurst Mt. Olive, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdormitory Council (2, 3, 4). Earle Wingo Brockman Gastonia, N C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Davis Anderson Brooks Monroe, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Debate Squod, Di Senate; Glee Club; YMCA James Taylor Brooks Greensboro, N. C. AKE AEA MA Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club (1, 2,3). Walter Randall Broods Pittsboro, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Lionel Ira Brunner Brooklyn, N. Y. Candidate for A.B . Degree Ellis Spencer Bullins Mayodon, N. C. M A Candidate for A.B . Degree Band (4); Di Senate (3, 4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); YMCA, { 1, 2, 3, 4). Walter Anderson Bunch, Jr. Asheboro, N. C. Candidate for B.S. , Decree Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). m »K V ' f, - •• Edna Mines Bynum Raleigh, N. C. CandidMe for A.B. Degree Buccaneer (3, 4); University Club (4); Y.W.C.A, (4). Alan Taliaferro Calhoun Tryon, N C. A I ' Candidate for A.B. Degree Amphoterothen (2); Buccaneer (I); Carolina Magazine (2); Daily Tar Heel (2); Glee Club (1); 13 Club; YACKETY YACK. Wm. Blount Campbell, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. A e Candidate for A.B. Degree Class Honor Council (2, 3); Class Secretary (2); Student Council (4); Glee Club (4); Grail; Tennis (1); Y.MCA (I, 2, 3, 4). Henry Nosh Carrier, Jr. Brevard, N. C. A e Candidate for A.B. Degree Herbert Ross Cary-Elwes Saluda, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Fred Claude Cates Spencer, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Tony Nickolas Cernugel Steelton, Pa. Candidate for A.B. Degree Monogram Club; Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Football (1, 2, 3, 4). James Richard Chasten Wilmington, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Jack Allen Cheek Greensboro, N. C. 2 X Candidate for A.B. Degree Doily Tar Heel (2); Debate Squad (1, 2, 3); Class Execu- tive Committee (2, 3). Joseph Blount Cheshire Roleigh, N. C Z I ' Candidate for A.B. Degree John Graham Clark Greenville, N. C. •i- r A Candidate for A.B. Degree Buccaneer (1); Interfraternity Council (4); 13 Club; Univer- sity Club; YACKETY YACK (I, 2). William Fowden Clark Williamston, N. C. n K A Candidate for B.S. Degree SENIOR Richard Erskine Clement, Jr. Henderson, N. C. Z C.indidate for B.S. Degree Bulls; Gorgon ' s Head; Monogram Club; Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Wrestling (1, 2, 3, 4). Clarence Dowel I Coburn Roanoke Rapids, N C A 2 n Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdormitory Council (3). Gretchen Cocke Asheville, N. C, n B Candidate for A.B. Degree Abraham Dodge Cohen Far Rockoway, N. Y. Candidate for B.S, Degree William Jeffrey Cole Elkhart, Ind. X B K Candidate for A.B. Degree Buccaneer (1); Carolina Political Un- ion (3, 4); Daily Tar Heel (1); Inter- dormitory Council (1); Interfraternity Council (4); Phi Assembly (1); YACKETY YACK (1); Y.MCA, (1, 2, 3, 41; Student Advi sory Committee (4). Constance Collis Durham, N C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Robert J. Conderman New Bern, N C Candidate for B.S. Degree William Vincent Conn Teaneck, N, J. r r E Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdormitory Council (4). .Ci, O. fS %J -urn 0 -m f - ' !? Richard Coogan Bryn Mowr, Pa. Candidate for B.S. Degree John Samuel Cook Leoksville, N C Candidate for A.B. Degree George Herbert Cooper Philadelphia, Po. K 2 Candidate for B.S. Degree Football (1, 2), Bill Corpening Granite Foils, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Monogram Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (1, 2, 3, 4). Frank Calvin Cox Staley, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degre e Interdormitory Council (2, 4); Monogram Club; University Club; Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (1). Clifton M. Croig, Jr. Raleigh, N. C, Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdormitory Council (3, 4). Ernest Craige El Paso, Texas i; A E A Candidate for A.B. Degree Buccaneer (1), Art Editor (2, 3, 4); Gimghcul (3, 4). Mary Virginia Crawford Flushing, N. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club William Kermit Crawley Raeford, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree John Alan Creedy Chapel Hill, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Amphoterothen (3, 4); Caro- lina Magazine (2, 3), Editor (4); Daily Tor Heel (3). Thomas W. Crockett Williomston, N, C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Cross Country (2, 3, 4); Track (2, 3, 4). Olive Echols Cruikshank Raleigh, N. C. n B Candidate for A.B. Degree University Club; YACKETY YACK; Pan Hellenic Council, President (4). SENIOR Estelle Wyse Cuddy Mount Holly, N C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Robert Ervin Cunningham Monroe, N, C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Glee Club (3); Phi Assembly (2); Y.M.CA. (2, 3, 4). James Sloan Currie Clorkton, N. C. n K A Candidate for B.S. Degree Katherine Gillespie Cushman Conway, S. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Arthur Fletcher Daniel Lexington, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Joseph Gamewell Darracott Chorlotte, N, C. Candidate for B.S. Degree YMCA, (2, 3, 4), Secretary (1). Frieda M. Davis South Hill, Va. Candidate for A.B. Degree Glenn Benson Davis, Jr. Washington, D. C. A T n Candidate for B.S. Degree Senior Honor Council; Publications Un- ion Board, Treasurer (3); 13 Club; University Club; YACKETY YACK (1 ), Section Editor (2, 4); Cheerleader (1, 2), Head Cheerleader (3). Robt. G. S. Davis, Jr. Henderson, N. C. Z B K Candidjte for B.5. Degree Carolina Magazine, Business Manager (4); Daily Tar Heel (1, 2, 3); Gorgon ' s Head; Uni- versity Club. Samuel Davis, Jr. Clorksvilie, Va. Ben Candidate for B.S. Degree Monogram Club; Baseball (1, 2); Freshman, Sophomore, Sen- ior Executive Committee. Wm. Jos. Graham Davis Washington, D. C. K S Candidate for A.B. Degree German Club Executive (4); Sheiks. Walter Edison Deaton Warsaw, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Band (1, 2); Monogram Club; Football (3, 4); Track (3, 4). Nicholas R. DeFronzo Newark, N. J. Candidate for A.B. Degree Roslyn Irene Dince New York, N, Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree Ben Franklin Dixon, III Raleigh, N. C. A T n Candidate for A.B. Degree CP.U. (3, 4); Daily Tar Heel (I, 2, 3, 4); Phi Assembly (1, 2, 3, 4); Sheiks; YACKETY YACK (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2). Jos. Van S. Donaldson Pittsburgh, Pa. Candidate for A.B. Degree Robert Woodburn Doty West Orange, N J. K 2 Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdormitory Council (2, 3); University Club; Cross Country (1, 2, 3); Track (1, 2, 3); Class Executive Committee (1, Raymond Hill Dudley Guilford, Conn. A X 2 B K Candidate for B.S. Degree Miriam Durrett Greenwood, Miss. X 9. Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club; Y.W.C.A. Bulow Webster Dysart Marion, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree SENIOR s s Howard Baxter Easter Lexington, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Buccaneer (1, 2, 3, 4); Doily Tor Heel (1, 2); Basketball (1) Thomas Gary Duncan Eaves Union, S- C K A Candidate for A.B. Degree Sheiks. John Holland Eddleman Gostonio, ,N, C. A X A Candidate for B.S. Degree Buccaneer (1); Daily Tar Heel (1, 2, 3); Di Senate (1, 2, 3, 4); YMCA (1); Class Executive Committee (1). Edwin Timanus Elliott Philadelphia, Pa. 2 X Candidate for A.B. Degree Doily Tar Heel (2, 3); Playmokers (1, 2, 3, 4); Publicotions Union Board, President (4); Cross Country (1); Track (1, 2); YACKETY YACK (1), J( Janet Wallace Evans New Haven, Conn Candidate for A.B. Degree Frank Morgan Farrell New York, N. Y. Candidate for B.S. Degree Monogram Club; Tennis (2, 3), Co- Coptoin (4). John Edward Farrior, Jr. Rose Hill, N. C Candidate for A.B. Degree George Russell Foucette Durham, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Mary Louise Feike! Anderson, S. C. James Frank Ferrell Asheville, N C. Carl Murray Fistel White Ploins, N. Y. Henry Hunter Fitts Macon, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree Interdormitory Council (1); Y. M.C.A. (1,2); Class Executive Committee, Chairman (2). Candidate for B.S. Degree Kathryn B. Fleming Joseph L. Fletcher Winston-Salem, N. C. James Pleasant Floyd Oxford, N. C. Richard Flynt Winston-Salem, N. C. n B A K r K D A z n z A X A Candidate jor A.B. Degree YWC.A. Candidate for B.S. Degree Daily Tar Heel (1); Sheiks. Candidate for A.B., LL.B. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree Rufus Guy Flynt Winston-Salem, N. C Wayne A. Fonvielle, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Gus Evans Forbes, Jr, Greenville, N. C. Robert Stevens Fowler Rahway, N. J. A X A X Z E ' Z E Candidate for B.S. Degree Candidate for Candidate for A.B. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree Interfroternity Council (3); University Club (2); Boxing, Manager (3). A.B., LL.B. Degree Buccaneer (1, 2, 3), Business Manager (4); Playmakers (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. {], 2, 3, 4); Class Executive Committee (1). Sheiks (2, 3, 4). Interfroternity Council (4). SENIOR S Albert A. Fox Paterson, N, J. Candidate for A.B. Degree John Willard Francis Frankford, Pa. Candidate for B.S. Degree Thomas McElhenney Fry Augusta, Ga. Candidale for B.S. Degree nterdormitory Council (2, 3, 4). Benjamin Dixon Gaddy, Jr. Durham, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Samuel Belton Galloway Jackson, Miss. K 2 Candidate for A.B. Degree Band (3, 4); University Symphony Or- chestra (3). Elizabeth Langhorne Gammon Charlotte, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Ruth Louise Garrett Chapel Hill, N. C Candidate for A.B. Degree Fencing (3); Tennis (3). Marvin Herbert Gewald New York, N. Y. Candidate for B.S. Degree interfraternity Council (4); Cross Country 0, 2); Track (1). James Ulrich Gibbs Jas. Cunningham Gibson John Ebert Gibson Virginia Marie Giddens Whiftier, N. C. Concord, N. C. Gibson, N. C. Tallahassee, Flo. Candidate for B.S. Decree Band (2, 3, 4) . z Candid.Ue for B.S. Degree Candidate for B.S. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree Buccaneer (3, 4); Doily Tar Heel (3, 4); Phi Assembly (3, 4); Ploymokers (3); YACKETY YACK (4). Voit Gilmore Frances Annabel Goforth Hillard Gold Murray Goldberg Winston-Salem, N. C. Kings Mountain, N. C- Brooklyn, N. Y. Long Island, N. Y. X Candidate for A.B. Degree Amphoterothen; Carolina Po- Candidate for A.B. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree Boxing (1); YACKETY YACK (3, 4). litical Union (2, 3, 4); Doily Tar Heel (1, 2, 3, 4); Grail; Interfraternity Council (4); Publications Union Board (2). Carol Sophie Goodman Edgar Hunt Goold,, Jr. Francis Marshall Gordon A. Hamilton Graham, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. New York, N. Y. Hillsboro, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree Candidate for B.S. Degree Candidate for YACKETY YACK (3, 4); Y.W. Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Play- Football (1, 2). A.B., LL.B. Degree C,A. (3, 4). makers (2, 3); Tennis (1, 2, Vice - President Senior Class; 3); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). Gimghoul (3, 4); Monogram Club; Sheiks; Football Man- ager (4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3). SENIOR Mary Louise Greene Marion, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Buccaneer (4); Playmakers (3, 4) Fletcher H Gregory, Jr, Halifax, N. C. K A Candidate for B.S. Degree Germon Club Executive Committee; interfraternity Council (2, 3, 4). William Howard Griffin Williamston, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Harold Irvin Gross Kinston, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Martha McDowell Gunter Gostonia, N, C. X 9. Candidate for A.B. Degree Thomas Wesley Gurney Burlington, Vt. Candidate for B.S. Degree James William Hall Wilmington, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Monogram Club; Cross Country (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (1, 2, 3, 4); YMC.A (3, 4). Isaac Duncan Ham Greensboro, N. C. A e Candidate for B.S. Degree Bucconeer (3); Track (1). r .1 ( f i f » " |; ' -• v - " Albert B. Hamilton Ned Sprunt Hamilton Franklin Wills Hancock Victor Fisher Harllee Jonesboro, N- C Chapel Hill, N C. Oxford, N C. Greensboro, N C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Candidate for B.S. Degree Daily Tar Heel (3), Advertis- ing Manager (4); Glee Club (1). z Candidate for B.S. Degree Gorgon ' s Head; Interfraternity Council (4); University Dance Committee (4). 2 X Candidate for B.S. Degree 13 Club. William C- Harney William E, Harrington Charles Johnson Harriss George W. Harris Norfolk, Vo. Washington, N C, Wilmington, N. C. Seaboard, N. C. A K E Candidate for B.S. Degree Gimghoul. Candidate for B.S. Degree T A Candidate for B.S. Degree Buccaneer (1, 2); Class Offi- cer (1); German Club Execu- tive Committee (4); Gorgon ' s Head; Monogram Club (2, 3), Treasurer (4); 13 Club; Wres- tling (1, 2, 3), Captain (4). Candidate for A.B. Degree Daily Tar Heel (2, 3). Robert Adrain Harris William Inge Harris Samuel W. Hatcher Joseph Nahoum Hatem Areola, N. C. Weldon, N. C. Mt. Olive, N C Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree Candidate for B.S. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree Interdormitory Council. Interdormitory Council (3). SENIOR Harry Lowell Hawkins Asheville, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Band (2, 3, 4); Di Senate (4). Julian Mixon Hayes Aurora, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Rosalie Haynes Charlotte, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Y.WC.A. (3, 4); House President of Spencer (4). Thomas Carroll Haywood Concord, N C. A T fi Candidate for A.B. Degree Phi Assembly (1, 2, 3). William Houston Hendrix, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Ben Candidate for B.S. Degree Class Honor Council (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Vice-President (3); German Club Presi- dent (4); Grail; interfroternity Council (4); Monogram Club; Student Council (4); Vice-President Student Body (4); Student Legislature (4); Cross Country (I, 2, 3), Captain (4); Track (1, 2, 3), Co-Captain (4). Robertson Clemens Hesse Boltimore, Md. I K I ' Candidate for A.B. Degree Lacrosse (3, 4). Elwood Carey Hewitt Elizabeth City, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree William Leonard Hewitt Elizabeth City, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree p. C. Wallace Higgins Seovy Highsmith, Jr. Eugene Bennett Hill Harvey Carrow Hines, Jr. Greensboro, N- C. Fayetteville, N. C. Spindole, N. C. Kinsfon, N. C. A T n CandidMe for A.B. De, iee A T Q Candidate for A.B. Degree Phi Assembly (3, 4); YACK- ETY YACK (3). Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdormitory Council (4). Ben Candidate for B.S. Degree Bruce Edgar Hinkie Charles Edwin Hinsdale Herbert H. Hirschfeld Graham Badger Hobbs Lexington, N. C. Hendersonville, N. C. Passaic, N. J. Charlotte, N. C. CandidMe for B.S. Decree Candidate for A.B. Degree Candidate for B.S. Degree Candidate for B.S. Degree German Club Executive. Sam Earle Hobbs David Williams Hoefer Boyce Maxwell Hoffman Milton Earl Hogcn, Jr Selma, Ala. Raleigh, N. C. Asheville, N. C. Chapel Hill, N. C A K E Candidate for A.B. Degree ! K 2 Candidate for B.S. Degree Candidate for B.S. Degree A T n A 2 n Candidate for B.S. Degree Amphoterothen; Carolina Po- Fencing (1); YACKETY YACK litical Union (2, 3), Vice-Presi- (1). dent (4); Debate Squod (2, 3, 4); Di Senate (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1); Y M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). SENIOR Frances Holland BIytheville, Ark Candidate for A.B. Degree Jonathan Ivins Holmes Freehold, N. J. Candidate for ' A.B. Degree Thomas Hall Holmes Weldon, N, C. K A Candidate for A.B. Degree Monogram Club; University Club; Football (1); Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Y MCA Albert Hamilton Holt- Spencer, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Buccaneer (4); Carolina Magazine (4); Boxing; YMCA AliMBJl Julia Sanders Holt Princeton, N. C. X n Candidate for A.B. Degree Y.WCA. (3, 4). Frank Petty Hoiton Lexington, N C K 2 Candidate for B.S. Degree Basil Tourneur Horsrieid. Jr. Pittsburgh, Pa. A T o Candidate for A.B. Degree Phi Assembly (1). Fred Lane Horton Marshville, N. C, Candidate for B.S. Degree .. ' v Ji P lEr- Shelby E Horton Jr. Laffitte Hov orJ Richard Wilson Howard Clarence Fletcher Howell Asheville, N C. Bristol, Tenn. Sanford, N C. Whitakers, N. C Candidate for A.B. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree Doily Tar Heel (2). A e Candidate for B.S. Degree Boxing (1). Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club (3, 4); Phi Assembly (3, 4); Fencing (4). Lillian Pope Howell Logan Douglas Howell Henry Edward Hudson Edward C. Huffman Enfield, N, C, Raleigh, N. C Asheville, N. C. Shelbyville, Tenn. Candidate for B.S. Degree Z i ' Candidate for A.B. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree A e Candidate for B.S. Degree Tennis (1). Jack Hughes Clen S Humphrey, Jr. Lucy Jane Hunter Mary Frances Hunter Tabor City, N. C. Brooklyn, N, Y. Cullowhee, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. 2 X A e A n X n A 2 X n Candidate for A.B. Degree Candidate for B.S. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree Daily Tar Heel (1, 2, 3), Bus- iness Manager (4). Daily Tor Heel (3, 4); Play- makers (3, 4); YACKETY YACK (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). SENIOR Clement Hurwitz New York, N Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree Harry Earle Hutchison Walnut Cove, N. C, B K Candidate for B.S. Degree Thomas Edwin Hyatt Conton, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Lois Jean lllenberger Middletown, N. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club; Y.W.C.A. George F Ingold Albemorle, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree William A. Innes Rocky Mount, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Thomas Irving Insley North East, Md ! K Z Candidate for A.B., LL.B. Degree Samuel Holeman Isenhower Conover, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Interdormitory Council (4). jr44 MfMm iM Eleanor P. Jackson Charlotte, N. C. n B Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club (3, 4); Phi Assembly (3, 4); Y.WCA. (3, 4). Thomas Jackson James Sonford, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Clifton Paul Jenkins Lowell, N. C. Candidate for B.S. De,e,ree Y.MCA, (4) Paul Roberts Jernigan Peiping, China 2 N Candidate for A.B. Degree Dolly Tor Heel (1); Di Senote (1); 13 Club; Y.M.C.A Dunn McLaurin Johnson Morven, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdornnitory Council (3); Cross Country (2). Wade Harris Johnson Greensboro, N. C. A 2 n Candidate for B.S. Degree Louis Simms Jordan Cobourg, Ontario, Canada 2 X Candidate for B.S. Degree German Club Vice-President (4); Glee Club (1); University Donee Committee (4). William M. Jordan, Jr. Mt. Airy, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdormitory Council (1, 3); University Club; Football (1); Wrestling (1). Richard A. Joyner, Jr. Farmville, N, C, Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdormitory Council ( 4 ) ; YACKETY YACK (1). David Judson Candler, N. C, A Candidate for B.S. Degree Everett Dexter Julian Brockton, Mass. Harvey Kaplan Hempstead, N. Y. Candidate for B.S. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree Daily Tar Heel (1, 2, 3); Uni- versity Club. SENIOR L L, Herbert Victor Karp New York , N, Y. Candidate for . 4.B. Degree Baseball (2, 3, 4). Edward Karlin Brooklyn, N, Y. A E n Candidate for A.B. , Degree Doily Tar Heel (1, ■ 2, 3); Interfra- ternity Council (3); YACKETY YACK (2, 3). Isac James Kellum Hompstead, N, C A X A Candidate for A.B.. LL.B. Degree Virginia Swann Kibler Morgonton, N. C X n Candidate for A.B. Degree Buccaneer (4); Phi Assembly (3, 4); Playmakers (3, 4); Tennis (3, 4); YACKETY YACK (4); Y.WC.A. (3, 4); Pan Hellenic Council, Secretary ond Treasurer (3), idfk T Milton Kind Jenkintown, Po Z B T Candidate for B.S. Degree Buccaneer (1); Di Senate (I, 2, 3); Playmakers (1, 2, 3, 4); YACKETY YACK (2); Y MCA, (1, 2, 3, 4). Emanuel Kirschner Chapel Hill, N C Candidate for A.B, Degree David Kittner Weldon, N C Candidate for B.S. Degree Charles Robert Kline Carthage, N C A X 2 Candidate for B.S. Degree Closs Officer, Secretary (4); Grail; Monogram Club; Football (1, 2, 3, 4), f3, Q- 1 , f . ( " % f ' ® klk William Clarence Kluttz Salisbury, N C. K E B K Candidate for A.B. Degree Amphoterothen ' 3, 4); Debate Squad (1, 2, 3, 4); Di Senate (1, 2, 3, 4); Gimghoul; Inter- dormitory Council (1, 2); Mon- ogram Club; Golf (1, 2, 3, 4). William Everette Knight Bynum, N C- Candidate for B.S. Degree Cross Country (2, 4), Track H, 2, 4). Jasper Jack Krayn ' ck Trenton, N. J. Candidate for A.B. Degree Monogram Club; Football (1 2, 3, 4); Swimming (4), Paul Martin Kuklish Newark, N, J. Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdormitory Council (4), President (3); University Club Glendon Davis Kyker Sevierville, Tenn. A X 2 Candidate for B.S. Degree Eric James Laddey Montclair, N. J. Candidate for A.B. Degree Fencing (2, 3). Ethel Grace Laidlaw Western Springs, HI Candidate for A.B. Degree Ben Jackson Lamb, Jr. Rockwood, Tenn. r A Candidate for B.S. Degree Manager Baseball (4); Wres- tling (1); Y.M.CA. Janie Mane Lambert Bluefield, W Va. Candidate for A.B. Degree Clive Wayne Loney Hickory, N. C, Candidate for B.S. Degree Carl Eugene Langston, Danville, Va. B K Candidate for A.B. Degree Playmokers (1, 2, 3, 4). John Rendleman Lorsen Charlotte, N. C. e X Candidate for B.S. Degree Daily Tar Heel (2, 3); Di Sen- ate (1); Interfraternity Coun- cil (3, 4); Ploymakers (1, 2); University Club; YACKETY YACK (1, 2). SENIOR Janet Lawrence Chapel Hill, N, C, n B Candidate for A.B. Degree William Hugh Leeper Hiddenite, N C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Ernest Lefkowitz Winston-Salem, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree YACKETY YACK (2); Hillel Cabinet (3, 4). Murray Charles Lester New York, N. Y. Candidate for B.S. Degree George Levine Hempstead, N. Y. A E n Candidate for A.B. Degree Interfraternity Council (4); Hillel Cobinet. David Martin Lieberman Brooklyn, N. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree Playmakers (]). James William Little Tryon, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Locke Cowan Long Statesville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree YMCA. (1). Mary Locksley Long Rutherfordton, N. C Candidate for A.B. Degree Henry Harold Lorch Albemarle, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Margaret Finley Louthian Charlotte, N, C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Raymond B. Lowery Patterson Springs, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Carolina Magazine (4); Dai! Tar Heel (2, 3), News Editor (4); Di Senate (2, 3, 4). Charles Edward Lynch Oceon City, Md. Candidate for B.S. Degree Bulls; Germon Club Executives (4); Gorgon ' s Head; University Club; Baseball (1, 2); Basket- ball Manager (4); YACKETY YACK (1, 2); Lacrosse (3, 4). Nancy Reid Lyon Smithfield, N. C Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club, George Mai left MacNider Athens, Go. 2 N Candidate for B.S. Degree YACKETY YACK (I, 2); Y. MCA. (2, 3, 4). Gideon Hunt Macon, Jr. Warrenton, N. C. K 2 Candidate for A.B. Degree Y.M.CA. (1). Elizabeth M. Ma lone Clarksdole, Miss X n A K r Candidate for A.B. Degree Playmakers (3, 4); Student Council (4); Student Legisla- ture (4); Y.W.C.A. (3); Class Executive Committee (3). Felix Donaldson Markham Durham, N, C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Closs Officer, Treasurer (3), President (4); Grail; Student Legislature ( 4 ) ; University Club; Basketball (1); YACK- ETY YACK ( 1 ) . Steven Jesse Moronic Steelton, Po. Candidate for A.B. Degree Football (3, 4). Edward M. Marsh Marshville, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Y.M.CA. (3, 4). SENIOR Sarah Culbreth Massey Gary, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Y.WCA, (3, 4). Richard Hesekiah Masten Winston-Solem, N C. Candidate for BS. Degree , »% Albert Maynard Atlonta, Go ! A e Candidate for B.S. Degree Interfraternity Council (1); Mono- grom Club; YACKETY YACK (1); 13 Club, Paul Barringer Means, Jr. Trenton, N, J. 2 E Candidate for B.S. Degree Phi Assembly (1, 2); Y.M.C A. (1, 2, Kent Mathewson Raleigh, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Emerson Wilton Meores Cerro Gordo, N C Candidate for A.B. Degiee John Lindsey Matthews, Jr Rocky Mount, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Thomas Richard Meder Mollis, N, C. Candidate for A.B. Degree ll 1 fi Jerolyn Meek George L. Mewborn, Jr. Perry Watson Miles Martha Louise Mills Camden, Ark. Snow Hill, N. C. Danville, Va. Statesville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Candidate for B.S. Degree Ben Candidate for A.B. Degree Interfraternity Council (4); Baseball (1); Boxing (1). Candidate for A.B. Degree Vincent M. Montsinger Claude Hunter Moore Harry Watson Moore Mary Virginia N. Morgan Pittsfield, Mass Turkey, N. C. Raleigh, N. C Chapel Hill, N. C. X Candidate for BS. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree Phi Assembly (2); Cross Coun- try (3). M A Candidate for B.S. Degree Bond (1, 2, 3, 4). Candidate for A.B. Degree Thomas A. Morgan. Jr. Thomas Gracey Morgan John Daniel Morris William Cobb Moss New York, N Y. Canton, N. C. Battleboro, N. C. Wilson, N. C- Candidate for A.B. Degree Candidate for B.S. Degree Class Executive Committee (4); Cross Country (2); Wrestling (1, 2, 3), Di Senate Candidate for B.S. Degree Candidate for B.S. Degree SENIOR Roderick Golston Murchison,Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C A T n Candidate for A.B. Degree Daily Tar Heel (2); Fencing {2,_ 3) Richard Thomas Myers Winston-Salem, N, C, 2 A E A E A Candidate for A.B. Degree Gimghoul. Thomas Jerome Myers, Jr. Charlotte, N C Candidate for A.B. Degree William Henry McCachren Charlotte, N C Candidate for A.B. Degree Groil; Monogram Club; University Dance Committee (2), Chairman (3); Basketball (2, 4); Track (2). John Henry McCord Atlanta, Go. •! A e Candidate for B.S. Degree Football (1, 2); Track (1); Wres- tling (1). Gilbert Stanley McCutcheon Petersburg, Va, K Z Candidate for A.B. Degree Phi Assembly (3, 4); Wrestling (1 2), YACKETY YACK (3, 4); Class Executive Committee (4). Nell Mclntire Savannah, Go. Candidate for A.B. Degree Charles Eugene Mcintosh, Jr. Chapel Hill, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Rachael Banks McL.ain Charlotte, N. C. A K r Candidate for A.B. Def,ree Y.W.CA; Human Relations Institute. James Wilton McLean Godwin, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Robert Taylor McManeus Charlotte, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Bond (1, 2, 3), President (4); Symphony Orchestra. Hamilton McMillan Red Springs, N, C. Candidate for B.S. Degrt Elmer Paul Nance Lexington, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degr Phi Assembly (2, 3, 4). Anne Mariah Nash St Pauls, N. C. X n Candidate for A.B. Degree George Earl Nethercutt Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree William Guy Newby, Jr. Hertford, N C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Track (I). Mane Agnes Nicholson Clarksville, Tenn, Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club (1); Playmakers (2). Edwin Harold Niven Monroe, N. C Candidate for B.S. Degree Elizabeth Wells Norcross Smithfield, N. C X n Candidate for A.B. Degree Tennis (3, 4); Y.W.CA. (3, Leon WillinghamNorfleet Winston-Salem, N, C. K A Candidate for B.S. Degree SENIOR C Hugh DeWitt Ogburn Apex, N C Candidate for A.B. Degree John Burrell Oliver Greensboro, N C B K Candidate for A.B. Degree Clifford Edney Pace Hendersonville, N, C Candidate for A.B. Degree Horace Palmer Littleton, N. C z Candidate for B.S. Degree Football (I, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club John Wily Pancoast Bluemont, Va Candidate for B.S. Degree Tennis (I, 2). Etta Evans Pardee Ravinio, III. X A I Candidate for A.B. Degree Turner Eugene Pardue Rooring River, N. C- Candidate for B.S. Degree Charles Irving Parrish Chapel Hill, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Ploymckers (4). William Thomas Parrott Kinston, N. C. Z -if Candidate for A.B. Degree Ruth Mitchell Parsons Yonkers, N. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club (3, 4); Phi Assembly (4); Fencing (3), Manager (4); Tennis (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Lytle Neale P atrick Jr. Gastonia, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Monogram Club; Football, Man- ager (1). Brooks Patten Mt. Olive, N. C. A e Candidate for A.B. Degree Amphoterothen; Band (1); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Groil; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3), President (4). Annie Donnell Patterson Hillsboro, N. C, Candidate for A.B. Degree Carver J Peacock Benson, N C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdormitory Council (4); Wrestling (1, 4). James Edward Peacock Fremont, N C, Candidate for A.B. Degree William Arthur Pearson Charlotte, N. C Candidate for A.B. Degree Interdormitory Council (3, 4). Carl David Peiffer Wilmington, N C. r A Candidate for B.S. Degree Class Honor Council (2); Class Officer, Secretary (2); Inter- dormitory Council (1); Mono- gram Club (4); Student Coun- cil (2); Baseball (4); Football (1, 2, 4); Y.MC.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Executive Commit- tee (1, 2, 3). Mary Elsie Pemberton Tompo, Fla Candidate for B.S. Degree Glee Club (3, 4); Phi Assembly (4); Fencing (3, 4); Tennis (3, 4); Y.WCA. (3, 4). Paul D. Pendergraft Chapel Hill, N C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Monogram Club (3, 4); Base- ball (1); Football (1, 2, 3). Janet Reid Pendleton Owensboro, Ky. X V. Candidate for A.B. Degree Student Advisory Committee (3, 4); Y.WCA. (3, 4). SENIOR Ray Alexander Price New London, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Hubert Jones Privette Chopel Hill, N, C. A X 2 Candidate for B.S. Degree Carl Selwyn Pugh Smithfield, N. C- Candidate for A.B. Degree Buccaneer (2, 3), Editor (4); Univer- sjty Club. Robert Hubbard Putney, Jr. Elm City, N C. A X A Candidate for A.B. Degree , 1 •■ - f William Alexander Raney Wilmington, N. C, A T n Candidate for B.S. Degree Doily Tor Heel (1, 2); Class Execu- tive Committee (1, 3, 4); Interfro- ternity Council (4); Phi Assembly (1, 2); Wrestling (1, 2), YACKETY YACK (I); Y.MCA. (1, 2, 3, 4); Golf, Manager (4). Edward Ray Rankin China Grove, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree John Watkins Rankin Winston-Salem, N. C. 2 E Candidate for A.B. Degree Buccaneer (3); Daily Tar Heel (1, 2); Phi Assembly (1, 2, 3), Speaker (4). Horace Wilson Raper Winston-Salem, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree William Shelton Ray Waynesville, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Randolph Hampton Reece Winston-Salem, N. C. X Candidate for B.S. Degree Buccaneer (2, 3); Carolina Magozine (1, 2, 3); Daily Tcr Heel (1); Glee Club (1); Uni- versity Club; Cross Country (1); Fencing, Manager (3, 4); YACKETY YACK (1, 2, 3); Y. M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Jesse Byers Reese Hendersonville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Doily Tor Heel (1, 2, 3, 4); YACKETY YACK (1, 2, 3). John Bunyan Riggsbee Pittsboro, N C Candidate for A.B. Degree Di Senate (I, 4); Phi Assembly (3); Y.MCA. (1, 2, 3, 4). James Fred Rippy, Jr. Chicogo, III. 2 A E Candidate for A.B. Degree Interfraternity Council (4); Ploymakers (1); Secretary- Treasurer of Student Body (4); YACKETY YACK (1, 2), Bus- iness Manager (3, 4); Class Executive Committee (1); Uni- versity Club. Bill Robertson, Jr. Advance, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Bucconeer (3), Associate Edi- tor (4); Interdormitory Coun- cil (3), President (4); Ploy- makers (1); University Club; YACKETY YACK (3); Class Executive Committee (4). Charles M. Robinson, Jr. Foyetteville, N C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Interdormitory Council (1); Y. .MCA, (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Ex- ecutive Committee (1, 2). Leah E. Robinson Asheville, N. C. A A Candidate for B.S. Degree Glee Club (3); Phi Assembly (3); YACKETY YACK (3). Paul Ernest Rogers Greensboro, N C. Candidate for B.S. Degree George Carraway Rogers Graham, N, C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Wiley Moger Rogers, Jr. Raleigh, N, C. JI A Candidate for A.B. Degree Band (1, 2, 3, 4). Thomas Russell Roper Maxton, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree S E N I D R Albert Philip Rosen Long Island, N, Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree Interdormitory Council (4); Phi Assembly (2, 3, 4); Track (2); Y,M CA (2, 3, 4). Helen Shirley Rosenman New York, N Y, Candidate for A.B. Degre. ' Robert Jean Rosenzweig Brooklyn, N. Y. Candidate for B.S. Degree James Jordan Rowland Henderson, N C Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdormitory Council (4); Y.M.C A (1). Thomas Richard Rudisill Marshall, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree William Lee Rufty Salisbury, N. C- K 2 Candidate for A.B. Degree Buccaneer (2, 3, 4); Playmakers (2, 3); vM.CA (1, 2, 3, 4). Joe Brent Russell Marshville, N, C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Monogrom Club, Cross Country (1, 2, 3, 4), Track ( , 2, 3, 4). Margaret deLanaudiere Sabine Charlotte, N C X V. Candidate for A.B. Degree Buccaneer (4). Melvin Sakolsky New Rochelle, N Y, Candidate for A.B. Degree Cecil LeRoy Sanford Laurinburg, N. C. A Q Candidate for A.B. Degree Carolina Magazine (4), James Terry Sanford Laurinburg, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Interdormitory Council (3); Y. M.C.A. {], 2); Class Executive Committee (4). Francis Stewart Saunders Aulander, N. C. A X A Candidate for A.B. Degree Oliver Lawrence Souse Mineola, N Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree James Shelton Scales Stoneville, N C 2 X Candidate for B.S. Degree Interfraternity Council (4). Philip Comill Schinhan Chapel Hill, N. C A K E M A Candidate for A.B. Degree Bucconeer (2, 3, 4); Carolina Magazine (2, 3); Carolina Po- litical Union (3), Secretary- Treasurer (2); Daily Tar Heel (2, 3); Phi Assembly (2, 3). Sidney Melvin Schwartz Wilmington, N, C. Candidate for B.S. Degree John Quincy Seawell, Jr Winsfon-Salem, N. C, X I ' Candidate for A.B. Degree Carolina Political Union (]), Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Executive Committee (3). William Raymond Seth Baltimore, Md Candidate for A.B. Degree YM.CA. (3, 4) Elliott Gilford Shaw Henderson, N. C- A T A Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club (1, 4); Playmokers (], 2). Eugene Craig Shell Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree SENIOR Sidney Shiller Yonkers, N. Y. Candidule for B.S. Degree Anna Frances Shuford Gastonia, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Gershon Joseph Shugar Tarboro, N. C. A A Candidate far B.S. Degree Sidney Harold Siegel New York, N. Y T E Candidate for B.S. Degree Daily Tar Heel (2); University Club; Fencing (3). Paul G- Simkoe Trenton, N. J. A X A Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club (2, 3, 4). Berkeley Leo Simmons Washington, D. C. 2 A E Candidate for B.S. Degree Gimghoul; Cross Country (1). Simon Carlyle Sitterson, Jr. Kinston, N. C. Z ' ! B K Candidate for B.S. Degree Thompson Hunter Skeen Biscoe, N. C Candidate for A.B. Degree John William Slate High Point, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Erwin 0. Smigel New Yoric, N. Y. Candidate jar A.B. Degree Barbara Alice Smith White Plains, N. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree Foyell Pennington Smith Lexington, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Interdormitory Council (4); University Club. Gilbert Smith Hiddenite, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Samuel Winslow Smith Punxsutawney, Pa. S X A A Candidate for A.B. Degree Debate Squad (I); Phi Assem- bly (l); Fencing (1, 2, 3). Virginia Elizabeth Smith Meridian, Miss. M A K A Candidate for A.B. Degree Phi Assembly (4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2). Samuel Carl Southerland Durham, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Robert Martin Spanier Leonia, N. J. Candidate for B.S. Degree Phi Assembly (1, 2, 3, 4); Baseball (1). Vernon Starr Sparrow Chapel Hill, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Elizabeth Ann Spencer Carthage, N. C. 2 K Candidate for A.B. Degree Frank Asbury Springer Charlotte, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree SENIOR Roy Glenn Starnes Stem, N C. Candidate for A.B. Decree Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); YM.C.A. (1). Frank Ellis Stearns Monroe, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Glee Club (4); YMCA. (4), Gordon Sefton Stevens Smithfield, N C. Candidate for A.B, Degree William Guiles Stigelmon, Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. 2 E Candidate for B.S. Degree Matthew Alfred Stroop Cherryville, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Closs Executive Committee (1,2, 4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Interdormi- tory Council (1, 2); Phi Assembly (4); Y.MCA, (3, 4). David Lindsay Struthers Wilmington, N C Candidate for A.B. Degree Sylvia B, Sundstrom Corning, N Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree Charles Gerstley Sunstein Elkins Park, Pa Z B T Candidate for B.S. Degree Wrestling, Manager (4). a O. Q. f ' Ti Marshall E. Suther, Jr. Wilmington, N. C Candidate for A.B. Degree Fred I. Sutton, Jr. Kinston, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Bucconeer (1, 2, 3, 4); Doily Tar Heel (1, 2, 3); Wrestling (1, 2); YACKETY YACK (1, 2, 3). James Edward Sutton Pennsgrove, N. J Candidate for A.B. Degree Willis A Sutton, Jr. Atlanta, Ga X A K A Candidate for A.B. Degree Carolina Political Union (2); Glee Club (2); Interfroternity Council (1); Phi Assembly (2); Y.M.C.A. Humphrey H. Swift, III Milton, Mass. A - Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Inter- froternity Council (3); Cross Country (1); Track (1, 2). James L Talton Smithfield, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Kenneth S. Tanner, Jr. Rutherfordton, N. C. AE AEA BK Candidate for A.B. Degree Amphoterothen; G i m g h o u I; Sheiks; Y.M.C.A. Charles Graham Tart Newton Grove, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree James Marion Tayloe Aulonder, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree James Alexander Taylor Oxford, N. C. B K Candidate for A.B. Degree interdormitory Council (4). Kenneth Pollard Taylor Woshington, D. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Tom Northington Taylor Oxford, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree SENIOR s s William Goldston Teague Siler City, N. C, Candidate for B.S. Degree Henry Theodone Terry, Jr. Pamplin, Va. Candidate for A.B. Degree Daily Tar Heel (I, 2); Phi Assembly (1, 2, 3, 4); YACKETY YACK (1); YMCA. (1, 2). John Walter Thibaut Marion, Ohio Candidate for A.B. Degree Carolina Magazine (2, 3). Cornelia Lee Thigpen Rocky Mount, N. C. n B Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club; Phi Assembly; y.w.C.A. Hassell Thigpen Tarboro, N- C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Harry Vaine Thompson Rich Square, N. C. A X 2 Candidate for B.S. Degree John Cleveland Thompson Saluda, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Paul Hewitt Thompson Wadesboro, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Jack E Thornton Philadelphia, Pa. Candidate for B.S. Degree Junius Wynne Tillery Halifax, N. C. K A A 2 n Candidate for B.S. Degree German Club Executive (4); Class Executive Committee {1, 3); Y.M.C.A. Rosalyn Tindel Graceville, Fla. X 9. Candidate for A.B. Degree Joseph Robert Tracy Montclair, N. J. K 2 Candidate for B.S. Degree Dl Senate (1); Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (1, 2). Gladys Best Tripp Ayden, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Buccaneer (3, 4); Carolina Magazine (4); Daily Tor Heel (3, 4); Glee Club (3, 4); Y, W.C.A. (3, 4); YACKETY YACK (3, 4). Henry Alan Truex Verona, N. J. K S Candidate for B.S. Degree Interfraternity Council (3, 4); University Club; Class Execu- tive Committee (1, 4). Frederick Lionel Tunick Brooklyn, N. Y. A A Candidate for A.B. Degree Interdormitory Council (1). Linwood Jones Tunnel! Swan Quarter, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdormitory Council (4); Senior Executive Committee. Winford H. Turlington Clinton, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Phi Assembly; Y.M.C.A. Eugene Alfred Turner, Jr Tryon, N C ■t JI A Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Play- makers (2); Track (1, 2, 3); Swimming (4); Y.M C A, (1, 2, 3, 4). Harvey Blair Tyndall Kinston, N. C. A s n Candidate for B.S. Degree Wingate Boushall Upton Belcross, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdormitory Council (3), Treasurer (4). SENIOR S Richard Alexander Urquhart Woodvale, N. C. K A B r 2 B K Candidate for B.S. Degree 13 Club, Marvin Bright Utiey, Jr. Chapel Hill, N C, K 2 Candidate for B.S. Degree Carolina Magazine (2), Assistant Business Manager (3); Daily Tor Heel (1). Stanley Howard VanCise Summit, N. J. Candidate for B.S. Degree Baseball (3); Tennis (1, 2, 4), Earl Stanford Vann Murfreesboro, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdormitory Council (2, 3). Charles Frank Vilbrandt Blacksburg, Va •tBK AXi) A A Candidate for B.S. Degree nferdormitory Council (4). Elizabeth Wahrenberger Conroe, Texas Candidate for A.B. Degree Frank Hart Wakeley South Orange, N J. Z I ' B K B r 2 Candidate for B.S. Degree Gorgon ' s Head; Monogram Club; Cross Country (1, 2, 3, 4), Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Officer, Treasurer (4). Charles Paddock Wales, Jr. Edenton, N C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Grail; Interdormitory Council (1, 2, 3), Vice President (4); University Club; University Dance Committee (3, 4). Dorothy Louise Walker Ahoskie, N. C. n B Candidate for A.B. Degree Di Senate (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Thomas Marsh Ward Ocean Grove, N J. Candidate for A.B. Degree George David Watson Norwood, Pa. Ben Candidate for B.S. Degree Menter H. Waynick, Jr Greensboro, N. C M A Candidate for A.B. Degree Band (1, 2, 3, 4). William Rhodes Weaver Chapel Hill, N C Candidate for A.B. Degree Robert Weinberger Brooklyn, N. Y. Candidate for B.S. Degree Boxing (1); Football (1); Track (1, 2, 3, 4). Joe Linn Wertz Landis, N, C Candidate for A.B. Degree James Leslie Wh ' on Goldsboro, N. C. M A Candidate for B.S. Degree Band (I, 2, 3, 4); Daily Tar Heel (1); Y.MCA (1, 2, 4). John Ruffin Wheless Spring Hope, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Interdormitory Council (2, 4). William White Whitley Burlington, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Wres- tling (2). Claire Delano Whitmore New Rochelle, N. Y. X n A K r Candidate for A.B. Degree Phi Assembly (3); YACKETY YACK (3,4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Class Executive Committee (4). Raymond J. Wildman Parmele, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree SENIOR S Louis George Wilkins Edenton, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Harry E. Wilkinson, Jr, Charlotte, N. C. 2 A E Candidate for B.S. Degree Franklin Simmons Williams Pollocksville, N C. Candidate for A.B. Degree YMCA. George Melvin Williams, Jr Elizabeth City, N. C, Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdormitory Council (2); Class Of- ficer, Secretary (3); University Club, George Thomas Williams Clinton, N, C. Candidate for A.B., LL.B. Degree Woodrow Wade Williams Asheville, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Edgar Allen Williamson, Jr. Durham, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Football (2); Wrestling (1). Thomas Grace Willis Washington, N, C. Candidate for B.S. Degree ( ' " O 1 T!) f r Peter Thomas Wilson, Jr. John W. Winborne, Jr. Edward Cyrus Winslow Mary Wood Winslow Winston-Salem, N. C, Morion, N. C, Tarboro, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Z A E Candidate for B.S. Degree A K E Candidate for B.S. Degree Bulls; University Dance Com- mittee (1); Football (1, 2, 3); YM.CA. (1, 2, 3, 4). Candidate for B.S. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree Else Smedes Winters James Leake Woodson William Holladay Worth Samuel Wright Washington, D. C. Salisbury, N. C, Raleigh, N. C. Lawndale, N. C. n B A K E 2 A E BK AKK Candidate for A.B. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree Candidate for B.S. Degree Candidate for B.S. Degree Fencing (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, Bulls; Grail; Monogram Club; German Club Executive. 4). Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Wrestling (1, 2, 3, 4), Rutherford Nance Yeates Harry Clay Yeatman Jacob Loyd Yakeley Arthur William Ziegler Birmingham, Ala Columbia, Tenn, Winston-Salem, N. C. Mount Airy, N. C. 2 A E Candidate for B.S. Degree Closs Officer, Secretary (1); 2 N Candidate for A.B. Degree Wrestling (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, Candidate for A.B. Degree Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club (1); Interdormitory Council (3). YACKETY YACK (1,2), Man- 3, 4), aging Editor (3), Editor (4). The Junior Class is beginning the last lap in its four year career at the Universitv. Our three years have been and vviil be of inestimable benefit to every member of the class They have been the most fruitful and the happiest years of our lives. In this distinguished seat of learning we hove had the most complete educational advantages with which, combined with the policy of liberalism promulgated by the University, we have broadened the scope of our mind and enhanced our usefulness. Upon entering the University as a freshman one soon be- comes permeated with that intangible spirit which has been held so dear to Carolina men. Each of us has become a part of that spirit and close union We are looking forword to the future with eager anticipation, but at the some time with regret at the thought of leaving. It is our hope that before the culmination of our college career we may make some definite contribution toward the University ' s progress. We are justly proud of our class as a unit and of its individual members in curricula as well as extra-curriculo octivities. We are proud of our Alma Mater, of our faculty, and of our student body — these are a source of constant inspiration to us. May we during the coming year continue this progress so well begun, and in the years to come ever be a credit to our- selves and to this great institution. CHARLES E WOOD, CHARLESJDWARD WOOD, PRESIDENT CLASS OF 134Q JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS EDWARD WOOD, III President JAMES EBANS DAVIS Vice President JOHN MALCOLM NISBET Secretary BENNY HA5KIN HUNTER Treasurer JACK PHIFER FAIRLEY, Student Council Representative COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN ROBERT ALDERMAN McLEMORE, Executive Committee LOUIS STUART FICKLEN Dance Committee HONOR COUNCIL WILLIAM GEORGE ANDERSON WILLIAM RENNIE BLALOCK JACK PHIFER FAIRLEY LOUIS STUART FICKLEN THOMAS SAMSON ROYSTER CHARLES EDWARD WOOD, 1 1 1 Yk i DAVIS HUNTER NISBET FAIRLEY FICKLEN, BLALOCK, ANDERSON, FAIRLEY, WOOD, RO STEr JUNIOR CLASS irt i«(i» ' ■ ji4. % | ul Augustus Alford William George Anderson James Ruffin Bailey Raleigh, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. z { ' n K A Donald G. Ackermcn Elizabeth, N. J. X George Charles Ai d Tryon, N. C. A X 2 Samuel Henry Akers Roanoke Rapids, N. C, Henry Liles Allen Wadesboro, N. C. K A William A, Allen, Jr. Kingston, N. C. Ralph Alperin Petersburg, Va. T E George S. Attmore Washington, N. C. n K A David Body Brooklyn, N. Y. Isaac Mayo Bailey, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. n K A Millard Thomas Bailey Rocky Mount, N C. Robert Kennard Barber Asheville, N. C. Lois Barnes Lancaster, Pa. X n rail - - - 1 enry DeWitt Barnett Nicholas Aston Beadles Mary Martha Bennett Walter S. Blackmer, III Barbara Olive Bloxam White Plains, N. Y. Asheviile, N C. 2 X Asheviile, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. 2onard Bernard Baron Mary Amelia Beard New York, N Y. Staten Island, N. Y. T E Atlas Devon Benton Elizabeth Shearer Mary Sara Barrett Durham, N, C. John Williamson Bell Washington, D C A Parkersburg, N. C- Fred Berdan Glen Ridge, N. J. $ K 2 Thomasville, N. C. X 9. Raleigh, N. C Joseph Book, 1 1 1 Summit, N. J, William Rennie Blalock Oscar W. Bolick, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Conover, N. C. Z ! ' $ K 2 ames William Batten Edmund DeBerry Bennett Dante Alighieri Berim Selma, N. C. Asheviile, N. C, Durham, N. C. Allan Ira Bloom Brooklyn, N. Y_ John Hare Bonner, Jr. Washington, N. C. JUNIOR CLASS M n Sara Elizabeth Bowles Spencer, N. C. Darwin Hudson Boyd Savannah, Ga. S A E Joseph M. Brantley, Jr. Greensboro, N. C, Ben James Robert Brill Jamestown, N. Y. Dave Harry Bowman James Marion Boykin Robert Sumter Brawley Albert Mitchell Britt Plainfield, N, J. Tarboro, N. C. Gastonia, N, C, Warsaw, N C Joseph 0. Bowman, Jr. Thomas Newton Brafford Jean Breckenridge Wadesboro, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Chapel Hill, N. C. Gary Isham Brittj Four Oaks, N C. Mary Erdene Bowman Albert Arthur Branca John Hilery Briggs, Jr. John Gay Britt Mount Air N C Montclair, N. J. Lexington, N. C. Goldsboro, N. C. X d A T n l am 2 v r 4 Mary Jean Branson Durham, N. C. Allan Brown Chapel Hill, N. C, Nancy Porter Brown Charlotte, N. C. Alfred Buck Uniontown, Pa. ]rbara F. Burroughs Hoboken, N, J. Frances L. Caldwell Chapel Hill, N. C Robert F. Brown, Jr. Mary Blandford Burgess Joseph John Burton Lan Harrill Caldwell Shelby, N. C. Spruce Pine, N C. Greensboro, N. C, Cromerton, N C. loise McGowin Brown William Youland Bryan Walton Peter Burkhimer Andalusia, Ala. Henderson, N C Wilminaton N C x« 2XA:sn a, jmphrey Butler Brown Goldsboro, N. C. X Anne Buchan Henderson, N. C. Bob Oliver Burns Fairmont, N. C. John Busby Phyllis Jane Campbell Salisbury, N C. Chapel Hill, N. C n B William Medearls Butler Corbett Carlton Cannon Winston-Salem, N. C Roanoke Rapids, N C Ben n K A JUNIOR CLASS " -i Willis Thomas Carpenter Durham, N. C. A T fi M A Sam Tim Carter Washington, N. C. Betsey Chinn Clark Elliott City, Md. Mary Janice Cobb Kinston, N. C, n B Albert Gallatin Carr James Moseley Chesnutt Lonnie Onimus Clark, Jr. Dorothy Jane Coble Durham N C Clinton, N. C, Torboro, N. C, Raleigh, N. C. z ' {, r A George Watts Carr Durhom, N. C. 2 A E James Wilburn Carter Konnopolis, N. C. James Richard Chiles Asheville, N. C. William W. Chisholm Savannah, Ga, S A E Roy Edward Clark Chapel Hill, N. C. Henry Luther Coble Greensboro, N, C. K 2 Walter Clark, III Julian Baxter Coghill Lincolnton, N. C. Charleston, W. Va. A e K 2 ii lfe Enser William Cole Salisbury ' , N. C. Walter Francis Cole i Greensboro, N. C. Wilson Comer Dobson, N. C. Alice Louise Conner Chapel Hill, N. C Melville Fort Corbett Kinston, N. C, II B James Harold Corey Rocky Mount, N. C. Robert Hcrward Council Raleigh, N. C. Vann Buren Covington Raleigh, N. C. Robert Bruce Corpening Robert Martin Cox, Jr. Granite Foils, N. C. Winston-Salem N ' c 2 A E James Corrubia Asbury Park, N, I Jack Anders Crawford Asheville, N. C Irvin Dewey Crouse Thomasville, N. C Sylvia Burt Cullum Batesburg, S. C X n Frank Nylon Cuneo New York, N. Y. Ralph Hicks Currin Hester, N C, Allen Sherrod Cutts Augusta, Go, Howard Melton Davidson Greensboro, N. C. 2 X Clifton Bailey Davis Alexandria, Va. James Evans Davis Goldsboro, N. C. A T fi JUNIOR CLASS TM k -or John Lorraine Davis, Jr. Pierim Francis D ' Elia Randolph McLeod Dick Christine Mane Dobbn Greensboro, N C. New London, Conn Sumter, S C Chapel Hill, N C Piatt Walker Davis Lemuel Franklin Dennis Alvis Barnes Dickson Martin Doniger Wilmington, N C Crisfield, Md. Roeford, N, C. Grantwood, N. J. 2 X A T n Courtland W Dawson Daniel Bascho Desich Charles Edward Diffendal John Nelson Dorsev, J Montross, Va Lorom, Ohio High Point, N. C. Shelby, N. C, K 2 A T n Robert de Guzman Forrest Edward Deviney Edward B, Dilworth Harry Fleming Driver Claverock, N, Y. Lowndole, N. C. Brynmowr, Pa. Dunn, N. C. | kk dJkdfh tm . ' ' ii«i «J: ' f:3ii » ; %- i A irtram Morns Drucker Long Island City, N. Y. vAurray Don Drucker New York, N Y A erma Keck DuPree Angier, N. C. bills Martin Durham Rondo, N. C. William T. Dye, Jr. Chorlotte, N C. Lucy Gary Easley Richmond, Vo. X n Olen Cordell Easter Lexington, N. C. Lucy Belle Eckles Hopkinsville, Ky X Q Charles Henry Edwards Goldsboro, N. C. Maurice Edwards Goldsboro, N. C. Z B T Cicero Jasper Ellen Roleigh, N C. Harvey Carrow Elliott Washington, N. C r A Phil Wroy Ellis Lunday, N_ C. Thomas William Ellis, Jr. Henderson, N. C. James Ferrell Ellison Washington, N. C Ben Terrell Oliver Everett Rockingham, N. C X 9. Jack Phifer Fairley Monroe, N. C. Edward Philip Forish Penn ' s Grove, N. J. Louis Stuart Ficklen Greenville, N C 2 N James Ellis Fields, Jr. Pinehurst, N. C. r JUNIOR CLASS T M Ti r MMk J ; JliMd.ihiki 4 M Kenneth James Fishbach Archie Don Fountain Richard H. Freudenheim Brooklyn, N. Y. Wilmington, N. C. Brooklyn, N. Y. Dolphus Taylor Fisher Susan Rankin Fountain Jesse Lamar Fulenwider Rocky Mount, N. C, Rocky Mount, N. C Savannah, Go, X fi 2 A E Robert Norfleet Flournoy Robert Berliner Frank Phyllis Ellen Galumbeck Raleigh, N. C. Washington, D. C. Asheville, N. C. Ernest Graham Forrest Felton Dale Freeman Winston-Salem, N. C. Chapel Hill, N, C. Norman John Gansien Farmingdale, N. J. A A Kenneth Gant, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. S N Thomas Horry Gattor Harmony, N. C. Jerry Winston Gavce New York, N, Y Daniel Geller Long Beach, N. Y. LisetteAvril Gentles Charles Baker Giduz Aaron Baer Glickberg Montclair, N. J. Chapel Hill, N. C. Brooklyn, N. Y. John Philip George Mount Airy, N. C K 2 ' Drury Willis Ghegon Brooklyn, N Y A K E Nick Gianakos Hendersonvllle, N. C. Royal Lee Gilchrist, Jr John Crandall Glover Sonford, N. C. Winston-Salem N C r A Arthur Donald G: Hawthorne, N. J. Francis Giilom Windsor, N. C. Doris Goerch Raleigh, N. C Joseph Goodman Brooklyn, N. Y. 4i dtk William Jones Gordon. Jr. Sarah Clement Griffith Sproy, N. C. Asheville, N. C n B Roger Alpine Grant Vonno Lamar Gudger Asheville, N. C. Asheville, N. C. Allen Jones Green Edwin Howard Guion Cooleemee, N. C. Woxhaw, N. C. Eugene Stuart Gregg Charles W. Gunter, Jr. Eutawville, S. C. Gastonia, N. C. r A K 2 JUNIOR CLASS k i k Philip Hoghton Gunther New York, N. Y. K 2 Edith Claire Gutterman Brooklyn, N. Y. Alonzo Cleveland Hall Greensboro, N. C. Ben Burwell Freeman Hall. Jr. Asheville, N. C. John Randolph Hall Augusta, Go. Louise McGwigan Hall Scotlond Neck, N. C. n B John Roderick Hallum Pickens, S. C. Bertram C. Halperin New York, N. Y. T E James C. Hambright, Jr. William Blount Hardin Rock Hill, S. C. Washington, N. C. K 2 Bruce Hamilton South Orange, N. J. Z 4 ' Lewis P. Hamlin, Jr. Brevard, N. C. Frederick Thornett Har Richmond, Vo Martin Luther Harmoi Kings Mountain, N. C. Alton Blanton Hamrick George David Harrelsci Lattimore, N. C. Cherryville, N. C Henry William Hams Tom Woodley Heath Catawba, N. C. Kinston, N. C Jeanne C. Herrmann Long Island, N. Y X fi Dorothy Ann Hill Murphy, N_ C. John Brame Harris Durham, N. C. A n R. E. Hedrick Lexington, N. C illiam Fowie Harward Edward N Heghinian Apex, N C. Bolfimore, Md. Mary Anne Hawkins Asheville, N. C, Sam Henry Rocky Mount, N. C. Joseph McMurray Hester Robert Hugh Hill Wendell, N. C. Beaufort N C n K A Donald Cade Hicks Joseph Truman Hilton Fronklinfon, N. C. High Point, N C. K 2 James Franklin Hicks William Waler Hines High Point, N. C. Kinston, N C Ben Sam Hirsch Trenton, N. J. George Hirshman New York, N Y. Vance Hobbs Charlotte, N. C. Alfred Hobgood Kinston, N. C. Z ! ' JUNIOR CLASS Mmk Peqqy Holmes Lawrence Hoskins Hooper Ira N. Howard, J Mossena, N. Y Oxford, N. C. Joe Dillon Hough Rudolph Ashworth Howe Monroe, N. C. Smithfield, N. C. K A Foirmont, N. C X n William Walter Holland Thomas Michael Holt Charles, N. C. Oak Ridge, N. C. Joseph W. Holman, Jr. William Linville Holt Lexinqton, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. K A Frank Marion Holmes Frank Dunn Holzman David Asbury Howard WiHiam Vinton Hoyle Edenton N C Brooklyn, N. Y. Broadway, N. C. Newport News, Va. S N Mary Peyton Hover Charleston, W. Va, John Hoyle Lawndale, N, C. V jise Margaret Hudson Norman Hurwitz Chapel Hill, N. C Carthage, N. C. Gilbert Ellis Jackson Royce Coles Jennings Rocky Mount, N. C. Mamaroneck, N. Y. Harrey Jonas Lincolnton, N. C. arles Allen Humphreys Greenville, S. C. A e Jenny Haskin Hunter Hendersonville, N. C Sara Briden Hurdis Fort Bragg, N. C. Marian Igo Youngstown, Ohio X n Ernest Merrick lllman Greensboro, N- C. A X A James T. Inskeep, Jr. Roaring Gap, N. C. Mary Carlton Jackson St. Petersburg, Fla X fi Helen Ann Jacobs Larchmont, N. Y. X n George Jay Jaffe Elizabeth, N. J. T E Betsy Jean Johnson Allmond Hill Jones, Jr. Averdua N. C. Asheville, N. C. Francis Wilson Johnson Rocky Mount, N. C. William Steele Johnson Montclair, N. J. Cyril Jones Penn ' s Grove, N. J. Emily Jo Jones Skylond, N. C. JUNIOR CLASS ( 0 S c George Spencer Jones Wade Garland Jordan Ralph Lawrence Karol Helen Deborah Keiste Greensboro, N. C, Smithfield, N. C. Brighton, Mass. Hyattsville, Md. James Franklin Jones Four Ooks, N. C Howard Kahn Alexander S Katzenberg Harold Cameron Keitl Asheville N. C Baltimore, Md. Roeford, N C Z B T William Gerald Jones Martin Bernard Kalkstein Beoulaville, N. C Little Neck, N. Y. Edward Kaufman New York, N. Y. James Byrd Keith, Jr Asheville, N. C. Louise Huske Jordan William Marshall Karesh Robert Franklin Keadle Martha Laetitia Kelh Fayetteville N C Gastonio, N. C. Mapleville, Md. Hendersonville, N. C. T E —t J — — — jw ' " " l i ' Ji HBI Elizabeth P. Kennison Thomas Riley Kirkpatnck Norman D. Klitenick Greyord Byrn Lamm Raleigh, N. C. Canton, N, C. Long Islond, N. Y. Maxton N C 2 X - • Alice Baer Kerr Howard Mailiord Kiss Margaret Rose Knight Julian Joy Lane Bethesda, Md. Brooklyn, N. Y. Hopkinsville, Ky. Wilson N C A e John Laurens New Orleans, La. A James Lawrence Candler, N. C. Thomas Bland Keys Walter Benton Kleeman Mary Anne Koonce Herbert David Langsam Newton Clayton Lee Washington, N. C. Springfield, Ohio Raleigh, N, C Far Rockaway, N. Y. Newton Grove, N. C. lathaniel Ernest King Seymour Joseph Klein Troy, N. C. New York, N. Y. inald Clair Lamb Annapolis, Md. Henry Laurens New Orleans, La. A William David Lee Dunn, N. C. JUNIOR CLASS FfT ' ' " 1 r f Margaret Jane Leonard Benjamin Franklin Long William Cabell Lowe John Franklin Lynch, J Hickory, N. C. Statesville, N. C. Lexington, N. C- Erwin, N. C. Mary Newton Lewis Montclair, N, J. n B Barbara Lipscomb St. Duluth, Minn. n B Edmund Sanford Lipsky Jackson Heights, N. Y. Jennings Jackson Long Franklyn L. Lowenthal Graham, N. C. Thomas Long Roanoke Rapids, N. C. K A Kitty Marie Love Elizabeth City, N. C. Yonkers, N. Y. Joseph Mager New York, N. Y. Samuel Badger Lyerly John Willard Magoffii Peachland, N. C. Chapel Hill, N. C K A Walker Lyerly Hickory, N. C David Henry Malone Washington, D. C. Henry Andrew March Albert Henry Mathes Woshington, D. C. Newark, N. J, Charles Floyd Melchor Mooresville, N. C. Irving Meyerowitz Belhaven, N. C. Charles Lee Moore Mooresville, N. C. Leon Margolis Jacksonville, N. C. John Joseph Matte Luzerne, Penn. Walter Briggs Meserole Robert Stanley Milner Edward Townsend Moore New York, N. Y. Cory, N. C. Wynnewood Pa nKA Azn A )ora Eugenia Martin Eugene Maynard Albemarle, N. C. Kinston, N. C. Janet Mae Messenger Burton, Ohio John Mirabito Hyde Park, Mass. James Virgil Morgan High Point, N. C. Josephine Martin Edward Heywood Megson Henderson, N. C. Glastonbury, Conn. Herbert Saul Meyer New York, N. Y. Ann Moore Buena Vista, Va. William Britton Morris Aulander, N. C. JUNIOR CLASS 7 € i SS ' A A — " w S jg jipL 4i Pete David Morrow Forest Cit7, N C. Edward Robert Mueller Chorlotte, N C, David Reid Murchison Wilmington, N, C, A Powell Murchison Provincetown, Mass. A T fi Thomos Lynch Murphy Solisbury, N. C 2 N A E A James W MacCallum Lumberton, N. C- K i; Charles J. McCarthy New Yorl , N Y. A X A Duncan Donald McColl Bennettsville, S. C. A e George McDuffie Atlanta, Ga. 2 A E Jean Gordon Mclndo Danville, Va Thomas Mcintosh Chapel Hill, N C, Jack Mclver Sanford, N. C. 2 X Sarah Stilley McLean Plymouth, N, C. Robert A, McLemore Smithfield, N C. Samuel Dace McPherso Durham, N C :s A E Thomas Albert McQuac Morristown, N J. f) f . ' ' iti dr 41te inder Theodore Nance George E. Nicholson Thomas Bernard Nordan Walter Francis Off Letty Shepard Osborn Raleigh, N. C. Montcloir, N. J Smithfield, N. C, Wynnewood Pa Oxford N C A vp ' ' illiam Stroud Neville Henry Gilliam Nicho ' son Winford Walter Norman William Hubert Ogburn Jenness Russell Owen . Chapel Hill, N. C Tarboro, N C Ararat, N C Sonford N C Fountain N C r A A 2 n Mamie E. Newsome John Malcolm Nisbet Joseph Roby Norwood, Jr. Richard Olson Thomas Clement Porham Durham, N, C. Wilmington, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Everett, Mass. Oxford, N. C. Villiam Sims Newton Joseph Robert Nixon, Jr Durham, N C. LIncolnton, N. C. S K Victor Ochsman Elizabeth Fentress Orton Mabel Eloise Parish Durham, N. C. Matoaka, W. Va Smithfield, N. C. JUNIOR CLASS 1% f James Phillips Parker Asheville, N. C. John Webster Parker Wilrmington, N, C. Dorothy K. Patterson Chapel Hill, N. C. Earl Victor Patterson Burlington, N. C. K A Nicky D. Patterson, Jr. Elm City, N. C. A X A Marcella Louise Pendley High Point, N. C George Edward Perrin Greensboro, N. C. James W. Perrin, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. James Perrotta Trenton, N. J. Henry Hyman Philips, Tarboro, N. C. Z Fitzhugh Lee Perry Norris Tebeau Pindo Myrtle Beech, S. C. Savannah, Go, 2 A E Henry Seymour Pessor Jimmie Lincoln Pittmi Concourse, N. Y. Selma, N. C. Daniel Peterman York, Pa. A e Thomas Remfry Pitt: High Point, N. C. r A : f 0 f ) 1 ( ;eorge Webb Plonk Bert Leo Premo Charles Lewis Putzel, Jr. George Francis Ralston D van Yeveren Raoul ings Mountain, N. C. Irvington, N. J. Salisbury, N. C. Harnsburg, Pa. Lookout Mountain Tenn 2 X A A . ihn Edward Podwika Marjorie Watt Pressly James Minetree Pyne Joseph Bunn Ramsey,, J r Polly Raoul Wyoming, Pa Imont, N. C ard Hunter Pope, Jr. John Randolph Provo Enfield, N. C Elizabeth City, N C Z liam Stevens Powell Statesville, N. C. Jack Pustilnik Moplewood, N. J. Durham, N. C 2 A E George Rodman Lorain, Ohio Frank Rams King, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. A K E Sarosoto, Flo, n B Edward Lee Rankin, Jr. William Henry Rowlings Spencer, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. Gene Patton Rankin Montgomery, Ala. Helen Redfern Raleigh, N. C. JUNIDR CLASS f i A% A Ned Coggin Ritchie Albemarle, N. C. Mary Elizabeth Rhyne Mary Emma Robbins Marianna, Fla. Durham, N. C. Michael A. Roberts Gostonia, N. C. Shelley Robert Rolfe Highland Park, N. J. Ruth Curtis Robeson Leslie William Rose, J Newport News, Va. Rocky Mount, N. C. Charles Franklin Rider Malverne, N. Y. S X Guy Gilbert Ritchie Chapel Hill, N. C. Foy Roberson, Jr. Durham, N. C. S A E Blanche Roberts Weaverville, N. C. Philip F. Robinson, Jr. Augusta, Go. 2 X Frank M. Rogers Florence, S. C. A e Ida Rosen Asheville, N. C. Morris William Rosenbe Anderson, S. C. T E r Otho Bescent Ross Chorlofte, N. C. 2 X ene Cleapor Rountree , Kinston, N. C K 2 Thomas B. Royster Raleigh, N C. A T Q lomas Samson Royster Henderson, N. C 2 A E Robert Barrett Russ Sidney M. Schochet Marian Dorothea Sedwick James Russell Sheffield Wmston-Salem, N. C. Asheville, N. C. Evonston, III Tarboro N C X n . Frederic Westall Sale Roger Moore Schulken Llovd Morgan Senter Helen Winnifred Shell Asheville, N. C. Durham, N. C. Corrboro, N. C. Roanoke Ropids, N. C. Lewis Sneed Sasser, Jr. Remer Young Scruggs, Jr. Takoma Park, Md. Hahiro Go. Elizabeth Schleeter Charleston, S. C. William L Seawell Sanford, N. C. 2 X Herbert Shapiro White Plains, N. Y. Lawrence A. Sharps Burlington, N. C. Marshall McL. Shepherd Charlotte, N. C. 2 A E William Henry Shull Charlotte, N. C. K A JUNIOR CLASS Alvin Abraham Shure Bethel, N. C. Anthony John Slebodo Wyoming, Pa. Wiley Smith Goldsboro, N. C K 2 Wieder David Sievers Charles Blume Sloop Leroy Allan Sosnowitz St. Louis, Mo, Concord, N. C. Stamford, Conn. Z B T John Bradley Singletcry Whitevilie, N. C. Charles Albert Slagle Springfield, Ohio Leo Slotnick Chelsea, Moss. James Edwin Spongier Shelby, N. C. Daniel Mack Spence Fuquay Springs, N. C. Sophia Spivey Louisburg, N. C. Edney Webb Stacy Chapel Hill, N. C. Herbert Smith Frances Lorraine Sparks Thomas M Stanback Rocky Mount, N. C. Birmingham, Ala. Salisbury, N. C. Villiam E. Stauber, Jr. Rural Hall, N. C Milton Stern Bronx, N Y. Jerry Stoff Jamaica, N Y. Thomas W, Summey Black Mountain, N. C Boyst Blane Swann Mooresville, N C. Sonford Ivan Stem V illiam Albert Stern Irving Billet Stomkin Robert Ernest Sumner John Marion Tavlor Jr , Woodmere, N. Y. Greensboro, N. C. Chattanooga, Tenn Rock Hill, S C, Annapolis Md ' T E K 2 X ' douard L Stelling, Jr. Edwin Jordan Stevens Grady Erastus Stone Louis Valvelle Sutton Mary Jane Taylor Augusta, Go. Raleigh, N. C. King, N C, Raleigh, _N. C. Bluefield, W. Vo. Z n •red BootheStem, Jr. George Henry Stirnweiss Stanci II McLeod Stroud Arnold Chester Swoin Nancy Scull Taylor $ A ' e - " • ' ° ' ' ' ' - Southern Pines, N, C. Asheville, N. C. Horrellsville, N. C. JUNIOR CLASS fM M William Rudolph Teague Christine M. Thompson Margaret Carolyn Tipton Henderson, N. C. Chapel Hill, N. C. Waxhow, N. C. X Q William Tenenblott Joseph Roscoe Thompson Ira Jerome Topping Jersey City, N. J. Grassy Creek, N. C. Brooklyn, N. Y. A E n Frank John Terhune Neil Howard Thompson Richard Charles Torian Arlington, N. J. Swepsonville, N. C. Asheville, N. C. A X A A X A John Arthur Terrell, Jr. Edgar Faulcon Thome Edward Trainer, Jr. Chopel Hill, N. C. Airlie, N. C Philadelphia, Po. r X A Drewry E. Troutman Adder, N. C. Hubert King Turley Memphis, Tenn. 2 A E _ Ben Frye Turner ■ Charlotte, N. C. ' Frank Lucius Turner Tryon, N. C, K A M A °n ' V " ' °M " v ' ■ T ° ' ° ' ' " ' Grayson Spencer Waldrop Walter Ashe Wall Carlton Gunter Watkins Queens Village, N. Y. Chapel Hill, N. C New Bern, N. C. Annie Smedes Vass I Raleigh, N, C. ■ iwitt T. Vaughan, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. John Fletcher Vincent Roanoke Rapids, N C. Jerome Irwin Vitriol Flushing, N Y A E n Philip Alfred Walker Winston-Salem, N C. X - Stanley Walker Grassy Creek, N. C. Slier City, N. C, John Adams Wallace Savannah, Ga 2 A E Paul Wallach Schenectady, N. Y. Wilmington, N. C. Cutler Watkins Greensboro, N. C. A e Jack Watson Wingate, N. C. ' illiarri Abdon Vernon Robert A. Wagoner, Jr. William Thomas Walker Elizabeth M Warren William Allen Watts Leaksville, N. C- Sparta, N. C. Wilmington, N. C. Monroe N C Statesville, N. C. JUNIOR CLASS SHIHHIHil M £ £ mm I . fe George Davis Webster Chatham R Wheat, III Nathan P. Whitfield James E, Williams,|r High Point, N. C. Erianger, N, C, Mackeys, N. C. Burlington, N. C. A X A William Raul Weil Raymond Milner Wheeler Stanley Sheldon Whyte Ralph B. Williams, Jr Greenville, Miss. Sanford, N- C. Brooklyn, N. Y. Wilmington, N. C. ZBT " i-A AEA f Herman H Weintraub Benjamin F Wheless New York, N. Y, Spring Hope, N, C. John Wiley Brooklyn, N. Y. Oliver Wayne Williams Wilmington, N. C, Thomas Marshall West Richard Street White Charles B. Wilkerson, Jr. Wade H. Williford Williamsport, Pa. Elizobethtown, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Gastonia, N. C. o IJl ' )m tK M M lh rM James Perry Willis Winston-Salem, N. C. 2 A E John Kenyon Wilson Elizabeth City, N. C. Z ' ' Jwin Godley Winsteac Pinetown, N. C. Roberta Winton Fort Worth, Texas n B $ Herbert Wolf New Britain Conn. Cecil William Wooten Kinston, N. C. K S .ichcrd Stanley Wright Atlanta, Ga. K 2 Charles E. Wood, III Richard Campbell Worley Mary Jane Yeatman Winston-Salem, N. C. Asheville, N. C. Columbia Tenn K 2 n B Mary Dorothy Wood Elizobethton, Tenn. X fi Albert Woodroof, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Francis Worthington Kinston, N. C X fi Walter Ha ml I Wray Hickory, N. C. Ernest Hugh Yelton Rutherfordton, N. C. Carl Young Angler, N. C. Clifton Young Lexington, N. C. Sadie Eleanor Young Princeton, N. C. Ernest H. Yount, Jr. Newton, N. C. A T fi A E A Edward Zuckerman Brooklyn, N. Y. c« h I t u i JOHN HARE BONNER, JR. JOHN MALCOLM NISBET JAMES EVANS DAVIS CYRIL JONES JACKPHIFERFAIRLEY CHARLES E WOOD, III BENNY HASKIN HUNTER RICHARD CWORLEY SDPHDMDRE CLASS OFFICERS HARGROVE BOWLES, JR President FRANK BAVIER DOTY Vice-President SYDENHAM ALEXANDER Secretary CHARLES IDOL Treasurer WILLIAM DEES, JR Student Council Representative COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN GEORGE PRESSLY JENKINS, JR Executive Committee HARRY WINKLER, JR Dance Committee HONOR COUNCIL— Left to Right; BISHOP, _ : L t ; ;;, BOWLES, DEES, BOWLES DOTY CARROLL, MANER, HAND: ALEXANDER IDOL DEES CLASS OF 1941 THOMAS McCALL ADAMS WILLIAM DENNIS ADAMS, JR. MORTIMER ADLER, JK ROBERT G. ALEXANDER HAROLD DAVIS AL IUS LLOYD W ALLEN OLIVER HOLT ALLEN HAROLD LINDSAY AMOSS RALPH PRESTON ANDREWS JAMES O APPLEWHITE M ARTHUR AROODY RUFE CHAMBERLAIN ASHURST GEORGE S. ATTMORE, IV JAMES HAROLD AUSTIN FRANK G BAILEY A H, BALLARD HARRY CLINE BALLARD CHARLES LEE BALL DONALD CHARLES BAKER J. B BARNES RICHARD J. BARRETT CLARK BARTLETT ROBERT PAYNE BECKWITH JACK PERSHING BEDEA DAN L BELL WILLIAM FORREST BELL, JR HARRY BELK ROBERT HARVEY BERNERT MARTIN BERGER WALTER STEELE BLACKMER, III WILLIAM RENNIE BLALOCK JOSEPH H BLICKMAN DANIEL THOMAS BLUE ROBERT CLIFTON BLUE PHILIP BLUMENTHAL STANLEY BERTRAM BLUM MAURICE EUGENE BOBBITT WILLIAM B. BOLES NORMAN MARSHALL BOLICK HENRY BOONE JOSEPH H BOONE W GAYLE BORDERS HOWARD BOSSA HOWARD VINCENT BOUNDS JULIAN THWEATT BRANTLEY JAMES SHOBER BRAWLEY VERNON PROCTOR BRETT JOHN GAY BRITT HERBERT VINSON BRIDGERS ROBERT STRANGE BRIDGERS W. G BROADFOOT WINSTON BROADFOOT WALTER JAPERT BROADWELL WALTER E, BROCK B M, BROWN SEYMOUR BROWN ROBERT EMMETT BROWN BENJAMIN H BROWNING, JR- JAMES EVERETTE BRYAN WILLIAM Y. BRYAN E. T. BRYSON BROOKS FRANCIS BURTT VELTON BUNCH AAN H CALDWELL WALTER HILL CAMPBELL ALBERT H. CAMELIO SPENCER CARLYLE LEON V ILSON CARMICHAEL First Row — Ben Warren Aiken, James Caldwell Alexander, Sydenham Benoni Alexander, William Walton Ailgood, Claywell Mitchell Anderson, Edward Allen Andrews, Roy Douglas Asch, Ransom Hinton Austin, Emory Johnson Barber, Martin Columbus Barringer, Jr, Larry Lucas Bass, Britton Ferebee Beasley Second Row — William Carroll Beck, Garland Everett Bell, Harry Robert Billica, Donald Edwin Bishop, Hermann Beemanns, Morton Harvey Bohrer, Orin Watts Booth, Hargrove Bowles, Jr, John Lance Bradner, Francis Arnold Brandon, Bertram Lester Branson, Boyce Albert Brawley, Third Row — Burr Coley Brock, Pinckney Rufus Brown, Oran Kline Brown, William Wallace Bruner, William Thomas Burns, Robert Lynn Bursley, Bernard Ottway Burton, Hugh Dewitt Byrd, Lester Lawrence Callen, Phil Rahm Carlton, PETER CARR RUSSELL A. CARRELL BENJAMIN ROBERT CARROLL DUDLEY DEWITT CARROLL DEREMA STAR CARROLL CARNEY BLAKE CARTER JAMES WILBURN CARTER SAM T. CARTER WILLIAM DAVID CARTER A. H. CARVER LESLIE R. CASEY ROBERT JOHN CASTERTON E, F. CASTLES, JR. JULIAN TERRELL CAUDILL GODFREY CHESHIRE, JR. JAMES MOSELEY CHESNUTT DAVID CITRON HARRY LEE CLARK PAUL L. CLODFELTER, JR. GRADY H. COCKERHAM MURRAY E. COHN ROY MORGAN COLE JAMES ROUNDTREE COLLETT GEORGE ALEXANDER COLLIS HOWARD BERKELY CONE DANIEL WHITNEY CONWAY JAMES A. CORCORAN, JR. JAMES CORRUBIA CECIL KNOX COUNCIL, JR. ROBERT H. COUNCIL VANN BUREN COVINGTON WILLIAM RIDDICK COWPER ROBERT MARTIN COX, JR. LAWRENCE EDWON CRABTREE THEODORE CREZNIC BUTLER P. CRITTENDEN, JR. MEBANE FEARRINGTON GROOM RICHARD DOUGLASS CROSS IRVIN DEWEY GROUSE EINAR HORNIBROOK DALE WILLIAM J. DARNELL BILL T. DAVENPORT WILLIAM RAY DAVID HOWARD M. DAVISON CLIFTON BAILEY DAVIS E. PALMER DAVIS, JR. COLLINS TAYLOR DAWSON GEORGE ROBERT DAWSON, JR. N. E. DAY STEWART E deGAETANO WILLIAM ROBERT DENNING LEMUEL FRANKLIN DENNIS DANIEL DESICH WILLIAM AUSTIN DILLON E. B. DILWORTH THEODORE DIXON THEODORE MARION DuBOSE LOUIS JUSTUS DuPREE HOLLIS MARTIN DURHAM TOM C. EDWARDS EDGAR W. ELLINGTON EDMUND EUGENE ERICKSON JESSE ESTROFF JAMES B. FAIRCLOTH HAROLD F. FELDSTEIN First Row — Fred A. Cazel, Robert Chapman, Russell Drewry Cherry, Max Erwin Clark, Rowel! Connor Cloninger, Joseph Robert Cohen, Charles Lindsay Colby, Williom Tate Conley, Harold Clark Cook George Marion Cooper, Jr., John Raymond Cooper, Wendell Hope Copeland. Second Row — Millard Roberts Currin, Richard Lawrence Cowhig, Herbert Walton Cox, William Herbert Crowder, Jonn Little- field Crawford, John William Curtis, Mosten Dalton, Edgar .Samuel Williamson Dameron, Frank Deaver, William Archie Dees,_2L Harry Tillinghost Dewey. -._ I_jBi Third Row — George Biting Deyo, D. Lanier Donnell, Jr., Frank Bavier Doty, Shelton Dugger, Robert Edwin Duke, Doon Woodard Edmundson, Fred Rippy Edney, James S. Edney, Ezra Eisenberg, Charles Sadelson Elliott, Robert Arthur Ferris, W. Clayton Farris, Sanford Kesler Felton. V W LAWRENCE FERLING, 111 CARL FEUCHTINGER, JR. WALTER G. FIELDS JOHN CLINARD FINCH CLARENCE E. FINK COLEMAN LEE FINKEL DOLPHUS TAYLOR FISHER ALVIN GRAY FOLGER GASTON S. FOOTE STEPHEN TAYLOR FORREST DONALD CROSBY FOSCUE RAYMOND LESLIE FOX GENE EDDY GANS DAVID F. GARDINER BUNK GARDNER GEORGE GAY ANDREW GENNETT, JR. JOHN PHILIP GEORGE DRURY WILLIS GHEGAN JOSEPH EMMETT GIDDINGS CHARLES BAKER GIDUZ GEORGE GILLIAM, JR. WILLIAM LEE GILLIAM FRANK MONROE GIVAN GEORGE GLAMACK JOHN CRANDALL GLOVER IRVING GOLDHAVER JAMES R. GOODING JUNIUS J. GOODWIN JAMES DANIEL GRADY, JR. ISAAC BATES GRAINGER JAMES GRAY ALLEN JONES GREEN WILLIAM WILLS GREEN, JR. ALAN PENDLETON GRIMES FRANK ELMER GROGAN WILLARD B. GROSSMAN N OKLA G, GRUBBS BUFORD WOOD GUERRANT CHARLES W. GUNTER, JR. ERNEST G. GUY THOMAS JENNINGS HACKNEY PHIL W. HAIGH BERTRAM CHARLES HALPERIN JAMES CARL HAMBRIGHT WILLIAM PICKETT HAMLIN A. B, HAMRICK DONALD G, HANBY WILLIAM L, HAND WILLIAM BLOUNT HARDING VAUGHAN THEODORE HARFORD WALTER CLARK HARGROVE CHARLES ELMER HARNDEN PAUL E. HARPER, JR. GEORGE DAVID HARRELSON CHARLES MARVIN HARRIS LEWIS SPENCER HARRIS E. B. HART ROY HART THOMAS C. HAYES, JR. LOUIS DeMARE HAYMAN THOMAS HOLT HAYWOOD, JR BEN ROSS HEATH HUNTER HEATH RUSSELL EDGAR HEBBARD HUBERT P. HENDERSON ROBERT EDWARD HERMSON JOSEPH McMURRAY HESTER First Row— Arthur James Foster, Robert Gilmer Foster, John W. Finch, Jr., Robert Bonks Fitzgerald, Sol Sidney Flige!, Avery Hunt Fonda, Porter Lee Fortune, John Eugene French, George R. Frisby, Laurence Wilson Futch, James B. Garland. Second Row — Louis Gaylord, Edward Percy Godwin, Jr., Grover C. Godwin, Irwin Greenbaum, Louis Henry Greenburg, William Carrington Gretter, Jr., Alex Gregg, E. Max Gregory, John Charles Grier, William Lester Groves, Jr., Alfred Kidder Guthe. Third Row— Wallace V. Hall, John R. Hampton, Thomas Chandler Hardwick, Herbert Wallace Hardy, Robert Charles Har- rington, Jr., Jesse Lee Harris, John R. Henderson, William Heitmon, Rusk G. Henry, Jack Claude Hester, Daniel Albert Hewitt. D. C. HICKS THOMAS DUPREE HIGGINS HARRELL BRUCE HILL ROBERT DeVAULT HILL JAMES EMMETT HINES ROGER ADAMS HITCH INS VANCE K. HOBBS RALPH HINTON HODGES, JR ROLAND GRAHAM HODGES NORMAN FREDERICK HOGUE L. E. HOLLIFIELD LYMAN MELTON HORNE ROBERT BURTON HOUSE, JR, JOHN ROBERT HOWARD ALFRED HUGER JOHN EDWARD HUGHES EARL HURDLE CHARLES J. HUTCHISON JOHN BADGLEY HUTT H, B. HYMAN CHARLES W. IDOL ERNEST MERRICK ILLMAN CHARLES EDWARD ISRAEL J, GIBSON JACKSON HANCE JAQUETT JOHN LANIER JEFFRESS GEORGE P. JENKINS, JR. HAROLD F. JENNINGS J, M. JENRETTE GEORGE J. JAFFE BENJAMIN ANSON JONES GEORGE SPENCER JONES HAMILTON JONES JAMES BETTS JONES WILLIAM ERVIN JONES ROBERT FRANK JOYCE, JR, JOSEPH DOCK JOYNER EDWARD THORNTON JURNEY FRANK ROSS JUSTICE HOWARD KAHN HENRY MORRIS KAMINS MILTON LEON KANTROWITZ LEO MAURICE KARPELES IRWIN NORTON KATZ LIONEL MELVIN KATZ ALEXANDER S, KATZENBURG EDWARD KAUFMAN HAROLD CAMERON KEITH WALTER McCLELLAN KELLER RICHARD KEMPER C. GATES KIMBALL WILLIS HOLT KIMREY THOMAS RICHARD KING JAMES TAYLOR KIRKPATRICK JAMES B. KLUTZ JOE HAYWOOD KNOX ROBERT THERON KORNEGAY JAMES G. LACOCK JAMES FRANCIS LALANNE WALTER M. LAMBETH GREYARD BYRN LAMM HARRY M, LASKER JOSEPH LEDERMAN NEWTON C. LEE WOODROW SAMPSON LEI PER WALTER H. LEONARD, JR. JOHN HENRY LEWIS ALVIN E. LINDSAY ARCHIE LINDSAY First Row — Charles Hammond Gerald, Delmas Dalton Hendrix, Harrell Bruce Hill, Mack Hobson, Luther Hodges, Edward Norman Hoffman, Harry Hoffman, Jr., Zeno Daniel Hoots, Russel McPherson Hornaday, James Arthur Howard, Howard, Frank Ledbetter. Hodges, Edward W bbert Second Row — Donald Bruce Hubbard, Alfred Herman Hughes, Charles Humphries, Elbert Hutton, Jr., Roy Lee Ingram, Ralph Thompson Isley, Larry Clifton James, William Jackson, Harry Moseley Jones, Paul Jones, William Joslin. , P O Third Row — Albert Joseph Josselson, Acton Perry Keats, Paul Noble King, Ishmael Worth Kirby, William Albert Kirksey, Edgaij Hubert Kobak, John Newman Langdon, Nelson Large, Junius Lee, Robert Zelden Lerner, WILLIAM H LITTLE CLAUDE LORRAINE LOVE, JR- ARTHUR C LOWE MLLIAM CABELL LOWE RAYMOND LOWERY JULIUS A. LOWRANCE, JR ROBERT IRVING LUBIN HN G. LYON F. BORDEN MACE WASHINGTON LEE MACK, JR. WILEY THEODORE MACKIE DANIEL JOHN MacMICHAEL ROBERT BURLAND MAGNER MOSES M. MALKIN JAMES B. MALLORY JAMES G, MANN HARRY ANDREW MARCH LEON MARGOLIS F. C. MARTIN JAMES LEWIS MASTEN WOODROW MATHENY ALBERT H. MATHES JAMES THOMAS McADEN HOWARD WILSON McCALL DONALD WHITFIELD McCOY JAMES EDWARD McGEE JOHN PAUL McGINTY ARCHIBALD NOCK MclNTOSH CHARLES A. McKINNEY DAVID ALEXANDER McLEMORE CAMERON McRAE GEORGE P, MEANS JOHN WHITE MENIUS ANSON ANGUS MERRICK WALTER BRIGGS MESEROLE JOHN GILLESPIE MICHAEL WILLIAM N MIDDLETON GEORGE MASTEN MILLAWAY IRVING J. MILLER COURTNEY MITCHELL, JR. DAVID H MITCHELL JOHN WILLIAM MOORE WILLIAM K. MOREFIELD JOHN EDWIN MORGAN ROBERT WILSON MORGAN T. LACY MORROW THAD TUTTLE MOSER CHARLES R. MOWRY EDWARD EMERSON MURRAY RICHARD NAPIER DONALD HOLMES NEILL VIRGIL GAY NELSON ROBERT BALLIN NEUMAN CHARLES ROLAND NIPE BAXTER GARDNER NOBLE THOMAS BERNARD NORDAN W W. NORMAN EDWIN OVERMAN NORVELL LAIRD R ORD ROBERT VICTOR OSBORNE WALTER PALANSKE THOMAS CLEMENT PARHAM GEORGE E. PARIS HERBERT W, PARK RALPH C PATRICK First Row — Harry Trovers Lewis, Jr., Wellington Harrill Lewis, Raymond Otho Linker, Karl Burne Litzelmon, Leonard Kohl- man Lobred, William Bowen Long, Archibald Loving, Edwin Napoleon Maner, Joseph Bickett Neely, Robert Howard Marshburn, Jr., William Linville Maynord, John Maglenn McCormick, Charles Byron McCraw. Second Row — William Tecumseh McDamel, Jr, Carroll Bradford McGaughey, Jr, Ed McGoogan, Malcolm McNoughton, Robert Ward Menius, Byrd Farmer Merrill, Herbert Mark Miller, Jr., Francis Champion Millican, Harry Luther Mmtz, Jr., Alex- ander Charles Mitchell, Robert Montgomery, Dwight E. Moody, John Robert Moore, Earl Morgan, Richard Edgerton Morris Third Row — David James Morrison, Booker Murphy, William Grey Murray, Tom Palmer Nash, Isaac Floyd Nesbitt, Henly MoirOgburn, Jr., Harold Dement Padgett, Jr., Roy Tu mage Parker, Howard Carlton Patterson, Wilbert Wellons Edgerton, Fred Kingsley Elder, Jr., Edward Kantrowitz, Arthur Link. ERLE FLETCHER PEACOCK FRANK REIDPENN GEORGEE. PERRIN, JR. JAMES PERROTTA FITZHUGH LEE PERRY, JR. P. R. PERRY DANIEL NEFFPETERMAN CALVIN BYNUM PHILLIPS JAMES L. PITTMAN TOM R. PITTS CARL WESLEY POPE CURTIS JAMES POTTER, JR. FRANKLIN WILLARD POTTER J. GARDNER PRATT JAMES FREDERICK PULLEN JOHN W. PULLEN P.C.PURVIS ROBERT MARSHALL QU I NA BENJAMIN GARFIELD RAE, JR. THOMAS DAVID RAMSEY RUFUS GRADY RANKIN RUSH McCLURE RANKIN ROBERT QUERY RANSON CHARLES EDWARD REILLY CHARLES ALEXANDER RICH JOHNT. RIEL NED COGGIN RITCHIE SIDNEY RITTENBERG, JR. CONRAD RUTHERFORD ROBBINS HUGHES ROBERTS BENJAMIN H. ROEBUCK, JR F. M ROGERS DONALD M ROSENBURG K. E ROSS KENNETHC. ROYALL, JR. ROBERT CARL RUTTER JOHN WILLIAM RYAN SIDNEY HENDRICKS SADOFF DAVID McCLELLAN SANDERS DURWARD ELDON SANDERS CLAUDE N. SAPP WILLIAM GUTHRIE SASSER FRANK EDWARD SAYLOR SAMUEL A, SCHMUCKER FRANKLIN J. SCHWARTZ ROSS EDWARD SCROGGS HOWARD EDWARD SEITZ LITTLETON COLE SELDEN ELMER ELROY SENSENBACH, JR, ALEXANDER SESSOMS PAUL VINCENT SEVERIN FREDERICK PAGE SEYMOUR HARRY GRADY SHARP LOUIS M SHERMAN HAROLD MILTON SHORT, JR. WILLIAM M.SHUFORD STANLEY AUERBACH SIEGEL ROBERTWILLIAMS SILLS, JR. EUGENE SILVERSTEIN RAYMOND HARVERY SIMMONS ROBERT GRIGGS SIMMONS PETER JOHN SIMONE GEORGE LEE SIMPSON, JR. JOHN BRADLEY SI NGLETARY WILLIAM VANCE SINGLETARY CHARLES S. SINK ROBERT STANLEY SLOAN HENRY GEORGE SMERNOFF WILLIAM C.SMITH First Row — Lome Cameron Payne, Douglas River Peacock, Edwin Anderson Penick, Jr., Robert Milton Peters, James William Pickard, James DeCamp Piver, James Cecil Pointer, William Moorefield Puckett, Whit Coffield Purvis, James Perrin Quarles, Jr., John Oliver Ransom. Second Row — Hickman Ray, Pembroke Graves Rees, Frank Russell Reynolds, William Robert Richardson, Jeff Davis Sewell, Leon Whitfield Robertson, John Leon Rogers, Livingston Brewster Rogerson, Simons Lucas Roof, Kenneth Ellsworth Ross. Third Row — Alvin Cicero Russell, William Salowe, Charles Joseph Savarese, Jr., Leonard James Schleifer, Conrad Campbell Schrimpe, David Sessoms, James Farish Robertson, Jr., Kalman Sherman, Leroy Shuping, Jr., Richard Charles Sieck, Christian 1 . Siewers. ■(•HOWELL CAVERLY SMITH JOHN WILSON SMITH ROBERT B, SMITH WILLIAM DAVIS SNIDER BRUCE WELLl NGTON SNYDER LEROY ALLAN SOSNOWITZ CAREY ROGERS SPARKS COLIN GEORGE SPENCER, JR. ADRIAN CHARLES SPIES J. B. SPILLMAN RICHARD WOOD SPIVEY HOWARD RAYMOND STADIEM HERBERT IRVING STANG MORTIMER STANG SEYMOUR VICTOR STERN ERNEST STEICH GEORGE STIRNWEISS DAVID LEWIS STOKES FLEMING HOLT STONE RALPH HOWARD STOLMACK GRADY E STONE WARREN G STONE DAN HARRINGTON STOUT GEORGE MARSHALL STRATTON; THOMAS W SUMMEY BERNARD ROBERT SWAN BENJAMIN F TAYLOR FRANK B.TAYLOR HARRY ROGER TAYLOR JOHN THOMAS TALTON, JR. JOHN ARTHUR TERRELL BONNER H THOMASON, JR NEILH.THOMPSSON, JR. WILLIAM MANLEY THOMPSON THOMAS MARSHALL TILLEY RALPH CHALMERS TOLAR LESL I E DAN I EL TOML I NSON DONALDF TORREY, JR CLARK C TOTHEROW, JR. M. ODELLTOWNSEND GARLAND SCOTT TUCKER LUTHER WILSON TURNER JOHN CARROLL TYNAN ADOLPH JOSEPH URBAN C BRUCE VAN SCHOICK OREN M, VERNON WILLIAM BRYANT VINSON MORTON DAVID VOGEL WILLIAM NAILSON VOGLER WALTER CHARLES WAGNER NICHOLAS WALKER WALKER WILLIAM JAMES WALKER, JR, WILLIAM THOMAS WALKER WILLIAM B.WALTER WADE FITZGERALD WARD HAROLD WARSHAW GEORGE WILLIAM WATSON HERBERT WEBER ARTHUR EMANUEL WEISS JACOB LEWIS WEISS ROBERT WEST HUBERT BROOKS WHEELER NATHAN P. WHITFIELD LEE MANNING WIGGINS ROBERT HENRY WILDS, JR. CHARLES B.WILKERSON,JR JAMES ROBERT WILKES WILLIAM SHELTON WILKINS GEORGE A WILKINSON GEORGE LANTZ WILKINSON EUGENE B WILLIAMS HERBERT D.WILLIAMS RAY WYATT WILLIAMS HARRY ALLEN WILLS HOFMANN D.WILSON HUNTER WILSON WILLIAM E.WILSON HARRY WINKLER, JR. WILLIAM A. WINSTEAD EUGENE ROY WITTEN C C. WOLFE NOEL ROBERT S. WOODHOUSE EDWARD WOODMAN SMITH WOODSON WESCOTT ROBERSON WOLLEN CECIL WILLIAM WOOTEN CALVIN McALISTER WORTH WALTER HARRILLWRAY RICHARD STANLEY WRIGHT VINCENT BROWN WRIGHT DAVID G WURRESCHKE MILTON HERSH ZAUBER, JR IRWIN ARTHUR ZUCKERMAN First Row — Walter Lincoln Sheffield, Samuel Jo Smith, Jr., Samuel Milton Smith, Rodney English Snow, Jr., Roger Alexander Snyder, Harry Ward Sparrow, Randolph Louis Speight, Ernest Pinkney Spence, John Thomas Stegall, Albert Stewart, Jr., Norman Vaughn Stockton, Jr , James Francis Strickland, Algie Maurice Stuart, Jr., Edgar Chew Sweeney, Jr. Second Row — Arthur Thomas Sweet, Jr., Edwin Cole Tankersley, Edgar Suggs Taylor, Jr., Samuel Farris Teague, Jr., Harry Gordon Thigpen, Jr., William Green Thome, Benjamin Wyche Tillett, Lawrence Archdale Tomlinson, James Henry Toy, Morton Lawrence Turteltaub, Thomas Huske Vance, Hubert Larence Veozey, William Leonard Wall, Richard Wright Watkins. Third Row — Joseph Alson Welborn, Alton Wright Wells, Joe Long Whitley, Kenan Banks Williams, Lewis James Williams, George Thomas Willis, George Henry Windecker, Gorden Enoch Wood, James Frederick Woodward, Jr., Robinson Woodward, Thomas Archibald Wright, III, John Thomas Yelverton, Joseph Ellis Zaytoun, James McKee Zealy. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS WILLIAM THOMAS SHORE President DUDLEY DuBOSE COCKE Vice-President JOHN WALKER DIFFENDAL Secretory EDWARD FARRIS EDWARDS Treasurer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN LAWRENCE HAROLD STERN Executive Committee FLETCHER CULIEN MANN, JR Chapel Program Committee ARTHUR CLARK Ways ond Means Committee LAV RENCE LERNER Dance Committee HONOR COUNCIL WILLIAM COLLINS CODY GEORGE LEAVELL COXHEAD WILLIAM CHURCH CROOM WILLIAM T. MARTIN LENNOX POLK McLENDON CHARLES PARKS REECE WILLIAM IRA WARD ft ft McLENDON, COXHEAD, MARTIN, CROOM, WARD, CODY (Freshman Honor Council SHORE COCKE DIFFENDAL EDWARDS MANN CLASS D F 19 4 2 First Row — Roeford Kennedy Adams, George William Adcock, Detton Earle Alexander, William Cress Alexander, John Russell Armstrong, Edmund Cornell Ashman, Robert Tilton Austin, Benjamin Franklin Aycock, ' Jesse Bardin Aycock, Claude Fletcher Bailey, Gilbert Sylvester Bal- lance, Douglas deVone Batchelor, Weson Odell Batchelor, Walter Winford Baucom. Second Row — Theodore Joshua Baxter, Osear McArthur Bizzell, David Alan Blank, Robert Lee Bobbitt, William Snyder Bonner, Ewing Thomas Bowie, Ralph Irving Bowman, Raymond West Bradley, Henry Branch, James Murray Brantley, Charles Nathaniel Briley, Frederick Lee Broad, George Rowland Brown, Robert Marion Buechel. Third Row — Algy Rose Burgess, Henry King Burgwyn, Drury Robert Burton, Austin Heaton Carr, Ernest Roeford Corroway, Dereoma Star Carroll, George Hill Carter, Morrison Ronkin Caruthers, Robert Manly Coshwell, Nelson Bryon Casstevens, John Randolph Chambliss, Samuel Burton Clapp. FRESHMEN NOT IN PICTURE Thomas Adams John Alexander Tom Walton Allen Reed Andae Burette Neuman Andrews James Crandall Andrews Marvin Pope Anthony Percy Rudolph Ashby Stanley Tayloe Atkinson Thomas Afrington Avera William GaitherAydlett Charles Rankin Baker Horoce Mitchell Baker David Clark Bollard Emory Johnson James Arnold Barclay Aiden Emmett James Albert Edgar Dal ton Barnwell, Jr. Joe Hill Borrington Leon Francis Bass Cy Simmons Beard Fisher Jones Beosley William Loikett Beermon William Curtis Benoit Horace Pope Benton Warren Hammond Bernstein Edgar Bierman Deyer Poole Biggerstaff Joseph Franklin . Blake Haywood Gilbert Bland Alexander Conoley Bonner Douglas Pith Bournique Richard Hanson Brogdon James Point Brassfield Royce Everett Brewer Edwin Briggs James Britt Black Markhom Brogden Raymond Harrison Brown Stonley Milton Brown George Edwardson Bullock Myron Bloir Burch Boyd Virgil Burnett Edward Burton Trent Busby James Preston Butler Man in Dixter Byerly William Cozart Caljioun David Martin Calloway Paul Jackson Callaway Robert Winston Carr Dudley DeWitt Carroll George Hill Corter Roy Muiton Cathey John Congaris John Lewis Cheshire Charles Longley Clark Samuel Hill Clork Thomas Albert Clark Thomas Wells Clark FRESHMEN NOT IN PICTURE Dudley DuBose Cocke Clark Columbus Cockerham Leo John Joseph Cohan George Chen Thomas Chen Charles Lindsay Colby Lyman Pelton Collins Thomas Greene Collins Jack Lane Connelly Roy Lee Connor James Alphonsus Corcoran Robert Kershner Cox Adolphus Clark Craft James Ralph Crawford James Washington Crews James Clarence Crone William Church Croom Martin Luther Crotts Nomon Joseph Cully Millard Roberts Currin Charles Everett Dameron John Thomas Dougherty Eugene Milburn Davant Robert Lang Davis Joseph Greene Dawson Frank D ' Elia James Gordon DeLooch James Dempsey James David Denning Horry Tillinghost Dewey John Turley Dillon Graham Bennett Dimmick Wesley Vansant Disney Arthur Wilson Dixon OlinOrlin Dukes Harry Newton Dunkle Murdoch McRoe Dunn John Allen Eddy Thomas Russell Edens John Bivens Efird Richard Vaughn Ehrick Charles Sodelson Elliott William Holt Foircloth Guy Cone Farmer Claude Clark Faw Ralph Almond Felton William Lacy Felts Marc Edward Ferrand Thomas Frederick Fields| I rvin Alfred Fleishman Holt ElamFlynt Walter Edge Foran Edwin Clark Ford Edmund Conger Forehand Sam Leon Foushee Lawrence Grayson Fowler Raymond Francis Walter Thomas Frye Stanley Edwards Fuchs Arthur Mullersburg Fuller Joel Fulton Hailey Walter Funke Matthew Thomas Gels First Row — William Collins Cody, Louise Mercer Connor, Daniel Whitney Conway, Leonard Beresford Cox, George Leavell Coxhead, Henry Foil Craver, Bennett Rudolph Creech, Charles Dixon Cunningham, Charles Lee Daniels, Richard Lawrence Doughtry, Louis Hector DeArmos, Daniel Logon Deaver. Second Row — Joseph Paul Demeri, John Walter Diffendol, Benjamin Dinkins, James Murray Dumbell, James Sydney Earle, Cory Moore Early, Richard Langston Eddy, Keith Seymour Edmister, Dallas Nathaniel Edwards, Edward Farris Edwards, Richard Pierpont Edwards, Richard Walton Edwards, Marshal Rouven Effron. Third Row— Gorris James Eggleston, Joseph Miller Elkins, James Elliot, Lester Phillip Etter, John Wesley Evans, Richard Henry Farley, Ed- ward Carroson Farrow, Francis Herman Fatell, Joseph Andrews Pelmet, John Allen Finn, Robert Castor Fisher, Worth Barnad Folger, George Anderson Foote, Frank Leon Foy. First Row — George Edminson Bullock, Robert Winston Corr, Marion Miot Fuller, Roy Funderburke, V» ' illiam Crawlord Gardner, John Pope Garner, Williann Edward Garwood, Carney Gavin Gatta, William Cortell, Paul Harding deWitt Gerhardt, Peter Hans Gernsheimer, Joshua Gold- berg, Alan Bernarria Goldenthal. Second Row — Herbert Wesley Gooding, Samuel Henry Green, Joseph Harold Greenberg, James Sherrlll Gregory, Thomas Brooks Griftin, Robert Thomas Grimes, Frank Grogon, Jim Frank Hockler, Thomas Livingston Hallett, Julius Elias Hanins, Jay Coy Hardin, Arthur Miller Horns, Robert William Harwell, George Lewis Hoyes Third Row — Earle West Hellen, James Robbins Helms, Chester Wilson Hill, Troy Crews Hodges, James Truman Holland, Horry DeWitt Hollingsworth, Ethedred Henry Holt, Arthur Wesley House, Forrest Edwin House, Webb Caldwell Howell, Joseph Strange Huske, FRESHMEN NDT IN PICTURE Robert Allen George Robert Selwin Gersten Milton Glozer Freeman Anson Godfrey Frank Morton Goldsmith Robert Weinberg Goldsmith Normon Boyer Gover Hundley Rankin Gover John Marshall Greene Jomes Brooks Greenwood Smiley Alex Gregg Sam Thornej egory John Hawkins Gribbin ■Paul Samuel Griffith George Grotz Rudolph Grun Francis Albert Gugert Robert Cecil Holdemon George Edioe Ham Roswell Woodrow Homlett Alger Vason Hamrick Charles Rush Hamrick Frank Borden Hones Jarvin Aubrey Eugene Romsey Hardin Fred Greene Horns ' ' Fred Gentry " I Lewis Spencer Horns Charles Allen Headlee Thomas Vincent Heard Harold Morse Held John Percy Henderson Albert Brockney Hendricks Joe Boxter Herron Robert Shields Francis Vernon High North Smith Hinkle John Borden Hoagland Truman McGill Hobbs Harry Hoffman Cyrus Dornlor Hogue Hugh Stanley Hole Eugene Holland George Conits Hollond James Burwell Holland Lloyd Dixon Hollingsworth William Kern Holomon Corrie Vernon Holt Oscar Jomes Honeycutt David Henry Hood John Sylvester Hopkins William Horace Hoskins Harold Fletcher House Curtis William Howord Sherman Hubbord Tom Floyd Hughes Charles Edward Hussey Robert Stuart Hutchison Edward Whitley Hymon Clarence Bickett Idol i pgpS»» " William Fleel Jackson Walter Gafford Jamss George Howard Jonov William Johnson William Steele Johnson Albert Sherwood James Fremont Jones Arthur Melville Jordan Lincoln Shian Hing Kan Lawrence Seymour Karger FRESHMEN NOT IN PICTURE lloro ' d Allen Ke " n Rowland Kennedy Horry Warren Kopf Robert Lee Lone Wallace Bruce Leo James Froncis Learning James Newton Leathers Whitlock Lees Ernest Hodges Leggett Lucian Boyd Lenfz Manfred Paul Levey Harry Trovers Lewis John Everett Lindsay Robert Israel Lipton James Bengin Little Russell Hayes Livermore Eugene Franklin Livingston Mahlon Harris Long Walter Bennette Love Knox Overton Mockoy n a. v allouk ' Richard MalloLiK Joseph Di: on Monn Robert Howard Monn Thomos Jarvis Morkhom ' William Augustus Murtm Jack Jomes Mortukomtz Roger Matthews Henry Stratford May Richard Alvis May Nelson McAbee First Row — Vincent Arey, Paul Jackson Calloway, Howley Wa ' ter Funke, Roswell Woodrow Hamlett, William Broxton Ingram, Horace Bryan Ives, Royal Domistis James, Williom Henry James, Lee Jack Jasper, A ' fred Johnson, Harry Ferguson Johnson, Joseph Edward Johnson, Ralph Emerson Johnson, John Clinton Johnston, George Lyman Jordan, Williom McRae Jordan, Edv ord Thornton Jurney. Second Row — Frank Ross Justin, Edward Kalin, Maurice Arnold Kanter, Arnold Jules Kantrowitz, Richard Leon Kendrick, Joe Wollett, William Molcomson Keppel, Shoun Leonard Kerbaugh, John Price Kerr, Gip Isaish Kimball, Miles Smith King, James Russell Kirby, Martin Bae Kohn, Robert Stansbury lambert, Edword Robert Lamson, Stephen Bruce Longfeld, Wilmer Ogden Lonkford, Arthur Henry LoRochelle Third Row — Frank Lawrence, Herman Dewey Lowscn, James Stanley Leory, Benjamin Mordecai Lee, John Rosser LeGrande, Lawrence Lerner, Norman Levinson, Rolph Levy, Elwyn Charles Lewis, Boston McGee Lackey, Allan Logel, Walter Fronklin Long, William Arthur Loock, John Greewood Lyon, Fletcher Culien Monn, Roger Cornwell Monn, William Molsy Morley. Fourth Row — Raymond Jones Mortin, William Martin, Leonard Jo ' n Matte, Armando Moyorgo, Fernando Mayorgo, Hoyle Stacy McBone, Julian Hiram McDaniel, Philip Hudson McDavid, Martin Craft McGilvary, William Louis McKinnon, Norman McLeod, Herbert Steed Mc- Noiry, Fred Wilder McNeil, Charles Russell McNeill ►r First Row— Edward Case Mooring, Samuel Fox Mordecai, Lewis Henry Myers, Sidney Myers, Irving Harry Nemtzow, Morris Odelman, Jonas Goodman. Second Row— Edward Dudley Patrick, Ellwood Newton Pearce, Herrick Roland Peterson, Joel Earnest Presson, WJIiom St. Clair Pugh, Hugh Pemberton Quimby, Peter Bernard Roymer. FRESHMEN NDT IN PICTURE John Wilson McCauley Floyd Bran McCombs George McDermott Thomas Cowan Mclllhenny Richard Winslow Mclver William Locke McKenzie Lennox Polk McLendon Frederick Betheo McQueen Thomas Somuel Means M. Raymond Mendelsohn Joseph Worren Mengel Raymnd George Mercready Coudery Kent Merrill " " " " ' George Wright Meyer Julian Sydney Miller Edwin Lester Mmges Lewis Mitchell Raymond Miller Mitchell Edward Leroy Mitten Robert W. Montgomery 3 William W Montgomery! Aubrey Hoskings Moore Clayton Moore Phillip St. John Moore Sewell Trezevont Moore James Turner Morehead Earl Misenheimer Morgan Ernest Howard Morris Calvin Blackwell Morrissette Edward Augustine Moynihan Cyrus Mack Murphy Joseph Kensey Murrill Claude Allen Myers William Horace Neal William CollisNeely Virgil Gay Nelson Bunyan Myron Newell John Robert Newsome Charles McKinney Nice Frederick Lloyd Noell Rufus Jay Norris Theodore Thomas Noulles Alton Gwyn Nowell Frank Vincent O ' Hore Robert Milton Olive Wilds Williamson Olive John Moultrie Oliver John Ord William Charles Orr Marvin Ostrowsky Shirley Lee Owen Oscar Lindsey Owens Williom Robert Page Fen Park Benjamin Carl Parker Walter Linton Parsley Elbert Randolph Portridge Allen Clark Patterson Alvin Josef Patterson Dove Pearlman William P. Jones Peete George Stallings Pelletier Hugh Hayes Perry John Edward Perry Louis Wiley Perry William Janes Peters Morton Irving Petuske Cloud Robert Pfaff Charles Snears Phillips Charles Craig Phillips Kennedy Tenney Pickslay Gilbert William Piddingfon Kenneth Pigford Louis Julien Poisson - Harold James Pope Royal Sondor Popking Alpha Carter Powell Robert William Powers William James Price Edward Lewis Prizer William Prowitt Delmor Gains Pryor William Moorefield Puckett William Witt Putney Charles Gilda Pyle William Trent Rogland William Spencer Randolph FRESHMEN NDT IN PIETURE William Hillary Roscoe William Alexander Rawls Roger Joseph Royburn Peter Bernard Raymond Carter Reaves Henry Wade Reynolds Charles Otto Rhyne Enoch Blair Rice John Donald Rice Stewart Show Richardson Bernard Richter David Burton Ricks Vernon Woddell Riggsbee James Benjamin Ritchie John Revel Rives Charles Austin Robbins Wilbur Glenn Robbins Garland Furgeson Robeson John Leon Rogers John Thomas Rogers Albert Abraham Rose Robert Lloyd Rose Paul Milo Rosemon Raymond Martin Rosenbloom Robert Luke Rosenbloom Howard Joel Rothschild Richard Randall Roundy John Lawrence Rowe Henry Carl Rowland Clarence Lee Ruffin James Llewellyn John William Sasser James McKimmon Sounder , Jerome Arthur Schock Louis Scheipers William Bernstein Schwort James Emmett Sebrell Murroy Richard Secher David Seifert Monroe Daniel Seligmon Howard Sexton Herbert David Shoin James Murdoch Show James Kimbrough Sheek James Steck Sherwood William Shore Llewellyn Hampton Short Byron Columbus Shouppe Joseph Edward Shytle Stephen White Siddle David Silver Henry Brookshire Sinclair Ernest Frederick Skillman Charles Basil Skipper Bernard Israel Slovin Walter Richmond Sloan Sigmon Wayne Smothers Armisteod Burwell Smith Edward Albert Smith Herman Dobney Smith John Frederick Smith John Thel Smith Julian Lloyd Smith Robert AiJeBavid Smith William Lester Smith David Thomas Sporrow Williams Spicer James Joseph Spring George Brower Spransy Alonzo Garrison Squires John Roineor Stabler Fred Doiley Stollings James Monroe Starke Lawrence Harold Stern William Grody Stevens Robert Ralph Stoinoff Thomas Edgar Story William Culbertson Stout Michael Corbett Stovoll Arthur Clifford Stowe George Stowe First Row— Walter Bennette Love, William Augustus Martin, Charles Phillips, Gombole Ratterree, Lee Moloney Records, Charles Park Reece, Dickson McLean Regon, West Baxter Rhyne, John Alexander Riely, Zennie Lawrence Riggs, Edward Carter Roberts, Alfred Hall Rogers. Second Row — James Thomas Rogers, Max Hanson Rohn, Joseph Hall Ross, George Robert Rouiller, Frederick Rountree, Gershon Leonard Rubin, Norman Lee Sasser, Gleen Charles Sawyer, Frank Edward Soylor, Louis Joy Scheinmon, Edward Adolph Schroeder, James Richard Schurz, Robert Franklin Sears. Third Row — William Henry Seemon, Rufus Shelkoff, Carl Landor Sherman, Robert Park Sherman, Sol Samuel Sherman, Irvin Myron Sigal, Paul Warren Simpson, Hubert Heorn Smith, Herbert Wood Smith, Roger Terrell Smith, Horry Alvin Snyder, William Thomos Snypes, Reynold Pollock Spence, Rodman Spruill, William Grady Stevens k r, ►I I I ►loioi % g 6 e pirst Row— Hugh Hammond Bennett, Richard Alvis May, Sewe I Tr_:, ,_ : ' , ■ , i ' - ■,,!,:. • ir, Louis Stephens, Ralph Beaman Stephens, Adrian Alexander Stepp, John Gregory. Sterken, James William Stewart, William Donold Stone, William Owen Sutherlond, Jess Francis Swan, John Boyce Tolbe rt, Robert Leonard Taylor, Smith Phillip Theimann, Second Rov -James Preston Thorp, John Daniels Thorp, Arthur Vaughn Tucker, John Harvey Turner. William Caton Urquhort, Thomas Carroll Vail, Bennie Vatz, Harold Cone Vick, Peter Albert Wallenborn, Ira Albert Ward, Richard Wright Watson, Theodore Franklin Weant, Roger Weil, Robert Walter Weis, Harold Nolond Wells, Robert Conrad Werner, Jacob West. Third Row— John Sherord Wharton, Richard Lindsey Wharton, Cloude Arthur White, Joseph McElroy Whitehurst, Kenneth Worth Wilkins. Abraham Arnold Willar, Thomas Franklin Williams, Joseph Maurice Wolfson, Fred Lamar Wood, Sherrod Newberry Wood, Jefferson Bruce Young, Oscar Charles Zimmerman. FRESHMEN NOT IN PICTURE li Robert Strange Blaine Truesdell Stroupe William Douglas Stuart James Battle Suiter Carl Jacob Suntheimer William Jennings Swink Harrison Symmes Nelson Ferebee Taylor Arthur Lee Teachey Cornelius Dickinson Thomos Hordy Lee Thompson John Franklin Thompson Melmuth Wilson Tlionipson ' " ' " ' ' " nAtnWiP Thornton Charles Walter Tillett Claude Augustus Tillman Robert Scott Tomach Archie Benbow Tomlin - Worth Evan Tonilinson William Jefferson Tope J Robert Dutilh Torrey Carl Harding Townson James Spencer Truitt Harry Tucker Remus Strotl .er Turner Morton Bruce Ulmon Jefferson Lee Umstead Buck Ernest Underwood William Alfred Upton Burges Urquhort Robert Manning Vail William D. Vandyke John Robert Von Hecke James Elliot Vawter Ralph Cannon Volk Charles Waldman Moses Albert Walker Paul William Wall Hubert Cozort Wolston William Ira Ward George Benedict Wotson Albert Thomas Weatherly Ransey Weathersbee WilmerWebb Max Gustov Weber Harold Wescott Wells Victor Epps Wells Cameron West Douglos Hailing West Francis Vincent West Horry F. Weyher Frank Ridley Whitaker William Allen Whitoker Fred Henry White Gail Anderson White John White Richard Alan White Gerald Rodman Whitley Floyd Gilbert Whitney Thomas Chester Wiggins Raymond F. Willeford Frank Lenox Williams John Thomas Williams Wood row Wade Williams William Bethel Williamson William Moore Willis Donald Frank Wilson Vivion Edwin Wilson Conrad Alexander Wimbish Thomas Brodie Winborns Patrick Henry Winston Adrian Lee Wise Moffat Patrick Witherington Jomes Ivon Woodruff Arthur Lee Woods Thomas Kirkmon Wrenn Isoac Clark Wright PHARMACY MEDICINE LAW PROFESSIONAL JAMES HAMILTON FOX THE PHARMACY SCHODL The Pharmacy Association, with an enroll- ment of one hundred thirty-four students, is completing one of its most active years. In on effort to make the Association more uni- fied and more easily comprehended by the first year class, a committee of upperclass- men was on hand to greet and orientate them at the opening of the fall quarter. To this end also, the precedent of a complete Phar- macy section in the YACKETY YACK was in- OFFICERS President JAA IES HAMILTON FOX Vice-President McDONALD DAVIS, JR. Secretary and Treasurer MARION SIMS HAMER Student Council Representative GREY BRYAN KORNEGAY Campus Legislature Representative WILLIAM HALSEY President of Woman ' s Group MISS ALTAJANE HOLDEN stituted. One of the highlights of the school year was the visit of Dr. E Fullerton Cook, Chairman of the United States Pharmacopoeial Revision Committee, on April 17. The Student Branch of the North Carolina Pharmaceutical Association, a student organi- zation within the Pharmacy Association, also had a very active year. It held monthly meet- ,] » « T, 1 - i ,15 ' -» HALSEY JONES KORNEGAY LORCK THE PHARMACY SCHOOL ings at which a speaker was presented. Public Health agents, physicians, and dentists w ere among the speakers. The Student Branch also sponsored a display at the State Association meeting in High Point in May. The organiza- tion, With eighty-five members, had Mr. I. W. Rose as faculty advisor to the group. Kappa Epsilon, an organization of the wom- en in the Pharmacy Association, enjoyed a most progressive year. During the year, Kap- McDONALD DAVIS, JR. DATES pa Epsilon sponsored many school projects and entertainments under the faculty advisorship of Miss Alice Noble. XI Chapter of Rho Chi, national honorary pharmaceutical fraternity, initiated three new members. As an added incentive to good work, it also presented an award to the first year man having the highest scholastic average. PHARMACY CLASS 1939 ' it Shelton B. Boyd James Hamilton Fox Sanford, N. C, Asheboro, N. C. Ciindidate for B.S. Degree A X Candidate for B.S. Degree President Pharmacy School (4); Stu- dent Branch N. C. P. A-, Executive Committee (3). Eugene Tulie Brown Clyde Loraine Futrell Colerain, N. C. Pine Level, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree CiWdidale for B.S. Degree Secretary Class (3); Vice-Pres idenf Class (4). McDonald Davis, Jr. William Bradley Halsey Clinton, N,C, Sparta, N. C. K, K Candidate for B.S. Degree Vice-President Pharmacy School (4). Candidate for B.S. Degree Campus Legislature (4); Student Branch N. C. P. A,; Honor Council (4). Helen Duguid Marion Sims Homer Vanceboro, N. C. Lenoir, N C Candidate for B.S. Degree Secretary Class (4); Student B N. C P A. anch A X Candidate for B.S. Degree Secretary and Treasurer of Pharmacv School (4); Student Branch N. C Luther Kenneth Edwards Stantonsburg, N, C e X Candidate for B.S. Degree Aldridge Kirk Hardee Graham, N C. ATA Candidate for B.S. Degree Student Branch N, C, P. A, Secre- tory (4). ■■■mjH IHH George William Honeycutt Apex, N. C, K I ' Candidate for B.S. Degree Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Class President (3); Student Branch N. C. P. A. George Haywood Jones Tarboro, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree President Class (4). Maruin Morton Kessler Raleigh, N, C. A C.wdidate for B.S. Degree Grey Bryan Kornegay Mt. Olive, N. C. p X Candidate for B.S. Degree Interdormitory Council (4); Student Council (4); Honor Council (2); Sec- retary-Treasurer Class (2); Vice-Pres- ident Rho Chi (4); Student Branch N. C. P. A.; Executive Committee Sophomore Class. William Vinson Proctor Wilson ' sMills, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Student Branch N. C, P, A, James Fredrick Rhodes Lincolnton, N. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Cross Country (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 3, 4). William Lee Sloan Chapel Hill, N. C. K I ' Candidate for B.S. Degree Honor Council (3); Student Brand N, C. P. A. Claude Vernon Timberlake, Jr. Youngsville, N. C. A X Candidate for B.S. Degree Class Treasurer (3). Joseph Peyton Tunstall Belhoven, N. C. A X Candidate for B.S. Degree Vice-President Class (3); Y,M C A. (4); Student Branch N. C. P. A, President (4). Lovett Aldin Warren, Jr. Garland, N, C, A X Candidate for B.S. Degree PHARMACY CLASS 1940 Anna Dean Burks Hunter Liggett Kelly Chapel Hill, N. C. Apex, N. C. Edward Graham Campbell Leinster Martin Lewis Lurama, N. C. Moreheod City, N. C. K Alfred Nixon Costner Wilson Knowles Lewis Lincolnton, N C. Mount Olive, N C- K 4 ' Henry Edward Dillon Allen Alexander Lloyd Elkin, N.C. Hillsboro, N. C. Phil Gaddy Leo Andrew Lorek Morshville, N.C. Castle Hoyne, N. C. K Altaiane Holden Solon Minton Bunnell, Fla. Warsaw, N. C. Charles Daniel McFalls Newton, N. C. Samuel Woodrow McFalls Newton, N. C. John Albert McNeill Whiteville, N. C. Minnie Ferol Parker Chapel Hill, N. C. Jesse Miller Pike Concord, N. C- Donald Alton Plemmons Asheville, N. C. Spencer Cornelius Scott, Jr. Fair Bluff, N. C. ;rnard Cleveland Sheffield, Jr. Warsaw, N. C. Wriston Smith Kannapolis, N C. Elizabeth Milton Weaver Chapel Hill, N. C X V. Martin Hildred Williams Lexington, N C. PHARMACY CLASS 1341 First Row— Smith, E. H,, Hamlet, Pickord, Biggs, Fuller, Holland, Spruill, Royall. Second Row — Burrus, Mlllan, Erwin, Edwards, Greene, Bridges, Eldridge, Trotter, Pethel Third Row — Stacy, Smith, J. L, Caldwell, Gillespie, Foxx, Wright, Whitford, McManus, Griffin. Fourth Row: Foster, Johnson, Creech, Oakley, Windecker, Inman, Kiser. William Walton Allgood Roxboro John Waller S. Biggs Washington Bernard Thomas Bridgers Lasker Blanche Evelyn Burrus Canton George Edward Clark Pittsboro John David Colwell Wilmington Jack Alexander Creech Solemburg S McDonald Edwards Ayden Claudia Josephine Eldridge Corrboro Ralph Emerson Foster, Jr. Leaksville Edwin Rudolph Fuller Louisburg Mary Lucile Gillespie Burnsville Henry Wilson Greene Roanoke Rapids Sandy D. Griffin, Jr. Wingate Joe Edward Hamlet Holhster Burke M. Herndon Greensboro Thomas Marshall Holland Mount Holly George Graham Inman Fairmont Dwayne Alton Irwin Sparta Arthur R. Johnson Kerr Ray Alexander Kiser Lincolnton Margaret Thomas Lloyd Chapel Hill A. L. McLean Fuquay Springs George Julian McManus Matthews Norman H. Massengill, Jr. Bristol, Tenn William Kendell Minnick Wyndale, Va Calvin Sneid Oakley Mebane James Edward Perry, Jr. Franklin Raymond Eugene Pethel China Grove John Milton Pickard Durham Roy Reuben Rice Mars Hill George Edwin Royal, Jr. Elkin Bernard C. Sheffield, Jr. Warsaw Edwin Harrison Smith, Jr. Weldon Jessie Lee Smith Robbinsville Ronald Wescotte Spruill Pinetown Rose Pittman Stacy Chapel Hill Pinkney Lawson Trotter, Jr. Pilot Mountain Hamilton Polk Underwood Foyetteville Julian Carter Watkins N. Emporia, Va. Bryan Henry Whitford, Jr. Washington George Henry Windecker Ridgefield Park, N. J Latane Potter Wright Chapel Hill PHARMACY CLASS 1942 First Row — McCrimon, Thomos, Church, Beck, Sessoms, Simons, Dingier, Thornton, Scoggin Second Row — Collins, King, Perritt, McGowan, Webb, Creel, Swoim, Hodges Third Row — Tee, McKnight, Donovon, Holt. Fourth Row — Welfare, Sain, Morrow, Horton, Green, Pearsell. Fifth Row — Montesanti, McAdams, Scheffield, Rosser, Filer, Williamson, Drew. Donald Avery Beck Badin John Trammel Church Salisbury Spurgeon Lee Collins Morshville Joseph Andrew Creel Dunn Joe Webber Crowell Norwood Kenneth Lee Dingier Mooresville Penelope Wilson Donovan Reidsville Paul Bernard Drew Stedmon Constance DuBose Roseboro Reuben Vance Eller Salisbury Junius Claude Fox Rondleman Raymond Leslie Fox Danville, Va Frank Arthur Greene, Jr. Suffern, N Y Albert Cleveland Harril! Forest City Shernll DeLeon Hodges Fuquoy Springs Sara Ethelyn Holt Princeton Bernice Daniel Horton Apex Alfred Henderson King Durham. John Webster McAdoms Burlington David Foy McGowan Swan Quarter Dan Grier McCrimmon Hemp Leonia E. McKnight, Jr. Fayetteville Joe Montesanti Pinehurst William Robert Nowel! Wendell Edward Southerland Pearsal Wallace Carolyn Cherry Perritt Rocky Mount John Harrington Rosser Vass S, Thaxter Sain Lawndale Herbert Palmer Scoggin Louisburg Edwin Tate Sessoms Roseboro William Johnson Sheffield Nattick, Moss Joseph Rodolphus Short Greensboro Foster Joel Simmons Conover Austin Tomlinson Swaim Thomasville Harry Cleveland Tee Harrington, Del Richard H. Thomas Evons City, Pa John W- Thornton Dunn Martha Webb Chapel Hill Donald Evans Welfare Winston-Salem Jimmie Belk Williamson Wilmington Oscar F. Wood Fayetteville THURSTON SECOND YEAR CLASS ROLL Jesse Appel Rolph Monroe Bell Doniel Houston Buchanan Jesse Burgoyne Caldwell Henry Toole Clark Charles Edgar Cloninger Joseph Benjamin Crawford Alfred Maul Elwell Benjamin Fletcher Fortune Eugene Floyd Homer Miss Pearl Trogdon Huffman Gilmer Mebane SCHOOL DF MEDICINE OFFICERS OF WHITEHEAD MEDICAL ASSOCIATION President THOMAS GARDINER THURSTON Vice-President JESSE BURGOYNE CALDWELL Secretary and Treasurer. . .DANIEL HOUSTON BUCHANAN Student Council Representative. .EDWIN ALBERT RASBERRY OFFICERS OF SECOND YEAR CLASS President RALPH MONROE BELL Vice-President ALFRED MAUL ELWELL, JR. Secretary and Treasurer, JAMES LANGDON WARDLAW, JR. Ralph Slier Morgon Max Novich Miss Irene Phrydos Edwin Albert Rosberry, Jr. Meyer Harvey Rolnick Emmet Spicer Robert Strieker Edmund Rhett Taylor Thomas Gardiner Thurston James Longdon Wardlow, Jr Samuel Boyley Willord Milton Horry Yudell BUCHANAN Bottom Row — Dr. Kyker, Appel, Dr. Manning, Dr. McPherson, Dr. McNider, Caldwell, Thurston, Fortune, Novich. Second Row — Dr. Lowe, Dr. Bullitt, Dr. Andrews, Dr. Donelly, Dr. George, Phrydos, Huffman. Third Row — Dr. Ferriil, Dr. Pliske, Crawford, Rosberr , Clon- iger, Willard, Elwell, Clark, Taylor, Simmons, Yudell, Me- bane, Homer, Strieker, Spicer, Buchonan. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE OFFICERS OF FIRST YEAR CLASS President JOHN BORDEN GRAHAM Vice-President WILLIAM THOMAS RABY Secretary and Treasurer DAVID LOURY PRESSLY FIRST YEAR CLASS ROLL Vernon Liles Andrews Chorles William Beaven Harry Haynes Baird Robert Lee Brickhouse Howard Brownlow Barnwell Fred Richard Cochrane, Jr. Phil Louis Barringer Abe Conger Robert Shelton Beam Miss Sybil Corbett BELL GRAHAM Bottom Row — Richardson, Hatcher, Dr. Manning, Dr. McPher- son. Dr. McNider, Ranson, Woltz, Pleasants, Andrews- Second Row — Dr. Kyker, Dr. Lowe, Dr. Bullitt, Dr. Andrews, Dr. Donoliy, Dr. George, Kirchman, Beam. Third Row — Dr. Pliske, Dr. Ferrlll, Parker, Mozor, Leonard, Pressley, Graham, Raby, Saposnick. Fourth Row — Elliott, Crooks, Beovan, McCain, Conger, Oliver, Corbett, Wright, Barringer, Cochrane, Brickhouse, Mosko- witz, Metcalfe, Hansel, Dyer. Fifth Row — Patrick, MacFoyden, Kohn, Payne, Hiiderman, Baird, Rolnick, Barnwell, Sheldon, Large, Guynes. William Battle Crooks Sidney Gardner Dyer John Palmer Elliott John Borden Graham Henry Calvin Guynes Holmes Rolston Hansel Samuel Westbrook Hatcher Walter Hiiderman Joseph William Kahn Robert Edward Kirschman Lee Large Miss Ruth Caroline Leonard Stephen Henry Mazur French Howell McCain Hugh Howard McFadyen Lawrence Edward Metcaif CALDWELL Seymour Moskowi tz Richard Loomis Oliver Samuel Lester Parker, Jr. George Branch Patrick, Jr. Miss Ella Louise Payne George David Pleasants David Loury Pressly William Thomas Raby John Lester Ranson, Jr. Christopher Richardson, Jr. Meyer Harvey Rolnick Jacob Morris Saposnik Dr Albert John Sheldon Harold Hebinger Snuggs John Hanry Early Woltz Samuel Wright S C H D D L D F LAW LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President JAMES DICKSON CARR Vice-President WYLIE FORT PARKER Secretary and Treasurer WILLIAM ROY SHELTON Student Council Representative JOSEPH MORDECAI KITTNER THIRD YEAR CLASS OFFICERS President JAMES HARDEN HOWELL, JR. Vice-President MOSES BRAXTON GILLAM Secretary JAMES NATHANIEL HAMRICK Treasurer EDWARD BREEDEN CLARK CARR THIRD YEAR CLASS ROLL Buford Paschal Burks James Dickson Carr Edward Breeden Clark John Donald Dial Miss Virginia Adams Douglas Francis Milliard Fairley Harold Gavin Moses Braxton Gillam Clarence Griffin, Jr. James Nathaniel Hamrick James Harden Howell, Jr. Robert Cooke Howison, Jr. Joseph Mordecai Kittner SECOND YEAR Isaac Thomas Avery, Jr. Harry Kenneth Boucher Willis Brogden, Jr. Alfred Lewis Bulwinkle Neman Robinson Clark James Wiggins Coan Arthur Owen Cooke William Chambers Coughenour William Lunsford Crew Lacy Augusta Dalton William ReidDalton, Jr. Williamson Whitehead Fuller Elmer Oettinger, Jr. Owen Hendricks Page Ezra Alphonso Parker Wylie Fort Parker Samuel Erixene Robinson William RoyShelton Miss Sarah Starr Oscar Leak Tyree Stewart Bethune Warren Robert Ranson Williams, Jr. Raymond Buckner Witt, Jr. Ben Wyche, 1 1 1 CLASS ROLL Gordon Maxwell Gibson Alex McGowin Gover Herschel Springfield Harkins Claude Elton Hobbs Roberts Harrell Jernigon John Griffith Johnson Miss Margaret Johnson John Laurence Jones Edward Joyner William Pope Lyon Harry McMulllan, Jr. John Albert McRae, Jr. John Wesley Merritt Frank Thomas Miller, Jr. John Johnston Parker, Jr. Joseph Alexander Perkins Forney Anderson Rankin Emery Elisha Paper Forrest Ivey Robertson D. P. Russ, Jr. Miss Elizabeth Shewmake Nathaniel Graves Sims John Wesley Spears William Wesley Speight George Spencer Steele, Jr. Elmer James Wellons Lafayette Williams George Lewis Young Joseph Rutledge Young Morsholl Vivion Yount SHELTON HOWELL Bottom Row — Fairley, Douglas, Howell, Starr, Robinson, Carr, Warren, Griffin. Second Row — Diol, Oettinger, Gillam, Homrack, Shelton, Parker, E. A., Burkes, Dalton. Third Row — Tyree, Witte, Williams, Howison, Kittner, Boucher, Wyche, Parker, W. F., Wjlliams, R. R., Jr. SCHDDL DF LAW SECOND YEAR CLASS OFFICERS President HARRY McMULLAN, JR. Vice-President EMERY ELISHA RAPER Secretory MISS ELIZABETH SHEWMAKE Treasurer LACY AUGUSTA DALTON FIRST YEAR CLASS OFFICERS Pr esident JAMES KYE DORSETT, JR. Vice-President THOMAS PORCHER RAVENEL Secretory JOSEPH BLOUNT CHESHIRE Treasurer FRED PARRISH, 1 1 1 McMULLAN DORSETT Bottom Row — Floyd, Howkins, Walker, Gonderson, Morgan, Young, Shewmoke, Wellons, Gibson, Vv ' inters, Bulwinkle. Second Row — Tliomas, Fleming, Merrill, Johnson, Armfield, Miller, Barnwell, Doggett, Wooten, Leager, Insley, Form- ville, Mclnnes- Third Row — Woods, Mitchell, Prouty, Seowell, McGehie, Lovill, Spoight, McCray, Blolock, Steel, Winslow, Starr. Fourth Row — Cochrane, Carlton, High, Wheatly, Worth, Dalton, Spears, Fuller, Horkins, Roebuck, Blair, Whitley, Rovenel, Boiley, Beatty, Cheshire, McGeochy, Rankin, Mc- Mullan. Fifth Row — Porrish, Johnson, Coan, Haywood, Cobb, Dorsett, Grimes. Sixth Row — Boucher, Robertson, Avery, Dalton, Meehon FIRST YEAR CLASS ROLL Claude Clark Armfield Jomes Pou Boiley Paul Kermit Barnwell George Samuel Beatty, Jr. Henry Cloy Bloir John Henry Blolock Pritchord Sylvester Corlton, Jr. Joseph Blount Cheshire Williom Allen Cobb William McWhorter Cochrane William Owen Cooke Robert Albertson Dalton Victor Weyher Dawson Lewis Bel ton Doggett A H. Filer, Jr. Charles Zimri Falls Strother Callaway Fleming, Jr. James Pleasant hloyd Wayne Alexonder Fonvielle Horry Gonderson Don Gilliam Alexander Graham Junius Daniel Grimes, Jr. Curtis Dulo Hawkins Francis Dewey Heyword Lewis Sneed High Thomas Irving Insley, Jr. Samuel Richardson Leager Robert Jones Lovill, Jr. Philip Edward Lucas Neili Hector McGeochy Henry Richord McGehee Robert Craig Mclnnes William Ellis Meehan Miss Bertha Moore Merrill William Sunday Mitchell Thomas Gracey Morgan Williom Reynolds Morris Clyde Edward Mullis Fred Porrish, III Frank Neville Patterson William Walker Prouty Thomas Porcher Rovenel George Barber Riddle, Jr. Edgor Leon Roebuck, Jr. Edward Harding Seowell John Waties Thomas, Jr. Hoi Hommer Walker Robert Wilson Wells Cloud Roberson Wheatly, Jr. Don Whitley, Jr. George Thomas Williams Voughon Sharp Winborne Julian Dallas Winslow Jerome Lester Winters Arthur Roy Woods, Jr. Frank Morion Wooten, Jr. N b. O 3 o fe ' ' •atii ' ' ts ' ui ' ' " — ;; Toil ' " " • " " ---£ z B-- " " " ;: « BORN 18O0. _ ,K, Tur OBCftN i» ' MATRICULATED 182 ,-r TUJt-MTY- SIX " fE iv K - PHT BETA KAPPA Founded at the College of William and Mary, December 5, 1776 ALPHA CHAPTER OF THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA OFFICERS CHARLES FRANK VILBRANDT President CHARLES JACKSON STARNES Vice-President RAYMOND DUDLEY Recording Secretary THOMAS JAMES WILSON, JR, Secretary-Treasurer UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Jerry Harry Allen Robert Matthew Bernstein Nell Battle Booker Joseph Lee Brown Henry Toole Clark, Jr. James Wiggins Coan Whitfield Cobb, Jr. William Jeffrey Cole Ernest Croige Robert Albertson Dalton Robert Green Sutphin Davis, Jr. Nestore DiCostanzo Raymond Hill Dudley Margaret Wilson Evens Francis Hilliard Fairley Robert Belmont Freemen Lift Irvine Gardner Moses Braxton Gillam, Jr. Voit Gilmore Edgar Hunt Goold, Jr. Alexander H. Graham John Wadsworth Gunter Franklin Wills Hancock, Jr. Earl Harris Hartsell Francis Dewey Hey ward Robert Hooke Robert Cooke Howison William Palmer Hudson Harry Earle Hutchison John Whitefield Kendrick William Clarence Kluttz Fred Henry Koch, Jr. Dan Mobry Lacy Carl Eugene Langston James William Little Margaret Ridley Long Robert Nathaniel Magill Wilton Elmcn Mason John Gilmer Mebane Thomas Richard Meder William Sunday Mitchell Edward Francis Moyer Nancy Constantine Nesbit George Earl Nethercutt Thomas Figuers Norfleet, Jr. Elmer Rosenthal Oettinger, Jr. Lindsay Shepherd Olive John Burrell Oliver John Johnston Parker, Jr. Forney Anderson Rankin Melvin Sakolsky Jacob Morris Saposnik Edward Harding Seawell Clyde Alexander Shaw, Jr. Thomas Moorman Simkins, Jr. Simon Carlyle Sitterson, Jr. Daniel Livingstone Stallings Charles Jackson Starnes Leonard Clement Surprenant Kenneth Spencer Tanner, Jr. James Alexander Taylor Horry Vaine Thompson Richard Alexander Urquhort, Jr. Charles Frank Vilbrandt Frank Hart Wakeley Rogers Day Whi chard Vincent Heath Whitney Samuel Wright ALPHA KAPPA GAMMA OFFICERS KATHRYN BRIGGS FLEMING. . . : President ELIZABETH MORRISON MALONE Vice-President RACHAEL BANKS McLAIN Secretary CLAIRE DELANE WHITMORE Treasurer MEMBERS Nell Battle Booker Virginia Ragsdale Bower Margaret Wilson Evans ALPHA EPSILDN DELTA OFFICERS RICHARD THOMAS MYERS President ROBERT FRANKLIN KEADLE Vice-President KENNETH SPENCER TANNER Secretary JAMES TAYLOR BROOKS Treasurer MEMBERS MYERS KEADLE TANNER BROOKS Frederick Alexander Blount Julian Chisolm Brantley Ernest Craige Thomas Lynch Murphy Thomas Samson Royster James Alexander Taylor Raymond Miller Wheeler Ralph Bertram Williams Ernest Harshaw Yount ■r v m£i Hip7 Wf f ' .a W W¥% m0 ___ PHI MU ALPHA OFFICERS EARL ANDERSON SLOCUM Supreme Councilman MENTER HOWARD WAYNICK, JR President WILLIS THOMAS CARPENTER Vice-President WILEY MAGER ROGERS, JR Secretary JAMES LESLIE WHARTON, JR Treasurer HARRY WATSON MOORE Warden ACTIVE MEMBERS Warren Frederick Bartz James Taylor Brooks Ellis Spencer Bullins Willis Thomas Carpenter Alfred Nixon Costner James Parker Dees Edgar Hunt Goold, Jr. Hubert Henderson Harry Watson Moore James Perotta Wiley Mager Rogers, Jr. Livingston Brewster Rogerson Dale Edmund Sandifur Philip Schinhan Earl Anderson Slocum Willi Hans Soyez Eugene Alfred Turner, Jr. Frank Turner Menter Howard Waynick, Jr. James Leslie Wharton, Jr. HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Glen Haydon Dr. Benjamin Franklin Swalin " Dr. Jan Philip Schinhan Prof. John Elias Toms WAYNICK CARPENTER ROGERS WHARTON BETA GAMMA SIGMA Founded ot the University of Wisconsin, Moy 18, 1907 ALPHA CHAPTER OF NORTH CAROLINA ESTABLISHED FEBRUARY 20, 1933 OFFICERS FRANK HART WAKELY President ROBERT H, 5HERRILL Honorary President JOHN B. WOOSLEY Secretary GEORGE E. NETHERCUTT Treasurer WAKELY SHERRILL WOOSLEY NETHERCUr STUDENT MEMBERS Walter Anderson Bunch James Cyril Dickinson Blame R. W. Crutchfield Robert Ervin Cunningham Arthur Fletcher Daniel Robert G. S. Davis John Wadsworth Gunter Ned Sprunt Hamilton Franklin Wells Hancock Robert Adroin Harriss Frank Morton Hawley, Jr. Elwood Carey Hewitt Herbert H, Hirschfeld Harry Earle Hutchison W. Johnston King George Earl Nethercutt Sidney Shiller Simon Carlyle Sitterson, Jr. Vernon Starr Sparrow D. Livingstone Stallings James Marion Tayloe Linwood Jones Tunnel 1 Richard Alexander Urquhart Frank H. Wakeley FACULTY MEMBERS Edward H, Anderson, PhD Erie Ewart Peacock, MBA, C P A. Edward M. Bernstein, Ph.D. Gustav Theodor Schwenning, Ph.D. Dudley D. Carroll, A.M. Robert H. Sherrill, A.M., CP.A Clarence Heer, Ph.D. Malcolm D. Taylor, A.B., MBA. R. J. M. Hobbs, A.B., L.L.B. Horry Merle Wolf, Ph.D. John B. Woosley, Ph.D. AMPHDTERQTHEN SAM EARLE H0BB5, Presid t DEWITT BARNETT NILES WOOCf RIDGEBDND ALAN Taliaferro c houn iROBERTCARROli l RNISTCRAIGE U ; JOHI ' N ALAN GREEDY JAGK PHI PER FAIRLEY VOITGILMORE WILLIAM GAPEHART HARNl ( GILBERT ELLIS JAGKSC J DAVID JUDSON ,, ALLEN MERRILL EDWARD TOWNSEH GJ3 ENC J " RO MOol JAMES PHI LIU PS PAKKEfj BROOKS PATlEM MORRirWILLIAiA ROSENBERG — n iWILLIAMfHUNTER SPERRY J KEINETH SPENGER TANNER JOHN WILEY KLUTTZ ;RT NATHANIEL MAG ILL Order of the Golden MEMBERS 317 JOSEPH PLANNER PATTERSON, JR. 318 GEORGE ALEXANDER HEARD 319 WILLIAM STONE JORDAN, JR. 320 HENRY EDWARD HUDSON 321 JAMES MELTON VERNER 322 JAMES McMURRAY JOYNER 323 NICHOLAS CABELL READ 324 ALLEN HUNTER MERRILL 325 ALFRED GUY IVEY GRADUATE 299 FRED HENRY WEAVER 307 ROBERT NATHANIEL MAGILL FACULTY HENRY HORACE WILLIAMS, Honorary CHARLES PHILLIPS RUSSELL FRANK PORTER GRAHAM EDGAR RALPH RANKIN ALBERT RAY NEWSOME FRANCIS FOSTER BRADSHAW ROBERT BURTON HOUSE HERMAN GLENN BAITY ERNEST LLOYD MACKIE ALBERT McKINLEY COATES JOSEPH BURTON LINKER CORYDON PERRY SPRUILL EARLE HORACE HARTSELL JOSEPH MARYON SAUNDERS WILLIAM TERRY COUCH EDWARD ALEX CAMERON WALTER SMITH SPEARMAN, JR. ®if0 (ir r of ttj0 Cgratl OFFICERS WILLIAM BLOUNT CAMPBELL VOIT GILMORE PAUL HEWITT THOMPSON HENRY EDWARD HUDSON FACULTY MEMBERS F. F. Bradshaw E. S. Lanier E. H. Cameron E. L Mackie W. R. Berryhil! J.M.Saunders E. M. Hedgepeth H. H. Williams F. P. Graham J. A. Williams W. Spearman MEMBERS E. Marvin Allen H. DeWitt Barnett William Rennie Blalock William Blount Campbell, Jr. James Evans Davis Francis Fairley Voit Gilmore William Houston Hendrix, Jr. Henry Edward Hudson James McMurray Joyner Charles Robert Kline Robert Nathaniel Magill Felix Donaldson Markham, Jr. William Henry McCachren Allen Hunter Merrill John Agustus Moore Clyde Edward Mullis George Earl Nethercutt Brooks Patten Paul Hewitt Thompson Charles Paddock Wales, Jr. George David Watson James Leake Woodson Richard Campbell Worley PHI DELTA PHI INTERNATIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY OFFICERS OSCAR LEAKE TYREE Magister EDWARD BREEDEN CLARK Historian CLARENCE ALONZO GRIFFIN Clerk RAYMOND BUCKNER WITT, JR Exchequer 1 r mm MEMBERS ih| Alfred Lewis Bulwinkle Alex McGowin Cover 0»m James Dickson Carr, Jr. James Nathaniel Hamrick T Herman Robinson Clark Claude Elton Hobbs, Jr, I H Arthur Owen Cooke Robert Cooke Howison, Jr. ■m H Fred Eagles Frank Thomas Miller, Jr. TYREE CLARK Francis Fairley Owen Hendricks Page, Jr. GRIFFIN WITT [JRRI CM BROADFOOT DEYO JOSLIN MERRILL UTLEY VANCE f jkum THE YACKETY YEATES OFFICERS LYNCH i HH H RUTHERFORD NANCE YEATES Editor JOHN FRANKLIN LYNCH Managing Editor WILEY SMITH Managing Editor j e 1939 YACKETY YACK ,s essentially o J, FRED RIPPY, JR Business Manager ■..,,, a,, , synopsis of the school year. Although every effort BUSINESS STAFF has been made for an attractive presentment, the ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGERS— George McDuffie, Willard . primary purpose of recording has not been subordi- Mogoffin, Norman Stockton, Gilbert McCutcheon, Hughes Roberts, Noel Woodhouse " ° ° ° " irrelevant art or literary theme. SECRETARY ELOISE BROWN -ru - « u i j .. j i ■ i I he staff has worked tediously to give as nearlv STAFF— Harry R. Billica, Betsey Chinn Clark, Robert Cohn, Hor- , , , , ' net deBerniere Elmore, Corol Goodman, Frank Borden Hones, °S possible a Complete pictured roll of all the Stu- Ben Franklin Long, Thomas Samuel Means, Martha Louise Mills, jg f Jhg qjo athletic events are here perpetu- Horold Dement Padgett, Jr., John White, Claire Delano Whitmore, Thomas Brodie Winborne oted, ond the membership and activities of the sev- (P AMES BILLICA BROWN, E M BROWN, G R DAVIS DIFFENDAL GOODMAN KIMBALL MORROW THORP, J, P. THORP, J. D. WEST TILLETT YEATMAN YACK STAFF MAGOFFIN McCUTCHEON McDUFFIE ROBERTS STOCKTON WOODHOUSE eral campus organizations have been given permanent recognition. But these phases of the school year are not all the memories we wish to keep. We have tried to present impressions of the U niversity, the campus and its buildings, the donees and everyday incidents, in a style which will easily recall them to you. We hope the book will always impart dear and lasting memories of the University, and will be truly representative of your year on the Hill. EDITORIAL STAFF SENIOR SECTION— William Gillies Broodfoot, Jr., Editor; Mar Farley Ames, Mary Jane Yeotman, James Preston Thorp, John Daniel Thorp, Charles Walter Tillett, Jr. JUNIOR SECTION— Byrd Former Merrill, Editor; Ernest Howard Morris, V ert Baxter Rhyne. OPENING SECTION— Alton Judd Utiey, Editor; Thomas Brood- way Royster. EXTRA CURRICULA and HONORARY SECTIONS — Thomas Huske Vance, Editor; Terrell Oliver Everett, Gip Isaich Kimball, Jr, Wert Baxter Rhyne, Herbert David Shain, James William Stewart, Jr, Charles Welter Tillett, Jr. PHOTOGRAPHY SECTION— T. Lacy Morrow, Editor; Jomes Hin- ton Pou Bailey, Robert Lynn Bursley, Joseph Bivens Efird, Jr., Jim Frank Hockler. DANCE SECTION— Glenn Benson Davis, Jr. ATHLETIC SECTION— William Joslen, Editor; James Washington Crews, Charles Austin Robbins, FRATERNITY SECTION— George Elting Deyo, Editor; George Rowland Brown, Chorles Longley Clark, Billy Jefferson Tope, Mary- Jane Yeatman, Jesse Bardin Aycock. DRAFTING EDITOR— Thomas Marshall West. BAILEY BYNUM CRAIGE GIDDENS HOBSON MOLL BUCCANEER PUGH OFFICERS CARL PUGH Editor-in-Chief BILL STAUBER Monaging Editor ERNEST CRAIGE Art Editor EDITORIAL STAFF Verse Sonford Stein Music Billy Weil Vfigiie Mary Green, Ernest King Phoio Pou Boiley, Fred Sutton Office Court Dawson Sports Jerry Stoff Fiction Mac Hobson SECRETARIAL Molly Albritton, Virginia Giddens, Gladys Best Tripp. SCRIBES Dexter Freeman, Elbert Hutton, Doris Goercfi, Lincoln Kon, Bill Lankford, Carroll McGoughey, Ptiyllis Galumbeck, Guy Crowell, Bob Brewer, Don Bishop, Joe Physledyck, Bill Robertson. STAUBER The Carolina BUCCANEER was created in 1924. This is its 1 5th year of publication. The first editor of the BUCCANEER, Earl Hartsell, stated in his first editorial, " THE BUCCANEER IS A CAREFREE, IRRESPONSIBLE, DONT-GIVE-A-DAMN SORT OF MAGAZINE. " It is the same today. Born in a great University of the South, the BUCCANEER has ever reflected the southern temperament in its lighter moods. If it is lusty, risque, cynical, so too sometimes are the people from whence it comes. Here we doubt the smile STAFF KING PREMO of subtle, ornate sophistication. Here we laugh out loud with the mouth and the eyes, with honesty. This year the BUCCANEER, its staff and its editor, has tried sincerely to give to its student public an occasional moment of idle enjoyment. Our single purpose, to interest end amuse. How- ever well was this achieved, the staff enjoyed the work and profited. Artists, photographers, writers; with pen, or camera or words, each grew to know his instrument and the siren call to the printed page. If this awakened talents which the future will sustain, the many nights were worth the many candles. ARTISTS Ben Long, Henry Moll, Peggie Leal , Bill Seeman, Ed Heghin- ian, Capehart Harney, Charles Colby, James Middleton, Nell Booker, Bill Michaux, Bill Rufty, Jimmy Keith, Hugh Foss. PHOTERS Royford Adams, Joe Efird, Black Star, AP, UP. BUSINESS STAFF ERNEST KING Business Manager BERT PREMO Local Manaaer EDNA BYNUM Coed Manager JESSE LEWIS Circulation Manager HARRY JONES, BROOKS BURT, MICKEY WARREN, MARY HOVER Collections LOCAL Marshall Koresh, Steve Langfeld, Norman Stockton, Alan Logel, Ed Kalin. FOREIGN Bill Lankford, Brooks Burt, Horry Jones, Allen Headlee, Doris Goerch, Dorothy Cobble, Joe Martin. AD WRITERS Murray Drucker, Peggie Sabine, Bernard Richter, Jerry Cohen, Al ' en Heodlee. G:orre Joffee, Chuck Israel STEIN STOCKTON SUTTON TRIPP WARREN EDITORIAL STAFF JOHN ALAN GREEDY Editor WILLIAM MICHAUX Associate Editor MARGARET MUNCH Art Editor HENRY MOLL Assistant Art Editor BUSINESS STAFF ROBERT G. S DAVIS, JR Business Manager LLOYD WILLIAM ALLEN Assistant Business Manager NON-STUDENT CONTRIBUTORS Paul Green Lambert Davis Maxwell Perkins E. E. Ericson Edward Aswell W. T. Couch Jonathan Daniels Howard W. Odum William Allen White James T. Taylor R. Nathaniel Dett Carl Thompson William Polk Glenn Hutchinson CAROLINA MICHAUX Believing that THE CAROLINA MAGAZINE is a publication of unlimited scope and possibility, the editors changed its emphasis from a mis- cellaneous collection of student essays, fiction and verse to one of central purpose and theme. The transition was first effected in the October Thomas Wolfe issue with the aid of outside writers. Once the validity of the central theme idea MAGAZINE DAVIS had been accepted by the campus, campus writers were largely depended on for the execution of the various themes. On the whole the idea has been a success and, as long as the themes selected for the issues are of current importance, shows promise in continuing successful. With careful handling THE CAROLINA MAGAZINE can become a stu- dent organ of responsible discussion of important campus issues. CONTRIBUTORS Adrian Spies Gordon Mull Simons Lucas Roof Almon Barbour Edward Megson Lee Manning Wiggins Mory Johnson MacMillan Sanford Stein Henry Moll Nell Booker Thomas Meder Logan Howell Janet Brogdon Frank Holeman Allen Green Albert Rouslin Cecil Sanford William Daniel Jeon Brabham Charles Israel William Lindou Mark Taylor Orr Raymond Lowery Alan Calhoun Joe Felmet Jane Cassels Record Hugh Foss Nathaniel Rhynehort ROSENBURG REESE LOWERY HOWARD WEAVER HUNTER STAN BACK RANKIN HARMON [■ ' B BARNETT 1 A m }k i The Purpose of the DAILY TAR HEEL In this, its 47th year, hos been an effort to present In read- able form a koleldoscopic view of University life, to accurately re- flect news events of the campus on the front page, and to Interpret that news In the editorial columns. The front ond sports pages have attempted to present the campus with a day-by-doy account of cam- pus life in a campus tone, record- ing meetings of student groups that were of a collective Interest, playing up individual incidents that were significant In the campus streom of change, and always seorching for human interest that would color the more routine happenings. Whereas all points of view have been given their place In the paper — from jitterbug humor to ultro-liberalism — either In news DAILY OFFICERS ALLEN MERRILL Editor WILL G AREY Managing Editor CLEN S HUMPHREY, JR Business Manager JESSE LEWIS Circulation Manager LAWRENCE FERLING Asst Circulation Manoger EDITORIAL STAFF . EDITORIAL BOARD— Voit Gilmore, Tom Stanback, De Witt Barnett, Walter Kleeman. REPORTERS— Morns Rosenberg, Jim McAden, Carroll Mc- Goughey, Jesse Reese, Bill Weaver, Don Bishop, Miss Louise Jordan COLUMNISTS— Lafitte Howord, Miss Lucy Jane Hunter, Adrian Spies, Ben Dixon, John Rankin. CITY EDITOR— Charles Barrett. NEWS EDITORS— Mortin Harmon, Ed Rankin, Bill Snider. NIGHT SPORTS EDITORS— Fred Cazel, Gene Williams, Rush Homrlck ASSOCIATE NEWS EDITORS— Edward Prizer, Ben Roebuck, Bob Barber. TAR HEEL " % «. ' Nr, FEATURE BOARD— Miss Virginia Giddens, Miss Gladys Best Tripp, Sonford Stein, Louis Connor, Lorry Lerner. CUB REPORTERS— Louis Horns, Miss Dons Goerch, Miss Dorotlny Coble, Jimmy Dumbell, Miss Jo Jones, Arthur Dixon, Ciiories Gerald, Fred Brown, Tom Dekker, SPORTS EDITOR— Shelley Rolfe. SPORTS REPORTERS--Williom L. Beermon, Leonord Lobred, Billy Weil, Richard Morris, Jerry Stoff, Buck Gunter, Frank Goldsmith, Jim Vawter LOCAL ADVERTISING MANAGERS— Bert Halperin, Bill Og- burn, Ned Hamilton DURHAM ADVERTISING MANAGER— Gilly Nicholson, DURHAM REPRESENTATIVE— Andrew Gennett, OFFICE MANAGERS— Stuart Ficklen, Jim Schleifer LOCAL ADVERTISING ASSISTANTS— Bob Seors, Alvin Pat- terson, Marshall Effron, Warren Bernstein, Bill Bruner, Tom Nosh OFFICE STAFF— Mary Peyton Hover, Phil Haigh, L. J Schein- mon. Bill Stern, Charles Cunningham, Bob Lerner, James Garland, Jack Holland, Roger Hitchins, Mary Ann Koonce. Items, the letters column, or teo- ture columns, the editorial column has necessarily been an expression of the point of view of the editor. That point of view has included, above oil, a proclivity for truth, by attempting to sift out of prac- tical, real situations oil that might- lead to misinterpretation and sen- sationalism, and presenting the essentiol nature of the conflicts in- volved in campus problems For those who prefer to listen to bross bonds and enjoy the colorful na- ture of things seen on their sur- foce, the column may regrettably have failed to include a respected point of view. The motivating ambition, held consistently in mind but unfully realized, has been to synthesize the reality of things as they are with the ideals of things os they ought to be. HALPERIN NICHOLSON SCHLEIFER FICKLEN HAMILTON TRIPP FERLING . . V STEIN . X -S» ? iTii PUBLICATIONS UNION BOARD ELLIOT STANBACK ROSENBERG SPEARMAN OFFICERS EDWIN TIMANUS ELLIOT President THOMAS MELVILLE STANBACK Secretary MORRIS WILLIAM ROSENBERG Treasurer WALTER SPEARMAN Faculty Member R B, SHARPE Faculty Member J M. Lear Faculty Adviser Every student at the University is a member of the Pub- The Publications Union Board exercises general super- lications Union which has as its governing body a group of vision over the four student publications— the DAILY TAR ,. ,-, ,. , D ki f II p Tu HEEL, BUCCANEER, MAGAZINE, and YACKETY YACK. rive men constituting the Publications Union Board. I hree It appoints all salaried officers of these publications with the of the members of this board ore elected from the student exception of the Editors-in-Chlef who are elected by the body, the two remaining members are appointed from the Union The Boord controls expenditure of publications fees, faculty by the Dean of Administration. Meeting with the , ,, . , , , makes all printing and engraving controcts, is responsible Board is also a faculty advisor who acts os ogent of the f the finonciol well-being of each publication, usually re- Board but has no vote. trains from attempting control of editorial policy. Left to Right— ROSENBERG, SPEARMAN, STANBACK, ELLIOT, SHARPE, LEAR LEAR These thirteen organizotions cover such diverse fields 05 politics, student government, music and religion. The Carolina Political union and its chairman, Voit Gilmore, scored the year ' s biggest sensation by persuading Franklin D. Roosevelt to come down to Chapel Hill and speak in Woollen Gymnasium. The Phi Assembly and the Di Senate continued their time- worn forensic habits by discussing such varied topics os " Should America form on alliance with Great Britain? " and " Should the coed curfew be extended a half-hour? " (Sold Mickey Warren, " I ' d rather spend that half-hour outside the Shack than inside. There ' s more future in it " ) The Interna- tional Relations institute sponsored several student-faculty round table discussions on social, economic and political mat- ters over WPTF. It also gove a successful card dance during the fall quarter. The Interdormitory Council continued to be a potent campus force with its campaigning for dormitory social rooms and its power to eject oil misbehaved students from the dorms. The University Club, the campus spirit organization, sponsored pep rallies and made posters for the student parade in Raleigh. The Y.M.C.A. is still the religious center of the University, the home of Tempe Newsome and a breeding ground for politicians. The Hillel Foundation provides Jewish students with their weekly and holiday services. In the music field, the University Bond played at concerts and at football games — and did both with equal proficiency. The Men ' s Glee Club also gave concerts and had a group pic- ture token which drove the publications crazy trying to find out the names of each of the 50-odd members. Kappa Psi and Delta Sigma Pi are the pharmacy and newly reorganized commerce fraternities, respectively. And Graham Memorial, of course, occupies a unique shrine of its own. V : DRGANIZATIDNS UNIVERSITY CLUB OFFICERS JAMES DAVIS President GEORGE WATTS CARR, JR Secretary KENNETH CLAIBORNE ROYALL, JR Treasurer ROBERT A. FETZER Faculty Adviser miUYk THE UNIVERSITY CLUB MEMBERS Edna Mines Bynum Corbett Carlton Cannon Sam Tim Carter Gretchen Cocke Olive Echols Cruikshonk Plott Walker Davis Courtland Wharton Dawson Robert W. Doty Maurice Niles Edwards Jack Phifer Fairley Ernest Graham Forrest Martha McDowell Gunter Alonzo Cleveland Hall, Jr. Bertram Charles Halperin James Carl Hambright, Jr. Fred Thornett F ardy Joseph Holman, Jr. Frank Marion Holmes Walter Kleeman Herbert Davie Langsom Duncan Donald McColl Robert Alderman McLemore Jerolyn Meek David Reid Murchison, Jr. Henry Gilliam Nicholson John Malcolm Nisbet Earl Victor Patterson, Jr. Henry Hyman Philips Charles Lewis Putzel, Jr. Edward Reich Otho Ross Robert Sloan William E, Staubef, Jr. Frank John Terhune Ira Jerome Topping John Fletcher Vincent Philip Alfred Walker Stanley Sheldon Whyte Richard Campbell Worley The University Club is composed entirely of members of the Junior Class. With a representotivc from every dormitory end fraternity on the campus and with four representatives at lorge, the Club is probobly the most representative group on the campus and the one in closest contact with every phase of compus life. Being so closely fured with campus life, the Group con quickly determine campus opinion, foresee the degrodohon of certain phoses of student activity, ond oct as a helping hand to keep interest in student projects and organizations alive and flourishing. Carrying out its motto — FOR THE UNIVERSITY — the Club presents itself for service at all times whenever such services are in the interest of and for the benefit of the University or the Student Body. Through its close connection with the Athletic Association, the Club seeks to promote and mointoin a high enthusiasm and a high spirit of sportsmanship in oil University events ond contests by the sponsor- ship of pep rallies and moss meetings. In cooperating with the General Alumni Office in its attempt to foster widespreod interest in the University and its activities, in prospective students and in keeping alive alumni interest, this Group presents several radio programs each year which ore corried over practically the entire South. As a means of acquainting High School students more fully with the University and their friends there, the Club also arranges for the holding of informal meetings in many of the North Carolino cities. The last phase of the work which this group undertakes concerns itself with the improvement of inter-school relations Members of the Club meet all visiting athletic teams, show them obout the campus, and entertain them during their stoy in Chapel Hill in an effort to moke their visit more pleasant and to improve the good will between the different schools. ■i 4 0Kk A ■- «5l) :- f % ;»« T L -f, fej " " f- m TOP ROW — Left to Right; Bynum, Cannon, Carter, Cocke, Cruikshank, Davis, P.W., Dawson, Doty, Edwards, Foirley, SECOND ROW — Left to Right: Forrest, Gunter, Hall, Halperin, Hombright, Hardy, Holmon, Holmes, Kleeman, Langsam. THIRD ROW— Left to Right: McColl, McLemore, Meek, Murchison, Nicholson, Nisbet, Patterson, Phillips, Putzel. BOTTOM ROW— Left to Right: Ross, Sloan, Stouber, Terhune, Topping, Vincent, Walker, Whyte, Worley. INTERDQRMITQRY COUNCIL ■ ' ALES BROADHURST COX CRAIG HUGHES KUKLISH PRESIDENT Charles Paddock Wales, Jr. VICE-PRESIDENT Eugene Bennett Hill SECRETARY William Arthur Pearson TREASURER Wingate Boushall Upton COUNCIL OF PRESIDENTS: SAMUEL DAVIS BROADHURST FRANK CALVIN COX CLIFTON CRAIG, JR. EUGENE BENNETT HILL JACK HUGHES PAUL MARTIN KUKLISH HERBERT DAVIE LANGSAM CARVER PEACOCK WILLIAM ARTHUR PEARSON JOHN BRADLEY SINGLETARY WINGATE BOUSHALL UPTON JOHN FLETCHER VINCENT MEMBERS: AYCOCK: Pres. Clifton Craig, Jr. William Thompson Dye, Jr. Thomas Hall Holmes Charles Manly Loomis Floyd Brown McCombs, Jr. David Wurreschke BATTLE: Pres. Sam Davis Broadhurst William Vincent Conn Grey Bryan Kornegay VANCE: George Edward Nicholson, Jr. . PETTIGREW: Walter Kleemon EVERETT: Pres. Willicm Arthur Pearson Albert Mitchell Britt Hance Jaquett Willis Holt Kimrey John Cleveland Thompson, Jr. Alexonder James Ziady GRAHAM: Pres. Herbert Davie Langsom Richard Benford Kenneth Jomes Fishbach William Innes Victor Stern GRIMES: Pres. John Fletcher Vincent Jesse Burgoyne Caldwell, Jr. Jerry Wenston Gavce Henry Seymour Pessor Jomes Lincoln Pittman Albert Philip Rosen Richard Street White .11 LANGSAM PEARSON UPTON LEWIS: Pres. Eugene Bennett Hill Thomas McElhewney Fry William Vinton Hoyle Royce Coles Jennings Ezra Alphonso Parker Charles Frank Vilbrondt MANGUM: Pres. Frank Calvin Cox Joseph Book Ernest Graham Forrest Martin Luther Harmon James Edward Peacock James Jordan Rowland Williom Stauber, Jr. James Alexander Taylor MANLY: Pres. Paul Martin Kuklish Somuel Holeman Isenhower John Paul McGinty Robert Alderman McLemore John Michael Ralph Clinton Potrick, Jr. OLD EAST: Pres. Wingate Boushall Uplon Horold Davis Alexius Robert Kennord Barber Piatt Walker Davis Howard Baxter Easter Charles Paddock Wales, Jr. Voughan Sharp Winborne OLD WEST: Pres. Jock Hughes William Gillies Broadfoot, Jr. John Daniel Morris Hugh Ogburn Jenness Russell Owen Charles Lewis Putzel, Jr. RUFFIN: Pres. John Singletory Rusk Griffin Henry Earl Anderson Hurdle Richard Joyner Stancill McLead Stroud Linwood Jones Tunnell George Zink STEELE: Pres Carrer Peacock James Brame Tom Woodley Heoth, Jr. Robert Stanley Milner Foyell Pennington Smith John Ruffin Wheless PEACOCK SINGLETARY VINCENT MAGILL JOYNER MALONE MARKHAM WOOD BOWLES MOORE WALES MERRILL COMER HOUSE BRADSHAW SAUNDERS DIRECTORS OF GRAHAM MEMORIAL OFFICERS OF GRAHAM MEMORIAL ROBERT NATHANIEL MAGILL Director JAMES McMURRAY JOYNER Chairman— President of Student Body ELIZABETH MORRISON MALONE President of Women ' s Association FELIX DONALDSON MARKHAM President of Senior Class CHARLES EDWARD WOOD, III President of Junior Class HARGROVE BOWLES, JR President of Sophomore Class JOHN AUGUSTUS MOORE, JR President of Inter-fraternity Council CHARLES P WALES President of Inter-dormitory Council ALLEN MERRILL Editor of DAILY TAR HEEL HARRY F. COMER Secretary of Y.M.C A. ROBERT BURTON HOUSE Dean of Administration FRANCIS F. BRADSHAW Dean of Students J MARYON SAUNDERS Alumni Secretary J. C. B. EHRINGHAUS President of Alumni Association THE STUDENT UNION Graham Memorial is the building that symbolizes what we would like the spirit of the Student Union to be. More than being c center in which students may lounge, eat, work at publications and organizations, and have their hair cut, it has come to signify something of the ideal of student enterprise and self-government which characterizes life at Chapel Hill. The Union is the student body, and it has levied fees on itself to provide maintenance for the physical facili- ties necessary to the operation of activities within its organization. Thus, it is possible to provide offices without rent to all the publications and their business staffs, to the Order of the Grail, the International Relations Club, the Student Council and the Women ' s Association. In addition, a banquet hall with four meeting rooms is con- stantly available for scheduled gatherings To take part in the round of activity associated with these facilities — to have been a reporter on the TAR HEEL, to have listened to a panel discussion in the main lounge, to have attended a Sunday afternoon concert or an amateur hour — is to have really touched student life at Carolina. It will have been an experience in self- determined participation — an introduction to the es- sential process of individual growth The program of the Union has been supplementary to those interests already expressed within it by organized groups, and it will continue to follow this policy. Sunday afternoon concerts by visiting artists, recording concerts, art exhibits, union forums, community sings and amateur programs — are all examples of such an approach. But there is much that could be done to improve Union program, with a greater contribution to the indi- vidual student in mind. A closer study of the needs and interests of students, together with the development of techniques for finding channels of expression for those interests, should point the way to an improved service. To bring the unoccupied student in touch with some organized interest group is a crying need on the campus, and one which should be filled by the Union. Some new fields require additional equipment and more building space, such as a student recreation hall for dancing, or equipment for handicraft activities. But with progres- sive student thought applied to the needs of individuals, and with some assistance from administration and alumni, Graham Memorial will become ever less a SYMBOLIC, and more a CONCRETE expression of the spirit of the Student Union. SEATED— JOYNER, MALONE, COMER, BRADSHAW, WOOD STANDING— MERRILL, MAGILL, WEAVER, MARKHAM, BOWLES PHI ASSEMBLY OFFICERS— FALL QUARTER— 1938 JOHN W. RANKIN Speaker ELMER NANCE Speaker Pro-Tempore CONNIE THIGPEN Reading Clerk ROY CLARK Sergeont-at-Arms JACK PHIFER FAIRLEY Secretary-Treasurer ARMISTEAD SMITH Assistant Treasurer WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE: Elmer Nance, Chairman, Bill Broadfoot, Edith Gutterman, Ed Maner. OFFICERS— WINTER QUARTER— 1939 BEN FRANKLIN DIXON, III Speaker ALBERT ROSEN Speaker Pro-Tempore JANICE COBB Reading Clerk TOMMY ROYSTER Sergeant-at-Arms JACK PHIFER FAIRLEY Secretary-Treasurer HUNDLEY GOVER Assistant Treasurer WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE: Albert Rosen, Chairmen, Joe Dawson, Tom Long, Robert Sloan. OFFICERS— SPRING QUARTER— 1939 ELMER NANCE Speaker JOSEPH DAWSON Speaker Pro-Tempore ARMISTEAD SMITH Sergeant-at-Arms MELVILLE CORBETT Reoding Clerk JACK PHIFER FAIRLEY Secretary-Treasurer FLETCHER MANN Assistant Treasurer WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE: Joseph Dawson, Chairman, Elizabeth Warren, Janice Cobb, Robert Farris. FIRST ROW: Prizer; Stewart; Rosen; Dawson; Nance; Thigpen, C. L.; Dixon; Farris. SECOND ROW: Tillet; Wall; Cunningham; Tillman; Swink; Thigpen, H.; Brown; Riggs; Ellis; Burkheimer; Bowers. THIRD ROW: Long; McNair; Phillips; Royster; Nordon. MEMBERS OF THE PHI ASSEMBLY Tom Walton Allen Marvin Pope Anthony Hugh Hommond Bennett Elizabeth Shearer Blair William Snyder Bonner Virginia Ragsdole Bowers Mary Erdene Bowman Albert Arthur Branca William Gillies Broodfoot Robert Frederick Brown Roland Brown Isham Gary Britt Henry King Burgwyn Walton Burkhimer John Randolph Chambliss, Jr. Roy Edward Clark Mary Janice Cobb Dudley DuBose Cocke Lyman Pelton Collins, Jr. Melville Fort Corbett George Leovell Coxheod Jomes Washington Crews Charles Dixon Cunningham Joseph Green Dawson Nicholas DeFronzo John Walker Diffendol Arthur Wilson Dixon Ben Fronklin Dixon, III William Thompson Dye Lucy Cory Eosley Marshall Effron Joseph Bivens Efird Phil Ellis Jack Phifer Fairley Richard Henry Farley Robert Arthur Forris Joe Andrew Felmet Louis Stuart Ficklen Susie Fountain Gaston Simmon Foote Virginia Marie Giddens Hundley Rankin Gover James Frank Hackler North Smith Hinkle Peggy Holmes Joseph Strange Huske Marian Igo Leo Karpeles David Lee Thomas W. M. Long, Jr Fletcher Monn Jean Gordon Mclndoe Lennox McLendon NANCE Herbert S. McNairy Cameron Murchison Elmer Nance George Nicholson Tom Palmer Nash Thomas Bernard Nordan Robert Milton Olive William Orr Ralph Potrick Henry Hymon Phillipe Edward Levis Prizer John Wotkins Rankin Trent Reglond Zennie Lawrence Riggs Charles Austin Robbins Jordan Thomas Rogers Albert Phillip Rosen Howard Rothschild Thomas Royster David James Sessoms Lowrence Albright Sharp William Shore Robert Stanley Sloan Armistead Smith Virginia Elizabeth Smith Sanford Ivan Stein William Douglas Stuart Willis Anderson Sutton William Jennings Swink Nancy Toylor Cornelia Lee Thigpen Hassell Thigpen Charles Walker Tillett Claude Augustus Tillman, Jr. Leslie Daniel Tomlinson William Upton Walter Ashe Wall Elizabeth Murroy Warren Horold Warshaw Thomas Marshall West Frank Ridley Whitoker Raymond Frederick Willeford Mary Wood The Philharmonic Assembly, one of the oldest literary societies in the United States, come into existence in 1795. Its organization was fostered by a group of students who desired a means of expressing student opinion collectively. During the first years of the assembly ' s existence and until a few decades ago it served as a part of the student government of the University. At present the student body is so large that the assembly cannot include as lorge proportion of the student body as it did in the past, when every student was enrolled in one of the two literary societies. For this reason, it now serves as a representative assembly to sound out student opinion. The purposes of the assembly have changed very little from year to year, but at present the " Phi " is setting as its aim the presentation of a series of interesting current questions to the student body. The " Phi " in the next few years is destined to gain the prestige it so deserves. D I SENATE OFFICERS FALL QUARTER SAM EARLE HOBBS President JOHN HARE BONNER President Pro Tern DAVID ASBURY HOWARD Clerk CHARLES LEWIS PUTZEL Critic JOHN CARROLL BUSBY Treasurer THOMAS HARRY GATTON Sergeant-at-Arms WINTER QUARTER WALTER KLEEMAN President CHARLES LEWIS PUTZEL President Pro Tern ARTHUR S. LINK Clerk DOROTHY LOUISE WALKER Critic JOHN CARROLL BUSBY Treasurer PHILIP RAHM CARLTON, JR Sergeant-at-Arms SPRING QUARTER DOROTHY LOUISE WALKER President JOHN HARE BONNER President Pro Term MARY NEWTON LEWIS Clerk EDWARD L. KANTROWITZ Critic THOMAS HARRY GATTON Treasurer ROBINSON WOODWARD Sergeant-ot-Arms HOBBS ' ROLL CALL Royford Kennedy Adams Robert Tillman Austin John Hare Bonner James Schober Brawley James Everette Bryan John Carroll Busby Philip Rohm Carlton, Jr. Jimmy Steve Chongaris John Holland Edieman Fred Rippy Edney Denneth Gont, Jr. Thomas Horry Gatton Doris Goerch Allen Jones Green John Roderick Hollum Sam Eorle Hobbs Truman McGill Hobbs Frank Holeman Etheldred Henry Holt David Asbury Howard Ralph Z. Levy Mary Newton Lewis Arthurs. Link William Malay Marley Robert Bui I in Neuman Charles McKinney Nice Winfred Walter Norman Louis Julien Poisson Charles Lewis Putzel James Perrin Quarles John Bunyan Riggsbee Sidney Rittenberg, Jr. Thomas Rogers Albert Abraham Rose William Bernstein Schwartz Fred Semour Raymond Horvey Simmons Billie C.Smith Thomas Melville Stonback Dorothy Louise Walker r KLEEMAN ElbertM. Hutton, Jr. Edward L. Kantrowitz Walter Kleeman Clarence Klutz Norman Levanson, Jr. Manfred Paul Levy Pete A. Wallenborn William Ira Word Jacob West, Jr. Lee Manning Wiggins Robinson Woodward Mary Jane Yeatman Having the prestige of being the oldest organization on the campus of the University of North Carolina, the Dialectic Senate was organized June 3, 1795. Since the opening of the doors of this oldest State University the " Di " as it is known on the campus has offered to the student training in public speaking, parliamentary procedure, and character development. For many years the Di and Phi literary societies were the leading organizations on the campus. Out of these two organizations has grown the CAROLINA MAGAZINE, student government, endowment of the University Library, and intercollegiate debating activities. During the early years of the organization it was a requirement that all students belong to one of the societies. To be thrown out of either group was to be expelled from school. Out of this cultural background has grown the present Dialectic Senate. Students now join at their own initiative and during the past few years the organization has grown considerably. At present the activities are centered oround weekly discussion on topics of local, state, and national importance. The students who take port in these discussions are the type who are interested in becoming familiar with parliamentary procedure and furthering their public speaking ability. Thus a Senior who has been a member of the Senate throughout his college career finds himself fully equipped to meet the needs of public oration and organization control when he leaves this college. CAROLINA PDLITICAI UNION OFFICERS VOIT GILMORE Chairman SAMUEL EARLE HOBBS Vice-Chairman THOMAS HARRY GATTON Secretary EDWARD TOWNSEND MOORE Treasurer EDWARD JAMES WOODHOUSE Faculty Member HOBBS FIRST ROW — Spencer, Woodhouse, Gatton, Gilmore, Moore, Ames. SECOND ROW— Philips, Ficklen, Dixon, Cole, Word, Clark, Sutton, Bornel THIRD ROW — Richter, Blount, Groy, Jones, Stockton, Joslin, Williams. FACULTY ADVISERS FRANK PORTER GRAHAM FRANCIS F BRADSHAW M. S. BRECKENRIDGE LEE M, BROOKS W. E. CALDWELL DUDLEY DeWITT CARROLL HARRY F. COMER E E. ERICSON GEORGE M.McK IE W A, OLSEN J MARYON SAUNDERS HOWARD K. BEALE LOUIS O KATTSOFF MEMBERS MARY FARLEY AMES H. DeWITT BARNETT FREDERICK BLOUNT PHYLLIS JANE CAMPBELL ROY EDWARD CLARK WILLIAM JEFFREY COLE BEN FRANKLIN DIXON, III LOUIS STUART FICKLEN JAMES A, GRAY HAMILTON JONES WILLIAM JOSLIN HENRY HYMAN PHILIPS HORACE RICHTER ELIZABETH ANN SPENCER NORMAN VAUGHN STOCKTON WILLIS ANDERSON SUTTON DONALD CLIFTON WARD KENAN BANKS WILLIAMS The Carolina Political Union is a non-partisan or- ganization controlled and operated by a group of twenty-five students. It brings to the campus outstand- ing representatives of varying political and social view- points in an effort to stimulate student thinking, as well as emphasizing pertinent issues by means of campus polls and student forum discussions. The Union ' s activities this year were high-lighted by the visit of President Roosevelt to its Third Anniversary exercises in Woollen Gymnasium on December 5, and by the program on March 30 when " America ' s Town Meet- ing of the Air " was its guest in Memorial Hall. Among the Union ' s speakers during the year were Miss Frances Perkins, Mr. Frank McNinch, Mr. John Hamilton, Senator Josioh Bailey, Mr. Boake Carter, Mr. Heywood Broun and Mr. Robert S. Allen. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB OFFICERS President HENRY ROSS N IGRELLI V,ce-President JOHN WALTER THIBAUT Secretary MARY LEWIS Treasurer LEE MANNING WIGGINS Kendrick; Nigrelli, President; Lerche; Rankin; TInibant, Vice-President; Freeman; Forrish. The International Relations Club grew out of the merger of the old Foreign Policy League, the League of Nations Council, and the Carolina League for International Cooperation. The clubs temporarily combined to hold the first International Relations Conference at Chapel Hill for southeastern colleges in 1938. The combination proved so effective that the clubs decided to remain permanently as the International Relations Club. The club, which now consists of 60 members, signifies a medium for the discussion of varying and opposite points of view. It presents a weekly discussion in Graham Memorial where faculty members lead round tables, and students of the club present panels and forums. In addition, the club presents two weekly broadcasts over WDNC in Durham, and WPTF in Raleigh. The broadcast in Durham is known OS the " International Scene " and, conducted by a group of students, it is fifteen minute commentary on the weekly set-up of news events in the international field. The broadcost in Roleigh is known os " The University of North Carolina Round Table " which is a half hour discussion of timely topics by student members and faculty alike Notable among these was an all-girl discussion of " Com- munism and Fascism " . In addition the club holds an international relations conference for southeostern college students, bi-onnually olternoting with the Human Relations Institute. The club also has been building a li- brary of about three hundred books in its office, which books hove been sent monthly by the Carnegie foundation, in New York City. In brief, the club has tried to be a medium for intimate discussion, giving the student information on international problems, a chance to disseminate knowledge as such, the chance to broadcast, and the opportunity to appear in public programs. Barber; Borders; Bower, Bryant; Campbell; Clark; Cobb; Coble; Collins, Corbett; Crobtree; Darrocott; Dawson; Dickens; Evans, Freeman; Ganslen Gernsheimer; Givan Goerch; Grant; Green; Hallum; Hamlin Hampton; Harris; Holmes Hutchinson; Igo; Isoocs; Jackson; Justice; Kan; Kendrick; Kerr, Laycock; Lerche; Lewis, M; Lewis, W; Lindsay; Link; McLoin; Mocmillan; Mann; Martin; Morris; Nigrelli; Prizer; Rankin; Reynolds; Rosensweig, Rolfe; Rubin; Sokolsky; Shore; Spies; Thibaut; Tynan; Wallach; Worshow; Wiggins; Zayton; Kleeman; Cruikshonk. Y.M.C.A, Malcomb B. Alien John Hare Bonner, Jr. Ellis Spencer Bullins Walter Anderson Bunch, Jr Roy Edward Clark Jack Phifer Fairley Thomas Harry Gatton Sydenham B. Alexander Garland Everett Bell James Everette Bryan Bernard Ottway Burton Philip Rahom Carlton, Jr. bert Carroll ' A. Cazel lliam T. Davenport William A. Dees, Jr. George Elting Deye JUNIOR SENIOR CABINET OFFICERS BROOKS PATTEN President JOHN HARE BONNER, JR Vice-President EUGENE ALFRED TURNER, JR Secretary THOMAS HALL HOLMES Treasurer MEMBERS Lee Gilchrist George McNider Charles Moore Robinson, Jr. William Jones Gordon, Jr. George Earl Nethercutt Eugene Craig Shell James William Hall Brooks Patten Edney Webb Stacy Thomas Hall Holmes Charles Lewis Putzel, Jr. Thomas Melville Stanback Bennett Haskin Hunter Edward Lee Rankin Eugene Alfred Turner, Jr. James McMurrayJoyner John Bunyan Riggsbee John Fletcher Vincent Thomas Bland Keys Michael Anderson Roberts Thomas Marshall West Harry Clay Yeatman SOPHOMORE CABINET OFFICERS DAVID JAMES SESSOMS, JR President SAMUEL HARRIS TEAGUE, JR Vice-President EDWIN N. MANOR Secretary WILLIAM LUTHER HAND Treasurer PHILIP ROHM CARLTON, JR Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS Fred Kingsley Elder, Jr. Cam McRae, Jr. C. Leroy Shuping, Jr. Robert Arthur Farris T. Lacy Morrow Eugene Silverstein James Garland Ralph Clinton Patrick, Jr. George Lee Simpson, Jr. John Charles Grier James Perrin Queries, Jr. Norman Stockton William Luther Hand Frank Russell Reynolds Samuel Harris Teogue, Jr. Benjamin Ross Heath Livingston Brewster Rogerson Harold Warshaw Arthur S. Link Alvin Cicero Russell Kenan Bonks Williams R. Otho Linker Alexander Sessoms Thomas Archibald Wright, Jr. Wiley Theodore Mackie David James Sessoms, Jr. Joseph Ellis Zaytown Edwin N. Moner Walter Lincoln Sheffield, Jr. PATTEN BONNER SESSOMS TEAGUE FIRST ROW — Anderson, Yeatman, Turner, Bonner, Patten, Holmes, Riggsbee, Bullins. SECOND ROW — Campbell, Armfield, Sewell, Darracott, Stacy, Clark, Burns, Foirley, Brown, Loomis, Gilchrist, THIRD ROW— Comer, Gatton, McNider, Hall, Putzel, Nethercutt, Hunter, Allen, Shell, Rankin. Y.M.C.A, MEMBERS SHORE CODY FRESHMAN FRIENDSHIP COUNCIL OFFICERS WILLIAM T. MARTIN President WILLIAM SHORE Vice-President CHARLES P REECE Secretary WILLIAM COLLINS CODY Treasurer Eorl Delton Alexonder Williom Cress Alexonder Robert Tillmon Austin Thomos Arrington Avero, Jr. Jesse Bardin Aycock, Jr. Alexander Conaley Bonner Ralph Irving Bowmon Ernest Raeford Carrowoy Nelson Byron Casstevens, Jr. John Rondolph Chamblias, Jr. George Leanell Coxheod James Clyde Cummings Danny Logan Deaver Cornelius Dickinson Arthur Wilson Dixon Roger Neil Eorly Marshall Rovven Effron Edwin Clork Ford Morion Mist Fuller, Jr. Jim Frank Hackler George Edloe Horn George Lewis Hayes William Kern Holeman Etheldred Henry Holt Joseph Strange Huske, Jr. William Braxton Ingram Walter Goffard Jomes Joseph Andrew Jelmet Gip Isioh Kimball, Jr. Richard Kindrick Horry Howard Lackey, Jr. Herman Dewey Lowson William Lovis McKennon Leonio Erastus McKnight, Jr. Herbert Steed McNoiry William Woodrow Montgomery Sewell Trezenont Moore Samuel Fox Mordecoi Ernest Howord Morris Buryan Myron Newell John Moultrie Oliver William Robert Page, Jr. Edward Dudley Patrick, Jr. Charles Craig Phillips Louis J. Poisson Claude Robert Pfoff William St. Clair Pugh Hugh Pemberton Quimby Roger Joseph Royburn Wert Baxter Rhyne Charles Austin Robbins Wilbur Glenn Robbins John Thomas Rogers Arthur Homilton Rogers Jordan Thomas Rogers Glenn Chorles Sowyer Herbert Palmer Scoffin Rufus Shelkoff Sol Samuel Shermon Ernest Frederick Skillman Bernord Israel Slavin Richard Dates Steele James William Stewart, Jr Arthur Clifford Stowie, Jr. John Boyce Tolbert, Jr. Arthur Lee Teachey Charles Walter Tillett, Jr. William Jefferson Pope John Robert Von Hecke Paul William Wace Douglas Hailing West Jacob West, Jr. Harry Frederick Wheyher Frank Lenox Williams FIRST ROW — Shuping, Williams, Warsow, Manor, D. Sessoms, Sto ckton, Zaytoun, Bell. SECOND ROW — Carlton, Dego, Sheffield, Alexander, Linker, Davenport, A. Sessoms. THIRD ROW— Teogue, Dees, Patrick, Elder, Farris, Russel. FOURTH ROW— Burton, Mackie, Carrol, Gorland, Morrow, Grier. HILLEL FDUNDATIDN SIDNEY SCHOCHET DR, E. M. BERNSTEIN OFFICERS .President FRIEDA M DAVIS Secretotv DR, L, KATTSOFF FACULTY ADVISORS RABBI BERNARD ZEIGER MEMBERS HORACE RICHTER HARRY M. LASKER MARVIN MORTON KESSLER SEYMOUR MOSKOWITZ WILLIAM TENENBLATT The Hillel Foundation was organized on the campus in the fall of 1936. It Is one of 13 foundations operating at American and Cana- dian universities The purpose of the foundation is to meet the religious and cultural needs of Jewish students It serves to orient the Jewish student to the complex problems and conditions confronting the Jew today As port of this program, religious services ore conducted both in the Reformed and Orthodox rituals. Opportunity is afforded interested students to engage in discussion of Jewish problems and the study of Hebrew and Jewish history. The foundation a!so conducts o forum in which the outstanding Jews of our time hove participated. The affairs of the foundation are odmnistered by the students through the agency of a cabinet and officers selected by the Jewish student body. FIRST ROW— Richter, Vitriol, Zeiger, Sachar, Davis SECOND ROW— Kessler, Lefkowitz, Tenenblott, Moskowitz, Schochet, Lasker MEN ' S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS JOHN E TOMS Director EUGENE ALFRED TURNER President HUMPHREY HATHAWAY SWIFT Vice-President FRANK L. TURNER Business Manager HARRY M. LA5KER Secretary-Librarian SWIFT LASKER FIRST TENORS John Inge Anderson Ralph Irving Bowman George Elting Deyo Edgar Hunt Goold, Jr. Sandy Davis Griffin, Jr. Frank Ross Justice Vernon Woddell Rigsbee Poul G. Simkoe Samuel Jo Smith, Jr. Motthew Alfred Stroup Frank L. Turner SECOND TENORS James Sydney Earle Donald Crosby Foscue Eugene Stuart Gregg, Jr. David Osburn Gillette James Truman Holland Thomas Michael Holt Clarence Fletcher Howell Raymond Jones Martin James Perrin Quorles, Jr. Thomas Franklin Williams Joseph Maurice Wolfson BARITONES James Steve Changaris Edwin Clark Ford Thomas Brooks Griffin Thomas Vincent Heard J. Horry Joffmon, Jr. George Lyman Jordan, Jr. Maurice Arnold Konter Horr ' M. Lasker P. C. Purvis Garland Ferguson Robeson Henry Carl Rowlond Roy Glenn Starnes Frank Ellis Stearns William Dennis Vaughn, II John Sherard Wharton Lee Manning Wiggins William V right Williams BASSES Raymond Harrison Brown Ellis Spencer Bullins James Wilburn Carter Joe Andrew Felmet William F. Johnson Norman Levinson, Jr. Arthur S. Link Julian Hiram McDoniel Frederic Boscome Moness Charles A. Speos Phillips William Bernstein Schwartz, Jr. Elliot Gilford Show, Jr. John Frederick Smith Roger Alexonder Snyder Humphrey Hothowoy Swift, 1 1 1 William White Whitley FIRST ROW — Left to Right: Bowman, Anderson, Sherman Smith, Gregg, Martin, Williams, Deyo, Griffin, Lasker, Wiggins, Stornes, Changaris. SECOND ROW— Foscue, Howell, Roynor, Steam, Holland, Earle, Holt, Heard, Ford, Justice, G. Turner, Goold, Sam Smith, Purvis. THIRD ROW— V olfson, Gillette, Felmet, Phillips, Voughn, Long, Wharton, V hitley, Schwartz, Konter, Williams, F. Turner, Bullms FOURTH ROW— Levinson, Snyder, Brown, McDoniel, Judson, Swift, Manus, Griffin, Link, Lee, F. Smith, Johnson, Jordan, Show. PIANIST— Carroll, CONDUCTOR— Toms. McMANEUS WALKER STOCKTON WEIL HARMON SLOCUM THE BAND OFFICERS ROBERT TAYLOR McMANEUS President PHILIP ALFRED WALKER Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer NORMAN VAUGHN STOCKTON, JR Business Manager HUBERT P. HENDERSON Librarian WILLIAM RAUL WEIL Publicity MARTI N LUTHER HA-RMON Publicity EARL A SLOCUM Director FLUTES H. Dewitt Barnett Robert Emmett Brown Horry Lowell Hawkins Boston McGee Lackey William Brady Reed, Jr. William Manly Thompson E FLAT CLARINET J Kimball Horrimon B FLAT CLARINET Warren Frederick Bortz Murray Arthur Boroody William Lockhart Benton Joseph Henry Blickmon Trent Busby Willis Thomas Carpenter James Harold Corey Alfred Nixon Costner Llewellyn Hill Couch, Jr. MEMBERS Martin Luther Harmon Robert Shields Hicks Lawrence Hoskins Hooper William McRoe Jordan Alfred Henderson King Walter Bennette Love, Jr. W. Lee Mack John Joseph Matte Robert Word Menius James Parker Fronk Robers Conrad Campbell Schrimpa Horry Grady Sharp Peter John Simone James William Stewart William Raul Weil CORNETS Spurgeon Lee Collins Frank Leon Foy Samuel Bel ton Galloway James Robert Helms Hubert P. Henderson Joseph McMurroy Hester James Franklin Hicks Thomas Michael Holt Gip Isaiah Kimball, Jr., Karl Burns Litzelman, Jr. John White Menius, Jr. Earl Misenheimer Morgan Joseph Robert Nixon, Jr. James Perrotto Elwood Pierce Clarence Lee Ruffin Paul Warren Simpson Mulmuth Wilson Thompson Robert Walter Weis Smith Woodson SAXOPHONES Donald Akermon Wiley Moger Bogers, Jr. Roy Morgan Cole Gene Eddy Gans James Ulrich Gibbs Allan Benarrio Goldenthal Milton Leon Kanlrowifz Paul Noble King Morton Lawrence Turteltaub Theodore Franklin Weant Oscar Charles Zimmerman HORNS Harry Trovers Lewis, Jr. Joseph Warren Mengel Dale Edmund Sandifur Arthur Thomas Sweet BARITONES Ellis Spencer Bullins Richard Franklin Green roi i i i l»l4 IOl4 Si £ loios 1. . lii i l S I i I i ►lolol ►lol i l 3 I ii»I i ►loK4 ►lolol 3iS[ol4i £S I iS3 9 1 Zii f fSi 3 lol i fS loI i ►I I IOl4l I OlOl l Robert Hill Philip Alfred Walker TROMBONES Charles Langley Clark William Lacy Felts Paul Harding DeWitt Gerhardt Thomas Brooks Griffin Chester Wilson Hill Worth Williams Johnson Robert Taylor McManeus Robert Calib Simmons Fred Lamer Wood BASES Fatell Francis Harvey A- Jonas Garland Ferguson Robeson, Jr Leslie W. Rose, Jr, Jomes Leslie Wharton, Jr. John Wiley DRUMS Arnold Daniel Ellison Poul Samuel Griffith Charles Rush Hamrick George William Honeycutt C Leroy Shaping, Jr Thomas Chester Wiggins Bruce Young GLOCKENSPEEL David Parker Bennett DRUM MAJOR Carl Rowland kA Mf HALSEY SHEFFIELD WATKINS JACOBS KAPPA PSI OFFICERS DR. M L. JACOBS Faculty Advisor WILLIAM BRADLEY HALSEY Regent BERNARD CLEVELAND SHEFFIELD Vice Regent JOE EDWARD HAMLET Secretary Treasurer JULIAN CARTER WATKINS House Manager f ' r f " SMITH GADDY HONEYCUTT McLEAN MINTON SLOAN MEMBERS Alfred Nixon Costner Lenister Mortimer Lewis McDonald Davis, Jr. A L. McLean Phil Gaddy Solon Scott Minton William Bradley Halsey Spencer Cornelius Scoft Joe Edward Hamlet Bernard Cleveland Sheffield George William Honeycutt Edwin Harrison Smith Dwayne Alton Irwin William Lee Sloan Julian Carter Wotkins Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical froternity was founded at the Medical College of Virginia on December 15, 1879. The organization was the first Greek-letter society estoblished In the colleges of Phormacy in the United States. It is the one and only strictly Pharmaceutical fraternity which limits its chapters to colleges of Pharmacy holding membership in the American Asso- ciation of colleges of Pharmacy. This, the Beta Xi chapter, was established ot the University of North Carolina in 1915, embodying the following Charter members: Dean J G. Beard, R. A. McDuffie, E. D. Kyser, R. H. Andrews, J. L. Henderson, W. W Allen, F. J. Andrews, N L Beach, F, N. Patter- son, R H Mann, G. G Blackwelder. A graduate chapter was established at Raleigh, North Carolina November 15, 1938 by J. C. Brantly, Jr. embodying the following charter members: H H Price, J. L. Creech, C. E. Page. The chapters of both classes enjoy equal rights and privileges. Kappa Psi, since its origin, has sought to attain the highest ideols in the profession of Pharmacy, and sur- rounds its members in on atmosphere of companionship, congeniality, and integrity. DELTA SIGMA PI OFFICERS MILTON EARL HOGAN Headmaster GEORGE FRANKLIN HUNT Treasurer HARVEY BLAIR TYNDALL Scribe PAUL BLUE Senior Warden JAMES WILLIAM HALL Junior Worden CLARENCE DOWELL COBURN Chancellor WILLIAM HUBERT OGBURN Historian WILLIAM YOULAND BRYAN. . .Master of Ceremonies MEMBERS Samuel Henry Akers Thomas Woodley Heath, Jr. Herbert Hoover Alexander Benjamin Ross Heath Thomos W. Crockett John Melson Dorsey Louis Stuart Ficklen Ernest Graham Forrest Stephen Taylor Forrest Archie Don Fountain John Willard Francis John Brame Harris Bennett Haskin Hunter Wade Harris Johnson Dovid Judson Robert Stanley Milner Evanter Theodore Nance Frank Ellis Stearns Junius Wynne Tillery Benjamin Frye Turner James Edward Williams, Jr. In 1925 the Alpha Lambda chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, Professional Commerce fraternity, wos founded on the campus of the University of North Carolina. For nine years it prospered, but when the debacle of 1929 to 1933 paralyzed the nation. Alpha Lambda bowed out. Then in 1938, on March 26, a new order reorganized the chapter, and under the leadership of Warren Haddaway and a group of faithful and industrious undergraduates the chapter now completes its first year. Delta Sigma Pi is dedicated to the professional serv- ice of men in the field of commerce and economics, and works to bring the campus speakers from the business world, movies of industrial production, and a placement bureau for commerce and economics grad- uates. BLUE In addition to invading political realms formerly controlled by men, the coeds possess a strongly-knit and potent self-governing body of their own — the Woman ' s Association. All female students automatically belong to it and dire consequences ore the result if they fail to memorize the rules in the association ' s handbook or neglect coming to its periodic meetings when summoned. The execu- tive body, the Woman ' s Council, consists of seven representatives and wields the same kind of power that the Student Council does with the men. The girls on the council cry a good deal more at their sentences thon the boys but they can be just as strict. Here are tried oil coed violators of the honor system, the campus code and regulations for women — those who moke too much disturbance, those who come home too late at night and thoce who don ' t bother coming home at ell. And many a coed after receiving that fatal notice has packed her bags beforehand, prepared for any eventuality. The Y.W.C.A. is more socially and less politically minded than its brother organization. It conducts orientation programs for girls, sponsors fashion shows and in general makes itself very useful. The Girls ' Glee Club does what most glee clubs do — it sings. Women ' s athletics include such sports as archery, ping-pong, and bowling but are not stressed because the majority of the girls on the campus ore too busy studying afternoons preporotory to dating at night. May Doy is an annual celebration sponsored by Alpha Kappa Gamma and involving much flitting about on the grass in the Ar- boretum. The May Queen is elected by the whole campus but AKG selects the nominees — which caused one group of girls whose choice wasn ' t named to form a petition protesting this method of selection on the grounds that it was " undemocratic. " Bill Molone once said that the purpose of the Woman ' s Associa- tion is " cooperation with the student body. " And so far, few of the boys hove been complaining about lack of response. WOMEN ' S DRGANIZATIDNS r WOMAN ' S ASSOCIATION BOWER WHITMORE JACKSON MRS. STACY OFFICERS: ELIZABETH MALONE, PRESIDENT CLAIRE WHITMORE, SECRETARY VIRGINIA BOWER, VICE-PRESIDENT ELEANOR JACKSON, TREASURER MRS. INEZ K. STACY, ADVISOR TO WOMEN The Woman ' s Associotion boasts of an enrollment of 401 members for the year 38-39, the largest number of co-eds to attend the University. All women enrolled in the University are automatically members of the Woman ' s Association. This organization is the governing body of the entire woman ' s student body ond sponsors all women ' s interest on the campus. Throughout the year, greater emphasis has been made to put a new emphasis on progress already begun rather than to initiate anything new. At the beginning of the school year a dance was given by the Association at the Tin Con, honoring the new girls in the University. A co-ed ball was given on May Day with the newly elected officers leading the figure. The Woman ' s Association made contributions to other organizations on the campus and also furnished the Ladies Lounge in Woollen Gymnasium. During the Fall quarter, the Association awarded a loving cup to the co-ed residence having the best decorations for Homecoming day. At the request of the graduate women, two graduates were added to the Woman ' s Council, making that representation three instead of one. WOMAN ' S COUNCIL: MARY LOUISE FELKEL LOUISE HUDSON HELEN S. ANDRUS ADALINE HOLADAY FRANCES HOWARD LILLIAN POPE HOWELL SEATED; Holaday, Jackson, Malone, Whitmore, Bower STANDING: Felkel, Andrus, Howell ELIZABETH MORRISON MALONE Vivacious, executive, Playmaker OLIVE ECHOLS CRUIKSHANK Pan Hell, Nordic, nice VIRGINIA SWANN KIBLER Chi 0, angora, jitters ELIZABETH ANN SPENCER CPU, smiles, Voit KATHRYN BRIGGS FLEMING Baseball, AKG, St. Mary ' s VIRGINIA RAGSDALE BOWER A ' s, Y-gal, Pi Phi LILLIAN POPE HOWELL Shackler, bridge, lights out ROSALIE HAYNES Co-ed Hops, southern drawl CLAIRE DELANO WHITMORE Books, blasee, Yank LUCY JANE HUNTER Tall, auburn, majestic The forever conniving women ' In January our demure co-eds se- lected these contemporaries as typically outstanding, and presented them to the campus for consideration. Active and outstanding they were. MAY DAY 193B ELIZABETH KEELER MAY QUEEN COURT, LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Nor- cross, Lucy Jane Hunter, Frances Rough- ton, Mary Glover, Olivia Root, Betty Redfern, Virginia Lee, Elizabeth Keeler, Mary Taylor Hinnant, Mary Lillion Speck, Ethel Laidiow, Memrie Gory, Olive Cruik- shonk, Elizabeth Ann Spencer Bwr - WOMAN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS PRESIDENT KATHRYN BRIGGS FLEMING SECRETARY NANCY REID LYON TREASURER ADELE AUSTIN DIRECTOR MRS J. G BEARD ASSISTANT DIRECTOR DOROTHY HOPE TISDALE COUNCIL SYLVIA BURT CULLUM MARY NEWTON LEWIS TERRELL OLIVER EVERETT RUTH MITCHELL PARSONS CORNELIA LEE THIGPEN BEARD LYON AUSTIN CULLUM EVERETT PARSONS LEWIS THIGPEN FLEMING The membership of the Athletic Association is comprised of the entire Women ' s Association. There was a very active in- terest and participation in the various sports offered through- out the year. In the fall, tennis, badminton, archery, fencing, and swim- ming were offered. During the winter the most important sports were fencing, basketball, and bowling. The fencing team enjoyed a victorious tour with matches with several northern colleges. Archery and tennis were the favorite sports of the spring quarter. During the spring quarter, the Athletic Association was hostess to women from seven North Carolina colleges partici- pating in the Carolina Play Day. Swimming, archery, badmin- ton, tennis, and volley ball were the sports offered for this day. A picnic supper for all participants was held in Bottle-Park after the Play Day winners were announced. The Women ' s Athletic Council, under the leadership of Mrs. Beard and Katharine Fleming, strove to make the year ' 38- ' 39 outstanding in greater interest and greater participation for the Women ' s athletics. With Woollen Gymnasium always at the co-eds ' disposal, the Women ' s Athletic Association be- came a more active body on the campus. In the late spring, letters and numerals were awarded to the outstanding participants in the various sports. They were awarded to the winners of the various tournaments held throughout the year Women ' s Athletic Council keys were awarded to all members of the council. ,x.y i99s TENNISTERS LEWIS, FLEMING, RAOUL, THIGPEN, ROBESON FLEMING, CULLUM, RAOUL, KIBLER, THIGPEN, LEWIS, EVERETT COONS AND LIPSCOMB, ALLEY GIRLS ANNUAL SORORITY-NON SORORITY GAME JONES VERSUS AUSTIN POTENTIALITIES, MISSING; ESTELLE LAWSON PAGE SEATED: Evans, McLean, Spencer, Cruikshank, Holden, Jockson, Bower STANDING: Fleming, Thigpen, Harner, Jordan, Massey, Brewer Y, W. C. A EVANS WHITMORE McLEAN BOWER OFFICERS; MARGARET EVANS, PRESIDENT RACHAEL McLEAN, VICE-PRESIDENT VIRGINIA BOWER, SECRETARY CLAIRE WHITMORE, TREASURER TeCOAH HARNER, ADVISER CABINET: OLIVE CRUIKSHANK SARAH MASSEY KATHRYN FLEMING CONNIE THIGPEN MARION BREWER ELEANOR JACKSON LIBBY SPENCER ALTAJANE HOLDEN LOUISE JORDAN This year marked the third birthday of the YWCA on our campus. Its progress in that short time has been slow but yet penetrating and positive. The YWCA as an organization has been o pioneer in helping woman find her place in th3 world, and it is hoped that this purpose will bind fruition in helping her find her ploce on the Carolina campus. The oim of the associotion this yeor has been to prepare the girls in their thinking so that they would be able to benefit more profitably from the Institute of Human Relations The YWCA office has become better equipped and is coming to be the active odmmistrative center of the progrom. WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB The Women ' s Glee Club, under the direction of John E Toms, gave o Christmas concert featuring festival music from Old English carols. Immediately before Christmas, the Glee Club augmented Proff Koch ' s read- ing of the Christmas Carol with a few religious songs. In the Spring, the Glee Club gave a joint concert with the Men ' s Glee Club. OFFICERS: VIRGINIA BOWER PRESIDENT ADELLE AUSTIN VICE-PRESIDENT GLADYS BEST TRIPP SECRETARY-TREASURER MEMBERS; Mary Martha Bennett Louise Holl Jean Breckenridge Lillian Howell Pat Dickinson Eleanor Jackson BOWER AUSTIN Betty Kennison Barbara Liscomb Jo Martin Anne Martin Eloise Porisin Mary Elizabeth Rhyne Frankie Worthington Adelle Austin . Sara Barrett Virginia Bower Mary Jean Bronson Frances Caldwell Olive Cruikshank Phyllis Galumbeck Sara Griffith Agnes Nicholson Gladys Best Tripp Nancy Lyon Janet Lawrence Gene Rankin Morgaret Tipton Anna Margaret Bollentine Eloise Brown Mary Burgess Lucy Belle Eckles Aido Epps Janet Evans Alice Kerr Helen Ann Jacobs Martha Mills Marcella Pendley Dorothea Raoul Frances Stevens WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB fR i£f J UNIVERSITY COACHES d.r FETZER WOLF CORNWELL HEARN QUINLAN KENFIELD RONMAN RANSON SKIDMORE SHEPARD Carolina ' s othletic squads in the 1938-39 year were under the same coaches who turned out excellent athletic teams the previous year. The track team under Coaches Fetzer and Ranson won both Southern Conference and Big Five indoor and outdoor track titles. Coach Ranson ' s cross country team dominated the Southern Conference meel held here and won the Conference crown easily Carolina ' s tennis squad, coached by J. F. Kenfield, was forced to relinquish its claim to the mythical national tennis championship, but retained Southern Conference and Big Five leadership. The boxing and wrestling teams, under Coaches Ronman and Quinlan, annexed Big Five crowns. The football, basketball, baseball and golf teams won over one-half their gomes, but did not gain any championships. Fencing, swimming, and lacrosse, three newly inaugurated sports, fared well in their first year of intercollegiate competition. Coach Skidmore announced his resignation as head basketball coach effective July 1 . W. F. Lange, assistant football coach for the past few years, was chosen to suc- ceed him. With the completion of Woollen Gymnasium in the spring of 1938, athletics at Carolina took a new lease on life The basketball team moved onto the spacious courts of the gymnasium, leaving the Tin Can entirely to the freshmen. The boxing and wrestling squads also transferred their quarters to the new building. Under Coach Ed Jamerson, the newly organized Carolina swim- ming team trained in Bowman Gray Memorial Pool Besides facilities for varsity sports, the gymnasium con- tains numerous intramural basketball, badminton, and handball courts and needed office space for the Athletic Department. R. A. Fetzer Director of Athletics R. B. Wolf Head Coach Football 0. K. Cornwell Director Physical Education Bunn Fleam Head Coach Baseball P. H. Qu ' nian Head Coach Wrestling and Trainer J . F. Kenfield Head Coach Tennis M Z Ronman Head Coach Boxing M D Ranson Head Coach Track W. D. Skidmore Head Coach Basketball G. E. Shepard Assistant Director of Athletics DNDGRAM CLUB OFFICERS: GEORGE EARL NETHE ' JCUTT PRESIDENT JAMES WOODSON VICE-PRESIDENT FRANK HART WAKELEY SECRETARY CHARLES JOHNSON HARRISS TREASURER ATHLETIC COUNCIL GEORGE WATSON REPRESENTATIVE ME y BERS: Leroy Franklin Abernathy, Jr. Johnson Harriss Robert Leonard Adam Fred Thornett Hardy Thomas Isaac Avery William Houston Handrix, Jr. Andrew Bershak Neal Herring Harold Edwin Bissett Joseph Truman Hilton Hudson Boyd, Jr. Thomas Holmes James Bryant Edwyn Hubbard Tony Cernugle Larry Clifton Jomes Henry Toole Clark Royce Jennings Richard Erskine Clements Andy Jones William Corpening Claud Gates Kimball Frank Calvin Cox James Kirkpatnck Thomas Whittington Crockett James Dupont Kirven James Davis Charles Robert Kline Samuel Davis, Jr. Jasper Jock Kraynick Walter Edison Deoton James Lolanne Don Deslch Wellington Lewis Chorles Diffendol William McCachren Ben Bentley Dilworth James Mallory Edward Fuller Harry March Frank Farrell Steve Vorcnic George Flynt, Jr. Albert Maynard Clarence Fink David Morrison Robert Garland Clyde Edward Mullis John Glover George Earl Nethercutt William Gordon Max Novich Wilford Harris Gragg Horace Palmer Alexander Grahom, Jr. Neale Patrick Foy Eugene Grubb Thomas Rumfry Pitts James Hall George Rodman X I tM M NETHERCUTT WOODSON WAKELEY HARRISS William Rowlings Drewry Eugene Troutman Powell Richards Walter Wagner Charles Rider Frank Hart Wokeley Carlton Rood George David Watson William Rood Voughon Sharp Winborne Joseph Russell Wallace Jorin Winborne Sydney Sadoff Edwin Winsteod Charles Slagle William Winstead Robert Smith James Leake Woodson George Stirnweiss Richord Campbell Worley Matthew Tcpkins Henry Wright FIRST ROW, Left to Right — Holl, Richards, Dillon, Deoton, Jones, Kraynick, Nethercutt, Cox, Bissett, McCachren, Hudson, and Garland. SECOND ROW, Left to Right — Alderman, Winborne, V., Woodson, Adam, Russell, Hardy, March, Jennings, Worley, Grubb, Wright, and Kline THIRD ROW, Left to Right — Abernathy, Mallory, Desich, Winborne, W., Rodman, Rider, Morrison, Harriss, Hendrix, and Holmes. FOURTH ROW, Left to Right— White, Peiffer, Severin, Smith, Gordon, and Farrell. FIFTH ROW, Left to Right— Davis, Wokeley, Hilton, Crockett, and Lewis. TISgE5 FDDTBALL The 1938 Carolina football team had a fairly successful season in its third year under Coach Wolf ' s tutelage. High spots of the season were the 7-0 victory over N. Y. U. and the 0-0 " moral victory " which the Tar Heels gained over the Fordham Rams. Duke, the Southern Conference and Big Five champions, soundly trounced the Tar Heels 14-0. Steve Moronic, Co-Captain who played almost sixty minutes of every game at tackle and who made thirteen consecutive extra points during the year, was named on several Ail-American teams Watson, Stirnweiss, Kline, and Woodson were also named on various all-star teams. V ' ATSON Holfback, Co-captain MARONIC Tackle, Co-coptain ABERNATHY Guard ADAM Center KIMBALL SADOFF Tackle Fullback KLINE SEVER IN End End KRAYNICK Fullback SI EWERS Tackle LALANNE Quarterback SLAGLE Guard PEIFFER End RADMAN Halfback SMITH Center STIRNWEISS Quarterback WINBORNE Quarterback WOODSON Guard GRAHAM and MAYNARD Managers U N. C— 14, WAKE FOREST— 6 Under a blistering sun, 15,000 people watched the Tar Heels successfully open their 1938 season with a 1 4 to 6 triumph over a surprisingly strong Wake For- est eleven. The Deacons got off to a flying start when big John Jett, sophomore end, blocked a Caro- lina punt in the end zone to put Wake Forest ahead, 6-0. Early in the second quarter Jim Lalonne tossed a 12-yard pass to Jim Mallory, who was standing in the end zone, to tie the score, Co-Captain Steve Moronic put the Tar Heels out in front with a perfect placement boot for the extra point. North Carolina added another 7 points late in the fourth quarter when Jack Kraynick lunged over from the 1-yard line and Moronic ogam converted the extra point, U, N, C— 21, N.C.ST ATE— For the second straight year Carolina invaded Rid- dick Stadium and returned home with a 3 touchdown victory George Rodman scored all three markers to lead the Blue and White gridders to victory. The first two touchdowns come in the second quarter, one on 25-yard pass from Lalonne to Rodmon Jim Mallory set up the final counter with a 45-yard return of an intercepted pass late in the fourth quarter. Steve Moronic kept his record intact as he added all three extra points, U. N.C.— 14, TULANE— 17 A Homecoming Day crowd of 22,000 people sow Bronco Brunner, Tulone ' s All-Southeastern halfback, prove too much for the Tor Heels defense as the Green Wove fought its way to a 17-14 victory. After spotting the Green Wove a touchdown, George Stirn- weiss crashed off tackle from the 1 -yard line to even the count, but Tulane countered a few minutes later with a field goal from the 17-yard line which proved to be the margin of victory, Co-Coptain George Wat- son accounted for Carolina ' s second touchdown in the third quarter on a 25-yard run around his own left end. U. N C— 7, N. Y, U.- Outgoined, but not outfought, the Tor Heels took advantage of a 35-yard scoring pass from Stirnweiss to Rodman to hand N.Y.U. its first defeat of the year 7-0. After this one scoring thrust, Carolina resorted to a defensive gome. The sensational punting of George Stirnweiss and the outstanding line play of All-Ameri- con Steve Moronic kept the Violets from seriously threatening the Tor Heel goal. WATSON SNAGS PASS IN STATE GAME AS SANDS COMES UP U. N, C -34, DAVIDSON— For its fifth game of the year Carolina journeyed to Davidson and after being out-played during the first half, came to life in the second half to win 34 to 0, Rodman scored twice while Stirnweiss, Lalanne, and Kraynick each crossed the goal line once. Moronic added four extra points in four attempts to keep his record unmorred. U. N. C— 0, DUKE— 14 Thirty-five thousand people braved a drizzling rain to see Duke ' s Blue Devils hand the Tar Heels their second and worst defeat of the year, ]4 to 0. Eric Tipton scored first for the Devils in the second quar- The gome, which was played in a driving rain was marred by frequent fumbles. Stirnweiss sparked the Tar Heel defense and attack The fast little quarter- back scored the lone touchdown of the game midway of the third quarter on a five-yard dash around end. A few minutes later he returned a punt 81 yards only to have a penalty nullify the play. The Gobblers threatened early in the game when a fake punt ploy took them to Carolina ' s four-yard line but the Tar Heels took the ball on downs. U. N C — 0, FORDHAM— Surprising even their most ardent supporters, the Tar Heels journeyed to New York and fought the WATSON PLUGS HOLE TO STOP TIPTON OF DUKE LALANNE GRABS HAYS OF TULANE ter and Bob O ' Mara crashed over from the 2-yard line soon after the half. Although Stirnweiss made several long runs, Carolina was never able to put on a sus- tained drive. Only once did they penetrate the Blue Devils ' 15-yard line, but here a pass interception stopped the threat. U. N. C— 7, V. P. I.— Eighteen thousand fans were on hand to see the Tar Heels slush their way to a 7 to victory over V. P. I. famed Fordhom Rams to o 0-0 deadlock. The North Carolinians turned in their best performance of the season, and the ploy of Stirnweiss, Moronic, and Woodson will not soon be forgotten. Late in the sec- ond period the Tor Heels attempted a fake field goal from the Fordhom 23 but the pass from Moronic to Watson was incomplete. Twice in the last quarter the Rams attempted field goals, but both attempts failed. Neither team seriously threatened. U, NC— 20, VIRGINIAN) Scoring by every means possible, the Tar Heels ended the season with a 20 to victory over their annual Turkey Day rivals, Virginia Playing on a snow-swept grid- iron, the fleet Carolina backs were not able to get underway until the third quarter. The Tar Heels went ahead in the first half with Maronic ' s field goal and a safety and led 5 to at the intermission. In the second half the Blue and White came back strong to score two touchdowns, an extra point, and a safety. Kraynick and Stirn- weiss scored the six pointers while Moronic kept his record clean with his thirteenth extra point. U. N. C. 14 1938 FOOTBALL RECORD Woke Forest Opponents 6 21 14 N. C. State Tulane 17 7 34 7 N. Y. U Davidson Duke V. P. 1 14 Fordhcm 20 Virginia KIMBALL CLEARS THE WAY FOR WATSON AGAINST TULANE FEHLEY FAILS TO GAIN FOR STATE Vvir-JEORNE ELUC ' ES WAKE FOREST Ei.D Ji, r . ' ,. r s FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Assistant Coach Skidmore, Erskine Clements, Horace Palmer, Carl Pieffer, Chuck Kline, Co-Captoin George Watson, Co-Captoin Steve Moronic, Bob Adorn, Jim Woodson, Leroy Abernothy, Wallace Winbourne, and Trainer Quinlan. SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Assistant Coach Ericson, Tony Cernugle, Chorles Idol, George Rodman, Gates Kimball, Frank Doty, Julian Brantley, Ellis Fields, Don Desich, Chuck Slagle, Ted Bryson, Ed Megson, Red Forrest, and Head Coach Wolf. THIRD ROW, Left to Right: Assistant Coach Moriss, Assistant Coach Longe, Bill Blolock, Leo Slotnick, Bob Hermson, Milton Stern, Don Baker, Walt Palanske, George Glomack, Mike Bobbitt, Christian Siewers, Alvin Lindsay, John Anderson, Joe Brantley, Assistant Coach Barcloy, and Assistant Coach Longe. FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: Monoger Graham, George Ralston, Jim Lalcnne, Com McCreo, Bill Little, Dick Sieck, Paul Severin, Bob Smith, Bob Osbourne, Joe Novok, Tom Pendleton, Tom Adams, Syd Sodoff, and Manager Moynord. 19.38 FOOTBALL RECORD First downs Passes attempted Passes completed Yards gained passes Posses intercepted Opponent fumbles recovered. Average yards punts Yards lost penalties Net yards rushing 6 I 7 I 6 I 12 I 2 I 3 I 16 I 49 i ! 2 9 21 3 56 3 1 37 41,51 36 5 33.5 45 15 90 65 I 220 47 1131 97 171 16 42] 49 251 35 I 1811127 9j 8 18j 14 5] 9 92 ' 1 1 1 34i 391 35 40 100 89i 72 11 9 6 87 1 43.51 42.2 60 I 60 I 140 1190 7 9 8 15 2 4 0125 66 1 7 1 1 40135 31 25 10 20 81 50 143 7 13 3 37 1 37 20 205 603 556 14 7 8 12 37.7 ' 39.1 380 250 1258 1023 ' Average calculoted on per gome basis. R A K CORPENING WINS HIGH HURDLES IN PRINCE- TON MEET WITH GRAHAM SECOND. vrey I routman, Harry March, William Lorpening, I homos Holmes, FIRST ROW, Left to Right Leighlon Dudley, James Dovis, Joseph Hilton, James Hall. SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Coach Morris, James Baden, Andrew Jones, Thomas Crockett, William Gordon, Joe Russell, Walter Deaton, Fred Ullman, George Hunt, Norman Bennett, Coach Ranson. THIRD ROW, Left to Right: Frank Wokeley, Herbert Rodgers, Philip Walker, James Frozier, Carlton White, Robert Weinberger, Royce Jennings, Fred Hardy, Charles Slagle, Abraham Shore, Manager, The 1938 Carolina track team regained the state and Southern Conference supremacy which it had re- linquished to Duke in 1936. The two-mile relay team and the hurdling team which entered the Penn relays brought credit to the Tar Heels. Richards, a consist- ent winner in the javelin, Hubbard in the discus, and Lane in the dashes, all of whom were counted on for points in every meet, were out with injuries for the season. Princeton defeated the " Flying Tar Heels " 50 to 76 in the first meet of the year. Corpening set a new Carolina record of :14.7 in winning the 120-yard high hurdles. March in tying with Wise of Princeton for first place in the high |ump, set a new Carolina record of 6 ' 1 % " . Hendrix nosed out Applegate in the 880- yard race in the time of 1 :55.4, a new field record. March in the 220-yard low hurdles and Crockett in the two-mile run won other first places for Carolina. Wise, in winning the shot put, set a new field record of 46 ' 4 " . The mile run, a feature of the meet, saw Bradley of Princeton set a Fetzer field record of 4:16,8 to beat Jim Davis to the tape by 1.4 seconds. Another close race of the meet between Whitman of Princeton and Deaton saw Whitman win the 220-yard dash in ;22,7. In the meet with Virginia at Charlottesville " The Flying Tor Heels " took eight first places and a clean sweep in the two-mile, winning 76-50, March scored 1 3 points by placing first in the 220-yard low hurdles, tying for first in the high jump and taking second in the broad jump, to lead the Carolina scoring, Davis had the mile race all his own in winning in the slow time of 4:25. Holmes in the 100 and Deaton in the 440 took the only first places for the Tor Heels in the dashes. Fuller of Virginia set a new Virginia record of: 14.7 in beating Corpening and March to the tape in the 1 1 0-yard high hurdles. Crockett, Gor- don, and Hall made a clean sweep for Caro- lina in the 2-mile run. White in the 880, and Hilton in the javelin, scored other firsts for the Tar Heels. Carolina won the A A. U. meet at Chapel Hill with a score of 70 ' 2, even though the hurdlers and distance men were competing in the Penn Relays. Duke was second with 421 2 points and N. C State third with 9 Hall won the 5000 meter run in the record time of 16:40,2. Other first place winners for Caro- lina were Slagle in the shot put. Hilton in the javelin, and Holmes in the 400 meter low hurdles. Milan Zon, former N, C, State track star, set a new record of 149.9 in the discus to far out throw all his competitors. In the Penn Relays the hurdling team of Walker, Graham, March, and Corpening fin- ished third, behind Virginia and Dartmouth. The two mile relay team composed of Davis, Hendrix, White, and Wakeley come in fourth, trailing Manhattan, Indiana, and Michigan to the tape. Georgia eked out a victory over " The Flying Tar Heels " 66 ' 2-59! 2 in the next meet. Corpening led the Tar Heels with first places in the 120 yard high hurdles and the broad jump and a second place in the 220 yard low hurdles for a total of 13 points. His time of 14,6 in the high hurdles broke the field record of 14,7 which he had set in the Princeton meet. In the mile run Davis had iwo-mile against " Give me spinach " Leighton Dudley clears " i o: do I do now, coach? ' twelve feet in good style Jennings and Deaton trail Whitman of Princeton to the tope Davis leads Chronister of Maryland in the Southern Conference mile MacCachren gets up steam Corpening takes off BILL GORDON Two Mile JIM DAVIS Mile FRED ULLMAN Quarter Mile DRURY TROUTMAN Two Mile FRANK WAKELEY Mile EDJULIBER Shot Put JIMFRAZIER Discus JOE RUSSELL Two Mile CARLTON WHITE Half Mile TOM CROCKETT Two Mile little trouble in finishing ahead of Fredericksen end his teammate Troutman in :24 8. Deoton won the 220 yard dash in :22.5, and Hendrix took the 880 yard run in 1 :56.2. Lumphin set a new field record of 46 ' 9 ' A " in winning the shot put. Georgia ' s pre- ponderance of strength in the field events enabled her to win the meet. Regaining their hold on the Southern Conference crown in the meet held at Durham, the Tar Heels scored 59 ' 7 points to 5072 for Duke, the runner-up. Davis and Corpening took the only first places scored by Carolina, but numerous second and third places enabled Carolina to win. Davis, running the m.ile in 4:17 5, came within one-tenth of a second of the Con- Headley of Maryland noses out Dovis and Hendrix in the Southern Conference 880-yard run ference record. Corpening led the team ' s scoring with 10 points In the 880-yard run Coleman Headley of Maryland set a new record of 1 .533. Hendrix and Davis, who finished second and third respectively, were both clocl ed under the old school record of 1 :54,4 set by Harry Williamson. " The Flying Tar Heels " avenged last year ' s defeat at the hands of Duke in this year ' s meet. Corpening, taking first places in the 110-yard high hurdles and broad jump and second in the 220-yard low hurdles for a total of 13 points, placed Carolina in the 68-63 victory. Crockett, White, Dudley, Jones, March, and Winbourne, who tied in the high jump, also scored first places for Carolina. The Tar Heels made clean sweeps of the half mile and the two-mile events; the Blue Devils won all three places in the 220-yard dash. In the Millrose Games held February 4 at Madison Square Garden, the North Carolina relay team, com- posed of Davis, Morrison, White, and Hendrix, repeat- ed their win of last year in the two-mile relay. They Fordam of Georgia and Ullman trail Deaton to the tape in the 220 finished in the excellent time of 7:48, ahead of Man- hattan, Purdue, Rhode Island State, and Indiana Led by Bill Corpening, who scored 12 points and broke 2 records, the Tar Heels recaptured the South- ern Conference Indoor Track title in the meet held here February 24 and 25. The Tar Heels tallied 52 points, to 30 for Maryland and 25 ' 2 for Duke, last year ' s titleholder. Corpening won the broad jump with a record-breaking leap of 22 ' 11 " , and then set a new mark of 6 ' 1 V4 " in the high jump in winning that event. Tom Holmes took first in the 70-yard low hurdles in :7.9 for the Tor Heels ' only other first place in the meet. Jimmy Davis finished second to Mason Chronister of Maryland in the mile run, a feature of the meet. SEASON ' S RECORD U. N. C. 50 . 76 . 591 2. Opponents .Princeton 76 .Virginia 50 .Georgia 66Vz .Duke 63 Davis wins Southern Conference mile in 4;175 Corpening matches strides with Rogers of W. L, in the 120 high hurdles Princeton to tlie tope in the bSO G!amock hooks one in against Maryland Branson breoks up a shot in the Wake Forest game BASKETBALL The loss of four sfcrting men from the 1938 team considerably weak- ened the White Phantoms in their attempt to equal the fine records of teams of the past. Although getting off to a slow start, the Tar Heels won enough games to get a bid to the Southern Conference tournament. As the season closed the Phantoms began to hit their stride and won five out of the last six games. The White Phantoms easily took two warm up gomes with Atlantic Christian College and Catawba In a slow gome with Princeton Coro ' ina was handed its first defeat of the season by a score of 30 to 20, Carolina, after trailing throughout the first half, managed to pull up at the first of the second half, to tie the score at 15-15. After this Princeton took things in her own hands and went on to win. Two sophomores, Lester Branson and Jimmie Howard, stood out for Carolina by holding Princeton ' s high scoring forwards to a total of 13 points. Davidson with a veteran team proved too strong for the Tor Heels With Bill McCachren ' s fine floor game and George Glamack ' s last half scor- ing spurt Carolina was able to give Davidson a good fight. On the Virginia trip Carolina dropped the first game to Virginia by o score of 29-37. The next night, however, the Phantoms come to life and with Jimmie Howard scoring 12 points trounced VMI 35-28. In their third game in as many nights the Tar Heels upset their traditional rival, W. L After trailing 22-19 at the half, Carolina, with towering George Glamack racking up 17 points, was able to show its best form to win. BILL McCACHREN Captain LES BRANSON WATTS CARR FRANK CUNEO BENDILWORTH GEORGE GLAMACK Carolina returned to Woollen Gymnasium for their next tilt and lost to the league-leading Wake Forest Deacons by a score of 57-37, Ben Dilworth, who played a bang-up floor game, and Paul Severin who scored 13 points, led the Carolina attack. Carolina, on her second northern venture, bounced back in the win column by defeating V P. L in a 35- 34 thriller. On the following night the Tar Heels were nosed out by Maryland in an extra period game. With 30 seconds left in the extra period Maryland ' s All-Southern guard, George Knepley, sank a shot from midcourt to give Maryland a 34-32 victory. Another close game was lost to Navy on the following night to end an unsuccessful trip. Returning to the old North State, the White Phan- toms were still unable to display a winning punch and dropped a slow game to N. C. State. Following the State game the Tar Heels journeyed over to Wake Forest and proceeded to revenge the previous defeat handed them by taking a 56-54 victory. Bill Watson ' s last minute goal provided the winning margin Maryland, showing a superb passing attack, dropped Carolina for the second time to the tune of 66-41. Ben Dilworth was the only Carolina player able to hit Severin bots the boll out of Johnson ' s hand in the Davidson game Cowan fails to stop Glamock ' s overhead shot Severin and Hill of State scramble for the boll WOODROW HOLLAND AL MATHES HANKPESSAR FQY ROBERSON PAUL SEVERIN DICKWORLEY the basket with any consistency. He sank five field goals and one foul shot. Rebounding from the defeat handed them by Maryland, Carolina took the next five gomes in a row. V. M. I. was the first to feel the sting of the revived Tar Heels. Next came Davidson, who through the fine playing of Ben Dilworth and Paul Severin, was not able to match the scoring ability of the White Phantoms. Carolina continued its winning streak by drop- ping Duke in a game packed with action. With the probability of a tournament bid hinging on the outcome, neither team was able to get a comfortable lead. Paul Severin and George Glamack assured Carolina of a victory by caging a total of 26 points together. Virginia and N. C. State were the next victims of White Phantoms. By stopping State 40-25, revenge was gained for a previous defeat. The season ended fo.r the Phantoms at Dur- ham where a hard-fighting Duke team out- fought Carolina to win 41 -38. Carolina again was unable to get past the first round in the tournament. Although ahead up to the last minute of play a crip shot gave Clemson a one-point lead which won the game. The whole Carolina team played well but was not able to match Clemson ' s last second spurt. The final score was 44-43. The followers of the Tar Heels look forward to next year ' s team, as all of this year ' s players Will be back. The presence of four sophomores, Jimmie Howard, Paul Severin, George Glamack, and Lester Branson, and the return of Captain Bill McCachren and Ben Dilworth promise to give Carolina next season one of her most for- midable quints in years. 1939 BASKETBALL RECORD U N, C Opponents 57 ATLANTIC CHRISTIAN 19 44 CATAWBA 31 20 PRINCETON 30 39 DAVIDSON 45 29 .. 35 .. 46 .. 39 .. 35 .. 32 ., 38 NAVY , VIRGINIA 37 .V, M. 1 28 .W, L 39 .WAKE FOREST 57 .V, P. 1 34 .MARYLAND 34 46 U. N. C. Opponents 22 N. C. STATE 35 56 WAKE FOREST 54 41 MARYLAND 66 43 V. M. 1 41 35 DAVIDSON 28 37 DUKE 32 48 VIRGtNIA 37 40 N. C. STATE 25 38 DUKE 41 SOUTHERN CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT 43 CLEMSON 44 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Watson, Holland, Mothes, Branson, Cuneo, Roberson, and McCachren. SECOND ROW, Lef ' ' - P ' g ' - - CC-- - CU;,.J„.-,„-, C,-.,,.-,„„ r„rr rj„ „.-l. P ccnr n.U.vnrth A ' nrUv nnrt hAn JRNETTE BISSETT BRICKLEMYER COX GRAVER Outfield, Captain First Bose Outfield Outfield Second Base LLIAM GRUBB HUDSON NETHERCUTT PARKER Outfield Third Base Pitcher Catcher Pitcher DAVIS Pitcher STIRNWEISS Shortstop BASEBALL The 1938 Tar Heel baseball team hung up c creditable record in Southern Conference competition, winning twelve end losing six. Against teams of the Big Five, Carolina won five and lost five, three of them to Duke. The Heels beat Dartmouth 4-1 and Navy 7-5 in their only games with teams outside the Southern Conference. Before the season opened Matty Topkins, star shortstop on last year ' s team, was laid out with pneumonia. George Stirnweiss was shifted from second base to fill his position, and Burke Craver moved into Stirnweiss ' s vacated post. The first gome of the season against Richmond was won handily 10-2 behind Hudson ' s three-hit pitching and Burnette ' s two home runs. Dartmouth fell 4-1 in the face of Hudson ' s two-hit perform- ance; Burnette with two singles and four stolen bases again led the Carolina attack. In their first Big Five encounter, the Heels emerged victorious over N. C. State 6-5 after an uphill fight. Cox ' s single in the ninth with the bases loaded sparked a 4-run rally in that inning which won the game. Wake Forest triumphed over Carolina 4-2 in the next game, one in which five Carolina errors proved costly. Carolina won over Virginia 10-5, over V. M. 1. 7-6 in ten innings, and over Wash- ington and Lee 14-1 on an invasion of Virginia. Foy Grubb ' s ninth inning single scored Hal Bissett with the run which beat N. C. State 7-6 in the next game of the season, played at Clinton Carolina humbled Wake Forest 12-9 at Woke Forest in o free slugging con- test. Bissett and Burnette with three hits each paced the Carolina attack. The next two opponents, Davidson and Virginia, fell easy victims to the Heels by scores of 11-6 and 16-3, respectively. N. C. State broke Bud Hudson ' s winning streak at 6 straight in winning over Carolina 8-3. Little Eddie Ber- linski and Pitcher Greene featured for State. Navy fell 7-5 behind Davis ' s 8-hit pitching Gillam, with a 400-ft, home run, and Nether- cutt, with a triple and single, led the Carolina hitting. Coming from behind to score four runs in the ninth inning after two men were out, Carolina nosed out N. C. State 10-8 in the final game with the Wolfpack. On a second invasion of Virginia, Carolina tri- umphed over V, M. I. 4-0. Hudson allowed only five hits in pitching the only shut-out of the year registered by a Tar Heel mounds- man. Richmond shellacked the Heels 10-2 in the next game of the trip. Bissett ' s home run featured Carolina ' s 13-0 victory over Maryland in the last encounter of the in- vasion. The final three games of the season, all played with Duke, resulted in three defeats for Carolina. At Durham, Duke, led by Eric Tipton, who hit two home runs, jumped on Parker ' s offerings for a 4-1 victory. Duke took a 10-8 decision over Carolina at Greens- boro in a game marked by heavy hitting and loose fielding. Carolina erred eight times, Duke thrice. George Nethercutt, with three hits, and Frank Cox, who turned in several brilliant catches in the outfield, performed best for Carolina. In the final game of the series played at Chapel Hill, Duke triumphed 5-3. Tipton ' s home run in the eighth inning was the big blow in the rally which overcame a 3-2 Carolina lead. Tom Burnette, captain this year, was the leading slugger on the team. He led the team in home runs and maintained a .392 batting average. George Nethercutt, who with Hal Bissett is co-captain of the 1939 team, batted .440 to pace the team. Grubb, Stirnweiss, and Parker also hit over the three hundred mark. Bud Hudson, who won eight and lost two, had the best record of the reg- ular pitchers. CRAVER SINGLES AGAINST STATE SETS SET TO SWING mi i SEVENTH INNING STRETCH IN DUKE GAME H? w ND r y vrt ,- Hon y ROLNJ, _; :euoLina totw ;t.FOLW FIRST ROW, Left to Right: George Stirnweiss, Foy Grubb, Bud Hudson, George Nethercutt, Tom Burnett, Herbert Korp, Harold Bissett, David Parker, Richard Mitchell, Monager, SECOND ROW, Left t o Right; Samuel Davis, Edward Campbell, Williom Jones, Devereux Joslin, Stanley Van Cise, Frank Cox, James Austin, Joseph Tracy, Thomas Craver. THIRD ROW, Left to Right: George Hirshman, Don Gilliom, William Sperry, Beverly Faison, Robert Hermson, Eugene Bricklemeyer, and Coach Hearn. BATTING AVERAGES AB. NETHERCUTT 84 BURNETTE 79 GRUBB 74 STIRNWEISS 76 PARKER 23 COX 61 BISSETT 88 HUDSON 31 DAVIS 9 GILLIAM 43 CRAVER 84 IE GRANDE 17 BRICKLEMYER 38 AUSTIN 2 RALSTON 1 SEASON ' S RECORD Total .709 PITCHING RECORDS w. RALSTON 1 HUDSON 8 PARKER 4 DAVIS 1 Total 14 H. Pet 37 .440 31 .392 24 .338 2b .329 7 .304 18 .295 20 .227 7 226 2 .222 9 .209 17 .202 3 .176 6 .158 000 .000 .285 Pet. 1.000 .800 .571 .500 .700 U N 10 4 6 4 10 7 14 7 12 11 Opponents ... 2 .RICHMOND . DARTMOUTH 1 .N. C. STATE 5 .WAKE FOREST 2 .VIRGINIA 5 .V. M. 1 6 .W. L 1 .N. C. STATE 6 .WAKE FOREST 9 .DAVIDSON 6 .VIRGINIA 3 .N. C. STATE 8 . NAVY 5 .N. C. STATE 8 .V. M. 1 .RICHMOND 10 .MARYLAND 10 .DUKE 4 .DUKE 10 .DUKE 5 DICKERSON FARRIS GENNETT HARDY HERMSON DICKERSON TEARS INTO ASKIN OF MARYLAND BOXING North Carolina ' s 1939 boxing team had a fairly successtui season in their third year under Coach Ronman. They won two matches, tied one and lost three out of the six that they fought. Ttieir two victories, however, were scored over N. C. State and Duke, and enabled them to win the Big Five Boxing Chan.pionship. In the Southern Conference tournament held at Columbia the Tar Heels were runner-up t o Maryland for th= title. In the first match of the season the Tar Heel mittmen lost to The Citjdel at Charleston 5-3. Hubbard, Dicker- son, and Gennett won their matches on clean cut decisions for the Tar Heels ' points. Carolina defeated N. C. State 61 2-1 ' 2 for their first victory of the year. Billy Winstead, Sam McFalls, Andy Gennett, Ed Dickerson, Ed Hubbard, and Bob Hermson punched out victories and Bob Farris fought to a drav with Paul Abrams. Virginia took the measure of the Tar Heels G ' z-l Vi in the next match of the year. Billy Winstead and Andy Gennett scored Carolina ' s only points on a decision and a draw respectively. Hubbard, Palanske, and Dickerson scrapped gamely but lost close decisions. V. P. 1. upset the Tor hleel team 5-3 in a match at Blacksburg. Gennett, Hubbard, and Dijkerson decisioned their opponents; Billy Winstead suffered his fir t loss of the year, a close decision to Billy Austin of the Gobblers. Continuing their sonewhat erratic course, the Tar Heels fought a favored Maryland team to a 4-4 " moral victory. " Hermson, Dick- erson, and Gennett scored decisive wins; Walt Palanske won by a forfeit when his opponent failed to appear for the bout. The climax of the season for the boxing team was their 5 ' 2-2 ' 7. victory over the Duke team. Winstead, Gennett, Dickerson, Saun- ders, and Palanske come through with victories, all of them decisions except Palonske ' s, who won by a technical knockout. Claude Sapp and Bill Gardener of Duke fought to a draw in a bout marked by toe-to-toe slugging. In the Southern Conference tournament held at Columbia, Carolina placed second to Maryland. Billy Winstead won the ban- tamweight Championship for the Tar Heels, the only one they se- cured. He defeated Berry of Clemson in the final round after punching out a decision in the semi-finals over Dorr of Maryland, who hod beaten him in a previous bout. Gennett, Dickerson and Saunders all reached the finals, only to lose by decisions. Winstead and Saunders entered the National Collegiate Tour- ney at Madison, Wisconsin, but were eliminated by decisions in the first round. SEASON ' S RECORD U N. C OPPONENTS 3 CITADEL 5 -— 61 2 N C. STATE 1 1 2 " 1 ' 2 VIRGINIA 6 ' 2 «:,. . .: . 3 V. P. 1 5 4 MARYLAND 4 Sanders and Cox of Maryland mix it up. 51 2 DUKE 2 V2 LEFT TO RIGHT; Billy Winstead, Andy Gennelt, Ai Hughes, Sam McFails, Ed Dickerson, Carl Sapp, Hermson, and Ed Hubbard. Farris, Red Sanders, Bob TENNIS The 1938 North Carolina Tennis team had to relin- quish its long-standing claim to the mythical national tennis championship. This year ' s team sorely felt the loss of four lettermen from the 1937 squad. Out of thirteen matches, the Tar Heels won ten and tied one The two losses brought the Tar Heels ' total to four since 1929, compared with 136 wins over that period. The Tor Heel netmen opened the season with a 9-0 win over Williams. None of the Carolina players lost a set or were extended in obtaining their victories. Yale next journeyed here for a three-day series. Carolina emerged victorious 8-3, though not without a scare in the first day ' s play. C. Rood, Foreman, Rider, Strain, B. Rood, and Henderson won singles matches; Rider-Strain and Foreman-C. Rood scored victories in the doubles. The contests the second day resulted in a 5-5 tie as rain stopped the proceedings. Foreman, Forrell, Rider, and B. Rood defeated their opponents in the singles and Farrell and B. Rood eked out a victory in the doubles. Not since 1935, when Princeton defeated them, had the Tar Heels foiled to win a match. The next day ' s contests were all can- celled on account of rain. The Tar Heels scored a victory over Cornell 5-0 as rain again intervened to stop the matches. Foreman, C. Rood, Strain, B. Rood, and Rider hod little trouble in defeating their opponents. In Durham Carolina defeated Duke 9-0 for the tenth straight year. The matches were much closer than the score would indicate, many of the games going to deuce several times. C. Rood won over Merchant 6-2, 6-2, Strain over Collins 6-1, 10-8; Foreman over Parsons 6-1, 7-5; B. Rood over Hulme 6-1, 5-7, 6-1; Rider over Word 6-2, 6-2; Farrell over Doyle 6-0, 6-1; B. Rood-Farrell over Hulme-Doyle 6-1, 6-1; Foremon-Gragg over Merchant-Col- lins 3-6, 7-5, 6-3; and Beadles-Carver over Ward-Parsons 4-6, 6-3, 6-3. The Blue Devils fared better in a return engagement with the Tar Heels played in Chapel Hill a week later, losing by only 8-1. In the final doubles match Henderson and Beadles could not work together and lost to Ward and Parsons 6-1, 1-6, 4-6. Strain, Foreman, B. Rood, Rider, Farrell, and Rowlings turned in victories in the singles, Rowlings clone losing a set. Foreman-Rowlings and For- rell-B. Rood defeated their opponents in the doubles matches. Davidson ' s tennis team formerly unbeaten, next fell victim to the Tar Heel netmen 9-0. B. Rood, playing in the No. 1 position, was the only Carolina player to lose a set. On May 2 the Tar Heels played Williams in the first match of their annual northern tour. The 7-2 victory which the Tar Heels gained after previously blanking the Williams ' netmen here presaged the defeats that they were to suffer in the next few days. C. Rood lost to Jorvis 1-6, 3-6; Strain defeated Collester 6-1, 6-2; B. Rood over Pain 6-3, 6-4; Farrell over Stetson 6-1, 6-3; Rider over Johnson 6-1, 6-4; Jarvis-Shonk over Foremon-Gragg 6-1, 6-4; Farrell-C. Rood over Collester-Stonton 6-3, 9-7; and Strain-Rider over Johnston-Pollock 6-2, 6-4. FOREMAN BEADLES GRAGG ROOD, C ROOD, W. STRAIN The sextet that saw action in almost every match. Chorlie Rider, Bill Rood. Left to R ight Bob Strain, Frank Farrell, Johnny Foreman, Carolina barely managed to eke out a victory over Harvard 5-4 in the next contest of the north- ern trip. C. Rood, Foreman, B. Rood, Farrell, and Rider won their singles matches for the only Carolina points. Against Yale the following day the Tar Heels suf- fered their first defeat 7-2. Stephens won over C Rood 3-6, 6-2, 6-2; Dalrymple over Strain 0-6, 6-1, 6-4; Richards over B. Rood 6-3, 5-7, 6-2; Kingsley over Rider 6-1, 3-6, 7-5; Dolrympie-Henchcliff over Foreman-C. Rood 6-3, 6-1; Stephens-Stephens over Forrell-B. Rood 6-3, 6-1; and Compbell-Kingsley over Rider-Strain 6-1, 6-4 for the Yale points. Foreman defeated Henchcliff 6-3, 6-3 and Farrell defected Campbell 6-2, 6-4 for the Tar Heels ' only victories. Princeton caught the Tar Heels on the down-swing end handed them a 5-4 shellacking. Farrell defeated Baker 6-2, 6-1; B. Rood defeated Lauck 3-6, 6-0, 6-4; Rider defeated Wendell 2-6, 6-3, 6-4; C Rood lost to Podesta 4-6, 3-6; Foreman lost to Winslow 3-6 6-3, 4-6; Strain lost to Martin 4-6, 4-6; Forrell-C. Rood defeated Lauck-Peeler 6-2, 6-3; Foreman-Gragg lost to Podesta-Baker 1-6, 3-6; and Strain-Rider lost to Martin-Winslow 1-6, 4-6. At the conclusion of the first doubles match the Tar Heels held a 4-3 lead, but they were unable to take either of the other doubles contests for the necessary one point. Carolina returned to winning ways by defeating N. Y. U. 9-0 the next day. Most of the matches went to three sets before the Tar Heels could secure their needed points. In the final game of the trip the Tar Heels defeat- ed Lehigh 8-1 , C. Rood, Foreman, B. Rood, Rowlings, Strain, and Farrell scored singles victories and Rider- Strain and Rawlings-B. Rood outstroked their oppo- nents in the doubles. In the state tournament the Carolina team domi- nated throughout. Farrell, Strain, B. Rood, and Fore- man were the four players who reached the semi- finals. Farrell emerged victor over B. Rood 6-1, 6-2, 6-8, 8-6 in the final round. Farrell and B. Rood won the doubles championship over their teammates Fore- man and Grogg. TENNIS The Southern Conference tournament likewise was overrun by the Tar Heels, Foreman won the title by out- stroking B. Rood 4-6, 6-4, 7-5, 6-4, Foreman and Carver disposed of Askin and Ritzenberg of Maryland 3-6, 6-3, 1 -6, 6-3, 6-1 in the finals of the doubles. Next year ' s team should prove better than this year ' s aggregation. Co-Captains Bill and Carl Rood, Charley Rider, Bill Rowlings, and Wilford Gragg, all lettermen on the 1938 squad, will be back, ' n addition Eddie Fuller, who played in the No. 3 position in 1936 and 1937, will be eligible for competition. John Henderson and Aston Beadles, reserves, will also return to play on the 1939 team. From the freshman team Walt Mesero!e, Dave Early, and Chuck Harnden should see plenty of action next year. SEASON ' S RECORD U. N. C OPPONENTS 9 WILLIAMS 8 YALE 3 5 YALE 5 5 CORNELL 9 DUKE 8 DUKE 1 9 DAVIDSON 7 WILLIAMS 2 5 HARVARD 4 2 YALE 7 4 PRINCETON 5 9 NYU 8 LEHIGH 1 ]9o ' 6 TENNIS SQUAD FIRST ROW, Left To Right: Chorley Rider, Bill Rood, Frank Farrell, Johnny Foreman, Carl Rood, Bob Strain. SECOND ROW, Left To Right: Coach Kenfield, Wilford Gragg, Aston Beadles, Bill Rowlings, John Henderson, Zan Carver. 1939 WRESTLING SQUAD FIRST ROW, Left To Right; Hamlin, Kemper, Zink, Harriss, Blackmer, Broadfoot, B, and manager Sunstein. SECOND ROW, Left To Right; Eider, Urquhort, Broadfoot, W, Clements, Forrest, Joyner, and Coach Quinlan. 1939 WRESTLING Led by Captain Johnson Harriss, Walter Blackmer, and George Zink, Coach Chuck Quinlon ' s 1939 wrestling team won the Big Five Championship. The team took four out of seven meets, losing to Navy, V. M. L, and W. L Carolina ' s most im- pressive victory was a 27V2 to 4 ' 2 win over Duke. The team ' s best individual record was made by Zink, who lost only one match. Blackmer and Harriss won five and four matches, respectively. Other members of the team were Broadfoot, Walker, Joyner, Forrest, Torrey, and Clem- ents. Carolina ' s prospects in wrestling for the future appear to be the brightest in the history of the sport at the Uni- versity. In addition to the fine varsity mate- rial returning, this year ' s undefeated fresh- man team will offer a splendid array of wres- tling talent. SEASON ' S RECORD CAROLINA OPPONENTS 18 V. P. 1 14 17 STATE 13 6 ' 2 NAVY 271 2 10 W. L 28 13 DAVIDSON 11 27 2 DUKE 41 2 15 V. M 1 19 BLACKMER RIDES WILSON OF DAVIDSON CROSS-CDUNTRY The 1938 Carolina Cross Country teem had a very successful season; they won three meets, lost one, and annexed the Southern Conference Championship The team was led by Captain Bill Hendrix, who took first place in each of Carolina ' s meets. On their northern trip the Tar Heels lost to a strong Navy Team 33 to 25, but downed Mary- land 24 to 31 . At Annapolis Hendrix again took first place with Crockett and Wakeley fourth and sixth respectively. On the following day at Maryland, the meet was featured by a duel be- tween Jim Kehoe of Maryland and Captain Bill Hendrix of Carolina with Hendrix coming from behind in the last fifty yards to take first place. Crockett, Morrison, and Wakeley tied for fourth to cinch the meet for Carolina, To top off the season the Carolina Harriers captured the Southern Conference meet. In ram and mud Captain Hendrix set a new course CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD light; Joe Russell, Tom Crockett, Frank Wakeley, Co-Captain Bill Heiidr Bill Gordon, Drewry Troutman, Co-Captain Jim Holl, and FIRST ROW, Left to Fred Hardy. SECOND ROW, Left To Right: Bob Doty, Don Hubbard, Dove Morrison, Clarence Fink, Wimpy Lewis, Clifton James, and Mickey Wagner. THIRD ROW, Left To Right: Bud Dillon, Hamilton Jones, Johnny French, Jim Joyner, Holt Allen, Bill Smgletory, Johnny Glover. FOURTH ROW: Carlton White. record of 25:25.7 to take first place. He was followed by Kehoe of Maryland and Crockett of Carolina. The whole Carolina team was in the first fifteen, and five of these were in the first ten. Their victory in the Southern Conference meet marked the third in a row for the Tar Heels under the guidance of Coach Ranson, SEASON ' S RECORD U. N. C. OPPONENTS 15 DAVIDSON 52 i3 ... NAVY 25 24 . MARYLAND 31 15 DUKE 43 SOUTHERN CONFERENCE MEET NORTH CAROLINA 28 DAVIDSON . . . . 83 MARYLAND 58 DUKE 102 Co-Capfoins Hendrix and Hall G D L F BOYD DIFFENDAL GIFFORD HERRING North Carolina ' s Golf Team made an impressive showing in 1938. Handicap- ped by the loss of Letterman Clarence Kluttz, the team composed of Captain Dupont Kirven, Hudson Boyd, Charlie Diffendal, and Neal Herring won six out of nine matches. The Tar Heels defeated Hampden-Sidney, Wake Forest, N. C. State, Pennsylvania, Davidson, and William and Mary, Georgia, Duke, and the Citadel won by narrow margins over the club. In the State and Southern Conference tournament the team did well, fin- ishing second to Duke in the former and third in the latter. KIRVEN Captain SEASON ' S RECORD U, N. C. OPPONENTS 141 2 HAMPDEN-SIDNEY V 2 14 WAKE FOREST 4 17 N, C STATE 1 25 PENNSYLVANIA 2 8 GEORGIA 10 10 DAVIDSON 8 18 WILLIAM MARY 6 DUKE 12 S CITADEL 10 CoqcIt Encson, Laptoin Kirven, Boyd, Herring, Diffendal, Gifford. THE 1939 SWIMMING TEAM FIRST ROW, left to right— Wilson, Woodhouse, Drucker, Guthe, McQuade, Meuller. SECOND ROW, left to right- Manager Ellison, Thompson, Nash, Coach Jamerson, Cowper, Gudger, and Assistant Monager Sosnowitz. THE 1939 FENCING SQUAD FIRST ROW, left to right— Reece, Payne, Malone, Bloom, McCol- ium, and Book. SECOND ROW, left to right- Finch, Freudenheim, Smernoff, Stich, Horrington, and William- son. THIRD ROW, left to right— Coach Dunham, Souse, Kantrowitz, E , Harward, Spicer, Boemanns, Howell, and Kontrowitz, M. FOURTH ROW, left to right- Manager Stoff, Bursley, Shiller, and Stroupe. f 9 m §: A f: % 50Br ' 1 uoLiii 1 mk y ' f m ' •j fl HT SWIMMING With the completion of Woolen gymnasium, swimming was in- augurated as an official sport of the University for the first year Caroline ' s team won two matches out of 6, scoring victories over N. C. State and Washington and Lee The swimming teams in the next few years promise to improve steadily. Coach Jamerson ' s freshmen team will next year furnish several capable swimmers for the varsity. In addition, mos t of the members of this year ' s varsity will return. More interest should be shown in the sport in the future by the students as the team improves Its record in intercollegiate competition. SEASON ' S RECORD U. N. C. OPPONENTS 30 VIRGINIA 45 46 N. C STATE 29 21 DUKE .... 54 23 V. M 1 52 42 W. L 33 30 DUKE 45 Sever th in Southern Conference Meet. FENCING The 1939 North Carolina fencing teem won five out of ten matches This was the second year that Carolina entered a fencing team in intercollegiate competition. Under the captaincy of Allan Bloom, the Tar Heels won their matches with William and Mary, V P. I , Rutgers, Virginia, end Duke. The team participated in the Eastern intercollegiate fencing tournament held at Dartmouth on March 18 end placed sixth. Three Carolina men gamed individual trophies. John Finch won a gold trophy by winning first place in class C epee; Captain Allan Bloom tied for second place in class B sebre competition to win e silver trophy; and Joe Book, by taking third in class B foil, won a bronze trophy. SEASON ' S RECORD U. N. C. OPPONENTS 10 MARYLAND 17 14 2 WILLIAM MARY I21 2 V. P. 1 71 2 91 2 91 2 1 1 Vz 7 121-2 7 20 14 MARYLAND I71 2 .RUTGERS 51 2 .SETON HALL 20 .LONG ISLAND 14 ' 2 .ST. JOHNS 20 .VIRGINIA 7 .DUKE 3 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL FRESHMAN BASKETBALL 1939 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL RECORD U. N. C OPPONENTS WAKE FOREST 38 V. P, 1 7 7 N, C STATE 7 VIRGINIA DUKE 19 1939 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL RECORD U, N, C. OPPONENTS 29 LOUISBURG 18 23 BELMONT ABBEY 34 29 WAKE FOREST 31 42 OAK RIDGE 28 54 N C, STATE 31 38 WAKE FOREST 44 50 CHATTANOOGA HIGH 32 38 V. M. 1 19 51 DARLINGTON 19 41 DAVIDSON 22 52 DUKE 48 35 DUKE 38 25 GREENBRIER 27 44 N C STATE 31 33 ASHEVILLE HIGH 38 1939 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SQUAD FIRST ROW, left to right— Elliott Faircloth, Byerly, Gregory, Weil, Patterson, Burton, and Stoller. SECOND ROW, left to right- Coach Ericson, Edwards, Myers, Benton, Stallings, Mortukontz, Ferrell, Dunkle, Salowe, Assist- ant Coach Dunham, and Assist- ant Coach Barclay. THIRD ROW, left to right— Train- er Helms, Asst. Coach Moriss, Sheek, Rowlings, Nowell, Spron- sy. Learning, Baker, Stoinoff, Guggert, Pope, White, Patterson. FOURTH ROW, left to right— Funk, Bonner, Skipper, Randolph, Phillips, Joyner, Creech, White, and Connelly. 1939 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SQUAD FIRST ROW, left to right— Moore, Miller, Flint, Dempsey, Mordecoi, Alexander, Gersten, Hellen. SECOND ROW, left to right- Smith, Loock, Robbins, Cathey, Phillips, Rose, Feimster, Mingle, Cockerham, and Manager Stern. 1938 FRESHMAN TRACK SQUAD FIRST ROW, left to right— Hard- wick, Kimboll, Teogue, Crabtree, Henderson, Barber, Glover, Mor- rison, Singletary, Lewis, and Theim. SECOND ROW, left to right— Jomes, Walker, Baker, Browley, Carlton, Hoigh, Groves, Rey- nolds, Thompson, and York. THIRD ROW, left to right— Col - left, Roberts, Torrey, Katz, Brandon, Piver, Fortune, Brook- shire, and Wright. FOURTH ROW, left to right- David, Brown, Wagner, Jones, Alexius, Nash, Bruner, Dees, Miller, and Gardner. FIFTH ROW, left to right— Hoff- man, Amoss, Peters, Allen, Vog- ler, Dawson, Rosenberg, Gordner, and McNaughton. SIXTH ROW, left to right— Israel, Palanske, Humphreys, Mitchell, Hubbord, MacCorthy, Fiske, Hart, and Salowe. 1938 FRESHMAN BASEBALL SQUAD FIRST ROW, left to right— Griffin, Tomlinson, Rich, Cook, Turner, Collis, and Ingram. SECOND ROW, left to right— Ko- bok. Browning, Sensenbach, Dickson, Peacock, Forrest, Jen- nings, and Assistant Coach Mc- Carn. THIRD ROW, left to right— Coach Stroyhorn, Manager Hutton, Wills, Saunders, Smith, Mallon , Bobbitt, Fitzgerald, and Man- ager Maner. FRESHMAN TRACK FHESHI«AN BASEBALL 1938 FRESHMAN TRACK RECORD U N C. OPPONENTS 74 DUKE 52 64 DUKE 62 CAROLINA A. A U MEET DUKE 69 U N. C 55 BELMONT ABBEY 16 N C STATE 1 193S FRESHMAN BASEBALL RECORD U N C .WARDLAW .GREENSBORO .ROANOKE RAPIDS . N C STATE OPPONENTS 9 3 5 )0 5 WAKE FOREST H 9 BURLINGTON 1 1 MAURY 5 )1 .. ...N C. STATE 19 1 ...DUKE 8 9 MARS HILL 11 4 WAKE FOREST 1 DUKE 7 3 RIVERSIDE B FRtSHMAN WRESTLING FHtSHMAN BOXING 1939 FRESHMAN WRESTLING RECORD U. N. C. OPPONENTS 26 V, 1 10 24 N. C. STATE 8 24 W L 8 24 DAVIDSON 6 31 DUKE 5 19 V M I 15 1939 FRESHMAN BOXING RECORD U N, C 4 ' 2. 3 . 4 ' 2. 3 . OPPONENTS N C STATE 3! 2 VIRGINIA 5 V P. 1, 31 2 DUKE 5 f 1939 FRESHMAN BOXING SQUAD FIRST ROW, left to right— Man- ager Flynt, Cooch Ronman, Dam- eron, Rose, Johnston, Shouppe, Gover, Kendrick, White, Fun- derbunk, and Assistant Monager Koufman. SECOND ROW, left to right- Assistant Manager R u t t e r , House, Assistant Coach Dunham, Nice, Richter, Williamson, Cos- t.evens. Wood, Dunn, Pope, and Assistant Manager Benert. THIRD ROW— Assistant Manager Levy 1939 FRESHMAN WRESTLING SQUAD FIRST ROW, left to right— Mon- ager Sunstein, Changaris, Tillett, Reece, Assistant Manoger Kahn, Assistant Manager Kaskins. SECOND ROW, left to right- Thomas, McClendon, Devant. THIRD ROW, left to right— Coach Quinlan, Secher, Torrey, Idol, Urquhart, Sasser, Weil, Gregory, Martin. (itillll PHI GAMMA DELTA EPSILDN CHAPTER Estahlisheri 1B51 FACULTY: STERLING AUBREY STOUDEMIRE OWEN HENDRICK PAGE JAMES BELL BULLITT GRADUATES; SENIORS: JOHN WARFIELD HUDDLE WILLIAM LUNSFORD CREW JOHN GRAHAM CLARK, JR ERNEST LLOYD MACKIE ROBERT CRAIG MclNNES LONNIEONIMUS CLARK j I m BAKER BRANTLEY CLARK, C. CLARK, J. CLARK, L. CONNER DARDEN DEYO DICKERSON ELLIOTT GLOVER GREENWOOD GREGG HARDIN HARRINGTON HARRISS HEADLEE HUSSEY HUTCHISON IDOL, CHARLES IDOL, CLARENCE KNICKERBOCKER LAMB MORROW NICHOLSON PARSLEY PEIFFER PITTS RUFFIN SEWELL SNOW SUGG SUITER LAMM RAMSEY WILLIAMS CHARLES JOHNSON HARRISS WILLIAM EUGENE HARRINGTON BENJAMIN JACKSON LAMB CARL DAVID PEIFFER JUNIORS: JULIAN CHISHOLM BRANTLEY i . JAMES HENRY DARDEN EDWARD RAY DICKERSON, II EUGENE STUART GREGG ROBERT PLATT KNICKERBOCKER HENRY GILLIAM NICHOLSON HARVEY CARROW ELLIOT THOMAS REMFRY PITTS vi V , ' y -- ' ■ ffl J,» SOPHOMORES: GEORGE ELT I NGDEYO JOHN CRANDALL GLOVER RALPH HINTON HODGES, JR. CHARLES WILLIAM IDOL THOMAS LACY MORROW, JR. THOMAS DAVID RAMSAY JEFFERSON DAVIS SEWELL RODNEY ENGLISH SNOW, JR. EUGENE BOMBERGER WILLIAMS PLEDGES: HORACE MITCHELL BAKER, JR. JULIAN TERRELL CAUDILL CHARLES LANGLEY CLARK LEWIS MERCER CONNER JAMES BROOKS GREENWOOD EUGENE RAMSEY HARDIN, JR. CHARLES ALLEN HEADLEE CHARLES EDWARD HUSSEY ROBERTS. HUTCHISON, JR. CLARENCE BICKETT IDOL WALTER LINTON PARSLEY RIDDICK MADISON LAMM CLARENCE LEE RUFFIN JAMES BATTLE SUITER WILLIAM MOORE WILLIS, JR. DELTA KAPPA EPSILDN BETA CHAPTER Established 1B51 FACULTY: WILLIAM MORTON DEY ROGERS DEYWHICHARD FRANK DUFFEY LAW SCHOOL: WILLIS JONES BROGDEN FRANCIS DEWEY HEYWARD HENRY McMULLEN, JR. JOHN JOHNSTON PARKER, JR. Ghegan Hobbs, T, Brooks Green Hand Harney Hogue Kluttz P f :- MANER RAMSEY WINBORNE MOORE MORRISETT PEETE QUARLES ROYALL SAUNDERS SCHINHAN WILLIAMS WOODSON WOOLLEN WRIGHT JULIEN KNOX WARREN, JR. SENIORS: JAMES TAYLOR BROOKS HAYDON CROXTON CLEMENT DONNELL GILLIAM, JR WILLIAM CAPEHART HARNEY SAM EARLE GREENE HOBBS WILLIAM CLARENCE KLUTTZ JOHN AUGUSTUS MOORE, JR. PHILIP CAMILL SCHINHAN JOHN WALLACE WINBORNE, JR. JAMES LEAKE WOODSON JUNIORS DRURY WILLIA GHEGAN JOSEPH BUNN RAMSEY, JR KENNETH C ROYALL, JR, LAWSON WITHERS TURNER SOPHOMORES: SYDENHAM B ALEXANDER JAMES SHOBER BRAWLEY PHIL RAHM CARLTON, JR. B. ROBERT CARROLL, JR. WILLIAM WILLS GREEN, JR. WILLIAM LUTHER HAND, JR. RAYMOND OTHO LINKER EDWIN MANER, JR. JAMES PERRIN QUARLES, JR. WESCOTT ROBERSON WOOLLEN THOMAS HENRY WRIGHT, JR, PLEDGES: BLACKWELL M. BROGDEN EUGENE MILBORN DAVANT TRUMAN McGILL HOBBS CYRUS DUNLAP HOGUE, JR, CALVIN B MORRISETT, JR. WILLIAM PETTWAY PEETE, JR. J. McKIMMON SAUNDERS, JR. FRANK LENOX WILLIAMS BETA THETA PI ETA CHAPTER Established 1B52 FACULTY; LAW SCHOOL: HENRY RICHARD McGEHEE KENT JAMES B ROWN JAMES WIGGINS COAN OSCAR LEAKE TYREE WILLIAM LANGE WILLIAM REIDDALTON GRADUATE SCHOOL ROBERT SHARPE JOHN GRIFFITH JOHNSON JOHN REED ■ ;» : v Cl f BALLARD BARRETT BLEDSOE BRANTLEY BRISTOL BUTLER COLLETT DAVIS DILLON GARLAND HALL, A C, HALL, J. W. HENDRIX HINES H HINES, W. HUMPHRIES LITTLE McCAIG :iEE MILES MILLER RAE REEVES RICHARDS ROSS SAGER SI EWERS SINGLETARY SPEIGHT STEVENS STOCKTON WARD WATSON SENIORS: HAROLD WAVERLY BRANCH LEVERETTE FRISBIE BRISTOL SAMUEL DAVIS, JR. JAMES WILLIAM HALL WILLIAMH. HENDRIX, JR HARVEY CARROW HINES, JR ARTHUR WALKER McCAlG WATT MILES, JR. WILLIAM MILTON MILLER CHARLES MERCER REEVES POWELL RICHARDS ■■€- HAROLD LAUCK SAGER GEORGE DAVID WATSON JUNIORS: RICHARD J. BARRETT, III JOSEPH MARION BRANTLY WILLIAM MEDEARIS BUTLER WILLIAMA. DILLON, JR. GENE EDDY CANS A, CLEVELAND HALL, JR. WILLIAM WALKER HINES FRANK REI DPENN, III BENJAMIN G. RAE, III JAMES McCAUSLAND ROSS SOPHOMORES: HARGROVE BOWLES, JR. JAMES ROUNTREE COLLETT CHARLES HU.MPHRIES JAMES BOYCE GARLAND WALTER MOORE LAMBETH DAVID HENRY MITCHELL CHRISTIAN FOGLESIEWERS WILLIAM VANCE SINGLETARY NORMAN V. STOCKTON, JR. WADE FITZGERALD WARD HARRYWINKLER, JR. PLEDGES: DAVID CLARK BALLARD THOMAS RUFF IN BLEDSOE WALTER FRANCIS COLE WESLEY VANSANT DISNEY JAMES FERRELL ELLISON WALTER EDGE FORAN ROGER ALPINE GRANT HUGH STANLEY HOLE WILLIAM HARTWELL LITTLE MAHLON HARRIS LONG, JR. ALPHA CARTER POWELL WILLIAM HENRY SEEMAN RANDOLPH LOUIS SPEIGHT JOHN EMERSON STARBUCK WILLIAM GRADY STEVENS WILMERWEBB RICHARD ALAN WHITE DONALD FRANK WILSON ALBERT CECIL WOODRUFF DELTA PSI XI CHAPTER Established 1B54 FACULTY: A HAMILTON McLEOD, JR. HARRY KITSUN RUSSELL HERMAN WALKER SCHNELL SENIORS; JAMES PALMER BALDING, JR. ALAN TALIAFERRO CALHOUN DAVID JUDSON WILLIAM HUNTER SPERRY HUMPHREY H SWIFT, III GRADUATE: GEOFFREY MATHEWS MARTIN AMOSS BALDING BELL CALHOUN CRITTENDON DICK JONES JORDON JUDSON BOURNIQUE EDENS LAURENS, H, BRANCH HARVEY LAURENS, J. BROWN JENKINS MAYORGA, A. P f r..- a fc ■ Jxw L , f iL J- a J ?i t mj MAYORGA, F. MOORE MORGAN MURCHISON NASH OFF PHILIPS RYAN STOCKTON SWIFT TORREY, D. TORREY, R. WALDROP WALKER WINSTEAD JUNIORS; JOHN WILLIAMSON BELL THURSTON CROSS BROWN RANDOLPH McLEOD DICK HUGH HILL FOSS HENRY LAURENS, JR. JOHN LAURENS, II EDWARD TOWNSEND MOORE DAVID REID MURCHISON, JR. JAMES MALLORY NASH WALTER FRANCIS OFF, JR. EDWIN PLINY SEAVER, 111 HENRY HAINES STOCKTON EDWIN GODLEY WINSTEAD SOPHOMORES; HAROLD LINDSAY AMOSS, JR. JOHNMcRAEBRIDGER HOLSTE IN HARVEY HAMILTON JONES ROBERT WILSON MORGAN JOSEPH BOND PHILIPS, JR. JOHN WILLIAM RYAN DONALD FULLER TORREY, JR. NICHOLAS MISPLEE WALKER HUBERT BROOKS WHEELER PLEDGES; DOUGLAS PETIT BOURNIQUE HENRY BRANCH BUTLER P. CRITTENDEN, JR. THOMAS RUSSELL EDENS MICHAEL JENKINS ARTHUR MELVILLE JORDON, JR. ARMANDO MAYORGA FERNANDO MAYORGA ROBERT DUTILH TORREY GRAYSON SPENCER WALDROP CHI PSI SIGMA CHAPTER Established 1855 FACULTY: ROBERT ERWINCOKER ROBERT ERWIN COKER, JR. WILLIAM CHAMBERS COKER ARTHUR RUSSELL HOLLETT WILLIAM GARDNER MORGAN , WALTER SPEARMAN GEORGE COFFIN TAYLOR LAW SCHOOL: WAYNE ALEXANDER FONVIELLE SAMUEL RICHARDSON LEAGER JOHN ALBERT McRAE, JR. 1l o ACKERMAN ARMENTROUT BARBA COLE DILWORTH EDDY GUGERT HARNDEN KEITH l BROWN BURTT FONVIELLE GILMORE KIRVEN McRAE f . U-fcf, fmJ ' ' l t -I MclNTOSH NEELY NEIL NOWELL PERRIN PERRY REECE SEAWELL SETH SEYMOUR SHERWOOD WATSON WALKER WRIGHT SENIORS: LOUIS ROBERT BARBA WILLIAM JEFFREY COLE VOITGILMORE JAMES DUPONTKIRVEN, JR. RANDOLPH HAMPTON REESE JOHN QUINCY SEAWELL WILLIAM RAYMOND SETH JUNIORS: DONALD GODFREY ACKERMAN HAL BYERLY ARMENTROUT HUMPHREY BUTLER BROWN BENBENTLEYDILWORTH JAMES WARDLAW PERRIN, JR. PHILIP ALFRED WALKER SOPHOMORES; BROOKS FRANCIS BURTT CHARLES ELMER HARNDEN, JR, ARCHIE LINDSAY ARCHIE NOCK MclNTOSH DONALD HOLMES NEILL FREDERICK KENNETH SCHMIDT FREDERICK PAGE SEYMOUR GEORGE W I LL I AM WATSON THOMASA WRIGHT, JR. PLEDGES: JOHN ALLEN EDDY FRANCIS ALBERT GUGERT GEORGE PRESSLEY JENKINS, JR. JAMES BYRD KEITH WILLIAM COLLINS NEELY ALTON GWYNNE NOWELL JOHN EDWARD PERRY JAMES STECK SHERWOOD PHI KAPPA SIGMA LAMBDA CHAPTER Established 1B5B FACULTY: DONALD FRAZER MARTIN HENRY HORACE WILLIAMS ENGLISH BAGBY GREGORY LANSING PAINE JOSEPH MERRITT LEAR SAMUEL SELDON COMMERCE SCHOOL ISAAC HALL MANNING ROBERT HOWARD SHERRILL DONALD MAC HILL BEDEA BRIDGES CURTIS BERDAN BILLICA BRITT COBLE DAWSON DOTY BOLICK, N. M. BOLICK, 0. W, BOWMAN CARTER COOPER, G. H. COOPER, G. M. GADDY GEORGE GUNTHER X ' C), C Q - M -mt g •■■ — , I " It 3. HICKS HOEFER JONES MONTGOMERY NEWTON OLSON TRUEX UTLEY.A. J. UTLEY, M. LYERLY MacCALLUM RUFTY RUTTER WILKERSON WRIGHT SENIORS: WILLIAM MURPHY BOWMAN WILLIAM SAMUEL BRIDGES GEORGE HERBERT COOPER ROBERT DOTY BENJAMIN DIXON GADDY, JR. DAVID WILLIAM HOEFER THOMAS IRVING INSLEY WALKER LYERLY GIDEON HUNT MACON, JR. WILLIAM LEE RUFTY JOSEPH ROBERT TRACY HENRY ALAN TRUEX MARVIN BRIGHT UTLEY, JR. JUNIORS: FRED BERDAN OSCAR WHETZELLBOLICK CARNEY BLAKE CARTER ROBERT JOHN CASTERTON HENRY LUTHER COBLE COURTLAND W. DAWSON JOHN PHILIP GEORGE PHILIP HOGHTON GUNTHER DONALDCADE HICKS, JR. ' ■ V ; " ■ ■ Pi ' ili- GEORGE SPENCER JONES JAMES WILLIAM McCALLUM WILLIAM SIMS NEWTON RICHARD WILLIAM OLSON ALTON JUDD UTLEY CHARLES B WILKERSON, J R RICHARD STANLEY WRIGHT SOPHOMORES: JACK PERSHING BEDEA WILLIAM FORREST BELL HARRY ROBERT BILLICA NORMAN MARSHALL BOLICK GEORGE MARION COOPER JOHN WILLIAM CURTIS JAMES BAUGH MALLORY ROBERT W. MONTGOMERY ROBERT CARL RUTTER PLEDGES: JOSEPH HILL BARRINGTON. JR. JAMES NORMENT BR ITT CHARLES EVERETT DAMERON MATTHEW THOMAS GEIS, JR. FREEMAN ANSON GODFREY, 1 1 1 JOHN BARKLEY HOAGLAND JOHN SYLVESTER HOPKINS WILLIAM HORACE HOSKINS MILES SMITH KING RUSSELL HAYES LIVERMORE, JR. RAYMOND JONES MARTIN WILLIAMW MONTGOMERY, III CHARLES GILDEAPYLE HUGH PEMBERTON QUIMBY EDWARD ALBERT SMITH JOHN F. THOMPSON, JR BILLY JEFFERSON TOPE PAUL WILLIAM WALL MAXIMILLIAN G. WEBER, JR. DOUGLAS HALLING WEST SIGMA ALPHA EPSILDN North Carolina XI CHAPTER Established 1B57 FACULTY: GEORGE FREDERICK HORNE: ' s ALMONT CHARLES HOWELL WILLIAMW. PIERSON, JR EDWARD MACK, JR. GEORGE MOWRY CHARLES WETTACH LAW SCHOOL: JAMES DICKSON CARR ADOLPHUS ELLER ALEX McGOWIN COVER JOSEPH RUTLEDGE YOUNG SENIORS: WILLIAM MANSFIELD DANIEL VICTOR WEYER DAWSON BARTLETT BOYD CHISHOLM COX HUGHES JONES BROADFOOT,W.G. BROADFOOT, W. BROWN CARR CROOM FULENWIDER GRAINGER GRAY McDUFFIE McPHERSON MYERS PINDAR . gM PYNE RIPPY ROBERSON SHEPHERD SIMMONS TANNER WILKINSON WILLIS WILSON ROBERTS ROBERTSON ROYSTER TILLETT TURLEY WALLACE WORTH, C. M. WORTH, W. H. YEATES STROTHER CALLOWAY FLEMING RICHARD THOMAS MYERS JAMES FRED RIPPY, JR. BERKLEY LEO SIMMONS KENNETH SPENCER TANNER JOHN WATIES THOMAS VAUGHN SHARP Wl NBORNE WILLIAM HOLLIDAY WORTH RUTHERFORD NANCE YEATES PETER THOMAS WILSON HARRY WILKINSON JUNIORS: DAWIN HUDSON BOYD GEORGE WATTS CARR WILLIAM W.CHISHOLM ROBERT MARTIN COX, JR. JESSE LAMAR FULENWIDER GEORGE McDUFFIE SAMUEL DACE McPHERSON NORRISTEBEAU PINDAR JAMES Ml NETREE PYNE WILLIAM RICHARDSON FOY ROBERSON, JR. THOMAS SAMSON ROYSTER MARSHALL McL. SHEPHERD HUBERT KING TURLEY JOHN ADAMS WALLACE JAMES PERRY WILLIS DOLPH MOORE YOUNG SOPHOMORES: HAROLD ALEXIUS CLARK BARTLETT WILLIAM G. BROADFOOT, JR. WINSTON BROADFOOT THEODORE MARION DuBOSE ISAAC BATES GRAINGER JAMES ALEXANDER GRAY JOHN EDWARD HUGHES PAUL ERASTUS JONES WILLIAM RICHARDSON JAMES FARISH ROBERTSON, JR. HUGHES ROBERTS ROBERT McDAVID SMITH LAWRENCE A. TOMLINSON WILLIAM DEADERICK VAN DYKE COLVIN McALISTER WORTH PLEDGES: AIDENEMMITT BARNES, III GEORGE ROWLAND BROWN AUSTIN HEATON CARR ROBERT WINSTON CARR WILLIA.M CHURCH CROOM MURDOCK McRAE DUNN HUNDLEY RANKIN COVER FRANK BORDON HANES JOHN RANDOLPH HALL JAMES FRANK HACKLER JAMES TRUMAN HOLLAND LENNOX POLK McLENDON THOMAS SAMUEL .MEANS CLAYTON MOORE MICHAEL CORBETT STOVALL ROBERT STRANGE, JR. CHARLES WALTER Tl LLETT THOMAS BRODIE WINBORNE ZETA PSI UPSILDN CHAPTER Established 1B5B FACULTY: EDWARD TANKARD BROWNE CHARLES STAPLES MANGUM LAW SCHOOL: JOSEPH BLOUNT CHESHIRE, IV EDWARD BREEDEN CLARK ALEXANDER H, GRAHAM, JR. CLARENCE ALONZO GRIFFIN, JR. JUNIUS DANIEL GRIMES ( " ADAMS ANDERSON BLALOCK BROWN CARR CHESHIRE CLEMENTS CLODFELTER DAVIS, E. P. DAVIS, R. FLOYD FORBES GIBSON GRAHAM HACKNEY HAMILTON HANCOCK HOBGOOD ' jm. HOWELL PALMER PARHAM PARROTT POPE RAGLAND REES SITTERSON THORP, JOHN D. UPTON VOGLER WAKELEY PENICK PHILIPS SUTTON THORP, JAMES P. WILLI FORD WILSON MEDICAL SCHOOL; EMMET ROBINSON SPICER GRADUATE SCHOOL: ASA PARHAM SENIORS: RICHARD E CLEMENTS, JR ROBERT G.SUTPHINE DAVIS JAMES PLEASANT FLOYD, JR GUS EVANS FORBES, JR. JAMES CUNNINGHAM GIBSON FRANKLIN W HANCOCK, JR. LOGAN DOUGLAS HOWELL V ILLIAM JOHNSTON KING HORACE PALMER, J R, WILLIAM THOS PARROTT, JR. SIMON CARLYLE SITTERSON, JR FRANK HART WAKELEY JUNIORS: WILLIAM GEORGE ANDERSON WILLIAM RENNIE BLALOCK ALBERT GALLATIN CARR FREDERICK BRUCE HAMILTON HENRY HYMAN PHILIPS, JR RICHARD HUNTER POPE, JR. LOUIS VALVELLE SUTTON, JR WADE HAMPTON WILLIFORD JOHN KENYON WILSON, JR SOPHOMORES: WILLIAM DENNIS ADAMS, JR STANLEY MILTON BROWN HOWARD BERKELEY CONE g%;;H« Jilfjiir ' JIH: EDWARD PALMER DAVIS, JR. THOMAS HOLT HAYWOOD CAMERON McRAE EDWIN ANDERSON PENICK, JR PEMBROKE GRAVES REES WILLIAM NEILSON VOGLER PLEDGES: PAUL LARK IN CLODFELTER, JR. MARION MIOT FULLER, JR JARVIS AUBREY HANES ALFRED HOBGOOD CURTIS WILLIAM HOWARD WALLACE BRUCE LEA, JR. SAMUEL FOX MORDECAI WILLIAM TRENT RAGLAND, JR. JOHN WILLIAM SASSER NELSON FEREBEE TAYLOR JAMES PRESTON THORP JOHN DAN I EL THORP WILLI AM ALFRED UPTON HUBERT COZART WALSTON HARRY FREDERICK WEYHER ISAAC CLARK WRIGHT ALPHA TAU OMEGA ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER Established 1879 FACULTY: OLIVER KELLY CORNWELL GWYN ' NIE HARRIS DAGGETT CHARLES PERRY ERICKSON JAMES GILBERT EVANS KEENER CHAPMAN FRAZER FLETCHER MELVIN GREEN HOWARD RUSSELL H USE DOUGALDMacMILLAN GERALD RALEIGH McCARTHY ATVi ELL CAMPBELL MclNTOSH DAN I ELD ALLAN McPH ERSON FLOYD THEODORE SIEWERT THOMAS JAMES WILSON, JR. REXSHELTONWINSLOW . i ALLEN BAILEY BRIDGERS BRITT DAVENPORT DAVIS, GLENN B. DAVIS, JAMES E. DICKSON GRIER HAIGH HAYWOOD HIGGINS BURGWYN CARPENTER DIFFENDAL DIXON HIGHSMITH HOGAN m ¥-m,J. iiK- «t« -f- f ' w4 , tlN •- ' rjl 3«». K HORSFIELD JONES MURCHISON PARKER SIMPSON UNDERWOOD LYNCH MACKIE MOSER MURCHISON, P PATRICH RANEY ROYSTER SHUPING VINSON WEST WRIGHT YOUNT LAW SCHOOL: WILEY FORT PARKER THOMAS PORCHER RAVENEL MEDICAL SCHOOL: SAMUEL BAYLEY WILLIARD GRADUATE SCHOOL: RICHARD PARKER SEXTON SENIORS: WILLIAM WATSON ALSTON JAMES HINTON POU BAILEY GORDON BURNS GLENN BENSON DAVIS, JR BEN FRANKLIN DIXON THOMAS CARROLL HAYWOOD MILTON EARLHOGAN, JR. CARLISLE W HIGGINS, JR EEAVYHIGHSMITH, JR. BASILT. HORSFIELD, JR. RODERICK G MURCHISON, JR WILLIAM ALEXANDER RANEY JUNIORS; JOHN GAY BRITT WILLIS T. CARPENTER, JR JAMES EVANS DAVIS ALVIS BARNES DICKSON CHARLES E DIFFENDAL, JR JOHN FRANKLIN LYNCH, JR POWELL MURCHISON THOMAS BROADWAY ROYSTER WILLIA.M BRYANT VINSON ERNEST HARSHAW YOUNT, JR. SOPHOMORES. ROBERT STRANGE BRIDGERS WILLIAM T DAVENPORT JOHN CHARLES GRIER PHILIP WILEY HAIGH WILLIAM ERWIN JONES WILEY THEODORE MACKIE THAD TUTTLE MOSER RALPH CLINTON PATRICK, JR. DAVID McCLELLEN SANDERS CLARENCE LEROY SHUPING, JR. GEORGE LEE SIMPSON, JR. VINCENT BROWN WRIGHT, JR. PLEDGES: THOMAS WALTON ALLEN MARVIN POPE ANTHONY PERCY RUDOLPH ASHBY HENRY KING BURGWYN JAMES WASH I NGTON CREWS JOHN WALKER DIFFENDAL CAMERON MURCHISON ROBERT MILTON OLIVE KAPPA ALPHA UPSILDN CHAPTER Established IBBl FACULTY; JOSEPH GREGOIRE HAMILTON EDGAR WALLACE KNIGHT LAW SCHOOL: GEORGE SAMUEL BEATTY, JP PRITCHARDS, CARLTON ROBERTJONESLOVILL, JR. HAL HAMMER WALKER 1 ' kJ!% «- ' -f-.. ' .f» ALLEN ATTIGOOD BOUNDS CHURCH DIXON EAVES FOOTE, GASTON FOOTE, GEORGE GILLAM, FRANCIS GREGORY, F. GREGORY, SAM GRIBBIN HAYES HOLMES HOLT, CORRIE HOLT, WILLIAM HOWELL LEGGETT LONG MAGOFFIN MASSENGILL McMANEUS MIDDLETON MINNICK NORFLEET PATTERSON PEARCE RANSON SEIFERT SEBRELL SHULL TILLERY TURNER URQUHART WILDS WILLIAMS SENIORS: CECIL LOCKE ATT I GOOD THOMAS C DUNCAN EAVES JOHN EDWARD GOODE FLETCHER H GREGORY, J R THOMAS HALL HOLMES ROBERT TAYLOR McMANEUS LEON WILLINGHAM NORFLEET JUNIUS WYNNE TILLERY RICHARD A URQUHART, JR DONALD CLIFTON WARD JUNIORS: GODFREY CHESHIRE, JR. RUDOLPH ASHWORTH HOWELL THOMAS W MASON LONG, JR JOHN WILLARD MAGOFFIN NORMAN H MASSENGILL, J R EDWIN CHARLES REICH WILLIAM HENRY SHULL FRANK LUCIUS TURNER HOFFMAN WILSON SOPHOMORES: HOWARD VINCENT BOUNDS GASTON SIMMONS FOOTE, JR. THOMAS CLIFTON HAYES WILLIAM NEWTON MIDDLETON DAVID WALKER SEIFERT, JR. PLEDGES: HENRY LILES ALLEN JOHN TRAMMEL CHURCH ARTHUR WILSON DIXON GEORGE ANDERSON FOOTE, JR, FRANCIS GILLAM SAMUEL THORNE GREGORY JOHN HAWKINS GRIBBIN CORRIE VERNON HOLT WILLIAM LINVILLE HOLT ERNEST HODGES LEGGETT WILLIAM KENDALL MINNICK EARL VICTOR PATTERSON ELWOOD NEWTON PEARCE RICHARD BECTON PERSONS ROBERT QUERY RANSON CARTER REEVES DAVID BURTON RICKS JOSEPH EMMETT SEBRELL, JR. ROBERT HENRY WILDS, JR. WILLIAM WRIGHT WILLIAMS CARL YOUNG GRADUATE STUDENT: GEORGE COTTON SMITH ADAMS PHI DELTA THETA NORTH CAROLINA RETA CHAPTER Established 1BB5 FACULTY: LINTON LOMAS BARRETT FREDERICK HORNER BUNTING PRESTON COOKE FARRER THOMAS FELIX HICKERSON WILLIAM IRVIN ROSSELLE PARKER JOHNSON WILLIAM ALBERT McKNIGHT WILLIAM FREDERICK PROUTY JAMES ALLEN WILLIAMS GRADUATE SCHOOL: LAWRENCE PATTEN 9%m. «» " BEATTIE CAMPBELL CARRIER CLARK DEW FRENCH GENNETT GRAGG HAM HOUSE HOWARD HUFFMAN HUMPHREY HUMPHREYS LANE MAYNARD MERRILL, A, MERRILL, ( ei . 9i ,fr - 3 J3 " ' ! yi ■f T ' f " - tmf i _, v ■ i - ..|n. ■ " ■ . McCALL McCORD McGAUGHEY PARTRIDGE PATTEN PETERMAN PHILLIPS RAWLS ROGERS STEM STRATTON THOMPSON WATKINS WHITNEY WILLEFORD W INSTEAD WITT WOODMAN MEDICAL SCHOOL: ABE CONGE LAW SCHOOL: HERSCHELS. HARKINS LEWIS SNEED HIGH FRANK THOMAS MILLER WILLIAM WALKER PROUTY, JR EDWARD HARDING SEAWELL RAYMOND BUCKNER WITT SENIORS: DANNITTE MAYS BEATTIE WILLIAM BLOUNT CAMPBELL HENRY NASH CARRIER ISAAC DUNCAN HAM RICHARD WILSON HOWARD EDWARD COURTNER HUFFMAN CLEN SIMMONS HUMPHREY JERE CLEMENS KING ALBERT MAYNARD JOHN HENRY McCORD ALLEN HUNTER MERRILL BROOKS PATTEN FRANK MANDVILLE ROGERS JUNIORS: THOMAS McCOLL ADAMS ALEXANDER HENRY CARVER, JR. WALTER CLARK, III WILFORD HARRIS GRAGG, JR. JOSEPH LLOYD MORTON CHARLES ALLEN HUMPHREYS MAX FREDERICK JONES JULIAN JAY LANE DUNCAN DONALD McCOLL CHARLES ASHBURYMcKINNEY DANIEL NEFF PETERMAN CLAUDIUS NAPOLEON SAPP, IV FREDERICK BOOTH STEM, JR. CUTLER WATKINS SOPHOMORES: JOHN EUGENE FRENCH ANDREW GENNETT, JR. ROBERT BURTON HOUSE, JR. DONALD Mac RAE LINTON CARROLL B. McGAUGHEY BYRD FARMER MERRILL CALVIN BYNUM PHILLIPS JOHN RORRISON RAWLS GEORGE MARSHALL STRATTON WILLIAM THOMPSON FLETCHER MERRITT WINSTEAD EDWARD WOODMAN PLEDGES: THOMASA. AVERA, JR. ROBERT LONG DAVIS LUTHER DEW, JR. JOHN ROBERT HOWARD COWDERY KENT MERRILL GEORGE MYERS ELBERT R. PARTRIDGE, JR. ROBERT WILLIAM POWERS ENOCH BLAIR RICE, JR. STEWARD SHAW RICHARDSON JOHN WARNER WHITE FLOYD GILBERT WHITNEY, JR. RAYMOND F.WILLIFORD SIGMA NU PSI CHAPTER Established IBBB FACULTY; MILLARD BRECKENRIDGE WALTER D, CREECH EDWARD McGOWAN HEDGEPETH ARCHIBALD HENDERSON JOHN CORIDEN LYONS WILLIAM DeB MacNIDER EARLE EWART PEACOCK JOHN BROOKS WOOSLEY ABERNATHY AREY COXHEAD CRAIGE GILLIAM HOLMES BLACKMER BRUNER DEES FICKLEN JERNIGAN JOLLY CLARK, H, COCKE FOREHAND GANT JOSLIN KOBAK ' . ' -3 " if LYNCH MocNIDER MATHEWSON McKENZIE MURRAY NORVELL PARK PEACOCK SHOUPPE SNIDER STANBACK TUCKER McNAUGHTON MURPHY RANKIN ROBBINS WALES YEATMAN MEDICAL SCHOOL: HENRY TOOLE CLARK, JR LAW SCHOOL; ROBERT COOKE HAWISON, JR ROBERT WELLS SENIORS: LEROY FRANKLIN ABERNATHY WILLIAM GRIFFIN AREYJR ERNEST CRAIGE PAUL ROBERTS JERNIGAN CHARLES EDWARD LYNCH KENT MATHEWSON GEORGE MALLET MocNIDER CHARLESP WALES, JR. HARRY CLAY YEATMAN JUNIORS: RICHARD DOUGLAS CROSS KENNETH GANT, JR. LOUIS STUART FICKLEN FRANK MARION HOLMES THOMAS LYNCH MURPHY ROBERT MARSHALL QUINA RUFUS GRADY RANKIN THOMAS MELVILLE STANBACK SOPHOMORES: WALTER STEELE BLACKMER, III WILLIAM WALLACE BRUNER WILLIAM ARCHIE DEES, JR WILLIAM LEE GILLIAM, JR. WILLIAM JOSLIN EDGAR HUBERT KOBAK MALCOLM D. McNAUGHTON EDWARD EMERSON MURRAY EDWIN OVERMAN NORVELL WILLIAM DAVIS SNIDER GARLAND SCOTT TUCKER JNO RANDOLPH CHAMBLISS, JR. DUDLEY DuBOSE COCKE, JR. GEORGE LEAVELL COXHEAD JOSEPH BIVEN5EFIRD, JR. EDMUND CONGER FOREHAND EDWARD BLAKEREY HART NORTH HINKLE FRANK JOLLY HARRY HOWARD LACKEY, JR. WILLIAM LOOCK WILLIAM LOCKE McKENZIE EDW. AUGUSTINE MOYNIHAM BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PARK ERLE FLETCHER PEACOCK LOUISJULIANPOISSON, JR. EDWARD LEVIS PRI2ER CHARLES AUSTIN ROBBINS BYRON COLUMBUS SHOUPPE COLIN GEORGE SPENCER, JR. JOHN BONNER SPILMAN SIGMA CHI ALPHA TAU CHAPTER Established 1BB9 FACULTY: HERMAN GLENN BAITY WESLEY CRITZ GEORGE JAMES L. GODFREY FREDERICK HENRY KOCH JOHN WAYNE LASLEY, JR. FREDERICK BAYS McCALL ROLAND PRINCE McCLAMROCK E. ANDERSON SLOCUM DELOS D. WICKENS LAW SCHOOL: CHARLES FALLS BENJAMIN WYCHE vftJX ' ft, ' " HyiL-- JORDAN KIRKPATRICK LENT2 MclVER MILLOWAY MOORE ORR PLONK RIDER ROSEMAN ROSS SCALES SEAWELL SMITH SWAN TAYLOR THOMAS VAIL GRADUATE SCHOOL: ROBERT HOOKE JAMES A HUTCHINS SENIORS: DANIEL LOCKE BELL JACK ALLAN CHEEK EDWIN TIMANUS ELLIOT VICTOR FISHER HARLLEE JACK HUGHES LOUIS SIMMS JORDAN JAMES SHELTON SCALES SAMUEL WINSLOW SMITH THERON ACRIEL UPCHURCH JUNIORS: NICHOLAS ASTON BEADLES HOWARD MELTON DAVIDSON JOHN L. DAVIS LEMUEL FRANKLIN DENNIS THOMAS RILEY KIRKPATRICK VANCE CREIGHMOOR MclVER GEORGE WEBB PLONK CHARLES FRANKLIN RIDER OTHO BESCENT ROSS WILLIAM LAWRENCE SEAWELL SOPHOMORES: JOHN BAILEY BARNES PETER RICHARDSON CARR WILLIAM RAY DAVID COLLINS TAYLOR DAWSON GEORGE ROBERT DAWSON DAVID EARLY THOMAS C. EDWARDS BUNK GARDNER RUSSELL EDGAR HEBBARD JOHN BADGLEY HUTT LUCIAN LENTZ GEORGE MASTEN MILLOWAY HARRY R. TAYLOR PLEDGES: CYRUS SIMMONDS BEARD DANNY U GAN DEAVER JACK TURLEY DILLON JOSEPH M.JENRETTE FAiRFAXT.MACKERNAN JOHNA MOORE, JR. BURTON MYRON NEWELL WILLIAM CHARLES ORR, JR. PAUL MILO ROSEMAN JESSE FRANCIS SWAN NEAL THOMAS ROBERT MANNING VAIL KAPPA SIGMA ALPHA MU CHAPTER Established 1833 FACULTY: JOHN GROVER BEARD SAMUEL THOMAS EMORY ROBERT ALL I SON FETZER HAROLD BENEDICT GOTAAS STURGIS ELLENO LEAVITT JOHN MORRISS MARCUS CICERO S NOBLE GEORGE SHEPARD EDWARD J WOODHOUSE LAW SCHOOL: JOHN DONALD DIAL FREDRICK MPARRISH, III ELMER JAMES WELLONS, JR. ALLEN BEASLEY BORDEN BRANSON BRAWLEY COGHILL DALTON DAVIS EDWARDS FERLING FLETCHER FLOURNOY GALLOWAY GRADY GREGG GUNTER HAMBRIGHT HOLTON 1 i ff JEFFRESS LALANNE McCUTCHEON MITCHELL SUMNER TALBERT i. LONG MANN MAY, H. MAY, R. NEWTON ROUNTREE SILLS SMITH WATSON WOOD WOODHOUSE WOOTEN MEDICAL SCHOOL: BENJAMIN F, FORTUNE GRADUATE SCHOOL: ERNEST MARVIN ALLEN BRUCE JOHNSON DOWNEY, JR JOHN WESLEY UMSTEAD, 1 1 1 SENIORS: PAUL LAMBERT BORDEN, JR. WILLIAM JOSEPH G DAVIS JOSEPH L, FLETCHER, JR SAMUEL BELTON GALLOWAY FRANK PETTY HOLTON LOCKE COWAN LONG WILLIAM STRATFORD MAY MADISON E MOTSINGER GILBERTS McCUTCHEON HERBERT HOLLAND TROTMAN JUNIORS: JULIAN BAXTER COGHILUJR CHARLES WALKER GUNTER, JR. JAMES CARL HAMBRIGHT, JR EUGENE CLEAPOR ROUNTREE WILEY SMITH ROBERT ERNEST SUMNER CHARLES EDWARD WOOD, 1 1 1 CECIL WILLIAM WOOTEN, JR. SOPHOMORES: BERTUM LESTER BRANSON BRITTON FEREBEE BEASLEY ALBERT BOYCE BRAWLEY MASTEN RUFUS DALTON ALEXANDER GREGG, III JOHN LANIER JEFFRESS LAWRENCE M FERLING JAMES FRANCIS LALANNE NOEL ROBERT S WOODHOUSE PLEDGES: WILLIAM ALEXANDER WILLIAM ANDERSON ALLEN, JR. JAMES HAROLD AUSTIN DOUGLAS BATCHLOR DAVID DUNLAPBLALOCK DREWRY LANIER DONNELL, JR. EDWARD FARRISS EDWARDS ROBERT NORFLEET FLOURNOY RAYMOND FRANCIS, JR. JAMES DANIEL GRADY, JR. THOMAS WOODLEY HEATH, JR. ROLAND GRAHAM HODGES JAMES BURGIN LITTLE BENJAMIN FRANKLIN LONG, III JOSEPH DIXON MANN HENRY STRATFORD MAY RICHARD ALVIS MAY COURTNEY MITCHELL, JR. TALMADGE E. NEWTON, JR. ALLEN CLARK PATTERSON TAYLOR VERNON ROBERT WILLIAMS SILLS JOHN BOYCE TALBERT GEORGE BENEDICT WATSON PI KAPPA ALPHA TAU CHAPTER Established 1895 GRADUATE SCHOOL: SENIORS: JAMES SLOAN CURRIE FRANK MORTON HAWLEY, JR ISAAC MAYO BAILEY, JR. LONNIE DAVIS DILL MARSHALL VIVIAN YOUNT WILLIAM FOWDEN CLARK JAMES KENNETH McLEAN m ' ««R " S ATTMORE AYCOCK BAILEY BAKER BALL BLAKE CLAPP CLARK CANNON CONLEY CREEL CURRIE f k MSB f % ' aif=:f, " - ' -j» f ,7 .5 ' . ' f- «p ' ? ' DeLOACH MESEROLE GODWIN NEAL HOLBROOK HILL OWENS PURVIS KENNEDY STARK LAWRENCE STEPHENS ROBERT SHERWOOD WILKINS JUNIORS; GEORGE S ATTMORE JAMES RUFF IN BAILEY CORBETT CARLTON CANNON PHILIP HOLBROOK WALTER BRIGGS MESEROLE SOPHOMORES: WILLIAM WALTER ALLGOOD CHARLES LEE BALL, JR. WILLIAM TATE CONLEY JAMES GORDON DeLOACH GROVER CLEVELAND GODWIN ROBERT HUGH HILL PLEDGES; JESSE BARDINAYCOCK, JR. JOHN ANDREW BAKER, JR JOSEPH FRANKLIN BLAKE SAMUEL BURTON CLAPP JOSEPH ANDREW CREEL JAMES FREMONT JONES ROWLAND B. KENNEDY FRANK M.LAWRENCE, JR. WILLIAM HORACE NEAL OSCAR LINDSEY OWENS WHITCOFFIELD PURVIS JAMES MONROE STARKES LOUIS STEPHENS t Y LAMBDA CHI ALPHA GAMMA NU ZETA CHAPTER Established 132J FACULTY: JOHN CALDWELL McCAMPBELL GRADUATE SCHOOL CARL HARTLEY FUSSLER ALBERT RAY NEWSOME CHARLES CLARK ARNOLD KINSEY KING RUPERT BAYLESS VANCE HARRY HAMILTON TUCKER BATCHELOR COBB HERNDON KELLUM EDDLEMAN FLYNT, RICHARD FLYNT, GUY HITCHINS MINGES, JOHN MINGES, E, MASTEN McCARTHY f n c c ■■ f ' v j ' • B mV " ' T ' ' ' McCAMPBELL PUTNEY, R. PUTNEY, W. PIKE PATTERSON SAUNDERS SIMKOE TERHUNE THOMPSON TRAINOR WALTER WHITFIELD SENIORS: RICHARD FLYNT RUFUSGUYFLYNT SANDY RICHARD FLYNT ISAAC JAMES KELLUM ROBERT HUBBARD PUTNEY, JR FRANCIS STEWART SAUNDERS PAUL GABRIEL SIMKOE JUNIORS: ERNEST ILLMAN CHARLES JEROME McCARTHY NICKY DEMUS PATTERSON, JR JESSE MILLER PIKE SjLffT " „..|-::Mjyt- FRANK JOHN TERHUNE NEAL HOWARD THOMPSON NATHAN PATRICK WHITFIELD SOPHOMORES: JESSE LEWIS MASTEN WILLIAM WALTER PLEDGES: WESON ODELL BATCHELOR THOMAS WELLS COBB JOHN HOLLAND EDDLEMAN RICHARD WALTER EDWARDS ARTHUR JAMES FOSTER BURKE HERNDON ROGER ADAMS HITCHINS, II EDWIN LESTER Ml NGES JOHNMINGES CHARLES PORTER V ILLIAM WITT PUTNEY RUSH McCLURE RANKIN EDWARD TRAINER, JR. ■ ' m i PI BETA PHI NORTH CAROLINA ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1923 GRADUATE SCHOOL; NELL BATTLE BOOKER TEMPE GEE YARBOROUGH ELIZABETH GORDON TAYLOR LAW SCHOOL: CLOVER JOHNSON BAILEY COBB BOICE BOOKER ' BOWER CAMPBELL CRUIKSHANK CORBETT GRIFFITH FLEMING HALL JACKSON LAWRENCE LEWIS LISCOMB RAOUL THIGPEN WALKER WINTERS WINTON YEATMAN SENIORS; ADELAIDE BAlLEY LYALCAUGHYBOICE VIRGINIA RAGSDALE BOWER ELOISE BRADY BROUGHTON OLIVE ECHOLS CRUIKSHANK KATHRYN BRIGGS FLEMING ELEANOR P, JACKSON JANET LAWRENCE CORNELIA LEE THIGPEN DOROTHY LOUISE WALKER ELSASMEDES WINTERS JUNIORS: PHYLLIS JANE CAMPBELL POLLY RAOUL PLEDGES: MARY MARTHA CLINE MARY JANICE COBB MELVILLE FORT CORBETT EMILY POLK CROW SARAH CLEMENT GRIFFITH LOUISE McGWIGAN HALL MARY NEWTON LEWIS BARBARA LISCOMB BERTHA MERRILL ROBERTA WINTON MARY JANE YEATMAN CHI DMEGA EPSILON BETA CHAPTER Established 1923 GRADUATES: BERTHA ELISE ARNOLD SARAH STAPLES DALTON MARGARET WILSON EVANS ELIZABETH L. GAMMON NANCY MARIE SMITH LAW SCHOOL: ELIZABETH W SHEWMAKE ALBRITTON BARNES BLAIR BOWMAN CULLUM DURRETT EASLEY ECKLES EVERETT FOUNTAIN HOLMES HOLT HUNTER, L HUNTER, M IGO JACKSON JACOBS JOHNSON KELLY KIBLER KNIGHT LEONARD MALONE MclNDOE NASH NORCROSS ORTON PARISH PENDLETON ROBBINS ROBESON SABINE SEDWICK TINDLE WARREN WHITMORE SENIORS: MOLLY ALBRITTON MIRIAM DURRETT MARTHA McDowell gunter JULIA SANDERS HOLT LUCY JANE HUNTER MARY FRANCES HUNTER VIRGINIA SWANN KIBLER ELIZABETH M MALONE ANNE MARIAH NASH ELIZABETH WELLS NORCROSS JANET REID PENDLETON MARGARET SABINE ROSALYNTINDEL CLAI RE DELANO WH ITMORE JUNIORS: ALTAJANE HOLDEN MARION IGO BETSY JEAN JOHNSON SOPHOMORES: BLANCHE EVELYN BURRUS PLEDGES: MARY FARLEY AMES LOIS BARNES ELIZABETH SHEARER BLAIR MARY ERDENE BOWMAN ELOISEMcGOWIN BROWN BARBARA F. BURROUGHS SYLVIA BURT CULLUM LUCY GARY EASLEY LUCY BELLE ECKLES TERRELL OLIVER EVERETT SUSAN RANKIN FOUNTAIN SARABRIDENHERDIS MARGARET HOLMES MARY CARLTON JACKSON MARGARET LOUISE HUDSON HELEN ANN JACOBS MARTHA LETITIA KELLY PLEDGES: MARGARET ROSE KNIGHT MARGARET JANE LEONARD JOSEPHINE MARTIN JEAN GORDON MclNDOE ELIZABETH FENTRESS ORTON MABEL ELOISE PARISH GENE PATTON RANKIN MARY EMMA ROBINS RUTH CURTIS ROBESON MARION DOROTHEA SEDWICK MARY JANE TAYLOR NANCY SCULL TAYLOR MARGARET C. THOMPSON ELIZABETH MURRAY WARREN ELIZABETH MILTON WEAVER MARY DOROTHY WOOD ELEANOR F. WORTHLNGTON CHI PHI ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1924 GRADUATE SCHOOL; WILLIAM N, SLOAN, JR. VINCENT HEATH WHITNEY LAW SCHOOL: PHILIP EDWARD LUCAS ALEXANDER BROWN CALHOUN COOPER LUCAS MARGROVE PERRY, A. PERRY, J. PROWITT RHYNE SHEEK CIDDLE , :i r. Q o P u ' —1 .. ' f-i- ' K -! , ' .ER SLOAN, N, SLOAN, R SMITH SUTTON SWINK TAYLOR WALKEI SPARKS STUART WILLIAMS WILLS SENIORS: ALFRED WINTON PERRY VINCENT M.MONTSINGER WILLIS ANDERSON SUTTON, JR. JUNIORS: ROBERT GALT ALEXANDER JOHN MARION TAYLOR, JR. ROBERT STANLEY SLOAN SOPHOMORES: PINCKNEYRUFUS BROWN JOHN RAYMOND COOPER WALTER CLARK HARGROVE, JR. ' ' ■Hk ' JAMES EDWIN PERRY LIVINGSTON B.ROGERSON JOHN WILSON SMITH, JR. CAREY ROGERS SPARKS WILLIAM JAMES WALKER HERBERT DANIEL WILLIAMS HARRY ALTEN WILLS PLEDGES: WILLIAM C02ART CALHOUN ARTHUR BARTON CROSS RICHARD HENRY FARLEY WILLIAM PROWn WILLIAM BRADY REED WERT BAXTER RHYNE THOMAS JORDON ROGERS RICHARD RANDALL ROUNDY JAMES KIMBROUGH SHEEK STEPHEN WHITE SIDDLE WILLIAM DOUGLAS STUART WILLIAM JENNINGS SWINK ■1 % TAU EPSILDN PHI QMEGA CHAPTER Established 1924 SENIORS: HAROLD I RVIN GROSS HORACE RICHTER SIDNEY SIEGEL GEORGE JAY JAFFE ALPERIN BROWN GROSS BARON COHEN HARRIS BERNERT ETTER JAFFE KALIN BERNSTEIN FUCHS KAMENS 3 , l«» " f. . jT ■»» c ' KATZ PATTERSON PEARLMAN SIEGEL SILVERSTEIN SHAIN STADIEM STOMKIN SVIGALS RICHTER, B RICHTER, H ROSENBERG ZIMMERMAN JUNIORS: RALPH ALPERIN LEONARD BARON BERTRAM CHARLES HALPERIN MORRIS WILLIAM ROSENBERG IRVING BILLET STOMKIN CHESTER SIDNEY SVIGALS t " SOPHOMORES: ROBERT HARVEY BERNERT SEYMOUR BROWN CHARLES EDWARD ISRAEL HENRY MORRIS KAMINS LIONEL MELVIN KATZ EUGENE SILVERSTEIN HOWARD RAYMOND STADIEM PLEDGES: WARREN HOWARD BERNSTEIN GERALD COHEN LESTER PHILIP ETTER STANLEY EDWARD FUCHS LOUIS SMITH HARRIS EDWARD LAZARUS KALIN ALVIN PATTERSON DAVID PEARLMAN BERNARD RICHTER HERBERT DAVID SHAIN MORTON BRUCE ULMAN OSCAR CHARLES ZIMMERMAN ZETA BETA TAU ALPHA PI CHAPTER Established 1927 GRADUATE SCHOOL: HAROLD SIMSON CONE LAW SCHOOL: ELMER R.OETTINGER SENIORS: MILTON KIND HJH k K Vff% i wpk ADLER EDWARDS GOLDSMITH GRUN KIND KOHN LANGFIELD LASKEY V, KATZENBERG LEE r O C i LEV LUBIN SCHWARTZ SIEVERS MUNVES SPIES NEUMAN ROSENBLOOM SUNSTEIN WEIL " W CHARLES GERSTLER SUNSTEIN WIEDER DAVID SIEVERS WILLIAM RAUL WEIL SOPHOMORES: JUNIORS: MAURICE MILES EDWARDS MORTIMER ADLER RICHARD KEMPER ALEXANDERS KATZENBERG, JR. HARRY LASKER ROBERT IRVING LUBIN ROBERT BALL IN NEUMAN SIDNEY RITTENBERG, JR. ADRIAN CHARLES SPIES MILTON HIRSHZAUBER, JR. PLEDGES: FRANK MORTON GOLDSMITH RUDOLPH GRUN MARTIN BAERKOHM STEPHEN BRUCE LANGFELD BENJAMIN MORDECAI LEE RALPH LEVY EUGENE NEAL MUNVES RAYMOND M. ROSENBLOOM WILLIAMS SCHWARTZ PHI ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER Established 1928 SENIORS: MARVIN HERBERT GEWALD HILLARDGOLD MARVIN MORTON KESSLER JUNIORS: HAROLD AUGENBLICK Cii fc. k i DRUCKER GLAZER FLEISHMAN GOLD HELD GOLDBERG GEWALD HOFFMAN JANOV SEARS PETUSKE SADOFF SHELKOFF 1® fc MURRAY DON DRUCKER SOPHOMORES: PLEDGES; JOSHUA GOLDBERG STANLEY SHELDON WHYTE EDWARD HOFFMAN IRVIN ALFRED FLEISHMAN HAROLD MORSE HELD SIDNEY SADOFF MILTON GLA2ER GEORGE HAROLD JANOV ROBERT FRANKLIN SEARS JEROME ARTHUR SCHACK RUFUS SHELKOFF INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS PRESIDENT JOHN GRAHAM CLARK, JR r A SECRETARY HENRY ALAN TRUEX K TREASURER ALBERT MAYNARD ' ' AB Replacing the Pan-Hellenic Council in 1926, the Interfraternity Council has since operated with " sovereign power to regulate and control all fraternity affairs as are common to the parties " of the Council agreement, A self-interest organization of fraternity presidents, it works closely with the Faculty Committee on Fraternities and the Student Council. The first-named agency has been delegated power by the faculty to handle such matters as fraternity eligibility to initiate and other faculty and administrative regulations. The latter group, of course, exercises general control over conduct and it is in a sub- ordinote sphere that the Interfraternity acts in the dual role of protecting as weH as disciplining its member groups. The Interfraternity Council sets forth various regula- tions concerning rushing and pledging procedures. It acts in cooperation with the faculty committee on matters of academic standards, and with the Dance Committee on matters of fraternity dance behavior, as their official association, it speaks in the name of Carolina fraternities on all questions where such an expression is necessary; and with the Student on matters of hazing and general conduct. During the past year the Council presented two one- hundred dollar scholarships to the general scholarship fund of the University. This money 13 used specifically to Old worthy, but impecunious, scholars. It also donated one hundred dollars to the Carolina Political Union, I A. ) In keeping with its office of fraternity regulations, the Council this year instituted certain rules governing social conduct. They are: (1 ) that there be no bars in any fraternity houses, and (2) that no fraternity shall be allowed to sponsor any party at which intoxicating drinks are served. The rules are inforced by the members of the council and infractions incur heavy penalties. Each year the Interfraternity Council sends two rep- resentatives to the National Interfraternity Conference held in New York. This year Wills Hancock of Oxford and Marvin Allen of Wilmington did the honors. They brought back the local council many suggestions which have aided in the management of the fraternities, both individually and collectively. Joseph Robert Cohen Williom Jeffrey Cole MEME . ..AE II X M ' ri K A 5ERS Franklin Wells Hancock.... Sam Eorle Hobbs Perry Watson Miles David Reid Murchison, Jr... William Alexander Raney. . . ..AKE Ben V illiam Joseph Dovis K re 2X . . . . A «! ' A T Louis Stuort Ficklen 2N ...AX A T EP Robert Bollin Neuman ZBT Marvin Herbert Gewald... A r KA Currie, Davis, Hobbs, Miles, ....X Fletcher Harrison Gregory, J First Column — Cohen, Cole, Second Column — Hancock, Sutton, Tanner. Kenneth Spencer Tanner, Jr.. Elliot, Ficklen, Flynt, Gewald, Murchison, Neuman, Roney, . .2 AE Gregory. Richter, QUSRQLCSHRMGGY CS HVTVWP HVAYHF TFUAFVVVVGREB VVTVMEAURAOK VVMVECF VALMAR L RULERS 545 William Clarence Kluttz 539 Richard Thomas Myers, Jr 540 Ernest Craige 543 John Augustus Moore 538 Kenneth Spencer Tanner K. D. S. .. ..K. M. K. W. S. S. N. G. P. SUBJECTS 170 Charles Staples Mangum 174 Archibald Henderson 241 Joseph G. deR. Hamilton 255 Frank Porter Graham 315 Robert W.Wettach 319 William W. Pierson 328 Francis F. Bradshaw 331 Thomas Felix Hickerson 343 Dudley DeWitt Carroll 369 William F. Prouty 373 Allen Wilson Hobbs 385 Robert Edwin Coker 405 Charles S. Mangum, Jr 417 George Coffin Taylor 439 J. Penrose Harland 442 Robert B. House 453 H. G. Baity 468 Herman Walter Schnell 490 Fletcher Melvin Green 536 Alexander H. Graham, Jr. 537 James Palmer Balding, Jr. 538 Kenneth Spencer Tanner 539 Richard Thomas Myers 540 Ernest Craige 541 Berkeley Leo Simmons 543 John Augustus Moore 544 William Capehart Harney 545 William Clarence Kluttz 554 James Leake Woodson 555 Victor Weyher Dawson 556 Sam Earle Hobbs 557 Gus Evans Forbes, Jr. 558 Frederick Alexander Blount Became W.S.S. on resignation of Sir Knight Moore. Gorgon i i %. FRANK HART WAKELEY PRINCEPS CHARLES JOHNSON SCRIPTOR CHARLES EDWARD LYNCH ALBERT GALLATIN CARR GODFREY CHESHIRE, JR. WILLIAM WASHINGTON CHISHOLM RICHARD ERSKINE CLEMENTS, JR. JAMES EVANS DAVIS ROBERT G ' DONNELL G!LL.A, -i FRAN- orfER JA ES ' EV N5Di LAWSOrj WITHE %V ILL I AM HENRY SYDENHAMJKEX ' NDER WILLIAM DEI ISA b JAMES HiriTCNPi U BMLfV ROBERT S y iGE bP nr EPS ALBERyl r I vTINCARR W 1 L M I PORT JA S EV« D Yf ! VvflLlAf t l ' s LLI ' MXt!T5TlN DILLO fBEN F y IfK irJDIXO: J0 Eb LAR f ' , V NTO FEPLl JOf . ' iPFPrFLErCHFf SlONCIMiMONS ' -R OTE GUS " B©fti?ES JR ANDREW NNE D0NGILLIAM 5 WILFORD HARRIS GRAGG ALEXANDER H. GRAHAM ISAAC BATES GRAINGER ALEX GREGG, JR. ALLEN MERRU ID HENRY Mil CHELL FRANK REID PENN ' J JAMES Ml NETREEPYW! " ' ' JAMES PERRINQUARLES DAVID WALTER SE I PERT MARSHAl|. McLANEY SHEP D V ' ILLIAM HENRY SHUL LOUIS VALVELLESUirON KENNETH SPENCEP " lANNER LAWSON.WITHERS TURNEI f , " fe j . |pWAP D TYLER , .WILLIAM ' tf TV IVILLIAM NEILSON VOGLER ' FITZHUGH WALLACE PETER THOMAS WILSON CHARLES EDWARD WOOD, I " IJ " CLUB LOUIS STUART FICKLEN President EDWIN CHARLES REICH Sec.-Treas. DAN MAYS BEATTIE HOWARD VINCENT BOUNDS WILLIAM WALLACE BRUNER GORDON BURNS AL N TALIAFERRO CALHOUN JOHN GRAHAM CLARK GLENN BENSON DAVIS WYATT EXUM TOM JENNINGS HACKNEY PHILLIP WILEY HAIGH VICTOR FISHER HARLEE CHARLES JOHNSON HARRIS THOMAS CLIFTON HAYES RUSSELL EDWARD HEBBARD PAUL ROBERTS JERNIGAN HAMILTON JONES WILLIAM JOHNSTON KING LUCIAN BOYD LENTZ JOHN FRANKLIN LYNCH, JR. ALBERT MAYNARD CHARLES ASBURG McKINNEY SAMUEL DACE McPHERSON EDWARD TOWNSEND MOORE THOMAS LACY MORROW DAVID REID MURCHISON TOM PALMER NASH EDWIN OVERMAN NORVELL HENRY HYMAN PHILLIPS RICHARD HUNTER POPE THOMAS BROADWAY ROYSTER GEORGE LEE SIMPSON RODNEY ENGLISH SNOW GEORGE MARSHALL STRATTON DONALD FULLER TORREY HUBERT KING TURLEY RICHARD ALEXANDER URQUHART FRANK HART WAKELEY TREZ PLAYER YEATMAN ORDER OF THE MINATAURS WILLIAM WALKER MINES GEORGE A. WILKINSON, JR.. JAMES McCAUSLAND ROSS ..M. W. H. M. W. U, T. ACTIVE MEMBERS RICHARD ERSKINE CLEMENTS, JR. JAMES WIGGINS COAN JULIAN BAXTER COGHILL, JR. WILLIAM WARREN DANIEL STUART KEITH EUTSLER STROTHER CALLAWAY FLEMING JESSE LAMAR FULLENWIDER, JR FREDERICK BRUCE HAMILTON FRANK MARION HOLMES CHARLES EDWARD LYNCH GEORGE McDUFF IE ROBERT MARSHALL QU I N A KENNETH CLAIBORNE ROYALL, JR. HAROLD LAUK SAGER ROBERT ERNEST SUMNER JOHN WALLACE WINBOURNEJR, JAMES LEAKE WOODSON HUTS WINSTON BROADFOOT JAMES ROUNTREE COLLETT HOWARD BERKELEY CONE MASTEN RUFUS DALTON BUNK GARDNER, JR. THOMAS HOLT HAYWOOD JOHNBADGLEYHUTT JOHN LANIER JEFFRIES WILLIAM JOSLIN ROBERT McDAVID SMITH GARLAND SCOTT TUCKER HARRY WINKLER, JR. THOMAS HENRY WRIGHT WESCOTT ROBERSON WOLLEN As demonstrated here, a most photogenic young lady. But our admiration is for her eye- appeal the Sunday mornings after. Capable of the most distracting night Harry ' s can offer, or justifying the smoothest waltz the Tin Can will tolerate, she forwards the cause of the imports who strive to lift us from our social mire. Naive Norcross, unintentionally impressive. A Chi co-ed, happily representative of the new trend in Carolina co-eds, more feminine, less self conscious. She ' s a grace to the campus and certainly to the Yack. Stimulus extraordinary to the business staff of this publication, she qualifies as the P U board ' s outstanding intangible asset. Removed from the campus only by the beery road to Randolph Macon, she en)oys and endures the dual situation of being a Carolina dated but co- ed hated import. ' ■IF . - ;:«i:v ' i V fA The blonde version of the typical Raleigh promtrotter, with peculiar stamina and success. Now about to round out a decade of Carolina dances, with next decade ' s stag line already ac- cumulating, she lends the German Club a pleasant consistency. MH«i«Mi aiaBB«M A frequent week-end diverter, diverting the Kappa Sigs most. More evident at parties than at dances, she well demonstrates her versatility at both. A beautiful advocate of the doctrine that woman ' s place is not in the home. 1 i jSli»i_ ■ - ; ■,ix..i :-;£.ssg«gg " -a EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE GERMAN CLUB WILLIAM HOUSTON HENDRIX, JR President LOUIS SIMMS JORDAN Vice-President it i HM ' ILLIAM HOLLADAY WORTH... Secretary-Treasurer W J Kf LOUIS VALVELLE SUTTON Assistant J K Secretory-Treasurer % ' " i M Pt ri WILLIAM HOUSTON HENDRIX, JR. f LOUIS SIMMS JORDAN ' " ' WILLIAM HOLLADAY WORTH " «I ' jfl — mp- LOUIS VALVELLE SUTTON M " V j I Hr W t WILLIAM BLOUNT CAMPBELL A " _ W P " WILLIAM JOSEPH GRAHAM DAVIS K fe .. L. ' Hi. CHARLES JOHNSON HARRISS CHARLES EDWARD LYNCH JOHN AUGUSTUS MOORE, JR. HAROLD LAUCK SAGER , JUNIUS WYNNE TILLERY THOMAS HENRY WRIGHT, JR. FALL GERMANS MILES PALMER CRAIGE MISS HART MISS LYONS MISS NOEL LENTZ WOODHOUSE GARDNER MISS SMITHERS MISS JEFFRESS MISS ROSS jT f-- Climaxing the Duke week-end, we danced away our sor- rows to the strains of Blue Baron and his Orchestra, the dances being led by — LUCIAN LENTZ, Leader with MISS LUCY GREY SMITHERS NOEL WOODHOUSE with MISS IDA JEFFREES BUNK GARDNER with MISS PAT ROSS WATT MILES with MISS BETTY HART HORACE PALMER . 9r with MISS NANCY LYONS ERNEST CRAIGE with MISS HELEN NOEL ROS: ROYSTER GUNTER PARROTT SCALES WOODSON MISS MILLER MISS WH I TAKER MISS LAVENDER MISS GLENN MISS WARREN MISS POU The typical rainy dance week-end was forgotten as the German Club members and their dotes danced to the swing music of Glenn Miller and his Orchestra. The dances, fea- turing the prettiest girls of the year, were led by JIM ROSS, Leader with MISS CAROLYN MILLER TOMMY ROYSTER with MISS PHYLLIS WHITAKER BUCK GUNTER with MISS ELIZABETH LAVENDER SHELTON SCALES - with MISS LYELL GLENN JIM WOODSON wi.h MISS ETTA BURT WARREN FOUNTAIN PARROTT with MISS IHRIE POU MID-WINTER GERMANS KAY KYSER AND HIS ORCHESTRA ni m ' niiinimnm Little realizing that this woulcfT;e: ' ! eir last set of dances featuring a genuine Washington Duke " luncheon, " the 1938 set reached a climax in the school year when the member fraternities threw the best parties and dances the campus has seen in a long, long time The 1939 set was led by WATT MILES with MISS BETTY HART ERNEST CRAIGE with MISS HELEN NOEL GILBERT McCUTCHEON, Leader with MISS DOLLY DIFFENBAUGH KENNETH TANNER with MISS BETSY MYERS KENNETH ROYALL with MISS MARTHA ANNE SPEIGHT TOM PARROTT with MISS RACHEL MEYHER VICTOP HARLLEE with MISS MARY JANE FISHBURNE MILES MISS HART CRAIGE MISS NOEL McCUTCHEON MISSDiFFENBAUGH TANNER MISS MYERS ROYALL MISS SPEIGHT PARROTT MISS MEYHER HARLLEE MISS FISHBURNE LERNER MISS TRIEBER REECE MISS SHARP MEANS MISS HANKS COCKE MISSSHANNONHOUSE FRESHMAN DANCE LARRY LERNER, Leader with MISS ELEANORE TRIEBER CHARLES REECE with MISS MYRA SHARP SAM MEANS with MISS ERDINE MAE HANKS DUDLEY COCKE with MISS VIRGILIA SHANNONHQUSE NED EDWARDS with MISS MABEL STOWE JOHN DIFFENDAL with MISS MARY LEWIS MILLIS BILL SHORE with MISS MAE DUCKWORTH EDWARDS MISS STOWE DIFFENDAL MISS MILLIS SHORE MISS DUCKWORTH A J E jpj If HARGROVE BOWLES, Leader with MISS VIRCilNIA BOREN WILLIAM DEES with MISS OZELLO WOODWARD FRANK DOTY with MISS GENEVIEVE WHITE CHARLES IDOL with MISS BETSY BOWERS SYD ALEXANDER with MISS MAMIE ANN LANGHORN HARRY WINKLER with MISS CONNIE SHERREL GEORGE JENKINS with MISS VIRGINIA YOUNG SOPHOMORE HOP SI DEES • DOTY MISS LANGHORN MISS SHERREL MISS YOUNG JENKINS JUNIOR-SENIOR tf k JUNIOR CLASS DANCE LEADERS WERE RICHARD WORLEY Leader Assistant Leaders: CY JONES, JOHN BONNER, STANCILL STROWD, WALTER WALL, AND JIM DAVIS BONNER DAVIS HUDSON STROWD JONES GILMORE HENDRIX PALMER NETHERCUTT THOMPSON WALES MOORE McCACHREN Close on the heels of May Frolics, the Junior-Senior classes gave their spring dances. This year ' s donees will long be remembered not only for a swell " dance set, " but for some excellent house parties combined with the ever famous " re- freshments. " Senior Dance leaders were BILL HENDRIX Leader Assistant Leaders; GEORGE NETHERCUTT, CHARLES WALES, BILL Mc- CACHREN, VOIT GILMORE, HORACE PALMER, PAUL THOMPSON, JOHN MOORE, SAM DAVIS, AND HENRY HUDSON. PROMENADE " FDR FINALj.THE GERMAN CLUB PRESENTS PAUL WHITE MAN AND HAL KEMP " Finals again brought to a close another year of fun and frolic, and were especially successful in that they were held for the first time in the new gymnasium. Girls from Sweet Briar, Duke, Saint Mary ' s, and other schools helped the coeds grace the campus, and added the final touch necessary to moke this set easily the most outstonding in 1938 HANCOCK MISS HANCOCK BILL DANIEL, Leader with MISS MARGARET PARKS TIM ELLIOT with MISS ANN BISHOP LEVERETT BRISTOL with MISS VIRGINIA RITTER TAYLOR BROOKS with MISS HELEN HIGBIE FRANK HOLTON with MISS BETSY MOFFETT WILLS HANCOCK with MISS MARIANA HANCOCK HAL KEMP Corolina unpastuerized! For too many pages we have taken you through the formal and posed intricasies of Carolina life Now you dogs, we give it to you row! For decodes classes have met in the morning, Prof Koch lias read the Christmas Carol, and the Old Well has been mystic and useless- Ninety-two point five would admit you to Phi Bete, and ninety-two dollars to " Beto Phi " But here is a different slant — mere presence qualifies you for any bull session, and predetermined capacity is not a prerequisite to the usual beer party. These informalities ore our third dimension, and although we must study we can ' t slop living. So, for a few short pages we present n candid campus — in udder reality. SNAPSHOTS " SHOOTING THE BULL " SHYSTER GAB " HOW ' S TATERS? " " AW CARL, QUIT " " THIRD AND EIGHT, TIPTON— " ETC. 10:30 BRAND OF BULL DEKE ALUMNI GUM THE STUDY PRETENSE " ENGLISH 52, 4;00 AM EMBRYONIC PICASSOS THE OLD GRIND SPIRAGYRATAZOA WORK VERSUS WENCHES " PUSH THE MIDDLE VALVE DOWN IT ' S A LIE SEMINAR— HUH " SLEEP AND EAT SHARECROPPER RATIONS ORANGE DROOLER CAMERA CONSCIOUS COFFEE DRINKER POTENTIAL GENIUS TYPICALLY OVERWORKED EARLY BIRD AND WORMS ' REFLECTED GLDRY " H R 1 ' s DOT THOMPSON BARTON ' S FOOTLIGHT PRELUDE VINES, BUDGE, AND THE MAESTRO NETVyORKS STOOGING McNINCH " ANY LABOR PROBLEMS GALS? " " MY PALSY WALSYS " CHICAGO ' S COMPTON ■THE GLORY ROAD " DEKES DEVASTATING DAMSELS BEAUTY AND THE BEER THE LAST STAND IT MADE MILWAUKEE FAMOUS " GOTTA GO " HOOKED AND HUNGOVER TAR HEEL TIPSTERS " IDIOTS DELIGHT " " VEL, VOT YOU TINK? " THREE MUSCATEERS HOW TO CATCH YOUR MAN ONE BORN EVERY MINUTE IN MY SOLITUDE VENTURESOME SOULS LITTLE MAN WHAT NOW WCTU PROPAGANDA " C D - E D GAPERS " DIANAS NO DATE " LOOK WHAT I GOT " WARREN WITH BLUSHING DATE ACE PLAYMAKER TRAITORS TO TRUANCY FEMME FUN " COAN CATCHING SWEET NOTHINGS MONOPOLY " SHO ' NUFF? " ZETE FATE BETAS BREW BABES BEFORE BRADSHAW BOTTLES BETAS, BAMMIT WHAT ARE THE ODDS? (fllllllllfflfiflllll LITERARY BARREL OF FUN LAZY BONES ■ AITING FOR A STREETCAR LUESS WHO r EN-TUCKY CLUB c-OOCH TEASING CAROLINA GOES TO A TEA DANCE " MEN IN WHITE WILLING HAM " YOU FUMBLING HOLD TIGHT ME AND MY SHADOW WORTHLESS GUM GUM GUM CLINGING SHINE " E T C E S D I R • ' DULL SCREWS AMAZING TOUGH BREAK HOOEY AND ALL THAT MOMENTS LIKE THIS THE PAUSE THAT REPRESSES TWO APPROACHES ' SHARKS AND SUCKERS ' SMELL A RAT KIBITZ DAMMIT KIBITZ SOUR MUGS SOURER MUGS SUNNY SIDE OF LIFE CANT STOP LOSING " HOW ' M 1 DOIN? " " JITTERING BUGS " DAMN SESSION MUTINY IN THE NURSERY A BIT OF JAM MUSIC BARS— HMM PIE-EYED PIPER SILLY SYMPHONY MUSIC DEPRECIATION CAMPUS ANGLES " These familiar scenes need no detracting captions. If you must have explanations, please turn to our attractive and most helpful ad- vertisements. Finis. ADVERTISEMENTS i ( . . the catch of the season r more smoking pleasure In every part of the country smokers are turning to Chesterfields for what they really want in a ciga- rette . . . refreshing mildness . . . better taste . . . and a more pleasing aroma. Copyrighc 1939. Liggett Myers Tobacco Co. I (1 ' JIM JOYNER, Lower quadrangle president student body with omnipresent drawl and grin for all Office hours at W- C, upon frequent occasion. Indi- viduality plus heeded VOX POPULI, Expect More at Stockton ' s More Style • More Quality Alore Service j, t i 18 Tri d. -SI. Fh... am; WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Don ' t Wait Until You Make That Million Dollars— GET TO KNOW US NOW J IDELITY DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CAROLINA ' S MEETING PLACE IN DURHAM 300 Baths " Air Conditioned " TAVERN Banquet Halls Private Dining Room Facilities We Cater to Fraternity Parties THE WASHINGTON-DUKE HOTEL DURHAM, N. C. Uufinli fe THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES Durham Coca-Cola Bollling Co. W. Main St. Durham, N. C. KNOX f For 3§ore ihan a Century HATTERS TD UNIVERSITY MEN W It is our privilege to serve the men of the University 1 of North Carolina with hats that bear the famous Seal of Knox By this seal we give them assurance beyond question that, in authority of style, fineness of quality, and perfection of workmanship, their hats are right. Knox Mais 93, 9 7. JO, 9IO and 920 NDRMAN STOCKTON, Inc. PRITCHARD - BRIGHT R CD. WINSTDN-SALEM, N. C. DURHAM, N. C, The business manager wishes to express to the organizations o advertising in this issue oj the Yackety Yack his sincere ap- preciation oj their patronage Fred Rippy, Jr. ' TDMDRRDWS STYLES TODAY " FEATURING KNOX HATS Hickey-Freeman Varsity Town Clothes Arrow, Manhattan Shirts Se ving Carolina faculty and students for 27 yea rs, vvith wearing apparel, for men who care PRITCHARD- BRIGHT s. CO. WASHINGTON DUKE HOTEL BLDG. DURHAM , N. C. Carolina Steel Iron Co. GREENSBORO, N. C. Structural Steel for Buildings and Bridges 1500 TONS MONTHLY CAPACITY 3000 TONS STOCK ON HAND W ' ' e Are Also Distributors for the Following Products Elevator Doors Steel Windows Tin Clod Fire Doors Toilet Partitions Chain Link Fence Stair Treads Ash Hoists and Equipment Gratings Steel Lockers and Shelving Wire Guards and Drills Vault Lights Rolling Steel Doors Model Market and Grocery Co. STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES ALL KINDS OF MEAT FISH AND OYSTERS IN SEASON Phone 7041-7051 CHAPEL HILL, N. C. Look Ahead Invest your deposits where they count most. Home Savings Bank Durham, N. C. ROBERT E. LEE HOTEL WINSTON -SALEM, N. C. Featuring the South ' s Finest Glass Enclosed ROOF GARDEN Also Air Conditioned COFFEE SHOP and DINING ROOM At Moderate and Populor Prices Room Rates; $2.50 up Single $3.50 up Double W. G. Tennille, Manager Carolina, Duke, Davidson, Guilford, Meredith, Salem, State, Woke Forest, W C. U. N. C, and many other colleges ore represented by the men and women who make up the staff of the WINSTQN-SALEM JOURNAL TWIN CITY SENTINEL and Radio Broadcast Station WSJS A well rounded staff, striving constantly to inform, stimulate and entertain a large and grow- ing family of readers and listeners. Our goal — accuracy, brevity, objectivity. Gene Whi tman, 32 News W. Leon Joyner, 34 Advertising Pete Ivey, 35 News W F Ciingman, 36 News Gordon Gray, 30 Publisher R. R. Richmond, ' 09 Comptroller E. Carl Sink, ' 22 Press Foreman Nady Cotes, ' 22 Sports John E. Miller, ' 32 Radio Raleigh Allsbrook, ' 36 News Stuart Robb, ' 38 News and Radio JOHN GREEDY, De-cobwebbed the CAROLINA MAGAZINE and led the rebels against divers and tradi- tional sundry. Local boy with much courage of many convictions. BIGGER- BETTER Thebes! cola , drink you " " ever tasted. Rich in food value. W ORTH A DIME Compliments of s. H. KRESS CO. 5c, 10c, 25c STORE DURHAM, N. C. You ' re Always Welcome at WALGREEN DRUG CO. DURHAM, N. C. We Lend Kodaks No Rental Fee and No Deposit Required from Students FOISTER PHOTO CO. WHEUEl CHARLIE VI LBRANDT, President Phi Beta Kappa with all that such implies and much that it doesn ' t. Excelled with equal dexterity in the class room and the Hall Spencer. Quality Plus Value You can always count on the best in quality merchandise, plus exceptional volue, at the Pender Stores. Do your shop- ping there and hove money left over for other things. PENDER Modern Food Stores FRED RIPPY, Business Manager Yackety Ycck, secretary- treasurer student body, Phi Beta Kappo Born on committee; read minutes on most every- thing Another S, A. E. finger in the pie. STROWD MOTOR CO. BRUCE STROWD TROY S. HERNDON GEO. B. HELLEN Ass ' t Mgr Soles Mgr. AUTHORIZED DEALER SINCE 1914 CHAPEL HILL, N. C We App reciate Your Business " OUR SILVER ANNIVERSARY FORD DEALER " KJU ' owlna l witk K arout Over 300 North Carolinians are employed by our company in giving the people of our state the kind of service they approve HOME SECURITY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY HOME OFFICES DURHAM, N. C. GEORGE WATTS HILL, President G. W. Munford Walter Sledge Vice-Pres. Treasurer Bascom Baynes Exec. V.-Pres. Frank B. Dilts, Secretary Bagwell Heating S. Plumbing Co. Plumbing Fixtures Heating Systems Installed DURHAM, N. C. VOITGILMORE, Chi Psi Chairman Carolina Political Union, snared Franklin Delano ET MULTI AL and made this here place a larger dot on the map. Usually pro coed. THE CAROLINA and PICK THEATRES APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE AND INVITE YOU TO VISIT OUR OTHER THEATRES THROUGHOUT THE STATE rlortk L aroiina neatrei, Jrnc. CARL PUGH, Editor the CAROLINA BUCCANEER, flouted the clergy to spangled infamy. Connoisseur of screwball end dusty humor. Scrambled Harry ' s, Chi Omega, Model T named APHRODITE PURE OIL SERVICE STATION BEN STROWD, PROP. Franklin Street Chapel Hill Repairing - Gas - Oil - Accessories Batteries - Washing - Gi-easing TELEPHONE 6061 PET DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. Pasteurized Dairy Products Pet Ice Cream TiLste ihe D ' tfjereiice DURHAM, N. C. KING COTTON HOTEL GREENSBORO, N. C. 250 Outside Rooms 250 Baths HAYWOOD DUKE, 76 Manoger FIVE POINTS FURNITURE CO. Stiper ' ov Fuymtiive at Moderate Prices DURHAM, N. C. UNIVERSITY DINING HALL CAFETERIA The Etiting PLicr for Qirohiui Students cind Others Connected With the Uiuversity SERVING THE BEST FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES Located on Campus THE DURHAM ROAD DAIRY has the Finest in Dairy Products Pasteurized Milk in Sterilized Bottles Chapel Hill ALLEN MERRILL, Journalist and Phi Delt equestrian. Spasmodi- cally behind editor ' s desk of DAILY TAR HEEL, usually the horse-pants withal. The horse is not shown. Tl KEEP A WINDSHIELD I WIPER ' ON MY L CHEST! • When the weather gets sticky, the perspiration rolls off me just Uke a Summer shower. If I didn ' t wear a Hanes Undershirt, my top-shirt would be sopping wet and flop- ping around Uke a dog ' s ears. But the soft, absorbent knit of a Hanes Undershirt cleans away the perspiration like a windshield wiper! And that ' s a fact, gentlemen. A Hanes Undershirt catches the perspiration at the pores . . . mops it up evenly . . . lets the air get at it . . . gives it a chance to evaporate. You feel cooler, look cooler. Your top-shirt stays neater! See your Hanes Dealer today, and lay in a stock of Hanes Undershirts. They ' ve got loads of tail-length . . . they can ' t creep up and wad at your waist! Get Hanes Shorts, too — full-cut broadcloth. Or try Hanes Crotch-Guard Sports. P. H. Hanes Knit- ting Co., Winston-Salem, N. C. SHIRTS BROADCLOTH SHORTS 35c, 3 for $1 Extra quality, 50e each. HANES Blue Label Shirts and broadcloth Shorts as low as 27e, 4 for $1. In Durham, North Carolina GENUINE , mmmm . iaomespun MADE IN THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS OF NORTH CAROLINA LIPSCOMB-GATTIS COMPANY 213 West Main Street DURHAM, N. C. half century of service to the printing needs of education, business end individuals SEEMAN PRINTERY FOUNDED IN 1885 Durham - North Carolina HUNTLEY-STDCKTDN- FURNITURE CD. A Larger Selection of Finer Furniture For the He HILL )me c. Tert?is To Suit 309 E. Chopel Hill St., Durham, N. ke awtlna nvi L kapel -J lll, r j. C The Book Exchange Owned and Operated by The University of N. C. fht ITviMi ' s ff ill 3Muliv I ' oH Otht ' r 3ifit We hope the Book Exchange contributed something to your college career, that you may remember the friends yon have made here, and that you will always cherish your days in Chapel Hill. BILL HENDRIX, Uncontested vice-president student body, com- bined Beta ' s German Club presidency with stel- lar track performance and four years of being known to everyone. The 1939 Yackety Yaek is bound in a David J. MdIIdy cover Designed and Produced by The S. K. Smith Company 2857 North Western Avenue Chicago, III. We want to say-THANKS! Our wish is that those who have earned their sheep-skins and will enter that unlimited number in the FRESHMAN CLASS OF PROFESSIONAL AND BUSINESS LIFE SUCCEED Add to that memory of " Carolina " and the " Hi ' ! " just a thought of a service this department has tried to give, GOOD LUCK to those that depart — we WELCOME those that return and to those that are to COME, we assure a LAUNDRY SERVICE that Satisfies. High Quality of Work as well as the lowest possible price consistent with good work, is our motto. LAUNDRY DEPARTMENT University Consolidated Service Plants WILL AREY, Sigma Nu managing editor DAILY TAR HEEL., headed Foo Dept. BUCCANEER Primarily re- sponsible for the morning paper and has been known to bite dogs. wYa in ae and C xperience Strong ill flesDurces THE BANK DF CHAPEL HILL M. C. S- Noble W. E. Thompson PRESIDENT CASHIER icial j- kotoarapkeri for tke 1939 l jacketu Ujack WOOTTEN-MOULTON Photographers PORTRAIT HOME PORTRAITS ILLUSTRATIONS COLLEGE ANNUALS ILLUSTRATED TALKS NEW BERN, N.C. • CHAPEL HILL, N. C. ttSiii., S ckool j iAoilcailo n6 The many high awards won each year by school publications produced by us is the result of many years ' specialization based on a comprehensive knowledge of art motifs, design, layout and publi- cation trends. A modern printing plant, operated by highly effi- cient craftsmen in every department, provides a quality and distinctiveness that is unsurpassed. The LASSITER PRESS, Inc. QUEEN CITY PRINTING COMPANY CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA f rinterd of tke 1939 IjacKetu Ijack

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University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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